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Keep up the excellent work, and when’s Ihe next issued M ¦utklay, Or* a iky. WI pro I ¦ Thanx M that s what we like to hear Er you re holding Ihe next issue now the following one win go sale on the 1 fiih ol Eeb okay1? If a va THE GLOVES ARE OFF*** Congratulations on yout launch ol AMIGA FORCE I d just like to say how excellenl it ia, especially the Driving Force lealure I m twelve years old and own an Amiga A50C I have a friend who owns an Alari ST 520 and I d jusi like lo get off my chest haw lull al crap il is. I mean, it has a joystick port under the keyboard, and that thing Alan claim ia a mouse which comes with Ihe pack you should understand wtial I'm trying la say1 So please send me some facts on Ihe Atari ST S20. And qood luck an the next issue ol AMIGA FORCE 1 lupladar Hhan, Waal Harra*, LaaJan Congratulations on ihe success In I launch ol AMIGA FORCE. Firstly, may I lake Ihis opportunity 10 wish you and your superb learn success for 93, and years lo come lor thal mailer. I was slightly disappointed wilh AMIGA FORCE s news section as it was very short. I hope you expand this section as lime progresses. As I Kicked Ihrouqh Ihe games I dkdn I lind the Gallup charts ter Amiga games Ale you even going In lealure it 10 your luture isauea1 womos OF SPRATS Just a lew lines to say hew pleased and repressed I was to read your new magazine Mary iharks lo your team lor producing this excellent Amiga owner s guide to game playing AMIGA FORCE was easy lo read, well presentee and gave great advice lor games I already own, but have difficulty negotiating. There was deliritely a need on Ihe market tor this magazine with no cover disks (nol that I parliculady dislike them]. Could you advise me when the next issue is due. And will you be providing a subscription potential at some pomt in the tutu re1 One alher thing. I recommended AMIGA FORCE to a couple ol Inends and they found scratch cards inside Iheir issue, but I didr I gel ore M Andy Aah, Nawpert, IOW ¦ We re blowing our own trumpet this month all right Sen page 0C tnr subsciipticn eela Is, Andy, and the abcve rep y for oela Is ot Ihe next OSD.

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Document sans nom Cisk TinU! ©hmtkh ©if th© m wts electronics Ltd. Chaul end lane, luto 4 3
• UK sp(: ikalion 1 1 MB system RAM
• Mouse
• Full workbench disks, manuals & leads
• Free game included in pack
• Deluxe Pant III Or Pholon Paini III Two Python joysticks »100
capacity lockable disk bo* £295 ¦Pk.s -m-i.' ; • £395
• Plus inlernal 40MB hard drive £475 ¦
• WcikbWUH 3 M
• lwir loppy ¦ Two Fvrhcn ryl rks
• '.Ofl merrily orkab e rt k hoi ¦ Arr.ga 1 SmiJOCO Pack £449 ¦
fli500 2000 wnh'?f B hit C79C ¦Will- 2ME Cl-C Wfmray i £129
Uvierri wild 8 Wicked A60C AUOOPacfc Philips 8833 MKII Monitor
• Game players paradise
* Push Over game ¦ Formula I Grand Prix game
* Putly Game ¦ Extra free game ¦ Deluxe Paint III
• 2 Python joysticks
* 100 Capacity disk box
• A600 Pack £329 A600 Pack & 20MB hard drive £429 ¦ A600 Pack &
40MB hard drive £509
• 32-bit S8020 Full power
• Super Hi-Res graphics
• 2MB Chip memory
• PCMCIA Technology
• Alpha numerical keypad
• Two Python joysticks
• Free game
• 100 Capacity disk box
• A 1200 Pack CSSS
• A1200 wilh 20MB hard drive £485
• A1200 with dOMB hard drive £585
• 14 inch high resolution colour display High clarity stereo
sound output Full RGB and composite inputs Free 1 5 metre long
RGB cable Full UK warranty 3 Free games ¦ Philips 8833 MKII
Monitor £199 When purchased with £ 189 an Anxja Star LC20 Mono
« 180 characters per second. NLQ mode.
Multi Font. 9 pm head £ 139 Star LC200 Colour
• 225 characters per second, NLQ mode.
£199 Star LC24-100 Mono
* 204 characters per second, LQ mode, £194 Star LC24-200 Colour
• 222 characters per second, LQ mode, £264 Star SJ48 Bubble iet
• Quality comparable with a laser printer, very quiet and
portable Mains and bat Ted. Adaplor suppled £224 Workstations
Peripherals Scanners Music hP?
• Ergonomically sound
• facilitates up to three external (loppy drives ¦ Made in the UK
• Strong and robust
• Aesthetically pleasmg
• Keep your desk neal and tidy
• Supplied complete and assembled with free mouse mat
• A500 Workslalion £36
• A600 Workstation £36
• Swivel and till monitor stand £5
• l. R apaci.y inckaD'e Oisk c ¦ £4.99
• Squick mouse £13.99
• Mouse mal £1.99
• TDK high quality DSD (10) disks £9.99
• 1000 colour disk labels £12
• LC20 printer ribbon 13.49
• Jet Fighter joystick £13.99
• Apache joyslick £6.99 '
• Python joystick £9.99
• Zipslick joystick 14.99
• Vast range ol leads for many Please call Allows image
processing in a useful and unique (ashion Comes complete with
operation manual and the latest version o( processing software
Oneol the laslesi growing applications lor home and
professional users High specification coupled with cost
effective pricing 1 Power Hand Scanner 1 64 greyscales 100-400
DPI 1 Thru'porl to printer 1 Fully compalible with Delux Paini
4. Elc 1 Power Hand Scanner £93.99 Highest quality stereo sound
sampling Compatible with A500, A1500 2000, A3000 GVP Digital
Sound Studio £49
• Screen Beal Speaker System f25 (Adds amplified slereo sound to
the Amiga)
• Megamix Master £37
• Stereo Master £34 Sale . Seasonal Sale • Seasonal Sale •
Seasonal Sale . Seasonal Sale . Seasonal Sj*i. . Smuu i .
Uhm i
N. BEDS, LU4 8EZ TEL (0582) 491949 (6 LINES) » Memory t
• Presides a In 1 3MB ot Che Merrc y loi iFp Am ga ICO ard A 1
SOO 3DOC ¦ Cfs gree arc 75 These Agrus • Inc Ldes 2Mb X etrrry
or hoarp IC the tour cil lew, power 7ips « A low sjirp eg •
Pros, rles ihe same mai as the A300rUA( 0(1 ASI - • adoressablp
memory spacr from 9Me lo 10MB • fnmpleie wnh lull mstr British
• Mo £139
• •MM £159 A500 P o-RAM 0 5 Meg. Upgrade
• Chip memory compatible • British made
• Without clock £16 • With clock £13 AMO P*o RAM t 5MB Memory
• Ovrt a M 2MB at enemai It• 17* A500* 1MB Memory upgrade £29.95
1 Allows ihe addition of peripherals without damage to computer
Or power supply i Why nsk damaging your expensive kit when one
simple investment will ensure 1 Total peace o( mind now and for
the i future ¦Switch mode design ¦Full crow bar projection
1A500. A500+ and A6O0 compatible i ¦British Made A500 Power
supply unit £44.95 ' A590 Power supply unit £44.95 "High
Quality "Renowned and proven reliability ¦ Top notch
specification ¦•Anti-click ¦long moulded cable 'Slimline design
'High impact plastic £54 £57 £G3 £39 "Cumana external drive
'Cumana external drive + 100 capacity disk box 'Cumana external
drive ? 100 disk box + 20 blank disks A500 A500+ Internal
replacement disk drive Cuts down on telephone bills by using
fast efficient baud rates 100% Mayes compatible Tone pulse,
Auto Dial Aulo Answer Standard RS232 Interface
• Programmable number storage ¦ Free Corns software Supra 2400
£84 t 12 f 24 MB £32 (U £29 £22 £16 Supra 2400+ £129 Supra Fax
Plus (0-9600 BPS) £148 “Supra v 3 2 (Fax Modem) £ 199 “Supra v
32 BIS (Fax Modem) £258 O SALES HOTLINE 0582 491949 (6 LINES)
OR 0480 471117 Credit Card ordering by phone is easy Simply
phone our sales holline quoting your credil card number.,
expiry date, name and address and the products you wish lo
order and we'll do the rest Alternatively write the above
details on your letter when ordering by post When ordering by
post in cheque form please wrile your cheque card guaranlee
number on Ihe reverse of Ihe cheque and send along with your
order Postal Orders are also accepted.
NO DELIVERY CHARGES TO UK MAINLAND NO MINIMUM ORDER AMOUNT Should you wish your order to be sent by Group 4 Security service please add £5 This method is normally faster than the postal service WARRANTY: One year return to base (excluding chips).
ONE YEAR EXTENDED WARRANTY: Available on all products (excluding chips) at 10% of purchase price when ordering.
Where To Find Us!
IMOHn Computer Mall Bedford Computer MiaII SI. Neots Computer Mall Hertford fotrputrr Mall Duntlthlr No.16 Downstair? Mo t 49 HaiI way St. M High Slnaf North The Harpur Centre Priory Mall Shopping Centra Hertford Dunstable Bedford St. Neot» 0992 S016C6 Bedfordshire HU Mlttt 02M 21*228 0480 471117 AH puces quoted ck products stockee are subied lo stockmq levels and availahluy WTS ranoor be hen liahlp Tor lorce majeiirp, or items, which arp out nt slock due to npmand or low slock at Us si.pp ipis WTS reserve Ihe right to amprd puces or revise packs oi specific a tons vuithcul prior notice at any
lime withoul liability upon it sell ¦iiii..i.ii£tii.Mitii.i.tiuiij£iji...i!j!ij»uuMiii jumjimMmmunjumuwimujMii I JAN FEB 1992 ISSUE 2 KRUSTY'S SUPER FUNHOUSE Clown around to roast the rats In this mad, but brilliant game ol the rvM|. I HbL' • t. V*~- 1 I Tr »-• *- 1 W--" 1 1
- -«S-' 1 a -T I Vl* ¦ [WINNER TAKES I Win the antira Kiss range
' n tMe eaey-t o All the hottest news from t Amiga ¦cane,as It
I Plus a new handheld I from Qulckshot.
[JUST AROUND THE CORNER A FORCE takes a sneak look at the first big releases of 1993, including Amiga CfMturws and super-hyped segue I* Lemmings L 3 and Street Fighter 2.
[GET YOUR 1 KIXXI N the Kiss roundup 1 wasn't enough for you, 1 _r a ) we chock out the best of the rest at pocket* I money prto .
Ten superb strategy nee are up for grabi s crucial compo.
[FORCE NINE a ] mail wjrTil I Your letters, queries, I SPEAKS!
Hey we re back1 After a tense period of wailing and watching Ihe sales ligures Iram AMIGA FORCE 1, we ve relurned to provide you wiih arolher instalment So many readers of Ihe debul issue have wnlten and phoned lo ask when ihe nexl mag goes on sale. I though! I d lake this opporlunily lo pul you all in the picture Issue One of AMIGA FORCE didn’t have a next month page selling a dale lor ihe publication of Issue Two. Or include subscription details, lor a very valid reason we didn't know if Ihere was going to be a second issue1 Many industry luminaries thought we d gorn and losl our marbles
completely when we announced Ihe launch ol a new Amiga magazine With so many Amiga titles on the market already, Ihey argued, such a lale-comer wouldn't stand a chance And when they discovered that we intended lo go on sale with no cover disks, reservations were made at the Sunny Daze Sanatorium!
SMASHIN', GREAT VI JA :vi Quicks hoi. The renowned joysiick manufacturing supremos, have announced The launch of a new hand held games machine Retailing al a mere £39 99. The Supervision is revolutionary in ihe way Ihe mono screen can be lilted for a better viewing angle Of course, there's Ihe obligatory Iree game supplied m the package (as well as earphones and four batteries). But those who think the Supervision will prove lo be a one game wonder, think again Wiih 50 carls available for Ihe Christmas market and more currenHy in development. It locks to be a serous conlender lo the Nintendo
Gameboy The games we've seen seem quite promising. Ihe mosl noteworthy being Tennis Pro '92 At a glance, there doesn't actually look much to the 3-D aclion, bul atler extensive playtesling we lound il very compulsive Possibly the besl news is Ihe price of Ihe games Quickshol have assured us Ihey II be relailing between £9 99 and £ 12 99 a lar cry Irom ihe average £ 19 99 on e Gameboy.
But. Arrogant gits that we are. We were confident that we knew better By cutting I out all Ihe technical cobblers which mosl I rival mags carry in a cynical allempt lo attract hardware advertisers, by ensuring a laughably low price due lo our refusal to carry useless cover disks, and by commitimg ourselves lo providing ihe very besl Amiga games information in the shape ol easy to-use lips and ruthlessly honest reviews ol finished games ONLY), we were convinced that we d win over a sizeable slice ol the mag-buying public And guess what? WE WERE RIGHTi As a result, you'll be happy lo know, Irom
next issue on we're going lo go monthly. Issue Three hits Ihe streets on Feb 16. And from then on in we'll be exploding onto Ihe news stands at regular monthly intervals. So thanks, Amigaphiles, for wilhoul you none ol this would have been possible, May The Force Be With You.
Slava Shlalda1 7? Managing Editor) [ueslion: How do you make your Amiga more like a console?
Answer: Insist on paying twice as much for your software then complete your new games in one sitlingi Alternatively, you could always invesl in I the new Turbo Touch 360 from Hornby 1 Hobbies, an Amiga-compatible joy-pad similar those supplied wiih Sega's Megadrive. The big difference betwen Ihe two controlers is that Hornby's model is touch-sensilive, as opposed to having positive response buttons.
Tricky la get to grips with tor hardened joystick jugglers, but possibly invaluable for up-graders, further details are available on the Hornby Hobbies Hot Line: 0643 231 088. Calls are charged at Ihe regular, domeslic rare; and not at hugely infalted 0898 rip- oft
- 1 -s cl M prices1 A LITTLE CLARITY Microdeal have just
announced Ihe launch of their new stereo 16-bit sampler, the
Clarity 16. There are much cheaper devices around, bul tor
£149.95 you get a state-of-the-arl sound package, including a
built-in MIDI interface and powerful software. The latter
enables detailed editing ol samples and Ihe addition of a
plethora of special eftecls. Such as Flange. Chorus. Distonion
and Stereo Pan Mosl impohanily. The 16-bit sample quality
should rival lhal of infinitely more expensive professional
samplers Look out tor a review in a fulure issue ol AMIGA
E Live 93 consume laking place on 16-20 September 1993 at Olympia London. As well as being sponsored by live major newspapers, il II have Commodore and W-Industries (Virtual Heality people) slands providing lun lor all Ihe lamily There are also plans afoot lo have a Games Village although arcade grapplers should be aware lhal looooong waits are an inevitable factor at these shows 6 IELUI1 rr.Av.-n muojwm Eledronic Arls have sent us copies ol Deluxe Paint I and Deluxe Video III As A-FORCE is essentially a games-oriented magazine, we thought a review would be a little out of place, but they
certainly deserve a mention as they're pretty damn excellent. With Ihe two together, you could practically (memory willing) create your own film sequences As well as improving on features in previous versions, both incorporate new options, making them far more powerful and easier to use .. at least. AHer detailed perusal of the hefty instruction manuals' , 1 ‘ivi y n a. .
I| M ¦ K: MICE TO SEE YOU, TO SEE YOU... Those chirpy little rodents al Logitech have just announced the release of the new improved Pilot Mouse, which they consider to he the perfect mouse for Ihe Amiga and Atari ST Steve lour tyrannical Managing Ed) suggested he took il home for some extensive testing II s now a HHVP?
Lew weeks laler and we ve seen hide nor hair ot it | I since Steve commented lhal while the puce tag is | a litlle on the high side (£24), il certainly takes the cheese and biscuils in Ihe usabilily stakes Bolh KH p 10 | comfortable and responsive is his verdict, we II ILMJ just have to lake his word lor it Similarly, we can 1 comment on how well it works on the ST but then, who cares?
A Limit mi too Mews has reached us lhal the eagerly awailed Crystal Kingdom Dizzy has been delayed indefinitely' due to unforeseen programming difficulties. However we al AMIGA FORCE know whal really happened: Dizzy's disappeared with Dora, hasn'1 he? Sick and tired of Daisy's constant nagging, our hero finished his role in Ihe fl-bil versions and eloped, using Ihe re-run royalties gained from Prince Of The Yolkfotk ic pay his way. CodeM asters are doing their best to lure him back, but we've heard that Dora makes a mean casserole, so don't hold your breaih (unless you wanl to turn blue, that
OFF THE For those of you disappointed by the absence of a Lawnmower Man computer game Storm have jusl announced plans to develop The Lawnmower Man II. Coinciding with the film's release during Ihe fourth quarter af 1993.
Sadly, there aren't any plans lor an Amiga version as ol yel, but CDTV owners are to be graced with aclual loolage from ihe film. What we want to know is why on earth can t (here be a normal Amiga game*7 Hopetuliy this will be resolved soon enough as i( seems a Irille sad that such a prominent licence (with massive potential lor conversion) should be underexpioiled this way Walch this space lor lurther news (asuueaii we® C3H0&O§ IfttWARE OF "1 1 IMITATIONS' 1 Krusty The Clown is a troubled man.
As well as being an ugly, tat, green- wigged social incompetent he's also got a rodent problem in his beloved Funhouse Little purple rats have taken up residence in the zany building's many rooms. Despite earning millions from his pork products, Krusly's , .
Ioo stingy lo pay lor f r pest control and so deciaes to get r o of the rals himsell On each of the BQ levels, our clown is conlronleo by a senes of doors Behino these are areas swarming with vermin, all ot which must be cleared Aher choosing his room (or should that be his fate?), Krusty sets out to rid the building ol the disease-ridden pests He's not alone in his quest though: friends of his, such as Bari and Homer Simpson, are waiting patiently at the controls at their advanced anti rat machines. Sadly, these conlraplions are a little loo hefly to be moved around, so it's up to our clown
to get the critters moving in the right direction.
Ammo is severely limited so save it lor when you really need it.
1a xf *ow* Vuntortunately, its not V a simple as all that.
| F • Ithe Funhouse is a A J I bizarre piece of I I f "' “ afchl,ecture. Wl,h | M It Tuneven platforms P impassable lo little -f~7 I (rodents. To make l_i jNi matters worse, jl k there are bad guys.
A’v f .nn angmgtrom | Vwsnakes to I Al _1 trying to make ¦ IV Jft "things as tricky as !' | 1 they can for our ft J H V 1 1 hero Assailants fV dispatched with X collected pies while slocks last, folks they're limited to amounts of 10 and 5 respectively.
Getting the rats into the machines is a tricky business. They're pretly dumb creatures anc will walk back and todh between obstructing scenery forever and a day However, Krusty can find objects (such as blocks and pipe pieces) that, it utilised correctly, gef the rodents moving the right way. Once the rats reach a machine, they're either squashed, (bed or inflated to oeath He ho ho, indeed Graphically, Krusty s is excellent with some well animated and colourful sprites stomping amundwth comical style. All the T atmosphere of its J - J corsole ccunterpads J has been retained, although
(predictably) some ot the sampled eftecls |ust had to go In short, Krusty s is one ot the best platform games available at the moment, with the rat- eradicaling elements injecting a little originality into the genre Like il? We love it!
¦ These are the antics of a demented circus clown, outside he’s laughing but inside he's really waaring a frown!
© The AmiuA • ATARI ST • COMMODORE b4 ? SPECTRUM • AMS TRAD CPC The biggest hero of them all” (¦nigs Ivntrr is back in 'g i • r ¦» ) y* H rv. I T«*r, v i ' v p -V i i : -3
* . | -y --V----! ' fi.
* * ’ n**u5Z Jltannhi, 5*7_ . £9.99 h iVc;;
A. SlSck«W ¦ (OllMOIHlKi: 61 • , ¦ CODE MASTERS .
01992 Codemiilm Limited.
Lowil Farm Hour , 3lflney1aip«, Soulham, War vuic h ahi re CV33 ODL.
FEATURE always ge what you for? In tho Am scono, the ola*' adage doesn't always ring truo.
There are seme real bargains to be found on budget as we discovered while playing tha entire range of £9.99 Kixjc CARRIER COMMAND TUSKER ¦ It's not one ol System 3 s best arcade adventures, but Tusker contains puzzles galore and plenty of combat with bare lists, knife, machete, slingshot or gun. Slick scenery helps create a heady atmosphere as you explore Alrica in search ol Ihe mythical elephants graveyard ¦ This was a real mileslone in the history of software created by Realtime (who more recently did the Gamesmaster TV title sequence) The solid 3-D in Carrier isn't quite so imptessive
nowadays, but complements the tense action: a combmalion of arcade action and deep stralegy. Not only do you control a huge carrier, but also the three fighter planes and amphibious vehicles within, trying to conquer islands and then detend them against the computer carnet. A classic.
