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Optimism for the future of the Amiga was at its highest tevet in years foüowing the revelation of Escom's pians for technological developments on the ptatform. The Amiga Technology devetopment division is already working on the next génération of RtSC-based computers and a set-top unit that witt exploit the Amiga s muttimedia strengths. Closer to hand is the promise of new machines for early 1996, including an 030 version of the A1200 and an 060 version of the A4000. tn the meantime. suppties of the current Amiga range witt start rotting out with the À4000 Tower unit coming first fottowed by the A1200 which should reappear in October. According to Petro Tyschtschenko. Générât Manager of fhe Amiga Technotogies company. Escom expects to make back the $ 10 mittion it spent on the buy ouf in as short a period as Spring 1996 through sates and ticenses. in 1995 atone, a turnover of 100 mittion DM has been predicted mainly from the sales of A1200, A4000 and CD32 units. Whether these estimations wiü come to fruition witt be seen in the futtness of time. bu! the announcement that the présentation package Scata MM300 witt be bundled with newly sold Amigas can only hetp to make the Amiga s retail position stronger. Por the fui) in-depth report on Escom's plans for the future, read the cover feature inside this month s issue. EU bmught dnmn ht) Hmiga's absBMB News of the Amiga s salvation came too tale for the huge distribution and refait empire, ZCL. Foüowing the décision of the firm's founder. Don Carter, to catt in the receivers on 30 May, the UK computer industry has been rocked by the surprise cottapse of one of the bigges! national forces in fhe computer trade.

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11 m i Ihe essential guide to dmiga gaming System On-line 86 Some great games are on their way. Tina Hackett brings you the latest news from the games scene Beat the System 88 If swords and sorcery are causing you to get your spells in a twist, heed our words of wisodm with this Ishar 3 guide The latest revision of Nova's superb image processor gets a good going over Preview: Timekeepers 93 The makers of Valhalla return with a new addition to the puzzle genre Preview: Star Crusader 106 Gareth Lofthouse dons his spacesuit to take a look at Gametek's latest spaceship combat simulator Preview:
Wheelspin 108 Boy racer. Andy Maddock. Bums rubber to check out Black Legend's forthcoming race-'em-up System Essentials 110 We bnng you a selection of the best budgets. This month. System inspects Flashback from Detphine and Bullfrog s Syndicate Reuieids Photogenic uL2 31 Paul Austin gets arty with the latest incarnation of Almathera's masterpiece Image FH u21 12 Fiber Fattorn 65 It's not a misprint, it's American, and a plug-in for Lightwave Came Reuietus International Golf 91 Virocop 94 FI - World Championship Edition 96 Tactical Manager 2 100 Obsession 102 [?mmunications [onundra 27 Ben
Vest checks out the Cost of getting connected in the UK [qbertafe 30 37 Electronic Publishing tfdPSS?.. 56 Tina Hackett takes a walk to a CyberCafe in the dales (TIUI Special How to get the best from last month's amazing MUI giveaway Gareth Lofthouse explores the future of publishing on the Internet DIP Dilemmas 67 Nick Lines explains how to incorporate graphs and equations into Amiga DTP fTlahing the Eonnection 71 Darren Evans gives us a guide to networking your machine Assembler 79 Paul Overaa continues his epic journey through the intricacies of machine code m ism CDUER onsdle X““„1' ram
STDHV The CauERDishs Personal Paint ut This superb paint and image processing package has received numerous accolades all over the world, and we’ve got it for you.
Cheaper faster better Escom announce their plans, and there are a feus surprises in store Find out all the neujs as Paul dust in leads us into the future of the Hmiga Utility Heauen 2 This month, MUI applications and more. Some of the best PD and shareware utilities available on the Amiga in our latest collection.
See page BE
I) Ellis 7 David Pleasance out, Escom in, plus all the other
essential news USH Hews 12 AS the latest Amiga news from our
regular gum [amment It Adam Phillips wonders when exactly an
exclusive is an exclusive ESP HtflS Public Sector h Ezra dips
in to the mixed bag of praise and more praise for our CD The
master of techie solutions puts more software bugs to bed
BTEK Rrghh Further adventures into the console device with
Paul Overaa Uideo AMIGA GUIDE 129: 127: § 121 12s; Paul Overaa
gets in tune with the awaited release of Octamed 6 Comms The
literal side of surfin' with the ever-present Mr South S! Amos
Coding problems? Not if you've got funky Phil South's advice
Publishing Frank Nord looks at the Amiga alternatives when it
comes to clip art Amiga Medical 115 Turn to page v Frank Nord
fine tunes the best .
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1499 .22 99 4 99 DETROIT ... FOOTBALL GLORV
ZEEWOLF .... AMIGA UTILITIES frontier . First
21. 99 I WORKBENCH 2 04.) 57.
19. 49 CD32 GAMES .22.49 A.T.R .
.. 14 49 ARCADE POOL .. 13 99 BENEATH A
the amazon queen 19 FOOTBALL OIRECTOR 2 4.99 12 49 FORMULA 1
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MOUSE MAT WITH SPONGE BACKING 'BQSMIFT INTERFACE PLUG MOUSE & JOYSTICK IN ONE PORT HeveaN, tore game* iKod maf not ol be avslaOo Pieaw pnone to c*-«* n.emtmt, PnCM may cNtng* wlhout (re* roirtcKlon T.m« ol going to pra*» 09 0696 E A O E ntuis By Gareth lofthouse On 30 May, MD Manfred Schmidt presented Escom’s plans for the future of the Amiga at a press conference in Frankfurt.
Assembled members of the press and trade industry were told that a new company called Amiga Technologies has been established to lead the Amiga forward. It is to be headed by Petro Tyschtschenko, former Director of Logistics for Commodore International.
Amiga saued, but To the disappointment of the Amiga industry in Britain, however, Escom have not included David Pleasance, MD of Commodore UK, into their future plans.
Joint MD, Colin Proudfoot, has also been dropped.
Pleasance and Proudfoot had hoped to negotiate a future for the UK subsidiary with Escom after the German company acquired the remains of Commodore at the auction in New York last month.
Previously, Pleasance’s team had looked like favourites to win the bidding process, but on the day in question they could not match the financial muscle of rivals Escom and Dell.
Despite meeting twice with Pleasance and Proudfoot, however, Escom's management decided not to take over Commodore UK in its current form. “This was actually a global policy of Escom regarding the Amiga," explained Gilles Bourdin, the newly appointed PR Manager for Amiga Technologies. “We decided just to take the trademark, the logos and a few people we wanted to work with, but without taking over the structure of the former 124*4
199. 99 4999
25. 99 Commodore. This is exactly the same as what happened with
Commodore int Germany.” The news of Pleasance's departure
will come as a blow to the majority of developers and
distributors in Britain who saw him as the best man for the
job. Neither Pleasance or Proudfoot were available for
comment at the time Amiga Computing went to press.
Though it appears that Commodore UK's Maidenhead offices are being abandoned by Escom. The Stanstead unit will be retained. It will be managed by Jonathon Anderson, previously head of sales for C=UK, as a research and development centre. Five other members of the Commodore UK team have also been taken on board by Amiga Technologies.
No room found by C acorn for Pfomsonco or Proudfoot Iteui deuelDpments planned PleasancQ goes Optimism for the future of the Amiga was at its highest level in years following the revelation of Escom’s plans for technological developments on the platform. The Amiga Technology development division is already working on the next generation of RISC-based computers and a set-top unit that will exploit the Amiga’s multimedia strengths.
8. M Closer to hand is the promise of new machines for early
1996, including an 030 version of the A1200 and an 060 version
of the A4000. In the meantime. Supplies of the current Amiga
range will start rolling out with the A4000 Tower unit coming
first followed by the A1200 which should reappear in October.
QUICK RETURN According to Petro Tyschtschenko.
General Manager of the Amiga Technologies company, Escom expects to make back the $ 10 million it spent on the buy out in as short a period as Spring 1996 through sales and licenses.
In 1995 alone, a turnover of 100 million DM has been predicted - mainly from the sales of A1200, A4000 and CD32 units.
Whether these estimations will come to fruition will be seen in the fullness of time, but the announcement that the presentation package Scala MM300 will be bundled with newly sold Amigas can only help to make the Amiga’s retail position stronger.
For the full in-depth report on Escom’s plans for the future, read the cover feature inside this month's issue.
E(l brought douin bg Amiga's absence News of the Amiga's salvation came too late for the huge distribution and retail empire, ZCL.
Following the decision of the firm's founder, Don Carter, to call in the receivers on 30 May, the UK computer industry has been rocked by the surprise collapse of one of the biggest national forces in the computer trade.
7. 99 22 99 Carter blamed the company's difficulties on the fall
of Commodore International. ZCL had been one of the biggest
distributors of the Amiga and its related products, and the
sudden absence of the popular home computer caused the company
to experience huge losses.
The launch of the successful Calibre PC range was an attempt to compensate for lost business, but ultimately these sales were insufficient to save the company. ZCL employed a workforce of 137 people and incorporated the Taurus wholesale operation, the Calculus retail chain, and the Indi Direct mail order firm. The business reportedly has substantial assets and a balance sheet surplus, so it is hoped that buyers will soon be found for the three divisions which will continue to trade in the meantime.
Amiga Computing BBF[ to raise charges Publishers of software containing violence or adult content could be faced with vastly increased production costs following a call for a rise in classification charges by the British Board for Film Classification. Software products depicting human sexual activity or acts of ‘gross’ violence has been subject to BBFC classification since the Video Recordings Act.
1984, and since September 1994 over 40 software products have been officially classified by the BBFC.
[D competition or not it is terminated. The makers claim this will help beginners avoid two of the most common oversights when connecting CD drives to their computers.
The drive’s facia will boast audio CD-dedicated operation buttons that will allow it to be used as a CD player without software like Jukebox, while at the heart of the machine a dual-speed drive makes the ACD-300 fast enough to take on higher priced rivals, For more information, call Aiwa on 0181-897 7000.
Now. However, the government appointed body is claiming interactive software takes much longer to assess than movies or videos and that they should consequently be subject to a higher classification fee, This could put the charge of new releases up from £1.053 to £1,755 according to CTW, the industry trade weekly.
The BBFC claim a price rise is necessary because they were running at a loss while charging the same rate for games as for video. Sections of the software industry, however, have seen the proposals as potentially damaging.
Telstar is one software company who will be affected. At the moment they are focusing their attention on Cds and with the establishment of the new adult label and the higher classifiaction fee. They feel it will be costly. Telstar’s Gary Bracey understand the BBFC’s problems but believes “they should look at two price bands - one for multimedia products, which include a lot of linear content, and one for games produtcs which do take longer for them to explore."
Roger Bennett. General Secretary for the industry's self-appointed watchdog, ELSPA. Warned: It could undermine the way in which this industry is taking a responsible attitude and the way in which we distribute software for consumer use.” He continued: “If it's going to cost so much money for certification, some people will say to hell with it, let’s take a risk.
We can't afford that to happen - nor can the BBFC. “ (ompang check-ups on net The day when mail order via the home computer becomes a normal method of shopping has come a step nearer following the establishment of the Netcheck Commerce Bureau on the Internet. With many net users still wary of buying products over the Web, it’s hoped that such sites will increase consumer confidence by offering added consumer protection.
NetCheck will be a place where potential customers can check up the history of a company before they make an order. It will also allow consumers to file any complaints they may have about less scrupulous net sellers.
Mr Thomas Abbott, president of the Netcheck Bureau, said: “We felt that a modem and effective approach to regulating ethical business standards has long been over due. Being interactive allows for lower membership rates for companies that elect to become members and a more efficient reporting system for the consumer.’’ Bona Fide companies should be encouraged to join up with the scheme by the fact that the history files in Netcheck will link directly to their homepage. There will alsc be a monthly newsletter making site users aware of newly-joined members.
While waiting for similar sites to spring up on this side of the Atlantic UK net users interested in mail order can take a look at NetCheck at http: www.mag- icnet.net netcheck. Though Bennett was mainly concerned that the BBFC's proposal would damage the good work ELSPA and its members had so far undertaken, there is also the danger that a rise in production costs could detqr some developers from making adult-themed titles entirely. “I would hope," he commented, “that the Home Office will take into account the fact that not all software publishers are in a position to pay that much."
At the time of writing, the BBFC’s proposal has yet to be approved by the Home Office. In the meantime, a meeting is set to take place between ELSPA and the Home Office at which Bennett will vigorously defend the software industry’s position.
Fliiua undercut In what is already a highly contested area of the peripheral market, the CD drive competition is set to become even more heated following Aiwa’s decision to drop the price of its SCSI compatible ACD-300 unit to just £149.
The stated price is not inclusive of VAT. But it emphasises the continued downward trend for CD drive prices as the medium grows in popularity, Amiga users will also be encouraged by the fact that the drive is being marketed as an ideal option for the Amiga range of computers.
The verdict on whether quality has been compromised to cut cost will have to be reserved until Amiga Computing undertakes a full review, but the ACD-300 is already a clear winner in the looks department.
It will also boast a competitive array of facilities. As well as being SCSI compatible. Which means it can be connected to your computer along with six other peripherals. It also features an unusual large LCD display that indicates the dnve's SCSI ID and whether Amiga portables in pipeline Silent Paw Production hope to have portable Amigas ready for delivery by September this year according to MD Shawn Randolph.
With a name denved from the acronym for Portable Amiga Work Station, the PAWS product range could give the Amiga market the lightwerght version of the computer that has been missing until now.
PAWS is set to include an STN or TFT active colour display, a trackball. Link it.
Cross Dos 8 Pro, and a simple guide to assembly. Silent Paw Productions also plans to release the Gecko, a small external box that will allow for the use of the Amiga with any VGA monitor in any Amiga display mode. The company will be releasing pricing detail in the near future.
Crime unit catches 'The Fig' Scottish Trading Standards officers have arrested a man on suspicion of involvement in a multi-million pound fraud operation following a tip off from ELSPA's software crime unit.
EISPH Following the arrest of a man from Airdrie, the police found over 1.500 counterfeit gold CD-ROMs featuring games and business software plus duplication hardware. The police raid also uncovered large amounts of allegedly pirated floppy disks.
According to John Loader, ELSPA's chief investigator, the haul represents the biggest success for the organisation's crime unit to date.
Amiga Computing 8 AUGUST 1995 r e n No.1 for mail order SALES HOT-LINE FREEPHONE 0500 34054f ENQUIRIES; 0161-796 52 FAX: 0161-796 3208 MEMORY EXPANSIONS A1200 32 bit FASTRAM memory expansions feature a battery backed clock and an accelerator FPU socket. Easy trapdoor installation.
2mb £114.99 33mhz 68882 FPU C59.99 4mb £174.99 40mhz 68882 FPU £79.99 8mb £299.99 SPEEDCOM+B
(14. 400 V326.S) £109.99 SPEEDCOM+ET (19,200 V32Terbo) £139.99
(28. 000 V34 & VFC) £174.99 XUNK 14,400 BT appro £134.99 XUNK
28,800 BT appro £224.99 NEW ANGE APOLLO A500 1500 HARD
DRIVES IDE interface for Amiga A5QQ 'A500+ and A1500
computers Easy to fit. Uses standard 3.5' IDE hard drive.
Interlace only Interface with 1?Qmb hard drive Interface with 425mb hard drive Phono lor other sizes A1500 IDEySCSLTMM card NEW RANGE A500 A500+ & A1500 ACCELERATORS 68020 processor complete with 68881 co processor running at 28mhz speeds up your A500 by ten times' Up to 4mb of RAM can be added Plugs onto the expansion connector and has a through connector for other peripherals.
50 MHZ 68030 FROM £199.99 £199.99 £269.99 £189.99 £13999 £289.99 A500 Accelerater A1500 68030+68882 25mhz+SCSI A1500 68030+68882 Somhz+SCSI NEW RANGE APOLLO A1230 Accelerators 1230 TURBO Turbo 50 version includes 68030 CPU+MMU Turbo 28 version includes 68030 CPU+MMU+FPU 28mhz. Up to 64mb of Autoconfiguring Fastram 72mb sec data transfer rate SCSI2 controller built in with transfer rates up to 3.5mb sec. Real time battery backed clock. 2 SIMM sockets for 72pin simms 1. 2. 4. 8. 16 or 32mb simms Turbo 50 light includes 50mhz 68030.
FPU socket. IStmm socket and connector for optional SCSI2 adaptor.
CLOCK CARTRIDGE Our unique an J highly rated external dock cartridge will enable your Amiga to continually store the correct time and date m its own battery bached memory Simply pings onto the back of the Amiga and does not invalidate the warranty.
Compatible with ALL Amigas.
SAVE £10.00 it you purchase an FPU at the same time as a memory expansion A1230 Turbo 50 light A1230 Turbo SO At 230 Turbo 28 4mb SIMM 8mb SIMM HARD DRIVES Our high speed 2,5' IDE hard drives tor the A1200 S A600 computers come complete with fitting cable, screws, partitioning software, full instructions and 12 months guarantee. All dnves supplied by us are tested, formatted, partitioned and have Workbench installed for immediate use. Fitting is incredibly simple; if you can plug the mouse Info the mouse socket, you will be able to plug the hard drive into tne hard dnve socket* Free
while-you-wait fitting for personal callers.
85mb £99.99 120mb £114.99 170mb £129.99 258mb £174.99 344mb £224.99 SPEEDCOM Modems Our highly rated, top quality, feature packed modems are probably the best modems available for use with the Amiga. All modems include our FREE MODEM ACCESSORIES PACK (worth £19.99) which includes a cable to connect the modem to the Amiga. NC0MM3 comms software and an Amiga Guide to Comms. Features:- MNP 2-4 error correction MNP 5 data compression. Fax class 1&2. Group 3. Hayes compatible, 80 page manual. 12 month warranty GP FAX Software £39.99 TERMITE £39.99 I J
- -- I AMIGA FORMAT 85° o RATING Access. Visa & Switch accepted.
Send cheques (made payable to Siren Software] Postal Orders or credit card details to Siren Software, 178 Bury New Road, Whitefield, Manchestei M45 6AF England Personal callers welcome.
Please phone first to check availability of any item.
Directions From M62 junction 17, head towarr Bury. We are 50 yards on the right after the third set of traffic lights, opposite Masons pub Order NOW for immediate despat FREEPHONE 0500 340548 (for credit card sales only) 0161-796 5279 for enquir or fax 0161-796 3208 No.1 for Amiga in Manchestei Open 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday.
Saturday mornings 9am to 12pm.
ALSO AVAILABLE internal replacement floppy drive £44.99 All prices include VAT. Postage an packing will be charged at £3.50 per order (U.K.), £7.50 Europe and £12.50 rest of the World.
DRIVE £54.99 A600 A1200 CD ROM drive (POWER ) £191.99 GOLIATH
HIGH OUTPUT POWER SUPPLY £44.99 Ill NEWS [lews briefs Pall of
the dinosaurs Optonica's educational CD, Insight Dinosaurs, is
about to be released at a new price of £19.95. Widely
acclaimed by the specialist press as one of the best
multimedia titles available for the Amiga, Dinosaurs is now
even more appealing following its fall in price from £39.99.
For more information, contact Optonica on 01455 558282.
Emulation insight postponed Those readers that have been looking for the article on PC and Mac emulation advertised in last month's issue are also owed an apology. Though we intended to include it in this August issue, the sudden increase in activity on the Amiga front meant the feature had to be postponed. However, we hope to bring you the full guide in next month’s Amiga Computing.
ITIouing words Diskotech have developed a brand new collection of animated colour fonts for the Amiga and are releasing them at a budget price, Named Moviefonts, the package features fonts that are compatible with paint packages like Deluxe Paint 3 and which work in all screen formats.
The series of 12 fonts costs £35 and can be obtained from Diskotech on 01591 620242.
Eompuserue accelerator was necessary because of the rising suicide rate among men of 15-24 and 35-
44. Sixty volunteers are being trained in order to respond to
increasing numbers of e-mail callers, and as more branches
come on-line its predicted that response times will quicken.
“It is encouraging that more men are calling us, but there is a long way to go before we start to reverse the trend of male suicide." Commented Simon Armson, The Samaritans' Chief Executive, "E-mail is an effective way of reaching a group who are at risk of suicide. And difficult to reach out to. We will continue to increase accessibility to our service."
Net users can communicate with the Samaritans by e-mailing them at Jo@samaritans.org or, if they prefer to remain anonymous, samaritans@an on.penet.fl. The service will respond within 24 hours.
CompuServe, the user friendly on-line service, has announced its intention to introduce v.34 dialup access throughout Europe. It’s hoped that this will increase the speed of access and ease of use for its users.
Flops onto more Amiga Computing is forced again into its occasional ritual of eating humble pie, following the omission in last month’s TV Paint review of a few important details.
The excellent paint package is available from Activa (call 0181-402 5770) at £495 for the standard version. However full-time students or customers upgrading from any other paint package can obtain TV Paint for £395.
¦¦¦ ¦H In the month in which Escom outlined plans tor the future growth of the Amiga technology, there was also good news for the existing range of computers following the announcement of a new tool that will build knowledge-based systems on the Amiga platform.
Simply named KBTools, the new development allows complex expertise to be encapsulated on computer and then made available for use by non-experts. Bearing similarities to systems that have already been used in medical, legal and financial professions, the inventors claim KBTools will be able to provide reliable advice to its users on a range of complex matters.
So far the designers have created a system that will guide users through the difficult Issues involved in planning a building project and writing a contract. Apparently. KBTools asks a number of questions guided by its internal models, and then decides which issues are important before compiling the text of a draft contract. It’s claimed that the technology is unusually capable of coping with the grey areas that such matters give rise to.
Despite scepticism in some quarters about the current Amiga's capabilities. KBTools' designers chose to use it in preference to rival platforms. In fact, they’re claiming that ease of use and speed of KBTools is due largely to the unique strengths of the Amiga hardware and operating system.
The Amiga CD market is to be graced with yet another bargain following Almathera’s release of their Ten on Ten package. With the price set at just £39.99. the bundle comprises 10 Cds fea* turing content that ranges from entertainment to serious applications.
Ten on Ten will include CDPD1 and 2, World Atlas Vista. Pandora and Team Yankee, a 3D action sim for game lovers. Unsurprisingly for the price, some of the material has been around for some time, but there are three new Cds including a Networking and Comms disc that will not be published individually.
Almathera are only producing 3000 units of Ten on Ten because they plan to release it as a limited edition pack. It can be ordered directly form Almathera on 0181-687 0040.
Having offered emotional support to members of the public for decades via the telephone, the Samaritans moved into the 21st century with the decision to launch e-mail access to their service, The move follows on from the success of a pilot scheme run by the organisation's Cheltenham Branch. In its first six months the experimental project received 526 contacts, 47 per cent of which were male. 28 per cent female and 25 per cent unknown.
According to the Samaritans, the e-mail scheme has proved to be an effective way of reaching young men. A group which they say is statistically at particular risk. They also suggest that the anonymity of the Internet encourages openness on the part of the service users, with 80 per cent admitting they had suicidal feelings. This contrasts with the normal telephone helpline where only 25 per cent express suicidal thoughts.
The organisation felt a new approach Samaritans' helping hand readies the Internet Fountain of knowledge Hlmathera's top ten Amiga Computing ¦u AUGUST 1 995 Are yw in need of o foil and cosy connection between tio AMIGA's7 Uona, the km cost network soki tea, is exactly who! You wont! Iusl plug il in, nslall the software, and it runs! Nothing could be cosier then thol. Liana is the network solution (or those with a small budget and big needs. You ran wen share yaw hard drives ood printers.
• for every I!) AMIGA from WB 2.0 on with a free parallel port ml
m m Jfc
• Includescoble P L ft Q sight J at a limed f the )r the more i
from ntact
• Includes CoflUMdtfe* EflvOy networking volhrtre J* «4 , 7
• English manual fc* W ¦ •
• outomclicolly recomectron after (re Jbooting without new
• Every machine usable os server and chent The video module,
Poblo, exponds your Picosso II with two s ur w new vi( «o
outputs. Using the V 'pv ? Poblo, you con view your Pkosso
output on any TV or VCR. All with quality that you would only
expect lo see from broadcosl video encoders. That W X jj F is
why the Picosso II video encoder module, f Poblo, won in the
(German) magazine AMIGA Mogozin' (issue 5 94) test for video
• Three cobles included: RCA, S VHS ond SCART
• 5 floppy disks with drivers, animation demos and more A 1 fjA A
• 24Bil Animation program included X* I § W W j
• 15kHz overload protection X* I XrW JR § 3
• 2 well written manuob
• Plugs onto the Pkosso II no Zotro-Slot required *.
• Eosy installation of video modes * Alj * PICASSO II Pkosso II
RIG, the graphics board all others are measured against:
• Graphics board lor all Amiga's with Zorro-Bus - Workbench
driver to retarget all 2 M programs and WB lo ihe Pkosso
• Supports up lo 256 colors with WB3.1, even on A2000 ond A3000
jT O O f
• WB resolutions definable up lo 1600 x 1280 pixeh J L A
• HiColor (16Bil) ond IrueColor (24BH) graphics: I6M colors!
• Driven for mosl graphic programs such os AdPro, ImogeFX,
ImageMosler, Reol3D
• Allows connection of ony VGA or Multiscan monitor
• AIQ84 and A1081 ore still usable with a special coble
• Block borders gone forever, takes full advantage of monitor's
• System-compliant implementation of momtorfile, resolution selec
table using screen mode requester
• Monitor-File compliant with System 2.x or higher, resolution
selectable using screenmode requester
• View regular Amiga ond special Picossoll RTG screens on some
Monitor without changing cobles.
• Screen promoter to moke older programs work on Pkosso
• Draggable screens
• Available with I MB or 2MB, upgradable from I MB lo 2MB at
anytime * d new its for n at a
s. the impat- eluxe creen Don't get overwhelmed with the
complexity of setting up o network, use our Ariadne Ethernet
card that is compatible with all AMIGAs that have on available
Zorro Slot. This card is not only easy to network - it also
equipped with 2 additional parallel ports offering multiple
network solutions.
• lQBose-2 (Thin Ethernet, coox-coble) ond iQBose-T (Twisted
pair, western jockel)
• Socket for Boot-ROM
• SAHA-11 compatible driver for ethernel ond parallel port
in-line tion to ighout ;rease ise for
• Hook up to two additional AMIGAs to the parallel ports with
• 32KByle cache to support CPU
• Includes Commodores Envoy networking software
• English monual in into umble n last a few avail-
70) at wever, pgrad- ie can Blittersofl • 6 Drakes Mews •
Downhill • Milton Keynes • Buckinghamshire • MK8 0ER Order
Line i 90S 2614*66 Wellweg 95 D- 31157 Sarstedt • Germany 10
technical Hotline TRONIC Queries Technical 11 Tronic. Dealer
inquiries welcome. Ftfl pices aie Suggested U K Retell Puce
vary, to) 199* Vkage Tronic, At ngna reserved, Shock the
monkeii *o Denny Dthin opens the door on the secrets of music
success news programs, it features full data conversion
capabilities for the formats mentioned for SIMthesizer.
As well as operating independently, a special software control system will allow integration of these programs with each other. For example, you can directly read waveform data from a sampler disk (via the Sampler Utility module) into a waveform buffer within WaveFormer.
In addition to other software products not listed here, young monkey are currently developing low- cost DSP and MIDI hardware for integration with their software and third-party applications, and as a completely unrelated public sen ice, young monkey has written a free text-to-Brailte conversion program.
For information on these programs, write to info@youngmonkey.ca or dhomas@unb.ca on the Internet. If you’re still corresponding the old-fashioned way, young monkey can be reached by writing to young monkey studios. 797 Mitchell Street.
Fredericton. NB. Canada, E3B 3S8.
Amiga 2000s, 3000s, and 4000s with empty drive bays.
Utah-based Iomega have announced that they will address both of these problems with new products that will be available this Autumn. The first is an internal Zip drive, but even more interesting is a combo model that incorporates a Zip drive and a conventional
3. 5-inch high density drive and fits in one full- height drive
bay. Hopefully, the latter model will be adapted to work with
Amiga high-den- sity disks as well. An Iomega spokesman said
the internal combo drive should sell for about the same price
as the external Zip.
Amiga Computing AUGUST 1995 1- he company known as young monkey (sic) began as the vision of two musicians. Over a decade ago, it was just two people, an analogue drum machine, two analogue synthesizers, a Commodore 64 and lots of hoping and dreaming.
Now. Young monkey studios have grown to include a professional audio video studio that’s worked on film scores, audio recordings, and even two top-ten alternative dance songs, young monkey studios still don't have any capital letters in their name, but they do have a suite of impressive Amiga music programs they've decided to polish up and share with the Amiga community.
SIMthesizer is a waveform generator modifier that combines multiple synthesis technologies, includifig analogue, digital, wavetable. Additive, subtractive, granular, frequency modulation, phase modulation, waveshaping. Phonetic speech, Ghunga, Re-Haus and others. Hardware components used in early analogue synthesizers often coloured sounds with parasitic variations.
Though sometimes unwanted, these variations could be used to enhance sounds. SIMthesizer has a set of parasitic parameters you can use to create subtle or extreme variations on existing sounds.
Noise signature profiles of various commercial synthesizers are included as well. One particularly handy feature is that every original copy of SIMthesizer will have a different internal Parasitic factor. This ensures that sounds created on one copy of SIMthesizer will not sound exactly the same as those created on another.
FULL SUITE As well as generating new sounds. SIMthesizer's extensive waveform modification features can be used to enhance existing sound sample data. You’ll find a full suite of filters, transforms, feedback, echo, and delay parameters, as well as fully programmable envelopes. A sort of ADRro for sound. SIMthesizer will load and save samples from 8 to 32-bits in size, in formats including Raw, IFF 8SVX, AIFF, NeXT, Sun, Wave, U-Law, A-Law. AVR. Mac. IRCAM. Voc, Sample Vision, and more.
WaveFormer is a waveform editing system designed to work as standalone or in conjunction with professional sampling hardware and third-party audio cards. Support for hard disk recording hardware is planned.
Among the included waveform transformation capabilities are morphing, enhanced digital effects.
Fourier analysis and transforms, free-hand edit, algorithm editing, and cross-fading. An undo capability allows you to experiment with your sample * Modulator Soft too* Sana: ¦ | 28 O I Rtionanc* | Sens : ! 1 •• Lou 78 _I Undo PI I Just like a traditional analogua By nth you can Bat up HI tars... modifications. WaveFormer includes many time-saving features, such as free-hand repair mode which adjusts bad sample data. For example, given a sequence of sound levels 0 5 10 32767 10 0.’ the level 32767 is very likely to be incorrect. To repair it.
Simply drag the mouse over the offending sample and it is adjusted to ‘0 5 10 5 10 0.'
MIDI SYStem Explorer is an extensively configurable MIDI exploration system, including a patch editor, librarian, control system and much more.
Features include extensive customisation which allows the user to design standard interfaces for all MIDI products connected to the system; customis- able layout, fonts, gadgets, images, menus, MIDI events, and more; the ability to enter MIDI information from a device’s user manual and configure a custom interface to access parameters; support for all MIDI events; ability to edit individual parameters on devices that only support patch dumps; and ability to make edits without the MIDI device connected.
Patch Librarian data is stored in MIDI standard format, for easy import in other software.
Finally, the creatively-named Sampler Utility supports Standard MIDI Transfers and will also read and write many popular sampler disk formats on standard Amiga disk drives. The product allows auditioning of waveforms and will display patch tone lists, parameter information, and other vital data. Like all the Iomega's little 2ip drive has taken the computing community by storm. This little $ 199 SCSI drive works great on Amigas. Macs, and Pcs and stores 100Mb on disks available as cheap as S15 in quantity. On the Amiga it can be used for additional hard disk-style storage, as well as for
backup and for easily transferring huge files to other Amigas, Pcs. And Macintoshes.
Although the Zip drive uses 3.5-inch disks, they're thicker than standard floppies, and the drive can't read normal floppy disks. Also, the drive has only been available in an external version which can be annoying for those with SIP goQ5 inside Software Hut Fotcroft East Business Park 313 Henderson Dr Sharon Hill, PA 19079 USA Orders 610-586-5701 Hours; Mon-Fri 9 to 6 Info 610-586-5703 FAX 610-586-5706 Sat 10 to 4 * East Coast Time Tech 610-586-5704 advertise all of our huge Inventory. Please call or FAX If you do not see what you need • i Golden Image I CD-ROM AMIGA Custom Chips 1MD Agnus
8372A $ 4295 Super Oenise 8373
38. 95 CIA 8520 Chip 1495 C!A S520 Surf. Mount Chip 19.95 Gary
5719 Chip
13. 95 Paula 1C 8364
11. 95 Denise IG 8362
16. 95 Lisa 1C 44 95 Alice IC
44. 95 Busier 5721 IC 29 95 E proms 2630 Rw7 3695 E proms 2091
Rev 7 34 95
1. 3 ROM Chip 1995 2 04 ROM Chip 32 95
2. 05 ROM Chip
34. 95 W D SCSI Cl* Rev BA 3500 68000 CPU
16. 95 Super Buster Revn 65 00 Amber IC 44 95 Ramsey Rev 7
49. 95 Fat Gary iC
49. 95 Super Omac Rev 4
54. 95 r- i-Tf-W-rfctlr-n r* - - - t Warp Engine $ 209 95 18900
15900 24900 35995
89. 95
17. 95
249. 00
89. 95
54. 95
99. 95 Can A4028 28Mz wfo CPU A4028 28Ma w CPU A4Q33 33Mr wrtPu
A4040 40M7WtPU A3028 28MT W CPU A3Q40 40M1 WCPU imm From
Village Tronic, of Germany, we have the official 3.1 kits IN
Each kit comes complete w Manuals. Oisks & ROM(s).
AS320 3.1 Kit for the A500.
A2000, & A2500 $ 129.95 AS330 3.1 Kit for all A3000S $ 144.95 AS340 3.1 Kit for all A4000s $ 144.95 AS312 3.1 Kit for all A12005 $ 144.95
3. 1 ROM tor A2000 169.95
3. 1 ROM set for A3000. A40M, A1200 (Specify) 89.95
3. 1 Manuals & Otsks (no ROM) 69.95 Video Products 1O0O 84S
Monitor Cable (Spec end) $ 2195 Cybenttion 64 Z3 2Mb 469.00
Cybetvuion 64 Z3 4Mb 599.95 OCTV 299.00 Eiecironome C1440
Muniscan 489.00 Pcraonil Aitlm. RicorPer, Amiga 1649.00
Personal TBC 4 829.00 Ptcaaso 2. 2Mb Vmm Board 449.00 Retina
Z2 4Mb 519.00 RetiM 23 4MB 725.00 RocGen Plus Genlock 199.00
SuperGen SX Studio 729.Q0 VuS Anvga 12 119.00 VidiAmga12RT
249.00 Vitfi Amo* 24 RT 369.00 Vlab Motion cm VlabY C . 42500
Vlab Y C External 469 00 We have acquired a large batch ol
this latest release of SCALA.
This new version includes many new features Including AGA support. It originally sold for $ 350.00 and is now available for: $ 149.95 Hurry as supplies are limitedl Megachip A500 2000 2632 RAM Board OK for 2630 C0br»1240 28M*RC CPU Cobra 1240 40MZ EC CPU Mongoose 5QMa RC CPU*fpu Video Tape Backup The Clock A1200 3128 RAM Board A3 4000 OK Ferret SCSI-2 Cobra Mongoose Kwkstan 2 A1000 1202 No FPU OK FPU and RAM prices SCALA MM300 Power Supplies A [spins I on BoirtJs A20C0 2CWW Power Suooly $ 149.00 A3QOOTF»n AH*mbry 3995 Emptant Bas.c 269 00 Empiant Deluxe 359 95 AMIA Interlace 55.00 E586DX Moculfl
for Emolant 11995 Multrtace III 1 0 Extender 99.00 Supra Turbo 28MaA2CiQ0 16900 Oerrlnoer* Platinum 50M* CPU 489 00 Cyderstorm 060 50M1 1289.00 CybifStomi Fast SCSI-2 Cwtrdfler 24900 Cytersiorm 1 0 Module 549.00 Fa«laneZ3 SCSI-2 Controller 369.00 A1200 Peripherals CSA12 Gauge 50Mz w:SCSI $ 499 00 PCMCIA Can) 6KV120Q 2Mp 135.00 PCMCIA card 600 1200 4M0 229.00 IDE Cable A Software -600 1200 20 CO M1230XA Accelerators-All Confips Cali DattttytrXOS 84.95 Datatlyer SCSI* 94 96 Squirrel SCSI-2 PCMCIA Card 98.95 Bhzzard 1220 4 Turbo 299 00 Bboard 1236-3 299 00 Bmzart SCSI Option 11900 HD instil Kit.
Cable, Sows « Disk 2000 CD32 Products CO 32 Call SX-1 Exp Module by Paravision $ 239.95 SX-T Keyboard 44.95 C032 and SX-i Bundle Call Network Cate lor CD-32. W CD-ROM 55.00 1Mb RAM lor SX-1 49 95 4Mb RAM lor SX-1 16500 8Mb RAM for SX-1 325.00 Seaoate 170Mb 2.5* HO 189.00 Seagate 240Mb 2.5* HO 26900 Connor 350MD 2.5* HD 349.00 A1200 & A4000 Tower Units We have a limited number of these units with 7 Zorro. 5 PC AT, and a Video slot. Call or FAX for details A prices.
We stock over 1000 CD-ROM, Productivity, Graphics, & Game Software. Call!
Joysticks A Mice Suncom (Spec TAC 3 or TAC-M) $ 12 95 Comoetibon Pro CO-32 Controller 24.95 The Bug 18.00 Python 17.95 PorlRel 19 95 Ergo Stick 12 95 Grtv*Cl«r Switch Smk 39 95 Swifty 3 Button Mouse 26.95 Alfa Data Mega Mouse. 400 DPI 26.95 Modems A Networking Hydra Amioanet Ethernet Card $ 269.00 Ariadne Ethernet hy VilUoe Tromc 299.00 A2060 ArcNel Board 49.95 Envoy 2.0 Network software 59.96 Luna Network Cable witnvoy 2.0 89.96 GP Fax Software - Class 1 & 2 59.96 Sportster t4 4 Fax Modem 149.95 Cardinal 28 8 V.34 Fax Modem 189.00 Cardinal 2400 Baud External 39.95 Serial Cable 8.95 T ermite T
elecomm Software 41.96 JS-105-1M 400DPI Handscanner w 64 grayscale * MiGraph Touch- Up software $ 109.95 GI-6000N 3 Button Optical Mouse tor all Amiga computers. Fully optical, ultra high-resolutaon* No ball to clean or replace. Includes Mouse Pad.
$ 23.95 An iniipinilve hardwire 8 lollware diagnostic tool f«r end p««r« and service cenlert elike. Plugs Into your Amiga 500,1000, 600.1200, 2000. Or 3100 and will tell yes what part, or parti, you need Eliminile coitly lervlce center viilti. Delicti 05% ol all problem on the Amiga, including disk drive problems.
$ 69.95 This high end accelerator for the A3000 & A4000 features:
• Motorola 68040CPU
• 32-blt RAM up to 128Mbs
• SCSI-2 ControllBr Toaster Systems Call for details on our
complete systems. Including the new NEWTEK Flyer.
Amiga Analyzer $ 799.00 97900 11490O
1299. 00
1019. 00 1399 Q0 A500 Peripherals BigFoot 20OW P.S.-A500-600-1200
$ 84 95 Commodore A500 Pcwer Suppfy 49 95 A500 Case compute
wftMMing 17.95 A500 Internal Replacement Dnve 44.95 A500
Keyboard 44.95 AIR External Floppy Dnve 99.00 A501 RAM
Expansion Board 33.95 M-Tec 68020116M: Accelerator 99 95
M-Tec AT 500 dnve unit 149.95 RAM & Hard Drives for M-Tec
Call Chlnon High Density Floppy Drives These units are
distributed by AIR Drives Supplies are limited A4M0 Model
$ 129.95 A2000.3000.500.1200.600.1000 134.95 A1000 Mouse
from Commodore 114.95 A1WQ Internal Floppy Disk Drry* 69.95
A1000 Case w all shrtfthng 19.95 A2000 A3000 Keyboard 79.95
AIR A2000 Internal Floppy Drive 69.95 A3000 Internal Roppy
Drivi 69.95 AM&’i 200 internal Floppy Drrve 69.95 A2000
Power Supply 109.00 Amiga Replacement Mouse 19.95 CBM A3000
Power Supply 139.95 BlOtOOt A4QOO Pwr Sy 300 W 289.95 A3000
Towtr Power StlpOfy 179.00 NEC 3Xp External Portable CD-ROM
• Triple Spin
• Mulli-tettlon Pholo CO
• Seiectlvt Audio Jack
• Full SCSI-1 and SCSI-2 support
• 756K Butler, 195MI Access
• RetwtHhed by NEC to NEW cenditlofl
• 1 Year Warranty
• Caddy leu
5224. 95 Toshiba Quad Spin CD-ROM
• Quad Speed (4X). 600Kb Scc Access
• SCSI-2
• IZOMt Random Seek
• ZsfiK Burt If
• 1 Year Warranty Internal model $ 399,00 External model $ 489.00
Media Vision CDR-H93MV CD-ROM Drive
• Imama I
• Double Speed
• IS09660. Mulll-Sesslon Pholo-CO
• 1 Yigr Warranty $ 169.95 Hitachi COR-175M CD-RQM
• External w SCSI pau-thn
• Single Speed. 320M* Access Time
• IMKfcfiac. 64Kb Butter
• IS09660. Slngli-Saiiion Pholo CD
• Variable Audio Jack, 1 TearW fy $ 89.95 ASIM CDFS CO-ROM Driver
v3.0 comes w Fish & Photo Cos $ 67.95 CBM Parts £ Monitor, CPU &
Motherboard Buyout We have made e large purchase ol Rilurblshed
Computers and Monitors A NEW Molhorboards trom Commodore. All
eirry e 90 Day Warranty. Refurbished units are In Lika Naw
condition with ALL approprlato cables and manuals.
Hurry as supplies are limited.
10B4S - Refurbished $ 229.95 1942 - Refurbished 299.95 1960 - Refurbished 339.95 A2000 rv 4.x PCB NTSC Only 189.00 A2000rv 6.2 PCB NTSC. PAL 229.00 A2000 rv 6.3 PCS NTSC, PAL 259 00 A3000 16MiPCBw 1Mb 31995 A3000 030 25Mz 1Mb Desktop PCB 399.95 A3000 030 25MZ 1M& Tower PCB 499.95 A3000 Daughterboard 59.95 A500 Rev 5 PCB 109.95 A500 Rev 6a PCB 129.95 A600 PCB 139.95 A3000 Tower Power Supply 129.00 A2000 Power Supply 109.00 All A3000 PCBs are NTSC or PAL. All A500 and A600 PCBs are NTSC Only.
Due to ad schedules, all prices are subject to change We accept Visa.
Master Card, Discover & American Express with NO service charges, we also accept wre transfers, call or FAX for details If FAXino an order be sure to include your billing address and credit card into. We Mil trt only actual shipping rates when sent. 50% discounted rales on UPS Express (this oets to you in 3 or 4 days) We also snip Dy Post Office. Call or FAX it you are unsure about a shipping rate. 15% re stocking fee on all returns net exchanged for anoint Hem Shippng charges are NOT refundable
• All prices In U. S. Dollars • To get the British Pound rite
please dwk the IriM prices by I S II paying by credit card your
bank will uttnatcaty W you the cone moum, in your currency,
when your order is shipped.
• AB orders are subject to credu card vwbteadw* Hard Drives We
carry a full line of 2.5“ and 3.5* Hard Drives from Conner,
Quantum. Seagate.
Micropolls, & Maxtor. Call!
Our Policies e Cosyngti tK6 iwMwutt i gfi At tyKs Rmwd 68 EDITORIAL hen’s an exclusive not an exclusive? When somebody else has done it already. Along with sexual innuendo, the word ‘exclusive’ is a magical set of letters that can make customers pull out their cash and up a mag’s ABC by a few hundred - they want the latest and most up-to-date information. Misused, abused and downright corrupted for many years, there would seem to be no readdress for those who actually got the story first and then are subsequently duped as another publication states they have the world-first ’exclusive.'
Pulp faction Take, for example, the Cyberstorm 060 card - a phenomenal piece of kit by any standards - that was reviewed in the June issue of these pages. The magazine was on the shelves by 4 May 1995. One of our competitors - bless them - had their June issue surface on the 11th of that month, and they had the Cyberstorm 060 card hyped on the cover.
The difference Is obvious, though, because plastered above the competitor's Cyberstorm hype was that word - exclusive! Not true, we’d beaten them to it by over a week. Turn to their review of the product and again the word ’exclusive’ beams up at you from the page - it just ain't true.
“Why not plaster that wondrous word on your cover as well then?" You ask. Unlike certain competitors, we'll only use ‘exclusive’ when it is one (witness Lightwave 4).
We were not in a position to say that the Cyberstorm 060 was a guaranteed exclusive. Nor were the competition. We didn't use the word. They did.
The principle reason for avoiding the word wasn’t out of fear that the opposition would reprimand us for it. Because they won’t - it’s simply that we like to treat our customers with some respect and give them the honest story. Consumers are easily hacked off when they feel they're being shafted and they’ll take their money elsewhere.
This kind of undercutting the competition is typical practice on the road to big ABCs.
On the release of Doom 2 on the PC, various magazines brandished that word as they proclaimed they were first. As usual, one of our publications got there first, but Quentin larantinn pulls out a large baseball - bat and sets to mnrh - on the competition - many of the other mags ploughed on regardless with their ’exclusive’ banner.
Perhaps this aJI sounds like sour grapes, but the overuse of 'exclusive' reveals a deeper problem with the current crop of Amiga mags - that of making a quick buck.
When Commodore went belly up last year, there was a change to certain competitors that may not have been immediately obvious to Joe Public. While certain mags beat their chests for standing next to the Amiga through thick and thin, their actual content reveals a different story.
PAGINATION While Amiga Computings pagination (page count) has fallen like our competitors, our editorial content has stayed pretty much the same - the only page losses have been mainly in advertising because of Commodore's demise. We could easily fill our editorial with games, games and more games like some of our competitors have done - pages of tips, cheats and other space-filling devices are used to give the customer the feeling that they’re getting their money’s worth when they pick up the magazine.
We. On the other hand, use our pages to show the Amiga off to its full extent and to inform you, the reader, of the machine’s potential skill after all this time - special effects companies, how to use your Amiga to make money, interviews with the movers and shakers in the industry, tutorials, pop promo makers, useful cover mounts such as Cds and supplements, ‘exclusives' on groundbreaking packages, the continual coverage of the Commodore buyout, and Wallace and Gromit!
- W-© Other competitor’s thick tomes are stacked with buckets of
promotional material to make some fast cash - gimmicky offers
that no-one really needs or particularly wants.
This kind of change, which has become increasingly apparent over the last year, would suggest that the people at the top of certain publishing empires have decided the Amiga has had it. And therefore want to screw as much money out of their readers as possible while the market lasts.
The basic message is simple - if you want value for money that isn’t going to break the £4 mark until is absolutely necessary. Amiga Computing is the honest, informed and professional choice.
The HI team EDITOR Paul Ausfan DEPUTY EDITOR Darren Evans ART EDITOR Tym leckey NEWS EDITOR Adam Phillips FEATURES EDITOR Ben Vou PRODUCTION EDITOR Judith Chapman STAFF WRITERS Andrew Middock Tina Hackea Gareth Lofthouse Dave Cusick ADVERTISING MANAGER Simon Lees AD SALES Jane Normington AD SALES 5ue Horsefield AD PRODUCTION Barbara NewaH MARKETING MANAGER Claire Mawdsfey PRODUCTION MANAGER Sandra Childs SYSTEMS MANAGER David Stewart CIRCULATION DIRECTOR David Wroi COMMERCIAL DIRECTOR Denise Wright DISTRIBUTION COMAG (01895) 444055 SUBSCRIPTION 0I5I-J57 2WI Member of the Audit Bureau of
CrcUaoonj 33,546 CHAIRMAN Richard Hease MANAGINC DIRECTOR Ian Bkwnfcld We regret AMIGA Computing cannot offer technical help on a personal basis either by telephone or in writing. Ml reader enqunes should be submitted to the address in tta panel for possible publication.
Amiga Computing o an independent pubfedtMd drtd Commodore Business Machines Ltd ore not responsible fbr any of die ortdes m this ssue or for ony of the opinions expressed Ji*faDecl994 PublahedbyOGMefaa Meda House. Adlrgton Part, rtacdejfidd*l04NP Td: 01625 878888 Fix 01625 85C6S2 ©1995 IDG Media. No material may be reproduced in whole or in part without wntten permission. While every care is taken, the publishers cannot be held legally reponsible for any errors in artides.
Listings or advertisements IDG MEDIA For six yean AMIGA Computing has been the leading magazine for Amiga enthusiasts. As a key member of th* IDG communications group, AMIGA Computing promises to inform, educate and entertain its readers each month with the most dedicated coverage of the Amiga available.
II nut subscription £44.99 (UK). £49.99 (EEC) £14.99 (World) Ongoing quarterly direct defat- £14.99 (UK onfy) Printed and fcxxxid by Dimcan Webb Offs*t (Maidstone) Lid Amiga Computing JULY 1995 Lite Night Opening Wednesdays k Thurdayij ti 7,30pm 24 HOUR MAILORDER SERVICE FAX: 0113 2319191 NEW! BBS Modem sales & technical line Tel 0113 2311422 FIRST COMPUTER CENTRE Order by telephone quoting your credit card number. 1 paying by cheque please make payable to: 'FIRST COMPUTER CENTRE'' In any correspondence please quote a phone number, po« code & Dept. Allow 4 working days cheque clearance
I. ' Ifew HOW TO ORDER Order by telephone quoting your credit :
SWITCH m °fi!S Teiephone O I I 3 23 I 9444
• Standard delivery £1.95
• 2-3 Week Days £2,95
• Next Week Day £4.95 D llr* y tub eet to acock LOW INTEREST
• All prices include VAT @ 17.5%
• Large showroom with parking
• Multi-million pound company
• Overseas orders welcome
• Educational purchase orders welcome OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK
hi(«incor,Kiailic(im |Oin|lop «u. PkMc check ou, btnt price!
Belor e ordering. All loin are Mbject to our wind jrd termt A
condeionqcopf imJabk upon rcqueit). ElOf Hard Drives Monitor CD
ROM Drives a i u a ACD-300 .
• Ley LCD nxrrxc [wvi ¦ kreP
• tCSalMwfe. Nui v vlWrtwauvvA,. ITSnwmlVv
• bWCOMiMUpnairMlui £169.99
• lupfwta M*k mkliMMfi itoM CO Sanyo-H94AX2 £126.99
• JJOHi Attau dm**300KB Tnuufer rein.
Xtor- PX43CSX4 £239.99 | SOM. Autu rimee«40KB Transfer rate.
EC6XIX6 £312.99 |
• I (OMtAccettwne *900 KB Transfer rate.
• FiAy SCSI II comperible »Six drive Overdrive X2ExtemaJ £185.99
Overdrive X4ExtemaJ £245.99 All our mo ret or, com
ijxoficxlionv AM monitor* « with connecting lej Micro Autoscan
1438 .2* dpi. I S'lB Kht, all Amiga I mode., AGA compatible. No
I audio, lilt A twrvell stand.
Only £274.99
* A1200* require an adoptor £6.99 extra NEW!! AMITEK 1084-S 14"
ftereo colour CCA monitor. Ideal for both | the game player and
the more scrtoui user.
Only £195.99 Tilt and twtvel itand only £9.99 when purchased with monitor All monitor dust covers only £5.99
2. 5" Hard Drives for A600 AI 200 with installation kit Inc.
software, screws, cables and kistr.
80Mb-.C99.99 130Mb... £ 119.99 250Mb.-£l79.99 340Mb...£l99.99 All drrvet supplied by The First Computer Centre have a minimum 12j month warranty and are tetted to New1 ensure 109% compatibility, Full range of SCSI & IDE drives always in stock, call!!
A60Q 1200 Hard Drive set up software £5.99
3. 5" Hard Disk Drives with A1200 600 install kit (We recommend
1.1“ driver bv feted by lull, qujAAvd computer engineers) inc.
software. Cablet and Inttructiont 260Mb..£ 149.99 420Mb... C
165.99 540Mb..; 179.99 8S0Mb...£259.99
3. 5" H drive upgrade kit no HD only!! £18.99 Includes set up
software, cables and full Instructions.
Fitting service available if required.
He full potential of your A1200 I Prima Technologies trapdoor I I *h tcpansion, includrt real time tlotlc I I i MB RAM £89.99 I hMBRAM £125.99 I 14 MB RAM £189.99 I*MB RAM 333,99 I I : MB 4 33 Mht CO PRO £ I 63.99 I I 4 MB A 33 Mht CO PRO £214.99 II MB A 33 MH* CO PRO £357.99 | Part exchange available on your old memory, Call for pricing, A500 500+ 600 RAM Expansion i!
Dataflyer 4000SX-25 £89.99 SCSI II interface can! (or big box Amiga v. Squirrel SCSI interface £40.00 When bought With 6rM. £54.991tpa-ut PRIMA n HA A5C-3 5 i 2' RAM (no clock) £lfW PRIMA A500 Plus I Mb RAM £29.9?
N»tt MOO I Mb RAM (no dock) 08.99 Floppy Drives Memory Modules Scanners Genlocks Tabb Power Scan v4 £ 105.99 | 256 t'lirii tui AGA Aingu. 64 j'tul* m AGA ower Scan Col. £204.99 | 21 bit colour tormcr. 167 mllon colour!
Alpha Scan 800 £99.99 | 800 ftp, 2S6 I'tidm. »r k on al Antfii Alpha Scan 256 £ I 39.99 | 756 giot.UI OCR icAw«re.rea HD to uw OCR Epson GT8500 £549.99 | 10 b« AiOtd tiiTdi. Gmn t.pcr h iwdlt ipqwpi An Department lomnj prKc 4W 61 1 Mb 72 Pin SIMM £39.99 2 Mb 72 Pin SIMM £79.99 4 Mb 72 Pin SIMM £130.99 1 8 Mb 72 Pin SIMM £262.99 1 14 Mb 72 pin SIMM £399.99 I Mb JopinSIMM £34.99 4 Mb 30 pin SIMM £110 991 2S4 by 4 DRAM (DILs) (each) £6.99 I I Mbby4ZIPP5 (rach)£32.94 2S6by4ZIPPS ( -«h)£5,99 Part exchange available on your old memory. Call for pricing.
£54.99 % iMITEK RENDALE hama 292 £275.99 I S-Video, and comoorite compitiblx hama 290 £669.99 I 5-VSd»tt«nd ornpoet»mix»igp6«krrTKrv ?a naA-Cuteditor £179.99 I Rendale 8802FHC £159.99 I Superb vnlry Uvvl gvhJocb. Vnth pro feature* Rendale 9402 £285.99 I Full feetured, Super-VHS fvnlork | CUMANAExt,drWeONLr!l£4V I mb ext the tost name in drives.
I AI 200 600 internal drive £39.99 I A500 500+lntcrnaldrive £39.99 I 1-0 Supra PS=Modem to Disks Storage Boxes Printers Su&*jrAXMoilmn 2 88
• u»wiiUo*b*.Mib. • ore.laiex. IkmiAeumbwre • uwqu. Lco Dre-r
• VHK*~f*n •ftahaOH
• Hcrem W-v. • | Vrer WarreM, only £199.99 It il a bargain the
utr al a Hippu i Bum.’ You Bc((h»" - Amiga Computing Oct. I ttl
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- H» V *n, ForubU Wow prtnwv. 0 n|. AM bull M NEW Canon
BJ200«-X £229.99
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Canon BjC4009Cotour £29999
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ihvri Amu due, We Trector W opbnul *1 til t. tlUD Nb&i(M
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pr+Hmr MU w% muio faeder NEW! Projet 3 mono £POA W|h suiKr nt
dpt raa (rt-tir 1 apwv J fixr rammr NEWCanonBJC600e Colour
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HEWLETT® PACKARD NEW HP 540 mono £269.99 HP325 540' Coiourupgrade £36.99 NEW! HP 660 Colour £385.99 HP 4Llaser printer £469.99 EPSON Epson Stylus colour £449.99 ife •• m ' • uwvt aw. R.,oiMtawugg Epson Stylus 800+ £239.99 Ua 4pt IM llwri AIT. Micxud m«o »riw« MULT) COLOUR Disk labels 500 £6.99 1000 £9.99 10 Capacity box £0.99 I 50 Capacity lockable box £3.99 100 Capacity lockable box £5.4?
90Capacity Banxbox £10.99
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• add £3.00 deivery 4 purchasing just one Rosso or I Bun box
Numul tWwry whtn purthaud with [ other product or ¦hen buying 2
or more.
Star LC1009 pin Colour £121.99 f p- ulwr pmMr, I Nlfi (tea. IW ip, (nil Star LC90 9 pin mono £102.99 ? P» rev praiter. All bow In. ,uV Imtof 0*1Mrel.
Star LC 24024 pin mono £117.99 24 pin mmu p"nl«f. »92 tp» ASF 6uM« Mb Star LC240C24 pin Colour £134.99 14 am ttfeur priwer air but, m. i LQ tomi.
Star SJ144 Colour £229.99 Sporkleri 44 umm Amazing price reduction on Courier Dual Standard V34 now only!! £3 9.99 , [Sportster 288 yj only £225.99 . tf F r.Atur«t V31. 2B.800 BPS.
» BABT approved If you MtnfM VlJMt m feu vy V 14 (11.100 6 «V mnwi| taw*. ! Ppbi mow, 14 ppWt ealeur CD Software Software Peripherals Consumables 17 Bit Collection £28.99 I 17 Bit Continuation £ 14.49 17 Bit Phase 4 £14.49 I 17 Bit LSD compendium I £ 16.99 17 Bit LSD compendium 2 £ 16.99 Am.net 5 £14.49 Am.net collection (Box ut 4 CD-*) 24.99 AssassinsCD £16.99 I CD-PDI £8.99 CD PD 2 £8.99 CD-PD3 £8,9?
CO-PD4 £8.99 Demo CO I £8.99 I Demo CD 2 £8.99 DeskTop Video CD £13.99 EuroScene I £9.99 I GIF* Galore £14.10 I GoldFtsh I £24.49 [ Goldfish 2 £24.49 Illusions CD £8.99 Light ROM £37.99 MultiMedia ToolKit 2 (2xCD's) £27.99 Network CD £ 12.49 I Professional Fonts £16.9?
Ten on Ten pack (I OxCD's) £35.99 Towns of Tunes £16.99 I WPO Fonts 11149 WPD Hottest 4 £12.49 WPDUtih 1-1500 £12.49 | Ribbons Citizen Swift ABC mono £3.99 Citiien Swift ABC colour £12.99 Star LC90 mono ribbon £4.99 Star LC 10 100 mono £3.69 Star LC I tU 100 colour £7.99 SofLC240«dl6iir • £13.99 Star LC240c mono £8.99 Star LC240 mono £5.99 Star LC24-10 200 300 Colour £13.99 Re-Ink Spray for mono ribbon* £11.99 MOST OTHER MAKES AVAILABLE PREMIER-INK Cartridge Refills Sire a fortune in running toit. With your ink; bubble |et. Compatible with the HP Oetkjet urili, Canon
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Star SJ4B, Citizen Projet and many othar*.
Full range of colour, available.
Single refills (22ml) £6.99 Twin refill* (44ml) £12.99 Three colour kit (66ml) £19.99 Full colour kit (88ml) £27.99 Bulk reAllt (125ml) £24.99 Miscellaneous Pnnter Switch Box 2 way £ 12.99 Printer Switch Box 3 way £17.99 Printer Stand. (Univcrtal) £7.99 ¦ 8 Metre printer cable £4.99 3 Metre printer cable £6.99 5 Metre printer cable £8.99 io Metre printer cable £12.99 Parallel port cxtention cable £9.99 A VIDII2 AGA only!! £59.99 |NewJhVIDI24RT £134.99 JPU £6l6U 4l|itlllK| f 4» Mf .14*0 diir * TCA »w8»8rt IM. 12 V«l» r*U.
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Viper I 28 mhz L114.W RoboshiftMKI C9.99 NEW Mega Mouse+ £ 14.4 MegaMouse400Dp«90*£l 1.4 True Mouse 300 Dpi £10.99 Crystal Trackball £34.99 ZyFi-2 Speakers £26.99 ZyFI Pro Speakers £57.99 Amiga Modulator Amiga PSU Music Sound Aur* 12 Ml sanipkng SPECbU.OFFEfI.THuwcX 1.1 Pro Midi Interface Techno Sound Turbo 2 Ttcno Soipid T urtxi Utilities NEW!! Directory Opu. 5 £59.99 GPFAXUmRwitt 49.9?
Xcopy Pro V2plu. Hardware £24.99 NCW9 OlKotogy 4JS.99 NEW!! CD Boot 1.0 £29.99 Video & Graphics NEWIIOvkixr Paint 5 £69.99 Diuam Simit 629.99 Meiia Peth for Vnta 0.99 Special offer!! Lightwave 099 99 Vote Pro 3(4Mb required) 29.99 Word Processing DTP Final WnterOT PNC W» 4999 f inal Cop, Vi Uk New Low Price' £48 99 PC"M 29,99 £74.99 CIF-T9 £24.99 £2499 £29.99 £34.99 £34.99 Turbotech realtime clock Cartridge £ I 7.99 fits any Amiga Chips Kicks tart 3.0 £34.99 Kickstart2.04 £30.99 Kickuart2.0S(forut«ln A600) £30.99 Fatter Agnes 837S £26.99 SuperDenise £18.99 I 6571-0326 Keyboard controller £
13.99 CIA 8520A I O controller £ 10.99 68882 Co Pro 25mhzPLCC £34,99 68882 Co Pro 33mhrRLCC £44.99 PRIMA CD-ROM Vol. ONE V10Mb o( (on n. artwork. (Fioto'v fern, uuh. Game.
