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Mr Jencks said that VIScorp remains interested in completing the acquisition of the Amiga, and that fol- towing the expiry of the original offer the company submitted a lower bid. VIScorp say its plans for introducing an interactive télévision product dépend on both the Amiga technology and the support of the installed base of Amiga users. Although the contract expired on October 2, VIScorp contin- ued to operate Amiga Technologies until October 31 at its own expense and with the concurrence of the Trustée. It did so beireving that Amiga Technologies was of more value as an operating company, and it wanted to retain its value. During this time the company pard Amiga Technologies' salaries and gener- ated over $ 2 million in sales which have been credited against the final sale price. ViScorp's future is threatened, however, by Financiaüy trouibled company aüows acquisition contract to iapse finançai insecurity. In a document filed at the US Secondes and Exchange Commission on October 30, the company admitted that it "cannot currently gener- ate suffïcient revenues and cash flow from opération to meet its business obligations." These financial problems, combined with the fact that the company has run at a loss since its inception, mean that ViScorp's business requires funding to continue development of its set top box products. However, the Commission file warns that investment in VIScorp is highly spéculative' and that there is 'doubt as to whether the company can continue as a going concern.' ViScorp's chairman daims that funding arrangements are currently in process, though how much the company requires remains unspecified. David Robinson, the lawyer overseeing the ESCOM liquidation process has stated that VIScorp is no longer the leading candidate for the acquisition of the Amiga assets. If the company fails to atquire the Amiga, it is uncertain as to whether it will be able to base its set top boxes on Amiga technology. To date VIScorp has used this technology to develop ED, a set top box, under licence from ESCOM. However, Robinson daims that if VIScorp fails to acqurre the Amiga assets the licence will be cancelied. If that happens, VIScorp hopes any new owner of Amiga Technologies will be willing to relicense it to allow it to continue to produce ED as planned.

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R _ n ' o' omenis TurboCalc4 E3 Neil Mohr reviews the latest version of Digita's spreadsheet program Wordsworth 6 ED ft's the new edition of the powerful word processing package - but how different is it?
Premier Packard. ED Hugh Poynton takes a look at Hewlett Packard's impressive new budget printer - the 5L.
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to Amiga Computing readers We have a special report on who is next in line to buy the Amiga plus news of another staff departure at VfScorp US NEWS.
News The latest happenings from the States brought to you by Katherine Nelson EGULARS Letters.
Ezra Surf takes a look at your letters from dream Amigas to Cybercafes MIGA GUIDE 03 m BARGAINS The BEST reader offers!
Amiga Computing brings you money saving deals from Guildhall, Audiogenic and LH Publishing COVER STORY Multimedia Madness E2 Amiga Computing reveal why the Amiga still holds the crown of Multimedia Amiga Computing been tested to the limits as it is. While the acquisition still goes on VIScorp could be in danger of losing support from the Amiga community and falling behind in the race to get a set-top box out onto the market.
At any rate by the time you read this, who knows? We could have another proud new owner promising great things and telling us what we want to hear... Tina Hackett, Editor or a few years now VIScorp have 1 made their intentions dear. They ' wanted to create a set-top box.
They also had the technology to do it and a licensing deal with Amiga Technologies would allow them to do it.
Then the first glitch in the plan happened.
ESCOM - then owners of AT - went bust and VIScorp fearing for their project tried to buy the whole of Amiga Technologies.
We were told that the acquisition was under way and it was only a matter of weeks before the deal would be completed. That was back in April when a 'Letter of Understanding' was signed between the two companies. It is now November and it has been revealed that VIScorp could now face challengers to their bid - apparently ESCOM’s bankruptcy made matters more complicated than anticipated and so the deal still remains up in the air. If VIScorp lose their bid, who knows where this will leave the future of Amiga?
What is clear is that in the time that has elapsed, there have been many other companies who have had their eye on an emerging set-top market. US company Diba, for example, have plans to launch a set-top box and are looking for partnerships with companies such as BT and Pipex. Italian firm Olivetti also have something called Envision which even has a wireless keyboard for the true couch potato. This turns a TV into a PC - however, the price for such a machine will be around £1,400 for the cheaper model.
This is a pricey option for the average family and perhaps doesn't pose much of a threat to what VIScorp are setting out to do and the market they are aiming for. However, Philips are also continuing the trend of low- cost Internet solutions-they plan to launch a £99 system for the CD-I.
And while all this has been going on, what about the long-time Amiga fans? Ever since Commodore went bust, it seems we've had nothing but empty promises from one month to the next. VIScorp heralded a new era of hope - they weren't the huge faceless PC company ESCOM were. They had long connections with the Amiga. Although many were concerned they would simply rip out the structure of the Amiga to be used in their set-top systems and neglect the Amiga mar- What Next For Amiga?
Tina Hackett asks if the 'Curse of the Amiga' has struck again?
Ket as a whole, talk of new projects on the horizon sparked a ray of hope in many of us.
But now what is the Amiga community to think? It doesn't help matters that there are reports that VIScorp have financial troubles and that two of VIScorp's key staff walked out recently. And now we hear that there are other companies after the Amiga, so the wait continues.
This is the worst thing that could happen right now - more uncertainty and waiting for something to happen. Even the most loyal users will lose hope - their patience has The AC team EDITOR Tina Hackett DEPUTY EDITOR Neil Mohr ART EDITOR Graham Parry, Tym Leckey, James Eagers PRODUCTION EDITORS Justine Bowden, Alan McLachlan STAFF WRITER Hugh Poynton REGULAR CONTRIBUTORS Dave Cusick Katherine Nelson Paul Overaa Phil South CONTRIBUTING EDITOR Gareth Lofthouse AD SALES Sue Horsefield AD PRODUCTION Barbara NewaJI MARKETING MANAGER Steve Tagger PRODUCTION MANAGER Alan Capper DATABASE MANAGER
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Amiga Computing is on independent publication ondflScoip is not responsible for any of the ortic es in this issue or for any of the opinions expressed @1996 IDG Media .No material may be reproduced in whole or in part without written permission. While every care is taken, the publishers cannot be held legally reponsible for any errors in articles, listings or advertisements.
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Hews ¥1 Score bid for AT wit p Did t* ndrawn by Gareth
Lofthouse ©, Iscorp, the maker of Amiga set top boxes, ' has
cancelled an offer of S20 million for the acquisition of
Amiga assets from the bankrupt German PC company, Escom.
Growing financial problems mean the Chicago-based company
may be unable to go through with the buy-out of Amiga
Technologies it was expected to complete last October.
The company, which plans to continue the development of the Amiga computer range, decided to let its offer expire on 2 October 1996. VIScorp cancelled because it believes the assets are no longer worth the S20 million it was originally offering.
"One of the most valuable pieces of inventory is currently encumbered in a complicated legal challenge to the ESCOM AG bankruptcy estate. Without the assurance that this piece could be delivered as part of the package deal, VIScorp began to reconsider its offer," said Hugh Jencks, VIScorp's chief operating officer.
Mr Jencks said that VIScorp remains interested in completing the acquisition of the Amiga, and that following the expiry of the original offer the company submitted a lower bid. VIScorp say its plans for introducing an interactive television product depend on both the Amiga technology and the support of the installed base of Amiga users.
Although the contract expired on October 2, VIScorp continued to operate Amiga Technologies until October 31 at its own expense and with the concurrence of the Trustee. It did so believing that Amiga Technologies was of more value as an operating company, and it wanted to retain its value. During this time the company paid Amiga Technologies' salaries and generated over S2 million in sales which have been credited against the final sale price.
VIScorp's future is threatened, however, by 10 FEBRUARY 1997 Financially troubled company allows acquisition contract financial insecurity. In a document filed at the US Securities and Exchange Commission on October 30, the company admitted that it "cannot currently generate sufficient revenues and cash flow from operation to meet its business obligations."
These financial problems, combined with the fart that the company has run at a loss since its inception, mean that VIScorp's business requires funding to continue development of its set top box products.
However, the Commission file warns that investment in VIScorp is ‘highly speculative' and that there is doubt as to whether the company can continue as a going concern.'
VIScorp's chairman claims that funding arrangements are currently in process, though how much the company requires remains unspecified.
David Robinson, the lawyer overseeing the ESCOM liquidation process has stated that VIScorp is no longer the leading candidate for the acquisition of the Amiga assets. If the company fails to acquire the Amiga, it is uncertain as to whether it will be able to base its set top boxes on Amiga technology.
To date VIScorp has used this technology to develop ED, a set top box, under licence from ESCOM. However, Robinson claims that if VIScorp fails to acquire the Amiga assets the licence will be cancelled. If that happens, VIScorp hopes any new owner of Amiga Technologies will be willing to relicense it to allow it to continue to produce ED as planned.
David Rosen, who has replaced Jason Compton as communications manager, declined to comment on the effect the company's financial situation will have on their production plans for ED.
VIScorp were planning to introduce ED as an Internet-TV device in early wishing to acquire the Amiga technology. "I feel that you can read a lot into our actions. We’ve been developing the A5050T and A4060L, as well as producing '060 accelerators for the Amiga,' he commented.
"We are advertising aggressively in the North American publication Amazing Computing, and had a large presence at the recent Amiga Fest show in Toronto. Clearly Quikpak believes there is a strong future for this platform," he added.
The A5050T and A4060L are new Amiga machines based on the 4000T that QuikPak currently have in development. The company has also been shipping '060 4000Ts for about S2700, while prices for standard 4000T have dropped below S2000.
QuikPak took the Amiga's distribution for North America over from Service Management Group, after Amiga Technologies terminated SMG's contract.
Saint SAMSUNG Samsung is supporting the international cause of human rights by donating equipment to the United Nations Centre for Human Rights in Geneva. Along with the Government of The Republic of Korea, the company has donated £304,500 worth of computer equipment and support to help the UN centre's computerisation project Direct support Net Direct has become the most recent British ISP to introduce the US Robotics high speed x2 modem. The modem's Internet connection speed of 56 Kbps is almost twice as fast as the connection speeds currently available over ordinary telephone lines.
So far, 40 ISPs across the world have agreed to participate in field trials of the new modem.
Aurora launches A new Canadian company has been set up which claims to be ‘dedicated to advancing the Amiga platform'. It is mainly concentrating on games development with a focus on using ‘retargetable graphic standards, such as CyberGraphx, and accelerators, such as 060 boards and the PowerPC technology, along with the Amiga OS to create games that ore system friendly in a multi-tasking environment". See this month's games news for details on some of its forthcoming releases.
Information is also available from its web site which is at (http: www.auroraworks.com). By Gareth Lofthouse WORKS Aurora intends to advance the Amiga platform mam ISCORP ASKS FOR INJUNCTION A San Jose court has issued a preliminary injunction against the source of Curtis Mathes Holding Corp's Uniview interactive television device, prohibiting further use of proprietary technology developed by VIScorp.
A recent announcement from VIScorp said that it had filed a complaint against Interactive Video Publishing saying that it misappropriated its trade secrets and technology and licensed this to Curtis Mathes. Interactive Video Publishing, Steve Owens, Kaori Kuwata, David Owens and "all those in active concert or participation with them" were enjoined from using any of VIScorp's trade secrets or technology.
As yet no date for the trial has been set. However, the court found that VIScorp "will probably succeed on the merits of its claim that defendants used improper means to acquire VIScorp software trade secrets, and, therefore have misappropriated VIScorp trade secrets."
The company expressed concern in early December when it discovered that the intellectual property was being pirated by both small and larger companies and, to deal with this, it teamed up with Mahr Leonard Management Company, a Texas firm specialising in patent infringement.
Qompton QUITS VISCORP Only weeks after the dramatic departure of Carl Sassenrath from VIScorp, it has emerged that another key member of staff, Jason Compton, has also resigned. Fiowever unlike his former colleague, Compton, who was VIScorp's communications manager, has said little publicly about his reasons for leaving.
He told Amiga Computing, "The details are between myself and VIScorp but basically I was not comfortable with the present work environment and did not feel I was adequately equipped to perform my duties as an independent contractor" Sassenrath was more vocal about his explanation for leaving the company and he posted an announcement to a newsgroup saying that he'd “never seen such an idiotic, screwed-up, incompetent company." He has now followed this up with a statement of his intentions for the future.
Unhappy with the state of the PC market, he intends to build a system that is simple to use.
He remarked, "The software is to blame. We have become enslaved by overly complex and twisted software...They are all junk - the work of designers who really don't understand how our minds work or relate to our human condition." He encourages the Amiga community to "hold on, regardless of how desperate the situation may seem."
Following VIScorp’s decision to lower its bid for Amiga Technologies, QuikPak, the Canadian-based Amiga manufacturer, is now rumoured to be the company most likely to acquire the Amiga assets.
Quikpak, with head-quarters in Toronto, is the current North American distributor for Amiga Technologies and the only authorised manufacturer of Amiga computers in North America, The company had hoped to finalise a deal with the liquidators on December 13, but at the time of going to press the deal had not been completed.
"QuikPak is currently involved in negotiations with the liquidators, but at the moment nothing is finalised," said Dan Robinson, the company's director of business development for Amiga.
The company was unable to outline the nature of its negotiations more specifically at the time of writing.
Fiowever, Mr Robinson pointed out that QuikPak has numerous reasons for 0U1KPAK LEADS BUY-OUT RACE Amiga Computing B ASH CONUNDRUMS Following the requests of many of our US readers, we are now including a Money Conversion Chart. As many of our prices are written in pounds this will hopefully help out readers who want to get an idea on how much this equals in US dollars. Please remember these are only approximates and will depend on the exchange rate at the time. You can get a regular update from Xenon Labs currency converter http: www.xe.net currency ) Where possible we will also try to
include a suppliers US phone number or an Email address to save you making long-distance calls.
I i Blittersoft IHAH HUMBUG If Christmas left you with a good dose of the Ebeneezer Scrooge, you're probably not alone. To join like-minded Christmas cynics, type in to your browser http: www.esrc.ac.uk and go to the Economic and Social Research Council home page. Here you can find out why turkey is less popular than it used to be and also what has caused Shopoholics to lose their Christmas spirit - apparently shopping addicts do h either out of revenge or because they are unhappy with their relationships. Hmm.. } rf'ESRC ] and a happy I new year Christmas cynics can revel in the festive
facts on shopping and turkey OVEMBER CHARTS GTI, the Amiga mail order company, has revealed its November chart for software sales. Topping the utilities chart is Turbo Print Prof 5.0, closely followed by 1-Browse and Personal Paint 6.4. As for the Amiga CD Rom chart, Aminet 15, Meeting Pearls 4 and Aminet set 3 take the three top spots.
On the games front Click Boom's Capital Punishment, proves the most popular, closely followed by Worms and Hugo.
The British Tourist Authority launched its Internet Movie Map of Britain web site. It is based on the hugely successful BTA leaflet and offers visitors an impressive amount of information on film and TV locations around the UK.
You can search for television programmes and films by name, location or tour and even includes a journey planner so you can obtain detailed and accurate directions to the site.
Taking up 300 pages, the Movie Map offers a vastly larger amount of information than the leaflet upon it was based and includes features such as a journey planner which will also estimate the cost of petrol, and detail petrol stations en route.
For further details phone 0181 563 3033.
TA MOVIE WEB Blittersoft has announced a new software Pentium Emulator. Called the Pcx, it is an all new 80x86 emulation and according to Blittersoft the speed is about three times faster than v2.3 of EMPLANT's e586DX emulation in protected mode. It will run on any Amiga with a 68020 or later processor and no additional hardware will be required.
Various features will be included such as an Intel Pentium Processor instruction set, Sound Blaster (mono) emulation, and Video board support.
Approximate exchange Rates as at December 9 UK Pounds US Dollars £1 SI.65 £5 S8.24 E20 S32.94 £50 S82.36 £100 SI 64.71 £200 S329.42 £500 S823.56 ERFECT IMITATION Blittersoft has announced a new software Pentium Emulator, the Pcx i Ten copies of " Personal Paint worth £39.99 a Cloanto has given us 10 copies of its excellent art package.
Personal Paint 7 and all you haveto do to try and win one is produce a work of art with your Amiga. This canlhe'done in-any Please label'everything you send us and complete the entry form.
We will biffi 1 lif-111 +1 I u fTTllM. Including* Personal Paint entry form Name: Address Where did you find this copy of Amiga Computing?
131 Please tick if you do not wish to receive promotional material from other companies | these pictures r | in a forthcoming issue - so you could also see your work in print.
Amiga Computing l5M0 VERS®* CAN beexpanoeotoa FULL 68060 PRICE CRASH!
HUGE PRICE REOQCnO.Nl sm A5W» 6fK) 0 0.
Standard A1200
M. nuLml A tiWHl i AMIGA 680-iOERC and 68060 ACCF.LERATOKS Jbtfij
Now yon can choose between thr f S W tf-tt jERC Cy berstonn il
or the HEj Hsf ultra powerful 6S060 version When you fit &
C bersonn II 68(W1 I Acctknlor to your A3000. A'dWT. A4000 ro
AotKWT you ca*. For Ifefc V cumple. Render a graphic with
Inugtne 10 uvltHorc is just 24mins Compire that with a tni'vnc
10.34 mins 00 2 standard 44000 *010 25!
Uojem rs both Cyherstoroi Us are fully plug md play aad A4GU0 users con choose the option of a SCSI-2 module IA3Q00 users already have SCSI Hult nto their Amiga hardware).
• Up to 12SMb of standard SIMMs can be installed and you can even
transfer the 72Pin SIMMS from your Amiga A4000 straight onto
your new Cybentotm.
• Optional SCSI-2 nuclide available
• If your budget currently only covers the eotl of a Cyherstrom
II ftSWOERf. You can always upgrade later to the full 6SUM)
proccsvro for extra power Cy berslorm D 3‘IMIIz 68W0ERC ¦ 0Mh -
Expandable 10 128Mb fjjJHJ £32S Cyberstorm U tOMHz 68060-OMlt -
Expandable 10 128Mb hIi £5*5 Cyberstornt n SCSI-2 Module m
Cyberslorm n SIMM HUM Expansions 1 please call for pnars _j»G
64-BIT ENGINE A2000 3000 4000 (T Series) 3D Version 9H 24-BIT
Tmsti Svstcm A1200s nh Zorro-11 backplane The core fWl of this
great board i* the NEV.' VIRGE GRAPHICS CHIP from S3. With ?D
clinics BmBm !j'» jMc ti pt.vc"complcs ?D furatioto in h-t
Jvarc log. 6:nkiiTectiired surface*! With FwffV Trilincar
Filttfitig ini ShaJins Foggina fro super realist* Real Took 3D
Rendering. IrUX When u'oJ«iihC taGn ibX 3D Librars.
Cyteni'-iroi 64-7Dcan even offeri fcaval jjStovBM range of 3D
facilities for any 5oftw eck*doper- OPTIONAL EXPANSIONS-.
• MPEG Decoder - adkd to the Feature Connector to pros ide tea!
Time MPEG audio ami video decoding at full sue custom screens
or, in Workbench windows iHQ display using 16 24 Bit modes from
CyberGnphX Workbench). Stereo audio ttitpct is provided via the
supplied dedicated line output jack. Upgrade to a Cytiervisiom
64 31) and MPEG bundle (from previous Cybcn iskw 64| for a
SPECIAL LOW PRICE! - Call for full details now'
• Monitor Switcher ¦ with integrated scan lira doubler. Designed
to fit into the Amiga slot this gives autot'iutic switch mer
from the staxlard Amiga signal to Cylmision 6WD’s output. Both
ca«U nay x fined inside AJOOOHtiOO models !ea» ine three
Znrro-Ill skss free.
Cybcrvbion 6i 3D„. IMb Version £219”EEDSSsS1 Options... MPEG Decoder Jbl74‘M Monitor Switcher £84” Cmptmtiw.WI’S performanceJlfftres mvtisuivil using Splnfo. Liacb board bud the appropriate SDLU fitted imjuind to actu ate accelerator}.
}Ai»m.i willi Idillf ERG. -.‘OiOKltC ur Cv1his(i HlllllbWl AjjOOwhli linn 1 Mb |. lVHl Jo ui wiih iK11. QiSo »M1 | A UK hi miln slKiM.mn ik-CuS iMb BUZZARD 1DWV, 124fl-T®K A UN ACCELERATOR BOARD FEATURES- 2040erc A1500 2000 TURBO ACCELERATOR and MMU FPU - 40MHz 68040 0Mb Standard, Expandable to 128Mb 30MIK with 60 Nanosecond SIMM fitted
* May hr dnafiil »tth Mnsple Kkn'iroke an ton* up - F.* Full
turn*’. Mn ulWhT rvcn ludly programed uUcf ifn»'.i;c!
* Battery Baied Sdf Seriuige Real Tiim; Clodr
* High P Tfonra.n'L- HxpaHMon with Full 32-Ba wsJu DM*.
* Easy Trypdotir IrottlUiion - no rtmlificatiafti rtifuired (12
i'lP F.RC filv in To*«T m 12301V features PGA FT! So.Cti
Optional sOMllz. FtX8H2 H't A1200T' TURBO ACCELERATOR and
MMU FPU for *T0WER SYSTEMS 40MHz 68040 - 0Mb Std, Exp. To
128 256Mb 30MIPS with 60 Nanosecond 5 MM fitted Blizzard
2040ERC Turbo Accelerator Memon- Board The Bhward 2fMt.JERC is
a sypa raw LOW COST kurd w hich offers A2000 era tiers the
opportunity to up|faic to the same perfimrtit as out Blizzard
124tfTiERC board. Users will then be aWe to niyoy full
A-fCtttfMO power as well as tike advantage of the built in
SCSI-2 interface The ”ERC Processors u«ed cm these boards are
rccycld and vigorously tested 68040 CPUs operating it 40MH
with MMU FPU - an excellent guaranteed aid competitively priced
A1200 TURBO ACCELERATOR ) and MMU - 50MHz 68030 0Mb Standard, Exp. To 128 255Mb
9. 91 MIPS with 60 Nanosecond SIMM fitted iOiOERC. Turbo 40.VDI
6K040 i MMU Fl'l 0Mb, 32-Bit Fast RAM - Expandable lt« 128Mb
£309” UULl 68060 A1200 TURBO ACCELERATOR S. I and MMU FPU -
50MHz 68060 LX-lii Omb Standard, Expandable to 647192Mb
A1500 2000 TURBO ACCELERATOR and MMU FPU - 50MHz 68060 W 0Mb
tanc,ar ExPan( a e t0 128Mb
39. 71MIPS with 60 70 Nanosecond SIMM fated Blizzard 2060 Turbo
Accelerator Memory' Board offers A1500 2000 owners the same
specification 35 the Blimrd 1260 Turbo 1 fAl5T6-000s will
openie at up to five times the speed of a standard A400Q} £
with R:LL 6S06&POWtR &. Also includcv built in SCSI-2
interface' Ifyouf want the favtmi A l.iflUCOlX) around... fit
a Bli urd X60 raw!
2060 Turbo SftMlb S6O6O & Mml' FPU «ith buiil in SCSI 2 r 0Mb, 32-Bit Fast RAM • F-xpandalilc to l28Mh___
38. 71MIPS with Single Sided 60 70 Nanosecond SIMM The lllimrd
1260 Turbo Accelerator Memory* Board i offers Amiga A1200
owners FULL 6S060 POW ER w ith a board that plugs into the
trapdoor slot!
Your A1200 will operate at twice or even three limes the speed of an ‘040 hased upgrade and up Id five tunes the speed of a standard A400Q! Available upturns such as the SCSI-IV Kit and RAM are shared with the Blirard I23Q-IV and !2fll Byti*«J 'F.OTl r T apdOOR PRICE CRASH!
1260 Turbo HMIlr (0X0 lk MMU FPU “TSTJT SlAULATlON 0Mb. 12-Bn Fjm K.4M - Lvpandaldc to f - 192Mb «40t' m CORDON HARWOOD COMPUTERS JtuJ Dept. AC0 D3 New Street. Alfreioti.
Derbyshire, DE55 7BP 01 773 836781 or FAXj 01 773 831 M0 email: 1002713S57ecompuserve.com lllir ifil and ( tfx-Nnrm pnduitv ux MOTOROL4 WM wtF' pxtssots. * Huy rui VtTTIIIN iIk ckvtiicj! Iunn '[x i!kjii' n IjiJ J ivji K MiViolr | ii promt any puwMr ovfrnrasing reiuliLii psi slcTra. St wbra you pjv fn he rsurpic this mrtlv w!ul urn pit me a ¥ if 1' cvm 1 JWEIi IK '
s. Mil;' L,.i .j ¦« i VornROLk VtonVATFJ) 1. Ipi - your Oj-'jUc.
ijm , mmiimtu t • ijuaiis and tcicshLCV - BEWAKL 1 ‘cl cknJ*
U'L- Please Note: Memory SIMM A FRU prices nuy change without
warning due to exchange rale fiuctuabons- Rtease confirm price
pnoi to orderine.
OUR OPENING TIMES ARE... Monday to Saturday,
5. 00am until 500pm (H R RANGE HAS 1TO.Y MORE AWARDS THAN ANY
Mmm bMiam *i-7o«y What the Magazines think... Amiga Shopper 91"» ST4R BIT " the El:"nnl IJM is destined to fvcome tbe ultimate object (bun- ft .4 _W mi ncrs' Amign Comp tiling 92* * BLIT CHIP ujnt tbe fastest Amiga in Ihe oriJ. Gel ibis board1 Amiga iiirnuu ' Side on the fasksi XUOO in I be Vnrid95tk GOLD Ratini; How to Order from GH SCSi-re KIT SCSI-2 Module for 1230-IV, 12-iOT, ERC and 1260, -with additional 128Mb SIMM socket Ifysl SCSI-2 DMA Controller - up to lOSIk'sn immfer mles uilb additional SIMM socket allotting extra memory hi hejiitetl) BY PHONE: Simply «II on- order lint. We
accept VISA, Maiterunf, Access. Switch, Connect, Delta AMEX end Lombard CrediHharge (most 'store cards’ are Lombard eg. Dixons, Currys etc) ¦ WITH NO TRANSACTION SURCHARGES!
BY POST or FAX: Include your name, address and dayltmelevwing phoreilai nufnbei plus order details, It charging a crediydebit card include., number and vafid from expiry date (and isiue number with 5witch cards) Make Cheques (please altow 7 days clearance), Drafts or Postal Orders payable to Gordon Harwood Computers Limited.
GH PRICES: Wea w remember to confirm prices in use you are looksng at an 'okf magazine. Prices can change (up or down} before the magazine's cover month has passed Mease confirm before sending orders by post Pnees inc VAT at 17.5 V DELIVERY; We offer prompt shipment with fully insured express delivery options throughout the LK. Europe and Worldwide at a very modest cost.
STANDARD COST OF DEUVERY TO MAINLAND UK ADDRESSES ONLY: Standard Delivery (1 to 4 working days from date of despatch) - £7 Express Delivery (next working day Irom date of despatch) - £10 NON UK MAINLAND DESTINATIONS ¦ pleas* call for times prices etc EXPORT: Most items are available Worldwide, and at TAX FREE PRICES to non EC residents and most overseas UK Armed Forces Personnel (with CD's document).
GH WARRANTY: Sandal 12 month warranty or. Ast about Gws optional comprehensive ti tended options which are always recommended tot professoral users to mffixnise ccstfy down time. Ask GH for full details.
QuickPack unveils new Amigas ? Rniga Fest '96, which took place in late November early December featured at least a few big name Amiga companies, QuikPak was present wrth their two new Amiga models, the A5050 and the A4060 L. The A5050 is an A4000T which features the Pentitrator, a Pentium Amiga hybrid motherboard. This includes PCI, ISA, and Zorro slots. The user can switch between the PC and the Amiga at the touch of a button.
US i NEWS The prototype shown also featured an LCD screen built into the side of the tower. This feature has not been planned for actual A5050’s, but this could change if enough demand is shown.
The A4060 L is the same computer that was shown by Jason Compton at the Amiga Atlanta meeting in August. It is an Amiga 4000 portable which will feature detachable keyboard and a 68060 accelerator, along with Zorro and video slots.
PhaseS was also present, demonstrating the PowerPC '060 board, and spoke about the A Box as well. Other exhibitors included NewTek, who demonstrated the Video Toaster Flyer; Anti- Gravity Products, who ran Photogenics on a Siamese system, allowing them to run the program in a window on a DEC Alpha running Windows NT; Applied Magic was showing their non-iinear video editing system Broadcaster Elite; and Asimware was demonstrating Audio Thunder and MasteriSO, their CD-R software.
Both Wonder Computers International and Randomize Computer Distribution have announced North American distribution of products from BroCon. One such product is the Super Scan, Super Scan Flicker Fixer, and the Video Magician. All three of these products feature the ability to use a standard VGA or SVGA monitor with an Amiga computer, along with video features unique to each product. Contact either Randomize or Wonder for more information.
H N N OVATIVE U PDATES MILE FOR QUICKCAM by Katherine Nelson fcJOUVENIRS Intangible Assets Manufacturing has recently unearthed a treasure-trove of the metal decals featuring the Amiga logo in both Boing! Form and the double checkmarks style. These decals have an adhesive backing, allowing them to be placed anywhere desired.
In a special promotion, !AM is offering to include these souvenirs of the Amiga's past in every order until December 31, or while supplies last. This offer accompanies special holiday pricing from 1AM. See contact information below for more details.
Asimware Innovations Inc. announced an update to AsimCDFS v3.7 on December 6, 1996.
Included in the update is support for new CD-ROM drives from Plextor, Pioneer, Panasonic, and TEAC. Also, there is now support for Amiga file comments and protection bits. Other improvements were to the raw sector volume handling and the French and German catalogues. This update is available to registered users via the BBS, WWW page, or FTP site (ftp.asimware.com). The serial number is required to gain access to this update.
Version 3.7 will also incorporate ail of the features of AsimCDFS v3. This includes the use of several CD-ROM formats, including Macintosh HFS, ISO 9660, and others. Also, the ability to emulate either CDTV or CD32, including the ability to autoboot from the CD. Furthermore, AsimCDFS v3 supports both Kodak and Corel PhotoCD formats.
Also from Asimware Innovations Inc. is MasteriSO vt.25. This version became available in early December, and is an update to MasteriSO vl .0. New CD-R drives supported by this software include the TEAC CD-R50 and the Sony CDU-924. This version also supports Kickstart v2x The MasteriSO software controls the use of writable CD-ROM drives known as CD-R. Both computer CD-ROMs in the ISO 9660 format and audio Cds in the Red Book standard can be written to with MasteriSO. Other supported CD-R drives include Yamaha CDR-tOO, Yamaha CDR- 102, Sony CDU-920, Sony CDU-924, Pinnacle RCD-1000, Pinnacle
RCD-202, Pinnacle RCD- 5040, HP 4020, and TEACCD-R50.
Omnilink Corporation has announced that pre-orders are being taken for the AQCVid adapter which allows the use of the Connectix Gray Scale QuickCam (PC version) with the Amiga Computer. Price has been set at S59.99, and dealer inquiries are welcome.
This QuickCam model allows up to a 320x240 resolution capture, in 16 or 64 shades of gray. The maximum frame rate is 24fps. Its field of view is approximately equivalent to a 38mm lens on a 35mm camera, and has fixed focus from 18 inches to infinity. AQCVid support is tentatively planned for a newer model of QuickCam, which is capable of up to 640x480 resolution and 24-bit color.
AQCVid supports several file formats, including IFF, AN IMS, and ANIM7. JPEG and CDXL may be included in future releases. The current version is CyberGraphX compatible, and will work on ECS or AGA Amigas. 16-bit sound support may also be featured in upcoming versions, as well as the ability to control the camera from imageFX. Currently, only 3.x systems are supported.
Although AQCVid will function on any Amiga, the recommended system wifi have at least a 68020, 2 megabytes of chip memory, 4Mb of fast memory, and would either have AGA or a graphics card with Workbench emulation For sales or ordering information, write to sales@olnk.com. Otherwise, contact Northern Light Computing, the official Canadian distributor of Omnilink Corporation at the contact information given in the contacts panel.
Contact point Intangible Assets Manufacturing 828 Ormond Avenue Drexel Hill, PA 19026-2604 Phone: (610) 853-4406 Fax: (610) 853-3733 WWW: http: www.iam.com amiga E-Mail: info@iam.com Asimware Innovations, Inc. 600 Upper Wellington Street, Unit 0 Hamilton, Ontario, Canada L9A 3P9 Phone: (905) 578-4916 Fax: (905) 578-3966 WWW: http: www.asimware.com E-Mail: info@asimware.com FTP: ftp: ftp.asimware.com Northern Light Computing Omnilink Corp.'s Official Canadian Distributor WWW: http: www.freenet.edmonto
n. ab.ca -viking E-Mail: viking@freenet.edmonton.ab.ca Wonder
Computers International 9315 Richmond Road Ottawa, Ontario,
Canada K2B 8J7 Phone: (613) 721-1900 Fax: (613) 721-6992 WWW:
http: www.wonder.ca Randomize Computer Distribution
R. R. 2 Tottenham, Ontario, Canada LOG 1W0 Phone: (905) 939-8371
Fax: (905) 939-8745 E-Mail: sales@randomize.com
support@randomize.com Amiga Computing 14 FEBRUARY 1997 WHAT
Onfeww User commented tf you're lOOUrig for a mgn fesoiuaor camcorder 24 w tJotno men. Ac dus pice.
PioOaO 24ST reprrsefti great value for money" or. Use the signal from your satellite receiver ProGfr'tf" - Voted .si The Beit Video Hardware product for ih AMIGA This is especially pleating because the awaid comet from the Amiga Shopper magazine's readers.. Our Satisfied Customers!
The revolutionary S-VHS ProGrab™ 24RT Plus with Teletext is not only the best way to get :risp colour video images into your Amiga, from either live broadcasts or taped recordings, it also costs less than any of its rivals. This real time PAL SECAM NTSC* 24-Bit colour frame I grabber digitiser has slashed the price of image grabbing on the Amiga and, at the same I time, has received rave reviews for its ease of use and excellent quality results. ProGrab™ j has earned honours from just about every Amiga magazine and Video magazines too!
| And... with ProGrab™ you needn't be an expert in Amiga Video Technology, a I simple 3 stage operation ensures the right results - Real Time, after time.
STAGE 1... Select any video source with S-VHS or composite output This . AtiblC 'SCR could be your camcorder. TV with SCART output, satellite
- omreceiver, domestic VCR player or standard TV signal passing
th bOtn V MM through your VCR player... the choice is yours.
And S-VHS- Bk STAGE2 Wilh ProGrabi software, select an image you _ _ Grd) l&ecause | jHf BP frames in real time, theres no need far 2 freeze Grab images with ycur camcorder inc udmg S-VHS... or, Take a signal from a TV with SCART output... I 4 .jpk frame facility on the source device!), ¦f’pf a 1PP1 Once grabbed, simply download wj%: and view the full image on your
* * n, Amiga screen. ProGrab also I £ includes a Teletext viewing
S'** and capturing •••:•.• -esb-'-V: ifi STAGE 3... |i|9gk.
$ ' ''¦• f Bhg Use the'grabbed1 image with your favourite word
mRE prceesor. DTP or graphics package.
BMMMk ProGrab really does make ¦ it that simplel PCMCIA INTERFACE for A1 ZOO and A60Q ProGrairt epKW PCMCIA m-fface mttudes the w non software and «iercs performance fa scnouVpfotosnawi users ¦ offering the fo*CMrmg peseta
• Falter OownfoAdirtcJ Times (up to f JVE limes cf-jirtcri
* improved antrruUian speeds of up to IT tol [mono| And 3 5fOS
icofajr) ¦ V’vtrg of an rrvttons rtmtf to your Am*gai fwd dow ¦
freeing of you Armt),i P4v* id Aar tor use try A pi itbct or
other parallel peripheral ¦ Sound sampling ,ino animation
capabilities (separate sound sampler read s«* bcKwj
EBBSEHEEmaiia Two Oab quakty 8-Bt souna samplers, speoficaty 4
rJrtCT'Cd tor use w-th our ProOf aD £4 T~“ cJonsm. 1 arc now
available (PCMCIA Intcdi«e reourmdj 2 The H Fi version features
the same JO Mhz A D ] convertor usee n the ProGrab’0. Meaning
the nvuumum frequency n only runted by the Armgai dataware it
also has s higher bandwidth (40Hz to 20 H;| th.vi in-1 standard
verson Standard Stereo Sampler £19.95 Hi-Fi Stereo Sampler
£24.95 ¦ajaijiaawMmHimaimM Stand for grabtwg facte* tfo (wtrn
indspenCmSy or ffoGmO* and rut»much Wittt dflwrroao rate) Once
the information tvii been wwnkaded Prefa™ «fews you 13 view
pages insiwny • no more watrq wn*t you TV Imds the coned page
F*a can tx coated »ASCi; Iw 6or tie n a pp o' D ,tO as f
Graphcs Sac use r vft DIP ftQgft&fll taf OcrirwiJa
r(4eaoirAMtfcof3rproW»-nesgniftirtbe ’ revived mrxgh 3 &r&rtt
VC? £44.95 Surname: Mr Mrs Miss Ms: Address: Post or FAX your
requirements quantity tr roV prices available) on tre order
form provides) OP. If you'd amply like further s informzlion
please contact... County (Country): Postcode: Evening Phone:
Daytime Phone: Overseas Customers... Please call for prices,
shipping etc Card holder's signature: ProGrab Plus ® El 29.95 E
PCMCIA Interface S 09.95 £ ProTeP“ Teletext Decoder @ £14.95 £
Standard Stereo Sampler 0 £19,95 £ Hrfi Stereo Sampler @ £24.95
£ Standard Delivery £7 (2 3 Working Days) £ or an additional £3
for Next Working Day Delivery X TOTAL £ ? ???
Issue Number: | Switch Only) A en..n.wnr . ...rrTPI rUSC IV.’ h.1 -Wire -rd dcSC'--' - made payable to GORDON HARWOOD COMPUTERS UmneD nfrpiefrttu-r w wycftttfuarofCTtSs I enclose a Cheque Bank Draft Postal Order for £ For all you would-be boy racers get ahead of the pack and get some practice in with the Xtreme racing Xtreme racing Extracting Cover Disk files Before you even think of putting the cover disks any where near your computer, make sure you write protect them. Move the black tab in the top comer of the disk, so you can see through the hole. Doing this makes sure you cannot damage
the disks in anyway. There is no reason why the cover disks need to be written to, so even if the computer asks you to write enable the disks, don't do it To extract any single archive, simply double click its icon and follow the on screen instructions. If you want to quickly extract the program to Ram, select the NOVICE level on the welcome screen and press proceed once on the current screen and then again on the next The program can be found in your Ram disk. Normally most programs need further installing, so read the documents on how to do this.
Hard Drive Users Author: Stilltuna A1200 A4000 Hard drive users do not have to boot with the first disk, but you must make sure you have the Amiga's Installer program in your C drawer. To make sure your hard drive has the correct files in place, double click on the SetupKD icon. This will check if you have the Installer program and if not will copy it across, do not worry as it will not write over any existing files.
All you hard drive owners will find MultiExtract very useful. It is a separate method of extracting the cover disk files. It allows you to extract a number of files in one go, to your hard disk or Ram.
When you run MultiExtract, you will be presented with a number of check boxes, each representing one of the programs on that cover disk. Just deselect all the programs you do not want extracting and then press proceed. All selected programs can now miraculously be found in the selected destination.
!t is one of the highest rated racing games of recent times and it's all here for you to play. Xtreme racing has it all: Mario kart playability, one, two, three and even four player modes, null modem link up modes, single races and cup modes raced over 12 different tracks in six environments. There is so much here you will be playing this till your fingers are gnarled, boney stubs.
The original Xtreme racing came on three disks but the authors have managed to compress it onto two. So before you can go ahead and play the game you will have to decompress the game either onto your hard drive, nice, or onto three spare floppies
- a bit poo. Read the step by step guide if you have any
There are lots of little hidden extras in Xtreme racing you should check out. Once you have started a game press the escape key and a mini menu will pop up. Using the cursor keys you can browse around this and change options using the return key.
Depending on which menu page you are on you can quit the game or on other pages you can control the screen size and pixel resolution. You can even set up a tracking camera so you can watch yourself drive around the track, yes very useful.
Installing Xtreme racing Xtreme racing is not a small game and the authors have had to physically crowbar the game onto those two bulging disks you have in your sweaty mitts. Before you can play the game you will have to install it on your hard drive or three spare floppies. Hard drive users have it the easiest.
1. Boot up your machine with your hard drive ....
2. Insert the first cover disk
3. Double click on the Xtreme disk icon |fl
4. Double click on the Hdinstall icon
5. Follow the on screen instructions Floppy only users need to
have three formatted biank Amiga disks at hand and have them
named XTR1, XTR2 and XTR3.
Faulty disks If you should find your Amiga Computing CoverDisk damaged or faulty, please return it to: TIB Pic, TIB Home, 11 Edward Street Bradford, W. Yorks BD4 7BH, Please allow 28 days for delivery Get Control Hey why do you Have to read this? It's a driving game you go around the track as fast as you can, what more do you need to know?
Well, if you need to change the controls from the main menu select set up options and go to the top and select change controls. Here you can redefine keys and select which players should use which joysticks. If you have access to a two button joystick or even a CD32 pad Xtreme racing can take advantage of these as well.
You should also check out the main set up screen as well - there are some handy options you can change here as well. The number of laps you want to race, the sound track you race to, if weapons should be on and if humans get an advantage over the computer - and you should teal- iy- When you first start Xtreme raring is set up for players one and two to use the keyboard and the keys are set as below.
Players three and four are set to use joysticks.
T. Boot with your original Workbench disk Player 1 Player 2 accel
q rshift brake a ralt left n KP 1 right m KP 2 fire lalt
2. Format three spare disks
3. Name them XTR1, XTR2 and XTR3
4. Insert the first cover disk
5. Double click on the Xtreme disk icon
G. Double click on the Floppy install icon
7. Get ready for a lot of disk swapping
8. Follow the on screen instructions MimiH.Miimuu FEBRUARY 1997
INTO THE NET contains all the tools required to I access and
explore the nternet with ease. The m double CD set contains
usable versions of t MIAMI, Voyager, iBrouse, AmiTCP and
more. In addition the CD’s contain many utilities for creat-
ing your own WEB pages, down-loding mail, and much more.
Most (ems are drecSy usable from the CD’s dp j -TO-THEJjET Contains around 5000 erotic hand drawn Images in the Japanese anime tradition.
This CD is of an Adult nature and should not be purchased by anyone likely to be offended by drawings depicting nudity and or sex acts.
