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the time this what the worM-wrde AMIGA issue hits the shelves. Rest assured, we'll keep you up to date with companies that said it should concentrate on cheap, entry level commtmftyreaHyfhmfts... the Iatest developments. A M! GA SHOW RETURNS The World of Amiga UK Show returns this year and promises to be even more successful than last year*s exhibition. The two day show will be held at the Novote! Exhibition Centre in Hammersmith, London, on Saturday 17 and Sunday t8 May. The exhibition will be a showcase for ail the Iatest developments in Amiga technology, with products from a wide range of Cerman and British manufacturer on display. Judging by the fact there have been even more Amiga reiated hardware and software developments this year than last, the show should be a runaway success. Admission prices are E8 for adults and E6 for children. A show of this calibre is exactly what the Amiga community needs, even more so now than last year. With ail the uncertainty over the platform, it will show that, as always, Amiga users and developers are still fighting on to keep the machine alive. A new enterprise has been set up in Norway to collate as much data as possible on ail things Amiga. Jon Lennart Berg wants to set up an Internet based service for Amiga users ail over the world. He told Amiga Computing why he wants to set up such a service. "Ever since the death of Commodore, the voice of the Amiga community across the world has been a silent one. It Is under- standable developers are keeping their distance because the backbone we called Commodore, is no longer there to keep them updated with vital information information about the common hardware setup, général interest and total market demand. And by ail means, companies should not be expected to obtain such information themselves."

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Document sans nom Requires any 1Mb Amiga MudSiip £iiJJ Inn UfJ i-fjji pyfoi Requires Hard drive, WB3 ypWi'ift&i'ji -The best Spectrum emulator S»1«Greatest benchmark gets updated Ssateipii * Plot complex maths functions CbMvKtef* i Turbo replacement for. More »l?i j?sii.i • Replace the old Fbnjiat AVH• A rapid AVI player* ifC . i t 4096 Colours on Workbench ¦ RmdMUk.
A great new image processor DISCOLOGY Discology is the ultimate in disk copying power for the Amiga. The package comprises the Discology Disk, manual and Discology cartridge for making copies of heavily protected programs with an external p SC0V 'Y ~ __disk drive.
Discology will also format disks, check disks for frh- errors etc. TOTALJVIEMORY EXPANSIONS t A1200 trapdoor fitting memory expansions feature a battery backed clock and a socket for an V- accelerator FPU. Unlike other memory expansions that conflict with the PCMCIA port, our & T0TAL memory e*Pansi°ns include unique software that will enable the maximum amount of memory to be used even with a PCMCIA fitting device.
NEARLY DOUBLES THE SPEED OF THE A1200 4MB MEMORY EXPANSION £69.99 8MB MEMORY EXPANSION £89.99 ANTIVIRUS Anti Virus Professional is the most powerful tool for detecting and removing viruses. Anti Virus pro will check and device hard drives, floppy disks and : even CD ROM drives for viruses.
Very straight forward to use- inclu(ies a ‘ t4%7y s’ ful1 50 Pa6e fttVs § manual.
BEFORE A VIRUS DESTROYS YOUR SYSTEM III PLEASE PHONE FOR A FULL INFORMATION SHEET £19.99 MODEMS Our highly rated, top quality feature packed modems are ideal for g Amiga users. All modems include Dur FREE MODEM ACCESSORIES 1 PACK (worth which includes a cable to connect the modem * to the Amiga, NCOMM comms software, Amiga Guide to Comms and a list of Bulletin Boards from which you will be able to download vast amounts of free software as well as have access to E-MAIL facilities.
• MNP 2-4 Error Correction • MNP 5 Data Compression • Fax Class I
and II compatible, Group 3 * Hayes Compatible.
• Full 80 page manual • 12 Months guarantee ,, I 14400 MODEM
£69.99 £109.99 when purchsei NET AND WEB SOI ALSO AVAILABLE
£44.99 A500 INTERNAL FLOPPY DRIVE £49.99 MOUSE £12.99
3. 5’ HARD DRIVE CABLE £17.50
£19.99 CACHE CDFS £44.99 EPIC ENCYCLOPEDIA CD(full version)
£19.99 WORLD OF A1200 CD and TOP 100 A1200 GAMES CD £7.49 EACH
or FREE with every CD ROM drive!!! _ Highly rated SCSI drive
will store lOOmb per cartridge. Comes Complete with power
supply. SCSI cable.
Instructions and cartridge.
ZIP DRIVES £159.99 OR £199.99 with Squirrel CD-ROM DRIVES TOTAL SCSI CD-ROM DRIVE Fully featured SCSI CD-ROM drive for use with the A1200 or A600, Features include superb metal enclosure with in-built mains power supply. Includes all software, cables and instructions for immediate use. Full CD32 emulation and Audio CD player software included. No extras needed! Just plug in and go. Choose either PCMCIA fitting Squirrel interface or internally fitting Dataflyer SCSI interface.
TOTAL CD-ROM DRIVES 2 speed £129.99 4 speed £179.99 6 speed £219.99 8 speed £259.99 Prices include Squirrel.
Add £30.00 for ' ~ or Surf Squirrel No.l FOR MAIL ORDER IN MANCHESTER Order NOW for immediate despatch ACCELERATORS NEW Fill BUFFER!
• • APOLLO 1230 V ! ,:.o- LITE £99.99 t- High quality low cost
68030 accelerator with MMU and FPU all running at 33mh. Built
in battery backed clock. Easy trapdoor fitting. Amazing
performance for such a low price. Will take a 4mb or 8mb SIMM.
Fully PCMCIA compatible even with 8mb! Not PCMCIA compatible with 8mb fitted.
APOLLO 1230 PRO £149.99 TWIN SIMM TECHNi (credit switch card sales only) for enquiries tel: 0161 796 5279 fax: 0161 796 3208 Send cheques or postal orders (made payable to Siren Software) or credit card details to: SIREN SOFTWARE, 178 BURY NEW RD. WHITEFIELD, MANCHESTER M45 6QF, ENGLAND and includes stereo headphone' Access, Visa, Switch, Delta Connect etc accepted RENO CD WITH SQUIRREL £114.99 £289.99 H -Our high speed 2.5' IDE hard drives _ . _ ij * for the Amiga A1200 & A600 com- £443.991 . ¦ puters come complete with fitting ¦¦¦¦»¦¦¦¦¦¦ ji |. W. f. cable, screws, partitioning software.
1- full Instructions and 12 months A:jv-ESS- guarantee. All drives supplied PPI-PBPI-. . Vsy v.Afc*,zl, by us are formatted, parti- X: i tioned and have Workbench (WB2 for the A600 and WB3 for |PP(|lRR|P|l|P||B|8P8PP|Rl|N!PlilWilljB H the A1200I installed for Immediate use. Fitting is incredibly simple: if you can plug the mouse into the mouse socket, you can plug the hard drive into the hard drive socket.
FREE WHIL&YOU-WAfT FITTING SERVICE FOR PERSONAL CALLERS. PLEASE PHONE FOR APPOfNTTHEffC FREE ‘HOW TO FIT YOUR HARODRIVE’ V j| jjf video and Stakker disk to increase the drive's capacity with every hard drive ordered £89.99 rrrmmmm HARD DRIVES
2. 5” HARD DRIVES 540mb SlOmb OPEN: Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm
Saturday 9am to 12pm Personal callers welcome.
Please phone first to check availability of any item.
APOLLO 1240 25 APOLLO 1240 40 APOLLO 1260 50 4MB SIMM £19.99 8MB SIMM £39.99 OR 16MB SIMM £79.99 WHEN 32MB SIMM £169.99 WHEN ' - 1 PURCHASED WITH AN APOLLO ACCELERATOR DIRECTIONS: From the M62 Junction 17 head towards Bury.
We are 50 yards on the right hand side after the third set ot lights.
The door to our premises is next to Polar opposite the Masons Pub.
AlP&nces Hcfade,VAT Postage and packing ' will fcpvofiaf££d dt-.fo.irfJ,-per. order (U K.), j £7.50 Eircpe arcf-£12.50 rest of the world- 62 Oo blah dee, oo blah dah, life goes on yeaaah. So does the world of Amiga gaming. Hugh Poynton sorts it out... Action news Cygnus 8 64 Oo er, I haven't been doing my job properly, I’ve managed to completely miss the previous 7, the Eds gonna kill me. Hugh Poynton reviews Cygnus 8, a game whose title could confuse stupid people.
Peripherals 65 Hugh Poynton reviews Logic 3‘s new range of peripherals for the Amiga EVI E WS PageStream_ED Gareth Lofthouse reviews the latest DTP package from Soft-Logik Laser guidance._13 Hugh Poynton is as happy as a housewife on a tumble dryer with this new collection of CD releases Art effect 1„§ 12 Mr Mohr touches up the Spice Girls with the new version of this popular paint package EATURES Sampling special Rave new world Radio waves Tommy gun 68 Salsa slaughter! Hugh Poynton confronts Homicidal pizza topping Tommy Gun in Mutation Software's latest offering.
Aurora 69 We chart the rise of Aurora, an exciting new Amiga games developer from across the water Absolute beginners 74 Part 2 of Hugh Poynton's interview with Chris Page, student, Amiga games programmer and soon to be rich bloke... Blockhead 77 Fit some blocks into holes. No no, it is interesting. Find out by reading Hugh Poynton's preview of Applause's new puzzler.
Neil Mohr reveals how to get into sampling without spending a fortune ttn mtcn u»ui»i trfiiii »»; w Sr*’ MiW hut Minrii h*' fr*T j*Wl Kerr )• ,* n ri; limit f !"¦ 'ifliitl 1 11 TT K IfifcU M -- Sysop_ The last instalment on running your own BBS Hugh Poynton interviews rave guru, Scott Hallam, about how he uses a humble --- A500 to produce top choons C compiler m The latest in the series which gives you hints and tips on C Programming Amiga Computing Tool-ey Unbelievable Another collection of utilities that make life all the more easier EGULARS m News The latest in the fortunes of Amiga
plus the most recent Web developments m Usnews Roving reporter, Katherine Nelson, divulges the latest from across the pond Old Davey Boy Cusick reviews the best from the PD in Acas.
EU m m Paul Overaa shows „ you how to use date 3 stamps HE COVERDISKS Tiny Troops Excellent new demo of Vulcan Software's fun strategy game involving diddy people Space for you dear readers to let off steam on whatever subject takes your fancy Public sector_ I J 1 ¦ !
1 "lil I I I L , Neil Mohr talks you through getting the most out of Photogenics What on earth is a Wildcard? Find out here MICA GUIDE ID Esp 123 m Neil Mohr, like a cheap bottle of gin, will make all your problems go away.
The exclusive survey revealing what the Amiga community thinks about the direction of the machine in 1997 World wbde AMIGA '97_ OVER STORY Amiga Computing lone female figure strides for- | wards. She has an impossibly curvaceous figure. Large, pert breasts, “firm well rounded thighs and a waist that any woman would kill for. Is this the classic adolescent female figure of desire. Bridget Bardot, Marilyn Monroe, Pamela Anderson, women who, whilst undoubtedly alluring were ultimately sex objects?.
Perhaps. After all, Lara Croft's sexuality is her trademark and there is little doubt that her appearance will arouse more feminist criticism than male appreciation.
Pixelated Pleasures However, there is another side to this new feminine heroine. Her teeth are clenched, her eyes hard and glaring. Her whole stance represents cold, hard and highly aggressive female sexuality. It is only with a second glance that we see in the pictures the gun in her left hand and certainly it takes a background position in comparison to her purely physical presence.
Does this kind of image do anything to forward the, so to speak, female struggle for equality or does it merely signify yet another attack on women by a stereotypically male misunderstanding of femininity? The obvious answer seems to clearly lie with the latter idea. After all, yet again the woman has been reduced to a merely sexual being, only capable of expressing her personality through her physical characteristics. At the same time, however, there seems to be a side to this figure which has a much more positive aspect, a side which I feel can not and should not be ignored.
When Tomb Raider for the PC was released a few months ago, the games heroine Lara Croft caused much controversy. Men liked her, women hated her. Ultra slinky sex vixen bimbo or feminist crusader against the phallus wielding oppressors? Caroline 'Don't call me babe' Lofthouse decides For a start, Lara Croft is totally dominant.
Her figure, her stance and perhaps most importantly, her expression puts her firmly in control. This woman is far from a fool and any man who dares to mess will be sorely burnt for his troubles. Whilst her sexuality is overt to say the least, it has clearly been depicted as a tool to be used as part of her control technique.
For women as a whole, such a figure appears far from demeaning. It seems that over the last century advances for women have largely been to the detriment of her femininity and indeed, sexuality. In our fight for equality we seem to be attempting to increasingly enter the traditional male domain of career development and financial independence. This is all well and good, but there certainly seems to be a point where women's sexuality is somehow stamped under the carpet in an attempt to prove our similarities and thus equality to men.
Lara Croft represents an advance in computer game vision in that it gives the female heroine power and dominance, not merely through the addition of a male muscular physique but through an almost aggressively powerful appreciation and control of her sexuality. She is depicted as a figure totally aware of her physical qualities and in that context, appears able to use it to her own advantage.
Rather than merely criticise yet another apparent debasement of women, we should perhaps hail the creators of Lara Croft for creating an exciting and incredibly powerful vision of female sexual aggression.
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USA Standard $ -40 For eight years Amiga Computing has been the leading magazine for Amiga enthusiasts. Amiga Computing promises to inform, educate and entertain its readers each month with the most dedicated coverage of the Amiga available Amiga Computing Orders Only 800-735-2633 ' .ISlTVTTCSTyti
P. O. Box 4398 Carmel, CA 93921, U.S.A. Internet:
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1,76Mbdrive£69.99 A1200 600 int. Drive £39.99 A 5 00 50 0+(nt.
Drive £39.99j
3. 5" H.Drive install kit£ I 9.99 Includes set up software,
cables and From only *£45.00 “, £54.99 If purchased
separately Hard Di supraFAXModem Modems RAM
Expansion Accelerators [frflobotics Ip RIMA V34+ Fax Modem
ce Performance ate Class 1 Fax CE approved.
£1 19.99 it Amiga N-comm Software :ax Modem £49.99 00 Modem £24.99 Amazing Pri
• 33.6 Baud R;
• BABT & Only... Complete with cables f Bargains V32Bis 14,400 F
V22Bis 2400 94 Amiga SurfWare bundle when" purchased
v i i n odem ( Accelerator Cards )l Viperll-33 £129.991 Up to
128Mb RAM, FPU socket & R T Clock Blizzard 1230-50Mhz £159.99 |
Up to 12BMb RAM, FPU Socket & R T clock Blizzard 1260-50
£479.99 | Up tu64Mb RAM, MMU & FPU & R T Clock Blizzard SCSI
Module£89.99 68882-33Mhz PLCC£34.99 68882-50Mhz PGA £99.99
A1200 RAM Exp PRIMA ansion £59.99 A I 200 A I 200 A I 200 A I
200 A I 200 A I 200 A I 200 A I 200 1 MB RAM 2 MB RAM 4 MB RAM
8 MB RAM 1 MB 33Mhz Co Pro 2 MB 33Mhz Co Pro 4MB 33MhzCoPro
8MB 33MhzCoPro
• Class I Fa*
• Personal Voice Mail
• Fax on Demand ¦ Cali Discrimination
• BABT Approved
• I 4,400 Data 14,400
033. 600 Data H,400 £64.99 £76.99 £93.99 £95.99 £100.99 £102.99
£120.99 Amiga SurfWare software pack The complete software
suit for all your Modem needs.
• Met Software • Web Browser
• E-mail •IRC....Only Also 1 ndudes:* £ 2 9.99 30 Days Free Trial
with Demon OP FaX Software.....only £44.99 Full Send and
Receive Fax Software for Amiga Computers with a Fax Data Modem.
(A500 600 RAM Expansion)!
MASSIVE PRICE REDUCTIONS 2 Mb 72 Pin SIMM £9.99 4 Mb 72 Pin SIMM £15.99 8 Mb 72 Pin SIMM £30.99 16 Mb 72 pin SIMM £75.99 1 Mb 30 pin SIMM £10.99 256x4 DRAM (each)£4.99 A500 512k RAM no clock £19.99 I A500+ I MbRAM £19.99 I A600 I Mb RAM no clack £19.99 I Modem Accessories Phone Line Extension Cables... 5M.£6.99 I 0M.£B.99 I5M.£I0.99 Dual Socket Adaptor £6.99 Part exchange available on your old memory.
Printers Ink Cartridges £1.99 Canon BJ 10 Star SJ48 £12.99 Canon BJ200 230 £4.99 Canon BJ30 (3 pack) £J,69 Canon BJC 70 mono (J pack) £7.99 Canon BJC 70 colour (J pack) £ 13.99 Canon BJC 4000 colour (single) £8.99 Canon BJC 4000 mono (single) £5.99 Canon BJC 4000 mono high cap.
£13.99 Canon BJC 600c mono high cap.
£11.99 Canon BJC 600ecolour Citizen Printiva Std. Colours Citizen Printiva Mctalhccolours HP.DeskJet 500 550 Mono HP.DeskJet 500 550 Colour . - - . HP.Deskjet 660 double mono HP.Deiklet OHO tolo.ir " .. " , Epson Stylus mono otner* u ranI' ° OUM IVJ . Stylus ColOUT Singlerefills (22ml) £6.99 - - - . ...... Twin refills (44ml) £12.99, Ribbons Citizen Swifl ABC mono Citizen Swift ABC colour Star LC90 mono ribbon Star LC10 100 mono Star LC 10 100 colour SiarLC240c colour Star LC240c mono Star LC240 mono Star LC24-10 200 300 Coloui Re-lnkSprayformono ribboi Disks Canon ACCESSORIES
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pigr A5F.
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100 330. Star SJ4t, Canon BjC620 Colour£348.99 720 I 7 JO dpi. Wir photop *phk quality HEWLETT PACKARD to dpi. Rwar photographic quality JJT f fpsoni Epson Stylus Col. I l S 820 Mono , n_ Epson Stylus Col. I l S 820 Colour Tht.rcolourklt (6im|) 119.99 SufS, msno „|„,,,(,ins|,) Paper HP 340 Colour Portable £179.99 Full colour (00c300 dpi mono 300 *306 dpi cal.
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printer supplies for all major H. Packard Glossy Paper 10 Pack
manufacturers availahle Call. HiEh Quality Inkjet Paoer (500)
Studio 2 New version 2.13 "If yflu wont is gel the beii pot
tibfo rtjufci from yourpHntrf, (el O copy of Sludro" £49.99 or
£44.99 when ourcbased with a Printer.
Graphics Graphics Software Genlocks Genlock 292 A-Cut IL-tJWSN £629.99 £219.99 £99.99 Fusion Genlock wwmJI A Lola-1000 Genlock
• Come. Scala HT100
• »2 Ami fa Shopper June r A Compoiire ontj Genlock t&y Only!!
£99.99 Entry level Genlock VIDI Amiga 24 (RT) Pro Professional
Colour Real Time Amiga | video capture system| Composite & SVHS
16. 7 million colour grabbing.
ViDI Amiga 24 (RT)+ Colour Real Time Amiga video capture system Composite & SVHS inputs.
Time Lapse remote grabbing, BMP.TlFF PCX File Support. I Compatible with VMS & SVHS.
Save & load in multiple file formats Support for virtual memory Additional teletext facilities Large preview window for only..... £ I 29.99J £139.99 Load Save 24 Bit ILBM & Anims Power Scan v4. £89.99 256 g scale on AGA Arr igls. 64 g stile non AGA Power Scan Col. £174.99 24 bit colour scanner. 16 7 million colours Epson Flatbed Scanner Software & Cable...£49.99 ¦ Bidirectional Parallel A SCSI Interface EPSON I 404 dpi oputaJ lean reiolution scanners • jimdPjoutput moiui.on New.' Epson GT-5000 Epson GT-85G0 £450.99
• Bi-directional Parallel Interfacr
• A4 Flatbed kmmt
• 400 dpi optical ican resolution A 4100 dpi output resolution
Epson GT-9500 A mi fa ruip at computers rpt| addilkinal dutrr
fcoflnart and a Bidirectonal parallel cable.
Hand Scanners
* A* Flatted tunw fl 300 dpt optical acan mdulio 4 3400 dpi
output mduDoci £329.99 NewPhotogenics 2 CD V Photogenics 24-Bit
Graphics Manipulation Requires 2chip 4 fast RAM minimum.
Hard Disk & CD Rom Drive,
K. start 3.0 or higher.
Only!! £89.99 Special Offers X-CAD 2000......£19.99 Vista Pro Lite £4.99 Full version, with Manuals.
Blitz Basic 2.1.....£29.99 |Cinema4D Ver 3 £169.99 Amiga Ray-Tracing software Req. 3Mb of RAM, and Kickstart 2 or higher.
Scala MM400 £279.99 Recommended. 6Mb of RAM, Kickstart 3.0 or higher. A Hard Disk.
Home Office Music Cables Final Writer 5 Word Processor Publisher Latest version of this award winning software £9.99 £9.99 | £12.99 £2,49 I £9.99 | £9.99 only!! £72.99 £29.99 Fmd Cak m iFinal Writer Lite Requires Kickstart 2.04 or above.
2Mb of Ram and I Floppy Drive, Hard Drive installable if desired.
£39.99 Wordworth 6 CD Oi'usS
• MIDI in. MIDI thru & 2 * MIDI out
• Compatible with all MIDI software only!! £19.99 £39.99 Other
Titles Available Ibrowse £23.99 Net&Web £29.99 NetS. Web 2
£66.99 Termite £3 1.99 TermiceTCP £47.99 Lightwave3D£429.99
|Mini Office
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requifcmcnts just give us a call, we can usually supply most
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• Requires Workbench 2.1 or above & 2Mb of memory Iwordworth 6
Office CD
• Requires Workbench 2.0 or above, 2Mb of memory min.,
H. Disk with 5 Mb of free space TurboCalc 4 £49.99 Final Calc
• Requires Workbench 2.0 or above, and a Hard Drive,
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19.99 I Internal SCSI Cables from..£9.99 [
2. 5" IDE Hard Drive Cable £5.99 I Amiga-3.5" Hard Drive £ 19.991
Custom Cable Suppliers le requirem Amiga CD ROM’s Peripherals
Delivery £ 1.50 per title or £3,99 for 4+ Graphics
Sensations I £17,99 Guinness Oise of Rctords£ 17.94 | Horror
Sensations (I4)t 17 49 £12.99 £ I 7.9* Cl 7.44 CIO.94 CM 99
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- * -PSU AO 99 4x Standard PSU Power fcv7i7 7 2QQwatts of Power
AlfaDatal Crystal T rackball I Only...£34.991 AmigaPSU £34.99
Vista Pro Lite Requires 2Mb of Ram & Hard Disk With Kickstart
2,04 or above. | £9.99 Zydec Speakers ZyFi-2....£26.99 ZyFi
Pro..£57.99 Limited Offpr AmiNet 14 AmiNet 15 AmiNet 16 AmiNet
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CAM Card Games CD CD-PD I CD-PD 2 CD-PD 3 Colour Library Dem
Rom Demo Collection v I Emulators Unlimited £ 17.99 Encounters
£12.99 Epic Collection 2 £ 17,' Epic Int. Encyclopedia £25.99
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Textures £11.99 I I 7Bit Si LSD Vol. I Cl 7.99 17Bit & LSD
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"Contains No Nudidty* Sounds Terrific 2 & Octamed 6 Two terrific titles bundled together to purfectly compliment each other Both titles for only. £ I 8.99 ScoopPurchase!! Insight Dinosaurs Designed for the CD32 CD-TV but usable on any Amiga with CD. Now Only £4.99 Buy Weird Science Network 2 CD & CD-32, Serial Network Cabie- Foronly,£35.99 New!! Magic Publisher 4 CD set£39.99 Inc, Wordworth 4 TD, Final Writer 4 SE, 10,000 Fonts and 5,000 Clips and more.
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Ideal Xmas Gift'!
GuinnessDiscofRecords £17.99 lor tte Amiga, From Amiga Technologies comes the complete Amiga Developers Tools and Documentation.
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Shareware vI £9,99 Retro Gold CD Scene Storm Sci-Fi Sensation 2 Sound FX Sensation Sound Library Sds. Terrif 2 Octamed Ai 17.99 Source Code £17.99 Space & Astronomy £18-99 Special FX Vol. I £17.99 System Booster £17.49 The Spectrum CO 96 £16,49 The Personal Suite £ 17.99 Utilities 2 (PDSoft) £17.41 Utilities Experience £11.99 Weird Sc. AMOS PD £16.41 Weird Sc. Animations £ 16.49 Weird Sc. Clip Art £8.11 Weird 5c- UPD Gold £17 99 Women Of The Web £20.99 Workbench Add-Ons £20.99 World Alias £24.99 World Info 95 £17 99 Women of the Web £21.99 teJ -ll.:. News QuikPak replies... Ohis month Amiga
Computing undertook a huge survey of the Amiga com munity (see cover story page 21). The aim was to determine what support is left for the machine and the direction the platform should go in 1997. We took our results to QuikPak - front-runner to buy Amiga - to see what they thought... Dan Robinson, the Amiga Development Manager, agreed with the majority of survey respondents who sard the Amiga urgently needs an improved OS with better Internet network support, plus improved graphical and audio facilities.
QuikPak also realises the importance of a move to faster processing speeds (probably using DEC Alpha chips), but its specific development plans will only be announced when * the company's bid is accepted. Hopefully, this will be concluded in the very near future.
The Canadian-based company is also starting to work more closely with the Amiga business community than Escom or Commodore managed - an issue our respondents thought was important. It has also set aside a substantial advertising budget, according to Robinson.
QuikPak does not, however, seem to agree with the numerous machines instead of the Video Professional market.
'The Video market is currently providing the only purchasers of A4000TS that is why we devote so much development to them," said Robinson. "The A1200 Escom brought back was a huge mistake.
1992 systems re-introduced at ridiculous prices...hey, I'm a fanatic and even I wouldn't pay a thousand Canadian dollars for a computer I purchased for 599 dollars in the spring of
1994. We do have an entry level system ready to go, but the big
question is, will anyone buy one?"
The demands for all-powerful Amigas at ever cheaper prices do not impress Robinson either.
"Cheap, cheap, cheap...to these people who whine about cheap PC IBM clones, 1 say so buy one and shut the f**k up," Robinson said. "The Amiga in my opinion has value. An A4000t at SI997.00 US with 16 Mb of Ram, a CD-ROM drive, SCSI II HD, a software bundle and all the wonderful capabilities it delivers, is good value. This is a true pre-emptive multitasking computer with unmatched video potential with a recognised name brand!"
See our main feature to see QuikPak hoPes have good news for the Amiga bY the time this what the world-wide Amiga issue hits the shelves. Rest assured, we'll keep you up to date with Judging by the fact there have been even more Amiga related hardware and software developments this year than last, the show should be a runaway success.
Admission prices are £8 for adults and £6 for children.
A show of this calibre is exactly what the Amiga community needs, even more so now than last year. With all the uncertainty over the platform, it will show that, as always, Amiga users and developers are still fighting on to keep the machine alive.
Companies that said it should concentrate on cheap, entry level community really thinks... the latest developments.
MIGA SHOW RETURNS The World of Amiga UK Show returns this year and promises to be even more successful than last year's exhibition. The two day show will be held at the Novote!
Exhibition Centre in Hammersmith, London, on Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 May.
The exhibition will be a showcase for all the latest developments in Amiga technology, with products from a wide range of German and British manufacturers on display.
D NTERNET ON THE UP Online Information 96 took place at Olympia recently and attracted 22 per cent more people than last year's event. As the world's largest exhibition and conference for the on-line information industry, it showed the industry was growing and it has already sold 70 per cent of space for next year’s show.
Showing that '96 was a positive year for on-line developments, Demon Internet announced 1996 was its most successful year to date. Cliff Stanford, Demon Internet founder and managing director said, "Our aim in 1996 was to ensure that Demon Internet customers had the best possible service and to make their access to the Internet as simple as possible." Demon gave users extras such as homepages and a free 5mb virtual Web server. It predicts, though, that 1997 will be even bigger.
On the other hand however, results published by Key Note say that although the Internet is transforming the workplace, the Internet revolution is still being snubbed by home users in the UK. In 1996 only 3 per cent of homes were connected to the Internet compared to 14 per cent of American homes - showing the UK is way behind in terms of accepting the net.
It predicts that this will change and rise to 4 per cent by the end of next year and 12 per cent by the year 2000. In terms of actual homes connected, this means that the 900,000 users in 1997 will rise to 2,600,000 by the end of the century.
ASTER VISION liyama has announced a new 15" monitor which supersedes the current model, the Vision Master 15.
The new model, the Vision Master 350 will cost £260 and comes with a three year warranty. New features include 0.28mm dot pitch flat square tube, a 350mm diagonal viewable screen with non-glare and antistatic coating, 29-69KHZ horizontal and 50-160Hz vertical scanning frequencies, and push button digital user controls.
MIGA FOUNDATION NETWORK A new enterprise has been set up in Norway to collate as much data as possible on all things Amiga. Jon Lennart Berg wants to set up an Internet based service for Amiga users ail over the world. He told Amiga Computing why he wants to set up such a service.
"Ever since the death of Commodore, the voice of the Amiga community across the world has been a silent one. It is understandable developers are keeping their distance because the backbone we called Commodore, is no longer there to keep them updated with vital information - information about the common hardware setup, general interest and total market demand. And by all means, companies should not be expected to obtain such information themselves."
His scheme sounds ambitious, "The list of services such a network could do is endless. My first goal is an on-line information service, providing world-wide overview of all things Amiga related, including market demand for specific software.
Also, user-groups and retailers that are giving their support should be represented, and the list updated. But most importantly, a full scale hardware software report, this will be the most important service the network will supply," His intentions are then to target companies to get them to port software onto the Amiga - he even hopes to get Warcraft-11 onto the Amiga. He also hopes to address DISTRIBUTED Ft Software Licenceware has said that it is interested in hearing from programmers of high quality Amiga software who would like to have their programs distributed via the FI
Licenceware scheme.
Ft had to put a hold on taking on any new titles over the past three months due to technical difficulties, but it claims this is all sorted out and FI is ready to push ahead and add to the existing 150 exclusive titles currently in its catalogue.
For more details contact Steve Bye at Ft Software, 31, Wellington Rd, Exeter, Devon. EX2-9DU. Or, for a faster response, e-mail Steve at steve f I lw.demon.co.uk. the issue of piracy.
For more information write to: The Amiga Foundation NetWork Jon Lennart Berg BlvingeVn. 19 N-3173 Vear Norway Membership Fee is : 25-Nkr, 2 English pounds, or 5 US dollars.
AmigaPhile PRESSIES For the Amiga Fanatic in your life, you may be interested in the Amiga Atlanta 10th anniversary video. The fwo hour + video includes the evenings events and speakers and is available in either NTSC or PAL standards, with discounts available for other Amiga usergroups that would like to arrange a group purchase for their members.
Shoppers FR U STRATIO N isn't it the most annoying feeling when you've just bought something only to find it available five pounds cheaper down the road? A new UK only Web site has been set up to remove this annoyance for those looking for a computer- related bargain. It has over 1000 computer products listed and where they can be bought from at the best price. Simply type in www.streetprice. com Stop press!
With events moving so lost in the Amiga world at the moment, it’s hard to give you up-to-the- minute news in a monthly magazine. However, we aim to keep you informed on a weekly basis through our Internet site. This ensures you hear the news as soon as we do - the minute a story breaks we will post it on the site.
At the time of writing this issue, no deal to buy Amiga Technologies had been completed Please follow the News link from our main home page (http: wvvw.oc.onip.demon, co.uk ) N ewbies Step Foreword If you live in the Huddersfield area and want to know how to get more from your Amiga, you may like to pop along to the Huddersfield Amiga User Croup. Meetings are held fortnight- ly and topics include DTP, graphics, Comms and Wordprocessing, as well os how to get your Amiga connected to the Internet. Phone Geoff (01484 543534), Tony (01484 4608Q8) or Robert (01484 654291) for more details.
CTI have released its December Charts which reveal that Turbo Print Prof 5.0 is still at number one lor Amiga Productivity, A mi net 16 is also still at number one in the CD charts and Hugo tops the bill for Amiga games, followed closely by WOS and Capitol Punishment.
Chart Time Amiga Computing O NEW OWNER... YET N At the time of writing, the Amiga still doesn't have a new owner. Negotiations are ongoing and it appears QuikPak continues to be a front-runner. However, as Dan Robinson told us, QuikPak's patience is also running out. "The deal will close sometime this month...preferably this week...it better or we plan to withdraw our offer and get on with other core business." He continued, "The Amiga market is dying a slow death and six more months of negotiations will benefit no one. Hopefully Mr. Hehmbach will realise this at some point."
Hews The value of Amiga Technologies has also been thrown into question. Mr Robinson said, "In our opinion the assets, technology etc. are not worth the 20 Million he seems to be holding out for. They may have been (and I mean maybe) last year when Viscorp made its initial offer...but that was last year."
QuikPak are looking to its future plans whatever happens and revealed, "We have some exciting plans for the Amiga computer should we be successful in our attempt to either acquire AT, or the parts we are interested in - namely an exclusive right to the Amiga Computer. We are not interested in the settop market and tried to co-operate with Viscorp ( Bill Buck ) for months."
Robinson continued, "The Liquidator knows our top offer, if there is someone lurking around with more cash than us then I guess they will emerge with the technology, That said, they will still have to deal with us. We do have all the chips and the capacity to make more, not to mention a very large claim as a secured creditor."
N PEEDY SOLUTIONS EW FROM HAAGE US Robotics has announced the release of a new modem which is upgradeable to the high speed X2 56Kbps technology. X2 technology allows Internet connection at twice the speed available over standard telephone lines.
Priced at £229, the Sportster Flash has flash memory and owners can register for the X2 upgrade which they can get free of charge from the company's bulletin board. Flash memory also allows for any future upgrades to new technology.
Haage and Partner has announced that it is currently developing a new Word Processor called Easy Writer. Details are brief at the moment but Haage says that it will especially fit the needs of students and business people Plug-Ins for Art Effect 1.5 are also now available. Some can be downloaded from the Web site - such as ScanQuix 3 and Toolbox Icons.
You can also buy two packages both priced at S45 US. One is called PowerEffects and lets you add effects such as Page Curl to curl up a corner of the page, or Wave to create wave effects. Also included are the colour effects like Lightchange, Alien and Prism.
The other, called SuperView, lets Art Effect read 32 and write 20 additional file formats.
One in particular, is the ability to read the PhotoCD format.
Ejn it's way Curl Opacity Shading Background Corner Ausfuhren We would like to apologies to anyone who is waiting for their 10 Out of 10 Essential IT product. The orders are currently being processed and will be with you very soon.
Amiga Computing Want to know what to look for in a new monitor? Well, if you don't know your dot pitch from your pincushion, fear not because ViewSonic has produced a free guide explaining all you need to know about monitors. It is available by calling ViewSonic's freephone number on 0800 833 468.
...£35.00 ...£13.00 NEW MULTI I O CARD FOR AMIGA 1500 2000 4000 Active 8 port high speed serial card.
Multiboard Support 57600 Baud rate on all channels simultaneously. .....£299 FOR AMIGA 600 1200 IDE-170 170Mb hard drive £79 IDE-250 250Mb hard drive £99 IDE-420 420Mb hard drive ..... £120 IDE-540 540Mb hard drive £130 ; IDE 3.5" Hard Drives«« FOR AMIGA 1200 4000 IDE-640 640Mb hard drive £99 IDE-840 840Mb hard drive ..... £125 IDE-LOG I .OGig hard drive ..... £175 IDE-1.2G 1.2Gig hard drive ..... £165 IDE-1.7G l-7Gig hard drive ..... £179 IDE-2.5G 2.5Gig hard drive £239 [Miscellaneous Products DD floppy disks (50) inclndiltj) nutlricolaured disk labels ..... .LI 3 .00
DD floppy disks (100) incistdinjl multicoloured disk labels ......£2t).00
3. 5' Hard Drive Kit for A600 1200 + Install software
.. ...£15.00 Colourful Mouse Mat Animal
Jungle design and Dinosaur design ...£5.00 Optical Mouse Mat
.£5.00 2 in 1 Seanner Mouse
Pad Can be used as a memo
pad .£5.0(1 Contoured Wrist Pad
.....£3.00 Plain Wristrest
...£2.00 ammm Specially
made hardware and software. Allows 4 ATAPI devices, ie, 2 IDE
hard disk & 2 IDE CD Rom to Amiga 4000 internal IDE
controller, through Alfapower on Amiga 500 500+ and possibly
Amiga 1200 comes, with hill IDE I-’ix software
£59 Joysticks & Joypads Amiga Joysticks
Amiga Joypads.. .£9.95 £9.95 Multi Media Speakers 100 watt
(pmpo) ... Multi Media Speakers 240 watt
(pmpo) ... Multi Media Speakers 300 watt (pmpo)*
* 3D surround sound .£30.00 .£45.00 Replacement Mice
......£6.95 MegaMouse 400
..£9.95 MegaMouse Plus (3 Button)
..£10.95 Optical
Mouse ..£29.95 Nesv Golden Image
TrackBall .....£19.95 Pen Mouse ..£12.95 (ideal for
CAD) A500 512K Ram Board v o clock ...£15.00 A500+ 1Mb Ram
Board w o clock...£20.00 A600 1Mb Ram Board w o clock ...£20.00
A600 1Mb Ram Board with clock ...£30.00 A1200 4Mb Ram Board
with clock...£49.00 A1200 8Mb Ram Board with clock...£65.00 FPU
33MHz .....£20.00 AlfaPower Hard Drive
controller A500 ...£99 AT-Bus Hard Drive controller A2000
......£69 Oktagon 2008 SCSI controller .£99
Multiface III ...£79 PCMCIA
Controller for CD Rom for A1200 £69 HARD DRIVES + AT-BUS
CONTROLLER FOR AMIGA 5 00(+) Al 500 A2000 A3000 A4000 AT-Bus
hard drive controller ...£69.00 Alfapower hard drive
controller ..£99.00 Alfapower-640 640Mb hard drive
..£199.00 Alfnpower-1,2G 1.2Gig hard drive
..£259.00 Other sizes please riu i Memory for
Alfapower-Plus (new) marked Alfapower-Plus 4Mb
SIMMS .....£20.00 SMB
SIMMS .....£30.00 16MB SIMMS
...£79.00 Memory for Alfapower (old)
Every 2Mb Zip-Rams £S9.95 External Floppy
Dri 'e for all Amigas ......£39.95 Internal Floppy Drive
A500 500+ £35.00 Internal Floppy Drive A600 1200+ A-Grade
Double Density bos of 50 disks including colourful labels CD
Cleaners - 1 2 price CD Rom
Cleaner £3.00 Automatic CD
Rom Cleaner (batterypowered) ...£10.00 Laser Lens Cleaner
.£4.50 (sassiEm.
IDE 2.5" Hard Drives Quad Speed CD Rom for A500 .....£129 (needs Alfapower V6.8 or higher) Quad Speed CD Rom for A600 A1200 £149 (inc CD32 emulation) Quad Speed CD Rom x - for A1500 A2000 A4000 .£109 640Mb 3.5" fer nth Hard Drive ...£99
1. 2Gig 3.5" Hard Drive ...... £165 l,7Gig 3.5" Hard Drive
...... £179
2. 5Gig 3.5" Hard Drive ...... £239 170Mb 2.5” Hard Drive
£79 420Mb 2.5" Hard Drive ...... , ,
..£120 A1200 4Mb Ram Board with clock £49 A1200 8Mb Ram Board
with clock ..£65 Greyscale Scanner ..from £79
Greyscale Scanner with OCR Inmud stocks ....
...£99 STAR BUY 8 Speed CIO Rom ... ......£169 16Mb
Viper 1230 33MHz ...... ,, £199 4Mb Apollo 1220 25MHz with FPU
£79 A1220 APOLLO Accelerator Board
..£99.95 A1220 APOLLO Accelerator
Board + 4Mb New Low Price .....£79.00
A1230 VIPER Accelerator Board 33MHz .£119.95
A1230 VITER Accelerator Board + 4Mb 33MHz ..£169.95 A1230
VIPER Accelerator Board + 8Mb 33MHz ..£180.00 Complete CD Rom
for all Amigas Accelerator Boards All prices include VAT.
Please add £3.50 P8cP for items under £30.00, £5.00 for items
over £30.00, £8.00 P&P for Scanners, Speakers 8c Hard Drives,
£10.00 courier for next day. Tax Free Export Orders Welcome,
Goltkn Image accepts Access, Visa, Cheques & Postal Orders.
K&OE. Prices subject to change without notice. Goods subject
to availability. Specifications subject to change without
Goldenlmage (UK) Ltd Unit 65, Hallmark Trading Estate, Fourth Way, Wembley, Middx HA9 OLB Sales Hotline No: 0181 900 9291 Fax: oisi 900 9281 http: www.reserve.co.uk gold Talking Pages: 0800 600900 Usd NEWS US bargain bin ? Ue to the success of its holiday sale, Intangible Assets Manufacturing has announced it will continue to sell at the lowered prices permanently. One exception to this plan is the DiskSalv4 MRBackup bundle, which has been reduced in price further to S49US.
Also, 1AM regrets that the Deathbed Vigil video and t-shirts have been sold out.
However, Dale Larson, el Presidente of 1AM (yes, that is his title), has searched for and found more of the Boing Ball logos that he had been including with orders over the holidays. They will continue to be shipped with any order made directly with 1AM, until the new stock is exhausted. There is estimated to be a two-month supply. The exact logos that will be sent are: Square Boing Ball logo, a rectangular Boing Ball logo with the word "Amiga" and a rectangular rainbow checkmark logo with the word "Amiga’'. All logos are made of metal.
In another promotion, 1AM is offering a second Annual Amiga Developers Conference poster to customers ordering more than S100US in merchandise directly. There are over a dozen of these posters to give away.
