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The company respond by sending in a cyborg, created from human and robot parts, to destroy the rogue machines. Developed by Mirage's In-house team Instinct Design this game looks to have it all. It will hit the shelves at the beginning of 1994 and promises to cause a stampede. The screenshots are trom the PC version, but it will also appear on the Amiga 500, A1200 and Amiga CD32. ¦ NOVEMBER 1993 ¦ y now you're probably itching to get your hands on a CD32. More marvellous than the Mega CD, blindingly brilliant compared to Cdi, this is the machine of the future! Not that we blame you. We've had one in the office for around a month now, and we're extremely impressed with its capabilities. Like the technically-similar Amiga 1200, it allows far more colours on the screen than the standard A500 600 and runs a lot faster ideal for the complex calculations involved in flight sims and other polygon- based games. The CD32 has one big advantage over the A1200 though as it runs off a CD, you can play a game from start to finish without swapping disks! Obviously some method of saving games will have to be developed before the machine can reach its true potential, but Commodore intend to allow unlimited third party development, so it should be just around the comer. So what do you have to do to win this amazing prize? Walk barefoot over the Himalayas with a Yeti on your back? Spend a night in front of the TV watching endless Dad’s Army reruns? No just answer this simple question; What company makes the CD32? For a tie-breaker, tell us in no more than 25 words why you desen e a free CD32.

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Document sans nom WIZARD!
A new adventure from Mental Image, a data disk for Syndicate, an * exciting CD release from Gremlin and more!
Your chance to grab one of these great new machines in our amazing Commodore giveaway!
¦ j I A peek behind the scenes at MicroProse undisputed kings of the strategy game.
There’s something fishy going on with the CD32. Is James Pond 2 a red herring' Get ready for bucket loads of hot stuff, all ready to burst onto the Amiga scene. Watch out for Rise of the Robots from Mirage and Gremlin’s Player Manager If as well as Utopia follow-up K240.
Our intimate guide through the minefield of full-price games.
Read carefully before rvmr GontifflS!
.REVIEWS FULL-PRICE PLAYTEST I Alien 3 |E Combat Air Patrol Covergirl Strip Poker ¦ Deep Core ¦ James Pond 2 ¦ Krusty’s Super Fun House I Napoleonics B Soccer Kid r 26 10 25 28 22 34 31 32 FORCE NINE MAIL Are you happy, sad, angry or just plain puzzled about the wonderful world of Amiga? Well get it off your chest, unburden yourself and write to the liveliest letters section this side of Mars.
Everything you ever wanted to know about balls, bouncing and [flippers but were afraid to ask!
[KSESi Wm 'xnewoc ¦ ' ! "" m lM BUDGET BARGAINS Strapped for cash or looking for a classic re-release? Either way don’t miss our trawl through the bargain basement.
THE TIPS SECTION Yet more insight into the criminal underworld with our supergrass guide to Syndicate , as well as a complete guide to Loom. Oh yes, and there’s loads of other bits and bobs too.
LEMMINGS LIFELINE We return once again to the magical land of the Lemmings for more solutions to the sections that are driving you crazy! I CUT-OUT 'N' CHEAT A hallowed guide with umpteen cheats and level codes to add to your sacred _ collection. Definitely .
Hotter than Hades!
NEXT MONTH We dish the dirt on the next finger-licking issue of AMIGA FORCE.
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Cean have abandoned their much-publicised Universal Monsters project. Despite being in development for some time (and getting good reviews in lesser mags) the game was nowhere near publishable standards and Ocean were unwilling to throw good money after bad.
Welcome, one and all, to the very latest issue of Britain's fastest moving Amiga magazine.
Fastest moving in every sense this month as we've just finished unpacking all of our stuff here at AF’s new editorial offices located in Newton Abbot.
Yep, we've finally moved away from the warm glowing lights of Ludlow in Shropshire and set up camp here in the even slower county of Devon.
There are pros and cons to this whole moving thing. On the up side we no longer have to share a coffee machine with the likes of the kids working on MEGA MACHINES. On the down side, we don't have a coffee machine anymore.
Anyway, it's almost lunchtime on the final day of this spectacular issue and we're all off out to the chip shop found downstairs when we were looking for the toilets. Oh yeah, not having a toilet is a bit of a down side as well.
There are a few new names to get used to this issue and we're sure you’ll agree that they are all worthy additions to the team. Check out the contents pages to see who we all are and what we do (during office hours!)
Coming back to more mundane matters like sex drugs and money, last month Phil said that we were coming down in price this month.
Well, not to put too fine a point on it, he lied. Not intentionally you understand, he just didn't realise how expensive it is to live in Devon.
Anyways, enjoy the new issue and don’t forget to drop the new team a line to let them know what you think.
I l.'1-J, l.'.lJ 111-.-1 1 remlin Graphics are to release their celebrated Lotus trilogy on a single CD.
Due for a November release, the CD32 CHRISTMAS SHOPPING MANIA!
You know how you always run out of ideas for Christmas stocking fillers? Well, worry no more. Just check out the great bargain titles available for only £2.99 from Daze Marketing.