Mick Davis's Cartoon Clipart Volume One is a new Amiga CD-ROM containing around 500 commissioned cartoon images, all of which can be used “royalty-free' Each image is stored as IFF, and all have been scanned at the highest possible resolution to ensure the best quality when printed. Supplied with a 30-t- page printed index of each image Every commissioned image on this CD is 100% original and does not will not appear on any other CD-ROM. Cartoon Cl'part The new Magic Workbench CD contains the largest collection of Magic Workbench Icons, Backdrops and tools ever compiled Includes well
over 5,000 Magic WB Icons, Over 600 specially selected Magic Workbench backdrops in 8, 16 and 256 colours, over 30megabytes of Workbench tools, gadgets, patches and desktop enhancer tools utilities The CD also includes Magic Workbench aswell as many other items never before released on any Amiga CD ROM If you want to update enhance you existing Workbench 2 or 3 then this is the perfect Workbench add on CD ROM. This CD is only suitable for any Kickstart2 3 based Amiga's such as the A500+. A600, A1200, and A4000.
Includes images only suitable for persons l ie age of 18.
1. 2gigabyte (1200mb) ready-to-fit Amiga hard drive.
Pre-formatted and installed with Workbench 3.
Supplied with all cables and instructions.
With FREE harddisk sw!
Quad(4x) speed CD-ROM drive complete with interface for the A1200. Supplied with installation software. Includes a FREE copy of the Epic Collection.
Please quote: Q-Drive Now only £149.00 ___ + E4.00P&P* AMIGA CD-ROM Drf THE HOTTEST AROUND Adult Sensation is possibly the Amiga's largest selling adult title. Jt features over 4,000 high quality 256 colour images of the “adult" nature. Image viewers and coverters are mclud- ed for any Amiga. (OVER 18 ONLY) CD01) £19.99 I Adult Sensation 2 not only contains 4,000 new colour 1 images but also includes tons of adult related samples, adult music modules, tonnes of adult stories, adult animations.
1 black&white 70 s photos, adult games and more.
1 (OVER 18) (CD115) £19.99 Sexy sensation, this CD contains around 2,000 specially chosen high quality BMP & GIF Images. Viewers & graphic converters are included for easy and quick access to any of the pictures on any Amiga. (OVER 18) C0169} £19.99 I Adult Sensation 3D actually contains over 2,000 true 3 1 Dimensional colour images. 3D viewing software and top I Quality 3D glasses are also supplied. Available now1 (OVER 18) Rated B0% (CD143) £19.99 L Adult Animations contains hundreds of naughty? Anima- 1 tons film clips for Adults only. Viewing software included for the Amiga.
Limited first stocks so order now. HURRY!!!!
| (STRICTLY OVER 18's ONLY) (C0146k) £29.99 L Adult MENsation is a collection of unigue images of the 1 male body. This CD-ROM has been compiled to forfill the t hundreds of requests for a CD dedicated to the ladies.
] Very easy to use. Okay on any Amiga.
(C0164) £19.99 2GIG HARD DISK ?n£4.ooplp° We took everyones valid comments with concern to the first release of the Encyclopedia and changed, modified updated the whole product to the extent that it now includes over 20,000 subjects, The new 1997 version of the Epic Interactive encyclopedia is available now. It features a superb new updated multimedia interface, hundreds of film clips, images, sound samples and subject information text. The 1997 version now supports a multitude of new features inludmg: Colour images, Full-screen fiimclips, National anthems, and a unique lnter-ACTu feature
which allows you to interact with certain subjects like: chess, piano, etc. A superb reference title for the whole family.
NEW FOR 'It has to be said that the graphics set new precedents in Amiga multimedia presentation" Graeme Sondiford. AMIGA Formal "Why is it you are the only comoany producing decent Amiga CD-ROMs" C Hamilton ‘II you're on the lookout for some interactive reference material then this fits the bill". Tony Morgan. CU 1997 AGA version features include: trface ‘True 256 colour Multi-media lnterl unlike anything seen on the Arnica’” .....e UK 'Produced in the unlike most enq “I worked on this title for almost two years, and it still impresses me". Vince Pike, Epic 'Around 16,000 subjects covered
from Aalborg to zygote ’Hotlist editor So you can create lists of subjects 'Hundreds of samples Music tracks and and over 200 samples 'Thousands of pictures Over 3,000 colour mono pictures included 'Dozens of fHm-clips animations Over 200 subject related film-clips ‘View many film-clips “full-screen” The new main interface Kids Category selector Export scree.?
Install £ Seljp New Zoom option 'Now includes Music tracks National anthems and different music styles 'Import new subjects from the Internet or from floppy disk 'Export data to printer or file and use it in your own projects ‘Kids Exptorapcdia Eight kid s interactive play-about sections 'Enhanced speech facility Improved speech synthesis The Explorapedie menu The subject ceaior Hollis! Manager 'MVIIGA iMHtLTlbAfetliA Ch'BTEM AVAILABLE FOR ALL AGA AMIGA'S (with 4mb+ ram & Hard drivel Aminet set one Aminet set two Aminet set three Aminet 14 October Aminet 15 November Aminet 16 Amige Repair Kit
CD Amiga System Booster World Info
24. 99
24. 99
34. 99
12. 99
12. 99
12. 99
49. 99
19. 99
1993 1991 NO. Of PICTURES 3000+ 1300 MADE IN THE UK USA
SUPPORTED V X X MUSIC V X X lnt«r-ACT Y X X ’Requires an
Amiga tZOO or 4000. A hard dnva. A CD-ROM drive and 4mb* of
ram (5mb ram recommended) LightROM Gold 3D Objects. L ;Q *
lOBl Octamed Sound Studio CD32 Network set 2 Personal suite
Reduced The Learning Curve DEM Rom Light R0M4 Octamed 6 CD
Reduced Xi Paint 4.0 1078 Weird Textures 3000 jpeg Textures
Into The NET (2cd) Multimedia Backdrops Sounds Terrific 2
2cd) 'Subject creator Cr« AMIGA Create your own subject data
'Network compatible Can be run through CD32 or CDTV HACK FOR
THE FUTURE 'Upgrade your existing version to the 1997
“Simply return your current CD-ROM version along with a cheque of just £11.99 plus P&P Turbo Calc v2.1 Spreadsheet 9.99 Amiga Developers CD Print Studio Pro Magic Publisher (4cd) Meeting at Pearls 4 Mods Anthology 4cd) THE EPIC INTERACTIVE ENCYCLOPEDIA ’97 GIF SENSATIONS (2CD) Contains around 10.000 colour images suitable for , DTP. (CD128) £19.99 NOTHING BUT GIFS Features thousands of very high quality images.
(CD197) £19.99 LIGHT-ROM 4 £29.99 The latest issue contains thousands and brand new objects for Lightwaveru I The Kara ] Collection ” I is a profes- 1 sional and 1 unique set of fonts, backdrops and tools for special effects in pictures, animations, titling and presentaions £34.99 This CD- ROM contains over 1000 digital elevation maps(DEMs) For use in VisfaPro.
Scenery. Animator or World Construction Set.
DEM-ROM_ This superb highly rated Amiga CD-ROM World Atlas features flexible quick access to individual countries via continental maps, county list, capital or general index. Concise, informative county histories. Each country is supported by a series of maps depicting regional position, major cities, etc LIGHT-ROM GOLD E1999 Contains the best Lightwave’” 3D objects from LightROM issues 1.
2 and LightROM 3.
AGA Experience 2 contains 100% original AGA material including pictures, AGA demos. AGA games, and AGA tools, Most information runs direct from the CD.
'Normally £19.99 EXPERIENCE 2 Aminet 16 contains over 600mb of the very latest Amiga software, including games, demos, animations, music, tools, comms. Patches. Etc. Available for £12.99 or £10,99 when you take out a subscription.
This CD was rated 95% in AF, it features all the tools and information, specifications etc. needed to produce and develop Amiga software. Includes the latest versions of the installer, CD pressing software, CDXL toolkit, etc. fesu ra O N ® o ra .y •£ £ ra « _2_0 rd ergcopyjto w * Just £2.50 inc P&P ET 16 (CD21&H £9.99) ELOPERS CD v1.1 (CD22a)£i4.99 (CD239) £12.99 pSij Choose any of the following (D-QOIfls ¦£¦! FP-ff with every £25 you spend!
Games EXPLOSION Centals hundred of ¦games FCD2G3 DEMO MANIA VolT Contains hondn«Js of great demos FCP264
• J* Spend US choose one free CO Spend £50 choose two free CD’s
etc. hCWNGTHE W iMiGAf kuthe aY Emulators Unlimited contains
Software emula- tion tools for the Amiga, Spread over numerous
PljMgK platforms are emulators for: Apple. BBC, Commodore 6*1.
Commodore VIC20. Amstrad CPC. Apple Mac, Gameboy. Atari ST.
Apple200 Atar BOO. Atari 1040ste, Sinclair QL, Unix and more Also features hundreds of games,tools etc for most of the emulators.
I The FLASH-ROM is a "companion" Emulators CD that f contains many new cartridge based machine emulators like: Kelecovision, Nintendo. Gameboy etc. Order code: (CD260) £19.99V Order both Emulators & Tffcv FlashROM for just £29.99* (CD283). - io.ee EMULATORS UNLIMITED* kMm Print Studio PRO allows you to create and print a wide vari- ety of business cards and labels, Also features: PicturCAT, Printer24 - A 24bit graphics print manager. 200mb of mono
- J&tm. & colour clipart, and hundreds of quality fonls. Pnnt
Studio PRO provides a versatile colour correction system,
suiting in perfect colour output on most printers. KS3 or high-
requife!i PRINT STUDIO PR5 Sill.
Cloantos Po fsunci!
'yi'Iv cav The World of AMIGA la i ’ l K-Jfull versions of Personal Paint, Personal Sbase.
Persona Write, P Fonts and over 500mb of use- able Art. Taxis & Fonts.
Paint. Image Processing, Animation.
24bit Printing. Word Processing, Database and much more.
White XL T-shirt with official AMIGA logo..... TS001) Only £10.99 +£1 Rafed 90% MmaS
P. SUITE Insight dinosaurs has been pro- |gr £ Lt duced 'n
association with The EX Natural History Museum in London, and
features the work of world renowned dinosaur illustra- tors.
It features hundreds of ® fjhoto's. Illustrations, video
clips, narration jnd sound effects. It is the ultimate A-Z of
jinosaurs. CD includes both ECS & AGA versions.
INSIGHT DINOSAURS JUST IN. Women of the Web,..1"(CD402) Just £19.99 Call now for a FREE full colour 16 page CD-ROM catalogue!
I SCI-Ft Sensation is an exciting ft new CD-ROM containing over I 1 3GIG of SCI-FI images, anima- ¦ tions, 3D objects. Sound FX, ¦ Documents. Themetunes, ¦ Scripts & SCI-FI games.
ft Subjects included are: BabylonS, Startrek (The origi- nal. TNG, Deep Space 9 and Voyager). Batman. Dr Who, Thunderbirds. Robocop, Sea Quest DSV, Bladerunner. Aliens, Terror hawks. 2001. Btake7, Battlestar Galactica. Tron, Total Recal, 2010. Space 1999 etc. ‘Buy SCI-FI Sensation from us and you will always receive the latest available version.
CU Amiga: 91% AUI 93% SCI-FI SENSATJPN y2 2 Choice for great value and service Tin1 UK s must popular Itiiill order company.
Seperale order lines UK Orders: 0500 H14S6 Overseas: - it IT-15 5W 188 Ways to receive your order I Standard 1-2 days. Next Day or Same Day Delivery Easy ways to order Pfioiie. Fax E-mail, Post.
* Ways to pay | Credit card Cbeque. Postal-order, Cash or C.O.D
* Choices of free CD-ROMs | Music. Games, DenuFs, Tools.-.. - .,
_ Retro gaming at it's best. Around rjS|SflMj£ft yjyMft 3000
all-time classic spectrum .. game files on one CD-ROM Emulators
included for any Amiga.. Games include Manic Miner.
R||«3EE ESr£| i Skoo daze. Monty mole. Startrek.
¦ Thrust' Jet Set Willy, The Hobbit.
Strip Poker. Danger Mouse, The M hi IV Sentinel. Micro Olympics, Under ¦ 11|TWurlde, Uridium, Atic Atac, River raid, Baroarian, Hunchback and ¦ around 3000 other classic spectrum game flies including multi-load hundreds of documents containing instructions for most games aswell as hundreds of speccy game cneats.
Okay on any CD-ROM drive connected to an Amiga, New Version! Now also includes WorXbench games, lollery predictors. Hundreds of bad jokes and more Rated: AF GOLD 95% - CD 91% - AUI 90% ¦ AC over 90% original col- ¦ F'U-'-' . W, ;i¦ [i , ’ A! 1 ,u.ir old r:::r:i.- Livorjrites C k[ sions o( PACMAN SPACE „ ¦ INVADERS. ASTEMI30S. MIS- I _ H SHE COMMAND FF'.GC I W-KOGGER LOAD K.-NVZR. || C-ALAXIAN5. DONKEY KONG _ NUMEROUS tetris games. I ATTLEZONE, TEMPEST, COMBAT, TRON, I SPACE WARZ THRUST, Q-BERT, HUNCHBACK. MOON | PATROL, TRAIL BLAZER. BREAKOUT, CENTREPEOE, | CYCLES. BEZERK. SNAKE,
SCRAMBLE, PING PONG. I BREAKOUT, NUMEROUS C&4 CONVERSIONS. A COL- I LECTION OF JEFF M1NTER GAMES AND HUNDREDS ¦ MORE. Over 600mb of unforgettable relro-gaming. I Now Includes easy lo use Multimedia Amiga Interface, '¦ ARCADE CLASSICSPlus ____ - jjSB HconlTns 1200 our most popular floppy based software titles on one giant 600mb CD-ROM.
Now you can purchase the entire Epic collec- *'on in one S°- Subjects include: Professional . Mono clipart, colour dipart, numerous 3D objects for Imagine & Lightwave, Colour, Bitmap, Compugraphic fonts & Adobe fonts, Graphics converters. Music tutorials.
Beginners guide, 3D stereogram generators.
® htundreds of Sound FX and samples, Virus Killers, Hard disk installer & tools. Various Hardware projects, Hundreds of games including Mind teasers. Puzzle, card, arcade and board games, books, and more. W- THE EPIC COLLECTION v2 QCMING SOON The Epic Interactive Quiz Show is an exciting new I Amiga based CD-ROM quiz game for the whole ft family.
• VUG Features inlude: Big ‘AGA hi-res graphics wM ‘Virtually
every question is spoken BL ‘Upto 4 players teams can play r~
* 20 different subject catagories ‘Select from 10 different
charac- M-J j~a~l tors, or add your own characters. S||||A|B
* lise keyboard or special controller ‘Over 3000 different
questions ‘Includes “flash card" questions Available in 1997*
R. sa-Z- WBI.2 (2disks) TiVBSJ- Wbl.3(3disks) RWB10-J- WB2.04
AHQT-2-A1200 HD Setup J Instill m-ROMOSIl'EBS ATP3-1- Atapi
IDE Drivers AAZTr2- Zappo Arcos Drivers SSS12-? • Sqairel SCSI
Software PRINTER DRIVERS DfW5.t-.1M Printer Drivers CALL OUR
SUBSCRIBE!!!_ (Epson, Cs.Pon, HP, Sur, elej This CD contains
information that NOBODY wants you to know SS M about, and
includes tons of megabytes of text documents and photographs
relating to UFO sightings and abductions etc. GAMES CD v2
1CP251) fow Em.w ENCOUNTERS )CD1T91 en.flft This NEW CD ram
contains around 15,000 all-time classic I Commodore 64 games
and sw emulator to run them on your Amiga ... V In stock
I Ins new CD contains hun- dreds of megabytes of Blitz scurce-code, Blitz tutorials, game graphics, sound-x, J nft ftH fonts, many Blitz WEB pages ancl Oamc music backs, all of which you can use freely in your own Blitz programs.
• Z ENHANCER (CD252 £17,sb This CD contains almost 100 variations
of the worlds most I addictive and loved game. Nearly L all the
games are ready to run I directly from CD, and archived ft
versions are also included, i Available Now!
Hotlist stores all your favourite web sites. History list shows all the pages vou explored during a session. Cached pages for instant backward access.
[Browse has already been voted the Web Browser of choice bv the press and its users alike. Now, with version
1. 10, Ibrowse massively extends its lead over the opposition.
Some of the features of [Browse version 1.10 are: Free Amiga Sortin' book
• Support for HTML 1,2 and 3 as well as Netscape r“ extensions
(worth £6.99) With
- so your web browsing is a pleasure. Frames arc fatly supported,
every copy ordered ¦n,„ J : '-------1 • ¦ ¦ from HiSoft
before Supports animated GIF, Jf'EG, interlaced it transparent
GIF; play or view any sound, graphic or movie using the
appropriate datatype.
* Opens on any Amiga screen and supports all video cards e.g.
Load stored or cached pages from hard drive or CD-ROM.
* Includes FTP plug-in to make downloading as simple as
4 Fast and friendly module for gopher hunting.
* Built-in support for email - send messages from any page with
email link.
Supcrh manual and full technical support from HiSoft.
* Requires 3Mb free memory, 3.5Mb hard drive space and YVB3
Upgrade only £5 an disk or free an the web!
MediaMagic is a superb new product for designing and pLiving quality presentations on your Amiga, at the right price MediaMagic sports an interactive, user-friendly and intuitive interface so that building presentations becomes a joy. Fully compatible with graphic cards.
The MediaMagic editor uses drag-and-d rop for easy, hierarchical positioning of objects and allows the editing of several scripts at once.
Christmas '96!
Vou can use all sorts of graphic images in j our masterpiece with MediaMagics support for all IFF-ILBM data formats, including ILBM-24, which are converted to HAM6 or HAMS automatically.
You can incorporate a wide variety of music & voice samples to liven up your presentation: MediaMagic supports common music modules such as Sound-, Pro-Noisetracker as well as Octamed and Octamed Pro (H voice) & SSVX files.
Working with animations is easy with MediaMagic s support for IFF animations in AnimS, Anim7 and AnimS formats.
Business charts can be created directly in the program. -.95 OS 2.x and OS 3.x compatible . Simple controls, fully multitasking. T Requires 2Mb RAM. OS2.X up and hard disk recommended.
DiskMagic 2 SMD-100 DiskMagic is the friendliest file manager on the Amiga and now version 2 takes , d4r this fine product to new heights of useability and functionality - probably the easiest-to-use and most n versatile file management utility on the Amiga Here’s some of the things that you can expect:
* Support for LZX archive format, the new standard in Amiga
* Many new functions including: superfast delete command, extra
filetype options, additional Arexx commands and internal
New output window preference.
* File encryption.
DiskMagic 2 comes complete with a library of icons for gadgets and a comprehensive user manual. . £39 Upgrade £12.95 The SMD-100 is a brilliant new concept for home entertainment. Using your existing SCSI CD-ROM. You can now access the world of Digital Video - superb 24-bit quality video with crystal-clear 16-bil sound. Here's what you can do with the SMD-100;
* Play any VldeoCD or CD-i Movie through your Amiga monitor or
through your home TV' set.
Us*.- the supplied remote con trol to skip track* instantly, to view vtiur favourite scenes in silky-smooth slow motion, to grab a frame with the rock-solid pause facility and move speedily through the film with the fast forward and rewind functions.
Use the SMD-100 as part of your Amiga SCSI chain or take it, along with your CD drive, next to your normal television, for all-the-family viewing.
There are many hundreds of VideoCD titles available, all featured in our extensive catalogue. The SMD-100 VjdeoCD MPEG player a command performance, time after time, after time.
£79 Lite Version HiS®ft SYSTEMS The Old School, Greenfield Bedford MK45 5DE UK Tel: +44 (0) 1525 718181 Fax: +44 (0)1525 713716 email: saIes@hisoft. Co. Ttk web page: wzmv.hisoft.co.uk TermiteTCP now £39.95!
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CD-ROM Prices S ashed!
Phone, write or email for more detail inc Free VideoCD At long last there is a new, and extremely powerful, C compiler for the Amiga, at the nght price. HiSoft C* 4 comes in two versions.
Developer and Lite; here's a brief list of features, call for more detail: The Compiler compiles at high speed in line with the AT&T3.0 C+ + standard, Is Arexx controllable, integrates seamlessly with the editor, includes a project manager and generates code for 68000-66030 and the 6888L 2 FPU. CL1 version included.
Ttie Editor uses multi-windows, is syntax-sensitive, handles as many files as you like, includes an Arexx interface and supports full keyboard shortcuts.
The C C+ 4 Debugger (Developer only) uses multi-windows, with drag-and- drop technology, allows breakpoints, variable tracking and much more.
The Devpac 3 Assembler is included for low-level work The Easy Object Library (Developer only) is included which eases resource handling and use of data structures (lists, large arrays etc.), along with BOOPSI support, error handling with exceptions and online documentation.
The Hot Help (Developer only) system can be activated at anv time and gives you full, expandable online help even with an Arexx port.
HiSoft C~ 4 needs 4Mb RAM, OS2,x up & a hard disk.
0500 223660 Punch those keys for free!
To order the products on this page, or any other HiSoft product for the Amiga (and ivc have over 40 tides for your computer!)
Just Freecall 0500 223660 armed with your credit or debit card (all cards accepted). Postage is normally £2 - £4 within the UK or £6 for a guaranteed next day service (for goods in stock). All prices include UK VAX Alternatively you can write to us or order through our web page. © HiSoft 1996. E&OE.
- £169 Developer Version To Order Hot News Oooking back at may
last review of Wordworth almost a year ago I ended the review
by wondering what, if anything, Digita would be able to add to
Wordworth if they ever brought out a new version. Now that a
new version has been released my question has been answered,
and that is not a lot.
Digita have just released what they say is version six of Wordworth, but Neil Mohr wants a recount This time round Digita are really pushing the CD version, with them throwing in 50 fonts and a 1000 pieces of clipart. Having also looked at TurboCalc and Personal Paint both of which also came on CD I can greatly recommend you go for the CD version every time as it save you messing around with wads of floppy disks when installing the program to your hard drive.
Last time I look at Wordworth I made the point that it still did not have Data Type support and it would have been one thing I expected to see added to any update but unfortunately it is Still missing from version six.
Vou could try to weasel out of DataType support by saying as they only use 8 bit colour why compromise the quality of your documents, but that does not stop them supporting the new 24 bit picture DataType.
Even if it is public domain, programs like iBrowse seem to be benefiting from it.
1 may have forgiven them for not adding DataType support if they had bothered to add a Jpeg import module, but this is not even there and as the Jpeg decompression compression source is freely available I cannot see any excuse for it. Personally I think supporting what is now one of the most widely used picture formats is quite important and I wouid gladly swap the Gem, PCX and BMP filters which 1 would probably never use for a Jpeg one.
Do not get me wrong Wordworth is still an excellent program, but why bother calling this version six when it is blatantly not. All they have done is shove it on a CD and added a couple of minor features, I still think since version five that Wordworth pips FinalWriter in the Amiga word processor race, mainly thanks to its much greater system conformity, I actually like being able to use MagicMenus you know Softwood. Anyone looking for their first Amiga word processor will not be sorry if they pick Wordworth six, but owners of version five thinking of upgrading, unless you want to spend 20 quid
on what is essentially a clipart and fonts CD 1 would not bother.
Probably the latest addition that will be of most interest to people are the new drawing tools. In previous versions your drawing tools were pretty limited even though Digita did give you a lot of freedom over the tools that were available, with the line type, width, colour and fill of the object totally definable by the user. You were however stuck with plain old lines, rectangles and ellipses.
This new version adds some useful, if not overly due new tools. Straight off you have two polygon tools, one produces regular shaped polygons. The type that has the same sized sides. When drawing a rubber outline of the polygon is displayed and you can rotate and size this until you are satisfied and the polygon will be drawn, and of course you can resize and move the polygon whenever you like.
As with all the other drawing tools double clicking on a previous polygon will pop up its information requester from which you can alter the polygon settings. Such as the number of side, angle of rotation and what sort of text flow you want, if any at all, and the new tools retain the modeless requesters so that you can leave their information requester open and carry on editing the document as well as being able to instantly see changes you make.
The second polygon too! Allows you to draw a irregular polygon, by linking together any number of lines you like, or by holding down the control key you can draw a freehand polygon and then apply the usual line and colour options.
Along with these polygon tools a couple of line tools have been added to compliment the straight line tool, which offers all sort of drawing tools but is at rromUfl |tlJ2fr__ ttamfirr j 3 «t BcnJerO***- *1 1 An0t tyS*' the end of the day, straight. A bezier curve tool lets you add nicely curved lines to your documents, once there three control points let you adjust the start and end points, with the middle one adjusting the amount of curve, all fairly simple but they work. It would have been nice to have seen the arrow options from the straight line version of the drawing tool having made it
onto the curves, but then maybe in version seven? The other drawing tool is a freehand mode that just lets you scribble a line over your document and then scale it to whatever size you like. Worpvorth Screen Shannon Book : thread Hey drawing Tools 1 - Polygon, Regular Polygon, Bezier Curve and Freehand Drawing, _jjateraarke | - Hake objects WatenrarXs, so they print out behind text
• !l*l USM ftich iaproved RTF file emport | rtore Aftcxx co ends
I - to cover new features.
Various technical improvements.
Wordworth is still a highly versatile program and will allow you to create the most complex of documents, even to the point of magazine layouts Jm from Lef f: 050 h ¦SB* Ifrtai Esau Rich text FORMAT If you are worried about evil people getting to your documents you can now password protect them... Hardly a new addition that is going to shake the computing world, but now Wordworth has extra support for the RTF or Rich Text Format.
This is a standardised way of saving off documents that can then be transferred to any other RTF compatible word processor and the document will retain a minimum amount of the style and formatting that it had on the original program.
Wordworth recognises the basic RTF formatting commands such as tabs, paragraph marks and more importantly font sizes and styles.
What you can now do is specify replacement fonts types. If you are regularly importing RTF files from a PC or Mac the chances are they use different fonts to that of Wordworth. To help improve the translation of documents you can now specify replacement Wordworth fonts for the imported files by manually editing a text file in the wwFiles drawer.
Now we are getting to the real minor additions, the most useful of which is what Digita have called watermarks and simply allows a Wordworth object to be used as a backdrop to a document. What this does do is help to keep graphics separate from your text as to manipulate a watermark object you have to hold down an alt key before Wordworth will allow you to change it.
If you are worried about evil people getting to your documents you can now password protect them, with a password. They are also encrypted so even though the document can be loaded into Wordworth 5 it will only appear as gobbilygook.
On top of this Digita have updated Wordworth's Arexx port with new support commands which could be of particular help with Wordworth wizards. It is a shame that no more Wizards have been added to this version even though the ones that are still there from version five are useful. .- r Bottom I-line Requirements HEP essential BLACK recommended 3 Mb Workbench RAM 7Mb Hard drive 6 Mb RAM fo30 RTG card CD-ROM Product __ Wordworth 6 _ Digita Supplier Price .j.naogni---- ft'* a Rm : 11 * Enter a tetter: Letter | vt - | Qt | Quess phrase .. | Clue.
Give up | £39.99 Tel 01395 270 273 E-Mail info@digita.demon.co.uk http: www.digita.com WWW: Ease of use 90% 89% Implementation Value For Money 95% 90%
- 2S* LSiaj-Page! L*l*n Overall r ¦! I I rTi-.nrnmn.y.unn.’M
FEBRUARY 1997 Orders Only 800-735-2633 ' i iTvru
P. O. Box 4398 Carmel, CA 93921, U.S.A. Internet:
sales@visionsoft.com Homepage: http: www.visionsoft.com
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20. 95 4xS-70ns Simm
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14. 95 Software Visa, Master and Discover Card orders are
accepted with no surcharge. We also ship COD only in payment
of Cash, Cashier’s Check or Money Order. All returns must be
returned and accompanied with a RMA* within 15 days.
Defective products will be replaced with the same item only. Software is non-returnable. Other returns subject to 25% restocking fee. Shipping & Handling charges are non-refundable. Price & availability are subject to change without notice. We do not guarantee hardware and software compatibility. We are not responsible for any typographical errors.
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Manuals Software ami Kickstart Rom(s) Peripherals & Hardware
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No additional Interface required.
Only...$ l 79.95 Picasso 11 + 2mb Graphics Board for A2tioo 3uoo 4orin S349.00 Power Computing Ltd (UK) High Density Floppy Drives l,76mb XI Internal Drive A4000(T) L76mb XL External Drivt S89.95 SI 19.95 M-tcc 6H020A300 Accelerator Accepts Sluntiard 72-pin SIMM $ 169.00 Apollo 620 Turbo for A600 68020 25mhz w FPU $ 175.00 Apollo 1240 Turbo for A1200 6804Q 25mhz
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Call for Pricing CD ROM Drives NEC 4X SCSI int Ext
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27. 50
879. 00 EXPANSION DataFlver SCSI 4000SX 83.95 DataFlycr SCSI 4000
SX-25 88.95 DataFlyer SCS1+ 1200 98.95 DataFlver SCSI-1-
4000 78.95 Da la Fiver 2 3000 IDE 78.95 DataFlyer 2 3000
SCSI 88.95 DataFlver 8mb Ram Board 88.95 DataFlyer 500 SCSI
149.00 Baseboard 1200 19.95 SpitFire SCSI U Card
79. 00 Rapidflre SCSI 11 Card
135. 00 MegaChip for A500 2000
185. 95 Multi Start 11 for A500 2000
25. 95 3128 Expansion Board
189. 00 Cobra 33 for A1200
149. 95 Cobra 40 for A1200
195. 95 Ferret SCSI II for A1200
89. 00 The Clock for A1200
13. 95 Apollo 1230 Turbo 030 5()mhz 239.00 1240 Turbo 060 50mhz
759.00 1230 L240 SCSI Module 129.00 2030 Turbo 030 882
25nthz 299.00 2040 Turbo 040 25 mil?. 449.00 2060 Turbo
060 50mh? 849.00
41) 40 68040 40mh' . SCSI-II 629.00 A50G 2000 2mb Chip Ram 179.00
Phase 5 Blizzard 2060 F.RCforA2000 CyberVision 64 3D forA3000
& A4000 CyberStorm II 6H040F.RC 40mhz Available Soon
CyberStorm Mark U 899.00 CyberStorm SCSI Option 199.00
CvberVision64 Memory 79.00 CvbcrGraphics Software 49.00
Blizzard 2060 Turbo 899.00 Blizzard 1230 IV Turbo 269.95
Blizzard 1260 Turbo 799.95 Blizzard 1230 1260 SCSI 169.95
Modems 8c Telecom Supra Fax 14.4 Ext. 9.95 Supra Fax 33.6
Ext. 199.00 Supra Express Fax 33.6 Ext. 149.0(1 Supra Sonic
33.6 Ext. 269.00 Aweb-II V.2.1 (New) 44.95 Serial Null Modem
Finrtinse*' hw Audiogenic cricket games are renowned as the world's best. BRIAN LARA CRICKET '96 for the Amiga incorporates some great new features many of which were suggested by users.
For example, the SIX-HIT button which allows you to hit out whenever you want; USER-CONTROLLED FIELDING (optional); new VARIABLE-SIZE BOWLING MARKER underlines the difference between top bowlers and the occasional bowlers and DISK-CACHE-ING virtually eliminates multi-loading on machines with more than 1Mb of conventional memory.
ONLY £19.96 (RRP £29.99) WHEN YOU QUOTE REFERENCE 96AC OTHER RECENT AUDIOGENIC PRODUCTS Exile Discovery Disk £7.99 A chance to explore the parts most games players never reach! The data disk Includes numerous saved game positions together with comprehensive hints to help you complete this incredible game.
Specify whether you have the original version or the new AGA version when ordering.
PARTIAL FEATURE LIST One or two-innings matches, limited or unlimited overs, one, two, three, four or five day matches, stoppages for rain, breaks for lunch and tea, manual or automatic fielding, return ball to either wicket, set field settings for each bowler, fields automatically swap for left-handers, spin, swing and fast bowlers, bowl over or around the wicket, left and right handed batsmen and bowlers, superbly animated batting strokes, four skill levels including new 'arcade' level, teams from all 12 World Cup countries and all 18 English counties, authentic batting and bowling
statistics, declarations and follow-ons, spectacular animation and graphics include shadows that lengthen and change direction.
Super Tennis Champs Data Disks £7.99 There is even more fun to be had with these add-on disks. The Women's disk allows you to play Ladies tournaments, even a Grand Slam. The Mixed Doubles disk allows you to enter Exhibition matches or a League. Just £7.99 each, alternatively get both sets on one desk for £14.99. Order by phone on - 0181 424 2244 or send a cheque (made out to Audiogenic Software Ltd) to Customer Services (Dept 96AC), Audiogenic Software, Winchester House, Canning Road, Wealdstone, Harrow, HA3 7SJ.
Add £1.25 per order for post and packing.
Please state Amiga modeI when ordering SPORTS, ADVENTURE -WHAT MORE COULD YOU POSSIBLY WANT?
SUPER TENNIS CHAMPS has been described as the 'Sensible Soccer' of the tennis world. It scores highest when it comes to the most important factor of all - gameplay. Tennis games are usually difficult to pick up, but the intuitive controls makes this a doddle. Play singles or doubles with friends or just against the computer. Before you know it, you'll be playing at Wimbledon! For all 1Mb Amigas.
DY5SEY 111 ODYSSEY continues the arcade adventure tradition but with a feel more reminiscent of Prince of Persia and Flashback. You, the hero, explore seven mystical islands gaining magical powers that enable you to morph between different creatures, each with key features essential to the completion of your quest! For all 1 Mb Amigas.
ML%w v v M AMIGA l 44.11- tilllu kUM * EXILE was a classic when first released and the ACA version exploded the myth that you can't have great gameplay and superb graphics in the same game.
Acclaimed Game of the Year by one magazine, it is one of the few truly ground-breaking titles of all time.
The world of Exile feels so real as you are weighed down by gravity, blown around by gusts of wind and pummelled by squawking birds. In fact there are so many fascinating puzzles in this true arcade adventure that you'll probably still be enjoying it in the next millennium! Versions for A500 600, A1200 and CD32.
SUPER LEAGUE MANAGER SUPER LEAGUE MANAGER is a football management sim with a difference - it's more true to life! Instead of providing sheaves of statistics that just aren't available in the real world, you must use skill and judgement to turn a team of no-hopers into a League-winning side. Versions for A500 600 (not 1200 compatible) A1200 and CD32.
Audiogenic Software is the oldest games publishers in the UK, with a history dating back to 1979 - long before the Amiga was invented. Now there's a chance for Amiga Computing readers to obtain a copy of Audiogenic's first Amiga game, Impact (published way back in 1987), totally free when you buy two or more games from this page.
Buy any of the four great Audiogenic titles on this page for £9.99 plus £1.25 postage and packing per order. Buy two or more games and Audiogenic will send you the Impact disk completely free!
Send your cheque (made out to Audiogenic Software Ltd) to: Amiga Computing Offer Audiogenic Software Ltd Winchester House Canning Road Harrow HAS 7SJ Alternatively phone 0181 424 2244 between 10.30am - 6pm Monday to Friday to place your order by credit card.
Please state Amiga model when ordering.
Ohe 2D Amiga artist must have been feeling rather abandoned of late.
Once catered for by the likes of incredibly good value paint programs such as Deluxe Paint and Brilliance, these champions of computer creativity ceased development when the going got tough.
Fortunately there was always a third contender for the title of top Amiga arts program, Designed by the Italian-based company Cloanto, Personal Paint has developed from humble beginnings over the years to become arguably the best painting package available for the platform.
The latest update, version 7, maintains Cloanto's attachment to stylish, novel packaging. Expecting the traditional box complete with disks, manuals, registration cards and so on, I received a tiny envelope containing no fewer than three so-called limited edition copies of Personal Paint 7. This is because it now comes packaged in a gimmicky mini-CD format This looks really neat, but since I'm one of those unfortunates with an age-old caddy CD drive, it meant I had to fiddle around with a CD adaptor before I could boot up the program.
The ever popular Personal Paint 7 is back offering yet more value for money to those with artistic inclinations. Gareth Lofthouse puts Cloanto's latest offering through its paces Perhaps a more serious fall-back associated with this format is that the only documentation to be found is stored on the CD - along with a printable registration card and trouble-shooting tips.
While the manual is actually very comprehensive and includes a tutorial that proves invaluable for the beginner, does anyone really want to have to print off an entire manual before they've even got started with the program? I suspect not, but printing it off is unfortunately preferable to trying to find your way around it on-screen, thanks to the omission of a topic index. Still, if sticking the documentation on CD helps keep the price of Personal Paint so low, I suppose most of us will be willing to make the sacrifice.
It remains the perfect choice - simple, flexible and powerful enough to do most things you'd expect from a decent art package Anyone expecting a radical overhaul will be disappointed. All you'll find is the familiar tool box on the left and the perfectly functional list of menus at the top - basically the unpretentious but effective interface Personal Paint seems to have used since time immemorial, Typically, when it comes to most updates of Amiga software these days, the alterations in this version of Personal Paint are subtle rather than ground-breaking. _ That said, if it ain't broken it
don't need fixing.
Instead of a new program, fans of Personal Paint will be happy to discover numerous enhancements beneath that reassuringly familiar surface.
There have actually been over TOO different enhancements made to the pro gram, though many are of a rather subtle nature. The priority has been to clean up any remaining compatibility problems and get the interface working as smoothly and effectively as possible.
Hence version 7 now automatically checks hundreds of parameters on your Amiga, adapting itself to the CPU, chip set, graphics system, memory and operating system version.
This means, for example, it will try to run in your favoured screen mode without requiring any configuration, plus it will also detect things such as whether your Amiga is using a non-standard blitter.
That said, at first the program kept crashing our A4000 everytime I tried to load it. It turned out that it was, for some reason, incompatible with MCP, the PD software we use to enhance icons and gadgets on Workbench. Once MCP was dis- Personal Paint 7 comes with in-built Arexx scripts that are easily accessed from the tool-bar. The catalogue script, abover should prove to be particularly valuable ..*• jA-
* f *:Jm* 1 * . !
1 . .
• « * m •i*’ ' i * ' 5
* I* *, I. A W ¦ * * • . • t* W : ¦ -v * ».*, • ’ ¥ • • *1
- - - „ Never mind the Pollocks C l oan t o F e r s o F a 1 p
a i n t g e . 2 r ® v s s i n g EVIEW The program actually
includes a huge array of image processing tools, though it’s
not as fast as you might hope abled we had no other problems
running Personal Paint.
Arguably the biggest addition to this version is the huge expansion to the program's Arexx support.
Personal Paint now boasts no Sewer than 180 Arexx commands and scripts can be accessed directly from a new icon incorporated within the toolbar itself. This puts batch processing power and a range of new tools at the users finger tips - not bad for £40. Incidentally, the documentation for these Arexx scripts is stored within the scripts themselves, and can be accessed equally easily from the _ tool bar.
As you'd expect, Cloanto has continued to improve Personal Painfs support for an increasing number of file formats. Version 7 now supports PhotoCD, GIF, BMP, JPEG and 24-bit DataTypes. Regarding the later format, Personal Paint converts 24-bit images down highly efficiently. Furthermore, Photo-CD images can easily be converted to 256 colours and scaled to suit your chosen screen mode.
There is a new plug-in library system that makes it possible to add input output formats for files, scanners and screens - which basically means you can create libraries to support new formats that may arrive in the future without having to wait for a new upgrade from Cloanto.
In fact, it seems Cloanto is trying to build a certain amount of future proofing into the latest version of Personal Paint, ft will be possible to replace critical Amiga blitter and CPU code with a combination of Virtual blitter' and other logic, thus making it possible to configure version 7 to optimise faster processing power - even Power PC should it ever arrive.
Better still, third-party companies have already made additional tools and support for Personal Paint 7 - for instance, RBM has made the ScanQuix scanner plug-in library available.
As new libraries for Input Output formats become available, Cloanto promises to make them available free of charge at its Web-site at http: www.cloanto.com amiga . Of course, Personal Paint is a lot more than a palette-based paint program, admirable though it is in this respect. There are a surprising number of image processing effects ranging from simple lighten darken options to applying water-colour or blurring effects to an image. It has to be said that these are rather slower than I'd hope for, but do the job well enough.
Then there's the option to load, playback and work on animations. In Personal Paint it's possible to cut and resize animations as if they were individual frames. The Story Board, an animation editor featuring thumbnailed frames, is more powerful than you might expect in a program of this price.
Screen grabbing is also easily accomplished using Personal Paint and version 7 will now grab any Amiga OS window and transfer it straight onto a brush.
One of the most valuable improvements that has been made to Personal Paint is its increased suitability for Web-page design.
Version 7.0 incorporates support PBM professional Internet features like GIF animations. A map editor has been included to develop image maps for you interactive Web pages and the program is better suited than any other Amiga art package to building Web-based designs that combine maximum image quality with a compact size.
Amazing Arexx As has already been mentioned, Arexx support has been vastly improved. Some of these tools may only be of interest to Arexx buffs, but there are scripts provided that produce amazing effects pretty much at the click of a button. Take, for example, the Image Catalogue script, a tool that will automatically take a directory of pictures and generate a thumbnail library of pictures within about a minute. Very handy indeed I Text manipulation scripts are also accessible from the Arexx button on the tool bar, speedily creating circular or spiralling text effects.
There are also a whole host of scripts available for animation work, including Anim-GIF loaders and savers.
Perhaps to no-one's surprise, Cloanto has given Personal Paint some handy additions here, but if you didn't like it before, version 7 is unlikely to bring about your conversion. For the average Amiga artist it remains the perfect choice - simple, flexible and powerful enough to do most things you'd expect from a decent art package with a number of image processing functions thrown in for good measure.
It's good to see the program being developed at such regular intervals and Cloanto deserves a pat on the back for incorporating particularly useful new features like vastly improved support for Internet design work.
The program's power can be vastly increased if you brave the hugely improved Arexx scripts as well, and Cloanto's concerted efforts to allow users to take advantage of future formats and technology is commendable.
My only reservation is that it isn't what a lot of Amiga-based artists are crying out for at the moment. Personal Paint 7 stil! Only works with 8-bit images, limiting you to working with a maximum of 256 colours. As such, it's good, but I'd personally happily pay more if Cloanto can come up with a 24-bit offering.
In the meantime version 7 is encouraging, though, because Personal Paint has improved yet again, and with a price tag of just £40 most of us will be counting our blessings. Well worth the upgrade fee ! ZzJj Bottom I line nrrrrm DETAILS Product Personal Paint 7.0 Supplier Digita Price £40.00 Tel 01395 270273 ES Ease of use 88% Implementation 80% Value For Money 90% Overall 86% Requirements RED essential BLACK recommended Workbench Amiga Computing Weird Science Ltd. I Ro wlandson Close. Leicester. Leicestershire. LE4 2SE Tel, +44(0)116 234 0682 Fax. +44 (0)116 235 0045 email, sales(ff
wcirdseivnce.co.uk or tech @weirdscience.vo.uk muy vivFuf: “ DduJ D Af vvvv w. vvei ffedte'rt ce. Co. U 11 contents include collection of screen blankers, mouse tools & commodities, backup, file management, cache programs to optimise system performance, data recovery, CD-ROM utilities, virus killers and a whole host more. ’C.'Az Jj.'
