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The Siamese System is the mean to integrate neatly. At tast. an integrated Amiga. PC and Mac system is poasible' 3 Single Monitor autoxuatically switches between PC and Amiga Screen) Single Keyboard and Mouse opération across ail platforms) Budt tn Sarlal networking with ail PC DRIVEs mounted on Amiga) Siamese uses high speed SCSI network with surfable SCSI Interfaces I Read and Write on any PC Drive at high speed. including Networked Drives) Text Clipboard. Cut and Paste between Amiga and PC applications) Fut! Arexx support buitt in. ) Use Vtdeo Recording cards. PC Ethernet Cards. PC SVGA monitor with AGA Amiga s and PC Scanners with programs kka PhotoCeniee) Share Printers. atl Amiga output sent to M printer ) Use PC runtime versions of 3D program on a Pentium and watch em Fly) Allows Amiga access to Low eos! PC products eg. 16 bit Sound Card with Wave Synin chip. ) Amiga MCt controller from AmigaDOS or Arexx. (Media Contr-oi tnferfaoe) l e Digital Mpeg Vtdeo. Sound. Midi etc. Siamese System t!4995 Ali our new Amiga s are buit! exclusively under a fmi Axniga Technotogies OEM ücense under the Amiga-Based Trademark.

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Document sans nom Issue 1 PAW ! Oct 1996 'an comI ain mah Oct 1996 AppAssign - quickly sort out new assigns MacWB • transforms your Workbench Popper - fix program menus on screen ftafftmafi • great new trathcan VMM - the best virtual memory manage PindCUl - search for those files A-Stert - great looking start bar MMMMPWWM RAB... Rapid Frame ing on your Amiga The revolutionary S-VHS ProGrab™ 24RT Plus with Teletext is not only the bei to get crisp colour video images into your Amiga, from either live broadcai taped recordings, it also costs less than any of its rivals. This real time I SECAM NTSC* 24-Bit colour
frame grabber digitiser has slashed the pid image grabbing on the Amiga and, at the same time, has received rave i for its ease of use and exce lent quality results. ProGrab™ has earned hi from just about every Amiga magazine and Video magazines too!
And... with ProGrab™ you needn't be an expert in Amiga Video Technol a simple 3 stage operation ensures the right results - Real Time, after STAGE 1... Select any video source with S-VHS or composite output This could be your camcorder. TV with SCACT J satellite receiver, domestic VCR ptiyer or standard TV signal oasvng through your VCR player... the choice ii] STAGE 2... With ProGrab's software, select an in wish to capture using the on screen® window and Grab (because the hctdn Now comj with bo’J and V ProCRAEL SVHS 2 CU Arxgx u*C VoCfM * A _ JibI tfecblw Ceqrrt*'. M f dnw Ut TlT on e
tigit txidgtf arc Vny nxrd to Cc* + A vdeo scw .c rattr smI be resjjh-.: to match you own equprtrt set ip AM fcr Octals f'Ftnrrary n« c!nToixf'C Mr Mrs MlWMn: Postcode: Evening Phone: 5:00 ? ??? ???? ???? ?
Kxpl0Da.c ????
(Switch Only) ? ? (Switch Only) I enclose a Cheque Bank Draft Postal Order for £ made payable to GORDON HARWOOD COMPITERS IJMITTD ProGrab _ Support! *1 recent Airug.it and is alto fully AGA Chipset f compatible You can renter vnaget m any Workbench tcreen mode mcAnioo including HAMB mode |Amig.i RAM permrttngj ¦ FroGrab" Saver and loath images m IffmBM IFF ILBM24. JPEG. BW PCX and TARGAMe (omati ProGrab saw* animations at Anlmi im and amwnam w*h lourtd irpqum PCMCIA interface and teparatr icund sampler) at Amm5 ? 8SVX filet Arvnge of image protetiing effectt. Palette computing routine* AGA
only) anfl ddhenng methods are alto new to ProGrab Vernon 2.S.X Pttotogeruci fuiry tupportt ProGrab with a cuttom loader to enable grabt directly from wttlwt the prognm • taving YOU time4 ProGrab" Software hat built in mjno and colour animation facillhei The number of framet It dependant upon your Anugai RAM ProGrab" Rrlcatc 2.5.x software now mdudei...
• SUPPORT Fqf? VIRTUAl Mf MORY Abowi the fagbett resotusont •
Even with low memory Amigat yM Hud Cnve Syttcttt wtnaut the r«d
fcr an W tj irqumg jr 'Mb Hue Ctve Sfkveu
• AOOmOPAL TELETEXT FACIUTIES With either Termtrial or Satellite
TV signal!
• LARGEP PREVIEW WINDOW Double Resolution and 4 times the area
available with previtut ProGrab software.
• INTFRHATIONAI SUPPORT Now works with conpostte PAL SECAM and
NTSC Straight from the box!
(?standard PtoGrabhrtwwe a fiN SECMMNTSC compMtte rterttcc mode options rrc .n.ructr vwm pai. & SECAM crt, NTSC Only nxsMt are Maiitte to spec«tl crfler which ihtr tuppad ire mtrtttr mcdr Uy rteate us Ay 14 atati,
Gordon llanvocd Computers Limited.
New Street, Alfreton. Derbx'shire DE55 TBP.
FAX: 01 773 831040 or... TELEPHONE 01 773 836781 For just £1 29.95... PraGr.sb is supplied s «h everything you II need + ¦ ProGrab" 24RT Plus Digitiser ¦ Latest ProGrab Vernon 2.5.x Software
• Mains Power Supply Unit • Parallel Port Connecting Cable
• User Manual • Input sockets for Composite and SVHS PCMCIA
Interface for A1200 and A600 - Only £34.95 ProGrabS optional
PCMCIA interface mcmes the isteu version software and extends
wffonrunre for scncuv’profcssiorYi uscts otttrinrj the folbwwj
• F.tsteh Bpwrio.x ng Times ucho FIVE times quicker)
• Improved .irwrvitcr speeds ot up to Plfps |monoj and 3 Vps |f
• Sound tamping .snj ammjtcn capobMtrs |scparafe sound vvnpv-r
• iwrxj of .nrvitions drctt to your lAmgjl twro dnvr
• Frrertq of ycut Amni P.sr.tliri Port for use by a porter or
other parafcf pmiVT.si drvrte ProGrab™ supports aiy Amiga with
Kickstart 2.04 or later & a minimum of 15Mb. Fret RAM Pn-Grab
Plus ' * £129.95 I PCMCIA Interface 9 4H95 i V 2.5.x S W (User
I pgrade) f SA.95 i Packaging and Imurrd Delhm i TOTAL 1
Daytime Phone Initiaks): Card No County (Country): Acidros:
grabs frames in real time, there's non a freeze frame facility
on the sourCa Once grabbed, simpty download anff full image on
your Amiga screen. Prc(| includes a Teletext viewing and captf
facilrty from either TV or satellite sourifl STAGE 3... Use the
grabbed' image with yot Gm word processor DTP or graphics
p*iwl ProGrab really does rrate it that simple!
Ou.vkxamg _____ camcoi H THE WORLDS's FASTEST and., now the BEST VALUE too!
Beexpakoed TO A FULL 68060 t only the best five broadcast!
Us real time P shed the price eived rave rev ® earned honi lazines too?
Deo Technoloc rce, after tir AMIGA 6S&40ERC and 68060 ACCELERATORS MB Sue yoi can dime hct»«cn the NKUIMOERC CyheNnmi II oe 6c MnXg uin pcwerful MOW vervtm Wh» y(«a f1a Cyhentorm II6KW | Aaeleraw wyojr A3CW. AxrtlT. A WO or A-KIXJT too an. Fir K I eurrgft.rctdff.igrtfiic**tilttjfine2flsef»arcnjust2fmm*. j C«nprt Sar wih a oaunc I0.M mm on a itanianl A4000 *0W2S!
• 9 juntas h«h Cyheratni 11* arc fully plug an) gfay anJ AWO «vn
can chone the cffine of i SCSI-1 mxMci A3000 men ahidy bin SCSI
boO mo to Amgi Itirduvri
• Up to l2HMb ol vunlaad SIMM* can be tnstalW ani you can even
trailer the 72f n SIMMS fran yvur Amiga AW) eught on» ynar««
• Oftviul SCSI-2 moduli available
• If y«r budget currently unh coven the cost of a Cyhenktm
IIMDXCRC. Y«t can aluays tpyrade leer In 6c fdi MOW processor
for cun power 3 Cybcruonn 0 VMRr bHCHOERC • 0Mb - HxpintUMc u
128Mb Cytcntorm O SoMHz WIW - Pmb - Fipamtihk- in IJSMh SmtP
CytcTMorm D SCSI-LModuk Mpf.G Header Companutue MIPS pvrfmunce
figures measured minx Sythtjo Each hr.xml had Ihe apprefmue
SIMM fitted' ntpilml to actume accelerator) non with
Cyhc-storm, iKit»A I Mb 2040erc 1240t erc A1500 2000 TURBO
ACCELERATOR and MMU FPU • 40MHz 68040 0Mb Standard, Expandable
to 128Mb 3QM1PS with 60 Htnosecond SAW fitted A1200T* TURBO
Std, Exp. To 128 256Mb wm With 60 Hxmecood SMI fitted WT.ttC&B
A1200 TURBO ACCELERATOR and MMU • 50MHz 68030 camcon ||SE 0Mb
Standard, Exp. To 128 256Mb 9 91 MIPS twtfl W toiOMWtd SMI find
Blizzard lift MkIV Turbo Accelerator Memory Board Tte iighru
perftma j 68330 axtltnw aviiUMe fervour A1200! .
• rfKt its XMHr MM and Mmt. The 1230-IY oflen BETTER MPERFCRMAVCI
j:j LOWES PRICE' W ;•, Stslnfc rating nf r*r, imtrjaWt Vnweod
SIMM y a ,*t set the I2J0-IV is very tic. I petfcnanre gx-r of
up tc- 5'Cs is acinr. Cd' f Kopems «u • Fis- -irins ti ti,.
Irwlutc M.dulr* a Mbfof i SCSI-2 Courolb .An irdaan standard
SIMM socket jgwviics ht ip to I Smb d aiftxxrtfvgtmng 3!-8ii
T]JfJT 0N 1 FAST RAM tor up u 2S6M? «uh the SCSI-2 optwt A j
uvng ft tttra SIMV wdct i 1230-TV Turbo ViMHz 69030 A Mml 0Mb,
32-Bat Fas 8AM r ¦» r( last 60 Nanowand SIMM RAM Expansions
32-Bi. *2 pin CcJ!forprxes) MolDrob Math* - 68882 PGA type
Tpl'. 33MHz Blizzard 1240T ERC Turbo Accelerator Memory Board A
super LOW COST A1300 Turbo Accelerator Board, ideal for housing
ce my *To»cr System AI Whim hard i nokiio! IflXOMk hifti p»n
iUBunyxim and hot onssicc require in active aiding cap - «t
thertftit do tm reewnaend fitting lo sordini AI200 vwhmt the
ipprcpnaft soificacutrs etc,I. The ‘ERC Ptoesors used on these
beads se recycled ani
v. gcetwsJytn*d 68M0CPI* operating a 40MHz with MMV'FPU - m
excellent guarutetd vu coatpetrtisrh pneed aliertafete AsmWe
optwts such as the SCSMY Kit ini RAM art shared
• iththeBinard I2XMV and 1260.
1240T HC Turbo -tfiMHz 6SOW & MMT FPT 0Mb, 32-Bit Fast HAM - Expandable to 128 256J Blizzard 2040ERC Turbo Accelerator Memory Board The Bltuan) WUERC »a srper nes» LOW COST bead vducb offers A2000 u» nen lie oppunusiiy»upgmk Ut *e tame nnforounce u cwr Bliz jnJ jSBl 1240T-ERC beard I'sen »tll then be aNcto enjoy full AWXkW) ptnw » wcB as take xhwtape of the twill in SCSI-2 imerfxt.
The "ERC ftccesun used ca these bauds arc recycled md lipxoudy tested MNP CPUs operating a WMHa wth MMUW • ¦ ewdleni purartted uni cotrpetiustly pneed alterrunse 2040ERC Ttubo WlHi bKHO Jr Mml )?l .'Mb. 32-Bt: Fa R.LM - F.vpundihlc to liSMii »»» wIlmSo; fciiiiiiir - A1500 2000 TURBO ACCELERATOR fjf9n and MMU FPU • 50MHz 68060 0Mb Standard. Expandable to 128Mb Si 71 MIPS mth 6070 Aanosecond SIMM fined Blizzard 2060 Turbo Accelerator Memory Board offers AlXOCOOOwner* the same specifiaacu as the Bhuard 1260 lirto i lAlSCQGOOOs util (pens: atcpio fist ames the speed cfa tcxtdani A-tlCOi t with
RU CN60 POWER k alio includes buk n SCSI-2 alerfacc' B tenQ want the fastest A150fV3X» trttmi. Fit a Blizzard 20W rxr*!
2060 Turbo 50MHz 69060 k MML- FPL with built in SCSI- 2 ffllh. 32-B Fa«T RAM - Expanmhie to 128Mb_ SCSI-IV KIT SCSI-2 Module for 1230-IV. 124CT ERC and 1260. With additional 128Mb SIMM socket I loir to Orderfnun GIL ‘Fast SCSI-2 DMA Controller - up to IQMbtec transfer rales utth adifikmtci SIMM socket allotting extra memory to be fitted) Sami anl Citomi pnxU-j ae MOTOttOLL 6*5X0 tm pr.inwuv Mvbi They rur VTHUN tie eintml tmryt -peefvarxo lad d - h Mau9a ¦fl topitsent an juiUie inrheasryj rrfahlrr i«om Si »hm yaj far a XNHt CR’ »4xe»andt.iaficx«h»hat|ajiin. tuarftBanenalAVKiCri'-ckxicd'i)
v_': Km loci M Ur ihr Noroaou HomxnD icv ssxe jrurarw ct «r loaftKwm »ipiln and f&iHlii KW.AU r 'ifcciesT Ckj!
T BR aal BK Pnxe*o tsed oi jefcad baud*art wycnl aril sypraah twted URQO 6* « Of. XTJing at *5S(H; • ar cxrtfen paanccd ard coopctlMy paced itemaxt iORDORI HARWOOD .COMPUTERS I Dept-ACO 3 cw Scrrct, Alfrcton. H-h Derby*hire. DE55 7BP 773 836781 OUR RANGE HAS WON MORE AWARDS THAN ANY OTHER.. Wbat the Magazines think.. Amiga Hopper 91*. ST.AR BIT ’.He Bdsatd 120) H AtfMM At hWaSteihr «We object of desire fur At 200 rjtinm.'
Amiga Computing 92*. BIT CHIP ‘ tranf Ihr fades! Amiga in the Vbtii get tin board AmigaFprmrn ’ PmtvithrfitftrftA 200tithfQOLDfcninK System news 66 What is going cn in the Amiga games world?
Andy Moddock finds out EVIEWS Laser guidance S3 Mr Maddocks goes on his regular jaunt to a land where clouds have silver CD-ROM linings Siamese System ED Pc and Amiga intergration may seem a distant dream but with the Siamese system it becomes a vivid reality Siren CD-ROM ED We take a look at the new range of Ultra CD-ROMs from Siren Software Ar Poss recei the c prof* Ut The to A A-Sti Solit Trasl MBF Divine Powers ED Neil Morh is impressed with Apollo's new range of top end accelerators Kang Fu 68 Boxing kanga'oos - whatever next? Crab a tinny and throw an emu steak on the barbie Beyond
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Learn how to keep your dribbling under control... Swos Guide 76 The final, definitive solution to the highly popular foootball sim Fargo FotoFUN ED Photo quality printing has become available to every Amiga owner care of Fargo's latest range of printers Final writer ED Softwood's latest installment of their excellent word processsor Net Connect IQ The latest Internet connection package gets a sneak preview by Neil Mohr Web page design D3 Dan Winfield continues his series on how to create the best web pages EATURES IVIax Power ED Jason Jordache gives advice on how to be a Sysop Arexx Guide HI
Paul Overaa teaches you all the skills of Arexx VIIGA Amiga Computing 4 OCTOBER 1996 C New Age Masters EE m Oms m eof EE News ArtEffect Possibly the greatest Amiga product of recent times, Amiga Computing gives you the chance to try out this stunning new profesional art package Utility Utopia The best and most recent uploads to Aminet are here for you: A-Start; VMM; FindCUl; Deluxe Solitaire; MacWB; AppAssign; Popper; Trashman; DeepX; XDF; OnGo; MBPress; Tina Hackett brings you all the latest news and views Help, i you need somebody - to fix your Amiga that is.
From what's new at VIScorp to Internet break-throughs ACAS, as ever, is ready to lend a hand HE COVERDISKS EGULARS ED Acas Tina Hackett talks to the artists who have swapped their paint- OVER STORY ED brush and oils for a Letters ED Public sector Your space, dear readers. Let us know what you think to Duty-bound Dave Cusick brings you the best (and the COIDDUtGr the latest events rest) from the ever spinning world of PD MIGA GUIDE Q3 and tment Neil Mohr looks at ways to make the memory-saving process easier .
Paul Overaa looks at Termite, the telecommunications program ED m OCTOBER 1996 - NEW LQWEF MEMORY EXPANSIONS CLOCK CARTRIDGE A1200 frapdoor fitting memory expansions ’eatj*e a battery backed dock and a socket for an ax . . . FV NEARLY DOUBLES THE SPEED OF THE A1200 Oir unique and hghty rated external Ck Cartridge will enable your Amiga to continue store the conea time ano date «its own battery backed memory. Simply plugs onto the back of the Amga and does not imaioate tne Compatote win ALL Am gas ONLY (plus £1.00 postage and packing) 4mb Memory Expansion 8mb Memory Expansion 33mhz 68882
FPU (picc) DATAFLYER SCSI+ Now includes CD ROM drivers and instructions.
The Dataflyer ts a 16 bit SCSI II controller card that converts the sgnais on the mtemal Idi interface to also run SCSI oevces at the same time as the IK hard drive.
The Dataflyer SCSI* will operare up to 5 SCSI devices such as CDROMS. Hard drives. SyQuest remo able drives, tape back up dmes etc. Unlike other SCSI interfaces, the Dataflyer SCSI* cs compete* with all known accelerators et and it does not stop you from utilising any of the important expanse ¦ hi in mi iini ' mws& Dataflyer SCSI* easily instais mto the A1200. A600 (Simply pushes «. No need to remove the metal shield' and provides a 25 way D connector through the blinking plate at the back of the A1200.
Full instructions and software suppled EZ DRIVES OR with a Squirrel or Dataflyer Dseo*o& is the ummae m dsk copying for ire ga. The package composes the Dt$ co&& Disk, nuai and Discofogy cartnqge for makrg copies of iawty protected programs with an external Ask nve. Discokgy win also format asks, check o sks for errors etc PLEASE PHONE FOR A FILL INFORMATION SHEET SPEEDCOM MODEMS Our highly rated, too Quality feature oacked modems are ideal for Amiga users. AM FREE MODEM ACCESSORIES PACK (worth £19.99) •hen me a cable to connect me modem to the Amga. NCOMM comms software. Arrvga Guide to Comms
and a i.-st of Bulletin Boards from which you will be able to download vast amounts of free srtware as as hast access to E- MAIL faciiites.
• MNP 24 Error Corrector • MNP 5 Data Compression
• Fa Class I and I compatible. Group 3 • Hayes Compatible
• ‘ . • :( v • ¦- EACH OR BUY BOTH for EZ ANTIVIRUS Anti Virus
Professional is the most powerful an AMIGA 1438S APOI APOI APOI
1240 4mb 8mb 16mt r Z'JL'J 111'Jit UL ASIM CDFS only Freephone
0500 3L.05L I
2. 5” HARD DRIVES Our hi£i speed 2.5' IDE hard drives lor the
Amiga A1200 & A600 computers come complete with fitting cable,
screws, partitioning software, full instructions and 12 months
guarantee. All drives supplied by us are formatted,
partitioned and have Workbench (WB2 for the A600 and m3 for
the A1200) installed for r* immediate use. Rtting is
incredtofy simple: if you can plug the .
Mouse into the mouse socket, you can plug the hard drive into the hard drrve socket PLEASE PHONE FIRST!
FREEWHILE-YOU- WAIT RTTING SERVICE FOR PERSONAL CALLERS FREE -HOW TO FIT YOUR HARDDRIVE video and Stakker Ask to increase the NO.1 FOR MAIL ORDER No.l FOR AMIGA IN MANCHESTER Order NOW for immediate despatch ULTRA 4 SPEED ULTRA 6 SPEED ULTRA 8 SPEED A500 +250mb Hard Drive ®©n©S 85mb 250mb 340mb 540mb SCSI CD ROM DRIVES [ MEDIAVISION RENO’ Douliie speed CD ROM DRIVE complete with power supply. SCSI cables.
Docking station and full instructions mf .Also includes stereo headphones and carrying case for use as personal '59.99 PANASONIC CD ROM DRIVES Amazing value external SCSI CD ROM drive in a top quality enclosure.
PANASONIC SIX SPEED CD ROM DRIVE WITH SQUIRREL OR DATAFLYER PANASONIC DUAL SPEED CD ROM DRIVE ZIP DRIVES Hi ify rated SCSI drive wit store lOOmb per cartridge. Comes Comptete w*h power sup I pry. SCSI cable. Nstruc.ions and cartndge.
APOLLO 1240 25mhz APOLLO 1240 40mhz APOLLO 1260 50mhz 1240 1260 SCSI interface 4mb SIMM fflg? &BSBQJm 8mb SIMM Mm 16mb SIMM EZ DRIVES 1 3!
OR__ with a Squirrel or Dataflyer lOOmb ZIP cartridge i SEP 260'.'. (credit switch card sales only) for enquiries tel: 0161 796 5279 fax: 0161 796 3208 Send cheques or postal orders (made payable to Siren Software) or credit card details to:- SIREN SOFTWARE, 178 BURY NEW RD WHITEFIELD.
I MANCHESTER JM45 6QF, ENGLAND Access, Visa, Switch. Delta, Connect etc accepted OPEN: Monday to Friday Sam to 6pm Saturday 9am to 12pm Personal callers welcome.
Please phone first to check availability of any item.
DIRECTIONS: From the M62 Junction 17 head towards Bury.
We are 50 yards cn the right hand side after the third set of lights.
The door to our premises is next to the florists opposite the Masons Pub.
ULTRA CD ROM DRIVE Superb IDE CD ROM dme system for the A1200. Fully featured, top quality drives in a (op quality enclosure vuili built in power supply. All cables, inst-uctions. Software including CD32 emulator and audio CD player etc.. included l« immediate use.
The CD ROM interface supply plugs insldo the A12001 (exceptionally easy to fit bynfl anybody) and prowdes a connector in theT banking plate at the rear ot the A1200. Next tojlr the mouse socket. L I* PLEASE PHONE FOR FURTHER DETAILS AM HiFORMATION SHEET P PRICES!!
Ohe advertising industry is well known for using shock tactics to get attention for its products.
- However, over the last few years The Games people Play I Has
games advertising gone too far?
We've seen the approach turn from the slightly risqu6 to tie downright base. From the funny to the plain insensitive. And K seems strange that the computer games industry has fallen prey to this new strategy more than any other. Especially as it's only games we're selling here and not some life or death commodity. Games publishers are vigorously pursuing the trend of trying to out-shock the other as they leap across the undrawn line of what is socially acceptable.
Consider, for example, the extreme measures taken to advertise Doom, where bags of offal were sent to the media. It shocked and even horrified, but it achieved its desired effect It got the game plenty of publicity and as the phrase goes: 'Any publicity is good publicity'. This little stunt would not get ignored and tirown in the bin along with the other countless press releases jaded journalists receive on a Monday morning.
And to some extent it's easy to see why software publishers want to resort to such tactics. The games market has seen rapid change - it's no longer an area reserved for spotty teenagers shut away in darkened rooms playing RPGs. These people are being rapidly replaced by 'cool' exec types looking for a way to unwind. Twenty-something, upwardly mobiles who are being told that it's acceptable, even fashionable, to want the latest gore-fest computer game. So the industiy had to reappraise its position and gear the market more towards this new generation of gamesplayers with fashionable adverts.
And fashionable at the moment equals shock tactics.
So along come the ads men with their latest project i 3-D shoot-em-up, 'Blood, guns massacre hell - the revenge', and they choose to advertise it with pictures of Dunblane. It's Shocking isn't it? Fortunately this is not going to happen because it crosses the line of any sane person's moral values, but where do the ads men draw the line? Pictures of a woman hanging herself because she was sick of football was considered an appropriate, way to advertise a football game. So too were the images used to promote Command and Conquer, one of which depicted Hitler with the caption: 'It's a great
feeling’. Why is this more acceptable than a picture of Thomas Hamilton? Maybe because it will upset less people or because they think it is less Levant to the generation they are talking to?
Who knows?
It's a matter that is concerning the Advertising Standards Authority too.
ELSPA (the European Leisure Software Publisher's Association) backed the ASA up with a plea for the industry to take a more responsible approach. Whether this will be heeded is down to the publishers, but if they fail to toe the line they could see the Government taking action and imposing restrictions.
This could have harmful effects on an industry which is already under the watchful eye of the media and cautious parents, f the trend continues, people could clamp down on what their children buy just on the basis of the advertising campaign. And although the market has changed to see more gamesplayers over the age of 18, a vast percentage are still minors whose buying decisions lie with a guardian. The danger is that although you've managed to generate some publicity for a game, it's at the cost of offending people so much that they don't want your product anyway.
The games industry is a fun market, and we wouldn't want it any other way, but if all outsiders can see are tasteless adverts, what kind of message are we giving? A shocking advert at the moment would be one that stressed how good the gameplay is! Nobody is saying that advertising campaigns will be any easier if this responsible approach is undertaken, but it could show that, like its gamesplayers, the industry has grown up too.
Tina Hackett Editor Your Comments If you'd like to address any issue we raise in our Comment section or feel that there is something you'd like us to cover, please write to ESP at the usual address The AC team EDITOR ART EDITORS Tina Hackett Tym Leckey Graham Parry Neil Mohr Neil Jadoon Andrew Haddock Gary Russell Dave Cusick Jason Compton PaulOvcraa Phil South Gareth Lofthouse COVEFDISK EDITOR PRODUCTION EDITOR STAFF WRITER EDITORIAL ASSISTANT REGULAR CONTRIBUTORS ADVERTISING MANAGER Usa BraceweD AD SALES Sue Honefieid AD PRODUCTION Barbara Newal MARKETING MANAGER Steve Tagger PRODUCTION
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and entertain its readers each month with the most dedicated
coverage of the Amiga available Amiga Computing No.l FOR MAIL
despatch 'J-jUU (credit switch card sales only) for enquiries
tel: 0161 796 S279 fax: 0161 796 3208 Send cheques or postal
orders (made payable to Siren Software) or credit card
MANCHESTER M45 6QF, ENGLAND Access. Visa. Switch, Delta.
Connect etc accepted The interface simply plugs onto the 44 pin IDE connector inside the computer (still allows a 2.5" or 3.5" internal hard drive to be used as well!)
And provides a connector in the blanking plate at the rear of the A1200 next to the mouse socket. This can be installed by anyone in 5 minutes!
OPEN: Monday to Friday 9ani to 6pm Saturday 9am to 12pm
• Does not use or interfere with the PCMCIA slot or any oilier
• Includes CD ROM installation software.
• CD32 Emulation enables the majority of CD32 titles to be used
on the A1200.
• Audio CD player software allows you to play your audio Cds.
• Unlike most other CD ROM drive systems the Ultra CD ROM drive
does not cause long delays wtien booting up.
Personal callers welcome.
Please phone first to check availability of any item.
All cables, instructions, interface, etc., included as well as a 12 month warranty and full technical support.
DIRECTIONS: From the M62 Junction 17 head towards Bury.
We are 50 yards on the right hand side after the third set of lights.
The door to our premises is next to the florists opposite the Masons Pub.
All pilar-, include VAT. Putfafje and prckwj; yillt ho at £3.50 per order (U.K.). H 50 Europe and £12.50 real oi tlx? World, Amiga Web Browsers Released standard and some of the Netscape “enhanced” commands. The software retails for US$ 45, and includes some HTML tools, including the popular HTML Heaven Web authoring software.
? Ne of the two commercial Amiga World Wide Web Browsers has officially started shipping, the other is being advertised but is not yet on the market.
AmiTrix of Canada have released Aweb-ll for the Amiga. It fully supports the HTML 2 HiSoft of the UK have not yet released their Ibrowse web browser, which has been an international coding effort Demo versions continue to be available, awaiting the sales of the product A Web %_ fsj To order Aweb-ll, contact AmiTrix or your local Amiga dealer. AmiTrix: ++403-929-8459, sales@amitrix.com. by Katherine Nelson ?
JLYMPic Amiga 1 Impact 1 n Atlanta, perhaps best known worldwide for hosting the Summer Olympics and best known in the Amiga community for housing the highly active Am ga Atlanta user group, couldn't keep sports and Amigas separate.
APITAL PUNISHMENT Expected at Amiga Convention '96 is the final release demoi of ClickBOOM's Capital Punishment, which the Toronto* based game development company has announced will be available on Friday the 13th of September.
ClickBOOM first started making waves in the Amiga game market last December, when the first CP demos were made public at the World of Amiga Toronto. Now, one of the most impressive beat-em-up games in recent memory is finally!
Ready for release.
Alexander Petrovic, manager of ClickBOOM, has decided j to self-publish the title after discussing the product with a number of Amiga games houses. To help promote the title, j the company is offering a free Capital Punishment T-shirt for all pre-orders of the game, which cost UKP25.
ClickBOOM can be reached at PxL Computers, ClickBOOM, 1270 Finch Ave. West, Unit 13, M3J 2G4 Toronto, Canada.
A bold statement was made by a number of Amiga companies as they donated six Amiga 4000Ts, decked to the gills, to the Olympic broadcast booth, where they act as online video editing systems. The computers housed full Video Toaster Flyer systems donated by Newtek, as well as products from Virtual Reality Productions, Anti-Gravity Products, MicroPace, and DPS.
QuikPak, the Amiga 4000T manufacturer and distributor for North America, provided the computers.
Tho Vi I ew Wonder Deal Wonder Computers international continues to rebuild its distribution network. After months of discussicn, Wonder has completed an agreement with ACT of Germany to supply and service the Apollo line of Amiga expansion cards for the North American market.
Compu sory se Marl "firms access either I stumbl questic on ave To h widesp the mo panies Apollo p ovides a full range of products, recently and most notably 040 and 060 cards for the A1200 and A3000 A4000, as well as the world's only 020 accelerator for the Amiga 600.
Further to this, Wonder has agreed with OTM to supply OTM's line of Amiga games to North America. OTM hit the Amiga scene last year with Virtual Karting and has offered a number of products since. New titles are already in the works.
Alongside OTM’s games, Wonder will also carry XP8, the recent Stardust Asteroids clone.
Contact Wonder Computers at 613-721-1993.
IndEYE Geodesic Designs of Atlanta has taken advantage of the Olympic focus to announce that the MindEYE will hit the market shortly.
Based on the Mindlight of the late 80s, the MindEYE is compatible with all Amigas, and is a small device that plugs into the joystick port. It "listens" to either the room around it or a microphone feed and turns the sound through geodesic math transformations into sometimes interesting, sometimes bizarre video displays (AGA enhanced when available) on the Amiga screen. For DJ and video-wall scenarios, the device is quite popular.
Mark Adams of Geodesic used the Amiga Atlanta 10th Anniversary of last January to test the waters of the reintroduced MindLight. The demonstration was well- received. The MindEYE has a suggested retail price of USS595. MindLight users can upgrade for $ 195.
Contact Geodesic Designs at ++770-822- 0566, 770-338-8874 fax, markcdams ® geod.com e-mail. The MindEYE Web site is at http: www.mindeye.com ew CD32 title released Bigg Wotf, until recently a computer and video retailer, has decided to try its hand at publishing on the Amiga, Final Gate, a new CD32 title boasting FMV*quality graphics, has been released and will oe shown at Montreal's Amiga Convention '96.
For purchasing information (both end-user and dealer), contact Bigg Wolf at ++301-933-5030.
Arevol used ti Kod station anywh Evei centre.
'Everyl can sh cessinj output send H The proces Qmiga Convention '96 The first week in August brought on Canada's First major Amiga-only expo of the year, and the biggest so far of 1996 for North America. The Montreal Amiga Convention, independently organized, drew together users, dealers, and developers from across the continent to meet, exchange ideas, and no doubt fire a few questions to VIScorp's attending representatives, VP of Business Development David Rosen and Communications Manager Jason Compton.
Also anticipated was a strong presence from National Amiga, the Canadian-based Amiga retailer which does the bulk of its business online-so mu:h success that their retail area was expected to be among the largest at the show. Wonder Computers International and its distribution division will show off their newly introduced products for the North American market Dale Larson and Al Mackey of 1AM are expected to be present as they were last year, to address the public in the many seminars offered at AC. A nore detailed report may follow in a future issue.
Later in the year, the World of Amiga Toronto is expected to be held. Plans are also underway for Gateway '97 in St Louis for early February 1997.
Amiga Computing 10 OCTOBER 1996 IYAMA CUTS PRICES liyama, the leading computer monitor manufacturer, announced a 5% price reduction on its Vision Master 17 colour monitor, liyama's price reductions are due to the improved Yen Sterfing exchange rate and cost reductions at the factories.
Consumers will now be able to make a £10 saving on the Vision Master 17 high specification 17" monitor. This means you will be able to purchase it for £529 + VAT Only the 17" monitors will be reduced, but all Vision Master monitors come with a 3 year warranty. For further details telephone liyama at (44) - (0) 1438 74 54 82 By Tina Hackett & Hugh Poynton r ¦ v 1 inal Writer elson 1ENT ease demo e Toronto- ced will be miga game wre made f the most y is finally as decided luct with a te the title, t T-shirt for omputers, 14 Toronto, has taken;
o announce rket shortly, ate 80s, the Imigas, and the joystick om
around s the sound lations into ies bizarre vhen avail- or DJ
and e is quite the Amiga January to introduced was well-
suggested t users can +770-822- rkadams@ Web site is Following
on from the piece in the USA News last month regarding Final
S. please note that you should use the contact number
corresponding to your country (or nearest). Harwood can be
reached from the UK on 01773 836781.
For the US this is 602 431 1461.
OMPUCENTER CRIIV1 EFIG HTER Computacenter, one of the countries top IT solutions providers, is launching a business advisory service to help combat crime on the Internet Martin Hellawell from Computacenter commented, "Firms connecting to the Internet or setting up Intranet networks need to reconcile easy system access with the protection of internal networks. Around 85% of the Times 1000 companies are either linked up to, or are considering linking upto the Intenet. However, if there is one main stumbling block to the widespread adoption of linking up to the Internet by corporates it is the
question of security.” According to the 1996 Audit Commission, a preventable security breach on average costs a British Firm £16,000.
To help prevent these expensive abuses of the Internet, Computacenter has implemented a widespread research programme which will determine what aspects of computer security are the most vulnerable security loopholes in networks jnd operating systems, as well as the companies most at risk. The results of this will be available later this year.
LYMPIC IMAGE A revolutionary new imaging centre at the Olympic Games in Atlanta, is being used to capture and dispatch images to picture desks across the world.
Kodak, the world-wide sponsors of the games, have established a 20 workstation Imaging centre that allows the press to scan and transmit images to anywhere in the world over ISDN lines.
Everything photographers need to do is located in the 20,000 square foot centre. As Mike Tette, manager of the Kodak Olympic programme said: "Everything photographers need to do the job is located in one place. They can shoot for three or four hours at the venues, bring back the film for processing, edit it, scan the image, enhance it in the Adobe Photoshop software, output the image on a thermal printer, ColorEdge copier or Photo CD disc and send it an where in the world..." The ceitre, staffed by 175 lab technicians and Kodak representatives processes an estimated 10,000 rolls of film a
Hmiga HEAVEN A new computer store has opened in Northampton which claims to stock the largest selection of Amiga games in the country. Direct Software aims to cater for all the Amiga owners in the country who have found that other games stores don't stock a great variety.
As well as the hundreds of titles in stock.
Direct Software will try to get any title requested, no matter how old or obscure.
They also operate a mail order sen ice.
The store is also in contact with new software houses and will stock games currently only available through mail order, such as BMP's Reality and Space Fighter. Direct Software is also in the process of making its own game using fully rendered animation intros, clips and real film footage.
Direct Software are running a competition to decide the name of their new outlet.
A copy of Team 17's Killing Grounds is up for grabs so if you have any imaginative ideas for the store's name, write to Direct Software, 166 Birchfield Road East, Northampton, Northants NN3 2HF or phone 01604 722499.
Irtual Atlanta To get the latest coverage of the Olympic games have a look at CompuServe's new service which aims to bring the latest results from Atlarta. From the main menu (CO ATL- GAMES) you can access news* reports from contributors such as Sports Illustrated, Time and USA Today.
SM3 N You can find out the latest scores and even chat with other CompuServe members about the games. Martin Turner, CompuServe's UK general manager commented, "We built this area using the latest open standards technology, demonstrating our ability to deliver timely, easy-to-use services both to CompuServe users and those on the Web at large."
More news from CompuServe is their announcement of a new UK network which offers speeds of 28,800bps and 57,600bps for the price of a local call. This new 'super network' which offers ISDN access has been simplified which four numbers to choose from.
Martin Turner said, "We have promised our 350,000 UK members a service that would be fast ard very efficient and now we are delivering it." More information is available for members on 0800 000400. To join you can call 0800 000200.
ROTECT THE INNOCENT The Internet has been a cause for concern to parents so children's charity NCH Action for Children will be bringing out a guide at the Live '96 show.
The leaflet will give parents advice on topics such as pornography on the Internet I safeguards that parents can install and the dangers posed by Bulletin Boards. There's also advice on how parents can access the educational sites for their children in a safe I way.
The 1 the Netf As fat August bankrup Q1 Caroline Abrahams, principal policy officer at NCH Action For Children said, "We're not saying don't let your children use the Internet, we re saying make sure that they use it safely. The Net can be a fascinating learning ground for people of all ages but it's up to!
Parents to ensure that the information is suitable for their child, particularly when it!
Comes to pornography and chat lines."
The leaflet can be obtained at Live which runs from 25-29 September at Earl's Court London or alternatively by writing to: Information Department. NCH Action For Children, 85 Highbury Park, London, N5 IUD.
Blittersc now be 50MHz 1240EC More Septem generat Info Apologies to anybody who has been trying to contact HiQ - we put in their old contact numb® in our review. They can be reached at (UK) 01525 211327 H at a ver either i work i 4000(T tower i NNOVATIVE TAB SIMM LAUNCH NYBODY for Sunday School VTEC Industry Europe has been appointed the European importer and distributor of the new Panasonic TAB SIMM memory. The TAB SIMM memory has a number of new innovations which make the product unique.
In response to the increased theft of memory products, each Panasonic TAB will be marked with a serial number and product code to enable easy tracing of stolen goods.
Another feature of the TAB is the metal shielding which improves reliability and protects the memory from electrostatic discharge. The memory module is compatible with every motherboard on the market and VTEC offers a lifetime warranty with next day replacement If you’re an Amiga user and you live in the Wigan or West Lancs area why not while away those boring Sunday afternoons at the Amiga User Croup at St Thomas The Martyr School Hall, Highgate Road, Up Holland, Lancs?
VERY REDESIGNS Avery Office Accessories, part of the Avery Dennison Corporation, has revealed its new redesigned range of computer furnitu'e which includes computer and printer stands and VDU trolleys. The new range is softer and more elegant, combining strength and stability with a lightweight design that enables the furniture to be moved easily and safely.
According to Jan Perry, Marketing Communications Manager: "The new design reflects the increased emphasis on design and appearance in the office of today. Crucially, though, it incorporates a high degree of flexibility, ensuring it will remain compatible with the fast developing demands of office technology."
Learn about graphics, hardware, music, networking and programming and take advantage of the huge choice of free software available. Admission is £2 and refreshments are available. *•* Their new contact number is either Stephen on 01695 625063, or Simon on 01257 402201.
ULCAN UPDATE News from Vulcan Software this month is that a Web site is in the offing which will keep you up-to-date with the latest game developments, hints and tips and previews.
They wil also be releasing Tiny Troops - that very promising game that was originally in the hands of Mindscape. They can be reached at 01705 670269.
Auto s Cirrus Mhz, a Workbi rm-:.
Z IW'f . ;- ’ 'J: i - V • » I A I I If I I . ¦ f !• • • • * w! •• • % X Check out hints mnd tip• from tho now Vulcan Scftwan wob site Qki Dokey series n backpU have 3D cap by S3.1 functioi and te filtering ging, fc A m also b Picassc Oki Systems have just launched four new dot matrix printers. The nine-pin ML3320 (narrow column width) and the ML3321 (wide column width) are ideal for speed processing high volume data and word processing appli cations. Print speed is 435 characters per second in super-draft mode at 12 characters per inch. Other speeds include 387 cps, 290 cps and 73
The 24-pin options, the ML339D and ML3391, are available as narrow and wide carriages and can print at up to 360 cps in utility mode and at 120 cps in letter quality mode (at 12 cpi).
Amiga Computing Escom AG have announced that they will be filing for bankiuptcy. The news comes after months of troubles for the company who reported losses of USSl 18 million in 1995 and suffered poor Christmas sales. Manfred Schmitt, the companies general manager resigned and they sold off their Amiga Technologies subsidiary to VIScorp • only a year after they had bought the company.
The 1COO UK workers have been told that the UK unit will have to close whilst the division in the Netherlands is thought to have been sold off through a management buyout E SCOM FILE FOR I Bankruptcy D As far as the future of Amiga Technologies goes, VIScorp will finally take control of AT on August 19. Until then, it is understood that the business will be run with the approval of the bankruptcy trustee Hembach.
LITTERSOFT LATEST Blittersoft have announced that they are now an authorisec PHASE 5 main dealer. Blittersoft will now be supplying the full range of Phase 5 products which includes CyberStorm MKII 060- 50MHz - 649.95, CyberStorm MKII 040EC-40 - 379.95, Blizzard 1260 50MHz * 579.95, Blizzard 1240EC-Tower board - 279.95 and the SCSI-II for Blizzard 1260-99.95. itact number More news is their announcement of the CyberVision 64 3D which will be released in September. Phase 5 digital products will release this new generation graphics board, the CyberVision64 3D at a very competitive price.
Designed for use as either a Zorro-ll or Zorro-lll board it will work in all Amiga 2000, 3000 and 4000(T) series models as well as with tower modifications of Amiga 1200 series models equipped with Zorro-ll backplanes. The new board will have the Virge graphics chip with 30 capabilities which is produced by S3. The chip can do complex 3D functions in hardware, like shaded and textured surfaces with trilinear filtering as well as shading and fogging, for example.
F the new inovations IB will be en goods, otects the ery moth- nent Blittersoft A new Picasso graphics card will also be released in September, called Picasso IV. The board is fully Zorro ll lll auto sersing, with features such as 64-bit Cirrus Logic 5446 Chip, Max Pixeldock 135 Mhz, and Flicker fixer on-board. It also has Video on Workbench - a scalable live video window on Workbench ed its new is and VDU ility with a reflects the gh, it incor- developing Bura shakes THINGS UP Aura Distribution Services announced this month that the Aura Interador virtual reality backpack will available in
the UK from September onwards. The Aura Interactor was released in the US a year ago and so far 1.4 million people have bought the device.
It’s now available in the UK for the price of £69.99 The Aura Interactor is, basically, a pack which straps on to your back and allows you to feel the sound from a computer game.
Ur new dot 20 (narrow (wide col- processing sing appli- rs per sec- racters per s, 290 cps 5390 and and wide 160 cps in ter quality It works on the concept that low bass noises are mostly felt rather than heard. The Interactor responds to the bass sound effects of a Film or video game and actually allow you to feel the rumble of explosions, crashes or punches. As well as seeing and hearing the action, you can also feel it The Aura Interactor is compatible with any games machine or television which has a headphone socket or audio output. For more information phone: 0171-331 5300.
NTO THE Millenium Everyone is looking forward to that big party when we move into the next millennium - that is everyone except those who may be affected by their computer not recognising the fact that it is the year
Basically, computers have only been programmed to recognise dates up till then and the new date could cause massive problems. So recently, the British Standards Institution got together to decide if their department, DISC, should have a role in resolving the problem.
They met up with IT specialists from major UK companies who agreed that awareness of the millennium problem needs to be raised.
DISC plan to develop a Code of Practice which defines the term "Millennium compliance" and will set out guidelines for establishing compliance for vendors and users, It was also decided that all British Standards involving the representation of dates in IT systems should be updated to reflect the need for greater discipline and accuracy in applying them.
Qops In last month's Photogenics review, Neil Mohr got too big for his boots and said Photogenics uses Class Act gadgets - oops, sorry, it doesn't. It has only been included on the CD so that you can use Aweb.
Incidentally, current owners of Photogenics 2 might like to know that there is an update available. Contact Almathera for more details on 0181-687 0040.
Amiga Computing Extracting CoverDisk files Before ou even think of putting the cover disks anywhere near your computer, you should make sure you write protect them.
