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I have bought the first four AMIGA FORCE magazines and I've always looked forward to reading every issue. As an Amiga owner I buy all sorts of Amiga magazines, but the best one I have bought yet is yours, AMIGA FORCE. I also wish to buy your future issues because they are cheap and a very good read. I hope your magazine stays the best buy because I think it should. Oh, and one more thing: your magazine has good comps in it as well. I have entered the 'Our Price' one and I wish to enter more. Mr P Zakrzewski, Yeadon, Leeds PS. Will you be publishing charts more regularly as you said you would in issue 4 of AMIGA FORCE? ¦ Thanks for the praise, Mr Z. Our aim is to provide the best-value-for-money Amiga mag and that means no rip-off coverdisks. You’ll be glad to know that the Gallup charts are now a regular feature. Phil Dear Phil, I thought I’d send this to you it is what a friend and I cooked up about console heroes Sonic and Mario. We have also compared them with Dizzy. 1. Dizzy does not spend hours doing up his image, unlike a cruddy hedgehog with a blue-rinse hair-do and red pixie boots, or a pot-bellied Italian with an appalling taste in clothes.

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Tht OIF WTS Electronics Ltd, Chaul End Lane, Luto Amiqa 4000 Packs A500 Plus £187 £217
• 32-bit 68020 Full power
• On site warranty
• Two Python joysticks
• Free Paint package software
• Mouse mat
• A1200 Standalone £369
• At 200 with 20MB £459
• At 200 with 40MB £499
• At 200 with 60MB £539
• A1200 with 80MB £559
• At 200 with 120MB £629
• Al 200 with 200MB £699 miqa 1200 Packs A1200 A600 Hard Drives
Amiga 500 Hard Drives SVGA Monitors Monitors A1200 A600
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• ProRam 2MB PCM CIA A600 A1200 £118
• ProRarr 4M8 PCM-CIA A600 AI200 £172
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purchasing with an Amiga deduct £10 trom above pricing £5 1
Dust covet for the above o Peripherals Scanners Workstations
Pro ROM Swapper 1 Ergonomically sound ' Facilitates up to three
external floppy drives 1 Made in the UK
• Strong and robust »Aesthetically pleasing ' Keep your desk neat
and tidy ' Supplied complete and assembled with tree mouse mat
£36 £36 £36 £9
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(101 disks £9.99 ' Computer Mall DSD (10) disks £6.00 ' Jet
Fighter joystick £13.99 ' Apache |oystick £6.99 ' Python
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accelerators etc.
• Simple to fit - full instructions
• Pro ROM Swapper £ 18
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Since 1984 N, BEDS, LU4 8EZ TEL (0582) 491949 (6 LINES) Pro
Agnus 2MB A500 Memory Expansions
• Provides a full 2MB of Chip Memory for the Amiga SOO and
A1S0Q 20O0 • Designed and built m England • Supplied with 837S
Obese Agnus • Includes 2Mb Memory on board m the form of low
power Zips • Allows the processing of elaborate animation and
sound sampling • Provides the same max. chipmem- ory as the
A3000 A600 &500+ • Increases addressable memory space from 9MB
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British made
• Pro Agnus 2MB £139 (Free fining available • Phone for details)
A500 Pro-RAM 0.5 Meg. Upgrade
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High Current Power Supply Cumana 3.5” External Drive Supra
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Communicate with fellow computer users 1 Cuts down on telephone
bills by using fast efficient baud rates 1100% Hayes compatible
1 Tone pulse. Auto Dial Auto Answer 1 Standard RS232 Interface
1 Programmable number storage 1 Free Corns software 1 Supra
2400 Modem £89 ' Supra Fax Plus (0-9600 BPS) £ 148 1 Supra
v.3.2 (Fax Modem) £199 1 Supra v.32 BIS (Fax Modem) £ 3 58
• WTS have sole distnbution rights from Americas biggest
Commodore chip distributor
• Workbench 2 04 Kit £78 (Includes manuals dn1s & chip)
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• 1 MB x 9 Simms (3 chip) £29
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• 8520 CIA £13 £56 £59 £65 £46 sales hotline 0582 491949 (6
lines), 0480 471 117(24hr). Faxon 0582 505900 ™ mfm Credit Card
ordering by phone is easy Simply phone our sales hotline
quoting your credit card number., expiry date, name and address
and the products you wish to order and we ll do the rest.
Alternatively write the above details on your letter when
ordering by post When ordering by post in cheque form please
write your cheque card guarantee number on the reverse of the
cheque and send along with your order. Postal Orders are also
NO DELIVERY CHARGES TO UK MAINLAND. MINIMUM ORDER AMOUNT £15.00. Should you wish your order to be sent by Group 4 Security service please add £5. This method includes Comprehensive insurance.
F WARRANTY: One year return to base (excluding chips).
ONE YEAR EXTENDED WARRANTY: Available on all products (excluding chips) at 10% of purchase price when ordering.
Where to Find Us!
Hud Oftic* Computer Mall Bedford Computer Mall St. Neots Computer Mall Hertford Computer Mall Dunstable WTS Electronic Ltd No.16 Downstairs No.6 49 Railway St. 84 High Street North Chaul End Lane The Harpur Centre Priory Mall Shopping Centre Hertford Dunstable Luton Bedford St. Neots 0992 503606 Bedfordshire 0582 491949 0234 218228 0480 471117 0582 47S747 At (WICK quoted o* products slocked are subject to stocking ieve-s and *v*t404ity WTS cannot be held liable or supply reimburse*"2!! For force maieute. Or items, wfwch are out of slock due to demand or low stock at its suppliers which may
result m delayed del very or non del-very, please allow 28 days for delivery WTS reserve the nght to ammeod pnces. Revise packs, specifications and or substitute product wihtout pror nonce at any time without h«b*ty upon itself ileSeasonal Sale • Seasonal Sale • Seasonal Sale • Seasonal Sale • Seasonal Sale • Seasonal Sale • Seasonal Sale • Seasonal Sale • Seasonal Sal
- II111 1-I READ ALL ABOUT IT We tell you what’s going down in
the Amiga world and what’s going up in the ELSPA Penguin Top
RAVE REVIEW We bring you the exclusive review of the official UK version of US BACK ISSUES!
Yes, due to popular demand you can now order previous issues of AMIGA FORCE to complete your collection.
GOING PUBLIC More classy Public Domain offerings, including yet another Assassins compilation and a tribute to the rock group, Queen.
TRAD cm nrr* 0 3 RICH PICKINGS Will Morph change your mind about puzzle games? Does Beavers make a splash? Find out as we review all the latest 100%- finished full-price software.
JUST AROUND THE CORNER Take a sneak look at the wonderful games coming your way in the next few months, including a long- awaited new release from Populous creators, Bullfrog.
CEREBRAL FIX Choosing a puzzle game from the plethora of titles available is a perplexing experience we give you a roundup of V the best.
VCOH1' 0 0 I 4 3 llvL'Lt’ '§ 3; bs BUDGET BARGAINS Lower prices don’t always mean good value for money we sort out the Trophy bitter from the dregs.
FLASHBACK COMP Win loadsa cinema vouchers, plus goodies galore from US Gold!
FORCE 9 MAIL Your turn to have your say ' plus the TIPS BITS column gets bigger and bigger!
CONTENTS i LEMMINGS ’LIFELINE HIT THE ffe' BULL'S-EYE! K LrJ Win a top-of-the-range - Jrl • WV* ml' dartboard and darts from Alternative and Bully's Sporting Darts!
CUT-OUT 'N' CHEAT] 35 mnrp cheats and level codes to add to your collection. We supply the dotted lines, you supply the scissors!
1 This month (and every month ¦ from now on) we solve a tricky 1 level from Lemmings AND 1 Lemmings 2.
I - JjTsubscribe!
HP' Get your AMIGA FORCE sent every month, save money and receive free games into the bargain! 1 NEXT MONTH A Find out what's in store • j f _ in the next fun-packed yy * 7 issue of AMIGA FORCE. H P] SECIIOrj 0 Be a hit with our knockout Body Blows guide, restore order with our Chaos Engine maps, and save lives with our Sink Or Swim tips!
BUDGET ¦ 4th & Inches 30 ¦ Addams Family, The 25 ¦ Budokan 30 ¦ Bully’s Sporting Darts 24 ¦ Crazy Cars 2 32 ¦ Cycles, The 32 ¦ Final Fight 24 ¦ Lotus 2 27 ¦ Operation Stealth 28 ¦ Prehistorik 33 ¦ Swap 31 FULL-PRICE ¦ Beavers 44 Championship Manager ’93 45 Cohort II 37 Ishar (1200) 40 Morph 34 Nippon Safes 42 Transarctica (1200) 41 Woody’s World 38 ¦ EDITOR Phil King REVIEWS ¦ CONCEPT a DESIGN Mark Kendrick ¦ FEATURES EDITOR Ian Osborne ¦ STAFF WRITERS Chris Hayward, James Price, Miles Guttery ¦ EDITORIAL ASSISTANT Milo Jackson ¦ SCREENSHOTS AND MAPS Milo Jackson & Phil King ¦ ADVERTISING
MANAGER Neil Dyson B ADVERTISING SALES Michelle Kendrick, Pete Raybould, Johnathan Smith £ PRObUCTION TEAM Franco Frey, Jackie Morris, Mike Parkinson.
Rob Millichamp ¦ PUBLISHER Eddie McKendrick ¦ GROUP PUBLISHING DIRECTOR Roger Kean ¦ AMIGA FORCE is published by Impact Magazines Ltd, Ludlow, Shropshire SYS 1JW. Tel: 0584 875851. The content is copyright and you can’t reproduce anything without asking our publisher tirst!
¦ © 1993 Impact Magazines Ltd.
¦ The Big Breakfast are the owners of the copyright in certain of the characters, artwork, logos, scripts, trademarks and representations used in this publication.
These are used under licence to Impact Magazines Limited. I____ ¦ ISSN 09647-702X. M ¦7BJ ¦ Printed in the UK and distributed by COMAG - mi mgs myiiw mb*- on There’s been a war ol words between some of the other Amiga magazines recently, over whether they review unfinished games We've decided to put an end to the discussion once and for all ALL ABOUT IT!
Amiga Action quite happily confess to reviewing unfinished product, saying (in their June issue) they don’t want to be dishonest about such claims, as it is impossible to lay down such a law’ Not so. AMIGA FORCE does stick to such a firm policy. In the last few months we've passed up opportunities to review many unfimshod games that less-scrupulous magazines did review, eg Combat Air Patrol, Flashback (only French or pirate version reviewed by other mags). Goal1, The Chaos Engine, Pnme Mover, Universal Monsters the list goes on However, some mags claim to review only finished product, but
blatantly don't adhere to this policy of truth We spoke to Thalion's Tony King (no relation) about the situation His comments were very enlightening We were very concerned and very annoyed about it I know damn well that The One reviewed a finished version of Lion heart because they had it in a box and everything (as did AMIGA FORCE], whereas Amiga Power didn't It wasn't a beta-test [as they later claimed], it wasn't finished at all What then happened was, of course, wo said, "Look, go back and do it again because it's not finished". And their tart reply was "Oh yes. Well thanks to us. Thalion
wont back and they changed certain bits that didn't dramatically add to the effect of the game’’ The sound files weren't on there, there were two levels not on there... I'm extremely unhappy about the professionalism of certain publications Certain magazines out there do not have very high moral standards.'
Another example ol how early reviews can go wrong is that of Ragnarok. Which Amiga Power reviewed' in their March issue Mirage's Julia Coombes told us. They reviewed a copy that was supposedly 90% finished but not really there. They knew it wasn't pre-production ' This probably explains why their review' was so vague We were shown the very same unfinished version of tho game and it was our critical comments which prompted Mirage to spend more time on the game's artificial intelligence We still await a finished review copy And (often major) inaccuracy isn't the only problem with early reviews
there’s a tendency to give a so-so game the benefit of the doubt' and bump its mark up much better to have an exclusive review’ of a great' game than a poor one Then there’s the question of the Thin end of the wedge just how far will some magazines go to get an exclusive7 At the rate some of them are going, they'll be reviewing' loading screens soon' i i 3 J *wmi TO XkTMKT mjwv* JO***** fMK* 3HB 1 DC-W So there you have it. The debate is closed. If you want completely accurate reviews of completely finished games, you know where to come. After all. Surely honesty is tho best policy?
Following Iasi month's savage review of International Rugby Challenge. Domark have inlormed us lhal the review copies they sent out had a bug that prevented the use ot two joysticks in two-player matches. This has now been corrected, but otherwise the game is still as we said it was, ie dreadtul.
' : 'j," t !¦ -b.-t X 7'i: 1233 II I,,,11 1,1! ='V-CT nmmb'b ' ¦ T. 1 §3 .
Mum-USIR MAYHIft Quantum Software have updated their hit multi-user game Global Conflict, a I contemporary strategy wargame for six players.
The aim of the game is to eliminate all other I human rivals.
Played on a map of 31 countries, the I computer picks six at random (which are never adjacent to each other) and assigns one to each player, | The remaining territories are neutral, and will not launch j offensive attacks but defend their borders to the death if threatened.
At the start of a game and at the beginning of each turn, the human players are given a set number of credits to spend on armaments, troops and other pieces of military hardware. The amount of dosh you get depends on how many countries you occupy. When you've picked your forces the game starts in earnest.
During battle you can view the skirmishes from the cockpit of an attacking aircraft, or Battle Command centre for ground offensives.
| TEAM WORK Team 17, probably the most exciting developers to hit the Amiga since the I Bitmaps, have enhanced their smash hit beat- em-up Body Blows.
The new version allows you to play any of the ten tournament players in one-player mode, boasts even faster action, extra credits in one- player mode, and added graphic details such as character shadows.
Owners of the original version can upgrade to version two by sending disk one (ONLY DISK ONE!) And a cheque PO for £2.50 to Body Blows Upgrade Olfer, Team 17, Marwood House, Garden St. Wakefield.
West Yorks WF1 1DX Also on the horizon is Project X. the enhanced budget version. The game is squeezed onto three disks instead of the usual four, though it's definitely not a cut-down version. The main criticisms of the full-pricer was that you lost all your power-ups when you died, which often proved disastrous the game was too bloomin' hard anyway! Both of GLOB tyFLICT ’ * ~ There’s a facility within the game to send messages to the other human players too.
After each turn, every human player sends a disk containing his updated position to Quantum, who process information from all six players then return the disks, now containing a complete game-position update.
Players are free to miss a turn whenever they like, and § can rejoin the conflict at any stage.
Because ifs a multi-user game, you can’t play it on your own, but with around 1200 players worldwide there's no shortage of opponents. Quantum are constantly improving the game (the current version is 1.4) and provide free updates for contestants. They've also got a World War II game in the pipeline, and are working on other historical projects too.
Global Conflict v1.4 costs £12.99, including two free turns. Further turns are charged at £2.95 each.
These fiddly flaws have been corrected, so hopefully Project X will at last take its rightful place as king of the shoot-'em-ups. The enhanced version will set you back a mere £12.99 when it's released on 17 June.
Finally, a recent magazine article stated that Team 17 were abandoning the Amiga 500 600 in favour of the 1200. ‘Are we chuff!' Said a team 17 spokesperson. 'We’ll be developing on and for the A1200, but we're not abandoning the 16-bit Amigas'. So there we have it get it right, get it from AMIGA FORCE.
Beyond Belief are to hit the Amiga market with Muzzy, a 72-level puzzler to be released on the new Far Out label. Set for a late June release, the game will cost £25.99. Also on the cards is Cool J Charlie from j Wild Designs and a ‘Sensible- beating’ soccer game.
More news
* 5 OS &L53=3 ?3
* 33355 THE BIG BREAKFAST Wotcha. It's bespectacled berk time
again with Ben the Boffin, everyone's favourite button-basher!
I've got some great tips lined up for you so many that the AF
crew can't fit them all in the magazine, so it's up to you to
choose which game you want tipping.
OMJESOMi DOIN £ J- ON If you thought 16-bit text adventures start and finish with Mastertronic’s Infocom releases, you're very much mistaken Borphee Computers have unleashed The Four Symbols onto an unsuspecting public.
A text-only game written by the Gate on adventure-writing utility HATRACKII, The Four Symbols is set in a medieval town where superstition and witchcraft are rife.
With the disappearance of the four sacred symbols that protected the village from evil, the dark arts are feared and you're the prime suspect! Only by finding and returning the symbols can you clear your name.
The Four Symbols is arguably the most celebrated text adventure since Infocom split up, and certainly the best home-grown outing (it won the 'Best 16-Bit Text Adventure’ award at the last Adventurer's Convention). Thanks to AMIGA FORCE you can get it at a discount! Normally selling for £5, enclose this coupon with your order and get 50p off. Send your dosh to: Borphee Computers, 64 County Rd, Ormskirk, Lancs L39 1QH.
(Millennium) 0839 007 897 NIPPON SAFES (Global Software) 0839 007 898 . AU Calls cost amaximumof *¦ 1 10p, so it’s cheaper than a first-class stamp.
Please rush me a copy ol The Four Symbols. I enclose a cheque PO for £4.50, made payable to Borphee Computers.
Name .. Address ..... Postcode ..... Fave adventure.. 6 Reach For The Sky..... 7 Sensible Soccer 92 93
• Virgin ......30.99 Renegade Mindscape
....25.99 .Microprose ....34.99
CodeMasters ..7.99
Psygnosis ......29.99 8 B17 Flying
Fortress..... 9 First Division Manager.
10 Lemmings 2 .. 11 Superfrog .. Team 17.
12 Pirates 13 F19 Stealth Fighter.... Kixx XL 14 Trivial Pursuit ......Hit Squad ...... 15 F16 Combat Pilot Action 16 16 Street Fighter II ...US Gold .. 17 Dizzy: Prince Of Yolkfolk......CodeMasters 18 Championship Manager 93 Domark ... 19 James Pond .GBH .... 20 Populous & Promised Lands Hit Squad ...... 21 RBI 2 .Hit Squad ...... 22 Shoot ’Em Up
Construction Kit.GBH .... 23 Hero Quest ..GBH .... 24 Wing Commander ..OrigirvMindscape. 25 Sleepwalker .Ocean . 26 Test Drive 2 ..Hit Squad ...... 27 Terminator 2 Hit Squad ...... 28 Indiana Jones: Graphic Adv.Kixx XL ... 29 Formula 1 Grand Prix ....Microprose .... 30 Lotus Turbo Challenge ..GBH .... Kixx XL ... CodeMasters .34.99 .12.99 .29.99 .Millennium .30.99 Hit
Squad .Hit Squad What's that zooming like a missile straight to the Number 1 spot? Are we really surprised? Well, maybe not, Desert Strike is an excellent game.
What's really surprising, though, is the news that it’s outselling Body Blows by an incredible four to one!
COMPILED BY _ SPONSORED BY GALLUP PENGUIN BISCUITS CHARTS PENGUIN 34 Nick Faldo's Champ. Golf....Grandslam ...... 35 World Class Cricket Audiogenic ...... 36 G Taylor Soccer Challenge .Krisalis .. 37 M1 Tank Platoon Kixx XL . 38 Legend ..Mmdscape Classic.
39 Monkey Island 2 .US Gold 40 Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 GBH ...... 41 Final Fight ....Kixx 42 Historytine 1914-1918 Blue Byte .. 43 688 Attack Sub ...Hit Squad . 44 PGA Tour + ..Electronic Arts . 45 Strike Fleet ..Hit Squad . 46 Jack Nicklaus Golf Hit Squad . 47 Indy Jones Fate of Atlantis...US Gold 48
Civilization ....Microprose 49 WWF Wrestlemania ......Hit Squad . 50 Rainbow Islands.
51 Magicland Dizzy 52 Rome . 53 KGB .... 54 Pro Tennis Tour... 55 The Simpsons...... 56 Operation Stealth.
31 Maniac Mansion.. 32 Spellbound Dizzy.
33 Prince Of Persia .. 57 Swiv .. 58 Future Wars ... twcim edition '92 ¦ .feijjjj 17 ¦ £19.99 59 Abandoned Places 2
• ICE ... .US Gold ... .Code Masters
.Kixx ... 60 Legends Of Valour ... 61
Quattro Power Machines 62 Street Fighter . 63
Panza Kick Boxing ... 64 Int. Rugby
Challenge ...Domark .. 65 International
Truck Racing . . .Zeppelin 66 Supercars
II ..GBH 67
Zool ...Gremlin Graphics ...
68 J Madden American F ball ...E Arts ..... 69
Archer Maclean s Pool Virgin ..... 70 Road
Rash ...Electronic Arts .. 71
AV8B Harrier Assault Domark .. 72 Battlehawks
1942 ...Kixx XL .. 73 Captain
Dynamo CodeMasters ... 74 J White’s Whirlwind Snooker .
Virgin ..... 75 Mini
Office ....Europress Software 76 Chuck
Rock 2 .....Core Design ...... 77 WWF
European Rampage TourOcean ..... 78
Rodland .Kixx ..
79 Sim Earth .. 80 New Zealand Story.
81 Fire And Ice ...... 82 Campaign . 83 Bubble Dizzy .... Ocean.
Hit Squad .7.99 Renegade Mindscape .25.99 Empire ....34.99 CodeMasters 84 Premiere ......Core Design ..30.99 85 Combat Classic ..Empire ..29 99 86 Lionheart ......Thalion ...25.99 87 Midwinter ......Kixx XL ...12.99 88 Kmghlmare ..Mindscape Classic ...14.99 89 Treasure Island Dizzy ....CodeMasters ..4.99 90 North And
South .Digital Integration 7.99 91 Lombard RAC Rally ......Hit Squad .7.99 92 Robin Hood: Legend Quest CodeMasters ..7.99 93 Ultima V OrigirvMindscape .....29.99 94 The Greatest Beau Jolly ......32.99 95 Fun School 2 6-8) .Hit Squad .7.99 96 Manchester United .GBH .9.99 97 A320 Airbus .Thalion ...35.99 98 N
Mansell's World Champ ...Gremlin ...29 99 99 Pinball Magic ......Kixx 9.99 100 Project X rrrrrrrrrrrr cut sisrsi HmS T*0(, Cc*ach 6l5W 3 :« i«*« vwa. €:§:¦& leocn 61526: 615103 recoil : oath 61580*1 Ft.ii.uA.Wos.ufct 816 i32 Scout .616166 SW* T*«, Coach Job Coniro 615655 .Team 17.
THE ULTIMATE CHALLENGE IS HERE The countdown has begun, lasers are fully charged, the Labyrinth is ready for action. Laser Quest, the ultimate sci-fi laser adventure is waiting for you.
As you pull on your laser pack you become a space age warrior.
Now with over SO venues across the nation, Laser Quest is the game the players prefer. We launch a new venue every week, one will be opening in your town soon. Watch for details...and be there ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE AT YOUR LOCAL LASER QUEST ARENA: BOLTON, Cannon Cinema, 101 Bradshawgate ....0204 388308 BRADFORD, 29-31 Weslgale ......0274 736466 CAMBRIDGE, Bradwells Couri, behind Bus Slalion ....0223 302102 CHELMSFORD, The Old Pavillion, Rainsford Rd 024S 347185 CONSTITUTION HILL, Birmingham .....021 23& 3311 DERBY, Roos Sports Clr, Willow
Row ..0332 202000 DONCASTER, Silver Hse, 14-28 Silver SI ..0302 730383 DUDLEY. E Odeon Cinema, Casile Hill 0384 4S979S GLASGOW, 177 Trongale, diagonally opposite MSS 021 SS2 7667 HALIFAX, 1 Soulhgale Hse, Wards End 0422 369099 HARLOW, Hawlhorn House, opposite CSAs .0279 451166 IPSWICH, 12a Arcade SI ...0473 286045 KIDDERMINSTER. The Old Baths, Castle Road ...0S62 863111 KINGSTON, 155 Clarence SI, opposite Options ..081 974 8484 LEEDS, Empire Arcade, Vieloria
Quarter ...0532 347950 LEICESTER, 171, Belgrave Gale ......0533 531153 LUTON, 6-8 Park Si .....0582 487401 MANCHESTER, 58 Whitworth SI, opposite The Rilz.,.,061 228 223t MANSFIELD, 15 Market St ..0623 6 34571 © USER QUEST UK LTD. 1992 NEWCASTLE-UPON-TYNE, Waterloo SI 091 261 5534 .0602 589178 0865 200233 0734 500988 .0709 740065 .0754 765858 .0384 443939 ...0922 33234 081 795 1000 .0942 820225 091 252 3346 ,0902 452858 NOTTINGHAM. No 1 Hockley . OXFORD, 9a
Hyfhe Bridge SI . READING. TOO London SI ..... ROTHERHAM, Superbowl 2000, Wortley Road...... SKEGNESS, Skegness Pier, Grande Parade ... STOUBRIDGE, The Warehouse, High SI WALSALL, Intown, Off Lichfield SI WEMBLEY, London Rd . WIGAN, Superbowl 2000, Wallgate WHITLEY BAY, Spanish Cily . WOLVERHAMPTON, 3 Union SI. By Nevotel .. ALL VENUES ¦ Why do aliens always choose to live in slimy surroundings? Haven't they heard of January sales,
where they could pick up a cabinet, some wallpaper and perhaps a few pots of paint? Strange, isn't it?
US Gold Delphine £29.99 orking in a company that produces six video entertainment magazines. I get to see a fair few games. Whether it’s C64, Sega, Nintendo or Amiga, there’s an almost endless supply of software for me to pick through during those (infrequent) spare moments. This isn’t without its drawbacks though you soon become jaded. As time goes by, it takes something really special to make you sit up and take notice. Flashback does just that.
In many ways, it's not your run-of-the-mill computer game, but an interactive film. Like Another World, it uses cartoon-style graphics and animation to illustrate certain movements and occurrences. But that's where the similarities end. Flashbacks plot is unusual in the way that it’s actually relevant to the game, as opposed to a few cursory lines in the manual by way of an introduction. As the game progresses, the story line continues and becomes more complete.
Animated magic The first thing you notice, though, are the graphics. While the animated scene-setting sections aren't quite as good (or as fluent) as ¦ What a game Flashback is. The way the plot unlolds as you play is territic, and along with the nitty animated sequences really gets you involved. Passwords may seem a little lew and far between but it's such a pleasure just watching the animation on your character, you won't mind playing through sections again. This is a game which revels in that elusive quality of irresistibility. At times it'll have your toes curling in frustration but you
still won't turn it off, such is the desire to get to the next bit and see what's in store. True, the game leads you by the hand in many respects, but hugely varied objectives distract your attention from such frilling matters.
Playing is like being in an an interactive movie and, believe me, it is far more interactive than Another World. An engrossing (and relevant-to-the-game) story line, marvellous graphics, grade one FX and addictiveness beyond compare what more wena could anyone ask for? Experience | I - Flashback NOW! ----- ¦ It's not exactly The Price is Right, but at least Leslie Crowther doesn't make an (unwelcome) appearance.