Qmiga Zone extended by Katherine Nelson ideo PROMOTION QuikPak, the manufacturer of the Amiga 4000T, has posted an open letter to the Amiga com munity. In the letter, QuikPak details instances of its loyalty to the Amiga platform and Amiga users. The company then states that since there seems to be no progress in a deal between Amiga Technologies and VIScorp, that it, as an Amiga Technologies creditor, has made an offer to the bankruptcy trustee of AT.
The Amiga Zone, an on-line resource for Amiga users since 1985, has announced an additional method to access its system. There is now a World Wide Web interface for the AmigaZone SIC. Membership in AmigaZone is still required to access these files and messages, however. The site is located at http: amigazone.com . In order to use the "chat" function from the Web site, you must use the Wildcat Navigator, which can be found at http: www.mustang.com . The AmigaZone is still telnettable at the normal address of amigazone.com and will still be based on the Wildcat BBS software.
Two types of accounts are currently available. The first is a free two-week trial account with several limitations. The second is the full account, costing S19.95US per month, with unlimited access to the Amiga Zone, including the file library. Call 916-641-9320 for details of both and tell them the Amiga Zone sent you. For more information about the new interface or the Amiga Zone, visit the other Web site at http: vzww.amigazone.com . Despite the fact it have not yet received a response, QuikPak expects the negotiations with the trustee to proceed quickly QuikPak goes on to state that it
would appreciate input from the various aspects of the Amiga community, including users, dealers, developers, distributors and other manufacturers. The letter is signed by Dave Ziembicki, CEO. Any inquiries comments should be sent to Dan Robinson, Director of Business Development of Amiga Computers. He can be reached via e-mail at quik- pak@ix.netcom.com and other contact information can be found at http: www.amigasupport.com quikpak . In other news, QuikPak has announced pricing and configurations for the "luggable" Amiga 4000. All models will include 2 megs of chip RAM, )$ megs of fast
RAM, 2 gig hard drive, 6x CD-ROM with pre-installed AsimCDFS and a high resolution LCD display.
Two of the models have the 68040 25mhz processor, The first has a manufacturer's suggested retail price of S4495US. The second also includes the NewTek Video Toaster and Video Toaster Flyer and has an MSRP of S9495US. The remaining two models have the 68060 50mhz processor. The first of these has an MSRP of S4995US. The second also includes the Video Toaster and Video Toaster Flyer, and has an MSRP of S9995US.
There is no pricing information available for the other new QuikPak machine, the A5050T, which features a Pentium and an Amiga built into one computer. Also, there is an entry on the Web site for a computer model called the A1630LD, listed as coming soon. No other information was available and Dave Ziembicki would not comment.
Nova Design has acquired a new video which will demonstrate some of the capabilities of its ImageFX and Aladdin4D software. The tape is about nine minutes long and features music from Thomas Krehbiel of Nova Design.
All editing and effects were done on Amiga or Draco systems. Contact Nova Design for information on obtaining this new video at 804-282-1157.
The video was created produced by a Chicago-based company known as The Vantage Point, with the talents of lead artist Bohus Blahut. For other video work utilising the Amiga, call The Vantage Point at 773-465-5158, or send e-mail to bohus@xnet.com. Contact point Intangible Assets Manufacturing 828 Ormond Avenue Drexel Hill, PA 19026-2604 USA voice: 6)0-853-4406 fax: 610-853-3733 e-mail: info@iam.com sales@iam.com www: http: www.iam.com The Amiga Zone ftp: amigazone.com telnet: amigazone.com www: http: www.amigaione.com QuikPak Corporation phone: 880-784-5725 fax: 610-666-8086 e-mail:
quikpak@br.netcom.com www: http: www.amigasupport.com quikpak Nova Design, Inc. 1910 Byrd Ave., Suite 214 Richmond, VA 23230 USA Orders: 804-282-11S7 Fax: 804-282-3768 BBS: 804-965-0234 The Vantage Point Bohus Blahut - Modem Filmmaker phone: 773-465-5158 e-mail: bohus.Sxnet.tom Amiga Computing M':»n AMIGA REPLACEMENT CHIPS AND SYSTEM UPGRADES PiHtrpB I'axtron is North America's largest wholesale supplier of Amiga replacement and upgrade chips REPLACEMENT & UPGRADE ChfPS (Factory New) PRICE
1. 3 ROM O S
2. 04 ROM
O S ....519,95
2. 05 ROM (V37.350) (A500 & A2000) ..519.95
2. 04 ROM A3000 (Set of 2 Rom 0 1) ...534.50
2. 1 Workbench for floppy users (complete O S without support
file) ..$ 7.95
3. 1 ROM (A500 A20DG) , .. S49.95
3. 1 ROM (A3000 A4000) ...562.50
3. 1 ROM (A1200) . 562.50
3. 1 ROM(s) Software Manual S124.00 S137.50 ROM Switch Switch-Itt
with speaker .S17.50
3. 1 manual only .$ 69.95
3. 1
Software 510.00
3. 1 Workbench for floppy users (complete O S without support 1
le) ...$ 7.35 A20S1 7.0 ROM
Upgrade ....519.95 A2S23 20 7.0 ROM
Upgrade .. SI9.95 3520CIA
3372A 8375 Agnus with diagnostic dis gJide.. S29.95 8375-3
(2MB) (A3300) 31B06S-03 .... $ 25.50 8375-10 Agnus
(318069-10) PAL ......S17.95 8375-18 Agnus
(318069-18) 2 meg PAL $ 15.95 Paula (8364)
A500 A2000 ...510.95 Denise
(8362) A5Q0 A2000 .$ 10.95 Super
Denise 8373 w diagnostic disk ...S19.95 Gary 5719
A500 A2000 ...S10.95 Buster
5721 (A2000) .$ 16.95
6800D-8MI-Z CPU
(DIP) $ 11.50 68003 16MHz
CPU iDIP) .....$ 22 50 6803D-RC50
PGA ......$ $ 4 50 68382-25
PGA ...$ 24 95 Western Digital
SCSI chip P.A $ 27 50
V. deo Hybrid - (A5C-0 350229-03} S9 95 GVP
Upgrade Chip Series II ......529.95
SURFACE MOUNTED DEVICES (For A1200, A3000, A4000, CD32) 8520
PLCC (391078-02) .$ 19.50
Amber (390538 03) $ 24.50 DMAC 4
(390537-34) ..$ 34.50 Lsa
(391227-01) ... $ 24.50 Ramsey (rev4) 390544-04
....5-9.S5 Ramsey (rev. 7) 390541-07
.$ 35.50 Alice 8374
(391010-01) $ 25.50 Gal
(XU!)) (390123-01)) ..... $ 21.95 Gayle
(315107-02) .. $ 15.95
Budge 391425-01; ..$ 33.95
Super Denise
(391554-01) .S29.95 Paula 8364
(391077-01) .$ 27.95 Gary
(390540-02) ...... S32.95 Super Buster
Rev. 11 (390539-11) ..S34.50 Bridgette
(391380-01) .. $ 29.50 Video DAC
(391422-01) .. $ 19.95 68000CPU
(350084-07) ..$ 13.95
(391506-01) ....$ 18.95 MC
68882RC25A PGA New (390434-01) ....$ 19.95 MC 68882RC20A
PGA ....$ 30.00 MC
68882RC33A PGA .$ 37.50 XC
68882RC40A PGA .....$ 69.95
MC 68030FE25B QFP (390399-05) .$ 19 95 MC
68030RC50 PGA $ 79.95
MOTHERBOARDS (Factory New) CD32 (no RAM memory)
NTSC .... .539,95 CD32 complete with
RAM tested NTSC ....5109.95 CD32 complete with
RAM tested (PAL),,., ...S89.95 CD32 replacement CD
mechanism ...$ 39.95 A5DC (rev. 3) ire all
chips ..$ 39.95 A50C (Rev.
5 6)...... $ 89.50 AG0C
.$ 134.00 AI200
(NTSC) United certify 3 0 O S at memory New $ 300 00 A1200
(PAL) I mile 1 :uan:i*y 3.C O S all memory New. $ 300 X A2000
LATE Rev. 8372 2.05 ....5399.95 A3000
(16MHz) S264.5Q A3000 (25
Mhz} 5294.50 A3000T (Tower)
25MHz S389.95 C64 (refurbished, tested all
chips) ....$ 29.95 C64 untested, all chips
clearance ..2 S25.00 AMIGA FLOPPY DRIVES
(Factory New) High Dens. External floppy lor all Amigas
$ 114.95 High Density Internal Ffoppy Drive:
A4000 .. 5104 05
A2000 ...... ..$ 38.95 A600 12QQ
Internal ... ..S47.50
A2000 Internal 880k ...
..$ 39.95 .. 549 95 ..S49.95 CD32 Replacement CD
mechanism ... ..$ 39.95 $ 39 95 1571 (limited
quantity) ..S49.95
A500 ......
S38.95 A500 A600 A1200 Big Ft. (200 Watt) Micro R D S79.95
A500 power supply (used) 220 volts Europe S19.95 A590
$ 19.95
A1200 110 volts original
factory $ 38.95 CD32 Original Factory
(110 volts) ..$ 21.95 CD32 Original Factory
(220 volts) ..$ 14.95 CD32 Big Foot (200 Watt)
Micro R D ...S74.50 A2000 110 220V. Internal
original .....$ 89.95 A20Q0 Big Foot (300
Watt) Micro R D $ 144.50 A3000 interna! (110 220
volts) .$ 110.00 A3000 Big Foot (250
wads) Micro R D ......5144.50 A3000
Tower ....S
124.00 A4000 internal (110 volts) ..S119.00
A4000 int. 300 Watt Big Foot (exchange) ..$ 169.95 1084S
Phillips Flyback Transformer only $ 38.95 1084-Dl
Phillips Daewoo Flyback only $ 38.50 1084-D2
Daewoo Flyback Transformer only 538.50 1084S new
Motherboard Flyback .see below 1084S power supply board
(refurbished) .....529.95 C54
nonrepayable ....$ 14.95
repairable ..519.95
C54 5.2 amp Heavy Dutv (also 1750 REU) 539.95 C65 110 Volt f.
521.95 Cl28 external 5.2
amps ..$ 39.95 1541 11 1581
..$ 7.50
KEYBOARDS (Factory New) A500 (limited
quantity) ....$ 39.95 A500
$ 26.50 C128D (limited quantity)
....$ 24.95 At
200 ..... S 34.95 A2000 US version (Amiga
Technologies) ...$ 74.50 A3000 US version (Amiga
Technologies) ....574.50 A40Q0 US version (Amiga
Technologies) ....$ 74.50 A2000 keyboard adapter to
A4000 .....58.95 ADD ON BOARDS (Factory New)
(A4000) .$ 67.95
A2058 (OK) (A2GOO) Expansion board 8K ....S59.95 A501
original Ram Exp. - 512K (A500) .S17.95 Microway
Flickerfixer . $ 224.00 Slingshot Pro pass thru (Micro
R D) .537.50 A1050 RAM Expander (A1000)
256K ...510.95 APOLLO ACCELERATORS 1230 Lite
25MHz 68030 W MMUrFPU fcr A1200 computers $ 144 .95 1230 50MHZ
68030 for A1200 computers .$ 239.00 1240 25MHZ 68040 for
A1200 computers .5369.95 1240 40MHZ 68040 for A120Q
computers .$ 459.95 1260 50MHz 68050 for A1200
computers .$ 729.95 1200 SCSI Module for Apcflo A1200
accelerators SI29.00 2030 25MHz 68Q30t68882+SCSI-2 for
A2000$ 299.95 2030 50MH2 68030t68882tSCSI-2 for A2000S389.95
2040 25MHZ 68040-SCSI-2 for A2000 .....S449.00
2040 40MHZ 6804Q+SCSI-2 for A2000 .....5529.00
2060 50MHZ 68060-*-SCSI-2 for A2000 .....5849.95
3050 50MHz 58060+SCSI-2 for A3000 Desktop .5829.95
3040. 40MHz 58040+SCSI-2 for A3000 Desktop .$ 559.95 4040 40MHZ
68040rSCSI-2 for A3000T & A4000(T) S559.95 4060 50MHZ
66060rSCSI-2 for A3000T & A4000(T) 5819.95 Mini Meg 2Mb
Chip RAM Board .. S185.00
SX32 ..... ...S299.00 PHASE 5
ACCELERATORS Blizzard 1250 Turbo Board
$ 749.95 Blizzard 123Q-IV Turbo
Board .$ 269,95 Optional Blizzard
1260 or 1230-IV SCSI Kit $ 169,95 Blizzard 2050 Turbo
Board ......$ 849.95 Cyberstom Mark
It 05C'50MHz ......5849.95 CyfcerstOTi
Fas: SCSI-2 Modu e ....$ 179.95
CyfcerVision 64 3D
2Mb Call
CyberVision 64 3D
4Mb ..$ 389.95 CyberVlsion
64 3D MPEG Module Call CyberVisor.
64 3D Scan Doubler Mcnitor Switch...Call CyberGraphX
Software .. $ 49.95 MOUSE CONTROLLERS (Factory
New) Amiga
522.50 Wizard 3-button (for all Amigas) ... 522.95
A4000 ..... S26.85 Amiga CDTV
......$ 15.95
Amiga A1200 mouse port replacement kit $ 7.95 CD32
controller ..511.75
DIAGNOSTICS Advanced Amiga Analyzer (see be ow)
559.95 Final Test diagnostic disk by
Amiga ....S7.95 Amiga Troubleshooting
Guide .....57.95 Commodore
Diagnostician II . $ 6.95 Service
Manuals.., SEE BELOW
CLEARANCE SALE A500 Computer (NTSC) with
P S ...$ 119.95 A520 (New) Video Modulator
Adapter 512.50
2. 04 3.1 ROM Switch - (Switch Itt) with speaker...317.50 15-23
pin adapter cable ..$ 19.95
Monitor Cables - 30 Different types ....CALL
Monitors: 1084S, 1802, etc SEE BELOW Laser printer memory
board 0K (All HP units)... .524.95 Sony QD6150 data cartridge
....$ 7.50 Joystick - Captain Grant
(for all Amigas) $ 2.99 ? ONLY AT PAXTRON ?
• A3000 COMPUTER KIT (NTSC) NEW: Put together your own computer.
Kit includes new A3000 motherboard, daughter board, A3000 power
supply and 4 megs of ZIP memory (16MHz or25MHz units available)
• A520 Video Modulator Adapter Kit with cables and instructions
Run any Amiga on your television ....S10.50
• AMIGA COMPATIBLE KEYBOARDS - KB100 is a sophisticated in-line
adapter box lor use with IBM keyboards, Use the KB100 on your
A500 A2000 A3000 A4000. (A600 A1200 require soldering.) S49.95
• Complete service manuals. Some manuals may be photocopied. 5
day delivery on some manuals. A500, A500+, 590, A1000, 1230
printer, 1802,
1902. 1902A. 1934, 2002, 2091, 2300, 2630, CDTV, 1581,
C65.....S19.95 A500 schematics, A600, 1084S,
1084S-D1,1084ST, 1936A, 1960, A2000S24.00 A1200, A3000,
A3000T, A4000,
CD32 .....S39.95
This new board will cure 90 percent of 1084S monitor prob
lems. Simply switch the motherboard and your monitor problems
are solved! This motherboard with the flyback factory mounted
is the exact replacement and works with 1084S models only. It's
easy to install.S69.95
• AMIGA MONITORS - We have a large supply of refurbished 1084(S),
1902,1930, 1802,1702 monitors, etc. For example, the 1084(S) is
S169.95 with cable. 90 day
warranty .....CALL
ADVANCED AMIGA ANALYZER 2.0™ An Inexpensive Diagnostic Analyzer
That Works On All Amigas A complete diagnostic hardware and
software analyzer [uses point and click soflware interface,)
The analyzer cable plugs into all Amiga ports simultaneously
and through sophisticated software, displays 8 screens to work
from. Shows status of data ports, memory (buffer) checker,
system configuration and auto lest. Reads diagnostic status of
any read wrile errors from track 0 to track 79. Soflware
automatically tells whal errors are found and the
chips components responsible. 85 to 90% of the problems
presented lo service centers are found with this analyzer.
Saves you lots of money on repairs and no end user or repair
shop can afford lo be wilhoul one. Don't be fooled by its low
cost. Simply plug in cables from Ine analyzer box. This
diagnostic lool is used by end users and Amiga repair centers
worldwide and is the only one of its kind. Over 15,000 sold. £9
New low price
• • Tlcw E..Q Pt4M yrV *• AMIGA "Q-Drive" 1241 CD ROM Drive for
the A1200 The AMIGA Technologies "Q-Drive" 1241 is a PCMCIA
interface for the Amiga 1200 (CD32 emulator). If is a super
fast CD-ROM drive equipped with a PCMCIA connector.
Price: $ 179.95 (Quantity pricing available}
* ** WANTED *?* Get Cash for your A2000 computers.
New or Used (NTSC or PAL).
We pay top dollar. We also pay UPS shipping charges.
ATTENTION DEALERS Paxtron has been appointed as a North American distributor for ACT Apollo and Phase 5 accelerators. Give us a chance to quote you our best prices.
New enlarged Web page: www.paxtron.com Our web page is continually updated with latest products and price changes. Visit us and check it out. Enter your order there or by E-mailing us at paxtroncorp@rcknet.com. ATTENTION DEALERS: If you would like to receive our dealer catalog fax us your letterhead.
28 Grove Street, Spring Valley, NY 10977 914-578-6522 * 800-815-3241 800-595-5534 * 888 PAXTRON • FAX 914-578-6550 Hours: 9-5 pm ET Mon.-Fri, * Add $ 6.00 UPS Charges ¦ MC VISA • Prices subject to change E-Mail for orders & correspondence: paxtroncorp@rcknet.com WE SHIP WORLDWIDE!
Paxtron CORPORATION Extracting Cover Disk files Before putting the cover disks anywhere near your computer, write protect them by moving the black tab in the top comer of the disk, so you can see through the hole. Doing this makes sure you cannot damage your disks in any way. There is also no reason why the cover disks need to be written to, so even rf the computer asks you to write enable the disks, don't do it To extract any single archive, simpty double dick its icon, and follow the on screen instructions, if you want to extract the program to Ram, select the NOVICE level on the welcome
screen, and press proceed once on the current screen, and then again on the next The program can then be found in your Ram disk. Normally most programs need further installing, so read the documents on how to do this.
Hard Drive Users Hard drive users do not have to boot with the first disk, but you must make sure you have the Amiga's Installer program in your C drawer. To make sure your hard drive has the correct files in place double dick on the SetupHD icon.
This will check if you have the Installer program and if not will copy it across. Do not worry as it will not write over any existing files.
All you hard drive owners will find MultiExtract very useful. It is a separate method of extracting the cover disk files.
It allows you to extract a number of files in one go, to your hard disk or Ram.
When you run MultiExtract you will be presented with a number of check boxes, each representing one of the programs on that cover disk, fust de-select ail the programs you do not want extracting, and then press proceed. All the selected programs can now miraculously be found in the selected destination.
Abort Install J Troops. Kick ass with these micro sized marauding meanies Tiny Troops Author: Vulcan SoftwareAny 1Mb Amiga Running TT To run Tiny Troops just boot your machine with the Tiny Troops disk in the floppy drive. Hard drive users can drag the Tiny Troops drawer off the disk onto your hard drive and run it from there.
There is a plot, honest there is, but really all you need to know is that two inhabitants of a planet have dedded to come to Earth. Not for a sightseeing trip, not to spot a few trains or collect stamps but to kick each others butts, and you're going to help. The thing is they are only about a centimetre high - a bit less than half an inch for none metric people.
From the main menu screen you can choose to have a single ot two player game and also the type of controls you want to use
- mouse is highly recommended.
Troop selection lets you pick how many and what type of troops you want. Just scroll through the lined up troops at the bottom and click the ones you want to fight with.
When finished, press the subtle war button to kick off. At the top left and right you can get helpful hints from your general and check out the battlefield you are about to enter.
Once in battle your aim is simple - kill all your opponents. Your troops appear from out of the transporter fresh from Agaris IV and ready for action. Troops can be moved around individually or, by using the bounding box, you can select a group to order around.
Depending whether you pick a single or group of troops, you have different options in the control panel, Faulty disks If you should find your Amiga Computing CoverDisk damaged or faulty, please return it to: SK PAGES ?
713 3k, 713 Hams, 7 7 gshvzird Straei Bradford, W. YnrSs 3m 7BH.
Please allow 28 days for delivery Control panel Crossed Swords • This moves the play area directly over a troop who Is currently fighting Eyeglass Alters the current site of the scan map in the left corner of the Fist - Allows you to get any currently selected troops to attack a target screen Scan Map - Shows a mini version of the current level, click on it to be able to scroll around the current level Disk - Opens further options allowing you to load and save the current game as well as quit and surrender Arrow - Move selected troops around with the left button, or set up to four way
points with the right button Status display Shows you either the current status of the selected troop, or the four movement modes SPEED: 7 Book - The left hall of the page gives you advice, while the right side shows you the current game stats House - Run away, run away.
Makes all your troops leg it back to the home teleporter, like girlie cowards Clear - Any order given out can be cleared using this icon and the troop will IICO thrill* rtrinir»aI orders Amiga Computing SK PAGES To use the following program you need to have the Magic User Interface installed on your system. Without it you will not be able to run any MUI program. MU! Is available from any good PD house.
It’s true when people say benchmarks are meaningless, just comparing how many instructions a CPU can process in reality means nothing. What is important is how fast do actual real life processes perform, like image processing or file crunching.
SysSpeed has taken the most widely used PD and commercial programs on the Amiga and produced a set of benchmarks for them based on pre-set images and text files that can be run by these programs using Arexx. The end result is a set of benchmarks that can measure both the processing, graphics, hard drive, memory and over all system performance.
SysSpeed v2.1 Author: Alien Design Workbench 3.0 EvenMore MyFormat i 2 Graph Author: Chris Perver Workbench 2.04 Author: Daniel 1 Andrea Workbench 2.04 Author: Chris Underwood Workbench 3.0 It is strange that, with the Amiga being in a seemingly constant state of liquidation, the place you have to turn to for quality replacement programs is the public domain. One program that really needs replacing is the More program - the standard text reader that every ReadMe file should use.
Unfortunately it has not changed once for what, the last ten years, and it is an utterly dire program.
People with Workbench 3.0 are better off as the much more capable MultiView can be used, but even this for text viewing is not perfect. EvenMore is another in the long line of replacement More programs and even though this is an early version is very good. It is fast, small, you can save the position of the text window and you can select a public screen for it to run on as well.
Seeing as how I was bitching about the Amiga's system software, 1 might as well carry on. This is a replacement for the sadly lacking format command. Thanks to the comprehensive interface, every type of file system is available for you. If you rename the program to just format, drop it in your System drawer you can replace the old version so if you pick format from the Workbench menu the this new version will automatically pop up.
Ck-iw« ry t*-i in ~l . 1 OW , na loc« Krtiw craoti laDv A] _1 Ol ** ; fhito Start roars - --------- u» Replacing systom software is my favourite past time Author: Lasilo Torok Workbench 3.0 An AVI file is a PC movie file, similar to Quicktime on the Mac or CDXL files on the Amiga. They are animation files that have a sound track, usually Amiga owners will never come across these files, but with wider Internet and CD-ROM access for Amiga owners, you are more and more likely to bump into one of these files at some point.
Ever had the urge to plot complex mathematical equations in three dimensions? Of course you have, and finally here is the program to let you do it, and save the results off as an IFF file. Everything is fairly straight forward, you can select the quality from the steps slider and the angle to plot at, and if you select the dynamic switch you can produce animated equations.
Speccylator Author: Richard Catisson Workbench 2.04 I have seen a few Spectrum emulators in the past. The first few were quite nasty, taking over the system and doing horrible things with the CPU that made things crash on certain machines. Then ZXAM came along and gave you a good Cadtools interface and multitasked so you could get on with other things.
Speccylator takes things a little bit further and gives you everything you would want from a spectrum emulator.
It is fast, supports the normal spectrum snapshot files, runs on a promotable Intuition screen and has the normal Amiga pull down menus when in use.
There are specific 68000 versions to try and get every last bit of speed out of your prehistoric processor.
RenderLib & MysticView Author: Captain Befat Workbench 3.0 You may know that the Amiga supports a screen mode called HAM or Hold And Modify. This is a unique screen mode that, with only a small number of bit planes, lets your Amiga display thousands of colours, Workbench has never directly supported HAM screens even though there's no reason why it should not. Normally the only two ways to get access to HAM screen modes is to either hack existing screen pre-sets or use MUIScreenMode. For people without MUI this is a suite of pre-sets for the screen mode preference program to let you access HAM6
and HAM8 screens.
These are really two separate archives but are both from the same people and MysticView requires the Render Library to work anyway. Render Library is a new Amiga library that is available for programmers to easily manipulate images that are up to 24 bit in depth.
As an example the small program MysticView gives you a DataType based image viewer that will display a scaled and dithered picture in a scale-able window in the Workbench, and gives you an idea of the power behind the Render library. There is even support of Ham screen modes.
AMIGA Computing
- fcN Jc = E CO ijx' f CM H CN "2 03 li°° 1 CM Rm «2
• ffl? ¦£ 2 i- 39£j 5 O oi a. x S' s ® 6 s I
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t. ¦ o &5 3 t-c aog5i c xciu cn t cl 5 5 l a. a. in z a. jr*"
r~ M in in cn a |i, _ r- f j r. £ “ “ *-* « [ I'1 3 s .-i r
I. P*J L « Ji-o i I “SS rNi r., *i S s 0 n r fi co t- n C
3 S .2 .* 10 = x, o O 1 "£ « re .2* s S ( *3 -1 fc 3 5 ii£
Q So" ¦s 111 I if ££2 UJ u|u U U u u u u o + + CO « ,2 U 03 |
~ CO ( ) CO q q LU HI LLJ 0(30 5 9 S Q Q
- 5 oc cr CC
- : I I H“ x c CC CC X LU O O O
o o g 9 9 CO CD m m m mm m
o o o o o Ov Q N s (N 1333'
o o a. N oi a a S n a id 5: N O) X CO
* ; ni 3 w i ) cn t cr O c SJ g-i t-t* J S? 2 2oSi Wo" w u O
v LO nj c (j [ o u 01 cr o?
'T CD *T 03 m T- f'- 7 C"J 0 on * C ”(M «) I Ss«u “so § S !i=s . ®i” £ EC £ n 3 IU 5--C a. zDep 2 ui = .S?
Ql“ rt!
«li 2 ¦ l_ . T: m p x , Z (OJZ J LU 03 LU So-E iz z ! Oil o ieSse 03 T“ ¦» 1 uuuuu I Ei§§ ill!!
% 00s s E XI XI X XI l|! g sslig § !su Slow go + a|“ii w||53 En « ¦ 00 5 h- c CD as ojin ro ¦= to o C OJ X E D D D D I g “ o o 5! L2 cJ -tj ai :g I Lt_ n- | ¦ 6„!
S g : ¦ « ; ¦ o w, c =. N £ HI z w x
o 0. 03 T- CM CM CM U U U U S o 20 555
- = n 0-3 T- J)Cl S?o o in O O 7 Q_ .
In o CO o5 O O cu CO w CjJ a CL
L. C 0 6 CM 13 CD 0 z E O CM O CD 0 O 00 CM O O LL O as CO 0 N
o o CM cL X LU m "O c b O CD X 2 0 W * CD E 0 n ro T re tn
LU z 0 O 0 CD X O LO CD V) CO LL CC sz CL 3 CD ?
0 LL 3 C cn X O D re (Si CL O CD 3 CO m LU CD O t” N c* N Q L, O X S 0 CD O X S O oc U- in 0 O O 0 CL tn U O 2
• 3- O 3 O CM T o CD CM Q DC N N -J m S a5oS" s
• ijSEii e»5T _ E §.= f Q, s B='ic S * 0. G- o- 2 0.I5 3 s m
S..E = "= c 1 “ rag B n °°r u " 1 c •- ** n LUW
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- "5 -O X in in ‘ M- W CM SS u u : E 3= CM o ~2 cm a CU 5 c W ra
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N J 00 o _ o f 'if rrti “¦ c r cb C J CO £ CD = “ 5 o X 5
Ol-D Q)
- 5 •¦; 2-0 £ ; CO 0 CD -- g si! S rj 2 a "co S D3 rails x als-
1 g-si£ a o 2 ® ai ¦° 3» = CO o q (J3 2 S ¦ * w m u. 1 .
£ o £3 5 e ; (DnSra !2oTin p e!
I| = - ® -ZfflS“-27s'5.u oiQ-1 SsD = » OL c o o m o « , JL-FI is&5fi'i iEos llSj lSsl *s- iiin iiii E ° T3 r [J - a -T3 = « 1 “ o 0 2 n = I sO WT3 ® 0 = rcO o Oo-T £ o -o o So to £ 2 .fiESSflofirfQ' CJ 2 CM CO 2 O CD i_ CL O =3 U_ ai ' , cL s i _ ro o X Cf l- LU T T ° i i H
o a in o- o g s s » 11 Si c: N N °* O J CD ui O m a o' IS O
zi2 £ ) X -C u
D) M ! .= .5 _; Li W X ” C [=?
Il- ex' =«•= k H Bfi v © s s '¦® 58 ¦ 13 K s OsS XI © s 5: EC I ®
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- r cl M S n*i X §=» ti§ O 05 O 0- dSS.slinfs:!*1
* IistlfI = fels 3 £ lS-s|-i!!?lt' S»g.-S-s3||«S5il
af gi g 1 IsoS tsl Here at NETCOM, Karen makes sure you do |ust that.
You see, she helps us to operate more modems per customer than other Internet Service Providers - which means you should never hear Ihe engaged tone.
Our huge web cache in Bracknell (which is packed with all the most popular sites and games) also means you don't end up trying to connect to the same server at Ihe same time as six million other surfers.
The Internet is a whole new world of exciting things just waiting to be discovered. Providing, that is, you can get through.
DJoSiv aimstoconneet you first time; every time You'll also always be able to get through to our helpline if you get stuck, as our technical support staff are here 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, Karen and her modems also save you money. Because they're the fastest available, you'll spend less time on-line downloading files and so have smaller phone bills. Not that you'll be spending a lot of money; all we ask is a flat fee of just £14.95 a month (including VAT) and you can have your first month for a special introductory price of just £5.95. If you'd like to gel more out of the Net with
NETCOM cail, fax, apply at our web site or send us the coupon below. We'll then send you your free copy of NETCOMplete Amiga that'll have you better connected within 10 minutes.
NETCOM Call: 0800 973 001 Fax: 0645123 512 Apply at: http: www.netcom.net.uk The Internet people it's easier to get on with PLEASE SEND ME MY FREE COPY OF NETCOMplete ' Amiga on diskette. When I register, I will receive my first month for £5.95. I'll be using the Net for ? Business ? Pleasure ? Bit of both, Send completed coupon 1o: Nelcom Internet Limited, Freeposl TK 2238, Box 5)2, 28 Old Brompton Rood, South Kensington, London SW7 3BR.
Name; Mr Mrs Msss Ms.
Address:_ . Telephone: Postcode: NETCOM end NETCOMptelecre irodemoiks of NE1COM On-Line Commonicohon Services Inc All other brand names and trademarks are Wly recognised as the property of then respective owners From lime to time we may pass your name on lo other, corefuHy selected companies who may wish to mail you with offers. Please tick here if you prefer not la receive such information ?
RGV01 An inte developer looks to the future of your computer MilaM moved to more stable kets. But there is still a whoh host of others developing and sup- ring products to keep us happy, plus die real hope of new, powerful Amigas on the horizon from QuikPak.
1997 should be the year the Amiga's destiny is finally resolved, in this exclusive survey, you'll find out what an entire community of businesses and users think should happen next he story of the Amiga is a strange one. Since Commodore went bust in 1994, impressive corporations have arisen as apparent saviours of this unique platform, only to disappear leaving a string of unfulfilled promises. If it was any other computer, the Amiga would have been forgotten by now.
The Amiga has certainly been wounded by delays in its development, and many of the best companies have either gone bust or But this is not any computer, and its supporters are not your average computer users.
The birthplace of the Amiga it may be, but the American market has suffered since Commodore's demise. According to most of the companies in the survey, the US market has been struggling of late, though the Video Toaster market remains fairly buoyant.
Randhir Jesrani from retail firm Compuquiek painted possibly the bleakest picture, saying that customer interest had declined over the past five to six months. Software Hut has experienced a similar downturn in US- based trade, which they ascribe to the fact that people are becoming discouraged by waiting for a resolution to the ownership situation.
By contrast, lAM's Dale Larson said business was buoyant during the holiday season, thanks partially to reduced pricing and small incentives like the historical 'Boing logo' offer. However, he added that 'Too many customers have had a wait-and-see attitude since Commodore went bankrupt".
As to what needs to happen to revitalise the market, all the US companies were in agreement on one thing: A new owner is needed, and soon. "Thereafter we would like the OS to be expanded for Internet access, memory management, networking, and better printer scanner access," said Compuquick's Jesrani. "We would then like the Amiga platform to offer more power in terms of processing speed and CD quality sound, though it should retain its custom chip-set."
'The new owners should advertise and market the Amiga so that the confidence of Amiga owners is maintained and the marketplace becomes familiar with the Amiga brand name and the technology," he added.
Dale Larson's masterplan was rather more wistful. "Ideally, Bill Cates would put me in his will and then die," he said. "I'd have hundred of millions of dollars to invest in creating a new generation OS to compete with WinTef as a better general-purpose system with better apps. Short of that resource, I don't see how the Amiga platform will continue to develop in terms of new generations of hardware OS. It will still develop through third-party extensions and enhancements, though, and it remains excellent in some niches and as a low-cost home machine."
Good Old Blighty, always dependable for the best Amiga 5Upport...or is it ?
'The Amiga market still accounts for 30-40 per cent of our total revenue, and customer interest is still extremely strong - an estimated 50 per cent of all our calls are Amiga related," says First Computer Centre, Blittersoft, Digrta and HiQ all agree that customer enthusiasm remained surprisingly high.
Commitment to the Amiga was very strong among the UK survey respondents and the developers contacted all had products in development, at least in the form of updates to existing software. HiQ's Steve Jones was particularly optimistic in this respect, promising an KTG version of the award-winning Siamese system with a few surprises thrown in for the near future. As for the Amiga itself, HiQ thinks it might just show the way for the new owners.
"We want cross platform support (as in stage 3 of the Siamese System), run software and no Jones, adding: "The Amiga should go Alpha and drop the Power PC, we are working on ways to do this smoothly while maintaining compatibility. I hope to not only be supporting the Amiga in two years time but be in a position of guiding its future!"
Blittersoft's Pauf Lesurf emphasised that any new owner would have to encourage third party support to ensure a vibrant future for the Amiga.
"More affordable third party peripherals are important to any future success, making use of existing technology on other platforms," he told Amiga Computing.
" The new owners should open up the Amiga technology to third party developers.” For a slightly different perspective, we also contacted Technocom, a company offering specialised Internet access for Amiga owners. The company believes there are only a few thousand UK users with Net access at present, but the community is growing with the potential to reach numbers in the tens of thousands.
"The Amiga, with its multitasking abilities, is an ideal computer for Internet access even in its present form," comments Technocom's Tim Evans. "But the Amiga needs top-flight Internet software - browsers like 1 Browse, Voyager and Aweb need to be developed at greater speeds, to take advantage of new developments like frames. Most importantly, it needs Java."
Germany SER CROUP PERSPECTIVE CUCUG's Amiga Web Directory has become the top Internet resource for any Amiga user with access, making it a truly huge and international community. We decided to get its perspective on the international Amiga scene, and CUCUG's Kevin Hise! Provided the answers: This is the biggest Amiga market in the world,according the majority of the survey respondents. As for product developers, Phase 5 has probably done more than anyone to keep the Amiga up-to-date of late, thanks to its superb range of accelerators and graphics cards.
General Manager Wolf Dietrich told Amiga Computing that the company is looking forward to releasing its PowerPC accelerators and Amiga. "We are working closely with major software vendors to realise massive support for this architecture," he commented.
Another company, Haage and Partner, are developing products like the image manipulation package Art Effect and Storm C, the powerful development system. They say that the strongest customer support in Germany comes from students that find the individual strengths of the machine appealing.
I TALY "In general, the interest in Amiga products has remained unchanged," commented Michael Battilana of Cloanto, Italy's top software developer. “We are continuing to invest in the Amiga, and for 1997 you can expect both new versions of current products (eg The Personal Suite) as well as some surprises."
Battilana said that survival for the committed Amiga developer with the right sort of product has not been too tough so far. In fact, in some ways, the lack of new models has meant customers have had more money to spend on software instead.
'The Amiga is a low cost, low maintenance machine,' he said when asked how it should be improved. "But we now have an old Operating System, which is not very open to the new standards which are increasingly interconnecting the world."
He continued: "I would push the Amiga into the very low price segment with a new model having fewer and more standard components - as it is, its too expensive to manufacture. Today, there are no computers in the price range which made the C-64 or Spectrum the most popular computers ever sold, but I think the demand is still there. I would also increase attention on specific emerging countries,"
Q. Is the number of Amiga-owning members for your user group in
A. No, in fact the Amiga membership is on a sharp upswing.
However, our case is different from most other group's as many
members have joined CUCUG to support our efforts with the
Amiga Web Directory and are located all over the world. St
appears, though, that many of the other local clubs we
communicate with are losing Amiga members.
Most ex-users seem to have 'jumped ship' moving to more up-to-date and less expensive hardware offered by Wirstel and Macintosh platforms. Many of our own members who have exited say that they could easily be called back to the Amiga if the OS was ported to a more robust processor and costs were reduced,
Q. In which countries is Amiga support still strong?
A. It appears the Europeans still enjoy a very active base of
Amiga support However, as time goes by, this question will
become less meaningful since the Internet is decidedly
shortening the distance between users and vendors.
Q. Do you think QuikPak would make a good new ownerfor the Amiga?
A. We're not sure what the best choice of new owner would be, but
we will say it needs to be someone besides Escom's trustees
and it needs to happen very soon.
Q. How would you like to see the Amiga platform develop?
A. Many of our members would like to see the Amiga OS ported to a
more sophisticated processor environment. Power PC was our
first choice, however questions have been raised as to the
PowerPCs long-term commercial viability, so perhaps another
RISC solution would be more appropriate. !t would also be
helpful if the new Amiga supported modern hardware standards
like PCI. USB, IEEE-1394.
Q. What should the new owners do to revitalise the Amiga?
A. It's probably most important to build and ship something right
away. QuikPak seems to be on this high road having recently
announced the first new Amigas in years - much to the delight
of Amiga fans. But ultimately the Amiga needs a major hardware
upgrade and some fundamental, niche talent to set it apart
from the millions of cookie-cutter Intel machines. The new
owners need to find modern-day Amiga pioneers and build a
truly different computer and counter-market it much like Apple
did early in the Macintosh saga.
Q. How optimistic are you about the Amiga's future ?
A. We feel that fundamentally the Amiga remains one of the most
capable computing platforms. While it has fallen behind in
hardware and OS capability - especially networking and the
Internet - the machine and its software are still remarkable.
Of course, this does not guarantee a bright future...The right
company and the right people still need to work hard to make
success happen for the Amiga.
Best of the world The general consensus has been that the strongest interest in the Amiga has been in Europe. Even companies like the Australian CP Software who are generating reasonable sales of Opus 5.5 say the main market lies in Europe.
Companies such as Click Crafix and Sysfcom Limited told of the state of the market in the Far East, where there is a small amount of fanatical support. As is the case with many of the Amiga companies, their dedication was such that while the Amiga exists, they're committed to supporting it Each of these developers were working on new projects (such as Click Grafix's 'GeneRexxt' software) for the Amiga.
One thing that has kept the Amiga platform so strong is the loyalty of the users and. I'm sure many would agree, the various shows that are held help keep the market alive. It gives the companies the chance to meet the customers face to face - and find out what they really want. It also shows a unanimous front against the onslaught of the PC.
Shows are held all over the world. From the huge Computer '96 at Cologne to the smaller scale Expos, Amiga users flock in droves to find out about the latest for their platform of choice. The Amiga still dominated at last year's Cologne show with only 30 per cent of exhibitors from the PC side. In 1996 we also saw a successful Video Toaster Expo held in Hollywood, with high profile exhibitors such as AntiCravity and Nova Design.
The Amiga Central Ohio Network recently organised an Amiga show and, pleased at the response, are organising one for this year.
Dave Pearce from AmiCon told us, "Last year's show was successful in a number of ways: Nova Design, Silent Paws and several other vendors simply sold out of product in a short space of time, which showed Amiga consumers are not afraid to buy."
"Most people were amazed that there were so many Amiga users close by. Companies who participated were great, too. Many of them went out of their way to do something special for the event and were very careful and patient with questions and inquires about their products and commitment to the Amiga market." He continued, "I fee! That events such as ours show people that there are Amiga users out there, keeping up with today's standards and still doing fabulous things with their machines. I think all of us realise the Amiga situation is grim and there's been little to be thankful for,
but when a large number of Amiga users get together to talk, browse and interact with each other, everyone leaves with a better outlook."
This year looks set to have just as many Amiga shows. It has been cinfirmed that the World Of Amiga UK is going ahead, plus plans are being made for a show in Melbourne, Australia to name but a few.
CENE AMIGA The demo scene has always been particularly strong on the Amiga. Even now, regular parties are held and although support for the demo scene has dwindled in some parts of the world, it is still popular in many of the Scandinavian countries and places like Germany.
Manfred Linzner Pink Abyss) told Amiga Computing, "Most demos are coming today from France, Finland, Sweden. The UK as a demo country is DEAD! One of the most famous groups of all time (ANARCHY (UK division) died some years ago and so also the UK demo scene." He believes the Amiga demo arena is the best demo-related scene, 'The best musicians are found on Amiga, the best drawing artists and probably the most innovative coders are also showing their skills on Amiga at its best."
