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For those unfamiliar with the finer points of the System it's worth running over the basic Draco Movieshop concept. Neetiless to say the Draco's primary mission is that of an AV workstation. Fortunatefy, the Draco can do much more bestdes. EssentiaHy the Draco offers the same functionality as an 060 based Amiga equipped with a fast scsi H hard disk contrôler, a 4 Meg 24 bit display card, a quad speed CD-Rom and a!6 bit sound sampler. Fiowever, it must be stressed that the Draco can never be 100 per cent compatible with ali Amiga software and cards. Having said that, any application or cards that stick to the Commodore standard will work directly in the Draco. During testing I couldn't find a single power application that wouldn't run. The only obvious none starters are applications or cards that demand the ACA chipset or like Scala and TVPaint, require Amiga mouse port dongles — which the Draco doesn't have. Possibly the most important advance in the software compatibility stakes is the new found affinity with Lightwave. In the past Newtek's 3-D masterpiece ran on the Draco, but in reality it was virtually unusable due to horrible screen corruption in Modeller and an inability to playback wireframe previews in Layout. The story remains the same regarding Layout previews, but to be fair this isn't a problem caused by the Draco. Like ail other third party display cards, with the exception of the Picaso II, the Draco's Retina isn't supported by the software. Alas only Newtek can solve this particular problem. However, MacroSystem has not only managed to fix the Modeller display problems but has also added direct rendering of Lightwave to the Movieshop video partition. As a resuit you can not only render direct but also use the same option to send previews to the partition — thereby side stepping the third party support problems for previews. Thanks to the LightwaveJo_Movieshop ARexx tool you not only have the option for previews and finals but also avoids the ever présent problem of storage space. Without direct encoding ail Lightwave's output would have to be saved to disk and then imported as frames into Movieshop. Obviously this has two drawbacks, it's a slow process and more importantly, it eats up lots of valuable hard drive space. Using the new approach each file is rendered to Ram, encoded on the video partition and then deleted from Ram. End resuit, instant video resolution 3-D animations with no overheads. Perhaps the oniy Amiga tradition missing form the overall Draco équation is standard Amiga audio.

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Document sans nom Issue 107 ¦Christmas ¦ 1996 ,50 Overseas price £4.50 Hfl 20 Christmas ag i ay ¦ ¦. F- * a .. v. v Requires WB2.04 Hard drive Christmas 1996 From the creators of ImageStudio an awesome structured drawing program ' squires Magic User ialerixe TooiTypeEti CopperDemon requires tlsgicUser Interlace lessors « Appfe power ,uot v thinM W'nst Production media One day we may see the rebirth of the Amiga with a PowerPC processor and other new features to enable it to compete again with today's systems. Sadly though, more than two years since Commodore’s demise, very little of substance has happened.
We've seen prototypes and promises, but that's about it... Perhaps some can wait for the final outcome, but if you need more performance, without paying the earth - and you need it today - there’s one real alternative to consider now.,. Only Apple can offer you both desktop and portable computers that truly match the ease of use the Amiga brought to your desktop.
Affordable Apple Macintosh systems have PowerPC RISC processors with thousands of off-the-shelf programs available in areas where the Amiga was previously so strong.
And, if you need to have the most compatible of all computers.
Macintosh is currently the only system that can run MacOS, DOS and Windows applications via optional DOS Cards or SoftWindows.
Web sites with new Internet page layout features like auto-tables and on-screen movies.
The Internet's standard format for video files, called QuickTime (or QuickTime for Windows), was an Apple development. Of course it comes as standard with every Mac.
- - All Macs arc PowerPC based (except PowerBook 190s). Even
entry' level systems run at 100MHz or 120MHz, with 200MHz
powerhouses and 180 Mhz multi-processor systems at the top of
the range.
Apple is the only mainstream computer company who has lx*t*n able to make the transition from the older CISC (complex instruction set MaC AS computing) processors to the newer and faster RISC (reduced instruction sel computing) processor technology - whilst still retaining full backward compatibility with previous software.
Remember 486. Pentium Pro & 680X0 are merely CISC!
Macintosh still dominates the creative world with an 80% market share in colour publishing, 65% of post-production video editing is on Macs.
Macintosh is the most widely used system for the creation of Internet web pages.
Most magazines (probably lire one you're reading right now) are created on Macintosh.
Over 1,800 native software packages (written specially for PowerPC Macs) have been shipped since Power Macintoshes were launched in 1994 - plus there are thousands of existing programs which can also Ix used.
Industry' standard programs such as Word, Pagestrcam, Word Perfect, Page FileMaker Pro, Excel, Quark Xpress, Photoshop and many others have all been developed for the Mac.
Software choice: Performance: Creativity: All Macintoshes have networking built in as standard, so connecting systems together and adding shared printers etc. couldn’t Ix* easier.
All Macintoshes have an external SCSI connector as standard (except Duos) - adding external drives, cartridge drives, scanners etc. really is Plug-and-Play.
Low-cost digital cameras can be plugged into the Mac for instant real image input, Inexpensive industry standard PCI cards can be used in all Mac systems from the 5400 upwards.
Fax and answerphone management facilities.
* Industry’ standard web browsers. Netscape Navigator and
Microsoft Internet Explorer.
[phWTiet werc‘ developed for the Mac. Both give full access to; _a3L Kit w. Many quality Macintosh titles are widely available.
Dorling Kindersley offer superb titles like The Ultimate Human Body and History of the World whilst Microsoft publish Encana, Cinemania and Dinosaurs.
1 Because Macintosh is the preferred system within many educational establishments, high quality software is assured.
A 28,800bps modem with full send receive All Macs are Internet ready; manv include Connectivity & Expandability: The Internet & Communication: Education & Edutainment: Why Macintosh?
Apple is the World's No. 1 Multimedia PC vendor.
All desktop Macs have a fast CD-ROM drive as standard (portables get internal CD soon too).
In 1995. 42 of the top 50 selling CD-ROM titles worldwide were developed on the Macintosh.
Many Macintoshes have built-in TV with teletext so TV dips can be recorded directly to disk as QuickTime movies.
Many Macintoshes have built-in video in and out, for direcr recording to VCRs.
Some Macintoshes have internal digital video editing facilities as standard, others can Ix upgraded to include this facility with ease. Connecting and using colour printers (from Epson, HP, Apple and others) to Macs is so easy and the results are truly outstanding.
Many software packages are available offering image manipulation and superb photo quality output.
• Top games like The Ultimate Doom.
Myst, Rebel Assault II, Dark Forces, Descent, Afterlife, Lost Eden, Legend of Kyrandia, Full Throttle and The Dig have all been developed for Macintosh.
Output & Presentation: Multimedia: Interested?
All you need is 10% deposit then there's NOTHING TO PAY until 1997P Studio ] 6400 Oval ire
• O tOO 200MHz with 24Mb RAM, Eghl peed Cl). 2. IGh Hard Drive.
TV Tuner.
Teletext, Vidro-In V Kjco Compre.v-mn * ,fy Card and built in 28.8 Modem X2699 GET Ait THU (jI£M SOFTWWL- ‘CUSASISAV • DA33t£R
- ADOBE PAGEMJLi ‘MacOS 733 • H perfan!Ptyer
• Atrofcat Reack- * At Ease ¦ Apple Video Ptayer • Apple Telecom
10 ¦ Internet Connection Kit * Claris Warts 4.0
• Mactiftk Pin * IJO letters • Perform* CsdArt ¦ Thiniin' Things!
¦ GrowerMultimediatnc cbp»dtj • PcraveffPeie
• S.nnmy‘1 S *w House »Dbfley - Ajaddm Actmiy Centre
• Disney -Lion Kirg Story Boot ‘Disney -Toy Swty Preview
* Dcs The 1 hJmaie Humarv Body • Fyll TvortJe
• Descent * The Best of European Smih ¦GH LIMITED STUDENT
OFFER... . Fit£f TV Tuner a.-td £53 Voucher towards the tost of
ANY &ye¥rtriter Printer '*? • A,T!rrt rtirrsd re eudwfr
vxir.aH of Higher d'd further [ifjtizar esndSstrvfihJ FROM
£2699 fflbiwijjiiywu £1174* JUST £7.92 PER WEEK •* «!t Oatf
'waist 5400 - 16 1600 * CD |VtnV 1 f Moth | H Irtctin --- ‘HIS
Applu Internet ±59
- =• Connection Kit | * Utiney - lion Kinq Storv Boc* • Oiwey -
Toy Sf«y Previn _ 1 - ¦ OK s Pie Uhiraate Humjn Bod • full
Tnronte ft. 1 * Descent ‘The Eet of European Soccer
• Apply i- r.N T. (j Muiii'iaii
• Apple r i'jii AV MlllifSc.ui
• Apple 20" MuRin-an it ±774 £869 .....

* Global Village Telejxwt Gc4d J ¦ L L if r ,r. .1 i 5 i4 11 fir
•. V 1 3 t Vi i« a t ±59 r aa rrn j r.JRU | * SI TV?
• .Motuiou 11*1 I'm s-t JS.S ±134 Mac Software: We accept
most major Credit and Debit Cards and there is NO CREDIT CARO
FROM £1679 Mac Accessories: Deferred Payment Plan:
• All ilk* best prujirams are available for your Mae and cost few
than yoti might expect. A very small sdeowo is shown hdow .
ENCARTA T -. XCALL GROIJERS ENGYC ... ±42 COREL DRAW SUITE. .from £116 CLARIS WORKS I £111 SOKIWI.MXJWS ‘35.. £293 ! Lacintosh' brochu re pack dwgrj Sptem: Macintosh System: .31206 inc. 2Mb RAM £350 Macintosh Pvrfomu i ttxi 50MHz C H060 upgrade £580 180MHz PowerPC Wl3c* Inc 16Mb RAM £119 16Mb RAM Inc.
1. 6Gh Hard Drive £300
1. 6Gb Hard Dris e hie 8 x Speed CD RDM drive ids') 8x Speed Cl)
ROM drive Inc 11" Monitor i28 i b" Monitor A Keyburd Inc 2SSk
Modem a 155 288 Mixk'iu Fav ri verplmne lm W Optmiw v r
AnnLiHc TV Live in Window on screen w Video In Quirktune
AiaiLibk Vsdcn In Qukkmt e Inc I’Ll Card f'.Kilily A
Anl'Jjble PCI Card Facility Inc TixjI for Amiga System £2029
Total for .Mac System £1996 Krntcrulitr, rtv Hnrjyo sintuv
ittmv if fiill oir r CISC bated, ami i tbr Cimpttrifnrt U ffl
for an AiOQQ. I V Hal ilijJi-HMtiul twuU l f a rn fiftittcr'
* 1"' intMIU. IfiMh RAM, 85pc*d CD. IV MnmiK,
I. «5Is fford Dim-, 2bJi . h Hk-ni £ 1679
* BUCK MAC ViOP lSQMHi with T6 lb RAM S Speed CD. IV Monitor.
L6Gb Hard Drive, TV Tuner Tcktexr. Video-ln-Video Coxprc ion'
Card and IxjjIi in 28.8 -Modern £1996 ‘MacOS7.5J .Hy rCarT
Puyer • Acrobat Reader * At Ease • Apple Video Player * Apple
Tektom3,0 ‘IniernetConnection Kit ‘Claris Worts4.0
* MacUnk Plus * 120 letters • Perform* CkkM • Thnim' Things 3 ‘
Gfotiei Multimetfa Encyclopaedia * Power Pete
* Simmy's Science House ‘ Disney ¦ Aladdin Activity Centre
Tmhy'.s lastcst Macintoshes outperform the hi.siu.si Pentium
Pro systems - by a considerable margin' Madntosh systems have a
far lower cost of ownership than Windows systems.
Macs are much cheaper than comparable Amigas!
5260 Perform Powerful fully expandable Mac with j uperi' office suite included... S26Qirl(WMflz with 12Mb RAM. Quad Sjxvd (d), 800Mb Hard Drive, Built-in 11" Colour Monitttr and Key Ixurd unml Low GH Price XI292 Special Student Pnc* XI174 5400 Family Macintosh Price Comparison: Price Performance: Why Inexpensive?
• It s osy to add peripherals ui jxxir M.te Just I.-.L bdo»* and
see . I,, t r,, (nlx yxw iMjc Wllh a what's avaihbkr - it's
all pfug and play! , 011 iVrvnul I ,n..n,v tri,...
PAD ....±26 • Asifor detiiis«f one tnsuit v.,u ZIPDRIAT.
- toti ]|i £147 MACAILT JOYSTICK ±38
• Ilxampiv Pay itt . Lvjxn.it cm a
1. 2Gh. EXT. HARD DRI T. ±328 JETSTICK JOVsTKFc ..±45 haLina-
-Hvr iljou and that p.iv WACOM ARTPAD II £140 APPLE DESIGN
SPEAKERS. .±58 ’’1 ‘ ''uhett i i APPLE EK is CARDS fnim±575
Ivr ciN-sm i ivn . cr ±18 an.118 jnJnRc,lK'JM
• Vvritli'tt utl.ul avail jhIf tin Why Harwoods? . Gordon
Harwood Coniptilers was founded as a specialist Commodore
dealer in 19S2 and we're Mill supporting Amiga users today. We
liegan supplying Macintosh systems in 1991 when it Ix-canie
dear iii.it Commodore was failing lo capitalise oil the
technological advantage it had. We needed to have products
available that fulfilled the needs of our customers who were
• Systems with a future
• Systems with outstanding performance
• Systems with unsurpassed ease of use
• Systems without the problems and disadvantages associated with
• DOS Windows, which .still persist and trouble users even now.
Today we have grown to become one of the largest Apple Authorised Resellers in Kurope. Our extensive product knowledge and solid support facilities emphasise our status as one of a select group of Apple Authorised Service Centres and accredited Apple Higher and further Education Alliance Resellers.
.Please semi [be coi fxm or phone us - ire II rush you your FREE W h y. i Mr Mrs Miss Ms: Initial(s): Surname; i Address; Gho GORDON HARWOOD COMPUTERS Why Macintosh!
* ******•* *V* * Apple Loyalty: Apple is the No. I computer
company worldw ide with S~' of users purchasing other
Macintosh systems. There are over 60,000,(X)() Macintosh users
worldwide.,, County or Country: Daytime Phone; Main use(s) of
computer; isn't it time you became one?
JL Postcode: Evening Phone: HOME| ] BUSINESS] EDUCATION WivUx¦financeprices arc iav.YATanit arc hosed on j iwrJixctl cast ¦J* Apple Cintinwrtial Credit far totiincss users. Ask fur full ihiails ‘J* his adit'ifisement uw created entirely on Apple Macintosh nptiptncw nniuuip a tanct) of standard softu arc pn ranti Jhc.nHirer of iill ihtihi! Oifornuitwn iiwlmkxl Xw iv truiUihh- t i r.eu a: tiitiumli . U TnttbnunCi mv m Intnu Udpcd CCA 1 Please cut out the couJmdi dud return it FREE to GORDON HARWOOD COMPUTERS* FREEPOST MID04091 Dept. ACO • NEW STREET • ALFRETON • DERBYSHIRE • DE55 9BR Tel:
01773 836781 * Fax: 01773 831040 • email: harwood@appielink.apple.com Action news 66 All the latest developments on the games front Scoop Maddock takes a look Worms - director's cut 68 We review Team 17's follow-up to the stunning strategy war em-up (or rather worm-'envup) Ruffian 70 Furry animals abound, Andy Maddock finds his way around this new puzzling platformer Dreamweb 72 The second exciting instalment on how to get to grips with Empire's excellent adventure Designed For Life 76 Want to know what the best games of '96 were? Look no further, we give you the low- down and where you can
get your hands on them Win! Win! Win! 79 Lots of goodies are up for grabs in this compo from the makers of Capital Punishment Tiny Troops 80 New boy Hugh Poynton takes a glimpse of Vulcan's forthcoming strategy game with pint-sized critters EVIEWS Golden Cd_ Laser Guidance EE The latest CD’s reviewed. This month we look at Epic Interactive Encyclopaedia and an Amiga Repair Kit Draw Studio_EH A sneak preview of LH Publishing's structured drawing program Heroes & Villains ED Gareth Lofthouse recalls a hall of fame and infamy from the Amiga's shadowy past Web Design S3 Paul Overaa rounds off his
series on Arexx for beginners Lightwave_ C Compilers _E2 Kara Collection This new fonts CD gets the full AC review Paul Overaa begins a new series on V Programming 10 Out Of 10___EEH 10 Out of 10 have a special offer for you to take advantage of Amiga Computing PlLQT Vulcan's flight sim - a must for thrill-seekers everywhere Try your hand at this demo of LH Publishing's structured drawing program EGU LARS News Public sector Netcom announce a new service specifically for Amiga owners plus all the show diary dates you need to know Letters The place to be - put pen to paper and let us know what
you think Acas Tearing your hair out over a technical difficulty?
Neil Mohr is ready as ever to lend a hand OVER STORY All I Want E For Christmas... The AC team recommend the greatest goodies to buy for Christmas, from modems to the best software Amiga Computing “World of MM200™ & “Top lOO Gmrnos* ' Cds FREE with eveiy CO ROM drivoSU DATAFLYER SCSI+ Top quality drives in a top quality metal enclosure with cool- ing fan, in built power |§j||§|j supply and SCSI ID ! p§ 540MB SCSI HARD DRIVE 1GIG SCSI HARD DRIVE 2GIG SCSI HARD DRIVE (deduc ? T7i»or uncased dHve) A1200 trapdoor fitting memory expansions feature a battery backed clock and a socket for an
accelerator FPU.
NEARLY DOUBLES THE f i SPEED OF THE A1200 Now indudes CD ROM drivers and instructions.
The Dataflyer is a 16 bit SCSI il controller card that converts the signals on the internal IDE interface to also run SCSI devices at the same time as the IDE hard drive. The L Dataflyer SCSI+ will operate up to 5 SCSI devices such as CD-ROMS, hard drives. Ft SyQuest removable drives, tape back m up drives etc. Unlike other SCSI interfaces, the Dataflyer SCSI+ is £i'ff compatible with all known accelerators etc and it does not stop you from utilising any of the important expansion ports on your A1200 A600.
The Dataflyer SCSI+ easily installs into the A1200 A600 (simply pushes in. No need to remove the metal shield) and provides a 25 way D connector through the blanking plate at the back of the A1200.
Full instructions and software supplied.
£79.99 J£49.99 DATAFLYER ONLY yrggMj or g when purchsed with a SCSI device SQUIRREL purchsed with a SCSI device SURF SQUIRRELf Oo purchsed with a SCSI device when 4MB MEMORY EXPANSION £74.99 SMB MEMORY EXPANSION 33MHZ 68882 FPU (PLCC) 130 01 ly ! -rij when purchased with above peed *4* Our highly rated, top quality feature packed modems are ideal for Amiga users. All modems include our REE MODEM ACCESSORIES PACK includes a cable to connect the modem to the Amiga. NCOMM comms software. . -~ _ Amiga Guide to Comms and a n ' .
List of Bulletin Boards from which you will be able to download vast amounts of free software as well as have access to E MAIL facilities.
• MNP 2-4 Error Correction • MNP 5 Data Compression
• Fax Class I and II compatible, Group 3 • Hayes Comp*
• Full 80 page manual * 12 Months guarantee V Discology is the
ultimate in disk copying power for the Amiga.
The package comprises the Discology Disk, manual and Discology cartridge for making copies of heavily protected K programs with an external disk drive. Discology will also format disks, check disks for errors etc. 14400 MODEM £69.99 28800 MODEM NET AND WEB SOFTWARE Anti Virus Professional is the most powerful tool for detecting and removing viruses. Anti Virus pro will check and device hard drives, floppy disks and even CD ROM drives for viruses. Very straight forward to use. Includes a full 50 page manual.
APOLLO A1200 ACCELERATORS APOLLO 1230 LITE £99.99 68030 with MMU and FPU. Will take a 4mb or 8mb SIMM. Fully PCMCIA compati- b!e even with 8mb!
SQUIRREL Fully featured SCSI CD-ROM drive for use with the l2 0
o& A600, Simply connects via the PCMCIA port. V A. COMPAQ.
DOUBLE tv SPEED CD-ROM with Squirrel ONLY £139.99 6 SPEED +
SQUIRREL £209.91 8 SPEED + SQUIRREL £259.99 As above running at
50mhz with two SIMM sockets.
Can take up to up to 64mb of RAM APOLLO 1240 60 68040 68060+MMU based A1200 accelerator. Features battery backed clock and a 72 pin socket for a standard 72 pin SIMM (up to 128mb}. Fully featured, fan cooled trapdoor fitting accelerator.
APOLLO 1240 25 APOLLO 1240 40 APOLLO 1260 50 Superb IDE CD-ROM drive system for the A1200. Fully featured, . Top quality drives in a top quality enclosure with built in power supply. All cables, instructions, software including CD32 emulator and audio CD player etc., included for immediate use. The CD-ROM interface supply plugs inside the A1200 (exceptionally easy to fit by anybody) and provides a connector in the blanking plate at the rear of the A1200, next to the mouse socket.
• nifSri tT ¦» (credit s vitGh; card sales only) for enquiries
Send cheques or 4MB SIMM £34.99 8MB SIMM £59.99 OR 16MB SIMM
SQUIRREL 5E ZIP DRIVES £159.99 OR £199.99 with Squirrel (very
hard drive ordered 420mb 1080mb EZ FLYER Hard Drive Cybercafes:
Old H@t?
Ohe phenomenon of the Cybercafe is unique and unprecedented.
Why is it that cafes built around the premise of computers have arisen? You'd scoff at any other communications based eatery - a telephone cafe, or a fax'n'food joint for example, would be about as marketable as a good marriage guide by Hugh Poynton discusses whether Cybercafes are a unique new culinary communications concept or the haunt of those who'd prefer to hammer away at a keyboard in tragic solitude
O. J.Simpson. When it comes down to it, the computer and the
Internet possess one basic feature that allow them to be a
valid and useful addition to a social establishment. Via
computers and the net, communication isn't limited to a
one-on-one debate and discussion can be held via the Web, This
is the only way cybercafes can make themselves work on
anything other than mere novelty value - by recognising this
unique facet of the Net.
Look for example at the best Cybercafes; The Vibe Bar in London has designed its cafe so that the computers are used for sociable, not solitary purposes. The computer terminals are arranged so there is a computer terminal to every sofa rather than chair - even this basic change means maybe three people can have an IRC conversation with somebody rather than just the one.
On this level, a normally fairly dull activity is turned into something much more sociable and fun. On a more fundamental level, the bar uses its computers to stage live debates.
An author for instance, might pose a contentious question, the bar would be linked to other cafes and bars and a real-time debate involving hundreds of people could be staged.
Questions e-mailed days before could be read out and answered. This is the Cybercafe ideal. A place much like the old coffee shops of centuries ago where topical issues were discussed. Obsolete, also in London, lives up to this ideal too; artists can display their work on the net and get feedback from across the UK.
The main problem is there are too many lazy Cybercafe owners. To me, the prospect of going into a cafe and hammering away at the keyboard is about as interesting and appealing as watching a 2000 metre slug race. The very reason for cafes and bars is so that you can enjoy real life, genuine, face to face social interaction with somebody else - you can have a chat and a laugh. This is not the same as typing garbage to somebody on an IRC line. You can't see them laugh, frown, grin or shrug. The whole experience is neither fulfilling nor satisfying.
Perhaps its just me, but I don't want to go to a bar or a cafe where you spend your time typing away exactly like you did at work or banging away on computer games like you are in some arcade. The only way a Cybercafe can work is if they use the technology to add to the sociability of the place, not detract from it. A computer at a cafe table or in a bar could be brilliant, if there's a group of you debating a subject, you have the means right in front of you to investigate the matter further and make your discussion more informed.
Cybercafes have to re-organise themselves, in the way they are laid out and the events that go on, or face the fact that they may just be some trendy, Gibsonesque fad that will be ridiculed by those discussing the subject in the bars and cafes of the future.
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'fllb jut Order NOW for immediate despatch Send cheques or postal orders (made payable to Siren Software) or credit card details to:- SIREN SOFTWARE, 178 BURY NEW RD WHITEFIELD, MANCHESTER M45 6QF, ENGLAND JUST TAKE A LOOK ATT SPECIFICATIONS AND AMAZING
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metal enclosure with its own built in power supply.
I' ~ - •• •- -
• Audio output connectors enable you to use the drive as an audio
CD player.
• Easy fit internally fitting interface simply plugs in to ensure
full compatibility with all accelerators, memory expansions
etc. Access, Visa, Switch, Delta, Connect etc accepted OPEN:
Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm Saturday Sam to 12pm The interface
simply plugs onto the 44 pin IDE connector inside the computer
(still allows a 2.5" or 3.5” internal hard drive to be used as
And provides a connector in the blanking plate at the rear of the A1200 next to the mouse socket. This can be installed by anyone in 5 minutes!
• Does not use or interfere with the PCMCIA slot or any other
• Includes CD-ROM installation software.
• CD32 Emulation enables the majority of 0032 titles to be used
on the A1200.
• Audio CD player software allows you to pJay your audio Cds.
Personal callers welcome.
Please phone first to check availability of any item.
AD cables, instructions, interface, etc., included as well as a 12 month warranty and full technical support.
DIRECTIONS: From the M62 Junction 17 head towards Bury.
• Unlike most other CD ROM drive systems the Ultra CD ROM drive
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We are 50 yards on the right hand side after the third set of lights.
The door to our premises is next to the florists opposite the Masons Pub.
ULTRA 4 SPEED £169.99 ULTRA 8 SPEED £199.99 luuuu sillJ fur furihur dusull Alt prices incfutfe VAT. Posioge end pocking v iTt be cborgerf gt £2.50 per (U.K.), £7.50 Europe on ri £12.30 rest of die world.
By Tina Hackett News nnovative Systems :-7 n l« t» V*- tpj Bulwm fttiwi &»»Orry fytf i 1 WhrtCrf* I Dmmm 1 P*** I WBJl " Rctargettlng Amiga Scrtcth to PC graphics ¦¦- ¦ |- |) P || Only ihe Siamese System makes it possible.
The Siamese System from Blittersoft has an update || vyyx- wjfpw uwwow WM*M*Cli StfMO J35 Voyi You Arc Ga 'iUk'l I I O 'MiM **,*3£ S H*TW* Cw*JnX- Ptv« r«i •»*?**««« C «HHlHfrt IMM,] l!S «|A1 wtet Xt* i wmKtMcnWi*(Mf M»W4»*W Mrt**r WiM Boys For The Boys Sadeness have two new CD's available and you can grab yourself £5 off if you pre-order.
One is called Women Of The Web and, you guessed it, features lots of women from pictures to movie clips and err, sound samples.
Included are supermodels, TV presenters and film stars.
The other is CD 'X' which covers subjects as diverse as Aliens to famous murderers.
So for those who are into the weird and wonderful this CD will give you the low down on everything from crop circles to conspiracies. Sadeness reckon that they have used over 600Mb and virtually filled the CD. It will retail at around £29.95. Phone 01263 722169 for more details.
Women On The Web has all the women you know and love on CD!
The revolutionary Siamese system from HiQ that allows an Amiga and PC to share hard drives over a SCSI network, is about to get an update. If you have a PC and Amiga Siamese System this new development will allow you to see an Amiga screen on a Windows 95 window on a PC therefore you will be able to run programs like Photogenics through Windows. Contact Blittersoft for more details.
[7]ew Netcom Charges Netcom UK, one of the leading Internet Service Providers announced a change in its billing structure. Customers registering after the October I will be charged £14.95 per month including VAT. Existing Netcom UK customers will be charged the new price from November 1.
Netcom believes that the new VAT inclusive price structure will be easier for both them and their customers. David Furniss, Netcom UK's sales and marketing director said Netcom was, "One of the very first Internet Service Providers to recognise customer's needs for VAT inclusive pricing" and the new pricing structure would set an example that competitors will sooner or later have to follow.
IAN ON VIOLENT GAIVIE A Public Domain title has caused outrage recently when it was discovered by a member of the public in a UK PD library. Called Schoolyard Slaughter, the aim of it is to shoot children in the head whilst they are walking across a playground. In the light of Dunblane, the game caused disgust and immediately Michael Howard, the Home Secretary, joined protests to ban the game.
The Public Domain company which originally held the game (that came in from America) has destroyed the original disk.
However it is thought copies could still be circulating. The title had found its way into Britain before Dunblane - even so, the question of morality over such a concept for a game raises extreme concerns about what people consider acceptable entertainment.
Distributing such a game is a criminal offence as it has not been classified by the BBFC and carries a prison sentence of two years and or an unlimited fine.
Lip Art Collection Softwood has released an EPS Clip Art Sample Collection. This sampler volume contains 91 quality EPS images for desktop publishing. The images range from business and education to pictures of birds, fish and insects.
The Clip Art Sample Collection is available on 4 low density disks for £29.95. Purchasing the Sampler Collection automatically reduces the cost of the additional volumes from the £64.95 recommended retail price to £34,95. For further details contact Gordon Harwood Computers Ltd, on 01773 836781.
Amiga Computing Qou've been framed The Omnilink Corporation is set to launch its AQCVid hardware software interface for the Connectix Corporation's Quickcam digital camera. The AQCVid allows the PC version of the Quickcam camera to be connected to any Amiga and includes CyberGraphX support File formats include IFF, ANIM5 and ANIM7.CDXL (for animation and sound). JPEG is planned for future releases.
The interface will enable users to transfer photographs to their computers for use in desktop publishing, Internet homepages, image processing and even games.
America in November 1996 at $ 59.95. Please note this does not include the QuickCam camera.
The AQCVid will be released in Qyber Solicitors The Computer Law Group of Clark Holt, Commercial Solicitors, has published a series of legal guides to various topics in computer law. The three free brochures cover areas such as the legal aspects of the millennium bug, service level agreements and the Internet.
Clark Holt Commercial Solicitors are included in the most recent 'Legal 500' and its Computer Law Croup are highly respected in the Legal profession. To obtain a free brochure contact Jeremy Holt at his e-mail address, JeremyH@CLARKHOLT.CO.UK or on 01793 617444.
IG H WAY Down-under Tailor Made Travel, a Midlands based travel agents, has established a new Web site to help its clients research and plan their holidays in Australia and New Zealand. The site contains information about holiday destinations, quotes for specific holidays and cost saving benefits on flights.
Using the Web site, Tailor Made Travel can draw up a holiday schedule that meets the exact requirements of the traveller. If the down-under Web site proves successful, Tailor Made Travel hopes to expand its use of the Internet to cover holiday destinations in the UK and Europe. The Web site can be found at: http: www.taylor-mae.co.uk Qn-line 96 On-line Information 1996, the worlds premier IT media industry event, will be held from 3-5 December at Olympia 2 in London. The conference and exhibition for electronically available media will cover themes such as, 'Information as a Strategic
Resource', 'Consumer Online Services', 'Digital Publishing', 'Next Generation Search Software' and 'Real Time Data', as well as Internet related topics including 'Using the Internet as an Information Source' and 'Cashing in on the Net'.
A new feature of the exhibition will be NetCity, a whole floor of the Olympia complex devoted to the Internet. The On-line Information 1995 exhibition featured 347 exhibitors, 16,870 attendees and over 958 delegates. 85% of the conference delegates were from overseas.
IRTUAL v Motors pson Inkjet Launch Thursday October 3 saw the launch of Epson's new, low cost 720 dpi Inkjet, the Stylus 200.
Priced at £136, including VAT, the printer is one of the most affordable 720 dpi printers available.
The Epson Stylus 200 includes a number of new, innovative features. The 'Auto-Grey' function for example, scans the page to be printed and selects the best settings for each text, graphic or image. This ensures the overall print quality is as good as possible. A further feature is an ink status monitor that ensures the printer doesn't run out of ink half way through a print job.
For details phone 01442 61144 October 15 sees the launch of an innovative new Web site that aims to change forever the way people shop for new and used cars. The Virtual Showroom will be the UK's first interactive virtual car purchasing system and intends to make buying a new car easier and less time consuming.
The site uses state-of-the-art Internet technology to link the prospective buyer to car dealerships across the country. Users will have access to photo illustrated lists of the stock in each dealership and can search for cars by mileage, make, model and value.
YBERSPACE on satellite Sci-Fi Channel, the satellite and cable channel dedicated to producing and screening programmes about all aspects of science fact and fiction, are to launch three new series concerning the world of computer technology.
'The New Edge' looks at the technological, scientific, medical and transport innovations of today and investigates the possibilities and potential of these new scientific breakthroughs. 'C Net' looks at the latest news from the world of computers and 'The Web' addresses new developments on the World Wide Web.
The three series will be screened every Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday on cable and satellite.
A list of cars that fit the requirements of the purchaser will be displayed and by clicking on any of the vehicles on the list, the user will be able to view all the relevant information on that particular car. Prospective buyers can also obtain details of finance options from the different dealers and find out the part exchange value of their vehicles using data from Glasses Information Services.
The system will enable buyers to shop around and establish what car they can afford before actually visiting any showrooms. As Virtual Showrooms general manager said, The process of buying a car will always involve a test-drive, but this system takes the consumer as close as possible to actually buying a car on-line. See the site at: http: www.virtual-showroom.co.uk Qower to the People Exponential Technology has announced that it has developed the world's fastest PC microprocessor. The Exponential X704 has a core clock speed of 533MHz and is designed for high-end PowerPC-compatible
systems. This has repercussions for the future of the Amiga, if an Amiga Compatible PowerPC is made it could use this processor and there could be an Amiga to rival all the DEC Alpha workstations.
Amiga Computing ETCOM ANNOUNCES AMIGA SOLUTION N EWS Netcom has announced that it is supporting the Amiga with a complete Internet software and service package. As the world's largest independent ISP, it is one of the few big organisations to target Amiga owners directly.
Dave Furniss for Netcom commented, "The UK Amiga community is very keen to have access to the Internet and we are one of the few ISP's to recognise this. With NETCOIVIplete for Amiga we will offer a comprehensive, easy-to- install software package. Plus the top level, award-winning service already on offer to our existing PC customers: round-the-clock customer support fast problem-free access and competitive pricing."
NETCOIVIplete will support WWW, FTP, IRC, E-mail, news, telnet and finger and can be installed with one easy package. Based on version 4.0 AmiTCP, it is available free either through Netcom (01344 595600) or through the authorised distributor, Eyetech.
Existing Internet users can download NETCOIVIplete from Netcom's FTP server. Amiga customers will be charged the same as existing Netcom customers which is £5.95 (inc VAT) for the first month and £14.95 per month from then on which gives you unlimited Internet access.
What will make this particularly appealing is that Netcom are also offering a technical hotline for Amiga customers which will operate 24 hours, 7 days a week as well as full user documentation.
PEED Up UK modem manufactures, US Robotics is aiming to capture the desktop I5DN market with the launch of its combined ISDN terminal adapter and V.34+ modem. This modem gives businesses the choice of analogue or digital communications in a single unit. The Courier I modem allows a maximum analogue connection rate of 33.6 Kbps which enables it access to analogue resources such as Internet sen ice providers, on-line services and fax machines. However for LAN access, large scale file transfer and transaction processing the Courier I uses a digital ISDN, 64 Kbps connection.
The Courier also has the ability to automatically detect whether a call is analogue or digital.
This, so Product Marketing Manager Matt Hopgood states, '"Recognises the hybrid nature of PC communications in the UK and offers future proof connectivity over both analogue and Digita!
Links." The Courier I modem will be priced at £399, including VAT and the modem will carry a five year warranty. For further details contact US Robotics Ltd on 01734 228200.
Homputacenter*s hacker SURVEY YIELDS RESULT The results of Computacetiter's latest survey on hackers and computer security were announced earlier this month, revealing fascinating insights into the views and opinions of 136 hackers across the country.
The survey shows that 79 per cent of the hacking community believe legislation will not prevent the bulk of them hacking. 62 per cent wouldn't be dissuaded by a significant increase in arrests of hackers and well over three quarters of hackers believe that most companies have insufficient safeguards.
The hacker's general opinion was that systems administrators were failing to build secure systems and safeguards were sadly lacking. Common criticisms included bad system design, using default settings, out of date security systems and lack of encryption and firewalls. Surprisingly, 72 per cent of hackers cited easy passwords as being the easiest way to gain unauthorised access to computer systems.
The Internet, so the survey suggests, is providing hackers with more opportunity to break into computer systems and specialised hacking software is even available over the Internet.
However, Computacenter hopes that as a result of the survey, companies will be able to deter hackers and make their systems more secure.
FIXED PRICE ONLY £42,99 inel.
All upgrades purchased Irom us fitted free with repair Includes FULL DIAGNOSTICS. SERVICE AND SOAK test If drive or keyboard need replacing add £10 AMIGA A1200 Repairs only £52.99 - Fully inclusive B SPECIAL OFFERS_i PC keyboard adaptor (allows you to use a PC keyboard on your Amiga) Available for A50Q + A60D A1200 A2000 A3000 A4000 and CD32.
PC Keyboards (Cherry Chicony) £16.00 A5000 Motherboard v6A £59.00 . Fvltypopulated(KS205) CD32 Power supply £25.00 500 Internal Drive £29.95 CD32 Rom Drive £35.00 A600 1200 Internal Drive £35.95 I CHIPS i I CHIPS I I CHIPS I A50Q Keyboard A600 Keyboard A1200 Keyboard A500 600 1200 PSU CD-32 PSU A2000 A3000 PSU
PART AND KEEP A FULL STOCK £36.00 £29.00 £34.00 £2530 £26.00
£65.00 POA.
63000 CPU Video DAC (A120D) Kickslarl 1.2 Klckslait 1.3 Kickslarl 2.04 Kickslarl 2.05 Kickslarl 3.1 (A500) Rom Sharer NEW Modulators Xchange Modulators CD-32 ROM Drive A50Q Motherboard 6A £5900 U ut'tt iff txtoff WW 1*1 fHi ’t Cinrr-oicrt tm U cki utt 11 not&i nrrjuf) tb:n( rr-rr, £330 £1930 £4.20 £16.00 £22.40 £19.00 £6600 £15.00 £2930 £16.00 £3500 p8372A 1 Meg Agnus £24.30 B375 2 Meg Agnus £2430 LISA (A1200) £32.70 8374 Alice (A120Q) £32.70 B362 Oenise (A50Q) £9.60 B373 Super Denise £13.40 5719 Gary £7.60 8520 CIA (A5O0 +) £12-OO B520 CIA (A60D 120Q) £12.00 B364 Paula (A500 +) £1234 8364
Paula (PLCCl £16.70 Add £1.50 P&P on chips. £3.00 P&P on drives & PSUs. We reserve the right to reluse repairs.
Pgrade Bargains Blittersoft has announced that it has slashed the price of the PHASE 5 range of accelerators and peripherals. For example, it has a Cyberstorm MKIi 060 50 at £599.95 and the Blizzard 1260 Turbo 060 50 at £499.95. Phone them on 01908 261466 for more details. So if you're thinking of upgrading, there has never been a better time.
* *********A1TENTl0N ALL DEALERS"*”***** Our company offers the
moBl competitive dealer repair service on alt home computers.
Facility Credit ServiCB HOTLINE Tel (0116) 247 0059 DART Cipulti Services (AC). 1D5 London M, Leicester LE2 OFF Co tup utcr IS e nice s “m*h Ov» ri d 0 A Canpoen IB I Amiga Computing CAPITAL PUNISHMENT IS THE HIGHEST RATED GAME OF 1996. It's simply the most pier game this year. It is one of the best Amiga games of all time. AMIGA FORMAT: GRAPHICS best you're likely to see in an Amiga game. AMIGA COMPUTING: GRAPHICS 96% AMIG the best beat-em-ups for a long time, it's one of the best games we've seen for a while. You really when you know you're going to be fighting other human beings but even in
one player mode your AMIGA COMPUTING: OVERALL 95% CU AMIGA: "it has the best sound effects and music in the r ups. Stunning lighting effects and backgrounds. Some of the best the Amiga has ever seen."
"Capital Punishment could take fighting games into the next millenium." Final word: "When you buy Cc you will never ever need to purchase another fighting game. It contains everything and more and wipes i likes of Body Blows, Shadow Fighter and Mortal Kombat. Buy it now." AMIGA GAMES (Germany): "The I: ing game ever!" Capita! Punishment is the most technically advanced and most playable combat game on Am COMPUTING: "The graphics and in particular the shadows is Capital Punishment's best feature. The garni full of playability and presents enough challenge for expert gamesplayers. The graphics
and presentation c A specially developed state-of-the-art bob routine with a real-time horizontal bob flip that can animate two large i covering a combined area of over 30,000 pixels, at a rate of 25 frames per second. AMIGA Foi ‘UJDiC’
- "This one keeps you fighting. Once you work out a new set of
moves it's difficult not to i ‘em."
ING: "Do you want to see how beautiful AGA graphics can be? You'll be proud to call your ¦niga a you see it, you will love it." CU AMIGA: SOUND 96% AMIGA FORMAT: "ClickBOO, certaii game and it shows. Not only are the graphics excellent but there's depth to the gamep erience, .1 ract i this f rt out ; nee play o pad which is just how things should be in games like this. It's certainly the most p and play ular genre " AMIGA GAMES AWARD CU AMIGA: "Amazing animation speed. Spe id - eat yc Street Fighter 2." Technical requirements; AGA Amiga (1200 4000 CD32 with he .rive). Hard- About 1 5Mb of
free space needed. FAST RAM is not necessary (but recommended). COMPUTII els are graphically outstanding, with either fog, mist, or thunder and lighting effects. I he work that has gone mho the imo The l, ics is certainly committed, and this is partly what makes Capital Punishment a great game. It has been developed by who are greatly devoted to the Amiga. AMIGA JOKER MEGA HIT AMIGA COMPUTING (Greece): "Amazir sound, unbelievable, realistic effects...the game becomes lifelike. Capital Punishment will for sure be one of the bi cesses of this year." AMIGA FORMAT GOLD AMIGA ACTION: "Capital
Punishment is one of the finest gc Amiga." AMIGA FORMAT: PLAYABILITY 9 10 - "All the essential ingredients for a descent beat-em-up in t learn to do better, effort is rewarded and skill plays a big pad." Additional visuai effects: fog,, light diminishing, slow-motion replay; realistic blood animation; red screen flash after - very blow; screen shakes after a player is falls; screen scroll with every move. A unique zone editor that has been created’to maximize the combat experience th an advanced collision detection system using four collision zone? u nd, body, legs, and attack) for every
charoc frame GIGA COMPUTING: Fans of Body Blows and . Kombat cannot fail to be impressed with Kombat cannot fail to be impressed with M% AMIGA FORMAT: It all looks gorgeous.
Punis’ s overall quality. AMIGA GAMES (Germ rv »c.«... M% AMIGA FORMAT: "It all looks gorget trick eok " • :n more gorgeous Clic X50M [ ne wonders with Capital Punishment in the gr spr’ ; cA cMctii. 'ack( Is a llent c erything looks terrific. What you ecu sc Ms is the srr, mss ¦ anirm : the cks that have been included. Ail the extremely fiuidly. Al! The moves are executed quickly, smoothly and believably. The graphics trickery is a jc and swaying shadows, dark rooms which only become lit when the lightning outside flashy eerie cjetrick " so more gorgeous Clic BOOM [ ne wonders with
Capital Punishment in the gr spr’ j cAtcncin 'ackj Is a llent c erything looks terrific. Whet you ecu so Ms is the srr. 'ss anirm : the cks that have been included. All the of the .rere str°ric beat-er
• 3 Weil, - emi-tr rate to fc ou coulc buy it. N- ent 3D si
frames p st bf op C jnishmei movements T thing - bein it Gold.
Knoc nd punchir ne cha , "It’s ihi: ales it to t ;jue ana pon
Grec con stana Future of Imagine Michael C. Halvorson,
President of Impulse, Inc., announced future support of the
Amiga version of Imagine is in question. Currently, the company
is devoting most, if not all, of its time and resources into
development of Imagine for Windows-based machines.
USA NEWS This is in part due to questions about the long-term destiny of the Amiga computer.
However, if enough demand is demonstrated for improvement and support of the Amiga version, Mr. Halvoson has stated he will attempt to fulfill that desire. To keep Amiga Imagine on the market, user input is required.
In order to test the demand for the Amiga version of Imagine, Mr. Halvorson has asked Intellipoint Corporation to begin a study of the Amiga market. The results of the survey will be the basis for a decision as to whether to continue support of the Amiga computer.
All registered users of Amiga Imagine will be asked to participate in a survey which will ask questions on the subjects of upgrade desires, wish lists and the current uses for Amiga Imagine.
Unregistered users may also participate by e-mail to Michael Nixon, who is in charge of the survey and also a user of the product. Contact information for Mr. Nixon appears below.
By Katherine Nelson EW PRICES POINTS QuikPak Corporation, manufacturers of Amiga 4000T's in the United States, has lowered its prices. New prices are as follows: A4000T 850MB 6MB S1997US; A4060T 850MB 6MB - S2699US; A4060T 2GB 18MB 6X CD-ROM - S3249US; A4060T 4GB 34MB 8X CD-ROM - S3999US.
Included with every system is an Amiga Internet Kit with Netcom, worth S29.95US. A trade up to the A4060T is also available for S749US, after sending in a '040 CPU card from an A4000T with proof of purchase.
Qoston computer society After several years of decreasing membership, the board of directors of the Boston Computer Society voted to declare bankruptcy. The group was based in New England, but had worldwide membership.
The Amiga subgroup of the Boston Computer Society, the Amiga User Group, is planning to continue its meetings as a separate entity. It may form a new parent organisation with other groups that once belonged to the Boston Computer Society, but so far, no plans are definite.
For now, the general meetings will be at 7:30pm at MIT on the fourth Tuesday of the month, as they had been in the past The Technical and Video subgroups of the Amiga User Group will also continue. They may, however, be forced to find a new location for their meetings.
The group's bulletin board system is still Amiga-based and remains functional, though the e- mail and internet ability is temporarily gone.
H ESTIVAL AMIGA HOW OFFS Wonder Computers International Inc. will be hosting the 1996 World of Amiga Show in Toronto this December 13-15. The show will be Amiga-onfy.
Times for the show are 4pm- 10pm on Friday, !0am-6pm on Saturday and 11am- 6pm on Sunday. The location will be the same as for the successful World of Amiga Toronto '95 - the International Centre, 6900 Airport Rd., Mississauga, Ontario.
Christine Vetzal voice: (905) 665-9135 Ken McDavitt voice: (613) 721-1993 e-mail: ken@wonder.ca www: http: www.wonder.ca Amazing Software and Accessories, along with RCD and Robinson Consulting will be holding Amiga Fest, in conjunction with Computer Fest, in November in Canada.
Admission will be S10CDN or less and attendance is expected to be over 30,000.
Both Amiga and non-Amiga users will be able to see the latest from Amiga hardware and software developers as well as retailers.
The show will be held November 29 through December 1 at the International Centre, 6900 Airport Rd., in Mississauga Ontario. An A4000T will be given away at the show.
Contact point Mr. Michael Nixon Amiga Imagine Study e-mail: Mike Nixon@gnn.com Qjo MORE LIGHTWAVE Toaster & Lightwave 3D will be a bi-annual special report to support users with news, tips, product inforMiller Freeman, Inc has announced the end of the Video Toaster User and LIGHTWAVEPRO magazines.
The last issue of LIGHTWAVEPRO will be the October issue and the last issue of Video Toaster User will appear in January.
Current subscribers of Video Toaster User will be given the option of a refund or transfer to another publication from Miller Freeman, Inc. Subscribers of LIGHTWAVEPRO will similarly receive the option of a refund or a subscription to 3D Design Magazine. All subscribers to Video Toaster User and LIGHTWAVE PRO will receive a free evaluation issue of Digital Video Magazine.
Also from Miller Freeman, Inc comes the announcement of a new publication directed at readers of Video Toaster User and LIGHTWAVEPRO magazines. Video mation and special techniques.
This report will appear as an insert in the Digital Video and 3D Design magazines mentioned above for the spring and fall reports. No information was given as to the format of future issues.
The Video Toaster User Expo '96 will be unaffected by this change and will still take place November 5-8 at the Universal City Hilton & Towers in California.
NewTek plans to announce information concerning new media strategies at the event Amiga Computing } game r ,jenence ned and p1 r'f'itze Extracting Cover Disk Files Before you even think of putting the cover disks any where near your computer you should make sure you write protect them.
Move the black tab in the top corner of the disk, so you can see through the hole. Doing this makes sure you cannot damage your disks in anyway. There is no reason why the cover disks need to be written to, so even if the computer asks you to write enable the disks, don't do it.
Get artistic with LH Publishing's DrawStudio and take to the skies withJetPilot from Vulcan software To extract any single archive, simply double click its icon, and follow the on screen instructions. If you want to quickly extract the program to Ram, select the NOVICE level on the welcome screen and press proceed once on the current screen and then again on the next. The program can then be found in your Ram disk. Normally most programs need further installing, so read the documents on how to do this.
Setting up DrawStudio Author: LH Publishing WB2.04 Hard Drive 4Mb RAM Hard Drive Users Hard drive users do not have to boot with the first disk, but you must make sure you have the Amiga's Installer program in your C drawer. To make sure your hard drive has the correct files in place, double click on the SetupHD icon. This will check if you have the Installer program, if not it will copy it across, don't worry it will not write over any existing files.
All you hard drive owners will find MultiExtract very useful. It is a separate method of extracting the cover disk files. It allows you to extract a number of files in one go, to your hard disk or Ram.
When you run MultiExtract, you will be presented with a number of check boxes each representing one of the programs on that cover disk, lust de-select all the programs you do not want extracting and then press proceed. All the selected programs can now miraculously be found in the selected destination.
Pick which archives to extract.
isupgr72ngw.tzx _vjToolTypeEditor. Izx ianimdtpatch. Izx v£J Cupper. Izx Copper-Camon.Izx CxBar.Izx fakJFIF. U* Y' fimigaLoad.tzx tPSXView. Izx cdb.Izx 1T ruePub. Tzx !¦ SupStream. Izx Proceed i Abort Install Help... .1 This is MultiExtract for all you sensible people with hard drives To use the following program you need to have the Magic User Interface installed on your system.
Without it you will not be able to run any MUI program. MUI is available from any good PD house.
Installation of DrawStudio is slightly different from usual, but equally as simple to do. Once you have let your machine boot up, insert the DrawStudio cover disk, double click on the disk icon and again on the install icon.
DrawStudio will be extracted to your Ram disk. You now need to move it to wherever you want it on your hard drive. DrawStudio is ready to run, so open the draw and double click on DrawStudio.
It is a fairly large program that it uses MUI so you will need a fair amount of memory to get it r 24 Bit Display type _) 1 Bit Memory avaiabie: 10,522,824 bytes Memory required: 983,040 bytes Colour: Yes Transparency: Yes Gradtenf quafty: High RMMfcrav speed: Lov IDBLPAL:High Res No Ricker Choose.. 1 QK 1 Cancel | up and running. LH publishing say that 3Mb is the minimum, but we say 4Mb to be on the safe side and really 6Mb is required to get the very best out of all DrawStudio's amazing features.
If you are having memory trouble, check out the large range of available screen modes that DrawStudio provides. Along with being able to select the normal Amiga screens from 16 to 256 colours, DrawStudio itself has an internal display buffer that can be used in either mono, 256 or 24 bit colour. Obviously mono mode uses a fraction of the memory and has the fastest re-draw speed but you are stuck with a crude display.
In 24 bit mode you have access to all DrawStudio's finer display points, such as transparencies, but it normally needs around 1Mb of extra memory. If you are worried what the on screen preview will look like, DrawStudio uses a similar dither routine to Image Studio, so even on a 16 colour screen you can still get a good idea what the final print will be like.
CyberGraphX users will be glad to know that DrawStudio works with any supported graphic board, even though you cannot edit in 24 bit colour.
Only bother with the 24 bit mode if you have to view transparencies Amiga Computing SK PAGES I rawStudi 0 When dealing with a complex project it can become tricky to negotiate all the different objects you have in it. To help you out, DrawStudio has a Layer function.
This allows objects to be grouped into separate overlaying sheets which can be made invisible or simply greyed out when not in use. To access and create layers use the button at the bottom of the project window.
Nebraska NebraskaBold OK ... DrawStudio bftcftttltSUl.
Jnadow Gradients Whether you're an artist or can't draw to save your life, this program will change the way you feel about drawing programs. After a year in development, the authors of ImageStudio have come up with DrawStudio - a structured drawing package.
Unlike most drawing packages, DrawStudio is equally at home with both structured and bitmap elements. This allows you to create stunning images made up of an assortment of bitmaps and structured elements and either export the finished picture as a bitmap at any resolution you like or an EPS.
DrawStudio's interface has to be one of the most well developed and easy to use of any Amiga program. Making full use of Mul's amazing interface allowed the authors to concentrate on adding features never before seen in an Amiga program.
As you would expect, DrawStudio comes packed with the normal drawing tools available from the tool bar including line, rectangle, ellipse, rounded box, text, polygon, magnify, rotate and a hand tool to move the page around.
The real power of DrawStudio is in the effects that can be applied to objects you have drawn. Gradients, bitmaps, patterns and plain colour can all be added to any object and most effects can be previewed giving a perfect idea of how the finished image will look.
From the Effects menu you can distort certain types of objects loaded into DrawStudio. Bitmaps are restricted to rotating only but structured objects can have any one of eleven warps applied to them. An envelope mode allows you to draw the warp shape and once finished clicking outside of the picture makes DrawStudio apply the warp.
- 72pt I gfl 120% I Size 72pt ii jdth % Cotourj ) Uneatytel
LraemUl Pr rviev BJTMAPD rpyraaieniHST IglilBBE - m Gradient
name Purple linear Ilf* GRAD I ENT .G Q| Black sphere Red
sphere Orange sphere SBIue sphere Black fade out || [Bubble
¦'ste. Metallic green Purple linear 1 -d m i J Bel | Si Add One
thing that makes DrawStudio so good is the access to some
amazingly powerful functions that are incredibly easy to use.
Take the gradient creation tool, this lets you quickly create
24 bit colour gradients in seconds and every step is
graphically displayed so you know exactly what the finished
product will look like.
Gradients along with a number of other effects can be applied to text and any other drawn object through the attribute menu option. This opens a new window with a number of click tabs, one of which gives you a rendered preview.
If however, you select the gradient radio button and click edit, another window appears with a list of predefined gra- Type S] Circular | Colour spread RGB | Speed -T Constant Ang!e |307 | 50 Y [30~ dients all of which have a thumbnail preview. Select edit and you can change every part of how the gradient should look by adding new colours and selecting the different gradients available.
Dark Green Dark Green-Cyan Dark Cyan Dark Blueish Cyan Dark Cyanish Blue Dark Blue Dark Blue-Purple Dark Purple Dark Magenta Dark Pink Amiga Computing Demo Flights Faulty disks If you should find your Amiga Computing CoverDisk damaged or faulty, please return it to: TIB Pic, TIB Mouse, 11 Edward 7BH.
Please allow 28 days for delivery The JetPilot demo has five demonstration flights to choose from. Four of them are rolling demos that you can sit back and watch, while the fifth puts you in the cockpit of a F-104 letting you get a feel for JetPilot.
1: F-104 Diamond nine formation Nine F-104 in formation 2: F-104 Supersonic fly past Two aircraft blasting over Leuchars tower 3: F-104 Ground controlled approach An F-104 on 'talk down' top runway 27 at Leuchars 4: F-104 Twin take-off A twin take-off and fly-by on a dull evening 5: F-104 Free flight This puts you at the controls of a Belgian Air Force F-104G with 15001b of fuel, which should last for about 20 minutes if you don't use too much re-heat Try the radio communications, switch to mouse pointer mode (left-alt), move the pointer to the top right of the display - the communications
window appears. Click Ask for weather, wait for a reply by the approach controller and Acknowledge when flashing.
If you are familiar with the controls and ready for something more exciting, try a ground controlled approach: Select talk down on channel 3. The communications channel can be changed on numeric keypad and * or by clicking on Channel, press the right mouse button for up, left button for down.
Click on Ask for CCA and follow the instructions of the talk down controller. Remember to put flaps (C and V) and undercarriage (G) down before 6 miles, final approach speed is 170-160kts at 85- 87% rpm. The approach can be monitored on the approach radar (F10 and numkey 3) from about 13 miles.
JetPilot Author: Vulcan Softare 1Mb Amiga It has been a long time since a flight simulator came out on the Amiga, the last one I remember was TFX and that never got to see the light of day. Continuing its string of Amiga releases, Vulcan has now come up with its own flight simulator, JetPilot and it looks like one of the most realistic simulators since the Airbus series but with more action.
- Running JetPilot is not too hard, just boot the JetPilot cover
disk. Readers with hard drives can, as with all Vulcan games,
drag the JetPilot drawer from the cover disk to where ever
you like.
Once JetPilot has loaded you will end up on the main menu, from here you can set the detail level, demo flight, read the on-line manual and continue a paused game.
System allows you to configure how detailed the graphics should be. For most systems you are going to have to set the object density, scenery detail and visibility to the low or medium settings as the higher setting require an 040 to get a reasonable frame rate.
Amiga Computing Collectors Edition f3" Demos lets you choose which of the five demos you want to watch. The first four are view only but the fifth lets you get your dirty mitts on a F-104.
Hitting the run button on the side will start the demo that you want. At any stage during the game pressing Help will take you back to the menu from where you can go back by clicking continue, if you hadn't guessed.
The mouse controls elevator and ailerons, the mouse buttons are used to set rudder and to steer while taxiing on the ground. An A4- Size area is needed for full travel of aileron and elevator and the mouse should be placed just above the centre of this area as the elevator has to travel further up than it is to go down.
All other major controls are located on the left side of the keyboard and should be operated with the left hand while the right hand can remain with the mouse for most of the time. Sorry, if you are left handed, but this is j List how aeroplanes are.
Flying an aeroplane by mouse might seem to be slightly odd at the beginning, but after an initial learning phase all manoeuvres can be carried out with extreme precision, Move the mouse slowly, do not attempt erratic manoeuvres before you know what the result will be. Remember that the response of an aircraft is sharper at high speeds and low level than at low speeds and high level.
Left-Amiga Aileron centre function JetPilot Controls Ctrl Lock control positions Ctrl + Left Shift Reset elevator trim, aileron and rudder to neutral Tab and ' Throttle control A and Z Adjust air brak es 5 and X S increases brake pressure. S and X holds current broke pressure D and C Adjust landing flaps F and V Adjust take off flaps C Lower raise under carriage B release brake chute Help Switches back to the main menu View controls Arrow keys move view Escape Look up F1 F2 look left right F3 F4 look back left back F5 return to cockpit F€ switch to outside view F7 switch to spot view FB switch
to track view F9 display map F10 switch to control room Numeric keypad 1 Surveillance radar 2 approach radar 3 aircraft movements decrease radar range + increase radar range ( and ) change airfield and * track aircraft Only available through Mail Order Get your hands on a copy of Vulcan s forthcoming flight sim Please semi me a copyofJetPilot for the Amiga to: I enclose a CJ tKQlJpy POSTAL ORDER or the value of 116.99 (Si 8:99 overseas)
J. Mr .Mrs Miss Ms Please make payable to: Vulcan Software
Address please charge my ACCESS MASTHRCARP ViSA with Post Code Credit Card Number: Telephone J I I f X Send your completed form and payment to: Expiry (Me Signature Vulcan Software Limited, Vulcan House, 72 Queens Road, Buckland, Portsmouth, Hants P02 7NA Amiga Computing Offer Amiga Computing Software Hut AMIGA Folcroft East Business Park 313 Henderson Dr Sharon Hiilt PA 19079 softhut @ix. Netcom. Com Info 610-586-5703 Tech 610*586*8640 FAX 610-586-5706 Hours: Mon-Fri 9 to 6 Sat 10 to 4 - Eastern FAX 610-586-6416 Orders 800-93-AMIGA
• All our customers worldwide can now reach us by E-Mail. We
always respond within 24 hours on Quotes & Technical Info, and
ship orders the same day. Our number is softhut@ix.netcom.com •
¦ ww» ww -o CD-ROM I
3. 1 OS All the following CD-ROMi carry m 1 Your Warranty £34.95
29. 95
11. 95
13. 95
16. 95
39. 95
39. 95
29. 95
36. 95
34. 95
13. 95
22. 95
26. 95
71. 95
62. 95
32. 95
16. 95
23. 50
29. 95
32. 95
29. 95
42. 95
42. 95
42. 95
29. 95
24. 95 £69.95
19. 95
79. 95
69. 95
69. 95
69. 95
109. 00
19. 95
16. 95
269. 95
239. 95
69. 95
34. 95 .) 19.95 £9.95
24. 95 1B.OO
19. 95
26. 95
39. 95
27. 95
27. 95
27. 95 14 95
19. 95
19. 95
19. 95
69. 95
7. 95
11. 95
12. 95 49 95 £94.95
139. 95 £1995
19. 95 .j Expansion Systems HighFlyer w Power Supply £389.00
HighFlyer Fan Kit
42. 95 HighFlyer Cable Kit
79. 95 DataFlyer 500 SCSI
159. 95 DataFlyer 500 SCSI A IDE 189 95 DataFiyerXDS 1200
79. 95 DataFlyer SCSI* 1200
79. 95 Dataflyer SCSI* 4000
99. 95 DataFlyer 2000s SCSI 89 95 DataFlyer 20006 IDE
79. 95 DataFlyer 2000 SCSI 8 IDE
139. 95 DataFlyer 2000 8Mb RAM Board with OK
89. 95 DataFlyer 500 8Mb RAM Board with OK
109. 95 DataFlyer 4000SX SCSI Zorro
99. 95 Call lor other configurations.