This is done by moving the black tab in the top corner of the disk so you can see through the hole. You cannot then damage your discs m any way. There is also no reason why the cover disks need to be wntten to, so even if the computer asks you to write enable the disks, don't do itl To extract any single archive, simply double-click its icon and follow the on-screen instrucfons. If you want to quickly extract the program to RAM, select the NOVICE level or the welcome screen, press proceed once on the current screen, then again on the next The program can then be found h your RAM disk.
Normally most programs need further installing, so read the documents on how to do this.
ArtEffe the high
- All funi proce
- ArtEffe
- A spec
- A spec
• Furthe select
- ArtEffe Datatyp
- ArtEffi There i:
- ArtEff- the gra natural
- ArtEff compa gramrr Is this Photoshop for the Amiga? A truly
outstanding new art package from the author of StormC
Installing ArtEffect Hard Drive Users If you can use the normal
Amiga Computing installer, you should have no problems getting?
Nee: ArtEffect up and running. You should extract ArtEffect straight onto your hard drive, as one done it can be run almost straight away.
Before you do run the program you will need to double-click the installer icon in the ArtEffect drawer. This copies a library across and will set up an assign that ArtEffect needs. Once you have done this you will be able to run the program with no problems. People with only 2Mb of Ram can use ArtEffect, but they will have to use a 16-colour screen and make do with only a fraction of the program's power.
Hard dnve users do not have to boot with the first disk, but you must make sure you have the Amiga's Installer program in your C drawer. To make sure your hard drive has the correct files in place, double-click on the SetupHD icon. This will check if you have the Installer program. If not it will copy it across - don't worry, it will not write over any existing files.
ArtEffect All you hard drive owners will find MultiExtract very useful. It is a separate method of extracting the cover disk files. It allows you to extract a number of files in one go, to your hard disk or RAM.
Haage and Partner Workbench 3.0 When you run MultiExtract, you will be presented with a number of check boxes, each representing one of the programs on that cover disk. Just de select all the programs vou do not want extracting, then press proceed. All the selected programs can now miraculously be found in the selectee destination.
This is MultiExtract tor all you *»nsible people with hard drive a r! CWJBl te m E fflLSf j w E 7 ~r Just when it was getting to the stage where it seemed like a truly new program was never going to be released for the Amiga, and we would be stuck with the ever increasing updates of Wordworth and Final Writer, bang!
An all-new art program appears on the scene.
From the same people who produced StormC, ArtEffect unites painting and image processing under a particularly productive user interface. When the program was in development, emphasis was placed on providing productive functions which are quick and simple to use. So, beginners and professionals alike are well catered for.
ArtEffect is not 'just another' graphics program for the Amiga. Neither is it oriented towards the current 'standard' Amiga programs, but rather to classic image processing programs such as Photoshop and creative painting packages such as Fractal Painter.
The proven concepts and ideas of these classic programs have been merged with the uncontested advantages of the Amiga, and you can see the results for yourself.
Particularly important are the functions that allow you to select certain areas of an image for processing. Of course some filters are applied to the entire image, but when dealing with touching up images, it is necessary to select a particular area. So, one can retouch a scanned photo in a specific area without affecting the rest of the picture.
ArtEffect offers more than 30 different _ effects with countless options. All effects are: used in the same way, and they all have the!
Same user interface. Each function has a pre- view window in which the effect is applied to an image section. The preview area can be zoomed in and out and a progress bar shows how much of the operation has been com- j pleted.
While many of the Amiga's normal bitmap paint programs only allow painting in a single colour, ArtEffect gives you access to a full range of natural paint tools that allow you to simulate paintbrush, crayon, airbrush, chalk,!
Coal and oil colours.
To do a good job of simulating all these I drawing tools, ArtEffect offers man controls j for the mode, opacity, intensity, density, roughness, form etc With this, everything from the transparency of water colour to the harsh look of chalk can be simulated excellently. ArtEffect goes one step further and1 even offers you the ability to paint on different materials, such as canvas, wood, stone, marble etc. The properties of the three basic tools - stencil, brush and airbrush - can be completely redefined. The form, intensity, density, roughness, transparency, opacity, pressure
sensitivity (only on graphic tablets) and Fade Out can be adjusted freely. With all these properties, natural drawing tools can be simulated very well, and without any fringes. The properties of these tools are stored in the brush manager.
Amiga Computing PACES One of the powerful features of ArtEffect is its stencil function. This is sort of an amalgamation of Photoshop's magic wand and Photogenic's paint layer. In Photoshop the magic wand allows you to select areas of a picture that contain similar shades of colour, so when you apply an effect it is only applied to the selected area.
ArtEffect lets you have this quick area selection but instead of using Photosiop's basic outline it gives you the ability to directly 'paint on' this stencil layer, in a similar way to Photogenic.
As both methods are combined, it makes for an incredibly easy way of selecting areas that you do not want to be affected by cne of ArtEffect’s processes. Or, by using the invert, you can mark the area you want to be affected then select invert masking off the rest of the picture.
To give you even more control there are extra menu items that allow you to expand or reduce the size of the masked- off area. On top cf this there is a feather command that will 'fade in' the edges of the stencil to any background graphics or effect applied over it B effects are ill have the i has a pre- applied to rea can be i bar shows been com- mal bitmap | in a single s to a full How you to ¦ush, chalk, g all these ny controls !y, density, everything ilour to the ated excel- urther and on different stone, mar- isic tools • i completely, density, !, pressure ;) and Fade i all these an
be sim- fringes. The »red in the 1 Anyone who's heard of disk doubler will know about the basics behind DeepX. It is a program that runs in the background and waits for programs to load or save files. When they do, it compresses and decompresses them, so saving up to 50% disk space (normally you can expect to save on average 30%).
DeepX is a commodity that will run quietly in the background, watching programs and files.
If you want DeepX to watch a program, run the program and select it from the list of tasks. You can now select what type of compression the program's files should be crunched with. You can also choose not to have saved files compressed. DeepX allows you to choose files by a directory path and with pattern matching, making it even more flexible.
As it uses the standard XPK compression libraries, there are a huge number of compressors available, and for each program you can choose an individual compressor.
- ArtEffect is a pure 24-bit art package. All operations and
manipulations are carried Out in the highest possible quality
• All functions in ArtEffect are very fast Some time-critical
filters are even optimised for high- ( er processors _-
ArtEffect can display multiple views of the same picture ¦rapBI
- A special light table allows pictures to be overlayed W - A
special perspective tool supports the creation of perspective
• Further mportant features are: Zoom, Pipette (for colour
selection) Lasso (for freeform selections), Colour Interpolator
and Undo function
- ArtEffect offers many loaders savers (IFF, JPEG, TIFF, GIF,
PNG, BMP), and also the Amiga r Datatypes and the new 24-bit
- ArtEffect offers an efficient 24-bit printer driver that uses
tie standard Workbench drivers.
There is additional support for TurboPrint and Studio
- ArtEffecl supports the graphic tablet Wacom ArtPad II (a
special driver is needed!). With [ the graphic tablet, all
drawing modes become pressure sersitive. This is very important
for natural diawing p £-j_ • ArtEffect can be extended
externally by a flexible Plug-In interface, which allows third
party companies to offer new functions. There is also a special
GUI for these Plug-Ins, so pro- )d gramming them is very easy
artEffect features Stencil Well, I gave in to temptation,
again. For some reason I just like all these stupid hacks that
change the way your Workbench looks. This latest one will give
all your Workbench windows a Mac-style look, but they're
about 10 times as fast as a real Mac window.
To get MacWB running you need to copy the Chicago font into your fonts drawer, copy the MacWB command to your C drawer and add the line: run nil: J uthi fs Oosifih) Workbench 2.04 A MMU processor eluxe Solitaire Author Martin Longstaff Workbench 2.04 I get on the PC and Mac, Deluxe Soltaire aims to look every bit as good and play just as well. Go on, give it a go, and r you do not know the rules, ask someone What, another card game? Well yes, but this one is a real good looker. If you have ever wanted a decent playing aatience game, this one will suit you down to the ground. Based on all the
card games you Halifaivr. Hal if aim Halifairr. Hal Halve.
Lai if aim hr. Hal If aim Hal if arm Halifairr Half fa II you are having trouble, the aute-Unlth game helpa you look good Amiga Computing MacWB AppAssign Author: Doguet Emmanuel Author: Daniel Balster Workbench 2.04 Workbench 3.0 Assigns are a constant pain in the rear for Amiga users. The situation has got a little better with the good old Installer setting them up in the user startup, but there is always gaing to while n be a time when a program is going to need one. But jf y AppAssign is a little program that makes assigns a little easier to sort out The current provide assigns can be
listed and removed, and new assigns can be made either using a file Popper requester or dropping a drawer or program icon into AppAssign's window. Giving that M extra fe So, You never seem to have enough memory, and even with the recent drop in the price of Simms, adding extra memory is not going to be cheap. What you need is virtual memory. This is when the operating system 'fools’ programs into using hard drive space as adual memory. What actually happens is that using the MMU found on the fill versions of the 030, 040 and 060 chips, pages of memory can be swapped between the hard drive
and your real memory whenever a program accesses it Virtual memory is a lot slower than real memory, as the pages have to be moved off the hard drive, but some memory is better than no memory. There are MUI and Bgui versions of the preference program, so one of those should suit you needs.
Trash man Author: Tomasz Musrynsl Workbench 3.0 Window menu on Workbench, press the right mouse button, select the menu and press the left button. The menu will now stay on the Workbench and a window bar will appear on top of it, allowing you to drag it around, push it to the back and close it when you like. If you want ta update a window, select it and then the update menu selection.
Workbench Window Icons m Qurt TooManager Open TM Window ADPro Calculator MultiView ¦BgroilR* QuickGrab TurboText Brilliance Stealing Ideas from X Windows, Popper Mr you llttar menus all over the Format cdp ' * SnoopDos . Enforcer SCSI MOUNTER WBStartup+Prefs Assign RenameIt Magic Menus have been around for a long while now, and nothing new has been added.
But if you a e looking for something that can provide a little more in the way of functions, Popper could be what you want. As well as giving you the normal new pop-up menus that Magic Menu provided, Popper has the extra feature of tear-off menus.
So, if ycu regularly need to access the -£T r 1 Window - H |njU Drawer mm h Parenf WK menu * Select Contents mm A Clean Up Snapshot » Show
• .
Jiev By ?
. . Backdrop pute Command, aw All ate All Message ut... mm?
FfSUIQ Windows 95 has started something o; a fad on the Amiga, with a number of people putting out their own version of the PC start bar. Well, On Go is another similar attempt at copying it, but it has a number of differences from all the other current start bars.
What makes On Go special is that along with the normal program launcher aid the fact it is a full commodity, it implements 'virtual screens’. This lets you have multiple Workbench screens, even though it appears you only have one. On these screens you can have different windows open and flick between the different Workbench s:reens.
Which is nice. Currently, to configure On Go you have to manually edit the config file, but this is fairly straightforward.
The Amiga's operating system has loads of nice features. It does have a nice trashcan, but it's not very good having one on each separate partition. We've had replacement trashcans in the past, but this one is the best so far.
From a single Appicon you can happily delete and retrieve all your files. It will move all the files off to the trashcan directoiy and remember their original location if you want to retrieve them at a later date. It al o has automatic trash handling - if the drive becomes full it will start to remove files from the trashcan directory, giving you more space.
On Go Author: Tak Tang Workbench 2.04 Author: Oxyron Workbench 2.04 The horror of renaming hundred; of files!
Well alright, this might not be something you come up against every day, but for people who deal with large 'animations and have many similarly named files with number extersions, this is a distinct possibility.
RenameIt is a program to help you get around this nasty situation. It allows you to rename multiple files in various different ways. Primarily it allows you to alter the suffix and p’efix of file names.
This is a set of specialised libraries that was written so as many different compression libraries ard crunchers could be supported by one single library, thus allowing programmers to support all different types of compressor without needing to know anything about them.
M B Press Author: Steve Anderson Workbench 2.04 To go along with the AmigaGuide medical this month, MBPress is a tiny program that is used to detect what combination of mouse buttons are being pressed. By holding down one of the mouse buttons at bootup, you can select a diferent startup sequence.
Faulty disks If you should find your Amiga Computing CoverDisk damaged or faulty, please return it to: TIB Pic TIB House, 11 Edward Street Bradford, W. Yorks BD4 7BH.
Please allow 28 days for delivery Amiga Computing own specific TCP stack and could cause patibility problems with some software.
There will also be the latest version Am FTP - in my opin ion the best FTP around - along with AmlRC again one best IRC clients available far any Both these programs should be updated interface for the NetConnect making them even easier to use.
Web support will come in the form Voyager vl.1. This is not going to be as plete as Voyager NG which will support thing that NetScape does, but it will and possibly animated Gif support. This the majority of Web sites will be perfectly displayed. Additional programs such as and mFinger both look good and are not provided for currently by the other Net packages.
Due to the heavy use of MUI - well all programs use MUI - the latest version will be bundled with NetConnect This version will be
3. 5 and has many more bug fixes along with even more speed
increases and new pop up menus.
Currently NetConnect looks an excellent all- in-one package with a lot of thought having gone into it With the final version all the programs will be installed from c single installer that will also initially set up ycur account and provider details letting you get linked up and on-line as soon as possible.
With the simple configuration GUI, the full version of AmiTCP 4.3 and the all-in-one icon driven front end, NetConnect does looks good and should be out soon. 7*f NetConnect promises even easier net access for Amiga users. Neil Mohr takes a sneak preview th the recent boom in media coverage of the Internet it seems everyone is slapping together all- n-one Internet access packages - first Amiga Technologies with their Surfer pack and most recently HiSoffs Net & Web. NetConnect is hoping to surpass both these products by offering simplified configuration and setup along with the latest versions
of the most popular Internet programs.
The first thing that will strike you about NetConnect is the toolbar front end, from which all the configuration and programs are accessed. The toolbar is very reminiscent of the docks used by ToolManager and is setup in a similar fashion, allowing variable rows and columns of either icons or text buttons.
Anyone who has had a look at Miami will be glad to know that NetConnect has 'borrowed' the simple setup front end used to configure all the aspects of logging on to your Internet provider.
NetConnect will simplify this even beyond whet Miami offers by maintaining a list of Internet providers and their details, so making the initial setup a matter of selecting which country you live in, your provider and the local PoP you will be using. Currently the NetConnect database covers a 140 providers in 30 different countries, 40 of which are British.
Once this is done you are left with having to enter your own specific user details such as user name and password. As with Miami there r is a large list of modems which, if it includes yours, will handle the modem initialisation automatically.
So NetConnect gives you a good program launcher and set up interface but what else does it offer? Well for starters you will be getting AmiTCP 4.3, the latest version of the ubiq- uitous TCP IP stack which has quite a few advancements over previous versions, generally making it far easier to configure and setup.
Th s is an advantage over Miami which uses its QowerMai L One of the completely new programs that comes with NetConnect is PowerMail. Written by the author of MetaTool, a Mime compliant mailer, PowerMail is the next generation version of the original software.
Taking advantage of all the new features introduced in MUI 3 PowerMac's interface is fully drag and drop, allowing you to move mail attachments to the dip board, between mails and save them off to disk. Another spin off is that if you multiselect a bunch of mails and crag them over to the address book all the email addresses of the people who sent these mails will automatically be added to the address book.
Any induded images will be displayed in-line with the received mail and similarly images can be dragged o er into mails and will be automatically decoded as part of the mail using the installed Datatypes.
NOVA DESIGN, INC. f 1910 Byrd Avenue, Suite 214 - Richmond, VA 2323$ Phone: (804) 282-5868 - Fax: (804) 282-3768 - Customer Support:) (804) 282-652 ause com are.
Version of P program one of the computer.
Jetting an ret release form of e as com- ort every- )dd tables us means fectfy dis- AmTellMet ' not pro- xkages.
Ell all the in will be n will be ong with ' POP up ?lient all- it having the pro- mstaller unt and up and Gou've got to hand it to them. Not only does Softwood continue to fight tooth and nail for domination of the Amiga applications market, it even has the gall to take on Mr Gates himself. Yes, Final Writer is about to challenge Microsoft's monolithic Word in a bid to make a serious dent in the lucrative world of PC word processing.
But before you bombard Softwood with letters of protest at their treacherous betrayal of the Amiga, take a moment to look at Final Writer 5. You might just be surprised.
Far from releasing an old product with a few tweaks to milk a dying market, Softwood has actually put Final Writer through one of the most substantial overhauls it's had in a while. With, over 24 enhancements since release 4, this looks like the product of a company that remains very serious about Amiga-based development But first the basics (the majority of you who've heard this all before should skip the T f Giommar
* e r. • • ] Capfaliz Rut lene* of Sonfeocei 23 Correct TWO
Mrx* Cap«olt } Replace woroi oi you type
- Word! And Reptocemeoh I Word : Replacement Acftom p F'noJ
Writer Add | ana dont dour I ind I rdade occurrence receive
Sove | Ute next two paragraphs). Final Writer has vied for the
position of top Amiga word processor for years, and with good
reason. A WYSIWYG product, it was one of the first to fea
ture a user-friendly GUI complete with neat control icons and
point-and- dick requesters. In other words, it doesn't just
work well, it looks good too.
Final Writer includes basic drawing tools to enhance and illustrate the content of your documents. More importantly, it's faster when it comes to manipulating, formatting and ?
OP OF THE TABLE It's been a long time coming, but at last Final Writer 5 allows you to create and incorporate tables into your documents.
Tables are independent objects you can position anywhere. They are vital for documents where you need to present numerical data in a manageable and visually effective form - so much so that once you have them, you wonder how you did without them.
Still, better late than never, and Softwood have now done an excellent job by introducing an extremely versatile tables generator. The 'Tables Preferences' requester is a powerful tool, with all the options you're likely to need.
Restructuring lengthy sections of text than arch-rival Digita Wordworth - and that after all is what a good WP is about.
Now on to the refinements introduo with release 5. First up, Final Writer now includes a new Auto Correct facility. As name suggests, this will instantly corn your regular typos - thus teh will miraculously reappear as the, for example.
It's also possible to use this feature to automate repetitive phrases and lengthy names. If, for example, you were creating a tutorial for Final Writer 5, you could add an Auto Correct item to change fw5 to Finol Writer Release 5. Then whenever you typed fw5 the program would correct it to produce Final Writer Release 5. More useful than it initially sounds, believe it or not.
:finale ing to ent Wl This a half work Final Amiga ish it ing yc forma the fir and r work (The will • Macs sorts provi the F Sc reali ingly enst spec mad spec Ever non occi will Wltf C higl Auto Correct will also capitalise the first letter of sentences and correct two initial capitals in a sentence.
Release 5 now allows you to create doc uments using a template. The 'New from Template' option doesn't just open your document, it updates the dates and times in the document and leaves the name set as Untitled. So what? This means you can't accidentally save a newly modified version of the document on top of your template, making it perfect for protecting anc using templates for regularly used letterheads and forms.
Regular as clockwork, Softwood have released the latest instalment of their award-winning word processor. But is Final Writer 5 a major update, or just another fine tuning? Gareth Lofthouse reviews... Swapping between regularly used document formats is also made easier by a new option allowing you to save sets of style sheets and assign them to documents. In practice, this means you can have templates for different business letters, invoices, personal correspondence and so on, allowing you quickly to develop regularly needed document types.
Possibly the single most important innovation for serious WP users, however, will be the introduction of full featured, industrial strength RTF import and export filters. RTF is vital for use-s want- The 'text flow’ option allows you to have the document's body text flow around the left of right of the table, or over the top of the table. A 'distance' option tells Final Writer how much space to leave between the table and the text flowing around it, while if you type in a title for your table in the Title' area, the table's title will be appended to the special Table of Illustrations
sectioa Tables can be customised with 16 background colours (useful for contrasting different columns or rows of data) and different thicknesses for the lines that divide the table up.
It's as simple as it sounds - and that's how it should be.
Following in tho stops ol Wordworth, Final Wrltor now Includes and auto-corroct facility Amiga Computing 20 OCTOBER 1996 text than that after introduced friter now ity. As the ly correct II miracu- le.
Feature to d lengthy creating a Id add an to Final fou typed it to pro- »re useful ir not i the first wo initial eate doc- lew from pen your i times in ne set as ou can’t d version template, nd using eads and ed docu- by a new of style nents. In emplates invoices, e and so luickly to needed » single nt inno- rious WP ver, will uction of industri- F import irs want- TO THE FINISH LtlA.
I;?nrw j Final Writer 5 is a big enough step forward to ensure that Softwood this time deserves an unqualified recommendation.
Jargon BOX GUI - GroohtCol User HTML - Hrper-Text Markup Longuogt; the most commonly used language for creating Web pages Requester - Point-and- ckk gadgets that pop up onscreen to give user a choice of options RTF - Rich Text Format4 a popular text tile standard allowing users to interchange tile; between different hardwere and software platforms Tablet - Independent objects used in WP documents to present and con- »you to ixt flow able, or listance' :h space the text ppe in a irea, the the spe- vith 16 ontrast- )f data) le lines id that's 88% 94% 93% 81% Implementation Value For
Money ing to swap text documents between different Wps, and different platforms as well.
This means that you will be able to take a half-finished document from the PC at work aid load it into Final Writer on your Amigasat home to fin- ish it off. Then, providing you save it in RTF format, you can take the finished document and reload it on to the work PC the next day.
(The same procedure will work with Apple Macs, and between all sorts of different Wps providing they support the RTF format).
Softwood have realised how increasingly important this feature will be and have ensured it complies with the latest RTF specifications. Furthermore, they've even made certain that RTF files using future specifications will load without problems.
Even interchanging files with fonts that are non-existent on the Amiga (a common occurrence) is not a problem; Final Writer 5 will simply replace an unrecognised font with a preset Amiga font.
Other major enhancements include a high-ca ibre tables generator and an HTML export option for WWW pages (see our box outs). Improved data support for imported graphics is a boon as well, allowing you to import GIF, JPEG, BMP and other image file formats directly into a document.
Otherwise there are numerous sgiall but useful tweakings to the WP's functionality, revealing a company that's in touch and prepared to respond to its customers Despite troublesome times in the Amiga market, both Digita and Softwood have continued to develop their products and release regular updates of their highly regarded word processors. The truth is, though, some previous product updates have been disappointing; expecting powerful new features, we have instead been presented with small refinements that are useful but uninspiring.
It's therefore heartening to see an Qirst requests. For example, Softwood had made the 'Open Font' requester available from the Type Specs' requester in Release 4. Thanks to requests from users, however, they've now made the 'Font' requester accessible directly from a menu item.
Again in response to customer requests.
Release 5 also allows you to save sets of preferences and assign them to a document. This means you can save the current preferences using any name you wish.
Release 5 continues to enhance Final Writer capabilities for text manipulation too.
In previous issues, re-arranging copy was a messy matter of manual cutting and pasting. Now, all sections can be arranged using the 'Arrange Sections' requester.
With the release of the surfer pack, more Amiga jsers are at last getting connected to the Internet - only to find that many sites use software applets that don't support their machines. Oh well... Softwood's pro-active development of an on-line customer support service for Amiga
- owners is therefore particularly welcome.
From Jjly 1996, customers will be able to publish their own page on the Personal Web Site of Softwood's Server for 12 months. This facility, combined with the established Amiga News forum, should hopefully grow to become an invaluable Amiga product undergo a serious and substantial update that brings it up to speed with the sort of modern WP functionality we should expect It's even better to see it retaining an extremely affordable price tag for the home user.
Final Writer 5 is a big enough step forward to ensure that Softwood this time deserves an unqualified recommendation.
Resource for the exchange of information that's really relevant for Amiga owners.
And here's the link with Final Writer. To participate, users are invited to send information for their home pages as a Final Writer document along with any other links and graphics - then Softwood promise to do the rest. You will be given the opportunity to update this information orce a year.
A year's subscription to this service will cost you £35 - not too high a price for your own section of the Net, we think.
Final Writer 5 itself shows further commitment on Softwood's part for incorporating the WWW into their plans as well.
Release 5 now includes an excellent HTML export option allowing users to create documents that can be used immediately on a Web site.
Bottom line ' 0 • ict-m ¦ Ut» 11 14 IB P V ACAT ON HAWA I - n be a r- uezie: The tables facility la flexible enough to quickly create a wide range of object a that enhance and llluatrate your data Uatf !),% .... Creating tablaa in Final Writer takea half a minute, even when adding colour enhancementa iUL I ’ i ill ii ill i u muiin i aid i iii v ail i bui ml; 11 n i Staff Rota August 29th i- ¦» h" ¦ -I ¦ T"-»yr-T -T-',...... OCTOEER 1996 Software Hut Folcroft East Business Park 313 Henderson Dr Sharon Hill, PA 19079 AMIGA softhut@ix. Netcom. Com Info 610-586-5703 Hours: Mon-Fri
9 to 6 Sat 10 to 4 • Eastern FAX 610-586-6416 Orders 800-93-AMIGA Disks work n
• All our customers worldwide can now reach us by E-Mail. We
always respond within 24 hours on 3oatw» Quotes & Technical
Info, and ship orders the same day. Our number is
softhut®ix.netcom.com • YES, WE STILL HAVE AMIGA COMPUTERS IN
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33. 95 2000 Greater M)5tenes
29. 95 Garden Punts
9. 00 Photooenics 2 Can A Long Hard Day on the Ranch
9. 00 Indoor Plants
9. 00 Power Pinball
10. 00 Advanced Mibtaiy Systems
6. 00 Gardening Handbook
18. 00 Pro Pics
24. 95 AGA Experience
24. 95 Gateway
18. 95 Psycho Kilter
8. 00 AGA Experience 2
26. 95 Gateway 2
19. 95 SfX Volume 1.2 (Specify)
29. 00 Amencan Heritage ill Dictionary
12. 00 GIF Galaxy
26. 00 Scene Storm
26. 95 Amiga CD Sensation t • Demos
15. 95 GIF Gallery Vol 1
22. 00 Sci Ft Sensation v2
28. 95 Amiga DeveiooerGOYl.1
19. 95 GIFs Galore
8. 95 Software 2000
36. 95 Amiket Share 4
7. 50 GIF Sensation
24. 95 Solar System Kit lor LW 84 95 AmiNet Set 1
36. 95 Giga Graphics
39. 95 Sound & GRX Library
28. 95 AmMet Set 2
36. 95 Global Amiga Experience
28. 95 Sound FX Sensation
21. 95 Amiket Set 3 NEW 39 95 Gold Fish 2.3 (Specify)
19. 95 Sounds Terrific 1.2 (Specify)
25. 00 AmMet 3
4. 00 Graphics Ptus
18. 00 Space & Astronomy
21. 00 AmAet 4
7. 00 Graphics Sensations
24. 95 Spectrum Emulator 1996
27. 95 Air-Nf.5,6
12. 00 Grader's Encyclopedia 2 38 95 Sports Football CD-32
6. 00 AnkNet (Specify) 19.00 Gumess Book ot World
9. 95 Strip Poker
12. 95 AmiNet 13 NEW
11. 95 Gutenberg Project
19. 00 Surface Pro & Pro Textures Combo 55 95 AMOS POUbrar 1.2
25. 00 Horror Sensation
26. 95 Super Fonts
19. 00 Anime Babes 1895 Hottest 4.5 (Specify)
26. 95 Syndesis 30 ROM vf, v2 (Specify) 7995 Arcade Classics ’lus
23. 95 Hottest 6
24. 95 Tales of Peter Rabbit 1000 Artworx
12. 95 Hound ot tne Baskerviiles
9. 00 Ten on Ten (10 Cds) 49 95 Assists Game?
8. 95 Hgmingig LW or Imagine (Spec)
159. 95 Texture Gallery Vot 1 27 95 Assassns Games 2
22. 95 Illustrated Works of Shakespeare
14. 00 Texture Heaven
7. 50 Audio Plus
18. 00 ImageViskw
184. 95 Texture Heaven 2 1295 Barney Bear Goes to School 800
Insight: Technology
12. 95 Thafs Games 1.2 (Specify)
25. 00 Bcliiet 1.2 (Specify) 895 Internet's Avalon CD-ROM
44. 95 Time Table of Hstory: 1991 Editions Beauty of Chaos
Fractals 1995 Internet Info
24. 95 Business. Politics & Media
15. 00 8 bie & Religion
17. 00 Kara Fonts Complete Collection
89. 95 Science & Innovations
15. 00 Blanker Collection 2295 Last Nm|| 3 QO-32
5. 00 Tgwn With No Nam*
5. 00 C64 Sensations Volume 2
26. 95 Light ROM 2
22. 95 Turbo Calc 2.1 CD
14. 95 CO Boot
39. 95 Lioht ROM 3 (3 CDS) 39 95 Universal 30 ROM
137. 95 CO Caddy
6. 00 Light Works
29. 95 Urimedia 1 & 2 (2 Cos)
21. 95 C0P01
8. 00 Maoie lliuwns 3D Stereograms
14. 95 Utilities Experience NFA 1995 CO PO 2.3.4 (Specify)
24. 00 Magic Publisher
49. 95 Utilities Volume 2
29. 95 COWnae
42. 95 Mag* Workbench Enhancer
25. 9i
25. 95 Video Gem
85. 00 Chaos Engine CC-32
6. 00 Maximum MOOs Volume 1 Visions
24. 95 Cinderella The Original Fairy Tale
9. 00 Meetino Pearls 3
13. 95 Visual FX 1.2 (Specify)
99. 00 Clip Art & Fonts
9. 95 Mega Media 2
19. 00 Weird Science 0 p Art
14. 00 Clipart Warehouse 1.2 (Specify)
18. 00 Micro R&D Volume 1
25. 00 Weird Science Fonts
14. 00 CootoMk MUVI1 2
19. 00 M*ro R&D Volume 2
43. 00 Wmd Scene® Animations
25. 00 Colour Library
15. 95 Micro R&D Volume 3
14. 95 Weird Science Demo Mania 1
20. 00 Corporate Video Backgrounds
124. 95 Micro R&D Volume 4
15. 95 Weird Science UPO Gold
39. 95 DataMix
16. 00 M«ro R&D Volume 5
44. 00 Women In Motion
9. 00 da Capo Mods & Sounds
27. 00 Mmd Run - COTV ONLY
2. 00 Workbench Add On
32. 00 Oemo C01,2 (Specify)
24. 00 MOOs Anthology
35. 95 World Atlas from Wisedrome
39. 95 Distant Sun 5.01 CO NEW
99. 95 Movm Maker Special FX1
5) 95 World info
45. 95 EMC-Ptusa 1.2.3 (Specify)
33. 95 Mwtag Gives Me a Stomach Ache ).00 World of Clean Plus
22. 95 EMCPhase 4 Call Movmg Textures 100.200 (Spec) 23)00 World
of GIF 2
22. 00 Emulators Untamed Plus 2695 Mud Puddles
13. 00 World of Photo
19. 95 Encounters: The UFO Phenomenon 16.95 Multimedia Mega
24. 00 World of Sound
18. 95 Epic Collection
26. 95 Multimedia Toolkit 2 (2CDs)
35. 95 Wrath of the Demon
5. 00 Enc Schmitz CD-Archive
21. 95 Musk MOOs & Sound Samples
5. 95 XiPaint 4.0
64. 95 EuroScene
8. 95 NetNews Offline Volume 1
15. 95 Zoom Release 2
34. 95 EmoScono 2
16. 95 Network CD by Weird Science
22. 95 ASM Peripheral!
Alfa Data fttfaPnw Pim IW. HD C&nfntf l«r 010 8Mb RAM; $ 149.95 for A500 5Q0« New 72 pin SIMMs Altj Pwrtr Plus % 613Mb HO $ 369.95 C*ll ter other CmligiMttloni Repairs & Installations We realize the difficulty many Amiga users have In finding reliable and honest service facilities. We have been with the Amiga right from the start and know it thoroughly. We repair all Amigas, including the A1200 and A4000 We also install and configure existing machines. We offer reasonable rates and free estimates. We only charge you if you want your system repaired V Please call our Tech line at 610-586-8640 for
details on sending In your system.
* Actual return shipping charges do apply to all units sent m to
our location.
BiQFoot 200W P.S.-A500-600-1200 S84.95 Commodore A5O0 Power Supply 49.95 A500 Case complete w shiekhng 17.95 A500 internal Replacement Ortve 44.95 A500 Keyboard 44.95 External Floppy Drive 880K 89.00 A501 RAM Expansion Board 33 96 CBM Service Manuals A500 Service Manual $ 14 95 A500* Service Manual 19.95 M-TEC Germany MT* AT 500 No HO $ 149.95 Mtec AT 500 613Mb HD 369.95 Mtk A500 2Mb RAM Module 139.95 Mtec 68020* Tubo A500 OK 99.95 A2000 Rev 4.x Serwce Manual 22.95 A3000 Desktop Service M«nyal 24,95 A3000 Tower Service Manual 26.95 1084S 01 Service Manual 14.95 1950 or 1960 Service Manual (Spec)
19.95 2091 Service Manual 12.95 Prog's Guide to Arexx w Disk 14.95 A2060 A2065 A2232 Serv. Man. 12.95 A590 HD Service Manual 14.95 CDTV Sfwce Manual 17.95 Address It! 1.5 $ 26.95 AmiPC Power Mouse Software
18. 95 AmigaVijlon Clips vi SFX
8. 95 AmigaVijion Professional
24. 95 Artworks Clip Art Library
22. 95 Aweb 2 W'HTML Heaven
44. 95 Batch Ftttory
49. 00 Blitz Basle 2.1
69. 08 Brilliance 2.0
124. 96 Caligari 24
139. 00 Checks & Balances
38. 00 Cinema ‘D Vaglc Link
249. 00 Composta Studio Pro
149. 95 Control Tower
139. 95 Cross DOS v6 4695 Cross MAC
79. 00 Decision Maker
199. 00 Desktop Magic
28. 95 Desktop Magic Sound Art Pack
14. 95 Digital Universe
124. 95 Directory Opus 5
79. 00 OifWork 2
59. 00 Disk Exptnder
37. 95 Disk Mafic
54. 95 Disney Aiimabon Studio
39. 95 Distant Suns 5.01 Floppy
57. 95 OJ Helper 2
59. 00 Easy Ledgers 2
149. 95 EnPrint 2 Epson Stylus Color Driver 34 95 Family
34. 00 Fiber Factory 79 95 Final Calc
134. 95 Final Data Release 3 59 00 Final Wrisr Ref 5
112. 95 Final Wriar Lite
59. 95 Fractal Po 6.10 w FPlLv1 CD
65. 00 GameSmth Development System
78. 00 GeoMorph 1.0 4995 Gigamem 3.x
58. 95 HiSoft Basic 2 94 95 Ibrowte
41. 96 Image F« 2.6
239. 96 Imaoine 3.0
239. 00 ImaoeMaster R T
69. 00 Impact! Tor Lightwave
219. 95 infoNexus 2 w DataNexus
59. 95 Intenor Construction
69. 00 Interior Cesign 2. Or 3 (Specify)
38. 00 International Flow Charter
33. 95 Invoice 111.2 34,95 Link It!
4995 Magic Lantern v2
94. 00 Make Pali 2.10
29. 95 Master ISO from ASIMwiru*
174. 95 Mams Beacon Teaches Typnng 2
24. 95 MaxOOS2 5
79. 00 Mobori Master LW (Spec Yl gr y2)
114. 95 Music X 2.0 6995 OctaMEDPro v6
59. 95 On the Ball vi 5
35. 00 Pith Finder
99. 00 Pegger20
29. 95 PC-Task v3.1
129. 95 Photogencs
84. 95 Fnxel 30 sro 2.x
89. 95 Power Macros Lightwave
89. 95 Pro Vector 3
179. 00 Quarterback 6.1
49. 95 Quarterback Tools Deluxe 2.02
49. 95 Quarterback ? Tools Bundle
89. 95 Road Signs
44. 95 SAS C 6.51
159. 95 Scape Maker 4 0
39. 95 Scenery Animator 4.0 58 95 SIGH-Light 5.4
24. 95 Snap Maps: Building Materials
124. 95 Snap Maps: Fields & Foliage
124. 95 Sort Talk
7. 50 Sparks
119. 95 Sguirrei Zip Jaz Tools
24. 95 Studio Punter 2 v2.1
94. 95 Super HF*DJC 3 or HP-U4 (Spec)
37. 95 Surface Fro
55. 95 Termite TCP
64. 95 Terra Form 2.10
29. 95 Turbo Cat 3.5 64 95 Trurbo Frint 4.1
84. 95 TVTeoct P'O
19. 95 Twist 2 Relational Database
119. 95 Upper Disk Toots
25. 95 Video Backup System
69. 00 Viste Pro 3.05
49. 95 Wave Maker 2 0
179. 95 Wipe Studio
137. 95 World Construction Set v1
158. 95 World Construction Set v2
368. 95 Mere titles ere eveilable. Plane call.
HOT 6 NEW Qimts lor Amlgi t CD-32 Aladdm AGA S24.95 Alien Breed 30 AGA CD-32 (Specify) 39.95 Alien Breed 30 2 AGAfCD-32 (Specify) 41.95 Atrophy AGA CD-32 (Spaecity) 34.95 Beau Jolly Compilation 24.95 Blitz Bombers ECS AGA CD-32 (Spec) 37.95 Breathless AGA 34.95 Civilization ECS or AGA (Specify) 24.95 Coala - tor all accelerated Anigas 37.95 Colonization 36.00 The Clue (CO-32) 16.95 Defender of the Crown 2 CD-32 16.95 Dungeon Master 2 AGA 42.95 Exile AGA CD-32 (Specify) 37.95 Exile ECS 24.95 Extreme Racing AGA CD-32 (Specify) 37.95 Fears AGM)0-32 (Specify) 37.95 Gloom CO-32 24 95 Gloom Deluxe
Amiga 39.95 Gloom Data Disk AGA 17.95 Humans 3 AGA 39.95 Lion King AGA 24.95 Master Axe ECS AGA (SpeoV) 34.95 Odyssey Amiga 34.95 Odyssey CD-32 37.96 Overlord ECS AGA 24,95 Pinball illusions AGA CD-32 (Spec) 37 95 Pinball Mania AGA 37.95 Pinball Prelude ECS AGA (Specify) 34 95 Pole Position ECS AGA (Specify) 34.95 Roadkll! C0-32 17.95 Sensible Golf Amiga 37.95 Sensible World ot Soccer 9V96 34.95 Shadow Fighter ECS AGA (Specify) 19.95 Shadow Fighter CD-32 39.95 Siam Tift AGA 34.95 Speris Legacy AGA CD-32 (Specify) 37.95 star cmsader CD-32 2,95 Super Skidmarks ECS CD-3S (Spec) 34.95 Super
Skidmarks Data Disk AGA 19.95 Super Stardust AGA CD-32 (Spec) 34.95 Super Tennrs Champs Amloi 34.95 Theme Park ECS AGA (Spec fy) 44.95 Vlro Cops ECS AGA (Specify) 29.95 Virtual Karting AGA 26.95 Watch Tower AGA 34.95 Worms AmgVCD-32 (Specify) 39.95 XP8 AGA 36.95 Amiga Books A1200 & CD-ROM Need to Know 129.95 internet Modems & Comms 29.95 intimate AMOS 28.95 RCM Kernel: Devices 3rd Edition 27.00 ROM Kernel: Inc. & A'doci 3rd Ed. 36.00 Exptoting Lightwave 30 52.99 Complete Post-Prod, w B. Wilton 24 95 FXK* for lightwave 33.95 Power PX ter LW 5.0 27.95 Video Products Personal Anlm. Recorder.
Amiga Call Personal TBC 4 $ 829 00 RocGen Plus Genlock 199 00 Vidi Amiga 24 RT 269.95 Vldl Amiga 24 RT Pro 379.00 Vlab Y C internal Call VlabY C External Cafe Utilities Unlimited Empiant Deluxe $ 349 95 E mpfant AMIA Interface 55.00 Mac Emulation Pro for Emjtant 34.95 a5860X Module for EmpfaW 119 95 We proudly announce 2 kEW software emulation packages mat allow you to run ill Mac software on your Amiga.
$ 67.96 Mac Lite Empiant A1200 i CD32 w SX Unit
54. 95 Software Hut Info 610-586-5703 Av |avc Tech 610-536-8640
VlUUIO 800-932-6442 Hours: Mon-Fri 9 to 6: Sat 10 to 4-
Eastern GVP-M Falcon 040 2SMz Accelerator Fastest for the
A1200 UpgradTHe to 060 $ 499.95 Falcon SCSI-2 Option . 559.95
Conmct Your Ainlgal A Guido to th« IntirNet, LANs BBSs. &
Online Servictf $ 24,99 for book only, or $ 49.95 w 8 disk mot
described bolow Connect Your Amiga) Eight Disk Set $ 27.00 for
disks only Dice 3.2 • $ 89.95 MB Backup 2.5 • 59.95 Olsk Salv
4 - The ulimate Amiga disk utility - 534.95 Amiga Envoy 2.0b
• Peer to peer networking - 554.95 The Deathbed Vigil & Other
Tales ot Angst • 2 hour vtceo • $ 25.00 MegaBall 4 - $ 24.95 I
HAVE MegaBa Is! T-Shirt Lor XL (Specify)-5*4.95 A2000 030
Combo 40Mz CPU 4 FPU. W SCSI. OK RAM expandable to t6Mb
$ 429.99 NEW 060 T-Rei 2 A4000. A4000T. A3000T board.
060 50M; w SCSI-2 controller, expandable to 128Mb RAM. Supports normal 72 pm SIMMs $ 1199.95 A2000 0 60 50MZ Combo Same features as T-Rex 2 above
5999. 95 GVP RAM Modules 60Ns 4Mb - $ 124.95 16Mb - $ 379.95 DSS 8
Plus 3.0 Software 129 95 4000 SCSI-2 Controller 139 95 I O
Extender • 2 Senai. I Par 119.00 A2000 040 40 G-Force 824
95 A4000 040 40 Accelerator 849 95 Software Hut Proudly
Announces the American Distribution of Bruce Smith Books
Featuring the Most Current Amiga Info Totall AMIGA amlgados
by Bruce Smith. 416 pages - Aimed at the beginner, this
book uses a friendly modular approach with simple programs
lor you to enter and try. Easily go Irom novice to seasoned
user. Written by the world's top selling Amiga author. For
Amiga DOS 3.x
529. 95 Totall AMIGA assembler by Paul Overaa. 512 pages -
Assuming familiarity with the Amiga, this book introduces
Machine Code in a straightforward anc easy to read fashion
with many examples. Topics Include: GadTools and ASL
libraries. Written by the well known Guru of C. For Amiga
DOS 2 & 3.
530. 95 Tetall AMIGA workbench by Bruce Smith. 416 pages -
Assuming no prior knowledge, this reader-friendly book will
quickly have you using Workbench 3 to Its full potential.
Covers: recoverable RAM disks; hard drive usaoe; copying
with a single drive: copying tiles; & more.
$ 28.95 Mistering Amiga Beginners by Bruce Smith & Mark Webb • This book doesn't promise to make you an expert but It will give you the essential foundations from which you can progress. Step by step advice on specific subjects is balanced with general advice on all ma|or subjects on the Amiga.
529. 95 Mistering Amiga D0S3 Riliranci by Mark Smiddy • A tull
reference guide to over 140 commands. Also contains details
on Mountlist. Amiga DOS Error Codes. AmigaGuide, IFF.
Commodoties. And much more.
$ 31.95 Mittirlng Amiga Scripts by Mark Smiddy - Contains over 100 ready to rui scripts for all Amigas. Programs are fully documented, line by line, so yos can learn and pick up new techniques and twists.
529. 95 Mattering Amiga Programming Sacrats by Paul Overaa •
Learn how to achieve stunning sound, color, and scrolling
effects in your programs by using Amiga's special graphics
and custom chips.
$ 31.95 Mastering Printers by Robin Burton - Be able to choose the best printer lor your requirements The Amiga's printer control software Is pulled apart and fully explained front all points of vtew. From Workbench to OS routines.
529. 95 Coming loom Totall Amiga C 0 Totall Amiga AMXX Game
Software Blowout Adventures o WiRy Beamish $ 12.95 Killing
Cloud 895 Agony 1195 Joe Blade 395 Amazing Spiderman 495
11. 95 Amnios
11. 95 Lemmings 2 • Tie Tribes
19. 95 Aquaventuri 895 Math Blaster Pits
12. 95 Atommo
9. 95 MegaTraveller 2
14. 95 Blade Warrior
9. 95 Might & Magic 3
14. 95 Bob's Bad Day
6. 95 Monai Kombat
14. 95 Can Lewis Challenge
11. 95 Oh Not More lemmings - Add On 595 Carmen San Diego • World
7. 00 Power Styx
3. 95 Chamber ot Set Mutant Pnestess
11. 95 Prime Mover 695 Clever & Smart
2. 95 Rambo3 495 Ciown-O-Mania
4. 95 Red Zone
11. 95 Covert Action
4. 95 Rinos of Medusa
4. 95 Curse ot the Azure Bonds
10. 95 Roadkili A1200
9. 95 Dino Wars 695 Sink or Swim
7. 95 Double Draoon 2
2. 95 Sky blaster
2. 95 Dragons tone 11 95 Space Quest 4 1oger Wilco 1495 Oream Web
12. 95 Subwar 2050 A6A 1695 Elite 2: Frontier
14. 95 TaWe Tames
4. 95 Espana Gaines 895 Targhan
4. 95 F29 Retalutor
12. 95 Teenage Mutant Nmia Turtles
7. 95 Fields ot Glory AGA CD-32 Spec
14. 95 Tetns
7. 95 Flames ot Freedom
4. 95 Theme Park Mystery
3. 95 Giodbuie
8. 95 Top Gear 2
12. 95 Greens 30 Golf
4. 95 UFO Enemy Unlown ECS AGA (S08C)I6.95 Gunshoot 295 Wings
1195 G unship 2000 CD-32
14. 95 Wiz n' Uz
11. 95 Hit Street Blues
3. 95 World Trophy Soccer 695 impossibae Mission ECS C032 Spec
14.95 Amiga A1200 Insider Guide by Bruce Smith • Ther
best-selling guide to Workbench and AmigaDOS on the A1200. It
covers everything from formatting disks & copying tiles to
Preferences and commodities. Discover such new features as
Intellitonts, using CrossOQS with MS-DOS. And configuring
525. 95 Amiga A1200 Next Steps Insldir Guide by Peter Fitzpatrick
- Explains how to Choose, Install & manage a hard drive, use
MultiView & Amoga DOS and how to best improve storage and
display. It Introduces video & graphic editing, making
music, programming. & more.