Thies Edeling from RAW Online the demo E- zine, (http: www.xs4all.nl ~blahh), told us about the scene in The Netherlands, "Compared to the real scene-countries like Sweden, Finland, Germany and smaller ones like Norway, the UK, France, it's quite small. In these countries there are several active groups who produce demos on a regular basis. In The Netherlands I can't think of a group - consisting of only Dutch members - who produces a demo for every big party," He tells us that demo parties worldwide are still very popular, 'There is The Gathering in Norway, each Easter. I think this is the
third big party. From what I’ve heard though, the people attending there mostly consist of PC gamers isn't it fun, playing network Quake for three days at some party? No, it isn't). Of course there is Assembly in Finland, every year at the beginning of August. And last, but definitely not least, the most popular one: The Party in Denmark, every year between Christmas and New Year. This one is the most popular in the Amiga scene."
Jon Lennart Berg from the Norwegian based Amiga Foundation Network said, "Our demo scene is probably more alive now than ever - every coder wants to beat the PC at what the PC does best - namely texture-mapped 3-D. Last year we saw the highlights of Amiga demo-coders demolishing any PC resistance with 4-8Mb AGA demos - hopefully some of this technology will make its way into the games we all hope for."
In Australia, however, the demo scene is not as good. Warrick Burgess told us, "The scene itself is pretty bad currently, with only two active groups, Cydonia (makers of Defy, the disk zine) and a new group called Broken formed by The Heavyweight an ex-member of Devious Dezigns and Terminator (ex-member of Dusk).
Both are still producing things (Broken has taken over releasing the Devious Tools utility pack series) but generally the scene is slowly falling away as more people purchase Pcs. I don't think it will ever completely disappear, but like the C64 scene just continue at a smaller size." He goes on, "Having said that, the commercial (retail) side is more interesting. While the Amiga isn't selling in chain stores here, the interest and support of smaller computer speciality stores hasn't dropped off. One store recently even advertised wanting to purchase At 200s!"
Famous For: QuikPak, Capital Punishment (the game!) ' ~ Aurora Works, Asimware Innovations Inc, Wonder Computers Sound Bytes: "QuikPak are certainly putting the country well on the Amiga map and if the pur- kchase goes ahead, Canada will be bigger than ever on the Amiga scene."
URVEY RESULTS We contacted over forty Amiga companies • About a quarter said it needed improved from all around the world. Here's what they graphic and or audio capabilities.
• The majority thought a new owner should
• Most dealers have seen a gradual decline focus on the cheap,
entry-level computer in custom over the past year, but the
market market A few expressed concern that remains very viable.
QuikPak were focusing too much on the Video Professional market
• The Amiga Video market remains very strong in many countries. •
The majority also thought a strong advertising campaign in the
general tom-
• The majority of developers contacted still puting press would
be required to show had Amiga products in development though
potential customers that the Amiga is most projects were
upgrades rather than available.
Totally new products.
• Many said that the new owner needs to
• Over half the respondents said the Amiga network better with
third Party Developers desperately needs a faster processor
ASAP, than has ever happened in the Amiga mar- Most of these
say it's got to be Power PC or ket before.
DEC Alpha.
• A minority of the respondents said a new
• Almost half said it badly needs its OS owner should concentrate
on the Video updated; a few specified a need for better niche
market and or develop cheap big box See our news pages to see
what they say networking and internet support Amiga that are
fully expandable.
Amiga Computing MARCH 1997 INTO THE NET contains all the tools required to access and explore the internet with ease. The double CD set contains usable versions of MIAMI, Voyager. IBrouse, AmiTCP and more. In addition the CD's contain many utilities for creating your own WEB pages, down-loding mail, and much more.
Most items are drectfy usable tram Die CD’s IN-TO-THE-NET We ior any KS2J3 Amig, Contains around 5000 erotic hand drawn Images in the Japanese anime tradition.
This CD is of an Adult nature and should not be purchased by anyone likely to be offended by drawings depicting nudity and or sex acts.
Mick Davis's Cartoon nTf ifa Clipart Volume One is a new Amiga CD-ROM contain ng around 500 commissioned cartoon images, all of which can be used “royalty-free". Each image is stored as IFF, and all have been scanned at the highest possible resolution to ensure the best quality when printed. Supplied with a 30+ page printed index of each image Every commissioned image on this CD is 100% original and does not will not appear on any other CD-ROM A iffiS Carto°n The new Magic Workbench CD contains the largest collection of Magic Workbench Icons, Backdrops and tools ever compiled. Includes
well over 5,000 Magic WB Icons, Over 600 specially selected Magic Workbench backdrops in 8, 16 and 256 colours, over 30megabytes of Workbench tools, gadgets, patches and desktop enhancer tools utilities.
The CD also includes Magic Workbench aswell as many other items never before released on any Amiga CD ROM. If you want to update enhance you existing Workbench 2 or 3 then this is the perfect Workbench add on CD ROM. This CD is only suitable for any Kickstart2 3 based Amiga s such as the A500+, A600, A1200, and A4QQ0.
'[CVfi P - " %L £ j MICK DAVIS’ CARfbONliLtPART Includes images only suitable for persons over the age of 18.
MAGIC WORKBENCH ENHANCER V2 ANIME BABES (18) Quad(4x) speed CD-ROM drive complete with interface for the A1200. Supplied with installation software. Includes a FREE copy of the Epic Collection.
Please quote; Q-Drive Now only £ 149.00 + E4.00P&P‘ AMIGA
1. 2gigabyte (1200mb) ready-to-fit Amiga hard drive.
Pre-formatted and installed with Workbench 3.
Supplied with all cables and instructions.
With FREE harddisk sw!
SEEDY IOMS THE HOTTEST AROUND I Adult Sensation is possibly the Amiga's largest selling adult 1 Lille. II features over 4,000 high quality 256 colour images of the "adult" nalure. Image viewers and coverters are includ- ed for any Amiga. (OVER 18 ONLY) ' (CD01} £19.99 I Adult Sensation 2 not only contains 4,000 new colour 1 images but also indudes tons of adult related samples, adult 1 music modules, tonnes of adult stories, adult animations, I black&white 70 s photos, adult games and more.
1 (OVER 18) (CD115) £19.99 I Sexy sensation, this CD contains around 2,000 specially chosen high quality BMP & GIF Images Viewers & graphic converters are included for easy and quick access to any of the pictures on any Amiga. (OVER 18) . N (CD 169) £19,99 [ Adult Sensation 3D actually contains over 2,000 true 3 Dimensional colour images 3D viewing software and top ( quality 3D glasses are also supplied. Available now' I (OVER 181 N. ,tad go% (CD14SJ £1»,99 I Adult Animations contains hundreds of naughty? Anima- tions film dips for Adults only. Viewing software included for the
Amiga. Limited first stocks so order now, HURRY!!!!
(STRICTLY OVER 18 s ONLY) ;C0i*fix) £59.99 I Adult MENsation is a collection of unigue images of the male body. This CD-ROM has been compiled to forfill the 1 hundreds of requests for a CD dedicated to the ladies.
| Very easy to use. Okay on any Amiga.
*J§? feDl64) £19.99 rr * j Minr, Only £179.00 ITGA 1.2GIG HARD DISK +£4.oop&p We took everyones valid comments with concern to the first release of the Encyclopedia and changed, modified updated the whole product to the extent that it now includes over 20,000 subjects. The new 1997 version of the Epic Interactive encyclopedia is available now, it features a superb new updated multimedia interface, hundreds of film clips, images, sound samples and subject information text. The 1997 version now supports a multitude of new features mluding: Colour images. Full-screen filmclips, National anthems,
and a unique lnter-ACTu feature which allows you to interact with certain subjects like: chess, piano, etc. A superb reference title for the whole family.
* tt has to be said that the graph cs set new precedents in
Amiga multimedia presentation" Graeme Sand ford, Amiga Format
"Why is t you are the only company producing decent Amiga
CD-ROMs' G. Hamilton 'if you’re on the lookout lor sorre
interactive reference material then this (its the bill". Tony
Morgan. CU 1997 AGA version features include: 'True 256 colour
Multi-media Interface unlike anything seen on the Amiga*1,
- eUK 'Produced in the I 'I worked on this title for almost two
years, and it still impresses me'. Vince Pike. Epic unlike most
encyclopedias ound 16,000 from Aalbon 'Hotlist editor ;ycl ,
'Around 16,000 subjects covered from Aalborg to Zygote So you
can create lists of subjects 'Hundreds of samples Music tracks
and and over 200 samples 'Thousands of pictures Over 3,000
colour mono pictures included 'Dozens of film-clips animations
Over 200 subject related film-clips 'View many film-clips
"full-screen” New Zoom option ‘Now includes Music tracks
National anthems and different music styles 'Import new
subjects from the Internet or from floppy disk ‘Export data to
printer or file and use it in your own projects 'Kids
Explorapedia Eight kid s interactive play-about sections
'Enhanced speech facility Improved speech synthesis 'Subject
creator Create your own subject data 'Network compatible Can be
run through CD32 or CDTV The now main interface Kids Category
selector Export screen The Expforap&dia menu The subject
creator The mam menu AVAILABLE FOR ALL AGA AMIGA’S (with 4mb+
ram & Hard drive) ‘24.99’
24. 99
34. 99
12. 99
12. 99
12. 99
49. 99
19. 99
19. 99 LightROM Gold 3D Objects. (LWO & iDB) Octamed Sound Studio
CD32 Network set 2 Personal suite Reduced The Learning Curve
DEM Rom Light R0M4 Octamed 6 CD Reduced Xi Paint 4.0 1078
Weird Textures 3000 jpeg Textures Into TheNET(2cd) Multimedia
Backdrops Sounds Terrific 2 (2cd) Aminet set one Aminet set
two Aminet set three Aminet 14 October Aminet 15 November
Aminet 16 Amiga Repair Kit CD Amiga System Booster World Info
1996 1997 1993 1991 3000+ BACK FOR THE FUTURE USA USAfUK MADE
IN THE 'Upgrade your existing version to the 1997 version.
‘Simply return your current CD-ROM version along with a cheque of just £11.99 plus P&P AGA INTERFACE UPGRADABLE NO OF SAMPLES 100 S SEARCH MOOES NORMAL DEEP NORMAL NORMAL SUPPORTED Turbo Calc v2.!Spreadsheet 9.99 MUSIC Amiga Developers CD Print Studio Pro Magic Publisher (4cd) Meeting at Pearls 4 Mods Anthology (4cd) "Requires an Amiga 1200 or 4000, a hard dnve a CD-ROM drive and 4nib4' ot ram (6mb ram recommended) THE EPIC INTERACTIVE’ENCYCLOPEDIA ‘97 This CD- ROM contains over 1000 digital elevation maps(DEMs).
For use in V stoPro, Scenery. Animator or World Construction Set.
DEM-ROM_ LIGHT-ROM 4 £29.99 The latest issue contains thousands and brand new objects for LightwaveTV The Kara ¦ Collection ,J EgggjkH is a profes- mjonm sionai unique set fonts, backdrops and toots for special effects in pictures, animations, titling and presentaions. £34,99 KARA FONTS CD GIF SENSATIONS (2CD) Contains around 10,000 colour images suitable for DTP. (CD128J £19.99 NOTHING BUT GIFS Features thousands of very high quality images.
(CD197) £19.99 This superb highly rated Amiga CD-ROM World Atlas features flexible quick access to individual countries via continental maps, county list, capital or general ndex. Concise, informative county histories. Each country is supported by a series of maps depicling regional position, major cities, ere At'S® , LIGHT-ROM GOLD £19 99 I Contains the best 1 Lightwave1" 30 objects I from LightROM issues 1, 2 and LightROM 3 LIGHT-ROM CD-ROMS WORLD ATLAS Affi IMAGE CD-ROMS AGA Experience 2 Ihm contains 100% original AGA material including pictures, AGA demos. AGA games, and AGA tools. Most
information runs direct from the CD 'Normally £19.99 "A EXPERIENCE 2 |CD210x fs.») Aminet 16 contains over 600mb of the very latest Amiga software, including games, demos, animations, music, tools, comms, patches, etc. Available for £12.99 or £10 99 when you take out a subscription (CP239) £12.99 This CD was rated 95% in AF. It features all the tools and information, specifications etc, needed to produce and develop Amiga , software. Includes the latest versions of the installer, CD pressing software. CDXL toolkit, etc Available Now!
WiUA 6 (U N Err rc ' ~ c
I) a cz Just £2.50 inc P&P ELOPERS CD v1.1 .PT- ET 16 (CD22B)
£14.99 JmS Choose any of The following (D-EOffls fQff with
every £25 you spend!
DTP TOOLKIT Fonts'. Ctipart and many tools. FCD265 TOOLS FOR FOOLS Hundreds of great utilities. And tools’ FC0267 Games EXPLOSION Contains hundreds cf games FCD263 DEMO MANIA VotT Contains hundreds cf great demos. FCD2M Spend £25 choose one free CD Spend £50 choose two free CD's etc. 5 ANIMATION NATION g I Hundreds of stunning Jl animations. FCD268 pg COMPUTA MUZAK m R Hundreds of-music !¦ B module*. FCD266 *£¦
1. Standard. (UH | E1 ae' CD ' |Overv»a») E2 per CD
2. Next D»y Delivery.
DK)-cosC5 £»Q to* uptu tO CD's
3. S.imr O.iy Dohwry fVIK) nv3j«jr towiTS crliew P.O A
a. Cash on Delivery (UK) aviN £17 for upto 10 CD's ACKINGJHE
ALLTHE WAV The World of AMIGA s® L,-: AMOHOnl £12.95 White XL
T-shirt Wjlh official AMIGA logo.... ITS001) Only£10_9') *r]
of Clipart is a double CD ROM containing around 40,000 __mono
and colour clipart images JjjR--4 contained in over 100
catagories iri n ,ff- g,f- pcx- c°r- TIF, & BMP. Tools for
converting images to another formats are included. Subjects
include : Animals, Anatomy, Babies, Men Women. Trees,
Reptiles, Insects, Xmas, eligious, Planes, Vehicles, Ships,
Toys, Zodiac signs, ye catchers. Humour, Cats, Dogs.
Computers, echnology, Sealife, Space, Symbols, Dinosaurs,
Plants, ature, Ads, Tools, Astrology, Hands, Birds, Business,
iffice, Workers, Cartoon, Lion King, Education, Food,
.ardening. Holidays, Houses & Buildings, Helicopters, hildren,
Banners, Medieval, Military, Monsters, Music, ports.
Transport, and more.
R*cd94% WORLD O OLIPART Emulators Unlimited contains Software emula tion tools for the Amiga. Spread over numerous platforms are emulators for: Apple. BBC, Commodore 64, Commodore VIC20. Amstrad CPC, Apple Mac, Gameboy, Atari ST, MSX, Apple200, Atari 800, Atari 1040ste, Sinclair QL, Unix and more. Also features hundreds of games,tools etc for most of the emulators.
The FLASH-ROM is a 'companion'' Emulators CD that contains many new cartridge based machine emulators like; Kelecovision, Nintendo, Gameboy etc. Order code: (CD260) £19.99*. Order both Emulators A FlashROM for just £29.99* (CD283).
EMULATORSUNL0ITED A Print Studio PRO allows you to create and print a wide variety of business cards and labels. Also features: PicturCAT, Printer24 - A 24bit graphics print manager. 200mb of mono & colour clipart, and hundreds of quality fonts. Print Studio PRO provides a versatile colour correction system, suiting in perfect colour output on most printers. KS3 or high- required. , , ¦ , . - PRINT STUDIO PRO Insight dinosaurs has been produced in association with The Natural History Museum in London, and features the work of world renowned dinosaur illustrators. It features hundreds of
photo's, illustrations, video clips, narration id sound effects. It is the ultimate A-Z of nosaurs. CD includes both ECS & AGA versions.
JUSTIN. Women of the Web...1**1 « (CD402) Just £19.99 Call now for a FREE full colour 16 page CD-ROM catalogue!
Cloantos Personal Suite contains the full versions of Persona Paint, Personal Sbase.
Personal Write, P. Fonts and over 5Q0mb of use- able Art, Texts & Fonts.
Paint, Image Processing, Animation, 24bit Printing. Word Processing, Database and much more.
P. SUITE Seperate order tines
X. llK Orders; osoo H1 4«(, Overseas:+44 1791514 188 3 Ways to
receive your order Standard 1-2 days, next Day or Same Pay
DeUvery Easy ways to order O Phone, Fax, E-mail Post J"* Ways
to pay Credit caid Cheque. Pustat-order, Cash ur C.O.O
»Choices of free CD-ROMs yy Musk, Carnes, Demos; Tools...-,
raid. Barbarian, Hunchback and around 3000 other classic
spectrum game files including multi-load games. Speccy ‘96
also contains hundreds of documents containing instructions
for most games aswell as hundreds of speccy game cheats.
Okay on any CD-ROM drive connected to an Amiga.
• j SCI-FI Sensation is an exciting ¦ new CD-ROM containing over
1. 3GIG of SCI-FI images anima- tiers. 3D objects, Sound FX.
H Documents, Themetunes, Scripts & SCI-FI games.
Subjects included are: Babyion5, Startrek (The origi- f H nal TNG. Deep Space 9 and 1 ® Vo ager), Batman, Dr Who, Thunderbirds, Robocop, Sea I Quest DSV, Bladerunner, Aliens, I Terror hawks, 2001. Blake7, I Battlestar Galactica, Tron, Total I Recal, 2010, Space 1999 etc. | "Buy SCI-FI Sensation from us and | you wilt always receive the latest I available version.
I CU Amiga: 91% AUI: 93% L Relro gaming at it's best. Around 1 3000 all-time classic spectrum I game files on one CD-ROM.
Emulators included for any Amiga., j Games include Manic Miner, Skool daze. Monty mole, Startrek, I Thrust, Jet Set Willy, The Hobbit, 1 Strip Poker, Danger Mouse, The 1 Sentinel, Micro Olympics, Under Wurlde. Uridium, Alic Atac, River | New Version!, now also includes: Workbench games, lottery predictors. Hundreds of bad jokes and more.
Rated: AF GOLD 95% ¦ CU 91% - AU190% - AC over 90% Choice for great value and service The UK's rrmsf popular mail order company.
SCI-FI SENSATION v2.2 RWS8-2- WB1.2 (2disks) £8.00 FWBH- WB1.3(3disks) £9.00 FtWBlij- WB2.04 (Sdisks) mm RWBIS-S- WB3.0 [Sdisksj £19.00 HARD DRIVE SETUP SHS7-2 - AGIO HD Setup & Install am AHD7-2 - A120O HD Setup A Insull
a. m CD-ROM DWYERS ATP3-1 ¦ Alapi IDE Drivers a oo Mzf-2 -
2appo Arcos Drivers £7.00 SSE12-2 ¦ Squire! SCSI Software Jpoa
PRINTER DRIVERS DRV5-1 -1011 Printer Drivers fi,® TRANSFER
HP, Star, etc) [ Contains 1200 our most popular floppy based
software titles on one giant 600mb CD-ROM.
I Now you can purchase the entire Epic collec- ] tion in one go. Subjects include: Professional I mono clipart, colour clipart, numerous 3D 1 objects for Imagine & Lightwave, Colour, 1 Bitmap, Compugraphic fonts & Adobe fonts, 1 Graphics converters, Music tutorials, Beginners guide, 3D stereogram generators.
Hundreds of Sound FX and samples, Virus Killers, Hard disk installer & tools, Various Hardware projects, Hundreds of games including Mind teasers, Puzzle, card, arcade and board games.
Books, and more. JheH|M|SfS Arcade Classics is an original collection of ALL your old arcade favourites. Including Amiga versions of PACMAN, SPACE INVADERS. ASTERIODS. MISSILE COMMAND, PENGO, FROGGER, LOAD RUNNER.
I Now Includes easy to use Multimedia Amiga Interface.
Features Jnlude: !e® "AGA hi-res graphics ‘Virtually every question is spoken ‘Upto 4 players teams can play
* 20 different subject catagories ‘Select from 10 different
characters, or add your own charactors.
‘Use keyboard or special controller 'Over 3000 different questions 'Includes “flash card” questions |jg|j||g| OPTIONAL INTERACTOR ' CONTROLLER. £24.99 THE EPIC INTERAgTIVE qlZ WOW COMING SCON The Epic Interactive Quiz Show is an exciting new Amiga based CD-ROM game for the whole family.
ARCADE CLASSICS Plus THE EPIC COLLECTION v2 L This CD contains almost 100 variations of the worlds most 1 addictive and loved game. Nearly 1 all the games are ready to run directly from CD. And archived V versions are also included.
1 Available Now!
I This NEW CD rom contains | around 15,000 all-time classic Commodore 64 games and sw emulator to run them on your Amiga.... In stock now!
This CD contains information that NOBODY wants you to know about, and includes tons of megabytes of text documents and photographs relating to UFO sightmgs and abductions etc. HING BUT TETRIS (cpi4flvra 9 GAMES CD v2 (coasi) mm £3999 ENCOUNTERS (CD179) £14.99 : II fril.Minrii A3 prices VAT Fax:01793514187 PLEASE SUPPLY ITEUS PRIORITY ORDER FORM NAME_ ADDRESS Send to: EPIC 43 Akers Way, Swindon, Wilts, OB. 5N2 2HF Open Monday-Saturday 9;30am - 6:00pmtsh Overseas Orders: +441793 514188 If you live in Australia or New ealand you tsai[purchase any ot our CD-ROMs fra n our Sydney iased office.
Setxl your orders to: EP C. 36 Forest Road, Heathcote, NSW. 2233 el: (02) 9 520 9606 ' Fax: 02) 9 520 6077 ’For prices in Australian SSSsmpty double the UK£££ prices feted MACHINE_ PAYMENT METHOD_ TOTAL GOODS VALUE £ CREDIT CARD DETAILS POSTAGE I PACKING £ _ AMOUNT ENCLOSED jf NEW FREE AMIGA DRIVER DISK SOCCER MOUSE WORTH £19.99 mtitsiomusr Magnum RAM8 Card Spied Increase of 2.3 times - 2.8Bmips
* Available with 0, 2, 4 or SMB Of 32-Bn RAM installed ? Uses
Standard 72-pin Simms ? Optional PICC Type FPU (floating point
unit) * Battery Backed Clock Calender ? Finger CutQut to help
Installation ? Trapdoor Fitting * doesn't VOID WARRANTY * 0-4
5. 5 WOLV SHIPPING I 49 640mb
I. Ogb
1. 6« cl49* £179* £219* Imclvdis Brack-It Smm (mu. As) A UK
Burner sairuRN £i firm iI 1nb Fteppu privt f*r All Am Need the
Drive Installed by a Professional Engineer?
Our collection, fitting and delivery service is just f.30
• CALL for more details Compatible k with ALL AMIGAS
* High Qjauiy SONY Drm • Roeusr Metal Case ? Anti-Cue* as
Standard ? Enasle Disasu Switch * Low Power Consumption * Thru
Port tor Extra „ *"* £39.* 0a£ t.99with PowerCopy Pro 3 - The
BEST Backup System Quarterback Disk Suite
6. 11 Tmil P* n The Classic Quarterback 6.1 and Quarterback Tools
Deuxe are back on sale. Considered by most as THE DISK BACKUP
(normally £79.99). Disk eackup anc Disk Recovery Optimisation
Get the Best Get the Quarterback Disk Sum. £ 0 ¦ .99 49 Repairs BSB Bocks & Vidua iNStXfi GuOC- A1200 £14.95 Instxp Guos - AT 200 Next Stefs £14.95 In$ irr Guide - Assembler £14.95 Inseef Guide - Disc & Dbnes £ 14 95 Insider Gube - Workbench 3 A td Z £14.95 ToTAtl Amxia - Workbench 3 £19.99 Total! Amga - AwgaDOS £21.99 Total!Amiga-ARexx HEW £21.99 Total! Amiga • Assembler £24.99 Masterwg Amiga Scrifts £19.95 Mastering Amiga Beginners £19.95 Mastering Amiga Printers £19.95 Mastering AvigaDDS 3 • Reference £21.95 Mastering Prograawing Secrets £21,95 Av-gaDOS Pack £34.99 TotaiI Amiga - AmgaDOS &
Mmiawa AwgaDCS 3 - Rifireuce USLiAiir £43 94
- Sart NEARLY £9 A1200 Beginner Pack £39.95 Z sco«$ [InsofR AT200
B Next Steps!, a SO Mnjte Veto. 4 C*S*5 cr PO TO CO WITH THE
EHKMVCtOS A1200 Workbench 3 BOOSIER Pack £39.95 2 kxw fOs«s &
Dbms 6 Workbench 3 A to Z), a 90 MM.IT! VlWO. T Dst & RfffHfrCf
C*P0 mitts inci uot comer ion k Dtuvmr Bantu Woumna*
[JG !M]0J)f7IEnKiSFRFfii 1 ORDER HOTLINE 01322-527800
01322-527810 29.* TviHiQ_ 34 £5 Off N* K UMTTE TotKW
accounts system, Amiga Format Gold CALL ABOUT TRAIL OFFER Hard
Disk & 110 2m3 ram Required e 11 Othcr Psoducts A50Q 5121 RAM
Expansion e 17** A50Qpvus I Me RAM Elp. F24.n A6001 mb RAM
Expansion £24.« All with * FREE Oms 4 worth cvffl £50 CALL
2UH Cheques should tw mod* payable lo WIZARD DEVELOPMENTS,
Prices include VAT & carnage ;o the UK mainland Please add £5
to your cidei lor EC dtsbntliorts and £10 lor other countries
AH products ore subpci to availability. E&OE. Advertised prices
Ei Specification may change without notice. Al sales are
subject to our trading conditions • copy available On rrOuest.
33MHz FPU Hit - plcc type FPU & Crystal - will fit MOST CAROS - CALL TO CONFIRM.
CMh 4MB 72.PIN SIMM 8wa 72-pin SIMM I Sub 72-pmSIMM 32ub 72-ptn SIMM (40 (70 (110 (TOO Disks 50 Oisks & Colour Labels (W. TOO Bisks & Colour Labels (24 ff Om 4m 8m 16m 32m RAM8 My, £89.n £119.- M A M A RAM8s33MHz FPU £79., £119,.
£149- N A N A 68030 25MHzs FPU £99 r. £I39« £169- i209- £279- 6S030 40MHZ £|29« £l69« £199- £239- £309- 68030 40MHzs FPU tl49n f189n c219- £259- £329- 68030 50MHz d69« f209- £239- i279- £349- 68040 25MHz £249n £289- £319- £359- £429- 68040 40MHZ £329n £349- £399- £439- e509« 68060 50MHZ c499« £539- £569- e609- £679- TiMR&G&MNT IF YOU HAVE A PRINTER- A y cwrKm i m MUST C£T TurboPrint 4.1. It radically ENHANCES THE PRINTOUTS YOU NORMALLY GET BY REPLACING THE AMIGA PRINTER SYSTEM with the Faster and Visibly Better TurboPrint System. Options incluce Poster Printing, Colour Correction, Dtthering,
Colour Balancing, Qn-Screen Preview and Much More... Most printers are supported -call to .y _ Check, Amiga Shopper 90%. ¦ •*¦99 Magnum 68030 68040 Et 68060 Cards Speed Increase of up to 27 times ? 68030 40 on 60 Processor running at 25 40 or 5GMHz (NEW Processor Chip - NOT Qverciocked) * MMU in ALL Processors ? Up to 32mb of RAM can be added
* Kjckstari ReMaf ping ? Optional SCSI-II interface
* Can accommodate a 72-pin industry standard SIMM ? 68040 60 have
built-in FPU. 68030 card has optional PLCC PGA type FPU
(Floating Point Unit) * Battery Backed Clock Calender *
Trapdoor Fitting - doesn't void WARRANTY ? PCMCIA COMPATIBLE SO
CD-ROM on Squirrel ? Zero Waite State Design.
GP FAX Fax Softnrart Solution for nil Amdpdu mi* Mu*.
Send Faxes to and from your Amiga.
Even Fax oirectly from your APPLICATION.
Amiga Format Gold Amiga Computing 9 10 Fax Compatible Modem Required £44.n SCSI-II Interface far the Magnum 68030 68040 6 680601 Cards * Warranty safe installation, supplied with software • £79*99 unu»in DIRECTORY %Q Opus5 The BEST just got BETTER! After 12 months of further • DEVELOPMENT 0»US 5.5 IS NOW READY AND SHIPPING. STUNNING NEW FEATURES INCLUDE:- * ICON ACTION Mode * Workbench Replacement Mode dramatically enhanced * OpusFTP capability to access Internet FTP sites with a lister • Borderless Button banks ? Filetype-specific pop-up menus ? Cybergraphics RTG supported ? Independent
Hotkeys • Script system to execute commands upon EVENTS ? MULTIPLE CUSTOM MENUS WITH SUB ITEMS * AUTOMATIC FtLETYPf CREATOR TO CREATE AND TEST Filetypes with ease * A font viewer ? Listers fields for hues, re-sorting sy fields, plus a 'version' field ? Colour re-mapping of button icon images w.ih support for Magic Workbench’ etc. ? Selectively hide unwanted drive icons ? Cupboard support for cut. Copy and paste in gadgets 6 Listers * Resize, Iconefy, and scroll busy Listers while busy ? Icon and Lister snapshots are stored separately from Workbench - so you could snapshot your CD-ROM icons!
Brack-It 1200 Fitting Skitem Designed to accommodate the newer drives on the j MARKET OFFERING HIGH CAPACITY & SPEED AT GREAT prices. Our pack incluoes robust steel fitting BRACKETS, ALL CABLES FOR POWER AND DATA, INSTRUCTIONS & 7 DISKS FULL of HOT software such as Directory Qpus 4.12 (worth £50), Mill 3, MCP, cgstf Galaga AGA, Virus Checker, Mods, ReOhg, Abackup and MUCH MORE. All software CAN BE INSTAUED WIIH OUR CUSTOM CUCK V GO SYSTEM. ALL DRIVES ARE PRE-INSTALLED WITH THE SYSTEM SOFTWARE 6 ABOVE DISKS - UNLIKE OTHERS WE PROVIDE THE 0SK5 JUST IN CASE!
560dpi 3 BUTTON MICE & MATS for all Amigai t Atari Stt Award winning 560opi Resolution ? 90% rating in CU Amiga ? Micro Switched Buttons * Am ga Atari ST Switch able * All 3 buttons can be used with many PROGRAMS SUCH AS DIRECTORY OPJS 5 BEIGE £12.99 BLACK e14.99 MAT £2.* or £! WITH A MOUSE by Qualified Technicians
* All Amiga Computers Covered
* Prices from as little as £29.99
• Many repairs bt Wizard require NO Pasts
* Prices include Insured Courier Collection b Delivery, Labour,
Full Diagnostics, Service, Soak Test 6 VAT.
• Fast Turnaround
* All Technicians are Trained ft Fuuy Qualified ? Upgrades bought
at same time fitted FREE!
? 90 days Warranty on all Repairs ALL fon JUST [29.99 +¦ PARTS Pro System PC TASK 4 JO Ahmd Ml PI X»W, luiur Run PC programs within AN AMCA WINDOW. USE YOUR AwiCA HARO OrSs, RUN WINDOWS 3 & MS-DOS.
.69. Image FX 2.6 Tie Cl,fawn Imwcf Prtmanf Smw-m The BEST Image Processing Package THERE IS TOR THE AMIGA. AMIGA FORMAT Gold ¦ CU Awarhs. Byaeu Futer, Fme FX, Wireless Hooks, Shear 6 Straw modes. Enhanced Lightning Effec'S. FilmGrain AcaREvcr E.
Liquid Distortion, Sponge Daawmok.
Sparku Effect & much more flH *RE IN VERSION 2.6. EVIEW u . “ v hink of desk top publishing on the A Amiga, and most of you will admit V that, for a long time now, there has been only one choice for the serious designer. Soft-Logik has been proving for years that what the Macintosh can do with Quark Xpress, the Amiga can accomplish with the venerable PageStream package.
Not surprising then, that Amiga designers have been getting impatient waiting for a new release of the PageStream software. In fact, PageStream appeared as version 3 - to great acclaim, of course - way back in December
1994. Some would be forgiven for imagining that Soft-Logik had
abandoned the Amiga to develop for less uncertain markets.
Fortunately this is not the case. PageStream 3,2 has finally arrived to reassure Amiga users that their favourite DTP package is keeping up with the times. The fact that this is only being marketed as an update rather than a full new version shouldn't disappoint anyone too much either. So many refinements and new features have been implemented since version 3.0 that Soft-Logik can justifiably claim to have made widespread improvements to the program.
PageStream has received a major update with the release of version 3.2. Gareth Lofthouse puts the Amiga's leading DTP program to the test Before anyone with a sudden desire to make a start in DTP places their order, remember this is a powerful package aimed at the professional user and consequently requires a reasonably powerful Amiga to run satisfactorily.
Version 3.2 now needs 4Mbs of RAM, but recommends 8Mbs. Furthermore, if you plan to work on a day-to-day basis with PageStream, a RTG board would be highly recommended to allow you to move text and picture boxes around at speed. PageStream 3.2 includes direct support for CyberGraphx graphic cards, allowing users to work in up to 24 bit mode on a CyberGraphx compatible system.
ORKING WITH OTHER PLATFORMS Softlogik has made a big deal of how PageStream can work with source material from the PC or Macintosh platforms. This is understandable, since the Macintosh has established itself as the industry standard for Desk Top Publishing.
However, there have been problems previously with importing text from other platforms.
Now Soft-Logik have added a new RTF (Rich Text Format) import filter to replace the Word and WordPerfect 5 filters which never worked as well as they should have. Fortunately, all major word processors, including Word and WordPerfect, can save in RTF format.
Graphically, PageStream still will import and export the commonly used PC and MAC formats. It also uses PostScript, Compugraphic Intellifont and PageStream fonts, and includes 42 fonts as part of the package.
A good DTP package should put a huge array of flexible tools and options in the hands of the user, yet it has to be suitable for use by non-technical, creative people. In this respect, PageStream competes admirably with the best packages on other platforms, yet alone the Amiga.
Other platforms The interface is composed of a title bar, depth gadget, toolbox and edit palette and, of course, the working window itself. Text and pictures can be imported into PageStream, from other programs (and even other platforms), then drag'n'dropped into position on screen, Text chunks and pictures are contained within frames with grabable handles that can be used to resize them. This means viewing documents, laying them out and formatting them is as simple and flexible as you could hope for considering the huge array of options that lie - Amiga Computing below PageStream's tidy
surface, Pretty much everything you needed to create documents ranging from flyers to whole novels was included in the previous release of PageStream. BME, for example, allowed users to retouch pictures with the included cropping, rotational and autotracing tools. Similarly, PageLiner acts as a text editor allowing users to import and alter text much more quickly than can be achieved in PageStream itself This package really does allow users to generate professional-quality layouts with all the tools a designer should expect to have at thetr disposal. There is, for example, a range of pow
erful drawing tools included that allow you to create boxes, lines, spots and flashes, as well as freehand paths. Text can then be made to automatically flow round irregular pictures and objects. Automatic drop caps and bulleted paragraphs can be inserted from simple requesters, and there's a selection of gradient, radial and shape fills at your disposal.
One of the biggest improvements over the initial release of version 3.0, however, is that the program is now infinitely more stable. When the program appeared two years ago it used to lock up on quite a regular basis, but this problem was sorted out with a patch a long time ago. In this release, there have been dozens of small refinements to make the program run more smoothly than ever before.
This package really does allow users to generate professional-quality layouts with all the tools a designer should expect to have at their disposal.
So how about the new features? First off, the interface - while remaining essentially familiar, it has received a few valuable alterations. The Toolbox, for example, has been given a new crop tool, neatly separating it from the Reshape too! Under which it previously could be accessed. The Magnifier tool has also been improved - you can now just drag over an area to zoom in on the desire portion of the screen - while a new 'Eyedropper' tool allows users to copy and paste text and object attributes, allowing for faster formatting.
The Toolbar, beneath the working window, has also received new tools, including buttons for Play Script and Preferences. The Toolbar is also now configurable in the Preferences requester, giving you the option to decide which menu commands and scripts should be placed within it If that wasn't enough, there’s a 'Show Hide' command for the Toolbar in the Window menu, and its position can be remembered by PageStream. Finally, there are also increase and decrease indent buttons Graphical flexibility has been enhanced with new masking features. For example, it's now possible to mask drawings,
EPS pictures and illustrations with whatever shapes you can think up and draw. Users simply have to select a graphic and a shape or path and then choose the Mask Graphic option. Another big difference in this department is that these and other effects can be added to pictures in PageStream without editing the picture in BME - instead, you simply click an the FX button in the Edit palette. Furthermore, PageStream now has built-in virtual memory, just like BME itself, which it uses to load and print graphics.
The program has for some time supported bitmap graphic formats including BMP, GIF, IFF, MacPaint, PCX and TIFF, as well as outline formats including EPS, Art Expression, Freehand, Illustrator and ProDraw.
JPEG loading support still doesn't feature in this prgram itself, but a separately sold filter is thankfully available. This filter can now load and save progressive JPEG images. The export requester has a Progressive checkbox to turn this feature on, though it's switched off by default because many programs do not currently support Progressive JPEG images.
When laying out anything like a magazine, even idiots of the design world, like myself, know that you lay illustrations or titles across double page spreads to give them increased visual impact. With the importance of this in mind, Soft- Logik have made double-sided pages into automatic page spreads; whereas before you had to manually make facing pages into spreads, now you can just start designing. In line with this improvement, the New Document requester includes a facing page checkbox that allows users to set which pages will be viewed as facing pages. Incidentally, while on the subject
of spreads, it is possible to drag a page to the bottom of another to start a vertical page spread, yet another example of PageStream's combined creative flexibility and ease of use.
Easier editing The process of editing a document has been improved due to the addition of an Apply button in the Edit palette. Changes made via this palette are no longer effected at once; instead, a batch of alterations can be made to the coordinates, pictures and text frames, and all can be effected at the same time with the apply button - a method which actually speeds up multiple alterations.
One drawback that is becoming more common with Amiga productivity programs is the lack of a proper printed manual in the 3.2 box.
Extensive on-line, context-sensitive help is available, but while this is by far the best way of looking for small chunks of information, it does not compare with a proper manual when it comes to getting an overview of a program.
The lack of a tutorial will be sorely missed by anyone who want starting off either with DTP or with Softlogik's product, although the 16 page overview makes some concessions in this direction. J did, however, like the idea of the Navigator tip box which appears every time you load the product, a feature that help users assimilate new features bit by bit. Incidentally, while on the subject of the Navigator, this has been improved with the introduction of a preferences button. j~ef Bottom A whole host of minor refinements and bug fixes aside, that pretty much brings us up to date with the
improvements made to PageStream since version 3 appeared on the tail end of '94. So what do we think of the Soft- Logik's progress ?
Qogikal progression Certainly there are no revolutionary surprises in this latest version. While there are dozens ol new 'features', they all basically optimise the interface and develop tools already in existence. There's nothing radically new, but then this is more of an update than a completely new version.
It's been a long wait just to get this far, but it would be nevertheless unfair to accuse Soft-Logik of sitting on its thumbs. Though essentially the same program as it was two years ago, PageStream has at last evolved into the powerful, intuitive program it promised to be back then. It's much more stable, and the interface has ben- efitted from constantly being re-evaluated and refined to make it work better for the end-user.
Of course, those who stand to make the most of the latest version PageStream are the ones who've invested in a RTG board. If you're serious enough about DTP to invest in a Cybergraphx card and PageStream 3.2, you're in for a real treat.
C IHTBH DETAILS Product PageStream 3.2 Supplier Soft Logik Price SI 99 | Tel !-800-829-8608 US ES Ease of use 86% Implementation 92% Value For Money 78% Overall 88% AMIGA Computing Why so glum chum? Amiga about to sprout wings and a harp? See if ACAS can't help Qomputer newbie I'm writing to you from Malta. I am hoping you will be able to give me some infor- mation about how a computer works - 1 only need a few hints, t do not know very J much about computers but this year I am going to take some lessons.
I would like a few points so by the time I take the lessons i will know something, rather than nothing, about computers. I have heard people talk about windows, what are they and how would you use them? Does this involve the mouse? I hope to hear from you soon, thanks for your collaboration!
QC CONNECTION I need to know if it's possible to hook a PC compatible CD- i ROM drive up to an A1200 - it's a Sony model CDU31A- GW. As an added complication it’s an internal drive. I know there are kits to convert internal drives to external for Amigas, but don't know if it would be compatible. My IDE connection is already taken up by my hard drive but I understand there is an interface that plugs into the PCMCIA port.
M. kirby2@genie.com If it is a normal IDE drive with a 39 pin
connector then there's no reason why you can't use it with
your Amiga. Obviously it being an external drive complicates
things but it is still possible.
There are two routes you could use the first is to use Golden Images PCMCIA connector and external fitting kit. This gives you a PC slot interface into which you can plug an IDE CD-ROM drive. Their external drive kit is a slot together metal box that powers the drive via a connector that goes to the external floppy connector.
The other option is the one from EyeTech. From them you would get the either the two or four device connector that allows you to extend the internal IDE port and an externa! Box with a proper separate power supply. Both come with the very good IDEFix software which makes setting up your CD software a straight forward process.
Elaine, B'Bugia Malta Vthe trouble with trying to describe computers to beginners is that by their very nature computers are complicated and will remain so for a very long time to t • come. In some ways, even with all the big advances, they are more compli-
- J cated today than ever before.
Even to give a brief description of the basics of computers would really take up more space than we have here. It does sound like you know a little already as you know what a mouse is, and that really you are getting confused when it comes to the software that you run with a computer.
I lf j- • When people refer to windows there are two possibilities, one would be the general term for windows. With modern operating systems programs run on a computer appear in 'windows' these are rectangular areas on the screen that you can move around and change the size of using the mouse. In these window programs are displayed allowing you to use them, on the Amiga this window system is called Workbench.
The other reason people may be talking about windows is that they are referring to a software product made by Microsoft - the latest version is called Windows95. One description is that Windows is a program to run programs, it is the thing that actually draws all the windows that appear. The one thing you should know is that Windows95 does not run on an Amiga, to use it you need a PC. It is more than likely that when you start your course you will be using Windows95, so do not be too shocked.