Another Worlds, they’re still impressive. But it's the in-game graphics that really shine. Using a technique known as Rotoscaping. The movement of the game's sprites is as realistic as you'll find in any computer game. Like Prince Of j Persia, your sprite is ' capable of clambering and 1 leaping over platforms and scenery, and generally moving in an authentic fashion. Initially, it’s a little confusing judging where and how to roll or jump is hampered by the fact Conrad’s | animation slows the response slightly. This is by no means a bad thing though: if anything, it adds to the realism.
However, playing the game isn't a simple case of exploring the numerous screens and levels, as a lot of the action involves combat and the solving of puzzles.
Conrad has a fair amount of adversaries to either avoid or destroy; from mutants to Terminator 2-style terrors, there’s enough to keep you on your toes. A quick stab of the space bar draws a suitably powerful firearm, and while this is in use Conrad is unable to ¦ Below: Conrad climbing, although sadly you can't see that triff animation... ¦ A caption?
To be written by me? Oh joy of joys!
What can I write, I wonder...?
Jump or run. Instead, he moves stealthily and slowly in a fashion not dissimilar to your average 15-year-old worried about being chucked out of the pub and it’s incredibly handy when moving onto previously unexplored territory, where anything could be waiting... be Discover yourself I’m not joking when I say that this is one of the most difficult reviews I’ve had to write.
Flashback is the sort of game where you want to discover everything for yourself the last thing I’d have wanted was
o read a review, and have all the secrets and twists explained in
graphic detail.
So I’ve tried not to give away too much.
As I mentioned earlier, it takes a lot to impress me these days and Flashback has. The use of passwords and ’save’ points (storing your position and status in memory) alleviates frustration no end, and the variety and originality of the design (especially in the second level) is a welcome sn't a ase of ig the rous and ¦ This is simply W one of the best 1 Amiga games ever.
Break from the recent rash of consolesque platform games.
If I had to criticise anything, it’d be the ingame sound. Rather than using a continuous soundtrack, Delphine chose to have pieces of music played at key points triggered by walking at a certain point on a screen. This can be quite handy at times, as more often than not it indicates you’re about to be ambushed. A1200 owners will be pleased to know the game's fully compatible, and the movie sections run significantly faster (appearing smoother). However, there’s a drawback: the animated sequences and music don’t synchronise as well as they do on the 16-bits. While by no means an earth-
shattering disaster, it's annoying having seen how well the two worked together on the standard Amiga.
If you intend to buy one game in the next few months (and you already own Sensible Soccei), buy this. Flashback's one of the best games I’ve ever played, and if you don’t at least look at it once, you’ve missed something unusually special. After hours and hours of play I'm just about to finish the Easy level and there's Medium and Hard to get through yet. As Rutger Hauer said in the Guinness advertisements, 'Talk among yourselves I may be some time.'
A TIP TIME! Read the next issue of AMIGA FORCE for the best Flashback tips (ie not codes for the French version that some other mags printed!).
III J ¦ _ T •» -.----- 1 'rw .. T| ¦ : ¦ It's not often that I'm willing to sacrifice a good night's sleep for a computer game, but Flashback is just so captivating, you'll be unable lo resist playing way into the early hours. Obviously, the first thing to grab your attention are the exquisite graphics.
Beautiful, meticulous backgrounds and fantastically animated sprites blend smoothly together into an astonishing masterpiece.
Each level has its own unique look and atmospheric feel, from the tranquil setting of a forest to the unnerving depths of an alien encampment. Around every corner there’s a danger to encounter and a puzzle to pit your wits against, and it's this adrenaline- charging twist that urges you onward.
Delphine stunned the industry with the faultless graphical images in Another World and yet again they've triumphed with a title that makes them the company to look out for.
The attention to detail makes you appreciate the extensive amount of work that went into the design. Flashback exudes quality to the highest extreme, and is one of the finest creations ever to grace the Amiga. If you’re looking for a piece of software to i aap show off your machine, this is the [| one. ¦ : :*§ -j As the canned applause gradually faded, the overhead spotlight followed a balding comedian as he skipped his way to the front of the stage. Raising his hands to shoulder height, his outstretched palms became an unspoken instruction as if by command the audience became silent.
One catch phrase and amusing anecdote later, it was time for Britain’s favourite quiz to begin. Turning to the first contestant, the host asked, What subject would you like?'
Can I have "computer games", Jim?' He | asked, followed by gasps from the audience.
'Well, erm, it's not one of our usual subjects, J but for some reason I see it's up on the board this week. Throw your dart, John.’ Whoosh... thud!
And he's hit the category. Here goes... What new Amiga computer game features a large bull mooing when you throw some good darts?'
'Erm... well...’ 'I'll give you a clue: it’s great fun to play with lots of different darting variations like football, cricket and snooker.'
'Ah. That's Bully’s Sporting Darts, Jim!'
Correct, it's just been released by Alternative Software (plug, plug).'
Twenty minutes later... 'Well now, John and Pete,’ gushed Jim, 'you’ve won through to Bully’s prize board. Hit the bull's-eye and you take home Bully's special prize: a set of quality tungsten darts, specially made by our own Tony Green and presented in a lovely case. Not only that, but you'll also get a dartboard to chuck ’em at. Now take your time...' The audience gasped as the first dart hit the bull's-eye!
Well done!’ enthused Jim. ‘And now I must tell those lucky AMIGA FORCE readers out there, they can also win this magnificent star prize (which money can’t buy they're usually only given to the TV show contestants) by answering a simple question. Ten runners-up will also receive copies of Bully's Sporting Darts All you have to tell us is...’ B Who hosts Central Television's Bullseye?
Answers on a postcard to: HIT THE BULLSEYE COMP, AMIGA FORCE, Impact Magazines, Ludlow, Shropshire SY8 1JW Make sure it hits our office dartboard by 30 August at the latest.
Mm i r™5 0 J B L f i 1 UsST KU&a 'Jsiisi, ‘iils Sifitf iiWilW ttSNUiJ MI iJJ3 iJiJSrii'JUai, i£D 'JO, iJSSJW! IlSSJJH 3J1L ijy iMIS ;iiD AH,iiJS iiSJ JjJ ««2JJ 5MJ5 *« iiJU£ r!iiJ JitoJ A Miili JiJ I'm JjiJJMiJJS r r DEFLEKTOR I Pocket Power I £2.99. .. you can't even get an 8- bit budget offering for that! This geriatric former Gremlin outing is ! Certainly the cheapest commercial puzzler around, and a groovy game to boot.
You have to guide a laser beam into the exit port by rotating a series of mirrors.
There are all sorts of devices to help and hinder you: teleports carry your beam from A to B, spheres explode on contact, coloured blocks send it careering wildly across the screen, mines absorb its power making it overheat, and there’s a huge wall that blocks the exit until you've blitzed all the spheres!
There’s a lot of trial and error involved at first, but as you progress lots of forward planning's required. Its only real drawback is the lack of a password system an insane, ridiculous omission which destroys long-term lastability and certainly costs the game an AF RAVE.
GEM-X ¦ VFM IB Now this is what puzzle games are all about phenomenally simple gameplay that eats away the hours without you noticing.
The aim of the game is to get the gem pattern on the left of the screen to match the one on the right. Clicking the pointer on a gem causes it to move two steps down the colour ladder (red being the highest, yellow the lowest), while adjacent gems fall one rung. A gem that falls off the scale implodes, causing those above it to fall and fill the gap.
The joystick control's very irritating (a mouse would've been far more appropriate) and the gratuitous bimbos do nothing to endear the game to female Amigaphiles, but apart from that it’s a gas.
% KLAX separate the pristine puzzlers from the putrid pus. If you're unsure, try the PD variants for size. Respray B Is it just me, or does anyone else think Klax is overrated? All that catching tiles on your paddle and arranging them in vertical, horizontal or diagonal lines is fun at first but quickly gets boring. There’s a few neat touches, like the 'wild tile' that counts as any colour and the warp zones that take you to later levels, but for me at least it hasn’t got that 'just one more go' quality that's so tt essential to a puzzler. It’s an okay game, but not the world- beater it's
made out to be.
MIND BENDER Gremlin I The stunning sequel to Deflektor, it hasn’t the endearing simplicity of its illustrious forefather, but does have a groovy ‘passcode’ system. At the start of the game, you enter your name. The program then remembers which level you got to last time around and allows you to start at any stage up to and including that one.
The mouse control is a bit of a dog at first, but soon gets as instinctive as Deflektor1 s joystick juggling. So is it any better? Well yes... and no... erm, oh I don't know I suppose it depends what you like.
¦ PD I ¦ A great compilation featuring no less than 21 puzzlers, I Mind Games is a PD bargain. There’s a couple of maze- I based outings, a dodgy Pipe Mania clone, computerised versions of Mastermind, Draughts, Hang-Man and Othello, and even a simple roleplaying game!
Far and away the best game on offer is Interferon, a close conversion of Nintendo's Tefris-inspired Dr Mario. It’s great fun and was featured on a Dataclan disk, the highest achievement any PD game can aspire to.
Many °f ,he 9ames on offer wwwwww’ are ,echnical|y crude (but still fun), and A600 owners will find i a ,ew ol ,hem unP|ayable ill keypad too. At PD ffeSSLi I Psygnosis ¦ Why include Bill's Tomato Game and not Lemmings? Well, after much deliberation and a trank exchange of views (and a few punches) we decided that the save-'em-ups (Lemmings, Troddlers, etc) were a category in themselves, whereas the direct control over the game environment offered by Bill’s made it more of a traditional puzzler.
The aim of the game is to bounce Terry Tomato (!) From one end of the screen to the other. All he can do is bounce straight up, so it’s up to you to guide him to the exit using fans, trampolines, jack-in-the-boxes and blocking blocks. These can be placed anywhere on the screen when you're happy, hit the 'jump' icon and go for it, kumquat may!
The tedious mucking about with equipment is frustrating rather than challenging, and some of it resets if you fail jf - -ri you have to lay out half the screen again even if you only ,j f,, i r wanted to adjust one icon. -I- , Avoid. JJ 'i ¦ Accolade ¦ This, on the other hand, is shocking.
Imagine playing Klaxon the Tetrisgame- screen that's Zyconix in a nutshell. Move the cursor over a coloured block, move it right or left and let it drop. Lines of four similarly- coloured tiles score and disappear, the effects of gravity causing pieces above to fall.
Despite pinching its theme from two classic games, Zyconix isn’t as addictive as either.
Why it’s a full-pricer is beyond me. Its only outstanding feature is the - ; r music, but at this price you can } buy two Lps and three far ¦ AAA S superior PD games save .t ) .
Your money. 'J i Grandslam ¦ A cutesy main sprite and simple gameplay what more could you ask from a puzzler? Guide our blue buddy over a series of tiled boards, detonating the bombs without blowing yourself to bits in the process. They never blow while you stand on 'em, but you can only get one square before it goes, taking its floor tile with it.
Detonating dynamite also causes a chain reaction, setting off bombs on adjacent squares. As the game progresses new features are introduced, such as disintegrating tiles f. 'r_rf I and extra-large bombs. (W~T$ fari Bombuzal is a peach of a game. The levels are so _ , .. deceptively simple that every time you die you have .
To have another go it's got a password system too J J ') (hurrah). Originally released by Mirrorsoft, it's now available on the Grandslam Collection compilation.
UfUED fLOCOMOTION VFM I The things some people do for their sweethearts... Max, an ugly little blob, spends all his time running round large mazes collecting hearts before returning to his intended.
There's nothing out there after him, but because he can only run in a straight line and can't stop until he hits a wall or obstacle, plenty of forward planning is involved. Only by safely delivering them all can he move on to the next level.
The Power has a potentially excellent soundtrack in the Snap! Song of the same name, but the sampling is below par. Not so the game at 50 levels it's only average-sized for a puzzler, but a password system and level editor add to the long-term appeal. A worthy release on budget.
TETRIS CLONES ¦ PD ¦ Ah, Tetris... mind-bogglingly simple yet fiendishly addictive, the game that's been released umpteen times on most computer formats and even spawned a coin-op with cash prizes!
The aim of the game is simple. You control a series of falling shapes that can be rotated clockwise and anti-clockwise or dropped into place. When you complete a horizontal line it disappears giving points, but those resting on it don’t fall. If the pile reaches the top of the screen it’s 'game over1.
The best Amiga versions are both Public Domain, namely Super Twintris and Tetren. The former is a version of the traditional game with the added bonus of a two-player mode, the latter tweaks the original by starting each level with blocks already in place clear a set number of lines to advance to the next. Both „ widdle all over the official conversions, and they’re free to boot!
R B55B ¦¦ I-J ' "i 1 % kla-l ¦ DMI ¦ Remember Captain Zepp, Super Space Detective?
A great sci-fi whodunnit show, the eponymous hero always finished with, ‘You could've got away with it, but you made three stupid mistakes’, leaving the studio audience to suss out the villain after the commercial break. Locomotion is just like that.
The mistakes?
1. It's far too expensive as a full-pricer.
2. An irritating playability bug allows a train to leave the
station just as the one you're guiding is entering, causing an
inevitable collision.
3. The background graphics sometimes obscure the station
indicator, making it difficult to tell where it’s going.
A fun game, but not a blockbuster.
THE POWER ___ E-MOTION ¦ US Gold ¦ Well, is it or isn’t it? A puzzler, I mean? It has all the usual problem-solving elements, such as the single-screen levels, clear-it- away gameplay (match similarly coloured balls to make them disappear), and on-screen obstacles to make your task trickier but the main sprite is controlled using an Asteroidsesque rotate-and-thrust method! It's certainly more arcadey than the average puzzler, but the tricky level designs and the Snooker-meets- Thrust gameplay make for a fairly cerebral outing. Watch out for the elastic connecting certain pairs of spheres too
it can help or hinder, the choice is yours.
If E-Motion has a problem, it's that it's too bloomin' hard. The balls explode (as is their want) far too quickly, leaving you little time to get to grips with the game. A gentler difficulty curve would’ve made it a classic, but it's still a highly original and playable offering.
ATOMINO ¦ Psygnosis ¦ Can covalent bonding be fun? We say 'YES!'.
Atomino is like a computerised chemistry lesson. Build a series of molecules from various atoms, each of which has one to four electrons whizzing round it. If two adjacent atoms both have electrons spare, they will join to complete each level you must complete one or more molecules, with added hazards such as ready- placed atoms, immobile blocks and set shapes that must be filled on later levels.
It all sounds boring and tedious, but it isn't. Like all good puzzlers it's polished, accessible and fun to play, our only real criticism being that it’s far too easy.
H PUZZNIC ... tkai ,’ I 1 02 X4 0$ 0 00000 ¦ Hit Squad ¦ Whoopee, this is what puzzle games are all about!
Puzznic is one of the most addictive games ever to hit the genre.
Each level takes place on a single screen. The idea is to push around those little tiles, matching like with like and making them disappear. You can only push them right and left, and if there’s nothing to support them they fall.
It's funny how the simplest ideas often make the best games. You’re invariably kicking yourself when you match a ccuple of tiles only to find you've made the level insoluble, either through leaving only one of a certain piece or making it impossible for a couple to be matched. In an effort to stop the game getting linear they’ve introduced a system where you get two choices of screen group to attempt next, but personally I’d rather have a password system.
Also worth a mention is PD ‘tribute’ Zeus, an incredibly close copy that does have a password system, but suffers from awkward mouse control. Its 40 levels won’t tax you for long, but at PD phces it's well worth the dosh. Buy both.
WELLTRIX ¦ PD Welltris, three-dimensional follow-up to Tetris was a fair blast in its own right, but lacked the compelling simplicity of its illustrious predecessor. It's incredibly hard to find nowadays, and has been rendered all-but- obsolete by Welltrix, a near-identical PD clone.
Wetltrix has you guiding shapes as they fall, hoping to make complete lines. Unlike Tetris you have four faces to contend with, the pieces moving across any of the well’s walls until they land at the bottom. I j 1 It's nowhere near as much fTZ-’AOl, -f fun as Tetris, but at PD prices it’s worth a look.
LOOPZ ¦ Audiogenic ¦ Now this one really eats the hours you load it up for a quick game, and before you know it it’s Tuesday!
Again played on a square grid, you must use the pieces (of various shapes and sizes) to form loops, hence the title. The bits can be rotated to suit your position, and there's a time limit for each. Fail to place the piece in time and you lose a life. Needless to say, the bigger the loop the higher the score, but watch out try something too ambitious and you're left with a lot of useless pieces getting in the way.
So why is it so addictive? Erm... dunno, but it is! The only real fault with Loopz is its lack of focus. Differing levels (which you choose before starting) only affect the time limit, and you carry on playing until you’re lives are gone, it’s as simple as that. A few Atomino-style | u levels with ready-placed pieces to clear and set shapes to fill wouldn’t go amiss, but it’s still a killer.
STACK UP ¦ Zeppelin ¦ Hmmm . It has all the makings of a groovy puzzler, but when the chips are down it doesn’t quite cut it. Owing more than a passing nod to Tetris, Stack Up has you controlling a falling line of three images which you can move to the left and right or alter the order in which they are arranged. When they reach the bottom of the screen each icon falls independently of the others if the middle one hits a high point, the other two keep falling.
So what went wrong? Well, the playing area's too small, giving the game a claustrophobic feel.
Thankfully it clears after every round, but I can't help feeling Stack Up isn't as good as it should’ve been.
J* * * mmm hhh _ * *J DIZZY PANIC ¦ CodeMasters ¦ ...Or should that read Panic Dizzy? The title screen and packaging plump for the latter, but the disk label and menu option say otherwise. Either way, it's a real challenge how long can you play before falling soundly asleep?
Move the holed grid left and right, allowing the shapes to fall through as they slide down the tubes. It's as basic and boring as that. As the game progresses, an ever-expanding collection of shapes fail to raise the interest rate. It's got nothing to do with Dizzy either.
On the 8-bit versions he sat in the middle of the screen and did nothing, in the Amiga game he doesn’t appear at all! What a rip-off.
PIPE MANIA ¦ Touchdown ¦ Another tile-todger, this one has you building a pipeline ready to take the yellow ooze to, erm, nowhere in particular.
You can place your piece anywhere on the grid (even on another tile), but don't just scatter them points are deducted for tiles that don’t carry ooze. Guide the grunge both ways through a cross-shaped section for a bonus.
If this sounds incredibly simple, that's because it is. On later levels there are ‘damaged' squares on which you can't build and ‘holes' in the wall to build through, but the gameplay remains the same throughout.
Because you don’t choose which tile to play next, much of the game is just trial and error, with very little forward planning involved. Not a classic as many would claim, but not a bad game either.
Like many puzzlers, Pipe Mania has 0 4 spawned a few PD clones. Willie's Water Works is a Licenceware version, featuring almost identical gameplay and excellent presentation.
Personally I think I’d go for the official release as a budget outing, but the choice is yours.
Facta* m WILLIE'S FORCE facto* sszre j turn turn p -¦» - lotoi
* _ * era 1 1 3, a ? S ¦ O w
• Ar-i-i : : J I and for once it actually has a plot!
Smaug the dragon has a problem. He needs (for reasons unspecified) to push his treasure chests into certain places within his caverns. Trouble is he's too big to wend his weary way through the maze of corridors that is his domain why he's hiding his treasure in places he can't even get into isn’t specified, but muggins (that’s you) has volunteered to help.
Set over umpteen single-screen levels, you must push the chests into the positions indicated. You can't push more than one chest or pull them at all, so it’s very easy to slam one into a comer, making it irretrievable. Luckily there’s an 'undo' option for just this situation.
You get a choice of 2-D or 3-D perspectives the latter looks far better but is all-but-useiess when playing the game. There's a level editor too, so in the unlikely event of you completing the game’s many levels, you can swap a few with your friends. There are no passwords, but you can pick your starting level.
The heart of a game like Dragon Cave is its layout, and this one certainly isn’t found lacking. An absolute rip-snorter and a bargain at PD prices buy it!
DRAGON CAVE PD 'Ere, these PD puzzlers are blimmin’ good, aren't they? Dragon II : j ¦¦l "i :: ¦ ¦i-ieeui m :ir m ~il I! ' w its III _xl_ jj ¦ It’s a bit of Solomon's Key, it's a bit of Troddlers, it's... another peachy PD puzzler!
Another multilevel-with-passwords extravaganza, you (the red-cloaked wizard) must guide the old crone (in purple) to the exit door. You can jump the height of one block, but she can't don’t let her fall below the height of the door or it's curtains for one of your three lives.
The key to Wizzy's Quest lies in skilful use of ol' Wizzy’s favourite party trick, creating stone blocks above, below or beside him.
With these he can access higher platforms, guide the crone towards the door, block roving baddies, etc. You get an unlimited supply, and you can destroy them as easy as create them. Gv.j.TV'j I could do without having to sit through the intro sequence EVERY time I load it, but in gameplay terms it’s ace.
Whew, W spooky or what? We don't claim to have every puzzler here (you could fill the entire mag with PD puzzle games), but there should be enough here to keep you scratching your head until you reach your brain!
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Once more the AF crew polish their crystal balls" and gaze deep into the wonderful world of Amiga games to come.
JURASSI PARK JURAHK PARK ¦ Ocean _ Trust Ocean to pick up a big- budget film licence... Jurassic Park is (according to Ocean) the most eagerly awaited movie of 1993, and as it’s directed by Steven Spielberg it's sure to be a hit.
In programming the game, Ocean have been allowed unrestricted access to the film's special effects, stills, storyboard and script so it should follow the plot very closely. Set in the near-future, scientists have decoded the gene patterns of the dinosaurs and (from fragments of organic tissue, preserved for countless millennia) recreated the terrible lizards that once ruled the earth. Little did they realise the dinosaurs were so agile and intelligent like Dr Frankenstein, in trying to play God they had created their nemesis... Jurassic Park, the computer game, is coming to an Amiga near
you... soon!
JAMES POND 1 OPERATION STARFI5H I Millennium No, that’s not a typing « I error in the title it really does say 'fi5h’l If it’s meant to be a joke I don't get it, but it can’t be any worse than ‘Bubble 07 licenced (sic] to gill'.
Pond’s arch enemy Dr Maybe is back, and this time he’s pinched a space shuttle. Initial reports suggest he intends to mine the moon’s cheese with it, but contact with FI5H agents was lost and their spacecraft disappeared from radar screens. Only one thing for it send for Mr Pond!
A huge run-and-jump platformer (quelle surprise), the third Pond outing features over 100 enormous sections, extensive use of parallax scrolling and up to twice AUO *jJAO Alternative Software Listen very carefully, I vill say zis only vonce.
Michelle of ze Resistance 'ere,.. I 'ave strict instructions SYNDI 4T6 Electronic Arts Too big, too rich and too powerful... by 1993 multinational corporations already had higher incomes than many small countries, and their position in the global economy allowed them to topple governments that didn’t toe the line even in the so-called democracies it was business, not government that called the shots.
If things were bad then, though, they're infinitely worse now. Since the invention of the CHIP, a revolutionary device that altered a person’s perception of the outside world, numbing the masses to the poverty and squalor forced on them by cost-cutting, low-paying corporations. When inserted into the head, the CHIP allowed a person to create an environment of their choosing, eg a person living in a dilapidated basement flat under a Chinese takeaway could buy a mansion CHIP, turning their hovel into a palace.
'Why change your environment when you can change your mind?' Ran the company slogan.
Like any new and potent drug, control Ml uD'] Mindscape S-T his one could capture the ‘longest title' award (Ivan ‘Iron Man' Stewart's Super Off-Road Racer was disqualified for having a much more manageable abbreviation).
Enough small talk, let’s get on with I the game. Pierre is an eccontnc yet I virtuoso cook, renowned as much tor I his over-the-top personality as his I culinary masterpieces. As is his want, S I he cooks exclusively with hard-to-get % I 'n9red'en,s whioh de must chase across the kitchen and capture in his am I cage. Watch out for the insects and I disoasos that eat infect his nosh too.
Of the CHIP meant control of the people. Soon the corporations were at war with each other, fighting to monopolise CHIP manufacture, toppling nations and governments in the process. Where there’s money, there's malevolence soon large crime syndicates got in on the act, infiltrating boardrooms and dominating the global economy. The age of the Syndicate was born!
Syndicate has you playing a young executive in one such Syndicate.
From your airship high above the city, you observe and control custom-built cyborgs as they hunt down rivals and conquer territories. It's programmed by Bullfrog (of Populous and Powermonger fame) so it should be well worth waiting for.
It’ll cost £34.99 and hit the shops in June as always, watch out for the full review in AMIGA FORCE!
Like most computer heroes Pierre has an enemy, the evil Le Chef Noir, a clueless cook who’s jealous of Pierre’s international acclaim.
He’s dreamt up a plan to ruin the chef's reputation by releasing all the food from the cage, and only you can stop him... Pierre Le Chet is... Out To Lunch is a 48-level platformer set in six countries, each with its own culinary and musical character. Boasting secret levels, over 1,000 frames of animation and exciting power-ups it could prove a real corker. Burger Chase for the ’90s? We'll have to wait till the autumn to find out!
R ¦ Millennium Another A1200-developed game, there are no plans to convert Beastball to the 16-bit machines at all. A violent future sport in the Speedball mould, Millennium promise a whole series of future-sport sims to follow.
Beastbail is a bloodthirsty battle between teams of genetically engineered bipeds (er, where’s the dictionary?
Bipeds... ’Any animal with two feet’. Well why didn’t they just say so?). Each team is made of one breed of player, each with his own special abilities and weaponry. The players are impervious to pain, which is just as well each match is a no- holds-barred battle where injury time means just that!
Beastball will be blasting your way in November, so you’ve plenty of time to polish those knuckle-dusters and practise on your sister's teddy bear collection.
TeJ 1 .
R '•S Pa M ~ DIGGERS ¦ Millennium G'day there, Bruce! It's really cool to see a hard-surfin', lager-swillin’- convict-clobberin' game set Down Under. There hasn’t been an Australian outing since the Neighbours licence, so this one should... what was that? Oh.
Apparently, Diggers has chuff-all to do with our barbie-barmy buddies, so I’d better scrub that paragraph and start again... It's the 411th day of the year on the planet Zarg (they have long years, don’t they?), and the four races of diggers hurry towards the Zargon Trading Centre. Tomorrow is the 412th, the day of the great dig. Each team awaits the arrival of the enigmatic stranger who’ll lead them to victory in the annual Zargian mining contest, and one of those strangers is you!
Success lies in dominating each of the 33 mining zones, digging against a rival company in each. Great riches lie ahead, but there’s danger in them there mines to rout your rivals you must avoid the planet’s natural hazards as well as out-mining his dastardly diggers.
Diggers boasts 30 separate zones, each with its own map. The diggers themselves are highly intelligent and capable of independent actions, but this can be a bane as well as a boon they're often unruly and difficult to control. There are four species of digger to choose from too, each of which has its own abilities and characteristics.
Diggers hits the A1200 in June '93, with the standard Amiga version to follow in September, so polish those 1 ISSUE TWO: Free AMIGA FORCE stickers!