525. 95 Amiga Disks and Drives by Paul Overaa - Learn to use and
care tor all types ot disks and drives to improve your
understanding and to maximize their usefulness. Topics
Include formatting, disk repair, back-up. RAD. SCSI. Cds.
Copying and moving tiles, encryption and security. For all Amigas.
$ 25.93 Amiga Assembler Insider Guide by Paul Overaa • Want to learn Assembly language but don't know your IntulMessage from your Null terminated string?
With easy-to-fQllQw examples & instructions this book explains & demystifies the (argon. Applicable to all Amigas. It comes with a tree disk which Includes the PD A69k assembler & programs from the book.
525. 95 Workbench 3 A to Z Insider Guide by Bruce Smith • Every
aspect ot Workbench is documented with screen shots and
examples ol usage. Once you become familiar this invaluable
reference will prove Invaluable.
525. 95 Amiga BASIC - A Dibhand Guide by Paul Fellows - Tkis book
is a substantial introduction to BASIC. A BASIC Is also
provided and Is packed with some of the cleverest routines
$ 28.95 Sacrats ol Sim City 2000 qy Andrew Banner - Enjoying Sim City 2000 Is about experimenting, planning, strategy and lateral thnking. Deviousness, and sometimes cheating. This is a complete guide to getting the best from 2000.
Coll Sacrats of Frontlor Elite by jony Dillon • This Is a handbook tor any budding pilot who wants to become Elite, or just incredltly rich. Packed full ot strategy, hints, tactics, and secrets. For Elite afficionados.
Call Commodo 7 Closeouts Amiga Products COTV T-Shirl w Magazine 2W 8n0geboird - PBC Only 2088XT BndQeboard Compute A500 User Manual AC Power Cord A4000 Top Case A4000 Bottom Case A4000 Front Bezel A4000 Metal Plate tor FOOs 5.25' AmigaVision Professional Textcratt Plus Amga Gift Bundle Amiga Starter Bundle Amiga Discovery Bundle A1000 Power Supply TV Text Pro DPlint 3 Bundle A500 Shield
29. 1 5* 6* 71 7* 9se 9*
24. 1 7* 7*
7. B 6» RK Manual Ubraries & Devices vl A1000RF Cable 7* 49!
591 5*
7. 90
49. 95 COTV Keyboard A1200 User Manual A4000 User Manual CBM
Dynamite Bundle cu m rnioctt Ribbon MPS1230 ROOon 801 Rfcbon
803 S7« 7 Ct
7. 0t 129!
1995 168 149!
24 96 CH 2495 249!
29* 24 96 24* 34 56 14,8
8. 95
29. 9!
128 Motherboard 128D Motherboard 1541 PCB Alps 1541 PCB Newtronics 1541-2 PCB 1670 Modem 128D Keyboard 1280 Power Supo»y110v 1280 Power Supply 240v C-64 HO Power Supply 1571 PCB 1571 Orive Assembly 1541 Drive Assembly 1541-2 Drive Assembly C-64C Motherboard 1501 1541-2 Power Supply C 128 RGB Monitor Cable PC-10 Keyboard Our Policies No willing lor your orders id s up Onkn m by 2PM go out the same day Seconj Day 4 Overnight shipping is avtiiabu international orders ship by Ar Pared Post or UPS Express Domestic omen ship by UPS or Airborne Express
• AX orders are subject to credit card verification* Due to ad
schedules, all prces an subject to change. We accept Visa.
Master Card. Amman Express. I Discover with NO service charge We aisc ship COO. Accepting Cash. Ceriifiel Check, or Money Order. Minimum COO order is $ 50.00. Software and accessories shipping Is $ 6.00. Hardwan shipping is $ 6.00 for small items. $ 15.CO tor Monitors. Call lor larger items. COO add $ 5.00. Canadian. APO. I international orders ire welcomr We wl bill only lor actual shipping charges I insurance at time ot order. 15% r*-j stocking fee on all returns not ecchangec for another item. Shipping charges art NOT i blazing $ 12.95 ly 24.95
* 01 e 29.95 595 695 795
7. 95
9. 95 525* 9.95
24. 95
7. 95
7. 95
7. 95
6. 95
12. 95 It 12.95
6. 95
* 45 vl 7.95
4. 95
59. 95
5. 95
7. 95
49. 95 Siren Software's new Ultra CD-ROMs get the Amiga Computing
test $ 7 00
7. 00
7. 00
12. 95
39. 95 39 95 1995
19. 95
16. 95 1495
19. 95
24. 95 Cill
24. 95
24. 95
29. 95
24. 95 24 95
34. 95
14. 95
8. 95
29. 95 0iren Software have been busy this month. Not only have
they just released the Apollo Accelerators, but also this
range of 'Ultra' CD- ROM Drives. Three variations are
available to suit your needs and pocket and these are
differentiated by their speed. The drives are available as
either a four speed, six speed or an eight speed and are
identical in all but this aspect. For the purpose of this
review, we looked at the eight speed.
The range are all ATAPI IDE external drives and come mounted in sturdy metal enclosures. What you get with each is a complete package that gets you up and running with your new CD-ROM drive in a relatively quick time. The drives plug onto the 44 pin IDE connector inside the computer and with the supplied software and cables you can configure your Amiga to support the ATAPI drive.
Depending on your workstation, you have the option of storing the CD-ROM drive either on its base or on its side. This is possible thanks to a simple but innovative feature of dips which hold the CD in position when ir use. Unfortunately, a potential worry would be that if you are right handed then you may find the cables limiting the amount of room you have to manoeuvre your mouse. Although the cables are long enough :o stretch across to the other side they are rather taut and interfere slightly with the keyboard. This potential problem can be eliminated however, by the ability to turn
the drive onto its side which also gives you more storage space on your desk.
Siren have put quite a lot of thought into this product and have even provided a feature which will please those that are environmentally friendly. That is when the CD- ROM is not in use, it recognises this and shuts to a low power consumption mode.
The drive also comes in handy as audio CD player. This means you can plug the device into your stereo through the audio output connectors and listen to a few of your favourite CD's. As you'd expect there is a headphone jack located on the front of the machine so you can listen to CD-ROMs without disturbing the whole office or house.
The volume for the headphones can be controlled via the control at the front.
Otherwise control for the drive is via an onscreen bar which lets you slide the volume up or down. This can be shrunk into the title bar to keep your desktop as uncluttered as possible. Some may have preferred this if it was a commodity, however. The supplied software, IDE-fix, also acts as a CD32 emulator and allows the majority of CD32 titles to be used.
Although the drive is quite noisy in operation, it has an extremely fast accessing time as you’d expect from an eight speed. Siren are onto a winner with this collection of Ultra CD-ROM drives and it's grea: to see such a complete package which means you can get started without having to worry about purchasing additional parts. It’s also good to have a device which leaves your other slots free for other uses. This option is considerably cheaper than purchasing a SCSI CD drive. Think about your needs though before you buy - if you can afford thfc eight or six speed, you will get extremely
fast drives, although their four speed option may suffice for many Amiga owners needs.
The supplied package means that you have all the necessary software and cables to get the drive running. The process is quite fiddly though. Firstly you must unscrew the cover of the Amiga and remove the keyboard. Then find the IDE connector and if there is a hard drive, disconnect the cable that connects the hard drive to the IDE connector.
CO Ovvtc* Unit 1 Vendor 1 Product 1 Reunion tandmcd.pcnc U.devlce I | nlclje.etapl.4evlce id.) *Pl-4*v c» iendancd.device hn ¦how co-ium only _*U Tho IDE fix software allows you to got up and running quickly You must then remove the hard drive and plug the supplied cabie into the Amigas IDE interface. If you have a two 2'h" drive you will need to plug this into the second connection, I you have a three and a half, you use the three and a half inch. With me so far? You will then need to remove the floppy drive and the blanking plate at the back of the computer. This means you can now plug
the CD- ROM drive into the connector which is an expansion board that fits into the slot at the back of the Amiga.
AityttRtsttvr Finally, install the IDE-fix software and away you go.
Although this is all quite fiddly, it is straightforward enough and means it leaves the PCMCIA and other ports free. It also ensures full compatibility with memory expansions and accelerators. However, it's worth mentioning that this procedure is not as convenient as using the Squirrel interface and a SCSI CD drive.
Line Requirements RED essential I BLACK recommended A1200 ®D ® ¦Kickslart Hard drive KICMUrt (for CD32 emulator) Product details Prod i Product: Ultra CD-ROM Drive Siren software 4 Speed £169.99 Installer Basics I prices are ccept Visa.
Express. & irpe We also
h. Certified flimum COD iwin and )0. Hardware ems. $ 15.00 r
Items. COD
i. APO. I ome. We will g charges & ir. 15% rent exchanged
charges are 6 Speed £199.99 8 Speed £239.99 Enquiry Line 0161
796 5279 Credit Debit card orders (freephone) 0500 340548 Ease
of use Implementation Value For Money Overall 75* 88*o 19*
Amiga Computing Of you're old-school, the term ’printer1
evokes mental images of noisy dot-matrix affairs which
generated letters and envelopes (if you were lucky), with
grainy, functional text If you're new-school, the term
'printer' evokes mental images of whirring laser and inkjet
printers which turn out fancy letterhead and smooth fonts.
So the conventional wisdom goes.
At Fargo, printers aren't for agendas or schedules or boring letters in black and white.
Jason reviews They're for colour, and lots of it Fargo's Primera line sets standards for high-end professional applications, and is a favourite of computer dealers looking to convince people that computers are indispensi- ble tools.
Fargo has now taken its experience and put it in a consumer-level product The FotoFUN is a physically unimpressive device, a small white breadbin with only a couple of buttons and a slot on the front to make any difference. But inside is a dye-sublimation printer capable of turning out full-colour pho- tographc-style prints of your favourite computer pictures in just about two minutes.
There are a number of techniques that can ~ be used to get colour onto paper. The FotoFUN's dye-sublimation uses heat and a special cellophane-like ribbon to create living colours on a 4" x 6" piece of photographic paper specially supplied by Fargo. Each ribbon comes with 36 pieces of photo paper, and lasts just long enough to complete the set. There are no user-serviceabe moving parts in the inside of the printer. The FotoFUN is a somewhat unusual printer in that it is not set up to accept a wide variety of media. Most printers, be they dot matrix, laser, or inkjet can accept different
paper of different colours, along with envelopes and other paper products, but the FotoFUN exists solely to transfer photos and images from your computer onto film-type glossy paper.
The printer connects to the Amiga through the parallel port There is an Amiga driver for the printer but, unfortunately, it is not shipped with the product Instead, a program must be obtained from Fargo and paired with the special driver keyfile from the irduded PC driver disk. This is not exactly convenient, but it is worth the effort Once your driver is properly installed, you can use a GUI interface to set certain preferences of the printer, such as the darkness of the final print and whether or not you want a clear protective layer added to the final photo. That taken care of it is then
ready for your images.
As mentioned before, the printer can han- die 4“ x 6* photo paper. To crop (make suitable for printing) a computer image can be frustrating sometimes. However, I recommend ImageFX because it also includes an expanded driver for the FotoFUN printer in version 2.6. If you don't have ImageFX 2.6, you can simply copy or save IFF images to the FotoFUN device created by the driver.
Each print sent through the FotoFUN takes about two minutes and costs roughly SI for the customer, who has to buy ribbons and prints together for 36 individual cameras. This is a fairly expensive way to get photo-quality colour images, but the convenience of doing it from your home shouldn't be jnder-esti- mated.
ETAI LS Product FotoFUN Fargo Electronics Supplier EANS AND WAYS S499 ARP Phone: 001 612 941 9470 (US readers 1 800 327 4622) Fax: 001 612 941 7836 Ease of use Implementation Value For Money Overall
• 5%
- £9 What's the printer good for? Well, if you have a scanner
and want to alter images and re-print them, spending a little
time in ImageFX or another image processing program and then
outputting to the FotoFUN would be a good way to work. If
you're a PhotoCD buff, you can use the FotoFUN to get 'hard
copy* of some of your favourite pictures. Then there's the
FotoMug kit which allows you to create coffee mugs with any
picture on them by baking a FotoFUN print onto a specially
coated mug. It's actually fairly inexpensive to do and takes
only 15 minutes in the oven. Or, if you're a postcard buff,
Fargo can provide you with special postcard print paper so you
can create your own message.
The FotoFUN isn't for everyone - it's pretty much a one-track mind device. However, it's a neat device and certain! worth a look if you think you might need colour printing for your archives, presentations, or business.
Amiga Computing nake suit- ge can be I recom- dudes an printer in igeFX 2.6, ges to the er.
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3K2 • r _J CALL FOR FREE CATALOG Information and Orders; Call 915-563-4925 It's been a bumper postbag this month for Ezra Surf, with letters pouring in from all corners of the world.
Many different subjects, from budget games to faster processors, have provoked you into putting pen to paper, so take a moment to peruse what your fellow readers think
* L, JIMS jats JIMS JI4.9S
- $ 7.95 4195 w :_N S K UAL MICADOS - ALIVE AND KICKING rou lbl»
thr 19 ;5 OG CH 6 I $ 195 _195 795 _3700 _too _4100 195
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- 400 pi JS Companion llko PIOS will hal puraua a brighter iture
tor tht futi the Amiga D. G rs: 15 As a dedicated fan of 'Amiga
Computing' and things Amiga, it is interesting to both read and
hear about other people's point of view, particularly our
friends across the water, as they invariably see things
differently from 'us'.
Several of your correspondents had some interesting and sometimes valid viewpoints, but I am not letting them get away with some of the points made. To make things easy, I'll list the ones I disagree with in more or less the order in which they appeared in 'Postbag'.
'Dying but not Dead?' -1 can see the logic of his reasoning, but it totally ignores the vast number of people world-wide who like AmigaDOS and wouldn't give up their Amiga whatever happened as far as other formats were concerned. Furthermore, most of 'us' are ready, willing and able to spend money to get what they want out of their Amiga, which leads me nicely on to the next point The Americans are talking crap when they want an upmarket machine for nowt as we say in Yorkshire, and in saying that a cheap machine would certainly sell in America.
Mich planet do they live on? Severa of the American PC makers are planning to flood the European market with what I would describe as ‘downmarket Pcs' - the equivalent of 486 586 pre-Pentiums, because they cannot sell them over there in the saturated market!
Like mcst people our side of the water, I came to the Amiga when I acquired, quite late on, an Amiga 500. It was a brilliant games machine, and although much better made than the later 6D0 and 1200, its design limitations did not lend itself as well to expansion as the
1200. Being entirely fair to the 1200, it was never really
designed as a big box Amiga; that slot was filed by Amiga
with the 4000. As an aside, I am still kicking myself for
not taking out a loan to buy the second-hand 4000 that I
could have had for just over £1000 after Commodore went
bust But it is no use ciying over spilt milk now, because
at the time I couldn't afford it Subsequently I spent
considerably more than that upgrading my 1200 to where it
is at now; Seagate 1.1 Gig hard drive inside, Blizzard
1230 4 accelerator and SCSI board and ?
Outlet with a 16Mb SIMM giving me 18 Mb RAM. It is, I suppose, still technically a standalone machine, in that I could if I wished take it to another place and run it fairly easily, but in practice I have it connected to a HiQ Powerstation - it has on-board my CD-ROM, separate stereo speakers and room to add several other things to the SCSI chain if I wish. It provides power for my Project II printer and I use my Zip drive for back-up.
Alright, t has cost me dose to the price of a quite reasonable PC, but I chose the Amiga because I prefer it to the PC and it does almost everything I ask of it That it cannot yet do is entirely down to my lack of expertise, not AmigaDOS!
When Escom bought out what was left of Commodore you will remember I wrote saying that I thought Escom was a disaster. When I heard that VIScorp was taking over from Escom, I felt considerable relief. At last here was a firm, as I understood it, with limited resources, but which knew what it wanted the Amiga for. Hopefully it would even be prepared to license the technology and carry it forward.
This is already happening.
Phase 5, who made my Blizzard board, has already announced that the new PowerPC rs in development and that it will be backwardly compatible with AmigaDos 3.0+!
Similarly, John Smith has joined the new PIOS company together with several other Amiga aficionados like Dave Haynie and Andy Finkel, and will be developing a computer based on the PowerPC with an operating system 'similar to the Amiga OS' - quotes courtesy of this month's Amiga Computing!
If I had either a 500 or 600, I wouldn't be looking to go over to a PC I should be snapping up one of the many 1200 bargains to be currently had - in our local paper the other day there was a 1200 with hard drive and a Commodore monitor for just over £200!
Your prize letter this month was well aimed at the games companies, and I would only add that it is a shame somebody doesn't start transferring some of the older Amiga games over to a budget-priced CD-ROM, like the ones currently available on PC at around £12.99.1 am sure there is a ready market - I for one would jump at the chance of buying several of the classics on a CD. Think of all the hassle it woiid save trying to install games on your hard drive.
That's enough rabbiting from me for now, although I don't promise not to bring you some more in the bright Amiga future!
Ian Aisbitt, North Yorkshire Ah, a regular contributor to our postbag, I see. You mention the availability of secondhand Amigas and I think this is definitely a small but significant step forward, at least for the time being. This provides a very cheap way of buying an entry level computer and then upgrading it to suit your needs.
The only problem with this is that the number of people opting for second-hand machines won't be recorded, hence development companies won't see an increase in Amiga owners - until they start buying new hardware and software.
A budget CD-Rom sounds like an excellent idea. I'm sure many Amiga owners who either missed the game first time roind or don't want to have to mess around installing disks would snap them up. As far as we know, no plans are on the cards - apart from the usual budget releases on disk. But who knows? Some nice big publisher out there might take notice of our humble column Cot something need to get off your chest?
ant to share some handy hints with other readers?
Simply put pen to paper and write to Ezra Surf's Postbag, Amiga Computing, IDC Media, Media House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield, Cheshire, SK10 4NP. There's 150 up for grabs for our star letter.
Amiga Computing First off I would like to say you have an outstanding publication and it has made my turmoil over the death of Amiga World here in the US extremely bearable. Okay, now that I've buttered you up with accolades, here is a complaint (you knew one was coming)- Delivery of Amiga Computing US edition here in the States is extremely slow, and always la:e with regard to any pertinent information in your magazine. I was looking forward tc purchasing StormC at the special Amiga Computing reader price, but unfortunately the offer expired May 29 and I did not receive my magazine until
May 30! I don't know how publications in the UK are scheduled, but here in the US all next month magazines are sent out before the end of the previous month.
S EDITION PROBLEMS In this way readers receive the May edition before May has turned into June. Is mail really that bad? Over 30 days? I assumed since Amiga Computing was an IDG publication that the US edition was printed here in the US. Am I wrong? Amiga World was also an IDG property but it was always on time.
Thank you for your time.
James Vigliotti, USA Do not feat We have sorted this out and apologise for the problems you've had in the past The way it will work in the future (from this magazine onwards) is that everyone - including our American subscribers - will receive an International edition. This is because Amiga Computing and Amiga Computing US have merged to produce an even stronger title.
The advantage for you is that you will get the magazine at the same time as our UK readers. Plus, you get a bigger magazine both in terms of editorial content and actual size (English A4). So hopefully this will keep readers on both sides of the pond happy as we strive to bring you the latest news and developments from the Amiga world.
Qwant it all Why can't we have it all? Ever since the late Jay Miner and Amiga, Inc. developed our beloved machine, it has been looked on as a computer that has always been years ahead of its time. My personal view is that the Amiga operating system is fast and efficient, and the system architecture is still envied by many computer cevelopers who try to mimic its functions with system boards and chips (ie video, audio, and I O). But the one thing that has been a great disappointment for the Amiga is its processor, the heart of the machine.
I do not understand why the fastest processors ever created have still not been incorporated into the Amiga (ie PowerPC or DEC). IBM jsers are now playing games on 133 Mhz Pentium Ultimate Gaming Pcs.
These processors are 20+ times falter-than the average 030-based Amiga. Serious Amiga users like myself (A1200, 68060,18Mb RAM) are forced to incorporate IBM compatible DECs, MIPS, and Pentium Pro workstations into our work areas.
What I believe many Amiga users want is an Amiga, with its powerful operating system and custom chip set, combined with a processor that runs around 300 MIPS (million instructions per second), all in one box.
Amiga third-party developers have believed this, but fcr some unknown reason it has always been the corporate owners of the Amiga who have seen differently.
The Amiga community is unique in that it can easily stand alone in this vast computer industry. VIScorp, with proper planning, industry co-operation and development, could be the only computer company with direct products in three of the now top computer areas: gaming (CD32), personal computer workstations (A1200, A4000T), and cable set-top boxes (ED). Amiga Computing, I love your magazine and your world support for the Amiga. Keep up the excellent work.
LeRoy Parham, Jr., Clinton, MD USA Glad you like the magazine. I agree that what the Amiga needs is a faster processor
- if it's to compete with these 100 and 133 Mhz Pentiums, it's
essential. People seem quite content to shell out £1,500 for a
machine that they want to word piocess with and play games on.
However, the Amiga community is still strong, and it's amazing
to see the wealth of support still around for the machine. We
hope that VIScorp will use this to its advantage and exploit
the fact that it could have top products in certain areas (ie
personal computer workstations, set-top boxes).
I'd disagree with you that the CD32 can stand alone as a direct product in the games market It's too late for it now. Partly due to the fact there were no CD32-spe- cific games, but mainly because It's been superseded by the likes of the PlayStation and the Saturn.
VIScorp's plans for the set-top box do look promising, though, and with things such as networked gaming, the Amiga could take off in this area.
It's not VIScorp we have to convince that the Amiga is a good machine, it's those who don't even know that there is an option available beyond buying the latest PC ETTER FROM THE LAND OF THE VIKINGS First I wculd like to say congratulations on your growing readership. Before 1995 I almost never bought your magazine. In fact I only have three from before 95. Now I buy Amiga Computing every month. I espe* daily like your reviews of serious software and the news and reviews of different companies who use the Amiga. Why haven't you covered i Phase 5 and MacroSystems yet?
Second, I would say that I don't like your game reviews. Not because of your writing but because of the bad games you review. I believe that you should only review games with extremely good graphics or gameplay. A good example of a game with graphics is Breathless, and for good gameplay, Sensible Soccer gets my first place. The others are mostly junk. When some PC friends of mine look at the games section in my Amiga Computing (and all the other Amiga mags) they all wonder if the magazines are from the end of the 'M's. The Amiga games these days don't exactly strengthen the Amiga's posi
tion in the home computer market.
Us tcribera ciflc US Hon.
Iga nputing 1 Amiga nputing have
• ged to iuce a nger jaxine g, and it's ipport still hope that
ntage and ! Top prod- i computer CD32 can ict in the now, part-
CD32-spe- ! It's been layStation p box do ith things ming, the
this area, re to con- s a good ho don't an option Ing the Every
second month or so there are some Amiga users from the UK who
complain about the price of Amiga Computing.
Next time you even think of complaining about the price, remember that all the Norwegian readers, including myself, pay £8 for Amiga Computing with a smile on our faces.
I would also like to encourage all Amiga owners to buy as much software and hardware for your Amiga as possible. About two-and-a-half years ago I bought my Amiga 4000 030 bundled with ScalaMM210, a 260Mb hard drive, 10Mb of RAM and the Vlab Y C card for 23000 Norwegian krones (that's about £2300).
And, aftei I got a job last year, I have bought CyberStorm060, CyberVision 64 (4Mb version), 540Mb hard drive, 1.3 Cb hard drive, two 4Mb RAM chips, one 8Mb RAM chip, MicroVitec 1438, Oktagon SCSI-2 controller, ZIP drive. Photogenics 2 and Cipema 4D v2.1. And I haven't finished buying yet! You may think that I am rich because I have bought all this, but I'm not. I only earn about £180 a month and take small jobs when I have time - last summer I earned £400 by writing procedures on my A4000!
In the short time I have had my A4000 I have spent £2500!
Finally, I would like to encourage all the readers of Amiga Computing to save up some money so we - all the Amiga users - can buy the PowerPC Amigas that Phase 5 is making for 1997. But don't forget to buy Amiga products in the meantime. Phase 5 and MacroSystems seem to be the only hardware-related firms who really do something whh the Amiga these days. New Amigas should have at least an 040, not a slow 030 which seems to be the processor chosen by AT for the Walker'.
Also, tie current price of the A4000T is way too high. Who wants to buy technology from 1992 for more than £2000? I surely wouldn't have paid that much for a machine that old if I were to buy a new computer today. The only reason for me staying with the Amiga today is the OS and the real Plug and Play. The only OS which can almost compete with AmigaDOS is System 7 on the Mac, but the software on the Mac is extremely expensive compared to software on the Amiga.
What should the future Amigas be like?
Take a Icok at Phase 5's Internet pages and read the configurations for the Power PC Amigas. This is the kind of Amiga system I would gladly pay for in 1997. If 1600 xl200 pixels at 24-bit colour depth and a refresh rate of 72Hz seems too good to be true, check out Phase 5 on the Internet.
To all Amiga users: Keep on supporting the Amiga. It is the only computer with a user-friendly approach and has the fastest and best written OS on the Earth today. Any comments?... Ole Haugland, Norway I'm glad you have seen the error of your ways and decided to buy the magazine monthly. And at £8 - well, Amiga Computing is priceless isn't it? Who can put a value on all the helpful reviews, previews and tutorials we have? It saves you money in the long run because you only buy the products that are worthwhile. Anyway, enough of this blatant self-promotion.
To address your other points. Firstly, we will be featuring MacroSystems and Phase 5's current projects in the very near future. We would not neglect such important issues but we want to make sure we can give you proper, in-depth articles on them.
Secondly, I agree with your comments about the Amiga games market. However, I'd like to point out that we do try our best to review the better games rather than fill the section with useless titles that nobody would buy, but with the current situation it gets harder and harder to fill System. It sometimes becomes necessary to show some of the less than perfect titles just to give you an idea of what is available. Despite this, we are far less guilty than other magazines of taking up pages with these kind of games. Instead, we leave it in Andy Maddock's capable hands to find other ways of
filling the section. For example, we bring you helpful cheat modes or features on games companies, which I'm sure our readers find more interesting than reviews of poor games.
Also, what you say about the 44000's is true - only real enthusiasts will want to purchase the machines at these prices. You're very enthusiastic about what Phase 5 will have offer in the future. We too hope that it can revitalise the market with the impressive PowerPC project.
If you prefer, you can send us four letter via Email.
Simply point your mailer to: ESP 4-acomp.demon.co.uk. You could even send it in on a disk - it makes our lives easier too. Someone has to type this lot in you know!
Amiga Computing hixtron AMIGA RKPIiAfEMENT CHIPS AMI SYSTEM IIPGUAIIKS Pavlnm Paxlrun is North America's largest wholesale supplier of Amiga replacement and upgrade chips REPLACEMENT & UPGRADE CHIPS (Factory flew) PRICE $ 1250 $ 24 50 ..$ 19.95 ,$ 34 50 14 ROM O.S ________________________________
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(390537-04) ...$ 34.50 Usa
(39122741) $ 24 50 Ramsey
lrev.4) 390644 )4 $ 1995 Ramsey (rev. 7)
39054147..™ ..- ..$ 36 50 Alice 6374
(39101001) ..$ 25.50 $ 21.95 Gal
(XU9) (39012241)) .-.....-™, Gayle
(315107-02) ...... Budgie
(39142541)™ ..... Super Denise
(39155441)......„ ... 6571 Keyboard Chp (39107941),.,,
6570436 Keyboard Chip (32819142) .$ 14.95 Paula
8364 (391077-01) ___________________________$ 27.95 Gary
(39054042) - .... _ $ 32.95 . , $ 1995 $ 33 95
$ 29.95 ,,,,,.$ 14,95 Super Buster Rev. 11
(390539-11)_____________$ 29.95 Bridgets
(39138041) ..$ 29 50 Video
DAC (39142241)...... $ 19.95 68000CPU
(39008447) .$ 13 96
68020-16(39150641) ...$ 1896 MC WW2RC25A PGA
New (30434-011 ...$ 19.95 MC 68882RC20A
PGA...._ $ 30.00 MC 68882RC33A
PGA $ 37.50 XC 68882RC40A
PGA ...$ 69.95 MC 6803QFE25B QfP
(39039?45l $ 19,95 MC 68030RC 50
(Factory New) CD32 (no RAM --- C032 complete CD32 comctete w«h
RAMtesltd f*L) $ 8955 CD32 replacement CO
mechaism ..$ 39.95 A500 (rev. 3) nc all chpe
(see t»bw) .$ 59-95 A5001Rev. S-6) with Super
Dense ..$ 89.50
A600 ...- .499.95
A1200 (NTSCl bn»l« quaitlv 30 C S M rremory New $ 289 95 A120Q
(RAL| b mw qjantty 30 05 S merwy New ...$ 279.95 A2000 LATE
Rev. 63724373 2.04......- ...$ 279 95 A3000
(16MHz) ...._......- . ......-...4299.95 A3003
(25MHz) .- ..$ 359.95
A3040T (Tower) 25MHz . $ 36995 A4000 ll.mited
quantty) ...CALL SX1 (for
the C032) .....4184.50 C64
(refufoished testod all chps) ..$ 29.95 064
untested, ail chips clearance .2425.00 C65
inc. all chips, latest ROM (PAL only) .569.95 C128
$ 49.95
C1280 ....$ 69.95
- ......$ 1795
1541 Alps
(15000401) ..$ 17.95 1571
Newtrcncs (31042041) ..$ 17 95 PC 10 20
III .....$ 23.00 AMIGA FLOPPY DRIVES (Factory New) High Dens.
Ext. Floppy tor at Airagas ..$ 114.95 A500 Imernal
880k ..S38 95 A6W12W
Internal 880k ...„ .447,50 A600'1200
new Arr.ga Tech spsoal release Dutton 41.95 A2000 Internal
880T S44.50 A3000
Internal 880 ....$ 4995 A4000 Internal
880k 449.95 CD32 Replacement CD mechjnism
$ 39.95 Hard Drive 40MB SCSI
2»" ......457.50 Hard Dnve 40MB IDE
2V .457.50 GVP SCSI Controller
4W8 0* $ 144 50 1541
(retoibished) ....$ 44.50
1541II External icompleie pa*age) $ 89.95 1571
(limited quantity) ..489.95
A500 ...
438.95 A50Q’A600'A1200 Big Ft. I200Wani Mcro RD......$ 79.95
A590________________________________ - ......$ 19.95
A12Q0 110 vokS $ 38 95 CD32 Ongnal I Factory (110
volts) .$ 21.95 CD32 Oignal I Factory (220
vofts) .S14.95 CD32 Bg Foot (200 Watt) Micro
R'D ......$ 74 50 A2000 110 220V mtemal
ononal ..$ 89.95 A2000 Big Fool (300 Watt)
Micro R'D $ 144.50 A3000 internal (l 10 220
volts) ..$ 99.95 A3000 &g Foot (250
wans) Micro RID. $ 144 50 A3000 B-g Fool (250 wans) A3000TOW ..
$ 124.00 ..$ 119.00 $ 169 95 A4000 internal (110 volts).....
A4000 int. 300 Wan Big Foot 1084-D2 Daewoo Flyback Transtormer
orfy 1084S new Molherboard’Ftyback -.see Deww 1084S power
supply board (relurbished) ....$ 29.95 C$ 4
nprvepfKabk) $ 1495
repairable ..- ..$ 19.95
C64 52 amp Heavy Duty (also 1750 REU).....$ 39.95 C65 220
Votls ...- $ 12.50
C66 110 Volt
....$ 21.95 C1280
Internal 524 95 C128 external 52
amps .... $ 39.95 1541 IU1581 |lim*ed
quantity) ...... $ 8.50 KEYBOARDS (Factory
New) $ 17 95 .419.95 $ 39.95 C&4..... C65 (Special
Keyboard) ...... A50D (limted
quantity) .„... A600
.....- 426.50 C128D (limited quantity)
______ -...424.95 A12O0-._____________$ 34.95 $ 69.95 A20W
$ 6995 A40C0.
COTV Black.
..$ 5295 $ 39 95 ..$ 39 95 C032 Black™ ____________________ SX1 ... Amiga compatfcle ‘AT keyboards" see below A2000 keyboard adapter to A4000 .$ 8 95 a4000 keyboard adapter to azqqq ....$ 8.95 6570-01 (71) (315107-01) Keyboard 1C .....$ 14,95 ADD ON BOARDS (Factory New) 68020030 (A4000) --- A2320 Flcker Fixer (A200QA4000) .-....$ 249.95 A386 (25MHz) Bridgeboard ISW Instr .....-$ 264.50 A386 (20MHz) Bndgeboard ,'SW Instr $ 259.95 A2088XT AT Br'Meboard KiV'dpve, manuals
(A2000) -..$ 44.50 A2058 (OK) (A2COO) Expansion board 8K .$ 69 95 2091 Hard Dak Controller OK new ROM ...$ 89.95 A501 original Ram Exp - 512K (A500) ......$ 17 95 A590 external A500 Contr (no h'd) wth tv's ..$ 16995 A590 HD controller, latest ROMs, 2MB RAM. 10OMB HD. Power Supply .$ 36995 ICO Tritecta 500 EC: BE hard d-we 16 bit controler. Up tt 8 meo»d« last RAM, spece ter hard dnve $ 159 55 ICD Ad Ram 540 (OK) up to 4MB ....489.50 ICO Ad RAM 540 (A500) w' 4 Megs ...$ 199.95 ICO Ad RAM 510»1MB tor
A500* ...$ 59 95 ICO Ad SCSI 2000 ...489.50 ICO AdSCSl 2080 (A2000) ....$ 79.55 ICO Ad Speed 599 95 ICO Flicker Free Video - ..$ 248 95 Microway Rickerfixer .....$ 224.40 Slngsbct Pro pass thru (Mcro RD) .....$ 37 $ 0 A1050 RAM Expander (A1000) 256K .$ 10 96 A3000 Daughter Board ...$ 39.50 MOUSE CONTROLLERS (Factory New) C8M 1351 C64 C128 .....$ 19.95
Amiga 1352 ....$ 22.50 Wizard 3-buOon (tor all Anvgas) $ 22.9$ A4000 ....422.50 Amiga CDTV .....$ 1595 Amiga A1200 mouse port replacement kit ....$ 7.95 CD32 controler ...- ......411.75 DIAGNOSTICS A5WA2000 Emergency Start-up K SEE BELOW Amiga Techtopcs (entire library) CALL Advanced Amga Analyzer (see below) $ 59 95 Final Test dagnosbc disk by Amiga ......-.....$ 7.95 Anvga
Troubleshooting Glide ......S7.95 Commodore Diagnostician II $ 6.95 C64 128 Dead Test cartrtogeVnanual ..$ 19J5 C64 128 Diag. Cartridge no cable - 42475 Service Manuals - ..SEE BELCW CLEARANCE SALE SX1 Expansion Module tor C032 .....- $ 199.95 A600 Ccmplete Ccrrputer SyslenVHO ......$ 219.95 CD32 Network: CD ROM'CaWe $ 53.75 VGA 15 - 23 pin RGB Adapter (390682-01) $ 19.35 A520 (New) Video Modulator Adapter kiVcables mstruclions .$ 12.50
2. Q4 3.1 Rom Switch - (Switch Itt) with speater...4l7J0 256X4
RAM tor A2058 expander, etc .S4 50 Mcnsor Cables • 10
Drflereni types - CALL C6 untested
motherboardtol chips -2 lor $ 25.30 C128 untesled
motherboards all chips .$ 24 35 Monitors: 1084S.
1950.1802. etc.- ....CALL Commodore PC10 20
motherboard ..$ 23.00 PC power supply
...$ 2400 CDTV
modulator ..$ 295
COTV complete unit ....CALL Laser
pnnte- memory board OK (All HP units) ,.$ 24.35 A500 power
supply (used) 220 volts ..$ 19.35 A2410 Lowel h .
Res g-aphcs Doafo'af ZIPS ,,$ 16935 Sony QD6150 data
cartridge------------- $ 900 A1200 top'bottom
case ..... $ 1950 Joystick • Captain Grant
(tor ai Amigas)------- $ 2.39 An Inexpensive Diagnostic
Analyzer That Works On All Amigas WE'RE ON THE INTERNET! COME
ANALYZER 2.0™ A complete diagnostic hordwore and software
analyzer (uses point and click software interface | The
analyzer cable plugs into all Amiga ports simultaneously and
through sophisticated software, displays 8 screens lo work
from. Shows status of dato ports, memory (buffer) checker
system configuration ond oulo test Reods diagnostic status of
any reod write errcrs from track 0 to track 79 Software
automatically fells wtat errors ore found ond the
chips components responsible. 85 to 90% of the problems
preseeled to service centers are found wilh this analyzer.
Saves you lots of money on repairs end no end user or repoir
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11,000 sold. New low price U IMPORTANT NOTICE If you are a
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Depending on availability, orders received from the U.K. and Europe may be shipped from ou'
U. K. office, thus saving on shipping and duties.
A500 COMPUTER with power supply and latest chps (eg: 8372 Agnus. 2.34 CVS) Includes your choice ol the toflowng software books Starter Kit Discover Kit (inc. Kind Wcrds, Deluxe Paint II) or Deluxe Kit llso includes tree Amiga Troubleshooting Guide ($ 7.95 value). 90 day warranty, tested & ready to go. Fantastic price .. 4119.95 Commodore GmbH Germany. Commodore Philippines (manufacturing) and Commodore U.K. Ltd.. has liquidated their entire Amiga inventory. A sizeable amount cf that inventory was purchased directly by Paxtron U.S. We also are receiving a sizable
amount of hardware from Commodore subcontractors.
Also included is the entire stock of chips and parts from Service Management Group (SMG).
board wd cure 90 percent ot 1084S monitor problems. Simply
switch the motherboard and your mentor A50G A2000EMERGENCY
DIAGNOSTIC REPAIR KIT (Spare parts ol the ttfuro) Each kit
contains 8372 Agnus, (2) 8520 CIA. 8364 Paula, 5719 Gary. 8362
Denise. 2.04 O S Rom. Pioo fuse. Bumdy PLCC chip puller, Amiga
Troubleshooting Gude, Rnai Test tfsk All chips are new and plug
«to sockets on the motherboard. A $ 159.00 value (save
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with 100% compaUbilKy ..... ..... ...... $ 59.95 Complete service manuals. Some manuals may be photocopied. 5 day detoery on some manuals.
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- 57.95 $ 7.95 $ 6.95 $ 19.95 $ 24.75 E BELOW * ...$ 19995 ...$ 21995
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CALL $ 23.00 $ 24.00 $ 2.95 CALL )..$ 24 95 $ 19.95
...$ 169.95 $ 900 $ 1950 ... 52 99 table lore.
I will cure $ 74.50
50. 1602.
No 1950 v I need some technical help with installing a TJ squirrel SCSI interface and a Reno Portable drive to an A600. I have installed the I Squ rrel software several times using different configurations but the CD-ROM icon will not show on the screen.
I have changed devices and unit numbers on the tool types of the CDO DOS driver. I have also tried a different CD-ROM drive and a second mother board without success. I finally sent the Squirrel back to the company to check it out
1. Do you know of anyone who has been able to set up an A6Q0 with
a CD-ROM drive via the Squirrel
2. Can a CD-ROM be connected up to the parallel port using the
SCSI cable that comes with the 2D32 and $ 39 95
• (boards.
NTSC or $ 289.95 one Most a noxtto
• I box and Irtg for a
4199. 50 (fek I f’ave recently had one or two problems with my
computer and I would be jjy immensely grateful if you could
help out J I. The other day I dropped the shell icon into
the Workbench partition of £ my hard disk, but I cannot get
it back on the main Workbench background screen. I have
tried Snapshot All from the Workbench menu bar, but it does
not seem to work. Could my Magic Workbench be anything to
do with this?
2. 1 read that SCSI hard drives are supposed to be faster than
the IDE equivalent Your review said that my Seagate drive is
IDE, but Sysinfo says that it is SCSI. Why is this?
3. When reading the speed of my hard drive using Sysinfo with my
Blizzard 1230 disabled, the transfer rate is always between
1.4Mb and 1.5Mb per seconc. But when I use the Blizzard, cur
rently with no Ram, these figures drop to just above 1.2Mb.
Will this change when I get more memory? Has this anything to
do with the low speed ratings you gave it in your review? I
used to have the Blizzard 1220 accelerator and the speed was
2.5Mb per second.
Craig Humphries, Fosdyke
1. If you want an icon to stay put on the Workbench and reappear
in the same place each time you reboot your machine, you need
to use the Leave out option in the icon menu. The easiest way
of using this is to select the icon you want 'left out* on the
Workbench and press the right Amiga and L keys. The reason
this works as opposed to just dragging the icon onto the
Workbench is because the Leave out function creates an extra
file called .backdrop, in which there is a list of the files
that should be left out Each time Workbench starts, it reads
this file • that is on the root of each drive * and will place
any file found listed in there out on the Workbench.
2. Generally it is taken that a good SGI 2 hard drive and
controller will produce better results than an equivalent
IDE drive. Good transfer rates for an IDE drive trill be
around 2-3Mb s, while a fast SGI 2 controller, such as the one
found on the G-Force accelerator, will produce results at
double this speed. The speed you get back does rely greatly on
the speed of the controller, processor and the hard drive
Before the A600 and A1200 came out IDE drives on the Amiga were fairly rare, with SCSI controllers and hard drives much more in favour, mainly due to the extra flexibility of the SCSI interface. Because of this, Amiga software was written with SCSI controllers in mind.
So, when the A600 and A1200 came out H was decided to make things more compatible. The internal IDE interface would therefore appear to software as though it was a SCSI interface, thus enabling software to access the IDE drives while being unaware of the different interface.
3. Why have you bought an accelerator without any memory?
Without extra memory you will only get a fraction of the extra speed of which your new processor is capable. You are right in thinking that getting fast memory will cure the transfer rate problem. The probable cause of the drop in transfer speed when you use the Blizzard board over the A1200's built-in processor is that it cannot transfer data as fast to chip memory.
3. If so can the Squirrel software be modified for a parallel
port usage or do I need other software?
Anthony Whiteman, New York As far as I know the Squirrel should work fine with either the A600 or the A1200, but it does seem strange that you are having so much trouble getting your Amiga to recognise the CD-ROM drive as the Squirrel install software is very straight forward to use.
Normally the most common reason for a PC- Slot device not working is that some of the pins on the interface have become bent out of shape.
This is easily done if you try to insert an inter- 0600 SQUIRREL AND BATS face at a slight angle as the end pins can end up being pushed down out of the way. If you get a jewellers screw drive and a torch with a little bit of care you can realign these pins.
Other than that the best way to see if the SCSI interface is working is to use SCSImounter which comes with the Squirrel. If when the CD-ROM is connected SCSI mounter just returns errors then there Is definitely something wrong with the interface.
To answer your last two questions there is no way you can get the Squirrel software to work with the parallel port It is theoretically possible to use the parallel port but H would be so slow there would be little point.
Fear not if your Amiga is on the blink.
ACAS will sort you out and send you on your way with a cheery wave Amiga Computing E HARD WAY ? H ?
I purchased a Syquest EZ135 drive j and an Oktagon SCSI card from Casteiner at THE computer show at the Novatel hotel and had a lot of ¦J pioblems in getting my Amiga 4000 030 to recognise it. It was all very hit- and-miss.
During one of the times when it 'hit', like a Person Rapidly Approaching Termination Time Of PRATT for short I inadvertently formatted my internal hard disk using the Oktagon preference program. And yes, you've guessed, it the only back-ups I had were of my Workbench partition. Oh woe is me, and thrice woe at that!
However, as it only took a few seconds to format I am assuming that all it did was a quick format So, whilst all the files and drawers are there, on boot-up the system cannot find the various partitions.
I have tried DiskSalv 2 extensively, but I find that fie names do not correspond to the actual contents of the file. At present and with many thanks to Darren at Casteiner, I am using the EZ drive as a second hard drive until such time as I can get my old partitions back, or at worst have to re-format it Now the burning question: Can you help me get the system to 'find' these partitions?
Is it possible that using DiskSalv I have managed to mess things up good and proper?
And finally, yes I will be making regular backups in the future, especially as I can fit my 120Mb hard drive onto one EZ-Drive cartage.