V---- A Picasso 2 Plus : m mim Just In is the NEW Picasso 2 board offering same great graphics capabilities & 25% laster speed. For all 2DG0, 3000, & 4QD0 computers. Resolutions up to 1280x1024 w 256 colors.
$ 959.95 Other Village Tronic products: Main Actor Professional £74.95 Main Actor Broadcast
239. 95 Ariadne
249. 95 Ami TCP IP v4.x
94. 95 Picasso to 1080 1004 Cable
34. 95 Liana Network
89. 95 Liana Network 5M
99. 95 Input Devices Mlndtcipe Powerpliyorx Joyitick Competition
Pro CD-32 Controller The Bug Port Ref Alfa Data Mega Mouse.
400 DPI Alts Did Crystal Trackball Alfa Data 3 Button Mouse
Wizard 56QDPI Black 3 But Mouse Wizard 560DPI Beige 3 But
Mouse CBM CD-32 Joypad Logic 3 Action Joypad Golden Image
JP-100 Pen Mouse Ekhpse Mouse w Mouse Pad Amtrac Trackball
WICO Black Max Joystick Analogue Joystick Adapter 4 Player
Joystick Adapter KB 100 Adapter tor AT Keyboard Megachip
A500 2000 £209.95 2632 RAM Board OK lor 2630 189.00 Cobra
1240 2BMZRC CPU 139.95 Cobra 1240 33MzRC CPU 154 95 Cobra
1240 40Mz EC CPU 199.95 Cobra 1240 40Mzw Ferret 249.95 Ferret
SCSI-2 Cobra Mongoose 89,95 FPU and RAM prices Call Spitfire
SCSI2 Controller 84.95 RapidFire SCS12 RAM Controller 149 00
WildFire 060 50Mz for A2000 1349.00 312B RAM Exp. A3 4000 OK
239.95 The Clock A1200 17.95 Sportiter 14.4 FAX Modem £99.00
Sportster 33.8 FAX Modem 199.00 Supra Express 33.6 V34 FAX
Modernl67.00 Supra FAX Modem 33.6 V34 209.95 Supra Sonic
33.6V+ FAX Modem 279.00 Cardinal 33.6 FAX Modem 166.00 Prac.
Periph. 14.4 FAX Modem 99.00 JR Comm Terminal Software 5.00
Termlle 39.95 Termlla TCP 64.95 GP Fax Software • Clan 1 & 2
59.95 Help Amiga Get On I'net Video 34.95 Ibrowte 41.95 Aweb2
w HTML-Heiven 44.95 1Mb Agnus 8372A Super Denise 83'™ CIA
B52Q Chip Gary 5719 Chip Paula or Denise I Lisa !C Alice 1C
Buster 5721IC Eproms 2630 Rev 7 Eproms 2091 Rev 7
1. 3 ROM Chip
2. 04 ROM Chip
2. 05 ROM Chip Guru ROM v6 Guru ROM v6 A50Q 530HD
W. D. SCSI Chip Rev BA 6BOOQ CPU CIA 8520 Surf. Mount Chip Super
Ouster Rev 11 Amber IC Ramsey Rev 7 Gary Surface Mount Paufa
Surface Mount Super Dmac Rev 4 Bridgetta Video DAC A500
Peripherals BigFoot 200W P.S.-A500-600-1200 £84.95 Commodore
A500 Power Supply 49.95 A500 Case complete w sbielding 17.95
A500 internal Replacement Drive 44 95 A500 Keyboard 44.95
External Floppy Drive 880K 89.00 A501 RAM Expansion Board 33
95 Mtec A50G 2Mb RAM Expansion 139.95 This is a professional
collection of high quality backgrounds to be used with SCALA
MM300 or 400. Specially priced lor a limited time only.
SCALA Backgrounds Volume 2 SCALA Backgrounds Volume 3 Back in stock from SCALA: their award winning, powerful, flexible & easy to use multimedia presentation tools lor the Amiga. Hurry, supplies are limited.
$ 144.95
199. 95 Modems & Inter Net SCALA MM300 SCALA MM400 SCALA MM400
upgrade for MM300 owners SCALA Backgrounds Custom Chips
MM300 & mm SCALA
69. 95 Power Supplies & Expansion Boards A2000 300W Power Supply
S149.00 Multiface ill I O Extender 99.00 Megalosound 49.95
Pro Midi 42.95 Warp Engine Call Big Foot CD-32 Power Supply
79.95 A3000 Tower Power Supply 129.00 Zip Drive SCSI External
$ 199.95 100Mb Removable Disk 19.95 100Mb Disks (3Pack) 57.95
Zip Jaz Tools Software 24.95 Jaz Drive, 1Gb internal 399.95
Jaz Drive, 1Gb external 499.95 1Gb removable disk 119.95 1Gb
rem. Disks *5 Pack 499.95 NEC CDR-222 Quad Speed SCSI-2
CD-ROM Drive
• Quad Speed (4X), 600Kb Sec Accexx
• 120Mt Random Seek * Caddyleix Internal model $ 119.95 External
model $ 179.95 Toshiba 3.4i SCSI CD-ROM Drive
• Remanufactured by Toshiba
• 1 Year W'ty • Mullitession Photo CO Internal model $ 99.95
External model $ 159.95 Toshiba Si SCSI CD-ROM Drive
• One of the listexl Amiga CO-ROMi Internal model $ 259.95
External model $ 329.95 Pioneer 10x SCSI CD-ROM Drive
• Fastest Amiga CD-ROM drive Internal model $ 259.95 External
model $ 329,95 A3000 Tower PCS 030 25Mz 1Mb PCB £429.95 A500 Rev
5 PCB 79.95 A500 Rev 6A PCS 89.95 A60D Motherboard 149.95 ASIM
CDFS CD-ROM Driver v3.x comes w Fish Market CD $ 59.95 ASIM 3.x
upgrade lor 2.0 owners $ 42.95 Motherboards Squirrel SCSI-2
PCMCIA Card Surf Squirrel PCMCIA Card lOmega Lightwave 4 0
Amiga $ 729.95 Lightwave 5 0 Amiga Call Lightwave 5 0 Intel
1099.95 Lightwave 5 0 Upgrade Amiga Call Lightwave 5 0 Upgrade
Intel 469.95 Video Toaster 4.1 Upgrade CD 499.95 Video Toaster
4000 2079.95 Video Toaster Flyer 4195.00 We configure complete
Flyer ayitemx.
Call for pricing.
A1000 Internal Floppy Disk Drive At 000 Case w all shielding A2000 A3000 Keyboard A600 1200 Internal Floppy Drive A2Q00 Internal Floppy Drive A300Q Internal Floppy Dnve A2000 Power Supply Amiga Replacement Mouse Mouse for CDTV, wired - black Bigloot A4QOQO PwrSy 300W Big foot A3000 PwrSy 300W 286 Bridgeboard PCB Only CBM CDTV Control Pad Casework 4000 (Spec Top or Bot.
3. 1 ROM for A500. A600, A2Q00 (Specify)
3. 1 ROM set (or A3000, A4000.
A1200 (Specify) 74.95
3. 1 Manuals & Disks (no ROM) 74.95 AS217 Araxx OOS Enhancer
14.95 Multi-Start 2 v6A 500 600 2000 34.00 From Village
Tronic: Official 3.1 Kits! Each comes complete w Manuals,
Disks & ROM(s).
AS320 3.1 Kit for the A500, A2Q00, & A2500 $ 124.95 1x32 4Mb 60Ns 2x32 8Mb 60Ns 4x32 16Mb 60Ns 8x32 32Mb 60Ns 1x8 1Mb 80Ns 1x4 Page Mode Zip 7QNs 1x4 Static Mode Zip 70Ns 33M2 68030 CPU w MMU 5QMz 68030 CPU w MMU 33Mz 68882 PGA FPU 33Mz 68882 PLCC FPU 40Mz 68040 CPU w MMU Memory CPUs & FPUs Calil Prices changing daily.
AS330 3.1 Kit for all A3000S $ 139.95 AS340 3.1 Kit for all A4000s $ 139.95 Amiga Parts NewTek $ 54.95 AS312 3.1 Kit for all A1200s $ 139.95 AS306 3.1 Kit for all A600s $ 124.95 A4000T This powerhouse computer includes 6Mb RAM, 1.08Gig SCSI-2 Hard Drive, and 040 25Mz Processor,Additional RAM, Hard DriveB and Peripherals are available at great pricing. Call for a quote on your custom system.
We are currently receiving new production runs of both the A1200 and 4000T from Amiga Technology. We are accepting trade-ins for either system if you have an Amiga 2000 or 3000. Call our system hotline for complete details at 610-586-5704 A1200 New model from Amiga Technology comes complete with The Magic Bundle software pack.
$ 589,95 NEW NTSC Computers Irom Commodore stock. Boxed with all parts & 90 Day Warranty, All 600s come with: Kindwords; Maxiplan 4; Infofile: Theme Park Mystery; & Public Domain software. Very limited supplies.
A1200 Surfer Pack Same features as A1200HD model with a
14. 4 modem and surfer software to log onto the internet. Call
for price and availability.
At 200 HD Same features as above with a factory installed 270Mb Seagate HD pre-loaded with The Magic Bundle software pack.
$ 749.95 A4000T 060 50MZ May be released by the time you read this. Call for availability and pricing._ NEW Computers from Amiga Technology A4000T 040 25Mz 6Mb 1Gb HD $ 2549.00 We configure complete Toaster and Flyer systems.
A600 w 65Mb Seagate KD Installed • $ 369.95 Trmde*ln tor m now unit AG00 w 1Mb RAM - $ 269.95 A600 A6011Mb Chip RAM w Clack $ 69.95 Info 610*586-5703 AuJau* - Tech 610-586-8640 WlOGlS FAX 610-586-5706 6416 Hours: Mon-Fri 9 to 6 800-932-6442 Sat 10 to 4 - Eastern 3D Arena $ 37.95 F1 Licenseware 39 Fantaseas 25 FlyerCOM 249 Fractal Frenzy 24.
Fractal Pro Image Library 19.
Fresh Fish 8, 9 (Specify) 18.
Fresh Fonts Vol 2 24.
Frozen Fish 8 95 19.
Gamer's Delight 10.
Gamer's Delight 2 27.
Garden Fax: Fruits, Vegs, Herbs 9.
Garden Plants 9.
Indoor Plants 9.
Gardening Handbook 18.
Gateway 18.
Gateway 2 19.
GIF Galaxy 26.
GIF Gallery Vol 1 22.
GIFs Galore B. GIF Sensation 24.
Giga Graphics 39.
Global Amiga Experience 28.
Gold Fish 2,3 (Specify) 19.
Graphics Plus 18.
Graphics Sensations 24, Guiness Book of World Records 9.
Gutenberg Project 19, Horror Sensation 26.
Hottest 4,5,6 (Specify) 24, Hound of the Saskervilles 8.
Humanoid LW or Imagine (Spec) 159, ImageVision 184.
LmaQinePD3D 23, Insight: Technology 12, Internet's Avalon CD-ROM 44, Internet Info 24, Into the Net (2 Cds) 21, Kara Fonts Complete Collection 89, Learning Curve 21, Light ROM 2 22, Light ROM 3 (3 Cds) 39, Light ROM 4 (2 Cds) 39, Light ROM Gold 24, Light Works 28, Magic Illusions 3D Stereograms 14 Magic Publisher 49 Magic Workbench Enhancer 26, Maximum MODs Volume 1 25, Meeting Pearls 3 13, Mega Media 2 18, Micro R&D Volume 1 25, Micro R&D Volume 2 40, Micro R&D Volume 3 14 Micro R&D Volume 4 15, Micro R&D Volume 5 44 Mind Run - CDTV ONLY 7, MODs Anthology 36, Movie Maker Special FX 1 59,
Moving Gives Me a Stomach Ache 9, Moving Textures 100, 200 (Spec) 239.
Mud Puddles 10.
Multimedia Backdrops 24 Multimedia Toolkit 10 Multimedia Toolkit 2 (2CDs) 26.
Music MODs & Sound Samples B NetNews Oflline Volume 1 16 N etwork CD by Weird Science 11.
Network CD 2 by Weird Science 19, 3D CD-2 Images 14.95 3D CD-I Objects 14.95 17 Bit Continuation CD 15.95 17 Bit 5th Dimension 22.95 17 Bit Phase 4 15.95 17 Bit 2 CD Collection 24.95 17 Bit & LSD Comp. 1. 2 (Spec) 15.95 17 Bit & LSD Comp. 3 22.95 1078 Weird Textures 19.95 2000 Greater Mysteries 29.95 3000 JPEG Textures 22.95 A Long Hard Day on the Ranch 9.00 Advanced Military Systems 6.00 AGA Experience 24.95 AGA Experience 2 26.95 American Heritage III. Dictionary 12.00 Amiga CD Sensation 1 - Demos 15.95 Amiga CD Sens. - Golden Games 15.95 Amiga Developer CD v1.1 19.95 Amiga Repair Kit 55.95
AmiNetShare4 7.50 AmiNet Set 1 36.95 AmiNet Set 2 36.95 AmiNet Set 3 NEW 39.95 AmiNet 3 4.00 AmiNet 5,6 (Specify) 12.00 AmiNet (Specify) 19.00 AmiNet 13 19.95 AmiNel 14 NEW 19.95 AMOS PD 21.95 Anime Babes 18.95 Arcade Classics Plus 23.95 Artworx 12.95 Assassins Games 8.95 Assassins Games 2 22.95 Audio Plus 18.00 BarnBy Bear Goes to School 8.00 BCI net 1,2 (Specify) 8.95 Beauty of Chaos Fractals 19.95 Bible & Religion 17.00 Blanker Collection 22.95 C64 Sensations Volume 2 26.95 CD PD 1 8.00 CD PD 2. 3. 4 (Specify) 24.00 CD Write 42.95 Chaos Engine CD-32 6.00 Cinderella: The
Original Fairy Tale 9.00 Clip Art & Fonts 9.95 Clipart Warehouse 1,2 (Specify) 18.00 Cookbook Heaven 2 19.00 Colour Library 15.95 Corporate Video Backgrounds 118.95 DataMix 16.00 da Capo Mods & Sounds 27.00 DEM ROM 22.95 Demo CD 1.2 (Specify) 24.00 Dixtint Sunt 5.01 CD NEW 49.95 EMC-Phase 1.2. 3 (Specify) 33.95 Emulators Unlimited Plus 26.95 Encounters: The UFO Phenomenon 16.95 Epic Collection 26.95 Epic Interactive Encyclopedia 46.95 Eric Schwartz CD-Archive 21.95 Euro CD Vol 1 19.95 EuroScene 8.95 EuroScene2 18.95 Eyes ol the Eagle_9.00 s' ¦ Electronic Arts Deluxe Paint 5 $ 124.95 Deluxe
Music 2
59. 95 Theme Park
19. 95 FIFA International Socces
19. 95 Syndicate
24. 95 Populous
14. 95 L,_ J Alfa Power Plus W 613MD HD Call for other
Alfa Data AffaPowBr Plus IDE HD Controller 0 to 8Mb RAM: $ 149.95 for A500 500+ New 72 pin SIMMs $ 369.95 CBM Service Manuals A500 Service Manual $ 14.95 A500+ Service Manual 19.95 A2Q00 Rev 4.x Service Manual 22,95 A3000 Desktop Service Manual 24.95 A3000 Tower Service Manual 26.95 1084S 01 Service Manual 14.95 1950 or 1960 Service Manual (Spec) 19.95 2091 Service Manual 12.95 A2060 A2Q65 A2232 Serv. Man. 12.95 A590 HD Service Manual 14.95 CDTV Srvice Manual 17.95 Hard Drives We carry a full line of
2. 5" and 3.5" Hard Drives from Conner, Quantum, Seagate,
Micropolis, & Maxtor.
95 Network Cable CD32 to Amiga 30.00 95 New Basics Electronic Cookbook 15.00 00 Nothing but GIFs 18.95 95 Nothing but Tetris 14.95 95 Octamed 6 24,95 00 Octamed Sound Studio 39.95 00 Oh Yes... More Worms! 19-95 00 Online Library 26.00 00 Our Solar System 18.00 95 Paperbag Princess 10.00 00 Personal Suite from Cloanto 89.95 00 PhotoCD Manager 33.95 00 Photogenics 2 Call 00 Power Pinball 10.00 95 Print Studio Pro 24.95 95 Pro Pics 43.95 00 Psycho Killer 8.00 00 Retro Gold: Emu-late 29.00 95 SFX Volume 1,2 (Specify) 42.95 95 Scene Storm 26.95 95 Sci Fi Sensation v2 28.95 95 Software 2000 36.95
.95 Solar System Kit for LW 84.95 .00 Sound & GRX Library 28.95 .95 Sound FX Sensation 21.95 .95 Sounds Terrific 1 12.95 .00 Sounds Terrific 2 24.95 .95 Space & Astronomy 21.00 .95 Spectrum Emulator 1996 27.95 .00 Sports Football CD-32 6.00 .95 Strip Poker 12.95 .95 Surface Pro & Pro Textures Combo 55.95 .95 Super Fonts 19 00 .95 Syndesis 3D ROM v1. V2 (Specify) 79.95 .95 System Booster 32.95 .95 Tales ol Peter Rabbit 10,00 .95 Tenon Ten (10 Cds) 49.95 .95 Texture Heaven 7.50 .95 Texture Heaven 2 12.95 .95 That's Games 1,2 (Specify) 25.00 .95 Time Table of History: 1991 Editions .95 Business.
Politics & Media 15.00 .95 Town With No Name 5.00 .95 Turbo Calc 2.1 CO 14.95 .95 Universal 3D ROM 137.95 .95 Ultimedia 1 & 2 (2 Cds) 21.95 .95 Utilities Experience NFA 19 95 .95 Utilities Volume 2 29.95 .95 Video Gem 85.00 .00 Visions 24.95 .00 Visual FX 1.2 (Specify) 99.00 .00 Weird Science Clip Art 14,00 .95 Weird Science Fonts 14.00 .95 Weird Science Animations 19.95 .00 Weird Science Demo Mania i 20.00 .00 Weird Science UPD Gold 26.95 .95 Women In Motion 9.00 .95 Workbench Add On 32.00 .00 World Atlas from Wtsedrome 39.95 00 World Info 45.95 00 World ol Clipart Plus 22.95 95 World ol GIF
2 22.00 95 World ol Photo 19.95 95 World of Sound 10.95 95 Wrath of the Demon 5.00 95 XiPaint 4.0 64.95 95 Zoom Release 2 34.95 95 Repairs & Installation We realize the difficulty many Amiga users have in finding reliable and honest service facilities. Having been with the Amiga right from the start we know it thoroughly. We repair all Amigas, including the A1200 & A4000. We also install and configure existing machines. Offering reasonable rates and free estimates, we only charge you if you want your system repaired V Please call our Tech line at 610-586-8640 for details on sending in your
‘ Actual return shipping charges do apply to all units sent in to our location.
Address It! 1.5 $ 25.95 AmiPC Power Mouse Software
13. 95 AmigaVision Clips v1 SFX
8. 95 AmigaVision Professional
24. 95 Artworks Clip Art Library
22. 95 Aweb 2 w HTML Heaven
44. 95 Batch Factory
49. 00 Blitz Basle 2.1 69,00 Brilliance 2.0
124. 95 Checks & Balances
38. 00 Cinema 4D Magic Link
249. 00 Composite Studio Pro
149. 95 Control Tower
139. 95 Co-Pilot Video
99. 00 Cross DOS v6
46. 95 Cross MAC
79. 00 Decision Maker
199. 00 Desktop Magic
28. 95 Desktop Magic Sound Art Pack
14. 95 Diavolo Backup Standard 69,00 Diavolo Backup Professional
98. 00 Digital Universe
124. 95 Directory Opus 5.5
79. 00 DirWork 2
59. 00 Disk Expander
37. 95 Disk Magic 54,95 Disney Animation Studio
39. 95 Distant Suns 5.01 Floppy
57. 95 DJ Helper 2
59. 00 Easy Ledgers 2 149,95 EnPrint 2 Epson Stylus Color Driver
34. 95 Family Connections
34. 00 Fiber Factory
79. 95 Final Calc
134. 95 Final Data Releases
59. 00 Final Writer Rel 5 112,95 Final Writer Lite
59. 95 Fractal Pro 6.10 w FPIl v1 CD
85. 00 GameSmith Development System
73. 00 GeoMorph 1.0
49. 95 Gigamem 3.x
58. 95 HiSoft Basic 2
94. 95 Ibrowie
41. 95 Image F X 2.6
229. 95 Imagine
239. 00 ImageMaster R T
69. 00 Impact! For Lightwave
219. 95 InfoNexus 2 w DataNexus
59. 95 Interior Construction
69. 00 Interior Design 2. Or 3 (Specify)
33. 00 International Flow Charter
33. 95 Invoice It 1.2
34. 95 Link It!
49. 95 Magic Lantern v2
94. 00 Make Path 2.10
29. 95 Master ISO from ASIMware
174. 95 Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing 2
24. 95 MaxDOS 2.5
79. 00 Motion Master LW (Spec vi orv2)
114. 95 Music X 2.0
69. 95 On the Ball v1.5
35. 00 PageStream 3.x
199. 00 Path Finder
99. 00 Pegger2.0
29. 95 Photogenics
84. 95 Pixel 3D Pro 2.x
89. 95 Power Macros Lightwave
89. 95 Pro Vector 3
179. 00 Quarterback 6.1
49. 95 Quarterback Tools Deluxe 2.02
49. 95 Quarterback + Tools Bundle
89. 95 Radar 4000
299. 00 Road Signs
44. 95 SAS C 6.51
159. 95 Scape Maker 4.0
39. 95 Scenery Animator 4,0
58. 95 Snap Maps: Building Materials
124. 95 Snap Maps: Fields & Foliage
124. 95 Soft Talk
7. 50 Sparks
119. 95 Squirrel Zip Jaz Tools
24. 95 Studio Printer 2 v2.12
85. 00 Super HP-DJC 3 or HP-LJ4 (Spec)
37. 95 Surface Pro
55. 95 Termite TCP 64,95 Terra Form 2.10
29. 95 Turbo Calc 3.5
64. 95 Turbo Print 4.1
84. 95 Twist 2 Relational Database
119. 95 TypeSmith 2.5 69,00 Upper Disk Tools
25. 95 Video Backup System
69. 00 Vista Pro 3.05 49,95 Wave Maker 2.0
179. 95 Wipe Studio
137. 95 World Construction Set vi
158. 95 World Construction Set v2 368,95 Games tor Amiga & CD-32
hot & CD-ROM CDTV CD-32 SALE Disks work w CDTV, CD-32, A-570
& any Amiga w CD-ROM drive & suitable driver. Purchase 4. Or
more, I receive FREE SHIPPING.
Aladdin AGA $ 24.95 Alien Breed 3D AGA CD-32 (Specify) 39.95 Alien Breed 3D 2 AGA CD-32 (Specify) 41.95 Atrophy AGA CD-32 (Specify) 34.95 Beau Jolly Compilation 24.95 Breathless AGA 34.95 Civilization ECS or AGA (Specify) 24.95 Coafa - for all accelerated AmiQas 37.95 Colonization 36.00 The Clue (CD-32) 16.95 Defender of the Crown 2 CD-32 16.95 Dungeon Master 2 AGA 42.95 Exile AGA CD-32 (Specify) 37.95 Exile ECS 24.95 Extreme Racing AGA CD-32 (Specify) 37.95 Fears AGA 37.95 Gloom CD-32 24.95 Gloom Deluxe Amiga 39.95 Humans 3 AGA 39.95 Lion King AGA 24.95 Odyssey Amiga 34.95 Odyssey CD-32 37.95
Overlord ECS AG A 24.95 Pinball Illusions AGA CD-32 (Spec) 37.95 Pinball Mania AGA 37.95 Pinball Prelude ECS AGA (Specify) 34.95 Roadkill CD-32 17.95 Sensible Golf Amiga 37.95 Sensible World ol Soccer 95 96 34,95 Shadow Fighter ECS AGA (Specify) 19.95 Shadow Fighter CD-32 39.95 Slam Tilt AGA 34.95 Speris Legacy AGA CD-32 (Specify) 37.95 Star Crusader AGA CD-32 (Specify) 42.95 Super Skidmarks ECS CD-32 (Spec) 34.95 Super Skidmarks Data Disk AGA 19,95 Super Stardust AGA CD-32 (Spec) 34.95 Super Tennis Champs Amiga 34,95 Theme Park ECS AGA (Specify) 44,95 ViroCops ECS AGA (Specify) 29 95 Virtual
Karting AGA 26.95 Watch Tower AGA 34.95 Worms Amiga CD-32 (Specify) 39.95 XP3 AGA 38.95 Amiga Books A1200 & CD-ROM Need to Know $ 29.95 Internet. Modems & Comms 29.95 Ultimate AMOS 28.95 ROM Kernel: Devices 3rd Edition 27.00 ROM Kernel: Inc. & A'docs 3rd Ed. 36.00 Exploring Lightwave 3D 52.99 Complete Post-Prod. W B. Wilson 24.95 FX Kit for Lightwave 33.95 Power FX for LW 5.0 27.95 - Video Products - Penonil Anlm. Recorder, Amiga Celt Personal TBC 4 $ 829.00 RocGen Plus Genlock 229,00 Vidi Amiga 24 RT
269. 95 Vidi Amiga 24 RT Pro
379. 00 Vlab Y C Internal Call Vlab Y C External Call Persistence
Software Emplant AMIA Interface $ 55.00 Mac Emulation Pro for
Emplant 34,95 e586DX Module tor Emplant 119.95 We proudly
announce 2 NEW software emulation packages that allow you to
run all Mac software on your Amiga.
Emulation requires MAC ROM image file.
Mac Lite $ 67.95 Emplant A120Q & CD32 w SX Unit 54.95 Software Hut Info 610-586-5703 Tech 610-586-8640 SSSSSS8 800-932-6442 Hours: Mon-Fri 9 to 6; Sat 10 to 4 - Eastern Orders GVP-M We are the North American distributors for GVP-M, currently distributing many new and innovative products made in the U.S.A. All current boards support inexpensive 72 pin SIMMs.
A4000 Desktop Board G6 0 50MZ w SCSI-2, expandable to 128Mb RAM.
Supports normal 72 pin SIMMs. Blazing & faster SCSI-2 than Cyberstorm.
$ 924.95 A4000T Accelerator 060 50Mz. Four standard 72 pin sockets for up to 128Mb RAM in SIMM sizes of 4, 8, 16, or 32Mb. Supports EDO.
$ 999.95 A2000 O60 50MX T-Rex Same features as Desktop Board above.
$ 889.95 A2000 04Q 40Mx T-Rex Same features as Desktop Board above. Can be expanded to 060 50Mz later.
$ 679.95 A4008 Controller Card The classic SCSI-2 controller card for A2000 3000 4000.
Holds up to 8Mb RAM.
$ 139.95 A4Q08 w 360Mb HD $ 299.95 Each 2Mb Increment - $ 46.00 Original GVP made SIMMs tor all older GVP boards: 4Mb- $ 109.95 16Mb - $ 299.95 DSS 8 Plus 3.0 Software $ 29.95 I O Extender - 2 Serial, 1 Par. 119,00 NEW A500 Product Coming soon will be an 040 25Mz accelerator with 32 bit RAM capability and SCSI-2 controller all in one external case. The base model will be $ 349.95 If you purchased an M-Tec accelerator from us, call about a trade to this lightning fast product!
I'AV* .V. VS V.V- V. V.v." w 1AM Connect Your Amiga!
$ 24.95 for book only, or $ 49.95 wl 8 disk sot $ 27.00 for disks only Dice 3.2 - $ 89.95 MR Backup 2.5 - $ 59.95 Disk Salv 4 - $ 34.95 Amiga Envoy 2.0b - $ 54.95 MegaBall 4 $ 24.95 The Deathbed Vigil & Other Tales ol Angst • 2 hour video • $ 25.00 I HAVE MegaBaJIs! T-Shirt Lor XL (Specify) - $ 14.95 NEW 20" Multiscan Monitor by Toshiba
* Ini: S-VHS - RGB ¦ Composite - Audio
* Sub-But 10 Witt Stereo Speakers
* 20* Dirk, Flit Screen
* 181 Channel Tuner $ 699.95 Power HD Floppy Drives
3. 5Mb Super XL Ext Drive $ 209.95 Power Computing 1.75 XL Ex
134.95 Software Hut Proudly Announces the American
Distribution of Bruce Smith Books Totill AMIGA imigidoi $ 29.95
Totill AMIGA memblBr 30.95 Tolill AMIGA workbench 28.95
Mattering Amiga Beginner* 29.95 Mattering Amiga D0S3 Rel.
31.95 Mailering AmiQi Script* 29.95 Mattering Amiga Prog.
Secret! 31.95 Mulerino Printer* 29.95 Amiga A1200 Insider
Guide 25.95 Amiga A1200 Next Slept Insider Guide 25.95 Amiga
Ditkx and Drives 25.95 Amiga Assembler insider Guide 25.95
Workbench 3 A to Z Insider Guide 25.95 Amiga BASIC - A Dabhand
Guide 28.95 Coming Soon: Tolali Amiga C A Total Amiga AREXX
Apollo 1 260 50Mz 68060 - For the A1200. Accepts industry
standard 72 pin SIMMs. Optional SCSI module is available.
$ 799.95 1 240 25Mx 68040 - For the A1200. Accepts industry
standard 72 pin SIMMs. Optional SCSI module is available.
$ 399.95 1 230 50Mz 68030 - For the A1200. Accepts industry
standard 72 pin SIMMs. Optional FPU and or SCSI module.
$ 249.95 1 200 SCSI Module - For the A1200, Installs on any
Apollo 1200 series accelerator & includes external SCSI.
$ 129.95 620 25Mx 68020 & 68882 - For the A600. Accepts 1, 2,
4, or 8Mb standard 72 pin SIMMs. $ 189.00 2030 25Mz 68030 - For
the A2000. Includes two standard 72 pin SIMM sockets and
SCSI-2 controller. $ 319.95 4060 50Mz 68060 - For the A4000T.
Includes four standard 72 pin sockets and SCSI-2 controller.
$ 879.95 Apollo 2Mb Chip RAM Board - For A500 A A2000 users
requiring additional graphics memory for anims, publishing,
etc $ 185.00 Game Software Blowout Monitors Adventures of Willy
Beamish $ 12.95 Impossible Mission ECS CD32 Spec 14.95 Agony
11. 95 Killing Cloud
8. 95 Amazing Spiderman
4. 95 Joe Blade
3. 95 Amnios
11. 95 Last Action Hero
14. 95 Aquaventura
8. 95 Leander
11. 95 Blade Warrior
9. 95 Math Blaster Plus
12. 95 Bob's Bad Day
6. 95 Oh No! More Lemmings - Add On 5 95 Carl Lewis Challenge
11. 95 Power Styx
3. 95 Carmen San Diego - World
7. 00 Prime Mover
6. 95 Chamber ol Sci Mutant Priestess
11. 95 Red Zone
11. 95 Clever & Smart
2. 95 Roadkill A1200
9. 95 Clown-0-Mania
4. 95 Sink or Swim
7. 95 Covert Action
4. 95 Skyblaster
2. 95 Curse ol the Azure Bonds
10. 95 Space Quest 4: Roger Wilco
14. 95 Dino Wars
6. 95 Subwar 2050 AGA
16. 95 Double Dragon 2
2. 95 Table Tennis
4. 95 Dragonstone
11. 95 Targhan
4. 95 Elite 2: Frontier
14. 95 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 7 95 Espana Games
8. 95 Tetris
7. 95 F29 Retaliator
12. 95 Theme Park Mystery
3. 95 Fields ol Glory
14. 95 Top Gear 2
12. 95 Flames ol Freedom
4. 95 Wings
11. 95 Glodbule
8. 95 Wiz 'n' Liz
11. 95 Gunshoot
2. 95 Woll Child
7. 95 Gunship 2000 CD-32
14. 95 World Trophy Soccer
6. 95 Hill Street Blues
3. 95 Zool 2 AGA
12. 95 Phase 5 Proudly distributing these fine boards from
Germany's leading board manufacturer.
We now have all their products in stock.
Electrohome 034 Multiscan 14', .20mm, 15 40kHz, 45 90Hz Flat Screen, full Amiga support of all screen modes including all AGA $ 519.95 CD 1401 Multiscan $ 579.00 15 to 23 pin Adapter 28.95 Sync Strainer Adapter 49.95 Pro-260 Amplified Multi-Media 60w Speaker System 39.95 Blizzard 1260 Turbo Board $ 739.95 Blizzard 2060 w SCSI 929.00 Blizzard 1230-4 w 5QMz CPU 289.95 Blizzard 1230 or 1260 SCSI Mod. 189.95 CyberGraphx Software 49.95 Cybervision 64 30 2Mb Call Cybervision 64 30 4Mb Call MPEG Decoder for CV64 30 Call Monitor Switch for CV64 3D Call Flatbed Scanners Epson Action Scanner 2 24 bit
color with up to 1200DPI resolution.
$ 499.95 Epson ES1 000 Scanner 2 24 bit color with up to 1600DPI resolution.
$ 699.95 Software driver, euch am Image FX, le required.
Cyberstorm 060 Mk2 3000 4000 895.00 Cyberstorm SCSI 199,95 Call lor other new products Vou can now visit Software Hut at our site on the World Wide Web: www.softhut.com Commodore Closeouts AM-TRADE is pleased to announce new high density floppy drives for Amiga computers These drives feature high quality Teac drive mechanisms & perform in the same manner as Commodore's original Chinon 357A HD drives, requiring absolutely no software patch.
However, your computer must be equipped with OS 2.1 or higher. Reviewed in Amiga Report Online Magazine 4.1, they tested fine with: PC-Task; Shapeshifter; CrossDOS; CrossMAC; and SuperDuper, receiving a 99.99% compatibilty rating.
Currently these internal drives are available for: A4000, or A4000T - $ 109.95 A2000, 2000HD, or 2500 - $ 114.95 A1200 CBM, or A1200 A.T. - $ 114.95 External Model - Coming Soon Amiga Products CDTV T-Shirt w Magazine $ 12.95 286 Bridgsboard - PBC Only
24. 95 2088XT Bridgeboard Complete
29. 95 A500 User Manual
5. 95 AC Power Cord
6. 95 A40Q0 Top Case
7. 95 A4000 Bottom Case
7. 95 A4000 Front Bezel
9. 95 A4000 Metal Plate for FDOs 5.25*
9. 95 AmigaVislon Professional
24. 95 Texicraft Plus
7. 95 Amiga Gift Bundle
7. 95 Amiga Starter Bundle
7. 95 Amiga Discovery Bundle
6. 95 A1000 Power Supply
12. 95 TV Text Pro DPainl 3 Bundle
12. 95 A50Q Shield
6. 95 RK Manual Libraries & Devices vl
7. 95 A1000 RF Cable
4. 95 CDTV Keyboard
59. 95 A12Q0 User Manual 5,95 A4Q00 User Manual
7. 95 CBM Dynamite Bundle
49. 95 C64 128 Products Ribbon MPS1230 $ 7.00 Ribbon 801
7. 00 Ribbon 803
7. 00 Icontroller
12. 95 128 Motherboard
39. 95 128D Motherboard
39. 95 1541 PCB Alps
19. 95 1541 PCB Newtronics
19. 95 1541-2 PCB
16. 95 1670 Modem
14. 95 128D Keyboard
19. 95 12BD Power Supply 11 Ov
24. 95 12BD Power Supply 240v Call C-64 HD Power Supply
24. 95 1571 PCB
24. 95 1571 Drive Assembly
29. 95 1541 Drive Assembly
24. 95 1541-2 Drive Assembly
24. 95 C-64C Motherboard
34. 95 1581 1541-2 Power Supply
14. 95 C-128 RGB Monitor Cable
8. 95 PC-10 Keyboard
29. 95 Bank St. Writer
10. 00 News Maker 128
5. 00 Special: Free Mailer Type with any C64 128 purchase Our
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V ' 0 Copyfight 1 ?$ €. IwyAjitiniictis gfi. All Rights Reserved Ot was only last month that we took a look at Eyetech's CDPlus expansion kit and now another system follows right on its tail.
Similar to what Eyetech were offering, the Golden Image kit consists of a number of parts that give you the choice of how you want to expand your computer.
Primarily Golden Image are selling an IDE CD-ROM for either the A1200 or the A4000.
Along with this however, they are also selling the AlphaQuatro, an EIDE expansion board that allows you to add an extra two IDE devices to your A1200 or A4000. The board simply has three interconnected IDE sockets
- one connects to the Amiga's original IDE interface, the second
goes to the internal hard drive and the third is used to
connect the third and fourth EIDE devices.
Cds Cds ever where and not a damn thing to play on them With an A4000 the extra IDE device, being either a CD-ROM or hard drive, can be mounted internally, while on an A1200 they will have to be connected up outside of the computer, which involves trailing a lead out of the A1200.
For A1200 owners Golden Image have come up with a novel idea in the form of an external conversion kit for an internal IDE CD- ROM. This gives you a box into which the CD- ROM drive is inserted. A bottom plate is then slid into place and the power, sound and IDE connections are plugged into the back of the drive. The unit is then screwed together and you are left with a reasonable external CD- ROM drive.
Power for the unit is provided from the disk drive port with the supplied cable. This is a potential problem as I would expect an eight speed drive would draw more power than a plain old floppy drive and if you are running a fast accelerator and 3.5" hard drive you may run into power problems - however everything seemed to work fine with the unit we were supplied with.
If you are not too keen to muck around with the insides of your A1200 Golden Image do provide an alternative to the AlfaQuatro in the form of a PC slot device. This works in conjunction with its external CD-ROM model and gives you a standard 50 way 3.5" IDE interface sticking out the side of your A1200.
As supplied with Eyetech's CDPlus you get the IDEFix software. This provides both the necessary drivers for the CD-ROM but also has a software patch that will ensure everything works correctly with the EIDE interface.
The actual software is very nice and Pick CD makes setting the DOS driver a matter of clicking on a couple of buttons. You also get an AudioCD player which is quite well written and can be 'zipped' to a single title bar so it can be kept out of the way. It would have been better as a commodity so you could hide the interface but you can't have everything can you? Before I forget you also get some very comprehensive CD32 emulation software, so you can play all those great CD32 games.
So for A4000 owners what does Golden Image offer above just buying yourself an IDE CD-ROM from your local PC World? Well for starters you get the very good IDEFix software, along with this you also get the simple AlphaQuatro board - if you already have two internal IDE drives this is an absolute necessity.
As for A1200 owners the Golden Image drive is not as well executed as either Eyetechrs or Siren's drives as you basically have to make up the external CD-ROM case yourself and 1 am not too keen on the floppy drive power connector, but with the very low price and the simpler PC slot interface it does have its good points. Fijjf Requirements RED essential BLACK recommended Qhoices, Choices Complete set for A4000 Quad speed CD-ROM plus AlfaQuatro and software £109 Eight speed CD-ROM plus AlfaQuatro and software £149 Complete set for A1200 Quad speed CD-ROM plus PCMCIA controller and software £149
Eight speed CD-ROM plus PCMCIA controller and software £189 Individually AlfaQuatro plus software £59 Quad speed drive £59 Eight speed drive £99
2. 5" to 3.5" IDE cable £15 External CD-ROM case plus cables £39
PCMCIA controller £69 Amiga Computing 1 trwwwl A r»H.*CW
kHvrfocefotr AJ200 A6O0 r r -T*| ¦ HiSpft HiSoft SYSTEMS
QUALITY fOFTVfOBG « fUDDWASE Ibrowse £29.95 Net&Web £39.95
Net&Web 2 £89.95 LS ON VO UR At200 Termite £39.95 TermiteTCP
£59.95 Twist 2 Database £99.95 CD-ROM DRIVES 2x ... ...
£99.95 ax ... . £139.95 12x ... . £239.95 Cinema4D
£199.95 Disk Magic 2 £39.95 Maxon Magic £29.95 Media Magic
£69.95 Upper Disk Tools £14.95 HiSoft C+ + £169.95 HiSoft
C++Lite £79.95 Devpac 3 £79.95 Highspeed Pascal £99.95 HiSoft
BASIC 2 £79.95 Camesmith £99.95 SMD-IOO VideoCD MPEG Decoder
£199.95 ProFlight Simulator £19.95 Aura 8 £34.95 Aura 16
£99.95 Clarity 16 £149.95 ProMidi Interface £24.95 Megalosound
£34.95 VideoMaster £69.95 VideoMasler RGB £109.95 VideoMaster
AGA £79.95 VideoMaster AGA RGB £129.95 ColourMaster £69.95
1996 HiSolt Systems The Old School, Greenfield Bedford MK45
5DE Fax 01525 713711 0 9 [ j r% nn 1 D J U (oj
- ¦ 7, jO Andy Maddock returns despite suffering from flu and
continually coughing and spluttering to bring you the latest
Cds Epic Marketing were once well-known for their contribution
to the Amiga CD-ROM market.
They still are, only they have decided to branch out with their Amiga range and produce a complete multimedia package which will appeal to a variety of age groups from children to adults.
To many people encyclopaedias are books which cost around E50 and give you a short description of many things from around the world. But they are of course much more than that.
For example, they contain information about things that have never before crossed your mind. Bhangra, for instance is punjabi pop music. Cytoplasm is a cell which surrounds the Nucleus within one's body and an Ichneumon fly is a parasite wasp which dominates Northern America. See, these are all fantastically trivial facts which were designed none other than to bore your mates with down the pub.
I'm joking of course. Although I do know that encyclopaedias are very useful. They have written my A-Level English essays once too often!
The only problem with the whole idea of encyclopaedias is there is so much information that a new revised book has to be introduced every so often, which is not only damaging to your book shelves with the weight but to your wallet and bank balance - huge reference books don't come cheap. Who can solve that problem?
The Amiga, of course.
Epic Marketing consider its encyclopaedia package to be its flagship product as it has been designed to be an on-going project, of which more later.
Before you begin rooting through masses of information, the installation process is required.
The nice easy installer will place all the required filetypes in the right place and will leave you with a complete set-up ready at the click of a mouse button.
The package is very polished, with high resolution menu screens and a professional colour scheme. The Epic CD certainly puts Grolier among others, graphically to shame.
It's very difficult to compare the amount of detail between Epic and Grolier Cds as they both contain roughly the same subjects. I can't just degrade Epic's overall score just because it fails to contain sheep - although, I did have to think about it very carefully.
The main menu screen What makes the package a certainly looks very delight tO U5e is that it 5 JUSt SO pretty doesn't it? Friendly. The menu buttons are large and easily readable and it's very easy to find information on your chosen topic Usually, printed encyclopaedia's contain a very small typeface due to the amount of space each topic requires. The Epic CD manages to avoid this problem by printing huge text as there is little space restriction. This also makes it ideal for youngsters.
The main menu screen is divided into four main boxes. The large one on the far left contains the actual topics of information and the smaller boxes contained within the border are for handy features such as search, up and down and a link to your hotlist.
The box at the foot of the screen contains the topic information, while the box above contains special features such as sample, film clip and speak.
If you click on a topic which includes a sample, you may listen to a relevant sound. The film clip option allows you to watch a brief moment of animation at the bottom right of the screen.
These are very rare and will only appear on pop- Amiga Computing pic Interactive Encyclopedia cont.
Ular, large subjects.
The speak option allows the text to be read back to you in Amiga Workbench fashion. This feature first appeared on W1.3 whereby messages could be typed in and said back to you in a robot-like voice. It may be an important feature for someone who is visually impaired, although I feel It doesn't quite work.
The final box contains an image relevant to the topic Memory and disk access could've been the main problem here, however, Epic have managed to avoid the problem by carefully organising the inner workings of the entire package When I first loaded up the product I was pleasantly surprised to see that children were high on the agenda of Epic's marketing strategy.
There is a special "learn" section of the CD which enables you to dick on some rendered rooms and virtually play with the objects within.
After it plays a sample or has finished animating, a requester box appears which allows you to find out more information on what you have played with. For example, if you dick on the drum it will give a detailed description of musical instruments. There are six locations including space and a workshop.
Another excellent feature is the ability to update the encyclopaedia by adding your own topics. There is program included with which you can just dick on "add" and the majority of the work is done for you.
You may think the idea of adding your own topics is slightly pointless as others fail to gain the benefit from your knowledge. However, if you send your new topic to Epic Marketing via a floppy disk or the World Wide Web, they will add it to their already packed database of encyclopaedia topics. The may even pay you too.
Epic themselves will also be uploading topic subjects onto their web page for users to download. They will also supply them on floppy disks.
Overall, the package does have a lot to offer and is fantastic value for money. However, you must remember, the complete "Deluxe" version requires an Al 200 A400Q with a hard drive a CD drive and at least 4MB RAM. The "Lite" version uses ECS and will need and A500, A600 or A1200 with the same specs except that you will need at least 2MB RAM.
The Beatles always manage to get themselves onto every encyclopaedia available Each media show is like a mini documentary based on the six subjects chosen Bottom Product details Product: Epic Interactive Encyclopaedia Supplier: Epic Marketing Price: £29.99 Phone: 0500 I3l 486 Overseas: +44 1793 5T 4188 Scores Ease of use 90% Implementation 88% Value For Money 90% Overall 90% mica Repair Kit There is no escaping the fact that your Amiga may decide to suddenly pack its bags and decide never to work again. There have been occasions when we've needed to use an application at a crucial time, and we
have found a read or write error. These particular problems need to be resurrected as quickly as possible. There are many utilities knocking about which will correct all the headers in a disk and you can find them in places like Aminet, and on coverdisks. However, The Amiga Repair Kit CD from Weird Science gives you the best possible collection of Amiga antibiotics which will enable you to back-up and restore all your data.
The CD contains a few commercial programs like the brand new DiskSalv 4 by Dave Haynie, which is the best program available on the Amiga which will restore any data you may lose off floppy disks or your hard drive. This is invaluable especially if you use your Amiga for work purposes.
There is also a few programs which can recover vital information regarding your partition structure. One of them is called RDB-Salv, this will happily back-up and restore your disk blocks, preventing any disasters.
There are many other general programs contained on the CD which will happily act as a toolbox and repair any damage caused by any crashes which our Amiga is noted for and you won't have to lift a finger.
The only drawback is the price. You'd have to be very unlucky or just clumsy with the Amiga to get your money's worth from this CD.
Product details Product: Amiga Repair Kit Supplier: Weird Science Price: £49.95 Phone: 0116 234 0682 Ease of use 83% Implementation 89% Value For Money 71% 85% Overall Amiga Computing round a year ago Cloanto brought out the Persona! Suite CD, a collection of all the programs in Cloanto's Personal series. Since then we have not seen much from the company until now, with the release of the Kara Collection.
The biggest draw for the CD is the large collection of the excellent quality Kara colour fonts. There is a good chance many people have never heard of Amiga colour fonts, even though they have been supported by the operating system since Workbench 2 and were introduced with Dpaint all those many years back.
Simply colour fonts are normal Amiga bitmap fonts that include additional colour data, allowing them to have highlight, gradients or whatever colouring effects the designer wants and these are unique to the Amiga.
Generally for all the 28 different style of colour fonts you get 3 different sizes varying around 80, 100 and 115 pts using 16 colours.
Some have been designed to give a 'hand written' where all the lower case letter's tails join neatly on to the next letter and do look quite swish. All fonts come in three different formats - standard Amiga bitmaps, Btitler and finally for Cloanto's ColourType font editor.
Five anim fonts come with the CD, these are animated versions of the original Kara colour fonts and fit in right along with their stationary sisters and brothers. For every font, each letter of the alphabet is a standard IFF AnimBrush allowing you to easily import them to Dpaint or Brilliance. Lucky old Ppaint owners will be able to take advantage of a special Ppaint Rexx script that makes putting together Anim Font animations a piece of cake.
For both the anim and colour fonts, a selection of replacement palettes are available giving you a greater choice as you will be able to alter the font's colour scheme to suit the situation.
To support all these files on the CD you get a fully functioning demo version of Personal Paint 6.4 and the full versions of ColourType and Personal Font Maker 1.2 to help you get the best out of them. One other touched 1 liked were the tutorials in the form of long animations, a total of 30 minutes are available. These take you step by step through different techniques using the programs and fonts on the CD and are a simple but welcome addition.
For anyone involved with video titling the Kara Collection provides a whole new spring of quality fonts all ready to be dropped into place. £*?
Neil Mohr never liked Culture Club, but likes these fonts Gofh Goth r f 1 ' Goth r Goth ic Goth * [C Goth m ¦ i hameleon LAQUE GROUNDS Oli'J Jjj To give you something interesting to overlay all those tasty looking Kara fonts on to, there is a selection of plaque grounds. They come in eight different types of natural materials ranging from the usual granite and marble stone textures to copper and wood.
Kara Collection CD Emerald Creative £TBA 0181 715 8866 Software Hut $ 89.95 610 586-5701 All are available in a good number of sizes and formats, with separate aspect correct PAL and NTSC versions. Four sizes of plaques are on the CD all are 638 pixels wide and come in either 93, 125, 173 or 397 pixels high with varying styles of borders. All of which come in 16, 256, 24 bit and Jpeg image formats.
The plaques are excellent quality and whatever your needs, there is a version of the plaques to suite you. It does seem odd that the original full screen 752x480 580 textures are not available, as the selection of plaque styles is limited and if you want to create your own you really need the original full screen textures.
Ease of use Implementation Value For Money Overall You can of course use both the Kara fonts and Plaque grounds together, the only thing you may have to watch for is that the plaques are light soured from the top-left while certain Kara fonts are light sourced from the bottom-right. You will probably want to flip the plaque to line up the source of the light sources.
Amiga Computing Orders Only 800-735-2633 ' T31T Tl3t ?l
P. O. Box 4398 Carmel, CA 93921, U.S.A. Internet:
sales@visionsoft.com Homepage: http: www.'visionsoft.com
Christmas Special Wizard 3-button Mouse 522.95 Asim Cdb'S 3,6
w fish CP $ 49,95 (i VP I O Extender Card SI 15.95 Quantum 2.5"
5401PE $ 149.00 Memory Upgrades GVP-32 60ns 4mb Stmm 99.95
GVP-32 60ns 16mb Simm 299.95 lx8-70nsSimm 19.95 lx8-80nsSimm
17.95 Ix9-70nsSimm 20.95 4x8-70ns Simm 39.95 4x9-80ns Simm
39.95 72-pin SIMM Special lx32-60ns Simm (4mb) 24.00 2x32-60ns
Simm (8mb) 49.00 4x32-60ns Simm (16mb) 99.00 8x32-60ns Simm
(32mb) 199.00 DRAM Special lx4-70ns SC Zip 9.95 lx4-70ns Page
Zip 9.95 1x4-80ns Page Dip 14.95 256x4-70ns Page Dip 3.95
256x4-70ns Page Zip 4.95 lxl-100ns Page Dip 3.00
2. 5” Hard Drives A600 1200 SX-1 Hard Drives Quantum 540mb IDE
149.00 Toshiba lgb IDE 329.95 Quantum 1.08gb IDE 299.95
Toshiba 2.1 gb IDE 589.95
2. 5” Hard Drive Cable 8.95
2. 5” Hard Drive Bracket 14.95
3. 5” Hard Drives Conner 540mb SCSI
199. 95 Seagate 540mb IDE
159. 95 Seagate l.OBgbSCSI
329. 95 Quantum l.08gbSCSI
329. 95 Quantum 2.lgb SCSI
649. 95 Quantum 4.3gb SCSI
939. 95 Software Clearance CBM Amiga UNIX Multiuser 49.95 Arcade
Pool CD32
22. 95 The Battle of Britain
9. 95 Chaos Engine CD32
9. 95 Cygnus Ed Professional
49. 95 D Generation CD32
9. 95 Defender of Crown 11 CD32
9. 95 Disk Salv Ver 4
35. 95 Fields of Glory CD32
9. 95 Harpoon Challenger Pak
19. 95 Lemmings CD
9. 95 Microcosm CD32
9. 95 Nigel Mansell CD32
9. 95 QuarterBack Tools Deluxe
49. 95 Tornado
12. 95 Zool CD32
9. 95 CRONUS Aminet Share 4
7. 95 AmiNel 10-14
18. 95 Aminet Set 2
36. 95 Arninci Set 3 (New)
39. 00 Amiga Developer CD 1.1
18. 95 Amiga Repair Kit (New)
45. 95 FantaScas
24. 95 Fresh Fonts 1
9. 95 GateWay 2
19. 95 Magic Illusions
15. 95 Print Studio Pro (New)
39. 95 Custom Chips
1. 3 Kickstart Rom
13. 95
2. 04 Kickstart Rom
22. 95
2. 05 Kickstart Rom
26. 95
3. 0 Rom for A4000
49. 95
3. 1 Rom for A5 600 2000
52. 95
3. 1 Rom for A12 30 4000
69. 95 8372A 1 mb Agnus
34. 95 8375 hub Agnus
19. 95 8375B 2mb Agnus (A3000)
39. 95 8373 Super Denise
29. 95 8364 R7 Paula
16. 95 5719 Gary
13. 95 8520 A-1 CIA
12. 95 8520 Surface Mount
23. 50 Super Buster Rev. 11
29. 95 Super Dmac Rev.4
42. 95 Ramscv Rcv.7
29. 95 Fat Gary
39. 95
W. D. SCSI Chip 8A
29. 95 A2620-30 Rom Rev. 7
29. 95 A 2091 Rom Rev. 7 29,95 Upgrade Kits AS 320 3.1 Kit for
A500 600 2000 2500 1 19.95 AS 312 330 340 3.1 Kit for A1200 3
000 (T) 4000 134.95 Software & Manuals Only 74.95 All
upgrade kits include Manuals Software and Kickstart Rorn(s)
Peripherals & Hardware A1200 88QK Ini Floppy Drive 65.00
A2000 880K Int Floppy Drive 69.95 A3000 880K Int Floppy Drive
69.95 A500 1200 Power Supply 49.95 A2000 Power Supply 109.00
A3000 Power Supply 79.95 A4000 Power Supply 119.00 A2 3000
Keyboard ' 79.95 A4000 Keyboard (white) 79.95 A4000 Keyboard
(black) 89.95 Keyboard Adapter A2000 Keyboard to A4000 System
9.95 Safe Ski n for A12 20 30 4000 19.93 15-23 Pin Monitor
Adapter 24.93 15-23 Pin SVGA Converter 24.95 A520 Video
Adapter 15.95 RCA Video Cable 5.95 RF Modulator 7.95 MidiGold
500 29.95 A501 Ram Card for A500 33.95 ICD AdSCSl 2000 59.95
Microbiotics 1200 Clock 19.95 Micro R&P C64 Power Sup. 29.95
Mouse & Joystick CD 32 Joypad
12. 95 Wizard 3-Button Mouse Biege Black 560dpi
22. 95 Powerplayers Joystick
6. 95 Oregon Research Bundle Ibrowse Termite TCP 89.00 [browse
39. 95 Squirrel Jaz Zip Tools
24. 95 Surf Squirrel SCSI
129. 00 Termite TCP
59. 95 ITEMS Amiga Technologies 1241 Q-Drive Quad speed external
CD-ROM Drive for A1200, via PCMCIA.
No additional Interface required.
Only..,$ 179.95 Picasso II t 2mb Graphics Board for A2000 3000 4000 $ 369.00 Power Computing Ltd (UK) High Density Floppy Drives
l. 76mb XL lnitrn.il Drive A4000(T) 99.95
l. 76mh XI. External Drive 129.95 DataFlver CD-8X Super Fast
External CD ROM Dr for AI2U0 _$ 249.00_ SyQuest EZI35 External
SCSI Drive Includes Power Supply, C17J. Flfi 135mb Cartridge
8c Cable 5 4,UU I35mb Cartridge S24.50 AM-Trade Computer
(Germany) High Density Floppy Drives for A600 1200 4000(T)
$ 109.95 PC Task 4.0 Advanced PC 486 Software Emulator 486
Emulation supports MS-Dos 6.22 Windows 95, Windows 3.11.
Available Soon Turbo Print 4.1 Enhanced Printer Software The
Turbo Print System enhances the quality of your printouts
$ 79,95 CD ROM Drives NEC 4X SCSI Internal 119.00 External 199.00 120ms Random Seek Time 600kb s, 256kb Buffer Toshiba 4.4X SCSI Internal 159.00 External 239.00 120ms Random Seek Time 600kb s, 256kb Buffer CD ROM Driver for All Amigas ASIM CDFS 3.6b w Fred Fish CD Special Price: $ 49.95 GVP-M I O Extender 2 Scr, 1 Par 115.93 A1291 SCSI for 1230-TI 99.95 Guru ROM V.6 (Low Profile) 79.95 Guru ROM V.6 69.95 A1200 040 25 Falcon 499.00 A2000 060 50 T-Rex 929.00 A3T 4000(T) 060 50 T-Rex 1099.00 DSS8 + Software Upgd 29.95 Amiga Manuals & Books Mastering Amiga Dos 3 V.2
27. 95 A2000 Sys. Schematics
30. 95 A3000 Sys. Schematics
34. 95 A590 Hard Drive Ser. Man.
19. 95 Gen Lock Service Manual
19. 95 CDTV Service Manual
24. 95 Math-Co Processor & CPU M68882 25mhz FN-PLCC
35. 95 M68882 33mhz FN-PLCC
39. 95 M68882 40mhz RC-PGA
55. 95 M68882 50mhz RC-PGA
69. 95 M68010 CPU
15. 50 68030RC 40mhz
75. 95 68040RC 25mhz.
95. 95 Crystal Oscillators
8. 95 QUIKPAK id* Internet Starter Package 1 29.95 A4060T
06Q 50mhz 999.93 EXPANSION SYSTE IVIS DataFlyer SCSI 4000SX
83.95 DataFlver SCSI 4000 SX-25 88.95 Data Flyer SCSI+ 1200
98.95 Data Flyer SCSI + 4000 78.95 Data Flyer 2 3000 JDK 78.95
DataFlver 2 3000 SCSI 88.95 DataFlver 8mb Ram Board 88.95
DataFlver 500 SCSI 149.00 Baseboard 1200 19.95 SpitFireSCSl II
79. 00 Rapidfire SCSI II Card
135. 00 Mega Chip for A500 2000
185. 95 MultiStart II for A500 2000
25. 95 3 128 Expansion Board
189. 00 Cobra 33 for A1200
152. 95 Cobra 40 for A1200
195. 95 Ferret SCSI II for A1200
89. 00 The Clock for A1200
13. 95 Apollo 620 Turbo 020 882 25mhz 189.00 1230 Turbo 030 50mhz
249.00 1240 Turbo 040 25mhz 399.00 1230 1240 SCSI Module
129.00 2030 Turbo 030 882 25mhz 319.00 2040 Turbo 040 25mhz
549.00 2060 Turbo 060 50mhz 899.00 4040 68040 40mhz SCSI-1!
629.00 Phase 5 Blizzard 2060 ERC for A2000 CyberVision 64 3D
for A3000 & A4000 CyberStorm II68040ERC 40mhz Available Soon
CyberStorm Mark II 899.00 CyberStorm SCSI Option 199.00
CyberVision64 Memory 79.00 CyberGraphics Software 49.00
Blizzard 2060 Turbo 899.00 Blizzard 1230 IV Turbo 269.95
Blizzard 1260 Turbo 799.95 Blizzard 1230 1260 SCSI 169.95
Modems & Telecom Supra 28.8 Ext. Fax Modem
199. 00 Supra 14.4 Ext. Fax Modem
89. 95 Null Modem Cable
7. 95 Serial Modem Cable
7. 95 Aweb-11
44. 95 Ami TCP IP V.4.2
89. 95 Visa, Master and Discover Card orders are accepted with no
surcharge. We also ship COD only in payment of Cash.