As with everything in life, the best way of learning is to try using your Amiga, you will comes across problems learn how to over come them and so grow through the processes, all very Xen.
Qightening the way I have owned a basic A1200 with just a 4Mb RAM upgrade and 80Mb hard drive for the last few years and have been wanting to upgrade it for a good while now, with thoughts about having a serious go at ray- tracing. So far 1 have played around creating models and scenes with various packages but the amount of time renders take has always put me off.
1 have now got access to some extra cash and I'm looking forward to being able to upgrade my machine, but need some advice on what you suggest I should go for to get best out of my cash, and hopefully not have to splash out too much more in the future.
Ted Krilley, Atherton Raytracing is a real power computer application and the general advice to give to people is go for the highest specification equipment you can afford. In your case you will have to upgrade your processor, memory and hard drive.
Having said that you should also consider the current market situation. Due to the grotesque requirements of Windows 95 and Windows NT, the price of Simms and IDE hard drives have really crashed.
Than a 50MHz 030 board.
As an example of rendering times the standard Lightwave texture rendered at full Pal resolution with antialiasing and adaptive sampling takes 4 minutes on an 060, almost 18 minutes on an 25Mhz 040 and will a little over half an hour on the 030 board.
One word of warning is that if you are considering a 40Mhz 040 board, such as the Apollo, you will have to get a new power supply as the standard Amiga one cannot handle powering both the accelerator and 3.5" hard drive.
A final point to bear in mind is that PhaseS's Powerllp board may actually appear some time soon, and hopefully will give you a power boost far superior to anything current accelerators can. At least two raytracing packages are going to support it, most importantly Cmema4D, So you may consider hanging on for that if you can bear the wait With regards to memory I would strongly advise you to go for 16Mb, and due to the fact most A1200 accelerators only allow you to use one Simm, if you plan to get really serious you may want to go for a 32Mb Simm to keep your machine future proof.
On the hard drive side of things, again, do not go for anything smaller than 1 Gb. Firstly if you start creating large animations even this size of drive will quickly fill up and secondly, again, t.2Gb+ sized drives are now the defacio PC standard and anything under this can be snatched up very cheaply.
Now for the crunch decision * what accelerator board to go for. The general advice is go for the fastest you can afford. If you take it that you should go for a 16Mb Simm and a 1Gb hard drive you should know how much money you have left To be honest you would be wasting your time with anything less Amiga Computing TUCK SCSI Hello, I hope you can give me some hints where to look for a solution to my problem. I've got a B2000 with CVP Scsi- 030 33 4mb fast ram and OS 3.1. To this ”¦ I've connected, internally, 2 hard drives and a 88 MB Syqest, the disk configuration are: Scsi ID 0 Dht
Prograns 101 PI) and JH2 Work 101 Pb Stsi ID 1 DHO Sys Z60 Pb and DB3 Saiees 260 Hb Se$ i ID 2 SyQuest - Terminated Now to the problem, sometimes the machine after booting up, or after a while, will give me a message like: gvpsesi.device unit 000 uneipected status S4e S36 After clicking OK another window saying: gvpscsi.device: board 000 invalid reselection source 10 - SS8 After this it says that my work volume, that is SCSI id 0 has a read write error on some block. I've only encountered this problem with my work and program partitions, both located on SCS11 !DO. So maybe the hard drive on
SCSI 1DO is breaking down?
After this I am not abie to access any disks, open any drawers and so on. But all processes already started seem to run. I have to turn the power off and on to be able to start, if I just reboot, it just won't startup. 5o if someone out there in cyberspace has a clue to what is wrong please send me an e-mail, tomas.andesson@hygiene.sca.se Usually SCSI problems are caused by either incorrect SCSI Ids or some older SCSI devices not being terminated correctly. It results in either your machine locking as soon as that device is accessed or it just being Us ignored.
In your case however, it seems that you have everything set up correctly and that the problem you have is software based, that being the GVP Scsi device driver. This is stored on a ROM fitted to the CVP board. I do know that the German company Schatitruhe +49(0)201 788778, do sell more up to date replacement ROMs, called Guru- CAN PLANS I am planning to buy a flatbed scanner - an HP ScanJet - but am unsure about the necessary soft- I ware. What software do you recommend, and can my trusty old A2000 handle the scans I make? Would you advise me to upgrade my A200Q to Kickstart 3.0 3.1?
If so, what do I need besides the ROM? I am using a GVP SCSI series II HD8 SCSI controller with only 2Mb. I would like to add more memory and have heard about different types of 4Mb SIMM modules. Which one can I use?
T. Broekmans, Netherlands I Well as long as you are using ,
Workbench 2.04 I would sug- ‘ I gest ImageFX v2.6. This has
y f support for many scanners J including the ScanJet, and
with its built in virtual memory, even with a small amount of
memory you will be able to handle the largest of scans. To
get the best out of ImageFX you will need 8 Mb of RAM.
Thanks to ImageFX's versatile preview buffer even with an ECS machine you will be able to get a decent idea of what the final image will be like, though the screen update will be slow. I understand that there is some new scanner software that has been
- au-gj aer w rp ScanJet | Device [scsi.device Efitre iipr I i
2e- DPI: I Automatic FtJ Scan?
F Automatic Backyotnd?
¦ ¦ Br9itness(-i27to 127): |0 Contrast (-127 to 127); [o | *1 Auto-FHer 1 1*1 Off | Cancel I (IMAGEFX.t) Not only does ImageFX support the HP ScanJet it will also make use of the fast SCSI interface Scan Filter: Lamp Warmup: released in Germany, but as I have never seen it I cannot say if this is a good choice.
Upgrading your operating system does give you a number of advantages. Firstly you will be able to guarantee you can run all the latest software (though you only having a 68000 processor could be a problem) and you get the all the advantages of the new operating system. If you already have 2.04 then you can get away with not upgrading but if you are still using 1.3 then virtually all recent software will not run and you really should upgrade.
Along with the ROM you need the six system disks that hold all the new programs, libraries and device drivers used by the new operating system. In the six you will also get an install disk that will help you partition and install the software onto your hard drive.
Usually all GVP products need to use the specific GVP Simms that look like normal 72 pin Simms but are not and so cost a good deal more. You will have to get them from either Power Computing +44 (0)1234 273000 here in the UK or mTec +49 (0)2041 4656 in Germany - the two companies who bought GVP when they went bankrupt.
I IS +i - i mi 7SM- Bette Fncf | ni m 1568 a Desiyi Ire,, Al Rights Reserved ' ;'-v Jargon box SCSI - Small Computer Systems Interface, a more complex interface than IDE allowing all manner of peripherals to be connected to it and as many as seven devices PCMCIA - That thin siot on the side of an At 200 and A600, know to be known as a PC slot as everyone got really ticked of having to say PCMCIA slot all the time.
Allows memoiy, hard drives and almost any other type of device to connected the computer IDE - Integrated Drive Electronics, the hard drive interface found on A600, A1200 and A4DOO, The cheapest way to get a hard drive connected to a computer Kickstart - The software used to actually start the Amiga, this has to be either loaded from disk or also refers to the part of the Amiga's operating system held on ROM Raytracing - A technique used in computer graphics to create realistic images by calculating the paths taken by rays of light entering the observer’s eye at different angles. The paths
are traced backwards from the viewpoint, through a point in the image plane, that point being a pixel, until they hit some object in the scene or go off to infinity Do you have a problem? Do you sometimes find yourself poised over your Amiga with axe in hand, spouting profanity at the stubborn refusal of your software or hardware to behave in the correct manner?
Well, calm down and swap the axe for pen and paper, jot down your problems, along with a description of your Amiga setup, and send it off to Amiga Computing Advice Service, IDG Media, Media House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield SK10 4NP- Alternatively you can e-mail us at ACAS@acomp.demon.co.uk Amiga Computing LIAGE INTERNATIONAL 36 Dye Street Garnerville, NY 10923 914 786-1711 Voice - 914-786-1708 Fax Email: liagc@qed.net Homepage: http: www.qed.net liageinc 1-800 25 AMIGA Outside N.Y. NEW!!
Weird Science Sounds Terrific Double CD Set 1 Weird Science Sounds Terrific Double CD Set ft!
The second in a series dedicated to Music & Sounds. Contains thousands of files for both Amiga and EC.
BOTH FOR $ 18.95 GAMERS’DELIGHT 2 This CD contains 1,070 games, from all different categories. Action, Jump & Run, Card Games, Puzzles, Strategy Games.
This CD will hold you captivated for hours.
Over 70 games are Commercial Versions - no public domain.
LIAGE PRICE $ 19.95 SCI-FI SENSATION DOUBLE CD Featuring over lOOOmb of exciting Science Fiction images, music, animations, 3D objects, Sound FX, documents, theme tunes, sci-fi the games.
Categories include: Babylon 5, Star Trek (the original). The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Tons More. $ 25.93 AMINET SET 1 Consists of over 4 Gigabytes in 12,500 archives.
AMINET SET 2 Offers everything added after Aminet 2. Plus 300 Electronic Books. 4 Gigabytes 12,500 archives.
AMINET SET 3 The Worlds largest Amiga Software Collection.
Includes: Free Imagine 4.0, X1PAINT, OCTAMED 5 & more games.
$ 29.95 EACH SET, ANY 2 FOR $ 54.95, ALL 3 for $ 73.95 THE LEARNING CURVE CD A Fantastic & Magical journey through exciting subjects containing over 32.UOIJ tiles that will delight both young & old.
Subjects include; Aircraft. Art, Computers, Desk Utils, Electronics, Engineering, Geography, Health. History, Hobbies, Educational. Fairy Talcs, Math, Spelling, Languages, Literature. Drama, Music, Mythology, Philosophy, Religion, Science, Astronomy, biology. Books, Chemistry, Ecology, Geology & Much More. All the programs can he run dircctlv from the CD. This CD is worth its weight in gold and provides productive entertainment for all ages.
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Thousands of colour pictures front hundreds of Honor films, as well as true life. Hundreds of awesome animations, screams, stabs, japs and other gory sound effects, horror stories, hundreds of atmospheric haunting music tracks, horror games and more!
LIAGE PRICE $ 24.95 3D CD OBJECTS 3D CD IMAGES $ 11.99 Each AEGIS ANIMATOR Includes Aegis Images Paint System, put your ideas in motion. This program allows you to create different shapes and animate them.
Over 4,000 colors. S3.95 ANIME BABES Over 5000 Erotic Hand Drawn Images in The Japanese ANIME Tradition. This CD is Generic GIF Format allowing display on any System with a CD ROM.
LIAGE SPECIAL PRICE $ 16.95 BREATHLESS A1200 4000 Experience 360 degree first person firepower in BREATHLESS. 3D Raytraced graphics. 96% Amiga Format rating. This game has taken the Amiga where no Amiga has gone before. Hold your breath, here wc go. With FREE COPY OF CARI. LEWIS CHALLENGE A LIAGE SPFCIAI AT $ 31.99 WORLD GOLF Challenge 5 of the world's most famous courses. 1-4 players. Complete I S hole courses. Super smooth 340 degree scrolling. 5 skill levels, 64 computer opponents. Practice mode, ttt, 36 or 72 hoic tournaments. Skins game-play for money. Player database for up to 40
players. Auto caddy option. Hard drive installable.
SPECIAL LIAGE PRICE $ 12.95 ARCADE CLASSICS PLUS CD Arcade Classics Plus contains hundreds of variations of all your favourite games. Includes: Pacman, Asteroids, Invaders, Galaxians, Donkey Kong, Pengo, Tetris, Defender, Frogger, Missile Command, Battlezonc, Tempest, Combat, Tron, Space War, Thrust, Q-Berf, Lode Runner, Hunchback, Moon Patrol, Trail Blazer, Breakout and Loads More. SPECIAL AT $ 20.95 Aminet is or 16 $ 17.95 I THE EPIC INTERACTIVE ENCYCLOPEDIA CD This New CD is an Exciting new Multi-Media CDROM. It features a superb 256 color interface* hundreds of film clips, sound samples and
subject information. Features include: True Multi-Media Interface unlike anything ever seen. The very latest information from around the world. Thousands of subjects covered from Aachen to Zurich. Hotlist editor so you can create lists of particular subjects. Fully spoken Media Show, hundreds of images, import new subjects from the Internet or form floppy disk.
Export data to printer or file and use it in your own projects. Search and deep search facility. Create and add your own subject matter.
LIAGE SPECIAL $ 45.95 WOMEN OF THE WEB This new CD is an exciting multi-media experience bringing all the latest technology into your home.
The CD is compiled in HTML format. Using pictures, text, files, animations and sound samples. Over 450 MB of the world’s most beautiful women.
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through. Categories include: Anatomy, Animals, Arcxx,
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Both Images & Clip Art in Color. The Images have been categorised making it easy to find just the right image for your use. Super CD.
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VISA MC DISC AM. EXPRESS wTd'j'J 5ma m Weird Science Ltd. Rowlandson Close. Leicester, Leicestershire. LE4 2SE Tel. +44 (0)116 234 0682 Fax. +44 (0)116 235 0045 email, sales@wcirdscience.co.uk or tech@weirdscicnce.co.uk
vvvvvv. vve ifdsti nce.cc uk minet Setdated July 1996, consists
of 4 gigabytes of software in 9,000 archives.
The full versions of Imagine 4 JO, i nr la dint; ut« ju.t muuiM iif i-y,
- j-Jj XiPaint 32, Detained 5.0. With 05 ntegs Utilities, 70 megs
Documents, 408 megs Text Software, 12 megs DhkJfiD Tools. 7
megs Hardware related, 756 megs Pictures A- Animations. 208
megs Graphics software. 394 megs Graphics £¦ Sound Demos, 563
megs Games, 685 megs Music modules. 28 megs Music software. 131
megs Communications and more.
¦it? 11; £ -Ja r1 " r1 -r J i J J Zj The .4 mi go System Booster CD enables users to really make the most of their computers with a superb collection of tools to push the capabilities of the Amiga to the limits. Nearly all the fantastic utilities can be started by simply direct from the compact disc de-archiving required. The the contents include a vast V i
• . J- . ’ »' 2Dr%JrZJj: » ¦ DCJei.
J collection iif screen Hankers, iIs & commoditiesT mouse too, backup, file management, cache programs to optimise system performance, data recovery, CD-ROM utilities virus kilters and a whole host If! 1 :• : minet Set or 2. Consist of 4 gigabytes of software in 12 100 archives. The software is n four compact discs. With Utilities.
Documents. Text Software, Disk!HD Tools, Hardware related. Pictures & Animations, Graphic« software. Graphics & Sound Demos. Ganns. Music modules. Made software. Communications, Amiga Development software. Business ft wart and mare. All of the archives are easily accessible with a simple Index menu system with search.
The Amiga Developers CD from Amiga Technologies comes complete ...... di ' with the all the developers tools and docs, provided to the official developers. Included arc the complete CD32 developers tools ith Build CD and ISO CD. Envoy
2. 0 package, Enforcer, Workbench 2.0,3.0,3.1 tools and documents
with the updated native developers kit, SANA II package and
the installer package. Also included is a vast amount of info.
F ' Magic Publisher tomprisrt of four compact discs vit this unique CD-ROM set you mill find alt sou nee create pmfrswuiit toot mg documents. Thtrt are n than lOJWi Fonts (Colour Foul-,. Hhutap. IFF. Ad InicUlfotlO. True type A ll.MF , mure than MXl ftif Many nf thr*r are ettlusOf In ihi t tom (nut disc. commercial sen.loot of Final Writer -I SE ersioas Vordn-orth4 TO arr included. Both rated as threat n pruecssurs on the miRa. Tools far creating H pages along with backnrol,niLs and special clip, on thii purpose, is also included. A *.* ~ I .:rr "t:z: -. - ;,r-. V : • ¦ ' ¦ Geek
Gadgets contains virtually all of the tools you need to get started programming on the Amiga, including advanced C, C++, Fortran and ADA compilers, assembler, linker, EM ACS editor, 'make", source code control systems (res & crs), text and file utilities, GNU debugger; text formatters (gruff & TeX), and much more. Everything comes with complete source code and ull binaries have been compiled from the supplied sources. All tools on the Geek Gadgets CD can be run directly from the CD- ROM. Without the need to install any files on to your Hard Drive.
The Amiga Repait Kit CD comes complete with the alt with all the tools required to backup and rescue your precious data on hard drives.
21 tefc. Zrrf.pA; will rescue and restore most damaged, corrupt and even deleted files from floppies, hard disks etc. During the process it will attempt to fix all problems caused by software failures or physical damage.
I'd is a superb program that will allow you to restore your valuable data even if the Rigid Disk Block has been destroyed or over written. Can recover files from normal or corrupted disks.
Jj] OD.
.4 collection 18,000 music ntodtt arranged of four compact discs sorted by composer, groups and ty All stored ready to use from the comp discs. Provided with II megs of Mod Ic players lists and 25 megs of moduli , many_ different computer plat fort This 7 years titanic work provides ovt 1,000 hours of music enjoyment ah: with information on may of .
Composers whose work is featured.
j, l:d& lminet, the worlds largest Amiga archive, provides compact discs of the sites latest software uploads. Each volume contains about 1.1 gigs of archives with a superb menu system for un-archiving the files and a i i simple search facility to help you find exactly the file required. The 1 search facility will even list the compact disc that the file is on. The A latest Aminet CD's contain a theme. The A minet 16 theme is music modules. Aminet 15 is available now and so is ,4 minet 16. W Aminet CD's 12 to 14 are also still available. 3 9 Sleeting Pearls 4 j M (S ofi ware Collection)
Workbench Add-on CD (Utilties) £ 24.95 fill'll (iraphics Four CD-ROMs linage Cnllection £ 19.95 Xi-ratni v. 4.0 24 Hit Image Manipulation £ 49,95 Distributor: megs. Objects 12 megs, Pictures '191 rogram Art Studio 24 Hit Taint Package £ 39.95 Global Experience Commercial Demos Software i 24,95 Grenville Trading International GmbH CarUZeiss-Str. 9 79761 Wald hul-Tiengen. Germany Tel. +49 7741 83040 Fax +49 7741 830438
F. mail: ainiga(«gtigermany. :«Tn Internationa fltc Euro ( I)
contains a vast variety of programs and data for the Amiga in
the Aminet mould. However tilts CD differentiates itself by
have the contents ready to run without dearchiving. The
contents include Animations 36 megs. Commercial 21 ntegs,
Dento's 65 megs. Disk tools 12 megs. Eon Is 12 megs.
Games 57 megs. Misc. 6 megs.
Modules 110 megs. Music 21 Utilities 16 megs and Vidttles 3 megs. Full English docs, and menus.
Megs. Samples 4 megs. System 10 megs. Text files 26 megs,
- * - - r i i 118 megs. Presentations 23 megs, Printer I meg.
Programs 23
1) 20 Getting an Amiga connected to the Internet is one of the
most difficult tasks due to the complex installation routines
of AmiTLT and the luck of any real guidance. Not only will
this situation change but you will now he able to gel
connected to the Internet and the IHVVV without a hard drive
or the complicated setting up of the software. Our extensive
networking skills have realty been put to the test providing a
simple connection front a compact disc providing a pleasant
introduction and connection to the internet. Most of the
difficult setting up is done automatically for you with the
connection program provided. All that is required is the
answers to a few simple questions. In addition the CD contains
all the tools required for both the beginner and expert, full
instructions on getting connected and many very helpful
documents on the Internet and Yt'WlV. The tools include
AmxTCP. Mail, FTP. H'H'H and many more. In addition there is a
section on WWVf'page creation with clip art and creation
fools. Easy Hard Drive installation possible but not required.
Wondering what alt thit World Wide "Vfr M all about. Httrricd abimi expen five connection and telephone biih. Concerned that it may not be for you. Well check it out without the connection or telephone charget with 'Qui-tf- ihc-Set'. This compact disc contains the contents of actual WWW sites for you to browse with the Amiga browsers provided, no online costs at nil.
It is alt int'Uitled ready to run directly from the compact disc.
There is a diverse variety of s ites and subjects covered to give an excellent feel far the tt'MW whilst you browse for free. Find out about the IVH'H' without the cost of a connection.
G 25.00 rcnipnift (DOUBLE CD Aircraft Art Computer licking Clils Electronics Engineering (ia graphs Health Hobbies Educational Fairy Tales Mathematics Spelling Ixtnguagcs tJlcmiurr Drama Music Mythology I'hilosophy Religion Science . I stranomv Biology Books Chemistry Ecology Geology Fallowing in the Assassins CD tradition we proudly present another 500+ gomes on CD with the superb Assassins menu system, once again improved with access to each game, it's requirements, instructions and information. The games can be played from this superb menu.
SoundSludia has arrived. With fabulous new features including full mixing . Facilities, save modules as sum pics.
K notation editor (with printing}, 64 A channels, new midi commands, more Toccata support, no sample size k limits, fastmem facility and more, k SotiiuIStndju has lifted Amiga gBra music creation in new heights .
The music nttd founds files cun he auditioned from nit easy tn use interface fur both u Ft it Amiga, Included are 4.460* modules. 406 extra large modules laser 460k tstcltj 795 Screamtmckrr modules. I,tl0t}+ categorised midi files, 4240 IFF samples, 626 categorised IK-ll samples. 1.600* Walkabout Instrument utropics in U ll ,.y &. IFF formats, tgO's of utilities far Amiga and a* a banns the complete ¦f; McdiCto ft collection of Midi files.
33Jjiy CV 'JOl Women ,tf the Web it an c veiling new mutnntriliu experience bringing all the latest Internet i teclifndogr t the home This tide is Compiled in A UTAH format, using pictures, text files, animuiious and sound sampler*. With over 456 mtgsof information an over 250 of the world's most beautiful and famous women, .
The ftivv point and click interface makes A the whale CO.ROM accessible to both f beginners anJ experts alike With full jr colour images turd video this compact V disc is sure to pit me.
Assassins I olume 2 £ 1935 3D CD 1 Objects £939 3D CD 2 Images £9.99 I pao« Lii’AHiW; i on boUi BtdettdoW p ,jf ttu. Epeed ofrhMir- merr iiffu ntr utyip orrif+i prt ts rutdii J !js* Entulultirs Unlimited £ 1935 GFX Sensation!
£ 19.95 CUM 64 Latest £ 1935 Retro Gold | Emulators .1 £ 1935 Include, ali lhe pe tinge, pitiwutfy pabSfk'rd' by. Kent i'txnp*Uf GntpAm J.-r 'the -Inig*, plai 'eaaty 'more, uijb a., tieluus-r mtJ pm tfclaaal ¦ edcrdm imrgKnoritWai enhance* b* CtocmU .This CD-HO t rvniziMi ,58 OW wih. 4 kmmctrnt, i.f alter ruyt (ntimr patent, itof,tU . Hayyegroajats aad uefrimri feet,
• prcmi r Jtti, o mla'tt. Aataxatovii. Itditg vnj
prrtralml,.'.,, llu.m, fat »4,» eetethenrda-e Iter kart i
...U’eWom ;t‘M* taclteAe, I, o W‘}t,rce poclacr.
Lj)7}f Weird Textures CD £ 14.99 Imagine 3D PD CD £ 1935 Movie Maker Special FX £ 2935 Insight Dinosaurs £ 19.95 The very be it from light Korn 1.2 and, ¦ with aver 6 MOO I ightwttvc objects and scene files, fight Rom Cold was created for those who y did not purchase fight Ram .}. The
* material an fight Rom (laid i» compatible ' with all Persians
of Lightwave an all platforms. This Material is- presented
uil»g the c.uircni directory method fur a* ’ all users of
Jjghrwoi'c 4 ii unil'hfgheri All nf the l ightwave objects and
scene files are represented with thumbnail renderings far cosy
The Card Games CD contains a plethora of card and board games for the Amiga and PC. With 250 nets Klondike card si'ls ready fa run from lhc CD. Games include blackjack, Crihbagc, Gin Rummy, Casino. Chess, hoard games, puzzles. Slot machines.
Solitaire. Video Poker, Word Games. Lottery and Muhjnngg.
I superb and involving CD.
7 Bit Encounters £ 1439 17 Bit 5th Dimension £ 19.95 Phase 4 Sea utilities Experience £1439 I PD (told (4 CD-ROM J £ 19.95 NFAAGA Experience £1935 MWB Enhancer £939 Mi i ling Pearls 3 £9.99 The Epic Interactin' fagy clop* diei i'i a. exciting »r»' Multi-Media miga CD-ROM?
Ft features a superb 25b cuhmr interface, 160's nf film clips, sound , a topics, images and subject information. Additional features art . .Traduced in the t'K, ‘ i cry Idlest information from at,mud the . ¦ world, I NM . Of subjects carer.d, hot f£j*l list editor, impart «r« subjects und £"',‘ print facilities.
Ugin-KUM 4. A 2 CIT-RtIM set far the
• tmga, Mac, I Windows . AT features alt new Lightwave objects
and scene file* .la. addition there iV a boons CD-ROM of 3JI6Q
Jpeg Textures, see hrlnw.
LIGNT-KO.V 4 aha include, a collection scene files by Alan Chita.
This set contains wholly new tnaicnul and it an absolutely ¦iiperb rrstiarcr far Ughtwme.
FSj&xiSfrStjy. - ' I* H rif V I , t PD Soft Utils 2 Double CD £ 1935 Sci-Fi Sensations 2 Double CD £ 1935 Scene Sturm Demos £ 1935 Zoom 2 Latest ersion £1439 Multimedia Backdrops CD £ 19.95 Multimedia Toolkit 2 £1935 The award winning Multimedia Experience provided for users to create their own stunning multimedia presentations with images, text, video and sound.
K With the new low price all
* users can start multimedia.
The fully featured Wt cid U;idtrn rh Frawxtr?
Illtyrw.fit tnakexxgfflngthe net with yaur Amga a breeze. Supports HTML I. 2 A J as well a. Vtncrtpr extension*. Caches page*. Mc Stt 'l (included} fully compatible with fa-TttrTkr- Set. Works With u, n video card and will support crternul datatypev for. ;¦ sounds, onmerioe* and video;. -¦ Oh No More Worms Vol. 1 £939 Odamed 6 CD £1935
3. 000 Jpeg Textures £ 1439
• easy file iJJj 157 JslD Sui S-TiL a j jus i JjZJ 5D ¦J SfOZ
LijJLJ iia jj£7j=;uj rttii - suassaiwjiuj. sr.
JJ3. J'JILL jail jjgj ills.
ISsjj joiUj j= aa 513313 3LEE?
Qminet 15 Since the last Laser Guidance, two Aminet Cds have plopped onto the Amiga Computing doormat: Aminet 15, the November Aminet release, and Aminet 16 the Christmas release.
Each release has a certain theme, and the focus of Aminet 15 is music and animation.
One helluva lot of music and animation in fad In its uncompressed form there is over 1Gb of software on the CD, including 124 Mb of gloriously over the top trippy animations with accompanying dance music. There are 143 MPEG animations and a number of excellent five minute animated films which look exactly like those 4-mations shorts they show on Channel 4. The pick of the crop is the lovably stupid 'Alien Space Vampire' animation.
As usual the Aminet CD contains a number of games, and along with the usual shoofem- up clones, space invaders copies and primitive PD platformers, Aminet 15 contains a demo of a game called Genetic Species. It really does have to be seen to be believed -1 would stick my neck out and say that it is almost worth buying the CD for this game alone.
Genetic Species is a very sophisticated Doom clone that looks utterly professional but was in fact created by a small group of Danish coders calling themselves Ambrosia. I can safely say that Genetic Species, even in its early form, is the best Doom Quake clone I have seen on the Amiga.
The inclusion of a Genetic Species demo on the CD could be something of a coup because Ambrosia have agreed to collaborate with the Amiga games giant Vulcan to develop the game. If all goes according to plan, Genetic Species could be one of the most successful games in the Amiga's recent history. Aminet offers you the chance to own an early demo months before the finished product comes out.
Imtoiicii line There are a ton of pictures on the CD, ranging from interesting little presentations, films and pictures (such as the ace bird changing into a plane morph) to the obligatory dull renderings of the starship Enterprise drawn no doubt by people who spend every hour of the day watching Deep Space Nine reruns and swotting up on their Klingon warrior curses in ill lit bedrooms.
Hugh Poynton sifts through the latest Amiga CD releases I found the CD fascinating and, although perhaps a little less useful than the average Aminet CD in terms of business software and the like, it is certainly a great deal more fun. For anyone with an interest in animation or computer generated music, this CD is a must, as it includes music modules and software and some pretty good quality dance tracks.
Product details Product: Aminet 15 If you’re after business software, buy Aminet 14, but if you want a genuinely interesting and fun CD that'll keep you browsing for hours, go for Aminet IS.
Supplier: Epic CD Roms Price: £12,99 Phone; 0181 873 0310 Genetic Species - worth buying Aminet 15 for Amiga Computing This is Ami net's Christmas release - you can tell because those loveable Aminet fellas have stuck a big bell and some holly on the front.
Somebody must be slipping something into the Aminet office water supply because, like the previous Aminet CD, this one also focuses on arty stuff as opposed to dusty old database packages.
As with all the Cds there is the usual collection of useful, interesting and fun software, The onus here is on music modules - there are a total of 367 Mb of music mods on Aminet 16. A word of warning however, many of the modules on Aminet 16 have been taken from the Modules Anthology Vol I CD, so this CD won't extend your catalogue much.
Games-wise Aminet 16 is quite unremarkable.
Block and cheesy names like Colt or Sunrise). These photographs show his pride and joy (oo er) from every conceivable angle.
There is also the usual selection of demos, graphics software and communications stuff. This is basically your average useful, good quality Aminet
CD. It's stuffed with a load of useful software that will no
doubt come in handy at some time. However, it doesn’t blow
your socks off like the last one did.
Because of the incredible Genetic Species demo on the Aminet 15 CD, this doesn't have a chance of living up to its predecessor as far as games are concerned.
However, mixed in with the retro Space Invaders clone and primitive platform- ers is a demo of a Wipeout clone called Slipstream. Although there are no other ships flying about the beautifully rendered course with you, the demo is still a good laugh. The graphics are very impressive, although admittedly rather jerky.
Other than music modules there are lots of pictures (279 Mb) and the usual amount of other stuff, totalling about 900Mb of files. The pictures range from the interesting and impressive to the unbelievably dull. One stands out in particular - some guy has taken about 10 photographs of his remarkably unremarkable dodgy Japanese motor (the sort that they produced by the million in the 70s and 80s, rusty little tin cans with the aerodynamics of a breeze ¦UnTTBBnTll Product: Aminet 16 Supplier: Epic CD Roms Price: £12.99 Phone: 0181 873 0310 It has always been said that one of the key
strengths of the Amiga is that it is essentially a hobbyists machine, and that programming software can be relatively inexpensive and simple in comparison to Pcs or the like. Geek Gadgets from Cronus Software intends to capitalise on this fact With a name like Geek Gadgets you just know this CD is going to be intimidating and techie.
Despite this, Geek Gadgets is an impressive and useful piece of software; it contains the Amiga Developers Environment or (ADE). ADE is a project undertaken by Cronus to adapt a number of the most important and useful development tools and utilities for the Amiga.
Tf you want to start programming on the Amiga then this is definitely the CD for you. All the necessary tools are here; C, C++, assembler, linker, ADA Compilers and GNU debugger are present as well as dozens more. There are also beta test versions of upcoming ports such as the X Window System.
To simplify things Cronus have complied the CD so that there is no need to install any of the files to your hard drive - they can be accessed directly from the CD.
Bottom P Product details I Product: Geek Gadgets - ADE Supplier: Weird Science Price: £19.95 Phone: 0116 234 0682 Greeting pearls iv Bottom Amiga Technologies certainly knew why it chose the Meeting-Pearis III as a freebie to be included with their Q-Drive. Everyone who knows the Meeting-Pearis series will confirm it offers highest quality at the lowest possible price - and this hasn’t changed with volume IV. This time also, only high-quality and well-tested software pearls have found their way onto this crammed CD, A dever system has been devised to protect the lovers of Amiga games from many
undesired crashes. Several different search tools (based on MUI and AmigaGuide) make finding and executing of software packages Straight from the CD a snap. With the Meeting-Pearis Cds, no archives need to be unpacked - all programs can conveniently be started from the Workbench. For the first time, protection bits, which used to get discarded during CD-ROM production, are preserved.
Product DETAILS 1 Product: Meeting Pearls IV Supplier: Epic CD Roms Price: £9.99 Phone: 0181 873 0310 As was the case with earlier volumes, access tools have been improved noticeably. There is probably no other Amiga CD that can be configured according to personal preference in so many aspects - but fortunately doesn't require the user to do so.
Qmiga dektop video 2 Almathera is back, with a follow up to the acclaimed Amiga Desktop Video. The Amiga Desktop Video sold out shortly after its release in 1995 and there is no reason to suspect that the follow up won’t repeat the success of the original.
Ern version, Scala MM400. Version 1.13 is ready-to-run from CD and can utilise all fonts, animation and 16-colour textures supplied on ADTV2, Amiga Desktop Video CD2 also includes licensed musical tracks from various Amiga demo scene musicians and the required applications to play them. Other features on the CD include dip-animation streams ideal for use on presentations and current releases of video utilities and graphics processing tools including NetPBM and MainActor. At £14.95, this is an excellent value package to start you off if you're new to Amiga video work - every aspect of Video
presentation seems to be covered.
Even if you are an expert, DTV2 still contains some useful material.
Whereas the original Amiga Desktop Video focused more on 3-D images, the second CD concentrates on 2-D presentation and titling, with more Bottom commercial uses.
Included on CD2 is about everything you will need to produce your own video presentation with background sound and music. It offers over 200 antialiased colourfonts, up to 250 point and above, with PostScript versions.
The complete Scala 1.13 is also present on the CD, complete with an upgrade path to the more mod- Product details I Product: Amiga Desktop Video 2 Supplier: Almathera Price: £14.95 Phone; 0181 687 0040 Amiga Computing WHILE-U-WAIT! • Call us for latest COMPUTERS & MONITORS Attention Dealers Ring Fax Now for best trade prices and terms on Repairs, Spares, Floppy Drives, Hard Drives, CD Rom Drives and Memory Upgrades.
A1200 £49.95 FAST TURN AROUND.
14. 4K ......£59.95 28.8K--£184.95 APOLLO ACCELERATORS 1930
Lhe_£99.95 1230 30 ....£159.95 1840 95 » »£889.95 1240 40
„..„X299.95 1960 50--£489.95 SIMMS 4Mb ..X29.95
8Mb ...£49.95 16Mb .£89.95 Good conditions on
SIMM prices if bought with an Accelerator
1. 08GIG ...£150.00
2. 1 GIG .£235.00
2. 5" HARD DRIVES FOR A600 A1200 60Mb .£55.00
120Mb......£75.00 250Mb....£105.00 540Mb....£149.95
80Mb .£65.00 170Mb......£90.00 420Mb....£129.95 1GIG
£199.95 All hard drives are pre-formatted, partitioned with
Workbench loaded, and include 2.5'' IDE cable + software
2. 5" IDE Cable and Software (if bought
separately) .£9.95 A500, A500+ & A600
540Mb £115.00
850Mb £130.00 SIMPLY THE
A500 A500+ £29.95 A600 A1200 £34.95
MEMORY UPGRADES oz u IdhC mil 2U d ai b : CiiS CHIPS * SPARES
* ACCESSORIES 1 Meg Fatter Agnus.... .....£19.00 8520 CIA
A600'A1200 .
£14.50 2 Meg Fatter Agnus .£24.00 8374 Alice A1200 .. ..£30.00 8362 Denise . ...£9.00 8364 Paula A600 A1200 .. .116.50 8373 Super Denise . .£18.00 Video DAC A1200 ..... . £19.00 5719 Gary .... ...£7.50 A600 A1200 Keyboard .£60.00 8520GA A500 A500+.. .£15.00 Lisa A1200 ... £35.00 8364 Paula A500 A500+ .£12.00 Gayle A600 A1200 .£25.00
Kickstart ROM VI .3 . .£15.00 Budgie A1200 ..£30.00 Kickstart ROM V2.04 .. ..£22.00 £15 00 Kickstart ROM V2.05. ..£29.00 S0ART Lead ..... £15.00 ...£50.00 £4 00 6570 Kevtsoard Chip..... £20.00 £6.00 ...£8.00 £6.00 Power Supptyfor A50C 'A600rAl200 X35.00 Surf Squirrel . £95.00 Exchange A2CO0 A1500 Power supply ...£80.00 Squirrel SCSI Interface . .£55.00 ‘ All chips are available ex-stock * Please call for any chio or spare not
listed here rm I £19.95 * __ UNBEATABLE" PRICES - Jjv £13.95 Upgrade to 2 Meg £19.95 PbffWI _ °Wb______4Mb 8Mb ~ 33MHI FPU + Crystal £39,95 QUAD SPEED CD ROM DRIVES INCLUDING SQUIRREL INTERFACE €189.95 LOLA GENLOCKS L1500--------£169.95 L2000S ......£349.95 A1200 without Hard Drive £299.
A1200 with 80Mb Hard Drive...£349. A1200 with 170Mb Hard Drive.£379. 95 A1200 with 340Mb Hard Drive.£429.95 95 A1200 with 510Mb Hard Drive.£499.95 95 * Call for more good deals_ SPECIAL OFFER AN A LOGO© Analogic Computers (UK) Ltd ANALOGIC Unit 6, Ashway Centre, Elm Crescent MMLOGIC Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey KT9 6HH Open Mon-Fri 6.00am - 5.30pm, Sat 9.00am • 5,00pm Fax: 0181 541 4671 Tel; 0181 546 9575
* AH prices include VAT * AI! Prices and specifications subject
to charge without notice * fixed charge for repair does not
include disk drive keyboard
* We reserve the right to refuse arry repair * P&P charges £3 50
by Royal Mail or £6.00 + VAT for courier * Please allow 5
working days for cheque clearance All sales repairs are only as
per our terms and conditions, copy available on request Mad as
a March hare, ESP takes a look at the many letters sent in by
you, the readers.
Qpgrade now I have been an Amiga user for nearly 4 years and have been on a low income for most of that time. When I read in magazines about other people saying it's too expensive to upgrade their Amigas, 1 have to laugh. In the past two years I have bought for my AT200 ( nearly 4 years old and not a mishap ) a Blizzard A?230MklV( 179 including a free game), 8mb ram under 100, Power CD-ROM 179, 850mb Seagate hd 110 and a 33600 modem 119 and Internet connection.
As you can see I now have a much more powerful Amiga for about half the price of a PC. I have had more fun out of upgrading it myself than if I’d gone to a PC box shifter, got it home and then Sound out I had to pay a lot more for graphics cards etc to do the same things the Amiga can do for half the price. So, it can be done. Nobody ever said computing was a cheep hobby - but it can be if you shop around.
Ian McDonald macca@enterprise.n9t PS Get Netted Or Get Left Behind;-) Good for you. Let's hope others will decide to follow suit If people have high-spec Amigas it may encourage more development - especially on the , games front as it gives the developers more to work with. Take for instance I the Doom clones that required more powerful machines - I'm sure they impressed those other than Amiga users. And I'm sure upgrading isn't nearly as expensive as many people think.
If you have something you need get off your chest then put pen to paper and write to .
ESP, Amiga Computing, Media House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield, SK10 4NP. You can also Email us at ESPdacomp, demon.co.uk We have various software bundles to give away for the best letters (please indicate whether you'd prefer serious software or games). We do try to reply to all Emails and letters, but at busy periods this is sometimes not possible so please bear with us Hction REPLAY I’ve never written to ESP before as my ponderings have always been answered by some other like-minded soul before I could put pen to paper. This time though I've had enough. Why do people write in moaning all
the time? This is the one thing that will put half-hearted users off!
If I was flicking through a PC magazine and the readers pages were constantly harping that 'the end was nigh', I wouldn't touch a PC with a barge pole. Potential users are (easily) influenced by information from all sources so if the people who use the machine are flaming it what hope is there?
The market is shrinking but it's not half as bad as some of these turncoats would have you believe. I co-run an Amiga User Group and PD library in the North West and in our first year of operation we have attracted a new member virtually every week.
Visitors to the club are predominately from within a 5 mile radius and if this is extrapolated, it's safe to assume there are still thousands of active Amiga followers up and down the country. Most are what you would call typical Amiga users - innovative and enthusiastic - but it is becoming increasingly obvious that a lot are new to computers in general and they have bought Amigas second hand.
In short, the Amiga audience has changed but not gone away completely. I mean, let's face it, nobody throws away their old Amigas
- there are still hundreds of thousands of them out there. We
just have to wait until they filter through to the people who
want to use them.
Consider the recent events to be streamlining - we are simply getting rid of the 'band- wagonners' - the people who used their l 2mb A500's when it was trendy to do so.
We will be left with a core of hi-specced dedicated fans that are happy with what they've got and as a result the user base will not shrink further.
Simon Brown Email - simon@ssamiga. Warp. Co. Uk For details of the user group, please mite fo: S&S Amiga User Group, 79 Woodnook Road Appley Bridge,, Wigan, Lancs. WN6 9JR i can understand people wanting to whinge about the current situation - we just want to see the Amiga bought and in the hands of someone who wants to do something positive with the platform.
However, it's a very good point you are making about the new users who have bought an Amiga second hand.
J I think a lot of people new to computing are picking up AI200's for around £100 and wanting to get as much information as possible on their new machine. It doesn't help when they find out that many users are constantly moaning about the Amiga market and current situation. The more new users we can attract at the moment, the better.
When I first read in your magazine that Amiga Action would be incorporated into Amiga Computing, I was quite worried. I can't say that I am an avid fan (although I do enjoy the occasional new release) and I was concerned that the whole magazine would be over-run with infantile games coverage - sorry, but I've seen past issues of Amiga Action, and I don't want to see my £4.50 a month wasted on Horse posters.
TOP YOUR MOANING However, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the new games section because: 1: It is roughly the same size as System 2: The pages are bright and colourful and breaks up the magazine nicely 3: You have managed to bring in more features which will help keep the market alive (I've noticed that many mags just fill in space with reviews of inferior games).
