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you've probably already noticed, but the AMIGA games scene is looking bleak to say the ieast. Reteases are becoming few and far between. and it's a worrying trend for both Amiga owners and Escom. But what is far more alarming is the drop in quatity of these games. And the orig-inaüty. it's as tf devetopers seem to think Amiga owners are just so desperate for games that they wi!) gratefutty tap up any oid rubbish that is chucked in their direction. Graphics seem to have taken a step back in terms of quatity. and it's fittte wonder that the average Amiga gamesptayer is teft looking envious at some of the high-tech reatism offered by the PC, Tittes tike Ruffian, Akira and Angst att took tike games from the early '80s and do nothing but harm the image of the Amiga. Graphics aren't the ontytactor on triât here either originatity seems to have been swept to one side as wett. Footbatt management games are churned out by the dozen. and okay. the good ones do set! wett. but they reatty are becoming a very tested. uninspired otd formula that has teft the industry looking weary. Other genres need serious revamping too. Dut) ptatformers. dut) racing games and dut) beat-'em-ups are att catégories covered counttess times, many with tittte or no imagination. Please release Looking at the back catalogue of Amiga games. you reatise just how bad things have got. A few years. even months ago. the Amiga owner coutd choose from Tripte A products tike Flashback. Cannon Fodder or Theme Park. But now it's a différent story and bar maybe four or five. there aren't too many tittes on the retease schedule that witt excite your average gamesptayer. tt'snotjustaprobtemisotatedtothe AMIGA though. PC games are fatting into the dangerous trap of formulaic 'interactive movies' and white their graphies do astound. the ptayabitity has att the depth of a shattow puddle. So. things aren't att that rosy there either. But what explanation can there be for att this? Surety devetopers can't have just run ou! of ideas? tf so why there's a great big wortd out there. Get up from your computers, go and explore. be tnspired. Anyway. it's not the PC wê should be con-cemed with here. it's the State of the Amiga market.

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EXPIRY DATE SIGNATURE DELIVERY 2-3 DAYS £2.50 NEXT DAY £5 SAT £10 MINIMUM DELIVERY C2.S0 ALLOW UP TO 7 DAYS FOR CHEQUES TO CLEAR power for product information sheets please call 01234 273000 P0WER computing ltd 44A B STANLEY STREET 01234 352207 Bedford mk41 7rw [nniEms States of the Ration E3 Jason Compton investigates Amiga life on the other side of the pond 102 BipD nue UJ 75 77 Budgets 104 Money too tight to mention? Our cheapies can solve your problems Small tips 106 We solve all your gaming problems with a selection of hints and tips Preview: Virtual Karting 108 We check out life in the
fast lane with OTM's pacey driving game Preview: Leading Lap 110 Racing mania again this month with Kellion’s forthcoming polygon racer rhe essential guide to Umiga gaming System On-line 88 We bring you up to date with all the recent goings on in the Amiga games world Preview: Odyssey 92 Audiogenic take a departure from their usual sports sims and try their hand at platlormers StstSm* Preview: Hollywood Hustler The seedy underworld of gambling unfolds in this poker sim
• i i m Heiih Essential Science Bt Another 10 out of 10
Education with an Amiga angle Flither Finer E6 The biggest thing in Amiga data storage since the CD-ROM explosion Datachrame 19 Now any Amiga application can take advantage of datatypes Grace underpressure with the ultimate Amiga graphics tablets (D UjntE Dataflqer acom Game Reuiews Adam Phillips explores the Internet from the Amiga angle Customise your CD cotecfon wih this impressrve software ac&on Club and Country Approach Trainer Turbo Trax 94 96 98 Finns Honeq Planing G ames Assembler Bt The ubiquitous Mr Overaa just keeps coding... Essential Software ¦ 6B The definitive guide to serious
Amiga software Amiga Technologies on the spot with some hard hitting Questions and answers In the 1 Hat Seat 32
- ¦ A H MI55UB an 5dla 13 Octobar CDUER STORY I Page 18 IptUb
Ti.fi M - rOMIM MO irrMnmn*»a«D )* [ommEni 8 Tna Hackett puts
the knife in when it comes to games programming Hews it The
secret's out for the new Amiga bundles Disk Offer bb Don't
settle for half measures! Invest a few pounds and get the lot
ESP SB Flaming prose and hard hitting opinions in the letters
page 5*1 nn%:::: Brbhh
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enjoy the third dimension music Paul Overaa plugs in a mini
mixer that could be ideal for any Amiga muso Cumms The inside
story on squeezing the best from Internet search engines A
step-by-step guide to creating a commercial CD cover image Phil
South explains how to add a designer touch to an arcade classic
|»J fiffflBBfSWWTI!!
Publishing In a new tutorial Steve White The inside story on structured clip art from the impressario of DTP goes over the ground rules Amkj.i Medical 113 Ecological disk labels and the | , low down on handling assigns Amiga 3D 115
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APOLLO 1232 50 £199.99 4mb SIMM £129.99 8mb SIMM £239.99 68882 FPU £69.99 DATAFLYER SCSI* ONLY £69.99 SQUIRREL SCSI INTERFACE ALSO AVAILABLE £59.99 PCMCIA fitting SCSI interface Monday to Friday Sam to 6pm Saturday mornings 9am to 12pm Please phone first to check availability of any item.
From the M62 Junction 17 head towards Bury.
We are 50 yards on the right hand side after the third set of lights.
The door to our premises is next to the florists opposite the Masons Pub.
Ou’ve probably already noticed, but the Amiga games scene is looking bleak to say the least. Releases are becoming few and far between, and it's a worrying trend for both Amiga owners and Escom. But what is far more alarming is the drop in quality of these games. And the originality. It's as if developers seem to think Amiga owners are just so desperate for games that they will gratefully lap up any old rubbish that is chucked in their direction.
Graphics seem to have taken a step back in terms of quality, and it's little wonder that the average Amiga gamesplayer is left looking envious at some of the high-tech realism offered by the PC, Titles like Ruffian, Akira and Angst all look like games from the early ‘80s and do nothing but harm the image of the Amiga.
Graphics aren't the only factor on trial here either - originality seems to have been swept to one side as well. Football management games are churned out by the dozen, and okay, the good ones do sell well, but they really are becoming a very tested, uninspired old formula that has left the industry looking weary. Other genres need serious revamping too. Dull platformers. Dull racing games and dull beat-’em-ups are all categories covered countless times, many with little or no imagination.
Please release mn "Mi Looking at the back catalogue of Amiga games, you realise just how bad things have got. A few years, even months ago. The Amiga owner could choose from Triple A products like Flashback, Cannon Fodder or Theme Park. But now it’s a different story and bar maybe four or five, there aren't too many titles on the release schedule that will excite your average gamesplayer.
It's not just a problem isolated to the Amiga though. PC games are falling into the dangerous trap of formulaic ‘interactive movies' and while their graphics do astound, the playability has all the depth of a shallow puddle. So. Things aren't all that rosy there either. But what explanation can there be for all this? Surely developers can't have just run out of ideas? If so why - there's a great big world out there. Get up from your computers, go and explore, be inspired.
Anyway, it's not the PC we should be concerned with here. It's the state of the Amiga market. Developers we could once rely on me Tina Hackett takes a look at the state of the games market and asks. inhere has all the originality gone? for original games have taken their talents elsewhere. Names such as LucasArts, Delphine and Bullfrog are sadly lacking from our shelves. Others like Sensible Software are soon to follow, and Escom are going to have to take responsibility for making sure there are good, quality developers out there working on original titles that the Amiga owner
And take the Doom clone phenomenon, for example. This is a good illustration of the nervous bandwagon-jumping that is also going on in the industry at the moment. It’s as though the software companies don't have the guts to come up with their own products - they see a trend and follow it.
What they should be trying to do is thinking Of something of their own. Rather than this attitude of trying to outdo each other. Why should Amiga owners want to go and buy a game that is trying to be a copy of one on the PC anyway. We don't want second rate PC titles, we want our own. Original. QuaT games and we need our own software thal will make the PC owner jealous of us for a: change.
So I'll leave you with these final trio One is for Escom. Who have to ensure are going to be good, original devel out there that will produce high quality ucts. The other is for the software t nies themselves who must avoid this tr following' approach and earn back so respect. Graphics need to feel like i belong in the next decade not the last, the balance between presentation j playability must also be considered (re- ber Rise of the Robots and Microcosm?)
And the last and most important ttr is for you. The Amiga owners. Don’t | them the opportunity. Don’t buy the i standard products, wait until there are worthwhile titles there that really do your time and money.
294I Member the Audit 0 Grtuhboni E3 33,546 JuneOec 1994 Pubished 5, IDG Meda, Medu House. Adlngtcr Pi* Macclested$ XI04NP Tel 01625 878888. 0I62S 850652 Email contacts Edrornl ett@xomp.demon.co A Adverts** ads@xomp demon, co uk CHAIRMAN Richard Hease MANAGING DIRECTOR Ian Bloomfield We regret AMIGA Computing cannot offer technical help on a personal baw either by telephone or in writing. All reader enqunes jtwtdd be submitted to the address in this panel for possible publication.
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12 issue subscription £44.99 (UK), £49.99 (E£Q £44.99 (World) Ongoing 4ud wfy dwet debit £10.99 (UK aafjj Printed and bound by Duncan Webb Otlsol (Maidstone) Ud Amiga Computing 8 NOVEMBER 1995 Discover DISCOLOGY No.l FOR MAIL ORDER No.l FOR AMIGA IN MANCHESTER Order NOW for immediate despatch FREEPHONE 0500 340548 credit switch card sales only) tel: 0161 796 5279 for enquiries or fax: 0161 796 3208 Send cheques or postal orders (made payable to Siren Software) or credit card details i DISCOLOGY is available L PRICE £39.99 demanded from a top quality back-up rs program or egfrie Virus search
on any device (Hard disk, floppy disk CD-ROM etc.) Quick tracing of link and file viruses etc. Telephone for a Z ZZ full information sheet Access, Visa, Switch, Delta, Connect etc accepted Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm Saturday mornings 9am to 12pm Personal calle welcome.
DIRECTIONS: From the M62 junction 17 head towards Bury.
We are 50 yards on the right hand side after the third set of lights.
The door to our premises is next to the florists opposite the Masons Pub.
ANTI VIRUS is av PRICE (plus £1.50 Block Test to search for viruses at the block level of a device Automated unpacking of compressed programs for virus checking Recognition of Bootblock Viruses with analysis Safeguards hard drives Rigid Disk Blocks Includes a comprehensive 50 page pnnted manual Full update service to registered users Includes many more features.
Telephone for a ZWZZ full information sheet MIU5 By Gareth lofthouse Amiga bundle reuealed Last minute news from Amiga Technologies revealed that the software to be bundled with the A1200 and 4000T will include the newest versions of some of the most acclaimed productivity packages available for the Amiga.
As reported in our press conference feature in this issue, there will be a standard A1200 package costing £399 and a A1200 plus hard drive package costing £499. Up to now. However, the contents of the software pack that will be bundled with the Amigas has been a mystery.
The standard pack will come with three applications from Digita: Wordworth 4SE. A brand new version of the award-winning wordprocessor.
Datastore v.1.1. ( a database) and Organiser v1.1. their recently released computerised filofax.
It will also include Turbocalc v3.5, an as yet unreleased version of Schtztruhe's spreadsheet program. On the artistic side, an updated version of Cloanto’s highly regarded Personal Paint software - version 6.4 - will be accompanied by another Amiga showcase program. Photogenics
1. 1 from Almathera. Despite the productivity focus of the
package, games players are also catered for with the inclusion
of Pinball Mania, a new title by 21st Century, and Whizz from
Microvalue Flair.
The HD package will include the same bundle of software plus Scala MM300, the leading multi- media authoring package. The same bundle is currently set to ship with the 4000T as well, although there's a possibility that Scala's MM300 will be replaced by the upgrade. MM400.
Amiga Technologies clearly hope a strong bundle will put pay to complaints about the Amiga’s pricing. Jonathan Anderson. MD of Amiga Technologies UK, claimed that the standard A1200 pack's software had a combined average street value of £497, while adding Scala for the HD version could save buyers as much as £677.
Anderson also said he was particularly pleased by their success in securing such up-to-date versions of each software product. He commented: “As far as I know. Wordworth. Personal Paint and Turbocalc are brand new products which the publishers do not intend to launch until next year."
The only possible bad news is for American users, since this bundle is only confirmed for European distribution. Whether Amigas sold in America will be standalone or have a different software package is still under discussion.
An announcement is also imminent on the identity of the two trade suppliers to be used by Amiga Technologies. According to CTW, the trade newspaper. Amiga Technologies have already appointed Amiga stalwarts SDL, id they are on the verge signing Leisuresoft p as their other partner.
Hmigas in Hmerica While Amiga Technologies’ plans for the UK are gradually becoming clearer, the strategy for the American market remains less certain. It has ' been announced, however, that Ed Goff, former US lawyer for Commodore, will be leading the company's US division.
It was made clear at the Heathrow press conference that Amiga Technologies considers the 4000T to have the strongest market in the US.
Although a smaller allocation of 1200s has been made.
The general manager of Amiga Technologies. Petro Tyschtschenko.
Revealed that the 40Q0T motherboards i will be produced in the United States near Philadelphia, and computers marked for American distribution will be assembled in the same place.
At the time of going to press, the company was still looking for a North American partner that would be willing to support and invest in their product.
We hope to bring our US readers fuller details as they are revealed.
Heathrow press conference On Wednesday 16 August. Amiga Technologies held a press conference to officially announce the relaunch of the Amiga line of computers in the UK. The day after it was followed by a meeting with developers in which the company’s UK strategy was outlined. The main news was the announcement of an A1200 bundle including a 170Mb hard drive priced at £499. For full details read the In The Hot Seat article featured in this issue.
It was also confirmed that the 4000T will initially be without a high density floppy disk drive. The reason given for this was the difficulty in obtaining components following the bankruptcy of the company involved in the production of the drives for the desktop unit.
Hmiga exhibitionist Following our focus on animators in last month’s issue, the Amiga is due to receive another dose of creative talent following the announcement of an exhibition of work by artist Paul Hamilton on 4-28 October.
Named Artificial Eyes, the event will feature dye sublimation prints of the artist’s recent Amiga artwork. His pictures were created using Photogenics. Real 3D and Dpaint 4. “The name of the exhibition comes from the idea of lo at artificial scenes with, necessari artificial eyes - kind of photos that i Amiga Computing Pouter to accelerate Power computing have joined the competition offering Amiga users more speed with the announcement of a new line of accelerators. Though the new Falcon range was developed by Macro Systems, Power Computing have bought exclusive distribution rights for
everywhere, apart from Benelux and Germany.
Developed for use with the A1200. The first Falcon accelerator will feature an 040 processor - roughly 14 times faster, the same speed as an A4000 - and a single SIMM socket allowing for FastRAM expansion. It will also have a SCSI 3 interface allowing for greater transfer speeds . And the package will include a fan to cool the board.
An 060 version is set to follow which will give the A1200 a blistering performance, but prices on either option are yet to be announced. For more details phone Power Computing on 01234 273000.
The eqes haue it As well as presenting its strategy for the Amiga's relaunch at the Heathrow press conference, Amiga Technologies also unveiled the new virtual reality l-glasses for the first time in the UK.
As reported last month, the Virtual l-glasses are made in America by Virtual i-0, but Escom have exclusive distribution rights for the product in Europe.
Newly revealed, however, was the fact that there will be two different models on the market. The virtual reality headsets don't come cheap though. The basic video model that allows users to see computer and film images in 2D and 3D will cost £599. While a PC version including a head-tracker for use with 3D games will cost £899.
Escom stated that the range of applications for the headsets is almost unlimited. At the press conference it was claimed that the makers are already in discussions with film moguls like Steven Spielberg, and they have shown great interest in the technology's potential.
There are also plans to develop a version of the headset for use in dentist s surgeries. Instead of lying wrth their eyes screwed up in terror, patients will be able to relax watching a film while the dentist drills away at their teeth. Apparently they are already being used in the US for this purpose.
The video version of the glasses will connect to the Amiga's composite output port. As yet, the head- tracker version has no software support on the Amiga, however.
Asked if they planned to sell the product in the UK.
Major retailers Silica replied that they had not made any decision on the matter. MD John Arundel would not discount the possibility, however. “If it's a product that supports the Amiga then we will certainly be interested in taking it." He commented.
“Our product gives patients an out-of-mouth experience by taking the focus away from what the dentist is doing,’ said Virtual i-0 President Linden Rhoads.
They enable people to watch movies, educational programming and even play video games while they have their teeth worked on."
The AT panel went on to reveal that the lightweight headsets made them ideal for the private viewing of erotic movies, but whether this capability will be combined with the dentist's version is currently unclear.
Working with photos." Paul Hamilton’s work has been commissioned for commercial purposes by companies like Quarto Publishing and Plum Productions Ltd.
Anyone with an interest can go to the exhibition at the Reflections Gallery, the Exeter & Devon Arts Centre. Gandy Street, Exeter.
News briefs For football fanatics Football Statistician Professional may sound like another team management game, but it's actually the ultimate football application for use by the home enthusiast and professional club, according to its makers.
Available for the Amiga at £19.95. the League Monitor software will store league results, analyse them in tables and graphs, and follow your favourite team's performance.
The program might just win you a fortune as well, thanks to its ability to make pools predictions on the basis of teams true form. Call OTM Publications on 01827 312302.
Imagine all the objects The Imagine user group is running a special offer for readers of Amiga Computing. The price of membership has been reduced from £8 to £5 until 2 January 1996. And the first 100 readers to join quoting Amiga Computing will get a free disk containing brush maps, objects and other material for use with the Imagine rendering package.
Members can benefit from a wide range of services, according to group founder Spencer Jarvis, including an object and attribute finding service, quarterly newsletters, and unlimited technical support.
The group has a library of 2000 objects. 60Mbs of text. 1000 attributes, and hundreds of brush maps available to members.
For more information contact Spencer Jarvis on 01375 670036 0585 102633 Hpnlagies to Hctiue Active software are owed an apology for an error made in the review of their Zoom CD. The telephone number that should have been given was 01325 352260.
Active also report that further enhancements are being made to the time of going to press.
Amiga Computing Amiga web users who are tired of hearing about the wonders of the Netscape Internet software will be pleased by the announce- u . Ii ment of a more powerful browser designed solely for the Amiga.
F J Designed by the makers of Amosaic. Not only does it promise to Hmigas meet the public On 26 August to 3 September. Amiga Technologies presented the Amiga to the public for the first time since Commodore's demise 18 months ago at the IFA fair In Berlin. The company bought space in which to present not only the Amigas but also the CD32 in different configurations running various applications.
The event is seen as important by industry commentators concerned that the Amiga's relaunch is not gaining a high enough profile. Petro Tyscht- schenko previously announced at a press conference in August that there were no plans to advertise the Amiga until 1996.
Fleiu tueb nauigator ft V4MG4MQsaic Hook Pip I improve vastly on its predecessor, but it also offers features unavailable on the much vaunted PC Mac rival.
A browser is the software that makes navigating the Internet a graphically appealing and user-friendly experience, but up to now Amiga users have had to use the relatively slow Amosaic.
Named iBrowse, the new Amiga software is claimed to be up to 30 times faster according to the latest reports from its developers. It will also be packed with advanced features, including the ability to use multiple windows to a greater extent than Amosaic. It will support HTML 1-3 and Netscape commands which will allow for a full viewing of sites previously limited for Amiga owners.
Like Netscape, it will come with a powerful point and click tool bar. But the interface will have the added advantage of being fully configurable which will allow users to customise the package to suit their needs. It will also start up without the need to launch AmiTCP first.
Perhaps the best news of all is that the program is likely to be released as shareware. We hope to feature the program in Amiga Computings December issue, but in the mean time readers can get further information at the following web site: http: www.omnipresence.com lbrowse AMIGA hnight raises standari I I Ibid world order White Knight Technologies is continuing to give high-end Amiga users strong support, with announcements this month of new products and services. Recently appointed as Macrosystem's official UK distributor, they will be selling the Draco digital video system featured as
this issue's main story.
In the future, they will also be distributing a new 32-bit version of VLAB motion, the acclaimed Amiga editing card for video. WKT claim it will offer far greater video data transfer rates, lower Jpeg compression ratios and generally far superior picture quality than can be achieved on the current Amiga version.
White knight now have a demonstration suite at their offices in Hertfordshire which will allow customers to test out a non-linear video editing system incorporating not only VLAB motion but also the Toccata sound card and the Retina graphics board.
Customers who wish to test these products are Invited to telephone for an appointment.
They are also offering a new product for serious LightWave users. Named T-Net, it will allow users to distribute the task of rendering a number of frames from many scenes on Lightwave over a network of Amigas. Made by Interworks USA. It is designed for use with the maker's ethernet software ELAN-DFS 2 and multiple copies of NewTek's acclaimed rendering package.
Using T-Net. All the machines will share the same scene files, objects and image data, and each machine on the network renders its frames to a shared common location. A single Amiga equipped with either the Broadcast Elite, a PAR card, or VLAB motion can then be used to output the rendered sequences to video tape.
According to WKT. The software's powerful features will allow users to efficiently manage and delegate the distribution of frames across the network. It will be possible to monitor the progress and status of each system on the user's ‘render farm’ at a glance using a graphic representation of each node showing its current rendering status.
The price is set for £299 for a T-Net with a 5 user license. For further details or to arrange to see a demonstration, call White Knight on 01920 822321.
Amiga Computing Another company reasserting its support for the Amiga market Is Blittersoft, with the announcement of a number of products to be released in the near future.
Fans of virtual world designers will be pleased to hear World Construction Set 2 is likely to be reviewed in the next issue of Amiga Computing. The terrain modeller animator will use a non- modal interface, allowing users to work in multiple windows to lay out motion paths, adjust colours, and modify ecosystems. The price is set for £119.95. Blittersoft are also releasing ATAPI.device for £69.95. a product that allows users to attach the extremely cheap ATAPI CD-ROM drives to their A4000s and A4000Ts IDE controller.
With new Picasso II graphic board bundles available with prices ranging from just under £300 upwards, plus the fad that they’re making AmiTCP available directly in the UK. Blittei are bringing some much needed activity to the Amiga market. For more details call them on 01908 261466.
Hmigas for Uganda Dr Andrew Basden, inventor of the INCA Expert System featured in our September issue, is starting a new ini tiative to send Amigas to Uganda (cm educational purposes.
According to Dr Basden . The Amiga is the best machine for the job because it can just be plugged into a TV withou requiring a monitor. He is hoping thai people with unwanted Amigas or ever , components will send them in for thi I appeal. Those with the remnants of an 1 unused A500 at the back of a cupboarr j somewhere should write to Dr Basder at 24. Penrith Close, Frodsham Cheshire. WA6 7ND.
Mmmmmmmmr Sale*; 01279 600204 COLORATION CrvMr A N.» N»u a SENSIBLE GOLF
20. 99 GLOOM
UOOviUOC tori I dll Ml wtrt M 41700 iltt i mirk i SI2k mmchtim
• Nortf 9rrv. Irteirrrf ft If Imwf trirt Injured
• arwiitm nUrU'4*Klmmmtih»ma mt* Mil**
20. 99 A1200 GAMES w BAKED • TOWER ASSAULT UN breed 2 Ejkereedsc
• OCA.L.' 8PAOtr:_„ .. ... MOnmaskr; lEiSi • Bfeoeof olor*
TRACE » AAOlE STSI..F 12 9* 1349 .1199 BiO 100 (100 SHAREWARE
17. 91 !
19. 49 1299 1599 999 1149 1299 1?» 999 22 99 1299 12 99 1299 19
49 19 49 15 49 14 99 2199 MOO stealth, future wars r'l koeir
e,v, i crnnu .
|HD° A 5M9:
19. 49 59 *9 5199 26 99 24 99 SPORTS MASTERS PGA GOLF. INDY W0
9 99 STRIKER. SENSIBLE SOCCER 1299 999 24 99 1698
19. 49 .18.99
22. 49 64 99 099 2199 29 90 37 99 29 99 CAEMuM COMPILATION VOL 2
2000 19 99 MEROQUEST 2 .
19 99 MISTORYUNE 1914-18 12 99 ZEEWOLF
12 MS ACCESS TIME 64K CACHE 269 99 M0 MB AND 510 MB 2 5'
SAMPLER 29 99 HERO |l i a' f: »u..r,- o.C6ACul I I I I I I I
I I 36 99
46. 99
POSTAGE A VAT Cheque P O. Access Mastercard SwltctvVisaI
_SIGNATURE _ Mall Order address. Cheques payable to: SPECIAL RESERVE
P. O. BOX 847, HARLOW, CM21 9PH or FAX * credit card ordtr on
01279 726M2 - and w* U FAX back STEREO TV AND MONITOR NOKIA
2 1199 FEARS- J0» OLOOM l OOOM CLONEl • 2099 GUNSHtP 2000
..... . 1290 JUNGLE STRIKE
20 99 lEORORHDRl 23 99 WORDWORTH V.3.1 AGA 12 99 lEORORHDRl
30. 99 DELUXE PAINT S IW.8ENCH 2 04.
49 99 1199 WBENCH 204.
10am to 8pm Ju»l around lh» comer from the bus lUlloo 7 days a week! SAWBRIDGEWORTH, HERTS The Mailings, Station Road.
A lew mile* Irom llw Ml 1. Neor Ihe sUtxxi _ -_ _ Item* bought in th* tihop* carry a 50p II fa fa *urch»rqe on Iho Moil Ordnc price* Ucmbot* only but you can order a* you |oin. J GENUINE SOUND BLASTER PRP SOUND CARD WORTH £150 GENUINE CREATIVE QUAD SPEED IDE CD ROM DRIVE GENUINE SAMSUNG 14" SVGA 0.28 MONITOR ? TILT AND SWIVEL GENUINE SAMSUNG HIGH SPEED 1024 MB HARD DRIVE ? SPARE IDE GENUINE MICROSOFT SOFTWARE BUNDLE WORTH OVER £500 AND EIGHT GREAT CLASSIC GAMES FREE TRUST QUAD MULTIMCDIA PC EX VAT DX4 100 ? 4MB 1174.99 99990 DX4 100 ? 8MB 1299.99 -106 37 PENTIUM P90 ? 8 MB 1527.49 299 99
• M$ WINDOWS 95 •
1 Enter membership number (if apphcable) or
* NEW MEMBERSHIP FEE 1 Ann UAL UK 6.0u) I Itpm Jitem (•tern 1
Piea»e u*n mis bc« to add any optional last doi-very cnargs 'we
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PROV10ING YOU PLACE IT AS YOU JOIN FOR ONE YEAR USE BY POST. AT OUR SHOPS OR BY PHONE ON 01779600204 EfXfcJantt Oversea* orders must be paid by credit card Hardnare items (battery or mains) are only supplied to the UK addresses Overseas surcharge £2.00 per sohwafo item or 25% pn other items SEGA SATURN WITH VIRTUA FIGHTER - SAVE (50 - C349.99 UNLESS STATED AU PRICES INCLUDE VAT A DELIVERY Postcode_ MU«o.PCp Machine IBIOCK CAPITALS Name & Address_ BRUCE WIUIS SAYS.... "Me and my wife Demi Moore buy Amiga Action every month. With its witty reviews, insightful previews and smashing features, it
really brightens up our evening after a hard day filming Die Hard or Disclosure or something like that. St. Elmo’s Fire maybe, or North... Our children like it too. Rumer, Scout and Talulah-wotserface ogle for hours at the brightly coloured screenshots on the packed pages, and cry when my wife (I’m married to Demi Moore you know, did I tell you?) And I prise it from their grasp. We think Amiga Action is the tops, and you will too. Yes."
The UK's favourite home computer is back! Amiga Technologies, a brand new UK company have launched the Amiga 1200 with a stunning array of software in the AMIGA MAGIC pack. And, to make a great pack even better, every Amiga 1200 Magic Pack from Silica (at the advertised price), comes with a FREE Chaos software pack - see below.
MAGIC PACK INCLUDES 1 I M f. I (imttll ABBff AMIGA 1200 “
• Amiga 1200 Computer - 2m RAM
• 3.5" Floppy Disk Drive Built-in
• Wordsworth v4se - Word Processor
• Digita Datastore v1.1 Database
• Digita Organiser v1.1 ¦ Personal Organiser
• Turbo Calc v3.6 - Spreadsheet
• Personal Paint v6.4 m Paint Package ,«¦¦»
• Photogenics v1.2se £gV Pixel editing ' V A1200 SPECIFICATIONS
• 32-Bit 68020EC Processor
• AA Chipset 16.8 Million Colours
• 2Mb RAM - Built-In Modulator 96 Key Keyb'rd With Number Control
• PCMCIA Smart Card Slot
• Whizz - 3D Platform Game
• Pinball Mania - Pinball Arcade Game SEE OVERLEAF FOR 2 PAGES OF
Z- When W S'"C3 a, JSAv*'s** ’WOorA4000 1 ouy your A men* , Je
Chan- C*s w TOWER SYSTEM • 68040 60 25 5(W Processor
• 6Mb RAM - 2Mb Chip, 4Mb Fast
• Workbench v3.1
• Advanced Graphics Architecture AA' Chip Set -16.7 Million
Colours on Screen
• 1.2Gb SCSI Hard Drive
a. , •1 -7wbF|°ppyDrive
• 2 x 2-5" Dr've BaVs • FREE Chaos Pack L? W from Silica
68060CPU + 1.2Gb HD Scala MM300 Pre-installed on hard drive
'•ONSHlPc 68040CPU + 1.2gd HD Inc VAT AMB 6060 MAIL ORDER
HOTLINE: 0181-309 1111 23 STORES NATIONWIDE All prices include
FLOPPY DISK DRIVES A500 512K (no clock) £20.00 Taka* »iA500
from 512K to Ins -RAM 0505 A500 512K(inc clock) £25.00 Takas an
A500 from M2K to 1t* - RAM 0510 RAM UPGRADE & MATHS
• Hardware lade bemen gapUcAtUw
• High ouakty onphics and video mixing desk
• Comprehensive 16-page manual plus tuH colour sleeve
• Input and output composite video signals SCSI INTERFACE
connection SCSI-2 INTERFACE SQUIRREL FOR A600 A1200 600K sec
data transfer rate
• PhotoCO MfflNW £249 nc vat hab xm Aminet Set 1__ A wioytas of
software - ACA OSOO Aminet 5 11 gigabytes ol software-ACA 0510
Aminet 6 .... 1 1 gigabytes ot eoltware - ACA 0520
Animations Double CD (kindreds ol anrraocra - ACA 1000 CDBoot
1.0__ Rum CO® wflwiie CD ROM tequraJ • ACC Giga Graphics 10 000
images on 4 Cds - ACG 0500 ftumf alter the tamm storage fiuwpry
arum*'. The Squirrel SCSI-2 interface simjky plugs Mo Ibr
PCMCIA slot (avoiding warranty p'OONms) and shows you fo corned
up to 7 SCSI dunces to your Amiga at me same time This coukf be
any comOmaton of hard doves, SCSI CD-ROM dim tape streamers.
SyQuest removable drives, tic £699S me vat n»n *a» £299 INC VAT
• Ami-FileSate is the new de-facto standard Filing System for
your Amiga
• Secure filing system - no more corrupt disks wtien applications
crash when writing to diskI
• Super fast - much faster than FFS
• Instant directory listings
• Parallel access with negligible performance loss
• More efficient use ot disk space than FFS OFS IMAGE PROCESSING
mo* «oo POWER SUPPLY 1 Large directories do not decrease
performance .75 WC VAT A3A4XB £29 Amitek A500 600 1200 £29.00
Barge coloured repfccemeni power supply lor ASOQrCOO’1200 - POW
0610 r j emtmm genlock FOR ALL AMIGA COMPUTERS £24.95 Light ROM
£39.00 65CM0 ol 30 abjoctt. Images eVc-ACLOtOO £14.95 Meeting
Pearls Vol. II £9.95 650MB ol So inesl FD software ACM 0600
£14.95 Terra Sound Library £19.95 7,000 sound Me* ACT 0400
£19.95 The Light Works £39.00 Raylraong effects and tntures ACT
OKKI £29.00 UPD Gold £29.95 1000 Entire PO Sbrary on 4 Cds •
ACU 6500 £29.00 Zoom £19.00 SeieacnotPD classics-ACZ 0500
• Video Wung and presentation package SAVE £100 m
• import Detww Pane and ftimiur aminafrorM
• Professional mnnui RRP ffiAirtry wipes and fransmons i ¦ This
unit combines a CD-ROM drive with the future in Smart Card
Interlaces, the PCMCIA stot This makes tor an incredibly
convenient and simple to use CO-ROM drive system opening up a
whole new world of CO multimedia technology IMAGE MANIPULATION
• Manipulate and paint graphics in 24-tnt a Multiple image
editing B 21 zk'JMJt d; ki Ta] i ¦ • Real-time HAMB display f
• Open design lets you to add your own loaders, savers or
• Multi-session compatible
• Plugs straight into A1200 trapdoor - No soldering required
• upgradeable FAST RAM board to 1. 2.
4 0(8V t
• Uses industry standard socketed SIMMs tor easy upgrades
• Optional Floating Point Unit ¦ 33utu or 40uk- PtCC 68832
• Comprehensive manual with illustrations
• Works with all A1200 and A1200H0 computers
• Does not invalidate your A1200 warranty
• 2 year warranty INCREASES SPEED BY UP TO 3X FROM £30 INC VAT
act BELOW Hawk 2Mb - No FPU £129.00 8w 32-61 RAM board. 2mb
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£189.00 »w 32-64 RAM board. 4u» pcputMed.
And battary backed dock - RAM 1240 Hawk 8mb -No FPU £329.00 Ato 32-brt RAM board. 8i* populaled and baiiery backed clock - RAM 1280 FPU 33mh* For Hawk £59.00 Crystal and FPU lor Hawk UPG 1250 FPU 40mhx For Hawk £99.00 Crystal and FPU lot Hank - UPG 1256 The Amdei Mamba. External Modutato makes an ideal replacement nwkMor for all Armga owners. Everything needed is supplied Like an Aimtek penfitmA ft comes with an easy to follow manual £ «S MODULATOR FOR ALL AMIGAS MODULATOR X LOADER INTERNAL FLOPPY m 3V4" 1 Mb INTERNAL FLOPPY DRIVE FOR AMIGA 500 500PLUS OR AMIGA 600 1200 these wre rui Aimtek
Loader repwmtnt drives are ideal tor users who wish to replace their evstmg internal drive The pack features a high guilty internal tut. XT dnve wrtMii n tor me 500-Sfltets ot Amiga 600 AN that you need to M your drive is included, plus easy to foVovr fiUtty instructions and 24 months warranty AMI-FILESAFE - USER £29.00 Super Iasi I ring sysftem - ASA 4796 AMI-FILESAFE - PRO £69.00 Mtiliuter Mo system support - ASA 4800 BRILLIANCE V2.0 £49.00 Adnsnoe pa ml ft anrmahorr software ASS 7912 CAN DO V2.5 £79.00 Imsoavo audowsua! Autlwng - ASC 2200 EDGE 1.7 - PRO £16.95 For text odting - ASE 8200 GB
ROUTE PLUS __£34.99 Plan tnpe and journeys m the UK - ASG 3122 FINAL WRITER V4 £74.95 Word publisher wth gr*hcs ft forts - ASF3802 PEN PAL UK 1.5 £36.95 Easy lo uac word processor - asp ' 942 FINAL COPY II___£49.95 Powetki WYSIWYG word processor - ASF 3622 MAXIPLAN 4 £19.00 Business software Bute - ASM 2012 PEN PAL UK 1.5 £36.95 Easy to use word processor • ASP 1942 VISTA PRO 3.0 £24.95 Landscape generating package - ASV 8002 % 1Mb SONY FLOPPY ¦!£SSL 3%" DELUXE EXTERNAL FLOPPY DRIVE FOR ALL AMIGA COMPUTERS SOFTWARE OFFERS £44 «C VAT OH MBS COLOUR MONITOR 14" COLOUR MONITOR FOR ALL AMIGAS £249
• Prmt 24-bi! Grapb-cs
• Workbench drmrs tor most printers
• Pnnts pictures from 0 sk using very Wfte memory
• ThtOtilY professional coiaorrTwupfrTvmr system on nr Airvga
CALL FOR DETAILS Lbgid 3 Speed Mouse £11.95 Swecbxfe tor Arngi
ard ST JCOdp.
* Eultooe - MOU 4000 £149 NC VAT PW £299 HC VAT W| irx £49
CD-ROM & HARD DRIVES Mega Mouse___£9.95 Un hgh 400*. Rteolulon.
5 loct caOc efcdcu tngwtp operation - MOU 1875 Mega Mouse 3
Button £14.95 M em amme with 3 txcon. MOU 1881 Quickshol Apache
QS131 £6.99 28* Pultons 8 tool canto oognp tor triBWiwn com-. 4
euctcn ops - JOY 8431 Quickshot Starfighter 1 £8.99 Tuto he
button. 6 tool cable, thumb, ctrtra bond: t-ne auto hre JOY
6467 Zip Stik Super Pro £9.95 hsttn mcjotw'icrxrt hand heft*
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• 5 foot cable
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• Sou *70 compact wdti 24-pm print Quality
• Works with any PC or Amiga computer
• 5 BvKI-m fonts. 2 scatabte to 40pt
• Bum-in 50 street auto feeder
• Oft»n En,start' software tor Windows and Amiga
• Auto set tacmty
• Resotution 360 a 360opi
• Stack nbOon
• Colour lat supplied mcutmg colour nbbon
• 2 year warranty CmZEN 24-PIN ABC COLOUR DOT MATRIX £995
Ultra fast external hard disk. Plugs into PCMCIA slot •
interface is twice the speed of the internal one Can be used
along ~___ ude internal hard drive
• External IDE hard disk for A1200
• Suppi ed with formatting software
• Can be used along side internal HD Seagate ST9240AG 210Mb ? GVP
Software £129.00 Upgrade* an Amga 600 or 1200 to a taro OS*
rrwM-HAP 0210 OverDrive Double Speed £179.00 Alowt access io
Amiga speetfe Cds and play CO" software MAR 3540 OverDrive Quad
Speed £249.00 Aaows access to Armga spec lie Cds and ploy CO*
• Speed 4 pages per minute • lOcpi at 246cps ttugh speed and
I73cps thigh quality)
• 80 column ¦ A4
• Res: 360 x 36O0pi - 720 x 360dpi with smoothing function ur
• Fonts 5 typefaces
• ParaM interface
• 64K mpot boiler. 4 IK download bolter
• Emulations 102550. X23E Canon entranced
• Automatic and manual street feeder OverDrive IDE HD 650Mb
£249.00 Ultra Fast 56CA* Hard Os* pegs onto PCMCIA Wot HAH
3544 OverOrive DE HD 1.2Gb £349.00 Utoaiatf 1200Mb had Ooponto
PCMCIA ska HAR3M0 Panasonic PD System £645.08 As PO System
hgnigrrrd oetow supplied wft- Adxriec 152QA SCSI oontrolar COR
4310 650Mb Optical Disk £45.00 For use on Panasonc P0 lyMams
• Quad speed CD-ROM Drive with 600K Data Transfer and 195ms
• 650Mb re-wrrtable optical disk drive with removable cartridges
Cartridges (DIS 1500) £45 00 ALL-IN-ONE £58633
• %s 600 a 3000? Tt ick and ime 300 3000? Colour
• 150 sheets A4 up to 15 envelopes
• 12 BuM-m Scalable f onts
• 21KB Bufltt Memory
• ParaM interface (Optional serial)
• 3 year return to Base warranty LEXMARK EXECJETIIC ColOr INKJET
• Speeds: BW 3f)ptn draft' Colour from 2510 7nmulet NEW NC VAT O*
.IK MORE THAN JUST A GAMES CONSOLE Critical Zone includes the
powerful 32-bit CDS games console with built-in dual speed CD-
ROM drive, an 11 button controller and 7 top CD-ROM games.
Optional upgrades include keyboard and disk drive (allowing use
of A1200 software) and an MPEG video playback card allowing
video Cds to be played on the CD*.
• 32-Bit processing power
• Dual speed CD-ROM drive
• 16.8 million colours
• Plays audio & CD- -graphics Cds
• 11 button controller
• Titles available from £9.99
• Optional full screen video CD module • cca 03x0 tm OPTIONAL SX1
MODULE Turra tfta C0‘ into i powerful 3?-bit multimedu computer
using Ihe Sxt multiport etpamcn mcdUe £199 CCA 0100 AMIGA CD3*
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CygnusEd I- ituming Mandelbr of program PLUS Tort rmi . Rafitnt tx «mi irr M0te( • mji tr awm mrrwii ¦ r c [ouei Ed’able goads m Entratting FouerDish Files ?o fCui »« • CygnuaMd allowa multipal viewa f you have already booted this month's CoverDisks. You may have noticed a slight change to normal. We are now using Commodore s installer utility to try and make extracting the archives as easy as possible for you.
To extract any single archive, simply double-click its icon and follow the onscreen instructions. If you want to quickly extract the program to RAM, select the NOVICE level on the welcome screen and press proceed once on the current screen, and then again on the next. The program can now be found in your RAM disk.
You also have the option of using a floppy disk. If you pick this option make sure you have a blank formatted disk at the ready, and if you only have one disk get ready for lots of disk swapping and a long wait.
A good text editor is essential for every Amiga owner. From just being able to alter your user-startup to writing your e- mails, you cannot get away from the need for this essential utility. Let’s face it, the standard Ed that comes with Workbench is pretty feeble in both the power and looks department, with Commodore doing a typical good job of ignoring all its own style guides.
CygnusEd purports to be the fastest text editor available for the Amiga, and probably any computer. Once you have tried it I am sure you will agree that whether you are writing a ten line e- mail or need to view a 10.000 line manual, CygnusEd will let you happily jump to any point in the text, read, write and modify the file in a blink of an eye.
Even your basic A600 will handle kilobytes of text Without breaking into a sweat.
I am sure most of you are quite proficient with using a keyboard and the language of your choice, and with these basic skills you should find CygnusEd a doodle to use and should [ggnusEd Author: CygnusSoftware Workbench: 1.3 be able to produce reams of text in no] time at all.
As CygnusEd has evolved over the last eight years it has picked up some pretty impressive and very useful features along its way. Potentially one of the most useful or lifesaving functions is the extremely comprehensive undo redo] option. Basically, CygnusEd has an unlimited undo buffer, only restricted by how much memory you want it to be able to use.
Most editors at the most only allow you to undo redo the last action or line worth of text. Well there’s none of this pussy footing about for CygnusEd. If you have a big enough undo buffer you could delete every line from a text, and then simply by pressing right Amiga u you can watch as the entire text magically reappears line by line In front of your very eyes.
ADJUSTMENTS The Environment menu in CygnusH actually consists of three ‘hidden' menus, letting you adjust almost evi aspect of the editor - from the typii options of screen size, font type a word wrap to the more unusual on such as letting you adjust the sere scroll borders and the exact tal positioning.
Another unusual feature is the wajj CygnusEd handles multiple files. If yw choose to open another document thfl CygnusEd screen will split into two allowing you to view and edit both at tin same time. This is very handy if youj need to look at some reference matei while doing some writing, and is betti than having to resettle with multiply windows.
For all you people out there with!
Workbench 2 or above you are going tol be able to take advantage ofl CygnusEd's comprehensive Arexx port| Now, most people might be wondi what’s the point of an Arexx port on text editor? Well for starters, an Amiga Computing Faulty [ouerOisks ’programmers out there will be able to get CygnusEd to automatically save and compile the current program they are working on, all from the comfort of CygnusEd If you wanted, you could get it to save off different versions each time you compile.
Possibly of more interest to Joe Bloggs is the fact that CygnusEd has a versatile macro function which lets you record a number of different keystrokes and menu functions which can then be repeated over and over again. What is the point in that? Well, I will tell you. If you have a long list that needs reformatting, why should you have to do the same thing for every line? All you have to do is record a macro, showing what you want to be repeated for each line.
Once that is done you can then get CygnusEd to do all the hard work by it repeating the macro for each and every line.
TOTAL SUPPORT Included with the CygnusEd package are a number of support programs - Ed. MacEd and RecoverCED files. Ed is a small program that can be used to launch the main CygnusEd executable.
You do not have to use this to run CED, but if you use it there are a number of advantages. Firstly, it allows you to run CygnusEd in a dormant state, meaning the main CED window will not appear. Then, when you want to use If you should find your Amiga Computing CoverDisk damaged or faulty, please return it to: TIB Pic, TIB House, 11 Edward Street, Bradford, W. Yorks BD4 7BH.
Amiga Computing brings gnu another full commercial product - [ggnusfd, the fastest teHt editor gou can bug. Ulso included is the best selection of this month's Hminet downloads Please allow 28 days for delivery CED it will appear straight away. Using Ed, it is also possible to load a file directly into a copy CED that is already up and running.
MacEd has nothing what so ever to do with Macs, you will be glad to know.
It lets you create and modify CygnusEd's macros away from the main program.
Finally, RecoverCED files is a handy little program which, if your machine crashes while you are working on a document, will try its best to recover those files. It is not guaranteed 100 per cent, but any chance of getting lost files back is better than none at all.
If you are having problems with any of CygnusEd's functions then there is an extremely comprehensive Amiga Guide document detailing every aspect of CygnusEd. Other than that, the best way of finding out about CygnusEd’s functions is just to try out all of those lovely menu items. - (HandBDDD Author: Cygnus Software Workbench: 2.04 Mand2000 has to be the best fractal exploration program available for the Amiga computer. It provides a super simple interface combined with a stupifyingly fast screen update.
Exploring a fractal in Mand2000 is simply a matter of double-clicking where you want to go and you will instantly zoom into the area you chose. If you want to decrease the zoom amount just press the D key. And you zoom straight out.
Also, if you want to move to a slightly different position, simply click on the Mandelbrot and slide the area to where you want it.
One of the impressive parts of Mand2000 is the window approach it takes. You can literally have dozens of separate fractal windows open all showing different parts of the Mandelbrot set - you can even have a separate window open showing what part of the Mandelbrot you are currently looking at. The program is not restricted to only the Mandelbrots as it will also allow you to explore the Julia set.
If you own an AGA machine, Mand2000 lets you access a bewildering number of screen modes, supporting Ham8 and Ham6 screens resolutions all the way up to 1280x512 - allowing every window you open to have its own separate palette.
The real problem with trying to explore fractals is that the deeper you go into them, the longer it takes to produce each screen. Mand2000 give you a number of options to allow you to preview or speed up the screen drawing process. Firstly, you can change the number of iterations the computer will perform - decreasing the number of iterations increases the screen speed, but reduces detail.
The other option you can use is the number of passes Mand2000 will make to draw the screen.
The effect is that on the first pass the picture is highly pixelated, with each successive pass adding more detail to the screen. If you only want a rough idea of what you are looking at this is an excellent feature because you can interrupt the drawing process and keep on moving around the fractal.
Amiga Computing JlUJJ Basically, Clouds will produce beautifully animated clouds that will roll across your screen with such majesty, you will be instantly relaxed. Well. I feel better already.
Tnrwma oove gtntrtic kXt -AnIp Kx9cr* bdtipn TilViam Hunfsnraw trap imni H»VKw -HVirmgi Mmcyw r VI - Ittndnr* nmomw rttk - «MUr*» rwm p*tMiwt»rrcvtcotv D*t»Typ l 8UP.NMK0KK o,ii -,7T - ungatr.l DasI }* r- m PicBoot Author: Magnus Holmgren Workbench: 2.04 Every one must have seen the Windoze startup picture, with the little blocks all evaporating away. It may seem a trivial point but it’s quite nice to have some sort of picture to look at while you wait for Workbench to load.
Commodore may not have seen a reason for including some sort of boot picture, but from all the small utilities and the number of boot pictures that pop up on the Aminet, most of us seem to want one. A boot picture that is.
PicBoot was one of the earliest boot picture utilities I can remember. This latest version provides you with load of options. For starters, it can handle both GIF and IFF files, and the routine that unpacks them is extremely fast - so the time it takes to boot up your computer is not changed too much.
If you use the xpk compression libraries, PicBoot will even handle IFFs that have been compressed. It is also possible to fade in and out your chosen picture, which looks quite flash, and will even fade in Workbench if you so wish.
AGA owners will also have the benefit of a silky smooth 24-bit fade.
All you people with a collection of different possible boot pictures will be pleased to know that PicBoot can use a script file to randomly choose one of the pictures. So you will never get bored with the same picture being flicked up every time you boot your machine.
4 Amiga Workbench ShapeShifter Macf OS Baniah that blank boot aeroan and add * llttlo colour to your Ufa with BootPic Amiga Computing NOVEMBER 1995 I- [lauds Author: Krzysztof Kobus Workbench: 2.04 To quote the author: “Clouds is the first program on the Amiga platform giving you visual modelling and realistic animation of the turbulent motion of clouds. It is based on spectral synthesis method. The method employs a variety of intuitive parameters describing natural properties of clouds phenomena, as cloudiness, contrast, wind direction, strength of wind, and turbulent changes.
"Such a wide range of controls allows a creative animator to generate all kinds of clouds, gases, mists and so forth. Resulting images can then be used as backgrounds, textures in 3-D programs, or alpha channel information - to mention just a few possibilities.” Blimey, sounds pretty impressive does it not?
Animate clouda with Clouda lent Read Author: Martin Blom Workbench: 2.04 Slagging off the standard Commodore utilities is always a favourite hobby of mine and it has to be said that 'more' is pretty dire. What you need is a decent text reader. Well to and behold, it looks like Martin Blom had the same idea.
Text Read is a powerful style guide compliant text reader and will happily handle xpk'ed and power packer files. Some of the nice features of Text Read are the search facility, jump to line percentage, and a handy scroll bar to let you quickly scan through any document. It is also possible to specify what font and screen mode you want, and print and save of the current document.
Ixmnl ¦nUMUUCHlll. RBDKI A decent text reader la an invaluable addition ur,=rj!-,r.r!.ani-i! stiUx IsJrWJUSSls.H.W M'M.
To anyone's utility _idv collection r ifrnsr Pic Uieiu uniiBfe 1*33131 Author: Holger Papajewski Workbench: 3.0 Magic User Interface This could be just the thing for anyone with a large catalogue of pictures on their hard drive, or any of the picture Cds that are floating around the PD house at the moment.
Pic View allows you to produce a catalogue of all your pictures. It is very simple to operate as you use the file requester to select which pictures you wish to catalogue. And go. For each picture a thumb nail, grey-scale representation is produced.
Thia powerful picture cataloguer will let you quickly acceaa all your collection Once the catalogue is made, you scroll through the list of images and double-click on an images to display that particular picture, or just get certain information abcut the picture - such as its size, name and where it is. If you have a large collection, it is possible to group related pictures together, making finding a particular image much easier.
Pic View uses datatypes to import the various pictures, so whatever picture datatypes you have, pic view will handle. Currently, that could include IFF, PCX. BMP.
Jpeg, Targa, Mac Paint, Tiff. PNG and even Klondike card sets.
HIE Author: Gordon Fecyk Workbench: 2.04 Amiga Type Engine allows you to use the plethora of outline fonts that are available in the commercial and public domain.
Essentially, it allows you to access Adobe type 1 and 3 outline fonts just as though they were normal Amiga bitmap or bompugraphic fonts.
All you need to do to use ATE is copy any postscript fonts you have into the PSFont drawer and voila, next time you pop up a font requester there will be a host of new fonts available for you to use.
In any of your art or writing packages, or just for Workbench.
The only font provided with ATE is called funky font - it's not too useful but will give you an idea of how ATE works.
There are plenty of disks and Cds that have shareware Psfonts on them, and if you got our cover CD there was a complete section devoted to fonts, so you Should now have a completely new selection of fonts at your disposal.
BIDF Datatype Author: Gunther Niki Workbench: 3.0 It's another BMP datatype, but you probably have one already so why would you want a new one. Well, the old BMP datatype only handled the Windoze BMP lormat, and would only load 16 and 256 colour pictures. When IBM released OS 2, they decided they wanted their own special version just to keep things nice and Incompatible. This new version will handle both the IBM and OS 2 version of BMP.
Font Datatype Author: Michael Letowski Workbench: 3.0 As we are a friendly bunch down here at Amiga Computing we talk to each other, and seeing as we mentioned the Font IFF master Author: Kay Drangmeister Magic User Interface Have you ever wondered what lurked in the deepest, darkest, dankest depth of your IFF files?
Well probably not. This is a fairly handy little program that lets you poke about with the insides of IFF I liBS IFF files are split up into chunks, each chunk containing different information about the file. For example, an ILBM file has a bitmap header and colour map chunks. IFF master knows about these, so can show you the palette used by an ILBM. And also the dimensions and other information about the picture.
If you remember, last month we had a Tiff datatype on the CoverDisk. Well, from the same author we now have Tiffview. The title of the program is a little misleading because as well as being able to view Tiff files, there are a whole host of options and functions available for you.
For starters. Tiffview directly supports IFF, Tiff, Jpeg, GIF and MacPaint picture formats, as well as any datatypes you may have. You then have a whole choice of display options. Firstly, you can choose what screen mode you want the picture to be displayed in - obviously AGA and graphic card owners have a nice advantage here.
Once an image is loaded. Tiffview can act as a mini image converter, letting you save off a picture either as an IFF. Tiff or Jpeg. If you choose to use Jpeg you have a choice about the quality of the saved image.
As Jpeg is a lossy picture format, a high compression ratio means lower image quality, while a low compression ratio leads to better image quality.
You can then choose from five dithering methods which improve the visual quality, along with how many colours the image should be dithered to. This is helpful if you do not have a 256 colour display because it greatly improves the image quality.
Datatype in the publishing page, I thought it might be nice to have it on the CoverDisk - aren't I a gent? What do you mean, no?
Anyway, this datatype will let you view any installed system fonts In MultiView. All you do is drop load the blar.font Tile and the next thing you know, you will have a large picture with all the available characters in that font. If you want, it is then possible to save off the picture so you can do any number of nasty things to it.
Fliik Author: Peter McGavin Workbench: 2.04 With more Amiga owners getting access to the Internet and CD-ROMs, you are more likely to come across other picture and animation formats. One of the widely used animation formats on the PC is FLI or FLC. Animations in this format are mainly produced by Autodesk Animator (Pro) and Autodesk 3D Studio, as well as many other PC programs.
Flick is an excellent FLI player, and to THPaui Author: John Bickers Workbench: 2.04 To continue with the animation theme. TAPavi allows you to view the standard Windoze video format AVI. The main advantage of AVI over FLI is that it allows animations to include sound, and it was designed to play back animations direct off disk. In some ways it is similar to the CDXL format.
TAPavi will handle a number of different types of AVI files, including both 8 and 16-bit colour modes. If you have an AGA machine then you will be able to view any of the animations in glorious 256 colours.
As for sound. TAPavi will happily allow you to play both 8 and 16-bit sound out through the Amiga's normal audio. One problem, however, is that if your machine cannot play back an animation at its full frame rate, the sound may be a little corrupt, but this happens on PC so it's only to be expected.
Use it just double-click the nasty looking icon and use the requester to pick your chosen animation. Even though Flick runs under 2.04. it supports a great deal of advanced options. It will take full advantage of Workbench 3 by using the new OS double buffering routines.
Users with either EGS or Cybervision graphics cards will be able to use flick directly on them. AGA owners are not left out as Flick will allow you to replay animations in there full 256 colour glory. If you have a CD32. Flick will even use the Akiko chip.
There are also numerous other replay options for OCS or ECS owners which allow different replay modes depending on what number of colours you would like. For those extra large animations, Flick will spool directly off a disk, and all the options can be changed in the icons tools types.
Considering all FLI animations have to be converted from chunky to planar, you get very good replay speeds on a plain A1200 - even when spooling on a CD.
Amiga Computing NOVEMBER 1995 !- flaw gou’ue had a chance to see what our couerdisk can do, why not upgrade to the Ml uersion of fflandBOOO I Please rush me: I Q Mand2000 at $ 29.95 Mand2000 CD-ROM at $ 44.95 I Deliver to: Name (Mr Mrs Ms Miss)_ Address_ i i i i i Postcode Daytime phone I wish to pay by: I I Credit card Card No. | | 1 | | | | 1 | | I I I I I Mill Expiry Date | J Please send your order form to: Micro R&D. Attn: Amiga Computing Mand2000 Offer, 721 'O' Street, Loup City, No 68653. USA J Tick this box if you do not wish to receive promotional material from other companies [_J Tick
this box if you do no! Wish to receive promotional material from other companies Available for only $ 29.95 on di or even better value CD-ROM
• The release version of Mand20001 is regularly priced at $ 44.95.
However, Amiga Computing readers can upgrad to the release
version for the discour price of $ 29.95. The full release
versii allows unlimited saving of colour mapped, HAM and IFF24
images, and has no annoying requesters.
• Mand2000 also has the facility to produce fractal zoom
animations. You set up the start point in the fractal, si where
you want to go and how many frames it should take. Click on
proce and then go off and have your tea.
You get back there should be a fracta animation you can impress your mate with.
Mand2000 order form i
• There is also a Mand2000 CD-ROA containing the full release
version of i software, plus a full CD-ROM worth images and
animations in a wide varifl of resolutions, including NTSC,
PAL, FrameStore and D1 video. Perfect for) video professional
or fractal hobbyis
• The CD-ROM version is regularly priced at $ 59.95, but Amiga
CompL readers can upgrade to the CD-ROl containing over 30,000
frames of spectacular animation, for just $ 44.95 Amiga
Order tjy phone quoting your crctft card number. If paying by
cheque please nuke payable to: TIRST COMPUTER CENTRE* In any
correspondence please quote a phone number, post code & Dept. A
How 5 working days for cheque clearance LOW COST DEUVERY 01 13
23 I -9444 £1.95 24 HR MAIL ORDER SERVICE FAX: 01 13 23 I-9191
£2.95 NEW! BBS Sales & Technical line TEL: 01 I 3 23 I -1422
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- ------------i iu .
HEWLETT* PACKARD £279.99 £36.99 £385.99 |HP320 540 Colour Kit P440 Colour |N«wflHPSP laser printer £729.99 EPSON nScyfus colour £449.99 100 Me asz. Put. PMM 8 Epson Sty I Ud»i.£ -nale ntM. (w M |e (d. Sue lek, ku« . Newuif toau. pihW sis@Kf S tar LC1009 pm Colour £121.991 t p*i oW praotM. 0 Nio Iwws. 100 spa draft Star LC909 pin mono £102.991 1 | M mono pilot*.. Air kuth In. Puak na o opleanal. I Star LC24024 pin mono £ I 17.99 | 34 pm mono printar. 191 tp* 4»»A.wlth ASP be*it m Star LC240C 24 pin Colour £ 134.99 | 14 pet lalaw p.u.ie. Aid kuMi m. * LQ Mon Star SJ144Colour £229.991
• "t-Vs *t toHvf tfwmial tramfci prtntot. I»e I Supra MXModem 288
9Vpt*"f.2ttlei|ri2Mi) • Clau162foo I ISIMiUetMkwe • Uuwe VCO
Omptor I • V14tUell.nl »l„. RON I • Mcenm teftwar. E I Tw
WairM, only £199.99 h K a bargaan the use o a bbppo's Saenf I
Tom Retchaf: ¦ Aarago Cnmputwsg Oct. It+d| Thta kMmi Mi Ml I44M
kdud. KulM V.llkK
V. J1. V.llbW. Vll. ¥11. NNFI1. V U. VllbU, Clan I 4 1 COITOI*
Hml IddM G-eup 11» hctidH Ira.
»dd»m nnm (not luJaSr 4 nM only £134.99 dkfloboticB WE ARE PREFERRED USR DEALERS SpOfl5l&t288 only £193.99 feature V34. 28.400 BPS.