Cashier’s Check or Money Order. All returns must be returned and accompanied with a RMA- within 15 days.
Defective products will be replaced with the same item only. Software is non-returnable. Other returns subject to 25% restocking fee. Shipping & Handling charges are non-refundable. Price & availability are subject to change without notice. We do not guarantee hardware and software compatibility. We are not responsible for any typographical errors.
Tech (408) 626-2633 Fax (408)625-6588 BBS (408)625-6580 EATURE Exclusive - Paul Austin explores the all-new hardware and sizzling software at the heart of the Dragon ©lassie computer hardware, like great wines, often take time to mature. Perhaps the perfect example of this is the evolution of the Vlab frame grabber into the all powerful Draco AV workstation, delivering broadcast quality video encoding and real-time playback alongside CD quality sound.
A major element in the transformation was the break from the standard Amiga environment with the launch of the Draco. Although the original Draco offered a revolutionary base for Amiga OS, some people found the Dragon, or more accurately Movieshop, a little difficult to tame.
The main problem for the novice was a seemingly endless array of requesters within Movieshop, which for some, poured the odd cup of cold water on the overall Draco experience. With this in mind MacroSystem has overhauled MovieShop completely. With the arrival of version 4.0 the interface and more importantly its functionality has been totally transformed.
Movieshop - new and improved The most obvious feature of Movieshop's latest incarnation is the fresh approach to the programme's legendary collection of requesters. No doubt with inspiration drawn from MUI, MovieShop has taken the logical step of grouping like-minded requesters together.
Combine the new approach with the advent of a designer look and you end up with an improved aesthetic, but more importantly a fast, tidy and efficient method of navigating the huge range of features on offer.
The improved GUI is great, but even this pales in comparison when compared to some of the new features tucked away inside it At the heart of the renaissance is the liaison between the new DracoMotion and the upgraded software. Thanks to the duet it is now possible to almost guarantee error free encoding and playback.
One of the most infuriating problems in the past was occasional and unexpected playback or encoding errors while employing high jpeg compression settings, digitising particularly complex scenes or producing a highly complex special effect. Previously, once the jpeg compression rate was set, it was set in stone.
For example, if you were working on a would-be masterpiece and thereby pushing the Draco to its limits regarding compression Qhe Hard Facts Needless to say a software update is not the only factor in the latest evolution of the Draco. The new DracoMotion card, more than anything else is the real key to the improved performance.
PCB. Courtesy of a ribbon cable and a selection of four RCA phono connections, the Draco AV duet has now been boiled down onto a single card.
Admittedly the new audio option doesn't offer the multiple inputs of the Toccata, but for use within the basic Movieshop environment there's no perceivable difference between the two. In an ideal world you'd add a Toccata to the system as a bonus, but you can certainly get by with a single card if video production is your primary passion.
In simple terms the new card can encode and play video as fast as the fastest hard drives can deliver it. Strangely enough the board itself has actually shrunk considerably, down to a half height Zorro.
This is even more impressive considering that the Toccata 16 bit sampler has also been re-worked and built on to the same and transfer, it was easy to push things too far further down the line, breaking playback under the stain.
Fortunately these problems are now put to the sword forever with the advent of limited data rates and variable compression setting within a project. In English this means the Draco is now capable of compensating for the idiosyncrasies of the moving image.
Thanks to the newly found ability to alter a project's jpeg compression, there are two alternatives to the traditional set it and forget it option.
The first is to lock the transfer rate to that of your drive. At this point Movieshop will vary the compression of the encoded video to achieve the optimum image quality in relation to the drives transfer speed. The second option combines the two by defining a preferred jpeg compression setting and also specifying the transfer rate of the drive. Obviously this mode offers a number of benefits. Firstly it avoids the problem of encode or play breaks due to over ambitious jpeg settings. The same is true regarding transfer rate spec- ' ification. Errors however, aren't really the issue. On
relatively simple video sequences Movieshop is more than capable of encoding 100 per cent jpeg images. But given that anything at or above 90% is a virtually perfect replica of the original footage, the real headache is wasted space, not project security. By defining an upper jpeg limit wasted space isn't a problem.
N fc£cito With Movieshop no longer limited to a set jpeg rate per project, the user is free to define jpeg compression on a scene by scene basis if necessary. Thereby squeezing the maximum amount of footage from the minimum amount of available space.
A further huge improvement is the ability to open and recall multiple timelines. The Timeline is the key to the creation of digital video effects or DVE's. By combining numerous operators it's possible to create incredibly complex effects.
Unfortunately in the previous versions, only one Timeline was allowed per project.
This meant creating custom DVE's from scratch, saving new scenes and adding these uneditable effects back into the Timeline.
Thanks to the new found ability to save Timelines, you can now build a complex effect in a timeline and save it. This allows you to reload it later or employ variants the same editable effects time and time again. All you need is to add the appropriate footage. In short, hours of re-design time is saved at a stroke.
Better still, you can even save custom built DVE’s from a project, saving them as a standalone special effect and reapply them on totally different projects.
Inside the software You're probably bored with being reminded that Movieshop is literally fit to burst with features. So in order to cut a very long story slightly shorter, it's probably wise to stick to the latest additions, one of the most inspired of which has arrived in the new look Timeline window. Aside from the flashy control icons, the window now features a backing track option.
Lets assume you're editing a music video.
The biggest problem you're likely to encounter is lip instrument sync. Thanks to this new option you can place a master shot of the entire song in the backing track.
With the backing track in place, you can edit the rushes, slot in special effects wherever you want and add them to the timeline - safe in the knowledge that whenever the Timeline encounters a gap in the stream edits, it will be automatically filled by the backing track, which of course is always in perfect sync with the sound track.
Aside from added features, the Timeline enjoys much improved functionality. In previous versions of Movieshop adding and editing elements in the Timeline was a pretty labour intensive pastime.
Fortunately along with the re-design comes a re-think. Basically MacroSystem has made the next step in its approach to drag and drop editing. Now you can not only drop scenes into the Timeline but also multi-select items, drag select entire sections and copy as well as simply move sections of the movie.
Although this may not sound particularly astounding, it actually provides a means of saving hours of design time. Lets assume you've built a particularly complex DVE as your default special effecting in a movie.
Previously you would have to either build the effect in the timeline, create a new scene from the end result, replace the video with new material, create a new scene and keep repeating the process until all the DVE's were ready to drop into the final Timeline.
Alternatively you could manually build lots of copies throughout the Timeline using different video sequences. Either way it was a painstaking exercise.
Thanks to the new multi-select and copy options you can simply build one effect, select all its component operators and copy them as many times as required throughout the production - adding new footage as Qhe Draco Difference EATURE you're involved in any kind of multimedia production it's an absolute god send. I tested the option by outputting an mpeg movie, fir- ing-up ShapeShifter, converting the mpeg into a QuickTime using Sparkle, adding a Draco generated soundtrack in Premier and incorporating the finished movie into a Director presentation. Oh yes, a in case you're wondering, the I A R
G 0 N mpeg QuickTime quality is superb... The bottom line As you've probably gathered I'm a serious Draco fan.
Although there's been the odd quirk in previous Draco Movieshop incarnations, the new combination of the DracoMotion and Movieshop v4.0 make the combo nothing short of a world beater, it's always been something of a mystery to me why the Draco hasn't enjoyed the acclaim in deserves. Perhaps it's loyalty to the Amiga, perhaps it's simply a lack of awareness, but thanks to this upgrade nobody can ignore the monster with an Amiga at its heart.
V t - - Digital Video Effects ~ Audio Video res - Printed Circuit Boa’d
- Hardware copy protection I i - Graphical User Interface
Requirements BLACK recommended RED essential Essential: Video
hardware: Composite, YC BetaCam input available via hardware
add-on For those unfamiliar with the finer points of the sys
tem it's worth running over the basic Draco Movieshop concept.
Needless to say the Draco's primary mission is that of an AV
Fortunately, the Draco can do much more besides. Essentially the Draco offers the same functionality as an 060 based Amiga equipped with a fast scsi II hard disk controller, a 4 Meg 24 bit display card, a quad speed CD-Rom and a 16 bit sound sampler.
However, it must be stressed that the Draco can never be TOO per cent compatible with all Amiga software and cards. Having said that, any application or cards that stick to the Commodore standard will work directly in the Draco.
During testing I couldn't find a single power application that wouldn't run. The only obvious none starters are applications or cards that demand the AGA chipset or like Scala and TVPaint, require Amiga mouse port dongles - which the Draco doesn't have.
Possibly the most important advance in the software compatibility stakes is the new found affinity with Lightwave. In the past Newtek's 3-D masterpiece ran on the Draco, but in reality it was virtually required. Better still, the Timeline offers two new methods of adding footage to the Timeline. In the past you simply dropped items on the Timeline and dragged them around as required. Now you also have the option insert mode, which automatically slots a new scene directly before an existing one.
Alternatively there's the new replace mode which automatically swaps the new scene for the old one. The massive advantage of replace is that it not only exchanges scenes, but will, if necessary, shorten the new scene to match its predecessor.
Needless to say, this is a massive advantage if you want to produce copies of complex DVE's with different footage in each. Yet another sparkling addition is the arrival of mpeg support. In addition to recording straight to tape you can now output scenes as mpeg files. Courtesy of the mpeg output window you can elect to save standard mpegl files or apply user defined options.
This may not sound particularly awe-inspiring to the average Amiga owner. However, if unusable due to horrible screen corruption in Modeller and an inability to playback wireframe previews in Layout.
The story remains the same regarding Layout previews, but to be fair this isn’t a problem caused by the Draco. Like all other third party display cards, with the exception of the Picaso II, the Draco's Retina isn’t supported by the software. Alas only Newtek can solve this particular problem.
However, MacroSystem has not only managed to fix the Modeller display problems but has also added direct rendering of Lightwave to the Movieshop video partition. As a result you can not only render direct but also use the same option to send previews to the partition - thereby side stepping the third party support problems for previews.
Thanks to the LightwaveJo_Movieshop Arexx tool you not only have the option for previews and finals but also avoids the ever present problem of storage space.
Without direct encoding all Lightwave's output would have to be saved to disk and then imported as frames into Movieshop. Obviously this has two drawbacks, it's a slow process and more important- ly, it eats up lots of valuable hard drive space.
Using the new approach each file is rendered to Ram, encoded on the video partition and then deleted from Ram. End result, instant video resolution 3-D animations with no overheads.
Perhaps the only Amiga tradition missing form the overall Draco equation is standard Amiga audio.
Although a growing band of applications are offering Toccata support, not all can make themselves heard.
To be honest, this is probably personal point, inspired by the lack of sound on the Mac side, or should I say the DracoMac side. During testing I set up ShapeShifter 3.5 on the Draco with amazing results. It didn't just run, it sprinted. On a standard speed test it rated 2.5 times faster than a Quadra
700. In the real-world this roughly equates to lOOMhz PowerPC
Better still every Mac package tested, with the exception of Photoshop, ran perfectly. This includes sucb notables as Quark Express, Netscape 3.0, Illustrator, Fractal Painter, Bryce, Microsoft Word, Excel, Premier, Director 5 the list goes on and on... The bottom line, an instant saving of a couple of grand on a new Power Mac.
In my opinion the Draco more than deserves the level of respect usually reserved for the Toaster and it's sibling, the all conquering Lightwave.
Even with its new user friendly face, Movieshop is still a complex product especially regarding the creation of DVE's, but spend a couple of days with the manual and you'll be astonished what can be achieved.
Quite literally imagination is the only restriction. In short, the upgrades are superb and there's certainly nothing on the Amiga platform, or indeed any other, that can compare with the combination of price and performance on offer from the Draco. If you're serious about AV production you've got to get one. It's that simple.
Emtxunm There's nothing like a drop of shandy to get your Christmas party in full swing. Here at Amiga Computing we cracked open some cans, cooked up some tasty mince pies and had a look what the team had bought each other for Christmas.
Amiga Computing CHRISTMAS 1996 Tina's sack of presents.... IVI U S I C IVI A N World Wide Com ms This Sportster modem would make an ideal present for anyone looking into getting connected. And because freelancer, Gareth likes making lots of new friends on the Internet, I chose this for him.
If you're feeling especially generous, the 33,600 version is a super fast modem and what you shell out for initially is compensated by the reduced downloading time - hence cheaper phone bills.
The Sportster also has other useful features such as V.42 and V.42bis error correction and data compression. It also proves very useful for sending Class 1 or 2 faxes and supports voice-mail too.
Although there is no commercial voice-mail software support for the Amiga, if you can get hold of a copy of AmiPhone, you should be able to take advantage of it. In use, the Sportster is fast and reliable and as it's pretty easy to set up, there shouldn’t be any tantrums on Boxing Day.
Product: Sportster VI Modem Price: 14,400 = 698.99 33,600 £161.99 Contact: First Computer Centre, 0113 231 9444 Print With Style Amiga Computing CHRISTMAS 1996 Fighting Talk As for 'Walter Softie' Neil's present, I thought I'd toughen him up a bit in time for the New Year, so bought him Capital Punishment. A superb beat-'em-up, this highly regarded game scored an impressive 95% when it was reviewed a couple of months ago.
You can take on the character of one of the many fighters from Demona, a scantily clad warrior woman or a muscle- bound brute called Wakantanka. You can either play against the Amiga or a friend and the aim is simple - bash up the opposition with karate kicks, upper-cut punches and smacks around the chops.
Crammed with excellent graphics, imaginative backdrops and grisly effects, Capital Punishment is one of the best fighting games of all time. However, if you think this will .make a good present for someone check beforehand that they have a hard drive (essential) and around 15Mb free to install it. Although the game will run on an unexpanded A1200, FastRAM is recommended.
Product: Capital Punishment Price: £29.99 Developer: ClickBOOM Contact: 001 416 868 6388 The good old Reno Drive proved an excellent choice for Andy's Christmas present.
Renowned for his love of playing the same music CD over and again, this present allowed him to play his Cds quietly with the supplied headphones. And what Andy doesn't realise yet is that this nifty drive also works as a dualspeed CD-ROM - just perfect for all those Laser Guidance reviews he'll have to do.
You'll need a Squirrel 5CSI interface but it's all very simple to set up. You simply attach the docking station - a small adapter which then connects to the Squirrel SCSI interface.
The only grumbles about the product would be that, as a portable CD player, it requires four batteries which will only give you 90 minutes of play - however there is a mains Adapter. And as a dual-speed, it's not the fastest drive available. But for most Amiga owners needs, this provides a versatile solution.
Product: Reno Portable CD-ROM Drive Price: £99.95 Supplier: First Computer Centre Contact: 0113 231 9444 For Neil's Christmas present, I decided to buy a selection of Amiga Cds. The reason is that Neil does have a CD-Drive at home which means he won't be restricted to using them within the office.
I've recently noticed that he has been keeping an eye on the Adult Sensations collection from Epic Marketing. There are four in the series including Sexy Sensations and Adult Sensations 3D. Each CD is priced at £19.99, so they're fairly cheap.
Each CD contains around 4000 high quality 256 colour images of women, sexy music, adult stories, black and white '70s photos and finally some animations.
This makes the perfect present for Neil as his first love has always been the Amiga, closely followed by what can only be described as, scantily dressed women.
Product: Adult Sensations Cds Price: £19.99 each Supplier: Epic Marketing Contact: 0500 131 486 Overseas: +44 1793 514188 student is still far too skint to actually buy his own Christmas cards. So the inspired idea for Hugh's present was the Epson Stylus Colour Printer.
This meant that Hugh could make his own cards and print them off for his friends, well friend. Epson's latest printer, the Stylus 500 is a true 720 dpi model and can output either in colour or greyscale.
To run, you will need some third party software which has Stylus drivers - for example, TurboPrint or Enprint. The quality of prints that you can produce with this Stylus is very impressive - especially if you output at 720 dpi on Epson's specially coated paper which ensures the coloured inks don't blur. So if you're feeling generous this year, this Epson printer will prove an excellent choice.
Product: Epson Stylus 500 Price: £291 Supplier: Epson Contact: 01442 61144 Browse The Web The finished version of (Browse would definitely make a good present for Neil judging by the time he spends on-line. He often makes a habit of visiting his favourite pages such as The Spice Girls, The Amiga Web Directory, Courteney Cox's and The Mike and the Mechanics homepage. Also, he still uses the demo version and hasn't yet treated himself to the full product.
Buying him I Browse would allow him to view all types of new Web page features such as animated GIFs and tables - which is where all other Amiga Web Browsers fell flat on their faces.
The images from a Web page will appear Andy’s generous gifts Seedy Cds Christmas tmi in coot wm FOS AgSOlVTt wteinnns nbU quickly due to Ibrowse's internal image decoder which will make his time on the World Wide Web much more enjoyable and not to mention cheaper.
I Browse received a score of 92° o in November's issue of Amiga Computing and at £29.95, it surely must be one of the cheapest and most user-friendly browsers ever. It is without doubt a perfect Christmas present.
Product: Ibrowse Supplier: Hi-Soft Price: £29.95 Contact: 01525 718181 Extra Additions If I had an unlimited amount of cash to spend on my great work mates I'd certainly buy the SX32 CD expander, and I would make the gift tag out to Tina.
The poor girl doesn't own an Amiga, but we all agree that she should stay in more often and play great games such as Ruffian and Cool Spot. We obviously can't be generous enough to buy her a brand new Amiga, although there is a CD32 knocking about the office. I'm so kind that I'd even let her spend her Christmas time installing it The SX32 would make an ideal present for existing CD32 owners as they can increase it to that of a fully functioning AI200 giving more use out of the pretty much redundant games machine.
The package comes with a chip board which slides into the back of the CD32, a keyboard, a hard drive and an external disk drive. The hard drive fits ly into the casing and disappears out of view. It sits quietly in the CD32 itself, reducing the need for external peripherals.
Our regular freelancers, Paul Overaa. He gives a step by step, easy guide to getting to know your Amiga.
The book isn't as techni- 4 cally minded as you might imagine for a very technical computer, it avoids topics such as Shell commands or how to unpack files. It concentrates on simple subjects and contains plenty of illustrations and asks questions like, "Is your Amiga ill?"
Amiga First Steps is perfect for young Amiga users as the book is cleverly illustrated. It uses a large typeface along with huge pictures making it enjoyable while easy to read.
It's certainly a breath of fresh air, especially as the manuals which come with the Amiga are not easy to read and master. For £6.99, this book has to be an excellent stocking filler for a new Amiga user.
Product: Amiga First Steps Book Bookmark Publishing Price: £6.99 Contact: 01525 713671 If there's one type of present which most people will find boring when they look in the Christmas stocking, it's a book. However, this Amiga book is certainly not boring for those still getting to grips with the machine and I'm sure many people would be delighted to find an Amiga beginners guide at the bottom of the tree, especially Hugh.
As the new boy, he needs to know the basics and with this present, he has a particular treat in store for his Christmas reading. We feel Hugh is destined to become a super techie, but before this happens, I thought I'd give him this to read.
Amiga First Steps for Absolute Beginners is written by one of My only reservation would be the price.
£200 may seem slightly expensive for merely a Christmas present, but what the heck... It's Christmas after all.
Product: SX32 Module Supplier: Eyetech Price: SX32: £199.95 Keyboard: £34.95 Floppy Drive: £44.95 Contact: 01642 713 85 Hand Holding Neil digs deep into his wallet for his workmates... Play Time Well what can I get our lovely editor Tina Tve got everything under the sun' Hackett, to stay in her good books? Well with the Amiga games scene a little on the quiet side, while PC and console games keep on improving and pushing the boundaries of gaming technology as each day passes, I think a Playstation would be a wise move to keep her occupied over the festive season.
Why a Playstation over the other 'super' consoles? Well Nintendo are far too possessive of their lovely machine and so restrict game development, and then there is the horribly high price of the cartridges it is using.
As for the Saturn, Sega have brought out a couple of outstanding games, but the early releases really showed how much more powerful the Playstation is in comparison, and Playstation games seem to have a greater depth and maturity, probably reflecting the higher average age of Playstation owners.
So for every Amiga owner who wants to try out the best in the current games scene until the Amiga scene picks up, such as the likes of Syndicate Wars, Command and Conquer, Tomb Raider, FI and Wipeout 2097 go grab yourself a Playstation, it's a darn site easier to fit under your TV than a PC.
Product: Playstation Supplier Price: Toys'R'Us - £249.99 plus Worms, Doom, True Pinball, Zero Divide Blockbuster - £199 plus Mortal Kombat 3 Now onto little Andy Maddock. I have to get him a good present as he is departing us this month to follow the path to rock and roll stardom. The office will not be the same without the monkey strutting pose of Andy as he tries his best to emulate the cheeky young Gallagher brothers. Having a quick rummage through little Andy's CD collection some of his biggest musical influences are The Stone Roses, The Charlatans, The Beatles, Oasis and The Who. While he
has been known to attack people playing any music that can be described with words like soft, heavy and rap, you don't get to hear too much of Metallica, Bryan Adams, Foreigner and especially The Fugees.
Out of all of these The Beatles are by far the biggest band ever - in fact they are probably bigger than Amiga Computing. Well to show Andy how a successful band career should go 1 think he needs to watch the Beatles Anthology a good few Hero Worship _ C-3 Str?
Ri-H ;¦ ."r -Christmas 1996 f&Fht11 a a* - fw h 1 ° a a r?51 Gareth is a very busy man who is always on the move and he needs to be able to transfer files to and from work, home and various other jet-setting destinations. At first I was tempted with the very nice iaz drive, but even though it is very fast and reasonably small it is a little on the expensive side and for Gareth's needs the 1 Gb capacity is way beyond what he will ever need.
On the plus side for the Zip drive the extra slimline design makes it perfect for carrying around in a bag or briefcase, and it takes up little desk space when in use. Along with the low price of the 100Mb disks it is economical and convenient to use.
Product: Zip Drive Supplier: HiSoft Price: £199 Contact: 01525 718181 Finally for the new boy here at Amiga Computing I think a copy of the latest incarnation of OctaMED Sound Studio will _ do. Having seemingly been around for as long as the Amiga itself in one form or another OctaMED has progressed into one of the | most polished Amiga pro- | grams available - amazing if ' you think that it started off as a public domain tracker around six years ago.
With this latest version giving you up to 64 channels and the option to use either 8 or 16 bit samples, Sound Studio offers some pretty impressive features. If you are not at all times.
If you saw the TV version there is plenty of extra footage not shown on TV such as John Lennon pulling various funny faces and if the price of the full set is a little too much the videos are now going to be available separately.
Product: Beaties Anthology Supplier: HMV Price: E99.99 Sound Idea ZlPPETY Doo Da Hugh scrimps and saves for some Christmas delights..... Clean Up Your Act Let's start with the cheap ones.J'm going to give Gareth this rather groovy little vacuum cleaner so that he can clean his mucky looking keyboard and (most importantly) make lots of rude noises by pressing it against his cheek, providing us in the office with hours of festive fun.
This unusual computer accessory is produced by a company called Jessop, and although it looks like it belongs to a house proud Action Man, it is designed to dean those grubby but tricky to reach parts of your computer.
The vacuum comes with a bottle of odd looking liquid, some handy wipes and a bag full of cotton buds. At a mere £9,99, this classy computer accessory is an absolute bargain. .
Product: Mini Vacuum Price: £9.99 Supplier: Jessop Contact: 0116 232 0033 keen on the rather confusing standard tracker lay out, Sound Studio has the traditional stave layout, and for owners of a second Amiga two machines can be slaved together over a Midi network.
For anyone with a music fetish then Sound Studio makes the perfect Christmas gift, that is unless you can't stand the sound of Christmas carols for a month.
Product: OctaMED Sound Studio Supplier: RBF Software Price: UK: £40 ROW: £55 Contact: 01703 785680 Second up is a gift that would brighten any body's Christmas. This fantastic gift is going to Andy, because after years of reviewing all the latest Amiga games I think a bit of a retro gaming experience would brighten his Christmas.
The Epic Speccy 1996 CD is a monster compilation of 3,000 games from the days when the ultimate experience was steering a large, slightly scary looking blue blob down a hill on Old Classics Tina just loves having her photo taken and does have aspirations towards being a film star (yeah right - Ed), so this little gizmo is right up her street. Up until now the Connectix Corporation QuickCam could only be used on a PC or Mac, but the Omnilink Corporation has just developed the AQCVid interface so Amiga users don't have to miss out on the fun.
Despite its odd shape, the QuickCam is an impressive piece of technology and with the AQCVid, Amiga users can have a go at all kinds of new things. Depending on the speed of your computer, it can be used to take pictures or shoot videos and transfer them to your computer or web site.
Just think of the possibilities of this little device - you could make your own movies, send multimedia greetings cards or enhance photos. Just think, now all those excruciatingly embarrassing photographs of Unde Barney and Aunt Mabel getting sloshed on Boxing Day can be posted onto the Internet and viewed by millions!
Product: AQCVid - Amiga Interface for use with QuickCam Price: S59.99 Supplier: OmniLink Corp Contact: http: www.connectix.com £+7 The next present is a little bit more expensive.
I know Neil will fully appreciate these because they will make his monstrous towering computer terminal look even larger and more impressive.
As you may know, monitor speakers don't exactly make your eyeballs rattle in their sockets with pure heavy bass. These Goodman 80 Watt speakers really do improve the sound quality of your computer by a pretty impressive degree.
Although not costing a great deal more than the average add-on multi- media computer speaker, these pro- yF vide significantly more power and sound quality. The only draw back is the fart that they aren't actually shielded, so it wouldn't be a good idea to put them too close to your monitor.
Product: Goodmans Speakers Price: £59.99 Supplier Contact: Argos skis (or am I just a big girlie la la?).
Despite the fact that these games date from the days when computers had the processing power of a calculator, they are all stupidly addictive and probably more playable than quite a few of the modern releases.
Another great strength of all these games are that they are pretty easy to get the hang of.
Daley Thompson's Decathlon for example, involves smacking two keys on the keyboard until you either develop RSI, destroy your keyboard or win the race.
Product: Speccy CD Price: £17.99 Supplier: Epic Marketing Contact: 0500 131 486, or e-mail epiv@epma.demon.co.uk. Blast Away Film Star I"”” Open Sunday I I am to 4pm Late Night Opening Wednesday & Thursday till 7.30pm
• 2-4 Week Days £3.99 24 HR MAIL O
• NpvtWpptnav f c. qq NEW BBS Sali 1 rlnST COMPUTER In all
correspondenceplease quote a ahone No., Post Code & Dept. Allow
S working days cheque clearance SHOWROOM ADDRESS: DEPT. AC,
ORDER Order by telephone quoting your Credit Card Number. If
paying by rho ii in nlaaca milf a niiraKlo rate finance
• Saturday delivery £15,00 Delivery subject to stock availability
• All prices include VAT @ 17.5%
• Large showroom with parking
• Multi-million pound company
• Overseas orders welcome
• Educational purchase orders welcome OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK Price*
arc correct at the dm* of going to press. Please check our
latest price* before ordering. Ail sales arc _ . __ subject to
our standard terms & conditiorts(copy
E*Mailsales@firstCOm.demon.CO.uk available upon request). E&OE.
Vww.demon.co.uk 1intcom LOW COST DELIVERY Telephoned 113 23 I
9444 24 HR MAIL ORDER SERVICE FAX: 0113 231-9191 NEW! BBS Sales
& Technical line Tel: 0113 231 -1422 CD ROM Drives [£369.99
f[uiFvM 4?&S Monitor Only!! *£259.99 Req. SCSI controller imiga
AI 200 MagicPack Includes, Wordworth V4SE, Data store.
Organiser. Turbocalc 1.5. Personal Paint V6.4. Photogenic* 1.2SE, Pinball Mania & Whizz.
Amiga AI200 Magic Pack lncJ70MbHD & Scala MM300 Includes same software pack as Magic Pack, But also includes Scala MM300(Req. 4Mb J. £469.99 Portable CD ROM Only...£99.99 Ultra CD ROM Drives .NewlJ Ultra 8 Speed £ I 99.99 Ultra 10 Speed £219.99 Ultra 12 Speed £259.99 Quick & easy to install, very fast.
First Starter Pack
• A1200 dust cover
• 10 x DSDD disks + labels All for
• Top quality joystick Only
• Deluxe mouse mat i a aa
• 3 xAI200 games LI 7.7 7, AMIGA A4000T 68040~25Mhz 1 1.2 Gig
SCSI Hard Drive 1 6Mb of 32-bit Ram _ _ _ _ __ 1 Scala MM-300
Installed f Q Q QQ 1 Kickstart3.1 Z. Z Z Internal SCSI CD ROM
drives Toshiba 530 I Bk4Speed £90.99 Toshiba3701 Bx6.7Speed
£182.99 Toshiba drives are shorter than other SCSI CD-ROM
drives & so fit Inside the A4000 Desktop case.
SCSI Controllers Squirrel SCSI-11 Interface *£45.00
• When bought with any HD-CD BOH drlvr. £54.99 if bought wparat
Surf Squirrel SCSI-11 Interface *£79.99 GVP 4008+ Oktagon
SCSI controllers £99.99 SCSI-Ill RAH Im.rCire t-ir-dl for big
box Amiga'l. A400O.AJ000crc. A Hard Drives Monitors Disk Drives
3,5" Hard Disk Drives IDE SCSI 540Mb..£l 17.99 I ,Q8Gig.£235.99
850Mb..£J 20.99 2.1 Gig.£345.99
1. 08Gig.£ 152.99 4.3 Gig.£797.99
U. l Gig.£249.99 9.1 Gig,£l 599.99)
2. 5" Hard Drives for A600 AI 200 with installation kit inc.
software, screws, cables and instructions Surf Squirrel
• Hi speed serial port New Amiga Monitors Multi-Sync Monitors 14"
1438s....£289.99 15" 1540s....£349.99 14 15"
Monitors nc-BuiltlnSpeakers 17" 1764......£579.99 5S: Seagate
COTiNZR 80Mb £84,99 l20Mb.£99.99 !70Mb.£l04.99250Mb.£1 19.99
340Mb.£ I 29.99540Mb.£ 169.99 8 IOMb.£2 I 4.99 1.0Gig.£299.99J
• SCSI-11 interface ? Autobooting HD I from *£79.99 £147.99 I ‘If
purcKuad with any motWm I uparatrl) £99.99 External Hard Drives
for all SCSI aware Amiga's 810Mb £239.99 1.2Gig£3 14.99 Inc.
High quality 5CSLII Quantum nx'than.Kn with a 10m* access
tirrw. Internal PSU. 5C5I ID selector.
Cooling fan, and HD prepp.ng partitioning lofrwane.
Requires SCSI interface, tr. Squirrel GVP addiltoruJ adaptor may b. rrq d £1 5.95 » Iomega Jazz drive £440.99 Zip Tmils Driver Software Suits Zip&Jaz2 Drives £16.99 Squirrel
• SCSI-11 interface Amiga Ext. Drive £49.99 AI 200 600 inc. drive
L. A5Q0 5QQ+ Int.drive £39.99. From only *£45.0 5 . £54.99 if
purchased separately RAM Expansion Accelerators I1IM I Al200
RAM 1J ilFuf-w Expansion A 1 200 1 MB RAM £69.99 A1 200 2 MB
RAM £74.99 AI2004 MB RAM £89.99 A1 200 8 MB RAM £109.99 A1 200
t MB 33Mhz Co Pro £99.99 A1 200 2MB 33MhzCo Pro £109.99 A1 200
4 MB 33MhzCo Pro £124.99 A1200 8 MB 33Mhz Co Pro £1 39.99, (
Accelerator Cards ) POWER VIPER Blizzard 1230-50mhz £ 169.99
Up to 128Mb RAM. FPU Socket &R T clock Blizzard 1260-50mhz
£569.99 Up to 64Mb RAM. FPU Socket & R T clock Viper 11-33
£129.99 Up to 128Mb RAM, FPU socket & fUT Clock (A500 600 RAM
Expansion) PRIMAA500SI2kRAMnodock £19.99 PRIMAA500+ 1 Mb RAM
Mb 72 Pin SIMM £19.99 4 Mb 72 Pin SIMM £22.99 8 Mb 72 Pin SIMM
£44.99 1 6 Mb 72 pin SIMM £! 12.99 1 Mb 30 pin SIMM £13.99
256x4 DRAM Part exchange available on your old memory.
Su opMXModeni Modems V34+ Fax Modem Amazing Price Performancc
• 33.6 Baud Rate*Class I Fax
• BABT & CE approved.
Only...£ I 19.99 Complete with cables & Amiga N-comm Software
• Class I Fax
• Personal Voice Mail
• Fax on Demand
• Call Discrimination
• BABT Approved 14,400 Data 14,400 Fax ......£98.99
• 33.600 Data 14.400 Fax £16 I .99 1 ' Amiga SurfWare software
pack The complete software suit for all your Modem needs.
• Net Software *Web Browser ?E-mail •IRC....Only Also includes:-
30 Days Free Trial with Demon GP FiX Software.....only £38.99 1
Full Send and Receive Fax Software for Amiga Computers with a
Fax Data Modem.
Amiga SurfWare bundle when purchased with any Modem only £ I 9.99 Modem Accessories Phone Line Extension Cables... 5M. £6.99 I 0M. £8.99 I5M.£I0.99 Dual Socket Adaptor £6-99 Ink Cartridges 3.99 Canon BJ10 Star SJ4B £12.99 Canon BJ200 230 £4.99 Canon BJ30 (3 pack) £3.69 Canon BJC 70 mono (1 pack) £7 99 Canon BJC 70 cofour(3 pack) £ I 3.99 Canon BJC 4000 colour (single) £8.99 Canon BJC 4000 mono (single) £5 97 Canon BJC 4000 mono high cap.
StarLC24-10 200 300 Colour 13.9? Canon BJC 600e mono high cap.
Re-Ink Spray for mono nbbon* 11 99 Canon BJC 600e colour D DPMI 1= D | K, CitizenPnntivaStd.colour* rKCrniCtS-imi Citizen PrintivaMetalliccolours HP. DeskJet S00 550 Mono HP. Deskjet 500 550 Colour HP.Deskjet 660 double mono HP.Deskjet 660 colour Epson Stylus mono Epson Stylus colour o,. EpsonStylt»*Col.ll S a20Mono t i ll Eps0n StyluiCol. II S 8I0Colour £77 99 StarSJ 144 mono colour (single) £24.99 Disks Ribbons I CitixenSwifc ABCmono Citizen Swift ABC colour StarLC90 mono ribbon | Star LC10 100 mono Star LC10 100 colour Star LC 240c colour Star LC240c mono Star LC 24 0 mono EPSON CITIZEN
cSMPintR pwtbs £17.99 £18.99 £12.99 £10.99 £17.99 £16.99 £6.99 28.99 8.49 £7.99 6,49 £16.49 £22.99 £24.99 £23.99 £25.99 £13.99 £27.99 £17.99 £24.99 £0.99 £6.99 £12.49 £21.49 £6.99 £12.49 £21.49 £13.99 £9.99 £10.99 Stylus 200 £133.99 720 dpi, 2.5ppm Black, Colour Upgradeable.
Stylus 200 Colour £169.99 720dpi. L.Sppm Black. I ppm Colour.
Stylus 500 Colour £253.99 720 dpi. 4ppm Black. 2ppm Colour.
Stylus Pro £386.99 720x720 dpi. Photo-Real quality output.
Epson LX300 £121.99 ? Pin Dot Matrix. Colour Upgrade Kit (SOS Epson LQI 00+ £107.99 •s I Canon BJ30 £138.99 I Portable mono printer, 30 page ASF built in.
Canon BJC. 70 Colour £185,99 | Portable colour print»r. 10 page ASF Canon BJ2 10 £146.99 | Mono printer. Fl6il4(Wpl, Col. Iiprriiinbl.
Canon BJC41 OOCol. £221.99 | High quality col.1 last mono printing lit) dpi.
Canon BJC620 Colour£348.99 I 7 20 * 720 dpi. Near phMojejphk quality Canon LPB-4A0 £272.99 I Window. 95 only. GDI Liter printer Ail Cibren printers hare a J year wn ABC Colour printer £129.99 VmfWUltaiy »V ABC) InuirH p«l printer ComnuiUndvd «iUi Soihrrt Aululhrri feeder. Traitor feed optional at I I i M Citizen Projet lie £164.99 300*300 dpi. Colour Inkjet Printer, 70 ihrel Auto Sheet Feeder, HP Dri.k|et emulation.
Bulk DSDD I 0 x £3.49 100 x £26.99 30 x £9.99 200 x £49.99 50 x£ 14.99 500 x £114.99 Branded DSDD 10 x £4.99 100 x £41.99 30x£l3.99 200 x£76.99 50 x £21.99 500 x £175.99 Bulk DSHD 10 x £3.99 100 x £29.99 30 x £10.99 200 x £5S.99 50 x £16.99 500 x £129.99 Branded DSHD 10 x £5.99 100 x £44.99 30 x £15.99 200 x £82.99 50 x £23.99 500x£l89.99 Disk labels x500 £6.99 Disk labels x 1000£9.99 Cartridge Refills Save a fortune in running rusts witti your ink bubble jet. Compatible with the HP Deskjet series. Caron BJ IG220'tOn 2012001 1001770. Star SJ 8, Citizen Pi others. Full range of coll I Single
refills (22ml) Twin refills (44ml) Three colour kit (66ml) Full colour kit (8Bml) I Buikrefills (125ml) wm hewlettw mLf-M PACKARD 24 Pm Do« Matrix jpl and many ail.
6.99 : Miscellaneous Printer Switch Box 2 way 17 99 Printer Switch Box 3 way 17 99 PrintcrStands(Universal) £4.99
1. 6 Metreprintercable t4 99 3 Metre printer cable 6 99 5 Metre
printer table I 0 Metre printer cable 12.99 sl&gr HP340
Portable £189.99 Colour upgradeable portable printer HP600
£179.99 Colour upgradeable nvinu Ink |rt Col. Kit L'mrriM!
- ' Fanfold (tractorfeed)500sheets L8S6T Printer Supplies
Fanfold(tractorfeed)1000sheets £65.99
Fanfold(tractorfeed)2000sheets £75.99 Single sheet 500sneets I
Star LC90»pmmono £79.99 ] ASF built in.puih tractor optional.
Star LC2 4 0 24 pm mono £93.99 I 192 cpidraft.with ASF built In.
I Star LC240C2«p nCoi. £108.99 1 ASF built in. * Lqfontv I StarSJ I44coioor £183.99 I Colour thermal printer, low runftfeftg com. 1 pi'p m mono, 1.4 p p'n colour £246.99 £397.99 mo no, Jp'p'm £367.99 £619.99 HP690 Colour New colour inkjet from HP.
HP870 Colour
600. 606 dpi up to 6 p 'm colour HP 5LLast?rprinter 4 pfpfm 600
dpi HP 6P Laser printer 4 p'p. Ni 400 dp._ I Hewlett Packard
LaserJet 5 L I Hewlett Packard LaserJet 5 P I Hewlett
Packard Laseriet 4L Studio 2 New version 2.11 “If you irant
to get the be ft poiutde results from your pfurtrr. Prt a
opf of Slud o".
£49.99 or £44.99 when purchased with a Printer,_ £68.99 Single sheet 1000 sheets £99.99 Single sheet 2000 sheet* £79.99 Epson Stylus 720 dpi paper pack
H. Packard Liet 4 M 5 M N lanon LP8-46Q Toner £79.99 Epson Stylus
720 dpi paperpac Laser printer supplies for all major H.
Packard Glossy Paper 11) Pack ... High Quality Inkjet Paper
(500) a L.jel |Canon LP8-460Toner Laser printer supplier
manufacturer* available......Call Graphics Graphics Software
Video Genlocks uantum Genlock 290 Photogenics £639.99 EP
£264.99 A-Cut £694.99 VIDI Amiga 24 (RT)+ Colour RealTime
Amiga video capture system
• Composite & SVMS inputs..
• Time Lapse remute grabbing.
• BMP,TIFF & PCX File Support.
• Load Save 24 Bit ILBM A Ann us £139.99 VIDI Amiga 24 (RT) Pro
Professional Colour Real Time Amiga video capture system!
Composite & SVHS inputs.
16. 7 million colour grabbing.
I* BMP.TIFF. PCX. ANIM. ILBM Processing controls & effects £219.99 Compatible withVHS & SVHS.
Sarr A load its multiple file formats Support far virtual memory Rcq We|utart 2.04 Additional teletext facilities g, |.5Mb Tree memory Large prrvicw window for only..... £129.99J £99.99 Fusion Genlock N*- Only!! £99.99 Entry level Genlock
• toU.IOOOOrnincb
• Contes with Stala HT 100
• 32% Shopper |on« »J
• Compotitr onft Cenlosli New!! Epson GT-5000
• At FlxiM Minim
• 390 Opi rap (n 41 M»e rnnlutiCK ., 2*0(3 dpi output molutan
£389.99 Amiga range of computers additional driver software and
a Bidimtorul parallel sable, son GT-8500 £459.99 Power Scan v4.
£89.99 2S6 g scale on AGA Amigas. 64 g'scale non AG A PowerScan
Col. £ I 74.99 24 bit colour scanner, 16 7 million colours
Epson Flatbed Scanner Software & Cable...£49.99
• bl limlHiiul Parallel Inlrrfai
• A* Flatbed uinnn
* 900 dpi cpilul tcan revolution
* *300 dpi output resolution Hand Scanners
• Bit-I.rritmri.il Parallel A SCSI lilrrlai CDCAKI • A* Flatbed
vtanner Clr O' r‘N • tW dp opcitaJ tun resolution scanners * j
:»up* output moiuoor Epson GT-9500 Special Offers X-CAD
2000......£19.99 Vista Pro Lite £9.99 Blitz Basic
2.1.....£20.99 Music-X ver. 2.....£29.99 Cinema4D £141.99 Amiga
Ray-Tracing software Req. 3Mb of RAM, and Kickstart 2 or
LJJ.lidl Scala MM400 £291.99 Recommended, 6Mb of RAM, Kickstart 3.0 or higher. & Hard Disk.
24-Bit Graphics Manipulation Requires 2chip 4 fast RAM minimum.
Hard Disk & CD Rom Drive,
K. start 3.0 or higher.
Only!! £89.99 NewPhotogenics 2 CD Wordprocessing Home Office Music Cables Final Ditto Opus 5 £45.99 Technosound Turbo 2 Pro 8 12 bit Stereo Sampler plus many more advanced features A bargain at only£29.99 | Mega-Lo-SoundJ 8 bit direct-to-di&k sampler | Great value only.. £24.991 ProMIDI Interface
• MIDI in. MIDI thru A I * MIDI out
• Compatible with all MIDI software only!! £17.99
• 2 x 3metre MIDI cables £9.99 AURA 100% £71.99 Octamed
compatible 1211 6 bit stereo direct-to-d sk PCMCIA sampler
Octamed 6 CD £24.99 I Latest version of the best music making
program for 1 the Amiga. Over 600Mb of Midi files. Samples.
Imusic-X ver2 £29.99 Requires MIDI liface & a mouse. 1.5Mb Req. To run Music-X and Notator together Al! In one package Integrated Package
• Wardprocessor _
• Spreadsheet JT A A QQ
• Database » * »* * .*
• Graphics
• Disc Utilities ] Wordworth 5
• Any Amiga 104 or higher
• 3Mb of Memory
• 2 x Floppy drives or Hdrive New.'.'Magic Publisher*cD5« £44.99
Inc. Wordworth 4 TD, FinaJ Writer 4 SE, 10,000 Fonts, 5,000
Clipart, I 50 Printer Drivers and more... inal Writer 5 Word
Processor Publisher Latest version of this award winning
software only!! £72.99 Final Writer Lite Requires Kickstart
2.04 or above, 2Mb of Ram and I Floppy Drive, Hard Drive
Installable if desired.
Mini Office £39.99 £74.99 Final Data
• Requires Workbench 1.3 or above, I Mb of memory & I floppy
£45.99 Twist 2 Relational Database
• Requires Workbench 2.1 or above 8t 2Mb of memory £71.99 I
Spreadsheets Final Calc £94.99
• Requires Workbench 2.0 or above, 2Mb of memory min.,
H. Disk with 5Mb of free space DiskMagic £28.99 CUAmiea Final
Cate Amiga-CD32 Serial Network cab. £24.99 Amiga Parnet
Parallel Network £ 14.99 I Modem Cable 9-25 25-25 £9.99 Null
Modem Cable £9.99 | Amiga-VGA Monitor £12.99 Amiga-TV Cable
£2.49 Amiga-CM8833 Monitor £9.991 Amiga-Scart Cable £9.99
Printer Cable (1.8 metre) £4.99 Disk Drive Monitor Ext. £
14.99 Analogue PC j.stick Adapt. £7.99 Mouse Joystick
Extension £4.99 Mouse Joystick Autoswitch £9.99 I MIDI Cables
(3 metre x2) £9.99| Centronics-Centronics £9.99 SCSI D25-50
way Cent. £ 1 1,99 SCSI D25-50 way Micro-D £ I 5.99 I SCSI
Adaptors from.. £15,99 SCSI Terminators from... £ 19.991
Internal SCSI Cables from..£9.99
2. 5" IDE Hard Drive Cable £5.99 I Amiga-3.5" Hard Drive £18.991
Custom Cable Suppliers For all your custom cable requirements
just give us a call, we can usually supply most cables next
working day.
Amiga CD ROM's Peripherals Delivery £ 1.50 per title or £3.99 for 4+ l7Bit&LSDVol. I £17 9?
L7Bit& LSD Vol.2 £17.99 17Bit & LSD Vol.3 £17.9?
17Bit Collection £10.99 I Tbit Continuation £14.99 (7BitPhase4 £6 99 i7B.it Sth Dimention £(7,99 3000JPEG Tcxturcv £(7,99 1TBit & LSD Yol.2 £17 99 3D Images £10 99 3D Objects £10,99 Adult Animation*! 18) £18,9?
Adult Sensations I ((8) £ 14.99 Adult Sensations 2(18) £T4 9?
Adult Sensations 3 (IB) £14 99 AGA Experience I NFA£ I J.99 AGA Experience INFA£ 17.99 Amiga Developers CD £14 99 New!!Photogenics V2 CD ROM £89.99 New features Animation Support, New Effects System. Virtual Images Plus More.... Buy Weird Science Network 2 CD & CD-32, Serial Network Cable.
Foronly,£35.99 New!! EPIC M M Encyclopedia £25.99 New!! CD Rom World Atlas £24.99 Full colour Multimedia Atlas for the Amiga.
Rated Absolutely Superb Amiga Repair Kit AmiNet4 AmiNctB AmiNet 12 AmiNet 13 AmiNet 14 AmiNetSct I AmiNet Set 2 AmiNetSet3 Arcade Classics Pius Artworx As as ins 2 C64Gamcs v 1.1 C64 Sensations v2 CAM CD-PD I CD-P02 CD-PD 3 Colour Library Derrt Rom Demo Collection v I Emulators Unlimited Encounters Epic Collection 2 £35 99 £12.9?
£1299 £14 99 £1499 £1499 £23.9?
£23 9?
£26 99 £12 99 £10.99 £15.99 £23.99 £16 99 £21.99 £5 99 £5.99 £5,99 £12.99 £17 99 £5.99 £1799 £14.99 £14.99 New!! Magic Publisher 4 CD set£34.99 Inc. Wordworth 4 TD, Final Writer 4 SE, I 0,000 Fonts and 5,000 Clips and more.
Now Available Zoom-2 £18.99 Long awaited New version of this very popular CD. The latest PD from 2 Libraries.
Octamed Sounds Studio CD £22.99 Totally revamped new version of this top selling CD, includes endless new and improved features.
New!! AmiNet I 4-Now Available £25.99 Clock Cart, i Vista Lite-3 Scoop Purchase!! Insight Dinosaurs Designed for the CD32 CD-TV but usable on any Amiga with CD, Now Only £4.99 Epic Int. Encyclopedia £25.99 Eric Schwartz CD £24,99 EuroCDvl £12.99 FI Licensewarc £26.99 Fractal Universe £17.99 Gamers Delight 2 £23.99 Gateway £9.99 GIF Sensations_(14 99 Ideal Xmas Gift!!
Guinness Disc of Records £17.99 CD Version of the ever-popular fact filled book.
FREE!! Prima Shareware CD-ROM worth £ I 0 with every order of CD-ROM software over £30 Mousemat4mm £2.49 Zip Stick joystick £9.99 Gravis Amiga joystick£ 19.99 Roboshift mouse joystick twitch £9.99 Amiga Contol Pad £9.99 Kickstart 2.04 2.05 £24.99 CIA 8520A I O chip £18.99 FPU 25mhz PLCCf £34.99 FPU 33mhz PLCC £39.99 Wizard 560-dpi Amiga Mouse £12.99 Alfa Data 400-dpi Mega Mouse £11,49 3 Button Mega Mouse Plus £ 12.99 TurboTech Real-Time Clock Cartridge| £14.99 Vista Pro Lite Requires 2Mb of Ram & Hard Disk With Kickstart 2.04 or above.
£9.99 Limited Offer AlfaData Crystal T rackball Only,..£34.99 Amiga PSU £34.99 , PSU fAQ QQ 4x Standard PSU Power tO . 200watts of Power Zydec Speakers ZyFi-2....£26,99 ZyFi Pro..£57.99 Amiga Modulator £34.99 Heavy Duty Amiga Developers CD Ver 1.1 £14.99 This CD contains all thr material* needed to develop software for the Amiga. From Amiga Tethnologies comes the complete Amiga Dc*ctap*n Tools and Documentation.
Gin-1 Graphics £28.99 Global Amiga Exprnce £24.99 Graphics Sensations 1 £15.99 Guinness Disc of Recordsil 7 99 HorrorScnsations(l8) £19.99 Hottest 6 £17.9?
Illusions in 3D £89?
Image PD CD £17.9?
Inio-the-Nei £15.9?
Insight Dinosaurs £4 99 LightROM3 £18 99 LightROM Gold £1599 Magic Publisher £34.99 Magic WB Enhancer £8.99 Meeting Pearls vJ £8.99 Movie MakerSpccialFX£24.V9 Multimedia Toolkit 1 £4 9?
MultimediaToolkit2 £19 99 Network CD £7.99 NctworkCD 2 £12.99 NothingbutGlFsAGA £17.99 Nothing but Tetris £10.99 Octamed & £19.99 Octamed Sound Studio£22.99 Oh Yes More Worms £8.99 Pandora's CO £7.99 Photogenicsl £39.99 Pov-Roy £25.99 Prima Shareware vl £9.99 Scene Storm £17.99 Sci-FiSensation £17.99 Sexy Sensation (18) £14.99 Sound FX Sensation £12.99 Sound Library £17.99 Sounds Terrific v2 £15.99 Source Code £16.99 S pace 4 Astronomy £16.99 Speccy 96 Sensations £17.99 System Booster £17 99 Util.tie*3(POSoft) £17.99 Ulilit irs Experience £13,99 Weird 5t. AMOS PD £16.99 Wei rd Sc. Animations
£16.99 Weird Sc.Clip Art £6.99 Weird 5c. UPD Gold £24.99 WorfcbcnchAddOns £20.99 World Atlas £24.99 World Mo 95 £34.99 Zoom 2 £18.99 eagle 4000 TE " All our new Amiga's are built exclusively under a full Amiga Technologies OKM license under the “AMIGA-ltased” Trad cm it rk.
Big Box Towers Our range f Amiga Tawer Systems util I it rl lii'i rnli.mu I lie speciflt uliou of tour Amiga. Thry he nr fit from quality iiui.il construction ami lull h ri |£h I with dimensions of 6AUminilWnimti4J(l mm.
Eagle 400(1 IK 3 High quality Xenon Tower Original Amiga Technologies Motherboard SCSI-2 and IDF. Bus. OS3.J 2Mb Chip RAM. 4Mb Fast RAM 230W PSU. PC Keyboard and System disks £ 1299.95 'S tfhttersoft liiv ¦ Hill n I v iii v v 'ill'll externally. Available fur A4000, A3000 and A I2l 0.
Tosttn ll'lemc specify Amiga model I Engle 40CHITK-40 40 As HagJc 4000TE but with : 3 08040 4()MHz CyberStorm Processor 3 I Gb Hard drive £ 1799.95 PCX is an idl new (Software only (K0 K6 emulation for any 68020+ Amiga!
L‘S I'T I Pha sr yvv -ify Amiga model j 230TV (with fart sertsori Intel Pentium Processommi (Fl'l' supported if Amiga has FPU I I "SO keyboard & mouse Bus m»u*e rmiilalion Dual 8273 DM A controllers Dual 8259 intcinipt tuntiollcrv 8254 tuner and 8272 disk eootrnller 82r.5,5 parallel interface I6C550 serial interface 3 Cities 5428 chipset (VCA S'VC.A graphics) 3 SoundBlaster! Tm) compatible 1)AC Standard PC speaker sound 3 IDE controller (supports two * irtual IlM; dev ices i 3 Supports up to 16 Mb ol memory (with LI rncmncy nuppinpl 3 Support for all usable v ideo satds 3 Nathe ANSI dnver for
fast TEXT modes 3 Native CD-ROM driver 3 Native ASPI driver for direct SCSI access ) Native network driver for accessing Amipa!30S devices ) r-i I (X) fund optimivedhSK assembly language for best possible performance ) OS2.V+ complunl user interface 3 CPU Tnin*cripiion converts 80x86 cl sis- to native code ASK code Shuttle 4000 PCI Fugle 4IHHI1T:-60 50 As Eagle 4000TE but with : 3 hR060 50MHz Cyberstorm Processor 3 I Gb Hard drive £1999.95 W licit filled in one of our Towers* the shuttle 4tEH) I'CI expand** ¦ he desktop A4 HKI with further Znrtii, Vidro and PCI ISA slots. I lie PCI slots allow
the use of our Pentium processor hoard In lake ml' unlade of both computers ill our Tower.
Eagle 1200 TE All our new Amiga's arc built exclusively under Tull Aniigu Technologies OKM license under the “Amiga-Based" ‘Trademark.
New Lower Prices on Eagle 4000TE Amiga's!!
7 x Zorro III Slate 5 DMA Busier I 3 PC PCI Slots 1 i Slol for Pinlium Board .1 PC ISA Slots 2 Video Slots Eagle I2U0TE 3 High quality Rubin Tower 3 Original Amiga Technologies Motherboard 3 IDF. Bus, OS3.J. 2Mb Chip RAM 3 230W PSIJ. I’C Keyboard and Svslcm disks £ 599.95 Emplant 1200 & Lite Shuttle JIHHI PCI llundle 4000PC1 System : Tower, 23l)w PS I . Shuttle 4000PCI Emplant 1200 h u software only version of the famous Mac emulation, specifically drsigneri for the V12IK) or l'l)J2 (with SX-1 orSX-32 module) Eagle I21MITE-40 40 As Eagle 12(M)'I'K but w ith : O 6804040MHz Bli zard
Processor £ 799.95 J Lsc of 256K. 5I2K and 1Mb MAC ROMs.
3 Supports 2,4, 16, 256. Thousands and millions colour modes.
3 New super-fusl Graffiti graphics driv er, for 2.4. 16.256 colour modes.
) orklHiKh id«*o driver, up to 256 colours in a window!
3 Supports CD-KDM drives, hard drive partitions, hard files and mm disks.
3 Supports serial and parallel using Amiga ports.
) Supports AMAX, F.MP1.ANT. MAC high density, PC 720K and I’C high density disks.
:3 Supports stereo audio* 3 Supports Akiko when used with CD-32 with SX-I or SX-32 3 Supports 1120 through 060 processors and 6KSKI 2.
3 t )S2.x style guide compliant interface on public screen.
A**1 Shuttle PCI Eagle 12(H) I K-60 5fl As Eagle 12(H) I K but with : 3 6806050MHz Bliz .ard Ptoccsmv V_ £ 999.95 lien titled in one of our Towers, the Shuttle 12OH J‘( I expands (lie A1200 with Zorni II. PCI. ISA slots and Villen Slats. The PCI slots allow the use of our Pentium processor hoard In take advantage of hoi h computers in one Totter.
Phase 5 3 7 x Zairro II Slots 3 3 X PC PCI Slots ) I i Slol for Pentium Board J 3 X PC ISA Slots 3 2 x Video Slots We art' an Apprm ed Phase 5 Dealer Pcx E 49.95 Village Tronic Phase 5 aereleralors offer unrisailed performance and price. There are various models to suit most Amiga's.
Fr'sUJ' Km plant I 2*m» Siujtile 1200 PCI £24*1.**5 Plcaxm l is a brand new Graphics hoard for any Zorro 11 or II Aniigu.
Fcaiiirt- Include: Cj Ix-rSlomv MKII llftl) (50MHz) (nr A4000(T)»r 63000( 4) CybcrSlorm MKII 040EC (40MI1H for A4HMHT) * r A3000CD Bli ard 1260 (50MH I for A 12(H) Blizzard I240ECT l40MHzi Tor A1200 Tower SCSI-11 fast for all CyberStorm versions SCSI-II Fast and ide for all CyberSinrm versions SCSI-11 Fast Blizzard 1260 and 1240 CylierVLslon 6-IZ3D Vide** Hoard Hark orders imw being taken.'
Zorro ll lli, Vtrgr AD (Iraplut x i hip. CGXAP Software- 2Mf RAM
C. 'j IhtVision 64 31) 4Mb V ersion Cyber Vision MPEG module
(With Stereo Line out) Cyber Vision Scan Doubler Monitor
SwiUrher miHliili- £529.95 £329.95 £479.95 £249.95 £ 89.9?
£149.95 £ 89.9?
Hoodie I2IKI PCI System : Tower. 230w PS I. Shut He 1200 PCI £449 »5 64 hit Cirrus C 1,67) 5446 Chip 2Mb Fast EDO R.W (4MI Lip t On-board Flicker Fixer Genlock compatible "Vhien •oiiAVnrthench " tmle Ports for iufdilinmil A f’LG. V imn and AD Chip Picasso IV 2Mb £399.95 h *- Shuttle 1200 When fitted in one of our Towers, the Shuttle 1200 expands the A 1200 with Zorrn If. ISA sluts and possible Video Slots (Upgrade). Tills is ideal for those users who base outgrown their A1200 system.
1219. 95 £279.95 £ 159.95 C 69,95 Mac Idle Picil’Mr II* is a new
design offering raster Zorro 11 bus. Higher Blitter speed
tup to 30Mb Sec and now includes ) 7 x Zorro II Slots J 5
X PC ISA Slots 3 2 x Vidro Slols 0 A' lamese System Ke*'
StormC Storm Wizard ImagcFX 1.5 E 249.95 Shuttle I2IHI
Bundle 1200System : Tower, 230w PS I , Shuttle 12041 The
Advanced C C** Development System for the AMIGA !
The Siamese Svslcm is the means to allow diffcrrnt iLHiiputer platforms to Puhlu A'idco Cncoder CyberGmphX Software Ariadne Liana 1.6m cable Liana 5 .(Ini rubtc AmiTCP
053. 1 A500 600 1500 2000
053. 1 ,A 1200 34HK) 4IHM) Main Actor Pro Main Actor Broadcast
Main Actor Broadcast 11 pgrade from Pro I E '89.95 £ 34.95
£179.95 C 59.95 £ 69.95 E 69.95 £ 89.95 C 99,95 £ 59.95 £
149,95 aiiow nincrrm computer piauorrns to wish our
inlegrale neatly. At last, an integrated V fT‘ e,tttUm board
and Siamese' Amiga, PC and Mae system is possible!
3 Single Monitor aiilomalieally swilelirs hclwri-n I'C and .Amiga Screen.
StmmC m mirgialcd ilcitlcfiifBi »j*teit w Si-h kMUini nil ifctelupiiKti .inprraive fm filkuni rngnwnng rdiun ampilff lister ilrtsigycr inJ FcunStvJI with man* tanturnJuij; fcolutiL* the Sean » l Siprint‘ isiu u.ml proffc!
Manager whkft marugr* etcry pan «( (he e j: amircr*, header*, Ithrone*.
KeurnmlL Kristie* the VO) (jil c.liUv Lliliiur nkjd L() Suldj li. Fil 1 he Her nwstahiluy .nu1 a tjnun chick.