I just have a few grumbles though (you knew they were coming, didn't you?), 1 would like to see some kind of Action chart included which rounds up the best releases of the last few months - I don’t buy many games but it would be nice to be able to see at a glance which I should go for when 1 do make a purchase. Also, I think it would help in a review to compare a game to a classic game in the same genre - whether it is better or not and so on. Just a suggestion.,, George Preston, Derby Thanks for your comments.
I've passed them on to our resident games guru who'll see what he can do - keep an eye on future issues.
Amiga Computing ?
TILL SUPPORTING... „ _ Delighted as I was to find our company, Almathera, listed as one of the members of I the "Amiga Elite Support Squad" in the article on Heroes and Villains in your January 97 issue, I'd like to take issue with a couple of points.
Firstly, you said "Photogenics was an image manipulation package". That is indeed the case, but why the past tense?
Photogenics is an image manipulation package, which we will continue to support for as long as we possibly can. I'm sure this was a simple slip of grammar, but I'd like to reassure your readers that we haven't stopped supplying or supporting Photogenics.
Secondly, you said Photogenics was programmed by Paul Nolan.
While it is true that Paul Nolan wrote the original program on which Photogenics was initially based, it would be unfair not to mention those who spent 18 months of their lives (including myseif!) Making Photogenics the package you know and love today.
So, for the record, Photogenics was designed and programmed by Kriss Daniels, Jason C. Doig, Paul Nolan, Jolyon Ralph and Keith Smith, with help from many others inside and outside of Almathera. Writing and supporting Photogenics was, and is, truly a team-effort and I thank you for this opportunity to put the record straight.
Jolyon Ralph - Almathera j -j Sorry for any confusion on this matter, I'm sure your letter has set the record straight.
AmigA AMIGA | Am a In December 1996, while I was awaiting the next load of Amiga magazines at my local magazine shop, I noticed the demise of Amiga Shopper and Amiga Gamer CD32. A sudden cold shiver caught my body. When I took a look at the size of your magazine (still excellent, by the way), I realised that this could be the start of the end! So this loyal Dutch reader wants to tell you something.
It's not that I am negative, but I am living in a country with the highest software piracy rate and the lowest means of buying Amiga stuff. After the announcement of Commodore, many of my local shops suddenly stopped supplying Amiga hardware and software and (most of all) service. It started to make me worry about the future of one of the finest machines ever.
Lots of friends turned towards the PC - "Because the games and hardware should be better and cheaper". Though I do not agree (and 1 will NEVER sell my trusty A2000 and CD32), it is happening more and more. This also made me worry.
So why is this take over taking so long? Why are the liquidators such a pain - don’t they see that they are slowly destroying a fine piece of technology? And again, these questions worry me.
I think the best way is to keep going and hoping that the VIScorp deal will be done soon, so new developments can start right away. And to all those Amiga freaks out there who feel the same but want to step to the PC platform, I would like to ask them: Why should you?
All necessary and serious software is available on the Amiga as well. So that may not be the reason. Better games, faster programs? Only when you buy a state of the art Pentium 200 Mhz with lots of memory, hard disk space, expensive and fast graphics cards, 5VCA multi-sync monitors and all for a 'bargain price' of £1,200? Don't make me laugh!
So my advice: Think twice and ask yourself if you really need it. Do the things you want with the things you have and support you favourite machine as long as possible.
, Tom "a bit worried" Broekmans (NL) J Start of the end - I certainly hope not! It is inevitable however, that as people desert to the PC, there are going to be fewer people to read the magazines which is why some have had to close. It's unfortunate that Amiga Computing has, along with many other Amiga mags, had to drop in size. However, we will continue to support the many loyal Amiga users out there with best quality magazine we can - as well as considering other projects such as bringing Amiga Computing on-line (as well as producing the print magazine).
Yes, it is frustrating that no deal has yet been finalised for the purchase of the Amiga
- 1 don't think the liquidators are slowing things down on
purpose and I'm sure they want to see the deal finalised.
However, we may have to wait a while longer as the deal is no
longer as clear cut as it once appeared (see news story last
issue). There are other contenders who are hoping to buy the
Amiga - which at least shows how much the machine is still
1 think other readers should take note of what you say though - why go and buy a PC when you can do everything you need to with your Amiga? Hang in there for just a while longer and wait and see what happens - we could be richly rewarded.
Ballinc all readers between S3 and 55 per month depending on the number of extra features added, it will be available worldwide.
Just by telling us your opinion on this, you will be entered into a free draw where you could win lots of goodies.
Would you be interested in getting the lull version of Amiga Computing Magazine delivered straight to your computer screen? We are considering bringing out a subscription service that delivers the current, full magazine straight onto the Internet. No more waiting for the postman or having to walk down to the shops, What's more, as well as getting the same content as you would in the print magazine, you will also be able to download everything that is on the coverdisks. And you don't even have to spend a fortune online to get all this - we will make it possible to download the magazine all at
once, enabling you to read it at your leisure. Plus, we are considering other features including extensive review archives. Amiga-specific chat rooms and technical advice by Email columns.
Software ! Ibrowse and Digita Organiser Books ! Internet International Directory Carnes! Pinball Illusions, Pinball Mania, Pinball Fantasies Simply Email tinah@idg.co.uk, type in your opinion, how much you would pay for such a service and any ideas you’d like us to incorporate. Or write to AMC Online, IDG Media, Media House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield, Cheshire, SK10 4NP.
So at the moment all we need to know is "Would you be Interested?". It won't happen if you're not.
You're not committing to anything - all we need to get is a feel for the number of people who'd like such a service. Expected cost for such a subscription could be Amiga Computing Gasteiner 0181 345 6000 Facsimile 0181 345 6868 18-22 Sterling Way, North Circular Road, Edmonton, London N18 2YZ LONDON'S AMIGA SALES & REPAIR CENTRE RAM CARDS WE CARRY RAM CARDS FOR ALL AMIGA COMPUTERS AT VERY LOW PRICES AMIGA A500 1 2MB £15.99 A500+ 1MB £19.99 AMIGA A600 1MB £19.99 1MB WITH CLOCK £34.99 AMIGA A1200 RAM CARDS COME WITH CLOCK & FPU SOCKET 0MB £29.99 EX VAT INC VAT 290MB INT SCSI £50.00 £58,75
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& memory for all ram cards & accelerators made for Amiga
computers A500, A600, A3000, A1500, A2000 A4000 30PIN S1MMS1
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A4000 £79.00 M ©IF DlflOMTIHl SyQuest ezflyer 230MB HARD
OF £59 PLEASE ADD £3.50 P&P.
Of there is one area computers have managed to revolutionise more than any other it has to be the music industry. The advent of digital recordings technology changed forever how recording were made and has gone on to produce whole new areas of music styles, without which the world would have missed out on Keith from the Prodigy.
Thankfully, armed with your Amiga and even a measly amount of hardware and software, you too can jump in head first into the music world without having to re-mortgage your house, wife and children. A basic set up to get you started composing music on your Amiga would be: A sampler and some sort of stereo amplifier - that really is it The amplifier does not need to be anything fancy to begin with, either a hi-fi or radio cassette player that has the correct inputs and outputs to make full use of your hardware.
The type of sampler you choose depends on your budget and how keen you are.
Luckily, there are good low, medium and high end choices for all Amiga owners, no matter what your budget or machine.
If you just fancy having a quick dabble for fun, then whatever machine you have you will be better off going for one of the parallel port type of samplers that are on the market.
The main three currently available are the Technosound Turbo, MegaioSound and GVP DSS8. All three plug into the parallel port of your machine and allow you capture stereo 8 bit samples.
Decent software All these samplers come with decent software that allow you capture samples from 5Khz all the way up to 56Khz. They also provide for direct to disk capture giving hard drive owners the option of playing with even longer samples. At around £30 all produce excellent quality samples, come with decent software and are cheap enough for you to buy just to try them out.
Moving up the price scale a wee bit there is the Aura 16 from HiSoft. This PCMCIA device, even though called the Aura 16, allows you to When it comes to actually sampling, you will initially want to get the best quality you can and then reduce the sample down to o level usable on your system. At the initial sampling stage, depending on your machine, you will have to set the sampling rate to what your machine can handle. The best minimum set up is an Al 200 with 4Mb of FastRAM - with this you will be able to get quite long samples at high frequenciesf 41 Khz plus) and if you have a hard drive,
all the mentioned samplers come with direct to disk sampling providing even more flexibility. People with lesser systems will still be able to get good quality sample around the 32Khz level, you will just have to be a little more conservative on sample length.
Capture and play stereo 8 bit or stereo 12 bit samples. Normally the best quality samples the Amiga can play are 8 bit, but the Aura adds another 12 bit stereo channel that is mixed with the standard Amiga sound output. The actual Aura software that comes with the sampler works in full 16 bit quality, but you will still only be able to replay them in 12 bit.
Gering amount of filters many of which you may have to just ignore, but thanks to the built in FFT display you can get a good understanding of what each filter does. There is even a MIDI sequencer built in so Aura can play back samples under external control.
One final point is that OctaMED Sound Studio supports the Aura by giving you additional 12 bit audio output via the Aura.
The Aura software is very nice, giving you all the cutting, pasting and other editing tools you would want. Along with these are a stagVbu may have noticed I have talked a lot about how you can get the best samples passible, but not mentioned too much about what you can do, apart from fiddling with them in the sample editor. Well, many moons ago when programmers wanted to add music to games they concocted a strange symbolic music system and wrote a program called Sound Tracker. This gave them a simple way of adding music tracks to games and demos, as tracker modules are written in a way
that was simple for the computer to understand.
Unfortunately for the poor old musician, they had the task of learning this system and writing music with it I may have made trackers sound a little worse than they actually are. What they do is allow you to play samples at set times and at specific notes. By giving you a number of channels, to let you play multiple notes at once, you can produce fairly complex compositions. It is even possible to add effects to samples played using extra codes.
EEP ON TRACK These codes are the crux of the whole problem with trackers. Before you can really get into producing good songs you have to become familiar with all these codes, and for a beginner they can be a real turn off. Luckily all the modern trackers do a good job of simplifying things as much as possible and good documentation should help newbies along.
| best sound quality around and can sample and replay better than CD quality i6 bit sound. The SunRize board has the best software support with the Toccata really being Neil Mohr takes a look at some of the software and hardware that could help you break into the music biz developed to back up the V Lab motion capture board, but it still offers exceptionally good sound quality and If you go for the Pro version, additional support Is added for Midi devices.
At the top of the range for big box Amigas the best choice around is SunRize's board and a good second choice would be MacroSystem's Toccata board. Both offer the So you have the sampler and are ready to try getting some sounds into your computer.
The first thing you need are good quality leads to hook all your bits and pieces together. Your main enemy when trying to get samples is background noise or interference so we want to get off to a good start by having decent leads and general connections. Next you want to choose what the input is going to be, either from a microphone, tape or CD. If using a microphone, some sort of amplification is going to be necessary.
Setting levels Once everything is hooked up you will need to set the levels to try and get the best sample possible. Most sampling software has a monitor mode that gives you a real-time display of what the sampler is currently receiving. You need to adjust the volume level as high as possible without distorting or saturating the sampler's inputs. On the monitor display you will see the current wave form as being received by the sampler, you need to set the volume as high as possible without the wave - ? AMPLE IT AGAIN SAM The current Aura and Technosound Turbo sampling software might
be fine forgetting samples onto your computer and although they do come with the basic editing tools and have a fair few filters, neither have been updated for a long while and there's a good chance you will want more power from your sample program.
One that is right up to date is SoundFX. It gives you a font sensitive, multi-windowed, online help, style guide compliant interface, As well know, looks aren't everything, but SoundFX does not disappoint in the features department. Along with a shed load of filters, operators, Arexx scripts and some advanced editing controls SoundFX can replay samples in both 8 and 14 bit quality and takes advantage of the AHI system allowing replay on normal Amiga hardware, Delfina, Wavetool and Toccata board.
AHI is a fairly new development of more use to big box user, even though it does support the Aura for sampling on A600 and A1200 machines. It is an attempt to bring retar- getable audio to the AMIGA and does for sound cards what CyberCraphX did for graphics cards. It has been used by Shapeshifter to add sound to the Mac emulation, so big box Amiga owners can have CD quality sound from all their Mac programs. Even for the standard Amiga audio it provides enhanced 14 bit replay for programs that support it.
EATURE Jargon _BOX the sampler takes a snapshot of a sound. So at iOfOOOHz or TOKhz a sample is comprised of 10,000 separate samples 8 bit - Describes the quality of a sample, an 8 bit sample has 256 separate levels and produces decent quality sounds 16 bit - A 16 bit sample has 65,000 separate levels and produces perfect quality samples 12 bit - Used by the Aura 12 bit quality gives samples 4096 different levels MIDI - Musical Instrument Digital Interface. A standard way of allowing many different types of musical instruments and computer software to talk to each other Tocatta's
Samplitude software allows you sample and work with CD quality samples touching or flattening out at the extremes of the monitor display.
Now you have everything hooked up, the input levels are not too high and you have the sampler set at a rate right for your machine. All you need now is something to sample, usually a good quality belch will do for starters, When making samples remember to add a little extra time before and after doing the samples, this space can be cut out later and makes sure you get the whole thing first time.
Module r Once a piece of music has been written in a tracker program it is saved out as a complete module.
Both the sound samples and music score are contained in a single file called a module. There are various different forms of modules, the most common being Protracker and OctcMED modules, also common on the PC are 5cream Tracker modules Channel - Allows a single sample to be played from your AMIGA, which has four channels so can normally j only play four sounds at the same time, but with some clever mixing i routines can appear to have a lot more Hertz - Used to describe how many I times something happens a second, When used in reference with samples it tells you how many times a second Once
you have some samples you will want to prepare them for use. For stand alone samples, apart from running them through filters or reducing their play rate, what you get from the sampler is pretty much it, but there are a few other things that become important for music samples.
Loop the loop Looped samples are quite common and usually comprise of either a backbeat or some orchestral accompaniment, usually violin. To get a decent loop, the start and end points of the loop both have to be at the same level, otherwise you get a nasty clicking sound as the sample loops. A good way of to get a perfect loop is to place start and end markers and get the sampler to constantly play the sample, then slowly adjust these points until you get a seamless sounding loop, crop the sample and save it off.
Finally, remember when sampling real instruments that a single sample is usually not going to be enough. Guitars are a particular problem for computers and will usually require a good number of separate samples to be able to reproduce a range of different chords and styles, The same goes for other most instruments, to be able to reproduce the entire dynamic range of a piano a few samples taken a few octaves apart will be necessary - again do the same for chords.
You should now know all the basics to get writing music on your Amiga. If you find you have been bitten by the music bug the next stage is to start getting kitted out with some Midi equipment but that is another story.
Contact point Technosound Turbo First Computer Centre Phone: 0113 231 9444 Price: £29.99 AuraS 16 HiSoft Phone: 0500 223 660 Price: E34.95 E99.95 Toccata White Knight Phone: 01902 822 321 OctaMED SoundStudio First Computer Centre Phone: 0113 231 9444 Price: E22.99 Amiga Computing cott Hallam's love affair with dance music began back in !988 when Acid House was sweeping the nation.
Manchester was the epicentre of the Summer of love and a new club was opened on Manchester's Whitworth Street called the Hacienda.
Like many other people at the time, Scott was completely enamoured with this new musical form: "The music had energy, it was aggressive with a sound of it's own - new, fresh and full of power".
After a few years clubbing and buying almost every House track he could get his hands on, Scott gradually got to know people who were compiling their own tracks.
After visiting a House musician, Scott was inspired to start creating his own tracks.
Collaborating with Mark, Scott got to know the equipment needed and the processes of creating a decent tune. In addition to learning howto use mixers, drum machines and keyboards, Scott was introduced to the Amiga.
Starting off Bitten by the bug, Scott 'started to build his own recording studio in earnest. Starting off with an Amiga 500 and turhtable, he used the Amiga for the turntable and for internal samples. After acquiring a Roland DIO Keyboard, Boss SE50 Effects Drum Machine, and other gizmos, Scott came to realise the true strength of the Amiga. Although very adept at sampling, the Amiga was also extremely useful at
- managing external sound sources. In the fledgling .studio the
Amiga was at the heart of the system, connecting and
controlling everything.
Remarkably, seven years on, Scott is Still using an Amiga despite having bought a 486 PC a year ago.
Although some of the music software available for the PC looks good, the PC didn’t cut it when it came to handling the large amount of data required.
Whilst the Amiga could control and sequence everything almost flawlessly, the PC had the irritatingly habit of crashing almost every time it was used, The Amiga, in Scott's words, "Has only crashed about twice in its existence" Because of the architecture of the system and the fact almost every component is Hugh Poynton talks to musician Scott Hallam about the place of the Amiga in the modem recording studio made by the same company, there are no incompatibility problems between sound cards, graphics cards, memory boards and the like.
Scott continues: "What 1 like about the Amiga is that it is all in one, you don’t have to worry about getting compatible components, its all done for you. You just get a hard drive for it and you’re away. Its also quite versatile, I would have loved to have got into the video editing side of it. There are a lot of Genlocks available for Amiga. Pretty good machine as long as you've got the memory for it.." EATURE A remarkable number of people still use Amigas to create dance music Not as many professional studios use Amigas because in a full recording studio there are probably specialised
machines - such as the industry standard Atari or the new Atari Falcon that are too expensive to be owned privately.
Future magazine publish Cds full of home produced tracks that are often listened to by industry A&R people.
If deals are signed and contracts drawn up, chances are they will stick with the Amiga because they know how to use it and are comfortable with the machine and its abilities.
A British trio catling themselves Conemelt are on the prestigious Andy Wetherali label. They use three linked Amigas because they are inexpensive and on one machine you could process 16 MID! Channels, with three networked you could run 48 channels making for a pretty rich blend of sounds.
I asked Scott to show me the process undertaken to produce a new track. Amid the organised chaos of his recording studio sat a little A500 surrounded by machines that wouldn't have looked out of place on the dashboard of the space shuttle. Like any other musician, Scott's primary requirement is inspiration, you need some place to start.
"Get the idea in mind, be it a melody or a drum loop or a sample - put the first thing down. Find the sample you want to use - before or after TURE has been likened to a 'robo-Rottweiler that is intimidating, charming, aggressive and playful at the same time' or as ‘sublime, warped, jazz-tinged and flipped-out techno that could cut you in half with a feather1. The Tunbridge tads use three linked Amigas to produce their own unique sound.
Ating music in MOD format and became one of the best computer musicians in America and beyond.
There are four tapes released by Sidewinder since
1992. Technology Bytes Ifolume 1 & 2, Best of Hardcore! And
Tnsatia Fantasy. Future Shock 2 features songs from
Technology bytes including the remixed Uverman and
Sidewinder's extremely energised anthem Spanish Armada is
featured on his upcoming Analyzer CD.
Could hardly be considered cheap but if the equipment is picked up and accrued over a few years, the costs don't appear so intimidating.
For Scott, at least, it looks as though his passion for producing dance tracks has paid off. Early in 1996 Scott decided the time had come to release some of his work.
Deciding on an EP, he choose five of his best tracks (not an easy task as by this point he had more than 40 DATs of his work). After remixing and touching up the best tracks, Scott took his EP compilation to Pure Music Manufacturing in Manchester and had 500 copies produced.
The records have received a fair bit of airplay on the radio, mainly Kiss 102, with Djs such as John Berry and 808 State playing tracks on their shows. Chris Evans has played tracks on the Breakfast Show and major record companies are showing a keen inter1H MARCH 1997 writing the track - trim the start and the end point so it'll loop OK. This is basically just a matter of assigning the sample a key and then plac- ing it in the track. You could play the whole track with samples but it takes away the originality, better to disguise samples".
He continues: "For example, with a breakbeat, instead of just having it loop over and over again you have your own version of that breakbeat. You might have the end at the start, the start at the end or just chop it up a bit.
That's how a lot of the jungle tracks are made - rolling snares, things like that ' With the sheet amount of high tech electricals, producing dance tracks can't come cheap.
I asked Scott just how much money was required to equip a basic studio: "You would really need an Amiga 500 with 2 Meg memory and 80 Meg hard drive. This wouldn't be particularly costly. As for software, you'd need something like Music X v2 for sequencing external sounds. Lots of companies make classic sounding modules, such as Roland 303 drum machine sounds, but these modules don't have quite the same effect as using the original machines themselves."
"Alternatively there is the Korg sound module (£600) - although this will have loads of sounds and samples, you won't be able to take samples on it. You will need a sampler as well and a keyboard route through the Amiga. The keyboard to trigger everything through the Amiga, which tells It what to play, and then into the sound module for string, piano, bass line and so on."
'Then the sampler will be used for drum loops and vocal snatches. I'd recommend the Ovation Bass Station for analogue stuff, it has a simulated 303 sound, a very deep baseline and is one of the best products of 94 95. You don't really need a big set up, but if you get into it you just collect more and more equipment."
"You will need a mixer as well, a 16 channel one. FX - you want reverb and echo. You can get FX machines for about £300. You would also probably require a DAT - its what everyone uses. Maybe even a multi track recording system. This will mean that instead of recording a tune onto the DAT as one track which you can’t over dub, using a multi track, rt can be run in time with the Amiga. This allows you to add more sounds, beef up bass lines and so on. The basic set up including an Amiga, keyboard, FX, DAT, mixer, sound module and sampler and drum machine would cost between £3000 and £4000."
Producing professional quality dance tracks Eric Gieseke (aka Sidewinder) is one of the bet known Amiga-using musicians. Eric has been writing music on the Amiga for about seven years and even designs die inlay cards for his Cds using an Amiga
3000. The Texan musician draws influences from his travels around
the world (having lived on about every continent bar
Antarctica). Essential discography tracks his development
in the computer music scene since the late 80s. Starting in
1990, Sidewinder started creConehead are Ashley Marlowe,
Nat Mellors, Grant Newman - a British trio that debuted
over a year ago with the album "You F**kers F**ck" on their
own New Ground label. For their second album "Confuse and
Destroy" they are signed to Andy Wetherall’s Audio
Emissions Output label.
Their own particular brand of 'radical techno' THER AMIGA MUSICIANS CONEMELT (EMISSIONS AUDIO OUTPUT) | Sidewinder Of you use a photocopier to make a copy you go to the machine, place the document to be copied inside, press a button and wait for the device to do its job. It's likely you do all this without really knowing what goes on inside - you just know what input is required (the document to be copied) and what must be done to start the copying process. You also know that some results will come back i.e. a copy of the input document.
This information hiding 'black box' concept is an effective way of protecting a user from unnecessary complexity. For the C programmer, there is an equally effective facility - the C function. This provides similar capabilities and because of this, functions are the essential building blocks of all C programs.
Many functions, like printfO we used last month, have been found to be so useful they are provided with all C compilers. The Amiga also has its own function libraries and we'll see later how these are used for handling Intuition, graphics and so on, Often however, you’ll need to create your own functions.
Ay on s Function Definitions Listing 1 provides a general description of a C function whilst listing 2 shows a simple example which calculates the area of a rectangle by multiplying its width and length values together. This latter definition uses C's * operator to indicate multiplication and give us our first encounter with some variables.
Variables represent areas of memory that you can use for storing information and, just as with languages like Basic, it helps to use names that mean something. Needless to say I have defined a variable called result - because in this instance that's exactly what it is being used to store.
The expression ‘int’, incidentally, is just C's way of describing a variable that can store an integer (a whole number) value. The width and length parameters used in the function definition are also variables (again delined as integers) but, because they represent the function arguments, take on whatever values are supplied when the function is used. Inside the function however, these items are used just like any other variables.
The return() statement indicates the value to be returned to the caller and any valid C expression may be used inside the parenthesis.
Functions do not have to provide a return value and a returnf) statement without an expression, or in fact no returnO statement at all, both result in no actual value being returned. It’s also perfectly legal to ignore a return value, although More help for aspiring C coders as Paul Overaa puts function use under the spotlight TO RIAL return-type funetion-nase ( psraaetsr list ) variable declarations appropriate C statenents ) Listing It In general C functions have this sort of layout in the case of our example function, it would make little sense to carry out the calculation if you
weren't going to use the results!
So, the listing 2 function definition tells us AreaQ is a function that expects two integers representing the width and length of a rectangle
- and returns an integer representing the area of that rectangle.
Using the function is easy - if, for example we have a variable
called rectangle_area that we want to set to the area of a 6
unit by 8 unit rectangle we just write: rectangle_area -
Area(6,8); C evaluates the right hand side of the expression
by making a call to the AreaO function (using the parameters
supplied). Then it assigns the function's return value to the
variable on the left hand side of the expression. The result -
rec- tangle_area gets set to 48!
To be honest, the operation of multiplying two numbers together, which is all Area() does, would not normally be written as a function - you'd just work out the result using the statement widthTengtb. It must be said however, that if you were going to define a function for int Are a 11nt width, int length) ( int result; result=uidth’lengtli; return(result); ) Listing 2: An example function definition doing this you could do rt more concisely by using the function's arguments directly: int Area int width, int length) ( retur-n(uidth*lencth); J int Arealint width, int
length)(returnfuidth*Length);} Notice that C, unlike other languages, isn't particularly fussy about the physical layout of the source code.
Some Example Code On the coverdisk you will find a short program that makes use of this AreaO function along with a few extra notes about the variable and function naming conventions I use. One thing you will notice in this month's source is an ANSI C function declaration statement called a prototype int Arealint width, int Length); This looks pretty much like the first line of the function description itself, with a semicolon tagged on the end. It's job is to provide an initial definition of the variable types being used which then allows the compiler to check all subsequent function use
is correct (pre-ANSI compilers were not able to do this).
Needless to say there is plenty more to be said about functions but it’s best to deal with individual issues as they crop up within example code. 5o, although next month it's C variable types and operators that come under the limelight, you will in fact be also be learning a little more about function use as well.
AMIGA Computing vid Web surfere eager to investigate the programs reviewed in these pages, but not so keen on sifting through Aminet to find them, might want to visit the Public Sector Web site at http: www.dcus.demon.co.uk sector sec- tor.html (or follow the "Software" link from the Amiga Computing homepage). From here you can download the archives from Aminet at the click of a button, as well as search through various indices to find and download software reviewed in previous issues.
If you don't have the luxuty of an Internet connection, do not be alarmed if you spot an item in these pages that is listed as available from Aminet The chances are your favourite PD Library will stock the program anyway, but if they don't you might want to contact one of several libraries who will download stuff from the archive for a reasonable charge - for instance, Your Choice PD offer such a service.
Public Sector Programmed by: Musidine Available from: Aminet (as mus edit mlinel 15.lha) The Musidine Editor has apparently been four years in the making and when you load it up you won’t fail to be impressed by the sheer wealth of options available. In fact, because the programmers have deliberately set out to make the editor totally different from the numerous Protracker clones already in existence, using the Musidine Editor can at first appear somewhat daunting.
The features list is frighteningly long, Music can be created using four or eight channels, using notes covering five octaves; sound samples can be up to 127k in length (significantly bigger than with ProTracker, which if memory serves me correctly only allows 64k samples); each tune can include up to 255 instruments with which a huge variety of effects Dave Cusiek gives it some gas in the PeeDee porsche... may be used and ProTracker modules can be loaded and modified. In short, Musidine Editor can do more than pretty much every other non-MIDI music composition program in existence -
which explains why the authors have made it Shareware, with a £16 registration fee.
The effects that can be applied to instruments can all be adjusted to suit - for instance, if you chose to use an envelope you could alter the attack, delay, sustain and release characteristics and if you chose to apply tremelo you could opt for one of four wave types before playing around with the speed, depth, attack and delay. In other words, once you get to know your way around the interface, it's possible to hone your compositions so they sound exactly as you would like.
The example modules supplied with Musidine demonstrate just some of the power of this excellent editor. No serious Amiga musician should be without it.
Qubble Pictures G Impact Site Methane Produced by: Hubble Space Telescope comet team Available from: OnLine PD Disk No: 0X351 In July 1992, the Shoemaker-Levy 9 comet began to break up as it passed too close to Jupiter. Fragments of the comet began to collide with the planet and two years later fragments were still impacting on the surface.
Scientists estimated at the time that the combined energy of the impacts would be roughly comparable to a million hydrogen bombs.
Fortunately for fans of spacey images, by July 1994 the Hubble Space Telescope (of the famously dented mirrors, if I'm not mistaken) was on hand to take some snaps. And very exciting they are too.
Actually, whilst some of the pictures probably will not mean a great deal to anyone other than astronomers (despite the interesting comments from the comet team which 18 July 1994 accompany many of them), they are nevertheless quite fascinating in a strange, cosmic sense. Indeed, after reading some of the truly stupendous figures involved (for instance, Jupiter was approximately 477 million miles from Earth when some of the images were taken) and working my way through the 19 Jpegs included on the disk, I suddenly began to feel extremely small and insignificant.
Amiga Computing the Workbench and sharing pearls of wisdom (in between belches) is just too attractive to pass up.
The Workbench version of Homer relies on sampled sounds, plenty of which are actually included in the vl.5 archive. If - woe betide - you should tire of the supplied speech snippets, adding new samples is a straightforward process. You could of course sample Homer yourself with the aid of a VCR, a Scart its the itchy a cable and a sound sampler, but Internet users Scratchy show might like to visit http: www.snpp.com which, along with more Simpsons-related information than you are ever likely to wade through, contains hundreds of links to Simpsons sample archives.
Of course, Homer isn't the only star of The Simpsons. The cat and mouse duo Itchy and Scratchy have supplied their fair share of memorable moments in the past, with their horrifically violent adventures figuring prominently in some great Simpsons episodes.
When I first reviewed Itchy & Scratchy animation disks 2 and 3 a couple of years ago, I had no idea they were Matt Croening creations. Twenty-two issues later, the animations are just as colourful and comical.
Admittedly they only last around 30 seconds each, but are all extremely entertaining and certainly [table to be loaded up more than once.
You may remember that last month Public Sector featured a sort of "Perfect PD Past and Pathetic PD Present" thing. Well, focusing on pathetic stuff struck me as just a tad too negative, so I thought instead I would expand on the Perfect PD Past idea to include a selection of themed gems from the last few years. This month, The Simpsons... Ejag.c Theatre Human beings are, on the whole, critical beasts. Although for the most part only the very best in Freeware and Shareware makes it into these pages, doubtless there has been the odd occasion when you have flicked through Public Sector muttering
to yourself "I could do better than these poor PeeDee efforts", or something. So here’s your chance to prove it.
Here's the Bobby Moore: Cram your best efforts onto a 3.5", slap it in a padded envelope with a covering letter and wang it with all haste in our general direction, pausing only to mark Ihe envelope with "Reader Submission" in addition to the usual Public Sector address. Some days later when said envelope tumbles gently through my letterbox, Til tear it open, shove it in my drive and don my evaluating cap, with the creme de la submissions earning reviews in these pages as well as highly desirable prizes for their creators.
Dear reader, is this not music to your ears (or, erm, candy to your eyes)? Don't dawdle for another moment - get those submissions in the post before Tina changes her mind about the prizes.., Homer 1.6 Programmed by: David Swasbrook Available from: Aminet (as util wb Homerl5.lha and util misc Homerl 6u.lha) caught a glimpse, is in actual fact eating their Saturday evening meal when the program goes out. Some bright spark at the Beeb has also decided that rather than showing the episodes in any sort of order, it would be better to transmit the very cheesiest and possibly least funny episodes
ever made before even thinking about running some of the all- time classics. Still, I suppose we can't have everything... Despite the Beeb's best efforts to suggest they were right all along and that The Simpsons is completely unsuited to terrestrial TV, I know of at least a dozen recent converts and it's with them in mind that I thought Homer was worthy of another mention in these hallowed pages.
Let's make no bones about this: Homer is a totally useless program. However, that does not stop it from being a must-have. The simple fact is that 22 minutes of Homer Simpson per week is not enough to sustain ardent D'oh-votees of the Great God Blubber himself and the prospect of having everyone’s favourite fat American numbskull sitting on Itch & Scratchy 2, 3 and 4 Programmed by: Chrome Australia Available from: OnUne PD When I first reviewed Homer last year, I was a relative newcomer to the world of The Simpsons. Back then, Sky viewers were treated to an hour a week of what 1
described at the time as "An often hysterical, constantly sparkling satire on modern life American style." Nowadays, lucky satellite subscribers get daily doses of The Simpsons and (after a long wait) now there are even 22 minutes of Springfieldian fun on terrestrial TV every weekend.
Unfortunately the BBC have seen fit to slip The Simpsons into a particularly inappropriate slot between "classic” Tom And Jerry cartoons and the painfully populist Noel's House Party. This ensures that practically everyone to whom the program would appeal, if only they Amiga Computing MART DOCS Games Blaster Programmed by: Stuart Beatty Available from: OnLine PD PlayStation Cheats Programmed by: an anonymous Web author Available from: Classic Amiga Software Games Blaster is a disk full of game cheats, which are unsurprisingly presented in Amigaguide format, making the guide clear and
simple to navigate. Scores of games are covered, from the Addams Family to Zool 2, with passwords, type-in cheats and suchiike all included.
PlayStation Cheats, on the other hand, is simply a text file which has been slapped onto a disk. Again, plenty of games are covered so if you have decided to invest in one of these extremely popular consoles for gaming purposes, but you're struggling with the latest expensive smash hit, you’d do well to consult this disk.
As an added bonus, the PlayStation Cheats disk includes an excellent little Space Invaders clone which, in a fit of originality, the author saw fit to call Space invasion. It does- n't compare too well with Wipeout, but it is a playable version of a golden oldie which will remind you of the days when men were men and arcade games never cost more than ten pence. The kids of today don't know they’re born, I'm telling you... Pause the sane bi* pressing the Isjucobarl and then hit the (Escape! Key- Vou will now be in a roon with a continue door and on escat Instead of cheesing one of these options
lust keen walking you cone across another roon Full of extra Lines.
With Games Blaster you'll be able to complete that classic even if you're completely useless left untill AN KKK vO.77 B Programmed by: K-P Koljonen Available from: Aminet (as game 2 play tan kkk.lha) Tankkk is an extremely playable shoot- em'up which allows 2-4 players to take control of tanks and trundle around a maze shooting each other. The objective is straightforward: Destroy your opponents.
The tank battle can take place in one of six mazes and in preference to ordinary bullets you can opt to fight with bullets that keep bouncing off walls until they hit something. Once a certain number of bullets have struck a tank or it collides with a wall once too often, it will begin spinning around in circles and eventually explode.
When only one tank remains, a statistics screen appears telling each player just how accurate their shots were.
The graphics are clear (though functional rather than spectacular) and the sound effects are suitably noisy, but without a doubt Tankkk's biggest asset is its sheer playability. As with other PD multiplayer gems such as Dogfight and Bratwurst, you'll find yourself having "just one more game" worryingly often as you try to exact revenge for an unlucky loss.
I "1 * r _ 1 't Knack: compress files with ease, and perform some other everyday operations whilst you're about It light Control Programmed by: Paul van der Valk Available from: Aminet (as game misc flightcontrol.lha) This is a curious game in an embryonic but fully functional version 1.0. As with Fireflies last month, in its current incarnation the program is interesting and strangely absorbing though lacking in long term appeal. With development it could become an accomplished offbeat attention-keeper.
Flight Control is based on an old Microprose game of the same name. The objective is basically to guide aircraft to their destinations safely, but in practice this is not as easy as it sounds because with several planes airborne at any one time, there can be a lot to think about at once.
It's not a good idea to keep an aeroplane waiting on the ground for too long before allowing it to take off. Once airborne, different types of plane move at different speeds towards their destinations. At any time a flight can be selected and new orders issued regarding the direction and height the plane should take. If two aeroplanes travelling at a similar height enter the same map area, they will come into conflict.
Some of the improvements the author is Flightcontrot: Do that Air Traffic Controller thang planning include adding sound effects and fancier graphics, building in a career mode so the game has some sort of eventual objective and incorporating disasters. As it stands. Flight Control is curiously compelling but ultimately unfulfiilrng. When the proposed additions are implemented it should definitely be one to look out for.
NmEnmn 50 MARCH 1997 Hey dude Qtoms I want to hear from you if you have any program, whatever its purpose, which you consider worthy of review.
Whether it will be freely distributable Public Domain, shareware or Licenceware, if you feel it is of sufficient quality to merit coverage, stick it in a padded envelope and send it in with ail haste.
Although Public Sector cannot possibly hope to cover all submissions, I promise 111 at least look at your work
- even if it is yet another Lottery program or Klondike cardset
It does make my job a lot easier though if disks are clearly
Please also include a covering letter detailing the disk contents and price and giving some basic instructions.
The magic address is: Dave Cusick PD submissions Amiga Computing Media Housi Ad I ing ton Pari Macclesfield SK10 4NP Programmed by: Michele Berionne Available from: Aminet (as game think Atoms3l.lha) Based on an old Atari ST game, Atoms offers brain-bending fun for up to four players. !f you don't have any friends (either in the room or in the world), the computer can play for up to three people or you can simply choose to play with less than four participants.
Each player takes it in turns to place an atom in a square on the gameboard. Players can only place atoms in empty squares or in squares containing their own coloured atoms.
If too many atoms are placed in a square, the atoms become unstable and explode.
The number of atoms which will cause an explosion varies depending on the position of a square on the board - corner squares can hold only two atoms, edge squares hold three and other squares hold four. When the atoms in a square explode, neighbouring squares are showered in atoms of the same colour.
It all sounds horribly confusing, but in practice makes for an engaging game combining luck and ski!!. With passable graphics and nice sound effects too, the only thing Atoms can really be criticised for is the dreadful music which will have you reaching for the volume control within moments of first loading the program.
Atoms is Shareware and the registration fee is 15,000 Italian Lira. In these days of constantly changing currency exchange rates (and Italian governments, the cynical might say), I'm not exactly sure how this translates, although I believe it is probably about £6 (don't you just love the Lira?) For your trouble you will not only receive peace of mind and the knowledge that you're helping sustain the Amiga in these troubled times, but you'll also get a disk full of games by Michele.
[jQatrix Generator Programmed by: Mathieu Dhondt Available front: Aminet (as game role SRunMatrix3_3.lha) In the past I have hypothesised in these pages that Rawk music appreciation is, for many people, a fundamental part of the adolescence experience (although I'd like to re-emphasise that I, like most of the AC staff with the unfortunate but notable exception of our beloved editor, managed to avoid succumbing to it). There is a second, perhaps equally common, phenomenon which is particularly prevalent in males.
Allow me to elucidate.
Many hours of my early teenhood were spent hunched around a dinner table rolling dice, calculating experience points and consulting colourful maps of fictitious worlds. Yes, I was a roleplayer. Perhaps it was to escape from the obligatory teenage angst or perhaps it was just because Manchester United were hovering dangerously close to relegation - who can tell?
Suffice to say that for some time I wasn't at a loss for something to do in the evenings and weekends.
My obsession began with the seminal fantasy RPC that was Dungeons a Dragons and I confess that over a couple of years 1 accumulated an obscene amount of rule books, adventure packs and copies of TSR's ever-so-slightty biased Dragon magazine.
I later left the confines of the fantasy environment to guide teams of intrepid spacefarers around the universe in MegaTraveller. At the same time, one of my roleplaying friends made the leap from Runequest to Shadowrun. Shadowrun is based around a Cibson-esque cyberpunk theme, but as an added twist, fantasy creatures such as elves feature too.
However, the main thrust of games I participated in was always the technological aspect of cyberpunk life and as such my character became an accomplished hacker and broke into several large corporate computer networks. These networks were called matrices and invariably the gamesmaster would not let me hack into one unless he happened to have prepared it in advance, because otherwise the game would grind to a halt for ten minutes whilst he rolled some dice and consulted his tables to generate a matrix.
Shadowrun Gms will therefore consider the Matrix Generator something of a godsend - in a matter of seconds it can generate an entire computer system, which can then be printed out for reference. Whilst it clearly caters only for an extremely small number of people, this is the sort of simple but useful program that the Public Domain was made to house.
Amiga Computing TWO DISKS The whole ArtEffect package only takes up two disks so installation using the Amiga installer takes no time at all. When you first run it you must choose what screen mode to use. ArtEffect can use any Amiga screen mode from 1G to 256 colours and if you have a CyberGraphX card you will be able to make full use of it and take advantage of the 15 and 24 bit screen modes. One point to note is that ArtEffect needs a screen at ieast 400 pixels high, other wise the GUI will not fit.
LlJeW FORV 1 . 5 Ot seems to have taken an eternity to get hold of a copy, but finally I have managed to get my grubby mitts on this latest Amiga art package. At a time when the Amiga's future is no more clear than it has been at anytime in the last couple of years, it is quite a shock to find a company showing as much faith in the Amiga as Haage and Partner. Following the release of its C C++ compiler just a few months ago, j now has what is supposedly Photoshop for the Amiga, a bold claim for any package make on any platform, It has to be said though that any Amiga art package is going
to have something special to make its Looking at the current range of out there, Amiga users have a great deal to choose from already.
For bitmap work there is Brilliance and the latest version Ppaint. For image processing you have ImageFX and AdPro not forgetting public domain entries ImageStudio and ImageEngineer. And then for 24 bit work you could again choose Brilliance, XiPaint, Photogenics or, for the rich, TV Paint. So for ArtEffect to succeed it may very well have to be as good as Photoshop.
Support for Ham8 mode (A1200, A4000) This is a bit of a mixed blessing depending on how you look at it With the Ham8 mode you generally get a much better colour representation of the picture, indeed it is much better than Photogenics' own HamB mode. On the down side, screen update is dog slow and Haage & Partner themselves only recommend it for when you are image processing Plug-In Motion Blur A free new plug in allows you to add motion blur to your pictures, hence the name MotionBlur plug in, it's all clever stuff Plug ln Tile This module fills the complete picture with the current brush
Plug-In MakeTile This module creates a tile that can be used with the module tile to create an 'endless' texture. This actually has a useful application for Web pages as you will be able to make seamless backdrop images in no time at all Plug-In ScanQuix This module calls the external scanner software ScanQuix if it is installed on your computer Could an Amiga art package even come close to challenging Photoshop? Neil Mohr sees if the rumours are true ArtEffect has one of those all singing multi-window front ends and thanks to BGU1, everything is font sensitive and aspect correct. A nice
touch is that when you shut it down all the current windows, positions and status are recorded for the next time you run it. One puzzling thing though is why the tool box is so big - are Germans not very dextrous? It could easily be half the size and still be big enough, but Amiga Computing As with most programs today, to get the best out of ArtEffect, you need a relatively high specification Amiga - preferably an 040 Amiga with a CyberGraphx card EWS Things do not just stop here though, when it comes to actually drawing with brushes, you have a whole myriad of additional control over how
the brush affects your picture. Most basically you can adjust the hardness of the current brush but extras like darken, lighten, process hue saturation luminance, blur, smooth and sharpen all add up to give you a lot of control over your drawing.