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H06OCOP 3 ROME AD .. RULES OF ENGAGEMENT SABRE TEAM I MEG SECONOSAMUnAI SCRABBLE 2 SENSIBLE SOCCER 91193 ISSUF J SHAOOVAVORlDS i MEG SHADOW OF THF BEAST 3 Silent sehvice 2 1 meg SiM f ARTh R UBY CHAR TB USTERS HARDWARE LOST ThfcASUHESOE INFGCGM LOTUS TURBO CHALLENGE 2 SIM ClTY OEIUXE A32U AIRBUS USA TBA 24 95 FRONT IN! VEkSAL monsters VIKINGS FclOC*' CONQUEST WALKER WAXWORKS ¦ Kixx, £9.99 Metro City crime capital, 'v Evil mobsters known as the Ajjn ‘Mad Gear' gang are AU throwing the city into turmoil with violence and bloodshed as much a
hM part ot a trip to Woolies as cherry cola and a bag of pick 'n' mix.
Mike Haggar, street hoodlum turned mayor, is not a happy man. Powerless against the Mad Gear due to endless red tape, he sits in his office fuming but unable to act. Unable that is, until the bad guys go one step too far. In an attempt to gain total control of the city they kidnap Haggar’s beloved daughter. Their demands are simple hand over all power to the Mad Gear or the girl dies. Now Mike’s mad. No longer able to contain his anger, he rips off his shirt and prepares to take the fight out onto the streets. The scum only Munderstand one thing, and . Mike speaks their Ik language like a
native. Equally milled the poor girlie's boyfriends, Cody and Guy, who are ! _ : i only too pleased
- to help Mikey in his quest.
Animal magic One or two players can join in, selecting from the three characters each with a special attacking move, eg Haggar's pile-driver. After the intro sequence you’re plunged into a chaotic, horizontally scrolling beat-’em-up world with only swift reactions standing between you and a T hefty beating.
Final Fights most striking feature is its big burly sprites: fine on a still screen but animation is a little lacking, as is gameplay. Too few moves lepd to two-dimensional action which, though improving some with a second player, is never going to set pendulums swinging.
FINAL FIGHT Some doubt also hangs over the extent of challenge on offer. It’s not exactly a pushover, but seasoned joystick veterans should have it licked fairly quickly.
Faults in the game aren't generally down to the the conversion, but simply carried over from an essentially dull arcade machine. That relied on its visuals for effect and as such was okay for a few goes. Graphics on the Amiga version are fine but there simply isn't enough depth to lift it above the crowd.
A reasonable if limited cheapy I bash. J j . TIP TIME! Pause the game and type SHERRIF FATMAN for invulnerability.
Then whomp those suckers!
¦ This isn't quite 'super, smashing, great' but it's by no means a load of bull either. The problem with most computer darts games is that it's far too easy to score 180s, time after time. However, Bully's is just that bit more difficult with the wobbly hand and occasional bounce-outs (hitting the wire). Some of the game types are better than others (football's a bit naff, more like a simple tug o'war), but what happened to my personal favourites.
Killer and Mickey Mouse? And while we're at it. I reckon a bit of sampled speech for the big scores wouldn't have gone amiss Bully's mooing just isn't F the same! LA-1 j Viws ¦ » *»$ ¦ Final Fight is arguably the best scenario- based beat-’em-up on the Amiga. The sprites are large and well animated, while the baddies are interesting and can’t all be killed using the same attack over and over again.
Best of all, the context-sensitive controls make the game easy to get into without making you feel the game's playing itself, a la Golden Axe.
Like most Double Dragon clones, Final Fight is more fun with a friend if you get bored, you can beat him up too! The difficulty curve could do with being a little steeper, but at budget prices there's easily enough playability here to justify . Parting with the dosh. ¦ ¦ Platform action at its best one to really spook you.
' ¦ A good, solid beat-’em-up that should be a big hit on budget.
MICROLAND BULLETIN BOARD SYSTEM 0891 990 505 0483 725 905 To Download To View Amiga shareware including files from the Fred Fish Collection plus lots more to download at V32bis, V32, 22bis 22 23 JJS at bits } arit rWhy wait for your software when you can download now direct to your computer Microland offers high speed connections and most files are compressed to minimise the cost. Chock on 0483 7?5 905 .it normal call charges So much sharewato you are spoilt for choice Over 30 file aroas mdudmg Animations Arexx Files. Badge Killer Demos. Business Clocks and Calculators. Commands Database
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Calls to 0891 990 505 charged at 36p pot minute cheap rato. 48p per minute all other times Tt.vdn DeS'jjns Hd PO U„« Ay.sl'O,, H,„, GU12 6YX THIS SPACE WON T COST YOU A FORTUNE!
FOR THE PRICE RING NEIL, PETE OR MICHELLE ON 0584 875851 A IGa repairs Repairs undertaken to Amiga 500 computers at £44.95 Inclusive of parts, labour. VAT and return postage packing Commodore registered for full technical support Computers repaired in the quickest possible time All machines will be overhauled with a full soak-test to ensure optimum reliability Entrust your machine to.the experts, full 90 day warranty Repairs to disk drive and keyboard also Included (extra charge possible if found to need complete replacement) Repairs to other Commodore systems undertaken - phone for details
Upgrades and expansions supplied and fitted - phone for details £44.95 To fake advantage of this exceptional offer, simply send or hand deliver your computer to our workshop complex address details below, enclosing this advertisement voucher, payment, fault description, return address, along with your daytime and evening telephone number and we will do the rest.
Should you require Group 4 Security return delivery, simply add 15 00 to the repair charge.
O cgK -Bn WTS Electronics Ltd Chaul End Lane Luton Bedfordshire LU4 8EZ Tel 0582 491949 (6 lines) (We reserve the rlghr to reject machines which. In our opinion, are beyond repair- Normal charge applies) Better than Lotus 1 mode but not as good in two, it cer- H |H tainly widdles all over Lotus 3. Which ¦ allowed you to virtually complete a I J r; rfj j 1 . Y i h course without touching the joystick! 1 1 Lotus 2 still throws you back on the P
* ) 1 J track if you hit an obstacle, but it doesn't steer the
car for you like its soporific sequel.
The Lotus games are known for their | speed if it’s fast racing you want, that's what you'll get. For a more real- i istic drive get Vroom, but i hardened arcade freaks , need look no further. ¦ llUil I Two players can experience the superfast racing action with the split-screen effect.
Overtaking requires Mansell- style swerving (Top right).
• *» GP ST3iiB.
Round you re not limited to a nice-weather course, lei rtible Elan, fold back the he id in your hair. The two car arently.
T i are stunning, retaining the nal but adding far more del s night-time and fog effects in to be believed. Another I two nnKea «n any of the eig Choose from (recommends whole hog wil five-speed-nii car. It's a hell trickier but off greater challe seasoned dri take you throi conditions imi 1'sanicejaui countryside w clouds in thei night-time rac limits visibility it up in 4's sni patches and s thot fho cinnln.playgr gg|-
• s a tull-sci The night
- time and fog effects have to be seen to »e believe area.
Le first gam aced laps ;uit in competitio with the other cars Here your ..ily enemy i he clock.The upshot of this e of the two-player i s bite is lost. Neverthelesi lendous fun and the cars tie better than before. It’s c
o let off steam and itter than the follow-up as a letdown.
When overtaking behind then swing out to p erwise comDuter cars swei ¦ Sharp bends are tricky, especially in the fog (Left).
You can also drive a Lotus Elan (Above).
[V ¦ Will it zoom to the .-V f K Ijfl top of the charts? R _ S I I we’d say it’s a j Why |H racing certainty. J UdlS 3 i E j L STEALTH in the world, the so-called Stealth Bomber has been nicked from its base by an unknown power. Obviously the authorities are eager to get their little toy back, so they turn to the secret service to locate and recover it. Naturally, ~ you’re the agent best "N suited to the task. ,nere * A scene-setting intro CVGIt Cl sequence gives you the . .
Lowdown on your mission SlAfl III III IIICl and sees you presented with a novelty spy kit by your SUDQOme superior. This consists of a See Usama briefcase containing a passport forger, allowing you to travel freely about the globe. As the adventure progresses you'll uncover various other bits and bobs of equipment to help you out of the increasingly sticky situations which crop up.
You begin the mission proper in an airport foyer where your first task is to successfully make it past customs. Then it’s out into the big wide world of international espionage. Contact friendly agents, get shot at, arrested, escape in a dashing and heroic manner and hopefully restore peace to the world by averting a major international incident.
Point to solutions Control is by the good old click-’n-move method with your agent examining, using and interacting with the game environment it's ¦ The best thing to come out of France in recent years has been the stream of quality adventures from Delphine, most notably the just-released Flashback (see our exclusive review of the UK version in this ish). The tremendous care and attention to detail put into that game is evident in this earlier effort. Operation Stealth is a cracking adventure with graphics to match. The animation may not be as fluent as on the newer Cinematique games, but
the film-like close-ups (eg when you open the suitcase) still add oodles of atmosphere. As with most point- and-click adventures there’s a fair amount of trial and error involved, but most of the problems have logical solutions ¦¦¦¦¦ so plenty of lateral thinking's F || required. C’est magnifique! I I ¦jj.LI ¦ This slick animated adventure « is a classic • that's no secret.
£14.99 One of the r sophistics hush-hush ne the hush-hush pieces of military hardware all quite engrossing. Plenty of locations are arid, the so-called Stealth Bomber has there to be explored, and loads of characters :ked from its base by an unknown to help or hinder. There’s even a swimming Dbviously the authorities are eager to subgame in there to alleviate any possible little toy back, so they turn to the . Monotony. I do have some reservations ervice to locate and concerning one or two all-too-abrupt it. Naturally, . Deaths. You can save your game _ position at any point but even so, “ ®
it's a bit laborious having to go | through the routine every , screen just in case you go Itlng wrong. Another niggle is the ____ _ way you occasionally IsIlB I have to comb the entire |M screen with the pointer r for clues. Realistic it may be, but it doesn’t make for flowing play.
Gripes aside, when executed properly these games always have a great addiction factor for two main reasons. Firstly you just have to try and get that little bit further, and second, the satisfaction of sussing a puzzle that's previously stumped you is hugely rewarding.
Atmospheric graphics and logical, if fiendish, puzzles make Op Stealth a must for any but the most die-hard of HHR arcadesters. Big value at a refreshingly small price. Jj .1 TIP TIMEI it’s a good idea to save your position regularly to avoid retracing steps.
¦ (Above) Have you anything to declare? Passing through customs is tricky when your bag's packed with high-tech spying equipment.
New releases: PANDORA CD only £4.99, Educational ALISTAIR IN SPACE £24.99 & 17bit Compilation from Almathera (2 cd's) £39.99 JUST RELEASED - Inter-Office £59.99 OTHER GOOD CDTV TITLES BACK IN STOCK INCLUDE SHERLOCK HOLMES £39.99
E. Space Simulator £34.99 - Trivial Persuit £49.99 Reduced price
£19.99 EACH.
Many other reduced prices - Ring for details. ALL available CDTV titles in stock.
£4.99 EACH.
RING NEIL, MICHELLE OR PETE ON 0584 875851 Technical Support 081-5586114 41H& ¦ The Hit Squad, £9.99 Oh dear. 4th & Inches is, without a doubt, the worst Amiga game I've ever played and would be a rip-off at PD prices, let alone a tenner.
On loading you’re laced with a bewildering number of options. You can EITHER play a two-player game, All-Pros Vs Champs, OR play the All- Pros against the computer- controlled Champs, or EVEN the Champs against the computer-controlled All- Pros. Amazing TWO whole teams, and no league or cup options. There's so little here it looks more like a crappy coverdisk demo (which our rivals make you pay through the nose for) than a complete game.
Gridiron goof After choosing your team it's on to the game proper, and that's where the real horror of it all sinks in. The graphics are little short of a joke, with a pitch that appears to be reflected in an anti-shoplifting mirror, and badly painted There are a fair few ¦ The Hit Squad £12.99 Mastering your art Budokan takes the beat-'em-up theme and adds several unique twists. To begin with, the complex joystick combinations are a little offputting, but the more you experiment and JP practise the more confident you become. In addition, controls differ TakCS between the four disciplines, so
M . _ - -.. mastering all of them takes a the beav-'em-up lot of time. This may sound theme and adds several unique twists n AF ¦ JULY 199311 ISSUE SEVEN cl The martial arts and their origins date back hundreds of years, resulting in many fables and unlikely tales being told.
Whatever the history may be, it’s the unadultered, Americanised violence that attracts many people. However, in I Budokan. The fighting arts f take on their traditional, Japanese role in a lifelike oriental beat-'em-up. The Budokan itself is a large building where tournaments, known as Kumite. Are held.
Fighters trained in many styles and from many nations participate now it's your turn.
It would be foolish to go headlong into the tournament without training, so thankfully the various arts can be practised beforehand. The selection menu is represented by a courtyard, where you, the student, can visit the various training halls. Each hall is dedicated to one of four arts: Karate. Kendo. Nunchaku and Bo.
When in a hall you have the option to either ¦ What a game! This is no ordinary beat- 'em-up, it's the first game I've ever seen that captures the true martial spirit. Presentation and animation are faultless throughout, with a character's shadow closely following his movements. Combat involves genuine tactics, and the effects of stamina ensure you can't just blast away on the fire button and win every time. «siM| All in all Budokan is a polished P'11' I production, and a worthy purchase 1 «-U-~ as a budget outing. LI 30 ¦ boring, but it's the main f ingredient that makes Budokan so
challenging and addictive. The graphics, j though a tad grainy, all S®®61*"- flow together well (you spend more time concentrating on your moves than gawping at the backdrops anyway). Extra touches such as consulting the wise sensei for advice add more depth, my only gripe is the disk accessing lengthy to say the least.
Unlike recent loud, brash fighting games that, let s face it, become repetitive after a while.
Budokan is just that bit more realistic, and the accuracy and pristine execution make this one for martial-arts practitioners [li t and couch potatoes alike. ' TIP TIME! Wait until you're an SB experienced fighter betore entering the ¦ 32? Tournament, or you'll undoubtedly suffer defeat (and lengthy disk accessing).
[¦To make a puzzle game really interesting, j there has to be some certain reward or novel element, otherwise boredom sets in fast. Swap is just too easy, with very little f skill required. In fact, I found the best tactic f was to aimlessly point around the screen without even looking to see what colour blocks you're hitting. It works every time now where's the brain-bending in that? For a genre that thrives on taxing thought, you’d think a little more would be included. I'm not going to say the price justifies the absence of game, because it doesn't. ¦ i DgfT» REVIEWS frames of
animation, but they look like they've been put together in the wrong order, the sprites behaving more like ravers on itching powder than gridiron footballers. And the update... the screenshots on this page move only marginally slower.
N ... You can control the game using a joystick or the mouse, but both methods are as bad as each other. It’s almost impossible to affect what's happening on-screen. You end up casting the joystick aside and picking up the mouse to see if you chose the wrong control option y mistake, then swapping back again when this makes no discernible difference. The cumbersome menus make picking the wrong option a definite possibility, and they look like they were ported from an ancient Speccy program to boot.
4th & Inches is a lousy effort. After two plays you'll reformat the disk and use the box to hold your conker collection. Or something. It you’re still not j convinced, take a look at the mark, i our lowest ever... I £M|I I i? ¦ This 4fh-rate TX ’p eHort stands only M 4 "J m t inches high. ¦ • W [, O . ,» Unplayable.
SWAP dTIP TIME! Simple! Get John Madden's instead.
. L T ¦ Hut hut hut! Get lined up in your formation and get tough. Sadly this lame sports sim is so frustratingly slow, you're likely to snap, get a shotgun or try a few Hail Marys!
* »? V Vs H ' YU A U t ¦ Fox Hits £9.99 the '70s are back
Habitat-style kitchen wallpaper on the front of this box is
taking things a little too far. Gary Glitter and platform heels
rrr we can handle, but this?
No wonder they call it 'the decade with no taste'... wmUm|| Thankfully, Swap looks far sexier than its box and plays really well. The aim of the game is to bring similar-coloured tiles into contact by swapping adjacent pieces. They then, of course, disappear.
The tiles themselves come in several shapes, including squares, triangles, hexagons and irritatingly tiny squares that are a mere quarter of the size of the usual piece.
A few features are available on each level, too.
Tesselloting polygons Clearing a level isn’t easy at first, though after a few plays useful tactics emerge. You don't ¦ The rules of American football are complex enough, and this abysmal rendition hardly offers enlightenment on the subject.
Controlling the team is virtually impossible, you can’t make out a quarterback from a linebacker amidst all the clutter and confusion on the field and, to make matters worse, the entire game slows down after a few plays. Compared to the ultimately superior John Madden’s, this looks appalling, inaccurate and handles like an intoxicated wheelbarrow. More effort went into the packaging than the [l , ' game. Don't even pick it up. Jjjj" w E ( 4:1* 1734 |H11-Pros H ¦Chanps R Hi l-Pros I ineout 3 Ch« Pastv.Ui 1 1 U Truck.Hack f Knobs.B Mv MB .
Dar1in?.Flash MB I Snersh, Ox ILH Harris.Ivron. UR Havs,Havstack IB Ltpz.Harrv LB © Blitz,Moodi• IB Gr ili j" . Lv 1 o Salott, T ank B White.Caspar SF Mr 1 Is.Butk S jps ¦ 1 ineout 3 .Tkot a. Joe i jq, Bern i e no« 1 «*, T ;r* II I ck , K 1 1 1 v Ittrick.Jcrrv Jones,Her1i n oxe,S1v LSI on C han |P have to complete a level to get Hkfch onto the next, as progress is j J indicated by eight stars in the control panel which are awarded as you accumulate points Grab ¦¦¦tmJKw all eight and you can exit tbe level and start the next, carry on or save your game position to , - disk. You
can exit to this menu any time, but you won't be allowed to advance to the next stage unless you got all eight stars.
For all its strengths. Swap is by no means perfect. Advancement through the levels is far too easy once you've got the hang of it and I'd prefer a password system to a save-game feature, but it’s still a I M cool purchase on budget.
®TIP TIME! Clear as much as you can before using an avalanche.
I Not a patch on its slick sequel, Crazy Cars II is bad enough to drive you crazy.
The 3-D effect's pretty primitive with very little scenery and some seemingly endless straights When the action isn't mind-numb- ingly boring it's absurdly frustrating, mainly due to the abysmal non-centring steering that has you weaving all over the road.
Also, if you get the car spinning you can pass through roadside objects unharmed, even at top speed, but hit one api head-on at a mere 10kph and | [| your car explodes! Oh dear. LAJ 1 "CfcAZY T ¦ Fox Hits, £9.99 Shortly after finding out I'd got to write this review, something dawned upon me. Once I’d loaded its subject matter and played it for a time, my worst fears were realised Prehistorik is a dated, unplayable offering, and I'd have to end the review with a feeble gag relating to its title, and how the game shows its age. « Well, perhaps not. But the temptation's there.
Appearing to be a platform affair from the early days of the Amiga.
Prehistorik is a game of finding and devouring food in, amazingly enough, a prehistoric setting. Travelling through its push-scrolling landscapes, there’s an assortment of creatures all susceptible to a good smack around the head with a caveman’s club. Some need a little more beating before they're dazed, but once they are it’s a simple case of walking into them to top-up the hungry Neanderthal’s food level. All I can say after collecting myriad bears and dinosaurs, is that it’s one hell of a barbecue he's planning, or he’s in desperate need of double-strength worming tablets.
T £ Go clubbing However, it's not allinflicting injury there's a limited amount of energy and lives that traps and monsters are keen to relieve you of.
Avoiding (or dispatching) these is, again, possible with the help of the trusty club, but should spikes or a potentially fatal fall confront you, there's the added bonus of being able to jump’ (in the loosest sense of the word).
Occasionally, the gameplay will diversify for a moment, and
dll. . you’ll find yourself floating across a gap underneath
balloon (or something like that), but all in all, it's all
j much of a muchness.
I played far better games than this on my Spectrum. It's graphically unastounding, with some awful animation, and the sounds well, they're probably better than anything the Eurovision song contest could offer, but that’s not saying much, is it? There are other, more sophisticated and far superior budget games around perhaps the gag I about the title would be apt after all...
• TIP TIME! Quickly walk into the dazed dinosaurs or they'll get
up again.
I Did you know that Prehistorik is technically incorrect because man didn't appear until 63 million years after dinosaurs became extinct!
YiVi ': -
* , ' J""] This crude and tedious platform effortl might’ve
looked good in its day, but I doubt I it. The graphics are
okayish in a minimalis-1 tic sort of way, but the gameplay and
ani-1 mation are appalling. The flickscreen and [ lack of
parallax scrolling make it look like a I lightly tweaked 8-bit
game, and there are I too few devices and power-ups to retain f
As computer games go, this one looks I like it belongs in the Stone Age (in morel ways than one). There are much better | run-and-jump outings on budget ¦ ¦ get Ghouls W Ghosts I HAM I instead. ¦ budgET* reviews by the dismal sound: apart from the odd police siren wailing into the distance, you only get an irritating rumble.
The Hit Squad, £9.99 Recent research suggests that riding a motorcycle can cause premature ejaculation.
I don’t know whether or not it’s true, but I certainly wouldn't mention it in a pub full of Hell’s Angels.
On with the review. The Cycles boasts 15 tracks, five difficulty levels and a choice of three cycles. You can set the number of laps from 1 to 99. There’s a practice option available on all circuits, or you can dive straight in and compete in the World Driving Championships, a gruelling series against nine other racers set over all 15 tracks. Options are chosen through well- presented, easy-to- use menu screens.
So far, so good racers don’t lend themselves very well to outlandish plots, and this one’s no exception.
Everything you could want or expect from a Grand Prix bike sim is here, so the proof of the pudding is in the execution, if you’ll excuse the mixed metaphor. Boringly enough, there’s nothing here to set the world alight, though it’s not that bad either.
Born to be tame As you can see from the screenshots, the graphics are okay but nothing spectacular. The sound's pretty good, with solid, meaty engine noises and realistic gear changes. At last, a bike sim that doesn’t sound like a lion with Worse still is the car's handling. Steering doesn't automatically centre itself so you end up zigzagging wildly as if you've had about ten pints before setting out no wonder the police are after you! Not only that, but crashing into the smallest railing, even at low speed causes your car to disappear in a (rather pathetic) puff of smoke. The only
compliment I can grant this mediocre title is the passable spin effect. Save your money and get T ] Lotus 2 instead.
TIP TIME! Keep your speed down or the MUH car’s uncontrollable (although it's pretty 'TP' uncontrollable anyway).
CYOIS toothache! Where the game flies over the handlebars and spins helmet-over-leather- trousers is in the playability stakes.
Steering the bike is a joyless affair as it can't handle gentle turning. You either drift across the track or lean in and take it sharp. This makes hairpin comers extremely tricky. Some of the less demanding tracks are okay, but most of them are more complicated than the game engine can handle, so the only way to get round Steerin the bike is a them is to slow down further than you can really afford. The screen update could be quicker too.
On a more positive note there's an awful lot here and it's very well presented. I like the way you’re unceremoniously deposited out of the game if you trash your bike too, but l I personally I'd wait for Psygnosis’s 1|' I Prime Mover, or get RVF Honda jb ¦ instead.
TIP TIME! Make sure you get a good qualifying time it sets your grid position.
¦ I love most driving games, skidding the car round corners and pushing the pedal to the metal, but bike games leave me cold. The only ones I've ever had much joy with are No Second Prize and, to a lesser extent. RVF Honda. Compared to these, The Cycles is like a push-bike. The unresponsive controls often lead to oversteering as you initially think the bike isn't turning. But the real problem is a severe lack of speed surely the most important aspect of any racer. The screen update is far too sluggish and jerky to give any illusion of high-speed racing, iM|||a and no amount of nicely
presented r | options can make up for that. J LE..Lj 1 :08 :01: !:ll ¦ Sluggish 3-D and unresponsive controls? on yer bike!
¦ This platformer is extremely primitive and that's no joke.
As‘ 'mmmmrn _[k?
- MB I r*3" 1 i'm P If Millennium, £25.99 ¦ (Left) The elusive
cog which Morph must find on each level, before heading for the
(Below & Right) Treasure chests contain extra items and transformations.
KcCx mmmm S m © J 1 1 1. jlj*1 __jdl I ¦ ' m WM 8 I j
• HI 1* remember the days of Morph, that little Plasticine fellow
who amused many a child between Tony Hart's patronising art
Ironically, this new title has no connections with the clay-based one, but this is no bad thing, as Morph is very original and entertaining in itself.
Professor Krankenpot, like many other inventors, is quite mad. But, after several duff attempts at designing new machines, the prof hits upon a fantastic discovery: a teleporter!
Excited with his latest creation, Krankenpot invites his nephew Morris Morph to his friends to come and witness the teleporter in action. But disaster strikes the gathering as Morph becomes so besotted with the machine that he eagerty jumps onto the teleport platform.
One freak bolt of lightning later and the young lad changes into a mass of transforming molecules, able to take the shape of various states of matter. Not at all perplexed by his new appearance, Morph volunteers to reconstruct the teleporter which, courtesy of the lightning, has exploded. Your task, then, is to guide Morph through four areas, picking up the pieces of teleporter it's his only chance of returning to normality.
I (Right) Arrows only let you pass one way, causing additional complications. (Below) The intro sequence shows how Morph was zapped by the professor's machine.
A time for change Morph can change into four states of 'limbo': Solid a heavy cannonball; Flexible a rubber-ball-type affair; Liquid a slooshing glob of water; and Gas a floating cloud-like between them is simplicity itself, thanks to an easy control method: to change shape, fire is pressed along with one of four joystick directions. It's not all easy going though, as Morph has a limited amount of transformations per level, and if this amount (displayed in the status bar) is exceeded, Morph’s atoms go walkies. Extra 'joker' transformations are obtained by collecting stars, but even
though these keep Morph intact, the level can’t be properly completed if more than the prescribed number of changes are used.
Flexible friend n r mean feat The idea behind Morph is unique, and it's good to see these original concepts put into practice, to make both an interesting and highly playable arcade puzzle game. There’s so much more to do than what first meets the eye. Keys can be ¦ (Below) Morph runs out of transformations he only has a limited number of these for each level.
¦*- - found to open locks, switches flicked to activate devices, maps collected, and stopwatches grasped to freeze the time limit a tight two minutes per level.
State. Each form is affected differently by the many everyday objects that litter the areas.
Spikes, for instance, burst Morph Flexible whereas Morph Solid can run over them without harm. Of course, this ‘paper, scissors, stone' method works for and against the different states.
Morph Solid will instantly sink in water, and yet £ Morph Flexible can f float. Getting It's all a case of applying thrOUdh ikp the correct metamorphic inruugn ine transformation to each 24 lengthy situation. Swapping . ¦ • levels is no Graphics are both clear and detailed, with the four states of matter reacting differently to the various traps: they burn, sink, crumble, burst, plummet, evaporate the lot, and all done with humour and style.
Each area has six levels, which may not sound much but the large size and fiendish difficulty setting ensure it's not one to be finished in a hurry.
Eventually, the difficulty could prove to be Morph's downfall. At times, it's very tough and although this is an essential element of addictive puzzlers, your brain can only take so much before logical thought develops into frustration. This isn’t helped by the absence of a password system, and getting through the 24 lengthy levels is no mean feat.