IAIT approved lllllllll BESTBUY SuPrarMAModem I44LC
V. 32 bis (14400 baud) Lew cot wrao. D M cteak VI law F*a ewdam
raadiMi aa Mw but daaa I In wd, and I ID dkplay now only
£96.99 Sportster 144 £134.99 j Amazing price reduction on
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Cartridge Refills
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covers £5.99 Paper Pricat apply ondy wh**i ordered wfth printer
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PRICES...FROM THE NO. 1 IN CD-ROM 17 Bit Collection (Double)
£20.99 GoldFish 2 £24.49 17 Bit Continuation £14.49 Grafix
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Universe £17.49 Wierd Science Fonts £8.99 Fresh Fish 8 £27.49 Weird Science Clipart £8.99 Gateway £8.99 Wlerd Science Animation £16.99 GoldFish 1 £24.49 Nosad! Zoom £18.99 WBBS il REVIEW 10 out of 10 Software continue their educational series with Essential Science, a collection of six games designed to educate the 5 to 12-year old. To cope with such a wide age range, the package has a user-definable level of difficulty and the child can progress in a set of clear-cut stages.
Games vary from Steamer, where you must choose correct measurements, for example, to Shuttle, a cunningly disguised educational asteroids game that requires the player to identify the correct animal. Spectrum aims to give the player scientific facts in an interesting way, such as identifying parts of the body or parts of a flower. Space Walk also requires the identification of certain objects from a given description, and Microscope lets the child uncover facts as if under a Microscope.
Marks are awarded for every game and stars given for each section which tell the child how much progress has been made.
The parent or teacher can also check progress as four different colours indicate levels of success. Red indicates help needed, yellow signifies practice needed, green is given for full marks, and blue medals are for continued success.
UNAPPEALING At first glance, though, it’s hardly an appealing package. And what instantly strikes about Essential Science is the appalling graphics. It would be an insult to the Spectrum ZX to say the graphics resembled one of their earlier games because these are probably worse. When most doting parents are buying Pcs for their precious Luke or Lucy to educate them through glossy multimedia packages, then there’s nothing more guaranteed to make the 'educational Amiga' die a death than ugly titles like this.
Fortunately though, it’s content that matters, and Educational Science is relatively proficient in this area. The activities are varied enough and will suit children in this range. Some are very good such as the measuring exercises and they do teach some of the rudiments of science quite well.
However, at the other end of the scale, some of the activities defy belief. One of them requires you to uncover an object underneath one of the slides as if it were a microscope. The child then has to The appliance of science Forget setting fire to goor ruler with the bunsen burner or rutting off the frogs legs and nutting them down gour friend's jumper.
10 out of 10 Software haue a new wag of teaching science PH
• A MI* m u* vmwUr
* A 45*C
W. * m,
• w • n*r 1MT j o a s « T j %fxe ft o-i One of the actlvltlea
In tteemer it to reed oh the thermometer meaturementt very
short attention spans and sim things that could have held their
interest such, as sound effects, appear to have been neglected.
The computer pings or.
Beeps in appropriate places but their 6 little else.
It does redeem itself, thou with the Certificate system, where the players can either print out or show on screen the progres made. This would be ideal in a school situation or Where the family has two or more childr" because it gives the playe something to strive for.
Uncover the right weather picture with the right weather text, for example.
However, some of them look far too similar and a younger player is going to need help initially - an adult would probably have to think about it too. For instance, at first it would seem a bent over tree would represent wind - that is until you find a kite and realise this is in fact wind. This happens on a num- ber of occasions and it’s not that the t exercise is particularly difficult, but more that the pictures are hard to identify.
The instructions for some of the activities are also rather bewildering such as, ‘Which here has never been alive at any time?’ - nicely put. Or how about, 'Which of these is now dead?’ where one of the answers is Turkey Slices. It's enough to make you turn vegetarian and does little to help a child’s understanding.
One thing that hasn't really been thought out is how to maintain the child's interest. The target age range will have - -- warn r Learn measuring tklllt by tilling the beaker to the right level Down the wrong track This isn't a particularly bad title, in fact some of the activities are quite re able, and it has been well structured for] the wide age range. However, this w nowhere near up to the same stan as their other 10 out of 10 titles, and a little more attention to detail would have paid dividends.
T The bottom line he pIcnk) U* Tw out of T« Essantiol Scirac 9vws crtf he txftiMd tw sirs cr «rt ot U» folic* ns iw»ls Product: Essential Science Price: £25.95 Software House: 10 out of 10 Tel: 0113 2394627 Sumr S*k* itolh Nioraccpt Ei*ctrwegnrt Ease off use Implementation Value ffor money Overall 5 6 7 6 The Certhlcate la a geod Idea and ahould keep the playera motivated Amiga Computing Iei NOVEMBER 1995 c Q « i o o ¦D 5 S ® o "o (0 cn cn ca
o _j • -2* w c
Q) 3 5 £ ° c 2«B a o c O o -e c O ! -3 = *- .E c 3 D c Q)
LL C 3 Q_ Ui H s|.
Hoc D O -
O) O) co § £ a) O 0 co g) 1 = « « h 9zo°o U « o g O £ 2 CJ O
LU Ju 0) QC Cf) O LU (f) h- 5 a 2 GC o 03 LU -J D
• *-* LU oc CD O i CM o I CO ' | I l | 1 ; f u£$ : ” u II
0- r i ci ” c75: =J5OU sl”«!
J UJ £ ,5 E u i tt..
o 2 2 -c -c t O o « ois to 3 182 w-t m J5 a ci ¦o - I So® oie£
- O co o
0) 2T 73 jC C H 0,(0 . C (O Iso
X. S’b
S. E2 (0 «sC0 T3 tO C 3 ®OU ooc ) m 'f •- OW
- CO CO C0 3: ¦o = ?
o ¦£= yj S'sS co o £ 52 ? &¦*= C O) «|cvj co.2.cSij» O) CT) CD
o CD IA o CM CO CO CM CJ CJ CJ CJ w Ib JO £ 0) 0) 2 CO to fi
T o k_ Ui S •g a CO ~o ¦D CO 0) CD O 5 E £ 8 T3 *T 0) lo CO
JZ p QJ & a U. Y cr ac 5 la 15 ?* o a) c X
• » a: CD s LU m 4 CM Ol O) D CO HARDWARE Il naw you can
a(CB55 all the screen modes you want courtesy of the flicker
finer, fleil fHohr reuieuis The bottom line Product: AGA
Flicker Fixer Supplier: Power Computing Price: £399 Phone:
01234 273000 Ease of use Implementation Value for money
Overall_ One problem with the flicker fixer is that all the
jumpers used to adjust the timing of the picture are not
located at the end. Along with the switch and sockets.
This means if you have any other cards fitted, it is extremely difficult to adjust the jumpers. You basically end up pulling all your other Zorro cards out in order to get access to them An associated problem is that the pot used for fine adjusting of the picture is also located on the board, which again makes things very awkward. The A3000 had a flicker fixer built in - why they did not do the same with the A4000 I do not know - but the A3000 had its pot nicely located on the outside for easy access.
These problems are not too severe because once the flicker fixer is set up.
You do not have to access the jumpers or the pot again.
T may seem strange that a company would release a flicker fixer in this day of high speed graphic cards, and the DblPAL capable AGA chip set. A few years ago there was good reason for getting hold of a flicker fixer, as this was the only way to use 640 x 512 screen resolutions without going blind. So if all you need to do nowadays is buy a cheap VGA monitor to access these high resolutions, why on Earth do you need a flicker fixer?
If you own an A4000. The options available to you when it comes to choosing a monitor are fairly limiting. You either splash out on an expensive multisync monitor that will allow you to work in any resolution, or plump for a cheap VGA monitor and lose the ability to display any of the standard low sync screen modes the Amiga uses.
Whichever option you choose, the only way you can use the AGA's high resolution modes is via the scan-doubled modes, such as DblPAL. This comes with a number of drawbacks - firstly DblPAL is horribly slow, especially when you use more than four bitplanes. The reason for this is that the DMA channels are so busy just keeping the display hardware supplied with screen data that there is virtually no time left to be able to update the screen.
VIDEO DRAWBACK The second drawback is that you cannot use these screen modes to record video. This requires using a PAL or NTSC, if you are American, screen mode.
The addition of the flicker fixer will allow you to access all the Amiga s screen modes on a normal VGA monitor. This is achieved by the flicker fixer scan doubling the PAL modes up to a rate that normal VGA monitors can handle. For video people this is pretty darn useful, as you can use an interlaced screen for your video work without having to actually view those nasty flickery interlaced screens. It will even let you play games on a monitor - if you do that sort of thing.
Installation of the flicker fixer is as easy as it gets for a Zorro card. The card has to reside in the A4000's video slot, which is typically the bottom one. So if the video slot is already in use. The flicker fixer is Built-in fin not going to be of much use - unless you like expensive wall decorations, or you feel like popping out and buying an A4000T.
Once the card has been slotted in place, when you reboot your machine you can gasp and coo at the new flickerless screens. If you were already using a DblPAL screen mode, you will have to first delete the ScreenMode.prefs file from the ENVARC:Sys drawer before you can continue. As the flicker fixer is not too keen on scan doubling a scan-doubled screen.
You are provided with three video outputs - for the monitor a typical VGA 15 pin RGB output, and for video connection you have a composite and SVHS sockets.
There is also a single switch that allows you to choose between the card being able to display full vertical overscan or 1440 horizontal pixels In Super Hi-res mode. The switch is provided because the board cannot automatically detect what 15Khz mode the Amiga is in.
The flicker fixer also provides de-interlacing of other Amiga screen modes.
Primarily Super72 and MultiScan, this will allow you to use 800x600 and 640x1024 screen modes flicker free. You should, however,, check beforehand that your monitor will be able to cope with those sync rates or up to 64kHz. The standard flicker fixer is a PAL-only version - apparently, there is a special NTSC version that will allow Americans to use the SVHS and] composite outputs on NTSC devices.
If you are looking for a complete tion that will allow you to display Amiga screen modes, then a flicker fix* is the only real answer. The AGA flit fixer is a very nice piece of kit, but & so, £400 is an awful lot of money to for it. Especially considering flicker fixi used to cost £125 a few years ago.
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Now open Saturday & Sunday from 12pm to 4pm Emerald Creative Technology Ltd Rapid House, 54 Wandle Bank London SW19 1DW Tel : 0181-715 8866 Fax : 0181-715 8877 eMail : Emerald@eWorld.com All prong includes VAT but not carnage. We reserve the right to change prices - you wdi be informed of any change when you order Faulty goods wd be replaced or repaired if returned within JO days of purchase We wdl refund if we can't repair the goods It is the responsibility of the customer to check for compebbOrty of a particular product with existing equipment before buying EAOE £174.95 £59.95 £49 95
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WmDfcr Insider Guide .... aktop Publishing .. ipre Hints A Tips ...... £19.95 £21.95 £21.95 £19.95 £17.95 £1995 £8 95 . £9 95 £12.95 £12.95 £12.95 £13 95 £14.95 £7.95 A1200 Beginner's Pack .... Workbench 3 Booster Pack Video*_ Intro to the A1200 - Tutorial...... Intro to the A1200 - A Deeper Look £3695 £36.95 £1495 £14 95 REVIEW Hn ell. Finally we've had a Zip drive to look at. I know we've been promising it for quite a while now, but the facts of the matter are that lOmega, the company that produces the Zip. Has been so inundated with orders in the States that none of
their production run has reached these shores.
However, thanks to a licencing deal with Epson, the Zip should be in plentiful supply by the time you read this piece.
First impressions of the Zip are very good. It's a gorgeous looking bit of kit.
Its lines reminiscent of something out of Bladerunner. The drive, as you can see.
Is a metallic blue, in splendid contrast to the drab beiges we have been used to for computer peripherals for a long time now.
The rear end of the drive shows us two 25-way SCSI ports - in and out - for putting the Zip in the middle of a SCSI chain, a termination switch - on or off - and a SCSI ID switch. The ID switch is the only possible problem with the Zip as you can only use SCSI Ids five and six. Which might be a pain for A3000 owners. But with this being the Zip s only limitation. I can see a day when SCSI unit five or six is the standard position for a Zip in the way that three is there for CD-ROM or tape back up.
The Zip’s power supply plugs into the side of the drive using a right-angle plug which slots into the side of the drive, leaving that edge flush - which is jolly handy as you might want to stand the Zip on its side. The Zip has two lights at the front and an eject button that feels just like the old Spectrum keyboard.
Overall, its dimensions are not much larger than a standard external floppy drive unit, and it weighs less than most external drives I have seen.
The disks the Zip uses look almost like normal floppy disks, apart from the fact that they are somewhat thicker and have a small shutter. They also don't have a write protect tab. But more of [heap, fast. Good... but big If you want a Zip. But you really need more space per disk, lOmega will be bringing out a new drive based on the technology used in the Zip, called the Jaz drive. The Jaz looks similar to the Zip but is a bit taller and the disks are also about twice as thick.
The big1 difference is in the capacity of the disks the Jaz uses. While the Zip seems impressive storing 100Mb to a disk, the Jaz will astonish because it can hold a staggering one gigabyte on each disk. The only potential flies in the ointment are the facts that the Jaz won't be available for some time and that it will be considerably more expensive than the Zip.
That later. There is an interesting prismlike device on the left-hand comer of the disk nearest the shutter, which may be something to stop manufacturers from copying the disk design - SyQuest owners will know the number of different manufacturers of cartridges for their drives. Sliding back the shutter reveals a single disk, again much like a floppy, only with air on either side of the disk rather than being sandwiched between Cloth.
RATE OF KNOTS Inserting a disk into the Zip drive results in the disk being brought up to speed at a rate that will surprise and delight SyQuest owners - the disk being ready for use within about four seconds.
Once it is ready, the disk will read and write data at a sustainable rate of about 1Mb a second. Yes. A meg a second.
Pretty impressive for a removable media device.
The Zip is only currently available in an external version, although an internal one isn't out of the realms of possibility and there are two versions of the disks that it uses. The 100Mb disk is readily available, but the 25Mb disk's future looks in doubt. After all, who is going to want a 25Mb disk for only slightly less than the 100Mb version? HiSoft will also be shipping the Zip with an adaptor to link it up to a Squirrel, and a set of tools for formatting and toggling write protection which is controlled through software, rather than using a writ protect tab.
v«viVi***»v*»*I SCSI controller EIP Ben Host mmines a possible to the floppy driue It seems that the Zip drive actuall breaks one of the primary rules of com* puting - take any two of the followin three terms:- Cheap. Fast. Good Basically, you can have something th is fast and good but not cheap, chea and fast but not good - you get the ide?
But the Zip seems to break this rule a goes for all three at once. With a p-1 below £200 it certainly isn’t expensive - we were paying that for a bare 105M Quantum hard drive not so long ago and at a meg a second, the Zip certar compares favourably with an intern hard drive. So that's fast taken care fli and with its looks and overall usefu ness, you haven't got a good produ you've got a great one.
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(with additional 128Mb SIMM socket) m« 1 The D60 mohition is
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plenty of PR info on their various high calibre packages, but they really could do with adding more. A helpline? Pricing? Reviews? Hints and tips? Links to other r NewTek product-y " related sites?[£. , ,• ~ There s a great deal ll of scope Come onl .
NewTek. Show y°ur PvipMlP Net metal.
The ultimate Escom http: www.veronica.nl escom If you know Dutch then this is just fab.
But otherwise take a look at the pretty pictures. Apparently there is an English version on its way. You have been warned Content: NOT Design:PARTICULARLY Links: APPLICABLE OVERALL:SORRY Amiga resources The Amiga Home Page http: www.omnipresence.com Amiga An excellent starting point for all things Amiga.
Profiles, site links and news form the main bulk of what's on offer. Visit various magazines, find out about Amiga-specific downloadable software, take a trip to one of the many companies producing stuff for your favourite machine, meet other users, join groups for some indulgent chat on the Amiga, and flick through the variety of film and TV projects using the great machine as part of the production process.
During the Commodore crisis, the guys running the site kept constant info to help, aid and inform worried owners. Well worth a visit, and thumbs up to them for making this one of the best Amiga sites to go to. One niggle though
- you sometimes find that certain pages are not accessible so
don’t expect instant updating in some of the areas. Not
devastating but a bit of a shame all the same.
Content:5 Design:4 Links:4 Overall;4 Q ooking up to the Internet may be seen by some as an expensive ordeal - buying a fast modem and increased phone bills can seem like a steep investment, but the resulting opportunities are well worth the initial expense.
Despite the lack of commercial support over the last year or so. The Internet sites available to The Amiga Web Directory httpi www. Prairienet.org community clubs cucug amiga. Html An awesome mass of links to absolutely anything to I do with the Amiga. Watch in horror as your eyes pop | out at the sheer number of links to spend lots of phone bill money on. Developers, software. T shareware. Jpegs. Escom info, i FAQs, etc etc etc. Oh lordy. | this, coupled with the Amiga' Home Page and Aminet, is invaluable.
AMIGA WEB DIRECTORY Jaw droppingly comprehensive, the bods that created this should give themselves a serious slap on the back. It you need to know something about the Amiga and the Internet, this should be your first port ot Call without hesitation. Oreat stuff! Oh, a double plug in one feature!
Amigans are still as buoyant as ever. The popularity of the machine continues to amaze and its extensive presence on the Web is a sure-fire sign that the Amiga isn’t about to drop off the face of the planet for the foreseeable future.
What follows is a rundown of some of the better and best sites around and what they've got on offer for that budding cyberpunk in you.
Sys.amiga sys.amiga sys.amiga sys.amiga sys.amiga sys.amiga sys.amiga sys.amiga sys.amiga newsicomp.
News.comp newsicomp newsicomp newsicomp Content:4 Design:3 Links:2 Overall:3 Here it is - the best commercial Amiga mag site on the Web. If you want the latest rundown on Content:4 i the current issue and a few reviews and fea- Design:4 j tures thrown in to boot, then you’ve just Links:3 I scraped the top of the iceberg! Also hunt Overall:4 J round our top ten fave site list and grab hold of some excellent subscription offers. Bless.
Amiga Computing http: www.demon.co.uk amigacomp A labour of love for the editor-in-chief.
Jason Compton. Amiga Report is another example of the dedication shown by users. News, reviews, previews, opinion and more are offered in healthful doses, plus this guy has also been known to get exclusives. All the back issues are available to browse through and. In true public spirit,1 the whole thing is} absolutely free.
Newsgroups are an excellent forum fo debate and help on a particular sub ject. With the Amiga's current crop this is particularly obvious and show the kind of support the machine still] receives, even after spending too much of its time sitting on a back er. Check out all the above if there's a] relevant subject you want to talk ab receive help with, or slag off.
Advocacy applications I announce datacomm emulations graphics misc networking programmer I newsgroups Eeiimiiimijj NOVEMBER 1995 INTERNET hi- Aminet http: src.doc.ic.ac.uk public aminet info www home-src.doc.html For those who have indulged themselves in the rather superb Aminet Cds currently available, you'll know what kind of immense potential the site has.
The largest collection of Amiga software on the Internet, if you need a very specific Amos City http: www.cee.hw.ac.uk -ceebdb amos The ever popular software authoring package has plenty of sites dedicated to it. Amos City is one of the more comprehensive examples, with downloadable files for use with the package, mailing lists for other users (highly useful for obtaining info, help and tips), extensions to the Eric Schwartz http: info.ox.ac.uk -kebl0206 eric.html Seemingly the Amiga's animation mascot. Eric Schwartz has gained himself quite a formidable reputation. This site is as
extensive as they come, with what appears to be a complete listing of all the man’s anim work to date. All downloadable with info on when they were created, brief plot descriptions, size of files, and access to what you'll need to play them - anyone with a penchant for Schwartz should walk away from this site with a warm glow in their belly. Plus a look at his artwork, a few words from the man himself, and a history of Amy the squirrel.
Program, demo, fish disk. Game.
3D model, picture, sound, music i module or whatever, the chances are you’ll find it buried | somewhere in here and easily’ available with the comprehensive directory system.
Program, and more.
Could do with expanding -1 judging from our mail bag, there's I still plenty of demand out there - ’ but certainly worth a visit nevertheless.
Content:3 Design:3 Links:4 Overall:3 Contents Design:4 Links;4 Overall:5 Amiga Mosaic Home http: www.omnipresence.eom amosaic 2.0 Commodore Users Groups http: www.prairienet.org community clubs cucug usergroups.html Brought to you by the Champaign-Urbana Commodore Users Group, check who else all over the world is talking and supporting the Amiga as hardcore enthusiasts. From England and Ireland to the States and Australia, there are hotlinks to several and addresses to write off to for others.
Sworn by most as the WWW browser for the Amiga, this site contains all k the latest info on upgrades, questions, documentation, screen- I shots, downloadable versions ' and more. Useful and some would say vital, this is one of the first port of calls for Net virgins.
Content:3 Design:2 Unks:3 Overall:3 t A (?llBction Packed with software, info and debate, the Hmiga is admirably catered for by the Internet.
Udam Phillips tells you why Amiga Art Gallery http: www.omnipresence.com Amiga Gallery Gallery, html Working in conjunction with Aminet.
Here’s a large portfolio of constantly updated images to browse through.
Featuring the usual rendering delights of Lightwave, Imagine, Aladdin 4D, and Real 3D, there’s some- i thing here for I everyone. Plus there's some Mpeg to download as well.
Content:4 Design:3 Links:2 Overall:3 While Escom are spouting out conflicting messages concerning the games console’s future, there's still plenty of mfo to be gleaned from the Internet on the grey lunchbox’s talent. This particular newsgroup has messages, debate, and FAQs from all over the Rainbow of Chaos http: www.indy.net -gemini Focusing more on 2D art by Amigans, this site has a couple of resident artists and links to other artistic fanatics. There's no doubt that there needs to be more work to browse through, but the gallery ‘owner’ has an open invite to i anyone wanting to I
submit any of their masterpieces for inclusion.
I doubt that Microprose ever realised that when their premier racing game, Formula One Grand Prix, was released it would attract this kind of devotion. Packed with info on the fan club, programs to aid better play and more, this is the ultimate site for budding Michael Schumachers (or Damon Hill if you're desperate to be patriotic). Recommended for fanatics only.
World discussing the various strengths, weaknesses and problems with the machine.
Amiga Computing NOVEMBER 1995 1- It mas the height of summer, and the Hmiga technologies press conference announced the rebirth of the Hmiga in the IIH. Fjareth lofthouse reports on the tough Questioning the compang had to face t was the moment we've been waiting 18 months for since the demise of the old Commodore Empire: the Amiga is back, said the men from Escom, and on target to hit the streets of Britain in time for September.
That the amount of new and concrete information available was rather limited.
The announced specifications for the rollout Amigas, for example, held no surprises, with even the faster 060 version of the 4000T not available until November at the earliest.
Amiga Technologies were not in a position to disclose much more about the contents of the software to be bundled with new Amigas either. John Smith, UK Sales Manager, revealed that 1200s would include a database, word processor, spreadsheet, paint package and two games, but specific product names were unavailable.
The official UK relaunch of the Amiga took place at a press conference at the Sheraton Hotel in Heathrow on a sweltering summer day in mid-August.
Optimists might have taken the sunshine as a good omen, but difficult questions had been fermenting during the months since the takeover, however, and Amiga uting was there to find out what |*ubstance lay behind the talk.
The panel assembled to state Amiga Technologies’ case included most of the key players from Europe and Britain, which at least showed some encourag- commitment to the key UK market.
Peiro Tyschtschenko, the company's general manager, was accompanied by Jonathon Anderson and John Smith of Amiga Technology UK. Plus PR man Gilles Bourdin, and Barry Thurston of SCALA who was there to orchestrate the multimedia presentation.
BUNDLED UP The confusion over how Scala was going to be combined with 1200s was finally cleared up. With the announcement of two different A1200 bundles. The £399 bundle announced last month will lack a hard drive, and it was decided that it would be impractical to include SCALA with this option. Consequently, a £499 package was announced containing an Amiga with a built-in 170Mb hard drive 1 It soon became apparent, however.
MarkQting a legend Asked if there were any plans to advertise the Amiga products. Tyschtschenko
- plied that this would not be possible until next year. This
means that at the time when Microsoft and the Japanese console
manufacturers are taking over prime time TV slots, the Amiga
will have little presence outside its own pecialist press.
Anderson argued, however, that allowances had been made towards distributors to help them with cost, and he expects them to shout about the Amiga in their own adverts. Gilles Bourdin also pointed out that Amiga Technologies' oresence at the IFA fair in Berlin showed a worthwhile marketing investment.
What is encouraging is that almost 50 per cent of the 60.000 Amigas allocated ior the UK this year have already been sold. Amiga Technologies are confident they'll sell their entire stock of Amigas produced this year.
And Scala MM300, on top of the standard software bundle.
What was surprising, however, were a number of statements that contradicted details everyone thought were settled some weeks ago. It appears, contrary to what Tyschtschenko told Amiga Computing last month, that the Amiga will be distributed through Escom shops after all - a revelation that came as a relief to those concerned about the Amiga's high street presence this Christmas.
Hot suits, framed tempers civility, moaned about the steep pricing for beer, and gave voice to the sort of cynicism I suppose is expected from journalists on these occasions.
Having been ushered into a small but well filled room, the tone for the event was set early on. In his opening words. Petro Tyschtschenko excused the absence of Manfred Schmitt, explaining that the Escom MD was striking a deal in America somewhere - perhaps he was negotiating a take-over of Microsoft, he joked. It was the first sign that the conference was more about confidence than solid news.
Much as everyone wanted to proclaim the return of the UK’s favourite home computer.
U-TURN Previously, Tyschtschenko had believed that the Escom staff would be too geared towards PC and insufficiently educated about the Amigas to sell them successfully. The about face, however, seems to be based on the fact that the employees in the UK shops will all have had experience of selling Amigas before the Rumbelows buyout.
CD32 owners on the verge of hara-kiri were given pause for thought as well.
While the failure to outline any plans previously had led many to assume the console was to be consigned to the dust* bin of computer could-have-beens, Tyschtschenko gave it a more optimistic prognosis.
“We have had tremendous problems obtaining DRAMs, so we decided not to produce the CD32 this year," he offered.
The words press conference’ might conjure up the vision of large halls packed with hordes of scribbling hacks, places where quickfire questioning is accompanied by a barrage of flickering flashlights from the assembled press photographers. You will not be surprised to hear that this affair was somewhat more - shall we say - subdued.
Ironically. Amiga press members themselves were rather thin on the ground, with staff from the games magazines conspicuous by their absence. It would appear that they, at least, are rather sceptical about th prospects of the Amiga regaining its place at the heart of the computer entertainment industry.
However, old tensions within the Amiga sacom's md Mmntrmd, community began to resurface once the ... . , . Negotiating In America to _ , The remaining ‘serious editonal from 0n9urm th0 rtffTITrfr speeches were over. Perhaps it had not Amiga Computing, Format, Shopper. CU helped that the first half of the confer- Amiga and JAM magazines assembled at the ence was as much about Escom’s PC line and PC Sheraton hotel. Heathrow, conversed with strained games on the l-glasses as it was about Amigas.
“But you can be sure we will produce it next year. This year we have too many problems with our two main products."
This year though, the only other new products due from Amiga Technologies are the virtual l-glasses (see our new report ) and a multiscan monitor that is almost certainly going to be the 14" Microvitec 1438 - though 15" and 17" models are planned for next year.
Neither the speech made by Petro Tyschtschenko, or John Smith, however, confronted many of the doubts that had been lurking at the back of most enthusiasts' minds, and it was only in the question and answer session that the knottier issues were addressed. Pricing was perhaps the most commonly voiced worry.
CLEAR AIMS The £1900 ex VAT cost for 4000Ts was the first target, and with faster, fully kitted Pcs available at around £1000, Amiga Technologies had to explain where they thought their high-end machine's market lay. “I think one of the problems in the past is that the Amiga has been badged as if it will do everything for everyone," argued Anderson.
“We are clearly aiming the 4000T towards the multimedia market. Even though technology has moved on a bit, tin Amiga is still the best machine out ther because of its multitasking capabilities among other things, for multimedia.’ The multimedia strategy itself was lata brought into question, however. Escw themselves are selling cheap, ready-ty run Pcs with in-built sound cards ant speakers. The terms PC and muitimedl are almost synonomous in the eyes a the general public, and even the flagship software. Scala, is now for the rival platform.
Despite being pleased by their product. Scala UK’s Barry fought back against the idea that Amiga was overpriced and behind times. ‘You still have to put an awful of expansion into a PC to get it up to effortless performance level the has for multimedia." He argued. “So basic cost might be OK, but your overall cost will be much higher, particularly true." He continued, you're talking about distributing inform tion to television. The cost of putting PAL encoder in a PC is dan expensive."
The argument for the A120® strengths seemed more compelling, hoi ever. Amiga Technologies admitted Hi Amiga Computing nouni press sente dev cing t he Ami ga d its UK elope r's mputi f ng rs of 1 the relaunch Teel
- molo stra tegy con ferem contacted Itie Amiga ufl be
distributed though Escom shops after al
- a reuelathn that tame as a relief to those roned about the
Amiga's high street presence this fhristmas Amiga Technologies
is run largely by ex* Commodore people, and at one point the
panel faced the same sort of criticism over marketing strat
egy that was levelled at the old company. After all, it was
argued, there seemed to be little marketing to raise the
Amiga’s profile, and not a lot in the way of new products
• Convince us otherwise !" One person demanded in an increasingly
heated atmosphere.
In response, Anderson contested that the massive advertising campaigns from Microsoft and the Japanese giants would just lead to confusion for the public, and added a criticism of his own against magazine publishers. “I think that one of the misdemeanours that most mags have done to the detriment of our industry is to confuse the end users big time," he retaliated. “They don't know whether to wait for this or that, and the net result is that they're still waiting. “Anderson’s subsequent plea for Amiga Technologies and the specialist press to work together for a successful relaunch did
little to calm things down. The Future Publishing camp accused Anderson of snubbing Amiga magazines by giving information to CTW first. There then ensued an argument about who phoned who first, how many messages were left on whose answering machines, and so on, until discussion of the Amiga seemed in danger of being lost in personal disputes.
Fortunately, the proceedings soon returned to more of an even keel, but a certain amount of frustration remained at Amiga Technologies' failure to dispel some widely held doubts. Perhaps, though, the press were expecting too much from the company in the time they'd had to ramp production up. “We know there is a lot more to be done," Gilles Bourdin acknowledged after the conference had been wound up.
Tftehtichenko, general manager. ‘ We will itart upending on adverllalng next year.'
Machine faced some stiff competition both from £299 super consoles and low priced Pcs, but there was a strong belief that the A1200 could win the middle ground as an entry-level computer.
As far as the PC was concerned. John Smith argued, not everyone could afford £1000 even if they wanted one.
T Tyschtschenko also pointed out that Pcs were about to rise radically in price due to the fact that Windows 95 required a dlake or break minimum of 8Mb of notoriously expensive RAM.
A lot of people originally bought their Amigas to play games, but with Sony's Playstation about to hit the shops, didn't they fear for the A1200's fortunes in the Christmas season? John Smith was unperturbed over this issue.
“I think the kind of productivity software in the pack we were delivering at the end of Commodore's time showed the direction in which we were already moving." He said. “Basically, I think lots of A500 600 users want to move over to the 1200 - they now have computer experience and they want productivity stuff. They know the Amiga is far more than just a games machine, so we will certainly push things towards the productivity side."
Anderson added that it would attract people who were sick of the console's limitations as well. ‘Most parents want their kids to have more than one option.
With a console you either play games or do nothing. I don’t think we’re directly squaring up to the Japanese here."
Priced and hoped down in cost Technologies h some of its expenc UNC0NCERNEI As far as the Christmas advert cerned. Link was Knowing our cu do," he commem large pent up dem and A4000s in the be reached throug retailers. People I lise the machine, good as any adver number of mach before Christmas.'
Esse markt epted ID inti authc we i arta But tl lers tc numb ie Sqi Link was also Amiga Technolog push, although h Amiga users wan tive titles as wel systems. "Of co products like Cinemania," he si up to individual pi the bullet. I think w The Amiga's relaunch is imminent, but its long-term survival is less certain.
Amiga Technologies are confident of being able to sell the Amigas allocated for the UK market this Christmas; if they are to prevent it from slipping back into oblivion, however, upgraded machines with bundled CD drives must be accompanied by serious investment in advertising, and the sooner the better.
If it was a pity that the conference led to some angry exchanges between the press and the panel, it was at least a testament to how passionately everyone assembled wanted the Amiga to be reborn. And in raising the spectre of future challenges, it's easy to forget what Amiga Technologies have achieved in getting the computer back into the shops in time for Christmas. Tyschtschenko put it succinctly: To ramp production up in three months is very difficult. I can tell you I've never worked so hard in all my life lo be successful for the Amiga as I have in the last three months.” Amiga
Computing J III REVIEW kO transform wur 101 interface into a SISi port. Surely it cannot be true. Peil Itlnhr finds out (ome fig with me the software to install, which is extremely simple. You boot up your computer with whichever partition or disk you want the dnver installed on. And the install software will copy the correct device driver and add a couple of lines to the startup-sequence.
The next time you boot up. Any SCSI hard drives attached will be automatically recognised. If you want to use a CD drive, you will also need to get hold of the AmiCDhandler software. This will install the correct CD handler and DosDriver for use with the DataFlyer and is very simple to install, using the standard Amiga Installer.
Fitting the DataFlyer was a very simple process, with good clear instructions in the manual. Taking you through each step of the way, in total it took about 15 minutes to fit. Most of that time was taken up with opening up and closing Amiga.
RECOGNITION Once the software is installed, any hard drives you attach are automatically recognised and mounted - the transfer rate being only a little slower than the squirrel, The main problem here is that the IDE interface is dependant on the CPU, so the.
Faster your computer, the faster the DataFlyer will be.
One of the drawbacks from using the IDE port is that the first two SCSI devices are set aside for IDE hard drives, with these being treated as SCSI hard drives.
This has the effect that you will only be able to attach five other external devices.
For most people this should not pose any problems. T 7 The main competition for the DataFlyer is the Squirrel, so any A1200 owner wanting a SCSI interface will want to consider the pros and cons of both. As a SCSI interface the DataFlyer works well. It is reasonably priced, has the advantage of leaving the PCMCIA slot free, and you end up with a neat new SCSI interface at the back of your A1200.
The main draw back with the DataFlyer is that some people may be put off with the installation and also, if you are wanting to connect a CD you can get the Squirrel as a complete package. If you are wanting to use the DataFlyer with a CD. Siren can supply all the necessary leads and the AmiCDhandler software.
If you are not put off by the thought of having to remove the top of your A1200, then the DataFlyer is a neater solution to getting a SCSI interface.
Here has always been a certain snobbery about SCSI. If one person has a SCSI hard drive and the other an IDE then the SCSI owner could always feel superior, and can happily scoff at their friends inadequacies.
Generally. SCSI hard drives are considered to be superior in performance than IDE, even though you do have to pay for the privilege. Apart from the performance advantage, a SCSI interface allows you to connect up to seven peripherals onto the SCSI chain. This is the greatest advantage over IDE as they only allow you to connect two IDE hard drives, and you usually have to faff about with jumpers, making one a master drive and the other a slave drive, which normally involves ringing up the manufactures and getting the correct details.
Currently, if you want to add a SCSI interface to your A1200 your options are quite limited. You can either buy one of the trapdoor accelerators that also have a SCSI option, or get a Squirrel. The first is fairly expensive and the last ties up your PCMCIA slot.
A few years ago that would have meant little, as there were no PCMCIA peripherals around, but more and more are starting to appear, and for certain people, leaving the slot free might be a necessity.
Installation of the DataFlyer is necessarily more complex than the Squirrel, because it plugs into the IDE slot of your computer. Firstly, you have to place a small plastic square under where the DataFlyer will go. This is required to stop the DataFlyeris circuit board from shorting out on the Amiga's metal shield. You then plug the board into the IDE port.
If you have a hard drive already, you will need to move it back about a centimetre to allow the leads to fit. This is done by unscrewing the drive from its tray and then, using a rubber bung, the drive is wedged back into the tray in its new position. This might not sound very secure but the drive really is fixed in position very firmly.
All that remains is to feed a nbbon cable from the DataFlyer round to that hole at the back of your A1200 - the one you never knew a use for. By then screwing a supplied metal plate into place, and then screwing the connector into this, you end up with a brand spanking new SCSI port at the back of your Amiga. This just leaves Pros and tons C Commodore LiW G4 C JLX1 U 14 11 North Street, EXETER, DEVON, EX4 3QS CD32 Expansion Modules Add Memory. Floppy Drives. Hard Drives.
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A „J WeKKCi 777 All Prices Shown Include VAT. Standard Delivery Is Free. No Hidden ExtrasJs the point, a quick glance at the menu bar reveals not 2Mb. But 4Mb of chip memory - alias Retina on*board Add to that the lack of the AGA chipset and you arrive at the Draco alternative.
Admittedly, this may sound like a terminal problem, but for those using the Amiga as a production tool
- especialGREAT CHOICE With its combination of 10-years
multitasking experience, a natural affinity with video, an OS
which only requires one eighth of the resources required by a
PC to perform the same task, the Amiga OS is the obvious Choice
for the new Microsystems machine.
Although sound and vision are taken care of. There's the small matter of the CPU. Not to mention the other I O essentials that go to make up a modern computer. In the case of the Draco, this is taken care of via a Draco direct' plug-in CPU card and I O combo consisting of an 060 with a SCSI II controller space for up to 64Mb of RAM via standard simms. Connections for mouse, serial, parallel ports and of course an HD floppy Add to that an array of QuickLogic chips for Kickstart and a few other essentials and you arrive at the world's first Amiga on a card - with one major difference. At
first glance, the Draco's graphical user interface - or GUI - looks every inch an Amiga, but there is one major difference. The Draco does not have the AGA. Or in fact any part of the Amiga's custom chipset. To prove ly video - the AGA Chipset is often more of a hindrance than anything else.
However, no AGA obviously does preclude certain applications from the Draco repertoire, notables including Dpaint, Brilliance and most important of all Scala. In short, software that insists on the AGA chipset by default or in the case of Scala has a heavy dependence on Amiga specific chip RAM To counter the loss of Dpaint. MacroSystem are already putting the finishing touches to a 2D anims tion system for Xipaint - a package which already ships as part of the Retina Draco software suite. To further enhance the painting power MacroSystem have already successfully tested TVPaint on the Draco.
As a result, a dedicated Draco versior and dongle should be shipping in the Autumr Obviously. Scala presents a bigger prob lem, and at present there are no plans for 3 dedicated Draco ver sion. However, if the machine achieves tfc success it deserve; I'm sure it wouldn: be too long before Scala step in to fil the gap in the neui bree market After all, if they can port to the PC in the form of MM100r I doubt they’d have too much trouble doing the same for the J Draco - the process being made all the I easier via the standardisation offered via MMOS.
Paul Hustin prmrns the incredible fllacroSustem power tower DRACO DIRECT collection to go 'Draco direct’ and can now pump through an incredible 35Mb per second, making it the fastest graphics card in the business - running Workbench or any graphic card-compliant software in full 24bit, 64K or 256 colours in a variety of resolutions ranging from 320 x 240 up to 1600 x 992.
The Retina's affinity with Workbench emulation, plus the ever-growing range The lack of the standard Amiga chipset could hold a few potential problems for programmers and indeed some notable Amiga Applications. One c the most worrying aspects is access to the Amiga blitter. Fortunately, ¦ MacroSystem have already spotted the I problem and after some clever coding, a direct replacement has been made via the Retina's on-board blitter.
Of software with direct support for RTG boards, is a key factor in the development of the Draco. Lightwave, ADPro, ImageFX, Wordworth. PageStream, the list goes on. As a consequence, even with the Custom Chipset stripped away, the Draco remains compatible with the vast majority of Amiga applications - only the ones which absolutely insist on standard chip RAM or the AGA fall by the wayside.
COMPATIBILITY Another huge plus for the Draco is its backwards compatibility. This may seem a strange comment in relation to a brand new computer, but when it comes to MacroSystems’ hardware it’s entirely accurate. Obviously, there's a lot of people out there who've already invested a fair amount of hard earned cash on Toccatas, Vlab Motion cards and Retina's. The good news is that all of the above will work perfectly well in the Draco. As a consequence.
MacroSystem will be offering a mix and match option for those who already have elements of the Draco as part of the existing systems.
However, it must be said there are ?
I, In fact, the Retina is the first I card in the- combine forces within the MovieShop Draco environment, samples captured directly via the Toccata such as backing music or narration can still be imported and mixed with the existing AV in the production. Better still, any imported or directly captured audio can still be worked upon within MovieShop. For example, you can import as much audio as you like, adjust its length and position on the Timeline, or transfer it between video clips or scenes.
But perhaps most importantly, you also have complete control over the sound envelopes of the samples you're working on. As part of the Timeline control, you're provided with an envelope requester which allows you to insert multiple edit points and adjust where the levels appropriately.
Consequently, you can introduce frame accurate volume changes and even cross-fades between different audio tracks in different video clips. In short, complete control over the sound dynamics within the production.
Once you've achieved a suitable mix between the original audio, backing music, vocal over-dubs, sound effects or whatever else, the whole thing can be boiled down into a new super sample which can be linked to a particular section of video or kept as a separate element.
The finishing touch on the audio side is the arrival of a built-in SMPTE timecode generator. Now, striping a tape with timecode is simply a matter of plug- ging-in the target recorder and clicking on a button.
Yet another broadcast essential catered for.
Amiga Computing NOVEMBER 1995 - ?
Advantages for those willing to invest in 'Draco direct’ hardware. At present, the Retina is the only card in the collection which has undergone the conversion - however Vlab Motion is close behind.
A standard Zorro II VLM transfers roughly 1Mb a second faster on the Draco, courtesy of a fast Zorro II software patch. In addition, the MovieShop code has also been optimised.
Especially in relation to decoding and encoding for the ever growing band of DVEs.
Running the standard VLM card, the Draco can attain, and more importantly maintain, 90 per cent Jpeg compression, which equates to BetaCam SP and above. In other words, image qual ity on a par with the DPS Personal Animation Recorder - otherwise known as the PAR card.
However, with the arrival of the “Draco direct" version, VLM compression will no longer be a consideration With transfer speeds up to three times faster than Zorro III the "Draco direct* VLM will easily encode real-time full frame video without using any compres* sion whatsoever. And better still DVE decoding and encoding will be done via hardware - making for much faster DVE Ujhat’5 in the bon The Alpha option Okay, you've heard the preamble concerning the key elements in the system, but what's it all in aid of? In Short, the Draco is a one-stop graphics, digital video and audio solution
which will become one of the fastest rendering and digital video effects systems on any desktop.
The aforementioned Dec Alpha co-processor could well prove to be the real key to the Draco's success in the long term - with the first and most obvious beneficiary being the MovieShop software.
Not surprisingly, an expansion slot already awaits a new co-processor which features the fastest chip in the Dec Alpha range, and currently holds the record for the world's fastest micro-processor delivering an astonishing 450 mips - which translates into 10 times the speed of an 50Mhz 060. The end result in MovieShop's case is real-time DVEs in software.
At present, the generation of wipes, fades and special effects can be a fairly lengthy process, especially Timelines and 5FH When the real time grabbing and importing is complete, and the assorted clips have been trimmed, edited, and appended, the next step is to drop them into the Timeline and add the all-important special effects and additional audio The actual process of building the Movie is entirely non-destructive. In reality it simply offers a means of layering and combining existing audio and video into a new sequence, The end result of all this is user- defined sequencing of all the
existing scenes - aided by visual and audio effects.
If a new dip overlaps an existing element, a fade operator could be dropped between the overlap to produce a digital cross-fade.
This ability to mix and process multiple sequences points to another unique feature of VLM, namely its ability to operate as a digital A B roll environment with a built-in digital effects processor. Admittedly, this is by no means a real-time process, because once the scenes are arranged, and the on more complex DVEs. However, with the arrival of the co-pro, the vast majority of MovieShop SFXs will be real time, while the more complex flying cubes and the like will be generated in near real time.
However. MovieShop need not be the only software to cash in on the power of the Dec Alpha.
MacroSystem will be providing a dedicated compiler for anyone wishing to re-compile their software for the Draco co-pro - obvious choices being Lightwave, Real 3D and the like.
In the past, the attempts at partial RISC solution on the Amiga OS has fallen at the first hurdle.
Nevertheless, the MacroSystems' example does prove that a RISC-based accelerations system, an
060. And the Amiga's existing OS can work - Amiga Technologies
please take note.
But unlike its predecessors, the Draco will have the advantage of a solid platform with a user base whose ownership of the machine in itself proves dedication to the DV and computer graphic cause.
Operators in position. MovieShop still has to set about processing the video sequence, transitions and effects specified within the Timeline.
Fortunately, this is all done automatically, but it nevertheless takes time as the process is done entirely via software - in a similar way in which ADPro and ImageFX apply effects to single images. Needless to say. Draco's 060 is a real bonus at this stage.
As you've probably guessed, audio is also computed in a similar manner. If. For example, you've added a backing track, or adjusted the envelope within an existing AV soundtrack, a separate computing pass is needed to apply the changes.
Fortunately, this process usually takes only a matter of seconds.
Although the DVE process may sound daunting, after a little practise it becomes second nature. Beginners are catered for via an easy mode in addition to the more complex RPN approach - which can process an almost unlimited number of sequences alongside multiple layered special effects.
As mentioned earlier, mix and match configurations are available for those who already have elements of the system. However, assuming you're starting from scratch, the basic DV system consists of the following: The Vlab Motion. Toccata. Retina and the 060 CPU and I O combo.
On the storage side you start off with an HD disk drive. The only limitation of which is that the drive is in fact a PC HD floppy. As a consequence, it actually writes Amiga format floppies at roughly half the normal speed.
In addition to the floopy. The Dracc also ships with a quad-speed CD- ROM plus 4Mb of RAM as standard To complement the CD-ROM MacroSystem will also be supplying a dedicated CD which houses Workbench and installs all the accom panying software and utilities needed to manage the system.
Even more interesting is a plan to incorporate Shape Shifter as a slan dard part of the Draco software suite For those unfamiliar with the Shape Shifter, it allows you to define either a file or a partition as a Macintosh.
Add Mac system software and you effectively have a full blown Mac run ning on your Amiga, or in this case a Draco. However, in order to accom plish the seemingly unthinkable you do need a Mac ROM stored as a file on your machine. Obviously, simply ripping a ROM image out of a Mac is highly illegal. As a consequence, an official deal with Apple is essential MacroSystem are confident that cur rent negotiations will end in the all- important handshake. And if so Draco owners will have access to the best of both the Amiga and the Mac.
On the Amiga side. MacroSystem are throwing in the complete ADPrc collection including the conversion Amiga Computing As you’ve probably gathered, the real essence of the Draco's appeal is its ability to operate as a true off-line editor digital video effects generator And in that domain it stands head and shoulders above the opposition.
Unlike the PAR card, actually moving edits around is both easy and. Most importantly, instantaneous Rather than physically moving the data, the VLM and MovieShop combo simply makes a euelist from the existing data and skips around the drive with the assistance of RAM buffenng. As a consequence, making changes to the running order of scenes, or entire movies is instant, whereas the same process on the PAR could literally take hours as the system physically rearranges the data to reflect the new running order.
And, of course, the PAR system is strictly limited to straightforward cut and paste editing, unlike VLM which at present already offers a massive range of DVEs with more coming on-line by the day.
Vlab Motion - tha haart of tha Draco digital vidao Bystem svsnm Esstfiiiflis RED = Essentia1 BLACK = Recommended processing. As a result full D2 - the digital video broadcast standard - will be guaranteed. The only problem then will be one of available storage space To
• drive the point home the existing Jpeg compression settings
will be replaced with a Mb par second - enabling the user to
define how much space to use per second of encoded video Thanks
to such a high degree of image quality. Draco will easily hold
its own in the broadcast market, even on a Zorro II VLM - a
factor which is backod up by a direct link to BetaCam SP
equipment and other broadcast quality hardware. This is thanks
to an optional YUV component module which simply slots onto the
The only other card that really benefits from a 'Draco direct' connection is the Retina and as that's already alive and kicking, the only other element is the Toccata. However, it remains to be seen if MacroSystem will bother with a 'Draco direct' version as the existing version already works at and above CD quality as standard Up and coming Needless to say the launch of the Dec Alpha co-processor is a major event for the elite. However for mere mortals, investment In a co-pro will hinge on :ne arrival of re-compiled versions of Lightwave and other power applications specifically for the
In addition to the various bits that have already had a mention, there is one more imminent upgrade waiting in the wings, which like the co-pro is due to coincide with the official Autumn launch of the Draco. The mystery add-on is in fact a new 64-bet graphics card which will provide full a colour preview actually on the MovieShop control screen Better still, the card will also generate a genlockable signal. Add both of the above to a 64-bit bus and you're looking at a blisteringly fast card that should add the finishing touch to the Draco.
Aside from the system performance, the price tag itself is bound to attract many a serious Amiga fan, with the basic Draco retailing cheaper than an Amiga 4000 running an 060 accelerator. Not bad for a fully-featured digital video box with the potential for full off-line editing.
CD quality audio, broadcast quality digital video effects, and much more besides.
Look at the opposition from the likes of Ouantel's Paintbox and various Mac systems and you'll discover the Draco's asking price is tiny in comparison. The onty other question, especially in relation to newcomers, is ease of use.
Although generally no more daunting than the average Amiga, there is one aspect of the MovieShop environment that could see some improvement, namely the application of DVEs. To achieve DVEs MovieShop employs a Reverse Polish Notation system to stack and process DVEs on an almost unlimited collection of video clips simultaneously. For the novice, it must be said the process can present something of a hurdle. It would be nice if MacroSystem implemented a GUI in the style of MultiLayer specifically for DVE design.
As for the system as a whole, there are no complaints whatsoever. The beta version tested arrived with all the necessary bits separate from the tower, with one piece of A4 listing the various connections. I wired everything up. Hit the power button, and it fired-up first time!
Vorsprung durch technik - or something similar.
If you’re tired of the trail of broken promises surrounding Amiga development. The Draco deserves senous very attention. But if you're serious about audio, video and computer graphics, the Draco is nothing short of a dream machine.
The bottom line Produce: Draco Supplier: MacroSystem Price: £2750 - with 060, 4Mb video, 4Mb system RAM, quad-speed CD-ROM £3670 - with all of the above plus Toccata and Vlab Motion Phone: 0049 230 289 177 Fax: 0049 230 280 884 Hard drives sold separately Ease of use_9 Implementation_9 Value for money_10 Overall_9 Amiga Computing NOVEMBER 1995 w PETRA A SUBSIDIARY COI 30 HARTINGTON ROAD, SOU1 THE NEW AMOS AGA EXTENSION IS NOW AVAILABLE FROM PETRA SOFTWARE.
Tel Fax: 01703 366069 - The Amiga Users of Calgary (AMUC) held a sue cessful AmUAM in 1993, but the prospect of a show in the summer of 1994 was too uncomfortable for the group. The plans went through for 1995 after the formation of Amiga Technologies increased user confidence.
Booked irtto the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology’s show floor were Wonder Computers, the aforementioned Canadian dealer distributor software development company, Oregon Research, publishers of Termite and On The Ball as well as the distributors of HiSoft products, AmiTrix, an Edmonton-based Amiga development and distribution company, local dealers Software Supermart and The Computer Shop, and Spots, a local Internet service provider with active Amiga support. In addition to booking dealers for the show Jason tompton reports on the state and suruiual of the dmiga nation in Hmerita
over North American distribution rights and policies have only thrown the market into more chaos.
Perhaps the best way to start answering the question, where exactly do we stand?' Is with a qualified 'Not as bad as it looks.' After all.
Some things have actually improved measurably over the past few months, namely the availability of general-interest printed Amiga he Amiga may have been bom A and raised to adolescence by an American upstart company in the form of Amiga Incorporated, but after the transfer to Commodore, the Amiga would enjoy much greater success in Europe than on the continent where it got its start. Poor advertising got the machine off to a bad start, but enough Commodore brand loyalists went with the Amiga to keep the market fresh for the advent of desktop video, which the Amiga has thus far had a firm
grasp on.
Serious development was largely found on the North American continent for a number of years, but attrition and more lucrative markets have squashed some companies and lured others away. In some areas of Amiga development, most notably the high-end graphics card market. North America is completely reliant on European products, having no home-grown card to consider.
The arrival of each new day seems to bring more and more television and print ads for rival platforms.
Confusion floor, AMUC brought speakers to the show, made i of local talent, Steve Vetzal, Information Technology Division Head for Wonde Computers. Dave Haynie and Dali Larson, former Commodore eng neers, and myself. Dave Haynie'$ | speeches brought the biggeS crowds, and they were reward with a look at a prototype board foj Nyx, the AAA developmen machine. Sadly, Dave's board i longer works.
Wonder sprawled across nearl a quarter of the show floor, with so ware piled high off the tables. Of pari note were the products they acquired fro magazines. For a time there was only one. But the introduction of this publication into the market as well as the revival of Amiga Game Zone has made the situation a bit more tolerable.
Where some software developers have I failed or given up, others press onward.
Consultron. Manufacturers of the astoundingly useful CrossDOS and CrossMAC filesystem packages, are stil keeping their heads above water.l President Leonard Poma reports that his I company's sales are down over the past two years and that there hasn't been a marked improvement since Escom’s April I acquisition of the Amiga which ended a I year of total uncertainty. Still, sales in the I New Horizons, most important DesignWorks, the structured drawin package, enhanced to version 1.1 by Lazarus Engineering, the Wonder sister softwa development company. Oregon Research broug neui flmiJfldl '35
Il-I their entire Amiga product line and Bob Luneski, the president, spoke of an upcoming refit to On The Ball, the personal organiser package recently acquired from Pure Logic Software. Termite 1.1, the modem terminal program, was available, complete with updated manual.
R AmiTrix was showing AmigaUnk, the floppy-pori networking system it recently acquired distribution rights for. Also on display were the SCSI-TV and SCSI-570, the full SCSI interfaces for the CDTV and A570 that the AmiTrix engineers devised.
The show wound down with a panel discussion made up of Brant Coghlan of AmiTrix. Dale Larson.
Dave Haynie. Steve Vetzal and Steve Cockwell from Wonder, and myself. It crystallised the mood of the show, which was one of ‘strong concern.’ Amiga users are looking for fast action and inspiring decisions. And to date have not been getting what they're looking for.
Also discussed was what the panel would like to see for future development of the Amiga line.
PowerPC was a virtually unanimous choice. As Dave Haynie put it: “it will be the only RISC chip with a chance to be priced as a commodity item."
Despite attendance in the hundreds (registered attendance did not break 400. According to reports), the exhibitors were pleased and the organisers were too tired to be concerned. Show admittance was free, and many people came and went without checking in.
Everyone went home happy, and most people were just glad to be in an environment with so much Amiga enthusiasm and energy.
Somewhere else to play, so to speak.
Upon release of ImageFX 2.0, Nova found their own independent distribution channels rather than publishing through GVP, as they had done in the past.
Many areas of North America have seen their dealerships shrink, consolidate, or disappear altogether. Indeed. I am constantly reminded that Mexico City, the world’s largest metropolis, has only one Amiga dealership. What. Then, fuels Wonder Computers, a dealership chain that has grown from one store to five in the past few years, has instituted a corporate division for infrastructure management and product distribution, and recently added a software development team to its repertoire?
Based in Ottawa. Canada, with stores in Ottawa, Toronto, London, Montreal, and Vancouver, the answer seems to lie in dedication and making the right decisions in the right places, as well as having an impressive enough presence to instil confidence in the user base.
Each of Wonder’s five stores is Amiga- morld of flmigas high-end market where cross-platform disk sharing is a must have kept the company going and able to support its product line.
Standing in contrast to proud veteran onsultron are new arrivals Phantom Development, publishers of Amiga software. When asked why he decided to get into the Amiga market in its current state.
President Christopher Aldi replied simply: ‘I hate Windows. This is the business I want to be in. Maybe I'm stupid."
First off the Phantom lines is Digital Ouiii, a high-powered, visually polished text editor by Timothy Aston, and soon to follow will be Hell Pigs, a monstrously large adventure that can be best described as a cross between King’s Quest 6 and Zak McCracken and the Alien Mindbenders - with big guns.
Classics, the Croatian team developing Hetl Pigs, plan an Amiga floppy version.
In short, there are a lot of questions in the North American market and no easy answers. The decision to spend no marketing dollars this year was a difficult one to accept for many. While the argument is certainly true that this is not the strongest market historically for the Amiga, the potential-and existing-customer base cannot be ignored.
At this point, sitting back, sipping that cup of coffee you just bought and riding out the situation is not a bad idea. Gilles Bourdin of Amiga Technologies PR has asked North Americans to send him articles mentioning the Amiga in major press publications. Former engineers such as Dale Larson have interviewed with ISE. The new subcontractor for Amiga engineering. The questions are not easy, but the answers, slowly, are forthcoming.
And even more importantly, the dealer and development support is still here. Yes. There is no more GVP to flagship the Amiga on this continent. But the community survives. The users, developers and dealers are doing as much as they can. As evidenced by their continuing dedication and support. It is now Amiga Technologies' market to make or break.
An Amiga CD-ROM version with full motion video clips, as well as a PC conversion.
In between these stark comparisons sits Nova Design, the three-man software company famous for ImageFX. The professional image manipulation package.
They survived the collapse and sale of GVP by taking their ball and finding Amiga [onuentmn ‘95 Just over a month later, on the other side of Canada, Amiga Convention ‘95 kicked off. On paper the two shows don't look all that different. Dale Larson and Jason Compton booked as speakers. Wonder Computers to anchor the dealer floor. Two days, ending in a panel discussion. But just as every city has its own flavour, every Amiga show has its own lasting impressions. *¦* Alex Amor of Creative Equipment International, who has repeatedly tried to secure an agreement for distnbution. Says he is
“anxiously awaiting the release of the Amiga Technologies line of machines in North America." It is unclear what role a distnbutor would play - it has been made clear by Amiga Technologies that they will not spend a dollar on North American marketing in 1995, and at the recent UK press and dealer conference they said they were interested in a ‘partner’ rather than a ‘distributor.' This could dramatically change the way the Amiga is presented to the market-when an agreement is reached.
What truly drives the Amiga market isn't just the software developers or the dealers or the distributors. In fact. I daresay they're secondary Amiga users have stepped up where software developers, distributors, and dealers, until very recently, have been unwilling to tread, organising and holding Amiga shows to keep the dream alive and to retain active support for their machines, even if it means being a part of that support.
Only, barring the occasional video product.
Wonders deal for distribution rights of the Quasar Distribution product line (primarily consisting of Chris Hames' DirWork and PC-Task packages) put them on the map.
And their purchase of the New Horizons B- Pack' of software, including DesignWorks.
QuickWrite. And QuarterBack added a ready-made, if slightly dated, suite of a dozen products they could develop or sell outright at their option. (QuarterBack has already been sold to Quasar.) Wonder's services even include classes on the Amiga, held in a small computer lab environment.
There certainly is no lack of interest in Amiga distribution on this continent, as demonstrated by the half-dozen companies that participated in Amiga Technologies’ impromptu meeting in July which attempted, unsuccessfully, to implement a solid distribution arrangement in North America.
DISTRIBUTION ROLE For one. AC ‘95 took a different approach to the off-floor entertainment, While AmiJAM was very heavy on speeches and presentations, booking two different rooms through most hours of the day. AC had only one presentation room, which had demo, music, and graphics competitions in addition to the booked speakers. The organisers plan to make the winning entries freely available on Aminet FTP.