Now only £16.99 SPECIAL LIMITED OFFER!’ Workbench 2.1 upgrade kit. Includes
2. 05 ROM software and manual £64.99 I Th fouer D fed 5 H
Personal Before qou begin »o Image processing functions
auailable There are over 30 image processing procedures to
choose from and you can even edit your own.
»Edge detect »Emboss high
• Emboss low
• Light-dark oblique gradient »Lighten 25 % ? Negative It's a
very rare thing indeed to find an art program which combines
excellent drawing features along with equally excellent image
processing functions. Personal Paint 4 offers just such a
combination and in conjunction with Cloanto. We bring you the
fully-working and unrestricted version 4 of this powerful art
The inclusion of image processing functions means you can ‘clean up’ and add special effects to your pictures with ease.
Do you want to create an embossed look for your picture? Simple, just select the emboss function from the image processing menu and away you go. You can even apply image processing functions to ou will need to load Workbench before using the Personal Paint disks as it is not a bootable disk.
Also, be sure to dick on the readme icon.
This contains important information about loading the program and using it in systems with low memory.
• Blur high
• Blur low
• Dark vertical gradient
• Darken -25 %
• Various dither functions including floyd*steinberg Personal
Paint t Supplier: Cloanto Italia srl Workbench: 1.3 specific
parts of your picture by using the mouse to define the area to
which the process will be applied.
There are.excellent brush features available which allow you to cut out a part of your picture to use as a brush.
Some of the more special brush features include the ability to chop unused planes from the brush to save lots of memory.
Essentially, the more colours on screen, the more planes within RAM required to describe the colours.
COLOUR COUNT Personal Paint's chop planes function counts how many colours are actually used in your brush and then reduces the number of planes to the minimum required to display those colours. This saves memory and reduces the brush file size when saving it.
You can have up to nine brushes within memory and can flick between them using the numeric keypad keys 1 to 9.
You can also apply all the image processing functions to the currently select-
• Randomize high
• Randomize low
• Randomize oblique
• Sharpen high
• Sharpen low And many more functions besides ed brush too.
Another memory and space-saving feature is the ability to alter
the number of colours used for an entire picture. The Less
colours function lets you alter a slider to reduce the number
of colours in a picture and as you do so, Personal Paint shows
you an instant preview of how your picture looks as you lower
the colour count before you make the change permanent.
Personal Paint lets you work in up to 256 colours and allows you to save your pictures in a variety of file formats such as PCX, GIF and even C source code for all you C programmers.
Other features include a really good magnify option for those tricky details where accuracy is required. There are an incredible 46 levels of magnification for even the most chronic of perfectionists among you. It takes full advantage ol the many different screen resolutions available on Amigas and even works well with many of the popular RTG Personal Paint special offer tf you think version 4 of Personal Paint is good, you will be amazed at what is available in version 6.3. If you are interested in upgrading to version 6.3, check out our Personal Paint special offer on page 20 for details
on how to get hold of one of the best paint programs on the Amiga Amiga Computing Utility heauen 2 painting PowerSnap Get artistic with our fully working uersinn of Personal Paint‘t and check out the great collection of utilities to make using your dmiga euen more of a joy than it already is Author: Nico francois Workbench: 2.0 If you have ever used a quality Word processor. You probably know how useful it is to be able to select a block of text on screen and either copy or cut it and then to paste it elsewhere.
Unfortunately, not all utilities and programs offer this feature. PowerSnap provides a simple solution to this problem by providing such cut and paste features itself. The only limitations are that it only works with non-prOpOr- tional fonts up to 24 pixels wide and any height, which should cover most users’ needs.
To try It out. Simply double-click the PowerSnap icon and you can then position the mouse pointer over a character on screen, holding down the left Alternate key and press the left mouse button.
At this point, after a short delay depending on the size of the font, the screen will either flash, meaning PowerSnap didn't find a character at that position, or the character will be highlighted. You can then drag the mouse while keeping the left Alternate key and the left mouse button held down to select further characters.
Once you are happy with what you have selected, releasing the Alternate key will copy the selected characters into the clipboard.
You can then paste the copied text by pressing the Alternate and V key or by pressing the Alternate key and the right mouse button.
Y and !o alter entire n lets lumber do so, nt pre- as you i make Draw ellipse Draw polygon Gf': Airbrush Fill graphics cards. Personal Paint features a similar interface to the old daddy of art programs, Deluxe Paint, with a toolbar and menu for accessing the many features available.
There are also the usual and useful keyboard shortcuts for quick selection of many of the major functions such as Save and Load picture.
For a small incentive, there are some example pictures available on the CoverDisk for you to load into Personal Paint and experiment with.
good details ;re are ication action- tage of lutions works r RTG nVr.n .w, JSSSi Text Grid control Image processing Cut brush Magnify image Undo a- & moue mt Clear screen Author: Asher Feldman Workbench: 2.04 Move is a simple utility which provides a Unix-like move command, allowing you to move files from source to destination rather than having to copy them and delete the originals from the source.
Those of you with a directory utility will probably be familiar with the move feature, and Move provides the same function via CU Shell. It can also be used as a rename command and supports all standard wildcards.
I iefault Here are the reautta of ll at a few of the many Image processing function* available. From left to right - normal, emboss high and blur high ydes Amiga Computing V 1*1 COVERDISK Here is a before and after shot of your average Amiga window gadget showing the much improved Sysihack version This neat hack allows you to alter the sizing gadgets and scroll arrows to look nice in screen resolutions which have a 1:1 aspect ratio. You can also give the gadgets a 3D look The program is called from the Startup- sequence file in your S: drawer. It needs to be called before Iprefs. There are
various parameters available and are described in detail in the Sysihack documentation file, so refer to this for further details.
St|5ihach Author; Mr Boopsi (well, that's what the docs say!)
Workbench: 3.0 P( to Amiga Transfer Author: Michal Kara Shouiobj Author: Andreas Heumann Workbench: 2.0 Workbench; 2.0 This is a useful utility for those 3D addicts who own either the Imagine or Lightwave 3D software. It is a handy object viewer which allows you to load any Imagine TDDD or Lightwave LWOB format object.
Showobj can display the object loaded in three different modes - bounding box, wireframe or solid. There are also four views available
- front, right, top and perspective.
In perspective view, the object can be rotated using the mouse with the left button pressed, or can be zoomed by holding the right mouse button down.
There are times when being able to transfer files between a PC and an Amiga are quite useful. So useful in fact that Commodore included the CrossDOS driver. However, CrossDOS is only really useful for transferring files between machines via floppy disk.
This is very restrictive when you have very large or lots of files to copy, and will usually require you to use lots of disks or archive the files.
PC to Amiga allows you to connect your Amiga to a PC via a serial cable and to access the PC drives like normal devices connected to your Amiga.
Essentially, this is a master-slave system where the PC is the slave and the Amiga is the master with control over the Pcs hard drives.
You can then simply transfer files between the two machines using the PC: logical device.
& Dill madness Backdrop Execute Command.
Redraw AH Update All Last Message About... Quit.
No doubt many of you have installed Mui given ¦ away on the July issue CoverDisks. If so. Here I are some more MUI applications for you to ¦ enjoy. If you didn t get the July issue (shame I on you) we still have some back issues, so check out the back issues page for details on how to order.
Menu Items mUIPrnglist Open Parent Close Update Command Key [FT Rescan Menus MUIProgList is a simple text file compiled by our very own Ben Vost from the Aminet archive list. It details the many MUI programs which are available and where they are within Aminet.
Those with access to the Internet can access the Aminet archive at the address ftp: src.doc.ic.ac.uk aminet. Or. For those who are Internet-less, there are many Aminet CD-ROMs available through all good PD libraries.
Change or add your own keyboard shortcuts lor Uta standard Amiga Workbench keys with ReKeylt Save Cancel Amiga Computing CaPAL-H CftfAiH CftPAl H • COPAil OOPAU MNU YUTISC VU7ISC Load MLHghfes (29000) VbtteSe* 724* 283 to WO X 200 Sec ’6,368* 16,384 CdQfJ; 256 Colon 8 WidtnW [7] Default ] [7] Default HftgM A (pte - AiooScron [7] hamQ Save Cancel Use This is the very latest and more enhanced MUI version of the standard Workbonch ScreenMode utility.
I| -U . 1 C ¦ .
* jnzxrcn ocrecn transfer re quite modore )wever, ransfer- py
disk, ve very usually archive onnect I cable normal miga.
System imiga is 2s hard r files he PC: Q*naanA*mi rriirir. | 55 | 20 | 230 Shareware delights Shareware authors produce some excellent Amiga software which often enhances your Amiga life, if this wonderous state of affairs is to continue, you must support these authors or they may disappear along with the great software they write.
So. Check out the supplied program documentation for the software described here to see what the author is requesting in terms of payment. Quite often it’s free, so just send them a thank you note- If there is some form of registry payment required, you can bet it will be a pittance and well worth it. So send off your cash and support the author.
Forcelcan Author: Kai Iske Workbench: 2.0 This is a useful utility for those with CD- ROMs or networking software of any kind. It allows you to snapshot an icon for devices which normally don't allow this (such as CD- Roms). You can thus set its position or give rt a much nicer icon than the default used by Workbench.
Author: Cyril Oeble Workbench: 3.0 Although the Workbench Screenmode utility in the prefs drawer does its job. It would benefit from a MUI facelift. So.
Here's the latest version of the MUI screen mode utility for all you MUI addicts to replace the drab Workbench version. Simply double-click on the install icon to update your older version millScreenlllDde They say that watching fish swimming around in an aquarium is supposed to relax you. Well, life on Amiga Computing can be quite stressful at times, especially when you have Judith ‘Deadline or death’ Chapman, our beloved Production Editor sitting next to you.
So, I was quite relieved to find this curious and entertaining little program which simulates life in a fishtank. The idea is to keep your fish alive by altering various parameters in the program which control feeding, temperature, oxygen levels and other things required in such a fishy microcosm.
So. When you find yourself slowly approaching boiling point when using your Amiga, fire up Aquasim. Sit back, and watch the aquatic lifeforms go about their business, letting the tranquil serenity of their little lives wash over you, flquaSim Giuseppi Chiesa Workbench; 2.0 |prprn5r| r «* rr r sr Pm HfeOtfMrQpU Q (scanWt E 5har»r.
ReKeglt flntufdit Author: Paul Huxham Workbench: 2.0 Have you ever wanted to paste something into a string gadget box within an interface, or wished their were more useful edit functions available?
Author: Michael Barsoom M.D Workbench: 2.0 This excellent utility allows you to alter the default keyboard shortcuts for the Workbench menu items.
What’s even more useful is that you can add keyboard shortcuts for those items Commodore didn’t assign a shortcut for, such as Snapshot all.
Also, users with Workbench prior to version three didn’t have the very useful and handy Icon cleanup shortcut (right Amiga and period key). I am always using this to tidy up icons within windows prior to quickly saving them with the icon Snapshot key.
Well, this sorry state of affairs is now history, as you can start changing and adding your own keyboard shortcuts to your own personal tastes. When you run ReKeylt, it will display the currently assigned shortcuts in a scrollable list view. To change or add a shortcut, simply select the appropriate menu item and then enter the key to be used in conjunction with the right Amiga key for the shortcut.
I your short- andard ¦nch eylt Shift cursor right Shift cursor left Alt backspace Alt del Right alt cursor up Right ait cursor down esc Right alt c or right amiga c Right alt v or right amiga v Right alt i or right amiga i Right alt g or right amiga g shift right alt g or shift right amiga g Well, NewEdit provides additional functions for those of you who have.
NewEdit is very useful when used in conjunction with the Powersnap utility (also on the CoverDisk) which provides selection, cut and paste features in programs which don’t provide it as standard. You can thus cut and paste text from one source and paste it into a string gadget box from the clipboard.
Next word previous word delete previous word delete next word DeuiEdit functions go to prevtous gadget (accepting contents) go to next gadget (accepting contents) leave gadget (accepting contents) copy gadget contents to clipboard 0 paste contents of clip 0 to gadget increments a numbered filename by one toggle the case of indicated character toggle the case of characters until eol or alphabetic character is found Amiga Computing Personal Paint 4 on our coverdisk, why not upgrade to the latest version?
Available for only £39.95 on disk or even better value CD-ROM, Personal Paint v6.3 is a powerful and intuitive paint, image processing, animation and 24-bit printing package.
Features of Personal Paint 6.3 include
• Animation (featuring storyboarding, superior compression,
multiple palettes, frame-by-frame timing. ANIM-5 7'8 and hybrid
formats, etc,)
• New. Faster image processing effects, including tiansparency.
Alpha channel and single-image stereograms (both SIRDS and
custom pattern stereograms, as in 'Magic Eye')
• Sophisticated ‘behind the scenes' memory management, including
virtual memory (swaps inactive image data to Fast RAM and disk
storage) and multiple levels of undo and redo
• First paint program worldwioe to Support the new PNG (Portable
Network Graphics) file format.
Includes an Arexx scnpt to convert GIFs to PNG.
• Support of Retargottable Graphics (display cards like the
Retina, Piccolo, Rainbow, EGS, Talon. Cybergraphics etc.)
• Animation on RTG display cards (with or without
• Direct, high-quality 24-bit printing (Colour and Black & White)
and interface to third-party software such as Studio Print
• Professional and fast modes for converting 24-bit pictures
(IFF, PNG. PCX, PBM etc.) to 256 colours or less
• HAM. HAM8 and Picasso 24-bit viewer active during colour
• External input output modules (loaders and savers) for easy
extensions and upgrades. Modules for IFF, PNG. PCX. PBM,
Amiga DataTypes and several others are included. A GIF module
is available from public domain sources.
• Support and editing of IFF, PNG and GIF project annotations
(Author. Copyright and Comment fields, plus Amiga filenotes)
• Autoscroll painting
• Workbench application icon (drag and drop)
• Basic set of Arexx commands for presentations, format
conversions and printing
• ASL-compatible file requester
• More power through machine language code: the software is, in
part, up to 500 per cent faster
• 'New Look' user interface
• A collection of utilities, including colour fonts, new DeskJet
printer drivers (up to four inks) and Jpeg DataType On CD-ROM:
• Personal Paint 6.3 + gallery of pictures and animations,
stereograms and stereo animations, fonts
• Personal Fonts Maker 1 (for Amiga and Printer Fonts) + dozens
of printer downloadable fonts
• Personal Fonts Maker 2 (professional version for colour fonts)
+ dozens of professional colour fonts
• Personal Write 4 + Electronic versions of famous books This
offer is only valid for three months, so order now while stocks
last. Send your completed order form to: Personal Paint 6.3
Offer, IDG Media, Media House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield
SK10 4NP.
Personal Paint 6.3 order form Please rush me: Personal Paint 6.3 at the bargain price of £39.95 (including VAT and p&p) - saving £10 off RRP Personal Suite CD*Rom at the bargain price of £39.95 (including VAT and p&p) - saving £10 off RRP Deliver to: Name (Mr Mrs Ms Miss) Address Daytime phone Postcode I wish to pay by: ? Cheque postal order payable to IDG Media I I Credit card Card No. I" f TT1 I I f I "I I I I I I Expiry Date Please allow 28 days for delivery while stocks last [] Tick th'S box it you A? Mi wish to receive promotional Material bom other companies Amiga Computing
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AMIGA 4000 I BERVISIOR GRAPHICS BOARD For all Zorro-3 AMIGAs, this 61-Bit high speed graphics engine blitter offers up to 1600 x 1200 pixels in 8-Hit colour or 1024 x ’68 pixels in True 24-Bit Odour, with 2Mb of display memory (4MH user upgradeable).
Call and request our technical brochure.
Cybervision 64 £329.95 For a LIMITED PERIOD - CYBERVISION 643 ARE SLPPLIED XTTH PHOTOGENIC* LITE In imr dart an1 in WPS aiui an- ubm frm rmfvntiuv performance ScJs u«n* Sytinfo THE highest performing A1200 - 68030 Accelerator. With its rapid 40 Mhz 68EC030 or 50MHz 680.30 with MMD, it offers up to 500% performa The 1230-m has further options via iLs Fast Bus for add on Modules such as the SCSI-2 1 'tilising an industry standard SIMM socket, it has provision for upto a full 32Mb of auto-configuring .32-Bit FAST RAM
• PGA Fpl Socket up to 50MHz
• limnuon * Data Buna Modes
• Auto Kicksbrt Re-Mapping I w ith diMble)
• Batten Backed Self Keel urge RT dock
• Easy Trajxloor Installation PRKIS; Plioie n
• OJCIOM. PrkM coo cbo*9« (*o m dtwt) Wort tk* BoyaiiM t core
nwill, tel postod. Pwom confre b*4«r* EXPORT: Moil ilMt cr*
a.oteblc ol TAX FREE PRICES lo 000 EC random I *v*n«ii Ul Anwd
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4Mb. It RBO MEMORY VtlUd JuHI l« Kjit oihr n»ia*Dp|Kr IcjOl-t VoinS 1230-lU Turbo £189.95 40MHz 68EC030.0Mb 1230-lU Turbo £229.95 30MHz 68030 & Mmtl. 0Mb SCSMI Module £89.95 for 1230-111 Motorola FR' £CaD 68882 PGA 2V30 30MHZ 4Mb SIMM RAM Expansion £134.95 32-Bit, "2 pin LARGER SIMMS AVAILABLE £Call 1230-III BUZZARD 4W50MHL TURBO ACCELERATOR MEMORY !
Expansion Controller.
"...at GH, we'll look after you..." SERVICE. SUPPORT mi WARRANTIES: GH n one ol Apple UK's selected Aattenwd W*k« Providers [mi ol Resellers here this accredilttion). Oor sloadord On* Yror GH Gold y jmt yt* o coaprthosJre hecixp GH ok* oKer • 10*91 oi *ptio*i ler Usioeis r ord prolnibial non «Wi noj bt mimM tor spirits n high dejctdrncy (cnsum ok IT PH0NL We'I telp with oty qoorioi and whit yw'rt toody la order wt orrcpl Visa, Mnletcud, Across, Switch, (orotrl. 0*1 to cod lonbard Cieditctei je (most 'tloro rordt' or* lowbard OedHdrarge and we happily a («pf IfcaaO.
IT POST or FAX: Wun ordering iocloda yo*r tone. Addieii aid (SfriHoWy • (ottort pboM nimbr nitb yon otdn rtfdrtnNts, II dtargiq a oMt dthil n ard teUe its neater ood t*pi y dot* (end issue nunbw nith Swrtdi cards). V Ifehe Oitqttt (pl*OS* cBcw 7 dtp dcaronc* prior I* despatch). LaiAtrt Biildn) Snooty Orolti ¦ N»i*l Ordori peyoU* to Gordeo Hewood (woputort It toidim prkei it uk yti «t !**Woj «t m W dtwt) Mc*» Hm nojori Motift) order] by p*st.
GORDON HARWOOD COMPUTERS UMITEP (Department EHSE3 1 NEW STREET ALFRETON DERBYSHIRE DESS 7BP Telephone: 01-773-836781 Facsimile: 01-773 831040
* » iuppy *1' Gowmn«n! &u wn*1 JwtWB mi PICS end raMOX) 'JpcJV ®
tedw rnjunti The legend liues on *4 [scam came out to the press
in Frankfurt on the 30 fflau this near. Paul Hustin reueab
their plans for the future of the Fmiga is m Amiga Computing
AUGUST 1995 rumours regarding large quantities of ready-
to-ship machines are exactly that. In reality, any new
production will be strictly from the ground up.
It’s obvious that the existing stock of European components takes the form of spares rather than ready-to-assemble machines. However, this did prompt the announcement of a European spares and distribution centre which should be active within the next four weeks.
A big question mark still hangs over the huge inventory still held in the Philippines.
Apparently, negotiations are still in progress with the local trustees regarding, if and when, it will be made available.
With the commitment to future develop* ment. The obvious question has to be how they intend to do it. In reply. Escom announced a 50-strong support team at Escom's Bensheim headquarters. This central team will break down into development, developer support, resellers and users, production management, marketing, PR and administration.
In addition, the company has also taken flimga lertinulogies mill 5Bt about restoring and. Perhaos more importantly, ending the Amiga's position as tire ultimate multimedia and uideo graphir platform connection between the Amiga and Commodore.
The Commodore name and product range will be strictly PC and controlled exclusively by Escom.
Whereas Amiga Technologies will be a completely separate entity that will only handle Amiga-related product lines.
With the long and painful demise of the old empire, it may seem a curios decision to re-badge their flagship PC products with the Commodore title.
However. Escom are obviously confident that the decision is the right one. To back the decision Petro Tyschtschenko quoted a recent survey, commissioned by Escom, which stated that '93 percent of all PC owners know the Commodore name.' A figure only bettered by IBM.
However, there was no mention of how this impressive percentage actually perceived Commodore products in relation to its brand name opposition.
01 four o'clock on a very average day in Germany, the Amiga's journalistic hordes descended n the foyer of Frankfurt’s Park Hotel.
Although well known for loitering any- «twro that can provide a drink, this partic- ir bunch, myself included, were in a nous, and dare I say even sober mood.
After collecting the obligatory press
• iss. The 100-strong band woro ushered 'to a well-appointed
conference room ready to hear Escom's vision for an Amiga
Alongside a huge Scala-controlled pro- mentation sat the 11 men who plan to steer
• ho Amiga out of the shadows. Centre ¦¦'age was Manfred Schmitt,
the youthful JS’year old founder of the Escom empire.
Next to Herr Schmitt, and first to speak.
«as Petro Tyschtschenko, the general
• manager of the new Amiga Technologies GmbH.
After the usual pleasantries, business started in oarnost by reaffirming the ' tails regarding Escom's purchase of the former Commodore company - luding all intellectual property rights,
• rtemarks. Logos, products and licences »nd all for just 10
million dollars.
The end result of this is the formation of e new Amiga Technologies daughter
- mpany, which with the aid of various rd parties will set about
restoring and
• maps more importantly, expanding the Amiga’s position as the
ultimate multimedia and video graphic platform.
IN PRODUCTION Much to the relief of the onlookers, Herr schtschenko's first step is to resume production of the existing range. But
• rhaps more importantly, he also ide a public commitment to
continue development of what Escom believe is a superior
The aim is to restart production of both the A1200 and the A4000T
- thankfully the standard A4000 has officially been canned in
favour of an ail new mini tower A4000T. Initially, the plan is
to produce
120. 000 A120QS and
25. 000 A4000TS.
10,000 of which will ship with 060s while the remainder stick to the traditional 040.
Assuming things go to plan, the first units will be shipping by September October *05.
Apparently, all the planned A4000Ts have already been pre-sold, no doubt in the form of bulk sales to major distributors. Needless to say Escom. Or should I say Amiga Technologies, envisage plentiful supplies of both machines for the Christmas period.
Okay, the big question has to be what's the cost? Given the unbelievable prices of Escom's existing PC range, it's hard to envisage how they hope to produce an Amiga that can compete effectively with their Pcs.
Well, although no specific unit costs were provided, the new company did deliver a breakdown of their projected turnover and monthly operating costs for the remainder of this year. In total, Escom expect a turnover, based on A1200 and A4000T production, for '95 to be 100,000000 DM - a figure which apparently will ensure break even for the new company by the end of the year.
If you then subtract operating costs of 600,000 DM per month and divide this figure into the number of machines to be produced, it doesn’t require a genius to figure out a rough price per unit.
Assuming Escom’s projections are correct, this all points to an A1200 retail price at, or about. 300 DM and an A4000T retail of roughly 2200 DM. Translate the above into sterling using an approximation of today's exchange rate and you're looking at £150-ish for an A1200 and roughly £1000 for an A4000T.
A rather surprising revelation was the announcement that Amiga Technologies also plan to go back into production with the CD32 in time for the Christmas period. However, they remained very sketchy when it came to actual quantities, although it was stated that the CD32 will undergo a major redesign by spring '96.
An obvious stumbling block in the race to restart Amiga production is the confusion surrounding Commodore’s remaining inventory.
According to Herr Tyschtschenko, all remaining stock in both the UK and Germany has been accounted for. Unfortunately, the As you may have spotted, the word Commodore has been notable only by its absence. As part of Its buyout. The entire Commodore empire went under the hammer - including the Commodore name.
As a result, Escom can now add a recognised brand name to their own range of Pcs. Until the Commodore acquisition, Escom had a real problem marketing their PC range through any other outlets than their own. Now that situation has changed dramatically courtesy of the Commodore title, You can soon expect to see the Commodore name traverse the high street to just about any retail outlet.
Initially. Escom plan to go into production with a range of fully loaded Pentium P75 and P10Q multi- media Pcs which will be assembled at Escom's existing production facilities. The plan is to sell between 50,000 and 60.000 before the end of the year, with initial production commencing in August- As far as Escom are concerned, there is now no The naming game Amiga Computing over Commodore’s old development centre in Norristown in the US for additional R &D.
This i ovived arm of the Amiga Technologies is to be headed by Ed Goft. Former vice president and general council at Commodore.
All very positive stuff, but a question still remains regarding staffing. Since the Commodore demise, many key Commodore personnel have been poached by the likes of Apple. Let's hope the Escom revival can prompt a return to the fold for at least some of the key names in Amiga R&D.
PERSONAL VIEW Following the initial scene setting. Manfred Schmitt mounted the rostrum to delivei his personal vision and to explain why Europe's leading PC supplier felt the need to rescue the Amiga from a premature end. Above all, Herr Schmitt sees multimedia as the future for Escom, and therein lies the most compelling attraction of existing Amiga Technologies.
Set top solute Escom see Amiga Technology bringing multimedia to the masses. To that end they've already thrown the doors open to all comers by promising “a very flexible and open-minded approach to the licensing of Amiga technology."
Aside from the return of the Amiga. Escom also plan to spread the gospel in the form of interactive set-top boxes. The company has already teamed up in partnership with US multimedia specialists VisCorp to produce a range of interactive multimedia applications, and plan to launch a range of pay-TV. Video on demand, home banking, home-shopping and assorted on-line services with the aid of the Amiga's first ever licensing agreement. Aside from this partnership. Escom will be producing set-top boxes in Germany for 400 DM - approximately £200.
With Escom's obvious success with assorted multimedia PC solutions, it seems a curious decision to risk existing success by reviving a machine which quite literally coined the phrase multimedia. However, when i* comes to mass market multimedia, Escom see the Amiga, or more accurately its i IMMa isttie future fur (stum, and (therein lies tlie most iompelling atMon of fetologies affordable technology, as the Key to the technologies of the future.
It's highly unlikely you'll see the standard Amiga being marketed as the ultimate desktop solution, after all that would directly cut into PC profit margins. I'm certain, however, that many a black magic box offering all manner of interactive home entertainment, information and sen ices will have an Amiga at its heart.
Escom are well aware of the Amiga's natural talents, not least of which is its effortless multitasking - which still out performs any other platform. In addition, the Amiga also performs the same tasks as a Windows- based PC with only one eighth of the system resources - a factor which of course has huge repercussions on unit cost.
Combine these natural talents with a liberal approach to licensing and you have all the ingredients for a plug and play interactive set top box with a natural affinity for video, in either PAL or NTSC.
Aside from the urgent need for new machines, arguably Ihe most import aspect of the Escom takeover is their approach to future development. To that end Escom have appointed Dr. Peter Kittel as the head of the product planning group of Amiga Technologies, In the short term, the plan is simply to get the Amiga back into production and expand on the existing architecture of both the A1200 and A4000T. In the case of the A1200, this means initial production of the basic machine as sold by the former Commodore. However, by January '96 the plan is to re-launch the A1200 with an EC030 chip as
opposed to the existing EC020, They also plan to aod additional FastRAM on board to supplement the existing 2Mb of chip. The basic machine will ship with Workbench 3.1 as standard and will also be packaged w.th Scala MM300 es a freebie.
This raises the obvious question of how exactly Amiga Technologies expect the standard A1200 to run the Scala give-away, given insufficient RAM and '.he lack of a hard disk as standard.
After a brief silence, the reply came that any machines sold with sufficient resources will receive Scala as part of the overall package. However, anyone starting out with a basic machine will be given a free Scala upgrade when they've addod the necessary enhancements required fo run the software.
As you can probably see. The A4000T has no', only seen a revival but also a complete redesign.
Although the old Commodore empire only ever produced 1000 units, Amiga Technologies see the machine as the basis on which to build their high-end business.
The new machine takes the form of an all-new mini tower with the inspiration being the machine's traditional markets. The designer. Bjom Rybakken, made the point that "the Amiga is a creative tool in creative environments, and it must therefore relate to this situation." The plan is that the new look will hopefully herald 3 dramatic change in perception of the machine.
RIS(i| decisions As for pure mechanics there's little change, at least in the short term. The basic schematics point to a vertically loaded Zorro slot design with a user-definable array of lights in the pin cushion front panel, all lurking below an upper window - apparently designed to allow users to add their own images in an attempt to further customise fhe machine.
As mentioned earlier, the basic machine will ship with either 040 or 060 CPUs, the latter being designed in combination with phase 5 - the designers of the Cyberstorm 060 accelerators. As for additional hardware, there are no plans to add a CD- ROM as standard until at least until spring ‘96. In addition, there also appears to be some confusion over the availability of high density disk drives. I only hope that Amiga Technologies manage to source a supplier prior to the planned production run.
Another uncertain element in reference to the A4000T launch is the availability of the newly designed mini tower cases. At the moment it remains uncertain as to whether the new design will be available for the initial production run. Only time will tell.
Obviously the various decisions regarding existing hardware upgrades and new software add-ons are all very welcome, but a question still persists regarding the long-term development of the Amiga.
In that respect, Amiga Technologies has already committed to RISC as the first step for the new engineering division. The first decision is which of the two dominate RISC platforms to opt for, the options being Motorola's PowerPC or the HP PA Rise. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Motorola's being their close association with the Amiga and indeed Escom, while the HP option does offer the potential for superior performance.
Regardless of who wins, Dr. Kittel has already stated that "any future computer should always remain recognisable as an Amiga, and should not simply be assimilated among the amorphous mass of similar computers.'
The basic goal is to re-establish the Amiga's tion as the machine with the best sound, graphics and relative performance of any mass market computer by incorporating support for 3D graphics, te ture mapping, object-oriented design and other ting edge technologies. According to Dr. Kittel.
Move from CISC to RISC will not be as difficult many imagine due to the basic Amiga concept which has always been designed with progress in mind.
All very optimistic, but the fact remains that transition to RISC will take a minimum of 18 regardless of hardware availability. The reason this is that any RISC-based Amiga will require a pletely new operating system and that's what require the 18 months of design and beta testing to launch.
During this interim period, it's difficult to imai how Amiga Technologies plan to maintain the po end of the market given the existing RISC options both the Mac and PC.
Amiga Computing macraSiistenrc' solution In my opinion, the only feasible solution is to opt for some form of RISC-based co-processing solution such as the system already near completion at MacroSystems as pad of their pioneering work on the Draco digital video sys‘em.
I Amiga a’s nat- ffortless ms any ga also ndows- system rse has with a )u have id play I affinity ley've 3 and in the ership media nking, t ever et-top The Draco is essentially a completely new 060-based computer which uses the Amiga operating system running a Retina 24-bit display rather than the standard Amiga chipset. The end result of this is a blisteringly fast machine dedicated to Vlab Motion and Toccata-based DV that still runs the majority of Amiga applications.
However, because VLM's accompanying MovieShop software generates all its DVEs in software, special effecfs can still take quite some time to generate. As a consequence, an expansion slot already awaits a new Dec Alpha-based co-processor which delivers an astonishing 450 mips. The end result, real-time DVEs in software.
Obviously, even a partial RISC solution requires the recompiling of the specific applications that plan to take advantage of it. Nevertheless, the MacroSystems’ example does prove that a RI SC-based acceleration system, an 060, and the Amiga's existing OS can live in harmony.
Better still. MacroSystems have already offered to license the system to Amiga Technologies, along with the necessary libraries and compilers required to convert software for use with the Dec Alpha.
If Amiga Technologies did adopt the technology as their official high-end Zorro-based upgrade. I'm sure many a developer would be more than willing to support the move and
• nereby keep the Amiga at the forefront in the race for
processing power until a complete RISC solution is in place.
Licensing Aside from the obvious availability of cash, marketing clout and commitment - courtesy of Escom - one of the most hopeful signs for the future has to be the long-awaited and liberal approach to licensing.
Jmains ) avail- tell.
Existing are all jarding ilready v engi- :he two 5 being h have being indeed otentiat ilready always iild not nass of 's posi- raphics
* t com- 3S. Tex- ler cut- tel, the icult as it which nd.
Hat the nonths, son for acom- hat will ng prior magine 5 power lions on To say Escom are open to licensing is an understatement. The company have already set about incorporating existing Amiga developers into the team - phase 5 being an example - and it appears that this approach will be the norm, with Escom licensing oul Amiga technology and also licensing back tnird-party developments to complement the existing Amiga repertoire.
The plan to create encapsulated Amiga environments for both the PC and Mac. In other words, Amigas on a card, And perhaps even more ironic is the plan to port AmigaDos as a optional OS on other platforms. This is more likely to occur with the arrival of a RISC- based OS, at which point the prospect of Workbench on a PC. Mac or SGI could be a reality.
The idea is to permeate the Amiga Environment through to as many platforms as possible and thereby break down the platform dependency that all tod often restricts not only the Amiga but all other computing environments.
Obviously, the planned freedom of information doesn't simply apply to traditional Amiga hardware. In fact, a large part will no doubt be in the form of set top box development and assorted spin-off technologies.
In short the message is open business.'
Anyone with the wants to form partnerships or help expand the Amiga and its technology will be welcomed At last we may see PO style proliferation, which in my opinion is the only reason for success of what is without doubt an interior platform Another twist is Ihe bottom line The rebirth of the Amiga has certainly been a well orchestrated affair designed to maximise PR point scoring for both Escom and the newly formed Amiga Technologies.
As it stands, the Escom takeover appears to provide everything the Amiga needs to re-establish, expand and improve.
But given the horrendous mismanagement, money grabbing and broken promises of the last year, it's still hard to have much faith in anything anymore.
From what I've seen, however, it's now time to cast the bitterness aside and look forward to true Amiga renaissance. It's obvious Escom aren't in the business of asset stripping as many feared.
I only hope their impressive plans come to fruition sooner rather than later, and the new company lives up to the machine that bears its name.
On ihe ground With the centre of Amiga Technologies entrenched firmly in the Netherlands and responsible for worldwide distribution, there's an obvious question of local support within individual countries.
According to Bernard Van Tienen.
Escom plan to port their traditional support and distribution methodology to the Amiga. In short, this means centralised distribution with a minimal support base on a local level. In the case of the UK.
This will translate into a small UK team of perhaps three people to handle direct Amiga tech support and other local services. This is in marked contrast to the Commodore approach, which at its height boasted around 50 Commodore personnel based in the UK.
However, it must be stressed that the vast majority were concerned with administration and management rather than direct support for the range - a factor which can be verified by anyone who looked for tech support in the old days.
Although a very different approach, concentration of resources has obviously paid off concerning Escom's aggressive pricing on their PC range, and almost certainly accounts for the massive reduction in the Amiga's new pricing policy.
A major concern of existing Amiga distributors was Escom's huge presence in the high street and the potential it offers to literally out-gun all comers when it came to distribution. Fortunately for the Amiga’s traditional box shifting and mail order community. Escom see Amiga distribution as a three-pronged attack.
The plan is to sell the machines through the usual computer retail out- | lets, brown goods chains, department stores and via mail order. To achieve ! This, Escom will balance their margins in i their own shops in order to leave a suitable margin for the rest. This will | implement a scatter gun approach. | taking a smaller margin per unit while maximising the spread of distribution and exposure.
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26. 000.1 with offi prices BT is the company most in the news
for its phenomenal profits (this year’s were around £84 per
second) and is the outgrowth from the privatisation in 1984.
I spoke to Paul Sharma at BT about his thoughts for the next year for BT and he was enthusiastic about ISDN, notwithstanding BT’s £400 Installation charge and exorbitant I quarterly fees for the service.
BI. The Father of British romms companies When asked about the Internet, he replied that he I estimated a maximum of 250.000 users in the UK. But added that BT would be offering a residential Internet service in the fourth quarter of this year. I also asked about the upgrade of exchanges to full digital service countrywide as several important areas, including some parts of central London, still do not have call I waiting or Caller Line Identification.
He said that BT plans to have either digital or I modem electronic exchanges throughout the country by the end of this year. A modem electronic exchange would mean that CLI and call waiting, together with all the other services, would be available, but you would | have to change your telephone number.
15 minute call Peak OffPeak Weekend Local £59.22 £24.68 £24.68 Up to 35 miles £123.38 £54.97 £49.35 National £143.12 £88.83 £49.35 Installation of a new phone line: £116.33
• Quarterly rental; £24.78 Note that a local call off-peak is the
same as a weekend rate. Additional discounts include Option15
(cost I £3 quarter, discount 10 per cent) and Premier Line
(cost £24 year. Discount 15 per cent). In addition, there is a
family & friends discount available at no extra charge which
lets you nominate five nu bers (inc. One | overseas) for an
additional five per cen discount.
OlGrcum, the uiinged messenger Energis, electrifiiing communications m A Mercury is probabty the best-known and most successful of the alternative service providers. With their 0ne20ne service they are certainly encroaching on the market traditionally held by the likes of Cellnet and Vodafone, especially within the area bounded by the M25.
The split figures in the first column of the table represent the savings to be made if you subscribe to the daytime calling plan. An additional five per cent discount can be achieved through the YourCall system if the number dialled is one of five nominated numbers. There is no charge for this service.
July 1 sees the start of the single national rate at 7.5p per minute for Peak rate and 2.94p per minute at all other times, which is still cheaper than 3Ts 35 mile rate YourCall Plus starts at the same date and automatically works out the five numbers you have dialled most and applies the discount to them. All you have tc do is nominate what breakdown of national and international • Daytime Calling Plan: E3.53 per quarter.
IlgneH, the American inuasion begins Nvnex is an enormous company. With total liabilities and stockholders’ equity in excess of $ 30 billion, they have the financial clout to start a large cable company in the UK.
And that is just what they have done. Now one of the three largest cable companies in England. Nynex nas been continually expanding their operations to cover about one fifth of the 2.5 million homes and 150.000 businesses covered by its 17 franchise areas so far.
They have been criticised, as have the cable companies, for digging up the roads, uprooting trees and so on, and they feel so strongly about it. They send out a brochure to anyone who asks explaining how they go about laying their cable, and dig by hand if the trench needs to be dug near trees. Nynex also offers a subscription service called commUNITY which entitles subscribers to unlimited, free, off-peak calls.
CATCH 22 However, before you rush off to join up, there is a catch, or rather a brace of catches. Firstly, commUNITY is only available as part of a package including pay TV channels like Sky Movies Plus, and secondly, it only applies to commUNITY subscribers with the same STD betwe -n 7pm and 7am. Still, even with these restrictions. Nynex say that over one million calls have been made through this service, and that number can only increase as Nynex improve their coverage.
Unfortunately, it still means that unless you have a POP with the same STD code as yourself, you're going to have to pay for your dial-ups to the Internet. Nynex's Gemisys 2000 project might see cheaper NYNEX Internet access rates, however, but Nynex were keeping their cards fairly close to their chest and would only reveal that Internet access was just one of the facets of their new project.
You can also rent a Premium service which includes Call Waiting, three Way Calling, Short Code Dialling, Reminder Call, Call Divert and Call Barring for £5.87 per month, or a subset of these facilities at a range of prices. You join the commUNITY automatically if you subscribe to both Nynex's telephone service and at least one Sky Movie channel or Sky Sports, or the Asian mini pay package. Nynex also offers a further 10 per cent discount to all calls made in the same month once a minimum of £30 worth of calls have been made in a month.
Numbers you want to use. Mercury gives you the choice between monthly and quarterly billing, splitting your payments into more palatable chunks, and you can also ask for two or three digit 'cost centre codes' which are separated on your phone bill, cutting out any arguments as to who made what call. Mercury also charges by the second, so there are added benefits from not having to time your calls to the minute.
Germang leads the (uag Deutsche Telekom offers ISDN2 installation at roughly £55, with rental rates at about the same as normal telephone services (for two phone lines, obviously). By the end of the year, DT plans to have 2.9 million ISDN channels in place as a first step towards broadband broadcast solutions.
15 minute call Peak OffPeak Weekend Local £55.52 £22.91 £22.91 | Up to 35 miles £88.2 £44.06 £41.07 National £121.61 £70.5 £41.07 15 minute call Peak * OffPeak Weekend Local £130.43 2114.56 £43.181 £43.181 Up to 35 milos £109.28 2103.99 £42.3 £42.3 National £123.30 116.33 £70.5 £37.93
• Annual rental: £11.75 (the charge for new users will go up to
£23.50 starting the 1 July to coincide with the new services.
Existing users can upgrade to the new service for £11.75).
• Installation: £25 (additional sockets are charged at £10 for
the same floor and £15 for different floors)
• Rental charge: £10 per month ENERGIS Energis is a company most
residentia telephone users won’t have heard o yet.
Concentrating mainly on the busi ness community at the moment
Energis is a company wholly owned the National Grid Company
pic, whicf is. In turn, controlled by the 12 regiona
electricity companies of England anc Wales.
Rather than using underground cable trenches. Energis has taken advantage of their 7000km of overhead powei lines to carry the communicatione cables as well. In central London where there are obviously no pylons Energis is using London Underground's tunnels rather than digging up congested roads.
Energis' telephone network is one o the most advanced in Europe and is the first in the world to be based or Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) This Could be the first step towards The Energis control centre broadband broadcasting over a telecommunications network in this country. Energis provides business users with comprehensive telecoms management reports every month which detail not only calls made, bul also how fast your switchboard answered incoming calls and when the busiest penods of the day are for telephone use in your company. The total amount of information generated by these
reports covers three A4 pages.
Energis told me that although they have the ideal sales outlet for telephone service in the regional electricity show- rocms. They weren’t planning on jumping straight in feet first. They also had no firm plans regarding Internet provision, either for business customers or residential.
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......£69!95 Megalosound Sampler ....£23.S5 Music X 2 New Lower Price £49.95 Pro Midi Interface .£19.95 Technosound Turbo 2 ....£25.95 Final Ccpy 2 ...£47.95 Final Writer 3 £69.95 Mini Office .£37.95 Pen Pal ....£29.00 Pagestream3 ......£174.95 Wordworth 31SE .£44.95 Wordworth 3.1 ...£79.95 Video & Multimedia Amiga CD Roms Wp & Dtp he ‘net is ‘In.’ Everyone is doing it. Talking about it and writing about it. To the alarm of the boffins who class themselves as the
founders of Cyberspace, it is becoming more and more accessible to the average person on the street. And now, a new trend is catching on from the major cities to country towns, a trend that takes the usually solo pastime of computing and turns it into a sociable experience.
‘CyberBars’ or 'Cybercafes’ as they're known, provide Internet access for those without the necessary facilities or for those who want to turn surfing the 'net into a social event. Help is at hand for the newbies. And the experts can chat away about the best sites to peruse.
We take a look at a couple of options available which, although they share the same concept, are as different as chalk and cheese.
The latest way to enjoy the Internet is at one of the new TyberBars where you ran surf the Ujeb ouer a fappurcino.
Tina Harhett meets the rate society of the future Surf in the ritq Dry 201, Manchester Situated in Manchester’s busy city centre is the Dry 201. A thriving night-spot frequented by the young and fashionable, only the trendi- est lagers are on tap and loud pop music blares out from the speakers.
It’s the city's first CyberBar and behind the project is Granada TV presenter Anthony H Wilson, whose other ventures include Factory Records and the Hacienda nightclub, and Company Production Manager, John Drape- Wilson explains the inspiration behind it: “We were looking at multimedia development in Manchester and pondering what we could do with it. We explored a few ideas with Amidst tho hubbub ol Manchester Ilia you can find Dry 201, where you can pop in for a boor and a surf In CyborSpaco each which provides a greater opportunity interact with the other customers. They gone for a
deliberate contrast to Cyberia have approached it, where have the computers in a line with a chair each, which Drape and Wilson believe is formal, There are no books on how to a CyberBar. We've done it the way we is right’ concedes Drape. Although music is heard in the background and then is a distinctly relaxed atmosphere, The Peak Art CyberCafe is the brainchik of proprietors. John Scott and Eleanoi Chronnell and technical adviser. Damial Lewis. Only seven weeks into its opening it's already popular with the local populate and with those sight-seeing through tN picturesque town.
New Mills may seem like quite a strang choice for a CyberCafe but as Lewis is kea to point out: There are a large group of peo pie who work from home so it’s handy fa them, and you’ll find there are quite a lot technology-minded people who live her the Hacienda and then saw what they were doing with Cybena in London. We realised it would be perfect for Dry Bar."
“Dry Bar has never had pinball machines, fruit machines or computer games,’ Drape adds “It’s a great addition and in keeping with the bar's ethics."
They liken it to providing newspapers in bars. “It's today' offers Wilson, “It’s about enthusiasm and that is exactly what life is about.” Looking around the bar, any preconceived ideas of the Internet and the anorak are soon dispelled. “It's a much more open culture than we think and there is a good cross-section of interests’ confirms Drape. “It’s a social experience and we've tried to make the CyberBar element blend with the rest of it."
This also goes some way to explaining why the computer area is designed like it is. There is plenty of room around the machines and although there are only two Pcs at the moment, three chairs are available around Situated in the beautiful Derbyshire countryside is the sleepy town of New Mills.
Hardly renowned as a centre of new technology. It’s surprisingly forward thinking as far as the Internet goes. Walking along the main street, you come across the Peak Art CyberCaf6, and those unfamiliar with the trend would be forgiven for thinking this was simply a rather cosy-looking coffee shop. But take a closer look and you'll see that there’s more than just scones and jam on the menu. The Peak Art CyberCafd, although not that far from the Dry Bar geographically, is a million miles away in culture.
Towards the back of the cafe, you’ll find two computers all connected to the ‘net, and for a nominal fee you can surf away to your heart's content. Alternatively, those unaccustomed with the technology can enrol for a course of tuition. Brazilian [are Peah practise The Peak Art CyberCafe, New Mills in [ijberspacB CyfcerBar section (incidentally called Wet bar
- a cross between Web and Net!) Has only Mn open six weeks, it's
already proving very rcpular. Drape continues: “It started off
fairly fiOwty at first as there was some phobia sur- nxxxSng
rt. but now we're very busy - there
• ve even queues on Friday." And what do all
* ~ese people do on the net? "Well it's Manchester, so football
is very popular, •ootball and Music."
PREVALENT For those with more serious purposes in mind, studying via the ‘net is also a prevalent
- se staff are on hand to provide help and advice. "We've been
fairly laid back about how
• f train the bar staff. We've not sat them aown and said do that
this way. We've let explore for themselves because a lot is
jeif-teaching. We will base our training lessrons like this
Despite the Net becoming a much more rtunity to ley have to how sre they i chair at ve is too V tO bUild;.
We think
• ugh the It's a social w«(9 and uue'ue tried to make the 6 . ’ 1
«i glamorous pastime, it still attracts only a small number of
women, but with the introduction of CyberBars it looks likely
that far more women will become interested. Drape explains
their policy: “It’s difficult. Cyberia have been holding
Women-only classes but that's just 'right-on' feminism. I don’t
think this will encourage women - it's patronising. Likewise
we wouldn’t charge £2.50 for a lad and £2 for a girl. You have
to be sensitive on how you do this."
Inevitably, with all the hype surrounding The lively atmosphere of Dry 201 - the CyberBar element it in keeping with the bar s ethics cyberspace there is also a lot of speculation over its future. Wilson sees the Internet as being the new mail order: “People won't be downloading music. They'll be listening to a CD, decide they want it, order it and it'll arrive the next morning. That will be the revolution.” As to the future of CyberBars. Drape hopes to see more of them: “There's a generation who have missed out on the computer. Information Technology is a key thing and this generation
must be encouraged to pick it up quickly - hopefully through bars like this.” maneq matters Cruising the net at Dry Bar will cost you £2.50 per half hour, while Peak Art has three different price bands. Prices vary from £3 for the first ten minutes and 14 pence thereafter, with the concessionary rate of 10 pence for unwaged adults, OAPs, students, minors and small business owners in the first six months of trading. But corporate customers can expect to pay £5 for the first 10 minutes and 25 pence per minute thereafter.
And work in Stoke. Sheffield and Manchester. You get lots of scientists, architects and students. We also believe that people in cities already have computers and are bored with the technology."
As well as the CyberCate side, it also offers a showcase for local artists. A variety
* paintings cover the walls for customers to cuy, but a much
wider audience is hoped to reached via the Internet.
Chronnell. Scott and Lewis hope to set up a Virtual Gallery where potential buyers can axe a look at their ’gallery’, browse the work Oft screen and hopefully then buy. “We’re going for a more intema-
* -K?nal angle." States Chronnell. "The English artists Son’t get
much 'overage abroad and hopefully this
• •II help to change things." Through WebSpace they plan to have
a 3D. Walk-in gallery where the buyer can see everything in 3D
in a more realistic fashion.
And there brainchild I Eleanor ", Damian ; opening, population rough the a strange vis is keen
• up of peo- handy for lite a lot d live here Lewis is eager to
stress the advantages of coming to a CyberCafe: "It's very much
a social thing at the moment. We're getting a wide range of
people in, from the schooi kids to the academics. We see it as
taking the local community out into the global community."
They have also set up links with the local schools.
Ox Apart from popping in to browse such popular sights as the X-Files. Nirvana and Pulp Fiction, customers can ask for advice on buying equipment, getting connected and general system tips. They can also purchase equipment at a discount. Other facilities on offer are the use of business tools graphics, games and Fax.
New Mills is a popular tourist spot and as the tourist season hots up, sightseers will not be looking in the local A-Z for information, but on the computer, and Peak Art will provide the facilities for them to do this.
As most trends tend to disappear as quickly as they have appeared some may be sceptical about the future of a CyberCafe. But Lewis has a positive outlook: "They may be a fad now, but they will survive on their own merits. It’s our hope to have ten machines on site and a server for the high peak district to give locals more Internet access."
“It’s also our ambition to sell art worldwide on the ‘net and become the biggest art exhibitor in the world!" Chronnell concludes.
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could still do with some improvement Add to that another new option whichl enables you to assign your preferred] saver to the F10 key and you have a bination of new features which enhance the program's graphic mance, irrespective of the Cybergraphic support.
A good example of this is the assign the F10 option in conjunction an RTG board to produce a near 24-bit hotkey preview of your project.
On the paint application front the news keeps coming with the arrival new trans grad feature which into graduated transparencies. As a you’re free to apply paint using a cross-fades such as top to bottom, 34 Ualue added art With the massive array of features and new add-ons to the package. Almathera could quite easily quadruple the price of Photogenics and still have a strong case for a value for money award. Needless to say. That’s not the case. As a result. I feel the company deserves a spine-snapping slap on the back for their approach to Mr Mrs Average and the part both parties will need
to play in reviving the long-suffering Amiga market.
Not only can you get the complete package for less than £60. But any existing users can upgrade for a paltry £15.
All you have to do is return your existing manual * and you’ll receive Photogenics1.2 plus a much improved 150-page replacement manual.
In a world of shameless profiteering and software piracy, this is a major show of good faith for the Amiga community. I only hope Almathera's trust is justified. In other words, anyone who pirates this software deserves a slow and lingering death!
Mfttfi a massive arsenal of 99 assorted paint and image pretesting mode*, there's no compromise when It comes to creating power ince the initial launch of Almathera's artistic masterpiece, there's already been one revision to Photogenics with the release of version
1. 1. However. I think even its authors will agree this update
was more or less a fine tuning exercise.
Now, Almathera have hit the update trail once more, but this time we re talking about a major revision, rather than just minor tinkering. On the face of it there's little obvious change, but when you explore the mechanics of the software there are a whole host of improvements.
On the display front there are two major enhancements, the first being the arrival of true 24-bit painting via the new Cybergraphics retargetable graphics standard. As you'd expect, this only applies to people with RTG boards such as the Picasso II. Domino, GVP’s Spectrum, Retina Z3, Picolo and CyberVision64.
However, the problem is that I can't confirm the program's new found 24-bit performance because the necessary Cyber Targeting graphics drivers aren't commercially available as yet, although they should be shipping from Almathera by the time you read this article.
As you may know, there is a limited shareware version of the CyberGraphics system already available, but alas this doesn't support the higher resolutions that many RTG owners will demand from their systems. However, for the vast majority, a far more important graphics improvement is the arrival of a dithered 256 colour mode which will offer huge appeal to both AGA and RTG owners alike.
END RESULTS Admittedly, the aforementioned dithering is a relatively simply ordered variety, but nevertheless, the end result offers a massive advance on its predecessor, and indeed the existing Ham8 alternative.
Thanks to the dithering there’s no unpleasant, and sometimes misleading, fringing or stepping within gradients. And unlike the Ham8 preview option, the image is razor sharp, thereby providing a much more accurate impression of the 24- bit data it portrays.
Another big plus on the display department is an addition to the puii-downs which initiates system redraw routines, which when used in conjunction with an RTG offers a big improvement on the program’s already impressive screen update.
DropShadow Soft-edged drop shadow, a familiar commercial favourite knocked up in a couple of minutes ’Xjht. Density-filled rectangles and so on.
Better still the effect can be applied either the entire image or via any one of the existing fill tools, such as circles, ellipses, rectangular shapes and so on.
However, and perhaps best of all, the new feature adopts Photogenics' unique ability to apply effects or brush strokes as an image processing function. As a result, can use any one of the huge number of IP options to affect the image.
Therefore, if an IP effect is selected the gradient will produce a smooth cross fade
* 'om the existing image to that of the chosen IP option -
negative, pixelised, false cotour or whatever... Back to basics
For anyone unfamiliar with Photogenics all this talk of
user-programmable image pro* ieis«ng options, painting modes,
and transparency gradients may well be a tad confus- ng
Basically, it all boils down to the way in which Photogenics
actually works at a sys- vn level. Unlike every other Amiga
paint package. Photogenics does not perceive any ye'ence
between paint in the traditional sense and image processing
As a result, it’s just as easy to spray on a negative, pixelise or colourise as it is to apply normal paint. The same applies to all the painting tools. For example, a filled rectangle drawn onto an image in BasRelief will produce a weird negative effect applied specifically lo the selected area.
Another massively appealing aspect of the Photogenics' approach is that even though a tool has been applied, the actual style of effect or paint applied isn't necessarily a permanent feature. For example, you can spray on any effect you want and then click on all the available modes in turn, at which point the brush strokes will automatically update the mage with the new effect. And of course, if you’re unhappy with the strokes themselves, rou're still free to undo the entire thing and start from scratch.
True colour r In addition, you can also use the feature with effects like Rub-thru to produce a c-asic alpha fade between the primary and which I
• ferred a com- really I perfor- new Rni) questions Paul Hustin
ouersees the euolution uf Hlmathera'5 ground-freaking paint and
image processing sgstem secondary images. Aside from extra
pulldown options, the toolbar also boasts a new arrival in
the form of the Warper. In addition to offering the fairly self
explanatory ability to deform, or more accurately stretch,
pinch or bulge the image, you're also given the chance to
Like all other toolbar options, and indeed the vast majority of painting modes, a separate control requester is available for fine tuning and combining the warping options. As you can see. The end results are pretty impressive. Another major addition is the long-awaited arrival of a visual cropping system. In previous releases, the lack of an interactive ADPro-style crop option was a major omission. Fortunately, this has now been resolved with a fully WYSIWYG adjustable box and an associated numerical requester - which of course allows user input if absolute precision is necessary.
Aside from the obvious improvements on the paint and image processing front, the new release also boasts an impressive collection of new loaders and savers, notables including Tiff. PCX, Ham6.
Retina and ProGrab.
The Final analysis At the risk of being predictable.
Photogenics 1.2 is in general a stunning update to a package widely acclaimed as the ultimate combination of price and performance when it comes to Amiga art.
If you don’t necessarily want animation it stands head and shoulders above any other Amiga painting environment. The only exception being the awesome TVPaint 3.0. which works out roughly 13 times more expensive than Almathera s latest creation.
Given the overall price to performance ratio, any complaint inevitably smacks of nit-picking - however, there's still the odd point that needs some attention.
1 tO I vith of to Perhaps the. Most obvious idiosyncrasy of 1.2 relates to a rather curious aspect problem when running on a none Cybergraphic Picasso screen. Unfortunately, whenever a new image is loaded its preview almost inevitably defaults to double its actual height.
Obviously, the solution is to simply manually resize the image to roughly the correct aspect. However. I must admit it is annoying and, worst still, whenever you nide and then re-show the image it defaults back to the wrong aspect once more.
J The only other element I feel still needs some attention is the program's font handling. It's true that the new
• ound support for CompuGraphic fonts does offer a big mprovement
over the bitmap-only approach seen In previous versions.
However, the actual quality of the rendered text is still poor,
regardless of the type of font used to create it. Unless you’re
willing to go through a fairly lengthy scaling procedure, the
jaggies created on most fonts render them unusable for projects
that demand a quality look.
The only solution is to generate text roughly four times larger than you actually require and then apply smooth scaling to produce an anti-aliased string of text of the appropriate size. Obviously creating strings of text in 300 or 400 point, and scaling as required, does take time, and worst still could stretch the available RAM on smaller systems.
9 8 As you can see. Reasonable results are possible, but it does seem a shame that this otherwise faultless package can’t easily produce the text quality that most people consider a pre-requisrte for commercial paint packages.
The bottom line Product: Photogenics 1.2 Supplier Almathera Ltd Tel: 0181-667 0040 Price: £59.95 Ease of use Implementation.
Value for money Overall_ .10 10 Amiga Computing DOUBLER 4000 - 50MHz EMPLANT e566DXsm Emulation Module The new E5860X emulation module offers a high speed 586DX (FPU. Mmu, and new instruction set) emulatKXi with complete low-level architecture support, giving you the ability to run DOS. OS 2, NT, Window? 3x, and even Chicago! There is support for MDA, CGA, EGA, VGA, SVGA video modes (dependant on hardware, AGA or a supported graphics card is required for VGA SVGA) , sound, joysticks, floppy drives, hard drives, extended memory, and more! Requires PC BIOS, not supplied.
Emerson deliver tn« fastest 68040 accelerator ever tor the Arn a 4000 040 writing a new tyftahttvevgh (n price and performance The new Doubler 4000 50 MM; 68040 accelerator do livers across-me-board speed increases hjr 8n applications and sysem functtxis. Translating into a sign*** productivity gaei This powerful ‘pkig and play' accelerator is 100% hardware and software compatible, since it still uses a Motorola 68040 processor II otters an affordable upgrade that makes sense, requiring no specw soriwa'e Fot a moderate pnee. Users gel twice the processing power, yet retain 100s. Ol their Amiga
investment Mo software upgrading, reconfiguration Of irccmoatCilitMS The Doubler 40oo accelerator is an easy-to-install daughter Doard mat simply replaces the 25 Mhz 68040 CPU socket on the Commodore Arrvga 3640 Coaid Anyone who can install a SIMM can install tho Doutter 4000 Customers are Suppled w.lh phoio-Aistrated installation instructions plus the necessary exit action tool to perform the nstaUaton Simply putting a faster processor into an Amiga does not help much unless lh(i system can Supply onoogh data to Keep 1 busy That is why the Motorola 68040 contans a large orvctvp cacho Th s
cache Irees too Doubler 4030 lo work semi independently of toe Amiga memory subsystem In lad. 85% O' the lime the cachn Obtains the data and mictions necessary (or the Doubter 4000 10 operate at tin speed The Douwer 4000 mdudos an on-cfup math co processor, and will dramatically speed up any application - such os rendering • that depends on calculations It is completely reliable and system sale. An integral cooling system ensures that the Double' 4000 runs cooler and more reliably at 50 MM* than the original processor Macintosh® Emulation Module The Macintosh emulation module is a 'generic'
Macintosh With the speed of the emulation depending on the processor your Amiga is using. An A3000 is equivalent to a MAC llci. An A4000 is equivalent to a Ouadra 900 Support for up to 16 colours is providod for non-AGA machines A4000 owners can use a full 256 colours! Up to 24 bif (16 million*) colours is supported using third party video boards. Built in multiple tile transfer allows for quick and easy transfers between the Amiga and MAC emulation Support for AmigaDOS devices. Scanners. CD ROM. MIDI. SyQuest removable drives. Pnnters. Modems etc. Full stereo sound is supported too1 Requires
Macintosh ROMs (not supplied).
The possibilities with a muiti-platform machine are endless Now you can take advantage ot a whole host of great software previously unavailable, and use them to compliment each other By upgrading your Amiga (extra memory, faster processor, etc) you instantly upgrade your emulation too! All maior graphics cards are supported tor improved video pertormance such as: CyberGraphics.
Picasso ii, EGS-Spectrum, Viwd-24, Rainbow II. Rainbow ill, Visiona Paint. Merlin, Retina, Retina Z3. Piccolo.
PICCOIOSD64, EGS110 24, and QpalVision' Biittorsoft are the exclusive Europoan distributors tor Utilities Unlimited, providing full technical support upgrade warranty services All emulations require a 68020 or better.
RELATIVE PERFORMANCE ( Syslnfo V3.15 Denchmarks ) DHRYSTONES A4000'40 17.973 DOUBLER 4QQ0 CPU MIPS A4000'40 18 76 DOUBLER 4000 DISK MBYTES'SEC - A400Q40 1.40 DOUBLER 4000
36. 126 37 72 DOUBLER 4000 50MHz ACCELERATOR £399.95 ARIADNE OS
3.1 Ever wanted to set up a network but been afraid of the
complexity involved7 Now there is a simple but effective
solution for any Zorro based Amiga. In addition. Ariadne has
two extra parallel ports and includes Commodores industry
standard software solution ENVOY.
Ariadne offers i06ase-2 (Thin ethernet, coax cable) and iQBase-T (Twisted pair, western jacket). Socket for a boot ROM. SANA-II compatible driver for ethernet and parallel port. 32Kb cache to support the CPU and full manuals.
You can hook up additional Amiga s to the parallel ports with Liana AMIGA OS 3.1 All packs contain the appropriate ROM(s). Workbench
3. 1 disks, three manuals and detailed fitting instructions •).