Thankfully, you’ve infinite continues and have the option to visit any of the four areas, so it ain't too bad. And anyway, what's a puzzle game without some headaches? It’s ¦ the essence of fun that matters, and Morph is overflowing with it.
A| TIP TIME! You can go into the heaters and freezers more than once, J eg to change from a solid ball to a gas and vice versa.
Good level design is the name of the • game with puzzlers, and Morph benefits from some fiendishly puzzling layouts that'll really have you scratching your head.
Often, you think you’ve got it sussed, only to realise you’re stuck in a place without the necessary transformations. This could have been frustrating but for the ‘joker’ transformations which allow to at least see more of the level without being able to complete it • a really good idea. Morph looks as good | as it plays, too, with bright, colourful graph- j ics and some very amusing animated [ ‘death’ sequences. It’s a polished puzzler j that's a lot of fun to play: I reckon | we’ll be kept busy doing tips on | this one in the next few issues. I MORPH . .¦.v.v.v.v.v. v.. .-.v.v.v.v.J
MILLENNIUM £25.99 ¦ 1 PLAYER I ¦ PUZZLE GAME * Now you can have your own personal computer chair, designed specially for serious game players. Sit in real comfort 6 cms off the floor in the perfect position. It even collapses into a flat neat pack so you can store and transport it.
WELCOME TO THE NEXT LEVEL AVAILABLE ONLY IN BLACK S ORDER BY PHONE NOW: 0272 767630 fB* (24 HOUR CREDIT CARD HOTLINE) OR BY POST Please send me Computer Chairs. I enclose a Computer Chair. Price £24.99 each TOTAL cheque postal order made payable to; Home Entertainment for £ .or please debit my Visa Access Card No.
Now send completed coupon to: Home Entertainment PO Box 1842 London N6 5AS Expiry Date Name . Signature Address HOME ENTERTAINMENT Please allow up to 28 days lor delivery. E&OE Goods supplied subject to availability.
Occasionally our customer lists are ottered to carefully screened companies whose products or services may be ol interest. Should mailings rwt be ol interest please advise us
* titgm »_ i;' isA*iiS-Y- k r r ¦ v » 3 V'¦¦¦•¦¦ *?w§F* 'f' *• '
‘•K 'O'' I? !?!*¦!? !*!?•*
• X.iX.iX.iA.iX.iX.iX. * COHORT ipj. I-:; r;:~» ¦ Impressions,
£25.99 simplistic in the first place. With army icons you can
tell at a glance whether the troops are archers, cavalry,
infantry etc, but here all soldiers look the same on the main
map (a cute little flag), and on the close-up you can’t see
enough of the battlefield to plan your tactics.
Perhaps the biggest fault is the way you __control your troops. You can order Pthem individually (which takes forever) or in groups as k designated by the interface (which are W seldom the ones you want), and when moving HP. You can only march them in one of eight directions, or head directly to a chosen point on the battlefield.
To make a squadron march past an enemy group lying west of their position, turn to the right in a hook-shaped manoeuvre and attack their rear (standard military move), you need to send them south, stop, turn them southwest, stop, turn west, stop, turn northwest, stop and turn north. This is highly tedious and a big incentive against any real forward planning.
Don't get me wrong, I’m not saying wargames should look like they were programmed on a Commodore 64 in 1985, but Cohort II is a clear example ol how NOT to update the genre. As a data disk for Caesar it MIGHT be worth getting if you hate the computer-controlled battles, though I can't honestly recommend it at all.
Lack of depth and an intrusive interface make this a real turkey. | '¦' t | ®TIP TIME! Buy Historyline LI Instead.
Hey, sexy screens,,. You don’t get sprites like that too often in a wargame, do you? Things are looking up, eh?
Wargames are losing their anorak reputation and dragging themselves kicking and screaming aT' WRONG! That bloomin' battlefield view ruins Cohort
II. Turning a potentially neat (it limited) strategy outing W
[1 1 into a pretend’ wargame for '(¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦ Norman
Schwarzkopf Cohort II features 12 set scenarios, a choice of
terrain and compatibility with Impressions’ Sim City clone
Caesar. The set skirmishes are simple battlefield affairs
that don’t recreate any historical conflicts. Cohort Its only
impressive function is as a data disk as a stand-alone
event it's just too thin. More of this later, let's explore
the game.
Your warriors are controlled using a collection of icons. The user interface itself is extremely clumsy. You spend half the game clicking away, the real-time action conveniently stopping for you to give your orders. You have a choice of views: a large-but-sparse affair showing the whole of the battlefield, and a more localised screen highlighting the action at a specific point.
In gameplay terms the close-up map is all-but- redundant as you see far too little of it to plan any realistic strategies. Good animation can't hide the sheer uselessness of this section.
Beauty is a beast Cohort Its attempt to improve wargames graphics clearly shows why they were so ri ¦ DMI, £25.99 Woody’s World, Woody's World, party time, excellent! Oops apologies for the poor-quality opening gag.
Rest assured, this game has absolutely nothing to do with certain baseball-capped American teenagers: the star of the show is Woody, a little elf who dreams of competing in the next elfin Olympics. A dream that’s in serious danger of going outta the window now the magic crystal which protects the land has been lost.
In his hour of need, the king summons young Woody to his palace where he explains the terrible state of affairs to our little friend in hope that he might utilise his athletic abilities to retrieve the crystal and restore peace and tranquillity to the once serene kingdom.
Listening only vaguely to His Majesty’s tales of woe, Woody’s thoughts lie firmly on sporting glory: the elf-like fellow accepts the challenge and sets off on his adventure. An adventure that'll take him through 60 levels of mazes and platforms, not to mention reams of nasty creatures out to halt his progress.
Woody blocks | At first the only way Woody can dispose of baddies is to jump on their heads, but various add-ons can be found to enhance his I capabilities. These are revealed by jumping up and hitting certain blocks (shades of Mario). Usually you only gain a points bonus but sometimes there’s a star which can be thrown at baddies, and a sceptre which transforms our hero into a prince, making him faster and able to execute a useful kick.
The most powerful collectable is the crown which turns him into a king. The now-regal one can then run faster, jump higher and utilise a limitless supply of throwing stars.
Another bonus is that he can now enter the throne rooms dotted around, to collect even more extras.
This is the first commercial release by a programming team previously known for their PD work, and borrows heavily from the Mario series.
Scrolling is exceptionally smooth and graphics crispy clear, if a little bland. Unfortunately gameplay simply doesn't match up. Boasting neither the speed of, say, Zool or the addictiveness of Trolls, the game seems a bit characterless. True there's a lot in there, but it's been slapped with a very steep price tag for the enjoyment it offers. I can’t see many people having the patience to sit and play through to the end when playability is so limited.
TIP TIME! Experiment with jumping £ rd) into walls to find lots of secret passages.
¦Oh woe is me, another platform game that looks like it’s auditioning for a console.
Unfortunately, it would be received just as badly on a cart as on the Amiga, as its entire structure is just so jaded and formulated. There’s little left in this genre to improve on but Woody's World makes no attempt at generating sparks of originality.
Consequently each level looks so familiar surely there’s some other way to gain points than collecting gold coins and hitting hovering blocks! Its influences are so obvious, Woody may as well be kitted out in blue spikes and dungarees. As it happens, the sprites aren't bad, but spoilt by pathetic | backgrounds void of detail in many areas. Woody's World is ideal budget material, but for a full-price release, the same old ideas just , don't wash. ¦
• •• 1.
V '*1 « « UMOUUUd 1 *
- m -hi WOODY'S WORLD j ¦ DMI ¦ £25.99 ¦ 1 PLAYER ¦ ARCADE
ADVENTURE F I ¦ in a ¦¦ [a | 11
L. .. Hi ¦ la ¦ la HI x 4vl ¦ Unoriginal and not very addictive
get Superfrog instead.
- w -hi I ...And I think to myself, what a wonderful world...
Well, maybe not. A mediocre platformer, Woody's isn’t as
polished as Superfrog.
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¦ Eat and sleep at the inn (Right) or train characters (Below-left) for combat against baddies (Below).
LEGEND OF THE FORTRESS ¦ Silmarils Doze, £29.99 update, the graphics are little short of amazing.
The extended colour palette means the frees look like trees and not painfing-by-numbers interpretations, The clouds are wispier and moodier, and the mist effects wow! The 32- bit version also boasts improved sound and a faster running speed.
When first released, Ishar amazed fantasy roleplayers with its innovative character system and astounding atmosphere, but also irritated with needlessly frustrating flaws. Almost a year on, fhe game's been updated for fhe A1200, offering a perfect opportunity to correct these errors and create one of fhe best RPGs ever to hit the Amiga. Silmarils grabbed fhe opportunity with both hands, let it slip through their fingers and farted up fhe graphics instead (cliches avoid 'em like fhe plague).
Unlike most RPGs, you start the game with a single lighfer and recruil other pady members as you find them.
There's no character generation at all. You can recruit up to live people (including the tighter) and dismiss anyone who’s not pulling their weight. Again breaking from RPG tradition, the characters don't always get along. Dwarves, for example, don't like elves so recruiting members of both races is a recipe for disaster. This is a great touch, adding a whole new dimension to computer roleplaying. Look out for the excellent spell system loo, where spells are mixed from various foul ingredients (eye of newt, tail of frog, etc), as advised in the ‘recipes’ found along fhe way.
Subtle shading As could be expected from an A1200 As stated earlier, the original version of Ishar contained two serious flaws. Firstly, the onscreen map is terrible. An omni-shaded brown tiasco. Tracing your path around the land of Kendoria is like orienteering with a piece of used toilet paper! Recognisable landmarks are Slew and far between, too. A full- colour map as part ot the packaging or an auto-map Ak facility using far detail A would prevent a lot of traipsing around.
Secondly, the (realtime) combat system is tun but limiting. Like Abandoned Places 2 you have to click on an icon to make each character attack, so in effect they're taking it in turns a 'universal attack’ icon that allowed every available member of the front rank to strike would be a real boon. I didn't appreciate being killed by an invisible creature either. ««¦¦¦ But for these two flaws, Ishar could I M ’ I easily be a ninety percenter... don't 1 you just hate it when that happens? LI TIP TIME! Follow the river to find a bridge (because the Kendorians don't like roads).
AF ¦ JULY 1993 ISSUE SEVEN I Annoying flaws spoilt the original Amiga Ishar and it's disappointing that they haven’t been corrected tor the enhanced 1200 version. In fact, not a lot's changed at all apart from the obvious graphical tweaks and a slightly faster running speed. Finding your way around the landscape is still a problem, as the dog-eared map doesn’t even show your position. Another major annoyance is i the way you can be attacked by invisible enemies, often losing characters before you t can escape. It’s a shame the combat system wasn't changed altogether, really, as' clicking
on ‘attack’ for each character is tire- i somely simplistic whatever happened to I the overhead strategic combat used in earli- [ er RPGs? If only such bugbears | had been corrected, Ishar could have been a great game. ¦ ISHAR LEGEND OF THE FORTRESS SILMARILS DAZE £39.99 I ¦ 1 PLAYER I ¦ ROLEPLAYING GAME ¦ Transarctica's one of those games that's fun to play without getting you totally engrossed. The mam annoyance is the tedious train-battle subgame: it takes an absolute age for your little soldiers to move across to the other train, then walk along its many wagons to dynamite the guns and
barracks what happened to the A1200's supersonic speed? It’s a pity this section doesn't have a time accelerator like the main game’s. With this, scooting around the rail network, trading in such exotic commodities as mammoth dung, is an enjoyable pastime. Any A1200 enhancements are purely cosmetic, but then this game style doesn't really demand 32-bit technology I still long for a game to use the machine to the full. Though a good game. A1200 Transarctica is merely jumping on the ’slightly enhanced version' T || bandwagon. LM.LI * ¦ Silmarils Daze, £29.99 Call me a trainspotter if you
wish, but I like this game. No really. I do its combination of Ewe-style trading and KGSesque adventure makes a fine change from alien blasting. Though not without faults it's certainly on the right track (ouch Ed).
Set in a self-induced ' ’ ice age. The Earth is a ) SL constantly frozen planet wIK surrounded by a thick U It I Oil tl cloud layer the Sun I _ - hasn't been seen in TO DlCISl centuries. The aim of the _ .
Game is to discover as much * as possible about the disaster that befell Earth, and if possible reverse its effects. Beware the powerful Viking Union, a huge conglomerate that controls the world's railways (now the only source of communication) will do everything in their power to stop you. Stealing a train, you begin your long journey, profitable trading keeping it on the rails while you explore the legend of the Sun. Transarctica boasts some stunning static graphics, although few are interactive. The heart of the game lies in building up your train, establishing trading links with various
settlements, and discovering more and more about your quest. There are many locations to explore: trading zones, industrial centres where you buy wagons for your train, mammoth markets (literally!), and a whole lot more.
F Enemy lines It's not all trading, however. Viking Union trains try to blast you off the tracks you did stock up jt I like on soldiers, mammoths and artillery wagons, didn't you? Long journeys require lots of coal, so ind keep those tenders well stocked, and you'd tge better get a greenhouse wagon to provide fresh aults food for the crew too. Certain routes are blocked by landfall, fallen bridges or sabotage. Have you enough rails, slaves and mammoths to
* clear it? If not, you won't get Vilrina through.
wining The game isn't without its Union trains try flaws. Despite some
- I * outstanding graphics, you to blast you ott J spend most of
the time *1. _ tiiifln jyn looking at the least exciting t
Hits TraCKS i screen in the game, and J j driving the train
(checking W I - boiler pressure, feeding ful coal, etc) soon
becomes a needless irritation. Not that these drawbacks ily
stop it being a neat little strategy number. Being ting in
mouse-driven it's easily accessible, and its laid- you back
pace is enjoyable. The arcade combat g sequences are a little
too laid back (read 'dull'), :he but you can turn those off if
you wish.
Aside from the improved sound, graphics and itic running speed, there's nothing new on the ie A1200 version. If you’ve got the game (and an ' train. A1200) already it's not worth BOBBI upgrading, but it's a worthy purchase nore for strategy fans who missed it first L. .-I I 3ns to time around. [ | where i TIP TIME! Carry some rails around to lSp' mend gaps in the track.
JK dventures, eh? Don't you just lurrve ’em? I can remember when they consisted ot screenfuls of text, and you manipulated your environment by typing short sentences like GET SWORD or CLIMB ROPE.
Then came graphic adventures, basically the same but with static illustrations, but the advent ol the 16-bit computer brought on-screen animation and mouse-driven point-and-click interfaces. Improvement? Detriment? You decide, but there's one adventuring adage that will never change a good game MUST boast strong, logical puzzles. Alas, the designers of Nippon Sales have hidden very thin gameplay behind excellent atmospheric graphics.
Nippon Sales is really three loosely connected adventures in one. Before starling you choose your character, a dumb dame called Femme Fatale. Doug the f C ¦ Global Software, £29.99 dubious lecli head, or m big. Bold Dino a former U boxer who's as thick as Iwo _j short planks and too nice MHMMQMVf for his own good. Each V; character starts fresh out of prison. You're given no indication of what you're meant to be doing, but as all three characters are down on their luck you can assume if involves a 'get rich quick' scheme. All three explore virtually the same locations but diverse abilities
make the adventure different for each.
You can't swap between them during the game but you occasionally meet one of the others going about his or her business independently of the player, a neat touch that adds a real feeling of being there.
Unfortunately the game as a whole doesn't live up to its huge potential. The user interface is nothing short of a disgrace, with its clumsy clicking and limited options. If won't even lei you drop an object! To leave a location click on Ihe edge of the screen TIP TIME! The code for the museum door is; (press the ones marked X).
Fair enough, but in most games the pointer changes shape in some way lo indicate an exit, but not here be prepared lo leap locations by mistake. It doesn't change when the disk is being accessed either, a silly flaw lhaf leads fo untold irritation.
Cryptic conundrums Where Nippon Sales really falls Hal on its oriental orifice is in the puzzles department they're just loo obscure. When you play Dino, I one of your first tasks is lo open a door In a museum by pressing buttons in a set order. Set I by whal I can't imagine, coz the only way of finding the correct combination is Irial and error.
When you’ve sussed it you enter a museum store room and find you can lift all Ihe exhibits j except one. Despite being fold to look fter them. Ihe only way ol gelling il is to destroy one j artifact by abusing another, and fo cap if all. Ihe | solution isn't even logical.
11 ¦it' As slated earlier, you start with very little Idea ol whal you're supposed .
Lo be doing. This isn't a bad thing in itself, but you often
- Tr manipulate objects and feaAmpjMB enter locations simply ijj
SsjmM because they're there. You haven’t clue why you need
Ihe aforementioned museum exhibit, but you need lo solve a
problem to get it so it must be useful. This destroys all sense
of freedom and leaves you in no doubf you’re treading the paths
Ihe programmers intended.
Nippon Sales boasts ace carfoony graphics, hilarious animation and some excellent atmosphere-enhancing touches, but the heart of Ihe game just isn’t there. I look ««¦¦¦ forward lo Dynabyle’s next offering, I M ’ I though there’s no reason why it 4 shouldn't be a killer. |_B FREE P.D. FOR LIFE THIS MONTHS FREE P.D. AVAILABLE UNTIL JUNE 30 FPD500 Assasins 46 (+) 1200 FPD525 A-Gene (+) 1200 FPD550 Brainstorm Muskland FPD575 Unsporting (+) 1200 2mb FPD501 Assasins 47 (+) 1200 FPD526 Tronicad VI .0 +) 1200 FPD551 Octostuff (+) 1200 FPD576 APC Mission (A)(+) 1200 3mb FPD502 Assasins 48 (+) 1200
FPD527 Golf recorder (+) 1200 FPD552 Playsid (+) 1200 FPD577 APC Mission (B) (+) 1200 3mb FPD503 Assasins 49 (+) 1200 FPD528 Bon appetit (+) 1200 FPD553 Digital Debussy II (+) 1200 FPD578 Road hog anim (A) (+) 1200 2mb FPD504 Assasins 50 (+) 1200 FPD529 Captionato (+) 1200 FPD554 Classical Music (A) (+) 1200 FPD579 Roadhog anim (B) (+) 1200 2mb FPD505 Assasins 51 (+) 1200 FPD530 Cyclops (+) 1200 FPD555 Classical Music (B) +) 1200 FPD580 100 64 Tunes (+) FPD506 Assasins 52 M FPD531 P-Suite (+) 1200 FPD556 Born to be Free (+) 1200 FPD581 Fusion Matrix (+)1200 FPD507 Assasins 53 (+)1200 FPD532
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The Beavers have the latest cool sounds to get you groovin’.
Having taken the woodland music biz by storm, the river-bank-
dwelling superstars are on a sky rocket to big bucks city. Of
course you don’t get that kind of success without stepping on
a few toes.
Previous forest kings of swing, The Rabbits, aren't too pleased at being deposed from the number one spot so they kidnap Beavers' frontman, Jethro’s beloved wife. The only way the little lady will see daylight again is if The Beavers break up and destroy all copies of their recordings.
So it came to pass that young Jethro began a cuddly platform quest to rescue his other 'art and keep the band in business. His main task is to collect the raccoon-skin hat on each level which is (apparently) the only way he can progress.
Dotted around the levels are numerous gold stars which are collected to boost our hero’s charisma rating and, a bit more practical this, for every eight you find your energy bar’s topped up by one unit.
Occasionally on later levels, special red stars appear: pick up three and receive an extra life. It's not quite that simple, however, and this is where one of my favourite parts of the game comes into play. The red stars are quite timid things and must be crept up on otherwise they run away out of reach.
To get them, sidle up while they're not looking. If they see you, quickly push the joystick up: this causes Jethro to stop and begin whistling nonchalantly to himself. It's so excellently done you can't help but adore it.
Nice beaver It has to be said things don’t get off to a particularly favourable start. Level 1 sees Jethro trying to get across a horizontally scrolling landscape as quickly as possible. The idea's to avoid the screen catching you up, otherwise wave bye-bye to a life. It may sound rather boring and pointless and it is.
Gameplay-wise it's all pretty standard stuff from thereon in: shamelessly shallow fun, jumping from platform to platform while dodging a plethora of nasties. These range from cute little Frankenstein lookalikes to sharp-suited bears with revolvers.
Passwords every six levels is a refreshingly welcome inclusion to the formula. They’re far enough apart to keep up the challenge, yet just about right to avoid major frustration.
At this price Beavers just about does the biz, but if you’re not an avid platform fan think carefully before you buy.
TIP TIME! Whistle while you work Milo Jackson (editorial assistant).
«,, y) Er, thanks Milo.
¦ (Left) Jethro prepares to jump over the water I thought beavers loved the stuff! (Below) The Beavers rock band strut their stuff!
¦ Well, there's one thing for sure, the scenario to Beavers is definitely original: the Rappin' Rabbits and their rock sounds being knocked from the top of the charts.
What is this, a statement from the programmer regarding his thoughts on current musical trends? So it's somewhat of a letdown when the plot falls back on the age-old saving the damsel in distress' formula.
¦ Grandslam, £25.99 The gameplay ideas are hardly fresh either, but additional humorous touches rejuvenate the samey platform mould of recent years. Unfortunately, despite some interesting concepts, Beavers nap becomes very boring, far too fi M ' quickly sorry. Lila!.
Here we go again. I thought as this one diched its way onto the hallowed turf of the FORCE office: three disks made heavy by the weight of innumerable figures, stats and skill ratings. Manager games 3j ' championships are a regular riot with the A- - Forcers as we fight to bring " the top players to our respective sides, kind of. The Championship Manager experience begins with the usual options, load game, start new season etc. Happily avoiding the quickstart mode (I mean, who wants to be Man Utd anyway?) I selected the Wolves, but nothing could prepare for what was to come.
Okay so it's got a dozen statistics for all current squad players in the league plus career records and reserve teams, but still the 20 mins (approx) the computer takes to initialise all its vanables seems a bit steep to say the least. I thought I'd left all that behind me along with my beloved Speccy (sadly RIP).
So, having made a cup of coffee, wandered aimlessly deep in thought and finished oft the last of Friday night’s curry I finally sat down to begin lfr"iTifra career as a *00tY supremo.
Manager or The game is painlessly mouse-controlled with myriad different screens. In fact the level of detail in the phenomenal. All club tournaments, domestic and European, are included. First, second and third division play-offs are catered for, as are minor competitions such as the Anglo-ltalian cup.
Mate gets into financial straits then buying his star player at a knockdown price is highly gratifying. A comprehensive transfer system not only allows you to approach English league players, there's even a continental market as well. The easy-to-use tactics screen offers a vast number of different formations and strategies allowing you to make best use of players with minimal fussing around, although fussing around can be quite fun as there’s so much to see.
Matches are shown by a screen with three fluctuating bar graphs representing defence, midfield and attack. At any time during a game you can bring up the match-stats screen displaying how individual players are performing: from here you have the option of making tactical changes and substitutions. All players are given a range ot positions in which they like to piay putting them elsewhere means their performances will suffer accordingly.
MANAGER '93 rn Domnrlc £ 25 OO seems a bit steep to say the least. I thought I'd left F all that behind me along with my beloved Speccy Here we go again, I thought as this one (sadly RIP).
Diched its way onto the hallowed turf of the So, having made a cup of coffee, wandered FORCE office: three disks made heavy by aimlessly deep in thought and finished oft the last c Cms main letdown is the speed. Long gaps between matches while relevant data's organised can get on your wick. Even so it’s one ot jr&MR* the most comprehensive games of its type I’ve seen and fans should lap it up. | TIP TIME Establish a settled (H ) team and phase in new players slowly or you won’t know where you're going wrong Friendly frow TU1E Old Trafford Pal 1ister Shown the yellow card B- - , Is? R-. 91 .
.. .________ I * 111 1 CHAMPIONSHIP MANAGER '93 DOMARK £25.99 1 -4 PLAYERS FOOTBALL MANAGEMENT E : 1 ¦ i_i 1 ¦ The most- detailed footy manager around just got more complex!
Hey' ll summer! FA Cup First Round ! Time of v when love « he air, the 1 AMIGA FORCE crew down the pub, and the smell of dog
- poo and mowed grass lingering on the breeze. If you can't stand
the sun or smells and prefer to play on your j i Amiga, perhaps
A k you need to see J k some PD? M JAMES PRICE fl EL tells all.
ASSASSINS 71 ¦ Roberta Smith DTP The Assassins disks are
becoming a permanent fixture in this section: every month,
there's something new (and usually courtesy ol Roberta Smith
Nevertheless, the quality of at least one of the games on each disk is high so who cares?
B ¦ ¦
- Tfrg-iTi nenea
- si i ¦ i biibiib _ iaBBnsaar . LEiEsastiaTi Uhitley .a
Shreusoi-n Rotherh.i Mi'exhan Harlow Scarborcaa Mi venlio*
Maids tor Reading
• sn asaEiaBi HUBulBHa subbeib ?on - i ) : BHBEH3]!
. : t BE'I k,,.. BBBlj nsa . Mnmn ?B BSH BB 5 But] II as ' bbbP in su QBE!
- - s Bejn BQBBBEl’i BHBBHEIR I53BBDS1BE1 &3B BQ i bbb i' tan i
QBQ ?BB ? I . I HBBBHB_ ’.V IBBBIEIE _ aBsnsiwaBQi Numerix is
the first offering, based on the board-game Skirrid. The board
that the game’s played on is covered by a mixture of boxes
either blank or numbered. On the right-hand side of the screen
is a collection of shapes for both players (be they human or
CPU)to place on the board. Any numbers underneath are
attributed to the person responsible for covering them.
Of course, if you could place these varied shapes on the game surface at any point, things would be too easy and ultimately pointless.
Therefore, any piece deposited must connect with another, meaning intelligent and careful play is required to beat any sound-minded opponent such as the clued-up CPU.
SOCCER iB CARDS ¦ Roberta Smith DTP Some games make the mistake “!!i of passing the curious or 2,°J original and entering the ijjt; ridiculous. Soccer Cards manages jjjv to fit all three bills, and all in glorious Re* AMOS vision. Hallelujah! P The gameplay itself is orientated around a typical English FA Cup competition, the most curious aspect of this being that the programmer is Australian! Despite his distance from our sunny shores, he's managed to include all the authentic clubs (from non-league to premier division) and has devised a strange method for them to reach victory.
FA Cup Third Round V(ll» 51 £outh*nd Utd Once you've chosen five teams to control (or more if you've a friend playing) you're It I -• .A So vou think *o« mm lo knon oho Ion i ’ II ooo knon kin, oon’ok roi and hijo 11 tho sound ol his none, lilllt thlUwn SCKAK nd CIV lor Ihoio nothor idion ho is around. H? Is tlw epitone of evil incimilH.
Lo find out click the left wmt button.
I sunk YOUR Res trover ' Numerix plays like the classic board game, and I've no doubt will attract a more mature-minded gamesplayer, leaving your typical joystick junkie (whatever that may be) stone cold.
Speaking of classics, it was inevitable that I'd get to see an Amiga version of Battleships at some point although the ‘imaginatively’ titled Battleship! Owes more to the pen-and paper-original than the plastic- and-pegs commercial version. After placing your ¦ i shown the first- ! I:! StSkJ City round draw, with U »-i Hsrcfo,.,! Utd your teams (or at j l-a Nor thaw ton least those in the n 2-e wBA *uav lower divisions at 3-1 wit ton this stage) shown run Li LevtonToI‘?ent highlighted. Tapping 1-l Hufifci to " a key takes you into I1:® Malesfr the actual game,
- 2 ciewe Aix where the relevance
- 1 Yoovi 1 Town , , , , , .