The Sunni' (impkl handle* ANSI (¦ ind C- * xturcrt and generates opurruxtJ cudc Lie ihc «*Mc Mnwrulj ftBexx faauit uneludinp miui *v4 684$ 13)821 The KunShell m a powerful ioHim system !hJ1 IBMiWl Ise tunning appliealsifl ar l preicnia a fnnn craUutf IV napx li a! ' oiler. Rr--ur,( iraelmr and n can ian iSe ?¦-¦ij.e leiel debugger J*nrt naHime rf Ow program £399.95 Single Key 1 w ard and Mouse operation across both platforms.
Built in Serial networking with all PC drives inounled on Amiga.
Siamese- uses high speed SCSI network with suilatde SCSI interfaces.
Read and Write on any PC Drive at high speed, including Networked Drives.
Text Clipboard. Cut and Paste between Amiga and IT applications.
Full Arrxx support built in.
I've Video Heeordingcards. PC Ethernet Cards PC SVC.A monitor w iih l« A Amiga'* anil PC Scanners with programs like Phololicnk-s 3 Share Printers, all Amiga output sent to IN' printer.
3 I’ve l’C runtime versions of 3D programs on a Pentium and walch 'em Fly.
3 Allows Amiga access la Low cost PC products eg. 16 hit Sound Cards.
:3 Amiga MCI controller from Amiga Dos or Arexx, I Media Control Interface)
i. e. Digital Mpeg A ideo. Sound. .Midi etc. Siamese Sx.stcm
£149,95 Pentium Board Our PCI Pentium Hoard is a complete
modern Pentium PC system. The board is used in conjunction
with our PCI Shuttles.
I his means that our Towers cun offer a Complete multi* platform solution I Amiga. IT arid Macl via this hoard, Emplant and the Siamese niJOH.
SlormC C2W.95 SlnmiC • I intrude option Jua irud in i i»n nrijfinu diiii from 4A1 peagrammdng tanguage.'
SlormC Starter £119.95 Kedui rd raiurrs, fantasrie introductory vrnhm.
£119.95 VILLAGE* TRONIC 3 256Kb Cache I Expandable to | Mh) 3 2 Serial Ports, I Parallel Port 3 floppy and HDD Controller. Keyboard socket 3 External Power Connector 3 PC 104 Expansion Port 3 IZXMli HAM capability.
3 Accepts Processor at 75. 100,120, 133 and 150Mil .
Storm WIZARD - New (.11 editor R f(i - Siamese Pack New sufiwure pack that ulTers rctargelling of many Amiga screens to the video hoard wiihin vour IT! C 69,95 DriyesimL Keyboards 4Mh SIMMs C 24.95 Smh SIMM* C 49.95 IftMh SIMM* C 89.95 32Mb SIMM* £169.95
IC. h Hard dn* 1 : IDLl C 149.95 2Gb Hard drive! IDF.i £239.95
2Gb Hard Dns e (SCSI) £349.95
4. 2Gb Hard Drixe (SCSI) £599.95 4 X CD ROM drive (IDE) E 693 5 6
X CD ROM drive (IDF 1 £ 89.95 8 X CD ROM drive (IDF) £109.95 6
X CD ROM drive (SCSI) £169.95 A 41100 |'( * Key hoard adaptor
£34.95 A1200 PC Keyboard adaptor £49.95 SiormWIZARX) is a t™ 1
to make designing «f GUIs simple. Vihi »ilt gel an AmigaOJi
cMTfslMnl l'l scry quiekls wnhrtii pogiamrtung one line nt
tisJe' ¦ i Lkv, j d Ljm New Municsc-Mur Pack £179.95 Ibis pack
ofTerv the full Siamese feat oris above, plus a vpn'inl full
Macintosh emulation module SlormW i aird Pentium PCI Board
Pentium Board 4 PI Prim SlormC Starter -¦ Storm W i urd
Pentium I’ll HI Pentium 1*133 Cl 09.95 £189.95 Pentium 1*75 £
89.95 Pentium PI 20 £140.95 Pentium PI50 £249.95 rXriEITrcl
unit** paiarnj and image processing with A pjllicularU
prrKlaitise user interface ArtEffto « not "juil another"
grapliss program (n the Amiga h » not oiirntcd towards die
furrcnl "itatidafd" [Mograms no (he Amiga. TsUI raihci iu the
classic program* lor pofessimil image processing sash as
KbOiOlhep 11 Ml and for ¦ pi.!ufcs shros AsEffot in KapidFirr
NCSl-H Zorn* card. With memory expansion El 29.0?
Spit Fire SCSI-1! Znmv card E 109.95 DblScan 4000 FULL PC SYSTEMS WITH SIAMESE PACKS!
L. inkl p Expander hoard Four Serial t Upgrades to .X). I
Parallel Icparades to 2) £229.95 DblScan 40 M) intelligently
upgrades all PAL NTSC* screenmodc-s so that they can be
displayed oil a regular VGA SVGA MtilliScan monitor. T he
result Is cuiiipletily romputilile with nil progmms. Provides
full 24-hil output, so no informal ion is lost. Screen me kIcs
lli.it do not rei|uire upgrading pass through untouched.
Reduces flicker on interlace screens. Requires an A4U0I) or
lOOG enmpatihlci video slot. Can he used with a pass-through
graphics card.
IIMScan 4000 £149,95 Midi l ower case. Hill HD. 16Mb RAM (HMh with 486 systems). PCI ISA Triton VX motherlMiard. Imh PCI Graphics card. 192 Key Keyboard. Mouse, 3.5" Floppy, 14" Monitor 15" with PI 29+ systems I, I year on-site warranty.
Includes the Siamese Pack ready to "Twin"ytwr Amiga 4K6DX4 IIMI £ H 14,95 PK5 75 £ 884.15 Pentium 100MHz £ 164.95 Pentium 120 Mhz 11064.95 Pentium 133 Mhz £1114.95 Pentium 150MHz £1214.95
l. inkl p 11 pit rude Creative.
Intuilive, New.
T r Effrct The I llintitlv Graphics Program.
Software AsimCDFS 3.5 Total CD-ROM package Muster ISO Amiga CD- Uriting software Master ISO + AsimCDFS i 49.95 £129.95 £149.95 Image Vision Multimedia authoring system + £73 £ 49.95 Gniffili - Fast Chunky adaptor fur Mac emulation GrunUi Graphic* Adaptor I 89.95 j link wlnlr I(k iS.vuisscIiI I* *lilt li* ArtKITevt A oi ld Construction Set (Scenery Generator!
World Construction Set 2 (Advanced version) £119.95 £279.95
* *!i jendrJiji m-*v .XWrh-ll uvi rilin.ni' .nunuJ
raulirthre*Jin(. Whnh pwi Die rr"Vrjm +» n*hHjoou». Poriltel
m»nl *.e,* linage* ufe *u«inj 1.1 kw.1 hcl.we liw Avunert ¦*
TirnvheJ |i t, jxnuMe iu Mlnw t link wlnlr if»- ¦tocwmen w *ull
kuOing A vpajlf ndwe* kxol lit.- OCIMMC* All rrtv.'V KVC'V' .an
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.unwifd. irwluJinf lornt*. Many tltMl • : Iraiurr. Air al«
.urp.-r.eJ, like hacLjn.uihl. anJ crnuing Avk'ch .upp.B*v I Sc
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I'll* anJ Ci.f+w rpMii-Li mine jit* By living exierrul
iHi iamv. I'D', Mailco. Tclnn *nJ New*™ alui K- uni Awrti let*
yon Wl all imaK’c*. .!*!* all ‘nvajt tuaJrnp. Is l.**J only
clickahlc map anJ tV-U» nlhrr image* 11* delayed image*, the
ALT tevi i* di.pIJLcd I raa*parci i Gil* joe *upj»iiicJ 11k
• - '• ... . . .m t .. a. i.,..j. ...li;.------- mcd puhht wiccn
oi open in !i*r *cre«r- Vrni tm twf y*
* 1 *ta1u» wirJ.iv till (etiuic i(-i.iuKdlV43| h Mippanrj T-
miprn.c rvlw.uk luni nainr* and rKlw.ut a.|jri**.-* an1 .athcJ
** jiidresw* aic li*4,cd up only oner during a vcwiun. Aweh Can
iifcri ll * »indi.w. .in rlw .tclaull puMic (a*uwnte link* in a
hifur.liu.il KO.li You can aJJ. Ikklc. XVHC ur pnnrp link* in a
special h*uli*l rr.juester In ruenuun In it* own JwUisl. A Well
tar trad iahcl lieSlisls. Like tho*c of Amnsaic A Web Iu* a
cnrfigunble Arru menu wrih kcjKurJ sh.suui* to you can suet an)
useful Arevx maem rawly AnoJ.an.cd wiiinjs rnptesur is
iDiegroioim the g«o|rain AVVchaavan AR.-v* itreOocc.onJ a ur
u(ur and pi.weiiLl shell nunauad interface 4H‘r6 It rn ui
4ppn-i .* MB ol1 hard dak upmrfnr the irf.narr und S-lit MB if
fir* tpoet fnr dirk cochinf. At Iran VfS KASt. I .MS - hip Pwf.
A watiuiK TCP ll' uocltAmiTCPL uppiopriaxr CtF. PEG. JEW. 2*tnt
I - M.wUwn. * AWLtutt I A Web-II £ 39.95 Ruttmoft Fax : 01908 261488 Tci : 01908 261466 Tech : 01908 261477 6 Dmkcs Mews, CrnwaMU lt«t«stryv Millon Keynes, MKJtOF.R* UK* ( 11*11 hi Xs.csXivi !Wu iS!in l -ialtUJir * V, aiktr.1 «i ihair«-* XufKWe- fuU. Imtuskir.Z V X». Issdogi and ra.ku«; lano-.'J ll.a.i • MdlVIVI iSahHlfi'i I'iwv »«VLl *fKS*r« OIK*, ii.a! .I.uti nilbwl naur. Ilav UlrytMif t.t.sK.rum p**ii.*f ii*ifNalw+e' a.aOoIM.I. htlw. M.kr.us
I. VHC Vhlinl iiWit.«l Klnlp l Lum k. Vdi|nl I»mv
branMillwdilM.a Khlnn:. A.ailM trade 11w41.11..-* srinm MM«f
: kfaJD*wiUKc1.e+.mk M’tb rite a‘ijr
ulHttr;t,Jt..*ihJneLt;j.!ty A sackload of mail was dumped on
Ezra's desk once again. This month we have comments on the
Amiga's past as a games machine and also what software
developers should really be doing.
ETTERS OT A GAMES MACHINE What IS the world coming to? I just read an article in the latest issue of one of the U5's major video gaming magazines, it talks about how the Apple Macintosh wants to become a gaming machine. For the life of me I thought that computer manufacturers did not want their machines referred to as game machines, except for those dedicated consoles.
What is happening? The Amiga lost its respect as a serious platform when it was called a game machine. Now the Apple clan wants the title that the 'Wintel' crowd has taken for its own. The article also talked about the new Macs (Power Macs) that use the PowerPC processor which proved to be just as fast, if not in some cases faster, than many in Intel's line. (As a side note, the new 225 Mhz PowerPC 604e has been bench- marked faster than the 200 Mhz Pentium Pro.)
As I have written before a PowerPC in an ECS, or better yet an AGA, Amiga would show just how fast an Amiga can be. I also read Microsoft is planning to come out with a "stripped" version of its Windows operating system for the industries new $ 500 PC. Uh, excuse me but I have already seen a $ 500 personal computer with a very effective operating system that does not take an entire hard drive hostage and at the same time steal just about all of the machines system RAM. If I am not mistaken it is called Amiga.
I would really like to know were they get- off in thinking that all personal computers cost that of a DEC Alpha or SGI. But back to the processor thing. I got information from Motorola's official Web site about the features of the current most powerful processor for the Amiga - the 68060. As quoted from the Web site, the MC68060 processor has "superscalar implementation...executes three instructions per dock...dual 8-kbyte on-chip caches". Correct me if I am wrong, but are these not Pentium and PowerPC features.
Why is it that the Amiga community has a competitive processor for our machines of choice but is so slow in marketing software to take advantage of it I'll admit the only thing that the '060 is limited to is its clock speed. For it to really be a threat to the competition, the dock would have to double to 100 or triple to 150. That will never happen, but just think what '060 compiled software could do for the Amiga. We could see: faster full screen, full motion, full colour, animations; competitive rendering times (i.e. Lightwave, Imagine, Real 3D, Caligari (trueSpace?); and cleaner,
faster video (i.e. Toaster Flyer, Broadcast 32, V-Lab Motion).
What I would like to see is a host of "real" VR games that takes advantage of the '060, or even the '040 processing features, that fully uses the custom chip set and that can go nose to nose with the likes of Doom, Virtua Fighter, Descent, Tomb Raider, Mechwarrior, a Virtural ON and so on.
We could REALLY see an industry reviMDf the re-arrival with a Power Amiga or with programs written with the 6 mind.
LeRoy Parham, Jr.
Clinton, Maryland USA I x Reply: Yes, it's true that at the time ~v y the Amiga did lose a lot of respect when it was labelled a games machine. Over time though, it certainty proved itself to be a lot more than this. As readers of this magazine have discovered, the Amiga is an excellent graphics platform and remains unbeaten as a true, cost effective multimedia machine.
However looking at the state of the Amiga games market now, it would be nice if we could claim even a fifth of this title. It's unfortunate that this is the situation and apart from the likes of Vulcan and a few others, we certainly can't claim it as a games machine - it's up to us to show the many other areas ft excels in.
As for a $ 500 PC, well yes this is what the Amiga is - a low-cost PC. However, when it was brought back on to the market it was considerably more expensive than this - and even then you had to buy the monitor. So, it all depends on how this cheap PC comes bundled I suppose.
As you also point out we need developers to make software that shows off the Amiga to its full.
've been an Amiga fan since the first days of the AMIGA 500. I personally owned and own an A500, A3000 and A2000 with different upgrades, in hardware and software. I also used the A4000 and A1200 very often in business.
I worked for a small but successful company called X- MOTION. This company is based in Uruguay. There we used the Amiga platform for creating animations with Lightwave and Imagine for TV broadcast. We were also one of the first, if not the only ones, to struggle with the software on the first stages. But it improved with every upgrade.
Like every other Amiganoid, we got stuck in the infamous chaos of the Commodore liquidation. We saw time pass and developers of software and hardware migrate to other platforms, seeking stability. I'm not saying it's wrong, but it is sad. We also saw the price of Amiga machines rocket. So we were forced to buy a DEC Alpha and Lightwave 4.0 for DEC Alpha so we could continue with our work.
OK, to the point. I had to migrate to the PC platform and miss the freshness and friendliness of the Amiga environment Bazar del Cafe Something you want to get off your chest? Why not write in to ESP, Amiga Computing, IDC Media, Media House, Arlington Park, Macclesfield, Cheshire, SK10 4NP.
Or even better - send it in on a disk, saves my poor fingers, you know. You can even Email us at esp @amigacomp. Demon, co. Uk ISSING AMIGA Amiga Computing ultimedia Worries ?
OLL UP, Roll up Here I am with two A500's, one A30Q0 16 and a beefed 'S up A2500. My old A2500 is in a Bomac tower with a C5A Magnum 40 (33Mhz), 1 Meg Chip RAM, 22 Meg Fast RAM, Picasso II with 2 Meg RAM, Bridgeboard (don't use the damn thing), Video Toaster 2.0, NEC 6X Fast SCSI 2, Multisync (old) monitor, HP680C printer, USR Robotics
V. everything modem and I am probably forgetting a few things.
1 started out with an A1000 in 1986 and have been one of the fanatical Amiga supporters that IBM and MAC users complain about. I have upgraded several times and it was only recently that the IBM world started to be abie to do things faster than my Amiga. With the possibility of the Amiga OS on a Power PC, 1 got very excited until I started to think about where the real voids are in the Amiga realm. It is in the Multimedia CD-ROM department.
Here we are with the world's first multimedia computer and the top rated CD-ROM is a collection of shareware programs. Ladies and gentlemen, that is a very, very sad commentary of the state of the machine we love. For months now I have been shopping around for the IBM compatible that would fit my needs. I can get the best "bang for the buck" with a Micron 133 but i can't seem to force myself to buy one. I have used WIN95 at work and at friends' houses and the more I use it the more I dislike it.
The other day I saw a MAC 6400 with a 603e running at 180 Mhz and 1 want to tell you that I was IMPRESSED!.
I am looking for a store that stocks the 604 chip to see what it is like.
Now you ask, why not wait until the Power PC Amiga comes out? Well, there is still the problem that the Amiga is not going to be supported by the software companies in the multi- media world. I am not going to sell my beefed up Amiga (it's part of the family) but I suspect that eventually it is going to end up collecting dust with the rest of my collection of Amigas.
Brian Houx Ogden, Utah r y Reply: Okay, the multimedia j CD-ROM market has hardly wowed people. That could change though with more developers working on CD. However, on the multimedia side of things, companies like Scala have shown what can be done on the AMIGA but it is disheartening admittedlyr to see so few releases showing off the multi- media capabilities of the Amiga on a CD-ROM.
Come on, write in, you know you want to. The address as per usual is ESP, Amiga Computing, IDG Media, Media House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield, SK10 4NP. Doesn't matter what format you choose - sweaty sock and Tipp-Ex (that's Neil's particular fetish), traditional biro and paper or a disk (saves my fingers) which we can return.
Alternatively, e-mail us at ESP@acomp.demon.co.uk. At the moment we're lining up some software goodies for a lucky reader who writes in with the best letter.
RT LESSONS Since embarking on my Fine Arts course at Manchester University I have become disillusioned with my normal artis- tic mediums such as paints and canvas. In the last few months I have become increasingly interested in exploring the possibilities of using computers for my work.
Obviously, as I am a student, I do not have much money to spend so I am strongly tempted to buy an Amiga. This where I need your help.
Firstly, which Amiga represents the best value for money, considering I need a fairly sophisticated machine. I also need a computer that can be linked up to scanners, printers and the like. Would you recommend the lower spec computers such as the Amiga 500 or would my computer have to be a high end machine such as an Amiga 4000?
Secondly, which software graphics packages would suit my work the best? Your advice would be much appreciated Alex Shannon Reply: Fortunately Alex you should be able to get hold of
- j an Amiga that suits your requirements fairly easily. A second
hand Amiga 2000 with a graphics card would be ideal. As for the
graphics package, Almathera's Photogenics is probably your best
bet As luck would have it Photogenics was our cover disk for
last months Amiga Computing; so write in and get hold of one of
our back issues.
V Breeding time At last a real review of AB3DM.
Yes, I agree entirely. The trou- ble is I have pinned so much hope on this game that when it finally arrived I was disappointed. I now feel that because Amiga games development is almost at a standstill it has to be a fond farewell to my machine.
What a bitch. Perhaps Breathless 2 will be worth the wait?
Is there any point in hanging on?
Does anyone want an A1200 040 in a nice tower? No, didn't think so; after all, it doesn't play Decent or Z does it?
Do I sound depressed at all?
Ray Niblock j y Reply: Oh dear, you are on a j- bit of a downer aren't you?
We were disappointed too but felt we had to give it an honest review despite it not living up to our expectations. But don't despair, there are some new games on the horizon. Not heard of a Breathless 2 yet but there is a new 3D shoot-'em- up from Vulcan coming up. In the meantime you could always get the best from your Amiga in other ways Alien Breed 3DII was disappointing. Let’s hope some- SUCh as music, graphics and SO on. Thing will be along soon to redress the balance Amiga Computing EVOLUTION ?
I've seen people moan on the newsgroups and in magazines that their machine is dead, but they are wrong. Look at the new software developers and publishers who have been bringing us games now. Look at Andy Davidson who brought us Worms, his game is known by users all over the world for being the most original. He's now bringing us Worms: The Directors Cut and Worms 2.
Then take a look at Breathless which brought us a new look at games with 1*1 pixel. This game could be said to have started a revolution in the Amiga games industry, it showed us there was a lot more yet to be discovered about the Amiga. This revolution has continued on with AB3D 2 and will soon be continued by Burnout form Vulcan Software.
Last year there were no CD-ROM games for the Amiga but look now and you find they are on their way with Demistar, Kang Fu and we could even have had Myst. Some of us have seen the demo. From what I have learnt, a man from Poland made it even though he hadn't got permission. But he proved to us that it could be done - that a game which got so many awards and attention from the press could be made for the Amiga.
WIND That guy deserves a pat on the back, it's just a pity that companies wouldn't look at his discovery instead of pulling legal action.
Companies have not looked at the Amiga in the right way. All they see is an old computer that's had it's hay day and nothing more can be made on it. But they are wrong - many games can be converted for the Amiga. All it needs is for people like that Polish guy to prove it. If he had not made the demo of Myst and we asked them to make it, they would have simply said it can't be done as the Amiga hasn't the power to run it. He had the right idea and even though it's illegal it could help save us.
I hope, like many others, that Myst comes to us. Think of the repercussions - other companies would see a well known company bringing a game of such high quality to a machine they had written off.
We should tell other software companies - if Cyan can make Myst then they should be able to make such and such. This is an opportunity not to be missed - e-mail them and tell them you'll buy their game.
Looking through my present issues of Amiga magazines, I can see a new generation of games developers. Some might say the games aren't all that good, but just imagine what they'll be able to do in time to come. Vulcan Software have proved this
- its first ever game was Valhalla which many magazines didn't
like. But look at what they're going to bring us now - six new
titles of a brilliant standard.
These are the type of people and companies we should cherish and not discount them at their first shot at making a game.
They are what is keeping the Amiga alive and they are the future. If we brush them aside we have no chance.
Due to the lack of games, people have been expanding their Amiga to it's full.
People like you and me Have been buying accelerators with extra memory, CD-ROM drives and modems. No wonder games sales have been low - we have spent a lot of money upgrading our machines pushing the spec of games up. We should be proud of what we have achieved, accelerators are now cheaper meaning more people are expanding.
I've had enough of people saying my machine is dead. Dead means without life, but I can tell you without hesitation that there is life in the Amiga. If you want to be negative then do it somewhere else, not in the newsgroups and not in. The magazines.
We have a future with so many companies wanting to make Amiga's, it can only be a good thing. With Escom dead and the shops up for sale, rumour is Anglo Corporation (which helps to distribute Amiga's in the UK) could buy their shops - this is a good sign. I've also heard that other retailers have bought the Amiga stock and are now selling thousands in the UK. I can't confirm this but I hope it's true.
We must not sit back, we should be telling software and hardware companies what we want. We should not be leaving it to everyone else - make time. I personally e- mailed a games developer and gave him my support and he e-mailed me back thanking me. You can make a difference so don't become a part of the problem by moaning your machine is dead, look at all the positive things that have happened and are still to come. I hope people will agree with me.
Philip Reply: Yes, Anglo Corporation ~ have bought the Escom chain and the shops will be re-launched as Silica shops. As far as we know they will be concentrating on PC's as well as stocking Playstation hardware and software - as far as Amiga goes, no comment has been made. In a future issue though, we will be looking at the availability of Amiga's and sales at retail.
As far as the Myst demo goes, it was pretty impressive to see it on the Amiga and let's just hope it could persuade other developers that our machine is powerful enough to do such things. This is only the first hurdle though, they then have to be persuaded that their efforts will be rewarded with sales. So if they get lots of e-mails.. If you prefer, you can send us your letter via Email.
Simply point your mailer to: ESP@acomp.demon.co.uk. You could even send it in on a disk - it makes our lives easier too. Someone has to type this lot in you know!
Amiga Computing What happens when the World's largest independent Internet Serviee Provider commits itself to the Amiga?
Not only do you get NETCOM's award-winning service and 24 hour technical support (Internet 96 'Best Buy')... ...BUT ALSO... ...the option to buy one of several unbeatable hardware, software and Internet service packages direct from Amiga specialists Eyetech, our UK partners in bringing NETCOmplete™ to the Amiga... For example... The Eyetech GetConnected Internet upgrade package for diskette-only A1200s - for just £199.95 including VAT V 4Mb memory expansion, V32 (14.4) modem, all cables and full installation instructions V Complimentary hard disk with preinstalled software ? Three months
unlimited Internet, Web and email access with 1 Mb of your own World Wide Web space ? Internet reference book by acclaimed communications and Amiga journalist 'Wavey' Davey Winder Complete Software AMIGA' Customised Amiga software 'Click-and-go' installation Special inclusive GetConnected hardware software Internet bundles available from Eyetech Complete Access Local telephone dial-up Nationwide coverage Quality network connectivity Please contact Eyetech, our UK Amiga partners, by phone, fax, email or post for full details of these and other NETCOmplete™ packages for the Amiga:
f&TCOM TM Eyetech Group Ltd The Ola Bank, 12 West Green Stokesley, North Yorkshire, TS9 5BB Phone: 01642 713 634 Fax: 01642 713 634 email: info@eyetech.co.uk web: http: www.eyetech.co.uk NETCOM Internet Ltd, St James House, Oldbury, Bracknell, Berks., RG12 8TH Phone: 01344 395500 Fax: 01344 420515 NETCOM and NETCOMPIETE are trademarks of NETCOM Online Communications Serv ces Inc All ether brands and trademarks are fuify recognised as the property of their respective owners TALL ED CD When I turn my system on it stalls.
J If I set my HD to game and let my CD Drive go through its startup, lH switch to auto boot and then soft- reset via Amiga Amiga Ctrl, my system will recognise my CD after a mount command.
What I want to do is switch my system on and if I decide to use a CD, for it to come up on my Workbench screen, like if I inserted a disk in DFO, is this possible?
John Molden, Cheshire Thanks for sending a copy of your startup sequence and user startup along with the details of your Amiga set up, it does make my job a lot easier when I know exactly how a machine is set up. If any one else is going to submit questions to ACAS please take note!
Normally extra hardware, such as CD-ROMs, are added to the Amiga via a DOS driver, which is what 1 assume you have on your Workbench screen.
These usually reside in the DEVS.DOSdrivers drawer and are automatically mounted by the startup sequence. This would normally result in a properly mounted CD drive, where you put a CD into your CD-ROM and the disk icon appears on the Workbench. You should try moving the CDO icon in this drawer and hopefully you will get the CD-ROM working as you want it to. I used to use the Zappo CD-ROM and this caused the startup to stall, but this was a fault of the software and really the AsimCDFS software you are using is very good and should not cause a stall at all.
Being the soft belly of a good woman at the end of a hard day, ACAS will make all you problems drift away Qoor Pict decided to try this new Datatypes, but when I boot my computer there is no text on the Workbench icons or menus and if I try opening a drawer I get no borders on the window.
Programs run fine, only the initial Workbench screen is affected. I traced the bug to the picture Datatype and ILBM Datatype. Once I restored the old file my Workbench boots fine.
The only fix I have been able to find is to have a preset of the screen mode that is just a little different. Just enough to make the screen to reset, for example, my screen mode is Super72 910x600 (save) and I changed it to 900x600 (preset). The text and the borders come back to normal.
I tried putting my preset screen mode in the WBStartup drawer, but it didn't help, reset must be done after boot is completed.
Any help would be appreciated.
J. A. Ospina, javiero@village. Io§. Com I'm afraid you are just
going to have to put up with the problem. The PictDT software
is still only in the early beta testing stage and has a long
way to go before it is running perfectly, particularly on
plain AGA systems.
Backdrop picture is not drawn in properly and a ResetWB is required. I do not know if the two are connected but it's possible. Currently there is no real advantage with using the new 24 bit Datatype except with iBrowse and Aweb where it improves colour.
Not impressed with iBrowse image decoding?
The version 43 picture datatype could help The problem you describe is similar to a recurring problem 1 have noticed on Amigas using the normal picture Datatype, where the Workbench Amiga Computing ? ° NET TOD GY FTP I have recently connected to the Internet and am finding the Amiga to be more than capable of accessing most of the net's features, unfortunately I am having trouble downloading software from FTP sites such as the Aminet.
My system is a 10 Meg A1200 with a Viper 11 030 accelerator. I am using a 28,800 modem with a serial speed setting of 57600. ! Use AmiTCP and amFTP for file transfer, although 1 get the same problem using Ibrowse for FTP operations.
When I start to download anything the initial on screen display shows a transfer rate of about 1500 cps, but after a few seconds all the SD RD lights on my modem stop flashing and the system just hangs for a long while before giving me another small block of data.
Eventually I end up with a transfer speed of between 50-100 cps, which even with my very limited knowledge of comms, seems very slow I have tried downloading from various Aminet sites, locally and overseas, but the problem is always the same.
Hoping that you can help me with this problem!
Trev Dawson, tdawson ( enterprise.net have been a regular reader of your magazine since early 1993. Recently I have not been able to purchase your magazine, simply because I couldn't find it anywhere in Doncaster, so I had to make do with AUI. Eventually, my newsagent was able to order it for me and I can read it once again. Anyway, on to my main points:
1. 1 have an Amiga 1200 with a Connor 85MB hard drive. Recently,
I started to write an AmigaGuide file for beginners on the
Internet to put in the Public Domain. Reading so much about
it, I know how to set up an Amiga to get on the 'net, even
though I don't have it myself (parental problems - they won't
let me!). In helping me with this, I have used an article from
your May 1995 magazine in which Frank Nord revealed how to get
the AmiTCP installation from ftp.demon.co.uk. He talks about
downloading it from Demon's FTP server but how can you down
load it if you haven't got AmiTCP in the first place? Do you
get something from Demon when you subscribe to them that
allows you to download things? Does he mean that you have to
download them on a friends machine? When talks about
downloading things, he tells you to link up, etc., and then
tells you to type "neftp ftp.demon.co.uk''. Is ncftp part of
AmiTCP? If not, where does it come from? I am assuming you
must get Qpollo Accelerators Reading your review on the Apollo
accelerators (issue 104 page 40 41), I have a few questions.
1. The review is mostly focusing on speed and bench marking. In
my humble opinion one 060 accelerator is just as fast as the
next. They all use the same processor, or am I missing
something here?
2. In your review you mention 'A problem with programs that use a
lot of floating point operations'. What kind of problems are
we dealing with here? Have you tested the 060 board on
programs like Lightwave, Real 3-D or World Construction Set?
What are the results? Any problems occurred like instability
or render errors?
3. I know that when you buy an 060 board from Phase5r a patcher
program is supplied with the board. Why is this not the case
with the Apollo 060? Is this a matter of superior design or an
omission? Will the patcher program from PhaseS work with an
Apollo board or again, is it not needed?
4. Several 'exotic' boards (both accelerators and graphic cards)
need a revision 11 Buster chip. Could you please explain what
this chip does? And why is the Buster rev 11 mentioned in the
requirements box in something from Demon when you subscribe,
or it is a Catch-22 situation. You need to download things,
but you can't until you have downloaded AmiTCP, but you can't
download anything..,etc.
2. In your screen shots of Workbench-based programs, the windows
have different dose, etc. gadgets than mine do. Is it
something to do with the fact that 1 only have Kickstart 3?
3. Can you recommend any good books about the Amiga and the
Internet that will help me?
The local library in Doncaster is about as much use as a chocolate fireguard in the Sahara desert. They either think the Amiga doesn't exist or think it can't handle the 'net.
4. When I had my ZX Spectrum +2A a few years back, I had a game
called Turbo Esprit. It involved riding the around streets in
your car, looking for the bad guys. I saw it at a car boot
sale when I was on holiday (pirated, of course), but didn't
buy it. I still have the original Spectrum tape, but it
won't load through the emulator I have. It used to, but even
then it was as slow as a Lada trying to climb Everest. 1 would
be very grateful if you could give me some information
regarding this game.
5. My last question. My parents won't let me get the Internet,
because they say it is too 'the bottom line' section of your
reviews? I know that in many A4000 you will find a rev 9
Buster, which could be the cause of some problems. I do hope
you can help me out here, kind regards and keep up the excel
lent work!
Robert den Breeder, robert. Den.broeder@tip.nl
1. Theoretically the design of the board will play a part in how
fast the 060 can run,
* depending on how good memory access and if there was any
secondary cache, but the Apollo and Blizzard boards both seem
to run at identical speed.
2. The problem with the 060 is that a number of the floating
point commands have been removed from the built in FPU.
To keep the processor compatible a number of traps have been implemented so when the processor comes across one of these commands it has to stop what it is doing clear all the of its cache and run the trap, before continuing on as normal.
As one of the biggest reasons for the 060's speed increase is it pipeline and cache this completely cripples the processor, making it run as slowly as a 68000. No instability occurs just quiet a bit of frustration.
Amiga Computing expensive. They say I won't always have a paper round to pay for it. My mum says that when I leave home I can get it then, but I am worried that by then the Internet will either have gone out of fashion or become too expensive.
My dad says no because he says he has read about what is on the Internet. He says it is full of dirty pictures, which you and I know is untrue. It may have somewhere, but not to the extent that I would say "It is full of if.
Please, please, please can you give me any ideas on trying to persuade them to let me have it? I have tried every thing I can think of: It is educational, it has masses of information on it, you can get my favourite team on it (Middlesbrough), it has news groups on about everything that you can think of, you can get free programs from it You can even get your excellent magazine on it!
Anyway, keep up the good work. I like the new logos inside the magazine, etc. It really is a good read. AC is simply the best.
Andy Smith, Doncaster Well I'm glad you managed to find Amiga Computing again, the best way to be sure of getting the best written Amiga magazine every month is to subscribe. For other people having trouble finding Amiga Computing, well you probably won't be reading this then.
1. First off, AmiTCP is a commercial product available from
Blittersoft the versions found on Aminet and in the
installer at Demon's FTP site are demo versions. So a few
potential none Internet sources are the Aminet Cds and I'm
sure a PD house could furnish you with a demo copy of AmiTCP
v4.3. The advantage of the full version is that you get a
full manual.
When you first join Demon they do provide Amiga owners with an install disk that has AmigaNOS along with a mail, news and FTP package. Once installed this would allow you to access the Internet.
Ncftp is a shell based FTP client that comes with AmiTCP. FTP stands for file transfer protocol and allows you to access directories and files on another computer connected to the Internet that has been set up as a FTP server. Typing "ncftp ftp.demon.co.uk" runs ncftp which sends a message to Demon's FTP server asking for access.
People using an ISP that does not support the Amiga will have to get hold of the TCP IP software that allows you to access the Internet another way.
2. The 3-D style gadgets and sliders on our Workbench screen and
windows are put there by the extremely nice Workbench enhancer
MCP. The latest version was on the November cover disk and
allows you to change the look of the Amiga's standard gadgets.
3. The Amiga Surfin' is a good introduction to the Internet,
and if you are looking for helping installing AmiTCP in issue
99 Neil Mohr did a five page step by step guide to setting
AmiTCP up.
4. On the speed side of things, using a Spectrum emulator on a
A1200 requires at least some fast memory to get it running
at a reasonable speed. If you have a 28Mhz 020 accelerator the
emulator runs at full speed.
I do agree that if any game needs a modem revamp then Turbo Esprit is the one. Using the ZXAM I have also had problems trying to get Turbo Esprit to run, but on the last Speccy Sensation 2 CD there was a version on there that ran fine.
5. I'm not sure if I will be able to help you out here. True
enough the Internet provides many great advantages. E-mail is
a invaluable tool and the World Wide Web is a great way to
find out all the latest news and get in touch with compa
nies, people and even us. Along with the older uses such as
FTP and IRC that give you access to a huge number of programs
and allowing you to talk to people all over the world.
On the cost side of things the ISP charges at Demon are £10 a month, and then on top of that you have your Bob Hoskins charges g| NcyGadtoo Is Scroter_ Text Number . | R«feobutton i ¦
3. With any 060 board you buy you will be given a disk on which
there is a new 68040 and 680060 Amiga library. These are there
to adjust certain parts of the operating system to work
correctly with the 040 and 060 processors. In fact the 68040
library you get is just a patch that redirects calls made to
the original 68040 library to the new 68060 library.
With the Phases board the Cyberpatcher program tries its best to remove instructions that the 060 does not like from programs that are run. This results in most programs that have problems running on the 060 working correctly, these include Mand2000, SceneryAnimator, Imagine, Vista Pro, Lightwave, Real 3d and Cinema 4D. The reason other boards do not come with such a program is that one has not been written and not that the boards are any better and is one real advantage the Phases boards have The Cyberpatcher program does work with these other boards but you do not get anywhere near the
speed increase you do with the Phases board, more than likeAmiga Computing ly due to it using the Phases specific 68060 library.
4. As far as I know the buster chip handles memory access and I
think, the Zorro III buses. The revision 9 chip had a few bugs
in it that can cause you machine to become very unstable when
used with a Zorro board that effects these bugs and so you
need the bug free revision 11 chip before you can use these
Do you have a problem? Do you sometimes find yourself poised over your Amiga with axe in hand, spouting profanity at the stubborn refusal of your software or hardware to behave in the coreect manner?
Well, calm down and swap the axe for pen and paper, jot down your problems, along with a description of your Amiga setup, and send it off to Amiga Computing Advice Service, IDG Media, Media House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield SK10 4NP. Alternatively you can e-mail us at ACAS@acomp.demon.co.uk ©hether you can draw or not, this latest package from developers Andy and Graham Dean aims to cater for both artists and novices alike. If the names sound familiar you may remember they were the chaps behind the successful program, ImageStudio.
So after a year in development, what exciting new features can we look forward to in this program? According to LH Publishing, DrawStudio is capable of using structured and bitmap elements which enable you to create pictures with both elements and either print them out or save them as EPS' to use with other programs.
Tina Hackett takes a sneak preview of the forthcoming structured drawing program, DrawStudio from LH Publishing r A L *x* Ambition Artistic DrawStudio aims to be intuitive to use and the developers have incorporated MUI as their chosen interface. It will include a version of MUI ready to install with the program.
DrawStudio works with both AGA and ECS Amigas, however AGA owners will be able to view images in 256 colour.
DrawStudio uses a MUI based inter* face tor ease of use The program has many tools for the budding artist to create masterpieces with.
Polygons, Bezier Curves and Text buttons allow simple creation of the image you want. The picture will start to take on some real shape though with the use of Fills. You can 'Outline' your picture using lines of various thickness (measured in line weight points) and choose the colour of the line. The package will allow you to shade the picture either with a transparent colour, a block of colour, patterns, a gradient or a bitmap fill.
What looks particularly innovative at this stage is that you can use transparent colours - something which previously has only been done in paint packages like Deluxe Paint and not drawing programs.
DrawStudio will also be capable of special effects such as warping, whether using the predefined effects or the envelope where you can mould the object with the mouse. The developers also tell us that the program will have a unique layers feature, where separate layers can be hidden or greyed out while you draw on other layers.
The complete version should be ready in a few weeks and available either on floppy disk (£59.95) or CD (£79.95). In the meantime though, if you fancy trying it out now, simply turn to our coverdisk.
Contact: LH Publishing, 01908 370230 artists, you will find exclusive pictures and images which are available only on this disk.
Full of festive spirit? We take a look at Artworks new Clip Art program Of you're feeling inspired and have the time and inclination to design your own Christmas cards or pictures, get hold of this rather handy clip art disk from Artworks. Drawn especially by Artwork It is priced at £19.95 (inc P&P) with around 100 designs to choose from which are fuily-scaleable, vectored with no 'jag- gies'. Images on offer include baubles, toys, mistletoe and various motifs which can be reduced, rotated and stretched without any distortion or loss of quality.
It promises to be easy to use as everything is stored in appropriate directories such as baubles in the (you guessed it!)
Baubles directory and so on. Depending on the intended use, you will have to consider what paper you are going to use. For example, Artworks suggest that pastel paper can sometimes Various festive |00k better than just images are on ,ajn whjte or jm offer and here i s' r the obligatory °nto envelopes and Christmas Tree writing paper to create matching stationary.
The clip art can be used in various other packages such as Final Writer and Wordworth 3.1+ (not 3.1 SE). Christmas Clip Art is available for the Amiga in CGM, Adobe Type 88 EPS and ProDraw Clip Formats. It sure beats getting the glue, double-sided sticky tape and glitter needed for Blue Peter style Christmas cards!
Contact: Artworks, 01469 588138 Amiga Computing WHAT THE MAGAZINES SAY., Camcorder Uicf commented 11 you'ie kxA ng for a hgh rtsoUtion 24 b* coavr- then, Thu pntc, ProGrab 24ET rtpenTLs gre* vat ler money' The revolutionary S-VHS ProGrab™ 24RT Plus with Teletext is not only the best way to get crisp colour video images into your Amiga, from either five broadcasts or taped recordings, it also costs less than any of its rivals. This real time PAL SECAM NTSC* 24-Bit colour frame grabber digitiser has slashed the price of image grabbing on the Amiga and, at the same J time, has received rave
reviews for its ease of use and excellent quality results. ProGrab™ j has earned honours from just about every Amiga magazine and Video magazines too!
'4 And... with ProGrab™ you needn't be an expert in Amiga Video Technology, a I simple 3 stage operation ensures the right results - Real Time, after time, _ STAGE 1... ______ Select any video source with S-VHS or composite output. This could be your camcorder. TV with SCART output, satellite receiver, domestic VCR player or standard TV signal passing through your VCR player ., the choice is yours, k STAGE 2... IL With ProGrabs software, select an image you HL wish to capture using tne on screen preview I I window and Grab (because the hardware grabs L LT frames in real time, there's no need
for a freeze frame facility on the source device1!.
Jlj Once grabbed, simply download j J and view the full image on your iQ screen- ProGrab also f]j includes a Teletext viewing and capturing facility from TV or satellite sources.
STAGE 3«,.
- J. Use the grabbed' image with your favourite word BfX
processor, DTP or graphics package.
ProGrab really does make it that simple!
Compatible ,ith both VHS and S-VHS!__ camcorder ProOc. !i " - Wxni as the Beit Video Hardwafr product lot the Amiga this u especially pteawxj because the award comes from the Amiga Shopper magahrrl leaders Our Satisfied Customers1 FvoGfab"' Amiga S'uppo 95% STAR Buy jnu r 1 5 ii'C 'Shirp uKpafxi[tuneongm.'lcol j were mlghWy impressed* and.. Highly Recommended I Whttbu you .ire a '."’dcographer or j Gw- AiiiL tooiefti rjrabZ'lRTPiu5 ftS a winner" Star Buy ProGriitr** Amiga Fofn.ii 93% Gold Rating
- L.COffWWW.Bte, 'ProGrab Z4RT HuUsqust i , i ¦¦ -V digitiser lo
get'. Tnciedtie value for money no other . ¦¦¦- d*gnK6roffen so
much fat so tale' Wien rtvtv. Rg 24ffT PRO, Aniga Format said
'Sa t- '¦ .. ¦* * yourseft tlOG .md buy Hie much supericif P'o
Grab' Cl 1 Amiga said ProGcab,y u . T ’Juu the job far begirjws
and serVd& i 1 J I T mJ | M proiemonMs on. I tight budget'
.vxiM ' i II [W, 1 yyhard :o be.v For mt1 mo x ¦tfiii.Mli
ngttirq can touch it' ProTel™ Terrestrial Satellite Teletext
Decoder Sund atone uri fcr grXOnj Mods irijep(nifenay
offtoCwb Jitlhu.'ructalBtirdiMrtolirJrr ( « 3 f n’orrrnecn h«
tan da*ftla*l d FroTff" jfcsss vu IO . IV.
Pages rrr.mOf-no mar wMnq wfwvt you IV Indt IfterOfttO ¦geF fount*.' R*portcd«ASClTcjfifcxusein ft1!or sawd a f F Grapnel for use n your DTP prewnUtoos tou dent need a trcfert TV Vdco lor HoTeP* ¦ tne sgnj ran be swrwd through a tl«Hfd VCR? E44.95 Grab images with your camcorder including S-VHS.
Or. Take a signal from a TV with SCART output or. Use the signal from your satellite receiver .
Or. Grab TV or video pictures from your VCR's video output n. including S-VHS ProGrab is just £129.95... ProGrab 24RT Plus
• Supports ail recent Amiga! And is also fully AGA Chipset
compatible. Tou can render Images in any Workbench screen mode
resolution including HAM3 mode [Amiga RAM permitting) ' Saves
and loads images in IFF ILBM, IFF 1LBM24, JPEG, BMP PCX. And
TARGA file formats, ProGrab savei animal ion j as AnimS files
and animations with sound [requires PCMCIA Interface and
separate sound sampler) ai Anim5 + 8SVX files.
A range of image processing effects, palette computing routines |AGA on!y| and dithering methods arc featured In ProGrab Version 2.6.*. Photogcmcs fuiJy supports ProGrab with a custom Loader' to enable grabs directly from within the program - saving VOU time!
¦ Software has built in mono and colour animation facilities. Number ol frames dependant upon Amigat RAM.
• Release 2.6.x software now includes...
Satellite TV signals.
» LARGER PREVIEW WINDOW - Double Resolution and 4 times area of previous ProGrab software.
* INTERNATIONAL SUPPORT* Now compatible with composite PAL SECAM
and NTSC Straight from the bo*!
ProGrab is supplied with jutt about everything you'll need + ¦ ProGrab™' 24RT Plus Digitiser • Latest ProGrab Version 2.6.x Software ¦ Mains Power Supply Unit ¦ Parallel Port Connecting Cable ¦ User Manual ¦ Input sockets for Composrte and SVH5.
• f A video source cable wifl be required to match your own
equipment - Ask far details
* Su.vxJyfCf Ptc&ab hatch,1van* tf Pjt SEGWWTSC Cqmp&bie
kffertare rncxJe Opt ors are auMaQfe wrfh Pal and SfGVW crfy
Pro&Xi v zapens anyAnga wrtft fcocrarr 2.04 or ixer ana a
mrtmjn of 1 5 Lfa Aee SAW i PCMCIA INTERFACE for At 200 and
A600 ProGrjibS optional PCMCIA Interface includes tne latest
version software and extends pt'ffmmarice ftir
seuous svofessioivil uscis ¦ offering the following benefits ¦
faster Dciwrik .iding Times |up to FIVE times quieter) ¦
Improved animation speeds of up to 11 tps |monu| and 3 Sfps
[cokxji) ¦ S ivincf ol iwnmatons dirert to youi AfTikJ.it fi.id
tlf ive ¦ fitting iM your Anija ParaBfl Pt*l for use by a
printer or other parallel peripheral ¦ Sound vmyHing and
.inirr.ition capatHStjrl |itip.vafe sound sam()lrr regcl lee
IxAjw| STEREO SOUND SAMPLERS Two high tfjatty Bflt sound
wtfrfitefs. Specifically devynnJ tor uSe wlh our PioGraD 24157™
Arc now available [PCMCA tntyrt.Ke requiiecl) I hi- Hit i version feat ores ttx* s.vm- BOMHy A'D convertor used in tnc* ProGrab™. Meaning rrve rrvurrrxim fwgutrvy is only kffltfd try !! ¦ Amrgas ruiihv.Ki* R .ifso h.is a higher bandwidth [4OH to 20KH I tn.vs tne standard version Standard Stereo Sampler £19.95 Hf-Fi Stereo Sampler £24.95 Mr Mrs Miss Ms: Initials) Surname; Address Post or FAX your requirements (quantity trade prices available) on the order form provided OR. It you'd simply like further information please contact... County [Country): Postcode; Evening Phone: Daytime Phone;
Overseas Customers... Please call for prices, shipping etc. Card holder's signature: Valid From: (Swnch AMEX Only) Issue Number: (Switch Only) Department ACO Gordon Harwood Computers Limited.
New Street, Alfreton, Derbyshire DE55 7BP FAX: 01773 831040 email: f00271.3557@eompuserve.com ProGrab Plus @£129.95 E PCMGA Interface @£39.95 £ ProTef™ Teletext Decoder 9 £44.95 E Standard Stereo Sampler @ ET9.95 E Hf-Fi Stereo Sampler @ £24.95 £ Standard Delivery £7 |2 3 Working Days) £ or an additional £3 for Next Working Day Delivery _£ TOTAL £ I've seen the Neil Mohr knew nothing about LightWave, but now he is ready to do his own Babylon 5 Lfhtk m 3*D!
U Vi.'Ston 4 0 Second Printing!!
Exploring LightWave 3D New Era Press $ 49.95 US
(001) 805 298 1058 Fax: (001) 805 298 3171 80% 90% 85% 93% Amiga
Computing Of a product was singled out as the one that has
kept the Amiga alive in America, I think the top of the
list would be the Video Toaster from NewTEK. Once it's
plugged into your Amiga you have what has been described on
numerous occasions as a television studio in a box.
When the Video Toaster was first released it came with a whole suite of software, one part of which was LightWave. This innovative software was instantly the envy of everyone who did not have a Toaster, as originally LightWave was intimately linked to the hardware and could not be used separately.
That is until some software called LightRave appeared and could fool Toaster software into thinking that a Video Toaster was fitted to a machine. This allowed all none Toaster owners access to LightWave especially us all too eager Europeans.
Obviously as soon as someone can feel pennies, or cents falling between their fingers they take action, and lo and behold LightWave 3 quickly appeared as a standalone version. Everyone could enjoy the delights of LightWave.
LightWave has been available for something like two years now and there is even a little industry taking off producing support macros and plug-ins for the latest version 4.
A few full colour pages help illustrate Lightwave's finer render- ing points The latest addition is the inch thick Exploring LightWove 3D book. Its 17 chapters gently guide you through every feature, function, menu and window. Depending on how acquainted you are with LightWave the chapters are grouped into five sections.
For the absolute beginner who has never even used a modeller before the first two sections, that account for almost a quarter of the book, guide you through the absolute basics of 3D modelling. They describe what polygons and objects are, how to attach polygons together, all the way through to setting up a simple scene with your own objects and lighting.
Every step is very well explained with a good number of well thought out illustrations showing what to do and what part of LightWave you are dealing with.
In the third section which uses about half the content of the book every part of LightWave is covered. It will arm you with all the skills you need to create and manipulate complex objects, along with all the knowledge you need to set object textures, scene lighting including the ubiquitous lens flare and all Lightwave's camera effects like motion blur.
Probably the only part of the book that disappoints is the section covering bones. The example given is good and shows how bones This is the cover, if you go into a bookshop this what you look for can be used, but it would have been better if a more detailed example could have been used as they are tricky to get to grips with.
The book does seem to skimp on the animation side of things tending to cover modelling and setting scenes much more heavily with little content actually going over animation techniques.
The last section goes into detail of how to get the best out of LightWave when it's being used for a full production explaining what camera views you will need, getting the best out of lighting and the planning required before starting out on a large project. It is really essential reading if you are planning such a job.
You do get a disk thrown in with the book, but to be honest there is nothing really of note on it: A few models from the example scenes in the book and some chess pieces - things you will probably want to try modelling yourself.
Exploring LightWove is an excellently presented book, well written and covering every aspect of LightWave with clear screen shots accompanied with well written explanations.
It is perfect for LightWave newcomers and even experienced raytracers who are thinking about using LightWave for serious work. For the seasoned user much of the book will be covering old ground but it would make an excellent reference.
IjUZiulh Linn Product: Supplier: Price: Phone: Ease of use Implementation UCT DETAILS Value For Money Overall Paxtron AMIGA REPLACEMENT CHIPS AMI SYSTEM UPGRADES Mon CoiFORAIlON is North America’s largest wholesale supplier of Amiga replacement and upgrade chips REPLACEMENT & UPGRADE CHIPS Factory New) PRICE
1. 3 ROM O S
....$ 12.50
2. 04 ROM
O S ...524.50
2. 05 ROM (V37.350) A50C & A2000) ..S 19.95
2. 04 ROM A3000 (Sel of 2 Rom 0 1) ...S34.50
2. 1 Workbench for floppy users (complete O S without support
file) . $ 7.95
3. 1 ROM (A500 A2000) ..S49.95
3. 1 ROM (A3000 A4000) . $ 62.50
3. 1 ROM
(A1200) ......562.50
3. 1 ROM(s) Software Manual S124.00S137.50 ROM Switch Switdvltl
with speaker .S17.50
3. 1 manual
only .$ 69.95
3. 1
Software $ 10.00
3. 1 Workbench for floppy users (complete O S without support
(He) .. $ 7.95 A2031 7.0 ROM
Upgrade ...$ 22.95 A2620 30 7.0
ROM Upgrade .....$ 22,95 8520
CIA 2 ...$ 11.95
8372A 8375 Agnus with diagnostic disk guide ...529.95 8375-B
(2MB) (A3000) 318069-03 ...S25.50 8375-10
Agnus 318069-10) PAL ......$ 17.95 8375*18
Agnus (318069-18) 2 meg PAL $ 17.95 Agnus PLCC chip puller
...$ 10.50 Paula (8364)
A500 A2000 ...S10.95 Denise
(8362) A500 A2000 .S10.95 Super
Denise 8373 w diagnostic disk ......$ 19.95 Gary 5719
A500 A2000 ..$ 10 95 Buster
5721 (A2000) .S16.95
63000-BMHz CPU (DIP) . $ 11.30
68000-16MHz CPU (DIP) ...$ 22.50
PGA .....$ 84.50
PGA ...$ 24.95
Western Digital SCSI chip
8A ....$ 27.50 Video Hybrid • (A500
390229-03) $ 9-95 GVP Upgrade Chip
Series II ......$ 34.95 6570-01 (71)
(315107-01) Keyboard. IC $ 14.95 SURFACE MOUNTED DEVICES (For
A1200. A3000, A4000. CD32) 8520 PLCC
(391078-02) ... $ 19.50 Amber
(390538-03) ...S24.50
(390537-04) $ 34.50
(391227-01) $ 24.50
Ramsey (rev.4) 390544-04 .....$ 19.95
Ramsey (rev. 7)
390541-07 .$ 36.50 Alice 8374
(391010-01) ...$ 55.50 Gal
(XU9) (390123-01)) ..$ 21.95
(315107-02) ....$ 19.95
(391425-01) ..$ 33.95
Super Denise (391554-01) $ 29.95 6571
Keyboard Chip (391079-01) . $ 14.95 6570-036
Keyboard Chip (328191-02) .$ 14.95 Paula 8364
(391077-01) .S27.95 Gary
(390540-02) . 532.95 Super Buster Rev. 11
(390539-11) $ 34.50 Bridgette
(391380-01) .....$ 29.50
Video DAC
(391422-01) ..$ 19.95
(390084-07) ..S13.95
(391506-01) ....$ 18.95 MC
68882RC25A PGA New (390434-01) ...$ 19.95 MC 68882RC20A
PGA ...$ 30.00 MC 68882RC33A
PGA ...$ 37.50 XC 68882RC40A
PGA ..... $ 69.95 MC 68030FE25B QFP
(390399-05) .$ 19.95 MC 68030RC50 PGA
....$ 79.95 MOTHERBOARDS (Factory New) CD32
(no RAM memory) NTSC ...$ 89.95 CD32 complete
with RAM tested NTSC ....$ 109.95 CD32 complete with
RAM tested (PAL) $ 89,95 CD32 replacement CD
mechanism ......$ 39.95 A500 (rev. 3) inc all chips (see
below) ..S49.50 A500 (Rev. 5 6) with Super Denise
......$ 89-50
A60Q ...
S99.95 A12C0 (NTSC) Lmited quantity 3,0 O S al memory Nev.
$ 289.95 A1200 (PAL) Limited quantity 30 OS all memory
New.,.$ 279.95 A2000 LATE Rev.
8372 2.05 ....$ 399.95 A3Q00
16MHz) $ 299.95
(25MHz) $ 359.95
A3000T (Tower)
25MHz S389.95 A4000
(limited quantity) ....CALL C64
(refurbished, tested all chips) ....$ 29.95
C64 untested, all chips clearance ..2 $ 25.00
C65 inc. all chips, latest ROM (PAL only) $ 69.95 Cl
28 . S49.95
C12QD ......$ 69.95
1641 II $ 17 95 1541 1571 Newtronics
(310420-01) ....$ 17,95 AMIGA FLOPPY
DRIVES (Factory New) High Dens. External floppy for all Amigas
$ 114.95 A57Q CD ROM drive (for
A50Q) .$ 99.00 High Density Internal
Floppy Drive: A3000 A4030
(specify) .$ 104.95
A2000 ...$ 109.50
A500 Internal
880k .....$ 38 95
A600 1200
Internal ..S47.50
A600'l 200 new Amiga Tech special reease button ,$ 1.95 A2000
880k ..$ 39.95 A3000
860k ..$ 49.95 A4000
Internal 880k .S49.95
CD32 Replacement CD mechanism .$ 39.95 GVP
SCSI Controller 4008 OK $ 119.00 1541
(refurbished) ... $ 39.95
1571 (limited
quantity) .....$ 49.95 POWER
SUPPLIES (Factory New) A500
.. S38.95 A500'A500 A1200
Big Ft (200 Watt) Micro R D $ 79.95 A500 power supply (used)
220 volts .S19.95 A590
19.95 A1200 110 volts original
factory ......$ 38.95 CD32 Original Factory
(110 volts) ..$ 21.95 CD32 Original Factory
(220 volts) ..$ 14.95 CD32 Big Foot (200 Watt)
Micro FID $ 74,50 A2000 110 220V. Internal
original .....$ 89.95 A2000 Big Foot (300
Watt) Micro FVD $ 144.50 A3000 internal (110 220
volts) .$ 110.00 A3000 Big Foot (250
watts) Micro R D..., ..5144.50 A3000
Tower . $ 124.00 A4000 internal (110
volts) ..$ 119.00 A400Q int. 300
Watt Big Foot (exchange) ......$ 169.95 1084$ Phillips Flyback
Transformer only .$ 34.95 1084-01 Phillips Daewoo
Flyback only .$ 34.50 '084-D2 Daewoo Flyback
Transformer only $ 34.50 1084S new
Motherboari'Fiyback see below 1Q84S power
supply board (refurbished) .....$ 29.95 C64 nonrepayable
$ 14.95 C54 repairable
*....,* .... ..$ 19.95 C54 5.2 amp Heavy Duty (also 1750
REU) $ 39.95 055 220
Volts ....S12.50
065 110 Volt
.....$ 21.95 C128D
Internal ... $ 24.95
0128 external 5.2
amps ..$ 39.95 1541
11 1581 ....
$ 7.50 KEYBOARDS (Factory New)
054. .....
S17.95 065 (Special Keyboard) .. $ 19.95 A500
quantity) ....S39.95 A600
$ 26.50
C128D (limited quantity) ..$ 24.95
A1200 .. S34.95 A2000 US version
....S74.50 A300Q
US version ...... S74.50 A4000 US
version...., * . $ 74.50 Amiga
compatible “IBM keyboards' .see belcw A2000
keyboard adapter to A4000 .....$ 8.95 A40OO
keyboard adapter to A2000 .....$ 8.95
5570-01 (71) (315107-01) Keyboard. IC $ 14.95 ADD ON BOARDS
(Factory New) 58020-030
(A4000) ..567.95
A385 (20MHz) Bridgeboard SW Instr ......$ 259.95
A2Q88XT AT Bridgeboard Kit drive.
Manuals (A2000) .. $ 29.50 A2058 (OK) (A2000) Expansion board 8K ....$ 69.95 A501 original Ram Exp.-512K (A590) $ 17.35 ICD Trifecta 500 EC: IDE hard drive 16 bit controller, up to 8 megs of fast RAM. Space for hard drive $ 159.95 ICD Ad Ram 540 (OK) up to 4MB .....$ 69.50 ICD Ad RAM 540 (A500) w 4 Megs ...Si99.95 ICD Ad RAM 510+1 MB lor A500+ ....$ 59.95 ICD Ad SCSI 2000 ... $ 89.50 ICD AdSCSI 2080 (A2000) .$ 79.95 ICD Ad Speed .... S99.95 ICD Flicker
Free Video .....$ 248.95 Microway Flickerfixer ... $ 224.00 Slingshot Pro oass thru (Micro FID) .$ 37.50 A1050 RAM Expander (A1000) 256K ...$ 10.95 MOUSE CONTROLLERS (Factory New) Amiga 1352 .. * .$ 22.50 Wizard 3-button (for all Amigas) ...S22.95 A4000 ...... $ 26.85 Amiga CDTV ..... 515:95 Amiga A120O mouse port replacement kit ....S7.95 CD32 controller ..$ 11.75 DIAGNOSTICS A500 A2000
Emergency Start-up Kit $ 89.95 Amiga Techtopics (entire library) ......$ 99.00 Advanced Amiga Analyzer (see below) $ 59.95 Final Test diagnostic disk by Amiga ....$ 7.95 Amiga Troubleshooting Guide ......S7.95 Commodore Diagnostician II S6.95 C64 128 Dead Test cartndge manual ...S19.95 Service Manuals ...SEE BELOW CLEARANCE SALE CD32 Network: CD ROM cable ..$ 53.75 A570 CD ROM drive (for A500) .