:. Y r-iCCxZ.
in i n r Set .1, dated July 1996, consists of 4 gigabytes of software in 9,000 archives.
Including the full vers inn s: of Imagine 4.0, KiPaint 32, Octamed 5.0. With 95 megs L’lUitics, 79 megs Documents, 408 megs Text .Software, 12 megs TjiskfJlD Tools. 7 megs Iturdwure related. 756 megs Picture* A Animations, 208 in eg* Graphics software, 394 meg* Graphic* A- .Sound Demos, 593 megs Game*.
685 meg* Music modules. 28 meg* Music software, 131 meg* Communication* and more.
Up £ Yep «¦- * G~iyj *¦'* & '1 Jo i Magic Publisher including Fiiul Writer 4 SE Or Aminet Set I or 2. Consist of 4 gigabytes of software in 2.0(10 archives. The software is kflw four compact discs. With Utilities, ft Documents. Text Software, DiskifHi Toot*.
K Hardware related. Pictures A- Animation*.
Graphics software, Graphic* & Sound 7%, Demos, Games. Music modules. Music todlk software. Nmmutticatiuns. Amiga y~a De vclopntent software, 11 a sin ess Pj3» loflwure and inorc. All of the archives are easily accessible with a simple
* 2 * Index menu system with search.
The Amiga Developers CD from Amiga Technologies comes complete with the all the developers tools and docs, provided to the official developers. Included are the complete CD32 developers tools with Build CD and ISO CD, Envoy
2. 0 package. Enforcer.
Workbench 2.0. 3.0,3.1 tools and documents with the updated native developers kit. SAX A It package and the installer ffttckagc. Also included is a vast amount of info. JfJrL'frr: f 'nhlitlirr comonsa-of four mttipticl does an an fill* Unique CD-ROM ietymi willjindalt you nrt'd r crralr prnfc*iiniial looking liinrtiiucrH*. There art hwr Ihun 10,000 Fonlt o!oui Foul*. Oil map. ITT. Adah, liilflliJinU*. Truftypc &Xt lF), mure than S.OOO cli wri Many of these are frcltnn, to pits (,*ripaif dire. Fu commercial tersinm of Final Writer 4 SF an, Word worth 4 TO arc imhidtd. IF ah rcltd as great
war, processor* on die Amiga. Tmd* far errating BUT pages at,mg xdh backgrounds and sptxial s lip an fo this purpose is aLsn included. _ :Z£!
C J '.C -.jj Z.ULZX.. mm Geek Gadgets contains- virtually all aj the tools you need to get started programming on the Amiga, including advanced C, C++, Fortran and ADA compilers, assembler, linker. EM ACS editor, "make", source code control systems (res & crsY, text and file tit Hi ties. GXC debugger, text 1 formatters (groff & teX), and much more. Everything comes with complete source code and all binaries have been compiled front the supplied sources. .All tools on the Geek Gadgets CD can be run direcpv front the CD- ROM. Without the need to install any (ties on to your Hard Drive.
The Amiga Repait Kit CD comes complete with the all with all the tools required to backup and rescue your precious data on hard drives.
T "HI rescue and restore most damaged, corrupt and even deleted files from floppies, hard disks _ etc. During the process it will attempt to fix all problems caused by software failures or physical damage.
Y. :2T--S,:,n,i is a superb program that will allow you to
restore your valuable data even if the Rigid Disk Block has
been destroyed or over written. NiL: mm can control 1 and file
r, text
C) , and I comes ¦ source code and have been t the supplied
tools on the ... r’n ...n . .e CD- need to ; on to your
recover files from normal A collection 18,000 music modules
arranged of four compact discs alt sorted by composer, groups
and type.
All stored ready to use from the compaci discs. Provided with 11 megs of Module lists and 25 megs of module players for many different computer platforms.
This 7 years titanic work provides over a 1,000 hours of music enjoyment along with information on may of the composers whose work is featured.
AIj- m ..rA •• Workbench Add-on CD (Vtildes) £ 24.95 Meeting Pearls 4 (Software Collection) £ 8 S5 Giga Graphic* Four CD-ROMs Image Collection £ IV,VS megs.
Global Experience Commercial Demos Software £ 24.95 Art Studio 24 Ril Paint Package £ 39.9S Grenville Trading International (¦mb]I Curl-Zeiss-Str. 9 79761 WalcJshiit-Tiengen. Germany Tel. +49 7741 83040 Fax +49 7741 830438 Frnail: umiRH(fi f'ti ermany.eoin International Distributor: The Euro CD contains a vast variety of programs and data for the Amiga in the Aminet mould. However this CD differentiates itself by have the contents ready to run ' without dearchiving. The contents include Animations 36 megs. Commercial 21 megs, Demo's 65 megs. Disk tools 12 megs, Fonts 12 Games 57 megs, Misc.
6 Modules 110 megs, M megs. Objects 12 megs. Pictures 1 8 megs. Presentations 2.1 megs, Printer 1 meg, Programs 23 megs. Samples 4 megs, System 10 megs. Text files 26 megs.
Utilities 16 megs and Vidules 3 megs. Full English docs, and menus.
Getting a i Amiga connected to the Internet is one of the most difficult tasks due to the complex installation routine v of AmiTCP and the lack of any real guidance. Not only will this situation change hat yon will now he aide to get connected to the Internet and the U’Vl'U without a hard drive or the complicated setting up of the software. Our extensive networking skills have really been put to the test providing a simple connection from a compact disc providing a pleasant introduction and connection to the internet. Most of the difficult setting up is done automatically for you with the
connection program provided. All that is required is the answers to a few simple questions. In addition the Cl) contains all the tools required for both the beginner and expert, fall instructions on getting connected and many very helpful documents on the Internet and VVTV1V. The tools include AmiTCP, Mail, FTP. WWW and many more. In addition there is a section on WWW page creation with clip art and creation tools. Easy Hard Drive installation possible but not required.
Vvonderirtlt what all fhi* World Wid* « A ii all about, worried ttbaut expensive connection and telephone bith, concerned that it may not be for you. MW check it out without the connection or telephone charges with Out-of- the-.Xel'. This compact disc contains the contents of actual M'H’M' sites for you In browse with the Amiga browsers prodded, rto nnliitc costs at all.
It it all included ready to run directly from the compact disc, There ii a diverse variety of sitrs and subjects covered to give an excellent feet for the WIVM' whilst you browse for free. Find out about the WAVW without the cost of a connection.
SoundStudio has arrived. With fabulous nrw features including full mixing , facilities, saw modules as samples, k notation editor iwith printing), 64 channels, new midi commands, more To cent u support, rut sample size limits, fast mem facility and more.
¦ft SoundStudio' has lifted Amiga SMI music creation Jo new heights .
Aircraft Educational Religion Science 1 ttronomy Biology Rook* Chemistry Ecology Geology Art Fairy Tales Computer Mathematics Desktop I"till Spelling Electronici Ijmguagts Engineering Literature Geography Drama Health Music History Mythology Hobbies Philosophy The music hud sounds fifes con be auditioned from an easy to use interface for both a PC & I imgu Included are 4AW* modules. 4 M rxtru targe modules torrr Aotfk eachj 705 Scrramleacker modules, ifrftLr categorised sit ids files. 414b IFF sample t, 620 categorised Sl-H samples, I .000+ Walkabout Instrument samples in W.lV.TyP|W| & IFF
formats, JOO's of utilities, for Amiga and as a bonus the complete idPBipitpf ~x MidiCraft caUcctiun of Midi files. ‘ 5Jj J5 51) 'JDL 'J CDMIj 15 £iDOiJ ... „L.Zi':.D ,E1 £-5';jj 15 The Learning Curve CD presents a fantastic and magical journey through exciting subjects brought together lot the first time » tin Amiga CD. Containing over ,V2,WK flics ibis title wilt delight and. Ihierc.st-both'young-atid old with the vast diversity and quantity of Amiga Educational and Informational jwograms featured. AI! O! Like piogunis can be run directly Irom the compact disc with no unarchiving on any
Amiga. (Worfcbcnch 2.IU+.i Encyclopedias have been scarce for the Amiga and educational compact discs have been virtually non--existent, well now you have a unique CD providing pniducuye entertainment for all ages.
F allowing in the Assassins CD tradition we proudly present another 500+ games on Cl) with the superb Assassins menu system, once again improved with access to each gamet it's requirements, instructions and information. The games can be played from this superb menu.
So DjjjaJtt IM
31) CD I Objects £9.99 Women »f the Web is an exciting new
multimedia experience bringing oil thr latest internet A
technology lit the home. This title is compiled in A HTML
Jurmul, using pictures, text fileSF A animations and sound
samplrs. With J5tt incus of information an over 270 of the
world's noil heaiuifistunit funions women. , The easy point
and ttick interface makes the whole f tt-ROM accessible to
bothJyfl beginners and experts altkf With Ml r inlinir nmtgfs
and video this tompaet V yn due is sure to please.
The wv* .V«»« f OfJ end Ifnif-i VetwirklKg ha* joa nut so moth hitler, fho fit.it no a nothU mmii have fue of Arrwtiii (71 tth 'tcry. T be rimtrpi uni opetataia hie, tiem
C. im rrereJiit tK fy posoHe way. I tie I O? Ty rfsje.yfviui.--
4S trtoej,. Trdk jaorr ow mwy fl tUluhle and fakrfitu ran In
impiute ipttd. Our itij.’ir pent the Vnoga .
3k cun wt-aji my prv£r«o» in not. On ty*b rwJuHty.
. HwlHjfia; ib i mire Strwri irl ipat lietpteJ ifjcjtr f iff- etude "it bothrmkim*. S"Howe tfjffwrdtwi-Hp nmOjres :¦ Xtracl wet* ram ii irtfvm sjrteds end it m* thrjitswa oh. .t luCunl voJ mausr tm.
'Eftl tf imi.wid im i*i (Wt }m,n f tperst UHT ¦» hr CHWrrUrJfrom ttttpmi. Strlirtk -altcm, IUTI iti rn i«i6in 11'dtUti fin I I'lIMur* Storr.
R±i iizi vrs* a j:.;. s -CZ3J sr. E.rsiix Assassins Volume 2 £I9j95
31) CD 2 Images £ 9.99 GIX Avnvn rVms £ 19.95 Emulators Unlimited
£ 19.95 COM 64 Latest £ I9S5 Speccy 96 iMtest £19515 Retro
Gold Emulators £ 19.95 imhtAet. All the pailuf’ts ftfliMuir
pobtifbed :bf ham
C. tatpmrr inpfrits fef )ta . Iirnya. Fts.t nto.nl in Co ncfkiM
uni pfsfuv-Kwf tiilin* rr»iyi»ii 'rand euhoit'.tJ l-t (
haul.- Tbis fWtOJt tnteiainv Sfr I . 5 I r ti onl*. Kuathtili
f etlsrralr tlloat pto'-rwn Srarf'fUs. Nufttrxirmmj,. Ml
u,lucre f,tr iprtial effects in picjani, unitetiw, urting end
n-muofuMv Itf uemi J*c m .i uc cttmhncd v Un hunt I of If
Ilian Ult i lUehiAet tvn „d Int.tr jmricjfri .trvfliju-.1,
(if Cstettin lii aui ntgt hilui.t ijvil inolr: (TVfipr Jot
cul.iiif I.ihk ttnd the Pirumat ftwr 1 i.lti l ’i Mock unit
mhttr ) nl llmh (io*r Inrr orrtouni Jb ihr two in thru •
tpr. Hit futih. Tt• ‘‘r' ' ' pmXr Siunci ooh reel ft fee} a
ad. Eaprjublc Jc- jui. I fabitlooi chKccocwi pj tmoj f»n
iisihDsiu. Imifj' -j
- rd-u, w MriuOifa •; UJ £• JD 2'J -J1J-2 I fl7H Weird Textures
CI) £14.99 Movie Maker Special EX £ 29.95 ‘ Insight Dinosaurs £
19.95 World Allas AG A only £ 29.95 the very he if from Light
Rom 1, 2 urid 3 with
• u-cr Amtt l.ightiyaye objerty imil scene file*, txglir Rain
Gold wac ciciiud far thoxc who ' did mil purchnvr Eight Nam 3.
Thr material nn Eig if Rom (mid is Ciiinfmtihir ' h nil all
xcrynins of Eight ami i on all platforms. This, malerial is
prevented C 2- mi Oil die eameat directory method for ad turn
of Lightwat* 4.0 and higher.
¦' jW Aft of the I-ighlwtireobjrcl'. Ami icne f filer arc represented with Ummbnail l rendcringsfitr easy previewing.
The Curd Gaines CD contains a plethora of card and board games for the Amiga and EC. With 250 urn Klondike card sets ready to run from the CD. Games include blackjack, Cribbuge, Gin Rummy. Casino, Chess, board games, puzzles. Slot machines.
Solitaire. Video Poker, Weird Games, Iuttery and Mahjongg.
superb and involving CD.
PI) Soft Hottest 6 £ 14.99 17 Hit Phase 4 £ 14J 9 17 Bit 5th Dimension £1935 Meeting Pearls 3 £ 939 MW 1) Enhancer jy £ 9.99 VET) Gold (4 CD-ROM) £ 1935 l «. I l 1 I I.!:’:, .
Experience 2 i I Experience £ 1935 fi £ 1439 The Epic IttTerdxtin Encyclopedia is an exciting flfK .1 tulti'bfedia Amiga CD-ROM.
Il features a superb 256 colwlir interface, lOh's of fiitn clips, sound s.tmpUs, images and subject¦ information. Additional ii Jcolurrt arc Produced in the VF, j'SS Irn Iat t information from uround the . S*%J world, IptkO's vf.Muhjcctt covered, hot thi editor, import new subjects and print fai i i'riVr.
11GHT-ROM 4. A 2 CD-ROM vet for the t iniga. Stac. Wjnduwv . T features ail new tJghtwart *tbjcctx anti scene files,, in addition there is a bonus CD-ROM of
3. 160 Jpeg Tcxlntts. Sec below.
I. IGHT-RVM 4 also includes a collection scene files by Alan
This .set contain* wholly new material and n an absolutely superb resource far IjglttHxtvc.
Ires new hy free t e r i a I ted with 'iH'lTI'f 4.0 & ersitms.
Sei-Ei Sensations 2 Double CD £ 1935 Scene Storm Demos £ 19.95 ED Soft UlUs 2 Double CD £1935 Zoom 2 Latest Version £1439 Multimedia Backdrops CD £ 1935 The award winning Multimedia Experience provided for users to create their own stunning multimedia presentations with images, text, video and sound.
With the new low price alt users can start multimedia- 'til blirW A, The fully fcvluri Ibrowse ntakn mr mg the tut with yaur Amiga a breeze Supports HTML I. 2 21 J ai well a* Srricppe extensions. Cachry paga. Uses Mut included! Filly compatible wiik In-To-Thr- .Vft. Works kah any rideo card tind will support external datatypes for toundt, (iniindtiom and.*idro. ;: '0 i vaiia Nc £19.95 Data ii 7233.
Multimedia Toolkit 2 119 35 Detained 6 CD £ 19.95 3,000 Jpeg Textures £ 14.99 Oh No More Worms Vol. 1 tory utility ding easy file igement.
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Ou've yet to get a modem.
Perhaps you don't even want 1 one, maybe you reckon there are better things in life and that the whole of the Net community are a sad bunch. OK, don't turn the page, in some respects I actually agree with you. But let's keep things in perspective - swimming against the tide for a valid reason is one thing, but to dismiss the whole Web Internet thing just for the sake of it, is not so good. To start with, you stand to miss out on one of the most important open text fife formatting standards ever devised.
I'm talking, of course, about HTML As every self-respecting Web user knows it is the standardised 'hypertext markup language' used for creating Web pages. By inserting special symbols called tags), such as b to indicate bold text and p to indicate the start of a new paragraph, HTML allows the display layout of what are otherwise just ordinary text files to be defined.
It's not just Web users who ought to be taking an interest in HTML. As Paul Overaa explains the, nigh-on universal acceptance of this markup language has potential benefits for everyone The hypertext label? Don't let that fool you
- it just means HTML also allows you to incorporate tags that
create logical links to either other parts of the same
document, or to another separate document. Click on that link
and you immediately move to the marked position - even if it's
in another document on a computer system on the other side of
the world!
In the Web context of course, HTML files are viewed with a browser a reader program) that understands the various HTML tags and can therefore display a file in the way the author intended. The browser also provides some high-level communications facilities that enable files to be requested from remote computer systems.
Ideal So sure, in the Web sense HTML is all encompassing. What many people have missed however, is the fact the language is also ideally suited to lesser jobs.
A growing number of programs on the Amiga and other platforms (including the mainframe world) are using HTML for creat- ing program documentation, help files and so on. What's more, this is happening despite the fact these platforms already have their own, alternative hypertext languages for such things.
In Unix circles, HTML docs are gaining an increasing foothold and with the example closest to our hearts, namely the Amigaguide system, it’s already clear interest is dying as more programmers and manual writers are realising the benefits to be had with HTML So why is it happening? Basically because HTML is platform Independent. Files created on the Amiga for example, can be read and correctly displayed on a PC or any other computer system that has had an HTML browser reader program developed for it - pretty much any computer platform.
For multi-platform program developers this is great - a single, platform-independent, help file language for all their products is a Godsend indeed. Similarly, the ability to accurately display a hypertext document file on any computer system regardless of what machine the file was created on has immense benefits for users as well.
Purists (and those perhaps not quite so pure) may well argue that there are a few snags. It's true - HTML is still developing so rapidly that browsers readers, even the best, have trouble keeping up with the latest extensions.
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topics I know, but let's face e thing* had to start somewhere!
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The great thing about HTML files is the platform independence • they can be interpreted on virtually any other computer platform you could name Netscape, a company who produce a popular PC browser, are responsible for creating much of the running at the moment. Almost as many extra Netscape extension tags have been defined as were originally available in the whole of the first official standard for HTML So yes, things are still changing and there are going to be plenty more improvements in the next few years. That's not too important though - what matters is that the fundamental issues
concerning the basic tag arrangements have already been put into place and these are not going to change.
Easy tags As the HTML bandwagon has started to roll, a whole host of programs have appeared that allow users to create HTML files without knowing the first thing about the various tags embedded in their documents.
It's great - you write the text and, courtesy of a few mouse clicks and menu operations, the software does the rest by throwing in the tags needed to display the text in your chosen way. The snag? Using HTML is a bit like driving a car. Sure, anyone can learn to drive but even after years of driving you'll never understand why you cannot pull away in 4th gear.
Learn a little about how a car works however, and such things become obvious very quickly.
From the HTML viewpoint, things are much the same and a little knowledge goes a long, long way. To start with you'll find it surprisingly easy to take a text file and manually insert a few tags that allows the file to be displayed, in very reasonable form, by a browser program - and sometimes it may only take a few minutes to do.
A few short macros written for your word- processor can make the task even easier and each time you create or edit HTML documents in this way you learn that little bit more.
Where do you start?
You don’t need a modem in order to get involved with HTML although you do need a Web browser. Depending on the browser you choose you may also need some support software such as AmiTCP in order for the browser to run, even in local mode.
The other thing you require is a text editor and at a pinch, ED would do. All HTML files can be viewed and edited just like ordinary (ASCII) text files (strictly speaking that's what they are). So one way of learning about HTML is to look at HTML documents created by h2Xa name='lHistory" MidiPlayer History aX h2 h3 November 92 [version 1.00] h3 p After a few months of reading the Midi file standard and experimenting with various possible coding approaches, a preliminary Shell version (v 1.00) was created and released so my Midi file parsing ideas could be given some real testing. p
h3 January 94 [version
1. 10] h3 p No unexpected problems had been found to date but
I decided to modify the resource allocation method being
used (program now uses a stack ADT based procedure). Whilst
making these alterations a couple of minor changes were made
to the code, firstly, the delta time delay code was placed in
line (rather than being named as a function). Secondly, the
h3 November 92 [version 1.00] h3 p After a few months of
reading the Midi File standard, and experimenting with
various possible coding approaches a preliminary Shell version
(v ) .00) was created and released in order that my Midi
file parsing ideas could be given some real testing. p
h3 January 94 [version 1.10] h3 p No unexpected problems
had been found to date but I decided to modify the resource
allocation method being used (program now uses a stack ACT
based procedure). Whilst making these changes a couple of
minor changes were made to the code. Firstly, the delta time
other people.
But there is a minor problem here. Most HTML documentation is produced using the utilities we mentioned earlier - the ones that add tags without the user needing to worry about tag details or via a converter program that translates other tag-based hypertext languages into the equivalent HTML form.
Since the final displayed form of an HTML file is completely specified by these tags, rather than the physical layout of the text in the file, these HTML writers normally just throw the text and tags into the file in the easiest way possible (see listing 1 for an example). While this doesn't affect the final displayed layout, it does sometimes make it difficult to make sense of the file if you've h2Xa name="History" MidiPlayer History aX h2 code around the 1.3 timer device ( 2 usees) bug was removed as I realised that time delays of this small magnitude would never occur in practice. This
version was released as B MidrPlayer B version 1 ,)0. p h3 January 94 [version 1,20] h3 p Shortly after version 1.10 was released I decided to spend some time adding an Intuition interface. This program was released as a Workbench runable B MidiPlayer B version 1.20. p Listing 1: Many at the HTML files you will find are good in the HTML sense, but are physically poorly formatted which can make them difficult to understand, even though It will be perfectly displayed on any Web browser as thay are uneffected by format delay code was placed in line (rather than being called as a
function). Secondly, the code around the 1.3 timer device ( 2 usees) bug was removed since I realised that time delays of this small magnitude would never occur in practice. This version was released as B MidiPtaye B version 1.10. 7p h3 January 94 [version 1,20j yh3 p Shortly after version 1.10 was released I decided to spend sometime adding an Intuition interface.This program was released as a Workbench runable B MidiPlayer B version 1.20. p loaded it into a text editor or wordprocessor in order to learn a little HTML yourself.
The way round this is to learn a few basic HTML tags and create some example files yourself - doing it in a way that keeps the HTML stuff easily readable, All that's needed is a bit of common sense, coupled with a few style conventions. The best way of getting some of these under your belt is to take an interest in the various Web-related tutorials that are now a firm mag fixture.
I'm not contemplating any additional HTML tutorials at the moment - although i could be persuaded. My aim, quite simply, was to draw attention to the non-Web HTML connections for any non-surfers around to prevent anyone missing an important boat. HPJ Amiga Computing 1997 should see the release of ED, VIScorp's much-vaunted and Amiga-based set top box.
But, as Gareth Lofthouse discovered, Viscorp isn't the only company hoping to spark off a mass media boom in interactive TV ©o you remember multimedia? A funny question, considering multimedia is supposed to be the future for computers. But if a number of recent newspaper articles are to be believed, the multimedia revolution is already a thing of the past.
Take, for instance, a Daily Telegraph report on the problems faced by Omnimedia, one of the top AIM-quoted names in the business. Like many of the companies that found fame on the back of the multimedia hype of the early 90s, it is complaining of sluggish sales, with stock trading at an all-time low.
For the ordinary consumer, the promised land of multimedia has translated into a disappointing reality. Certainly for PC owners, it has meant little more than clumsy CD-based software combined with a sound card. The manufacturers promised all-singing, all-danc- ing software, but have usually delivered overpriced ‘interactive' books. Hardly surprising if the public get bored or that a number of new media companies have had their fingers burnt.
Or so the theory goes.
The question for us, however, is what part can the Amiga play in this new development? After all, Commodore core technology In reality the story of the demise of multi- media has been greatly exaggerated. CD- Rom may have been over-rated, but other forms of multimedia have continued to evolve, particularly on the Internet - and this is only the beginning. If everyone, from VIScorp to Sony is to be believed, the next stage in the metamorphosis of multimedia will be interactive TV.
Interactive TV is simply the next logical step for multimedia - or to look at it another way, the revolution is finally about to come of age.
Interactive TV will eventually realise multimedia in the true sense of the word, combining digital television, Web-pages with embedded sound and animation, customised news sen ices and interactive game shows. Better still, this wondrous technology will be as easy to use as your average video recorder - Amiga Computing FEBRUARY 1997 easy to install as a TV cable box and they will automatically access the Internet.
Such is the scale of the predicted market for this new hardware that even Bill Gates is sitting on the fence. He might prefer it if everyone just accessed the superhighway via the PC, but if the set top box takes off he’s determined it will run on Microsoft software like everything else. Hence Microsoft's investment in California-based company, WebTV Networks, developers of set top box technology.
Fully aware of this, VIScorp isn't seeking challenge the big boys on its own.
Will not market its boxes on its own name,' explained Communication Manager, Jason Compton. "VIScorp is a technology holder and licensor, and manufacturers will be able to license VIScorp's technology and build their own set-top boxes. * With the aim of making the Internet as accessible and compelling for consumers as broadcast television is today, Web TV is looking like a formidable contender. A combination of stripped down computer, 33.6k modem and “TV Lens” image enhancement technology, it has already received backing from Sony and Phillips. Web TV Network will also provide
a simplified front- end to shield the user from the complexity of the Internet.
EATURE plans to make voice chat programs accessible through your TV set.
VIScorp has also drawn on a host of interface designers and technicians with TV-based backgrounds to ensure the machine will work more like a simple household appliance rather than a typical computer. Hence it can be operated via a television remote control, touch sensitive pen and an integrated microphone, as well as the more obvious keyboard.
ED has also been designed with electronic commerce in mind. A credit card reader is built into the casing itself to allow for home shopping and electronic banking.
Combine that with wh3t they call a 'telephony management' system (to monitor incoming calls and flash caller names on-screen) and VIScorp's system sounds rather appealing.
Clearly, however, VIScorp is a small fish compared to some of the companies now developing rival products. The industry believes interactive TV will open up a huge new market. According to the International Data Corporation, a leading market research firm, roughly 22 million consumers will be accessing the Internet using something other than a computer by the year 2000. That puts a lot of spondulicks up for grabs.
That's why everyone from Sony and Phillips to Oracle and Sega are working towards producing their own set-top-boxes.
The specifications of their machines vary, but essentially they're based on the same idea as ED.
Like VIScorp's machine, they will use the TV as a monitor, they will be as VIScorp’s ED will not only feature Internet-TV connectivity, but also a number of unique features including speaker phone technology and in-built interactive programme guide with one week of TV programming mapped to the local area. The Amiga OS’s economical memory requirements should keep prices down, though a final price has yet to be announced Emerson So far the most comprehensive talks regarding this issue have been with Emerson Radio Corporation, a well-known international consumer electronics company. In
fact, VIScorp and Emerson signed a letter of intent back in June 96 for an exclusive distribution deal for the VIScorp set top boxes.
At the time Eugene Davis, Emerson’s President, was impressed not only by the Amiga-based Internet TV products, but by second and third generation prototypes Viscorp was able to show to them.
While other companies seek to sell set top boxes directly to the consumer, ED could also take a different route into your living room. "VlScorp sees a big market for set top boxes sold to cable or telecom companies for leasing purposes to their customers, Compton says: "Instead of selling a box costing hundreds of pounds to a consumer, they could lease a high-tech cable box from their provider for just a few quid a month."
All of which would sound rather promising, if not for VIScorp's increasingly intractable problems. The acquisition of the Amiga technology was almost completed by early summer, but Eseom’s collapse made the previous buy-out negotiations void.
Months later, it has become doubtful as to whether VlScorp can afford the acquisition anyway. Now the Amiga set top box’s hopes may depend on the willingness of an alternative buyer to re-license the technolo- to VlScorp. Meanwhile, the likelihood of early 1997 launch for the Amiga set tops seem to be receding. Unfortunately, Sony, Sega, Apple and the rest won't be holding anything back in the meantime.
Remote controls, rather than keyboards will be the normal way of operating most set top boxes hasn't advanced since 1993 and its supporters have never even been properly catered for with CD-Rom multimedia products, let alone Java, Shockwave and other trendy interactive commodities. Surely no-one in their right minds would base interactive TV systems on such an apparently out-moded platform.
Whether VIScorp's management is in its right mind remains to be seen, but that is exactly what they intend to do. With ED, the set top box, it promises to be able to out-per- form rival projects while taking advantage of the Amiga architecture's unique economy.
Among other things, its box will connect to a standard TV, allowing families to surf the Net, order pay-per-view shows and join in interactive games.
No SURPRISE That the Amiga is being used to mount a challenge in the interactive TV market shouldn't surprise anyone too much.
Back when Scala coined the phrase ‘Computer Television,’ the Amiga was at the forefront of the race towards the new hybrid technology. Even now, it retains numerous advantages as a potential core for a set top box.
The fact that the Amiga is a truly multitasking computer must rate as one of the highest of these. After all, if you want to watch TV while monitoring incoming calls and searching the Net for news updates, a fully multi-tasking system is surely the logical choice.
Perhaps even more important is the fact that this multitasking OS can be compressed into just 2Mbs of RAM. Think of it like this - to become as popular as VCRs, interactive TV has to be cheap like VCRs. RAM is expensive - the less RAM you need, the cheaper it is to produce a set top box.
If VIScorp’s fortunes depended on the technology alone, ED would be a hard machine to better. As well as allowing access to the Internet and on-line services such as CompuServe and America Online, there are cated multimedia movies child s j play to develop using an affordable home computer.
MM400 pushed an already unmatched product further with the introduction of ScalaType font technology. This allows Compugraphic fonts to be rapidly resiled vertically or horizontally.
This is aided by the software s sup port for a Super Hi-Res mode and the addition of enhanced anti-aliasing. AutoKerning for outline fonts removes glaring gaps between letters in title words, allowing for even Tina Hackett and Gareth Lofthouse look at the products, projects and people that have made the Amiga Multimedia Machine number one
M. M. JK,: r I MAGEVISION This is the only serious contender at
the moment that could possibly steal Scala's crown for Amiga
multimedia. Blittersoft combined a wonderfully simple
interface with impressive program power - and all for just
ImageVision's good-looking interface combines a script, tool and icon window. Like HiSoft's MediaMAGIC, scripts are built up with a sequence of drag and drop icons, each represen actions or events. Because of the clearly illustrated icons, it's immediately a script will take as it’s constructed in the working environment. Bet construction and editing is a matter of swapping ing blocks - it's that simple.
Organisational tools are also available to make multimedia production an even tidier affair. ¦ Group and ungroup functions, for example; allow.you to represent a series of icons with a single group icon instead.
There are seven icon types indudqdj'm ImageVisioji, Each has different properties that allow users to perform different effects tn-p resentatiorte'Sr organise scripts more neatly. These include slideshow, animation andt&und buttons. V.;lV: It has to be mentioned that Image Vision is still irf'dteveloprnent and the original release couldn't match Scala MM400 When it came to feature packed productive tools. ImageVision comes with only 12 basic wipes which is nothing compared to Scala or even M.M.Experience. On the other hand, offfe)products presently available pu'd have to say ImageVision looks
like the best hope for thejfdtirre of multimedia productidiV.tHJthe Amiga platform. Keep watching for dev'e%W|MESk O--' This is aimed at users with budgets that won't stretch to the justifiable, but substantial cash, outlay required for Scala products. Optonica's M.M.Experience promised to deliver a multimedia production tool on the cheap - just £40 in fact. It's certainly a lot cheaper than Optonica's previous foray into multimedia, the Interplay CD authoring tool.
As video-titling software, it has to be said that M.M.Experience doesn't get off the starting blocks. There are none of the sophisticated text effects available in Scala MM400 - in fact there isn't even the facility to type text directly on the screen.
That said, you wouldn't expect all the benefits of MM400 in such a drastically cheaper product. MM400 also falls down in a more basic area - that of the Optonica designed interface. Our reviewer found MMExperience to be rather awkward to use when it made its appearance in early
However, with 60 different transitions available, a clever and unique page effect editor and the sheer good value of a functional multimedia tool at this price all go a long way to fully redeeming Experience, despite its faults. If you just want to play around with multimedia for your own enjoyment, it would be silly to overlook this product. Ultimately, however, its long term value will depend on how well it hold its own against HiSoft's affordable new product, MediaMAGIC V still the best multimedia development package available lor the Amiga, Seal a MM400 enables you : to generate
professional quality presentations and infotainment for under £300.
The package proved ideal lor enhancing home and corporate I videos and probably remains unmatched in this price range . When it comes to video titling. The software also features one of the I most user-friendly and elegant interfaces developed for any plat- 1 form - making apparently compliExperience) more refined titling.
[ Scala's huge array of wipes also Jproves that just because you don t have a broadcast editing suite avail- | able, doesn't mean you have to produce videos and presentations with clumsy cheap-looking translations. With MM400, for example, there are spline-based curved fly- ' ons and offs which can be applied from eight different directions.
The use of Ex's - plug in additional program modules that Increase Scala multimedia function- alitv - is another innovative (not to say influential) aspect of MM400 and its predecessors. Ex's added support for Midi, still video, VLAB Motion, MPEG file playback and a whole host of other sources for multimedia development.
Basically, Scala set the standard with this product • let's just hope they can be persuaded to continue its development again once the Amiga's circumstances become more settled. Highly recommended if you're even half-serious about multimedia production.
Historic TV HEROES --¦* The Amiga has played a huge role in TV multimedia - from designing screen logos to acting as the centre point for a quiz show. Back in September '95 we discovered that hot shot teievision company, Planet 24, used the Amiga and Lightwave to create the eye-catching graphics for the likes of The Big Breakfast and The Weekend Show.
Go channel hopping and you can also see the Amiga at work on some of Granada's award-winning drama series' like Cracker and Prime Suspect. Behind the scenes, an Amiga is needed whenever a computer screen is shown on TV because of its 50Hz video frame rate twice the speed of a TV film camera) and its genlock ability which allows multiple computers to be synchronised - normally when a screen is filmed you get a visible flicker.
Quiz show, the Krypton Factor, also benefited from the Amiga for the scoring and control system. Contestants answered questions by pressing on touch screens controlled by an A3000.
Contestants in The Krypton Factor answered questions by pressing on touchscreens controlled by Amigas The action- packed flick, GoldenEye, had stunts created in Lightwave Big screen BONANZA JURE As I'm sure most of you know, the Amiga has been used to produce some of the most famous hits of the big screen. One of the most celebrated of all Cinema idols is James Bond and for for his most recent escapade, GoldenEye, an Amiga was used to produce some spectacular effects. Take for example scene where MiG-29's are flying in from the place - this was a special effect produced with Lightwave.
Oscar winner, Nick Parks and Aardman Animations created the much loved clay characters, Wallace and Gromit, with the help of an Amiga too. A4000's were used to help the animation process.
E MERGENCY SERVICES DAY THE MUSEUM Museums are no longer the sombre grey buildings of old. With dust cov Jj| ering crusty boring exhibits and threatening signs saying ' Do Not Touch". They are interactive, bright, colourful places where learning is aided by computers - in particular, the Amiga. One of these was the Imperial War Museum.
We wnnt to visit and we were greeted by two ominous cannons and a rather grand domed shaped building with huge stone pillars adorning the entrance Inside however, amongst the exhibits of tanks, guns and the usual parapher- . _________~ - .... - , nalia there were TV screens B ¦ m fesr running Scala s Infochannel as B JB ,'B iBi well as a Scala driven touch * ’ ;|l screen display. Also we discovered that White Knight Technologs s Broadcaster Elite helped compile the museum s film footage for a mock wartime cinema Another museum that benefited from the Amiga s multimedia talents was Eureka a
hands-on learning museum for children. Using a system called In-Video, developed by 70's pop supremo Dean Friedman, children can interact with an exhibit called Dreams When a child walks in front of a monitor, their image is picked up by a camera and digi tised onto the screen. Virtual balloons, for example, float past and the child can touch ’ them - the computer picks up on this on and pops them.
Those who have visited the London Transport Museum will have seen the Amiga at work. The museum aims to absorb people in a fascinating time warp which tells the story of how people, past and present, travelled round the city. Aided by 65 CD32's and three high-powered Amigas, visitors can read information from various monitors and touch screens dotted around as well as learning about the development of the London Underground from an interactive hypermap. What is particularly stunning is a 1938 train cab simulator where the front window has been replaced by a screen and the visitor gets to
control the train as it speeds down the tunnel all controlled by an A4000).
Ifs not just in the glitzy world of entertainment that the Amiga excels in - it has proved itself to be an invaluable system for the Cleveland Police and in hospitals.
Back in October 1995, the Cleveland Police Force installed an impressive multimedia system in all its stations. The system was designed to provide information on crime procedures and new legislation the officers need to know.
It also meant that if there was a photo or security camera footage of a suspect it could be distributed around the whole force on computer in full colour - previously they had to rely on black and white photcopies.
It's a project that has proved itself to be highly successful - the City of London police have followed Cleveland's lead and have installed such a system. Also a number of other Police Forces, local councils and fire fighting departments are awaiting funding decisions after which they too look likely to opt for similar Amiga-based systems.
Hospitals and doctors surgeries also have a practical and cost-effective solution thanks to a project called The Health Channel. Patients waiting in doctor's surgeries can watch informative videos on public health and the surgery’s facilities which has been put together on Amigas.
It's a fast and flexible solution that proved invaluable when meningitis broke out in Coventry and warning symptoms and advice had to be given out quickly. Where a surgery needs to edit the video, they can buy an Amiga as well which lets them change the information as they need it - one hospital even uses it to tell patients when to move into the correct departments.
Ohere is no doubt that in the past, Amiga users have been spoilt when it came to affordable multimedia packages. To this day, no other platform can offer better value for combining video, sound, animation and text together into a seamless interactive presentation.
Worryingiy, the erstwhile champion of Amiga multimedia known as Scala has been rather quiet of late. Understandably it has decided to concentrate on establishing its expertise in the PC market, while new Amiga software updates have been put on a back-burner while the platform's future remains uncertain.
EATURE There is, however, good news for those of us awaiting a mote modem yet highly affordable multimedia product. HiSoft now plan to release MediaMAGIC early in the new year at the cost of £70 and a sneak look at the software suggests it might just be what we’ve been waiting for.
HiSoft promises to deliver a product that will simplify the process of developing interactive multimedia. Presentations in MediaMAGIC are created using a simple, intuitive interface and the software has been designed to give individuals optimum flexibility when developing projects.
As with Scala software, presentations in MediaMAGIC will be represented by a script - which in this case is created using simple symbols. There are symbols representing a wide range of actions and events, allowing for an almost click-and-play approach to multimedia design.
HiSoft is set to revitalise accessible multimedia on the Amiga with the imminent release of MediaMAGIC.
Using these action symbols, far example, it will be possible to create simple slide shows in which pictures are linked by fade and wipe effects. More ambitious users, on the other hand, will be able to develop far more complicated presentations with a combination of the loops, conditional branches and subroutines featured in MediaMAGIC.
Icons which will allow you to generate conditional scripts. Conditional scripts are set up using an IF icon (The Parent). Only when the 'IF' conditions are met will the 'Child' sequence of icons (and thus events) be executed. Actually this sounds reminiscent of Blittersoft ImageVisron, though whether it works in the same way remains to be seen.
It will also be possible to edit several scripts simultaneously and multitasking is fully supported by the program. In fact, two windows can be used to edit separate scripts at the same time, copying icons from one to the other.
A final point about the editor - it will display thumbnails of the pictures actually within the working environment, allowing users to shift pictures around without confusion.
Design flexibility seems to have been paramount in the programmer's mind, with the introduction of options to define both local and global variables for use in each script. Local vari- The program's interface is essentially based on two windows - a Toolbox window and Work window. If s the Work window, divided up into a grid of squares, which will allow users to create a script and edit the sequence of events. The basic process should be easy enough, since users simply have to drag icons from the toolbox and place them in the Work window from the top downwards, thus creating a sequence of
events for their presentation script As a further plus point, the editor windows will be compatible with graphics cards, allowing you to use high resolutions to increase on-screen work space.
MediaMAGIC promises to be more flexible than a simple sequential list of events, however.
A 'Parent-Child' concept has been applied to the ables are available only in certain parts of the script, while global variables are valid for the entire script.
Subroutine modules will also be available allowing users to re-use frequently required sequences in a presentation as conveniently as possible. This should dispense with the need to recreate models or copy them repetitively.
Simple presentations are probably most useful for illustrating business data and information for work colleagues and clients. With this in mind, a chart editor will be available allowing users to generate charts from within MediaMAGIC itself. Line charts, bar charts, pie charts can all be knocked out using a simple interface and there are options to after colours, positioning and the orientation of a diagram.
All in all, MediaMAGIC is shaping up to be an excellent and affordable multimedia product and one that may provide a viable alternative to Scala MM400 to the Amiga enthusiast.
Specialised support One of MediaMAGIC's selling points will be its in-built support for a broad range of file formats, allowing users to include a great range of varied source material for their presentations. MediaMAGIC will load and display the following: IFF-ILBM data formats, including ILBM-24 (which it converts on-the-fiy to HAM-6 or HAM-8 depending on whether the AGA chipset is present).
IFF animations in the Anim-5, Anim-7 and Anim-8 formats MediaMAGIC’s drag and drop interface means you’ll be able to put professional presentations together in a few minutes MediaMAGIC also supports 8SVX sound files and common music modules including Soundtracker, Protracker, Noisetracker, Octamed and Octamed Pro.
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Sitnstocottnect you first tins, &jsty itrna.
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£ 34.91 4M3 72-Pin SIMM 8mb 72-pin SIMM 16mb 72-pin SIMM 32mb 72-pin SIMM t40 t70 cllO [iso Disks 50 Disks b Colour Labels iM.» 100 Disks b Colour Labels i24.n I'd like to thank you for a great article about Spectrum classic games in Issue 106. The Spectrum was my first computer and 1 still love it. Of course, I don't own it today, but I have an emulator and I use it very often. I think you should print more articles about Speccy, for example about emulators, games you recommend or Internet addresses where you can find programs for an emulator.
Please forgive me if you did all this before.
Issue 106 was my first of AC and I don't know about previous ones. I live in Poland where foreign magazines are very expensive. For example: Polish magazines cost about 3.5 zlotys and foreign ones 22 zlotys.
The New Year has inspired many of you to write in. From Spectrum classics to your dream machines, it's all here as Ezra Surf discovers... As you can see 1 can't buy foreign mags too often, but 1 do it at least three times a year.
Since December '91 I was buying Amiga Action but when it became very thin (and still expensive) I started to look for another Amiga mag.
Now I buy Amiga Format and Amiga Computing. I won't tell you which is better because I like both of them.
I'd like to tell you something about the Amiga situation here in Poland. Amiga is still very popular in my country. There are thousands of Amigas in Polish homes. National and local Tvs use them as great graphic machines. I think that the standard Polish Amiga is an A1200 (2Mb RAM, no HDD) There are of course, better configurations (like A1200, 6Mb RAM, HDD, CPU
030) and unfortunately many old A5Q0s Our software firms produce
many programs.