STRIDER ¦ A good anempl al converting ihe ground breaking Capccm coin-op Some of the superbaddies are a bit crude, but the hero climbs and cartwheels his way around Ihe large mullidireclionally scrolling levels with style, swiping his sword at countless varied enemies Three years after its otiginal release, il can't compare with the slickness ot today s arcade conversions, but Ians ol the coin-op will savour ihe unique graphic style and addictive action ST DRAGON ¦ The harizcnlally scrolling blaster doesn't live up lo the rave reviews it received on its ?riginal telease. But it's not bad You
control a Chmese- style dragon (looks more like a snake to us ) with a tail that can be curled round to protect It Irom bullets fired by a plethora ol nasties, including some neat end-of-level superbaddies STUNT CAR RACER ¦ An absolute all-time classic, this revolutionary racer features tollercoaster- style tracks to really churn your stomach. It's gripping stuff as your futuristic slock car jumps miles into the air Irom ramps to dear massive chasms A superb long-term challenge is provided by the toui division league and eight tracks 'WORLD CLASS LEADER BOARD ACTION FIGHTER ¦ A poor conversion
ot an obscure Sega com op this is a mediocre Spyhunler vacant ie a vertically scrolling destructive driver. The best bit is the neat vehicle transformation scene Irom motorbike to car but the repelitive action isn't helped by naff iraphics lj_11 aw ¦ Legendary in its day. This classic golf sim has been outclassed by some recent releases, most notably Ihe superlative PGA Tour Golf. Nevertheless, tar the price ot hail a dozen balls, it provides plenty ot tun especially with a group of friends competing Z-OUT ¦ The sequel lo X Out omits lhal game's tiresome armament screen and kicks you
slraighl inla the horizontally scrolling blasting action it's all very slickly done, but doesn't quite match the playability of lhal olo favourite, FI-Type it KIXX!
Icri roleolaver liana Jones spool'll have you in stitches.
; packed lull with unlriendly natives, FEATURE
L. E.D. STORM ¦ The coin-op never really caught on. Which is a
mystery when you see this cracking conversion. It's the best
destructive racet ol all. Despite the fact that your car is
Enemy vehicles are only destroyed by jumping or top of them, and this ability also comes in useful for clearng the huge gaps in the road 1943 ¦ Only nostalgic fans of the old Capcom coin-op will get any enjoyment from this The crude vertically scrolling action is of the blast everything that moves type as your WWIi plane tackles the entire Japanese Pacific fleet1 In both gameplay and graphics. 1943 looks extremely dated (ho ho!).
Rf fy| i r %., I „ J 1 ¦ ¦. -f. Y*1
• •••¦“!
:-out ¦ Properly pronounced Crossout' (tlippin1 silly name anywayl). This horizontally scrolling shoot- em up features some slick presentahon However, although Ihe detailed armament screen is indeed excellent, it lakes too long to arm your ships, only to see them all destroyed within a couple of minutes play to Ol RUN ¦ By today s standards, the 3-D looks decidedly ropy. Looks aren't everything, though, and this is still a fair conversion of the arcade machine. As such, it's very playable as you race lo reach race checkpoints within light time limits, using your limited turbo power to best
effect Epic Amiga ( games for under £ 1 5, can it possibly be true? We take a look at tho rapidly subgame (the graphics are impressive even nowadays others nclude hang w gilding «r p ng f 9 and driving i snow buqgy I O'' 'Hi.-l-rq I HHEmi cvcp.t- Si i i" I fry arp lecru t mem - i» successful ihey fee come under your control What makes this even more intriguing is the realism of the characters Net only do Ihey have strengths and weaknesses, but also human feelings for each of her including jealousy, hatred and even love!
These lactors determine what chance one person has at recruiting anolher Meanwhile the tactical aspecl involves typical guerilla wariare; MIDWINTER ¦ £12.99 it The earth has been plunged into anolher Ice Age following an immense impact by a huge meleoi.
60 years later, the only human civilisation is or the island ot Midwinter This is the setting tor an incredibly involved strategy game with the added attract ion of arcade subgames. And. For once, Ihis a strange combinalion works well.
You begin in the role of Captain John Slark.
Organising a campaign of resistance against Ihe evil General Maslers Slaik can t contact
• anyone by radio, so his lirsl task is to ski to nearby comrades
This is 1 done in a brilliant 3-D amhushing enemy supplies and
capturing villages Su'-ilegic piann r-a lake1- % piace cn a " I
1 neat map I Ij scieen wn.cn jp' I ' ir uwro ;j C ir cnnlcui
or 1 * » '¦ lei r Jp arc jt'' 70nm.‘d mlr lo reveal
positions ot buildings and forces It s all a bit daunting at
first, but user-lriendly icon-driven menus help you along, and
the 3D action sequences are greal fun The solitary flaw is
thal experienced gamers mighl find it loo easy to complete
While this was a major drawback at the original £30 price lag.
It s not so off-putlmg now. You won 1 play a mote atmospheric
game than this.
[AXEL'S MAGIC HAMMER I III As Mario style platformers go, Ihis | one s not at all bad Instead of I headbutting blocks I Axel smashes 'em with his oversize mallei to reveal . Assorted collectable items. Of course, a game of this type wouldn't be complete I without the obligatory secret rooms, bonuses and handy reslarl points.
Don't knock it.
THUNDER BLADE ¦ An awkward control system makes for Iruslrating play in Ihis dubious conversion of the hydraulic coin-op The 3-D looks neat, but weaving your choppier through lower blocks and flak is a frustrating affair The vertically scrolling levels are more piayaole. Though they look out of place mho S.k.ut MISSION 2 ¦ Who could forget this classic arcade adventure? The graphics aren t exactly stale ot ihe art (especially compared to games nowadays) but the simple plattormtexploration action grabs you immediately and won t let go [FORGO!
WORLDS 1 fe Slighlly overrated by same on its original ] release, this is a fair rendition of the I Capcam coin-ap, The two heraes fly around I the horizontally I scrolling screen, rotating I heir guns to aim at the lightning-fast enemies It am t brilliant, but not I at all forgettable INDIANA JONES [AND THE LAST CRUSADE THE I ACTION GAME I Not lo be confused wilh the I superior advenlure, this is a mediocre arcade romp. Indy cracks his whip, fires his pistol and jumps around platforms in tour levels, bul the action never really hots up and the graphics aren't anylhing to nole L down in your
diary OUT RUN | ¦ The coin-op classic looks decidedly dated compared to today s sophisticated driving games And this isn't I even a good conversion of it, completely lacking the graphical slickness and style sc there's no pose value whatsoever.
¦ £19.99 ¦ While Gary s career takes him east, Ihis laur -game compilation sadly goes wesl Well, iis nol quite lhal bad. Bul it was a good gag1 Intarnallsnal Sotc«r fhalling.
This ambitious atlempl al lirsl-person- perspective footy is dragged down in the mud by Ihe slowness ol the graphics. As with other 3-D soccer sims. The inability lo see players behind you causes problems.
Gary Llnakar'j Hot-Shotl Yet another average overhead tooty game that can t compare with ihe speed and skilful play of Sensible Soccer, despile Ihe inclusion of touls and bookings Poolfaallar Of Hi* Y«ar 2 The joker in the pack, this is a hybrid of a trivia quiz and simple arcade sequences. As such, its fun for a lew piays, bul the repetitive action eventually has you heading for Ihe changing rooms, Italy 1990 An accurale implemenlalion of ihe World Cup finals is let down by mediocre aciion Dribbling ¦s easy with Ihe ball stuck to you I 'nol and m two player mode you can zig- | r if ID"* m iJ
Tk K ) 1 1 '-*~3 2ag to keep swilching conlrol between your opponent s defenders very irritating1 [CONQUEROR I ¦ A playable tank game, using the I same 3-D graphics system as Virus. It's | I a mixture of simple Battle Zone-style ; combat and strategic planning with | the added attraction that you can play I either of these modes without the other There is a large red piaster ¦ This graphic adventure starts with you m a window-cleaning basket.
Haifway up a skyscraper From this unlikely location, climbing Through an open window plunges you into a weird mission lo save Earth trom time-travelling aliens' This French-originated game was the first to use the Cinematique INDIANA JONES AND THE LAST CRUSADE system, where you poml ana click on the screen lo lind and use objects You'll need more than puzzle solving skills, though The eyes ot a hawk are necessary lo spcl some objects on screen eg a tiny red dot And you'll need good mouse dexlerily to complete some of the arcade sequences It's compulsive sluff, and the slick graphics and sound
compare favourably wilh many newer releases Future Wars oflers a whole lot of adventuring fun tar the money Magnilique ¦ £14.99 ¦ Far superior to its arcade counterpart. Ihis Lucasfilm graphic adventure provides great long-term appeal. Rig hi from ihe humorous inlro |a dripping-wet Indy marching inlo Barnetl College), you know you're in tor a real treat.
Further exploration of the college entails a boxing match (arcade sequence) and a class full of rowdy students Unsurprisingly, Indy soon gels Ihe urge tor adventure on discovering his father's disappeared on an expedition to lind the Holy Grail.
You move Indy around by pointing and clicking with the mouse, using the keywords at the bottom of ihe screen to perlorm mere complicated aclions. This syslem enables smooth play without vocabulary problems, As fans ot the film know, Indy's Iravels take him to Venice, a Nazi-filled castle (requiring some arcade combat) and the Middle Easl He even gets lo fly, lakmg Ihe conlrols of a plane in a neat, 1 irst- pe r son - perspecl iv e subgame Having seen the movie will help you, but it's still an epic challenge with plenty ol logical puzzles lo solve Despile average graphics and sound (revealing
Ihe game's PC origins), it's an essenlial purchase for adventurers IS SCRAMBLE SIMULATOR | Lb We always thought this Tjfcrmer lull-pricer would be I Ideal on budgel and I here it is! It's basically a ¦ variation on that old I favourite, Kik Start As I such, there isn't much I scope for technical I wizardry, bul carefully I manoeuvring your bike I over logs, barrels and I Volkswagen Beetles ia I enjoyable, rl ai limes I frustrating rCHBLADE I This odd arcade adveniure is maned by simplistic comoal: you I I can continually punch and kick enemies Irom a higher platform without risk. It ail gels
a bit repetitive, but exploring the huge I underground levels ia enjoyable lor mapping Ians.
[CALfl 1 i A fairly accurate, il technically unastounding conversion ol Ihe old favourite, this leatures all six averts BMX, 1 Surfing. Roller Skating, Flying Diek, Foolbag, and Halfpipe 1 Skateboarding These are all as playable as on other computer formats, but some seem lrickje especially the 1 Surfing (even beach-bum Steve couldn't do an aerial turn). 1 ¦j«7 w| I COMMANDO : Another lair conversion of a Capcom coin- I op favourite, its main drawback is the I startling omission of the two-player mode I (hence the singular title). This apart the I graphics and sound are bath workmanlike.
I but ihe feel and playability o the arcade I machine is largely retained.
HEROES OF I THE LANCE I ¦ As wrth the later Dragons 1 Of Flame, this combination I of arcade action and ralepiaying tails I between two slools Nevertheless, as with I the follow-up. It's a fair introduction la the I £PG genre ai Ihe budget price [BARBARIAN E This is most famous tor its controversial I ads fealuring Maria Whittaker wearing a I couple of saucers. Which is a shame really.
1 as Ihe game has more than a couple ol I good points One ol the gonest hack-'em- I ups of all time, the highlight is the bloody I decapitation scene especially when Ihe 1 dwarf plays footy with the head2 190 FOR GOLD R Previously I known as The Games sn a patch on J irEpy* I sporta urns The aighl events lack imagination and playability and the two gymnastic ones (Rings and Uneven | Bare) are overly complicated [DRILLER ¦ Freescape eh? You either love il I or hate it. As long as you're not in ihe | I latter camp, Drilled a good buy on I budgel The gamepiay isn't as I sophisticated as
on laler Freescape I games (Ihis was ihe first), but Ihere s I plenty of explonng lo do and I perplexing puzzles to solve.
I PANZA KICK BOXINO B Another fairly playable one on-one beat- am-up, I Ihis is a unique simulation ol the obscura spcrl A I good long-ierm challenge is provided by the ability I to improve your boxer's skills in the (raining section, and there s a fun two player mode 10 ! Boot VIGILANTE!
I ¦ A good convwrvon of I the average con op.
I up action ai its mosl I repetitive Virtually I continuous attacks from | j left and right means I progress through the I horizontally scrolling levels is slow. There's I some rice end of-level I baddies though jjwiismirw it [STREET FIGHTER Bthis one on-ona beat em-up takes you I around Ihe world, duffing people up in each I I exotic location. The simple karate action all [ I looks a bit old hat now. And is bound lo be I blown away by Ihe imminent Street Fighter II Nevertheless.
R‘~* !
H s a lair old challenge.
And you even gel a free :-jbi a pel badge1 r 1 mm As you've witnessed in our roundup, there are indeed some superb bar gams on the Kixx budget label And you can win the lot (including those superb XL titles) a total ol 46 games1 m this kick n comp Just think ol all the tun you II have beating people up, shooting aliens, driving super cars and much more Not la menlion burn ing the midnight oil over those entrancing Kixx XL epic adventures.
In addition, ten lucky runners-up will win Ihe Kixx game ol their choice. All you have lo do to stand a chance is unscramble ihese three Kixx titles
3. HES A LECHER OF NOTE Got 'em all7 Jot Ihe answers down on a
postcard (with your name, address and choice ol game) and send
it to: KRAZY KIXX KOMP, AMIGA FORCE, Furopress Impact I udlow.
Shropshire SYS 1JW. To I arrive no later lhan 28 February 1993
A There 'are a number' of natty new 'releases waiting in the
wings this month, games which have ~ somehow failed to
materialise in their full and finished form.
Enough in the way of pre* production demo disks have found their way to the A-Team's floppy drives, however, but since we're only in the business of reviewing shop-ready software we'll round 'em up here in the previews section... '' A i is LEMMINGS 2 -I TRIBES ¦ Psygnosis, £25.99 The anginal Lemmings game (along with the consequent Oh No Nol More Lemming si extra-levels disk) was praised from the rooftops by the computer press and consumers alike quite an astounding achievement, considering it was (a) an original game concept, and (b) not a tie-in At last, the eagerly awaited sequel is
nearing completion and. Irom whal we've seen from our demo version, it looks to be even greater than the original The lemmings are now capable ot more involved actions, such as lilting in holes on the landscape, building walls, skiing our suicidal little triends have even nipped oft tor archery lessons (true!).
KtEt: Their movements have to be seen lo be believed take a look at the screenshots and you might get some idea at just how involved it all is. Graphically improved over its predecessor, and with tar more varied gameplay, Lemmings 2 could well be the big km as New Vear hit.
WALKER ¦ Psygnosis, £25.99 A mveryone (a) some point) must have stopped Ewh le playing their favourite shoot em-up and though! How nice it would be to take the controls ot an end-ot-level bad guy WaAer to a certain extent, car fulfil Ihis dream In this unusual rigbl-to-lett scroller, you take the role ot a massive two-legged mechanical Walker, blasting everything that moves This is great tun but what really makes II special is the novel control method Yol move the Walker right left using the joystick, while moving his guns with the mouse One dick of the mouse button and. . Kapowi Another
soldier bites the dust The graphics are fantastic, with the Walker animated lo perfection Lrttle try solders dangle Irom helicopters and attack In groups along the ground, as well as making skirmEhes on motorcycles. When shot, they explode in a spray ot blood Ardent pacifists may not like this, bul it s party time (or sadistic worms like us. Penciled in (or imminent release, check the next issue at AMIGA FoflCE lor the full review Thought lor the day: it the Walker is comparable to the usual end-ot-level bad guy. Imagine what might be in store at the end ot each section' I If you see me
gunning down the street and I start to die, each time we meet, just walk on by!
Wicked concept great FX!
05300 Ixit ¦ k f-i- r ™ 6bF, * rl Ready, aim and... fire! A Lemming is blasted into the middle of next week ' via a handy cannon (left A inset), while another of the suicidal saps prepares for a flying leap on skis (above).
PREVIEWS BILL'S TOMATO GAME I Piygnoils, £35.90 Arcade puzzle games have become eve’ more plentiful since the release ol Lemmings Bill's Tomato Game is another (albeit different] save- em-up that we can 1 really compare to anything we ve seen before The idea Is to get your tomato onto the other side ot the static, trap-fillec screen To do this, you need to utilise the tools given to you at the den ot each level. For eiampte. A tan paced behind our hero btows him forwards a certain distance, while a trampoline bounces him a little further (not to mention higher) Fall onto something nasty (or an
unprepared pla11orm| and you ne kfltohup. Male The demo version we have is Obrtanfy tricky (plenty ot soope tor tips here) and the inclusion ot a password system means an and to rapetitiue slogging through levels previauSy completed Hopefully, we should have a itrviewable copy tor Issue 3, so tor the definitive lowdown (arid maybe some playing advice), look out tor the next instalment Okay, ao the consoles gal there first... but can I the Amiga do It better?
I With only the one Joystick button to play | with on our beloved machine the arcade version utilised SIX! It's herd to Imagine how SF2 will manage to . Retain Ita playability.
Km I J I -r ... n 1 LETHAL WEAPON ¦ Ocean, £35.99 An amalgamation ol all three films, and Irom whal we ve seen of the Amiga vers on so far it looks a stonker Essentially a pattorm game uemaf Weapon is similar to Hudson Hawk (in some respects), but with a little more aclior packec gameplay and, ot course, better graphics II you re looking for an original game, try elsewhere. Lethal Weapon ioilcws the usual tried and-tesled formula for lilm licences but is much slicker than most Neal touches like wonderfully animated water, with little balaclava-cl ad hitmen leaping out and shooting you make an
action game something special Lethal Weapon has this and more. See it it shoots Irom the hip when we review the i finished and final vers nn next Sh ¦m office biggies they may weli have been, but how La that Weapon will do In tha software cherts la anyone's guess. Looks good, though!
EET FIGHTER II ¦ US Gold £35.99 The Super Nintendo version of the popular arcade machine has been hyped beyonc I all belief recently The N FORCE (our sister mag) bunch have done then little bit to contribute as well Net satisfied with jusl playing the thing, they ve been stomping into | our a ft ices and crowing about how good it is, and how the Amiga could never cope with all the sprites (not to mention the speed) Well hopefully US Gold are set to prove them wrong, because being the industrious 'ittle beavers that they are. They ve obtained the ioence to produce home computer versions Just
Imagine it all those opponents to defeat stamp on and generally mutilate I a sadist s dieam Now where s that blender.
If you haven't yet soon the cnin op or SNES version (wheie have you been?), the game features one on ore combat against various opponents as you travel tha world It's most noted tor the unique sprites and toughness of the lighters, each of which has Ihree spec a. moves, eg the Sumo wrestler does a db-crushing bear hug1 Hopefully tha Amiga version vdll live up to the ullracompetitive reputation of its coin op counterpart one player allegedly set fire to his opponent after losing a game1 ARABIAN NIGHTS ¦ Kvisulii, £23.90 Arabian Nights is yet another game in the popular platform mould, but
Irom what we've seen so far it looks to be a particularly good example at the genre.
Taking the part of Sinbad Jr (a little guy with a sword and a red hat) your objective Is to escape from the Caliph s castle, light through varied terrains and rescue Ihe Caliph's daughter. This may seem like unusual behaviour far an ex captive but the plot makes it very clear that our hero had been wrongly imprisoned. Rescuing the woman seems to be Jts way ol clearing his name (why couldn t he just rob a bank and move to Spain?).
Arabian Nights from Krisalis either so cute you’ll puke... or so smart you'll, er, buy It? Find out next ish!
Our preview version looks wonderful, with Jr running like someone after eating several packels of figs and jumping like a kangaroo with a pin in its bum The backdrops are colourful, varied, and most of them are interactive For example, hitting the trees even though they're static scenery makes little leaves float to the ground That s not all Puzzles are salved using clues given (in a light bulb above Jr's head) when certain objects scenery come into the hero's view. This doesn t appear to detract trom the game (it could possibly have made puzzles a little loo easy) it merely acts as a
well-presented extra in what could be the best Amiga platform game yet.
T. inambflr children, don't barf behind bushes or this could be
YOU!, ft* J rnl MU II1L* 4nr I Tl CusTons ¦ p v Jl PREVIEWS
rr yA " X
* Oi jh "TT ;* - 4
A) A i1 ¦ u. U J i • i ** IS 0 ' 1 ' J 1 CRKATURKS ¦ Thalamus,
£23.99 The original Creatures created a slorm when released on
the C64 many moons ago, and quile a few people couldn't ligure
out why it never made its way onto the Amiga Well, we couldn t
believe our eyes hen a demo arrived in the Force ohlces.
Gingerly, we slapped it into our disk drive and played through the tirsl two levels, with the accompanying Torture Screen Far those ot you unlamiliar with the plot, Creatures is the story of a race of cute little fluffies living on the planet Blot. Sadly, they had la leave theii planet to escape a terrible fate being called by a name as unhip as The Blotians. They constructed a huge colony craft that took them as tar as a big blue thing called the Pacific Ocean, where they crashed. Luckily, there were (previously undiscovered) islands nearby that the fluffies claimed and called ‘The Hippest
Place in the Known Universe . Renaming themselves Fuzzy Wuzzies, in search of ultimate hipness However, the bad-tempered demons that lived on the other side ol Ihe islands didn't like all the noise Ihe Fuzzies made and came up with a fiendish ploy They arranged the biggest celebration ever known on the island, and invhed all Ihe Fuzzies to came along.
Ot course, a Fuzzy Wuzzy can I resist a party, and atler getting drunk, then subsequently captured, all our cute little Irienas were dragged oft into the evil demons torture chambers You take Ihe part ot Ciyde Radclifte, a Fuzzy missed by the demons because he was being sick in the bushes Using everything at his disposal, he has to gel through the horizontally-scrolling levels to locate and rescue his fluffy pals One thing lhat alarmed us was lhal Ihe sprites have been changed and Ihey don t look halt as good1 We hope this can be sorted in the finished version as the onginal was one ot the
best 8-bit games ever ARE OPEN ALL HOURS TZ, v1Jr; 9 , .