$ 99.00 A520 (New) Video Modulator Adapter kit cabtes instructions .$ 12.50
2. 04 3.1 Rom Switch - (Switch Itt) with speaker.,,.$ 17.50 256X4
RAM for A2058 expander, etc .S4.50 Monitor
Cables - 30 Different types ...CALL C64 untested
motherboard all chips ....2 for $ 25.00 Cl28 untested
motherboards all chips .$ 19.95 Monitors: 1084S,
1950. 1802. Etc ......SEE BELOW CDTV modulator
S2.95 CDTV
unit (No Cabinet) ... $ 89.00 Laser printer
memory board OK (All HP units) ...$ 24.95 Sony QD6150 data
cartridge .$ 7.50 A120Q topfoottom
case ...$ 19.50 Joystick •
Captain Grant (for all Amigas) .....,.$ 2.99 ? ONLY AT
ADVANCED AMIGA ANALYZER 2.0™ An Inexpensive Diagnostic Analyzer That Works On All Amigas A complete diognoslic hardware and software analyzer (uses point and click software interface.] The anaiyzer cable plugs into all Amiga ports simultaneously and through sophisticated software, displays 8 screens to work from. Shows status of data ports, memory (buffer) checker, system configuration and auto test. Reads diagnostic status of any read write errors from track 0 to track 79. Software automatically tells what errors are found and the chips components responsible. 85 to 90% of the problems
presented to service centers are found with this analyzer. Saves you lots of money on repairs and no end user or repair shop can afford to be without one. Don't be fooled by its low cost. Simply plug in cables from the analyzer box. This diagnostic tool is used by end users and Amiga repair centers worldwide and is the only one of its kind. Over 15,000 sold.
New low price Just Released from Amiga Technologies Amiga "Q-Drive" 1241 CD ROM Drive for the A1200 The Amiga Technologies "Q-Drive" 1241 is a PCMCIA interface for the Amiga 1200 (CD32 emulator). It is a super fast CD-ROM drive equipped with a PCMCIA connector* Plug in your Amiga AT 200 and discover the world of CD-ROM.
The 1241 operates at quad speed with data transfer rates up to 600 KB per second guarantee optimal access times. The system supports multi-session and multi-tasking View your favourite photos on your PC screen: the Amiga Q-Drive 1241 is Kodak PhotoCD compatible* Enjoy audio Cds in hi-fi quality or mix the music with sound generated by your Amiga.
Features: • Open Architecture; PCMCIA Interface • Compatible with 1509660, Amiga OS, PC-D05 and Mac HFS • Portable System • Extremely User Friendly
• Quad Speed: Data transfer rates up to 600KBs • Supports
multi-session and multi-tasking • Reads audio Cds and Kodak
PhotoCDs • Mixes audio CD sound and sound from the Amiga stereo
audio port • Runs most CD32 games and programs. Price: $ 179.95
(Quantity pricing available) A50O COMPUTER with power supply
and latest chips (eg: 8372 Agnus. 2.04 O S). Includes your
choice of the following software books: Slarter Kit, Discover
Kit (inc. Kind Words, Deluxe Paint II) or Deluxe Kit.
Also includes free Amiga Troubleshooting Guide ($ 7.95 value), 90 day warranty, tested & ready to go.
Fantastic price ..S119,95
• Options: A5Q1 1 2 mag expansion memory board installed add
S10.00. S48.50. • PAL unit with 220V power supply add $ 29.00 •
• A501 original CBM 512KB Memory Expansion Card with clock,
calendar battery for A5QQ.
In original box instructions and warranty.*..,..3..* . * . ...S17.50
• A520 Video Modulator Adapter Kil with cables and instructions
(NTSC). Run any Amiga on your
television .....
$ 12.50
• AMIGA COMPATIBLE KEYBOARDS - (Just released from Germany.)
KB100 is a sophisticated in-line adapter box for use with IBM
keyboards. Use the KB100 on your A500 A2000 A3000 A40G0.
(A600 A1200 require soldering.) ..... $ 49.95
• Complete service manuals. Some manuals may be photocopied. 5
day delivery on some manuals.
A500, A500+, 590, AIOOO, 1230 printer* 1802, 1902, 1902A, 1934. 2002. 2091. 2300, 2630, CDTV, 1581, C65 ....$ 19.95 A500 schematics, A600. 1084S, 1084S-D1, 1084ST, 1936A, 1960, A2000 ...... S24.00 A1200, A3000, A3000T, A4000. CD32 ..$ 39.95
This new board will cure 90 percent of 1084S monitor problems.
Simply switch the motherboard and your monitor problems are
solved! This motherboard with the flyback factory mounted is
the exact replacement and works with 1084S models only. It s
easy to
install .*„* ......,.,* ..
• A1200 MOTHERBOARD - Paxtron has purchased a limited supply of
new A1200 motherboards, both NTSC and PAL. They come with 3.0
O S, all chips, 30 day warranty Specify NTSC or PAL. Very
limited quantity, very rare find. .. S289.95
(Optional - 3.1 O S and diskettes, installed add S55.95.)
• SUPERGEN (Internal Genlock) for A2000 - By Progressive Image
Tech Digital Creations. Most flexible Genlock and video overlay
device for all Amigas. Supergen provides a flexible broadcast
quality Genlock at a very, very affordable price. Comes with
external control box and cable.
Includes a 90 day warranty instruction book. This is a factory refirb unit selling for a fantastic low price of ..$ 179.95 (Internal Supergen sold initially for S650.)
• A2000 MOTHERBOARD: Newly manufacturer, latest revision with
2.04 ROM. 1 meg Agnus, 16 Mhz CPU, 90 day warranty
$ 399.95
We are taking LOTS of orders for these boards. To assure yours,
get your order in quickly!
WE’RE ON THE WEB www.paxtron.com Our web page is continually updated with latest products and price changes. Visit us and check it out. Enter your order there or by E-mailing us at paxtroncorp@rcknet.com. ~ prices are in US Dollars ATTENTION DEALERS: If you would like lo receive our dealer catalog fax us your letterhead.
Paxtron CORPORATION 28 Grove Street, Spring Valley, NY 10977 914-578-6522 • 800-815-3241 800-595-5534 • 888 PAXTRON * FAX 914-578-6550 Hours: 9-5 pm ET Mon.-Fri. • Add S6.00 UPS Charges * MC VISA * Prices subject to change E-Mail for orders & correspondence: paxtroncorp@rcknet.com WE SHIP WORLDWIDE!
Weird Science iJd. I Rowlandson Close. Leicester, Leicestershire. LE4 2Sli Tel+44 (0)116 234 0682 Fax. +44 (0)1 6 235 0045 email, salcs@weirdscicitcc.co.uk or techOj wcirdscicncc.co.uk
• Uninet Set 3, dated Julv 1996, consists of 4 gigabytes of
software in 9,000 archnvs. The software is on four compact
discs ana has included the full versions of Imagine 4.0,
XiPaint 3.2, Detained 5.0 anil some commercial games. With 95
megs Utilities, 79 megs Documents, 408 megs Text Software, 12
megs Disk HI) Tools. 7 megs Hardware related, 756 megs Pictures
& Animations, 208 megs Graphics software. 394 megs Graphics &
Sound Demos, 563 megs Games. 685 megs Music modules, 28 megs
Music software, 13J megs Communications and more. In fact the
contents of Aminet CD's 9 to 12.
The Amiga System Rooster CD enables users to really make the most of their computers with a superb i collection of tools to push the J capabilities of the Amiga to the A limits. Nearly all the fantastic M utilities can be started by simply jfl direct front the compact disc. So j A de-archiving requiredThe the a contents include a vast collection of screen Hankers, mouse tools di commodities, backup, file monogvmini. JH cache programs to optimise , Magic Publishei including system performance, data W A recovery, CD-ROM utilities, virus fillers and a whole K* host more. I Mg. W2$ 0@i$ i m* Jp fer
'ifgfjtimt?? *W A Imu mmmzzwmma* m The Amiga Developers CD from Amiga Technologies comes complete with the all the developers tools and docs, provided to the official developers. Included arc the complete CD32 developers tools with Build CD and ISO CD. Envoy
2. 0 package. Enforcer, Workbench 2.0, 3.0, 3.1 tools and
documents with the updated native developers kit, SANA U
package and the installer package. Also included is a vast
amount of info. A. a%SSS£ fhstfhRtbtSk, Magic Publisher
campriia of four compact discs; a an Shis unique i'll-ROST JO
you till find alt yvu deed create pntfewititinl hioiiag
tfucuruentt, There- are. Mo than 10.00ft Fomsl Colour Fotits.
Tiiimap. IFF. AM hilellifonfi. Truetype & t MFj, mare than
S.fMMi ctipa Many of these are delusive to this c tan part
disc. F. commcrriul rcr.tiiittr of Final Writer 4 SF. A.
tirti* i n)i 4 i ti tire iai'huTcit. Ihuh rated as great
t%; pnrcenors on the Amiga. Tonb fur creating tt'U pages
aioag scfth backgrounds and special dtp art J this purpose b
aha included. Yl ZT' '.JZgS
- r-.izi*.: z -fzZ Zi.rf:?4z re.i Aminet, the Worlds largest
collection of freely distribuuitble Amiga software, Up to
10,00(1 users access the archives every day and countless
programmers publish directly via Aminet. This CD- ~ '¦ ROM
collection, on four compact AS discs contains approx. 4 gigs of
in 12,500 archives. Set contains the contents of Aminet "*t,a
CD's I to 4. Categories include Utilities, Documents. Text
Software, Disk III) Tools, ,.1"*'“ yhardware. Pictures &
Animations, Graphics £ fev Sound Demos, Games, Music,
Communications, u Development, Business V » software and
more. Index I facilities also included.
The Amiga Rcpait hit CD comes complete with the all with all the tools required to huekup and rescue your precious data on hard drives.
2. fr CdJ.u-t *• will rescue and restore most damaged, corrupt
and even deleted files from floppies, hard disks etc. During
the process it will attempt to fix alt problems caused by
software failures or physical damage.
Is a superb program that will alio h- you to restore your valuable data even if the Rigid Disk Block has been destroyed nr over written. Can recover files from normal A lyt .
Or corrupted disks. '* 3ZW&TIAjnf.-r. Tmfcf jJUIS j-ii J ’J1 .rJ A collection 18,000 music moduli arranged of four compact discs a sorted by composer, groups and typ All stored ready to use from the compa discs. Provided with 11 megs of Modit lists and 25 megs of module players ft many different computer platform This 7 years titanic work provides o ver 1,000 hours of music enjoyment alon with information on may of th composers whose work ts featured.
Workbench Add-on CD ( Unities) £ 24.95 Meeting Pearls 3 (Software Collection) £9.99 Giga Graphics Four CD-ROMs Image Collection £ 19.95 Xi-I'aint v, 4.0 24 Itit mage Manipulation £ 49.95 Art Studio 24 Bit Paint Package £39.95 Global Experience Commercial Demos Software £24.95 c;ti Grenville Trading International Gmbll Carl-Zciss-Str. 9 79761 Waldshut-Tiengen. Germany Tel. +49 7741 83040 Fax +49 774 1 830438 Email: amiga@gtigcrmany.com International Distributor The Euro CD contains a vast variety of programs and data for the .-1 migd in the Aminet mould. However this CD differentiates itself
by have the contents ready to run wit hunt dearchiving. The contents include Animations 36 megs. Commercial 21 megs. Demo's 65 megs. Disk tools 12 megs. Fonts 12 megs, Games 57 megs. Misc. 6 megs.
Modules 110 megs, Music 21 megs. Objects 12 megs. Pictures II8 megs, Presentations 23 megs.
Printer meg, Programs 23 megs, Samples 4 megs. System 1(1 megs. Text files 26 megs.
Utilities 16 megs and Vidule.s 3 megs. Full English docs, and menus.
Getting an Amiga connected to the Internet is one of the most difficult tusks due to the complex installation routines ofAtniTCV anil the lack of any real guidance. Not only will this situation change but you Mill now he able to gel connected to the Internet and the WWW without a hard drive or the complicated setting tip of the software. Our extensive net working skills hare really been pul to the test providing a simple connection from a compact disc providing a pleasant introduction and connection to the internet. Most of the difficult setting lip. Is done automatically for you with the
connection program provided. All that is required is the answers to a few simple questions. In addition the CD contains all the tools required for hath the beginner and expert, full instructions on getting connected and many very helpful documents on the Internet and WW’Hi The tools include AmiTCP. Mail, FTP, H1VW and many mure. In addition there is a section mi UHH'H' page creation with clip art and creation tools. Easy Hard Drive installation possible but not required.
OPTQNfCA Wandering M hat plf thii H (J" i.i - hrJ 4* all lib'ul llri( ttWf fipmntt f.jimi. f.,.n an,I nUffkanr t»!h, (OUnmrd lhaf 41 nji mrf 4it itf It l Hr I thtti 44 -Jut mtlhmtl thr
r. tinnan nr trlrph,.nr thatfri * ah Our f-iht-Sti'. Thu tnM mir
Aw (rntain, the (anirnt, of artm t IIIIII fi r far you io
brmnr m-gk Ihr mira t iu.,m pruvidrJ. Uir .inline rir 4i at
all Il i» all include! Tmdy w ran dire til, [ram ihr rampart
Ji,r. Ihr ( I) aril si an premia Inltmrt prmidtr with ihr mat
rrodlly a.mlablr n, ihr ri'mgwrt Jur. Thrrr n a durr » mnrtj
of iitrs anJ tubjrrn emrrrd M tnr an rnell.nl frtl fur ihr H
IIII ¦ fci.il iiua hmmtr fiu frrv DINOSAURS I I'GRXin:s W
AIIAHLL ilfrowse (Full Version) £ 24.9S Miami Regittraiion £
24.95 The Learning ( urve CD presents a tamasik ;md jrur ic-al
journey ilirough ufejci-is - brought together for the first
ttnie on an Anti da CD: Containing yi£r
32. 000 files this title vs ill delight and interest both young
ami old vuth the va*f
- tJivoLsity ami quantity of Amiga Educational and Informational
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SCSI CARD OR SQUIRREL IS NEEDEDTO RUN SCSI DEVICES ON AMIGA FOR A1500, A2000 & A4000 OCTOGON 4008 erver This doesn't necessarily have to be where you will put html and cgi programs. In here decompress the file aws-2.0b5.Iha and rename it to "aws". Also decompress the common.Iha into here and make a directory called "modules" and decompress "mod- Web server is a program that serves files to remote or local applications that connect to it. It acts like a filestore and when you request a document it will send it to you via http (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol).
Basically, all jargon aside, you send the server the name and location of the document and the server scurries away to find it and then sends it to you on your computer.
Using special software it is possible to run a web server on your Amiga for millions of people to view documents that you allow them to see. It doesn't stop there (unfortunately), with a web server it allows you to do many neat features, like run cgi scripts and server side includes.
All you need is an Amiga running Amitcp4.0 or later, and the software. The important thing here is that you don't even need a net connection since it's possible you may want to save time on-line and mirror your current working site on your Amiga. This allows you to make changes updates additions and then simply patch your existing remote site with the changes you have made locally.
Obviously if you want others to see your pages then a modem, phone line and Internet account would be very useful indeed unless you are going to buy everyone a plane ticket to come round your house and view them.
How do I set one up?
I will explain the AWS server since it is specially designed for an Amiga and is very small and compact. It is even possible to run the whole tcp stack and AWS server from a floppy disk. To set up and install aws shouldn't take longer than 30 minutes, although fine tuning and customising will take a little bit longer.
Anyway enough talk and lets start!. First What do I need?
Tushar offers some into running your own Web server BETOIH of all download all the files from the shoplist (see boxout) including the extra "aws.lha" from turtle.net. This is a configuration file for the server that will save you a lot of time and also includes "rx-gate" which is somewhere on phone.net (I couldn't find it though!!).
Next, make a directory somewhere on your hard drive where you want to put binary, configuration and modules for AWS.
Uctfto*. Htip: www.phone net avi The ctirent version b I jo.
The vrogaiWeb Server a lightweight, multithreaded web server written spedfica% for the A ruga, designed for both quick performance and low system impact.
Table of Contents 3- 4, Mc.ffe.te*
5. Str,rtjr« AWS iTTHTfXIt- M!
ZMUJtel to- __ Qunny talk Qtoriorwnti Documentation for the Amiga Web Server DNS (Domain Name Server) - This maps all internet name addresses into their corresponding ip address and vice versa.
HTTPD (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Daemon) - This handles all the incoming requests for pages for the host In some servers this is able to cope hostnames and serve documents for many domains.
CGI (Common Gateway Interface) - Instead of displaying these files they are executed by the remote server by taking in the input and producing an output in html.
Document Root - This is the root of the server where all files are references from unless there is another map redirection for it So http: www.victim.com would point to the document root And subdirectories may be placed beneath this.
HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) - A aws - the Amiga text formatting language allowing people to specifically Cfeate Web PaSeS easi,V- S°me PeoPIe designed for strangely regard this as programming!
The Amiga Amiga Computing ules.lha" into there. Finally decompress aws.lha into the aws root you made and you should have a directory structure like this: Directories - rexs tonf cgi-bin loduIestcgi.library status.library) Files - aws rx-gate Add an assign for this directory so that the aws binary knows where to look for the configuration files, although you may specify these places on the command line. Add the assign like this: Welcome to Ami Ion UK Amiga London UK User Group Assign AVS: Drive:where aws is stored All the files for aws are now in place and now the final part is configuring
the server for use on your system. The configuration files are kept in aws:conf and there are two.
The first is called "AWS" and contains the majority of the server information.
If yenj fmrl ;«nvll good l**l me know oU Top tips to make Web sites
1. The server port is the port to which web browsers connecting
to your computer should connect to view your pages. This can
be left at 80 but if you require to change it you will have to
access your server by using the
http: hostname.domain:portnumber - if the portnumber is
omitted the browser assumes port 80.
2. Next in the file is the server name. This needs to be the name
of your server - if you have a static ip it is the hostname or
an alias for your computer. The alias must be available on
DNS so as others can find your machine. This name is only used
on server error messages so it's not too much of a problem if
you don't have a fixed ip but will mean that if users
encounter an error on the server they will not be redirected
to your home page.
3. The maintainer is simple your email address in case someone
wishes to contact you about a server query or problem.
4. The index file is the file that the server will look for in a
directory if no file is specified.
So for example the url is http: www.vic- tim.com mydir the browser will send you the page http: www.victim.com mydir index.html.
5. Now for the most configurable part of the file - the map
entries that allow you to redirect a url to another site or
another directo- HERE TO GET IT FROM?
AWS (Amiga Web Server) : ftp ftp.phone.net Files needed: ftp: ftp.phone.net pub aiiga ans beta iodules.lha ftp: ftp.phone.net pub aiiga aws beta aws-2.0b5.lha ftp: ftp.phone.net pub aiiga aws coiion-097.lha ftp: ftp.turtLe.net pub aiiga aws aws,lha The last one is an extra file I made to make it easier to install since to be honest ftp.phone.net is a bit of a mess.
Apache Web Server : ftp src.doc.ic.ac.uk - File needed : pub aainet ccii vwu apacbe_1.0.5.lha 1 f'K-j U-H Itrr In look ¦notjnrl 'i«l rbr , I*re lo ry on your local system. The format for a map excludes all host and domain information so a url of http: www.victim.com mydir would simply be mydir in relation to the localsite.
So a map for this would be: aap lydir directory Drmriy dir soievhtre £ replace with your preference.
This allows you to map all requests for mydir to a specific directory on your system. Some defaults are necessary like: aap directory Drive:document root This would map your whole web site to a certain directory, so http: www.victim, com would be mapped to Drive: document root. This is all fine if you want to map html directories but what if you want to specify a directory where, rather than display the file to the browser, you wish the server to run the file and display the output?
For this you need to define a cgi directory and you do this in exactly the same way as a html directory except replace directory with cgi. This tells the server to execute anything in this directory when it is accessed rather than displaying it.
¦ap cgi-bin cgi Drive:wwv tgistuff So now when someone types in the url http: www.victim.com cgi-bin myprog The difference between the two is that AWS is specially designed for the Amiga whereas Apache is a port from Unix using gnu-c and ixemuI.library. AWS is also a lot smaller than Apache although there is no straight forward configuration script to install AWS. Apache is very widely used on the WWW as a server due to it having many features and also has a nice simple installer for the Amiga.
I have only described the installation of AWS here, although some similarities may arise between the two.
Li££ the server will know Drive:www cgistuff myprog directory should be executed. The list of maps are searched in the order they appear in the conf file. So the server will look at each line in the map file until it finds a map that returns a htmp page or runs a cgi. So if your cgi-bin directory clashes with the directory you may find you are not able to execute cgi scripts and instead the cgi scripts are shown on the browser.
For example: aap I directory sys:wwv aap cgi-bin cgi sys:wuw cgi-bin When someone accesses the directory cgi-bin the server will look to see if there is a directory under sys:www called cgi-bin first. If there is, as in this case, the server will send the file to the browser. The solution is to not make directory maps similar to any of the other map files.
The Types File This is the second configuration file and contains the extensions for the files that the server will have to deal with. This tells the browser what type of file it is sending across by the extension.
Run aws from the command line and try typing http: localhost on your browser.
Depending on whether you have an index.html in your root directory or not, a page will be displayed on the browser.
Problems Some problems you may encounter.
• If it is a cgi program check it is executable on the command
line - protect cgi.file +s will make the program executable.
• Stack may cause a problem with some scripts so it may be
necessary to add a line in amitcp:db Amitcp.config saying
mbuf_conf maxmem=512
• Does a map entry for the directory you are searching for exist?
• Check map paths are not clashing as explained above
• On cgi programs check that ! Is the first line if it is a
script and the associated program and path are correct. T*¥
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or, ask about GH's optic nal comprehensive extended options
which are always recommended for professional users to
minimise costly down time. Ask GH for full details.
Or FAX: 01 773 831040 email: 100271.3557@compuserve,com ?S35jS BlucanJ and Cylwsaxra products use MOTOROLA 6S0XO secies processors, ‘jflr k i Teiey run UltllLN the dettncal timing specifxstxxi bid down by Motorub "l t° prevail my po»:Hec»whntii« fUulnlry jwbfcsb. So, when yuu pay fee a Wllz CPI'
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for ihr MOTOROLA MOIIVATEO :yi ¦ your guansteecur - 57
cuTnraitmcnt to quality and trliaWriy BEWARE Vkic kcil"
(JIT! Awrl T ERT. And ERC Processor* used on. Wltcted Kurd*
ate ricycla! And vigorotsly tested 5 GSM' CPI • uncaring ut
•|,,| !Hz ¦ an mrlVrm guaranteed irJ cocpea.'vdy prsctd
SCSLTV’ KIT SCSI-2 Module for I230-1V. 12-iOT'ERC and 1260. With additional 128Mb SIMM socket i Fust SCSI-2 DMA Controller - up to lOMhsec transfer rates with additional SIMM socket allowing extra memory to be fitted} What the Magazines think... Aniigri Shopper 91°b STAR BUY '.. he Blizzard 1260 is destined to become the ultimate abject of desire far A1200 miters."
Amiga Computing 92c'b BLUE CHIP"... want Ibe fastest Amiga in the Wvrfd. Get this board’ Amiga Format * .Mile an the fastest A1200 in the Warid.C- 95% GOLD Rat ing COMPUTERS 3 5 Dept.ACQ m New Street, AlFrcton, Derbyshire. DE55 7BP OUR RANGE HAS WON MORE AWARDS THAN ANY OTHER.
4 As the New Year beckons Gareth Lofthouse begins a series profiling the men that made, broke and rebuilt the Amiga Founding Father of i" the Amiga to fame In 1982 this experienced console CT - -J ' i|j designer dreamt up H gH- ¦'* l-T ~JlB , -f • iv the idea of the * * ultimate games E9 . % machine. He joined forces with Dave Morse, RJ Mical and B « % Carl Sassenrath and "* formed a highly -$ T a secretive company ' I & ffi , called Hi-Toro. 1 Collectively ----- obsessed with frumpy girls' names, Hi-Toro disguised their innovative custom chips with names like Paula, Agnus and Denise
and code named the project 'Lorraine'. Inevitably, this girly infatuation led to the ground-breaking computer being Christened after the Spanish word for girlfriend - Amiga.
The Legacy The very existence of the entire Amiga range...but he hated that name !
Where'd he go ?
Sadly the Amiga's first visionary hero died after a heart attack on 20 June 1994.
Worship-Loathing Ratio Who?
Chairman and CEO of Commodore Claim to fame Top dog at the company that bought the Amiga In a way, he helped turn the machine into a major success story by the late '80s. But Gould is remembered by many as one of the bad guys.
After Commodore collapsed on 30 April 1994, Gould and the rest of the Board of Directors were accused by many shareholders of mismanagement, Despite producing arguably the most successful range of v.” home computers ever, Gould's company had « lost S374 million dollars : jM in its last 18 months.
The Legacy |§P Debts, liquidation and a - ‘ - rather bitter aftertaste.
Where'd he go ? IHBHj Last seen beginning a -• long vacation in the Bahamas, ; Worship-Loathing a Ratio JK:‘ CPU ENERATOR Sg&gS3S8Lj.iTSHSh*DATA ?OCF.tSOR MACHINE 1982 Jay Miner, RJ Mical, Dave Morse and Carl Sassenrath team up to develop a new super computer. They form Hi-Toro, and disguise themselves as joystick designers.
Project 'Lorraine’ is initially backed with $ 7 million dollars invested by three dentists!
1984 For two years Jay Miner's company has been designing a games machine with a difference. Now in June '84 the Amiga gets the cash injection it needs when Commodore buys Amiga Inc for $ 4.25 a share - beating an offer from rivals Atari.
1986 The A1000 is finally launched in the UK, boasting a revolutionary architecture and a multi-tasking OS. But despite its innovative technology, at €1,500 it's no snip and the Atari ST at half its price was bound to sell better.
Early 1987 A new Amiga, the A20G0 is produced. It's highly expandable with five Zorro II slots plus a video slot. But it costs a horrifying €3,200, which is proven unlikely to make it the mass market computer we were waiting for.
Amiga Computing CHRISTMAS 1996 Dave Haynie Who?
President of Commodore International Claim to fame Greatly misunderstood all-round nice guy of the Amiga community. Only joking... Rightly or wrongly, Ali is widely blamed, more than any other individual, for the Commodore crash. He was made President in 1989 with responsibility for sales and marketing, but his critics claim he was an autocratic manager who didn't understand the nature of the Amiga market. Those who worked with him are particularly scathing: 'There's no doubt Ali is responsible for the demise of Commodore" says David Pleasance.
The Legacy A wealth of nightmares for ex-Amiga engineers.
Where'd he go Now if we knew that... Worship-Loathing Ratio 0:5 Who?
Amiga cult hero Claim to fame A senior Commodore engineer, Dave perhaps deserves more credit than anyone for the way the Amiga developed. Having joined Commodore way back in '83, he helped design the A2000, A3000 and A4000. Haynie also led the legendary A3000+ and AAA projects, but when Mehdi Ali came to power Dave's breakthrough designs were canned. He left Commodore in 1984 and produced The Deathbed Vigil, the bitter film that told the true story behind the Commodore crisis.
The Legacy All the big box Amigas and that video Where'd he go ?
Off to make Power PC consumer computers at PIOS Worship-Loathing Ratio 4:1 David Pleasance Don Gilbreath Who?
Managing Director, Commodore UK Claim to fame Came second playing flamenco guitar in the Australian version of Opportunity Knocks. Otherwise, he garnered a rare level of respect as manager of a Commodore subsidiary, mainly because C=UK was actually running profitably while the rest of the company went to hell.
At one point he was a front-runner in the bid for the Amiga technology, but lost out to Escom. He will not be ¦ H forgiven however for producing the musical tribute to the Amiga, 'Everybody's Girlfriend.'
The Legacy Alas, after Escom took the reins his * involvement with the Amiga ended.
Where'd he go ?
Last heard strutting his stuff at his • * music multimedia company, Tangent Worship-Loathing Ratio J:I ” 1 * * t Who?
Amiga multimedia man Claim to Fame Bit of a dubious one, here. You see Don invented the CDTV, which may have been a ground-breaking piece of multimedia technology, but was also one of Commodore's most notorious flops.
Still, that wasn't really his fault.
He also designed the equally unsuccessful CD32, hailed at the time as the first next gen, 32-bit game console. Unfortunately no-one wanted to make any games for it which turned out to be a bit of a problem.... The Legacy Two different coloured foot-rests.
Where'd he go ?
Making ED set top box at V15C0RP. | Third time lucky ?
Worship-Loathing Ratio 3:2 Later 1987 At last an affordable but nevertheless powerful machine arrives from Commodore in the form of the Amiga 500. It is the same as the A2000, except it lacks the internal slots and is much more compact.
1989 Commodore appoints a new President, 43-year-old Mehdi Ali. "We are fortunate that Mr Ali has agreed to expand the role he has been playing in restructuring Commodore into a major competitor in the industry" says Irving Gould.
1990 The first truly new machine since the A500, the A3000 is the first fully 32 bit computer with a 68030 processor and an EC5 chipset. Also boasted SCSI interface as standard, a flicker fixer and Zorro III slots.
Back then it was a dream come true... 199t CDTV, Commodore's much vaunted multimedia system, is released in the UK for E599.99. Could have been the start of the multimedia revolution, but proved too expensive with poor software. Becomes an instant dodo of consumer technology.
Amiga Computing CHRISTMAS 1996 J Keen to start programming or adding to your existing coding skills?
We've asked Paul Overaa not only to provide a round up of the more popular C packages but also to explain some of the other issues that can confuse a newcomer... |Dice C This package comes from the Obvious Implementations Corporation and, for a long time, was the rising star in the world of Amiga C coding. The compiler, while a joy to use on a hard disk machine, can also be easily used on a 1 Meg twin-floppy based Amiga (and at a pinch, on a single drive machine although this latter option isn't recommended).
A major factor in DICE'S success is a brilliant front end called Vmake which allows you to create, edit, compile, link and debug projects without ever having to resort to awkward Shell command lines.
All you need do is click on the Vmake's Make button - and the awkward compiling and linking work gets done automatically, A few seconds later you have your runnable program - it really is as simple as that.
Like all commercial compilers, DICE C comes with a great many utilities. There's a source code management system to help maintain revision histories for your projects, an on-line help system, a debugger, a profiler, file compressor, disassembler and many other tools.
Another point worth mentioning is that recently it has become possible to buy DICE C at reduced price by opting for a manual on disk, rather than having the original printed documentation. Not ideal by any means but, considering this cuts the cost of the package in half, it's an option worth considering.
R J r j Product details Product DICE C Supplier Fourth Level Developments Price With printed manual: £98.95 (+p&p £5), disk manual: £45 (+p&p £3) Tel 0117-985 4455 email http: www.fIevel.co.uk
o one gets far into the world of Amiga coding without coming up
against the C programming language. It was (and still is)
used to code much of the operating system and support
libraries. Almost all Amiga technical manuals assume a
reasonable degree of C literacy. It is actually a very easy
language to learn and even users who have never done any
programming before should, in theory at least, be able to
write and compile simple programs within 10 minutes of
installing a C compiler environment.
N In practice things have rarely gone that smoothly in the past and one of the reasons is that compiler tools tended to be Shell-based. Compilation and linking required long command lines and even the slightest of errors (sometimes just using the wrong case for particular compiler options) could cause the whole process to fall to pieces. Underneath the surface, compilers and linkers today are still driven in much the same way but, in recent times, compiler writers have added user-friendly 'front ends' to their packages. This trend has turned the mechanics of C program construction into a whole
new ball game
- in short C compiler use has become a lot easier!
There have been other changes and not all of them welcome. Development stopped on the most famous Amiga C package of all, SA5 C, the year before last. Before that another popular environment, Manx's Aztec C, also vanished as the development plug was pulled. It's not all doom and gloom by any means but, as far as currently supported commercial C compilers are concerned, just two main choices are now available... Storm C As you'll know from the review in the November issue of Amiga Computing, Storm C is produced in Germany by Haage & Partner. It's been around for some time but the English
translation of the manual and disk docs have only recently been completed.
Z i 0 s| Hlkf projtct (ft Storm C's toolbar and colour editing also help to make C program creation easier Both CD and floppy versions are available and the main components of the package include a project manager, an editor, compiler, linker, source-level debugger, the standard function libraries and, of course, the official Amiga headers. One of the advantages of using Storm C is that it can also compile C++ code but this sort of flexibility comes at a price. The package is not only expensive but to use it you'll need a hard disk machine with a minimum of 3Mb Ram.
Nevertheless the package is good and there's no doubt that it works like a dream. The compiler, linker and so on are controlled by a front end called StormCCP which provides both toolbar control for compiling, debugging and project handling plus an extensive set of menu options. One nice thing about the toolbar is that help messages which explain the purpose of particular toolbar icons automatically appear whenever you move the pointer into the icon area. In most cases the task of compiling and linking programs is totally transparent, A single click on the toolbar's Make button is enough
to cause Storm C to compile, link and so produce the executable version (as with DICE C this also applies to large multiple-file projects as well as simple single file programs).
I I slDSlUJJJ Product details Product Supplier Price StormC Blittersoft Storm C £269.95, Upgrade £179.95, Storm C Lite £119 (entry level cut down version) Tel 01908 261466 email bsoft@mag-net.co.uk WWW: http: blittersoft.wildnet.co.uk Another useful facility is that the editor provides colour keyword highlighting similar to that found on PC packages such as Borland C C++.
Amiga Computing You can of course; get many such packages for free if you have a modem and can log on to an Aminet mirror site although all these packages, and several other compilers, can be obtained from most public domain libraries __ r r - V r-J One of the difficulties with many PD offerings is in the initial setting up of the compiler environment j BIS, pro r«-» uuei
• three source files.
In Its amplest forn in9 the lines |Sas C C orm jnd nake S*.bI ink IbiBl 1 : blInk with xtcdHink Error: Cannot find xtc2.o SAS C officially had development stopped a couple of years ago but Software Hut in the States still have copies available of the last version released (this was the version incidentally that included C++) and that's all the encouragement I needed to mention this package.
Quite simply it was a rock-solid product and THE compiler of choice among professional coders. Its manuals are so good in fact that even today the documentation provided with DICE C or Storm C just does not even come close.
It must be said that SAS C's Workbench- based front, relative to the other two commercial compilers I've mentioned, is a little archaic but it is still eminently usable. There are many coders who have continued to use it. You do however, need a hard drive and at least a couple of megs of ram available to use the package.
When you want TO MOVE ON... From a practical viewpoint, while C is still the mainstream language for Amiga programming it can also provide footholds for learning about other languages.
C++ (pronounced 'C plus plus'), is a C- styled object-oriented programming language developed during the early 1980s which supports a construct known as a 'Class' that allows programmers to define objects that have their own data characteristics and procedures.
The end result is that a programmer can work at a much higher level of abstraction and so avoid the nitty-gritty details that make coding larger projects difficult in other languages. It's best not to attempt to learn C++ until you are happy with C itself.
Those of you with an interest in the Web, incidentally, may like to know that the Java programming language, which net users are raving about, is (to a large extent) modelled on C++!
|Public Domain Packages For those on a budget there are compilers which can provide a starting point for next to nothing. Steve Hawtin's 'charityware' NorthC package works well enough but is, unfortunately, one of several PD compilers that suffer from the disadvantage of not supporting ANSI C style function use.
Another offering, PDC, is better in this respect although many users have found it both difficult to set up and 'buggy'.
One package that arrived only recently is a beta test version of an AN5I C compiler called vbcc. At the moment however, the disk-based docs are rather poor (and again installation is not particularly easy) but one point that may be of interest to more advanced coders is that the compiler source is provided.
You can of course, get many such packages for free if you have a modem and can log on to an Aminet mirror site although all these packages, and several other compilers, can be obtained from most public domain libraries for less than a pound anyway.
Software 2000 incidentally (telephone 01827 287377), as well as listing NorthC and Small C also stock GCC v2,61 (the only public domain C C++ offering).
Many people remain convinced however, that the best cheap path for beginners is still the freely distributable version of DICE C. Needless to say it's nowhere near as good as the full commercial version but it is more than capable enough to get you started!
K&R Versus ANSI C For a long time C did not had an official standard - the language definition was based on a book called The C Programming Language written by Brian Kernighan and Dennis Richie (hence the term 'K&R C').
Eventually however, an ANSI (American National Standards Institute) committee was set up to look at the language, make some improvements, and create an official standard. The biggest difference between K&R C and ANSI C is the way that functions are written and declared. An ANSI style function description includes details of the types of arguments. The values used with the function and advanced declaration statements called prototypes, which also provide this information, make it possible for the compiler to detect incorrect function use more easily.
Given the choice, it is ANSI C you should learn to use but, although nowadays all commercial C compilers are ANSI C compatible, several public domain offerings are not!
I j line Product DETAILS Product SASC V6.51 Supplier Software Hut Price SI 59.95 Tel 800 932 6442 email softhut@ix.netcom.com Coping with the inevitable snags The best way to make a start is to write simple programs and get used to the general idea of writing the code, compiling, linking and so on.
If you follow the PD road, there's no doubt you will encounter more difficulties than someone who buys Storm C or the commercial version of DICE G Although most PD disks provide some help in getting you through those troublesome early stages it rarely seems to be enough. Initially, almost everyone will have some kind of problem with either the compiler itself or the related task of setting up a suitable compiling environment (mainly because the documentation will not be aimed directly at users who are new to compiling).
One solution, incidentally, is to make sure you get next month's Amiga Computing - because we're actually starting a series that is guaranteed to provide beginners with those all-important, step-by-step instructions!
U lid in Amiga Computing ;ryy:.2 , cintya bheda bheda Tattva"
- ! A moaned Sir John's grandson, Chrispian Mills, frontman for
those rather superb musicians Kula Shaker. He wasn't talking
rubbish, apparently it's a snippet of Sanskrit, the world's
oldest recognised language and means "The simultaneous
inconceivable difference and non-difference of reality".
How do I know this? Because I am the God of PeeDee. Being the God of PeeDee involves sitting for extended periods in front of a computer screen sifting through jiffy bags and Aminet upload lists, with nothing but a mug of tea and my trusty stereo for company. It might not be a barrel of laughs but certainly improves your knowledge of musical trivia.
Dave Cusick serves up a seasonal selection of PD and Shareware Programmed by: Fabio Lopiano Available from: Aminet ational Hunt v3.0 I nearly got on Blockbusters, you know. I know two people who did get on it and won three or four gold runs whilst they were about it The most disappointing aspect of my failure to impress the interviewer was I never got to meet Bob Holness. As Jo and Toby later confirmed, the man is an absolute star.
If you like the idea of two teams trying to get across a hexagonal grid in different directions, but aren't so keen on having to answer teasing general knowledge questions, Hex could be the answer. You won't get to mumble "P please Bob" (unless you are in the habit of saying such things to your Amiga) but you will get to consider the strategic element of plotting a route across the board.
Without flashy graphics and stunning sound, Hex relies on simplicity and playability to impress. It doesn't feature a single player mode so you will have to find a friend to rope into a strategic battle, but it's diverting enough to help while away a few long winter evenings.
Sue Barker's all right, isn't she? Admittedly she's no longer a spring chicken but hey, she's a snappy dresser and is fast maturing as an able sports presenter. She even managed an amusing joke or two after Sir Cliff's Singing In The Rain piece Programmed by: Mark Winterton Available from: Mark Winterton at Wimbledon last summer.
Strangely for a former tennis player, the powers that be at the Beeb have seen fit to let Sue Barker loose at numerous race meetings in recent times. That's not such a bad thing. She's so much less irritating than that McCrirrick chap on Channel Four - I'd like to see the straight-talking Geoff Boycott refer to him as "love" on a frequent basis during live broadcasts.
If you're an avid viewer of televised race meetings or perahps a lady or gentleman of leisure with sufficient time on your hands to toddle along to meetings for yourself, the chances are you'll like National Hunt. It's not as pleasing to the eye as Ms Barker was in her heyday, but beneath the Amos'ed exterior lurks a fairly absorbing game.
You take on the role of a newly appointed National Hunt race trainer and your task is to prepare horses for races and maybe earn the stable a bit of extra cash by prudently betting on winners from time to time. Ultimately you'll be aiming to win the Trainer's Championship and to help your jockey win the Jockey's Championship.
You have fifteen horses to look after, each is rated in several key areas - namely class, speed, stamina, fitness, preferred going, preferred distance, age and value. You decide which horses to enter in particular races and which horses should be trained up especially for certain meetings.
You also need to consider the form each horse displays. Once you've checked the odds the bookmakers are offering, you may want to put a bet on one of your own horses to win - or on one of the rival horses, if you're not so confident.
Obviously training horses costs money and there are bills to be paid. At the end of the season the taxman will pay a visit and whisk away some of your hard-earned pennies and if you run out of money at any stage, it's game over. On the other hand, prove to be a successful trainer and you can play season after season building up a personal fortune for retirement. Each season comprises 21 meetings, each with six races. There are nine other trainers to compete against and it's possible to edit jockey, trainer, horse and racetrack names.
The actual race sequences could scarcely be said to represent the cutting edge of audio visual technology, but it can be interesting watching your horse compete. Alternatively, skip the race itself and view the results straight away. To increase the tension the game even includes features such as disqualification, Steward's enquiries and photo finishes. National Hunt is shareware, with the full version available from the author for six quid. The demo version, which has several features disabled and only allows you to play for a single season, should be available from PD libraries
although it can also be obtained directly from Mr Winterton.
USCLES Produced by: Impulse Available from: Aminet links to download sites for every bit of freely available PD and shareware reviewed iajthe two years I have been writing this column. And if you're so lazy that you can't even be bog- ered typing in that lengthy URL, simply follow the Software link from the Amiga Computing Regular readers will have noticed I rarely review demos -1 simply don't see the point in the majority of them. It seems some* thing of a waste when talented programmers spend their time producing endless wibbling spheres and jerky raytraced animations to highlight the
technical features of the Amiga chipset, rather than employing their time more constructively to produce genuinely powerful software.
It's not showroom demos that sell machines, it's proper software, whether serious or recreational. It isn't pointless instore "Look what this Pentium can do" rubbish that sells Pcs by the bucketload, it's the fact that people want certain software titles.
All this is not to say that interesting, original and genuinely impressive demos are not worth a look once in a while. Muscles is a prime example. It lasts ages - when I began typing this particular review I began the demo again by way of inspiration, I'm well into it now and the thing is still running.
There are plenty of rotating 3-D objects, some decent artwork and slick but nondescript tracker music. For some reason it all seems to work rather well and goes beyond most demos in that, roughly speaking, it sticks to a theme throughout.
Let's talk hardware. You'll need a fair dollop of memory and hard drive space to run Muscles - the archive weighs in at a fairly hefty 4mb. On slower Amigas the whole thing can appear rather sluggish, but the vast majority of Amiga owners these days seem to possess 030, 040 or even 060 machines, so this may not be a problem.
Muscles won't change your life and it won't impress your friends with the two grand P2Q0+ PeeCee, with its "innovative" Multimedia gubbins, huge RAM and Hard Drive requirements and that new fangled Windoze 95 thing called multitasking (what do you mean, doing two things at once?
Why would anyone want to do that?) What Muscles will do is entertain you for a few minutes, and it may well make you feel a whole lot happier about the hardware inside that little cream box.
Yj QasyPrint Printing is something of an Achilles heel for the Amiga.
Decent DTP programs and word processors can produce high quality output, but try printing from an ordinary art package (or from Workbench itself) and you'll end up with less than spectacular results.
EasyPrint offers an attractive solution giving superb results from even mediocre printers and low-end Amiga systems. With a standard A1200 it is possible to print out 24-bit coloured pictures on an A4 page at the maximum density.
Installation is simply a matter of copying a couple of important library files into the libs: drawer (if you don't already have them) and making sure the standard system preferences are set correctly for your printer. Double click on the EasyPrint icon and load up the image you'd like to print out - EasyPrint recognises and loads IFF, EHB, HAM6, HAM7, HAM8 and JPEG formats and can use any installed datatypes.
You can crop the image, play around with the colour mode (CMYK or RGB), adjust the balance, contrast and gamma levels and even apply some simple image manipulation features if you wish. Then it's just a case of setting the print-out size and choosing whether you want colour separations or the printout to be dithered. When all this is done, hit the print button and you'll be suitably impressed by the output.
The EasyPrint interface is particularly attractive and intuitive, with all the features accessible from a floating window. A preview of the image is displayed alongside rulers to help you gauge the print-out size and lengthy operations are monitored in little progress windows so you know where things are up to.
This is a superb product which will be invaluable to anyone who has ever had cause to curse the standard Amiga print-out. It's shareware, with the evaluation version having some features disabled.
If you like what you see (as I'm sure you will), the full version is available for $ 25 from the author. It's not cheap, but if you're serious about graphics it's probably worth its weight in gold.
EasyPrint can be used to produce top quality print-outs of all your favourite images... riat 2.25 » k latuu (1» ~ Programmed by: Andrea Latina Available from: Aminet F55»r h[ r ,
l. tun » i H: Mt S It 15 21 JO « jiii; mu ijj.ni Ji.!=: 3*-s.. s
f uu J jAiJxt j uu ?* i-
4.: ..- ..j ..
- Hi iK'i - ¦ ¦u-jsht i n .oj XJUf ***** I I rn i i c.a i
...and it offers a wealth of options so you can tailor the
print-out to your exact requirements
- 5±3* -
- HfV.'. - I ( *
- I . M f [43* 1: 1... 1.1 HitaJes a jvmi-jxz
- - JiiJJiS-J? - - J Jj4.$ I: 7: (12.S T: | HE noiiiy |
I. .. _F Holifp 1 mi V ~r ~ .
Amiga Computing Qmiga Assist 3.1 Programmed by: John Cummings Available from: 5th Dimension Licenceware If you're relatively new to the Amiga and the terms bandied around by experienced users leave you baffled, invest E3.45 in this disk. It's an introduction to the more confusing aspects of everyone's favourite machine and covers everything from the various models in the Amiga range and the upgrades available for them, through to instructions on using Workbench and creating script files. It runs on any Amiga with 2mb of RAM.
From the main menu it's simply a case of clicking on the subject you'd like to know more about and reading an informative, well-written text file - the advice can be printed out. Some subjects are accompanied by clear diagrams and illustrations. In fact, the whole guide is well presented and easy to digest.
Even relatively experienced users may learn something here, the author gets to grips with a lot of interesting topics.
Whether you want to know about the best upgrade path to follow or need advice on how to get connected to the Internet, you'll find good advice here.
There's also a really comprehensive A-Z jargon buster with helpful definitions of all sorts of terms.
Amiga Assist explains things clearly and simply... This latest version of Amiga Assist has been updated to incorporate recent developments in the Amiga market, so you'll find newer hardware such as the Surf Squirrel and software like Active's Netconnect discussed too. This is an indispensable disk for the newcomer and is thoroughly recommended.
.and employs diagrams to good effect mi it IwnWfla niiigii Wmm ? =
n. . * 7SESMTBB5- Ip you are using yotr toiga for business or
seriously then the best and consequently the nost expensive
monitors available are nuUisync* toiga Technologies have
developed their oun ftoiga nuttisync noniior called the Mm nt
«i« « 1111
1) Copy the suitable nonitor driver fror the HB Storage disk into
the Monitors drawer inside the Devs driver* il Then edit your
Startup-Sequenee by tyoing -ed s startuQ-seouence : - fr» a
Cir Then after the fiSS s add RUN M: wMom m OF DRIVER) To use
a nultisyno nonitor properly you need a suitable nonitor
driver to take advantage of alt the sereeracdes it offa'S, To
setup a nonitor driver for use* Pic Fit-NEHEFI you only pay
for the tall to your POP!
0 Computer [QakeCX Commodore did quite a good job with later versions of Workbench. By the time Workbench 3 came along, it featured several nice ideas such as Datatypes and Commodities. Admittedly the appalling manual included with A1200s did not really open many people's eyes to the potential of these features (hence the popularity of various third party books on how to get the best out of Workbench), but Commodore had the right idea.
MakeCX is a handy little program enabling you to run other programs as Commodities. This makes it possible to call up programs with hotkeys, hide their interfaces when initially run, and de-activate or remove them easily.
Installation involves merely moving MakeCX to somewhere like the C: drawer. Usage is then a matter of entering a command line including Programmed by: Jens Troger Available from: Aminet Turn all your favourite programs into Commodities with MakeCX IH Available Corwodities Infestation Dunny's title Little duraiy cx Show Interface Hide Interface el Active Renove A V certain arguments.
The example the author uses, whereby he transforms a simple Workbench game into a Commodity for quick access, illustrates the potential of this 7500-byte wonder. It might not sound impressive (or even worth the effort of setting up!) But it's one of those interesting little programs that you'll either wipe off your hard drive immediately or fall in love with forever. Definitely one to investigate.
ClassAction Dunny Exchange HOP ScreenNizardCX ToolManager Amiga Computing ritish Manager TIME 11 W MAN UTD 9 8 NORWICH C The Chemistry SHEFF WED 0 8 CLYDEBANK SUNDRLAND 0 8 MORTON WEST HAM 2 6 AYR UTD MILLWALL 0 8 HAMILTON Who needs Championship Manager?
Match sequences - penalties! Free kicks! Silky-smooth passing moves! It's like owning a Spectrum all over again.
As well as league fixtures you have a chance to compete for the coveted British FA Cup and British League Cup titles. There are other interesting features too, increase the capacity of the stadium or change ticket prices so as to attract floating supporters or fund expensive transfer swoops. There are substitutions, injuries, suspensions, a full transfer market and so on. In an inspired move, the author has even included an Editor program on the disk, so you can recreate your favourite teams and guide them to domestic glory.
The bottom line is that while it's certainly not a realistic rival to Championship Manager, British Manager is a hugely entertaining return trip to 8-bit gaming brilliance.
Those were the days, when you could pick up a decent game for about three quid - which incidentally is all this gloriously old-fashioned game costs.
British Manager takes on Match Of The Day at its own game Amiga Computing Programmed by: Gordon Miller The effect Available from: 5th Dimension Euro Licenceware 96 on the British popu la- tion has been nothing short of frightening.
When I squeezed into a pub in Newquay to watch England v Germany in the European Championship semi-final, I was totally surprised by the people there.
Fn my experience, football games (both in the flesh and in the pub) had always attracted a certain kind of person. Euro 96 changed all that which, 1 reflected as I stood fighting for a view and gasping for breath in an overcrowded Sheffield bar watching England beat Poland the other night, makes a big difference. When I was a lad, you used to be able to get tickets to see Manchester United... It's nice that so many people have caught the football bug. After spending most of the eighties in the wilderness, football really has become our national sport once again.
Experienced computer users will remember that long before the likes of Championship Manager were available to satisfy footie fans' appetites, an 8-bit classic by the name of Football Manager had plenty of people excited. Admittedly realism wasn't one of Football Manager's strong points but entertainment and - amazingly for a program written in Basic on a 48k machine - arcade sequences were.
After the great British summer of sport, it's nice to see another attempt at producing a playable Football Manager clone costing a fraction of the price of commercial offerings. Forget realism - we're talking about a league containing four divisions of ten teams, from all corners of Britain. Millwall and Sheffield Wednesday rub shoulders with Hamilton and Ayr in the British Third Division.
Enjoy reliving the days of buying and selling fictitious players in a desperate attempt to climb up the league.
(Yes, you too can spend £127,668 to bring P Aitken to Manchester United!) Marvel at the sight of appallingly animated characters scoring simple goals during tense m mi but or mm cer prices HARD DRIVES STORAGE £115.99 £125.99 £145.99 £155.99 £169.99 £229.99 £249.99 MEMORY SIMMs £84.99 £124.99 £199.99 CD Our memory SIMM prices are reviewed on a weekly basis - call for latest pricing OUR ADVICE! BUY NOW TO AVOID CHRISTMAS PRICE SURGES!
CO O CD SCANNERS O PowerScan b w £74.99 PowerScan Colour £159.99 Highly acclaimed parallel-port fitting scanners for the A600 1200, high magazine reviews FAX MODEMS 9600 Modems £49.99 14400 Modems £69.99 33600 Modems £139.99 Our modem packs cannot be beaten! All units include free access to our BBS, Midnight Express, where you can download 1000's of PD and Shareware programs for your Amiga - free of charge, 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.
Information on accessing the Internet with your Amiga is also included..,FREE!
CD CD (f) A Apollo 1230 Lite £89.99 Apollo 1230 Pro £149.99 Apollo 1240 25 £219.99 Apollo 1240 40 £289.99 Blizzard 1230-IV £159.99 Blizzard 1260 £569.99 SCSI-II kit for 1230 £84.99 Magnum 030 25 £89.99 Magnum 030 40 £129.99 Magnum 040 25 £239.99 Magnum 040 40 £319.99 Magnum 060 50 £479.99 SCSI-II kit for Magnums £74.99 j
3. 5" EIDE 540mb
3. 5" EIDE 850mb
3. 5" EIDE lGig
3. 5" EIDE 1.2Gig
3. 5" EIDE 1.6Gig
3. 5" EIDE 2.0Gig
3. 5" EIDE 2.5Gig Our hard drive prices are reviewed on a weekly
basis - call for latest pricing A600 2mb Upgrade £19.99 A1200
4mb Upgrade £65.99 A1200 8mb Upgrade £95.99 33mhz FPU
w Crysta!
£34.99 50mhz FPU w Crystal £65.99 MEM UPGRADES ACCELERATORS
2. 5" 80mb
2. 5" 420mb
2. 5" lGig Iomega ZIP Drive SCSI ZIP Cartridges (each) SyQuest EZ
Drive SCSI Iomega JAZ Drive SCSI JAZ Carts (lgig each) 72Pin
4mb (70ns) 72Pin 8mb (70ns) 72Pin 8mb (60ns) 72Pin 16mb (70ns)
72Pin 16mb (60ns) Epson GT5000 SCSI Epson GT5000 Parallel
£149.99 £12.50 £134.99 £Call £Call £24.99 £44.99 £46.99 £84.99
£94.99 £399.99 £399.99 r Inside: Tiny Troops, Ruffian, Cheat
Guides Emmerdale Harm News by Andy Maddock & Hugh Poynton What
the hell?
You may have heard through the grapevine that our sister magazine, Amiga Action, was going to dose. Well, we thought it would be a good idea to merge Amiga Action into the centre of Amiga Computing so in actual fact, you're almost getting two magazines for the price of one! Despite the merging of the two, Amiga Action will still present you with the news, previews and reviews of all the latest games as it always has done.
There's just one thing left more to say. Amiga Computing readers, meet all our new Amiga Action readers... There we go, everyone is happy!
The Amiga is nowadays largely ignored by many of the larger software companies. Whilst this is a shame, it does present a golden opportunity to many of the smaller, home-grown software developers. Applaud is one of these new up and coming companies, and DNA is its first release.
The story is simple enough, an alien pod has come crashing to earth landing in, of all places, Yorkshire. Before long scientists from a genetic laboratory have analysed the pod's contents and are trying to conduct dastardly experiments by putting alien DNA in unwitting humans. Understandably miffed, these mutant Yorkshire men break out of the laboratory and embark on a splatterfest.
Only two telepathically linked people can save Yorkshire from being dominated by irate mutants and it is your task to guide them around the playing area, killing the mutants and collecting samples from them. Once this is done chunks of alien DNA can be inserted into your operatives to enhance their fighting ability. Applaud Software has only just been established and DNA is only available through mail order.
The retail price of DNA is £14.99 plus postage and packing. If you wish to contact Applaud, telephone 01283 217270.
GTI's Top Ten Games - September 1996
1. (1) Killing Grounds AGA Alien Breed 3D2 still at number one
2. (6) Sensible World of Soccer
3. (10) Worms
4. -) Nemac IV
5. (4) Fighting Spirit
6. (7) Tin Toy Adventure
7. (-) Der Produzent
8. (-) Extreme Racing AGA
9. (-) Gloom Deluxe
10. (-) Formula 1 Masters The current games charts supplied by
the great German distributor, GTI. Show that Alien Breed 3D
2 still remains at number one for the second consecutive
month despite only receiving 80% in the last issue of Amiga
Also, we see re-entries for Extreme Racing and Gloom Deluxe. Sensible World of Soccer still remains in the top ten after many months and doesn't look likely to budge after zooming from 6th place straight to number 2.
I 3.3.H S S TB R O: news news news Manchester City Info Ooh, it's here!
As you know, we have been following the progression of Championship Manager 2 very closely and I know a lot of readers are anxious to find out how the game will be converted from the PC.
Transferring an 8MB game to 1MB can't be an easy task and the question begs to be asked... Will it work on a A500?
At the moment, the game is more or less complete so anyone who has pre-ordered the game is in for a top treat. The only aspects disabled in the version we played were the save game, transfers and the disk routine. We are assured the game, that comes on two disks, will work on the A500 and support two disk drives.
The only major gripe was that selecting West Bromwich Albion as your team made the game crash after the third match. Ooh, pity.
Expect to see it on the shelves some time in November, just hang in there and be patient.
Scarborough • 23
5. 3 : ? :¦ ' A 0acJv5?cne v th a srnpte pa-v: F»:i Wail From
The McC«n S!aim } Rspd | Championship Manager 2 - on it's way
still a* Fiwn« ; ; ; * ; - *x [ • Fie*:-:-if ____ .irpii.
_ ____ q; _r. 4 Manager Andy Maddock r'S f-vVL . . -
- JF. S!Mri income Eesjzn Tfret Si'is Gate Riceiite Tv
favcnuf rae Moray ’ Fi.avet 5a os Other mom; Expedite; Flayer
- as** Flayer Eiyjjm Fla er rotates Ctrar “os** Fro'it
Cir'ent EaiariM "Viry* Done Or just fade away Vulcan Software
is planning on releasing a fair few games over the coming
months. We've heard that one of them is called Burnout.
The idea is to knock a series of opposition cars off a circular platform and remain the only one left. The graphics are all 100 per cent rendered which could make it a sure success as there are very few games around today which use proper 3-D rendered graphics.
The game will be compatible with AGA Amiga's, but you will need 6MB of memory to play it. It will come on 7 disks and work only on a hard drive. Despite these awkward technical specifications Burnout will run in HiRes Interlaced with 256 colours at 25 frames per second, 6 channels of sound, multiplayer options, future expansion disks and oodles of playability. It sounds like an absolute cracker.
The next game to be released will hopefully be around January 1997 and is to be named Hell Pigs. Although no technical specifications have been released yet, the game will be state of the art. Vulcan will be bringing out an Amiga CD with hundreds of megs of filmed sequences, speech and actors.
There will be strong language used and Hell Pigs will be Certificate 18.
We're looking forward to it. Xam ...And the finished product Hugh Poynton faces warrior worms, flying death sheep, mad cows and ornamental pack animals The unique graffiti feature... Director s Cut The art into a worm battlefield. Players have the choice to determine whether their graffiti creation will be above ground or in the same shape of caverns deep under ground. The Amiga will dress your creation with trees, houses and a picturesque back drop to look like a proper bona-fide wormy battlefield.
Team 1 7 has accomplished a very difficult feat, namely improving an already excellent product to give us Worms, The Directors Cut. In terms of graphics, variety and scope, the game is an absolute peach. Both spec-wise and option- wise the game is pretty impressive. 300 colours on screen, 50 frames a second, 9 level parallax and super smooth quarter pixel scrolling is combined with an almost unlimited number of options and Invincible Invertibrates This isn't the only new options feature by a Jong shot - the game is absolutely packed with them. Before playing you can set the lethality of every
weapon. You can choose short skirmishes with ultra deadly weapons or an epic protracted battle with weapons about as lethal as a feather duster. On the subject of weapons, the range available is huge.
The real strength of this new worms release and what makes it stand out from the original, is the sheer scope afforded by the vast amount of new options. The 'Graffiti Mode' enables players to fight it out on an infinite number of battlefields. Using this little device the player can squiggle about with a mouse, write offensive words or pictures of the human anatomy, press a couple of buttons and transform their work of Whilst the original worms had a selection of comparatively unremarkable weapons, this little beauty uses the weirdest weapons ever seen in a game. Sheep for example, are
definitely a force to be reckoned with. The all-new Super Sheep is a deadly accurate flying sheep that, by using the cursors, can be directed around the battlefield at breakneck speed and sent careering into the enemies' worms.
The Ninja-esqe Sheep-on-a-Rope will strike terror into the hearts of worms as they swing, Spiderman style, across the screen and drop on unfortunate wormy warriors. In addition to the sheep, exploding old women can be sent on suicide missions, they totter up to unsuspecting worms and explode.
However, the best weapons additions are the little topical embellishments such as the postal strike (five presumably overdue letters which drift down from the sky and wreak destruction}. Mad cows bound with mental enthusiasm into the nearest obstacle and blow it to bits and using two or three of these will destroy an obstacle a worm is hiding behind and subsequent cows will blow the worm itself away.