We've got Polish word-processors, painting programs or music utils. We have also a lot of games like: adventures, strategy, shoot-'em- ups, beat-'em-ups, platform, Doom clones or even pinball games. Unfortunately, many of them are AMOS-based rubbish, but there are real gems too.
At the moment we have only two Amiga- only magazines. First is about 'everything': hardware, software, games utils etc. Second is about games only, There are a few more mags which print articles about Amiga but they aren't for Amiga users only (but also for PC and consoles). 1 couldn't forget about Polish demo scene which is very large and active.
There are many scene parties and the biggest is Intel Outside in Warsaw.
Piotr Srymanski Poland Wow, we don't get many letters from over in Poland! It's interesting to hear your comments on the current Amiga Would you be interested in getting the full version of Amiga Computing Magazine delivered straight to your computer screen? We are considering bringing out a subscription service that delivers the current full magazine straight onto the Internet. No more waiting for the postman or having to walk down to the shops.
What's more, as well as getting the same content as you would in the print magazine, you will also be able to download everything that is on the coverdisks. And you don't even have to spend a fortune online to get all this - we will make it possible to download the magazine all at once, enabling you to read it at your leisure. Plus, we are considering other features including extensive review archives, Amiga-specific chat rooms and technical advice by Email columns.
So at the moment all we need to know is "Would you be Interested?”. It won’t happen if you're not.
You're not committing to anything - all we need to get is a feel for the number of people who'd like such a service. Expected cost for such a subscription could be oll Up, Roll Up Come on, write in you want to. The address as per usual is ESP, Amiga Computing, IDC Media, Media House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield, SK10 4NP. Doesn't matter what format you choose - sweaty sock and Tipp-Ex (that's Neil's particular fetish), traditional biro and paper or a disk (saves my fingers) which we can return. Alternatively, E-mail us at ESP@acomp.demon.co.uk. At the moment we're lining up some software
goodies for a lucky reader who writes in with the best letter.
Situation over there. It would be good to get hold of some Polish software for us to review here - we've seen some interesting game demos but can never get hold of the full releases.
So you used to buy Amiga Action? Well, now you get it for free inside Amiga Computing - what more could you ask for?
Are we your favourite magazine now? We must be surely.... between S3 and S5 per month depending on the number of extra features added. It will be available worldwide.
Just by telling us your opinion on this, you will be entered into a free draw where you could win lots of goodies.
Win !
; . . .. v. Software! Ibrowse and Digita Organiser Books ! Internet International Directory Games! Pinball Illusions, Pinball Mania, Pinball Fantasies Simply Email tinah@idg.co.uk, type in your opinion, how much you would pay for such a service and any ideas you'd like us to incorporate. Or write to AMC Online, IDG Media, Media House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield, Cheshire, SK10 4NP.
Amiga Computing [Hew AMIGA HOPES Several of your readers have been writing in saying what they think the new Amiga should be like, so I thought I would give it a go. Here are the main points it should include.
Big Box - The new Amiga must be a big box one. People are switching to Pcs in big boxes so I do not think anyone will be put off by this. A CD-ROM and SCSI hard disk must be included as standard. Different sites and speeds depending on the customer's requirements.
Graphics - It must still contain aid chipsets (OCS, ECS and AGA) for backward compatibility but also have an improved one. It could have 32 or 64-bit palette and have bitplane and byte per pixel graphics - the latter is a must now. Also it could have some special chips in it to deal specifically with vectors and sprites thus beating Pcs and competing with the best consoles (Playstation etc.) The hi-res modes could be improved and must not flicker on any monitor. This could mean Workbench could now look as good as Windows - the only bad thing about it at the moment.
Sound - Ditch the four channels. We need at least 16-bit sound now and a minimum of 16 channels. The sound should be up there with reasonably good keyboards synthesisers, Midi ports should be included as standard, at least two ins and outs and one thru. Also have a built in sampler directly connected to the CD-ROM so samples from CD can be obtained easily. A separate phono aux socket should also be included for tape etc. sampling.
Modem - As it is the '90s and everything has a web site and email address now, an internal fax modem must be incorporated.
Workbench should have a browser and mail program as standard.
Memory - 8Mb is about the lowest a PC can have now so it should be the same here.
Chip mem should be expanded to at least 16Mb. The motherboard could have different sockets so you could expand either your chip or fast ram.
Kickstart - As a hard disk will be as standard, Kickstart could be on this and loaded into memory on initial boot-up. This will enable upgrades to be given away on floppy disk and not expensive chips. You could have several Kickstarts on the one drive and you could choose which to load up on bootup.
This would help compatibility problems.
Processor - Now here's the interesting bit.
You would have a separate board containing many sockets in which you could insert various processors. This would also help degrading the machine to run old software. You could have a 68060, 68030 and 68000 all on the same board for example, and you could select which to use on booting. This alongside the Kickstarts should eliminate most problems as you could turn the machine into a basic 1.3 A500.
You could take the old processor out of your old machine and have it in the same box instead of having to set up your old Amiga whenever you want to play an old game which only loads on an A5G0. Oh also the machine should contain a Pentium processor, yes, I know it's bad but let's live in the real world now, A plain Amiga will not sell no matter how good it is, but a hybrid - now you are talking.
All the old enthusiasts who had to ditch their Amiga and buy a PC can now return and enjoy the benefits of the Amiga. Workbench could be enhanced so Windows can multitask in the background. You could click a Windows icon on the WB screen so you could go and play F1GP but have an Amiga rendering an Imagine graphic in the background. It Ejoney matters In replying to many of the letters published in your mag you have often asked ‘how much are you all willing to pay for an Amiga?' For example, in issue 99 (letter from Jeff Rampe), you continued with the statement T would rather the Amiga
continue as a cheap, but good quality hobbyist's machine, rather than ramping the cost up to beyond PC or Mac levels.'
I agree that CD-Rom drives and big hard drives are expensive, but I have been looking through the ads in Amiga Computing with a view to upgrading my A1200.
As with most people my funds are limited, and so getting the best deal is of the utmost importance.
The cost of the components 1 intended to buy totalled about E750, and 1 was just starting to get the cash together, when a friend pointed out that for that sort of money I could build a pretty good PC. This started me comparing prices, and after looking at the price of PC components, I came to the conclusion that Amiga owners are paying through the nose for their equipment.
1 am very pleased to see that more than one company who advertise in your mag are now able to offer 4Mb simms for under £40, which must be good news for the Amiga, but I feel that this has been too long In coming.
However, there is still plenty of ground to be made up, and I feel that hard drives and CD-Roms must be very similar in construction for both machines, so why do we have to pay so much more for ours?
F don't believe that Amiga equipment is so special that it can command such a high price, and can only assume that same third party suppliers are just milking Amiga users for all they can get I noticed recently that new tower cases are on sale for the A1200, but at what price? £180 with no power supply unit when for the PC, £55 with a PSU.
I realise that an A1200 tower is a different animal to a PC tower, but the point I am trying to make is that if a PC tower with a 230W PSU costs £55 why do we have to pay £60 just for a 230W PSU? This is bad news for our cherished machine, and eventually users will start to buy Pcs for their ease and cheap expandability alone.
Looking at it another way, for anybody starting from scratch, it is now possible to pick up a Pentium-100 system for £800. To build an Amiga up to any sort of comparable standard, you can add my £750 to the cost of an A1200 (£300) and a good monitor (£300) and you end up with a bill for £1,350, which can hardly be called a 'cheap hobbyists' machine'.
The fault probably doesn't lie with third party suppliers, and I feel that Amiga Technologies, rather than bumping up the price by selling the machines with a large software bundle - most of which many users probably don't want - should have offered a machine only option at a lower price, leaving the customer to buy such software as he feels he needs.
This you will no doubt agree with, if you take note of the number of letters you publish from users recommending all manner of software to be packaged with new machines. Surely the best way is to put large numbers of machines in circulation, and so given software houses greater incentive to write more and better software for them.
This brings me to my third grumble, software.
Although the Amiga is well supported in many fields, many areas of computer work are poorly covered.
5urely the wider the range of uses that the Amiga can be put to, the more people are likely to take the machine seriously.
As an example, one of my other interests is astronomy, and apart from a couple of very good astronomy titles, there is for the Amiga that is any good for me in this field, certainly not to the extent that Pcs are supported.
So, to end what has turned out to be rather a long moan, I have to say this.
Wake up AT, the PC has come a long way recently and your machine just isn't that special these days. Third party suppliers get serious, Amiga users are not idiots you know, and we won’t stand for having to pay over the top prices for our equipment.
Software houses get writing, there are a lot of users who want to do more than just play games or do a bit of desktop publishing, so spread your net a bit, and you never know who you will win over to the Amiga.
I am very fond of my Amiga, and would be unhappy to see it lost for good, but I am sure that if anything is going to kill off this machine, it will be the high cost of putting together a power machine, and the lack of varied support.
The Amiga may be a different animal, but it still has to be competitive with other machines when it comes to price, or new users will go straight to the PC market without even knowing what they could have had.
On a happier note, I don't intend to say all that gravelly stuff about how good your mag is, as no doubt you're getting sick of hearing that sort of thing by now, but 1 wifi say that 1 shall still be renewing my subscription to Amiga Computing, and do not intend to sell my A1200 quite yet. However I might not be upgrading it to the extent that I originally intended, as I feel that a new PC will offer better value for money, and a far wider choice of software, let's Hope somebody takes note, as I'm sure I'm not alone in my views.
Colin Reeves, Lincs.
AMIGA Computing ETTERS YBERCAFE would not slow down as they will use the two separate processors or even a third to control the multi-tasking.
The Amiga OS could also be intelligent so if a PC CD-ROM was inserted and the program icon clicked on Workbench, it would automatically switch to PC mode. It would be like having all your programs whatever the format on the same operating system.
Computer novices would not be able to tell they were using two different systems. How's that for user-friendly!
Price - A Pentium PC and the best Amiga ever all in one box - well, 1 for one would not hesitate in parting with at least three grand!
You may think some of my ideas are a bit far-fetched but let's be honest, the current Amiga cannot survive as it is. It needs a complete facelift and more to help it. The only way it will survive is to turn it into the ultimate machine.
It must also be advertised as a PC with all the benefits of an Amiga to the PC users, Also some killer software should be written. Get a games company to write an amazing game like F1GP2, Wipeout or Doom, a music specialist to write a midi sampler sequencing package in one, a graphics program that does everything that Dpaint, Image FX etc. do cannot hide by joy that, at last, the games industry looks like it is going to do something about the offensive and frankly sick trend in games advertising that has emerged in recent months.
It really annoys me that, because Playstation games manufacturers are trying to make their products sexy and 'ungeeky' they are attempting to show the games as being slightly subversive by using dodgy adverts. Just who are these adverts aimed at, the Playstations perfect customers, twentysomething year old lads who spend most of their time in the pub and have too much money to spend? Why else would your adverts show Jo Guest using a Battlecruiser box to cover her privates, insulting Germans (and the rest of Europe) or extolling the virtues of joyriding?
Would we put up with this sort of advertising for anything other product. 1 believe that we would not. Joyriders recommending the Golf GTI? I don't think so.
These games adverts may appeal to the drunken yob with too much money, but to the rest of the population they are just insensitive, tacky and indecent. Is buying computer games still considered so sad as to justify dressing them up as in your face designer accessort for the designer yob. ELSPA, get your act together and do something about these childish and insulting adverts.
Bob Innes, Halifax 1 Have you calmed down yet? You are forgetting one basic thing. We are priv- I ileged to live in a democracy where people can say what they like, and not have what they say or do inhibited by unnecessary censorship. Be thankful for this. What you are getting riled about is something which when put in its proper context is laughably trivial.
I will agree with your point that the ads for many new games are pretty childish and almost pretentiously in-your-face. However, having said that most of them are just a laugh.
Take the advertising for 'Command and Conquer: Red Alert'. One of the posters shows various photographs of different Europeans in a variety of national dress with the captions 'Europeans; don't you just hate them?'. Agreed, the advert could easily be construed as being insulting, but it is still harmless and really takes the mickey more out of British xenophobia rather than Europeans. As much as anything I think its an issue that the games industry will sort out for itself. Once they realise that this sort of advertising is really not much more successful than any other they'll move onto
some other ploy.
Some things we do need to be protected from, but on this level a ban or the like would be ridiculous. Ban guns, ban hard core porn, but don't ban adverts. Censorship is not, and never will be the answer.
In one and any other top of the range programs.
Give Workbench a tidy up by making it run in a better screen mode and more colours as standard and try and do to Microsoft what it did to us. Also on the subject of advertising, the biggest mistake Commodore did was ditching the Chelsea sponsorship. Look who's wearing those shirts now. The new Amiga owners (whoever it is now) should try their hardest to get the Amiga name onto the shirts of the world's greatest players iike Gullit, Vialii, Zola and Scott Minto.
Gideon Cresswell Kent i Well, we can all dream. We just need a company with plenty of cash who will develop such a system. The idea sounds good to me and I'm sure to a lot of people - I think we'd still have to persuade the Gates Worshippers the benefits of such a system. In the meantime though, the Siamese System provides a pretty good solution. Other than that - we'll just have to wait and see what the third party development companies come up with in the way of Power-PCs.
DVERTISING STANDARDS AND CAKES couldn't agree more with Hugh Poynton's comments on Cybercafes (Comment page, Christmas issue). There are so many people that think the Internet is 'just so cool’ and that hanging around Cybercafe's, being Cyberpunks is the "In" thing -1 mean get a life!
In principle the Cybercafe is a good idea - it's like going to an interactive library in one sense but also sociable in that you can talk to people on the net from all over the world. A bar or a cafe is traditionally somewhere you can go a be sociable - it would be a shame if this was ruined by the addition of a computer.
It's like when Tvs were put into pubs. If you put some kind of soap opera on the box, people will just sit gormlessly and watch this
- however, if a football match is on it can involve everyone and
become an entertaining but still sociable pastime. I'm sure you
could do the same with the Internet in a cafe. It can become
the focal point of a bar or whatever without putting people
into their own Me worlds of Cybersurfing.
However, what I would like to see is Internet access offered a little cheaper. I believe that the Internet should be available to everyone - not just those who can afford computers and online connections.
This would attract a lot more people and then maybe this ''Communications Revolution" could be just that and involve the whole of society.
Martin Prentice, Glasgow 1 agree - maybe there are Cybercafes out there that offer reduced rates at off-peak times
- I know quite a few that offer concessionary rates. However it
would be great if maybe they could have an open night where
everyone could pop along for a cheap beer and a browse on the
Web just so they can see what all the fuss is about If anyone
hears of such an event please let us know.
In the meantime urge your Cybercafe to put on some sociable events maybe live debates with other cafes or on-line games tournaments - and who knows, what else with a little imagination!
If you prefer, you can send us your letter via Email.
Simply point your mailer to: ESP@acomp.demon.co.uk. You could even send it in on a disk - it makes our lives easier too. Someone has to type this lot in you know!
Amiga Computing 1*1
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5 I i-afls ja afigls pi P GO CJ ID O o ECHNICAL ?
If nothing else, we can cure your Amiga problems [Jailing 040s Since buying recently a 40Mhz Apollo J 1240 accelerator I have been dogged If by certain programs that ran perfectly ; before hand, but now blankly refuse to run.
I have installed the 68040 library that comes with the board but this does not seem to have made any difference. I have noticed however, that if I start my machine with certain public domain Cds the programs 1 have problems with run fine.
Having used SnoopDOS to see what these programs are doing, it seems they are failing when they try to load certain maths libraries.
Having checked the versions on my machine against the ones on the Cds it seems that the ones I have are the more recent, so what is going on?
D. Chumly, Averton There are three things you can do to try and
get rid of this problem. Any programs written in the last
four or five years should have no problem running on the 68040
The first step you already have done - making sure you have the 68040.library copied to your libs drawer. This patches various parts of the operating system, mainly to do with math operations, and avoids certain problems associated with the 040’s FPU.
Secondly, make sure you have the latest version of Setpatch, more recent versions included additional patches that make the maths libraries work correctly with the 040. The easiest way to check is - once Workbench has loaded, open a Shell and type Setpatch. When you hit return a list of all the patches should appear, if this does not include 68040 support code loaded then you need to get hold of a newer version that adds this 040 support The latest official version that I know of is 40.16 and is the one you should try to get If this fails I would try replacing your maths libraries with
the original ones from the Workbench disk. I’m sure you have tucked these away in a safe place for just such an occasion. It may seem odd doing this if you have more recent versions, but you never know the new version could have introduced a new bug or they may just appear to be incompatible when programs come to load them.
I bought an Amiga Technologies 1 1200 with a 170mb hard drive six months ago for myself, my husband and son. I have been very impressed with it so far, but I really need your help with a problem.
I have bought a bare tower from ICS with a 220W Psli, dual device and CD-ROM. After opening the compuSer case and disconnecting the internal 2.5'1 hard drive so as tD house it in the tower I realised the cable 1 have is for a CD-ROM and 3.5" hard drive.
Is there any way I can get a cable that lets me use my 2.5" hard drive internally in the Xf fetch the mail off the mail server. Now-a-days just about all ISPs do use POP mail servers, the only reason it is a bit of an pain in Britain is that Demon, the largest ISP, use to only offer SMTP mail but now have ftnaliy got around to providing a beta test POP server who’s address is sdps.demon.co.uk. So finally if you have had enough of AmiTCP Amiga Demon users can make the switch.
W di S have owned an A1200 for the past two and a half years and have recently added an internal hard drive and a Hawk RAM board. I am the father of three children so I decided to buy some educational software.
I chose 10 programs from the 10 out of 10 and ADI range. I found the 10 out of 10 programs crashed after about an hour of use while the ADI programs ran fine. 1 also had problems using Easy AMOS and Mini Office, both of which crashed after about a hour of use.
When the RAM board was fitted the problem became worse. The above program would only run for five minutes and certain 10 out of 10 programs would not work at all. I have no problems with programs like Dpaint, Wordworth and Final Writer, these can be left on all day and do not falter.
M. Roberts, Hull 1 hate to say this, but as far as I know there
is nothing you can do. There seems to be a genera! Problem
with certain AMOS programs and AMOS itself with Amigas that
have the AGA chipset. This results in the program crashing if
the computer has been on after a certain amount of time. When
you add extra memory this problem is exasperated and results
in the program crashing almost straight away.
About the only thing I can suggest is you try turning the cache off in the early startup menu, accessed by holding both the mouse keys down when you reset the machine. As far as 1 remember this does not have an effect but may help with the 10 out of 10 and ADI programs. Basically if you want to use these programs you will have to remove your memory expansion.
Regarding you saying that "If you are using an Internet account with an SMTP mail server you are better off sticking with AmiTCP, at the moment anyway. As you would have no way to retrieve you mail, unless someone out there knows different."
Weil, I use TermiteTCP and have no problem receiving my mail - that is what mail programs are for. I currently have 2 mail programs: Aemai! And Yam 1.33 and have no problems receiving or sending mail with either one. Don't you also need a mail program for AmiTCP to be able to get and receive mail?
Knut Koen, kkoen@flash.net Does your ISP have a POP or a SMTP mail server? With a SMTP server the mail would normally be automatically downloaded to your machine by a eamon running in the background, which neither TermiteTCP or Miami currently have although there is no reason why they could not With a POP mail server you would normally use your mail package, Yam is a very good example, to A1200 or tower as well as the CD-ROM. I appreciate any help with our problem.
. L Wylie, Scotland, , Iv There is no reason you 1 j should not be able to hook up your drive, it is just a
* matter of getting the right cable. This is where any possible
problems lie. If you want to keep the hard drive internal to
the A1200 then you need a 2.5” IDE cable with two 2.5" inch
connectors and a single 3.5" connector to link it up to the
tower. You will have to contact ICS - they should be able to
sort you out with the correct set of cables.
Qable capers MOS TROUBLES Amiga Computing Qm wrong, again I recently bought your December issue 1 and in the ACA5 section of your maga- line I found an article that caught my eye: Snapy Upgrades. I then began to read the questions that Rob Daviau from Toronto had sent you. Once I read your reply, I realised you were wrong on one of the answers!
It's regarding question number 3. The CD32 has the same startup options as a Amiga 1200. Yes, you can select NTSC or PAL as well as the original chipset.
1 know this because I have a CD32 and have done it. I also know that the CD32, like any Amiga, can not operate without ROM chips and since these boot options are part of 3.0 ROMs and up, that would mean the features are going to be there!
On another point I have a A1200 with a Blizzard 1260 board. For some reason when I move Icons around, resize windows or other intense mouse functions on the Workbench screen, my computer tends to freeze up. ! Am still trying to figure out why. I thought it was a heat problem so I put on a fan but it still happens.
I don't think it's the CIA because I have tried doing the same thing on after booting up with a Workbench disk and it does not seem to crash, do you know what is going on? Could I have a bad Iibrary or some PD program messing up something? If you know anything please tell me!
Finally, 1 recently lost DFO so I am forced to use an External drive. How do I make DF1 so it can boot games and uncompress DMS files? Thanks for taking the time to read my letter. If this goes well and you correct yourself, I plan to write many more letters!
Tim Favro, 5eczff e darkman@planetc.hughestech.com Oh, erm, 1 should have tried the other joypad port as well sorry Rob. I assumed the mouse port was port one. It however does not hold that the early startup had to be in the CD32 ROM, but there would be little point in removing it.
With regard to the crashing problem, firstly make sure you have copied across the replacement libraries that came with your 1260 board
- if you don't this makes your Amiga crash in the way you
describe. If you have done this and the crashes are still
happening you can try renaming your current Libs drawer to
Libs.old and copy the Libs drawer from your original - srv
Workbench floppy disk to your Workbench partition. If you now
restart your machine you will be able to tell either way if it
is a library file causing you problems.
Another possible way of doing this is, at the start of your startup-sequence, assign the Libs: Devs: and L: directories over to your original Workbench floppy, something like this; assign Ml: Libs: DFO:Libs assign MIL: Devs: DfO:Devs assign NIL: L DFQ:L When you reset your machine it will use the original files on your Workbench floppy. If everything works fine the problem is to do with one of the files in these directories. By removing an assign at a time you could pin point which is to blame.
It would also be a good time to see if the cause is any PD programs you have installed either in the WBStartup drawer or in your user- startup. This is when the program WBStartup+ comes in handy. If your machine works correctly using the original Workbench disk, this would normally suggest the problem is to do with software installed on your system.
As for your last problem try this: In your Qood old A5 EEKING FMV £ V -J jjvijL bmiibcp O’ QUST A QUICKIE I just have a few quick question I hope you could answer.
Are we ever going to see Workbench 3.2 that came with the Walker and if so what are the changes? Is TFX ever going to appear on the Amiga and do you know if Mortal Combat 2 can be installed on my A-MOO?
DonXSoyd Homeh Quick questions deserve quick answers, so here we go. First off we will not be seeing Workbench 3.2 any time soon, and even if we did there would be I own an A4000.A1200 030-50 and a CD32.
Apart from using the CD32 to play the odd music CD, I would like to obtain an FMV module to utilise it for Video Cds as well.
Any idea where I could get hold of one of these please?
Paul, Malta, pacas@keyworld.net little point as the only changes were added support for the new features on the Walker.
I doubt TFX will ever see the light of day, even though it is 95% finished DiD seem to Have no wish to put any more money into it Mortal Combat 2 is on none DOS disks so cannot be installed onto your hard drive, but there is a hard drive installer on Aminet called mkiihd.lha either get an AminetCD or contact a PD house.
Unfortunately I doubt very much there are any new ones around for sale.
Very few were made in the first place and as Escom did not produce any, I would think you best bet is to try and pick one up second hand. An alternative would be the Squirrel MPEG box from HiSoft but to use this you would need to buy a SCSI CD-ROM, SMD-100 Realistically, you should upgrade to a new machine as you are asking quite a lot f from your old A500. The best solution would be to get an A1200 and if you can afford it either a RAM upgrade or even better, an accelerator card with extra memory. On top of this would be a hard drive which gives you infinitely more flexibility. To be
truthful, I would not recommend trying to do anything on your Amiga unless you have a hard drive - why add extra hassles to your life? This would make for a very good machine to connect to the Internet.
If you cannot afford to dump your machine you will have to upgrade your A500 to at least 2Mb of memory. If you have an A500-I- you will be able to get away with using a trapdoor expansion. You can, in theory, use just this configuration. You are however, going to be very limited in the software and speed that you connect to the Internet and it How can I update my A500 so I can surf the net? What kind of modem do I need and how much more memory do I need - currently I only have 1Mb? Should I purchase the AGA chipset and can I use my TV with it, or do I have to buy a monitor?
Should I buy a better Amiga? I am working on a very small budget) Olli Mankonen, olmankon@freenet.hut.fi Amiga Computing 44 FEBRUARY 1997 Jargon box 68040 - On of the forest processors in Motorola's SSQxOrange. It runs up to 40Mhz, has a hudt in fPU, MMU and hod o 4K copy back cache which helps to greatly mu ease processor performance j POP A protocol designed to allow single user hosts to read e mail from a server bM7P - Used to transfer e-mail between compilers.
The SMTP da og usually happens in the background under the control of the message transport system Library - Part of the Amiga operating system, libraries allow AmigcDOS to be extendible, so if you want to add new functions you just add new libraries AGA - Advanced Graphic Array, the custom chipset found in the AI200 and A4000. It gave the Amiga the ability to display 3 bit colour from a 24 bit palette FPU - Floating Point Unit, a specialised chip or part of a chip that is dedicated to calculating Floating Point equations, floating point numbers allow computers to store very large and very
small numbers, which they could not do easily otherwise MMU • A hardware device used to support virtual memory and paging by translating virtual Gddresses into physical addresses This means hard drive space can be used os memory to store program code and data DFO but when accessed uses the external or DF1 drive. This was set by making the Unit part of the DOSDriver equal to one. This will allows DOS based programs to access DF1 as though it is the internal drive.
As for games, things are a little more complicated as some are hard coded to only use the internal drive. Since Workbench 2 you have been able to boot with external disk drives, you just have to have a disk in the drive. The other way is to go to that early startup menu by holding down both the mouse keys and select Dfl as the boot device, but if a game wants to specifically use the internal drive then there nothing you can do about it.
Brinter DRIVER Where do 1 find a print driver for a HP Deskjet 540?
Tim Hamel, Thameler@AOL.com Workbench comes with a generic Deskjet print driver that works with all the Hewlet Packard Deskjet range of printers and even supports the colour modes of the 550C and 560C.
Having said that, the quality is not particularly good and programs such as Studio II and TurboPrint do a much better job. You should find it on the Storage disk, just drag it over to the Devs Printers drawer and then select the printer in the Workbench printer preferences.
Drive and Miami uses the Magic User Interface as do many other programs, which due to its size, needs a hard drive.
Just to go back over what I have said, this small table outlines what software you need for which machine; TermiteTCP TermiteTCP AmiTCP Anything you want A500 2Mb A1200 +HD A1200HD 4Mb+ On the modem side of things - again, using an A500 you will be limiting yourself as both the A500's processor and serial port will struggle to keep up with the faster modems now available. Even so, you might as well go for the fastest modem you can afford as when you do get a better machine you will be able to use it with that.
"""""iininnn The A500 realty is not the best choice of computer to get on-line with Amiga Computing startup-sequence add this line just after the Setpatch command; assign NIL: DFQ: disnount This removes the DFO device from the operating system's list of devices. Next you need to create a DOSDriver. For this you need a text editor, into which you should type the following: Device = t rackdi sk.device Unit - 1 Flags = G Surfaces ~ I BlockSize = 512 BlocksPerTrack = 12 Reserved = 2 Interleave = 0 LowCyI = 0 HighCyl = 79 Buffers = 5 BufMeraType = 0 StackSize = 600 Priority = 10 GlobVec = -1
DosType = 0x444F5301 After typing this in, all that in save it off to the Devs:DOSDrivers drawer and call it DFO. You have just created a DOSDriver that describes a floppy disk drive. This 'new' drive will be called will not be much fun to use.
If you are going to stick with your A500 the only software available for such a low specification machine is TermiteTCP. This can be run from floppy and will work within 2Mb of memory.
Even though you will be pretty limited to what Internet software you can use and you can forget about any of the new Web browsers, though you would still be able to use Alynx which is a text only browser.
To take advantage of the new Internet software and new Amiga programs in general you need at least a 4Mb machine and a hard drive. AmiTCP requires a hard Merry Christmas to all Amiga Users' HiQ Limited “I Consider this to be the most revolutionary product of the year for the Amiga.” Mat Bettison CU Amiga - CU Rating 93c I Siamese System V1.5 Main Features:- Integrated Amiga, PC and Mac system possible, (must have Win95 PC) LjJjLjxiLLj Single Monitor automatically switches to display PC as if Amiga Screen.
Single Keyboard and Mouse operation across all platforms.
Built in serial networking with all PC drives mounted on Amiga, and for high speed - file transfer, Siamese uses optional SCSI network with suitable SCSI interfaces (not included), Text clipboard, Cut and Paste between Amiga and PC applications.
Amiga MCI controller from AmigaDOS or Arexx, (Media Control Interface) Share Printers, all Amiga output sent to PC printer.
Full Arexx support built in.
Access to low cost PC product:- |
- 16 bit sound card with wave synth chip. J2!_j J I
- Mjpeg Video Recording cards. ¦. ¦ & _¦
- PC Ethernet Cards. Y
- Use cheap PC SVGA monitor with AGA Amigas ***** " Plus Future
Optional upgrades:-
- Amiga Screen Retargeting System (Right) Srrf® l___t-_t__,
- Sharing of PC Modems **
- Mjpeg based, SVHS Animation Software. T'iiiffwBkw t i"*
- TCP IP networking support. " *" ’ & j !! STOP PRESS !!
Siamese System V1.5 voted ? r 1 Hardware Product of 1996 PctffcGiER by Amiga User International ~ 5 So you want a Siamese System but need a PC?
Buy your Pentium PC from HiQ, the people who understand both the Amiga users needs and the advantages of using both platforms.
Or as Mat Bettinson from CU Amiga wrote:- “I consider this to be the most revolutionary product of the year for Includes Siamese v1.5 ? ; '*r"pi33 rrp £149.95 W £1049.95 P166 M A ¦ L9H £1249.95 Free On Site Warranty Siamese PentJum PC Systems include Siamese System v1.5, Mouse, Keyboard, Windows 95, Free VideoCD Player, 12 Month on site Warranty, 16mb EDO Ram,
1. 2gb Hard Drive, 2mb PCI Graphics, 16 bit Sound card, 256k
The Siamese System is developed in the UK by HiQ Limited The Original PowerStation just gets better...... So while others copy, we improve and move on!
!! A1200 3.5" STAR DRIVE BUYS !!
JTS 1gb Only £179.95 ULTRA SUM JTS 1.6gb Only £199.95 with 200w pwr supply JTS drives formatted, and Magic Workbench plus PD Software Installed. Includes cable pack.
Fits as easy as a 2.5” Drive, call for details.
UK Post & Packing £7 (Citylink) CDRom Drives IDE 8 Speed Samsung £ 99.95 SCSI 8 Speed Panasonic £149.95 SCSI Drive
1. 2gb Quantum SCSI drive £229.95 HiQ Ltd, Gable End, 2 The
Square, Hockliffe, Bedfordshire, LU7 9NB Email Address:-
steve@hiqltd.demon.co.uk All Prices include Vat, Please add
2.5% for Credit cards unless Connect and Delta versions.
TEL 01525 211327 FAX 01525 211328 Call for brochure Your chance to get into C coding as Paul Overaa brings you the second part of his mini-series s a newcomer to C there are two a 1 V, A main areas to contend with.
" Y-7 Firstly, there's the inevitable hur- die of learning the rules of the language, finding out what the language does (and does not) allow. Secondly it's necessary to get to grips with the large number of system functions present in the Amiga libraries.
The first area is reasonably simple because C is a small language that's easy to understand.
The program shown in Listing 1 is about the simplest C code that can be written and makes an ideal starting point for our travels.
The first line, some text (the program name in this instance) between * and 7 markers is a comment. Comments can be placed anywhere in a program and the compiler will simply ignore them.
The next line... indude tells the compiler to include a file called stdio.h. This is a header file that is provided with all C compilers.
While it's a line you'll use in many, if not all, your C programs, you do not (in your early C days) need to worry about the actual contents of this file.
Following this comes the reference, mainf), and this represents a function (the equivalent to the subroutines and procedures found in other languages). The main ) function has a special purpose - it tells the compiler where program execution starts and, as with all C functions, the individual statements which make up this function are enclosed in braces (}¦ One of the ways in which information can be passed to a function is by specifying a list of values, called arguments or parameters, within the brackets which come after the function name. In the example program printf(), which is a general
screen printing function provided with all C implementations, has been used like this: printfCThis is firs" C srcgrau tn"); which causes the string of characters provided between the double quotes to be displayed. Notice that the above statement ends with a semicolon.
Again this is a general C requirement - all executable statements which appear in the body of any function must have terminal semicolons! The two characters n also need explaining - they represent a single control character called a 'newline' and, when encountered, signify the end of the current line of printing. Any subsequent text after n therefore appears at the start of the next screen line.
Whenever you use these types of readymade functions within a program, the linker will automatically include the appropriate library code. Sometimes in your early coding days you might get error messages during linking and invariably this is due to one of two reasons - either you've told the linker to look in the wrong piace (perhaps specified a wrong directory for the library), or you've effectively asked the linker to find a function which doesn't exist Function names are case-sensitive so if, for instance, you wrote Printf instead of printf, the linker would complain that this function
couldn't be found.
The last statement used in the example, returnO, is used to specify a return value which is produced when the function is used.
This month it's just being used to cause the mainO function to return a no error (zero) indicator to the operating system when the program runs. The return statement is, however, an integral part of the more general description of a C function and I'il be dealing with exactly this topic next month!
A working Storm C demo was provided on the coverdisk with issue 100 and, if you are using this, running the example code will be easy: Fiaving opened a new project however, you do need to select the 'amiga.lib' library entry in the project window and use the Edit menu’s Erase option to remove this entry (this is necessary because the amiga.lib library isn't provided with the demo version of Storm C).
At this point you should open the Storm C editor, type in the program shown in listing one, then save the file using the name test.c (by convention C source files are always given the filename extension '.c', and most compilers expect such an extension to be present).
Having saved the file, pick up the teste icon that is produced, and drop it into the project window (alterna- source from the coverdisk into the project window.
Either way Storm C will recognise the source file and add it to the project. To create and run the executable version all you then need to do is select the 'make and run' button which you'll find on the Storm C toolbar (second icon in from the right)!
Dice C demo users get quite a lot of help files provided including a five page ReadMe file. Read it - it explains how to set up the system and also shows you exactly how to compile simple programs (hence we're chosen not to waste space by duplicating those explanations).
If however, anyone does have snags, related to the use of either the Storm C or the Dice C demo, simply drop us a line (or an email) at Amiga Computing and we'll put you on the right track!
I* test.c 1I linclude iain() ( printfC This is iy first C prograsNn"); return(O); Amiga Computing 47 STUDIi ...DrawStudio is excellent with everything you expect in a structured drawing package: 92%... The following images were created in DrawStudio, the Amiga's premier illustration ' package: Here are just a few examples of what you can do with DrawStudio. Most of the elements on this page are direct from DrawStudio, giving you a good idea of what you could be doing with this sensational piece of Amiga software!
To take advantage of this special offer exclusive to Amiga Computing readers, call the publishers of DrawStudio and order now. Don't delay, special discounted offer only valid until the end of Febuary 1997. Available on CD-ROM and Floppyy Disk (Both require hard drive, 68020 or above and 3Mb free memory) HOW TO ORDER: All major credit cards plus switch PRICES FLOPPY DISK PACK £59.95rrp AC SPECIAL OFFER £47.95 +p&p CD VERSION £74.95rrp AC SPECIAL OFFER £59.95 +p&p Telephone: +44 (0)1908 370 230 Fox:+44 (0)1908 640 371 Posf: LH Publishing, 13 Gairloch Ave., Bletchley, MK2 3DH, United Kingdom.
Cheques Postal Orders: Pfease make out cheques postal orders to LH Publishing. If ordering from overseas, payment can be made via a bankers draft in UK Sterling drawn on a UK bank. Please add postage costs to ensure prompt delivery.
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1500 2000 4000 Active 8 port high speed serial card.
Multiboard Support 57600 Baud rate on all channels simultaneously £299 Specially made hardware and software. Allows 4 ATAPI devices, ie, 2 IDE hard disk & 2 IDE CD Rom to Amiga 4000 internal IDE controller, through Alfapower on Amiga 500 500+ and possibly Amiga 1200 comes, with ftill IDE Fix software £59 Amiga Joysticks Amiga Joysticks .....£ 9-95 Amiga Joypads ......£9-95 Multi Media Speakers 25 watt (pmpo) . Multi Media Speakers 100 watt (pmpo) ... Multi Media Speakers 240 watt (pmpo) ... Multi Media Speakers 300 watt
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Look at all that lovely lolly stashed away, just don't tall the VAT man Like most programs there it is user definable O'm sure all of us can remember, and perhaps some of you out there are going though this, sitting there on hot summer days gazing outside wishing not to have to sit for another minute in a boring maths lesson.
To be honest, any mention of maths normally brings to mind the image of a bearded guy, wearing glasses and a psychedelic 70s shirt, explaining part two of advanced trigonometry on an Open University course.
The same goes for spreadsheets, if you were wanting to sell a computer to someone you would not try to impress them with computational speed at which your spreadsheet can sum up last year's tax returns. You would pick something a little more spectacular - well unless you were showing an accountant or something.
With Christmas been and gone, Neil Mohr needs to straighten out his finances. Maybe TurboCalc will keep his bank manager quiet, for now Somehow no matter how tedious something is it can manage to be a necessary evil and if there is one thing spreadsheets can do, its’ look after numbers. If you want to make sure you stay in the black, a spreadsheet is what you need. That is, unless you are one of the aforementioned school children sitting around in class, in which case you don't even know you're born.
I haven't had much contact with spreadsheets in general and all 1 can remember from the Amiga ones I have encountered is that they were fairly horrid things to look at
- being made for Workbench 1.3, were not very easy to use and
were pretty limited. I am glad to say none of this applies to
EETS From the outset everything ran smoothly with TurboCalc, the good old Amiga installer copied everything across to my ever decreasing-in-size hard drive. Running TurboCalc had it automatically copying the current Workbench screen, so I did not have to even change that.
TurboCalc does not come with a printed manual, something you would normally expect. Instead you get an extremely well organised set of on-line help and tutorial documentation, if you have Workbench 3.0 you will get the very best out of the context sensitive help with all the pop up requesters sporting a help key that will open an AmigaGuide at the correct help page. More generally, help on the menus, functions, macros and settings are always available from a menu along with access to the full index or contents.
The only times I really use spreadsheets, 3part from way back in my sixth form college days, is when putting together the progress sheet we use here at Amiga Computing. It keeps track of where all the copy is up to and what has left to be written. At the start of the month we allocate If you have never come across a spreadsheet before you won't have a clue what they are all about. A spreadsheet is usually an application that allows numbers and strings to be manipulated in a grid, usually by some mathematical formula.
If that has boggled your mind a simple example would be to use a spreadsheet to add up a list of numbers and return the result. If any of the numbers in the list are changed, the total result is automatically updated to the new figure.
When entering formulae into the spreadsheet, you specify the cells in the spreadsheet by entering their x y co-ordinates which are ordered alphabetically across and numerically down. So to add two numbers pages for each article and are told how many advertising pages are to be set aside.
Once all the information has been put into the spreadsheet it instantly tells you how many pages it all adds up to. As pages are written these can be marked off and everyone knows where they are up to.
Probably not the most conventional use for up you would enter in a cell the following: =SUM(B1+B2).
This would add up the two numbers in cells Bl and B2, with the result being shown wherever you typed the above. The power of spreadsheets is the ability to copy and paste the formulas used and they retain their relative references. If you had the formula SUM(B4:B8), which sums all the numbers from B4 to B8 and copied it over to the next cell, the formula would be updated to read SUM(C4:C8).
If you are still confused by all this do not be put off - with TurboCalc you get a whole load of example files so you can learn from those, as well as a nicely thought out AmigaGuide based tutorial.
Amiga Computing r-; befwRfonl cuvut ii HsfvefckPt caori.ee l3 ImwicaflS aawrtS Ccxir i*r 1S HetweSfea 'i 5 tffaes 15 l ATCDstapfcro'i [comwrttw vfth ver.?cn 2 3 Couelet IS Hetvetica l8 times lS Courier Helvetica 2 times 24 I thought I had managed to find a Haw with TurboCalc's standard fonts requester which is rubbish, but unfortunately there is a use ASL font requester option Making spreadsheet organisation a much more flexible prospect, separate sheets realty do help out a spreadsheet but it works as well as anything else, so why not?
As everyone here is on the Mac network we use Excel, Microsoft's big old spreadsheet, to maintain the progress sheet, and I'm glad to say TurboCalc is every bit of a match for it, while being a ... it has a huge number of j jj |SJfJ functions for use with the | jmSmmm spreadsheet calculations approaching 200 or so. aHBf ' from basic arithmetic ' W w functions, such as add and subtract, to complex trigonomic functions. It also has Boolean operators, string and date commands and functions to help automate spreadsheet functions in TurboCalc macros.
Using TurboCalc does not mean a boring life of plain spreadsheets. If you want to add a bit of colour, choose one of the many types of charts it has to offer. On the whole they are very easy to set CTTi.TR UP’ where the nfl Jm figures you want plotting ¦mm. | are. You can then pro- .. t| duce a bar, line, point, ' ' HkX. Area, step and pie |B chart. All these offer 3- & 1% Ijp D versions and can have colour and patterns applied to each section. The pie chart is particularly nice as it lets you pull out segments if you need to highlight a specific part of the pie.
Further fancy additions can be made to your spreadsheet through TurboCalc objects. These drop scaleable bounding boxes onto your spreadsheet and can be moved to any position or size you like.
Most simply this allows you to splash IFF graphics onto your spreadsheets to make them a little more interesting, or have a freely positionable text box.
A chart can also be made an object and you can have a chart, of what ever sort you wanted, laid onto the spreadsheet. As your spreadsheet is updated, the chart is dynAMIGAlly updated as well - an excellent feature.
TurboCalc is an exemplary Amiga program - easy to learn, quick to use and yet has the power for even the most demanding user. The only criticism I could level at it is I wish the gadgets had thin sides so they look correct on txl ratio screens, but that is hardly going to put you off!
Requirements BLACK EW CLEAN SHEETS Workbench Workbench 3Mb Hard drive Product Supplier Mb Tel aCELL 3370 95% 95% One of the new additions to version four of TurboCalc is sheets. Instead of each separate spreadsheet being thought of as a single entity it is now only a single sheet out of as many as you want, Each spreadsheet project is called a folder, which of course can hold as many spread sheets as you like.