¦¦fil -dsAl Jud BUDGET REVIEWS Jr _ OF PERSIA ¦ Ouch! Falling onto spikai it a fatal ¦lponanca, mo bo caraful when jumping over gap*. Howavar, ofarnt rue ting lpikon can ba lip-load through.
Those hoping for more than simple platform action will be disappointed ¦ The Hit Squad, £7.99 II you utilise the Amina s enormous capability lor graphical excellence, Iher mjecl a louch ol exploration, pausing only 1o slap iri a slight beal- am up iheme you'd probably (after a few hours in the oven) gat Prince Ol Persia On its initial release al full pnce it received rave reviews, all of which spoke about Ihe wonderful animation specilically that of the hero Running over plailorms. Lumping perilous chasms and duelling with guards is executed wilh a fluidity previously unseen in a computer
game In a screenshot II looks very poor, as Ihe background scenery is a utile on the shoddy side, but when you see the hero move As a feai ol graphical excellence, Prince Of Persia is super, smashing, lovely As a game, however, it has some nail-biting inadequacies While jumping and climbing over the scenery ia lun lor the tirsl lew atiempis, you soon realise there's litlte else 1o do There are no mlricale puzzles, and precious little in Ihe way ol object manipulation As a budgel game il's a worthy purchase, if just lor Ihe sprile movement bul Ihcse hoping for more lhan simple platform action
will be disappointed. This Prince isn’t quite as charming as it looks TIP TIMEI It you gel stuck, try this simple cheal mode Press Caps Lot* arxj tap l to skip levels ¦ Mysteriously limllar to a Spactnan game? Mayba, but I ho maza genra looks to Hava raachad a dead and - Jual lika ft ha haro (abovaj.
¦ Team 17, £ 10.99 Once upon a time, there was a computer called Ihe Spectrum Many people bought the alorementioned article and, allhough it couldn't otler them much in the way of power, it still gave a fair amount ol enjoymenl One game among ihe exiensive software base was a maze exploration alfair called Into the Eagle s Nest released by a liltle-known software house called Pandora You may be wondering where all this is leading (you're right Ed), but I d |usl like to say that the similarities belween Eagle's Wes and Alien flreedare aslounding Take away ihe (uluristic scenario and the bare
bones are the same so much for original software eh?
Breed 92 attempts to capture Ihe atmosphere of suspense films, such as Ihe three Alien productions To a certain extent it succeeds, as ihe aclion gels pretty Irenelic ai limes But maze games are (to pul it plainly) BORING. The __ addilionot £ progressively more powerful weapons is a good idea, bul when your assailanls are as uninteresting as Ihey are here you end up wondering why they bothered Another (more mleresting) feature is the ability to log on' to the compuler consoles around Ihe area Once on line, maps ol the level can be studied, along with a fair amouni of reading material not an
essenlial aspect but a nice louch all Ihe same You may wonder why ihis is called the AT . JANUARY IM ISMJI TWO J Jlj'i gain access to Ihe following e»- area.
On the way he s hindered by many Chrislmassy enemies lhal reduce his meagre life counter on conlacl. Claus is hardy defenceless, though he s got art infinite supply of snowballs lo chuck at opponents, stunning them temporarily.
The problem with Capers is lhal compared to the recent rash of quality platform games, it isn't that good The gameplay is very basic, with little ol Ihe shine seen in products such as ¦ Doodlebug (reviewed last JjiJ issue). Or the speed of jft Essentially, we re nptrBW talking 8 bit action addictive? Wnen we first loaded it, Ihe entire office resounded wiih a cry of what a load ot rubbish!'. But. After a little more piaylesling, it proved to he a fair bash lor the price It's better to go about the levels methodically, rather than charging through trying lo reach the evil Zeppelin, £7.99
Santa was nr his usual Christmas morning rounds, delivering presents to the people ol the world when one of his reindeer slumhled, resulting in scattered gifts all over the surrounding countryside Ur Claus was (understandably) dismayed, as I those packages | were supposed to be hanging in .
• stockings the very next day. So, rather than sloping oH down
the puh and drowning his sorrows (like any normal person),
Santa gathered his wits, and set out to collect the presents so
as to not leave people goody-less on Chn slmas Day As you can
imagine. Christmas Capers is a f basic plattarm game with a
drslincl lack ol any spiky and blue influences (tor a change)
Santa must bounce through the many scrolling levels, collecting
the small packages littered around the map. Belore making his
way to the tar right, where he can ¦Compared tol ¦the mmt rash™
of quality platform ¦games, it| ¦that good at really it special
inclusion J. I Anynna I lai lerriil I Up la faur I playava can
I jcm in tha I fur. Ycu I hlyn ml aad I doublaa far I lh« paHad
I Iowa mslctil I Zeppelin, £7.99 Mntefnattonei Tennis is a
period example of how (when a little care and attention is
Happlied] a lenris sim can realiy work well When so many have
tried (end failed) to get I a neat compromise between realism 1
and solid arcade ~ I adion il seems u«L I s1range Ihet a
budget game tMK0fl I should be Ihe one to « _¦ | produce I
he goods . IS ¥110 Of course, h indudes many cf Ihe opliors raw
taken lor granled such as a two-player mode and multiple skill
levels, hul what really makes it special ifi the inclusion of
doubles malches Four players can gel down get groovy and get
swinging or let the compuler control your partners. And rf
you wish to have a lemaie representative on the court, sc be
Different itnkai Three choices of sudace are available, each of which aflecls the ball in a different way, eg day courts are noloriaus for absorbing bounces As well as ihis, 'spins and smashes are calered for in a manner that doesn’1 inhibil ihe action, but gives Ihe player a liille mare la do other than press Ihe joystick button The ihing that makes a mockery of all this is Ihe lack ol a tournament oplon why on earth not? Playing anonymous computer apponenls dees little 1o add atmosphere, and could eveniually resull in mindless tedium Mo amount of sampled umpire speech cr well Ihought-oul
control mclhods can cure that aftliclion. And although ihis is the only faull we could find, we were ralher alarmed al Ihe size ol
TIP TIMEh Mix your shois 1o conlusG your opponent: slow the play down wilh a few softer sliced shois, Ihen surprise Ihe other guy wilh a hard drive to Ihe baseline o uy 'You've ¦e*nthe film now play tha game... but elnca It bembed al tha fllcka . We can'll HAWK ¦ The Hit Squad, £7.99 Hudson Hawk wasn't exactly a classic movie, receiving hardened criticism from Ihe press and public alike However, Special FX (the immensely talenled programmers) managed - lo make a silk purse jW*' jJT J aut cf a sow s ear and I came up with this engrossing platform H k . I T 1 am € Hawk is an agile and we
I-ammaled sprite leaping about Ihe scrolling landscapes wilh Ihe grealest ol ease Each level composes several subsections. Mast of which have their awn graphical style And what style it is rarely have we seen a platform game wilh this much polish Possibly the most astounding aspecl is that the design is almost identical to its 8-bit counterparts Usually this would be a lerrlble disappointment However ihis lime AP JANUAEY 1009 ISSUI Ihe game is jufil so well thought out. We can 1 help bul play Ihe little gem to death Conic coper* Another greet little touch Is the sense of humour Al one
point dunng the first level Hudson is seen infiltrating flutherlords Auction House As well as security guards and rabid Rottweilers, our hero is confronted by babies on bicycles and little kids wilh camcorders. If Ihe would be photographer is BA left for too long on Ihe screen he lakes a pholc Seemg Ihis.
Hawk's hair stands on end and his lace is caplured in a comical eye-bulging scream The picture is then displayed on the screen lor all to see a good incentive lo punch the little so-and-so into nexl week pretty rapidly, we d say.
It's a Iricky business though, this Ihieving Security alarms are positioned all over the levels and should Hawk irigger one ol these.
Bells sound and he's snowed under a deluge of security guards At ihie poinl. It s a wise move to find a quiet spot lo hide until things calm down Hudson Hawkhasn 1 aged at all since its original release. As a budgel game, il s an essential purchase offering a lasting challenge to all platform tans One point on Ihe down side ia thai younger games players may lind if a trifle difficult, bui all in all il's a great game lhal does Ihe Amiga proud.
TIP TIME! Don 1 walch Ihe lilm! Bul 0 seriously, avoid the alarms at all C09ts unless you want to get caughi Vf * SB* SE5i' « T BUDGET REVIEWS 1*1*1 v ,V; fell* ,?
M ( R Evaryonn knows that are a girl's boat friend - [when ihey'ia all aha'a u dlamonda
- oapeclally marlng!
Zm1ft » I ¦ Global Software, £7.99 P Either you love 'em ar hale em but no matter what, you can l avoid them.
Just when you think that finally there are no more, some so-and-so programmer comes up with another Gem X is (as you ve now ascertained) a puzzle game, originally released about 18 months ago It we had to calegonse it. It could on y be described as a match em up but don t think (or a moment you re being subjected to another second-rate Tetris clone The screen s divided into two halves each with a slightly dilferent arrangement ot gems The idea is to make the pattern on the left side match with the right. This is achieved by clicking your painter an the differently coloured gems to decrease'
them twice in colour. The added complication is that the surrounding tour gems also go down ”" 'T| one colour When the two patterns , are identical, you re sent to the next ' level The presentation s great, with lots ‘ ot piccies showing young ladies i (scantily dressed, of course) ‘ beckoning you onto the next level - , The sound loo, is ot a very high $ - 1 standard. Other touches, such as level codes and the ability to undo moves, build on atreaay strong foundations.
However, this is a game with limited appeal. Not everybody likes puzzle games (as was pointed out earlier) because they offer little variation, and Gem X is no exception. It's only a gem tar ardent puzzle Ians TIP TIME) Study each level IMB caretully betore making ycur tirst move get it wrong and you ve no 0» U. • » 1 H ° ¦. - i ¦ ¦¦ ()¦¦¦¦¦
• * • •• "I uni i hi inrrmi n:nri ¦ The Hit Squad, £7.99 Trivia
Pursuit became something ot a craze as a board game, with
thousands of cleverly researched questions faxing the minds at
However, it had its drawbacks idoesn t everything?), the most noticeable being the price The rereleased computer version'll save you a pile ol dosh. But is it any better than its board based brother?
Well, the answer is yes and no.
Despite the inclusion ot nice graphical touches and musical questions you can actually hear, Trtviafs the sod ot game you play around a table not a computer desk.
Secondly, the Amiga version's almosl identical to its 8-bit counterparts. This isn't exactly an eadh shattering problem, but you'd have thought with alt the extra memory something more could have been incorporated (those musical questions, frinstance, could he reproduced exactly on a Speccy).
Colour-blind codors?
The main screen is a fairly accurale representation of the original board, with only are slight difference: the colours are in the wrong order1 Everyone knows that pink is Enteriairmem and brown is Art a Literature everyone except the programmers, that is Once the mouse button has been clicked, the dice aie automatically rolled and all possible movemenls around the board indicated When you've chosen the square (and its particular question category) the game Hicks onto one of a series of screens, presented by a little fat bloke called TP (which you can turn off), who then asks you one of Ihe
many questions Rather than typing the answer in. You have shout it out loud a further press of Ihe mouse button reveals the answer, and you re asked if you got it right or not. This otters great scope lor cheating, but in the long run it's like Addling the cards at Patience a very sad practice indeed.
Landing on one at Ihe six larger squares results in a special question being asked Gel 1 right (or just click on the Yes' box regardless') and you're awarded a 'wedge' Collect all six wedges return to the centre and answer a question (the category chosen hy your opponents), and you've won the game Trivial Pursuits a lun affair, even when its faults are taken into consideration. It s not something to keep ypu hooked on your own (there are no computer opponents), but get some triends round and you can gloat about how much money you've saved over the board game TIP TIME! Answer yes after every
question to win the game! It’s best to stay on the outside of the board, as there are no grey, 're-roll dice' squares in the middle.
VBB Klvi intern ¦ whole tin - n ill • -i .iwtuli ikol sends you on .1 PRINCE OF IHE mm m WM thwartmq tu- W K BE EC H1 K ME EC "• "1 ¦1 " '"v I are the same as the B B mission to save Daisy, while thwarting the plans ot Rockwarl, the evil troll Essentially, the screen design and puzzles are the same as those found on the 8 bits, although certain platforms have been rearranged to make the layout more pleasing (and certainly clearer) to the eye. As well as the mind None ot the puzzles are particularly obscure (a criticism levelled at earlier Dizzy games), but what alarms us is the acute lack ot
them When compared to, lor example. Magidand Dizzy.
Yolktolk is a mere demo composing 20-odd puzzles and 40 or so screens For a ~ game supplied as an exclusive extra on a compilation alone Yotktok was a yotty little ¦ CodeMasters, £7.99 Originally part ot the Dizzy's Excellent Adventures compilation. CodeMasters have now released Yolktolk as an independent product m . Y The one thing that ---- separates the Amiga H Dizzy games from their 8 bit counterparts is the a stav presentation Little nuiilurt graphical touches are prOQUCW implemented with style. D 6 P tK and the title Cartoon y • Adventure' isn't wildly «PI inaccurate (hands up who saw
the phrase on the back ot the Speccy packaging7 Bet you didn t laugh as much as we did1) Prince Ot The Yolktolk is an arcade As a stand-alone product its lack of depth is all too apparent Bj | ¦ | romp However, as a ’ IUCK OT stand alone product its g|| too lack ot depth is all too m apparent, with the multi On" , format design a __. - - throwback to the days when Amiga games were merely Spectrum or Commodore conversions with improved presentation I Go an Dizzy, ya fat little fart, grab that pickaxe and wrap it round his Lhead! No? Oh well, please yourself. , Negalivity aside, this is a
good game while it lasts, especially II you're an ardent Dizzy tan. We guarantee you won't be too disappointed (al least, nol tor Ihe lirsl week).
» TIP TIMEI Look behind pieces ol flk scenery (eg grass clumps tence pieces) (or cherries
il. .' fQSK BsniTil
• Hj
* ¦ 5 1 M* 9 » Li - m 4 ”" ¦ Global Software, £7.99 We've seen
gun-lating heroes, sword-wielding barbarians and pyjama-clad
ninjas, but never did we consider the beauty ot a lat little
man with I AJ _r a pneumatic drill. Call us ignorant il you
like, but it's not an everyday sort ol superhero lhat
brandishes a noisy roadworking tool, is it?
Pps pretty reminiscent ot the Rick Dangerous games, but without the infuriating deaths Running around the scrolling areas, you soar came across weaker plattorm pieces that are easily disposed oft with ihe trusty drill However, after a certain amount ot time, they reappear and should PP be in the wrong place at that moment Hammer is a plallarm puzzle game, with the hero collecting all the hidden treasure betore finding the exit lo the next level As you d expect, he's up against a tight time limit, so he has lo move like a frisky tax ta get through those screens. To help him, there are power-ups
scattered around, ranging trom oil (to speed up his drill) to potions, giving him extra physical abilities A little treasure Graphically, Hammer’s good to look at All ot IrJ:!
LAfS VPON PP's little actions are well animated, with the accompanying sound effects giving additional atmosphere. It makes for great budget action, because it's cheerful and tun lor the lime that 11 lasts. Its downfall is that the aclion gels a tad repetitive after a while running around searching lor treasure may be tun, but it it's on a computer, you dont gel to keep if!
However touches like the level codes make Hammer a nice bit of aclion lo keep you playing through the small hours. Recent releases such as Kmsty s Super Funhouse and Hudson Hawk (on budget) are better value tor money, ottering a great deal more long-lerm interest But it you can afford bolh ol these and still want more action, you can't go tar wrong with PP TIP TIMEI Use power-ups sparingly you may come lo a poml when you really need them.
Tlong gone Nowadays Ihey're real thrillers, with graphics and sound to longer just anoraks carefully planning Iheir SRBRE TE military commander!
From Krisalis, which has rapidly Both games are slickly presented with an epic challenge. And we've got five of stand a chance of triumphing, just think FREE! axCL SOFTWARE PACK NMH TOO WT M 1IMA SILICA 60 AMIGA 600 wi. FREE!
£265 NEW! MIGA 600 WILD, WEIRD j WICKED SILICA SYSTEMS OFFER YOU I I I VimUamm lo tho noil radical rovlaws ¦action In Aailgaland Our policy on re via wing ¦oftwara la ilnpln Il It'i worHi dialling out your doah on wo'll rovlow II, bul Iff II oln'l worth whipping your wollol out for, wo won't! Thla onobloa ua to noolfly ovodo tho allcky altuollon off actually rallng tho ganoa. Tha rovlowa apoalc for thonaolvoa and, at tho and off Hio day, ll'a up to you to doddo which gana'a bottor than which Hi ora roolly la no accounting for factor B Krisolis, £25.99 Shadoworlds is Krsalis s seccntl
sltaleg c ottering this monlh (Ihe other s Sabre Team) and if we had lo choose between Ihe two. This is the ore AMIGA FORCE would go ter.
Fl Arm«d In Ihe back teeth,
- skulking about in darkened corridors and wearing Ihe most
outlandish gat up you've ever seen cripas! Our Managing
?tractor a on the prowl again!
Rather than using Ihe presenl-day mililary scenario associated with Sabre Team, Shadawlands is set in the tai lulure an a gigarlic orbital research station. Contact wiih Ihe stalion has heen Iasi, so a leam gl tout individuals is needed to travel to the station and ascertain whal actually happened ihere |hmm, sounds vaguely lamiliar Ed) However, on arrival (and alter choosing your team) il soon becomes brutally plain that something very strange has happened.
Once you get Ihe hang ol moving aboul (the control method is a little hewifdanng al lirst), encounteis wiih olher creatures become plentiful Bul anybody wiih tunny ideas about friendly' aliens after watching ET for too long is going to he terribly d sappomied Ihese guys would eat little EI Hoi I lor breaklasti Pick 'n' mix It Possibly our favourite part ot Sbadeworlds Is Ihe ability to mix1 weapons, with a view to creating an oltensive mega-weapon la suit your needs. Getting a decent gun is probahly Ihe lirst (and mosl important) task those who ihmk a Light Sabre will keep them alive are in
lor a BIG shock.
The graphics are fantastic: a revolutionary shading technique makes Team 1 7, £25.99 Platform exploration games have been prelty I hick on the ground recently, with the AMIGA FORCE otfice being snowed under a deluge cl Sonic anti Mario clones. How nice it would be we Ihcughi, to see a more traditional ooom and gloom, death and glory approach to things, as opposed to endless cute ness.
Well, it seems Team17 have hac the same idea their latest release is totally devoid ol anylhing fluffy (unless you include Ihe neck-gnawing guarc-dcgs] ana it packs a mean punch in Ihe gore cepartmenl. The gameplay revolves around Ihe hero's mission to end the re gn of letter by Midan, villain extraordinaire and all-round had guy Along Ihe way he comes inlo contact wiih Midan s thugs and security machines, all of which car be killed by the Assassin s boomerangs (his main offensive abject) and Ihe co lectahe special weapons (essentially glortied smart bombs). To starl wiih, the boomerangs are
prehy weak and i ineltective, but can be j scuped up by col'ectmg V Ihe numerous pcwer- i ps I defer. Around the play area mq What really makes Assa.s.srn ertioyable is Ihe hero s ability lo climb over, about ano on the scenery. The freedom Ihis gives is Iremendous swinging Irom iree lo tree is ncl only salisly ng, bul saler lhan Ihe real thing Also, this gives you Ihe oplion ol running away ano ambushing your opponent (torn ahove, below wherever you lee! Mosl camfortablei Whi'e we erjoyec play ng the game, we tell the the hero s weapon was a bit wimpy. In aur books, lore warriors lake huge
guns wiih ols at buttons inla battle, not an old Australian hunt ng tool (Ihe Ahoiigines use hoamerangs to distract wildlife, making spearing easier) While this is by no means a major gripe, il seems lo detract Irom Ihe game in some peculiar way In addition, Ihe control melhcd is a little tricky to master In tact Ihe Assass n's very ditfcull lo manoeuvre at times eaoing lo ir(l.rialion and all marner el teeih grashmg.
Nevertheless, it you like a cerenl- paced, rcn-culesy i hangmg-trom Ihe j ceiling- em-up.
Assass n should be right dawn your alley.
TIP TIM£! Sometimes discretion ((. ') is Ihe better part nl valour it's easier and quicker to avoid enemies by using the scenery 1c yaur advantage FULL PRICE REVIEWS ¦ J revolutionary shading technique makes the lightinr realistic lighting realistic For example, it one ol your characters should have their helmet lamp or in a darkened room. Ihe area directly in tront ot them will be illuminated Flowever. The battery supply lor the lamp is severely limited many a panicked moment is spent in complete darkness, firing rounds at ammo at (seemingly) lethal shapes.
As real-time stralegy action games go.
Shadoworlds is one ot the best available, ottering scope lor many a long night ol enjoyment and pleasant frustration. Highly recommended.
TIP TIME! Send characters in to Sil attack on their own rather than in a group, lo avoid non conlrolled characters getting killed ymsmniA ¦ Renegade, £25.99 Sensible Soccer has been heralded by many (not to mention the AMIGA FORCE crew) as Ihe best toothall game ever. As well as being almasl perfectly implemented, it provokes a more thoughtful type ot play, although this doesn't slop Ihe obligatory llow ol expletives (Ihe Ihings we've said about Phil's mother') as the linal whistle draws closer a.
Flowever, there are a tew minor tlaws, the goalkeeping being possibly the worst You see. It's all too easy to kick the ball directly at a goal post resulting in an almost suicidal dive hy the keeper (missing the hall], and an open goal while he takes ages to get up Obviously, this is immensely infuriating, leaving a bad lasle in Ihe mouth of all punst loclhallers (such as us).