ARIADNE £219.95 LIANA Liana is the ideal solution for a quick, easy yet eflioent connection between two Amiga s. SimpJy plug the special cable into the parallel port, install the software and you are ready to go Now you can share hard drives etc without on a small budget The software supplied is ENVOY.
Much of the latest software requires the latest operating system Now you can upgrade to KickStart 3.1 for virtually any Amiga Non-AGA machines can deliver a 256 colour Workbench with OS3.1 and Picasso II.
EMPLANT BASIC EMPLANT OPTION A (AppleTalk ports) EMPLANT OPTION B (SCSI) EMPLANT DELUXE ‘586DX« MODULE £239.95 £289.95 £269.95 £299.95 £ 99.95
053. 1 FOR AMIGA 500 OR 2000
053. 1 FOR AMIGA 600.1200, 3000 OR 4000 £89.95 £99.95 LIANA
FOR £10.OR PICASSO II PICASSO II is the leading graphics
card on the Amiga It Offers unrtvafled support and
retargetabte graphics on any Zorro based Amiga Workbench
emulation offers 256 colours, oven on non-AGA machines
(Requires 0S3.1) at resolutions up to 1600x1280. Supports
HiColour (16 bit) and True Colour (24 bit) graphics -16
million colours!
MULTIMEDIA PICASSO Buttersoft Introducing a brand new package, offering stunning value for money' This all new package comprises of: The PICASSO ll graphics card, full 2Mb version.
Unmatched comptibility and support!
The PABLO VIDEO ENCODER, fits neatly on the Picasso II board and offers fantastic quality TVPaint Junior, a great entry level 24-bri package Cinema 4D VI.5. superb rendering package This total solution allows you to release your creativity in stunning 24-bit quality. No other package offers so much value and performance.
6 Drakes Mews, Crownhill, Milton Keynes. MK8 OER. UK.
There is no longer a Chip RAM limitation and screen configuration is provided through PicassoMode. Which allows the creation of custom screens quickly and simply PABLO «s the new Video Encoder option tor Picasso II.
Expanding it with two additional video ports, one standard Composite Sync Signal. And one S-VHS (Y-C) compatible port aii pal compatible video devices can be plugged into Pablo, such as a colour TV or a video recorder. Pablo has i5KHz overload protection and is supplied with cables adapters, Animation examples and a 24 bit animation player 01908 261466 01908 261477 01908 261488 01908 261499 Orders Only Technical (t oo pm - 4.00 pm) Fax BBS (24 Hour) Order by Accesan tsa-OeiuvSwitcn or Postal crdor Cheque.
Credit cards attract a 2.5% surcharge.
Prces and speciricabons may change without n 3Ke. All pneos ¦ndude VAT. It is advisable to telephone to oontem prong .•spocificason avattbility befcxe ordering E40E All trademarks acknowledged EUROPEAN CUSTOMER ORDERS WELCOME.
UkiEUROPEAN TRADE ENQUIRIES WELCOME e-mail piesurfOPctx oompullrtt.oo i* CompuServe 'GO523.2224 PICASSO II 2MB PABLO VIDEO ENCODER £299.95 £129.95 MULTIMEDIA PICASSO £399.85 ry J; peixls 1 more ) non way scroll-bars look and how much space should be inserted between the lines of a list view, and much, much more.
So, let's take a quick look at just how cool MUI is with a short tutorial. We will be using a MUI program called Findlt for the examples, so make sure you have already extracted the program from our CoverDisk - you will find it in the MUI-Apps drawer. For details on extracting the program, see the CoverDisk pages in this month's issue. Findlt is a file finding program which helps you track down a file's location quickly.
Of course, you will also need to have MUI actually installed on your Amiga, so if you didn't buy a copy of the July issue (why not?)
See the back issues page for details on how to order. If you did buy the July issue then you're probably using MUI right now and know just how good it is. If you haven’t already installed it. Do it now - you don’t know what you're missing.
By the way, something which wasn't mentioned about MUI in the July disk pages is that there are a few MUI presets already set itmg uaily )lour ¦A
9. 95
9. 95 raphical user interfaces (GUIs), cycle gadgets, radio
buttons, pop-up menus. These are just a few of the
* ochie terms which exist in every Amiga programmer's vocabulary.
Together they descnbe the many graphical objects which are the backbone behind the 'wson why Workbench and nearly all Amiga applications look the way they do.
Even as a beginner, most Amiga owners toon find themselves working with menus,
• inflows, buttons and other exotic screen elements which make
navigating your way fhfOugh programs so easy and intuitive. In
tne dark days of computing, nearly all com- p-Jters had you
typing in cryptic and difficult to remember commands in order
to find your way around.
Some of you may well remember the days
* t*n a menu used to be a numbered list displayed on screen
from which you pressed the appropriate number key to choose the
• em. Don’t get me wrong, command entry at the keyboard is still
an important and powerful method of communicating with your
Amiga, that's why even the latest Workbench versions still
contain the good old command
* ne interface (CLI) utility.
EASY LIFE But for sheer visual elegance, ease of use and general friendliness, life would be unbearable without GUIs. However, a problem exists in that many of the tools used in creating GUIs for the Amiga are very inflexible and use built-in fonts and static window sizes which cannot adapt to the higher resolutions attainable nowadays.
MUI solves these shortcomings by providing tools and libraries which give the Amiga programmer a highly versatile and resolution- independent graphic interface system. The really neat thing about MUI applications, however, is that the user of the application can change the look and feel of the application's GUI to suit their personal preferences as well as their screen modes.
These changes are made using the MUI Prefs utility which lets you change practically every graphic element that comprises a GUI.
Don't worry though, there are no programming skills required, just simple selections and alterations. For example, you can Choose which fonts are to be used, you can alter the thickness of borders, change the For all you programmer types out their who are keen to produce your own MUI programs, you will be glad to hear that MUIBuilder is available.
MUIBuilder is a tool for creating user interfaces It's very easy to use and very powerful, and can produce source code for many popular programming languages such as C and Modula 2.
MUIBuilder is one tool all budding MUI coders shouldn't be without. It’s available from all good PD libraries who stock the Aminet CD-ROMs or, if you have access to the Internet, you can find MUIBuilder and many more MUI related programs and files on the ftp site at ftp: src.doc.ic.ac.uk aminet. Building blach Ijlagit User Interface brings a much needed facelift tn dmiga applications. Oarren fuans chechs out some of the features of this great program uihich mas giuen amag free tuith the June issue of dmiga fomputing up and available from the MUI Prefs menu bar. Simply choose
Presets from the Edit menu and select any of the three choices waiting for you there. The two XEN presets are particularly good.
Changing the way your MUI programs look and feel is done via the MUI Prefs editor, which you should find in the drawer created when you installed MUI, and there are two ways to make changes - globally or application specific.
Any changes made globally will be apparent in all MUI applications executed after the changes are saved. Application specific means that any changes made will only be apparent in the chosen application. Choosing between global or application specific change modes is done via a pop-up menu located at the top of the MUI Prefs screen, which defaults to global mode. To choose a specific magic Amiga Computing SOFTWARE
- Hi application, simply click on the magnifying glass to the
right of the application display box and a pop-up list will
appear showing the names of any MUI programs which have been
detected, MUI automatically keeps track of previously loaded
MUI programs and adds them to this list. Clever or what?
So, armed with the knowledge that you can make global changes and application specific changes, you can start to customise your MUI setups.
You will notice that just below the MUI application pop-up bar is a row of six tabs.
These are the various menus which contain all the different aspects of MUI interfaces you can edit. The first of these. Fonts, allows you to choose which fonts are to be used for such things as lists, title bars and other text objects within MUI interfaces.
Frames is particularly good as it allows you to change the way buttons and text boxes are displayed Here you can give buttons and text fields a smart 3D look.
Lists are boxes which have those dinky slider bars and buttons that allow you to merrily scroll your way around the list contents. Here, you can change such things as the amount of space between list items, whether the list contents scroll pixel by pixel in an ultra smooth manner, or whether they scroll a character at a time, which looks more jerky. You can also change the position of the slider buttons, among other things.
The Images menu allows you to change many things including the way scroll arrows, radio buttons and slider knobs look.
In fact, a MUI programmer doesn't specify any image data regarding how such objects should look, he simply says, ‘this is a slider button so show whatever image is assigned "3J | I »"» I lot I 3 urv+a fvl • I il ms* ja '**' ¦ -I r rvdtft I CrsOMwt ? I C YOB "Or J toMhjnen j_| cmaiwiiti O!
C*o» 3 AITO**lHB H AITVaftlMnib ?
A [y] AmjwtBwinlO All | tyK'l | Quilt * I Sr.i I 1 U»t 1 I 1»« I I Cmcft | a gmtnmgmgmgmggm t n j voIjmo) »na i«vt i pvnftn fvH | »mm | IM | m*n | ftn [ Mn | rs [aunj] acne :3PC® 3TA * tst j |fcT~ ssjsr to this slider button here please,' It is then your choice as to what image is used for the slider.
Changing buttons and slidors is easy.
Mara, tha scrollbar and eye la gadgats ara gatting a makaovar Other cool changes can be made such as having an image as the backdrop for the background colour of a pop-up menu or list. I currently have my pop-up menus appear with a dark marble texture image which is much better than a boring white background.
COLOURFUL The Pens menu specifies what colours are used when drawing user interfaces. For instance, you will probably agree that the default MUI 'look' is almost of a brushed metal design. This is because the pen colours are specially designed to give this effect. You could, for example, change the colours to give a more gold metal look to the interface by using various yellows and light browns. A little experimentation is needed but you soon get the hang of it, and the changes can be quite dramatic.
System lets you change such things as how the Amiga re-draws the user interface in the event of, say, re-sizing a window, allows you to specify what public screen to use. And also what keys to assign to keyboard shortcuts for user interface commands.
Remember, any changes made in these menus does not take effect until you either save the changes or click on the Test button. Saving the changes immediately quits MUI Prefs, saving all information to a configuration file.
If you just want to test how the changes will affect the user interface without making them permanent, you can click on the Test button. This will immediately re-draw all MUI user interfaces which happen to be active at the time (including MUI Prefs interface) if in global mode.
If you are changing only a specific application, the application should be memory resident at the time or you will get the message Application (whatever) is not running.’ If, however, the relevant program is running, its interface will be brought to the front of any obscuring windows with the updated changes temporarily in effect. If you like what you see. You must then click on Save to make the changes permanent.
You will probably use the test button quite often to fine tune your changes until you get them just how you want them.
So let’s see how easy it is to tailor the way your MUI programs will look. It's all very painless and you don’t need to be a techie. You will need to run the Findlt program first and then run the MUI Prefs program. Once both are up and running.
Sr Hl.v. 1 Zee Urn £2.. w S- uaa BlitzBlanker - this brilliant screen blanking utility is packed to the gills with features and has 40 screen saver modules. All modules are configurable and most of them are fully compatible with many of the most popular graphics cards.
ReKeylt - do you want to change those standard keyboard shortcuts for the Workbench menus to your own personal preference? Well ReKeylt allows you to do just that MUI*Menu - when you have lots of programs you regularly run on your hard disk, it can be a pain to have to search out the executable icon and run it. Sure, you can leave out the icon on the Workbench, but things can get a little cluttered on systems without the benefit of high resolution monitors.
MUI-Menu solves the problem by allowing you to create a list of your favourite programs which are assigned to a button. Each button is also given a keyboard shortcut so you can run them by simply pressing a key.
Ro - want a file manager program to keep your files and directories in order? Ro may just be what you're looking for. Similar in design to Directory Opus, but with the much more efficient and versatile MUI interface system.
BackMan - as a hard drive owner, you probably already own a disk backup utility. BackMan is a feature-packed MUI version which Will help keep your hard disk and its contents safe and sound.
There are some great MUI programs available now. With more and more appearing all the time - here are just a few of them. We also included some MUI programs along with MUI itself on the July CoverDisks, so if you missed out check the back issues page.
I programs Amiga Computing entation ii Mpositoon or re-size the windows so you ng of it, art cur see both clearly, tic. You can see, the Findlt window con- h things ai ***' of a list on the left showing all the er mterfaa •*«ees and volume names. Three cycle a window **nu buttons allow you to define the h parameters and a single button assign ta r*r*ed Hunt activates the search. All these interface are drawn by MUI and, unlike stan- Amiga GUIs, they are totally resolution dependent, ie in thesi you eithe b Test but iately quits ation to e e changet But makinj in the Tes e-draw al pen to bi dUI
• cific appli- e memory t the mes- not run- irogram is ight to
the with the i effect. If then click ermanent.
Itton quite until you To see this, re-size the window so it eom- files the screen. You will now see it MUI recalculates all the buttons' and ts positions so they fit to the screen. This great news for everyone as you can arrange your user interfaces to take
• Vantage of high resolutions.
MAGNIFICATION Re-Size it back to normal so you can see MUI Prefs window and let's do some- r*n9 about the rather drab colour of the Fnflt window background. First of all, let's sure we only make this change affect
• ta Findlt program. At the top of the MUI window, click on the
magnifying glass eon to bring up a list of currently recog- MUI
programs. From this list, select FwxJIt by double-clicking on
it. Now. Any etianges made with MUI Prefs will only show up in
the Findlt user interface.
We will use an image from the Findlt window background and to do this we need to go to the Images menu. Click on the tab marked Images and you should now see Wm various controls for the Image menu.
Move the mouse pointer to the scroll bar on f* left and drag it down until you find the fr'rtry BG Window'. This entry shows what the currently assigned image is for the Fvxlit window background. Select this entry tailor the
k. It's all d to be a :indlt proofs prorunning Program change
This ability to change the look and feel of Amiga applications
requires that the application uses the MUI libraries. There
will be no changes whatsoever to standard Amiga programs.
There are hundreds of MUI programs available with more and more appearing every day. Such is the popularity of MUI. In fact, you will find a comprehensive list of MUI-spedfic applications as a text file on this month's CoverDisk in the MUI_Apps drawer cleverly titled MulProgList, which was compiled by our very own Ben Vost from the Aminet index file. Simply load it into your favourite text editor browser or print it out.
If you are looking for the latest MUI applications, Aminet is probably the best place to look. Those of you with a modem and access to the Internet can check out the Aminet FTP site at address ftp: src.dOC.ic.ac.uk aminet. If you don't own a modem, you can get hold of the latest Aminet CD-ROMs available from most good PD libraries.
By clicking on it with the mouse. Now we have the entry selected for change, we need to choose a colour from the Raster selection under the cycle gadget. Find a colour you like and double-click on it. You should see that the BG Window entry in the other list window has changed to your selection.
To test how this looks in the Findlt window, click on the Test button and the colour will be assigned and displayed. If it doesn't look right, simply choose another colour and click on Test again. When you find one you like, you will have to click on the Save button to make it permanent but remember, do all your other changes first because clicking on save will also quit MUI Prefs.
Things are even better for owners of Workbench 3.0 or above. With the Tooltypes feature in version 3.0, it’s possible to use actual pictures for backgrounds You could then draw your own back* grounds and use those instead of merely changing the colour.
Well, that's the background taken care of. Let's see what else we can do to spruce up the Findlt interface. Those cycle gadgets to the right of the Name, Date and Size buttons could do with a makeover.
As mentioned earlier, MUI programmers don't specify how gadgets will look, they simply give information on where and what type of gadget should be at a particular position in the interface. The image for the gadget can be changed by the user.
While we are still in the Images menu, move the mouse to the scrollbar for the right list view and move it all the way to the top. You are looking for the current image for cycle gadgets, which is appropriately titled Cycle. Highlight the entry and you will find that the list view on the right will change to show which image is currently active. You should also notice that the cycle gadget above the right-hand list view has also changed to Brush.
ENTRY FORMAT All the entries in the window are in standard ILBM brush format which means you can create your own with an art program.
As you scroll through the right-hand list view, you will also notice that some entries are printed in white text and have a small triangle to the left of them. These signify brush groups and clicking on the triangle will open up the group and display the various brushes within it.
Let's change the current cycle gadget brush to a better one. My favourite collection of brushes is found in the WD_New_11pt group. Move the scroll bar until you find this group and click on the triangle to open it, Locate the cycle gadget brush under this group and double-click it. You should see the cycle gadget brush in the left list view changes to the new one. Clicking on the Test button will allow you to see how this new brush looks in the Findlt window.
If it's not to your taste, you can browse through the other brush groups to familiarise yourself with the brushes currently on offer.
While you’re there, you can even change the way the scroll bar arrows look.
One thing to remember is that when you select a new brush to change in the left list view, the right list view will automatically change to display the group within which the currently assigned brush can be found, so you will have to constantly re-locate the group with the brushes you want to use every time you select one you want to change.
The MUI Prefs utility has many more features to make your MUI interfaces look ultra-cool, so experiment a little. Take a look at the MUI AmigaGuide file in your MUI drawer too. This has more detailed information on all the features available.
We will also be sure to keep track of the latest and greatest MUI programs and will put them on our CoverDisks when possible. T* y Amiga Computing ¦ • buying direct from the manufacturer means both low prices and a service second to none SMART UPS With this un-interrupUble power supply unit your system is totally protected from massive data loss duo to mams powor failure or voHage surges and r-p.vos If mains powor Is lost the SMART UPS 300 will automatically switch to standby power within miHisoconds enabling your system to continue unsttoctod Tho SMART UPS 300 has both LED and
audible alarm to Indicate that the mains has failed, alerting thy user to enable a shut down as required. Because many system failures are caused by mains fluctuation and not always mains failure theSMART UPS 300 also has EMI and RFI Aoise filters to deliver super clean power.
A An easy to handle Scanner featuring 105 mm scanning width & 400 dpi resolution enables you to scan graphics text into your Amiga 500 500* 600 1200 1500 2000 .
A Includes hard disk transfer to run under Workbench.
A Adjustable switches for brightness contrast levels.
A Gen Iscan gives you the Ability to scan images, text Of graphics & even offers 200 Dpi Dual Scan Mode.. a Scan Grey Software Included to convert half_ tone images to true Grey scales Includes editing, zoom & processing features.
A Save Images in suitable format for most leading packages Including PHOTON PAINT. | DELUXE PAINT, etc. a view window and position control panel A Powerful partner tor DTP that allows for cut A paste editing ot Images etc. MIDI MASTER PROFESSIONAL MIDI INTERFACE THE BEST SELLING MIDI INTERFACE FOR THE AMIGA I A Full specification Midi In. Midi Thru 1 and Three Midi out sockets.
Explore the data hidden on Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Security & Membership Cards etc. Simply swipe your card and read the contents Reads tracks 1.2 and 3 Plugs into your Amiga Joystick Port.
A Iqw price real time video frame grabber for the A500 Save images as Raw or IFF Mono digitizing at an affordable Goliath is a direct power supply replacement with a difference! Tf you have an Amiga with a large hardrlve. Extra memory, accelerator board or Indeed any powerful add-on then a standard Amiga power supply lust cannot cope. The Gotliath packs moro power than you can possibly need.
A Fan cooled a OrvOtt switch.
A Heavy duty case. A 13 Amp uk approved mains lead.
A Switch mode electronic system. A Direct plug-in replacement a Full 200 watt output a Also available for cd 32.
PROBLEM SYNCRO EXPRESS is a sophisticated hardware andsohware
package that works by directly controlling your second drive
as a slave device ignoring the Amiga's own disk drive
This way SYNCRO EXPRESS delivers power to backup programs.when other backup A The most powerful disk backup system ever eoneeived.
A Very simple to use requires no user interface a Powerful SYNCRO MODE' actually synchronises your drives to achieve oven greater backup power!
N i» illegal to make copwa, even for your own use. Of copyright material, without tho given permission of the copyright owner, or the licensee thereof.
5. 0 WARNING 1988 COPYRIGHT ACT ?ATEL By dealing direct with the
Save the entire program in memory to disk. The saved program will reload and run from the point where it was frozen. Perfect for backup & game save option.
Game trainer feature gives you the power to find cheats within any game.
Be sure we offer the latest products at the keenest Powerful monitor functions give you all the tools to freeze and hack the program in memory. Full 68020 assembler disassembler. Breakpoint & trace- single step commands Remember that ACTION REPLAY lets you view the program in it's frozen state- no other toolkit can offer this feature.
Our sales and technical staff will be pleased to advise you and we will deliver your order to your door within days.
ST4 2RS. ENGLAND GRAPHICS Il mageFX has been around for a while now. People have previously regarded it as a poor cousin to AdPro. It's added painting features too slow to be usable, it’s morphing package not really being up to scratch. Oh no, if it’s image processing you want, you'll need AdPro, Morph Plus and ProControl. And a 24-bit paint package. And a graphics card to take advantage of the paint package. And lots of cash.
»o Image is Maybe you really ought to look at ImageFX. It s really good, honest, and now that ASDG (now known as knicker elastic, or something Similar) have been lured by the bright lights of the PC, Mac and SGI worlds, it’s really the only alternative apart from the still flaky ImageMaster.
That's not to say it isn’t any good. I hardly ever use AdPro any more. ImageFX has certainly shot into the lead and no mistake.
Anybody who has been lucky enough to have been able to get their hands on a Cybervision graphics card, or has registered the CyberGraphics software for their graphics card, should be especially pleased now that ImageFX supports the new 15, 16 and 24-bit intuition screens created by Cybergraphics.
That's right, you can now have a high resolution 24-bit Workbench which ImageFX will take advantage of.
Since I currently only have the unregistered version of the Cybergraphics lllhat U5Q is HdPro now?
ImageFX might have taken over from AdPro as my image processing tool of choice, but there are still some things AdPro does better. One is cropping. With ImageFX you are limited to your preview screen, while AdPro puts the Crop Visual tool (and the scan tool and any other that requires high precision) on its own high resolution screen.
Even with the new Workbench preview modes in ImageFX. The resolution sometimes isn’t high enough to get the accuracy you require.
Another thing AdPro seems to be better at is scaling images, I’ve noticed that the quality of scaled images appears to be higher when run through AdPro’s tools rather than ImageFX's. It's only a small difference and I may be being picky, but if your image is to appear in print, that most unforgiving of media, then scaling accuracy is a must.
Software, I can only tell you about running ImageFX on a 640x480 16-bit screen, but even with these restrictions.
ImageFX runs like a track star.
Unfortunately, you still don't get the full benefit, because ImageFX only gives you a preview until you let go of the mouse and let it redraw the screen with the changes you’ve made.
This is still a vast improvement over the old 16 colour dithered preview and saves you from having to perform numerous undo and redo operations to get your operation right.
Still on the subject of graphics cards, versions of ImageFX prior to 2 were a bit of a pain because of the overlaid screen method ImageFX used. Version 2 added the ability to use ImageFX on a Workbench screen with a preview window in addition to the normal toolbar. This, of course, meant that if you wanted to get the best quality out of the preview you would have to run your Workbench in as many colours as possible - 16 or 256 for AG A or RTG machines.
Nova Design have taken the next logical step with v2.1 by adding the ability to open a public screen for ImageFX to use. Thereby freeing Workbench from having to run in an undesirable number of colours.
IFX now also supports more filetypes for loading and saving than AdPro - even with the Professional Conversion Pack - including some really obscure ones like FITS, and still supports GIF loading and saving, notwithstanding the Compuserve Unisys conflict over licensing fees. More importantly, ImageFX now comes with a much better batch processing tool, called AutoFX, allowing you to manipulate sequences of images to create animations in Mpeg or ANIM format.
ImageFX's manual is a vast improvement over the AdPro one too. It contains numer- I ous examples, illustrations and tutorials, I although the quality of the images does leave a little to be desired. Perhaps the next purchase Nova Design should make ought to be a better quality printer.
My only real concern is that, like most manuals these days, the ImageFX manual is a perfect bound beast - that's to say all its pages are glued on to a spine. This means you can't lay it out flat on its back without severely creasing the spine of this hefty tome. Bring back ring binders, I say.
TIME WASTING PaintFX is a really good way of wasting the best part of a day in ImageFX. You can spend literally hours testing a paint effect on your picture, using the invaluable undo function and just trying a different style.
Some of the effects can provide an excellent shortcut to producing abstract backdrops With no hint of their origins, with swirls of paint strokes, molecular chains, and hair playing a large role in the production of a wacky backdrop.
ImageFX 2 also adds a lightning facility, giving you the opportunity to artificially mood a peaceful night time scene with the addition Picture perfect The process by which the example image was reached may be of interest to readers, so here it is step by Step the operation which can be a plain colour, or the swap buffer. I chose to have the operation take place over the original sample image for added interest.
3. Once I had done this and saved the result. I loaded a second
picture by Tobias Richter and spent some minutes cutting a
brush of the lead spaceship from it to paste into our
composite picture. Instead of simply pasting it down. I used
ImageFX’s different brush modes to create a drop shadow for
the spaceship. This was done using the Colour mode with black
and a blend of 75 per cent- Once this was done to my satis
faction. I then pasted the ship down at a slight offset Amiga
Computing ijJED AUGUST 1995 GRAPHICS 'I- euerqthing Ben
‘Breughel’ Uast puts doiun his paintbrush and piths up his
mnuse 3
I. notwithj s conflid
* ortantly ch better FX. Allow- of images or ANIM A list of new
features in ImageFX 2.1 should include: lllhat’5 new?
Irovemen: is numer- tutorials.
Ge$ does s the next e ought to like most manual is say all its iis means k without his hefty JO RAM f wasting You can effect on Die undo ;nt style excellent ackdrops swirls of and hair :tion of a .7 .9 g facility, illy mood 3 addition Value for money.
Overall__ of a bloody great thunderbolt. All the new PaintFX tools, as well as some of the more familiar ones, use a previewing system to aiiow you to have at least a vague idea of wbat is going to happen to your image.
However, while the new operators with fwtr previews are very nice, it is hard work to have to create new lightning, lens flares and other effects inside a 64 x 40 pixel thumbnail.
Perhaps in future versions. Nova Design rrxght consider putting the tools directty onto the preview window.
With all these new tools and facilities, nduding the Amiga's only simple solution to creating Mpeg animations, ImageFX should win a lot of converts from the AdPro Morph Pius stable. It will take AdPro users a lot of rime getting used to the new interface
• Cybergraphics support for 15.16 and 24-bit preview screens.
• Improved Video Toaster support for previews directly on a
toaster buffer.
(But who cares?)
• Added support for the HP Scanjet series of scanners.
• The image browser has now been updated to include CyberGraphics
and Retina screens.
• ImageFX can now open its own Public screen for use with the
Workbench preview method.
• In case you weren't aware of them.
ImageFX added the following new features in v2.0: ImageFX presents them, but the effort is worthwhile and made a lot simpler with the presence of the numerous tutorials in the manual and the AmigaGuide-based on-line, context-sensitive help.
If people like Amblimation could find a use for ImageFX back in version 1.5, they should be even more impressed by the current version and the added features it contains.
As for me. Well. I can finally say that I am really happy to use ImageFX.
Previous versions have frustrated me (and probably every other graphics card owner) with their crude preview display that meant 24-bit painting was not really something you could do.
The layout of the tools seemed odd to me (as a constant AdPro user), and still does at
• PaintFX. Simulated painting tools to add a paint texture to
your images.
• Textures to make your image look as if it has been painted on
canvas or vellum, etc.
• Lightning effects, Crystallise.
Hockney Tiling and other postprocessing effects.
• Improved font handling with multiple lines of justified text.
• AutoFX. New batch processor to replace IMP with improved
There are plenty more features to ImageFX v2.x than I have the space to list here.
Nk times. After all. Why not put the redo function on the same button as the undo? But now.
With a 24-bit preview screen (for when I get CyberGraphics). Excellent painting and image processing tools, and nice little features like the ability to count the number of colours in a picture, or the on-line help, ImageFX truly is the King of Amiga image manipulation tools. T*¥ Product: ImageFX v2.1 Supplier: Wizard Developments Price: £99.99 (until 31 August '95, then £249.99) SVSItm ESSEflllflLS The bottom line RED i Essential BLACK = Recommended 68030 040 RAM Ease of use.
10 Mb Hard drive 2 Mb KS2.04 Implementation.
F h h I 4‘ firuShed 1 th6Lj9ht 1 like 10 add a bit of w tv I tet! T0 show lma9eFX 030 handte ,hat t0°- so I got my
• P- Thisl puluraX fonl and wrote the Wqrds ImageFX k and a | .
| start0(1 by pastjng this down on a plain white ny sa&s' |
buffer, then I used the ‘Gaussian High' convolution I wf*ch
resulted in the text being extremely blurred. I repeated this
step once more, then inverted the image so that it was white on
black. Once this was done. I tinted the blurred letters a faded
green to look like a glow and picked them up as a brush.
5. 1 pasted the brush down on my original picture but found that
because I had made the centre of the letters the same colour
as the surround (black), it meant the centre of the letters
was transparent. No matter. I just made a new brush from the
original text and pasted that in over the top. As a final
touch, I used the RacfaaJ Star1 operator to put the nice
starburst on the first letter of ImageFX.
Amiga Computing CD*ROM..CDROM...CD*ROM..CDROM. CO-ROM„XD-ROM„XD-ROM...CD'10M..XD'IOM...d Aminet 6 Amtitl CO 6. Doted June 1965. Tenuu, ol opprononauly i I ggobyW. Ol tollable * 3600 awhUH S"C* the **Im» d Amnet CP 5 M» tot 540 MS now volt-nm hat appealed The currom pdlca Hat o tpoool loot, oo doocn. Inon dor 1600 dawot Iromn Amonl woro inctrdod Urnr brandy occow tchwora "oto lira MtndCO&otlwiwraiam £14.95 Aminet Set 1 Amid it 4 o world t large* colecten ol feealy ditmbutabW Amga mliaat* Up tt 10000 uteri acc*i« the *oU o chM6i «i**ry day rind rourripu piuyuwwart pibiidt dlrecty .to Antner. Uml
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Offyry gn alna* it xKou bip mveivor ol tOfhualue Shomwom A unde variety ol P'ofl.omi ¦ included ApyJKOtcnv Gone. Demo.
Fkt.mv Mod. Anmaltoni. Cmeko MotproJ. It codoint opptnimBiBv 4 3gab,in id wWwu* M 12 500 orch»e» and yw yy|l enyyy A, ccrtAjrt a .u . nwdacp C39 95 CD-Write Wkulin You tlb esn'l -tut lo yow Cdl3 CMOMt *omp lorq burnt on PMPord port cl Amiga computng Mooy utart Ql-aody own o COIOM 6'tue. Ond dm numb ol tolt»cm pactogai amjilaUa on CD it iPcraating Uaodly. Uml now. +0. gK » -m no* potobia to wtu to Cdi Wo *ova leAad Pit probWo* m*lb Otn i*tofe«*» nory prorAid Rcdpb Aobal and Stalan Omo-Ui'i ScboUttuVa or* proud to p-atom wbot con bo conpidtmd a mu »: ol tpcAnokrgy CD-W'Pp pnabipt you to mouoly
-nip *0 CD* nrdt on ordinary Ct BOM dm* Item rowan, you nil be ubie lo * f». DeWle end mo ddy data oo you* Cdi Tku pemirer »*I tot* you in© o now pro and you -II bp ablp to Mu CD*OM tochnc4ogy lo h Mat! TAA9S CDBoot 1.0 COBooit II o tadotic now product dtol «»obWi you lo uwt oWto* pry CD33 ponrn oo an A 300 or A4000 |»t* U or 5CSICD tOM dil*» end a»y ir*rpnmo| You cat cr»nt» o cocBguiohMt Sit fc» oacK CD. Contoinog oktmanon oo 4*o Joyvod nmuWrnoo You con ora ton *• lugKcoro oI ooch CD32 gomo T)i» utoge ond opdloton ol CDBoot 1 mry Pory ol» fen bagono-L duP *0 lfe« « cele f tngSi» iwool Sine*
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Putp for 4m Thanpo form. PrKeK a*p opclmno on 4ta CO. EocK ol d M fe 4» n t-oodod o lore Jaomrd feumah DMI, Agio iMpliloM.
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run cn any Amga •» CMCM dnue COIV or AfltDO C032 Cornel* nth 1 MB hue memary and )oy Md krypad 09.95 LIGHT ROM lKa UGHT ROM CD coolant a Woo 650 mogobyto* ol 30 obftcn, ntdpM Aqiunrii uinp ilu. Tcrfeti* un bum. Bimo "Opt and »,|*c« o god TA OA tgrrup, DJMi, cod Ugbtwam rota lad »• liWt UGHT ROM it cm itwofuobW m,ou co lot ItgKf-om Uppra ond at a boon Mctrdai aot-ta1 lor Sc.lpt 3D and ImogWa uua f 14.05 Magic Illusions 3D 5tomog.on, w your Km*nl A new, ntaraUng a* tanner* a bom. Wlhorf tpoool ordt a duo* dmpnuyial colourful and ferUav lie dbjed appaan tuddenly on a t-o dimenuonal (Vongply pof-
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Naf ptogmv ond wry mtgofcyin cd mpcm-i mi Mn mdi 01 RfCi and lAOt. A complete .ntvlloton gude it crralable on dm CD Tl-re am alto tome An ego COS Morn*t utiMet. Tuch ot cReMt lor AmiTCR ond (may C99S Meeting Pearls Vol. II The Meeripg ReoHi Vofene U comomi 650 MB d 4m tm«l 10 were «in ? Ipecial uhi irrttfoc*. Ahich hot h«w creoed so nU yo» V tnd me p.cgron cI your thoo »rA hh. The content! I MB 01 toweled Imlpogw • 50 MB g-apbet prog-am and date I MB goirot 10 MB Irom *0*0 Body *31* - 13 MB ddl, hotd dd CMOM and SCSI ooh • 1? MB .onoui Olhsr tOOd 11 MB 4d- tvorcf 10Awora • 25 MB -nonal
prog-atra - 25 MS cnlmata manly from Ertc Schworz • 40 MS dmpJopat tool* (• g pro-mS co-pller IdlCl. Cteron. Mod.lo], Cornnodcuelnclrd*. GUUep V MB miur program ¦ 10 MB wd propom ¦ 2 MB pOUitl ( MB l*,t. F AQ. CO ccrtiwi tin, me • 40 MB Itru. For Amgo • 1 MB TeX imtalotot (loiW Incl 600 dp. O-d fa. Form! 36 tJ nto*m Jota bam ¦ 50 MB arcWtei lor Blloi* 10 Ml irodtWt I MBN SDtoAmga C9.9S The Light Works Rayftocng • A loKMftng omo ol th* conput graphic, ftctuJ Item conpubr, l Ucly J**Ki 014661* P*0pW al 6W ¦ world Dw Amga rni ih* finl conpuw, Is b* uttd bf 'OyVlKfJ and Kxkr, »it art o tpoder.
-t* iwmy high grclty program. A « ortii ol .ayvocing It Toboi J. R lr*. From Cdogne GentaJ
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Untl now 4 not dlhiuk la acquire Asm bbtMl] crder ID cod* om
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dppthi ed the mawdtlbtul MR Tin CO incbdl y 7 r| g"dt(bl«
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40*690,1024.768. 640.4B0 pool. 20 teWcmd tnm d pcrumt m
TlRlonrce. GropbK up t lor BC. Amga ond Moo J (wUd) £14-95
FreshFish 8
o D Imptf.tK CDROMt i producad d pc4y by I tod Rub. Pro Z dot
Amgo utoe, wtK hmdmdt ci ptagobytai ol if fcnr body m
- d-vt.fc.iobW tefcwarp RuUtdvad oppra.tmaWy .r, l-a mar*.
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5 dxvR9 IOtC« O s O&Of vtohd ntrterci that it updaWd mr* every
S **nw H9.9Z GoldFish 2 All products are available in your
local Amiga-shof or through national mail-order-companies
International Distributor: Volume 2 ol lb* Gcidf.tf tan*,
ccolonr O t aitor- oI toif-am. Am ndkm picMAi Obd u4l*. ItdlWri
l«lM14d Wl lwi»v«K CWOM'l fc*r«Tt n Qncbat 1993 and Noranbar
1994 wlh wap c* lb» 'nrt rol vfrdonpd to 4** lot** ouotlobla
nnon All motnnal it cveiudtd in bed! O-ch ad (SSScpadyl ond
uro chrp*d (modynorunl form CT995 Grenville Trading
International Gmb Zimmersmiihlertweg 73 61440 Oberursel •
Germany Tel +49-61 71-85937 Fax +49-6171-8302 Email; CompuServe
100336,1245 Hlternatiue (D praise I just wanted to write into
your magazine and say what a good job Gareth Lofthouse is doing
reviewing the current flood of CD-ROM titles for the Amiga.
After buying my Squirrel and CD-ROM drive I made a few mistakes when it came to buying software to work on my machine, but now I wait patiently every month for Gareth's sage advice.
Bnan Fentle, Hove This letter is such a refreshing change. Mr. Fentle gets the Star Letter for not even mentioning the covermounted CD-ROM. Even as I type, Gareth is sitting at his desk preening. Soon his head won't fit through the doors of our office and he'll have to stay here 24 hours a day reviewing Cds.
Would be very happy if you continued to appeal to both mediums. Thankyou once again.
Medium, or large?
I just had to write and thank you for the excellent CD-ROM on the front of your magazine. However, even though I have an A12QQ with CD-ROM I would not like you to concentrate on one medium only.
There are countless youngsters with an Amiga who are unable to afford the asking price of a CD-ROM drive, so I P W Morey, Sidcup Have no fear Mr. Morey, Amiga Computing will be continuing to support floppy disk users. However, we will continue to bring you the best cover-mounted material whatever the format, so keep reading.
OS who?
It’s not often I see an Amiga mag with a CD around here (in fact it's the first time), so when I saw the May issue of Amiga Computing I just had to buy it. Especially as rt had many files which are not Amiga specific. Let's face it, as a PC user there's not much I can do with Amiga programs, but on the other hand some Adobe fonts are always a useful addition to OS 2, and so is a lot of other stuff on the disc.
I was also pleasantly surprised to find PC utilities on the disc. While I find it strange that the picture utilities could display everything but Jpeg and HAM images, the MOD player utility was nice, even though it didn't work under OS 2.
Anyway, it’s a really nice CD and a good excuse to buy an Amiga mag. I hope you'll have more of these useful Cds in the future.
Teler@cs.huji.ac.il I'm glad you liked the CD. By the way. As I'm pretty sure you won't be reading this because we don't have a cover-mounted CD this issue, I would just like to say that as far as I understand it, OS 2 would appear to mean an operating system divided by two. Or half an OS. How does it feel to have to pay extra to get a multitasking operating system, especially as it doesn't work with anything?
I have been a reader of Amiga Computing for many years now and have had nothing but praise for your journal. What I don't understand, after having read the latest issue, 87. Which filled me in on the demise of Commodore and tells me that the most successful model produced was the A500, is why, oh why do your CoverDisks contain less and less usable software for the most popular Amigas ever sold.
Like me. I am sure there are many A500 and A500+ users that have upgraded their machines, at a great expense, yet how are we now being treated?
Last month’s issue included a CD that is unusable by an upgraded A500. This month's issue a floppy for A12Q0 only and a floppy that requires the Lightwave program - not an inexpensive bit of software. What are we to be treated to next issue? I realise that the Vet more ID praise I am writing to congratulate you on the latest edition of Amiga Computing. I always consider it to be the best of the Amiga [0-m delights, lightuiaue complaints and proof that euen Ft owners read Mm Computing magazines. I have just purchased a Power CD-ROM which uses Squirrel SCSI interface and was feeling a bit
lost with not much to try out on it.
I had a disk from CD32 Gamer but had to use the CLI to get at most of the available software - there is some I don’t think I can get at all. So I was beginning to wonder if I would have been better buying a modem, when along came your May edition with a CD-ROM freebie. All great stuff and I haven't looked at half of it yet.
If this is the future the prospects are good. I appreciate that you will not be able to provide so many goodies every month, but please more Cds in the future. Well done!
D F Nunn. West Sussex Illoan Coo! I don't think I can make another original reply to yet another letter praising our CD covermount. I’m glad you like it.
Escom worries I have been following the Commodore liquidation process quite carefully and having recently read the latest Amiga Report.
A1200, with its wonderful AGA chip, is probably going to be the saviour of the new owners of Commodore and that you must look after your potential market, but please don’t forget the army of faithful A500 users who have also been faithful readers of your magazine, M Bates. Hatfield Dear Mr Bates, I understand your concern, but It has to be said that the computer business is one of the fastest-moving in the history of industry.
We have already pretty much Stopped supporting users that still have Workbench 1.3 machines and while we have no intention of dropping support for ECS-based machines, you do need to realise that A500 owners are eventually going to be left completely behind. Today s machines overshadow the A500 and we, as a magazine, always want to be looking forward, not back, to the dim and distant past.
Amiga Computing
- iimnxH have to say that I am slightly concerned about
whether Escom is going to provide a good service for existing
Amiga users.
It would appear that they are very keen to bring back old workhorses like the C64 and A600, along with brand new machines. But how about us A1200 owners? Are we going to get left behind in this sudden rush to new technology, or will Escom continue to support us?
As a subscriber. I really like the fact that you printed a general survey recently and the games survey in this month’s issue. It makes me feel as if I have some sort of influence over the way the magazine looks and reads, which can only be good for the mag in the long run.
Kevin Anderson, Nonhwich Dear Kevin, your concerns over the future of the Amiga are echoed by a great number of people, both end*users and developers alike. Eseom's main objective is to get machines back into the shops as soon as possible and with the Amiga 1200 arguably being Commodore's best-ever Amiga, I'm positive you won't need to worry about continued support from Escom, As yours is the first of the games surveys to come in, we re going to send you something nice from the games cupboard, just for being the first of many. Surveys are certainly one of the ways you can influence how
Amiga Computing looks, another is to send us large bundles Of cash in plain envelopes along with your requests, but so far nobody has taken us up on that method.
Safe sheep seek super suftiuare Would it be possible to have Amiga Computing maintain some sort of file section where one could download the PD software mentioned in your magazine? I do enjoy reading your magazine and often come across some interesting PD programs reviewed that are not available on Aminet. It would make life a heck of a lot easier for those of us not in the UK.
Philip McDunnough, LakeHaven. (Where sheep may safely graze...) philip @ utstat. Toronto. Edu Not a bad idea at that. It’ll take some working out, but expect to see a selection of the more popular PD reviewed to appear on our home page.
LightlUaue, lightlllauE, more lighttlJaue!
I have read your Magazine for over five years now and find it interesting and informative. However. I have noticed a worrying ailment lately: Lightwave fever. I know that LightWave is a very exciting product which does push the Amiga into professional circles, but the average reader does not have the money or hardware to run such a program. Your latest cover disk can only be of use to those with the memory (about 12Mb recommended I believe) and fast enough CPU to run LightWave. Never mind the £400 to buy the program.
Please do, in future, keep us informed about this part of the Amiga scene, but it can only put your readers off when one coverdisk can only be used by about 1 per cent of them. Keep up the good work and please make sure you badger Escom to make the right decisions for the Amiga's future, Stuart Marsden smarsden@cs.strath.ac.uk A bad month for the coverdisk, then.
It’s so true that you can’t please all the people all the time, so what should we Wonders of the llleb Your website is much better than Amiga Format’s (I thank you) Dan Wan dward@bournemouth.ac.uk Of course it is. And anybody wishing to have a butchers at our site should point their browsers at: http: www.demon.co.uk amigacomp.html Stuck in the ice I am the proud owner of a CD32 machine which I bought in January of this year. One of the games I bought for it is Deep Core by International Computer Entertainment Ltd in Gloucestershire.
I have enjoyed many weeks playing Deep Core and successfully reached level three. To do this you have to find an elevator key which gives you entry to the lifts at the end of each level.
Imagine my surprise when, at the end of level three, key in hand so to speak, I enter the lift and... nothing happens! I can* not get out of the lift and the display does not change. I have done this several times and each time got ‘stuck in the lift.’ I wrote to ICE enclosing a stamp for reply asking if the CD was faulty, had it happened before, etc? I received no reply. Several weeks later I wrote again
- still no reply.
I am therefore writing to you for help:
1. Have you or your readers ever had this problem?
2. Is my CD faulty?
3. Do ICE still exist - are they still trading?
4. Have I written to their correct address?
5. If I have, why don't they answer?
On a separate matter, thank you for the CD on your May issue. I have my CD32 hooked up to my A500 and appreciate the software on the CD.
I am loath to change my A500 having got a large collection of ‘serious software' and would like to read any articles in your magazine about how to actually get the software from CD32 to A500.
There is little guidance when you buy the Cds, so an article would be nice.
G A Course, Dorset I'm really pleased we’ve had such a good response from the CD cover- mount. As for your problems with ICE and DeepCore, we spoke to Stuart Bell at ICE and he assures us that there are no bugs in Deep Core.
He said that if you have a particular problem with a game then you can send it back to them and they will replace it completely free of charge.
Lastly, have a look at the Making the Connection feature in this very issue to find out a bit more about joining two machines together.
VERSION 2.1 NOW SHIPPING CYBERGRAPHICS SUPPORT, DIRECT VIDEO TOASTER BUFFER SUPPORT, (INEMATTE - BLUE SCREENING, HP SCANJET SUPPORT, MORE AUTOFX SCRIPTS... I Get ImageFX, the Amiga's premier image processing package, and you will find yourself creating and manipulating images With ei ery tool you need right at your fingertips! No other image processing package on the Amiga gives you everything you need, from precise colour correction tools to fantastic special effects that boggle the mind! Whether you are a print artist or a video magician, ImageFX is simply the fastest, the best, and the most
complete image processing solution you will find on the Amiga.
SYSTEM PERFORMANCE The easiest to use and most powerful interface, thumbnail image loader lets you see your image before loading it, built in Virtual Memory allows work on images nearly any size, unlimited multi-level true UNDO, thumbnail image previewing shows effect before using it, multiple image buffers and brushes, precise region controls can restrict work to just part of an image, unequalled Arexx support for macros and programming, user definable macro keys and menus, built in Macro Arexx script recording, two powerful batch processing systems: IMP and AutoFX & visual thumbnail image
cataloguing system.
¦ &.
_ FULL COLOUR PAINTING Complete drawing tools - ellipse, rectangle, bezier curve, polygon and more, automatic soft edge modes and anti-aliasing; Magic Wand tool included for brushes and regions, cool drawing modes like smudge, colourize, disperse, and sharpen, painting tools that simulate traditional media such as AirBrushes, Charcoals, Watercolour even Crayons!, Drawing styles to rub through to other images, alpha channels or create mandalas, cut out brushes with any drawing tool and use them for full colour painting, variable magnification zoom levels allow retouching to even a single pixel
INCREDIBLE DISPLAY ABILITIES Display your image and work interactively on any Amiga AGA modes, EGS Spectrum, Retina, Picasso, Piccolo, Firecracker 24, Rainbow III, IV-24, Talon, DCTV, HAM-E, Harlequin, .. and many other displays POWERFUL SCANNIN6 Epson 300 600 800 scanner module with colour previews, Sharp JX-100 scanner works from any serial port, IV-24, VLAB and PP&S Framegrabber and Framegrabber 256 support SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS | Amiga Computer running AmigaDOS 2.04 or Higher, 2Mb of RAM (more recommended) and a Hard Disk COMPLETE IMAGE PROCESSING RGB, HSV, CMYK colour balancing, correction
and separation, custom convolutions such as relief maps and motion blurs, custom colour transforms that solarize and turn images to chrome, blur, sharpen and unsharp mask, median filters, minimum maximum filters, even video filters % COMPLETE IMA6E CONVERSION All Amiga images, MS-DOS (GIF, PCX, PIC, JPEG, Targa), Macintosh (MacPaint, PICT, TIFF), Silicon Graphics (SGI RGB, Softimage, Wavefront), Animation's (ANIM, ANIM7 8, MPEG, FLI), Many, many others (X11, Abekas, PAR, Sun) FANTASTIC SPECIAL EFFECTS Manufactured by I Create lightning bolts, raytrace images into spheres, create pond ripples
and waves, swirl
• mages, even into other images, built in and user definable lens
flares, apply paper or canvas textures, automatically turn
images into paintings, water glass distortions, cinematic
morphing, bizarre image warping, create stars and supernovas,
crystallise an image, rotate images in 2D or 3D..... and that's
just the beginning!
Ml ORDER HOTLINE w Promotional Price mnriiTTi DEVELOPMENTS 9AH-6PM, MONDAV-FRIDAV, TO PAY BY ACCESS OR VISA. TO PAV BY CHEQUE OR POSTAL Please add £5 to your ORDER PLEASE send YOUR order TO - order for delivery.
WIZARD DEVELOPMENTS, TO BOX 490, Ah VAT. Ah products are DARTFORO, KENT, Ml 2UH su ecl ,0 availab,l,ry E&oe Advert** E TO WIZAJtO RRP £24*3$ PROMO PRICE 99 99 ORDER CODE: W305 Offer valid until 31st August 1995 or while stocks list.
Ublic CHAMPAGNE SOCLUISM1 W Or my Inagination J. PD i ua tarn Ltuti v *jvk f t '.naiMC atiauu. K mm ruata . Wk •_*« tc rnJiy jt ‘is* of the month
• cm is rrdix w »J» tow: »a nt jock twr. " le« U» M kdv. Tar
us*r*Jr »« r MUMaW »!.
M fcrrj-ir Wirv wa« utrtitc mmmii Sffirt M j SST M ar rt«l. M Mm* ntt Iho Word 5 V » J )M *J jtncM MT1 Si w* Ciuw a «w«
* s*L « aTfiicw* cr Art or met k n mmt-** kW 9 X *r-j»«J » ***
Programmed by: NFA Available from: SadENESS PD This is the most
outstanding disk magazine Public Sector has received for some
while. The whole thing starts with a decent intro Which, as the
authors are keen to point out. Is all the more impressive for
being totally written in Amos Basic.
From the main menu, articles are on offer c6vering a whole range of topics.
To fy ft * «nuret.«v. uun (» ti tr* to cr**. M * EwfiSsi 33
• iE
* »•». , MU MTBtM • ¦ 2. 0 you may not necessarily agree with
some of the views expressed within, but The Word la worth a
read Included are a couple of games reviews, a Coders' Corner,
and numerous offbeat features ranging from Sponsored
Resignations to a Brief History of Booze.
L7JUUI rm [-si W-0 » Ultkrf soap tkfcli t
• • • mesee • -
• • - ••«• ••• | J toWny | The winning numbers' database is a
couple of weeks out of date now, but It seems 28 has yet to
come up Daue (usich opens the cheap and cheerful chest once
more and grunts approuinglg at the contents utside the weather
is fine, but time and tide and P Public Sector deadlines wait
for no man. Once more I find myself hunched over a hot keyboard
humming Boo Radleys' tunes and sifting my way through the PD
pile Some nights I wake up in a cold sweat, shuddering after
suffenng through a terrifying nightmare- In it I am sitting
at my Amiga with a pile of jiffy bags. I select a particularly
inviting bag and tear it open, eagerly anticipating a
stormingly original piece of high quality software. But the
disk label says ‘Lottery Predictor.' The more cunning sector
Programmed by: Ali Prior Available from: Ali Prior Pro lottErq
1.1 Lottery Predictor authors have obviously finally realised
that many innocent PD reviewers are in a state of despair. In
an effort to avoid being responsible for possible suicide
cases, they are now resorting to more subtle methods of
presenting their labours of love. The two disks inside this
particular jiffy bag were cryptically marked only with a giant
question mark.
Unfortunately, the concern for my welfare stopped there, and I was lucky to avoid being blinded by the fluorescent orange disk labels and the accompanying luminous yellow letter.
Still, as the introduction (which takes up the entire first disk of the review copy) is keen to point out. This predictor is slightly different from the rest. For a start, it features the same attractive presentation as Mr Prior's previous offering 'Pro Gamble.'
But most usefully, it is capable of producing lists of numbers for syndicates, covering as many likely winning balls as possible.
The whole package has an air of professionalism about it, although as with all such programs, it is difficult to know how effective Pro Lottery is without using it over a long period of time. Before making the decision about whether to purchase the registered shareware version of the program or not, you might, therefore, like to try out the free demonstration version. This can be obtained from the author by sending a blank disk and an SAE.
Raytracing is a popular pastime among members of the Amiga community but the main problem, with getting into this area, is the prohibitively high cost of software.
Accelerator cards and floating point units cost enough, but then there’s the expense of buying top quality software packages like Lightwave and imagine 3.
Users of the latter package could, therefore, be very interested in this release from the creators of ImageStudio. TextureStudio is capable of loading Imagine 3 format texture modules, which can then be modified and mapped onto planes, cylinders or spheres and rendered to a preview Programmed by: Graham and Andy Dean Available from: Graham and Andy Dean iBHturBStudio 1.0.2 Amiga Computing enjoyable experience. If you’re after an interesting and frequently amusing read and you don’t mind the occasional bit of bad language, The Word could well be worth a look.
; offbeat nsored f Booze.
Jump 'Em Programmed by: A. Cashmore Available from: OnLine PD This is a 10-level demo of a cracking 40- level puzzle game. It’s got everything - cheesy, chirpy music, cute and attractive graphics and gameplay that will have you tearing out your hair. The objective on
1. 2 Dean » among I but the area, is oftware.
Lint units expense ages like
d. there- ase from ireStudio J format hen be is, cylin- preview
Good looks, alright to listen to, good to pass a bit of time
with... it's not Andy Maddock, so it must be Jump ‘Em two
numbers and then hit a button and every number in the entire
worksheet will be recalculated accordingly.
EasyCalc lives up to its name, making full use of a Workbench 2 interface and providing on-line AmigaGuide help for those perplexed by the striking array of features. It can produce graphs which can be saved out as IFF picture files, it fully supports Arexx.
And is highly configurable. If you’re fed up with scribbling figures on scraps of paper, EasyCalc is the perfect answer, If nr ir trim tt* *i Iwt m*t m | rate! 1k tifutoa _Jk»k*rt»rcrrf1tkt»*k I fit ana Ik trek, Kmmu it tk Irm tm 1* st» KM: I If Highwayman - lots of 'Mo motorcycles on root racks’Joke* will inevitably abound EasgEak 2 Programmed by: Andrew Woods Available from: KEW=II Software Disk No. A1103 Exciting they may not be. But Spreadsheets are extremely useful programs to own. The most obvious jse for them is for organising your accounts, but every- thing from league tables to
statistical surveys can benefit from the use of one. EasyCalc 2 is perhaps the most intuitive I have come across, and although the full shareware version costs £20. This trimmed down demonstration version is almost fully functional, allow- ng you to get a very good idea of what to expect from the full version.
While spreadsheets can sometimes be a little slow to set up, once in operation they can make tedious tasks like budgeting so much easier. Once a few numbers have been keyed in. Almost every conceivable mathematical operation can be performed on them, from simply adding to logging or square rooting. Change one or screen. The principle benefit of this is that texture characteristics can be altered without the need to raytrace an entire image every time. Textures can also be saved to disk as 24-bit images in IFF24. Jpeg or Targa format for loading into other ixograms.
All of the program's main functions can be accessed from floating windows, and tne attractive Workbench 2 interface makes jetting to ghps with the powerful functions on offer a painless affair. The program
• squires an FPU which it makes full use of.
Containing optimised code for 68881 and 68882 units.
There is a commercial alternative, Forge, Ahieh comes bundled with a ready-made texture collection Essence but has a fairly efty price tag though. In comparison, the £10 registration fee for TextureStudio eems pretty attractive.
There are even several strange lists such » 13 Movies with Armadillos in them' and 10 rivals of the Teenage Mutant Ninja fumes’ (of which ‘Pre-pubescent Irradiated Jujitsu Wildebeast' is among the top peks).
The articles are generally quite short but tnere are plenty to choose from. The proyam helpfully ticks the articles you have . Ewed so you don't end up accidentally
* eading the same one twice. While there quite a few spelling
mistakes knocking iOout. The Word is certainly less guilty in
area than many disk mags.
When reading The Word, it is easy to «e that a good time has been spent on r'esentation and feel. Articles are wntten in tractive and readable fonts, and are over- «fona neat smoothly-scrolling backdrop.
The whole interface is charmingly straight- ‘orward and using the program really is an UTILITY of the month Glonj bon We want to hear from you if you have any program, whatever its purpose, which you consider worthy of review. Whether it will be freely distributable public domain, shareware or licenceware, if you feel it’s of sufficient quality to merit coverage then stick it in a jiffy bag or padded envelope and send it in with all haste. I promise I’ll at least look at your work. Please clearly label the disk, and include a cover letter supplying a description of the disk contents, price
and some basic instructions.
The address to send the disks to is: Dave Cusick PD submissions Amiga Computing Media House Adlington Park Macclesfield SK10 4NP each level is to reach the exit, clearing the screen of tiles along the way. This is achieved by walking on the tiles causing them to fall away into space below. Some tiles must be walked across two or three times before they disappear. On later levels there are also teleportation tiles to make things that little bit more tricky. If you get stuck, you have three emergency bndges at your disposal - but once these have been used, stepping where there are no tiles
results in the loss of a life.
The game features a password feature, which I can see proving very useful on later levels. Considering the full game costs just a fiver and includes extra features such as two new sub-games and an end-of-game sequence. Jump 'Em comes highly recommended and is sure to provide hours of brainbending amusement.
Highuiapan Programmed by: Dave Kirk Available from: Saddle Tramps PD Disk No, E88 I’d guess that driving tests would come somewhere between job interviews and moving house in the stress-inducing top ten. While Highwayman won't sort out substandard signalling or pitifully poor parking, it should certainly be of assistance to those ?
Amiga Computing PD and SHAREWARE SplatterPaint Programmed by: Pete W Storonskij Available from: Roberta Smith DTP Disk No. CU107 I suspect SplatterPaint is aimed at younger Amiga users but that does not stop it being an immensely entertaining program for children of all ages. That it has much in common with the grandfather of paint programs. Dpaint, is not especially surprising - practically every ad package dees, However, SplatterPaint has a special twist - it has a selection of messy drawing tools that are the Amiga equivalent of those reception class aprons-on slopfests.
Big coloured polygons can be slapped onto pictures with a couple of clicks, and flower shapes are equally easily applied. But the real fun begins when you select the Spraycan. Scrawl some barely legible letters across the screen and they will drip and splatter as if being sprayed on a wall. Adjust the nozzle size and shape and then have another crack - it's great fun and is sure to keep little fingers happily mouse clicking for hours at a time.
SplatterPaint can also be used for more serious artwork. All the normal drawing tools such as dotted and continuous freehand lines, rectangles, circles and area functional enough, so it can't be that.
Admittedly, sometimes it can be easy to forget to alter the shot direction because the program only does this automatically when you are standing on the tee, but to be fair this is only a problem because I am used to the slightly different control systems of other golf games.
I don't think it was the graphics, which are attractive enough, if a little disappointing, considering the price tag. It might have been the sound effects, although the fact that all I got was a high-pitched screeching noise may have been due to machine incompatibility problems, and these could be ironed out by the final version.
It could be that I was just hurrying too much, because the demo only lasts for three holes or five minutes. After several re-runs I did make it onto the third hole, but the first couple of times I ran the program the five minutes was spent deciphering the control system anyway.
The full version boasts two full courses, a tournament option and 64 computer controlled opponents. Unfortunately, based on this demonstration I don't think there will be many takers, especially considering the low prices of commercial rivals Microprose Golf and PGA Tour Golf these days.
Euen better than the real thing Regular readers may remember that back in issue 82. The Art Of The Month accolade was awarded to Simon Lee for some stunning raytraced graphics. He recently wrote again enclosing a selection of his latest work, which is of an equally high standard and which he hopes to make available soon through the 24 Bit Club. Meanwhile.
Simon is offering his services at very competitive prices, for instance he anticipates charging around £30 for a highly detailed model. Anyone interested should contact him at the address on the right.
Who struggle with the Highway Code.
Highwayman is a quiz program featuring a total of 150 multiple choice questions, some based on pictures of road signs and others being text-only. Before beginning the quiz, it is possible to select the number of questions of each Kind you will face. When you've finished struggling to remember the typical car stopping distance at 60mph and other such details, the program will present you with a percentage score.
It’s a very simple idea but one which I'm sure will prove immensely popular. If there’s one criticism I would make it is that often, two of the three possible answers to a question are so obviously wrong that they stand out a mile. Still, even when this is the case the actual selection of the correct answer serves to aid recall at a later time. If the big day is looming and your confidence is a little lacking, getting hold of Highwayman would be a good move.
Golf is a difficult game to simulate effectively, which could be why I found a certain something lacking in this demo of Summit Software’s new release. Perhaps I'm being a little harsh, but since you'll only get a penny change out of fifteen quid for the full commercial release, I was a little bit frustrated by some of the gameplay limitations. I just can't put my finger on it though. The interface is Programmed by: Summit Software Available from: Saddle Tramps PD Disk No. G294 International Golf Demo Graham and Andy Dean 14 Fielding Avenue, Poynton.
Cheshire SK12 1YX KEW=II Software PO Box 672, South Croydon, Surrey CR29YS (Tel: 0181-657 1617) Simon Lee Lupus Productions. 4A Brecon Square, Ramsgate, Kent CT12 6NS (Tel: 01843 583756 after 6pm) OnLine PD 1 The Cloisters, Halsall Lane, Formby Liverpool L37 3PX (Tel: 01704 834335) Ali Prior 10 Lovell Park Heights, Leeds LS71DP Saddle Tramps PD 1 Lower Mill Close. Goldthorpe.
Rotherham S63 9BY (Tel: 01709 888127) SadENESS PD 13 Russell Terrace, Mundesley, Norfolk NR11 8LJ (Tel: 01263 722169) Roberta Smith DTP 190 Falloden Way. Hampstead Garden Suburb. London NW11 6JE (Tel: 0181-455 1626) fills are included too. For detailed work there is a basic magnification option and it is possible to cut, paste and flip blocks. The 64-colour palette is fully selectable and colours can be swapped, copied and spread over a range shades.
Admittedly, you are unlikely to produce a masterpiece using SplatterPaint. But to be fair I am sure it's not aimed at experienced graphics artists and it’s hard to find fault with such a diverting program, especially when it's free.
BUJhat do l|du want from me?