; me being picky.
Ither than the tool box, normally you ill have a brush window, which again I ; it a little on the large side, a universal n window that works very well. For ach drawing tool you select this changes fa you can leave it open and have access to all the options at any time. For colour selection you have quite a choice - RGB, HSB and CMYK slider along with a HSB colour range and a configurable colour mixer.
Colour change The sliders are very well implemented, as you adjust them the actual slider container changes colour, showing which position corresponds to which colour, taking out some of the guess work. The one thing not available is the normal circular Amiga colour selector, which I do find quite easy to use and would like to see added.
Different paint packages expect you to work in different ways, the older or more traditional style Amiga paint package generally only allowed you paint on direct colour or play around with gradients working on the pixel level. With the arrival of Photogenics you had an awful lot more power as it allowed you to both paint directly onto an image with its effects and also mask out areas with its alpha channel.
With Photoshop, as with ArtEffect, 1 1 .
Brush Manager Create | Add | Rem[ Pic | - Pic| SPITZE 20 Using the brush creator you can knock up almost any type of brush you like tool. If you have ever used Dpaint or Brilliance you would have more than likely come across their stencil functions. With these programs you can select certain colours in a picture and protect them from being drawn over. The main point being Tuesday i4-Jan-97 16:17 |fS
- IQPX G [ F’frz.j. Fancy effects and composition tools are all
well and good and have their place in any self-respecting art
package, but if they are not backed up with decent drawing and
brush tools, the program will always seem to be lacking
something. For example, ImageFX’s painting is far from perfect
and Photogenics does not allow you to grab brushes from other
Well ArtEffect certainly does not disappoint with its brush support. To start you have three different drawing modes - pen, brush and airbrush. All giving you a slightly different control over how colour is spread onto pictures.
The real power of ArtEffect's brushes lies in its brush manager and the universal settings window. The brush manager is the part you will use the most and is where all your brushes are stored.
If you are familiar with Brilliance, you will know this had a brush store where all the loaded brushes were graphically stored. ArtEffect is a little different, not only can brushes cut from images be stored here, but you can create your own brush styles. Using the brush creator it is possible to alter the size, shape, density, dithering and brush spacing. As a result you can create a brush for whatever type of situation you wish.
Effects are applied to the entire image, unlike Photogenics in which you can 'paint on' these effects. Obviously there are times where this is not what you want, you may only be interested in a specific area or portion of an image.
To help you here ArtEffect has a stencil Qjrush with depth ArtEffect J Prewttt (a Sobel .aajjjjjjjjjjjjjl sarqej Spread | Copy I Svap | A new MakeTile plug in copies Photoshop's seamless welder and allows you to create continuous Web backdrops with ease You will be abte to run ArtEffect on any public screen that has more than 16 free pens Amiga Computing 53 that in a picture, relative areas usually consist of similar colours, so you can protect these areas by selecting the relevant colours.
This same sort of thinking is also used with ArtEffect, but the execution is very different. With Dpaint you got a list of colours in the picture and which ones are in the stencil. With a 24 bit image this is obviously not practical, so instead the area masked out by your selection is shown graphically on screen with ArtEffect shading out the selected areas.
Tolerances Area is determined on the colour you choose and you also have control over the tolerance levels, or how closely matching other colours have to be before they will also be selected for the stencil. You can select and de-select multiple areas using the alt and control keys.
Once you have the area selected, further control is provided via invert, add border, grow and shrink functions. Finally there is a feather option that fades in any effect that is applied and covers over the edge of the selected area. Anyone that ?
Just as every other art package out there, ArtEffect has a bulging pouch of image effects ready for you to unleash on your unsuspecting pictures. Just as with Photoshop and Photagenics, ArtEffect uses a plugin system to ailow filters to be updated or added to at a later date.
HOSE EFFECTS ArtEffect uses quite a good window system in which a preview thumbnail of the finished effect is shown and any options are available. Even though a progress bar shows how long the preview will take to display, it would be even better if the preview was a progressive display. One interesting point about the effect windows is that they run asynchronously to the main program. So you can open an effect, leave it open and go back to editing the main picture, and the preview will continue to be updated.
All the effects are pretty much what you would expect. I was half hoping for a decent gausian blur filter but Everything you would expect is provided by ArtEtfect’s filters, I just want a progressive display unfortunately it is still limited to only two blur levels and was almost as slow as Photogenics'.
Has used Photoshop will now realise that the stencil is another name for Photoshop's magic wand, and the tool in ArtEffect used to select the stencil area is called exactly that, but you get the added bonus of being able to draw on the stencil as well.
As with most programs today, to get the best out of ArtEffect, you need a relatively high specification Amiga - preferably an 040 Amiga with a CyberGraphX card. With a plane old ACA or ECS machine drawing on screen with some of the fancy pens can be a laborious task, even though most of the effects and other drawing tools do work fast enough.
For a first release, ArtEffect shows enormous promise. I think it has a way to go before it can live up to the claim that it is equal to Photoshop. It has some good advantages over Photogenics - excellent brush manipulation tools and functions are something that Photogenics sorely misses - and the ability to create new brushes within ArtEffect is excellent. Personally I cannot wait for version two which we should be seeing something of by the start of February.
[ Requirements RED essential BLACK recommended 2_Mb a The new motion blur filter in action, all the wh ie a second filter is still working in the background Hard drive Workbench RAM Bui and you-me 8 Mb library. The best known, or some would say infamous, is Magic User Interface, this provides a wealth of special gadgets and features for the programmer while being simple to implement To be honest the word overkill could describe MUI, every single part of it is adjustable and at the end of the day most people use the same type of fonts and gadgets.
I would say the runner up in the GUI war is BGUI, another long running replacement system that takes a much more cut-down approach than MUI. It only requiring a single 100k library but still gives the programmer a simple way to create rescable, font sensitive windows and interfaces. With programs such as ArtEffect, DrawStudio, World Construction Set and Digital Universe all opting for these replacement interface systems, 1 can only see the trend continuing in the future.
It seems to be common place now for Amiga programs to shun the standard interface in favour of the increasing number of replacement systems out there.
Since version two of the Amiga's operating system arrived a new interface library has been available called GadTools.
This was meant to supply the programmer with access to all the different gadget types they would ever need in one small library, which it did.
Unfortunately, to implement even a simple set of buttons required you to go through the arduous process of creating a GadTool data structure for each one, and then there was the matter of then having to collect the gadgets messages afterwards.
Because of the unfriendliness of GadTools many programmers took it upon themselves to produce replacement interface libraries - entirely new ones or ones that built upon the existing GadTools kJlLl UCT DETAILS ArtEffect vl .5 Product Blittersoft Supplier Price £79.95 Tel 0190S 261466 b50ft@wildnet.co.uk E-mail http: blittersoft.wildnet.co.uk WWW Ease of use 92% Implementation 85% Value For Money Overall 90% 89% Amiga Computing Want to get connected?
FUSt CONNECT Wanting to get onto the Internet? Already connected, but frustrated with your software? NetConnect is all you need to get connected to the Internet and contains a suite of seven commercially licensed Internet applications. You won’t find an interface as easy-to-use as NetConnect’s! We have spoken at length to so many of our customers about getting onto the Internet - we know exactly what you need and what you want. You want software you can use - not shareware but commercial software, you want the hassle taken out of the installation and you want a suite of the very best Amiga
Internet software. Indeed, to make NetConnect the very best we organised programmers to enhance their software - so you get previously non-released software. NetConnect contains a full TCP client worth over £35 in itself! You can save masses of £££’s from buying NetConnect as there is no need to licence the Internet software - full versions all licenced for you] NetConnect's GUI does more than control manage AmiTCP! It also gives you a completely editable icon bar (see pics) to control and manage your programs.
No other Internet pack meets the specifications of NetConnect! Ask for a time-limited demo version!
Modem Offer & Specifications 33600 bps DATA FAX modem - true v34+ Group 1, 2 & 3 iend r*c*lvo FAX Enhanced ADPCM coding Auto mode dotactlon allow* modem to connect with a modem that la configured for differing connection modes Extended AT command set Upgradable ROM chip (safeguarding against future specifications) BT and CE Approved Amiga eerial cable Included Full "get started" documentation 5 year warranty - also undergone rigorous Amiga tests VOYAGER - WWW MICRODOT 2 - MAIL NEWS AMFTP - FTP AMTELNET - TELNET ICON BAR EDITOR GUI AMITCP CONTROL GUI NETCONNECT PRICES NetConnect Disks £ 59.95
NetConnect CD £ 59.95
33. 6 Modem £119.95
33. 6 Modem & NetConnect [CD or Disks] £149.95
33. 6 Modem + NefConnecf for under £150! Amazing!
1703 S.VV C S EARTH J 1702 S.W.O S MOON
o 1778 pinball fantasy COMBAT GAMES j 941 FATAL BLOWS j 933
MARTIAL SPIRIT j 290 fight warriors J 1230 WEAPON MASTERS J
1420 CYBERGAVES 3DSK J 1548 FIGHT A1200 J 1720 A1200 SAMURAI
J 1686 HILL CUMB J 1705 A12AER RACERS J 974 F1 EDITOR 95 6
J 1695 NEW MINES 0 1569 BUG MINES J 1572 UNDER MINES J 1573
J 1711 A12 INGENUOUS j 1671 BREED 1996 J 1753 A1200 GLOOM
01W 8 DISK O 647 SOUND FX 3 DISK 0 619 DRUMS 2 DISK 01666 URBAN
KIT O 1629 UN-ARCHIVER DISK A SYSTEM 3 166 SYSTEM TESTER 0 467 FILE UNDELETE O 194 DISK OPTIMISE O 356 ENGINEERS KIT O 245 FIX DISK J tea HARDWARE MANUAL AMIGA EDUCATION O 765 GEOGRAPHY 0 532 MATHS 5 DISKS 0 644 ENGLISH 4 DISK 0 486 LANGUAGES 4 DISK 0 270 PLANETS fi DISK J 304 ENGINES 5 DISK 0 059 AMIGA TUTORIAL O 1269 DPAINT 4 TUTOR O 937 A12Q0 1600 TUTOR J 1361 2 DISK INTERNET 0 1360 AMIGA GUIDE Buy NetConnect and get FREE connection to Enterprise (worth £20 ex. VAT or £23.80 inc. VAT)J Supported by I ISP's Worldwide I NetConnect allows you to select your country then select an ISP (easyl) -
we have about 160 ISP s listed from 29 different countries (58 from the UK!) Nearly 100% of the WORLD is covered for any user who wants to connect to the Internet!
Modem Jtl . J Send your order to: Active Software, PO Box 151 Darlington, County Durham, DL3 8YT, ENGLAND.
01325 352260 Make cheques PO-'s payable to Active Software and send to the address listed opposite. We can accept credit or debit card orders For any additional Information call us ASAP!
50p per CD for UK delivery £1 per CD for EU delivery E1.50 per CD ROW delivery £3 for 2-3 day delivery £4 for next day delivery £15 for Saturday delivery Postage and Delivery UNDERGROUND PD, 54 CARMAN!A CLOSE. SH0EBJRYNESS, ESSEX SS3 9Y2. TEL: 01702 295887 Name: ... Amiga Model: . Address: . .... . Postcode: .. DISK COST £1.50 EACH. NO MINIMUM ORDER, ALL VIRUS FREE AND USER FRIENDLY.
All games are on 1 disk and run on all Amiga’s unless otherwise stated PICK AN EXTRA DISK FOR FREE WITH EVERY EIGHT DISKS YOU PURCHASE Oery few people like having to enter a reason for chat, as in MaxsChat mentioned last month.
Try setting up a different kind of Sysop pager, one without code, using the ANSI in this month's MaxJzx archive.
You will still use MaxsChat to drop straight into chat after a caller has paged (if you want to) as it's a decent front end with the split screen chat method. The actual paging process will be different and completely rede- finable graphics-wise, uniike some coded opposition.
Before this, login and press C from the main menu to see how the built-in pager works at the moment. Put Pagerl.ans and Pager2,ans in your Text directory.
In Max's Configure Text, line 37: "'’«*S‘'[[34«Paging la..." should be changed to: BBS:lcjtyPagert.an5 and line 38: has bean paged, ht nay chat interupt later___ Jason Jordache presents the Sysop pager with a difference should be: BS S:Text Pager2.ins Set up Max's Configure Menus with a key to page the Sysop: Key:, Fune: Extra; Lo ace: Bi ace; P310 10000 The 3 begins Max's built-in Sysop page routine. The 1 (this could be any number) refers to how many times you’il be paged with a screen flash and chat sample.
After you've been paged you can drop into chat using MaxsChat or another favourite door or press any key whilst the sample is buzzing to use Max’s internal kit. If you come into the room when someone is on-line, you'll know if they have paged as their name in the info bar at the bottom of the screen wilt be red with an asterix on each side. Should 1: M fl X's BBS Version 1.54 Copyright © they have already logged off, you can check to see if they paged via BBS Caller Log.
In Configure System, the Max Pages field can be set to 1. So, should they page a second time on the same visit, they'll get a different message. Put the NotHere.ans in Text, From Max's Configure Text, change line 41 "'iripm iiThsrs' no point calling any- iore!*[[Ci*llir to; BBS:Te*i NotHere.ans Overlaid screens Max's auto insert option allows say, %e, to be part of an ANSI screen. Instead of displaying this like you see in HyperANSI, Max notices in the ° o as an indication that the following letter of the alphabet is a special control code for inserting information such as a users name
(%R) or the date (%c), or for forcing a pause (%Z) normally at the bottom of a screen. Have a look at Autolnsert.text in BBS.
As standard, two %% side by side cancels this function and displays just one ° o when viewed through Max. Sysops find when they use ° oR in the middle of an ANSI screen, it messes with the surrounding text by pushing it to the right. To get round this and to learn how our Sysop pager works, auto inserts and ANSI graphics are overlaid upon existing ANSI instead of having it all on the one screen. You can do this with HyperANSI.
In Hyper use Page Next Page and Page Prev Page to move among screens. At the middle bottom, in cyan, is the word Page followed by the page you are on. Say you're on the first screen of several, by clicking on Page it turns to a red Trns, letting you see the graphics appearing on successive screens, Useful when positioning graphics to align with other pages. You edit what is on the current screen, but not what you see coming through from following screens. You can only alter those by first moving to them.
Load in Pagerl .ans on the first page. Move to the second page and load PagerOrig2,ans.
Move to the third, load PagerOrig3.ans. On the first page click on Page at the bottom, turning it Transparent.
Now you see how all three pages fit together. At this stage you may want to edit the text and ANSI to suit your BBS, toggling Trns on off to save confusion, The %Y in the top left of pages 2 and 3 give a one second pause before displaying the graphics beneath. You'll probably understand it all better now when you test the pager you've installed in Max's.
Amiga Computing 1 : M fi X's BBS Version 1.54 Copyright B TORIAL
* O . LT jijHH . I;i S ‘ yjou stand before the iron portcullis
that ? ?!
Jifto the castle proper. The guards ask for cTHJ- == nu | I | £ ‘ m The lai*&est nods quietly to hinself, seeing youi* nane upon his list. He eyes you with passive concern. Ponderinar what lands you Must have travelled fron he begins to speak, "Stranger... what is thy clearance word?" ‘ Suburb: Tine renaming: Hessages: bps: Dns : Cat Is: You'll probably want to re-edit screens over time so save out each screen separately.
Saving multiple screens as one block or file means they can’t be loaded back in without causing problems. Remember when saving to keep an eye on the Page Range in the save requester as you have to adjust it, e.g. "From 001 To 003" to "From 001 To 001".
Due to the Sysop pager system there are two finished ANSI files required. One will have page one saved under Pagerl.ans, the second will have pages two and three saved as Pager2.ans, The trick to clean screens lies under the Edit menu with ANSI Parameters.
The Screen Preparation gadget should be set to Clear. Cycle through the Inter-Page Preparation to Home. Number of Rows at Auto. End of Line Character can be anything you like, as long as ANSI Code Cursor Advance is toggled On.
You have a backup of the ANSI so with those settings move to page 1 and save it in Text as an ANSI under the name Pagerl.ans, adjusting the Page Range so not to save the rest of the pages at the same time. Move to page 2. Alter the ANSI Parameters so Screen Preparation reads Home. Home just sends the cursor to the top left of the screen before drawing the graphics instead of clearing it first like Clear does.
Co to save, you should see the Page Range already set "From 002 To 003’', Save page 2 and 3 in this way as one tile under Pager2,ans in Text.NotHerel ,ans, NotHere2.ans and NotHere3.ans are the screens building up NotHere.ans, for if a user pages twice, to be edited as above.
A main menu might incorporate the talking dock (%e). Page 2 would have %e typed and positioned so as to fit in a gap on page 1 where everything else in the main menu is drawn. These two would be saved as one with Screen Prep at Clear, Inter-Page Prep at Home and ANSI Code turned On.
Cursor repositioning By having HyperANSTs Number of Rows set to AUTO in the ANSI Parameters the cursor always appears straight after the last character towards the bottom right of a given ANSI screen, Fine for some purposes but what if you want the cursor to appear elsewhere?
Like in a box you've drawn, common throughout the menus, for that aesthetic touch, The Workbench Ed won't do it, nor will Final Writer. You need a text editor such as Transwrite or CED - you've probably got something that can handle it. Load the ANSI A taster of the ANSI you can find from the coverdisk into CED, say your MainMenu.text. It might be an idea to copy it to Ram while playing about like this and temporarily change the Text Filename field in Menu 0 from Max's Configure Menus, to read "Ram;MainMenu.text''. Continuing straight from the last character at the bottom of the ANSI text
file, but don’t press return afterwards, we need this in: Ct8: tsc nO;5H Instead of typing esc you need the reversed character you see by pressing the escape key. Along the corridor and down the stairs. We move aiong 10 characters and down 5, and that's where the cursor lands when viewed in Max's. It will take a few tries before you get it spot on.
Row 253 in Configure Text: "Hit £sc twice or wit 30 seconds to enter the BBS.. (HIT is a prompt requiring change with the help of our command. Design yourseif an ANSI called PressEsc.ans (then place it in Text) with the logo or name of your BBS covering the entire screen, with a bit of info at the bottom detailing opening times, connect speeds, Sysop name and the like, plus the essential notice paraphrasing the message: "Kit twice or wait 30 seconds to enter the BBS”.
This screen won't be displayed via local login but the caller will see It and so will you when he calls. This is your chance to make an impression. Replace line 253 with: Nane: Lt on: Recess: full nane: Maverick BBS:Text PfessEsc.sns Take a look at Logln.text in your Text drawer using Hyper. This is the default first screen a caller sees after reading the hit escape one liner. Since we've changed this by having our first screen appear even sooner by making amends to line 253, we no longer need the BBS name and connect speed information that appears in Logln.text. To finish off, here's a
couple of ideas for when callers enter their name and password.
Replace the Logln.text in your Text directory with the one from the coverdisk (have a backup of the Menus and Text directories on standby, you may need them over the weeks). This file will be shown straight after PressEsc.ans and now holds the what's your name question.
If you logged on now it won't look right, so in Configure Text change line 1 "‘H'HEnter our full cane:" to:
* [[34ina«e: *EC37a That should do the trick. Login and enter
your name. Looking good. But that's one dull password prompt.
Place Password.ans in Text.
In Configure Text, replace line 3: "*H*H*[[3Zi£nter your password: *[[Q»" with: C9;12K and Password.ans E21;27H1 as csrsor repositioning is iapleaented. Save Logln.text with standard clear screen.
Password.ans requires Screen Preparation set to Hone and AH5I Code Cursor Advance toggled On so it overlays properly.
Ups: Conputer: Creating overlapping ANSI graphics with auto insert codes without messing up surrounding graphics Amiga Computing Subscribe - you can't afford not to 1 Because Amiga Computing is the best way of finding out everything you need to know about your Amiga and, if that isn’t enough, each magazine also comes complete with 2 of the i hottest disks crammed full of the latest software and demos.
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SUPER TENNIS CHAMPS has been described as the 'Sensible Soccer' of the tennis world. It scores highest when it comes to the most important factor of all - gameplay. Tennis games are usually difficult to pick up, but the intuitive controls makes this a doddle. Play singles or doubles with friends or just against the computer. Before you know it, you'll be playing at Wimbledon! For all 1Mb Amigas.
AMIGA ODYSSEY continues the arcade adventure tradition but with a feel more reminiscent of Prince of Persia and Flashback. You, the hero, explore seven mystical islands gaining magical powers that enable you to morph between different creatures, each with key features essential to the completion of your quest! For alt 1 Mb Amigas.
EXILE was a classic when first released and the AGA version exploded the myth that you can't have great gameplay and superb graphics in the same game.
Acclaimed Game of the Year by one magazine, it is one of the few truly ground-breaking titles of all time.
The world of Exile feels so real as you are weighed down by gravity, blown around by gusts of wind and pummelled by squawking birds. In fact there are so many fascinating puzzles in this true arcade adventure that you'll probably still be enjoying it in the next millennium! Versions for A500 600, A1200 and CD32.
St PCIT LEAGDE MANAGER SUPER LEAGUE MANAGER is a football management sim with a difference - it's more true to life! Instead of providing sheaves of statistics that just aren't available in the real world, you must use skill and judgement to turn a team of no-hopers into a League-winning side. Versions for A500 600 (not 1200 compatible) A1200 and CD32.
Audiogenic Software is the oldest games publishers in the UK, with a history dating back to 1979 - long before the Amiga was invented. Now there's a chance for Amiga Computing readers to obtain a copy of Audiogenic's first Amiga game, Impact (published way back in 1987), totally free when you buy two or more games from this page.
Buy any of the four great Audiogenic titles on this page for £9.99 plus £1.25 postage and packing per order. Buy two or more games and Audiogenic will send you the Impact disk completely free!
Send your cheque (made out to Audiogenic Software Ltd) to: Amiga Computing Offer Audiogenic Software Ltd Winchester House Canning Road Harrow HAS 7SJ Alternatively phone 0181 424 2244 between 10.30am - 6pm Monday to Friday to place your order by credit card.
Please state Amiga model when ordering.
Join the Mile-High Club news news I=5 CD .X CO 1 ' ' f J r J 1 r 1 Hugh Poynton investigates the latest news stories in the Amiga gaming scene Good news for the Amiga this month. Guildhafl and Vulcan appear to be largely responsible for keeping the Amiga format well supplied with quality games, both old and new. Guildhall is releasing a selection Gun Fury One of the Guildhall '97 releases is Binary Emotion's new thinking man's shoot -em up - Gun Fury. Despite the slightly disturbing sounding working title, Binary Emotion's latest release looks like it will be a challenging
puzzler shoot - em up.
Investigations The aim of the game is to repel waves of alien invaders with your - as the camp bloke in Alio Alio used to say - liddle tank'. The aliens are various colours and as you shoot one, your tank turns that colour - you can then only shoot another alien of the same colour. A fairly simple premise, but often the simplest games are the best Gun Fury should be ready in a few weeks, so welt bring you a preview as soon as we can.
Epic Marketing is to publish a new game from called 5ixth Sense Investigations. The game, being developed by Swiss developers CineTech, is a comedy graphic adventure about a buddy buddy detective team who solve the problems and mysteries of their rich clients. The twist is that in their investigations they are aided by the spirit of a sarcastic old bloke, Written in a style reminiscent of Sam and Max, Sixth Sense Investigations makes use of the VEGA graphics adventure system which allows it to run at 50 frames a second and enables the player to zoom in on the various characters, The A1200
based game should be ready for release by April.
News news news The Strangers Slovakian software development team, Ablaze Entertainment has completed its first project, The Strangers. Although the project is finished, Ablaze are at present looking for a distributor.
I have only played a demo version of the game but it looks like it could be fun. The story is pretty simple - you are in a factory with a bunch of homicidal nutters, all intent on beating you up. Your mission is to beat the stuffing out of them first.
Unlike traditional beat-em ups such as Street Fighter, The Strangers offers you the opportunity to knee somebody in the groin (at which your unfortunate adversary will double up with a rather concerned expression on his face). The dress sense of the protagonists is another endearing feature of this game - the bloke you control looks like Jean Claude Van Damme after experimenting with mind expanding drugs. Puke green trousers and a luminescent blue T-shirt - no wonder there are people out to beat him up.
From what I've seen, The Strangers looks like a fun beat-em up that could do well if it finds a distributor, so watch this space. For further information mail Ablaze at: kraviar@vadium.sk even mote Guildhall Releases Guildhall is to release four titles in the New Year, as well as increase its back catalogue with classic games from Microprose and Electronic Arts. In addition to the Microprose releases mentioned in last months Amiga Computing, Guildhall will be re-releasing 3D Golf, Covert Action, FI 5 II, Grand Prix, Rail Road Tycoon, and Silent Service. Electronic Arts games include PGA Golf,
FIFA Soccer, Theme Park, Desert Strike, Wing Commander and the (in my opinion) absolutely classic Road Rash.
Guildhall will be also be responsible for the distribution of Manyk's Euro League Manager and Basket Island, and Binary Emotion's Minskies Furball's and Gun Fury.
Go to Spaceport Hugh Poynton tries his hand at Applause’s latest intergalactic tinker simulator the planet Denab - looks ather like Rainow to me Return of the space tea-leaf I was tired and hungry, I'd just been released from jail for the fourth time and only had enough Rioney to buy a snack in a dodgy pub. The letters page in the Big Issue? An exert from Trainspotting?
No, actually that was the state my character was in after playing Cygnus 8.
It's a strange game. Although the basic idea behind it has been done many times before (trade goods, both dodgy and straight across (he galaxy and attempt to get rich) the idea has never been approached like this.
Graphically the game has a very carfoony feel to it; there are none of the polygon models and texture mapped planets of, say, Elite Frontier. Instead the space travel sections play like Astro Blaster and the planet based trading parts include destinations such as The Pub and Jail and give you Ihe option of breaking and entering various premises.
Although quite cute looking, Cygnus 8 is like a psychotic hamster - deceptively vicious. You may think there's nothing to the game, that it's purely about trading the same boring old commodities. Well you'd be wrong. If you don't drop into the pub every day and feed your face and get some sleep (which costs a lot of money), your health will decline inexorably. You need to be earning quite a lot to do this comfortably, so oaoi4 QOOV.
Fight your way through the thronging crowds in Denab's best pub if you're not exactly excelling at interplanetary trading, you'll probably take the slippery path to theft and drug abuse that jM| It was all so easy to begin with - wander round the deserted planet and break into factories and stores. This pays off when you're lucky, but the money required to buy your way out of jail is so extortionate you'd probably prefer to spend a week in the slammer. However, if you haven't got enough money to buy food or shelter, your health will decline to such an extent that Spaceport officials won't
allow you fly your Your intergalactic runabout more Xr2ithan XL5.
Spaceship. To be totally honest, at this stage, the graphics aren't really very good and the preview version we received didn't have any sound. Despite this, Cygnus stands out on account of its originality and the funny little touches which set it apart from other trading games. I mean, getting tired? You never flaked out from exhaustion if you hadn't found digs for the night in Elite. If you want a detailed space trading simulation game pick up Frontier, hut if you just want a Del Trotter in hyperspace, space cockney muck about, you could do worse than investigate Cygnus 8.
ACTION FEATURE GADGETS i’m a control freak”, Hugh Poynton is often heard muttering.
Who better then to test Logic 3’s new range of peripherals?
SpeedMouse The AM SpeedMouse is a budget mouse and looks iike one. This may sound like a criticism, but I'd prefer to think of it more as an observation.
The plastic is bright shiny white and unfortunately renders the thing quite ugly and tacky looking. Also the two function buttons, although they do their job, look and fee! Almost flimsy.
Having said this, the SpeedMouse does its job without problems. I used the AM Mouse both for workbenching on the Amiga and game control on Vulcan's JetPilot, in both cases it proved to be quite smooth and fast.
So there you go. If you want inexpensive but decent computer peripherals you could do worse than look at Logic 3's range.
For a budget joystick the AM Attack joystick looks quite cool. It has that flared and mean look about it, and although it doesn’t have a myriad of buttons and switches, still looks a little as if somebody has wrenched it out of a nearby jet plane. Finished off in matt black and blue, Ihe AM Attack is well produced for a budget peripheral.
Like the control pad, the AM Attack did its job well whilst playing games. The control was quick and responsive and presented no problems, it also felt quite strong and sturdy. If 1 have a criticism of the AM Attack, it concerns the design of the base. Trivial though it may sound, for some reason the suckers don't always attach themselves to the desk and the joystick base itself is too large to hold in one hand comfortably, unlike other Amiga joysticks. However, despite this, it's a good choice AMActionPad I love it when a handful of peripherals come through the post and land on my desk.
There's a good reason for this. In order to test each peripheral enough to do il justice you really should play test it considerably not just on one game, oh no, but three or even four. Its not just a method ot skiving, it is a sacrifice I make lo ensure my journalistic integrity.
Needless to say when Logic 3 sent us three of its latest budget Amiga peripherals I took it upon myself to ensure they got well and truly tested.
First up is Logic 3's new control pad for the Amiga. The AMActionPad is a pretty functional but aesthetically pleasing gaming peripheral for all Amigas. The layout of the pad is pretty much identical to the Sony PlayStation control pad with an eight directional digital output pad on the left and a pair of function buttons on the right. Across the top is a pair of PlayStation style shoulder buttons.
The pad is no-nonsense, functional, ergonomically well designed and fits snugly into the hand. BuilcI quality is good, although inescapably pSasticky, it nevertheless feels sturdy and strong.
Control wise the pad behaves exactly as it should, and is pretty easy to learn to use. A & good buy.
Ft* S3 ACTION REVIEW FLIGHT SIM THE LOW-DOWN PUBLISHER Vulcan Software DEVELOPER In house CONTACT 01705 670269 DISKS 4 PRICE £16.99 MACHINE All Amigas (1Meg min) PLAYABILITY REVIEWED BY HUGH ton has always wanted to as the obvious ave you ever seen the simulator rounds on The Krypton Factor? The bit where Kenneth the systems analyst from Chelmsford has to sit in a hoeing simulator and attempt to land it at Hong Kong International. He sweats, gnashes his teeth and grimaces until he's crashed into the Hilton Hotel just to the left, shrugs and hopes for better luck on the manual dexterity round.
The whole process looks fiendishly complicated but somehow you wouldn't mind a go yourself.
This is the chopped and lowered version JetPilot gives the opportunity to do just this.
It would be safe to say that what Vulcan is offering here is pretty much the most realistic flight simulator written for the Amiga. Needless to say this means it requires patience, skill, intelligence and about five hands.
Almost every aspect of flying a modem jet has teen reproduced here including flight parameters that come within 10 per cent of real aircraft, changing weather conditions and 27 air bases from the Eastern Mediterranean to Scotland. Jetpilot is absolutely packed full of options - there are three planes you can fly: The Lightning, Starfighter or Mig 21, on a huge variety of missions from formation flying to combat intercept missions.
To be honest, jetpilot is something you will either love or hate, it really depends on what you look for in a computer game. It isn't something you can just play for 15 minutes while waiting for Neighbours to start. Because At the risk of sounding inane, this plane is the coolest cos it looks so smart of the complexity of the simulation you really need to get to know the game and practice flying the jets and using features such as the radio communications and ground tracking.
Because of the inherent realism, the planes despite being quite easy to handle, aren't as forgiving as in other less realistic sims - take off too steeply and the tail will drag on the ground and destroy the plane. Land too fast and the tyres will burst. Jetpilot is a very impressive product and flight sim buffs will be happy as pigs in mud, however I do get the feeling the game will appear too complicated and perhaps intimidating for those who aren't as well aquatinted with sims.
This said, Jetpilot is a step forward for the Amiga. Spec wise the game is pretty hungry but it shows the strength of the computer - there isn't, to my knowledge, a game that comes near it on the PC in terms of realism and detail. The graphics are excellent, the planes are realistic right down to the smallest detail with even individual markings visible.
Ha! Beat him from the tights, c'mon you big girl, catch up!
The geography is completely detailed and realistic - take off from a North Wales air base and you'll be able to see Anglesey in one direction and the Wirrat in the other.
JetPilot will run on pretty much any Amiga but, like many of Vulcan's new products, favours higher spec machines. On a 1 MB or 2MB system some features will have to be disabled.
However, on a souped up A1200 or A4000 the simulation will run like a dream. If you have a fairly high spec Amiga and are a flight sim buff this game is tailor made for you.
Some mention also has to be made of the price - at £16.99 JeiPiiot is very competitively priced for such a high quality game, you will certainly get your moneys worth out of this one. The simplest missions, such as just taking off and circling are complicated enough to master, so with 20 qualification missions and loads of combat missions there is more than enough to keep you occupied for donkeys years.
AW CA A129Q 4G00 S?sOHC iJIM I'lJi Spjsa»ui ©1*33*4} Please send me a copy of Htreme Racing Data Dishs (lame:.. Address: Postcode: ... Payment by cheque postal order credit card tor f 1.39
- I I I IJJ i i I I I I iJjli Please enter your credit number
bere PapiHJ Date:_______________________ Rllouu 19 days for
deliuery Please send completed order form with payment to:
Guildhall Leisure Seruices Ltd, Unit 15, Guildhall Industrial
Estate, Hirh Sandall, Doncaster, S.Vorhs, DH310R.
ACTION REVIEW SHOOT-’EM-UP 've heard of I in imyyenrs skiing, plun go-karting fount!
Multicoloured b Star re It rt r miM life W01 Don't ask... Rninator, with the basis tevvays scrolling shooting nte in conceplj basically beirj gallery.
The graijtiicpare very good. The screens jPtroll past Jvmle the killer tomato side steps his way thr u fhe level. By directing the cross joystick, the offending evil n be blown apart, and the zone hairs vvith *qL grocery ilems liberated. V jMommy Gt) pstupid but fig drive-by supl style gerkins v team Tomato (or Cheesel is to blast through, shooting the bad guys and . Blowing the padlocks of the little & cages in which your mates are imprisoned. The game reminds ids of weird gai g blue blobsdown-hill ¦rs, dinosaurs and mushrooms I ink race tracks, spiky hogs runningifbout eating rS. However,
Tommy CiUfljjMuration's second ease, is basically nuttier than a Snickers bar.
Jr That’s not a criticism, Tommy Cun is brilliant.
The concept is weird and original, the graphics excellent and the whole game is a breath of fresh air. It arrived in our office on one of those dull wintry Wednesday mornings when you wished you could've had just another half hour in bed aid there's still quite a way to go until the weekend.!booted up the machine and within a minute I was playing with a big smirkv smile on my face.
The aim of the game is simple; The bad guys (who range from vegetables to lobsters depending on the level) have taken over five rones and capture Tommy's buddies job as Tommy the 's.just saturated with really IV little touches. For instance the market gerkins - mean gangsta- fly past you in a trolley with guns blazing, or the paratrooper carrots who shoot away while drifting down from the supermarket rafters. And this is just in one level.
Another priceless addition is the fact that when you do shoot the lock off one of your buddies' ges they jump out, throw you a power t MH a bon MPShout 'Thank You' in a voice that sounds like an inebriated smurf on helium.
However, despite being a genuinely enjoyable, fun game, Tommy Gun does have a few detracting [joints, although they are admittedly minor criticisms. It might be fact that I haven't played it long enough but it is pretty difficult- even on the easy levels there are so many baddies that surviving to even half way is ; mean feat.
Having said this the game ts ve addictive. You kind yourself thinking!
One more ganfflmd I'll crack it - this bal between bcin nnuymgly frustrating and challenging is the secretJjFrnaking an addictive game.
AltjjrfEjjjh graphjdfl it doesn't match up to Racing or Worms the presentation is of Hstanda«The concept is original and using andfferc is easily enough dictivQ*B and playability to keep you rwa lor a fair while.
This is the best level. It's like a cross between Muppet's Treasure Island and The A Team.
' PUBLISHER Mutation Software DEVELOPER Inhouse THE LOW-DOWN Poyn CONTACT 01705 672616 PRICE £14.99 DISKS 1 SUPPORTS All Amigas When grocery products si shooting up the local supermarket, who ya gunna call?...r n A " GRAPHICS PLAYABILITY REVIEWED BY HUGH OVERALL SCORE Attack of the root vegetables Die Hard with ACTION FEATURE INVESTIGATION HUGH POYNTON investigates the work of new Canadian Amiga developer, Aurora Developers such as Binary Emotions and publisher developers such as Vulcan have laid claim to a still lucrative market.
Aurora is one of these brave new Amiga dedicated developers. This Canadian based games company has declared it is dedicated to supporting the Amiga and at present has three games under development. Although Aurora intend to produce games that can be run on a bog standard A1200. It is also interested in developing tor higher spec machines and even I lie eagerly awaited next generation Amigas such as the Phase 5 A Bo Amiga Compatible.
Perversely, as the future looks more and more gloomy for the Amiga, small software and games publishers have sprung up. As larger developers and publishers have almost raced each other to abandon the format, smaller, more dedicated niche software companies emerge to fill the vacuum. For those who have exploited the situation, the rewards have been great.
Aurora currently has three games in development for release in 1997. The first is a two player action game called Zone 99. Due for release in March 1 997, Zone 99 promises to be a blend of action, strategy and puzzle that requires brains as well as fast reactions.
The aim of the game is to pilot your hover tank around 99 levels attempting to find your way to the final zone. This is done bv collecting clues as to the zone's whereabouts on every level. To do this you will have to solve various puzzles and, depending on the level, battle against, or work with, the other player.
Each level will be different from the last with underwater, space and jungle zones. As zones are completed and clues found, modifications will be made available for the hover tanks. Although at the moment planned as a serial linked game, Aurora has plans to add TCP IP so the game can be played over the Internet.
Aurora is also working on an RPG puzzler mix - Betrayed - we are told it will comprise of seven chapters each containing four levels. Despite the project being in its early stages, there are a few things that we do know about the game. It is set in a research station on a distant moon from which a scientist, betrayed by bis superiors, must escape. It will be a scrolling game on an impressive scale with the largest level 1 9 screens across and 1 9 down.
Because of the size and complexity of the game Betrayed will only be available on CD-Rom.
Betrayed isn't scheduled for release until November 1997 and Aurora has a number of other projects in development including a galactic conquest war game and a texture mapped spaceship simulator. On top of this it is already starting work on the second part of the Betrayed adventure.
Keep your eyes on Aurora, its projects look impressive and in defiance of the Amiga's doom sayers, it has a list of projects planned for well into 1998.
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protector U027 ULTRAPMN U»1 HULTVPHHT V4 W oI priitoM u) Wknier
bddh ... Ucrtt CAN 00 U04S DaftKSTARiic2(*. .
UOSS DSK HAG CHEAT OH _ programing lanuaje UW5 DARKSTAR ro2 (yd2-sf lead of uti ettA™ alKj dijk marine I programing language fit® made very t&ty U905 DISK PRINT print cut torn dak" tables & PRWT Loed of utiiitw io wtiw I prim . Dehhiiiien your font cedectkon. RECOMMED U330 POOL WIZARD -ffootb* UB32 D1YENDEN0 WINNER ¦ U117 NORTH C compiler (2) brH pi U122 SID 1.5 topy clc'ieinrnovs file made very ti U131 TETRA CuPV piiy telriz while copy dipt areal 0135 MOST USE UtluYlES (2) my useful ulil toll U145 XC0PY PROfFEStCNAL very powerful dak copier U1*5 C-MANU4L 2(4) Taacn you how to programe i"C
LTT59 PAWT AND ANIMATE create row own inmation UT7D BORHTTHUS V4.0I display your own biorhythm.
U! *4 UASUR 5E KA VI S compass Airemfcto language U186 UnaiUATEO DISK CHEATOR afl tool on sr* fire U187 M COMPUTER AID DESIGN ¦ W» commercial product U!B4 SHGWIZ u.-sa anew maker 24. Wipe chad U19I 510 il copyi'dtlalBftTKna'nin hie using a mouse U22Q AM0S-PAINT Vgoood paint package lots of teahi U563 ICON CONSTURCTIOfi KTT icon making program U569 ICON reedy mada 14 disk) NUM&EWe PAD EMULATOR f uwz uivtrtutnu winner ¦ Prediction roan to for use with UTTLE WOOD. VERI40N, TETTER Ect OSM FORCASTER 2.02 New Horae predicLcn Prog ‘ AU040 UAGIC 4-Proetrscfcer VS.Exocte ripper aAEOQNUUl__________
U591 DEGRADER(fttt WB ID)MWl _ _ US92 KILL AGA-make ofcter program* run an AlJtlO WOO CM EMULATOR II utilT&cument gssasf MOUSE MAT worth £2.99 UM3 AU0*0 MAGIC I- D. ---- U846 CM Miuljtor V) (304W) CM ermilatodwtn UA4A SPECTRUM EMULATOR V2- Specaum eodatci uw UM0 EAGLE PLAYER Odisl) the best twk p4syer U851 DEU-TRACKERj2d |kt pity all musk formit U88t SOWC DRUM Kit V2 ifaka drum hihn U852 DISK COPY Pack- coikcrion of 10dbTcopier U883 OPTFUhls W- “ ----- FREE MOUSE MAT worth £2,99 with _ jry order £12 or over. To claim your I free mouse mat just cut & return this token with your order enclose a
extra 38p stamp to cover the mouse mat postage & package, offer only available with this token (limited Imausc Mat per order exclude any other offer) | You may chooM 1 FREE i " -j - v Jr 450 games 3 HOW TD CODE IN C pOUU. Way U62? ACTION REPLAY VI jiA506«OW*rthO« W disk UE23 ACTION REPU* V4dt2» ONLY) tkfriu stwro UM5 PC EMULATOR Y.2jl(WB3 onfy) SVGA PC nuUky U450 COPY t CRACK TOOL 2 more powerful copy program U630 MEW SUPER VIRUS KILLERfnct VVB3jkil 3ft. Virus U€89 FORCASTER V2-horse racing pradmwi program IK nr, irr.r iirODiCO »________.