The French nuclear testing option is probably the best though. Using this ecologically unfriendly tactic, explode a nuke to the tune of the French national anthem and watch the battlefield slip, Muratora Atoll style, a few feet into the sea, drowning any worm unfortunate enough to be in the way of the rising waters.
Some of the worms seem to be developing a certain urban combat gangsta style approach to their battle tactics.
Although not driving about in chopped and lowered Mercedes 190s with huge airfoils at the back and tinted out windows, worms are now able to smack their opponents about with baseball bats or chuck petrol bombs at them.
At this point I should perhaps mention something about the rumoured appearance of a freaky looking 70s Garden ornament made out of highest quality concrete. But I won't because its just a rumour...alright?
Subhead The little pink heroes are much improved and filled out in this version. An unlimited number of worm teams can be saved and each of the battle worms have their own unique speech. Just think, Jessica Lange's swan song would be the 'Murder She Wrote' theme or Begbie worm could utter 'Renton ya wee radge' before shuffling his mortal worm coil. If you own a sampler there is the option to add your own pearls of wisdom for the worm to utter in moments of triumph or terror.
Another added touch to the new worms and one which brings a tear to my eye and makes me talk in a faltering croaky voice, is the ability to save all your worms, give them names and celebrate their birthdays. Thing is, can you face getting attached when the next moment they could be annihilated by an exploding granny or destroyed by a Ninja Sheep on a Rope?
It appears this game has achieved something unique in modern computer games. By enabling players to decide the battlefield, the lethality of the weapons and even the speech of the individual worms, Andy Davidson has designed the game so it can be tailored exactly to the requirements of the individual. This, coupled with the fact that the game can be played via a network or modem, more or less guarantees that for years to come the game will be constantly adapted and customised by its fans.
I could go on about everything new and unique in 'Worms, The Directors Cut' for ages; about the worm to worm 'prod' ability (where the player can gently shove an opposing worm off cliffs and ridges) or the networking and modem facilities or that you can have up to 16 people playing in any one game, but I just don't have the time.
The truth is, Andy Davidson has breathed years of new life into a game that didn't really need that much new life breathed in to it in the first place. Whilst retaining the playability of the original game, The Directors Cut has refined and polished the product to an almost unsurpassable degree.
THE LOW-DOWN PUBLISHER Team 17 CONTACT 01924 267776 HD INSTALLABLE Yes PRICE TBA GRAPHICS 95% 96% PLAYABILITY 96% DIFFICULTY Tricky Worms has acres of playability, a huge selection of features and an infinite numbe levels. In short, worms is wiggly pink perfection.
REVIEWED BY HUGH OVERALL SCORE % ACTION REVIEW PLATFORM iAAuMB Very few developers are willing to devote time and money to producing an Amiga game when they can quite easily develop for the PC and compete with the larger companies - although, this means the competition to occupy the top spot is a lot stronger.
Developers who tend to put in the time and effort for Amiga games usually end up with a good, positive result as there is still a very large number of Amiga gamesplayers out there to substantiate a good release.
Ruffian, is a platform game and you control a jungle boy who's been given a mission by a witch doctor. The mission is to save little pixies from being eaten by carnivorous plants. To set them free you must spit seeds at them which you can collect from fruit along the way. That's not all. Once you have saved a certain number of pixies, the exit ' • will open somewhere on the level for you to find. It may sound M ' S’ pretty f straightforward, I V but there are a V fk" S -1 vast number of I T|| * * jk baddies who I * will try and get I in your way, * spiky platforms 900} r
which must be negotiated and rivers which need to jjS T be avoided.
To help in your quest the witch doctor has left a - number of potions and spells which act as power-ups to boost your chances of finishing a level while topping up your points total in the process.
Before beginning you can configure the game to your own particular preference by altering the speed of Ruffian or the main difficulty level. You can also turn off the helping hands which are there to point you in the right T'T] direction as it's very easy to get lost.
F Ruffian also uses a clever method of 1 1 1 O sPittin6 P'ps- I Instead of just "N pressing fire you I have to hold I down the button j and rotate the
- A J joystick which j rotates his head.
You have to have a steady hand and f lightning reactions to be j* able to dispose of the The game also features some puzzles, like firing at a monkey to activate a see-saw which sends you flying up to a platform you can’t otherwise reach. You can also bounce pips off the wall to backfire through tiny gaps to kill enemies or rescue pixies.
Overall, Ruffian is an excellent platform game. The graphics are good, the sounds are atmospheric and the gameplay is surprisingly involving. The only major gripe is that it can get a tad boring and frustrating after a short time. If you've got the patience Ruffian is certainly a worthy purchase.
PUBLISHER Ruffian Software CONTACT 0121-625 3377 HD INSTALLABLE No PRICE TBA GRAPHICS SOUND PLAYABILITY DIFFICULTY As Ruffian has little or no competition whatsoever, it looks like it's going to have some sucess. My only major problem with the game itself is that the whole thing is based around a jungle scene, and that's it. It would've been nice if it contained some variation.
Maybe, Space Ruffian?
REVIEWED BY ANDY Hi NO PC NO MAC 4 Meg SIMM 8 Meg SIMM 16 Meg SIMM 32 Meg SIMM £24.99 £44.99 £98.99 £195,99 850 Meg
1. 0 Gig
1. 2 Gig
1. 6 Gig £48.99 £162.99 £f 75.99 £184.99 HEAVEN A12C0 m Ai| Title
Format Price Reunion HD onfy £27,99 Sim City 1000 (4 Meg) HD
only £14,99
S. Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD only £14.99 Tornado HD onfy £23.99
Alien Breed 3D2 AI200 £!8,99 Bloodnet A! 200 £27.99 Breathless
CHAOS ENGINE 2 A1200 £TBA Exile AI200 £12.99 Extreme Racing
A1200 £17.99 Gloom Deluxe A1200 £12.99 Guardian AI200 £7.99 ,
HUMANS 3 A1200 £18.99 1 Jungle Strike A1200 £14.99 !
Legends AI20Q £14,99 Pinball Prelude A1200 £18,99 !
Roadkill A1200 £12,99 Primal Rage AI20O £24.99 Speris Legacy AI2O0 £19.99 Super League Manager A1200 £9.99 Super Stardust AI200 £17.99 Theme Park A1200 £24.99 Tin Toy A1200 £13.99 Virtual Karting AI200 £14.49 Watchtower A1200 £14.99 XP8 AI200 £18.99 Title Format Price 10 10 Dinasaurs all ages All Amigas £1199 10 10 Early Essential 3 J All Amigas £1199 10 10 English for up to 16 All Amigas £14.99 10 10 junior Essentials 5*11 All Amigas £14,99 Blitz Basic 2.1 All Amigas £28,99 CHAMP MANAGER 2 All Amigas £T8A CHAOS ENGINE 2 All Amigas £TBA Ail Amigas £16.49 All Amigas £14.99 Ai Amigas £14,99 A3
Amigas £24.99 A3 Amigas £19.99 A3 Amigas £9.99 All Amigas £19.95 A3 Amigas £14.99 Deathmask DNA Flashback Formula I Masters Kick Off 96 Odyssey PGA European Golf Power Drive Premier Manager 3 Deluxe A3 Amigas £17.99 Rally Champs Ail Amigas £18.49 Reality - Game Creator All Amigas £28.99 Sensible World Soccer Euro 96 All Amigas £17.99 Sensible Golf Super Sirid Marks 2 Super Street Fighter 2 Super Tennis Champs Theme Park Total Football Touring Car Tracksuit Manager 2 XP8 All Amigas £14.99 All Amigas £14.99 All Amigas £13.99 All Amigas £16,99 All Amigas £24.99 All Amigas £18.99 All Amigas £12.99
All Amigas £19.99 A3 Amigas £18.99 Title Format Price Alien Breed 3D CD32 CDRom £14.99 Defender of the Crown CD32 CDRom £2195 EPIC ENCYCLOPEDIA CD32 CDRom £24.99 CD3!CDRom £9.99 CD32 CDRom £TBA CD32JCDRom £9.99 CD3l'CDRom £TBA CD32 CDRom £14.99 CD32 CDRom £14.99 Fears FINAL GATE Gloom HAUNTED 6Mb jungle Strike Kid Chaos Kingpin jlOPin Bowling) CD32CDRom £7.99 MM CD32i'CDRom £16.99 Microcosm CD32 CDRom £9.99 j NEMACIV 4Mb CD32 CDRom CTBA Nick Faldos Golf CD3Z CDRom £17.99 Simon the Sorcerer CD32 CDRom £19.99 ] Speedbafl2 CD32 CDRom £18.99] Sports Football CD31'CDRom £1195 j Star Crusader
CD32 CDRom £19.99] Super Slighter 2Turbo CD32 CDRom £14.99 Super Skidmarks CD3KDRom £7.99 The Clue CD)2 CDftan £20.49 j Theme Park CD32 CDRom £21.99 ] Thomas the Tank Pinball CD32 CDRom £9.99 Trivial Pursuit CD32 CDRom £21991 Worms CDJICDRom £18.991 THIS IS JUST A SMALL SELECTION OF OURTHLES, PLEASE PHONE FOR MORE DETAILS 2 x SPEED £69.99 4 x SPEED £119.99 8 x SPEED £179.99 (including fitting and all cables required to connect to Amiga) 2 x SPEED £149.99 4 x SPEED £199.99 Mini tower + CD Rom, ail cables & fitting HD 2 x SPEED £299.99 HD 4 x SPEED £349,99 Mini tower, CD Rom, and hard drive (850
meg) inc ail cables + free fitting.
We can make a pack to your required specs - ring for details ; 030 25MHz + FPU £98.99 j 030 40MHz £128.99 030 40MHz + FPU £148.99 1 030 50MHz £168.99 j I 040 25MHz £248.99 ; ! 040 40MHz £329.99 j n 060 50MHz £498.99
* * v» or -*119 r• t:oi• »r*ii
• Superior graphics capabilities r You don’t need to spend th
upgrade in your own time.
• You don’t need to spend thousands of pounds, start from only
£369.99 and Own the machine responsible for the effects in Star
Trek Voyager to the fireworks displays at Disney World!
Incredible as it sounds, you can have a top of the range Mac by using an upgraded Amiga with a £50 piece of software called Emplant - so you can have the best of both machines for the price of one.
I 1
* Tm ihl j
* M. 1 i ¦i J Mf' i : j i m .[ ii t yi k* Yes, it's here.
The final part of that superb futuristic arcade adventure
courtesy of Creative Rea I i ty.
After killing Sartani you'll be transported back to the Dreamweb, Talk to the Keeper and he'll explain the next objective. Leave the web by placing your hands on the correct stone door. Use the key on the plinth to return to your own dimension.
Dreamweb In the car park, find the van with tarpaulin in the back of it Take the wire cutters from the back of the vehicle and then have a look in your inventory. Read the papers you stole from Sartani's briefcase. This document will indicate the whereabouts of Chapel and Underwood.
LX'flllC*- rr»H? OM Aor First go to Chapel's house. Find and talk to the policeman. Chapel's house has been bombed, but you must find a way in. Go back to the other screen and then examine and use the wall. Among the destruction is a picture of a church and more importantly a blue cartridge.
Take this network cartridge and go back to your flat Once there, use the freshly-acquired cartridge inside the network console.
Logon as Beckett and enter the password "Septimus". Read what's on the cartridge to reveal where the church is.
Flat Ma M4 Leave the flat and go to the church.
Once there, the way is blocked by a gate
- use the wire cutters on it to enter the forecourt. The wooden
doors are locked, so leave the church for now.
Head back to Eden's flat and pick up an empty mug from the kitchen and leave. Underwood's boathouse is the next port of call. Once there examine the pipe in the water and then use it LOCATION: SPARKV'S BAR GAME GUIDE with the empty mug. At the top of the screen are some railings - examine them and you'll be able to pick up a broken shard of railing. Walk right to see the boathouse.
Using the balcony at this point will activate the security system and you'll get a laser blast through the stomach - game over. Examine the metal plate at the top of the screen. Use the metal plate jm and Ryan will $ $ $ brush off J| §2 some of the ££ A. sand to K reveal an gH electrical 1| (Sq junction box. |§ XX.. Use the metal plate with the railing and the junction box with open. Use the mug filled with water on the box and the security system will short-circuit and explode. You can now use the hole to climb up on to the balcony. Find the hole in the window and climb through it to
enter the boathouse.
Underwood can be found crawling along the floor in some considerable pain as half her body is missing. Talk to her and once you've got the information put her out of her misery by shooting her in the head. Her soul will enter your body and once again you'll be transported to the Dreamweb, Once inside the Dreamweb talk to the Keeper and he'll explain the next objective. Locate the correct stone door and once again use the key on the plinth to be transported back to Earth.
This time on waking up you'll be further along on the beach. This might be an ideal time to have a look at your inventory and see which objects are not needed any more. Most of the specific items used previously (i.e. keycards, passcards) can be thrown away.
Go back to the church to find that the doors are, miraculously, now open.
Enter the church, walk past the remains and find the altar. Take both candlesticks and the white cloth off the altar. Try and use the altar and it just won't budge. Examine the hole in the altar and you'll see that a hand will fit inside it Walk back to the remains and take the bony hand from the body. Use this hand on the altar and then use the altar itself. Ryan with a great deal of effort will shove the altar out of the way revealing a hole in the floor.
Go down the hole and examine the tomb. Use it and the lid will pull back to reveal two red crystals, a dagger and a rock. Take all these items. Look inside the jar beside the tomb to find another red crystal.
There is a stone design behind you on the floor with three holes in it. Place the three red crystals into the appropriate holes and a hidden door will open allowing you to leave the tomb. Have a look around the corridor - the way is blocked by a gate.
Head to the top of the corridor and examine the statue. Use the statue and a puzzle will appear. Rotate the symbols to match the one which appears on your Dreamweb key. This design can be found in the Diary of a Madman which comes free with the game, but to save time, the top half of the symbol looks like a semi-circle with three spokes jutting out from it while the bottom half is a plain semi-circle.
Once the two symbols are correctly matched push the crystal in the top of the statue. You'll hear the gate open in the distance. Walk through the gate and to the end of the corridor. The door at the bottom left of the screen requires a triangular key of some kind.
Go up and find a trolley. Walk around the corridor complex and you'll see loads of rocks scattered around. Pick them up, there should be eight (including the one from the tomb) in all.
Once you've found them all, place them in the trolley.
Tf-i 4-HPB rrwi rr.s*c'i& netu&r eiww »«i?Wi: fMDf xtniw*: oumfb ir, it ifjujt' t*7l t| pr 7 |h'. SlP»(ni (‘.'Hr fibttHTWir Use the trolley and Ryan will give it an almighty push and it'll fly off the screen towards the door. The screen will shake and you'll hear a crash. Walk down towards the door - it's now open.
Walk through the door and head through the left hand passage and up the stone steps.
You'll find the priest, but he's already changed from human form into something else and all that's left are his alien remains. Now your attention must turn to Beckett the psychopath.
Force yourself through the small hole which lies directly to the right. In the storeroom, move left and somehow you're now inside a subway. Go upwards and on to the actual train track.
Head north until you find a gap in the left hand wall. Go through it and you'll bump into Beckett After talking to the madman he will try to kill you. Run back towards the door and lure Beckett on to the train track. A subway train will run him over and you'll be whisked off to the Oreamweb for the last time. AH that's left to do now is sit back and watch the end sequence because this fabulous adventure is now complete.
GAME GUIDE How to order To order any disk just write the disk titte and the disk code, EG U01 Against. Some titles have a number in fl.This means the title come on (x) number of disks.
To order PACK just write down the pack TITLE name.
ALL DISKS ARE COMPATIBLE WITH ALL AMIGAS UNLESS STATED AGA Disk means for A1200 A4000 only Price .....99p per disk Please add 70p to total for postage & package ALL OUR PD DISKS ARE Pack price as stated. Ail Orders Same Day Despatches For the very latest disk catalogue please add 70p MAKE CHEQUE POSTAL ORDER PAYABLE TO: SOFTWARE 2000 SEND TO (ADDRESSES TOP RIGHT) PER DISK * CHOOSE 1 FREE DfSX WfTH ORDER OF 10 OR MORE DISKS OVERSEAS POSTS PACKAGE RATE (Europe add 25p per disk for P&P) (Worldwide add 50p per disk P&P} SOFTWARE 2000 Dept (AC 13) ! 9 WILLS STREET LOZELLS BIRMINGHAM B191PP I
TEL: 0374 678068 We stock over 6500 QUALITY PD & SHAREWARE Top Vairio uis Utilities' SOFTWARE2000 MUSIC M001 BEASTY BOYS - We Want Some Pussy songs M00Z MICHAEL JACKSON - Song BAD M003 DO THE BARTMAN MOOS 100 C64 TUNES (not A1200) M006 BAT-DANCE REMIXED I M017 GUNS A ROSES - YOU'RE CRAZY MQ1B MONEY FOR NOTHING - DIRE STRAITS HIT SONG M027 BLUES HOUSE (2 disks) M029 SAFE SEX DEMO - Very funny M031 BETTY BOO (2) needs 2 drives (brilliant) M053 SGT PEPPER (20) M072 MADONNA - Hanky Panky Song M034 C64 GAMES MUSIC M115 MAHONEY & KAKTUS 2 -40 tunes compilation M125 ADAMS FAMILY M150TtFFANNY - I
Think We n? Atone Now M171 MADONNA - (Like a Virgin) M173 JANET JACKSON - RHYTHM NATION M177 PET SHOP BOYS M184 SAM FOX (Please Me) M186 MADONNA (Rescue Me) Ml$ 3 JOE LE TAXI M189 MICHAEL JACKSON (Smoot Criminal) M194 JESUS ON E ¦ (2 disks) M2 OS RAVE - More Rave M2S2 A TO Z OF CS4 GAMES MUSIC (4) Brilliant M314 DICK TRACY (Madonna) (2) MS35 STAR TREK & STAR TREK NEXT GENEFtATlON (2) Speciai offer any 101 games pack 1, 2 or 3 for only £7 when ordered with 10 or more disks.
Valid only with this token. This otter cannot Do usod wiih iha tree disk or tree mouse mat otter Please tick which 10t games pack required 1 m or 3 part; 3 normally costs E11.77 with this taken only IT save C5 MH dttvei 8 ms U734 0UVON PRINTER STUtXOnolA500 (13) U735 PRINTER STAR 2*200 FONT DESIGNER - Shareware U782 CITIZEN PRINTER MANAGER for Ml CJ«w printer 3 largest collection |VIDE iTLERS TOOLS| U181 VIDEO NOTE database for your video collection.
U431 VIDEO APPLICATION (2 disks) many video lifter prog U250 VICED TOOL ® loads of video utils. Recommend*; U9&4 TELESUBTITLE - new vkleo tiller U965 VIDEO MAXE V« 33 .The latest In video U352 DESKTOP VIDEO 1 A 2 (best video titter tool) cala- loguitig system. Dozens of functions ufrl TTLE TITLE 2 • Orest new VIDEOS Utler U513 VIDEO TJTLER (2 disks) mar* VIDEO TfTLER-BEST U920 TELESCROLL 2 w WB 1.3) Easy to use Video tiller loads of features U921 WEDDING VIDEO AHIM (2 disks) Requires O.Psint 3 4. Very high quality US22 CAPTTON HA CHIME excellent Video tiller U923 V©£0 MANAGER (Nat A50Q1 J)
Vkfeo cataloguing system U925 Video Tititer - very good video tiller U029 CAN 00 programing language U045 OARKSTAR no2(yol 2-5}lo»d ol U058 DISK U AG CREATOR created ddk maoscw a languai U024 0-L0CKS proetect your disk A Nat tf 4 SURF paint 4 30 modri program?
JPYptay E UtlUTt tES (2) very usofiil util crtf * IONAL very powerful disk copier MOUSE MAT worth £2.99 U146 C-NANUAL 2(4) Teach you how to program In C U1S9 PatNT AND ANIMATE create your own aniaulion U170 BIORHYTHMS V4.01 display your own biorhythms U1B4 MASTER SEKA VT.fi Assembler language FREE MOUSE MAT worth C2.99 with every order £12 or over. To claim your I free mouse mat just cut & return this token with your order + enclose a extra 38p stamp to cover the mouse mat postage & package, offer only available i with this token (limited t Mouse Mat per order exclude any other offer) I You
may rhnw t FREE dlsic If Mnw Mat Mot Hiqalrwl UiBfi UNUIUA1E0 tXSk CREATOR *8 lort on are two U1S7 M COMPUTER AID DESIGN - Wa* commercial prodocl U18d SH0W12 akde show maker 24. Wipe effect UHT SIO II eapi.'flWoWmcrtVruh file uting 4 mouw ViiO AUOS-PANT Vggood paint package lota et feature.
0222 GRAPHIC UnUTY(3)ler -‘---11-------* U226 50+ MOST USEE 0222 GRAPHIC UtlUTYf3 lol of graphic converter tool.
0226 50+ MOST USE UT)L toad rt very useful utL 0229 SUDE-SHOW CONSTRUCTION RfTeasy to moke 0240 ARCHVEH TOOLS pack mom file on to your disks 0242 IMPLODER 4.0 disk pack more programe on iSsk IT243 The A-T COPIER (not Wb3) 13 d«k copicr..o» 0254 FRACTAL UTIL load of fractal programe. Bril 0232 LAND BUILDER create realistic landscape 0234 COPY A CRACK TOOLS back up your software U300 MESSY SID II rearVwffte PC MAC eel tile*, U3C1 AUTO DISK LOGGER catalogue your disk 0321 GRAPHIC Util 1(3) load of brtl graphic util 0324 GRAPHIC util 2Qjevrn more Graphic tool U333 SCENERY MAKER more lanscspc
generator U334 EMULATOR COLLECTION II (lot ot emulatcr) U335 FREE COPY back up commercial games 0337 MODEL 30 Brltlarvl 3d object designer U33S MULTI VISION (2 disk file* utilities U340 KACKEH-TOOLS many npper tool U350 POOL TOCl-predict horse with best chance EI3S1 RACE RATER Similar to above, but both 0358 STAR CAT 2-create catalogue disk way U359 SEEKER find lost (9e on flopy S Harddrive 0360 R.P.G (2) adventure creator U363 DISK REPAIR KTT-salrage A repair damage disk 0372 WORD SORT process ASCII liiT U3T7 NCOMU m more modem software + packer util U380 UNICOPY fantastic disk copier 0399 FR
ACSCAPE Vt 2 new Irscul similar to VISTA UkOO SOUND TRACKER V26 music maker 0420 SPEED BENCH (not Wbl 3) create auto boot wo U425 NIB 2 very popular copier U436 The RIPPER COLLECTiON(n« WB3) lot ripper 0445 SYSINFO test S print info On your AMIGA sys 0444 FONT FARM font creator editor design new font 0457 WHOM 2 (jDtSK) Detai Wiutsase on 51 lllm* 0470 FINAL FONDER 1 (2 disk) Ster trek magazbe 0473 FINAL FONDER 3 (4edisk) Star-trek magazaie 0460 HARD DISK CLICK-HardOrive menue system 0490 B-lec Utik Amuing pack with 207 Utilities V3-Best music writer i iNI2d-sk WB1.3 onlylW U495 HARD DISK UTIL
bnl colleclion of Hardaisk ubl.
U496 EASY PRIM (A500only) kH of prinl ulil U493 WORK MATE-15 brkttant disk uiii comprtaucn U501 THE MUSIC C0H5TURCTI0N KIT (state amlga own) U504 HOT-STUFF-more mil disk compilation USDS VIRUS-KlLLER A DISK RESALWGE REPARE KIT U5D7 DCCPY V3 PROFESSIONAL -£it«4n| Disk copter 0509 ULT BOOT8LOCK AO.toctWock aeiwralor maker U510 ULTIMATE B00T-BL0CK CoHectlon II .more 0512 ZIRCON UDL-30 MOST USE UTIL 2 briHant 0515 WIT COMPLETE UTIL 20 most use util U491 PflOTHACKER Vjttesl music writer program 0492 W0RK-STATI0N(2duk WBI3 onlyJWB-repiacement U521 SPECTRA PAINT IN Very good painl packages U550
SCENERY COHSTURCDOH KIT fractal .mM(w»nd U55I ASSASIN BOOT BLOCK over 50 bootSIMk protector 0555 CROSSWORD CREATOR (not WB3) crossword maker 0561 PERM CHECK a full POOL PREDICTION program U563 ICON COWSTURCnOW KIT (eon making program U569ICON ready madedisk U027 ULTRAPj 0590 ASM NUUBEPIC PAD EMULATOR (AKKJ only) 0591 OEGHACER (not W8 T.3) ASM emulator U592 KILL AGA-make older programe ran on A1200 06® CE-4 EMULATOR li ut L S dooenent 0S01 OtSKSALV II * ABACKUP (not WbtJJ 0603 THE CHEAT COMPENDIUM for over 450 games U620 HOW TO CODE IN C «dUk) . Many esamplM 0622 ACTION REPLAY
VT.5A5C&5WVcjitridgei on disk 0623 ACTION REPLAY V4 SlZOO ONLY) same as above 0645 PC EMULATOR V.2J1(WB3 orWy) SVGA PC emulaiof U650 COPY A CRACK TOOL 2 more powerful ecpy ptpgram U680 NEW SUPER VIRUS KlLL£R[not WB3)kitl316+ vinj* U685 FORCASTER V2-horse racing jmdHkm program 0690 ASSASIN COPIER OoBltnch e XcOpyldccqy set U694 SUPER DUPER 3. (NOT WB1.3) Vfast disk copter U€96 AutTOOL PROFFESIONAL disk database 1x4 U699 MEGACFCAT V3 +(tnore games cheat even fori 0700 ANIMATION COHSTHUCDON KJT Vti + good UT02 V MORPH Ylcreaie smooth morph animation 0703 POOL TOOLS 2 Utest}predtcban horse rzcin
07D5 TRO Ni-C AD-bcil create circuit beerd* UTD7 GAME TAMERf3S4W2)For even mom games cheat.
U708 LAST WILL A tESTAMEHT-write your irifl U71D PERFECT-PA1HT 32 Very easy to Wpainl packige U714 ENGINEER KIT various nst krt for Amos U71B MAGNUM 15 REGARD the best disk nSgw,nr» creator 0721 FONT FARM V3 + toad ot font ? Tont rSmr U723 EXOTIC RIPPER we »s tte besl 90unt4‘graphic riper 0724 PARNET SET UP(2| require tor the conniption 0725 PARNET CABLE MAKER 1NSTRUCTKHI prajecl «vt ££E 0726 AREX MANUAUnmMji .3) complete manuil.
U729 ASSASI5 BOOT Utit 50 boot bmck crealet util 0730 SOFT AGA (A5C0plua or A60S) & mb 15 meg 0731 A ¦ Z GAMES CHEAT tor over 500 games U732 Ufffl MORPHS create TERMtf4ATQR2 effect U73S AWAR 0 MAKER R.hundred ot ready made 0737 ASSASffi CRUNCH I COPY TOOL (WB 15 only) 0738 S.KICK PROFESSIONAL v35 Various K-surl 0739 TURBO IMPLODER V3.T powerful disk cruncher 0740 CROSS DOS 51 ptof fMdWrite PcoAMIQA disk 0741 HD-OtSK TOOL BOX +raeny moreC 0742 HOW TO CREATE AUTOBOOT (MSI U743 Ut9 .Disk Maker v3. MAKE AUTO 6________ 0744 FRACTAL MANlA+BiOMQRPH Briilanl ccSectrcn +menj mere Drek ubl recommend
,..JTOBOOTOtSK.e««lete + iri« U743 Util .Disk -Maker v3. MAKE AUTO BOOT DISK LTJ44 FRACTAL MANIA.BIOMORPH Briilanl cc.feeticn 0745 AF WORK BENCH (3VW0 13 ONLY) replicerrwr.l U745 30 GARDEN DESIGNER 8 wiew from any Angle bril 0747 ASTROMY V2 predfcl itar plane! Predteticr.
U749 DISK REPAIR 3(ftoppy 6 Hdkncturfe sofrprortect U750 MUSIC CATALOGVlafnct *500(1 J3) very easy to use 0751 SYTEM CHECKER TOOL mut! Tor in, Amtoa owner 0753 HARO DRIVE UTH+tof more Hard DRIVE UtlL 0754 PAR BENCH insialier complete) 0755 PRO CAD riecironlc Uto-u circuit board designer 075* WB MENU LAUMCFffifl-metra *yltem. E*»y to use 0760 ICON PLUS (3WSK) Hundred, of storming CONS 0761 REL0CK1T 1,4 latest WBI 3 emulator 0762 FAKE FAST MEMORY make n»re older software ran U777 TELE TEXT RECIEVER project highly recommend 07*1 005TRACE V2. Fcpiay mtomstion why senw prog rime refuse to run.
Trio monrter Anvgs activity. RECOMUENO U783 POOL WINNER GOLD must lor ad gunbe: 0789 HARD-DtSK MEMORY V2 use HO a* mtumy (re MMO) 0799 WINDOW BENCH VJ (WB 20) Sdtsk new awnwnch replacement, include lot of useful utilities 0791 COMPUTER DIAGNOSTIC TEST VS aiaigi Fatrit findmg 0809 PRINT A CARD Include marry ready made 0801 MULTI-PRINT V4 tot cl printing uliT U805 DISK PRINT print custom disk tables 0807 FONT A PRINT Load of utilities to wmw* print your lont collection. RECOMMED 0830 POOL WIZARD HlootosB) prwCcbon 0832 DIVENCEND WINNER - Pretflction foqtama for use eridt LITTLE 'WOOD. YFRUOR
ZETTFREd 0834 FORCASTER 2 62 ffew Hbrse p ‘ " U839 AUDIO MAGIC 4-ProcttBtAef*. .
U343 AUDIO MAGIC 8- Octamed ptarer ect U345 C64 erruUter V3 (2DISK) Co4 emutetorlatest 084* SPECTRUM EMULATOR V2- Spectrum emulator latest US$ 0EAGLE PLAYER (2dlsk) to* bSt music pteyer.
USSl Oeti-TflACKER rtdisk) ptey Ml music idrmtL Ufiai SONIC DRUM Krt V2 liaka drum sample US82 DISK COPY Pack- coHectton at 10 de»V copier 08*3OPTMrtU ItoW 30dH*ccpier OptrmiKeet U83$ INTLTDCN BENCH MARK VS.5 (Not Wbl 3} sysinto 0836 COMPLETE WB UTIL (2DBK) very useful Ut3 cel 0337 OtSK REPAIR KiTAJnclude disk repslr.
Undelete.sottoroctecL drskmate. Sysinto ret U950STERED-SCOP1C V2.a(c This is the RAUDGM D 0 T S* L UK1 FORTH PROGRAMMING NOT WB 1J.
09$ 7 SCALA BACKGROUND (2disk) High quality image U960 PROGRAME LOADER-New HirdSkmmu 0961 UAGASNE E 3(2d4*k) sciene* Wctton magaztoe 0963 AMOS 4 AMOS PRO COMMAND EXTENSOR 0967 PRO-GAMSLE-Super Horse prediction progremme.
U978 DELOXE PAINT 4 BODDY SYSTEM-(2} GelW mo*| out defuw P»im Insun on line for evry tucban 0981 VIRUS CHECKER V6.54-JiUTO UPDATE UONTHLYi- U982 DIRECTORY OPUS V4 add Extra ComrunaBLITTON U9B3 MAGIC WB * MAGIC MENU ..Both Latest verslort U9££ VIRUS-WORKSHOP VS.1-the be-st Virus kilter U937 GftAPHIC-CONVERTER (2D) Convert picture ect U9B8 TURBOCAT Auto catalogue your disk library IBM AUTOBOOT DISK MAKS) V4 -very (rsetot IB93 IMAGINE STUDIO V2J2m The b&H PO itwge (picture) processor available rival even the fidmnteScsi costing hundrescit pound, (not kl 3) U969 POWER-CACHES Speed up drtk
toadmajkCcesM* U9J0 H ARDOarve SECUftltY ilTsrge coflecfon of HD sceriiy wograme eg Lcckoiri2, Password S many more U971 HARDDISK 6 aOPPY DISK DOUBLER JepulnotWBI ,3 U973 CHEAT FDR BOO + GAMES, LEVEL COOf Y33.(2 0974 HD GAMES INSTALLER 2 install top* games EGZODL2. Rrse Of the robot,Martar CorobaB A more US75 DUS V2.W Pro. Crunch entire tiik- (noli J) U9Tt MAGIC 5LECT0R VI.A-Citeoge Ueglc W9 beck drop U977 MAGICWB ICON ARCHIVE (3)10011. Ol Mgwb kocs UM8 X-PASSWORD-proctoct ypur harsVBoppy drive V3W ICON ACHR(VE!3) 1000'iof nonwl Icoqany Amigs) U994 TEXTURE STODiO. Render Various Texture fur
use w*i Imagire 3 ect req FPU nbt 1.3) 0395 PRO-GA.MyLES V2 must tor ill gamblers, 0996 BOOKIE BEATER- gambling progwtwto win bookie U997 HD GAME WSTALlS 3. IwrUfi toore game to HO 0998 EXOCTIC RIPPER Vlb Latest ripper 0999 HD MEMORY (new coUmDon) require MMU U1000 MAGIC OPUS VOL 2 8 3 (20) mete Otw buttom Of001 CAR DATA ANAlYST-ctwev'yourcaf ptriormaiwe 01002 TURBO CATriWB 2*3 only) cvH.fcoueVreetor U1003 LOTTOR Y WINNER V2-fltw vtf*ion U1005 BASICEtlCTRDNiC-TeMh all sboul etebortie UtOOfi LOTTO LUNACY V2 Update latest lottery predictor U1007 ALL MEW HARDDISK A FLOPPY DISK TOOL 2 (2) tnooe
HARD-WARE PROJECT 2 (2) Quid doisn ol prelect even kew to lil Amiga* in a tower case 01003 DATA ALEfTT 3-encla ib why your ccmpoter crash UTQ10 WB2.04 INSTALLcR-insraH A5£KkfA6«toHD PUZZLE GAMES II | Massive collection of the best puzzle games ever released including some of the classics like Nubic Cube. Picture Puzzles etc. much too many to list. Very popular.
5 disk pack only £4.99 BOARD GAMES II The very best board games ever released. This pack contains the very latest. CHESS, CHECKER.
5 disk pack onj £4.99 ARCADE GAMES II COLLECTION OF THE VERY BEST | SHOOT EM UP MUST FOR ANY GAMES PLAYER | 5 disk pack only £4.99 Printer Pack: 5 disk pack with all the latest printing programs specially designed for printing out high quality documents, text & pictures etc and it Is even able | to print out AS Booklets (very handy). Easy to use.
A. musllQLSfty AMIGA owner with printer, Printer Pack (5 disks)
only £4.99 G439 EWGHUA MACHINE very dvyferiging puzzle 0480
MEGA BALL 2 very playable break out clone 0491 BOUNCE & BLAST
briHant pbrtform 10710 GAM ZOMBIES A DEFENDER 2 fantastic
game* G494 MF.RCANERY SIMULATION 30 wars gams* 0499 LIFE
-simulation wy Interesting G500 TRANSPLANT dozen of level fait
G501 KLAW2 THE KAT-great platform games 0511 HIGHWAY HEU. Tike SPY HUNTER on the CS- G531 OPERATION FlRESTORMS-briTtant G534 CASTLE KUMQUAT similar 1o Alien breed G535 BLACK DAWN brillant graphic adventure 0533 MORI A 5.4 The'latest Dungeon ti dragon : G539 BRIDGE Good version of bridges G54Q ORK ATTACK bloody adventure__ 101 GAMES PRICE ONLY £9.99 B S« «ri«tdn of DWI DO ol If* rety bf* st fO 5*rei Ird’jJei NVADffl Jjetns, Ikrepjly ft. Kxh too mmy to It Very tO) Is id* d«uj tystesi UcE same* tame eilh iulpisybginsTirtiorii MUST FOR ANY GAMER PutrH.
COMFATIBLE WITH ALL AMIGAS G541 REBOUNCE 2 player futuristic breakout G542 ROAD TO HELL brillant car racing G544 SUPERTOM CAT New vertical shoot am up.
G545 KUNGFU CHARLIES mi* with platform brill; G5*5 RAID 4 latest vertical scroll shoot am up G54S QUIZMASTER vary good quiz program* G552 ELEVATION games base on lift 17 G5W IMPERIAL WALKER -B**e on STAR WAR games G567 ST ARBASE 13 (201 Bril like MONKEY ISLAND G657 AMOS LOADSA MONEY best FRUIT-UA CHINES 0559 MR MEN OLYMPIC (2D} many event to complete 0550 * LC.D DREAM 4 smatl hand held games GSE4 NEIGHBOUR GAMES (20) base on the TV series GE65 TIME RUNNER IWB2 3) Brlflantgraphic OS57 GOLF (2DISKJOne of the first & decent GOLF G563AMOS CRICKET 2 Hew Amos cricket simulator G553 MUGSY REVENGE
gangster graphic adventure GS7? JIGSAW 2DISK) very pttrefcft j&savr game* G673 BOBBY Garden + DIGGER (NEW) Btflonl G674 HIGH OCTANE Fast car racing (notwblj) 0675 TIME RUNNER amazing graphic adventure GflBO SPACE-INVASION 2 - Far la Stic Galaxalh .
'SttmanaR; sraSBBfr1 0085-PROJECT BUZZ BAR-Sr-aiam asteroid 101 GAMES 2 PRICE ONLY El0.99 Thu it the my late-sr l'I new 101 gam carplaticfi pack 2 contjhi tig «me of fit rtfy best in PD games Ske Zeus, Woftderiaad Dragoriiies etc. Much be CIS!) Tt list COMPATIBLE WITH ALL AMK5AS JIDB ST tSVCXHi tjri tssyisvN9es](HCi r« caw wife faf pfqvg fsrja*-!
G77-T ThiGKLE TREAT rirke 0375 FOOT-flALL MANAGEI SAULT SgJhaWirto Cpmmancler OARKNESS-BrStent graphic atevcn Q7S7 ANT WAR VT.9 (LATEST) nor 1.3 G783 ZENO-MOF1PH -Groat grahk: 0789 TASK FORCE very gopd MIND SHADOW cion* G7» GREEFHTVE 3D J'WWc like G792 MARTIAL SPRIT ffic* Street Bobber H G798 5 EXCELLENT CARD GAMEScoMectfon 0803 BUTZ 2 fasi action shooting games G31G EXIT 13 Brfltam puzzle 0811 TEMPORAL MISPLACEMENT -graphic adventure G812 ADAY AT THE RACE-V.GoodhormV racmg games 0820 BOULDER ORIGINAL with 80 level 0831 BOULDEFtOASH cave level Construction kit G822 BOULDER COLLECTION 3 3 160
level (2dl*k) 0839 BOULDER PACK with 6*0 level Oh 8 disk 0360 ALIEN NET WORK-nevr Spacing invader OSS2 BATTLE FORCE excellent text adventure.
0363 GNU CHESS the best chess with 10 level 0868 SWORD OF YlGG Graphic adventure G367 EOWEH-TETHtZ tor 1 or 2 player GSSS SUPER SMASHING TETRIZ 0870 CHESS II * CHECKER One of the best around must for ell CHESS or CHECKER player G871 GRAVITY FORCE 2 1 or 2 player thrust clone GS72 SCHNEBUZ Commercial quality puzzle games G875 DELEXE GALA vZ.3fnew) add new feature & bouns gamme + 2 player RECOMMEND, get it now G876 THE KRILLIAN fNCENDENT Ilk* EllTE2 plc G878 QUANTUM-Maze co I act * escape type games 0879 RAO TO RICHES - like MONOPLV ¦SI EW 101 GAMES PK 3 H«w 101 pact 3 contains ora TOO games,
runs on all Amigas.
Only tl 5,99 Otter buy any 2 packs together & receive a free E4 toten tor use wth next crder.Thts offer cannot be used with anjr ether offer current 4 subject to conditton apply.
Mwhirif GM4 WIPE OuT nfwKMs blasting 3 Gsss GODZILLA Another aftoown 0336 SUPER MEGA FRUIT- All new G»*e DRIVING MANIAC 30-KHK wt 0331 BUCK TOOTH ADVI level shoot-coiled am up G392 PEHGO 2- Maze ty pi GSV3 SUPER OSLITERAT s ph rf sc to FANG 2 tot at w GS94 SUPER INVASION I G397 THE SHEPERD Brin G»» ALIEN GENOCIDE £ GAME HINTS & CHEATS II PlBy your tovourile game tor age? Bu! Can't gel to the end ol levd or game’ Haring prcWtfl wM * me ganes? 5 dlsJt pack with 1000s of jaws dttatfxHjfevei code *tKXi n Jy poke tfc.. &h&itd help you finish many games - suitable br a J Amigas only ft.Si Update &
release on 28 Mf EDO) KID PAINTS, superb palm special for kids E0Q2 COLOUR FT briilanl computer colouring book EQQ3 TREASURE SEARCH find the hidden treasure E004 LEARN 8 PLAY linot A1200yrwny maths 8 game* EDOS LEARN 8 PLAY ll more education pFoqrames E006 SPANISH TRANSLATOR Sp*n.»h English EQ08 MR MEN (WB1.3onIy) briilanl story adventure E009 ASTROMY tutorial on so ter star ect system E010 SIMON * SPACE MATHS maths 5 gitoon games £011 EDUCATION PACK 1 pack with dozens ol education programs ranging from maths, science to educational games recommend suitable lor any Amiga. 5 disk pack only
E4.&S E019 DINOSAURS teach you all aboul Dinasaour E020 WORLD DATABASE require (2-meg) E021 STORY LAND II interact puzzle games reg E022 LANGUAGE TUTOR teach you 4 language E023 TALKING COLOURING BOOK talking Dpaint br* E024 EASY SPELL It improve your hid spelling E025 SCRABBLE require 2-4pfayer. Briilanl equire2-4pfaycr. I
- -----------help you solve the crossword E027 OSWALD Very
colourful targe cartoon gam* E03Q EVOLUTION breed your own
hybrid E031IO TEST ? IQ GAMES pack 1 excellent E033 TYPING
TUDOR very good typinq lutior E035 CHESS HELPER hefpAeach howlo
play EQ36 BA5IC TUDOR team about Amiga basic Prog E026 WORDS
can bate Collection of the very best of education programs and
a 21 game* pack, a very popular combination for kids (run on
all Amiga) 5 disks pack only C4.95 E038 AMIGA TUTORIAL 7 part
tutorial E039 COMPUTER CARE how to care about AMIGA E04Q GUIDE
TO LOWER BACK PAIN tutorial the spin* 3 how to avoid back pain,
(recommend) E041 KID ALPHABET display all alphabet letter E042
FRACTIO J 8 SILOl EST maths & games excellent E043 MATH MASTER
teochAesi you more on maths E04-4 STEAM ENGINE V2 graphic &
tutorial EM5 PETROL ENGINE tutorial A animate graphic E046 GAS
TURBINE ENGINE tutorla 3 anim graphic E047 STIRLING ENGINE
tutorial & anim graphic E050 DREAM FOR ANGEL explain the
meaning of dream £051 INVISIBLE WORLD brillant recommend £052
FISH TANK turn youramlga into a FlSHTANK £054 DEMOLITION
MISSION simple game lor kid E0S5 WORD POWER solve crossword
puzzle ect good.
E056 WORM HOLE simple game ideal Tor children.
E057 APPLE CATCHER catch tailing apple brilliant E068 CROSS MAZE 3 CRYPTOKING 2 excellent kid games E059 VERB QUIZ find the word 8 rt related. Bril £061 KINO JAMES BIBLE I4d) complete brble* excel E066 TARRQT clairvoyant In a instance E068 GalLOW lancy a games of hong m»n?
E070 MATH DRILLS teach all basic math skill Vgood E071 ERROR INFO give info why your amlga crash EQ75 WORLD-WAR 2 graphics tutorial on WORLD-WAR reteate program eg simulate Starprooe molecube ect EQ76 SCIENCE an excellent cciiecLon of science idea! For all who interesting or studies in science recommend, this pack Come cm * disks E080 KlDPRiX great children paint programme.
EQ81 ASTROMY PACK- This is a mazing collection of programe relate to astwny. Can help to locate certain or star positron ect. Must lor anyone who studies astromy or hobby, great (4DISK) EQ73 PICTURE 8 LETTER team To reads- first step E074 AMIGA BEGINER GUIDE tutorial on Amigas E03S NODDY PLAYTIME demo Very good toao KtO PlX more exceienl paint programe* E031 D.T.P FOR KID easy to use. Excellent E092 SING A RYHMES smga song E094 HIGH WAY CODE TUTOR question on highway code E096 READ A LEARN (2D) THREE UTTLE PlGGY Story E097 SACK TO SKOOL vol 1 collection of the best E098 BACK TO SKOOL vol 2 in
education c EttXJ LITTLE TRAVELER hnfomation on world wide E101 WORLD GEOGRAPHY world with map 8 text ETD3 DlSCOVEHY OF THE ATOM, tutorial on the Atom (2D) E1M DESK TOP GUIDE TO MUSICpOlqulde * tutorial El 07 TRUMPTY FIREWORK ALPHABET Very entertening way 10 loach your child the ALPHABET E1M HOW TO OELOVOPE PHOTO 1 (2) Excellent E109 MR MEN OLYMPIC (2D) many event lo complete E110 CULT TV DATABASE (2D) Into E112 HOW TO DEVELOPE E115 ELETRONIC WORLDSi E116 HOW THE EARTH BE explode and create all the star * galaxy E118 WORKBENCH 2 tutorial on Work Bench 2 £119 DINO WAR Quiz on dinosaurs £120
JUNIOR MATHS Great teaming aid for teach
o on early TV series i-theory £120 JUNIOR MATHS Great teaming aid
I kid on the math subjects. RECOMMEND E121 PICTURE PUZZLE E122
garr TORY Brillant, teach kid words KID DISKS 1,2,3,4,5
Excellent collection ot education programs. Ideal lor & game
element. 5 disks only £4-99 or order a loronly 99p per disk. Of
get Code KID DISK A E125 JURASSIC PARK loti ot info on
dinosaurs Et2$ CHILDREN SONG 2 contain 5 excellent song £127
MING SHU (A500 only) Bril Chinese Asbologgy.
E128 ASTRO 22 PRO.V3-Tne latest astrology program that accurately calculates the position of the planet eclipe. Zodiac position etc. Recommend Els) FRENCH VERD TESTER should help you with french.
El 31 CULT TV DATA BASE 1 (2 DISK) info on early TV E132 WORLD HISTORY BOOK E133 LITTLE TRAVELLER 11(2) Intomation on world wido El 34 X-FILES-Gutds to the Tv series very interesting El *8 CHESS 8 TUTOR - FULLtcoch you how to play cries* EI50INTERNET-FULLguide lo Internet ft supefHrghwny C £4 «i I S Y-udi ¦ -ri lYkri ¦ i _ « i _a r a _ _ i ' EI61 CU ft SHELL TUTOR (help) Ideal (or bcginnei E162 DELUXE PAINT GRAPHIC TUTOR V 3 4 4 RECOMMEND ... you the jap anas o !i El 6* PAINT tT (not A5001.3) latest COLOURI El65 KEY BOARD ' EI63 JAPANESE - teach you the Japanese lanquaqo El 64 PAINT
IT (not A5001.3) latest COLOURING BOOK El 65 KEY BOARD TRAINER An excellent tuping tutor.
El 66 WORD POWER- spelichectecrosswofd solver teach lEATi El 68 CROSSWORD CREATOR-dcsign crossword E169 CHESS II 8 TUTOR brillant Chess II games El 70 HISTORY OF AVIATION Vol 1 Exedtent disk El 71 CHILD FAVOURtTE-Education prog El 72 ANIMAL LAND-Learn about animal El 75 FRANTIC GUIDE TO COMPUTER(2D) brillant A funny El 77 CYBER PUNK 2 for cybcrPunk freak only El78 STAR-TREK & STARTHEK NEXT GERENATION GUIDE THE COMPLETE GUIDE COME WfTH HUNDRED OF SCREEN SHOTS TAKEN FROM THE STAR-TREK SERIES. SUPERB.
El81 SIGINTURE CREATOR customise your own slginlure El 82 VIRUS WORKSHOP V4 comprehensive giado El34 IMAGINES VIDEO 2dlsk El85 WORKBENCH 3 3 GUIDE On line help Complctc E210 LEARN A PLAY 3 Latest Education 8 Game* E240 BARNEY THE BEAR GOES CAMPING (2d) Brillant teach your child about animal E241 COMMS GUIDE VI.1 beginner modem user E242 GUIDE TO WEATHER (3d) superb complete guide to the weather, recommend E245 MATH ATTACK- Maths relate game* for Wd3 E242 ANIUAL-LANWdeal for youngkid. Excel E243 PICTURE-MATHS-Maths program for kids E246 BEGINER GUIDE TO WB 3 (A1200 only) E247 GLOBE FACT(2) tact
about planet earth E248 KID ONLY. 6 excetent name to ploy with E25Q SANT A -Help Santa collect present games E25I BIR5THOAY HISTORY V2.2- E252 BAR-TENDER-recipt lot 1000 dnnkicockia.I E253 BEGINNER TYPING TUTOR- EDUCATION & Latest education pack & new 21 game collection (5 disk pack*) only £4.95 WE ALSO STOCK THE ENTIRE COLLECTION OF SCOPE 1-220 FRED-FISH 1-1000 VARIOUS PACK Any pack comes on 5 disks Only £4.95 per pack COLOUR FONTS Pack MONO FONTS Pack ZX SPECTRUM 48K Now you can play 1Q0's ol Spectrum 48K Games on your Amiga. Any Pack below is complete & ready lo run on your Amiga. Full
printed instructions provided.
SpfM*aMPI10W E499 spfn!Miti«iiUKSP«oittr r?,» mttiNrfNGiaKsniiMurtii.fi SPECIAL OFFER lake Jl 3 pKtt &v? & 5GNew Spefflwn GmsflotffflL. FottyM High quality fonts for use vvilh Dpaint or Personal Paints VARIOUS CLIPART Pack h 3 ' : ; COLOUR WORLD MAP ,r j.
High quality world map COMPUTA-GRAPHiC FONT a ah] High quality font for WORDSWORTH or any DTP IMAGINE VARIOUS OBJECTS REAL 3D VARIOUS OBJECTS . • ' j LIGHTWAVE VARIOUS OBJECTS ps* I at 3 TRUE FONT FOR ABOVE 3 m •: (Please state for which pack above) We also stock many more packs Please Phone The very latest version. Now yon can play real Commodore C64 games on your Amiga. All packs below are complete & ready to play directly on your Amiga. Printed instructions provided.
C64 & 45 original games .£4.99 C64 & 100 original games .£8.99 C64 & 200 original games......£16.99
ISSUE 54 C64 & 45 games pack Spectrum V2 & 50 games Vic 20 &
30 games Ml 3 packs for only £9.99 SEE LEFT FOR DESCRIPTION
Special offer C64 v3 and 45.100,200 games pack wrth ©era 55
C54 games making 400 C64 games & unities cfcste. Comes on
large number ol disks * games Ust and loading fesM Only
£24.99. See C64 or Spectrum advert box for more details
SOFTWARE 2000 DOUBLE CD CONTAINS Tws is me Bg one! Nearly 2000
original tfsks fromfre SOFTY ARE 2000 ttKary rcJuded cn a
Dctiate CD set For We 1st just taka a toe* a! Fris Doubles
advert tor examto cf titles & packs whch can be toond on this
CD No 'udcy dip or unknown software. Full descnption on every
(fsksWes Very easy to use menu system on both Cds. This unique
menu system lets you explore the centers ol both Cds without
bsc swapping ExoeBem See bekw.
SOFTWARE AGA306 A1200 FIX DISK VOL 3 (new july 95) NEW Spectrum Games (Play direct from CD) All di*k above are design to make any old A5QO-A6QO Amiga programs games eic to run on your A1200 A4QQQ MUST FOR ALL AGA AMIGA OWNER. RECOMMEND J O ver 6 m per CD Menu compatible with all Amigas Z No duplicate ot data V Very easy to use Menu RRP NEWCMGuKsfflcs (EMULATOR INCLUDED) NEW TITLES LOTTERY WINNER u EXCELLENT COLLECTION OF VARIOUS LOTTERY WINNER PREDICTION PROGRAMS ¦ittnii itmsv HICHLY RECOMMENDED MfllHMAl LBITBT p» k only C4.99 100s & 100s of real life ciocument of UFO sightings kidnapping
& Animal mutilation & many more. Very interesting read. 6 Disk set only £5.99 MULTIMEDIA 1OO5 cl dflcuroertpj cases cm UFO sightings aMutbon C3!S4 mifiition & many more Many writ photos :? Back pp dam, sane are so secret only retort recsntf by i3».
9 disk pack only E8.99 FCH ALL CARD GAME FANS If you like Poke I. Buck Jack. Spsne.
Pontoon, Solitaire. Sridge. Klondike etc. itwn this pack « a must Only £4.99 Inis pack corvuins 5 disks.
Din eusecss cardmaaer (not ai jobj brtaum U1MBQ0 BUSINESS t£171 fl very runff Get B no* UBIt BUSS3HESS CARO UatCR - can fvVH « c rior U101 DATA BABE WORKSHOP (?) Brthant PACK util smtto SHEET Very my tv iwt tpnertfmt 8t*J QUICK BASE Very pcwertfct D*U6*M Estyta mr ii;FiiUOAj*AA3 pcweriur rtMliii! -fcrtObC UlBS iHMS£ - ProNeiionsI i The Mel databete yet U2I7 TEXtftA Can mi HrrV oecwr a or * U3J9 Hui BASE Smad e**y lo operate Cataoue U3M PEWT WISE very swum U»J VtStCALC Great tizaztst on ol tucbcms U3$ 6 TE3CT-EHCJNE V3.r - iua teatjce wordprocemr L 343 UTTit Ofr CE - :;sin i-nfttmaiinrnpreailmm
U345 HOME BUSSWESS JOURNAL - Eat) to USA UUOIM IBS? BON APPETIT DATABASE many r*E*pA tOH HOME ACCOUNT' Account program U36B am*CASH recaroed si me Sesf account prog Dcrtm U36* JOURNAL kA teetut account program U3SS LORAN HOSE BOCK dMUM I world mas.
U390DATA BASE comoiMon - best seBer to dale U39B MqflTAGE CALC caKUaae rt'oruge repayment rate etc ime MQHEV PROGRAM very 9*od aoToiW progrem U437 ACCOUNT WASTER 13! R»m KCOvM program usjo HOUSE am hi oh r ¦ imi *m nmh r*uSnc* mss ADDRESS pn«r Y21 Sten * ertu AmteMee Uhl ftXTPLUS V * 0 pro regurn HO A Jmeg ueai TEXT EHOMES V4.1 wSStJMCM •«« IpaScfwcker UBM arvtnTOPT z dataAe cl home contents, lor MuTtna UttZ EfiWORD PROFESSIONAL tnjty me Desi wortprocessor UT22 EASrCAL • meeyive eartaathree mat eats eeM U7M PAY AOVICe AMALAJER - money prog UBM ACOfiESS PfUNTtMG pnffl aopretses on Wbefs 0809PAY
ADVICE Y3 account program UB10 LABLE MAKEft-Print labels etc. New UWCTHE MONEY PftOGRAU - Accounts U»I LOANS ACCOUNT USM ONFOftM One best kieoce mMers «9SS ACCOUNT MASTEH T2J (Wait) progmnt* up to 1000
ksa«3r®«iywrUOOS A120C Pm your«« «0)'A!20Qn imean !:i les EOT
ESI Use 1M PC Usk iPrt on fyj
Md3PKitlU««mt0rtwr*t*9t8WM»rt1«)ikiniWl0fW 3 Bk pm Oflfy £5
G93B ULTIMATE TOUR TENNIS - 2 dl*k*» E»e*Ham lunmt game 0939
DARK ANGEL ~ (NOT WB1.3) Superb arcade adventure G940 RAISE
THE TITANIC - Good 30 Adventure game G94I PHANTOM ~ Excellent
etrootrng game* (Mender 96) G542 MACDONA-LANO - Brilliknl game
similar lo Zool (nor A1200) G943 JOUST HI - Bnllianl C64 game
with updated Amiga graphic* 0944 DELUXE GALAGA V2.6 - The very
latest Galagn. Highly recommended G955 LAZER RACE - Good Tron
type, extremely addictive to pley G956 TRAIN-ORIVER SIMULATION
- The moat realistic train aim.
G957 MASTER BLASTER - Kill various monster* with bomb* G958 KNOCK OUT Mini derby destruction. Very Addictive 0959 DUNGEON HERO - 30 Graphic Adventure similar to Doom G960 MORTAL KUMQUAT 3 - Weird but fun beat-em-up G96I CODE NAME NANO - Superb TnfuM Clone |Nano Fly 2) 0963 POKER MANtA - H you Ilk poker then this ta for you G96S LEATHAL FORMULA - Adventure stator to Monkey Island E2S3 BEGINNER TYPING TUTOR E254 WORD PUZZLE PRO - Create CrosiWord punle to solve puzzle E2S6 KID DISK 7 - Another very line education program E2S7 A-Z COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD E758 UK COUNTIES Similar to above but this
Is based entirely on ENGLAND.
WALES. SCOTLAND AND NORTHERN IRELAND E2S9 BASIC ELECTRONICS VtS (2 Disk) - For electronic lam E»1 MASSIVE OLHDE TO THE INTERNET V2J AGA429 ROWERDfifMO - 96 New Asteroidt with brilliant graphics
* GA*30 ULTIMATUM - The ultimata 3D Tank Battle U10I0 WB?
INSTALLER - Install *500**600 workbench to HD UT01T TURBO-CAT
PRO VIJ (not Wbl-3) ¦ Crease catalogues U1012 TEXT-ENGINE V5
(not WB1J) * The very latest wordproeessor with spefl checker.
This It the tub version, highly recommended U1CI3 DCARY 2000 -
Use this just like a real diary U10I4 TOTAL ECUPS - Disk
magazine 1 U101S NEW CHEAT DISK V2 l (2 disks) - Includes some
games. Fir U1O16 ULTRA ACCOUNT - Another very good accounts
program U1C17 PRO LOTTERY K ¦ The very latest A best tottery
program U1C18 PRO GREYHOUND * Like Pto Gambia but lor dogs
U10I9 AUTO STEREO ORAM V4 • Lmest Mage eye generator U1G21
predictor like Pro Gamble U1023 REMOATE - Reminder lor
important dares U1C24 SHAPE SHIFTER Y3J - The very taint Mac
ermitator U102S MESSY SID 3 - The latest PcoAmiga disk
converter U1026 HD GAME INSTALLER 4 - Install load* more game*
to HD U1027 SOFT MEMORY - Double your computet memory. This
version does not require HO or MMU. Give this a try.
Recommended UI02S MAGIC USER WTERFACE V3.1 - Update to version
2.3 U1029 OfBC 48K EMULATOR (not 13) Al b*1 rt work* UI030 MSX
II Emulator V2.1 * (WB3 0| MSX computer on U1031 9TO AMIGA
WB1J) ¦ Latest Thu a the cheapest way to attain Mage WB Axis
Eadt pack betow ml (0 12 disks when uvpackwS.
(VeyoMytampacii'Mdidultaliiffin*) UMSJC WB EXTRA PACK (01-12) 1..__iS.® Scsy Backdrop.___££L® Nwr Amig* Logo B0 £0® ltatoS»WY BO (Zl TU98 Glamour Face_______tm AH new feackcSop % }S) ..£4 5 MAGIC WB EXTRA PACK (13-20 2--£7® MAGIC WB EXTRA PACK (2S-36 3_17.® AGA2I Magic WB2.1 The latest Mage VTB for A1203 U9K Mage WB 1,3 th« *» tor the A500 1.3A5CGph.S 6 A600 ACTION REVIEW VARIOUS Kang Fu SlamtiJt Publisher: 21st Century Entertainment Contact: 01235 851852 Genre: Pinball sim Overall Score: 90% "There has been no compromise on gameplay, graphics or sound and you immediately get the feeling of a
polished product".
Publisher; Alter Intersective Contact: (+31)546 817727 Genre: Platform Overall Score: 80% "It's certainly one of the better platform games to come out over the last six months".
I'm sure everyone would agree if I said that 1996 has been a slightly eventful year for the Amiga games scene. We've seen companies like Ocean, Gremlin, Time Warner, Acclaim, Anco, Electronic Arts, Konami, MicroProse, Psygnosis, US Gold and Virgin disappear completely from the Amiga.