Amiga Computing The Fall & Rise in Amiga shopper Reader awards thcjvinneV Voted [ Sw'sas*' HuHmZn SECTION!
Frame Grabbing... a basic iste and ible and I over a master- sure it’s it’s hard ipecially ProGrab™ caused a Real Fall in the Price of Quality Frame Grabbing - the Rise in Standards speak for themselves!
The revolutionary ProGrab™ 24RT with Teletext is not only the best way to get crisp colour video images into your Amiga, it actually costs less than any of its rivals. This real time, PAL-SECAM-NTSC*, 24-Bit colour frame grabber digitiser has slashed the price of image grabbing on the Amiga, and at the same time has received rave reviews for its ease of use and excellent quality results.
ProGrab™ has received honours from just about every Amiga magazine!
And... with ProGrab™ you needn't be an expert in Amiga Video Technology either... A simple 3 stage operation ensures the right results - Real Time, after time.
Grab images with your camcorder STAGE 1... Select any video source with composite output. This could be your camcorder. TV with SCART output, satellite receiver, domestic VCR player or standard TV signal passing through your VCR player... the choice is yours.
STAGE 2... With ProGrab software, select an image you wish to capture using the on screen preview window - and Grab (because the hardware grabs frames in real time, there's no need for a freeze frame facility on the source device). ProGrab™ even includes a Teletext viewing capturing facility from either TV or satellite sources, Once grabbed, simply download and view the full image on your Amiga screen.
STAGE 3... Use the image with your favourite word processor, DTP or graphics package.
ProGrab™ really does make it that simple!
Avatwe accessories include
• PCMCIA Interface for A600S and At 200S only £29.95 9vng FASTER
• Faster Downloading Times (up to FIVE omes qucke*) ¦ Improved
animation speeds o» up to I Ups |mono| and 3 Sfps (cok jr|
• New sound samplng and anmaton capacities (separate sound
sampler required)
• arvrOMyvt dtfKt to yOuf Arngai hard dnve
• S-VHS Connection Lead only £4.95 Only necessary if your output
dewe doevit have a standard phono composite video out socket}
PfoGraO’" supports any Amiga w«h Kickstart 2 04 or later and I
5fvt free RAM ProGrab"* has just been voted as The Best video
Hardware product for ire Amiga TM .s eqstojiy pleasing because
the .ra.c :J comes (tom err rrv vnes readers • our woifed
tuslomery ProGrab*' txvnn a 921*, Gold racng by A nga Format
wen comments Mcc 'ProGrab hardware is top notch" and 'For sheet
vabe for money. ProGrab canrxx be beaten* QJ Aflsgai ratvg of
sad fVoGiab"* is Must the job far De rms eoa sernqrofttiorktt
on a ugft txdgrt' and ety hard to beat Fcr me money, roihng
can touch if Sundsrd PmGrjto rvroaare n Pal StCAWNTSC comparoe
mte»We mode opewns avatabe vwtn PAL & SECAM ortf
- - _ HoetM NTSC Ony modds K dwtdtt: a speck* order wfith mm
sjppart me nxrUcr moor fUV Ptanr a* us for Ml d To get your
hands on ProGrab"".
Call our sales line on... r Initial(s): MrMrvMrvs Ms: Surname: 01 773 836781 Address: Count)’ (Country): Daytime Phone: Postcode: Evening Phone: .or Post FAX your requirements on the order form provided.
Please rush mem __ ProGrabv Frame Grabber 8 A129.95 inc. p&p _ PCMCIA Interface 1129.95 inc. p&p __ SVHS Connector 814.95 inc. p&p Optional FAST Courier Service Delivery _ I pgrade to Software Version 15 8 H.95 inc. p&p please tick Card holder's signature: computers ¦ tharwood the UK's favourite Amiga Dealer rOrroaK Customers • fleam Call for Prices etc.) Card No: TOTAL 1
I) cpt:ACO Cordon Harwood Computers Limited New Street. Alfrcton.
Derbyshire DESS "BP Td (II “3 R301 Facsimile: 01 “3 831WO
Issue No (Switch Onh ); Expiry Date: Cheque Bank Draft. Postal
Order for i pavahle to Gordon Harwood Computer* 1 iin iit 1st
Floor Offices, 2 8 Market Street Wakefield, West Yorkshire WF1
1DH POSTAGE INFORMATION Please Include 50p Postage For UK Disk
Orders And 75p Per Item For CD Orders (Max Postage Payable
£1.50) Europe Add 10% Fa DisK Orders & 1.00 Per CD (Max £5.00)
R 0 W Add 20% Fa Disk Orders 4 £1 50 Per CD (MAX £6.00) All
Orders Sent 1st Class Or Air Tel (01924) 366982 FAX (01924)
200943 Monday To Saturday 9.00 am Till 5.30 pm Answeipho-M? Al
All Oilier Trnes E3 W CB S© 3T JZ LSD COMPENDIUM 1 £14.99 LSD
COMPENDIUM 2 £17.99 TAKE BOTH CD i FOR ONLY 119.991 Eoch CD is
packed witi hard to find utilities, gomes, graphics & demosl
Easy to use menu requires kickstart 2.0+ ANIMATIONS CD £1 7.99
Superb value for money!
THE LIGHT ROM £36.99 1HE LIGHI ROM 2 £36 99 HOTTEST 4 £14.99 HOTTEST 5 £17 99 BUY BOTH Ctt FOR £59.99!
PD Softs own lib'ary Cds. Hottest 5 comes complete with a pointed contents booklet JZZr&cZZ 2 CD's containing oads yWWfc'lil of animations ready to view direct from the CDI ECS & AGA Anims & viewers are included If you nave Lightwave, then these are a must buy if you intend to take raytracing seriously! Reccommended WVlNE1TORK CD £1399 NlnsdlA NETWORK CABLE £18.99 BUY THEM BOTH FOR £31.99 The network CD & Cable 17 BIT COLLECTION £27.99 17 BIT CONTINUATION £9.99 I 7 BIT f HASE 4 £17.99 TAKE ALL 3 SETS FOR HM9II Each CD contains hundreds of disks from our library, with an easy to use point,
click 8c dea'Chive menu!
ASSASSINS CD £17 99 The most complete and easy to use games CD available. Titles run direct from the CD on ANY Rom drive, incuding CD32! Interface is a very easy to use custom menu.
Spread over 4 Cds. These sets contain all of the Fred Fish library to 1995!
Hundreds of utilities 7 it!” allows a CD32 to be limed to any other Amiga, giving full file access j to any CD!
3786 EGG SCRAMBLE Mad. Mad Game) 3785 DOS MAN Intensive Dos Tutorial 3784 MULTITUDINOUS HD Menu System 3783 THIRD DIMENSION 14 3D Cons Kit Disk Mag 3782 ACT OF WAR MISSIONS 3 Requires Registered Game X3781 STARTUP 4 BACKDROPS Pictures For Workbench 3 3780 (AB) ROM 4 Scene Disk Mag X3779 MOMENTS Great AGA Demo 3778 SANITY ROOTS II Superb Sequd1 3777 HD GAMES INSTALLER 3 Installs Dozens Of New Titles 3776 BLITZ BLANKER V2.60 Required MUI X3775 FIREMAN SAM Klondike Cardset 3774 (AB) MWB BACKDROPS Based On Startrek 3773 LEGIONS OF DAWN F1 Game Demo 2 Meg Reg 3772 MOSAIC V1 3b Latest Websurfer
X3771 WALLACE 4 GROMIT Klondike Cardset X3770 ROSIE 6 JIM CARDSET For Klondke AGA 3789 (AB) ShaREwORlD 4 Cybercraft's Disk Mag 3766 XFILES GUIDE Xfiles Serial Guide X3765 LECH DEMO AGA Demo From Freezers X3764 REN 4 STIMPY CARDSET For Kjondtie AGA X3763 THIRD DIMENSION 13 3D Cons Kit Diskmag 3762 MORSE CODE TRAINER Leam Morse The Easy Wayi 3761 HARDWARE PROJECTS Now Where's That Hammer?
3760 ROBS HOT GAMES 15 Includes Air Taxi* 3759 ROBS HOT LOTTERY STASH Won A Mllion Yet? Naah!
3758 MAGIC SELECTOR VI .7 Changes SFX Be On Bootup X3757 FRACTASM CARDSET For All Klondlkes X3756 EROTICA CARDSET For All Klcndikes 3755 NEW UTILS 12 New Batch Of Hot Utils 3754 NEW UTILS 11 Even More Utilsl 3753 MWB ICONS & BRUSHES More Stash Fpr Magic Workbench 3752 ROBS HOT STASH 39 Another Hot UtUs Comp 3751 BROWSER II V3.03 Superb Multi Window File Manager 3750 ROBS HOT STASH 38 Mae Hot Utils From Rob' 3749 TERM V4 3 EXTRAS & LIBS HD Required!
3748 TERM V4.3 030 VERSION Includes Locale.
3747 TERM V4.3 4 LOCALE Archived With LHA NO Installer* 3746 IMAGE ENGINEER VI. 1 image Processing App 3745 NEWROSES CARDSET Fa All Klondlkes 3744 DELI TRACKER 2 V2,14 Superb Musk Player1 3743 VIRUS WORKSHOP V5 1 Kills All Known Germs Dead!
3742 ROBS HOT VIRUS KILLERS The Latest Of The Best!
X3741 (AB) MELCHIOR DEMO AGA 4 HD Only Demo!
2 Superb Platformers Fa Kids!
X3739 DYNAMICS AGA Great 256 Colour Art Package* X3738 TEMPLE OF DECEASE Great AGA Demo!
X3737 GENERATIONS CARDSET Fa Klondike AGA X3736 PREHISTORIC CARDSET Fa Kjaidtke AGA 3735 ENDURANCE DEMO 3D Cons Kit Game 3734 TEXTURE STUDIO V1.0.2 Imagine Texture Manipulator 3732 PC TASK V3.1 PC Emulator Upgrade 3731 KINGHIGH Ongaial Card Game 3730 SPONDULIX MARK V Shareware Accounts Prog 3729 PRO LOTTERY Still Probably Wont Win!
3728 DISK COMPRESSION UTILS Not Fa Beginners' 3727 (AB) GRAPEVINE 21 At Last!! The Walt is Over!
3726 ROBS HOT STASH 37 FullOf Hot Ware*1 Again!
3725 YET MORE MWB ICONS Tons Of Em* 3724 INTERNET UTILS 2 Mae Stash For Netsurfers X3723 DREAMGIRLS CARDSET Fa Klondkc AGA X3722 BIRDS CARDSET The Feathered Type. Fa Klondike X3721 MAMMALS CARDSET Another Klondike Set 3720 THE WORD ISSUE 5- NFA Scene Disk Mag 3719 (AB) MAGE 8 Sd*Fi Disk Mag' 3718 PSYCHEUAL Alien Breed Clone (ish) X3717 (ABC) GREENDAY DEMO HD Only AGA Demo X3716 (AB) SUN SLIDESHOW Hand Drawn AGA Plx.
X3715 (AB) DREAMWALKER Another AGA Demo X3714 (ABCD) MAN ON THE MOON HD. 4 Meg Fast. 2 Meg Chip Demo 3713 MICROMARKET V3 Have A Game On The Stock market 3712 (AB) CYBERPUNK NOW 5 Mae C* erpunkish Articles 3711 NEWICONS Archived With NO Installer* 3710 (ABCDEF) PROJECT UFO Some Interesting Stuff Here!
3709 IMAGE DESK V1 5 Create Thumbnail p« 3708 VARK 7 Mae CLI Utils From Vark 3707 VIRUS WORKSHOP 4 8 Most Upto Date Kiier Available 3706 JET SET WILLY 3 Superb Conversion!
3705 BATTLE DUEL ECS Scachcd Tanks In Hi-Res X3704 BATTLE DUEL AQA As Above. But AGA Only 3703 SPRINGTIME Infuriating Puzzle Game* Superb* 3702 SCORCHED TANKS VI 85 Superb Tank V Tank Classic!
X3701 KYLIE CARDSET Fa Klondike 2 4 3 X37QQ PLAYBOY CARDSET Qooa* Klgndfce 1,2 Or 3 Missus* X3699 OCEAN CARDSET Another Set Fa Klondke 1.2 Or 3 X3698 NBA CARDSET lOondfce 1.2 Or 3 X3697 STEPH SEYMOUR CARDSET You Guessed' VI .2 a 3 X3696 RECORD COVERS CARDSET Just Fa Klondike 2 ft 3 3695 SUPER DMS Version 1 4 Easy To Use 3694 (AB) BLOX Licenceware Demo. Puzzle 3693 RED DWARF QUIZ Test Your Dwarf I.Q!
3692 LAST LAP VI 0 Shareware Driving Game 3691 TS MORPH V3.2 Superb Morphing Package X3690 DRAGONS LAIR CARDSET Klondike 1.2 Or 3 3689 MRBACKUP PRO V2 2 0 HD ft SCSI Sreamer Backup X3688 SWAZBLANKER AGA V2.7 Superb AGA Screen Blanker 3687 (AB) DEEP DEMO Offering From Parallax Superb' 3686 HYDROCEPHALUS II Superb Demo By Equinox 3685 MANUAL OVERRIDE DEMO Great Demo From Subaad 3684 RESPONSE DEMO Nice Offering Fran Avalon.
3683 THE COMPACT CAMERA A Beginners Tutorial 3682 CAMERA FUNCTIONS Another Photo Tutorial 3681 GLASS BACK 2 Platforms 4 Ladders Game X3680 PSSST AGA Remember The Old Speccy Classic?
3679 NIGHTMARE B4 XMAS Klondike Cardset 3678 (AB) IRRESPONSIBLE ART 2 Drives Requires Hand Drawn Art!
X3677 OMEN DEMO Nice AGA Demo 3676 (AB) PAGESTREAM F - G PATCH Latest Software Patch Update X3675 (ABC) CARD GAMES DELUXE All Games Use REKQ Cardsets!
3674 (AB) GLOBAL FACTS Lots Of Interesting Facts. I 3673 ROBS HOT GAMES 14 Another Whopping Collection* 3672 (AB) THIRD DIMENSION 12 3D Cons Kit Users Mag 3671 DOMINOES One To Buy Fa Your Grandad' X3670 (ABC) BIG GIRLS II AGA Qooer Not Called Big Fa Nothing* 3669 ICON TOOLBOX V2 12 Lots Of Icon Utils' 3668 WORD SEARCH DESIGNER Design Wadsearches Of Course!
3667 GCSE MATHS EXAM PAPERS Should REALLY Help With Revision!
3666 AM IG ADOS GUIDE VI .5 Amiga Tutorial Fa WB2* 3665 (AB) CLASS E: LUNAR MODULE Nice Lunar Lander Variation 3664 ROBS HOT STASH 36 Another Amazing Utils Disk' r IIETSURFER Al You Neea To Surf +© Internet Hic wriys M!h E rxse.
The 6 Bsfcs m - ArmiCP.
Mosaic. GuiFIR Qapevns.
EFPs Gude To The •Mernet Anq Mae. Only £5.991 ufo-iKUKnown 9 Disks Backed M»h ftocorls.
Documents k Articles ReWng To, Sitings.
Ab 3jction 4 Mere Srvser Stuff! Veers Far £8 99* HACK 9BLIYI9H TransfcymYou OthorvMse 8lar d Vtorxten-n With This Superb Pock Ot 10 DskS.
New icons. Fonts ft Drops Etc!
Al Fa £9.991 HOME APPLICATIONS Loods Ol The Mo*e Pctxiar Home ut« Are included In ; This 10 Disk Se- Accounts, ; Organises. Aral-ess Bocks You Name til A. For £9.991 .
MvKZb intfoccnow!
IFF. PICT. SGI & TIFF formats. Pelect for use with any 3D program sucn as imagine or lightwave I _ SPECCY SENSATION £14.99 Why anyone would want to degrade their Amiga to pay a speccy game isbeyoneme You get over 500 all time classes, plus all the emulators you need to plunge Into nostgigiqi POWER GAMES £14.99 A collection of over 500 supet) PD games for K2HHI any CD rom piatfrom nc uding CD32I All titles nc uded 'un oirect from the CD!
DOUBLE CDI Fonts, clipart, objects 24 Bit images, 250 MB of samples fit mods from the M.U.G. includes the FULL Octamed 5.04! & MORE!!
MAGINE ENHANCE £39.9 1 Contains exclusive data Covering objects,maos, fonts, backdrops, demos ana picture gollery plus other various bits & bats to enhance your images IMAGINE CD £36 99 One of the most complete collections of textures, attributes, objects AMINET 2 £9.99 k i AMINET 3 £9.99 GROLIERS ENCYCLOPEDIA li £96.99!
LIMITED STOCKSI Superb encyclopedia for all CD platforms! Hurry wh le stocks lastl AMINET 4 £9.99 AMINET 5 £12.99 AMINET 4 DISK SETI £24.99 Includes entire contents ot Amlnet 1 to 4. Plus 220 MB cf NEW DATA!
And backgrounds available tor imagine users TECHNICAL Bathup bli)P5 I am shortly to buy the much
J) Praised SquirrelSCSI adapter vi from HiSoft to connect a 540Mb
SCSI hard disk which was given to me by my father. As you can
guess, this is a drastic change from my simple dual
floppy-based system and I am looking forward to no more disk
swaps and having Workbench available instantly.
My father has also suggested I get hold of some disk backup and maintenance software and I have decided on AMI Tools and backup software. He also says that ideally. I should invest in a tape drive device for a fast and convenient backup storage device. Will SquirrelSCSI and, indeed. AMI Back work with such devices?
J Samuels. Prestwich The dispeller of despair, the - light at the end of the darh - tunnel. Ves. It's the HTHS - pages in time to saue all you - anguished hmiga ouiners in - needafhelp- Coloured screens usually mean a component problem. Most of the major chips in an A500 are socketed, so it’s possible, but not guaranteed, that one has come loose. Open up your A500 and push all the socketed chips down, making sure you have switched off the power and touched something earthed to get rid of any static first though.
70 1 7 acas Ujassat then?
% Having recently bought a second- j hand A1200 and being very new ~ to Amigas, I was wondering if you could tell me what the rectangular hole at the back of my A1200 (right next to the mouse port) is for. Has something important been removed?
M Timperly. Warrington h v I’m not an impatient person, or even one . Given to bouts of violence, but if I have to listen to the floppy disk clicking noise anymore when the drive is empty I will be driven to taking a implement of substantial mass to my newly acquired A1200. Please, please tell me how to stop it before I snap.
Oh dear, the age old and understandably annoying clicky drive problem rears its ugly head again. It's good to see newcomers are still entering the Amiga scene and is a good reason for Escom to get Amiga production up and running again.
Your problems are easily solved. Simply refer to our July issue CoverDisk, specifically CoverDisk number 2.
On here you will find a brilliant utility called MultiCX. This little wonder of wonders has many features ¦ The SquirrelSCSI software r doesn't explicitly support I?* tape drives. They do show up as SCSI devices on the SCSI chain and it's simply a matter for third-party software. AMI Back in your case, to access this device directly.
Tape devices are certainly one of the best methods of backing up hard drives and I would think that yOU shouldn't have any problems with SquirrelSCSI and AMI Back communicating with such devices. If you do.
HiSoft. The suppliers of SquirrelSCSI, have a customer support service second to none and I'm sure they could help with any problems should they arise.
(j Every time I switch on my Amiga v 500, the power light flashes and the screen goes green. What’s wrong? Is it time to buy an A1200 now?
H Moore. London rGo on. Be a devil and treat yourself to an A1200, you won't regret it - they're great.
Your A500 is probably dead, I'm afraid.
Dead 11500?
A Cowley. Bedfordshire One ot MultiCX s many features is the NoClick function which turns off the annoying drive clicking c I MultiCX Preferences 1 EDI Page C | Misc 1 Entec ASCII A Can Shift A Nq Caps Lock J PopCLI hotkey tmmm PopCLI command I PopCLI stac& i° Black border mm On mm NoClick Cl On mm iaflldstar Cl Off mm DoNotWait A I Save Cancel | built in to one program, most important in your case is the NoClick function which can be easily activated via the MultiCX Prefs utility which accompanies MultiCX on our CoverDisk.
Once activated, you can say good riddance to those clicky drive blues. Hurrah for MultiCX.
R Don't worry, nothing important
- is missing. Usually, that hole is covered by a blanking
The hole is simply there for any third- party hardware developers to use for their expansion boards if needed, although I don't know of anyone who has taken advantage of it yet.
- '•« Do you have a problem? Do you sometimes f find yourself
poised over your Amiga
* with axe in hand, spouting profanity at the N y stubborn
refusal of your Amiga software or Idind gour language JD*-ms'
hardware to behave properly?
F Well, calm down and swap the axe for pen and paper, jot down your problems, along with a thorough description of your Amiga setup, and send it off to Amiga Computing Advice Service, IDG Media, Media House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield SK10 4NP.
Hnij questions?
Lllhere are theq?
V j| I was wondering if you or any of J. your readers could help me find the following programs:
1. Magic User Interface
2. Any program that can convert IMG clipart to standard IFF
3. A program that will help me create ANIM files from a
collection of IFF pictures. I have tried MakeAnim but could
not get it to work as it kept crashing my system.
All the programs must run on my system which is an A500+. 4Mb RAM.
40Mb A500-HD+ hard drive and a A570 CD-ROM.
[lean up D Elliot, North Hykeham, Lincoln I am 14-years old and have set r my sights on a career in computer programming. I currently have an Amiga and would like your thoughts on which programming language to choose from.
I am interested in C and assembly languages as these seem to be the choice for most games programmers. Which one would be the one to learn for a games programming environment?
G Watson. Essex jWT Your first question is easily answered and you may even have it already if you regularly buy Amiga Computing (you do don't you?) MUI can be found on the CoverDisks of our July issue. It's a fully-registered version exclusive to Amiga Computing and is simply brilliant.
I think the new owners of Commodore - Escom - should have a chat with Stefan Stuntz, the author of MUI, to incorporate his code into a newer version of the operating system when they get around to ret Today’s games programmers are generally using a mix of the two. The core of the game code is often written in C to aid portability and reduce development time. Then, any areas which need to be fast and efficient are written as assembler routines and incorporated into the main game code.
Therefore, to have an advantage over other people pursuing careers in games programming, you should ideally have good working knowledge of both.
Establishing Amiga production and development. I came up blank on your second program for converting IMG clip art to IFF. You could try one of the many DTP packages around, which may let you import an IMG image and export it to the required type, but buying a complete DTP package for this sole purpose may be a tad expensive.
Any readers out their know of a suitable utility which can do this? Finally, the program you need for creating ANIM files from IFFs is called MainActor, which can be found in the public domain.
I ‘have recently lost a disk with some impor-
(r) J tant information on it due to a spillage acci- dent
involving a coffee mug and my wayward elbow. I was
wondering if there is any cleaning kit which can clean the
actual magnetic media inside the disk casing for situations
like this?
L Peters, Somerset There are no such cleaning kits available I'm afraid. The magnetic material inside floppy disks is rather delicate and '' susceptible to scratches.
However, I recently had a coffee incident with my Lightwave Installation disks but did manage to save them. I shall relate the whole sorry story to you, which begins shortly after I recovered from the shock and managed to stop swearing profusely. Once upon a time...(let's not get too carried away eh? - Ed).
The first thing I did was soak up the excess coffee on the exterior of the disks using simple kitchen roll. Next, I grabbed the bottle of cleaning fluid which comes with the many disk drive cleaning kits on the market. Such fluid is often alcohol based and is good at dispersing unwanted stains, while quickly evaporating.
At this point, my coffee-stained disks were starting to get a little sticky, so I proceeded to put drops of the cleaning fluid on the disk covers, rubbing it in with my finger. This seemed to disperse the Sticky coffee residue and, because most cleaning fluid evaporates quickly and easily, it left the disk covers dry and a lot cleaner.
The next tricky step was dealing with the metal slider which protects the magnetic media inside the disk case. As you can probably guess, the slider was not at all well. A healthy slider quickly snaps closed when you release it thanks to the little spring hidden away inside.
The coffee saw to it that this was not going to be the case any more and made the slider stick open and feel as if it was moving over a layer of treacle.
Carefully, I doused the outside of the slider with cleaning fluid and gently rubbed it in to the particularly sticky spots, letting it dry. Next, I carefully lifted the slider so I could get underneath it. Be careful not to bend it too far or it won't lie flat anymore, causing it to stick in the disk drive. It could also spring completely off.
Now that I could get under the slider, I proceeded to douse the underside of the slider and the surface area of the cover which the slider moves over with cleaning fluid - release the slide and try moving it back and forth a number of times, and keep adding more cleaning fluid until the slider starts to move freely. It may take quite a few minutes to get rid of all the sticky coffee residue, so be patient.
The next nail-biting step was to tackle the coffee which was actually on the magnetic surface of the delicate disk inside the casing. The first thing to remember is to never touch the magnetic media with anything that can scratch the surface - you can't get rid of a scratch.
Looking at the spots of sticky coffee on the magnetic surface of my expensive Lightwave disks made me cringe at this point. So, with trembling hand, I started to put drops of cleaning fluid on the disk surface, rotating the disk as I did so. You will probably notice that the cleaning fluid quickly spreads across the surface.
I then began to turn the disk using a pen on the round metal hub at the back of the floppy disk. Inside all floppy disk cases is a layer of soft white fabric which, I presume, helps keep the surface clean. This helps clean up the cleaning fluid (and hopefully the coffee stains too) as the disk rotates. Keep doing this until the cleaning fluid has dried and there don't seem to be any coffee stains in sight.
Eventually, you should end up with a much cleaner disk. The next step is to find out whether it still works. At this point, I must point out that there is a risk that any coffee residue still on the disks will probably find its way onto your floppy disk drives heads. The risk is yours and will depend on how desperate you are to retrieve your disks, so keep that disk drive cleaning kit handy.
You should now dig out your best disk copier and. Making sure the verify option is enabled, proceed to back up your disks. During this process, you will soon find out whether there are problems with your disks because the copier will probably display errors.
However, if you are lucky, the disk will copy without problems and you can then try and use any programs or data using the backups. In my case, I simply ran the Lightwave installation process to a temporary partition to see if it worked.
And it worked perfectly indeed. Frankly, I was pleasantly surprised and would not recommend this process unless the data you are trying to save is worth the risk of mucking up your disk drives heads. I would guess, though, that any liquid finding its way onto the heads will easily be cleaned with a cleaning kit, and replacement disk drives are quite cheap anyway.
Certain things this incident has taught me is that there is hope of rescue should this unhappy state of affairs re-occur, that floppy disks are best kept in floppy disk cases, coffee best kept in the mug, and always to make backups. So invest in a good quality disk box and take extra care when drinking at your computer. The end.
Amiga Computing (01903) 850378 "ST" Motl«Caid AMIGA PD & SHAREWARE GENERAL UTILITIES imers Of the code ty and i, any ficient s and 5de.
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1921 EAGLE PLAYER V1.S4 (1) Multi format muse player (LHA format) 1462 MIDI TUTORIAL (1) Problems with MIDI • Help is here 1989 MIDI UTILITIES VOL 1 (1) 1990 MIDI UTILITIES VOL 2 (2) Loads of useful Midi utiMies 1991 MUSIC X UTILITIES VOL 1(2) Packed with Music X Utilities 1993 MUSIC X UtlLltlES VOL 2 (3) Vancus Synths Protocols. Votes Patch Wave Kxanes 1979 OCTAMED V4 (1) Full version A500 compatible 2024 PROTRACKER V3.15(1) 1855 X BEAT PRO Ilf (1) GAMES & EDUCATION 1831 APOLL011 (2) Text book about Apollo mission 2121 A2 PAINT PAD(1) Excellent paint package A-Z pies 1527 BACK TO SCHbOL 1-3
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He* Mum with the shopping!
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£5.00 each Volumes 1 to 3-£12.50 Vol 4 - £5.00_ Ft LICENCEWARE WE STOCK THE COMPLETE RANGE OF FI TITLES CALL FOR LISTING reformation Access.' These are the key words to the “90s representing a global change in thinking about how we get the knowledge we need.
As the Internet swells with thousands of new users everyday, the media have hailed the dawn of a new era in which everyone can create a page that can then be read by anyone else, anywhere else in the world.
Il The paper publishers have been keen to jump on the bandwagon, and the gravity of this cultural change has become many a magazine's pet subject. Much has been claimed on behalf of the Internet, with some writers arguing it represents the biggest evolutionary step for publishing since William Caxton set up his first press in 1471.
They may well be proven right. Until recently. However, the net has lacked the content and style necessary to attract the average person used to the slick presentation of news and features they get from mainstream media.
The amount of information available was always vast, but finding high quality material of interest to anyone other than academics or computer buffs could be like trying to find the proverbial needle in a haystack.
Things are changing, though, with major newspapers and magazines all over the world staking out their claims on the Internet.
From Time magazine to the New York Times, the huge monoliths of traditional publishing are creating mirror entities in cyberspace, and already the standard of news and information coverage for net users is on the nse.
GRAND OPENING The event that marked the significance of the net to commercial publishers in the UK.
However, was the opening of The Electronic Telegraph's site on the 15 November. 1994.
The fact that such a powerful and respected force in publishing had taken this step was enough to make competitors sit up and take electronic services seriously.
Having been in existence for less than a year. The Electronic Telegraph (ET) is a newborn babe in comparison to its traditional sibling. On the new frontier of electronic, publishing, however, it's already looked up to as something of a veteran. A criticism justifiably levelled at many net sites established by commercial publishers is that they serve merely as tasters to sell subscriptions for the original product. But from the outset.
ET's editorial team had much higher ambitions. Hugo Drayton. Marketing Manage' responsible for the net version of the newspaper, was keen to emphasise Ets independence.
“It's very definitely separate,” Drayton asserted. To us it’s a different brand targeted at people who generally wouldn’t read a broadsheet Monday to Friday." To reinforce this claim. Drayton pointed to the market research they're currently conducting which suggests ET is indeed reaching an audience that would not normally read the Daily Telegraph. And with 90,000 registered users there can be no doubt about the site's popularity.
Currently. ET is a completely free site, but as a commercial publication the long-term aim is to make a profit. Quite how a paper like ET is going to achieve this remains uncertain in these [lews from the a2 tetna; lilwitt naiiit nwim n» ftms otodronfc Zrlrgldllit Clinton offers marines to help in Bosnia A CLEARLY rtUKfrnl yostorday ttal he was prepared to offer Nato the temporary use" of US around doopt in Bosnia In a spoocn to tlw US Air Forco Acidomy in Colorado Springs, ho said 'Wo hare obligations to our Nato altioo and i do not third: wo can loavo thorn in tho lurch ’ Brothers were in
£122m pension plot to salvage Maxwell empire, court told ppri BOBEBT Mamoc and his tore. Kevin and un, HuduUnOy mscaed U M mutKTiMiMHXa d pooston fond asMG in tm nucw groip to hap Muwt j ccrrpapwt facing a debtcrsB. *w»* alleged yrSSKdiy 15 Guardian Wmcmm to t* OuBfdnn ore* rtmtDtf sww Brought to you by CityScape Internet Services Ltd. Creators of the IP-GOLD Internet dial-up service.
IMercuiy Center web a I .rvar'i ||
J. w'hi’fvVrj ¦ I tm ¦ is *• .trvIMCUOr-rt rHir*»t m«wi rl
IiiiiitjctliaS!Ij iidMJltJraJasllsiaal Path cleared for
California's first nuclear waste dump Tlw front page features
the main stories of the day, but pictures are scaled down to
thumbnail previews to save loading time At the other end of
the broadsheet political spectrum, the on-line Guardian Mas
arrived but has some catching up to do The San Jose Mercury
News, an innovative Web pm that's introduced subscription
charges for the full service. The ET is monitoring their
success closely Amiga Computing AUGUST 1995 justifiably
ished by ay serve Hons for ) outset, er ambi- danager 1 of the
ise ET's longer it takes to read thanks to the fact it
probably has more memory consuming graphics.
Publishers are therefore hoping for increased transfer speeds, so when ISDN, a digital network, replaces the analogue network that most Internet users are connected to. There should be an improvement and expansion in the services available.
In the meantime, publishers are having to balance graphics against downloading times, so the best products are giving thumbnail previews of photographs and images.
Drayton d target- t read a reinforce i market g which audience ie Daily sd users e site's the novelty of net ads die down, for example, what’s going to make people visiting an advertising site spend money? And how are publishers going to incorporate adverts into their products without overburdening web pages with time-consuming graphics ?
Drayton argues that they’ll either have to be very funny or full of worthwhile information. He points to the Barclays’ advert, fresh on ET that same day. As a good example of the latter approach. In the future, however, it seems that electronic publishing will require a lleuis in a flash site, but ng-term e how a achieve n these earty days, especially since commercial interests aren't automatically compatible with the ee communal nature of the Internet.
* Our view at the moment is that we're in business of building a
readership and we don't think we can charge people to come in
and read the news headlines." Says Drayton.
"Where we think we're going to make our money in the long term is through advertising or through value-added services."
This second idea hints at a multi-levelled we at which the basic news is free but where other services carry a charge. Drayton explained: “We could give someone some* twig they actually want, like in-depth sports or financial information. Or k could be that we e-mail them information relevant to a subject want on a regular basis."
Whatever charged services do eventually appear, however. Drayton acknowledged that most of ET’s profits would have to be sought elsewhere. “We've seen in the newspaper cnop-down-tree world that we're involved in a pftce war that doesn't look like ending, and in order to remain profitable and grve our readers high-quality Transfer speed is arguably the biggest technical problem faced by electronic publications at present. Considering we re all used to large glossy photographs and designs in traditional papers and magazines, it's not surprising if Web sites can seem painfully slow to plough
Commonly referred to as the bandwidth problem . The delay in the amount of time it takes to get a desired page on screen is going to hsve to be overcome before Web publications can become part of the everyday home. What makes matters worse is that the more attractive the product, the information wo need to be getting money from new revenue services."
He continued: “Longer, longer term we don't want to be giving stuff away free. But the way things are looking at the moment, advertising is the most probable way of sustaining a decent product.” The prospect of having a paper which is mainly paid for by the advertisers is obviously good news for the readership, but advertising on the ‘net presents its own separate set of problems that have to be overcome. Once | . ____ Hs serious media moguls moue in on the 'net, commercial electronic publishing is about to blossom into life. Gareth lofthouse approached two major planers to get their uision on
the newspapers and magaames of the future Oh no! Il ojJcrliTansW3rn*nr 8t »»w»t One-of-a-kind Estate Charms Titi.fMiowni urwjirxN* you 5tafTw:ni M prtane m«rr.i proaty t* j *m» ut wu ;'*'t r im» tm a orpin, m For Princesses Only tyroAH w*i ton*, inil wtsran rI »l»* at 7t«cs«a thyrmm vtt W*fi ft.p *»•**«*«» W*m CowbUrt coari9t.|i». aor*KCCCCt Advertising American style - House ol Charm on the Mercury Mews draws readers in with game * and stories Tho Telegraph bears a link to this advert lor Barclay*, featuring a rather paper j II tely limited interactive olemeni Tho range ol commercial
publishers entering the Web isn't just limited to highbrow products. Penthouse, unsurprisingly, is being overwhelmed with user* Amiga Computing AUGUST 1995 The future is here The Web is currently being flooded with new newspaper and magazine sites every month, so by the time this article makes it into print a whole batch of new publications will have come on line. Here's just a taste of what’s available at the time of writing: Time Out Net The Guardian http: www.gold. net online Limited to Arts and Archives at the moment, it’s likely that the Guardian’s online presence will expand in the
The Electronic Telegraph httpj www. Telegraph, co. Uk The first electronic broadsheet in the UK, ET is still leading the way San Jose Mercury News httpy www.sjmercury.com bizhtml An excellent service that's charging subscriptions for full use - but rather heavy on the graphics httpj www. Timeout.co. uk The new and improved on-line guide to what’s hot in the city Penthouse Magazine httpj www. Penthousemag.com Soft porn makes it onto the ’net with a site that’s heavily overburdened with traffic Time Magazine http: www. Timeinc. ComAime mag azine magazine. Html The huge American weekly mag
azine increases its distnbution via its Web sibling closer collaboration between publishers and advertisers, not to mention a more innovative approach to exploit the new medium’s potential.
“We'll see a lot more advertising which is linked to editorial," says Drayton. “If we’ve done an article on a trip abroad we could make a link to a company that could book you a ticket. It’s not necessarily advertorial but advertising which relates to what you're talking about, so that people aren't having stuff thrust down their face, but there's information available if you want it."
Despite the challenges of setting up a major electronic newspaper and making it profitable, Drayton insists it's a worthwhile venture. He cites immediate worldwide distribution with reduced costs, and ease of access for those working with computers, as just two major advantages of electronic publishing over the traditional method.
He also believes electronic publishing presents no threat to traditional publications' sales for the moment, partly because people will always want the lightweight portability of papers and magazines. On the other hand, he refutes the argument that the traditional paper is easier for a reader to browse through and select what they want. “People who are used using on-line services convenient." He contends. “Articles are given the same weight in terms of space and you can cruise inside things you want to read in more depth."
With new readers joining up everyday, the confidence at ET so far seems justified, but even this high profile ’net service is having to cope with its fair share of teething problems.
Most recently, the introduction of a new password registration system pushed Ets computers to the limit. This meant even those registered previously couldn't get on to the site and the whole situation became, in Drayton’s words, a bit touch and go. I was a bit uncomfortable for a couple of days," he later confessed.
In comparison to most electronic publications appearing on the 'net, however. ET has a wealth of on-line experience behind it. By contrast Time Out Net. Offspring of the bestselling city-listings magazine, is still very much in its infancy. Despite being only a few weeks old, however, there’s an air of professionalism in Time Out's Web pages that bodes well for .the future. Offering features, information and events listings with guides for seven European cities, the site boasts an appealing layout and has already been praised as one of the best on-line publications by the specialist
Time Out Net's early success, far from being a matter of chance, however, is owed largely to the fact that the editorial team have identified and avoided flaws present in the majority of web sites.
“Everyone wants to get their toe in the water," said editor Matthew Collin. “But we really felt we had to offer some sort of solid content rather than just a glorified advert for Time Out. Most people have got over last year's World Wide Web. Isn’t it wonderful' buzz, and this year it's going to be all about content."
The team is also aware that people are expecting something new from web publications, rather than just an on-screen version of what's been available in print for decades.
Collin is already looking at ways of combining the best features of printed news and broadcast news, reasoning: “Things like video or audio clips as back ups to features and listing material could really enhance the service.
We're definitely thinking about including music clips, for instance."
As is often the case in computing, however, ambitions for the future reveal the technological limitations of the present.
"People want to see things that look good and are well designed." Says Collin. "But that has to be balanced against the problems of delivery speed. At the moment, because of technical limitations, people aren't getting information on-screen as fast as they’d like."
And learning how best to use and improve the technology is just one of the challenges that electronic magazines have to face. The electronic publishers are currently just feeling their way into a new market, and what Internet users are going to want now and in the future is still a matter of uncertainty.
An issue that they'll certainly have to face arises from the international dimensions of the Internet. Publications like ET and Time Out Net have been set up by national publishers. Yet their net products are open to access from all around the world. ET, for example, gets 35 per cent of its readership from abroad, some of which are expats but many others are Americans or English- speaking Europeans.
INTERNATIONAL STATUS Time Out Net has a similarly international readership, and Matthew Collin agreed that some publishers are going to have to adapt to expand into the bigger picture.
"There are a lot of sites that are very localised," he said. “But yes, if you’re a commercial site you need accessors from the States because that's the biggest area, so you have to take a look at what the Americans are going to make of your product."
The message is clear then: Publishing on the Web is a whole new ball game. Some of the net publishers may have decades of experience with traditional print behind them, but on the new frontier represented by the Internet, everyone's just learning the basics.
So what about the future, you may well ask? Is it possible that Web publications will be able to borrow the best assets of both printed and broadcast information services?
There doesn't seem to be any reason why not. TV broadcasting has the impact of film footage with sound but the viewers can't choose which stories to watch and which ones to ignore. Newspapers and magazines, on the other hand, allow readers to browse and focus on the stories that appeal to them, but at times a thousand words can't replace a brief video clip.
For the moment, though, the paper and print publications don't have too much to fear from their on-line counterparts, In fact, the electronic publishers are honest enough to admit that nothing is certain in these early days. “It’s like so many of these things," Collin admits. “No one really knows:" ALL WORK AND ALL PLAY assured reliability and quality by Microvitcc, the UK's leading monitor manufacturer, features include: Compatible with all workbench modes, the Auto-Scan 1438 has high performance electronics and an ultra fine tube for sharp, crystal clear images.
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Your subscription will commence from the earliest possible issue Amiga Computing light Rom 2 Reviewed back in issue 85, the first Light Rom collection gained the distinction of being the only CD (and indeed one of the only products in general) to receive full marks in almost every category. Compiled by Michael Meshew, the high standard of objects on show and the accessibility of the CD placed it head and shoulders above rival offerings for 3D modellers.
Now, the collection has been updated in an attempt to improve on the original, and once again Light Rom 2 is pitched purely at the Lightwave Toaster market - which is more the pity for Imagine users.
For those who didn’t get the first disc, what makes the series so appealing to use is the fact that all objects are catalogued with thumbnail renderings, allowing for instant previewing. This is much better than having to search the disc by loading each object into LightWave.
Part of the 300Mbs of new material should please Toaster users thanks to the incfusion of new wipes and a range of CG fonts. Everyone, however, will benefit from the expanded textures drawer which now features a collection of Kevin Lude’s backgrounds, all of which were originally only available commercially.
As usual, the compiler has added some handy utilities to help buyers make the most of the CD. Including Show Object, a program which allows for the viewing of LightWave objects in Directory Opus or even on Workbench. Since this program has a facility for simple wire frame manipulation of the object, it’s another feature which allows for speedy 3D previewing, Those who wish to create animated titles for their LightWave animations Should also take a look at Bluff Titler. This useful freebie allows for the manipulation of text, with explode implode effects and the ability to overlay text on video
being just a few of this gem’s simple, fun features. Thankfully, there's a PAL version too.
Otherwise, this update has maintained the quality control of the original and has expanded in some useful areas. With such high standards at such a reasonable price, this series looks set to stay the ultimate LighWave CD tool for a long time to come.
The bDttom line Product: Light Rom 2 Supplier: PD Soft Tel: 01702 466933 Price: £39.99 Ease of use_9 Implementation_9 Value for money_10 Overall 9 Miscellaneous CD collections are deservedly popular because by virtue of their sheer size alone, the buyer is guaranteed to find at least a few truly useful or interesting files. However, the market is already flooded with this type of product, so the Hottest 5 needs to be good to make a mark.
Fortunately, it appears to target a slightly different audience than the unbeatable Aminet Cds. Whereas the latter emphasise serious utilities and programs, the Hottest collection tries to balance serious computing with a healthy selection of games and demos, On the serious side, there’s Hard Utilities 2000 which includes tecchie yet invaluable programs like Abackup, a decent PD back up system, and Virus Checker v.6.29, a powerful though not quite up-to-date version of the excellent virus killer. There’s also the latest version of Snoop DOB, a program which will log all DOSrtibrary calls and
more when a program is run. This is useful for locating problems, and with the addition of an improved interface it stands out as a highlight in the collection.
Other items in the pick and mix collection include Toaster textures by Thomas Dawson, the cheep but cheerful graphic converter Image Studio, and a number of educational programs like the A to Z Paint Pad.
There's at least as much fun material for more lighthearted moments, however, with a number of bizarre games (like Roachfarm) and animated demos such as The Life of Mr. Pissoff. Unfortunately, this reasonably good selection is let down by the common CD problem of poor organisation. Finding the more interesting material is nowhere near as user-friendly a process as it is with the Aminet collection. It's true that a booklet is included which summarises the disc’s contents, but this doesn't seem to work as well as Cds which include proper AmigaGuides. Despite these shortfallings. Though.
Hottest 5 is still worth a look for those who want a bit ol everything.
The bottom lino Product: Hottest 5 Supplier PD Soft Tel: 01702 466933 Price: £19.99 Ease of use_ 5 Implementation 7 Value for money_ 7 Overall 7 Amiga Computing IhQ Sound library and Graphics Work Shop Ienture Gallery orward to jnds and roved an y- res to be Vorkshop IU1 din: I It MUM are 1,0 t I II } This month sees the update of the best 30 TO collection Hmiga. Bareth Lorthouse tests it tor improuements and reuiews a host of other handg discs Graphics Sensation bizarre luch as ionably iroblem materi- t is with lcluded doesn’t proper lough, a bit of turns out to be rather a misleading
name, because the ‘ecus of the product is almost exclusively on the audio side oI things. As far as graphics are concerned, there appear to be a number of utilities, many of which are easily available elsewhere anyway.
Even if you ignore this fad and assess the produd just as a sound colledion, however, there are still a number of serious flaws. Most serious of these is the almost complete ack of organisation of sound files into easy-to-use groups.
Basically, the only sub-divisions are between samples and modules. From there on, finding the type of sound required
* s nothing more than hit and miss searching through thousands of
files incongruously thrown together.
Admittedly, it would take a lot of work on someone's behalf, but categorising sounds into basic drawers like ¦Special Effects’. ‘ House Music’, and Metal' is vital if a compilation like this is going to be of use to most people.
In fairness, the samples and mods on offer are better in terms of quality than some of the other sound libraries available, and dipping into a collection like this is always fun. Plenty of silly samples, for example, can be found for novelty purposes - Porky Pig's evil laugh turned out to be a popular sample to accompany error messages in the office. It's also good to see an impressive range of tools ncluded such as the latest versions of Sound Tracker, Pro Another collection of mainly PD 3D objects, Graphic Sensations is not short of material for both Imagine and Lightwave. What’s more, in
contrast to many of the Cds this month, everything has been grouped and subdivided into easily manageable categories.
Seems that sometimes compilers will stick anything on a disc to pad out the space. If they had to fill gaps, however, a few more animations wouldn't have gone amiss instead.
Those requiring backgrounds will go to the texture drawer, though many of them seem of only mediocre quality when compared to some examples on the Textures CD also reviewed. All the same, as part of the general collection they a worthwhile extra.
There’s nothing particularly fresh or outstanding about Graphics Sensation, but it does represent good value for anyone who hasn't bought a 3D collection previously.
Product: The Sound Library and Graphics Workshop.
Supplier. PD Soft Tel: 01702 466933 Price: £19.99 Ease of use 4 Implementation _ _ 6 Value for money 7 Overall 6 Tracker. MED and a number of rippers. What's more, there's no complaining about quantities of material, as both Cds are choc full.
Nevertheless, The Sound Library and Graphics Workshop only warrants a very lukewarm recommendation. It's no worse than many of its rivals, but with a bit of organisation it could have been so much better.
The bottom line It seems that textures are thrown in to pad out almost every new CD put on the market, but for anyone who finds them regularly useful in their work, here's a CD that concentrates exclusively in this field.
The good news is it’s another fish image collection done in the style of the Light Rom series, which means thumbnail images which allow for easy previewing of all the pictures on the CD. Flicking through this catalogue gives a good impression of the wide variety of texture types available.
Simple brick backgrounds may not be fascinating in themselves but they're always useful for a wide range of applications, and even these basic pictures have an air of quality with reasonably professional lighting.
There are also backdrops which have obviously been designed with presentations in mind. The Brownbox or Diamond IFFs, for example, would make good backgrounds for bullet points and text.
One complaint must be aimed at the claim that this is a huge double-CD collection. The thing is, when you actually look at the CD it becomes clear that so much space has been taken up because the same images have been converted across six formats. How many Amiga users are going to find SGI format textures handy ?
Otherwise, it’s a good quality and highly usable CD, though how many people are going to pay this price just for backgrounds remains to be seen.
Predictably, a lot of the objects have been seen before.
Objects such as the Viewpoint hammerhead shark and chevy, for example, turn up on just about every 3D collection available, so this CD is only heartily recommended to those who haven't bought an object collection up to this point.
Categories covered include anatomy, gears and video for Imagine, and holidays, aviation and environment for UghtWave. Which at least means it’s not all Babylon 5 and Star Trek rip offs.
A few animations have also been added including the
5. 7Mb Jumpgate - which for some reason only appeared in grey
scale when we viewed it - and the Space Animation by Samuel
More bizarrely. However, there's also a directory full of Amiga Comms tools like Ncomm and Term. How these made their way onto a graphics CD I’m not sure, but it The bottom line } The bottom line Product: Graphic Sensations Supplier: Epic Tel: 01793 490988 Price: £19.99 Ease of use_8 Product: Textures Gallery Supplier: PD Soft Tel: 01702 466933 Price: £39.99 Ease of use_9 implementation o Value for money_8 Implementation_8 Value for money_7 Overall 7 Overall 8 Amiga Computing AUGUST 1995 - FREE FREE UNDERGROUND LIBRARY DISK POST & PACK FREE FREE GAMES CHEATS 1,4 EMULATOR ON All ORDERS £110
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If only all packages adopted a similar approach 3D fur for all
Paul Hustin enplores lightlllaue's ultimate organic add-on 10
10 _7 8 I n the rush for 3D believability there's ¦ always a
'what if feature beyond the I reach of just about every
I Until the release of Lightwave 4.0, kinematics [ was the de facto stalking-horse, constantly dragged from the stable when anyone felt the need to give Lightwave a good kicking.
Thanks to the arrival of Fiber Factory, another seemingly insurmountable 3D problem has been solved. Courtesy of a beautifully simple stand-alone interface, the complexities of handling huge numbers of ndividual fibres is down to a simple point and dick procedure.
The only thing you need to create any kind of hairy incarnation is an existing Lightwave object. After loading an object the software uses it as a template from which the fibres grow. Assuming you've loaded a sphere into the software, the effect would apply to the entire surface - creating a tribble or pom-pom.
If you only want to add a toupee to your sphere, you could simply go into modeller, copy the area in question, paste it into another layer, save it, and then load this in as your object. If you then regenerated the hair, saved the resulting model, and loaded this into modeller, your follically-challenged sphere would now have a luxurious head of hair.
SPECIFICS This ability to dissect a model and add fibres to a specific area, and in a specific style, is an incredibly powerful means of combining styles on the same object. Adding a moustache to the same sphere would simply mean copying the appropriate area and defining a shorter and rougher look for those fibres. Better still, when the software generates fibres it doesn't retain the existing model
- only the actual fibres or wig make up the new hairy object, As
a result, when the fibres combine with their original template
object there's no risk of rendering errors or unnecessary
The new wig simply fits perfectly onto the area or object you used to create it.
As you see from the interface screen shot.
Fiber Factory is reassuringly simple. In short, you simple load the object, adjust the settings and dick on the make button. If you discover a fibre style you're likely to want to apply on future projects, you can save and reload it for use on another object as required. Okay, the load, save and make buttons are pretty self As for faults, there’s little to complain about.
The only real irritation is that the preview screen only generates single strands to denote the length and style of the fibres. As a result, you're often forced to load your creations into Lightwave and do a test render to get a real idea of how the fibres and designs adualfy look.
On the plus side, the interface does have complete control over the angle of view, either via hotkeys or mouse-controlled freehand rotation.
Uni) questions?
Explanatory. Following these comes the hair qty setting, which not surprisingly defines the number of fibres to be generated. Next up comes the length option, which as you'd expect is expressed in meters. Just below awaits the all-important segments option - if you want your fibres to bend they must have sufficient segments to make the effect believable.
The following sub-section defines the style of the individual fibres. If you set the sides option to one.
You end up with a single two- point polygon - great for basic cost-effective fur. However, such two-point polygons do lack specularity and shading.
Raising the figure generates a traditional polygon model for each fibre, and by varying the amount and adjusting the radius can create anything from flat stnps to cylinders. Add definable tapering and you can extrude every fibre to a sharp or soft point.
STYLING The Polygon qty figure shows the total number of polygons that will be generated using the present settings. Next comes the all-important styling section with kink adding a crinkled or accordion effect to the fibres.
Contour offers a means of laying the fibres down on the surface of the polygons to a user-definable degree, thereby creating the sleek rather than spiky look you'd require when modelling a smooth fur-covered creature. Curl, not surprisingly, does just what you’d expect, with 1 producing a single loop, while the turns define how tightly the curl should be wound, Jitter offers a means of randomising the directional variation in relation to the templates surface, the end result being a definable amount of messiness. Last of all comes the truly stunning Tropism control which defines the
amount of bend or droop applied to the fibres - an affect which might be caused by light, wind Or, more often, gravity.
Combine this with a sufficient number of segments and fibre styles and you can generate beautifully soft organic shapes. And of course the degree of bend is totally user definable, in terms of both weight and direction.
The final icing on the cake is the affect morphing has on the Fiber Factor concept.
Because the number of fibres, points and polygons remain the same, morphing between two revisions of the same object can lead to amazing animation, regardless of the effects applied to them.
Plants and vegetation could blow in the breeze or turn to the light, hair could stand on end or bounce along as a character strides across the scene. To quote the manual; The possibilities are endless." T*7 Product: Fiber Factory Supplier: CyberSystems Tel: 01843 292150 Price: £99.95 The bottom lino Ease of use Implementation.
Value for money.
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T mmm m m n§n j E.M.COMPUTERGRAPHIC ra H 8 EDITH ROAD, CLACTON, ESSEX. C015 1JU , ra .. ft i 1 Desktop Publishing Typefaces 1 Tel: 01255 431389 Fax: 01255 428666 A rn i cj a Computing t GRAPHICS Dhere comes a time in everybody's life when, despite their best efforts to avoid such a thing, they find twmseives needing to do something hor-
• •ndous such as producing a (dare I say it) yaph or, even worse,
a mathematical formula.
The Amiga, despite having excellent DTP and document processing packages, te rather devoid of this sort of tool. So
• hat options are there available to the frustrated user?
Well, a simple bar chart - or histogram - can be knocked up in a suitable paint package; however, it is a shame when you've got a 300 DPI printer sitting on your desk to print out a graphic that was designed for display on a 70 (ish) DPI ¦onitor. Saying this, you'll be fine as long
• » you don’t need any lines which aren't honzontal or vertical.
What about a pie chart? The mathematically minded could convert an angle to a co-ordinate on a circle, but what if you haven’t got the time or inclination to do fas? There's a fair whack of processing power at your fingertips and you'll be
• educed to using it as a calculator. Shame
• •ally. As for presenting three dimensional data, such as sales
of different items over a set of months - euurgh. Practically
¦"possible to do manually.
Worse still is entering a mathematical aquation. Consider the solution of a Quadratic equation: % • (-b (? Or -) sqrttbt - 4AC) I W t looks a lot better when presented in its onginal form. The paint package of your s"o»ce could be the only way out, or you could try and draw something with a DTP package which would (and I speak from experience here) look like the cat had done something unsavoury on your page.
It's depressing to go and use Word on a RC - these things are built in! As good as P«nal Writer or WordWorth are, they are missing these things. However, there
• re cheap - nay free - solutions thanks to
• *• Amiga's superlative public domain and iftareware fraternity
and. In the politically correct '90s, sorority.
Firstly, you should decide what you want
• ft do with the data - preferably use a praph ormat and save the
graph as an IFF OR2D (IFF's structured drawing format) or EPS
(Encapsulated PostScript) file. The Cfeoice you use will be
dictated by four package - PageStream likes IFF 0*2D if you're
printing on a non-postscript When can a word processor become a
maths package? Flik lines finds out as he looks at the mami
solutions for creating uisualig pleasing formulae a emmas
display. The manual, which is provided in both English and
French, gives a lot of good, easy-to-read information on how to
produce a data file, and the format of the file is sensible and
easy to remember.
Printer, whereas Final Writer likes EPS for anything.
There are quite a few packages that claim to do this sort of thing. However, the best and most flexible I have found are JcGraph and Agraph which are both PD and, curiously enough, both written by Francophonic authors - JCGraph is from Canada and Agraph comes from France. I have yet to draw conclusions from this observation.
Agraph has only recently been written by Denis Gounelle and produces a variety of graphs - including Histogram and pie chart
- which are output as IFF bitmaps corresponding to the size of
the window. Data is read from a text file which gives
information on the sort of graph to draw, number of colours to
use and the actual data to One thing that would be
exceptionally useful for this package would be an option to
specify the pixel size of the output. Who knows - the author
may include it in the next version.
The most feature-packed software I found for displaying data was the JCGraph package. Flexibility is paramount with this package; graphs can be made in 13 two dimensional or 13 3D formats, colours or grey scale values can be set. As can labelling size, and oodles more. The resulting graph can be saved in DR2D, ILBM, EPSF (grey or colour). GEO or DRAW2000 format - at least one of those should work with the package of your choice.
Again, data is written into a text file then loaded into the package. There are a couple of bijou quirkettes in the data format, however. For example, the number 1003 must start off every data file for JCGraph.
Why not the word JCGraph? Who knows.
Following this is the si26 of the data array which specifies the arrangement of data.
Four values plotted over 12 months would be a 4 x 12 array, requiring 48 data entries.
Another strange aspect that manifests Amiga Computing GRAPHICS Hi ?
Itself is the ’cotation' scale and multiplier values that have to be in the data file. I seem to recall from my French that this is something to do with height, so I guess it’s the height scale and multiplier. It's worth mentioning that the manual is again provided in French and English, but the English can be hazy at times.
After this, comes the actual data followed by the row - and column, if three dimensional - names. It's a bit of a fiddle to enter the data and the chances are that rows and columns will be entered in the wrong order for the first few tries, but eventually good results can be obtained.
Once the data file is prepared, this is loaded into the program. Then the type Of graph required is selected from any one of 13 different types. The rotation of the graph, along with the perspective, can be changed through the use of sliders, and a preview window shows a sample of the graph type in the orientation you have selected.
ANY SIZE Once everything is fine and dandy, click on the render button which will render the graph to fill the final output window no matter what its size. If the graph s appearance meets your requirements, you can save it in any one of the formats listed before to wherever takes your fancy.
The package has a complete Arexx port as well, should you wish to automate your graph creation. There's also a brief description of how to create your own graph types in case you want to make a completely different graph with whatever properties you require.
The author of JCGraph has. Unfortunately. Stopped developing the package which is a shame. There are a few bugs such as not liking more than 16 colours on screen, and the manual really could do with a few updates. However, for free I don't suppose we can complain but be thankful that it does what it does so well.
All in all. I reckon JCGraph is quite easy to use. Feature packed and well thought out
- certainly worth having in anyone's suite of document processing
tools as you never know when you may just need it. And so we
[lie most feature-paeked software I found for display data was
tlie JfGraph package Flexibjlitq is paramount with this
package; graphs ran he made hi 13 two dimensional or E 3D
formats, rolours or greg stale ualues ran he set. As can
labelling see. And oodles more move swiftly on to the other
frequently-met problem - how to insert something looking like a
mathematical equation into your documents.
For quite a few years, a typesetting language called Tex' (pronounced tech for no adequately explained reason) has been available to perform this very task, and there is an Amiga port of the beast.
However, it's not everyone's cup of tea because the term WYSIWYG was not heard of when the language was conceived
- however, this doesn't detract from the power of the language.
The whole idea of Tex is to abstract the formatting away from
the user to produce good-looking, readable documents without
having to worry about layout.
The Amiga version, called Pastex. Is free and good, However, this is not really the solution most people will want, especially as many only want a quick equation now and then.
Ularoi thanks The two packages that have been looked at in depth here - JcGraph and MathScript - both add to the Amiga's DTP or document processing suite and will, for most people, be used at least once or twice.
With these two packages installed, there’s no reason to change machine as they bring all the functionality you could need to the Amiga A big hearty 'thank you' is deserved by the authors.
Lllhat a stormert A few weeks ago, a package called MathScript version 2.0 was uploaded to Aminet by its author, Simon Ihmig.
Curiosity got the better of me, and I downloaded. The first thing to say is that this package is a stormer! It really is excellent.
The author appears to have produced the package for the reasons it was needed, and as an exercise in programming, it’s difficult to get excited about this sort of thing but it really is that good.
However. I'll stop prevaricating about the bush and tell you what it actually does.
Double-clicking on the package's icon gives a rather nice interface built using Magic User Interface, therefore allowing the look of the package to be completely altered, should the urge take you.
Residing at the top of the window is a bank of 13 buttons, each of which bring up a different array of symbols when clicked on. Below this is a simple string gadget and then the rest of the window is taken up by an innocuous looking frame with sliders on both sides. Mathematical equations are entered into the string gadget with special symbols taken from the banks of symbols, then the equation is previewed by clicking on the large frame.
Superscript and subscript are catered for. As is all the necessary formatting I could rack my brains to think of - the Size of the font used can also be set to whatever is required. Symbols include all standard Greek characters and more mathematical ones than my humble brain could recall.
Once happy with the previewed results, they can be saved as ILBM, postscript or encapsulated postscript. EPS has a bitmap of the results inside the file as well as the postscript information; with this format.
Pagestream can be coaxed into printing the results on any printer.
Final Writer is very much at home when dealing with EPS images, and the author provides full instructions to get the two packages behaving happily together - an that has to be done is remove a couple of comments from Final Writer’s Postscript initialisation file.
The package has a full Arexx interface and comes with three Arexx scripts - one for the package and two for use in Final Writer - and all three automate the passing of formulae between the packages InsertFormula is used from within MathScript to push the EPS result to Final Writer (using the size of the current font «| Final Writer - a nice touch) whereas the other two open and dose MathScript from within Final Writer. This addition to Final Writer makes it closer to how Word is fot the PC - it's an excellent example of whl the Amiga and Arexx can do.
Even if you don’t have Final Writer,- is pretty much another ’must have.' It’s excellently written and does the job it v supposed to do very well. The sharewa- fee is 515 and my only niggle is that the has to be sent to somewhere in Germanv Amiga Computing !f!
Called aded to Ihmig.
I down- hat this xcellent.
Ced the leeded, . It's dif- of thing bout the y does, i's icon It using wing the ipletely low is a bring up clicked jget and (n up by iders on ons are i special lymbols.
Clicking catered tatting I the size vhatever standard ematioal scall.
I results, script or a bitmap tl as the format, nting the ne when e author the two her - all »uple of Dstscript interface its - one in Final he pass* ckages.