Well, lo and behold, a new and improved version at Sensible Soccer has now been launched All the features of the onginal have been retained, the lew faults have been successfully ironed out. And a couple of new options included. Add Ihe opportunity for existing Sensible owners to apply lor the updated version and keep their existing copy (for a negligible fee. Of course) and you have the game of a lifetime, a product that no self respecting Amiga user should be without.
Simply tha Gaorge Baal!
For those ot you who haven t seen the game (where have you been?), it's played at a last and furious pace, with tiny players zipping around an overhead-view, scrolling pitch Control switches automatically between ¦ Steve files in with a most spectacular diving header (left), and Phil gets his kit nft!
* your players, who dribble by pushing the ball along, Kick
Ofl-style An almost infinite range ol swerved and lobbed shots
is made possihle by the subtle aflertouch control the earlier
you move the joystick, the greater the effect.
Passing to other p ayers m the team is easily achieved by a quick stab of the tire button, resulting in attractive football rather than the usual kicking and hoping seen in most other games This is aided by the small character spntes, as a great deal of the pitch (about a third) is shown on screen, meaning real ladies play a large part in winning matches In Version 1.1, almost all of the rules associated with football have been included, the only exception being the offside rule (it was a disaster in Kick Off 2). The most obvious addition is that of yellow red cards.
These aren't awarded randomly, as in many soccer sims realistically, professional fouls are usually punished with red cards, normal heavy tackles with yellow The satisfaction gained from seeing your best trend s star forward sent off is immense, especially when they receive the consequent two three match ban.
Flowever, the most important improvement of all is that the goalkeepers now play like real keepers, rather than triple-jump athletes high an Lucazade. Not picking up back-passes (dribbling instead), pushing the hall around and aver the woodwork, as well as catching it in mid dive are all now commonplace This makes for better football, as you need to perform clever attacking moves to have a chance ol scoring These improvements complement the exlra options (such as World Cup qualifying rounds and better European Cup implementation) a treat Yes, the best toctball sim ever has just got better This
is the game to buy an Amiga tor Miss it at your peril TIP TIME! Redi reel headers and sliding tackles at 45 degree angles by quickly changing direction before connecting with the hall This really contuses your opponent and his goalie!
T 4.
& UU (ttVtlXsvc* 1 f • i rearms R* . A Ml IP *1 J»:*i I* * I* *
• - ~ "f * * ft ;. R_. wiffli L.°r ISSUE TWO JANUART 1993 AF 4
RICE R 7, ¦ F U k ' r- I ¦ Electronic Arts, £25.99 ¦ Al last!
An Amiga magazine with enough lull to print decent shots!
How many 1 mes while racing on ycur lave biking game have you had Ihe sudden urge Id kick your opponents off? Haw often cc you feel your racing games lack a tasty louch ol mindless violerce?
11 your answer lo the above is a Id'. Road Rash is the game for you. The idea is to win each race while making sure your opponents eaf dirt as frequently as possible Ths is done hy either punchirg or kicking them both catered for by friendly joystick control and can if you aim properly) result in the opponent tlying off their bike and under the oncoming Iraflici There are five levels in all. With access being gained when you ve achieved lourlh place or
• VIEWS above on all five that the game's only graphical fault is
that the " tracks in the bk. . . _ th no road contact n irrant
tsusi The Urst levs' isn't rourtj 9* a whatsoever Perhaps a
shadow could have
• mxtmea ifeee prodig** Itm» corameted it remedied this. Mr
Programmer... ¦ Iwlli Jilorrs iwiiiiiw All the tame Road Rash
'enacts ’ '4tlt ¦ M t (nr rrraraon So. Rather nogMMpw*
matmc'Hi* •• ¦tan Art you rion •haoogttto+kwrtial cranes arniti
¦ndt w *»'« Mbew •« oe eve, j inrM-yotr ayr jra-piugrarrnnei»
nave ado -*Jons are been thoughtful an :“-.i tisv»a * aa
mmvi» . ¦ »i ii rttodi *¦ aUvfrs cv «tem --nmaismsn'1 action
cutting out a ...nws' mm greatdeal cf woukfb rtKjtora**.* •
¦!*»'»••¦» • • he**,. Uw it s still a no w,.ii ®jyc
*B*s 8 G»eowols tides’ odimiguudraoeiui yuut money, racing
offering Mso renewtu this rah;, nie cnead is *an»a*tv Your
htk» Tlidse arnnnrt YIP TIME! Try and time the punching arnofij
ti His ran Agog strragtrt’ wrthlhe ( j|p) conoc% to knock
opponents off their 1 . . ' " | Y DJ DUAii* ' v V Mka glides
’ stt I around corners fWAD with tl,e grates 5 =-» o ease
*1 |S» patterns lhal are easily avoided although il a
collision does occur, no lives are lost.
Instead, the small amount ot lime allocated for that particular level is accelerated lor a moment while Thomas recovers. Should The timer reach zero his lile counter is reduced by one and he has lo attempt the area again.
Whal attracted us to Tearaway Thomas was the lightning speed and clever use of obvious Influences, Rather than just surreptitiously thieving other programmers ideas, Ihe I development team have f built upon existing techniques, com ng up with a game lhal lies somewhere between Sonic and Rainbow Islands II you can't get enough ol these games we certainly can |i), Tearaway is a last mover well worth catching.
' Jump or thin parts ol ths ground to tind hidden bonus rooms lull nt goodies.
A in AF ¦ JANUARY 1993 ¦ ISSUE TWO Soundware, £25.99 The days ol animals sleeping in Irani of Ihe fireplace or hibernating lor Ihe winter seem la be a thing of Ihe past as another turbo-charged flufty hits Ihe Amiga scene Starring a cute little dog with a red sweater Tearaway Thomas is the latest in the seemingly endless lire ol Santo Mano irspued plattnrm hoppers Running through Ihe assorted scrolling landscapes Is a hundle ol tun, our canine chum bouncing from plaHorm Id platform with a grace usually associated with great athletes. Using Ihis ability, Tearaway has lo called a sel amount ol
gems Irom each level to open an exit la the next stage.
On his travels he comes across varied opponents, most cl which lollow movement FULL PRICE REVIEWS II builds upon foundations sot by Laser Squad A I Krisalis, £25.99 Once upon a lime Ihere Mas a game called Laser Squad Essentially, it was a strategy orientated aflair allowing I the player to arm a team I ot experienced rebels 1 and send them on one I ot several missions.
I These coold take the 1 lorm ot an I assassination attempt la rescue, or even I escape. The screen I display was a strange mixture I ol overhead and side-on views, with I an intelligent line-of-sight tealure that meant I enemies couldn t be seen unless they were m | your team’s tield ot vision Sadrs Team is similar to Laser Squad in I quite a lew areas. Movement and actions are 1 made by use ot Action Points At the start ol I every game turn, each character has an initial I total ot Aps (which can be reduced toy injury or [carrying too much) to spend on various useful functions For example,
if a team member has 41 Aps, he could open a door (costing 4 Aps) prime a grenade (G Aps) and throw Ihe explosive Ihrough the open door (7 Aps), leaving him with 24 Aps to run away (at a cost ot 5 per step) Of course, there are many other actons (aiming firing various weapons picking up dropping objects etc) available in what is a very effective raleplaying system Once you re satislied with your soldiers' movements, clicking on the End Turn icon makes your computer opponent begin its turn sadly Iheres no two-piayer option As in Laser Squad there are different scenarios to play: tive in all.
Ranging trom a jungle POW camp rescue to a daring embassy assault. Only here you have to play _ them in a set order A different ? ' J view The mosl obvious ditterence tram Laser Squad is the use of isometric 3-D. The graphics are clear and well drawn, with the the ‘line ot sight3 feature implemented to the lull (nice piece of programming) However, the game has its drawbacks The main problem arises when it comes to Ihe computer's turn; you have to suffer quite a lengthy wait. This can be accelerated by holding dawn Ihe left mouse button, but there s still a frustrating amount ot time when
the player has no control and nothing to keep them occupied. Another (albeit minor) gripe is that there's no option to select a default team which would offer the option of jumping straight into Ihe action, without the tedium of time-consuming character selection Don't think tor a second that Sabre Team is a second-rate rip-aft of an original product.
Essentially, il builds upon foundations set by Laser Squad, but tails down in a tew small areas that may irritate some Try before you buy.
TIP TIMEI When arming your team, make sure to give them plenty ol (the correct!)
Ammunition for their weapons, as it's used up at an alarming rale.
¦I Robotic (rallies as Cyt and Ron go on the rampage! Rattle around lha labyrinthine levels, rescuing scientists, blasting tha baddies and having a good lime. East, furious fun with guns!
' rv and Ron s mi
• ••-i Bouncers (wh juufce around the with deadly mis A* ght work
ol enoed correctly.
F. (t makes good s bush Ihe tanks fro ¦" sh nd lo avoid cc irso
Iheir line ol ¦ui it's quite di | o do this whili avoiding
other creatures lit b the boffins ¦ therefore, ai W all
WT Cytron s Itw tremendously to s: cold. In addition, s a lillle sleep lor , kina Ihe aualilv ini hat makes the game so different is the behaviour pattern: of assailants Taking the pan i Cytron. A robot with the ability to separate (namely Cyt and Ron'), your objective is to infiltrate the many levels ot the Coracon complex. It tthe itre h £29.99 GAME PLAYING SERIOUSLY CQN KIT 2 RTS BOXING TS DRIVING .JQ AJRBUS RIP SUPPORT
, iARRIER I OF IX COSMIC FORGf ru tf-if OF BRITAIN kilftoads k
DUNE dungeon mastertchaos EPIC EYE OF THE BEHOLDER 2 F16 COMBAT
11. 81 II* 11* II* I* II*
ll. fl
HUNTER k’sian PnwtNMsaeiiEiMi
* * jdk£ op siwth lew sners MG 29 Sjffifl RICRJM JVC f 19 STEALTH
KG2 GAZZA2 Sottfr i IJIS NT -A' PHONE HOTLINE: 0480 498889 lADOESS i PF174JI ITEM VisajMasTercard'Swii Ich Nlmbef Elrapean CarrpulBr LlSfli & ¦-flr«i tr Unds A f bt 1 1c
l. nn ; A?jA.1 En n Rd. Si Ives. Hun n lon.
FAMRS PE.J7 4I F S GN ATIJRF re twiun tHifirJl (jllcfl wtlcon * f rwliJ nid n»l»n fhug«J onlv «n dsipjlfli nl qani»» (no wtchJr ] AIIom S Mrfi*Unq H i flclVTl rwelpi ol ainei Irf rhequ* fleararvr Pie jie rn J Ilf (hcqkV1! Pnilai nril»ii ind nlvinJlknnil irrtflfv OldfM (fiedlm) nfly pjydhle ta U AOP FA N fOMPLTTf D IJ'fB Jl llemi Eedii-red die 5LB|FCT Tfl AVAll ABIIITT AJI prtrec 21* suta|e 1 In change wllhnjil nofife fBO I All oirieu die dealr Wilt linimdlliety prnn.lrlerl the qnnH il* in llcwh It ite lime ol your nrrin hpng pinreiied Me may like up In j mjjlmum ol 28 d*yi in nel wr Irnir
rerelpl rI Oicei. Mllh Ite ««r(pliini nl nwrim flfilm Witift Itdke Idke kanqe CiT iNn FACKATINr.: Ui 75n pei liem 2nd Cldis, I1.SI1 pei Hem I1I tldiv. II 8fi pei Hem 1 Jl ddis r«n»il«l fff (1 75 pet H«m, non FIT fl 71 per hem Eiprni Ail ird( £1 75 per liem K ydu do rni ul«h your Oelalli In he a rifled In njn lUlihftf Inr mhei dlieet null inrluoirq fe nlai imiei nl ffll irwfqa ire pldir iWk Ihe hnn on ihe Inrm prDi'klerl, ni IeJI in wt-er yru ral Icfdl TITII5 WAV NOT IE ¦ EIE A51 n AT THT TIWF 0 COINC TO MISS Ft f A5F Tfll PHONE Q8 AVAII AflH IT AnnAfOft Q« GUI FLU TEIW1 AND [“ ~ FAX
HOTLINE: 0480 496379 tUKOHL AN COMPIITFH USFH A?jA1 Erfw Riud 1l Eu»-i Hkjfitoiddofl C*nibrtHp», P on* (VlltC » i IMH1 ItX. ITS * hn n i' Mr r dj y • n ri fit y 9 Ood rr lo t Http in Anmrt iru hin* tiprfll«i CuklX j | j j I I I I I I I I 1 cFflqi.fl5 ppyahle 10 Cdid Expry Dale TICK TUS BOX IF YniJ CO NOT WISH 7(1 RF_ FNTFFFR ONTO THE FCHl HAT ABASE arcniflii PGSTCGGE PRICE PRICE PRICE POSTAGE XQXAI ¦ 21 st Century Entertainment, £25.99 Pinball iRbkta How many of ua have pumped in 1Qp uflur 10p on our Invourlte machine only to lind we haven I goi enough money lor aom* cnndylloaa'1 Guiln n
low wo II wager Well, «1 ¦_ In no lima at all, you'll be finding all these secret bonuses Ai IhsI ,i decani pinball y ' simulation hni arrived tllVI0 II Ihuro s anyone oul *11 ¦ there who's nevnr used [ yOU II D a pinball lohlr well mil all thoi our liouaeraf But _ esse ntmlly H a a doddle DOI1 allnr catapulting your ball up Ihe (able, the iden is to prevunl il going oul ol play using two bullon apermed Nippers II the ball falls down ihe gap between Ihesti, or rnio the gulleys lo either side, and you lose one of your balls (sounds nasty, and il can bel).
Wilh good liming, the flippers can be used lo smash the ball mlo ihe many targels Poinls am gained quickly Ihm way, Ihe ball Hying over rnmps and generally being knocked aiound by Ihe scenery Fantasy four-play Up lo loui iHiopki can flip out tin Cantnsirti qunrlul ol fhemud IsbliiH Pfldylard, Speed Devils. Rilliun Dollar Gomes how and Slones N Bones lour lave) You II soon lind q one you pielai ovei Ihn allinin nnd in iio lime ol nil. You II be all, finding nil lliose secinl llndlng ) g £0(1*01 PiilbrtH f .W .i.nJ«S II thiirn were n xnl amount ol J£0f pcinis nvnilublH and blalanlly apparent on
each , ' .-¦¦¦ (able, you'd gul bnied preIIy quickly Luckily, them's a myriad of ditleronl condiliona nfkicting Ihe scoring system, nllowing aalronomical sums la be accumulated in a lairly shod limo This, coupled wilh olher great IiIIIb loucbaa such us Ihe ability lo rock' the table, makes Pinball t Hnluaiti* a mual buy for all duaf. Dumb and blind kids I
• *- TIP TIME1 I earn lo rock Ihe lablu al (HI il in nghl time lo
aller Ihe palh of Ihe ball lo your advantage don I overdo it or
Ihe tilt' sensor deaclivates your Nippers Demenware, msmoin
£25.99 You'd have thought ideas far puzzle games would be a bit
Ihin on Ihe ground by now. Bul Demonware have I come up wilh a
new one in Locomotion.
The press release didn't exacliy leave us I expecting wonders, describing the game as appealing to Irain and puzzle fans alike I Visions of anoraks and I notepads sprang immediately 1a mind' I Luckily, it owes more lo puzzles and intelligent thoughl lhan British flail, so all was smiles I for awhile at least In Locomotion, you [ have a number stations linked J together by sections of track, Some of Ihe latter can be manipulated to cut off certain routes, while making others more easily accessible. Every now and again, a I train will leave a slation. A letler indicating ils deslinalion You
have 1c ensure the vehicle a sate journey along the Iracks, changing I junclions to guide it Ihrough Ihe maze-like . Layoul T*b Tipaftf U s best lo deal wilh one Iram at a time, rather lhan having Ihem all milling about aimlessly.
Train a thought Complications occur when more lhan one train is in circulation at any given time. This is where real thought is necessary, because collisions are fatal and while you're still reeling from lhal, there's a light lime limit into The bargain. Fail lo gel your quota of trains into Iheir appropriate stations and ils game over.
That's about it. Really. For a lull price game, you'd expect a little more. Okay, so you gel a irack editor lor when Ihe existing levels have bored orfruslraled you, but a couple of inexpertly designed courses are hardly going to prolong your enjoymenl, L ocomoriorj would ave been ideal for budget release. As Irain puzzle games go, il’s probably Ihe best so lar, but full-price material it ain't. It makes British Rail sarnies look good VFM!
E V I E W S a™™ adventure lhal required the operator to explore and examine sialic screens, finding clues to puz2les KGB follows ihis theme, only with a greal deal more depth in terms cf (occasionally animated] graphics, inieraclion and brain-taxing decisions.
The Amiga is Ihe perlect home for Ihe thriller-orientated RPGyadventure genre and at last it seems somebody has done a little research and come up wiih Ihe goods. KGB knocks Ihe socks off nearly every game based on Ihis theme and more the characters behave like realr people, as opposed to cardboard culouts acting out badly written scripts Also, the wealth of oplions mean your approach can be suited lo your mood ai Ihe lime of play. For example in ihe beginning you're required lo question a ----- -------- suspecl namely the deceased s sisler If you wish to use heavy handed techniques to
oblain information trom her then so be il KGB will cater lor your needs... The chilling atmosphere and wonderful presenialion make KGB a must for all who like depth and interaction in Iheir computer games.
Very, very, highly recommended.
TIP TIME! Don t be loo ¦B threatening when inlerrogaling suspects alherwise Ihey'll clam up Il JJ GpEL MANSELL'S ¦ Gremlin, £29.99 . Riving games are two a penny these I days, ranging from accurate simulations (such as Geoft Crammond s Formula One Grand Prix) to simple left right accelerate affairs Lotos Turbo Esprit). While both these types appeal lo diflerent people, it was always on the cards that a compromise would be produced. Nigel Mansell s fits that description and adds something exlra: speed You may Ihmk Lotus and other sprite- based games shift a bil. Bul Mansell's beats them
all. Roaring around the tracks is incredibly compulsive not to menlion hair-raising at times. The satisfaction ol overtaking a computer opponenl is fantastic (as is winning a race] because, in the Jong run. Racing against the offers little in the way ol lasting appeal With the collapse of ihe aid Soviet Union, and the disbanding of the KGB, this game s plot is a little oul at dale The story revolves around a characler named Makism Bokov, who's just received a transfer to Department P. The latlers function is to snifl out corruption in the KGB soctsI service a kind ol police lor the
police. If you like, Your first task seems ta be a routine checkup A man known as Golitsin privale mvesligator and (more importantly) ex-KGB has been murdered under mysterious circumstances Due lo the sensitive nature of all KGB officers knowledge it seemed appropriate someone should be senl out lo examine the loose ends With further inveshgahon (and the following ol various leads) the true nalure af Ihe beast' is revealed ¦ Virgin, £30.99 ¦ In Issue One ol AMIGA FORCE we reviewed a game called Fascination. It was a painier icon- Custom cars Mansell's also oHers a lot in Ihe way of oplions
Rather than being lumbered with the same car for every race, you're allowed to customise certain aspects to suil your needs Changing gearboxes has never been this much fun (or this easy) but it's great when you start the race to find your mechanical decision has paid oft.
You see. Changing things such as tyres and aerofoils atlects cornering, acceleration and lop speed. Getting Ihe righl combination to suit the current track gives you lhal all- important edge, allhough the default settings are good enough for Ihose wanting lo wade slraight into Ihe action.
Now. The criticism!
White Mansell s is a superialive driving game, there are still a few nagging glitches. For a start, it takes too long during disk access not tremendously long, but jusl enough to irntale. Secondly, it's just loo easy i The practice mode (allhough a nice touch) is pretty unnecessary, as the main game can be mastered in such a short space of lime. After my firsl four races in Ihe championship. I d won Ihree and come second in one, giving me a total of 36 points or the challenge table a full 21 clear of my nearesl rival, Nevertheless, the speed is astounding and.
Although the challenge is unsatisfying, the game otters great racing thrills. Pity there isn’t a two-player mode, Ihough we're kinda getting used to them... a TIP TIME! Here's a handy tip for Nigel Manse : have a shave, that moustache is nafU But seriously, use siipslreaming to get pasl the faster opponents.
¦ With beautifully detailed cars, accurate tracks and a real feeling of speed, Nigel Mansell's World Championship looks like a strong contender for the polo position... AF JANUARY 1993 ISSUE TWO N ¦ Coktel Vision, £25.99 ¦ 1 W een is a graphical adventure very -1
- 1 1 B N much in the same vein as
• W Fascination (reviewed in Issue 1) and KGB (Ihis ish).
Allhough this time the plot is twisted ardund a fantasy
The (rather poor) story line sends you on a mission to thwart an evil sorcerer Along the way you receive help and advice (ram a man called Pelrdy and Urm. A vampire (?) With an j insatiable hunger tor Strawberries Puzzles must be solved to ensure sale progress These range Irom the simple finding of objects to complex, multi-task act Both Urm and Petroy can ofter advice and assistance should things become too Incky (or obscure, tar that matter), but they seem to be a dumb pair ol no-hapers you end up doing nigh on everything yoursell The f dH k ffficulty le Is on the vel highside r To Hie
point The adventure is pointer driven, with you moving the cursor around the screen to tind objects and use them at the appropriate moments We tound ourselves scratching our heads guile a bit, because the difficulty level is on the high side.