On the floor, the dealer presence was more noticeable, perhaps because they were cramped more closely together - a testament to the number that were booked.
Dealers Oby’s Amiga Computing Shop, GfxBase, and National Amiga were on hand with products to sell. Pre’Spect Technologies had their own display of products including the MultiFace II and IV cards, which they now manufacture on license from bsc, the original development company. AsimWare were on hand with their AsimCDFS CD-ROM filesystem, complete with CD32 emulation, which president Paul Reeves took delight in demonstrating by playing hours of Super Stardust CD32.
While he did not man a dealer table for long, Hal Greenlee had flyers on hand and on display for the Micronik 4000 Tower, a custom Amiga 4000 tower system manufactured in Germany with a special daughterboard offering expanded slots for the machine. As mentioned. Wonder Computers had a large display of software and hardware at their tables, including enhanced New Horizons software. Rick Sulpizio, distributor of the MacroSystem Germany product line in Canada, had the V-Lab Motion set up for impressive displays of real-time non-linear editing.
Unfortunately, he did not have the Draco 060-based Amiga-compatible non-linear editing computer with him. (See the exclusive review of the Draco in this issue - ed.)
Most dealers kept a cheery disposition as the 12-hour days marched on. Oby's sold every copy of Gloom they brought (greatly assisted by the fact that they had a two-player networked display set up for attendees to play), and National Amiga covered the entire cost of the trip the first day.
Dale Larson, who now makes his living as President of Intangible Assets Manufacturing, gave his presentation on networking Amigas - a logical choice, since his company produces Amiga Envoy 2.0 and the book Connect Your Amiga!, as well as publishing Dave Haynie’s Deathbed Vigi documentary and DiskSalv utility.
Al Mackey of MegaBall fame gave a stunning art demonstration on Digital Creations’ Brilliance paint program. I made the mistake of leaving the room when a rough sketch was on the screen, and when I returned two minutes later, a full cartoon drawing greeted me.
My speech was a consolidated version of the two speeches on emulation I gave at AmiJAM. The crowd indulged my strange desires to play old Commodore 64 games on Amiga screens.
The panel discussion closed the event with Dale Larson, Peter Cherna (also late ol Commodore and now employed on PC development at Scala), Greg Scott, president of National Amiga, and myself. Most of the audience's questions were aimed at the former Commodore folk, feeling out their theories for future development and the potential for the Amiga in the marketplace.
Paid attendance was roughly that of the registered attendance at AmiJAM.
Those that came had essentially the same questions and concerns as the first time around - when will we see new products? When will we be supported? When will we be convinced that this isn't Commodore all Over again? Bob Luneskl (centre), President of Oregon Research The Fall & Rise in Amiga Frame Grabbing... ProGrab™ has caused a Real Fall in the Price of Quality Frame Grabbing I - the Rise in Standards speak for themselves!
STAGE 1... Select any video source with S-VHS or composite output This could be your camcorder, TV with SCART output satellite receiver, domestic VCR player or standard TV signal passing through your VCR player . The choice is yours STAGE 2... With ProGrab* software, select an image you wish to capture using the on screen preview window - and Grab (because the hardware grabs frames in real time, there's no need for a freeze frame facility on the source device). ProGrab,v even includes a Teletext viewing capturing facility from either TV or satellite sources. Once grabbed, simply download and
view the full image on your Amiga screen.
STAGE 3... Use the image with your favourite word processor. DTP or graphics package ProGrab"'.
Mpporti «ll rtcerw Amg.u .ind rt Alto My AGA Chiptrt tsmprtMilr TOM (in rvtn wot* m the new grj.pn.ci model up to I *72 iSW piifil In HAW 8 |Am.g* ProGrab ... lupp»n IFF H0M.
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Pawttr computing routine! IAGA ProGrab™ really does make it that simple!
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txen »owl n The Best VkJeo HarOAarcpraXct(ortheAir»g.i
nxKipipmuly pia&ng twauie (hr wwrd i gmo IB*” |hc ma unri
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lOAde' lo rruoic griOi directly from wutwitrw ’ progrAm wvmg
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too t Preview : ¦ computers ¦ harwood
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NTSC WatfMrrom the bo.
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lo cpncul order which then Support the ntirtxc nxxJe fuiy Plr.w
Ml us for M detart f ...or Post FAX your requirements on the
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ProGrab™ has received honours from just about every Amiga magazine!
And... with ProGrab™ you needn't be an expert in Amiga Video Technology either... A simple 3 stage operation ensures the right results - Real Time, after time.
CUNngas rating of 66ii v»d AoGr Ab” n An! Me » hr Degrmen and irm prcAnscnas on a t*grt tXASjcf «nd. Vtry had lo Or* For ire money rcmrvj can touch t Exclusive Reader Offe AMIGA COMPUTING With a score of 87%, PLUS a Gold Award to boot, Obsession comes highly recommended from the Amiga Computing team.
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(SK3036) Media House. Adlington Park. Macclesfield. Cheshire SK10 4NP Priority order form Transparently import any picture format into any program. Sounds - lihe a good idea to- Heil mahr- Datachrome executable is only 14k, so will fit on a floppy with no problem at all.
The actual Datachrome program is very simple, comprising two tick boxes and two buttons, allowing you to activate Datachrome and disable the conversion requester. It is possible to change the directory where the Other datatypes: Tiff Targa PNG Reko X BitMap DeBox Sun Raster Ujhat are datatijpes ypical - Commodore create a way for a program to be able to load any type of file type it needs to, and no one uses it. What is needed is a program that will sit in [ between the datatypes and the applica- i tion program, quietly converting any | files that are loaded.
[ Datachrome is meant to do exactly that. Once activated it will intercept any toad request, see if the file type being joaded is a supported datatype, and if it is. Datachrome will convert the file to a normal IFF version of that file which is what your program actually ends up loading.
In use this can cause problems.
I Firstly, you must make sure you remove the icon datatype from the DevsrDatatype drawer. Otherwise, when you open a window on Workbench, Datachrome will intercept every icon file and convert it to an IFF file. This is then passed to Workbench which, not surprisingly, gets very confused.
INTERCEPTING Another side effect is that any programs that use external graphics will cause Datachrome to intercept the load calls. If you are using a MUI application this can get a little annoying, especially as MUI already supports datatypes.
The general side effect is that the Datachrome message requester pops up unexpectedly, which is both annoying and slows the computer down somewhat.
Installation of Datachrome is a breeze, thanks to the standard Amiga installer program, and the fact there are only four files to install. The main Huailable datatijpes Included with Datachrome: jpeg GIF PCX Windows BMP MacPict Window Icon Preaching to the conuerted temporary converted files are stored.
This last point is of particular use to hard drive users because you can save precious memory by using the hard drive to store the converted file.
In general use Datachrome work fine
- programs like Final Writer. Dpaint and Brilliance all work
perfectly with Datachrome. My main criticism is the actual
control program - it is far too basic. For starters, it should
have been implemented as a commodity, allowing the usual hot
keys to activate and deactivate Datachrome and to pop the GUI
to the front. It would also be very handy if you could have a
list of datatypes to exclude from conversion, along with a list
of programs Datachrome should ignore.
Due to the problems with Datachrome intercepting all the load calls, it is not possible to leave it running in the background as it just interferes with other programs far too often. Datachrome does what it says it should do, the problem is.
It could do it a little better. fgp SYSTEm ESSEflllHlS RED = Essontial BLACK = Recommended Datatypes were introduced with version 3.0 of the Amiga's operating system and are based on the object-oriented design methodology, part of which includes the need for logic normalisation.
What does that mean? I hear some of you cry.
Well basically, why should every programmer, for every program, have to write their own code to handle loading different file formats. Surely it would be far better if one person wrote the load routines and allowed any program to access them.
Datatypes allow programmers to use a single interface to load any supported type of file format, some of which may or may not be known to the programmer now or in the future.
The PNG datatype is a prime example of this.
Say a program was written last year that supported the loading of picture datatypes. That programmer could not have possibly known anything about the PNG datatype, as it didn't even exist. Yet with the release of the PNG datatype, their program can load PNG pictures just as easily as if they were IFFs.
The bottom line Product: DataChrome Supplier: Chroma Price: £29.95 Phone: 01328 862693 Ease of use Implementation Value for money Overall 8 5 7 6 Amiga Computing NOVEMBER 1995 "l SOF1 Dept AC92, P.O. Box 151, Darlington, County Durham, DL3 8YT , - 01325 352260 sales@active2.demon.co.uk HOW TO ORDER Public Domain Prices Key [WB2+] Workbench 2* ( [WB3+] Workbench 3+( Number ol Disks Minimum Me For AGA I Minimum Pr Hard Drive Ne 1 FREEH Each Public Domain Disk 99p [2DJ [1MB] [AGA] [030] (HD] Postage On All Orders 75p RwKJsnB oukop UKMmEU mM 10% to TOTAL HauOTtl * RwI at
iVortdatU 5 to TOTAL Catalogue Disk 50p Cont*n$ W toSrg, Ft UannnM. QQ f *K lO PD DISKS GET BUY Make all Cheques and Postal Orders Payable to ACTIVE SOFTWARE NEW TITLES Latest demos continued . 0230 MELON "PLANET M~ ova*. CMo tow nwor RiHaod m a pwty r N NoVtolanw toto*.
0231 AXIS "PICTURE BOOK" - I UMB HO GAMES INSTALLER 4«ww nu»i u you I U649 enLOCK loo. P-ig-pt. « "SrS*tfl • I U6S0 BOOKIE BEATER 9w r. »» . r» gr v ¦ I U6S3 SKIOMARKS 2 CARS 4 can Icr he aga Swumm I U655 AUTOSTEREOORAM v4B s*. Mcr of r. p u, ,„* I U6S6 SUPER OMS *2 A po»M -*-*• tor OMS ytru.
I U6SB DOPUS»5»»vS.11 UPGRADE I Dopuan 11 I Ue«1 PAGESTREAM v3G » 3H ic hi n POS v r .
I U662 MUI v3B BmavwwoxcfUU rtntorl. |wei !|X!| I U663 TURBOSUITl vM cMMg.. yog. :vnv- ] U6S4 BASIC ELECTRONICS vl .1 me re iw.i of..: o’Mere a a d * to tow. You to. INMAO*: | U666 IMAGE DESK vt.SO magi MitotoeteMpckratoirTena* hop am w tie SO mtAei ' W*1 I U6M VIRUS WORKSHOP v5 4 u..t... I U669 VIRUS CHECKER vS.57 ?»:«•* ana Uk.. M I U870 TERM v4 4 00 T.rm . H. rv.«l rompy-erp,, lom-cr-jllir* I MM), * oo Mi my cowwkw mum. J0 I US71 TERM »4.4 030 ¦ | U672 ORGANISER BITS a cotoctcr ol• I US74 ZXAM SPECTRUM EMULATOR v28 NEW 9 I InJiB You need an AGA Amg. Gf OM. Proea I U87S DIALLING COOES
v2.il MIDtoaia I tlwatoetfDMyoutolypaaoeitoendVaitosaaa ,1M9* | I U677 EAST CALC v2B k »»m(motor. Ivm*¦ | U679 STEREO OPTICON t.usx. JO (tore X ,*¦*- *-* M are MM Itojk so JMM- m-*ar * itm 30- gng-to* I U679 AREXX GUIDE v2A -. . .» A* I U660 MOSAIC v2B tototo tew 'J he w« irom.. vrtu.i-rcPei | U681 SHAPE SHIFTER *31 .to.mu .n:rclN 9*M AnMMH erwtobr 7 1.14 IO.IH9 AstnMkwvtodi I U692 VARK S CU TOOLS VOUMawaim p M I U683 IMAGE STUDIO v22 M PMCUWi pi Pm I U6M ESSENTIAL AMINET S U torn I U68S MCI TRIGGER vumCUM pw | CUJJJ LAST LAP v1 E.:»l»nl recsig gsm. To ans or too [tlMn GM239 ULTIMATE STAR
TREK Otoe od M a pw H.mv, gm.
I s, lorn wcser 0w»| GM242 PSVCHUEL Aam free] sty. Moot aw if ay.. GM24S THE PYRAMC GAME a .
I a«naD*n0M|i GM249 DELUXE PACMAN ECS 0M3M BATTLESHIPS a •, mm gmw ey «- Aaarn GMJS9 EGG SCRAMBLE v , .Mdgm. vm.««up-ito ¦ GM260 GEMZ sMceve puttoe pa*.
GM263 CODE NAME NANO m«Ii dvuet pm* OM to GU2B4 SC0RTCHE0 TANKS vl.85 GM2*5 DATASTORM .... GM266 BLITZ BOMBERS t..,«». ivn., jr.
GM267 NIMBLE! Nto Mtdn puuto gpM CM268 EXCELLENT CARD GAMES* a set otdftomn cam I gemeaonrtore ;AGAJ GM269 MASTER BLASTER II Mart tor* gam I GM270 TRONJCS i. • ajkm GM271 SUPER COMBAT 3 •« . . Tm mw ‘ «o- I tooder Smart) grspncs-Obtaei to tAetoerpwyer ' GM272 DR STRANGE 2 lop nolcr, (MPcrm nr* GM273 REBELLION I GM274 R3 .. • • ; ;i»y» mcori v-Anj r»jr ym GM275 MARATHON . ...... . .r n.
GM27S THE DEVILS ABODE . R. .-r.*.» w.o.*» ] WrW 'i .«.3CWwM..|j. Dkvi | GM277 SPEED • DOOMER 2 •: or Ha Own don. U .. pr -. Rrar M» luk MCI ar I GM278 DNX am twin (p Sa Mi opk j | GM279 ALIEN BASH n MryanatotoOaoaCnpna mygM | GM280 SKID RACER • .
GM2S1 DUCK DODGERS pMpWem. Pro wwpgas I GM282 TRAP EM r . Ol pm aacort ., 'v .• | GM283 ZOMBIES ¦ r , , • , | GM284 DARK ANGEL Human «v* cwrtom n a com.
GM28S BLACK 0AWN V pm an m P gnai mpmi GM286 GALLEONS I (My* GM287 ENGINES J .-taw P D203 MYSTIC "IMPOSSIBLE IMPOSSIBILITY- Arr.ni . Pwwwe peay P8 Oal W |Z Oiaaal |4MM [AQAj D204 TRSI • ANMALONIUM LEMNI Ojp a aaeara torro to TMAWtMKtAGA) 0213 PARALLEX CCN "DEEP" Mow * p« OatMrirp n (?
| D218 FACULTY "MAN ON MOON" . ypyoo to™ «* Mda kaKM ol MM Ouai) [H0( 9U«.: [AGA | 0217 ABYSS "DRUGSTORE" :;OMN D218 OXYRON TEMPLE OP DECEASE’ D219 SANITY "ROOTS II" motr A vy toctot tomy woa« WJ.
0221 FREEZERS "LECH" AGA », a*- jpp ffm Daal I PiwriiW ItoNtHantonMrat Ur«* 0222 ARTWORK OREENDAY" toiwm.
D223 IMPACT DR MELCHOW’ 0226 SUPREME-CHAOS- 0227 SCOOPEX ALIEN" s. xw ... Black » »• ¦* « Mi a poop 0228 STELLAR "HUMAN" s j MmrtoiW 0229 VIVIAT "SLOVIAK"
"ABSTRACT" rrMawatof.
S**v n *» iNtanvdi ' irrtpn ¦ !»« |h0| |« mil D235 MELON DESIGN BAYGON" »«wt oanawwr toto 0«r 0236 EMBASSY “THRILLED" Awwtoy nwww D237 SILENTS "FRUIT MACHINE" topwt Aaawrttv 99 tom 0238 VANITY "AMAZED* ¦urrgw.tomtor.vrrv D239 OXYGENS "CONTROL* ton. Ito 0 ASP tmn, 99 0240 PARALLEX ‘Z1F" 0 A8 P mv* Qoo) ; » GRAPEVINE 21 • GRAPEVINE 22 c DEADLOCK 9 aaa maganto , AnaPtotoNarooaw NFA WORD S dak maoam nom Nf A .
ED060 KIDS DISK 7 awr» urgar 9 a (rog.«r. SCOOPEX "ARTCORE* r NFA SOURCE N CODE 2 AMOS k*k* W 1 i.p.9 toa naganna Pom 180 .
MAIN LIBRARY U078 WB3 HD INSTALL DISKPN6.lMiMtohliMk.ypu. ?too Dam fP*M!
U230 TOOLS DAEMON V2.1 Aodaktoaa.you.MMan. .
U239 RE-ORG V3.11 •totogana.vmrPakattoOM U302 VIE WTEK v2 01 v«M can too. Chtto to-wm ran ng JPEOandPa AOA Kfton imoaa |WIU.
U317 ACTION REPLAY PROAe*naaa4aytol»Ai!CO;‘ •- U318 VIDEOTRACKER DATA Lma ol W. Lha hr «a U349 LIBRARIES . DATATYPES Oa you am to a tonry’ HaraaaootacBorr U3S2 MAGIC WB v13P Tto W.l ,ar,.on oHwKwccn U359 TELETEXT vl 20 C-aaw a toto.itoc.vw U378 POWERCACME V37.1 IS SpM«you. Man)Dm. Aoto aat tat cart, pragtom Vanoto hr 00,0*0,0» and 0*9 W*J.| U379 DESKTOP MAGIC v2.0 rrmpogamakMa.oufcaa r U406 0«SK SALV *2.31 Tna.toatoOakMa.. rr taPutac U416 AMIGA DOS GUIOE vl laam Amja 006 aan M (rpgam U428 EPU STAKKER Vi.70ooutM ku rum Bng watv ¦ U434 EDWORD PRO v8 Etkmto Pro a to meat comprahanatoa and aaay
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U440 SNOOPOOS v3 u*a twyaa * .«.»*» pagan Kmy. An total kx to l*to ovt Mval a U453 MAIN ACTOR v1.M Ana Buy* !*&(.; U454 VIDEOTRACKER 2 AGA in. AOA d U467T. U.O.E. vl.OO-aL uaad to toyra A’JOO1000ffa to uaa ««’ A tomov. Ton mam at; U47S RELOKICK V1.4A FINAL a to mow Ptoto togn a" myi1 teigMtMUUvI.M.toaV.toalfarg U479 MSOOS FOR AMIGADOS * :« yo. ® uaa to MS 006 aaamanot on yrxr Anaga Awo um to USOOS an. ‘ “ 1 U400 HD GAMES INSTALLER II an* Arga Sana, Atom ktonal Kortont«. Aur n Titoh M alixf 12 mora* U467 BIRTMDATE HISTORY v221 Oaa a onyourkattoF U4M M.U.I. V2J CMM.QUMMcaa Nmadh. Uoaak U402
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U810 FINAL FAX SUPER DUPER v3.13 r*m Pat ampc corrro Qhfaa tom Final Voaa. Aarhag a (at kora a noma docunam US14 DISK STICK Vl 1 A dak laM*«2 (.ogam US17 FINAL WRITER 030 PATCH t n.tarm a :a(r avMm M hMM 3 Fthl RUM 1NB an igtnNM «Mk« GM f MU US21 ADORESS PRINT v4 Sava adto»aaa am onto tom to latto U523 DOPUS MAGIC COMPANIAN lo«j cr tuftr. AACxx US32 ALL NEW FINAL WRAPPER v3 tow *
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U623 AMIGA CD-ROM GUIDE Owda to htoa V Amga CO.
AmgagudadOC ;nS2.| U628 ICONIAN v2 91 Swn* AOA non mo JafiA, U629 DiV RekO v2 Conakuci KtowM. Cwda . .
U634 FRODO v1.5 T n vary boat C*4 mJtUr tor to Amga Aa*ra tooMgaraaaWiVw M.'. U635 OOPUS UTILS 2 lend, oiva.i-r pinery OM 4 Mm ac'pa Aran RutnaatWah MB.IIDofaa; U636 TYPING DEMON . Mm hoa » M» vwy wu, • U638 ESSENTIAL AMINET 7 Amnal uUtai .... U645 FINAL WRITER v3 PCH REV 7 Fo. Ooe. P ¦oaao rv.aaa. Fmar Pm vanmn .1 GMS8 BLACK DAWN II a popMir 20 admrtoa OM67 SCRABBLE f-oaaac powd gam.
GM78 STARWOIOS rmai am oto mum pa,... OM97 TOP MAT WILLY ¦- Amga MW Sw Wfr' tp ll kttM GM10S DYNAMITE WARRIORS 2 GM116 CHANEOUES ... ton cwaaa" A larrnvr.ja Vs. garm Cratiya«nhnan,k»Paipraryiuii|Dfia«na |3 0aia; GM123 MEGABLOCK V2 to ban rart gamw on to Amga GM 125 KELLOOS LAND WOW ThamyotoPO Wpm gam.
OM127 ZAXXON un Tha OM da*ac no* comaa to *a Amaja' GM 130 FISHY FISHYaoi to .man Mi, a«a p. dah am go- GM132 SAMURAI SHOWDOWN g r Kwg BOM rgpW . I ... , . R • • GM136 CYBERMAN «c»a'A10parmandona Vary daoarandaad GM138 INTERNAL COMBUSTION paalatomnmM -MP phyvraonoowd GM 141 MADHOUSE, gagaopasrartira -m .
GM147 DELUXE GALAGA v2 51 -m* M to baai PO a GM 1M BanLE DUEL AGA «.«. MI - a 5uPERB mMHoya.
GM195 BATTLE DUEL ECStCSmroncdtoaOMa GM226 OLOOM A dame ramon el to KrVaxrratg Ooom ttom •' ¦ LATEST CARDS KLOM Pfanaa. Taagja 99 CanJa Kltrn ramraat CanM Kll«d Oraamr Carda Kli» UodamlBt Canto Xltjrnma Cop Canto KHMSctoXi 1 Canto XII* V-x,? Canto KLMOJapArhn Canto KIU1 TomwCaW KL142 6km toaka. 1 Canto Kl 143 Ming* »Mndi 2 Canto KL'UmayMCam KLUSOaOntoamCardi Kll4dWorUk*aa Canto KLU7 Anikcn Canto Ki I *» Soane Canto KL 140 Lon King 2 Cwda KllM)WWJ*a2Catoi Kli41 X-fHta Canto lO.IMX.FJH2CA.fl. KLI 41 Cutntor- Canto
• 0.154 Lor. Xhg III Canto KIKMOCanCM
S. 11S Salan Canto MliMBuatongtCardi KL1S7 Bg Can Catot XL 158
Ktoa. Toaancl Cato XL 159 Tha Sky Canto KL1B00 KL1B1F KL1B2
Chrv A Ky«a Canto KL 161 Daap Swca tt Canto Kl184U*KA)1Cim» KL
164 Tahua Canto XliM Man Canto Kli67 Barman 1 Cars.
Kl'HVoyggyCom* KIIW Owm II CaMk KLIflB VT Craeaa Canto I*.
KUC6 EnkJ Banht Canto ¦a 107 VWB Lit Canto KL'ttfttorCmknCanM Xl 100IW Lit II Canto ¦ai 10 Lanctoctpta Canto KL112P XL 111 9 KL114 Evwhn Wrntn Canto ¦4119 NFA Maak Canto FL119 Marna Fan Canto Kuirgpdt l Carto KL1IB8uW2CtolK KLIlptonoao Caidt KLIMTiualwa Canto KL121 Aatruan Canto «LlWHwhlCgw)«nCOTli KL121 Eora Haama 2 Canto KL124 Sin Wna Gatory Canto KL129 Aantora Canto KL124 Buaan Canto 18.
¦0.127 a™ Mrma Smm CanM XL 129 FiAp Fvtoon Canto XL 129 Pcdy Pwttog Canto IB.
XL1» Baal 6amta Canto Kli Jt Rarvacho Cmii KL1MF XLI33G KLIMS KLI36 Awka Canto FV LICENCEWARE EM4 TOTS TIME t3 M (9*6 to- «s *r -*f» FI-31 POWER8ASE V3.3 C3.99 dacakaaa FI-33 POWER PLANNER C3.99 pamorW v aaa.
FI-41 GRAND PRIX MANAGER C3.99 -a.yunmgnrdpi. FI-50 GUCE TO AMOS v2 C4.99 atwduh Oagomm pwtoh Amoa Stem* g ga to ha« you unaarawm' F1-S6 GIOOY 2 C3 «9S46WttGMi F 1 2 JUNIOR ARTIST C3.99 -p. » *«.
F1-67 BUBBLE TRUBBLE C4 99 FI-68 AOUANAUTA C3.89 waitgmi Q*t*i F1-74 AMIGA ASSIST C3 99 tagvram prtja FI-76 OBSTICKLE C3.99 tumt pwfum natp FI-61 AOUAKONAGA C5.99 * rr. M. Orxm wn np F1 -63 IMAGE COMPRESSOR C3.99 u AUOS cudwa FI-84 WORD PLUS. PROv13 £4.99 Wam to ino. A aonl gal pat'Uaad u tat tor £14 M' FI-86 LEGIONS OF DAWN C4 J9 SoFiDdiflKn Maator !ypa pama Chur, ol aM r maracno an] xiada ol .aacwm FI-87 LEGIONS OF OAWN £4.99 ham «toa mm FI-102 AURIGA £4.99 m-r Moanl Saida-c*m.
More games continued . GM1S0 ROCKETZ V2.25 H»we AOA ora, 2 a W pama Oa al toa motl MkM n.« u,v gnw GM164 CYBERGAMES n :wrr A y*wA.-fnr ama at, *4 Tkw « PIMI, tot baa* taa»a»-i» gamn m lha Pupae Oonwn j GM169 MASH Cantor leTtam ilinpafWomigpna A a Baa.tan Lanrnngt and Cannon Foadar GM174 TANKS’ na.aMn um •*. .m OM176 ALIEN GENOCIDE .m a Oea«ton won ocnti ;!
GM179 DOOMER a g:odDoomcainato. Toa Amga • GM180 CARNAGE mod gdt md gem and mw GM1S3 PSSST AOA mnantow «tou on toa Spwry» km n«J Amgaranayr I GM1B4 SCREECH arvdw c» wu-g pa-.
GM185 BOARD GAMES um .i ra w B*rra mi GM187 FEARS 2 AGA •»' Mi«n oana* a • mrm .r9atol anad cnmmatotal varaasn' tAxa atana GM 188 CARO GAMES DELUXE A png*, war *.
Til JU fx» -jroto 4n» Ba.iait «-il vrf* rr *4it GM191 CHILD MURDERER AGA ¦«! Aa bad aa a » gapracto etfmnvra to ac re ra aweary to eeai y» name I GM192 CHILD MURDERER ECS GM193 SPRINGTIME GM227 WAR OF THE WORLDS 4 a muai m OM228 KING HIGH a m* r.m gama Tt se conlan cent, kacxflrop* flraweis. 103I4 moragai I biusnas end docks and much much mom' 1 Extras volume 1 Extras voluma 2 Extras voluma 3 Extras voluma 4 Extras voluma 5 Extras voluma 6 Extras voluma 7 Extras voluma 8 Extras volume 9 Extras volume 10 E liras voluma 11 Extras vokxnt 12 Extras voluma 13 Magic WB Magic WB Magic WB Magic WB
Magic WB Magic WB Magic WB Magic WB Magic WB Magic WB Magic WB Magic WB Magic WB [2 Disks] [2 Disks] [2 Disks] [2 Disks] [2 Disks] [2 Disks] [2 Oltks] (2 Disks] [2 Disks] [2 Disks] [2 Disks) [2 Disks] (2 Disks] Buy alt 13 voluntas for £23 99 or each voluma alt GLOOM Gloom » an Amga ( MtVes all txpscunont A 1 4 playar shoot-em-up. «vBh tha ( o( connecting two Amga * flu tha null modem caCrte Tha Irti 1 Ooom game this offers an t pheric and higtUen.no aiena uj difleieni enemies wiih all the g A1200 £22.99 ana gars you can imagine CD32 £22.99 * *mga Fo-mai ‘imai [2MB.](HD INSTALL) Get Bus belore
slocks run oi* Have you been Gloomed?
Fears 2 out late August, same prices I for Gloom. Look out for extra levels I both games out In the next few months! ] GRAC vl.10 DO you eOrrr.
Cush as Monkey Island and « adrenluie ganw* and anh you a program your Own versoni Win I GisphK MttnM* Ciatuis v1.10| can easily make a point and d »dv*nlu . Gams l.ks Ral ca 1 Ooldiooeye Tna vorpon tows tupf v! Srd comas wtft an ejisrwrs fl al lor your retereno* Oet pm noW £6.99 BLACKBOARD 4 r*.
Mala n.. ed« tecimea roUle pKfluraa lo any gngn m 30, B txdlai rouenee wan upto 99 pxturea m RAM, 1 £8.99 INTRO TO DOS 2 IjfJ WOW' Version 2 ol mo kupaip gude and WroducOon to V and Am t 008 Verwon ono oMened aupeib giade* n ot magarmes - eg 90% m ALA and 92% c Amga Shopper Coy .am to team ho. To uee your Arrvga’ This has I.e. as mrdi • mayor ae the hr* version, itoto axamptee pKkxes The eaaa* to teem about DOS command!, tha CU or about Workbench £6.99 MAGIC PAINT BOX MegK Pamt Box • e sicwb rmm paint program lot a* sges I amed af chMen unde I yaars age Pm is suaaUe tor poreratfl eaufy
demonearate to Pwr chSdren its asvcheity yet pnwU h lures ExceAeni front end 64 dtt.rwt parnng tocrt and toe a lo pnnt luit colour pxtun drect tram pie program to any « pnreor Over 80 dhurerv peed funcaone' Cornea MflUn nanuM
* CD-ROM SOFTWARE FI UCENCEWARB volume one - FI-01 to FI-100 Th»
CO contains the complete wHeclign pi Ft Dcerv*wgre tipf* Irgm
FI-001 lo FI-100 Over 100 Ulles or more than 200 disk*' The CO
Is worth well over £500. Il the disks were bought separately
Thoro is something lor everyone on Vie CD - games, utilities,
tools, professional cl part and music, beginners guides,
educational programs and much more Choose trcm the award
winning Blackboard v3 to Junior Artat or from Tots Time lo GBAC
(the beat ever selling F1 title with 100 * oI copies sold so
tar) You can blast some akens wen Aquanaut. Learn about AMOS
through thoGudo lo Amo*, teach your kids how to Or aw with
Junior Amsi, make a adventure game with GBAC or use some ol the
professional music lor your games. With a very easy to use
AmgaGuide© Interlace with many oI the programs running
straght from the CO All programmers __ _ " receive « royalty
(or every CD aoM. £32 99 COMMERCIAL SOFTWARE - NOT PD!
PHANTASMAGORIA pro backgrounds and textures Textures ana tuckgromdi tor video ray-tracing and maga won ku rw | Wat *va years Their were collection. Consisting ci 600. 24fin bocv grounds and sejluros. S pratanl on r s CO-ROM There are Ihe vary hr i quatty 2*0i| JPEG Mm lor video, graphco and mjl!i-«3a won and I Targa s lor PC raytreong No waaled wsco cn tha CO-ROM1 For I ¦nalance. No muls-gracevca tw auch as SCI. PCX or even more obscue | tomvua that are lound on oetar lexiure CD a A i pertig and complete ccltocten lor Pro s and Amalaura 222 KLONDIKE GOLD Have you entered the race to collect
Wondk* cards be'ora your tnerdsi Even Ihe Amgn scan*' has gone Kiondto* mad! Thus CO IwofcJ Uflltt **f 2SO i4r3« (Out Aim i* 161 6v*7 27S wMh many exclusive cards oonstnxsod Oy scans memoers) al ready-to-run and in LHA lor mat (lor BBS and HD use) All cate- gorsad mao factions all yotx favourites am here ana many mom Alto includes Ktondke HI, Caro Games Define. C&fc ana tools such as DIY Reko. REKO GtO lor Phologancs, BEKO datatype esc This CD * ideal lor a collector, someone rriereriod ci buying Klondike or any card (an. Suporb!
DUE OUT LATE SEPTEMBER £9.99 SIR 2 a l*li Hi ! * b* m f U- 1 UCENCEWARE ASSASSINS 2 in its itf»* AMOS vol.2 n« a AGA EXPERIENCE vol. 1 MULTIMEDIA TOOLKIT II 10001 tf than tom ien0*a mom an] ml Vat S) NFA. Toneus to- Pitti Bodyahop w« and Word dwt iragatre. Praeari (her Irsl CO tor Ih. Amga Tha oortara AGA PD tram Pro last 3 years ol wFMh 901s ml run
• taught Irom tw CD' Ccntare Ihe Oml WB5* uttoes are craatve
tchwate. Iho groom AGA games hqn quaKy AGA tldeihoM re ace
outolandng AGA (Samoa arvartamng and rloimetva Ask maga rea and
re Pert ol re rml K*A have also ccmptad loads ol exeljsvc warm
ter tha CO iUdashoats. Ktondto* cards and mera Alt the and
conlaned m auped) Ma c Wombench etna mahaa the CO an absobte
pleasure to tea' DUE OUT SEPTEMBER 1 ST £ 19.99 aemM roj
fTutmo* nwueye M re im» run Pom re CO OcUtnsd S 94 ho td wion
to -nouJol i Aura M port), Mvvn nn tram "««n Ortrwj wra Orr
Matoto d Unoafl me IM un« M ana m-xXiM ImeeuA Oto pUerm manm
¦ortng -Mh P- f | Amp¦ lo emu I’M »vacl »0 U6a ol nugm oxl
Ui Ilmr.. Lowk » you am * Mulmd. Tm rm- yeu Nf«» fm cel ih e I
»l upW I saa ge l r*J *.(• » PO ova 00 JaM Aiw I rvixb. Met,
ki in IWV5 I Mas too mraa tru 200 CmiI I barat. WO tanfMa mac
Mi aavaial Amo. Mil Amu Ohtnvtrs Art tttMAS tSMnM | CO to my
Ana pfogremnei £18.991 IHOW TO ORDER INFORMATION IW C0» you
wait 10 order As you can see iron me adv*i ** are |T8pto the
cotrpiole coal lo cover working with FI Lisencewara lo pro-
• and packing Then send your duce Iheir CD-Bom We also have a
* a pcalal order to the addrees range oI other co-operation Cds m
the jsheatwrpege You can also pay by ppeilne H you have an idea
lor a CO Wcard than contact us as soon as possible fell trmm
IMM .’.fJTM 2 £22.99 9 & I ‘£18.99 FRESH FONTS j . • I.nlm. ».t
uni ,A t™ Oaoo (It tonal. Nan law oil Rrtiaaa (IT). S*H
- 25.- Sam Sant 131). Said Oh Vcaunt 2 conwre M2 H kAa u» tcnu
Oaoo I S3 tom.
Moo Sr« i?». ScrtK OH. Thenan (1S| and mw |S 9 ' ' VOLUME 1 VOLUME 1 LIGHT ROM Vrt 1 conlama 30 cto|arto.
IMuarro* aranaMaa ertora I anrbuei Dime mtpa and e« I twea lijnr Mon- nwna 2 con r*. LV«ma..Tuaator «fh vtv JMVO * C16.99 NEW - UPDATED VERSION 'New Search Routine the muo-tasking searefvlind wit seek We names cr nurfter New 'Hot-Keys' Function H*1 press 'S' to» search or E' tor extract. Help' lor help!
Y New Separate List Buttons etek a Bunon lot UtilEM' or •Demo*' ale ale Over 125 New Disks updated PO irom June 1st to early September 1995 Restyled, Remastered new help and wlormaton guide, restyled artwork’ Superb1
• The latest PD Irom December 'W to September -95 : Utils, gamei.
Demos, slideshows, education, disk mags and morel I
- including most or Mis adrarf end tas-ds ot great PO software
• NEW! 100 Ktandlk&lCsrd Games Deluxe Cerdsati
• Ground Zero's Themed Imagine Objects
• NEW! A greet selection ol Active Software Pro Pecks
• NEW! All the Professions! Sound Samples [50 Disks]
• Over 22MB. Of Magic WB icons, backdrops, drawers etc i n POO OO
**" kiV.W WMMI, Since me review r recent Amiga magaimes m have
taken all tha minor criticisms and improved Iho interlace to be
the most easy to use CD interlace cn any CD. Coded by the
author ol the groat Deadlock disk magazine - just point, read
about the dtsk and click to extract. Superb and very easy _to
uso Th® contents havo also been updated so you get al the
latest PO unM early September 199S and loads more as listed
opposite Comes with an on-*ne help routine, multitasking search
routine and hotkeys (unction. It you want the latest or
greatest PD software then look here! The CD contains well over
1000 disks, over 600MB s ot data or 1.2 QIC's ol pubtoc domain
Superb value CD-Rom at only £19.99 NEW!
Available to existing owners at £6.99 • call!
C34.W THE AMINET COLLECTION Aminet 5 March 95 £11.99 Aminet 6 June 95 £11.99 Aminet 7 August 95 £13.99 Aminet 8 October 95 [Pre-Order] £11.99 Aminet 9 December 95 [Pre-Order] £11.99 SUBSCRIPTION service Aminet Set (vary One w AnaretCO* na.a i-uauat. t. P91 QO norarty) *w «e Hand « to you tor Ct 11» • pay by irMh o'MVt art Ce MtrtN on gnBnh SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE Suoocnle to Amren SCT kA 2 tor C24 M and wt ml aerat you • on ela.ia Ixnea 0»7|. Yey by credt or itotit cant Card datotod cr daoeevr FRED FISH I Fed hah haa bm Hwg «e I A r.pa mamar wxi incaoton tcra Thi Frssn Far (ooube I C0I CO«
nrttiei re tmnt Th. I GcAt Rah CCM ai. Ccrrpaeun at Ite teal irom Te Fean rtanl I Cos he bam on Oe neie ALL Cds £24.99
• SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE | Ewv n» p IM r« co a Mad luaual, a« iwiN)
-• | «• aeej a to ycu tor £21 .*9 pay | M Oh tMfpMLli
SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE I SnMcrlta 0J Gt»d Fen 3 tor | C22.I0
(kmaa US Wmaa'i pay rant o datol tM Cant MEGA BUNDLE TWO MEGA
CO mlh .iruialD-t tor Amgi AhwST Uic md rc Lreda o* FAOa ifpexy
raue- mti. Aanea FAQ gimn Inti. *wS
• toed ROM -eve
- I8UP; pekiea tor Wtrdowa md I Qrr i« frr* Sgtwy m* d toeda ol
tope town Not otoy k a to aae- tXaABt ot Spehia gmrn tor a rann
Uarr, SNA but atoo a mmc- ¦at Firm Aac Aaac to Eaolan or JM
Arcade S*erai £18.99 ipetq 7 he -1 Ira unPK rone roOiW ml |
GAMES Mega Bundle 3 contains the Assesvns Games CO voi 1,
Genera Delight - lull ol comma real gome* - and lo ccmple**
this game* compendium Power Games has been included1 GET 3 CD*
for £29.99 The 2nd Mega Bundle contain* me LSD II CD • ISO were
Tamous' ter Grapevine, Meeting Peart* 1 and ihe classic i78n
Phase 4 Fotx Amnet-itvashers tor one pace' GET 3 CD* for £24.99
Thu Mega Bundle conta.ru Lght Works - a superb raytrac »HJi3D
CD by Tobas n*Ner. The Professonsi Fonts ana Clipart CO Irom PD
Soil and Iho Beauty ol Chaos which contain* »*» of (rattan
uSIto. To pa I A-r.j. xx) PC coi'cuta, Lsn.ii I
• VHent al arvldnro lui trotti I
• Jtrrm r . Connwroul voiuxi ol I
- 64 v3 toi h. A r.j.1 MO ncn I an corrptM a I tea d. CO £18.99
tnt i jr ooore am ro lr Oils It oil term pintHliinM mtnca port
0» O', 14 0C0 ui'tm tet Sorn 4:1ns 4SCO •'.mounts roxbtot and
rox.- 502 acUrtrod £17.99 TEN ON TEN PACK otyeau tor I agin*
UgltttoAta aid Real 30 tor te Anapa ant WC omtaitata Oe okum
atpoa tor aya CO e te 20*4 Otto a -XtodaVejw tor Vail ertoy knd
Bern on imp»
• tlton tor Inrogn. In) Lgltoo*.* usora Anstony mm Mkm ton rocm
Cctosny Gutokigt. Ctocis oom- toort istm. Lrrpi ipara opora am
mxf i moia £16,99 SOUND WORKSHOP |THE COLOUR LIBRARY [I Fiom a
graphic* | compan, ,n I Bafeikkvi thru com.
I pact aic ccntans all thing* cnlop.
Eifcanhaly tTOC I coloui titot eith I c»1agb-i« smh os 1 Ammalf dkos.
Ituto. BuMngt. Cart. Caitoont Call, lCafUnn Orotaoe D gy FanLsyy Feh.
Iraja. Roaioe Food. Halcootoit Route*.
ItHrtl Mipi MaCica Miliary Mac.
Itaeng. Photo Ptmat Pune* Roytraca I tone. So-Fi Sea Spec.. Spcrt Star Trek.
IsataaiA. Tram Wae ard Women tCCT*.
Bh £8.99 tana Tie coecu an ocmotoa. Ngn V date tod and aoam very roalito. To ire torpwt to-lac* taaiuia toon rage, uaod MW tor cor nm d £2 99 HOTTEST 5 E19.99 AMIGAD £17.99 UO- Ao. -i- vino., tor- mot* (UOl.
MkTi IWM d MB's d njtK to Him b or (twngstodt ter your mm toVcnx, Orw SOW imUto 1003 VOC too. 1000 WAV ton 1003 maoatm.
DtonCO« That aro iron rawoa Finkni CO WcM Vtob Ain knirarod SlMknc nr. COPOI C0P02.
Bam V Ccnwn ax) Nftwitrg Fane S Opal ae Photo l«»ay CO Amge Oror HOT AMIGA DEMOS £15.99 £13.99 £7.99 £35.99 £34.99 £16.99 £17.99 MEETING PEARLS 2 WS ANIMATIONS ADULT SENSATIONS GROLUERS £28.99 WS CUPART ILLUSIONS IN 3D WS FONTS IU| « 30
* ' PR Ir V Illusions -LOI to cro- ¦B Th. CO to
• w nun ¦«r a oon- cm rrajat Ant no he oqaoi
- te 30 taddm- a"»cli Program toch as StaiKgiam prodlKa m. negt
aa Wtotani Sun n**» repot II Pto iTtotonsi Ottawa you n rv Mi,
oL.ll Ltrsn hem pumas rig Ih. CD drool « sgs I is. Only I niMM
on.li luyini irm CO Noprooi.ro CO
- Icpala tor to. CQ3U a any AOA Amo* conpuWf 17BIT DIMENSION 5
FaSxang cn toxr. Pttom 4 17B» bmg yor tea lotwa PO CO LtM*.
Mr *ni tp or»i Augid IBM Get this for £16.99 LSD VOL III £17.99 ih* uIhi CO tRtopil Bl you trtu LSO Cnioa IQV d PO ha -a nevti apeaoiM cn aha CO* yrwtcrw bt* i •nit to **
* em fto CD eroiqh n Ampi Qud* 14* (y*tsro Sorre *i,'f'f-u
- ynad R [)¦ tomera £18.99 £5.99 ‘£17.99 £8.99 £17.99 £7.99
Better than Amiga World I am writing to tell you how grateful I
am to receive your magazine, Amiga Computing, in fulfilment of
the remainder of my subscription to Amiga World. These have
been trying days for Amiga owners in the United States, with
suppliers and publishers closing shop or switching to
PC-related products.
I am delighted by the depth of the articles in your magazine, as evidenced by its thickness in my mailbox. I am also quite pleased that you publish a US edition complete with US advertisers. It Is good to see that there are still some loyal businesses supporting the Amiga community in the States.
I also look forward to upgrading to your Gold Subscription. I have tried your CoverDisks in the past, but newsstand prices of foreign periodicals are almost criminal here.
* 1 Please keep up the good work, it is not unappreciated here.
Robert J Bruce, Kansas USA I'm pleased that you like our new edition of Amiga Computing. We are proud to offer what we consider to be the best advice on new products and old alike, with up to the minute news reporting and in-depth tutorials, and to paraphrase Al Jolson. You ain't read nuthin' yet!
Singing our praises I must write to congratulate and thank all of you for providing a valuable and informative publication. You do justice to the Amiga by representing the qualities of the machine, notably creativity and enthusiasm. Perhaps the best compliment I can give is that you really seem to enjoy doing what you are doing.
For instance, if I take a look at your August ‘95 edition, in the ImageFX v2.1 review. I immediately notice that you're not saying 'ImageFX does this...’ Instead, you're saying 'I am happy to use ImageFX’ or 'This seems odd to me...’ or Maybe you really ought to look at this' etc. See the difference? Of course, because that's what makes your magazine different to the PC magazines I’ve flicked through. They are all ’Mhz' and Windows X.Y.' You get this feeling running up your spine that that's all Pcs are. But when you get your hands on an Amiga, it's like ‘Hey, what shall we do now - music,
It’s friendly and it's shaped by you, One of my friends owns a PC and all the time he's saying: ‘What's it doing now' or ‘it’s run out of memory' etc. Please keep up the good work - you provide a kind of parenthood over the Amiga users.
Finally, I would be pleased to hear any comments you might have about the future of the Amiga and that shadowy force that is Escom.
C Cousins, Warrington I think we do enjoy what we are doing, and it’s for the reasons you give.
Although we all get frustrated when the Amiga crashes, It’s normally because we want to carry on having fun. As for Escom. Read our piece by Gareth Lofthouse on the recent press conference that took place in Heathrow.
True Fans As an avid Amiga user for eight years it is still good to see such enthusiasm from other Amiga users. After the Commodore fiasco, it's obvious the only people still reading magazines and writing software are true Amiga fans.
If Escom do deliver the goods as promised, then I am sure the Amiga will be back in the Spotlight. It was nice to see the new logo Escom plan to use on our new machines. In my opinion (even 3 co H CO O Amiga lomputing has recently become an international publication with a US edition going out to subscribers of the nouj- defunct Umiga World. It seems from the amount of mail the change has proued Quite popular with our Hmerican cousins.
With the energetic red square) the lo does not appear bold enough, I have subscribed to your magazine in] the past, although I have bought magazine at the local newsagen recently for two reasons.:
1. Uncertainty about Commodore an the Amiga.
2. The free gifts you have offered recen ly have not interested
me (when are j I've seen in the news pages of issues 88 and 89
of your magazine the incredible Zip Drive which acts like a
100Mb removable hard disk, and in the future there will be a
version which will also incorporate a 3.5 inch high density
My question is. Where can I buy this wonderful drive? Is it only in the USA or is there a distributor here in Europe? I've seen a review of it in a US magazine which says it is the most wonderful thing ever made, but doesn’t give an address where you can buy the drive. If I buy it in the US will it work in Europe?
You are the only European magazine I have seen that has said something about the Zip dnve. Congratulations on informing the readers Amiga Computing Iberian inquinj of new technologies, and will you be doing a full review of the Zip Drive?
Yours is the only Amiga magazine that has given a CD free that is full of interesting things, and I think it's the first to publish something about the new Personal Paint 6.3. Not only that, you also had an offer to buy it on a floppy or CD-ROM version.
I hope you don't raise your price as other magazines have done as I don't buy these any more - and it's not just me. They have lost thousands of readers because we are not as rich as they think we are.
C R Reclrado, Menorca Ola serior Redrado! Check out this month's issue for a full review of the super Zip. I'm glad you liked the Personal Paint feature and the CD we gave away on May's issue. As for our cover price, we are always at the mercy of the cost of the paper we print on, but we have managed to hold our price down this far, and hope to continue to hold it down.
Besides which, I really hope you don’t just buy our magazine because it is cheap, but rather that it is the best.
I am a new subscnber, formerly an Amiga World sub. I have just received my first issue of your magazine and am very impressed with the look and content. My question is one that I am sure is shared by many other readers both here and on your side of the ocean.
I am an A3Q00 owner, with 10Mb RAM, a 24- bit EGS spectrum board, etc. On reading your magazine I felt both lost and confused. Where do we A3000 folks fit in with the state of the Amiga? I originally bought my EGS to tap into the power of 24-bit graphics, only to discover that all new games for the A4000 won’t even work with my machine. Most Amiga magazines now seem to feature CoverDisks. But even if I paid the extra price for these mags, I couldn’t use the programs on the disks. Will I ever be able to run CD32 games or any of the AGA games?
And what about PC Mac compatibility? If I purchase an Emplant, will my EGS be able to run the 256 colour games and programs available for the PC? And will a PowerPC board be available for the A3000? How much would it Ddb5 anijone care?
Cost? Would it be more economical?
Like many others, I don’t have the money to simply trash my computer and buy a new A4000T, or even an A12QQ. I have a large investment in my current equipment and would appreciate an honest answer or speculation on how bad off A3000 owners really are.
As you cover the new and exciting developments for the new Escom Amiga, please remember that there are a lot of us out here using A3000s who would like to know where we stand. We are confused and worried. We would appreciate any information you could give us, as well as clarification in your reviews and articles as to what will and won't run on our machines.
Thank you for your excellent magazine and I look forward to receiving it every month.
B Nicholson, Lake Buena Vista. USA Well now, Mr Nicholson, don’t fret. Quite a few of the staff of Amiga Computing are also A3000 owners and we don't look worried.
Sure, you’ll never be able to play AGA games, but is that really all you bought your graphics card for? Yes, you can buy an Emplant and run 256 colour Mac games on it, I do (get Maelstrom, by the way), but PC bridgeboards are a little thin on the ground at the moment.
If you are currently still using Workbench
2. x, which I assume you are because you say that you can’t run
256 colour programs on your machine, then the best thing you
can do is to immediately upgrade to Workbench 3.1 as this will
let you run a 256 colour Workbench on your machine.
Finally, on a personal note, I think that the A3000 and A3000T were the best machines Commodore ever designed and they have a lot of advantages over A4000s, including a built-in SCSI controller and more importantly, a flicker fixer so you can use your Amiga with any old VGA monitor and not have to worry about not being able to sync down to 15kHz.
Going to change them?)
I Needless to say, I will probably subscribe soon enough.
M Clatworthy. Herstmonceux It might be seen as a shame that it is only true Amiga fans who 8re left to produce software and hardware for us. We really need to have big companies seeing us as a valid platform for development in order to bring our machine back to prominence. All the same, we are getting some great stuff at the moment. Look at Photogenics, Twist, Dopus 5. Etc. As for the new Escom logo, you can always send us what you think would be more appropriate. If we get enough entries we might have a competition to see which one we think is best.
Hualitu products [ I read with interest about the CD-ROM that Colchester Zoo are employing and would be very interested in buying such a quality CD. Imagine how popular the Amiga range of computers will become with products such as these - parents will not need to take a second mortgage to provide quality edutainment for their children Now that CD drives are available to the mass market, courtesy of Squirrel, I hope more products of this nature will become available. This is what the Amiga needs to be taken seriously in the realm of multimedia. I also have a demo of Insight: Living Body by
Optonica, and trust that this product is Still due for release I also hope that once Ihe A1200. 4000 and CD32s come back into production, these companies will make AGA Cds the standard. Without this commitment, the Amiga will always be held back.
Non-AGA graphics do not carry the same impact and quality, and our titles will always pale in comparison to those on the PC.
Commodore, and Escom (?), dropped the non-AGA machines for good reason - this is the 1990s.
This leads onto another point - with the vast majority of Amiga users who are unwilling to update their machines, we will never see software that can match the likes of Word or Word Perfect. Our computers will never be powerful enough.
And if. For instance. Word did appear on the Amiga, how many people would buy it?
For that price you could buy yourself a secondhand A1200 with a copy of Wordworth 2. I only hope that the Amiga market will develop and that its users take note, so I can continue to use and support my favourite-machine without settling for second best.
R Morse. Milton Keynes There has been no decision made on whether the Colchester Zoo CD will become a commercial product yet.
Ben Vost, the author of the piece, says he hopes it does because it is really informative and fun to use. The Squirrel SCSI controller has indeed been a phenomenal success, with HiSoft selling them as fast as they can produce them.
Put this together with the fact that the survey we conducted at the end of last year showed that most people were interested in buying a CD-ROM drive, and you have a convincing argument for more developers to produce quality titles like the Colchester Zoo one.
But it doesn't just have to be limited to edutainment titles either - it Hard driue worries I've just bought a second-hand A1200 with hard drive, PSU, mouse, manual, and disks complete, except for the Hard disk install disk version 3.0 and the Amiga Hard Drive Users guide.
All that was otherwise wrong was that the keymap was set to American, resulting in the wrong characters being produced by the English keyboard.
Could you please tell me where I might buy the above disk and manual.
D R Barlnell, London I take it from your letter that the hard drive was fitted by a third party, rather than bought with one when it was new. Unfortunately, this was always the only way you could actually get hold of the official Commodore hard drive installation disk and manual, whether that situation has now changed with Amiga Technologies remains to be seen.
You could try contacting them on 01628 770036.
Alternatively, should you have no luck with that avenue of enquiry, you can try any of the numerous PD libraries whose adverts grace our pages and ask them if they have a public domain or shareware equivalent of the Commodore installer, You will quite likely be offered RDPrep which is excellent, although it doesn't actually come with a manual.
Would be really nice to see some original CD-based games that don’t rely on CD32 emulation, but that ran from Workbench or a CD32. Any offers?
Amiga Computing ubli C MUSIC of the month -Q jjvjjj -- ‘-H* • r- tQBSSt* t 'zm utumn marches ever onward, and before we Know it Christmas will once again be upon us.
It's over a year now since I took over the reigns of Public Sector and that time has seen many changes, not least of them being Escom’s purchase of the Amiga. But some things never change.
The quality of my alliterative standfirsts is, for example, as feeble as ever, and the quality of the PD and shareware Amiga Computing receives has remained consistently high... Daue tusich plunges an appendage into the PD pile and plucHs out a plethora of premier products It's not often that the first issue of a diskmag makes a really good impression. This is particularly so in the case of those concerning Amos programming as the vast majority tend to be disappointing, insubstantial products.
Understandably, since this is the first sector [HtremE flmos 1 Produced by: Carl Drinkwater Available from: PD libraries Pilem O’ Tiles... on0 of two oxeollont Amos programs Includod on Extreme Amos issue, the content of some of the articles is a little thin. This is forgivable though, because at least the topics covered are more adventurous and interesting than in some disk magazines I have encountered. Tutorials, news, source code and so on make up the bulk of the magazine, and Extreme Amos also makes no secret of its close links with Mushroom PD.
Which claims to be the second largest Amos-only PD library in the country.
Extreme Amos also distinguishes itself because it employs a stylish Workbenchlike interface for article selection which Jaee Ujaue Produced by: The Grooving Brothers Available from: 17 Bit Software Disk No. 3828 A B What you gonna do when there ain’t no swing?’ asks the title screen of this curious production. Speaking personally I’ll probably throw a party, but for those rather more favourably inclined towards Produced by: Scoopex Available from: Pixel Digital PD Disk No. AG249 Artcore is a slideshow with a difference. Whereas ordinary slideshows present the viewer with a series of
Rrtcarp ¦ f I*" ( 96 it this disk could prove quite interesting.
Essentially. Surfing On A Jazz Wave « an immaculately presented collection o acid jazz tunes, all beautifully sample* and arranged. This sort of music doesnl do much for me, but if this is you thing then you'll love this disk - and ever if it's not you will at least be stunned by the top class graphics and crisp sount reproduction.
As an added bonus, there's also ai attempt to categorise a few dozen artists and their recordings, labelling then Dance. Funk, Acid Jazz. Salsa Indefinable, or whatever. And at least the programmers realised that a well-craftec music module benefits from the noninclusion of spinning texture-mapped balls and spiralling pictures of top supermodels.
Makes a welcome change to the usual scrolling text-based lists.
As an added bonus, the second of the two disks on which Extreme Amo: comes contains two excellent programs which demonstrate effectively what Amos is capable of in the hands of good authors. The first of these, Paul Burkey’l Piles O' Tiles, is an enjoyable Shanghai- style game in which the objective is to remove pairs of 'Free' tiles - those which are not surrounded by tile stacks of equal heights. In the mould of numerous great puzzle games, it is simple but enormously engaging.
The second program is a magic eye picture creator called TERDS (standing for Totally Excellent Random Dot Stereograms), Written by magazine pi ducer Carl Drinkwater, this is one of the better programs of its type, offering vari-| ous options for twiddling with the RDS creation process.
Both TERDS and Piles O' Tiles are decent titles in their own right, but combined with the first issue of a promising new diskmag they become even more attractive. This is a package worth investigating.
Pictures, one after another, with some awful tune wibbling away in the background. Artcore allows you to explore a texture-mapped 3D dun- geon-style 'gallery'... with some awful tune wibbling away in the background.
It's surprising how much such a simple idea adds to the interest Admittedly, as a consequence of including this kind of 'game engine on the disk, only a dozen or so pictures can be included. But in this age where the prefix 'Virtual' is often happily slapped onto computer versions of real-life experiences and held up as examples of advancing technology. It is perhaps fitting that the common computer slideshow should be overhauled in this manner.
What about the pictures though?
Amiga Computing [?me as mou are azz live!!
I want to hear from you if you have any program, whatever its purpose, which you consider worthy of review. Whether it will be freely distributable public domain, shareware or licenceware. If you feel it’s of sufficient quality to merit coverage then stick it in a jiffy bag or padded envelope and send it in with all haste. I promise I'll at least look at your work - even if it’s yet another Lottery program or Klondike cardset. It does make my job a lot easier though if disks are clearly labelled. Please also include a cover letter detailing the disk contents and price and giving some basic
instructions. The magic address is: 3=Funk 4=Soul 5=BLues 6=Jazz 8=$ 3*a* Crusiii Dave 'Shuffle Of y &THENY LA Drea| Grinin Dave "Night Lines."
Handel s Messiah "A Soulful Celeb] I Hear tsm an Johnny "The Touch ' i Heron Gil Scott Jackson Brian Incognito "Inside Life."
Incognito "Tribes Vibes And Scrib Incognito "Positivfty" (IncorporatedThan a Bavnd "Life Styles Off The Roach And Jamal Ahmod RossiterRoad."
Jamiroquai "Emergency onPlanetl
A. :__1 1;--t-i- 0 -inaeTiriaDie 1 = Arid Jazz 2;Dance Super
Shiddq Things 3 On Ice Programmed by: Simon Hitchen Available
from: PD Libraries This amusing little two-player racing game
is just the thing for those lengthening Autumn evenings. The
aim is to guide your rubber-suited Penguin around one of the
four tracks before your opponent does. The thing is, since
the tracks are constructed on ice. There tends to be a fair
bit of skidding around, making this a slightly trickier
exercise than might be imagined... especially when the track
slippiness setting is adjusted for minimum grip.
Top graphics and decent sound definitely help, but as ever it’s the playability which makes or breaks a game. Super Skiddy Things 3 is not only very good fun, but it’s the sort of game you and a friend could end up playing for quite some time.
Admittedly It does not demand a great deal of brainpower, but this is. If anything. In the game’s favour. And in the unlikely event of one of you becoming bored with skidding around the tracks at high speed, the title screen also features a simple ping-pong game.
Dave Cusick PD submissions Amiga Computing Media House Adlington Park Macclesfield SK10 4NP BqIIb 5 Paint Programmed by: Philip Drake Available from: SaddleTramps PD Disk No. A115 A charming paint package written in Amos Professional and boasting a decent selection of tools. In addition to the compulsory line and shape tools, it is possible to turn on lines of vertical and horizontal reflection symmetry, zoom in to work in detail on tricky areas, and fill in areas with preset patterns. At the click of a button the screen can also be flipped either horizontally or vertically.