Within : to Final it font in reas the ript from to Final rd is for i of what nter, this ive.’ It’s job it isl tareware that this irmany.
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Iore and more people are using 1 I computers at work and an
increas- I ing number of households have a personal
computer. It's also true that in I Way's competitive working
climate, more of I us are working longer hours. It is
therefore I wy advantageous to be able catch up on I t* rk
by transferring work-related files from I fe office computer
to your home machine.
The converse can also be true however.
I as some people often take advantage of I computers and software at work to do tasks I associated with their home computer. On the , T-ore leisurely side, it's useful for fellow ! Amiga addicts to be able to link their I machines in order to share data. So, let's I fcck at how you can connect your Amigas to 1 ctner computers (and to each other) for ¦watively little or no cost at all.
Unfortunately, when you Start thinking and | operating in a cross computer manner, the question of compatibility anses. It is the major cymbling block most users will fall over when rf °g to work between different computers.
Until fairly recently, the only way around
* ese problems was to invest in expensive hardware such as
emulators or network cards. Now, with the advent of low-cost
hardware. Such as modems, and fairly recent tcftware solutions,
life is a lot simpler.
First though, let's explain some common srxtems which must be overcome. To start mtn there are two levels of compatibility JTJOlems which must be dealt with, the first of these being actual storage media compatibil- r» Different computers have different ways
* stonng information on disks. It may be that
• ctual floppy disks are pretty much generic ¦cross nearly all
machines (a 3.5 inch floppy be used by any computer with a
3.5 inch
• fcppy drive), but the way data is actually [ Kored on such
disks can be drastically different. By default, an Amiga can't
read a Macintosh or PC formatted disk because each of these
machines has its own file system. A file system describes the
way in which tracks and sectors are written to a disk when it’s
formatted, and how files are stored and retrieved on these
disks. So, your computer must understand how to read a
different computer's disk before it can even find the file on
The second compatibility problem lies with the actual file being transferred. Say. For instance, you have a 3000 word document you have written with Microsoft Word on your Macintosh at work. When you save it to a floppy disk, Microsoft Word stores it in its own proprietary format, with various special commands embedded in the document file which signify such things as different fonts, font style (bold, italic) and other information.
ILLEGIBLE If.you were to transfer it to your Amiga word processor, the word processor must know how to read the Microsoft Word format file or you will get strange characters on the screen which would be about as legible as a legal document written in Latin by a dyslexic solicitor.
So, you have disk filing system and file format compatibility issues to consider before computers can talk to one another. The latter is the easiest to deal with, so I will expand on this first.
Thankfully, file format issues have been recognised by the computer industry and many file format standards have appeared over the years. For example, in the word processor market, there are a few universally understood file formats which nearly all word processors understand, such as ASCII (American Standard Computer Information Darren fuans loohs at some low-cast methods of connecting your Hmiga to other computers and some of the pitfalls to watch out for Interchange). Nearly all word processors can save text files in this format and can thus be read by other word processors.
So, why do all word processors commonly have their own peculiar way of saving documents. Why not just use ASCII all the time?
The reason why this is not the case is that ASCII is a pretty old standard and is far too simple for today’s requirements.
With today's powerful word processors you have the ability to include many different fonts, font styles and even graphics and tables within a document. Poor old ASCII doesn’t know about these exotic elements.
All it knows about are simple letters and numbers (with some simple control characters for line feeds, carriage return etc). The RTF (Rich Text Format) standard is more intelligent in that it knows about font styles such as bold and italic, and even graphics (depending on the application's implementation of RTF).
Thankfully, just getting the text content of a document is generally all that is required for the average user when transferring a word processor file to another computer.
There are still difficulties even between so- called ASCII file formats On different computers which treat end of line (EOL) and carriage returns and line feeds in different ways.
Amiga Computing IT modem cable pin assignment Here are the pin assignments if you want to make your own null modem cable. You will need one 25-pin female D-Sub connector for the Amiga. The PC end will either be a 25-pin or a 9-pin female D-Sub depending on your PC model.
If you’re not handy with a soldering iron, many computer stores stock null modem cables 25-pin Signal Signal 9-pin 25-pin 07 GND GND 05 07 02 TD RD 02 03 03 RD TD 03 02 05 CTS RTS 07 04 04 RTS CTS 08 05 06 DSR DTR 04 20 20 DTR DSR 06 06 Saving an Amiga ASCII text file and loading it into a Macintosh word processor will result in the actual text being loaded, but the layout will be terrible. Such problems do not occur if you use RTF.
Things are slightly less developed with regards to spreadsheets and databases. The only generic format which a few Amiga applications support is Comma Separated Values (CSV). One example is Twist 2. A database from HiSoft which happily accepts data stored in CSV format.
The graphics arena is probably the most developed area in terms of the sheer number of file formats - I can think of over ten graphic file formats off the top of my head. I would hazard a guess that relatively little difficulties will arise when trying to transfer graphic files between various computers and if it did. I would say it would be down to poor support or implementation on the part of the application.
Some of the most common graphics file formats include True Image File Format (TIFF).
Targa (TGA) and Graphic Interchange Format (GIF). If your graphics application supports these, your life will probably be easier, if it doesn't, there are many graphics file format converters image processors available both commercially (ADPro) and in the public domain (Image Studio) to help you out. So, when you are shopping for an Amiga application you think will help you with your work, be sure to check for file compatibility. Ask the person in charge of software installation at work about the file formats which the software you are using supports. Then, check your Amiga application
supports a good range of various file formats. It's also worth a browse through public domain libraries.
Once you do have a particular file which you know your respective Amiga application can read and use. You still have to surmount the problem of getting it from one computer to the other. This is where the different file systems found on various computers rear their ugly heads in an attempt to thwart your efforts. Thankfully, there are solutions to the problem, both in hardware and software.
Essentially, all the Amiga requires is information about the other computer s disk structure and the way it stores files on the disk.
One of the Amiga's great strengths is its ability to easily incorporate strange and alien filing systems via software drivers.
The Amiga and-PC are already on relatively good speaking terms, if you have Workbench
2. 1 or later that is. This is thanks to the small and clever
driver called CrossDOS.
CrossDOS allows your Amiga to read and write MS-DOS PC disks without the need for any hardware. This is really good news because it is common knowledge that the PC is the most popular computer to be found in both large and small businesses.
DRIVER ACTIVATION To activate this driver, simply go into the Storage drawer on your boot partition, enter the DOSDnvers drawer and double-click on CrossDOS. You can also drag it into the DOSDrivers drawer in the Devs drawer so that it loads automatically at boot time.
However. Workbench's CrossDOS driver is only designed to work with floppy disk drives.
If you want to access CD-Roms, hard drives or other high capacity devices. CrossDOS as it stands will not work.
It is possible to edit the CrossDOS driver file and supply it with further information about high capacity devices, but this requires a great deal of knowledge about the relevant device and file systems in general. Thankfully, there are commercial packages available which take away this burden and supply the user with all the tools required to use both floppy and high capacity devices across different computers with relative ease.
CrossDOS Professional, reviewed in the July issue of Amiga Computing, is an enhanced and much faster version of the Workbench CrossDOS. And as well as providing the ability to read and write MS-DOS floppy disks, it also makes connecting and configuring hard drives and other high capacity devices such as CD-Roms a breeze. It even allows you to mix MS-DOS and Amiga partitions on a single hard drive.
If you want to transfer files between a Mac and your Amiga, the makers of CrossDOS | developed CrossMAC. Considering the complexity of the Apple disk filing system.
CrossMAC does an admirable job with some | restrictions for the Amiga owner. If your main | aim is to transfer files via floppy only, you will need a 1.4Mb high density floppy drive because low density floppies are not | supported.
On the hardware side, you have the option I of using a modem to transfer files from your work computer to your home computer. Of course, this will require you to actually have a modem and terminal software such as Termite, or one of the many public domain terminal applications, not to mention the | modem required at your workplace too.
Terminal software can also be used with a I null modem cable to connect two machines together and transfer files as though they were actually connected via a modem. The advantage of this method, though, is that phone bills are not creeping ever higher during the transfer, and it's faster too. A null modem cable is a serial cable which has been re-wired slightly (see diagram for building your own null modem cable) and is avail-1 able from all good computer stores. There are also a few commercial and PD utilities I which utilise serial or parallel cables which I often allow you to actually
use drives con-1 nected on one computer as though they | were connected to the other.
Link-lt is one such commercially available I utility, while in the public domain, there are I programs like PC Amiga Transfer, which is I on CoverDisk 2 of this very issue of Amiga | Computing for you to try.
There are various emulators available m I the public domain, but they tend to be 31 little too unstable and too complex to set up I for my liking. FT$ Fu55i) filenames and misconceptions One extremely annoying problem to be aware of when transferring files between Pcs and Amigas is the limit imposed by MS-DOS on the length of filenames.
MS-DOS filenames cannot be longer than eight characters with a three character extender, exam- PLES.TIF. for instance, has the maximum letters for the main filename, with the last three letters after the period usually denoting filetype, in this case a TIFF graphics file. This is quite restrictive and doesn’t make for clear and explanatory naming at all.
Now. Our humble Amiga not only beats the pants off most Pcs at multi-tasking, it is also much more versatile in terms of filenames. The Amiga quite happily accepts filenames up to 30 characters in length and herein lies a major problem. If you are transferring files from your Amiga to the PC. You have to always be aware never to use filenames longer than eight characters. If you do, you will probably end up overwriting previous files or get lots of duplicate file error messages.
As an illustration, consider the Amiga filename ANI- MATIONOOOO.TGA, which is the first frame of a 1500 frame animation with the last frame being ANIMATION1499.TGA. If you were to transfer these files to, say. An MS- DOS partition on a hard disk, all the files will be unceremoniously chopped to ANIMATIO.NOO. overwriting previously copied files which will have the same name and generally causing a major headache.
It’s easily avoided if you are the one creating the files, just use a name with less characters, but there are situations where long filenames from other sources will be cause for a tedious renaming session.
A common misconception among many novice users is the assumption that if the Amiga can read an MS-DOS formatted disk, any programs on there can be run on the Amiga. However, although there may be many files on a PC CD, such as pictures, fonts audio samples and the like, any actual PC programs on the CD cannot be executed on the Amiga because these programs are written specifically for PC processors and hardware.
PC and Mac emulators are required to run suer programs and these tend to be somewhat expensive Amiga Computing CC N s U U Q Ll3 = E o (y to 3 4 ft s P 0 ( ) 0 a 2 «o E V 1 w cn 0 ?
CD a h O CL u. X UJ s 'J u Si E V5 sc.
C ~tj B u. "3 3 C. •0 ’•6 i | Q H 0 u c £ LL • 'j 2 V. O 0 ~ 0
- T- «u c O r- C C U o -J •2 2 Cj 3 2 C 3 c ll 0 H rg LL w U
0 e Z Cjj u C 5 o t 5 w e ¦y V 0 Cl c 3 1 0 'X.
0 y o c 1 al *o s l ,C.
L (- w r i c«: 2 m* uwww ll ll O uj § 10 1 }o I Uj Q;
k. 111 :i 0 0 I 0 si s8 Icc D O - o z u % « *- “¦Qss gjJio ,° ~
ll o £ 8 2 ° SSH
Q. 0 0 ® 0 CO Q 0 T" ,_ 0 0 0 0 Ifllf 0 "C H 0 d -4 Uj ...
fM &-}m q* 9 r i Slog qS?C0 to c
Q. 1 aoO 0 41 5.0 &u°- 0 _ X = 1 CO 3 TO O Q E cq ) a = * W
¦D O co d CD | ? Oq lO; i_ 00 « O t co£a | d N°W| LU X S
I ms! Si
- °i U “ = -
O) m ¦*- lo ID oo CD a £ D T- Cco W GJ CD w l l U5 K- i oC o o
- rj 0 2 a n CM CO CM CM CO i o CM O) ? SO)
o 0 Q) ~ D
o c W 0 0 5° £ LJ . 0 s co QC fl 2 3° 4 "O e 2 8 “¦
- Q &
• r C O m £ .9- coH °-
d) 03
- C 0 V L
o -o to to o c° i_ u r 0 .1= CO cc $ CM s CM CM CO O CM 3t (0
“O C o C « So V.
0) C o oU “ O • CD q N 0) S O «5 LL co o O Q- E a CD X E
¦** N Q a D C CD 0 CO 01 E 3 •3 8 5 c «£s
V) CL 2 o D -g w oi r
o N v ID ¦o 0 N »_ 04
8. 8 5 gife23 g CM W t co to 000-2: CT) O) O) CO EE 12
!- ( & C N f 0 Sift 3 Q. o PC w H C 5 !
U Q O P4 PP 3 30.-do-35* C to o
- , Q) 0
- c® £ - 0 z1lSS 0 “ a°5w 0-000 o 0
l. -s W c Is- E o - "S°E Y S§2 = 05 H M J w =5°° d o|i
UJ 2 QJ CL 1 &§oW hO US E 0 0 O C -O - CO «! R m © c g o
2 co 8; f *r 2 lisp Cld T3 CC -Q § O CO t to 2?, H G)
o » = o o Spirit of the Pharaoh plus Seven Wonders of the Ancient
World VIDEO OFFER % f 7 . Spirit of the Pharaoh is an
all action comic I graphic adventure produced to broadcast
standard using Amiga hardware & software (including Real 3D V2,
Lightwave, ImageFX, PAR). Also, included on the tape is Seven
Wonders of the Ancient World - a fully animated 3D tour
(modelled and animated ir Lightwave and Real 3D V2).
Available now on VHS for £9.c)9 including postage & VAT from - Alternative Image 6 Lothair Road, Leicester LE2 7QB Tel: 0116-244 0041 Fax: 0116-244 0650 CHEQUE P.O. MASTERCARD VISA Spirit of the Pharaoh is Copyright Terry Jervis Future Promise Ben dost realises he doesn't know enough - about UP IP stacks and protocols Til- •£,-----...... have installed AmiTCP, and it allows you to configure your installation and change your IP address, Sana-ll device, etc. There is a definite lack of peripheral tools in the AmiTCP package. It comes with no e-mail or news system built-in and you can
certainly forget about WWW or Gopher. It does, however. Give recommendations to pick up copies of Elm, Grn and Mosaic.
AmiTCP doesn’t come with a multi-user file system either, but this is understandable because the amount of configuration work you normally have to do with this sort of replacement file system would require another manual. Actually, In the earty sections of the manual it warns you that the Amiga's native file system isn't very secure, but gives you no further advice on the topic.
Reading back over my copy. I feel I have been a little unfair to AmiTCP. It certainly is a nightmare if you are trying to configure the setup for use with an ISP. Say Demon, for instance. But for use in an internal network with one or more Amigas and or other machines connected together via ethernet cards. AmiTCP is a much simpler affair.
Your only problems come if you have set up your network so that it works fine at your end, but as soon as you connect to outside machines everything goes haywire. This is almost certainly your fault and the manual MP s a mi bod'5 dream, though, as most of the tonfe files from a Unin bon ran be transferred as ttm arc to your RmWKt-up RAM JO AmigaDos Network
2. 04 hardware Trying to hook up a bare bones AmiTCP installa
tion to Demon is probably one of the best recommendations
for getting a Mac with MacTCP Of just sticking to the standard
Demon installation.
AmiTCP comes with no dialler program, no e-mail facilities and no news. When, and if, you manage to connect to Demon the only thing you are going to be able to do from the getgo is use ftp (well, you can Ping and Finger Demon, but the novelty of this soon wears off).
The lack of a dialler program means you have to resort (temporarily, at least) to using your trusty Product: AmiTCP IP v4.2 Price: £75 plus p+p Supplier: NSDi Tel: Not available e-mail: info @ nsdi.fi Ease of use 3 .7 7 6 Implementation _ Value for money Overall Ot just makes you realise the amount of work the people at Demon, along with knowledgeable people who use Demon, put in to their AmiTCP installation. I can't emphasise enough how complicated setting up AmiTCP IP 4.2 actually is. In fact, were it not for the fact that I already had a Demon account. I might well have given up on the
whole enterprise. This is especially so seeing that the best fora for help are mailing NSDi themselves and the Usenet newsgroup comp.sys.amiga.networking, not to mention various mailing lists and FAQs, all of which are really only available to someone with a working installation of AmiTCP.
I will say it again, lest you didn't read my salutary warning: AmiTCP IP v4.2 commercial © a pain to set up. And this is for someone who has AmiTCP v3.0b running quite nicely on their machine, thank you for asking.
People who are coming straight to it from, say, Pamet, are in for a real shock. The problems start when you first look into the impressively dense manual. It rang warning bells in me when I opened it up. Moved past the contents and a cursory introduction, and was looking straight at a section entitled The internet Protocol Suite Tutorial.'
This wasn't a tutorial on how to install AmiTCP, but an introduction to the OSI reference model, routing and subnet masks. Still with me? Good, because after you dealt with these topics you move right onto Data Flow on TCP IP Networks', gateways. UDP.
Repeaters and bridges. Right, let’s skip over that lot and get onto Chapter 3; Installation AmiTCP comes with not one, but two standard Commodore Installer scnpts. The first creates the directories and copies the files needed by AmiTCP. AmiTCP recognises when you have already installed an earlier version of the networking software and asks you if you want to maintain your old configuration files.
Unfortunately, it does not make it clear that the only configuration files it can deal with successfully are those from AmiTCP v4 or later, so BANG! Down goes your machine RTFM, you might say, but there was nothing lo prevent there being a message to tell you that this is the case when you get to the point where you have to make the decision. The second installer script is to be run once you Demonic possession INTRODUCTIONS makes no bones about it. This is not solely a problem with AmiTCP.
Internet-working is going to be a horrendously complicated process for some time to come and improvements are only going to be made in the presentation of configuration options and not the configurations themselves. AmiTCP is a unix bod’s dream, though, as most of the config files from a Unix box can be transferred as they are to your Amiga set-up.
As for speed of operation, well, there are no noticeable differences between the version of AmiTCP you have to pay for, and the beta version 3 which is provided by Demon to access the Internet.
AmiTCP IP v4.2 is a solid networking product working under the restrictions imposed upon it by the Amiga's operating system and file system (most importantly, a lack of security measures). However, it is certainly not a package that anyone would recommend to a beginner in networking, and the manual isn’t exactly helpful on occasion.
If you are intending to connect to Demon or some other ISP with this product. I strongly recommend you get their AmiTCP installation first and work with that for a while before attempting to configure AmiTCP IP v4.2. Finally, thanks must go to the authors of the AmiTCP-FAQ; Neil MacRae and Mike Meyer.
Without them, this review would have been a lot shorter and a lot less complimentary. r»y IIP hell copy of Term or Ncomm or whatever to dial up your service provider, connect, type in your password, etc. then quit your comms program and run the startnet script. You are advised on how to accomplish all this in the manual.
The only thing they don’t tell you is how to log off. Oh, and on the connection front, when you are configuring AmiTCP using the aforementioned Installer script, if you choose to configure a point- to-point interface like SLIP, you are given the option of configuring a PPP interface that doesn't actually come with AmiTCP.
SVSIEm ESSEnilflLS RED = Ess&htia! BLACK = Recommended 1 Mb jul r Tj AmigaDos 4 Mb RAM The bottom line AUGUST 1995 Mi - HARDWARE It goes without saying that the Amiga is rather limited without a hard drive. Today’s software, even some games, are very demanding.
Workbench itself is a nightmare of disk swaps when used with a floppy-based system.
Is Hill's PouierStatinn h the ultimate accessary far upgrade-hungry HISOO owners?
Darren fuans puts - it to the test - It's hardly surprising, then, that hard drives are one of the most popular upgrades Amiga users buy. Until recently. A1200 owners could only add one internal IDE drive to their machine. If it came to the point where a bigger drive was needed, it would have been a case of selling the existing IDE drive and buying a bigger one.
Now, thanks to such devices as the SquirrelSCSI, which allows you to easily connect up to seven SCSI devices to your machine, a peripheral renaissance has opened up with faster and bigger hard drives, and other more exotic SCSI devices, such as CD-ROMs and magneto-optical drives, ready and waiting to be connected to your little ‘Ol A120Q. SCSI devices also have much faster transfer speeds than is possible with an internal IDE drive, so there is a performance boost too.
Because the SCSI standard allows up to seven SCSI devices to be linked together, if you run out of space on one drive you simply add another drive to your existing ones. With the IDE, you would have had to sell your existing drive for a bigger one and then have the hassle of transferring data from the original drive onto the new one.
With this much more versatile upgrade path allowing you to connect multiple devices to your Amiga, the problem of space rears its ugly head. Alas, multiple devices usually means multiple power leads and data leads, so pretty soon your desk becomes a maze of cables.
PROBLEM SOLVED Now, thanks to those tidy thinking people at HiQ. A neat, low-cost solution to this space problem is available in the form of the PowerStation.
The idea is very simple, take one PC case with a 200 watt power supply and internal mountings for various devices, add a little wiring specifically to attach it to the A1200 and voild, you have a single housing for multiple devices all running off one power supply, with all those messy data cables neatly hidden away.
There are three different case types available from HiQ - multimedia, tower and desktop. The case shown here is the multimedia model which comes with built-in speakers.
HiQ can also offer various 'bundles' featuring case device combinations according to your needs. Actual installation of the PowerStation is very simple as it’s merely an add-on to Two speakers, CD-ROM, tape streamer ami no messy cables. That's what I call a neat solution I
• ¦¦ - ( 1 t J your A1200- It's not to be confused with prod
ucts such as the A1200 Tower from Power Computing or the Z5
from Ramiga, which are completely different products that
require the A12QQ motherboard to be removed and placed in the
It simply attaches to your A1200 via a standard A1200 power lead. Yes. The PowerStation is now your A1200's power supply too. This is good news as the standard A1200 power supply is less than reliable. The poor feeble things can have trouble feeding the required power to some upgrades and is often the cause of system crashes for people who have a few add-ons. Such as accelerator boards.
At £99.95. it is therefore worth bearing in mind that an empty PowerStation case would make a viable power supply replacement if you find yourself needing a new PSU, especially if you are thinking of adding further devices to your system in the future.
The multimedia case can accommodate five devices in its bays. Three of these are for 3 1 2 inch mechanisms such as floppy disks and hard drives. The other two bays are 51 4 inch size for CD-ROMs and other similar sized devices. Of these, both 5 1 4 inch bays and one 3 1 2 inch bay have external access for them and are used for removable med devices. The other 3 1 2 inch bays are on useful for fixed-media devices, The biggest and most important advafl tage the PowerStation offers Amiga owned who are looking to add additional peripheral to their A1200 is the fact that it will probaH save you
£40-£60 for every SCSI device ya buy. Wow, I hear you say, how come? Wd there are two ways to buy peripherals. Ya can buy, say. A 500Mb SCSI hard drive, tul cased with dual SCSI connectors, hant external SCSI ID switch, built-in PSU and a the electrical innards required to tie them a together and make them work for abotl £400.
CASH SAVING Now, just take a look at the internal id drives you can buy to plug into your A1201
- that's what's called a 'bare mechani In other words, it doesn't
need a case power supply or the other bits you find * external
and fully-cased periphera * 1 Buying a bare 500Mb SCSI
mechanism • chop a healthy chunk of cash off the ove- price
because you are not forking ou' these extra bits and the cost
of assemr ns- se nd A Until the arrival of the PowerSta' Amiga
Computing Speah to me other switches which seemed to be
unconnected and thus useless are a tgrbo switch and a reset
There's even an LED display which, on our review model, was displaying the number 120. Pressing the turbo switch changed this to 999. Quite useless though.
On w 5?
Ts St But what about those speakers? Time to dig out my Prodigy CD and a software CD player. After the first Prodigy track, the speakers did not blow up and.
Although they are not exactly powerful, they are better man some external speakers on the market. The Sound quality is OK but nothing special Thumbwheel audio controls for volume, balance, treble and bass are mounted on the front of the multimedia case for those finicky perfectionists who want their sounds sounding just right, Other controls on the case include a power switch, external speaker switch and an audio mute switch. Two HiQ also offer a much more substantial pair of external speakers which give a much higher quality (and much louder) sound reproduction. At 80 watts, there should be
enough power for most. They can be connected to the multimedia case via a stereo jack and a button to switch the audio from the internal speakers for those Who want more 'oomph1 in their sonics.
People e media are only doubt keen to get your hands on one. But just how easy is it to add the multitude of juicy SCSI bits to the PowerStation?
Those with a SquirrelSCSI would have had to buy fully-cased peripherals, so that if you have added say a CD-ROM and an additional hard drive, that’s at least an extra £100 (the price of an empty PowerStation) over what you would have had to pay if you had bought the bare mechanisms. Cool huh?
So, now you know it will save you lots of cash as well as desktop space, you are no advan- owners ipherals irobably ice you j? Well ils. You ve. Fully handy and al hem alf r about Well, it's a little more complex than adding fully-cased devices to your SquirrelSCSI due to SCSI identification requirements. When you can have up to seven SCSI devices connected to your Amiga via the SquirrelSCSI, your A1200 really does need to know who is who.
This is where SCSI ID numbers come in.
Each device connected to your faithful SquirrelSCSI has to have a unique ID number from 0 to 7. “But that's eight PricBle5s power I devices I hear you cry, you said we ca~ have seven devices on our Squirrel, yo- fibber," Aha, he says in a 'I can get out of this easy' manner. The SquirrelSCSI itself has the SCSI ID number seven, leaving Ids zero to six for seven extra devices.
With cased devices, you usually get a push-button switch with numeric indicator for easily changing the ID of the device Well, you would for the extra forty to sixty quid you have to shell out wouldn't you?
On a bare mechanism, however, you have to set this using an electrical jumper switch on the device, which is a black squarish piece of plastic that fits over two metal prongs (usually marked as A0, A1 etc.) on the device. Not exactly difficult but slightly more hassle. Of course, you could probably get the supplier to do this for you if you ask nicely and the point is moot if you decide to buy your PowerStation with installed peripherals direct from HiQ as they will do all that for you.
NOT A WORD Strangely, the PowerStation user manual that comes with the PowerStation bundles makes no mention of setting ID numbers on bare mechanisms, although it does fully explain SCSI termination considerations, as does the SquirrelSCSI manual.
As you would expect. HiQ base their PowerStations around the often-mentioned SquirrelSCSI device. So, the question of installing the software is another aspect of getting your PowerStation and its SCSI goodies talking to your A1200. Thankfully, the SquirrelSCSI is from HiSoft who are renowned for their excellent and easy-to- follow documentation and HiQ will help with any problems when installing the necessary software, Our multimedia case worked perfectly first time after installation of the software, and a quick test backup session showed that the CD-ROM, tape streamer and our humble
internal 85Mb IDE hard drive were all talking to one another quite happily over the SquirrelSCSI connection. T«7 svsnm EssmiiHis rep Essenna BLACK = Recommended Workbench system is a CD-ROM pack featuring a PowerStation case fitted with a CD-ROM complete with a SquirrelSCSI interface. SCSI lead extension (the SquirrelSCSI lead is a little short), and a free CD called Meeting Pearls II.
Other combinations can be made up according to user specification, and HiQ have a good range of quality SCSI devices in stock ranging from simple floppy drives right up to 9.1 Gigabyte hard disks coming in at a whopping £2000. For those who are going to beef up their A1200 with additional peripherals. The PowerStation range is the ideal upgrade accessory.
The bottom line Product: PowerStation Price: £99.95 (bare case) £299.95 (CD-Rom bundle) Supplier: HiQ Tel: 0181-909 2092 Ease of use 8 8 9 9 Implementation Value for money Overall_ Visage AMIGA HARDWARE LOOK AT WHAT YOU GET FROM OUR Hds Drives come ready to run propped and formatted with WB Bf Bf Installed with 100MB of FREE top quality Public Domain Software 4MB 72 Pin 70ns .£139.99 8MB 72 Pin 70ns .£279.99 QUANTUM Only quality drives used, with at least 1 year warranty 16MB 72 Pin 70ns £449.99
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rather than getting bogged down with specific details, it’s not too difficult to appreciate what’s going on, The purpose of this month's notes then is to do three things: Firstly, provide some background info so the accounts you'll read about in your compiler manuals will, hopefully, make a little more sense. Secondly, outline the conventions used with a popular C compiler - I've chosen $ A$ C. In addition to this we’ll need an example to show how everything fits together and here I’ve opted for the simplest runable example I could think ofl The technique I'll be discussing is what you might
call the ’conventional mixed code' approach. It's based on passing function arguments on the stack, and the first step is to appreciate what happens when you place a call to a routine, say. MyFunction(), into a C source program. The compiler uses such source code statements to generate a reference to the named routine and, under normal circumstances. SAS C and many other compilers tag on an initial underscore to the function name.
The call to the function MyFunctionQ therefore has the linker searching for a routine called _MyFunction and it is this routine. If the linker is going to successfully resolve the reference, that must be provided in the assembly language module!
The code various C compilers produce when they encounter a function call does vary, but the conventions to be followed will always be detailed in the compiler manual. To start with, all you really need to be aware of is that the end result is usually Ihis month Paul Oueraa rounds off his The home stretch to notes on parameter passing mith details of an approach used rnhen writing mined- I and assembler code - If all the references and directives in the above stages are correct the rest is easy - the C source «s compiled, the assembly language code assembled, and then the modules are linked
together with the startup-COde to produce a runable program. This month’s example' (which needs to be run from a Shell command line) asks the user to type in a string, and then calls an assembly language routine called MyFurtCtion().
30SE The assembler routine performs an Exclusive-ORing (EOR) of all bytes in the string which are neither the NULL terminator nor equal to the mask value itself (thus protecting C’s definition of a string by ensuring we don't produce any NULL values within the body of the string).
Having done that, the program prints the modified string, repeats the MyFunctionQ process and prints it again. The second EORing process does, of course, result in the original input string being produced.
The thing to note is that both the start of the string and the EOR mask value are given to the assembler routine as parameters, i.e. they are provided as arguments of the MyFunctionQ function. This, in turn, means the assembler code patch has to retrieve those arguments from the stack, so here’s a run down on what has happened just prior to control entering the assembler patch.
Firstly, the arguments will have been pushed, in right to left order, onto the stack. Then, a return address will have been placed on the stack. Because my assembler patch uses a LINK a5, 0 instruction the contents of a5 are’ pushed onto the stack as well, so the result is that to access the two arguments of the C function we need to use positive offsets of 8 and 12 respectively!
Before you examine the source listings some points should be made. To start with, you will notice in the piece of assembler code provided that only the scratch registers AO and DO are used. This means that for the example, it is not necessary to preserve register contents on the stack. Despite this, I have included some movem instructions to save and restore data registers d2-d7 so you can see whereabouts in the code those save restore operations are used when registers d2-d7 are needed that any parameters present in the function call get pushed onto the stack prior to a call being made to
the equivalent subroutine. I say usually because as just mentioned, there are some qualifying conditions with compilers which allow register arguments to be used rather than the stack. SAS C, for instance, then uses an @ character, rather than an underscore, at the start of the function name.
JZL m. m. Si SI. £*3 Writing the appropriate C code is easy. It simply involves placing suitably named functions calls, with any required parameters, into the C source. This is done using normal C function conventions - you can even add your own ANSI C function prototypes to make sure the compiler makes the appropriate usage and parameter type checks!
Don’t forgot that this month's example needs to be run from a Shell window Same simple example code OBJECT CODE The next step involves writing suitable assembly language code and assembling it to produce linkable object code. A couple of assembler directives, called XDEF and XREF, have to be used to get things running smoothly.
XDEF is an assembler directive used to define assembly language labels as being visible to other modules at link time. If you forget it the assembly stage will go OK. But you’ll get errors when linking because the linker will be unable to resolve the corresponding function reference in the C code module.
XREF goes the other way, i.e. it tells the assembler that the information needed about the item in question will be imported when the assembly language module is linked, If you forget these then you'll get errors as soon as you try to assemble your code because the assembler will not realise Amiga Computing TUTORIAL The best of both worlds That s just about it as far as the mechanics of mixed coding are concerned and as you'll see when you examine the C and assembler code on this month's coverdisk, there s nothing particularly difficult about It. The benefits, however, of using this sort
of hybrid code1 approach can be significant - in short, it allows you to harness all the speed advantages of assembler In the sections of the pro* gram where it counts, while allowing you to develop the bulk of your code rapidly using a high-level language The result is that you get the best of both worlds!
Restoring the previous frame pointer to before exiting via an RTS instructions. Ag the 68000 has an unlink (UNLK) instruc intended to simplify these operations. (No that it is the job of the calling function, an not the called function, to remove an arguments from the stack).
That labels have been used whose values are unknown at assembly time.
Most assemblers, incidentally, place a limit on the number of characters within a label that will be regarded as significant.
The ANSI C compiler standard also only requires that the compiler caters for six characters with external references, although most handle more. Either check first, or don't use long names for functions and variables whose references might need to be passed between modules.
Function Entry rules: Upon entry to a function the stack, under conventional parameter passing conditions, contains the function arguments placed immediately above the long-word return address which register A7 (the stack pointer) points to.
The arguments appear in left*to-right order with the leftmost item being the one immediately above the return address. Here are some standard function entry steps which need to be carried out: the appropriate (rode is easy. It sM irate pirn; suitably named funrtions rails, mi an; rewired parameters, into the t soirre. This is done using normal (function wenfons
1. Save register A5. Which contains the previous function’s stack
frame pointer.
The best idea is to push it onto the stack!
2. Copy the contents of A7 into A5.
Thereby establishing a frame pointer for the current function which allows you to access the arguments indirectly using the A5 base value.
3. Subtract any stack work area needed from A7.
) assembler_code.s - associated assembler patch These Steps can, if the work area required is less than 32K, be achieved with the 68000's LINK instruction. Lattice SAS expects registers D2-D7, A2-A4 and A6 to be intact on return so if any of these registers are to be used, they must be preserved.
Again, it is common practice to place them on the stack. The above stack- oriented procedure forms the basis of a powerful general parameter passing technique and it’s well worth learning about.
Function return values are passed back in one or more registers, depending on the loop: Listing 2: With this flit!
Assembler patch the parameter data Zl Collected from the stack!
Lineludc exee types.k (include itdio.l) tfd«fine NESSASE1 "Please enter i t*xt stringln* (define PESSASE2 -String after conversion is .....* fdefine NESSAGE3.’String after a second conversion is...* Idefine LINEFEED 10 Idefine RAX.CHAIS 20
• define EOIJASI OilF void NyFunctionCTEXT »input_string, UBTTE
EOR.iask); ¦ein() TEII input_stringCBAl_CnARSe13; space for
user string UBTTg EOR.iask«EORJMSK; Exclusive-ORing conversion
mask IJ0ID keyboard character; UBTTE count=0; printf(RESSACE1);
while ((keyboard_cearaeteragetchar())!=LIPEfEEH) if
(e««nt slWI.CHAIS) input_string[counttt]*keyboard_ckaracter; ;
input_string[tduftt]!NULL; add terminal NULL
RyFunctionlinput.stHng, EOMask); EOR the string printfCIs Is
nr,PESSACE2,input_string); display converted string
HyFunftionUnput string, EOMask); 2nd EOR operation printfCIs Is
U',IESSME3, input.string); display string again V JyFunttion
XOEF JlyFunction link
• 5,10 Morkspace not nttdcd d2-d7,-(sp) nornlly uhere ve preserve
regs ¦eve.1 12(a5),d0 retrieve aesk value love.1 8(a5),i0
retrieve string pointer subq-i 11,aO addq.l 11,aO ¦ovt to ntit
byte tst.b (aO) cbeck it beq nit quit if HULL ttriinitor cap.b
(aO),dO Mill it EOR to It till !
Biq loop if TES don't EOR it eor.b dO,(iO) safe to convert bra loop keep going ¦even.1 (sp)*,d2-d7 nonally ukert ue restore regs uni k i$ rts beck to C Return Type Size Pass Back Details char 8 low byte of DO short 16 low word of DO long 32 all of DO float 32 all of DO pointer 32 all of DO double (IEEE) 64 passed in DO and D1 with high bits in DO double (FFP) 32 all of DO data type declared for the function in question. Here are the return value details that must be adhered to (see above).
Having set up the required return value, the routine needs to reverse its entry steps - restoring the registers, advancing the A7 stack pointer past the work area, and
c. code.c * data passed as C parameters Listing 1: The C code [
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includes PsfiSbflS6 Wordprocessor.
Database. Speadsheot Olmwtt V~X and Diary Compatible JZ1 on all Amiga's Only £7 00 ? IFC7-3. LITTLE OFFICE Order Hotline: 01793 490988 Fax Order Line: 01793 514187 'WT- m - Monopoly. Scrabble, Pa » ! • j| Cluedo. Masternvnd.
S * * We Othello. Backgammon, SI and more Great fun for | all the family. Only £10 ? BDG104. CLASSIC BOARD GAMES Xcopy TNG is the most powerful Amiga disk copier available.
Includes software and an external disk «Mer- face for better results Only £2999 ? SXCP30-1. XCOPY TNG » your new to the Amga then you may be having _probtfms w ti msimg Ibraries etc on your work- dkA Iwn&L banch mat are needed tor
I. 1 certan titles to run Tho doh 1 amtams a» popular Ibrane*.
4---1 i-' vereers and other popuar _ toon Orly £2.00 ? EFBM. ESSENTIAL FOR BEGINNERS A selection of tools for 00 degrading your A1200 or A4000 to allow you f jKkfs to run most of the older L if jjjjB Amiga games, fools, and domo s Only JDEG4-2. A1200 DEGRADERS Fifty of the best Btimap fonts available Th«s pack also includes a powerful font editor.
Compatible with Workbench. D Paint, etc C7.00 ? FNT7-3. FIFTY FANTASTIC FONTS A Ion disk cpHObtlon of g _ ” ** very high quality cmono
* *¦ . gS ? Clipart, suitable for all 4 Amiga DTP 4 Paint “
packages All popular 71 subjects included.
V% i *S- All ten disks only £13 ? GFX13-10. PRO. CLIPART ORDERING BY POST Simply send us your ordsr, listing the items you require, the total cost and yor name and addrees with payment cither by cheque or postal order made payable to EPIC MARKETING. Moat orders are despatched with 48houre ORDERING OVER THE PHONE Call any time between 9:30am • 3:30pm Mon-Sat with your credit card details and a list of the Hems you would like to order.
COLLECTING YOUR OR0ER You are welcome lo collect you order any time between 10am and 5:30pm Monday - Saturday. - OVERSEAS ORDERS Overseas order* are welcome, but there Is e minimum order of 3 titles and pleaso add C1 P&P per , floppy title and tt.M per CD-ROM title far Postage 4 Packing.
POSTAGE « PACKING UK 4 Mainland add a total of |ust Sop for floppy software.
Plus Cl par CD-ROM title ordered.
INFORMATION Goods sre not sold on a trial baele. E&oe.
Full Term* and Conditions available on raqusst.
Wa do net condone the use of pornographic software.
Actual screenshots may very between different computer versions.
Simple to use. But com- pitent colour Desk top pobftshng software for any Amiga | Program Only £4.00 NRL4-1. NEWSMAKER Over 500 game HE cheatson 2 aisKs f°r Amiga games. Mo?i WHHn of the latest games yrC« V- cheats included.
All for only £5.00 CHT5-2. CHEATS GALORE 2 I I I Thousands ol General Knowlege questions and answers on this two d*sk Quiz Pack.
Great fun for all the Family.
- TP“-; 'j | Includes print manager 1 table pnnter. Address
keeper, pnnter drivers.
loa(,s 01 pfW*f J- tools Knowfedge of jk - LHA required for use.
ITnnfMMi 0n £70° J PRT7-4. PRINTER TOOLS 2 If your a budding Ian Beale or Floyd.
. Then this Gourmet cookbook will get you Only ? GCB3-1. COMPUTERISED COOKBOOK PJ *”™Ovcr 130 c ipa'1 images on 3 disks ill of all the L'Or King Pe *]¦ cna-.t::le-s for .JSC AhH a -j LKA6-3. LIONKING CLIPART This ts the most upto date and comprehensive collection of printer drivers available for the Amiga. Star. Citizen.
Panasonic. HP otc. Etc Easy to Install. £3-00 C o vi vWJOOWfc PDRV3-1. PRINTER DRIVERS Six daks of Video font* Backdrops, Tillers.
Video wipes, and loads more Graet for producing your own video's.
All for only £12.00 ? VID12-6. VIDEO TITLING TOOLS PPMR)F 00 p M M ' - -UkM' I l
* 4 aqWiP |gv j0 . , i’ ¦ j' •:¦¦¦ ¦ ’'Qft I ¦ Hj • ? ABG9-5.
will compliment Magic Workbonch to enhance your Workbench even
more, Knwta pe of Shea is required.
Only £4.00 A set of over 50 lupwt professional tootong colour dp fonts Perlect for Video King Demo making or Des* top publishing Great value at £5 00 ICCF5-2. COLOUR CLIP FONTS 3 Lottery Winner Professional attempts to predict the results of the Lottery Every week you input the previous weeks numbers into a database. Only £5.00 A collection of Amiga catd games including: Pekor, Craps. Solitaire.
Blackjack,Montana, Rummy and more, Only £10.00 ABCDF.FCKfl KLMNOPOPS TUVWXYZ ?Q0Q0Icm 101IMSKf “' ”u: n MUI4-2. MAGIC USER INTERFACE ? LWP5-1. LOTTERY WINNER ? CRD10-4. CLASSIC CARD GAMES Retrieves lost or damaged tiles. Undelete deleted file?, Repair, Salvage or Validate almost any Amiga dos disk. Includ* g Hard drives Only £5.00 DRT5-2. RECOVERY TOOLS Girls and more girls, loads of 256 colour glrly pictures, for use on the A1200 only.
All 3 disks only £6 ? GRL6-3. GIRLS,GIRLS,GIRLS.
This pack indudes C64, GAMEBOY.
SPECTRUM SINCLAIR QL 4 ATARI ST emulators Onty £5.00 New collection of tools for WB2 A 3. Includes HD tools. Virus Killer, sound & graphics tools, text editor and load?
A bargain at £5.00 Another great puzzle game, this ones (or the Adults, great fun.
Only £5.00 ? CFS5-1. CENTREFOLD SQ. Sp«5c1ruir 48 BBC iim C 04 •*.
A-:jIC A,Me IBM ? AEP5-3. EVERY EMULATOR ? ATC5-2. POWER TOOLS IncludesGRAVITY SIM ELEMENTS TABLE UNITS CONVERTER GEO TIME CLOUD CREATOR EVOLUTION MOOEL 3 disks lor only £7.00 Amiga Betting Shop. If you liko a litflc flutter now and then, then your tove this set of 4 great gambling games Fruil machine, roulette etc. Only £6.00 ABS6-4. BETTING SHOP A range of clipart lor use with Page Setter.
Dozens of subjects including; People, Animals. Vehicals.
Sports etc. Only £3 00 ? STS7-3. APPLIENCE OF SCIENCE ? MPC3-1. PAGESETTER ART Organise your Record. CD. Video and disk collection with this superb set of cataloging tools.
Only £5.00 Play Poker with some of the most lovety women in the world.
Includes superb graphics and digrtised speech Over 18 only Only £10 00 DSP10-1.DELUXE STRIP POKER With this language tutor you cowid loam to speak in any of the following languages.
SPANISH.FRENCH GERMAN,ITALIAN & JAPANESE only £8.00 NEW VERSION Test your drive, memory, Keyboard.
GFX chips, sound ships, speed etc Only £3.00 El K P LTP8-4. LANGUAGE TUTOR ? CTG5-3. CATALOGUER S ? ENK3-1. ENGINEERS KIT Imagne object? Of MACLAREN.
WILLIAMS and BENETTON Formula One motor racing cars.
(4mb rocommended) Only £6 00 A new five disk set of high quality cotour clipart, All the maior subjects mcluded. OKAY on any Amiga package.
Only £9.00 ? CCP9-5. COLOUR CLIPART Whether your a complete beginner at chess or a champion.
Jl Chess has something for you. Superb graphics and speech Only £5.00
- 2. CHESS & TUTOR The complete graphics manipulation and con
verter set. Supports GIF. IFF. BMP. PCX otc. Otc Only £5 00 If
you v§ just got a new Hard dove for your A1200 then this set ot
disks are essential Prep and Partition your drive then install
WB 3 100% properly £7.00 ? RTR6-3. RAYTRACED RACERS ? GFC5-2.
scenes & objects of the Delta fighter. Soul Hunter, two Vorion
space craft, B5 Station, two Jumpgates & nebular space dust.
£7.00 Over 50 superb quality Eye catcher clipart images tor use
in any Amiga package.
Onty £4.00 Password & file encryption tools. Pul a password on your computer or make any file unroadable to anyone else Not for the complete beginner £10 00 Eight all time classic arcade games, Pacman, Frogger. Asteriods. Space Invaders. Centipede.
Missile command. Q-Bert. & Omega race.
Great value for money Only £5.00 ? ARC5-2. ARCADE CLASSICS2 DENIED ? PSW10-4. PASSWORD SET A ¦ Over 20CO protcgraphs.
1111-1 :• I 5
• entries. I 5 million SP’1' I •• ITN Or v £ 14 99 HUTCHINSON
ENCYCLOPEDIA Every arcade classic you could the* of.
Invaders, Pacman.
Asteriods. Frogger, G- bert. Missile command.
Tempest Centerpede and loads more £9.99 Includes over 500 all ,ime class,c spectrum games on o-ic CD tor CD32. COTV. Zappo etc. Includes actual ¦ Speocy emulator
- aswell Omy £14.99 ¦I. -I1”!
SPECCY SENSATION CD Ovor 600mb of Imagine & lightwave ob|ects, textures. Animations.
Picture files. Postscnpt fonts. Colour fonts, elc.
- ‘ ~ B All the best and I most tools for your Amiga, includes
Hundreds TV of essential utilities 4 - just £9.99 ? ‘ESSENTIAL
UTILITIES Vol.1 Over 4000 full cotour Adult images for use on
your Amiga or PC. OVER 18 Only £19.99 ? ADULT SENSATION CD
NEWII contains almost every one of our advertised Amiga
floppy tttte* G«n ej, topis, do mo?, clipart etc. If it's on
this double pago add it's almost certainly on this CD ROM. Only
£59.95 ? THE EPIC COLLECTION ’95 ||HO N1W " Tfie Staivek
HIMgFgfl 'rti’is; An irations, Vj’ Sound dimples and Only
£27.99 STARTREK MULTIMEDIA CD The biggest collection of Ctipart
available EVER' Colour + B&W IFF. EPS. Pagestream. GIF. PCX.
BMP. TIF. Pagesetter. WMF Over 60 catagones DOUBLE CDROM A bargain at just £17.99 ? WORLD OF CLIPART CD iwuen Please Send Cheques PO’s (made out to Premier Mail Order) or Access Visa (Switch + Issue No) & Expiry Date to: Dept: AC08 9-10 THE CAPRICORN CENTRE, CRANES FARM ROAD, BASILDON, ESSEX SS14 3JJ.
Telephone orders: 01268-271172 Fax your order on: 01268-271173 Mon-Fri 9am-7pm Sat&Sun 10am-4pm. We are open 364 days a year P&P and VAT included for all UK orders. Please add per item £2 P&P for Europe and £3-50 for the rest of the world. Next day service available UK only 0 £4.00 per item.
Please note: Some titles may not be released at the time of going to press. Most titles are despatched same day, but can take up to 28 days. E&OE 199B - - 890 ---- .. 890 -- 0»--
- -22.99 699 ----- 1980 t9.»
- -16.99 10 80 i
10. 09 --- 13 99 24 99 22.9} 2099 - 699 --- ... 688-- 69 8--
699 r
12. 9 9--- .. 69B-- 22 9922.9922 99 . 699 --- ..---22.99 - ..
2299 --- .. B» -- _ 10.99-- IBB-- _ 8.99-- 10 « 10 99 -----
22 992499 22.99
12. 88 - . 699 -- 1088 . 1699 --
18. 80-- 22992699 ---- 169918 99 - 699 --- 699 -- 390--- 17991999
12. 00-- 8 99 - 990
10. 9 0--- 17 991699 1699
19. 9 9--- .. 12.08 - 16 9919 99 22 99 179919901008 1299 --
1000129012 00 12 99 -- . 22.90 -- .. IftW-- ... 699 -- 199019
09 - . 1790 -17 99 1290-- 1299 --
- --IBM .. '999 ---- .. 194919.99 - 000 -- 1299 - -
10. 00
- ---1999 6M-- 12 09 - - 22 992299 -
22. 00
22. 00
12. 00 -
12. 00-- 1290 --
12. 9 0-- 1999 -- . 18.9810.88 199919 99 19 99 698 -- 899 -- 22
00 1299 -- 1999 -- .. 1240-- 1799 -- 1080 -- _ 1249 -- ..
1080 »
17. 991099 - . 10.00-- 3599 --
- 12.99-- 2488-- 17 991999 6 99
19. 99 -- 1399 13 99 17 00 - . 17.9917.99 - 1299 --- 699 --
699 -- ..27.90 ?790 1299 -10.99 898-1000 .. 699 -- . 1000 --
199922 00 - 19 9922 99 - .. 9.88--
11. 9 0-- 9 00 ---
6. 99-- . 8.80--
22. 99 -- 400-- . *2.08--
- 600 -- 24 80 - 179917991799
12. 90 • 690 --- 82J0 199924 99 . -19 99 19 99 ... 1089 -
10 90 -- .. «89-- . 108*
• I 22 0022 00 22 99 . 12.08-- ggg-- 1899 -- _ 1689 -- 2299 -- 17
00 1299 -- 8 00 -- 2099 20.99 699 - - 17 90 ---- 19091949
19.99 IMS ... 1049 1390 --- 1999 --- £89--- 649 -- 1799
-- .. 12-99 --
16. 9 9--
12. 09-- ¦ 26 99 -
22. 90 ----
10. 9922 90 - 22 992699 26 09 . 22.992600 26.09 690 -- 808 899 -
22 09 22 09 12 00 --- ... 1240 -- , 10 M 19.99 17 9017 09 17
99 699 609 19 90 699 - 1398 -- 999 9 09 1999
10. 00-----
17. 9 9-- 1909 --- 6 09.---
18. 99 -- 17 88 8 09 ---
12. 99 -
8. 99 -1200 _ 18.80 1000
17. 99 -17 09
12. 9 9--
- Ml-- 19 9919 9919 00
24. 9 9--- 1290 -- .. 1090 -- 8 98 --19 90
- -1040 690 -- 698-- 1098 -- 698 ---
12. 80 22-99 698 -- 800 -- 199919 90 1999 17 90 19 09 8 09 B» 8
99 -- 1299
- -1949 19 09 20 9920 09 20 09 .--12.09 19 99 --- 19 90 1099 ---
.-- 22 99 1999 - .. 1999 --- 1999 --- .. 1248 -- .. BOB--
1699 -- 698 -- 1889--
24. 88 -
- -1209 2200 -- 190710 00 10 99 10 00 -- 2109-- 2999-- 12 99 ----
. 9.89
22. 9922.99 22 00 1299 -- 22 99 -19 99 890 -- 17 9917 09 19 99 6
99 --- .. 13 99 '3,0810,89 19 9919.00 - 1799 - .. 1798 -17
98 800 -- 1000 1998 --
- 12.99-- 22 0924 00 22 00 1908 609 --
18. 00--
10. 091008 -
17. 0 0--
22. 08 -- 2309 600 -
22. 08 -- 1000 -- 1300 * 17401740 - 1000 10.00
17. 9017.98 ---
17. 9917.00 19 99 1289 ----- 1298 ---- . 1098 -- .10 98 -- 1000
.. 1048 -- .1398 --
- --go 98 1798 -- . 18 99 -- 1900 -- . 17.90--- 890 -- i200
9. 99 9 99 6 99 --- 6 99 - I DayCneket 41h S *ch*» 660 Sub Attach
A-Tnin . Conunxtrcn K4 A10 Tank Kltar A320 Airbuk i EUPOPA'-
ACID BLIT2 COMPILER Awm FamJy wotRctm 125 125 125 125 ...125
1. 25 125 125 125 ...125 128 125 .125 125 .125 ...125 .....125
...125 .125 .125 125 ...125 125 1 25 .125 12S .125 125 125 13S
125 125 ...125 .. .125 .125 .125 ....125 ...125 ...125 125
...125 ...125
1. 25 .125 125 1.25 128 . 1.29 125 125 125 1» ...125 ...1» 1 ?6
125 125 125 125 125 125 .125 125 ...125
1. 25
1. 25 1 25 125 1 25 . 125
- 129 . 125
12) .125 ...AX ...125 .124 ZV 125 129 125 125 125 25 '25 125
1. 25 250 1 25 125
* 98 . 124 .240 129 .124 124 124 135 125 125 ...129 125 125 I 25
135 1 75 I 25 !?5 125 125 125 12S 125 125 128 125 ...129 .126
129 125 1» 125 .125 1*5 .125 ...135 ...125
2. 50
2. 50 125
2. 50 125 250 125 _12f 250 126
2. 40 ....139 .124 .390
- .240 125 125 135 135 ...135 .125 ...139 125
1. 25
1. 25
1. 25 125 125 EDUCATIONAL IqrIO DnoMuis (A4 Agaal ...18 »--
IqrlODnvTRTgdlLaarears) 1898 -- 1D10 Early Eaaankati
|37)...... 18 99 -- 10nOEnoMM-1«) -------18.08-- 1GT0
Esaenliat Mrkh* |5-I2 .... 18.98-- 1010 Gwiitn
18-18)------ t!99 10-10 French 8-16) 18.99-- IQ'10
Jwvcr tMential* 15-11) 1800 -- 10-10 Mara Ataatva
16-16) '8 99 -- 10-10 MaTa Numbers 16- If) tlM--
iQ-IOMarn&rtMKsiS IS) i0.88-- 10'10 Structured Setting
|-91_______ 1699 - - AdiOCSEUatK'EnalahtiBnch 23 09 ADI
Junor Country) |4-5) or (6-7).. 1390 - ADI JutMERB«dM(i5)«t
IB-7).... 1300 BeWrSpnlng 16101 1398 -- Seller Math* r
12-161 ...... iJOO-- CawM4nlS-12)_______ 1098-- Count
and Add 135, 698 -- FractKb Cfctire 18-13! 1098 --- F Served
2 -6t or 168) OM6») 649 -- FsdiwJ4ftJ5U4-7 «(*-1il 1609 - F
Scrrcct SLUhs 7-111 1749 -- F Schod Paid & Create |5* 17.00
- F School Spetmj F«r 7-12i 17.99---- Grotero Encrdoped*
-------- -----22 M Hjwiroon LncycKWdM ------'209 Junor T JWI
15-10 10.99-- KjdPli 10 00 -- Memc Malhk 14-5)
13.09--- Ua»a0ragM|il3| .... 10.09--
Marha kAarua 6121 1390 --- Mar and Match |3S) 6 00-- Noddy*
P.Tm* or Mg Adr (9-)...... 10 99 --
P *p«Fr*dtonk|7-10} ... 1099 - RsBKhiXW4h
TtoflB |5 12). .. 1099 -- Thcmai Tank Eng Cdtoctrcn ...
1299-- fhcrrtaiTkrtkEftfl PjimPack 1090 --* ¦ Tidy Tha Hou»a
16-10) 1098 Aoverturw* u Ahrs Afcwtwt* Amddn AV-iB-Md?
Akon Broad 30 AianOhmpct AU TERRAIN RACER Alo'Ato AMMBMM Amazon Quoon Anofiar tfcrtd ApkNa Arabian Knnhl: Arcade Pool Arohor Macleans Pod AmsurGcdftn Award W mero } B 17 Flying Fortim Bride B**h* Base Jumper* Hood RlBatMMi liU BEAU JOLLY COMPILATION BeonUh A Slool Sky .
Banatackx .. Big 8a*. -------------- Beds ol ft*y RU.k Crypl------------ BMMor------- Btoanei . Bit Tams eu knog Bl*z*crc BluoAngoo Body Blows Gaiactr Bravo Romeo Cana Breach J Bran Lam sCnckat Broil The L«X --------- BnM .. Bulb iMihui Bjtba n SS« A Premier Bjtde Oobb* Bucde 6 SguatA .. BjJcksn --- --- BjipNOiim .. Bzkys sport rg Darts Bureau 13..... Burnng Pubbor ..
• UMTME-------- - COM------------ ftottn Hood (9*)---------
Scrooge Xmas Carol (B ) 1300 1399 --
r. 00.1 s Pam Riaaoe Speibound 17-16) Tho Throe Bears 5-101 Wind
In Tha Allows (6 1 808 899 1309 1399 ~ Wizard 0*
Ol . 1399
- - JOYSTICKS & ACCESSORIES 10 Capacity 3 5' Or*k Boa 196 40
Capacty J 4' Duk Bea C 1 A* f »u Daw 400 599 .....- 6 99 80
Cepacty 3 V Ottk Boa iOOCtcaciy35'OiiABai 700
Arulog Jcystck Ad t j 490 Cheetah I25i 790 Cheetah Bui
..... 11 99 CcmpeMrcn Pro Joypad lor C032 gl rtog
Whotf . .
1350 24 99 OmvAt AtK Smith Joytick 22 98 Oraw Gamepad .... .. Moua* .... 1599 1099 IS 3 omm Fodder 2 CANNON FODDER C dux« Cant*' CWWdlta Caasar DeLn e ol Sport Champ Manager £nd C* Swason cnarpooihc Managir lab* 95 Charrpaomhe Manager CorrporxJizn 1790 - ChaM M . 888 1888 Chaite Jcod 13901399 -- Chuck Rock 1 3 2 .... -..... 1390 CMIsailon 2890-- Clasec Board Gomaa. - ..... 896 - - CLASSIC COLL - QelPHINE *9.»-- CLASSIC COU. - LUCAS ARTS 19 99 UouMheuM Mouaanatl Joystick Ealenuon Catte Joyalrck Y Sptoar .... Lcgro 3 Dab Ray Aulotre JyliO
kogc 3 OaUio QT Adotrr JT1J9 L oc3 0allroJT1M Cua:k,ov*WPOWl Owdyoy Jehghler Odck iPsdaa Ourckjcy T cpilsr Oddrjov I Tvabo ... Saloh Vcgayp 2 Aw»n- MX2M Screen be ai S Speakers SB233 SowrCeoi 4 Spoeaere 88204..... Screerbeat 5 Speaner* S8205 Szwtaai Pro SO SpMkan SB350 Sc»eenbeel RCA Addrtar Cotda Screerbeat Power Supply Suncom Slk SWA- ---------- Suncem Tae 2 .. «-i cost .- Wco O Sick ..
3. 5" Blank Discs TDK Low *gh Pnecncn Low Hgh 10 5 99 6.99 3 90 5
80 3S0 409 20 II.SO 1350 7 90 1150 6 50 9 50 50 27.50 32SO
1790 2750 I6» 22 90 100 52 50 62.50 3250 5250 29 99 42.50
RECYCLED OsrDD Low Denety 10 • 299 20 e 5.50 50 • 1250 100 0
22 SO PD & Shareware BUSINESS B003 DshitOK Man- 8004 Ami Cash
. BOO'j AmtMim Prd 6000 eoo Buaanaa* Lanare
B007 Tarf Ea a8 ...... 0008 PC Teak 6060 Fle-a-ltt
01) 1 OQCD ... Boll Agadi - B012 Tan PLS
VERSION « B013 Anal,t»c ALC.
BO-4 ChKjje Bxk Acoounl KI15 Stock Analyst B516 Lrde Ottce B017 Budgets VI 34 .... EDUCATIONAL EOO' EducaPon 1 ......------ E002 The Bwe (4 Duka i---- EOCOWo’ttDatatir* EOO* GCSE Mare E005 Askcrcmy ...... E006 Total ConcapM_______ E007 Bank Talk________ EOMCVYrtPTP £009 Cdou Tha AlphaCd EolOThortg E011 Junor K £012 Eladiorae Trim S« 11 MEG) EOOLaamA Pvoy 1 £014 learn I Play 2 . EO' 5 Troaawa KoU Eoi 8 Wrarlhad Ona .. EC 7 Story Lard 2 .... EC 8 Wdiuname E0l9Sc*JkASp6M.
CRCATIVE C001 Sme Slum Crwlor C0Q2 Label Oesgner C003 Super Forts ...... CO04 Mooed COO5 Dctuu Panl Tulor C006 Shoicr* Dccc MlR8l .... CO07Ckp Art COOS ADC LwrtN Creator C009 Lflnon LabeN COI0 Audr? Anreul, Studo 698 19 0010 00 19 09
22. 902290 - 12-00-- 4 99 --
- -12.99
17. 9917.88 --
10. 99----
10. 88 699 ---- 1099---- 699 ---- 699 -- , 19.8919.98 899
----- . - .19 99 19 90 690 -- 990 -- . 1299
- 1949 19 99 17 09 - 1889 8 99 - 1900 699 •
16. 09 ¦ 19 99 - 1208 - 698 -- 129812 90 9 98 - 898 - 1280 .749
- 12 .08 - 12 98 - 1209 - 1399
12. 49 - . DaraiKMiZ Re* Ol The Bceots DUNE 1 OR 2 DungKn Mailer
2 21 Efmanw .... 1790 BM • .... 1289 • Ella
2 -Frontier 19 99 Ellff 3 - 1ST ENCOUNTERS II Embryo « i7»
Emerald Mhmt _ - .
Empn8oa«94 .. 199?
Epic ...... 12 99 European cnonpcrs 10 88 • Evaawe Acton . 1999 • E«cal«nl Qamos Compilation M 00 Eda ..... 19 991: Ext-nmolor ..... 17 00 - EMM- .....-i- - ¦ ¦ Eva 01 Tha Beholder 1 or 2 12 99- FORMULA ONE GRANO WU 12.99 .