Fortunately this doesn't detract trom the game guite the opposite, in (act: it's good to have a decent challenge for your money. After all, no amount ol pretty graphics can make up for the absence of testability.
Speaking ol which, Ween is also very competent in the graphical stakes, wilh some great little animated seguences accompanying certain puzzles This adds a lot of almosphere very important id this genre bul Ihe disk accessing between screens is a HjV little lengthy While Ween is a definite improvement IV ¦) on Fascination, it's mU rather eclipsed by the sheer brilliance of KGB As an adventure game, it's great but we recommend you Iry Virgin s little gem before buying ihis.
TIP TIME! Check out pages 60-61 of ihis AMIGA FORCE tor a detailed guide to the first three locations!
I ¦ Domork, £25.99 The official conversion ol the cult Atari coin op. Rampart can only be described as an arcade-puzzler with strategy overtones1 You start by choosing your castle tram a selection placed on Ihe single-screen pi ay area Having done Ihis. A wall is automatically built around the perimeter allowing space lor gun lurrels These are placed m the second game section, where an assortment ol single shot weapons are made available, for use inside the walls only (gasp1).
Long-term appeal U s in two player mode that onto the tourth Rampart excels. The basic idea s much ihe same bul instead ol lighting ships, you ¦ ___ engage in combat with another ¦ »» X human, both controlling your Mai In own oaslles.
Two-player mode This offers great scope lor arguments and name thOI JkamjRarf J calling (Which is whal yen play mi ill player
- ----games lor. Basically1!
Rampart is definitely Ihe game lo buy it you ve gal lots of trends Otherwise gel a lile1 Hereon lies the arcade element After preparing and arming your castle, a fleet ol boats begins to move towards you. Linng wilh accuracy and malicious intent Rather than aiming for Ihe lower or your gun turrets (which ¦¦'YTtP are indestructible anyway] they concentrate on Ihe walls Don't mlu tho boat You must sink the enemy guickly lo minimise the damage Unfortunately your guns are weak, and can only lire one shot at a time. And it s a looping missile that has to be aimed carefully wilh the cursor, lest the
target moves before it arrives. Even with Ihe most accurate of aiming, some ot your castle will be decimatec Which brings us quite neatly onto the fourth (and final) stage where you repair Ihe damage jn wilh strangely shaped «, Tefrrs-style building " blocks These can only f two-p la be placed on • ft I unoccupied land so I HIM m duick thinking is needed qj lo seal oh all Ihe gaps within Ihe lime limit. II there's little damage you can try and expand your lorlress to surround ore of the other lowers on Ihe landscape, allowing more space for gun emplacements Fach of the tour sections has to
be completed in a fairly light lime limit, so the actor gels pretty frenetic However, Ihe limited gameplay in solo games offers little Ms- 111 W* *1 n; TIP TIME] In two player mode don't
• decimate whole walls of your opponent s castle Instead, hit
alternate blocks along each wall the small gaps ar harder
to till when he comes to rebuild ¦ Grand slam Video, £29.99
COLLECTION Each game in lhis ten-game pack costs over a pound
less than your average 8-bit budget game There are better
compilations, but it you like sheer quantity, look no lurlher .
THE RUNNING MAN Some games are victims ot their own design, rather lhan poor programming After all. It Ihe basic concept is unsound, it's a lair bet the game will be unplayable This is Ihe problem with The Running Man It's a sideways scrolling plartorm game based (pretty loosely) on the film ol the same name Wa d have thought a little more could have been done with the licence bul your character runs like a jombe and the control method seems to have been thought up by one1 THE FUNTSTONES 2 Split across three levels The Fhntstonee toliows a day in the iite ol everyone s lavaurile prehistoric
lamily Fred wants to go bowling with his gooo chum Barney, although his wile Wilma has other Ideas She's told him that unless he decorates Ihe living room, his len pin tun won't happen The second level is where the bowling takes place, with Fred competing againsl Ihe computer-controlled Barney Beal him and you discover (on Ihe way home) thal Pebble1: Fred s cute litlle daughter has escaped It's platform frolics ahoy in his bid lo save her The Flint stones is a curious mash of a decorale em up bowling simulalion and plallorm game. It's nol exactly yabba dabba doo lime, bul it's nol yabba dabba
don I, either!
SCRAMBLE SPIRITS ¦ Vertically scrolling shoot em ups otter great scape lor mindless tun. It thought out correctly Scramble Spirits is a particularly mediocre example, bul is still an enjoyable biasl (for a while anyway) Licensed from a coin op we ve never had the pleasure ot seeing Spirits carries all the obligatory leatures assoc ated with modem blasters, even it they don 1 work as welt as they could ESPIONAGE _ This is one of those duff board-game conversions that don I work because (a) they re not very good and (bt they re nol very good Now, you may notice thal s actually only one reason
(repeated twice) but it was such an impodarl point we teh it deserved reiterating We don I like it. We never have and never wilt Nexl' TERRY'S BIG ADVENTURE 3 This game is an early attempt at bringing Manostyle games onto Ihe Amiga It's not a remarkable success, but has a cerlain amount ol charm If you like simple unaslounding platform games. Terry s won I disappoint But with games like Krusty's arriving on Ihe scene we ve go I little lime tor such mediocrity SAINT AND GREAVSIE a A curious one, this. Its a loolball trivia game that puts up to four players into a loolball league style table
Points are accnied by answering Ihe multiple choice questions, and there s a shod goalkeepng sequence it you get the question nghl.
For loolball trivia tans it s a fairly good laugh
- others won t be so over the moon TRIVIA ¦ The second (and
lhanklully lest) quiz game included an Ihe compilation is
lairly simplistic in design but moderately compu s ve
nonetheless Like S-Iint Ana Greavsie pi' J I R f the quest'ons
mi. li'ple choice hut it ynu 1 1 want a decent quiz S. k. A game
gel Tha Hit Squad Tnvi.ii Pursuit I | " ENGLAND a England r
by tar the S best game on Grandslarr s little hlue
¦jWhPjjJjWRWW k t-xcelenl WjBffPWTiBElCTl present.llian and
¦¦WWWBPJnJ en oyahle tooty gameplsy I maker this perfect
br.dqel mater ,il levnn though it's heeri superceded hy
Sensible ¦yjFflBflffPflffni Soccer) EflHBMHttHH TERRAMEX D
The office is lairly divided in its opinion ol this Hall of
us think it's a pie. While the other half insist that it's
good, A platformer, Terramex Is unremarkable in its 0 bit
design, but an adequate challenge it you like the genre We ve
seen this on three computer lormals and it's strange to note
that the Spectrum version is the best ot them' PETER
BEARDSLEY ¦This is the worst loolball game we ve seen on the
Amiga so ter The players act as it drunk, and Ihe artificial
intelligence whal artificial intelligence?
CATALOGUE IriMi neert crd top f 5H cod'd ** reedi you to w«ilf
h rr n ike I'ghi npF nil iFa dcitoud D» Mcjb* or 3 hi| *sil
*gnr.ia1ion JAWS* Join H.5H no* ond become a S.,pa. Jhudi'
Vrxi hr I«o i Agem i Pack rnnkiiri Pi sling Dciim Ageri CaUmt
Idinmy Cflid liaioiog Hcr Jhoak Beragr non Mnrua Wier Swi 3
M.|j a* 01 etingi Special Egu.pmert Guide a Boo'd J M Gome and
mycti nwel I Ag ih Pock wvXiovi dHay n«u aJk v lidayij A Ycu v
I bk uM 9 Kirihir FI5H I Tol cor fcy Peiie. Qrem kegiM o'
C'wi' minora Wouflil p™ | ford F‘«
• EacHse olnii|»ianihdinCOmC*l»'' I As;*** lo c‘ AgvH w Ik jpec d
p im
• Hgh quel ly f 5H meichcnci nwkAJf on lo F15H ¦ Beton-* c SffC
A1 AGFN7 ond c y.f*L mne badge 1 iff' ipea I OF 5ECSE1 kfl ECU
1 IfllCfl lQlEklKUK 01 Eil rotl ill SiNDINC MflMIVTO IflJN flSM
I Sfm.r. ----- fi m a I DON 1 FOIOFTI pu A *-i r | ond cge e«d
c«y ioc «•»'« Smd k I6KH3 LMT 3 fOCQN ® SI Vf S CAMAS Pf I 7
akcc ..£319.99
PcaaOB .....£62 99 A600
HD ...£545.99 ? UAL DRIVE £110 00 A120D . £369.99
MOUSE MATS_______________£2.50 A500 DUST COVERS £3.50 A6C0
DUSTCOVERS. £3.50 BLANK DISKS ..40p each
..£35 per 100 150 CAPACITY DISK
PACK .£15.99 includes 5 botlles Cleaning Fluid, Meuse Mat. Dust
Cover, 10 disks DO YOU OWN A SEGA?
M. 7e»erd Srcr, NcWl X Snrlh Panfl '¦mi Kn Sowig w W6 95 lf ¦
Mto re “(ihimi ¦= mi r ~ .1 MiL* «ln*|iMhe |mmU ' In Vuenl
Lmidm, I Vj»4 | , 5 i l»m»in' » .Hid 'I" I i» lo M K W) II_
l ei 0214 241 ! * Fax: 0214 240667 Unllka ctriiln oth*r Amiga
mapaxlnaa, wa d«cld*d to wait until wa actually racaJwad acm*
carraapnndanca tram our laadan bafara going ahaad and printing
a lattara paga. So tar, though, tha ¦aat majority of your
mlaaiuaa hava haan moatly sycophantic |or paychotlc!) Attain
which, although walcoma, ara hardly lha moat atlmulatlng at
thinga to print.
Wa ua pullad out tha taaat ot lha hunch, howavar, and hata thay ara.
If ynu'ua anything you'd Ilka to aay, aak, ahout or mumhla, and which you think could he of Intaraat lo olhar raadaia, aand it to: Farcm 9 Mmil, AMIGA FORCE, Eurapraaa Impact, Ludlow, ShrapafiJra SYS IJHf. Sorry, hut wa can’t glva paraonal rapliaa through tha poat.
Al Iasi Ihe people who hroughl lk CRASH are unleashed upon an unsuspecting Amiga scene As an ex Speccy owner |whc even bought binders tor his copies of CRASHi) the prosped is most pleasing I'm very chnfteri ithoiKjbl there was a tunny smell).
Anyway, good Ilk* with the magazine, I hope it car lind an appropriate niche And new some cyeshons 11 is there gong to be a targe letters sector ?
Mil Obver Prey be cnmnq bark to rto sorm ol he moKt exceteri orwr artwork'3 S|Do ai know whpr toe software hases as gcng *o sod out toe ecmpabAty problem d those otto games thal wont run on toe AfiOC eg Sa»(br goortoess sake, how mrt money rto Kim want to fcph down Ihe bwvy by M rvrrj toe mprdy erparirkTg AfiOC marked7) Wil you have a smal aompirtnr retried come stnp ihet s realty quite tunny actiaHy My asking has noihng to do with the tad thal I m a frwelancfi ituslialor with no jobs at tha mo who rxxild do you a very rice one lor nol much ca i al al Wet that s H trom me, I wish you every
sucrass with AMIGA FORCE, ever with the aonsotesh Me logo I hope yo.il and (4) with a realy irrtwXwi and ongnal mag as good as CRASH was Oews1 I Thanks lor your kind comments. Gareth, here s what you want lo know A large letters
A. sadior'7 Well we re certainty not gong lo devcie any more lhan
five pages to letters and what size it ends up each month
very much depends on Ihe quality and quantity ot the letters
received Ot Frey veil indeed be coming back to do Cur covers,
growing he s not too bed up with the posters every rsrue How
do you Ike la dm tote sictorf masterpiece this Kh'7 77V ia As
I.H as compatiblity prpblemK jy] Commodore assured me that,
tor Ihe paltry sum ol £300 year no compatibility problems
should have arisen1 Basically, it every software house paid
Commodore s registration lee Ihey d be constantly updated as
lo whals happening in Ihe wide world at Commodore with
details an how la avoid any compaliblity cock ups occulting
And as Inr a small computer related comir s I rip send me
three sample!; (in colour] and, it Ihey re good enough, III
pay you [50 apiece tor em Okayf SONGS OF MUUSS Well I ve tried
them ail, and at last there s ore that gives me ihe
inlarmaiicn I want And thank God no covet disks1 You re
ihe first mag lo give me a map al one at my games, lips tar
another and really inleresting PD and Shareware into As one ol
your aloer readers (I II admil to being m my forties; I telt I
had lo write and say thank you.
Keep up the excellent work, and when’s Ihe next issued M ¦utklay, Or* a iky. WI pro I ¦ Thanx M that s what we like to hear Er you re holding Ihe next issue now the following one win go sale on the 1 fiih ol Eeb okay1?
If a va THE GLOVES ARE OFF*** Congratulations on yout launch ol AMIGA FORCE I d just like to say how excellenl it ia, especially the Driving Force lealure I m twelve years old and own an Amiga A50C I have a friend who owns an Alari ST 520 and I d jusi like lo get off my chest haw lull al crap il is. I mean, it has a joystick port under the keyboard, and that thing Alan claim ia a mouse which comes with Ihe pack you should understand wtial I'm trying la say1 So please send me some facts on Ihe Atari ST S20. And qood luck an the next issue ol AMIGA FORCE 1 lupladar Hhan, Waal Harra*, LaaJan
Congratulations on ihe success In I launch ol AMIGA FORCE. Firstly, may I lake Ihis opportunity 10 wish you and your superb learn success for 93, and years lo come lor thal mailer.
I was slightly disappointed wilh AMIGA FORCE s news section as it was very short. I hope you expand this section as lime progresses.
As I Kicked Ihrouqh Ihe games I dkdn I lind the Gallup charts ter Amiga games Ale you even going In lealure it 10 your luture isauea1 womos OF SPRATS Just a lew lines to say hew pleased and repressed I was to read your new magazine Mary iharks lo your team lor producing this excellent Amiga owner s guide to game playing AMIGA FORCE was easy lo read, well presentee and gave great advice lor games I already own, but have difficulty negotiating.
There was deliritely a need on Ihe market tor this magazine with no cover disks (nol that I parliculady dislike them].
Could you advise me when the next issue is due. And will you be providing a subscription potential at some pomt in the tutu re1 One alher thing. I recommended AMIGA FORCE to a couple ol Inends and they found scratch cards inside Iheir issue, but I didr I gel ore M Andy Aah, Nawpert, IOW ¦ We re blowing our own trumpet this month all right Sen page 0C tnr subsciipticn eela Is, Andy, and the abcve rep y for oela Is ot Ihe next OSD.
Itava DISGMff M Well none, your tirsi issue ana you ve put me ell buying your second Have you ever tried Christmas shopping lor a three year old who loves his Amiga, and has everything lor if? You soon run oul ol ideas So when you wrote in Ihe Mews section pointless joysticks referring lo Bari, Batman and A len 3 elc, you really p’ "ed me ori Irslead nl being sarcastic, why not be a little helplui Irslead after al it would be 99% of children wanlirq ihese joysticks 1 K Datxllftn. Wa.Hlald. Sheffield PS. I hope Santa brings you a sense ol humeur1 ¦ Who Ihe hell rattled your cage-3 We are here
to enterta n and inlorm bul while we try to achieve this in equal measures, 11 isn't always possible Having tested ihe Character Slick range personally I lound AF ¦ JANUAPT 1003 Kill! TWO I In your Public Domnin mu Jinn I lh‘ m ,i good vmiely nf tlDimeril grimes hi il il wini yntl vp loll mil Hi" nlililifi1. For example wnrkhnnr. H Kjinr.khnnr.li] I Iiojhj 1li.il ytm te-ilufu morn urul mum r inri|ipMlniin like llm fmn Amiga** In find uuf whnl wn nnidum would Ilk", why hot r -my a juo aliriiiiinte in hulp iiTipidV" yum iriijgii lho DEAR SAIftbLw I enjoyed your first issue of Ihis amazing
Amiga magazine. Please, please send me details of the nexl issue because you didn’t state when rt would be available I'm pleased you haven't pul any silly demo disks on your mag because Ihey cost so much more and I wouldn t be able to try them anyway as I haven't got an Amiga yet. But I should be getting one for Christmas Now I suppose you think I’m a bit nutty lor buying your mag and not having an Amiga. Well I bought it so I could see what good games to buy and to gel a lead of cheals. I loved the Cut-Out 'N Cheals and the feature. I hope you'll carry on with both of these even ihough it'll
be hard lo get so many cheats. I'd also like la know if I there's going lo be a pvpii |nm« V | Ii 11 j in ynii |iuMm!i llild Icrlliir '*luyfa ‘.|||a|i|i- hni .(Ubti if ymi dun I yiin rtio ri * urn Ii | Min to l Anlhany PariuaJ, H«y«l, MmdUiai ¦ I usl nil Anthony, I va never ¦ loiuml ihdi I hiii indeed a couth (julrilu, wiih years nl |irhi liutd Au rm nb llm newt section goes, yes, I wh dn intend In expand il eventually, and bales charts die in I the pipnlme Utilities will be included in the I'D section it enough people wart them teaturud I for the lime being ihnugh we re I planning on
covering |usi Ihe games And a questionnaire is also I planned for a future issue Happy now'"1 Good Spud U Lika Shlalda.
I was llicking through my Inend s SEGA FORCE and I saw an advud lor your bull mag, so I gol on my bike and pedalled down lo the local newsagents and bought a copy When I pot home I saw il had a cheat for Gods (which I d been struggling on for monlhsj So I loaded Gods and typed in SORCERY as a password and, lo and behold, il dkdn 1 work I tried il for ages and il slill didn't work, can you explain Ihis9 Philip Martin, Wlabnma, Donat ¦ Ah. Yes. Well, erm. Okay, we goi il wronq1 After a quick call to Renegade which we should have made before porting ihe lip the full story became clear A while
ago, ihe company produced a special, expenmenlaJ NTSC version ot OF SHEFFIELD TIPS BITS that, although they were well made and responsive, they werejusl loo unccmlorlable and cumbersome to use for any lenglh of lime. So, even Ihough Ihe news Hem may nol have been that amusing, informative it certainly was and. If it prompted readers to try before buying it served its purpose.
In addition, I must say what a lucky little tot your three-year-old must be. An Amiga at that age9 Musi be a child prodigy1 What will the nipper's tenth birthday bring, the Chairmanship ol ICM? In these recessionary imes. Some of us are on very limited budgets I had to wan till I was 26 before I could afford an Amiga ol my own! - - so the decision lo purchase a £13 joyslick is nol one lo be laker lightly.
PS. Heard Ihe one aboul Ihe spoiled bral who grew up lo disrespect ils parents9 Orly joking1 (Thanks. Santa. .)
It«v« membership club if there is I would like to join.
Keep up the good work and I hope you can answer my questions L KmiHim, South rood, London ¦ To be perfectly honest, L, we needed to see it we could shifl enough copies of AMIGA FORCE 1 to make Issue 2 a reality. Al the end ol the day Ihe sales figures exceeded even MY wildest dreams (somebody aul there loves us!). Thai's why no dale was printed lor ihe second one As far as membership to the AMIGA FORCE club goes, every reader's an automatic member' The membership fee is just £1.95 a month, and far that you get a great magazine absolutely free1 Stove Gods lor lltti US which drdhave The
SOHCERY cheat mode Some blighter gol hold ol a copy, senl us Ihe cheal, and we were dumb enough to pnnl il wilhcul checking il aul lirsl I'm nol going to use Ihe old bul we weren't Ihe only Amiga mag to use it’ excuse bul we weren't Ihe only Amiga mag lo use it' OH, FOR THE WINGS!
I recently purchased Wings but when I loaded il up it asked lor a certain word or page 22, line A So I looked up Ihe booklel lhat I got with it, but found lo my horror lhal il had only 19 pages in it! J took ihe game hack io Ihe shop where I purchased it, but the owner said he couldn't do anything about it because the game wasn I faulty. Whal I then decided to do was to write ofl to Mirrorsoft bul, after I wrote halt of Ihe letter, I remembered reading thal Ihey went bust. What should I do? Please help me as I don 1 like spending £25 on two _ blank disks KsniMtk Stuart, dynhlrn, ficalfnud ¦
Tve tried my to lind a solution to your plight, Ken, but Ihe problem isn't a simple one, I'm alraid. Prism Leisure now hold the nghls Each monlh in the tellers section we'll devote some space la reader tips Neaily everyone who writes in ia Muck on something or olher, so 1he UPS UMS fiuulinn will act as u Inrum whom Ihe helpin',i mid clued up can q«i lognthm Obviously, wn'm nnl going lo bn able 1c upend all our tone playing IhroUflh each game that you re experiencing problems with, so we II print lip requests here and rely on Good Samarilans lo wrile in wiih Ihe answers1 To get the ball
rolling, then, here are a lew queries sent in by 10 Wings on Ihe Amiga, and al present they're holding hundreds ol Wings disks lhal we can I sell I' The disks were bought Irom Mirrarsott along with Ihe nghls enabling Ihem to sell the game, only no instruction books came with them!