While it’s scarcely a rival for Personal Paint or Brilliance, or even Dpaint, Belle's Paint is a competent piece of programming which costs a fraction of the price of commercial alternatives. It's also got some nice touches. For instance, with a little bit of effort it is apparently possible to use the program to perform some video titling functions such as fancy wipes.
However the only documents provided are some very brief ones added by those nice people at SaddleTramps, so a degree of experimentation could be necessary to familiarise yourself with this facility. I must confess, I couldn't entirely ?
Amiga Computing PD and SHAREWARE Stauenggr Programmed by: Ben Wright Available from: Ben Wright Old game ideas are constantly being resurrected in the world of PD and shareware, which is not necessarily a bad thing because many golden oldies were a good deal more entertaining than some recent commercial offerings. Scavenger is essentially Asteroids, with the slight difference that to finish a level in this version the player must collect a certain number of gems, rather than just blow away every asteroid on the screen.
However. I don't think l‘ve ever played such a difficult Asteroids clone. Scavenger is so tough that even with the maximum possible nine lives I struggled to stay alive for more than a minute or two.
The strange thing is that despite being almost impossibly tricky due to what might kindly be described as quite sensitive controls. Scavenger is very addictive. There is also the added advantage that you’re not likely to finish the game in a hurry.
Yes. The first time you play it you'll be lucky to last three seconds before colliding with a giant floating get to grips with the process in the limited time available, but I'm sure others will.
If you fancy trying your hand at producing some titling effects or are just on the look out for a no-frills paint package, Belle's Paint is definitely worth checking out.
RemDate 5 Programmed by: Andrew Whiteley Available from: Roberta Smith DTP Disk No. BU169 If you're one of those people who always forgets important dates such as birthdays and anniversaries, then RemDate is the program for you. It stores these along with special days, diary appointments, addresses and telephone numbers, making this one of the most comprehensive personal organiser programs in the public domain. It can print out in a variety of ways, including paper of sizes suitable for use in pocket personal organisers.
On demand. RemDate will summarise SCORE m Ml m ffIS LH.€S 3 LEUEL 01 nr t ?
• | iA 4 % i €r 0, s Scavenger is a tough Amtoroids cIona that's
• van harder on accelerated Amiga* chunk of rock. But that won’t
stop you coming back for more.
The graphics and sound are reasonable enough, although they are certainly nothing to get excited about. The gameplay is a different kettle of fish altogether though, because arcade action fans will want to have this game's babies.
Events in the next few days and inform you how many days are left before a certain day such as a birthday, allowing you to plan accordingly. When entering these dates in the first place, it is possible to specify how much warning you want, so you'll have no excuse for being late with that anniversary card.
RemDate is also capable of displaying key events that happened 'On this day in history’, or in a specified year, and producing a quote for the day.
There's a small program included called RemDateWB which is designed to sit in your Workbench Startup drawer.
Then, when you turn on your machine it will remind you of any events coming up.
RemDateWB can also be configured so that it only does this once a day, rather than every time you reboot, which was a thoughtful inclusion by the author.
The interface is attractive and the program is a joy to use. In short, if your life is in need of some organisation then RemDate will be the answer to your prayers. ‘ Find the answer withir 17 Bit Software 1st Floor Offices. 2 8 Market Street.
Wakefield. West Yorkshire WF1 1DH Tel: 01924 366982 Fax: 01924 200943 Cost: £1 per disk plus 50p P&P OnLine PD, 1 The Cloisters, Halsall Lane, Formby Liverpool L37 3PX Tel: 01704 834335 Cost: 75p per disk plus 75p P&P Pixel Digital PD Stanley Dock Market. Regent Road.
Liverpool S4 Tel: 0151-259 4017 E-mail: Paul@Pixel.u-net.com Cost: £1 per disk plus 50p P&P Michael Pratt 10 Rivers Road, Yeovil, Somerset BA21 5RJ Cost: £1 Ali Prior, 10 Lovell Park Heights. Leeds LS7 1DP Cost: Demo version free, send disk and SAE SaddleTramps PD 1 Lower Mill Close, Goldthorpe, Rotherham S63 9BY Tel: 01709 888127 Cost: 95p per disk Roberta Smith DTP 190 Falloden Way, Hampstead Garden Suburb, London NW11 6JE Tel: 0181-455 1626 Cost: 95p per disk plus 50p P&P Ben Wright 65 South Road, Portishead, Bristol BS20 9DY Cost: £2, although fans should also pay registration fee later
Strange currencies For practically a year now since the launch of the National Lottery last November, there has never been a week go by without at least one Lottery program arriving in the Public Sector mailbag. It must be said that the majority are much of a muchness, and even in the more outstanding cases it is very hard to tell whether these programs will improve your chances of winning.
There have been plenty of random number selectors and even a lottery simulator. One gentleman this month sent in the interesting Talk A Lottery, designed to literally tell you some random numbers, which was at least something slightly different - but unfortunately it stubbornly refused to run for me. Making it rather hard to try out, Still, if you fancy getting hold of a proper predictor, whether out of curiosity or because the Lottery has become so important to you that you’ve nothing better to do of an evening than consider endless multi-ticket permutations, then here's the Public Sector
guide to the three to beat... Pro lottem 1.1 (Originally reviewed in AC89) Available from: Ali Prior The program I think I'd opt for if I ever bothered doing the Lottery. This was the first predictor Amiga Computing received which suggests multiticket permutations, making it very useful to members of Lottery syndicates.
LotterM Winner Hgfl (Originally reviewed in AC84) Available from: OnLine PD (Disk No. 0X101) This is a demonstration version, with the full version costing £2.50 from the author. Prediction methods based on recognising trends in winning numbers.
RIP lottenj 11 (Originally reviewed in AC85) Available from: Michael Pratt Attractively presented program, with the added advantage of costing only a quid, exactly the same price as a Lottery ticket.
Amiga Computing COMPUTERS 27 Watnall Road, Hucknall Nottingham NG15 7LD.
Tel: (0115) 964-2828 FAX: (0115) 964-2898 AMIGA HARDWARE AMIGA 1200 “Maaic” The awesome new AMIGA 1200 "Amiga Magic” pack is here.
Software includes... ? Photogenics 1.2 SE, Personal Paint 4.6 ? WordWorth 4. Datastore 1.1 ? Digita Organiser Print Manager ? Turbo Calc 3.5. Pinball Mania Whizz ? PLUS FREE Mousemat and Dustcover Call now to order yours...£389.99 EXTERNAL HARD DRIVESm ACCESSORIES HARD DRIVES A1200 OVERDRIVES I 240 CAPACITY DISK BOX 270MB .£199.99 The Logic3 stackable storage 420MB £219.99 b°x hpkfc up to 240 disks. Easy 540MB £229 99 *° assemb,e includes metal tock 850MB .£289.99 ®"(Jkeys
1. 2 GIG £379.99
3. 5" IDE PRINTERS EPSON Stylus Colour inkjet printer otters
photographic like quality when used with optional 720DPI
printer drive (coated paper required). Built in auto
Only ....£429.99 Coated 720DPI paper (200 sheets) .£22.99 Ca ' F°r OeW't External SCSI CDROM tor the A1200. Plugs into the PCMCIA Protessional print studio tor the port. Fast 300Kb Sec transter Amiga. Enhance the output of rate. Connect up to six other your printer inc. 720DPI on SCSI peripherals.
Epson Stylus Colour. Dual Speed .£199.99 Only ....£49.99 Quad Speed (600Kb) . £299.99 SEKOISHA SL-96 High quality 24 pin colour printer. Scalable fonts, tractor feed. Rated 86% CU AMIGA.
Only ....£149.99 .£124.99 .£139.99 .£179.99 .£259.99 SEKOISHA SP-1900+ 9 pin dot matrix printer. Single sheet or Tractorfeed.
Only ....£114.99 420MB......12ms. 540MB......12ms. 850MB......10ms. MODEMS
14. 400 EXTERNAL BABT approved FAX Modem.
Complete with all leads. PSU and Comms software.
Low Price ...£109.99
28. 800 EXTERNAL V34 Super-fast BABT approved FAX Modem. Complete
with all leads. PSU and Comms software An
unbeatable £174.99 16MB £399.99
630MB..... 850MB
1. 2 GIG....
1. 6 GIG.... .12ms....£149.99 ,10ms....£169.99 ,10ms....£189.99
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,12ms....£179.99 .10ms....£219.99 .12ms....£349.99 STUDIO 2 -
3. 5" IDE All 3.5" IDE drives require a 2.5" - 3.5" cable only
£15.00 when fitted into a A600 A1200. Drives come prepped,
formatted and installed with 100MB of FREE Public Domain
software. All carry a 2. 3 or 5 year warranty.
210MB .£179.99 solve all your power problems 270MB .£199.99 vvith the Goliath. Three times 420MB .£229.99 more powerful than a standard 540MB .£249.99 PSU ....£44.99 A500 ALFA POWER ¦ QOLIATH 200WATT PSU 420MB......12ms. 540MB......12ms. 850MB......10ms.
1. 2 GIG 10ms.
SEAGATE DECATHLON EXTERNAL HARD DRIVES ..£129.99 ..£149.99 ..£199.99 Prioef "
3. 5" IDE 340MB......12ms....£169.99 510MB......12ms....£229.99
1. 2 GIG 12ms....£649.99 Please request your free news sheet
regarding this amazing new product. External Ouad- speed CDROM
unit that plugs directly onto your internal IDE port (requires
no additional interfacing)
Only ......£CALL If you have found a
cheaper price elsewhere in the magazine, call us and we will
do our best to beat it.
Internal IDE CDROM unit for the A400 (requires tandem CDROM controller). Super-fast 600Kb Sec transfer rate.
FX4GQ CDROM .....£149.99 FX400 Plus Tandem CDROM controller card £199.99 Megamouse-400dpi .....£12.99 Megamouse-3 Button ....£14.99 Auto J'Mouse switcher...£12.99 AT-Bus 2008 IDE ..£79.99 AT-Bus 2008 SCSI £109.99 AlfaPower A500 IDE £89.99 Tandem Controller £49.99 Internal SCSI CDROM DRIVE.
Incredible 900Kb Sec transfer rate.
Only ....£349.99 ALFA DATA PRODUCTS VISAGE ATAPI CDROM CDROM DRIVES POWER CDROM MITSUMI FX400 NEC 512 X6 A400 version, as above but without PCMCIA interface (Dual Speed) £169.99 Only .....£12.99 ASK FOR QUANTITY PRICES AMIGA 400QT ? 68040 25Mhz. Upgradable to 060.
? 1.2GB SCSI-2 HD 6MB RAM ? AT IDE HD interface, SCALA MM300 ? Call for details and - ? Prices on 060 version £21 49.99 Amiga M1438S MultiSync Monitor...£279.99 The worlds fastest 1200 is on this page... Superfast 68040 running at 33MHz, Built in 68882, MMU & Optional SCSI2 controller (3.5MB SEC). One 72 pin simm socket Estimated speed (30 mips).
Available October for only ......£399.99 NEW The new APOLLO A4000 accelerator cards fit into the CPU slot of your A4000 (A3000 & 3000T). Comes in 28, 33 and 40Mhz versions. 4 x 72 pin SIMM sockets, SCSI-2 controller.
Price .£CALL Awarded a 90% CU AMIGA SUPERSTAR the 1220 combines the best Price Performance ratio for any Amiga accelerator. 68020 running at 28Mhz, integrated 68882 FPU, one 72pin SIMM socket (1- 4MB) Realtime clock.
Price ..£99.99 The fastest 030 card available for the A1200 uses a 68030RC50 running at 50Mhz. Built in MMU & SCSI2 controller (3.5MB SEC). Two 72 pin SIMM sockets.
Price £269.99 Please call for your free information pack for the Apollo ranqe of products.
APOLLO ACCELERATORS APOLLO A4000 040 28 33 40 APOLLO 1230 50 SCSI2 APOLLO 1240 33 SCSI2 32BIT MEMORY SIMMS APOLLO TURBO 1220 4MB ..£129.99 8MB ..£269.99 The above SIMMs are 72pin industry standard PS2 70ns.
BY POST - Please make cheques and postal orders payable to “Visage ComputersPlease allow 5 working days for cheques to clear.
- 5.30pm Monday to Saturday.
CALL (0115) 964-2828 OR (0115) 964-2898 TO PLACE YOUR ORDER Squirrels do it with Zip!
A brand-new SCSI peripheral, the Zip'" may well revolutionise the storage industry.
This newest, most portable exchangeable hard disk drive weighs in at just lib, has fast transfer and access times (up to ImtVs transfer, 28ms seek), easily fits in your hand, your bag or your briefcase, stores up to 100Mb on floppy-sued disks, is perfect for all types of application and is priced at a level that will make you want to un ip your wallet immediately?
These drives and associated cartridges (25Mb 6c 100Mb) will be available in late August V5 directly from HiSoft with especially-written driver and support software included. Trust HiSoft to bring you the latest innovations at the best possible prices!
Order your Zip drive now The Best-Value Hard Drives Amiga Zip Tools exclusively from HiSoft Zip drives from HiSoft come with everything you need to get going on a SCSI-aware Amiga; the Zip 100 drive, a 100Mb cartridge, all necessary leads and a complete set of software, programmed by HiSoft, including:
• Easy access drivers • Temporary unprotect
• Password protect • Cartridge initialisation
• Write protection • Cartridge eject to be first in the long
queueI Super-Value CD-ROM Pack HiSoft has done it again with a
brilliant multimedia pack of Squirrel SCSI interface, Aiwa
ACD-300 CD-ROM and the Almathora 10-on-10 pack of Cds!
Just look at what you get:
• The amazing, trend-setting Squirrel SCSI inferior aViirt a to
up to 7 peripheral* (hard drme. CD-ROM. Zip. Scanner etc.) to
he daisy-chained together.
• CD32 and CDTV emulation software so that you can all those
games and other titles such as Video Creator.
• The great-ioobng Amv ACD-300 CD-ROM drive; a fast, double-speed
CD-ROM with full SCSI specification plus complete audio
controls on the front so that you can play musk Cds directly.
Plus an informative LCD panel SCSI Hard Drives 365Mb intcnui £179 ?30Mb mtmui £239 365Mb ntmui £249 730Mb nunui £309 540Mb internal £209 lGb.nUnul £399 540Mb nirnul £279 iCb mmal £469
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* The Almathere lQun-10 pack of Cds; this is 10 Cds including the
Tram Yankee game.
2000 clip-art images, the Illustrated Works of Shakespeare, a Comm. Internet 6r Keticorlang CD. The World Vista Allas, 1000s of fonts, a complete photo library and much, much more!
Zip is a trademark of Iomega Inc All this, packaged together, at a truly superb price, with full 1 year warranty and technical support from HiSoft.
All prices include UK VAT Order Hotline HiSoft SYSTEMS The Old School, Greenfield Bedford MK45 5DE UK Tel: +44 (0) 1525 718181 Fax: +44 (0)1525 713716 To order any of the products shown on this page (or any other HiSoft title, see the list opposite) - just call us. Free of charge, on 0500 223660, armed with your credit or debrt card: we will normally despatch within 4 working days (£4 P&P) or. For only C6. By guaranteed next day delivery (for goods in stock). Alternatively, you can send us a cheque or postal orders, made out to HiSoft. All prices include VAT. Export orders call or fax to
confirm pricing and postage costs.
C 1995 HiSoft E&OE IDE drives arc perfect for auto-booting your A600 A1200 and come with connection lead, fixing bolts it complete fitting instructions. Fitting is very straightforward but may invalidate your Amiga's warranty - check with us.
We offer internal or external SCSI hard drives, from 365Mb up to 2Gb. Internal devices arc suitable for mounting in the A1500, A2DOO, A3G00 and A4000 and come with necessary leads 6c screws whilst the external drives are supplied in our professional Squirrel 3.5" case (available separately) which includes integral power supply, all SCSI connections and connection leads of your choice (at extra cost).
Here is a list of HiSoft titles for the Amiga computers (pnees shown are the individual RRPs): Squirrel SCSI interface - £68.95, Squirrel Storage Systems - please call, Aura 12 16 bit sampler - £99.95. Megatosound 8 b sampler - £34.95. ProMldi interface - £24.95, HiSoft Devpac 3.14 - £79.95. HiSoft BASIC 2 £79.95, Highspeed Pascal - £99.95, Gamesmith - £99.95. Termite - £39.95. Twist 2 database - £99.95. Max on Magic - £29.95. Upper Disk Tools - £14 95. VistaLite inc MakePath.TerraForm - £39.95 and much If you want a hard drive (either SCSI or IDE) then HiSoft has the one to suit your needs;
whether you are looking for a small, internal drive for your A12(WA600 or an external 1Gb beast-of-a-drive for any SCSI-aware Amiga, we can supply.
Based on only the highest quality mechanisms from top suppliers, with full manufacturer's warranty, our hard drives are fully tested for all Amiga computers and come with our own additional warranty and technical support.
Order Free with your Credit Debit Card 0500 223660 TECHNICAL Whoops, looks like he hit the tree. Did you extract TUDE off our September CoverDisk? If you double- clicked the GUI icon then tried to use your selected options, all that happened is that you got an error message.
We made a bit of a boob there, but do not worry as the problem is quite easy to correct. The TUDE GUI program is separate from the actual TUDE program, which can only be used from the shell. When you tell the GUI program to run TUDE, it cannot find it as it only looks at the set path, which does not include the directory TUDE is in.
What you have to do is first boot up the first disk and extract the TUDE program into ram:. Next, open up the RAM disk and from the Workbench menu select the ‘show all files' option. You should now see a C drawer and the TUDE drawer.
Open up the TUDE drawer and find the TUDE program. Now you have to drag TUDE into the Ram:C drawer. If you now run the GUI program it will be able to find the actual TUDE program and every thing should work fine.
Of chip memory. However, we take no responsibility for any damage caused to your machine as a result of performing this operation, and suggest that you get an authorised engineer to do the modification for you.
After you have checked that you have a revision 6 mother board - it says on the far right - you should locate three small square solder pads labelled JP2, just left of the central square chip. You need to cut the connection between the bottom two squares - a craft knife is best - and you do not have to cut very deeply at all as the solder join is on the surface and is quite thin. You then have to Sit badf, relan, put pour ¦ feet up. Haue a long cool drink, another bunch of Hmiga owners rereiue enlightenment I cannot get TUDE to work. What's going on?
Lots of People, everywhere AMIGA COMPUTING ADVICE SERVICE IUDE trouble Amiga Computing [D Scala turmoil I I have an A1200 with 85Mb 4hard drive, and a GVP A1230 V * II with 4Mb of RAM. I have recently purchased an Archos CD-ROM drive, and the problem is after I install the CD software.
Whenever I try to run any Scala script, big or small, the screen goes blank and a requester comes up stating that the machine is out of memory.
Currently, the only way I can use the CD-ROM is by booting up the computer with the supplied software, which does not solve the problem. Do I need more RAM for my system, or am I only going to be able to use Scala and the CD separately?
Kurt Dallas, Middlesex Cthe Archos CD handler software is not that brilliant, and it does seem to be the cause of your problems. It may be worth getting hold of the latest version of the handler software, which is up to about version 11, and that may solve your problems.
Another way around your problem is there should be a CDO DOS Driver in your DEVSrDosDrivers' drawer. If you move this out of the DOS Drivers drawer, the CD handler software won't be started each time you boot up your machine. This will let you use Scala in peace, and then whenever you wish to use the CD, simply double-click the CDO icon and the CD software will be started.
PCMCIA slot. If you plump for a PCMCIA card, you could try looking in a PC (spit spit) magazine, if none of the Amiga dealers can help.
I do remember a A600 card that could take either 2 or 4Mb of memory, so it was possible to expand your A600 up to 9Mb in conjunction with a PCMCIA (I hate that acronym) card.
The problem you are going to have is that DTP really requires a fast processor. You do not say what DTP software you have, but on our February '94 issue we gave away ‘The Publisher' which Is an excellent DTP package and its main advantage is that it is extremely fast.
If you really do fancy getting serious about DTP, you might want to consider getting a second-hand A1200 fitted with a hard drive and an accelerator.
Game gremlins I bought an A500 back in 1990 1 to which I have added a ' Mb memory expansion card, a 40Mb hard drive with 4Mb of RAM. The problem I am having is that I have installed Civilization and Lemmings 2 onto my hard drive, but when I try to run them they both crash the machine, complaining about not enough memory. Am I doing something wrong or do I need some more hardware? Is there a solution that will not cost an arm and a leg?
Steve Mellows. Cambridge REDD expansion l have a 2Mb Amiga600 and 1 am planning to add an IDE hard drive and possibly a CD- ROM via the PCMCIA slot. I’m getting
o DTP and want to add some extra nory, but the only way seems to
be lo use either a 2 or 4Mb PCMCIA mem- card, which have
seemingly disap- red from the current Amiga adverts.
Is there any other way of expanding the
* s memory further?
M Toms, Isle of Wight The A600 really is the machine that Commodore forgot, and it is quite difficult finding any adverts selling products for it. The PCMCIA cards that used to be advertised were fairly expensive, and they slowed the A1200 down so they never really took off. The other downer is that it would tie up your rlt sounds to me like you do not have enough chip memory. This is the memory used to store the graphics and sounds used by the games. The A500 you have probably only has a '*• Mb of chip memory, and as you are running the games off the hard drive the amount of available chip
memory is reduced, so it cannot get the required memory to run.
One option is that you could fit a mega chip expansion board which would give you 2Mb of chip memory - very handy for using paint packages, but it does cost a £150. The other alternative is if you have a revision 6 mother board. You can perform a little surgery on it which will give you 1Mb Do you have a problem? Do you some- EL I times find yourself poised over your f .). Amiga with axe in hand, spouting
- profanity at the stubborn refusal of your software or
hardware to behave properly?
We,l ca,m down and 5waP the axe 1or
- pen and paper, jot down your problems.
Along with a description of your Amiga setup, and send it off to Amiga Computing Advice Service, IDG Media, Media House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield SK10 4NP. Alternatively, e-mail us at ACAS@acomp.demor.co.uk Him Questions?
Solder a connection between the top and the middle solder pads.
Finally, you need to locate another three small solder pads labelled JP7a.
Found next to the RAM expansion. The connection between the bottom two needs to be cut. Once done, the bomb is defused - whoops getting a bit carried away there. If you now boot up your computer you will have a full Megabyte of graphics memory.
HmigaGuide guide When I am writing AmigaGuide , documents, how do I get my buttons to be in Bold, italics etc. I can do it with text, but not the buttons.
Also, how do you get AmigaGuide to launch external applications such as pictures, animations from within a document?
Ben Chapman. Bramhall Blimey, it could take pages to go into the design and usage of AmigaGuides. Hang on - Paul I’ve just had an idea for a feature.
As far as I can tell, there is no way of getting the button in an AmigaGuide to be rendered in any other style. It ignores the built-in style commands, and also ignores any ANSI escape codes you might try.
If you are using AmigaGuide under OS3.0 or higher, it is possible to do a link to an external data file. If the data [0 conundrums I recently purchased an Octagon 2008 controller and a Apple CD300e and am having a great deal of trouble trying to configure the system and get it to I work.
I was told to extract the CDO driver from the storage disk, but this does not exist - the only drivers I have are Aux, Pipe, PCO and PC1. When I use the Octagon HD inst tools, the window comes up with the following: PIC TID LUN 0 0 0 Matshita CDRom CR8004 1.1f Unsupported 6 All Repeated hope you can help me out as I am getting extremely frustrated.
Alex Currie, Ayrshire jr' The problem you are having is that you do not have the correct DOS ik. Driver. As someone has kindly pointed out, you will need to copy the CDO DOS driver into your DEVS:DosDriver drawer. Unfortunately, only AmigaDOS 3.1 came with CD-ROM support, so only 3.1 owners will have a CDRom.handler and accompanying CDO DOS driver in their L: and DEVS:DosDrivers drawers.
However, all is not lost. What you need to get hold of is the AmiCDRom software. This will install the correct driver and handler software to allow you to use your CD player. This is available on Fred Fish disks, so any decent PD house should be able to supply you with the right disk.
The information displayed by the Install tools shows that the CD is connected to the SCSI chain. You may still have problems using the CD as it stands because the CD data is repeated for every SCSI device entry. This can be cured by fitting a SCSI terminator, which basically indicates that there are no more devices attached to the SCSI chain.
Type is supported, the AmigaGuide will be able to display or play the file.
The link takes the form of a normal NODE link, but the second part is the path name of the data file. For example: commands from button presses. The format is the same as above, but you use the word system' instead of link', and you have to add a ‘ main’ to the end of the file name - don't ask me why you just have to: iCPIcture' systea 'run flultiView Kork:Picture PyPlctyre «iin'} This will allow you to display a picture using another AmigaGuide or MultiView on the same screen, but in a separate window - which I think looks better. It also allows the user to get rid of the picture whenever
they like.
AClt'i i Picture* link 'Work:Gu1de HyPicture') Using this technique, it is also possible to do links to other guides, which are saved as separate files. The only problem with using the guide to display or play picture and sound files is that it will be on a blank window, which does not look that nice.
It is possible to execute system 1 I am writing to you for help with an AmigaDOS problem that I have. On my old A600HD with WB2.05. I used to be able to dump ASCII text or directory listings to the printer from the CLI. With the following command line: type s:test TO PRT: or list s: TO PRT:.
Now that I have upgraded my machine to an A1200HD. The above command line will crash my machine, and sometimes a prompt will appear which will ask for a volume with no name.
The hard drive I have is a 120Meg Seagate - it was in my A600 but I re-installed it in the A1200. The boot partition did originally have WB2.05 on it. All other aspects of printing are fine, and I currently get around the problem by making a temporary file in RAM and using ppmore to print out the file, which works fine. Most of my executable library and Printer predicament device files are imploded with imploder, and I use early Explode patch to allow programs to use them.
I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on an excellent magazine, and also your 'Utility Heaven' CoverDisk was BRILL. It’s great to see lots of useful PD programs on your Cover Disk, so keep up the good work!!!
Adrian Richings. Gwynedd mr We are always susceptible to a*. grotesque amounts of praise - glad you like the magazine so much.
As for your problem. I would firstly check that you have fully installed all the new Workbench 3.0 files over the old 2.05 files.
Having said that though, using an older version of the parallel or printer device should not make the computer crash.
I am going to have to point my finger at early Explode. As it is quite an old patch, there is a chance that the new OS is doing something it cannot handle. I would unlmplode all your device and libraries files because the amount of room you gain is not that great, and all you are doing is slowing the computer down because each time it opens a library or device file it is having to decompress it, increasing the amount of time it takes to run programs.
If you really want to compress your system files you might want to consider the XPK distribution, which is usable for any data files, or the Disk Expander product.
Amiga Computing jr-«gwus .-.iV*
• iiliieieeeeeioeteet ¦ I*.__•• ** »rt you in need of o fosl and
wsy conmdion betmen two AMIGA's? Liana, the low-tost network
solo kfl. Mxddiy ahot you mwl1 Just plug it in, instol the
soltworo, ond il runs! Nothing touid be easier than that. Uono
is the network solution lor those with o small budget and big
needs. You ton nw shot* your hard drives and printers.
• For every (I) AMIGA from WB 2.0 on with o free parallel port _
• tth* P Ln QC
• Irdudes (ommodores Envoy networking software T" VI U _ J
• ;*glish monuol ™ W I •
• o omotmly retoonection after (re Jbooring without new startup
• Every morhine usoble os server ond dient EH *i=J 11 ill
frrrzpicflsso n j wm m m- m *
illlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll V '¦ j*
' The video module, Poblo, expands your Pkosso II with two (y
new video outputs. Using the 9 .-' *?.•'- Poblo, you con view
your Pkosso oulpul on ony TV or VCR. All with ' , quality
that you would only expect to see from broadcast video encoders
That K why the Picosso II video encoder module.
Poblo, won in the (Garmon) magazine AMIGA Mogazin' (issue 5 94) test for video encoders
• Three cables included. RCA, S-VHS and SCART
• 5 floppy disks wilh driven, onimation demos ond more f 1 Q A A
• 24Bit Animation program included I U US
• I 5kHz overload protection im I m • J
• 2 well written mcnuols
• Plugs onto the Pkasso II - no Zorro-Slot required j v
• Easy mstallatran of video modes ® Pkosso IIRTG, the graphics
board oil others ore measured ogoinst: 1 Graphics board for all
AMIGA's with ZorroBus - Workbench driver to retarget oil 2 AA
programs ond WB lo the Pkosso »Supports up to 256 colors wilh
WB3.1, even on A2000 ond A3000 O Qqf
* WB resolutions definable up to 1600 x 1280 pixels J j
* HiColor (16BH) ond TrueColor (24Bil) graphics I6M colors!
* Drivers for most grophic programs such os AdPro, ImogeFX,
ImogeMasler, Reol3D
* Allows connection ol ony VGA or Multiscon monitor
* A1084 ond A1081 are still usable with o special coble » Block
borders gone forever, takes full odvontoge of monitor's
* System-complioni implementation of monitorfile, resolution
selet table using screen mode requeslei
* Monitor File compliant with System 2.x or higher, resolution
selectable using screenmode requester »View regular AMIGA ond
special Picossoll-RTG screens on some Monitor without changing
»Screen promoter to moke older programs work on Picosso »Droggoble screens
* Available with 1MB or 2MB, upgradable from 1MB lo 2MB ot
onylime IfiV ifni vuTnT Don’t get overwhelmed with the
complexity of setting up o network, use our Ariadne Ethernet
cord that is compatible with oK AMIGAs that hove on avoilable
Zorro Slot. This card is not only eosy to network it also
equipped with 2 additional parallel poris offering multiple
network solutions.
• IOBose-2 (Thin Ethernet, coox coble) ond lOBose T (Twisted pok,
western jocke!)
• Socket for Boot ROM
• SANA II compatible driver for ethernel ond porolle! Port
• Hook up to two odditionol AMIGAs lo the porollel ports with
• 32KByle coche to support CPU
• Includes Commodore's Envoy networking softwore
• English manual £199.00 . Wellweg 95 D- 31157 Sarstedl -
Germany M m ;; ij -10 technical Hotline 7 (0)5066 7013
Moilbox Blittersoft • 6 Drakes Mews • (rownhifl • MiHon Keynes
• Buckinghamshire • MK8 0ER Order line +44(0) 1908 2614-66
Queries Technical +44 (0) 1908 2614-77 Fax +44 (0) 1908 2614-88
BBS +44(0)1908 2614-99 A1200 8MB Ham Accelerator Available with
0, 2, 4. 8mb of 32-ht mm imsmue Uses Stakdard 72-fir Simms
Opt oral PLCC Type FPU (floatwe foirt urit) Batter* Backer
(for use mm onpoptn. Sovippel etc. Zero Watte State Pesicr 2
FX. L GHTty Vista Pro. Iaiacimi nc. Out FPU pack comis with mi
t m mc crystal amp is compatible MOST A1200 RAM Processor Ac cm
bat ops such as ouk Apollo Magmum pis cm. Hi BUZZARD AMO VlPER
£5999 33MHz FPU £99* 2mb £119.99 £159, 4mb £17999 £21% 8 MB
FROM! TIXT OR GRAPHICS Advanced File Management Software for all Amiga* Imttrmal Multitaskimg allow mg you to pirform MULT Pit OptRATIOMS S MUL7AM10USIY.
* A bt ?
AMIGACu pe Om-Lmi Hup APVAMCEP Fill TYPt RtCOCM TlOH SYSTEM IMCIUP MG 01 Datatype Support S MM, ¦nn s Extems ve Drag V Drop' throughout thi program A OVA AC TP AREXX SUPPORT Cam ivfm Aiplace £ Bmhamce Workbemch!
RePES GMFP AMP RtWRfTTlM FROM GROUMP MR. Much fastfr meorf ifftatmt mmp mamy mtw RtUOlUriOMARY FlATuRlS 49 Him Imttrface with more meam mgful COMTROl AMD UsifUl POMIR. AmKA STYLE .99 CUIPE COMPUAMT EMSURES CLEARER COAUMM CAT OM Of IMFORAAATIOM AMP GREATER COMTROL Workbench 2+ & Hard Disk Required Tornado a X-Link High Speed BT Approvtd Modems for all Amigas External 1Mb Floppy prive for all Amiga* Compatible wmrAU Arums H gm Ooauty SOHY Drive Robust Metal Case AmtpCuck as Stamparp Fmabie Disabie Switch low Powtm Comsumepttom _ Thru Port for E [AYC4R1 ?
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H2. V42bis tornado m.* £99.99 Symc t Asymc Operatwm a | .
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Moot* Omv ?
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? Mroo RisoLtnroa 490dpi ? Atfcoo Somcofo Bottoms ? 2 Year Btarramty 1Bins Smooth 560art ? Micro Sw tcmed Bottoms a Atari ST SwrrcMABU ? 2 Ytx* Wmwraktt AU 5 Bottoms cam be ostp 00 aoamt promraaos soch a Opos 5 asy Ledgers 2 OEE] lnhrdrahJAccountm*SofhtMn ma fir All Amp k now generation of Professional Accounting software for the Amiga.
Easy Ledger 2 Mas sererai keg areas as follows.
[ ledger - General Ledger with optional account numbers Post receipts, uts andjournal entries Reports Include journals, audit trad, trial t £ account kls ories. Cashbook Profit t Loss Statement. Balance et £ Com pang Performance Ratios Password to maintain privacy.
J JMU Use open Item or balance forward methods Invoice printing with metic pricing. OAT calculation, discounts £ totalling, manual overrides.
'f hand-written invoices, credits, receipts t journal adjustments Produces nts. Address labels, sales ana gsis. Aged balance lists, etc. Fullg integrated with Ledger t inventory hrchase - Use open Item balance forward accounting methods inter v invoices, credits, pagments t Journal adjustments Produces ts. Address labels, aged balance lists, transaction histories, etc. Fullg integrated with Ledger £ inventory j-Stock Control £ Price Rook. Handles three price scales with onto tchanging in fry of stock fake resmtts £ goods in oat morearenfs. Fall r with other books. Reports Include price lists
re-ordering report, sales Z valuation, movement history, etc. t Costing - Tor Estimating £ Ouotation Suites a wide range of invoicing 'A for sendee industries Invoice the charges on a job card. Allows 32 fat different charging rates. Transfers goods directtg from inventory £ felly integrated with Creditor and Ledger Image fx 2j Tin Ccmplth ImAAi Proumj Solution for All Amijto Ho other tuvoge rocessing jvochago on fho Amiga ghtes goo everything goo need, Yont predsn co our correction toots to fantastic special effects that hoggin the mtndt Btbetber goo are a print artist or a video magician.
ImageFX Is simply the fastest, the goo wffl ffwd on the Am go.
System Performance Tho oastesf to mso end avast pomerfkf toterfOce, before loading ft, bn ft In YtrtHd Memory allows Woftt on Images neorlg any s re. NnUm fnd mnHHeoet tree URDU, thembee l Image pretiewlng shows effect before using ft. Multiple Image buffers and brushes, precise region controls can restrict wort to Jest part of as image. NnegnaHed Area support for macros and programming, user definable macro kngs and weant.
BnHt in Macro Areas script recording, two pomerfkf batch processing systems IMP and AmfofX I visual HP FAX Fax SoffwArt Solution for ell Amigru m*k * S fop £ Receive Faxes from row Amiga via towMopem. Yoo cam eves pit or from roe favourite appucattou to yomr Fax Beoke A puma Ctmmm 119
MORI DETAILS '.99 .99 Fax Compatible Modem Required 2Mb RAM &
Hard Disk Required ORDER HOTLINE 01322-272908 BETWEEN 9AM AND
Bmt - 22 29. High Ouauty with Coloured Labels £4.99 Disks -
2S 29. High Ouauty with Coloured Labels £19.99 ) 5! 2k RAM
Upgrade £19.99 Order item Price J Home Address CONTACT US ON
Phone Ho.
KM include VAT & carnage to the UK mainland Please add £5 to your order for EC destinations and £10 for other All products are Is subject to availabdity E&OE Advertised pnees & specification may change without notice CHEQUES SHOULD BE MADE PAYABLE TO WIZARD DEVELOPMENTS.
LeKt message Port 15 label, it’s possible to create a macro that automatically forms the size label from the string name it is given. The WRITEDOS macro, shown in listing 1. Does exactly this and it therefore allows a programmer to create text display code simply by writing statements like: Paul Oueraa outlines an easy wan tD get- teHt messages written to a Shell window- VRITEDOS aessage,_stdout Notice at this point that we need to identify the standard output handle for the Shell.
There is an easy-to-use DOS function called Output() which allows us to obtain this. The function needs no parameters and since the result comes back in register dO.
The fragment for identifying the handles looks like this: Function Naae: Description: Call Fonat: Registers: Arguients: VriteO Write data to a file length written * Vritelfile, buffer_p, data lengtlj DO ~ D1 S2 DJ file • file handle bufferj - pointer to buffer holding the data data_length - length of the data length_uritten - nuaber of bytes actually written Return Value: A lengtkjiritten value of -1 aill indicate an errid Notes: CALLSYS aove.l Output,JOSBase dO,_stdout Description ot the Write function VRITEDOS MACRO preserve registers dt-dJ DOS output file handle start of aessage site of
aessage DOS call to write aessage restore registers dH3 ¦owe*.I aove.l aove.l aove.l CALISYS ¦ovei.l d1-dJ,-(sp) 2,d1 » ,d2 IM_SIZE0F,d3 Vrite,JOSBase Isp)e,d1-d3 UNDERNEATH THE SURFACE Those of you who are new lo assembler coding may find it useful to know what the assembler does as it encounters the WRITEDOS macro call. Firstly, the macro gets expanded to produce these instructions: Listing 1: The macro tor writing text strings The CALLSYS macro also gets expand causing the _LVO prefix to be added t the ‘Write' label and generating a furl reference to the system include file LIN KLIB
macro which is then also expand The result is that the assembler ends i producing code which looks like this: preserve regis ters d1-d3 DOS output file handle start of aes .
Sage size of aessage DOS call to write aessage restore regis ters d1-d3 The result is that the assembler sets the second label to the size of the preceding text string. Now, if we also adopt a convention whereby the sizes of all strings are represented by adding .SIZEOF to the onginal The (ouerDish code
• ovea.l d1-d3,-(sp) preserve registeru d1-d3 aove.l _s?dout,dl
DOS output file 1 handle IOVt.1 Message,d2 start of aessage j
aove.l MessageJIZE0F,d3 size of aessage 1 aove.l a6, -(so)
preserve contents!
Of ai aove.l JOSBase, ai base address of 1 library jsr _LV0Vrite(a6) indirect subrouting
• ove.l (sp)*,i6 call restore a6
• ovea.l (sp)*,d1-d3 restore registers!
D1-d3 generation sandwiched between the calls that control the italics setting like this: turn on italics get DOS to vritt vessigt turn off italics VRITEDOS italic_on,_stdout VRITEDOS itssagt,_stdout VRITEDOS italic_off,_stdout And that's basically all there is to it as far as basic Shell window text display is concerned. So that the example code can be assembled without the official Amiga system files. I’ve included all necessary LVO (library vector offset) values for the function calls and the WRITEDOS. CALLSYS and LINKLIB macros in the source itself. The runable form of the program does,
of course, need to be run from a Shell window because it will be to that window that the output text will be sent!
...... M... Thit month's example was actually created using Hisoft's Devpac but the code can be assembled using any assembler ssembly language programmers frequently need to be able to write text messages back to a Shell window. The good news at this point is that it is very easy to do and by making use of a few well chosen macros, you can effectively get the assembler to write most of the code for you. This month's example is based on three macros: WRITEDOS, which sets up a DOS library Write() function call, and CALL- SYS and LINKLIB which (as regular readers will already know) are used
to generate the library calling code.
A description of the Write() function has been provided in the accompanying boxout and you see that for delivering text messages. This function needs to know the length of the text string. One way to work out the number of characters is to actually count them, but this approach is both tedious and error prone. A better way is to get the assembler to do the counting for you by placing an additional label at the end of the text, and then using the EQUate directive to set it to a value based on the current assembler location counter value minus the start of the original string like this: All
we need now is a runable example and you’ll find this on the CoverDisk. Of course. WRITEDOS can be used for control character output as well as text string output so. To make the example a little more interesting. I've included a couple of console control sequences which tell the Shell window to turn italic text display on and off. The data for these calls are set up in just the same way as already explained, with italic control being provided by these two definitions: display italic ondc.b Csl,$ 33,$ 6d itilic.on.SIZEOF EfiU '-italic.on italic off
dc. b Csl,t32,iS3,S6d italic.off.SlZEOF E8U *-118110.011 You’ll
therefore find the real text message aovea.l d1-d3,-($ p)
¦ove.l _stdout,dt
• ove.l Message,d2
• ove.l
* »es'sage_SIZE0F,d3 CAUSES Vrite, JOSBase
• ovea.l (spH,d1-d3 ¦essage text!'
• essage.SlZEOF
dc. b 'Just soae exaaple EfiU *-aessage Amiga Computing NEW!!!
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AMIGA A600 ACCELERATOR 68020 28MHZ UPGRADEABLE TO 8MB RAM £209.00 A2000 ACCELERATOR 28MHZ & 50MHZ with SCSI Controller £POA ACCELERATORS EXTERNAL SCSI HDISK FOR ALL AMIGA COMPUTERS WITH SCSI CONTROLLER 126 Fore |Tel: 0181-345-6000 Street,Upper E d m o n to n , L o n d o n , N 1 8 2XA Fax: 01 81 -345-6868 Email: gastein@dircon.co.uk he Amiga has been around for quite a while now and when it was released it only had two pieces of software other than Workbench, one of which was a paint package called Prism, the other a piece of music software that Debbie Harry sang along to at the launch of the
The situation has changed somewhat over the last ten years, with a particular concentration in the arenas the Amiga started with, namely graphics and music. And of course, there’s a lot of software out there that might not be familiar to you. Especially if you are a relatively new Amiga owner. So let's plunge straight into our categories and have a look at what’s available.
Graphical glam Let’s start with the category that launched the Amiga - graphics. With a wide selection of paint packages at our disposal, we have always been well catered for.
We've got the Paints (D, P and TV) and Brilliance, and we've got the know-how to use them. For a long time, the only choice that had to be made was whether you were going to buy Dpaint or not do any graphics, but Dpaint’s thunder has been somewhat stolen over the past three or so years by two new contenders; Brilliance and Personal Paint.
Personal Paint's start was somewhat shaky. It looked like a sub-standard Dpaint clone and behaved like one in some respects too. It still only offers painting in 256 colours on screen (no HAM or HAM8).
But it does now have an animation system and many more features besides.
For the software, you really need at leas 14Mb RAM and a fast graphics card use it. Having said that, it is the only ora of the packages I have mentioned tha supports pressure-sensitive graphic tablets properly.
Brilliance actually consists o two paint packages, one for normal register paint, and a version for use under HAM which saves out 24-bit files. Dpaint is still going great guns, especially since it now comes with a macro recorder and an enhanced move requester, but it still seems pretty slow and it’s not going to get any faster.
There is one other dedicated paint package available for the Amiga, but you need to have a pretty stonking machine to take advantage of it. The title in question is TVPaint which now supports layering effects like Photoshop (although it is limited to only three layers) and improved speed and fluidity in its painting tools.
However, as I already said, you are going to need a far wallet to get it. Not only does it cost somewhere in the region of £400 Some of the more interesting ones include a virtual memory system for manipulating bitmaps larger than your memory would normally be able to hold, and the ability to produce both Random Dot Stereograms and Single Image Stereograms relatively painlessly (until you have to look at them, of course). It also has both whole-image and brush-based image processing functions, so you can paint over an area to make it embossed, for instance, which, while somewhat slow, adds a
whole new set of tools for creativity.
• Deluxe Paint V £59.95 Emerald Creative Technology 0181-715 8866
• Personal Paint v6.3 £39.95 Amiga Computing 01625 878888
• TV Paint 3 £329.95 Activa UK 0181-402 5770
• Brilliance 2 £45.95 Emerald Creative Technology 0181-715 8866
Personal Paint is full of innovations and.
Unlike Dpaint and Brilliance, is still in development, so it can only get better. It is also the only native paint package that properly supports graphics cards. Brilliance is also an innovative package geared towards the artist rather than the computer fiend, it has superb tools for animation and an interesting, if somewhat unfamiliar - to afficionados of the Dpaint PPaint layout - interface.
Uideo niieqs MM400 - we reviewed it earlier this year - the king of Amiga multimedia packages. With the ability to scale fonts on the fly. Have wipe effects both onto and off the screen, and load almost any type of picture file format suitable for video work. Scala has a lot hidden under its bonnet.
Video. The last bastion of Amiga superiority. Only the Amiga makes direct genlocking or recording to video possible without expensive graphics cards. And as such, we have some stonking video titling packages such as Scala. Broadcast Titler II, Montage 24 and Big Alternative Scroller 2 to rely on for all our CG needs.
Scala is the big daddy of them all. More than a video titler really, Scala can be put to use as a Point Of Information display tool or interactive multimedia presenter. Scala comes in a variety of guises, from the simplicity and small scale of HT100, all the way up to IC400, otherwise known as InfoChannel.
InfoChannel is designed as a distributed information system and is used to control video walls and hotel TV systems. In the middle somewhere is Scala
• Scala MM400 £249.95 Emerald Creative 0181-715 8866
• Montage 24 £259.95 Emerald Creative 0181-715 8866
• Big Alternative Scroller 2 £49.95 Emerald Creative 0181-715
8866 Amiga Computing uper software Follaiuing an from last
month's super Umiga feature. Ben Host tahes a looh at some of
the best software auailable for gour machine Hug
• Red = Out of development
• Green * Still in development
• Blue - Unsure of development status musical moments The other
launch platform for the Amiga, music has long been a passion
for Amiga owners with composers like Danny Elfman
(Beetlejuice. Nightmare before Christmas and Batman) using Bars
and Pipes Pro to help them with their compositions.
There are two forms of music that can be made using the Amiga, one being MIDI sequenced music using packages like Bars and Pipes or MusicX. The other being ‘internal' music or chip tunes using tracker programs like Powertracker or OctaMed.
Its tracker programming, On the tracker front, you can only buy one product and that is OctaMed, but there are umpteen Pro, Power, Noise, BlahdiWah trackers out there in the public domain.
There are a vast number of mods, as the tunes are called, available from public domain sources like the Aminet, but I digress. The toppest of top notch MIDI sequencers for the Amiga has to be Bars and Pipes Professional. Indeed, Andy Bishop, one of Premier Vision’s directors and no mean muso himself. Has said on numerous occasions that he can do things with Bars and Pipes that still can't be done on any other platform, so it must be true.
• Bars & Pipes Professional £215 White Knight Technology 01920
• MusicX £49.95 Emerald Creative Technology 0181-715 8866
• Octamed 6 £40 RBF Software 01703 785680 Other contenders in the
MIDI music field include the relatively recently updated MusicX
and even OctaMed has now integrated MIDI sequencing into
machine with at least a 68020 and 4Mb RAM to run well, but for
those with a humbler specification, there is always Final
Copy or Wordworth SE. Wordworth SE is merely a cut-down version
of the full package. Whereas Final Copy is actually a dif
ferent program geared towards lower end let's get serious
Brious' software has always been jhtfy thin on the ground for
Amigas, ilike certain other machines, but we do vo a couple of
splendid word proces- jrs in Final Writer and Wordworth. Final
Iwer should just be hitting a new version (you read this, with
even more features eluding a sensible way to apply bold and ic
styles to text and a tab’ feature that Beds to be seen to be
• Final Writer v4 £74.95
• PageStream 3 £174.95
• DataStore £45.95 Emerald Gordon Harwoods 01773 836781 Emerald
Creative Technology Creative Technology 0181-715 8866 0181-715
• Final Copy £49.95 Gordon Harwoods 01773 836781
• Professional Page v4.1
• Superbase 4 Professional £49.95 LH Publishing £129.95 HiSoft
• Wordworth £79.95 Emerald 01908 370230 01525 718181 Creative
Technology 0181-715 8866
• Twist2 £89.95 Emerald Creative
• TurboCalc £49.95 Emerald Technology 0181-715 8866 Creative
• Wordworth SE £44.95 0181-715 8866 Emerald Creative Technology
• Final Data 2 £39.95 Gordon 0181-715 8866 Harwoods 01773 836781
Amiga Computing In the battle for speed at word process-
g. Final Writer wins hands down. It also Dmes with more fonts and
clip art than Drdworth and supports Arexx.
Never, a lot of people don’t like Final liter’s non-standard interface and feel re at home with Wordworth’s more niga-like approach. Both these pack- es really need a hard drive and a machines. Of course, if you want total control over your page layout, you will almost certainly want to go for PageStream 3. This is a fully-blown, almost-professional DTP package. I say almost professional because there are certain features that remain to be implemented including, perhaps most importantly, the ability to produce colour separated documents.
Without this ability you will be limited to either working in greyscale or printing on your own colour printer.
You could, alternatively, go for a copy of ProPage, now resurrected by LH Publishing who are able to offer it for £49.95. However, this doesn't alter the fact that the product is no longer in development.
On the database front there hasn't really been anything to match Superbase’s domination of the market, but with new databases from HiSoft (Twist2), Softwood (Final Data), and Digita (DataStore). Perhaps there will be a new brand leader. However, none of the databases I have mentioned seem to have the depth presented by Superbase Professional.
When it comes to spreadsheets, the Amiga is even less well served, with only TurboCalc really in the running, although there is a new title on the horizon with Softwood's Final Calc.
FEATURE ProcB55Dr power Hu scores is as a 24-bit paint and process tod. Part2 larty suited to retouching scans and generating si ning backdrops and composite pictures. With nl active picture compositing and brush-based im processing effects, the sort of pictures you can ate is only limited by your febrile imagination.
ADPro introduced Amiga owners to the real power of image processing. There were other packages available. But none had the stable, flexible interface that ADPro presented to the world. Times have moved on since then - indeed ADPro is no longer being updated and the company formerly known as ASDG (now Elastic Reality) is working on products for pretty much any platform other than the Amiga, But it’s not a great loss as the last version of ADPro was distinctly disappointing and we have some superb new packages to play with.
First up is ImageF X which has gone from strength to strength since its inception as GVP's in- house image processor. ImageF X now supports 24-bit preview screens if you are lucky enough to be running the CybergraphX software, and its range of features and file formats that are supported has grown apace. However, the real star of this year has to be Almathera's superb Photogenics package. I could have put this in with the graphics section, but I feel Photogenics is not quite strong enough to sit in with the all-purpose graphics packages; where it
• ImageF X v2.1 £249.99 (but look for special offers) from Wizard
Developments 01322 272908
• Photogenics v1.2 £59.95 from Almathera 0181-687 0040
IdiscellanM 3D tu The Amiga was producing high-quality ray
traced images before the majority of PC owners even knew what
ray tracing was. With a long pedigree. Lightwave is probably
the best-known 3D package for Ihe Amiga now. But you shouldn’t
forget the brilliant contribution made by Imagine to the
Amiga’s standing in the 3D arena.
There are also unknown quantities in the form of Maxon Cinema 4D and Reflections, two German ray tracers of repute, both of which will be released over here. Lightwave is the one to go for for ease of use and add-on utilities. You can get utilities that generate explosions, gravity, hair, flocking behaviour, target tracking, and so on and so on.
There is another 3D package that doesn’t seem to get as much press as the other two. Namely Real 3D. The older versions were quite simple to use. But with the introduction of Real 3D v2, Real became a lot more complex. Real3D is new ideally suited to people who wish to simulate physical experiments as you can assign gravity effects, collision detection, elasticity and other physical properties to the objects in your scenes.
With Real 3D it is even possible to go bowling and see the results, albeit a lot more slowly than you would if you just went down to your local bowling alley.
As with any processor-intensive software package, you will find yourself growing old if you are waiting for your pictures to render on a 68000 machine, so make sure you have plenty of RAM and processor power before you go and lash out on one of these packages.
Will there be more?
So there you have it. A short guide to the best software for your Amiga. There are many other categories to deal with like disk utilities, back up programs, educaticr sampling, structured drawing, communications, programming, and so on. Pertv- we will be able to print a continuation of this article at some point dealing with tin other categories, we'll see.
In the mean time, do go out and buy some of the software I've told you about he Your continued support of the Amiga software market will ensure future versions the software that is still being developed, and make sure our remaining softw doesn't go the way of ADPro. ProPage, Dpaint. Brilliance and all those others.
Lightwave 4 £tbc from Cybersystems 01843 292150 Imagine 3.x £99.95 from Emerald Creative 0181-715 8866 Real 3D v3 £319.95 from Activa UK 0181-402 5770 Maxon Cinema 4D £199.95 from HiSoft 01525 718181 There are always some things that cannot be pigeonholed but shouldn't be forgotten because that is the case. It’s the same story with Amiga software. There are certain titles, like Distant Suns, that fit uneasily into categories like educational. It's as close a fit as we are likely to get. But why categorise them at all? So here’s my (admittedly limited) selection of misfit bits of software
that are just to good not to mention.
First up might as well be Distant Suns.
Mike Smithwick's superb bit of astronomical software should be in anyone who even has the vaguest interest in the night sky's software collection. You can spend hours trawling around the ephemeris, tracking comets and planets, finding out more information on star systems, looking at close up pictures of the moon - it's almost like having The Sky at Night' on your Amiga.
And that really sad link brings me onto our next selection, pop pickers - Airlink.
Airlink is one of those products that you might never hear about, but would come in really handy for you. You might have difficulty getting a copy of it now that you do know about it. But you should be able to at least try the number at the bottom of this section if you are interested.
So what does it do? Basically speaking, using Airlink. You can control any infrared device within range of your Amiga. Airlink is specifically aimed at DTV people vrti want to control their VCRs from tl Workbench screen and consists of a sm box at the end of a cable which plugs i your second mouse port.
You can recreate your video's remo control on the screen using Dpaint an then make areas on the brush ‘hot’ so th they act as buttons whose functions a set within AirLink's interface. It’s a real simple system and one that worl extremely well.
My third and final treat is a piece fl software that is variously described as programmer’s tool, which is true programs like ProControl and Fib Factory have been written using it - a as a multimedia package, which is ad true since several POI systems have ba created using it. It's both. It's CanDo, program with a six-year pedigree, and have used it to create my AmiTCPHeip program and a couple of front-ends i slide show-type affairs.
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Monitor 1084S £189.99 WITH TILT AND SWIVEL STAND Microvitec
1438 (Free speakers) .£279.99 I Sharp TV Monitor .H64.99J
(BFPO ORDERS WELCOME ? SURCHARGE) ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT & DEUVERY (unless olherw.se slated) DeWy wrthm 3 days (UK MAINLAND ONLY) ADO £8 00 FOR NEXT DAY DELIVERY CALL OR SEND CHEQUES POSTAL ORDERS TO GREY-TR0NICS LTD, UNIT 1015 WHITGIFT CENTRE, CROYDON, SURREY CRO 1UU SALES HELPLINE: 0181-686 9973 Mq.I order pocesonly FAX; 0181-686 9974 All offers uAject to amdability E&OE Prices Pack details may chonge without notice Please allow 6 working days for cheques to door PLEASE SEND YOUR ORDER TO EITHER OF THESE DiSTRIBUTi YOUR ORDER WIL BE SAME DAY DESPATCH VIA FIRST CLAS ALL OUR PD DISKS ARE
SOFTWARE 2000 Dept (ACD8) 48 NEMESIA AMINGTON TAMWORTH B774EL TEL: 01827 68496 SOFTWARE 2C Dept (ACD8) 9 WILLS STREE LOZELLS BIRMINGHAM B191PP TEL: 0374 6780 We stock over 6500 QUALITY PD & SHAREWARE How to order Sisk it Agaii
i. This means the I Price .....99p per disk To order any
disk just writ* the disk title and the
* * * “ shave «) num
o pack ALL DISKS ARE COMPATIBLE der any coda. EG U01 Against.
Some titles have • number in
0. This means the title come on (x) to order PACK just write down
the Pack price as ststed AM Older* Same Day Despatches For the
very latest disk catalogue please add 70p MAKE CHEQUE POSTAL
title come on (x) number ot disks.
TITLE name.
OVERSEAS POST S PACKAGE RATE (Europe add 2Sp per disk for PIP) (Worldwide sdd 50p per disk P&P) WITH ALL AMIGAS UNLESS STATED AGA Disk means for A1200 A4000 TEL OR FAX: 01827 6841 SPECIAL OFFER FOR AMIGA COMPUTING READERS SOFTWARE 2000 Top WB* CAN DO SrtBranM lanoiaB* 1111? N “ Various Utilities MM ICON NM mb** 14 ••») M» MOO HUHKmC KAO (MULATON (MOO M»1 OCOMAMN hb« WB 1 J AMO wnuWlo.
MM KILL AoiLmsk* Mm t-oybm. Nm on AtJOO MOO CS4 (MULATON i ut.L » document MM MKSALV a « ASACXM toot util) MO) tHC CHCAT COMNEMNUM lo. O«o. AM aomoo MJO HOW TO COOC M C (MM). Nun, oumMm MO ACTION KPLAT Y'.ii00 Ml
042) ACTION HE ALA Y »A (AilOO 0nir, un n am MAT PC EMULATOP V 2
J)(W»J on-,) SVGA PC bUlllir M60 COPT 0 CRACK TOO*. 2 more
pauirtui covi Art*.*" MOO NEW SUPER VWW KtUf N|no ** *U
) *. Mo MO* TORCASUR V7-hcrtb mcing prudbon p.og bm MO*
**•* UTO* V MORPH VxaxbM omooO. Morpk pnowpPon UTM POOL.
TOOLS 2lLoto«t|p.o cOHn horoo "btmg UTOS THOM-CAO-brt*
troOOt C*«u« MpfnwpM UTOT GAM TAMEM1A4H71FQ. Non rTK»» pomoo
mot UMO LAST WU S nSTASfcNT-oml* yotr ortl U710
AtNFtCT-AAAtT 1? Vor. Ooo. Lo uoo pm pockogo UTI* tNOINffK
KIT i*Ku( Hot ill lor Ann* UTIi MAGNUM I • REOARO Pm boot 01
ok niuiMo croolo uni PONT PANM VS » lend ot lent • lord .low
U771 t XOTic NPPER .oto CO no bool tounagiopNc -Ipo.
UTSA PAR NET SET UppI .squra lo. PM tonnSeSn UTM PARRET CARLE MixER PtSTROCTTON pro** om Ctt «PH ARE* UANUAUnotWbUl tomeiew monupl.
U72* ASS ASP. BOOT urn. TO boo. MocO C.O0M. uiii UTM BOAT AOA lAMOtfut Of AMO) S mot 1 S own U71’ A ZOAMEtCHEAT lo. O.w 500 00 1 UTM MM MORPH* croooo TtNMMAT0*2 oRoc Ur» AWARD MAKER ChimM gf wMMR U7J7 AS*ASM CRU0.CM * COPY TOOL W* I S only I UTS* SIOCK PotOf ESSIONAL .33 VorWuo A oun UTM TURRO MPLOOCR VS.1 poowM Stab (rmN.
U740 CROSS DOS S 1 ptuo roaAW.Ro PC. -AHGA Mk UT41 HOO.SK TOOL SOX .nan. mort 0n mm wcmwM UTAf HOW TO CREATE AUT0800T DESK HRM • UN U741 UtK DM Nmar «9. MAKE AUTO BOOT OlSK UT44 FRACTAL MARIA.MOMONPH Srttbn. CoOottlon UT4S Af WORK BENCH (jras l J ONLY) nptocamknl UT4* 10 OAROCN OSSKMtN A m bam on. .ngM art V74T A»TI*M*T V? PrpdK. Ytot otanol pmMelfon UT4* 0.SK REPAIR Kflbpey A MDUncludo oc«l-p.oelatl urto MUSIC CATALOQuC (not A400.1 31 rmy oaay 10 uoo UTI I SVTEM CHECKER TOOL mult lor ony Amao oomor U711 HARO OrfTt UtlL.lol moro Hor« Owtt Uti UfVt PAR BENCH IriNBli (oomptnoi UlU PRO C AO
NMHSRie IMMI cnui Done Omlyto.