Fl WORLO CHAMP EDITION 19.99 Fl5SWi«£aal*2 *2 99 Fl7 Chateroe 1 X99 F19 SlaoBh 7 ghle' ...... 11.88 F117A StaRM9'tfr ...... 1290 • F29 ..... 10 SO Fan law itardgrr _......18.89 ¦ Flaws 01 Glory 129011 PEA 50CC1R 1899 ¦ Fin* Orel______________________1090 ¦ Rr» Force ... ~ ¦ Flashback ... 1290 • F San 2 Japan Scenery 1289- f S*n 2 haaaMn Sfitnary ... 1288 - . 1899 -- . I.M--
* 900-- 1299 -- 129 8-- . 22.90 --- . 29.88 899-- 1188--
129912 99 - 1899 --- 19 99 988--
19. 99 - , -1999 ,. -19 99 19 99 1999 • 19 99 . 179919.99 19
99 1699 -- M9---
19. 9 9---
12. 89 - 899 ---- 0 99 9 99 1299 899 ----12 99
10. 9 9-- 1899 --
19. 9 9-- iz.se--
19. 9019 9919 99 . 19.98 19 M 17 99--19 99
- -19 99 1790 -- 1290 --
i. 2MB-- J090 --1990 1788 1798 1099 ---- 1299 -- 1000--
17. 0 9-- ASCO. 19.992890 -
19. 9 9--
- 6.98-- 2999 --
8. 99-- 1999 - .6 99 -- 2299 -- 1999 -- 1998*7-8017 99 .
109919,9819.99 . .13 09 19 99
- --1299 699-- . 179019 9919 99 1090 -- _... 17.89 -*990
090 -- 1999 1998 169917.99 -- 17J817.99
22. 90 -- _ . 698 --- --
19. 09 -
12. 88 -18.89 .899 --
4. 88 ¦ • 899 ---
12. 98--- 1299 1*90
16. 99 ClUD FtwMi COALA .. COHORT
J ..._.... Cdonela Bequul . SATK3N---
fereM Quasica 1 ... ComM Ctaaercs 2 .. Contai
CktMcs 3 ... CorrpMa Chess Cork A1200 BjuH* Cora CD32
Bundle 1 Coro CD32 Bundle 2 Cosnw: Spacehead Corerorl Pcfc
CfMl lot AMOS Crash Ixrmre Cime Fee A Coipaa Crystal Dragon
Curse 4 Enchanln Cyfceroon 3 Cybcnpeo*
CyW~d*A* Ogenarakon 0 Thcrrgc * Oywpi: Ghal OWMlPlMI
..." ."
Death Made ...... Dc*u e Pent V .. DtOVt Fccrbal Okxy FOOTBALL GLORY INDOORS FrdMbMI ... FtAxaWars .... GeMctc Vtamor Rats Qamar GoM Conoco on .
Gttel Enact .... Gltfluto QoMns 3 Q GadtH-SaecrU innncB G GcoctvTesJ Match Scacnl Ometi Svhn ------- Dm Deiacin* Agtnc, DacwwWMaio Dragon Mitya__________ Dragonslono 9881988 . -19lA9 Leths Wmpcn ..... Lr*s -The Chahanga UonKikg ..... LMIM .. Lombard RAC Rely . LOT", m---- Lorda d ra Raaln LOST COEN .. Lotua Turbo TrCogr .. Ld4 01 Th6 TftirptrMJ Ml Taik Flatten Uanhuntor ’New York1 Marhuntm 'San FrarKwco' Man Utd • The DouWe Mar.ank Marrotouo M Maator Au MMCd D.ii Manjger Mean 18....________ Uagaace Magaarareler 1 or 2 Maiaenoeri P Doom MICROPROS!
GOVF- Micro Mklrner MrJMnlet Mrdwnter 2 _.... MIG 29 Futcnab .... Wrjny Maa Mwtary N
• Ajortwia ..... _.... MORTAL KOM6AT 1 OR 2 .
Mr. BtObtr, lit Mnb LL ort Leagje Hockey Napokaonos Ntvy M?vn New Zealand Stcry NHL HockPt Vj Nek Faldo s Go»
N. Jtl UST69l! WOMhty!
N. yrtreed .. Nigr«Sh«
OflTtytBfllWortJCupEdten On The Bel-Leegue Edtton Operaion
Hamer Opo-an on Steal* . OwtaJ G«m« ....
Outrun Europe ¦ __ Overwore OVERLORO---------
Pang--------------- Pmnoan ... Paraed Stars
Tow ... POATiwGdl Fvaonary --------- Pmrtiel
Draarna 6 ~arrases Ptnbel Fanuau ------ PINBALL ILLUSIONS-
HfrndQI}... $ Mt.---------------- 1 SEAS TRADER
....- Hielory Laia 1914-16 Heok ..... FkyWt Book
cl Games l Or 2 Of 3 Hucklatxay Hound HjoaonHaMk ..... Hjeans
16 2 ... trrrflftAl .....
tmpoesde Hmct 2025 IY3; Jonne • Aiurdtt Ach mot Jones -
Altartts Ad------ ineMupoiaMO------ Inkerkgert! Srraroo,
Gar-ee inkernrrtonW Gcit .. Whf9 ---------- H a
mtamaoond Crtcfcct IvartHM -..... . J Mditaua Greatest
• Uguar XJB20 ... JMM .. Jmmy Whte's
Snooker J Bairn Euro Footbal John Maddon Fodbal
• hJrtaSMtt ..... K240 • Ulopta 2 KQB .. Kkk Ott 3
European Ouhentj*
* achj«________________ Kidk Rule OR Kmggm ..... Kings
Quad 1 2.3.4 or 5 KmgsOueatS KraartB 01 The »y ..... Last Mitya
2 ltAV.3 LJC Lagac) ol Sorssa Lagtnda ot Vabur --------- Scat
Larry 1 or 2 or 3 Rill ftaeetMfl? .. 4 08 - Reakn* 1000
- 6 00 -- RcunKn 22 » 72 99 899 8 08 -- 25 9927 99 22 99
* wn---------- Prataa
- ---- 1099 ---- PriWi GoW .. Pnka...... • 1 2309
179917 99 1998 P*h4«sr ...... _____ ABB-- Pcue & Dae __ 8 99 -
Pokce (Xe 1 or 2 or 3 120 -- PopdousA PtoaYtad UrriJ
POPULOUS 3 ...- .. 1289 -- _ 12.99 - G Gooch
Wortd Claw Oeld G Gooch ¦ 94 W OiitA D«Sk G Gooch - Batla kv
tho *»« G Tatlm Soccar ChaUcrga .. OROUlRS ENCYCLOPEDIA Grand
Pror Grcul ... QuMRn.. ...... GUINESS DISC OF RECORDS
Gunboat ... Guntfap GunShiP MM_____ Harp*
partauv AnPTuBon Hantoad ...... Him Omm I ...... Hard
Now .. . HesdevwHoMi . Heart ol Owe ......
Prom Man Mjl. Edt Syr Phm* Uvrftl Pi-nce Ol Parsu
Preyed X ... P*g Tams Tow .. FWKJrer
------ Puums Cmore ...„ Pu»Y Squad . Rune ...... Owjk
Oueet For Glory l or 2 Podman Pal Posbnan Pal 3 .
PowwrtbfvA Powerhouee --- ------ Powermonger 6 Gdttk Prwelor
..... Lrn, ,nj- LEMMING!
HkfiSl' HIGH S Super MaTi Sup Monaco Grand Pm wjrersVaroust .. Sup- Slroetlflhloc 2 Sr jarlrcg 1_ Scperskkknirts___ Bugmacy- .... Syndcale TactCJl Uarjger • Enguh or Seed TACTICAL MANAGER 2 Team ITCdlVol* Team Yankee Ted Onre 2 ...... rWlMlKhCngk*!
Terrranalw ? - ... Tom
• F * The B«3 6 - DMA ------ The Blue * The Oray The Clue
...... Thj Otrwa The Orsalaal - Ccmp4aton TlwPuMaNw
..... Th r RnaM Hour Thar RnoB Mbbont THEME PARK
.. Thomas T am Prbel Tavy Troops ..... Tote
___________ Top On ill 2 . . Total Recal TOWER
ASSAULT ., Tower ot Salt Tnek Sue Msnsyr 2 Traps 8 Treajuree
.... Tnvd Pursul Trvol Pursul Dekna TiaboTrsa.
Turing Pam* _.....- UFO Lhirjie M Blow ---------
Uuiwele Go* ..... . Uiirde PvibiA Oueal Lmmde Soccer
Manager One orered _____________ jhmr ..... ......
LkAouchkWaa .. Vrhau • Baiam tha Vtai VtP.au ¦
Lord Ot Minty Voyk0k4 01 DtKdrWy Vlrocop ----- ..... Vmal Lrdt
.... Vvtmbiay Rinby League Wild Cup Soccar .... iWng
ComrrandcT Iwnlor Gdd . ImlNLIZ_______________________
Wvzud World Claw CreAel Wortd Clan Leadartxwd World data Rugby
96 WocUCudOcU ------- World Cup USA 44 ..
WORLD CUP TEAR 94 World dFcdbwl World dGcA .
World* al War . Rmof WBOdt -------- Road Rash Robocop 2
- - . Rcbocop 3 Rcbrrton » Requiem .(A500
flomeAWa Otygtry League Boss Flrgby League Coach R LMOue Track
5U1 Mr Fkies O* Eng amam 2 M n Tunrti __________ Ruftan
Fkn lha OauntMt ..... Sabre Team (Enhancedl SCI
---------- So Fi CotKton .. Saoond Samurai_______.
SENSIBLE GOLF _ SENSIBLE WORLO OF SOCCER Smstie Soccar Inlnmnlcnal 5r4fllH«l Shadow Warnoro srwi danai- .
SiuaaFu . .
StNAM S'Ftgn Sim Siam Soccer . SUM Sarw* 2 Sim 01*2000 ... Sim Clasece iAnl'We.C*y) SwlUN -rnn-i---------- Simon Tha Swearer ... ...... SIMON THE SORCEROR 2------ Snrpaons SuRerSmm SkeMonKre* tkMnmka __________ SKIDMARKS UPGRAOE .... SKIDMARKS 2_______________ SMCfM...----------- SMMMhai--------
- ------ Snapparain ... S6UM Igd______________ Socsw Team
Moneger Sohwara Marogor .. Soup Ti9f (Soarch Fgt
SW*) Soor» & Sweep. ------ .... Space fcedorrri Space
Cnssde 5 wOjK!I Ct2oir.it Spaadnall2 Speni Legacy....
--------- Sjshancal Wortda Sports Challenge SufO 9 Sfccioi
EdMn Scar Crusader OMM_____________ Saroec FgMer 2
Strka Fleet Suker STRIP
POT . Sun Rwm»r Shr* Car R*« SutMtan
Commirdo Subrararon ---------------- SUBWAR
7060 ... Super Hang On
Super SpMca Invaders Supd Manager Woe • WPKkJMlI WvtF 1 or
2..... X-IT - Z6M*3 2-Oui .. ZakMcKraken ZffWdl Zodlor2
SPECIAL OFFERS Ahmtmdl Araban Krvght* Body Bows ChaorEngne
Cool World JackMckLMUnrnad JncUm OeMgrwrCapArt .. MICROPROS!
COLF .... bek Faldo's Odi Sensrtae Soccar 07,03 Star
Trfk ?5* Anmranarf SYNDICATE .. UM3 Tuning Log
LO*4 Mattie Nibtck UMSO-SoNe .. IXH6
Lockpc v2 0 U047 Ret? Kek vl 4 IW EWC-J U349 Dntdmds Wmrar
1*3*0 Odds Cn U051 Power Coper U052 tseentnl veut KtUr U053
Soccer Laage .. DEMOS k RAVE DOC t*gm eretd 0002 Km
Mmdan Skdathow 0003 Ouod Witnng Vslnam 0004 Creep show
.. 0004 Fwoon iwrot trcw .... 0006
Tout Recall Skdeshow .... 0667 Evt Brwd . 1 n-agt
. 0008 Brtman C loon CC08
Robocop . DoiOVVSMatPOtt ..
0011 N01 The 9 Odock Ne*w D0i2 Radar Ot The Lost AN D013
Prodakor Dcreo 0314 SOM Se» D01S8Ma0hy2 |1 megi D016
Jma Heodna Btdeihow M17 Km Wwf Swe cw D018 Hellion
P«* .. 0019 Popoye Moetg The Beotfi Boy« D020
Slot frek Artinmona D02I UdonAiBke* Dent?
D022 Mike Tyson (1 magi D024 ter nolo' ...... 0025 Aiene Oamo .- . D026 Uta Ot Brsn ...
1. 99 0027 The CuirtiNil SidKtow -------- 199 C02B Teenage
Turttafc Stdethow ... 8.90 OoeOWWPMMhM ......
4. 99 CCOOThe 0«llie'-gQFX . 1099 004!
ErAerovwelekrtigOMl .....
10. 99 0042 Girt* ol SfCrt ----------
8. 99 0043 The Run (Haatf------------- 6 99 DOM Star Tisk
AnmKtom-------- 11 99 D045 Jrwua On Fs 1300 DOM Hoa To Skin A
Col... 1799 DM7 CaUrdar Gals ..... 1090 DO40Rit4Vi».5A
1099 DM9 Techno Wamor 1299 D050 Jaaus Louas Acid ..
,.,11,9* P051 House Sample* 1199 D052 Rava Unglh 3290 MUSIC
19a LW26 Pnk Ftsyd The Wa* Rami 700 M329No Limit
. 549 MOJO Cyberee.
799 M031 Motrr-6 ..... 189 99 MO32 Sound Track Stamctar |4 doksl 4 99 M033 Sound Enact* .... DAMES G0I4 latycon .-------- 00 r, E*tih knadark .... G016 Psycho Sarta . G017M*yb4A ... low Hitf G016 Tha Fvai Houta .. 6oi9 Amoe Gama* . .. 0020 Gomre Qatar* 0021 Ouarkw (pa* ontyi 002?Bo JanJ ... 0023 Braak Out.
C. fi?4 Demollcn Megon 0025 Lardy Bug (nol 600 or 12001 0626 D«*h
Charge 0027 uttimi Fam»f 0028 Tatren 0020 DlM ---------- OriOO
SpaUa Aaaaul 0031 Til* Pro .
1. 28 0032 Ratayar .... 1 24 GG33 Bone
Jacky _________________ . 125 G004 Top Secret .
.125 G036 Flagcakher . . 129 «W lY«w 125
Q037 OaMemsm ___ 129 Q03B ColoAuB GORM____ 125 Q03B Bkab
...... nx GOMSOOH ----------------- 12s 0041 Qu*h
---------------- ...125 G0«2Smurt Hunt______________ ..125 OM)
9v( l-aa Manager ...240 1 00*4 Ouu kAaslor & Eddor ...125
0045 Revanot 01 The Mutant Ca-eH 125 00*6 Tar*
AaacA--------------- 125 0047 Whoa KngM_______ 1 25 0048 Wttta
World Gk», 004 Plrie Kingdom ... 125 0060
American Sbr Trek .
- .4.00 0061 Allanls
1. 25 GCSiAdyertweSoiibpTs ineuW) ’ 25 0063 Laosnd Ot Loewi
..... 125 G054IronCMU6 (noil2001 -----
1. 26 rtrrrmininiw 125 G0S6 Fcrtrew (demo) . 125
GOS7 Neqhbours Arhertura ..... .125 G056 Space
Aeacwa.____________ 129 «MDun9N"DY*4" -
- .IAS SPORTS 125 SPOOi Top Ol Tha Laaout---------- 125 SPOCC
Scoltah FoobtA Manager ..... 135 SPOCO IBP) Mete
. 125 SFWI Mr Men Oty-pc* .. 1» SPOW
Skunbat ... 125 SPKW Strftebal
------------------ 125 SP007 Amo* CrtCkal ...... 125 SttW Orend
Pm Stnialer __ SWUlATlCftS ...IX 514001 5 SmuMoon Qamei inoi
1 W .125 SM0C7Rt*um To Earth .. 125 SM003 Uipdiumc
Wartare Sen A ...125 SM004 Whooi ol Fortune (not 12001 ...1.25
SM005 Card Sharp . .1.25 0MOO6 Sub
Alkack_____ I 25 saaooe Ad Ot War..... 128 5WX0 Mcto Manet ,
... 125 SM310 SesKCK Games Gin Ward Power.
0012 Fed Farm..... 0013 Wna Makar COHAieatans...... CO'5 Pnnl
Sludo G016Ga'3cn Omcfici ... C017 X Beal UTILITIES U0Q3
The Workshop U0O6 Address Back U006 Aaaerod UotO Autograph
U013THC ftghl Way . Uot 4 Panatcnt; Ptraer 0»war U015 H
P Pnr*er &N81 U0'6 Serloehj Pnmer Omar .. UOI7 Cannon 8 Cti en
Prdk DRvM U018 H P 560c Pnmer Drhar U019 Improder V4 00 LKI20
Bad Formd ... . . Uoi Amga Begrwre Ouakie .....
LK02 B*t8W Bsnch VI 2 UQ23 De grader 500 800 1200 ....
l 524 Erieman-8 Vuu* AAV U025 Engneer* K« (1220 onty) .
U027 Fake lAemoiy lor a 1200 U024 Aci,pn Rapta, For Tho 6CO U029 Amor TulortM U030ACESD.lUt »C U031 Ai «iaa vl.33...... U035 T*.lPluiv4CD U037 Ularoia Cheat* And SoUram uOMH rbar Pad For 0W U039 CatorlaflMa_________ UO40 J R Comm L04I RK0 RapKF U042 Poet* Pods V2 Too hot to handle Can Unique Developments’ new Pinballer take on the might of Digital Illusions’ classics?
Your essential guide to Amiga gaming System Spotlight Under the Vlrocop I - World Championship Edition International Golf Tactical Manger 2 System Analysis Beat the System Still stuck on RPG adventure. Ishar 3?
Take a look at our cheat guide Preview - Star Crusader We take a sneak preview of Gametek’s forthcoming space combat simulator Preview - Wheelspin Hang your fluffy dice on the dash and rev your engine as we take a look at Black Legend's racer Preview - Timekeepers Vulcan Software's puzzler previewed System Essentials Bargains galore - the latest budgets rounded up and reviewed Audiogenic have upgraded their original World Class Rugby game with a '95 version. This update includes all the squads from the 16 countries that made it to the 1995 Rugby World Cup finals. The new version also allows
you to enter your own teams and save them to disk.
It covers all the major elements of rugby union such as line-outs, penalties and conversions, and the advantage rule has also been included. You can play against a human or computer and a tournament mode allows a multi-player option.
Rugby special, the World Cup way Two views are available to play the game in.
Zoom-In allows a close-up view of the action whereas Zoom-Out provides a more strategic angle You can also watch replays at any time and then save them to disk.
The game will be available for £19.99 and is compatible with all 1Mb Amigas. Owners of the original, however, can upgrade for £9.99 (+ £1.25 p&p) directly from Audiogenic, enclosing the bar code from the game or by quoting the 13-digit bar code number. Audiogenic are at: Unit 27, Christchurch Industrial Centre, Wealdstone, Harrow HA3 8NT Please mark as 'Rugby '95 Offer.'
Sensible Golf - ready, willing and able system o The eagerly anticipated Sensible Golf is ready to hit the shops and it's looking pretty spectacular! The usual Sensi sprites are used and the overall feel is of a fun, high- quality title that can either be played as an arcade game or as a realistic sim. Take part in full tournaments or for novices to the sport, you can work on your skills on the practice holes.
We'll be bringing you a full review next month, but in the meantime take a look at these screenshots.
Mm theme. Tina Hackett dons her trainer t to bring you up-to-date with what’s in the Amiga games world Budget bonanza Digital Integration have some more bargain buys in store for the penny-con- scious. First on the schedule is MegaTraveller 2 - Quest for the Ancients. It's an RPG adventure where you must save the planet Rhlanor from destruction. A toxic slime is pouring out of the ancient ruins and you have a quest to find out what is causing it.
There are 127 worlds to discover, each having over 500,000 square miles to explore. Ten different starships are available and you'll have a good range of weapons and armour to choose from.
Next up is International Sports Challenge, a sports simulation with over six different sports and 21 events. One to four players can take part in a variety of sports ranging from cycling and clay pigeon shooting to running a marathon.
MicroProse's submarine simulator, SubWar 2050, is also on the schedule. Set in 2050AD, the seas have become a vital source of food and energy, and sabotage is commonplace as the battle to defend underwater territory ensues. You play a mercenary sub pilot testing your skill in underwater combat and learning moves such as Knuckles and Deep Dives.
Rm i 5ubWar 2050 is priced £16.99, while International Sports Challenge and MegaTraveller 2 are £14.99. ¦ *J 327 tolaif ryaiM r~ Hot shots A September release is planned for the sequel to one of the most popular football management games ever. Oliver Collyer's Championship Manager sold over 250.000 copies and now Domark have taken the suggestions of players of the original and incorporated them into this new game.
The follow-up will feature an international angle, so as well as being able to play in domestic management, you can also take part in the European Championships or the World Cup and the like, and you can manage any International side. It also promises to be Evcrton Squad
• fflf I Os E8ISS8SB133SS; BB? - AiirtC H U-W * tttnQ 1 Ant*anD
Ccv.*o* J WS» p*S '• FviricrJ 3 r*»£ PrttcC ' | S Stnfj » PWCU
RoawtG SoTMIjy V1 sc.t.t* n ri-.|P f StortC 1 • HOT* 8
¦UhmvliD 1 t J»3»:nM 4 MHO«D I I .
'¦Wifi Whmi The stats-based football management sim Is back. Look out for it this September J. , Championship Manger 2 will be as packed full of detail as ever realistic transfer system will be used and real player stats will provide a reference source for football enthusiasts.
As stats packed as ever and includes things such as key tackles won per player, to shots on target. A very Fantasy football Ascon's excellent football management sim. On the Ball - On the Ball also concentrates on giving the game a World Cup Edition, is being released this summer on budget. This new style of sim replaced all the screens of stats usually found in management sims, and replaced them with a more visually appealing approach. Different locations, shown as scanned watercolours, are used to provide the interface, and animations give a realistic match day feel.
Human touch, with each player having their own personality traits, so you'll have to manage them accordingly. You can also choose to play any team you wish in your bid for the World Cup. Priced at £12.99, On the Ball will be available this summer.
Another Doom competitor on the way. This time from Polish team, Union Interactive After months of Amiga owners practically drooling over Doom and Doom 2 on friends Pcs, we can finally have our own version - we hope. Up until now, there’s only been the rather disappointing Death Mask but things look set to change with three, four, possibly five contenders on their way - Team 17 have Alien Breed, Manyk have Fears, and Black Magic have Gloom. And now a Polish team called Union Interactive have two games of this genre on the horizon.
One is called Switchworld and looks to be the usual big gun, gloomy corridors, kill monsters thing. The storyline revolves around the fact that a dictator planned to conquer the world with biomutants but thanks to the international police, he failed. However, he was never caught and has decided to go back in time to create more biomutants. Or something. Anyway, it's now up to you to travel through the five episodes, killing everything in sight.
Their second offering is Behind the Iron gate, another quite similar game that uses this 3D. First-person perspec tive. It's going to be A500 and still promises to run at a fair old speed. As well as the shoot-'em-up aspect, it also will have an RPG adventure angle to it.
IS&k r - Flick of a switch IXIext month Totally obsessed!
You will notice later in this section a review of a rather nifty pinballer called Obsession. It’s really rather good and has earned itself 87 per cent. Please note, though, that it can only be obtained from Merlin. They can be contacted at PO Box 77, Stroud. Gloucestershire GL6 9YD.
Obsession is priced at £29.95. Thanks for your response to our surveys. After careful consideration we've decided to re-design the games section. This way, we can more accurately address the needs of our readers in what they'd like to see in System. We are also aiming to bring the section more in line with the rest of the magazine.
Reviews will be more concise and analytical, previews will give you an insight into the making of the games and where appropriate, we'll be bringing you more technical information.
As always, our reviews will be of finished products only and we'll also provide you with better compatibility information, thus enabling you to make more informed choices on buying a game. Get ready for the new look System next month.
Beat the 2
• Adventure games tend to cause most problems among you
gamers. Not for long though, as we send out the team to report
the many missions of Ishar 3 To begin with, you must go and see
Alstar who is standing opposite, and he will indicate where
Typhus Mernith's Observatory is on the map. This is your first
task. Before you set off, buy some lime-blossom tea from the
shop a little way along the southern ramparts of the rich town.
In the first street you will encounter some bandits. Go in to the inn to enrol some companions before fighting, and when you defeat them, search them for money.
Head towards the rich town. There is only one way in and it is located on the western side, between two porches. You must buy a necklace for 4000 PO from the big guard at the entrance or you will be refused entry. Afterwards, put the necklace on.
Ass Your next step is to find Typhus, give him the lime blossom tea and recover the playing card. He indicates where Mather Fudis is on the map. Once you arrive at the indicated place, take the scroll on the ground and read it, then set off towards the mentioned inn.
On arrival, you must listen. Erkh Moltus is speaking to you, buy him some food and listen again, and answer YES to the question.
At Mather's, don't accept to go out give him the card when he says OUT, Wait to see the gate and click on it to go through.
In the garden, go eastwards to find a passage, but you will have to kill the bear before you can proceed through the passage, Travel south for a long way and then when your route is blocked. You will come across a racoon on a rock. Take its scroi then pick up the mushrooms from the forest. Head back towards Mather and give hid the scroll. You must then pick up the key.
Go to the house indicated on the map. Fetch the magic flask and the pendant and!
Put the pendant on. Go to the inn, south of the theatre. Listen, then recover thd Keionia powder. Buy the other potions in the shops and mix them all together in thd magic flask, Go back to the racoon, give him the potion, recover the talisman and headl Find Typhus and give him the lime blossom tea and recover the playing card to advance to the next stage The rich town is located on the western side of the map. Between two porches Hoad towards the Inn. You must go to sleep and eventually begin to dream mint IMS r md lls- to see ar first ¦n east scroll, e him it, and er the in the J head back
towards the town. Go to the theatre in the very south of the rich town and enter after 7pm. Listen to Gulnar, give him the talisman you received from the racoon, wait for the gate to appear at 2 am. Then proceed through.
In the jungle pick up a crystal. Go south-east and find the tribe with the chief - they are called the ’East End Lads'. Fight and kill the ch»ef in the jungle you may encounter several leopards. Kill them and take their skins which you can sell for huge amounts of money to the shopkeepers of the town.
Head back through the theatre gate. In the jungle, go east then south to find the meteor near the North wall. Put the m-ss-ng ptece found in the jungle on it, and a gate appears. Go through.
Before heading towards the mountains you must buy some fur coats to keep warm.
When you get there, find the time machine which is located towards the north-west.
Put the crystal on it and go back into towr There will be many beasts in your way!
Find a gate which has just appeared in the north-western part of town - go through it before 12 noon. Your next task is to free the princess in captivity - she is held in the dungeon. In the dungeon there will be a fireball in the very first corridor, wait for it to pass, then quickly turn right and then take the first right to enter the underground cavern.
At the fork turn left. You will have to battle against hoards of skeletons to continue. Take the third turning on the left to activate a lever in the dead-end. You can walk about through the whole cavern to pick up all the main essentials - bread, money and weapons. Head back towards the entrance to the cavern and climb the Stairs to return to the dungeon. There will be more opponents in your way, each one becoming stronger as the game goes on. These must be defeated.
GOING DOWN You will eventually find the princess in a room with lava, and you must pass on the three slabs which cause the cage to go down. If you pass on four, the cage falls, on two, it's too high. There will be more opponents in your way once again. When you have freed her enlist her help and head back into town.
Go and sleep in an inn. In a dream, a character tells you to go to a house which he indicates on the map. Go in front of his house and take the key from the fountain. Go into the house and you will find five guard's uniforms, Put these on. Head towards the palace with the disguise on so you can get in. You must remove the helmet in front of Zoltar and enlist his help. Return to the forest and Zoltar and Thina will leave.
Head back into town once again. Mather will give you a crystal which you must place on the time machine in the mountains.
Return into town, and you will find yourself in mountains in a different era. You will find a belt in the snow. Return once again back into town. Put on the magic belt and return to tbe forest. Look for and pick up a magic sword - it will be right in the heart of the jungle.
Go east and at the end, head south. You will find a house with Zoltar's son and his wife, a sorceress. She has the powers to protect you from your final enemy - the dragon.
You will find the dragon in an underground cavern. You must walk on the paving stones marked with a circle in a certain order - seven stones must be activated to gain access. You will eventually reach a door which will lead to the dungeon; go through it after 12 noon. To defeat him from a distance, use the maximum number of arrows and the ice-doud spell. If you're up close, you must position yourself so that the fire protection spell is always active.
You must give first aid to your companions after each blow struck by the dragon.
Regeneration potions are indispensable. Eventually you will defeat him, putting an end to Shandar's evil acts. You will then have proved yourself against the greatest warrior of all.
Tips to help along the way To move forward in time, simultaneously press; CTRL + ALT + A ? Move mouse completely to the left of the screen and click the left mouse button.
To return life points to the maximum, simultaneously press; CTRL + ALT + V ? Move mouse completely to the left of the screen and click the left mouse button.
When you are creating your team, choose five human beings distributed as follows; 3 Knights-errant 1 scholar (with 16 in strength, constitution, agility and wisdom) 1 Magician (with 15 in strength, constitution, agility and intelligence).
The most eagerly awaited golf game on the Amiga is here.
Why the wait?
Find out.. ™ H iiHDacn Basically, the idea behind Super Loopz is to join the different blocks that fall onto the grid to create continuous loops. There is a time limit to put down each piece, and if you can't place it you lose a life.
The game can be played by using a one or two-button joystick, a CD32 controller or a mouse. The joystick seems to be the easiest, and when the piece drops onto the playfield you can rotate the shape by pressing fire and right, then when it is in the position you want, press fire and left. However, once it is in position it is permanent. The bigger the loop you can make, the more points you'll get.
Super Loopz has a variety of different sections to play. The arcade game can be played by one or two players, and you must make ten loops to progress on to the next level. Three bonus games can be accessed by completing different missions.
You can also play a challenge game which means you can pit your wits against an opponent. You each get a separate grid and the winner is the one who scores the most points.
There is a puzzle option too which involves being shown a complete loop with some of the pieces then dropping off one by one. You have to watch carefully because you have to remember where they go and replace them.
* This time, checked trousers end funny hats are the order of the
day. Andy Maddock steps up, cracking Tarby gags all the way...
ho! Ho!
Sound for golf games is fairly non-existent - featuring merely the odd swoosh of the club and a bird or two tweeting along in the background. All these effects have been included which makes the game an absolute pleasure to play. The actual sampled tweets of the birds are the best I've heard on any game of this genre, beating MicroProse Golf hands down - as far as tweets go.
These are the 18 holes of the Riviera Country Club course. They all look incredibly challenging rnnni E5S1 Overall then, a nicely presented game which may not have the depth of MicroProse or PGA, but the actual gameplay is very different by managing to sustain an arcade feel.
After each shot you have to alter your positioning, club, power and height of the shot all by yourself, without any help from the computer whatsoever, whereas other golf Sims give you a little help by lining you up with the hole and selecting a suitable club.
One aspect of the game which became frustrating is that it fails to give you the yardage for the clubs. Prior knowledge of golf is absolutely essential, which unfortunately I do not posses. Consequently, I was frequently over hitting the bail.
There are two courses included in the game and an option to install new ones when they are released. There's also a tournament option and a two-player game. It's certainly not short of ideas.
Incidentally, a demo of International Golf is being released as public domain by Saddletramps PD. This, perhaps, is a better idea than hurrying the process and releasing the game at full price. Summit Software should have waited for a response on the demo and then acted accordingly.
As it stands, it’s a good first attempt at full price software, and one that shouldn't be overlooked. If you're into the finer side of golf it could be a worthwhile buy.
International Graphically, International Golf is fairly good, The action is viewed top-down, with well-drawn trees accompanied by the obvious golfy scenery. The scrolling is nice and smooth too, leaving me with no particular major gripes at all. But - there's always one
- the overall look and feel gives a very PD impression, if you
know what I mean. The reason behind this is because the actual
developers are a PD team called Saddletramps PD. They will
obviously need time to make the move from PD up to full price,
but I'm afraid it shows up a little too much for me.
The graphics aren't as polished as say.
Sensible Golf, and the whole feel gives an impression of being programmed in Amos.
Most newcomers to the market encounter these problems and usually move onto another programming language to get the best results from their particular genre of game, However, as Summit Software have obviously tried very hard I shouldn't really knock them.
If golf is your game and you like a good 18 holes of planning what clubs to use, power and accuracy all by yourself, without any help from the computer, then graphics don't particularly come into it. Unless, of course, you like to take in the scenery on your way to the next hole.
On the box the game boasts superb colour graphics featuring a full rotoscoped golfer. Yes, maybe, but it still looks like public domain.
91 From the makers ofSensible Soccer and Cannon Fodder comeslhe best golf game in ages.
1 • Join up to eight friends and marvel at the gorgeous graphics and smooth scrolling scenery.
I • Play at any of 24 original courses.
J • Available for Amiga & PC.
© 1994 Sensible Softwore. ® 1994 Virgin Intwortive fnlertoinmenl (Europe) ltd. Virgin is 9 rtgitttrrd IrodtPOfk of Virgin Enterprises ltd. Ail rights (IWfYtd.
Move closer The game will be controlled via a mouse and a set of icons that you simply dick on according to the action you wish your platoon members to carry out. Click on the appropriate icon and then paste it on to an empty square on the screen. When a character walks onto to it, he will perform this order.
I. A helpful 'Rubber' feature which allows you to erase a pasted
action 2 to 5. The direction arrows make the character walk
the appropriate way
6. Click on the dock to make your troop wait there for a period
7. Using the shoe will enable a character to jump over the object
in front
8. Use the spanner to operate an object
9. Teeth make your character act aggressively
10. Lightning will allow you to replay a previous level
II. These icons tell you whether your men are alive, dead or have
safely moved on to the next level
12. Keep an eye on the level indicator to see how many levels
have been completed m; »• *» ISQb_6_7 8_9__ 10 ssggggHna®iP
_QQQQQ_ system -ol Time keepers D Tina Hacked takes a look
at Vulcan Software's tarthamiig project, Timekeepers. Tins Is
definitely a game for those with a penchant for poulerc ulcan
Software, renowned for their Valhalla speech adventure games,
are embarking on a new series for Amiga owners. Called The
Mini Series' it will consist of a range of quality titles
at very low prices, from £12.99 to £15.99. Vulcan are
concentrating on their mail order service which allows them
to sell their own 0 brand more cheaply, The games will cover
a variety of genres and each will have , a data disk shortly
after its 0 initial release.
Timekeepers is the first of these games and is of
- the puzzler strategy kind.
Graphically, it's very reminiscent of their Valhalla games, and those who’ve played their first foray into Amiga gaming will instantly recognise the distinctive Vulcan style which uses a combination of dark, murky shades to provide an original, and interesting, approach.
The characters of the game, the rather miniature Lemming-esque type race, are the Timekeepers. They are a police force who were established to protect the 4th dimension from a psychotic warlord. His aim is to destroy the entire human race and intends to do so by planting nuclear devices throughout the course of history. He has hidden four of his most powerful yet in four zones - Stoneage, Medieval, Vietnam and Space. Commander Seymour of the Timekeepers knows of the bombs' whereabouts and must send teams into the lands to locate and disarm them.
You take charge of the Timekeepers and have to guide the platoon through the levels, avoiding the obstacles placed in your way - rivers, minefields, trapdoors and 'the enemy' will all prove treacherous.
When your men find the nuclear devices you will have to instruct them to disarm them, and the amount of men you need to do this depends on the complexity of the device. The number in your platoon also depends on how many men survived the last level.
ACTIONS The characters act independently to given situations and while they have a certain degree of intelligence, they also act with a great deal of stupidity!
On the one hand, they will walk into even the most obvious disasters, but on the other, if you issue them with an impossible order they will look up in disbelief and walk in the opposite direction. They will also do this if they bump into another member of the platoon.
The game will be controlled via an icon system (see boxout) and when all 16 levels have been explored, and the four bombs disposed of, the game is finished.
Fans of the game will then be able to purchase a data disk providing an extra 64-level challenge.
Vulcan Software divided the games-playing world with their last releases, so much so that scores ranged from the low 20s to an amazing 90. Although a puzzler game, it does look distinctively 'Vulcan,' so it will be very interesting to see whether Timekeepers has the same effect on reviewers and public alike.
Timekeepers will be available this summer for all Amigas and we'll hopefully be bringing you the full review next month.
As you can imagine, the majority of the game involves negotiating platforms and blasting the enemies and viruses into oblivion. There are a range of 20 different weapons at your disposal, from twin missile launchers to flame-throwers. The shots you'll need to kill an enemy depend on the size and strength of it. Some may be killed with one straight bullet, others with a mortar bomb, for example.
To finish a level you must exterminate a certain amount of viruses, so the game can be played in either of two ways. One is to rush through all the levels, avoiding enemy fire and Vi rocop INTRODUCTION F. irst impressions of shoot-'em-up Virocop would suggest a fairly young audience.
However, further investigation of the game reveals more to it than first appears. It's a mixture of shooter platformer - a genre that has somehow been neglected on the Amiga of late - and has been created with such fine attention to detail that it looks set to shine.
Behind the game are the talented Graftgold team, renowned for such hits as Uridium. Fire and Ice, and Rainbow Islands.
Graphics are of an extremely high standard and an excellent 3D environment not only looks good but enhances the gameplay. Each level varies from the Sports zone to Military, and all contain enemies appropriate to the theme. Sports, for example, contains deadly snooker balls and animated enemies related to the level. There are also men bouncing around the zone on space hoppers - remember them? Round, plastic bubble creatures filled with air that you could hop around on.
Sound-wise, Virocop is nothing exceptional. You are offered the choice between in-game music or just the sound effects. The music changes to fit in with the levels and varies from the predictable happy-go-lucky bounce-along tunes for the Sports level, to the more dramatic such as on the Adventure level.
Stereo sound is available when the music is switched off, so the effects are routed to the left or right channel depending on the event on screen.
Most of the sound effects, as you'd expect, are a range of shots, bangs and explosions, but apart from that it is quite limited.
All levels look good but the adventure scenario, which is the bonus level for the A1200, is particularly good and has a mixture of wizards and evil robots. Even small details such as flame torches burning on the walls show the attention to detail that has been given.
The main sprite is fairly basic and looks rather like a banana-coloured R2D2! Still, he has been rather nicely animated despite his small dimensions so that, for example, if you leave him standing, he lets off steam.
His moves actually look robotic too and as his head moves independently to his body, which is the firing part, it adds to the gameplay!!
Liint ms Virocop sets the scenario of a virtual-holiday theme park, You play D.A.V.E. - Digital Armoured Virus Exterminator - who has been given the arduous task of ridding the park of viruses that have taken over and are causing havoc on the game Disk.
Stopping to kill just the viruses, or you can go at a more slower pace and kill baddies as you see them. However, the more points you earn, the more chance you have of earning an extra life. Bonus lives can be discovered on the levels and are also awarded at 10,000, 40,000 points and so on.
D. A.V.E. runs on a battery which is drained as he is damaged.
Pick-ups can be collected to replenish it and you'll need to
be able to judge when you need them as you can't collect
energy you can’t use. There's also some kind of puzzle angle
to the game as you have to figure out how to move certain
platforms and which switches do what.
The game zones had been set up on the GameDisk 12 years ago and the public and press were sceptical about the idea of buying virtual time-share experiences in another place without having to go there. The concept eventually caught on though, and soon imitations were springing up everywhere, although none were as big as the GameDisk.
But then it all goes horribly wrong when something breaks into the GameDisk. Giant viruses spread across the game zones feeding off the power, and spreading rapidly all the time. D.A.V.E, the Virocop is called for.
Usually the best cure fur a virus is bed rest, TIC and chicken suup. But when a computer gets sick a more radical remedy is required. Tina Hackett introduces
D. A.V.E, the robotic hero of Grafgold’s latest Piklisher: Warner
lileractive Dneliper: M0 Disks. 3 PriK; £25.99 Genre:
Ptatfirver Skoii'eHp lari disk install: Yes CoAtrai systei:
Keyleari JiYStiek Jqpad SippiHs: A5I01RI A1200 lecenended;
68000 upwards I 001300 '7 9 ji There isn't really a game like
Virocop to compare it to. It's a cross between a shoot-'em-up
and a platformer, and the nearest I can think of to describe
Virocop is a cutesy Alien Breed.
According to older colleagues, there was a sim- ilar game on the C64 some years ago - although no-one can remember its name!
Ill r7T- .
M lr -v:-: ' - v, vrv rvFvT Virocop comes across as a very polished game and what it doesn't have in sophistication, it makes up for in gameplay.
Two-player mode, though, is by far the best option, As well as the usual turn-based system, you have a team mode where one player takes charge of the head and firing while the other controls the body and movement. At first this takes some getting used to, but as you progress this is definitely one of the most fun multi-player methods I've played.
Virocop is not the sort of game that will grab you immediately as it isn't particularly striking, but play it for a while and try the two-player team mode and you'll find a game that has playability in abundance. * GOLD award It's not the thinking man's' title by any stretch of the imagination, but for the trigger happy this is a title of high quality and provides a great long-term challenge.
There are a range of weapons available and each enemy requires a different approach : BRAZILIAN GP LAP TINE:00'00M00 BEST LHP: LAP:1 2 D AflM WM jg-nil mm No one is going to be impressed with F1 World Championship from the word go - not unless they've only just upgraded from a C64 anyway.
It's done nothing to build on the racing game graphics of years past, and initially it seems to offer little more in terms of gameplay either.
Despite these strong criticisms, however, F1 somehow manages to draw the player back for more, thanks to more depth in the gameplay than initially meets the eye.
The fact that the tracks are modelled realistically on their real world counterparts is an attractive feature that should appeal, particularly to Grand Prix fans. Even if you’ve never watched motor sports in your life, however, the variety of challenges from simple fast circuits like Brazil San Paulo to the tortuous bends of Monaco add an extra dimension to the challenge.
Unlike most racing games - including the state- of-the-art arcade hit Daytona Racing - this title actually gives some sense of the tactics of motor sport. Passing cars, for example, can be a matter of bidding your time until the right opportunity arises, because on a crowded stretch the player simply won't be able to overtake as soon as they want to.
Before the race begins, players are advised to consult the weather report and the map of the Tu ith Skidmarks, ATR and Roadkill |i behind us, and Turbotrax and INTRODUCTION ¦ Till Wheelspin still to come, it seems 1 Am'9a developers have forgotten V ft m how to program anything other than the overhead racer. Many of them boast tried and tested quality gameplay, but this constant rehash of the same product must be tiring even the most dedicated fan of the genre.
A change is long overdue, so the imminent release of F1 World Championship has raised some interest. It's certainly not a breath of fresh air in terms of originality, but at least it marks the return of the long-absent race simulator with its realistic on-the-track view.
Power ups. Wacky cars and off-road scenery have been abandoned in F1 World Championship in favour of realistic racing with pit stop tactics. The question is, can Domark make the old formula shine once more?
Track as this will affect the way the car should be set up. Drivers can choose different tyres to suit weather conditions and varying drag-factors to trade off speed for grip on the more arduous circuits.
The handling of the car, however, is perhaps the most important matter when it comes to making a successful racing game, and fortunately FI is reasonably accomplished in this area. Unlike some games which demand that the player goes flat out round the circuit to even have a chance of winning, a driver in F1 has to get used to anticipating tight bends by breaking. Other realistic touches include the need to refuel and change worn tyres - otherwise you'll be forced to retire.
Different game modes allow players to race in knockout contests or go for longer-term championships in which there is both a driver and a car constructors' scoreboard. This, again, adds a touch of strategy to the action, because the thought of maintaining points will make players think twice about racing on with worn tyres just to snatch first place.
Incidentally, we actually dug out a Logic Freewheel and some foot pedals and connected them to FI. Not surprisingly this wasn't a totally satisfying experiment, though they did work to a certain extent.
FI World After the recent glut of overhead race-’em-ups, the 3D race simulator makes a return in the form of Domark’s latest release.
Gareth lofthouse tests whether FI World Championship has got enough juice to snatch pole position Racing games just don't seem to inspire the average developer when it comes to audio effects. Providing they've got some impression of the roar of the engine, they don't seem to bother with much else - the only notable recent exception being Roadkill with its more original background sound.
FI isn't terrible but the engine noise is more of a buzz than a 'vroom' and crashes sound more like a tinkle than the noise of tearing metal, Other effects include skidding and a tinny clanking when bumping into opposition cars. What is quite satisfying, however, is the convincing sound effect that accompanies a gear change - trivial it may be, but it actually makes the player feel more in control of the car ampionship Edition We might have hoped that the Amiga's capabilities would have been squeezed to push F1 to the forefront graphically - after all, visuals are fairly important in
such an action-dominated genre - but unfortunately, Domark's efforts on this front are at best average.
The problem is that it all looks rather dated. In the far distance, buildings rotate as you turn through bends, and signposts and barriers rush by on the edge of the track, but it fails to give the impression of racing through anything remotely like a real landscape.
The lack of detail isn't entirely a bad thing, however, since it's allowed the game to run at a high speed. This means that though the scenery is rather basic, it blurs by at such a blistering rate that your attention is firmly centred on just holding onto the road.
Initially, it appears that the tracks are going to be flat, but on later levels players do get the impression of rising and falling over small hills and dips - though since these are based on proper race tracks this effect is not overly dramatic. Furthermore, because the races take place all around the world, the developers have introduced a reasonable amount of variety from location to location.
There are also appropriate weather conditions for each of the countries, so races can take place in bright sunlight, driving rain or under overcast skies - but though this works well in terms of gameplay, it's crudely implemented as far as graphics are concerned.
Another complaint can be levelled at the poorly detailed cars - however, at least your driver’s hands move on the wheel and it's possible to view the action from within or behind the player's car Two-player mode works using the standard horizontally-split screen and appears to maintain all the pace of the one-player challenge - a quality not to be sniffed at when you consider how important human versus human games are in the racing genre.
Other functional but effective graphic features include the track map which shows the player's car in red in contrast to all the other cars. This facility gives drivers a good idea of how clear they are from the rest of the field - or, more usually, how much work they have to do to catch up, The introductions, the pit stops, option screens and all the other wrapping material that surrounds a game in F1 are typically unimpressive too, especially when compared to the stunningly rendered introduction accompanying Roadkill. But then at the end of the day, it's the game itself that counts.
____ BRAZILIAN GP I j LAP TIME:01103H5§ BEST LAP:02112"72 Ma) LAP!3 5 V*-- POS;16 16 Domark would have done this game a lot more justice if they insisted on having the graphics and sound brought up to date, because deep down there's actually an enjoyable game to be played.
Unfortunately, a lot of people won't bother to persevere with FI because it seems so visually slap dash. Those who are unmotivated by the gloss of most modern games, however, can find a racing challenge that holds more than average levels of tactical depth.
Nevertheless, the Amiga market needed a more rounded title to lift the standard of action gaming at the moment, and FI just doesn't deliver. Beating Microprose's similarly-named racing game was always going to be tough, and unfortunately Domark just weren't up to it on this occasion.
ORDERING DETAILS Key [W82+] Workbench 2 Only [WB3* j Workbench 3+ Only (2D) Number of Disks (1 MB] Minimum Memory (AGA) For AGA Machines [030] Minimum Processor (HD] Hard Dnve Needed Mako all Choques and Postal Orders Payable lo ACTIVE SOFTWARE ACTIVE SOFTWARE tept AC89, P.O. Box 151, Darlington, County Durham, DL3 8YT BUY 10 PD DISKS AND GET TWO DISKS FREE!
- offer only applies to PD disks at 99p each - Public Domain
Prices Public Domain 99p Postage On All Orders 75p ftesdents
ouCMft UKMnE.U ana into TOTAL Residents in Rest of WWW am SO%
to TOTAL Catalogue Disk 50p Contains fuS astmg. FI Lce tca ware
U616 BROWSER II [WB2.] U617 HD GAMES INSTALL III [WB2.| Over 20 games such as Super Skidmarks.
Sensible World of Soccer w bo installed U618 TEXTURE STUDIO vl.62 [WB2.| For Imegtne users • adapt those textures U619 BALLS! Iaga] Superb and powerful Lottery program U620 DYNAMICS [aGa] A reasonable paint package for AQA machines U621 CHEATS v2 (2 0 1 Even more cheats tor recent games U623 AMIGA CO-ROM GUIDE |WB2.)
GuxJe to loads ol Amiga Cds • AmgoguxJe doc.
US24 BOOTX V2.23 |WB2.| The latest Boot X with regcnton Me 2.23. U625 VIRUS CHECKER v6.54 Latest version of Vitus Checker U626 VIRUS WORKSHOP v5.1 (WB2«) Very powerful virus chockentuler U627 VIDEOMAXE V4.45 Store and catalog your video collection.
U628ICONIAN v2.91 (AGA) Superb AGA icon editor.
U629 DIY REKO Y2 [wp?.] (image fx 2] Design and construct Klondike cards U630 FRODO v1,4 [WB2.| |oao.| The very best C64 emUedor tor the Amga U631 TRANSITION vl (WB2.| A very powerful graphics conversion package which will even atow batch conversions1 U632 COLOUR WB [AGA] [HO) Completely transform yoor workbench!
U633 PROTECTOR )WB2.] Protect your hard dnve from ofher users U635 DOPUS UTILS 2 (WB5.) |Dopu4| Loads of useful ufils lor Directory Opus 4 3 U636 TYPING DEMON Learn how lo type very quickly ' U637 GRAPHICS LAB [AGA] U565 IMAGE STUDIO y2 [WK*] 12 Preksj All new version 2 Loads of new features present in this: Aroxx capabilities, speed increase etc U566 TERM V4.3 [WB2.J (3 Oaks] The bost modem commuhcations package US67 TERM v4.3 030 (WB2»| |3 D| 030 version of the modem package US66 LOTTERY WINNER V2.0 [WB2t] Version 2 of ihe lottery predictor U576 BLITZ BLANKER V2.5 |WB2-| Blitz Blanker is
another tool that requires the services of MUI (U499). Tbs is an excellent modo tensed screen blanker srmlar to Gblarfcor U581 PAGESTREAM 3F G PTCH [2 01 This palch vastly improve Pagestroam 3F. If give* you lardteapo non-postsenpt printing' U586 MAGIC WB 1.3 Wowl The abftty tc use Mage WB on a Wbt 3 machne - you need U3S2 also U588 PC-TASK V3.10 Al naw PC Task v3. Demo version US89 MP LOTTERY V2 Arother gcod lottery program U592 VARK CU UTILS 7 All ihe latest CLI utiMes here' U593 PARNET HD Latest verson ol the Parnef connector U594 AMIGA FAX VI.42 (WB2.)
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Alows you to have a "dock- of icons on Wbonch.
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U502 GBLANKER V3.6 020 [WB3t] An opfimsod version lor 020'30‘40 60 CPUs.
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Allows you to view a myriad of GFX formats U523 DOPUS COMPANION |WB?.| WOW Loads of useful bits and pieces ler Dopus Arexx liles. UliMie* and even dongi Call for Credit Card Acceptability BITS 'N BOBS Grapevine 21 OUT NOW!! [2 Disks) NFA Word 5 • disk magazine Bodyshop 8 AGA [2 Daks) Sherttyn Fenn Slideshow AGA Phoebe Cates Sideshow AGA Erika Sideshow AGA Nfct Taylor Slideshow [2 0] IAGA] Tety Toons Csparf NFA Big Girts II AGA [3 Ctsks) Global Facts [2 Disks] X-Files Gudo GCSE Maths Exam Papers Project UFO [6 Disks) Travel Guide (2 Disks) UFO Finding Trufh |2 Disks) yFO Finding Trufh 3 At«ns
Confidential 2 Alans Multimedia 3 [AGA] (90) Weather Giado [3 Daks] Deadlock 9 Magazine Luclfers ‘Unholy Innocence' [2D] Lucllera ’Wicked Gnmoiro' Lucilere ‘Book & Slides' [2D] Star Trek Guide |6 Daks) Tteao ewthets can be ueed w4Nn tOomdkc II or III. And aho kMdad into the games cn "Card Game* Ookire* CM4USMASH SmUr j Too- 17. -«• Wl-J A NAIM cim MMVU1 linvoy. An] CerrKn I xB» GM171 POWER WALLS a Moot tot T1M4 ganrn OM 174 TANKS
• r.oi kr. Mi in OM1 b ALIEN GENOOOf (2 DISKS] we » CWJton 1VJI ’
GMI re OOOMER (AGA) (HO ONLY] a good Ooorr e»*i* kr Pa Amga GMI
b slid*h AGA in. PuMM own. Kr AQA lW» OM1S2 CARNAGE DOM 9.r» wd
gov And more1 GAT 16) PSSST AOA
r. mwrtur P*« on Pa Spotty? Wa4 TM n * • A .,. vaiMMf GAUM
SCREECH aromai car raepg gunt OutU BO ARO GAMES L-iaOj a T*.
Nwn gmrm ha.
GM1I7 FEARS 2 AGA mfj Uu;r Mltsr TNHTlMRHlbkWi OMS7 BLACK DAWN n GMTS SCRABBLE GMTS 8T ARWOIDS (I MB] (3 DISKS] Prust ow crei "11«I. M v «33icT.» flimt GMO) TOP HAT WILLY aiA»bjQ-j«TSeiwry-nr«rfi XXXM' QmtCn OYNAAAItt WARRIORS 2 GM1 IS CHANEQUES )2 Omkt) mo 0MM' A Iwmn;. In- e»TW DrPT eir HI. Non ,»rh tMtowc UiHI : r« mm CM 123 MEGABLOCK V2 arncITt twi Thm gmntm an Pa Amja GMI23 KELLOOS LAMO [AOA] WOW Tha V4 y bMi PO panxn, gtnn Mail OM12S SUPf R MIGA FRUITS a gnc l I n t IA.ti.-a gamc 044127 ZAXXON Kewt' Th* 0(4 OMK now CWTW* io tre An*j«' CAI1J0 FISHY FISHY MI Pa res* IMP. J,o«l th. Uarta
mia gron GM132 SAMURAI tHOWbOWk IAGA] fu» a Ml ami.no SnMI 'DW Dona Otwl OM133 HYPER RACE (2 (XMS] kUIw w-mhi iknt. UukoiTFV wre GM136 CYBERMAN
• ear A 90 (wcirwn rtona Vwyeai.nll’xJred GUI 58 INTERNAL
COMBUSTION sw MkShArkn-iaeu. Tacng gum GM1A1 MAOHOUSC (2 DISKS]
A dKtfiref Arf.vl.rs ytr* OMI47 DELUXE GALAQA V2.SI nu*l Ba *»
MU PO (hoot-revse .»»' mwla 0MI44 CLASSIC PUCMAN rl ar PlKrrwn
m R rm ongruAv t*ng ni OM14S Ainu DC MON vl c»d gina tx he Amgs
GA41SO ROCKETZ V2 JS (AGA] lupet) AGA cr»y 7 cm,a-
tauMWiool-an-,* ;n-.
GM131 WECTION wiy la 0 X, upon 4 c‘h.' Pvm *rh pu,a£.ry OA4152 JUMP UM gudt Sim! Ihruufi »w Ni« B resm»« =re*F* OM153 BONO VI eocwil Ihnpona-Nvnj IRN fAJlfcim gam BM1S7 MASTER BLASTER Mtrtw » Dyna-wamm - 2IW hcrre a»-r.
GmtSS THINK A MANIA |WB2.| MiabinRigans air wit*** g«jn-=.
OM1S1 OOZt AGA |2 DISKS] cor. I. «¦» aAldna 2 Mayor nNow, ganP OM162 OOZE CCS QM154 C vnr RGAME S (2 OrSKS] HTIIMI A r.ym, :»xa Mp pm In. »|rr* a try pa Mat Mel.rr.vP jwma r Pa Mtk. Oomalr, GMIM PUNIER »t.O Annul at rcna raeng Mnnj g*m OMIC4 GRAVITY FORCE 2 CnpUM 2 pv,k tp41 KWB t«««-i Goal OA4167 ACE TIW SPACE CASE Tap rearn pen™ mtip :ow:X nana.nl GMIM SCAVENGE |WB .] 2 cAiye- mi Kwn MuMr mu ofhn a war* ART CAROS ANA4E CAROS CftDYCRMYFQflO CARDS BORIS -AJME CARDS FACES CAROS , SAISOWAN CARDS STARTREK -ORG- CARDS XA4CN CAROS CLAUOlA 9CMIF*ER CAROS FAST CARS CAROS EMPIRE STRIKES BACK RETURN OF
DISKS ONLY 99P' Klondike III C3.96 [AOA] [3M8«] [HO) GMIM CARO GAMES OCLUXE [3 Dhk*] |2MB| if tur A pngrer tut Mxm tnu kad Mtl um you Kmng*. Co-ar Bmtkgaoi are AOCThtr an raio GM1S1 CHAO MUROTRER AGA (4 Ouk*] naf m Md n I iaxi3A'A gatftoii adyantu-s is WM T» M-r.U'V To CiMI yew OM1S2 CMH.0 MUNOERER ECS |3 Ouk.] OmtN SpfWNOTWE GMIM BATTLE DUEL AGA |AOA| talte 4uU ¦ • SUPERS mA par* w*S«Y W »wre QM1H BATTLE WEI E« (WW-) ECS reaen ol th* Am GAA224 GLOOM (AGA] A dMTtt iWMh Of Wre WK0*!] D’K'n Ttone QA4227 WAR OF THE WORLDS 4 |AGA| A vniM maty (laQWfli an Pa AaOja’ GA422S K*TG HIGH A new card o»m«
GA4730 DOMINOES A gwne ol Mdceloh wot a un. Cuvwg GM233 SUPREME FIGHTER BuUwnMi wl*i Lxny Spacmi* Ttyw gruthra GM234 TOMMY TANKERS Z Mmym cw.itig.3 Urw Mxlara gw*w OM73B ULTIMATE STAR TREK (2 DIM.I OUW C*3 UX . Joa- UraU , aura b, Totoa. RrhlK GM242 PSYCHUEL (WB2.| Amn BrMO SV« TPOOl WT i* GM2A3 LAST LAP .1 Eml.nl tmng gan* lor ana or be cMyan 0M244 COMMODOnr M GAMES PACK [10 Dhk«; 10 cfnewUoOi OM. L4 C4 C64 »vrw. Kr Fieon vt.4 Giti« ThE Pvtt AUID CAUI |J Ol.k.l A p jrr a p«R*m gin.
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scnsuouty- aoa |20) I ¦ufttrlW.IAiirMnMKr I 01» COMPLEX -REAL' AGA 1 V* AGA dwno San Cunrfu I 0130 r AlUOHt *LPVE‘ AOA (2 OrSKS) |3VO| I A»TW HWW !y VVUX Ow.i I 0139 POLKA BhOS A««L ULTRA' AOA | D13S POLKA BROS. GEVAUA’ |IH] i mwii mvAOA *ro Oh tm1 I DI42 HAOE -MAXIMUM CrVEROfWt r AGA (SO) I mm1 nteogresrendlMtt tarapM I DtOS URBAN "SOME JUSTICE 94 AOA I nrnu(iu«0(an«ic Aaar iu imkI' | DIM REBEL* SWITCHBACK AOA |J CttKS) ¦KVrwMWAdA amwhrnw1 I OtSS OUPLO -MV MAAAMA IS A VAMPWE' |2D) AOA I sr amlnt twt long torn Pom IXMo I 016* FREEZERS WIT PREMAIM- AOA 1 T*f fffi A&A atm Van fwntotr g* rm‘ I
01T7 OlOfTAL "ETERNAL MAONfSS* |AOA| |2 OBKSI I ware)jrtvrXV;wt vwynxa'(1MB FASTRAA*»] ?Ul VIRTUAL DREAMS PSTCMtDtUC (AOA] |3 0] 1 «VW) .Vo Al tnr n«t' Ci.nurei-u (HO t ny| I 01 n POLKA BROS -THE PREY- |2 DISKS | I men1 ItrreW tumUnfmnbi W Amung I 0110 OXVROW KA.UHO TIME [AOA] |« WSKS| I par rm io w« in. A»f ctxdr -A FZo«wwm I D1H RIP ACT Ik A WORLD Of ASCIT 1 wr wywvne'SuyraiDtw mrnHrel I OIK POLKA BROS VISIONS IN BLUR' |* DISKS] 1 uetti al retf-un gvef oTblk m Pw n*e dwnx I DIM ANDROMEDA Mr XUS T* I KMM'tt*r*P*ly»t'AU0eAM* ar I Dt00 REBELS -WHAMMER SLAMMER- [AOA)|10| I Riftmn ftoOjco Root
awno*1 Th» ¦ no OKRilon I D19I BOAiB MOTION ORK3M V (AQA)(2 DTSKS] I tm ihe iwtr Doom per crerr ItmWW mno' I D1KABVS8 DOV«-(2 DSKSI I « pnlfy jwxl *n) Pon irw PaT Pi I DIM TRSI' THE CUBIC DREAM' AOA jZ DtSKS) I Seo-wnvneirenn AOMnuiiriMi I 0203 MYSTIC IMPOSSBLE IMPOSSKIUTV p D) I itovw at re Prmama re-rr « Oefra* I 0204 TRSI - ANHALOMUM LENH4 (AOA) I O*M4iM(arxJ» "0Aw» TRS-. Ram.'
I DzlJPARAutx CN pexr aoa p om..) |HD) 1 rnvw d P» Oarwwv M I 0214 AVALON -RESPONSE I Ktf rACUITY MAN ON MOON- |4 OHM*] [HD] (4Me| I W) goal Jono Horn FacuTy ™ni cV Anm- I OdlT ABYSS -ORUOSTORt- |2 Oak.] I D21SOXYRON TEMPLE OP OECCASf- I oais SANITY -ROOTS N' (COO.)
I 0220 ntrrzrns oream walker- (2 dim.] I 0221 FREEZERS LECH' AOA I 0222 ARTWORK ORCtNOAY* (AOA] (« • |3 Ohki] I 0273 IMPACT OK MELCHOIR- [MO] [SMB.] U076 WB3 HO INSTALL DISK [WB3J Prep, formal and install WB lo yotr Hard Dnve U230 TOOLS DAEMON V2.1 [WB2ij Adds tools Vj your Workbench Menu U239RE-ORGv3.11 (WB2.| Ro organs* yoor disks hard disk.