Prism are currently deciding 11 il would be worth their while rewniing the manual Uniil lhat decision is made, i d go back to the shop and rki'n.m I yrMii ¦ K T E D ruorwty buck if you enn I play it limy Vinnik In t huvn Imnn lrx.king 11. Faulty or nnl Sw your kxJil (tHi nrm AjIvIMi Itormtu it limy rnhrm POINTS FOR DISKUSSION I liijlil | V" (jol .i niwjynquou it yl*u la |ria|liilert In i kvbl nij-u iy pivjno nl 1l|«b nlitj I heals t.1* , I Kit ?ini Willing In hilve ii Hivfei (iffck Died pu| IWU jiel 1W0 llMjellial runl WiiHl IldVu ymi yu|V A i Ovbf lli&k |irti ko»l Wiih llpo. 4 lludb JIKl
Iflrfpb 11 bluff I m sorry but I liato Dkibe l.Ht Al 1AHU (lungs, Its nol than i milnilit. Diets e« ellent its jubl llui you muiiliun lti.il D wrwikl lie quicker to use them mil mi limn searching fa hours Ihu High ckt issues al mags I think il would lie much easier to load a cover disk llial contains a lip you re looking Inr mlhm thud tailing about wilti * llimsy dieal card Dial Luukd easily gel losl (well easier lhan a disk anyway) Thai's ironic loo CHEAT CARDS More like cheat paper! Don't they sound exciting?
As you said, most cover disks are rarely looked at more than once [ml something like a ups disk would be referred to millions ol limes What you could do is have a specific game type lipped on the disks each month For example one issue you could cover driving games on Ihe disk, and the nexl you could do plallarm games, and so on Another thing you mentioned was the money If you had a cover disk you said il would cause quite an increase in Ihe price of the magazine My answer fa this is why nol bung advens on ihe disk? For example, you could have a background picture at some Kleenex tissues and
maybe a soundtrack ol someone snifling or whatever, ihen in Ihe foreground Ihe lips and cheats written m Nick D, Tomwartli, Stofffl ¦ Fair comment Okay, so the cheat cards are printed on paper, but whal else are we supposed to call am? And as tar as your cheat disk idea goes, great1 It you d like to phone Kleenex tor us and gel Ihem lo sponsor D as you suggested (or any olher manufacturer for lhal matter) I'd be delighted lo carry one You may find that they'd be a bil reluctant to begin with, so just persevere.
Okay1 A Roberts ol Craven Arms 1'm writing to you lor a lip on Eye Ol The Beholder Where is (he slone gem located which is needed to operate arm ol ihu UilupOM flute*? Aho, where ih ihu w.n *tofrti ¦m.toII tor the mnfle located Iwhith Invrjl]9 So If nnyonn out thorn in Amigaland knows Ihe answers lo thesn questions, please write and loll us Similarly, il there s a particular pad ol a game lhal you happen lo be having trouble with drop us a line at the usual address (but mark your ietler Tips Bits').
R ISSUI TWO JANUARY 1093 AF ¦ l*1» BOX 95, WOODFORD GREEN, ESSEX, Igfi OPH Call us on 081 559 1704 or 081 - 504 8377 7 days 8.30 am - 10 pm.
Mail Order Express Distribution IM Ml . 115 M 121 W ifl-i-tm i-oim f 1? 9f* £22.9 £139 £22.9 £13.9 £13.9 £13.9 £15.9 £19.9 £13.9 £11.9 £14.9 £15.9 £22.9 £15.9 £21 9 £15.9 £15.9 ...£9.9 £22.9 £17.9 £20.9 £19.9 £15.9 £10.9 £15.9 £179 £15.9 £25.9 £15.9 £15.9 £15.9 £159 £15.9 £22.9 Kit £8 9 £21 9 £10.9 £159 £129 £15 9
• £179 £11 9 £9 9 £199 ... £159 £139 £159 £15 9 £15 9 112 99 .
Fill 99 . £21 99 .. £7 99 fir, 99 .111 99 ..£12.99 ..£21.99
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Kxrvllent Aflvenuhin-s DNGrnPnttlun Doju Dan . .
I hind I. Bug Dyna Hlaxij’rti Kaxy Ames Fpir
F. xpana Gumex '92 Kyi uf the Beholder 2 F15 Strike Fugle 2 Fire
& Ice Flamex if Freedom Fire Forte Formula I Grand I’m Gobi ¦
ii.'. Hemid.ill Hexd To Head .
Heart of China . - . .
Hook Humans .
Jaguar XJ 220 Kirk Off 2 Kings Quest 5 Knights Of The Sky ...... Legend . Ahdamx Family Advent im i Air Warner Alrntraz Amur' Frcfchhiuiiul Arr'ner Marlranx Pm: I Aqua Ventura HI" Flying Fnrir* H A till* nf Britain Blue Max .
Campaign Curl Lewis Challenge (fartnnn Cnllernnn Championship Milriiipfcr Civilisation ... _ .
Conquest of the Longbow .
Crazy Cars 3,, .... ...... Cool Croc Twins .. Cruise For A Corpse .. Curse of Enchantia .... Dark Queen Of Krym ...... Leisure Suit Larry 5 Lineker Collection...,...... Links ... j.. Links Bountiful .
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Max Compilation ..... Megalomania . Microprose Golf ..... Monkey Island ... Monkey Island 2 Nigel Mansell's Formula Nova 9.._ Parasol Stars . Pinball Fantasies ..... Player Manangcr ..... Police Quest 3......- .. Populous 2 .... Pools of Darkness ..... PremieHvianager..'".'. Prince of Persia Pushover ..... Putty ... Quest & Glory .
Quest for Glory 2 Rail Road Tycoon .
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Your chance to thrash Sensible at soccer!
Reckon you're a bil of a ha lshot at Sensible Soocer Version 1 1 eh? You've won the league - --- '¦’“1 and cup umpteen times, thrashed your friends, __ L , maybe even scored a IN goal with your keeper by passing back to him.
Dabbling the ball all Ihe way up Ihe pilch (Phil Footy King has')?
You're probably looking for some real apposilion. Then: someone who knows ail Ihe game's nooks and crannies like the back of Their hand Well, who better than the programmers? Or whal about the AMIGA FORCE crew'3 Jusl who is lop of ihe league «SSSk r_ III If t. r me Sensibie 1 A A i ¦ - J Version i.i lor the reduced fee of £4.45. 1 .
Enclose a cheque PO for this 1 amount, made payable to Renegade Software.
£,1L 'M 1 Address ..... r ] ?
I -SHAUJfUSEA ... . ¦ T«|: ..... I ... .... when il comes to computer looly9 There’s only one way la find aul: a challenge, 1o setlle ihe scare once and lor all. Forget Ihe FA Premier League, ar even Ihe Italian Serie A Ihe AMIGA FORCE Sensible Superleague is ihe creme de la creme of fcalball excellence It's so exclusive, only six H members are allowed la W joini These include two ot Ihe game's programmers, plus the AMIGA FORCE office champion and runner-up.
Oat your kit oni Ail we need to complete Ihe picture are two faaty-mad readers The successful applicants will win an expenses-paid Irip 1o Ihe AMIGA FORCE offices 1c meel ihe crew. Ihe Sensible programmers. And compele in the Sensible Superleague1 With a total of 30 malches lo play, it'll probably lake all day, so we'll provide halMime refres hmenls (ie lunch!). In addition, you'll become famous overnight when a full league report (including your piccy!) Is prinied in a lulure issue of AMIGA FORCE The compelifion s laugh, Ihough. So you'll have lo be really good To prove your super skills,
send us a disk of saved highlights from either Sens&e Soccer Version 1.1 or the original.
The highlighls must show you versus a top computer opponenl (we H be able to lell if you've chealed by playing againsl a hopeless friend!).
Note that the quality of football is more imporlanl lhan the number of goals scored, and our expert judges will analyse your playing style to decide if you're good enough Just fill in the coupon below and send if to SENSIBLE SUPERLEAGUE AMIGA FORCE¦ Europress Impart, Ludlow, Shropshire SY8 1JW, along with your saved highlights disk (please write your name and address on the label).
II you re fllili thrashing (he umpuler goalkeeper* on Ihe original version ol Sensible Soccer, you need Venion t 1.
As well an providing accurale 92 03 learn*, World Cup qualifiers and ye I low red caide, Ihe updale includes much better goalies lhan before, even catching Ihe ball in mid dive (see our review in this ish for Ihe lull lowdown) It's well worth the £3.95 (+ E1 pSp] you'd normally pay 1c updale your original game, bul AMIGA FORCE has negotiated an even betler deal lor readers. Jusl send Ihls coupon, plus your original Sensibie Soocer disks, lo: SENSIBLE SOCCER UPDA TE, Renegade, Unit C1L. Metropolitan Wharf, Wapping Wall, London Et 9SS, and they'll send you Version
1. 1 PLUS your original disks back - all for Ihe reduced
transfer fee ol £3.45 (+ £1 pap TIPS Km ALU DIZZY: PRINCE OF
puzslea bring out the beast in you read our illustrated
solution lor the liist two levels.
Remove that egg tram your lace with our lull solution and detailed maps.
You con heal that game, you will heal that game, you're determined to beat that game!
But forget amateur psychology: we show you how it's done with our comprehensive solutions, hints, cheats and hacks.
The best tips section in the galaxy starts here... I r ZOOL I Fully detailed
- screenshot maps ' of Music World's first two _ levels plus
tips, OF-' cheats, and pokes galore!
R r Having y trouble getting started in this epic adventure? Don't worry ween-o how it's done!
PAGE GiUF TYPE PAGE Ad or. FgNer ...... Poke 66 ?uflQei
.Poke ..66 Wagic ard Dizzy , .Cheal 72 Spfilbouro D zzy
Poke...... ....66 Adrians Fam ly, Thg Cheat 58 ?
Yrfl Blester Cheal ......70 Mega PhCflms °oke 56
Si Dragon . Cheat...... ....74 58 °Oke
66 Wegac-Man.a .. .Chefl*. 72 Storm Master Poke.....
A6 Air Ace Poke ..... 56 Escape Fran- The Mega o Man e
Pcke ......56 Sinder . °oke . 56
Arrrgcics Poke 66 Plianei Ol The Rrhcl Widright Resistance
.Cheal. ..... 72 Slider 2 .. °oke ......
..56 Arolher Ward Ch»fl| 58 Warsie»s Poke ....
......56 M r Wabbly Leg .... °oke ... . 66
STIJk Burner Poke ...... ..56 Aptrya .Chee
l 58 Fantasy Wcrk] D 22y .Poke. 56 Nevy SFAI5 Cheal. .
......- 72 Super Space Iruaaers Poke ...... 56 A pic y a Pcke 56 Femflnrez Mi si Die . Fake ...56 Nebu us II . Pcke 66 Supercus .... ChftRi ....76 A nr e yte Pcke..... 66 F r?i Samara Poke 56 Nerronvenref ...... Pcke.. 66 Super Grd Rlnrer_____ Poke 56 Alcmir Robnk rl, Prku . 56 F imbc s Quasi.
°oke 56 Ne* Zealand Slory Cht a ....74 SwtrhblAae . ... Poke ..... 56 Back To The Fuuri II Ch«e;..... 58 F yirg Shark ...... Poke 56 Oh. No1 Mere Lammr-gs Pcke _______ 66 Tearaway Thtonr.fla Poke ...56 68 FQFT Poke 66 Operation Thi nderbell fhfifli.... ....74 Term naTor 2..... Cheat 76 Barharan. .
Chea: .
68 Frcsihyie ... °oke . 66 Pang ... Pcke...... ...... 66 Trtus The Fqe . ..ChAal...... .....76 Rfirbflr an 1 Che a: .
58 Future Baskflthal °oke .56 Paperboy .Pcke...... 66 Tflki .
Cheal...... 76 58 Gaurliei 3 . Poke 56 Parasoi Sta s.
.Cheal. .74 Tcrvak Thi Wamar Poke 66 R Lr* Brothers Poke 56 Geflltni Vhling ... °oke ... ......56 Popt ols II .
Poke . 56 Tola Reca I .. Cheat 76 Bcmbuzai Poke 56 GhOflu N Goh ire...... .Cheal, 70 Prflhislonk . °oke 56 Tre&«ure alend Hiriy Chflfli..... 76 70 Chest 70 Proeci X Poke 56 Trfjddlers Chgtai .
76 Chase hO , Pa hi 66 Gods Poke 66 Pugg 05 Poke ... 66 Turrcat.
..Poke ....56 Chase BO II: SCI . .... ..Chea: 70 Haga; The Hmr h e Cheal 70 Pushover ..... Ch«a|.
74 Typhoon Thompflrn Poke 56 CJ In The USA Pnke , 56 Hard Drivm' , ,... Cheal 72 P-Typfl l| . Pcke .. 66 Ugh' ... Chat...... . 76 66 .Poke .... 56 Raid .
Poke 66 UN Squerror Poke ....66 Cool Croc Turns Chea.
70 IK* Cheal ......72 Raid II °oke .56 Venus The Flylrap ¦Poke , „ ...... 56 Cis y Ca ? II ...... Poke 56 Ityad .-...... Poke 56 Rflirhovt slarvs Poke , 56 Vcec K»C Poke .....56 Cra?y Ce s III... °oke 56 Supe* Oft Road Poke 56 Return To Eflrlh .... °oke .... 66 V ndicaior? ... Poke 56 Crajy Sue Poke 66 Jaguar XJ250 .Chflfli. .. .....72 RoboCod ...... Poke .. 56 Valfied ..... Poke . 66 n Gerifliilior Poke 66 Jim Pcwet ...... Poke 66 RohoCoc 2 Chflfli.
74 Wirzcne Poke...... ..56 ? Cr Dare It Poke 56 John Marker FccrbaJ Cheal 72 RotaoCop 2.
Poke ... . 66 Ween . T«K ...... 50 Hiwthlifif Poke 66 Kalakis Poke ... , 66 Rofliflrd Chfla; .
74 Wicked .. Poke . 66 ?«1 eklor Ch*e .
70 Krc G.ovas, ... Cheal 72 Rodierd . Pcke...... 66 Wirgs CM Fury . Chatit.. .
. ... 76 ? Izay Pnrce Ol Ki 1 ng Game Show Poke 56 Shadew Career Ch«aI .
.74 Wirg.s Ol Fury . Pcke . ,56 The Volkloik . WfipyPckA1 Kwih Snai .
Poke 66 Shfldcvti Ol The Watfdihd .... Poke .,.. 56 Source .....52 1 larder ... Poke 66 Beast III .....
T. ps 48 X-Fir* ...... Poke ..56 ?fl|0 Han
..Cheei . ......70 Lcercs Ta K IL . ~ Poke .... 66
Sikweim ... Pcke...... .56 Xenon || .
Poke .56 ?oubifl Dr ccr II Poke 56 Man Rcmher... ... Poke . „ . 66 Sim City Chati: 74 Zool MepsjPckes.
Downhill Challenge Poke 66 Mage Packets. .
Poke 66 So die Ol tight ..... Poke 66 Chssls 56 PpPThe thiird j rinstalment in '1% f Hie Beast saga B from Psygnosis 1 puts their two previews ouHngs firmly in Hie shade!
I Okay, so Hie plot's a I dull as dishwater, but with such great gameplay and | gorgeous graphics, who cares? Some of the puzzles involved can be peslHvely beastly, however, I so here's a handy A k guide to Hie M L first two Mr' levels... Your first adversaries take the form of pulsating plants which gab great globs of gooey gloop at you!
Hang back, jump and fling your shurikans at the beggars you should manage to mangle 'em without losing ANY energy.
Jump up to collect the gold, but bn prepared to blat the baddies as you land no probieml After the gebllna have been dispatched, jog over to thie wheel and keep pressing fire until the platforms are Your very first puzzle! Leap onto t the platform, face the switch and I hit the fire button.
A. Hov presto, , up you ...like this.
You can now leg It along the tap with no risk at getting impaled on the spikes below.
After 1L trifi VO11 ve I picked up I Ilf hey.
¦ leap .‘Innfl I la the left V where pMf ' ' you'll [¦ ¦1 locate this treasure room. 'F11 selects the kay, and file opens the door. You can now grata the gold and continue your Journey armed with the shurikans.
When you reach this huge hog, lake care not to shoot Ihe door which keeps him at bay and run right, frantically shoaling everything that moves.
While avoiding any enemy fire, quickly select Ihe key and unlock the door.
Extreme caution Is required, as you'll need to leap up on the ladder hetare the hair hares down an you. II you're quick enough, you can drop down and follow it, tittering to yoursell as Maletoth s minions are |rT trampled into ¦ t the ground! Vj Now that the IH beast has bitten the dust, you can - _ walk past it to get the Jump up la collect the grenades, and immediately hit 'E1' to select them tar use You can walk in front ol spikes salely, Just don't Jump!
Gold and discover Ihe I way up.
The grenades make short work ol these lethal gun-turrets SO Jump, dodge and throw lor your life until you leach the key which is an the laurlh and (Inal floating platlorm.
Pause “ only long enough to shoot the roasting meat off the spit... ...and as you continue right you'll automatically move the meat before you- Pick up the key as you pass... Now at the tap, keep pushing the haulder over to tho left... ...then deposit the enemy's would-he supper beneath Ihe spiky block esaclly as shown. Now dash hack to free the beast!
As you land atop Ihe platform, it iaamr heavenward through the shaft. Steer it left and right by walking la Its edges... ...enabling you to successfully Jump the gap!
...Just ensure that it’s not only on the left ol Ihe shaft, hut perfectly level to bool. The huge taoulder will now rise with you an the platform. It you muck It up, Just drop hack down the shaft and repeat the procedure till you get it right! Honestly, It's not that difficult.
* ** MAIL ORDER *** 081 309 5921 AMIGA
GAMESUNE .0891 US 787
EMA9Tk K A WU311.
G. V.P SERIES 11 52mb £33S 03
G. V.P SERIES 1 i '2CMB E43S.03
REPLAY III FOR A500 A50Q+ £54 93 Guiding Light Computer
Services Ltd, PO Box 17. Ashtor-Under-Lyne, OL7 OWW all co* 1
36p a minirte al 'Cheap raw' end 48p e minute at all other
FUN SERIOUSLY e cmvERTcfls pack WAOAC I eks: PFWE 0*1*06
Rtl.Ai WORLD TAUI, 2 SPACf onvssa* '« 0 ai «•** Atk ¦WTE7BI?
9 DISKS C1 30 10 A £099 50 *00 £0 90 CATALOGUE XI00 PLEASE
WITH ZOO I. PACK £499.99 AI200 £383.99 AI200 WITH ZOOL PACK
523892 AFTER OFFICE HOURS: 0782 517191 This atone pillar eru
pis Irom the ground blacking any hope ol ascapa. Jusl ignore
it and continue running over to the left.
T You can have a hit el a breather once you reach this bridge and guass what, you're going to need It!
J Right then, only this little critter to polish oft and you've cracked it! Keep retreating and advancing, avoiding his deadly fireballs, all the while leaping up and shoaling him wilh your shurlkans. His bark is worse than his bite, remember, so stay calm, don't panic and KEEP FIRING!
Deadly aleel columns whoosh out from pipes burled In the hill-side in a vary threatening lashion... Sea? That wasn't so bad, was it? And there's the sucker's skull jusl waiting to be picked up.
...shoot them repeatedly and head (or Ihe sale spaces in between.
Tricky, but not impassible!
W«ff ?* •, thi first f art of |our tfusst is contpists While you trundle along to Ihe right once more, the ram rolls with you. On reaching the lacked door, the lag swings to and Ira making matchwood of it, while the inof protects you tram Ihe flaming fireballs tram above.
Level Two conceals this vicious-laaklng ball, here's how to gel hold ol it and escape... J What? No J bridge?
-' Jusl crouch dawn, fling a shurikan at Ihe lever, and just like magic, the bridge drops into place.
II you're trying to tin that busted battering ram, you're going about it the wrong way so run right.
Now you're safely through lha shattered dear, crass Ihe little bridge and crouch down avactly where indicated allowing Ihe skull-crunching brass balls to pass harmlessly overhead. Shoot the angled rehounder-thing tram this position... ...and time il so ¦ hat you can run beneath them without conceding a hit.
It's simplicity itself!
Hocause uihon you step onto .
Dispatch 'em with your throwing stars before grabbing the gold.
Aha! This .. .
Demon dude's gal hold at the missing wheel, so... the trap dcnr the pulley pulls open the lid allowing the beggars out!
Now jump into the hallow vacated by the bees and shoot the yellow black... ...then roll it back over the bridge to the haltering ram. It's easy, just walk with it!
As you roll the wheel into its place... Then when you leap hack upon the trap door, you'll lind it gives waaaaaay!
...the battering ram magically mends itself!
. yjump ov then h push it into Ihe roam on Ihe left.
Jump onto H, crouch dawn, then shoot the lever which opens the tlaad gates!
When you've floated to tha lop,shoot the second lever and wail till most ol the water drams out.
| ... collecting Ihe along the corridor... gold as you pass Beauty, it's only chin deep! Now you can walk oft to Ihe right... ...and, at the top, push the table la the very edge bul nol over It!
Which «nu can use la leap -t i You can now shoal the bsrvel- bawling hutt-laced beggar Irom alop tha tahle without conceding any hits. Simply leap each lime he's about to hurl one, and keep firing. Otherwise, this'll happen!
Along to the right safely avoiding Ihe water. If you da much II up and sink, you'll have a split-second la jump back onto a lloaling plank belore you one of your three lives floats belore you.
When you reach this barrel, swiftly slide It Id the right where indicated and leap the gap.
This red devil operates the grabbing daa-
- J dah, ufhlch'll lift you up and drop you le J your doom if you
don't annihilate him In time. To do this, keep jumping
up-left and up right, while flinging shurikans at him tor all
ou'ra worth.
After you've H1BH rubbed out tha rad devil, nip down the ladder and punch this trap door shut. Then climh back to Ihe plattarm above.
The plungers on the block that the demon was diddling with manipulate the grabbing device.