We've seen companies who have stuck it out and supported the platform like Vulcan Software and surprisingly we've seen new companies like ClickBoom and Ruffian Software appear to develop good quality games even when the actual market is at its lowest point.
What can we expect from 1997? Who knows? All I can say for now is... let the good old times roll again.
Here is a complete list of the Amiga's greatest releases of 1996. We've included a contact number if you are having difficulty finding the software in the shops. If the person on the other end can't sell you one, I'm sure they'll be able to point you in the right direction.
You may notice that we've had to leave some games out because of the restricted space, although we have tried to include as many of our office favourites as possible.
Watchtower Publisher: OTM Contact: 01827 312302 Genre: Arcade Overall Score: 89% "Watchtower excels in its playability. It's just like taking a trip down to the arcade to battle out a few hours of Commando".
Total Football Publisher: Domark Contact: 0181 780 2222 Genre: Arcade football Overall Score: 81% "The computer seems to enjoy taking the ball off the end of your boot and storming forward to smash the ball into the back of the net".
XP8 Publisher: WeatherMine Software Contact: 01372 276042 Genre: Shoot 'em up Overall Score: 90% "The programmers describe it as "Banshee with sugared Stardust on top". You can see why too".
Kick Off'% Publisher: Anco Contact: 01322 292513 Genre; Arcade football Overall Score; 86% "It has enough interesting options, views, gameplay and pace to make it a game worth buying".
Alien Breed 3D - Killing Grounds Publisher: Team 17 Contact: 01924 267 776 Genre: Doom Clone Overall Score: 80% "To be honest, everyone in the office agreed that it wasn't as good as we had imagined. Don't get me wrong; it's not a bad game, it still presents a really good challenge".
Sensible World of Soccer
- Euro '96 Edition Publisher: Time Warner Interactive Contact:
0171 391 4300 Genre: Football Management Overall Score: 92%
"All the features which have been included were there and to
top things off, all the players' data including values and
skilled are updated".
Premier Manager 3 - Deluxe Publisher: Gremlin Interactive Contact: 01142 753 423 Genre: Football Management Overall Score: 92% 'It's like a luxury version of Premier Manager 3 because it comes with fabled Multi Edit System".
- Fortress of Eve Publisher: Vulcan Software Contact: 01705 67029
Genre: Adventure Overall Score: 92% "You can't fail to be
impressed with the amount of sampled speech - and there aren't
many games which take advantage of the Amiga's ability to do
Capital Punishment Publisher: ClickBOOM Contact: 001 416 868 6388 Genre: Beat 'em up Overall Score: 95% "Fans of Body Blows cannot fail to be impressed with Capital Punishment's overall quality. It wipes the floor with the likes of Body Blows, Mortal Kombat and Team 1 7's Shadow Fighter".
LIAGE INTERNATIONAL, 1 36 Dye Street Garnerville N.Y. 10923 INC.
(914) 786-1711 ORDERS ONLY (914) 786 -1708 FAX 1800 25AMIGA
EXPERIENCE 2 $ 19.00 ANIMATIONS CD $ 19.95 AMOS CD 2 $ 19.95
I. OR 2 $ 29.95 BOTH $ 54.95 AMINET SET 3 $ 36.00 ALL 3 $ 74.95
AMINET S. 9. 10, 11 $ 10.00 AMINET 12 $ 13.95 AMINET 13
$ 15.95 AMINET 14 $ 17.95 ARTWORK CD $ 12.00 ASSASSINS I $ 6.00
ASSASSINS 2 $ 21.00 CD PD I. II. III. IV $ 3.00 EA.
THE SPECCY CD 1996 Over 300 all time classic spectrum Games on one CD.
SPECIAL $ 15.95 SCI-FI SENSATIONS Exciting new CD containing over 1,000 MB of Science Fiction images, music animations, 3-D objects for Imagine & Lightwave, Sound FX, SCI-FI Games.

¦ 2)


‘ 4)

Question 2 What is the name of the Evil Emperor?
Question 3 How many players can take part in the game?
Name Mr Mrs Ms) Address: . Postcode Please return to: Amiga Action IDG Media FREEPOST (SK3038) Macclesfield Cheshire 5K10 4NP J Please tick here if you do not wish to receive any promotional mater ial from other companies.
¦I ¦¦¦¦ im r" 'Wiii .
Hugh Poynton confronts Vulcan’s invading killer critters,.. How's this for a game plot; a planet full of homicidal little smurf-type warriors decide after 450 years of non-stop war that perhaps their planet might be a little on the battered side. These deceptively cute little critters are a bit put out over this but they face the sizeable quandry that to carry on fighting will destroy the planet, but to stop fighting will be basically...boring. They wisely decide that it is probably better not to dump on your own doorstep and that an shrubbery, toy-rooms and kitchens.
'away match' might be a better idea. Luckily for the Klutes (cute bunny rabbit type aliens who wear fetching red jumpsuits) and the Furfurs (equally cute large helmeted Marvin the Martian type aliens) a solution is at hand.
Using their tele-transportation devices the little psychos shoot off to the planet they know as Terra, and that we know as, you've guessed it, Earth. Fortunately for us humans the Klutes and the Furfurs are ant sized and conduct their epic battles in gardens, Tiny Troops, the new mini series release by Vulcan Software is one of the weirdest games I have ever seen, both in concept and appearance. It's like a mental amalgam of The Smurfs, Micro Machines, Chorlton and the Wheelies and Platoon. As combinations go, it's a bit of a weird one but as luck would have it it's a combination that makes
for a strangely addictive and very enjoyable little game.
The statistics are pretty impressive; it's compatible with all Amigas, it's hard drive installable, it's got an excellent little animated introduction sequence, and as well as the fact that there are 65 different battle scenarios it has a two player option that always improves playability.
Although the large array of options can make playing the game seem pretty daunting at first, it doesn't take long to master the basics and start whopping the enemies' behinds.
Decisions The first decision to be made is which ol the pint-sized protagonists you want to command, the Klutes (bunnies) or the Furfurs (large helmets with deely hoppers). Although both match each other in ability, my preference is for the Klute bunny type things because they have bags more style and don't wear deely hoppers.
After this you have to decide how many of these ant sized killers to take into battle.
The Troop Selection screen presents you with a 'troop pool' - there are a total of 12 troops to command but, as the helpful little alien icon points out from the top of the AMIGA ACTION REVIEW
F. Til Get out Windy Miller, while you still can We are the
Klutes, we are the Klutes, we are, we are, we are the Klutes.
Brighton Beach, Smurf sytle screen, a smaller group of,
perhaps five will be easier to command and much more
manoeuvrable but the full 12 will have enough more firepower.
After deciding these little essentials you will be whisked away to do battle in what appears to be some unfortunate's well tended flower bed.
This is where the fun really begins. With your intrepid band of stupidly attired ant-sized rabbitlike aliens you will endeavour to seek out the enemy and destroy them. The troops can be moved either one by one or en-masse. This means you can use any strategy you like to waste the old deely hoppers. Split into two or three groups and surround them, use one group to attack, and the other to defend your teleport base, or just go for the ever useful kamikaze death charge using every killer critter at your disposal.
In the heat of battle a number of cunning little features can be utilised to duff up the opposition. The Skull and Crossbones button will pul the tiny troops into a mental Millwall fans after ten pints of strong lager type destruction rampage. Activate this and the troops will attack the enemy tele-transport base with everything they have.
Another excellent little touch is the 'Call for Help' option.
If one of the soldiers is wounded, his little mates will drop what they're doing and drag him away for repairs. The best of these features is the 'formation' option. By using the mouse to select any number of soldiers, you can select one of four different tactics to attack the enemy. The Wedge, Wall, Pincer and Decoy tactics all prove useful in your efforts to waste the little buggers.
Tiny Troops is a gem of a little game.
Graphics wise it's nothing really to write home about, because it is basically a wargame strategy type game, and the overhead view is necessary to ensure that the situation on screen doesn't get to confused.
However, despite this it still looks excellent. Tiny Troops is presented as a tongue in cheek strategy game, and its appearance reflects this. Each battleground has a quite cutesy and cartoony feel about it, and the animations at the start and end of every battle will definitely bring a smile to your face. For instance if a battle is lost, one of the tiny troops will stand there looking dejected and forlorn, while bis opponent stands opposite looking smug.
Playtime Tiny Troops has oodles of playability and originality and effectively manages to turn a quite traditionally dull genre, the wargame, into something both fun and involving. The release date of Tiny Troops is set for December 1, so save some pennies and go waste some little critters.
We'll bring you a full review soon.
Photogenics Manual offer - Photogenics 1.2 To get the best out of your free Photogenics 1.2a cover disk, you'll want the 130pp manual giving you tutorials and full references to the program. You get the manual plus a free disk of plug ins and files to use with Photogenics 1.2a ' - Sbps’stSw :v PRICE: UK residents £19.95 EC residents £22.45 North America S35US Rest of the World £24.94 PAYMENT: Access, Visa, Mastercard, Switch (not American Express), Sterling cheque, sterling Eurocheque All prices include surface mail. For airmail delivery, add £5 (58 US) to the price.
HOW TO ORDER By Fax: +0044 (0)181 687 0490 By Phone: +0044 (0)181 687 0040 By e-mail: almathera@cix.compulink.co.uk By mail to: Almathera, Southerton House, Boundary Business Court 92 94 Church Road, Mitcham, Surrey, CR4 3TD United Kingdom PHOTOGENICS 2 UPGRADE - SAVE 50% ON THE RRP!
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Photogenics 2 offers
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• Virtual Image - allows you to work with large image direct from
hard disk
• Brand new Effect Plug in System for powerful image processing
• Supplied on CD-ROM - packed with fonts, images, and a good deal
morel System requirements: Kickstart 3.0 or higher, 68020 CPU
or higher, 4Mb RAM, CD-ROM and 8Mb of hard disk space.
82 PRICES: UK residents £49.95 EC residents £52.95 North America S79.95US Rest of the World £55.00 All prices include surface mail. For airmail delivery, add £5 (SB US) to the price.
PAYMENT: Access, Visa, Mastercard, Switch (not American Express), Sterling cheque, sterling Eurocheque HOW TO ORDER By Fax: +0044 (0)181 687 0490 By Phone: +0044 (0)181 687 0040 By e-mail: almathera@cix.compulink.co.uk By mail to: Almathera, Southerton House, Boundary Business Court, 92 94 Church Road, Mitcham, Surrey, CR4 3TD United Kingdom NEW FREE AMIGA DRIVER DISK Magnum 68030 68040 b 68060 Cards Speed Increase of up to 27 times ? 68030 40 or 50 Processor running at 25 40 or SOMFIz (NEW Processor Chip - NOT Overclockeo) ? MMU in ALL Processors ? Up to 32mb of RAM can be added ? Kickstart
RlMapping * Opiiqnal SCSIH interface
* Can accommodate a 72-pin industry standard SIMM
* 68040 60 have built-in FPU, 58030 card has optional PLCC PGA
type FPU (Floating Point Unit) * Battery Backed Clock Calender
* Trapdoor Fitting - doesn't void WARRANTY ? PCMCIA COMPATIBLE
SO YOU CAN STILL USE products such as OverDrive HD or CD Zappo
CD-ROM or Squirrel ? Zero Waite State Design.
5. S O DIRECTORY pus5 The BEST just got BETTER! Afjer 12 monihs
Replacement Mode dramatically enhanced ? OplsFTP capability to
access Internet FTP sites with a lister • Borderless Button
banks * Filetype-specific pop-up menus , Cybergraphics RTG
supported ? Independent Hotkeys ? Script system to execute
commands upon events • Multiple custom menus with sub items ?
Automatic Filetype Creator to create and test FiLETYPES WITH
BY FIELDS, PIUS A 'VERSION' | held ? Colour re-mapping of
button icon images wiih support I for 'Magic Workbench1 etc. ?
Selectively hide unwanted drive icons « Cupboard support for
cur, copy ano paste in gadgets & Listers * Resize, Iconify,
and scroll busy Listers while busy
* Icon and Lister snapshots are stored separately from Workbench
- so you could snapshoi your CD-ROM icons!
* Listers can now display a background picture pattern
* Internal Opus CLI to quickly test commands 6 Arexx scripts ?
Many new internal commands and | MANY NEW AREXX COMMANDS HAVE
BEEN ADDED or extenoed with new features. You can _ Workbench 2
£ ¦ 99 4mb £89,, £119«, £139* £169.** £189*
* 209* e289w £369** £539h 8ms £119,, cl49*« sl69** £199,1 £219.,,
c239« £319,, £569.** 16mb N A N A £209** e239« £259.* c279«
e359« t439w £609.„ 49 £169** £249.** c329„ £499„ 640mb
I. Ogb
1. 6gb [OPUS ill Complek A1200 Hard Pisk Kris w, £50 Yes, at
long last, a professional way tq install a high CAPACITY HARD
Emm. CSS) & UK PiUVTtY 3 YEAR WARRAHTY Brack-It 1200 Fitting System Designed to accommodate the newer ortves on the MARKET OFFERING HIGH CAPACITY & SPEED AT GREAT Need the Drive Installed by a PrortssioNAi Engineer?
Our couiciion, fitting and fhk i ivedv crnuirr ic me 7 "in BflACKETS, ALL CJ prices. Our pack includes robust steel fitting iBlfs for power and data. Instructions 6 7 disks ULUVtnT MnVILc Id JUM jU
Opus 4.12 (worth £50), MUI 3, MCP, Galaga AGA, Virus Checker,
Mocs, ReOrg, Abacxup and MUCH MORE. All software can be
installed with cur custom CLICK V GO system. All drives are
pre-installed with the system SOFTWARE & ABOVE DtSKS - UNLIKE
Inierlace for the Magnum 68030 68040 & 68060 Cards - Warranty
safe installation, supplied with software - £79.99 TURBOPRINT
4J If YOU HAVE A mum - YOU MUST GET TurboPrint 4.1. It
radically enhances the printouts you normally get BY REPLACING
THE AMIGA PRINTER SYSTEM with the Faster and Visibly Better
TurboPrint System. Options include Poster Printing, Colour
Correction, Dithering, Colour Balancing. On-Screen Preview and
Much More... Most printers are supported -call to check Amiga
Shopper 90%. *¦ ¦ 49 ENTfcitKtlft £14.95 £14.95 £14.95 £14.95
24w Pomi Woo un non GOT * 165 n 3lf*M nA W«£29.h W flf
WOIKSTATIOM 645 . 91. • :i I Sum A A 5M«£29.99 All Sues
uaWiHill 34 ORDER HOTLINE EasyLedgws 2 - The ONLY FULL
ACCOUNTS PACKAGE, LEDGER Based accounts system, Amiga Format
Gold CALL ABOUT TRAIL OFFER HahoDi$ (& HO 2mb RAM Requheo C11 am
F. 99 IMAGE FX 2.6 Ttm tm*M Pnmvm, StUtm The BEST Image
CU Awaaos. Bubble Fiher, Fbe FX, Wireless Hooks. Shear 6 Straw
moms. Enhanced Ughimng EfPEas. FilmGram AdqBemove, Uouo
DsiOfltKw. Sponge Drawmooe.
Sparue Etiect b much more I ill IV VERSON 2,6.
MONDAY TO SATURDAY, TO PAY BY CREDI BY CHEQUE OR POSTAL ORDER PLEASE SEND YOUR ORDER TO * WIZARD DEVELOPMENTS, PO BOX 490, DARTFORD, KENT, DAI 2UH Cheques should be mode peyaWe to WIZARD DEVELOPMENTS. Prices indude VAT & carnage Sc tfw UK mamtand. Plaase add £5 to yaur ordei lor EC destinations and £10 for other cotnUwi. AJ products are subiect to araiiabil.tv. E&OE Advertised prces & specification may change without notice All sales are subject to our trading conditions ¦ copy available on request.
BETWEEN 9AM AND 5,30PM, J DIT CARD. TO PAY 33MHz FPU Hit - plcc type FPU & Crystal - win fit MOST CARCS - CALL TO CONFIRM.
E34.w Disks 50 Discs & Colour Labels eI4.pi TOO Disks & Colour Ubeis e24.„ Compatible with ALL Avugas
• Hgh Quality SONY Dam * Robust Moal Case • Ahti-Clk* as Stamoawi
* Enable Dsabu SwncH * Low Power Consumption * Thru Port fob
Extra CQ ““ £39« Or £37.99 with PowerCopy Pro 3 - The BEST
Backup System Quarterback Disk Suite
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Pft& UK Wfr .«[Sw3m OVER351 MIPS OF SPIED 1 WITH A 68060! J Other Products A500 512k RAM Expansion tl7« A500nus Tvs RAM Exp. F24.„ AEOO Iwb RAM Expansion £ 24 m ALL wiri r FREE Opus 4 Mum win £50 4va 72-pin SIMM £4Q Swa 72-pin SIMM c70 16ms 72-pw SIMM £||Q 32W3 72-Pft SIMM £J8Q ALL SIMMs am NEW amo havi i in Wmuwtt Omb £49,, RAM8&33MHz FPU c79** 68030 25MHzs FPU t99„ 68030 40MHz e!29« 68030 40MHza FPU £149« sairuRN EzUrmt 1mb Floppy Prirt for *11 Amiy*t 68030 50MHz 68040 25MHz 68040 40MKz 68060 50MHz LS Off rot k Ummn mb&o [ GP FAX Fax Soffmwt Solution fir Alt Amiy*i »i* * MtJtm Send Faxes to
and from your Amiga.
Even Fax directly from your application.
Amiga Format Gold Amiga Computing 9 10 Fax Compatible Modem Required e44.w 32mb N A N A t279« £309.99 £329.„ f349tt £429*, £509** e679« SOCCER MOUSE WORTH £19.99 irmuiToaiujr by Qualified Technicians ? All Amiga Computers Covered ? Prices from as little as £29.99 ? Malty repairs by Wearo require NO Parts ? Prices include Insured Courier Collection b Delivery, Labour, Full Diagnostics, Service, Soak Test 6 VAT.
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A120Q 6 NektStepsI, a GO Mswjte Void. 4 Siits or PD 10 GO wiih
mi OOOriMOICd A1200 Workbench 3 Booster Pack £39.95 1 aoots
(Dsts & Opitves & Wo*(B£nch 3 A id 2}, a 90 Wnim Voio. I bsk 6
RffiKNCi Capo e149.« e!79.w £219w Ihciudls Buck-It System
Ins-'DER GU'OE - AT200 Inssoeh GuOE - AT200 Next Sups Insider
Guoe - Assevsler bsoei Guoe - Disxs & Drives BSB Books St
Videos In the first room, pick up the key, iook under the dodgy
floor tile and pick up the map. Go down and to the left and
then pick up the gold coin. Go down as far as possible, then
left and pick up the silver key. Then go right into a large
room and pick up the Talisman of Life.
Now go up and find the door that the gold key opens. Pick up the gold key that you find in this room. Look around until you find a door that this new key opens, and look under the dodgy tile in the bottom right hand corner of the room to find another map.
Go back to the room where you found the Talisman of Life and flick the lever at the bottom. This opens the door next to the lever.
Use the second map that was found to move around this room safely. Once in the room, pick up the chest key and the grey crystal from the stool. Then flick the lever at the bottom of the room before leaving.
Go up and to the right, and find that another door is now open. Enter the room, pick up the stick and look under the dodgy tile to find a gold ring. Put the gold coin in the wishing well and pick up the gem which is given in return.
Go back to the room where you started and place the gold ring on the Identity Stone. Pick up the parchment and read it. Take the parchment to the room of the first map and place it on the Altar of Justice. Now take the Symbol of Justice.
Leave the room and place the symbol next to the skull which asks "What is your quest?*.
The door next to this skull should now open.
Enter the passageway, pick up the bottle of strength potion, the chest key and the crown at the right of the room. Flick the lever, then leave the room and go back the way you came.
Go to the throne room and put the crown on the throne. Pick up the Warrior's Shield which you are then given and leave the room.
Use one of the chest keys to open the chest in the room of the skull that wants wine, and take the withered rose.
Go to the room with the crowns and enter the passageway to the right. Place the gem on the stone thing which appears behind and it will disappear. Pick up the piece of wood and place the withered rose in the Water of Life, and retrieve the flower which magically appears.
Go back to the throne and give the flower to the skull that says "Do you love me?*. The door at the bottom right of this room should now open.
Now go to the room of the second map and use the chest key to open the chest which is there. Then pick up the bottle of Cold Protection and the chest key. Now go to the room below the one where the game began. Use the piece of wood in your inventory The next bit Take the golden chalice and the gem and go to the throne room. Place the chalice on the drain underneath the tap and press the button next to the drain. The chalice should now fill up with water. Pick the chalice up again and then take it to the second map room and put the chalice on the Miracle Stone and the water into wine. Then go
to the room ie skull who wants wine and give him the chalice.
Take the Rubber Sole potion from the skull and then go to the Bloodstone room where the large boulder blocks the passage.
Drink the strength potion and pick up the boulder, then enter the passageway. Now drink the Rubber Soles solution and walk left through the three electricity fields. Place the stick in the lever slot at the end of the passageway, then flick the lever to open the door.
Walk through this open doorway and take the Warrior's Sword from the tomb in the large room at the bottom of the passageway. Place the shield on the Warrior's Tomb and then the electricity fields will be magically demobilised.
Go back to the Bloodstone and place the sword on it, then pick it up again and give it to the skull who wants blood. A door to the left of the skull should now open. Go through this door, pick up the chest key and flick the lever.
Now go through the newly opened door and pick up the gem. Use the chest key to open the chest in the large room and pick up the silver key and candle.
Use the silver key to open the door at the end of the electricity field passageway and enter the room. Give the Talisman of Light to the skull at the bottom left of the room and a door at the top of the room will open. Enter this room and pick up the credit card. Place the grey crystal on the Stone of Two Colours and pick it up when it has turned yellow.
Go to the Warrior's Tomb room and use the credit card on the PSB machine. A door should now open.
Go through the door, pick up the rock and the chest key. Place the Cold Protection potion on the place where the chest key was, and it should change into a Fire Protection potion.
Go to the room of the Eye of the Beholder (above the electricity field passageway) and place a gem on the passageway blocker which appears behind you. Drink the Fire Protection potion and pick up the eye. Put the eye in the Water of Beauty and pick up the green crystal which appears, and that is how to complete the first part of the adventure, and hopefully next month, we'll have the next part of the solution.
I The new Gif Sensation double CD gontains , around 10,000 full colour images. Viewer and L converters are included on the CD. Subjects include; Vehicles, Space. Science fiction, [Textures, Landscapes. Sunsets. Money, i Cartoons. Fantasy. Sports. Raytraced, Classic I art. And loads more.
Soino images ,uv only suitnhlv for adults GTF SENSATION double co (CD 128) £19.99 Contains around 5000 erotic hand drawn Images in the Japanese anime tradition.
This CD is of an Adult nature and should not be purchased by anyone likely to be offended by drawings depicting nudity and or sex acts.
Mick Davis’s Cartoon Clipart Volume One is a new Amiga CD-ROM containing hundreds of commissioned cartoon images, all of which can be used ‘'royalty-free" Each image is stored as IFF, and all have been scanned al the highest possible resolution to ensure the best quality when printed.
Mick Davis's Cartoon Clipart CD-ROM is supplied with a 30+ page printed index of each image. Every image on th'S CD is 100% original and does not will not appear on any other CD-ROM.
GSSoonCltpatf The new Magic Workbench CD contains the largest collection of Magic Workbench Icons, Backdrops and tools ever compiled. Includes well over 5,000 Magic WB Icons, Over 600 specially selected Magic Workbench backdrops in 8, 16 and 256 colours, over 30megabytes of Workbench tools, gadgets, patches and desktop enhancer tools utilities.
The CD also includes Magic Workbench aswell as many other items never before released on any Amiga CD ROM. If you want to update enhance you existing Workbench 2 or 3 then this is the perfect Workbench add on CD ROM. This CD is only suitable for any Kickstart2 3 based Amiga's such as the A500+. A600, A1200. And A4Q00, Includes images only suitable for over the aqe of 18 NEW III IME BABES Japanese erotic art (CD191) Only £19.99 MICK DAVIS’ CARTOON CLIPART (cd235) £24.99 MAGIC WORKBENCH ENHANCER v2 (CD187)£17 _ Available now!. 1 gigabyte (1000mb) ready-to-fit Amiga hard drive. Pre-formalled and
installed with Workbench 3. Supplied with all cables and instructions With FREE harddisk backup sw!
Only £179.00 + £4,00P&P Double(2x) or Quad(4x) speed CD-ROM drive complete with Squirrel SCSI interface for the A120Q. Supplied with installation software Includes a FREE copy of the Epic Collection.
2x £POA ___ 4x £219.00 +£4 AMIGA SCSI CD-R( 1 GIG HARD DISK The Epic Interactive encyclopedia is an exciting new Multi-Media Amiga CD-ROM. It features a superb multimedia interface, Tonnes of film clips, images, sound samples and subject information text. It is now available for almost any Amiga configuration. A superb reference and entertaining title for the whole family.
‘My kid s won t leave the explorapetka atone' A S
- All I can say is WOW!!!" B. Kemp 'This is without a doubt the
best CD I've bought in a very long time" J Bktor 'Why is it you
are the only company producing decon! Amiga CD-ROMs' G Hamilton
"This is ideal for my child o eleven" Mrs Carter 'This is the
future of Amiga software" D Plosance 'A good reference title
aswell as being great fun" A Musson DELUXE AGA version features
'True Multi-media Interface unlike anything seen on the Amiga.
'Produced in the UK unlike most encyclopedias '256 colour AGA interface on the Deluxe 4mb+ version ’Very latest information from all around the World Thousands of subjects covered from Aachen to Zurich 'Hotlist editor so you can create lists of subjects 'Hundreds of samples including full spoken media-show ’Hundreds of pictures Over 1,500 pictures included "Dozens of film-ciips animations Over 100 subject related film-clips
• Import new subjects from the Internet or from floppy disk
• Export data to printer or file and use it in your own projects
* Kids Explorapedia a kid’s interactive play-about section.
• Subject creator Create your own subject data.
"Network compatible Can be run through CD32 or CDTV AVAILABLE FOR ALL CONFIGURATIONS OF AMIGA j DELUXE AQA VERSION I LiL I This version includes all Ihe above listed features and requires an Amiga 1200 or 4000. A hard drive, a CD-ROM drive and 4mb+ of ram.
Order code (CD222) £29.99
* +T- LITE EDITION This version is compatible with any ECS AGA
Amiga (50Q+ A6C0 1200) fitted with 2mb+ ram, CD-ROM dnve and a
hard disk Order code (CD232) £29.99 EttBOClOft&A GROLtER HUTCH*
SON'S PROOUCED IN 199671997 1993 1991 NO Of PICTURES 1500* 1300
* Many features are not present in tne 1mb & 2trb versions ¦ The
free updater disk is onty compatible with the 4mb version AMIGA
LE VERSION (Subject Info only) This version is supplied on
floppy disks and is compatible with all Workbench2&3 Amiga's.
It requires 1mb+ of ram and two dnves.
HD installable Order code (E El3-1) £12.99 GET INTO THE NET Double cd-rom Contains around 7,000 old Commodore64 megademo's.
Thousands of classic C64 sid tunes that sound exactly like the real thing, C64 pictures, C64 information and C64 emulators. Great fun!
This CD was rated 95% in AF, it features all the tools and informa tion, specifications etc. needed produce and develop Amiga software. Includes the latest ver sions of the installer. CD press- ng software, CDXL toolkit, etc. SENSATIONS 2 (CD223) £19.99 ELOPERS CD V1.1 (CD228) £14.99 i This CD includes over 5,000 I brand new levels and mapsfor A Ihe game "Worms" aswell as j game palches lo update and ¦A enhance the features of the original game, If you love it Worms, you'll love this.
This most comprehensive collection of Lightwave and Imagine 31 objects ever compiled onto CD.
Also contains hundreds of texture flies, and example images All flies are usable direct from CD ES? MORE WORMS (CP201 £9.99; PHICS SENSATION (CD02£19.99) K (CD244) £19.99 This inavafo e new CD-ROM contains ¦V* s n over 250 Klondike card sets for any ¦ J |l ft tyv -Vi AGA based Amga. It also includes r ** ktes*vers,on of Klondike AGA lf y°CD airT!s got a copy of CARD GAMES new (CD231 £14.99) r 'tB V; ..." AlVTlNETIS Aminet 15(December'96) contains over 600mb of the very latest Amiga software, including games, demos, animations, mus e, tools, comms.
[ patches, etc. Available for i £12.99 or £10 99 when you
* * take out a subscription.
(CD238) £12.99 r Zoom 2 indudes the very latest sofware upto Apri'96, It indudes lie f vefY I3 test games, demos and unities.
1 ako indudes over 100 new klondike ' * "TO 9 It6 lT lcards- T*16 comsptete Active Pro pack.
WAM j 1 over 50 disks of samples, 25mb of t 4 Magic Workbench and a special I "programmers section ZDUM 2 (CD211 £19.99) , This data CD ROM includes ES*Sji hundreds of high quality Advanced Military images, including hundreds of different aircraft and helicoptors. Great for just browing or desktop OTVANCEDMILITARY (C0219 £6.99) Adult Sensation is possibly the Amiga's largest selling adult title. It features over 4,000 high Quality 256 colour images of the ‘adult' nature. Image viewers and coverters are included for any Amiga. (OVER 18 ONLY) 9HFv (CD01) £19.99 Adult Sensation 2 not only
contains 4,000 new colour images but also includes tons of adult related samples, adult music modules, tonnes of adult stories, adult animations, black&white 70 s photos, adult games and more.
(OVER 18) (CD115) £19.99 Sexy sensation, this CD contains around 2,000 specially chosen high quality BMP & GIF images. Viewers & graphic converters are included for easy and quick access to any of the pictures on any Amiga. (OVERT 8) (CD1B9) £19.99 Adult Sensation 3D actually contains over 2,000 true 3 Dimensional colour images 3D viewing software and top quality 3D glasses are also supplied. Available now' (OVER 18) Rated 90% (CD145) £19.99 Adult Animations contains hundreds of naughty? Animations film clips for Adults only Viewing software included for the Amiga. Limited first stocks so
order now. HURRY*!!!
(STRICTLY OVER 18's ONLY) (C0146X) £29.99 Adult MENsation is a collection of unigue images of Ihe male body. This CD-ROM has been compiled to forfiD the hundreds of requests for a CO dedicated to the ladies Very easy to use. Okay on any Amiga.
CD 164) £19.99 al ?r«tw»T«b- 3nirM ta(i«4«St) IB m I This amazing new double CD contains everything you need to [ connect to the Internet. It features all of the programs you I need to get connected It also includes the best of the net. So you can try before you buy! Vve Vo also included one months free Internet access' oxclusrvo to our customers).
[ This superb highly rated Amiga CD- i ROM World Atlas features a flexible interface allowing quick access to indi* [ vidual countries via continental maps.
[ county list, capital or general index.
1 Concise, informative county histories.
Each country is supported by a series of maps depicting regional position, major cities, rivers, lakes and mountains and much more. AGA Only.
WORLD ATLAS AGA new low price!
CHARGE New Version’ now also includes: Workbench games, lottery predictors. Hundreds of bad jokes and more Rated: AF GOLD 95% - CUAMIGA 91% - AUI Over 90% - AC over 906a CALL OUR SPECIAL AMINET SUBSCRIPTION HOTLINE ON; 01793 432176 MINIMUM OF 3 ISSUES __ T'TT Sound FX Sensation is an original new CD that contains hundreds of megabytes of high quality iff samples, A superb CD for game makers.
I demo makers, or even film makers. Hundreds of Sound FX subjects include Animals. Wild life. Nature, Explosions, Creatures. Scary r« C " Science fiction samples. House hold A noises, car crashes, and hundreds more.
NcJudesfulI Licenced versions of BEATS OX and PLAY’n'RAVE 2 JOUNDFX SENSATION fCD 165) Only £14.99 ¦rrr,u iBSffsa SPECIAL FX Vol:1 ii IJLp ‘Actual Amiga Screen shots ohn Pasternak's "Movie Maker' series takes you step by step through te professional techniques of Special FX, Horror and Action film mak- ig. Explained in every detail are all the camera angles, editing tech- ques. Prop building, make up etc, all using easily available domestic quipment and materials. Available on video or Amiga CD ROM.
I IOVIE MAKER SERIES new low price' (cdi84x) £19.99 ”i Insight dinosaurs has been pro- m "¦*- xm duced in association with The EJ Natural History Museum in Sn;a London, and features the work of Fvij KiH E world renowned dinosaur illustra- M i tors. It features hundreds of photo’s, illustrations, video clips, narration nd sound effects. It is the ultimate A-Z of linosaurs. CD includes both ECS & AGA versions.
Emulators Unlimited contains Software emulation tools for the Amiga. Spread over numerojs i platforms are emulators for: Apple. BBC.
Commodore 64. Commodore VIC20. Amstrad i CPC, Apple Mac, Gameboy, Atari ST, MSX, Apple200. Atari 800, Atan1Q40ste. Sinclair l QL. Unix and more. Also features hundreds | of games .tools etc for most of the emulators.
UNLIMITED + New Version (CD117) £19.99 NSIGHT DINOSAURS Rated over 90% a*£R SERl£S SPEClW- Call now for a FREE full colour 16 page CD-ROM catalogue!
And a FREE copy of the new Amiga CD-NEWS fanzine!
B Retro gaming at it’s best. Around 9R 3000 all-time classic spectrum jjfeh game files on one CD-ROM.
T"li Emulators included for any Amiga., £jj§| Games include Marie Miner, Skool daze, Monty mole, Startrek.
Btt Thrust. Jet Set Willy. The Hobbit.
Slrip Poker, Danger Mouse. The Sentinel, Micro Olympics, Under Wurlde, Uridium, Atic Atac, River raid, Barbarian, Hunchback and HI around 3000 other classic spectrum I game files including multi-load I games. Speccy '96 also contains SI hundreds of documents containing a instructions for most games aswell as I hundreds of speccy game cheats.
Qkay on any CD ROM drive connected to an Amiga.
L |g|M|BBV If your into Horror then !¦¦¦ 'his orig na! CD ROM v.i'l | Diease you no end. I: jp G U*ll ttll conta-r.s Thousands o’ !p* g-jsome nr ages, '.or. 5 Li_Jts V cf animations. B cody c.vrcr. Spine tingling horror type sounds.
Horror stories. Pictures & animations from tons of horror films and heaps of real-life blood’n'guts. This should have been called SICK Sensation... AUI May'96 I SCI-FI Sensation is an exciting I new CD-ROM containing over ¦ 1.3GIG of Sci-Fl images, anlma H tions, 3D objects, Sound FX.
¦ Documents, Themetunes, ¦ Scripts & SCI-FI games.
Subjects included are: BabylonS. Startrek (The origi- nai. TNG. Deep Space 9 and §¦ Voyager). Batman, Dr Who.
Thunderbirds, Robocop, Sea Quest DSV, Bladerunner, Aliens, Terror hawks. 2001. Blake7.
Battlestar Galactica. Tron. Total Recal, 2010, Space 1999 etc. ‘Buy SCI-FI Sensation from us and you are guaranteed to allways receive the latest version.
CU Amiga 91% AUI 93% SCI-FI SENSATION v2 blecd |CD118) £19gg HORROR SENSATION NEW (CD144) £19.99 Arcade Classics original col- mmmmA lection of ALL your old arcade favourites. Including Amiga ver- ¦ sions of PACMAN "SPACE - --~-~rr :li Ae_:~IODc VIS- BylSfjE Zsggm si: - COMMAND D~NGO |§3|§||p| Hfi, f 1 FROGCuR LOAD RUNNER. |ipj|!0 H SkSSI 1 % GALAX IANS, DONKEY KONG.
Keyboard recommended. • Now Includes Multimedia Amiga Interface. I ARCADE CLASSICS + fj£w VERSI0N (cd76) now £14.99 Contains 1200 our most popular floppy based 'T T software titles on one giant 600mb CD-ROM.
Now you can purchase the enlire Epic collec- lion m one go. Subjects include: Professional mono clipart, colour clipart, numerous 3D oDjects for Imagine & Lightwave, Colour, Bitmap, Compugraphic fonts & Adobe fonts.
Graphics converters, Music tutorials.
Beginners guide, 3D stereogram generators, IHundreds of Sound FX and samples. Virus Killers, Hard disk installer & tools, Various Hardware projects. Hundreds of games including Mind leasers. Puzzle, card, arcade and board games, oooks, and more.
THE EPIC COLLECTION v2 (cdioox)£19*9 V J OPTIONAL 'INTERACTOR" CONTROLLER. £24.99 THE EPIC INTERACTIVE QUIZ SHOW Order (CD248) , ¦ - ; Features inlude: 'AGA hi-res graphics 'Virtually every question is spoken
* Upto 4 players teams can play ‘20 different subject catagories
'Select from 10 different characters, or add your own
'Use keyboard or special contoller 'Over 3000 different questions "Includes “flash card’1 questions Amtnef set one Aminet set two Aminet set three Aminet 14 October Aminet 15 Dec. Texture Portfolio 3D Objects Octamed Sound Studio The Colour Library
* Meeting at Pearls 4 CD32 Network set 2 Mods Anthology (4cd)
Personal suite UPD Gold (4CD) The Epic Interactive Quiz Show is
an exciting new I Amiga based CD-ROM 1 quiz game for the whole
I family.
UmUM TITLES CMING SCON Available late Dec'SS’
- raM This CD contains information that NOBODY wants you to know
about, and includes tons of
- H megabytes of text documents and photographs relating to UFO
sightings and abductions etc. ENCOUNTERS (CD179) £14.99 C64
GAMES CD (CD182) £29.99 This NEW CD rom contains tons of
all-time classic i Commodore 64 games and sw I emulator to run
them.... L Order now as stocks are I bound to go quickly.
Includes over 600mb of all the MB very latest music modules.
Covering everything from clas- W sical, rave, hip-hop, chart, r slow, melow and jungle 1 music. Also includes tons of i 1 sequencing tools and "Irack- er" utilities. NEWI SOUND LIBRARY 2 (CP225)£u*9 HING BUT TETRIS (CDi4B)£9*a This CD contains almost 100 variations of the worlds most i addictive and loved game. Nearly I all the games are ready to run I directly from CD, and archived I versions are also included.
1 Available Now!
FREEFONE PRIORITY ORDER FORM PLEASE SUPPLY ITEMS NAME_ ADDRESS MACHINE_ PAYMENT METHOD_ CREDIT CARD DETAILS Send your orders to: EPIC, 139 Victoria Rd, Swindon, Wilts. UK UK Office. Open Monday-Saturday. 9:30-5:30 Overseas: +441793 514188 Add £1 per title for UK P&P and £2 per title for overseas P&P 'It you live in Australia or Mow-ZcnlancI you can purchase any of our CD-ROMs from our Sydney TOTAL GOODS VALUE POSTAGE & PACKING CVD nATP Replacement Mice MegaMouse 400 MegaMouse Plus (3 Button) Optical Mouse......£29.95 Crystal TrackBall ...£34.95 Pen Mouse ..£12.95 (ideal
for CAD) Auto Mouse Joystick Switch......£12.95 C3IEK3- A500 5I2K Ram Board w o clock ......£15.00 A500+ 1Mb Ram Board w o clock......£20.00 A600 1Mb Ram Board w o dock ......£20.00 A600 1Mb Ram Board w ith clock ......£30.00 A1200 1Mb Ram Board with clock £35.00 (limited stock) A1200 4Mb Ram Board with clock......£65.00 AI200 8Mb Ram Board with clock......£90.00 FPU 33MHz .£33.00 Alfa Power Hard Drive controller A500 ...£99 AT-Bus Hard Drive controller A2000 ......£69 Oktagon 2008 SCSI controller .£99 Multi face III . £79 PCMCIA Controller for CD Rom for A1200 £69
NEW MULTI I O CARD FOR AMIGA 1500 2000 4000 Active 8 port high speed serial card.
Multiboard Support 57600 Baud rate on all channels simultaneously .£299 New AlfaQuatro Specially made hardware and software. Allows 4 ATAPI devices, ie, 2 IDE hard disk S; 2 IDE CD Rom to Amiga 4000 internal IDE controller, through Alfa power on Amiga 500 500+ and possibly Amiga 1200 comes, with full IDE Fix software £59 Connexion New Ethernet Card FOR AMIGA 1500 2000 4000 Features:
• 10Mbit Ethcrnetcard for A2000 3000 4000
• 16 Bit-Zorro-Bus Design - gives highest transfer rates while
minimizing CPU load ......!.£185 _
Multi Media Speakers 25 watt
(pmpo) .....£29.35 Multi Media Speakers
100 watt (pmpo) ..... £39.95 Multi Media Speakers 240 watt
(pmpo) £49.95 Multi Media
Speakers 300 watt (pmpo)*
• 3D surround sound mask m External Floppy Drive for all Amigas
......£39.95 Complete CD Rom for all Amigas Internal Floppy
Drive A500 500+ £35.00 Internal Floppy Drive A600 1200+
...£35.00 A-Gradc Double Density box of 50 disks .. .£13.00
includinjj colourful labels IDE Hard Drives HARD DRIVES +
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Goldenlmage (UK) Ltd File Name Building Paul Overaa explains DOS library routi to combine file names and paths Having dealt last month with the task of displaying an asl file requester it's time now to tackle the job of extract- ¦H ing filenames from the associated requester structure.
? I asLtest_7. .,_ Work:SUNSITE__LISTS std”index»txt. Info If the AslRequestf) function returns TRUE then the rf_File and rf_Dir fields of this structure end up holding the name and directory details of the file selected by the user. These fields names, incidentally, are the Release 2 forms which were redefined with Workbench 3 as fr File and fr_Drawer.
'' '" A static Intuitext structure is used to print the collected filename!
Although strictly speaking these latter names should now be used I've opted for the original terms so that those of you with the Release 2 includes will still be able to assemble the code.
Anyway, name changes aside, in order to use these strings (say to open and read a file) the file path and name obviously need to be combined and this isn't quite as easy as you might imagine.
The difficulty is that, depending on which device and drawers are selected during asl requester use, the final name has to take proper account of possibly a device separator (:) and any directory separators ( ) present in the strings.
The trick to an easy life in this department lies in using the DOS library's AddPartQ function.
Before explaining how this is used however, let's first look at the filename buffer arrangements that are going to be used in this month's example program. I'll be copying the rf_File and rf_Dir fields to a filename buffer that is defined, along with a label representing its size, like this: fUenaie ds.b 256 fitenaae_SI2£0F EftU MiLenane With Devpac and most other assemblers the ds.b statements result in cleared memory being set aside and, although this filename buffer may be used many times (as the user selects further files), it's not actually necessary to dear it before adding new
selections - providing we copy the trailing NULL byte of any new string added.
The 680x0 dbeq instruction is great for these types of loops and the fragment shown in listing 1 shows how the directory entry is placed in the filename buffer. It's at this stage in the proceeding.I JfUenaBe_5IZ£OF-2,d0 ¦ovea.l file_request_p aO ASL requester address ¦cvea.l rfJ ir(aQ),aO get start of directory entry lea fUenaie,a1 our filenaie buffer .copy_loopiove,b (aOH,(a1)+ tst.b (aO) have we reached a NULL?
Drawee Hork:SUMSITE„LISTS- File )std-index.txt . Info OK | Vo tunes( Parent | Cancel dbeq dO,,copy„toop ¦ove.b (a0),(a1) copy teriinal NULL Listing 1: New device directory details can be copied into the filename buffer like this Bringing up the asl requester takes surprisingly little code ings that the AddPartQ function becomes useful since it allows us to properly add the specified filename to the directory path information present in the filename buffer.
AddPartQ is very easy to use - you just load registers aO and di with the addresses of the asl requester structure and filename buffer: novea.l file_requsst_p,aO ASL requester ¦ove.t lfUenaae,dt filenaie buffer specify the filename field to be added along with the size of the filename buffer: move.I rf_FUe(aO),d2 ASL filename move.L ffilena0e_SIZEOF d3 buffer size and then finally call the AddPartQ function to produce a complete path filename string: CALLSYS AddPart,JOSBase Some example code With the use of the AddPartQ function file path name creation becomes easy but, since it's only
possible to illustrate its use with the asl requester from an intuition-style environment, there is still a fair amount of code connected with this month's example.
Not only is it necessary to open a window but some event handling code is also needed to recognise both when the asl requester should be placed on the screen, and when the program should terminate. I've gone for gadtool menu plus window close gadget event detection and so you’ll see IDDCMP.MENUPICK and IDCMP.CLOSEWINDOW flags present in the window's WAJDCMP tag entry.
The example opens a window in the Workbench screen and uses my standard error handling schemes for screen locking, menu and file requester creation and other resource allocation tasks. In short, as the various routines are successfully called they push addresses of their corresponding deallocation functions onto a specially assigned stack area. These routines are then called just before program closedown to make sure that everything gets properly deallocated or released.
As far as the code connected with asl requester use and filename creation I've tried to keep things as straightforward as possible. All the program does is display the combined file path name selection in the window using the intuition library's PrintlText() function.
The IntuiTexf structure needed for this has been set up in the source using dcx statements and you'll see when you examine the coverdisk code that RP COMPLEMENT draw mode has been used (draw mode flags incidentally are specified in the graphics rastport.i include file).
The reason for this is that a PrintlTextQ call just before clearing the filename buffer then allows any previously displayed name to be cleared from the display.
You'll find both source and Workbench runable versions of the example program on the coverdisk along with an EasyBaseAC file containing details of the main library functions mentioned.
Amiga Computing So you want a Siamese System but need a PC?
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Or as Mat Bettinson from CU Amiga wrote about the Siamese System:- “I consider this to be the most revolutionary product of the year for the Amiga” : j --------Free fuii & Screen VideoCD ijfp Player mui) Siamese PC System The Siamese PC is sold without monitor and Cdrom to allow the flexibility of choosing the system to suit your Amiga setup. A lot of people have suitable SCSI Cdroms and VGA or SVGA compatible monitors. If you have a SCSI Cdrom we will fit and test it for you free of charge at HiQ, if not then we can recommend a suitable unit for your needs. If you want to purchase a monitor
we suggest the Microvitec 17”, or if on a tight budget then the Microvitec 14”. However any SVGA monitor will suit the Amiga-PC setup but may not run the Amiga 15khz modes, in this case you will need to run in VGA Multiscan or DBLPAL modes from the A1200 A4000* Graphics cards are OK!
Free On Site Warranty Monitor and A1200 not included.
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SCSI Networking Options (includes high speed Serial) A1200 only ' The packs above do not include the SCSI networking system because it varies from machine to machine. However below is a price for the SCSI cards and connecting cable for the A1200. If you have another Amiga or own the card listed then please call. With this pack all you need to add is a SCSI hard drive and away you go, the smallest available from us is
1. 2gb at £229.95, however you can use smaller scsi drives which
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them foryou, or you could even use an internal SCSI Syquest,
Zip or Jazz drive.
Surf Squirrel SCSI2 and Serial + NCR810 SCSI2 + Cables £169.95 Siamese System Pack available Seperately from Blittersoft Ltd £ 149.95 RTG Pack shown is an Option The Siamese System is Developed in the UK by HiQ Limited Tel 01525 211327 fax 01525 211328 Gable End, 2 The Square, Hockliffe, Bedfordshire, LU7 9NB, UK Try our internet page www.hiq.co.uk - emailsteve@hiqltd.demon.co.uk Photogenics Tutorial part 1 Neil Mohr helps you get the best out of last month's Photogenics cover disk wmmmmmmmmmmsmmmammm Well I should hope you are chuffed to bits with last month's Photogenics cover disk, and if
you missed it you can always get hold of a back issue. You are not only getting the Amiga's best 24-bit art program but also an extremely powerful image processing tool to boot. Hopefully over the coming months we will go from covering the basics of Photogenics to delving more fully into its powerful alpha channels and paint modes.
You should have already read the brief intro last month that outlined Photogenics' drawing tools and how to make use of the unique paint layer. So taking up from where I left off last month the paint layer is your friend.
In some ways it can be thought of as an infinite undo buffer, as you can paint onto it as much as you like without effecting the image underneath. You can paint on effects with the left button and then if you have overdone things remove them with the right.
So if you are applying an effect to a specific area you can easily remove any excess paint.
Really the paint layer acts as an alpha channel between the image and the effect you are painting. Just as when using the paint mode you can apply semi-transparent colour to an image, when painting on an effect such as emboss, it can be applied with varying strengths. If you take a look at the zebra picture you should see how the yellow gradient corresponds to the gradually weakening emboss effect to the right.
This allows you to fade-in effects you may be using on a certain area of a picture. Now doing this directly with the effect can be tricky as many can have subtle results, too subtle to spot directly. So it is usually best to select the area you want to effect using the paint mode and when happy with what you have done switch to whichever effect you want to use before fixing the changes.
Tiny tips Zoom - This tooI not only allows you to zoom into an image by selecting which part to zoom into and then altering the area, but once you have zoomed in, if you now click the centre of the image and push the mouse up you can zoom back out without having to resort to the full zoom out button Public screen - Just as all good programs should Photogenics runs on an Amiga public screen which means any other well behaved program can be run on Photogenics' screen. So if you have closed Workbench to save memoryr you can still use ToolManger docks and any program launched by hot keys on the
Photogenics screen Multiple Images - With Photogenics it is not necessary to have an image window for every loaded image. If you have images loaded that are being used for the alpha and secondary channels using the ‘hide show window' menu option you can save memory by closing these unnecessary image windows. A thumbnail image will still be shown in the Thumbnail window so you can access it later Smear - This can be a very powerful , v tool allowing you to merge edges of images together. However, you need to keep in mind that it works directly on the image bypassing the paint layer so any
changes are permanent beyond the single undo that Photogenics provides. So as soon as you take your finger off the mouse button thats it Mode selection Thanks to the excellent way Photogenics displays loaded images the screen mode you pkk is not quite so important Normally with an Amiga paint package you have to take account of what is known as the aspect ratio of the image and the screen display, but as images in Photogenics are scalable you can overcome this problem.
Even so you are best off using a 1:1 ratio screen such as PAL:Hires Laced, DBLPAL:Hire$ No Flicker, Euro72:Productivity or Super72:Hires Laced as they give the best on screen representation. Personally I like Super72 as even though it is laced, it has such a high vertical refresh rate the flicker is hardly noticeable and you get a lovely 800x600 resolution screen.
Unfortunately, the ACA chipset running Photogenics in 256 colours on a monitor mode really slows down the screen and even the Ham8 preview does little to rectify this. So unless you own a graphics card you may be better 16 co out pr0Vjew3 ara fast but crudo, while HamB is quite blacky. The 256 colour preview off using one of the 16-colour preview modes. Mode picks out details the best Amiga Computing Getting around l mag pace Walker JPG (Mode; Stellate, Air feh size 22) 16:43 Sunday 13-Qc!
Cloth !
Crayon FeltT'ipPen Neon Pencil Sponge WaterColour CyberGraphX Hams Hams IFF-24 IFFDeep ILBM JPEG PBM PCX PrefsPrinter Raw ShovHame ShovHams Studoll-Print Plasma Raw Ripples Streaks Text r | Tram. Gradients | rZj r | Modes 1 p~ jrii Negative I Paint Pixelise | Posterise 1 Rarrctomise S Refract | RoM ; RubEmboss i RubMix RubTexture I RubThru i RubTint m Saturation Sharpen ShiftHue SnftRGB Solarize Normal C“ Top to Bottom _J Bottom to Top ) Left to Right _ Right to Left _J Rectangle _J Inverse Rectangle ) Size Pressure Trans Settings Trans. Ingredients Thumbnail Window Palette 5o you know whot
I am referring lo during the tutorials and so you at least have a rough idea of what every part of Photogenics is for, here is a quick tour around your basic Photogenics' screen.
Status bar * Instead of having your plain old Amiga title bar, in Photogenics additional information is shown in the title bar, such as the currently selected image, paint mode and brush. It is also possible to get the amount of remaining memory and the time displayed by Photogenics from the settings menu ToolBar - Anyone who has used Dpaint or Brilliance will recognise the various drawing tools available from Photogenics' ToolBar.
Many of the icons can be clicked twice lo olter the drawing mode or to allow you to change options for that tool, such as with the fill. The last button is the all important Fix, that mokes any charges to the paint layer permanent Image Window - Where your loaded images are displayed, it is fully scalable both horizontally and vertically allowing you to make a large image smaller to speed up drawing or larger for fine detail work Brushes - Allows you to choose one of Photogenics' natural material brushes Brush options - For each of Photogenics' brush types you can alter the size, pressure
and transparency used when drawing. So using the airbrush if you want a constant solid line change the pressure to 100 percent Palette - Selected either from the Windows menu or clicking on the select colour button at the top of the ToolBar, this allows you to choose one of 16.7 million colours to draw with. Using the window's zoom gadget a list of pre-sel colours can be displayed Paint modes - Over 50 different image processing and painting effects are available from Photogenics' Mode window, each one allows you to paint the effect onto the current image and most can be further altered
from the options button Thumbnail bar - For every image loaded a thumbnail of the image will be shown here. The main use is to allow you to drag and drop thumbnails to and from the alpha and secondary channel slots Loader - All the currently available Photogenics' loaders are shown here, most have no extra options.
There are however a number of special loaders that generate 'random' patterns such as streaks and ripples that do have extra options. A text loader allows you to import Amiga fonts as images Savers - Any image format that Photogenics can use are shown here as well as letting you access specific options for each format, such as Jpeg compression levels. A few special savers allow images to be rendered in 24-bit on an AMIGA HAM6 8 and CyberGraphX screen, or even printed out using either a standard Amiga print driver or Studioll Trans. Gradients * Using one of the options from this window
allows you to add a 24-bit gradient, going from full colour to fully transparent using any of Photogenics' fill tools Amiga Computing Mommies little helper Phil South shows you how to make rainbows Hauoc.rainbows.doc Skyline.rain n Roygbtv.rain Sit ver_bar.rain Go Id_bar.ra in Biues.ra in Octarine.ra in Random.ra in Iknow, I said I was going to do some more tricks with rainbows. I'm not going to, because I changed my mind when I discovered these two great programs which you really should get hold of if you don't have them already.
One of them is a really neat rainbow generator and the other a drawing program. It makes drawing user interfaces, of the kind we spoke about a few months ago, a real breeze.
It allows you to draw on the screen and have those drawings turned into AMOS drawing commands. So the pictures are created by redrawing them on the screen much the way you did, rather than you having laboriously to recreate your design by trial and (mostly) error.
Havoc Rainbows is a Rainbow coding tool which surpasses most of the ones you will have been used to. It's written in AMOS, but it is compiled. So no peeking at the code to steal its secrets this time.
It saves out the rainbows as RAIN files, which can then be loaded into AMOS and displayed with a player program, which is supplied as code which you can bolt into existing programs. The interface is very sparse, but you can very quickly build up rainbows for all kinds of applications.
You can add lines of colour and then blend between them using all the colours of ther well, rainbow I guess. Once you've made your rainbows you save them out as a RAIN file and voila! That's a great program, but it's not as much fun as our next guest tonight.
Art attack Art Coder by Steve Tiffany is another proposition entirely. The program has been stripped down to its bare essentials and posted to the Internet os on AMOS file, so you car see how it was done. It simplifies the use of the graphics commands Polygon, Polyline, Draw, Box Bar, Ellipse, Paint, Palette, Set Pattern and Text.
It works like a paint program, but instead of saving a picture as an IFF file, it writes an Ascii file in RAM that contains the code to re-create the drawing. You simply merge this code into your own program when you want the picture to draw to the screen.
You draw the picture using the tools - by the way, the keyboard equivalents should be familiar to users of Dpaint. Nice touch! Once you've done that, you quit from Art Coder, and then merge, using Shift-Left Amiga-M on AMOS Pro, and the code stored in the RAM: device can be loaded.
(The file is automatically saved into RAM: when you quit out of the Art Coder.)
Once you've merged the picture you can run the program to check it looks okay, and then cut and paste this code into your program. Before merging the art code, you have to look at the information line at the top of the editor screen, where it says "Free-" followed by a number.
If the number is less than 20,000, you have to go to the Editor menu and select Set Text Buffer.
Increase the number in the requester by at least 20,000 to make sure you can fit in all the text for your drawings.
If you forget to do this you can set it later when you notice that the merged code is truncated at a certain point! Oh yes, and you have to make sure that the screen dimensions are compatible in the target program. If the dimensions are wrong, the drawing will be either half off the screen or squashed into a corner.
For example, I drew the above picture with a bar and an ellipse. The bar is actually three bars, and they are nested together to make a bevelled box. Then I drew an ellipse in white and filled it with red. The code which Art Coder made for this drawing was: Ink 0 : Paint 222, 190 : Ink 8 : Bar 82,63 To 230,104 : Ink 7 Bar 78,61 To 282,106 : Ink 9 : Bar 82,63 To 282,106 : Ink 8 Bar 82,63 To 278,104 : Ellipse 380,65,49,59 : Ink 4 : Paint 370, 76 Perfect. Now all I have to do to sweep the market in AMOS programs containing boxes and circles is to crank out Art Coder pictures and sell the
programs! Fame at last.
Ahem. Seriously though, this is a very good program, and I like it a lot. What I would like to see in future revisions is a magnify mode - useful for those hard to see little places in a hires screen - and some other method of saving code rather than this old saving it to RAM malarkey.
Other than that I insist you go and get a copy of this program at once. It's available via Aminet.
Set your browser for http: wuarchive.
Wustl.edu ~aminet and go for it. Right that's me done, I'll see you next month with some more kicking AMOS routines.
Write stuff If you have any other AMOS programs or queries about AMOS, please write to the usual address: Phil South, Amos Column, Amiga Computing, Media House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield, SK10 4NP.
Please send routines on an Amiga disk with notes on how the program works on paper, not as text files on the disk. Make the routines short enough to appear in print, i.e. no more than about 30-40 lines of code, and if possible make them use no external graphics, or if they can't be used without them, be sure to provide them on the disk in native IFF format, and the same goes for sound files.
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SUPERHIGHWAY MODEM £119 Paul Overaa explains there are benefits
to be had in the overall music scene dred pounds."
Because of its easy-to-use Midi drum channel protection I suggested they opt for Dr T's KCS and, after hunting around for just a couple of weeks, they found a user selling an A1200 with KCS (plus various other pieces of Midi software, and a Midi interface), for less than the price of the Cubase software alone.
Although a little ironic that such bargains are a direct result of the current Amiga climate, this does of course also mean that for every user leaving the Amiga fold - chances are that another is joining!
And talking of KCS While demonstrating various editing facilities I remembered a trick that might interest other users. Most people who use KCS tend to create arrangements using track mode and often end up with any number of tracks that in reality just represent one instrument.
You might, for example, lay down a bass line and then decide to embellish it. When you record the extra notes, KCS automatically puts them on to another track and if you do that sort of thing half a dozen times you'll end up with half a dozen fragmented bass line tracks. In 1 Don't forget to turn off text filtering when reading Midi files via CrossDOS Out of the blue a few weeks ago I received a call from a chap who, many years ago. I'd worked with in ¦¦¦I a band. His current band had spilt and he was forming a Midi-sequencer based duo for playing clubs. The two had invested in a MDF2 Midi
file player, plus a couple of sound modules, and intended going out playing live using ready-made Midi file song arrangements.
Great idea but they hadn't realised that it would often be necessary to change song keys in order to handle the vocals - and this meant they needed a sequencer.
It turns out that the pair had gone into their local music store looking for something cheap and cheerful - and an assistant had immediately tried to flog them a Mac system costing almost two and a half grand. Then, as a cheap alternative, a Windows 95 based machine was suggested which, with Midi software (and needless to say the latest Cubase version 2.8 was recommended), was to be a cool £1,800!
Now I'm not going to knock either the Mac or PC systems, nor indeed Cubase because it's a brilliant sequencer. What I take exception to however, are salesmen who disregard completely the real needs of a customer. Buying a Cubase system to change the key of a few Midi files is a bit like buying an Exocet to knock a wall down!
To cut a long story short they came around one evening (bringing some of their Midi files) and I showed how these could be edited using a selection of Amiga sequencers.
Sure I explained about the on-going Commodore-AT-Viscorp troubles, and pointed out that all Amiga sequencers are archaic relative to PC Mac offerings.