Urn PUB MENU LAUOICNER-morw Ortlom oaoy to uoo U7M ICON PLUS IJOtSKl HunRrpPo ot blunnuig ICONS UTI I RCLOCKJT 14 latooi WBI1 omMW UTM FAKE FAST MEMORT moao moro otdor ooftaora rut UTT7 TILE TEXT RfCKVFR protect hrtUy mcommond UT»1 00* TRACE VS. *opMr Womoaon aAypomoon mono mtuootarun aNo otarMMr Amma otaway RECOOFMEKO urn POOL WMNCR OOLO HUM lor oU gombo.
Urn HARO-CISK MEMORY V2 woo HO 00 momery pa MMUI UTM WINDOW BENCH « (WB M) loot now worAor.on igpmanwnL muMt w ol raM uOMMi ufti COMPUTER QIAONOSTtC TEST V* W~B« FouW ItnNng TICK 1 BOX ONLY & RETURN THIS TOKEN WITH YOUR ORDER FOR YOUR FREE DISKS (Photocopies also accepted) BUY 10+ PD DISKS & CHOOSE ANY 1 EXTRA DISK FREE BUY 15+ PD DISKS & CHOOSE ANY 2 EXTRA DISK FREE OPTION: Add extra 55p (Post Office Rate) for Record & Insurance with any order.
MSI OPTMRMo 1 -aoor SB t MSS BITUnOM BENCH MA jgsrreaira mmis H n TOP QUALITY . -in I U BLANK DISKS T I U DISK LABELS T I U SLEEVES COLOUR -J Q DISK PROTECT All list above for only £5 ? 50p for P&P. Discount available for larger order. 100% guaranteed PRINTER MANAGER 7 PFKNTTBSruWO blcaMM yrrt Mb
* PMNTTH TOOL - nilvln lypbmrtM. Hwb. Me IVKHMkMTtAtrtKSo* Mr Ml
p!'*¦ * 4 A&K06 STUCK) F« M Bnh* |rt*i« MUSIC inwTU MANAOtn
to. M ttitwi wmw ¦Ml Cbtw prtnMn U7*T MO. PMNTIK DMVT* MM Mmkn
Mb* « X 3 o« roq FPU (no. I 3| U1S1 VIOEO NOTE imfi M* you.
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»«»; yigt? *«*? ¦ bull mwimiBiH no mono* orotom mn jot uiaofn m wmm vnanma II3 ..... ctnn of no.dd.ok ut.
MetprMuM ok ubl tomptoMn ONKTTjMMooRf .
STAR TREK & STARTREK NG On* ol 17 most comptola itarlreh allows ever Including 100* of pidurg* from lh* DfigilUl & n*w gtartrgk NG Mrnt Mud for *H gtar-trek fan*. S disk »ef - only CS.S9 run on sH Amiss A mutf for Any Amu atmtr mOT jpinirr Printer Pack (5 disks) only £4.99 WORKBENCH EXTRA UTILITIES CoilseOon of ms bMt w6 utliniss ilks ToolOssmon. Snoopdos V3, lost Tvs flndsc, Msmory monitor. Lstss! Virus kilter. WT Oisk eopiw tc. Much too nuny to list.
All on 2 disks only C1.M (not W81.3). RECOMMENDED 10 DISK PACK...E10.90 compMibts _Amos Amos Pro E-TYPE }. .or. good aooaroid wool t OlEUPIAO C»SK liO) Olympic open DC SCI HOF R GAME tank, toorch « OBLIDOI ntmMmnt AicadeWuua go PARACHUtt JOUST gull. I»n«,.
CASTLE OF DOOM M graph.: M.v WIMU WORLDOOOYLanM(Mfg CASH FRLKT-good burt mo.Vort AMOS CRICK Ft crKkol gonao TRAN*SANT‘dcII7 KLAWT TIN KAT-gra 101 GAMES PRICE ONLY C9.99 MM cdMMT * om m 0 N twy tod K»0|**N.vUdnHiAX«! Tom ¦onrpNy M SMB DP MR S M. bpy MR
* NO narointai Bis prow carp ortl 0*41 ar SOU NCI 2 ptoyer
futunaiK braaboul 0*42 ROAD TO H£LLb»taont car roomp 0344 SUPER
I OM CAT Iwa .Wiled) Moot tm M 064S KUMOEU CHARLIES mU o«i
pRHMna bril 0S4* RAX) 4 loooo. Rontcal ocroo choot aw up
SOUUMASTTR rtn oaed ouu prowama HELEVATION apaoi baoo an HR Tf
aiPriVAL WALKER -Saao on STAR WAR oomoo ¦ SIAMASE 1) I20IB.M tu
MEN OLYMPOC (20) nan. O.om M coaplooo 0*40 4 L C O DREAM 4 wud
land raM aomoo 0d*4 N(K5IOSOMa 2y btao an da TV oarao 88Q&
(1DISKI jnaonLBrtl S dScaMOOLF 044* AMOS CNCKXT 2 Now Amot
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Cab* MUGSY REVENGE fonaoiw p.ophc odvarnum 0*74 ISON OCT ARC root car racna |noh*&1 J) AST* TIME RUNNER wnocmg wopAc pdrarnuo GAM SPACE-INVASION 2 - FanuoM Oalaaaoi 0A41 AUTOMOBNES PO rtroton or *KK MARK brtl OAM BANDIT MAMA • BnRprH bun natoura Ppoo Si FROJECT BUTT BAN -SrUarO POWroul ¦ QUN PIQNf (nal ASBOft JJ H THE REAL POPtYt Ai laioo I I on .)
¦ SYSTEM OEEENO-B.tunt OaPondor clone TSJS AMIGA BOY Own bay imUoir . MM OT32 OETMELL M SPACE. AoranoaaS «T» OYIRLANPER fnlltnl NIP* NOON ALERT OTJT StMOUS BACKGAMMON Tno boat In PO SO OTTI STAR WOK) 12 Oak) Dctlan. Th.u.1 GTT2 UN-S(NSjRlE SOCCER n.) omlor M SonobN woe CO. Pomor RECOMMEND fU'WA 101 GAMES 2 ¦ 3L PRICE ONLY CIO 9 ¦ TM4T0 ai WHIP we •,) 'germ ¦ (urostoi KI; PMBT3J *ne 11t v ~ ~ . 3 i*Y NV" Kl prwl ho !wi GTT.l FRUIT MAMA AdOON F.wlmecJwn. OTT4 TRKKLC TREAT 4Ra OOOM an da PC 0773 FOOTBALL MANAGER-vww .orwan QT*2 SOLO ASSAULT 30 iuo Wing Caaoaaadgr OTSJ WED OE OAMMSMriad ptgm Mow
QT*4 NANO FLY Superb lioll I pome RECOMMENC OTIBTHS ORTAT GOLD RalO .wy odd cad G?«7 ANT WAR VI 0,lA1I*T; hoi I 3 G ISA T» NO-MORPH -Oreo, grahc GTS* TASK FORCE rary aoid NINO SHADOW oUra 0 TJC GREEN FIVE AnauRaM) wopM. Ala 07*1 PROFESSIONAL (WN&O CILLER 07*2 MARTIAL SPRIT Bb* SlFMI BnlMr * Q7*g 4 EXCELLENT CARO OAMtf coOWcbon qs’o «fT u **m” 0»H TEMPORAL MISKACEMENT rAphN oduontuH G**7 ADAY AT Tht RACE-V Goopvoroo -Mmg gana GAME HINTS & CHEATS II G*r* OCLCXF GALA .7 rsessv&arY,",,,"~ NEW 101 GAMES PK 3 Hie 101 pari J centals onr 100 jmim, mm e« d kng*».
Mly 11 Jt Ar bjy sny} picts tartar i ik*ys a In* M Win for uM Mb rwi ortK Th» die cawol &? I«d *ih aiy other oO(r cinr I r.brc lo cordttoo fiotfr oar BOCK TOOTH ADVENTURE vor. Aeed mas n» ohbco'reaci om up atcootatiJir GBW *UP$ ? RuWRffKy MPI POMMAd awy am. Ur M PANG Iwrt weapon RECOMMEND (MB4 SUPER SIVASTON a Mrw SPACING INVADER G*»7 THE SMEPCRO Bnllenl POPULUS Omnp NEC 04*4 ALIEN GCNOOOC |7) Snoor sowa ... r. .cue. 2fpf ,?n saa sswsn,- QMI rATH • IANTWAR MpMY iwy iimls lo LEMMNa A WORM, ww. Load ol Weapon (Brtltem) 0104 LAST SOLOCR (21 auttaortl olaSprm jaaai 0*0T CBSERTECH ,2| o.UUni
aliEn PrttOcio-w OlOt HANGMAN 4n* ora Mr 4 gome * G*OT ACE SPACE ruco PWHorm aomoo (UO* COLOUMAAMLA oltdolKlobQ l.pO pw£IM SUM* 6*10 HARRY-HAOOOCK- BrdlwH attMnaar gonao 0*12 MANGLE FENDER BrnanL (main rt attar ewRgnk eel lo wo iiyiab iddUN* aot a 0*11 ARCADE QAAMS CLASSIC Vo. 1 * 2 lldi EQ11 EDUCATION PACK 1 pock uHTl Aotono of oArCOOon profwoo .anting I molho otNnoo to oducononol gomoo (rcoimmt I opto Mr my ArMfb S Aak pocfconly CAM (01* DINOSAURS leech you MI SB*M Ohueoou- E020 WORLD OAT ABASE .eqoro i2.m*g £011 STORY LAND * kaorpM puzm Borneo me (022 LANGUAGE TUTOR leech .ou Itonguogo
E023 TALKMO COLOURING OOOK ulfcma Opanl I EOS* WORDS ton Ro yau oono *a troooword £02? OSWALD Very ooMuHM Urge oartaan boru COM EVOLUTION OrooO you. Own byarM cm 10 TEST . N OAMT* pats 1 tiBMMnl tSl CMMa HEIJ%May fiat SASIC TUOOW Worn pBoM AnWB« BaaM Prog EDUCATION & 21 GAMES PACK MnVw of Via vtrjr bMl of •ducatto* program*
• 21 M*MI pack. • MTV DOPU0W carosttSfsittcKt «sv I (r%0i on m S
d*ki pact oofy C4.S6_ PACK Tma a E100 LITTLE TRAVELER W* EI01
WORLD OEOGR Apnr (1ST TRUMRTY rattWORK woy M Maen your chod (ho
El j* HOW TdOELOVOPf P |i MR MEN OLVNMCOO El'OCULT TV0ATA*A«i KID DISKS 1 (14* ClMU S futM - PULLIaet* you Uw I CIMINItRNET-FULLfluMo 10 mlornol * we E141CLI (SHELL TUTOR |1w pl IsaMMr**| E 142 OELUXE PAJWT QRAPORC TUTOR V 1 1 4 r! *4 PMNni gi’SSrof'iT i2m«|S5u6I iiu MY BOARD IRAJNtR A-..col-n. (144 WOROPOWER- rtoaetwca»trtoo.iHi E14B CROSSWORD CREATOR-Aoortn c.ooow E14* CHESS ( S TUTOR bn.Ion. (5w« n oe 1«170 HISTORY OK AVUTION veil Indwfl ¦ in CHAO fAVCtJRIlT (dutolcn p.od T • n INNAL L AMXaarn about anknof f 1 rs I RAN TIC GUOE TO COMPUTER) 2D| M* E1TT CYBER PUNK 2 Mr cyborRwW boa* art,
E. *1 WORKBENCH 2,0 GUIDE On Me heM*o E210 LEARN I PLAT 11 non
Imch your chIU about w.m*l (241 COMMS 0U10E V1 1 boon nor
moSoa op E242 GutOE TO WEATHER I Jo , M«arb oompk junto to the
ootrhor .ocowmond EJIi liATH ATTACK U*P4 ’0411 gonM Ml I F Itl
p.oo an lor OM (2*4 BdOatCR OUOE TO WB 3 (A!200 onyi £247
CLOSE »ACT|2l Wcl 4bou pltnot earth (244 NO ONLY « o.coton.
game BmoiOS €2W SANTA Hon Som. CoAoci proow.1 pm C2*1 SMITHOAY
1-220 FRED-FISH 1-1000 l] OubA C64 & 45 games pack Spectrum V2
& 50 games IOO TOP DEMOS Tsit -i th» Htf latest I BN Bw seat
C*4 «rg lor Be kmga H fully | wu jim in CM tatipuai »o rn tan
play ill tw up CM game* eg JtPtc. Aanto. Baman. ArWod 1 mrj
ncre or jo.i Ar.ji *ju 3H too t*- arli i eiCWbawrefc Am lw
s«nn; I tC CM :3Tp.trr All our C64pjck t PtCt conn 4.1.pi J ll
j « P r, ,f r, 4-. i
• Pr.rtrc .-in i
• *¦"'pr*nsn-ia ¦ coamnwLE httn my 4Mtu n a ®wm Pmk C64 & 45
original games ..£4.99 C64 & 100 original games ..£8.99 C64 &
200 original games £16.99
SHOPPER ISSUE 54 0*lop»H*r RCCOtiMENDCO r £7.95 suitable for
all AMIGAS wthinj p»cx. It n ccsic*« to i *i » own jregran r
Sprctrun bine. Juii I* wrong i iwl Speclrus corrpuW 41'
JiMiirjrcnn Anga Wl tfirutitcajn- nitowin itl.de: Con wt* ¦fr
a Atims 5xoi Ail .incr. nv.
Ixi.dK Ai j»cu :tr Jr. DflfiM! Ginri SfpasnnasoiD & msm i&asa SPECTRUM ? 50 GAMES PK1 ONLY £4.99 SPECTRUM .100 GAMES PK2 ONLY £7.99 SPECTRUM «200 GAMES PK3 ONLY £12.99 SPECIAL OFFER PACK 4 Take SPECTRUM pack 1. 2. 3 & extra 50 new games FREE. Total 400 games for only £19.99 yFIII Ke»pict HMM ZX SPCCTRUW VI 6b 4 16b AGA HI f" W ,un‘ mu:h to'" ** » ln Spnr'rjn P•« lor onl| Sop For any Amija ticept KS 1.1 f ONLY £4.99 PER PACK SSUITABLE FOR ANY AMIGA SYSTEM I Games Pack 1 (5 disks) n (d tutel beard gm eg ScrkfcbinM.
KOa*. Oica. Dcrwnoet CmtOott: Far to many to atf t Games Pack 2 (5 disks) ¦NN vary boa daasciecada games, eg Gw cMc btoadir. Faonan. Ate t mam mo* RfCOMMfcSDFD i Games Pack 3 (5 disks) bpd l*w*t card gamee He Pokar Spsda Bridge A1200 & A4000 ONLY HIS LISTING ARE FOR LISE WITH AO A AMIGA OVER 1950 DISKS DOUBLE CD Price only £34.99 j SOFTWARE 2000 FREE 110 BLANK DISKS & 10 LABELS Enclose two tokens with your CO to receive extra 10 blank disks and 10 labels (worth £5.50) TOP UTILITIES EOUACATIONAL GAMES DEMOS ANIMATIONS MUSIC DEMOS SLIDESHOWS FONTS A ART ST-00 SAMPLE IMAGINE OBJECT MANY PACKS
HUM • FI Fartw '1)8 OiH t MUM - MK !**«« i 9m.
MblUfif • hni PM 0 Ohm i n Hunt co«m«*Axm», xauGM-fcnrRn V HUM - Hrur 0»*r » HUM •« Mmconn 0 6*il 1 HUM ¦ Wrgi 2 2 Mil 'IViOM-lkKaMnrari K4UCM acMitlOMI 1’MKM'SwO.nl many to tecrot Ihit only raceot Tint pack comet on 6 ditto d only cettt f$ .» run an ill Amlti THE CLOSE ENCOUNTER II mi Mon but with ann mart dxumaot on UFO, MJEN etc t PACK COMES ON 4 0ISK SET ONLY O N
U. F.O. - THE UNKNOW H tw tnomliag dxumeni 100s use ol kidnaps
I. Mutilation tic.. tome with actual phoiot it lap fte claim
Cempalibli with all Amiga, request Special AGA veaien rt
required Full pack comet oo 9 ditto only Cl H HARO DRIVE &
DISK DRIVE Space Doubler (tBAJMtiuiifMKIa C64 & 45 games pack
I Vic 20 & 30 games | All 3 packs for only £9.99 _
SEE LEFTPOflKSCRIPTlON j I Ccr-4 W V«y Urge nurfcpic dsks
twice more game* than ihe ¦ I SPECTRUM GAMES CO Spectrvn V2
amUWor irduded. Hurry I I order no*. Imaed pock avalade onty
£39 99 I iC64 v3 PK4!
| Spec* otter C64 »3 and 45.100. 200 games atti etfra 55 CM | ¦ games fUrtitijaDOCM gamat & uiiwt dato Ccmtecn Wge -umber , I y (SiLi. Game) tt ar 3 tuning leaflet. Otfy £24.99 I See C64 or Spectrum advert Box lot more dola«5 CHANGE YOUR WORKBENCH TQ MAGIC WORKBENCH WE NOW HAYS THE NON AGA MAGIC WB FOR THE A500-A600 etc AGA 21 MAGIC WB ... FOR A1200 MAGIC WB 1.3 for non AGA Amiga Now It It pottible tor A500Q A500 plut A6O0 etc to run MAGIC WB on Iheir AMIGA. They eon own uto ony Magic WB outro ICON below run in conjunction with your cutting WB eon fig wIN improw it by 500*. No _odOitlonol
memory required MAGIC WB only 99p_ This Software 2000 Double CD contains all the original disks from the Software 2000 library. The CD contains all from the current and previous advert plus many more.
(Just see our advert). No lucky dip or unknown software.
Only the best & most popular from our library ALSO INCLUDED ON THE Cds ARE OVER 1 ooo New Spectrum Games never been on release on any other CD before.
Also included are 700 C64 game files 50 disks of Magic WB Extra SUPER VALUE LOOKWHAT’S ON THIS DOUBLE CD LEASE ORDER A DISK CATALOGUE ADD 70P OR 3 X FIRST CLASS STAMPS WITH ORDER Picasso II 2Mb Picasso II + TVPaint2 Pabk) Video Encoder Picasso II 1Mb £219.95 Picasso 111 Mb-bTVPakit 2 £369.95 MuMMedn Picasso l*m CimBui 4D tteeman £369.95 PICASSO II is tho leading graphics card lor any Zorro based Amiga The Workbench emulation offers 256 colours, even on non-AGA machines (Requires 0S3 1) af resolutions up lo 1600x1280. Choose colour depths including HiColour (16 bit) and True Colour (24 bit). No
‘Chip RAM limitations" and an in-built Amiga video pass-through makes Picasso II the best value graphics card around!
PABLO is the Video Encoder option lor Picasso II, expanding it with two additional video ports, one standard Composite Sync Signal, and one S-VHS (Y-C) compatible port. All PAL compatible video devices can be plugged into Pablo, such as a colour TV or a video recorder.
At these great new prices, there has never been a better time to enhance your system to allow a 24-bit graphics capability!
Picasso lli Emplant can be used with any accelerated Zorro base Amiga. With Macintosh and PC emuli modules. Emplant is the Amiga s only all-in-one emulation solution.
Em plant Macintosh® Emulation Module A lull 'generic' Macintosh with the speed dependent upon your processor.
An A3000 is equivalent to a MAC lid. An A4000 is equivalent to a Quadra 900.
Support lor up to 16 colours (non-AGA). 256 colours (AGA) or up to 24 bit colours using!
Third party video boards such as Picasso II. CyborVision. Piccolo SD64. Retina etc Built in intelligent multiple hie transfer lor transfers between the Amiga and MAC.
Support lor AmigaDOS devices. CD ROM. Direct Scanning, MIDI. SyQuest. Pnnters, Modems etc. Total compatibility through on-board SCSI interface (Option B and f Full 8 -bit stereo sound. Requires Macintosh lt llx llcx SE30 256K ROMs (not sup Supports all Floppy formats (Even 800K Mac drives with additional AMIA interlace).
E586DX SX Emulation Module MDA. CGA, EGA. VGA. SVGA video modes (AGA is required lor VGA SVGA).
Sound, Joy$ Hok$ , Floppy drives, AmigaDOS partitions, Extended Memory, and more!
Print from Windows or DOS via Amiga parallel port.
Use CD ROM drive with any Amiga sided CDROM drive.
Will run programs that require greater than a 286 processor.
Comes with both DX (FPU) and SX (no FPU) versions.
Requires 486 PC BIOS, not supplied Blittersott are the exclusive European distributors for Utilities Unlimited, providing a full technical support, upgrade and warranty service.
£239.95 EMPLANT OPTION A (AppleTalk ports) £279.95 EMPLANT BAStC EMPLANT OPTION B (SCSI) PC eSSSDX MODULE £279.95 EMPLANT DELUXE £299.95 £ 99.95 AMIA I 49.95 MAINACTOR BROADCAST MainActor Broadcast is a completely new Animation program for any Amigajl OS2.04 or better.
* Over 20 Load Save modules (AVI. BMP. DL. FLI, FLC. GIF. IFF.
IFF-Anim3f5 m JPEG, PCX. QuickTime...) with AVI. QuickTime and
JPEG support up to 24-bit ]
* Index file for faster reloading of animations and playback Irom
Hard Drive.
* Support lor any graphics card lor 24 M as well as standard
Amiga screenn
* Effects modules to apply etlects direct to animation (Text,
Scroll. Scale. Rotatt
* 19 Sound modules for sound music playback incl. Compressed
(OctaMed. Shi in 8 and 16 voices.
* Joining. Convert. Split animations and autoswitch to optimal
colour depth 9 AREXX-Port lor external control, and support for
MacroSystems multiple.I MAJNACTOR BROADCAST £219.95 UANA
DOUBLER 4000 - 50MHz Blittorsoft deliver Iho fastest 68040
accelerator ever for the Amiga 4000 040. Settirig A w
breakthrough in price and performance. The new Double 4000 50
Mhz 68040 accelerator delivers across-the-board speed increases
lor all applications and system lunclions. Translating into a
significant productivity gain This powerful "plug and play*
accelerator is 100% hardware and software compatible, smco it
sWI uses a Motorola 68040 processor. It offors an affordable
upgrade that makes sense, requiring no special software For a
moderate pnee. Users get twice the processing powor. Yet retain
100% of their Amiga investment. No software upgrading,
reconfiguration or compatibilities.
Tho Doubler 4000 accelerator is an easy-to-install daughter board that simply eplaces the 25 MH 660*0 CPU with a taster 50MHz version already instated Anyone who can install a SIMM can install the Doubler 4000 Customers are supplied with photo-illustrated instalabon instructions plus the necessary exlraction tool to perform the mstatabon.
Simply putting a faster processor into an Amiga does not hotp much unless the system can supply enough data to keep it busy That « why the Motorola 68040 contains a targe on-chip cache. This cache trees the Doubler 4000 lo work semi mdopondentty ot the Amiga memory subsystem, In tact, 85% ot the time the cache contains the data and instructions nocessary tor tho Doubler 4000 to operate at lull spoed The Doubler 4000 includes an on-chp math co-processor, and will dramatically speod up any appfccation - such as rendenng - that dopends on calculations it is completely rokable and system safe An
integral coofcng system ensures that the Doublor 4000 runs cooler and more roliabfy at 50 Mhz than tho original processor Why not call our support BBS or visit our support conference on CIX?
RELATIVE PERFORMANCE Syslnfo V3.15 benchmarks.)
36. 126
37. 72
1. 58 £399.95 A4000 40 A4000 40 A4000 40
17. 973
18. 76
Ariadne oilers a simple but effective Network solution lor any
Zorro based Amiga.
Two extra parallel ports.
The industry standard software solution ENVO Y 10Base-2 (Thin ethemet. Coax cable) and 10Base- T (Twisted pair, western jacket) Socket lor a boot ROM and 32Kb cache to support the CPU SANA-II compatible driver hr ethemet and parallel pen.
Liana is the ideal solution lor a quick, easy yet efficient connection between two Amiga's. Simply plug the special cable into the parallel port, install the ENVOY software.
ARIADNE £ 59.95 01908 261466 01908 261477 01968 261488 01908 261499 BBS (24 Order by Access Visa Delta Switch or Postal order Credit cards attract a 2.5% surcharge Pncea and specifications may change without notice All ( VAT It 15 advisable to telephone to confirm poong 1st availability before ordering EAOE All trademarks ackn EUROPEAN CUSTOMER ORDERS WELCOME UK EUROPEAN TRADE ENQUIRIES WELCOME I e-marl. Plesut1Gcw.wmpulink co.uk CompuServe: 100523.2224 6 Drakes Mews, Crownhilll Milton Keynes. MK8 OER. II ffh’ttersoft Orders Technical (i.oo pm - 4.oo GRAPHICS n he problem with most Amiga If W
9raPh,cs ,ablels IS onc sensi- I tivity. In the past. Amiga tablets ¦ have offered the ergonomics of a pen, I but that's about it. Fortunately Wacom, a I company renowned for graphics tablets B on both PC and Mac, also support the ¦ Amiga via TVPaint and Shareware I author Roland Schwingel.
Although sensitivity isn't an option on I Workbench - as there's no need outside I specific applications - you can still B replace the mouse with the cordless pen I and tablet for general Amiga interaction.
Once installed in the WB-Startup drawer, the pen and tablet kick in on boot-up allowing all the normal click, select, drag and drop options associated ' with the traditional Amiga mouse.
However, this doesn't mean you sacrifice the trusty rodent, because both devices work happily in tandem, with the tablet attached to the serial port rather I than the mouse port. And because the I control software operates on a system B level, you're free to apply the tablet's ¦ ergonomic talents with any application I f you choose, regardless of whether it II offers direct support.
Obviously, if the software doesn't I offer pressure sensitive support you are I limited to basic on off application, but I even so there's still an appreciable benefit within a number of applications in addition to just paint programs.
Freehand sketching and general use within 3D applications, structured drawing software. In short, any program that I can benefit from the subtlety a pen can provide Another major plus for the Wacom, as opposed to many other Amiga tablets, is Its extremely economical use of CPU time. All too often, tablets attached to the serial port eat up a disproportionate amount of processor time and therefore dramatically reduce the overall performance of the machine.
Set-up and installation of the Wacom is extremely simple courtesy of the Wacom control commodity, which as Small but beautiful ¦L As you've probably noticed. Wacom tablets aren't cheap. Even the UD- 0608-R. Which incidentally Is the smallest in the range, offers only a
153. 6mm x 204.8mm working area.
Although this may sound uncomfortably small. I found it perfectly adequate, and it s already played a key role in most of my recent creations, including a number of magazine covers and illustrations.
If you have a copy of TVPaint and want the best from it. A pressure sensitive Wacom is an essential.
And after ten minutes you'll wonder how you got by without one.
R Oi|Mi;»r Prefe'tncn -
* ** Cl "0 I M f* 1 CoMo« ir C! «cUvfB | | art Icon _vj &r ic«
|**n» «»vicb Cl Wee* tV I Cl | Nu'IimM m:mm a BMW (BO) S*t
ll»m Cl Nial«r*la(t«M | Cl
* " 1 til Pr9Slur»-»c*» yfj CmltU IW Lilli lor LJ« m Simplo
tot-up mnd guaranteed troubio tree sketching in any application
IM» OtjMntrroa *1 7-4 Botkej |Ull V you can see only requires
the minimum of effort to accommodate any tablet in the Wacom
range. After setting the various toggle switches. Ihe working
area of your tablet will be online. At this point the nib
reacts as the left mouse button, with a double push opening
drawers or applications, while a single push and hold will
select and drag.
The right mouse button is replaced with a nicely designed micro-switch on the pen itself, which rests conveniently beneath the forefinger. Add the two together and you have all the traditional mouse options in a pen.
Thanks to TVPaint. Amiga users are finally allowed access to the sensitive touch which professional artists demand from a quality graphics tablet. Before fir- ing-up the TVPaint. The first step is to shut down workbench emulation as this frees the serial port and therefore the tablet for TVPaint’s built-in control. After selecting and saving the appropriate tablet name and your serial configuration from the start-up screen, you’re ready to get creative.
PRESSURE SENSITIVE Once inside the software you’re automatically in tablet mode, although, like Workbench, your mouse is still active if the need arises. Although not obvious at first, pressure sensitivity affects every application of paint to canvas. Using the airbrush pressure translates into the density of paint, while a normal pen s footprint grows and shrinks as you apply the pressure.
Even cut brushes benefit from the pen as the pressure applied translates into the transparency of the stamped brush.
You also have complete control over the way the pressure translates to the canvas.
For solid brush strokes this defines to the amount the brush stroke will grow as the pressure is applied via a user defined percentage. Better still, there’s even a definable pressure curve which will fine tune the affect in relation to the pressure applied. However, perhaps Paul flustin euamines thB ultimatE in freehand dmiga art most important of all is the overall feel and speed of the tablet.
The freedom from a cord is an obvious bonus, and when this is combined with unparalleled speed and a light, accurate touch, you arrive at simply the most responsive and natural interaction between man and machine imaginable.
SVSIEfTI ESSmilHLS RED = E shod* BLACK = Recommended RTG card TVPaint 3.0 The bottom line Product: Wacom UD-0608-R (PC) Supplier: Computers Unlimited Price: £425 Tel: 0181-200 8282 Amiga Computing Dept AC3 PO Box 14 Louth Lincolnshire LN11 8LF _| 01307 4S0114 Let’s face it, the summer’s too hot and there’s nothing else for it, you can either dip your flippers in the sea (and face possible crab infestation and toe nipping) or you can buy somne of our cool PD!
We’d like to just say thank you to Escom for saving what it a phenomenal computer based around some of the strongest friendships and good feeling we have ever come across. I’m sure we speak for everyone in our world, from the users in the street to the biggest Amiga magazines and companies, when we say thank you for having enough vision in a profit orientated industry.
Anyway, enough of the slop, back to what matters, me. Erm, I mean V12! To anyone who hasn't yet tried us out.
Where nave you been*. Oh, Russia. Fair enough. But now’s your chance, PD at the’right prices, not £2.50 a disk, not £1.50 a disk, not even £1 a disk (this is beginning to sound like an auction) our PD is only these tiddly little prices: 1-5 disks - 65p each 6-9 disks - 60p each 10+ disks - 50p each P+P is Only 5()p on any size order!
And, ot course, there is the Catdisk, almost biblical in reputation, it's what legends are written about, quests are started for, chips are fried for, lager is drunk for...erm, it’s good anyway. Its written by us. Which can only be a good thing (I tnink), lists 7500 titles reviewed by us with descriptions nicked from another catdisk. And our catdisk is actually humorous, not mind numbingly boring, cos we re ninny guys and gals here! It s on two disks, with at least four free PD games on it which are different each month, and it’s only 50p which is refunded on your first order by a free disk
selection. Where can you go wrong, eh? Just send 2 first class stamps or 50p to us and we’ll gel it to you sharpish.
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We cater for everyone from A500’s to 1200's and all between. Please specify your Amiga type when ordering your Catdisk as we now have two separate versions to make life easier. Welcome to the club and I’ll leave you with a joke: What’s the difference between an old pensioner and a baby?
5 minutes at gas mark 7 (chuckle!)
7500+Titles, that’s more than a library with less than that!
REVIEW D-ROM has been unrivalled as a cheap way of storing vast quantities of data, but until very recently i average computer user has been ble to record their own data onto disc, gs have changed with the release of asonic’s read-write drive, reviewed l month, but with an asking price of er £500 it's still not an affordable option t many of us.
Write on ROW Not surprising, then, that the release of hatztruhe’s CD-Write software has i anticipated with some enthusiasm - I with an understandable amount of at the same time.
H new piece of software from Hermann claims to allow users to write to (D-m but can it really be true? bareth lofthouse finds out Those who were misled by the prod- »name will be disappointed to find that )-Write is not the miraculous super bar- i it initially sounds like. This software es not allow users to physically write I information onto CD. So any thoughts I having a portable 600+ Mbs storage at at your disposal to do with as you 1 should be put aside right now.
0 the answer to the boast on the box fing, 'What !? You still can’t write to ur Cds?' Is an emphatic no as far as )-Write goes. Evaluate it on terms of [«hat it really does for your money, howev- [ er, and this product begins to look rather I nonetheless.
I MODIFICATIONS In reality, CD-write allows users to virtually add. Delete or modify data on their iscs. The difference is that the alterations are recorded in a drawer on your hard drive rather than on the actual CD itself.
The package is simply comprised of a single floppy containing the software, and a manual, most of which seems unnecessary for the basic applications most people will use CD-write for. Installation is fully automatic with the only other requirement being that the user must create a new directory in which CD-write will record akerations to Cds.
From then on. Every time you use a CD it will bring up two icons on your Workbench, one of which will be a pseudo (D nptimiser Where the product will come into its own will be in organising all those poorly categorised Cds that have flooded the market Over the past few years. By creating new directories and shifting or deleting data to suit, collections can be changed from chaotic time-consumers to orderly, well structured libraries.
Take music sample collections for example, as they’re often the worst of the bunch when it comes to organisation. This product will allow you to virtually delete all the rubbish and arrange the material of actual value into logically named drawers. For once you could have all the drum loops in one drawer and all the orchestral samples in another.
Version of the CD created by the software.
The other icon means that the original disc contents are always available should you wish, for example, to access a file which has been virtually deleted.
In practice. CD-write allows users to reorganise and amend discs to optimise them for their individual requirements.
Unlike when using a disc normally, for example, the user will be able to rearrange its appearance on the Workbench - by moving icons, changing window sizes, and so on - and then snapshot the preferred set up so it will appear whenever the CD is accessed.
It’s also possible to add new programs to your Cds, though these will actually be recorded on your hard drive. Thus the four disc Aminet set could be updated by More of a CD optimiser than the miracle product it's billed as. CD-Write is an unusual but welcome program all the same. Too often, files on disc archives are lumped willy nilly into huge, unstructured directories, and this package could help users begin to make sense of them.
Qf course, any major overhaul of a disc's organisation could be almost as laborious as compiling a new archive yourself, but even a few changes can make useful material more easily accessible.
CD-Write would more accurately be named CD Spring Cleaner, and the price is rather high considering its uses are mainly cosmetic. Nevertheless, it's a must for the Amiga user with a large cupboard of poorly compiled Cds.
Adding more recent downloads, and it will all conveniently appear in your CDO window. Those Amiganuts who have to give Workbench their own customised appearance will also be able to replace boring and repetitive CD icons with more interesting buttons using Magic WB.
If a CD is to be used for BBS services, the program can also be used to make certain files unavailable by virtual deletion.
This could be useful to prevent illegal downloads. The packaging claims many other applications are possible, but that’s basically what it’s all about. A final point, though, is that the program will work fine with multiple Cds. £& SVSTEfTl ESSEflTIHLS RED : Essential BLACK - Recommended The bottom line Product: CD-VZrite Price: £44.95 Supplier: Schatztruhe Tel: +49 6171 85937 Ease of use_9 Implementation_8 Value for money-7 Overall_8 Amiga Computing LIGHT ROM 2 Tbu IIGMT ROM 2 CD rontows oktati 630 mugobytut ol 30 06- |uUv anogut rrognt ugrancui tcnun him, ttvbxu OtnbtAM. Bump mopt ond lentwn
m IH and 1AKGA lormuti DtMi and UgMwmu Mo lad toi I.Wi UGHT tOM it an mtaluatiW iuwkiicu kr Irghmam utea. Oud at a bonuv uckdm watuial kr Scu u 3D and Knogwu uturc C44.93 Amnnt CD B. dc*ud Augutt 1995, conn a, d opprcmoloy 1,1 ggobytut at toltuaio In 3400 arcbrmt Sinco tha rutnau. Ol Amnui CD 7 ran than 540 MB nuw tohvrae hot oppuarud Tbu curntru udktau bat a ipouof loun on modubv ncru Uo. 1000 raedt bam Amnui wuiu includtd Utur kmdy orcutt lohware malm dm Amttul CD G 6 pJuotwu Ktutu CI495 GDBaot 1.0 COAoat n a KmtaiUt non pindirt that unobiut you to m otnotl any CD32 gonut on a* A1200 c A4000
(-* Al » SCSI CD- OM dim aid any ltutyilun| You can aoatu a eordgurcOtnri tbu
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Ouran Modnk|.
9 MB muuc progiomt MB Mtdk, I Agt. CO coalnntt blot, utc MB In* mdalation jlVt.UX mcl 6D3 dp out lot rnowu data bow 30 MB arehnut for Avon MBNmeSOkrAmga, . C9 95 Aminet Set 1 Amrnot a it* unrW i locryuU rolectrn ci (rooty d.unbtAoM* A Ttgo tottown Up to to 000 uwn Occam tbo *u r QIC Knot rnitmy day and rounfkuti pmgrowmun pwbtnh dunclty no Armnot. Unit recurdy occeu to Ammul oat iMIOtd to Hun.nahonal mtuork uun Writ.
An.nur So I. cnnmlmg d A CD*, tho compknr o«Vw n publthcd It* hnl hma tho CMOM alWl»., which It datud January 1993, oAurt on atmotl muuboutoblu ituncii ct Kpraluo ‘Aarmot A Mtte oottaty ul piugtamt • unladed Applxuiout. Garnet Demai Hctwou, Mode A»inononv Demlopot Matnnat, M cortornt oppronlrucMly A ggabytoi ol toltwara m 12.300 arthurm and you mil unioy th* ronlwv.Hu inrimmtoca C29.9S da capo Th da tape CDBOM u 0 kou.cu kr hgjwqmtity mnuc, both In.
Intoning •njtrynwnl mj lor tonpJei lo wo n creolng yow own itxvc TV* o not |uU onoltur random calncl.au ol noddut Many rmdtlut and tamplm aru unciuumly to do capo Indrdod aro moru thou 1400 ol the bud ouotablu modulut and 7000 bgbcyua&oty tarrplut f27.9J freshFonts II Tb* Fiuthlontt II CDAOM contom 432 nngobyCM d lontt tor at noil Lt-v letnptAn tytfun Mull at *u tom or. Ke.1, d.vt-JubU
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Adabu ond TrvuTypa Ikuru an 731 fcul tmnltut on Itri CO |ood
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Sartt Sold (29 lonAutl Scipl (34 taniU.L Sort 136
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C44.93 Gamers' Delight Fkit CD content 40 gonut *r» ibo
Conraodo Amgo bom drftw unsgon*! Acton Mt* 6 kn. Cmtl Gam,.
IkuW Shotugy Gonut - a uhala rang* at comptMi untnMnnum anoftl
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Wg pWatum At gonut am ecmnurcm! Mom no ptAttc donom & no dnnotl
Tbit CD con bo run on any Amtgo m» CD ROM drbu.
CDIV or Amiga CD32 Contain mtb 1 Mb kf memory ond Joy dck Joypod. Q% 9S Gotuway' oAort No4SD 1 0. O Ml IwfcM UNIXAl* opurotng lytten biA both mkii and b.noxm Ibi ihu Amgo. I386. Sw 3.
And 4in nn li(K«m Go notuuhng wA ihu lorgu MtuOton oi ttppMd nufworllng to* Ofhar tupplwd poclagw meltdu a bray Muam d *« « mndow tyw.n |XIIR6| for iho Amgo, .1* many oddbonat clontt. And poclogot tuch at pail. Oanoct. Gonut mol program and marry rtugcbytun ot important tail Mot web at RfCt a*d IAOi A ccmplaUI miMfluton guide a iwoJobta on ihu CD Iwn ®i olio taiM AmgaOOS if»moi uUmh. W;h at (Uah lor ArtuTCR ood l*«oy C9.«S Gateway!
Tont.ru Got.-, no? CMOM tot cormmng ow I) Mrttorot douapuad hx Qtapkn otton luciadud a Mmi n umu.nl dtFurunt ktmah, nckiding W. 1 ROT. SO* ond lift H*m Men mo portod lot j (noyiiot Ibu IijWWoo 3D ond con bn uted *0 e Al Cl th* toMct » .np.uwr.tmi A Auobna.l. mU parMuwmg C44.9S Texture Gallen J Ibu Frutbfah CdtOM worn, produced dracdy by Fred Fuh. Prow ; ? Dot Amgo uun -•* kmdrudi d nagabylot d dta IniaU buuly ru Ii R uocK xtuaa aOtwCDM .orttnng now lubmiuuni ilneu dm |Z k*ui» vtobnw. At wul at or. Uww gmmng trlnrlton d laett. Ibrorm.
| ri-Koaenttton a*d Mhcr tnabi m«kiI ih» n uotJuiej mlb mery GoldFish 2 All products are available in your local Amiga-s or through national mail-order-companies Vokmr 2 ol tbo GotdFah wrtn comomt o tokctcn ot tolhrau, on.
¦rdtoru. Picttrut and olhn natuiial ntuawd on FmrbFub CDROM't bntran Omobor 1993 ond Nommbtr 1994, mlb mod ot ibu mat.
Hot updemd lo *u lalMl amdablu mnroru. Al imtrnnd n ndudud m hfltb rrrbwpd (RBSmodyl and otvardunsd Irwdy*3A r | Ioiim & 7 nv wrztm International Distribu Grenville Trading International Zimmersmiihlenweg 73 61440 Oberursel • Germo Tel +49-6171-85937 Fax +49-6171-8302 Email: CompuServe 100336,1 tuer wondered how to break into the games industry?
Bareth tofthnuse reports on how to get a job and tlimb career ladder with the people mho make entertainment software T% hings may be different ¦ intensely competitive tir ut _ W my day. Career counsellinj t«chool was a of a joke. At the age of 15. An hpur a week would be spent in a dusty office, shuffling in a borei? Reluctant fashion between the rows pigeon holes overspilling with corporate bumph.
Sadly, the strained urgings of a disillusioned teacher anxious to prevent us from repeat- ing his mistakes went unheeded.
To a spotty adolescent more Interested in the latest batch of game releases than planning a life time's drudgery, there was lit tie to fire my imagination. It might have been a different story if I'd considered making a career in entertainment software. In 1995 there are more opportunities, though. Once, the only way most people could get involved was through programming, but now there are plenty of open ings for the non-technical majority in the rapidly maturing, multi-million pound games industry. But where do you start? Therifcare no set rales, but the first thing to realise is that
forward lookidg game companies need people with diverse backgrounds and skills. In addition to programmers, any major game will require artists, musicians, producers, writers - and that's without going into the sales and marketing side of the operation.
To start at the bottom, however, a lot of I M Pe°P,e ,,nc* a way int0 the games industry i ffar«i*® through playtesting. Playtesters are the people Amiga Computing FEATURE Hu who get paid to mess around with computer games all day. So that the developers know they're delivering the goods the consumers want.
Labour of loue as project deadlines approach. Even more dedic will be required if you want to develop games for I Amiga market in its current transitory state. With all I the small companies putting their Amiga plans on I until the outcome of Escom's relaunch plans clearer, your best option may be to go it your own Vulcan Software, makers of the highly succes Valhalla adventures and the Timekeepers mini-s did just that. Possibly the smallest self-contained in games development, this Portsmouth-based co ny is composed of just two people. Lisa Tunnah i Paul Carrington.
Between them they do everything from progra ming to writing storylines and making cups of tea ¦ fact, they even do their own accounts. Recounti tales of nightmare 20-hour working days, Lisa confe es that she's had doubts as to whether it's worth i can see the advantages of doing things the coq way," she commented. "Like getting holidays, example."
So why do they stick at it ? Because, believe it The offices may be plusher, the expense account may be larger, but the increasingly corporate atmosphere that exists in some of the bigger publishing companies won't suit everybody. Making a game with a huge team of programmers, artists, musicians and writers has its advantages, but some view it as creation by committee. Indeed, some of the mediocre efforts that have been produced by this method show how great the pitfalls are.
Programmers that don't want to make too many compromises ought to consider approaching smaller, more independent developers. Sensible Software have had phenomenal success with their arcade sport games, but the atmosphere at their base in Saffron Waldon. Essex, has greater similarities with student digs than the traditional office set up.
The casual way in which these people work, however. Should not deceive you into thinking it's an easy life. The hours may not be rigid, but flexibility at companies like Sensible is counterbalanced by the fact that programmers are often working well into the night Most companies will take school leavers for this position, and the standard salary is around £6000 - which isn't bad. Considering. However, in addition to game playing skills and knowledge, it's important that applicants can demonstrate the ability to report usefully on playability problems.
Those who imagine it’s a dream job should bear in mind that looking at a screen for eight hours a day replaying the same game can be rather wearing, as any of our reviewers will tell you.
The job can, however, open doors.
“I know of many people who started in this role and moved on within the company to higher roles," said Glen O’Conne! Of Sony Electronic Publishing (formerly Psygnosis). ‘Our company, and the industry as a whole, is usually very good to people once they're onboard in the first place."
IN DEMAND Higher up the ladder, creative sculs are just as in demand as computer science graduates. 2D and 3D artists are required both for in-game graphics and packaging design, and companies like Team 17 say artists are always welcome to submit examples of their work.
What's more, the Amiga is still widely respected as an artists computer, and adverts in the trade paper still ask for Amiga-based experience.
Creative writers are already used for many projects, not just for knocking up story lines and game-related novellas, but also for providing scripts integral to the software. With the advent of interactive movies, this role is going to become increasingly important.
In contrast to the artistic roles which were in demand from early on in the history of game design, the number of musicians making a career in the industry have been few and far between. This form of entertainment has traditionally focused solely on making a visual impact, and after months spent designing ground-breaking graphics, most titles used to have computer jingles added as an afterthought.
Unte qour wag into work A career in computer journalism is a topic that would require an article in itself, but it’s worth knowing that lots of people high up in the games industry started out as humble reviewers for the magazines. Team 17’s Marcus Dyson and Alan Bunker were writers for Amiga Format and Amiga Action respectively, and the company is employing people with journalistic skills to write, research and edit their multimedia projects.
To start of as a staff writer on a magazine, applicants merely need enthusiasm, ideas and a flair for writing interesting, though not necessarily grammatically correct, copy. The pay is disappointing, but promotion can come remarkably quickly and there is no better way of developing contacts within the i ndustry.
Contact each of the magazines individually for details of what they require from submissions of written work. Remember also that if no permanent positions are available, you might be able to write articles on a freelance basis.
Once again this is changing.
Multimedia, the Japanese console rivalry and home cinema, is making game designers realise that impressive in-game sound is vital if future games are going to grab the consumer's attention. Developments like Q-Sound, a surround sound system for computer games, show the way the trend is heading, and companies like Sony Electronic Publishing already have a team of in-house, full time musicians.
With games being produced by teams of programmers, artists, writers and musicians, it seems the larger game companies are attempting to adopt Hollywood-like production values. And like in any film production, someone has to bring all these resources together to get a satisfactory end result. In computer entertainment, this is the job of the producers.
Bearing similarities with the roles of director and producer in a film, the game producer manages the development team of a software project. It's their responsibility to decide what goes into a game and what changes have to be made, but they also need technical understanding with regards to what can and can't be done. It's also down to them to ensure deadlines are met and milestones are set.
As Team 17’s Alan Bunker explained, it's a job that requires a delicate approach sometimes. “At the end of the day we like to leave programmers and graphic artists to be creative.” he said. “But someone has to be there to sort out the ideas and encourage the team in the right direction."
With it being the highest role in development, the producers job is the ultimate career goal for many game programmers and designers. It's clearly not a job you can just walk into, howev- games being produced bi teams of programmers, artists | writers and musicians, it seems the larger companies are attempting to adopt Hollgmood-likeDrodurtionualiies.
Er. And most people work their way i through a company, sometimes eve from their humble beginnings playtesters.
With experience being so imports for every career these days, it's wo remembering that large companies I Spreading Regardless of the quality of their product, every game company needs someone to shout about it, and this is where the PR people come in. Public relations doesn't require program* ming knowledge or artistic talent, but its practitioners do need the gift of the gab combined with a serious enthusiasm for games.
The job basically entails ensuring that games get plenty of magazine coverage, not just in reviews but alsc in previews and work-in progress sessions. This obviously involvei spending lots of time communicatinj with the press and keeping on goo terms with the publishers. It’s the PR persons job to offer cover deals o help with other features, but mainly with the idea of giving the company and its products as positive and high a profile as possible.
Lisa Humphries, a PR representative for the past year witf Microprose, tells how it’s one of the Amiga Computing not, it’s profitable and, according to Lisa, they love doing it. Questioned on the advantages of running your own business, she explains: ‘“We do have a lot of control, and we’re perfectionists. We’ve tried working for other people and we just didn’t like it."
Vulcan are currently taking advantage of the fact that a huge installed user base is crying out for new Amiga games that are not forthcoming from the high profile companies.
This has opened the door for independent developers to show their talents, provided they adapt to the difficulties that face the current Amiga market. Thus, Vulcan have successfully overcome the lack of retail outlets for Amiga titles by shifting entirely to a direct mail order service.
Starting up is not as difficult as it may seem. “We were really into the idea," Lisa commented, “and managed to convince the bank manager it was worth investing in. You've just got to be imaginative and committed."
So if there’s a ground-breaking game you know you can produce, but no-one’s prepared to publish it. Then setting up business yourself may be worth considering. A visit to your local Citizen’s Advice Bureau will put you in touch with government enterprise schemes and other support services that will help you assess you chances.
Planing the moneg game - the do’s and don'ts Sony Electronic Publishing offer work experience, as do most of the magazines' publishers. Sony also have an evaluation scheme where they invite 10-11-year olds to give feedback on their products - worth considering if you've got children you thought were wasting time playing games.
Finally, a bit of advice on how to make that vital good impression you’ll need to differentiate yourself from all the other people knocking at the door.
Deirdre Murphy from Warner Interactive urges: “Network - use the contacts you already have. Offer a unique skill. And, above all, show enthusiasm.
Do - your home work. Take your game knowledge seriously, as all companies will want you to demonstrate enthusiasm. Understanding and originality of ideas.
Don’t - be discouraged by the industry's boyish image if you’re female. There are hundreds of women already employed by game companies.
Don't - repeatedly phone companies unless it's the last resort. Most publishers and developers are still too small to have a personnel manager, so you're likely to start irritating the wrong person. Most companies prefer written applications.
Do - make the most of any applicable experience you may have. Work experience. Submitted programs or articles, and skills developed in other lines of work can all make a difference.
The word better jobs to get into without experience. “I was working in retail at WH Smiths," she explained. “I was selling music and games, so I had a rough idea of what was going on. But not a particularly extensive one."
Writing speculative letters and sending Cvs, however, got her a job with Microprose which she says is fun. Despite being demanding.
However, an outward going personality is a pre-requisite. “You definitely can't be a wali-flower," she points out.
PR can lead to jobs within games sales and marketing, and hence ultimately onto the jobs at the top of the entertainment software industry. In comparison to the totally casual atmosphere of the development team, where heavy metal t-shirts.
Jeans and trainers are not an uncommon sight, most companies require more business-like presentation from its PR and marketing team.
Don't - imagine the fact you’re a game playing ace means a lot. Unless you want to be a playtester, that is.
Do - remember that many jobs in the computer industry require good communication skills. In such cases, anoraks need not apply.
Don’t - take the industry too lightly.
These people are serious about making games, and they’ll expect you to present yourself in a similar manner.
Do - make speculative approaches.
The general public won't see many of the adverts in the trade press, so make sure you keep your ear to the ground.
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... Hum lg p«, lapat. Matf.r Amrau. Hihnruu. Nad Ttnaa are abo rarlul ¦ran I V".; “ td0«. *r d». Iweil u.l luT,iiil HmiH ifcluto hLvwiw, plaiwu U . The ¦ IjU 7 . . . Mil lim anl .ralhrr l m. .iriislrlr ».lli a 2'0 fa«i !¦»* «m n»n ol ¦ s» ¦! A * p «-,hE “fc-"" T&sts&r* ITP
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* * Vl3t Tuoe Vi 0 raTra 5T-i'. U “rs.1”4. fIB.IHI IK BE I *«ll
It lultiut II IB lOBClBt M Iml M om ki AIKOb Ik tun fit mmd UW
13 Hot ii * tiU tnwi ****** » •«* •• • cxi.
»«hw an nm mWr *JI lati m mwllr num M a me4d tool ft« •« Am|i imvcn M
* ? VI111 RELOKICK VI.4I A Vil HI Bn ttratm rl ftrkiknt Oaldtal
..I Gael I em ladtaAAtok I 1. M I Mod* tl mgra. To Ml1
* ? VI1I4 FIVC STAR VIA Oaaar. Inn -I a mranftl grnlKtam tad fat
UITIU FOOLS »W«P Rear leg dl id HORSt. Inem Iirnai c.alak*
rvl.i c
* ? VI254 NOCRRORS VI 1 In torn luaeiaeto u to Into rinie* toe*
tllira Into IkefVy data aid ktod Jnkr to An ddn itMk wad rated
Dot duaaa, ndae* eerier
* ? V0442 DCOPYV2.I DISK PRICES (Minimiun order of 5 disks) S
Dealer For (10.00 ((2.00 a dltk) * (I 00 For First Clui POT
WR’STediK: ia JIFF kSVX DP IatV.kAW.RIP) wavTnS?, lODivkt For
(17.00 (0.70 adl* • (I 4) For Firtt Cln POP I tout., For 01.60
(1*6* din*) * 0 4) f ar Fine Cl*u POP 20 Onln For (25.50
(CI2S«dtali) • (2.45 For F«rt« Cutt POP 25 Dttki For 00.00
((1.20 a fnk) ? (2.45 For Ftrat Clin P4.P ¦ (mlnln.lMul
* • VMM TOOL MANAGER VJ.I(l) Ikn |W1 -toman I IIA enKeev - f At
'nr, Fin nl Pot lum W fcranl m dak nMn ’1 Tod Maiujcf it a M
nvum fur ntWi ¦A eel ratal, *f III aaei ruumtr* Uaiarka Da dal
»r to 11 iKiunm toOdTl maWI MM. 1
* • V044I W1NOOWMNCH V1.0 (2) IX- u Ike eknad W -ekfvm. A Kthinmt
». Aetna tW Mr J rflnli ¦! MM «« lillila
* ? VI427 FOOTBALL ICONS k« to M m da. Dtd, at like lent tl ito,
- raladrt ken. E-lei lie I tttHKl | to eprenlaad tier., kte leal
ratal I. .nil tomnirt Inalliet.
¦M*"" en (to aaie it- HUH.HANDS Kweftd I to Feed. |U a -Wle M ,.f .m alto I lull ,1 ,f.I..to., S. :*lr»J. I .vee.l A Naitoin mini Hu ik mm *•«¦ » " i«»i"h a 1 I iipn ,laa tor n» or Far*
* • VIM) BLITZ BLANER V2J0 N Mar* I»dr . B Ml I tot (till I 4
A*( mi. .1 .to.
• to to Mar MaHKf-e Into ..(¦ Mattel*, I leak rankle ! .....1.1
Tier, tin ItniM lair flaak rwM. Im. I .f. looa. Mtaicl. UcK
* *M. Ratten, epelav Free. • to M-lr-L - tovni
* 9im Ffi* I*.I tan limarL Wertan. W'ataaaJ '• VI 247 T( X TURE
MAPS (ABCI »? VIM4 BROWSER 2 V2.02 at a • . IHoae!. like Tile
aai|li Weak. L.le a Monk ib ini mdi diii ft dmii filn in toll
«w RtllltNl raa-a lar* 1. Jr. V. ¦ VI 227 MAIN ACT OR V I t)
TIP*. CHKATII MLAT1D lea I aa ,.F Ha HeVdPr .1 Ike rad .M ewe. .1 al 12 k»eto ia Ire .lei. Vl.il ‘a VI3*3 RPG ASVSTANT MIAII , i i.e. Isa .e naoar . An Ifiel "l ere We. It a fee ittoaa ol ( Ane.dkSSK Hialr ton A mil lake ...... lea Rle aM keel itona a. le K dmtoyad a ndl ll alto fell, dee aad kaa a Wnlr Hard. Aaem. Am Aa
• II keep amk a( nananr * Aaae naaaa* Kpa
* * VI4E7 (AGA) FIXES VOL I Tsn prrnraai ink S l| Al.A It*tow
anil pH raana akbl eetofnrDelay aal ol Ito. Edda -dr.a. I leapa
tone. NRirdl. MM I mil ..el .nH. L r amleaa. Tor
* » VIMI FIGF ID Y2.04 I kaa err .a ef I II.P Id ndl meet .a any
.ear fIGP traleelei It. (MM WWW man -ton. .. aal .tea.ered in
VJ 41 kaaaaaa of a kaa I If.P lei dlena ll* tore a. eaaaeaala
Hrtli eraiy id I l(.P I a Kal oaer.ii el Ac leaaaey Hal run Id
* • Vl»04 MINTS 1 CHEATS A( HPAf*. Apri.a |-ee (heat, ky Pealaaad
Ua Atll ( IlhAl. IhlaH, laral cealn. Rarkekeea. R (•atoer CATM
OMA MAP A a, f.a rla he-- 1 c earner* rRi rXllf PICXTS Itam aal
Tnrka nan tli* fl «»(| ats w,. In« ,1 .
Tor fentemd Mae UTIIAfS. Teaaa. XPX W. I * Pi sal tlaa. '. TlllAI 1 A to .A I..., I I . Te WT KAkL. Ldlte file .otoaaaato Inal
* • 4443 WARPER ANIM 'jzzz* R.’ist WrtwinX lWXM,lilHn.nWv.
* • 4444 UNCOOCD
* • 4445 TURBO JAM C ehk flap w a aa mA -rar tar ami anaaf
- d mratollUl archer ......-I ea it it I ¦ M tom ter all11 -
ran nl aalfindalrj IdffkMaa
• • 4451 LAST LAP
- ear- It .aa - d. Hryna to a ¦ reel toy ilnet ra de Twte ne
akera Ilf Allml at
- a a. mat oral V ,1 Acrt. Art toed .a. k DJI la H art p a dry
BH ¦ II Mrtn (» rente Day to Ana n,eoaa ek dnaa A at« I i
pm m ran fl Dry yen aAanFy FN
• ? 4451 SftLLTRIS learn ay* yam dd Da aa dllnraia M ym kd- km
imal .*( ia* o*ai
* ? 4423 THESIUS X11 ito*' “'bit'." ’d** " * y1' M-e te lea, j
Inu am. AaAaa aeja el ym aa yon kaa* reaa nay llteeagh Ae *yal
• • 44S4 BATTLE TRUCKS it a era a l al.,.. at n nkadi ym tka
y I el del Da a k r M T -a eaa add aalraa. A
- • VM10 SIGNATURE CREATOR the 1 latere tapitotor and ,to Alton
I r.aae' V.
* • VIW TTFIFACt ¦a an .dim. lie Amji anitiar Iowa DOS2 •• ft
* • VI201 SCALA BACKGROUF40S Iwtoeeil vt.ig Ike eragi • Muriel
Mnantaini Ill I V* aaei Ivanc i*aee IV TwrVe to.to ton
lopaacnau railed MOUX'TTKACT, MOCNIHLAC J. MfilSllXAC I. Mill
XT,RAC 4. Mill M Irellal Ur* s MIILWtM-ldl .MW! K«l 1 IA**
5 tto at nr Mr Man* nil tat* «kr mat
* • VI141 IMAGE 20 OBJECTS (4) A tolkrtan e aafn l.e m. atTir
totnei kan§B
* • VI400 1DSTEROGRAM te. »* Or M rnvn II lake. I tor el pdietoa
''4 aa I ..aa r-a« aia.i U4RIIF. I AM d4 l Arm parafc -U tone
kM a**V *PPB(I TW art dnh ImWIW rf fwn UmI
* ? VIM DIY REKO Tina etak kaa « a aa Anaa aairi akadr nine raad
..¦vam.ee nak laa-DX. Ndl cad* nko eerrfcet. I UrnMf Af i A
Hnaif okMkaffi Ala kW ¦ annled Ana. ( •xsr kxaa a eryuaera
reerydaera VIM2 HD GAMES INSTALLER 2 ('¦ tor I r I a ranety .if
Sod drek ruaaltor’a l.e e fen ne kiama eteaanm J (atoca iSeya
aoato ara aa lafton AltClBfT-J 1 AciA, Ito,I. Tinte Aeaaaein
- -------7 m ---.. ?