U302 VIEWTEK w2.01 |WB2.| Vie wick can show many picture formats ncuding JPEO and iho AGA screen modes U317 ACTION REPLAY PRO |a&A| Action Repay lor Tto A120GA4000 U318 VIOEOTRACKER DATA [4 D| loads of data hies lor use wtnm Vdeotracker U349 LIBRARIES + DATATYPES Do you ewor need a library? Mere's a coloclon' U352 MAGIC WB v1.2P[WB2»J The lastest version ot the 8-CdOur loon replace' Use this with nr Extras disks for supeib results' U359 TELETEXT v1.20 rWB5.| Create a teletext receiver with your Amiga.
U376 POWERCACHE v37.115|WB2*l Speed up your HanJ Dnve access with this cache program Versions for W, 02V. W0 *nd mo U379 DESKTOP MAGIC v2.0 [WB2.)
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actMty An ideal lool lo Imd cot what tbranes are needed U448 OMS PRO v2.04 [WB2.
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• MB Qt*. Muv! Cut »-0 CO KM KM ISCSI) r»» D*rt*c©« TocM,
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aMBS«lec«»c)Wm.* iijw j S3tW Graphs Pnvanw
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irragra and Ughhmro 0C|«t» Vtodi* ona »a» a M and nutmade utars
sho» fO! TO* ¦«iao«i vouna h« MULTIMEDIA TOOLKIT II
• £26.991 re | INTRODUCTION actical Manager dates back to 1992
when Talking Birds released a very statistical football
management game under the name of Football Tactician. This was
a fairly exciting introduction by a relatively new company
who had planned to be a huge success in the Amiga market.
The amount of statistics and detail was almost certainly the main attraction - followed by intense gameplay and lastability. The idea was to produce an in-depth, realistic football management game which was more like a database of statistics rather than a presentational feast littered with gorgeous graphics and sound. A no-frills management game was their aim, and their aim has just been reached.
% TA I Manri Ht 1 PfiEnCRSHt "mi 1ST j« I ¦ CRYSTAL PALACE OCR 30" CHRIS RRHSTRONC X N HW-T.*, ¦ 1 ¦ * 5~«*.
* C -5JO
• a prt-erkx c a GCROG*.
7 R a j a ® u:u.:«ns ; E »-£R a OEF Zjt? 3-£i «r*U30.:n3 TC SET Q£F -JL* ’ 3 FIRS* oef zje* “0_-o cca scorer oef zx* "i • • :-d srert stir »*-oc n-O »4 - “A-RCE FR-.3 «J0 **20 rt-m -"SO H-*I RIB mj» *io RTT «TT 25 c ca_E « :¦ o s=_--ob-’ s pj-'c-cf r .«ctv- Hu irur awn m.a *»ia An abundance of player information Is included. A player's complete history can be now altered UE51 Hflh H FI T F i F; ?
- r HRLF TIME GDRi. BV srlrko oooeae = ;ur; pt hi.
3 C0FTIFS 1 ray m s Vfizit c imnincc ° 1 5 OO ¦ ¦ i hi r I
- »E 11TD4 I John Salako puts the mighty Eagles into the lead - a
right foot volley that crashed into the net Although football
games don't always require amazing graphics, they do add a lit
tle spice to the overall finish. They are certainly not the
main feature in Tactical Manager 2, but serve their purpose
adequately - ranging from club logos to main pictures which
accompany the action as you battle out the match sequences.
If you wish to set up an entire fantasy league of completely fictional teams then you may do so using the edit club logos option.
Incidentally, you can completely alter each players' statistics in the Premier League and Division 1 - their age, nationality, morale and fitness are only a few which can be changed, Also, any transfers that may take place in the future can be entered with the utmost of ease, meaning your version of Tactical Manager will never fall out of date. Overall, the graphics are simple and relevant to the action, and display the information suitably as and when it’s required.
Tactical Take control of incomprehensible Kenny’s champions or forlorn Ferguson’s unavailing United, leading only one to Premiership glory.
Andy Maddock gives it a go ¦¦ necssiM warn ID S43T5 ST Csff.
¦¦ a corrERs s ¦¦¦ i4i or tii urcH cc
- I-" wCS-' c ¦¦ 3 QFPSItC ?
3 OWK 1 ¦ RTTEtlltlCE I3CCS A particularly boring match which ended in a one-all draw. Wait. I had this match on my pools couponI i ¦ sr*He:o«_ 1 t e er G » DEF DCS C£F usman, .
I 5 Eai_CE X D sslliste* SEF DEF Z£c § ? :«wi».
1 » - EWE f e :*ce
• N BUTT s “TO-e.5 is OEF C£F Hin mio MID MJO MID MIO M-fl HIM
• Sunni 11 Kl ir iw:r :z «* GIGGS .; M KJ3»ES M-* STT MIN STT 1
,! Z ICDJIIP | IX E * *L E Oec M-F ¦pci" =T3 ¦pjFg""
- & * nr 1 :* G -;m.inson 1 :s L 5-opBE MID M-S FES IWJ 1 ;t e
woi* I :a 1 ;• ’-w C '•flPUT STT IMJ mmiVtn If
• Util £ I S-S-l ~~n * kW* ,v mu UI*tK WtJIt 'JOTBCH WiiS »»fiS3
VT! ITT' Custom i* yOur Squad to the extreme by moving players
in and out of positions Manager S SCLLu PFSStflL DEC inHMBDOOco
l bghinen NC*T FCRS5T HI 3 5GGDCQ 2 SLPD NC*T fcres* M-R 1C3A
CITS- H-Q 35U SSGDCO B vErcsori r*w:PSTl.5 C£r as 1Q5C0CD s
S-e-fielc u Hia icK" rano R PEPRGE FIELD M mo ICS 122SOGO | 5 SflP EF CPF H-a 9ia ioooco ; D HOWELLS m-R ICC • 11QQ00Q 1 P GEE le::este= c H-P Iwfc, S950QQ
o dlcfiel: le::estef c H-5 £ . 975000 C HILL le:geste= c Der 10:B
200100 !
5 =Ets” DES 0000 G FEFGuSO'.
ITT 96 Ml1 S9000D M QUINN pDMBWTR** trr 10155 25QQCQ LEEDS LHITEG H-a 2031 900000 0 HqlQSHQFTH LiV WlMELECCr- p-r 111! 3300000 i H D0t.flGHU
h. : SSBFISE : eiSHGP »€ST Hpft Hfa S3 • 900000 M rflFS" «EST HR1
h. a 107| 1000000 The transfer market is the period place to pick
up players out of contract The all-important match day
No Saturday is complete without one ffpncf sf H a - F S u c. L f N FT 1 (
E. TVOPN * twn.
1 S i 5 I 3 0 0 a 0 s 1.
A II II • i 0 9 ¦ a 1 4 p 10 4 *?9E?«.
9 i D S 3 0 1 B 4 1C 1 t c 1 9 I a 1 9 1 «* CI’V 9 0 1 « • 0 1 9 a 7 ij .tid 1 t 0 I 3 3 I 9 • ptfTPIC.0 - 1 0 1 • f 0 I 4 t • 9 a » * D 1 1 9 4 a 1 3 i 9 19
• arai viix* 1 e 0 i 1 .
0 1 3 c I :i 1 z D 9 9 ; 0 2 9 9 » ia .zras ix:*eei e c 0 4 ?
1 a 3 E 7
• .j NICEST" ; P » p f ¦ '1 P 1 I 7 54 s ?
1 4 9 ?
1 i I a it TGTTJ-M*.
• 0 0 9 O 0 9 t 9 ¦ 0 t 1 !
4 I 1 1 3 4 3 i D I 9 1 0 e _L 4 i‘ 9 :b GMEL3ES D 0 9 1 9 l • 4 4 19 O'CiTSv 1 1 0 9 I a a 2 1 5 4 1C MOTT eoSEST 0 1 t ( 9 a • 1 s i * et Hf9* 0 0 9 9 s a a a 0 5 0 w 0 0 1
• « a 0 l" I t 0 The league table is easy to read, unlike many
other management games which have numbers littered everywhereI
48% 76% Although the graphics and sound are of an average stan
dard, the sheer depth of the game is where it all begins to
The intensity to which Tactical Manager stretches is enormous. You'll spend endless hours searching through the many menus to change various aspects for your next game.
Everything you find in real football is here - and very realistically too. All the basic aspects of football are obviously included, and team selections and transfers are just the tip of the iceberg.
You can select any players on your team to act as either ball-winners, playmakers or goal-hangers, and you even get to select one of the opposing players to mark - to completely put him out of the game.
One strange feature that has never been included in any game of this genre before is the Pools - you can choose home wins, away wins and draws to come up with the The game is already very successful among Play-By-Mail users. This is a postal football management game which hundreds of people enter, trying to take their team to Premiership glory. This is how it works.
The author of a Play-By-Mail will recruit managers to play in the league, appointing them to various teams. The idea for the public is to transact through the author to win the league. Once the public has selected their team formations and changes they return the information back to the author - who inputs all the data on to Tactical Manager 2. The results will be determined and then sent back to the public to inform them of their position within the game.
Why? You may be asking. Well, it's a special blend of the love of English football and money. Yes, it does cost to take part in these leagues - sometimes as little as £1 every week. Tactical Manager can be used as a starter to help you run one of these leagues, instead of the usual four-player option you find in the football management games of today, 40 people can easily be entered to play one game of Tactical Manager 2.
Jackpot. The amount of detail in this game is unexplainable and cannot be described on these two pages alone, and this is what makes it so special.
Most people will turn their1 nose up at the first sight of Tactical Manager 2 and the immediate impression will be reasonably bad because of the way it looks. Anyone who takes the time to get into the actual game itself will realise what hidden talent it possesses.
Real football fanatics who would be interested in all the realism and statistical features of football will love it to death. The amount of detail is astonishing, probably the most in-depth I've ever seen in any football management simulation yet. The presentation may not be as polished as say, On The Ball or Premier Manager, but for detail, Tactical Manager comes top of the league.
Fl 1 WM igital Illusions series of pin- ball games have somewhat ruled the roost as far as Amiga pinball games go - some have even hailed them as the definitive pin- ballers. So maybe it comes as a bit of a surprise then to learn of a new challenger on the market from Swedish team. Unique Developments, with Amiga development from Blade. The game originally came out on the ST and I happened to review it for St Review magazine.
Back then I awarded it a massive 98 per cent, and said it was 'the best ST game ever!' So I awaited the Amiga version with glee.
However, the Amiga market is another kettle of fish altogether, and after being spoilt by Digital Illusions previous offerings, I wasn't quite sure where Obsession would fit in with the state of play. So to be fair when marking this game, it has to be scored in relation to others available.
Obsession Msk I Flippers *t the ready as you ping the ball around the Aquatic Adventure table i
v. y Run: You are racing from Paris to Dakar and to finish a
stage you must light the pit stop lamps, but to light a lamp
you have to buy enough fuel units.
Money will be given to you at two stages - the Hundring Ramp and the Speed Passage. To get a really high score, though, you must finish each stage as either the first or second car, and to increase your place in the race you need to go through the Place Passage.
Balb and Bats; Two-play modes are available for this Baseball-themed game.
In Normal Mode you just play the ball around the table, collecting a score. In Pitching Mode you shoot the ball into the Pitcher's Box which halts the game for a few seconds and the Pitcher throws the ball at you, either as a Fast Ball, Slow Ball or Curve Ball. You must then use the flippers as bats to hit the ball.
X-lla Zon«: On this table you have a series of missions to complete before you can go ahead and kill the enemy tribe leader. The nine missions are displayed in the middle of the table and to complete one you must light 'Death' and shoot the ball into the Mission Ball Trap.
Aquatic Advantura: Try and spell 'Dive' and then you can go onto to do one of two things. You can either increase the Bonus Multiplier at the bottom of the table or enter a Dive Mission where there are five to complete, from Deep Dive to Submarine Hunt. The Starfish ball trap also gives extra awards such as bonus points or an extra ball.
Obsession, far from being the latest after shave from Calvio Nleie, is a pinballer from Swedish team, Ueiqee Developments.
Pinball Wiiard lina Hackett takes a look Aquatic Adventure is, believe it or not, a sea-related table and tells the story of Bobby Bubble, an adventurer who has escaped from Captain Notpolites dungeons, stolen his map and his heading for the Sitnalta archipelagos. He ends up on a strange island and takes a dive into the waters. He then has to find the treasure before he ends up as fish food.
But little does he realise that the Captain is watching him from his submarine.
X-ile Zone, on the other hand, is a futuristic table. It's set in 2058 after a nuke attack and your mission is to kill the enemy leader, after completing a number of missions.
Balls and Bats has a sporty theme and puts you in the role of a world-class baseball player. You are taking part in the World Series - the pressure is on and the whole team are counting on you.
Desert Run deals with life in the fast lane. You must get from Paris to Dakar as you leave the roads and try to earn the title 'Desert Runner.'
Again, these are fitting to the theme of the table such as the dark, moody X-ile Zone which has a mysterious introduction tune and then as the ball sets off around the table, a louder beat kicks in.
A nice range of voice samples have also been included, for example, in Balls and Bats you get the Americanised baseball slogan 'Play Ball' or 'Strike.' Sound effects such as the flippers hitting the ball and bells ringing when you hit certain lights work well too.
Other pinball games available for the Amiga are from Digital Illusions and these have sold in abundance and gained many fans. Obsession is an excellent game in its own right, but I'm afraid it is let down against Pinball Illusions because it doesn't have multi-ball. Also, an extra set of flippers, even on just one table, would made a hell of a lot of difference. Music, although very impressive, isn't as good.
Saying that, though, the graphics are very impressive for a game of this nature, especially as this is isn't the AGA version.
N There are four tables available and each has a different theme, varying immensely from the dark, foreboding atmosphere of X-ile Zone to the jovial Sports theme.
Each table is bright and colourful and are pieces of art in their own right - well in a 'streetwise' way! This is because of the airbrushed look that is reminiscent of graffiti art or even pop art. The overall effect is of a very modern style and all work brilliantly as backdrops for this sort of game. The tracks for the balls have been well designed too and provide an exciting challenge for the player, as well as being clearly set out so as not to cause confusion. Animations, lights and traps all add to the realism.
Viij, uw".
& This is a very able pinballer, it has to be said. It doesn't have the glamour of Pinball Illusions, but it certainly gives it a run for its money.
Obsession comes across as a very authentic pin game. The ball moves at the right speed and feels like the correct weight, flippers respond well to the keyboard controls and the tilt feature - left, right and middle - works nicely.
The eight-player mode allows for some %T.J excellent multi-player competitions and there are a good deal of missions per table. Other than the objectives I've briefly mentioned here, there are also 'special' aims that will earn you extra bonuses. It all makes the game highly addictive and lasts even the pinball wizards a good while.
This version is available for all Amigas, though a new AGA version is promised soon.
Aigist 189b PLEASE SEND YOUR ORDER TO EITHER Of THESE DISTRIBUTORS YOUR ORDER KILL BE SAME DAY DESPATCH VIA FIRST CLASS POST SOFTWARE 2000 Dept (ACD5) 48NEMESIA AMINGTON TAMWORTH B77 4EL ENGLAND TEL: 01827 68496 SOFTWARE 2000 Dept (ACD5) 9 WILLS STREET LOZELLS BIRMINGHAM B19 1PP TEL: 0374 678068 We stock over 6500 QUALITY PD & SHAREWARE Price .....99p per disk Please add 7Op to total for postage & oackaoe Pack price as stated. All Orders Same Day Despatches For the very latest disk catalogue please add 70p MAKE CHEQUE POSTAL ORDER PAYABLE TO: SOFTWARE 2000 SEND TO (ADDRESSES TOP RIGHT)
How to order To order any disk just write the disk title and the disk EG Uu1 Against. Some titles haw i* num‘ *- s means the title come on (x) number ol er PACK lust write down the pack TITLE ALL DISKS ARE COMPATIBLE OVERSEAS POST i PACKAGE RATE | (Europe add 25p per disk for P&P) (Worldwide add Sop per disk P&P) WITH ALL AMIGAS UNLESS STATED AG A Disk means for A1200 A4000 only ¦ TEL OR FAX: 01827 68496 OR VARIOUS UTILI Printer Pack 5 disk pack with all th* latest printing programs specially designed lor printing out high quality documents, text & pictures etc and It is even able to print out
AS Booklets (very handy). Easy to use.
A must (or any Amiga owner with printer.
Printer Pack (5 disks) only £4.99 U7S3 FAKE FAST MEMORY mats I . . .
UTS* MCRO PAX 4 (3| ptoiaci tbulk) s lav mMhtns) U777 TELTTCTT nECEIVER ptojael Hlghl* k U7»l 006TRACI V3 dtapiat pioonn.rtMtTOt.11 Al*» n RECOMMENDED UTW POOL WINNFR GOLD muM Nx oil gstMMtl UTS4 OMS Pro Con asa 3 Sait ml* I BtUlsnt U7W HARD 0I8K MMORV V3 os* NO as memcry (to UMU.
UTJQ WWDOW BENCH VJ |WB 213) 3 •** now eu-Mencn rsplacstnsnt includa kna ot uastul uflUMa UTJ1 WURUTER DtAGNOSnc TEST VS Amiga comp lata tv.asm laai uioi prinT a card UIU1 MUI TPPIUNT VI lot. Ot UM4 MtO 132 w ) ami muec m-*r UM7 P-SUtTE see odour,Wnmata to tan?
U38S SUPS H CU Ini dtah ran lota otc. OK UMI FORTRAN CO~ptfke proat emfmg U 1 382 AMIGA Bt * • 0094 £taSa- program . A
U) tt3 UTIL on*C»on ol MM Ol t«M utF* 0797 FORM UNUMTEO MW any
type of lorn.
U»4 FRACSCAPf VI 2 now beet*. .mlar 10 VISTA utoo sound nucxia n.fl* UMI AGENT f-ip you »iro. *OiP 16-ITj trea VXD* O4.0CKS ptoroleet tour dll S fl UoiTULTHAPAlNT A SURF peel S JO mot U0» CAN PO p-o)T*"mro language U048 DARKSTAR no J (ver 5-J) load* cl util.
US* MAG CREATOR trrn • d.lk -ag.
Oil7 NOBTH C ton.pt (7) SrM programming . _ U12J S» t.» ccpy'oelMe'irsvf fit* m*d* very •) um tern A COPY Tom. While c-ccyi-rj dM. Arm U1H MOST USED utiurcs (I) **1 utetut vtu eolleceion uits xco®y professional .*», po-nui « •» cop Ut« C-MANUAL 3 111 TtKhM IOU tie* ib p eg*a " « C U1» ASBA&IGN PI884TER UMI® tor* uaetu.__ U1« PA.NT AND AhlMATE *111 th. Beat U170 BWFIMVTMMS Vt 01 draplFy you- »« .
U184MASTIII 4EKA VI * contfiWs A**8®4M*fI UI88 UNUWTCO CIS* CREATOR Ml ixtt on Fr* hr».
Ol S7 M COMPUTt R AID DESIGN - Vu mmerc _ product U1M SHOWtr eld* »how mU -ip. *d«1 GsfsSci tar MPHWiwiaaPNaaaiin. Rtcaaam new suet a virus «m t a mot wsai us 3is. .1 ASTRO 72 V3 leiHI Caliulttt «*" - poNBon.
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m i oac ASTER VJ. Horse riemj piedKW" ror 100 ASSASSIN COPIER 1101*1 meanfct Xoepvlidcdpv stc 191 ASSASSIN HANDY TOOL 3(400 1.3 onW im:o SPEED a*sen 1-oiwn- ) WH MB 3 .Atveepullt conen Ul.vt IN. R«PPtn COLLECTION &l2i RAOOENCM rtcoivtWt AH inn Am.jn ««".
UA42 SYSINTO loti k pret Into 4A Ymt AUI0A »|t U*44 FONT FARM letHctsaKvednoxdMi i rwt loBI- U4« AMOS UPDATE 1 4 Odd mot. Csmmtnd. Lot AMOS IWI WWW 2 p 0BKS) PsttAMsttBsts on »l Rttw 0470 FWAL FONTKH 112 dsttl Sla- trsk msguint U47J FINAL FONTWR 3 (4 dskl i St srsk titgum UtaO HARD OtSK CUCK - Matd Oevs tnanu sytMm U«0 B TEC UTIL - A-e»«9 petb ««h 707 uifwes 1 uetl PROTRACKER V3 - Ossl nail list ptogtsm U4B3 WORK-StATION (3 dMAs WBI3 tmty| Wa [n KANo'aBX UtlL EMIR ooiecnon «f nee mi om FAST PRINT (A500 on*,) Kst ol pteStig utcs U4S6 WORK4MATE • II brtNani dlsB uMa convvtsson USUI THE MUSIC
CONSTRUCTION KIT (ttsts Altvga oenstl U«J tCORPlOk MAPPER n Mauno magi ol gsmt Nvf* U503 PROCALC Supst Ml I unction CmotMlot US04 MOT -STUFF - mots aoi dek eompilaBotn U30S VIRUS4ULLER A DISK RESALVAGC.REPAIRC KIT UJ07 DC OPT vi PAWKSIOiai - liasUMH Del ccpai UIOS ULT BOOT BLOCK 40.0ootW«k 9~v.t.loi,»n*k- USIO ULTMATC BOOTBLOCK ColMCMfi ¦ . Mors um2 nncoft um •» nost user*, um 7. Btuum US1S AIT COMPLFTS UTS. » most ossd ullW USI6 AMOS FRACTAL It octal mtnu U321 SPECTRA PAPTT M tivsl 10 Opalnt U543 SEA MOTOt CHEATS c*esipsts-o-d. Otc U»ao SCENERV CONSTRUCTION KIT frsctsi. Tscommsncitd UMI
ASSASSIN BOOT BLOCK o.s- M oostModi ptolsctot USS5 CROSSWORD CR«ATOR |no1 WWJl ctoswrovd ntw U«t PERN CHECK I Ml POOL fTOBCtlQM p-9grstn usta CON CONSTRUCTION KIT Icon mskmg ptogtsm inn CON rssO; mads UltT GRAPHIC TUTi N (not WB3I mon» rep lOtT ets Pates Unoutot OL PRO»ESSK NAl Msi rr uepl AMTTCKX UKOT MEOACHIAT VJ a tvtn .*lstt jUIPT p un 2 ANIMATION CONSTRUCTION *IT VI} 9 A500*A60 yA120QIM0W use W» Rt*ocki1 V1.4 to make your compute* run many of the old A5Q0 software.
U329 RELOCKJT 1.4 OR U330 Workbench 104 onty 99p ...... I. bat punting ptogten US07 FONT S PRINT Load, at uilMet To .taw A ptktl | yeut tent c taeBon RECOMMEOED UI30 WOE WMM ¦JpetasKlpuWHll US33 OTVOEND WIIMER Ptadclion ptognv- lot uat th LITTLEWOOOS, VERNON. JeTTERS eac UST4 FORCASTER 7.02 Ha. Hotaa ptaditron prog U»)Q AUDIO KACIC 4 • PreeMtRBi V3. Etgiic nppa.
K ueto AUDIO MAGIC S ¦ mot* muuc utMRwa b US43 AULaO MAGIC S - Ocumad playat ate USA* C44 EMULATOR V3 (2 DISKS) lataaT USA* SPECTRUM EMULATOR V? • Mlsst
U. ’U.' V MCRPM VifMI* .
U’03 POOL TOO.S 2 iLaaaatl ott . .
• J7C« TRORI-CAO - ci«r.VT t.riuH U7;.T(UIME TAMER A 41 (2;
r»«i it.
UTM LAST IYAL A iESTaWkt - Hal._ U710 PERFECTSAiNT 33 Vaty aaay I* vaa pamt paeaigaa UN J COTV .7 PLATER play Coi *h«e ~ - M U71t ENGWtER KIT mtioua law kei loir' - UT’f MAGNUM I 9 OrlLARO tt » B t Bn U721 FONT FARM VI UtJJ------------ ti r:* u:» ' moapti a not .ac.ng ¦iMlt-HanXn UTOT GAME TAMER (J A 41 (21 Fvan mete gamaa tPaan U70S LAST WAL A TESTAMENT. Ila voia I_ UH1 SIOII copyWoiotoVnovWnin II* unj ¦ mouto U730 AMOS PAIK1 V. good pnn* * -. - ¦MM| UTIUI Y J »ot ?4 M4l Ol tOOIVM BPTKST"*"0' lekOTtC RIPPtn raws Mine Ural Kv-irt.j-aptNce npat PAR NET «T UP 12) rnulraa lot ra com. Action
¦ PARNFT CABLE lUKtR INSTRUCTION pt«i*C1 tava « ARE! MANUAL (n« W«1 J| cgmpNHa manual Htghi, S ASSASSIN BOOT um SO b«ot stock Ctaetotutller ¦ 0 SOTT AGA (A500 p am ca A1KO) ImtMJaag 1 A -1 OAKES CIWAT loi om KO asmte 3 UMI MORPHS ctaaM TERMMAToITt PhacI a AWARD MAKER ». N *d* et taody made twiliam f ASSASSIN CRUNCH A COP TOOL (WB 1 3 onlyl 4 S KICK WOFESSCNAL vl 3 Vnioui Ylfllom °* * U3» SUOE SMOW CONSTRUCTION 01*5 ARCHIVCn TOOLS lets or ciuodws U242 IMPVOOea 40 dnt Bio cow»tot Ex1000m UMI Tho A T COPIER (not W«J11J dHb cop» u»4 FRACTAL UTS. Load* or Irocul pnynvt. BrW U2S7 DISK CRUNCH
Ccmpj*!r..l Bot W* 1 U3S3 LAND BUILDER £f«oio foalallc ltna»cte«» 03St COPT * CRACK TOOLS bKk op ,ou oothotr* U287 P C 0 PA9CAI p ««*»,' N -tq.
UW0 MESSY SIO II lepdftonto PcrVAC ttc llWt Colection of the best WB utilities like TooiOeamon. Snoopdos V3, lost file finder. Msmory monitor, West Virus ktler. Hb Ixsk coper etc. much too many to list All on 2 daks onty £1* (not WB1.3). RECOMMENDED UMS VTCJO tft.uam. TOHiuda lorn ol game UMO EAGLE PLAYER a dtaka) Ona oTlha bail tkualc »oduH pUyata. RECOMMENOED ueii OEU-tRACKER IJ «SU| pi*f Ml moiK imdules y I ¦ ¦ afVIWV IMI •* "¦¦¦ t» w gaw 01*2 CASK COPY Pa-.* 110 dtak coptat) UMO OPTI UtPa Vol I • SrJIlatil ooilMlibA 8* X SltkS cap (Opttwaa aec. RECOMMENOED we wmimoM bbmchmark vs.s
inoimhji CompRU .ptatn tawat RECOMMEND*b LAW COMPLETr W8 UTR. (2 OtSKi| dtie ot tha baal “ Me OT 4 . Kveludaa aaa tepMt.
Ft, dtakmate. Ay tfo. Ate NC VJ* (not A500 1 3) Th« a tha IE OQAAM pan orator UMI GRAPHIC Um i iJ.it u»* GniPHiC usi l (Ji UilJJ SCENERY MAKER movo Ittneotopo gtn alott GAMES CHEATS Do you play your favourite game (or aga* but can I get to tha end of level or game?
Having problems with tome games?
5 disk peck with 1000s or game cheatwhetp level code action replay pokes etc. Should help you finish many games Suitable (or all Amigaa - ONLY C4.S5 UJJt EMULATOR COLLECTION « (Ion ol omutMoml UJM Fof I COPY bocfc « commorctM a*m» UJ17 uoori 10 0. Hunt X) eSgto dasignN UQI MULTI VISION p) dUXSBot uIIUIm UM0 MACKER TOOLS mmv nppot tool!
UJSO °90«. TOOL • pntdict Konn ¦» Bt test clwnc UMI RACE RATER Sam to too vs Out both UOSA STAR CAT 3 . CfMla c*tak ev* «»». Tsty U1M SEEKER fwd loti fiks on Bopp, S lurd »M UTJ* TURBO RAPLOOtR VII pea ttut dwk orvtKHat UT40 CROSS DOS S 1 pkm toatSNatna PC-.AMIGA mu U7II HD-CtSX TOOL BOA ¦ mmv m 'Mg UT42 HOW TO CREATE AU1000OT i aLa WJX MT YJTTOTlf0*»J' VT* t.command -’'doT&'isk ' __________ TAM panaratot U041 FORTH FROGRAttMNO (NOT wain UMS PRO PACE M HELP OtSK Urge n«ip ma lot pto Cold Pro'paG* lEMPLATt Tone ol r*ady mada USS7 SC ALA BACKGROUND (2 9 11 Vat, ht(pi aua.lv AIUWS fBT US* elth
SolU UMO Program LOADER - Haw Hard Dial manu USSt U AG ATTN t E l ue 2 (3 daka) Em ant *ak auina bata antko aclenca HcBon MAOINE VJ HUOOT SYSTtM (2 Nslsl On lins http Uua. Lot IMAGINC 2 at U»*J AMOS A AMOS PRO COMMAND ETTTHSaON use* MULTI PRINT 4 inca print manager 2 ale umt PRG0AUIH2 - S Met** ptsdefton progri U'JJ a: WCHX8ENCM Tyil t ) U’H so gaiioen orraGNER UttJ ASTKOUY V3 ptadlct alat fta-al p-adicHon MMMMM DMAWPtO program Ilka Opa.nl PAIP 3 ilcptiy * HOI FclnX Ulh-ptgHCi, USR3 OPAJNT GRAPHIC TUTOR (net WB31 IE* UMA new SuRER KALER Rmonaa A ail 130a i UWO too NUMERIC PAD EMULATOR (A500
only) US91 OC GRADER (not W8 1.3) ASOS amulMOt USS2 KILL AGA - maka oidat ptpgrwna riat on AI300 ueoo C64 EMULATOR I utli A iUUTW11 US01 OtSKSALV e . ABACKUP (nor WBI 31 UWU THE CM AT COMPENDIUM lot m 440 gamot UI20 HOW TO Mt* Rcfl G*ke] • many tunpvi US22 ACTION REPLAY VI 4 • eanrdga on dak ...... * ....1302 ONLY l aama at abova ,)-U.ILLLSOttSC U7I9 ursx REPAIR . .MBMH UtiO MUSIC CATALObUtjfrol AidO I U751 SYSTtM CHECKER KXX must lot an, Amiga man U753 EPU STACKER douba IN* Motaga o' ,ow t*IVE U7SJ HARO DRIVE Utl • « mors H«d Unit Vt* UT44 PARBENCH mat |oemplata| _ PRO CAD alactronic
lawai cac-t boatd a ' ' 'NU LAUNCHER - hur.; ‘ - Ulf BELCCKIT 1 ...... • sNogs * rspMt osmsgod dltkt U3SS SAMPLE MAKER mato •»-pits with oul HanNiora U3ST MUSIC MANIA many voiwi ol no«K metat pt*. Toll IrtTJ WoflO SORT procSM ASCII Met UJ77 NCOMM IS mo l modttn MtKn*'* • pteMf uttl This «s (he iargesf M.IKOW «f AflUl mi. 6pt jrjpfir ffKtCvn imtms, tutraionn. Jtb i. Mint* tprtr. Icrctto ntom, uimy I tone of me He giro A ufiPw «« m* pw imp p srtr iwr «u*»rr. CoorecJ I tmrt «mier 10 DISK PACK.. .C10.90 eompstibie with Ml Amos & Amos Pro urjtP utm a •k HWBJlp I- gar-M* apoca aoenwy U623 ACTION
- tot Ml a 4SCIKOS STUOK) lotaUS op-Wt Oil X74 X01 X03 X09 X24 X2S X26 X28 X30 X31 X32| X33 X45 X49 X70 »M THE RUN - Lot bang cHaaad Cy erotica 72 UFESABITCH H ..... Ai3* KYLJtS ill KylM 4.---------- -------
* 173 H*LL RAISER • - CREEPY Hotter then.
AI7S THE LIVING WORLD SLID* SHOW cnaan trmaty All! PERIL 0* THE DEEP (3) Maiarta am craatuio A1» TEBMIIUTORII (7) • RrBlant Ai43 NEMISIS COMIC v*M Qoodl A2M Thf LADY AND TM4 TtlluF A21J CANNON FLKIMT-Btillant o A7I* UAOONN* 5U0ESH0W II • A22‘ ANOTHtM 4 WAYS TO KILL A324 NEW W2 Hum it* 18 . Ont,
* 230 TOO MUCH 3D • Supatb SpacaaHp a
* 2Ji *u€HS II • QaOnlley re btai Whn, Ajje WHI22XR . CHM • rot
Come 'an.
A248 PERVkRSE SUDES * funnv bul tuda A245 BART SIMPSON MtGA DEMOP Dia.a jus; STAJUREK th rtaii Otrn-r.sn SS VIDEO AMM12 d 1| Raqiaraa O.PM il£48enl VKMO ItOer , -,, |KllWll M egnu ryaiam UMS Video TtMar • var, good vidao aamt U757150 PRINTER DRIVE LARGEST COLLECTION OF PRINTER DRIVERS ¦SSSs.
U. F.O. S ANIMATION - Ah tin to ana no* . IANGA (21 vat, ouaa A
«Mt I robota demo S MAYHEM On WhttLS JfeH motsrMlBY*' «» t,
TORNADO suamnot.
Q GORE - grumome Hdtror H FAST CAH - Load, o' taai A tieapan.ua aho* I MANGA W0R10 3 - MB'S Stl|*nfMat«e PL-a 7 AKIRA X MEN - mote MANGA eon Sht a X71 TINA SMALL X91 Calendar girl 95 6 pf&K SET ONLyIs ,- tOOT KIDS PANT eacetiant Palm ptogtm ...... ECOt if aAn * (H. AV I irol A13C0I men, miiha A Qmnts COCeMRMENIt * Van r.7npA ¦hrMwntura ¦rWisiensieii j iraSiffiari E020 WORLD DATABASE requkm 12. Meg) E02T STORY LAND 8 eweteevte p aia aamta rae.
Ton LANGUAGE TUTOR leecnaa ,ou Tkanguagaa E033 TALKING CaiOufilHG BOOK lANlnj Cjpiinl Em IF 1024 EASY SPELL II imptova rout aide apaMiiJ 4024 SCRAR8LE tag *4 7-t Me re OtUlary ECM W0R0« C tnlp Ouao m Ihe Cto otd H E 07 OSWALD Very tolo lul large cartoon g»m E030 rvOLUTKHt braadyo awnb rld EOJI |Q TEST . K3 GAMES pack I auaS t BbaruSSSSSSier COM AABOA TUTORUU. 7 pvt NrtortJ COMPUTER CARE be *e cute about AMIGAS EMOGLHO* TO LOWER BACK PAIN Mor*l iMlAWstpm* I New VO a.uad tat. P«tn Racom-nnd.d Ebtt KIDS ALPMAHt I dopuyt tfl .Iph «T .
EFRACTIOH A StOOEST ithTO. 1 pm« MATH MASTER WkhAml ,au Iwt SIT Hslfll ¦¦ STEAM ENGINE V2 grapHic* 4 lulonai £34? PETROL ENGINE tjfcrial 4 anmatad yapraca fc *f GAS TURBINE ENGINE I diet la 4 an VapNca EDIT StlRUNO ENGINE I erUU a*m ®4i*lt4 E040 DREAM FOR ANGEL autama ma meanng ol Ream, EOT T INVISIBLE WORLD brillem. Taroomm ad E0» niH TMK NHMW Amiga k a FWHTARK COM DEMOLITION vmp. Game lot kid.
Si WORD POWER aot.e croaurotd puniaa ate. Good ! WORM MOLE atmp* gam., .daa tot chldtan.
K cwmi cryMOKnX ffia&SS 9«J EOS* vrR« OUIZ 1*4 tha otd A ce raletivas B-IF 1 E04T KING JAMES BIBLE (401 complete bib eice nl COM TafWOT rlptrwyaca m a mataat I nee a ALLOW line, a gam* 4 Nang-an’ 8TO MATH DRILLS taachea b**« malha mill Vgood ri ERROR ntro av. Into on yorot Amp cr haa 1075 WORlB-WAftT WfpHK* hdtPMl on WORLD-WAR
• earned p-ogtem eg aimalaae Stmptoew molac .lc E076 SCIENCE an
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Mutt 9 *"|«w »h« **« * or hoBNy Great (4 DSKSi E073 PadTURE
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I Q.T.P FpR Kios «a*r To a. A-eflan.
E0*J 9MO A RYHMES Mno a long (0*4 HtOHWAY COOE TUTOR a a»oot an t Ma, cod* f OM READ A LEARN (201 THREE UTTLF PtOOY Sloty m srwKh A orsntiEA BrHUn taccmmena toot BACK TO SKOOL .ot 1 col Motion 0« lha b I COBS BACK TO BKOOL vet 2 advceewn atearem cto* BACK TO SKOOL vet 3 A g-na* RfCOSWEDED 1100 Unif TRAVELLER |mtotm«M»n on .odd -dt E101 WORLD OEOGRAPHY eortd *1*. Map A Tail E103 DISCOVERY Of THE ATOM. T-ortM an dt* Atom (301 (104 DESKTOP OUOE TO MUSMJ (JO) 0*0* A------- 1107 TKUKRTT Hitt WORK AU»ttAa£Y V~y a «», to laacH yovr child tha ALPHABET ClOS MR MEN OLYMPIC (110CULT TV DATABAt .
YMPIC 1201 many event* o oompk IT ABASE (30) rJo on earn TV aer.
Woains i.iO! Comp »ts (Usm** ARTH B« GAN - We Y M. The BK EiiiorrpowcwoHiDj_____________ lilt HOW THE EARTH BEGAN . Th rv ho* B eaploded and craatad an me atari A gaMuaa Etta WORKBENCH 3 tueonelon WotSbeneh2 n 19 BNO WAR Ouil on dlnoteuTi
* 120 JUNWR MATHS Great I -.no I m* math* auetacta RECOMMENDED
Orllunl. TMCh fc 5* »TX(3l
* 123 KID DISK I - BrtBant ad *T . Pack fc l It KID OtSK J - mo *
education program.
El25 JURASSIC PARK lota 0« ltd* an dmeaaut* EiK CHILCREN 60*IC J eenuin* 5eicellMTl wnge E127 MING SHU . AMO onljl Brill Chma Aattolog, E12A ASTRO 23 PRO V3 ¦ TV* iita.i aatt cag, program me accurate', calculate* th. Po*Mon ol m* pkanete, acap , aodoc poaaaone ale ht AMIIM E12SKk OMK3lOTP} Otm.lng pro am tot ktda El 30 FRENCH VERB TESTER Ovid help yoa attm French El }1 CULT TV DATA BASE B (2 OtSK) a on aart, TV E142 WO OtSK S A t - 2 aak* M a br«M OBRM E14A CHESS A TUTOR - FUU teach you hta to Otar cheat E1 SO MTEAnET FUU. A de to ewem A e adugTnaey ET61 CP * SHELL TUTOR (help) tdael lot
begTnnera E1S2 DELUXE PAINT G*AP»iC TUTOR V 3 A 4 GiAM E 0480 FIGHTING WARRIOR like ttreot Ighiet G4W DOMINOCS 8hM SiM Of «S lind C«l PO G408 TOTAL WARS • toeeegyailw th * in tp*c* G40? NOVA A DOG eddott puua gem* 0104 WOT IT NAME QUIZ- mjll lot It good) 0410 FATAL MISSION t iCBtafll Nbihsn tfgnt 0411 BATTLE CAR 3-30 ear racing 0422 SERENE M aaceltent at cad* g a G421 NfSTER CARO GAME- lip * of fun 1 a quid G4» NOULETC AmarKBR itMNtts. *80liNnt G43A T RAILBLAZIR 2 054 con t»«n G44t ETYPE 2- Slept* 9W baat aMttdd G44J OLYMPIAD OtSK (2D) Otynplc aeon avanla cut DESCrhCER GAME isnV. Mufbi Usx
G446 OeiDOl aacal 11 ArcadePurd. Gam* G44B PARACHUTE JOUST guAa ptar ' - G4M CASTLE OF DOOM Vdgr Me 64K OuttEON OF KAORIF HOPsdiBMire ! CHESS « vary good ch a gam*
• ) CASH r null Mdd trull INKMOM 76 AMOS CHICKfT crtckat ja-»l
AS ( XTREME VIOLENCE 2 platrr eatfla out m
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BALL .... r...---- Gto. BOUNCE A ItLAST brtllanl p SZOMBtES k
DEFIHOrn I t.- ME RCTNt .. • - Mill A ON 1 UH LIFT -e.mi Atok
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C. 4U3 IMPERIAL WALKER - B ad on STAR WAR game* 0487 STAR BASE 43
(20)8*8 kit* MONKEY iSLAlfc G6S7 AMOS LOAOSA MONEY bait
FRUtT-MACHIHTS 0656 MR MEN OLYMPIC (30) m*ky avenli 10 C0R«W8
0660 tiCO DREAM « email hat'd held gam 0644 NEIGHBOUR GAMES
120)B ImaMgrsphtc 0645 TIM* RUNNER 1WB2Y3) RrItonl oraphro
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ad.antur._ 0674 tetOM OCTAN8 (NEW FASTER VEI dMraACfrWyMiOMt
___ 0881 aUTOUOIULES PO .*-!» Ol SKO MARK DEM G882 BateOTT
MANIA Bnitant kui machtna demo 08*4 PROJECT BUZZ BAR -
Brttiant old GSST PARAC4101D 64 (not AMO 1.3) Eaeailant (MM
GUN FkQHTJnot A500 13) oth» «*Lwmuiwoui« V Ina nc«i r I icw
..wv i a ur .2 SYSTEM DEFf NO • Brrtla" D and
• AMIGA BOV-Gam* bo, emulator .
STAR WUID l! O.tk! T UN-StHSlBLE S - i*ry itmta- to SanaBt* 077}. . ------ arooccer o.m » RECI 0773 FROlT MANIA -MMI 0774 TRICKLE TREAT • Mka DOOM 'tha PC 0775 FOOT BALL MANAGER G712 ' ‘ ...... G7B5 THE G .... 0787 ANT WAR VT i 'LATlSt.
G7S8 ZENO-MOD PH - Great graphite 078* TASK FORCE vary good WMO SHADOW otona orjg GREEN FIVE Inacrn otaphro »ka FLASHBACK Or»t PROFESSIONAL UMA CALLER G783 MARTIAL SPRIT brM nt STREET FtGHTtR * G787 INTENSE l«a AKAI WARRIOR V. m* arcad.
0788 6 EXCt LLEHT C ARD GAMES cotlaclton OTHUOOM 6«nVt (AMD 1 3 84448 1 mg eh* fMil gplTZ } Niiawen ahoonng gamaa acnic nd ntu.e HmlBHItatilpiinH 1812 A DAY AT THE RACES • V.Q __________SH CAVtAEVE 0422 BOULDER COLLtCTIUN 20 180 lavat |2 d 0*37 roulOERCASH M utvhlFval GS3S BOULDER PACK 640 BRAND NEW LEVELS on 8 Make, run lot Beuldcrdaeh tana 0464 SWORD Qb TIG GrapnK ad»*n»aa _ 0167 POWER.TETRtS T ot Eptayir Tatrn RECOMMENOED 0*6* SUPER SMASHING TETRIS vary pUyADJ* Tania 0870 CHESS II A CHECKER One ot 9w b t around mutt tor a* CHESS or CHECKER player.
5671 GRAVITY roRCE 2 1 or 2 ptaaat thneet Hon* G872 SCM'iriUTZ Ccrnmerctal guAftty PUMH Q87S DCLCXC GALA .2 J(n ,1 add r r Nature A bon 0878 QUANTUM - Men collect A cap* lyp* Qimat 0*7* RAGS TO IRCMES Ml* MONOPLY
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ships and bases will prove to be particularly tough targets,
though knowledge of their blind spots will help players gun for
the kill Gametek hope to bring ut the most graphically advanced
game in the genre, though how successful they've been remains
to be $ t Originally designed for the PC Human Soft have taken
responsibility for the Amiga version A Temred fighter
- just one of the types of ship players will have thf opportunity
to fly Star Crusader will feature numerous weird and wonderful
3D creations
- OQ.OQQ a proper storyline is about to be converted for the
Amiga. Gareth Lofthouse previews GameteTs vision of outer space
Since the game forces players to make important judgements about the conflict they're involved in. In the middle of the adventure, for example, players must decide whether to continue to serve the expansionist Gorene Empire, or whether their sympathies lie instead with the alliance of alien races struggling to maintain its independence.
The background to Star Crusade is as follows. The Gorene Empire dominates the known universe and seeks constantly to expand its influence whenever it encounters a new alien race. To some, the Gorenes are seen as conquerors, but they see themselves as liberators and educators of the universe.
The Gorenes have encountered an alliance of aliens in the Ascalon Rift that are fiercely protective of their independence. The player begins the game as a pilot in the elite Gorene Gold Squadron and is charged with the task of forcing the alien alliance's surrender within three months. But the game becomes a good deal more complicated as events progress, and the player must eventually decide whether to Elite started it all off. Back in the early '80s, the forefather of all space combat simulators was inspiring awe from anyone who owned the good old BBC micro, and to this day it's hard to think
of a bigger landmark in the history of entertainment software.
Unsurprisingly for such a successful game, it spawned so many inferior imitations that the formula was in danger of becoming stale. In order to give their new outer space flight sim a new edge, therefore, Gametek have aimed to create a unique experience that will combine elements of strategy and storytelling along with the state-of-the-art 3D technology we've come to expect from the genre.
As the name suggests. Star Crusader is inspired by the medieval crusades. In the makers' view, the story of the exhausted, battle-weary Europeans marching towards Jerusalem to drive infidels from the Christian Holy Land is one of history's greatest tales. The developers have also taken on board the stories behind the rise and fall of great empires, and the moral questions that imperial expansionism left behind.
In contrast to the simplistic cartoon depth of most computer games, Star Crusader is making large claims on a more mature form of entertainment with a game that sets out to create an experience full of conflict and, would you believe, moral choices.
The moral dimension behind Star Crusade could prove to be a unique feature stay loyal to the crusade's cause. What remains to be seen is whether these relatively highbrow concepts are actually an integral part of the gameplay, or whether they're
• rather pompous form of wrapping paper. Certainly, the heart of
Star Crusader will be more familiar to the average gameplayer,
with the good old thrill and action of a 3D space combat sim
providing the main attraction.
The flight system has been designed with fun and ease of use foremost in mind, which will hopefully make it of wider appeal than some of the ultra-realistic flight simulations available. With a choice of 13 ships each bearing a unique host of weaponry, there should, at least, be plenty of features to keep players returning for more battles beyond the stars.
Those who find games based on real-life technical flight specs abhorrent will be comforted by the fact that Gorene technology surpasses the limitations of normal, work-a-day physics - in other words the emphasis is on fun and excitement rather than detailed authenticity.
On the other hand, it seems likely that the game will still require patience from those who normally shy away from the complexities of the flight sim. Despite the fact that the developers have bent the laws of physics. Crusader has a typically vast number of keyboard commands, camera views and pre-mission sequences to get the hang of. How easy these are to pick up will determine how appealing the game ultimately is to action fans unaccustomed to the unique challenges of the genre.
Though it features the now traditional campaign and mission objectives. Crusader does have extra appeal in that it breaks away from a linear plot. There are, in fact.
104 missions that lie along different gaming paths.
Accordingly, players will have to adjust their style of play and remember that they don't have to succeed in every mission to win a campaign. In order to advance the overall gameplot, some missions have been designed to be very difficult, and the only way to see all of Star Crusader's missions is to lose a battle here and there. In other words, whereas most games in the genre demand that players save a game and replay unsuccessful missions. Star Crusader will reward a more honest approach to player failures with interesting developments in the storyline.
As the game progresses, more space craft will become available to the player to take out on their missions. It will be impressive if each of them handles differently, but at least the developers have already introduced variety by designing different looking cockpits for every type of craft.
In an attempt to make the intergalactic dogfighting as varied and challenging as possible, the developers have given each of the five alien races individual strengths and weaknesses that must be understood if the player is going to win. The Tancreds, for example, use powerful, durable ships that lack manoeuvrability, so getting in close and sticking there will be the player's best hope of victory.
If the player ends up taking on Gorene ships, however, the key to success will be team work. Before each mission, players choose wingman to support them in an action, and in a conflict against a Gorene fighter they should be ordered to attack in groups of two or three.
The game makers' concentration on breaking away from the tediously repetitive nature of some space sim's mission structures will hopefully help to distinguish it above the norm. On the other hand, a downside to the space sim is that its setting doesn't have the variety of a terrestrial sim with its day and night flying conditions and its climatic changes. In what is presumably an attempt to tackle this downfall, however, Star Crusade will feature conflicts within nebulas and mine fields.
A nebula will affect tactics because it interferes with all energy weapons, which means the players will have to adapt to shorter targeting ranges to make a kill.
Fighting in the midst of a mine field presents a different challenge, however, since the mines will detect large energy expenditure and hone in on a pilot like a swarm of bees. Clearly then, Gametek have taken a tried and tested formula and attempted to inject it with a new lease of life. The unusual nature of the storyline, with its non-linear development, stands out as the most appealing and fresh attraction of the game at this early stage; ultimately, however, much will depend on how well the basic combat engine works on the Amiga.
Mm ms fast it turns. This time it’s the turn of Black Legend’s Whcelspin. Is A guilty or not guilty of being another superb racing game?
D all these graphical features that could have made it so great. However, it's all irrelevant now as it's a strong possibility that the infamous Skidmark crown could be taken.
At the moment, Wheelspin is rather a long way off completion. There are some j league competitions included, but nothing too challenging as yet. They consist of eight racers, each with their own unique name and picture, accompanied by their own statistics - reflexes, skill and fighting spirit - which are rated from very high to very low. To even the balance, if your reflex skills are good then your fighting spirit I will be a little less than average.
UNITED NATIONS The racers themselves are all from various nations around the globe, from good ol' ] blighty to Japan, each wanting to bring the championship home to their respective country. The idea is to race against three other contestants and try and win by com-1 pleting five laps. If you finish first you will be awarded driver points which are then accumulated as you race other tracks. So far there are four tracks in Wheelspin - uring the last few months, driving games have completely cluttered up the entire office. Skidmarks 2, F1 World Championship Edition and ATR are the ones that sit
proudly on top of the pile. The top-down view of the action re- emerges once again - this time Black Legend are the culprits who intend on pushing it to the limits once more.
Racing games are probably the worst type of game to think of an original title for. For instance, all car parts have been taken and most motoring terms have been pinched. Nearly all of them have been exhaust-ed already. Ho ho! What's left... Axle Action? Exhaust... Fumes? Nope, I was wrong, there's still one left - Wheelspin?
Set in the not too distant future, Wheelspin intends to blast away the past and the competition, leaving its skidmarks in their places.
I think it's quite safe to say that Skidmarks is the best game of its genre at the moment, meaning Wheelspin has its work cut out trying to beat the best. Skidmarks gave a distinct cartoony feel, most likely because the graphics were hand drawn or done by another suitable method- The whole game felt more like a nice pleasant race around a track rather than the distinct sounds of metal clashing and crunching as competitors fly past. Wheelspin is most certainly the latter.
At present, Wheelspin is beginning to look very impressive, boasting superb ray- traced graphics - cars, tracks and everything. I thought Skidmarks sadly missed out t Wheel VkV : FINAL STANDINGS 3 Tim RKSOLTI A roi DRIVER Tim h) 1 k.rou vJh) X R.OWIT* 0:4»:2I a m.crrtor 1.01:2a t « ft. DULL Find out your total In the final league placings Getting a good start off the grid will enable you to take the lead early on mm ms LEAGUES
• flQQOr V The wheelspinners Four types of car are available ro
select the buggy being my favourite
* 0FFR0« ) 11 PORT £ WORLD Death, Sea, Desert and the Boh
Track. Each one has its fair share of corners, bends, jumps and
obstacles, and the trackside graphics are superb, giving a very
polished impression. With the graphics being ray-traced and it
being a reasonably fast scrolling game, I expected some kind of
sloW-down that would have had a serious effect on the gameplay.
However, there's no slow-down as yet - it runs as smoothly as Skidmarks!
Two-players can take part in the action via a split screen. This increases the fun immensely by allowing much stiffer competition, as a human player will be twice as hard to beat as the computer.
Although the game is still at a very early stage. I'm sure many features will be tweaked to improve it. At the moment, the computer opposition tend to get stuck in the walls and take a considerable time to get going again. Also, the collision detection hasn't been defined properly, so at present your car seems to crash into objects that aren't even there - shadows too!
Takeshi Hinoki Reflexes: High Skill: very high
F. Spirit: high I can't knock the game at the moment because it's
far too early to take an overall view. Having said that,
Wheelspin is looking very good - graphically-only though. If
Black Legend can match the gameplay along with the graphics
they'll certainly be onto another sure winner.
Uynt ills platinum QQQQQ Piklisler: liu II Developer: lelpliie Software
- Bisks: 4 Price: CIS II Curt: Arcade adventure Hard lisk:
Yes Andy Maddock takes a look at some more mouth-watering
essential prospects, Flashback, released on the Amiga a while
ago, was one of the greatest animated games around. If you can
recollect an earlier game by the title of Prince Of Persia,
which was released many moons ago, then you'll have an idea of
what Flashback is like in respect to presentation.
You take control of the hero, Conrad Hard, in the year 2142. Belonging to a secret fraternity, the Galaxia Bureau of Investigation, you are in great danger. Conrad exposed a secret piece of machinery that fabricated inhuman beings, and his only immediate notion was to warn the authorities. But wait, now your woman has disappeared. Immediately suspecting these individuals of abduction, Conrad sets out to redeem his fiery-haired temptress, Sonya.
The establishment behind these foul deeds were well aware of Conrad's intentions and instantly set out to capture him. Conrad, being the hero, escaped on a hover bike while chased by two of the most fearful of villains. Laser shots were exchanged, resulting in Conrad plummeting into a vegetation land covered with trees and rocks.
When Conrad regained consciousness, he thought he was safe.
Flashback arrived courtesy of Delphine Software, landing quite prominently into the Amiga market at a time when it was in its prime. What really gave it the edge over other platform adventures were the outstanding graphics and animation. The recently discovered methods of rotoscoping were rarely used to such efficiency as Flashback.
As said before, Prince Of Persia stretched the graphics to the extreme and sadly the adventure didn't quite live up to the graphical capabilities. We all know by now that superb graphics don’t add to the actual playability - to achieve a high grade, graphics and playability must be of the highest standards.
Flashback boasts these qualities to the highest degree. The music begins atmospherically and as the action hots up the drums become aroused and start beating just like a film. The quality of the entire package cannot be explained enough. To say this is one of the premium graphical arcade adventures would be an unde- r statement. There is no doubt in my mind that this is an essential purchase for any games player. A Coitral Systei: Jifstiek keylnnl pyre classic- Flashback time delving his hand into the lucky dip of Sippirts: til lli|K HeciRineided: 61000 upwards arcade adventures Syndicate
is about being a young executive for a European Syndicate in a world where corruption and crime is business, a world where only the pure enduring of residents can subsist. Custom built cyborgs are being used as marketing ploys to sell the CHIP - a powerful implant which can be inserted into the necks of anthropomorphic beings to alter their minds, to see things others MwrRtpBt ItStS: 4 PrlCl: M.N ~ m Mm: Isk.il I A mi MttlP sntNiiisi hprtk M M|ts will never see. Better than any drug.
Syndicate budget CD32 Inevitably, pirating of the CHIP was imminent and therefore, resulted in bribery and murder - much of a norm when the syndicates began to take over the entire globe. These custom-built cyborgs were automated to hunt down combatants and traitors, transmitting the idea of desolation and spreading predominance around the world.
The object of the game is to dispatch your syndicate agents into neighbouring countries, draining them of rival syndicates. On completing the missions you can manipulate that particular state
- raising taxes and so on. Only by procuring complete control
will your coalition triumph.
You begin the mission with several agents, but only four on screen at any one time - you can enlist stronger members for more perplexing missions. Your first mission objective is to assassinate one of the main army colonels who has apparently been stealing resources from your weapons division.
Syndicate is, and will always be, one of the finest games to include such high quality graphic detail mixed with intriguing gameplay and adventure. The graphics themselves are superb, with excellent introduction sequences, leaving you with a overall view of a completely new virtual world. Games of this calibre should never be overlooked - Syndicate will give you weeks of abso- lute gaming bliss. A true essential.
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Publishing 123 Scalable and bitmap fonts and clipart are the order as Frank Nord goes back to basics Amos 125 Yet more Amos joy as Phil South looks at solving coding problems Music 127 Paul Overaa tackles the latest version of OctaMED, the famous tracker program Video 129 Gary Whiteley gives you a helping hand with how to make cheaper cables DIRECT FROM THE MANUFACTURER All our Genlocks feature: PRICES:
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M Service HOTLINE Tel (0116) 247 0059 Fax (0116) 255 8643 $ ComputeriServices A 0m*on of DA Computers Ud s DART Computer Services (AC), 105 London Road, Leicester LE2 0PF Mj*Ur CrtfUmtn TUTORIAL Return to Ddpus _ Background Foreground
- r i SpUtz »ISpTrfF Sample Q| flmigaPOS | Qj[flDPro:splitz f
RflM:Splitz 8700005 Stack sizefmr Priority |B Close delay p _
Cancel 0oing back a couple of months, you will remember I spent
a couple of pages giving some advice about configuring your
Directory Opus setup. Well, space Is always the enemy in
publishing and there's always something more to be said. So
here's a few more tips to increase your file management
First up, you might not know that Directory Opus has some internal functions that aren't immediately obvious. For instance, you know how to click the leftmost edge of the directory list to move up to its parent, but did you know that you can click with your right mouse button to get straight to the root directory of whatever device you are displaying? This can certainly save a lot of time if you have several layers of directories.
Another great time saver is the bottom- left button in the small cluster of buttons at the junction of the two directory windows. You know the ones, they are marked B R S A. You are probably aware that clicking on the B with your left mouse button will bring up a list of all the directories buffered in memory, but if you are running low on RAM:, try clicking on it Shortcut key New entry PupUcate Flags.
Delete Okay Swap Franh fiord re-uisits the Director Opus tonfig file with your right mouse button. This will free up any buffers held in memory, apart, obviously, from the ones currently displayed.
SELECimns However, the button that's most useful, to me at least, is the one labelled
S. This button lets you select filenames by certain criteria if
you hit it with the left button, but if you use your right
mouse button on it. It shows you a complete list of devices,
volumes and assigns. Much quicker than having to trawl through
the drive buttons or typing the path into the text field under
the directory window.
As for external applications, there are a couple more I didn't mention last time around. The first will be of use to anyone who owns a copy of AdPro and has access to the program Splitz. In case you aren't familiar with it. Splitz takes a file that is too big to fit onto a particular sort of media and splits it into user-definable chunks. Then you use Splitz s companion program. Joinz. To rejoin the chunks back into a complete file at the other end.
This is mainly designed for people who need to move large bitmap files (well, it does come with AdPro. After all) from one machine to another You can add Splitz functionality to Directory Opus quite simply by creating a button for Splitz and applying the following rules: AiigaDOS ADPro:splitz f RAN:Splitz 870000 Coaaind CD RAD: You should have flags set for Output Window. Rescan Source and Rescan Destination. What the button will do is take any file you have selected and split it into chunks roughly 850k in size, which is small enough to fit onto an FFS formatted disk with no trouble. If you
normally use Splitz for transferring stuff on doubledensity PC-formatted floppies then you should use a value of 720000 or less Now the only problem with this setup _LSJ i O AT lies in the amount of free memory you have. If it is low. I suggest you change the part where it says RAM.Splitz’ to something like HD I :temp Splitz.' Of course, you are still going to need enough room on your hard drive.
Another useful button to have is one that generates a ReadMe file ready for you to edit. For this I have set up a button that copies a pre-defined empty text file with an icon which has a text viewer as its default tool, something like more or multiview would be ideal, into the current destination directory. Don't forget to turn on the Rescan Destination flag so that the readme file shows up.
One last gizmo is a commodity called CacheFont which you should have found on last month s CoverDisk. Cachefont comes in two parts: There is the cachefont command itself, which goes in your startup-sequence, and there is the MakeFontList command which has to be run every time you add or subtract fonts from your system. You can very easily add a button to your Dopus palette which calls the command up from the C: directory. It doesn’t take any arguments so you should find it pretty simple to set up The number ol different tools you can odd to Dopus Is only limited by your ingenuity Nostalgia
ain't what it used to be Allfont. _£J SmorfSpoce j£j teox _| Jan line* Cnr*4*AiiH ) DetwrtMode Pi Promt Imp | Crtor PowerSnap might be a bit old, but it's still superb In my never ending quest to help Amiga owners everywhere. I sometimes forget that not everyone has access to all the latest software and hardware to check things out. And most of you will probably not have owned an Amiga as long as I have.
So I decided to call your attention to tools and utilities that make my job easier but might be a little old, so not in the headlines. One of those very utilities is a commodity called PowerSnap. The latest version of PowerSnap came out early last year, but it has a long history.
PowerSnap lets you copy text you would not normally be able to copy to the clipboard and then paste it in any package that supports the standard Amiga clipboard. For instance, earlier on in this article I gave you the information to set up a Splitz button and you saw the two commands needed to get it working. I could have remembered those two commands, after all, they aren't exactly complex, but with PowerSnap I can just hold down a key and drag my mouse over the text on the screen and copy it to the clipboard. Then all I have to do is simply paste it back into the text editor I am using to
write this text and hit the Paste shortcut. Much easier and probably safer too.
PowerSnap also comes in real handy if you have set up an Aminet Index button in Dopus, as I explained two months ago. Because it means you don't have to write the filenames you want to get on a piece of paper, you can just paste them into a document for Batch FTP, or as a scratch pad while you use your ftp program.