Punch the plungers in and out to move the grabber about in Ihis way: Top opens end closes the claw you have to jump to reach It]; Middle moves the claw left and right; Bottom lot up and down. By caralul manipulation you can pick up the barrel and deposit it here on the conveyor ball.
| With tha barrel in place, J climb Ihe ladder and ¥ turn right where you'll bump into this lellow!
Hop out ot Ihe barrel, and once you've lagged It onto terra tirma you're away.
Wall dona!
¦ li Carry , I ~ on past old . Slumpy features la collect this field, then tum around and leg il hack past Ihe top ol the ladder heading left.
Changn . .» , 4 your trousers by the lime reach here, and, if you keep your distance you should he able to manage it without much fuss.
Do a running jump aver Ihe hall as it swings Invuarrtn you... He'll pap his clogs eventually, and look!
There's the spiky hall!
...in order lo get the gold and repeat the a on • ou h av • founif 7 * *88 mac t now ••cufM from hie fortr*M performance in reverse. " Great! Now get hack and down the ladder and escape.
? Nee you're safely inside, shoot a shurikan at the lever... _____ The _, M * } lover
* . You - I Just BIH shot I activates | the ¦ conveyor I belt,
which I carries Ihe
* barrel |and ’J you!] along and drops ¦ you off down here. The
ugly green geezer will stomp aver and drag Ihe barrel aver Ihe
trap door which you punched earlier dropping you into Ihe
drink below!
R-m Shield: Gives temporary Z invulnerability. Shields ara usually located near to where you'll really need them, ie a really hard section, lull ol enemies.
Iha. These ara lew and far between So, the Ninja ot the Nth dimension has crashed onto a land undocumented on any maps, eh? We'll soon fix that: here's the first two massive levels of Music World, so now there's no excuse for not hitting the right note! Temporarily gives Zool improved Jumping power to reach those high platforms.
OB Twoioo Creates a K Zool clone to follow ' him round, shadowing all his acllona. The main benelit is twice as many hullala are lired. It wears off after a while.
Jump into here and you're transported lo tha horizontally scrolling shoot-'am-up level.
Watch oul ! This platlorm dissolves, sending you crashing onto the spikes below.
Let the music carry yau away!
Alternatively, jump up lha wall, hut watch out lar lha rising amplifier.
Crawl along here lo grab the bonuses, and hil Ihe restart point. Jump off before Ihe electric spark gets ycu.
Inciaaaai th* lima limit, allowing mnr* nrnpe lor searching out Ihoae many bonuses.
Record ¦ :sj rJUOli Compact Disc On the Iftle sequence type in GOLDFISH and tha screen should hrietly flash blue. You can now skip to any of Ihe six worlds fay pressing F1-F6 |F1 = Level 1, F2 - Level 2 etc], and any at their Ihree levels fay pressing 1, 2 or 3. For example, to go to World d's second level you'd press Fd, then 2.
You can also cheat while playing Ihe game. Just preaa the Space Bar with any ot the tallowing keys: 1 This makes you Invincible lor a while |keep pressing It every so often to stay Invincible] 2 Takes you to ihe neyt level 3 Takas you to the neat world 4 Kills you!
Guilar Q Headphones Microphone Collect all these lor paints and to allow you lo pass through the exit.
Make sure you blast or avoid the clouds, ¦ they slick to your ship, causina aamaae.
Watch out for tubes poking out from the walls: blood corpuscles stream oul ol them. Make sure you collect all the power-ups and blast, blssl, blast!
Far Action Replay owners, this poke gives inlinite energy |J1 you need It after all those other cheats!)! TFD 1 EF5C ¦ A whopping 65,535 lives can he yours by entering M 22BEA and changing the lirat two numbers to FF.
Similarly, you can put 65,535 unlta on the clock fay entering M 1dEfl and altering the firal two numbers to FF.
This gives you ample time to look for all those bonuses!
Note: you must repeat this poke at Ihe start of every new level as the clock alwaya resets- ill Wait till Ihe lirsl pipe emits a note, then quickly jump Irom pipe lo pipe to reach the facnus ghella-hiester.
Grab the goodies and V make lor Ihe exit!
RESTART [Just drop down and keep jumping from the dissolving platforms to collect [all the Cds.
K *
• *
r. trfT’ frr* •' fr •'rr a'1 ir' -i OLLi. K A l,LUUt.;ru, % L*.
L*l J b-f-frTf-JU i X| “ bbb W- l b-1 HI ¦ • : aj-XVv? J
:X- •)• t7. T-A-I Use the little platform la gel aver, end
keep jumping from the big one la gel all those records The
easiest way to gal through here is hy hnuncing acraaaIhe four
drums, shooting all the litre.
Let the music take you up.
Stand an Ihe right side al the ham and wait tar the music ta elevate you, helora jumping onto the spiky-hoi tamed platform. Repeat this procedure lo gat lo Ihe nesl platform.
Don't be templed by all those collectable*. Walt till the music stops falling halara jumping across otherwise you'll he pushed onto the ¦ pikes below. Alternatively, ga round and gel the Hems tram the other side.
Play In order red, yellow, hlue and dark blue (as shown by the earlier sheet music). A silver note appears grab It and you're carried up to the level esil.
Rising Amp: Poke out Irom platforms lo catch you unawares.
Drum: Makes you bounce slightly on hitting the top. No real use.
J Raster! Pointi Punch this hall- 'r' huriad ramola control to turn Hams: Periodically emit loads ol notes to push you up dawn.
| the green button red. On dying, Zool will restart from here. There are several al Ihese pninta per level.
• • • Platfc! *)*1 Crumble ¦ when stepped on.
H Usually located ¦ afaova a haaard.
¦ fTTMTfVI Spikes: '¦¦M Lethal to ¦¦¦¦ touch, ?Hen located beneath dissolving platforms.
Wire: Zool can hang tram this and orawl along. Watch out for the electric spark which regularly goes from left lo right Big Amplifier: The knaha lum as Zool walka across them pushing him fa a c k forwa rd. Step an the middle af the sheet music and five nates llaat upwards and land on It. This Indicates the keys to play on Ihe lirst plana: dark ied, yellow, red, orange and green. A gold note appears catch II and you're transported to a bonus level.
RESTART Watch cut tor the amp that pokes dawn tram the platform What a lot el amps Matorhead must be gelling ready lor a gig!
Step on the middle el Ihe sheet music and lour notes float up onto It: dark red, orange, green, dark blue. Exit the bonus level via Ihe geld note and play these on the plane. A sliver note appears kick It for a bonus lile.
The rising coloured notes Indicate which ones la play on the end-el-level plane.
Crab Ihe shield and jump up te Ihe tap ol the wall lo find a bonus life.
Jump across the sis pipes la gel all the items.
Alternatively, jump left from the third pipe to land on the wall.
Don't miss this bonus ghetlo-blastar | Pipes: A Can be Jumped onto, but emit rlsino notes which knock Zool aft il you're not careful.
Piano It's great lun playing your lavourite tunes on the old Joanna.
Play the notes shown by sheet music and strange things will happen!
C'N Takes you ( 1 to the y nest level I hut only il you've collected enough items!
Cymbals: Fly around the screen unprediclahly making them difficult la jump Violin: Fires deadly bows across the screen. It's best to shoot violins from a distance, instead of trying to jump onto or slide Into them.
Sheet Music: Stepping onto the spine ol some music books causes notes to float up onto Ihe page note them down and play 'em an Ihe plane.
Select the flute you just made, then go to the leans el the lap and use It an yourself |select WEEN under characters!. When UHM the friendly vampire hat shows up, give him the STRAWBERRIES which you started the game with... ...and collect the GOLD he gives you in return, before ripping back into the Kitchen ¦ Use the KNIFE or TONGS to get hold al this HEED, then select KNIFE tram your inventory and use It on the REED to make a FLUTE , Use the KEY to smash the I SKULL. No, if I won't open the PADLOCK on the TRAP door.
You didn't expect it to he that easy, did you?
Inside the ¦ I skull you'll lind a magic RING. This is used In conjunction with the brass ball.
There are goodies jand baddies!] galore I ¦ lurking in the Laboratory. Here we have ¦ a BOOK (useless], a battle al SLEEPING POTION , which calls ilseit DIGITALIS once - .
You ve picked it up!]. ¦ seme SEEDS (under ’ Hy the lahle] and 1 a* a SKULL Gel .
“V Iho SEEDS 1%, and POTION |W-A u This barmy bat's a beggar to heat, I L!'l so, use the POTION, DIGITALIS cn the SEEDS which combine to make a DRUG. You can now use the DRUG on the HIDEAWAY sending bat features to the land at nod... ...allowing you to safely collect the WOODEN MOULD, which you should new take back into the Kitchen.
‘ Done It! As you ¦ unlock the TRAP door, the HMI PADLOCK will magically transform into half a fish-shaped thing. You won't be needing this till much later.
Collect Ihe Leaves, Match and Vhy Bucket. Drop Ihe Leaves nest la the dear, and use the Match to set them ablaze. Use the Bucket (presumably filled wilh wafer] to put out Ihe blazing exit Give the f i Bugle I ' | . to Ihe
- i _ g-v wearing the funny costume (he's an the A Few Trees
screen. He gives yau his Jake- book in return Drop the Fluffy
next I ’ J lo the troll.
V The cage smashes and Ihe irate litlle Huffy Use Ihe ¦¦ Pick- r r J axe on |B ) f Ihe MB eV rock, giving access to Ihe underground caves.
If you have the Gold Nugget . J (found in the caves] Ihe Ferryman will lake it as a loll charge. You're in trouble il you havn'l... Drop the Cage an the floor next to [ S the Fluffy.
Secondly, drop the Holy Cheese inside the cage. The Huffy soon nips inside (pesky litlle bleeder lhal he is].
RGive Ihe Outboard r ) I Malar ta Ihe Give the Harp to St r Peter, and V L'A™ became Ihe proud owner of some Holy Cheese Ferryman, and v~-~ in return he rewards you with his nasty-looking Scythe.
Use Ihe Acme , Bridge Kll la l( make an extra f platform, allowing you to get past the gap.
PLAY I N G TIPS Use the Scythe lo cut down the brambles, allowing access
o the castle.
- 'rz* Tricky jumping shay!
Getting aver the water |te called the Harp] la simple when you know haw. Leap nnln lha cloud and then jump exactly Irani the end nearest the castle. Be caretul tc time it correctly, or It's bathlime for Dizzy... t. Action Replay owners can have as many Dizzys as they want by pressing Freeze, typing M 16D, and changing the first two-digit value to the desired number of lives (maximum FF).
Finally! Use the key to open the door and press fire while standing next to Daisy to wake her up.
Providing you've collected all 20 cherries, you'll be fine and dandy, having completed Dizzy, Prince Of The Yolkfolk.
Drop the Thom on the lower I level. Then, go to the r J top level and walk to I the far edge ot the wjnmz ¦ jm screen. The evil Dizzy is killed when he walks over the Thorn. You're now safe to collect the Spanner... So, you want the cherries, do you? Well here's where you'll lind the littlo bleeders... ¦ Trapped!
¦ A Few Treeal ¦ Hillside ¦ A Secret Cave!
¦ Top of the Hill ¦ The Ferryman (behind stereo] ¦ The Uppermost Branches H Awfully High Clauds H Enchanted Treetopa (in treehause] ¦ A Fluffy Cloud ¦ The Enchanted Forest (behind Fluftle] B Stairs and Landing ¦ Castle Ramparts B Castle Drawfaridge B Tower Drawbridge Ibehind brambles] H Edge of the Tower H The Deserted Tower H Mare Clouds H Double Trouble ‘behind Ihe spanner] rOBJECT ROOM The Leaves Trapped The Match Trapped The Water Trapped The Pickaxe The Rear Entrance A Oold Nugget Top ol the Hill Acme Bridge Kit Hallo World A Golden Harp Tower Drawfaridge Holy Cheese See atep G i Outboard
Motor Stairs and Landing 1 The Scythe See step 9 IvO&ACT LOCATIONS Where can those objects be?
ROOM [OBJECT A Rusty Old Key A Brass Bugle Same Tweezers The Thorn The Spanner The Jakefacok The Regal Flag Castle Ramparts Tower Ballroom Edge of the Tewer See step 1 1 See step 1 2 See step 13 See step 15 JANUARY 1003 ISSUE TWO nr»: I N G TIPS o to where you've made yaur third (or fourth!)
Climber into a bridge builder. If all's gone well and If you've followed these steps correctly It damn well should have! Ihis will be Ihe end result. Congratulations, Ihe (relatively) easy level number 24 awaits!
...then select a walker from the bunch at Ihe haltam ta turn Into a climber JUST before you make yaur vertical digger a horizontal one (like this).
A i i You'll be doing lots of this if you don’t use these easy-to-lollow ¦ Nal Don't Jump I II that damned Lemmings level has got you tearing yaur hair out help la at hand. Our Lemmings I tin I Inn page alma to eld the afflicted and supply solutions to soma ot ttia more difficult screens. Each lasua we'll feature the level we*va received most missives concerning this month it's Lavsl 23 tram the original game, From The Baindrry line. Se... Joshua Green tram South London, Jan Scott id Wiltshire, Mark Raytard of Cardiff and anyone alaa who's stuck on It... heevs a huge e sigh of rnliaf and
untie that noose I PaaM write to Lemmings Lifeline, Amiga Ferre Magazine, Europrau Impact Ltd, Ludlow, Shropshire SYS 1JW. Please enclose your namo and address, the nama and coda of tfia level you're stuck an (either from the original gamt, or the lelar levels dlak), and wa'II do what wa can.
Il's nal essential to send a I climber up lirsl, hut we lind il helps. Whal you MUST da, though, is turn a walker into a horizontal digger straight away. You'll lose a lot ol Lemmings early on, hut don't worry. Oh, and If you da uae a climber al this stage, remember to make him a floater batata he drops aft the edge... Predictably, liming is crucial al this juncture.
As Ihe second climber reaches Ihe lirsl who's now digging away horizontally he'll turn around and walk back Ihe way he came. Quickly select another walker (or two!) And make him Into a climber. Now when the Lemming who's walking 'backwards reaches Ihe lip oi the pit you have la deftly select Ihe diagonal digger icon. He'll dig away enabling the rest ol Ihe crew to climb up... ¦ Fh«. Pnws the Freeze button on your Action Replay! If the poke has TFD before rl, type this followed by the address (eg TFD 34AFC) and press Return The carl will take a tew seconds to tmd and delete thedeae- ment
nsfruclion. So yOul ge1 irrfnte whatever Once is done the. Press Esc and then X to return to your game II the poke doesn't have TFD' before
il. Instead type M and Ihen the address (eg M 7C55) A row ol two
digri hexadecimal number is (fcplayed change the first to the
desired value fie number ol irveMxedtS etc req ed maximum
FF) press Return, ther Esc, and finally X to return lo the
game now h gam«splaying 4 [wi N A REPU VY!
Yes, jusl like Leeds United, you can win a Replay. Bul there s no need to point out ihe olher side's use ol ineligible players1 And Ihe pri2e is much betler lhan a Irip lo Spain. The Action Replay Mk III is an essential piece of kit lor Ihe serious gamesplayer As well as helpng you find game-busling pokes, it can be used to grab game screens and save them out as standard IFF files (that's how we do most ol our screenshols1) and H car do Ihe same wilh sound samples, too.
To siand a chance of winning one ol Ihese fiendish devices kindly donated by Ihe makers. Datel Electronics jusl led us Ihe answer lo Ihis simple queslmn Whet colour la tha Frtaie button on tho Action Replay Mk III?
Jol down the answer, along with your name and address, and send it lo REPLAY COMP. AMIGA FORCE. Europress Impact Ludlow. Shropshire SYS 1JW Entries musl rf*aeh us by 18 February 1993.
Aclion Fighter 193DC Lives Air Aca TFD 34AFC TFD 34AFA Lives Am ego ids 1C327 Lives Apidya 7C55 Livesslp 1) 7C57 Lives(p2) Armalyte 4455 Lives Atomic Robokid TFD 276C Lives Blues Brothers 45CAD Lives Bombuzal 1C137 Lives Chase HQ 2E7A8 Time 29FCB Turbos CJ In The USA 172A9 Livess(p 1) 172AD Lives(p 2) Commando A07C Lives Crazy Cars 11 32F62 Score Crazy Cars III 130D3 Bogs I Crazy Sue 14CAF Lives Dan Dare ill 249D3 Lives Deathtrap 2E3 Lives 1 player 1) D Generation C2F21C Lives Double Dragon il TFD 277FC Lives(p 1) TFD277FO Livess(p 2] Downhill Challenge 324F9 Warp drive Dugger 4BDCB Lives
E-Motkm B43 Lives Escape.Planel Ol The Robot Monsters 4361 3 Credits Fanlasy Wcrid DiZ2y TFD 1422C Lives Femande2 Must Du 84B Lives 84D Missiles First Samurai C849 Lives Flimbo a Quasi TFD EC4 Lives Flying Shark TFD 1316A Lives FOFT 4E2C7 Missiles Froslbyle TFD 1E546 Lives Future Basketball 1E4«1 Sttve(p 1) 1E427 Score! P 2) 1E4D9 Time Gaunilel 3 1D0D7 Score 1D0DD Energy 1DGE3 Potions Gemini Wing 108FF Livesjp 1) 10901 Livesjp 2) Gods TFD 224 Lives Hawkeye EC9B Uves llyad 106D Lives Super Off Road 1C45 CrecJjis 1CA5 (red car] Credrts 1D05 (yellow car] Credits Jim Power TFD 595 (blue car] Lives
Katakis 45 2E Lives Killing Game Show 2255 Lives Kwik Snax EA69 Lives Leander 7DC3B Lives Licence To Kill TFD 10726 Uves Mad Bomber 12C3E Lives Magic Pockeia 179A Credrls Mega-io-Mania 17ED7 Men Mega Phoenix 29233 Lives Mr Wobbly Leg 27FAF Lives Nebulus II CB4F Timer Necromancer 502F Lives Oh No1 More Lemmings9074 Climbers 9D7B Bombers 9D7D Diggers 9D81 Builders 9D83 Blockers 9D85 Bashers 9D07 Floaters 9DB9 Miners Pang TFD0FD4 Lives(p 1) TFD E10E Lives(p2) Paperboy 6529 Lives(up to 6 only 1) Populous* C59855 Money C592D5 Expenence poinls Prvhistonk C08311 Energy C0830F Lives Project X C015B1
Lives Puggles 1C17B Lives Raid TFO 1BC7A TFD1BC7C Lives Raid II 178E3 Lives Rainbow Islands TFD 11C6 Credits E337 Lives Return To Eadh 2C90F Cash RoboCod 22B5 Lives RoboCop 2 TFD 0034 Lives Rodiand 206C6D Lives P Type II 1497F Lives 149F3 Credrts Silkworm 205 Lives(p 1) 327 Livasjp 2) Soldier Of Ught C113B7 Ljvas Spellbound Dizzy EA69 Lives Slorm Master 1DD36 Cash Slrider F9C5 Lives FF01 Health Slrider 2 TFD 6AD4 Lives STUN Runner 8DFD M mules Super Grid Runner 2ED07 Lives Super Space Invaders 1FC23 Liveslp 1) 1FC21 Lives|p 2) Switchblade 5C40C Lives Tearaway Thomas TFD 696 Time TorvakThe
Warrior TFO AS 16 Lives Turncan 7AB1 Lives 7fl1 A Mines 7B1E Smart bomb Typhoon Thompson TFD4E1A Ships UN Squadron 6857 Shields Venus The Flytrap 2EBB Lives Video Kid 3O20E Lives Vindicators 41G1B Lives (player 1) 41Q8B Lives (player 2) Volfed C2CD87 Lives C2CD88 Shield Warzone 15D65 Lives Wicked TFD 5C8 Lives Wings Ol Fury TFD2E154 Lives Wollchild TFD F36 Smarl bombs Xenon II TFD CCA Lives X-Fire C26723 Lives Af JANUARY 19W ISSUI TWO 1 .THE ADDAMS FAMILY
2. AGONY ? ??
? ??
9. BLUES BROTHERS INOnBWOHD (IMMA A very atmospheric arcade
adventure witn some Impressive animation It can gel
frustrating, though, so these level cades corre In handy: 1
presentation cer t disguise a very typical horizontally
scrolling ghoot-'em- up. Still worth a blast, though.
Type FANTASY and you can now skip levels by pressing Return.
Pressing F1-F5 gives you the various add-on weapons | Thin supers! Ck arcade adventure »elaioe all Ihe Bp pil (ho he I] cl Ihe ghoulish lamily lhflfta mrtsn n 11 nuw you |a msrl In us no us places: | &1Y1M three hearla (ahar hip tree) ?lQi 0 hearts |after Irtdpe In kHz her], B913R Ihjb hairti (alter ccnmmicry), VlSH Puflsley (games roam], V919B Fealer (piclura gallery], BGQK& Wadneaday (crypt BLSKS Granny (kitchen] BACK TO 1W FUTURE 3 Belief lhan Iih predecessor, 1 hIh luma Ihree key scenes Irani lha movie (nlo varied, pleyable levels.
| Id beel each eeci or, lype in |h« tallowing ] codes while Ihe storyboard la on: Level 1 - ROTTEN CHEAT l evel 2 - LOUSY CHEAT Level 3 - LOW DOWN CHEAT BACK TO IHE FUTURE 2 I want a Da Leman you «e In talp (rouble McFiy H a your Inda Marty, your kids The Mm series Is creel. Bui many mtv e UcancBB look isr lea Ihln end Jaded, and Ihls la a prime «sample a ih« grime nrd lype THE ONLY NEAT THING TO DO lor Inty lives Praaalng Shin and 2 a owe you id ablp levels APIDYA I This superb horizontal blaster s pal bugs ] galore not programming ones, bui Ihe creepy-crowly kind I The ulllmale In Bertie I
da comae In Ihe form el ihie lenglhy chasl | For Infinite lives, lype In SHOWCREDITS UISSHONEYBEE, HASTALAVISTA, ?EPUTYOFLOVE. And RN EAK PREVIEW HU Ihe Return key afler each enlry IBUJES BROTHERS I Come an, sing along... ‘Everybody needs somebody to love! Erm... maybe. Bui you. Me.