This makes organising large spread sheets far easier. Previously, if you wanted to keep tables of information separate you would have had to spread the tables all over the single sheet - which meant a lot of scrolling around your documents if you wanted to change figures in another table.
There is also the possibility you could run out of room on a single spreadsheet.
By adding extra sheets you can really simplify this job and make your spreadsheets much easier to access. Say you want to work out your monthly outgoings such as food, rent and petrol but also wanted a separate overall breakdown. You could create separate sheets to hold the individual entries and another to hold the totals.
For each sheet you create you can either flip through each one using the arrow buttons on the bottom left of the window or use the pop up requester to select a sheet.
I found TurboCalc also lets you have a separate window open for each sheet using the open new view option and of course, as soon as you alter a value on one sheet all the sheets are updated.
»"»e support@digita.demon.co.uk WWW:http: www.digita.com Product details £39.99 Upgrade £29.99 +44 (0)1395 270 273 Digita International Scores Implementation TurboCalc v4 Ease of use Value For Money Overall ®he Hewlett Packard 51 laserjet is a quality printer that bridges the performance and price gap
- between professional business machines and those for home use.
As such, it is designed for the home or small workgroups.
Because of this, it is the least expensive (almost by a
third) of the H-P 5 range.
As a result it has more limitations than its more expensive brethren. These might matter for business users but for the home user or small work groups they won't pose a problem. Despite costing £499, the 5L is one of the best value modern quality printers available.
The output quality sounds impressive. Its 600 x 600 dots per inch ensures it can hold its own against other, more expensive competitors. The quality promises to be flawless; its text is crisp and well defined and greyscale imaging is impressive.
Aesthetically the 5L's design is a little unusual with its curved base and raked paper bins. It might not be to everybody's taste but it is certainly distinctive. If your study is a clutter, this printer is probably a little bulky and certainly isn't as space efficient as one of the tower designs such as the Panasonic KX P6100.
Premier Packard The paper handling should beat most other equivalent printers. It incorporates two paper bins, one of which holds 100 sheets while the other is a single sheet ‘priority input slot1. It won’t restrict what quality and weight of paper has to be used - a straight through path allows you to print on paper upto 431b bond weight The 5L has a cunningly adaptable paper handling facilities to cope with not just A4 but also envelopes and other odd shape stock. Both bins have sliding guides which can be pushed inwards to keep the sides of the paper properly aligned.
The technical specifications are impressive. The 5L is managed by a 24MHz Motorola 68030 processor and because it incorporates Memory Enhancement Technology, it allows output of 600dpi on only 1 Mb of memory.
This can be upgraded to 9Mb via an empty memory slot which would enable the printer to accomplish even the biggest, trickiest job you could imagine and also enable you to download fonts and the like. As well as this, the Hewlett Packard 5L incorporates a number of useful features such as the HP Printer Pal which allows you to receive faxes on plain paper.
The printer should be efficient and easy to use with a very good driver and onscreen help. Rather than looking like the bridge of the starship Enterprise, it is uncluttered with buttons and LEDs - in fact there is only one button - for on off - the rest is automated and operated from the computer.
The machine has a couple of possible drawbacks but these stem from the fact that it is ah inexpensive version of a pricier business machine.
First of all, it might not be especially fast although it should manage a fairly reasonable four pages per minute. Also the foldout paper guides aren't especially sturdy, and depending on the number of toddlers, cats and dogs running about your house, there is a chance that a collision could result in a breakage. Having said that, equivalent models of the same price probably wouldn't be any better equipped.
In the quality personal laser printer market, the Hewlett Packard 5L is one of the best in terms of output quality, ease of use and value for money. Although slow compared to a business machine, the output rate of four pages per minute should be sufficient for home use and the 600dpi output quality puts many of the competition to shame.
In short, although maybe a little more pricey than other printers, the Hewlett Packard 5L is everything you would want from a modern laser. AC Hugh Poynton takes a look at H-P's quality home printer BLACK recommended RED essential urboprlnt Studio2 Supplier Amiga Computing FEBRUARY 1997 PiKlron AMIGA REPLACEMENT CHIPS AND SYSTEM UPGRADES H. COBPOIAIION REPLACEMENT & UPGRADE CHIPS Pl trOn is North America’s largest wholesale supplier of Amiga replacement and upgrade chips (Factory New) PRICE
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2. 04 ROM O S
..519.95 2 05
ROW (V37.350) (A500 & A2000) ..$ 19.95
2. 04 ROM A3000 (Sel ol 2 Rom 0 1) ...S34.50
2. 1 Workbench for floppy users (complete O S without support
lily) ...... $ 7.95
3. 1 ROM (A500 A2000)...... $ 49.95
3. 1 ROM (A300Q A4000) .....$ 62.50
3. 1 ROM (A1200) ..$ 62
3. 1 ROM(s) Soltwate Manua ......S12 .0C S137 50 ROM
Switch Switch-Itt with speaker .S17.50
3. 1 manual only - .....S69 95
3. 1 Software . $ 10.00
3. 1 Workbench for floppy users (complete O S without support
file) ......$ 7.95 A2091 7.0 ROM
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Agnus (318069-10) PAL ..$ 17.95 8375-18 Agnus
(318069-18) 2 meg PAL $ 15.95 Agnus PLCC chip puller
.....$ 10.50 Paula (8364)
A500 A2000 ...$ 10,95 Denise
(8362) A500 A2000 .$ 10.95 Super
Denise 8373 w diagnostic disk ..$ 19,95 Gary 5719
A500 A20Q0 ..$ 10.95 Buster
5721 (A2000) ..$ 16.95
68000-8MHZ CPU (DIP) .. $ 11.50
68003-16MHz CPU
(DIP) S22.50 66030-RC50
PGA ..$ 84.50 68832-25
PGA .....$ 24.95 Western
Digital SCSI chip SA ... $ 27.50 Video Hybrid • (ASCO
39C229-03) .59 95 GVP Upgrade Chip Series I
.....$ 29.95 6570-01 (71) (315107-01)
Keyboarc. 1C $ 14 95 SURFACE MOUNTED DEVICES (For A1200. A3000,
A4000, CD32) 8520 PLCC
(391078-02) .S19-50 Amber
(390538-03) ...$ 24.50
(390537-04) $ 34.50
(391227-01) 524,50
Ramsey (rev.4) 390544-04 ....„ ...S19.95 Ramsey
(rev, 7) 390541-07 .S36.50
Al»ce 8374
(391010-01) ...S25.5Q Gal
(XU9) (390123-01)) ..521 95
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(391425-01) .. 533.95 Super Denise
(391554-01) .S29.95 6571
Keyboard Chip (391079-01) .....$ 14.95
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8354 (391077-01) .$ 27.95
(390540-02) ......S32.95
Super Buster Rev. 11 (390539-11) .S34.50
Bridgotte (391380-03) ..$ 29.50
Video DAC (391422-01) ...$ 1995
(390084-07) .$ 13.95
58020-16(391506-01) S13.95 MC
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PGA $ 59.95 MC 68030FE25B QFP
(390399-05) .$ 19.95 MC 6803QRC50
PGA .....S79.95
MOTHERBOARDS (Factory New) CD32 (no RAM memory)
NTSC $ 89.95 CD32 complete with
RAM tested NTSC ....$ 109.95 CD32 complete with
RAM tested (PAL) $ 89.95 CD32 replacement CD
mechanism ..$ 39.95 A500 (rev. 3) me all chips
(see below) ..$ 49.50 A500 (Rev.
5 6) . $ 89.50
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AI200 (PAL) Limited quantity 3.0 O S ail memory New...$ 279.95
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(16MHz) ....$ 299.95 A3000
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(irrited quantity) CALL C64 (re4urb*sned. Tested
all chips) ...S29 95 C64 untested. All chips
clearance ......2 S25.Q0 Cl
28 .....$ 49.95
280 $ 69.95
15 •
II .S17.95
1541 Alps
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DRIVES (Factory New) High Dens. External floppy for alt
Amigas ..$ 114.95 High Density Internal Floppy Drive:
A3000 A40CO (specify) .$ 104,95
A200Q ,....5109.50 A500 Internal
880k .. $ 38.95 A600 1200
Internal ... S47.50 A600.T200 new Amiga Tech.
Special release button .$ 1.95 A200Q Interna
880k ..$ 39.95 A3000
Internal 880k ...... $ 49.95 A4000
Internal 880k ... $ 49.95 CD32 Replacement CD
mechanism .S39.95 1541
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New low price Amiga "Q-Drive" 1241 CD ROM Drive for the At 200 The Amiga Technofogies "Q-Drive" 1241 is a PCMCIA interface for the Amiga 1200 (CD32 emulator). It is a super fast CD-ROM drive equipped with a PCMCIA connector.
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Paxtron CORPORATION s you've probably noticed, there are now a multi tude of Internet Service Providers all clamour ing for the business of connect ing ioe Public to the World Wide Web. But as Amiga owners know only too well, many are all geared up for the average PC owner and not those with Amigas. Fortunately, many are now realising that there is a huge untapped market out there of Amiga users who want to get con nected.
We thought we'd find out how Demon In Ken atZetnet said: What can you offer the Amiga owner?
We provide our Amiga users with necessary software for gaining access to the web (scripts, etc.) as well Internet Client software. Amiga Technical support is also available.
When b technical help available?
Technical support is available from 9 AM to 8 PM, Monday to Friday and 9AM-5PM on Saturday.
What extra's do you offer eg, free web space?
Each account comes with 5Mb of free web space.
0345 local call number from anywhere in the UK If you recommend two friends to Zetnet services in one calendar month, then you get 1 months free subscription How much do you charge?
Setup fee of 20 ukp (waived if transferring from another ISP) Thereafter 7.50ukp per month or 80 ukp for the whole year. (Prices are inclusive of VAT) No online charges hidden charges, etc. What b your user-to-modem ratio?
12:1 Do you have Points Of Presence all over the UK?
We operate an 0345 local call service from all over the UK What mall protocol do you have - SMTP or POP?
POP3 mail protocol I Alfj ¦ r' 11 Kj |1'j [ af J » j [ ti i || fik' Ilr.'WiTVfiTir . k Q *£ H LUMCC*!1 Ill 1 il« Wi'LJI *) i»i VF F3F; Etv- ' iVi flu‘ Miwria mS What can you offer the Amiga owner?
We can offer dial up accounts for Amiga users, but they will have to supply their own " software and find their own technical support as we do not support Amiga users.
When is technical help available?
The technical support line is open at the following times: Monday - Friday
09. 00hrs 21 .OOhrs Saturday Sunday 10.00hrs
- 16.00hrs What extras do you offer - any free web space?
We do not currently offer free webspace with our dial up accounts How much do you charge?
Charges are as follows: Annual Account £89.99 + vat Quarterly Account £29,99 + vat Monthly Account £9.99 + vat, plus a setup fee of £10.00 +vat.
What is your useMo-modem ratio?
Do you have Points Of Presence all over the UK?
We cover the entire UK with local call access and have POPs throughout, What mall protocol do you have - SMTP or POP?
POP3 mail.
TU RE U n fortunate ly, although ive contacted some larger | American ISP's they i did not respond in time to our questionnaire. So this is where our US readers come in - if you know of any good American ISP's that are kind to Amiga owners let us know. We will publish the results in a later issue.
Ver the years the Amiga has had more than its fare share of programming languages. One of the first was the fairly abysmal Amiga Basic, written by some company called Microsoft. HiSoft has also had a go with its long running and very competent HiSoft Basic.
What really got the ball rolling was AMOS, based on STOS the original Atari ST version, it brought us a powerful and highly flexible programming language that was also simple to learn. This was soon followed by AMOS Pro for people who wanted even more out of AM05 and included a compiler to allow standalone programs and after that, EasyAMOS to simplify programming even more.
Later, a rival to AMOS appeared in the form of Blitz Basic and was used to write the highly addictive Skid Marks. Being the more recent program Blitz managed to attract a good number of AMOS and new programmers, due to the better Intuition based editor and debugger, along with the fact you could, from the start, produce proper multitasking programs as well has hardware bashing games. Blitz however never seemed to get the mammoth following that AMOS managed to gain.
With the power of assembler and the ease of a high level language, is Secal the answer to your programming prayers?
The aim of both Blitz and AMOS was to give the user a programming language that was simple to learn and use, but gave the most modest of programmers access to powerful graphical effects even on relatively slow machines such as the A500. This is made possible by the languages doing two things: Firstly by disabling the operating system, every CPU cycle can be utilised by your program and your program alone. Secondly, by giving the programmer specific commands for manipulating graphics and sound, these can be optimised to make sure they run as fast as possible.
Even though a good deal of speed can be gained with specialisation of commands, you will never be able to get the absolute speed of commands written in pure assembler.
Even the best compiler will not be able to produce code as fast as hand written assembler - a human can make more advanced optimisations and take better advantage of the processor.
The problem is that assembler is nowhere near the easiest language to program in.
With odd command names, bizarre types of addressing, the fact you have addressing and that you end up with very hard to follow code, all adds up to making assembler a hard language to learn. When coding with this you really do have to think the way the computer processor works, as you are coding on the single instruction level.
The point of Basic and high level languages such as Cobol, Pascal and C is to make coding more like writing a description of what you want the program to do.
Allowing you to think more in terms of the problem you want solving, rather than how you can get the computer to solve the problem you have. All this extra ease of programming is at the expense of execution speed.
Secal Secal is an all new programming language and, unlike Blitz and AMOS, it is not exactly designed as a straight forward Basic, even though there are certain points that may make you think it is.
It describes itself as a language that integrates the elements of both low and high languages into one environment. Essentially Secal gives you an assembler compiler that allows you to use Basic style commands intermixed with the assembler code and the processor’s data and address register names.
The idea being that this makes for more readable code, far easier to maintain and update and yet keeps all the execution speed of a pure assembler version of the same code.
Secal makes this possible by limiting the IqlegTeH CM] rffrTEH i lia«mwinn layl Uzuln lrr,»lny| nraruJna I *nd J t dcst ] 5C*St«pch t bfsin ] I *nd J [ pat ] ; 'i ¦ --i-
- • t •;* ;'
- -«srv RLLJ t1C J l .fsjv : ufs?r.ias_feusi.iff ?ss*I«5tt* rati
T; Pan*I L?UE1oS *K«utabU , cod* ia ralocaiabU, Ir minmr ® mm
mm. Iiimi i&i*i mnm | Wow t tor litattlw r .j r ~0 - f' ' :r.
I :¦’ v . V « s.,'-' , f i r i *¦ ri x A full space invaders game with sounds and parallax scrolling is possible in a few hundred lines of Secal code The main monitor screen has all the debugging tools you would expect Amiga Computing number of high level com- mands you have available.
Along with standard mathematical operations, the only other real high level instructions are conditional commands - IF THEN, REPEAT UNTIL, WHILE DO and FOR DO.
You may think this would not make a massive difference to a program, but studies have shown on average, almost 50% of program code is taken up with jumps and conditional commands.
This combination of assembler and high level commands allows you to have statements like this: For d2: =d3+10 donate 0 do X:=K+d2;; Where you are able to specify both processor data registers and Secal variables ail in the same line. This allows you to take advantage of having regularly used variables stored in registers, while also having the convenience of being able to use normal variable names for less important values.
I°r Installing Secal is thankfully simplicity itself, due to the well used standard Amiga Installer. This gives you the choice of either a hard drive install, 3 DD floppies or 2 HD floppies. Accompanying the Secal program is a 122 page manual that outlines the use of the IDE including keyboard shortcuts, a short guide to the Secal compiler and programming commands. The final quarter of the manual deals with describing the additional library functions stored in the Secal.lib and the Ext.lib. AN* Secal.lib has your normal string manipulation functions, but the real interesting stuff can be
found in Ext.lib. The functions in the library provide a simple way for you to handle Amiga screens and sprites, play music, sounds and animation - all within the Amiga's operating system.
The functions provided are quite flexible - the music ones allow protracker modules to be loaded into memory off a disk and played when you like, along with samples that are already in memory.
Jargon BOX - Beginners All purpose Symbolic Instruction Cede, originally referred to a simple language designed by John C. Kemeny and Thomas E. Kurtz at Dartmouth College in 1963. To allow students to quickly pick up and lecm bcsk programming skills.
More generally refers to any language suitable for beginners, even though many recent Amiga languages called Basics go far beyond this CPU cycle - Refers to the time it takes the CPU to process one instruction Optimisation - The processes of re-wrmg program code, so the same jOD is done but in less tine On the graphic side of things, Secal gives you all the functions you need to create Amiga screens either single or double buffered and then to place sprites and sprite groups onto the screen. Functions are there to add masks to the sprites so you can move them over backgrounds. There is
even a chunky to planar conversion routine.
Further functions give you file access with all memory allocation and de-allocation being automatically handled, control over the blitter and task priorities are also in there.
Secal is an interesting language, the ability to use both high level commands and assembler is not new. AmigaE has allowed you to do that for a good while now and AmigaE also allows object oriented programming, but then AmigaE is an advanced programming language. Secal seems to be aimed at people who want a more straight forward language that makes it quick to develop games but from a professional environment still gives full access to the Amiga's operating system and if you really want, direct access to the hardware.
I would say this is more for the semi-experience programmer, perhaps if you have already dabbled with Amos or Blitz and need something more advanced. The price is excellent but with only a few example programs to show you how to use the external libraries, the absolute beginner would probably struggle. - 7* Botiam line Requirements RED essential BLACK recommended Qntegrated society It had to happen, there are only a finite number of three fetter acronyms in the world and at some point they had to run out. Secal sports what is known as an IDE, nothing to do with the type of hard drive,
but an Integrated Development Environment. This fascinating thing just refers to a combined editor, compiler and debugger. From one tool you can write compile and track gives you a better environment for writing programs as you are not forever switching between a separate editor, shell compiler and separate debugger.
To help you along even more, a tool runs along the top of the screen. Though this cannot be changed by the user all of the most commonly used commands are here for you, and any that are not more than likely have a keyboard shortcut.
Both the debugger monitor and program editor are accessed through the same screen with you switching between the two using a button on the tool bar.
Workbench Hard drive UCT DETAILS Product Supplier Price £34.99 01827 312 302 Ease of use Implementation Value For Money Overall Amiga Computing On a fit of nostalgia the other day I flicked through some old issues of Amiga Computing, _and was alarmed to find that my tenure as PeeDee ubermeister has spanned nearly three years. I'd like to be able to say that it seems like it was only yesterday that 1 tentatively urged my first submission into the drive, but I'd be lying.
Much has happened in that time. Once a proud computing galleon, the good ship Amiga has spent the best part of the mid- 90s in the choppy ocean of uncertainty, occasionally appearing to remain afloat only thanks to valiant bucket work from its loyal sailors.
With all this in mind, 1 decided this month to introduce a new slant in Public Sector, highlighting some of the best and the worst PD and Shareware software which has graced my humble floppy drive over the years as well as the cream of the new releases - if you will, a veritable plethora of PD both past and present.
Qmagestudio 2 Programmed by: Andy and Graham Dean Originally reviewed: Issue 87 (June 1995} Available from: demo from PD libraries or Aminet; commercial version £15 from LH Publishing NACK Programmed by: Stephan Bulling Available from: Classic Amiga Software Disk No: UT 200 The curiously named Knack is in fact a GUI archiver with a few extra features thrown in for good measure. It can pack and unpack files in QMS, Lha and Lzx formats.
It is also capable of encrypting files using PGP, formatting disks and displaying text files, all through the use of external programs which can be specified on the preferences screen. The packing programs themselves are included on the disk, in case they are not already in place on your hard drive.
Knack requires the ever popular Magic User Interface, and consequently its interface is attractive, clear and configurable.
The use of MU I means the program can be easily iconified and then called back with a quick click of the mouse. Knack also acts as a commodity, so it can be recalled or iconified from within Exchange.
Although it is by no means an essentia!
Program in that there are plenty of other GUIs around fulfilling similar roles, Knack is attractive and simple making it worth a look.
Version 2.3 supports CyberGraphX... but I've only got AGA, so there When some Shareware authors receive a poor response to their requests for users to register, they decide enough is enough and simply don't bother in future. Anyone brave enough to admit they remember Moose Drive will probably be glad to know that it was the first and last Shareware program I was involved in producing. I didn't actually do any programming - indeed, the majority of the work on that project was done by a friend of mine by the name of Graham Dean. Since then, Graham has been a busy bloke.
While I decided to write about Shareware instead of actually writing it, Graham stuck with programming.
After learning C he teamed up with his brother Andy to create an affordable but powerful Image Processing program. The original ImageStudio appeared in late 1994 and was warmly received by the Amiga press.
Flundreds of users registered and the considerably rewritten follow-up arrived a few months later. Soon after, LH Publishing took over the distribution of the program from Graham and Andy so that they could concentrate on other projects in their spare time - namely the Shareware TextureStudio and the recently released commercial package DrawStudio.
ImageStudio has proved so popular because it offers a great many features which were previously only found in expensive packages such as ImageFX and Photogenics. Through a beautifully simple interface the user can crop, texture and con- Dave Cusick snubs the January sales and opts instead for more cheap and cheery software vert images, play around with the brightness and contrast, and perform a wealth of other operations. All the major image formats from all platforms are supported, as are subformats such as Transparent and Interlaced GIFs. Arexx support enables complex scripts to be
developed, allowing users to automate complex series of operations so that they can be performed with a single click of the mouse.
A particularly innovative feature is the use of virtual memory as standard, with previous versions of the current image being stored on your hard drive. You can choose how many levels of undo and redo are available, so that if you perform a series of operations on an image and then decide the results are unsatisfactory, returning to the original image is a simple matter.
Since the release of version 2.0 several updates have appeared adding more features. These are available either from Public Domain libraries or from the ImageStudio web pages at http: www.ajdean.demon. co.uk . The latest release is v2.5, which incorporates full support for the CyberGraphX graphics standard and brings a printed manual into the bargain for registered users. To be honest, it is hard to see how the program could really be improved any more. Right from its initial release ImageStudio has been extremely stable (I know - 1 was a version 1.0 beta tester) and there are no obvious
omissions from its impressive armoury of features.
The bottom line is that over 18 months after its initial release, ImageStudio 2 remains one of the best Amiga image processors around. It can handle everything most people will ever need to throw at it and, with registration only costing £15, it represents excellent value for money.
AMIGA Computing HARE WARE DangerDogg is painfully unplayable, utterly devoid of originality and completely uninspiring.
From the pointless introductory screens with a digitiser to satiate his dog-related desires?) To the appallingly flawed gameplay, this game is, not to put too fine a point on it, dismal.
This leaves the self-respecting PD aficionado two choices. The first is to avoid it like the plague; the second is to download it, laugh hysterically, and then delete the files from your hard drive one by one. I'd opt for the second option - not only is it an education, but it's far more satisfying.
UJ When I came to thinking about the worst software Public Sector has ever had the misfortune to investigate, 1 actually found myself in quite an interesting position. I generally don't review poor software in these pages, preferring to devote the space to more deserving programs; and besides, some of the least useful disks the column has been sent in the past have, I confess, found a more meaningful existence as blank floppies in times of need. For that reason, and I suppose because I have a strange and perverted sense of humour, I yelped with glee when I rammed this disk into my trusty
3.5" a couple of weeks ago.
DangerDogg is a platform game, and a rather feeble one at that. In the words of the German authors, "If you want complete a level you must move Doggy over all objects he must give the colours back," Well, quite). This is rather more demanding than it initially sounds, principally because Doggy himself responds about as much to your joystick as government policy does to popular opinion.
Doggy leaps about (or, more often than not, plummets to his death) against a horrifically garish backdrop, and to the accompaniment of suitably weedy sound effects. His movements are so singularly graceless, his animation so wholly pathetic, and his range of actions so incredibly limited that not even the most action-starved games fan could fail to be unimpressed.
Programmed by: Matthias Bock Available from: Classic Amiga Software Disk No: G 402 TAR DEFENDER STBR . DEFENDER PRESS FIRE OR FIO TO START HALL OF f ami: X Heint p G L SCORE i C 3 H . STRRFOX I . ANONYMOUS 1 . RHOHYMOUS 1 0 1 007 I 0 01 I 001 O 0 oo 00G7M75 GGGiOXS 0000900 COOOOOQ become God.
Many hours spent hunched Why can’t all games be this addictive?
When I was but a child, I would regularly return from one of my not infrequent parentally accompanied shopping trips in Macclesfield with a small cassette in a Bailey's carrier bag, From the outside, Bailey's appeared for all the world like any other toy shop, but for a small proportion of the population in the Macclesfield area, it offered far more: an Acorn Electron budget games rack.
Over several years I accumulated a scarily large collection of £1.99 and £2.99 gems, many from the Micro Power stable - programs which had for the large part been taken from listings in the pages of Electron User magazine (which way back in the mists of time was produced by Database Publications, which became part of Europress, which became part of IDG. It's a funny old world), The vast majority of these _ were standard budget fare, playable for a couple of hours before tedium set in whereupon they would be consigned to a shelf forever.
Some, such as Gauntlet, were not.
The Gauntlet of which I speak was not, as might initially be thought, a conversion of the Atari arcade game. It was in fact a Defender clone, although being a mere slip of a lad I was totally unaware of this at the time.
At first I had been disappointed with my new purchase - a month's pocket money invested in a game which appeared so fiendishly difficult that my friends and I found it difficult to last more than a few seconds. Then, on a Christmas family visit, The magnificently playable Star Defender my Electron-owning cousin's Gauntlet prowess etched such an indelible mark on my easily influenced young mind that I swore there and then that I too would Gauntlet were over that beautiful heige keyboard, my little fingers struggling to master the awkward key combinations and my reactions fighting a losing
battle against the hordes of marauding aliens.
And lo, as days turned to weeks, my mastery of this arcade classic grew. I topped the hiscore table, and eventually succeeded in registering a score so high that I had completed the game twice over before finally succumbing to a hurtling mutant.
Of course, all this was so long ago that my Defending brilliance has since paled significantly. The passage of time has tempered my reactions, and the joystick is simply too modern an innovation for hands that were baptised in all things digital right back at the dawn of home computing.
But despite my current ineffectual Gauntleteering, I can see in Star Defender echoes of that addictive, fluid gameplay which ensnared me during my formative years. The graphics might be positively 8-bit, but the action is so unrelenting and the pace so blistering that few could fail to be enamoured with this Amiga-ised blasting frenzy. One to invest in, methinks, Amiga Computing ? If toolkit vl .4.1 Programmed by: Stephan Schupfer Available from: home page at http: www.sbox.tu- graz.ac.at home schupfer GIF-Toolkit - and possibly on Aminet soon BLACKBI With the increasing focus on the
Internet throughout the computing world, and especially on the World Wide Web, programs capable of manipulating GIF images are becoming ever more valuable. Several image processors, such as ImageStudio (reviewed again elsewhere in these pages), are capable of handling Interlaced and Transparent GIFs, but when it comes to dealing with GIF animations the choice of programs is rather more limited - there's the- shell-based WhirlGIF to create them, and Ibrowse to view them with. And that was about it, until this little offering came along.
LIVERPOOL DERBY, BIRMINGHAM - COVENTRY..... GIF Toolkit makes creating transparent and interlaced GIFs and GIF animations a straightforward task The marvellous MUI-based GIF Toolkit offers support for every type of GIF 89a file imaginable, including animations. In single image mode, after loading in a picture the program will display it in a scrollable window on the allocated public screen. It is then possible to play around with the image, making it interlaced or transparent, and choosing the appropriate background or transparent colours using attractive requestors.
Alternatively you can create or view animations using a separate straightforward but comprehensive requestor.
Angle Picture Using GIF Toolkit is infinitely easier than grappling with WhirlGIF, so if you need to create GIF anims there is simply no better Amiga program. On the down side, at times it can be painfully slow to use on less powerful Amigas
- quite probably as a side effect of using MU1.
Certainly 020 owners wifi find themselves twiddling their thumbs rather too often for comfort, GIF Toolkit is a Shareware program, and Trafuparant jv'l intoriac*: }? | Local Cotofmap: I ‘ 1 width; 600 Height: 460 Caned the freely distributable demo version doesn't allow you to save your lovingly created efforts. The registration fee is 35DM (or its approximate equivalent in a range of currencies - Mr Schupfer has certainly offered enough ways to pay.,.). Its price might deter the casual GIF animator but if you're likely to be doing this sort of thing regularly, GIF Toolkit is well worth
Programmed by: Philip Holden Available from: OnLine PD Disk No: OG 293 New ideas for games are, unfortunately, something of a rarity these days. Once upon a time radical new diversions such as Lemmings or Populous appeared on a fairly regular basis, but these days precious few novel gaming concepts are in evidence on any format - least of all our beloved but beleaguered Amiga. Therefore, whilst Fireflies cannot boast stunning graphics or sound effects and is probably not the most addictive game ever to grace the average Microvitec monitor, it certainly deserves commending for originality if
nothing else.
Up to five players can participate in the Fireflies: a new gaming concept fifty li«* action. Each assumes the role of a firefly, racing around the skies above a pond during the hours of darkness. The objective is to send the other fireflies plummeting to their death by forcing them to career headlong into you as you hover in the darkness, The fastest moving firefly in any collision is temporarily stunned and will begin falling towards the waters below where, if he cannot recover fast enough, he will be consumed by a hungry frog. All this doubtless sounds fairly bizarre; suffice it to say it
makes for a fairly entertaining game when in company.
Also deserving of a mention at this point is the fascinating ReadMe which accompanies Fireflies. The author has outlined a series of potential improvements to the gameplay which could lead to what would effectively be an online ecosystem, with people controlling fireflies, frogs, birds, pike and tadpoles.
Mating would be possible as would a degree of social interaction. All this sounds remarkably fascinating and, if any of this ever comes to be realised, a networked Fireflies could definitely be something to watch out for.
Overall then, whilst it is unlikely to appeal to anyone for a vast length of time in its present form, this game is absolutely brimming over with potential and is praiseworthy for this alone. The fact that it can be hugely entertaining when there are several players to hand is simply a terrific bonus, Amiga Computing 62 FEBRUARY 1997 FOR LIFE I want to hear from you if you have any program, whatever its purpose, which you consider worthy of renew. Whether it will be freely distributable Public Domain, Shareware or Licenceware, if you feel it is of sufficient quality to merit coverage then
stick if in a jiffy bag or padded envelope and send it in with all haste. V A DESIGN Browser II v3.09 Although Public Sector cannot possibly hope to cover all submissions, I promise 111 at least look at your work - even if it is yet another Lottery program or Klondike cardset It does make my job a lot easier though K disks are clearly labelled. Please also include a cover letter detailing the disk contents and price, and giving some basic instructions. The magic address is, '••jets*.
Dave Cusick, PD submissions Amiga Computing, Media House Adlington Park, Macclesfield SKI0 4NP Programmed by: Pierre Carrette and Sylvian Rougier Available from: OnLine PD Disk No: OU 350 Brilliant though it is as Windows, Icons, Menus and Pointers systems go, Workbench can still be irritating at times, hence the popularity of file managers such as Dopus and FileQuest (which was reviewed last month).
Browser II goes one step beyond these file managers. Rather than being limited to two windows, it allows multiple windows to be displayed at the same time, all containing a wealth of information about files.
HARE It operates in a similar manner to Workbench, in that files can be dragged between windows and then dropped to copy them. It is capable of executing programs at the press of a button. Menus can also be created, meaning you can ensure your most frequently used commands are available at the dick of a button (or the pressing of a hotkey).
Browser II features asynchronous file operations (something Workbench itself cannot boast!), full multi-user network support, the AMFTPATMP387CI0.13 AmfTPHtatory AmFTPPro files AmFTPHC backdrop D*v*.tof© Cisk.fnic 21 21 f ea 21 21Qua 322.19: Browser: potentially you need never have to use Workbench again Vp'k.
• mITCP: 80 BOMB: C: egfonlr CLIPS- DEVS: do Bus E NV- ENVAftC
«lgp_d.sk_ 2 f 1gp_diak_ 3, f1gp_diak_ 4 FORTS: GM HELP
JPEGTMP; 11 11 fries 7J7 Qua 469.898(489. ability to display
and deal with the contents of archives as if they were ordinary
directories, and a great deal more.
In short. Browser 11 could completely replace Workbench for many Amiga users. At first, everything seems a little alien, a little confusing: but after playing with the program for a short while, it becomes clear that it has a great deal to offer.
Diavolo Backup McitiView Vi3age Voyager Systemprogramme Small tools PC-Siuff PC-taufwerke PCD PCI PC-Pestore CrossD05 PC2Amiga Entwicklungswerkzeuge ? I V ences fstern Jl CP Bstjntuna.
[3 [3 j [3 ; r:a| J : -O r(_yj Entwicklungswerkzeuge . - M ¦ I = J t - Screentab: here’s one the author prepared earlier, which illustrates the power of this great program Everything Must Go Classic Amiga Software : OnLine PD Tw § m Cl OnLine PD l Hie Cloisters Halsall Lane Formby Liverpool L37 3PX (Tel: 01704 834335) (BBS: 01704 834583) PC-Reatore Cro33DOS |U, PC2Amiga For a long time Amiga owners have ridiculed Windows, Microsoft's attempt to drag the PC into the 1990s. However in recent months it seems programmers have been keener to emulate than humiliate, because Aminet has been
positively jam- packed with Windows 95 taskbar emulators. Possibly the best yet Is this rather superb utility.
Run as a commodity, Screentab calls up a lovely font-sensitive taskbar whenever the mouse is moved to the bottom of the screen. This taskbar enables the user to quickly flick to any currently open screen, or to run a program by selecting it from the Start menu (yes, that's correct, the button which featured so prevalently in Microsoft's dreadful Rolling Stones-accompanied adverts a year ago), ScreenTab is Shareware, and the registration fee is 10DM. With a beautiful MU! Preferences program available to allow easy configuration, a host of added extras such as "Plug-ins" and much more to
offer, ScreenTab really does have everything going for it, The taskbar itself is one of the more useful aspects of the Windows 95 interface and you won’t find It more brilliantly implemented on the Amiga.
1 Pcl 11, Deansgate Radcliffe Manchester " V PC1 M26 9YJ % if (Tel: 0161 723 1638) f i I .. .
KJ |CREENTAB Programmed by: Michael Link Available from: Aminet Amiga Computing £8.99 £17.99 £18.99 £34.99 £12.99 £14.99 £16.99 £14.99 £14.99 £22.99 £9.99 £9.99 £9.99 £18.99 £18.99 £14.99 £9.99 £18.99 £17.99 £4.99 £4.99 £13.49 £4.99 £19.99 £14.49 £16.99 £12.99 £24.99 £9.99 £17.99 £14.49 £8.99 £9.99 £24.99 £9.99 £22.99 £24.99 £22.99 £14.99 £14.99 £14.49 £14.49 £7.99 £14.99 £16.99 £9.99 £10.99 £9.99 £17.49 £28.49 £17.99 £16.99 £17.99 £18.99 £19.99 £14.99 £19.99 £22.99 £12.99 £19.99 £17.49 £14.99 £16.49 £18.99 £19.99 £17.95 £14.49 £14.99 £18.99 £9.99 £9.99 £7.99 £14.99 £14.99 £20.49 £21.99 £9.99
£17,99 £24,49 £4.99 £13.99 £18.99 £18.99 £14.99 CD CD CD CD CD CD CD CD CD CD CD CD CD CD CD CD CD CD CD CD CD CD CD CD CD CD CD CD CD CD CD CD CD ALWAYS FIRST FOR AMIGA THE AMIGA CLUB WITH NO MEMBERSHIP FEE £6.99 £9.99 Floppy £27.99 Floppy £6.99 Floppy £19.99 Floppy £12.99 Form Flopp Flopp Flopp Flopp Flopp Flopp Flopp Flopp Flopp Flopp Flopp Price £6.99 £14.99 £14.99 £8.99 £12.99 £5.49 £22.99 £9.99 £14.49 £12.99 £18.99 £19.99 £10.99 £8.99 £12.99 £12.99 £7.49 £18.50 £9.99 £9.99 £14.99 £24.99 £6.99 £14.99 £6.99 £28.99 £19.99 £14.99 £24.99 £14.99 £22.99 £4.99 £9.99 £14.99 £18.99 £28.49 £9.99
£18.99 £18.99 £14.99 £19.99 £9.99 £12.99 £9.99 £18.99 £15.99 £14.99 £12.99 £16.49 £9,99 £9.99 £16.99 £14.99 £14.99 £14.49 £16.99 £12.99 £18,99 £18.99 £29.99 £14.99 £14.99 £4.99 £4.99 £18.99 £24.99 £14.49 £9.99 £7.99 £6.99 £4.99 £14.99 £9.99 Format Price Floppy £14.99 Floppy £29.99 Floppy £9.99 Floppy Floppy Floppy £9.99 £9.99 £5.99 £2.99 Floppy Floppy £4.99 £8.99 Floppy £14.49 Floppy £18.99 Floppy £16.99 Floppy £6.99 Floppy £14.49 Floppy £12.99 Floppy £12.99 Floppy £14.99 £8.50 £9.99 £7.99 Floppy £14.49 Floppy £16.99 Floppy £14.99 Floppy £8.99 Floppy £22.99 Floppy £5.99 Floppy £9.99 Floppy
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£3.99 CD CD CD CD CD CD CD CD CD CD CD CD CD Floppy £14.49 Floppy £9.99 Floppy £14.99 Floppy £14.99 Floppy £12.99 Floppy £19.99 Floppy £5.99 Floppy £14.99 Floppy £14.49 Floppy £16.49 Floppy £22.99 Floppy £9.99 Floppy £ 19.99 Floppy £9.99 Floppy £19.99 Floppy £9.99 Floppy £14.99 Floppy £9.99 Floppy £16.99 Floppy Floppy Floppy £16.99 Floppy £8.50 £8.99 £4.99 £9.99 Floppy £19.99 Floppy £9.99 Floppy £12.99 Floppy £19.99 Floppy £9.99 Floppy £14.99 Floppy £8.99 Floppy £14.99 Floppy £18.99 Floppy £4.99 Floppy £7.99 Floppy £22.99 Floppy £17.99 Floppy £24.99 Floppy £14.99 Floppy Floppy Floppy Floppy
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UFO Ultimate Soccer Mngr Floppy £9.99 Utopia Floppy £9.99 Virtual Karting Voyage of Discovery War In the Gulf Watchtower World Champ Boxing World Class Cricket Title Format Price Pinball Illusions Floppy £14.99 Power Drive Floppy £ I 8.99 Premier Manager 3 Floppy £17.99 Premier Manager 3 Deluxe Floppy £ I 7.99 Primal Rage Floppy £26.99 Pro Tennis Tour Floppy £14.99 World Golf Worlds of Legend Worms X Out Xenon 2 XP8 Xtreme Racing Zeewolf 2 Zool Floppy Floppy
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Software Reveal All!
IW=C¥i F-|6* ttfcewT «*r »EHW Hlf F fcf£ news news news a _S“ CO By Hugh Poynton Anglo go for escom The announcement by Anglo that they wish to buy 19 Escom stores and reopen them under the Silica name could be good news for Amiga owners. Since Escom went bust last year the stores have remained boarded up. In the past Silica have supported the Amiga considerably by stocking Amiga hardware and games.
So keep your fingers crossed, who knows you might get one on the end ot your street!
TNFo 8Bll§ " -- White death Fancy re-enacting the massive encirclement battles that killed millions of Germans and Russians alike during the Second World War and led to the starvation of thousands of Russian civilians? Well, you're in luck, because Guildhall Leisure has released a budget version of the 1988 wargame White Death.
It focuses on The German invasion of Russia during the Second World War, so if you're an Amiga wargamer who doesn't get depressed easily why not snap up this bargain? For further details contact Guildhall Leisure on 01302 890000 By the Spring of 1997, Vulcan will introduce the world to The Hell Pigs, what it believes to be the biggest graphic adventure game ever. The Hell Pigs will be released on floppy a month before being released on CD - 22 to be exact.
The game takes up a staggering 20 Mb, so your machine's going to have to be pretty souped up to run it from the hard drive.
Hell Pigs follows four hard blokes as they investigate a recent UFO visitation. Your job is to guide these four Mitchell brothers-a-likes through dangerous caverns and bases. The floppy version offers a filmatic scripted storyline, excellent back drops and character animations, while the CD will have full motion video and actor speech throughout - your own interactive movie no less.
Vulcan has also taken the unusual step of voluntarily giving Hell Pigs game an 18 certificate because of the game's strong language and violent scenes. From this information it sounds like it might well turn out to be some sort of a weird cross between the X Files and Platoon.
Hell Pigs is due out sometime during spring '97, so keep your eyes peeled - we’ll get a review done just as soon as possible... Max rally Teenage software team Fortress is all set to release its first commercial release early in '97. Max Rally will be compatible on all Amigas with 1.5 Meg of RAM and above. The game is a four player racer that aims to redress the failings of other multiplayer race games. Fortress tells us that Max Rally will only be available via mail order and will cost no more than £14.99. For more information phone Fortress on 01902 834065 news news news You would have
thought that in times like these, any software company that still publishes Amiga games and has a gram of sense would be snapping up the best Biggies meets Mad efforts of the software developers out there. This is seemingly not the case.
Max: MicroLyte Warriors , , . . R , ' While looking tor games to review this month we noticed a couple or games that were due for release from a couple of pretty well known games companies.
We found demo versions of each on the Aminet and phoned about asking if I could do reviews on the two games. The answer was that I’d just have to ask the developer because it no longer had anything to do with the projects. The first was a sequel to an old Amiga favourite... Fabio Bizzetti's Virtual Karting caused a bit of a stir when it came out last year.
Now, Fabio has come up with Virtual Karting Deluxe, a stunning looking sequel. Unfortunately, Fabio has been unable to find a publisher, so the only way you will be able to find this game in the near future will be on the Aminet.
Although not totally devoid of bugs, the demo is an excellent looking game. The graphics are top quality, the carts responsive, and the sound is excellent (the high pitched 100 cc engines actually do sound like one of those irritating Honda scooters).
The second game was an ace little flying shoot ’em up called Microlyte Warriors. It provides you with the opportunity to fly ’Catch the Pigeon' style planes around a landscape chock full of fanciful buildings and huge windmills, We're not sure if there is a plot to the game, and frankly, even if there was it would be totally irrelevant. The fun of this game is that it is pure arcade fun.
You pit your microlyte craft against three other opponents; two are controlled by the computer, and two can be flown by human players of course three are flown by the computer if there is only one human player). This can be immense fun, flying around in your flimsy looking biplane, shooting down your mate's ornithopter (sorry, being technical - wing flapping plane to the layman).
Let's hope these two games get themselves publishers because they are both great fun, and projects that with a little investment would sell like hotcakes.