Let this be a lesson to the 'I can't be bothered, I haven't got the time, it won't happen to me, I'll do it tomorrow' brigade. Be bothered, make the time, it will happen to you and tomorrow never comes. It is always too late!
DitkSulv dome a good Job ol recovering damaged flloa, but It can only do ao much S Mallion, East Sussex There is nothing worse than accidentally formatting your hard drive. On the whole, DiskSalv does a good job of recovering deleted files, and there are two approaches to using it in your situation: You can use DiskSalv's unformat function. This will try to resurrect your hard drive in its original state with all your files where they were to begin with.
Unfortunately, it has the best chance of success if you have not used the hard drive since the format as any writes to it would have disturbed the original files and DiskSalv will not be able to do as good a job.
The second way is to use the undelete function. This will scan the formatted partition and make a note of every file header H finds. You can then choose which files you want DiskSalv to try and recover. I would think this last option would be your best bet as you will be able to try and undelete as many files as you can from your hard drive onto your EZ drive.
Other than this there is not much left you can do.
I suppose the main reason that people don't bother properly backing up their hard drives is laziness. The first time you back-up your entire hard drive can take a good while, even for a small-ish I T1 drive, but once it is done, next time you will only have to deal with the new files.
Therefore the amount of time you kave to wait is only a fraction of what you would think.
- I - chanci well k As I hopefi you to But un the co In fact you
don't really have to wait around at all. As the Amiga
mulli-tasks you can have you back-up program running on a low
task priority in the background while you get on and do some
thing else. Also, if you have a large program such as Final
Writer, all you really need to back-up are any document files.
In this way, if you do lose the copy on your hard drive, you
can just re-instal Final Writer then restore your documents
from your back-up.
Any to I ha~ that ap play ar prop’. ¦ type *c copies Wha Founta diskfon ther mi putting Questions questions I am a computer programmer who is rela- V tively new to the Amiga computer. My J brother gave me his old £miga when he 1 bought himself a new one, and I have • foind a lot of things I like about the Amiga compared with the Pcs I use every day at my work.
My Amiga is an A500 with a 120Mb hard drive and 9Mb of Ram. I would like to develop software for the Amiga but find the manuals I have dry, boring and difficult to read and understand. Also, they do not really address the question I have about the Amiga.
As I find you do a pretty good job of explaining the Amiga to those who write to you, I am listing the questions I have:
1. Why don't most Amigas use SVGA monitors with none-interlaced
2. What is a DMA?
3. Why can the Amiga multi-task while a PC cannot?
4. What s it that allows the Amiga to have such terrific handling
of bitmap colours when compared to a PC? I have to work on Pcs
at work and I find that if I look at a bitmap image close up,
colours like orange are just a bunch of red and yellow dots,
whereas on my Amiga, orange is orange with a nearly infinite
number of shades and hues.
5 What are you talking about when you refer to the future Amigas new custom chipsets? Have these new chips been developed, or are you referring to existing chips that could be incorporated into the new Amiga? If these chips exist what are they and what are they used in now?
Are foi
4. 1 thii monito blue di is beir screen PC and
5. Basi known that th Amiga Whent these c more p Becaus fanatic
must h not rea Time have la develo| Anyboc would I Basical
worth i the-she 6 If the future Amigas use a standardised
chipset does that mean it could use the graphics cards and
sound cards of the PC? What would that do to the colours the
Amiga displays now?
7. Why does the Amiga have a different method of writing to
floppy disks than Pcs? What is the possibility that the new
Amigas will use the new floppy drives developed by 3M that
can pack 120Mb of data on theii 3.5* floppies?
8. The Workbench looks so plain with all the drawers the same
and everything different shades of grey.
I am used to having lots of colour and many different icons on the PC, and I would like to change the colojr scheme and icons on the Workbench. Is there anything out there that would help me do that?
Ken Haigh, St Jacob USA
1. Well, for any ACA Amiga or big box Amiga with a graphics card,
there is no real reason why they cannot use
• an SVGA monitor and high resolution none-interlaced screens.
Traditionally, however, the Amiga main display has been either
PAL or NTSC, which are the standard TV displays used in Europe,
America, Japan and Australia. Because of this, most Amiga
software is geared towards these display modes and there is no
real incentive for people to use VGA monitors.
2. DMA refers to the ability of a device or chip to access the
computer's memory independently of the processor, and stands
for Direct Memory Access. A device that can perform DMA has
the advantage of freeing up processor time, bul there is the
possible problem that it can stop the processor from accessing
memory. One thing that made the Amiga special when it
originally came out was that all its custom chips could
perform DMA, and so work independently of the processor.
3. The Amiga can multi-task due to its operating system. When
ever you run a program, the operating system add this to its
list of all programs running, and when it asks for processor
time, the operating system will 'share ouf the total proces
sor time between all the programs that request it With the
advent of Windows 95 the PC cai now multi-task, even though
the system requirements Amiga Computing B time you new files,
u have to ou would i to wait ulti-tasks ;ram run- :he back- Jo
some- arge pro- ou really nt files. In f on your tall Final
mts from i I have recently purchased a Commodore IP3300 colour
printer to J go with my Amiga 600. However, I do not know
which printer dri- j ve' to use when using Wordworth vl .2, as
there isn't one listed for ¦ this model and any I have tried
result in the printer going berserk!
Could you please help?
D Burdey, County Durham I suppose you could be excused from thinking a Commodore printer would work with an ex-Commodore product but you should never really buy any hardware unless you know you have the correct software to use it The worst offenders for this type of thing are printers. Unless you know you have a correct printer driver, the chances are the printer is not going to work. And if it is not one of the well known makes, you are asking for trouble.
As for getting the printer to work, I have to say things do not look too hopeful. Most printers come with Epson compatibility, which may allow you to print out using black and white output and grey scale graphics.
But unless you can get a specific printer driver you will not be able to use the colour side of the printer at all. Sorry.
OINTLESS PRINTER Do you have a problem? Do you sometimes find yourself poised over your Amiga with axe in hand, spouting profanity at the stubborn refusal of your software or hardware to behave in the correct manner?
Well, calm down and swap the axe for pen and paper, jot down your problems, along with a description of your Amiga setup, and send it off to Amiga Computing Advice Service, IDG Media, Media House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield SK10 4NP. Alternatively you can e-mail us at ACAS(a)acomp.demon.co.uk O FONTS I have an Amiga 600 with an extra 1 Mb of memory, plus an external drive and an Epson FX-100 printer. My problem is not being able to use the fonts. I can display and use them on-screen, but cannot get any to print out other than the default type.
) I have installed the printer as per the book and that appears to be satisfactory. Using Shell I can display any font I want by typing 'setfont name size prop'. This then displays the named font If I then type 'copy * to prt:' followed by a message, this only copies to the printer in Topaz.
What am I doing wrong? Also, trying to use Fountain, I get a message 'unable to open diskfontlibrary'. Clicking OK leaves me with no further moves tc make. I have a feeling that I should be putting a tool type in somewhere. Or is there something else I should have done? I would appreciate a little help and advice.
C £ Baity, Surrey I You seem to be getting a little con- fused with how the computer han- Jr dies what appears on the screen AJ a°d how this data gets to your printer. In the Shell it does not matter in what font the text appears, as the only data being sent to the printer is the ASCII characters you are typing.
Low end printers will generate printouts in two ways. One is by using 'built-in' printer fonts. Most printers have a couple of sets of printer fonts that can be used, but the output you get is still basically what a typewriter would give you.
The other way is by printing a 'bitmap' passed to it from the computer. This bitmap has to be generated by a program such as Wordworth. This takes all the fancy fonts and graphics you have laid out and generates the bitmap at the coirect resolution for your printer. The only way you can do what you want is to either use a paint program or word processor; the Shell will only ever output plain ASCII.
The problem you are having with Fountain is caused because it needs a more recent version of the diskfont library that is found in your libs drawer.
If you have Workbench 2.04 or higher you should have the correct version. It could be that you do not have any version on the disk you are using, and in this case you should copy the original from your Workbench disk.
However, w four times what the Amiga uses, r PAL or I think you will find any picture displayed on a s used in monitor or TV is made up of tiny red, green and icause of blue dots. How visible they are depends on what towards is being displayed, the display itself and the incentive screen resolution. Essentially, the display of the PC and Amiga are the same, r chip to S. Basically, all the current Amigas use what is Jently of known as a custom chipset This refers to the fact Memory that the display, sound and other parts of the has the Amiga are handled by chips unique to the Amiga.
Ut there When the Amiga originally appeared 10 years ago, rtop the th«se chips were what made the Amiga so much [ling that more powerful than any thing else at that time.
Ily came Because of this, certain Amiga owners have a perform fanatical belief that any new Amiga absolutely proces- must have a new custom chipset otherwise it is not really an Amiga, perating Time moves on and now huge corporations he oper- have large teams of engineers with huge budgets rograms developing graphics and sound cards for the PC ime, the Anybody now hoping to develop a new chipset I proces- would have tD compete against these companies, quest it Basically, the time and effort required is just not can now worth it It is far more effective to buy cheap, off- irements the-shelf
components and spend your time and H K r. B HI • • • ft. Ft rc jfn P3 b R In k p; d-R! U U Thm nmwlcon ayatmm dome m much bmttmr Job ot amlmcting Icon colour* money on developing the system software.
6. If a new Amiga is developed with an operating system that has
been designed to have retar- getable graphics and sound, it
could take advantage of the standard PC graphics and sound
This would mean the Amiga could have lightning fast 1024 x 768 resolution displays in 24bit Doesn't sound too bad, does it?
7. The Amiga has a custom disk drive controller that allows quite
a lot of control over the drive read write heads, and is one
reason why the Amiga can fit 160k more onto a single DD disk
than a PC disk. The problem now is that this controller chip
is very slow - it cannot even use normal double-speed HD
drives. As a result it is likely that a future Amiga will
have a more traditional PC-style 1.4Mb HD drive.
I doubt it would be feasible to use the 3M drives, as the only real reason to have a floppy drive is to swap data between machines, and as very few other computers would have these there would be little point You could actually argue that a base Amiga would not even need a floppy drive if it had a hard drive and CD-ROM.
8. The standard, four-colour icon set is rather bland to say the
least Over the last few years a number of different icon sets
have popped up trying to make the Workbench a bit brighter,
but the main one that has stuck is Magic Workbench.
These icons are based on eight colours, tend to have a stony look and are favoured by us Europeans.
A more recent alternative has appeared called 'newicons'. This combines both a new icon set design and a new icon system that property remaps the icon colours to your current screen display and allows much more colourful icons to be used. Personally, I find the icons look a little childish, but Americans do seem to prefer them.
Amiga Computing Ofor those Internet users who haven't yet noticed, Public Sector now has a Web presence in a small comer of my own site
- simply follow the Software link from Amiga Computing's
homepage. At the Public Sector page you'll find alphabetical
lists by category of every program I’ve reviewed since I took
over the column in Issue 79, e- mail addresses or links to the
Web pages of various PD Libraries, and quicklinks to Aminet
allowing you to download the relevant archives. I'll
endeavour to keep the site as up-to-date as possible, and
constructive criticism is welcomed.
Fcr readers who are not connected to the Internet just a reminder not to be dismayed when programs are listed as available from Aminet because most PD libraries will probably have the programs in stock by the time you read this. If all else fails, don't forget that several libraries offer Aminet download services too - try Your Choice for instance.
Dave Cusick once more deliberates, cogitates and indeed digests plentiful helpings of PeeDee pie QE Editor MAGIC Let's face it Memacs is horrible. Yes, as text editcrs go, it has a few handy features, but they are hidden behind a prehistoric front end. The program lacks pretty standard tea-" tures like scroll bars, and doesn't even wrap lines around - so in fact if a line is too long it is impossible to read the end of it. These features become particularly annoying if you regularly write script files or use Memacs as the default text editor for an attractive and modern E-mail program
like YAM or Metatool.
Programmed by: Lars Malmborg Available from: Aminet This is a multi-program disk which, unsurprisingly given the title, is designed to make AGA Workbenches look nicer. It includes the utilities MagicCopper and ColorMagic and a selection of AGA backdrops.
The backdrops are all extremely impressive. They are all in the region of 724x566 pixels, but they use just four colours so they shouldn't chew up too much- memory. With the theme of fantasy and featuring stunning artwork, they are definitely worth investigating if Magic Workbench backdrops are starting to look a little tired.
Geditor will therefore be the answer to prayers around the Amiga world. It appears in a cute little window of its own, allowing it to be run on the same screen as the aforementioned E-mail programs. It uses the all-conquering Magic User Interface, and in itself it uses very little memory owing to its simplicity- Using Geditor you can incorporate an existing ASCII file into your document cut copy and paste text and save it out again. The resizable window has a scrollbar and all text ts automatically word-wrapped. That in a nutshell, is it Geditor does everything that is required of
it and nothing more. Truly indispensable.
Programmed by: Various Available from: KEW=II Software Disk No: U1175 MagicCopper and ColorMagic shouk Wh between them make it possible to have fancy rainbow effects going on in the background CR of these AGA pictures, although I must confess I couldn't get things to work exactly as they should. Whether or not you can trar form your Workbench into a technicolc whirl, this disk is still worthy of attention | only for those pictures... Amiga Computing Qrgue 07 Programmed by: Thorsten Stocksmeier Available from: Aminet The average Amiga Workbench these days is a pretty impressive site. The vast
majority of Amiga users now employ their trusty machine in various 'serious* activities and so want everything to be as attractive and user-friendly as possible. This accounts ;or the astonishing popularity of Magic User Interface, and the appearance of programs like Argue. Argue's sole vocation in life is to take away the need to use the shell at all, replacing command lines with nice MUI interfaces tailored to individual CU programs.
Easily installed and including several example scripts, Argue is indeed extremely pleasant to use and certainly makes the Workbench a friendlier place.
Alas, however, Argue is not perfect The principle problem is that using a MUI interface tends to be a lot slower than simply entering a command in the shell once you know the command syntax, it’s a lot quicker to enter “lha x foo.lha ram:' than to click on the IhaCUl script and select the source file and destination directory using standard file selectors - especially if your Shell is enhanced by programs such as KingCON (which adds drag and drop support scrollbars, and command- and file-name completion).
Various choices, a command-dependant GUI becomes somewhat redundant anyway.
However, if you don't like ClassAction and abhor the Shell then Argue is definitely worth a look. It is well implemented, easily configurable and visually appealing.
Secondly, users of ultra-helpful Workbench enhancers like ClassAction (which recognises file- types and presents a list of options accordingly) will encounter difficulties using Argue because the latter program relies on script files. Besides, since you can configure ClassAction to offer you Qhe Experiment Remlnlecent of the Lucaafllm walk - pointy adventuree, The Experiment give fane of the genre plenty to be thinking about illy Stories sound effects. Sets of words can even be saved to disk for reloading later. However, the program would certainly benefit from a few extra texts into which
those words could be inserted. At present the long term appeal is somewhat non-existent because you will quickly recognise which words tend to be Programmed by: John Clay Available from: FI Licenceware Disk no: FI-142 rMagic shouiWhen a few months ago in these very pages I leto havefantjeast an inquisitive eye over GRAC (the the backgrourfCRaphic Adventure Creator) I confidently pre- Jgh I must coJdicted that within a few months Public Sector work exactly iwould be submerged beneath a deluge of : you can tranfgraphic adventures. Frankly, it hasn't hap- a technicoloipened - irdeed, The
Experiment is the first 1 of attention (GRAC adventure AC has received since then.
However, seeing the quality of this effort it surprises me even more that more people have not tried their hand at creating their own epics.
The Experiment comes on three disks and Offers a stimulating challenge for anyone who thinks games should involve mental ion. You play Bud Lightning, whose Space base has been attacked by the evil Stingons. Bud must piece together the events leacing up to the attack, and save This is a curious little offering which I felt was worthy of a mention despite the author asking in his letter whether I considered it worthy of review in the Amiga Format public domain pages... The idea is that the user enters a few words and the program then slots these words into one of four preset texts to produce
the titular Silly Stories. Often the results are somewhat non-sensical, but just occasionally they can be genuinely funny.
There is an attractive interface too, and all your actions are accompanied by wacky Prsgrammed by: Paul Riggs Available from: PD libraries, or £1 from Paul Riggs a primitive tribe from extinction whilst he's about it In adventure games the user interface is always a critical ingredient. If the interface is unwieldy and longwinded then playing the game can become something of a chore.
Fortunately for The Experiment, and perhaps unsurprisingly for a game created with GRAC, the interface here is neat and intuitive, leaving the player to get on with enjoying the experience. The graphics are nicely drawn too, and though the sound is rather sparse things are atmospheric enough to remain involving.
The Experiment costs £5.99 and comes highly recommended for adventure fans. If you're not sure whether or not it will be your cup of hot steaming stuff, a demo is also available from FI Licenceware or from Aminet Amiga Computing PL AY V 1 Programmed by: Alessandro de Luca Chnstian Buchner Available from: Ammet Iisten To The Band Ejid2IV1 i D Programmed by: Simone RicceU' Available from Aminet Cast your mind back, if you will, to the late 1980s The full force of the economic recess on was still to be felt House music was rampant in the Charts, the Six O Ciock News still used that tacky filing
cabinet effect on the opening credits, and the Atari ST was the most popular home computer in England. Every recording studio in the land owned one too, running Notator and using MIDI keyboards to produce all sorts of tuneful pieces.
MIDI of course marched on, and we saw the introduction of General MIDI. A GM synth could be hooked up to a computer and any GM file played through the sequencer software could be heard with the instruments all playing as intended, without preconfiguration.
As things turned out. The Amiga never really took off as a MIDI computer. The Atari ST designers had rather cunningly placed MIDI In and Out sockets on the side veryday Organiser Programmed by: Mathew Wilson Available from: KEW II Software Disk No: All 19 Everydav Organiser is (says the Wu*) a collection of four programs which are designed to help manage day to day activities. They are, to be specific, Locate, Alarmist On-Time and Tasker. All the programs use Magic User Interface, making them highly configurable and visually pleasing.
Locator, the accompllthed MUI addreee book program from the Everyday Organlear eat Locate is an address and telephone book program. It boasts configurable field names, 'tf 0 * g of the machine, whereas Amigas have always required an external MIDI interface costing around twenty pounds. But if you don't happen to have an ST sitting collecting dust in a corner somewhere, or a MIDI keyboard and interface, until now the vast collections of GM files available from music companies and on the Internet would have been rather an irrelevance.
Gmplay enables any 68020* Amiga to emulate a GM keyboard. The 1.4Mb archive includes a large number of sound samples which the computer plays back using a special 14-bit sound driver. On faster Amigas.
Such as those fitted with an 040 or greater, the sound quality is roughly comparable with that obtainable from a CD player (sample quality permitting, of course). However, even on a standard 020 machine, playing back MIDI files at around 10khz, the output quality is respectable enough.
Gmplay does place a fair old strain on your processor of course, so 020 owners can't really be doing anything much in the meanwhile without causing the sound to stop every now the facility to dial someone's telephone number at the press of a button, and support for external "notes" files under entries. ASCII files can be imported and addresses can be printed out Alarmist is, unsurprisingly, an a arm program, featuring multiple alarms. It is really designed to be used alongside On-Time, although it can be used separately On-Time displays a calendar on screen and for any given date,
appointments can be entered into a small list Drag and drop support and a well thought-out layout make On-Time a pleasure to use.
Finally, Tasker is designed to help keep track of all those annoying jobs that need doing. Each task is assigned a priorty, one of five levels ranging from Lowest to Highest A list of tasks to be completed is then displayed with the tasks organised into priority order.
There's also a Chart option which attempts to summarise the information in an easily digestible visual format, although as the author points out this is still in the experimental stage at the moment The author eventually hopes to integrate Tasker's functions into On-Time, but for now it works as an interesting little stand-alone reminder program.
And then. However even if you don't hav ?
A fast processor in your machine. Gmplay highly recommended because it opens up a world which hitherto required vast amounts of expensive equipment to explore fully.
On the other hand, if you do have a MIDI setup involving your Amiga, but you do not have the large amounts of cash required to replace a standard MID key board with a GM compatible one, Mid2Mie offers a solution. This is a command line program which strips out GM instrument changes and replaces them with ones appropriate to your MIDI synth, saving you the time and effort which would be involved in doing this manually. Mid2Mic needs to be configured to your keyboard using a simple program included in the archive, but once this is achieved, large numbers of files can be converted quickly and
Tetris rei it no lor some MegaDn Bean M hour pic it neve Machine the cor against Outfc Apart fn a carbo divided Mid2Mid does have some limitations however. Firstly, it only converts MIDI for mat 1 files. Whilst these are probably the commonest files around there are also format 0 files out there, and unfortunately you won’t be able to use Mid2Mid to quickly configure them for your keyboard Secondly at the moment there's no nice GUI, although one is promised for the future and the command syntax is scarcely complicated. In the end then, Mid2Mid offers a simple but practical solution to S
common problem, and as such will appeal to many MIDI users- An intere few dull describee mouse ai tive is si before tl level. Yo hand wr* gamepla’ demandi weak me Althoi sound ar will weai ly, this is ing in 1f played o erwise tl than frer for £1.10 Also included on the disk are a few extt utility programs. The first of these is the con pletely useless but highly comical Talk, i replacement for the pathetic Say program thl used to come with Workbench, which garble in an equally incomprehensible manner, is also a MUI Time Preferences program t replace the standard version, a file encrypts
called Coder, and a datatype-based sounj player called Sam.
Whilst the extra utilities vary drastically r usefulness, the organisational programs are) well done and the net result is a useful d$ which will appeal to anyone who needs a ft tie help keeping track of their business s social lives.
Amiga Computing 38 OCTOBER 1996 U of the month r ?m Programmed by: David Papworth Available from: FI Licenceware Disk No: FI-141 Dr Robotnik's kdoan... um, I meant to aay Outfall levels, configurable bean speed and Starting heights, and a wealth of other options. The graphics are superbly slick and faithful to the original, with the beans looking at one another and wobbling entertainingly as they land.
The music is passable too, and every now and then the tempo increases as levels reach their climax.
Outfall is a Licenceware classic, there's no doubt about it For £3.99 it would be a foolish individual who did not add this to their games collection. In a word... essential.
Tetris remains a classic, but in the falling blobs genre it no longer rains supreme, at least in my eyes. For some time that mantle has been held by a MegaDrive cartridge called Doctor Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine, which I confess I've spent many an hour playing in my time. Tetris has one flaw, in that it never had a multiplayer mode. Mean Bean Machine, on the other hand, pits you either against the computer directly or, far more entertainingly, i against a friend.
Outfal brings Mean Bean Machine to the Amiga.
Apart frcm a couple of presentational differences, it's a carbor copy of that superb cartridge. The screen is divided into two Tetris-like wells. Pairs of coloured beans fall downwards, with one flashing bean around which the other bean can be rotated. Your jcb is to collect together groups of four beans of the same colour, whereupon the group will vanish Whenever a group vanishes, a black bean falls down the opponent’s well. The more groups of four vanish as part of the same move (for instance when beans fall from above to form groups after a lower group has vanished), the more black beans
arc deposited at once onto the opponent's pile. Black beans do not disappear whert four or more are together, only when they are adjacent to a vanishing group of four colours. One player wins when the opponent's well fills up completely.
If all this sounds confusing (and no doubt it does), then rest assured outtmin thor* ar* atm way Birricuirj RLDiim SCORtS im fining that it all makes for one of the *° in Andy . . Uaddock'a company rrost engaging strategy puzzle games around. It is a truly magnificent game to playT with friends. On top of the hugely enjoyable twc player mode there is a tournament option whereby up to eight people can participate. There are also demonstration and practice modes, three difficulty PLAT re a few e sse is the co mical Talk, « y program that which garbles manner. There ss program to i file
- based sount t drastically in ograms are all ; a useful di to
needs a r business ?xtra onv nsn Amiga Computing LITTLE BIT YOU
II want to hear from you if you have any program, whatever its
purpose, which you con- Isider worthy of review: Whether it
will be freely distributable public domain, shareware or
licenceware, if you feel it's of sufficient quality to merit
coverage then stick it in a jiffy bag or padded envelope and
send it in with all haste. Although Public Sector receives too
many submissions to cover them all, I promise til at least look
at your work - even if it's yet another Lottery program or
Klondike cardset. It does make my job a lot easier though if
disks are clearly labelled. Please also include a cover letter
detailing the disk contents and price, and giving some basic
instructions. The magic address is: | ||H B fill Dave Cusick:
PD submissions, Amiga Computing, Media House.
Adlington Park, Macclesfield, SK10 4NP An interesting little game which could fill in a few dull noments here and there, Splat is described sy its author as involving “flies, the mouse and a lot of finger abuse'. The objective is simply to annihilate flies before they deplete your energy level You control an on-screen hand with your mouse and the gameplay, whilst mentally scarcely demanding, is not for those with a weak mouse.
Althoufji the graphics and sound are scarcely stunning, and it will wear a little thin rather rapidly, this is a diverting enough offering in the short term. It is best played on an A1200 because otherwise things can be a little less than frenetic. Copies are available for £1.10 from the author.
FI Licenceware 31 Wellington Road -*S Devon EX2 9DU Tel: 01392 493580 E-mail: steve@fllw.demon.co.uk KEW=II Software PO Box South Croydon mm* Surrey CR2 9YS Tel: 0181 657 16177 J2 m Paul Riggs 17 Cameron Avenue Abingdon Oxfordshire 0X14 3SR j ij Your Choice PD 39 Lambton Road I fa£ Chorlton m Manchester M21 OZJ Tel: 0161 881 8994 Last Train To Clarksville Matthew Cutts 3 Greenwood Killingworth Newcastle Upon Tyne NE12 0FE The next generation of Apollo accelerators are upon us, i Neil Mohr powers up his old A1200 with them irct Power released their Falcon £ 040 060 accelerator, then either B
either in Once board at only dra the pov with the 50Mhz.
Design,; board tc gant as works at There that use extent Unfortui want to be thosi This i where r to four • when it tracing • scender Blizzard in their uncompromising style brought out an 060-only board and now Apollo have caught up with the rest of the field and released their own top-end accelerator.
Apollo have taken the same route as the Falcon board and gone for a single board design, taking advantage of the fact that both the 040 and 060 have the same pin layout The only difference is the 060 only draws 3.3 volts. .
Fitting the 040 version of the board is as straightforward as any other A1200 board. If you read the Falcon review you would know that to fit it you had to open up your A1200 to fit a fan. The high power demands of the 040 processor means it requires extra cooling either by using a large heat sync or a fan.
The Apollo 040 version's solution is to use both a small heat sync and a tiny electric fan, all glued to the processor and so the unit just slots into your A1200 the same as any other board. The fan used is very small - a couple of centimetres across - but in use the 040 stays quiet cool and the fan in conjunction with the heat sync does a good job.
Once slotted in, away you go. The only extra thing you may need is the 68040 library.
This should come with Workbench as standard but this may not always be the case. The library has replacement routines, mainly to do with the 040 math co-processor being slightly different from the traditional 030's.
In use the 040 works fine - the one problem I did run into was due to lack of power.
On my A1200 I have an internal 3.5in IDE drive powered off the internal disk drive's power supply. This along with the 40Mhz 040 was just too much for the standard A1200 power supply. When I switched to a 2.5in internal hard drive everything work fine, but if you are considering this board this is something you should keep in mind.
Fitting the 060 version is a little more involved as before you can start you need to install some replacement libraries. Just as the 040 needs the new 68040.library the 060 needs a new library to take care of the differences. The new files consist of a replacement 040 library and a new 060 library.
With the Blizzard board you get quiet a Installer script that make installing these files a breeze. The disk that comes with the Apollo does have a AmigaDOS script installer thal works but is nowhere near as easy to use as the normal Amiga installer.
Along with the new library files )0u get i couple of support files. The main program cf importance is CPU60 - a supplement for the original CPU command and gives you contra over the 060's new system features sjch as its branch prediction cache, super scalar architecture and store buffers as well as the usua control over the 060’s standard data and instruction cache. Two short cut instructions*] Amiga Computing Jargon BOX Cadre A smoS onouni d on processor memory that is accessed far faSer than the computers moral memory.
Coche greatly increases a processors performance ns Nano second, used fo measure the speed of dips.
Portrcdaify memory chips Current 60ns memory n good enough even for the fastest PeoBums even though 40 and 20ns memory a o-cifaWe but s much more eipersae.
Simm Single Mne Memory Module, a km at memory podogng. Due tc its vwfo use n Pcs and that bey are quite handy, Snms hjie become the mqor standard for memory Super Scalar Mers to the design af ? Processor. Tn that tt has multiple nstrxtion 'channels' that atotv t to process more tan one nsn oon at the sometime .*t quiet a nice ng these file?
Ith the Apollo installer that asy to use.
Les you get n program iment for the is you control res such as its :alar architee as the usua rd data anc I instructions, either B or W, let you quickly set the 060 to be either in its worst possible setup or its best.
Once the software is in place you can fit the board and fire up your computer. As the 060 only draws 3.3 volts you do not have any of the power or heating problems associated with the 040 even though it is running at 50Mhz. Due to both boards having the same design, a power converter is plugged into the board to reduce the voltage. It is not as elegant as the Blizzard 060 board but in use it works as well.
There is still the problem with programs that use a lot of floating point and to a greater extent transcendental maths operations.
Unfortunately the sort of people who would want to buy the 060 accelerator are going to be those who would lose out the most.
This is tfiown very well when using A1BB where normally the 060 returns speeds three to four times as fast as a normal A4000. But when it comes the Ftrace test that mfthics ray- tracing operations and Ftrans that tests transcendental functions the speed of the 060 is reduced to about the speed of a standard A1200.
Blizzard offered the best solution by releasing a patcher program that could fix this problem for a few of the more well known programs such as Lightwave, Real 3D, Imagine, Gnema 4D and Mand2QQQ, Even this is not perfect and the only solution is to either re compile the programs for specific 060 code, that would also be a lot faster as this could take advantage of the 060 super scalar architecture, or replace all the operations that the processor does not like, which is not very practical.
The Apollo board comes equipped with a single Simm slot that can take a single-sided Simm up to 32Mb in size. Similarly to the Blizzard boards you can also use 72-pin PC Simms that are either 36 or 32-bit, depending on whether they have the extra parity bits or not
- The only real problem memory wise that you could run into is if
you are going to be using your own Simm chips. On the board
there is a large plug-in chip opposite the Simm socket This
means if your Simm is much wider than about 22mm you are going
to have trouble slotting the Simm intc place.
Really this should not be a problem as long as the Simm is relatively new as these tend to be very streamline.
The other thing you should consider is that the speed of the memory is getting quiet important with these extra fast processors.
Even though 70ns and even 80ns Simms will work fine you will be best off with 60ns Simms.
Just as with the Flacon and the Blizzard, the Apollo board can have a SCSI module added to the underside. This has a set of phs that push into an expansion slot and the cable and SCSI interface are fitted to the expansion hole at the back of the A1200.
Currently if you buy either the 1240 or 1260 from Siren, you have the opportunity to pick up a 16Mb Simm for the bargain price of £100 even if you do not need quite this much memory on the Amiga side. With such a fast accelerator and 16Mb of memory it would be well worth installing Shape shifter as you would have one heck of a Mac into the bargain. TW AIBB benchmarks relative to an A4000 Board 040 060 EmuTest
1. 76
3. 13 Dhrystone
1. 59
3. 0 Matrix
1. 98
3. 68 Imath
1. 6
3. 6 MemTest
4. 6
4. 75 InstTest
2. 35
4. 38 Flops
1. 61
2. 84 Ftrace
1. 65 N A Product details Product Product: Apollo 1240 1260
Supplier Siren software Price 1260 50Mhz £574.99 1240 40Mhz
£449.99 1240 25Mhz £299.99 SCSI module C79.99 16Mb SIMM £100
Tel 0161 796 5279 Ease of use 90% Implementation 85% Value For
Money 84% Overall UST HOW FAST?
Requirements RED essential BLACK recommended Bottom line Amiga Computing rt is many things to many differ- W * m ent people. To some a post- modernist sculpture is a conceptualises masterpiece, symbolic of a world at conflict. To others it's a bunch of rusty tin cans.
So who is right? Does modern art bare comparison with the work of old masters like Rembrandt, Titian and Turner? Are the likes of Damien Hirst redressing the way that we perceive art itself?
As the art elite grow to tolerate more bizane pieces of work, they also begin to accept the different means being used to create these masterpieces. As new technology emerges, it is embraced by forward thinking artists as a medium in which they can express themselves. This is particularly true of compjter art, and with its growing popularity in the art world, the boundaries that were once so wide between computer art and more traditional art are narrowing.
Tony Patrickson is an artist He trained in drawing and sculpture but became intrigued by computer art He comments, "In many cases where there has been opposition or hostility to computer-based work from more traditional concerns, it seems to have been based on a heady mixture of prejudice and lack of knowledge. The most dismissive and out-of- touch voices seem to be those of certain art critics and the usual suspects who like to decide for other people about these things".
He continued, “In contrast there seems a genuine curiosity in both artists and audiences about what is going on and what it is possible to achieve through thes means. It has to be said that most of the negative arguments trotted out were those already rehearsed over the use of video or photography".
Rick Kise also uses the computer for his artwork. 'I can't say there is 'versus' between traditional art and computer art Fine artists define themselves as 'oil', 'watercolour', 'pastel' and 'graphic’ artists, and now there is a new classification, 'electronic' artist It just happens to be another medium to work with. As to the style of art ie abstract or realistic, you most definitely have a versus situation, one that can never be reconciled."
To Patrickson, the biggest disadvantage shared by computer art and traditional, is when a cistinction is set up between them.
He remarks, "To my mind, using computers to make art is simply the continuation of something which human beings have felt compelled to do for at least the last 30,000 Andrew Powell is an animator and uses] the Amiga in his work. He shares this vie "Paper and pencil may not have an 'undo'] button, but they're quicker to get vour idea down. However, computers allow artists to get basically instant results and easy effects] as opposed to the large amoun: of ski required for fine arts. After I have a bunch ol line drawings loaded into memory, I can | make the cell painting job as simple as 'dick-
and-next-frame'. And with still art, high-lights] and low-lights can be flawlessly added using a gradient fill.” Patrickson again: "I don't believe the dif-| ferences between computer-based and tradi- years.
Okay, but both methods do have advantages and disadvantages, and as those who practise computer art will tell you, one of the main advantages of working on the computer is its flexibility.
Kise comments, "The greatest advantage of art on the computer as I see it is the ability to experiment without the fear ol destroying your art. Take a realistic scene and change the colours, distort shapes, apply textures etc. If it doesn't look good tc you, hit ‘undo* and you're back to the start. One original artwork saved in the computer translates to many new styles and 'new* artworks".
Qony Patrickson "The sort of work I do depends to a large extent on the venue or situation in which it is going to be exhibited. These have ranged from raves, art galleries and live events, to CD-ROM and at present a couple of Internet-based projects."
Amiga hardware and softwaie used: "The Amiga side of my studio is based around an A4000, boosted with a Cyberstorm '060 accelerator and 14Mb RAM. In terms of day-to-day work, for video grabs I use a Vidi-Amiga 24, either from tape or live input from a camera.
Batch-processing being handled oy FRED.
Nowadays I tend to rely primarily upon the Amiga side for producing the raw materials for a project. To take things further, particularly for more sophisticated multimedia work, means porting material across to the Mac to be able to use the likes of Photoshop, Premie-e, and Director.
"Having Lightwave on the Amiga is fine
- it's a wonderful tool - but beyoid a certain point the
software and compatibility just isn't there for dealing with
projects for the likes of the World Wide Web and so on.”
Lightwave 3.5 would probably be my most widely used item of
"A lot of preparatory work is done with a mixture of ADPro and ImagcFX, any Amiga Computing r Tina Hackett investigates the growing popularity of computer art and asks what does it have to offer today's DaVincis?
Tional means of making art are anything compared :o the similarities. The big distinctions occur in terms of the nature and extents of techniques involved. In many cases t is jjst as valid (or sometimes better) to address a particular question with a video camera or a piece of chalk as it is with a computer. A here I think computers are different is in their 'synthetic' nature - being based on Turing’s idea of the 'Universal' computing machine. With the technology I have in my studio I can not just work with photographic images, but with sound, clips of video, animations and words,
either individually or in combination with each other. As Qick Kise 'My style of art is, I would have to say, eclectic From landscapes to non-objective abstract. In 1989 I bought a used Amiga 1000 for the purpose of scanning photos cf my original paintings and drawings so I could print my own art prints. In 1990-91 I was the only one exhibiting computer art prints in the Oklahoma City area art shows."
Amiga hardware and software used: "I sold my A1000 in '93 after I bought my A3000. As an ex-Commodore stock holder I'm sad to say that since December '93 all my commercial work has been done on a PC The A3000 gets used periodically, transferring my Amiga paintings to the PC, whtfe I convert them to 24 bit and repaint them in Adobe Photoshop."
Well as this, it is practical to create things which either don't, or couldn't exist in the real world* Doran Golan also sees the advantage of computer art: "After many years of showing work as an expressionist painter, I began using the computer in my art in 1984. To work on the computer was a natural step in the progression of my work, because with the computer I could explore a realm of 'Pure Abstractior'. To me, the work I create on the computer is literally abstract, because it 'does not exist' as an object in the conventional sense as I am working on it “In a time of rapid changes in
the world, the computer seems more suited to express the flow of thought and emotion than the more static medium of painting. As an analogue of the human mind, the computer facilitates change and flow, and reflects the speeded up tempo of the contemporary social enviionment" Howeve', even in the computer art sector, there are divisions in audience. Patrickson defines them as an arts audience and a computer user audience: “An arts audience is more likely to focus on what the work is about regardless of how little the work has pushed the technology out of the ordinary.
Conversely, a computer user audience can too readily succumb to the 'Gee-Whizz' factor
- that it doesn't matter how dire the work is as long as the
special effects are okay."
This, it seems, is the pitfall the electronic artist must be wary of - computer art can be treated like a gimmick, a special effects novelty that becomes outdated as the technology becomes pass£. When we first saw William Latham's organic artwork in the early 90s, for example, most people were impressed. Now some believe his work was a gimmick that has lost its charm.
Computer-generated art has yet to pass the test of time.
There is no doubt, however, that the computer will be increasingly adopted by the serious art establishment. Hi-tech special effects for their own sake will be shunned, but the advantages raised by the electronic process are bound to appeal to a new generation of talented artists.
Ultimately, the key to the computer artist's success will be based on long-established principles. Like the best artists, the electronic painter will focus on the art itself for, as John Ruskin, the English art and social critic, said, 'Fine art is that in which the hand, the head and the heart of man go together".
Qools of the trade Qndrew Powell For a budding artist there are many options available for the Amiga which will help you achieve your desired effect These vary from the basic paint packages to rendering and animation. There are plenty available of good quality, but your choice will depend on what you want to do with it.
TVPaint has always proved very popular as a professional option, and with a Wacom graphics tablet you have an excellent art environment in which to produce your masterpieces.
Although expensive in price, the latest version, 3.0, proves a desirable option for the serious computer user because of the many features it offers. These include the Big Edit option, which is invaluable to commercial artists as it takes away the problem of resolution demanding huge amounts of memory. This works by defining the size of the project then selecting a scaled area to work on. Another aspect which impressed was the layers function, which lets you view multiple 24-bit images on the same screen whilst still being able to edit them independently. You can view layers A, B, or C work
on them and view them together.
TV Paint does require a graphics card to work, though.
One of the older but still superior options is Deluxe Paint It is now up to version five and has still kept up with the best of them. Deluxe Paint offers the user the ability to create pictures and animate. On the pictures side it offers realism in that the media you wish to paint on can be chosen from various oil canvasses to wire mesh.
The brush types, however, are limited to watercolour, felt tip, oil and cialk. For Deluxe Paint 5, the airbrush feature was completely overhauled and the animation option improved to allow you to enter your key animation frame at both the beginning and end points of your sequence.
Brilliance 2 is also worth difficult to get hold of these days, but faster than Dpaint and has a proper version with fast HAM-8 display.
Almathera's Photogenics is also a regarded product which provides painting package and image Version two, complete with an and new features, was released only month. Almathera decided to put this ond version on CD, making quick and also allowing more room example files and a tutorial. To paint Photogenics, you work on an invisible sort of like a protective film over your inal image. This means you can draw to your hearts content, and if happy with it, you can wipe it aging the original image. Version two provides plug-ins called Effects allow you to apply an effect in three ent ways rather
than just being able to it to the paint layer. It also has a image function which allows you to cut an area of the larger picture and paint separately.
Image FX has been mentioned in article previously - for many artists, with ADPro, it is the essential processor for the Amiga. Image FX it being developed for the Amiga and recently received a major new Version 2.6 has many new feature* indut ing a fire generator, bubble effects and film grain facility.
If you're feeling inspired after all thi simply turn to this month's coverd sk for demo of a new 24-bit art package called Art Effect 'I mainly use paper and pencil to get most of the character animation done in rough. Let's face it sketching with a pencil and paper is a LOT quicker that trying to do the same thing with a mouse or a graphics tablet When the drawings are done, I can scan them using a flat-bed scanner, and use the computer for the final line and adding colour.
"Doing animation the traditional way requires reams of paper, coloured pencils and acetate sheets, not to mention a peg-bar, hi-8 camera, lights, film.. I could go on... Really!
"The Amiga takes the place of some of the really expensive stuff and lets me get on with my wo* without totally blowing my budget Plus, it speeds up the process SO much that I can do the jobs that would normally require three or four other maniacs working alongside me.
"And lets face it using the Amiga to do artwark is actually fun and enjoyable. It's a medium that allows an artist to make sharing their work as easy as copying a file or dicking a link."
“My biggest current project is a fully animated feature called 'Magic'. This film will be a comedy medieval fantafy with overtones of some of my favourite authors, like Terry Pratchett, JRR Tolkien, and Monty Python. The story is mostly seriots, but also has scenes where we just HAD to have a little fun.
'Co-author of the script, and personal friend of mire, Bob Milne came up with a scene where the main charaders encointer a troop of Vikings on a portage.
What I'd REALLY like to do is get Terry Pratchett’s permission to work on a cartoon version of his Disc World novels.
That would really sell!"
Amiga hardware and software used: "I use Disney Animation Studio for Pencil Test animation, Deluxe Paint 5, Brilliance 2.0, Photogenics 1.25 NTSC for clean-up and colourisation, and MainAdor Pro for final produdion and editing.
"I know Disney Animation Studio is getting more than a little obsolete these days, but it is totally geared for animators who recognise the tools it offers. I use it to get the line animation done, and then I can move my work to a more advanced program.
"DPaint and Brilliance have always been the most popular packages, but Photogenics is a total MUST-HAVE for serious artists For Hardware I use a Tabby Graphics Tablet and the trusty GVP G-Lock genlock. Both are great because of their affordability."
The Amiga is an excellent creative platform and-many famous artists have benefited from the machine.
Arguably the most famous was Andy Warhol, who once commented, The thing I like most about doing this kind of art on the Amiga is that it looks like my work". Others include Dave Gibbons, the man behind the Watchmen comics, and the Aardman Animations team. Andrew Powell offers his views on why he thinks the Amiga has a winning formula: "The bottom line would be the price of equipment and ease of use. I would need to use a Pentium 130 with an Mpeg board and 100 Mb of RAM to get the same results I get with my A4000 040 with 18 Mb RAM. The fact that the Amiga is so geared for video makes it the
most cost effective choice amongst all the machines out there. It's also a whole production studio in-a-box, where I can get 06 Frames Per Second (NTSC video) in two to 256 colours on-screen, in High- Resoktion."
Can you give us an idea of how the Amiga helps your work?
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®ax$ BB$ gets some stick. Whatever negative image it has seems due largely to the deluge of new MaxsBBS Sysops popping up all over the place. They set up over night with little more than the original Maxs config of crude ANSI screens and the distinct taste synonymous with poor quality BBSs. There are so many that good Max boards are overshadowed and tend to get caught up in the same image. Max lacks the power of BBS software you pa for on the market nowadays, kind of like using Deluxe Paint 2 with Brilliance 2 and its power, extras and more polished look, should you take to pixel art.
But what better way to try the waters of comms than via a free Public Domain, easy- to-use, all-in-one package. I'm going to show you what's possible with this program and the trices up its sleeve that give a polish, making all the difference as to whether new users call back.
After a few months, if you like what being a Sysop is all about, you might consider upgrading by buying one of the newer BBS systems available like Zeus and Xenolink. Or you may stick with Max’s. A Sysop can make his BBS a permanent agenda on his HD, going 24 hours, but finds Max's still offers all he requires.
Want to be a Sysop?
Then let us begin.
Jason Jordache takes you through Max confusion Though one of the most easy-to-use BBS systems, some parts of Max's and how they link together can confuse;; the general understanding of how it works taking time to sink in. You might well end up reading the manual through by the end of it, but dipping in at random is probably how you'll begin.
LL ABOUT MAX Before getting stuck into the secrets and ways of improvement behind Max's, we'll make sure we're together. We'll assume you have a modem, a hard drive, and have experienced the comms scene long enough to be past the teething troubles of downloading files and logging on to BBSs.
Containing everything you need.
The 1.52 archive of Max’s should come equipped with a startup-sequence and all the drawers necessary for booting from floppy.