2-1 cpawiey Town ol the cards in the title becomes l,‘‘v ii?,.?."111 IIK"~ obvious. These are placed in a row towards the bottom ol the screen, and both teams take turns in selecting one. Three events could arise from this choice; a goal, miss, or the final whistle (ending the game). Of course, the positions of these are randomised before each fixture, so each match is purely a matter or luck. Not that this is too much of a problem, as the game’s real charm is its simplicity. Little touches, such as a graphical representation of what your card has resulted in, scream out for Brownie points
they're not the best examples of what an Amiga can do, but for Soccer Cards, they work.
Don’t hope for the earth if you order it, because you'll be woefully disappointed.
However, if you're looking for a different variation on the footy theme... well, it's cheap, isn’t it?
GtUIBN Mid m j Hm Hmhi Even though I’m not a fan of the band, I can see that this tribute to them may appeal to those who are. It’s basically a slide-show, comprising digitised shots of the rock legends in various poses, and a few album covers. It’s Shareware, but a mere £2 registration fee will ensure you receive Queen Demo ft2. Yeah, like great... WOT'i IT'S ¦ Shtfeeria SmMi ut?
Yet another collection of PD and Shareware, starting with the two-player combat game, Boomerang. Strangely enough it’s a variation of the Tank game on the Atari Combat cartridge, ironically arriving in the same month as VS Tanks on the Assassins ft71 compilation. It’s a far superior effort though, and despite the lack of a player vs CPU option there’s fun to be had if you’ve got a friend handy.
After selecting your maze, the single-screen combat gets underway. Rather than having an unlimited supply of firepower to destroy your opponent with, you’ve got a single boomerang.
This can be fired in a straight line, as projectiles usually are, but manoeuvred in any direction in mid-flight. Should it hit a wall, it remains there until collected leaving you defenceless, and adding a strategic element to the gameplay.
- ¦ 4 ships on Ihe ~ simplistic _ | I board, you i ' LI,_I lake
turns with | - -j Iho computer h ‘ to make shots I I ' ! At
the invisible I ii. Enemy |ust as you'd expect to, really
It’s a lunctional rendition, it little else; a little bit ol
graphical glitz or Ihe odd bit ol presentation wouldn't I m
have gone amiss VS Tanks is an ¦ 1 altogether awkward
development on the ancient Tank Attack game lor tho Atari VCS
2000 I" ] console. For a start, it uses mouse control for your
lank, so getting "j through those gaps is a little too
cumbersome lor comfort although the slow response is largely
responsible lor this. Click a mouse button and your tank rolls
in _ _ ¦ the appropriate I _ direction; a quick L m I stab ol
the other V I m results in gunfire I m | _¦ from your rotating
turret. This can be utilised to its limit III by shooting
assorted compulor- oporaled tanks that roam (seemingly)
aimlessly around tho maze Each lovol sees another enemy added
to your opposition, and this is all very line and well. What I
find puzzling is that the basic- looking maze flashes
incessanlly during play and as we all know, that's a groat
way to cause all manner of headaches and maybe worse. However,
I doubt you'll want to come back alter your lirsl lew goes
the pedestrian pace and simplistic gameplay oiler liltle to
entice you again.
Assassins H7t isn't the best in the series, but Numerix is certainly worth a look, with Battleship! Being a passable version ol the lamily favourite. What more can you say?
Lore of Conquest is the only Shareware title included, and (almost) justifies its $ 10 registration fee by offering more depth than its peers. After beginning by choosing your respective planets (alas, it’s two-player only) the strategic nature of the game is revealed.
With income raised from those under r?
N EB f m i x* a a p n your control, different classes of ships can be purchased to help you overthrow your opponent. For example, a scout ship would be fine for claiming new planets (and speedy with it) but utterly lacking in any attack or defence capability. This is where the threateningly named Dreadnoughts come in handy, although they're almost painfully slow at interplanetary travel. The ships in between these two offer a compromise; for example, a cruiser could offer defence should its home planet be attacked, and yet still rush to the aid of another at a fair speed. While none of this
will set the world alight, LOC is a fair effort... though arguably not worth the asking price.
PUB L C DOMAIN '""IS !•»: miMOICT jl IHlH imilnKwni n» fl«» BBH Shark is a mouse- controlled game requiring the player to click on the screen to send their shark in that direction.
Without any kind of objective, this would become rapidly tedious and for your further entertainment I give you... ta daaal Perch. Steer your carnivorous piscine pal into the path of these innocent victims (making sure his mouth is on target) and hurrah!: the bigtoothed one has a snack. It's different I suppose, but I can think of better ways to pass the time Sharks too basic to be that enjoyable.
The Gerbil Game can only be described as both mad and useless. Moving your target on screen, you've got to shoot the bouncing furry bundles of fluff as they ricochet around the display.
Fortunately, it's not as sick as it seems, as there's two kinds of gerbil rabid and normal. Shoot a frothy, dishevelled little rodent and you're rewarded with ten points, but beware if you get too trigger happy and hit a healthy fellow, 15 points will be deducted from your score. 'Oh great' you'll say, and shortly afterwards, you’ll reset your Amiga to load Star Trek The Action Game... ...even though that won't exactly bowl you over. For a SEUCK effort, it’s not too bad (the stuff I've seen before now has been awful) but it’s a limited shoot-'em-up at its best, and an annoying one at
that. For instance, there's an asteroid belt near the start where shooting the offending debris is essential to your survival. Sadly, questionable collision detection makes a mockery of the clever effect (I've not seen this attempted before) and, unless you've the patience of a saint, you'll be reaching for that reset faster than warp factor nine even if the engines canna take it... DTP Orders (or catalogue requests) can be sent to... 190 Falloden Way Hampstead Garden Suburb London NW11 6JE Disk and duplication cost a trifling 90 pence, with a 50p charge towards P&P. Yahoo!
HEX HEROES PD 23 Woodend lane Stalybridge Cheshire SK15 2SR Prices are just £1.20 per disk (p&p included) and they also offer discounts on certain collections such as the Soundtracker one.
Before I go any further. I'd just like to compliment the people responsible for Zalycoris music score. While it’s not really my kind of listening (I prefer something a little more sedate, like Mudhoney or Nirvana) it's still far better than any other PD tunes I've heard to date, with the exception of Crazy Sue. It also complements the excellent presentation, even though most of it's tied to the rather contrived plot. The interlevel sequences are possibly the best though, explaining what's in store for the next stage... ZALYCON ¦ Roberta Smith DTP Before I go any further. I'd just lil
compliment the people respon: Zalycoris music score. While il .. .which isn't very much. Zalycon may come on two disks, but during my tour of both I found little enjoyable action. Technical wizardry, yes the speed of the scrolling during the first level dodge-’em-up is great but unfortunately, it's not enough to save the insipid gameplay from turning off gamesplayers moments into the second section (an overdifficult Moon Buggy clone).
Get it for the presentation and sonics who knows, maybe you'll disagree with me and love it to bits?
* ? * for Vh, A tjt*1 ? Vy k»j w ?(« .
M V V 1 ?
* ?
When you see the fluent animation in Delphine's latest action adventure, Flashback, you can understand why they call the programming technique 'Cinematique'. The graphics are so good (surely the best yet on the Amiga), it really is like watching a movie only you're the star! In this action-packed epic, only now released in the UK by US Gold, you play the lead role as a scientist trying to escape from an alien planet. Your character has an incredible number of beautifully animated actions: ranging from picking up and manipulating objects, to jumping across gaping chasms and shooting seven
shades out of the baddies. It's a mesmerising mixture of logical puzzles, interactive adventuring and all-out action that'll keep you hooked for months and months.
In fact, it's so involving you'll probably need to take a break every so often (if you can pull yourself away from the screen). And what better way to relax than see how the professional screen heroes and heroines do it? Yes, the lucky winner of this competition will receive £50 worth of vouchers for their local cinema: enough to see approximately 16 films! In addition, ten runners-up will receive US Gold goody bags, packed with games, Cds and posters.
All you have to do is unscramble the names of these three well-known movie stars... Welcome to the brightest and breeziest letters section around. As you can see, we’ve expanded the Tips Bits section to run along the bottom of these pages. Next month there should be more room, and if we receive enough Tips Bits it may even get its own section. In the meantime, keep sending those letters to FORCE 9 MAIL, AMIGA FORCE, Impact Magazines, Ludlow, Shropshire SYB 1JW. As an extra incentive, there's now a prize for ‘Letter Of The Month'!
CUT-OUT 'N' KEEP 1 1 nnv tu'V 0 amisa FORCE n BE WITH VDU
* ** Jl Dear Phil, I am writing to you about a letter you had in
Issue 5. It was saying get rid of the cheat cards and it was
written by Mark B, from London. I disagree with him completely:
the cheat cards have helped me an awful lot. I do agree that if
you cut them out they’re a pain in the neck, but it doesn't say
you have to cut them out, now does it?
Also I would like to comment on pages 6 and
30. On page 6 in the Zool Coin-Op' column on the 19th line you
have made an error of putting off twice. On page 30 with The
Simpsons, why an A600. Available from Datel Electronics (0782
744324) for 239.99, it can be used to input infinite lives
pokes (like the ones we printed). It can also slow down the
game action, and grab IFF pictures and sounds from some
Phil do you give it 78% and you say There are more savouring things to be found down a sewer'?
With Doc Croc you say the same thing but only give it 45%. Why is that?
One more thing, I would like to know is, (and I feel I am the only one who doesn't know this) but what is a Replay? I would really like to know, and where would I get one from!
Apart from your little mistakes you have a good magazine, and a nice cheap one at that.
Keep up the good work.
William Evans, Caernarfon, Gwynedd.
¦ Sorry about those mistakes, but nobody’s perfect (apart from Markie, our designer or so he claims!).
Obviously, the comment underneath The Simpsons rating is the wrong one it should read: 'Not quite “Aye Carumba!" But a good arcade adventure with a great animated intro.’ An Action Replay Mk IV is a fiendish device that plugs into the side port of old Amiga 500s, though sadly there's nowhere to insert it on NEXT IN LINE?
Dear Phil, I have recently finished reading the May issue of AMIGA FORCE. As I expected it was excellent.
This being the reason for me buying the magazine. The part which I enjoy the most in the magazine is the reviews section. This is why I am writing to you.
Whilst reading through the magazine I came across the review on Hisloryline 1914-1918. What interested me was at the end of the review, Phil (the reviewer) said he couldn't wait for the next instalment in the Hisloryline series. I am a great fan of Hisloryline and Battle Isle. What I am wondering is, what is the name of the next instalment, when will it ZOOL F7WM ¦ We have been trying, LCT without success, to operate N-J the Chupa Cheat' (Issue 5, page 71) to get onto difficult levels of Zool.
Our machine is a new Amiga 600, but try as we might your instructions will not work. Why?
This is the second of your magazines we have bought but the first 'cheat' we have tried, and to be honest it does not give us much confidence as the the content of the rest of the material.
K Plumbly ¦ Oh ye of little faith, KevirVKerVKaren Kilroy (I do wish people would use their first names!).
The Zool cheat most definitely does work we couldn’t have done Issue 2’s mega-maps without it! Let's go through it once more... On the intro sequence (the bit where Zool hangs from the game logo) type in GOLDFISH the screen should briefly flash blue to indicate the cheat mode is working. Now press F1 to select World 1, F2 for World 2, F3 for World 3, F4 for World 4, F5 for World 5, F6 for World 6. You can also press 1-3 to choose which level (on that world) you start on. Now press fire to start on the selected world and level. During play, press 1 for a shield; 2 to skip to the next
level; As requested, this month Tips Bits gets bigger so we can print more of your tips queries and answers. If you're having trouble with any Amiga game, send us a note detailing your problem, and (if we can’t solve it ourselves) we'll print it for another reader to (hopefully) solve. Send your questions, answers and tasty tip titbits to Tips Bits, AMIGA FORCE, Impact Magazines, Ludlow, Shropshire SYB 1JW.
3 to skip to the next world; or 4 to lose a life.
FANTASY WORLD DIZZY BI have compiled a partial Fantasy World Dizzy guide for Andy Arch of Melsonby (Issue 4) and anyone else who may find it useful. Here goes!
Collect the bread and water, which you have to use on the flames. Pick up the boulder and jump up to the platform where the rat is. Drop the bread in front of the rat and it will run away. You can jump up into the next room then. Jump onto the far left ledge and you will find a lever. Pull it and the portcullis (bottom left) will move up and down. For now, ignore this and jump up into the next screen.
Jump over the gap to the right and you should be near a table which you can leap onto. Walk left as far as possible without falling off the table.
Jump left and... Yessss! Just made it!
Keep jumping till you find some stairs.
Just above here is a meaty bone: pick it up.
Now go all the way back to the portcullis and walk through till you get to the Armourog's den. Drop what you're carrying on the roof of the den reviews you do that have like 18% for their rating, I think shouldn't be put in the magazine.
They're a disgrace to the Amiga.
Christopher Bassant, Folkestone, Kent ¦ I don’t understand your criticism of our reviewing poor games, surely we have a duty to inform our readers to avoid such titles and not waste hard-earned cash?
As for what you say about Cut-Out 'N' Cheats, many readers say it's their favourite section!
Phil be released and what is it about?
I hope you can answer my questions as I enjoy playing strategy games and need a new one to finish.
Jonathon Kilner, Barnsley, South Yorkshire ¦ Blue Byte say they haven’t yet determined what historical era the next Hisloryline game will be based on. The good news is that they'll shortly be releasing Battle Isle '93: Moon Of Chromos. Not to be confused with the forthcoming sequel, 93 is an interim product to keep Battle Isle fans happy. Selling at the lower price of £25.99. it’ll feature 25 two-player levels, 8 one-player levels, new maps, new music, new units and animated sequences. Watch out for a full preview soon.
Phil CHOC-ICE AND CHEATS Dear Phil, I have been a reader of your mag since the very first issue, and cut my cheat cards out of every issue. Sadly while dashing for a ice-cream van, they tragically spilt out into a puddle and were all ruined. Since buying or playing the games featured in the Cut-Out N’ Cheat section I have wondered how I could get hold of all these useful pieces of paper. I wonder if anyone who lives in Blackpool would like to sell me them?
Whilst playing a game in the last few days a system request came up saying “Not a dos disk in device dfO:" I am not entirely sure what this means and wondered if this was a virus or a fault in the disk. Is there any way of recovering these programs easily and cheaply.
Simon Cottle, Blackpool.
¦ If several games are doing this, there might be something wrong with your drive it may need cleaning. Flowever, if it's just the one game that’s not working, you should be able to send it (with the packaging) back to the software house and ask lor a free replacement most companies offer this service.
Sorry to hear about your cheat cards can anyone help?
Phil Hello Amiga Force, Okay, so Issue 1 is sold out, and meanwhile those of us who do not have that issue are missing out on some great game tips. Problem solved: how about saving one page per future issue to reprint cheat cards etc from Issue 1 ?
All the best.
James Laird, Falkirk Dear Phil, Could you please tell me if you have any back issues of AMIGA FORCE. I have just bought Issue 5 and I wanted to congratulate you, to say what a superb Amiga magazine it is. I would be grateful if you could send me details on the back issues, eg price? I look forward to hearing from you.
Nick Owen, Bexley Heath, Kent Dear Phil, Congratulations on your excellent magazine. I have got Issues 2, 3, 4, & 5 but missed Issue 1 Sorry! I think that your Cut-Out N' Cheat cards are really good, so don't take them out of AMIGA FORCE.
By the way, I don’t really like the Going Public pages. I find they are boring.
Please could you get Oliver Frey to draw a poster of Desert Strike as I love that game and After investing in V* I found the pokes V to work them out by myself takes ages, if I can find them at all.
Is there any literature I can buy to help me use the Action Replay, as the instruction manual is very hard to understand?
As for your magazine it’s the best value for money around and I love the format, especially all the tips, cheats etc, but please, please, please can you give some cheats or tips for Myth by System 3 as I can not get past the valley of the kings and it's driving me nuts.
Keep up the good work.
Marlin Webb, Macclesfield, Cheshire ¦ Glad you liked the pokes: we hope to print some more soon. Sadly there’s no ‘Action Replay guide’ that we know of and, but some of the Replay’s advanced features are only really for accomplished programmers.
I haven’t got a cheat or poke for Myth, so if anyone out there does, send it in!
Phil and go all the way back through the portcullis and across to the the snappy happy ’gator, when his mouth is closed, jump on it and over the gap, then collect the boulder. Go back to the Armourog’s den and walk in!
Quickly get the boulder and let him get you! On your next life, get in front of him, drop the bone and jump back up. Wait, then leap over. Proceed left.
Wait for the bird to get to the right then go. Drop the boulders in the water top raise the bridge, then leap across. Get the potion from Dozy and carry it over the ’gator and crack it on the dragon's head. Phew! Finished!
Dave Meats, Daiwen, Lancs ¦ Thanks for all that, Dave. It's eggs- actly what we wanted!
DALEK ATTACK ¦ Can you please help? Are there any cheats for Dalek Attack? If I don't have infinite a lives soon it’s going in the bin.
Mark Beetham, Ashton, Preston ¦ Don't chuck it in yet, Mark. The cheat for Dalek Attack was printed in AMIGA FORCE 4. For invulnerability, during play type in ROGER MOORE AND OLIVER REED WERE NEVER GOOD SINGERS (including the spaces between words). It that doesn’t work, try substituting JAMES BOND for ROGER MOORE, or swapping the names round. Watch out, though: the Doctor can still die from a long fall.
LEMMINGS 2 ¦ RICK DANGEROUS II ¦ On Lemmings 2: The Tribes, how do move all the cannons and catapults on various levels? Please could you tell me how you do, because I’ve been trying to and wasting most of my arrows. I’ve tried it on the practice level, but I can’t.
Mark Beharrell, Burnham- On-Crouch, Essex PS. Where can you find the bikes on Rick Dangerous II (you know, Rick’s Thunderbirds-style bike).
PPS. Could you do a player's guide on Lemmings 2 or a Lemmings 2 Lifeline?
¦ Eh? You don't need to lire arrows to move those cannons and catapults, Mark! Just click on the onscreen arrows on the platform underneath the device to move it left or right. Fair enough, though, the Lemmings 2 manual doesn’t even mention this.
Our complete Rick Dangerous II maps in Issue 4 show the exact location of Rick’s bike (there's only one) on Level 4. Basically, just make your way down through loads of screens until you get to a lift. Go down in this and you should see the bike on the very next screen, where you can ride it safely down to the bottom corridor, INDY HEAT ¦ FINAL BLOW ¦ BLUES BROS ¦ SHADOW DANCER ¦ ALIEN BREED '92 I In the Indy Heat manual it says the CPUs buy the best stuff but they don’t all you have to do is get your engine and mpg up to full and you don’t have to pit when everybody else doesj* you lap them
2-3 times.
EBS I stu does. So WOOLLY WIT LETTERS I'm going to get it. I buy our magazine every month, but don't stick cover disks on the front of AMIGA FORCE, they get on my nerves!
Dale Burman, Haddiscoe, Norfolk ¦l These are just a few of the letters pleading for back issues. So you'll all be glad to see the new regular back issues section (on page 22 this month), where you can order any issue, including the elusive 1.
Phil rcSim REPEATS?
Dear Phil, I have read your magazine since Issue 2, although I missed the first issue (shame). I have enjoyed reading it. I adore the Cut-Out 'N' Cheat cards, but I wish you would stop repeating the same cheats all the time. It really almost makes me want to throw them out (but I can't). I’ve been waiting for a cheat on Double Dragon III. Also, could you put the poster on its own not with writing on the back because when I want to read whatever is on the back. I can't.
Adam Morris, Wales PS. The cheat for Granny on The Addams Family didn't work, so could you put the cheat in the next mag please.
¦ We don’t usually repeat cheats, the only instance I know of being the Ugh! Codes we'd previously only printed some of them, so we decided to do the lot. We haven’t got a cheat for Double Dragon III, so it anyone knows one, please send it in. I know mutilating your magazine by pulling posters out is annoying, but obviously advertisers don’t want their ads on the back of posters so we have to use it for editorial material. The best idea is to read the back before you take out the poster!
Phil Dear Phil, I have bought every issue of your magazine. I have read through No 5 a few times now, and I wait with bated breath for No 6. As to your reply to Craig Turner, why not change it from 'Force 9 Mail' to Bag Of Wind' (I don’t mean to sound cruel as this is a great section it's just another pun). Or you call it 'Force Mail 9' because every seems to think that’s its name anyway.
By the way, I am a sheep.
Marcus the Sheep, Newton Abbot, Devon.
PS. I hope my breath isn't too bated as I don’t want the shepherd complaining again.
¦ How about 'Mint Sauce'?
Phil BEST BUY Dear Phil.
I have bought the first four AMIGA FORCE magazines and I've always looked forward to reading every issue.
As an Amiga owner I buy all sorts of Amiga magazines, but the best one I have bought yet is yours, AMIGA FORCE. I also wish to buy your future issues because they are cheap and a very good read.
I hope your magazine stays the best buy because I think it should. Oh, and one more thing: your magazine has good comps in it as well. I have entered the 'Our Price' one and I wish to enter more.
Mr P Zakrzewski, Yeadon, Leeds PS. Will you be publishing charts more regularly as you said you would in issue 4 of AMIGA FORCE?
¦ Thanks for the praise, Mr Z. Our aim is to provide the best-value-for-money Amiga mag and that means no rip-off coverdisks.
You’ll be glad to know that the Gallup charts are now a regular feature.
Phil Dear Phil, I thought I’d send this to you it is what a friend and I cooked up about console heroes Sonic and Mario. We have also compared them with Dizzy.
1. Dizzy does not spend hours doing up his image, unlike a cruddy
hedgehog with a blue-rinse hair-do and red pixie boots, or a
pot-bellied Italian with an appalling taste in clothes.
2. Dizzy does not require dodgy power mushrooms or suspect
power pills to boost performance, Mario and Sonic are both
great substance abusers who don't deserve to be computer
heroes. If you ask me book them in to a detox centre.
3. Mario requires the help of his brother Luigi on nrf PUBLIC
OPINION Dear Sir, I have enjoyed reading your magazine since
its first issue and feel that it is well written and
represents excellent value for money.
However, I would like to raise a point about your 'Going Public' section. Although I was very pleased to see that you had reviewed my game Telren in the May issue and found it to be ‘probably the best version we’ve seen so far', I felt that the reviewer hadn't spend a great deal of time playing it.
For starters, you spelt the name incorrectly throughout the review, despite the fact that you printed a screen-hot with the correct spelling on!
I also get the distinct impression that only the first level or so was played. If the reviewer had played beyond Level 5,1 don't think that he or she would have said that ‘it doesn't offer much different for people already owning a version’ (never mind comparing it to a Game Boy!), as there are over 25 totally original levels which are designed to start easy and gently progress to tax the most hardened Tetris player. Judging This Final Blow tip only works on Level 1 of the computer tournament, and requires an autofire joystick.
Simply keep the autofire button down and pull diagonally down and right and the computer opponent only gets a couple of punches in.
The ref does part you occasionally, but you just get stuck right back in there.
Daniel Reid, Blyth, Northumberland PS. Do you have any cheats for Shadow Dancer and Blues Bros?
The cheats for Alien Breed '92 did not work, so could you tell me exactly where to type them in?
¦ Thanks for those two tips, Daniel.
You also requested a Body Blows guide, so I hope you like this issue's!
The cheat for Shadow Dancer (as printed in AF 2) is this: simply pause the game and type GIVE ME INFINITES for infinite lives.
K INFII The Blues Bros cheat (also in AF 2) is obtained by typing HOULQ on the selection screen, then 1,2, 3,4, 5 or 6 for the desired level. On Alien Breed '92, you need to find a computer, log onto it and type in the codes (you don’t have a cursor, so you can’t see what you're typing onscreen).
THE ADDAMS FAMILY ¦ THE SIMPSONS ¦ LEISURESUIT LARRY III 7«j ¦ Type COWABUNGA on the title screen for infinite lives. To get rid of the bird on Jeremiah Springfield's head, buy some rockets from the Novelty Hut and shoot it.
Now I hope that somebody will be able to help me out with my queries.
First off, how do you exit Level 1 in the Addams Family? I finally managed to kill the end-of-level nasty only to find a locked door that I cannot pass.
Finally, Leisuresuit Larry III has been driving me crazy for the last three years! How the $ @ !% do you cross the rope to get Passionate Patsi to the other side of the canyon in the jungle? She gets haltway but then falls off because she can’t hold on any longer!
Please, please, please, please, please can you help me?
Sean Day, Millon Keynes PS. How about expanding Tip Bits to a whole page?
PPS. The level codes you gave for Thunderblade on one of the cheat cards were actually for Thunderbirdsfi.
PPPS. Yes, please do print the next level maps for Sleepwalker.
¦ Thanks for writing, Sean. We’ve already printed the Simpsons cheat, but thanks for your tips anyway.
Sorry we can't help you with The Addams Family or Leisuresuit Larry III can anyone else?
As you can see. Tips Bits has already grown and the more letters we receive, the bigger it'll get!
Whoops, sorry about the Thunderblade birds gaffe, but we'll make up for it by bringing you more Sleepwalker tips shortly.
ELITE | ¦ In Issue 5, in the cheat cards section, you gave a B-J cheat for Elite: ‘When asked for the password in the manual, type SARA, then the correct word. During play, press + on the numeric keypad in game (sorry, A600 owners) to enter the cheat screen.’ Well, for you A600 owners out there about to trade in your machine i trips around koopaland, ) he’s got to be a bit of a S softy.
Ami£2, yl. Sonic is a big girl’s | blouse who goes around dreeing woodland animals.
Secretly, he’s making millions from merchandising and has admitted to his hairdresser that ‘All woodland animals really get on my spikes. They tweet and growl and coo and then poo all over the place. My agent advised me to stick to Glade fresheners.’
5. Sonic has recently got scared (on his second adventure) and
got help from a bodyguard (Tails) so this means Sonic is soft
as well.
6. Hedgehogs have got zillions of fleas because they smell of
crap all the time.
7. You can cook a hedgehog if you cover it in clay and roast it.
Now try doing that with an egg.
8. Hedgehogs hibernate in really stupid places like from the
letters I’ve received, this seems to have been appreciated by
its users.
Whilst I appreciate that you cannot spend as much time testing PD games as commercial games. Public Domain is still a very important medium for a great number of people who can’t afford the high prices of commercial software, and as such, I feel that the reviews should be more accurately researched.
I look forward to hearing your views on this subject, and l’m glad you liked Telren, nevertheless!
Andy Whiteley, Bath, Avon ¦ Over to our PD correspondent, James Price... Amazingly enough, I do try to play PD releases as much as I can before writing appraisals (or otherwise), as it'd be unfair on readers if I didn’t.