¦k M IWInif Mat Ms* ttoqulnd PRINTER MANAt3ER:.
- -------KITA-lnetudadwt...... info col MUSIC U699 UEGACMEAT V3
Hff»ore_games cheat even for) U7O0 AHIWAfON CONSTRUCnON *fT VI2
* good U70! V MORPH V2 cim* smooth morph animation U7D3 FOOL
TOOLS 2(Ls4sti)prsdktian horse racing M001 BEASTY BOVS - We
Want Some Pussy songs M002 MICHAEL JACKSOll • Song BAD MOOT DO
SEX DEMO - Very funny
1. 1031 BETTY BOO (2) needs 2 drives (brillianl) M05B SGT PEPPER
(20) M072 MADONNA ¦ Hanky Panky Song MOM C64 GAMES MUSIC
1. 1115 MAHONEY & KAKTUS 2 - 40 tune? Compilation M1I5 ADAMS
FAMILY M150 TIFFANNY - I Think W* * Alone Non M171 MADONNA ¦
LOADER-New Hsrdtfsk m U254 FRACTAL UTIL tesd cf'racttl
programe. Bn I U2S2 LAND BUILDER creete realistic landscape
U2M COPY A CRACK TOOLS beck up your soffwsre UKX3 UESSY SiD «
rerO’wnt* Pcr MAC ect Wes.
UJ01 AUTO DISK LOGGER catalogue you d n U321 GRAPHIC Util1(3) load Sil b 3 grapfuc uti U324 GRAPHIC uM 2r3[even more Graph* tod U333 SCENERY MAKER more unscape oaneratix U334 EMULATOR COLLECTION h [lot of emulator) U335 FREE COPY back up commercial games U337 MODEL SDBrilfarit 3d object designer U33S MULTI VISION 12) dsskffiles utilities U343 HACKER-TOOLS many ripper tool U705 TRONI CAOtwi! C U9S1 MAGAZINE E 3l2ditl) iMmr Mvn higiarie U«3 AM084 AMOS PRO COMMAND EXTEK90N un«n U707 GAME ‘ AWE ROA4 H2)T or m mar* games dUot.
UJM LASTWll a TESYAUDfT.wrrteyour™ (PJJoaia envtr i uol U73S PRINTER ST A R ;«o6_FOnT DEStGNE ¦ i1 U7S2 CITIZENPRINTER MANAGER for package 5 esl dMk magtcnes PER raw at the tiesi soundgraphli T UPJ2) require tor me eonreciw BLE MAKER INSTRUCTION ptojett | U714 ENGINEER KIT various I.. U718 MAGNUM I S REGARD the I LT721 FONT FARM V3 . Load of font, U723 EXOTK RIPPER rata *a the t U724 PAR MET SET UP12) require f U725 PARNET CABLE MAKER INSTRUCTION project Mve CEE U725 AREA MANUAL ~ out Mure Pa»rt| in«tan on line lor evry fuetion U9*1 WRUSCHECKER V5,54 -sAUTO UPDATE MoffTHLYa* U«2
DinECTOflY OPUS V4 add Entri ComnantUBUTTON UW3 MAGIC WB 4 MAGIC MENU Bath Latest veralon U986 VIRUS WORKSHOP V5.1-tne best Virus kilter U987 GRAPHIC-CON VE RTER (2D) Convert picture ect U$ 8$ TURBOCAT Auto catalogue your disk library 9 AUTOBOOT DI5K MAKER v4 -very useful U7» OTI2EN PRINTER MANAGER for all Cwcen printer ssf&isasKss stBssffJ rjissEs » . .with Cannon printers U757 150. PRINTER DRIVER largest collection LT725 ARE* MANUAUnptYVbl J) complete manual.
U729 ASSASN BOOT URL » boot block crwtar uti U735 SOFT AGA (A50Mut or A«H)4 min 13 meg U731 A - Z GAMES CHEAT tor flare 503 games U732 MINI MCRPHS create TERUlkA7OR 2 erfeel U736 AWARD MAKER Ilhundred ol ready made UT3T ASSASN CRUNCH 4 COPY TOOL (WB 1J enh) U734 S.KICK PROFESSIONAL »3 Various K-Mefl U734 TURBO IMFLOOER V3.1 powerful disk crunenwr VIDEO TITLERS TOOLS lutai VIDEO NOTE dstebese for yovr video collection.
' un uinrn adoi irinnu ii ...________ (picture) processor commercial costing JU431 VIDEO APPUCATK3N (2 disks) many video titter pros i[J750 VIDEO TOOL (3) folds of video utils, ftecornmendea UW54 TELESUBTtTLE - new video titter U360 RP.G (2) advenbire creator UI53 OtSK REPAIR K(T salraoel U3TJ WORD SORT process ASCII file 4 repair damage 0 tk lc*nS7 *S.LfiCk0ut2.P»ssirord 4 nany m___ U971 HafflMXSK 4 FLOPPY DISK DOUBLER fEpu|ng«WBl J C«*7£n 800 ‘ GAMES- LEVE1- CODFy) 3(2| U9T4 HO GAMES INSTALLER 2 Insult tops game* to HO EG20DL2. Rise Ol the roboLMoital Comoai 4 metre U975 OMS « 04 Prb Crunch
arlire disk. (nol!.3) U97fi UAGIC SLECTOR VI.4-Change Magic IVB back drop U977 MAG1CWB ICON ARCHIVE (3)130?* of Mgwb tt«u U3S8 X-PASSWDfiD-prottect ycui hsrABoppy drive U979 ICON ACHRri Epj 1003'a of (torma) Icdrrlony Amgi) U954 TEXTURE STOtWl. Render various Tedure for use with Imamrw 3 act req FPU.Ino: 13) U995 pnaCAlfflLES V2 muei ter all ci * ¦ V956 BOOKE BEATER- oambilng p UW7 HD GAME INSTALLER 3 kuul .______ UMS ExOCTlC ftlPPER VJ b Latest ripper um HO MEMORY (ws colHrton! Reqwe UUU U1300 UAGIC OPUS VOL 2 4 3 120) more Deput bultom UI301 CAR DATA ANALYST-Checkyoui earpeifomunea iHnmniSnn
rn ,yjn 414__.... . .... U965 VIDEO MAKE V4.33 .The latest in video U352 DESKTOP VIDEO t A 2 (best video titier toot) Cets- lloauJnq system Do tons of functions U671 TELE TITLE 2 - Great new VIDEOS tiller U377 NCCUM II more modem software * packer util UjftJ UhlCOPY fsntislk disk copier U3M FRACSCAPE VI 2 new rraetai skniar to YISTA U400 SOUND TRACKER V2.6 music maker U420 SPEED BENCH Inoi WbU) create suti) bool wb U425 NIB 2 very popular cop*r U435 The RIPFER COLLECTIONfnot WS3| lot racer U442 SYS1NFO test 4 print info on your AMIGA sys U-W4 FONT FARM torn ereATARIetJrtorfdesign new tent U457
WHOM 2:3D-SK) Deta l'diiatate anil fimv UJ73 FINAL FCNTIER 1 (2 disk) Star-trek magarirse U473 FINAL FCNTfER 3 (Tcdrik) Saf-trt* miOAZJfte U4W HARD DGK CUCK-HanJDrve merrue system r Uqn R.I. ¦ I I* . I imj T i... .... U?« CROSS DO* 1 w rMdratrie RcoAUQA dMk 1 BOX •merry more Disk util recor
- - ..... ATE AUTOflOOT DISKcomcieM .
U743 Util .01U Maker v3 MAKE AUTO BOOT DISK MIES JOE LEI Ml89 MICHAEL JACKSON (Smoot Criminal) Ml94 JESUS ON E's (2 disks) M2CS RAVE - More Rave M252 A TO Z OF C64 GAMES MUSIC (4) Brilliant M314 DICK TRACY (Madonna) (2) M335 STAR TREK & STAR TREK NEXT GENERATION (2) U74J HOW TO CREATE U7H FRACTAL MANlA.BlOMDRPH BnlSanl ccllocucn U745 AF WORK BENCH «JfWB 1.3 ONLY) replacement U745 30 GARDEN DESIGNER 4 w*wIrom uT ------ U747 ASTR0MY V2 predk U749 OtSK REPAIR 5noa.f _______ U750 MUSIC CATALOGUlfnst ASDOflJJ) very easy to tree U75T SYTEU CHECKER TOOL muttlcr any IrnaJ owrw U753 HARO Oflivt UDLHol
more Hard DRIVE UTIL U754 PARSE MCH nstafle fcompteM) U755 WOCAO HecTrcrjc latrkl circuit board designer U753 WB ME YU LAUftCHER mew. System, rosy to we U760 ICON PLUS (30ISK) Hundreds ol sttmnvre (CONS ittci an nrrrr r j ,uo, 4_____ rlromsny snglebi « prediction NEW YEAR SPECIAL OFFER U492 WORK STAfiCra'jdai wBVJ or-iytw reflaclrmrrt H-!?? HaflOpjSKUT!!. Bf-.l col lection of Harddisk irtrt.
Special offer any 101 games pack ~ or 3 for only £7 when ordered with 1 O or more disks.
Viilul only with Ihis tokon. This offar cannot bo usod will i the free* disk or Imn mouse mat of to.
U7$ t REL0CKfT 1.4 laical W81J tmulatar U762 FAKE FAST MEMORY meka more older sgfnrere ryrv U777 TELE TEXT REGIEYER U791 OOSTftACE V2 cMs refuse la run also moni U7B3 POOL WINNER GOU) must lot aO gimter U783 HaflD-OlSK MEMORY ¥2 use HD as irawwy Ire UUU) U790WNDOW BENCHV2 fWB 2d sKnew workbench MORY nreka more older sgfi*are rvn UIW2TURBO CAT-fWB 243 only) eitilogiitaH .tEVER projecL highly recommend UIQ03 LQH0RY WNNER VS-new vtttbo ai»ULirtWTVM U501 THE MUSIC CONST UR CTI0N KITlMtlt at U5W HOT-STUFF-more util disk cump.iatK n U505 VIRUS-KjLLER 4 DISK RESALVAGE PEP A (RE KIT U507 DC0PV V3
PROFESSIONAL -Escetont Disk eeptor U509 ULT B00TBL0CK 40rboo!bio;k generawmaker . uatc arunr.at rtr«r r--.".,.:. „ n___ |l bum)
- --- J2 Update UI307 ALL MEW HAWX0ISK4FLL____________ U130B
HARD-WARE PROJECT 2(2) Bjnd Atttr, of project ever how to Mi
Amigas In a lower e*» irivcntri a rear i ... I...__________ US
10 ULTIMATE SOOT-BS.OCK Co«eC*r. U m. . .
U512 Z5RCON JtlL-3a MOST USE UTIL 2 brUlant U51S WIT COMPLETE UTIL 2D most uk util II COMPUTER DIAGNOSTIC TEST Y5 anuga Fault finding UI31D1B2P4 WST Al jjtciigeikAadffiLiii Printer Peek 5 disk pack with all the latest printing programs specially designed lor printing out high quality documents, text & pictures etc and it is even able to print out AS Booklets (very handy). Easy to use.
A. must for anyJimiga omec wttuirintcr, Printer Pack (5 disks)
only £4.99 This 5 disk pnek conlaio 19 putrfo* type [ljwdbs
alt select lor it quaHly & oriQiTuil, highly addictive &
6222 MEGA 21 GAMES amarlng 21 games G235 DRAGOM-CAVE brillant 30 punle carries G240 OUADRfX very addict ascellent G242 TAKE EM GUT like to Operation wolf G253 DESTINE MOON BASE Arcade conversion G272 TANK BATTLE 2 ployet tank battle game G27B ARCADIA the best ARKNOID clone G320 Q-B01D cross TETRIX and INVADERS- G333 DIMENSION X 2 player LIGHT CYCLE (SAME 63' 0 NEBULAR Excellent 3D shoot m up G316 GALACTIC Eaceiitril 8 level* arcade G317 HYPER-BALL Speed ball -level editor G320 GHOST-SHIP Very good 3D adventure G325 BATTLEMENT hunch back of nctcfia G326 MEGA GAME COLLECTIONS HI 3 rep genres
G379 MADONNA NUDE PUZZLES tor 16- only G331 GRAVITY massive space exploring geme 6333 CYBER-NET 1C Brillant fl way blaster G334 DONKEY KONG - A12O0 order code AGA29G) E100 UTTLE TRAVELER imTomation on world wide E101 WORLD GEOGRAPHY world with map A text.
E103 DISCOVERY OF THE ATOM, tutorial on he Atom (2D) G872 SCHHEBITZ Commercial quality puxate games
r. d.e nc, eve r.Hi il .,4 .___' ..... ¦ G542 ROAD TO HELL
brillant car racing G544 SUPERTOM CAT New vertical shoot am
G545 KUNGFU CHARLIES mix with platform brilL G546 RAID 4 laical vortical scroll shoot em up G546 QUIZMASTER very good qul* programs G552 ELEVATION gamee bow on lift 77 05CD IMPERIAL WALKER -Bjbc on STAR WAR games G567 STAftSASE 13 I O) Bril tike MONKEY ISLAND G657 AMOS LOADSA MONEY beat FRUIT-MACKIHES E003 TREASURE SEARCH find the hidden treasure.
I E004 LEARN A PLAY (not A1200)many maths 4 games I E005 LEARN 8 PLAY il more educetlon programe* I 199? PlSLj?TOR Spanlstic- English 2 player R IAN INCEf E10T TRUMPTY FIREWORK A GB79 RAG TO RICHES • Ilka M E109 MR MEN OLYMPIC I2D) many event 1o complete E110 CULT TV DATABASE (iO) Info on early TV stfres E112 HOWTO DEVELOPS PHOTO 2 (2) detevope youf own.
- Mrt Htidki E011 EDUCATION PACK 1 peck with dozens of educetlon
programs ranging from able for any Amiga. 5 as* pack E019
DINOSAURS teach you Mi about Dinasacur E020 WORLD DATABASE
require [2-meg) E021 STORY LAND II hteroct puzzle games rec
E022 LANGUAGE TUTOR teach you 4 language §023 TALKING COLOURING
BOOK Wlk.nq Dpaint bnl .....spelling »y«, t kid on the mato
subiecU RECOMmInO E121 PICTURE PUZZLE bntlan! JIGSAW type oaw.
E122 WORD FACTORY Brillant, teach kid words G669 MUGSY REVENGE gang tier graphic adventure G672 JIGSAW (20ISK) very pfayebie iigsaw game* 0673 BOBBY GARDEN . DIGGER (NEW) Brillant G674 HIGH OCTANE Fast cat racing (notwb1.3) 6675 TIME RUNNER nmtuinq graphic adventure G6B0 SP AC E-INVASION 2 - Fnniostic Gataxaln GG8I AUTOMOBILES - PD verelon ol 5KID MARK bill G6B2 BAIIDiT MafilA - Brillant fruit machine damp G685 PROJECT BUZZ BAR -Brillant esteroid G689 GUN FIGHT (not ASOttJ Jl GG90 THE REAL POPEYE 64 (aioo 1.3 only) G692 SYSTEM DEFEND-Bnliant Defender done G6S3 AUIGA-BOY-Game boy emutaor -
t«rir G73Z DETHEU IN SPACE. FecommetL G735 OVERLANOER Brillant arcade MOON ALERT G737 SERIOUS BACKGAMMON The beat in PD 8G G771 STAR WQID (2 Dfak) brillant Thrust G772 UN-SENSIBLE SOCCER vety tlmftar to Sensible tcoccer game*. RECOMMEND E024 EASY SPELL II Improve yoi E025 SCRABBLE require 2-4pfay G664 WIPE OUT-mlndlois blasting gorhse GB85 GODZILLA Another shoolom up 0866 SUPER MEGA FRUIT All new rfuil Machine GEM DRIVING MANIAC 30 (fill vBCtOf like indiSOC car racing- vary fast RECOMMEND ~ 9 PLANET FALL ¦ Lunrr Lander clone G344 STAR-TREK similar to RAID2 but haider leochlng kid* various
sublet* 6 game element. 5 disk* only £4,99 or ordei seperaiely lor only 99p per dlak. Dfdt[_Cbde KID DISK 6 E027 OSWALD Very colourful large cartoon gome EMC EVOLUTION breed your own hybrid E031 10 TEST . IQ GAMES pack 1 excellent E033 TYPING TUDOR v " J- G356 WONDER L _______, ___________ 0362 DELUXE PACMAN * best pacman ever release G36T CARD GAMES collection G368 WlZARD-OOMAJNS-dugeon type games 6370 KALATRIZ frmiAi200) arcade letriz clone G373 AJR ACE H Very playable shoot em up G38J OTHELLO best PO version E033 TYPING TUDOR vary good typing tudor E035 CHESS HELPER he (pleach how to play
E036 BASIC TUDOR learn about Amiga basic Prog level ihocvcaliect en up PECOUMENl G6S2 PENGO 2- Maze type games. Recommend SOPER OBLITERATION Blast asteroid very EDUCATION £ 21 GAMES PACK Collection of the very bwi of education programs and a 21 games pack, a very popular combination for kid* a~* 1‘« -«*ke pack o 4 SUPER INVASION II -New SPACING INVADER 6897 THE SHEPERO Brillant POPULUS clone. REC G83B AUEN GENOCIDE (21 Shool aliens set in space.
G699 PlfCKMAN. One or the better PacMan arround.
QWO SUPER-BATTLE ZONE.30 (not WB1 -3) G901 M,A*S*H a f AMTWAR 2) (Mey very tim.iar la LEMM1N0 *JVORM.JrfiTh krad of Weapon (BnKant) Au5*BRS5ooi TETREH most pollan STRIKE BALL briLlant baso ball TRAJLDLAZER brlllanl (nol A15 FIGMTIHO WARRIOR Irktr aticel D TESTER should help you wrth fr (run on all Amiga) 5 dl»ka pack only C4.95 sv DOMINOES only one ol H kind onPD TOTAL WARS strategy Hkc the** in spa E03R AMIGA TUTORIAL 7 part tutorial E039 COMPUTER CARE how to care about AMIGA ECHO GUIDE TO LOWER BACK PAIN tutorial me spine 4 how to avoid Deck pain (recommend) EtHt KID ALPHABET display all
alphabet letter £042 FRACTION * SJLOUEST m*th* a game* excellent E043 MATH MASTER teochrfwl you more on math* -v lM|llW.I*ltU«MM IIMlt ttn MX w PWH W ire e* a* ir* era n mi ¦» m "rv ’oaSsT"''" LCKHKinU o mjnx GSXW LAST SOLD»elft 12) G905 CBSEHTECHr* *“ 0913 ARCADE GAMES CLASSIC V G9I5COWV: G773 FRUIT MANIA -Brlllanl Fiuilmachlrto. G774 TRICKLE TREAT -like DOOM on the PC G775 FOOT-3ALL MANAGER-new Vwraion G762 SOLO ASSAULT 3D llko Wng Cflrarentei G783 SEED OF DARKNESS-Brlllanl graphic adven ery lnt*n E148 CHESS S TUTOR - FULLteach you how to play cheia E150 INTERNET-FULL guide lo Internet &
superhighway £161 CU A SHELL TUTOR (help) Ideal lor beginner EI62 DELUXE PAINT GRAPHIC TUTOR V 3 «, t RECOMMEN G405 G41T BATTLE CAR 2-30 G431 HESTER CARO GAME- hours O435 R0ULETE G438 THA1L8LA G441 E-TYPE 2- 6443 olEMFJAD _____ _ IECOMMEKD E163 JAPANESE - teach you the tepwresc UnguaQe £164 PAINT 6 (not A5001.3J late*! COLOURING BOOK £165 KEY BOARD TRAINER An excellent tuping tutor.
E166 WORD POWER- *peHcheck,re*o??word solver At E168 CROSSWORD CREATOB-dwign crossword E169 CHESS II 4 TUTOR bnltent Chess n games E170 HISTORY OF AVIATION Voi 1 Execllent disk G9C7 ACE - 650* COLOURMANlAl G910 HARRY-HAODOCK- BiMHH G912 MANGLE FENDER -Bnrtant, Smat carrtank eel to win. Extremly addrctetL
- -------- ‘ * VFS CLA?- " EO*5 PETROL ENGINE tufo_____ £046 GAS
TURBINE ENGINE tutcria & a ED47 STIRLING ENGINE tutorial 4 amm
g E050 DREAM FOR ANGEL explain the me; £051 INVISIBLE WORLD
brillant recommend E052 FISH TANK turn your amlga into a
F1SHTANK E0&4 DEMOLITION MISSION simple game lor kid games up
other L getiL 1 2 (2d) & antm graph i wn graphic e meaning of
dre G415E OBLIDOX excellent Arcsde-Tuzrte gsma G446 PARACHUTE
JOUST grete p'ayabte G4S5 CASTLE OF DOOM VG graphrc aejvenrura.
GtfsO WIBBLE WORLD GIDDY Large platform game G467 CASH FRUIT-good tivil machines G47B AMOS CRICKET crickoi g dm EXTREAU VILONCE 2 pta El 71 CHILD FAVOURITE-Education prog E172 ANIMAL LAND-Learn about animal E175 FRANTIC GUIDE TO C0MPUTER(2D) brillant 4 funny EOSS WORD POWER solve crossword puzzle ect good, HOLE simple game (deal for children.
CATCHER catch falling apple brilliant E0S8 CROSS MAZE 8 CRYPTOK1HG 2 excellent kid game* cricket games ifayct battle oul G489 ENGIMA MACHINE vety challenging puzzle G920 LOTTERY PROFFESIONAL Thl* version u»e 6921 MOHOPLY. (board game*) Tho best version G922 JET WILLY 3 - exceTent platlorm game?
G923 FLAMMING ENGINE Supetb car racing 0924 POYVEH MACHINES. Grahiealy bfiHarrt shoal THE COMPLETE GUIDE COME WITH HUNDRED OF SCREEN SHOTS TAKEN FROM THE STAR-TREK SERIES. SUPERB E1BI S1GINTURE CREATOR customise your own siginture £182 VIRUS WORKSHOP V4 comprehensive gu.de £164 IMAGINES VIDEO 2di»k E1BS WORKBENCH 2 3 GUIDE On line heijVComplete E210 LEARN & PLAY 3 Latest Education ft Games E2J0 BARNEY THE BEAR GOES CAMPING (2tf) Brillant teach your child about animal E241 COMMS GUIDE VI .i beginner modem user E242 GUIDE TO WEATHER (3d) superb complete guide to the weather, recommend E245 MATH
ATTACK- Math* relate games for kids E242 ANIM AL-LAND4deal lor young kid- Excel £243 PiCTURE-MATHS-Maths program tor kids E246 0EGINER GUIDE TO WB 3 (AtJOO onljj) 0490 MEGA BALL 2 very playable break out done G491 BOUNCE 6 BLAST brd&nl pi attorn 10716 E059 VERB QUIZ find the word ft it related Bril OS92 ZOMBIES A DEFENDER 2 fantastic game* GI94 MERCANERY SIMULATION 3D wars gama* G499 LIFE -sknulatron very 'rlerestng GSCO TRANSPLANT d«an ol lavel fast arcade.
E066 TARROT clawcyanl ir E066 GALLOW fancy a game* ol hang man?
E070 MATH DRILLS teach oil basic math *kiil Vgoad tt1.3 H -Great grahlc I very good MIND SHADOW cton* Amazing 30 graphic It 1AL BINGO CALLER ana zeno-morph GTS9 TASK FORCE vary G790 GREEN HVE Am - G791 PROFFESJONA!------------ G792 MARTIAL SPRIT Ilka Sweet Tighter B G796 6 EXCELLENT CARO GAMES collection G309 BLITZ 2 fast action shooting games 6927 BothG Y3. Great pUtiormer. Recommend G92S PUNTER-Animale hois» racing games G929 ARCADE JIGSAW (idi .ncluda UON KING G930 WHEEL CHAIR GLADfTOR-Very fun to play G931 NIMBLE-Briilam New arcade puzzle.
G933 BLACK DAWN 3-THE NEW BEGINNING (2) iperb 3D adventure. RECOMMEND R3 ROCKET (NEW)very gobd rockets games BATTLE SHIP- toe Imaal PO version G936 LAST LAP - Fast cer racing G511 HfGHWAY HELL ------- G331 OPERATION FlRESTQFMS-bnflsnr G534 CASTLE KUMQUAT stmdar to Allen breed G535 BLACK DAWN brillant graphic adventure G536 MORIA 5.4 The latest Dungeon & dragon 6539 BRIDGE Good version of bridges G540 ORK ATTACK bloody advonture it graphic ad Dungeon & i n of bridges l advonture GB10 EXIT 13 Brillant puzzle __ G811 TEMPORAL MlSPLACEMENT-graphlc adventure G934 0612 A DAY AT THE RACE-V.Goodhoise
racing games G935 £081 ASTROMY PACK- This i* a mazing collection ol progrome relate to mtromy, can help to locate certain or *tar position ect. Must lor anyone who studies astromy or hobby, great (4DISKI E071 PICTURE & LETTER learn To reads- first step E074 AMIGA BEGiNER GUIDE tutorial on Arraga* E085 NODDY PLAYTIME demo *V«y good 6620 BOULDER ORIGINAL with BO level GB21 BOULDERDASH cavelevel Construction kit G822 BOULDER COLLECTION 21Z 169 hivd (2dlsk) 0839 BOULDER PACK with 6*0 level or 6 disk E247 GLOBE FACT(2| loci about pLsnet er I GAME HINTS & CHEATS II ftf jcuf faxsris game fw ije? Twl
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_ £ii .as .
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T' a1 A-ni9» trttct iPf2 1 3) MOMM SAMES 3|gJ™S GA tb rkfck u ' Th. «ry board* gam.. T- ' - 'M Brand new arcade ganes pack 3,This pack in dude arew collection of the best arcade games, justice pack 2 H.GHlV REGGWEK3 5 disk set only £4.99 AGA002 FRACTAL CENEftATOR fractal * 256 colour.
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of your WB & add *o*n* function ro your WB really RrfLLANT
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best datobts ¦ TEXTF* Can edit tirvH document U one* i FLEli
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- For electronic lam E261 MASSIVE GUIDE TO THE INTERNET V2.J AGA429 POWER0RCH0 - « N*w A.teroidi with brdfiant grapKea AGA430 ULTIMATUM - The ultimate 3D Tank Battle U1010 VYB2 INSTALLER - Install A50GA600 workbench 10 HD U1011 TURBO-CAT PRO VI2 (not WBIJJl - Creaia caulogue.
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DISK CATALOGUE ADD 70P OR 3 X FIRST CLASS STAMPS WITH ORDER Guildhall Go The plane with loads of smoke coming out of it is mine Do you smoke camels? Only if they've got Arabs on them Dogfight As far as I'm concerned this is the best of Guildhall's budget releases and as flight sims go, is notable for being interesting. The trouble I have always found with flight sims is that they have the tendency lo be more boring than Thora Hird. I mean who decided to make an Airbus sim where (whoopee) you could land at the top 20 international airports of the world.
In all honesty, until they bring out a 'terrorists on board' data disk, the flight sim has to be about as interesting as an M25 traffic jam simulator. However if a sim is done well il can be ace, like the dog fighting scenes in Top Gun when its all blaring alarms and swirling fighter planes.
Dogfighl is a cool game. Like the very successful Chuck Yeager's Air Combat of the same year, this offers pure action. The graphics are massively realistic, even down to the pilots head inside the cockpit and the markings on the wings.
You can fighi one on one which is fun or attempt the more challenging missions.
There are five different conflicts to choose from: World War One, World War Two, Korea, Vietnam, Falklands and Syria not to mention loads of different objectives to achieve, front shooting down Zeppelins in 1918 to hunting Syrian Migs in the Bekkn valley.
The planes are easy to control and responsive and the action is non-stop. One criticism I do have is that the sound effects are a bit trashy but, when the rest of the game is so well, turned out this is a minor niggle.
THE LOW-DOWN PUBLISHER Guildall Leisure DEVELOPER Microprose HD INSTALLABLE Yes PRICE £14.99 SUPPORTS Any 1Mb Amiga GRAPHICS 90% 75% 88% EASY SOUIUP_ PLAYABILITY DIFFICULTY OVERALL SCORE F117A Following on from the success of FI 9, Microprose released FI 17A in 1993.1 remember buying ihe game and what with Pcs being so bobbins back then, it was like playing using a flick book. Of course Amiga users never had that problem and the game proved a winner.
The graphics were excellent at the time and though lacking the gouraud shading and withering of present day games, they still look good three years on. In the cockpit you are offered a mind toggling array of display screens and flashy lights and you can look back forwards and to the sides within the cockpit.
Unfortunately you don't get involved in many dogfights in this game, the enemy planes have all the aggressiveness and fighting ability of a happy slug. However, this doesn't matter because it's challenging enough flying to your objectives at under 500 foot while avoiding enemy SAMs.
Ul AMIGA ACTION The missions are againsi the same poor old countries that get it in the neck in every other sim such as Vietnam, Korea, Russia, East Germany, Cuba and Libya.
The game is pretty involving with a large variety of missions and objectives to complete.
Matters are made more complex by the fact that the loevel of the various conflicts vary meaning that, in a cold war for instance, once you are detected, the mission is a write-off One criticism I might have of the game is that there are too many parts of the game that take too long. Flying to the mission objectives can take ages, and on automatic pilot it is perfectly possible to walk slowly to the kitchen, make a caffetier of coffee.
Despite this FI 17A was, and still is a quality product. There are enough options and features to Ihe game to keep you occupied for qute a while.
THE LOW-DOWN PUBLISHER Guildhall Leisure DEVELOPER Microprose HD INSTALLABLE Yes PRICE £14.99 SUPPORTS Any 1Mb Amiga GRAPHICS 75% SOUND 75% PLAYABILITY 88% DIFFICULTY TRICKY OVERALL SCORE PUBLISHER Guildhall Leisure DEVELOPER Acid Software HD INSTALLABLE Yes PRICE £14.99 SUPPORTS Any 1Mb Amiga PLAYABILITY TRICKY DIFFICULTY Together Luke, we could rule the universe We take a look at the next batch of Guildhall Microprose releases. _ and power as far as possible throughout the galaxy.
Basically the Starlord storyline is,a sort of Star Wars Dune mix of power politics, war and diplomacy set thousands of years in the future. The aim of the game is to assert your power and authority by fair means or fouf until you are the most powerful dynasty in the galaxy. About three quarters of the game is played as a conventional strategy game, with the remaining quarter being a space combat sim where you direct your forces and fly your own ship in combat.
The depth of the game, and the sheer number of choices involved make the game an interesting and challenging exercise in strategy. Directing the space battles can also be good fun.
However there is one criticism I would make of this game - the space battle scenes are graphically very poor and unfortunately Just do not stand up to their PC equivalent.
If you can live with this flaw however, Starlord is a pretty decent, fun and entertaining game.
Of -i- v. ff'As wife M s -.a i-iacEo S 73 |t£A»l saints'!
HR3&I *5&lMlWSJ2*S 73 KTTHC*
* • uenan * pauJH »- muT ? MWWMQE ? It-l'iEJ'TO’T * H77KOS ? *
* iiayr. * cmmjlehbr In space nobody can hear you getting a
pasting Starlord Ever fancied ruling the entire galaxy by
playing off interplanetary nobles against one another in a
never ending flurry of internecine squabbling and pitched
On the off-chance that you might, Guildhall are re-releasing Starlord, a space adventure shoot 'em-up strategy game.
Your mission is to spread your influence The secret bastion of Star Lady Huff's dynastic legions B17 Flying Fortress Another flight sim, but this one's a bit different. Unlike any other sim I can think of off hand, B17 offers you the opportunity to control not just the plane, but the other 10 crew positions, such as gunners and bombardiers.
Although much more playable than other 'authentic' demos. Flying Fortress is still undeniably a very realistic and detailed game. All the switches and levers are in the right place in the cockpit and the flight model is extremely realistic taking into accounts factors such as damage, wind speeds and bomb load. One particularly novel little touch is the ability to customise the nose art on your plane, although unfortunately you cant paint the whole plane. I wanted mine in bright yellow with zebra skin trim but, no joy.
Hughster the Rooster Watch out men a huge plane is about to run us over as we pose for this lovely photo Although B17 is possibly too much a sim for many, the game will still appeal to a good deal of people who want a challenging flight simulation with a difference.
TRICKY PUBLISHER Guildhall Leisure DEVELOPER Microprose HD INSTALLABLE Yes PRICE £14.99 SUPPORTS Any 1Mb Amiga What processes do you have to undertake to develop a game? Do you start off with a definite idea of what you want to create, or does it just grow and develop as the project progresses? If possible could you explain to us the step by step process involved in developing a game?
What I am aiming for. In order to change the bare idea into code I normally follow the steps below. This is not exactly the way I have gone about designing Explorer 2260 because of the type of game it is. Some other programmers almost certainly will not agree with the way I work, but the development process is a personal thing, built up from experience - what suits me may not suit anyone else! This is not a quick-start guide to programming; writing good programs requires years of experience and practice, as well as an in-depth knowledge of the Amiga and the language you are using.
Ever fancied writing your own games? Hugh Poynton talks to young hopeful Chris Page in part two of his exploration of the pleasures and pitfalls of developing a game
I. OK, you have a rough idea of what you're after. Firstly you
must sit down and work out an outline, on paper, of what you
want, filling in details as you go along. Expect this list to
change! Explorer 2260 has changed beyond recognition from the
early designs.
II. Looking at this huge list of things you want to do, the first
thing that will come into you head is "How the hell do I do
this and where do I start?" I have found that there isn't any
easy way to decide where to start. I tend to code the most
com plex parts first as they are usually the pieces which
other areas of the game rely on.
III. To decide what to do, firstly take the list and develop what
I call a data flow dependency diagram. Look through your
list for the sections which will be most used and most
important. Put these down on paper and connect them up
with arrows showing the flow of data and interactions
between them. Now add in the smaller, less important,
sections and link them in. This way you can get some idea of
which parts of the code will be depended upon by the rest of
the program.
These are the pieces you should code first. Be warned though, the process of drawing these diagrams and deciding upon which pieces are important take a lot of practice, choosing the wrong sections can make the program very difficult to write.
IV. Now you start designing and writing sections of code. Don't
try and get them to work together yet and don't try for
optimal solutions. As you get your teeth into the program
you will start to find easier ways to do things and better
ways to go about certain tasks. You may also find pieces you
have forgotten or didn't realise you needed, earlier in the
design process. If you do find any, stop and re-evaluate your
designs you may have made a mistake in the design or you
may have found a way around many of your problems. Do not be
too concerned with graphics and sound at this stage, it does
cut down design time if you get them sorted out here, but it
may cause problems if you have to redesign parts of the pro
gram in the next stage.
V. Start bringing the pieces of code together and begin simple
optimisations (a discussion of optimisation techniques is
beyond the scope of this answer). Redesign and remake any
pieces of code which cause problems - interfering with data
structures etc,
VI. You need to ensure everything works together correctly, then
you can begin polishing and debugging. This takes a long time
because it is often necessary to remake sections of code or,
io extreme cases, start all over agarn!
VII. Get someone else to test it! Never trust a test you do
yourself. 1 have been satisfied my code is bug free only to
find my brothers can pick holes in it! A good programmer
is not necessarily a good debugger, especially when it
comes to his own code.
Expect to go back to stage V or even IV many times.
VIII. Once confident your program is working you can remove
bits and pieces, add time limits etc., for public release
Take notice of any feedback you get (I've already had a lot and I haven't even released anything). If people express dissatisfaction with parts then change them, if people want you to add things, try to.
IX. Now the nasty part begins. You have a choice: Release the
game as PD Licenseware or start hounding software houses to
try and get your game released commercially.
NOTE: Expect your designs to change at any time during the development process and do not expect to get a well polished game designed, written and released in a few weeks or even a few months.
How long has the game been in development? Mien do you think it might be finished and do you see the copyright issue being a major problem?
Explorer 2260 has been in development, on and off and in many forms, for nearly six months. It is just coming out of the design phase into unoptimised code (stage IV) and I really can't say when it will be released. I am a student and university work takes precedence, but I am putting every spare minute into the game. I think I may have worked around many of the areas which could have caused copyright problems but would still like to contact VS someone in Warner Bros to make sure.
How do you plan to publicise the game when finished? Via the Aminet? By posting downloadable demo's on the Internet?
1 intend placing demos on Aminet and on any other sites which may help (I already have had some offers). I may also contact a software house - I have already thought of two which may be willing to help, with a view to commercial release, although this is remote, maybe. *: Chris Page has recently been approached by a major Amiga software company and is in negotiations to have Explorer 2260 published and distributed. Good luck Chris.
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copy. 1 am over 18 years of age (applicants under 18 must get a parent or guardian to sign below).
Please write clearly - we can't be held responsible for errors in your advertisement especially if your writing resembles a spider crawlinq across the page. American readers - remember you can also take advantage of our Classifieds Section - we have over 11 000 other US readers that will see your advert.
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Incorporating Swap Shop You've Played
* ne coverdisk - now ?ef the full thing "Tiny Troops has oodles
of playability and originality." - Amiga Computing IIS mm
Please se) 1 (I ti copy of Tiny Troops for-the Amiga to:
[Mr Mrs Miss Ms Post Code I enclose a CHEQUE POSTAL ORDER hr
the value of 117-99 (,i 19.99 overseas) Please make payable to.
Vulcan Software limited.
Please charge my ACCESS MASTERCARD,'VISA with Credit Card Number: Telephone Send your completed form and payment to: Expiry date Signature Vulcan Software Ltd. Vulcan House, 72 Queens Road. Portsmouth, Hants P02 7NA.d«ngrt Computing Reader Offer.
ACTION PREVIEW PUZZLER Hugh Poynton teases zee liddle grey cells with the new puzzler from Applause oir can't bcal a good puzzle game - the graphics don't have to be that good and the sound effects are of little importance. If however it blows away cobwebs from an under used brain, it can be a brilliant way to pass half an hour. The best puzzlers are the simplest - Tetris had you slotting coloured blocks together and Pong required you to bounce a ball around the screen, destroying blocks.
Applause's latest project is a fine puzzler in a similar vein.
Blockhead, Applause's most recent addition to the Amiga games market, is a departure from the last few releases. After adventure strategy games such as DNA and Cygnus, Applause has opted for a pure puzzler and in doing so produced its best, and most professional, game to date.
The aim of the game is simple. You control a cute looking little character called Bertie who, in the small amount of lime allowed, must venture around a room slotting blocks into holes. In true 'buy it or the puppy gels it fashion' Bertie's mate petrified Pete faces destruction if the level isn't completed.
As a sort of time limit for each level, a sack is slowly dropped onto Petrified Pete.
As the sack drops, it changes from gold to stiver, to bronze. If the level is completed when the sack is golden, maximum points will be scored. Once every hole is filled, your little character may exit and Pete escapes destruction.
Although this may sound easy, the reality is that unless you are very gifted and have a natural affinity for lateral thinking and strategic planning, you will find even the early stages of the game pretty difficult.
The real strength of the game is that it requires a certain degree of mental agility. If. For example, you have four blocks to drop into holes, the layout of the room will more or less dictate how, and in what order, the blocks need to be moved. You will have to think ahead and work out in whether the action you take will help or hinder future moves.
The game includes a couple of novel and very welcome features. The tutorial section example is a feature I wish more games incorporated.
The step by step tutorial section for Blockhead enables you to get acquainted with the controls, features and powerups included in the game.
This looks like being a very promising release. The concept of the game is simple yet engaging, the gamepiay challenging and well presented. With Blockhead, Applause has come up with a challenger to the Binary Emotions slick and polished puzzlers.
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2000 ...70, 71 Underground PD ...... 55 Vision Soft ....7 Weird Science ... 35 White Knight ......19 Wizard Developments .28 0 amiga guide irnigra guff, iga guidenr7 It's time to get a little techie with Neil Mohr as he explains the delights of wildcards Paul Overaa is the Arexx kid, this month get Arexx to handle those tedious backups Paul Overaa assembler assassin gets date stamps working for
you Cliff and his drop shadows it » This month try doing a drop shadow or two - Neil Mohr shows you how If you have been following whol is admittedly, a fairly basic tutorial, you should at least now be familiar with all Photogenics' most regulorly used parts: Drawing tools, olpha channel and composite function. This month we are going to puli ?II these elements together and actually do something useful - add o drop shadow.
This is a fairly simple technique, but drop shadows are used absolutely everywhere. In magazines - there are more than likely a few in this very magazine. On Web sites - drop shadows are almost compulsory, the Amiga Computing site is no exception and they also turn up on television. The reason being they help emphasise an element by making it literally jump off the page or screen, adding a sense of depth.
For this example we will be using the spaceman tutorial imoge, which luckily aireody has an alpha clip outline ready for us lo use, which is handy. This alpha image will act as the basis for the shadow and will also allow us to prepare the spaceman image as well as tidying up the final product.
After you have loaded the spaceman image ard its alpha clip, the first thing lo do is touch up the alpha image so it is ready for use. The main changes are whiting out the rest of the planet and adding the detail for the spaceman's fool. The best way is to use the rectangle tool to white out most of the earth, then switch to either the polygon or freehand tool and clean up the left over bits.
For the fine detail on the foot, paint on the original image covering the spaceman's feel and then select the alpha as the actual alpha channel, you con slowly odd or remove the block areo until you have a good match to the original. To tidy up the final shadow use the blur draw tool to anti-alias the new fool section you have added.
Once all that is out of the way you can get on with creating the parts of the final imoge. The first step is lo get the spaceman separated from the rest ol the picture. As we have the olpha channel ready lo go, just fill the spaceman image with black and fix these changes, leoving a spaceman suspended in blackness.