I Da.- It Dr Ilia y. Gaal Idur : aal } Rdf mi I iarHr BrrK Rkmr 2 ACIA. Mai A lean I era.
VI .Ike. R .aa r.| aka RoKril. BakMr ui »eil I lAlaara A Wmto AcnA nd kkml Braaito 2 ORA
* • VI40* GAMES MO INSTALL fir- .Ink pro.-let yMI tolS Hie
Mlltoilt ariCnl la toll tarraM a laaai mat r I Jill TW prew.
Dad AriMea. toll ara M..P.BI... Had lanaaaan 2 trf-rnt* ml
Wake Canal ka rary arafri Itoa dean, n me pea aa .ft ran .at
U . Da gana rflna pm da .miranay u. irai ar,*ef* ranlkt dan (H
rot 1* -d. IMH ekaiiao Hkkk .ko ran , I m kk lad RAM
• ? 44S* PUZZLE Vl.l Tkn re a mule gaaaa Van knra ng mem aal
pea a t lm amaad aa rale Ac fcna* II a dl me .k‘..rrr Vm eaa
da a IW frln IntantNl d (a dra left memr (y lea ki fllllk kl
IN JMIllll ll d •
* *'l*e ratrgtdn Ad . K traek of nkMkA pen kaea i.ngntocd Aa pu*
at M AW. I eater gal 3£d££"3(in’-4* * •" -*C
* 4 4457 SUPER IARTH DEFENSE VI.I tlaaikard le.* te Ac nedert
(mplll 2.4 tt'le ID Inuk aN eilHl‘if (r.tlPH1! *an»| «*
• • VI747 MAGIC BACKGROUNDS I ton paekaar a a rmk re. MATiK **
Bite I W|daaar XIX Irene bate Wan cent triad In 1 hylaarr acuar
ntonk mil lake Ian CHIP RAM A .tea ayitato
* ? VI1H MA«C W-B BASED ICON Ito* aa Ac XIN aaaamad *mn ami al
toe eekaed MWH lento Aa to. To. Ma mined mtktoekw -a a I a2
prra* aepaii By Erk aw ViManiraa
* * VI7JI FUNNY B O ft ICONS ’I Hat kart a ml. Faa MMBT to II
Very Bawry Van daaakl al leal tnrr Sal a ka* d d* ¦* VI724
CREATIVE ICONS VIA A anajato Wak al Utara am Back man , eaMa r*
l| Teel raanarer ea a TaW cem, aaftok mm ka tna no* Ac da a
Maary aaakaat aad mm I ten !• V0* 17 A500 PLUS EMULATOR Hose
Ml|0 '(*) Mkl BlM BilliltMll 2 0 I
* • Vl»0 FRODO VI.7 tro* u a ro.iu.tAd- frK.atr CM wm!i» .Vmia
(rt.'lio B&n. »liflMNiinn« «rH1 M (CfWO t4 0C C M R(IM*
* • VI171 MCRSTARTKMU IrKtoait I • U mo1000 in] 4rc arl r*» ' |
««S rw jn (W «f wo. «• hrv 4»i.»•- I » ««.t m NT W Ajm mi m
yvtm Aa»«*» !»**
* * VI4JI ZXAM v2.0 Tlaa laiear tpertoaaa (laitfto a. olaMr Bane
Dli-ai pw ii nil tpanwi aiftauf ut na Ann kctoaator toe AfeA inprt Kr too. N are re aa~p*. Eaj mbl I PI u Knee Veer paad d tato kaia to toe !!«¦' if aoa iM.a a editm Al.a rkrek SPEO' SfNATTMNS 2 a dai naladra kaa raraaaa »a V144 7 SHAPE SHIFTER vIJb A|*k MaelmiA taaalleo larrt wed iirieaefl all
• * VM7S HOME BUSINESS PACK (« SD Tee. Atone le.l Mae Jt tonal
hienn ¦Spall. Spall ( text.i A Dalmiri Mraie. A OatoAaea pnvne
l»*l A l:ASt AiaiAer elnattoaa Birfake. I nan eal. LCD. F'alc
SmitdtMd BnllC. Pr-anail »*«« Lnffk.
Vanin iiemMai I 1I RL laanll Inaatoea aeeeaana «lM»IHirr«. IIAUIERCOPV ( eeeale IVPItl.
T. pina Iialar B(*)IX Varna kiHel tVSlXJII, Sf.aem aenliet
DTItMANAIll 4 iln.n |ii*e (IlMLISr, IIINI MANAG4R. Tlnblaaa
* ? VI222 PANASONIC STUDIO IW Pare Plea Anar te a aepnav Aa
eraenl bare far.
»|4 IW ( naanbin Saepe paneml uarfrdar
* a VI224 INVOICf PRINTER rmnee pnaarai Ikat na top aal any erell
* • V042* LITTLE OFFICE lu toe al naaadre * e.enUeaa, all kaeaa
* ? VIM* PRINT!R DRIVERS HP Itoto.r (VJ «.l..a Anar LK.l.ei Nl).
Ixak ea Rltla MFI740 lOMre. aaeea I IIP, I naea M Bll«.
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(» IBM. (toll aclrlku tod Ittor. Terrec i Ol N.D.U.R V17 (ABCO)
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Entrae nae aauka ran aal id Mia«r pertn IV Mi » UMX14 • FfV II IW -fffol - k 11MB and I eaa an n.nei ell of At ekferle
* • VI425 SPACE DOCK STATION ’ I Imk. Aa .ro ll toad a heaMl.
.toaak ed laetoar. • No tile la, naa mad aa neeMaeto. Aa kar*
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(ARC) likEttNBl id IW Cm* M mi »IU tw r *rv«UBj ys«j bwiU MM M
In** (Mil VMM I Ik JifTrttN aiftiki nfilcB. (liNKti Mofi Her
(aa Ii are* a. I ml t« t B to all MOJO 3044 toarttoto * • kla
I- ia.drnN aad a aural arm matamli W + a. HON f ae*
* ? VIMS NEW HD INSTALL Hard Dr lie leaWl neiam ha .1 pane'
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Ay Fsntrrt Latg ¦ penl VI Kr» t*»ktol a laaail ka«p load Beaa kad aaaaaal VIDiO
• a VI14* DESKTOP VIDEO lk« Malm seed toe la a raicn lllere
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paaaera Ik J All mil mi III l... imaita eaa kr Ito aval mac
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* • VMM VIOEO TITLER ( nr. Yl.-M l„a..» T% alba ml .to!
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IDE* »|F H heevev oneAiteull nan rfes -I raa kd Wtcto Ad eg
W t I tinge front an cdgr-oa araamairoa Ihirc Nl W irriUTII*
* ? VI731 X-FILES GUIDE TW I I lea (nato AA - M nf rary oaeM ¦
tar* if ym an irlnnlal n Ae t iler ll ..am ___
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-ifraigy -f ISO a aa la« Bn* mat ra* karadmd yaera ¦
* ? VIS1S CBM GAMES I-10(10) On Ik.a gaatla lid d eealami Load.
Ktaarnag Marykmg oaf a haag A gann. HI Darner Baefnaar Minin nl
Bte tokan I ggtBol. I aaMnn C an llgkl ana rl K aarae idle r
k.ane, IwaJr Dm lam I Wk mi dak T v I to Ito tag* td. Fed IW
V*am aaal F rflerae r cakerlTIa a, Fkak (a add r nliaa.
Tlackcr 2, Hankrya. Kwilaaac aad HaKtakm, fcc linker, ka mA* M
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meto raaae • lladean ear,, a, Ira. Anra Id) a u. goo aim yoa
eaa rae I no MafW Id A If ym kaa Aa tognaoad ran Iraaa *d
aaakee ym taa ran make aad angler y a na eEmaam I
* • VISSI OR WHO AF4NIVIRSART (I) Dl Wko'a Mlk Aae.rr.rae la
.avail midi of .ftotoAi tad ml I ran iXuEad dncfWAA ad Bi mm
P ran eft adk Aa Aaaaa naa le ItoVn. Nkack n IMW rank
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- .1 .1 rv ,1 . --- eikeoe. Aad ar*nkeare aaaatkcra for dar tea
ndk a get aalJI If ym n m m*Hd to od'r An a Da eaart* Ir gd
V1S43 VIRUS WORKSHOP VI, I I Ka 'ee nee. Id Veto Maet f n at
gee-0 at aa. -
• Moea r ran Warn V raror .kart nrn naa* (t if.r. mi » dl
iifrftrr II« QaA ¦ ana tail
• • VIS44 COLOUR WORKBENCH Mon HH k) tOKtS) (foafa yoa todkkem*
nrnat A (rap* aa akdrrae e-l a ran fata a aka. Ckmgrt IW frra
to.fr da ami n-rlkaanH ran a. era Dal Ii raff, aara I fWn an
aim nkack dkpn ym 1 damp da ivmabmly toamn Arp kan Twy kar.
Aim a. ladal ara. HmkA.-p. hr ym a.
• * Visit BAILS BaW a per niAr toaarr. | Ulae rtra en II a mlk
rky or p * rl eperr ton* t5 it* iljea. N n (A IW agAol tanam
!l ran perAet laaAra a. mknr ra laa art Ir.eat ret ertole.l
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toe, ‘ ( keaary to prl dee VIS44 STAR TREI i eta i Inr
hge-.aa- d Ac Sra aei I S O a LATIfT GAMfS IN
gora a Da teadtaar of Berakear
* • 44*5 CHAPIONSHIP MANAGER EDITOR *2.4 Aaerke-e faa I kaa a
* ? 4440 PACKMAN AGA I Inn elra niA Im af net Irahaer
* 4 44*7 JOUSTER 2 A Antra lira rtra rrdk I »? 44** LEMMINGS 2
* 4 446* CRITICAL MIT 111* n I igNr tof dfiuin liH pB)1f0 M“
* ? 4470 PANIC SOCIETY vl.l Mali IrW r«l W po V sm 4471 JOUSTER
1 A I«KLKT4 (Vw »«t nm WHILE-U-WAIT COMPUTERS i, That's a II
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Open Mon-Fri 9.00am - 6.30pm, Sat 9.00am - 5.00pm Tel: 0181 546
9575 Fax: 0181 541 4671 Reviewed Approach Trainer Learn to
approach a runway without losing a wing or severely injuring
all your passengers Hollywood Hustler Your essential guide to
Amiga gaming Foul language, ample-chested women, and as much
alcohol as you can possibly guzzle down Turbo Trax Arcane
finally decide to release a challenger for the likes of
Overdrive and Roadkill. Who will reign as champion?
Club and Country Another football game on the market willing to tackle Player Manager 2 and even Championship Manager 2!
Budgets Two cheap strategy games on offer this month courtesy of CDS and Guildhall Leisure Previews Odyssey A strangely titled game full of mystical excitement with a blend of mythical magic... or something Leading Lap Kellion Software’s latest racer goes into the garage for a full service. Is it a faulty alternator or the battery? Take a look under the System bonnet Virtual Karting Small, low powered, dinky cars make their way onto the Amiga, thanks to OTM. Oh yes, thanks a lot SYSTEM news Star Crusader update By Tina Hackett The release of Gametek's space flight simulator. Star Crusader, is
Graphics are looking pretty smooth I and it has fully texture mapped ships and ‘state-of-the-art' 3D technology.
From the playable demo we've just looked at, there will be some stunning different views to choose from including external shots to a torpedo camera which lets you tail your torpedo as it is launched towards its target.
Control is via the keyboard and the interface is fully configurable which will make gameplay easy to execute. There will also be an extensive mission replay system which will allow you tol rewind the action as well.
Star Crusader will be available for both the!
Amiga and CD32 in October priced at £29.99. Stone-age computers We had a conversation in the office about the many different computers there have been over the years, the ones that have just faded away, a mere recollection in the minds of gamers. So with this in mind. System hope to put together a feature along these lines. However, there is just one problem - we can’t actually find any of this old hardware. So any readers out there who can remember these old machines, please send in your thoughts on the machines and even the games you could ploy on them. Even better - if you still have
them, why not send in a photograph too.
Manic Pinball 2lst Century are pledging their support to the new Amiga machine by releasing their latest title, Pinball Mania for the A1200 and A4000T. Developed by the Spidersoft development team, it will contain four new tables, each with a new theme. Tarantula, as you'd expect, contains all sorts of horrid things like locusts and poisons. Jailbreak has an unforgiving judge who likes to dish out life sentences. Kick-Off aims to create all the atmosphere of a football match, and lastly there will be Casino, a miniature version of the real thing.
The table size will be increased, multi-ball added, and four flippers on every table will provide extra challenge. A UK release date of 25 October has been set.
The one and only Things started to look pretty bleak for Amiga magazines when Emap's Amiga games title was put ‘on hold.' However, only a month later, publishers Maverick must have decided Emap had made a hasty decision and have relaunched The One. Which is a positive confidence boost to the market.
They've decided to keep the magazine's unique style The Adrenalin(e) Factor - Mirage's rather good looking cyberpunk blast-'em-up also now looks unlikely to come out on the CD32. The same goes for their Rise of the Robots 2 release.
Big Red Adventure rumour has it that Core Design's brilliant looking Russian adventure is unlikely to see the light of day on the Amiga. A great shame as this looked rather good.
Ties Galore -1 don't think it is ny great loss to the games nmunity that this won't see [the light of day. A rather cheesy king platformer to say the st. Remember some of our previews from dim and distant months, and now wondering what ever happened to certain games? We didn’t lie - they just didn’t come out. Sorry.
Don't be disheartened by this, as there are still releases In the pipeline and we'll be attending next month's European Computer Trade Show to bring you bang up to date with all that's happening on the Amiga games scene.
I Pizza Tycoon - unfortunately.
I this intriguing looking business [simjust isn't coming out on the ¦Amiga. The game would only [work on certain machines and |MicroProse believed it wouldn’t I be worth bringing out.
[Distribution deals with maga- |zines were considered but [nothing as yet.
Where are they now?... Oink, Oink Sounding like a blatantly sexist title, ‘Karate Babes' is going to do little for the image of games for both sexes. It comes complete with atrocious storyline which is a shame because the first Amiga game to use full*screen, 256 colour.
Full Motion Video graphics, and the developers.
Creative Edge Software, claim: "The graphics on this will make you feel like you are watching TV on your Amiga!'
The game uses the talents of people trained in martial arts who have been digitised. As the character moves, so do the backgrounds and they update accordingly, The game is divided Into two parts - one is the fighting section, the other is an interactive movie which develops according to the choices you make.
Karate Babes also makes the plot an important part of the game (Joy) and goes along the lines of: A new competitor called 'Karate Babe' wins the worldwide martial arts tournament, taking the title off the two-time winner. As a result, the defeated competitor loses his corporate sponsor, his girlfriend, and a role in a movie. He claims the victory was a fluke and demands a rematch. She refuses, and as a last attempt to force a rematch, he kidnaps Karate Babe's sister.
Karate Babe must find her sister and defend herself against the kidnappers.
Creative Edge Software have some other titles on the way and among these is Bikini Karate Babes which contains digitised women in bikinis fighting. Nothing like these frustrated programmers, eh?
Ready for take off!
The eagerly awaited Flight of the Amazon Queen from Time Warner Is finally here. Set in 1949 it is a parody of all the popular ‘40's adevnture serials.
The plot follows the exploits of Joe King, a pilot whose mission is to stop the evil Dr Frank Einstein, rescue the Amazons and win over the beautiful princess. (Aah).
The release date has been set for the 25th September and we'll be bringing you a full review next issue.
Inherit the earth Life's unfair at times. There is a brilliant looking adventure game which you can find on Aminet called Erben der Erde.
As you can see, it is German and this is the problem. It's in the hands of American company New World Computing and as yet it is undecided whether or not there will be an English version. We certainly hope so because the game's definitely not the same when we have to make do with translations from our Deputy Editor.
SYSTEM news There is an AGA and ECS version planned, and it all looks rather unusual. Rather than your usual adventure stuff, you control a team of animals and graphically it looks stunning, with some incredibly smooth scrolling.
So keep your fingers crossed for this one.
SYSTEM Sensible Golf -it's certainly a fantastic little arcade game with many months of entertainment. If you can manage to stay calm during the frustrating parts, you'd find it very enjoyable - especially with four players.
Player Manager 2 - if you enjoyed On the Ball's graphics and Championship Manager's depth and gameplay, this is undoubtedly the definitive management sim. If you want a serious statistical football game with plenty of thrills, then Player Manager 2 comes top of the list.
Gloom - the graphics are the best yet for games of this genre. Gloom is completely packed with smooth graphics, a huge challenge and. Most of all, action and excitement. It's certainly the best Top slots We recommend the best gomes from the past few months Colonization Colonization is a very in- depth strategy game and does take a while to get into. Once there, though, it's a thoroughly absorbing title that has beer Intelligently written. There is more action than you might think for a turn- based game and it continually engages the player in planning their next move. For the more cerebral
gamesplayer, this comes highly recommended.
Attempt yet, although with similar efforts only weeks away from completion, only time will tell which one will rise above the rest.
Timekeepers - there's no doubt that this is Vulcan's best release so far, with an engaging game system that is easy to use and rewarding when your plans are successful and your troops drop through the exit one by one. At £12.99, Timekeepers offers good value for money and packs a healthy amount of playability.
£Tj I SCI-FI Sensation is an exciting I now CD-ROM containing over ] tGIG of SCI-FI imagos, anima- I hons. 3D objects. Sound FX.
I Documents. Thomotunes. Scripts I & SCI-FI games. Subjects included I are Babyton5, Startrek (The origi- I nal. TNG. Deep Space 9 and _ | Voyager), Batman. Dr Who.
I Thundertxrds. Robocop, Sea Quost OSV, Bladeninner. Aliens.
Terror hawks. 2001. Blake7. Battlestar Galactica. Tron. Total Recal. 2010, Space 1999 etc. SCI-FI Sensation also includes hundreds of misceflanous 3D space craft objects, Hundreds of mtscellanous SCI-FI images, sound fx. SCI-FI music and more.
Emulators Unlimited contains Software emulation toots for the Amiga 4 PC Spread over the two platforms aro emulators for Apple.
88C. Commodore 64, Commodoro VIC20.
Amstrad CPC. Apple Mac. Gameboy. Atari ST. MSX. Apple200. Atari 800, Atanl040ste.
Sinclair OL, Unix and more. Also features hundreds of games, tools and demos for use with most of the emulators NEWItl (G0117) £18.98 SCI-FI SENSATION double cd (CDn8) C19 99 ARCADE CLASSICS Graphics Sensation is a collection of the best graphics tools. 24bn images, animations and Imagine & Lightwave objects 3D objects categories include: Space (Startrek.
Babylon5, robots etc) Animals.
Aviation. Home (8athroom, Kitchen, furniture etc). Botany, Clocks. Computers. Earth. Food.
Toys. Trees. Musical instruments. Phones, Sports. Vehicles, etc Plus hundreds ot texture lues GRAPHICS SENSATION DULT SENSATION 2 rm *rt v 6«r l n (CD02) E19.99 graphic images, hundreds of AduH'sexy sound fa WAV,IFF & VOC. Adult stones, nal sketches, Hundreds ol Adufl Jokes, Mof either weird.sick or adult animations J i ANIM. Adult sensation 2 also contains pda dozen original adult music modules frMure sexy samples. Not one for the faint lid... IN STOCK NOW (OVER 18) m SENSATION 2 The new batch PRO. BACKDROPS & ICONS 2 (coup C1999 if' ¦ Over 7.000 top quakty colour images Subjeds mdude. Cats,
aviation, animals, people, hi-tech, space, cars, trains, textures. Nature, sports, pinups, boats, Rowers. Plants, seasons, birds, technology, raytraced, cartoons, fantasy, art, reptiles and dozens more subjeds The perfect CD lor presentation, and Desktop publishing work.
This ongina! Time table includes over 6.000 stories covering key events in business, politics and modia from the Trojan horse to Desert Storm, Stones are linked to excit mg multimedia effeds, including hundreds of graphics, sounds, maps. & charts. Every word in ovory story is hot-bnked to all other stories with the same word Just dick & go.
Another superb multi-media encyclopedia TIME TABLE OF HISTORY fl.Xf J AWE QT XI5JOXU “Blast from the Past” CD120) £19.99 Tho Grolier electronic Multimedia encyclopedia contains thousands ot pages of formation on every subjed. With Thousands of great cotour photographs and Illustrations and hundreds ot sound clips from the BBC th*s CD-ROM » san essential purchase for all CD-ROM users.
Suitable on any Amiga configuration I Essential utilities is a collection of the most useful tools available. Categories mcludo graphics convertors, loxt. Music tools. Printer dnvers. Virus killers, memory uttities. Emulators. Business applications including Wordproce&sing. Database, spreadsheets. Aary systems etc. Also features over 3000 high quality adobe 4 truofype fonts NTIAL UTILITIES Volume One (CD74) C9.99 (CD 129) £14.99 II GROLIER ENCYCLOPEDIA Vw»l°n 2 (CQ46) Special C26.99 The Professional Desktop Video CD-ROM contains hundreds of top quality anti- alias fonts (colour & mono),
orignal backdrop textures, symbols. 3D objects, desktop utilities, clipart, and more.
Adult Sensation Votome One contains over 4.000 high quality colour photographs ot glamour gets This CD wil take you months to ponder through. Only suitable for humans over tho age of 18 _and under the age of 65.
ADULT SENSATION -a.m, ’ Aminet 7 (November 95) contains around 200mb Of new data categories include: Thousands of tools, games, demo s, music modules, software patches AGAsoRware.
Features an easy to use front end and search facility (CD124) £14.99 artomaCVe rvobty.
Wc.tis hover 2300 text Ate Covers UFOS. Atena 4 covEfjps.
The JFK conspiracy, poke, Ajlorra- tw modonc, tarof. Pahi raadrtg.
I Astrology, Pagansm & more M DESKTOP VIDEO CD (CP68) £14.99 (CQ136) £21.99 Create your own tasonatmg 30 stereogram images, contains numerous tools as well as hundreds of pre-rendered pictures and hundreds more for you to render your self.
Very easy to use Lucky Dip volume one contains hundreds of games, demos, clipart, fonts, music, tools, graphics utilities.
Animations. Sound FX.
Samples, and toads more At just £4.99 it's a bargain!!!
• FREE with any orelor ovor £25 00 _ A The colour library
contacts cjiW thousands of lop quality colour clipart images
for use SV m any paint or Desktop pub- Jf 'jt lishmg package.
Dozens of
* popular subjects mcfudod inc: Transport. Animals.
People. Technology, etc : COLOUR LIBRARY t ; t ILLUSIONS 3D (CD54) £9.99 w n-sssL Jt ia y *'. ¦ w .
Victoria Rd. ndon. Wilts, m 1 3BU. UK ¦ Fax Order line. Ol 793 SI 41 87 Retro gaming at It s best. Over 3000 all-time classic spectrum games on one CD-ROM Emulators included for the Amiga. Mac. Atari ST & PC (dos & Wxidows). Games include Mane Miner. Skool daze. Monty mole.
Startrek. Thrust, Jet Set Willy. The Hobbfl.
Strip Poker. Dangor Mouse, The Sentinel.
Micro Olympics. Under Wuride, Uodium, Atic Atac, River raid, Barba nan. Hunchback and It3000 other classic spectrum games including multi-load games.
¦ay part deux also contains hundreds of docu- " pg containing instructions for most games t hundrods of speccy game cheats (Me for all platforms but requires the use of if to play the games World of Clipart is a double CD- ROM contatoing around 40.000 mono and colour clipart images containod in over 10O catagones in IFF. GIF. PCX.
CDR. EPS. TIF. A BMP Tools for converting images to another format are nckided lor both the PC 4 Amiga Subjects ¦)t Animals, Anatomy, Babies. Men. Women. Troos, Ktes. Kisects. Xmas, RoIiqkjus. Planes, Vehicles. Ships, pi Zodiac signs. Eye catchers. Humour. Cats. Dogs,
s. Technology. SeaWe. Space. Symbols, Royalty, nan. Plants.
Nature, Ads, Tools. Astrology, Hands, k Business. Office.
Workers. Cartoon. Lion King,
i. Food, Gardening, Holidays. Houses & Buildings, i, Chddren.
Banners. Medieval, Military. Monsters.
Sports (football, golf. Aerobics. Olympics, etc).
I. Trains, War and more LD OF CLIPART Plus D(?UBLE CD UK Mail
Order Enquiry line.
* LUCKY DIP Volume 1 com i LJJCKV ‘DXPl (CD77) £17.99 AMINET 7
The Professional Backdrops 4 Icons collection Volume 2 is a
superb set of high quality OosMop backdrops (256 colour picture
subjects include: Girl* Space. Classic cars.
Aircraft Landscapes, textures etc.) aswoll as a huge 16 colour backdrop sot of pictures, aawefl as Thousands ot Icons, and Dozens ol Screen Blankors and Desktop tools. For the Amiga thoro is a massive collection of Magic Workbench extras, including Icons, backdrops, 4 dock Icons. NEW!)!
I Contains our most popular floppy based soft- I ware tflles on one giant CD-ROM Now you I can purchase the entire Epic collection in one I go This compilation contains hundreds of j mogabytos of Amiga software, subjects I include: Professional mono clipart, colour dt- I part, numerous 3D objects for Imagine 4 Lightwave, Colour. Bitmap | Compographtc fonts 4 Adobe fonts, Graphics converters. Music tutorials, Beginners guide, 30 stereogram generators. Hundrods of Sound FX and samples. Virus Kilers, Hard disk installer 4 tods. Various Hardware pro- | Joels. A number of classic demo s. Hundreds
of games nduding Shoot em ups. Mind teasers, Puzzle, card, arcade and board games. The latest Assassins games & the latest LSD utilities are also included. Dozens ol Emulators are included The Epc collection CD-ROM is updated bi-monthly, and user updates aro available to registered users for as just £9.99. this moans you can have Ihe very latest range ot sortware regularly without ha wig to keep purchasing new CD-ROMs. You simply return your Epic collodion CD-ROM, we II update It and send it straight back to you. It s as oasy as that. 'Supplied with printed Index booklot.
THE EPIC COLLECTION GOLD new-ii (COioo) £59.95 A superb CD-ROM for all STARTREK tans, contains Hundreds of graphic images in IFF 4 GIF from the very first series too the very latest ttm series Dozens of IFF and WAV sound samplos are also included aswell as both the Next Generation & original Startrek Theme tunes Also includes dozens ot Startrek animations in bofh | Amiga a mm & FU. A number of Startrek games for the Amiga 4 PC are also included UPDATED VERSION STARTREK MULTIMEDIA GOLD (coo4) C2799 Arcade Classes is an original collection ol ALL your old arcade favourites. Including Amiga & PC
This CD will keep you busy for months!!!
Floppy drive required. Keyboard recommended (AUSTRALIA) If you ive n Australia or New-Zeaiand you can now purchase any of the above CO FtOM titles from our Sydney based promises Send yjur orders a enqures to: EPIC. 36 Foroet Road, Heathcote, NSW. 2233. Australia.
THE EPIC LECTION THE SPACE SHUTTLE (CD138) £19.99 STA f G K n nwiif A i HruMti Iho UK NEW!!!
Preview Hudiogenic are not especially known for their contributions to the platform genre, being more sports-like - espe- . Cially with releases like Graham Gooch's Cricket and Wembley International Soccer, and soon to be Imran Kahn's Cricket all appearing, not to mention a number of other successful games.
Audiogenic are certainly not letting themselves slide down that pit where other companies have recently been disappearing to - although, one of their latest products. Bubble and Squeak 2, Is on hold.
However, one title is certain to go ahead, and it goes by the name of Odyssey - a platform game which has quietly possessed many morphing capabilities. It's a side-on platform game which could deliver a different perspective to the already mountains of usual platformers out there. Let’s see.
The idea behind Odyssey Is to Collect various crystals from several different Islands to complete the game. On the way through, you'll encounter a number of creatures trying to prevent you from doing so. With a large number of perplexing puzzles that must be solved to access other areas.
Odyssey is looking a lot like a puzzling platformer - like Delphine Software's Flashback.
During your quest you will encounter a number of various monsters such as vultures, and an army of small people armed with huge swords which you must overcome to collect the crystals *and proceed further. You must fight them while losing as little energy as possible, although what makes Odyssey good to play is the fact that when you do lose a serious amount of energy, you don't have to trundle around over-cautiously. Instead, standing still for a good 10 seconds will get your breath back
- replenishing your energy and helping you get past the tricky
One of the hardest parts of Odyssey is negotiating the bigger rocks. You can take a swipe at them Morphing mania When you acquire the morphing power, it Is possible to morph into a number of objects.
For instance, you can morph into a rock to smash smaller rocks by falling from a great height and then rolling through tiny gaps. This is essential for reaching the keys which will open the doors to the crystals.
You can also morph into a bird and fly high above the lower platforms which you wouldn't be able to reach if you were using the hero without the special morphing powers. The last morph is a grasshopper, which obviously allows you to jump great distances to reach hidden platforms you normally wouldn't have seen.
The morphing characteristic adds a lot to the originality of Odyssey, making it something different from the bog-standard type of platform game around today. The idea of using different characters to solve different puzzles adds a lot to the depth and challenge tremendously.
With your sword which will set them rolling, but you have to be careful because you may end up I trapped behind it or it may block your path. These [puzzles will no doubt have even the [ most experienced games player tearing their hair What people may fail to realise, which I'd better explain, is the fact that Odyssey isn't just a game completed by running from left to right, killing monsters and picking up the crystals at the [end. You have to negotiate all the puzzles which.
Ilieve me. Are quite taxing. They involve moving rocks onto various buttons, directing shooting arrows towards pressure zones, and even morphing into different, smaller creatures to squeeze through tiny gaps which are only accessible to the smallest of insects.
There are several large islands to battle through, accompanied by truly fantastic backdrops. At the beginning, when you select an island, a human hand appears as a pointer - using very impressive method animation with the dark black shadow, which makes it smoother than a baby's bottom.
The morphing sequences are also animated in this way - proving what a graphical feast it will be when it finally hits the shops.
With a large number of perplexing puzzles that must be solved to access other areas, Odyssey is looking a lot like a puzzling platformer 5 Final word Overall, Odyssey is looking very complete, especially graphically and gameploy wise. The game is already running very smoothly, with no noticeable glitches standing in its way.
When it's finally released I can almost certainly see it being a huge success. Audiogenic may have latched themselves on to a winner. Keep an eye out for a full review very soon.
JJ litaibir lit!
R SYSTEM review II • PUBLISHER Leisuresoft UK DEVELOPER Boms Computing £19.99 DISKS 2 d HD INSTALL Yes All Amigas SUPPORTS Iflffll trw m:s:» re:na TtfWnM MLICE iwrjti Bnother football game arrives as we watch another season get under way.
The winter months are fast coming upon us and could be the perfect time to sit out the first rounds of the Auto Windscreen Shield and head for managing success on the Amiga.
This time, a relatively large company who are renowned for distributing PC and Amiga peripherals are invited to try their hand at the Amiga games scene. Leisuresoft UK intend to make a big impact on the gaming front, and a football game could be just what it takes.
Football games are undoubtedly the Amiga's strong point, and have brought in more cash than any other genre. All the all-time greats have appeared on the Amiga and incidentally, most of them never made successful conversions onto the PC or any console. Sensible Soccer, Kick Off, Player Manager. Goal and Man Utd - Premier Champions are just a selection who owe their huge success to the Amiga.
Club and Country is one of the few football management games that offers jobs on club and international level. Sensible Software had aspirations to the idea but it was never given the time of day.
After 10 seasons of non-stop promotions, relegations and cup exits, the last thing you want to do is retire. Club and Country gives you the option to manage the national team when your success becomes too much for the rest of the pack.
At the beginning of Club and Country, you are given a list of clubs to take on in division three. They all offer competitive salaries and a required league placing needs to be achieved for the forthcoming season. This leaves you with a defined target to I achieve - failure to do so means sacking will be imminent.
Club and Country has an easy-to-use icon system which allows you to view all the statistics within] seconds without having to plough through hun-l dreds of menus. The icons are located on the right side of the screen, with the information displayed on the left, and your current status is displayed at
* ! i rr «5 The squad select screen displays the player’s ages,
position and shirt number. Where are their stats?
Cartoon to cleavage All the usual options are included - transfers, stadium development, physiotherapy and tactical editors. The game Is shown in cartoon form, which is a real shame as the amount of options and realism within the actual management is spoilt and lost through the showing of these cartoon pictures. Showing a heavily cleavaged nurse as a physio, especially sporting a rather plastic uniform, is a bit out of hand as today's game is no longer purely a man's.
After you have finished your match, all the results will come up in a vidlprlnter-like style Country Reviewed by Andy Maddock uu mum UM Kin non xiTttftt Wil H-tS LB' Hid TO* HIO the foot of the screen as a picture. You begin with a small house, small car, and a generally unappealing appearance. As you progress through the divisions picking up trophies and promotions, more money will come in. Thus enabling you to afford a better Sfe. So the actual objective of the game isn't to be the best team in the world in a completely fictional way. But to earn enough money to live on and with luck,
progressing and enjoying the higher life of football management.
The actual match sequences are Immensely lacking in quality - there is no animated, graphical action, just a short and brief description on injuries and bookings, so you can't acquire a true estimation of your team's ability. You can make substitutions and swap players around during the match, but you can't alter the way your team plays.
Although these comments seem harsh in some respects, they are purely cosmetic and could have been tidied up. The depth and realism is present but simply overshadowed by the cartoon pictures.
Another problem Is the research. At first glance it looks like all the players' data Is present and correct because Dennis Bergkamp is in Arsenal's line-up.
However, it seems the rest of the squads haven't been touched. There's no sign of an editor either, so it looks like you're stuck with them - unfortunately, Compared to the likes of Player Manager 2 and On The Ball. Club and Country doesn't even get a look In.
The football game industry Is becoming increasingly popular once again and it's certainly not going to be an easy task for anyone to better the management games that are dominating today's market. It isn't a Final word 6 Club and Country is one of the few football management games that offers jobs on club and international basis 5 bad effort, but one which will linger around the bottom of the league, staring relegation in the face for a few seasons. It all bolls down to lack of presentation. If you already have Player Manager 2 and On The Ball. Club and Country wouldn't be a bad
If you're that football mad. You'll probably buy it anyway!
Jftpproach drainer ... cleared to land review LUFTHANSA 063. GU7EN TAG.
Approach Trainer aims to provide ultimate realism Approach Reviewed by Tina Hackett Trainer light sims usually fall into two main categories. There's either the action-packed dogfight types such as Reach for the Skies and F19 Stealth Fighter, where you take to the skies and aim to obliterate the enemy, or there's the other, the serious kind that accurately recreate the modern-day flying experience.
Those in this category (of which there are few - the only ones that spring to mind are A320 Airbus and Proflight) are the ones that can seem very bland to the uninitiated, but for those who take the trouble to read the hefty manuals and study the flight charts, they are rewarded with a very realistic simulation of the real thing.
PUBLISHER Thalion DEVELOPER Rainer Bopf Anyway, falling into this latter category is Thalion's latest offering. Approach Trainer, the next one along in the Airbus A320 series. Mpde by the same Rainer Bopf which created its predecessors.
Approach Trainer aims to simulate the approach and landing of a plane. Described as a simulation of a simulator, it allows the player to practice the procedures needed to land a plane at one of Europe's 68 most important airports.
PRICE £29.99 DISKS TBA HD INSTALL No SUPPORTS All Amigas lMb+ The first thing you need to know is that although It is a supplement to Airbus A320. You don't need the- previous game to play it and the trainer program does not assume that you are familiar with the series. So if you've never played before don't worry
- you can learn from scratch (and have to read all the manual -
Starting with the training mode you are given electronic aids to help get through the procedures step by step, and as you progress you can turn off each feature one by one. You can also choose the airport, the weather, and whether you tackle a long or short approach. It is also possible to alternate between day and night flights.
When more experienced, you can try the If you want a game you can get straight into then it's not for you 5 Scoring Mode where the computer randomly gen erates a situation and then records the poinl achieved in a log book. And when you're feelin( really confident, try testing your skills against opponent, taking alternative turns under the sarm conditions.
Although graphics aren't that impressive, after tion to detail has been made such as improve PAPI lighting, airfield detail, and improved 'Glas cockpit' layout. For ultra-realism, accurate charts have been included too.
Id This is one of the very few games that suppor an analogue joystick. In case you haven't got or* and want to use a PC joystick instead, at the bac of the manual there are instructions on how ti maKp your own Interface-Converter to use a PI analogue joystick - so get your soldering iron readi Final word Like most flight sims it is accompanied by a dauntlngly thick manual - so needless to say. If you want a game you can get straight into then it's not for you. However, patience pays dividends and if you take the time to plough, through, you'll find a very rewarding and very comprehensive
title. The graphics are rather] grim, but this shouldn't bother true sim fans too much.
J, A powerful set of cataloging tod* Catalogue your Record, CO, Voeo and dsk | collection with oase. And search on any awfldfieW Suitable lor use with Kjckstart 2 & 3 only Orty £5.00 IA sa disk colector, d Video tctng tods.
I vyJeo wipes, fonts. Video talers Subtitle I generator. Vdeo backdrops etc..... I Sutabie lor use stand-alone or nconjuction I wth Scala etc I Only £12 00 A cdecton of essential hard dnve maeite- nance tode Like dsksalve 2. Hobackup ho Menu system, hr * Checker, and dozens more AH« fran mi
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ot easy to follow recipes II yoir a BudOrg ian Be«le or
Foydthen tNs gourmet! Cookbook «just the King lor you You'll be
a professional in no time (Be sure you test your cookmg or your
Inlaws firs tl) Orly £300 Unto Office consists ol a powerful
Wofdprtxeung c«*age. & spef checker.
A diary system, a name and address database. And a powerful! Spreadsheet Comp**ie with all Amiga’s by! Workbench 2 or 3 is recommended Orty £7.00 ?IFC7-3. LITTLE OFFICE Around 100 scalable compugraphic torts tor U9e with Wordwor1h2A3. Pageetream H Workbench 2&3. High quality pnrtout from
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then to prep & nstafl it correctfy you ! Need the correct
software. Th* software comes suppled on 2 disks The Irsl preps
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Ike a I»o flutter now and then but don’t like loosing real
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salvage tools for Workbench 1.3.2 & 3.
Weamer a floppy of your Harddak has oon- cieved an error this package wi see you allngftl Easy to use.
Orty £5 00 ? DRT5-2. DISK RECOVERY TOOLS ?ABS6-4. AMIGA BETTING SHOP ? MPC3-1. MONO PAGESETTER CLIPS There are over 1000 Amga vruses currently “doing the rounds' So catching one isrs a hard thing to do This coflection d Wus killers e updated regularly, So you can be
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Amiga. Tns very easy lo use Emulator wit an on every Amiga.
The taster yen* machine the tastor ynwther the games rut Games
nctude Skool daze.
Manic miner, Lfflte computer peodo. Monty mole. Startrek. The Sentnal. Etc. Psckl (SPES-3) Speccy emA 50 games Only £5.00 Pack2. (SPG15-7) 100 classic games Only £15.00 Pack3 (SPG36-33) 400 classic gamer Only £35 00 Pack4 (SEHSO-DSpeccyem. 50 games tAd tape deck interlace £40 The d«k doubler can teuratfy double the space avwlable on your ftardsk. II you've got an 80mb dnve you ll end up wen over l30mb If you ve got a 320mb drive you'l end up wet over 1 2gg hard disk Ody £5 00 I Throe Stratrek games Irvskides Startrek I the Arcade gamo Stratrek TNG. And the I Origin*1 Startrek Decompresses lo
SIX Idsks.
An updated 2 disk version... Contains dozens of OlY hardware Ms. Ike how to M your A12O0 rrlo a mid lower PC case. BuM your own sampler memory expansion.
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38 Victoria Rd. Swindon, Wilts.
SN1 3BU. UK Mail Order Hotline.EMML 01793 490988 % Fax Order iine. Q~1 703 51 41 87 LF IC Collection CO | The EPIC Collection CD ROM contains all the above tides and hundreds more. All DMSed onto an inavativ© GOLD CD ROM which you can update (see our CD add lor details) CD100 ES9.95 Avakntilo to txry Mcvrt"1 F open irtenctoy - Safuday 9a0am - SGCfcnv Oeques & Postal ordore eccepsed ForllKorierspteaseadiJa Wafc*50p Cxer»as orders pteese add £100 per «e M3eloraer5aresertvwhn48houre.AIMto9wort onXArnoa sirtoessta*Bd E&OE review ? Ompart return to grace the Amiga screens once again. After many
months of pure speculation. Turbo Trax has finally arrived - in Ferrari-like fashion too.
Kompart. Responsible for the abundance of Amiga releases during these last few months, are adding to their already well-developed collection a challenger for the likes of Overdrive and Roadkill. These two weren't particularly successful compared to the likes of the late '80's Nitro. This was one of the few top-down racing games that packed pure challenge and action. The idea was to race against a series of opponents in various cars. A whole host of tracks were included making this one of the most pleasing and satisfying games of all time.
During the early *90s. Supercars was introduced on the Atari format, later making its way across to the Amiga. This was viewed top-down just like Nitro. But where Nitro failed in terms of variety.
Supercars filled the spot almost too perfectly.
Featuring an option to buy more cars and progress onto later tracks. Supercars' success was inevitable. What made Supercars incredibly popular was the fact it offered a different perspective.
The idea of layered tracks was welcomed with open arms by games players everywhere.
After the recent releases of Roadkill and Overdrive, Turbo Trax is the latest top-down racing game. After being in the pre-production phase for months, will it finally pass its driving test?
There are three modes of play - Arcade. Time Trials, and Practice. The arcade mode is basically to beat five other computer opponents to cross the line first, picking up some cash to spend on your car to increase its handling and power. After you complete a race, you are given a number of items to buy to increase your car's capabilities.
You can buy five types of engine, steering wheel, fuel and tyres. The better the component the more expensive it'll be- Kompart Arcane
29. 99 E 3 E No Kmii All Amigas DISKS In the arcade mode, the
computer opponents are especially hard and the car in pole
position always seems to be half way round the course before
you've even turned the first corner. It'll take an enormous
amount of practice to enable you to come first, or even
HD INSTALL SUPPORTS To slow you down, various obstacles are placed Comparing cars There have been a significant number of top- down racing games released recently, namely Roadkill. Overdrive and Micro Machines. In the past we have seen the likes of Super Sprint.
Nitro and Indy Heat. Oh. Alright, so Indy Heat wasn't specifically top-down but more of a mid-slanty top view that worked surprisingly] well.
These are the only commercial releases I can think of. Most of the top-down racers emerge from Public Domain, and some of “ decent PD racers include Moose Drive ai Road To Hell.
On the tracks - the oil is undoubtedly the worst, Having said that, it's not as frustrating as you ca imagine. On most racing games, sliding on oil wi send you careering into the crash barriers, alma certainly putting you out of contention for fin place. However on Turbo Trax. The frustration fao tor is set just about right. If you do happen to be in an unavoidable position resulting in skiddinj over an oil leak, the worst that can happen is a simple 360 degree spin followed by a loss in speed. This enables the opponents to gain a little but not so much that it ruins the entire race. The Turbo
Reviewed by Andy Maddock 4 the car in pole position always seems to be half way round the course before you've even turned the first corner. It'll take an enormous amount of practice to enable you to come first or even second 5 other mode of play is Practice, whereby you can select any course, any car, and can get to know each course, so when you come to take on the arcade mode you'll have an idea of the corners and where and when to brake etc. The last mode is Time Trials whereby you have to complete the lap in the fastest time which can then be saved to disk for future reference.
To help you in your quest for loads of cash and a decent reputation, there are all sorts of helping hands. You can pick up spanners which reduce your damage, money to give you something to enhance your car. And turbos which will give you that extra speed - maybe enough to carry you across the line in first place. There are three types Gearbox problems Every car I have known has had problems with it in one way or another. If it's not the gearbox, you'll probably have left your keys Inside. It's funny the way all the problems seem to occur just after the two month warranty has expired.
Oh well, thankfully none of these problems appear in Turbo Trax.
SYSTEM review Although every car featured in Turbo Trax is extremely high powered, you wouldn't really expect the type of acceleration you are presented with. The gear changes are noticeable, unlike many other racers, and the pitch of the engine noise is also heard. Most games seem as if they are controlled in first gear all the time, and a high pitched roaring noise becomes extremely annoying.
However, the acceleration is lacking immensely. If you do happen to get hammered ?
Of car which race on their own respective circuit. For instance, you won't find a Formula One tuned car racing on a dirt track. There are quite a few different styles of tracks, with around seven or eight mapped out differently. There are street, snow, dirt, and racing tracks which require various types of handling because of the conditions.
Before you take on a track, you can tune your car to suit the circuit. Obviously, if the next track to race is a slippery ice track, the idea is to spend money on handling and grip by purchasing the steering wheel and tyres. There is little point in purchasing a high-powered engine because you'll spend most of the time going far too fast and spinning out of control. You have to master the car-set-up screen before attempting a race or you will undoubtedly come nowhere.
The car sprites for top-down racing games are basically of a standard appearance. They are kept very simple because they have to be manipulated at every angle to make them smooth and fluent. Turbo Trax's sprites are simple. Yet they work very effectively. There is no animation on the cars themselves because that would simply complicate the speed and definition.
The tracks and backgrounds are good, making it pleasurable to play as well as bfeing easy on the eye. There are different kinds of scenery to add enough variety to keep you playing for a
• -T" r TU ' m. I
• i I i i i i* r i -tyt • 1 1 J o ? !
M r i i i The starting grid is the best place to zoom into, at least, second place.
Off the side of the track, the possibility of getting yourself going within seconds is very remote - as moving up to sixth gear seems to take a life time.
Although there is a variety of cars, there isn't any actual difference between them. For instance, you'd expect a formula one car to have a higher speed than an off-road truck.
You are also given a damage bar. This will inform you of how much damage your car has taken and how much it will take. If you happen to exceed this amount, you'll be thrusted back at the beginning again. You can damage your car in a number of ways, although trying to overtake is possibly the worst, so I suggest you try to avoid It - although not at pedestrian crossings. That always seems to inject a little excitement.
While. There is a street track which is mapper out with cones - these must be negotiated along with the other five cars to complete the track. As Turbo Trax runs quite fast, it is difficult to see Which bends and corners will be coming up, Memorising them won't work either because there are simply far too many of them to attempt. When you begin the arcade mode, a random one will be picked as well.
The computer opponents don't really give you much chance of catching them, never mind beating them. It will take many weeks of practice until you are good enough to chat lenge for first place.
Finally, the sound effects are very realistic with engine noises and the screeching of brakes. These all add to the excitement and action - although, not that much.
Final word Overall, Turbo Trax is a fairly good game. It doesn't include anything special or mind-blowing, it's simply another top-down racing game
- although the main point of the game is the fact it simply plays
well and is quite enjoyable.
The variety of tracks and cars gives it a longer lasting challenge as you have to adapt to each one, The graphics do their jobs adequately and it all adds up to a really playable game with many months of enjoyment.
1 st Floor Offices, 2 8 Market Street Wakefield, West Yorkshire WF1 1DH TEL (01924) 366982 FAX (01924) 20094 POSTAGE INFORMATION Please include 5Qp Postage For UK Disk Order And 75p Per Item For CD Orders (Max Postage Payable £1 50) Europe Add 10% For Disk Orders ft 1 00 Per CD (Max £5.00) R O W Add 20% For Disk Orders ft £1.50 Per CD (MAX £6 00) Monday To Saturday 0.00 am Til 8 30 pm Anawarptona A| Ail Ott+r Timaa E3 s=5 Ccj« 3C El PUBLIC DOMAIN SOFTWARE PLEASE NOTE: ONLY A FRACTION OF THE DISKS WE STOCK ARE FOR A COMPLETE LIST OF THE 5000+ DISKS WE STOCK. ASK FO
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Emulator (Needs ROM) «9 LOTTERY PRO ft UTILS Thy Games To Get
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ZOOM CD £19.99 Ground Zero & Acttve Software's own PD library release. Tons of new stuffl MEETING PEARLS i £9.99 650 MB of PD from around the globel Contains demos, anlnre, mods etc I AMOS PD RELEASE 1
* '9.99 Release 2 Is an UPDAJE to the Amo6 CD, containing more of
the Amos to.
GATEWAYI £9.99 NetBSD 1.0 UNIX Hke O S For Amlgal Go Netsurflng wtth the supplied fools I ADULT SENSATION I £19.99 More Interesting' pictures with a few sound samples & games to bootl DA CAPO £24.99 I Over 1400 of the best available mods, 2000 samples & Octamedl GROUER1 £26.99 The entire Academic American Encyclopedia on CDI UPDAIEDI SOUND LIBRARY A GFX WORKSHOP £19.99 MIDI, Mods, WAV Files & dozens of sound player* 8c utils for AMIGA & PCI preview 6 Gratuitous breast shots, fat old men farting and offering all other stereotypical traits of the gambler Happy, you leave the club wealthier
but not a whole let wiser m omputer Poker Is normally a genre reserved mainly for the PD pages or an excuse to show scantily clad bodies as In Strip Poker. But now new company.
Desert Star Software, have taken the seedy underworld poker scene and incorporated it into a computer game. It looks like being a feminist's worst nightmare with gratuitous breast shots, fat old men farting, and it offers all other stereotypical traits of the gambler. Fortunately, it's all done tongue-in- cheek and the end product will probably be a combination of Rab C Nesbit and Leisure Suit Larry.
By Tina Hackett s The story sets you as a bit of a losec really. Well, to be kind, you've just been unlucky. You lose your job.
Your girlfriend leaves you. And your car gets repossessed. All in the same day. You are on the streets of Hollywood, atone, when you find yourself enticed into a dingy club and into a poker game.
You face three other rather dubious characters and can select the level of difficulty from Rookie, Average, or Hustler, depending on your skills. The rest is a straightforward Five Card Draw Poker game with all players placing their bets, and so on. Control is via the joystick and you play until you're broke.
The PR blurb accompanying the preview copy boasts over 1Mb of speech and FX. And so far HOT m W S*n farting(?), and a “Raise you five' uttered In an American accent by your opponents add to the seedy atmosphere.
And unlike other games of this kind, Hollywood Hustler promises to make each game completely different, with all cards being dealt at random.
Each hand remains known only to the player holding them, so the computer can’t actually cheat.
The opponents' thinking also varies each time so, for Instance, they may or may not bluff, or may be more aggressive.
A cinematic intro will also be used to create the feel of the game, and depending on how well you play, you will get one of three endings.
It certainly looks different and rather entertain-1 ing. Even the game box continues the tongue-in- cheek style looking like a cheap *70's porn film, and with the green bai2e trim you could almost be there!
Grim Hollywood Hustler has a cinematic style and tries to provide a little more to it than just the card game, hence the reason for the characters which are in keeping with the style.
Montana Slim is the chef from the diner next door to the club and as you can guess by his name, as well as enjoying ’broads', and gambling. He's also into his food and booze In a big way. The others are Joe. An ex-sixties guru who is now the manager of the Pussycat porno* theatre, and Chuck, a would-be movie star and a night clerk at the motel. And lastly, there is Jackie, also known as Miss Astrodate, a stripper from the exotic cabaret bar. All sounds lovely, doesn't it?
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SELECTAFONT (Dept AC) 84 Thorpe Road. Hawkwcll. Nr Hockley. Essex. SS5 4JT FAX: 01702 200062 PHONE: 01702 202835 Amiga Computing SYSTEM budget C, DS are a company who are quite well known among many Amiga owners for their previous war J strategy games. Their other titles include Action Stations, Blitzkrieg and White Death. Bravo Romeo Delta, their brand new game, has just been released and It includes all kinds of new strategic elements that differ from the first attempts.
DISKS HD INSTALL Yes SUPPORTS All Amigas Guildhall Leisure are set to release this before winter, along with their second release.
Subversion, and both of them will set you back a mere £9.99. However, the question is. Will they include enough tactical depth to keep you going through the coming winter months?
The idea behind the game is to take complete control of the US strategic forces which include ICBMs, SLBMs, SSBNs and Bomber Bases.
There are a series of nuclear warheads aimed for the US Air Bases, and your job is one of responsibility - to launch a limited attack to prevent the warheads reaching their designated targets.
The main menu screen is divided into quarters, and each one takes you to another screen of attack assessments or nuclear strike plans - Romeo Reviewed by Andy Maddock covering a different part of the game. Not being a nuclear war strategy fan I wasn't] really looking forward to ploughing through menu after menu just looking for a way to fire some weapons. However, after loading it up l] was quite impressed with the depth within Bravo Delta Romeo.
There's no doubt that the game was written by someone who has researched each part, studying it in great detail, They quite obviously know what they're talking about and seem to have achieved the right blend of strategy and tactics. The notorious problem that can occur I with these strategy games is the fact that the | programmer includes all sorts of nonsense that I cannot be understood. Bravo Romeo Delta I includes a manual that explains every part of I the game. After a few minutes, you’ll pick up all the strategy jargon and soon be processing I attack waves.
I can fully understand if people turn their I noses up at Bravo Romeo Delta - it’s certainly 1 not the most popular genre but it does appeal to a minority group which should be catered | for.
Having said that, even the small minority may not be able to put up with the untidy and | appalling graphics that are very difficult to see. I Even the icons located on the left side of the 1 screen are very blurred and have no graphical | picture attached. You will have to check the manual a few times just to recap on which icon does what.
In terms of war and strategy, there are ; no other games that immediately spring to| mind, so I think it's quite safe to say that Bravo Romeo Delta is the best of its genre - despite the odd graphical glitches here and there.
Subversion PUBLISHER Guildhall Leisure DEVELOPER CDS PRICE £9.99 DISKS 1 c Yes All Amigas HD INSTALL SUPPORTS Hou are commander of the submarine 'Nautilus' and your mission objectives are to locate all enemy within the area and destroy them.
Subversion is the second release by Guildhall Leisure introducing the war strategy approach, and is only slightly more arcadey than Bravo Romeo Delta. You are given a huge battlefield play area in the middle of the screen, and all the options are located around the edge of the screen. These range from firing torpedos to checking your status and looking for other subs in the vicinity.
The game is basically self-explanatory and a huge session with the manual isn't really required. All the menus and options are located at the top of the screen, making it very user- friendly. The only annoying factor that is bundled with the package is the code protection wheel. A series of numbers are presented to you ond you must find the corresponding letters and motch them with some more numbers on the reverse side. It would have been okay, but it takes a while before you finally work it out - especially with a case sensitive code wheel.
The main display in the centre of the screen displays areas of combat and locations of enemy ships, land and subs. Not only do you have to destroy enemy ships, but avoiding and destroying mines is pretty much a secondary mission objective.
The graphics are fairly simple, but there's more than enough depth and tactical game- play - in fact. Subversion does become repetitive and boring after a while, because you happen to stumble upon the same attacks over and over again If you want a good, serious submarine simulation then I suggest you check out Sub War
2050. It has the same amount of tactics and gameplay as
Subversion but the graphics stand out so much further. It's
like an underwater flight sim and gives you an exciting
role to play As it stands. Subversion is an innovative idea
with plenty of challenge to keep you going quite a while.
If you can put up with the appalling graphics and the small
minor gripe about the code wheel, then I can recommend
Subversion only to submarine admirers.
Created by Captain Byte's Bit Shop Amiga Conversion by Daryl Schroeder Although Subversion contains some nice introduction screens, the game Itself Is certainly not of a professional standard Imalir 1N6 105 hints & tips Terminator 2 This game too hard for you?
Skip over those levels by pausing the game, pressing FI to F10. Fire, then Esc.
| Jungle Strike 1 Stuck in this strategic codes: blast? Try these level Return home N7RL7JK3BPY River raid TG3TGDBR9C9 Training ground 96PBLHZJF4L San Puloso city VHJ94MC7JLN Sub attack RSMKVSPGC7X Mountains 7CR94SPGC7V Snow fortress WPYV4F3BRG3 Night strike XMCRLGFDY6G End screen U96YRWT7Y6 Impossible Mission 2025 Top gamel Top codes!
Chaos Engine If you still can't get anywhere in this game you're a bit sad really, but that's what we're for. Eh? These codes will sort you out: World 2 with infinite money GWCH5DMS7 N World 3 with infinite money V35076X6S7WH World 4 with infinite money 6UCDXU25S7V2 Annoyed because you can't play those later tracks (like Space and Alien Planet) in two- player mode? Fret no more! All you have to do is reach them on one-player mode, lose a race, enter your name as ATR, then you can select them in two-player mode. Waheyl Shark Fishing IMAGO Pal in dome TIBUROW Twenty angry men ARGUS Mind the
hippos MARTEN Brass Rumblings SOCKIN Red airing GANNPAY Pointless but true: type In FRAMPAGE on the password screen to fly an ever-so-slightly superior plane instead of the old 'copter.
Top Gear 2 Robocop 3 One Player (sigh .)
I’ve heard of annoyingly long and complicated level codes before, but this is ridiculous. It's bad enough for the gamesplayer. But I have to spend years checking them as well. AAAARGH!
Britain ) PN) +VSL PN13 47G%) 743HH Canada HLF6 8JHJ GBLV 23J+T MHG66 Egypt )FB3 55 2 HNPB M3T5) 521FF France T65W 2B%Y SB4R M34DQ FB%11 Germany HLFS B2SR JNR$ 3M977 521 FF Greece GPLC GLGS MQTN %4HFF C+SWW India WNJB FHY6 %34V G9PMM JFD44 Ireland 51FS B 5L FTR 8(RTT BS)W Italy C1G+ C%DV G$ 6$ PC3Y3 JFD44 Japan G9NF J22( P%RL SGM46 NJH77 Scandinavia J2F$ BMLQ CQ%J )FL35 MHG66 South America CG 4 7F6D YBHC T +52 NJH77 Spain $ C82 5Q1T (MV9 84 1 V HDC33 Switzerland %7VM Q$ 5Y 2NPV %2TFB 743HH USA WQ%9 )P6G HLM4 2QVYT GCB22 Two players (no. Please, nooo) Britain 6$ BJ D1 $ HMMW 34L%V NJH77 Canada
L+G3 LCBQ 38QT12H$ R LGF55 Egypt L2QB 59B2 N 91 C7N%T PU88 France %VRC GRF4 5BDD )67MY TPN (( Germany (CB5 PYLW QPP7 1 QR$ H D%+YY Greece 273M $ 79M TB13 FFGMY D%+YY India 4TN+ 3L%M GN67 LLMR4 JFD44 Ireland (JP% 4)8B 3DLB JT948 PU88 Italy LBWP Rl% 1 (L4 LH1GF 76MM Japan (J94 6TC2 2T( TBP( 1 VT%% Scandinavia 6Q83 563N CLSM T7ML +( RR South America T572 4T19 B6 l G7C21 MHG66 Spain 95T2 4HY LDSW D5%YW JFD44 Switzerland NWJR VC29 3+GF 6N3GF 76MM USA 82NW 14HF QLQF 6N3GF 76MM Hold down right shift and type THE DIDDY MEN in the game to become invincible.