However, there’s a limited amount of space allocated to Going Public every month, and I can’t detail every aspect of every game included otherwise, there'd be no space in the mag for anything else! Rest assured that I did see the later levels (with their added complications) but I must admit that in this case, I forgot to mention bonfires so they get roasted on bonfire night.
9. If you feed them bread and milk they die. HE HE HE!
10. The Italians are always changing their minds this is shown
by Mario.
11. Mario is not very careful, just look at Marioland 1 on the
Game Boy: he has even lost his girlfriend.
12. In order to play Mario or Sonic you'll have to pad with at
least 25 quid. Dizzy can be yours for a mere eight.
MaH Lambell, Birstall, Leicester ¦ Too right, Mark. And for such shining wit, you win a year’s subscription for ’Letter Of The Month’.
Now if anyone would like to send in drawings or computer pics of Sonic and Mario getting battered'squashed mutilated etc, we’d be only too happy to print them.
Phil them (oops!). Sorry about that, but send us some more PD and I’ll make sure you get a more detailed review... maybe!
I would just like to congratulate you on your mag and to say thanks for your piece on Desperately Seeking Software. I rang Computer Cavern's number and managed to get hold of a game I have been after for a year. Do you know if an old C64 game Pitstop 2 is available on the Amiga? How about having a bigger Tips Bits section?
Keep up the good work, your mag is brill.
Lee Saunders, Reading, Berkshire ¦ Sadly the classic (and wrist-killing!) Pitstop 2 was never released on the Amiga. As you can see. Tips Bits has grown, and may get bigger yet!
Phil I * This doodle of the mighty U.S.S Enterprise was done by Andy Jones, Halesowen, West Mids.
Dear Phil.
I think your mag is very good and I buy it every month, but i missed the first issue, I think that it would be worth reprinting issue one, you could put the price of the issue up so that you wouldn’t be losing out.
I thought that Antony Persaud was a total idiot, buying a black and white printer thinking that it was a colour one.
Your Cut-Out N’ Cheat cards are really good, keep them coming! Why not have a Letter ot the Month’, where the sender of the winning letter gets something free, eg one-year subscription to this mag. Software or a joystick. And why not put something better on the front of the mag. Eg stickers - what are those crappy Battlecards supposed to be? And what do you do with them?
Carl Walker, Doncaster, South Yorkshire ¦ You can order Issue 1 Irom the back issues section on page 22 of this very mag. From this month on, there’s a free subscription to be won lor the Letter Of The Month’, so keep ’em coming! If you want to know more about Battlecards, read Issue 3’s feature on them Phil for one with a keypad, you don't need to. Instead of pressing V on the keypad (not that you can, anyway), you press the ‘Help’ button which does the same trick. Now you just continue with the codes.
Incidentally, here are some more if you still can't shoot up those nasty oldThargoids... Byte Value Effect 23 02 large cargo bay 1F 46 7 light years of fuel 18 FF loads of credits 79 01 loads of platinum 75 01 loads of gold 5C 01 loads of computers 4C 01 loads of slaves Keep up the good work in producing the most excellent Amiga mag in the world!
Dave Greensmith, Cheshire ¦ Flattery will get you everywhere, Dave especially with great tips like that. Keep sending ’em!
DESERT STRIKE ¦ Here's the definitive Desert Strike cheat. Type BQQOAEZ on the password screen to start with ten lives. When you go to the map and then back to the game, all you weapons are replenished and our power is infinite.
By the way, the level passwords are: Level 2 AQOHMHW Level 3 ALABHZI Level 4 WEPVVJM Antony Reynolds, Stockport R Ta very much for those stormin’- Norman tips, Antony. And many thanks also to Scunthorpe’s John Orr who sent in these codes: Level 2 EQARHJZ Level 3 EHKEJLH Level 4 JTKKOME As John notes, different codes are given depending on your score. He also explains that you can enter the ten-lives cheat, return to the main menu, select password again and enter the level code of your choice: you now start the desired level with the cheat activated. Cheers, John and we look
forward to receiving your full game guide soon.
FIRE & ICE fl Could you please tell me if there's an infinite lives cheat, or level cheats? Please, please pretty please.
W Hodkinson ¦ Sorry, W does anyone else know of a cheat?
LURE OF THE TEMPTRESS fl Please help me! I have been playing for months and I cannot find the flask that I need for the potion to change me into Selena.
L Clapp, Beeston, Nottingham R Please help. I have been playing this for about two years, I can’t get into the dragon's den. Could anyone help?
R Do you know the answers to these two queries? Perhaps you’d like to send in a full solution.
GOLD OF THE AZTECS RI cannot control the raft on the second level. And please, a cheat as well if possible.
Peter Simmons, Kenton, Harrow R Can anybody help? A full solution would be nice.
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M GAME TYPE PAGE 3D Pool Codes 74 After The War Cheat 78 Alien Storm Cheat 74 Army Moves Cheat 78 Batman: The Movie Cheat 76 Battle Squadron Cheat 76 Bill's Tomato Game Cheat 80 Body Blows Tips 56 Chaos Engine. The Codes 80 Chaos Engine, The Tips Maps 66 Continental Circus Cheat 76 Crystal Kingdom Dizzy Codes 80 Damocles Cheat 76 Defender II Cheat 78 Defender Of The Crown Cheat 76 Double Dragon Cheat 76 Drivin' Force Cheat 78 Fighter Bomber Cheat 74 Gem'X Codes 80 Historyline 1914-1918 Codes 80 Kick Off: Extra Time Cheat 78 Legend Cheat 80 Lemmings Tips 64 Lemmings 2 Tips 64 Light Corridor,
The Cheat 76 Line Of Fire Cheat 74 Nick Faldo's Championship Golf Cheat 78 Ooops Up Codes 74 Pipe Mania Codes 76 Rambo III Cheat 74 RoboCop Cheat 74 Sensible Soccer Cheat 80 Sink Or Swim Tips 62 Sleepwalker Cheat 78 Spy Who Loved Me, The Cheat 78 Supremacy Cheat 76 Sword Of Sodan Cheat 74 Torvak The Warrior Cheat 74 d ta Celica GT Rally Cheat 78 i 1 A : ! * 1 I * r 1 iwi mmmm I iw If Team 17's stunning beat- ent-up is knocking you black and blue, you can now fight U back. AMIGA FORCE'S own tough guy, Milo Jackson, has compiled this comprehensive guide for the first seven fighters in the
new enhanced i version of the game, you can play any of them. With these tips, you'll be damn near mbeatabh Riic Dan has learnt to HRR control rage to produce bolts of pure aggression.
I Nik, being Dan's brother, has also spent years perfecting the use of inner energies.
SPECIAL MOVES Super Roundhouse Kick: This kick has Dan Nik coming at you foot first, with a bolt of energy for impact.
Deflector Bolt: Whilst jumping, a high- energy bolt surges from Dan Nik, proving a potent attack.
Inner Energy Bolt: Powerful means of attack and impossible to defend against.
Power Punch: Effective move when the I opposition is jumping at you.
DAN NIK V MAX ¦ Beware of this guy, he fires everything at you.
It's best to do a lot of blocking, and then use lots of body kicks and low kicks. Punches are j pretty ineffective on him. Roundhouse kicks are very useful, but can leave you vulnerable. The Deflector Bolt is an easy way | of draining his energy, but Max can catch you when you land.
Recommended Special Moves: Deflector Bolt, Super Roundhouse Kick DAN NIK V MIKE ¦ You need to do a lot of blocking in this fight. Try to cram in loads of Low Kicks, ducking any Whirlwind Kicks. Deflector Bolts are extremely useful. Watch out for Mike's Whirlwind Punch block it if necessary, then give him loads of body punches.
Recommended Special Move: i Deflector Bolt DAN NIK V MARIA ¦ Maria is one hell of a women: when she does her special move (Flamenco Fury), defend [ yourself. Hit her back with a body kick and inflict some damage with sliding low kicks.
Recommended Special Moves: Power .Punch, Super Roundhouse Kick DAN NIK V NINJA ¦ This Ninja's special move can be very painful if it catches you unawares. Use your block to minimise damage, then kick the wind out of him.
Recommended Special Move: Super , Roundhouse Kick DAN NIK V YITU ¦ Be alert, the computer will always do a special move, giving you no time to manoeuvre. Your only means is to block, then punch, and pack in loads of low kicks.
Recommended Special Moves: i Deflector Bolt, Power Punch 5 [JUNIOR Junior might have been banned from legal boxing, but he intends to show the rest of the world just who is the champion.
I SPECIAL MOVES Iron Uppercut: This allows I Junior to gel gel out of a corner if he ever gets stuck in one. Also helpful for finishing off opponents.
The Blitz: I adore this move, you get a full-face view of a hand punching faster than a speeding I bullet.
Fist Of Fury:This special move I isn't much cop. It's just another glove coming at you at about four million miles an hour! Get I ready to duck.
Iron Uppercut JUNIOR V KOSSAK ¦ Instantly do a Hying kick which will knock Kossak otf his feet. II he starts doing Earthcharges, jump in time to avoid being knocked down. Stand clear if I he drills into the ground, and when he comes back up punch him straight away. Flying jabs are also a good way of attacking. When Kossak |umps at you, duck then kick him when he lands.
Recommended Special Move: Iron Uppercut, The 1 Blitz JUNIOR V YITU ¦ When Yitu does his special move (Speed Of Light) |ust defend it with a low block, then punch I continuously. Put a few sliding kicks in as well. Combine these techniques and you'll beat this guy. The Blitz is a very handy move, | especially if has you cornered.
Recommended Special Move: The 1 Blitz DAN NIK V DUG Wm wjl ¦ Due to his substantial j 1: weight. Dug suffers a H ~ B | manoeuvrability problem M AJ and a lack of speed. Just repeatedly fling flying kicks at his head. Give him a taste ot your Power Punches as well.
When he does tling his weight around, just | jump and avoid.
Recommended Special Moves: Power [Punch, Super Roundhouse Kick JUNIOR V MARIA I Junior's most effective move is just a normal punch, sometimes followed by an Iron I Uppercut. Flying kicks come in usetul, especially when Maria's doing the Flamenco Fury, as she has no defence once she starts her special move.
Recommended Special Move: Iron 1 Uppercut JUNIOR V MIKE ¦ Try and stop Mike from getting to close to you by using a Spinning Super Kick. However, if he starts I to do his special move (Tornado), block it then do a low kick followed by a Roundhouse I Kick, Recommended Special Move: The 1 Blitz DAN NIK V ¦ £3 KOSSAK ¦ This dude is hard his speed may be slow but I ¦ ¦ *-J watch out for his Driller Killer, which can be very dangerous.
Roundhouse Kicks are very useful. When Kossak starts to drill him self into the ground, build up for an Inner Energy Bolt: when he comes back up you'll lire one straight at him.
Jump around a lot to confuse him, then hit him with a normal body punch.
Recommended Special Moves: Super Roundhouse Kick. Inner Energy Kick Deflector Bolt JUNIOR V DUG I Tempt Dug into doing an Earth Tremor, then give him a lew flying kicks to his head, knock his senses from here to kingdom come, and voila, this bloke is history! Iron Uppercuts come in handy, especially when he’s about to Body Slam you.
Recommended Special Move: Iron Uppercut wm m JUNIOR V MAX
* ¦* M ¦ Fighlinq this near-invincible guy. You have M to bo
aware at all limes Avoid his Energy Bolts at all costs, and
jump him when he flies at you on the ground. The Blitz is a
very | handy tactic if he gets you cornered. Normal punches are
not | very effective, but can also help you deteat him.
; Recommended Special Move: The Blitz JUNIOR V NINJA ¦ Keep repeating flying kicks, block his special moves, then give him a taste of your low kicks. Throw in a few body kicks too The Blitz knocks him down for a few seconds, just enough time for you to do a Fist Of Fury.
Recommended Special Move: The Blitz Power Punch LORAY He shows the way through Buddhism, with his fighting techniques learnt 1 from an ancient Shaolin Monk.
SPECIAL MOVES Arrow Hand: Turns his hand into an arrow dodge it like a bullet.
Spinning Super Kick: Turns Loray into a spinning deathtrap.
Flame Of Buddha: Converts all his body energy into a (lame easy to dodge, very ; harmful if hit.
LORAY V DUG ¦ Use lots of Spinning Super Kicks, don't give him a chance to even fight back. Flying kicks come in useful, especially when he’s about to fling himself at you.
Recommended Special Move: Spinning Super Kick ¦ Wait for Mike to approach: once he does, hit him with a Low Splits Kick. If he should try hitting back with a Tornado, jusl jump or avoid it. Also, a Low Splits Kick should knock him out of Ihe Tornado. Jaw Breakers are an excellent way of defeating Mike. If you do at some point get caught in a cornet, jump while splitting your legs. Be aware at all times for roundhouse kicks and Whirlwind Punches Recommended Special Move: High Splits Kick, Low Splits kick, Jaw Breaker MARIA V DAN NIK ¦ Block any threatening moves. Hit him with flying kicks. Low
Splits kicks, and after you've knocked him down give him the taste of your Flamenco Fury. Pack in lots of Jaw Breakers, and defend yourself against any aerial attacks.
Recommended Special Move: Low Splits Kick. Flying Splits Kick MARIA V DUG I Use your excellent abilities lo walk all over Dug Combine flying kicks with Low Splits Kicks, plus Jaw Breakers to knock this weed off his feel. If, however, he attempts to hit you with a Battering Ram, just defend with a Low Sliding Kick. High Splits Kicks are useful, especially if you're cornered.
IiSj Recommended Special Move: Jaw Breaker, Low Splits Kick, High Splits Kick MARIA V NINJA ¦ High flying kicks are a very powerful way of punishing this fighter to his knees. Low Splits Kicks combined with Jaw Breakers are an extremely good method of defeating him.
Use forearm slashes: these are one hell of an attack, and also a good way of defending yourself, especially if he's performing a Ninja Death Roll.
Recommended Special Move: Jaw Breaker, Low Splits Kick, High Splits Kick LORAY V NINJA ¦ Lure him to do a Ninja Death Roll, block this, then do a Low Roundhouse Kick. If you have lime, give him a Spinning Super Kick.
Another good technique is to plaster loads of high kicks at him. But the most effective way to defeat him is to do lots of high kicks.
Recommended Special Move: Spinning Super Kick LORAY V MARIA ¦ Maria might look mighty, but can be defeated easily. Try and lure her into a Flamenco Fury (special move) then hit her with a Low Kick this should knock her down. Follow this with a Spinning Super Kick. Flying kicks can be effective if she's jusl recovering from one of Spinning Super Kicks.
Recommended Special Move: Spinning Super Kick LORAY V KOSSAK ¦ Comparing these two fighters' abilities there's I a bit of a difference.
-J Kossak is big and slow, whereas Loray is small and fast. Kossak will attack you straight away, so block any sudden moves he makes on you and hit back with lots of Spinning Super Kicks.
Dodge any elbows coming your way, and plaster him with plenty of high kicks.
Recommended Special Move: Spinning Super Kick LORAY V YITU ¦ This guy can be really tough. Keep an eye out for his sliding kicks. The best way to defeat him is to force him down with lots of Arrow Hands.
Flying Kicks are also useful, especially if he's | about to to a Super Leap, and Low Kicks can stop him from defeating you.
Recommended Special Move: Arrow Hand LORAY V MIKE ¦ Try and avoid getting caught up in his Torpedo.
Pack in lots of your special moves (Arrow Hand). Block his special move, then do your Spinning Super Kick. Low Kicks and lots of Low Roundhouse kicks can start to demolish his power bar. Also, high kicks come in handy if you’re in a bit of muddle.
I Special Move: Arrow Hand, Spinning Super Kick LORAY V MAX ¦ Don’t attempt any close moves against Max, or you’ll pay the price. Always jump around try to confuse him, then apply huge amounts of flying kicks, and flying punches.
Any ground attack should be attempted with your arrow hand.
Recommended Special Move: Arrow Hand MARIA Don’t be swayed by her fragile appearance, this Madonna packs a real mean punch.
SPECIAL MOVES [ High Splits Kick: Maria flies up into the air like a missile, and comes back down like one.
Low Splits Kick: Just the same as the High Splits Kick except it comes at you lower.
| Jaw Breaker: This is a nifty move. All of Maria's body weight gets forced into her foot, which makes its way towards your face.
| Flying Splits Kick: The same as High Splits Kick, but Maria flies through the air so I gracefully.
I Flamenco Fury: What a move! Maria twists and twirls like a spinning top, straight at you.
MARIA V JUNIOR ¦ Use High Splits Kicks I right next to him: this hits him twice. When you come back down do a low sliding kick. Flying kicks are a very important tactic in this fight, especially as Junior can fire his gloves at you. Avoid any roundhouse kicks by just putting up a normal block.
Recommended Special Move: High Splits Kick MARIA V YITU ¦ This coward just HPR~ keeps trying to plant Hying kicks into you: duck or avoid any, then hit him with a Jaw Breaker. Throw in a mixture of sliding kicks the fool will just keep launching himself straight at you.
Recommended Special Move: Jaw Breaker, Low Splits Kick, High Splits Kick MARIA V LORAY I This bloke's a cinch.
Start with sliding kicks. If he tries a Spinning Super Kick just defend with a High Splits Kick. Then try and pack as many body kicks in as possible. Duck or jump any Flames of Buddha, and never stay in one place for too long.
Recommended Special Move: High Splits Kick MARIA V MAX ¦ Always be alert, keep JM leaping from side to side JM performing flying kicks.
Jaw Breakers are essential as they give you that vital time to attack in midair. Make the best of every available move.
Recommended Special Move: High Splits Kick, Low Splits Kick, Jaw Breaker MARIA V KOSSAK Flamenco Fury High Splits Kick ¦ Don't even dare to exchange punches; Kossak is mean. If he starts to drill into the ground, be prepared for him to come up right next to you. When he does, hit him with a Low Splits Kick followed by a Jaw Breaker.
Flying kicks are a secure way to win.
Recommended Special Move: Jaw Breaker, Low Splits Kick Once you've battled your way through all these fighters you have the task of fighting and beating T17: one hell of a robotic fighting machine. The best tactic is to get in close with lots of punches get too far away and he fires missiles at you!
Far from being just full of wind, this executive really means business.
SPECIAL MOVES Whirlwind Punch: This is a punch that hit you like a whirlwind hitting a town. Impact!
Whirlwind Kick: The title explains itself, a kick that's as fast as a whirlwind and as strong as a tornado.
It's enough to make you dizzy, as Mike spins taster than a Catherine Wheel.
MIKE V YITU ¦ Keep on the attack with body kicks and Whirlwind Kicks. Whirlwind Punches can be very effective if you happen to have Yitu cornered. But beware: if he’s trapped for to long he'll use his Speed Of Light to bash his way out.
Flying kicks are a very good way of attacking as Yitu mostly attacks an the ground.
Recommended Special Moves: , Whirlwind Kick, Tornado M MIKE V NINJA I - Kee; attacking A air. But beware as this Nm|a might |ust siart a r 7im Nin|a Dea,h r0u so it's best to hit him with flying kicks just after you've knocked him down. Tornadoes are a very effective way of defeating this dude, but it might just leave you exposed for a few seconds.
Recommended Special Moves: Tornado, Whirlwind Kick Dug’s huge size enables him to do some very powerful moves, but the downside is a lack of manoeuvrability.
I SPECIAL MOVES: Earth Tremor: Thomp Thomp Ug, here I comes Dug. What a move, it makes you groove, and then down with a thud.
Battering Ram: Ohhhhh! It's large, it’s Dug’s shoulder charge.
I Body Slam, Super Body Slam: What goes up, must come down, with one hell of a | thwomp!
Hammer Hook: Watch out for this, give I ’em a miss, two hands like a hammer, they I will ruin your stamina.
MIKE V MARIA ¦ Always be on the alert: Maria can pack a punch like Lennox Lewis Attack her with Hying kicks and pack in loads of Whirlwind Kicks. Always be ready to avoid Flamenco Furies by lumping and coming back down with a flying kick.
Recommended Special Moves: , Whirlwind Punch 'V MIKE V KOSSAK ¦ Those Iwo lighters are an equal match Always | attack through Ihe air ¦ ¦ ~1 Combine lots of flying kicks with Whirlwind Kicks. If he starts to dnll into the ground, build up for a Tornado: when he comes back up. You'll wallop him.
Recommended Special Moves: , Tornado, Whirlwind Kick DUG V MIKE I The special Earth Tremor tactic doesn't always work, so fly at him with your trusty foot and pack in those Body Slams. Battering Rams are yet again a most excellent way of defeating Mike, but the Earth Tremors are still the best tactic. Just mix it up a bit Recommended Special Move: Earth Tremor. Battering Rams DUG V DAN NIK ¦ These men are pure wimps, staying back to fire Energy Bolls at you.
Use lots of flying kicks to avoid, but never get too far away with these two. Stay close at all times, then you can stop any Energy Bolts, and hit Ihem with loads of body punches.
Recommended Special Move: Battering Ram DUG V MAX ¦ This might sound silly but try retreating to a corner, and then when he gets closer keep jumping I and hitting him with Body Slams. Keep doing this until you wipe him off the face of this Earth. (I think).
Recommended Special Move: Body Slam DUG V KOSSAK A ¦ Hit him with a (lying kick straight away But how the hell do you fight
- * someone who's never there? Always attack with low punches,
and (as with Ninja) stay in one corner and keep repeating Earth
Tremors. If he drills into the ground be prepared for him to
come up next to you, then punch him.
Recommended Special Move: Earth Tremor DUG V JUNIOR ¦ Don't bother attacking, just repeat this excellent tactic: execute tons and tons of Earth Tremors.
Recommended Special Move: Earth i Tremor nDUG V LORAY ¦ Don’t even bother trying aerial attacks, just trundle to the far comer of the screen and keep your button pressed down and watch him fall. You could even rest something on it, and then go and play on a trusty Atari ST (a joke's a joke, Milo! Ed).
Recommended Special Move: Earth I Tremor OR Always keep on the attack Maria will try lots of aerial moves, all you have to do is block any kicks and attack with Body Slams Earth I Tremors are an effective way of knocking her down, especially if she's attacking with a Flamenco Fury.
Recommended Special Move: Earth I Tremor I DUG V YITU Wf TB ¦ Constantly keep ft jPE leaping from side to side.
Bombarding him with flying kicks. Body Slam I will stop him from coming at you at the Speed Of Light. If, however, Yitu manages to trap you in a corner, use your Hammer Hook to extinguish his attack. Continually hit him with your Battering Ram, which gives you a I few seconds to execute an Earth Tremor.
Recommended Special Move: [ Battering Ram, Eadh Tremor n DUG V NINJA ¦ Be aled at all times, this Ninja will do anything to stop on your conquest.
I He mainly attacks with I Ninja Death Rolls: Body Slam him while he's doing this to prevent any damage on you. A few flying kicks are a useful element to give you the advantage what goes up must come down with a thud!
Thanks to Chris for this tip: stay in any corner and repeat Eadh Tremors; the enemy | will not attack you.
Recommended Special Move: Super I Slam. Eadh Tremor r| MIKE V LORAY « ¦ This Bloke is easy |H peasy. Stad straight away with a flying kick.
I Force him to the far side I of the play area, then repeat absolutely loads | of Whirlwind Kicks and body punches. If he's knocked down, follow your kicks up with a Tornado.
Recommended Special Moves: . Tornado, Whirlwind Kick MIKE V DUG ¦ This bloke’s a cinch.
Attack with Whirlwind Kicks plus flying kicks.
Follow up with low punches and try to corner Dug and hit him with a Tornado. It’s best to follow this up with Whirlwind Punches.
Recommended Special Moves: I Whirlwind Kick, Tornado. Whirlwind Punch MIKE V MAX ¦ Keep jumping from side to side with flying kicks you have no time to do anything else. Try to get him into one corner then just repeat loads and loads of body and low kicks. Finish him off with a spectacular Whirlwind Punch and Whirlwind Kick.
Recommended Special Moves: i Whirlwind Kick, Whirlwind Punch MIKE V JUNIOR ¦ Once in the ring, you can defeat this bloke easily. Stay in one corner and wait for him to make his way towards you. Then repeat lots of Whirlwind Kicks and low kicks. Follow these up with a Tornado.
Recommended Special Moves: [ Tornado, Whirlwind Kick Well that's taken rcare of that lot.
You'll have to wait till next month for our body- slantmin' guide to the other three fighters: the mysterious Nin a, super-speedy Yitu and ground- drilling Kossak.
Be there or be beaten to a pulp!
TUB BATTERING CHBAT virsion i On the main menu of the original Body Blows, hold Joystick 1 (player I’s) to the left and Joystick 2 to the right for a few seconds. A cheat menu appears, allowing you to fight as Max, and have infinite credits and energy.
FlL WS [VIRSION a I The enhanced down for a few for
1. Blow up this door.
2. Hit this switch once.
3. Here's the exit.
1. Blow up this door first (top).
2. Hit the far right switch.
3. Here's the exit.
1. Release the oxygen tank.
2. Release the two here.
3. Release all tanks at this point.
4. Here is the exit.
1. Release your boat (space bar).
2. Release oxygen tank.
3. Release this tank here.
4. Hit this switch (far right).
5. Release top tank.
6. Wait for the right time, then hit the switch here to release
the passengers to walk safely under the crushers.
7. Here's the exit.
1. Release both oxygen tanks and boat straight away.
2. Blow up this door.
3. Race up to here, and wait for the passengers.
4. Hit this switch when it’s safe to let them cross.
5. Here's the exit.
J -I 1 ' j I j Q BOB BO 20 bobI Mayday, mayday! The ship's going down and all the passengers are about to drown.
Luckily, lots of them already phoned the Masterblaster number to vote for tips on Zeppelin's shipshape save-'em- up so the AMIGA FORCE super- deluxe liner is on, hand to give assistance.
11. Operate the crane, and lift one crate to the far right.
2. Then lift this one next to it.
3. Then finish off by lifting this one into the gap.
4. Here is the exit.
25 05 OS 10 OS it A & A MERE STONE'S THROW (Lemmings 2; Highland Level 4) A pit and five cement pourers? A cliff and five fencers? It all seems so obvious, doesn’t it?... until you discover the fencer can’t get up high enough to clear the impenetrable brickwork at the bottom of the cliff.
After umpteen attempts at elevating him with stones and cement, you go back to the drawing board. When you discover it, the real solution is painfully simple (and obvious from the level title)... As he walks right, make him throw when he’s exactly in the middle of the pit. His stone hits the top of the cliff on the right.
Jturn the first guy into a parachutist, then make him a blocker at the right end of the ledge.
~ "I i TTB 3 Turn the first y guy over the bridge into a vertical digger here... I »vel, write to: Lemmings Lifeline, AMIGA FORCE, Impact Magazines, ¦ Ludlow, Shropshire ' SY8 1JW. Don't forgot to enclose your name and address, plus the name number code of the Start the lead
V. Lemmings building at the left edge, as late as possible too
early and the next Lemming goes past and falls to his death.
Then when the next guy has turned and passed him, make the digger into a builder to stop him digging.