Everyone!, needs a cheat tor this perfectly pitched platformer.
On Ihe selection screen, type HCULQ, then press 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 for the level you wart to play.
BARBARIAN 3 Ifeyjattkl An epic arcade adventure with some superslick graphics, but repetitive action that soon becomes tedious. At least this cheat II gel you through It quicker!
To replenish Iasi energy, hold down Help, M and E together.
IN This is how hack- em-ups should I be: bloody and brutal don't you | I |ust love those decapitations? 11's | old, bui by no means rusty, and I well worth a slice of your cash on budget.
| Far Infinite lives, type 04 Ofl 59 on the title screen.
- *»
20. IK +
21. JAGUAR XJ220
27. NAVY S.EJLL.S JafiUAft XJUO Very much in the Lotus vein, bul
not quite a6 thrilling, and lacking I overall challenge due
to the large prl2e money.
As soon as Ihe starter says GO1, prea6 P. Now press II again to win instantly even the real car’s nol thal fast!
IK+ | The classic karate aim ia still one of I Ihe beat beat- em-upe around with superb three-cornered Ughta.
To give yourself a considerable advantage, press Ihe Space Bar when you're knocked over, then | press fire while the game Is paused.
Vqu can no longer be touched.
This crusty coin-op conversion is boih sluggish and full of bugs.
It's slill mildly playable, though.
Select manual gears, Ihen accelerate to lull speed At this polnl, change inlo neutral: you should now be invincible to colliaiona.
Mouovis This clflBBiC Dizzy arcade adventure la featured on the spiffing Super AH-Stsrs | compilation (reviewed leal leh). II you're egps periencing agge-hBUBtion, thla cheat s eggB-ectly whal you need (o creek III | Pause Ihe game and type In DIAMONDS AND PEARLS Tor Infinite 0|zzyB.
You can always depend On Ocean 10 snap up a Him tie-in. Thla ore backfired on (hem the movie bombed completely, leaving them aod-ell publicity lor their licence, but the game was okay, so who ceres?
| On the high-ecare table enter your neme '] as PSBOYS Now you can prase H to pause and ESCAPE to skip levele Not exactly Inncveilve, bul Ihe cute platform action pleye well enough The gloves come aft with Ihese rheals.
At the atari, press P1 to pause, type In PhlANNOM and press FG tor Infinite itvea. At any time In the game repeal I Ihe process, but preBs Ffl (inalead of Rt] J lar nine keys. Nine epelle. Three extra lives, nine smart bombs and 10,0110.
| Spot-on conversion of the hit coin-op, featuring great two-player blasting acllan end same impressive enemy eupervehlcles I For Infinite llvee end energy, type IT'S I EASY WHEN YOU KNOWHOW J I (including 9pecea) on the title screen (¦l till ill The best computer implemenlatlon ol prldlron ever. FanB will appreciate Iha cumbinallon ot auperb tactical depth end slick arcade action. It you keep J petting hammered try Iheae peBB codas €540300 puarlBr linal. €1 50361 80011-11081. 0550361 Ihe Superhowl One ol Ihe beat God games around, th a taaluraa jmma gDr ifluily glonay ginphlcg me
aiunnlnp ipeach sample* Progress easily through Ihe spochs wild Iheae level codear I 3 ENYABCUNBHV fi - WWKOXGPXBD2 I la CQVCpwjvebl t kuUCTCplGBv f | 4 WKCCHIEUKNL E PEHAJ BPK2AQ GATAVRXRONT G GYSQJHPNFHN Hhi& Just cut out th« coupon* to at.NIW ZEALAND STORY CHEAT CARDS »
30. ST DRAGON SH Rflj - ’.list* 5
40. TOKI
44. UGH!
45. WINGS OF FURY A corking budget release Anyone who didn't buy
Supercars Ha b lull- priced outing ha* ahflolulaly no encufls
now It's only elghl quid' King ol ihe Superaprint darlvetlvag
it'll have you playing Icr monlhfll Enter OD E to skip ihe
tlrsl level.
BIGC la jump 1g Ihe third, end RICH tor pots at cesh Though a mildly playable p atfoimer, Ihla doean t use Ihe blockbuster Him licence very well The graphics aren't that special either.
For Infinite lives, type In LISTEN TO THE WHALES on Ihe scoreboard It this cnm-op conversion's still making a monkey out of you, and generally driving you bananas. Ihla cheat'll have you swinging from the Ireesl Jual start the game, then type KILLER. Now you can press FI -F7 to skip la any level (FI • Level 1 etc).
P Mh) If thcae Japs are atlll knocking you out ot Ihe aky, these cheats are more Ideologically sound than dropping an fllcm bomb.
During the game, type. M lor endless weapona. C to change weapons during tlight, D for invisibility, P lor Extra Live*, and F lo lop up oil and fudl during lllghl.
A prsh e lorle tail uirvlc* ddMn 1 sound mucti Inn. Hiii ccmroJllrfl joli ea*«irien nbtd Ij ¦ gnul laugh. Slcna rra Hart tOfTt Is tel eodH'.
5 SOICUGCNGASEPP 10 PFQFR.IGUMBY 15 INSUR ANCESKE1CM 3fl SPANISH IN OulSn ION 35 TRAINSPOTTING 30 - THECATSA70NTMEMAT LOOKOUTOFTHEYARC If this Lemminga-style save- em up has you tearing your hair out, these level codes should save you from baldness: Is SPHINX 20 MEANONES 10 SKIPAROUND 25 TECHNO I is tightime so-newthing 35 KEYX i i f 20-f 30 for a game is not something everyone can do, so knowledge of the various Pfe libraries (and their current catalogue) is essential. JAMES PRICE takes a look through some of Public Domain (or PD) programs are those where the author has
relaxed his or her copyright, allowing them to be distributed treeiy. PD libraries charge only disk and duplication costs, and you're perfectly entitled to copy a friend s disk PD s bosom-buddy Shareware can also be treeiy copied, but if you like the program and continue to use it you should send the programmer the specitied registration tee (usually found an Ihe title page).
DATACLAN 6AMIS DISK 3 (a DISKS) The third Dataclan games compilation lives up to the high standard set by its predecessors (reviewed last ish). For the small hassle of sending two disks and an SAE (no copying feel), you're receiving same ol the better quality PD and Shareware currently WHAT IS PO?
The package gels oft to a fairly unorthodox start with Microbes an original but not particularly astounding piece of Shareware Once you ve finished laughing at the blatantly anti-American plat you can get into the game, where you control a miniaturised cratl moving around the rim ol Ihe circular screen Inside the circle, varous microbes are growing, multiplying and being a general pain in the bum. The idea is to destroy these as quickly as possible, while dodging projectiles launched by their little spaceship males. It's all good tun al lirsl, hut soon becomes a bit tiresome not really worth
the £3 registration fee.
¦ I regognise that cursor... That* the Lemmings pointer! I saw it first) Do I win a big, fluffy prize though?
In contrast, Tanx is something of a classic.
The simple display shows a tank an either side of a randomly generated mountain range. The two players take turns in firing shots af each other's tank Aiming is achieved by altering the 1 lirreI elevation and Ihe power of Ihe shat. II usually lakes a lot of near misses lo gauge the correct trajectory and win the game.
This may sound crude Pul it’s great tun periecl PD really. The addition at options affecting the wind and severity of the mountain ranges gives it a little more Instability than other similar games Dragon Tiles is a Shareware puzzle game that doesr 1 really hit the mark Each screen is made up of 120 symbol tiles, all of which can stack up to four blacks high. Clicking on two liles with either the left or right adjacent square empty results in them disappearing, revealing tiles underneath that also need dealing with Again, this is another piece ol Shareware that would have been better as a PD
release The £5 registration fee is ludicrously high, especially when you compare it with games like Smash TV The Rip Oft ¦ li you look carefully enough, you'll see one of the tile designs is a picture of Miner Willy (of Manic Miner). Honestly.
When I saw the name Mouth-Mar or the game selection screen, my heart almost slapped. Surely, surely na-ore would have programmed another Pac Man clone?
To put it in a nutshell, Pac games are pretty awful these days, as once you ve seen one.
You've seer them all However, if you haven 1 got a version yet, Moufh-Maris about as good as they get I c f • i * ' : H ¥ I ¦ E ? M f
* '• K ©
• « » ?
* *. EH " I Pill popping blobs on your Amiga?
What is the world coming to? It’ll be A-Steraids nest, mark my words!
ISSUE TWO ¦ JANUARY 1903 AF zrj XV XV ¦ Nal much la look al, perhaps, bul two- player Tank Attack la a hint and a hall.
Slirvla but effective, name day all PD etc. Tank Attack is a 'tribute' to Combat (an old Alaii game) but ralher lhan just making an ioenlical version, the progiammers have soupec up Ihe gamep’ay. New lealures irclude a laurplayer option, multiple power ups and a myriad ol differenl screens to lighl tiierds on.
Polenllally Ihe best game on Ihe pack. Tank Attack tails down because ot the lack at a one- player option.
Croak Is described on ils lit.e screen as an Amphibian Migration Game'. I’ve never heard Frogger relerred In as this belorel As wilh Woufh-fWan, This is a very good (it not better) version ol Ihe old com-op, but al the end ol Ihe cay Ihis is ancient software with lairly imited appeal.
X*r x* xv mm at Am xv at Amm XV AT AT m r Ar I mm mrm ydf a v Xv S r Ar V Ha Xv X ¦ As strange as It may seem, this tank Is a wild eyed angel ot Ihe night, punplng us with diabetes as we sleep. Argggh!
Flounce And Blast s by tar the best game on the pack. Wilh graphics and gameplay better than some commercial budget releases, it scares highly in the ever critical eyes al the AMIGA FORCE team. A piattorm romp wilh mullidirecliona scrolling, progressive power- ups and a mean difficulty curve, itd be worth order ng on its own. With lhal in mind, it's our duty lo inform you that it is Shareware and that Ihe programmers have some great offers tor those scrupulous enough to send their £5 registration lee Believe us, it's worth every penny.
Duck is the weak link in the compilation. It s a lairly poor rendition ¦ Bounce and Blast undoubtably Ihe beil game Included In Pack Three.
I| Following (and righ, on duplicating) Tank Attack comes Quick Money, a scrolling splil-screen version While its pretty much the same game in essence, 1 somehow manages to be a ol ess satisfying. Maybe Ihal's because the programmer has tried to compl cate a simple concept, but as a stard- alone Pn game, il s really not lhal had. A special mention musl go lo ihe exce lent para la* scrolling impressive stuft tor Iree software ¦ Oh No! If ¦ an awful AatercidB clone featuring out little blue & green chumg!
Lemmlngalda s another siighlly questionable add lion. It's an Asteroids clone, hut rather Than huge rocks your targel is a pleihora ot blue and green Lemmings. As a ¦ Paaaf I Don't tell Nintendo, but this PD offering look* very much like one of their games!
CRAZY SUE 17 Bit Crazy Sue is Ihe seccrd platform game this month, ano although nol quie up to the standards ol Dalaclan s Bounce And Blast, its an en]oyahie |umparound Crazy Sue has lo get into the Dark Wizards castle lo stop a terrible catastrophe tram coming lo pass, using platforms lo dodge her invincible assailants to achieve this Possibly cur lavounle pad ol Ihe game is the soundtrack. Il really makes gocc listening, and calms nerves jangling trom Ihe harsh ditficu ly level. As a PD game it's excellent, as you d usually only expect to see this sod ot quality on Shareware B Boggle al lha
amazing graphics, ¦woon ii you become engroaaed in the gameplay. Then wake upl ol the old Camivai arcade machine, and will send you into Ihe world ot nod aboul two mmutes into your lirsl game As it's tree you can't tea ly complain, but this isn't something you II come back to i t i i * 1 fit • I 4 i it i t 4 PUBLIC qu'Ck blast hefore mowing onto the nexi game it's great, but fal s dowr, in very mLch 1he same way as Duck The only memcrahe aspect is the samp ed Oh Noi s ricked liam Ihe ongiral Lemmings Speak ng ot thett, Inteiieran is a pretty blalani Inbule |Ihe re S lhal wore again1) lo Dr
Maria, It's a slop on Irom Tetris Thai manages to be exceptionally addicliue, even it you thought you d had enough ol this genre. There s the usual fiddling around with brightly coloured blocks, ano even some nice lille screen options, allowing you to tailor the game to suit your mocd.
Ilsa great PD game lhal compares lavourably with ils ofticial subject matler A itlle corker, really.
Following Ihe Iheme sel by the previous two, Biplanes says an the title page lhat il was inspired by an Inlelliwision game'.
Well, al least some programmers are honest about their sources ot mspirat on1 Lnr r a II* II?
So, Ihere you have 1 The IhirrJ Dataclan package is iantasld value lor money (ie it daesnl really cosl any), with some excelleri games accompanied by some run oMhe-m II PD si Lift But then you're not spending £30, sc why comp'ain'?
17 Bll nee upon a lime Ihere was a game ca led The Mario Bros by a company called Nirlenda. II was a static- screen platform affair requiring Ihe |Oysliek wi'eldei to caplure (or kill) the assorted critters populating Ihe levels.
This could he dare by jumping undernealh Ihe platforms they stood on, knocking Ihem over onio Iheir backs Once this had been done, the hero could run aver Iheir upturned bodies la dispense al them once and lor all.
Doody is virtually Ihe same game. We ccuid see no real differences (bar Ihe obvious graphical improvemenl), so ““'I Mano 1ans will no doubt lap il up Like Orville, James can’t tty. Biplanes did little to I remedy his problem.
The ioea is to steer your 1 plane clockwise antic oekwise 1 around a wraparound screen, J engaging in cambal with either "J the computer or a Iriend. U s a very simple J idea, bul sadly lei down by a poor control system. Its fine for a two player bash, but thal s all.
4«% Pood LAJ.G. ¦ Roll Out Ihe barrel, you'll have a barrel of... laughs! II may be Donkey's years old, but this PD plallormer's still a giggle.
O o 1 7 Bll Who can remember Donkey Kcnq' Dd you know that it was originally mearl to be Monkey Kong, but there was a mislaka in the Iranslalion from Ihe Japanese tilled Everyone must have played it in iheir lime as we've seen versions on almasl all home computers availahle As a game it's just a joke these days, as we ue advarced to (he point where software giver away far tree Is better than the old arcade machines.
However, if you remember Ihe original and wcu'd like a nostalgic trip back to early Dcs compulerlanO Donkey Kong wan I disappoint It's a fair rendiidn, although badly let down by Ihe original game design.
I4««l V ItM, ns ” .1fci . ' » ¦ HT*1 III • cz __u_ • i 1 P „n I • T 1 Ji_ 1 7 BIT SOFTWARE First Floor Ottices 2 6 Market Street Wakefield West Yorkshire WF-, 1 DH 1 7 Bil charge £! 25 for each disk copy, and require an add lional Sop per order lo cover postage and packaging. Ask nice'y enough, and Ihey might send you a caialogue.
Serd orders anc requesls lo: Daladan c-o 17 SalHcrd Aiierdene Estate Low Fell Gateshead Tyne And Wear NE9 6RG Remember To enclose an SAE and a couple of disks.
Also, if you have any software (either PD or your own programming), Iheyd like you Ic send il to include on luture camplalians.
THEN PHONE SHEILA, MICHELLE, CHRISTINE OR PETE ON... 0584875851 NEW STORE NOW OPIN AsJIAj'A A JaiiY j j] Uj _r I I want lo join ihe rapidly growing AMIGA FORCE army. I understand I must be I I of sound mind and prelsr purely games reviews and lips and no lechno- babble I don I have an atiilude problem and I can 1 wan lo gel my hands an Ihe explosive equipment every gamer needs: that’s a year's supply of AMIGA TORCE. Please1 ¦ Tick where appropriate ¦ Please send me the next 12 issues al AMIGA FORCE With great Gremlin I games bundle 6501 I live in [he United Kingdom (£22 99) I 6503 I live in
Europe or Eire (£30.99) 6505 ? I live oulside Europe (£40.99) 6701 r 1 Don't loiget lo send me my three Iree games!
I Please send me Ihe next 12 issues of AMIGA FORCE, at the special discount | I price, but without free games 6511 I live m the Umled Kingdom (£16 99) 65t3 I live in Europe or Eire (E26.99) 16515 Hive outside Europe (£36.99) Method of payment: I VISA ACCESS ? POSTAL ORDER ? CHEQUE I C'edit card number .. -......- .. .... Expry date . .. Signature....- --- ....- ... I Mama . - .. - I Admass .....
.....Postcode Make cheques and postal orders payable lo Europreaa Direct Send this form |or a photocopy 0t it) to Europress Direct, AMIGA FORCE Subscriptions FREEPOST, Ellesmere Pod, Souih Wirral L65 3EB. No siamp needed!
L Why not subscnbe by phone or fax? Ring your order through on 051 357 1275, ) or fax H on 051 357 2813. For any enquires regarding your subscription, telephone the ever-so-nice people who deal with our subscriptions on 051 357 I 2961 ! Please tick if you do not wanl lo receive promoiional material from other i companies . R j i JJ _r_ _l TC AjiHi) ba POM P0R i OMIT IU.H 4 AMO tSSfCHMS WKKMT tAWII raftca j ¦ Even more playable than ils Iwa classy sequels, Ihis is Ihe two player driving game The rollercoasler 3-D acllon is superfast: Ihe competition furious, as you bump and barge past the
compuler cars and into each olher on obsiacle strewn tracks ¦ A cracking arcade advenlure with Ihe hero punching and kicking baddies galore as he searches lor the fragments of a mythical sword The innovation of Showing unexplored areas as unlil removes Ihe risk ol backtracking in the extensive underground levels Li A souped-up vanalion al Ihe classic Q-Be i coin op, this has you jumping around the isometric 3-D blocks lo change fheir colour requiring a combination of quick thinking and arcade rellexes D EVERY MONTH!)
¦ * - ome may nol have been buill in a day, bul the A-FORCE crew reckon Ihings would ve been differenl if ihey'd been given the conlracl After all, il Ph I King can piece together splendiferous Zoo! Maps then (in comparison) constructing lowers and inventing proper toilel facilities would be a doddle.
But. As much as we d like la try, there s always Issue 3 lo keep us occupied. With all Ihe new software being released at the moment we II find plenty of maps, lips and wonderfully unbiased reviews to compile Going Public will be as user-lriendly as ever, wilh a bumper crop ol everylhmg cool In Ihe PdrShareware world and.
With any luck, Sue-E Side won I have thrown herself off Ihe roof belore Ihe next Lemmings Lifeline is complete So if it's virus-free game-cracking lun you wanl, you know where lo come... REVIIWill IN THE NEXT T " 1 in r ituf***!: 7» , , rl 3 * • -si jak&jl ifOfltei!
DALEK ATTACK Dr Who battles against his arch enemies In four Earth cities. In Admiral's arcade adventure you even get to choose from three Doctors.
MIEN 3 Acclaim are bunting a gut to get Afran 3 in lot review.
We've near the Mega Drive version and have high hopes lar the Amiga Incarnation he nice to have a 11 It I e gore instead at contrived culenen tar a change.
- i ?ear Newsagent Please reserve me a copy of AMIGA FORCE
every month. I really don’t know what I’d do without it, as
it’s by tar the best magazine in the whole world. It’s
published every month by Europress Impact, and distributed by
MY NAME MY ADDRESS I’d like Amiga Force Delivered Kept behind the counter Ta very much!
And Earth has been invaded by the most ruthless and vicious race in the universe FEATURES* .Davros -EmPjJ' Dalek -Super aleks .Elite Battle Dalek .Flying Daleks -Dalek .The Timelords¦
• Dinosaurs • iever) .Super ("end of level ) SrmouJed sumo
• Mutants •R°b°rn.eK9 .Ogrons -Robots K9 (The companion) • etc,
etc. THE DALEKS % s are taken from the Amiga version C BIC 1373
1337 Licensed by IfiC f nlerpmas Lid Dr Who and lh« Di Vbhc
LdjC na pad a marks of ihe Bniiih firo lit islir g Lcrpomifln
and are used Lnser circa Amiga 6WPC I Wamstrad mil99 LL
* requires one full meg of memory :ADMIR AL 111 K Admiral
Software, Units 5-7 Baileygate Industrial Estate, Pontefract,
West Yorkshire.
Wfa 2LN, Fax 0977 790243 If, aher firsl Irying your local software reiailer you slid have my difficulty obtaining DALEK ATTACK, please send a cheque o* postal ardar made payable to Admiral SdftswJra to the address staled Payments by Access nr Vim can b* made by phoning
097) 7M747 1 WTS have sole distribution rights (rom Americas
biggest Commodore chip distributor 'Workbench 2.04 kit I
Kickslart 2.04 Kck&Utt I 3 k« kMArt ROM Swawer Fatter Agnus
8372 Obese Agnus 8375 High Res Denise 1MB x 9 Simms 1MB x 4
Zips 8520 CIA 2 aiming shootouls. Bul its not what you'd
call a I I Thriller Oh well, it's still better than the
movie! I 3 al

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