After this you can press Esc to skip to the next level.
I Beavers When this cheeky little game begins, type BIGBIG- BIGB and you can skip levels by pressing F2.
Mr Blobby Alien Breed
- Get-out clauses Stuck on a particular game? Martin Shenton (our
resident work experience lad) helps you out of your pit of
despair Press CAPS LOCK on the player select screen and it’s
extra lives ahoy!
Alien Breed Let's face it - this game is hard.
Don't panic: Level 2 353828 Level 3 108383 Level 4 L370101 Level 5 982822 Level 6 847464 Level 7 737373 Level 8 928122 Level 9 267364 Level 10 193831 Level 11 090921 Level 12 309838 Level 13 101221 Level 14 103992 Level 15 998112 Level 16 125332 Level 17 091233 Type these on the main view screen then press return; ICBM get four of every satellite and missile! Wow!
SKYSCRAPER cuts down that construction time LOADSADOSH hmm.J wonder what this one does... TELESCOPE shows all the asteroids • LEMING adds 50 to the population ICEMAN stops all the asteroids, literally!
I. ¦ ¦ - ¦ ---H ?
* -r - PRRU ’ • .
. « * •
• • * FlSTOQC-558 CD: 377698 Why Millennium thought they needed
that fat pink blob of pure evil to promote this perfectly
good game is beyond me. But here are the codes if you need
them: Level 1 BABE Level 2 OOAH Level 3 DAKD Level 4 EMEA Level
5 FLAF Level 6 GGAK Level 7 HAAJ Level 8 BAJM Level 9 DASL
Level 10 FTAN Level 11 GOAS Level 12 AAOB Level 13 OOBI Level
14 DBLD Level 15 ENEB Level 16 FMBF Level 17 GGBL Level 18 ALKB
Level 19 BBJN Level 20 OKBQ Level 21 DBTL Level 22 EVMB Level
23 GOBT Level 24 AADQ Level 25 OOOJ Level 26 DOMB Level 27 EOEO
Level 28 FNOF Level 29 HOHL Level 30 BOJO Level 31 DOUL Level
32 EWMO Level 33 GOOU Level 34 HOPT Level 35 AAED Level 36 BDBH
Level 37 OODK Level 38 FODFHDHM Level 39 BDJP Level 40 DDVL
Level 41 EXMD |Q Jf I mi hr lit; pr vi£w STM are a new company
to the Amiga market and unfortunately their first game. Touring
Car Challenge, left a black mark against their name, receiv
ing pitiful review scores. However, their forthcoming release.
Virtual Karting, looks likely to redeem their reputation and
unlike most of today's rather predictable race-'em-ups, this
title takes the form of a Go-Kart racing game.
Virtual Karting is fully texture mapped and aims for this latest ‘virtual’ style. Two views are available
- a 2D overhead angle where you can zoom in or out. Or a ‘behind
the kart' 3D angle. Both work pretty well so far and the 3D
angle gives a good impression of speed, whereas the 2D overhead
gives more of a tactical style of game.
There are three tracks available, one is the simple figure of eight style, another a taxing windy track, and the last one is for the experts only because as well as hairpin bends and sharp corners. You are in danger of falling into the water surrounding most of the track. Overall, three tracks do sound quite limiting, but OTM are promising update disks at a later date. Another limitation could be that it doesn't have a two-player head-to-head mode but even so, it still seems like a fun game that looks original.
The gameplay feels very responsive at this stage and is easy to control. Game speed depends on your machine, and with a standard A1200 you can expect 25 frames per second.
However, with an accelerator you can double this to 50 frames per second.
Sound effects are also fairly realistic and are close to the real thing, and a quite acceptable intro tune gives quite a polished feel. What also looks nice is a ‘Fly-by‘ helicopter preview of the tracks.
Control of the game is either by digital joystick, mouse, or analog joystick. The player can also choose whether to race in a lOOcc kart or 125cc.
And manual or automatic gears are also user-definable.
Unfortunately, the screenshots don't do the preview much justice. Due to the graphics mode they don't grab all that well, but they'll give you some sort of an idea anyway. The game is AGA only and is due for release this month.
4 Virtual Karting is fully texture mapped and aims for this latest ‘virtual’ style 5 Karting 6 In the future ,1 th Position BES-r-- HlJflUr*-"- TIHE=29-56 We are going to be seeing a lot more of OTM in the near future. Planned for late '95 is Starfighter. A ‘ground breaking' shoot-'em- up. League Monitor is also In development and is a football application package which allows the user - either home user or professional club - to enter data. Features include full league tables, form guide, and results prediction. On the more serious side they are about to release PowerBase v3.5, their Amiga
database package.
U. A 3D view will give an impr feeling of speed With the overhead
mode you can zoom In or out r HIS RODRESS POST COOE
.TEL .. AH
cheques mode payable le Acorn Direct.
Please return your booking form to: ACORN DIRECT 13 DENINGTON ROAD WELLINGBOROUGH NORTHANTS NNS 2RI ADVANCE TICKET AND INFORMATION HOTLINE: 01933 441448 Log on. Hook up or plug into the Information Superhighway. Whichever way you want to enter this new world.
Acorn World '95 promises to be the best event of the year. Come and get real, hands-on experience of all the latest desktop products. Learn from the experts at the live theatre presentations, See the revolution in home services being created by Acorn's “Set-Top Box" technology. Plus jugglers, face painting, a games arcade, competitions with prizes.
A FREE creche and over 100 exhibitors showing what's new and exciting in the world of IT.
Acorn preview 4 race around many different European countries and gather enough points to top a league containing five other drivers 5 ince the success of Geoff Crammond's Formula One Grand Prix. Amiga owners have been crying out for a sequel.
Unfortunately, it was announced it will only be developed exclusively for the PC. Now, a company willing to take on the challenge of creating a similar version are Kellion Software - a new company whose debut game is looking mightily impressive.
Leading Lap has been in development since December of last year. Almost 12 months have passed and hopefully they will have studied the competition and plan to try and attract the Christmas crowds as well as having the premium arcade racing game, stealing the crown from MicroProse.
You can see from the screenshots that Leading Lap looks like a jigsaw - put together by pieces of other racing games. Formula One Grand Prix, Hard Drivin' and Sega's arcade. Virtue Racing, all seem to make some kind of appearance, graphically.
However, the plot behind Leading Lap strays from these three. The idea is to race around many different European countries and gather enough points to top a league containing five other drivers. The drivers will have their own particular personalities and characteristics so obviously, there will be many budding computer-like Michael Schumachers out there.
There will be three areas to race around, namely the racing, country and city tracks, as well as three different cars - formula one. Rally and endurance - and each one is graphically different from the previous.
The polygon graphics are looking particularly spectacular, and there is an option to change the detail from trees and bridges to large buildings.
You will also be able to set the angle at which tl external view is observed. This enables you ti change the view by the press of a button to who is around you, whereas in Formula Oi Grand Prix, to see who is behind and in front y have to toggle the views awkwardly, and even ally you’d lose control of your own car. This optii is present too. But it works far better.
In Formula One Grand Prix. There are three ferent angles from which you can view tl action. With Leading Lap there are more. You o view from inside the cockpit to anything up to zoomed out view - much like Sega’s arc Virtue Racing. This particular arcade boasted aj these angles and, surprisingly, Leading Lap shaping up to look like a close Amiga version.
By Andy Maddock fh: 30.
M P05: 5TH 000 I MPH DEOR-CIST LflP:i This is the view from inside the cockpit. As you can see, it’s very similar to MicroProse F1GP Final word Another surprising aspect is the speed- It is probably one of the fastest games I have witnessed in this genre. Usually, to make a racing game fast the graphics are often sacrificed.
Leading Lap contains high detailed background screens, while still managing to keep the speed at a realistic rate.
There are still a few tweaks that need to be made here and there, but so far, Kellion Software could present an offer that MicroProse Formula One Grand Prix fanatics just can't refuse.
This screenshot proves what a graphical feast Leading Lap is going to be The background scenery is looking quite varied with many trackside objects which hopefully won't slow the action down Leading the way in Amiga idvice, the definitive guide is back to keep enthusiasts fully informed System Medical 112 Frank Nord looks at some magic labels for your disks and video tapes Amiga 3D 11E Ben Vost takes us through the stages involved in creating a new CD-ROM cover 2D Paint 117 In a new tutorial, Steve White gives a helping hand with improving desktop graphics Arexx 115 Paul Overaa completes the
skeleton form fill script with stem variable exposure Comms 121 Phil South takes you through the best search engines on the Internet Publishing 122 This month's column sees Phil South looking at structured clip art for the Amiga Amos 125 In a blast from the past, Paul Overaa shows how to emulate old arcade games Music 127 Paul Overaa reviews the Little Gem two channel audio mixer Video 125 Gary Whiteley shows how realistic lighting can make the difference to 3D rendering ¦jr (01903)850378 VERY LATEST & BEST PD OHLY SOP PER OISK FOR 10+ OISKS OetaMED Y6 £3S. 00 95% - Amiga Shopper 94% - CU
Amiga 91% - Amiga User 9 10 - Amiga Computing New lont-sensitlve GUI layout.
Loads & saves Std MIDI files.
Supports RAW. IFF. AIFF, WAVE. MAUD samples (mono & stereo) Save mods as executable liles Supports Aura sampler and Toccata sound board (Requires Kickslart 2 or greater and 1.5 Meg Ram)
T. 1.12 - £2.50 Latest issue of the MED Users Group Disk mag.
Essential reading for all OetaMED users (Iss 6 to 10 also available) NEW - LOOM - £10.00 LOOM is an exciting departure trom the normal methods o Amiga music production it is a hybrid between a simple, yet powerful visual programming language and a composition system Senpte music OBJECTS are assembled together and modified with various mathematical lunctions including data from Chaos Theory & Fractals etc. (Needs 4 Meg ol RAM) UTILITIES 1310 COPIERS UNLIMITED (1) Excellent collection o copiers 2082 DOPUS COMPANION (1) A must for all users 1997 FINAL WRITER PATCH (1) Speed up FW V3 by up to
400% 2273 GOLD ED 3 (1) Comprehensive text editor (HO req) 2009 HARD DRIVE UTILS • (2) Aback Up. Fix Disk. VC. Cite* Dos 2.
ReOrg, Tools Daemon. Mr Back Up 2003 IMAGE STUDIO V2 (2) Image prwesaor and conversion package 1200 KICK V1.3 (1) Get those oW programs working on you A500 1719 UON KING CLIPART (3) Colourful clipart from the Disney film 1344 MAGIC WORKBENCH *A (1) Jazz up your WB - needs HD 7W ME§SY SID 2 (1) Amiga PC convertor 1261 N COMM V3 (1) Classic comms package 2295 - PC TASK V3.1 *(1) Demo o the latest PC Emulator 1319 PRINTER DRIVERS (1) Canon BJ: HP DeskJet: Ricoh Lpl 200 966 SID 2(1) Directory utility 2162 SPONDUUK 5 A (1) Powerhi personal accounts system 2321 TS MORPH V3.1 (1) Professional
morphing program 2323 AUTO STEREOGRAM V4B * (1) Produce Stereogram pictures 2325 CANON PRINT STUDIO • (1) 2326 ZENEX (1) Excellent puzzle game 2327 THIRD DIMENSION 15 (1) Laiest Ji$ k Mag lor 3d Con Kit users 232S MALEDICTION •(
• 0) Impressive games 2332 TEMPLE OF DECREASE *A (1) Tradhonai
AGA Demo 2333 SPACED OUT (1) Oemo of two excellent platform
games 2334 NIBBLE * (1) Colourful BoukJerdasn done 2335
EXCaLENT CARD GAMES III •* (1) PcAer. Curra. Colours. Scoosh &
Napctean 2336 COARSE ANGLER (2) Excellent coarse fishing
gams'simUaicr 2338 MANDALA (1) Fractal Generator 2339 FEARS 1
(1) One level demo ol ms mpressive game 2340 DOPUS UTILS VOL
2(1) Venous utiites lor use with D’Opus 2341 CHANEQUES f (2)
Excellent game - watch out temmins' 2343 MUI DEVELOPERS KIT 11)
clipart ol Children 2349 VENUS CARD SET *A(1) 2350 AOVANCED D4D
CARDSET I* (1) 2351 REN & STIMPY CARD SET I* (1) 2352 DOOM 2
Secs teted n t» ad are crfi for use w*h WonD* V3 er Oeiuc Can!
Gamea 2360 IMAGINE OBJECTS *(1) Dinosaurs objects lor use with
Imagine 2 3 2361 MITE BEFORE XJUAS CARD SET *' (1) Use with
WctofceTWuio Card Game 2374 - MAGIC WB EXTRAS 11 ** (2) A1200
ONLY 2059 ASI FIX DISK 3(1) More excellent degraoers 1885 AGA
UTILITIES (3) Rend24, PPShow. Vewtek Bbtarfc.
ForoeVGA. Doii»X. Plasma. Icon llusicn, Oulck Grab. HamedPeg. Clouds 1619 A1200 HD SET UP(1) A1200 HD prep disk 2268 BIG GIRLS 2 (X) (3) Well presented 20 "Page 3" pics 2180 ECSTACY (1) Excellent Acid Rave demo 2272 FINAL WRAPPER V3 (1) Various Macros for Final Writer 2257 GREEN DAY (3) HQ'ha formal - Excellent Meaademo 2173 ITCHY & SCRATCY 4 (X) (1) A must lor aH Simpsons Ians - sick!
2251 MAN ON THE MOON (4) Req HD '4 Meg Fast 2 Meg Chip to run this very poworlti AGA Demo 2330 - MELCHOIR (1) HD’S*Meg Impressive Demo fakrrrnfl 2329-MOMENTS (1) Stunning we* presented AGA Demo 2092 M.U.I. V2.3 (1) Magic User Interlace - lha format 2318 roots 2(1) Impressivo Domo trom Sandy 2314 SUN SLIDESHOW (1) Stunning fantasy pictures 2319 WALLACE & GROMIT CARDSET |1) 2403 • WAC AMOS SPECIAL A (1) 2376 - MAGIC WB EXTRAS 12 * (2) Various extras lor Magic Workbench nckxkng Icons. Backdrops etc 2378 ¦ STEREOPT1CON (1) Produce true stereoscope pdures 2379- NOTEBOOK (1) Fiexble a* purpose
organiser 2380- DOWNLOADER(1) 26 new fonts lor use w*h 24 pn dot matrix printers or compatible printers.
2381-BALLS (1) Wet presented Shareware Lottery dctor based on previous numbers - best I have seen lo date.
2382 ¦ SEVERED HEADS •* (X) (2) Graphic advenhire game, adUt orty 2383-BATTLE SHIPS (1) Tradrfional 1 or 2 player board game 2384-AMIGA DOS GUI DC 1(1) Comprehensive Amga Ooe gudo 2385-DEVILS ABODE (X) S 1) 3d Graphic Adventure game Amos disk mag - a must ter amoe users 2404 -ZONE READER *A (1) A utifcty for Amos programmers 2405 • EMOTIONAL CONFLICT *A (1) Impressive Graphic Adventure game 2406 - HP LASER JET 4 DRIVER (1) D4 Boost. Mhprtnt, HP4L. Control 2407-CMS TRAX 7 »(1) 5 ExoeXent OetaMED Modules 2408 - MULTIVISION 9 (1) ArtPro. DPIx. Chipfltp. GhcCcn, Gffloll 2409 - MULTIVISION 10
(1) AgracCon; W.FXAga; Flick 1.4; JIV.
2410-MULTIPRINT 5 (1) Mrvprmt; Neat; Maerfrinl; TapeCover. Pnmera Printers: Epson FX & LX; 550CFonts; U4 Boost 2411-CHSK HELPER 9 (1) tonnage. EasyWB; FulBerch Wasted Time; Tooi'AJes: Clearflam; HD Sleep; MakeFasl; CaiOcck.SfTwnCopy: Chunkt PMSHAREWARE PRICES 1 disk - £1.50. 2 to 4 disks - £1.25. 5 lo 9 disks - £1.00. 10 to 19 disks - 80p. 20* disks - 75p Pncos par ask - Number ol daks shown in brackets T«es marked » will not work on AMO (VI 2 VI .3): A will no« work on AMOWA6CO; (X| are suitable lo- over 16i only AM; Cybemaac Attorney: Drop'n(2 2386 • TINY TOONS CUPART (1) Mono clpari of
your favourite characters 2387 WORDS V2J (1) S(«4 checker tor lSpet& Gold Ed Ihstvmaf) 2388-MR GREEDY (1 Excellent Stery book for young kxJs 2389 5 excellent Octamed Modules 2390 - ALIENS CONRDENT1AL MULTIMEDIA I* (9) 9 disks packed with mterestng facts 2399-BATTLESHIPS (1) Tradbcna) 1 or 2 player board game 2400 - THIRD DIMENSION 16 (1) Latest 30 Con Kit users dak mag 2401 - NO SAMPLER UTHS 4 S (1) Vinous convertor*. Uppers etc 2402 - BANK MANAGER A (1) Banking program 2412-DISK HELPER 10 (1) OSX. WFT XPK; Knp. Dik Shir fiBX Vru L«FndCfliicli;A»Uj£ RcsRcm ferMouse 2413-AUDIO MAGIC 14
(1) Sample Scanner; Mod.to.sm| MlnlPlay. Mierplay2,
- MR GREEDY (1) 2413 • AUDIO MAGIC 14• (1) lent Ssory book for
young loos Sample Scanner. Modto.smp;
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15 (1) Hppo Player CO fitflr 9o2Mdt. Sympnony Pv6 Ra.eiSia
C-3AAM 2415 - OFFICE HELPER 4 (1) Amga Day, Odd Fie. FHS
Scraad. InfaC .16 2416 - PAMELA ANDERSON (X) ** 10 excellent
pics of famous mod* 2418 - CLAUDIA SCHIFFER (X) A (3) Stunning
pics of this beaulilul woman 2521 -THE WORD 51* (1) NFA Osk mag
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free postage & packing UN only) AGA EXPERIENCE £20.00 ADULT
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checker 2437 • INTERNET UTILS 2 f (1) ArnTalk; AmiTCOHelper.
AmWatch; Control Panel. GutF. Online 0 Meter.
2438 - ESSENTIAL AMINET 7 • (1) Irrage FX & Image StuOtt LHACcnvd. LMBoctt. M»lertSO. Mreko Phctogences. Prqea Mrt UND 64: XDM 2439 - FRODO V15*(1) Commodore 64 emulator 2440 - ROM 4 DISK MAG * (2) A* you need lo know about the Demo scene 2442 • Commodore « GAMES I (10) 10 dsks tell of hundreds ol C64 games 2452 - STAR TREK GUIOE * (6) A! You wanted to know aBcut StarTrek 2458 • DR WHO ANNIVERSARY • (5) Do you know who the Daleks were1 2463 • CHRISTIAN ANDERSON STOWES (3) Famous stones - text bock on dsk 2466 - FINDING THE TRUTH * (3) All the latest cn UFO tmdngs 2469 - DOS MAN (1) Re! Bock
ter beginners and experts.
2470 - IMAGE STUDIO 2.1 (2) Latest verson ol ths excellent program 2472-THE WORD6t*(1) NFA Disk magazine 2473 - AMIGA E V3.2A * (2) Latest E Compiler (ha format) 2475-PICTURE BOOK I* (4) Stowing AGA Demo - worth a look 2479 • ALIEN *A (1) Eicelertl AGA demo 2480- SCOUT *(1) Ccmprehensve System Moneor GAMES A EDUCATIONAL 2121 AZ PAINT PAD (1) Excellent paint package A-Z pics 2274 FEARS 2 *A (1) 1 level demo of Doom style game 2303 HD GAMES INSTALLER 3 (1) 2286 JUMP EM GAME (1) Commercial quality platform game 2312 KLONDIKE CARD SETS *A (2) Fireman Sam & Rosie and Jkn tor kids 2320 LAST LAP
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2108 POKER MANIA (1) Addictive Poker Game 2050 PICTURE MATHS (1) Simple program make teaming fun 2324 SPRING TIME (1) Commercial quality puzzle game 1526 WORDF ACTOR Y (1) Spelling game for young kids 1607 WORLD MAPS CLIP ART A-Z (9) Colour clp art ter Opaint 4 4 5. DTP etc ASSASSINS GAMES 1-244 IN STOCK ASI 240 Cancufe, Llrtar. S r Cakk* ASI 241 Chra T»& Mrerunner Thrk Ahead ASI 243 Colour iraxt; Hgh Ptejfcre. Trtak AURAL ILLUSION 2 £20.00 8 16 BIT SAMPLE PROCESSOR 32 bit processing 55 manipulations 30 Effects including Tone Stretch. Graphic Eq Mixer & Rosonanl Filtor Compatible with mosl
popular 8 16 bit (tie formats including IFF. AIFF. WAV. VQC etc. Improved Synthesised Sound Editor (needs Kickstart 2 or greater & 2 Meg ol RAM) MIDICRAFT MAGAZINE Following on trom where the highly successful AM'FM tell oil. This new disk based mag from the Craft Brothers is a must for at Amiga musicians £2.50 per issue (Issue 7 now available) MIDI MODULES High quality Mus»c-X and Amiga PC MIDI files (slate format required) produced and arranged by Kevan & Gareth Crafl Volume 1 - £15.00 Vol 2 lor Keys • El0.00 Volume 3 - E20.00 Dynamite Drums 1 - £10.00 Dynamite Drums 2 - £15.00 Call lor
further details MUSIC UTILITIES 1921 EAGLE PLAYER VI.54 (1) Multi lormai music piaryor (LHA format) 1462 MIDI TUTORIAL (1) Problems with MIDI - Help a here 1989 MIDI UTILITIES VOL 1 (1) 1990 MIDI UTILITIES VOL 2 (2) Loads of useful Midi utilities 1991 MUSIC X UTILITIES VOL 1 (2) Packed with Music X UUIttes 1993 MUSIC X UTILITIES VOL 2 (3) Various Synths Protocols, Voce.'
PatctvWave libraries 2204 OCTAMED V6 DEMO * (1) Non save demo (1 5meg) 2024 PROTRACKER V3.15 (1) Latest vers*cn of Ihis popular tracker 1855 X BEAT PRO 111(1) The very latest Drum Machine OCTAHH S16 MOOm 2322 DREAMS OF FLYING (1) 2029 EVOLUTION (2) 2242 NOODLES 3 (1) 2243 NOODLES 4(1) 2171 OCTAPUSH ROCK 2 (1) 2224 OCTAPUSH WEIRD (1) 2031 THE THIN LINE(1) We also stock the entire range of Med User Group Samples and Mods and loads of other Tracker Modules and thousands ol IFF and Raw samples miHS OBJECTS PACK 1 10 Disks packod full ot quality Imagine objects covering many subjects, something lor
everyone C8.00 OctiMED MODS PACK 8 Hundreds ol modules from the Med Users Group members collection 10 disks per pack. 10 vols currently available £8.00 per set MAGIC WORKBENCH ums PACK 2 Packed full of Backgrounds.
Icons etc. lor Magic W B.
(Vote 1 or 2-10 disks per 8«1) C8.00 per set CG FONTS PACK 9 Over 250 Compugraphic lent (Vol 1 of Vol 2 - 10 disks per set) lor WB 2 4 3.
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KLONDIKE, VIDEO POKER S BLACKJACK PACK 6 10 disk pack with these excellent card games for A12O0 (HD required). With a number of card sou £8.00 GLAMOUR PACK 13 15 disks packed with AGA beauties Horn the famous Body Shop collection £12.00 (A12QQ only - not suitable lor anyone under 16) ZX SPECTRUM PACK 7 10 disks packed with the Litosi Spoccy Emulator and various Speccy Games Take a trip down memory lane!
£8.00 OFFICE PACK 14 5 essential tools for the small office - Word Processor. Database.
Spreadsheet. Forms Designer & Accounts £4.50 KIDS ONLY-£10.00 Originally due for commercial release this brilliant collection of educational activities is now only available from Seasoft COLOURING PAD. I-SPY. PAIRS DOT 2 DOT. PICTURE SLIDE.
MUSIC MAKER & WORD SEARCH Each colourful activity has various skill levels making this title ideal for kids of all ages.
Demo version - PD Oisk No 2282 (1) Please remember to add the following Postage & Packing charges: 50p to orders for P.DAicenceware only (£1.50 Europe, £3.00 R.O.W.) or £1.00 if your order includes other items (Europe & R.O.W. at cost).
Please make cheques postal orders payable to SEASOFT COMPUTING and send to: Seasoft Computing, (Dept AC), Unit 3, Martello Enterprise Centre, Courtwick Lane, Littlehampton, West Sussex BN17 7PA or telephone (01903)850378
10. 00am to 7.00pm Mon-Fri (to 5pm sat). Callers by appointment
only please FI COLO COLLECTION all with printed manuals GRAC
V1.1 -£6.99 Powerful Graphic Adventure Creator BLACKBOARD V4
- £8.99 Comprehensive Image processor MAGIC PAINT BOX - £6.99
Paint package especially for kids INTRO TO DOS 2 - £6.99
Guide and Intro to WB and Amiga Dos WE STOCK THE ENTIRE F1
RANGE TUTORIAL fUagic labels Frank (lard peruses same niftg
labels in addition to the sage aduite he dispenses permanent
section on them for you to make your mark on for posterity,
and the message labels come in two varieties - a two line
variant and a four line version.
The disk labels come ten to a packet for £2.49, you get five video labels for the ne price, and the small messages labels are £ 1.99 for four - the big message labels are slightly more expensive at £ 1.99 for only two. If you are interested in these, and I'm sure you are. Then get in contact with the First Computer Centre on 0113 2319444 immediately to place your order label using your fingernail or a twig or whatever, then, when you want to clear the message, you can put your finger on the green arrow (the green activator arrow according to the literature) to the left of the label and slide
your finger across it to clear the label.
The disk and video labels also have a don't know if you remember them, but there used to be these Magic Drawing tablets
- they may still exist for all I know. You could write and draw
on them with the supplied stylus, your fingernail or a twig
- anything remotely pointy really. But the really groovy thing
about them was the fact that once you had covered the enure
area of the tablet, you could simply pull this integral slider
across the surface of the tablet leaving you with a pristine
surface on which to draw once more How does this relate to
anything Amiga-based? Has someone developed a similar method
for clearing the screen in Dpamt? Well no. It's a bit more
mundane than that. The Magic Drawing Tablet approach has been
appropriated by a manufacturer called Re Mark It for their
range of disk, video and message labels You can write on the
blue-ish part of the So. Onto other business. I think that this
month I should tell you how to get nd of stuff, rather than
putting new stuff onto your machine. So we will start with
unwanted assigns. You know how you have a drawer assigned and
you want to get hd of it. But AmigaDOS brings up an alert
saying 'Cannot delete blahdiblah.
Object is in use.* Well, if you hit the Shell you can usually get rid of assigns by typing the assign name followed by dismount or remove, i.e assign blahdiblah: reiove This will usually let you delete the offending directory Use the Dismount option if it's a device you are trying to get rid of rather than an assign. Alternatively, if you have the assign made in your user-startup scnpt. You can always remove it from there and then reboot.
Assigns aren't usually too problematic to get nd of. But there are other items that might chew up memory that you would do well to sort out.
The most important of these is undoubtedly your ENVARC directory. Numerous programs use ENV: to store settings and preferences, programs that you might no longer use The only way to make sure you Wasting space aren't wasting valuable system resources is to trawl through ENVARC periodically to check for offending items.
If you are using a file manager like Dopus or Diskmaster you can easily get to envarc. By bringing up an assigns list. If you don't have a suitable file management program, you can do the same stuff by opening a shell window and cd'ing to ENVARC:. If shell frightens you, then the last method of getting there is to go into your prefs drawers on your boot.disk (usually called DHO:. HDO: or Workbench:) and have a look for a drawer called env-archive. This probably won't have an icon so you'll need to show all files from the Window menu on Workbench first.
Anyway, by whatever method you reach it you should eventually find yourself within the ENVARC: drawer. The only files that are really important in ENVARC: are contained within the sys drawer, but that doesn't mean you can go deleting all the other files willy nilly. The files in the Sys drawer are all your Workbench preference settings, like the font your Workbench screen uses, its resolution, number of colours, etc. This is very useful to know if you make a mistake and save something in Prefs that you can't use - for instance a DBLPAL screenmode on a 1084 monitor If you have done that then
the best you can hope for is a black screen, but you might damage your monitor. The thing to do is to boot without a startup-sequence and cd to sys:prefs env-archive sys and delete the file screenmode.prefs. Then you can happily reboot once more, safe in the knowledge that your Workbench will boot in four colours on a PAL Hi-res screen which will be happily displayed on your 1084 Sometimes the preferences stores in ENVARC. Are held within their own drawers inside ENVARC: - this makes it really easy to see what you are doing. If this isn’t the case, you can always move the questionable files
elsewhere and reboot to see if the files are required by any of the programs currently running on your machine.
Obviously, you will need to run the programs you have on your drive to be able to check whether the files you have moved are needed.
Directory Opus Request I'j fin error occured deleting "blahdiblah" DOS error code 202 - Object Is In use Iry Again Skip Error help Abort 1 Time to 'assign remove' I think... Amiga Computing Centurion |D.D. .*• 1995 Product Line QUALITY P.O. & SHAREWARE onl CD ROMS NOW AVAILABLE BCMOOSS5FX-PvctodvrtHMod.Wmw.lFX XI99 lUUSOfi CO - M o» Smr*or»" * ud» .X9ft OW Tht QWGINM • Iwi l-MO ioctar Mm Wo.Xf.fi BC CUTMTIfONTS - A wry Urjt tahaen Off CDPO II - Fnh Ml -760. Kop. Onfci.ABJO tret**. 019 WiS FONTS - Mobv. CG. S*"** IFF FS.FCX * morv .0 99 a TO ID - Fah 741-810 Archw«d I raO, to run___099
W1% CUPAXT - IPS. IMG. Cofcsurvd. W. 8*m*p(* 1 me 091 DCMO CD - MadutoiAram,Font* * Cqart . .099 EUROSCENf - IOOO» cV Dvnxn from .romd E-.»op» 11491 Free MP on all CD ROMS Avialable Now The PAWSTrac microtrackball is designed lo be operated at a fingers touch and is small enough to fit in your pocket.
Coming this September The PAWS 600 and 1200 - The Portable Amiga Workstation. The PAWS kit includes case, basic LCD driver Card.
Active color LCD. Power unit that can mount up to two batteries, one battery, power supply, and trackball. Includes Link-lt and Cross Dos Pro. No soldering.
«I77 ITCHT»5CMTOfll«e4.«,tot Cm (TCWISOATCXrkoJ-wjbM Cf» KTIf ®flJWTTffll*5} C«5 AOSISSAW-CWXAi M, C«* CWXft -ACA) i-faQ« c*o WO tur rMs 3n«i»: m«bo Cht! KUCttUFW u.’dou cm CAStf«SUCA - Mia Ml CPU CMFRMEll.li-MMAaaar UW IWCStA - wwtnl IHOP ’Ji* MHAWSFNCT«VK- -nanu«» Ul)l WC®»inU-iMrtttiitw Jin 'WTBCFMKI -yxnnccJir.hry UISS ««TOC*MM-w*waV'jhc» J|» iCftW.CGC •elm ftntwmxma UllS W4WAUS NWMWihft Ui* ®lt *««.!• dn u» ammcofXAXx wmmw Ltu rcfjiTxm-rwn rtKprtifi CACH EJVAiCW -wr CK- « Mitt W HCB5af©TM0BS-i* di*c»«i Xii CciM C'**-i»mrtlndrvvcp.da(4 XU *01! -i*xti«lnli XK CLMSTUDOnJi max tr* mem XC
!.«!» aC3i*h«Mrt tw CtNOaa(D*|l!]-iHm*nMfj* HI CAKTITOI ohlbtaiol 5314 WfWil 4 .»*1S«UP (311 cca PATHS-wane p«K*ni.
% SS«8:aKS 38 VI WfWrTTW oMirakp ¦j* UOKJGWOffri*Bt ahc*.
Cm sa&maAJi ;Cn8Eb 0M4 X&CiJ UCWWCeC'rtlBr- CW7 SvttWIJffi-IFCfB* Ciso TtttPCtr «•}«•* Sir. OCMCfr CHG - raft am* OP ¦WBhWCPM-wnp* CCA TCPOfTXltMU-Wyn K cm in swsi sccai m a* uri Cl S3 WM03W 7______ CiS« A»«[»l3KS-KUn«».
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Cm *wiOji*iajE umm GUI NTHNtrONLClKXIT-MicNlMw.
Cm wa- »iiw«» cm luciFcd cwar pH .ni--, !n: « -n:.4vwac*; ¦ is HO CCAXf fot TI “tl X-IAiJ- tw 5W 'AWPBWS-'rli n OOH JSAH- war arti 0971 STWIWa- UM*» GOT Stu.no. IX-otWOiw GOC HCTW WarMrilM 00r OTKCKCKF Hart CO'! XEMCAWMS te-a- C04I W~J rC4Ci r*K- TWTWaHsXl-agrla** P? T& - 'A FC ra t* rnr teg GaiOS CGO& - mr ra ** (* WSTWUI WWT-gB I ASICG'CTU-aaflw
* j.Cft.KX«i co d «r MOCOttUlWj-frMMM VICO HAMM • fr«i R • Mrt
4MCAW M»n4» OUVUi-qNwMan Jrt j I C0HH5 - ndm (Kta US)
imuCPa-pdAcaa U54 ClLPflCCMS-kiArftt 15S WOMntli x-dnow Si OS
;iM WW1A4(6 LmOHM-wwiWWi
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ICTOtWjwaod--AW I»K)SIT IP 3» fAoXw, jrt HJCWtD-harrtmifa.
WUSZI • aalicwa pnpsi S7W0 Ul - njawyai HM9j*f*4 - !4 ihW Mn CAB p* pnp Tsm* STXO W«h • mm, man m*m mnt» li y«--! Unm Mato
* UEC • IB -r. MM fcr-P »tdmcr SEXUTiKDN5Wib‘F51-™n anoo*C UIN
VGCA8PO" I j iVitJ'i - »,pm4i un KMKumty ktw m- -« -»ua UN
KttWWtMBfWlWiy-aWOtt UIN KlUBKHlJf?®*! OnftUOi Kn me? O&XEEio
taHoaSsor ww«te» r,M XMAl-aWn.iw pram COT wmxtweTj-OTwrHfUe 5SN
H9MC05il --woinr.nl GIB OKMO-ancm Gifi nrttA-TO «i»u|BMr cm
sccntAiiwucei n»*MWM GUS ffl* -iMVanWim fry ftDWTYMAIKET Mrta
fra PANiiD HNSW (a* 8» atm an fr!J ICWUA lACHCSMjVMti jhniota'
CW TIWTTVS H-A« nr C« MNCMjNKijTiBcn cm ADXrirXUCd-hamqaa, wa
SfftCBFUS WtXWF-**«»» 0HI2 Suaa 3* TK LM* - ano VM SHCSIAUSS01A
igift One W A !toH amtnpo DHS4 jBUSCMSiti raim OHSS
&iaU«iACA)-l»0«tarti 0*64 AWWLD,1|l«A -wrt*« DW WOTFjarjwr; 9W
UmfCFCKWSfiW-rwlm DH4‘ OftXSTCiC.li-inarownAni OHU OUT-twda*
IiXJi w.'tu* OHU NorrHEIOaOUNTASn-arrgav Coming in November The
RAWS 3000 and 4000 - Same as the PAWS 600 and 1200 (no battery
support) but includes our Enhanced Driver Card, Enhanced Driver
Card (Upgrade) for the PAWS - Our latest dnver card will
support Passive Color LCDs and support most Amiga display modes
to include PAL.
Ill! 'JUri! UarytaroadiM cm au.«G*I]fe»- |T- 4 CIS PdSHWtt-_ Cl*t W7TU CtEl - i uNi |n cm VroCCrtAiJal-wwtaHPOT ci4i :*nw. •Vqnftft» cm hash35* GIB CWXClOil -toimina
014) U* 91-ad ON cia xtwxwS i ui9ajii]m CISI Alt»4 tAi-41
AdVnOctr* CIS! OaUONOW4-| oiaoM dM Pottage ritn UK: 75p per
order.olhen £1.50 per orderTwo disk caiabfje £1.00 or send 2
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par ditft Key. |) denotes nmber d disks, all daks work on
all Amiga* unless otherwise sated How to order Send your
name and address along with yotr payment to Ownon PO (Dept
Comp). 24Wawwat*r Drive. Woodcrest. Bradford. West Yorks BD6
2TN and make yosr cheques POs payable to B.G Reed (Mn) Order
Hotline - Tel: (01274) 677673 24 hrs
P. O. Box 1825. Manassas. Virginia 22110 703-330-7290 - Voice,
703-330-5752 - Fax AMIGA MUSICIANS!
3. 5" IDE Hard Drives for A600*s&A1200s at excellent prices fully
installed including your workbench software, prices include
carriage back to you.
Examples: 270Mb £125.99 • 360Mb £133.99 420Mb £144.99•540Mb £161.99 850Mb £195.99 • 1275Mb£246.99 Please call first for latest offers
* Some A600s may require new ROM to fit hard drives GCEIectronics
COMPUTER WORKSHOP 12 Newmarket Street Consett, Co. Durham Tel &
Fax: (01207) 502249 V. Specifically designed and manufactured
for use " , iue are pleased to introduce the "little Cem""
----- and 11 Unit Allows you greater control over the sound
when playing the Amiga through an outside sound system, or when
recording the Amiga audio output to tape or DAT.
"The Little Gem is just the thing to bring your Amiga's sound out of its shell’ “Give your Amiga's sound the treatment it deserves".- 83% - CU Amiga Battery or mains unit not supplied £U N lssu r* S l [fiann? In 11 (fiannei Out Indopmtent uolume I gar. Control for each chare!
Battery or mam operation - tahes no pouier from the (toga Process sounds poor to samplng - then process again on playback!
Orts as a sound ororesor to sencuslH enhance the sand Hi and to (a (equafeaton) to • - 12ft to increase decrease tte bass and treble content of the sound Pan tontrots for stereo oosrtimg of each channel - no longer haue to suffer from hard ri it and left stereo panniig Omerean only M h ?5«SOmm - (OfOTMt UHH HI 0100(15 OF fflKfl £69.95 Avallsbie only from the developer and manufacturerX GILLETT MULTIMEDIA including VAT. Packaging & 1st dau pottagt.
OwwanWiwry: £4 Europt C6 Rast ol World Ooquet ydlor potte ordon only.
10 Saint Audrey s Way, Ely. Cambridge CB6 IDF Tel: (013S3) 669203. Fax: (01353) 663371 J Amiga Computing I U I D R I H L y good friend Errol at [ouer uersion [I I I 1 EMComputergrapnic I j approached me a while ago [ and asked if I could produce some cover artwork for his upcoming CD- t ROM release. I agreed and he sent me some sketches of what he thought would be nice. I played around with the concepts he gave me and decided that Lightwave would I probably prove the best solution for the txjildmg blocks of the final image The initial text Phase I was the first thing to deal with. Lightwave
actually provides I good facilities for converting PostScript type I I typefaces into 3D objects, albeit not quite as nice as Imagine s for a change, so rather ! Than having to build the text from scratch I simply loaded the appropriate font puprter [ from the Safari Fonts coUection that EMC i sets) and extruded il I deoded to bevel the text as it looked a I bit bland and flat. At this point I checked with Errol to see what he wanted in terms of textunng for the text, and surprisingly, he went for my first choice which I had merely [ selected for a test render All this was was a | slightly
glossy red for the front, the sample i texture Bumpy Chrome with the bump map removed for the bevel, and the sample texture Gradient for the sides of the letters I did several test renders of the text at different angles, but decided it still looked too Rat so I changed the focal length of the lens to distort the end result a brt more. Errol ' tkln t like the jaunty angle I first put the text at so we settled on the flat front but tipped Things to note Looking back at the image I produced, there are certainly some things I would try if I had had the time land might attempt for Phase 2. 3. Etc.
if Errol lets me). Firstly, I probably wouldn't make the cover a space theme again.
Everybody uses the same sort of imagery, and lens flares are getting so diched these days. The second thing is that I might have relied more on Photoshop to speed up the rendering process. Motion blurs, lens flares and lighting effects are all easy to achieve in Photoshop and take a lot less time than the effects rendered by Lightwave.
Having said that. I wasn't overly hampered by a deadline for this commission, so I didn't need to save time. Lastly, it pays to try and extend your software collection. Had I only been able to use Lightwave and ADPro for this cover image, it would have been a lot more bland than it currently cs.
Back style that graces the cover now.
For the background, which was rendered separately, I set up a scene using the random stars object which comes with Lightwave, a pair of lights |one to provide a fill, the second for the lens flare) and some objects These objects were based upon the content of the CD-ROM and consisted of several pictures and objects made from fonts.
Nmios nnD effects To retain the aspect ratio of the pictures. I made their object the same size in centimetres as the pictures were in pixels. I distorted the lens for the camera once more, although not to the same extent I had used for the text and shifted the camera back a bit. To get the stretched out star effect. I turned on particle blur and gave it a high percentage, then I jumped to frame five and moved the camera back towards the centre of the scene. At the same time I brought the text and picture objects out from the centre to see rf motion Mur would look nice Unfortunately, motion
Mur looked anything but nice, but the particle blur seemed to work really nicely I composited the Phase I text onto a Lores preview of the background so that Errol could get some idea of what I was trying to do. He liked the base idea but suggested some improvements, including a couple of flying Cds to go onto the cover to ram home the point of the artwork. So l rerendered Eventually, through trial and error, we came to agree how the end result would look.
Now that I had completed the building blocks for the image. I rendered them once more, this time at a higher resolution, Because a CD cover isn't all that large. I only rendered the images at high resolution.
Rather than print.' This obviously took a lot less time to render, hopefully without showing in the final print. I ended up with an image that was about a thousand pixels square for the background Amiga 3D Part 7 I had done the early compositing in ADPro. Which was fine for the purpose at that level, but for the Final artwork I decided to fire up Shapeshifter and use Photoshop on the Mac. Photoshop is what ImageF X should, and perhaps will. Be. The most important feature for me was Photoshop's facility for multiple, independent layers in the same picture. This meant I could have separate,
discrete elements, like the Phase I logo, the normal text that appears on the cover, the background, and the glow as individually editable pictures.
This allowed me to play around with scaling the Phase t logo and its placement on the background, without needing to keep reloading the picture. I also resorted to using Quark Xpress for the layout of the CD on the page because PageStream still cannot print separations |a reafly serious fault for a professional DTP package. I kid you not).
So there you have it. From original sketch to completed image in less than a page. I only wish it was as painless a process to create the image as rt was to wnte about it.
That having been said, I did have a lot of fun doing the work and if you wish to see the end result. I can only suggest you boost EMCs coffers and buy the CD for yourself.
HiQ Limited The Storage and System Design Specialists Tel +44 01525 211327 vi Tower Version Multimedia PowerStation options for all Amigas PowerStation Specifications:-
1. 200 watt power supply for complete Power Systems.
2 Good looking high qualty steel construction
3. Five dnve bays, various mounting configurations.
4 Ideal monitor stand and cables slide underneath.
5 High speed Squirrel SCSI2 interface from Hisoft 6 Dual speed, highly CD32 compatible CD-Rom drive.
7 Power and Hard Drive LED's 8 Future expansion potential.
9 Low cost when compared to single drive cases 10 Mix CDRom and Amiga audio outputs thru speakers 11 Computer speed indicator. 2 speed switchable.
12 DOES NOT VOID WARRANTY Rave reviews in all Magazines PowerStation Case Prices includes internal Audio & SCSI Cables Stereo speaker version £129.95 Desktop version £99.95 Tower version £99.95 Carriage £12.50 PowerStation pack Prices Includes 2 x SCSI CDRom 4 Squirrel Stereo speaker version £329.95 Desktop version £299.95 Tower version £299.95 Carriage £12.50 !! HiQ STAR DRIVE BUYS !!
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A1200 Cable Pack £20 Post & Packing £7 (CityUnk) SCSI 3.5" Drives Quantum 540Mb FireBall £179.95 Quantum 840Mb Trailblazer £229.95 Micropolis 2.1Gb AV drive £769.95 Well the wait is over and the future has arrived in the shape of the new Panasonic PD System SCSI Optical drive. This unit is a Hybrid 650Mb. Quad speed CD- ROM and Optical Read Write system. (Yes. You did read that correctly!).
Now you can read all of your favourite CD Titles at over 600Kb per second and by purchasing the low cost 650Mb cartndges you have 650Mb of storage space always on line just like a conventional hard drive.
!Limited Supply!
Internal Drive Unit Mjj £599.95 inc. VAT 650Mb Cartridge ** £49.95 inc. VAT COMING VERY SOON Full blown S-Video quality digital Video Recording, Editing and Playback system for PowerStation users only.
• Digital SVHS Comp recording.
• Encoded SVHS Comp Video Output.
• Full Digital Video Editing software includes many high quality
DVE effects.
• Upgrades Processing power.
• 16 bit Audio recording and Playback.
• Includes Mpeg playback facility.
• Mpeg file creation software included.
• 1024 x 768 16 bit colour display.
• Add Panasonic PD drive for instant studio.
Prices from approximately £1,500 External Case W £59.95 inc. VAT Samsung New “M” Range Monitors The new Samsung *M" Range monitors are onty tor the serious Amiga user. They work at above the frequency range ol the Amigas so you need to run in Double Pal mode, but the display is the best you win see from the largest monitor maker in the world!
15” does not support DBLPal 15" Gle ..£329.95. 15" Gli ....£399.95 17"supports DBLPal 17" Gli ....£649.95, 17" Glsi ..£749.95 P&P £12.50 Soon to be made in the UK Hi-Fi quality active stereo speakers (Suits all Amigas) Specifications:- w
1. 80 watt active stereo
2. Built in amplifier
3. Colour matched
4. Volume. Bass and Treble
5. Excellent Bass response Price only £39.95 parctoo Quad Speed
vraua Dual Speed (SCSI! CDRom drives
Q. Is Quad Speed the Future? •
A. No. Around the corner are theqewtnulti Gigabyte CDRom drives.
Q. Is the extra speed useful?
A. In some circumstances, but most Co8flMtfBloPe 110 mn m Dual
O. What about very high quality vktaod-SWwRIc?
A. Yes. 15 minutes worth. All VkkvscLp 1S0kb s for 70 minutes.
Q. What do HiQ know about
A. See the MultiMedia CDRonSB devaQp tor companies like Samsung.
Squirrel SCSI Interface G Copyright Hl%ott 1994 Need we say more £54.95 +P&P All Prices include VAT HiQ Ltd, Gable End, 2 The Square, Hockliffe, Bedfordshire LU7 9NB. Mmm Email address:- CompuServe 100432,711 Tel 01525 211327 Fax 01525 211328 TUTOR I H L Amiga 2D Part 1 Probably the most frightening type of background is a natural one. The sea. Land, rock, sky. Desert and snow are all natural backgrounds that make artists cnnge The problem with natural backgrounds is that critics won’t allow for mistakes If it’s the inside of a spaceship or building you made up it doesn't matter what people
say, because it's your creation.
There are two ways to design natural backgrounds and both work equally well You can go for the realistic design in which you attempt to accurately recreate the background as much as possible, or opt for the more cartoon look, using less colours and taking less time.
If done correctly, both look impressive, but you must remember that they also dictate the foreground style to some degree. If you create a complex background with many colours then you’ll probably have to do the same with the foreground elements.
Therefore, for those of you with norvAGA machines it may prove a sound decision opting for the cartoon-style background.
In the next issue I will be explaining in detail how to go about designing natural backgrounds - both realistic and cartoon. I ll also be taking a look at Gradients and how they can speed up the background process.
N ui fjaniL Steue Umb eHplains ham mou tan join the artistic masterclass and impmue uour desktop graphics techniques Although it’s tempting to start your design with the foreground, the best place to start is the background. The background is invanably the simplest element in design and can act as an incentive to finish the picture off (one of the toughest disciplines in computer* design is patience). It also acts as an excellent reference for your foreground elements and you may even find better positioning than you originally anticipated.
The real world Amiga Computing he aim of this tutorial is to help you get the most out of your paint package and as a result show you how to :ign great pictures and animation.
I will be demonstrating how you can te realistic looking backgrounds - iding natural backgrounds, choosing the correct colours ancf spreads.
'eliminary design techniques, brush npulation. Special effects, animation :hmques and much more.
Although most of the screenshots in this tutorial are taken from Brilliance 2.0. the subjects covered will also apply to those of you with Deluxe Paint or ;onal Paint. I have used terminology loyed across all these packages so you can find the appropriate reference in the manual.
ROUGH SKETCH The first step when designing any iputer-onented artwork is to make sure you have a rough on paper from which to work from. By designing on paper first, you can easily correct and enhance your scene without wasting precious time in your paint package When you are happy with your design, you should write down what colours you will need and any spreads
* +&msmW* +or;- a r colour dithering to see which combinations
work best When you think you’ve got your palette right, save it
That may be required. A spread is a range of colours blended between a start colour and end colour. You may want to create a spread of greys, in which case you simply select your start colour (black probably), select Spread, and then dick on the end colour (white). Your paint package will automatically fill in the slots between start and end with the appropriate colours.
Obviously, those of you with AGA machines will be able to create more extensive spreads, allowing for smoother transitions between colours. However, more colours invanably means more work, although the finished artwork will look better than a 16 or 32 colour image COLDUR SELECimn For those of you with non-AGA machines, the task of colour selection is a more difficult one and you may find your scene doesn’t lend itself too well to 16 or 32 colours If you also require spreads, you may even have to consider HAW (Hold And ModifyJ mode which is extremely slow in Deluxe Paint.
Remember that it is the foreground elements of your design that are of most importance - a background can easily be covered by just a single colour, two at the most.
One way to falsely create colour transitions (spreads) Is to use dithering.
Dithering works by creating a chess board pattern made up of two colours Due to the resolution, the effect fools the eye into thinking its seeing a new colour if you dithered red and white it would look like pmk, green and red appears as brown If you don’t own an AGA machine it may be a worthwhile exercise to actually create an image with different Don't go spare One of the most useful tools in any paint package is a Spare page, normally accessed with the J key.
While designing backgrounds you can use the spare page to test different effects before applying them to the work page. In fact, the spare page proves such an invaluable page that I regularly save mine so that useful bits and pieces can be retrieved whenever I need FREE FREE GAMES CHEATS 14 EMULATOR ON ALL ORDERS FREE FREE UBRARY DISK POST & PACK ON ALL ORDERS (A50Q +. A600 ONLY) Est 14 Years A500 Internal Drive A500 600 1200 PSU A500 Keyboard (UK) A2000 PSU £30.95 £2960 £42.10 £66.00 CHIPS CHIPS 8371 Agnus (A500) £1240 8372A 1 Meg Agnus £24JO 68000 CPU Video DAC |A1?00| Kickstarl 1.2
KicKslarl 13 Kickstarl 2 04 Kickstarl 2.05 Kickstarl 3 1 IA500) Rom Sharer NEW Modulators I M sftm tn hdety HEW frame CanmoOn fiat. A0 coat mu 12 "wttb wrvhtEmtcimi.
£6JO £1*6O £420 8375 2 Meg Agnus mmmmm £24 JO £92.70 8374 Alice (A1200) 8362 Denise |A500lL 8373 Super Denise MAO 5719 Gary £7.60 8520 CIA (A500 +) £16.00 8520 CIA (A600 1200) £16.00 8364 Paula (A500 *) £1234 8364 Paula PICC) £16.70 £2240 £28*0 £66*0 mdo £28JO PLATFORM GAMES 998 LEMMINGS TRW : : 1017GLA558ACKV2 980 Al 2 ICEU.0GS LAND '320 LEMMNGS AACAOE 791 DOCTOR STRANGE L' 715 SUPER BLUE WO ! 951 JUDGEMENT DAY i 1036 NESQUIOC GAME 1063SPACECASENOU SPACE BLASTERS 1083DE-GAIAGA2S 911 SOLO ASSAULT 906 08UTERAT0R 805 TRANSPLANT 596 GCWF INVADERS 343 CYBERNETICS 679 STAR-R1ANS 548 CafFEINE FREE
L. 979 PREACHER NOT 13 G 1016 TAZ GA2 A1200 SLIDE SHOWS 740 4
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MENU 501 RO PREP A1200 ? 779 W,« 3 INSTALL ? 780 W16 2 INSTALL
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- Bm Computer (Services Name: .
... Amiga Model:.
--------- ...._____...---------- Postcode: .. Man 1)116 0AI1T 0:nputer Semces |AC), Amiga Computing his month I'm adding the firwkang touches to the skeleton form-fill scnpt we've been working on in recent issues and tackling the last remaining problem area, namely the need to define identical pseudo- constant terms in any procedure that uses them.
Defining an Arexx function as a procedure s. for the most part, a good thing to do because variables and data used within that function then become local to the function (so cannot be modified by anything that happens in other areas of the code). In short, the function gets its own execution environment’ and. As scripts get larger, this procedural isolation becomes increasingly important.
Haiu to .
T ourself!
The difficulty, you may remember, is that there are times when you'd actually like to have a few items of data shared between routines that have been marked as procedures, and this is particularly so with variables that have been set up to provide static, i.e. pseudoconstant, data.
Listing I. for example, shows two of the routines from last month's code which both require their own CSI (control sequence introducer) variable definition.
¦ The display may look tho samo but underneath the surface some significant code changes have been made you'll notice that I've been able to make the whole set of field definitions available to these procedures by just exposing the f. stem.
As far as ease of maintenance etc.. is concerned, it would, of course, be far better rf that CSI definition existed rn just one place in the program! One solution to this dilemma would be to define such items at the start of the program and then pass the required variables as function parameters. This approach «fine if you've onfy got one or two terms that may need to be shared, but it would get very cumbersome if many items were involved.
As you probably know. Arexx provides an Expose keyword which provides another pathway for making particular variables Visible' to a procedure My approach for making static variable definitions available to a procedure o based on this keyword, but it's not just a matter of explicitly exposing each of the variable names m turn - it involves the use of Arexx's compound variables.
By defining a suitable stem and using the as the basis for all static definitions, a* that needs to be done to make the whole set of pseudoconstant variables ’visible' to a procedure is to make the stem itself visible using a single Expose Coming soon With the front-end form display code now complete, it is possible to envisage a number of uses for the routines we've developed. A questionnaire program or simple flat-fife database utility are two applications that come to mind and, in a few months time. I'll be returning to the script we've built over the last few issues to explain how things
like random access file handling facilities can be added.
For the immediate future, however, I suspect it is probably best if we allow some time for the quite complex ideas of recent instalments to settle for a while. Next month, therefore. I’ve got something totally different for you - a way of using a fully-fledged ASL file requester in your Arexx scripts with just a single line of code. Trust me - it's an issue that you must not miss!
Declaration I tend to use the stem name g.' (g for ‘global | for these types of applications, and listing 2 shows the set of constant terms you'll find in this month s CoverDisk example You'll notice, when you compare this month's code to that given in the October issue, that this technique slightly reduces the see of the procedures. Thu. however, is not where the real benefit hes The real advantage is that we end up with all pseudo- constant definitions defined m just one place withm the source but eliminate the need to pass or expose lots of individual variables.
Stem exposure is then an extremely useful method for making suitably defined data sets avadable to a procedure. Another change made in this month's example code (you'll find the fuH script on the CoverDisk) is that the Displayf orm[).
Oearform(|, ReadForm() and SaveOata() functions have now also been rewritten as procedures, and Cursorlfrite: Procedure parse arg uindow,r,c,texts CSI = '9b'x till iritecl(witidow,CSI||r||'3B'*| |c| |'48'i) cell yritecstuindov,lexiS) return SbouInputField: Procedure parse irg uindeu,r,e,count CS! * '9b'i cell yritech vindou,C$ !||r||'3B'i||cH'A8'x) * position cursor *1 call Uritecfc(uindou,Copies ’.',count) return •
9. TRUE S 1
g. FALSE = 0
g. CI 1 -0»'I
g. SPACE 9 '20'x
* '7E5x
g. ESC s MS's
g. CSI « '9b'x
* l,CSI||,3e,i||,32,«H,6d,i
* g.CSI11'54*x11'32*x11’6d*x
* 9.CSI11'37'x11'id'x • inverse video style coaaand *
* g.CJI||'32'x||'3f'i||'Sd'» * inverse off conand *1
g. milC.M
* 9-CSI||'33'x||'6d'x 1• italic text style coaaand •
g. imiC.OFF = g.CSI||,32,x||'33'x||‘6d'i * italic off coaaand *1
g. BOLS ON = g.CSI||*31‘x||'6d’x * bold text style coaaand *1
* g.CSI||l32’x||,32 x||'6d'i 1* bold off coaaand *
g. UMERSCOREJI = g.CSI||*34*x| | '6d'« * underscore tut style
eoiaind *
g. UNOERSCOREJff = g.CSI11‘32 *x11’34 * 111'id'x * underscore
off coaaand *1
• S C R E E N - F 0 R N'|Ig.BOLD.OfF
g. SCREEN PS0RPT2 = g.ITALIC_ON||'Plei$ e enter the following data
* 'SAVE DATA (T N) f'
G. $ CREENJ IORPT5 S 1 1 ¦ Listing 2: The example program's static
variable data set in its new stem based form CursorUrItc:
Procedure eipose g. pirn arg uindoi,r,c,texts call
yriteeh(uindow,g.C$ I||r||'3B'i||c| |'48'x) call
Vritechtwindou,textS) return SbouInputField: Procedure expose
g. parse arg uindov,r,c,count call
VritechtuindoM.CSIIIrll'JB'illcll'iS'x) I* position eursor *I
call Vriteclituindou Copiesf'.',count)) return ¦ Listing 1:
Because these two routines have been created as procedures
they both need their own CSI pseudo-constant definition ¦
Listing 3: The modified versions of the routines shown in
listing 1 That got gour attention didn't it! Of course, what
Paul Oueraa is talking about this month is Rrehh stem uariable
ensure, but gou knew that didn't m Amiga Computing 119
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Adlmgton Park.
Macclesfield SK10 4NP. Look forward to hearing from you.
He Internet is big. I don't really mean tag. I mean BIG! It's got millions of files, it has millions of users. It has of home pages. How the blazing flip are you going to home in on the pages which take your interest if you can't find them. It's not jo much like a needle in a haystack as a needle (to a needle factory.
Fortunately, we have a little bit of logy on our side. Search servers, or ¦search engines as they are sometimes called.
Te all the hard slog out of finding a link you are looking for. Want to find out all the Star Trek sites? Just type STAR TREK into a search I engine and about 15 seconds later you have a hotkst of sites catering to the trekker tastes.
Want all the sites about UFOs? Type UFO and iU have more pictures and text about UFOs than Fox Mulder has in his downstairs privy. If you need anything on the Internet, a search engine is your man.
Most of the original search engines started ct: as lists of sites, just classified lists which j enabled you to scroll through topics and pick (off the ones which took your fancy Now the Web has grown a thousand-fold since then and those old lists and lists of lists have grown a little bit long in the tooth. What was needed was a way to search the lists and give the user a sorted list of those entnes only containing the keywords. This was possible using scripts which can generate HTML pages and squirt them to you at your browser, so sites like Yahoo and Lycos were born.
As the months go by, almost every list-based system has now moved over to a search engine, so you can pretty much guarantee that if a site exists, you will be able to find it within Yahoo - this is the fun one. And it has a lot of very cool links, as wen as some very good senous ones This should be your first stop, and if you get fed up with not being able to find what you wane then try some of the others.
Some good starting points Phil South goes auer the topic of search engines and mht| m should use one or more of them to the subject of your choice.