There have been Max's boards run from floppy, complete with limited mail network ability and a few files in the external drive. A hard drive makes sense with a BBS, and not just to avoid people feeling sorry for you. With the Max's BBS version 1.54 is available to download on plenty of BBSs. The 1.54 archive is largely to be found containing just the master program and none of the manuals and assorted bits necessary to go into your BBS directory. If this is the case, use- the search files option on a BBS to track down version 152 - usually the archive you'll find Thousands of HD files,
extensive mail network support, multiple on-line CD-ROMs, a 24 hour BBS and preferably an extra node is what a user wants from his local board when he's after the works to pick and choose from. Boards offering much less are still used, usually when it's the only local one or when he gets along with the Sysop.
With thousands spent on graphic designers compared to the original text scribbled on bits of paper. The image, how the information looks in its presentation, decides the first and continuing impression. If you don’t feel artistic you need to track down ANSI. To hep with this there will be fresh ANSI screens - to add to and replace the old - that I created for my own BBS for you to build upon.
One night I wondered what could be done to make a BBS different Mine evolved into a novelty approach based around a medieval castle, Knights and wenches, which most appeared to take to instantly. That explains the nature of the ANSI you'll find on future coverdisks and lets you in on the secret of one potential path to success using the themed approach.
This, above all, helps in creating a professional BBS, along with upgrading by buying better software more capaNe of handling the system of mail nets and so on you may wish to offer the user. In the end, anyone can save up and buy and work on setting up these things, but whet about a BBS that stands out? It's all in the ANSI.
Folished, well designed ANSI will set your BBS out from the rest - like reading a well presented fact sheet Long ago, everyone W3S hooked into a mail network called MaxNet, built around a gathering of Max's BBS Sysops spanning all the way - via a link - to Australia. The people loved Max and were demanding updates, They didn't even mind paying for the pleasure. Apparently some guy down under had taken over updating Max's from the original programmer, Anthony Barrett, but the rumour goes that his hard drive crashed and all the work for Max's was lost The project was never restarted, if indeed
it began. As far as I know, Max's will stay in its current form, the 1994 version 1.54. I came in at 1.52 where we stayed for a while before 1.53 came along. This was quickly backed up with the release of 1.54, which had a back door removed that had been originally coded in and known only by Anthony. But it's gone now. No system is completely safe of course - a hacker finds his way into the most well protected area, back door or no back door, but there's no great cause for worry as far as hackers are concerned. You never hear reports of hacked Max's boards, and Sysops sleep sound at night
with their BBS left on. It's only when someone hates you... Amiga Computing f i I HD, what amounts to a respectable mail and file storage area is offered to users, and the longer redraw times of ANSI screens and addon programs loading from floppy become minimal.
T Alternatively, call the PD library 17 Bit Software on 01924 366982 to get the latest version of Max's, making sure it comes with all the files you will need.
Into a iround inning ia. The inding ingfor down Max's ithony shard Max's ed, if Max's 4 ver- e we came with back inally
f. But krtely way back great con- cked id at rtien If the 1.52
archive has files all over the place, bung them all into one
main directory called BBS on your HD so you know everything
is in there. Any files (like FF) in Max's C, Devs, L, Fonts
and Libs not present on the HD partition you boot from, can be
copied intc the relevant drawers.on the boot partition.
Copy the main “MAXsBBS" program from the 1.54 archive into the BBS dir, thus over the top of the old Max’s program. However, the update needs to be converted to use the old 1.52 files. There's an archive you should find in the Max's support file area on BBSs, often named ConAll.Izx. Containing, among others, MAXsCon52-54, it converts between data files from established Max's versions, so even if you've adjusted an old Max's config, it can be revamped to be compatible with 1.54. Simply run MAXsCon52-54, move to your BBS directory and select MAXsBBS.Config before clicking the Convert button.
It then goes through all the data files, changing only their headers. Therefore any config changes yoj've saved using an older version of Maxs will still be there unaltered.
Load your User-startup from S into a text editor. A roiinlp of lines nped to bp addpd: Assign BBS: pitlnnt to BBS directory, ie Vork:B8S FF, which should be in C, is a 3K file standing for Fast Fonts and works in conjunction with I N SI EDITORS HyperANSI - we all have our favourite ANSI editor claimed to beat the rest and mine is HyperANSI vl.07. Track this down because I'll be using it to outline ideas behind preparing ANSI. PlusED 2.0 is another ANSI editor we'll use. The interface is more pol- ished-looking than Hyper, but for me I've found Hyper to be the best for most jobs.
So that's five archives mentioned this month: Max's vl .52, Max's vl .54, ConAll.Izx, HyperANSI vl.07 and PlusEd 2.0. AxsBBS.
CONFIG This is found in the root of your BBS directory - the gold mine from where to build your identity. This should be backed up as you continue to make changes to the basic Max's structure. Lose this file and you start from scratch, but starting again has its merits.
Should you ever buff up and lose everything, the second time round you will understand a great deal more rebuilding the eonfigs.
Max. Save the User-startup, reboot your Amiga, and with everything in place run Max's BBS. Have a play around and try to get a feel of the way things work before we meet again next month.
AX TIP Depending on memory, you can have any number of Max's nodes running. Simply run the program a second time to launch node
2. You can do this while someone is online, selecting Sleep at
the requestor so as not to throw them off. Useful for
accessing things such as the files editor which otherwise you
couldn't get at.
AMING NAMES User-startup: - this is an ordinary text file residing in the S directory, containing a list of commands on successive lines that the Amiga executes when booted. If the file isn't present, one can be created with any v ord processor by saving out a text file called 'User-startup''.
Pathname: - a pathname points to or tells the computer where a given file or directory is on a hard drive. If your BBS drawer was in a HD partition called System, the pathname would read, 'SystemiBBS'’.
Amiga Computing HOWTO ORDER LOW COST DELIVERY Telephone Q | | 3 23 I 9444 Late Night Opening Wednesday & Thursday till 7.10pm
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please make payable to: "FIRSTCOMPUTER CENTRE" In all
correspondence please quote a Phone No.. Post Code & Dept.
Allow 5 working days cheque clearance SHOWROOM ADDRESS: DEPT.
~*Hin Lombard Tricity low Lombard T ricitv low rate finance
Hardware Amiga Technologies 1241 Q-Drive Quad Speed Quul ipecd utinul CD-Rom _ . _ _ Dme. Foe A1200. Vi. PCMCIA nnL, f I OO Ok No addKtonal Interface r.Qur.d. V I"7 *¦ 1 SCSI Controllers Squirrel SCSI-11 Interface
- WSm ImwcM -lit .~y HdiCO eon dm., (SC** It bo M •* Surf
Squirrel SCSMI Interface *£79.S GYP 4008+1 Oktagon SCSI
controllers £99.95 24 HR MAIL ORDER SERVICE FAX: 0113 231-919
NEW BBS Sales & Technical line Tel: 01 13 231-142.
HtsJHSttU i»»HI r-Tnrt **s» Ijw »aw: tmftwiWlI fct».r.t.SU T MMrr,.pn,V- ||rRTT& ¦ V. AU a Amht pmy f-m.fti Ot* t»t lew WA iwn n.XUlt*MMn|(«»f, «w»lT*»(7iT««i hnU Ultra CD ROM Drive* Newl!
CD ROM Drives easy Access mom m«z. Mi «T JWKSTAII on
• M.COUUM..WWI R*a SCSI interf.ee £99.95 tagof
- "'f" Disk Drives Squirrel I face Hard Drives Monitors Zip Drive
AMIGA SU3&U Surf Squirrel
• H* tpted Knal M1438S Amiga Branded | Same ipeoHcatwn u the
Monitor £295.951 MicroYitec 1438 monitor without speakers
£264.95 Extra adaptor may be rcq. £6.99 Amitek 1084 S £199.95
Squirrel SCSI-II interface FrorTlT'r £54.95 if fHirthiied
topamtcly 14- C*u COA Sun no Hard Dme.
- -y i iumiiui ui Supra rjl Modern Modems r lonitor dust cover
£6.95 RAM Expansion Accelerators PRIMA AI 200 A1200 AI 200 AI
200 A I 200 A1200 A1200 A1200 £69.95 £74.95 £89.95 £1 19.95
£99.95 £109.95 £124.95 £149.95 Only £153.95 PRIMA GP Fax
Software £44.95 Full Serd and Receive Fax Software for Amiga
Computers with a J Fax Data Modem.
Sportster Yi
• Clast I Fax
• Personal Voice Mail e Fax on Demand e Call O'tcrimination _
BABT Approved
• 14,400 Data 14,400 Fax £98.95
• 33,600 Data 14.400 Fax £161.95
3. 5" Hard Disk Drives with A1200 install kit fW* imommen* 1 .$ "
4rUm fee Mud er ta-MUd cvwu "(»«") inc. software, cables and
instructions 630Mb...f 155.95 850Mb...£l89.9S ¦08Glg-£219.95
2.1 Glg..£299.95 External Hard Drives for all SCSI aware
Amiga’s 810Mb £239.95 I .OGig £299.95 tat
HtdieMHySCSUIQlMMMT.ir.OMuT.Ml. I hru mom am. Totwrul fSU.
SCSI ID uknu Mk||b»indHO[m*ln| i"iili1e«i»-v«
Suprag j(Modem33 6}
• Up to 115,200bps (v42bit) • Class I 4 2 Fax
• Silent & Adaptive Answer • Unique LCD Display
• V34 Standard • Flash ROM
• Ncomm Software _ • 5 Year Warranty O V34 Fax Modem 28,800 bps.
£115.95 & Seagate corner 80Mb £84.95 l20Mb. 99.95 I 70Mb.£ 104.95 250Mb.£l 09.95 340Mb.£ 129.95 540Mb.£l 69.95 k8»0Mb.£2l4.95 I-OGig. £299.95 BABT Approved _Complete with caMcs and Amiga tomms Software]
2. 5" Hard Drives for A600 A1200 with installation kit Inc.
software, screws, cables and instructions Amazing
Price Performance V34 Modem
3. 5 H.Drive install kit 118.95 Include* wt up wftvrvv. Cable*
and hill up toi cmm, f MASSIVE PRICE REDUCTIONS 1 1 Mb 72 Pin
SIMM £19.95 4 Mb 72 Pin SIMM £29.95 8Mb 72 Pin SIMM £54.95 1 6
Mb 72 pin SIMM £119.95 1 Mb 30 pin SIMM £19.95 256x4 DRAM
(each)£6.95 f Syquest EZ-135 £194.951 I additional media £
17.95 JI Amiga Ext. Drive £49.95 A1200 600 int. Drive £39.95
500 500+Int. Drive £39.95. MB RAM MB RAM MB RAM MB RAM
MB 33Mhz Co Pro MB 33MhzCo Pro MB 33Mhz Co Pro MB 33Mhz Co Pro
A1200 RAM Expansion (A500 600 RAM Expansion
PRIMAA5005l2kRAMnodod £19.95 PRIMA A500+ I Mb RAM £29.95
PRIMA A6001 Mb RAMnodock£29.9S (Part exchange available)!
On your old memory. JJ Blixzard Yiperll-50 £ 199.951 Up to 128Mb RAM, FPU Socket A R T dock Viper 11-33 £ 129.95| Up to 128Mb RAM, FPU toefcet* RfT Clock Falcon 68040-25 £379.951 68040RC 2SMIu CPU. Hmi So* Included
C. Accelerator Carols )| POWER VIPER Consumables Printers £17.95
£10.95 £12.95 1095 17,95 £16.95 £6.95 £28.95 £0.45 £795
£6.45 £14.45 £22.95 £24.95 21.95 £25.95 £11.95 £27.95 £17.95
£24.95 £0.95 £6.95 12.49 21.49 4.95 £12.49 £21.49 £11.95
£9.95 £9.95 £17 9$ £4 45 4 9$ £6.9$ 19$ £12.9$ £* ?$ !
£220.95 £181.95
* Hioaiuu4*s £280.95 £79.95 £93.95 Canon B|30 £141.95 PortaWa
mtmartMw, 30pan ASP Ujh tn.
Canon BJOOColour £187.95 PonaM. Cokur anw, J4 pmt ASF Canon B|210 £149.95 Ci»ntmB|C4l05Col. £229.95
M. *» *ualtn teUlul mow piMM 1*0 M.
Canon B|C610 Colour £357.95 r« r 79.95 WiidtM 9tj.il, COI Uui p«i« | Star Lct40i4p.n I *1 tpt 4nt.w** ASF Mil In | Star LC 40C H( uc»i £108.95 ASF I- • In 9 LQ font*.
Sur SJI 4«oiou. £183.95 CoW tbvrnal trandtf printer. Bau ruraaMng 1 pVfrv Nto«to. • 4 pfpWi cotour iiE@ir StAr LCIOi*.. £402.95 tO9a404 d 4 u (• 6 wvatto. )pp|nuoNMi HP 5 L Laser printer £409.95 1 w. 109 A- HP SP Laser printer £743.95 Citizen Projet lie £164.95 300a 100 4pk CtNut Mi|m TO • *«* AaHo ShMt NT o.akj.t ABC Colour printer £129.95 Smpt. (M «M* 4. AK ) UM J4 p." (KT.I.T HP340Port*blc hpToT HP660CokMrt* Nm llw W9 Iw.
HP870Colour HEWLETT* PACKARD All Cltiren fHMan hw. * 1 year cvnM| i iirs x EPSON New Stylus 500 Colour £287.95 »10 dp. A*pm Bmck. L*mCW» Stylji Colour III £176.95 Ma U. J Sppmau.k. IpemColu Stylji 820 £138.95 no M. LS*pn. AtMk. Cota. U*pr*A..AI.. StylJiPro £410.95
710. 71 PtaHa-K.d MU41«, output Epson LX300 £124.95 t ho Dot
Mutrii, Cotour Upgrade Kit 04.W Epson LQJ00 £139.95 24 PnOo.
Hjtrii Calow. U*fT4«l. I Studio 2 New version 2.11 'Vfytai
earn upiii. *m |.i.l» imX.
Purehaied.with 4 Printer.
Print*r Switch Box J way Printer Stand* (Unrvrrsxl) I .a N*tr» printer cable J Mrtre printer cable I M.tre printer cable 10 Metre printer cable Par (del port ext. Cable Miscellaneous Primer Switch Box 2 way £12.911 Ribbons Cltiien Swift ABC mono 1.4$ Citizen Swift ABC colour 12.9$ Star LctO mono ribbon £4.9$ Star LCI (XI00 mono £1.0$ StarLCIOilQOcotour £7.»S Star LC 240c colour £11.9$ Star LC240c mono (8 9$ StarLC240mono £$ .9$ Star LC 24-1 Oi 200. J00 Colour 11.9$ Re-Ink Spray for mmersbbons 11.9$ DeUjei Cano* BjIlOHBBf ID* Sit. Star Sja. Cdl*B* Projot sni msny
• Chore Pull rongo of colour* avail Sin,I. Refill* (12ml) 4.9$ |
Twin refill* (44ml) (I2.9S Three colour kit (64ml) CI9.9S Full
colour hH (08ml) 127.9$ Bulk refills (i Hmi) 24.9$ Printer
repair specialists.
Free quotes available We stock a wide range of consumables for al Lasers, Dot Matrix and Inkjets old and new.
PREMIER-INK Cartridge Refills I costs with your Canon BJC 4000 colour ('ingie) Canon BJC 4000 mono (tingle) Canon BJC 4000 mono high cap.
Canon BJC 600e mono high cap.
Canon BJC 600c colour Citizen Pnntira Std. Colour* Citizen Printlva Metallic colour* HP. Oetkjet $ 00.5 50 Mono HP. D *h,et S00($ $ 0 Colour HP-Detkjet 660 double mono HP.Dertcjet 660 colour Epion Stylus mono Epson Stylus colour Epson Stylus Col. II SJ820 Mono Epson Stylus CoL IKS 820 Colour Scar SJ 144 monolcolour (tingle) Paper Fanfold (tractor feed) S00 sheets Fanfold (tractor feed) 1000 sheets Fanfold (tractor feed) 2000 theecs Single snoot 500 sheets Single shoot 1000 sheets Single sheet 2000 sheets Epson Stylus 720 dpi paper pack
H. Packard Glossy Paper 16 Pack High Quality Inkjet Paper (500!
Ink Cartridges Canon Bj 10 5tar 5)4* Canon BJ200 210 Canon BjlOllpack) Canon BJC 70 mono (1 pack) Canon BJC 70 colour () pack) Bulk DSDD 101 £3.4$ 1001 £26.9$ 30 x £9.95 jOOx £49.95 SO x 14.95 500 x £114.95 Branded DSDD 10 x 4.95 100 x £41.95 10 x £13.95 200 x £76.95 50x£2l.9S 500 x £175.95 Bulk DSHD 10 x £1.95 100 x £29.95 10 x £10.95 200 x £55.95 50x£l6.9S 500 x £129.95 Branded DSHD 10 X £5.95 100 X £44.95 30 x £15.95 200 x £82.95 50 x £23.95 500 x £189.95 Disk labels XS00 £6.95 I Disk labels x 1000 £9.95J Disks Graphics Graphics Software Genlocks D2 New!! Epson GT-5000 ibMMwMw £399.95
Epson GT-8500 £529.95 i 55 (u* i* SVHS¦ Tim* Lapw remote grabbing.
• BMP.TIFF * PCX File Support. I
• LomVSwp 24 Bit ILBM A Arams | £139.95 VIDI Amiga 24 (RT) Pro
Professional Colour Real Time Amiga I video capture system
• Compos* « A SVHS inputs
• Compat.Hr with VHS A SVHS.
• Sm ft load m multiple fil» formats ! Fcr,,u*J.rnrnory
********t.o* I • AiMnional teletext UtAu.. a I SM), I... mwwo,,
• Vfe preview window . , - - for only..... £ I 29.95J VIDI Amiga
24 (RT)+ Colour Real Time Amiga video capture system ur
Mti.it controls A effects £224.95 BSBE uantum £164.95 Fusion Genlock
• Cww »«h Sul. MT ot «e ? . SIN inp U«W |W* St ,* k . • CompMU
mOy UkS Only!! £95.95 Entry level Genlock £695.95 Epson Flatbed
Scanner Software & Cable...£49.95 Power Scan v4. £89.95 234
fUUlr on AGA Amps 64 t vul. Non AGA Power Scan Col. £174.95 24
bk colour sanmr. L67mftentoleurs Hand Scanners NevvPhotoeenics
2 CD s PhoioRfnuw w 24-Bit Graphics Maniptiation Requires
2chip 4 fast PAM minimum.
Hard Disk A CD Rom Drive,
K. start 3.0 or higher.
Only!! £89.95 Cinema4D £169.95 Amiga Ray-Tracing software Rcq 3Mb of RAM, and Kkkstart 2 or higher.
H5B1S Scala MM2II £139.95
• MM300 £224.95
• MM400 £274.95 Distant Suns £27.95 Vista Pro £27.95
Wordprocessing Home Office Cables Music Final Data
• Requires Workbench I.J or above. I Mb of memory ft I floppy
£39.95 Twist 2 ml D Firut ?
W. Q& w OvuiB
• Any
• 1Mb •2 drivm or Forrvr Technosound Turbo 2 Pro 8 12 bit Stereo
Sampler plus many more advanced features A bargain at
only£2T.95 |Mega-Lo-Sound I bit direct-to-disk sampler | Great
value only.. £25.95 ProMIDI Interface Octamed compatible) 12 16
bit Mereo direct-to-disk I PCMCIA sampler I Octamed 6 CD £24.95
Latest version of the best music making program for the Amiga
Over 600Mb of Midi Ales. Samptss Music-X ver2 £29.95 ktjiivn
MICI Iftace ft a motive. I Smb Req lo no Mutk-X and Notator
• MIDI m. MIDI thru A 2 z MIDI out Acompatrble with an MIDI
software only!! £19.95
• 2 x 3netre MIDI cables £9.99 AURA 100% £74.95 Mini Office AN In
one package Integrated Package
• WortprotMtor :srr- £38.95
• Graphics DvK Uliki _ ew; Wordworth 5 r Amiga 2.04 9 of Memory
Floppy drive* £69.95 Final Writer Lite Requires Kickstart 2.04
or above, 2Mb of Ram and I Floppy Drive, Hard Drive installable
If dcsrrd.
Only!! £74.95 Final Calc £94.95
• Requires Workbench 2.0 or above, 2Mb of memory mln.,
H. Disk with Smb of free space I Home Finance I Money Matters 4
£49.95 I Utilities - Opus 5 £49.95 Relational Database
• Requires Workbench 2.1 or above ft 2Mb of memory £74.95
Spreadsheets iskMagi £34.95 CU Amiga Amiga-CD32 SenaiNMworh
eib.£24.95 Amiga Parnet ParaiM Network £ 14.95 | Modem Cable
9-25 25-25 £9.95 Null Modem Cable £9.951 Amiga-VGA Monitor
£12.95 Amiga-TV Cable £2.45 Amiga-CM8833 Monitor £9.951
Amiga-Scart Cable £9.95 Printer Cable (1.8 metre) £4.95 Disk
Drive Monitor Ext. £14.95 Analogue PC j.stick Adapt. £7.95
Mouse Joystick Extension £4.95 Mouse Joystick Autoswitch £9.95
MIDI Cables (3 metre x2) £9.951 Centronics-Centronics £9.95
SCSI D25-50 way Cent. £11.95 SCSI D25-50 way Micro-D £15.95
SCSI Adaptors from.. £15.951 | SCSI Terminators from... £19.95
Internal SCSI Cables from..£9.99
12. 5" IDE Hard Drive Cable £5.95 Amiga-3.5" Hard Drive £18.951
Custom Cable Suppliers For all your custom cable requirements
just give us a call, we can usually supply most cables next
working day.
Amiga CD ROM's Peripherals Delivery £1.18 per title or £3.95 for 4+ % £13.49 S New!! Spectrum CD 96 ¦nTer Amiga Modulator £34.95 m £9.95 £24.95 £18.95 £34.95 £39.95 Special Offer £22.95 FREE!! Prima Shareware CD-ROM worth £ 10 with every order CD-ROM software over £30 Alfa Data 400-dpi Mega Mouse £1 1.45 3 Button Mega Mouse Plus £ 12.95 Mousemat4mm £2.49 Zip Stick joystick £9.95 Gravis Amiga joystick i 19.95 Roboshift mousWjoystkk switch £9.95 Amiga Contol Pad Kickstart 2.04 2.05 CIA 8520A I O chip FPU25mhzPLCC lFPU33mhzPLCC Special Offer Blitz Basic2.l Popular BASIC programming language for
all Amiga's Wizard 560-dpi Amiga Mouse £12.45 Black or Beic Special offer £29.95 Goliath PSU 200watts of Power 4x Standard PSU Power £69.951 Vista Pro Lite Requires 2Mb of Ram & Hard Disk With Kickstart 2.04 or above.
£14.95 Limited Offer AlfaData Crystal Trackball Only...£34.95| Amiga PSU £34.95 Zydec Speakers ZyFi-2....£26.95 ZyFi Pro..£57.95 vis i Am) I New!! C64 Sensations Vol 2 £16.95 CDPD 1.2or3 £5.95 Demo CD I or 2 £5.95 Encounters UFO Phenomenon £ 12.95 Epic Collection 2 £17.95 Emulators Unlimited £18.95 Global Amiga Experience £22.95 (New1.1 EPIC M M Encyclopedia £25 9?)
| Light ROM 3 (3 disk set) £32.95 Magic Workbench Enhancer £8.95 Meeting Pearls 3 £8.95 NFA AGA Experience I or 2 £18.95 NFA Utilities Experience £13.95 Nothing But Tetris £8.95 I Oh Yes More Worms Vol. I £8.95 Octamed Sounds Studio CD £29.95 Totally mimptl nrw vevuon of tills top lading CO.
Includes endUtt new and improved fcaturrv Aminet 9 10 11 orNew 12 £ 12.95 Aminet Set I (Aminet 1-4) £24.95 Aminet Set 2 (Aminet S-8) £24.95 Aminet Set 3 (Aminet 9-12) £24.95 17 Bit Collection (Double) £14.95 17 Bit Continuation £9.95 17 Bit Phase 4 £9.95 17 Bit LSD compendium 1 2 3 £ 16.95 New!! Magic Publisher 4 CD set £44.95 Inc. Wordworth 4 TD. Final Writer 4 SE.
10,000 Fonts and S.OOO Clips and more.
Amiga Developers CD Ver I. I nu« co« A -aga DweWoftars 1 £16.95 £17.95 TenonTenpack(IOxCD's) £37.95 New!! WPD Hottest 6 £17.95 Weird Science 3DCD-1 Objects £8.95 Weird Science 3DCD-1 Images £8.95 Weird Science Amos PD CD V2 £16.95 Weird Science Animations 2 CD £17.45 Weird Science Artworx £8.95 Weird Science Assassins 2 x CD £17.45 Weird Science Fonts Clipart £8.95 Weird Science Animation £16.95
W. Science MultiMcdia ToolKit 2 £19.95 Weird Science Network 2 CD
£12.45 New Price Prima CD Vol. I £9.95 I Sci-fi Sensations 2
£17.95 Horror Sensations 18+ £ 19.9 5 Weird Science Octamed 6
CD £24.95 Weird Science Sounds Terrific 2 £16.95 Weird
ScienceUPD Gold CD x4 £24.95 New!! CD Rom World Atlas £24.95
Full colour Multimedia Atlas for the Amiga.
Rated Absolutely Superb_ Buy Weird Science Network 2 CD & CD-32. Serial Network Cable.
_For only, £35.95_ New"Photogenics V2 CD ROM £84 95' New features Animation Support. New Effects System, Virtual Images Plus More_ New!! Workbench Add-Ons Space And Astronomy Now Available Zoom-2 £ 18.95 Long awaited New version of this vary popular CD. The latest PD from 2 Libraries.
Around two months ago we reviewed AGA Experience 2 and gave it a nice heahhy score.
This month, Sadeness PD and Blittersoft have joined forces to bring you the Utilities Experience. Which is nice.
If you've ever needed things such as graphic tools, icons, commercial denos, shell tools as well as programmer's tools, and source code, then a CD is almost certainly your best option. Unless, of course, you want to pay a PD library an awful lot of money to send you the products individually.
The highlight of the CD has got to be the amount of commercial demos. There are demos of packages such as Cinema 4D, Blitz Bottom fine Product details Aminet 12 Product: Product: Supplier: GTI Supplier: Price: £14.95 Price: Phone; +49 6171 85937 Phone: COR ES m % s COR On tha Militia* Experience, la a demo ot tha excellent Digital Unlvaraa.
Ease of use Ease of use Implementation
• 7% Implementation Value For Money 88% Value For Money Overall
89% Overall The last 12 releases of Aminet have, under
standably, contributed to it becoming one of the most popular
Cds of all time, because users who haven't got Internet access
have to sit back and wait for the next CD so they can get their
hands on the latest programs.
Aminet 12, features all the latest uploads until June ’96, so that it's right up to date.
A few months ago, Aminet 10 featured a full version of Pagestream, and Aminet 12 is no different because once again, it offers you a full veision of a commercial product This time all Amiga music fans are in for a rare treat as OctaMed V5 is included.
In my opinion, version 5 was the release I always felt comfortable with. I found it difficult to adapt to version 6, regardless of how many etta features it boasted, so I always returned to my good old version, and still do.
So what more can I possibly say? With all the lates: releases in the entire world and a full commercial, professional music program, buy one today!
AM! NET 12 w June Vft
• sh &P fllW ft Qminet 12 JsdfflfV V t'JT'n V- ®. ' Andy Maddock
brings you the latest and greatest from the world of CD he
Utilities Experience Basic, ImageFX, Storm C and Xi-Paint, and
all these packages are surrounded by various programs which
you would expect to be on a utilities CD. There’s really too
much to say in this short piece, although I will say that most
of the software is ready to run, whch most Amiga users
appreciate because there's no dearchiving process involved.
As far as Utility Cds go, this is pretty much standard in content only it comes wth plenty of commercial demos so the public :an get a taste of the whole program. The bigger Amiga users probably wouldn't purchase this because they would prefer to gain individual programs, but any other user whose Amiga is in need of a rapid update in the way of datatypes, disk tools and icons will need this CD.
Bottom line Product details The Utilities Experience Blittersoft £14.99 01900 261466 84% 81% 86% 85% Amiga Computing I ?
MC INDEX EWS EMC Index EM Computergraphic £14.99 01255 431389 80% 82% 78% 80% r test CE t, and all ious pro- Dn a util- ly in this most of h most s no defy much h plenty m get a f Amiga e this dividual imiga is of data- 05 CO.
In ANTHOLOGY If Amiga music is your kind of thing, then this massive release by GT1 will almost certainly impress you. The package contains four Cds which feature a number of artists in alphabetical order. In total, there are a whopping 18000 mods, which works out at nearly 1000 hours of music, but that's not all. There’s also 25Mb of modules, players, converters and utilities to enable you to hear every single one.
There's only one thought which crosses my mind, and that is: 'why? Why would anybody want to sh down and listen to over 1000 hours of Amiga music Come on, hardly any of it's professional in any way.
Nence tersoft
14. 99 51466 B4% 11% 16% 15% The Index CD by EM Computergraphic
is exactly what it says on the front cover. It's an index. It
will help you find pictures of a particular type without
having to desperately search fron CD to CD just for one
Here at Amiga Computing, this problem arises far too many times. When we need a picture to accompany an article, nobody knows where to start or which CD to start with. In an ideal situation, the Index CD should be the perfect solution, but it isn't Firstly, the Index CD contains thumbnail screens of each directory from each CD. The variety of Cds stretches from Aminet 3-7 to specific picture Cds such as Gfx Sensation, World of Clipart, Gifs Galore and Gif Galaxy.
Some of the Cds are based on the PC too, so you may not even know some of them, let alone have them in your collection. Oh, that's another point Just in case you're confused, you don't actually get all these Cds for the price. You're already supposed to have them in your collection - I'd just like to dear that up!
The problems I came across when using it were, Firstly, that we only had a couple of Aminet Cds left in my bottom drawer, which meant it could only search two, so the Index CD seemed a bit pointless. Secondly, EMC stresses how quickly it is to search through all these Cds to find the picture you require, but it doesn't even include a search engine, which would have been invaluable. I understand that a lot of Cds simply name their pictures something ridiculous like Az98b45ZX.45, which won't show up on a search engine, but it would have been better to include a Product details 1 Product: Mods
Antnology Supplier: GTI Price: £tba Phone: +49 6171 85937 ES Ease of use 90% Implementation 84% Value For Money N A% Overall 85% I absolutely hate a huge chunk of it, especially the tunes which feature a badly sampled saxophone and loads of beepy noises.
Okay, so the sampled stuff from original tunes is good, but only when it has been remixed, I just can't think of a good reason for wanting such a huge amount of mods.
I suppose most users would happily rip out the good samples and include them in their own tunes to save time on sampling. Ah, so there b an advantage.
If you want an absolute ton of Amiga music then you should seriously check this CD out You won’t find a bigger collection anywhere else.
Description of the picture. As an example, if you were looking for a picture of a foctballer, simply typing 'football' would have found a number of matches and it could have told you which CD and what directory you could find it in.
As it stands, the Index does seem a little pointless, especially as most of the Cds contain thumbnail screens anyway, and you also have to own the Cds covered. For £14.99 the Index CD certainly doesn't boast value for money, but if you use a lot of different artwork on a regular basis then you may end up paying full whack.
Bottom line Overall Value For Money Implementation Ease of use Phone: Price: Supplier: Product: Product details Bottom line Amiga Computing Orders Only 800-735-2633 ItisictiStv
P. O. Box 4398 Carmel, CA 93921, U.S.A, L I Internet:
sales@visionsoft.com Homepage: http: www.visionsoft.com
Orders Only 800-735-2633 Memory Upgrades GVP-32 60ns 1 mb Simm
29. 95 GVP-32 60ns 4mb Simm
125. 95 GVP-32 60ns I6mb Simm
399. 95 Ix36-70ns Simm (4mb)
49. 95 lx32-50ns Simm (4mb)
49. 95 2x32-5Qns Simm (8mb)
89. 95 4x32-50ns Simm (16mb)
149. 95 8x32-S0ns Simm (32mb)
289. 95 1x8-73ns Simm
22. 95 lx8-83ns Simm
19. 95 1x9-70ns Simm
20. 95 4x8-70ns Simm
69. 95 4x9-80ns Simm
79. 95 DRAM Special lx4-70ni SC Zip
13. 95 lx4-70ns Page Zip
13. 95 lx4-80ns Page Dip
14. 95 256x4-70ns Page Dip
3. 95 256x4-70ns Page Zip
4. 95 lxl-IQQnsPagc Dip
3. 00
2. 5” Hard Drives A600 1200 SX-1 Hard Drives Toshiba 520mb IDE
269.95 Toshiba 8lOmb IDE 319.95 Toshiba 1.3gb IDE 499.95
Toshiba 2. Igb IDE 699.95
2. 5” Hard Drive Cable 12.95
2. 5” Hard Drive Bracket 12.95
3. 5” Hard Drives Quantum 540 IDE
189. 95 Quantum 540mb SCSI
179. 95 (Conner 850mb IDE
239. 95 Seagate 1,08gb SCSI
299. 95 Quantum 2. Igb SCSI
599. 95 Quantum 4.3gb SCSI
999. 95 Software Clearance Asim CDFS 3.6
59. 95 Arcade Pool CD32
22. 95 Audition 4
9. 95 CBM Amiga Unix Multiuser
89. 93 Disk Salv Ver 4
35. 95 Fields of Glory CD32
9. 95 Lemmings CD
9. 95 Music Mod & Sound Effect CD 9.95 Nigel Mansell CD32
• A95 Police Quest
9. 95 QuarterBack Tools Deluxe
49. 95 Wild Wheel
9. 95 CRONUS Aminct Share 4
9. 95 AmiNd 11
18. 95 AmiNct 12
18. 95 AmiNet 13
18. 95 Aminct Set 2
36. 95 Aminct Set 3
39. 95 FantaSeas
29. 95 Fresh Fonts 1
9. 95 Gamers Delight 2
27. 95 Gate Wav 2
19. 95 Gold Fish 2
19. 50 Gold Fish 3
19. 50 The Light Works
32. 95 Magic Illusions
15. 95 Custom Chips
1. 3 Kickstart Rom
13. 95
2. 04 Kickstart Rom
22. 95
2. 05 Kickstart Rom
26. 95
3. 0 Rom for A4000
49. 95
3. 1 Rom forA500 2000
52. 95
3. 1 Rom for A12 30 4000
69. 95 8372A 1 mb Agnus
34. 95 8375 1 mb Agnus
19. 95 8375B 2mb Agnus (A3000)
39. 95 8373 Super Denise
29. 95 8364 R7 Paula
16. 95 5719 Gary
13. 95 8520 A-1 CIA
12. 95 8520 Surface Mount
23. 50 Super Buster Rev. 11
29. 95 Super Dmac Rev.4
42. 95 Ramsey Rev.7
29. 95 Fat Gary
39. 95
W. D. SCSI Chip 8A
29. 95 A2620-30 Rom Rev.7
29. 95 A2091 Rom Rev.7
29. 95 Upgrade Kits AS 320 3.1 Kit for A500 600 2000 2500 119.95
AS 312 330 340 3.1 Kit for A1200 300(i 3000( T) 4000 1 34,95
All upgrade kits include Manuals Software and Kith tart
Rom(s) Peripherals & Hardware A1200 880K Int Floppy Drive
65.00 A2000 880K Int Floppy Drive 69.95 A3000 880K Int Floppy
Drive 69.95 A500 1200 Power Supply 45.95 A2000 Power Supply
109.00 A3000 Power Supply 79.95 109.95 A2 3000 Keyboard 79.95
A1200 Keyboard 34.95 Keyboard Adapter A2000 Keyboard to A4000
System 9.95 Safe Skin for A12 20 30 4000 19.95 15-23 Pin
Monitor Adapter 24.95 A501 Ram Card for A500 33.95 A520 Video
Adapter 13.95 RCA Video Cable 5.95 RF Modulator 7.95
Miditiold 500 29.95 Micro R&D C64 Power Sup 35.00 1CD AdSCSI
2000 69.00 Microbioties 1200 Clock 19.95 Mouse & Joystick
Eklip.sc Mouse w Mat
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29. 95 Power players Joystick
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199. 00 Cinema 4D
299. 00 Disk Magic
54. 95 Gamcsmith
99. 95 I browse
39. 95 Squirrel Jaz Zip Tools
24. 95 Surf Squirrel SCSI PCMCIA 139.95 Termite TCP
59. 95 Upper Disk Tools
25. 95 ITEMS Reno Portable CD ROM Drive & CD Player Include* AC
Krnvr Adapter & Battery Charger SI 29.95 T- „ A«monr Pack
(S29.95 Value) rree RwhMgMNfrjKk.Tr«ttl Pouch.
With purthax I lenjphonr ft Audio Patch Cable* ot' Reno Drive External SCSI Cable ($ 79.95 Value) Picasso II Plus Graphics Board w 2mb for AMOoAoOO 4000 $ 365.00 Power Computing Floppy Drives
1. 76 XI. Hi Den Internal Dnw 124.95
1. 76 XL Hi Den External Drive I 4.95 Alpha Data Muitiface I O
Card III for A2000 .'000 4000 $ 99.95 SyQuest EZ135 External
SCSI Drive Include* Krwrr Supply. OflQ Off l35MbCtftrkl*&CiMe
135mb (iutridgr 24. SO lOmcga Igb Internal SCSI Drive S49S.00
Iomega Igb External SCSI Drive $ 599.00 Both include tbwer
Igb Cartridfe 9c jblc Igb Cartridge 129.00 CD ROM Drives Toshiba 4X SCSI Internal 159.00 External 229.00 Toshiba 6.7X SCSI Internal 259.00 External 329.00 Tcac 6X SCSI Internal 229.00 External 299.00 Brackets & External Cases
5. 25" Bracket for 3.5" Internal Pcvices 14.95
5. 25” SCSI Case w Power Supply Cooling Fan & Cabling 1 Half
Height 69.95 2 Half Height 1 Ful Height 149.95 4 Half Hcight 2
Fu’l Height 199.95 GVP A2000 030 40mhz
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99. 95 C-Lock NTSC
299. 95 Guru ROM V.6 (Low Profile)
79. 95 Guru ROM V.6
69. 95 I O Extncder - 2 Ser, 1 Par
119. 00 DSS8+V3.0 Software Upgd
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109. 95 Amiga Manuals & Books A2QQ0 Sys. Schcma.ics 30.95 A3000
Sys. Schema-, ics 34.95 A590 I lard Drive Ser. Man. 19.95
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Mastering Amiga Prog Sec 31.95 Mastering Amiga Dos 3 V.2
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1499. 00 K Rapidfire SCSI II
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13. 95 I Kwikstart II for A1000
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25. 00 1 3128 Expansion Board
190. 00 1 Cobra 33 for A1200
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195. 95 1 Ferret SCSI II for A1200
89. 00 | Phase 5 CyberStorm Mark II 68060 50mhz Accelerator for
A3000(T) & A4000(T) $ 999.00 CyberStorm SCSI Option 249.00
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A4000(T) $ 399.00 5489.00 CyberVision 64 Upgrade 89.00 2Mb
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w built-in SCSI II for A1500, A2000 & A2500 $ 929.00 Blizzard
1230IV 1260 Turbo for A1200 $ 269.95 5829.95 Blizzard
1230 1260 SCSI 169.95 Modems & Telecom Supra 14.4 Ext. Fax
Modem S9.9?r Supra 28.8 Ext. Fax Modem
209. 95 Serial Modem Cable
7. 95 Null Modem Cable
7. 95 Ami TCP IP V.4.2
89. 95 Aweb-U
44. 95 ] Visa, Master and Discover Card orders arc accepted with
no surcharge. We also ship COD only in payment of Cash.
Cashier’s Check or Money Order. All returns must be returned
and accompanied with a RMA vithin 15 days. Defective
products will be replaced with the same item only. Other
returns subject to 25% restocking fee.
Shipping & Handling charges arc non-refundable. Price & availability are subject to change without notice. We do not guarantee hardware and software compatibility. We are not responsible for any typographical errors.
Tech (408) 626-2633 Fax (408)625-6588 BBS (408)625-6580 ith HTML it is good to think of all fitting into two types: Those that directly effect the appearance of the text images such as body , b , i and u and those which are formatting layout tags such as br p and table . This is only the way my mind works when designing a web page, but it can really help you understand HTML If things don't look qjite right with the layouts then change the layout tags until things are how you want them!
One thing to remember is that no matter how hard you try your pages will look different on all the various browsers that are out there. It is always good to write your pages with all the browsers in mind, sadly I don't mean all the Amiga browsers (see boxout). At this point only Ibrowse can handle tables and thank heavens it can because tables are one of the most important layout tags.
Appearance tags Before I get into the html of tables, let's take a look some important appearance tags. The body tag sets many preferences for our page's looks. It takes several attributes and can look like this: body bgcolors-lOOQOOO' t*xt*"lff fff* wHnk=-*ffffft* The values of each of the attributes contain RGB values n hexadecimal: 000000 is black and ffffff is white. Starting from the left, bgcolor is set to black and the text links and activated links are set to white. If you want to have a background image instead of a plain colour then replace the bgcolor attribute with
background=7gifs back.gif. This works just like the src=" attribute in the img tag.
One more useful tag is font size=va!ue
- the values can be from 1 to 7 with 3 being the default. So to
make your font smaller use values 1 or 2 and to make it bigger
use values 4 to 7, simple! For other tags I suggest that you
take a look at the Netscape site (http: www.netscape.com).
There is no point on my listing any of the more obscure tags
when you can go and look for yourselves.
Formatting To start a table use table and to close the table use the corresponding close tag table . The guts of the table is made up of rows and columns. To make a 2x2 table with each cell consecutively numbered, start with the top left work across to the right and then repeat for the next row. Row tags are tr and tr ; column tags are td and td UTOR I A m
19. 95
15. 95
* 9.95
15. 95
• 5.95 .9.95
5. 50
8. 95
9. 95
9. 95
9. 95
9. 95
8. 95
9. 95
9. 95
5. 95 .95 .95 .95 .00 .00
1. 95
1. 95
1. 95 '.00
- .00
1. 00 :95 .95 ¦ r ) .00 00 95 o 5 I hope you had no trouble last
month with uploading your web pages to a service provider.
This month we can really start to jazz up our pages and format them with table tags.
• Riming or th and th (bold and centred table header tag),
so our HTML 2x2 will be: table trXtd 1 tdXtd 2 tdX tr
trXtd 3 tdXtd 4 tdX tr table ¦ *1 5 *5 *5 *5 *5 ] Bool
things to DO WITH TABLES Something that you now see a lot of on
the web is a page with a margin of colour down the left side.
The main body of the page is on the right with images down the
margin. This is best formatted with a table, the left side is
td width*'120* and the right is td width=*470" .
This can ae a way to make your pages a bit more interesting to the eye. Another thing I use tables for is for menus of images. I can control the spacing between different sized image to give a tidy menu bar.
The table* examples, at displayed by Ibrowee 8a Amiga Computing I have formatted the HTML to look a bit like the table, this makes it more readable. This isn't a big table so this is easy to do but it is always gocd practice to organise your table HTML in seme way so that changing or reading at a later date is possible. It also makes excellent HTML always to put in the closing tr and td tags. Without, it may display OK on the browser but should you master HTML and move on to CGI programming to control you* HTML things will be a lot easier if you are sure of its format We have now made
the most simple and pointless table. To customise this we can add various attributes to the tags. The numbers in our table appear to be uniformly spaced - that's because they are the same size. Now suppose we had a real life need for a table.
Let's say I have three pictures and want to arrange them in a row with corresponding text under each one.
It is possible to use most HTML tags in a table cell - just imagine that each cell is just a smaller area in which you arrange your HTML It is even possible to nest anotfter-table in a cell, but you should only do this if you really have to! To put an image in the table is simple as you can see below: bordcrs’O" cellpidding='0* cellspic- t 9s"0* tr td iUgns”ctnter* »iUgn:Mc*nter*xiig jrt*, glf* slnk.jpg,x td td •Ugn**cfnt«r“ valigni-ctnter’xiag src*7gifj t»p.jpg* td td illgn=*cent«rM villgns'tenter-xiBg irc*7gifj n«tuork.gifx td tr tr td iUgn=*left' v«llgn=*top* It'i bathroom
it's tnsiel, it's mll-iountiblc! td ?d iligns'left* v»ligf»*"top* Uij gold plated tap Mill aake your batk ill tbt aore rtlai- ing td td lUgM'left* v»lign=*top- tiee laagino rendered iaige, but coapletely irrele- »ant td tr tible What have I done? Not only have I added the images but I have also put in extra bits and pieces. Firstly there is the border='0’ attribute, that tells the web browser to put a border around the table of width 0. This is in fact redundant because if I remove it then there won't be any border, I have put it in because I can then change the 0 to 1 and see I
how the table looks with a border (See I Picture). Have a go yourself with the above | code.
Next have a look at the adapted td tag. R « • westcx ENUINC AC HEWLETT I have aligned the image to the centre of the I S cell both horizontally and vertically. This is I useful when the images are of a different r™1?3 A!
Size which is most of the time. I have also formatted the row of text descriptions to start at the top left. The available options are left right top, bottom and centre, with align*"" controlling the horizontal and valign='" controlling the vertical.