Fit* 55 In| COME ON OVER TO MY PLACE (Lemmings; Taxing 22; Code: UJLFNGCHY) Yet another level where 100% must safely reach the exit. At first the solution seems to lie in parachuting one guy down to build a bridge up, so the other Lemmings don’t fall so far. Putting a blocker on the starting ledge and then digging a small hole on the left holds the rest of the Lemmings up. After many attempts at this method, however, we went back to the drawing board and found a completely different way round... some cement when the Lemming’s on the left of the pit (you may need two buckets), so the little guy
climbs up and goes up the bridge and over to the exit.
Finally, turn the attractor into a jumper so all the other Lemmings start walking right, up the bridge and into the exit. A gold- standard rescue!
- Okeep throwing stones from the pit middle to build a long
- ridge into the pit and down as far as possible.
It's ‘Let’s go!' All the way with this easy-peasy Lemmings 2 cheat. On the main menu, simply click the pointer in the four corners of the screen, starting with the top-left and continuing clockwise i you should here Let’s go!’ You can f' now access __ all levels c- (using the arrows on the level intro screen) from any of the 12 tribes!
...So the others can reach the top ledge.
Turn the release rate up to about 60 (this is essential if you’re to beat the tight time limit).
8 Turn the two leading Lemmings (the only ones to pass the digger) into builders at the edge, and also quickly turn the digger into a builder to stop him digging any further.
The Lemmings start streaming into the exit. Turn the release rate back down to 01 (this makes the next part much eas- __ier).
J Now turn one of the
- J Lemmings in the little pit into a left-facing basher it’s
best to do this before too many Lemmings are in the pit or you
may get the wrong direction!
Mm He should dig right 1 under the blocker, so both of them parachute safely down and head towards the exit.
I y Make the lead Lemming into a vertical digger just after he falls onto here.
11 The last Lemming should reach the exit with just a few seconds to spare.
Watch out for the very last Lemming and start him mining (diagonal digging) here, before turning him into a parachutist.
HA Still aching for more chaos after Issue 5's massive World 2 screenshot maps?
Well, here's the rest of the maps for Worlds 2, 3 and 4, as supplied by Renegade and Simon Knight plus a whole loada tips!
LEGEND Start points M * j m Nodes ? ?
Silver Keys M 0 0 Gold Keys _ _j Points of Interest _ m Exits mznzm] WORLD 2 LE VEIL 3 STEAM ¦ This level has three start points (A, B & C), which is used depends on which exit you took from the previous level, Traps.
¦ If you begin at start B, you must collect the gold rings, shoot the Firemen and activate the nodes to form a complete circle of marks around point 1. When you have complete the circle, a crater will appear at point 1 which will teleport you to start A. ¦ If you begin at start C you must shoot all the nodes along the corridor to open the pipe : It .W-V.-T £
* It' grating at point 2. If you enter the pipe you will then be
teleported to start A. ¦ From start A you must collect Silver
Keys 1 which complete the parallel set of steps and allow you
to continue into the level.
When you leave the area of the steam jets note that the pipe carrying the steam blows up and all the steam jets stop. This gives a vital clue as to how to leave the next area. The steam jet at point 3 must be extinguished before you can progress. Simply shoot the feed pipe directly to the north to turn it off.
¦ To reveal Silver Keys 2, you must activate the node which is round the corner to the west.
This will generate a number of monsters including a Sewer Monster which runs off back the way you came. You must catch up with him and kill him to reveal the keys.
Cost: 2,750 Weapon: Catling Specials: Bomb Mines, First Aid WORLD 2 LE ViL 4 QUARTERS ¦ This level has three start points (A, B 8 C): which is used depends on which exit you took trom the previous level, Steam. The level, as the name suggests, is divided into 4 quarters.
Each quarter has an entrance-way and an exit-way PLAYING TIPS ¦ If you begin at Start A, you can’t venture through the entrance of the southwestern quarter which means you miss an extra-life token. A metal pillar will be placed in the doorway of the secret room at point 1 which means you also miss out on all the treasure in the room.
¦ If you begin at Start B you can't venture through the entrance of the southeastern quarter.
¦ If you begin at Start C you may explore the whole level.
¦ Silver Keys 1 open the northeastern quarter so you may activate the node and proceed.
¦ Gold Keys 1 destroy the Steam Jet so you may pass safely through the entrance to the northwestern quarter.
GENTUMAN Cost: 2,500 Weapon: Flamer Specials: Map, Attract, Repellant, Party Power AfORUl 2 LEVEL 1 THE HR ¦ As you enter the level you’re presented with a choice of five « - keys. All the keys marked as Silver Keys 2 create a bridge across the chasm. As soon as I the bridge appears, a Hand I monster materialises on the bridge and runs to the attack.
™ The bridge disappears after ¦i I. short while but if you can E manage to get across it before it does so, you’ll have access to the secret area at point 2. If you fail to get across any of these bridges you can collect Silver Keys 1 which creates a permanent bridge across the centre of the chasm. These keys make all the sets of Silver Keys 2 disappear and thus you won’t be allowed to get into the secret area at point 2, though you will be allowed to pass through point 1.
¦ All the StoneWatchers on the wall at point 3 can be shot. You are rewarded with a coin for each one you destroy.
¦ The statue at point 4 is facing a different direction to all the other statues around it. Shoot it and you’re rewarded with lots of treasure, but you'll have to kill of a few Spiders first.
¦ The statue at point 5 is also facing a different direction to its neighbours. You have to shoot this statue to be allowed out of the area.
¦ The routes from both areas converge in the room by point 6. When you collect the Players Saved token at the top of the stairs into this room, the wall at point 6 is removed and you can thus progress deeper into the level.
¦ The route forward is then blocked by the door at point 7. You must shoot the node in the room to the east to remove this door: you are then through to the maze of pits at the end section of the level.
To get to he centre of the maze, you must solve the puzzle in the eastern area first.
Collect Gold Keys 1. Then collect Gold Keys
2. The latter set must be approached from the southern walkway.
If you attempt to collect them from the east, they disappear
before you can get to them, so you've failed to solve the
puzzle. When you have both sets of keys you're able to reach
point 8. After you've collected the treasure on the small
island at this point you’re teleported to point 9 in the
centre of the pits.
¦ If you fail to solve the puzzle or if you wish to go a different route through the pits, you may collect either Gold Keys 3 or Gold Keys 4 but not both sets. Each of these keys lead to a different route, each of which contains a different mix of monsters and treasure.
A iLi | Wi rep S'Ply * m ?
. -- 0 V ¦ . •
• (4 ' 4 m
- V,- & I As you enter the level you’re presented with I a choice
of four corridors. You’re sent along a different route
depending on which one you choose: Corridor 1 leads out into
the western room to the north of the start point.
Corridor 2 loops back to the start point.
Corridor 3 leads out into the eastern room to the north of the start point.
| Corridor 4 loops back to the start point.
F you take both corridor 2 and 4, when you | finally arrive back at the start point, Silver Keys 1 will have appeared. When you collect I these, one of the tiles on the floor next to you | disappears as a small section of the floor rises up. If you step onto this section you're I teleported to eastern room to the north of the | start corridors. At this point you’re back on the main route into the level. However, in the next room the statue at point 5 will be disappearing | and reappearing. If you walk into the wall behind the statue you’re teleported back to the | start point once more, but
this time the wall next to the position of Silver Keys 1 will have I opened so you're able to access the secret I area which leads to exit B. ¦ Within this secret area, if you collect both set of Gold Keys 1 and 2, a clue appears as to how to solve the puzzle floor within the next room. To solve this area you must follow the sequence of shapes on the floor: circle, I square, plain. If you get it wrong you're teleported back to the start of the floor. The more mistakes you make the less treasure you'll find when you get to the end.
¦ After you've shot the node in the next room, three set of steps appears, each of which leads to a different set of silver keys. Each of these sets of keys produces a different bridge to the next area. Each one also removes some of the treasure within that area. Silver keys 4 gives you the most when you cross the bridge, as you only have to collect one set of keys; although you might try the others to see what you can get.
¦ If you do not get into this area you must follow the main route through the level from the start point towards exit A. If you pass through the western room to the north of the stad corridors, only the node in that room exists and only Silver Keys 6 are in the room to the nodh.
It, nowever, you enter the eastern room, only the node in that room exists and only Silver Keys 5 are available.
¦ Silver Keys 5 open the door to the east out of this room.
WORIA 3 LEVEL 3 CONFUSION ¦ Silver Keys 6 open the door to the west. If you go this way you must then collect Silver Keys 7 which open the exit from that section.
¦ The island just to the south of point 7 has lots of treasure on it. If, however, you just try to walk onto it, you’re telepoded back to the stad of the pathway and all the treasure disappears. To be able to progress you must follow the lines on the floor and shoot the statue at point 6 and then collect the Silver Keys 8. If you collect Silver Keys 8 before you've been to point 7, you’re able to get onto the island and get all the treasure.
¦ Once across the island collect Gold Keys 3.
These open the door at point 8. If you walk into the room via this point, some treasure appears. This only happens if you enter the room from the nodh.
¦ Once you've collected the telephone at point 9, the bridge to the south of you disappears, thereby trapping you into the room. You must then shoot the Lobber that has appeared across the chasm, to open the door to the nodh and allow you to proceed towards exit A. WORLD 3 LE Si 3 RE 1RSE l The first thing to notice about this level is that it’s made up from two virtually identical halves. This idea is reinforced by the numbering system used to identify the items of interest on the map, which are the same for each side. Which start point you use, and hence which side of the map you play,
is dictated by which exit you went through on the previous level. Each side contains very similar puzzles but which tend to operate in opposite ways from each other. The decoration on the walls is subtly different between the two sides, with statues facing opposite directions etc. f you begin at Start A, you play the western | side of the map. All the numbers below refer to items on that side of the map.
¦ You can't get to Silver Keys 1, as an invisible force-field surrounds them. To get them you must shoot the plinths around them. Start with the southwest one, then the northwest and so on clockwise till you’ve destroyed all four. At this point the patterns on the floor disappear as the force-field is dropped, and you can collect the keys which open the door from this room.
¦ When you activate the node at the bottom of this section, Silver Keys 2 appear which, when collected, create the steps immediately to their west thus you can continue into the level.
¦ Both Silver Keys 3 and Silver Keys 5 create Silver Keys 4 which complete the western set of steps and allow you to get down from this plinth and fudher into the level. However, if you collect Silver Keys 5, as you set off down these steps you're telepoded to the same place on the opposite side of the map. An easy way to notice that this switch has occurred is that on the western side the floor is decorated with circular patterns, whereas on the eastern side square patterns are used. You must then continue to venture up the middle channel of this section until you reach point 2 where you’re
telepoded back to your original position in the western half.
When you reach point 2 on this side you can just pass through unaffected.
¦ Silver Keys 6 open the door to the room containing Silver Keys 7 on the opposite side of the corridor.
¦ Similarly Silver Keys 7 open the door to the room containing Silver Keys 8.
¦ Silver Keys 8 open the door at the end of the corridor which allows you to get to the exit. It makes no difference which route through this set of keys you take.
¦ If you begin at Stad B, you play the eastern side of the map. All the numbers below refer to items on that side of the map.
¦ When you collect Silver Keys 1 you're trapped inside an invisible force-field. To get out you must shoot the MissingLink which has begun to patrol around the outside of the plinths. When this monster is destroyed you're released and the door out of this room is opened.
¦ When you collect Silver Keys 2 at the bottom of this section, the node marked on the map at this point appears.
Activating this node creates the steps immediately to the west and thus you can continue into the level.
¦ When you collect Silver Keys 4, both Silver Keys 3 and Silver Keys 5 appear. If you now collect Silver Keys 3, Silver Keys 5 will disappear. However, if you collect Silver Keys 5 first, you're able to collect both sets of keys; in which case when you set off down the set of steps which have appeared you're telepoded to the same place on the opposite side of the map. An easy way to notice that this switch has occurred is that on the western side the floor is decorated with circular patterns, whereas on the eastern side square patterns are used. It is here that the first major collect Silver
Keys 1 to get out of this bonus section. If, however, the steps at point 5 are not there, the set to their east, as marked on the map, will be, so you’ll have to go down those.
¦ The door into the small room which contains Gold Keys 2 can be shot. Collect these keys to create the steps up to the ledge at point 6.
¦ Monsters generate in the small rooms to the north of point 7. The doors to each of these rooms open to let the monsters out When you've shot all the monsters the doors to each of the rooms stay open for a short while. If you can get into the room and collect the keys, the door to the room directly to the south opens allowing you to pick up the treasure it contains. The Silver Keys in these rooms make sure the doors stay open so you can't get trapped.
¦ The alcove at point 8 has a misplaced shadow. If you walk into the wall at this point you're teleported into the secret area in the southeastern corner of the map. Once in this area you must venture through to point 9.
Where stepping into the circle marked on the floor teleports you back to point 8.
¦ In amongst the pillars below this point, you should notice that the centre one does not have a StoneWatcher on it. If you shoot this pillar on the top it explodes to reveal Gold Keys 3. These keys open the door to the small room at point (1)0, which contains some treasure ¦ There are two slarl points to this level (A & B), which is used depends on which exit you took from the previous level.
¦ If you begin at start B you must first collect Silver Keys 2 and then Silver Keys 3. Neither of these sets of keys are visible until you begin to walk towards them. After you have picked up the latter set, an exit appears which teleports you to start A ¦ The statue at point 1 disappears a short while after you materialise at start A; if you manage to shoot it before this happens, the steps which lead up to Gold Keys t appear
• Gold Keys 1 open the door to the small room at point 4 which
contains a small amount of treasure.
¦ The small mound at point 2 is somewhat strange. Monsters and the computer-controlled character can walk over it. If you walk over it, it dissolves and the set of steps at point 5 appears, thus allowing into the area beneath to collect the treasure ¦ The telephone at point 3 causes the steps to the north of it to switch round, blocking access to the area you have just come from and opening up the way forward into the rest of the level.
¦ The steps at point 5 will only be there if you've dissolved the mound at point 2 as described above If you go this way you must . -IBaWBlTOl
* A' *&
* 3 4 4 4 4 r- 7 WORLD 3 LEVEL 4 - WAY OUT a i ¦ : i rfrKltUni
i' ' 'mum S’’ t C ¦ Similarly Silver Keys 7 open the door to
the room containing Silver Keys 8.
¦ Silver Keys .3 4 S'J ? 8 open the
* Ff door at the U . End of the corridor which allows you to
get to exit A ¦ To reach exit B you must collect right-hand one
of the pair of Silver Keys 6 and the left-hand of Silver Keys
7. Note that this exit will only be open if you’ve activated
all the nodes within the level, as described above.
¦ If one player, in a two-player game, gets trapped in one of the small rooms in this section, all they have to do is collect the keys that are in the room with them and then move towards the exit. They'll be teleported into the next room in sequence.
¦ Note that the major exit from each side of this level, both of which are marked as A on the map. Will take you to the same place in the next world, whereas exit B will take you somewhere special.
[ ONE PLAYER World 1 I HHGGFFDDCCBB I Thug 8 Preacher.
I 50.000+ credits IJJHHGGFFDDCC I Nawie 8 Brigand, | 10,000+credits Ixxxxxxxxxxxx I Gentleman 8 Nawie, | 30,000+ credits I YYYYYYYYYYYY I Thug 8 Gentleman, 20,000- credits I wvwvwww | Brigand 8 Mercenary, | 30,000+ credits ¦ II111111111 I I Mercenary 8 | Gentleman, 45,000+ credits World 2 I 0WHS5PX3835F j Mercenary 8 Thug, 40,000+ credits ¦ 2F 8Q55KKQNH Nawie 8 Gentleman.
50,000+ credits ¦ LQPBK8JWDNBY Thug 8 Preacher, 40,000+ credits World 3 I C4HNWRH86B18 Nawie 8 Gentleman,
34. 000+ credits ¦ 8H8BKOSWOY7H Thug 8 Preacher, 30,000+ credits
World 4 ¦ HMWMVY0WB0I9 Nawie 8 Gent, 33,000+ credits ¦
P28BKM6XMWWK Thug 8 Preacher, 30,000+ credits ¦ PKJKDL1 DFD4
Brigand 8 Mercenaiy, 20,000* credits ¦ XSFB8DDNR4R8 Gent 8
Preacher ¦ WR1 WFXQtMLC Mercenary 8 Brigand ¦ PKWDZFJJPWFY
Brigand 8 Preacher ¦ F BFZF60T5MW Brigand 8 Nawie TWO PLAYERS
World 4 ¦ RVDBK0Q7JWM6 Preacher 8 Gentleman, 30 lives each
Many thanks to Robert J Larbey of Boumville (chocolate
world!), Birmingham, and Brendan O’Callaghan from Thuries in
In difference between the two sides occurs. From your
position on top this plinth it is possible to throw an
appropriate special weapon onto the node that it is on floor
level just to south and east of you. This means that you are
thus able to activate all of the nodes on the level and can
thus open exit B. After this you must continue to adventure
up the middle channel of this section until you reach point 2
where you will be teleported back to your original position
in the eastern half, and may continue as if you had not been
teleported When you reach point 2 on this side you will just
pass through unaffected.
¦ Silver Keys 6 open the door to the room containing Silver Keys 7 on the opposite side of the corridor.
WEAPONS Each character has a different weapon which changes in a different manner when it's powered up.
Nolo that Maximum Damage is the combined damage for the weapon.
Thus, lor oxample, the Lightning does all 27 damage with its one bullet whereas the Shotgun fires 7 bullets which do 7 damage each.
¦ The first large room you come across in this level has lots of Revolving Domes bouncing backwards and forwards across the room. These are invincible and thus cannot be shot; if you do shoot just push them about and it’s not a good idea to shove them all to one end of the room, so it's best just to avoid them. Collecting Gold Keys 1 and Gold Keys 2 reduces the number of Domes in the room.
¦ At point 1 you can either carry on up the narrow corridor to the north or shoot the lever on the wall. As the lever drops, the water drains out of the pit beneath you: you can then get up to the room on the ledge above, which contains Gold Keys 3. When you collect these keys the narrow corridor is blocked and you're able to cross to the room marked as point 2.
This room contains nothing but a open manhole which teleports you to point 3.
A As you approach the sewer pipes at point 4.
Monsters begin to generate in the easternmost I of the two pits to the south of the corridor and start moving into the room below. Water flows from the pipe outlet, filling the pit to the west.
To progress, you must shoot at the cracked pipe at point 4, which blows up and allows water to flow into the eastern pit, thereby cutting the supply to the pipe outlet. This simultaneously drains the water from the west pit allowing you to carry on into the level and fill the east pit, drowning the monster generator.
The sooner you do this, the less monsters you’ll have to fight when you enter the room to the south.
¦ If, however, you choose to follow the corridor to the north, at point 1, you must activate both nodes at the top of the map and then carry on down the corridor at point 5, which is full of Revolving Domes. These are, again, invincible but in this case you can’t simply dodge them as they move too quickly. You can push them down the corridor by firing at them and if you can get to point 5 you’re able to collect a shield token and thus progress safely.
¦ In the next room, the way forward is blocked by a pulsating force-field at point 6. You must shoot the node in the northeastern corner of the room so that the force-field drops and you can continue.
¦ The route to the exit is blocked by a water- filled pit at point 8. You must shoot the wheel at point 7 so it turns twice, thereby cutting the water supply and draining the pit.
Used By: Gentleman Start Damage: 5 Max. Damage: 30 Max. No. Bullots: 2 Travel Through Monstors?: Always Used By: Mercenary Start Damago: 6 Max. Damago: 36 Max. No. Bullots: 6 Travol Through Monsters?: Novor 'MrDfigiars- Used By: Thug Start Damage: 8 Max. Damage: 49 Max. No. Bullots: 7 Travol Through Monsters?: Nevor RIFLE WORLD 4 LE IfEL 2 PUMP ROOM Used By: Brigand Start Damage: 7 Max. Damago: 36 Max. No. Bullets: 4 Travel Through Monsters?: Depends on power-up lovol Used By: Navvie Start Damago: 8 Max. Damago: 44 Max. No. Bullots: 4 Travel Through Monsters?: Doponds on powor-up lovol [,|
Used By: Preacher Start Damage: 6 Max. Damage: 27 Max. No. Bullets: 1 Travel Through Monsters?: Always ¦ There are two start points to this level (A &
B) , which is used depends on which exit you took trom the
previous level.
Into the short-cut area next to start B, but this time there are no extralife token at the end of the corridor.
¦ The pit at point 5 gives access to the main route onwards into the level.
¦ When you reach point 7, the way forward is blocked by the water-filled pit to the south. You must shoot and destroy all of the pipe outlets which feed the pool at point 6, in order to drain the water ¦ If you begin at Start B, you must collect Silver Keys 1 to exit from the first room. You then adventure along the corridor, to find an extra life at the eastern end. This route then rejoins the main one at point 8.
¦ If you begin at Start A, you must shoot the first node you come across, on the small island just outside the start room. When this node is activated, Gold Keys 1 will appear. If you go back into the start room and collect these keys, the manhole cover at point 1 will be removed, revealing the shaft below. If you step onto this opening you’re teleported into the secret area to the north, which you must leave by walking into the large pipe at point 2.
Start by then the middle one ¦ You must shoot the lever at point 3 in order to progress. This lever starts in the horizontal position; if you shoot while it’s like this it drops and the western pipe closes, stopping the water flow and draining the pit at point 4. If, however, you spend too long in the room, shooting monsters and the like, the lever flips up. Shoot it at this stage and the lever drops, but this time the eastern pipe closes and the water drains out of the pit at point 5.
I If you can cross the pit at point 4 this leads ¦ Once in the pit below point 7, you have a choice of routes. If you take the western ramp out of the pit, you enter a large room which contains some treasure. You must then collect Silver Keys 2 to exit this room and rejoin the main route.
¦ In the next large room, at point 9, there are three switches on the wall. You must shoot the middle one, which is up, in order to flip it down.
This flips the left-hand switch up. When you WORLD 4 LEVEL 3 THE HALL Of MACHINES ¦ This level is, basically, a long corridor leading lo the single exit at the north. You’re stopped from progressing along the corridor by pairs of activated nodes which project a barrier between them. These barriers are lethal and kill any character who walks into them; you have been warned!
¦ You must enter each room, before each barrier and solve the puzzle in that room to shut down the next set of nodes and open their barrier.
¦ Room 1 contains a circle of small pits. You must collect the Gold Keys in the centre of the circle to start a number of small rocks appearing in the pits around you. You must then shoot any of the rocks until you destroy one. As soon as one blows up, all the pits disappear and the puzzle is solved.
I ¦ At this point you should note that the light on the north wall of the room has stopped I flashing and that a number 1 has appeared.
This a clue for later. As a bonus, if you shoot this digit, it changes into a 4, which is another clue to a later puzzle in room 3.
¦ Room 2 contains a spinning wheel. As it passes a contact on its frame it sparks. To I solve this puzzle you must simply shoot the wheel, at which point it stops spinning. If, however, you manage to stop it at exactly the shoot this one, a set of steps appears immediately to the west and the right-hand switch flips up. You must flip this final switch to drain the final water-filled pit and allow you to enter the final pump-room itself. However, you must activate the two nodes on the ledge above the switches before you can open Ihe final exil, so go up the steps and clear out this area before
leaving the room.
¦ The node marked at point (1 )0 on the map, is only present if you began the level at start B. ¦ You must collect Silver Keys 3 to open the door at point (1 )0 and allow you to get to the exit.
Point when the contacts are touching, the wall to the east of the wheel cracks. If you walk into this section of wall it disappears and you open a short cut to room 4.
¦ Room 3 contains a number of monster generators which produce extremely tough Halftracks. You must destroy all these and blow up the generators before you can activate the puzzle. At this point a set of numbers appears on the north wall. It's here that you use the clues you obtained in room 1. Shoot 1 to deactivate the nodes and open the barrier. If you've been given the extra clue in room 1 you may now shoot 4 to open a short cut into room 5.
WDRLIj 4 LEVEL 4 TIME FDR CHADS ¦ The Chaos Engine is in the centre of the level and is protected by a force-field generated by four activated nodes. Before you can attack the Engine you must disable this force-field.
Although the node counter says there are four nodes to activate in this level, there are no normal nodes; instead there are four electrical Generators, like the one at the end of the previous level. The positions of these Generators are marked as nodes on the map.
¦ You must destroy each of these Generators, by shooting them in the base, in order to cut the power supply to the level and shut down the force-field.
¦ The control room at point 1 monitors your progress, as each Generator powers its own set of pistons as marked on the north wall of this room. When you shut down a Generator, its set of pistons will cease to move, its dial will be destroyed and the force-field surrounding the Engine will be weakened. You are also rewarded with a Players Saved token, which is placed in Room 1, for every one that you shut down. You may come back to this room at any time to bring a character back to life or just to Room 4 contains a number of small dials, all of which have cracked except one. There is a small
button next to this active dial. You must fire at this button to move the needle within the dial. When you've killed all the monsters that are generated, and moved the needle one complete revolution, this dial cracks as well and the puzzle is solved.
¦ Room 5 contains three animating pistons.
When you enter the room, vicious Half-tracks are generated to protect the pistons. As you kill off these guardians, the pistons stop animating : when all of them have stopped, the puzzle has been solved and you may continue to the final section of the level.
¦ The final section of The Hall of Machines provides you with an overview of what do in the next level. The map of this section is a representation of the map of the last level of the game.
¦ You must first activate all the nodes in the four small rooms that surround the Generator at point 6.
¦ When the node counter drops to 0, you're informed that the exit is open, but on inspection you find that the door is still shut.
However, a power cable joins the Generator to this door and if you shoot the base of the Generator it blows up, the cable dissolves and the door opens.
Check how you're doing.
¦ When you’ve succeeded in destroying all four generators, you 're informed that the exit is open, the force-field surrounding The Chaos Engine disappears and a pulsing ring appears at point 2. You must step into this ring so that you're teleported to the final conflict with the Chaos Engine.
¦ The Engine itself has two stages. At first it has a protective shell around it and you must hurt it sufficiently so that part of this shell dissolves away. Whilst it's in this phase it can't use the full force of its weaponry; however, once its innards are exposed it does everything it can to protect itself. All you have to do is destroy it to win the game and rid the land of Chaos. Simple innit?
The Nawie and the Thug are the two most powerful characters. They move slowly but have very powerful weapons I and destructive specials, although they only get a few. They can take a lot of hits before being killed but are relatively stupid and not much use as a computer-controlled character I to begin with.
W. The Brigand and the Mercenary are the I best all-round
characters. The Gentleman and the Preacher are relatively
weak. They can only take a few hits but are very fast- moving
and intelligent. They get a wide range ] of useful specials.
For the novice player it's probably best to select either the Brigand or the Mercenary as i the human-controlled player (HCP) as they have the best balance of abilities. The Gentleman makes a very good computer- controlled player (CCP) as he's quick and intelligent and carries the Map very handy for the first-time player. The Preacher's also very good as the CCP and he carries the J First-Aid kit which allows the HCP to heal himself (by swapping specials). The more- experienced player should try the Nawie as the HCP: he’s a very strong character who has a very powerful, easy-to-use weapon
and a very destructive special, the Dynamite.
However, he does move slowly and can find it difficult to get out of the way of fast-moving shots.