"But", said I, "a second hand Amiga running some sequencing software will do everything you need and, more to the point, you'll probably be able to pick up both for just a few hun- ctr I alt | 1 Text PC0 ¦ F 1 Iter ing 1 T ext Trans Iat ion ¦ s Translation Types Y V &l RSCII-7 | - Amiga Computing Text Filtering Text Translation Translation Types &| flSCII-7 CrossDOS: Hot Key = ctri alt I EH I Cross DOS capers The other thing I was reminded of was CrossDOS and Midi file access. Almost all commercial Midi files come on MS-DOS formatted disks these days but, although CrossDOS is easy
enough to use, every now and then stories of "well I tried it and it didn't work" crop up.
This particular difficulty is always due to the use of inappropriate CrossDOS filter settings.
When you are copying text files, 'read me1 files and so on, you need to have the text filtering (plus possibly the ASCII-7 text translation) checkbox of the CrossDOS control box ticked (ie active). The text filtering option filters carriage returns and end-of-file markers from MS-DOS files leaving just the Amiga required linefeed characters at the ends of text lines.
When reading or writing Midi files however it is absolutely essential to turn this text filtering option OFF. If you don't the file will be corrupted during transfer. Now the choice of settings may seem simple but what trips most users up is that they auto-run the CrossDOS utility on startup, hide the utility's control window, and then forget that the settings need to be changed according to the types of files being dealt with.
Addition to this you'll doubtless have a few tracks that you mute out (because they are not wanted at all).
I've found that the easiest way to clean up tracks like this is to write all the non-muted tracks into a sequence using the 'All Tracks to Seq' option, switch to song mode, insert the sequence number into the song segment list and then choose 'Song To All Tracks'.
KCS will then write your sequence back into track mode storage but it does of course, only separate the data relating to each Midi channel in use. It takes about 10 seconds to do and the net effect is that KCS combines all those partial tracks leaving you with a set of tracks each of which contain just the data from one Midi channel!
Sticking to your locals Paul Overaa explains local variables All experienced coders know the differences between global variables - those used in the main parts of a script - and local variables - created when a function definition uses the Procedure keyword. Newcomers however are often far less sure of the connections between these two types of entities.
Hat are the rectangle dinensions?
26 14 rectangle area is 288 8 8 1: The best way to spell out the differences, and appreciate the potential dangers of globals, is with an example. Take a look at the script in Listing 1. It's a short example that collects some width and length information from the user and works out the area of the equivalent rectangle by calling a function that multiples the two values together, Typical output produced by the original version of the script OK, it's a long winded way of doing the obvious - just multiplying the two numbers together
- but it's the results and principles that are important in this
case. The point to notice is that, inside the function itself,
I've deliberately included statements that set both the width
and length variables to zero.
You'll find this script on the coverdisk and, if you run it using the RX command, you will see that the variables called width and length in the main part of the program also get set to zero.
Why does it happen?
It's because the variables being used within the RectangleAreaQ function have all been set up by Arexx using a single symbol table and so the width and length names being used inside the function are exactly those variables defined in the main part of the script. In other words they are globals which remain in existence throughout the script's lifetime!
Now the fact that, in the main body of any script, all Arexx variables are global is neither here nor there. But with variables used inside functions serious problems can arise - because, as you've now seen, variables used outside of a |i: rx testl il hat are the rectangle dinensions?
26 14 rectangle area is 286 26 14 1 : The modified script containing the procedure statement eliminates what would otherwise be a dangerous area as far as variable names are concerned function - in other parts of the program - can be inadvertently altered by operations involving similarly named variables present inside a function.
One solution - never use the same variable name twice - is not as feasible as it sounds as it is difficult to cross check variable names when dealing with larger scripts. It is also nigh-on impossible to avoid clashes when you use pieces of pre-written code - code copied from other programs or taken from a library of available function code fragments.
An instant remedy The solution lies in using the Procedure keyword after the function name. This forces Arexx to create a new symbol table for the function concerned and this in turn means that any variables used then become specific to that iunction (even if they are given the same names variables being used elsewhere in the script).
These local variables, are in fact only physically created as the function is entered and, what's more, they can only be accessed from within the function itself and it's this that makes ED them inherently safer to use.
In the testl.rexx script you'll notice that I had placed a Procedure keyword into the code but enclosed it in * * markers in order to have it treated as a comment. If you remove the comment markers, and re-run the script, you'll be able to see exactly how the program behaves when local variables are used. The result is that width and length in the main part of the script then do NOT get altered and it's this level of protection that makes locals so appealing!
One last point that is also worth mentioning concerning the modified version of the script is this: The only difference between local variables such as width and length, which come into existence by virtue of an argument collection declarations (arg or parse arg), and those specified inside the function definition is that the former will be pre-initialised with a value provided when the function is called.
What in fact happens with the variables which come into existence via argument declarations is that when a function is used its arguments are copied into temporary - local - variable space and it is these copies that the function actually gets to manipulate!
* testl.rexx *f I* this example deliberately alters the values of the width and length variables froi i ITHIN the function - it also displays the new values so that you can see what has happened... *1 say 'what are the rectangle dimensions?1 pull width,length say 'rectangle area is ' RectangleArealwidth,length) say width length exit I* Logical end of program * RectangleArea: I* Procedure * arg width, length product=width*length width=Q;length=0 * clobber these variables * return product Listing 1: This script deliberately damages the contents of some globals!
Amiga Computing J
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admits it... In the past I've moaned about the fact that the
rather splendid Yet Another Mailer (or YAM to its many
friends) could not be ¦¦ used by everyone because it relies
on an inbuilt POP3 mail receiving method.
If, like me, you have an Internet account with a company who don't offer POP3 mailbox access, you may well have opted for an e-mail client such as Metatool, which relies on other little programs to handle the mail sending and receiving. However, Steve Tumbridge (steve@career.demon.co.uk) recently sent me an e-mail explaining that it is a relatively simple task to get YAM to work with SMTP mail. I thought I'd share the solution here, for the benefit of other users of SMTP-only services such as Demon. So over to Steve: "I too had the problem Metatool may be excellent... HoveRaU script: delete
yam:incoming ,index rx aailtoyai.rexx uuaaiL:steve Hia i:yaai incoiiiing copy uusait:steve.bak1 uuaail:stevs.bak2 copy uuiiait;steve uunail:steve.bak1 copy uumait:steve.restore uunai I:steve yam:yam EliToYam script: I* ELHtoYAR.rexx SVER: 06 Rar 1996 Author: dhomas trenn I young monkey studios (c) 1996 Email: dhoiasSyoungionkey.ca Converts ELR style incoming iail file into YAH style files. Preserves OLD READ RNSWERED NEU attributes contained in the X-Status: header. Presently, it will not convert ELR ARCHIVE sail files (such as SENT).
SYNTAX: RX ELHtoYAH EX: RX ELKtoYAR UUNAIL:dhosas RAH; RX ELHtoYAH UUHAIL:dhoaas YAH:incoming * parse arg Railfile OutDir .
If right (Out Di r, 1) *= ":H then OutDir = OutDir" " call open('RailFile1, RailFile, *R') call openCTeipFile', ,fT:ELHtoYAH.temp", T) line = readlnCRailFile') parse var line x x x cD cH cY .
NRessages = 0 Xstatus = ,,M do forever line = readln('HailFile') select when (leftdine, 5) = "From ") | eof('Railfile') then do select when cH = "Jan" then cH = "01" when cH = "Feb" then cR = "02" when cR = "Rar" then cR = "03" when cR = "Apr" then cR = "04" when cR = "Hay" then cR = "05" when cR = "Jun" then cR = "06'' when cH = "Jul" then cR = "07" when cR = "Aug" then cR = "08" when cR = "Sep" then cR = "09" when cR = "Oct" then cH = “10" when cH = "Nov" then cH = "11" when cR = "Dec" then cR = "12" otherwise cH = "01" cD = right(cD, 2, “0") if Ungth(cY) = 2 then cY = 19f1cY cfiate =
rightfdatel'i1, cYMcHf,el), ’s'), 5, *0") * Rename as message * call closel’TenpFile1) n = 1 do forever if ¦exists(0utDir"cDate"."n) then leave n = n * 1 end address command ‘copy T:ELHtoYAN.temp 'OutDir'’cDate'V'n if indexfXStatus, "A") "= 0 then address command 'filenote '0utDir‘1cDate"."n "R" else if indexfXStatus, "R") “= 0 then address command 'filenote 'OutDirMcDate"."n "0" call openCTeipFile', ,!T;ELHtoYAH.temp 'V') parse var line x x x cD cK cY .
NRessages = nRessages + 1 if eofCRailFile1) then leave Xstatus = "" end when leftCline, 9) = "X-Status:" then parse var line x Xstatus .
Otherwise call writelnCTespfiie', line) end end call closet'TenpFile1) call eloseCHailFile') say nRessages" messages found," with YAM and SMTP when I moved my Cityscape account to Demon i.e. POP3 mail to SMTP. I sent an e-Mail to Marcel Beck and he kindly sent me a script written by Dhomas Trenn (dhomas@young- monkey.ca) which converts SMTP mail into a format YAM understands, and it works very well. I have attached the script for you to look at "You can always use the import option in YAM, but I find the following method works really well for me. I use 5abot (available from Aminet) to
monitor the size of my mail file. A normal icon appears on the screen showing an empty mail tray. When mail comes in, the file increases in size, Sabot recognises this and changes the icon to a mail tray with mail in it "One of the beauties of Sabot is that you can double dick the icon and automatically run a script of your choice. So, I run a short script (also attached) which firstly deletes the .index file in the YAM INCOMING directory discovered that this was necessary for the script to work) then backs up the incoming mail file (two generations) for safety reasons. The final copy
instruction just sets the mail file back to zero again). Next it runs Dhomas's script to convert the new mail, and finally YAM to display all the new e-mails."
Gonna Get myself Konnected Remember that a couple of issues ago I previewed a Well it's still in development but it's nearing comple- freeware Internet front end called Konnection which tionr so in next month's Comms column 111 be taking promised an enormous range of features, a memory- a detailed look at some of its more powerful features saving modular approach, and an attractive GUI. And comparing it with the opposition.
Many thanks both to Steve for the advice and the MoveMail script, and to Dhomas for writing the original ElmToYam script, both of which are reproduced below. You'll need to alter the mailbox names and so on, but once you've done that you should be able to use YAM, which is arguably the best e-mail client available for the Amiga.
Contact If you wish to contact me, my e-mail address is dave@dcus.demon.co.uk* Questions, suggestions and feedback are all more than welcome. I also have a homepage, which is now at http: www,dcus,demon»co,uk .
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£223 £1949 (PC A AMIGA HILLY BAS Rl ..Jims 30 SESSATSNS GM.CS O'CjCPy Science T = AV05 , 'J22.v --; AS5A5S SI 5 GAMES 5C£?.2£ 2.
W. 5C ENCE FONTS SCJN?tefpfc tfflV- DIGITAL DREAMS 2 (IB) £19.99
NEW - DIGITAL DREAMS 3 (18) £19.99 r 2.o ;Wwi 0Av?s2 MEW ; TARGA PARTY (21) £1939 RR.LT BBS ready! MUST BE OVER IB. GIF VIEWER REQUIRED LOWER PRICE- ADULT 1(18) £1439 CD072 (PC ft AMIGA DISC) * 4,000 IMAGES Iff GIF FORMAT.
1«M£-ADULT2(18) £17.99 CO206 (PC ft AMIGA DISC) - *.000 IMAGES IN GIF FORMAT WITH ARCADE £L4S5 C-j ASJ-T 23 &ENS Cci-t=criO'i 2 LOWER PRICE - SEXY (18) £1739 CD230 (PC ft AMIGA OtSC| ¦ 2,000 SELECTED IMAGES IN IFF.
SPECIAL VISUAL EDITION over ib only RISE OF THE ROBOTS CD32 • Ell.99 1200 4000 - E7.90 A500 A60B - E7.99 SABRE TEAM E3.DC VITAL LIGHT CD32 - E7.99 ALL - E7.99 WORLD CUP SOCCER C032 -E3.S9 ALL - £3.99 SPACE HULK E12.00 JUNGLE STRIKE £1199 IKE YEAR IS 2330 - The population iiploilor c!
A dmfid spies ship h Infested wim Htert the Ferns of pn- n-ti KiDutfe and Cartes Ortega mite then prpipcct cf rampart ' AwoIuOon In 3d
* FkMUI) Ms product Is protwMi the mul advanced gam eTac,
1 rwitari OS Bits gimt jrt Iniloot 2 ftrocm cl this 5 sm, m In stock Wcrli ivftri AGA.
AM», UOOA* VV j.Ii with ACS A1200 4000 EA PGA EURO TOUR E14.S9 5 PU Eurp mm n Challenging hotel WrUijB IiuFrai THE CHESS SYSTEM El 2. DO PLAYER MAHAGER 2 £8-99 ‘¦OnBHMdoroff, VALHALLA £1199
- CHESS :T.T:T,T ttCOKO EVW AM«A 5 KPf A01l3Ta*l- Titt |fin h ffw
maths ¦ unique hnfallJganl btU-uardi itiltj) Uuf amuiatot human
creativity ¦ no I brute lore* aplha mfch test In 9v» pcaqMl to
(he Blockhistor-YalulU end The Lord cl Infinity4 pe plif
InlMty’a nun- tor on Ids geost rt hatred In MUCh murder I* Ito
wliL'i.l. goal.
Works *Ttn AGA, ABM, AIM A 4 Worts Witt Al?QO L UXO 2UB VN email address: Qt sales@pdsoft.magicals.com g£g[ catalogue@pdsofT.magicals.com SW fCH!
217-219 HAMSTEL ROAD, SOUTHEND-ON-SEA, ESSEX, SS2 4LB INTER BASE 2.0 ZZZ.1SX AMIGA DISC VERSIOH Ontf £19.39 Itk defte** th. P*- Retjim *11 of th 90m et 13 pitdKniar. Pr*- r*c «b. Iff ILBM
• anted tIi i graaoy knproaed ™ Wwfaca. Tha Knm can b* db- wm
arortbanch 2 3 atyUng u a ftuun to pUr*d Uropfy br uve, aver on
MOM IJ i J Gnat* and clicking an uiar dufln- nuMpteata databata
iimrtad In H» only bu your ld button*, Hatur alt,,
• teriga medium. Totertaia 2J) * txumtoy any Main aitantlva ina
tn in* bij ik ts 111 unduly mitten manual. A! Th. Amiga'*
totudfei GeneraU! Attract™ print-out* wttti intor ctiviom
Interface, with pull- br*nd now print maiugar. Down manus.
SPECIAL BUNDLE 1 AMIGA FLOPPY DISK VERSION €10,99 b*«m*ktog«* ». _ „___ Im*L, OrtWos Hi
k. a K~t wren* *' .petal unmeet Umr1 Dtgtta Vtordurtria -
Learning Atordfworlh Ii «ai j Dared, with wen e of aa uitnj
It. 1hoar* fool dim, colour* K pictav*. Ui sida ipllttbig In
itwft irtrrttteg appear. »nom, « II will In brtnk*.Owrtih OM
printed document kh nine mliefwtt Ii Nfdta rrtot Manager ¦
Wort* wtth Digit* Word* hH gama.
Worth to tuDy moilmu tie quobty and pertor- (Heat - Ton can nunce at pur printer. Enter 7 woridi of Works with AGA, Outoxt PaintIVADA Gnres you the complete magical world* Computers Only, power to draw, animate you own pictures. Bated on fUmi.
Supm ’Wordsworth ’Print Manager 4 Deluxe Paint 4 AGA
* Dennis
* Oscar REALMS Ett.00 AGO, A6D0, A500 K SUPER STAR DUS j El 2.99
ACA A1200 4000 EURO KICKOFF 3 £7.99 C032 A A1200 Only SUPER
STREET F1GHER n £3.99 j AWJ.A50Q, - A IMBi Wohj with ALA, A60Q,
£500 & .
MULTI CDROM AUDIO ... JUST COVERS_ Peiivery Flcyal mall (? Cn Postage).
A500 DUST COVER ..... A600 DUST COVER..... A1200 DllSTCGVER ____ AM10A GAMES SABRE TEAM £3.00 RISE OF THE ROBOTS CD12 -ril.99 1290 4000 - £7.M A500 A600 • £7.99 AJI products are in stock, al lima ot going to press. If Dm products not out Its not advertized, phone lor LitcsL Add £1 when ordering 1 Software tllle Add E2 when ordering 2 Titles Add £3 when ordering 3 or more titles If you do’nt see the game you want just give us a ring (01702) 300441
* No extra craft card charges to pay,
* Same day dispatch by 1st class pent
* Come & collect products at any time,
* Open G days a week Inc Saturday, ' Open UO 9'o dock on tridays
* Over 2,000 PC A Amiga titles on display In shop show-room.
ROBINSON'S REQUIEM €13.99 AGA AT200 4000 KRUSTTS FUN HOUSE £10.00 ASA. A500, A500 & DUNE 2 E12.00 AGA. AGOQ, A500 A Works with ACA. W*rir othaa ltategy AGOO, A5M A • P™ aralljbto.
AlQYSTTCKS t ECT 3 raniooi c f Ni S*iTi( art In ttoefc Pelivery by Royal mall R lotereJ & Seeurieor (+ Exx - Pontat c) APACNE1 ...£6.49* £1.5 QS 2 TURBO.. £7.79* E1.S PYTHOH 1M ..£0-49 + E1.S ALPHA RAY ..£6.49* E1.5 ZIP STICK ..F10.99 + £1.5 AMIGA PSU ...£34.99 + £3.5 SPEED KING ft7.99 +£1.5 NAVIGATOR .£72.99+ £1.5 AMIGA ACTION PAD .... f9.99+ £1 SAITEK MEGAGRIP ., ft J.P9 ? £t.5 ROLL OF 1000 LABELS £9.99* £1.5 CHEETAH 125+......£4.99+ £1.5 CD DISC CLEANER .....f£P9+£l CD HEAD CLEANER.....£3.99* £1 DISK CLEANER .£1.99* £1 40 CAP. DISC BOX.....£2.49* El 100
CAP. DISC BOX .... £2.99+ £1 100 CAP. DRAWER BOX . £3.99* El THE CHESS SYSTEM £12.00 CHESS Ten yun to the making
- unique Intern jerrt brti-icarch ibnteyy that ami**tat human nM|
- not bnrta GO PU EmTour Pn» Jims.
(ALL) = A500, A500+, A1200, A4000, A500, Requires Joystick & 1 Mb RAM (C032) = CD32 Only |AI200 44000) = Amiga A1200 & A4000 AGA Computers Only.
ON THE BALL W Cl £4.99 APA A1700 4000 BU8A & ST1X El.99 AGA, A 000 ASO0 I TACTICAL MANAGER €7.99 ASA, A«U. A500 4 SYNDICATE £12.00 All. 1 6Mb U with Ho' Wen.I with A1200 A JUOQO 2MB RAM JUNGLE STRIKE £14.99 SPACE HULK £12.00 MINiMIUN ORDER OF £10.00 NEW TITLE ocnthswtki SPEAKERS SHAO-FU £0.90 AGA A17CC 4000 CRYSTAL DRAGON €1400 ACA, AMO, A50Q « - BANSHEE €5.99 AGA A120Q SF'tUI rc THE CLUE £7.99 AGA Aizoa4000 EURO CHAMPS E4.99 ALL I Imb Vrorkl with ACA A12tM'40OQ Warn nlm AAA.
AfiOO, A500 I r VALHALLA £14.99 CANNON lonnEit ¦icoko me Amiflt mini AdvirruM.
CANNON FODDER El 2.00 AGA. AfiOO, ASM A - POPULAS El 2.00 AGA. A SCO, A500 A TURBO TRAX £12.99 AGA, A500 A5O0 A BUMS & BURN £3.99 AGA. A500, A‘00 A 2 nnicm of thit pert* are m slxk Works wtdi AAA, A500, A500 A - SIM CITY £12.00 ncoowtu orrtMU- lAtm A bu* cUulc In com- puter wdwtakvmnt, SjrnCfty dar* you to Align A build ttx city of Dm erumi tbnCtty PLAYER MANAGER 2 £B.B9 “On the Held or oft, than luil * ganw bill can touch Player Manager 2 tor dapHi."
1-+Plarara. Win tow ottMrant pLiytog rinrs.
Match rrporti, hoi *wt. Ktto* tnmsfir and toae marhrts.
JURASSIC PARK El 2.00 AGA, £000 1500 S - TOP GEAR 2 E7.99 AGA. A500. A500 A TOTAL CANAGE £7.99 AGA. ADOO, A500 A - W(rt* with A5A, AGOO, AUOA .
SYNDICATE £12.00 BLACK CRYPT £11.00 In Ow dark ard Iwislad rid** o( twnpWTBW, cerporala Syrdlcatei ccmpkta lor global dominant.
But Bn luturt Bier* are no board-rrom dtali, I* wurato lakmvrt, no pome* • toll drrad- leart ago ha wa* ban- tilled from the world.
How Ow dark lord Extnroth I* back with a legion of hell's unholf- Ktnands. Thekml*- Men ¦ btoed revenge I lour bra re band must TACTICAL MAN AGER f 7.90 IU.UQ3.UW4 HELDS OF GLORY C7.B4 AM. FcWO, A500 I .
BANSHEE E8.09 AGA 11200 1000 TOWER OF SOULS F2.00 AGA A170C *009 WORLD CUP SOCCER C03Z - £3,99 ALL -E3.99 £4.99 ,.60p £3.00 ..4 Op THE YEAR IS 7380 - tha population aipioilon of Bw 71 it Qmtarjr tiaa forced man to «ipand
- A WHOLE HIW BAIL GAME - Th* fattoif, moat tur to in gam*
around. Use ttariH I* not tori aeartoe Qo*ti, but ¦bout tearing
tha other aidoapan wtonte* tha out or world t. Can you tur-
riro, Q Pteto anon in* tormi, diTtwent typo* ON TH BALL LEAGUE
E4.B9 AGA AI20Q 4004 FOOTBALL GLORY E3.99 at! Ai rtxraooc F20
RETAUATQR £5.00 AGA. A6O0, AiflO A •» f 72.99 . F3.99 F12S9 .
£3.99 . £3.99 . £7.99 , £7.90 POWER DRIVE £2,99 AGA. A60B. ASM
AGOO. A500 & * TOTAL CARNAGE £7.99 ASA AT2M 400O DENNIS £7.99
AGA A1200 4000 ARCHER'S POOL E7.99 AGA. WOO, A500 A -
A500 A INIVERSE C032) ...£1.99 BATTLE CHESS (C0321
......£7.99 THE LOST VIKINGS ,132) ...£7.99 CASTLES 2
f 1.99 SPEEDBALL (ALL) ...£2.39 ROBOCOD (ALL)
..£2.99 XENON 2 (AH) .....£2.99 BLASTEROIDS
(ALL) .£2.99 TENNIS 2 [ALL) .....£2.99 E-MOTION
14.99 ESSENTIAL MATHS iMEW)... £14.99 DINOSAURS EVY) £74.99
, £74.99 DEMON BLUE (NtW) .£2.99 WHIZZ (NEW)
......£3.99 DRAGON STONE u'lEW) £4.99 CABLES_ 2-1 SERIAL
SWITCHING BOX . £75.99 25 WAY F F CHANGER f4.99 25 WAY F F
£9.99 « WAY SURGE BLOCK £24,99 9M-25F CONVERTER .ffl.99
CENT-CENT 1.8M ..£72.99 DOSG PAR.DATA TRANS .... £12.99
GLASS FILTER .....£39.99 HARD MOUSE PAD ..£3.49
PS2 CON. STD KEY ..£7.99 PS2 KET-STD COMP .£7.99
UNK CABLE (30FT) .. £79.99 SERIAL UNK CABLE (45FT) .. £24.99
(5M).....£5.99 SURGE PLUG ......£72.99 MEMORY (lac xal fi
carrlti«) Free fiTting on memory if computer brought Into
ehcwrocm. Defhrety by Royal mail Registered & Seeurieor.
Ho extra credit card chargee to pay EQ0J72 SINGLE PAIR 4PACK 4MB £25 £48 £94 BMB £50 £100 £175 1GMB El 20 E210 £375 32MB £200 E340 Pellrery by Royal marl Rq latered & Seeurieor (? Ex = pottage) pontage 4 WATT SPEAKERS £10* £2 ZYFI MINI SPEAKERS ....£12* £3 ZYFI SPEAKER SYSTEM ... £30+ £5 ZYR PRO SPEAKERS £50+ £6 25WATT SPEAKERS £22* £3 T20 Wan SPEAKERS .... f50 + £6 Less CD H collected from showroom.
Delivery by SoCurieor A floyalnir.il, 4 SPEED (Limited Stock) £95 AZTECH S SPEED ..£95 AZTECH 10 SPEED ...£106 AZTECH 12 SPEED ...FCalt P&P please add ,75p.
KLONDIKE CARD SETS 300+ PROF. FONTS & CUPART .. PROF. CUPART 2 . UT1LJT1ES 1-1500 . HOTTEST 4 ...... HOTTEST 6 ...... UTILITIES 2 ...... Drives In etock in showroorn tees LG If coV-ectcd. Delivery by Securieer.
CD DRIVES qan-fcmd&ia A500 512K UPGRADE A5001 MEG UPGRADE A5001 MEG UPGRADE DRIVES (ins vnt)
* Prices can change wlthoul notice, please ring to check stock &
R4r. !vS$ Tel 01257 402201 Fax 01942 497928 FREE PD SOFTWARE AMIGA - PC - All Commodore Call (0181) 651 5436 or Write to 45 Brookscroft, Linton Glade, Croydon CRO 9NA www.icpug.org.uk Independent Computer Products Users Group For a FREE catalogue of the latest and best in Amiga Public Domain software simply send us your name £ address and a loose stamp PD prices: I - I 0......80p; I I-20......70p; 21 +......60p Postage & Packing is free on all PD orders - Local orders qualify for free delivery All orders ore sent First Class and we only use new TDK Fuji disks Phone now for details of our
Amiga User Group (Wigan West Lancs B (Oept AC)« 79 Vvoodnook Road, Appley Bridge, Wigan, Lancs WN6 9JR B MwurXk Amiga enthusiasts catering for Amiga enthusiasts!
S SS welcome any enquiries from new and experienced Amiga users alik ARXOLI) rOMIMITKK SUPPLIES Box oE 50 Blank Disks (including labels) .£15 (per 50) Pre Formatted DSHD Disks ......£22.50 (per 50) 100% guaranteed 13,000 disk PD Library now available PD prices all £1.00 per disk Please send 4 1st Class stamps for catalogue Free local delivery (10 mile radius) All your computer needs catered lor Please phone or fax for latest pnees Barry Voce Tel: 0115 9264973 Fax: 0X15 956 1663 11 Campion Street, Arnold, Nottingham NGS 8GR KEW=II EsL 1989 SOFT WAKE THE BEST QUALITY PD &
500k makes 1 bootable disk!
800k makes 1 non*bootable disk!
11-3 disks £1 JO | 4 or more ONLY £1.25!
4P0 Box 672 South Croydon Surrey CR2 9YS =£r== Tel: 0181-657 1617 CAPRI CD DISTRIBUTION o All AUAILABLE fl|y||Q cra2| IV6PJ3L TITLES.IN STOCK 225+ CD TITLES 150+ CD32 T17LES'B0+ CDTV TITLES NEW RELEASES Movie Maker Vol. 1 .£29.99 Zoom Rsfeass 2 .£18.99 AGA Experience 2 £19 99 Hottest E .£1999 EmulatorsUrtfimted.. £19.99 Aminet 14 £1499 Amiga Developers CD £19 99 More Worms Vol.L.. £14 99 Amiga Utilities 2 .... £19 99 Sci-Fi Sensation 2 £19 99 Epic Collection 2 . £19.99 World Atas £29.99 C54 Sensations 2- £19.99 Sounds Terrific 2 .£19.99 Workbench
Enchancer ..£9 99 30 Images £9.99 Aminet Set 3 £34.99 NFA Unties Experienced4.99 Aminet 13 .£14.99 Epic Encydopedia... £29.99 BACK H STOCK '3HUTCHINSQNTS ENCYCLOPEDIA E9.995 OFFER 1: :DARK3EED £14,93* OFFER 2: *SIMCITY £9.99* Tris :s fust a small selection ol tne titles & special offers *e have Please Ante n or ring for the latest list (Please specify Much machine Sar CO dnve you have!
CAPRI CD DISTRIBUTION Dept AC 13, Capri House, 9 Dean Street, Marlow, Bucks. SL7 3AA [VISITORS WELCOME) TEL FAX: 01628 891022 ® TRADE ENQUIRIES WELCOME- CHAPPY* CHRISTMAS To all our customers and Amiga users worldwide DON’T BE DECEIVED by our small advert* We are now in our sixth year of trading and stock thousands of PD titles (from only 60p) and CD Rom titles So why not claim your FREE catalogue, listing all our titles by sending an SAE to .
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100 Disk Labels £ 1.45; Mouse Mat £1.99 Disk Drive Cteaner £2.50; A12G0 Dust Cover £1.99 CHRISTMAS FUN PACK ¦ (3 games with a festive theme and a humorous animation) SPECIAL PRICE - £2 Post & Packing for orders under £6 is just 60p and FREE for orders over £6 Chic Computer Club offers great discount offers on all computer goods. Thousands of new | contacts, free help & advice, gigabytes of free PD Shareware from our members-only BBS.
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IBM Apple Atari 8 Bits Consoles Fantasy SCI Fi Gamers and Midi
Music users Trade and Dealer enqu lies welcome. Plus FREE
publicity for new software fanzines etc. Contact us now!!
.yap- ST jferiJiva ijJfa&r •jheI im nmffiMg ijs@at»3 .yu'i jiijjjS-dkJJs sUhiluij Ll iTl iL-.fK fi~£Uni?)
Tu jjJuijy llij Uil ujj Mu jjuijy ikiJJ A&JBs'ilziiiiij ujj U'J u2v uJuutiu, rih& iypmpiQuy uu i juu n'j ml ¦ n„ .
17 Bit Software ......99 1st Computer Centre ..36, 37 Active Software ...IBC Analogic ..97 Arnold Comp.Supplies 102 Blittersoft .38 Capri CD Distribution 102 Care Electronics ....99 Dart Computers .....12 Direct Software ......71 Epic Marketing 86, 87 Eyetech ...42 Gasteiner .52 Golden Image .88 Gordon Harwood...IFC, 3, 47, 55
Greytronics .....94 Hi-Soft ..24, OBC HIQ 90 ICPUG ...102 Kew = II .102 Liage International .78 Megatronix .....64 Moore Healy Mkt .102 Owl Associates ......99 Pathfinder Pd ......102 Paxtron Corporation ..49 PD Soft ..100-101 PXL Computers ...13, 15 S & S Computers 102 Siren
Software .6, 7, 9 Software 2000 .74, 75 Software Hut ....20-22 Vision Soft ......28 Weird Science ..50-51 Whiteknight Technology. 104-105 Wizard Developments ......83
- MW COMPUTING Z] A 0 ¦ Award Winning Educational Software
WORLD Terminofogy Hardware Word processors Graphics fflff software packs WORTH 014.03 for every reader Communicalicrs Keyboard Sjcills Computers in U Help your child eejoy AMIGA
* COMPUTING Part of the award winning ‘Essential’ educational
range for children, including Essential Maths and Essential
Science, Essential l.T. Is designed specifically to help your
children get to grips with the complex world of computers.
SSKS5!S?*5ffl!£ ' new learning pacftage lor diMreo fssentlal l.l As a reader of Amiga Computing, the biggest Amiga Magazine in the world, you are entitled to a fully working, boxed copy of Essential I.T. worth £14.99, free of charge. In fact all you have to do to guarantee your copy is cover the cost of postage and packing.
Your chili will learn about: Software “Kff '*w Hardware Spreadsheets COBUffiWMB M.„ am much much more Each software pack contains six expertly designed games, featuring 36 challenges, for all budding l.T. enthusiasts. As children play the games their progress is automatically monitored and recorded, requiring no input from parents or teachers, which means you can watch your children learn, join In the fun or leave them and check on their progress when you return.
KUTTMMIii fVff* f As an Amiga Computing reader you can claim this software pack free of charge MU uUNllwnnt! All you have to do is pay 61,95 packing and postage and it’s yours!
Fa secure yuur copy cl Issential 1.1 simply fill in the form below and post it to: Amiga Computing, 10 out of 10 Offer, Media House, Adlingtnn Park, Macclesfield Cheshire SK1Q AMP : Address Postcode Telephone This voucher entitles me to one free copy of Essential l.T. (rrp £14.99). I understand that In order to receive my copy I have to cover the £1.95 cost of postage and packing.
Enclosed is my Cheque P.O. for £1.95, made payable to IDG Media.
Name Z HI o LU CL y o £E Z
Q. -o cc i L O CL III H cr ( O CC LL U_ LU _rm 35 E -1
'5* The AMIGA. DEC Alpha & Non-Linear Computer Based Video
Editing Specialists PO BOX 38, WARE, HERTS., SG11 1TX White
Knight ALL PRJCCS INCLUDE VAT FAX 0)92° S22302 Email
9. 30am - 6.00pm Monday - Friday DraCo By MacroSystem GmbH -
Distributed in the UK by our sister company, DraCo Systems UK
Limited A purpose built, professional, non-linear video and
audio editing system which can operate at up to full broadcast
quality. The Drapo is a 50MHz 68060 based computer, running
the Amiga OS 3,1. And housed in a "Cube’1 style ease. It has a
built in 4Mb high speed 24-Bit graphics card, Fast SCSI-2
controller and Quad Speed SCSI-2 CDROM drive. 5 Zorr.o tl
(Amiga compatible) slots and 3 DraCo Direct 32-Bit expansion
slots are provided (1 free). The DraCo is supplied with 24Mb
of RAM (exp. To 128Mb on.Tbbardj,. and thp praOo Direct Vlab
Motion ( QraCo Motion ). Successor to the award winning Amiga
Viatic Motion card. The DraCo Motion has buiit-in 16-Bit
Stereo, DAT Quality Audio, and is supplied with MovieShop V3.6
video, and Samplitude MSV3.0 audio, editing software. One 2Gb
SCSI-2 drive is used to hold audio samples, application
programs and user data. Two 4Gb Seagate Barracuda, Fast SCSI-2
drives, hold the video data. An optional Amiga compatible
Parallel port kit is available, which allows the use of Amiga
LIGHTWAVE 3D V4. ASDG’s Epson scanner driver and so on. Future
upgrade options include a DEC Alpha Co-Processor (allowing
near real-time rendering of video transitions and effects),
machine eontroL and SMPTE Timecode.
Options available now. Or imminently, are as follows :- Component tuy RGB (Be and.out, D1' pfus Pl3SJ4.DV (FireWire) interface. The system can already handle totally uncompressed video, but current drive speeds limit the minimum compression to 4:1. Output is up to Broadcast Quality with suitable input output options. Although the DraCo is designed as a Non-Linear Editing workstation, it can run many Amiga iraths. '"Forb mplev Li htwavb'SQTy-A (with parallel port kit). Imagine V4, Rea! 30 V3. PageStream and Word Worth-etc-, ith th DraCo: Art DepartmentPmtesskimil, Morph Phis, Professional
Con ersinfi Pack, Scaffner Drivers & i Pail £ 7,499 +VAT (£8,811) " J.OG :: Call For An Information Pack, Or To Book A Demonstration AMCROSYSTEM PRODUCTS Our Sister Company 11 DraCo Systems UK Limited" Distribute MacroSystem Products to the Video Trade.
CASABLANCA Consumer Non Linear Video & Audio Editing System - Simple to use - Connects to Camcorder, VCR & Television. Edit at professional quality from your armchair! Call Now For A Brochure.
DraCo Non-Linear Video & Audio Editing Workstation Full 68060, 10Gb Workstation from £ 7,499+VAT = £ 8,811 DraCo- Budget Version - 68LC040 CPU & 6Gb Capacity.
12Mb RAM & 1Mb Graphics card. £ 6,225+VAT = £7,314 DraCo Motion M-JPEG Non-Linear Video & Audio Editing Card. For existing Amiga Vlab Motion owners, upgrading to DraCo, the trade up price is Only £ 949 YUV Option For DraCo Motion, NEW In Out version £ call Mini DV (FireWire) Option For DraCo Motion £ call Turn Your Amiga (With 2 Free Zorro Slots) Into A Complete Non-Linear Video & Audio Editing System - By Adding A Vlab Motion & Toccata.
Why, Not Call Us For Further Information Vlab Motion JPEG Non-Linear Video Editing Card & 3D Animation Player for 1500 2000 3000 4000 £ 999 Toccata 16-Bit, Direct-To-Disk Audio Recording and Playback Card. Ideal for Vlab Motion systems. £ 299 Buy Vlab Motion & Toccata together for just £ 1275 Vlab Y C Real-Time High-Quality SVHS Hi8 & Composite Internal Video digitiser. (Zorro II) £ 299 68060 & 68040 ACCELERATORS CYBERSTORM MK2 060, 50MHz Expandable to 128Mb of 32-Bit RAM £ 555 040, 40MHz As above, Upgradable to full 68060 £ 345 SCSMI Controller - For Cyberstorm MK2 only £ 95 BLIZZARD
1260 1240 060, 50MHz Exp. To 16Mb + 32Mb on SCSI-2 card £ 455 040, 40MHz As above, Upgradable to full 68060 £ 255 Note: The Blizzard 1240 is only suitable for fitting within certain A1200 tower cases. Please call the case manufacturer before placing an order, SCSI-II Controller For 1260, takes extra 32Mb £ 90 BLIZZARD 2060 2040 For The A15001A2000 A2500 060, 50MHz Built in Fast SCSI-II. Exp. To 128Mb £ 555 Note: OS3.1 Is Highly Recommended For 2060 £ 89.95 040, 40MHz As above, Upgradable to full 68060 £ 325 UPGRADE ANY PHASE 5 40MHz 040 CARD TO A 50MHz 060 CPU FOR ONLY £ 299 (INC. P&P) MPEG
Decoder Scan Doubler.
PICASSO II Plus Free (NEW) 2Mb - Now Also Includes IMAGE F X V1.5 Pablo Video EncoderFor Picasso II I1+ £ 295 £ 145 £ 295 £ 745 £ 175 £ 349 Piii 850Mb
1. 2Gb
1. 6Gb
2. 1Gb
2. 5Gb
2. 1Gb
2. 1Gb
4. 2Gb
4. 2Gb
4. 2Gb REAL 3D Version 3 Amiga Version TVPAINT 3.6 (Requires
CyberGraphX drivers) SCALA MULTIMEDIA 400 (AGA) SCALA MM 400 +
ECHO 100 DIAVOLO Backup Pro For MovieShop I '• "• ADORAGE
- Titler MONUMENT DESIGNER (MovieShop) MONUMENT Creative Set
Other Professional Software Available On Request MONITORS NEW
17" MICROVITEC (GPM1701), Scans From 15-64KHz For All Amiga
Screen Modes and 24-Bit Graphics Cards Too £ 599 NEW 14”
MICROVITEC (1402), Scans 15-38KHz. Replaces the 1438 model £
289 DAEWOO Monitors : for DraCo Graphics card. Unsuitable
for most Amiga screen modes 14“ £215, 15" £ 289, 17" £539 On -
Site Warranty - Specifications Available LIGHTWAVE 3D VERSION
5 For PC, DEC Alpha or Amiga - All £1169 Lightwave Upgrade V4
to V5 For Only £ 411 NETWORKING AMIGANET Ethernet for DraCo,
A2 3 4000 £ 179 ARIADNE Ethernet for DraCo, A2 3 4000 £ 199
l-CARD PCMCIA Ethernet - A600 1200 £ 229 Knvoy. Enkin, Novell
& TCP IP Network Software Available A1200 030ACCELE MAGNUM -
40MHz 68EC030 CPU, 0Mb One SIMM Slot, Clock, Optional FPU &
SCSI port £ 149 SOFTWARE HP IBM MicropAV Micr Atlas Microp AV
3. 5" SCSI & IDE HARD DRIVES LIGHTWAVE 3D Versions For Amiga
£1169 Original Amiga Technologies Version, with FREE Software
Including SCALA MM300 - £ 2,199 5MHz 68040 CPU. FAST SCSI-II
ZIP Drive £ 165 100MB ZIP CARTRIDGES (Pack 5) £ 85 JAZ DriVCS
1GB SCSI Ext. JAZ Drive + 1 Disk £509 1GB SCSI Int. JAZ Drive
+ 1 Disk £409 1GB JAZ CARTRIDGES ( Single ) £ 99 1 GB JAZ
CARTRIDGES (Pack of 3) £ 285 1GB JAZ CARTRIDGES (Pack of 6)
£535 DAT DRJVCS 2Gb DDS & 4Gb DDS2 Type, SCSI-2 Int. & Ext.
Drives & DAT Tapes Available £ Call BACKUP SOFTWARE AMIBACK 2
Ultimate Backup Utility £ 39 DIAVOLO PRO Also Backs-Up
MovieShop Projects For Vlab Motion Users £ 85 GENLOCKS RENDALE
9402 y c Only RENDALE 8802FMC Comp.
HAMA 292 Composite & Y C HAMA 290 Composite & Y C LOLA 1500 Comp. + Dissolve etc. LOLA 2000 Y C & Comp. Quality LOLA Video Options Card for A4000 Gives UHF, 3xComp & 1xY C out £ 149 Details Of The Above Genlocks Aie Available On Request CD ROM DWVES TOSHIBA PANASONIC SCSI-2 (Internal), 4x Speed, Multi-Session (tray load) £ 119 TOSHIBA PANASONIC SCSI-2 (Internal), 8x Speed, Multi-Session (tray load) £ 159 GOLDSTAR Equivalent ATAPI (Internal), 4x Speed, Multi-Session (tray £ 59 HITACHI Equivalent ATAPI (Internal), 8x Speed, Multi-Session (tray load) £ 109 FOR A1500 2000 3000 & 4000
FAST 64-Bit GRAPHICS CARD With 3D Drawing Capabilities.
R CV 64 30 r CV 64 3D Full Specification Sheet Available PERSONAL ANIMATION RECORDER PAR (Amiga PC) with FREE
1. 2Gb IDE Drive £ 1,949 PAR Capture Card £ 1,049 PERCEPTION
VIDEO RECORDER PVR PC Alpha PCI £ 2,339 PVR Capture Card £
1,169 SPEED RAZOR 111 NT Only Non-Linear Software £ 1,399 PAR
I PVR Details On Request EMPLANT WC PC EMULATOR Deluxe
Version £199 (with SCSI & AppleTalk) E586DX PC Option, with
BIOS image £119.95 MAC Pro Option £ 49.95 MAC Lite S W £ 69.95
A1200 Emplant £ 49.95 HIGH SPEED FAX MODEM X-LINK 28.8K Baud
External Fax Modem. BABT Approved. With Serial & Phone Cables
+ PSU £115 White Knight Technology 01920 822321
9. 30-6 Monday - Friday
P. O. BOX 38, WARE, HERTS, SG11 1TX, UK . . , _ r ,L h ¦] ,
,' J 'TT * '1 4A A - L- ' fs i . L-i i. • At Very
Low Prices !
4Mb £ 28 8Mb £ 49 16Mb £109 32Mb £ 229 Of The DraCo Workstation Are Now Available By Prior Arrangemant - Please Call WE OFFER SERVICE. AN AFTER-SALES BACKUP THA IS SECOND TO NONE Setting software scripts Neil Mohr teaches you how to sing-a-long an assign script mmmm owadays you rightly expect that any program, utility and even games should be easily installed on your hard drive. Thanks to the standard Amiga installer this has been made a simple task, taking care of copying programs and their data files.
For many older utilities and games the lack of an installation script can put off many people from trying to install the program, or alternatively if it has additional fonts and library files you may not be too keen copying them over your hard drive. But with a little knowledge of Amiga scripts and a couple of important AmigaDOS commands, getting these programs up and running will be a doddle.
The biggest problem with these older programs is that they are expecting to be run off a floppy disk, so at some point when you run the program the annoying Please insert blar disk will appear. But of course we do not want it to use the floppy disk but the files on your hard drive.
By way of a real life example, I will pick the game Silent Service II by Microprose. This does come with an install program as do virtually all Microprose games but it is a good example to use anyway.
First off you need to get all the files copied across and the best way is to make a new directory on your hard drive - call it 55U. Put in the first disk, double click on the disk icon and select show all files from the Workbench menu.
5wazlnfo 1 8 (30 10 94) Copyright 993,94 David Swasbrook Beadabie |7 M2riteabie [7" Executable W D&I el able F Now select all the files, use the right-Amiga a key short cut and drag all the files over to the new directory. For the second disk copy all the files to this new directory. The same process will go for any other program as well, just copy all the files from all the disks into a single directory.
Once this is all done you need to make what is known as a script to set everything up so the program will run. To do this you need to use a text editor. Every Amiga comes with a fairly poor editor called Ed but the excellent CygnusEd was on our November 95 cover disk.
If you are using Ed open a shell and type Ed ram:5tart then enter the following into the Ed window. Once done click the close gadget and press Y. Assign silenta: "" Assign silentb: "rt Assign fonts: fonts add gaie The first two lines will make the game, instead of using the two original disks, look for any files in the current directory, the one the script is run from. The third line will add the fonts directory that was copied from disk 1 to the 5SII directory to the system font directory list Wednesday i6-0ct-96 10:22 |j r | Ram Disk 100% fid, 0 | | r that is scanned when the game looks for
its fonts. The final line actually runs the game.
If a program has additional libraries the same thing can be done saving you the hassle and the extra files from your already bulging libs drawer. If this is the case normally the program will have these library files in a libs drawer on the first disk, so they should be copied across with the drawer to the new directory. So to add this drawer to the system libraries assign use Assign libs: libs ADD.
You should now have a file in RAM called Start but before you can use it to run Silent Service it needs an icon adding to it. To do this run IconEdit, found on the Extras disk that came with the Amiga, open up the Ram disk, drop the existing Start icon into the IconEdit window and select save. The final thing you need to do is pop up the Icon's information requester and change the default tool to C:lconX. You can now drag the Start script into the Silent Service drawer and double click it to run the game.
If you have Swazlnfo this job is made even more straightforward, as all you need to do is pop the Start icon information requester up and drop an icon file into the requester and change the tool type to CiconX.
So the basic steps are copy all the files from each disk into a single directory on your hard drive. In the script for each disk put Assign disk-name: "n. If there are fonts or extra libraries on the first disk add the extra system assigns Assign fonts: fonts add and Assign libs: libs add to make sure the program will find them. Finally add the name of the program so it will be run automatically from the script.
Another example is this script for Formula 1 Grand Prix Assign f1gp_di ski 2: Assign f1gp_diskS3: "" Assign f1gp disk 4: "" ft Owner |0 Group fo Assign flgp_disk 2: Assign flgp„disk*3: Assign flgp_diskiM: run NIL: NIL: 60hz Comment | Default Too* (CdconX MeUTool With CygnusEd and Swazlnfo you can bang scripts out in no time at all In normal use the assign commands only usually takes two inputs the assign name and the path of the target drawer, but there are a number of extra switches that add to its functionality.
. • 0. I- • - • ADD - Add another directory search path, to an existing assign REHOVE - Renove an existing assign froi systea List DISHQUfU - Reiove an existing iounted drive, such as CDO DEFER - Do not add assign to systeB list until it is called Assign subtleties Amiga Computing riTTJK zi I B iiji ¦j All you need to get connected this Xmas!
' S Commercial Internet Software The FAAAASTBST v33.6 Modem , A| E&! Free Connection to a National ISP . Free Technical Support Advice VOYAGER - WWW It s HERE! Zoom release 2 - now ready and in stock for delivery (at last!).
: Zoom 2 contains all that's new and great from May 1995 to June 1995. All awn ! The best PD shareware will be found on this CD. We included all the best Irom our library, submissions, the Aminet. BBS’s and other contacts.The difference belween this and Zoom 1? Zoom 2 is 99% ready-to-run, set in an excellent Magic W8 environment and and much more accesible than its pre- ' J lessor. There is so much on Zoom 2 - utifiiies, tools, productivity, educn- ™ tional programs, business, games, Magic WB stuff, slideshows, documents and much more. There is also an exclusive 'Get Started’ demo on the CD
tor AGA machines. If you want the very latest PD from every conceivable source - Zoom 2 is for you! Zoom release 1 was one the most popular CD’s
* * * ¦JL y from Summer 1995. Zoom release 2 will be hotter! Get
yours before stocks run low!
4Kt POWERMAIL - MAIL Greatest & latest PD Irom May 1995 - June 1996 : Utils, games, slideshows, education, disk mags and more!
NEW! Get Started Demo (AGA Machines) NEW! All the Professional Sound Samples [50 Disks] NEW! Over 25MB+ of read-to-use Magic WB icons ¦ NEW! Special ‘programming’themed area BARGAIN! I AMFTP - FTP ZOOM RELEASE Scene Storm is a glorious feasl ol lempling eye candy produced by the legendary SPACEBALLS. Amazing graphic and audio delights to show your Iriends what the Amiga can really do! This CD is packed with every major scene production from 1995, including all the releases from The Party 5 held in Xmas 95. Exclusive Digital Candy material is also included. Ranging from music compelilion
entries to a complete Development suite. Scene Storm features an easy lo use Magic Workbench interlace that is simple to set up and a joy to use. Much of the contents of Scene Storm are presented as ready-to-run filos through custom designed icons. No more trawling through archives and filling your hard disk wilh files. Includes: Productions Irom over 20 Scene Parlies held throughout Ihe world in 1995. All the best demos and intros Irom Ihe last year, slideshows, music disks, the most popular disk mags and charts.
Exclusive modules taken from the coolest demos as well as entries from Digital Candy BBS Music Competitions. A complete development suite lhal will allow you lo learn how to code your own demos. Development ulils are included along with exclusive and easy to follow source code. All purchasers ol Scene Slorm lhal own a modem can register lo qualify for 3 months free downloading of the latest scene files Irom Digital Candy Bulletin Board. This would normally cost £15. This BBS ts classed as the 'scene' board in the UK! Place your order now as this will be Ihe holiest selling CD throughout
VV - V v iap ¦ - . T .
- 90% - (Gold Award)
- 91% - “This is a must for all demo fans1
- 89% - “...good value for money” Amiga Format CU Amiga Amiga
Sick of the run-of-the-mill old PD CD releases containg collections Irom pre- 1995?!? This CD contains Ihe complete collection ol F1 Licenceware titles from F1-00! Lo F1-1CO. Over tOQ lilies or more than 200 disks! This CD is worth well over £500, il the disks were bought separately. There is something for everyone on Ihe CD - games, utilities, tools, professional clipart and music, beginners guides, educational programs and much more. Some superb material is contained within this CD*Rom: Blackboard v3 (image manipulation). Ultimate Quiz 2 (general quiz). Word Plus Pro (originally valued
at £15!). Forlress (strategy God game). Relics of Deldroneye (voted best PD game ever by Amiga Format), ERIC (voted second best PD game ever). Powerbase (dalabse program), GRAC (superb ‘Monkey Island’ style adventure game creator with 000's of copies sold on floppy), Introduction to WB (best selling FI Title), Absolute Beginners Guide to AMOS, Junior Artist (kids paint package) or TolsTime (one ol many kids educational programs).
Use somo of the professional music wilhin your games, wilh no extra charges. What about the clipart for your DTP documents? AMOS programmers have a field day with this CD - AMOSzine. Guide to AMOS and AMOS supplements. Something for everyone. Wilh a very easy lo use AmigaGuide© interlace with 80% of the programs running straight from Ihe
CD. Remember that the programs are commercial, with copyright
owned by FI Licenceware. All programmers receive a royalty
for every CD sold.
Supported by ISP's Worldwide NetConnect allows you to select your country then select an ISP (easy!) - we have about 160 ISP’s fisted Irom over 30 different countries (50 from the UK!).
Nearly 100% of the WORLD is covered for any user who wants to buy NetConnect! No problem!
- T LICENCEWARE CD VOL I Send your order to: Active Software, PO
Box 151, Darlington, County Durham, DL3 BYT, ENGLAND.
Postage and Delivery 50p per CD for UK delivery
- £1 per CD for EU delivery
- £1.50 per CD ROW delivery Modem - £4 for 2-3 day delivery
- £6 for next day delivery
- £20 for Saturday delivery Make cheques-'P.O.'s payable to
Active Software and send to the address listed opposite. We can
accept credit or debit card orders. For any additional informa
tion call US ASAP!
R. .. I [NEWS CLIENT] mmmmmmwfi Is-Si AmTelnet ** [TELNET CLIENT
- B Y AMFTP AUTHOR!] mFinger m [FINGER CLIENT] I ’ 3-6
(Shareware) new :traceroute & ping ¦3CD 'extras1 (call for
Wanting to get onto the Internet? Already connected, but frustrated with your software? NetConnect is all you need to get connected to the Internet. Containing a suite of commercially licenced software you won't find an interface as easy-to- use as NetConnect's! We have spoken at length to so many of our customers about getting onto the Internet - we know exactly what you need and what you want. You want software you can USE - not shareware but commercial software, you want the hassle taken out of the installation and you want a suite of the very best Amiga internet software. Indeed, to
make NetConnect the very best we organised programmers to enhance their software - so you get previously non-released software. NetConnect contains a full TCP client worth over £35 in itself! You can save masses of £££’s from buying NetConnect as there is no need to licence the Internet software - full versions all licenced for you!
Want to get 7net connected?
- 33600 bp* DATA FAX modem - true v34 Group 1.2 A 3 tend receive
- Enhanced ADPCM coding
* Auto mode detection allow* modem to connect with a modem that
t* configured for differing connection mode*
* Extended AT command aet
* Upgradable ROM chip (safeguarding against future
- BT and CE Approved
* Amiga serial cable Included
* Full "get started” documentation
* 5 year warranty - also undergone rigorous Amiga tests
NetConnect's GUI does more than control manage AmiTCP! It m • 1
also gives you a completely editable icon bar (see pics) to
con- 1 trol and manage your programs. No other Internet pack
meets I the specifications of NetConnect! Ask for a demo
version! FlBBSpijS Modem Offer & Specifications NEW!
Amh I H [THE INDUSTRY STANDARD FTP CLIENT] ICON BAR EDITOR GUI AMIRC - IRC Save over £23 with Enterprise! _ Buy NetConnect and get FREE connection to Enterprise (worth £20 ex. VAT or £23.80 inc. VAT)!
NetConnect Software 3.5inch Disks £ 54,95 NetConnect Software CD version £ 54.95
33. 6 Modem £129.95
33. 6 Modem & NetConnect CO or Disks) £159.95 [33.6 Modem +
NetConnect for under £160! Amazing!] All prices include VAT.
See box opposite for delivery charges Upgrocfo your 14.* to a
Super fast 93.61 Cinema4D 3 is a major upgrade to this
easy-to-use and extremely powerful graphics package - the
changes increase the functionality and speed of the package
to an extremely high level, while the price remains truly
Media Magic is j superb new product for designing and playing quality presentations on your Amiga, at the right price.
* MediaMagic sports an interactive, user-friendly and intuitive
interface so that building presentations becomes a joy. Fully
compatible with graphic cards.
* The MediaMagic editor uses drag-and-drop for easy, hierarchical
positioning of objects and allows the editing of several
scripts at once.
* You can use all sorts of graphic images in your masterpiece
with MediaMagic's support for all I IT-11,HM data formats,
including 1LBM-24, which are converted to 11AM6 or HAMS
You can incorporate a wide variety of music & voice samples to liven up your presentation: MediaMagic supports common music modules such as Sound-, Pro-Noisetracker as well as Detained and Octamed Pro (8 voice) & BSVX files.
* Working with animations is easy with MediaMagic’s support for
IFF animations in Anim3, Anim7 and Anim8 formats.
Business charts can be created directly in the program. N OS 2.x and OS 3.x compatible , simple controls, fully multitasking.
Requires 2Mb RAM, OS2.x up and hard disk recommended.
* The major internal workings of Cinema4D have been optimised
resulting in a substantial increase in speed - many raytraring
operations are now up to 3f) limes faster llwn before.
• The package has support for many new output file formats
including Windows BMR TIFF and PEG.
* Lens flares are implemented; this is like looking at a bright
light source through a camera which creates realistic camera
special effects. The lens flare is actually a light source in
itself which allows some great-looking effects to be achieved.
A simple lens flare preview is available.
• There are many other light source additions and additional
effects such as lens glows, lens reflections, effects at
margins and randomising of rays.
¦ Additional CyberGraphX support - now allows fuU24-bit colour rendering.
• Extended user interlace.
* Cinema4D requires 3Mb RAM, OS2.x, a hard drive and is fully
multi- tasking and extremely configurable. £ 1 UU Upgrade
from Version 2 Only £39.95!
DiskMagic 2 SMD-100 The SMD-100 is a brilliant new concept for home entertainment. Using your existing SCSI CD-ROM, you can now access the world of Digital Video - superb 24-bit quality video with crystal-clear 16-bit sound. Here's what you can do with the 5MD-100:
* Play any VideoCD or CD-i Movie through your Amiga monitor or
through your home TV set.
Use the supplied remote control to skip tracks instantly, to view your favourite scenes in silky-smooth slow motion, to grab a frame with the rock-solid pause facility and move speedily through the film with the fast forward and rewind functions.
* Use the SMD-100 as part of your Amiga SCSI chain or take it,
along with your CD drive, next to your normal television, for
all-the-family viewing.
There are many hundreds of VideoC D titles available, all featured in our 20-page, full- colour catalogue. The SMD-100 VideoCD MPEG player - a command performance, time after time, after lime.
DiskMagic is the friendliest J file manager on the Amiga and now version 2 takes m this fine product to new heights of useability and functionality' * probably the easiest-to-use and most - * , versatile file management mi utility on the Amiga. Here's some of the things that you can expect: Support for LZX archive format, the new standard in Amiga compression.
* Many new functions including: super-
• fast delete command, extra file type options, additional Arexx
commands and internal functions.
* New ou Ipu I window preference.
* Rle encryption.
DiskMagic 2 comes complete with a library of icons for gadgets and 9 5 a comprehensive user manual. £39 Upgrade £12.95 At long last there is a new, and extremely powerful, C compiler for the Amiga, at the right price. HiSoft C* ’ has two versions, Developer and Lite; here's a brief list of features:
* The Compiler compiles at high speed in line with the AT&T 3,0
C+ + standard, is Arexx controllable, integrates seamlessly
with the editor, includes a project manager and generates code
for 68000-(i8()3fl and the 08881 2 FPU. CLI version included.
' The Editor uses multi-windows, is syntax-sensitive, handles as many files as you like, includes an Arexx interface and supports full keyboard shortcuts,
* The C C++ Debugger (Developer only) uses multi-windows, with
drag-and- drop technology, allows breakpoints, variable
tracking and much more.
* The Devpac 3 Assembler is included for low-level work.
The Easy Object Library (Developer only) is included which eases resource handling and use of data structures (lists, large arrays etc.), along with BOOPSI support, error handling with exceptions and online documentation.
The Hot Help (Developer only) system can be activated at any time and gives you full, expandable online help even with an Arexx port.
HiSoft C + + requires 4Mb RAM, 052.x up and a hard disk.
- - „ £169 £79 Developer Lite Version Version To Order 0500
223660 Punch those keys for free!
To order any of the products on this page, or any other HiSoft product for the Amiga (and we have over 40 titles for your computer!) Just Freecall 0500 223660 armed with your credit or debit card. Postage is normally £2 - £4 within the UK or £6 for a guaranteed next day service (for goods in stock). Alternatively you can write to us or order through our web page. © HiSoft 1996.
Hot News TermiteTCP now £39.95!
Browse 1.2 Released!
CD-ROM Prices Slashed!
Phone, write or email for more detail HiSaft SYSTEMS The Old School, Greenfield Bedford MK45 5DE UK Tel: +44 (0) 1525 718181 Fax: +44 (0) 1525 713716 email: saIes@fusoft.co.uk iveb page: wunc.hisoft.co.uk inc Free VideoCD 1 enclose a Cheque Bank Draft Postal Order for £ 2 AMIGA MONITORS - We have a large supply of refurbished 1084(3), 1902. 1930, 1802, 1702 monitors, etc. For example, the 1084(S) is $ 169.95 with cable. 90 day warranty. CALL 3 With 3.1 O S ROM add 4 Deluxe Mouse Mat . £1.99 lOOO Labels .£8.99 I 3.5" Disk Head
Cleaner .£1.99 ython T M Joystick £8.75 ICD32 to Amiga 1200 inc. software £29.99 I Competition Pro Pad ...£15.99 | Keyboard for CD32 (Require SSXJ) .£37.99 ADD £2 FOR DELIVERY

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