(Ml H. "I man ¦ n a Now we hopefully have the hang of attributes let's have a look at some more useful ones you will need.
Uh FOOIW ¦jLGNltAl*C Controlling the width of a cell or the whole table can be very handy. You do this with the width=” attribute. To make a table of width 410 pixels Ctable width="410* will do the job for you. Similarly, td width='100" will give you a table cell of width 100 pixels.
JAM Y OOUcL KIM Of O MMTt SC WX.n I normally find myself using this type of precision when I have two or more different sized images and need them to be spaced evenly.
ACMoo You can also set widths to be a percentage, such as td width="50%" . This lets the table expand and shrink as users adjjst the window size of their browser.
©RAMA Some HELP' eou ¦BMMBLE S ¦BURT St HOAD RASE HOWL The table tag can also take the attribute cellpadding="'' and cellspacing=" attributes.
Cellspacing is the gap between cells and cell- padding is the gap between the contents of the cells and the cell walls.
Finally, it is possible to make an individual cell span several rows or columns. td colspan=”2" lets the cell span two columns and td rowspan='2* lets it span two rows.
That's enough for table attributes. It seems more are being invented daily such as different background colours for each cell, ff you want to Find out more, again have a look at http: www.netscape.com . Cu rently Ibrowse supports everything I have mentioned in the tables tutorial.
• Next month, I am going to start some cgi programming. This will
be in peri, so if you want to get peri5.001 from Aminet in the
dev lang directory you can install and play around with it in
anticipation. J7& ABLES, BROWSERS AND PROBLEMS Sadly when you
try and control the size of the tables you may find that trying
to be exact is very difficult Netscape has a few annoying bugs
that will make your Ibrowse designed pages look different This
is because Netscape doesn't measure the width of the left
column from where the background starts on the page. There is a
gutter of varying length between each different platform
version. The PC version is smaller than the Linux version for
Ibrowse however has no gutter and is by far the most accurate, but which is right remains debatable. Netscape can't even set a standard for itself so the best we can do is be aware of the problem.
Oh, by the way, when you set the width to be an exact amount and then make the browser window smaller on Netscape it squashes up the table. Ibrowse doesn't do this as it is sensible about its HTML interpretation.
To get around this problem I use a transparent gif of height 1 and width the same as the cell width. What a hassle, but the columns will stay the correct widths!
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P. O. BOX 38, WARE, HERTS, SG11 1TX, UK pairing J Amiga and PC
working in perfect harmony? Surely not. Neil Moh looks at this
strange mutant O think I must be one of the few people left in
the country who doesn't actually own a PC. With even our
editor having recently bought one, it is getting to the stage
where I'm think ng, "A PI20 would be quite nice to play Duke
Nuke'em on". Well, for anyone who is in the same situation but
needs or wants to keep easy access to their Amiga, HiQ has
come up with a product which allows your PC and Amiga to share
many of the same parts.
In essence, the Siamese system works in two separate sections. You have the actual Siamese board which basically acts as a monitor switcher. It is controlled by the Siamese software and pipes in the serial signals from the Amiga, Alongside this is a SCSI network on which your shared drives sit Due to this setting up, the hardware side is done in two steps; ore for the Siamese board and the other for the SCSI network.
The first steps in installing the Siamese system are done on your Amiga. Now, as both your Amiga and PC will be sharing the same monitor, you have to make sure the screen mode your Amiga is using works with your Current monitor. If you do not hate the luxury of a low-syncing multisync you will have to set your Amiga to run in a VGA-compatible screen mode. Your best bet is to use the Multiscan monitor driver along with the VGA- only driver, as this works at the magic 31 Khz horizontal scan rate of a VGA monitor.
The Siamese board takes up a single ISA board in your PC As I said earlier its main use ESTED SCSI DEVICES Amiga PC NCR 810 PCI Adapted 505 ISA Adaptec 1541 Adaptec 2940 Oktagon 2008 DKB 4091 Surf Squirrel A4000T controller A3000 controller is to act as a software-controlled monitor switcher, so once it is in your PC you route the Amiga's video output - using the supplied cable - to the Siamese board. The Pcs graphics card output is also piped into the Siamese board, again with a supplied cable, and finally you can plug the monitor into the 15-pin connector on the Siamese board.
H you are not familiar with the innards of a PC (like me), the final part to setting up the Siamese board could cause a little confusion.
It involves re-routing the Pcs Comm2 serial port to the Siamese board and then using a 'replacement' serial port from the Siamese board. You then have to connect th“ Amiga and PC serial ports, again using a supplied cable. The serial cable is used to transmit the mouse, keyboard and other signal between each computer.
I came across a problem once I had finished fitting the Siamese board and was initially testing it Due to the height limitations on ISA boards it was impossible for HiQ to fit the three 15-pin monitor connectors.
Because of this the second video connector that takes the Pcs video output is a round connector. Now, depending on youi PC, the thick, black, plastic covering may stop the connector fitting property and result in the PC video signal not being in sync If this is the case all you have to do is cut four or five millimetres of this covering away and all will work fine again.
Once that is done the second half of the hardware installation involves setting up the SCSI network. In theory this should be a simple process. At the most basic level it would involve plugging an Amiga SCSI controller to Amiga Computing the Pcs SGI controller, and as long as both controllers had different SCSI Ids, all would be well.
In practice, SCSI controllers tend to use the SGI ID number seven, so before you can get the SGI network up and running you need to change either the PC or Amiga side's ID number. Currently, the two PC SCSI cards that HiQ guarantees to work do not allow you to change their SCSI ID's, so it is left up to the Amiga side to do the compromising. Luckily, most Amiga controllers do allow you to change their ID numbers either by adjusting jumpers on their boards or by using software such as the A3000 motherboard controller.
The only major exception is the Surf Squirrel, bit to get around this, HiQ includes a replacement Squirrel device driver.
Basically, you drop into the DEVS drawer and sets the Squirrel's ID to five. All this palava with ID numbers does mean that you will only be able to use up to six SGI devices instead of the usual seven, but this shouldn't worry anyone apart from the real psycho SGI users.
Once the SGI controllers are set up, you next need to decide how you want your SGI devices arranged. If you have a large PC box, it would be normal to add hard drives or CD- ROMs off the internal PC SCSI controller, but if you have a big box Amiga there is nothing Stopping you from using this instead. For externally boxed or removable SGI devices, such as a Zip drive, it is possible to connect drives 'in-between1 the SGI cards. As long as none of the SGI Ids clash and the end of the SGI chain is correctly terminated there should be no real problem.
So, you have the hardware side of the Siamese system all set but this is not going to be of much use without the software to back it all up. The Siamese software comes on a single PC disk along with the CrossDOS 6 package, v hich makes mounting the PC drives just a matter of pointing and clicking.
Installation of the Amiga software is handled by a normal install script, leaving you with the simple task of dragging the SiSys program to your WBStartUp drawer. On the PC side you need to drag a drawer containing the Siamese software to the Pcs C drive. By then dragging links to the SySis program to the Start button and Startup drawer, you will have easy access to the software on the PC side.
The hub of the Siamese software is the main Server program, which passes messages between the machines over the serial cable for all the services that can be running on the Siamese system. The main function is to watch out for the user requesting the monitor switcher to kick in and switch between the two machines. On the PC side this is done using an Amiga sizing gadget that appears on the tool bar.
On the Amiga side there are a number of ways, including the most visible use of the Windows 95 button. You can also use the left Amiga C combination, and there is an optional Arexx port which has commands to give you total control over the PC. So, you can switch between the Amiga and PC screens and launch PC programs all from a single Arexx script Other basic functions provided by the sewer include mouse and keyboard sharing that allows yoi to use the Amiga mouse and keyboard whi e using Windows 95, or if you wish use the PC mouse and keyboard while using the Amiga An incredibly useful
feature is clipboard sharing that allows you to cut and paste between machines. Another handy function will update the Amiga’s internal clock to match that of the PC's. This is helpful if your Amiga does not have a built-in dock.
The Siamese software is constantly being updated, and new additions include MountPC. This puts a new disk icon on your Workbencri called PC Opening this allows you to access all the drives mounted on the PC side of things, including floppy and CD drives. As this works over the serial lead it is nowhere near as fast as the SGI network, but at least you have simple access to the normal PC drives not on the SGI network.
The preference program has also been updated and allows you to alter the serial device you want to use. As a result. Surf Squirrel owners will be able to take advantage of the higher transfer speeds.
Once yau have everything properly set up.
The Siamese system very quickly becomes second nature to use. Flicking between the PC and Amiga, screens is just a matter of pressing two keys, and sharing files over the SCSI network is the same as loading and saving any other file.
The only potential problem here is with the two SCSI cards dashing over shared access, but on a shared monitor system this will happen very rarely, as both the Amiga and PC have to save to the drive at exactly the same time. If you are using decent SGI cards they should arbitrate between themselves for access to the drive, so unless you have automatic processes running this should not be a problem.
I do have to say that I was a little hesitant at first about the idea of the Siamese system, but having used it for a few days you do start to forget you are using two separate machines. If you are put off by the possible extra cost of the SGI network you should remember that this is actually not necessaiy for the Siamese system to work, as you can still have the monitor, keyboard and mouse sharing, along with MountPC If you are only dealing with small files you could get along without the SCSI network. £& Bottom line Requirements RED essential BLACK recommended PCI Windows95 PC SCSI Card VGA
Monitor SGI drive Workbench 2.04 Multisync Monitor 13THB ETAI LS | Product Siamese system Supplier Blttersoft Price £149.95 Tel 01908 261466 s Ease of use 79% Implementation 85% Value For Money 80% Overall 85% Amiga Computing Qm IGA DEVELOPER CD the vario mands e: the case arrangen repeatec approact grams g« difficult t if it is wr of instru The s you are standab coding j build yc blocks t that wh your sc with sir Thet called tained j tion.wi to you.
And lay exampl Two specialist jam packed Cds get trawled through Product Price Anyone who has read about programming on the Amiga would have come across references to certain books and files, particularly something known as the native developers' kit This CD is the official developers' CD from Amiga Technologies and so has all the files and references you need.
One of the most important inclusions is the native developer kit. This has all the 'include' files and libraries you need to compile your operating system source code with either a C compiler or assembler.
Along with these you also get an important section describing the A A 1 I ( A best way to program for the Amiga and to maintain future compatibility.
Other parts of the NDK include the documentation for all the Amiga's libraries explaining what each function does and how you should use it These are just plain text files but in a separate section the entire 'includes' can be referenced in AmigaGuide format making for quick access.
Included as part of the NDK is Enforcer an essential debugging tool that shows you any badly written programs which are accessing parts of the Amiga's operating system that they should not be touching.
Possibly of interest but not quite so much use nowadays is the complete CD32 developers' package that includes full CDXL reference material and utilities to build CD32 Cds.
A developers' section on the CD is interesting reading as it details what parts of the operating system could change in a future PowerPC operating system, and which functions you are best avoiding using to keep programs compatible.
There are also details of a TrackDisk64 which is an enhanced version of the trackdisk device written to remove the cirrent 4Gb hard drive limit. Contributed by third parties there are the development files for Envoy from 1AM and the Inet files from Interworks.
For beginner programmers, on top of the large amount of example files that come as part of the NDK, there is AmigaMail - a bimonthly magazine in which examples of Amiga programming are posted. These cover all aspects of programming including subjects covering how to write well-styled code that will be easily maintained and understood by other people.
Seeing that originally the native de elopers' kit was £22 to buy from Commodo e this CD is excellent value for money and is an absolute must for would be Amiga programmers, giving invaluable advice and development files.
Bottom line Product details Amiga Developer CD £14.95 The current CD market is awash with c|ipart and font Cds from the likes of Epic and EMC So any new publishing style CD is going to have to offer something more than just another bunch of tired old collection of fonts and clipart by Neil Mohr agic Publisher Well Magic Publisher takes the view that bigger is better and is a whopping four CD collection. In reality you can immediately discard one of the Cds as it is for BBS users and provides lha'ed versions of all the fonts on the CD - handy but for a few people.
Talking of fonts, the CD claims to have 10,000 of the rascals but really this is something of a misnomer as what you have is something approaching 300 scalable fonts in five different formats - Bitmap, Dmf, IntelliFont, Postscript and Truetype. To make life easier all these fonts are printed in the 108 page manual that comes with the CD collection.
On top of these is a huge collection of standard Amiga bitmap fonts along with a collection of colour fonts. Unfortunately there are no preview pictures, either on disk or in the manual so you will have to look at each one individually to find out what it is like, if you can be bothered.
Clipart is organised in a similar way to the fonts with printed previews in the minual corresponding to each file on CD. All the clipart is organised into separate drawerc on the CD but even so a directory read can take a while on a slow drive due to the amount of stuff in each category.
With all these fonts and graphics it would be nice to have something to use them with and lo and behold one of the Cds is dedicated to publishing software. Along wnh a demo of Wordworth 4SE there is a full version of Final Writer 4SE.
A full installation of TeX is set up ready for use on the CD. TeX is aimed at scientific and technical manual layout as is a right pain to setup, but if you have ever come across DVI files then the utility ShowDVI is setup and lets you view them.
Also on the first CD are 150 printer drivers, a large collection of PD and shareware programs covering all of uses and a selection of backdrops of varying quality.
Product Price OVERALL: 91% BoxVol irg r volui retufi Seedy world This BoxVol 0*ttt becaus ing abc inform ly. The* the fui in the with a follow mallyi 'variabl re other1 The called Arexx E Bottom line Product details Magic Publisher £49.95 OVERALL: 90% ORIAL ¦¦kB W and the op of the come as i - a bi- nples of fse cover I subjects ode that stood by develop- dore this id is an irogram- develop- III e This is the definition of a function called BoxVolumeO- I've placed parenthesis markers 0 at the end of the name when mentioning it beGuse it's lormal practice to do so when talking about function
names (most functions need information to work on and, as you'll see shortly, these parenthesis markers are needed when the function is used). Do notice, however, that in the function definition itself the name ends with a color. The PROCEDURE keyword which follows the f jnction name is optional but is normally included because it tells Arexx that all the variables used inside the function should be regarded as local, i.e. should be isolated from other variables in the script The data items required by a function are called the function's 'arguments', and with Arexx these are specified
using an ARC state- ’ that both of thia month'* examples need to be run from the Shell using the RX command Qunction use Once you have created a function definition, using it is easy. If you want the returned value to be assigned to a variable you simply write the function name on the right- hand side of an expression, placing the argument values you wish to use inside the parenthesis (separated by commas) like this: In the first case, the variable mybox would be loaded with the value 40 (i.e. 2*4*5), and in the second case the value 40 would be displayed.
It's wcrth pointing out, incidentally, that although, for clarity, the results of multiplying the three arguments was assigned to a separate variable we could, in the case of
• ybox:BoiVoluae(2,4,S).
This simple function, do away with the intermediate multiplication statement and write the function in this form: BoxVoluie: Procedure irg width, height, depth return width*height*depth On the other hand you can use the returned value immediately: siy BoxVoluat(2,4,5) Listing 1: This standalone script shows one way of using the BoxPrlcef) function Amiga Computing OCTOBER 1996 Ohe maaos that we were talking about last month consisted of just a few lines of code. Whatever needed doing was achieved by having the various Arexx or program interface commands executed either one after the other
or, in the case of the last example, by using a loop arrangement to have a series of instructions repeated a given number of times. This approach is fine for small scripts, but as programs get larger it becomes increasingly more difficult to keep track of what your code is doing if it is written in what is effectively a single block of instructions.
The solution is to break down whatever it is you are trying to do into more easily understandable (smaller) tasks, tackle these smaller coding jobs n relative isolation, and then finally build your script out of these program building blocks that you've created. The benefit of this is that whilst writing or debugging (trying to fix) your scripts, you then only ever have to deal with small sections of code at any one time!
The building blocks that I'm talking about are called Arexx functions, and they are self contained pieces of code that, given some information, will acton it and return some kind of result to you. The easiest way to explain the purpose and layout of an Arexx function is to take an example; ment which lists the variable names that have been chosen to hold the supplied arguments.
With the example definition, three arguments are expected and the variable names chosen are width, height and depth.
Immediately after the ARG statement comes the Arexx statements that do the real work of the function. With BoxVolumeO we are just multiplying the three function arguments together and assigning them to a variable called volume.
The last line of the function definition is a RETURN statement and this is important for two reasons: Firstly, it signifies the end of the function definition. Secondly, the variable or expression supplied with this statement determines the value that will be returned by the function when it is used (in our example this will be the current contents of the volume variable).
More useful info for newcomers to Arexx from Paul Overaa p! rx testl * * | • testl.rex: *1 I* ...... * • first col.ect details froa user... • siy * what is the width of the box?1 pull w s«y 'whit is the height of the box?1 pull h siy * what is the depth of the box?'
Pull d siy 'aetil-pMce per unit ares?'
Pull aetil siy 'hinge p*ice?'
Pull hinge siy 'required I profit?'
Pull profit I* . *1 * non calcu.ite box price... • say 'The price of the box is' BoxPrice(w,h,d,aetal,hinge,profit) exit * » BoxPrice: Procedure irg width, height, depth, «etilj rice, hinge_price,percentage_profit irea*2*(uidtl*height+keight*deptb»u dth*depth)unit_cost*irei*»eti._pr1c e*2'hinge_price • reoeiber - two hinges ire used * selling_pric sunit_cost*(100*percentige_profit) 100 return sellisgjirice » • * * BoxPrice: Procedure irg width, bright, depth, »etilj rice, hinge_price,percentage_profit irei*Z*(yidtl'height*height*(ltptlitiridtli*dtpth)
unit_costsirri*ietil_priceo2*hinge_price * reaeober - two hinges ire used • seUing_pncisuriit_MJt*(10Qtpercentage_profit) 10()tQ,00Q1 deci«il_point_position=lndex(selling_price '.') nuaeric digits deciaal_point_positiont1 stUipg_prict=$ giUng_pMce+0 nuaeric digits 9 return sellirgjrice I* ----------------------------------------------------------------- • EM, Listing 2s The improved Box Priced function m TORIAL ACKL1NG SOME PRACTICAL SNAGS on the number we wish to modify. Adding zero was chosen simply because it doesn't change the value of the result!
Another minor hitch that you'd discover with these latest modifications is if the selling price calculated by the BoxPriceO function turned out to be a whole number - then there wouldn't be a decimal point present in the selling price variable. In this case, the IndexO function would return a value of 0 (indicating that a decimal point was not found). There are a number of ways to get around this but I'm going to use a trick * by adding a small amount to the calculated selling price I'm going to force Arexx to add a decimal fraction part to the answer. Needless to say, the amount added needs
to be small enough not to affect the overall result of the calculation and, since results are being rounded to the nearest 0.01, I've opted to add 0.0001. You can see the mcdified BoxPriceO function in listing 2 and there is a test2.rexx script on the cover disk that uses this improved function.
Ar»: rx testl what is the width of the box?
Hat is the height of the box?
Hat is the depth of the box?
Etai price per unit area?
2*23 hinge price?
Required % profit?
The price of the box ran: The teetl.rexx script In action B MORE REALISTIC EXAMPLE BoiPric*: Procedure arg width, height, depth, aetal_price, hinge_price, percentige_profit ireis lwidth'keighteheighfdeptheuidth'depth) unit_costs«rei*«etilj»rice»2*hinge_price * reieaber - two linges ere used *I selling_price=unit_cost*(100*percentege_profit) 100 return rellingjirice Amiga Computinc OCTOBER 1996 Having sketched out the layout of a simple function, let's take » more realistic example of where a function might be created to do a particular job. Let's suppose you work for a company that makes
hinged-lid metal boxes to order, and that the price of these boxes depends on the amount of metal in any given box plus the cost of the hinges. It's your job to provide quotes for customers, so you want an Arexx macro that will be able to calculate a customer price for any particular box.
What irformation is going to be needed? Well the dimensiors of the box, the price of the metal per unit area and the price of the hinges will be needed to work out the cost of making the box. And a profit margin will have to be available to calculate the final customer price.
Calculating the surface area of a box is straightforward - you just calculate the areas of each side and add them together. Having got the total surface area of the box, we simply multiply this by the cost of the metal per unit area, add on the price of a couple of hinges, and scale that price up to account for the profit margin, rfere's a function that will do the job; Quite a few variables in use I know, but the basic If you run the testl.rexx script (which you'll find on the cover disk), you'll find that it does its job well enough in most respects - but there is one minor difficulty in
that the resulting box price often comes back with too many (or too few) significant figures.
BoxPrice(2,4,2,1.8,0.75,25), for example, produces a price of £91.875 when in reality we'd probably want to round this up to £91.88. Now REXX, the language upon which Arexx is based, actually has a built-in FormatO function which allows the layout of the final character string used to represent the number to be modified. Arexx doesn't, but it does have plenty of other ready-made (or so- called built-in) routines that we can use, including an IndexO hmction that allows us to search a text string for particular characters or groups of characters. It also provides a NUMERIC DIGITS statement that
allows us to adjust the precision used when performing mathematical operations.
The thing you need to be aware of at this stage is that Arexx, when it isn't actually doing calculations on ?
Purpose of the statements in each of the steps should be reasonably easy to understand. Using the function s just going to be a matter of supplying the vaiious details when the function is called. For instance, tc calculate the price ofabox2ftx4ftx2ft with metal costing £1.8 per square ft, hinges £0.75 each and a profit margin of 25 per cent we'd use an expression like this: used to separate various parts of the script The EXIT statement that occurs just before the function definition, incidentally, is essential because it tells Arexx that this is the 'logical end' of the script - 'without
this Arexx would carry on executing the script, trying to use the statements present in the function as though they were part of the main script Now one way of using this function would be to write a standalone script that collected the various details of the box and then called the BoxPriceO fjnc- tion to carry out the calculation. The testl .rexx script in Ssting 1 shows how you could do this and notice how comment lines written as •-• have teen Subtracting 1 from the resultant value tells us how many digits are in front of the decimal point and adding 2 to this produces the numeric
precision needed to provide two decimal places in an answer.
Taken together this means that we can make Arexx p-ovide 2 decimal place accuracy like this; numbers, stores them as a series of characters, much Ike it stores pieces of text Because of this we're able to search the selling_price variable used in our BoxPrice function and locate the position of its decimal point like this:
• uaeric digits d«ciailjioint_position*1
jelling_price*selUngj)rice+0 »uitric digits 9 • reset to Men's
default value * deciiil_point_position=Index(selHngj rice,'.')
pric*=BoxPrice(2,4,2,1.8,0.75,25) The reason for adding zero to
the selling price is simple For the new accuracy setting to
take effect we must perform some kind of mathematical operation
There are all sorts of ways in which our newly devised function
could be used.
Suppose, for instance, that you wanted to produce a table which showed the prices needed to obtain various profit margins on boxes of a particular size. Your script could collect the dimensions and material costs in much the same way as the testl.rexx program, but could then use a loop to generate a % profit versus selling price table for margins between 1% and 50%: The real fun, however, starts when we collect the information needed by the function directly from a document being edited using an Arexx controllable editor or word- processor.
Next month I'll be explaining how this function that we've written could be used in a macro that reads required BoxPriceO arguments in this way but then inserts the function-calculated box price back into that same document!
Prlce SoxPrictlM l d ietal feinge profit) s»y 'percentage profit' profit 'would nt«d soiling prici of price ND FINALLY is 972.4928 do profi t*1 to 50 3 was lueof these ed by tfioJe point the ating are a ng to aicu- dd a
• say, otto since j I've fified is a this Emulators Unlimited
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numer ous platforms are emulators for Apple. BBC Commodore 64.
Commodore VIC20. Amstrad CPC. Apple Mac, Gamoboy. Atari ST.
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A COLLECTION OF JEFF MINTER GAMES AND HUNDREDS MORE Over BOOmb of unforgettable retro-gam- ing. Keyboard recommended.
Now Includes Multimedia Amiga Interface I Sound FX Sensation is an original new CO that contains hundreds of megabytes of high quality iff samples A superb CD for game makers, demo makers, or even film makers Hundreds of Sound FX subjects include Animals, Wild life. Nature. Explosions, Creatures. Scary stuff. Science fiction samples, House hoy no*ses, car crashes, and I hund'ods more.
IH Licenced versions of BEATBOX and PLAVn'RAVE 2 MO FX SENSATION m e (CD165) Only £14.99 SCI-FI SENSATION v2 (Cdh8) £19.99
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• our jsed.
»d to
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TheE we'rf Amic from nate Althc depl guar ly th To note goo« top sole ly. V all t conr Leisi mer Inte War in Compo Winners (At last) Oh. And if you are a winner don't expect your prizes to be on the doorstep as soon as you read this.
We've got to find the games, plaster them up with packaging, scrawl your name and address on them and then send them out by 3rd class or something ridiculous so they'll get to you before the next millennium, so be patient I Hero are those all-important win- nersl Steven Gurevitz, Middlesex
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Please help me and send relief.'
(I'm not entirely sure what he means: although I've enclosed NSPCC's telephone number) No name, or address "Because I am a poor, dull person...' (This person didn't print their name or address on their entry form. If that person would like to write to us with their fn- ished tie-breaker. Just so we know it's you. Then we can send you your prize!)
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F * 4 ‘ i
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- ja J psssssa A A* you can a , Juatlca looka remarkably Ilka
Cannon Foddar... B Terry Everest, Kent “Doubtless you'll cast
this hopeless entry Into the infinite wastes (or bin). But
remember, I'm asking you very nicely.
(Yes. In fact we did throw your entry into the bin. But hey. Everyone is a winner with Systeml) Mr N Crump, Wrexham “To give me a break from my sons watching and talking about Euro'96.'
(We feel you're being a little harsh there Mr Crump, but never mind, you still win by default as someone else ridiculously scrawled on their entry form and we found It Impossible to figure It out) Pete Pointon, Walsall “I am a tarnished ball on the pinball table of life.'
(A very bizarre tie-breaker from Pete there) Mr C Cotton, Northants "Because I'm a sad old fart who wants to re-live his misspent youth In the pinball arcades.'
(Yep. We know.)
Ian Sherwood, Oxon “I'm a member of the National Pinball Defence League and would play them until they are ready for release.'
(Right you are my son) The game is bein( developed Sweden by a team called Silicon Cactus and as you can see from th screenshots, it looks like a cross between Syndicate and Cannon Fodder Hopefully we'll be able to give you more information on it soon.
Everyone else. Congrats!)
The ECTS is coming up really fast now, and we re hoping there's going to be lots of Amiga products on show. The show runs from 8th to 10th September and unfortunately it's not open to you. The public.
Although after you have read our in- depth report In a few months, I can guarantee it will feel as if you were really there!
To be honest, the show will be dominated by the PC and Playstation goodies sd er, us lot here will have a top time playing on all the latest console and arcade games. No truthfully, we'll be too busy hunting down all the latest Amiga products from companies such as Guildhall Leisure, 21st Century Entertainment, Acclaim, Gametek. Gremlin Interactive, Ocean and Time Warner.
Blow id to eing in earn Jeon you the boks yeen and II be you mon I it like Do you remember that shoot ’em up by OTM Publications and Promotions called Atrophy.
Well we've just heard news that it's never coming out. The reason is that it has now been You cornin’ out or wot?
Ball fete ons • we win usly we ints ball ball iem ntry But ©V Into mer E pfK ftf*r Eti 1 ay.
Th a ant coming out. So don’t look tor It In tho ahopa.
The Human Enigma Oh, hang on, some news has just come in from entitled Enigma. It is being developed by a the fax machine as I speak and It's about a team called Centillion Software and looks new game in the pipeline from OTM and It is rather good.
Shelved due to contractual problems. Well, at least it managed to live up to its name.
However, do not despair. In its place comes an even better horizontal shoot ’em up going by the name of Atrocity, and It's planned to be even better than Atrophy. We shojld have something on it for you next month..; providing OTM don't scrap It two minutes before our deadline.
Atrocity should feature:
• 6 meg of music
• 6 Giant levels
• 5000 frames of animation
• 60+ Objects on-screen at once
• 300 colours on screen
• Intelligent aliens
• No slow down
• Multi-layer, parallax scrolling Get your football boots ready
for our ultimate footy guides inside pr vtow Kang-Fu Previewed
by Andy Maddock riM TO VNMTT GREED c 96 i-trt ferrt r*vno* e~r
r fStMto* - ft*** M* •) 31 t46 9179*1 r»e~*rf)i, 9 99 S ood
platform games have always been a rarity on the Amiga. There
was once Superfrog, Zool and Fire and Ice.
Although they weren't particularly ground-breaking in any department, they were just a-joy to play. Just recently, we've had absolutely nothing in terms of decent platform games.
However, not for the first time, a brand new software company get their chance to put the world to rights with their latest release. And if originality determines success then Great Effects Development could turn out to be outright winners.
We managed to stumble across the developers of Kang-Fu one Friday morning and within a week the game was sitting on my desk - that's how eager they are to broadcast their plans.
The first obvious thing that struck me was the fact it was on CD!. The last half-decent game on the CD32 I remember was Littil Divil by Gremlin Interactive. So I had to go through the rigmarole of finding our CD32 dusting it down and then setting off on a quest to find a working power-pack.
After a good few days of searching I was all set to play the one-level demo of the brand new platform game Kang-Fu.
The developers go behind their label of Great Effects Development although you may have heard of them as ‘Greed' which looks ttiWay bizarre abbreviation. Ex,t You are in control of a Kung-Fu-kicking kon iav€ roo called Klont, and your job is travel around gua| world rescuing all the baby kangaroos that o sionally get lost. This is quite obviousy a com - y scenario - especially here in Britain. Grap During your quest for success, you will cc , across loads of other insects and objects that qua take delight in stopping you. You will also bet at* to pick up various power-ups to give you ol car
weaponry apart from your trusty left foot. Suc In the final game there will be ID levels e ( with their own graphics and enemies. Wjth My first impressions were actually quite goo sj0r the main sprite was really chunky and insta |mc reminded me of a cross between Sonic the Hedgehog and Zool on the Amiga. Another tt D , which instantly struck me was the number mc sprites on-screen at once. There seemed like h dreds, although to be honest, the backgra screens tend to merge in giving an impressioc a very busy playing area.
I The main object of a platform game is usud to get to the end of the level unseated. Kang Yc once again goes against the grain by requb 1 & you to pick up small kangaroos which fol Itt behind you confusing things even more A c that's not all, you have to solve puzzles on y Q Baddies Flying umbrellas The flying brollies will take delight in flying into you, almost piercing your body. Well, not quite, but you get the picture You have to to careful around wasps because they will manoeuvre in c circular movement giving you little soace to work in especially when you need to get across a platform
Wasps Dragons The dragons don't pose too much of a threat as they just stand there with big axe trying to chop the life out of you. Just try to get on platform above them Cockerels The cockerels will just run about making noises which don't seem to harm you at all. So. Er... just avoid them anyway because they're off their heads 5ks like vay too. Like finding keys before you get to the xit. And when you do get to the exit you will nS lave to battle against some huge end-of-level
* guardians which are reminiscent of the old con- cfcie days.
Ig ka round lot oc comm will co sthat )be a 'ou othk t. 'els ea The final game will feature HIRes bitplane graphics, thousands of colours on-screen. It will nJun at 50fps. There will be 40 minutes of proper CD ' quality audio and overall around 80Mb worth of fdata on the CD itself. We'll have to see if Kang-Fu an really live up to platform game standards such as Sonic and Mario across other formats.
Overall, the graphics seem pretty polished with the ganeplay to match. However, the ver- tion I playec didn't have any sound but I could magine the types of sound effects coming from h the wasps, cockerels and dragons - the opportu- n 'flies will be endless. We'll have a full review next honth. You can be sure of it.
Good instan )nic tl her thii mber like hui kgroun ession usual Kang-F equirin folio ¦re. An on yen Some Cheese Please You can contact the Dutch developers to get some more information if you wish. I'm sure they'll be happy to answer any questions. You can reach them on +31 546 017727. So, go on, get in touch.
Weird things You will undoubtedly encounter many other weird thngs like bendy objects rolling about for no apparent reason. Just thought I'd let you know.
Hints & tips AVERAGE mi 594 1 1 MILAN 53240 Kill £212© ¦ ROMA 507 14 44545 KU NAPOLI 4 1 175 ¦JtAi 37853 k:i GENOA 34729 m*mt 3345 4 mim SAMPOORIA 30507 ¦IB m ATALANTA 25329 mi mi 2505 1 WkLM PARMA 207 1 1 ¦LSI 17329 MLM REGGIANA 11352 MkM 10292 ¦I ¦ CREMONESE 7©39 Both Milan's are firmly at the top ol the attendance league ¦ I personally hat the Serle A bee a sue hall the time you don't know who anybody la With Championship Manager 2 just around the corner, we feel it's time to finish with the old, now out-of-date, version 1. We here at System, along with special help from Championship
Manager king William Sapsed, show you how irst of all. To gain loads of cash right from the start, all you have to do is choose your team as Tranmere Rovers and type your name in as ‘Mr Bulgaria. All you have to do then is choose your character as arrogant. Once the game begins you will find your bank balance has increased by nearly £20 million pounds, although some of the players will hate you.
B If you start the game with a pretty small side, such as second or third division, you will have an absolute nightmare trying to buy players which are currently wanted by clubs such as Manchester Utd. Newcastle and Blackburn, and the chances of getting them are very remote unless... First of all you need to bid less than the other clubs on two occasions, and then on the third offer one more pound than every other club (providing you have the money), and you wl secure the player. Okay, so you're stll having tc fork out for decent players, but at least you don' have to worry about the
One of the problems that can occur espo dally during the end of a season, are playe retirements. This can lose your team a lot of aW ity, especially if he's one of your top players. The only way to get around this is to get loads money from him so you can just about afford replacement.
* When he's about to retire, put the player the transfer list
and then fine him for no re Now take him off the list and
insure him for of cash. At the start of next seasor he'll h
gone, but will have left a huge amount of behind him.
Another handy hint is that when you are looking to buy 30+ players, put them on your scout' shortlist so when they retire at the end of the The best formation to work your team around is this: I When dealing In the transfer market, always scout a player a week before, just to check you need him I Throughout the game you will be informed of injutires, suspensions, contract disputes, young players and job offers. You must act as soon as you see the notice as you are likely to lose a potential vote of confidence Will’s dream team son (providing you carry out the ritual above), you will have a
new name in his place. This new player will have different stats from the old one, but his injury proneness and goal scoring ability will remain. A must for all retiring strikers!
U will XJ to don't Jspe- tayer abil- . The ds of rd a on ison.
X3dS wve dosh 30k- Jut'S seaDon't be fooled by all the current transfer malarkey involving Alan Shearer either. If you apply Championship Manager to real-life, you'll notice he's about as good as Jason Lee. So there. I can remember I bought him to partner Liverpool's Robbie Fowler (before Stan), and he was absolute pants and hardly ever scored.
Effectively, you should use a 4-2-4 formation, with a forward dropping back and a defender sitting in front of the back three. All of your players should have stamina, although as a surprise, either at half-time or for a whole game, stick a decent defender at the anchor position and watch as ne bangs in loads of goals. This worked especially well when I was Manchester Utd. I stuck Steve Bruce there and he ended up being top scorer for two seasons!
You should select your tactics as continental, too. Don't try to be all professional by choosing 4- 4-2 because it's inevitable that you'll 1st loads of goals in unless your defence is amazing. Don't be afraid of switching to Direct Boll at iQlf-time if you're a couple of goals down. There's nothing to lose.
The goalkeepers are a bit strange because they don't have much in the way of stats - the only one you can see is influence. Even though the idea is to select d captain who has the most influence, you will find that the goalkeepers who have a high influence will actually be really good.
If you do want a really good keeper, the guy from Bristol City is absolutely superb. He was my best buy and kept a clean sheet almost every game. His name's Keith Welch or something... Barry Butler
- Contract
• r* ecff+c*
• OdtJ * «.* wtl t Vix Os'eCd.
Xt; J 'J*eet w :
- v+aec u*»uc W* -MMfi -VO WjfUM JiMJ r»*j CQ*taes:r T ..... 1
reezrp ILC
- mm* • O done ¦ Good old Barry Butler want a new contract, go on
sign it!
Finally. William Sapsed has Included a list of all his favourite buys and even though they sound like Donkey FC. You shouldn't overlook them. All the players listed below will be 'good' in the Premiership, so lower division teams beware.
Alan Miller Middlesborough Ian Bishop West ham Utd Ian Walker Spurs Ceri Hughes Luton Stuart Pearce Notts forest Alan Moore Middlesboroiigh Gary Mabbutt Spurs Julian Joachim Leicester Neil Lewis Leicester Steve Brown Scunthorpe John Dreyer Luton Lee Power Bradford Scott Oakes Luf On Lee Chapman West ham Utd for* Here's another one of those players. I've no idea who he Is V Dooi rele fcnd P Workbench Add-On Volume 1 XiPaint U Aminet Set 1 Meeting Pearls Vol. Ill
H. Modtrg adgr 24M J©leOS* . iTl foahv ’ B ell re ftfoaa. 4
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IfWB dist'bv*iilr» Amja Od*W«» p«. |*ut. ci«« to Ami«t wot
?*2 «b»tfy %*o iMtl to i«i**'saViroJ wfw9 i n«n Wlt IS. Uwy
Iwk Vtfure ll ccMwa 630 MB JiS. Hmai ID tab name ate e apwao*
am att loca. «S:h Sea bawi craned to alts, you to Arad 4e
paogran ol yeut (Sena wtH mm Tve uaMe.il 0 AM Tocl- C»mcHw.
AwSm Ivcflro., ) MB CD40M UMMm 21 Ml Comaamcoton ntd HMKaotl
T-ogroma 5 Ml Ctaitvggtag Toon 29 MB Ceaalopaaan* Tnah U MB
Floppy. Head Did on* SCSI (Voyottn 8 MB EdixatnNl Kogiorr. 9 MB
Go CM. 33 MB Gaoptiu Rognm 39 MB latwaW Mo..* DutoboM. Updctad
Vwdoa ; Ml M.i Teok 09d tafnm 2? MB WoaJi 12 Ml Mm Paaagnm 2)
MB !**•» I) MB AmK» o*d mi Sw N »Ug 60 MB Dooan-Hatan CD ROM
Daotxna* an 06 MB fatVI U id paw*iout o.olad. an any CDBCM 13
MB UM«e. 30 MB HTML Rag Calnaam ad fcCnl,p.. bencktaerl
program ooaiv program lor oaKMaa rado eaad alicrrrcol laoc
ttotacnpre ngoa«cfeoia«Iuded £993 Tie WcrtbercS AddOn CD ROM n
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u*«4 Hot (IM* He d*ki* d (rogaeei to yow Scrddal TS. CD tawan
ol om 4 .ManMt ei. He pregioiuw ale ww. He inote ond He gaaaw
wal Vnd .tot Hey e*. Looltng lor Oa 4ra CDROM ibaae wo euny
deram. Pegtona rone ol Hera e a en.ir p K« 4 yu» get Mgiuwwi
Tve*. La. G SsepetKltw Mr to DM (tip** ol 50 0MJ •* oddttcn to
Ml 4ere » a 30 MB Moc imiifon M Hat you con Hon ploytag maand
wtH Mot apple oto*.
Ngta away Der it... n TmmifViv.' Lor 20 • DM |nn od ol 0
DM) . Cd cosne kodi d aedi*» .al. i »o die. Yea con toy at r.gW
My AraWw 4*. Im*. X11 tare lot 4a. Anya o amAobta la MO
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CD CuVcotedoa. -I..S « dokd ionul-y IMS dtan on daauaf a
arid, nllety of pr*Jpn Hcliaei Mod. Anatoowni D •‘opw Motpol
J (OiMtat 4 0nt |Pt *4 tohndit i 12 500 «nftsm aid you
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noiipularng Omnaoge lejtiiwdi «* Incoablid* , _ _ n peri Drag A
Daop cobun Eiltmaf 11 - ***©10 © neawloai 60 l.rtjt . 30
ImlKepa 30 Q mylorritadidod *4993 fOfTJC
• •••••••••••• • iff Un Magic Publisher Oai 4m a-rape CO*OM Set
y«u B Had cd yo. Feed to CMOt. Fx.
TacA-ng docrrem II yo. Eo*t ip nrte o bool 4 yew «* » to d »gn
o paaatw, 4 yoai aaeat to ta n* IVMV Pogau lor lb* Ktom. Or
in,oai e mogexrne el you aeed yov taaB Bad on Hu mereekus
Iser. Ta. Noi. Lien I00CO to rat (Cabot Tons. Smep letb.
IHfom **:be fom mMilam. L'.ev» tom ond DM! Tom), mcra Ho* iOCO ciporta pad 150 pftatw drtawi Mo»y el Am we eactuta*. » Mage RrbWle. You »** doo *nd a compWt mloknor 1 *»%. Feea. Lion 30 MB|. Uaateea dl ato lema '«pv 600*300 dp| ta o*d*a ae nrra good bulng doc.nerli
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Way eat. Tor 4e Anyc. Mtjdrag meny baaelgnr,nda o*d end caper* lea 4a purpoM TV. 100- pagea booUw caraana p*ntMi el Ml k*ata end tlpe*l Aapwaol BBS aeaten » eVo paorded C4P PS Aminet 12 vw» IM IMCH AwosOmI* .)
Ond Traci a loa nmy recap t W»« »4i * » I Son wi Heat ?DC nuleiani K end Anya Scene} de f inrdeoaed nodabittnjoy 4te ? Pen Worac waalt Repot. Lei to 1000* Wi c4 M.»c‘ C29.93 Aminet 13 AMISSVSET 3 doled Juty 1996 cwtHii el cppicainaMS 4 gigobytet ol udmet. A* 9000 oreAam Aid Mdud I ere 1*1 too*, o* lanogtae 4 0 Xavma 3 2. OdoMlO 3 0 Itad aoare isaiaaemu* goret WleHw you lie upplcoaoni gataaei coeaainiccHant or paaiganmng ?m SF gir ,n. Al yn. I 4 0$ MB lAPtai 79 MB Dcrutt iai 408 MB Mat iduoe 17 MB DM HD Mil 7 MS tbrdew. -bmd 736 MB a ecu A AataMHeni 2CP MB OupSc. Wltneae 394 Ml Gaoptio B
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La'an ord aeeach loclnn rail OCCMllrg I o p'nour. *39*3 NetNews Offline Vol.
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A re.ar.ndw a nclrdid NwN i Omw. CKmp ote-.rt cl g «rg n taxi .a* Uani CUPS Amiga Developer CD vl.l CO 3 a CUPS TS. OKkcI drr.tapea CD Vwn Amge VsreJogax coraw. Ol He wtonol yea aeed an mat* d...tsp**g adtoea totAraage aenpHwt TS. Latkdn Tve CD32 dee bp pacing. «t oddata* to He oatpncA Ml dtv.btMpn .0 led 4m tuAdCD* CO m*e poclog. IscboQ.i comttMtwl by 3rd ponea IS. WBTer end AtMMiSM (MKlsjM (s.mty Bl Ups Mhd: TS* fmoy .20
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Reg.S»ean heaiat Honl . I.btad ntncl.1 TS.
5 Irdutta A Ainpdoci *» AeagaGwtd. LoanaH C UPS All products are available in your local Amiga-shop or through national mail-order-companies International Distributor: Grenville Trading International GmbH Carl-Zeiss-Str. 9 79761 Waldshut-Tiengen • Germany Tel +49-7741-83040 Fax +49-7741-830438 Email: CompuServe 100336,1245 jaxnxm.
;d-ro n caught up with Richard, artist at I I Silttunna. On the Silltunna Support I BBS, which I first came across by chance a year or so back when the learn were working on a couple of projects like |) Doom clone called Dentaku 26. And aspiring
o release their first game. Well, they made it.
Md first off the mark was Xtreme Racing, eleased through Black Legend in January '96
o a hungry games market, on the whole being tieII received by the
Amiga press.
Risky Business M 1-yillat.W W kjnno llya«-*Vol i It.. «H 10 a*m 8 ,w lira if i COSani ol.l The problems Richard mentions as regards Xtreme are rectified in a free patch now available. Along with improved playability and removal of miscellaneous bugs, here's some of what's on ofer
• 4 player joystick adapter support
• All cars now handle differently to each other Modified
• Deathmatch rules
• Weapon explosions now more spectacular
• All new weapons
• 6 seconds invulnerability when you are put back on the track
after you are killed
• Option to auto-save best lap times & screen settings
• E Z handling - Option for slightly easier control, especially
for beginners
• Utility to merge and view best-laptimes GmbH man tStunna wcs
set up os a limited company in bvember 1994. We were however
working on it store that, since about June 1994. Our first ome
was Dentaku 26. We worked on that while lex completed his
University course. After Alex ft Uni (July 1995) we decided
that there were oy too many Doom clones coming out on the miga.
So we shelved it in favour of a karting yie game - which became
Xtreme Racing, ttunna is a full time occupation for all of us
Lex and Mark), financially and it keeps us ticking r&r.
How did Xtreme evolve?
Jreme Racing started out. As I said, as a karting 3me - until we saw Virtual Karting! At this point e decided a more standard wacky car theme ould be better, and looking back: I definitely link it was. The 3D engine was originally chunky opper screen, which we changed to proper 2o routines and blitter modes. The whole pro- cf only took around four months, from concep- in to completion, and we were pretty chuffed fifh the end result.
However, when we released it there were unplaints about certain gameplay problems, ), being the conscientious bunch that we are.