Before making the shadow for the spaceman, create a clone of the existing alpha channel which will be used later. To create o proper shadow effect perform a gaussian blur on the entire alpha image - it's best to use the gaussion blur option from the image menu. Set il to about six and sit back and twiddle your thumbs or better still go make a cup of lea - for some reason Photogenics' goussion blur is about as fast as a snail on Mogadon.
Now we have our shadow imoge and main spaceman image ready to be composed together. Select the spaceman picture as the secondary image and make the shadow image that is currently the alpha, the primary image.
Remember you can use the one, two and three keys os shortcuts. Select the shadow imoge and press the right AMIGA and k keys to start the composition.
Moke sure the transparent black tick box is set and you should see your spoceman appear over your shadow. To increase the effect you need to offset the spaceman imoge slightly. Entering minus five into both the x and y offset text boxes should position the spaceman correctly.
Before you press the OK button lake a careful look at the top left ports of the spaceman, a bit jaggy is il not? We are not going to stand for any botch jobs, no sir're definitely not. Click on cancel and we shall turn our attention to the copy of the original alpha channel we mode.
Select it a; the alpha channel, go back to the shadow image and go to the compos te requester making sure both the transparent black and compose olpha tick boxes are selected.
All that should be visible now is an odd outline of the spaceman over the shadow (this is because the alpha is negative of what we need). From the alpha menu use the invert alpha option to invert the alpha channel and Bob's your uncle - o much cleaner looking version of what we had before. As the compose olpha option is ticked it is moved and scaled right along with the secondary imoge, so allowing a gentle blending into the background colour to be applied.
First step is to get hold ol all the images you need to put the drop shadow together. Next, touch up the alpha image by cutting out the rest of the earth Once you have what will be shadow image, make a copy of itf as the spare alpha. You can then cut out the spaceman image and run a gaussian blur over the shadow Amiga Computing You're cheating you are As you moy hove noticed, I used the spaceman's alpha clip image as the basis for the drop shadow. You moy well be thinking that normally this is not the case and you would have to create the outline for your drop shadow yourself - you're right.
Thankfully, using Photogenics handy array of tools, this is nol quite as hard a job as it may first appear.
As you may hove noticed, we are laying the original imoge on top of the shadow we have created - actually this is very similar to how it is done in Photoshop. Depending on who! Original image you are using you can go about creating the drop shadow in a number of ways.
The most straight forward is if you are adding shadow to text. You may get a little confused by the way Photogenics handles text as it seems little construed, but using the text loader (found in the loaders window] using the prefs button you con alter the type of font and size you wish to use, then select load and type the text you wish to appear.
Unfortunately Photogenics does nol seem to give you any control over the colour the text appears in, but worry nal, we will manage just fine. Once you hove the text loaded, clone the image and make one of the clones negative - this one will obviously be your shadow. Select the other as the secondary image and composite the images and voila, instant text with shadow. If you want to colour the original text, use the tint paint mode to alter the original white text while you ore still composing the two images.
If however, you are working with just part of a. photograph, o little mare work is required. Take the zebra tutorial image as the basis for creating a shadow for an image.
Select the free hand cut tool, by selecting the cut option twice, and cut around the port of the zebra’s head you wan! To cast a shadow for. You moy also want to expand the window size to get a more accurate cut.
Once you hove marked out the zebra's head, it will appear in a separate window with just the head you want to add a drop shadow to. You can now discard the original image. Create a clone of the zebra head and use the add space image menu to add 10 pixels around each side of the head. Using the fill tool add white to all this and fix these changes.
Fill this white area with black and (here is the clever bit) select invert paint layer from the point layer menu and you will hove an instant zebra's head shadow. To .create the drop shadow all you need do is blur the shadow, select the original zebra image as the secondary one and composite away.
I"j - Ccc nabt 1994-5 Almathera I PtvA Hclan RcJ fejD&TtClt RuCMcc AjbTeafere RjDTlru fiubTri SaHratxxi r| Seteetfom CGTmw CGTrwmrrate Cordsn«d60 coref CwtEd DertEfllnfo DGSaradertf dim end dpsr.t em«r»id SrtftHua 8NWG8 Solar ki* $ P»t Stotate Tie TieflrKk Tint .
[CCTrUffrirale £«*1 Points Bterd In Out X Offset -3 rorfwt -5 Wfcfth l at | Flam [ • BoW 123 AaBbCcDdEeF BngitnesiKey I Tfar-xwrent Btecx I v' Cotnposc Alpha f 7" SrcvBcw I Center 1 tAaxjrcm | Once you know how, adding shadows to text in Photogenics is dead simp e shadow and alpha clip in four simple sieges Amiga Computing Real wild child Neil Mohr explai how to use wildcards with the Amiga s Shell Continuing my little delve into the Amiga Shell, I think it's about time we had a talk about wildcards. Even ¦¦ in their simplest form wildcards give a way of dealing with a large a number of
files, in either manipulating selections of files or using wildcards to ignore other selections.
A simple example would be to type into a Shell: dir ?, in return you wili get a straight forward directory listing. Nothing stunning in that, but you have just unwittingly used a wildcard, and probably one of the most commonly used ones. What you have actually told the Shell to do is give you a directory listing of everything in the current directory. It just so happens that typing dir will do the same thing, but that's beside the point.
Wildcards allow you to tell the Shell to match all the filenames in a directory against a file pattern you have given it, This file pattern is made up partly of wildcards and partly of a normal filename. The simplest example expanding on the first one would be dir I ?.
Here you have told the Shell to list every file that starts with I. The wildcard ft? Literally means anything and where the Shell encounters it, it will match anything to it. So if I were to ask you to find all the words beginning with C and ending in C you could ask the computer the same with the following C ?G.
If I also wanted words that had an i in the middle you could do this with C ?I 7G. To put this in more computer oriented context; if you want to specify just the icon fifes in a directory then you would use ?.info to do so, or for Jpegs you could use ?-jpg.
Things start to get a little more complex when other wildcards are introduced. Two that are of most use are the NOT and OR wildcards represented by the - and [ symbols. This helps you lump together wildcard definitions. So if you wanted to perform some operation on all the GIF and Jpeg files this would do the trick; ( ?.gif] ?.jpg). The brackets tell the Shell what the pattern is and the bar tells it that files matching either wildcard will do. 5o any file ending with .GIF or .JPG will be used.
The little squiggle symbol, called a tilde, represents a Boolean not, or tells the Shell to ignore files that match following file pattern.
This is useful in Asl file requesters that allow patterns entered to filter the file listing. To get it to ignore all the icon files you can enter ~( ?.info) and all the icon files will be removed from the file list. This can be useful when using a specific program - if you save all your files off with the same file extension such as .ww for Wordworth by using ?.ww in the file pattern gadget only Wordworth files wifi be shown.
You should be aware that the hash and question mark wildcards are actually two separate wildcards that when used together just happen to match any characters. The question mark will match any single character in a name. So A?C will match any occurrence of A and C with any other character in-between them.
The hash mark is slightly more complex as it will match zero or more occurrences of a pattern. So A BC will match A and along with any number of B's In-between them. So AC, ABC and ABBBC are all valid matches. As you have already seen brackets or parenthesise can be used to enclose wildcard definitions and allow you to show AmigaDOS exactly which set of characters it should use, this becomes handy when you need to show AmigaDOS that you want to specify a group of characters to match and not just a single one. So using A (BC) you can tell AmigaDOS that you want to match every A that is
followed by any number of BC’s.
A final wildcard and one you probably will not have to use very much in the null character which is represented with a percent sign and is just a way of giving the computer a chance to ignore a match. So A(B|° o)C will match both ABC and just AC as you have given the null option.
You have more than likely come across the situation where you have typed a command or program name into the Shell and it has returned with unknown command, but you know full well that it is on your hard drive. This happens because the Amiga's operating system maintains a list of directories which it will search for commands when using either the Workbench or Shell.
Path finder The standard search path is set up in the startup sequence and you can check what this is fay typing PATH into a Shell and It will display a list of ail the directories that will be searched. If you want to add further directories you can either add them to the list in the startup sequence or you could add another path line in the user-startup, and at the end of list of extra directories put the command ADD. This tells the path command that you want to add these extra directories to the current list and to replace it When using the shell you can add extra directories at any time
and the current Shell will use the new path list You should be aware only that Shell will use it and the Workbench search path will also stay unaffected. If you want to update the Workbench path list you need to type LoadWB NEWPATH and the Workbench will inherit the new path. The late3t ASL requester gives you everything HeqTools does including the handy pattern requester, wildcards crop up quite a lot when dealing with files Amiga Computing Plots Thicken Phil South looks at plotting and drawing functions in AMOS The fun part about being your friendly focal AMOS columnist is that I have
absolutely no idea of your level of understanding on AMOS. This is both a blessing and a curse. Do you want machine code widgets or do you want basic code generation? Do you want graphics or procedures? My answer is to put a wide range of things into the column and let them find their own level. From the mail I receive via post and the Internet, this approach seems to be working, as almost everyone gets what they want eventually, and as long as it's entertaining you don't seem to mind what goes on.
AMOS is one of those things which is all things to all men. Some view it as a means of putting ideas into action, others see it as personal development, a way to stretch themselves. Either approach is worthwhile and I'm sure you'll enjoy the bits and bobs I've got lined up for the next few months. In the meantime, thanks for all your mall - let’s get going with this months AMOS curiosity, Top of the Plots Something a lot of beginners ask me about is how to make marks on the screen such as fines, dots, squares etc. The reason I get asked this has something to do with the old Amiga Basic, as
this was the only kind of graphics you could produce, I like to call it Etch a Sketch graphics, as it is based on lines and dots and boxes, just like the old two knob drawing toy.
It’s easy. The first instruction you should look at is PLOT. This is the easiest command of all and simply places a dot, in the currently selected ink colour, on the screen, like so: Ink 9 : Plot 30,56 This places a dot of colour 9, 30 pixels along the screen and 56 pixels down. There is a easy way to specify the colour, if you want it different from the Ink colour: Plot 30,56,9 This is a useful command if you want to create a starfield in your game, like in the old classic Galaxians (which may or may not be a bit before your time...} like so: Cis : Curs Off Do Plot Rnd(319),RnrJt255 ),
M(15) Loop Amiga Computing This fills the screen with multicoloured dots. If you don’t want those of colour 3 to flash, add the command: Flash Off Okay, that's dots, what about lines? We do this in pretty much the same way: Draw 30,56 Ta 150,200 This draws a line from the first point mentioned to the last. Simple enough. You can change the look of the line by adjusting the line style: Cis : Ink 2 Set Line SFOFO Box 50,100 To 150,110 Set Line 11100110011001100 Box 60,110 To 160,160 The line Style is set using the SET LINE command and this allows you to set the variation of the pixels in the
line. This is a nice and very underused feature, so write something that uses it, eh?
The final bunch of features are the box and circle commands. To make a box, like the one we just saw in the SET LINE program, we have to set the top left and bottom right corners of the box. So: Box 10,10 To 30,30 makes a box 20 by 20 starting at 10,10 and ending at 30,30. The circle command is similar again, but this time you set the centre of the circle and the radius (the distance from the middle to the outside of the circle, for those of you who fell asleep in maths). So you can do this: Circle 100,100,50 Allied to this is the POLYLINE command, which draws multiple lines. This is like
drawing a line with the DRAW command, only you keep going, so: Polyline 10,10 To 20,30 To 60,30 To 58,10 To 200,100 and so on. You can build up quite complicated pictures like this, but it would take a bit of graph paper and a lot of sweat to make a human face.
There was a program once, I can't even remember if I printed it, but it took a drawing you made with the mouse and turned it into the code you would need to draw it from polylines! If anyone can find this program I'd be grateful if they would e-mail it to me.
That’s enough for now, I'll move on into more complicated graphics next time, until then Happy Amos!
Write stuff If you have any other AMOS programs or queries about AMOS, please write to the usual address, which is: Phil South, Amos Column, Amiga Computing, Media House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield, SKIO 4NP. Or you can send e-mail to me on phil@webscape.co.uk, or via my home page on http: www.web- scape. Co.uk phil . Please send routines on an Amiga disk with notes on how the program works on paper, not as text files on the disk. Make the routines short enough to appear in print, i.e. no more than about 30-40 lines of code.
If possible make them use no external graphics, if they can't be used without them, be sure to provide them on the disk in native IFF format, the same goes for sound files.
Very month in Amiga Computing, we show you just how versatile this great machine we use is. One of the most popular past-times is desktop publishing and in this issue 1 will cover using graphics in desktop publishing. The reason for this discussion is simple - most of you will use graphics on a page to get across a message, either on its own or in conjunction with text.
Larry Hickmott discusses the merits of turning your ideas into reality The important point to remember about using graphics to convey a message is that in creating the image (the message carrier), your aim must be to use the best tools to allow you to turn your idea into reality. Forget any preconceived notions about what is the best graphics format and what is the best application.
Co into the graphics creation part of the exercise and think hard about what tool will let you turn an idea for an image into something on the screen. If a graphics format is going to prevent you creating certain imagery, look at other graphic formats that will let you create the picture you require. Don't accept second best.
This thought process is paramount in image creation. When creating an image (or page), you need to work backwards. You should know or have a vague idea of what you want the final image to look like. This vision may be something you have created in your head or an image (or part thereof) you have seen already. Try dissecting the image and look at how you think different bits can be created, Make a note of what too!
Is required and create a schedule for the creation of the different bits.
While working on a recent project, I took an idea from someone else's advert and applied it to an image of my own. This required certain images from a bitmap application such as Art Effect and then the creation of the final image in DrawStudio.
One of the effects was to have a relief looking background with the shadow of other objects raised above it. The shadow had to be transpar- Tools on the Amiga tor creating eye catching graphics are becoming more advanced and the only graphics format that can handle such imagery is bitmap. Making changes to bitmap pictures however, can be a chore enL I could have done that in Dpaint, which supports transparency, but I wanted to have the luxury of being able to edit the image at any stage, make changes and so on which I did in DrawStudio.
I chose to do this for a particular reason. As I said, the shadows belonging to objects had to be transparent to let the background show through and to give the image depth. Without the transparent shadow the image appears false because we know in reality that shadows hold details of what lies under them.
Lets now apply this logic to graphics formats. I could be pig headed and work by the rule that structured graphic formats give the best printed result, print more quickly or whatever. But that would be silly because for one, bitmaps can print just as well and secondly, with current structured formats like ProClips and Illustrator 88, it would stop me having my transparent shadows and prevent me having bitmap filled objects and structured elements in the one file.
Consequently, the image would lose ail its impact because 1 failed to make sure that the message the image is to convey is carried through, while also making sure the graphic format chosen is suitable.
Experience from !8 years in the business has taught me I don't need to rely on structured formats for smooth output. The only graphics formats that will let you express your imagination fully are bitmapped ones, because invariably structured ones have a drawback or three, Normally, Td like to back that statement up with facts, but that will have to wait because I don't have the space.
Just remember, there are no best formats or tools, just tools and formats appropriate to your ideas and ideas are what makes you special.
There is on old wives tale that soys structured graphics print better than bitmapped ones. Not so. Bitmapped pictures will print as smooth as a structured one as long as you remember this: Super smooth operator II your image is two colour, black and white far example, create the image at the same resolution it is being output at (so it prints pixel for printer dot) and scale it down in the publishing application to the required size. Lets convert that into practical information: If your image is to be one inch wide on paper and your printer is J00 dpi, create the image four inches wide and
scale it down to one inch in your publishing program.
If the image is full co our and is to be one incb on paper, create it about an inch and half on screen and make sure you use anti aliasing so text and so on print smoothly.
There are of course exceptions and what I would recommend you experiment and get a feeling for what works and what doesn't. In this game, there is no substitute for experience.
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2 20ml Refill' Canon BJ lb.lOex 20 Refills 830 for 2 x 20ml
Refills B30 for 2 20ml Refills 830 Tor 2 20ml Refills
8. 00 for2x 12ml Refill' 1030 for9ml of each Cof
U. 00for2 40m1 Refills
12. 00 Tor 12tnl of each Col 830 for 2 x 2Uml Refills Ring us and
WE WILL BEAT all other Ribbon prices These arc just a smull
selection uf our Ribbons Ring tor those not listed Printer
Ribbons I AMIGA PC KEYBOARD ADAPTOR (All Amigas) PC Keyboard
fl8.H01 Postage & Packing add £3.00 DART Computer Services
sales 105 London Road (0116) 1247 0059 Jfr njnr
16) 255 8643 ~ir A lyh ¦unnai m Computer [Serfices JW1L. -
AovSOr cTD.* C LEICESTER fax(oiis) LE2 OPF fell Normal UK
Delivery £2.00, Next Day £7.50 Prices INCLUDE VAT (@ 1754%)
101543 250377 Rinq us or send cheques to: 01543 250377 Owl
Associates Ltd, Dept 510, Owl House, 5 The Brambles.
Lichfield, Staffs WS14 9SE ® HiQ Limited Tel 01525 211327
email steve@hiqltd.demon.co.uk Try our web site at
www.hiq.co.uk Siamese System V1.5 The Siamese System was
designed to enable Ihe computer user lo have multiple
platforms (Amiga WB3+. Windows 95 MacOS) appear as if they
are a single machine, so as to make Ihe user more productive.
II does this by taking the two machines and a possible MacOS
emulator on Ihe Amiga and using one keyboard I mouse
monitor. Once this is setup you operate one keyboard and
mouse on all ol your software, look at one suitable monitor
that can handle all the screen modes you wish to use and then
as far as you are concerned you just run software, you need
not worry if that software is Win95, MacOS or Amiga software
because it justs runs in front of you. Obviously this is
backed up by the fact that Ihe Siamese System has all of the
drives from the different operating systems mounted within
the Amiga Operating System so that you can share files
instantly between applications.
With the standard pack, file transfer is via serial, but if you have a suitable SCSI card on the Amiga and PC and a shared SCSI drive for buffering, you can send the files via a very high speed SCSI nelwork developed for and included in the standard Siamese System soflware. Rates of severa; Mb sec.
Have been recorded with a high speed SCSI network setup between the machines. Please note that il you have the SCSI network installed you still reed Ihe Serial connection for the Siamese control software link.
You can cut and paste text between applications and other functions are available to make the system integrated, sharing of printers, programs like Winexe or MCI which allow the Amiga to launch PC applications from the Amiga or control PC MultiMedia devices, even from Dopus. There is also a full Aroxx port for calling Siamese functions from other programs.
One more feature to be added in March as a low cost upgrade is RTG. This system opens Amiga screens on the PC graphics card enabling from 255 up to 16M colours, higher resolutions and a flicker free display for all Amigas with WB3-. £149 95 Siamese System V1.5 voted Hardware Product ?f 1996 by Amiga User International The Siamese System is developed in the UK by HiQ Limited Gable End, 2 The Square, Hockliffe, Bedfordshire, LU7 9NB Tel 01525 211327 fax 01525 211328 Payment can be made by Visa, Mastercard, Cheque. 2.5% Surcharge applies for credit cards except Connect or Delta.
So you want a Siamese System but need a PC?
Buy your Pentium PC from HiQ, the people who understand both the Amiga users needs and the advantages of using both platforms.
Or as Mat Bettinson from CU Amiga wrote: "I consider this to be the most revolutionary product of the year for the Amiga" Includes ..cjj Siamese v1,5 rrp £149.95 P133 £1049.95 P166 £1249.95 Free On Site Warranty Siamese Pentium PC Systems include Siamese System v1.5. Mouse, Keyboard, Windows 95, Free VideoCD Player, 12 Month on site Warranty, 16mb EDO Ram,
1. 2gb Hard Drive, 2mb PCI Graphics, 16 bit Sound card, 256k
The Unofficial ShapeShifter Support Page Si23P.g Shifter - The Arnica MavmiQit!
If you *r* uniting n re fof trie first tin Official Snap* Snifter support page I try to M*p avtrytnmg up to data and I keep a look out for now and useful things Hopefully all tnt new ana cool programs are her* for tn* taKing Many of tha flias are stored directly on my server *lav(ating stow downloads from places such at Aminat r you rind anything hare out-of-data or missing, let me know! Sena 6- mail to ChaatniariA"'mi .rtPl com me tafce 8 thort tnotnsm to welcome you to th* Although both Ibrowse and Aweb have come along massively in recent months, the Amiga is still trailing in the world of
Web crowsers. Many Web sites, particularly larger American ones, are simply not viewable on our beloved machine - and ii they are, don't look anything like they would on a PC or Macintosh. The Web has been completely transformed by the extended HTML command sets used by Netscape's Navigator (or Communicator, os v4.0 seems sel to be colled] and lately. Microsoft's Internet Explorer.
Faced with this situation, the Am aa enthusiast has several alternatives. At one lime, simply forgetting about fancy Web sites would no! Have been a great loss. As recently as a year ago, most commercial sites were simply colourful adverts with no meaningful content. However this situation has changed dramatically, with the Web finally begin- n ng to fulfill its enormous potential and missing out is no longer o remotely attractive option.
The second option, to either sell up or pawn all your belongings so you can afford to buy a PC, is the most drastic and probably least attractive (although nevertheless a large number of Amiga users unfortunately seem to have followed this path). The third option is one that on increasing number of Web surfers are opting far - emulation.
Because Apple Macintosh machines are based on the same 680x0 technology as AMIGAs, they are the natural choice (or emulation. The Mac also boasts some of the best productivity software in existence, such os Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop and Quark Express (all of which are used in the creation of this magazine] as well as a Dave Cusick searches for an impressive Web browser powerful version of Netscope Navigator.
Once upon a time, Macintosh emulation involved expensive hardware solutions such os the original Emplant board. These days, although a powerful AMIGA is a must before you even start considering emulation seriously, there's no need for an additional investment in an expensive hardware emulator. Mast people simply use ShapeShifter.
The program can be downloaded from various FTP sites and Web pages, but before it can be run there is o fairly major hurdle to overcome - you will need to obtain an image of a Macintosh ROM.
The ROM image cannot be distributed because it is the copyright of Apple Computers, so technically it is illegal to make an image of a ROM unless you yourself awn the ROM in question.
Once you have obtained a ROM image, the next step is to gel hold of the Macintosh system 7 software. Unfortunately this comes on Mac high density floppies, but you’l! Find information about how to gel around this on the second Web site listed below. Then, provided you have Workbench
2. 1, plenty of memory (1 Omb to run Netscape| and at least on
020 inside your Amiga, ShapeShifter can be fired up. The
Macintosh emulation happ ly mullitasks, so you can run
Netscape on a Macintosh screen whilst running AmFTP or other
native Amiga programs at the same lime.
On foster Amiga systems, ShapeShifter manages to emulate a Mac at a pretty respectable speed, ft can actually emulate Macintosh screens in 256 colours on AGA machines and 16 colours on ECS machines, but you'll be better off with a graphics card. Not only will this enable you to run software in up to 16,7 million colours, but because the Mac uses chjnky pixel graphics (whereas the AMIGA uses bitplane graphics), using a graphics card will make a world of difference when emulating in colour.
Again, there are patches around to try to improve speed when emulating in colour on AGA machines - check out the sites below for details and keep an eye on the misc emu directory of Aminet. Of course, even if you decide to lake the olunge and buy an accelerator or graphics card for emulation purposes, you'll still be spending a lot less than you would if you were to splosh out on a new computer With ShapeShifter up and running you'll finally be able to experience Netscape Navigator. It's not perfect, but is light years ahead of any of the native Amiga browsers currently available in terms of
features You'll finally be able to view frames sites (although frames are, in my humble opinion, a pain anyway], enjoy secure orvline ordering and view extended HTML3.2 layouts including fancy tables and exact text control. Owners of super-fast Amigas might even want to experiment with Realaudio software. Having your own Mac might not change your life, but will certainly change the way you view the Web forever.
The Official Shapeshifter Page http: www.uni-mainz.de ~bauec002 SSMain.litml Information about Shapeshifter http: www.execpc.com -innuendo amiga emulators ss. html Unofficial Shapeshifter Page http: www2.misnet.com ~chaasman ssweb Mac Emulation on the Amiga http: www.znet.com ~colin text amigatosh.html Contact If you wish to contact me, my e-mail address is dove@dcus.demon.co.uk. Questions, suggestions and feedback are all more than welcome. I also have a homepage, which can be found at http: www.dcus.demon.co.uk . Amiga Computing Some advice from Paul Overaa on eliminating sequencer
timing problems inti tilt! H.rj. "oTSIiT ‘ilih iov* Anognt'fl JS-S'Mr'KU IM Clk on dount-lrv 8f.
HtfrI Clk on ___ Prim Channel KpftSP VELOCITY PEDAL mei.okoKe- Scil* Chinn*I Dr T's KCS sequencer can either wait tar real Midi ‘start’ messages or starting recording on the first received Midi clock Most musicians at some time or other will need to transfer sequences to their Amiga from an external Midi unit. This could be a drum machine, a standolone sequencer that uses 'mini' disks rather than the 3 1 2" variety or some other unit where it's not possible to use the standard approach of saving the sequence as a Midi file and loading it directly into the Amiga. In all such cases it then
becomes neces sary lo link the external unit to your Amiga (via a Midi cable) and physically transfer the song sequences by ploying them on the source machine whilst recording the output.
The one thing you shouldn't do is try and adjust the playing and recording speeds manually. No matter how careful you are in adjusting the tempo settings you are unlikely to get it right and a 120 bar source sequence might end up becoming anything between I 19 and 121 bars in length. Whilst this will not affect the playback of the new sequence il will make sequence edit ing a nightmare because the original bar divisions present in the sequence are destroyed.
Fortunately the solution is easy. Set up the external device so it generates Midi clocks and then arrange for the sequencer doing the recording to use those clock messages rather thon following its own internal timing clock.
Almost all AMIGA sequencers have menu options for using an external dock in this way.
Some, such as Dr T’s KCS, even provide controls which allow you to choose whether an explicit Midi Start message is needed to make the sequencer begin recording or whether it should start as soon as the first clock is received.
These features are not always needed but can be handy when you're dealing with an external Midi device that genera:es liming clocks continuously (some old drum machines had an annoying habit of doing this even when a drum pattern was not playing).
So to record from any external unit you firstly set it up so it will generate timing clocks whilst playing and then load up your sequencer program and select the external clock option. Set RECORDING ControlItf* p*ui lisrin'LJw Hut* Nw Track* Til* fi?JP Count-Eft TiniHt teas the sequencer lo record, hit the start button on the external unit - you’ll find the sequencer will record the sequence exactly as il was written without any bar length liming glitches in sight.
In case you're wondering how all this technical magic works here's a brief run-down on what happens beneath the surface; Midi docks are single byte Midi messages that have the value decimal 248 (that's F8 hex). When you set o sequencer to its external clock option the internal liming mechanism is disabled and attention is focused purely on the incoming Midi data.
The external device will be transmitting clock bytes at the rate of 24 per quarter note and these will be received along with all the other Midi data. Whenever the sequencer reads one of these docks it adjusts its bar position counter by T 24th of a quarter note. By the time 24 have been collected the sequencer will know that one bar of data has been received When you record data in this way the absolute tempo of the external device doesn't really mailer. To double the playing speed you double the number of Midi clocks sent. Halve it and you halve the number of Midi docks. Either way the
sequencer will be able to recognise each bar of music as it arrives and if, for example, you play exactly 120 bars of a sequence • you will end up recording exactly 120 bars regardless of tempo.
These type of external clock based Midi links Linking Two Amigas also come in useful on other occasions. You might come across a collection of songs recorded with an old sequencer which didn't provide options for exporting sequences as Midi files.
To move those songs across to a more modern sequencer you just need lo borrow another Amiga and link the two machines together using a Midi connecting lead (and two Midi interfaces).
Once you've linked the source and destination machines together and loaded the respective sequencer programs, do pretty much the same thing as before: Set the sequencer that is going to play the song sequences to its internal clock option, making sure that il is also set to generate timing dock messages at the same time. Then set the sequencer being used for recording to its external clock option and start it recording.
Nothing will actually happen until the source sequencer is started. This is because the recording sequencer will be waiting for those all important Midi clocks and these will not appear until the sequencer being used to play the song is actually started. When you do hit the source sequencer's start button however, everything should fall into place. The destination [recording end) sequencer will then record and store a copy of the original song material bar for bar.
Amiga Computing Looking for an easy way to organise backup operations?
Paul Overaa shows you how Altaxarfi Ai raigaDOS Cant nation 71CK . Fl T T GOTO.HIF t aiPHI .hln
L. 02PH1 . Hth LB2P82 . Til n
I. B2PH :i . Tltn LSZPJM.titn Lft2P6 3.1itn L*2P06.t tn
L43P01.htn * bactup.reix *1 TENPs’Ss«:T te»p‘
BACKUP_SOU*C€=‘«orlt :dai Ly ' 6ACfUP_H£ST='dfOrdai L y'
ARCHiyI_BIT=’ar address cosaand ‘list' BAUSPJOliRCE 'to' TERP
'fit.es rrpdates noticed' if Open(fh,TEKP,'r,l then do do
vhile 'EOF(fh) line=Readln(fh) if LengthfLine) 0 than do psrse
var line, tils date flags if Pos(ARCHIVE_BIT,flags)=D then do
f tU=B»£KU?_SOUilC€ 11 f i le say 'Batting up.,.' file address
coanand 'copy NIL:' file 'to' BACKUP DEST address cotnand
'protect HIL:' file ’+a add1 end end end call Closetfh)
address conand 'delete NIL:' TEAP Say 'Operations coaplete!’
end Listing 1: A typical archive bit based Arexx backing up
script. Notice how the -NIL: statement is used to discard
output from the copy, protect and delete commands’.
On many platforms, including the PC, REXX (the language upon which Arexx Is based) is used primarily as a macro language for system housekeeping operations, Moving and renaming sets of files, batch editing of text files, performing standardised backup operations and so on.
This system-oriented use is perfectly understandable on these other platforms since the operating system is, to a large extent, the only other 'process' that can be communicated with.
Arexx of course, has no such restrictions and in this sense Amiga users are extremely fortunate.
Arexx’s ability to communicate easily with other programs does tend to result however, in the potentially useful batch processing links with AmigaDOS, often taking a back seat Now this is dearly a shame because for these types of applications, Arexx is far more powerful than AmigaDOS's own scripting language and you need look no further than the rather neglected area of data backup to realise the possibilities.
Whilst data safety is obviously the primary concern, the objective of any type of backup arrangements ought really to be to get some sort of system going which makes routine data backup as easy as possible. It is, after all, a well known fact that procedures which are awkward tend not to get followed.
Fortunately for most users, backing up a complete high-capacity hard disk on a regular basis is almost never necessary. For example, programs themselves, once backup copies of Ihe master disks have been made, do not need further regular backing up. The unwritten rule with data files of course is that you back up files only as frequently as they change.
The key lo success is organisation. Make sure you have appropriate directory structures and or hard disk partitioning (ie the creation of a number of different logical drives). One big help is to make sure you keep data files separate from the applications programs which ceate and use them.
Within this highest level division of programs versus data, the next most useful hierarchy criteria is the required file backup frequency, If, for example, an order file is backed up once a day, it is worth keeping that data in a directory (or hard disk partition) that contains only those files that need to be backed up with this frequency.
An Arexx Example Once you have a workable backup pian available Arexx can, in most cases, completely eliminate the need for using dedicated backup utilities, bet's say, for instance, you're interested in automating the backup of a directory called 'daily1 that exists on a partition called Work. In short you want to copy, to floppy disk, any files present in that directory whose contents have changed since the With a little organisation, plus some help from Arexx, almost all backup operations can become a piece of cake!
Drawer was last backed up.
The trick here is to adopt the same method as used by most archiving utilities. Whenever a file is backed up the archive bit of the source file gets set If, when the next backup is performed, that bit is still set the file hasn't changed and does not need recopying to your backup disk.
As far as doing this type of thing via Arexx is concerned the important first step is identifying the names of the files present in the chosen source directory. Arexx’s address command can be used in conjunction with AmigaDOS's LI5T command to generate just such a list.
One approach is to set up a couple of constant definitions to point to the source directory and to a temporary file for storing the list command output. The files, nodates and nohead switches inci16:34: 13 I .... t_BIPB1 .htn (Toot) I--- M p»r»tIa up... dentally can be used on the UST command line to ensure that only the file names, size and protection flags values are sent to the output file. Arexx code such as... ShtKUPJOJflCE aorkrdaify 1 TESP='Ra«::rte«p' address coenand 1Lisr1 EACKLTP SOURCE 1 tc1 "EHP ' r - nodates notead' therefore ends up generating a temporary
file consisting of text lines whose genera! Format is... , By reading these lines and splitting them into individual name, size and protection flag values using the Arexx PARSE instruction it's then easy enough to check each flag set to see whether the archive bit is dear or not. Any file whose archive bit is not set represents a file that has been altered since the last backup, so ail we need to do is copy all such files to the destination backup directory - resetting the archive bits of each source file as we do so.
Now your individual requirements for backup are doubtless going to be different from mine but the example shown in listing I should give a reasonable starting point for creating your own backup scripts. In this case it's the general ideas that are the important thing - so the thing to do is to set up some dummy source destination directories on your own system (modifying the script's directory references to suit} and then experiment.
Once you see how these archive bit arrangements work you should then be easily able to incorporate similar ideas into your own backup arrangements!
Amiga Computing WANTED Hi ADM COMPVTERS New or Used (NTSC or PAL) Call Toll-Free: 800 S95 5534 Telephone (9 M) 578-6522 Fax (914)578-6550 PAXTRON CORPORATION 28 Grove St., Spring Valley, NY 10977 Want to get connected?
Wanting to get onto the Internet? Already connected, but frustrated with your software? NetConnect is all you need to get connected to the Internet and contains a suite of seven commercially licensed Internet applications. You won't find an interface as easy-to- use as NetConnect's! We have spoken at length to so !
Many of our customers about getting onto the Internet
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You want software you can use - not shareware but commercial software, you want the hassle taken out of the installation and you want a suite of the very best Amiga Internet software. Indeed, to make NetConnect the very best we organised programmers to enhance their software - so you get previously non-released software. NetConnect contains a full TCP client worth over £35 in itself! You can save masses of £££'s from buying NetConnect as there is no need to licence the Internet software - full versions all licenced for you!
AMTELNET - TELNET AMIRC - IRC NetConnect's GUI does more than control manage AmiTCP! It also gives you a completely editable icon bar (see pics) to control and manage your programs.
No other Internet pack meets the specifications of NetConnect! Ask for a time-limited demo version!
Modem Offer & Specifications IIEi ICON BAR EDITOR GUI
• 33600 bp* DATA FAX modem - true v34+
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• Enhanced ADPCM coding NETCONNECT PRICES I ¦ Auto mods detection
allows modem to connect wtth a modom that Is configured for
differing connection modes NetConnect Disks £ 59.95 NetConnect
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over £23 with Enterprise!
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Active Software and send to the address list-1 opposite We con
accept credit or VISA I * ¦debit card orders. For any
additional StampOnlT!
Paul Overaa starts work on a date stamping utility Over the next two months I'm going to turn the skeleton code provided on the February coverdisk (or on our Web site) into a utility that will run in Workbench that can extract date stamps (in ASCII form) from all files in a given directory. There are plenty of uses for such a program but the one I have in mind is one which will allow easy date stamping of Web pages.
Di rHandler woven.1 JEH5 aO-a2 a5,- a7 preserve registers lea function_stack2,a5 for alloc dealloc operations ;get print dir nane (see coverdisk source for details) jsr LockOir beq.s .deallocate jsr AlUcfib beq.s .deallocate jsf ExanineDir beq.s .deallocate jsr ExaaineNext .deallocate aove.l Ia5)+,d0 retrieve function pointer beq.s .exit nove.l dC,aO jsr tad) and execute routine if it exists bra.s .deallocate .exit ¦oven,I a7)+,dO-d5 aO-aE a5 restore registers rts If, for example, you check out my corner of Amiga Computing's Web site you will see all pages have a last updated date stamp in
them. These dates are in fact generated automatically by a utility currently written in C, but I thought a directly coded 6B0x0 version might be useful for the purposes of this column because, once you've seen the ideas involved, you'll realise that the same framework can be used to create many other utilities.
LockDirUnlockbir set tovtrdisk source far these routines; AttocFib freefib see coverdisk source for these routines; ExanineDir see coverdisk source for this routine; Exarr. IneNext move,I fib p,d2 wove.1 d2,a2 copy in address reg .loop move.1 dirlock_p,dT CALLSYS ExNext,J 0S8ase get details of this entry tst.l dO beq.s .exit no more entries ?
Tst. 1 fib_DirEntryType(aO) bp I .loop directory - so ignore PROCESS THIS FILE bra.s .loop check for next .exit rts Listing 1: Framework used tor the new OirHandterI) Dos operations The starting point for the discussions is the DirHandlerQ routine whose main job at the moment (if we disregard the temporary print dear name operations) is to copy the selected directory name from the asl requester. Copying is usually done so a selected filename can be added to a directory to produce a complete path for the file.
For our current application however, being only interested in drawer names, we can eliminate the copying and use the asl requester's own directory buffer. This approach involves some minor changes in that the text pointers of the IntuiText structures cannot now be defined using the original static dimame reference.
Instead we install the pointers at run time (after the internal asl buffers have been allocated). The new method, which you'll find in my AllocFileReqO routine, is to load aO with the asl requester base and load al with each IntuiText base in turn to copy the pointers using indirect addressing instructions like this: aove.l fr_Orauer(aO),it_ITsjt(a1) These and a few other minor alterations - such as adding an image to the display using the Intuition DrawlmageO function and changing the window and menu text - will be easy enough to recognise by comparing this month's source with that from the
previous issue. The real work however, involves extending the DirHandlerO routine so it can search the named directory and locate any files present.
Dos Operations Once a directory name is available the directory must be locked using the Dos library LockO function. An FIB (File Info Block) must also be allocated using AllocDosObjectO and it's initial directory values set by calling £xamine(). An ExNextO loop can then be used to examine all the files in the selected directory.
The easiest way to explain the relationship between the various steps involved is to refer you to the flowchart shown in figure I. One difficulty with this set of operations is that several of the Dos function calls can fail so we need to plan for this in advance.
No excuses here - I'm adopting the same function pointer trick as is used for the main program resource allocation and deallocation. A separate function pointer stack area has been set up with each of the above mentioned steps coded as separate subroutines. Those functions that require a corresponding deallocation operation, providing they are successful, then push the address of their deallocation routine onto that stack. If you trace through the example code you will see the zero flag always gets set when an error occurs so the main control section of the routine consists of just a
set of jsr and beq instructions, Listing l shows the overall framework and a few words need to be said about the loop in my ExamineNextQ routine. Each time the Dos library's ExNextO routine is called, details of the next file or directory entry in the locked directory will be retrieved and placed in the file info block. The convention used is that if the fib_DirEntryType field of the FIB is greater than zero, that entry is a directory.
If it is less than zero, rt indicates a file. In short, it is necessary to check the field and process only those ExNextQ discovered entries that relate to files.
ExNextO fails, incidentally, as soon as no more entries present in the locked directory (returns a zero value in dO) and so I've used this characteristic to terminate the search loop. Of course the task now is to extend the loop so date stamps are extracted from all recognised files and this of course is exactly what we'll be doing next month, tn the mean time you'll find the updated code and details of the various functions used on the coverdisk.
Yc* AMIGA Computing NEW LOW PRICES IB rowse VI. 10 iw»h ft*** support i £29.95 Nel&Web ..... £39.95 Net&Web 2 £69.95 Termite ... £39.95 TermiteTCP £39,95 Cinema4D V3 ..£199.95 f NCW NEW NEW CinemaWORLD £39.95 CinemaFONT ....£39.95 Studio II Professional £49.95 DiskMAGIC 2 ....£39.95 MaxonMAGIC ...£29.95 MediaMAGIC £49.95 HiSoft C + + .....£169.95 HiSoft C + + Lite £79.95 Devpac 3 £49.95
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New DiskMAGIC 2 ...... MnxonMAGtC ..... new MediaMAGIC .
Upper Disk Tools new HiSoft C++ .. NEW HiSoft C+ + Lite .. Devpac 3 ... Highspeed Pascal HiSoft BASIC 2 ..... Gamesmith ... new Twist 3 Database .. ProFlight Simulator..... Aura 8 . I Aura 16 ...... ' Clarity 16 .. ProMidi Interface . Megalosound VideoMaster .. VideoMaster RGB . VideoMaster AGA . VideoMaster AGA RGB ColourMaster Compatible with iBrowse and most other browsers INCLUDES 120-PACE
COLOUR BW MANUAL EXPLOSION TWENTY THOUSAND f WEB PAGE SIZED GIFS AND JPEGS ON TWO COMPACT DISCS INCLUDES 10,000 Buttons 1,000 Dividers 500 Bullets 250 Textures 750 Backgrounds 1,000 Photos 250 Banners 7,000 Clip art images rozvse Zip Drive (inc .ill extras).... £159.00 HiSeft Jaz Drive (cased) ...... ......£449.00 SMD-100 MPEG decoder .. £199.95 Classic Squirrel .£69.95 Surf Squirrel ......£99.95 2x CD-ROM Drive ......£89.95 4x CD-ROM Drive ic.-ta 12x CD-ROM Drive (cased) .. £229.95 ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED POSTAGE £2, COURIER £4 (NEXT
DAY £6) (ZIP, JAZ, SMO-I0O £ CD-ROU DRIVES 0V COUPIIR Onlx) HiSoft Systems The Old School Greenfield Bedford MK45 5DE Phone 01525 718181 Fax 01525 713716 Email sales@hisoft.co.uk HiSoft Systems Your Safe Passage Through The Jungle 1 SUPERGEN (Internal Genlock) for A2000 - By Progressive Image Tech Digital Creations. Most flexible Genlock and video overlay device for all Amigas. Supergen provides a flexible broadcast quality Genlock at a very, very affordable price. Comes with external control box and cable.
Includes a 90 day warranty instruction book. This is a factory refirb unit selling for a fantastic low price of ..S179.95

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