In a similar vein Silltunna is currently deciding what to do with its scheduled Christmas release, Boulderdash 3D. Doubt now lingers over the release of this fun 3D ‘doom in a hovercraft’ puzzler. For further information call Silltunna on 0114 285 4932 It's a couple of years since the Bitmap Brothers released its smash hit The Chaos Engine and the game sold like hot- cakes because of the biend of playability, superb graphics and sound. The long awaited sequel cunningly entitled The Chaos Engine 2, will be released this Christmas, virtually assuring the Bitmap Brothers another runaway success.
The story is simple enough. Professor and mad bloke extraordinaire Baron Fortosque builds a time machine which he christens The Chaos Engine (it's got to sound sinister and scary - you couldn't be calling your time machine The Luv Bug could you now?)
This cowboy contraption blows up because he's been using dodgy spare parts or something and four hapless characters are lost in time. The only way they can get back is to help Fortesque rebuild his dodgy machine.
The one.who makes the greatest contribution and gains the most points is granted his freedom.
You can choose to be one of four characters: The Gent - a pretty swish looking character with a pony tail (always a sign of quality) anc! A trench coat. Despite being armed with a pistol, he relies more on his sense of cool to keep him out of danger.
Then there is the Navvie - a bloke who looks like Bob Hoskins with a Zapata moustache and a lanky mop top. The slightly boring Brigand just looks shady and nondescript and finally, there is the Mercenary. It's not easy describing this guy because he just looks plain bizarre. The closest I can think of would be a grown up Charlie Brown with a psychotic grin and a pair of extremely thick Coke bollle bottom glasses.
Many things remain relatively unchanged from the original Chaos Engine. However, Right, outside now! Hugh Poynton takes on four hard blokes.
And loses.
Unlike the original, CE2 puts more emphasis on having two players competing for the same prizes which adds considerable pressure and excitement to the game.
The aim is also pretty much the same as the original - pick up as many bonus points as possible and find the key that enables you to leave that level and exit before your opponent. Sounds simple? Well it's anything but - when you're going head to head Quakewise with another opponent in a battle arena already packed with bad guys, the game gets very challenging.
Your success in the game is now much more dependent on tactics - you can play the game with all guns blazing making sure your opponent is constantly under so much fire he won't pose much of a threat. Alternatively you can hide and mug the guy when he steps in your direction.
Chaos Engine also incudes a number of those little touches that add to a game. Tor instance, when your character runs out of ammo and you press your fire button, the little bloke taces the screen and gives a big comical 'ah well' type shrug. If you are trying to dodge enemy fire, the characters can llatlen themselves against walls in a 'Starsky and Hutch in a gunfight' fashion. Another touch differing from the original Chaos Engine is that you can run up stairs and jump down from parapets, adding (literally) another dimension to the game.
Chaos Engine 2 is a great game. If you don't have the original, go and buy this. If you do, it differs sufficiently from the original to make it worth the money, so go and buy it anyway. There is everything you'd want from a game here. The graphics are smooth and flowing, the action non-slop and there is a huge amount of playability.
THE LOW-DOWN PUBLISHER Time Warner Interactive DEVELOPER The Bitmap Brothers CONTACT 0171 702 3643 PRICE £29.99 DISKS 3 GRAPHICS 90% 89% PLAYABILITY 92% REVIEWED BV HUGH fr Guild I Mn Over IOO iFr&m 11 Title Euro League Manager Basket Island Minskies Furballs Gun Fury Publishers Manyk Manyk Binary Emotions Binary Emotions All Amigas RRP £19.99 £19.99 £19.99 £19.99 Yes Yes Yes A1200 Only Yes
• - • No*1 Hits from Microprose & Electronic Arts Title All
Amigas A1200 Only RRP Title All Amigas A1200 Only RRP Special
Forces Yes £9.99 F19 Yes £14.99 Starlord Yes £9.99 Colonization
Yes £14.99 F117A Yes £9.99 Fifa Soccer Yes £14.99 Dog Fight Yes
£9.99 PGA Golf Yes £14.99 .
Impossible Mission Yes £9.99 Theme Park Yes £14.99 B17 Yes £14.99 Wing Commander Yes £9.99 Fields of Glory Yes £14.99 Desert Strike Yes £9.99 UFO Yes £14.99 Road Rash Yes £9.99 A1200 Only Title Dreadnoughts Plus Dr Plummets House Of Flux Bomber Bob Jigsaw Puzzlemania Daily Double Horse Racing FI Grand Prix Circuits Multiplayer Soccer Manager Centrefold Squares European Superleague Colossus Chess X Rugby Coach Football Director 2 International Arcade Action Gearworks Fools Errand Subversion Leeds United Deluxe Strip Poker Genesis Blitzkrieg White Death Worlds At War Action Stations 50 Great
Games Deluxe Strip Poker 2 Treble Champions 2 World Of Soccer Test Match Cricket Big 100 Club Football Club & Country World Of War Skidmarks Super Skidmarks Super Skidmarks DataDisk Blitz Basic 2.1 Guardian Roadkill Legends Fears Virtual Karting Gloom Blitz Support Suite A1200 Only E14.99 £14.99 £14.99 £14,99 £14.99 £14.99 £14.99 £14.99 £14.99 £14.99 _ El4.99 £14.99 £14.99 £14.99 £14.99 E4.99 £9.99 £9.99 £9.99 E9.99 £19.99 £9.99 £14.99 £14.99 £9.99 £9.99 £9.99 no* All Amigas Battle For The Ashes Yes World Class Rugby '95 Yes Emlyn Hughes International Soccer Yes Bubble and Squeak Yes Rugby
League Coach Yes Wembley Rugby League Yes Graham Gooch World Class Cricket Yes Superleague Manager Yes Graham Gooch Test Match Special Yes Super Tennis Champs Yes Super Tennis DataDisk Yes Odyssey Yes Exile Yes Exile Data Disk Yes Wembley International Soccer Yes Early Essentials 3-7yr Yes Junior Essentials 5-11yi ____ Yes English 6-16yr Yes French 8-16yr Yes German 8-16yr Yes Essential Science 5-12yr__ Yes Essential Maths 5-!2yr Yes Maths(Numbers) 6-16yr Yes Maths Geometry) 6-1 Syr Yes Maths(5tatistic5) 6-16yr Yes Malhs(Algebra) 6-16yr Yes Geography 5-1 lyr Yes Structured Spelling Ud 9 5p LD
Yes Spelling & Punctuation Yes Dinosaurs All Ages Yes Naughty Ones Yes InterWord Yes InterTalk Yes InterBase Yes InterSpread Yes Interoffice Yes Gloom Deluxe Yes Touring Car Challenge Yes Approach Trainer Yes Cover Girl Strip Poker Yes Turning Points Yes Napoleonics Yes Most titles are available from Electronics Boutique, Came Ltd, Premier Mail Order, Special Reserve, Software Plus and all good Amiga stockists. If you are unable to purchase any of the above games then please order directly from Guildhall Leisure Services Ltd.
Unit 15 Guildhall Industrial Estate, Kirk Sandall, Doncaster, S. Yorks, DN3 1QR.
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Please make cheques payable to: Guildhall Leisure Services Ltd. Or pay by Credit Card (Visa only) Please allow 14 days for delivery.
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Spend 25 and choose 1 free CD Spend 50 and choose 2 free CO Spend 75 and choose 3 free CD1* etc Page; http ; www.pdsoft(Jom Office & Retail Outlet open Monday to Saturday 9:30 to 7pm - Tel (01702) 306060 & 306061 - Fax (01702) 300115 Please add 1.00 per title for UK P&P & 2.00 for oversea's Airmail - Order via email & get 10% off your orders total.
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4 gigabytes ol softwne In 12.000 archives Whether you like applications, gomes, communications or program- nig, the Set gives you Oil you weed, AMINET SET 3 CODE: C033?
PRICE: E29.99 KLONDIKE GOLD SET 1 C0DLC0311 • PRICE: E 14.99-ANY AGA A FLASH ROM - MULTI PACK) Amlntt S«t 3 ti atu featuring 900 30 objects, 240 tei hires jnd 59 nods which will not appear on the regular Aminet CD-ROM miei.
COOL* C04OO - PRICE: £29.99 • ALL AMU Aminet Set 3 consists of approximately 4 gigabytes cT softwor In 9,1)00 archives.
Since the release of Aminet 12 more than 1200 archives 400mb) of new software have appeared.
Tors listed below.
Contains: Utilities 120Mb 1,000, Documents 270Mb B70, Tert 40Mb 210.
Business 75Mb 170. Pics A Anlm 830Mb 2,000. Graphics 170Mb 430, Mite I 50Mh
770. Demo e30Mb 2,000, Games 750Mb
530. Dev 110Mb 340. Disk 10Mb. Hardware 5Mb, Comm 150Mb Music
The Wliard 01 Di Thundrrbirih Time Cop T oo me i Trains Trap Doot Travel 2 Trek Cards True Lies Vallejo Vanessa Paradis Vehicles Venn surds Vietnam A64 Package v2.D1 - Full vcrok to nm from the cd- Magic 64 ready to run Irom the Ftodo and many others have b vided on Bse disc.
ATARI SENSAT Vol.1 . SOFTWARE. GAMES, UHLS 4 More than 4 rears after its Inception.
Aminet now voids the equirvilent ct 9,000 floppy disks.
Aminet 3 offers you c added since Aminet Set 2 was made plus full versions ol Imagine 4.0, XiPalnt 3.2, Octamed 5 (each full version otters an Alan SteM Package vQ,99 (flu ware ha$ NO commercial ccpyr
• Eighth source code only a TO* Image Tile is necessary.
(You must create TIJS IMG) ¦ bug removed: BIOS bconin(2) returned 39713 but stltl disable ' Windows Support
• full numpad supporl. "pipe" i
• RTC use1. Irt-huin time ' Some code is still absolute bu mixed
Vnkm VTDupcle
w. n.F Wallace Wild 2 Wilderness Wildllte Woman Woman Body
Builder World Atlas Viorid Vfide X-FUes I-Fife* 7 AMINET 15
CODE: CD3B4 PRICE: £ 12.89 Aminet Is If* worlds largest
collection ol Iroely distributable Amiga software, p lo 10.003
users access the vast archives dad), and countless program
mers publish initially via AmmeL AMSTRAO SEN TIONS Vol.1 .
CPCEMU emulates a Amskad C 664 or 6128 with many ntroii say it with other words, the pro Imitates the behaviour OF tlie 01 Aimtrad computer* on your no
- nostalgia (oh, how nice was n old CPC ...) - better performanc
pared la 1M original. - better men! To develop programs. - pi
games ¦ work (yes. A CPC is er simple text processing) Only
three years after its mcepflon.
Amine 1 non holds the equivalent ol nor* than 5.500 floppy disks ol soft- MAC SENSATK Vol.1
ADULT SENSATIONS 1 (IB) £14.99 CU072 (PC A AMIGA DISC) - 4.000 Images In gif format FULLY BBS READY, MUSI 81 OVER IB.
Erocutor Apple Mac emulator I: enough lo install and use that v don't need to read the documer Use apple Mac disks, sc si hard'
- Arcade
- Think
- Multiplayer
DREAMS 7 (IB) £19.99 (PC 6 AMIGA DISC) - 1,700 images in gif
- Shoe?"'
- Board Col Em for Ivui32 vO.1.2 and Use slons have been
excluded. Coll non-prolit emulator created for individuals who
were and si ill.
Ol the Coieco garninq era and * to play ihrtr Coteco Vision garm today* operating system
118) E1T.99 CD new (PC A AMIGA DiSC) - PlCTUtS a 10 In amiga
- Amos - Amiga
- Bhti - Basic
- AmigaE - Assembly DRAGON 32 . :jmu. I PC-DRAGON EMULATOR VI.02
b BURGIN - A Dragon or Tandy Co Computer B emulator tor IBM f
compatibles, lues program a lie use your Dragon or Tandy Coco
and applications software with- need a ckJtUf up your desk wt
man one computer.
- Icons
- Video
- Mlsc NEW - ADULT SENSATIONS 4 £17.99 CD new (PC 8 AMIGA DiSC) •
animations in amiga format WITH GAMES, ANIMATIONS, ETC. MUST
(21) Ft 9.99 (PC I AMIGA DtSG) - XU images in gif format FULLY
- Gnashes - Drawtrs
- Icons ¦ Backdrops SEXY SEKSATtONS (16) £17.99 CO210 (PC A AMIGA
DISC) • 2.000 SELECTED Images In IFF.
¦¦citing new 2 Disc Set. Containing 1000Mb ol Science fiction related software, images. Music, Anlms, 30 objects (Imagine £ Lightwave), Sound EX, Docs, Tunes, Into £ Games. Subfecti includes Thunder Birds, Babylon 5. Aliens, Star Trek lie it Generation.
700!. Deep Space 9. Voyager. Batman. Or Who, aiaderumer, Rcboccp, Total Recall. Tron ETC Includes: 1EMB ol Busimm Software sbmb ol Communicaiions 124M3 of Graphics and Sound demos 28MB ol Development Software 5M8 of Disk and HO tools 30M6 of Documents 43MB of Games 18MB pl Graph* 1 Software 76MB of Music Modules 14MB ol Music Software 495MB ol Pictures 28MB of Utilities.
CocUvn. Utilities 91Mb), Dociments (79Mfc), !*«t Software (40&MQI, Disk HD Tools (12Mb). Hardwire Related f7Mb), Pictures A Arums (756Mb). Graphical (208MB J, Graphics A Sound Demos (394MSI. Games (563Mb), Miscellaneous (64Mb), Music Modules I685MD). Music Software |128Mb), Communications (131Mb), Development Software (91Mb), Business Software (88Mb), Top tools, graphic utilities, music utiB - ties, disk utilities., blinkers, lockers, packers, comms shift, games, sound samples, slideshows, music modules, educational related, business software much more. This CO has a particular emphasis on
productivity software.
There is also a 155*3 Magic WB drawer containing Icons, backdrops, brushes UTILITIES
- Printer - Mise - Datatypes . Comms • Monitors - Emulator'*
- Hem - BBS - Mhe
- Email - IRC - FTP ¦WWW -Disk -CD-fiom
- Mrsc - Sabr - DiskCoche
- Backup - Copier - OlskOptlm
• Blankers- Workbench - Virus Aminet is ire worlds largest
collection ol freely distributable Amiga software. Up to 20,000
users access the vail archives everyday and cOunBe**
programmers release thee software directly cm Amuse I 2oom
release 1. You wanted ease-ol-use, 'U wanted instant access,
yel allowing e ability tt install to hard drive.
Edition hat a special locus on auma- bon's. 143 MptC animation’s were included.
- samples - music utilities
- modules Pro order Amine! 17 for only 11.99 ETC HEYJ MEETING
PEARLS 4 m~-: ~-_y CODE; CD re x rgWl PRICE; £9,99 Aminet is
the worlds largest collection of freely distributable Amiga
Up to 10,000 users access the vast archives everyday, and countless programmers release I hen software directly on Am net.
Knows me Meeting Peart* series will confvm lhai it oHm highest quality at the icwwl possible pne* - and ttus hasn't changed with volume 4.
Aminet Set 2 alters you everything that was added to cm archive *mce Aminet Set! Was made, plus 300 electronic bocks from Project Gutenberg.
A clever system has been devised to protect the lovers cl Amiga games Irom many undevrvd crashes This time, loo, only high-quality and well-tested software pearls have lound their way onto hli crammed Tull Cd.
Less than tour yean afttr It's Interception, Aminet now holds 9 o* 7,000 (loppy disks.
Amiga Technofcgte's certainly knew why they chose the meeting pearls 3 to be mckaded nfth Ihut! Q dn« NEW - PRIVATE UNES (1(1)119.99 (PC A AMIGA 01SC) *
1. 700 Images in gif format FULLY BBS RtAOT, MUST BE OVER IS Gif

i. ooo. images in grf lonnat. FULLY BBS READY. MLISf BE OVER 16.
Aminei Set 2 consists ol approximately Several different
search toots (hosed or ULI and Amiga Guide | make fmdryg and
executing ol software packages straight from the cd a snap.
With Meeting Pearls, no archives need la bn unpacked, all programs can be started Irom workbench. For the Tirol time, protection bits, wtuch used to gat discarded during CD - POM production, are There a probably no other Amiga CO that can be configured according In one’s personal preferences in so many aspects - but fortunately doesn't require Ih* user lo do so.
The Card Games cd , Ocean features over 300 DSN Orisnl sets tor Klondike Dungeon Pacific Card*.
File Pam HM2 Pamela 16CC64 Emptre-Stnkes- Pamela U 3d Render Back Panorama ActnUeo* Enka Panoramic ACAD Erotica Patricia Ford Eva Homgova Perihelion A invar Modern E verton Pvt Shop Boy* Ajrw»rWW2 Everton!
Pet Stwp Boys Ima Album Covers Extasy Photo CD Amiga Art fl GP Pjcrcod Anime Facts Pinocchio Anna FacesTcu Pmupsl Ama Hicpie Foma In Plate* Applegate Firemans Playboy lime FSJf Ptajboy 2 Art toads Flash Gordon Plea sir e Astern fllntStones Pooches Aviation flowers Popeyt and Son Babylon 5 fractal Piehiilork Bathing Beauties 1 Tracts snt Promler League 95 Batman Phantasm freaked Protly Batman Gremlins Pretty Batov* Barman and Robin GrcyHjwk Prince Batman Arum 1 Guardian Prtnca 2 Beauty Pulp EeatiS HajimeboRS PulpFktnn Betty Page Harley Oariosan 2 Big Cats Heaven Ranrru Big Baps 1 Helena
Christensen Raytrac* Bike & Car 1 Reboat Cards 1 Bikini 1 Helena Christensen ReCofdCavvr* Bikini 2 2 Red Dwarf 13 Bill Grapham HellRaisci Red Owarl 4 6 Birds Res-dogs Birds 1 HiredGirts Resorvair Birds 2 Hitch Hikers RlppinVarns Black Adder 1. 2.
Hole Rocko
3. 4 Hobday Roses 2 Beats n' Water Horses Body Beautiful
lUus&ated Bads Rufus Body Perfect Illustrated Bugs Satan
BodyShop 1 illustrated Dogs Sailor Bodyshop 2 IIInitialed Fish
Samples Bodyshop 3 illustrated Sandman Grain dead Mama 1st
Buildings illustrated Busan Mama 1*2 Sea Cameron Dial
Illustrated Reptiles St 2 Caro Imagine Sharon Stone Cord Iron
Ma Iden Simpson*. 2 3. 4 * I Yobba Oasba Deo 5 Castles Jap
Jlnimmabar Christina Jedl Sorayamahajime Applegate Jennrter
Aniston Space Cindyl Kathy Spotty 73,4.5!
Cindy 3 Kewl 6 Cindycard?
Kylie Speccy Covers 2,3 Classic Cars Landscape £4 Classic Lion King 1 Spider men Claudia 1 L»n King 2 Speed Claudia 1 Lion King 3 Claudia 3 Magicrourtd Stargaly Computers Mammals StarTrM 7 Count Qucknla UAMCA-girl CPC464 Games 1 Manga StarWa s Galaxy Day Today Manus?
Sur Irek 1 Disney MG-CAR Star Trek NC DOGS MINOGUE Strange Doc nil Mi scarf Street Fighter 11 Dragonlance Monroe Sunshine DragonsLair AGA NASA Swimsuit DreamGirts NBA Sword M The Stone DreamGetsB Tert Hatcher Dreams Dreams!
Nightmare The Mask Dr Who Hiki Taylor 1 The Sky Dr Who Movie Niki Teylor 2 They Live Di Who Ad»en:tir» The PageMaster Xmen cards There are various versions of the emulator Included on the CO lor PC. Unix and Ltnui. Sorce code has also been porotrided (where pci)and all www page address are listed so you can get Die latest version from the net ACS Spectrum Emulator - By T. Noetgaad.
ZXAM v2 Ob - By Toni P»r«r.
ZX-SpecUtim fmultor vt.Tt - By J KrrasL Sinclair IX Emulator vl .7 - By P McGJvIn CBM SENSATIONS Vol.3
The Flash ROM contains the Amiga Emuftar, Hundreds ol Amiga
games, demos, and utilities ail foe use on any high spoc pc
compatible multi media computer.
¦ Haw with tho Amiga Flash Rom you get boner perform a r ci compared to the original classic carom disks.
Speccy 96. CMB Volume 2 and Emu la tors uninvited.
IDLE vO.71 • Here it is tats the tales!
Release of the Useable Amiga Emulator.
Turns your Pentium into an Amiga A500.
• Nostalgia is a very special thing you cant hrlg loving Bw
classic games (oh, how nice was my good old ???...) Updated
into and CD* win also be coming out to mall order users you
want to be kspied Informed.
The Ultimate way to use Ute wealth of Sc ft.sire available lor die Amiga computer.
Games - Theres apt 5.COO- spectrum games included tor you to use with the emulator* listed below AMIGA EMULATOR . SOFTWARE. R.AMTS UTAS A 0EM05 grams bnovr comes wkh complc work bench Supporl.
- 5.000 GAMES UTIL5 i DEM05 We cam* to the would of rmUators' We
have supplied all the detailed of me mb pages where the latest
versions The AMIGA FLASH ROM contains all the latest Emulators
for the Amiga Computer range.
- Work (yes, a every emulator Is more than enough for simple lei
I processing).
(01702) 300441 Gdioft 300441 order by credit card switch & delta Most titles are despatched same day.
300441 mm it 300441 217 - 219 Hamstel Rd - Southend-on-Sea, ESSEX, SS2 4LB vat is included on an titles, e&oe email; sales.pdsoft@cableinet-co.uk _____ „ Give us your email for monthly updated catalogue reports.
Page: http : www.pdsoft.com Office & Retail Outlet open Monday to Saturday 9:30 to 7pm - Tel (01702) 306060 & 306061 - Fax (01702) 300115 Please add 1.00 per title for UK P&P & 2.00 for oversea's Airmail - Order via email & get the most upto date prices.
Check our Web pages (updated every day) for special ofers and new releases. Special offers running every day.
NEW WORMS THE DIRECTORS CUT 3 (2399 JUNGLE STRIKE £14.99 | When thr lortci of general
K. lLoilj ind carlot Ortega le thru prmoccl of I Iarrpan
irrrorlim and corruption is oot ontj frightening,. It may bo |
before. BIN review ka Ql, per order now el ttts low price.
WORMS £9.99 GLOOM DELUXE £7.99 GLOOM DELUXE £7.99 XTREME RACING £8.99 XTREME RACING DATA £5.99 VALHALLA £14.99 In Ihli prvquel Id the Block buster Camilla and The Lord ol IrttlMty' you play iRftnlty'i mentor on his quest of hatred In which murder Is Die uUtmate VITAL LIGHT Cdtt - (7.99 Mu (T.99 I A game lull ol utterly uddictlvf action, a game That will tost your abilities la tne ful, n game Dial has | nrrrr yrt been matte IM,
* i or 2 players
* Competition of team
* Over 200 Jereii.
¦ h w-rai* LURE OF THE
B 1!.__STi I ; H * 5 : 1BK zi r PLAYER MANAGER 2 f 11.99 “On Dm rield or oil. There Isn't a game that can touch Player Manager 2 tw depth." 1-4, with 4 different playing views. Match reports, hoi news, active transfer A lean markets.
SABRE TEAM £3.00 A grlpplag and engaging game itrong tlategy clire a I ivtmer. This Is a highly enjoyable and better than many other state* gy gsmrs available.
SIM CITY RISE OF THE ROBOTS CD32 - £11.99 1200 4000 * E7.99 A50D AE00 - £7.99
* Resolution In 3d grapb- I letr Technically thts | product h
probably Die W RtDCUiS tm s
* : dare you to design A build ___ the city ot the dreams.
M StraOTy took ft* (wuputav ? 11 world by storm. Design unlimited cries from the WAR IN THE GULF £6.99
G. G W CLASS CRICKET £8.99 SYNDICATE £12.00 m DM dark end twisted
cities of tenworrew, corporate Syndicates complete fat
global dominate.
Bui the future there are no | help: m INTER BASE 2 | Orty £9.99 Ire Retains til nl the pawn ol Its predecessor, presented via a greatly Improved user Interlace, The programs workbench 7 3 styling Is a pleasure la use, even on 00 600,- older 1.2 1 3 Amigai.
[ urw ] TITANIC BUNKY £1,99 HELP £14.09 SUPER STREET FIGHER II £3.99 SUPER STARDUST £12.99 EURO KiCKOFF 3 £7,99 BUBA & ST1X £1.99 HEIMDALL £1.99 NINJA WARRIORS £2.99 STACK UP £1.99 BLACK CRYPT £11.DO Teen ago he INTEROFFICE '021 IwcEIO.OIHflc | Comes with Inter Weed 241.
Ir Spread 2.0 , I Intcrtoase 2,3 and Inter talk WORLD OF WAR £12.99 STRIP POKER 2 £7.99 u brae* band must APPROACH TRAINER -1 a 59 BlrTZKREIG £7.99 CLOCKWISE £9.99 CLUB FOOTBALL £8.99 CORKER COLL E14.99 HEIMDALL 2 £ WHTTEDEATH £7.99 WORLD CUP SOCCER CD32 - £3.99 ALL - £3.09 The tastes!, most furious game around, the thrtB h not just swing goals, but about tearing the other side INTER SPREAD I our E 9.99 inc I Puts you firmly In the drl- I uing seal when II comei to I farces ling budgeting cash- I flow analysts and much
t. (Uu comes with an I eitcnstve library of maths , function!
£7.99 EURO CHAMPS £4.99 TOTAL CARNAGE £7.99 BUMB & BURN £3,99
5 K2A0 £7.99 Z THE YEAH IS 2ISO • The . Pooutrnon ttptotua el
the 21 si century hai £ forced nan ta eipand hia borders A
cotoorse f alien bit term, differ- ent types of crafts rtc.
INTER WORD Only £ 9.90 inc I Is easy te im and Its Mae TAT1CAL ITALIA £7.99 TOTAL CANAGE £7.99 F29 RETALLATOR ON TH BALL LEAGUE £4.00 FOOTBALL GLORY FJ.9S KING PIN £7.00 ARCHER’S POOL £7.99 CHESS SYSTEM El 2.00 fan years la Iha nut Mg - unique intelligent betake arch strategy that emulates human craatlvtty - not brute lorce aplhj brand new INTER TALK Only £9.00 inc Top into Die whole now world Bd» vmatllf I Phene your favourite on-
A6ER E7 99 KID PIX £12,00 SPELLING 9+ £12,99 FRENCH 8-16
MATHS GEOMETRY E12.99 ENGLISH 8-16 £12.99 & PUHC- )N
£12.00 GERMAN 8-16 El 2. B9 HEAD PHOESt MIC £14.99 - f*JTi
EPSON STYLUS 200 PRINTER £169.99 Inc Vat A datiwry £6.40 ¦
Smivrr Pti it i jikm fp WX n tier** apca*rr.
¦e It*} injf tea luhhr tu’tretmvf Un m lra*T4 Sweme! Sffljrtrt SCREENBAT 25 £24.99 - «Z3 SCREEHBAT4 ACTIVE STEREO ¦ SCREENBAT 1 PASSIVE ter frvmm p* rta» f*«¦. Stei ' TfJPMved evli or tn home desktop pvtoAuung.
Mows 111 A 95' driven Indudctt rlnt Arittl A Hottest PC intones software warranty with optional 3 year orviAr.
Rkrter Cable. Tm* 500 Sheet cl paper.
EPSON STYLUS 500 PRINTER £294.99 Inc Vat & delivery Give us a ring if you do not see what you want Some titles are limited and will go out of stock quickly.
When opening the Bograt box, I relativity business. Aren't just an annoying liability, they do serve thought to myself, 'a new Although it looks like a cute arcade game a purpose. Both babies have special skills, Hugh Poynton baby-sits Vulcan’s latest cute ‘n’ slimy critters.
Scrolling platform game, that'll it is rather more. The baby bograts you guide Despite looking cute, the blue baby bograt is be nice, unchallenging and relaxing to play through the different levels behave exactly actually as hard as nails. If you run into any on a Thursday afternoon in the office'. I've like the little rodents in the classic, Fungus creatures, blue bogster will dispatch got news for you. It wasn't unchallenging or Lemmings. The rum fungus lad with a blood curdling relaxing, indeed it was probably more Oblivious to danger, they just walk into roar.
Challenging than trying to pull in a nunnery. Any obstacle waiting for them. The only hint Red baby bograt is as hard as Vulcan's new release Bograts is without as to where the baby Bograts are going to go marshmallow but is the only one of the three doubt one of the most deceptively hard is that they walk left and then right. With this characters who can pick up keys and unlock arcade puzzle games I have ever played. In mind, you can attempt to selectively open doors. More importantly, there are large Trying to work out how to get through the strategically placed doors and remove certain
sections of the levels only accessible by the 60 levels of simple looking, yet bloody hard, obstacles in front of them so as to avoid the baby bograts so you must plan ahead and get screens uses as much brain power as various dangers. Them to reach whatever you can't. Each Einstein used to figure out that whole Stupid as they may be, these baby bograts screen requires an entirely different strategy tmmamMmmmmm_an ** really is worth perusing the screen for a couple of minutes first.
If you get to level two and think things are difficult, wail till you get to ten - there are 60 levels in total. A couple of days playing this and you'll be doing pretty accurate Mr Cumby impressions - my heeeaaaaaaddddddd huuuuuurrrrtttsss!
The sound effects are brilliant, whenever you jump up and collect something, be it a heart or an egg, a little daaannngggg noise sounds. Run into a big bunch of eggs or hearts and the game suddenly sounds like its got a drum'n'bass sound track. Your teleport to the next level is always heralded by a little bograt baby making a noise like a cross between a hiccup and a full on chunder.
Worse still when the bog babies shuffle their mortal coil they make a weird and rather .distressed miowww noise.
Graphic-wise the game is well presented and original. It has loads of fun little features ¦ 1 that make it stand out from standard scrolling Ub mub bub, bah bbah eeeyyaaaaaaa... too grief stricken to speak) platform games. Hidden about the various I I Hi levels are springs which shoot you across the screen at supersonic speeds, flames which suddenly flare up and roast you to a crisp and big red blocks that can be shoved into strategic locations to prevent the baby bog rats getting themselves killed (careful where you drop them, its a bit gutting to drop a brick on your little bogsters).
Another bonus is the ridiculous, but hilarious, introduction animation. It show's the two bograt babies being read a fairy tale by their mum. Mommy Bograt is speaking in the most stupid sounding gobledegook heard since Mr Blobby. For example: 'Umum umum, ajurp, urp baya, urp baya'. This cross between burping, grunting and breaking wind is followed by a iong rather dodgy sounding sigh. What the developer was on I don't know, but I want some.
My main criticism of Bograts is that it can be just too hard - to the point of being really annoying. However, do bear in mind that I'm the btoke who spent the best part of a year trying to complete solitaire. I found after my first hour trying to figure out how to guide the baby bograts through five measiy levels I wanted to head-but something Completing all 60 levels of Bograts would probably be more difficult than completing Quake.
Bograts is well up to Vulcan standards.
The game is fun, massively challenging (for a spanner like me) and the concept is pretty original. With so many levels (all no doubt rock hard) to complete, there is little chance you would finish this game within about 6 months. Bograts is a tough, fun and instantly addictive game. Go buy it.
THE LOW-DOWN PUBLISHER Vulcan Software CONTACT 01705 670269 HD INSTALLABLE Yes PRICE £12.99 MACHINE A1200 only GRAPHICS_80% SOUND 85% PLAYABILITY DIFFICULTY Very Tricky A deceptively tricky little pu2zler. Great fun to play unless you're highly strung or prone to loosing your temper pretty easily. Be warned, it isn't just a dumb shoot 'em-up, so you might have to use your noggin for a change REVIEWED BV HUGH OVERALL SCORE ¦ Hugh Poyntopnalks to Paul CarringtojjJgirector of Vulcan SoftwarJP currently the largest Amigw)ftware ne Eames, the frjptfre of the Amiga pH why his cwf rany aren’t
feeling the ‘Amiga jg(pHiv Vtikuivnutt haliLTO; far it has, so there is __no reason why it ' ' V. Starfighter can't continue to tight. I'm always It was a struggle at first and quite dubious about frightening the day we decided to withdraw 'news'of this and all our titles from mainstream wholesale and 'news' of that. J distribution but we held on and rajr we are Commodore, Escom 1 proud to say that we are the biggest and Viscorp were publishers developers for the Amigfftnarkel. (and are) full of In a nutshell, there is no reason for us to glorious 'news' but Jeave the Amiga platform. As
long as wc sooner or later news
* control 70“;, or more of the Anuga'sfiiture is not so
interesting as softw e we are in a position to support it for
actual h.yd pcrf , as long as Ihc loyal owners dictate. In
happenings, Now 1 only essence itfc a lovely balance and a
go tl thing gel excited vheirtt's for the Amigas future as
localisation off Amiga acefmiplisheH irf staring software
breathes new life into the overall , - fne in the face.
picture, ;T ly WW'Fi'lo frajisplredhal amvv pojyerAuuga
emerged X What demon think aboutJpe-rtews7frat j onJ'fielicve
it would jar Phase 5 w3jjt to invest mjhe Power Ainim? Jf
revMUtionise the Amiga market. Will this bung about a
renaissance of Amiga f lure are already other power gaming?
Irthis is the ase, what would be J machines around wittj bt of
your ideal game tojfriitgjpjtoijthe new j software support.
I believe that the forma tin f this inveslipdntnnd de
clopmentl Sway forward for the Amiga is for N. .gftpres to no
thing, .wha I will the future rigid Tdedicaled users to
tm*rade their systems tor the Amiga Ycanjt survrvel . yith
the hardware-mat currently exists - this “"'•-itarclware is bA
orbing cheaper and cheaper.
Ttifrtkabgjrf'it: l the base Amiga machine CA 2 .Vlifo Chip* (ifiO. Acceleration, '76 Mb Ram7'f-CE hard drjve apd CD-Rom, dcvelopmeitt for the machine would be a " ,.dr£amioa yotrw mUI ?ee products emerging : tiSr eere-4ar.s|Jper»r-to'ttieXquivalent PciS;g specifications. ' • '' • the answer foi hack'. Jk Unfortunately it's a chicken antLrijjj; scenario. Why should users mtgrade when there is no software to make full use of, and why should developers develop for a high w&en this isn't the mass market j$ SM|Bers? Things have got to change.
Most of Vulcan's forthcoming releases are vrging, if not begging, users to upgrade. Take fetPilot for example. Jt works like a dream on an 060 with »Mb Ram. Its an incredible flight experience fart westili made it work 5 „ rm-a bog standard A500. •
S. " ~~Nowlhis is cle-’fr bprain i Hn In iirn~rnjKs specaiie
riiyil IjSLeiuxiuraged upgiradeto v get the full benefits of
the title btrt they have not been excluded altogether.
- - - 'Aoother example is TtriyTroops. This works fme on a non
AC A Amiga with 1 Mb chip hiit enormous enhancements are there
if HellPigj is due early nexr year. This is a full motion video
adventnr&l ineaSmLSpeechjQn two Amiga Cds, but we are still
releasing a «* 22-disk floppy version without the full motion
video and speech. ;': C."
There are exceptions of course, and sonne of our titles will need AGA with 6 Mb and only playable from hard drive like Burnout but the overall message is the same, 'it’s time to upgrade'.
Should be 'to hell and AutKmreany exciting new projects in j (Mmf pment that you can tell us about ttimp Ppwrn't been included in the 'Future ApgPi*- p|ge of your web site?
Oh yes - where to start? Omr we are really excited about is Genetic Spedes - the closest and fastest Doom clone1 have ever seen on the Amiga. Clone is rQgij(y the wrong word as it surpasses any iiDingine available to date for the Amiga witf hdl screen real time TD in IX! Pixel perfect rwtdertng at 25 fps.
I'm sure thi*%vill really blow the minds of any onlooker when released. At present there is intense designing for the enemies' logic and artificial i fligence and the only reason this I Hie will ever fall behind from its release date is because we can't stop testing and and is used as a creative fool rather than a business tool. There will always be gnrdihle talent that stems from around the ; How would you account for the great success of the Valhalla series? Radical though the inclusion of speech was, it couldn't have been just that which provided the attraction.
Apart from the digital speech we believe that the Valhalla series is a huge success due to the crossword type of lateral logic that is required for the puzzles along with the humour of the characters that unfolds within the stories. So much so thriven after the third instalment, another sixtjfles are in the making to bring the w hole adventure up to nine. Valhalla is and always will be an acquired taste - you either love or hate it. To dale we have found no in between.
Why do you think the Amiga seems to attract a loyal fan base in a way that no other machines seem to?
Aesthetics! As every Amiga user knows there are so many options and choices. The current Microsoft slogan makes me chuckle. I think it is 'Where do you want to go today?'
Now that sums up the Amiga totally, whereas about the rather unkvk fUfer Valhalla? I do r sorfSSttf ornpanies surpassed. As we are now the biggest Anu .i publishers around, more and more etceBwl titles are winging their way to us for commercial release. This has allowed us to choose Ihe highest quality products for inclusion in our MiniSeries range.
We originally forecast one Amiga title to be released every month hut winter saw (he release of BogRats, JetPilot, Tiny Troops and Burnout and with Breed2000, Hellpigs and Wasted Dreams slated for early next year, the future release catalogue just gels bigger What are (Ik qualities vou look lor when somebody bring* ajwvv game to you? Vulcan Stave, in Ihe kit fcitf months released colourful purtfie game* such as BogRats and just about the ntost d£jj|jfed tlightsim ever brought out tor the Amiga I
* |t|jjabout the most detailed flight sun?" ¦ letPSot h the most
detailed flight sim ever produced filjghe Amiga! I don't mean
to sound arrogant about this, it's just that I am so proud of
Atiefcajjijlaur's achievement with this title - overtop years
of development and perfeeUo the last detail.
Games we look for hayttsto be extremely addictive and rewarding t y; that's our main objective. Basically, if love playing it and feel fulfilled, airprisedlJjexcited and enthralled, thegine' aratFsegootf chance'" of becoming pirt Wtn Mii *5enY range. " Wethen " the pmthtaUon, although with this area we contribute heavily to shape the title into a At the end of the d&y httMqlv wav Amiga users will buy products is if tries lie them, so it is essential to put everything vou have into each and every title to ensure there k a market far the next.
Hugh Poynton tries his hand at managing Sampdoria Manyk Software are a courageous bunch. It must he to release its new tooty management game, Euro League Manager, just as the formidable Championship Manager 2 is set for release.
Euro League Manager differs from other football management games in that, from the start, you are given the choice of four European leagues to choose from. Become Huyanelli Poyntorhini and manage Sampdoria in the Italian league, steer Auxerre to victory as Hugh de la Poymon or assume a dour grumpy attitude, chew gum constantly and manage Manchester United. You can also manage your team in a European fantasy league.
The beauty of this feature is that each league you manage a team which is almost like a different game. Your opponents are different and the strategies and tactics you might have relied on before will no longer be as successful.
Manyk has thrown in some great innovations which add to the strength of the game. A talent scout is available, so that if you’re on the lookout for a fantastic new player, talent scouts can be dispatched to far flung parts of the globe. Transfer deals are made more interesting in Euro Manager
- Manyk have included an option where players can be transferred
using part exchange deals so your wheeling and dealing can be
made more efficient and hard nosed.
In many ways this is a business game as well as being a football game. Your financial wizardry counts for as much as your football management skills. Invest the club's financial resources wisely and a new stadium could be built allowing more people in to watch the matches. Plough [lie proceeds from this into discovering successful players and your team will be winging its way to success and your stadium will start to resemble Wembley.
Unfortunately, Manyk have had a tough time trying to get permission to use the names of players and cup competitions for the game (I always these names were public domain, but unfortunately this isn't the case). Hopefully though, they will have got over this by the time the full version is available. However, Manyk have promised that if they can't use the players and cup names, they will include an editor in the finished game so real player names can be entered.
Euro League Manager looks to be shaping up to be a pretty good game and a useful addition to any management buffs footy collection - especially as you are not limited to managing English Premier League clubs. From what I've seen, Euro League looks like a fresh ancl original take on a well used idea. At the time of writing, the game was scheduled for release towards the end of November, we'll give you further details as we get them.
GROUNDllMRROVEMENTS EiTivikinr ' r .Fr.cn.SHE*. _ -I'j’ni's __ ScaR£EdAP.D 3 car- vAi-k ;-5,
• SAFETY pliillC TICKET “5 Its like watching The Premiership down
the pub this. Nearly.
The Hugh Poynton all-star 11 Lovely stadium, looks like the burger joint from the Flintstones.
Weird Science Sounds Terrific Double CD Set 1 Weird Science Sounds Terrific Double CD Set 2 The second in a series dedicated to Music 8t Sounds. Contains thousands of files for both Amiga and PC.
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COLLECTION 3 Space Age Smashes, 1 Low Price
Consists of over 4 Gigabt'te.s in 12,500 archives.
AMINET SET 2 Offers everything added after Aminet 2. Plus 300 Electronic Books. 4 Gigabytes 12,500 archives.
AMINET SET 3 The Worlds largest Amiga Software Collection.
Includes: Free Imagine 4.0, XIPAINT, OCTAMED 5 & more games.
$ 29.95 EACH SET, ANY 2 FOR $ 54.95, ALL 3 for $ 73.95 CLASSIC ARCADIA A500 2000 100% Arcade Action. Including full stereo Music & Sound Effects. Eight games in all. Two versions of four Classics.
2. ORK!
36 Dye Street Garnerville, NY 10923 914 786-1711
Voice-914-786-1708 Fax Email: liageCi’qcd.net Homepage:
http: www.qed.net liageinc Includes Aegis Images Paint
System, put your ideas in motion. This program allows you to
create different shapes and animate them.
Over 4,000 colors. $ 3.95 AMIGA TRIPLE ACTION
A1200 4000 Experience 360 degree first person firepower in
BREATHLESS. 3D Raylraced graphics. 96% Amiga Format
rating.This game has taken the Amiga where no Amiga has gone
before. Hold your breath, here we go. With FREE COPY OF CARL
Challenge 5 of the world’s most famous courses.
I -4 players. Complete 18 hole courses. Super smooth 360 degree scrolling. 5 skill levels, 64 computer opponents. Practice mode, 18,36 or 72 hole tournaments. Skins game-play for money.
Player database for up to 40 players. Auto caddy option. Hard drive installable.