GENERAL I iAY ¦ An extra life is awarded to either player, in either version of the game, for scoring a multiple of 7,000 points.
A novice player should use the Map as much as possible (the Gentleman has it as his first special). If you're not sure what a set of keys did, a quick glance at your map should help out. The First-Aid Kit (the Preacher) is handy to have at the beginning as you can heal yourself as often as you like. The Dynamite (the Nawie) is also one of the best specials as it destroys all monsters on the screen, but you have to wait for the fuse to burn so be careful.
Silver keys are very important as they open up the main route to the exit or make vital items appear. You must try to collect all the silver keys on a level. Gold Keys, however, open secret rooms or bonus areas. Some of these can be quite difficult and so are probably best avoided until you get used to the game If a level has more than one exit, it’s always to your advantage to go out of the higher-lettered exit (Exit B is better than Exit A). If you've heard 'Exit Open’ but the node counter still indicates that there are nodes to activate, try to find the extra nodes and then find the
higher exit. These exits take you to bonus sections and secret areas on the next level.
VY]_ In the earlier levels of tn ame, areas that you've completed are sealed off. Don't worry about trying backtrack into them, you've done all you can, push on towards the exit. The music also gives you a clue as to how you are progressing. It picks up in pace as you near the exit, but becomes subdued if you go back into an area which you've cleared out. The music also becomes more pacey in difficult areas infested with lots of monsters, and more relaxed in regions where a bit more thought is required.
Passwords are awarded at the end of every World. Note that these record your characters' status as well as their current position including the number of lives they had left. Therefore you might be better off entering an old password or even starting again from the beginning to be in a stronger position with more lives at the start of the World.
Whilst you're playing the game, keep an eye out for background detail. Look out for shadows that don't look quite right and things out of place, rock pillars with faces on, a tell-tale geometric pattern of stones or something appearing just on the edge of the screen. Things are not always as they seem: don't be afraid to experiment, you can't hurt yourself.
Make sure you collect as much money as possible and quickly as the coins that the monsters leave behind will disappear if left for too long.
©W ILAYSJt GAME I In a one-player game, all the money collected is - I automatically split 50 50 between the HCP and the CCP, I so you don’t have to worry about who shoots which I things during play. If he dies, you'll have lo pay for him to I be resurrected, so it’s in your interest to share out I power-ups and such things as fairly as possible, so he I stays alive.
In the game the CCP’s actions can be influenced by I the HCP. It's important to realise that the CCP can't see 8 through the HCP, so 1 won't run for things if I you’re blocking his 1 line of sight. If he has I nothing better to, the I CCP will always attempt to get behind |i the HCP, so by a J combination of moving and turning I round it’s possible to affect what he can see and what I he’ll do.
The CCP will only move towards food if he has less energy than the HCP. He will, however, collect it if he runs over it whilst on his way to something else. The same is true of extra lives.
He won't collect any object, no matter how much he needs it, if that object would affect the map in some way or generate monsters. Therefore he never picks up keys, booby-trapped food or the like.
LauippiiN© a SMARACTJiSI I Cash can be spent in the I Equipment screens to improve a character's statistics. You have to make sure that a character's skill level is kept as high as possible, as this controls his current maximums for all his other statistics and dictates how many weapon power-ups and special abilities are | available for purchase.
Try to keep his level of weapon power-up as high as possible and then spend any j money left over on extra lives.
Intelligence is very important for computer- controlled characters as it controls how well they play the game, so buy it for them whenever you can.
The slower characters, like the Nawie and the Thug, would greatly benefit from a little boost in speed when you get the chance.
TWO-PLAYER ©AM * ¦ In a two-player game, it’s best to stay away from the edge of the screen until you know the game really well.
The money is shared out, based on what each of the characters does. Nodes and keys are the most important things, so make sure you get as many of these as possible. The Iasi node, the one which opens the exit, is the most important of all.
Since you'll be credited for opening the exit as well as activating the node.
You're awarded points for collecting keys and activating nodes, as well as for shooting monsters. Points are also awarded to the first player out of the exit.
In general, it's best to try to cooperate. Share out the power-ups and the special powers as evenly as possible and attempt to do an equal amount of work on each level. Decide which of you is going to cover the rear and which is going to shoot the monsters up ahead, as it’s no good both of you shooting at the same monster. It'll be a lot easier to progress if both of you are as powered-up as possible.
J I Aren't we |ust the coolest mag In the known universe? Not only do we give you the latest and greatest game tips, we also put the fiddly little ones on convenient cut-out cards! No more rummaging through endless dog-eared tomes just to find a level code for a game... ah, bliss!
1. 3D POOL
7. 000PS UP m lUKVAKltfl.
ROBOCOP [;ju 5-jo-.ni) Don't laugh at Spectrum owners he might show you his copy of RoboCop, which wee-wees over ours.
Hold down the Shift key and type ALEX MURPHY (including the space), press tire, then press the left mouse button. Your energy is restored.
Une of m FJ3 OwW) Not the greatest of games, but it’s very VERY violent.
Type OPERATION FERRET (including the space) on the joystick select screen.
Whoopee, you’re invulnerable!
FIOH1ER BOMBER There'* nothing like a really good flight aim, but what makes a good one Is open to debate. This one s detailed but alow you decide!
Enter your pilot's name as BUCKAROO to allow you to attempt any mission.
Hitting D takes you to your next target.
ALIEN STORM [US Man That's what you get for converting a game with blinding graphics and nob-all else not recommended.
To skip levels, press the F’ key.
TORVAK THE WARRIOR (CwDmM Another game with little to offer except moody and atmospheric graphics.
On the high-score table type | CHEAT... (three full stops). On the prelevel map screen hitting keys F1-5 while holding fire takes you to that level.
RAMBO III |OwO Rambo’s enough to make you PUKE! This game's almost reassuringly bad... Type RENEGADE on the high score table and press 1, 2, or 3 to access that level.
3D POOL (IO«) More trickshot codes: 11 -0751 100 1620 15-0084 076 12 00 12-09160255510 16-0880 0483920 13 - 0004 054 58 20 17 - 0372 100 63 06 14 - 0864 100 63 10 18 - 0512 100 63 10 19 - 0601 024 63 20 SWORD OF SODAN (SlMMt Art*) A real blast from the past, and ] it's now on budget too!
Type NANCY on the high- score table for infy lives. You can then skip levels by pressing RETURN.
OOOPS UP (DMHnnm) As ‘tributes' go, it’s a wonder this one stayed out of the courts.
Stick to Pang, you know it makes sense.
Level codes: 4799 ER7E A234 DK39 R2T7
classic which, alas, went down with Robert Maxwell.
It you're stuck, hold K while the game loads. You’ll start the game with 1024 knights and soldiers.
DOUB1E DRAGON (Virgin) Doesn't it drag-on? This saga must be one of the most overrated in computer history, and this is where it all started... Start a two-player game, press both fire buttons and hit ESCAPE.
Hey ho, you've got infinite credits!
it’s... it’s... just another beat-’em-up. Competent, but
pales next to today's offerings.
During the first stage press Alt, B and 1 simultaneously for infy energy and Alt, M and 1 to jump to the second stage.
DEFENDER II An age-old rave from the grave.
The coin-op wasn’t as good as its predecessor and you can get a near-perfect PD clone of it (Oblivion) buy that instead.
Type GOATY (including the spaces) for invincibility.
THE SPY WHO LOYBD MB (OMMNk) Better than previous Bond efforts, but six short levels and derivative j Spy Hunleresque gameplay mean it’s still only worth about 007% Type MISS MONEYPENNY on the title screen for infy lives.
ARMY MG Wm jUijjjjjji:) Sounds like a government regimental relocation scheme, dun’it? (No, but it sounds like you’re running out of ideas Ed) In part one hold Alt, D and 1 for immunity. The code for the second part of the game is 101069. Press Alt, J and 1 for immunity in the second stage.
DRIVIN' FORCE An incredibly fast game that gives no impression of driving whatsoever buy the excellent Vroom instead.
Wanna stop your car leaving the j track? No problemo on the title | screen, click on the two i’s in Drivin’.
KICK OFF* EXTRA TIME (Am*) Love it or hate it, you just can’t ignore I it unless you own Sensible Soccer1.
To prevent the computer scoring penalties, turn on your joystick’s autofire and hold the fire button.
Alternatively just repeatedly hit fire.
SLEEPWALKER [O t Hiiu CoMiii liaJlsf) On the title screen type DINGADINGDANGMYDANGALO NGLINGLONG’ (honest). Ralph and Lee’s noses turn green.
From now on you can hit RETURN to skip levels or TAB to get nine lives, full energy, all animations and all balloons.
NICK FALDO'S CHAMPIONSHIP GOLF ¦I If Nell Armstrong can play golf on the moon, why ;an play golf on the n shouldn't you play a hole or nine on Mars? Tho hidden bonus course boasts around half the gravity effects of the normal game, so you have to rethink your club selection.
Type MAJORTOM on the title screen. You now have a bonus nine-hole course on offer on Mars!
TOYOTA CELICA OT RALLY |;9f*mHai) Mud, wheels, trees, mud, windscreen wipers, engines, mud, crash-hats, codrivers, mud... erm, anything else? (Yes, P45s Ed) Pressing C at the beginning of a race stops the timer. When you crash, press HELP (quickly). This takes you to an options screen. Exit it and you can restart the engine straight away.
¦ ISSUE SEVEF 11993 ¦ AF UOIND ¦ am»L m £ miTEII IIQCORI Maybe not quite a Legend, but KMDDOM MZZY Not the best Dizzy arcade Phil won the cup, Phil won the cup, a damn-fine game ee-eye-adio, Phil won the cup!
Adventure, and an incredibly silly Load CUSTOM TEAMS and select Remove enough armour so choice of games for a price hike.
England and Germany for a friendly I your AC is at least +11. It Level Codes: match. The game will continue as j should suddenly become 245.
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SWITCHBLADE IA cracking arcade adventure with the hero punching and kicking baddies galore as he searches for the fragments of a mythical sword. The innovation of showing unexplored areas as unlit removes the risk of backtracking in the extensive underground levels.
IMANIX I A souped-up variation of the classic O-Serf coin-op, this has you jumping around the isometric 3-D blocks to change their colour, requiring a combination of quick , thinking and arcade reflexes.
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MVIW nswoiijnoN Next month we hope to bring you the ultimate dogfight, with reviews of two flight sims: Ancient Art Of War In The Skies and Combat Air Patrol. With any luck, we'll ft also have Donk. Hired ft Guns. Super Cauldron and ft Dino Dini's eagerly awaited ¦ Goal! can it beat Sensible Soccer?
As we said last month (and in this issue’s editorial), AMIGA FORCE can make no promises to review games, as we don't know whether they'll be 100% finished. However, due to just missing our editorial deadlines, some games appear on the shelves well before their AMIGA FORCE review (in the subsequent issue).
Indeed, some readers have told us to forget our firm rule of reviewing only finished products, as they want to read reviews of the big titles before they’re released. Well, from next month we can satisfy this need and still stick to our principles. No, we haven't discovered a time warp, but instead a revolution in games-testing technique! All will be revealed in our next scintillating issue!
CANNON p ooout We pay a visit to the HQ of the legendary Sensible Software to playtest their ambitious shoot-’em- up, Cannon Fodder, due for release this autumn. We’re drooling already!
THINK AOAINI Do you long for something more than mindless blasting and platform leaping? You probably want something to tax your grey matter, but maybe you’re not interested in military sims and wargames? The Amiga has plenty of brain- bending ‘god’ games, where you have control of vast cities or worlds. We look at the best of these, and other non-military strategy games in a real thinking man’s roundup!
FtALOm We bring you part two of our bruisin’ Body Blows guide, unique tips for the epic Flashback, multicoloured maps of Morph, and much more!
Dear Mr Newsagent Hi! Just dropping a quick line to say AMIGA FORCE is the magazine for me. After all, could any other magazine compare? I mean, look at those features, reviews, playing tips what a Amigamegatastic affair it is! So... MY NAME MY ADDRESS . .POSTCODE ...... I’d like my AMIGA FORCE [ Delivered L Kept behind the counter Just in
case you didn’t know, AMIGA FORCE is published by Impact Magazines, and distributed by COMAG. Thanks!
AF ¦ JULY 1993 ISSUE SEVEN 118a Palmers Road New Southgate LONDON N11 1SL tzvare N-Jdiv WING “ _ COMMANDER fc.
£12.99 . Once now rt CREDIT CARD HOTLINE: 081889 9172 ENQUIRY ORDER UNE: 081 361 5730 24 HOUR FAX UNE 081 361 2733 SPACE LEOEN06 on* 069 Aa*aa* BK) BOX or* ri ! • Cwtawkfe* '¦lioMltuMiiiaM BQARO QEMUS an* Cl 7 Jt HOLLYWOOO COILECTON on* C16M THE GREATEST on*t1»M
• MDw 8TRATEOY MASTER on* DI M Por *« * him*.
CMMMn* 21 to mi S pit d f scatter DtZZYS EXCELLENT ADVENTURES on* HIM Obft psnr. BetetoOtny. Dtrry P i YoO Fok.
S psm.und 0«r» end Kwt Sm* SPORTS MASTERS on* Cl I M po» r«* o s i«* too a SOCCER MANIA on*t11.H UiH..i| II. Qizul Son* ruth
• «g«'WC la RAINBOW COLLETON on* tilH SUPER FWKTER on* £14.99
PtUgMw. WW.F. FmslFIgN ACTION MASTERS on* Cl 1.M TurtoOBiun
FieConbOP** Half 19M WaOra erw Doubt* Dragon * «i«lk l*sDoaor
POWER PACK II on* t17.M a Came From IMOiM POWER PACK on* tl AW
¦ 2 Tvi*aS*Foc*»a4l COMBAT CLASSICS on* DflM FllM»(*il MltlalSn
ste *¦••«* EAQLE WWMERS on* C1 5.99 Pai»*o,ii IgR.*
A....ateUMD g«a Sag* O* Rote Rscmg MEOA MIX on* cie.ee I *4Mot.
»»*y Hid On SPORTS COLLECTION on* Cl 299 ACTION Son* Cl9.99
$ «e*rSliateM*MDiM*g AmlQA TOPTTTLES AMIGA £2398 £1998 £’298
£1698 til 98 ... £15 98 _ C19 98 Cl I 98 C11 98 Cl 6 98 42296
£27 98 Cl 9.98 C1998 C1998 420 98 £2898 £1998 £1998 ... 42898
£2398 £21 98 £1298 ... £1598 ... £1598 AMIGA £2198 . £1998
£1698 £20 98 £1698 £1998 £1698 £2098 £2398 £2298 £2399 £1898
£698 £20 98 £1698 £1698 £1698 £16 98 £3398 £1298 £1698 £2396
£2398 £2098 £2698 £1798 £998 £1698 £1698 £1698 £1698 £1698
£1898 £1098 £1698 £1598 (20 96 AMIGA £1998 £20 98 £2198 £1698
£1698 £1598 £1698 £2398 £1698 £1698 £11.90 £11.88 £1188 42398
£1598 42098 £1998 £1298 £1698 £17.99 £1698 £1188 £1598 £1588
£998 £1688 £1688 £1898 £21 98 £1298 £1598 £12.99 £1598 £1598
£1598 £1698 £14 98 £1) 68 £2198 £2398 £1598 £19 98 £19 98 £1398
£1598 £16 98 12398 £1698 429 98 £898 £1698 £1998 £11 » £698
£1398 £1398 £1398 £1698 £1698 £1698 £1198 £1498 £1499 £1698 £14
98 AraUsn Night* Armourgeddc* .. £11 9 . £898 ....£898 £2398
£1698 £2598 .. £1698 £1698 £798 £1598 42098 £1398 £2099 £1198
£1498 £11 98 £1898 £1698 £1698 £1098 £1598 £161)8 £1698 £1698
£2098 12398 £2398 £1698 £2398 £1298 £1598 £2598 nw £898 £2398
£2098 £12 98 £1598 £1698 Cl 1 98
- £6W £698 £698 £698 £698 £698 £698 £698 £798 £698 £698 £698 £698
£698 £698 £698 £698 £698 £698 £688 £698 £598 £698 £698 £698
£698 £698 £696 £698 £698 £698 £798 £698 £698 £698 £698 £698
£798 AMIGA BUDGET TITLES UNDER £10 £298 £698 £698 £898 £698 £7
98 £698 £598 £698 £788 £6 98 £6 98 £696 £7 98 £688 £698 £890
£698 £7 98 £698 £8 98 £698 £798 £698 £699 £998 £698 £698 £7 98
£6 98 £698 r7 98 £698 £598 £1598 42898 42398 £20 98 £1498 £1998
£2398 £1898 £1698 £1598 £21 98 £23 98 £19 98 nzte £1698 £1698
£1598 £1698 £2388 £2390 £19 98 £1598 £1598 . £1698 £1698 £1698
£798 £1698 £2098 £17 98 £14 98 £1698 £2298 £1888 Caste* Da*
Disc £1198 Caste of Ik Brain £1598 Chooa Engine
£1698 Champ* nahf) Manager 93 C1S98 Chase HO
II ...£898 Chuck Rock II ..
£1898 Cmteatloo ..... 42868
C. Y1* A» Coat bal 42098 Cohort II . £1890 Cool
World . £1898 Conbat AkPatol £1888
Conflct Korea .... C i*STS k* Ccert Action Crvy Cera
III Crums *cr a Corps Crystal Kingdom Oioy Cwsec* Vs tnc
tenter ATAC* Bl7F*lng Forks** ... Bane of the Cosmic
Forge BARBARIAN II (P*yg| ..... Bsrt *• tie Worti • ...
Betn *n Return* • Bates Chess* Bam* i*i* Dei* owe
BeltltltOS)------------- BeUt Tend* ... Codoaer
¦wpoytel Conor__________________ CniMn ..... Campaagn
Macron frw Campf “* Bed* tfPiey as?
• SSS- Armourgsddon ArasnalFC Skr £1608 . £1590 £1098 Harpoon (1
Meal Hemet Aieeuli AVBB HeMMI ...... Hero* Ouaot II ....
HUISbeet Bluet . Hetoiytrie 181418...... Home
Alone ... Home Atone Cotoumg Book £14 98 Hook
..£1598 I Botham* Cricket £18
98 I ntet rtatonal Open Go* £16 98 Intarnstronal Sport* Che*
£1598 (that II ......£2098 SKWssiiz
Epic ---------- Eve of B*e Beholder EyeoftheBehcdderll.....
Fl5 Strike Eagle II .. F117ASteal8i Fighter* Fi9S«eIh
Fighter .. F2B Retalshor . Face Oft- le*
Hockey..... Eaton .. Falcon Mission
Disk I .. Falcon Motion Disk II ... Falcon
10 ... fk*----------- MC gar £1691 . £1698
£1598 £1898 £2098 £1598 C1498 £1898 legend * Krvxl* legend* d
Vsfcur lemming* lemmavg* end D*U De* Ismmatg* H .... laneng*
Data Dr*k lenerg* Si* nd Arons in* Del LvksIC LquM Kida * lost
Ti*a*uro*ollntocom lotu* Turbo Chatenge II lotus Turbo
Challenge III Lure of the Tsmjrtrea* Ml Tank Platoon MacDonald
land Mage Pocket* Man Uld Europe M DitkaUOmale Football Mega
Fortros* Mega Sport* Megatr water II Mlaoptoee Go* Uxtwrfcrll
Mig 29 Futotum Might ot Magic III Ucemtone Monkey Unnd Monkey
Island II Mouse (Swhchsttel „ Myth Nek Faldo Go* N
ManselWcrtJCtemp ORBITUS Otk Oeetden Pith *end» T Yet Pert'
latend* U' Pora*-S»ara Pt»A Go* Toe* .
PGA Cowttea Dak PrbalDteee* Pinbe* Dteeoa II Pc*.ubu* M Pcputou* II. (1 Meg: Power and Gtoiy * Pewter Up Compilation Premier Manager Protect X ... PuthOvet Put* Ragnorak Raikood Tycoon Reach tor the Skisa Red Baron ... Red Zone .... Bwoodt Rote ...... HobtnHood ----------------- Rcbocod . RcboccplH RotoSport* . Rookoe* LLT.L
* UM TOPTTTLES KM Gtovs* II Knaght Mare Krught d the S»y lawn
Uowsr Man • laender leatial Weapon SHADOW BEAST ii Stedow d Ore
Bee*' I Stedoe Vmdi Shulte the S» Saat* Service II Set Ant Ste
Earth Ste lte‘ Saepaon* SeepweAer MQ1200 SnowBrc* Soccer KM
Soup Trek * Space 1668 Spec* Ace II Space Gun
... Space Crutede • Upgrade Space Quert
IV Special Force* .. SleelEmpir Storeo MeMw
Slreel F ighlpr II Strke Fleet Sinker ......
Super Cauldron • ... Superfrog Super SW1V Serord d Hem our
Syndicate Tear Away Thomae Terms Cup 2 Test Ort»e III * The
Games 02 Etpsns Aterturne.
Akrwd Beast ArtenoMl ATOMINO Berber *r Barbarian II Batman TheMcvm Balfc aw** 1942 BtocM Money Cabal Call cm a Game* Cerrmr Command CekcaGT4Ra* CentMoM Squares Chaw HQ Ctoud Kam*m Cotoasu* the** Com bo Racer Ccefkt in Europe ConBnaolalC ucut Defeat Strip Poker Doubt* Dragon I or II Draoon Nut* FarSaay WotM D ft Fl6CombalPibl
F. OF.T .... Gauntet II . Gem X TOPTTTLES
Secret Saer Bme Secret Amp luft * Sen*** Soccer 92*
GhouMnGhcat* Gckdan A*s HasdouerHeefc £698 Maniai £698 Mane
Miner _____________ £698 M Jackoon Moonemker £698 Mmmght
ResoUnce £698 Mmwirter .. £698
MoonthsteRacer* .. £899 Murder
. £698
Nate .... C7» Navy Seek £598 New
Zealand Sloty £698 Ninja Remi.
£698 North A South ..... £698 Out Run ..... £698 Operalon Steath . £598 Operaton Thunderbo* £798 0petal on Wo* £698 Outrun Europe £698 Pang . . £698 Patua Kck bearing £698 Petdal MagK .. £698 Ptegkter ... £698 PntoCh . £698 Ptortrg £698 P.PHammet ... U ma Martian Dreamt* Ulbma V Ulbma VI ... Unneraal Master* UrMium II* . Irtopia ... UlOOB New World .... Video Kid . Vaayg Fmkfc d Conquest Vcyage Beyond Data Di*c
Vroom ..... Wahet ... War *i the GuH .. Aarwork* Whle Death (1 Meg) Wt* Beamish Wing Commandtr Wo Kid_________________
W. W.F WW F II Zocrf 5CG1200 £698 Hunter Met___ £698 IK* £698
impcoBtteUoson II £698 indy lad CrutmSe GrachK £698 James Pond
£898 Jet Set Woy £598 J Khan Sguash £698 KMG»et £698
LaMNaijall TOPTTTLES The* Eaiett Hcwr The Manager
ThtfMertearkAH 73M Thi Mer Jaw* Tip 0* Tok.
Toon WcrtJ * Tana*? ‘ T rooster* Trote 5001200 TV Spot* Baseball TV Spot* Bo.aig Turbe* II Twfcgm 2000 EDUCATIONAL AD Engkh 11 12----1 Adi Eaglte 12 13 Aol Eagtek 1314 AolFramckli 12 ADI Frewck 12 13 AD French 13 14 »Mathal1-12 I Mates 12-13 ADI Mates 13 -14 I Barter Spetkng 9 14 BaStor Math* 1? 16 Fun School 2 under 6 F un School 2 66 Fun School 2 oror 6 Fun School 3 under 5 Fun School 3 57 Fun School 3 7.
Fun School 4 under 5 Fim School 4 57 Fun School 4 7.
Junkx Typot mSKmS14'® Nodry* F'lsYBme The Three Beer* Run?h* Gaunt* RV.F. Honda ... She to* of the Beat' Shadow Warror . Sherman M4 .... 8MnoN ... Smash TV ...... Stargkder II Stunt Car Racor .. Supapte* ...... Super Cor* II Super OH Road tr»sa°" Swlfch Blade II BN* .. Terminator II Thunderalrtke TooMf Turrlcen II Unouchebiee ...... Work] Cham prcamlup Boung Zek MdOackee
3. 5 OS DO discs wrlh labels boisd m 1«‘a 0*35 OS DO .....£598 20
* 35 DS DO £1198 30*35 DS DO £1598 30*35 DS DO £2198 00*35 DS
DO £38 98 at add Sop per 10 rkocs ahen ordering to coust P 4 P
Pmco of Parma Pro Terms Tour Puunc Rck Dangerous 1 Ploaae
makec wm*andP0 “spayat*etofojjfo SoIBMrt P&PbCI OoportommtwUK
Orders under £10 pease add 50p per tem Euope addC350pot tom
Ebwatiereadd£5 50per Hem New (lies wM be sent as released and
are subfed K)maniAec8»er6pnce reviews E&OE.
Computar_ AMIGA Date_ Till* _ Prlca_ _ Prlca_ _ Price_ _ Prlca_ 16? __«WkP _r. 1 Total
• Not released at tare ol gorg to press Nama: Address: Postcode:
Card No: Exp Date Tel: Account No: Access Q Visa Q Cheque Q
P.0'8 Q Please Quote Account Numb* when Re OrOeftng ?83% AMIGA
Kaomts, ermania in ttiis fast GRANDSLAM AMIGA SCREEN SHOT JOINT
3 Rathbone Square. 28 Tanfield Road, Croydon. Surrey CRO 1AL.
England Tel 081 680 7044 1 A1200 SVGA Monitor (Displays all
modes high and low) £389
• A1200 SVGA plus 20’ Monitor (Displays all modes ideal lor
DTP.CAD etc £1044
• High Quality
• Renowned and proven reliability
• Top notch specification
• Anti-dick
• Long moulded cable
• Slimline design
• High impact plastic
• Cumana external drive
• Cumana external drive + 100 capacity disk box 2
• A50Q A500+ Internal replacement disk drive 3 Polished and
extremely playable.
Could even convert ¦ non-puzzle fans.
4 Round up all your unused and redundant disks (3 M DS DD only) re-label with the numbers titles you require and your membership number.
Send them with the return postage(25p per disk) to Lickshot Software and we'll send them straight back with your FREE P.D. ¦ A ‘dam’ fine game? no it • doesn't quite hold f enough water.
5 first saw Championship Manager when the two local programmers paid a visit to the then-ZZAP! Offices. Even though it needed some tweaking, I was immediately impressed by the painstaking attention to detail. No other management sim offers | such comprehensive player statistics and realistic human characteristics, eg a rebel- | lious player may fall out with the manager.
The ’93 update offers even more realism than before, adding foreign players, player scouts, managerial job offers, updated team and player stats, to name but a tew.
Perhaps the game's only weakness is the match representation just a few meters for defence, midfield and attack power but the text messages have been improved || for a better match atmosphere. At the end j of the day, the engrossing playa- i .
Bility ensures it’s top of the league IM of footy managers. ¦

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