Te decided to rectify them.
For all our Xtreme racing GFX, we have our ustom. In-house object cutter coded by Mark irhich appears on the data-disks). The tiles are lid on screens in rows, and the code automation generates chunky versions for use in the ome. They are simply placed using the editor ofeo on the data-disks).
Talking about restrictions in creating"the ames; not too many, generally mainly size for !fferent things (ie Xtreme race tiles 64x64 pixels, oulderdash 3D textures 128x128 in size. Etc.). olours - so far everything is 256 colours, with one I Gothic City from the Xtreme Racing data disk.
How the graphics are stretched to fit into the layout of the game or two limits on the palette (ie Xtreme - first 16 colours reserved, last 16 reserved for colour cycling).
JJ: And for those who try and fail to view the graphics on the Xtreme game disk?
We use Crunch Mania - not to disguise GFX simply to crunch them - the GFX start out as ILBM.
Are then converted to chunky for the game GFX.
Raw for the front-end GFX. And then crunched.
The object cutter converts all GFX (except tiles) to chunky. Tiles, as I said, are automatically converted by the code.
JJ: With you living in Warks, Alex in Sheffield, Mark in London and Andy in Staffs, do you use modems to keep in touch? How often do you guys get together personally to work on a project?
We keep In touch via e-mail and the BBS for most It’s the patch Silltunna Software sprang from nowhere with their first game Xtreme Racing. Jason Jordache chats to the Warwickshire based team of enthusiasts who are aiming to make it big in the games industry.
JJ liUvtlll 245 feature the Amiga, others may not. One that I will t rate on Is Boulderdash 3D (the title changed!). With Amiga. PC and Playstc sions under development this is 3D platform j ing - a Doom style engine, with platform j gameplay.
There will be a lot of strategy and tc involvedI and tremendous multi-player see up to eight players. There will be several dit level types, such as Hell. Caverns. Hi-tech.
Urban and Shopping mall. There will also be Impressive graphical features too. Such as 3L ture mapped environment, look up dc crouch jump; various shading effects inch depth shading and mist effects: animated i textures and outside areas.
JJ: It can be difficult giving a release date project still in development like Boulderdash. I how about a vague release date?
Lets say 'released by Christmas '96.
Things, and voice calls a few times a week. It varies the amount of time we get together - it's less now since Alex moved to Sheffield - currently I'd say once twice a month tops.
More artwork from the game jj; What games do you have planned for the future?
We have quite a few projects underway, but I can't say too much about them at this stage - they are multi-format, some will be appearing on JJ: Talking about Boulderdash. Does this bear relation to Dentaku?
None (code wise), it does however contain o| few textures that I had drawn for Dentc about 50% of them in one form or another, one or two Dentaku enemies may apr there too.
JJ: I had word from people impressed Dentaku's fast 3D engine. How does it comp to the current Doom clones available on Amiga and are there plans to finish it off?
It still remains by far the fastest engine aroa and there were some good little graphic effects coded that haven't been seen in ott clones. There are no plans to complete Dentc
- but the code and graphics still live on (ripp out and stuck
into other projects).
Meet the team Richard says a "very early demo “ of BoulderdQ 3D is available . Those of you with the hard can download that along with other freebies i the Xtreme Racing patch, from the Sillt Support BBS (opening times 10pm-7am) on 01 i 842105.
Silltunna currently consists seven people, four of them full time members. They are on the look out for other programmers and artists to join the ranks.
Richard Whittall, age 22 Graphics and game design rich@xtreme.demon.co.uk Usual school malarkey. 2 years A-Levels. Followed by a BTEC in design. I got offered a Uni place at Wolverhampton. But declined due to their poor quality football. Decided I didn't want to do anything like graphic design on paper, and had a dabble on tne computer instead. Sent a picture to a magazine, which was published - and this is how I met Alex, he saw the picture, phoned me and we Ve been together since then (Aaah!)
"When not working I spend most of my time with my gorgeous girlfriend - down t'pub. I've also been known to listen to large amounts of blues and rock music, watch early'60s Italian gore flicks and anything on the cartoon channel and. Err do lots of shopping.
Alex Amsel, age 21 Lead programmer alex@teeth.demon.co.uk Boffin! Has just graduated from Exeter University with a degree in Cognitive Science, that's Al and psychology. However, there is a darker side to him. He's a football lout - supports Wolves and gets hammered on Banks bitter or vodka after matches.
7 spend most of my time watching Wolves EC.
An English football club - I have also helped organise supporters clubs and so on.
If not doing that, you will find me listening to Indie or industrial music, or watching Monty Python films' Mark Fitt Additional coding Excellent coder - it was a choice between music and coding, and ceding won (for now). Tends to work the weirdest hours - night shifts only - must be the London air. Can't handle his beer despite what he might say to the contrary. Mark likes to dabble with Jungle - in fact, he's a total jungle freak these days. He's had a couple of pro jungle tracks released too. And there's another in the pipeline for him.
Andrew Cashmore Graphics "Our new little fledgling!
He's a bit of a graphical wiz - he's currently heavily into the 3D rendering side.
He's been working with us for about the last 2-3 months and used to be a games coder.'
Simon Speight Music for Xtreme Racing Tony Farrel Additional music for Xtreme Racing Ted Bailey Testing and ideas Dead bodies. Sheep, Lemmings and grown men.
Blown to bits. A selection of sprites plucked the Xtreme archives 36 Dye Street Garnerville, N.Y. 10923 (914) 7861711 (914) 7861708 Fax WE DARE YOU TO COMPETE WITH OUR SOFTWARE BONANZA!!!
Will elotx WILL b lotion ve form gan form sty j CD32 Akira ...... $ 6.00 Assasions 1,2 ...$ 6.00, $ 21.00 Big, The..._ ...... .$ 4.00 Bubba 'N' Stix -......$ 5.00 Bump and Burn $ 5.00 Cannon Fodder - ...- .S8.00 Chaos Engine ....SI.00 Classic Lotus Trilogy ......SI0.00 Clue, The ...... .....$ 5.00 Dangerous Streets ..- ......-S4.00
I) cmo Collection..... ....$ 5.00
Donk ..... S5.00 Disposable
Hero ...- ...S6.00
Exile ... : .$ 8.00
Fire and Ice .$ 5.00
Fresh Fish 8,9... v 510.00 Fun School
3 .. .$ 3.00 Gamers
Delight .$ 8.00
Gloom $ 15.00
Gloom Deluxe ... $ 25.00 Global
Effect .- $ 3.00 Goldfish
1 2 ...- $ 3.00 Grand Siam Gamers
Gold ..$ 7.95 Humans 3
Evolution ..$ 27.95 Impossible Mission
2025 ..$ 10.00 Insight
Technology $ 8.00
Morph .... -.$ 5.00
Myth-,,,, $ 5,00
Out to I.unch $ 4.00 PGA European
Tour ....$ 5.00 Power
Games - $ 4.00 Psycho
Killer - $ 1.00 Sensible
Soccer ... ......54.00 Shadow
Fighter ......-....$ 4.00 Soccer Kid
.. . .....$ 3.00 Spccdball
2 ......$ 7.00 Street Fighter
Turbo .....$ 6.00 Striker ....
.,$ 5.00 Strip Pot ; ......$ 3.00 Super
Methane Bros ..-.$ 5.00 T heme Park
- .....$ 26.95 Total Carrtage
. .$ 5.00 Universe ... $ 8.00
Wild Cup Soccer r $ 2.00 Worms .J
......$ 25.95 Zoo! I
......'......: ..$ 3.00 CDTV Advanced
Military Systems ......$ 50.00 All Dogs Go To I leaven
..- ..$ 2.00 American Heritage Diet
.....:$ 5.00 Assasions
1,2 ’..*-------I.-.., ..$ 6.00 Fun School
3 $ 3.00 Fresh Fish
8,9 ..., -$ 10.00 Garden Facts
1,2,3,4 - .... $ 2.00 Goldfish
1,2 $ 3.00 Hound Of
The Baskcrvilles, The ,..$ 2.00 Moving Gives Me A
Stomachach $ 2.00 Mud
Puddle .$ 2.00 Paper
Bag Princess - $ 3.d0 Power
Pinball $ 2.00 Psycho
Killcr...v .....- .....$ 1,00 Scary
Poems For Rotten Kids .... $ 2.00 Tales Of Peter Rabbit
..$ 2.00 Time Table Of History ..$ 3.00 Thomas'
Snuwsuit ......$ 2.00 Town With No
Name .$ 50.00 Wrath Of The Demon
.... .$ 2.00 CDROM Amiga Developer CL) Ver. 1.1
.....527.95 Amiga Tools
2 ....$ 5.00 Aminet
3 ......$ 2.00 Amine!
8 ....$ 10.00 Aminet
9 ....$ 10.00 Aminet
10 .- .....$ 10.00 Aminet
H ..$ 10.00 Aminet
12 ... 2 $ 17.00 Aminet Set
3 $ 36.00 Amos
PD .....$ 5.00
Animations (Weird Sci) ...$ 4.00
Artworx .$ 7.00
Chaos In Andromida Eycs .$ 1.00 Castles
2 ..... $ 28.00 CDPD L 2,3,4 ... 53.00
Eurosccne 1,2 ..$ 2.00, $ 11.00
Encounters .$ 12.95
Exile ...- ......$ 3.50
Fonts (Weird Sci) ..$ 9.00
Fractua! Universe ..$ 6.00 Grolier s Encvc +
Lemmings $ 10.00 Hottest 4
....$ 8.00 Hottest
6 ....$ 12.95 LSD III
..- ....-.$ 30.00 LSD & 17 Bit
Compendium 1,2 .$ 15.00 Magic
Publisher ..$ 28.95 Meeting
Pearls 1,2,3 .$ 12.95 Multimedia
Tcolkit ....$ 12.00 Music Mod and Sound
Effects; ...$ 10.00 NFA AGA Experience Vol
2 ..$ 24.95 Network CD
1,2 .-.....$ 8.00, $ 13.95 Octcmed
6 ..... ,....$ 8.00 Oh Yes, More
Worms .$ 19.00 Ryder
Cup ..a ..$ 5.00 Scene
Storm ..- ......$ 19.00 Sounds Terrific
(Weird Sci) 1,2 ..$ 18.95 Textuire
Gallery;--..- ...$ 8.00 UPD Gold 4 Pick
- ...$ 17.95 1078 Wrcird Textures
v ..$ 8.00 17 Bit.Co I
lection ....- ..$ 20.00 17 Bit
Continuation ...$ 15.00 17 Bit 5th
Dimension ...... ......$ 12.95 17 BiTPhase 4 .
, ... ....$ 30.00 17 Bit UFO Encounters
. ....$ 17.95 3-D CD Images
....u ..-$ 12.00 3-D CD
Objects ..$ 12.00 Zoom 2
.$ 16.95 &5 DISKS Agcis
Animator .. $ 5.00 Alien Breed
3-D ..$ 15.00 Alien Breed CD.
Vpl 2 Killing Grnd. ..$ 24.95 Arcade
Hits...., .. '...$ 4.00 Back To The
Future ill .*..$ 2.00 Barbarian U
- »...- ......$ 3.00 Body Blows... a
...$ 2.00 Bomber Bob . $ 2.50 Boppin
..* ...! .. .$ 1.00 California
Challenge.’.! ...... ....$ 2.50 Or! Lewis
Challenge ...$ 2.00 Center Fold
Squares .....S3-.00 Christmas
Ixmmings ...SI .00 Chuck
Rock ...' ....$ 3.00
Cytron.,,,,, 00 Deluxe Paint 2 .. $ 8.00 Double
Dragon......! .....$ 4.00 Dr. Plummets
House of Flux ..$ 1.00 Exile
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......- .....$ 4.00 Flames of
Freedom .....- ...$ 3.00 Font
Set .$ 2.00
Football Director 2..... ......- ......$ 3.00 Future
Classics Collection -_______$ 4.00 Garden Facts
1,2,3,4 ..$ 2.00
Gloom .$ 15.00
Gloom Deluxe .$ 25.00 Graphics
Studio .$ 3.00
Greens ... $ 3.00 Heimdall
II $ 5.00 Hits
6 .... ..$ 3.00
Fluntcr .S3.W)
laws of Cerberus .... „„$ 4,00
Jug .$ 2.00
Keys To Maramon .$ 2.00 Killing
Cloud ....$ 2.50 Kings
Bounty ....- ..$ 3.00 Knights of
the Crystallion ..$ 3.00 Uisure Suit
Larry- ......$ 2.00 Lemmings
$ 2.00 Lord of the Realm
...... .$ 23.95 Macro .
Assembler .$ 6.00 Money Mentor
$ 5.00 Nicky Boom
$ 2.00 Oh No, More
Lemmings .....$ 2.00
Ork ...... $ 2.00 Photon Paint ......,.$ 8.00
Pinball Fantasies .$ 25.95
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Poco Man - $ 3.00 Prime Mover
.$ 4.00 Prime Time
.$ 4.00 Push Over
....- .$ 3.00 Raider *
- .$ 3.00 Red Zone
....$ 2.00 Ruff N Tumble
...- .$ 25.00 Shadow Of The Beast 111
.S3.00 Shuttle ......"
.... ..$ 6.00 Skeleton
Krcw ...... $ 6.00 Soccer
Kid ...S3.00
Shag-Fu .- $ 4.00 Space
1889 ..S3.00
Spccdball 2 ...$ 7.00
Spris Legacy - .- ..$ 6.00 Star
Crusaidcrs - ..$ 25.00 Street
Rod ....$ 4.00 Subwars
..... .$ 29.95 Super
Cars ..- ..- $ 5.00 Super Methane
Bros .....$ 5.00 Super Space Invaders
......- $ 3.00 Super St. Fighters
!1 ......$ 4.00 Super St. Fighter L
Turbo ...$ 6.00 Test
Drive. ..- ......$ 5.00
Tcxtcraft Plus .....$ 3.00
Thundcrbladc .....- .$ 3.00
Touring Car ..., .- ......$ 11.00
Vaxinc .. $ 2.00 Video
Creator ..- .... .$ 15.00 Virtual
Karting $ 11.00 Watch
Tower ....$ 15.00 Wtz N Li
‘ ...$ 3.00
Wolfchild ...- ...$ 2.00
World Class Soccer ... $ 2.00 World
Tour ....$ 3.00
Worms $ 24.00
Zero Gravity .... ..,.$ 3.00 Zool
1.2 .$ 2.00, $ 3.00 ALL
Sensible Maddock World of Soccer ¦ See that bloke there. Well,
you'd better wake him up otherwise he’s out of the game f you
want to be the next England marager. Remember to set your
nationality to English because you will have more chance of
getting the job. However, do remember that other international
jobs can be offered to you.
To get the elusive job you must impress the chairman almost every season. You must at least finish in the top 10 every year, and if you fail to manage that then winning a cup will be sufficient enough to impress the president of your country, f you can achieve the right blend of these wins then an international job will be offered to you.
For instance. I started my career with Liverpool. I never won the league title and I only ever won the league cup once in about 10 years! It doesn't sound like a good record, but I finished ir the top 10 every season and the team was a finalist in several competitions, including those in Europe.
The Republic of Ireland job was eventually offered to me and I took it. Obviously I wanted to manage England and I could have waited, but no . I was too excited and pressed ‘Accept' as soon as possible.
I was then presented with the horrifying prospect of finding 20 good Irish players in the entire world - it wasn't an easy task but I still Terry Venables failed. You won’t managed to win the European Championships.
This and the World Cup are the major competitions, but as there is a four-year wait between them, I had to play a lot of absolutely pointless friendlies. At the end ot the year you will be presented with a nice tour somewhere where the opposition is about as good as Doncaster, thus allowing you to pick up a small, rusty trophy. That always impresses the president.
When I managed to qualify for the World Cup, the ‘President' of England was impressed enough to hand me the job. Blimey, it felt like real life.
I was faced with the prospect of doing v hat every other England fan dreams of, and that's to pick their own England side and take them to -he World Cup finals. Although it's not always as simple as that.
Andy Maddock tries his hand at a bit of football management, and doesn't do a bad job Take note Glenn Hoddle!
Your first job is to pick 19 players who you will take everywhere. But remember, these can be changed at any time, so you don’t have to stick with them.
Your first idea will probably be to fill the team up with English players who play for the club side you support in real life. Whether it's Blackburn or Bury, that striker will be the first choice for your side, but don't do thatl Pick the best 11 from the entire world, not from your own side!
WtiAb i BB ¦]?- WORLD&OF Player Position Club Selection reason 1: Tim Flowers Goalkeeper Elackburn Valued 1.8m 2: Rob Jones Right Back Liverpool Speed 3: Stuart Pearce Left Back Notts Forest Tackling 4: Paul Ince Midfielder Inter Milan Tackling, passing 5: Tony Adams Defender Arsenal Heading and tacklirg 6: Gary Pallister Defender Man Utd Heading, tackling, speed 7: David Platt Midfielder Arsenal Passing 8: Paul Gascoigne Midfielder Rangers Passing, speed 9: Alan Shearer Striker Blackburn Shooting, speed 10: Les Ferdinand Striker Newcastle Utd Speed, finishing 11: Steve McManaman Right wing
Liverpool Speed 12: Graeme Le Saux Left back Blackburn Tackling 13: Dcvid Seaman Goalkeeper Arsenal Second most expensive Gk 14: Roobie Fowler Striker Uverpool Finishing, speed 15: Stan Collymore Striker Uverpool Shooting, speed 16: Gareth Southgate Defender Aston Villa Penalties (Hah) 17: Steve Stone Midfielder Notts Forest Speed, passing 18: Teddy Sheringham Striker Spurs Heading, finishing 19: Dcrren Anderton Right wing Spurs Speed, passing
• Remember, when a player gets Injured for more than a week, drop
him completely from the selected 20 and replace him with
someone fit to gain more ticks.
My career achievements 1995 6- Liverpool Premier: Runner up Cup: Semi final League Cup; Semi final EUFA Cup: Quarter final 1996 7 - Liverpool Premier: 3rd Cup: Fnalist League Cup: Round 4 EUFA Cup: Semi Final 1997 8- Uverpool Premier: Runner up Cup: Round 3 League Cup: Round 4 EUFA Cup: Semi Final 1998 9- Liverpool Premier: 5th Cup: Round 5 League Cup: Winners EUFA Cup: Quarter Final 1999 0 - Liverpool Premier: 6th Cup: Semi final League Cup: Round 3 EUFA Cup: Rourd 1 2000 1 - Uverpool Premier: Runner up Cup: Semi Final League Cup: Round 3
• Resigned* 2001 2 - Republic of Ireland Group Position: 4th
World Cup; Not qualified Friendlies: Won 3: Drawn 1: Lost 1
2002 3 - Republic of Ireland World Cup: - Euro Tour: Won 2:
Drawn 1: Lost 0 Friendlies: Won 3: Drawn 1: Lost 1 2003 4 -
Republic of Ireland Euro Position: 1 - Qualified Friendlies:
Won 1: Drawn 3: Lost 1 2004 5 - Republic of Ireland Euro Champ:
- Wirners Friendlies: Won 2: Drawn 2: Lost 1 2005 6 - Republic
of Ireland World Cup: Qualified Friendlies: Won 1: Drawn 2:
Lost 2 2006 7 - Republic of Irelcnd World Cup: Round 2
Friendlies: Won 3: Drawn 0: Lost 2 2007 8 - England Euro
Position: 1 - Qualified Friendlies: Won 0: Drawn 3: Lost 3
2008 9 - England World Cup: Won Friendlies: Won 3: Drawn 2:
LostO Beyond Realit Joker Poker review Reviewed by Andy Moddock
f you read the news article in System News around two months
ago you would've caught wind of a brand new software
construction kit entitled Reality. Well already the devel
opers have knocked up some games to prove what it can do. You
may have seen a couple of games featured on the front of
coverdisks across various magazines as BPM Promotions are
insistent their name and products should pop up everywhere.
Each game isn't really outstanding in quality and Is certainly not going to set the world on fire although if you take a small feature from each and mayte put them together mentally you may be able produce a picture of a game of a much higher quality than these and possibly even to the standard of a full price commercial game.
Obvioust each of these offerings should be looked upon as demonstration programs as the real full-price games by BPM will be along shortly just as soon as they are finished. The titles are going by the names of Robin Hood and Spacefighter and we are assured there are others the pipeline.
All these games were created using the Reality software creation package and for a relatively small donation, you too can sample the delights of programming without attending a two-year computer course learning C+ or another programming language which frequently seems to prevent new users from putting their own thoughts and ideas into practice.
Titles as it sounds like it has connotations gambling which suits me down to the ground.
Basically all you have to do is play poker. I'm not saying anything else because all I can do is explain the rules of the game and I'rr certainly not doing that.
Joker Poker is a fine example of what Reality can create because of the sheer variety it can produce. Whether it's shoot ’em ups, platform games or card games. Reality can do ’em all.
This is probably one of the most intriguing of the I of 1 A quick way to make load* of cash and ge* instant popularity. Poker... the name ol the game Charlie Chimp - The Great Escape Free Demos If you want a FREE demo of Reality then write to or phone BPM Promotions and ask them. They’re a nice bunch and they’ll be willing to help answer any enquiries. You can reach them at: BPM Promotions
8. Magnolia Park Dunmurry Belfast BT17 ODS Or you can call them
on 01232 626694 Chimp boy Chartie returns to grace the Amiga
screens once again. And unfortunately it suffers from the
same problems as the rest. Having said that, the graphics do
look a little better, and that's probably the result of time
being spent on the game as a whole.
As you play Charlie Chimp you do begin to notice aspects which would be good in other games and it shows the quality of software Reality has the ability to produce.
Once again, if a serious Amiga user who saw something in the game would take the time to improve graphical gameplay glitches then a commercial product would be a certainty. As a standclone version it just doesn't offer enough to give Amiga users any value for money.
71 Wrath of Gwendor Treasure of Tutankahmun
• ’fr*': " »!?•! »Y- ‘T
f. -*
v. , T ; « t ~.V r r .~ v-v M r* 9 v' OH rjy&p • 2Bn CK VC«I S*™
7 r pnnv « rot p rry • €* 'B[ ..n nr-
f'V • t- -.v * V •*'ff 5» T* r. 1 --.
Oh look, its tho monkeyboy himsell Charlie Chimp. He la without doubt tho king of all monkeys, again Charlie Chimp stars in yet another adventure.
This time he's after the treasure of Tutankanmun.
Y % The series has obviously been the most popular with Amiga users as there have been new releases now and again. In my opinion Charlie Chimp is right on the edge of becoming a standalone full commercial release. If more time went into the planning and presentation it could easily be boxed and put out on the shelves on the pretty much redundant Amiga games market.
This release is actually better than the others because the graphics seem a tad better and the gameplay seems slightly more involved.
This is a relatively decent game contained in the packs which boosts the value for money.
Tant I of the 6ns of iround.
:er. I'm in do is jrtainly Reality it can 3tform sm all.
Underwater Capers 005852 K 025 Jli 4 0 y ~ v WL * .(¦it vwwyyywiwwwrrowi 0 I’m mure everybody will agree that the small sprite looks very familiar indeed This is the second release in the “capers' series, only this time you take control of a “Pinkie' lookalike named Seemore Doolittle and your job is to rescue your fantastic bird Marion the Mermaid while battling your way through hordes of underwater aliens, collecting as many power-ups as humanly possible.
The Seemore Doolittle sprite looks like Millenium's Pinkie and the collision detection is a bit dodgy, although apart from that it's a nice little blast 'em up game which with a little more though and planning could easily be thought of a commercial release, especially in today's Amiga games market.
You are Theos the Warrior and your job is to rescue your brother from the evil clutches of the knight Gwendor. There are eight levels to battle through, each one requiring much skill to negotiate the nasty snakes among other energy-sapping things.
Not only is Wrath of Gwendor a none stop action game, it also contains a puzzle aspect whereby the idea is to switch switches and use magic potions.
It's unfortunate that the game doesn't really boast quality. The idea is good although it's not put it into practice. I suppose if more time was taken graphically, it could present a challenge and maybe even enter the world of PD. As it stands it needs more work.
SH 1 1 r .1 - V « a 4 J J i ?
I ------------ I ( 1 $ & & I i Oh dear, the animation is possibly the poorest aspect along with the terrible gameplay Toyland Capers This is the first in the series of the “capers" adventures starring Seemore Doolittle in his little spaceship type thing in which the idea is to blow every toy out of the sky like a mad child.
Toyland Capers is pretty similar to Underwater Capers, although this time you're bombing about places like Lego land. Top stuff.
What’s it all about?
All these games are contained in a special Reality games pack priced at just £12.50 for the lot incudlng another Charlie Chimp adventure or two.
As most people know, the production and development of a computer game can take at least 6 to 12 months, and as these games are produced by the cosigners of Reality, the whole pack should've taken at least four years to put together. And did it? I very much doubt it, as they also had to put together the actual game construction kit beforehand.
Although, when yoj, the punters, get hold of this you'll be able to spend much more time and create some top quality stuff. Reality could be the way forward for all budding gamesplay- ers. It will certainly present non-programmers a chance to pursue their own ideas.
We should have a 'eview of the full package next month, so keep you' eyes peeled if you want to enter the world of programming.
(302) 738-9046 ORDERS ONLY
(302) 738-9267 INFORMATION & RMA
(302) 738-9259 FAX » 4KD412) OVERNIGHT DELIVER) ONLY 9.95!*
• up lo five pounds actual weight & dimcnsioml v « call for other
details. Shipped Airborne Fxpre*. SDS Megachip 2000 500 189.95
Allows your A500 & A2000 scries computers to have two megabytes
of chip rant A must have for people who use v ideo, graphics
and audio applications.
Included is the Megachip daughterboard with 2MH Agnus chip and an extra one megabyte of ram.
(Requires A 00 to have AM)I ram expander +24.95) A1202 huird (A 120(1 ()nly) 99.95 A multi-function hoard for the A12 K) Computer that provides the maximum fast ram expansion plus a battery hacked up clock-calendar. Includes two simm sockets for combinations of I. 2.4, 5. Or SMB of fast rum using industry standard 32 bit simms with 72 pins. Optimal pice math coprocessor can speed up math functions os much as lOOO f or more.
A3128 Ram board (A3000 4000 Only) 249 Allows 32 hi ram expansion to 146 megabytes of ram using 72 pin industry standard simms. Four simm slots accept either 4. 8. 16 or 32 megabyte simms.
A2632 Ram board ( A2630) 189 w 4mb Allows 32 Bit rum expansion onboard of ll2mb of rum using industry stundurd 72pin simms. Has four sockets allowing use of 4, 8. 16 or 32mb simms.
Allows full jurst mode support.
DKB s WILDFIRE 060 w FAST SCSI II & 64bit ramboard $ 1399 Upgrade rebates available for owners of other 4MB - 29 6MB - 59 accelerator boards & ram through De Vino. 16MB -119 32MB - 225
- Truo 68060 50Mhz Design - NOT A MODIFIED 68040 BOARD!!!
- Lightning Hgh Speed Local 68060 Memory, supports interleaved
- Supports Posted Writes to Motherboard & 10MB SECOND SCSI
- 32 Bit FAST SCSI II Host bus DMA Interface
- Over 90% cf the CPU available at full Speed SCSI DMA
- Totally Auto configurable - 64 BIT Ram expandable to 128MB
- Uses Industry Standard 72 Pin Simms - Ethernet - Twisted Pair 6
Thin Coax
- PCI Bus For Future Expansion supporting up to lOOMB Second
- Compatible with the Newtek Video Toaster & DKB Megachip
- Indudes Manufacturers TWO year full warranty.
From a company that listens to what the public wants! This is the FASTEST accelerator available for the Amiga 2000!! MADE IN THE USA!
Kuikstart II (AI(MH)i AI (XXI owners can now add kick-start roms to i machines with this device! Supports two difle revision roms & allows access to more system i Multistart II 6a (A500,600, 20001 You cun use more than one kickstari rom chip wi this device! Swiichable by resetting the marhinc for) few seconds.
Monbra 33MHZ w MMU & FPL 149.00 Accelerator for A1200 computer with 68030 f 40Mhz, 68882 @ 40Mhz math co-processor, battery hacked real time dock. Expandable to 128MB of fast ram using industry standard 72 m simms. Increase in speed up to 600' SCSI IAJ1 controller can be added $ 89.00. Rapidfire SCSI I & II controller 139.011 Specifications arc unsurpassed in speed, powc compatibility & raw performance. Ram expansion i to eight megabytes of 72pin industry standard ram.1 Hard drive can attach to card. & includes dl 2$ ] external connector EXPANSION HIGHFLYER (A4000 Only) Standard 345 385 39 69
90. 00 With Power Supply Fan Kit Cable Kit DataflycrSCSI card
- SCSI Con roller card supports up to seven devices internally,
cun add external port later Dataflyer SCSI card 4000SX-25
- SCSI controller card with DB25 external connector fcr external
devices Dataflyer SCSI+ A4O0O 99.00
- converts IDE header into SCSI support for up to five devices
with pass thru to work with original IDE drives you already own
Dataflyer SCSI+ A1200 99.00
- converts IDE header into SCSI port with original IDE still
function!.I’ Control up to seven devices total.
Dataflyer 1200 600 I)S 69.00
- external cave supports 3.5" IDE hard drive & allows use of
internal 2.5" hard drive. Includes pass thru cable for usirg
two hard drives at once.
Dataflyer RAMBOARD w OYIB 89.00
- ramboard expandable to eight megabytes of ram using 1x8 or 1x9
simm moduuls.
Dataflyer S( SI controller (2000) 89.00
- SCSI Controller card, controls up to seven devices at oncc.
Dataflyer IDE controller (2000 ) 79.IMI
- IDE Controller card, controls up to two devices at once.
Dulaflyer SCSI & IDE controller 95.00
- IDE controller card, controls up to two IDE devices at oncc.
SCSI controller part controls up to seven SCSI devices at one
time on the same card.
Dataflyer SCSI A500 149.00 Expansion easel w ith pow er .supply option, fan kit option, flyer cabling kit option.
Allows a user to add an extra Amiga slut to their A4000 desktop system by moving the Newtek Video Toaster board.
Gives the user the pow er to add additional cards like DPS Vector Scopes in extra PC slots.
External enclosure, allows internal mounting of 3.5* SCSI device. Rumboard can be added to expand memory to eight rtvgv DB25 external connector purchased separately for 9.95. Up to seven devices can be controlled.
DataflyerlDE ASM 149.00 External enclosure, allows internal mounting uf 3.5" IDE device. Two devices can be controlled. Dataflyer RAM-C Ramboard can be added to expand memory to eight MB.
Dataflyer SCSI & IDE A500 ' 179.(81 External enclosure, allows internal mounting of 3 J" SCSI or IDE device. Ramboard can be added to expand memory to eight megs. DB25 external connector purchased separately for 9.95. Up to nine devices can be controlled nixing & matching SCSI & IDE.
Baseboard A601C 69.00 Ramboard wilt one megabyte of ram for an additional megabyte of chip memory for the Amiga 600 computer system. Included also is a battery backed real time clock.
Expansion Sjslems is an American owned & operated company. Their products carry a one year manufacture warranty.
C$ 6 DERRINGER 800% INCREASE IN SPEED! 68030 @ 50MHZ with Memory management unit 68882 S SOM HZ FPU (Math Co Processor add 75.00) 1MB o160HS 32bit ram (32blt os by remapping kickstari) Up to 32 negabytes ol 72 pin industry Hfendard ram WHATS THE PLUS? It's the modification to work with the DKB Megaclap 200 500 (a $ 25.00 value If pur- chased separately) 4MB- 275 8Mb- 299 1 6MB - 359 32MB - 475 FREE MATH CO PROCESSOR with purchase of 33Mhz version 2000 500 ACCELERATOR A1200 CSA Accelerators 68030RC33 Mhz w MMU, 68882 RC33 math co-processor, AND SCSI I & II controller card built In w external
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CS6 Magnum
- Includes SCSII & II Fastest hard drive controller available for
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695.00 Low profile, power & heat simms for maximum performance-
04 MB 60NS 29.00 08 MB 60NS 59.00 Upgrade rebates for A4000-C40
owners with original CPU card, 16 MB 60NS 119.00 .simms & A3000
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Monrtor 995 VIDEO HARDWARE Cybervision 64 Zoro 3 W2MB Ram
Cibervtsico 64 Zoto 3 W.-4M8 Ram VW 24 RT VlDI 21 RT PRO Neutek
Video Toaiter 4 1 ?
Newtek Video Flyer 4.1* Noaty's Vlab Motion Card Noahjfs Vlab Motion System (Toccata) Neat'll J Vlab Motion Complete (T6AZ3) Noahjis Retna Z3 « 4MB Noahjis Retina Z2 w 4MB Noahjis Toccata Sound Card Noaty's Vlab Y C ntemal External Nucleus Personal edtlor v1.1 Nucleus Personal SFC Pkis v3.1 Prevue Technology - Sync Stramer Pnme Image Tjtth Black Box* Rockgen Plus Genkx* YC Plus - Y CPtus SVHS *0 SOFTWARE Address tt vl .5 Ami-F*e Sale Consumer Am-F4e Sale Pro'essxsnal Calgan - Cafagar 24 Coe Graphics - 3owermacros tor Lighfwave Crestlne- Humanoid tor Imagine Crestlne - Humenoidtor Dmension
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259. 369 2095 3895 1595 1995 2749 715 519 425 389 589 559 49 695
1. 8G HH SCSI I & II
* 2.1G ATLAS 7200RPM 1MB
• 4.3G ATLAS 720QRPM 2MB 4 3G Grand Prix 512kbuf1er 40MHZ UPGRADE
KIT 199.00 11MS 2 Ys 125 11MS 2Y-s 179 14MS 3Y-S249 10MS 3Yrs
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* * 52140A 2140 MB IDE LP 10MS 3Y-S 349 ST31231N1050MB SCSI LP
• ST32550N 2.10 Barracuda
• ST15150N 4G Barracuda ’ST410B00N 90 Elite 11MS 5Yrs1895
DRIVES SYQUEST (Amiqa MAC IBM) 169 169 Studo Pro 169 169 199
119 51 525' HH 44MB DRIVE ISQ555) SCSI 99 525* HH 88MB
(SQ5110C) (RAW44 SCSI 259
3. 5* LP EZ-135MB IDE or SCSI wCrrtndge 199 5 25' HH 20OMB
(S05200) (R&W 44 & 08) SCSI 299
3. 5’ LP 270MB SCSI (SG3270S) 13KS SCSI 329
5. 25' 44MB Cartridges 39 525' 88MB Cartndgos 49
3. 5'270MB Cartridges 54 525' 200MB Cartridges 69 External
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Squirrel SCSI 11 PCMCIA (A1206-600) 94.00 Surf Squirrel SCSI II & High Speed 139.00 Serial PCMCIA tor A12O0& A600
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59. 00
95. 00
79. 95
49. 95
2. 95
24. 95 1295 2995 39 95 29 95
16. 95
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24. 95 Install kits available $ 25.00 84 219 lAPE BACKUP Sony
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(40GB) 875-00
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AMO Turtw) 99 Emplant Deluxe Version 339 E586 Upgrade IBM
Module 119 BnptwMacw 199 A Max lit wA-Mu IV Color £9
Micropolls 1936 SCSI & II 12 MS-3000 MB -5£5B FH 4 MB Sec
Async 5 Year eng nn 10 MB Sec Sync Warranty CBM AMIGA
SYSTEMS & PRODUCTS 40007 Compute w IOOMB HD 76MB Rum 1200
Computer without HO 2000 Computer System w ECS 500 Computer
System w o ECS 600 Computer 9ystem w o HD 520 Video Adapter
(works w at systems) 2MB Ram For 2091 (256x4 dps) 23000
internal bw density disk onves 500 ntemal low density disk
23. 4000 nternd high density dsk drive 2 34000 external high
density dsk drive
1. 334000 56.’1200 Keyboards 133-4000 5-6.T200 Power Supply 2595
499 599 199 299 19 80 79 39 CALL 119 CALL CALL 24 95 299 199
99 349 319399
199. 249 2495 69 95 CD-ROM RECORDER DRIVES Now you can record
your own CDROM discs or make backups of the ones you already
Software 129 Yamaha CDR102 4x read 2x wnte 545 Yamaha CDR100
4x r*ad 4x write 845 Hewlett Packard 4020i 4x read 2x wnte
995 CDR Recordable 74 Minute Blank 795 PERCEPTION PVR-2500
15. 75 CAPTURE CARD AD-2500 875 3S422 Option 185 3AR (IBM)
DR-1200 1545 3AR (Amiga) DR-2150 1545 w Conner 540MB +199
w Quantum 1275A 1.2G
* 399 w Micropolis 2217A 1.7G
* 899 Personal TBC IV 799 Personal Vector Scape 735 AMIGA
NETWORKING l Flicker Fix* (20034000) 2232 seven pod serial card
2091 HD Contrcller card w.-OMB 3640 68340 O ?5Mhz tor the
4600.3100 2630 W.-2MB or 1MB (A2000 Acceteralor) 2620 w.'2MB or
*MB (A2000 Accelerator) 501c 512K ramboard w’dock 601c 1MB
ramboard w dock IX If-1 a Ijl] Utj ; 13 f.lH d ’ j 3:1 e
68040-40 WiWMUAFPU
199. 00 68040-33 w.WMUAFPU 14900 1 68040-25 w.'MMUAFPU
99. 00 1 68040-EC25
75. 00 1 68030-RC-50 WiMMU 11900 1 68030-RC-40 w MMU 79 00 1
68030-EC-40 (NO MMU) 9900 1 68030-RC-33 w MMU
99. 00 68030-RC-25 W MMU 7500 , 68030-EC-25 (NO MMU)
50. 00 68882-RC-PGA-50 FPU
75. 00 ' 68882-RC-PGA-40 FPU
59. 00 1 68882-RC-PGA-M FPU
49. 00 ' 68882-RC-PGA-25 FPU
35. 00 ' 68881-RC-PGA-25 FPU 2S.00
- 68882-FN-PLCC 40 FPU
129. 00 ' 669K-FN-PLCC 33 FPU
49. 00 1 68881-FN-PICC 25 FPU 3500 ' 68881 FN-PLCC 16 FPU
25. 00 ! 80387-25SX (386B8) FPU 6995 ’ Crystal OKMMlOf* 68040
Heal Sink
10. 00
25. 00 Intel 486 DX2-66
175. 00 Intel 486 0X2-50
145. 00 ! Wei 486 OX 33 13500 j Wei 486 SX 33
99. 00 Includes Motorola 68040 9 xOMHZ, Nidec whisper quiet, low
power, low voltage fan sink and 40Mhz 1 2 can oscillator 26
39 99 119 159 349 1 x8 120 - 60ns SIMMS 184 1x9 120 • 60ns
SIMMS 25* 4x8 120 - 60ns SIMMS 45f 4x9 120 - 60ns SIMMS 55+
1x4 120 - 60ns Slate ZIP 9k 1x4 120 - 60ns Pags ZIP 9* 1x4
120 • 60ns Page DIP 120 • 60ns DIP 9* 1x1 3* 256x4 120 - 60ns
DIP 3* 256x4 120 • 60ns ZIP 3* 256x32 100-60ns (1MB Swm| 9*
256 x 36 100 • 60ns (1WB Simm) 15* 512x32 100 - 60ns |2fJB
Simm; 15+ 512x36 100 • 60ns 121® Simm) 19* 1 * 32 100 - 6Cns
Simm (4MB) 25+ 1 x 36 100 - 60ns Surrn (4MBI 35* 2x32 100 •
60n» Srfmi |8MB| 594 2x36 100 - 60ns S*mi I8MBI 69- 4x32 100
- 60ns SmmH 6MB i 119* 4x36 100 - 60ns Smm I16MBI 129* 8x32
100 • 60ns Simm (32MB) 2194 8x36 100 • 60ns Simm 32MB) 239*
16x32 100 • 60ns Simm 64MB 1999* PCMCIA Ram Card 2M 119
PCMCIA Ram Card 4M 229 GVP SIMM32 (SONS 4MB 129 GVP SIMM32
6QNS 16MB 499 GVP SWM32 60NS 1MB 29 Includes Motorola 68040 G
33MHZ, Nidec whisper quiet, low power, low voltage fan sink
and 33Mhz 1 2 can oscillator PHASE *5
* t Blizzard 1260 Turbo Board
895. 00 Blizzard 1260 or 1230 SCSI 1 RAM
195. 00 Blizzard t230-4-50Mhz
295. 00 Cybergraphix Software
59. 00 Cybervitkm 64 Z3 w;2MB
399. 00 i Cybervision 64 Z3 w 4MB
479. 00 0 ¦ 1 1
995. 00 Cyberstorm 68060 AIK II SCSI II
270. 00 iCyberstorm 68060 A2000 999-OQj Interworks ENT-AN-DFS (5
ixxk licence) 29*» CBM A2065 Ethernet bowl 399 Hvdranet
12000 3000 4000 Scnesl 299 I-Net A1200 PCMCIA interface I
299 Anadinc 259
3. 1 Upgrade kit iroms, sofl. Mans)
3. 1 Upgrade kit (roms, soft-rare 31 Kickstart roms
3. 1 lOckslart roms 0000 4000 1200)
2. 1 OS Upgrade Kit (complete)
2. 1 OS Upgrade Kit ikA m nuei»)
2. 05 Kickstart Rom
2. 04 Kickstart Rom
1. 3 Kickstart Rom 1MB Agnus (8372A) 2MB Aonus ( 8372B!
Super oende (8373) Paula (8364) Or Denise (8362) CIA (8520) 12 95 Western Ogrtal Revwon 03A Superbuster (revll) 4091 Ramsey (rev 07) FalGary (A3000) Super Dm* (Tbv 04) Amber (A3000 & 2320) Janus 2 1 upgrade lot 2620-2630 upgrade kit (7.0) 2091 upgrade kit (7 0) Amiga Analyzer $ 59.95 DiagnoMiv software A hardware for prubkmv MEMORY CHIPS Please understand our policies TO PLACE AN ORDER CALL
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Hiif Limited Serving the Amiga User since IMS_ Why not try our Internet site at www.hiq.co.uk Multimedia PowerStation options for all Amigas Siamese Tower Version Desktop PowerStation pack Price Includes Sony 2.4 speed SCSI CDRom * Squirrel NEW PRICE £279.95. Tower version add £20 PAP £12.50 RING ABOUT SURF SQUIRREL QUAD PACK Speakers not included A1200 3.5" REALLY LOW PRICES JTS 1Gb Only £179.S5 ULTRA SLIM JTS 1 6Gb Only £199.95 LIMITED SUPPLY JTS drives formatted, and Magic Workbench plus PD Software installed Includes cabe pack.
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TRADE PRICES AVAILABLE INFORMATION & ORDERING. This is on y a small selection of items available - call for a copy of our catalogue. Orders can be placed by cheque, Postal Order or credit card. Mail orders should be sent to the address below, making cheques POs payable to ‘Megatronix'. Credit card holders can place their orders via sales line.
SALES ENQUIRIES W 01384 77172 FAX: 01384 82-62-82 BBS: 01384 86-56-26 Megatronix, 21 Tiled House Lane, Brierley Hill, West Midlands, DY5 4LG, England Memory matters Neil Mohr looks how to make memory-saving measures more convenient Lost month we looked at the basics behind geling programs to run with os little ol the system software loaded as possible, thus lecving the maximum amount of memory at your disposal. The problem is that it is a little laborious il you have to mess oround like this each time you need to run a program. So, this month we'll look at o couple of ways in which the memo
ry-saving process can be made easier.
Both methods involve AmigaDOS scripts and different ways of circumventing the original startup- sequence, which is where most of the system software that we want to avoid originates. The neatest solution involves one small program called MBPress and a few lines added to the startup sequence, so get your favourite text editor reody.
Using the program MBPress ot the very start of your stortup-sequence, it is possible to detect what combination of mouse buttons you are holding down. MBPress is very flexible ond will even take occount o’ three-button mice, but for us, holding the right mouse button down will be enough. So, at the very start of your startup-sequence, you should odd these lines: CrltBPrm Set mm src If IANS4EI Efl 2 Skip Quick End If This secticn of AmigaDOS code will check, using MBPress, to see if the right mouse button is being held down. If it is, the normal stortupsequence will be skipped and our new
startup will be used in its place. If now ot the end of the stortupsequence you odd the following lines, we will be almost finished.
Lab Quick C:Setpitch QUIET Assign RIL: T: IAN: Assign RIL: CLIPS: RAH: Assign NIL: REXX: S: Assign 111: PRINTERS: DEVS:Printcrs Assign N!L: KEYNAPS: DEVS:Kcyaaps Assign NIL: LOCALE: STS:Locale Assign NIL: LIBS: SYS:Classcs AM Assign NIL: HELP: LOCALE:Help DEFER C-.Copy ENVAtC:f?.info RAH: QUIET C:Ren«M SYS:WBStartup SYS:VBStartupO C:Lo«dfb wait S C:Renaie STS:VBStartupO SYS:WBStartup EndCli 111: Save, then boot your mochine and hold down the right mouse button. AmigaDOS will skip the nor- mol stortupsequence until il reaches the Quick lobel. It will then execute the new startup, which
sets all the slandord assigns and loads Workbench without executing any of the WBStartup programs. You may want to change the T and CUPS assigns to a ploce on your hard drive ogain to save memory, and the copy command is just there for people who hove a RAM icon stored in ENVARC Additionally, you may want to add some of the following extra commonds before the first rename command, depending on your needs.