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AMINET 3 AMINET =8,9,10, II AM INET 12 AN 11N ET 13 iwith
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512. 95 SUPER AUTOS ’96 SI 5.55 LSD 17 BIT COMP 1 $ 17.95 LSD 17
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517. 95 17 BIT 5th DIMENSION S17.95 UFO ENCOUNTERS $ 19.95
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$ 31.95 BUMPER QUAD PACK (4 games) $ 5.95 CIVILIZATION $ 21.95
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’96 AGA $ 49.99 KIDS RULE OK (multi pack) $ 3,95 KILLING CLOUD
MENTOR $ 4.95 NICKY BOOM $ 1.95 ORK! $ 1.95 PAGE SETTER $ 8.00
AGA S 14.95 WORMS $ 23.95 'NEW MEETING PEARLS 4 $ 12.95 We all
know how films are produced and books University are
written, the myriad of processes and stages that heed to be
undertaken to arrive at the fin- • ished product. How many
people know how games are written? Because such enterprises
lack the glamour of a novel or a film, the workings of
developer are to most of us like the inner workings of a car
- too complicated and mysterious to consider. However, there
are big bucks in tlfe software industry. Programmers such as
Andy Davidson earn thousands of pounds for spin-offs of pet
projects they undertook in fheir spare time. .
Christopher Page is'currently in his second year at Manchesterllniversity. Although using Pcs arid Macs for his Computer Science fourse, the Amiga is his machine of choice. He is currently working on Explorer 2260, a space simulation trading game in a similar vein to Elite but with far superior graphics, wider playing area and more ships. I asked him about the trials and tribulations of creating and marketing a game from scratch.
The specs for Explorer 2260 look very detailed and complicated. Is the amount of data required for a project such as this (with thousands of planets, hundreds of races and dozens of different ships) a great deal more than for, say a racing game or a beat 'em up?
Creating a game like Explorer 2260 is a very difficult thing to do; in a racing game all you really have to lye concerned with is ensuring that the screen updates fast enough, the cars 'feel' right and the enemies react act in a believable wav In a beat 'em up your job is made simpler by the fact that, while you’re having to move what are often quite large blocks of Cl X around, you don't need to have routines generating the background as the characters move around: backgrounds are usually just large pictures.
I do no! Say that these are trivial tasks but they are considerably simpler than some of the things which large scale simulation games must do.
In Explorer 2260 there are many things which I must ensure are updated constantly (planet ship positions, rotations and velocities, the dynamic universe model and the Interstellar Information Networks (UN)) along with the necessity of fast screen updates, realtime calculation of masses of data and a myriad other tasks.
Why do you like writing for the Amiga? Do you find it much friendlier than other formats? Does the format enable more people access to games writing equipment at a lower price?
Such complexity requires large amounts of code which must be'optimised to run at an acceptable speed, fake as an example the UN (the piece I have done the most work on so tar): The UN is basically a futuristic web browser which provides the player with an interface to a massive amount of constantly changing data from around the game uni- i erse.
The actual code to interact with the UN is really just an adaptation of standard web browser code. It s what goes on underneath that is so complex: each time the user logs onto the IIN and moves between pages and sites the game must generate the required site from a stored set of possible pages anil words plus some measure of response to the actions of the player tie: it the player has hired someone to work as a prospector there should be messages from the prospector occasionally appearing in the player's mail to the effect that one area is rich or poor in resources and so on).
4 * It is also necessary to adapt the contents of the IIN according to the dynamic universe model and the player's position and social legal standing. Add to this the required graph-, ics manipulations and the code begins to get longer and longer!
As to how much data is required: well, in racing games and beat 'em ups most of the data is in the form of graphics and sounds.
Depending on the size and quality of the game the amount required can be fairly high.
In a game like Explorer 2260 you have to store the graphics for the static screens as well as cockpit graphics, large amounts of sound data ll intend to have lots of sampled speech in there), as well as large and detailed maps of the galaxy and planets, II 0 mot Inis for the ships, buildings, stations and weapons and masses of text for the user interface.
I write tor the Amiga for three reasons: firstly il is the most friendly environment I have worked on, and I have used Macs, Pcs. Suns (Unix based systems). Secondly the Amiga hardware is the most elegant in the world. It may not have the raw power ot a Pentium PC but, by virtue of the DMA custom chip design, many of the tasks which would be impossible on the PC can be done with a few commands on the Amiga.
Finally, the PC market is so full that it is risking collapse under the number of near identical release.-,. This makes it nearly impossible tor a single coder to have his work noticed, appreciated and criticised. Is it any wonder that Amiga coders arc: usually a lot more careful when releasing games to ensure that they are debugged and pol- ishedf They have a lot more feedback from the public, in one form or another, than lone PC rollers who have to struggle to gel their work noticed.
I am going to be very careful answering your question about the price: Yes. The Amiga does give a lower price entry' point for coders BUT the price of a system suited for programming can be quite high: I am using an A1220 with a Viper030 40MII board, 33MI iz 68882, 8 Mb fast ram (maybe 16 in the near future:, 360Mb HD and a PC, ATAPI compatible, quad speed CD Drive connected through the internal IDE interface. All this makes for quite a price....
• Next month Chris will explain the W-step process involved in
designing and creating a computer game AMIGA ACTION FEATURE
Hugh Poynton talks to yduiig hopeful Chris Page about the
pleasures and pitfalls of developing a game Screen shots are
limited at the moment because the game is in an early stage of
tevelopment. This gffjp is the INN, 4 : Explorer’s MIN LtJCHL
SYSTEM INFOBRSE REMOTE PiETFt IL LINK bemot|e node links iin
dees OOVNET i&itsteflar version W of the WWW - a useful device
for finding out important information Guildhall Software
publisher Guildhall has announced it is to supplement its
range of games with four old faithfuls from Microprose;
Special Forces, Mission Impossible UFO and Colonization. Six
more titles will follow shortly including Fields of Glory,
F19, F117A, Starlord, Dogfight and B17. Here's a quick look at
the first four games in the budget range.
PUBLISHER Guildhall Leisure DEVELOPER Sid Meier HD INSTALLABLE Yes PRICE £14.99 SUPPORTS Any 1Mb Amiga Hr • I:- -a CarA’M:At y -;1 jig)
• i'.- Iff rid,-to y! !’¦ I»1 jni .v ftrir.'.j -I frp*
Ttjrop€':i 05 Zin rnj* ifctp 1 Srrflffi; Miffj fte» »h r«3;
'£&’£* JG&jSrfl*? |j t: - C- *? By-pr sf?- i-vT |j PUBLISHER
Guildhall Leisure DEVELOPER Microprose HD INSTALLABLE Yes PRICE
£9.99 SUPPORTS A1200 & A4000 Impossible Mission 2025 A mixture
of arcade and puzzle action in which you choose to play as Ram
the Robot (no kidding), Tasini the Russian Gymnast or Felix Fly
(who sounds rather like a character in an Issac Hayes movie).
The aim of the game is simple enough: run about a huge factory
stuffed with the evil Doctor Alombender's robots collecting
powerups and destroying as many droids as possible. To make
tilings even trickier you've got to accomplish your mission in
a set time or in true Uondesque fashion, the evil doctor will
launch a huge missile which will destroy the world.
Impossible Mission 2(125, although requiring considerably less brain power than UFO or Colonization, is nevertheless still a pretty enjoyable and diverting beat 'em up. A good game to play if you only want to spend a few minutes mucking about on the computer rather than immersing yourself in three hours of complex strategy.
THIflBEfi BEE: HEIGHT Medium iilEIEHT i insect!s E690 SHEt OCCURS?TOO: SPECIHL 0PEfifi?ICf!5 PI 69 THIS CHSHSCTEB7 ¦ ¦ »dies We take a look at the first four Guildhall Microprose re-releases THE LOW-DOWN PUBLISHER Guildhall Leisure DEVELOPER Microprose HD INSTALLABLE Yes PRICE £14.99 SUPPORT5 All Amigas GRAPHICS 78% SOUND 77% PLAYABILITY 86% DIFFICULTY Tricky OVERALL SCORE Special Forces The last of the initial four budget titles that Guildhall is releasing is Special Forces, a strategy shoot 'em up game in which you command a detachment of specialist troops. You can choose from a variety of
missions ranging from rescuing prisoners of war and blowing up Scuds, to the rather morally dubious assassinations.
You choose everything from the location of the drop zone to the tactical formations of your troops and the weapons and explosives that each carries. All team members start off under computer control but each one can be brought under direct RutU£UUSdi UFO Have you ever seen the excellent 70s Gerry Anderson UFO telly series?. The programme was hilarious. I he commander of earth's defences looked like an extra skinny and wet Andy Warhol. The primary line of defence against flying saucers was a submarine manned by blokes dressed like the Village People and every woman on the Moon Base had purple
widows peaks. And everybody smoked. All the time. Even when engaged in a life or death space battle with a flying saucer you could guarantee that the pilot of the interceptor would be chugging away like a steam train.
Microprose's UFO shares its name and story line with the telly programme. Your job is to protect the earth from the control by pressing the corresponding key.
However, Special Forces is far from being a pure shoot 'em up and if you try and charge the enemy your soldiers will drop like flies.
The game is pretty challenging. I found that even on rookie skill level (where the enemy soldiers had the fighting ability of Mr Blobby) my elite troops didn't last long.
One major let down is the fact that, unsurprisingly for a four year old game, the sound effects are fairly poor. The gunshots for instance sound like heavy calibre pea shooters. Despite this flaw Special Forces is fun, and cerebral enough to keep you occupied for a while.
* 5 * •• ....., ¦
• * Jgjj *
- -- ¦ " « il |rsr.. i il li Ijjuu¦ til wow 1 mysterious aliens.
After being given an initial budget of a few million dollars, a
troop ship, a couple of interceptors and a free base, you have
to set about your task of freeing the earth from the threat of
alien invasion.
However, it's not just a matter of blasting aliens. Like everything these days your force must also function efficiently as a business. Twenty countries are funding the alien busters (X-Com) and success is critical in deciding what future funding you receive. If you mess things up enough governments will lose faith in you, save their pennies rather than donate funds and even sign pacts with the aliens. A fascinating and unusual strategy game.
"i«r ‘ : .'. . - : 1 ' C £ THE LOW-DOWN PUBLISHER Microprose DEVELOPER Sleepless Knights HD INSTALLABLE Yes PRICE £9.99 SUPPORTS All Amigas GRAPHICS 70% SOUND 60% PLAYABILITY 75% DIFFICULTY Medium All in all the re-released Microprose titles are well worth getting hold of for the money. Colonization, although bearing a bit of a resemblance to Civilization offers a very engaging game based around one of | the most interesting periods in human history, the discovery and exploitation of the New World. UFO is a complex and engagingly original strategy game that will definitely provide value
for money. These two games are available for £14.99 and I would recommend them to anybody. Special Forces and Impossible I Mission 2025 are a bit ropier tind not quite up to the standard of Colonization or Mission Impossible.
However this is reflected in the price, and at £9.99 both are pretty good games for the money.
ALL OUR PD DISKS ARE SOFTWARE 20001 Dept (AC02) 8 FALCON WILNEC0TE TAMW0RTH B77 5DN : 01827 28737 SOFTWARE 2000 i Dept (AC02) 9 WILLS STREET | L0ZELLS BIRMINGHAM B19 1PP I TEL: 0374 678068I We stock over 6500 QUALITY PD & SHAREWARE Mow to order PRICES SINGLE DISK .OOP PER DISK LATEST CATALOGUE DISK .TOp P’A.C K ..... (PniCE AS STATED) PLEASE ADD 70p TO TOTAL FOR UK POSTAQE JLL ORDERS SAME DAY DESPATCI- rna*to cheques paynblc to: Soft were 2000 Please send order to address listed top right We also accept postal orders or orders loss tttart £3 in stumps To order any disk just
write the disk title and the disk code. EG UQ1 Against. Some titles have a number in O-This means the title come on (x) number of disks.
To order PACK just write down the pack TITLE name.
ALL DISKS ARE COMPATIBLE WITH ALL AMIGAS UNLESS STATED AGA Disk means for A12Q0 A4Q00 only PE« DISK + CHOOSE 1 FREE DISK WITH ORDER OF 11 OR MORE DISKS OVERSEAS POST & PACKAGE RATF (Europe add 25p per disk lor P4P) (Wprldwids add 50p per disk P&P) 50FTWARE2000 '°P Various Utiliti US7I SPECTRA PAINT HI Very pood printpackage.
UiW SCENERY COHSTORCndNKlhrKUl .rewnww 13551 ASSASIN BOOT BLOCK ow SO boors lock factor U555 CflQSSWORO CREATOR Inc* ------ • ¦ U»T PER M CHECK a luB POOL P. U801 MULTI-PRINT V4 kj| of printing ir nans me¦¦ oamr ___. ' U029 CAN DO programing language UM6 DARK6TAH oa2 (yd ?¦' load ot utij 0054 DISK MAG CREATOR created drs* nagazir U117 NORTH C Mwnprier (2)bnl programing 5nc__.
U122 fiOji copj Oe-elft'rnore fife made very easy U&® DfSt PfltNT per* custom Oisk" labl*.
I PRINT Load of utilities to wl*w 1 pnnl Drrniiucn tr (2) bnl prc te-move file1 irogram.ing language 13563 ICON ready made It a USW A500 NUWKRIC PAD ElhjtATOR f AOTO on*) US91 DSGRADFP [not WB I J) A5QS emulator " US32 WVENDEND WlllNER - PrMteuoft fdorvrre for «je with EJTTLE WOOD. VERVON, KJTER Ett Hsf Horse prediction Prog UK9 AUDto UaulC A Proctnckw V3 i«tic rlqser U13I TETRACOPY ptoyteinz while copydts’sarea: U125 UOS7 USE UTILITIES (2) very usdLf util «B UlfS XCOPY PPOf-EaCHAL very powerful dwk ccpter 'MOUSE MAT worth £2.99 I FRPF Mpl r. at i. r .... ____... . _ - _ K,lL *GAerate otoer
proorame fun on A12®0 Hf29 CMEMULAIOR B utiL bXeurn t U115 C-MANUAL 2(41 leach you how !o programs bt ~ U169 PAINT AND AlilUATE create your own jrjrnsfdn 1 1 ra 840RHYTHMS V4 01 BitpUy yew Own btertiyVtras iBtn.CTcnrr.i ...r___.L.l_ ¦_____. , .* FREE MOUSE MAT worth £2.99 with every ordrr £12 or over. To claim your | free mouse mat just cut ft return this token with your order + enclose a extra ] 3Bp stamp to cover the mouse mat postage ft package, offer only available , 1 _t (lirnitecMMouse Mat per order exclude any othei offer) i 1 FREE disk If r" PsfS EMU1AT0R vs. Spaciruo, .mubtor lalen
U850 EAGLE PLAYER (2dMi the bet! Nw»ie piawr Ukt DEU-TRACKER i2diik| p!ay all nsusic fc niL USA I SCWC DRUM KIT V3 Hake dr urn sample p*cVR* 10awktofw Ksf SsiSS t.'i “ ¦ •uni OV»r CI'CI ro COOE IN C Cdnl r • rany nirpkl H REPLAY V'ifAiOaMqUertrtOg , tfrrt N REPLAY V4 lAtJCO ONLY) Stew as above U18SU UiJT M COMPUTER AID OESiSH * Y»*» commercaj a.'oduct U1B8 SX0WJ tl.oe Ihm. Fttehef 2J. Mpe eftecl U191 H) II cocy de eJrv’movti'run N a ung a msuH U220 AU05-PAWT Ygoood Mint package iota of teatve iTYftgo: of wapKe cortvertw toot ‘ vtfr us " M*7J ACTON REPLAY V4 (A1J« C (»i sme as above PC
EMULATOR V 2.3I(WBJ Wy)SVQA ll, V1, rn P r 1 mir. Rnni i L. .. .
LW60 COPT A CRACK TOOL 2 met WSUPLP WfUS lOUERjnot WB3)k41 a U6S9 EORCASILR Y2-horte racsvg prediiien program; U650 ASSAS4N COPIER ItwArsefute XueysSnwact SUPER 01! PER 3 (hOTWEU) VteSSkwpiev W« AM; TOOL PRO FEES! OH AL *sk datable USS9 LtEGACLCAI V3 • more attnu cheat even 5od U7Q0 ANIMATION CONSVhucTON KfT VIJ , good UTO V MORPH V? Create vnootb morph animMiOd U7» f00L TOWS 2tUte*ftotedirt«I hona net* U22J QRAPHlC UtiUTVrtf U2W 50- MOST USE UTU load d» very U229 SUDE.5H0W CONSTRUCTfCN *UT usduf utA.
PRINTER MANAGER MUSIC U2H archiveH TOOLS pack more file on to yoyr disks U242 NfPLOOER 4.C disk pack irvsre poqicrre on d-sk UIU The A-T COPiER (nof Wb3)T3dsk cop f.wc* U2S4 FRACTAL UTIL toad of fractal crocrarrv* brit U282 LAND SUIL0ER create rejiHtc larrdscape.
U2»4 COPY A CflACK TOOLS back up your saftwars UJ00 MESSY an l rvaiwrite PC MAC ectfiSe*.
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I M194 JESUS ON E S (2 disks) I M205 RAVE ¦ More Rave I M262 A TO Z OF C64 GAMES MUSIC (4) Brilliant I M314 DICKTRACY (Madonna) (2) [ M335 STAR TREK & STAR TREK NEXT GENERATION (2) US51 FORTH PR 0GHAUL';hG~jN0 T WB 1 U957 SC ALA BACKGROUND (2tfiik) High quifrty image UMC FPCGRAUE LOAOERJtew HardOrik mteiu JjjjST MAGAZINE E 3f2ditk) *t»*nce tidion maauine U9«3 AMOS * AMOS PRO COMMAND EXTENSION PBCkGAMBLE-Super Hors* ptdtetlon programme, we DELUXE PAINT 4 BUDDY SYSTEM ) Oatbe moat Pkddriuie Pami inKan on line for evry fueiion HslXiS I,CH£CKEH SW -iAliT0 DF0ATE MONTHLY- U9«2 DIRECTORY OPUS V4
add EaTre CommandHUTTON !2S8Sfflf HiS? UENU '-Bctn UWM venton U966 VlRLES-V ORKSHOP V51-lba trril Yjrui kilter Sl fJS NVER1ER '2D» Con«« picture act U938TLFRB0CAT 3Urto catalogue youroiak librarv U9B9 AUT0B00T DISK UakKi Vi -very uecfui U993 IMAGINE STUtKO V2.I2DI Tha bast PD image (pkture) process: r roiJabt* r.val even tn* cormnercul costing bundres ol pound (not kl 3) 5 SP**4* °P di*k to*dirj.Acc*nr» U970 HARDDfllVE SECURITV llTerge coltecuon ol t' UWJiEfKOSSTUOtO-Fc* aH Seiko printers more .petifrc 1 drfv*r »«¦ tbe above primer H*? 3 3 34 P rinhN *¦«. * MW
fesTAjfeNT-wme your w,fl lUJOl AUTO DISK LOGGER wUteque you. Di
¦ U321 GRAPHIC Util 1J3) load of bnl grjphsc util U32* GRAPHIC
uUI jfgjeven more Graphic toe) U734 CANON PRINTER STUCHO not
A500 (1 J) Wilfi Cannon printers UTB7 15Q- PRINTER
PREVERlarBcsf cottection_ UFI0 PERFECT*PAINT 32 Very raty lq
ure paint pickut U714 ENGINEER K T various uret kri for An ga P
UMS MAGNUM I 9 REGARD the beat dirk magaa-net creator U721
FONT FARM V31 load of lord ? Lord viewer HJ32 EKOTORJPPERrato n
the J»$ t aoorKVgrapfitc oper E *0110 RIPPER rile u the belt
soowkgrnpM, 0724 PARHET 3£r UP(2i require lor the connection 1
fJ6NUALjrwtYYbt.3) ccmptele U 21 ASSASIN BOOT UTIL 50
bOotlJockc .------ object designer U3MMUITI VlSlON(2)
tfr.kffites utilities U3« HACKER-T00LS many rlppef tool U350
POOL TO0L.pe lr£f horse with best chance U351 RACE RATER
Similar ta above, bul both U35E STAR CAT 2-c*eale catalogue
desk esay U3-59 SEEKER find lost frte on flopy & Harddrive
VIDEO TITLERS TOOLS util U731 A - Z GAULS CHEAT lor w S30 games
It-hundred of ready made U737 ASSASfN CRUNCH A COPY TOOL (WB 13
only) U73S5 KICK PROFESSIONAL v32 Varioue K-atert SES001 n %
p°**rtul U740 CROSS DOS 5 1 j*u. Pcv AUIGA d.*k U741 HD-DISK
TOOL BOX *r NOTE database for your video collection. _ reli u
Ri£ $ ££.yc*T1QM 12 di5iis} rpar,y v,de0 5i,le' P'ogl U250 VIDEO
TOOL (a) loads of video utils Recommended!
U964 TELESUBTITLE ¦ new video titter ¦ U965 VIDEO MAKE V4.33 .The latest In video U3S? DESKTOP ViDEO 1 A 7 (Beat video l iter lool) ci U350 R.P.G (2) adventure creator U353 DISK RFPAlR KfT-telvjie A repair damage disk U372 WORD SORT procaa* ABC I1 ri- fte 133 7 7 IfCOMU lit more modem software * packer I U340 UNIC0PY (inifthc Oil* copier 1 U39S FRACSCAPE VI 2 new Iractei LniUr to WS7A U4OT SOUND TRACKER V2 6 murie make.
U4JQ SPEED BENCH (not Wb! J) create auis Boca mb LMJ5 NIB 2 vmy popular copter U43A Tbe R-PPEfl COLLECfiON(noi WB3) tat roper U442 SY&nFO test t pnrrl nto on your AMIGA sy* U4A4 FONT FARM fonr crtalcrfrd. Tor-derio-n new fere ..... . n ' ' P) E TITLE 2 - Great new VIDEOS tiller W4TOGAMES WSTALLER Jtostell tops arnwi EG Z00L2. R it* 01 m* robot,Ucrtal CowbaS S n. UT« how 10 CW ate autobSot tfKnwtee ’ If Yl MAKE AUTO BOOT W5K U743 Ufi Disk J. __________ U744 FRACTAL MANIA .BtOMORPH Biflkat cofccfan U745 Af WORK 8EMCH(1)(WB Id 0*0m U7«f 30 GARDEN DESIGNER A wren Erem any brif U747 ASTRDIIY V?
CffsWl lUr atonef predSic U7JS DISK REPAIR 5 P-* U750 MUSK CATALOT i- i, -.--*......- • Ejjsy to ute Video it let ioede of features U«|I WEDDING VIDEO ANW (2 d.*k,| Requires O.Paint U9TS OMS Y2 Ot Pro. Crunen enure e.u (noti rj) U37E MAGIC SLECTOR V1 Achirae Maqi: WB back drop 13977UAGtCWB ICON AftClflYE (3)1 BOO. Of Mgwb nn U558 X-FiSSWORD-proctect your r.*.-a noppy dnve MO * of normal leon any Araigal OW4 TEXTURE StlXkO Renew Vinous Tenure frwone 3 e« req F?U(r»i 1 J| U9S5 PRO-GAMS.es V2 nest for aft gambtert U?|S B00 -€ BEATER- gambling programs to «te bookie 13957 HD GAVE INSTALU-R 3
install more gam* to HO 13598 EXOCTIC WP£fi V3Jb Latest ripper 13999 HO MEMORY (new eotecttonl fftyj'S UtfU HISS? ™V2i3(2d)mcre Dcpus bottom KISS! S*L9,*TA." At-VST l'au, cv P*rtwmane* U10O2 TufWO CAT4WB 2A3 o tfy| catalogue creator U10W LOTTORY lYlNNEfl Vzn*4 wrton U10M BASIC-EUCrRCNfC-Teaeh all aoout eietrcnte UICB4 HARD-WABE PROJECT 2 (2) Build dortn of ptotect even bow lo fit Amlgas in e tower cate HIS® pATA ki-ERT 3-»spla.( why your computet cresh U1010 W62.Q4 IHSTALLER-insL.il A500- A605 to Hi . ---------, INE exceiiertT Video tiller 3923 VTDsO UANAGER (Met A5G0 1 J; Vr'S-3
catalcgjn-g vjtstm 3925 Vrdeo Ttttter - very gesd video idler U4S7 WHOM 2 jDS l ftetet daUtase cn'51 fiims U47C- nNAL FONTtER 1 (2 dskl Sur-fr«t magazine U473 FINAL FONT IE R 3 (icdtfcj Sur-trek mssaaint U45C HARO DISK CLICK-Ha iE Ti-c raenue system LH9C B-ve Util Amamq p«k wr9i 207 utOW-S U451 FROTRACKER V3- «t music writer prpgrame U432 wCfik-5lAr:CPI 2dfjk WBIJ3 oO iYYB-reoteeewre 134 55 HARD DtSK I3T1L bail colteci'On ol HlfddHfc Util U4M EASY PrfVT (*500onlyl lot ct pnr.t utJ LMM W0RK-MA1E.15 britiaol d-ek U‘j| camplii • U7S3 KARO DRIVE Utl.kh more Hard & U 54 PARBENCH nttatter
(correWrte) U7SS PRO CAD etectrorvclUMt circuit beard detrgner U7M WB MENU LAUNCHER-menu Yystem. Htt to use U750 ICON PLUS (XXSK1 Hundreds it .turning ICONS lhi flFi nriir i i ;.u.i ami i 5 NEW YEAR SPECIAL OFFER Special ofler any 101 games pack
1. 2 or 3 for only £7 when orderod with 10 or more disks.
Valid only witfi Ihls lokcn. Thiil offer cannot ho uruicl Wllfi Vur Iroo disk or Ir&d mouse rn:il pffor a U761 RELOCKII I.) latest WBU emulator HJH JAKE EAST UCMORY make more cider softwre run 13777 TELE TEX T RECCYER protecf ' ¦ r) i rvwroire in o a W CO 1 741 DOSTRACE VI. D wrfay fitomaion why eome pro crime refus* to run ri»o mooter Amiga activity. RECOUUE UHU POOL WINNER GOLD must for Ml gamber Uf»9 HaftD-OlSK MEMORY V2 UM HO U ftKfitoTy Ire MMU) 0750 WINDOW BENCH V2 (WB 2 3) 2dnk new uwkbench reoUcernervt, iocbioe lot ol useful utilities COMPUTER DIAGNOSTIC TEST V? Amrga FauH ftoafng
U535 VIRUS-KILLER A DISK RESALVAGE REP3URE KIT U507 DC0PY V3 PROFESSIONAL -Eieekrrt ft-sk copter U5C9 ULT BOOTDL0CK fChboofbtock generator maker U5I0ULTIMATE B00T-BL0CKColteiMntl«rysre U512 ZIRCON UTIL-30 MOST USE UTIL 2 brifisnt US1S WIT COMPLETE UTIL 20 most use uW PiL‘t B1 [21 Or f ] EG 101 games pack 3 normally CPStS £11.77 with Ihis token oniy E7 sjve £5 j BOARD GAMES PACK II Printer Rack 5 disk pack with all the latest priming programs specially designed for printing out high quality documents, text 4 pictures etc and ll Is even able to print out A5 Booklets (very handy). Easy to use.
A TTUjf tor any Amiga owner with printer.
Primer Pack (5 disks) only £4.99 This 5 disk pock contain 19 puzzles type garnet all select lofit quality & orloii highly addictive & ORIGINAL COMPATIBLES WITH ALL AMIGA y £4.99 5 disk £4.99 5 disk IWI G222 MEGA 21 GAMES amazinc 21 games ---- -it rft p’- - - sicelte _ _ . ---- ----) Operal G253 DESTINE MOON BASE Arcade Converelon KOI KID PAINTS luperb print special lot tod* §99? ?PLOlJR IT briilanf computer colouring book GB72 SCHNEBTTZ Ccmmvrc al quality puzzle qomes G87S DELEXE GALA v2.3incw) add new fca:u? ' ' r*r HECOW------ TS *Lp 'b p
- -----IT fcriT.r! Tli. _____. .... IE003 TREASURE SEARCH Tnd the
hidden feature.
EDC4 LEARN & PLAY itnol A12C0)many math* & games E005 LEARN & PLAY it more ediicafion p'ocrame.
EOOG SPANISH TRANSLATOR Spani*h«» EogN.h E008 MR MEW (WBtT-onty) t illflftf story adventure E009 A STROM Y tutorial cn warretar act .y.tem _ eoio Simon 6 SPACE MATHS maws 6 timon games | £5 00 LITTLE TRAVELER imfometten on world wide EtCt WORLD GEOGRAPHY world with map & tort, El03 DISCOVERY OF THE ATOM tutortol on the Atom (201 c i ru nrsv mo m unr th lii icm.vr.. . ' D puiite games
- - . - _ X very addict eieelren: GJ4? TAKE EM OUT like to
Operation wolf G542 ROAD TO HELL briHani car racing G544
SUPEHTOM CAT New vertical shoot em up, 0545 KUNGFU CHARLIES mis
with pUtiom brill G54€ RAID 4 latest vertical scroll shoot em
up GS4S QUIZMASTER very good q ’--------- baunt ganmr . 2
player RECOMMEND qet It now G87ft THE KRILL!AN INCENDCNT like
ElfTEZ'Epic G97B QUANTUM-1.1 ire co oct 6 escape type games
QA79RAG TO RlCHES - t.ke MONOPLy G272 TariK BATTLE 2 ptayer
lartk battle gam* G278 ARCADIA tbe best AflKNOlO clone G3C0
O-BOID cross TETRIX end INVADERS G546 QUIZMASTER very good quiz
proqr G552 ELEVATION Q.tmei bate on sft ?f G580 1MPEF1IAL
WALKER -Base on STAR 6 OELQVOPE PHOTO 1 (2) excellent STAR WAR
q EIM MR MEN OLYMPIC (3Df many to complete E110 CULT TV
DATABASE (2DI Info on early TV utet
- -------------------E HCjr G3C3 DfMEHSiON X 2 player LIGHT
CYCLE GAME ; 0310 NEBULAR Excellent 30 shoot im up G31G
GALACTIC Excellent 0 levels aread* E112 HOW TO DEVELOPE PHOTO 2
(2) Oetovope your own.
E115 ELETHONIC WORLDSt3D) Complete Kj*m« BIBLES El IS HOW THE EARTH BEO AN-Theory how the BIG BANG E011 EDUCATION PACK 1 G3) 7 HYPER-BALL Speed bail .level editor G320 GHOST-SHIP Very good 3D adventure G325 BATTLEMENT bunch back ot noteha I G326 MEGA GAME COLLECTIONS It 3 top games G329 MADONNA NUDE PUZZLES for 16T onty rrni r n ¦ ' nr v ----- _ GE*0 4 L.C.0 DREAM 4 james pack with dozen, of education programs ranging from maths, science to educational games recommend suil- able lor any Amiga. 5 disk jack only C4.95 G6E4 NEIGHBOUR GAMES (2D) base on i On cfIhf G665 TIME RUNNER (WB2 3)
BriOant graphic G667 GOLF (SDtSK)Onc cf the first 4 decent GOLF G668 A VOS CRICKET 2 New Amos cricket simulator G«9 MUGSY REVENGE gangstor gtnphio adventure GS72 JklSAWir* G573 BOBBY C _______________m subtecta.
El 21 PICTURE PUZZLE bnllant JIGSAW type gam ...... “* ----- - - iijword; EC21 STORY LAND H Interact puzzle names ree E022 LANGUAGE TUTOR loach youV E0J3 TALKING COLOURING BOOK is
- --Tw games
- _______ ______________v-SO Qrliianl G674 HIGH OCTANE Fan car
racing (notwbl.3) GS75 TIME RUNNER amazing graphic adventure
G680 SPACE-INVASION 2 - Fantastic Galai.iln »r»ly £9.99 El 22
WORD FACTORY Bffliant leach kid w G335 CRAZY SUE II* besi
pfallortri ic dote G342 SUPER SKODA CHALLENGE 16 track edit
0344 STAR-TREK similar fo RAIOZ bul hnrdof E023 TALKING
COLOURING BOOK talking Dpalnt bril E024 EASY SPELL II Improve
your hid spelling E025 SCRABBLE require 2-lplflyPf. BrllUiril
KID DISKS 1,2,3,4,5 Excellent collection of education program*.
Ideal for teaching kid* varfou. Subjects while retaining the
fun 5 game element. 5 disks only C4.9B or order separately for
only 9Sp per disk Qmor fcpdq KI0,PJ5K 5 No. 1-5 G664 WIPE
OtJT-mtndirtYS Blasting gem so G8R5 GODZILLA Another chootem up
0886 SUPER MEGA FRUIT• All new Fruit Machine G668 DRIVING
MANIAC 3D (till vector tike S DOOBY very cute & entromely
addict ¦6 WONDER LAND amazJno graphic rocommnd _- 2 DELUXE
PACMAN . Bepocman cvp. Release G367 CARD GAMES coiUwtion Gflfll
• fin Hint fruit machine demo 0685 PROJECT BUZZ BAR -BrflUw* a
stored E027 OSWALD Very colourful large cartoon game E03Q
EVOLUTION breed your own hybrid E03t IQ TEST . 10 GAMES pack 1
eiccUenl E033 TYPItiO TUDOR very goad typing tudor E035 CHESS
HELPLH hefpSeach howto ptoy E036 BASIC TUDOR learn about Amiga
basic Prog GPU9 PLANET FALL - Luner Lander clone G651 BUCK
TOOTH ADVENTURE Very good mulri tovel shoot cotiuci cp. Uy
RECOMMEND G892 PENGO 2- Maze type gam.ox. Recommend G833 SUPER
OBLnEriAYloTi Stoat aatorcUd very simitar to PjkNG 2 (at '
- --- only) G«W SYSTEM DEFEND-QriSsht De!coder clone G695
AMJGA--B OY-Game boy emuiaor + letriz G 732 DFTHELL iff
GJ35 OVERLAfiDER SriSsrt aicatte I400N AlfST G 737 SERJOUS BACKGAMMOH The best in PD EG El27 MING SHU (A500 only) Bril Chinese A*troioggy.
El23 ASTRO22 PR0.V3-The latest astrology program that ecouretety calculate, die position of tn* planet EDUCATION & SI GAMES PACK edipe. Zodiac position etc. Recommend E130 FRENCH VERD TESTER .hould help you with french.
E131 CULT TV DATA BASE II (2 DISK] info on early TV E132 WORLD HISTORY BOOK Collection ol the very beil of education programs and a 21 games pack, a ---------¦-----* - *•-¦ (run on all Amiga) 5 E033 AMIGA TUTORIAL 7 pwl tutorial E039 COMPUTER CARE hem io care About AMIGA EOSO Guide TO LOWER BACK PAIN tutorial me seine 6 how to svo.c back pain frecommond) EtWI KID ALPHABET display ali a phADot letter £042 FRACTION A SILOUEST maths A games excellent E043 MATH MASTER teach tut you more on maths EG44 STEAM ENGINE V2 gracteic 5 tutorial £C4S PE1ROL ENGINE tutor J| a animate graphic £C46 GAS TURBINE
ENGINE tutor to 4 anvn graphic £047 STIRLING ENGINE tutorial 6 anlm graphic £050 DREAM FOR ANGEL explain the meaning of dream £051 INVISIBLE WORLD bream recommend £052 FISH TANK torn your ¦•rooa into a FVSHTANK EC54 DEMOLITION MISSION impte geme lor kid £055 WORD POWER solve crossword puzzle ect good.
E05h WORM HOLE aimpf* game ideal for children.
R e* E133 LITTLE TRAVELLER 11(3) Infomation on worldwide E13J X-FILES-Guide la the Tv series very interesting Ilf? CHESS4_TUTOFI • FULL teach you how to play chest E13J X-FILES-Guide t; E148 CHESS 4 TDTOFt • IULLteach you haw to ptoy ch* i E150 INTERNET-FULL guide to internet 4 luperhighwsy ElSi CU & SHELL TUTOR ih*!p} Ideal for beg-nner E162 DELUXE Patrrt GRAPHIC TUTOR V 3 4 4 RECOMMEND E163 JAPANESE • leach you the japanete langorije E154 PANT IT (not AeiOi 3j latest COLOURING BOOK E1S5 KEY BOARD TRAINER An excellent tup rg tutor.
EtSS WORD POWER- spellcheck cro**word solver.teach E1S3 CROSSY ORG CREATOR-design crossword car tank cct ro Brin, etiretnfy wkucrert get ft GJJ13 ARCADE GAMES CLASSIC Vo* t i 2 (2d) 0314 HELICOPIEK-ntoy like Dessrt ateikrj G315 COW WARS. Very .•wkKntod 2 player games G91G JSLANO Ptoy IB* Uonqpfy G9t3 COP THE l (J Pro Lateral Lottery predHor G920 LOTTERY PROFFES40NAL This version us?
Reign crossword E153 CHESS II 4 TUTOR bnllant Chexi n games ET7Q HISTORY OF AVIATION Vol 1 E.ecitont duk £175 FRANTIC GUIDE TO COMPUTER(2D) bfillant 4 funny El 77 CYBER PUNK 2 lor cyberPunk freak only E173 STAR-TREK & STARTREK NEAT GENERATION GUIDE THE COMPLETE GuiDE COME WITH HUNDRED OF SCREEN SHOTS TAKEN FROM THE STAR-TREK SCRIES. SUPERB Eiat SIGINTURE CREATOR cuilomlM your own sig.nture. £132 VIRUS WORKSHOP V4 comprehensive guide £134 IMAGINES VIDEO 2disk GABO MEGA BALL 2 very playable break out clone G49T BOUNCE .& 0LAST bfillant platform 10 1(5 G492 ZOMBIES a DEFENDER 2 Luna.lie game*
G494 MEHCAHEHY SfMULATION 30 wars gtmies G499 LIFE -Simulanon very inlerc.tirq G50O TRANSPLANT ctozon ol level list or code E057 APPLE CATCHER catch falling apple brilliant £058 CROSS MAZE 8 CRVPTOKIWC 2 excellent rid games E059 VERB QUIZ lind the word 4 it related Bril LOC I KING JAMES BIBLE (Id) complete bib leu nice I £055 TAHRQT clairvoyant in a instance E068 CALLOW fancy a gomes of hang man?
£070 MATH DRILLS teach nil bnsic math skill Vgood E071 ERROR INFO give info why your AMIGA crath £075 WORLD-WAR 5 graphics tutorial on WORLD-WAR reieate program eg simulate Slorprobc molecubc act E07S SCIENCE an excellent collection el science ideal for all who interesting er studies in science recommend, this peck come on 4 disks £080 KIDPRIX great emidren paint programme Eofll ASTROMY PACK- This i* a mazing collection ol program* retain to nstromr- can help to locate certain or star position ect. Must for anyone who studies astromy or hobby areal (4DISK) E071 PICTURE & LETTER Icsrn to
reads- First stop E07-1 AMIGA BEGINER GUIDE tutorial on Am,gas E085 NODDY PLAYTIME demo V*ry good EoflO KlD PlX more eicellent pamt programes Ecfll O.T.P FOR KID easy to use, excellent £092 SING A RYHUES sing a song £094 HIGH WAY CODE TUTOR question on highway code E096 RE AO 4 LEARN [2D| THREE LI TTLE PIGGY Story E097 BACK TD SKOOL vof I collection cl me best £053 BACK TO SKOOL vol 2 in education programe £099 BACK TO SKOOL vol 3 & games. RE COM MED G78? SOLO ASSAULT 30 like Wing Commander G783 SEED OF QARKNESS-Brilinm grnphlc advun G7tM NANO FLY Superb e*ptor* game RECOMMEND G785 THE CHEAT
GOLD Rmp- vefy pcfdictrKl _____ ..iatlorm gam** GD23 FLAMMING f NglNF-Supe-rb car racing 0934 POWER MACHINES Gr.iivc.ity brtilan) shoot G7S9 TASK FORCE very good UINO SHADOW clone G790 GREEN FIVE Amazing .3D graphic like G79l PROFFESJONAL SINGO CALLER G792 MARTIAL SPRIT like Street fighter H 0798 6 EXCELLENT CARD GAMES collection G809 BlfTZ 2 fast action shooting games GB10 EOT 13 Brillarrt puzzle G8tt TEMPORAL NHSR. ACE WENT-graphic adventure 0812 AOAY AT THE RACE-V Goodhorse rac-toig came* G820 BOULDER ORIGiNAL with 80 level GB2T BOULDERUASH c*ve l«vwt Construction krt 0822 BOULDER
COLLECTION 2 3 160 level (2disk) GB39 BOULDER PACK with 643 level on 8 disk G860 ALIEN NET WOHK-ng* Spacing invader GB4? BATTLE FORCE excellent text adventure.
GB63 GNU CHESS the best chess with 10 level GB48 SWORD OF VIGO Graphic Kf.enture G567 POWEH-TETPIZ lor t or 2 pfayet G8A8 SUPER SMASHING TETR1Z G870 CHESS it 4 CHECKER One of the best Around muss for alt CHESS or CHECKER player G371 GRAVITY FORCE 2 1 or 2 player thrust clone G511 HIGHWAY H„ ________ GS31 OPERATiON RRESTORMS-bnltoni 0534 CASTLE KUMOUAT ajfrtter to Alien breed G53S BLACK DAWN bnllant graphic adventure f*r7n ¦ ir cit a c , ~r _, . R.:. - -___- t ---- £210 LEARN & PLAY 3 Latest Education 6 Games E240 BARNEY THE BEAR GOES CAMPING (2d) Briltont teach your child about animal E241
COMMS GUIDE Vi.1 beginner modem user E242 GUIDE TO WEATHER (fd| superb complete ou-dc Io the weather, recommend E245 MATH ATTACK- Maths relate gam©* lor kids E242 AHIMAL-LAN0-!steal lor young kid. Excel PUHTF.R-Animate horse rating games ARCADE JIGSAW (2tri include CKJN KJNG G930 WHEEL CHAIR GLADfTOFT-Very fun to plav n-oi, uiiim r.n.iM,-.- -i ......______ G931 NIUBLE-Oriitont New arcade puzzle.
GS33 BLACK DAWN 3 THE NEW (J£C!NMWG (2) Superb 3D adventure RECOMMEND 34 R3--------------- G934 R3 ROCKET (NEWJvety gnod roekew. Garnet G9J5 BATTLE SHIP- iho fintrefPD vccsioti G936 LAST LAP - Fail car racing_ E246 BEG1NER GUIDE TO WB 3 (AI20Q only) E247 GLOBE FACT(2) fact about planet earth E248 KID ONLY. 6 excrlmt name to ptoy with E?W SANTA -Help Santa collect present ganws E251 BIR5THDAY HISTORY V2.2- GAME HINTS & CHEATS I :: Gi-3 Wt p*1 P*» J.*( eoto rjl( nv*w)fSi' AS TtapedwOn 9Q% 33fK*tt1gn*iakcl0!,.Upra e XYSeteClBba Bwfyta»BlK«ru» su~... only £11.99 Pjyyfur Iwixft g*Tf taige? M cwt
jfiO tf»e end 8! Lewlo gin* ? Hiyng prgiiw irtT jww g««l? PKiwiGi 'X05 cl girei wdf wiw rypljy pc*etimid heip pj &xsft nary gvnes - uAzXi tor ii Ar ga$ t v, H!£ UfdJte & fttoss* v 23 Jdy ‘S3 E253 BEGINNER TYPING 1UTOR- f .1 = w EDUCATION & . J v. *: 2J_CA A fEJLPA CK Latest education pack 4 new 21 game a?