Amiga Computing THE BEST SELLING GAMES MAGAZINE ON THE PLANET HAS ARRIVED IN THE UK FIRST ISSUE FEATURES EXCLUSIVE BATMAN FOREVER NEWS MASSIVE 40 PAGE TIPS SECTION FREE 20 PAGE HARDWARE SUPPLEMENT Vlnte the cre»m 0 TUTORIAL ®odeling can be a real drag when I you start on something and realise the job's more of a slog than you'd anticipated, can t it?
We've looked at ways to make models as dose to reality as possible and the need to keep your polygon count down, but there are some situations which get complex and there's nowt you can do about it.
Amiga 3D Part 5 On the other hand, sit and think for a minute or two and you can at least cut a lot of the work out of creating a complicated model. Lightwave and Imagine are both fairty adept at this sort of operation, but both differ in their approach.
Cloning, for example, is a technique which can save a great deal of time and which cries out to be used in some circumstances. When using Imagine, the artist has a lot of control over the cloned objects, much more so than Lightwave users.
Take the example of a Sherman tank model. It's easy to predict that the tank tracks and the road wheels are going to be the most hasslesome parts of the object to build, and Imagine users can thank their lucky stars that the cloning process can incorporate automatic rotation.
To create the tracks, just build one link as simply as you can safely get away with, then build a path in the shape of your tracks and use the Mold requester to access Imagine s Replicate function. When the replicate window appears, you'll notice it contains a couple of powerful options Objects can be Big means fewer When a model contains parts which need lots of detail but lots of larger areas which don't, ifs usually best to make two copies - one for distant shots and the other for close-ups, For example, our tank tracks are replaced in the distant version by a double-sided polygon bent into
the correct shape and brushmapped to look the part and our wheels can be substituted by a set with fewer polygons.
Clones, copies, and cutting Steuie Kennedij looks at another trick to keep the concept of ‘ujork’ as far atuaq from modeling as possible replicated along a straightforward length if you need a straight line of them, but our tracks will have to be created with path cloning. Problem, the closed path means our object has to rotate through 360 degrees.
Imagine s answer is the align Y to path option which will force the object to follow the curve of the path at it is cloned around PDUJEH IDOLS In the lower half of the window are even more powerful tools which can be used to create almost any spiral or other such effect.
By simply telling Imagine to rotate various amounts in the three axes, it is easy to make an object tumble around its centre as it is replicated
- ideal for all sorts of modeling jobs. In Lightwave, the path
clone function works with very unreliable results and the rad
done option (using a curve in a background layer) offers no
control over axes alignment or rotation The upshot is that
creating the Sherman's tank tracks in Lightwave means
performing the clone operation, then wortang one s way around
the long chain of links you've just created, and rotating them
ad manually Ugh.
When setting up the scene involving the tank, it s just a matter of cutting from one take' to another without making it obvious that the models are different With a bit of deft editing, it s possible to make it look as though the fake tracks are going round and round (a simple image sequence does the trick), then cut to the stationary tank and the more complex wheels in all their glory.
In other ways, however. UghtWave makes up for this painful omission Uung a system of eight layers makes it so much easier to cut and paste copies of objects around and use them more than once, that you'd be mad not to take advantage The body of our finished Sherman is an than a slightly bashed- in box with a turret ring in its most basic form. When you start to add a bit of detail, though, it's easy to cut right back on the workload.
For example, in such a symetrical arrangement (tracks, wheels, lights, and other detail found on both sides of the object), the Mirror tool comes into its own. Always add the next level of detail in a different layer before committing it to your mam model layer, and never miss an opportunity to use Mirror or just good old fashioned cut and paste.
LIFELIKE On the front of the Sherman there are a number of details added to give the object some life, among which are a few spare track links (copy and paste, no need for more modelling), some road lights (mirror one to make the other), and hatches. The latter were created once, then resized and tarted up to make all the other hatches on the tank's body and turret Again, the wheels are constructed initially from just a few polygons One was used to create the side supports, another was used for the suspension struts, then both were extruded. The wheels themselves are just extruded discs with a
slice drilled out. Though they use plenty of sides as the object is intended for a few close-ups.
Copy this lot a few times, add one or two other touches and you can build what looks like a complicated set of wheels in about half an hour The mirror function takes care of the wheels on the other side of the tank, so your manual labour is cut to the bare minimum a L SOFTWARE FOR ALL AMIGA USERS ,500 5004- 600.1200 4000 A570 CD32. PLEASE AIM) 75P P-.P PER ORDER FREE CATALOGUE DISK SENT WITH YOUR FIRST ORDER DISK PRICES. AIX DISKS NOW ONLY 90P EACH.
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menu script " M provided a cursor positioning function. I I didn't go into detail about how it . . | actually worked. This month I thought I’d set the record straight and discuss the underlying mechanism, namely the console device control sequence needed to cause a change in cursor position.
• iff In hexadecimal, a general cursor positioning sequence takes
the form: 9b [R| (3b CJ 48. The first value. 9b hex. Is known
as the control sequence introducer (CSI) and you'll noace in my
example sequences that I tend to define this value as the
variable CSI. And then use this term rather than the numerical
value itself (a convention I use for almost all constant terms,
since it helps make the resulting scnpts easier to read).
R represents the display row and C the display column, while the 3b hex value is a separator' that allows the console device to distinguish between the two real row and column parameters The brackets indicate items that can be treated as optional and this means that not only can either row or column positions be omitted, but the 3b hex separator (which is in fact an ASCII semicolon character) need only be provided when both row and column values are given or when just a column value is specified. In other words, a row position on its own can be moved to by sending the simplified three
character sequence: 9b R 48 With any scnpt that makes more than passing use of cursor positioning, the best idea is to create an isolated SetCursor() function that takes a pair of row column co-ordinates and sends the appropriate command sequence to the console window. Listing I shows a typical function and you'll nooce how the actual row (r) and column
(c) values passed to the function are easily embedded into the
general form of the sequence by using the Arexx II' string
concatenation operator The benefit here is that by isolating
the cursor positioning code into a separate function, the mam
body of your scnpt will be cleaner. I.e. tidier, and
therefore more understandable to both yourself and anyone
else reading your code.
Cursor position is then performed using statements hke can SetCursor| 10.0) rather than cononualy having to embed actual control sequence data throughout the code.
Of course, rs also possible to go one better than this and create a function that takes both the cursor posi: on and the text to be displayed as function arguments Listing 2 shows a typical routine called GxsorWnte() and this would, for example, allow you to position and write error messages, incidental text and so on using easy-to- understand statements Wee cai CursorWntel I O.O.SJGN.ON.MESSAGE) more console deuice info os Paul Oueraa prouides details of horn cursor positioning sequences are created and used SetCurtor: parte arg r,c call ¥ntecfc(ra»_iiado*,C$ !|;r11 la'«||c||'48'x) return
positioning function CursorVrft«: parse arg r,c,teitl call ¥nttck(raajiir.ie»,CSI| • I |'5b'i||c| call ¥riteck(ra*_»ind:«,:titJ: return Listing 2; T Xf writing with cursor positioning CursorWrite: Procedure parse arg windon,r,c,tet*.S CSI * '09'!
Call Umteck(tnndo»,CSl! * Ji't||c||’48'i) call Uritech(uindou,teitS return Listing 3: A more general form of the CursorWriteil function Generalising the code august_eianple.script.reu TE$ T_NE$ S*GE1 * 'Jnst tone eiaaple positioned ten' TEST_HESS«(E2 « 'Nit *NT ktj to terainate progran!'
Call Open(rau.ui*flc«, i*•:ib 40 480 200 august_exa«- ple.script.reiD call Cursoryrite(ri._eindou,10,10,TE$ niES$ AGE1) call C«rs:'NHte(n.jiindou,H,10,TE$ T_NE$ $ AGC2) keypressS:leadct(ra»_Hindou,1) wait for keypress call Closetrau.uindou) eiit logical end of program CursorNrite: Procedure parse arg uindoe,r,c,teitS CSI * '9b‘ I call yritech(uindov,CSI||r||'3B'x||c|l'48'x) call Vritech(uindotf,text$ ) retufft Listing 4: Some runable example corle to get you started With small functions such as the ones I’ve been discussing, it s not too much hardship to incorporate suitably modified versions of the
code into an Arexx script whenever cursor positioning is needed. It is, however, a good idea to try and make such routines as general as possible, and with the listing 2 CursorWrite)) routine, for example, a number of improvements could be made.
We could, for instance, pass the window handle to the routine as a parameter rather than have the window handle explicitly embedded in the function code. Similarly, Arexxs Procedure keyword could be used to isolate the workings of the routine from the script it will finally be used in.
Listing 3 shows the results of such changes, and the benefit is that this function can now be incorporated and used in your own code without you needing to worry about how it works. Simply make a call to the CursorWrite()routine passing your window handle, the row column screen co-ordinates, and text to be printed as function call parameters, and your text will be duly printed at the specified position.
The program shown in listing 4 should help get you started. It's a runable example that opens a window and prints a couple of text messages. Look at the overall format, run and modify it so that you come to terms with the general ideas, and then copy the cursor positioning function to your own scripts and experiment!
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Smquancmtlon the Amlgmlll i& S. Young. £9.99 £9.99 SexySounds - Musical tracks accompanied by nauty noises £7.99 Eacti CD is pmtosaiorvilly packaged & prockjoed NEW! 11 01793490988 Reet World. - 9 Tracks by Paul Wyatt. Paul Ayres I A drop in the ocean. -12 Professional Audio Tracks.
Fax Order line 01793 51 ai ORDER VALUE Total goods value £.
Postage & Packing £.
Amount enclosed £.
OVERSEAS ORDERS Overseas orders are welcome please add £2 00 per CO-ROM tale COLLECTING YOUR OROER You are weicomo to collect your order from any time between 9 30am - 5 30pm Monday - Saturday ORDERING BY POST Smpty send us yoix order, listing me items you requve. The total cost, and your name & address with payment either by cheque or Postal Otter payable to EPIC MARKETING ORDERING OVER THE PHONE Call any time between 9 30 4 5 30 Monday Saturday with your Crodfl card details and Ihe items you woud ike to otter POSTAGE I PACKING UK & Mainland add a total ol £1.00 per CD CONDITIONS OF SALE |
Goods are not sold on a Inal basis E40E TECHNICAL SUPPORT I With a dedicated Tecnncal supports Ine we oNer 30 days I tree technical support to all our customers on all our sort | ware ft CO-ROM titles SATISFACTION GUARANTEED I Moet otters are processed w«hm 48hours I A run colour CO-ROM catalogue will be sent FREE FREE LUCKY-DIP CDROM iCONTAINS GAMES. DEMOS TOOLS CLIPART SAMPLES ETC WITH ALL ORDERS OVER £25.00 Iwake it so!
STAR TR£K__ VOYAGER which is an American company which makes CD-ROMs. No. Voyager is the new Star Trek series, and it is currentfy running in the US to rave reviews. This is the official Paramount site and contains all the information and pictures you would need to make sense of the series having not seen it yet. Look forward to it soon on UK screens.
Asimov's Star Trek Pages http: www.inlink.com ~asimov trek-menu.html Information about Star Trek, Star Trek. The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space 9. And of course Star Trek: Voyager I don't quite know what Asimov has got to do with it. As he is dead, but nonetheless, this is a good start for your Star Trek Web Voyages.
Maintained (mainly) by Star Trek fans, articles, papers and reviews, and information about games related to Star Trek This is one of my favounte lucking off points, and it always has somethmg new to offer the really deeply SAD trekker (SoW) An exhaustingly large guide to all the Star Trek Info on the Internet. It contains links to the Official Paramount' sites, Star Trek Clubs on the Net. Commercial sites selling Star Trek-related merchandise over the Net. Various sites What is it’ A fan dub m all but name. Members of the British Starfleet Confederacy receive a certificate of commission,
officer's manual, identity card, stardate calendar and six bimonthly newsletters and chapter bulletins, as well as access to dub merchandise. The British Starfleet Confederacy is run by the fans of Star Trek for the fans of Star Trek « afl its incarnations.
The KUNGON ASSAULT GROUP is a not-for-profit' STAR TREK fan organisation Their growth is apparently based on 'communication and cooperation Klingon Uniforms aren't required, but to advance within our ranks a uniform will be necessary Promotions are based solely on merit and level of involvement' These guys are sick.
Nightmare Factory Star Trek Costumes http: www io.com -mghtime trek.html Well, just when you thought you'd seen everything, now you can buy Star Trek costumes over the Nee just like the ones in the series. For example A Captain Kirk-style gold shirt (from the original Star Trek) is $ 28; Next Generation shirts are $ 45. A gold Next Generation ladies jump-suit is $ 70. A burgundy ladies jump-suit with emblems and belt, as worn by Major Kira in ST.DS9 is $ 70 There are also authentic gold communicator pins which replicate those in the series in every detail. Same as used on TV. 'Just what you need
to complete the official uniform!'
Oh boy.
And so on and so forth. If you want to take a voyage where no one has gone before around the Star Trek sites on the Net, then be sure to set aside a long time, as the list is growing daily and it may take you weeks to see everything add is growing very fast, I’m also on loads of different networks - here’s a list of them, and my address: 16:100 120 959:100 2 424:100 7 95:112 1 987:987 1 2:250 145.20 2:259 97.3 Mininet Barnet Quantum Net Subspace Missing Line Fidonet Internet Daniel. Gamett%nirvana@warp.exnet.com Amiga Computing here is a lot of Star Trek action on the Internet, mostly because
the kind of people you find on the Internet are exactly the kind of people who are into Star Trek. I have to say that this really excites me. But then I am the kind of sad act who. Without the restraining influence of my loved one. Would be off to the next convention with rubber ears and a Phaser which makes all the right noises when you pull the tngger.
You should know that there is a difference between a trekkie and a trekker. Trekkies are people who are into the series in a passing sense.
They’ll always watch it. They might know a bit of trivia if asked. They've possibly read William Shatner's "Star Trek Memories', which incidentally are amazing for a man who is on record as having no memories of anything.
Trekkers are another level of magnitude. They have all the episodes on tape. They have bloopers on tape. They have all the shows taped from the TV in the original edited and unedited forms. They have every book, every magazine, every video, every newspaper article about Star Trek. They have models of all the ships from all the series, a costume in their size from all the series. AJI the props, all the latex make-up. All the... well you get the idea.
You need to know this stuff, because once you enter the Star Trek zone on the Net you're on your own among these people, and you've got to be prepared to take it all very seriously. You have been warned.
Voyager Home Pages http: voyager.paramount.conV Not to be confused with the Voyager Company.
'My BBS is called NIRVANA ZONE BBS and can be contacted on (01243) 373596. 7pm-7am weekdays. 24 hours at weekends, it started in January this year, so is new to the BBS way of living. Its down in the south near Portsmouth and Chichester and is run by me. Daniel Gamett
- I'm 16 years old and still at secondary school.
I decided to set up this board because one night Dad had a go at me because I was on the phone too much and the phone bill was going through the roof. So I made this board up using MAXS 1.54. to get peeps to call me instead. It worked. I now have 124 users, which I might If you have any BBS s you want to tell us about, then drop us a line at the usual address. This month we have Daniel Garnett, who has this to say about his BBS: BBS watch ¦ Enter the Start Trek Zone and learnt your eye a on these delights.Whether you're a Trekkie or a Trekker, there's plenty to keep you entertained and
informed Vidi-Amiga 12 is the ultimate low-cost colour digitiser for the Amiga, catering for all capture and display modes including HAM, Extra Half Brite and greyscales, and is fully compatible with AGA machines offering both 256 colour and HAM8 modes.
Originally costing £99.95, this is an award-winning product designed to capture images from any still video source including VCR, camera and still video camera.
100 of the world's best-selling Hmiga uideo digitisers are now auaUable for only tions and quick reference. Vidi Amiga 12 leads the pack in terms of user-friendliness and simplicity. Vidi Amiga 12 has inputs for both standard composite and Y C, or S-VHS to allow maximum flexibility connecting Vidi Amiga 12 to your video recorder or camera.
Vidi Amiga's image processing functions let you distort and manipulate the images you capture just like the professionals, with 15 different effects and savers for several file formats for using your work on other platforms.
With advanced multi-tasking software combined with a carousel of K«th scale images for immediate test animaIf you want quality images at a price you can afford then look no further Supports several screen modes:
• 4096 HAM mode
• 64 EHB mode
• 32 colours
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to: Vidi-Amiga 12 Offer. IDG Media. Media House. Adlington
Park. Macclesfield SK10 4NP j Some of the features include: +
Advanced error distribution stippling
• Cut and paste with masking
• Capture into a user-definable window
• Load and save IFF ILBM and ANIM files
• Grab frames on a X or Y axis
• Multiframe store with animated playback Deliver to: Name
(Mr Mrs Ms Miss)_ co’J°’ 3-0 Z Patible Address ¦ At m high
screen magnification tha difference between bitmapped and
scalable clip art becomes obvloua enough. But believe me,
you’ll really see the difference when you print out tb s page
At the time of writing this column. Softlogik has just informed
me that PageStream3.0h will be launched onto a suspecting
public in about two weeks time. Mike Loader at SoftLogik has
told me that the new revision of the Amiga's most awaited
software package will be the biggest update yet and abilities
such as page numbering, auto and manual hyphenation and
paragraph spacing will be implemented in this release. Mike is
also sending me the new add-on filters for Wordworth documents.
Jpeg images and True Type fonts, so more on those as I find out
This could be represented in Deluxe Paint by drawing a cirde
with a brush that is as dose to. I of an inch in size as
possible, six inches from the left side of the screen
honzontally. And four inches vertically from the top of the
The cirde should be 2.5 inches in radius. These instructions get sent to your printer so that rather than using the smallest brush size, it M I s I stili get letters and e-mail from people I confused about the different sorts of fonts and clip art types. I thought I d lay them to rest, once and for all. With a two-parter on the topic, so this month I am going to be looking at the wide variety of clip art formats available for the Amiga Before we have a look at the various formats, we need to be sure that we know the difference between structured (or scalable) clipart, and bitmapped (or image)
clip art.
We'll stan with bitmapped clips. These are basically pictures such as those created by Deluxe Paint. Now I know you can load a brush into Dpaint and hit the h or H keys to halve its size or double it but look at the result of these scalings You always end up with a degraded image whether you scale it down or up.
Now, the highest resolution, in terms of dots per screen inch, attainable by a standard Amiga is about 70dpi Compare this to your printer's resolution which is probably around 300dpi and you can see why some bitmapped dip art is SO enormous All it takes is a bit of maths to determine that you need to scale down an image to about 25 per cent (300 70) of its original size on the screen to get your screen-sized image onto paper SCHLIIIG Scalable clip art doesn't suffer from this problem because it is what's known as resolution- independent. This means you can scale it so that it is as small as a
single pixel on your screen, or large enough to fill a stadium's worth of screens and. Provided your pnnter has a high enough resolution and can actually pnnt a stadium-sized image, the image will soil appear at the same quality.
Why is this the case? Well, it comes down to the way the images are created and stored. A bitmap picture is stored as a set of pixels If we take the simplest example, a monochrome picture, the information contained within it is just a matter of switches saying on or off (i.e. black or white). A black and white structured drawing, however, is much more complex. Structured drawings are not pixel representations of the data they contain but are defined by a series of statements of which the following is an extreme simplification Draw circle at 6.4 size 2.5 line thickness I File formats light of
the Jaggies actually prints the thickness of the circle's line to . I of an inch, or as near as it can get to it. Depending on the printer's resolution.
You will really be able to see the difference if you scale the circle in Dpaint - the line thickness will also be scaled. The structured version of the circle will maintain the. 1 inch thick line. As for next month, it's on to the fonts.
In the Amiga s dim and distant past, way back when we still had a multitude of developers committed to providing us with software, there was a homegrown choice of file formats Gold Disk gave us the .dip format. Clip files could potentially be a whole bunch of discrete Images saved as one file so you had the opportunity to load a clip and pick one particular element from it.
An excellent idea in principle, It rather fell down in terms of providing a universal file format because Gold Disk were secretive about the way the format worked. This meant that other developers weren't able to support the format, so It pretty much died.
Another format developed in the early days of the Amiga was Aegis DR 2D file type. The first application to use DR2D was Aegis own Draw 2000. A simple structured drawing program which never did very much on this side of the Atlantic. Commodore adopted the simple DR2D format as part of IFF which, although it gave the format official status, still didn't result in very much support from third-party developers, and DR2D is only Supported by a few Amiga applications these days.
So what scalable picture format do we have on the Amiga? Well.
CPS has always been popular on most platforms, although most Amiga packages still cannot show associated TIFF preview files and some will only print EPS images to a postscript printer. As far as I know, there are only two commercial packages that allow you to actually create EPS clip art - ProVector by Stylus, Inc. and Art Expression by SoftLogik.
Amiga Computing AMIGA COMPUTING If you've missed any of these issues, now’s your chance to put things right, by either buying an individual issue or a full six months' worth. But hurry - stocks are limited!
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MainActor and a DIY guide to building a home studio.
ON 2 DISKS: Scroller 2, a complete commercial video titling system worth £60 AC test drives the Raptor accelerator and talks to the people who use it to create their commercial graphics. Plus reviews of World Construction Set. Wavemaker, TurboCalc v2 and Bertie Bunny!
ON 2 DISKS: The complete version of TechnoSound Turbo and a fully playable demo of Sensible World ol Soccer.
We look at the freelance graphics market to see how you can make a bob or two with your creativity. Plus: Forge. Pyromania, Picasso and Pablo.
ON 2 DISKS: 3D textures for 2D an 3D graphics applications. Plus HamLabPlus.
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We reveal all you need to know about Amiga maintenance. Plus reviews of Warp Engine. Image F X 2 and 30 CD's.
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The Video toaster finally arrives on the shores of Britain with the help of the Passport 4000. Also take a look at Imagine 3.1, Wordworlh 3.1 and see hidden 30 pictures with StereoCAD ON 2 DISKS: The lull version of Can Do 2 and a demo of the acclaimed football tactics game. Premier Manager 3 from Gremlin.
We go behmd me scenes ot Aardman Anvnatons. Those tatemed foie respons tfe tor The Wrong Trousers and a rather targe quanwy of TV commercials - most of when haw been gven a helping hand by the AmigiPkis reviews ol Tenrnte Pnocogencs and Gamesnrth OH 2 DISKS The complete and unrestricted version of Apit,Workshop and a chunk ol shareware products to boot up and use.
Take a walk through the Internet with our concisive guide. Plus reviews of the excellent MultiLayer, infoNexus and Datastore.
ON 2 DISKS: DlrWork, 10 out ol 10 Maths Statistics demo and 10 out ol 10 Driving Test demo as well!
We go behind the scenes of Cyberjack, a film whose special effects are being created entirely with Amigas. Plus reviews of Hollywood FX. Final Data.
Studio Pro II and Dice C Compiler.
ON2 DISKS: Get online with our Demon internet software. Use the complete version of Database and Spreadsheet software from the Mini Office package.
We take the first look at Lightwave 4 and Its improvements. Plus reviews of Cross Mac. Dpaint 5. Aminet 1. Cobra 275MHz and CanOo 3.
ON THE COVER: A free CO crammed with 547Mb of hies to use with your Amiga. Plus the complete version of Smarty Paints, the art package Send me my back issues!
Each issue costs just £3.99 (plus 50p p&p). Send this form and a cheque or postal order payable to IDG Media, to: Amiga Computing Back Issues. Media House. Adlmgton Park. Macclesfield SK10 4NP. Offer subject to availability.
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Postcode: .. Telephone: ... Remember to fill in all of this form! If there are any problems, please telephone 01625 878888.
1993 ISSUES April, May, June, August, December issues only £2.99 (Plus 50p P&P). J 1 ot a day goes by without someone e-mailing or writing to me and saying | they are having a problem with Amos.
It's not that people are stupid or that Amos is buggy, it's more that coding is a specific talent and only a handful of people take to it as a natural thing.
It requires a certain sort of mind, a pattern- recognising mind and a keen mathematical brain.
Of course, you can do it without either of these things, but you can't do it quickly or without problems. Most problems are easily solved as they are simple problems with the logic of the program: The flow of the program is constncted or misdirected in some way.
Debugging nightmare To help you debug your Amos programs, here is a simple all-points guide to debugging and program design.
I. Check your loops - if there is a FOR NEXT.
IF THEN, WHILE WEND or similar thing in your program, check that the loops are nested and not crossed: If Then For Next Phil South loohs at and not If For Then Next Uncross your loops and you will be flying (Now there's a sentence you wouldn't find in any other columns!)
2. Check your flow - related to loops is program flow The best
way to debug a program is with Computer Number One The brain.
Take a piece of paper and a pencil and go through the program
step by step, doing all the calculations with a calculator if
necessary, checking that each bit of the program is in the
nght order.
Do the loops and see what happens. Look at each instruction carefully and interpret it like the computer would. When you've run the program, does it stop where it should or does it just go round and round?
3. Then run it for a speed test - after you've done the
preliminary bug test do a run test.
Some things will look good on paper, but when you are really running, speed becomes an issue.
Does the computer pick up any key presses or mouse keys, or does it skip them? When you are running at computer speed things happen fast, and sometimes •something happens so fast it can't be seen or read by the procedures you have put in place.
When you ask the computer to sense anything Itke a key press or a mouse command, the computer needs to use a 'flag. No. Not a big fluttery thing on a pole, a variable which flips over one way to tell the computer the key has been found and there is no need to look for it any more. For example.
If Fired) «nd fflAG=0 Then See Pity 1 ! FfUI»1 When the fire button is sensed, the sample is played, and the flag FFLAG is set to I, This means you can run this loop again and if FFLAG is still I then the rest of the line will be ignored Flags are useful habits to get into.
4 Syntax errors - these will show up generally, but sometimes it will not be clear why there is a problem. Your first port of call should be the manual. Check the syntax in the book against the syntax in your program, and see what the difference is. It could just be a few commas with no figures between them: after a command. Some commands allow this even when there are no numbers in there - the command will still work as rf zeros were there.
Other syntax errors are to do with the way listings are published. If you put a long line with no breaks into a word processor or a DTP program (like those used to put this magazine together) the chances are the line will break on the last convenient space so as not to break up any words. For example.
XX XI1IIIXXXXXXIIIIIXXXXIXIIII will end up like this: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx If these x's were commands then you'd be looking down the sticky end of a syntax error, like the one mentioned in a previous column for the Easy AMOS tutorials.
5. Don't be too ambitious - okay so we all want everything now.
And making do with simple programs can really wrinkle our
snouts, but don't be tempted to take on too big a project in
one go. I get people writing to me all the time saying: Tm
writing a simple neural network program and can't seem to get
it to work. Could you supply me with a listing of the basic
algorithm?" Or Tm writing a 30 gme wHch uses vector graphics.
How do thee wort n Amos?* This a nuts, uoen people, take these things in easy stage Dont eac grt n and start coding a big project - sort smtf Nochng you do will be wasted because you nerer start any project from scratch You always reuse code I have a bas*c cofcson detection routine which works and I use t n M my arcade games. I also have a flag rouone. A sound routine, a music routine and a Joe or other routines, like vectors (not 3D grapfta but ways of making things bounce correctly) whch I use n ail my code. You can keep usng code you wnce and build up to the tug program 5DMng 5DIT19 of
those flmo5 coding problems No tug program was ever written in a day like a le«er. From one end to the ocher It doesn't work like that Coden reuse their code all the time. Start devetopng snal routines which do one job well and the" use them as sub-routines in your future *ort Ths way you will only be debugging smal programs one at a time and then bolting them together, rather than writing a huge 10.000 me behemoth of a program which would take fifcerosoft a year to debug, let alone you on your own working m your spare time So there we are. Good kick, and take careful note of all these ports
You won’t go far wrong.
Write stuff If you have an Amos question, or a routine you'd like to share with the world, then please write tc Phil South. Amos Column. Amiga Computing. Media House. Adlmgton Park, Macclesfield SKIO 4NP Please send routines on an Amiga disk with notes on how the program works on paper Make the routines short (use these routines as a guide| and make them reasonably independent of any graphics and sound support files, although I will make provision for these if necessary.
Amiga Computing CyberSystems £349 £69 £990 £749 £189 Call for details CALL 170 £129 each £189 £89 £105 each £120 £09 lfLab motion system £999 Full non linear video editing System fades wipe» effects all oil hoard, t he most competitive and the most versatile motion '"board available. Import your frames from lightwave. Imagine.
RcaL&I) and record to video live. Supports SVIIS Formal, Toccata £390 Full 16-Bil.Audio Card. Record and playback on to Video. 16-Bit sampler.
Lflaby c M. A Real lime SVIIS Digitiser Board.
AirLink 2 GB Barracuda 1 GB Barracuda 9 23B MB Fujitsu Magneto Optical Boo of Flue 230 MB MO Bisks Lightwave Courses Lightwave 4.0 Humanoid Hollywood Effects Power Macros Motion Master 19 2 Wavemaker City Builder Snap Maps 19 2 Sparks Fibre Factory ¦Gad 3D ModaMgg Servtcs, 24-Bit Colour Scanning, A3 PlottHtfl Service PHONE: 01843 292 190. FAN: 01843 292 Isq m WANTED: SECOND HAND AMIGAS DEALERS SERVICE CENTRES ARE YOU HAVING PROBLEMS SOURCING AMIGA & ATARI SPARES?
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Derby DE1 1BU (01332) 280224 OctamcD U.B freeing up the Amiga's audio channels (so that you can run other music programs without having to quit OctaMED completely), and so on.
There are additional menu options for reopening various windows, new menus for tools and loops, options for facilities like Midi file type 0 saving and Midi file type 0 and type I loading, use of XPK or Powerpacker-oriented compression and various other items.
With version 6 you can use both 8 and 16-bit stereo samples and. As well as continued HiSoft Aura support there's a Toccata Capture window for users of Toccata sound cards. Version 6’s changed internal buffer arrangements are also worth a mention because previously, copy cut style edit operations all used the same buffer.
Now, block, track and edit menus each have their own separate buffers so you can have block, track and range edit information all stored in memory at once.
SYSTEm ESSmilHlS RED BLACK - Recommended releiM 2? Only) 1 Mb RAM The new stylo sample editor I he new version of OctaMED Pro h$ s now officially arrived, and while there I are many extra facilities thrown in. The big attraction is almost certainly going to be the yet further improved user interface. In fact, as soon as you load version 6 you'll notice the change because the main screen is now split into a number of separately rearrangeable and or resizable windows.
At startup there's a main control window, the tracker editor itself, and an information window on display. Other windows, for things like tempo control, are now. Therefore, only opened when required. The upshot is that the new display looks, and in practice feels, much less dunered. Another benefit is that users can now arrange windows to suit their own way of working.
The main control window contains the playing buttons, instrument details, window opening gadgets and various other buttons and checkboxes. Most of the changes here are self explanatory - version 6 can. For example, handle 16-bit sound samples, so the instrument size box now shows a W (for word, meaning 16-bits) against any 16-bit samples that are loaded.
Rll ChflnCE The tracker editor has also undergone some changes. Scroll bars and a sizing gadget have been added and there is now more space between the tracks fthe bar equalizers, which used to be an integral part of the tracker display, have, incidentally, also been moved into their own separate window). Another new feature is a tempo operations window which allows much easier conversion between the various methods of setting OctaMED tempos.
Most of the new menus and option changes No regrets With modem-style windows containing 3D look gadgets and boxes, plus all the other standard bits and bobs that users are now beginning to expect from all commercial Amiga software, OctaMED version 6 is a Significant advance on previous versions.
While there is little or no doubt that this tracker program now stands head and shoulders above all the competition, version 6. However, is still clearly just a development stepping stone to the OctaMED Pro Sound Studio package due to arrive towards the end of this year.
Just in case you're tempted to hold back until the Pro Sound Studio package appears, you might like to know that it has already been decided that version 6 users are going to be given special upgrade consideration when the Pro Sound Studio finally arrives. Of course, the final decision on upgrading to version 6 is up to you. But my advice is to jump on the version 6 bandwagon as soon as possible - you won't regret id The bottom lino Other changes Product: OctaMED Version 6 Supplier. Seasoft Computing Tel: 01903 850378 Price: UK - £35 + £1 pip (includes manual) Registered OctaMED V5 users pay
£25 (+ £1 p&p) and should return their original V5 disks when ordering.
Various other price arrangements are available for MUG (Med Users Group) members. European sales and so on.
Ease of use_8 Implementation_9 Value for money-10 Overall_9 One of the most significant additions with version 6 is the provision of Arexx support within OctaMED itself (the standalone player program has of course been Arexx controllable for a long time). The Arexx command set certainly looks comprehensive and, in theory at least, is going to enable users to perform sophisticated automated song edits, it remains to be seen, however, how much interest users will actually take in this facility because many Amiga owners still seem to have a mental block when it comes to Arexx macro use!
Other changes include provision for saving modules as executable files, support for MAUD, AJFF and PC .WAV samples, and an easy-to-use bank of buttons in a chord selection window which let you select and modify a range of pre-set bask chords. As you might expect, there are also some less important, but nevertheless useful, new functions incorporated as well.
Provision for switching off File Exists - Overwrite? Requesters, and being warned of potential disk full' conditions before a file save are just two of the extras now available and there are many more. Another very welcome addition is the inclusion of a printed Get You Started' tutorial manual.
Amiga Computing A m s long as your ad is ten H ™ ¦ words or less, it s absolutely V ¦ W free! Should you want more space, you'll find unrivalled value for money - for instance. 25 words cost just £10. Fill in the form below and send it to us with your payments (if applicable) - and remember to include your telephone number!
Classifieds ? Al 200 170Mb hard dnve. Blizzard 1220 4 accelerator, second drive. LC-I0C pnnter. £400 ono. Tel: 01708 224003, ? Video back-up. £30. Store 150 disks V3.0 Tel: 0161-790 0962 ? Wordworth 3.1SE. unused. £29. Tel: 0117 9684481 eves 6 weekends.
? Wanted: 386 or 486 bridgeboard for Amiga 1500 2000. Tel.01902 450678 ? Imagine 3.0. complete package. £75. Tel: 01298 22862 ? 150 boxed titles, old and new Cheap. Tel: 01956 558024 ? CD32. Nine games, warranty, £150. Tel: 01574 277596.
? Freelance artist needs paid work. Slideshow available Send SAE to Mark Stephenson. 27 Kensington Dnve. Bridgend CF3I 4QS.
? Amiga Computing nos. 1-79 with CoverDisks Amiga Format nos. 1-63 with CoverDisks. Mags at £1.50 each, CoverDisks at 50p each Also SupraRAM 2000 8Mb board with 4Mb installed.
£100 ono. Tel: Wayne. 01494 564284 ? AI200, £250 Monitor. £100 Can post if required. Tel: 01322 664136.
? Video backup system Hardware, software and manuals Only £21. Tel: 0191-488 0213.
? A1200. Colour monitor, colour pnnter.
Transwrite. Games. £575. Tel: 01732 459129.
? Penpals wanted, all ages. Tel; Simon Alien, 0191-584 6376 anytime ? Al200 boxed. £250 Monitor. £100 Boxed software, cheap. Tel: 01956 558024.
? Does this look like your advert in the July issue? CDTV & keyboard wanted, good price paid. Tel: 0181-576 0422. The phone number has been printed incorrect. Please contact Tina Hacked at our offices to let us know the correct number.
Order form Name _ Address.
? Imagine contacts wanted. 100% reply. Tel: 01375 670036 after 6pm ? CD32 games Send SAE to JC Castle, Tremorran. Upper Torn, Ilfracombe EX34 8AZ ? A500 I Mb. Mouse, joystick, boxed perfect condition, games. £160 Tel: 0181-777 3560 ? Page setter. Pinal Copy 2boxed with manuals.
£20 each, Aifadata Optical pen mouse. £ 15. Tel 01268 761429 eves and weekends ? A1200 Zappo CD 60Mb hard drive. 6Mb RAM.
Phillips monitor. £600 Tel: 01752 839600.
Cheques should be made payable to ' Amiga Computing" Postcode Telephone.
Fffm • Bhh £10 Please include my advertisement *1 the next available issue 0* wngo Computing I confirm that the advert« not veiling Aegal copies of software or hardware that do not belong io me. I permit you to publish my address telephone number only if I have included these details withm my advertisement copy. I am over 18 years of age (apphcantt under 18 muvt get a parent or guardian to sign below).
Remember to include your phone number address in the advert as well as on the form!
Send to: AMC Classifieds, Media House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield SK10 4NP r I I I I I I I I II Mangled fender.
1*1 Svpe. «•* » n [yanM Vatrrior.
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Ilfnhy F,*y |1 Atomic |1 Day al Ihe Kocet |1 Po.od'o.d 04 |lGu4gMm p Pome.
P Bock Da-n 7 |1 Marble, p Scemth lasfcdl pFruanono jl Steward! Enquiry jl AvktmotnWt p tana t* Team*
• 1 loltmon d p Ant Wort (2) .1 Soccer Cordi USA ¦1 Wayne. Wc»td
Pong !lie.S .k. .1 18*. Mole Go* (2|
• 3 Neighbour. (2| ,1 Food to Mel 1 - Pru Wonoge.
JlStadtote 13 (3) Jl Vmi Chowow |l Star Tie! Pj hMfM»Ot»iVO|2| JlSkKimo.il JlGorf JlBoord Gomel p 2 Pkry* Soccer Ig Jl Scrabble Jl letruPto Jl WbbW World G*ddy bbpdheleogut j 1 Del-.e Pocman |l Porochule Joed jl Megabol 2 I Jl Vitodd Dor* Jl t*gh Octane Jl Oath of E»p.ri SOUTHERN SHAREWARE NJHPD Dept AS. 1 2 Mnioni Mead X-FVT Rcxhfo.d 8---»•*!
Ttet $ 54 1*N 1*1:01702 546796 UI1UI1ES 1 HO Gomel Vttalm 2 1 Crott Dot 1 RooUi Copy yhu 1 MUI v2 3 1 Speech loot.
1 Sev Trek Gv.de (21 1 Mon Actor I 55 1 Dpo.nl * Buddy |2) 1 UcopoM O'e*«r 1 Snoop Dot 3 IvmnOwrte. (6 5l| 1 Mpt lottery Predator 1 CPU D.U Ootkw 1 InoQ.ne 2 Bvdrty lyt (2) 1 SpecHm .2 1 Spetmm Gome, oi I (4| lS*«»onGcnm«t:W :!
1 P.o Gontee n Smtc»*ort (21 1 Cotobowi 1C Mongol 112| 1 Dcopy 3 I 1 lock P k 2 1 Fmecopy I 9 1 Crock 6 Ccpy l Hard Dr i»e U»l 1 200 Lhlt 1PC fad 2 1 IrtleOthce 1600 Some.. u. 1 e.Hrynek I 1 Zoot,.
1 Vr Morkr, 1 MdalWa (ptttee) (7) 1 Metehco jptppeti) (2| 1 MeteUa (Sghmmg) (2) 1 Cote fye be [21(2 mg' 10 finjWt (2) 1 Stole of ihe Art 1 Dream Tr.pp.ri 1 Jetui oo Ft (2J TC.tdyC-o«4ordSWM[2) 1 Coppell (2| 1200 DEMOS 1 WAV Bnmt 121 1 We Premnm 1 tockefz AGA ItCrO*. 2|J) PoPdrrml 3 Cybertech carp (2} 3 Mod l&tm 7 |31 3 Motgurrode (71 1 Bona & k.ni 1 YofWd F AQA 1 Boonoe AGA 1 Zembet I AGA 1 AGA Megobol 3 AGA KvgndAe |3| 3 Ktetele Card. (4) 3 Mcoxoio Invader. 2 |2 12W5UDt 1 AGA Cody CrcmAed (4j 3WW Wheel 1 Nki bde (2) 3fcjbyk*5 1 AGA Mo. Side. |4) 3Xeotec Pod 3tedD*orf (2] 3tte9d«c*!d| 1
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1 Sex Trek AGA lEr*o Ictordo 1 AGA MurpC |4| OG8 Beotrtet |6) iGd Beaute.te2|6| IGF Baartei te 3 |6| IsherPm Fenn IPFpebeCoM 1 Wtow Sterner |3| IsouHecne- Otoon 1 Ncaei 7 3 Ongm 3 (J) 1 Icftng Tme l]| 1 Tw Ued AGA |4) 3Pmy|21 3 love (2) 1 Some iutnce 94 1 Mai Overdrne 7 131 (lfateMergata 1 toy World (31 _ IOCK N LOAD 2 £17.99 UGMTRQMJ O* 2 £35 99 £1799 3T £17 99
13. 99 £1799 ONTS £17 99 2 £17 99 lAPHICS £17 99 SOUFCE COO* £17
99 SPACE & AST80NOMV £ 17 99 SPECTPUM CD £17 99 ! 17 Iff
• ADUIT SENSA1 . *mkt 4 ci; !aaaMT5C1; ! Aaunet J AakOC I
• AMOC 2 4 3 £21 99 lAAAOS CO £17 99 ‘ assa55jn5 CAMf S CO C17 00
IQESKTQP VOEQ £ 13 99 J Flow to Order? Ww Vi ttw ngiml and end
«» mr Mm 4»w cmt I cne»m'peed erdr codb np d la odmr
yprde».onmnteooc I O’" ' ! © | CheeWAMntCMe poyaUt»i £l_ ( '
K. 7 Ntockheatli Roail. I It I: 01705 642666 GAMES Master
Blaster Art of Breaking Heads AGA (6) Mad Fighters II AGA (3)
Cyberman Klondike (3) Fears Smidge Outpost Cow Wars Dead of
Night (3) FI LICENCEWARE Aquanaut ......£3.99
Seamus Smally £6.99 Amiga
Assist .£3.99 Sounds Complete £3.99
Erik ..£3.99 Giddy
II ..£3.99 DA RESIDE BBS 01705
642666 642999 INTERNET SolTHfR SH Rf:W m [) RkSlDJ»: IOV( 0J k
COMPl SERVE: 100534,3426 eigti l*ark. Has ant. Hants P()95
9-1Opm Mon-Sun MISC Star Trek: The Guide (6) Spondulix Magic
Dopus Companion Virus Workshop V5.1 Term V4.3 (4) Grapevine 21
Disk Mag (2) Prey: AGA Demo (2) CD ROMS Aminet
5 .....£14.00 17 Bit Phase
4 £18.00 Amos CD .....£18.00
Spectrum Sensations ...£18.00 Sounds
Terrific ......£18.00 Assassins CD ..£18.00
Meeting Pearls .£9.00 PRICING I Disks RI i I
.2 plui 38 gome. D.tkt (ore 500 gonet) E25 00 AGA VE83JON Of
ABOVf FO* THE 1200 £25 00 BOOrSHOP 15 d..ii U of durmng
,«,mte.l (pr» (AGA £1000 BUSINESS PACK 4 d tk te contomrg
datobote. Tpreoddeet, W P «*: £3 20 1200 DEMO PACK 11 dnkt of
me teett domot Ik *e 1200 £8 00 IMAG E PACK 18 ditit of
object*, mvee. Help I .let and rrpre £1300 UGMTWAVf WO
HlfaltofobjWl tfV*t he KWtordmee £13 00 ASSASSINS GAMES PACK 15
DU.. K.1 of iotev gome._£10 00 1-3 Ditki Cl *och 4-9 D.slt 90p
*och 10-19 D.iht 8Op *och 2CK59 Dulu 7Qp *och 60* Dull 60p each
Add 7Op to order for P&P nrn nicer ( ) oftor title - number of
diikt PER DISK Free dill for every 10 ordered DF.MOS 1200 UTILS
1 Spectrum I 6 AGA 1 Moveg d. (21 PCI TASlf.wt?
1 Ac« * Repioy 4 Pro .11200 Dognotoci 1ASI Mutev.Hon 1 Wcq WB (hard (pnej 1 MogK WB (rtOI IvdmWocW AGA 1 And t WB3 Unit lAGAUkMI 1 AGA Graph* Utit 1 Kick I 3* 3K«l I * 3WB3 fkjcldrcp.
• :ewF (0®iswot 3 Fean 3Xn AGA(2| 1 le.ii D.el AGA ¦ A selection
ot tho most useful tools required for making cheaper cables
Basic tool Ifit Soldering iron Assorted screwdrivers (electric)
Electrical multimeter Solder sucker Wire stripper Solder
Cutters Insulating tape Sharp knife Long-nosed pliers Cables
Square-nosed pliers Connectors that the whole cable wtf have to
be replaced.
Soidenng a tarty easy, and with a little practice you should become confident about making your own cables The mao points to note are that the soidenng eon should be at full temperature (the solder ami 'ner: and flow easily with the right heat) and that a w* oe stronger where the bare wire can be wrapped around its connection tab before soidenng The connector and wire should be clean and free from grease (use sandpaper or a We if necessary), and should be kept immobile until the solder secs The easiest and most frustrating mistake to make is to forget to pass the cable through the connector s
cover before soidenng it up, something I stiH do occasionally Ail the fiddly work of stripping, tnrnmmg and connecting has to be done all over again - just when you thought you'd finished!
So if you've been having doubts about your caWemaking ability, don't. Give it a go, learn the ropes and pretty soon you'll wonder why you've been paying full whack for cables which are so easy to make you could do it yourself for far less.
Fracturing. Physical damage can often be located visually by removing the cover from the connector and checking for loose, frayed, or disconnected winng or short circuits.
Sometimes the remedy may be as simple as using a sliver of insulating tape to separate the shorted wires, or it may require a complete rebuild of the connector, necessitating its removal or replacement, stripping the cable back to new winng core, and making new solder connections all round.
However, not all visual inspections bear fruit, and it may be necessary to test the continuity of each wire in the cable with a multimeter set to measure resistance. If a cable has been subjected to rough treatment or is getting on in years, it might have become fractured in the wire core, rather than at the connectors, usually meaning Contact There's no doubt that without cables and connectors your Amiga. TV and video, stereo, telephone, lights, musical equipment coffee maker, fish tank, microwave (and anything else in your home that uses electrical energy) will quickly come to a halt though
under normal circumstances the cables and connectors do their job. Passing signals or currents from one place to another to generally make your life easier.
However, what happens when things go wrong? Do you call out a repair-person, or buy a new cable to replace a faulty one - or do you take matters into your own hands and get stuck into a bit of electrical DIY?
This month. I'm turning my attention to some hints and bps on making and repairing caWes. But don't worry, many cables are quite simple to build or repair yourself, and if you've got the right tools and can follow a few basic rules, can read numbers and don't have severe colour-blindness, then you could be sorting out many cable problems yourself instead of buying expensive new ones or paying out for repairs.
To make or repair your own cables you’ll need a basic set of tools (see the accompanying list) which will obviously require some financial outlay, but if you take care of them then they'll last you for years - so they should make a worthwhile investment. Buy the best you can afford, since cheap tools don't usually last as long as quality ones. You should be able to find everything you need at a local electronics shop such as Tandy or Maplin.
MflTERIfllS In addition to tools, you'll also need the raw materials to make your leads - in other words the connectors and the wiring cable itself. The cable and connectors are usually specific to the job in hand, a simple audio or video lead often only requires a piece of screened single or two core cable and comparatively simple connectors, but RGB. SCART or modem leads need multicore cable and more complex connectors. If you're not sure what the name of the connector is that you need to replace or repair, take the faulty one to the shop with you to show the shop assistant - it saves a lot
of confusing embarrassment!
The two most important points when buying components for cable-making are that you get the right wire and the right connectors. Again, ask if you're not sure While a piece of lighting cable or bell-wire might look as if you can use it to make a video or audio connection, the results you'll obtain will never be as good as with the correct type of wiring and the best connectors you can afford.
In my experience, most cable faults can be traced to broken or shorted wiring, for instance where a cable has come adrift from its connector, or when a dry' solder joint has lost its electrical conductivity through age, overheating or Safety first!
Never work on equipment which is connected to the mains. Switch off and disconnect first. If you re rewiring a mains plug make sure you know the colour codes and follow them. Use the correct fuses. Be safe - don’t take chances. If in doubt, get a professional to do the job.
Spaghetti junction Next Day £5.00 2-3 Days £2.50 Saturday £10.00 )eliveries are subject to stock availability Allow up to 7 days for cheques to clear Hi “ Hi POWER COMPUTING LTD 44a b Stanley St. Bedford MK4I 7RW Tel 01234 273000 Fax 01234 352207 The XL Drive allows you to store 1,76MB on a high density disk. No case cutting on A4000 internal.
EXTERNAL XL £89.95 INTERNAL XL .£84.95 A4000 INTERNAL XL . .£84.95 VIPER 68030 SERIES ¦
• RAM Up to 8MB (Viper 1) 128MB (Viper 2)
• Full Kickstart Remapping
• Optional SCSI-II adaptor
• On-board battery backed clock 68882 Co-processor
• Instruction and data burst modes 'OWER DRIVE IHHH -128MHz ;
Viper-1 33-42MHz PGA PLCC, FPU upto 50MHz PGA PLCC. FPU upto
50MHz Bare Board ...£115.95 Bare Board ...£169.95 4MB Viper
£249.95 4MB Viper ... .£299.95 8MB Viper ... .£399.95 8MB Viper
... .£439.95 SCSI-II Adaptor____£79 4MB SIMM £139 8MB
SIMM £299 Other SIMMS £POA Bare Board ...£135.95 Bare
Board ...£199.95 4MB Viper ... .£269.95 4MB Viper ... .£329.95
8MB Viper £41 9.95 8MB Viper . .. .£469.95 Viper Co-processors
Viper Options VIPER 28MHz FPU £25 33MHz FPU £50 40MHz FPU £70
50MHz FPU (PGA) .£100 Complete wi& Crydat BtavrJ Bcrd
compotfcle VIPER 68030 68030 40MHz RC or 50MHz RC with MMU, RAM
upto 128MB, FPU-PGA only.
Bare 40MHz £229.00 40MHz-4MB £379.00 40MHz-8MB £499.00 Bare 50MHz £249.00 50MHz-4MB £399.00 The Power Drive now includes Blitz Amiga and Floppy Expander, free.
Floppy Expander allows you to compress files on floppy disks by up to 50%. Other features include: Anti- Click, Anti-Virus, Isolation Switch, 2 Year Warranty, Thru port, Cyclone Compatible Chip, Backup Hardware and Blitz Compatible feature.
EXTERNAL ...£49.95 CYCLONE S W ONLY . .£ I 0.00 INTERNAL DRIVES ¦ Our internal drives use the same drive mechanisms as the Amiga to ensure complete compatibility.
PC88I A500 ...£30.95 PC882 A2000 ..£30.95 PC883 A600 I200 ......£35.95 POWER 1208
• A1200 RAM board
• PCMCIA friendly fcU
• Uses 1 x 32 SIMM
• Amiga Format Gold award
• Expand upto 8MB 2mb £139.00
4mb £189.00 8mb £329.00 All products
have a 12 month warranty unless otherwise specified Trade and
Educational orders welcome • Worldwide distribution available
Al pnc« rdu* VAT SpecAcALom ind pneei vx tubfecl to chirvge out
notxe, 11 Mtttonvr'a ire .irowtMgpd Al order* n wntng or by
telephone wtf be KCCpted or*r vJ)fKX to cxr terrm *vi ciAHOT of
(Cpn of JTC liWtft free of thrjt V POWER COMPUTING LTD 44a b
Stanley St. Bedford MK4I 7RW Tel 01234 273000 Fax 01234 35220;
£199 x2 CD-ROM DOUBLE SPEED CD ROM Next Day £5.00 2-3 Days
£2.50 Saturday £10.00 Deliveries are subject to stock
availability Allow up to 7 days for cheques to clear Jk(«n
'----- x4 CD-ROM QUAD SPEED CD ROM Amiga 600 1200 Double -
Speed £159 CD-ROM Quad - Speed cd-rom £259 Quad - Speed
CD-ROM____ POWER CD-ROM The new Power CD-ROM for the Amiga
600 1200 plugs directly into the PCMCIA port and provides a
direct SCSI-1 and SCSI-II interface, allowing up to six
additional peripherals to be connected, for example: Syquest
Drives, Hard Drives, Flatbed Scanners and Dat Drives. What’s
more the Power CD-ROM features a ‘Hot-Plug’ and ‘Un-Plug’,
which allows you to connect disconnect at any time the Power
CD-ROM and any additional devices, even when your Amiga is
switched on.
The CD-ROM comes with a SCSI interface, PSU, manual, audio lead, mains lead* and software: Audio CD, CD32 Emulation, MPEG Film Decoder and PhotoCD software.
Amiga 4000 •* SCSI Interface Double - Speed £199 £299 CD-ROM CD-ROM SOFTWARE | CDBOOT 1.0 .£29 Enables you use almost any CD32 games FRESHFONTS II ....£17 632MB of fonts (ot almost any computer system GAMERS’ DELIGHT .£25 Contains 40 games for tbe Amiga GOLDFISH 2 .....£25 Volume 2 of the Goldfish scnca. Con urns a selection of software LIGHT ROM .£39 Contains almost 650MB of 3D objects, images etc. MAGIC
ILLUSIONS .£10 3D stereograms an your screen!
MEETING PEARLS VOL I £10 first CD published with the concept of "sharccompilation" MEETING PEARLS VOL II £10 Contains 650MB ot' the finest FD software via a special user interface THE LIGHT WORKS .... £34 Rayt racing - a fascinating area of computer graphics THE BEAUTY OF CHAOS ......£12 Drive into the fractal world of geometry AMINET S ...£12
1. 1 gigabytes of software AMINET SET I ....
£25 4 CD’s containing freeware CD-WRITE .... £39
Enables you to virtually write to CD s FRESH FISH
8 £25 Hundreds of
MB’s of freeware Accessories Amiga 4000 SCSI-lnterface £129
Multi-media Speakers 80 Watt .. .....£54 uittw, Trade and
Educational orders welcome - Worldwide distribution available
AJ mcVfe VAT Spectate** *nd poem ire subject to change wrthout
nobce. Ml tr»dem»rSj it *cfno» edge l Ajl orders in wntrg or
by telephone *1 be accepted only subject to OJ terms mo
ccodbons of trade, copes of wfveh ire cratOe fee e* ¦» tapc $
Squirrel =&££3 ' noAs • X5'4 NICE ONE SQUIRREL!
Amiga Format 93% CU Amiga 94% Amiga Shopper 95% JAM * The best piece of hardware I've ever As you can see. The Amiga press has gone nuts over our new Squirrel SCSI interface for the A600 A1200. In case you’ve missed these reviews, the Squirrel SCSI is a plug-and-play add-on that allows you to connect up to 7 SCSI peripherals to your Amiga. Just think of it. CD-ROM. Hard drive.
Scanner, DAT. Optical. SyQuest. Tape Streamer - all on line at the same time! No wonder we named it after that famous storage-hungry animal! To go with Squirrel, here are some great value devices... SyQuest Drives SCSI CD-ROM Drives bought for my A 7 200 well done, HiSoft! 99 SCSI Hard Drives Introducing our brand-new quad-speed CD-ROM drive, the Squirrel 4x; a feature-packed, lightning-fast drive at a stunning price. This is the flagship ol our range of CD-ROM drives, all designed to suit your needs and your pocket Squirrel CD-ROM drives are cased in extremely stylish enclosures with all SCSI
connectors and offer fast access times, stereo headphone sockets with volume control, phono line output. PhotoCD’" multi-session support. CD32 emulation (with the Squirrel SCSI interface), CD-DA compatibility with the convenience of tray-loaded action. The Squirrel 2x CD-ROM drive offers 300Kb sec transfer while the Squirrel 4x attains 600Kb sec (sustained) with a 190ms access time, the fastest CD-ROM yet on the Amiga.
These are the drives we use for developing and testing the Squirrel hardware and software - need we say more?
Squirrel Storage Systems AJI our Squirrel Storage Systems come either bare (ml - ready for installation internally within a suitably-equipped Amiga or other computer) or fully-cased (ext) with integral power supply. SCSI in out. SCSI ID selector and audio out (for CD-ROM). The cases we supply are high quality, shielded, snap-together enclosures, each with 40W power supply - the back panelof the 5,25* case 15 shown above.
These SCSI enclosures are available at £69.95 each (please specify 3.5" or 5.25" when ordering).
The neat Squirrel SCSI interface is shown on the right. The unit simply plugs into the PCMCIA slot, comes complete with all the software you need together with a cable which terminates in a 50-way Amphenol plug to attach to your first SCSI device.
Ordering Information All HiSoft products (see the complete list below) should be available through your favourite Amiga dealer. If you have difficulty in obtaining any title you can order directly from HiSoft - just call us free on 0500 223660, armed with your credit or debit card: we will normally despatch within 4 working days or. For an extra £6. By * guaranteed next day delivery (for goods in stock). Alternatively, you can send us a cheque or postal orders.
All prices include VAT. Export orders: call or fax to confirm pricing and postage costs. © 1995 HiSoft E&OE HiSoft products for your Amiga: Squirrel SCSI interface - £69.95. Squirrel Storage Systems - as above.
Aura 12 16 bit sampler - £99.95. Megalosound 8 bit sampler - £34.95. ProMidi interlace - £24.95. HiSoft Devpac 3.14 - £79.95. HiSoft BASIC 2 - £79.95. Highspeed Pascal - £99.95, Gamesmith - £99.95, Termite - £39.95. Twist 2 database - £99.95. Maxon Magic £29.95. Upper Disk Tools - £14.95. VistaLite inc MakePath TerraForm - £39.95 and much more. Coming soon: DiskMagiC (disk tools) and Cinema4D.
Introducing removable SCSI drives for your Amiga. Based on reliable, proven SyQuest'" mechanisms, these 88Mb and 270Mb units offer transportable, compact, high performance and.
Above all. Expandable storage for all your computing needs SyQuest is the world leader in this technology across computer platforms which means that you can transfer work between Amiga. Macintosh " and PC. With ease. We recommend the CrossDOS and CrossMac software packages to simplify portability - call for pricing. Our drive prices include 1 free cartridge.
Twist 2 Twist 2 is the new. Friendly, relational database for all Amigas. Twist's range of power features such as its integrated forms designer, its varied & multi-level querying, its N: 1 1:N & N:M relations coupled with its un-cluttered. Well-designed user interface make it ideal for both the first-time and the seasoned database user.
Twist 2 is the only database you will ever need • a product that expands to meet your requirements as they grow. So. Before.you buy another database, why not take a look al the Twist demo disk?
A“rA: The latest of our highly acclaimed sound samplers for the A600 A1200.
Aura offers high performance 12 16 bit quality with direct-lo-disk sampling plus a host of software features Octamed 5.04 up compatible 96% AMIGA Shopper 90% AUI Hard drives are becoming more and more affordable and we can now offer some tremendous prices on a range of superb quality. Quantum dnves in a range of capacities These drives offer fast seek times (14ms @ 270Mb, 11ms (§ 540 730Mb. 9ms @ 1Gb). Large caches and high speed data transfer rates (1.5Mb sec with Squirrel). All units can be supplied for you to fit in your own case or pre-installed in one of our professional Squirrel Storage
Cases. The Squirrel does not auto-boot external hard disks but you can do this from floppy or from internal IDE hard disk.
Professional game development is made easy with the new GameSmith Development System. Over 3 years in the making. GDS gives you the low level power to create the masterpiece of your dreams in a single, easy-to-use. Comprehensive environment, using C or assembler. Comes complete with junior versions of Dice C and Devpac 3 90% AUI 92% CU Amiga Termite Afraid of becoming a hedgehog on the Information Super Highway? Don't worry.
Termite is so easy to use that even a first time user will feel at home. Yet it has all the power and flexibility to satisfy the most seasoned modem warrior!
Termite is packed with features and comes with its superb Button Bar already set up for instant access to cix and ma"v BBSs 88% Amiga Computing 95% AUI 88% CU Amiga HiScft SYSTEMS The Old School, Greenfield Bedford MK45 5DE UK Tel: +44 (0) 1525 718181 Fax: +44 (0) 1525 713716 1 The original image. This picture is one of the sample images that come with ImageFX. Rather than simply including this in the review. I decided to add to it. So I started by creating a new. Green buffer at the same Size and an Alpha channel using the wave generator. I set the wave to emanate from the top-left comer of
the picture and gently faded it away. I then composited the empty, green buffer with the sample picture using the waves for an Alpha channel. This resulted in a gradual fading ol the sample image into the green buffer.
2 3 U1...5 Y-on n - - acov .mw' edvsnBiff 8140 ICE RUNNER (tve* A 12 W lb* II l oraphro.
Kt 45 WHEEL OF FORTUNE VG TV GuO «*- 0216 POOLinet A12W) otvy on* on PO 0223 urGA 21 GAMES smsiins Ji G231 DRAGON CAVt erlllent it puule game.
G237 SCRABBLE (tor 2A player arUyl GJ40 OUAORIX very addKOV*. Aa lMnl G242 TAKE EM Out th* to OpWitlBP *9« G244 CHROME-30 bt ill t level ncwmatid j mixsixsss.
G2M ALIEN MET WORK (not WB3I kiveiir* GJS1 SHAPES Pley »k* t ooawuiar yguat G3S4 SUBCULTURC brRlent abrorot am up G3BA TRUCKING A (30 net A130D1 a.mU4tot GJM ECUB-RUSIth dttlTB, ms my S(vb Miu.a G271 A VINA SLUE lad action ehoet am up 0272 TANK BATTLE 2 pteyw tank bent, game G278 arc ada m* beat AhKNOiD cfcn.
LAR E.talunl ) Is PACK 28 Jh.t . R LLTRON two player von'aghTcycle k THU Inol *12001 Gootf JvU A LOCK Brtllanl JO puuu gam ¦ GALACTIC Eacallent 8 lava* ercada i 7 HYPER-RALL Speed ban -lev.I edncv 10 GHOST-SHiP Yet, good 3D Bfttrewt ¦Ks BATTLEMENT hunch back ot Notra 032S MEGA GAME COLLECTIONS M 3 lop Gama* G329 MADOFWA HUD* PUZZLES tor IS* eWy GJ3’ GRAVITY w«Min ipo:e eiplgnnn gp"* Gl-l) CYBER NET1C Brltl t 8 net liUalCC 5Si DONKEY KONG (not A1300) cNnoic Arcade rat CRAZY Sut II bed patio.', lo ad.
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- 3 disk, £1.50 4 nr more ONLY CI.25!

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