DEVS:Honi tors NTSC DEVS:Roni tors PAL C:AddDataTypes REFRESH QUIET Run N!L: Execute S:User-Startup The two monitor commands set the proper PAL and NTSC screen drivers. The AddDataype command will initiate all your Datatypes if you need them, and the last one runs the user-startup.
Normally you can do this without losing much memory, as it is mainly only assigns that are stored in it.
The other method of making memory-saving easier is not quiet so neat, but is equally usable. It involves moking on AmigaDOS script soecificolly for each program you want to run with the maximum memory available. As an example, this is the start script I use for Image Engineer.
Assign cnv: envarc: assign t: files:itra ituff C:SetPatck QuIET cd fil«s:utils iaagcpro ie assign ie: stack 33000 run ie Before you could use this script you woud have to change lines two and four to suit your own needs line two sets up the temporary directory that AmigaDOS uses now ond ogain to store things.
You could just assign this to RAM, but as we ore trying to save as much RAM as possible the hard drive would be better.
The fourth line changes the current directory to the one containing Imoge Engineer. Again you will have to change this to wherever you instdled Image Engineer. The next assign simply assigns he volume IE to the current directory.
Now type this into your text editor one save it off to your C directory os StorHE You then need to type the following in a Shell protect cistartie +s This adds the script protection bit to the StartlE file, telling AmigaDOS that StartlE is a script file not an executable program. Using this, if you reboot your machine holding down both the mouse buttons and select boot with no stortupsequence and then type StartlE, the AmigaDOS script will execute, and Image Engineer will ryn with os much memory available to it os is possible.
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program or routine terminates - the 680x0 Unlk instruction will expect the frame pointer register to be unchanged (i.e. still pointing to he top of the stack frame). The easiest way of ensuring this is to copy the original contents of the frame pointer register at the same time that you preserve any of the other registers that are going to oe used.
You might for example start your routine like this: link aS,!-Variables_$ IZEOf space for variables aovea.l a2-a6,-(a7) preserve registe*s lea -Vanables_$ IZE0F(aS),i5 aodify fraae pointer This type of entry point code then allows the normal movem type of routine termination to reset the frame pointer to its original value; Ia7)*,a2-a6 aS aovti.l unlk rts If we put oil these ideas together we end up with the framework shown in listing 1, ond within this you'd simply use indirect addressing to access the variables. Initialising some_variable! To zero for instance would be done like this; iovt.it
I0,»oitjtiriabl«1(i5) Next month, incidentally, I’ll be giving you a runnable example thot shows how all these ideas fit into ploce and explaining how you physically tell AmigaDOS that the code you've wrtten is to be regarded os 'pure'!
The theme this month revolves around the AirigcTs resident command focility and what you have to do code-wise to moke
• •• use of it. Resident programs, as most of you will know, are
loaded into memory just once (usually via the AmigaDOS Resident
command), and from that point on, the code slays there and is,
therefore, instontly available for use without having to be
re-loaded. The other benefit is that the scheme is extremely
memory-efficient - no matter how many processes uses the
command, only one ccpy of the code is ever really available in
memory at any one time (and this is true even if different
processes use the command at the same time).
For code to be made resident in this way it has to be pure, i.e. both re-executable and reentrant.
Whof this latter term means is that it should be possible, wiilst the code is olreody being used by one proces , for a second process to be oble to execute thct same code without interfering with the first use. The necessary safety requirement here is that any process that uses the code should leave it in exactly the same state as it found it - and the main bug-beors in this respect are the global variables being used by the program.
If, for example, a command hos to allocate some memory and it stores the pointer returned by AllocMem() using: then that pointer would prevent the code being reentrant. Any second process used that occurred during the time that the command was already active would result in that pointer location being over-written with a new address. As farjos the first process is concerned, that memory pointer would then be conuptl The ideo, then, as far as producing reentrant code goes, is to eliminate ALL statically defined global variables whose values might change on re«xecution and replace them with an
equivalent set of 'instance-specific' ones (i.e. a variable set creating memory- resident code, with Paul Overaa acioryj) ds.l This definition produces structure offsets of 0, +2, and +6 respectively, but if you try to use these sorts of structure definitions to access variables stored on the stack via the Link instruction's frame pointer register, you'll find it all goes wrong! You might think, at this point, that the solution is to use the offset values in their negative form, tut if you play around with the offset values generated by these structure definitions you'll find that this doesn't
help either.
Why? Because the structure offsets are designed to work in conjunction with o low memory base address, and this, of course, tells us exactly what we need to do to get things in order - we alter the register being used as the frame pointer so that it points to the bottom, rather than the top, of the memory oreo that hos been set oside. If, for example, we wonted to create the variables defined by the structure described earlier we’d adjust the frame pointer that is created eoch time the program is run). One handy trick for doing this is to set up a structure that represents the variables
needed by your program, and then allocate the appropriate variable space on the stack using the 680x0 Link instruction that we looked at last month.
Now, the whole point of using the structure macros available in the system headers is that it should be possible to use indirect addressing with the offsets thot have been produced os displacements to access individual variables. But there is a snog connected with using the 680x0’s Unk Unlk frame pointer mechanism when dealing with AMIGA-style structure access. Suppose, for example, we define the following structure to hold the local data for a program: STRUCTURE Variables,0 UttORb soiejrariablel ULCUS soiajrariable?
UlQNfi soae variable3 LABEL Variables SIZEOF Listing 1: Typical framework for creating instanct wm (i7)t,s2-i6 restore registers sS like this:
* This is where the ’guts' of your routine would go.
* Needless to soy you would odjust the structure definition
* to suit the variable types you were interested in storing!
IS,f-Yir1iblii_SI2E0F space for variables a2-a6,-(a7) preserve registers
- Variables_SIZE0:(a5),a5 aodify fraae pointer Amiga Computing ¦
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Termite will work with any Hayescompatible modem from 300 baud to the latest 28.8k bps offerings, and the basic facilities offered by Termite give pretty much all you need for everyday cornns work. You've got all the usual bells and whisfes, like call logging and so on, and the package is expandable in that it supports the use of standard XPR (external protocol) and XEM (external emulation) libraries (several of which are supplied). Best of all it has a very solidly Automated log-on la aaay enough, but Termite can even write these types ol Arexx scripts tor you!
I* toipuserve.iercury.rexx • address 'TERHITE.V Wait 'WELCOME TO RIDS:' Send 'nhost.seraccess-.ukcns r' Matt 'Host Naae:' Send 'CISLf Mait 'User ID:' Send 'XuVr' Wait 'Password:' Send ' p r' Listing 1: A typical Mercury 5OOO node Compuaen e log on script ¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦I programmed Arexx interfoce, and this is where much of the interest from serious users lies.
Perhaps, initially, the most useful interfoce commands are a WAIT command which allows you to wait for particular text strings and a SEND command that lets you send text strings to whatever system you are connected to.
The WAIT command, incidentally has two escape mechanisms: Firstly, whilst the script is being executed, the user can press any key on the keyboard to abort the current wait. Secondly, there is a timeout setting available which Arexx scripts can modify using a TIMEOUT seconds command. One good thing about Termite's SEND command is that it allows you tc specify a number of control codes which, on transmission, are converted to the appropriate characters. ‘V and ' p' for example signify a user name and password.
The easiest way to see the usefulness of these commands is to take an example: Let’s say you have decided to get yourself a CompuServe occounf and, having hunted through the hundreds of UK connection numbers now avoiloble, have found that your nearest (local call) connection is o Mercury 5000 Network number logging onto CompuServe via Mercury is a little different to the stondord connection protocol. Having dialled the number you first get a connect sign-on message which looks something like this: CONNECT IHX 01 WELCOME TO RONS: 1 10 099 211 01 ond at this point you have to type 'nhost.serac-
cess-.ukcns', after which your connection is confirmed. You're then prompted for a lost name ond, by typing CIS, become linked into CompuServe where you provide a user identity and a password in the usual fashion.
Bottom I line Doing things the easy way Automating this logging-on procedure via Termite's Arexx facilities couldn't really be easier. The initial link for example just involves writing these two statements; Wait •WELCOME TO NDNS:' Send 'nhost.seraccess-.uktnsW' Notice the r placed at the end of the text string being sent. This is another of Termite's control sequences and in this case it has the same effect as if you had pressed the Return key on your keyboard. Waiting for, and responding to, the user id and password prompts is just as easy, as you'll see from the script shown in listing 1.
The u and p characters are expanded to the real user identity and password values that are stored in Termite's phone book (and needless to say you can have different ID and password values associated with each telephone number you store).
And that's pretty much all there is to it as far as Termite-based bulletin board or gateway services connection is concerned. You find out what prompts responses the system uses end then write a script that waits for each prompt and sends back suitable replies. It's easy enough to write the scripts manually but Termite has another trick up its sleeve - because it can create these types of scripts automatically using a script recorder. This monitors your actions as you log-on and converts them into the appropriate Arexx script which can then used to automate subsequent connections.
Of course, you can do much more with Termite's Arexx facilities than simply log-on.
You can select protocols for uploading and downloading files (or batches of files), and there is a CAPTURE command which allows you to send incoming serial data to a disk file. Since this capture can be turned on and off under Arexx script control, it allows you to write to disk as much, or as little, of the terminal interaction as you wish. You could, for example, create a script that onnects you to a gateway service, checks (and if necessary downloads) your e-mail, and then logs you off and hangs up as quickly as possible, leaving you to read your mail off-line.
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Power Chatting Dave Cusick beefs up the world-beating Am IRC If you read about Amigacafe a couple of issues ago and rushed onto Internet Relay Chat with AmlRC as a consequence, or if you've only just discovered the wonders of this superb IRC client, then this column is for you.
Without a coubt, AmlRC is the most powerful and configurable program of its type I've ever seen On any mochine, but in order to harness its full potential you mo? Wgnt to make a few adjustments and improvemerts here and there.
First of all, let's take a look at the simpler ways of making your life easier. When you're selecting your Nicknames, it generally makes sense to keep them as similar as possible so people will know who you are. My nickname on IRC is Hedgie, so os my reserve nicks I use _Hedgie and Hedgie_, so that even il some heartless soul swipes my nick, friends will be able to recognise me.
On your nick. I use 'Hedgie1 and 'Hedge'. Now go to the Setup screen (also from the Settings menu) and on the GUI page, change the colour of highlighted text to something that contrasts with ordinary text.
You might also like to add a sound effect using the Events page. This way you con happily be browsing away in the background and whenever someone addresses you, you will be olerled by a sampled sound and your attention will qiickly be drawn to the highlighted messoge on screen.
Whilst you are on the Events page, it would also make sense to add a sound effect and highlighted text for Private Messages, or o sample when someone new joins the channel so you can keeo a look out for friends.
Time saver Make use of the Function Keys page to store lengthy but frequently used messoges, sudh as the location of your home page or the Amiga system configuration you are using. This con save a lot of typing. There are also some labour-saving devices built into the program which are worth mcking use of, such as the URL Grabber (added in version
1. 1), which sends any Web sites people mention Another advantage
of using sueh similar nicknames is that you can easily
configure AmlRC to alert you whenever somebody uses your name.
Take a peek at the Lists window (which is accessed from the Settings menu] under Hilite. Click on the Don’t fsrget to button to Add A New Hilite Pattern, then enter your register your copy nick in inverted commas. Also, odd likely variants ot Afn,wc •eon... full support for AmiTrack (a handy program which allows you to see when people you know are connected). It can also launch AmiPhone, AmiTalk and AmiSlate and tonnect to a selected user, and it keeps on-line time even when it's not running. In addition to plenty more features, it also uses MUI and has a drop-dead gorgeous interface. So
keep your eyes peeled because it could well be on Aminet by the time you read this.
An attractive front-end for Net users is due to be released imminently as Freeware.
Konnection from Piper Communications is fully modular, saving precious memory by only loading modules when required. Like existing front-ends, it ties together everything from Web browsers to e-mail programs and newsreaders.
However, Konnection boasts configurable menus lor launching those programs, and has to your browser to save you the effort of entering the URL manuolly.
Finally, as mentioned in issue 100 o' AMIGA Computing, one of the best features of AmRC is its support for Arexx scripts. There ore some scripts you absolutely should not be without, and you'll be able to get hold of them either on Aminet or by asking nicely on certain channels. They are all straightforward to install, a process which is generally explained in accompanying documentation.
If you use YAM for e-mail then get hold of Oliver Campion's YamlRC script which ollows you to e-mail people from within AmlRC simpfy by typing: “ mail Hedgie blah...". Another handy script from the same bloke is FAQ, which ollows those of us who oren't privileged enough to enjoy Channel Operator stolus to create our own Frequently Asked Question entries and recall them wth a simple command line for all to see. There are other handy scripts knocking around too, which automatically greet people you know, grant Op status to friends when they enter (if you are a Chcnnel Op yourself), and so
A word of warning, though. One script I used to use, which automatically accepts any fibs being sent to your mochine, can prove a pain at times. If some irritating fool decides to flood the channel wilh DCC send requests you will find yourself flooded out and will have to rejoin the chonaeJ. With this in mind, rather than employing that particular script you would probably be best woiting for AmlRC's own version of selective AutoAccepting, which ot the time of writing is promised, amongst a host of other features, for the forthcoming version 1.2. Hello there If you've any comments,
suggestions O' queries you can contact me at duvc@dcus.denwn.co.uk, or davecus@idg co.uk Amiga Computing I The new Gif Sensation double CD gontains around 10.000 full cotour images. Viewer and convertors are included on tho CD Subjects include Vehicles. Space. Science fiction.
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Major cities, rivers, lakes and mountains.
Background cutteral and economic information is available at a glance. Base national facts are represented graphically and coro- HienB| parative to the UK For ¦Af2C0.A4COD &CD3?
World Atlas
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Phil South completes his series on how to bring an Amos
project to fruition part 4 29 9 m 29“ 19
o far in this series we've been talking about how to plan and
create a multi- media catalogue for your products, should you
indeed have any products or enough to warrant o catalogue
Now we have to answer a few cosmetic questions, like whether we want the pictures of the products to xcupy a screen above the buttons and a text description to appear to the right. Text boxes are easy to implement, and you just use the AMOS Windows commands: Screen Opei 0,6*0,200,16,Hires Cls 0 Flash Off Paper 7 : lind Open 1,0,0,40,20 : Print "Here is a aindoi..." Paper 4 : Hind Open 2,320,0,40,20 :Print "...and here is another one."
Wait Key There you have a text window, or at least two, side by side. As you can see this is easy lo use for our multimedia program, as we simply put the text crea off to the right of the screen and put text to the window.
Windows operate just like text screens so they are simple lo clear and odd new text to. JuSt pul a loop into your program which puts the appropriate text with the correct pictures. So now when you click on a product button the text in the box will alter The (ormct for windows is like so: Wind Open nindon nutber ,i1,y1 x2,y2 where the xl and yl are the pixel coordinates from the top left hand corner, and mt x2, y2 coords are the number of columns and rows of text you want in the window.
To write to the window simply use the: il « VindOM 1 command to write to window 1, and so on.
Putting o picture into the frome is similarly simple. You can either combine two screens wth dual playfield, or simply reload the whole screen with the chosen picture pasted into the slot. Personally I prefer the latter course as it*s easier and quicker to learn. And it's much more effective h code terms because all you do is load another IFF screen using one line of code: Load Iff "ntnpt(ture.tff",0 ABOUT TITLES INFO whereas the fancy pants method will jist burn lines upon lines of code.
So we've taken a program from start to finish and while this will not set the world on fire, it's a good basic program for multimedia uses.
Obviously if you have acres of MOD files and pictures to show it's worthwhile moking he program on CD ROM (see issue xx for information about CD ROM burners) and compiling your code so it just runs from an icon on the Workbench.
• Next issue I'll be looking at speciol effe:is, ond how you con
make your programs drop jaws and pop eyes wherever they moy go
UtHl then TTFN!
IDEAS INCLUDED Anything else you should know about planning and making programs? Learn your AMOS. Either read this column on a regular basis, buy a batch of back issues or buy a good book on the subject (I believe my Mastering Amiga AMOS is still in print!) And try out all the tutorials.
Any other business
• Get on to the Internet and share information with other AMOS
coders. But most of all planning is of crucial importance.
After all, if you don't know what you're planning to do in
great detail, how are you going to figure out how to write the
• Make the program in bits and assemble those into the full
program. Separate each routine and work on it, making it do its
own thing properly, before you move on to the next thing. Where
possible make sure you pass the variables to each routine
using the same variable names, so that you can mix and match
routines from other programs to make new programs in half the
• Try to employ the services of someone who can draw to design
the interface. I know it sounds a bit lame, but I've seen so
many programs which look like they were designed by a chimp. In
fact I'm sure some of them were designed by chimps, but they
are just better coders than they are artists.
Set out your interfoce clearly, so that anyone can see what it does at a glance, and the function of each button and menu is obvious. Quirky methods of operation are not funny, especially when you are looking for a menu ond can't find it. And while you are at it, make as few controls as possible, and don't spoil people for choice.
Choose o simple elegant scheme and stick to it.
There that's all. Good luck, and send me some of your multimedia programs so I can see how you're getting on.
Write stuff If you have any other AMOS programs or queries about AMOS, then please write to the usual address, which is: Phil South, Amos Column, Amiga Computing, Media House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield, SKI (MNP.
Please send routines on an Amiga disk with notes on how the program works on paper, not as text files on the disk. Make the routines short enough to appear in print - no more than about 30-40 lines of code, and if possible make them use no external graphics, or if they can't be used without them be sure to provide them on the disk in native IFF format, and the same goes for sound files. Follow these guidelines and you'll be sure of making me a happy man if nothing else.
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the early ¦¦ port of the year, hos recovered somewhat recently. And the package that provided the (fairly predictable) boost is of course the appearance of the OctaMED Sound Studio.
One of toe most talked about features of this new offer ng Is the sample mixing routines which allow up to 64 independent audio channels and support both 8- and 16-bit somple use. Insteod of the old arrangements, which were tighly tied to the audio hardware of Amiga, the new scheme is far more flexible since it is hardware-independent. Already, several output options are available, namely AMIGA (8- and 14-bit), Toccata (16-bit), Maestix (16-bit) and Delfina (16-bit).
Audio data, being pre-mixed before being thrown at whatever sound hardwore you are using, has opened the floodgates for many of the other enhancements found in the Sound Studio, induding the fact that it is now possible to store song modules (or parts of them) directly to disk 3s digital sample data. This means, far example, that you can now create a drum loop using several tracks with a collection of drum sounds, and then save it in digital form.
The resulting sample then only takes one channel when you load it in ond use it as a drum part. Previously, the only easy wgy of doing this sort of thing was to sample a drum pattern from a drum machine. Incidentally, a special 'Smoothing' switch is available now when digitally recording to disk that, by filtering out unwanted frequencies, is able to improve the overall audio quality.
Needless to say all this hi-tech wizardry comes at o price, and at the end of the day, it'll be the speed of your Amiga that provides the overall limiting factor. Mix mode uses special tricks, and notes can lose sound quality on slow Amigas. In short, the faster your processor the better, and for acceptable quality you really need a minimum 68020 processor (cs found in the A1200).
Enhanced It's not just the new sample arrangements that have hit the headlines. The notation editor, which didn't exist in OctoMED V6, is now back in enhanced form. The Sound Studio, however, is still primarily a tracker-based sequencer, and the notation editor really exists just to offer a different way of displaying and entering notes, rather than providing comprehensive ond professional score entry. That said, the Sound Studio's nototion editor should be more than adequate for most needs. It’ll handle up to 16 staves and each tracker track can be cssigned to any staff. Staves (treble,
bass and ako clefs) can be named, and even their vertical positions and width can be adjusted. Time signature are now freely selectable and a compucraphic notation font is provided for better print quality.
Bottom line Requirements RED essential BLACK recommended 1 Mb J 8020 52b Workbench RAM Product details OctaMED Sound Studio RBP Scftware Adress 169 Dale Valley Road, Southampton S016 6QX England Product Supplier Price (with manual) Registered V6 users, (include your V6 owrercode with order), £35 sterling inc postage.
The full (not registered V6 owner) price is £65 plus £5 postage fJhij FUU price includes o year's bee membership to toe Med Use’ Group) " ETT1 Ease of use 95% Implementation 95% Value For Money 92% Overall 94% And more, much more than this Another feature of the new package is that in 4-channel mode, samples can reside not only in ChipRAM, but in FastRAM. You can, therefore, fully utilise all the memory you have installed. There's a new window which allows you to do search-and-replace operations on notes, instrument numbers, commands and so on, an instrument list window for easy viewing
end selecting of instruments, and a greatly improved Arexx interface.
The package can now also load modules created on two different PC sequencers: ScreamTracker 3 (53M) and FastTracker 1.0 (not all S3M effects are supported, but most modules play without trouble). Some signed unsigned and byte swapping raw sample conversion options for 16-bit samples have also been added (useful for users who use samples prepared on Pcs). And, if you're lucky enough to own two Amigas, there's another bonus - you can use the MIDI menu's Slave Mode Active item to link them. You can then compose your song using one Amiga with the other just acting as an extra note player.
There are, of course, many smaller improvements over earlier versions as well. A song annotation window allows you to attach copyright notices, author name, explanatory text and so on to your compositions. Default directories for loading songs, instruments and executing Arexx scripts can be set and saved. Arexx scripts can be executed with a new menu item and file requester combination. There's a menu item for opening AmigaDOS shells on OctaMED screens for quick command line jobs. Instead of requesting the file format when saving instruments, the Sample List Editor now has menu items for
default formats. And Cut Copy operations now optionally affect either all command pages of the block, or just the current page.
Having seen all the beta test versions and so on, I've known how good this program was going to be for a long time, and the final version really does live up to all expectations.
A lot of work has gone into the package and it shows - the OctaMED Sound Studio is quite simply the best tracker that has ever appeared, or is ever likely to appear, on the Amiga!
Amiga Computing 93 OCTOBER 1996 Blitz and Steve White continues his tutorial, this month he looks at adding interface gadgets .in*:: Welcome to the third instalment of the Blitz Basic 2 tutorial. Last month we started writing the octual ¦¦¦¦1 code for the BOOTIt main program. Now we will be adding the interfoce gadgets to the main window and creating a loop to check for gadget presses.
The first thing we need to do is to define the gadgets befcre we actually create the window.
Last time I cemonstroted the various gadgets BOOTIt will require and labelled them. Yov can see the definitions below for the gadgets and this code should be placed directly below the line Let gadjetid=50 If you wont tc check the syntax of eoch godget you can find them in the manuol. The basic syntax is godget type, GTList number, 10 number, x pos, y pos, width, height, title name and then the flogs which chance the position of the labelling text.
Type in the following: .gadgets GtlistVien 0,gadgetid«1,8,15,250,96,‘YBStartup Contents:",S4|$ 2G,conterts() GTCycle 0,gadgetid+2,274,J,100,13,’",SI,"lone|Alt* GTButton 0,gadgetid+3,274,17,100,13,".Rescan",JO 6TBut ton 0,gadgetid ,274,82,100,13,"A.bout", JO GTButton 0,gadgetid«4,274,96,100,13,".Okay",JO GTButton 0,gadgetidrS,274,110,100,13,“.Cancel",JO GTTeit 0,gadgetidr7,71,129,303,13,"Report:",frll20,M Waiting.. .* GTCheckBoi 0,gadgetid*8,228,111,20,20,"Usable User- Startup f i le?*,S1 |S20 You will notice that the first godget ID number is in foct gadgetid* 1. You may remember that the
variable gadgetid is set to 50 to avoid canflict problems with Workbench 2 in which the designers pinched ID numbers 1 to 50.
Using a godget ID of I to 50 is fine on Workbench 3 but if you use these number; on a Workbench 2 application it will crash. Therefore, our first gadget ID is set to gadgetid*1 which makes if 51. Subsequent gadgets are colled god getid+2, godgehd*3, gadgetid+4 etc. The above code will effectively create eight gadgets of the GodTools class but you won't see them immediately Godgets must be placed after a window has been defined. Unlike the old godgets, GadTools are actually attached to the window with the AttachGTlist command. What we need to do now is to create a window and then attach the
.¦aln Vindou 0,(VBMidth-391) 2,(U8Height- (158»font)) 2,391,158*font,$ l}Q04!J0M8|S1)00| J0002,'800Tit v1.0"+CkrS(223),1,2 91 = AttachGTlist 0,0 GTBevclBox 0,4,11*font,266,126,J0 GTBevelBox 0,270,1Hfont,116,126,J0 GTBevelBoi 0,4,137+font,382,19,J0 The first line creates a suitable window. The window is given the ID number 0 and then the x and y pixel positions are given in (WBWidth- 3911 2. (WBHeight-l 15 8+font)) 2.
Once you hove got the width and height correct, in this case 391 and 158+font, you can use these values to position the window slop tang in the middle of the Workbench screen. You elective- ly take the window width and height from the Workbench width and height using the WBWidth ond WBHeight commands, and then divide that result by 2. The font voriable is added to he window height to accommodate for varying System Font settings (see last issue).
I HE RIGHT EVENT Now thot the main interface is finished with we can then start adding some interactivity to he pro grgm, This means we have to provide sorre way in which the user can actually select options from the interfoce. We do this using a loop that contains code to test for events such os key presses, gadget hits and window events. Underneath the interfoce code enter the following: .loop Kepeat FlushEvents Repeat ev.hValtEvent Until ev=J200 OR ev*J400 OR tv*S40 If ev=S200 A IIP EventWi ndow=0 Pop Repeat Goto endit Endlf The next line, AttochGTlist attaches the previously defined
gadgets to the window. The first number is the gadgets GTUsI number (0) axl the second is the window ID number (0). Once this command is executed the gadgets ore drown in their correct positions in the window.
The next three lines drawn the borders that give the interface that special look. The GTBevelbox must be executed after a GTList has been arached to a window. The 0 is the GTList that the be»elbox- es belong to - and ID is not required as there is no need to reference GTBevelBoxes for content. The flag at the end of the command, $ 0, tells Blitz which woy to render the GTBevelBox - JO for raised and $ 1 for recessed Amiga Computing VBStartup drauer...' GTChangelist 0,gadgetidt1 Sosub readubstartup GTChingelist 0,gadgetid+1,contents!)
STSetString 0,9adgetidt7,"Nailing...* Goto loop Endlf If il*V AND fiualifitr=128 Pop tepeat Soto oki) Endlf If iJ=Y AND 8ualifier*128 Pop Repeat Soto endit Endlf If a$ -"b' AND 8ualifier*128 Pop Repeat Goto aboit Endlf If Asc (tf =139 Pop Repeat Goto help Endlf Endlf If evsU0 If 6adgetHitsgadgetfd»1 Pop Repeat Let ec=EientCode Goto togflestatus Endlf If Gidg?;Hit=gidgttid42 Pop Repeat If selec:ed=0 Let selected=1 Soto allstatus Else Let selected=0 Goto nontstatus Endlf Endlf If Gadge!Hit=gadgetid+3 Pop Repeat 6TSetString 0,gadgetid*7,"Rescanning b'BStartu) drawer..." GTChange.ist 0,gadgetid*1
Gosub readwbstartup GTChange.ist 0,gad9etid*1,contents!)
GTSetString 0,gadgetid*7,"Waiting...' GTSetAtfs 0 gadgetid*2 IGTCY_Aetiifa,0 Let selected=C Goto loop Endlf If Gadge:Hit:gsdgetid+4 Pop Repeat Goto oka; Endlf If 6adge*.Hit=gadgetid 5 Pop Repeat Goto end-t Endlf If 6adge:Hit=gadgetid+6 Pop Repeat Goto aboit Endlf If Gadge:Hit2gadgetidt8 Pop Repeat If ss=0 Let ss®1 Else Let ss-Q Endlf 6oto loop Endlf Endlf Forever Code Corrections In lost month's instalment of the Blitz Basic 2 guide there were a couple of errors that somehow crept into the demonstrated code. In the section tilled The Sforoge Array you will notice that line 5 and line 13 hcve
the text & » before them. Just delete this otherwise the program will kick up on error. However, if you are using the source coce on the disk you will have no problems.
Now although the above code may look complicated it is fairly straightforward on closer inspection. The first Repeat basically rurs the main loop. If an event occurs but it is not one we are checking for the bop is continued by the Forever command at the end of the loop.
The next Repeat controls the checking of events. After the repeat we wait for an event, using WaitEvent, the result of which is stored in ev.l. The next line keeps looping to the second repeat Unlit ev=$ 200 (o window even ) OR ev*$ 400 (a key press) OR ev=540 (a gadget hit). If one of these events is received, program flow breaks the loop set by the second Repeat and continues down the code A LITTLE INTERACTION Once the loop is set up we can then begin testing for specific events. Notice the section of code that reads: If cv=S200 AND Ev«ntU1ndoM=0 Pop Repeat Goto endit Endlf This basically
tests ev for $ 200 |a window event) and then checks that if a window event did occur it did SO in window ID Q. The next line is very important - Pop Repeat. In the line below Pop Repeat we exit the entire loop and jump, or Goto, a new section of code, in this instance called endit.
This means that we are prematurely exiting a Repeat loop (this is the first Repeat that loops with the Forever command). What happens is that when a Repeot is executed, the position of the program at the time the Repeat was encountered is pushed onto the stack. When the Forever commond is executed this position is popped off ogain and program flows continues ot this point - in this cose this is the first Repeat and this is how the loop works.
Now, because we hove exited the Repeot Forever loop premoturely we have tc forcibly pop the position set by the Repeal bock off the stock. You must alwoys exit loops cleanly ond thgt means popping off any positions that hove previously been popped. Invariably this means Repeat Forever loops, Repeat Until loops (the second Repeat type), Gosub Return loops and For Next loops If ev does not equal $ 200, program Row continues after the Endif command ond the next set of event checks are executed. Using this knowledge you can probably make a fair judgement as to what the other checks ore for.
Don't worry, I’ll explain eoch check independently next month. The code will still not compile without errors SO next month I will provide Some small code examples on how to make BOOTIt compile with the code so far.
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CLASS STAMPS WITH ORDER Finishing touches Paul Austin adds the
whistles and bells to the final frontier Over the lost few
months we've developed o concept, drawn the roughs, built the
ship ond added the oil ¦¦¦¦ important detoil ond textures to
our project. Th s month I'll be concentrating on adding realism
to the overall image with golax- ies, engine Hares and the odd
subtle touch that simply brings the imoge to life.
Perhaps the simplest addition is a minor alteration to the background colour. Although deep space is blcck it's invariably much more attractive ond believable if you odd o little colour.
Using the background gradient controls, simply adjust the zenith and nadir colours to deep, almost blacc blue colour, leaving the sky and ground colours at their default black.
Although the effect doesn't, and indeed shouldn't, jump out of the screen, it does odd depth to the image while enhancing a feeling of volume and truly huge perspective.
For the next trick it's time to head off to your favourite paint package to start constructing and galaxy. It sounds tricky, but in reality it's pretty simple. Using a soft edged air brush simply draw some large splurges of colour. Obviously, there’s no real rule to this process, but it's usually wise to use colours which blend easily such as reds and purples, blues and green and so on.
Simply slapping down wild variations in colour isn’t very convincing. If possible, also vary the opacity of the brush stokes which, in the finished image, will enhance the feeling of variation in doud density. When you're happy with the overall look make sure you bleed and smooth the image, removing the majority of harsh tonal changes. If you wish you could also experiment with twirling the area's image.
Assuming your masterpiece is complete, save it out, but don't close the image. Now your colour mop is complete it's time to create the oil* important transparency map. To do this, convert you original image to a greyscale and save out.
If you don't create a transparency mop your goloxy will obscure anything behind it such as a planet, a ship and of course the star field - not very believable!
Once yovr maps are complete, intrcduce a flat plain into the scene, and planar image mop Colour control Surface colour 255,00 Texture type Froctal noise Texture size
0. 1.0.6,0.1 Texture centre 0,0,0 World coordinates off Texture
falloff 0,0,0 Texture velocity 0,0.03,0.001 Texture colour
255,255,0 Frequencies 3 Contrast
0. 5 Transparency control Transparency 100% Texture type Froctal
noise Texture size
0. 05,0.15,005 Texture centre 0,0,0 World coordinates off Texture
falloff 85,40,85 Texture velocity 0,0.03,0.001 Texture colour
255,255,0 Texture value 0 Frequencies 3 Contrast
1. 0 Burning ambition Although, in this case, we'll be developing
an engine flare, the some flame effect can be used with a wide
variety of flames. The first step is to produce a suitable
shope of the object, ond invariable this will be an elliptical
or egg shape.
This is achieved by simply creating a default sphere in modeller ond then selecting the upper hemisphere and stretching it until you produce the appropriate teardrop shape. When you're happy with the shape, save it out and lood up Layout.
Then it's lime to add the appropriate colour to the flame. In our case the flame is a traditional red yellow, but depending on the project you could elect for a blue white flame or whatever takes your fancy. To ochieve the effect we'll need the assistance of our old friend froctal noise. Once the object is loaded, select it ond open the surfoces requester.
Make the colour field 255,0,0 then click the colour texture button and select fractol noise, making the texture colour 255,255,0. The key here is to make the texture size taller i* the Y direction and slightly smaller in the X and Z, making the texture itself Stretch upwards, In this case I elected to moke the texture size slightly larger to produce a longer flare on the overall flame. Once all the texture parameters are set correctly - see flame colour control - it's time to move on to transparency.
Once again we'll use fractal noise to create the desired effect. However, the real key is to make the texture fade as its energy dissipates - see transparency control. Apart from adding the necessary parameters to the texture field, it's important to set transparent edges to soften the overall form.
The final task is to animate the texture and therefore bring our flame to life. To achieve this we'll use texture velocity to move the texture along the Y axis. It's also worth adding a small amount of X and or Z velocity in order to make the texture undulate slightly as it troves along the Borne. Add o light ond lens flare to the heort of the flare ond you're done. Hove fun... Amiga Computing asnxKsms ACCELERATORS £399.95 £169.95 f ALCON BOAR05 FALCON 64040RC 25MH2 £399 45 FALCON 68060KC 50MH2 £649 95 4MB SIMM I49.95 8MB SIMM (99.95 16MB SIMM (169.95 FALCON NO CPU 049 95 SCSI ADAPTOR 09 95 «u
i4ico»n ccm cownni mtha (OOUMOr*R VIPtR BOARDS The Viper 13 c*n hove up to 116MB RAM mitalled. Full KxktlA'1 remapping optional SCSi-ti adaptor. Oo board boiler balked (lock. 68881 co-procewor optional. Initrurtion And dale OVP 6B060 '68040 A 68060 accelerator board for the AlOOOMOOO running at 50MH7 and allcwlng up to I28M8 ot utar intUlalVe memory end a SCSI 2 hard osk controllrr A2C00 68040 25MMt (4B9.95 A2000 68040 40MHr (589.95 A1000 68060 fOWB RAMI (699 95 A4000 68060 fOMB RAMI (799 95 4MB STANDARD ADO (99.95 4MB 6VP RAM ADO (159 95 TURBO BOARDS Performance 10 timei ot a ttandard A600
68020 CPU clocked at 28MM?. 68887 fPU (locked «1 28MH7 U0 10 8MB FatiRAM. Auloconfigutatmg tockel for 77-pm VMM Xt 176MB DRIVE Th* award winning XI ' drive allowt you to More on a high derwty dnk.
I 76M8 Xt DRIVE INT I 76MB XI DRIVE A4000 PC8806 EXT DRIVE PC880E EXT DRIVE PC88t A500 iNT PC881 A2000WT PC883 A600AI200 VIOCO BACKUP 3 Backup to S20MB onto a 4hr VMS tapr. Vernon 3 hat new backup model for Amiga* with a 6B020 or higher CPU VI 0(0 BACKUP SC ART (33.9* VIDEO BACKUP PHONO 129 95 UPGRADE TO VERSION J (10 Th Powor CD-ROM for the Amiga 600 1700 plugt directly Into the PCMCIA port and providet a direct SCSI I and SCSI-2 interface, allowing up to tu additional devicrt to be connected Whet't more the Pprver CD-ROM featixet a 'Mol Plug' which allowt you to connect and decormect die CD
ROM and any othei additional dewcet even when the Amiga it twitched on.
The CD ROM drive comet with a SCSI interface. PSU, manual, audio lead, maint lead and toftware which include! Audio
CD. CD32 Emulator. MPEG fihn Decoder and Photo CO A6WVI700 «2
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(29. 95 £69.95 sir 4NHCTTT PC120B IWMORY A1200 8MB RAM caid which
utat 1 « 17 V-VMt and It PCMCIA STORAGE
(129. 95 (159 95 1171*5
029. 95
CALL SYQUEST E2115 DRIVE The SyC|uet1 E2135 drive It an
ideal ttoraga device The E2 1101(1 13SMB on 4 tingle 3 V
cartridge and hat a toe* tune of
ll. Smt Comet complete with one U5MB cartridge (A SCSI mterlKc u
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upgradable lo 4MB RAM PC1208BARI PCI208 4MB PC12M8MB (5595 [HIS
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CPU with 25MH7. Up 10 32M8 FaitRAM.
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• utoconfirjurat-ig tockn for 72 sir mmwrv MiGaChPRAM Intreate
yt * Anuga 500 2000 chip RAM to a total of 7MB MegaChip doet
Uni by utlng lit own 2MB RAM and 1I10 now include! A iMR Fat
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Cl* 95 G VP RAM 4M8 GVPRAM £159.95 16MB GV HAM £459 95 VIPER
31 MKH SCSI 4DAP (69 95 The Billiard 50 un have up to 128MB RAM
Imlalled. And the lame feature! As the Viper 28 B1I72ARD 50
BARE [19) 9} BU72ARO 50 2MR 1129 95 BU22ARDS0 4M6 (149.95
complata with cryital State * or Bkliaid • OiggerVOtcar Chaos
Engine mm imium RAPID FIRE Sca II Rapid (ire SCSI II controller
card Inttall up 10 1M8 onboard For the A2000. A3000 and A4000
TURBO 1260 U49.9S Performance 1 timei ot a A4000I040. TuiUble
for the MOM end A40W 6904Q CPU With 40MH7. U to I28M8 FattRAM.
Autocoifigurahng 4 tockel! Tor 72-pmSIMM Specfy dnktoo nr tower
procenor accelerator card for th* A500 and A500*.
With an opiion to fit a 68881 or 68882 co-procttto* (PICC or PGA] Tho card can fit up to 4MB It hilly evlo-wfig
(20. 95 C99.9S (60 95 (71,95 RAPID EIRE SCSm IUR80 4040 MSB H
SX-J2 SX-32 it an internal add-on card for your CO 17 and
feature! VGA port. RGB OOEI. PitallH owl twial poit. Ettemel
ditk drive port (I 76M8I. Ckxk. Controllec for 2 S* hard
»tk. And a SIMM uxket (up lo BMB) Turn your CO-22 into a
A1200 SX 12 CARO £199.95 C032 12 bit and CD ROM (99 95
Performance 4-5 timei of a A4000.040 tumble for the A3000
and A400} 6B060 CPU with 50MH2. Us lo 128MB FattRAM,
autoconligurating 4 Kxketj for 72 pm SIMM Soecify desktop oi
SMB on a itandard floppy drive and 1MI when uted in
conjunction with the XI Drive
1. 76 TURBO 4060 (699 95 A500 68020EC 0M» RAM (99 95 A500 68020EC
CYBER VISION 64 iMB (299 95 VIDEO DAC (lean 40Artom (25 VGA
Squinel often an eten hghe* SCSI performance, auto-booting,
and ullre-fatl serial port Surf Squirrel n the ideil eipintion
peripheral for your Amiga 1700 Pfaat* rail lor more
information FfATUflfS MOW MS ACIfXvtt Manure! An- (79.95 X-UNK
vxieeerApr (149.95 an mooi us acuo vw and caclii maamsam
INFINITIV TOWER UNITS Espandatie and stykh lower unit Modular
design so that you can
• cpand ry just add.ng units on the top O' the tcmer. Allows many
fliflweni nothertxiardt to be fined TOWER mu. KEYBOAROI £219 95
A1200'4000 BREATHLESS (A1200) (2495 POWER SCAN 4 Scan in 24-bii
at upto MOON (all Amigai not Jutt AGA)*. Scan m 256 greywalei
at up to 400OP1 (all Am.gatr, Thru'porl for printer tonnfciion.
Fully tuppoiti AGA rhiptet. Ditplay MAM8Q4 bit imagei on a non
AGA Amiga |wa image converHon). Full editing faolitw! Included
VmrktwtthTM ROM or above, mm IMB (rtcom mend 7MB) POWER SCAN 4
tONHr« (20 OCR son WARE (49.95 Pawl R SCAN 4 SOFTWARE £20 PC
inHhFACf . Col VW £29.95 PC INTERFACE . BAV VW £19.95 f PSON
FtATBfD SCANNERS 74 Bit A4 flatbed tcannart, complete with
toftware, tablet and manual EPSON Gt 5000 £479 *5 24 BIT INC
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POWER FLATBED SAN (S9.9S RENDAlf RINDALE 8802 fMC £149.95 GmSBBMSB GENIUS TABLET High retoiution pen and turtor controlled giaphK Ublel. Me tjdmg cablet and toftwaie Power Template software includes templates tor Dpant V. Opamt IV AGA Ppamt 64 Whart more you can cieate your cwn templates inmg ttm uftware (lor Btty 2 OT I SURF SQUIRREl (99-9S SQUIRREL MPEG Squirrel MPEG allowt you lo play VideoCD and 01 CD-ROM'i, Squirrel MPEG bungs (ugh quavty dg.lally mattared mruget and 16 b l stereo sound to you and your Amg* “BieBlhless has boldly taken the Ami(a where no Amifa ha* gone before." Rmisa
(grmat magazine “At the moment there'* nothing liie It. Thit game ptays as well at it look*" 92% cu imiga magazine SOUIRKL MPEG £199 95 CHIPS S SPARES.
The cursor It trill emulate a 1 1 a 4 SIMM STATIC COL £25 1X4 DIP (25 2S6X4CIP £5 IX I DH (5 CIA (12 GARY (19 PAULA £1* OENISf (19 SUPfR WFRSE 125 KEYBOAIDIC (12 fAT AGM7S 1MB (19 fATTER AGNUS 2MB (29 PRINTER lABll (6 RS232 CABLE (6 SCSI EXTIRNAL £15 WORKBENCH 1 t A5CKWOOO f 90 WORKBENCH 1 1 A4000 £95 ROM SHARE KVTCE £19
2. 04 RON CHIP OS HEAVY DUTY 200w PSU (48.95
• O* AMY PANS SICMHO HI All Cal | mmmam Fl *r f.Hft fg, vhf Amgy
4W D6 ISC AN4000 (189.95 GVP GURU ROM V( A SCSI drrrer for all
Serin II host adaptors and accelerator cardt for all Amiga
computers. Please call for fun her information for GVP GENUS
SOFTWARE GLIDE POINT IntuRive cuitor onlrol at your fing*t l pi
. Tap’for an instant selection. Connect to the S*r al port
(This* not a (raphi(! Tablet) GURU ROM V6 (49 95 GVP HC 8 SCSI
ASCSI hard card which un fit 8MB ot RAM on-board GLIDE POINT
144 45 10 EXTENDER Zorro II card that provides en additional
serial port, parallel port and connection lor optional RS477
and RS212 port ¦ FUCKER FIXER ScanDoublar II ¦ a full
24-blt ¦ AGA flicker finer which automat ¦ Killy de
interlaces all AGA ¦ tcreen model and ttan doublet non
interlaced PAUNTSC model ¦ to allow VGA monitors to d'Hilfly
them IO EXTENDER 169 mmmam MICROVSTTCU38I4* (289 95 PLEASE
(199. 95 ADDRESS ________________________________________________
_____________________________ POSTCODE
_______________________ SYSTEM OWNED
...____________________________________ CREDIT CARD NO.
___________________________________ '-‘:"M SIGNATURE
__________________________________ ¦ ¦:¦¦ SAT £10 MIN
DELIVERY £2.50 P 0 w E R .
DESCRIPTION TOTAL AMOUNT DUE (!NC.DEIIVERY)£ EXPIRY DATE___________________ POWER COMPUTING LTD 44A B STANLEY ST. BEDFORD MK41 7 RW TEL 01234 273000 FAX 01234 352207 http: www.poworc.comf email salesOpowerc.demon.co.uk DELIVERY 2-3 OAYS £2.50 NEXT DAY £5 ALLOW UP TO 7 DAYS FOR CHECUES TO CLEAR For example: Ibrowse & DiskMagic, normally €69.90 together, will cost you only €49.90 (plus postage).
Offer valid urdil 30 9196.
MECALOSOUND AURA 8 AURA 16 PRO MIDI INTERFACE VIDEOMASTER AGA RGB MODEM enterpR*56 videocd PLAYER CLASSIC SQUIRREL £69.95 SURF SQUIRREL £99.95 CALI 0500 225 660 FREE The Old School, Greenfield Bedford MK45 5DE UK Tel: +44 (0) 1525 718181 Fax: +44 (0) 1525 713716 salesffltisoflxoAik www.hisoft.co. uk 1 Ce*neMi996 l 2 hottest terra sou no ubrap.

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