Collection (5 disk packs) only CA9S J mm*) , mm& GAMES MCI V wugM & «e«n*a4u ect la rnanyte W,fu»erti W CA 5 disk £4.99 Allapftcfruw pack are compatible with all AMIGA Spectra s pack | Oniy £.29.39 +£150 (pip) (48 on new o»» i | 45 CM GAMES.,£3.99 I 100 CG4 GAMES..E6.99 200 C64 GAMES..£13.09 I --- -* . «*um PACK...£19.99 I I betow are comptete wCh SPECTRUM cmulKot t prrsted Attraction I , ready to nmonyour A.mnji npfter other hardwire feqipre Iso SPECTRUM GAMES PACK .£ 4.99 100 SPECTRUM GAMES PACK 4- 7.99 I 200 SPECTRUM GAMES PACK .C-10.09 400 SPECTRUM
GAMES PACK.. ., £19-99 _ Iiyms ri&4 n| 5 disk £4.99 | SOFTWARE 2000 DOUBLE CD CONTAINS OVER 1965 IUSKS AI 200 & A4000 ONLY THIS LISTING ARE FOR USE WITH AGA AMIGA AGA234 KNOTTY Stunning AGA »l d»n$ jfctre putties AGA240 LOTTERY WINNER hope full* will .mpro.e your chance of winning a jack pot GOQO-LUCK AGAHI EsaAGAGAME-GALORE AGA Of 18 UK.0» games AGA251 PACKMAN AG* the beu pacman yet AGA252 ROCKET.FD • Super thrust clone brjliBnt graphle.lor: 1.ar 2 player AGA253. REAL DEMO stunning special eltetc AGA2S4 ART AGA Br.llant 254 colour eltelc AGA25SDELIGHT EXPLORE Mcllent demo 'AGA256 KEFEREN AGA
Demo lot oi tr*talc AGA2&7 MINOM1ST RAVE great raw music AGA253QXYGENE Fanratti; demo AGA259 rHf£L-0tlT another very good demo ACAMG SOUEJUST1C94 Demo ol the month b-Liwii wruil effete RECOMUEND AGS253 TO THE DEATH very good STREET FKShTER fciehe with very gcod graphic AGA2S3 GEORGE GALAXO tldiSk; bfiSani :'*fiwtta Vs)toa44p»«tTe(ra gam*. RECOMMEDN AGA2 5 t65SO£ CVER ZENON l.2di*k) 6n4ent : iOdgtSsiJe coirtmafitJer with fimesbc graphic AGA2S6 TEAM-HO' D1N0 PLATFORM e.*e*i*«ni dine pipttornv Note :t his disk «at a commercial game* ; AgftZU MUSIC 2 SURVIVE ?cuk 6 eteMterr' reufcc master press
wed worth getting AGA27T RAVE MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE II 2d.*k) AGA3T8CMSNWFL 7 ISSUE 1 (AGA) (2di»k) AGA base d;th nurgaime*. RECOMMEND AGA disk rroigfltrTM- topic demofmuslc AGA2S3 WORKBENCH BACKDROP VOL 3 6GA235 DE-LUXE MONOPOLY- Beard game.V aod.etcd AGA29E OOHKEY KONG Aftade classic conversion AGA297 SO M3 PAC Ertteamly good Id f ay AGA298 ROCKET 2 set deep underground brill ant graphic, oven belter with 2 pinytr AGA293 SCRABBLE Now lull, run on all Amiga AG A 320 MAGIC VV8 V? Demo oi vorsion 2 AGAJOi TUTAHKttAM 11(2) Education-tgrptian MUMMY AGA333 PAMLA AHDtHS0M.J2J IB* cn'y BayWatih Babe AG
A3 04 BODVSHOP VA (3| more tnkmi ueautiei AG A 325 TIMEZONE |2) V.Gcod grepti* adventures AGA307 DtNTAWOLF d«m* ocmo AGA328 NAXI5 -ReiWly show what AGA graphic c° do AGA310 FEARS (2d)- dooms clone demo AGA31 i JINX (2d) Fartast-c amade puitic AGA313 RAM JAM THE TASTE DEUO wry w. et aemo AGA315 ILEX MYSr43 New AGA Oamos AGA323 KLONDIKE 3 Hd regu.re A 2mcg .*¦« 3Jlo have ¦ list o( 25 cards for above AGA321 H3T BABE I (2) UuST BE OVER AGA322 HOT.BABE 2 (2) IB AGA323 HOT-BABE 3(2) BEFORE AGA324 HOT BABE 4 (2) ORDER ANY AGA325 HOT BABE 5 (2) OF THE HOT-BABE PACK Hundred o) qualify Magic wb icon A
bock tn&p AGA3SS DESK-TOP MAGIC- 32 flnimated screen blanker AGA389 WAR CF THE WORLDS -fuSi 3D games AGA39EI FEAR 2 Brillant 30 graphic games like AGA391 PSSST Amiga versios ol Spectrum games AGA392 CHILD MURDER 4)Horror graph* advenlure AGA399 FEAR II -Brillant 30 san c play )U»1 like DOOM on the PC Garrenteed you Impress AGA3M PC EMULATOR VJ- Loicst PC emulator AGA4M HYPER RACE |2) Super racing games AGA41D CSNOY CLAWFORD (3) new AGA41I ELLE MACPHEHSON (3) AGA412 CLAUDIA SCHIFFER (3) AGA4T3 BIG GIRLS n 13) AGA414 GIRLS GIRLS 121 AGA415 NIKY TAYLOH (2) I AGA417 KYLIE MINOUGE (3) AGA413 FEMALE
BOOY BuiL0ER(3j AGA419 EXCELLENT CARO GAMES j latest AGA420 POKER 4 BLACK JACK DELUXE (3H«EG AGA42T COLOUR WB make your Wfl m.*re eclouffu!
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Underground PD ...... 93 Vision Soft ......23 Weird Science .28, 29 White Knight ..IBC, 42 Wizard Developments 38 AMIGA COMPUTING M]W©(?Gi]©©[?©0 ?B0(sMs hr explores basic Cll command ters, amongst other things Paul Overaa continues with his handy hints on Cadtool menus r Photo genics coverdisks at the nd leam all about composition Larry Hickmott reveals how to make 1 the most out of the structured drawing program, DrawStudio Paul Overaa talks about the benefits for musicians who are connected to the Net amiga t-v? Want to know how
Arexx routines can be used V for calendar calculations? Look no further... Dave Cusick discusses the legal wrangle that could bring the Web to its knees Neil Mohr explores some common command line parameters Shell shocked Last month I ran through a very quick introduction to using the Amiga Shell arid CLI. I mentioned iOHW that even though most programs now-a-days are run through Workbench, you can still only access certain functions by using the Shell at other times, it is just more convenient to use the Shell.
Take MultiView, if you pop open a shell and type BuLtiViev ?
This will return a fist of all the extra parameters that MultiView understands - this type of list is tailed a template. These parameters are usually one of three possible types and are denoted by having a tag at the end of each parameter name, these being: IS - Switch, turns on a function IH - Requires a nuierical input IK - Requires a string input Normally when you ask MultiView to display a file it will do so on the Workbench screen. This is fine for text files but not so good for pictures. 8y adding the SCREEN parameter, which is a switch as you can tell by the S shown on the
command template, when you specify a file name this tells MultiView to use its own screen instead of a window.
As I mentioned last month, unless you have the original program documentation there is no real way of finding out exactly what each parameter does. If you come across a command you have never seen before, working out what each parameter does and what input it needs is half experience and half guess work.
Generally many commands take similar parameters, two that you will see a lot are PUBSCREEN and SCREENMODE and normally both expect a name to be given. These are both to do with how the command takes advantage of the Amiga's screens.
Since Workbench 2 the Amiga has had what are known as public screens on which any programs can run or visit, the Workbench is a public screen called Workbench. The PUBSCREEN parameter allows you to specify the name of a public screen and so force a program lo run off that screen. You would normally specily the screen name like this NultiViev srstarujp-sequenc! POBSCftEEN="screen name here" It is important to use quotes, otherwise if a screen name has spaces, only the part of the name up to the space would be used.
The other SCREENMODE parameter is used if a command runs on its own screen anyway.
This allows you to force the program to use a specific type of screen - FastView and ViewTek are two examples. You have to provide a specific Amiga screen mode name to get this parameter to work correctly (see box out for screen name information), FastView is very flexible when it comes to specifying a screen mode as it accepts wild cards in the name. For example, if you have an SVGA monitor that has to have a 30Khz display you can use: FiStViev pkturs-nane SCREENKOOE=“HULTISCAN:JS?"
To force FastView to use Multiscan screen modes which are compatible with the SVGA monitor. Again with this parameter you need to put the screen mode in quotes or the program will just ignore everything after the first space and you will not have the screen mode you wanted. In general if a parameter be it a screen mode or file name you should always enclose it in quotes, even if you are not sure.
Screen madness When referring to screens, the Amiga has a number of screen modes each of which have a number of screen resolutions. As standard ail Amigas have and are capable of, PAL and NTSC screen modes. The PAL screen mode has a number of different screen resolutions these being 320x256, 640x256 and 1280x256
- all of which can be interlaced to double the vertical
resolution to 512 pixels. These are referred to as Low Res,
High Res and Super-High Res.
When referring to a specific screen mode, you have to first state the screen mode, put a colon and then put the screen resolution and whether that should be laced or not. To have a PAL 640x512 screen this would be PAL:High Res Laced Si Bode Naie:Resolu;ion Na»e sible screen modes and screen resolutions. Screen names are still written in the same way as for standard PAL and NTSC modes and usually use the same resolution names.
Certain special modes however such as No Flicker and Productivity have been added to pick out these higher 1x1 ratio screen modes and some of the more ohscure modes require the actual pixel resolution to be entered such as 5UPER72:400 x
150. If you ever want to find out a screen name just use the
screen mode preferences to see which are available on your
took or an those lovely screen modes - most me totally
machine. Useless except for all the 1x1 ratio ones EHEEmEEH
FEBRUARY 1997 Softools Menu Codling Paul Overaa rounds off
the gadtool menu discussions aving explained last month
about the various steps needed to install a gadtool
defined menu - locking the screen, getting the VisuaSlnfo
data, opening the window, creating laying-out and finally
installing the menu - it's time to look at the steps in a
little more detail. One unfortunate thing about what would
otherwise be a fairly bearable scenario, of course, is that
we've got a whole load of library routines to perform, any
or all of which could conceivably fail.
Regular readers will know that I have a standard way of handling this problem. Each task to be performed is written as a subroutine pair that contain the initial setting-up allocation code, and the corresponding closedown deallocation code.
Whenever a routine is successful the deallocation routine address gets pushed ontD a deallocation stack.
Closedown nove.t function pointer beq.s lows. I jsr routine if it exists!
Bra.; closedown Listing 2: The menu removal operations occur automatically as this closedown loop is executed.
Listing I contains one set of routines - you'll tind all the others in the coverdisk source file. The closedown routine, incidentally (Listing 2), handles all error non-error closedown operations automatically so, other than making sure that all allocation deallocation operations are coded using the conventions already outlined, we hardly need to think about error handling at all.
LotkScreen closedown GetVisInfo closedown Opentindow closedown Createltenu closedown Layoutlienu closedown lnstaUHenu closedown One of the other benefits of these arrangements is that getting the various pieces of code executed In the right order is extremely easy' - all that's needed is a series of jsr and beq branch instructions similar to those shown in Listing 3.
There's little point installing a menu unless you’re able to tell when it is being used. Gadtool menu messages are supplied as conventional IntuiMessages and so programs need to ask for messages of class IDCMPJVIENUPICK on any windows that have menus attached.
The example code you'll find on the coverdisk also requires IDCMP_CLOSEWINDOW and IDCMP_REFRESHWINDOW so the WAJDCMP window tag ,which tells Intuition about the message classes we wish to receive, is therefore set up like this; This type of directory-only style asl requester is obtained by using the ASLFR DrawersOnly tag of every file present, converting and exporting them in ASCII form. One obvious use of a utility like this is to run it over directories which contain Web page files and then use the date information produced to incorporate 'last updated’ date stamps in the Web site pages!
dc. L DCV Listing 4 is the menu-related fragment of the event
handling code that shows how the identifi- Amiga Computing
CreateHenu tea ®enu,aO sovea.w 2TAG_END a1 no tags CALLSYS
CreateRenusA JadToolsBase aove.i dG,aenu_p save returned
pointer beq.s .error push deallocation address aove.i
SrFreeKenu,-(a5) .error rts FreeNenu novea.L ¦enu_p aO menu
to tree CALLSYS FreeMenus _GadTootsBase rts Listing 1: The
paired allocation deallocation routines used by the example
code to create and free the gadtool menu.
Cation magic is performed. As menu events - IntuiMessages of class I0CMP. MENUPICK - arrive, they need to be checked to see to which menu option they correspond.
(a5)+,d0 retrieve Lib norsal exit dO,aO iaO) and execute The 16-bit im_Code field of these menu event IntuiMessages contain the menu number in bit 0- 4, the item number in bits 5-10, and a sub item number (if used) in bits 11-15.
Since we only have one menu in use (and no sub items) all we need to do is copy im_Code field, left shift by five places, and then logically AND the result with 3F hex in order to get a menu item number.
Jsr beq.s jsr beq.s jsr beq.s jsr beq.s jsr beq.s jsr beq.s Ifs easy enough to do and the only thing you need to watch out for is filtering any extraneous menu events which arrive whenever a user starts to make a menu selection but then changes their mind and releases the right mouse button. In these cases menu events with a code MENUNULl are transmitted and obviously need to be recognised and ignored.
The Cover Disk Code I The source you'll find on the coverdisk, or on our web site menu.s, and the runable equivalent which I've cunningly called 'menu', certainly provide a working gadtool menu example. But it's a little more than this... I’ve taken the trouble to include some asl file requester code and, so that the program at least does something visible at the moment, a couple of temporary text printing and clearing routines which display any directory selections that are made.
Why the interest in directories? Well the example code is actually a skeleton framework that will be turned into a useful utility over the next couple of issues.
I’m going to build a utility that allows you to specify a directory and then read the date stamps Ft NenuBessage etipi.l ftlbCHPJESUPICK d!
Check sessage class bne.s Notlefliiltessage sons other enpi.w XNENUNULLfdi beq.s SetHessage ignore if MENUNULL tsr.w 95,d4 extract ienu item nmfcsr andi.b »S3F,di c«pi.b ISPECIFMi beq.s SpecifyFile Listing 4: Part of the event handler code which identifies menu item events.
Leif 2+ ??
3. 46 3JI
3. 11
2. 91 1X9 174
2. 54
2. 34
4. 95
4. 8ft
4. 6ft 4 4ft
5. 70 s;; ? 3?
!« 12ft 114
1. 94 184
3. 0ft
2. 85 165
2. 4; 186 171 151
2. 3] Loff
11. 95 IHXft
11. 60 lft+ IT.20
10. 63
10. 48
10. 28 9,88
6. IW
5. 8?
5. 65 : i;
9. 78
9. 63
9. 63
9. 48
9. 43
9. 28
9. 03
8. 8S thus?
Not listed BLACK Panasonic KM'IILVIIM IUO Panasonic KM’liiWIISnvu f?'
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7. IHI li.SO D.fil)
11. Illl III.)® 10.60 IDS'I 10.60 10.411
21. 90 at.se 20.60
22. 50 ’’..III 22.1(1
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key and the process starts again with the next tree being written over the last. (I don't know why I did that, but just liked the look of it.)
PICKINK This PICKINK procedure is the one which chooses the colour of the tree and we'll come to that at the end: 1=2 : Degree FRACTREEC320,255,25,0) Wait Key : Soto .START And this monumental three lines is the main program. Impressive huh? Okay, not really, This month I got a letter from a J Chantler who, unlike so many people involved in AMOS, is actually over 35. In fact he's way over 35 - he's 70. I know, it took me by surprise as well. Well J, you sent me a few old AMOS routines which you had in your archive and it was a real blast to see some of them again.
One in particular I remembered from a long way back and decided to give a revamp.
It's a program that makes fractal trees, i'll mention a few refinements you can make in a minute, but basically here is the program: Screen Open 1,440,512,16,Hires Hide : Ours Off : Cls G but the results are good.
Procedure FRACTREE[X8,TB,D,T3 Shared Z K=D*Sin(T)eXB TiYB-D*Cos(T) Draw XB,YB To X,Y If D 1 FRACTRE£tK,Y,D~RniJ(51,T-RndU5)j fRACTREECX,Y,D-RndC5 ),T+Rnd(45) 3 End It End Proc This is the main proc, and begins by making the variable Z a shared one, allowing us to use the products in the main program. The first bit of maths calculates the position of the first strokes, the program feeds back on itself calling the procedure from within and we're off.
The tree is built.
Procedure PKKStlK I=Rnd 1151 If 1=3 or 1=0 Then PICKINK Ink 1 End Proc This last proc picks the colours from the 15 available. It carefully chooses not to select the flashing colour 3 or 0 which is black, so you always get a non-flashing and non-black colour for the tree, (if it was black it wouldn't show up and if it flashed it would drive you batty!)
Added refinements to the program could include: A method of saving the pictures and a method of choosing to overwrite or start again. Overwriting is easy, just put in a query “do you want to continue, restart or quit (C,R or Q)?“ and then use a test to see what was pressed, To avoid spoiling the picture you could put your message on another screen which is only about 25 pixels high but the full width of the screen.
Write stuff If you have any other AMOS programs or queries about AMOS, please write to the usual address: Phil South, Amos Column, Amiga Computing, Media House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield, SK10 4NP. Please send routines on an Amiga disk with notes on how the program works on paper, not as text fifes on the disk. Make the routines short enough to appear in print, i.e. no more than about 30-40 lines of code and if possible make them use no external graphics, or if they can't be used without them then be sure to provide them on the disk in native IFF format, the same goes for sound files.
Follow these guidelines and you stand more chance of getting your routines into print Saving is easy: Use the SAVE IFF command and use the FselS file selector. Something like this: F$ *F se l S (‘'dhO: amos grapMcs iff *.iff",,"Sm the Fils",) Save Iff FS Insert this before the WAIT KEY command and you will save the picture each time a tree is drawn. This is still a very simple program and you could, if you have any knowledge of fractal maths, put in a pop-up menu with some method of altering the maths to get a different result.
Rzwrxm'vrm [Tl FEBRUARY 1997 Eifli It's composition Part three of the Photogenics' tutorial looks at composition time!
Til Min I I'll III I I ¦ The fairly straight forward alpha channel tutorial last month leads nicely ontD Photogenics' composi- i iMCIrn tion function. It may not look much, just a single menu item, but provides a powerful tool when it comes to combining images.
To begin with, you are going to have to load in a few images to let you fully play around with the compose tool. So load the normal spaceman and zebra tutorial images
- you will also need the zebra alpha clip image.
The compose tool works by combining two images, one on top of the other. The background image is the primary image and the one you want to overlay has to be made the secondary image. You can do this by dragging the image icon to the secondary slot, or remember the keyboard short cuts, 1 to make primary, 2 for secondary and 3 makes an image the alpha channel.
Once you have them all loaded, make the zebra image the secondary one. If you now click back on the spaceman image you will be able to select the compose item from the image menu, A big old zebra head will appear over your spaceman picture and a new requester. You can now move and resize the zebra image to whatever size and position you like using the guide boxes that outline the zebra image.
Photogenics using the black transparency mode to leave parts of the zebra unseen on the main spaceman image Plonking one image onto another is not normally what you will want and a little more subtly is required. If you now make the zebra alpha clip image the actual alpha channel, you will see the alpha can happily be used as normal and cuts out the zebra's head. The alpha channel action can be de-activated at any time by de-selecting the alpha switch in the composite requester. You will also be pleased to see the alpha is scaled right along with the normal zebra image, so you don’t have to
worry about doing this yourself.
Using the alpha method may be fine if you have an alpha channel already drawn up, but otherwise it is not the most convenient way to use the compose function. De-activate the alpha channel in the compose requester and select the blend radio gadget. You can now draw' directly onto the primary image as you would another image, but this time you are painting whatever the secondary image is onto the main image.
The final thing is an alternative to using alpha channels to block out parts of the image. If before hand, you paint black onto the parts of the secondary image you don't want to see and then set up a compose, these black areas will be made invisible when you select the transparent black tick box.
One last thing you should remember when you have blend selected, is you are still using the normal Photogenics paint tools. It is the rubthru tool that you see selected and at any time you can select another paint tool and use that effect on the main image.
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1258 MOVIE SAMPLES Larry Hickmott explains how to make the most out of DrawStudio n ihe following tutorial, I want to show you some things you can try with your DrawStudio coverdisk. Things which !'m sure will bring a smile to everybody's foce when they see how flexible the program is for creating graphics for video titling, web imagery, DTP and so on.
Text for titles ..i.uy.itQi Colons f Lrt style | Uneench | Praviev } Jnc« r sow )None ( Sofcl _) Pattern _J Pattern _) Gradient Bitmap _}EWn sp iHacK |Bac* Eat f Eit | Lreccfcxr yj UnedMft vrI F* colour y | LlWlon i Una ttntfcncw | Uwencft Your first step is to select the Text tool. New stamp it down anywhere or. Rhe ocge. Type the words Amiga Computing With the object selected, choose the menu tem, View View to Selected Objects. You can also use the Magnify tool to zoom in.
So :ar we have an ordinary piece ol text. Now let's really jazz II up, Making sure the text is still selected, choose Object Convert to Sezier. Now choose from the Object menu rhe mm ceiled Attributes. A panel appears so you can choose the attributes for yaur text. Click on the Line Style lab and choose a 1 point line weight (i; should already be this}. Now cficx on Ihe Colours tab and click on the Gradient button in Ihe Pen Colour column. Click or. The Edit button in he same column.
The Gradient list appears. Choose the gradient colled CD. Click OK arid then click on the Bitmap button in the Fill Colour column. The bitmap list appears but because we hove no bitmaps loaded yet, click on New and then on Edit. We need to load a bilmcp into DrawStudio, so click on New in the Project Bitmaps area of the requester A requester will appear for you to choose a bitmap. You'll find a useful one Ihe Image drawer (inside DrawSlucio's drawer] called Raindrops in Ciicv OK to select it ond it will os loaded ;nto DrawStudio and once present, will appear in 'he Preview window. Call your
bitmap fill AC TITLE. Change the Fill Type to Tile and change the dpt to 150 in the X DPI and Y DPI text godgets.
Click OK, ond OK again ond then click on the Preview tab. After a short while, DrawStudio will show the text ana' the line fill. Nov for the big test, The Object Attributes panel enables you to apply line weight and styles to objects as well as different types of fills. There is even a preview so you know how it's going to look chck OK ond the oltributes will be applied to your text. As you con see, the text is a little small, and so the bitmap ftii isn't that prominent. To correct this zoom out by choosing View View Full Width.
With the Pointer tool selected, grab one of the corner handles and stretch the text. After a short while, the text will redraw and you will see the fill more easily.
Now I not you hove created the text, what now?
How about converting it to a bitmap so it can be used in a DTP v ard processing package, o Web page or even a video tilling orogtam?
Converting to super smooth bitmaps IQ Cancel j QK Lists of gradient types can be created and saved to disk to use with specific jobs or saved as the default so they are always present Oat Load To convert Ihe lew to a bitmap, make sure the text is still selected ana choose Conven to Bitmop from ’he Object menu When the Convert to Bitmap panel appears, leave it set lo 24-bit for Ihe oest quality, change the DPI to 150 (x & y] and press return. Also make sure AnH-oliasing is selected one Clone is not active. This process will crea'e a rather large bitmap title suitable for DTP but probably too
big for Web graphics and Video work.
To create a smaller title you can leave the DPI set to 72 doi or less. Just make sure you have anti-aliasing selected so the text will look super smooth arcund the edges.
The lost thing you would do ond this car, only be done in the full version (sorry folks], is to export this bitmap from the Bitmaps requester, |View menu] so it can be used in other applications DrawStudio supports TiFF, IFF-ILBM, BMP, JPEG, GIF 256 colours or less only] ond PCX when exporting and importing. You car, also export os EPS, although you don't need lo do this to gel super smooth output.
As you can see, with DrawStudio, you don ! Need to know how to draw' but roving a great imagination helps in creating eye-catching graphics! This tutorial has cov- e'ed just the ,:p of the iceberg when it comes to the things DrawStudio can do fo- you.
Line* I Tr ’ “ ESB ts- * ______ - ---------------- The Edit Bitmap requester can be used to load in new bitmaps, create new fills with the same or a different bitmap, or apply different bitmap fill types to various bitmap fills. It is possible for example, to have two different bitmap fills, with the same bitmap image with one filling an object, while the other is tiled within an object The Convert to Bitmap panel is easy to use and thanks to its anti-aliasing button, smooth titles can be created in no time Q| Black sphere Ired sphere Orange sphere B*ue sphere Back fade out Bubble CO ? I
Gradient list lEQjt ? | Convert to bitmap fev I E*t Sava fljvifStt Computing Paul Overaa, discovers a surprise Amiga music software gift Although it may seem al times that the whole world has gone Web crazy there's no doubt that it's not without MWHl good reason. Certainly, for musicians, there are some seriously good advantages to be had. Almost all the ma|or Midi equipment manufacturers including Akai, Roland, Yamaha and so on now hove, or are in the orocess or building, Web sites.
So loo are a great many record companies, bards and musicians. In fact the oniy mojor company I have not heard express their intentions of getting into the Web scene are the synthesiser manufacturers Karg. I'm sure this situation will change soon enough although luckily there are a great many Korg-related private sites around so users of these synths have little trouble in finding Web material of interest.
One particularly good site for anyone interested n the technical side of music and Midi is the Music Search site which is basically an on-line reference source.
Among other things, you can aownlood rhe Mici SDS (sample dump standard! From here and there are plenty of references to other educational technical music sites. The document specifying the official Midi standard, which I’ve been asked about many times, can be ordered from the Mid Manufacturers Association site (see the addresses box out tor locations!
Harmony Central is another good music site that has won a number of awards for its presentation and content. There are oreas for guitar, bass equipment, effects, keyboards and synths, computers and music, and of course Midi. In this last section, plenty of useful introductory Midi articles can be found.
Although the majority of music sites offer little by way of Amiga-specific info, there are a tew wel known exceptions. RBF Software have o support site for OctaMED Pro and Sound Studio users. Another site which may ne of interest is Dreamers Guild - the home page of David Joiner (who originally wrote the Music X program). As 'Sequencer One Plus' Amiga Midi sequencer package, expect to have a product support site up and running within the next couple of months!
Another recently found site which might be of interest was a hardware projects web page that, amongst things, includes details of how to build yourself an Amiga Midi interface.
CompuServe Freebies you might expect this too, contains some Music X related material.
MidiCraft have also recently set up a Web site which not only contains info about their various projects but allows you to download various Music X ond Midi files, ond so on. Since the Craf' brothers are very Music X oriented, chances are that this site may eventually end up providing some much needed, general support for Music X users And talking of Music X • I've been asked on a couple of occasions lately where Music X protocols, needed for sound bank dumping sysex communication. Can be obtained.
There are various sources but MidiCraft have produced protocols for guile o few synths.
Collections of these have appeared on Weird Science's Multi Media Tool Kit II CD_ROM, in various issues of the AM FM disk magazine, ana also on PD IV a CD-ROM available from Almathera [tel: 0181 687 0040).
If you haven't got a CD-ROM drive the besr idea is io contact Seasoft Computing (tel: 01903 850378) because they have the equivalent collections of Music X protocols available on floppy disk.
Still on the sequencer theme Software Technology, who produce the long establishec If, like many people, you felt a little sad when Blue Ribbon Software sold out to Microsoft you might care to know that for some users there is, al least al the moment, on up-side to the scenario.
Microsoft, who now own the rights to the Bars&Pipes sequencer, its various add on kits, SuperJAM, PatchMeisler (the universal Midi editor librarian package) and various other Blue Ribbon bits and pieces, have done something rather interesting - they've allowed all this AMIGA music software to be put into CompuServe's Blue Ribbon BRS brum library Now I don't know whether this collection is available elsewhere but certainly, if you're on CompuServe, you can now get this complete range of Amiga music software (which at one time would have cost you over o grand), absolutely free. Now is that
good news or what?
WEB SITE ADDRESSES htlp'. www.akai.com. akoipro index.htmi http: www.dreamersguial.corn http: hgiicm.lu-graz.ac.at Cpub htip; homepage.cistron.nl ~nchico midi http: hormony-cenlral.mit.edu http: www, midicra ft.demon.co.uk http: home.earthlink.net ~mma h ltp: musicsearch .com http: www.peavey.com http: www.octamed.co.uk http: www.roland.co.uk http: www.yamaha.co.uk htm Here are ;osf a few of the hundreds of musical Web sites that are now availab e: Akai Dreamers Guild
G. N's Korg i-ssries page Hardware Projects Harmony Central Music
Search Peavey RBF Software Roland UK Yamaha.
Amiga Computing Paul Overaa discucsses Arexx routines that can be used for performing calendar calculations Dead Way t a A Date!
TwTUk P=HI I royrmt Mork R«i*rvfd The date routines in action with the example program!
Jdn=SetJdn(24,6,t9?4) j dn=jdn+20Q say GetDataCjdn) To find the date of every Wednesday in the year on the other hand you could enter a date for the first Wednesday and then use a loop like this to display all the rest by successively adding 7s to the JDN value: i=Q; jdn=fi!tjdn(d,a,y) do i=0 to 51 say GetDate(jdnri'7 end If you wanted to know what day the 1st Jan 1997 is going to fall on you could look it up in a calendar. But to find out, for example, the date of every Monday in 1997 (or what the date would be exactly 200 days from now) would be more difficult. You could go through the
calendar week by week (or count through 200 pages) but in doing this you would surely suspect that there is a better approach.
Indeed there is and it's based on a method, or rather a convention, that astronomers and scientists have been using now for a great many years. It involves things called Julian Day numbers (JDNs) which essentially label every day since Jan I st 4713 BC with a number. By using this date as a base point it's possible both to calculate the Julian Day number for a given day AND calculate the date given a specific JDN.
Now for a number of reasons (partly connected with rounding errors which are produced in conventional computer arithmetic) it's not possible to produce a single pair of formulae that will work for all possible dates.
But if we restiict ourselves to a reasonable short time span, say + - 100 years from now, it's possible to come up with a single parr of formulae which work perfectly well, Using Arexx this is exactly what I've done and you can see the results in Listings 1 and
2. The functions are called GetJdn ) and CetDate() and the best
thing of all about them - is that they are easy to use.
You'll find an example on the cover disk that asks you for a date and then displays the dates of that day of the week for the next 20 weeks. It is however, just an example and the best idea is to try the functions in your own programs.
All you need to do is write your script (making sure you terminate the code with an EXIT statement) and then copy the code tor my two functions onto the end of it. From that point on you'll be able to use the GetJdn() and GetDate() functions in anyway you like. The only thing you must be careful of is not to pass the routines an invalid date because they do not make any checks on the dates passed to them.
* ..... GetJdn: Procedure BUS=.OOOOODQ01 parse erg d,»,y if i 2 then do ydash=y; odaib=B+1; end else do ydesh=y-1; Edssh=fl+JJ; end Jdn*t j65,25*yia$ ke0IASH1), +( 30.6001*«desh+3lA$ )!1), +d+t72D9S2 retorntjdn) r-v Listing 1: The function which computes the Julian Day number from a date Some Examples Supposing your birthday is 10th August and you want to know what day it will fall on in
1998. You could write a couple of script lines to input a date,
use the Arexx parse instruction to split it up into
separate day, month and year values, and then finally cal
culate the JDN and display the equivalent date. In short
these five lines would do the job: ssy 'give ®e your
birthday in dd.uu.yyyy form' putt birthday parse var
birthday d1,V,'y jdr-GetJdn(d,«,y); say SetDatetjdnJ and
the output would tell you that your birthday is going to
fall on Monday 10th August 1998. Similarly, if you wanted
to know what the date was going to be 200 days after the
24th June 1996 you could use these script lines... GetDate:
Procedure day_naae_suffix.2='nd' BIAS=.ODODOOD01
day_nane_$ uffix.3-'rd' Donth_naae.1 =' JAN’
day_naae_suffix.21='st' Bonth_nanie.2 =' FEB'
day_nane_suffix.22=fnd' HonttcnaaeJ =' HAR' day_naiie_suff
i x. 23=* rd1 ¦onth_naae,4 =' APR1 day_naiewsuffix.31s'st'
ionth_name,5 =' HAT1 parse arg jdn ¦onth_name.6 =' JUN'
day8=jdn-172Q982 Bonth_nane.7 =' JUL' ydasM(((dayM22.
D 365.25 J+BIAS)J1 nonth_narae.8 =' AUG' ndash=( ((dsylf-C
(365.25*ydssh)+BIAS)I1) ¦onthj ne.9 = ' SEP’ 3G.6Q01
)+BIA5)X1 ionth_nane.10=' OCT' nont h_nanc, 11 =1 NOV
d=day!M365 .25*ydash+8lASm, Bonth_naie.12=‘ DEC
- ((f30.6001*ndash}+BIAS)21) day_naae.O='$ unday' if aidash=H |
«dash=15 then iB=adash-13 day_name.1='Nonday1 if mdash U then
it=idash-1 day_naoie.2='Tuesday’ if in 2 then y=ydash
day_nante.3='Wednesday' if m=1 | n=2 then y=ydash+1
dayjtarae. 'Thursday1 day_nuiBber=(7*((dayi?+5) 7,
day_naiBe.5=' Friday' +BIAS-CC(day +5) 7 .
Day_name.6='Saturday* +BIAS X1 )X1 day_name_suf f i x * = * t h * return(day_naQe.day_number, day_name_suffix.1='5t' Right(d||day_nase_suffix.d,5), Sight(aontb_name.E Listing 2: This function produces a date from a Julian Day number Amiga Computing COMPU That's i promise for ..computes x - SIMMS 4Mb ...£29.95 8Mb ...£49.95 16Mb .£89.95 Good conditions on SIMM prices if bought with an Accelerator 540Mb.
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A1200 with 340Mb Hard Drive.£429.95 A1200 with 510Mb Hard Drive.£499.95 Call for more good deals_ 'am - 5.30pm, Sat 9.00am ¦ 5.00pm r ax: 01815414071 169575 Dave Cusick investigates the legal battle which could change the Web Web y now the majority of Internet users will probably have heard about the events in the Shetlands which are threatening to undermine the entire World Wide Web, The legal wranglings between the Shetland News and the Shetland Times could have severe repercussions.
For the benefit of those who have still to learn the details, the problems began when the Shetland News, an Internet-only publication, included links to the Shetland Times news pages using headlines from the latter for the hypertext links. Robert Wishart, the managing director of the Times, objected to the links and sued, saying they were in effect an infringement of copyright. On October 24, 1996, Wishart obtained an interim injunction at the Court of Session in Edinburgh, preventing the News from quoting Times headlines or linking to the Times site. The full court hearing may well be
several months from now.
Of course, Jonathan Wills, news editor of the year-old Shetland News, has claimed that this use of links is perfectly legitimate, Interestingly, Wills used to be the editor of the Shetland Times, which is primarily a print-based publication, until he was sacked. He later proved unfair dismissal and won substantial damages.
Wills is not Wishart's biggest fan, a fact which becomes immediately apparent when reading the former's profile of the latter on the Shetland News site.
Wills has argued that no attempt was ever made to claim the articles were not the work of Shetland Times staff, and that in fact the links increased the Times web site readership around threefold. He says that Wishart does not understand the nature of the Web, arid that if litigation is successful the Web could be plunged into a state of chaos, becoming totally unnavigable because directories would effectively be illegal, In an on-line statement on the Shetland News site Wills calls Wishart's action "an unprecedented attempt to block free access to the Internet." He now has the backing of
the National Union of Journalists, as well Tryurinflour Jf- to find whit you wint ¦.£* *-iaa Shctbnd Islands P&Ofc* 1 Scottish Femes; Sliip pint I* FwyiCo trnn AH as considerable support amongst legal commentators and the Internet community.
Wishart, on the other hand, maintained in a statement to BBC legal correspondent Joshua Rozenberg that the action is "solely to protect our company and its employees from a parasitic activity which, allowed to run unchecked, would make it impossible for publishers to reap the rewards of their efforts and destroy the principle of copyright on any material published on the Internet."
The "rewards of their efforts" Wishart refers to are discussed in Lord Hamilton's judgement granting the interim injunction. Essentially Wishart is claiming that the Shetland Times is losing potential advertising revenue which might be obtained by selling space on its front web page, because people are leaping straight to their news stories from the Shetland News site.
Clearly, Wishart's argument raises some valid points. Would accepting his point of view really render the whole Internet illegal, as Wills claims? Links to pages within other sites might be found to be unacceptable, but it does not necessarily follow that finks to front pages of other publications would be forbidden.
Similarly, witii permission to link to a page (which would be implicitly granted in the reciprocal link arrangements often made by Web page authors) it would be perfectly permissible to do so. Yahoo would apparently be safe, given that it is an index of front pages which are usually only linked to when nominated by their creators. Unfortunately, crawlers like Alta Vista would indeed appear illegal. Anxious eyes all around the world will be focused on the proceedings when they finally get underway.
Incidentally, to cover my own back and avoid any possible legal ramifications, I'd just like to point out that the sources used for this article include the Shetland News site (http: www.shetland-news.co.uk), the Shetland Times site (http: www.shetland- times.co.uk) and the NUJ homepage (http: gnew.gn.apc.org media nuj.html), and the stuff I've quoted ail comes from official press releases. Please don't sue me, Mr Wishart; I wasn't infringing copyright, I was merely doing my journalistic job, Other NEWS _ The forthcoming Shareware front end Konnection will apparently be based around a
server that performs network tasks from Arexx commands sent fo it. This means that a third-party GUI could be implemented and Konnection commands could be included in, for instance, AmlRC scripts. It all sounds intriguing - and you'll read the review here first, of course.
Demon Internet is now offering free Realaudio streaming for its customers' homepages as part of its tenner-a-month (plus VAT) service. Amiga-based software cannot handle Realaudio encoding or decoding, but using a PC or Macintosh emulator it's now possible to make your home page sonically as well as visually impressive.
Contact If you wish to contact me, my e-mail address is dave@dcus.demon.co.uk. Questions, suggestions and feedback are all more than welcome. I also have a homepage, which can be found at http: www.dcus.demon.co.uk . Amiga Computing Digital Video Editing CdSdDldllCd And Post Production Hjj?
Nn.np.Di UulUDll__I 0 Cjs.ibl.mcj wm pi m For Everyone!
Outstanding Picture Quality Fast as Lightning Professionaf Effects Affordable and Compact CD Quality Sound Simple to Use, but Powerful ; i I What 1$ The Casablanca?
Casablanca is a device which allows anyone to edit video, simply, and in a non-linear fashion. It works by recording video scenes from a camcorder, on to a hard disk. The shots can then be re-arranged at will, and can have professional effects, and soundtracks added.
So, How Does It Work?
Using Casablanca does not require any computer experience. The controls and displays are clear, simple to use, and easy to understand.
After the device is connected and switched on, a selection menu is immediately displayed, with all the necessary steps for nonlinear video and audio editing. The options are as follows Settings: For language & video quality level.
• Record: Copies video to the internal hard drive.
®Trim: To set your required in and out points.
• Insert: Move your trimmed scenes into the storyboard to create
the playback order.
• Transitions: Select and define your effects.
Effect previews are shown in real-time.
• Image Processing: Make your video negative, brighter, darker,
or change colours.
• Titling: Here text can be added to your video.
It can scroll in many ways for custom designs.
Casablanca Audio dubbing: Three stereo tracks for original sound, music, and commentary.
Finalise: Copies your completed work to tape, either digital (via optional FireWire) or analog (VHS, S-VHS, Hi8 or via component RGB).
The included trackball which is used to control Casablanca can be replaced with a PC type mouse, and if video titling is a frequently used option, a PC type keyboard can be used.
J 2 6 c C s O 3
o u- cn C 3 O co § Chi o _ -c
o Q. r~ S) . , 5 ¦a h~ V i- o cd j5?
R T 0) C0 m ll a The hard drive inside the Casablanca is removable and only the video and audio data are stored on the drive. If longer video segments need to be recorded, an external system can be added, containing up to three additional drives.
The system instructions and software are stored entirely on floppy disk, allowing you to update software features and add optional effects without opening the case.
• Technical Specifications Full Motion JPEG Compression, CCIR601
Resolution (720x576 Pixels!
Internal Drive Capacity from 1 to 9Gb, external expansion up to 27Gb
0. 5 to 3.5Mb sec video data transfer rate with variable bitrate
4. 8 to 33 Mins Recording per Gb, allowing maximum 2.2 to 15
hours Composite & Y C Video in and out, Optional FireWire
(MiniDV, P1394) 3 Tracks of Stereo Audio, 16-Bit resolution at
REQUIRED FOR CASABLANCA Exclusive U.K. Trade Distributor:
DraCo Systems UK Limited
P. O. Box 38, Ware, Herts., SG11 1TX.
Phone : 01920 822 244 Fax : 01920 822 302 Manufactured By : Authorised Main Retailer: White Knight Technology Phone : 01920 822 321 Fax: 01920 822 302 iSfft NEW [Browse VI.10 Mh frame juppori) £29.95 SYSTEMS Nef&Web ...£39.95 Net&Web 2 £69.95 Termite £39.95 TermiteTCP £39.95 Cinema4D V3 ..£199.95 Studio II Professional £49.95 NEW Disk Magic 2 .....£39.95 Mason Magic ....£29.95 new Media Magic .....£49.95 Upper Disk
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2 Aminet, the worlds largest Amiga archive, provides compact discs of the i sites latest software uploads. Each volume contains about 1.1 gigs of i archives with a superb menu system for un-archiving the Jilt s and a ) simple scorch facility to help you Jind exactly the file required. The search facility, will even list the compact disc that the file is on. The t latest Aminet CD's contain a theme. The Aminet 16 theme is music J modules. Aminet 15 is available now and so is Aminet 16.
Aminet CD's 12 Ur 14 are also still available.
• - 3 SUPERGEN (Internal Genlock) for A2000 - By Progressive
Image Tech Digital Creations.
Most flexible Genlock and video overlay device for all Amigas. Supergen provides a flexible broadcast quality Genlock at a very, very affordable price. Comes with external control box and cable. Includes a 90 day warranty instruction book. This is a factory refirb unit selling for 4 a fantastic iow price of ... $ 179.95 5 (Internal Supergen sold initially for S650.)

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