Http: www. Webcrawler.com http: www.yahoo.com Lycos - this is the big one. And I'm not talking about the Texas sale. The files here are huge, in fact they have a small one for people who haven't got all day. But the large one is the best for Wide Area searches.
Http: www.lycos.com WebCrawler - a rucely laid out search engine, and some good features to steer you Submit It! - if you need to publicise your own pages, then this is the place to do it. As it has automatic connections to almost every search engine on the planet. It is also a good source for finding out which search engines there are and where they hide It's like a search engine for search engines. (Damn that's confusing...) http: submit-it.permalink.com submit- it Aminet - this is the best way into Aminet The FTP route into WUArchive is always full, but the Web access is usually open
Either try this one or the German site, sometimes access Is quicker to the European mirror.
Http: wuarchive. Wustl.edu -amlnet or http: www.uni-paderborn.de aminet Imperial College - the Premier UK FTP site, being a mirror of the Sunsite network, so rf you have any other machines like Macs or Pcs hanging about (or indeed hungry emulators needing software) this is where you can fill your boots with more software than anyone usefully needs.
Ftp: src.doc.ic.ac.uk ArchiePlex - this is an HTTP version of the Archie server, an old Internet thang which used to be the best way to search for files. This is a better way. But using similar technology. If you can't find a file then this is the one for you http: src.doc.ic.ac.uk archieplexform.ht ml AjiWeb - another Web page searcher. Not as dynamic as the others but occasionally it comes up with a link the others miss. A search engine is only any good if people post their web address to it.
Http: web.nexor.co.uk public aliweb se arch doc form, html Richard G. L'Hommedieu, Jr. Home Page
- although not a search engine as such, it does have the best
collection of Amiga graphics links anywhere on the Web. As far
as I can see It's a well maintained site and Richard seems to
know his onions. And 3D programs.
And he looks good in a dress. (I was kidding about the dress part) http: www.pb.net ~limg Amiga Computing 121 The largest and most highly praised collection of high quality DTP & DTV PD & Shareware in AMIGA history!
We have seen almost every Amiga CD title in existence and sadly, the general trend appears to be "shovel as much data on as possible and to hell with the quality" The majority of these Cds are also developed as multi platform Cds and while this may advantageous for the company selling them, the end user is faced with a CD containing a high proportion of files that he probably can’t even use. So what is left?...a CD containing loads of badly organised directories filled with low quality (in some cases even pathetic) graphics. Being a little dissapointed, the user then looks in the font
directories and finds...a massive task on his hands...he has hundreds of fonts (that arc probably duplicated many times) and no way of knowing what he's got! The poor end user is then literally forced into loading every individual font into an application, just to see what fonts he’s actually got! If that wasn’t had enough, he then, quite possibly, discovers that most of the fonts have missing and or corrupt files!
Some of these so called CD developers even get away with "shoveling" data from their old Cds to new ones and releasing the new CD as "Professional" We could go on and on and on. But why bore you with something you already know? We genuinely feel that the current situation stinks and we at EMC are aiming to set the standard on which all data Cds on the Amiga w ill be judged. A big claim you say? Well, here’s a brief insight to what w ill be included on the BMC Cds and how the data will be organised... Firstly, these Cds are aimed directly at Amiga users, and are not designed for multi platform
computer use. This means that you won't get Cds loaded w'ith PC files that you cannot use! To aid in the rapid location of font, clipart & image data, each of the 3 Cds* will contain...IFF font preview screens for EVERY font (regardless of it’s format) you simply click on the preview icon to SEE the font! The clipart and image directories have been FULLY sorted and ALL directories include full IFF preview thumbnail index screens (and also descriptive filenames) Purchasers of the Cds will also have the option to buy a typeface book, published especially for the EMC Cds. Containing font
The RRP price for each CD is £24.99 + ei.oo UK pp For First class recorded Airmail...Europe add £4.00 pp & Rest of World add £6.00 pp The second disk - EMC PHASE 2 - will be released ot ...Monday 6th November 1995
E. M. COMPUTERGRAPHIC's phase s RELEASE DATE. 6th November 1995
FONTS Adobe Typel EMC volumes 17. 27. 29 & 77 CG (with
posiscnpi & ate fries) EMC volumes 25. 26, 30, 31 & 82 Colour
EMC volumes 48 & 49 and 71 Imagine compitable Type 1 Fonts
CLIPART Fully sorted into sub directories (number of
directories listed in brackets) IFF Alphabet(4),Borders(16),
Buildings(6). Cartoons(17), Computer(7), Education (5),
Electric(6), Food (90), History (5), Natural (59), Space&SciFi
(3) IFF Col Fruit. World Maps (of every country on Earth!),
Ships. Vegetables GEM Arrows & Stars, Borders, Buildings.
Clipart. Office, OtherStuff. Photo, Transport.
IMG Animals, Cartoons. Food. OtherStuff. People, Plants, Sports, TheArts. Transport.
IMAGES m IFF 16 256 colour and Ham interface formats America, Babylon5. Birds, BorisV. Bntain. Dogs, Egypt. Equest, Famous People, Girls, Kelly, Military. NiahtBreed, Panoramas, People, SctR. Terminator. Textures. Star Trek (TNG), V, Water Scenes, Wildcats. World. World People and over 70 megabytes of 736 x 566 Video Backdrops in IFF 16 & 256 colour formats.
PHASE 1 PHASE 3 AVAILABLE NOW £24.99 ? Pp RELEASE DATE : January 1996 FONTS Adobe Typel EMC volumes 4. 5. 6. 7 & 16 CG coMicrt* & *tc mm) EMC volumes 8. 9. 10, 23 & 24 Professional Draw EMC volumes 18,19 & 20 and 52 IFF Ctipfonts Fuly sorted **o tub-drrclonM (mrnbar of directories tested m brecicets) Animals (114), Fantasy(27), Musjc(12), People(73). Religion(12) Birds, Cars. Cats, Dinosaurs, Dogs. Fish, Horses. LionKing.
Music, Planes, Reptiles Animals, Buildings. Computers. Food. Logos. Office. People.
Transport, USA, World.
FONTS Typel EMC volumes 78. 79. 80 & 81 CG (with postsenc* & ate iitasi EMC volumes 83. 84. 65. 86 & 87 Pagestroam EMC volume 3,200 IFF colour Clipfonts ana all our previously unreleased Typel. CG and CotourFonts CLIPART Fu»y toted into »ut -i»reclDflM (mmbe* of Orec1000* toted in Drackati) IFF Events (45). Military (26). Misc (33). Sport (37). Transport (35).
Work (37) and World (41) IFF Col ‘Flowers. Insects, Mammals, Trees. Xmas IMAGES ;in iff ic colour Ham rteittM and iff 256 cdouf formats) Bikes (Motor). Boats. Castles. Cats. Classic Cars. Dungeons and Dragons. Dr Who. Star Trek (DS9). Fractals. Girls. Greece. Hunks. Heavy Metal. Italian Cars. Movies. Robots. Starwars. Waterlife, White. Woodrotte and over 67mb of 736 x 566 Video Backdrops in IFF 16 & 256 colour formats.
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OTHER STUFF All Pagestream3 updates to version 3 OH. Complete Opalvision2.3b update.
19 third party Opal utilities, Typesmlth2.5a update and Demo. Pagestream2 Demo. 18 really useful Utilities and heaps of other stuff!
- ,.if you are looking for poorly organised Cds filled with low
grade clipart, graphics that can • • • * .. .. . - be
classed as pathetic and corrupt font files OR if you with PC
tiles and padded out with lha and dms archives! I want Cds that
are fill PHASE 2 PRE RELEASE OFFER...£19.99 +pp...ON ORDERS
RECEIVED BEFORE 3rd NOVEMBER Credit card and postal order
orders will not be processed banked until the day of Cds
release & Cds will be dispatched the same day. Cheque orders
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If you wish to receive your CD as soon as possible after it’s launch, we require written permission allowing us to bank your cheque 5 working days prior to the Cds launch date.
E&OE Cheque* I Pc*w pin*.., p*yM ? I. S-M,COMPUFEflGflAPFffC Cheques aie subject lo 5 working day clearance
Tel: 01255 431389 Fax: 01255 428666
• • * * owdy folks. This month I'm going to take a break from the
normal tutorial format of this column and have a look at a
collection of structured clip art for Amigas.
If you remember, back in issue 88 we had a look at the differences between structured (otherwise known as vector| and bitmapped cbp an. We also had a look at the various formats supported by Amiga software, and the collection I am looking at today is all in EPS format. This means you should be able to use it in Final Writer. ProPage. PageStream. And many other packages. If your program is like ProPage. All you will see on screen is a box. But Final Writer and PageStream both have the ability to let you see the graphic as it really is.
Even if the software you use doesn't support EPS format dip art all Is not lost as Artworks - the company that produces the clip art - kindly supplies an IFF ILBM version of the dips for use in programs like Dpaint and the like. The set Artworks have supplied me with is the second volume m a three set series - Badges. Banners.
Bubbles and Bursts - but they have also sent me the manuals for the other two volumes, i Frames, Corners. Strips and Motifs, and Signs and Symbols.
High auniiiv The quality of all the dipart in each volume jj outstanding, with some very useful images - credit card symbols in the Signs and Symbols volume being particularly handy for laying out your own adverts, etc. Each volume is accompanied, as I have already said, by an eight-page manual which shows a greyscale printout of every dip included In each collection. The dips are organised into directories and then numbered, so you will need to make sure you keep the manual in a safe place if you are to have any idea which dip you are using.
Each volume also comes with useful advice for Final Wnter users, explaining how to display a proper image rather than a cross box, and reminding the user that EPS images can take a long time to load and print for unaccelerated Amiga owners. Hmm. Perhaps I should have said owners of unaccelerated Amigas instead... no. I ll leave it the way it is.
The bitmapped versions of the clip art are somewhat disappointing as they are only usable at screen resolution. I was really rather hoping for big bitmaps that could be scaled down to print at pnnter resolution, but I guess Artworks is only really offering the bitmaps as a sop to Amiga owners not willing to part with the necessary dosh to get software that is EPS- compatible The volumes are also available in ProDraw format for those who ding to Gold Disk s products, , and each set retails at £19.95 singly or £17.50 if you buy two or more.
Another piece of software that recently hit my doormat which is partially related to DTP. But is ¦ ...And the first prize gome to Artwork• Bursting the bu ¦ Travel, burata, oh yea. It's all here
• • Following on from the discussion a couple of months ago,
Franh fiord loohs at some structured rlip art above, but since
Workbench 3.1 offers some great advances over Workbench 2,
especially for graphics card owners. I expect most of you
reading the column will be able to use the datatype. The
datatype in question allows you to view complete character sets
for a font a type preview if you will, and since you can save
• a picture out as IFF from Multiview. This tool should be a nice
way of creating a library of type previews.
Also useful systemwide, is Gordon Fecyk s ATM Yes, it s a system patch to allow any program to use PostScript type I fonts, but no. ATM doesn't stand for Adobe Typo Manager. Adobe being too shortsighted to allow Gordon to use their name. So ATM stood for Amiga Typeface Manager But Adobe didn't like that SO now Gordon has changed the name to ATE - Amiga Typeface Engine.
The patch uses the famous Post.library and is quite simple and transparent to all software that also works with CG fonts. And although ATE is soli at a beta stage as I write this, it is actually faster than the way CG fonts get calculated and displayed. If you want to contact Gordon with a view to having a look at his software, or to express your support in his fight with Adobe, then drop him a line: gordonf@freenet.vancouver.bc.ca Lastly, there should be a datatype on our CoverDisk this month that will prove useful to desktop publishers. Datatypes are, of course, only usable if you have
Workbench 3.0 or It is also very handy to check for the existence, or non-existence, of certain diacritic marks like copyright symbols, quotation marks and accented letters which are often not put into shareware fonts. Obviously, this datatype is really only for use with standard CG and bitmapped fonts, and I haven't had the chance to try it with ATE yet. But if it can deal with postscnpt fonts as well, it would be very handy.
Of course, tf you are running PageStream 3, you have still got the type preview macro to use for a high quality print out of all the postscnpt fonts in your system.
Font o’ the month For a long time now it hat been common practice in magazines that have a section devoted to DTP to have a font of the month, so from this month onwards. I will be looking for good, unusual or simply odd fonts to be included in the selection. This deal is open to anyone designing a bitmapped or outline typeface and extra marks will go to entries that incorporate a family of fonts. Send your fonts to Frank Nord.
C o Amiga Computing. Media House, Adlington Park. Macclesfield SK10 4NP ¦ Calendar-oriented clip art comes in very handy when you arm Banding out memo* reminding people about deadlines Amiga Computing COMPUTING ARNOLD FREE PD SOFTWARE COMP1J1TU AMIGA - PC - All Commodore Subscription September-December £9.50 UK only Call (0181)651 5436 or Write to 45 Brookscroft, Linton Glade, Croydon CRO 9NA Independent Commodore Products Users Group SUPPLIES PRESENTS: Box of SO Blank Disks (including labels) CIS (per 50) Pro Formatted DSHD Disks £12.50 (per 50) 100% guaranteed Experience ONLiNE
Free local delivery (10 mile radius) All your computer needs catered for.
Please phone or tax tor latest pnees.
IVKIUpnm: inlMlntto JtEST 9U top Kl1iu n» t n nidn
• IOC MB tf pntM Kl Mer.
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• lOCHBrfd kntlUp»f
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• Ixrawd Uni;j hrfwl Mmap.
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Dept. AMC, 15 Lovetot Ave, Aston, Sheffield. S31 OBQ Computer consumables also available Serrv no callers Future Roleplayer. 8 Woodsetts Rd. North Anston. Sheffield. S31 7EQ CONTACT: PO CITY. DEPT. AC. PO BOX 19, WIDNES. CHESHIRE WA8 9ZS TELEPHONE: 0979 SOB749 To place an ad on this page call Barbara Newall on 01625 878888. Free typesetting service available lf| m always getting letters asking me 9 9how 10 d0 thli or thc1t in T,0Si llke Ujhat’s that pong?
ILJI How can I write a game of Defender?" Or "can you show me how to emulate the bouncing palls in Ping Pong?', or How do you do that tnck with the characters de-rezzmg in Robotron?" I tell you. It s a never ending struggle for sanity in this house What is worse is that half the time, people don't want to know how to code, they want me to write the program for them and put it on the disk they send me. Forget it. Buster! It's my job to teach people how to code, not do the work for them. Tsk! Some people.
But just when I was resolved never to do the dirty work for anyone again, I got a letter from an a Amiga Computing reader - R Bellows of Edinburgh - who asked: 'I've tried as hard as I can to make a ball bounce around the screen like it does in Pong or those Arkanoid clones.
How do you do it so it looks goodT Okay, all right. I give up. Here is my way.
Pong, or Ping Pong, was one of the first games ever devised as a computer or video game, and it was certainly the first video game I owned, I don't know about you - but then I'm sad and old. The thing which always fascinated me about the game was the way the ball bounced around the screen. It seemed to simulate a real ball bouncing around, which of course is incorrect because real balls bounce in three dimensions not two. But as a 2D game of ping pong it wasn't at all bad It was quite a few years later that a friend of mine. I think it was probably Aaron Fothergill.
Showed me how to compute bouncing things with vectors. The example is as follows: 5tlDlU5 qOU haiu to emulate ChEB5M Old artadB game techniques Curs Off : Hide : flash Off : Cls 0 : Ink 4,4 : Piper 0 Input *X Vector “;iXf Input *T Vector B;DYV Cls 0 : Bar 0,0 To 5,3 Get Bob 1,0,0 To 4,4 Cls 0 Xl=160 : Yf=100 While M 0 and XK320 and Tl 0 and YK200 Bob 1,11,11,1 Wait Vbl IftXMIXf 11=11*111 Wend End 0034 SuperPONB QQ52 I ( I ¦ Pong was one of the first computer games Okay, Pong me!
Let's see your Pong games then. Write a game based on the principles we've discussed, and write a simple Pong game. Add a scoring mechanism, a method of repeating rounds and starting a new game or finishing the game all together, and put it on a disk. It shouldn't be terribly long, so I'll print the best ones in a future issue. To give you a little incentive, the best one gets a copy of my book Mastering Amiga AMOS. And it you're particularly unlucky I II sign it too. That II teach you.
You begin by specifying the start X and Y direction between -6 and 8. And this tells the sprite which way to go Learning how the vectors behave in two dimensions is one way of learning how to compute them in 3D. Which makes for some pretty fancy 3D game ideas.
A separate routine, which is sort of related to that is the Flip Flop, where a value is flipped one way and back again. Try this: X=1 : DX=1 tun Off : flith Ml : tit 0 Ink 4,4 Bir 0,0 To 15,15 Get Bob 1,0,0 To 16,16 Cls 0 Double Buffer Do Bob 1,X,100,1 Wilt Vbl I=X*ll If i *0 or I =319 D1*-»X This is a simple example of bouncing a ball on the side of the screen. Add these things together and what have you got? A lot of code which doesn t go together to make a game?
Yes. You'd be right there But you have the seed of a game. You have a couple of processes that work. All you need to do is to put them together. You can t? Doh! Do I have to do everything? Okay... You set the sprite off in a random direction from the centre of the court-, okay You do this simply by making the input values to the vector random. Next, you check the sprite via collision detection and checking the numbers: X=0 or 1=320 to see if it hits the bat or a goal line If it hits the roof or the floor, the top and bottom of the screen, you simply flip the Y co-ordinate so it is going in the
opposite direction. So imagine the ball is going up to the top at 45 degrees. Both the X and Y coordinates are increasing. Then the ball hits the side. Flip flop the Y coordinate and make it go down and the ball appears to bounce off the roof of the court.
Write stuff If you have any other Amos programs or quenes about Amos, then please write to the usual address, which is: Phil South. Amos Column. Amiga Computing. Media House.
Adlmgton Park. Macclesfield SKIO 4NP. Please send routines on an Amiga disk with notes on how the program works on paper, not as text files on the disk. Make the routines short enough to appear in pnnt. I.e. no more than about 30-40 lines of code, and if possible make them use no external graphics. If they can t be used without them then be sure to provide them on the disk in native IFF format, and the same goes for sound files. Follow these guidelines and you'll be sure of making me a happy man if nothing else.
Amiga Computing 125 FREE CATALOGUE Over 2,000 titles Zone 1 the software people’ Ihrpt AC 1095 Zone I l ul.
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Check out the advertisers index to see the Amiganuts double page spread advert to find out how to get hold of the brand spankin' new AMOS AGA extension and AMOS Dialog procedures.
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«l| v UMVI v* 1UV. Pi KX
* u»r av.uoi wpNrto j I All I'A tUTTlf Of mfTAi* Af*HfWM
tOMMLITKei Umr nrWATIt A fTfl *Y ULU.% CfcYYl MW MOV eicfms
Petra Software is the new born baby of Amiganuts PD, and will
be supplying excellent commercial programs at excellent
* *l« CaIjAVV* a FM • AHIMCAFWN I9NNVB J lMB7 rjuwuwMHir mahu.ii
RNM W 1*0*1 HI.SkKlA HtNfe.l* liAIHMKTH
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Writ i um. OauKmm cutw* UllVWiiVatA! HAMKBf hum.’CtlWMAl 1* *»« IUK XNIUT MIVMW
L. ll»r Nil* » LMIM iutr CUM* 1 For more info, please call Joe
at Petra Software.
* i«aroc?i*A&i. ;uKT rEL fa: .: 01703 348 943 : 01703 366069
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* ? !« AJ4 MINIMUM* YVAJCm «l«l» 04 ftim.lt 11« |A VVAJTM
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HPJt Omj' .04 II*!** V«I4Wi i «IUJ« M H Xml 1 ktzyt nh jfHxi
• **l TIAVa' i 0 ACN Vfllk MHO X tfJJI RrtOfM (VtUM iw (»* YfABM
|tw iPVinKYQua U**AJ MrklJlfi 4WM» RH RrtJU winAiai II.w I ».w
CTIMZAJCU IbW rLMiwi please give one alternative also which
Amiga CD32 ANY 3 FOR £20.00 If yuu don't icc whit you want,
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I " ’ 1 JllW 1 HI'* I AAOJ | AM CD Call our sales hotline now (9am to 9pm) B 01785 813355 B Prices correct at time of acting to press. 4 9 95 KAOF.. Iikii me ultart IIMV csung* wltTKiul nolle*. Soin* lUflil may not ft* miUU* *1 um* ol wd*img Con* l LM- Dissmn Houx. Ttu Stmnd. Lonptcn. Smhs-oo-Trsm. Sliltoiaslw 5T3 zpo Amiga Computing i ost people would agree that quality- wise. Listening to internal sound-based music through most Amiga monitors 1 leaves a little to be desired. The addition of multimedia-style speakers helps quite a bit but to be honest, some of the offerings currently
available have quite limited tone control circuitry. This, coupled with the fairly mediocre speakers that are normally provided, usually means that even once you've added a separate speaker system there is still room for improvement In most cases, all that's needed to improve things are simply some better signal EQ (equalisation) facilities. Boosting the bass and treble end of a signal, for instance, can provide some extra punch' that brings music to life If you can also control the signal level being fed into the speaker system, it's often possible to further improve the sound quality.
This is exactly where a unit called the Little Gem comes into its own. It s a small
(7. 5cm(W) xl4cm|H) x3cm(D| two channel audio mixer that provides
independent gain, high and low frequency boost and cut and
left right pan controls. The two , input and two output
connectors are phono socket type (i.e. the same as the Amiga
uses) so when using the unit for sound output control, it's
just a matter of connecting the Amiga s sound terminals to
the Little Gem via a stereo phono lead (not supplied) and
connecting the Little Gem outputs to your existing multimedia
sound system.
• • • •
• • • The unit itself is powered by a 9v PP3 battery and you do
need to remember to switch the unit off after use, otherwise
current will continue to be drawn. Mams operation is also
possible vw most everyday regulated power supplies, and the
Little Gem will operate satisfactorily What's it got?
• 2 channel in, 2 channel out
• Hi and lo EQ to ? - 12 dB
• Pan controls for stereo positioning of channels
• Battery or maim operation - takes no power from the Amiga §
Suitable for all Amiga models U gem af a miner natural overall
sound output.
Paul Oueraa tahE5 a looh at a sound miner designed specifirallg fur use inith the Rmiga There are other uses for the Little Gem as well Most sound samplers, for example, have little or no signal EQ facilities, so unless the sound source itself provides these, you're stuck with sampling whatever signal arrives at the sampler. Put the Little Gem between the source and the sampler, however, and you can then process the sound before it enters the sampler - and this often allows you to improve the quality of the resulong sample.
Anywhere between 9-18 volts DC. And accepts any polarity.
And that's basically it - you place the Little Gem into your signal line and bingo, you instantly get much improved signal level and tone control. The other advantage of course is that you also get full control over left right stereo panning which is particularly useful for removing hard left or right instrument panning in a song.
If, say. All the percussion drums or a bass line of a song had been placed on the left stereo channel, you could use the pan control to bring those instruments nearer to the centre of the stereo stage', in all likelihood producing a more Though fairly expensive (relative to the prices of many of the Amiga sound systems around), the Little Gem has made a good impression. The construction inside is of reasonable quality and in pracoce the mixing circuitry works well Equally important, the Little Gem has very low noise levels (in fact it's as good as some mixers costing ten times the pnee).
In short, if you have any doubts about whether you're getting the best possible output from your existing Amiga sound system or not.
The chances are you aren't - and the Little Gem could provide the perfect solution!
The bottom lino Product: Little Gem Micro Mixer Price: £69-95 ind UK p&p Overseas delivery - Europe add £4.
Rest of world, add £6 Supplier: Gillett Multimedia Tel: 01353 669203 Ease of use_ 10 Implementation _ _8 Value for money_ _8 Overall 9 Amiga Computing Please Send Cheques PO's (made out to Premier Mail Order) or Access Visa (Switch + Issue No) & Expiry Date to: Dept: AC1 1 9-10 THE CAPRICORN CENTRE. CRANES FARM ROAD. BASILDON. ESSEX SS14 3JJ.
Telephone orders: 01268-271172 Fax your order on: 01268-271173 Mon-Fri 9am-7pm Sat&Sun 10am-4pm. We are open 364 days a year P&P and VAT included for all UK orders. Please add per item £2 P&P for Europe and £3.50 for the rest of the world. Next day service available UK only @ £4.00 per item.
Please note: Some titles may not be released at the time of going to press. Most titles are despatched same day. But can take up to 28 days. E&OE Uu«l Fot Glory 1 of 2 ... Rairoad Tycoon Rainbow Islands Rambo 3 ... RBI Basobaf 2 .. Reach For The Swoa Realms . RED BARON _____ Red Meal . Rite » The Ratolk Rrtfcy Wood* Read* 11 Rood Rash nCDCKOp 2 .. RcCxxxo 3 ... Robmaon's Requiem Rcme A092 Ry iy league Coach ftjci Ol Engagement 2 Rutt n Tcmbfc .. RuMrt Run me Gauritol Sabre Team (Erhanoed) .
SCI (Chase HO 2) SENSIBLE OOIF- .12.99-- 12 99 --
6. 99-- ________6.98-- ___ 699 -- 12 99 -- ____10.99-- ___12.99--
699 -- 99927 9922 00 ... 1099 • ...... 9 99 9 99 ......1099
--- 698 - 1099 - lAflOO»| 22 9922 9922 99 12 99 -- 1999
- .2299 -- 1799 --
13. 99 - ..9.99-- 20OT26 ..6 99 -- .19.99 „m~1*.W1?
9912.99 .... 12.99- 22.99
9. 99 9 99 - 899 ---- _ 7.99 7.99
7. 99------- 9 99 --- 899 - 699 609 - 8 99 ..MM-- tw-- ...10
- ....1198-- ...29.99 -- B 99-- . 12.99---- . 12.9912.99 - 18
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19. 99---
19. 9919 99 19 99 ----19 99 10 99 170010 991999
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12. 9 9---
8. 9 9-- 899 9 9912 99 8 99 --12 99
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19. 9 9-- 12 99 -- 19 9919 9919 99 19 99 -19.99 17 99 1309
- -19 90 17 99 -- 1299 -- 22 99 -- 1090 -- 2099 -1999 1799 -1799
1999 -- ......1299 - 1099 -- 1799 --- A500*19 ?6 --- 19 99 -
2999 --
9. 99---- 19 99 -
0. 90--- .....22.99 ---
19. 9917 9917 99 19 9919 9919 99 ......13991999 . 1399 SENSIBLE
WORLD OF SOCCER .19.99-- Sanoble Soecw imetnabons 1300 --
Selller* .. 19.99-- Shadow Wamor* ... 699 •
Shadowfandi ...... 696 --
SnooFu ..... 17 99 -- Shuffle - S-Plghi Sim 12 96 --
Surra Soccer ------ 1699 Slort Service 2.... 1296 --
SrnCity2000 ....26 99 - Srn Classlca
(AnvLFeCiry) 22 99 ----- SWI IDS
..10 9922 99 --- SIMON THE SORCEROR
2 .....22-9926992699 Simpeons 8 99 --- Sink or Swun 895
899-- Skeleton Kraw ..... ......22 992299 Skidmarks
..... 1299 ----- SKIDMARKS UPGRADE ....12.99--
19. 99 19 99 17 9917.9917 99 8 99 8 991999 699 -- 2 39 9.9919,99
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17. 0910001009 12 99 --- 10 99 ---- 17 9917.9917.99 1299---- 16
9019.99 ---- SKIDMARKS 2----- Skltchin Siecpwaker... Sty Soy
Soccer too..... Soccer Team Manager Kick Oil 3 European
Chalnnga Kid Chaos Kingpin________________ Kmgs OueM 1.2.3. 4
or 5
17. 9919 19 .10 12 12 12 -- Space Acader-ry Space Crusade
Space Quest 1 or 2 or 3 ot 4 19 8 12 Kings Ouetl 6 Knghts
Ol The Sky Lest Nrfa 2 Leadng Lap ...
Legacy of Soasi 22 -- _...10. _ Spoodball 2 Spen*i
L9Q8C)* _... 8 19 “ 6 -- I9.W19 -
7M - -' Spherical Wor«* Spom ChMenge StanJjtt Special
Cdbon .17 ......12 009 .12.99 .12.99
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Stun Runner ..... stum Car Racer SubYBTJtOtl ....
SUBWAR 2050...... Sup" Hang On Super Spaco Invader* Super
League Manager Super LocpJ Super Medians Brmhen SUPER
STARDUST______ Super Stroetfghler 2 SudrilffOfl Superekrdmarks
Supremacy ..... Syndcete 24 99 --
12. 9 9-- 10 99 -- ...--19 99 699 - COT - - 899 ----- ...
-12.9922-99 6 99 -- 199919 991999 9 99 9 99
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-------- 22 9922 99 22 99 2299 --1999 8 99 -----
17. 9917 9919 99
6. 9 9------ TOWER ASSAULT _____ 139913.9619.99 19 9919 99 -- 17
99 -17.99
6. 9 9----
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12. 9 9-- .22.9924.9922.09
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--- 12 99 ---
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-- 17-9919-99 - 1999 -- 3699 -- 12 69 -- 3499 ¦ -i- ¦
17991999 899 Mamgst • Engirt AL MANAGER 2.
TACTICAL tl Team Yankee .... Teat Orve 2 Teal Mea-J-. Crtduit Termnalor 2 ..... Tetrts TFX The Bg 6 Dtwy tho 6uo 6 Tho Grey... Tho Clue . The Games The Greatest ¦ CompUatcn Tho Publahar . Then Fmee! Hour Their Ftnesl WiMions THEME PARK ...... TnyTrocp* Toto Top Geer 2 Total Recall..
- 1890 Covergtrt Pokor Craft tor AMOS 12 - 17 -- Crash
DuTFfflW 17 99 -- Cruse For A Corpse Curse ot Ercharea ..
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.....12 -17 6 ----- .....12 19 Dawn Payot___________ .
22 22 - MORTAL KOMBAT 1 OR 2 .. 1999 • Tcwer d Sou*
Traps & Treasures ..... In vie Pursuit . ...... Tnvm Pursuit
Oeine TurtroTra* Tumng Pores ..
U. FX3 ... Ultmale Body ftowi UnmtMGOf Ultmale
Soccer Manage' Uncovered Unrve'se
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10 • 17 • Pinball Magic RnM- __________ Pirates Gda Pnk*
Pfflghter Piayor hlanagar 2 P«o Poetlon Pdice
Ou e»l 1 or 2 or 3 Populous A Promised Lends POPULOUS
2 .... WORLD CUP YEAR »4________10 09 • World ot Foot.ei
Wodd ot Go* Worlds al War Wgrtt»c4L9flttnfl WORLD CUP GOLF 19 W
- 17 • 0 99 12 09 • ~17 99 • 19 99 - fl 99 - 19 - . 696 - 10
- 19 • 17 --
- --,gW 12 -- Wrecker* .. WWF1CT2 X-IT - Zonked
Z-Out .. Zak McKrakon Zee Wort 12 - 1099 ---
11 -- 12 99 --
10. 99---- 19 90--- ,-19 19 12 12 22 99 .19 -- 1090 -12 90
- -,9 12 ...13 -- ...1399--
- -17 .17 17 - _17. 17.M - 10 -- ... -19 Powerhouse
Powamnongar 6 OtJtsk... Premiere . PREMIER MANAGER 3...
Prom Man Mull Edit Sys PRIMAL RAGE ..... Pnm Mow Pnnce Ol Perea
PrqoctX.. ..... Pro Tennis Tour
RuS»*3V*r,.___ .. Pussies Galore ...
Putty Putty Squad Puunic . --- 6wMk
.... SPECIAL OFFERS .12 12 999 «™ ... 8 -
7 - 12 99 - .. 7 - ... 7 - 7 - ...12 - .12 - 6M 6M 0
Body Brews Cmoi Engina . Cool Wood Disposable
Hero Jack McUaus Urhmaed J Nkklaus Oeegnor Clip Art
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Carmen Fodder 2 ...... CANNON FODOER .. .
.12 -- .IB -- .12 99 -19OT Cardan . 8 99 --
Camer Commend 4 -- 6 -- 12 --- Castte Master Caesar Dokno.
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Compendium 13 09 -- 19 --- 11 -- .16 -- 1799 -- Chuck Rock 1
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Combat Claseics 1 ..... Combat Classic* 2
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-- Odyssey .... i7 99 ON THE BALL WORLD CUP EotTION 9.99 9,99 - On The Bal-Laague Edttkm 19 9922 99 ...... Operation Hamar 8 96 -- Ope'stidh Sleatfi .... 11.00-- Oriental Oame* 8 99 -- Outrun Europe 8 99 Overdrive .- 696 -- 0YERL0R0 .22 99 -- Pang ..699 -- Pameian 12.99-- Raraaci Stars ....8.99 - - PEN PAL(WOROPROCE6SOR) 24 99 -- PGA EurcpeanTour 179917991799 PGA Tour Go! .... 12.96-- PtctOTWy . 699 - - PsnbeU Dmem* 6 Famanea 22 99 -- Pinball Fomasiet -----I9992J99 Pinball
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Merhumer ’New YortT Marhuntai "San Francisco’ Man Utd - The Doubla_________ Marvens Marvatout Ad.
Mister A * March Day Manager . Moan 18 ...... Megamce ...... Megalreveller 1 or 2 Massonoars Or Doom .... MICROPROSE GOLF .. Mcro Macfinas Mrhunter . MorvrM'2 MIG 29 Fulcrum MgF*yM*.
Miliary Mastarpccos MriOthcc .. MONKEY ISLANO 1 OR 2 ItebaSH Morph 6 99 1099 --
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...12 -- .19 19 19 .22. 22 -- ...12.99-- 6 -- 12 ....12
17 - .10 -- .19 -- 10 90 - - . 6 -- .10 -- 6 -- 699-- ... 16
16 8 -- 19 19 6 -- 9 -- I Weapon
• The Chalenge Lot Kira LomMfflRAC RalY Loom .
Lords othe Reelm LOSTEOEN .... OKMEBKt OtobduU GLOOM..
- 19.9919.99
- 1399 Legends ot Velour Losuro Sul Larry 1 of 2 or 3 Lemming* 1
...... ... LEMMINGS J_ Lethal V Lrks •'
- 12 99
- 19 99
- 17.99
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- 19 99 1(510 Orasaur* ;At Agesi 10110 Dmirg Ton (Laamon!
IBM- IG‘10 Earty Essentel* (3-7| IIV10 Engirt 16-16) 1010 Essential Uafflt (5-12) 10710 Germon (8-16) ... 10710 Ftenrt 18-161 1010 Jukt Eseanftai* (5-11) 1010 Maths Algebra (616) 18 -- .16 -- .18 --- 18 -- te -- 18 --- .18 --- 10-10 Maths Numbot* (6-16I...... 1G-16 Mali's Statistic* (8-10) .18 - ift - -- 10-10 Structured Spattng I 9) ADI GCSE Maths EriptatvFroncfi ADI Junior Courrtng (441 Of (6-7) AOI Juftrt R«8dhQ («-S) Of (6-7) Better Spellrg 18-101 18W- 2299- 13 - 1303- 13 - Belter Wihi (12-161.....
13. - Cave Mare |6-12) Court and Md (3-5 Fradon Gobibs (8131 F
Schcct 2 1-6) or (68) or (8«) F School MalM (7-11) 10 - en-
10 90
6. 99- 17 - F School Pami K Create |5.| 17 - F Schcct Spoling Fak
(7-13) Grctwr* Enqrctopedta Hmctnneon Encyctopedia . 17 - 22
12 INSIGHT DINOSAURS ..... Junior Typurt
(S-IO) .. " 1099- 14 Kid Poe 10 - Magic
Maiha (4-5) 13 - ..... ...... Mara Oregons (6-13)
... .10 - IjaTH Mma (8 12| ....
Mix and Match (3-5) Noddy’s PiTmre or Big Adv (3*) Picture
Fractions 17-10) . 1399' 6 - 16 - 10 99-
Ronv'vro'i Vtti Trrdt f&*12l in ea.
RTUUrf-* 1!* lllll IIVIS IM I ie|...... Tktv The H. 10 99-- 1 JUNIOR ADVENTURES Robin Hood (6*1 13 Scrooge - Xmas Caret (6» 13 Speltcura (7-16) Tho Throe Bear* (6-10) .. 8 13 Whd Ih Tty. Wll jw* (6-1 1390 Wdare) Ot Ot .... 13 JOYSTICKS & ACCESSORIES 10 Capaoty 3 5* Ditk Box . 1 W Cspacty 3 5' P tk Bo.
S 100 Capacity 3 S'Ds« 8c«x _7 4 Piayor Joysack Adapter 4 Analog JoyMck Adsplur 4 Automatic JoysaduMouse Spanor Cheetah 125- 14 ____7M Cheetah OUQ .... ii Comp« it on Pio Joypud tot C.03?
13 99 Freewheel Steenng Wheel 24 Gravis Adv SwfKh Jcyack Grave Gamepad
22. 99 15 Mouee Moueenouaa ...... 10 ____1
MouNtral...... Joystck'Mcuao ExkmaOT Cable
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SB20S 11 32 Scre bont RCA Adapter Coble 1 Scrarafteat Po*iw
Supply 799 Suncom Slk Sock_________ _____S. Sure cm Tac
2...... .. 7 OT SX-1 CDX2 .. .....169 99
V V.i n Ctrl a un 1 3.5* Blank Discs TDK Pnrcnou Low High Lew
High tkvenxNOCo Low 14 gh 10 5 699 399 5 99 20 H 50 1350 7 50
1150 M 27 SO 32.SO 1760 27.50 100 5280 62 50 3250 52 50 350 650
1625 : 29 • 4
9. 90 n so (250 RECYCLED OSQD Low Density 10 9 2.99 20 * ».» H «
12 0 100 9 22 I PD & Shareware BUSINESS BOOt Aoan* H megl
______125 BCX12 Busnoss Card Makar ____1 BD03 Database Master
... 125 0004 Ami Cart .. 125 BOOS
Aw** Prof 125 B006 603 Business Letlar* ... 125 BOO 7 Text
Eng no ... 125 BOOB PC Task 125 B011 A-GniQh 125 B013 Anaiytc
ALC .....2.80 BO 15 Stock Anatysl - 125 BOIOUffle Otlce
B0t7BvdgeiFVi34 ... EDUCATIONAL E002 The Bible
|4 Odksl 125 125 4 EOCO World Databank 125 E0O4 GCSE Mafhs
.....1.25 Ecce Tcbil Comepes 1 25 £007 Bank
Talk ... EC08 Ounkr. DTP ..... t 2S
......1.28 E009 Colour The Alphabet...___ ......1.26 , £010
The MbfMiay Co ran inn Unina 125 1 2S Fol2 Fiacfmnc Train Sot
. I MEG] ......1 28 E013 LoamS Pley 1 ..
..1.28 E014 Leom ft Pay 2 E015 Treasure Muni 125 125
E0I6 Wr fitted Ore ..... E017 Story Lard 2 ..
..._....128 ... 125 E010 Wobtsname 125 CREATIVE CC02 Label
Desgrwr .... 128 CC©3 Super Font* 125 COOS Deluxe Pam Tutor
1. 25 COM Shadow Demo Makar
V) kngs ...... WEMBLEY I NT SOCCER..... Wembloy
Puxr» League Work) Class Muddy 96 Zed Zod 2 __ o 7 gap An CO
Ulnos Labels C011 Word Power .. C012 Font Farm C013 Vrtno
Mukor C014 Assassins C016 Gordon Designer COI7 X Boat
.. UTILITIES U0O3 the Workshop iJI U006
Address Book 1 AS UC08 Asteroid Ifl UO10
Autograph ... 18 U013 Tho R»rtl Way -__1i
U014 Panasonic Pmtei Drrrer U015HP PrrterOner U016 Servteha
Prrter Orw 12 U017 Camoti & Cillfrt PrFtMt Driugr 1* U020 Bed
Formal U021 Amiga Begmer* Guide 120 U022 Belter Bench vt 2
U023 O-griKNii 500 600 1203 U024 Exk.rrr.ivfl Virus Ktler U027
Fake Memory tot a 1200 l »8 Aclon Replay For The 600 1S U329
Amiga Tgionw . La U030 ACES Database i» U035 Ted Pto* v4 CO
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0061 Mouse Samples 12 0052 Rave length 12 MUSIC MOM Pink Floyd
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Mokv-6...... -2 MW? SdMht) Track Sumptor (4 disks! 4 2 GAMES
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12 Got 7 Mayhem .. ... _...,2
GO IB Tha Fun Mouse .. 12 G019 Amo* Games Ijfi 0020
Games Galore .. .tfl G021 Ouwdrlx ipMorty)
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Rescue - .-Ufl G059 Oungoon
Detvor ...2, StWTS SP00I Top Ot Tho
League SPXW Mr Mon Otympcs SPKJ5 Stambali SP006 SlfkBMII SP007
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Game* (not 12001 SMC02 Ralum To Earth SM003 Napdeomc Warfa-e
Sim v5 SMC04 Wheel ol Fortune (rrt 1200) SW05 Card Sham SM006
Sub Attack SMDD7 Rgjeffl* 5M338 Act Ot War SMJWMiW M*™ Step
into the light ¦ Qreat-looking images can be obtained If you
follow a law simple lighting rules by the physical environment
it passes through, including the atmosphere, providing an
ambient light which adds a degree of Till light to a scene. 3D
renderers allow the user to define both normal and ambient
light sources.
So you can see that the simplest real world' situation can be lit with just a distant light source to represent the Sun and some ambient light to add natural fill To enhance this a little, try adjuscng the colours of the Sun and the ambient light away from the default white or grey settings One interesting combination is Contact point When it comes to interior scenes a new lighting pattern is needed, since the Sun is no longer likely to be the main light source, if indeed it is present at all In this case we need to simulate the effect of the Sun with a Key light (so-called because it is the
main light source), but it Is also usual practice to add one or more extra lights to provide fill to soften up the shadows caused by the key light and to enhance detail in the otherwise dark areas caused by using a single light source The key light is the brightest light source in the setup and is usually a point or distant (parallel) light source which is set to cast shadows Place it to on;- side of the camera, about 30 degrees above and at a reasonable distance from the mam centre of attention The absolute distance of the key light from the subject depends on the strength of the light and
the 3D package you are using. In Imagine, a distance of at least 1000 units for a R200. G200. B200 light is recommended The Fill light is around half the brightness of the key light, set on a level with the main subject on the opposite side of the camera to the key light, but at an equivalent distance from the subject. It is usual for this light to be set to cast NO shadows. Sometimes a second fill light will be placed behind and to the left of the mam subject to provide more soft fill. Again, vary the colour of the lights away from the standard default settings for more interesting results.
Once the key and fill lights have been positioned, the rest of the room environment can be lit accordingly. Perhaps there are wall or other incidental lights, or maybe a small window These shouldn t contribute much to the main lighting setup but they should add interest to the background and illuminate the rest of the scene to produce the desired effect. You can also add some ambient light, but remember to keep it to a minimum to avoid flooding out your main lights There will be situations where the key light might be a large, well-lit window in a building, for example. In this case, position
a fill light where it most effectively softens the shadows and yet still enhances the detail of the scene. Try different positions for the fill light until you find one which produces the most pleasing results.
Obviously, there are too many variations to go into here, so don t be afraid to experiment If you want more ideas, use the resources of your local library and read up on film, theatrical and photographic lighting to get more insight into lighting your 3D worlds.
129 !! I I I hl,e Pro9rams ,lke Lightwave, Real I I I I 3D and Imagine can flaunt the laws of Physics and produce scenes impossible in the real world, when it comes to lighting a scene realistically there s a lot to be learned from natural, as well as rheatncal, film and television lighting.
In the real world, at least during daytime, there is one predominant light source - the Sun The way in which it lights our world is affected by vanous factors such as the angle of the sun m the sky. Cloud and fog (and, increasingly, pollution), objects casting shadows - be they trees, buildings or mountains - the angle an object presents to the Sun. the surface characteristics of illuminated objects, and the manner m which light enters buildings and other environments Unlike artificial lights, our relative proximity to the Sun and the strength of its light means there is little perceptible
fall-off of the light intensity with distance, though of course like all real light sources, the Sun's light actually decreases in strength the further it travels away from its source , j The Sun. while really a point source of light.
I • can De regarded on Earth as a parallel light source because of the great distances involved.
Parallel light sources emit rays which all travel in the same direction, hence the term parallel', and because of the great distances involved and the small area of Earth in relation to the Sun's light output, the rays which hit the Earth are effectively parallel rays. Sunlight is also scattered FU' LIGHT 0 (I : aalin o FILL' LIGHT KiriflHT KEY LIGHT ¦ A basic Kay and Fill lighting ••tup.
Keep the ambient light to a minimum O CAMERA | k ( long as your Ad is ten words ¦ or ,CIS' rts absolutely free!
V ¦ W Should you Want more spAce.
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? Amiga contacts. Disk mag. Contact - Mark, 7 Mosley Park. L'Derry. BT47 1HR.
Cheques should be made payable to " Amiga Computing' Remember to include your phone number address in the advert as well as on the form!
Signed Send to: AMC Classifieds, Media House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield SK10 4NP lush im ts .it,. 31 ti_ dwtHul.iiia.nlinilKa.nttl iMmw ccdcr A 5 Ada) OtUUS3i.Mll UllASS lHLMMtRU ALL aii u.mk, U F.f i MB IWWVWW ittiuii and UK a h ¦ UM I OX W n.ll.ML.M1.l Aa.VMU IH *IUl*DU Ut .lit. nl-I* I fare. IMrru •* KT-TX" “ AafM ya%vi- I .«*, - uO P*dit u MH u, Ik .Mm » ** ««. W FAST AMIGA REPAIRS KJH0AQ 12 mnw MU HoctifcmJ, Em 984 IRN m«iT«s4e7»e !LUL IU Mn, Men.
J limry law) J n‘ Y.ul. J . Jupiilinhiti J (aaaaaaa I Ml. I J Ana«a E |2| J AWII (¦ 5 _J A.ihr.i Miaafii J IMS M«w,m * J I km Isb 3*4 j (s. R-nnv: J ¦»*».,*. 31 III J Ouamd a J Uiamil Mmul J Ixlannl MO.I- i,| J Itrtltali 300113) J Epl Old Slain I 1 J Vaaaaa A VMM J Kmiict Oft wife J ripaait 4 ItutSy i2l J Ma.manncGBcdJ M JuafllU) a Vni Ck.il. 6 « V MP* FwGnn J a *(») (awa xl I 1,1 a o i ur s i a F'»a VT i v a Teal bfync 4 1 a pr rad 11 a Link Offtce 1200 [IKMOS !! A Mima Bia«k O) a tan : a Gnrra. Day iHDkAi a Ma.ikMoa.lnal1 JdoplMOXtl a c tOT,m ia «,) a Xnpw a I aila is, a
MamalOvaan* J H, Ji.aarrt,!,. 5
- I X I., Lam IHDI a Wa mnaun a A,at. LUa J A.ia. Mmk i7l J
Wuimn Minna .'1 a Taa anl Waat.
A Aoal Kaitenl3l a Aia.aamaaaa .3) a On, laat Ui J f«n V.fc'-M V •,}• a Xala-Slak.lll J I n II Sidra a lam Aaa, KmkaOl a Us* a Km*, a Neat.7 a L*vl2 a Soaaa lunar *4 a Kv, WmMtll a MaalOiiMim a Anrasal l-aniiaa lit a Oat UAMlvb
- I (inrvay ls*« 3 J Tvmm XII JlalL* U TVTVtaitu mk ItKl ?
Ra«.li. JcatOaanill J Bt«OCaranil a rtXTTlatn J ( Ulatr J Nkly
3 Jctan JkiM W.CI, I a vimh J XU.il J IajAct Maau J a,.an J
Itonl Waw J Oamin Anat J Hurt Uauo: J Fnx.iW Miar IS. 1
M. ifictl k-CMkfv J UIIMr (Vanuatu.
J Kyiaanai Want.
J Fbnni j to vi miMiJ) J Cunmnli Km, a AnadtlSaaacilil ? Da al die ran V J O (Asa J Ik tec Ivti FREE DISKS fro* disk for every 10 ordered UW1HLS liW.GAMLSi a AOAk .
J Sffcnin I » AT.A a oiv Rain: a S;*... (a.... Ii,| a AVI nata 2 a Am* RtflMy , rvn a M.*»« WB .(aadakiarl a Mapt WB lun. (2, a Vantmln AGA a Anita «M) ilaia a AGA Gratia. I til.
A Ata i a »k1 lUUin l a sa»l Varya KUIna J % I lac la a AGA Blaal« I a riae WiaAaOattl II !
A AGA Cnetu Kt4.
A W* M IW M'mUa 4 a Mmn Rnr (J.
A Mutaia* a Oaaa .31 J I team-. Hu.
A CantOmara Ikaiaa 11| J Rl *4ilri'l a RkmlaU S.HDR4I a Cart. IS. AW*. 114) J Lie liar Fa.rtaaa AfiA a Jaaa AGA I]) a Mai Into. 3-.11 a A,. At,,dull J Kill? (M I X AmiHI M EMULATOR VJ ylm to ,ino I Jlska . **1 Vxi Gamnl OO Ol aac N» 1 AMIGA IWIYOtSION OF ABOVE *111 Hr ntnl |,|l arrwata ..I Ivr aanalat.a 13X11 m l'-l' AMIGA ADVERTISERS1 WE REPAIR TO COMPONENT LEVEL A500, A600, 1200 1500, 2000, 3000, 4000 & CD32 Power Computing ..... IBC. 2.3 Premier Mail Order________ _______128 Seasoft Computing _______112 Seiectafcnt Company .103 Silent Paw Productions ______114
Site*____________________ ___15-17 Siren Software 6,7 Softwwe 2000- .-..... ...72.73 Special Reserve ________13 Underground Pd ..... 118 V12-Pd .. ,75 Village Troftct......-...... ......61 Visage Computers Ud ________57 Whitcknght Technology ...25 WaarO Developments.. 62.63 WinrtGlfflH . _______126 Zone 1 Ltd ...... _______126 . .101
G. TJ .... .78 IMCompubf Ceitm
23 ....65 ...50.51 ,. 114 . 42.43 .....71
...86 ....103 HI0 .
116 .....74 ....124 .37 .... 29.47 .....124 Hsott 06C.58 120 ICPUG .124 .114 Kew r || ..... 124 118 Utopian ... .....27 DIBS .....124 MJHPd . ..103 . . 122 Nucleus Direct .... .118 Epic Mwtetng ...... .91.97 On-Line Pd .... .124 Fast Computer Services Fourth LevelDefeiccmefif
G. C Efccerorics... 130 .69.120 .... 114 CM Associates
P0 Sol!______________ Petra Software...... 103 ......84 85
MAT.,...... .?
PSU .£19.50 ADD C5 REPUCE MOUSE ....?
DISK DRIVES .....£25.50 ADD £5 JOYSTICK SEGA STYLE. ..LI KEYBOARDS ......£25.50 95% SUCCESS RATE ON ALL COMPUTERS ? DOOR TO DOOR COLLECTION OF YOUR COMPUTER ANYWHERE IN THE UK 144 TANNER STREET, TOWER BRIDGE, LONDON SE1 2HG Call FAST on 0171 252 Amiga Computing H The Power CD-ROM for the Amiga 600 1200 plugs directly into the PCMCIA port and provides a direct SCSI-1 and SCSI-II interface, allowing up yo six additional devices to be connected. What's more the Power CD-ROM features a 'Hot-plug' which allows you to connect and disconnect the CD-ROM and any other
additional devices even when the Amiga is switched on.
The CD-ROM drive comes with a SCSI interface, PSU, manual, audio lead, mains lead and software which includes Audio CD. CD32 Emulator, MPEG Film Decoder and Photo CD AMIGA 600 1200 x2 SPEED CD-ROM inc.squirrei . .£199 X4 SPEED CD-ROM inc.squirrei .£299 AIWA X2 SPEED inc.squirrei . . £209 AMIGA 4000 00UBLE SPEED CD-ROM . £159 QUAD SPEED CD-ROM .£259 AMIGA 4000 SCSI-INTERFACE £129 SCSI INTERFACE REQUIRED FOR A4000 POWER £299 £199 dual-speed quad-speed CD-ROM SOFTWARE LIGHTWAVE 3D ENHANCER . £55.95 CDBOOT 1.0 £29 WORLD INFO'95 ____ £39.95 DA CAPO VOL 1 MUSIC MODULE £25 FRESHFONTS
II ...... £17 GAMERS DELIGHT ...£25 GOLDFISH 2 ..£25 LIGHT ROM .. £39 MAGIC ILLUSIONS ..£10 MEETING PEARLS VOL 1 £10 MEETING PEARLS VOL 2 £10 THE LIGHT WORKS......£34 THE BEAUTY OF CHAOS , £12 AMINET 5 £12 AMINET SET 1 £25 CD-WRITE £39 FRESH FISH 8 .....£25 GATEWAY VOL 1...... £9.95 viper co-processor VIPER FPU's complete with crystal. Please state for Blizzard compatibility.
20MHZ FPU PLCC £20.95 33MHZ FPU PLCC £39.95 40MHZ FPU PLCC ......£60.95 50MHZ FPU PGA .....£89.95 SCSI-II INTERFACE (viper i.onlv) £69.95 4MB SIMM £139 8MB SIMM £279 pc1208 A1200 8MB RAM card which uses 1 x 32 SIMMs and is PCMCIA friendly.
PC1208 BARE ...£59.95 PC1208 1MB £89.95 PC1208 2MB .....£129.95 PC1208 4MB .....£189.95 PC1208 8MB .....£329.95 starting from £119.95 warp engines WARP ENGINES .... £POA t •
• •
• •
• •
• • • •
- speed jjjjtijBEB f, S9&oijg6W6 j-- (o) ¦ - ¦ -y r jp- 0
CD-ROM © The Viper 28 can have up to 128M6 RAM installed, full
Kickstart remapping, optional SCSI-II adaptor, on-board battery
backed clock, 68882 coprocessor, instruction and data burst
VIPER 28 MKII BARE .....£119.95 VIPER 28 MKII 2MB £199.95 VIPER 28 MKII 4MB . . . £259.95 VIPER 28 MKII 8MB . £399.95 VIPER 28 MKII 16MB £569.95 The Viper 50 can have up to 128MB RAM installed, and the same features as the Viper 28.
VIPER 50 BARE ..£199.95 VIPER 50 2MB £279.95 VIPER 50 4MB £349.95 VIPER 50‘8MB £479.95 VIPER 50 16MB .£649.95 SCSI CONNECTORS AUDIO IN OUT
quad-speed power cd-rom viper 28mhz viper 50mhz £54 80 watt
jrtvnma .power Imagine a world where light doesn't move in
waves... Cinema4D HiSoft Systems is proud to present Cinema4D -
a new world of Amiga ray-tracing. Cinema4D is packed with
power-user features that will satisfy even the most demanding
users. Moreover, at £199 inc., Cinema4D does not carry a
power-user price tag.
Cinema4D provides an easy-to-use multi-tasking editor replete with every conceivable option including window-based realtime interactive modelling, modelling directly in 3D, basic and complex primitives with uncountable variations, easy object manipulation, moveable tool, object and texture lists, definable object hierarchies, optimised versions for 68020 (A 1200 etc.) & FPUs and much more!
The Cinema4D animator brings you even closer to the world of "virtual reality", breathing life into objects and scenes. It doesn’t matter whether you want to have your spaceship dock with a new spacestation, or take a tour around the darkest dungeon - with Cinema4D it’s so simple. With just a few mouse clicks you will have your objects move realistically through time and space.
Cinema4D runs on all Amigas with a minimum of 3MB RAM, and Kickstart 2 or higher. Cincma4D supports all Amiga and graphic card modes (HAM, HAM8,24-bit,etc.) And recognised file formats (Imagine, Sculpt, DXF, Reflections, etc.). Free Cinema4D Demo Disk HiScft SYSTEMS The Old School, Greenfield Bedford MK45 5DE UK Tel: +44 (0) 1525 718181 Fax: +44 (0) 1525 713716 hisoft@cix.compulink.co.uk Name: Address: Post Code iou can also obtain a ttntmaJD demo pack by calling HiSoft, freephone, on Of00 223660 1 An«»ie, L*rvt, Pablo, MamAclor we trrtomarfcs ol Vmogo Tronc Dealt- mqumm welcoma. Al prices are
Suggrwstoct U K Retail Prtco Oeeler prices may vary (c 1994 Vtlago Tronic All ryjhl* roiwrverl 2 CanDo £229.95 Emerald Creative 0181-715 8866 3 4422 REAL CHINESE HA)ONG la m tofle eaten of da harrrte eaaw Me lira lha n are mrMae nto it a a MM real Mi I -» aara Baa ¦¦ a eaa rkree rrmaat ym ea Ae lee luwanla* naafWto tmnl trmi IX e da* ale rere meWlm I aata ad Aflmto Ilk.
* * 4424 P4E CM FORCE HQ 4 14 ta.de lea 4v nail kmmn Uolfaic
• • 4427 30 WOLF VI.*.I Naa (lAaanlBdl lialan HafpN WHOl'Dmo on
IHB ACIA Bllflaaa Seiran Daylk eaei-a
* ? 442E PSYCHO SQUARES DELX DIB inrkaee. L.e eal -earl e toel.
An,am ml Irak al aenal t.kto-r kaannca raderr an ean uo.
In* I kaa A IW Fnalll pnaa raft Ajardam (aa Oark I ean Ikadaatem taaa
* • 4420 VIRUS ATTACK A Dr Mat* (War luiin iniluSn mti .10 Wh,
mu» cflr »* h*.k|riBf*i rvwtit. IMUn MclD flic.
Inat alON Uaun ud fm Mlua If pm tftr Irlm r Blaat Vam Adak
• • 4421 BEST AGA TETRIS Had pcnaaraeae -t... mp-i aadaex nrr. A
* • 4422 SPIOKE'EM POKER Vml » nvoaedkl * MCI lill ll W lit,fa;
onfKC _ Itotoeanawaer adn larklaa dal rrmae fi Jl.
S erne 11 I nkk Ada (nptaat. Key rfadto aaaaad adkata. Hit, tan oaf laaac parfa
* ? 4424 BLACKOAWN vL I I-dtnl Ohmim Mum ifj't aim h».-i . ,a.i,.
a* I da maer le e(a dame knr af atcaa f.-l IW fry
* an* car Wl da * w Id par e, reerf-rl'ie era
• 4 4425 BUBBLE GUN DEMO Filly playaMa I lev.". ..I HakNa I ear
kr W aakctMia te l-ere. A paeela yldf.m, ,ae- lea dl ae.ee
• • 444* A MATTER OF TIME (2) “ * '--* Care ea nkack year Nad
eaank ' 4421 BEST AGA TBTMS I A«a |r*hei a.1, 1 had
• • 4422 SMOKE'EM POKER VI.4 (2MB) uitii FvlrrfH*. Mill inkn,
irrl t.yirn mrraly Veto 14 I aUe urn |i*W* let Deere ut -eaaj
eflar n. k, near, and mot pr*
• a 4424 CYBCBGAMIS Yrr, a . Naa VAAint toll on ea* ef Ae lared
are ptdctl TldHlH EM** "¦ "Ndtto and a a ha her C )W|mar a a
can flRHy fan nta.tr ait u 4 4 44|7 KNIGHTSQUEST (am id
aeeleai ia alal • «« aiaaad a lal pad
• IA a kardd leVn pme I leyta, »land « dl m
• a 4414 CAROGAMES Vl.l (I) I ear layman Par Been JaarRflfaaa in
I tolael - lark VidreiPnkal I all. RmwiMf mlk REKO rardam’
bekalea nrto MIA ft m US cw3*l 5

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