In what Daze describe as a special Christmas offer at 'ludicrously low prices’ a host of top Amiga titles are up for grabs. The games on offer are Storm Master, Metal Mutant, Crystals of Arborea, Boston Bomb Club, Superski 2 and Starblade. You can get only compilation is to feature enhanced versions of all three games, taking advantage of the machine’s 32-bit architecture with new graphics and original CD music. According to Gremlin's marketing director David Martin, e Lotus image ha come one of the cst recognisable id powerful endorsements in the video games markets. To the consumer it's a
seal oval and to the arantee of aualitv Yes, but is it any good? The first game, Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge, is great. With its splitscreen two-player option, wide variety of tracks and almost arcade-quality graphics it has previously been (and some may argue, still is) bonnet and your hands on one or all of them by contacting Daze Marketing direct. Simply send a cheque or postal order to Daze Marketing, 2 Canfield Place, London NW6 3BT or telephone 071 328 2762.
Hurry up. Though, because Santa just might change his mind!
There are some great games in the Silmarils budget range, but also one or two turkeys. A quick look through the AMIGA FORCE back issues seperates the wheat from the chaff.
Onami's most eagerly-awaited game of 1992 has now become the most eagerly-awaited game of 1993! Konami have never been shy about hyping up Frontier Elite II, David Braben's Starblade, reviewed in Issue Nine, scored a less-than-impressive 23%. 'The hero', we complained, 'is very sluggishly animated’, and we concluded that 'the less said about this game the better' enough said. Storm Master did better, clocking up a respectable 65% in Issue Six it's not a bad strategy game at all.
Metal Mutant is a limited but fun beat-'em-up that won't hold you forever but at £2.99 is a bit of a barg, while Crystals ot Arborea, the first game in the Ishar series, is a neat RPG that's only let down by its sluggish running speed.
Fans of the multi-sports sim will find Superski 2 to their liking, but the biggest barg of the batch is Boston Bomb Club, a cool puzzler that owes much to Pipemania without being a clone. It's not exactly everone’s cup of tea (or bag of bombs for that matterj but.
Again, the negligable price jumps to mind... The only problem has been actually providing Amiga hacks and home users with a definite release date. Strangely enough, it's actuallly Kelly Sumner's Gametek who have come up with the goods!
Konami have now announced that Gametek are to handle the worldwide sales and marketing of the Amiga, IBM-PC and Atari ST versions of the game.
Gametek aim to release the game for the Christmas run-in on all three systems.
Previously Gametec have distributed a number of other top Konami titles, including Batman Returns, Top Gun and Wilson Prostaff Golf.
Konami are confident that Gametek will use their marketing expertise to turn the sequel into an even bigger smash than the original Elite.
Ace coders Mental Image are working on a blockbusting graphic adventure called The Reluctant Highwayman.
Played using a Lucasarts-style 'point and click' interface, the game features a shy, withdrawn hero who takes to highway robbery, not to make his fortune, but to impress the girls! 'We wanted to make a departure from the traditional swords and sorcery-type game', said a Mental Image spokesperson. 'That sort of adventure's been done to death'. No publisher has yet taken up the game, but expect more news as it’s made.
Also in the pipeline are the sequels to the Shareware fruit machine sim The Winning Post which, although only just released, is already a great success. Mental Image hope to produce several different machines, which combine to make a Pinball Fantasies-style multi-machine event.
The next game on the cards is based on technology, and will feature all sorts of subgames, some in which you have to 'win' a certain amount to access. They hope to make them interchangable within the game too, so you can take money earned on one fruit machine and spend it on another.
SYNDICATE SOFTWARE SUCCESS uses the half screen a fault corrected in Lotus Turbo Challenge 2. Unfortunately Lotus 3:The Ultimate Challenge isn't up to the standards of its predecessors, with horrible chequered roads and a car that virtually steers itself. You can't actually crash in any of the a Lotus games, a feature SJ imposed on Gremlin Graphics by the licensing agreement. Ajp So does the CD : package cut the x mustard? Well that all c depends on the price | ® which is to be arranged ] 9“ and the ¦ L. T!
Enhancements. The !
First two games are on budget already, so it'll have to be pretty cool if it's to take the chequered flag.
Gremlin are also planning a CD conversion of Zool (quelle surprise), based on the A1200 version, but with added ray-traced images. Also on the horizon are versions ot Zoo! 2, Lit’ Devil and Premier Manager, their successful footy management game.
|ullfrog are planning a data disk for their Ibest-selling and highly-acclaimed t Syndicate. Featuring different weapons, features and 50 new levels, it's bound to be a sure-fire hit with the original game's many fans.
C Among the many new features now available, the data disk will allow you to disguise your agent as a civilian and take out opponents by lobbing hand grenades over small buildings. The additional weapons include a Napalm gun, while you can also now use a transmitter to call down an emergency airstrike against the enemy.
There's also a multi-player option to link Amigas, allowing you to interact with a friend throughout the game.
The price and release date will be announced prepare yourselves DOUBLEHITTER Unhindered by their being taken over by the Sony corporation, Psygnosis continue their assault on the Amiga with two brand- new titles due for a November release.
Innocent Until Caught is a graphic adventure featuring a massive 10 Mb of data, realistic 8- way movement, an 'inteligent inventory' (whatever that is) and a comprehensive parser that lets you interact with virtually anything.
Characters and objects will be 'scaled' when moving into and out of the screen, giving the graphics a high degree of depth unlike some flat- looking games. It also has a plot that would turn John Major's hair gray if it wasn't that way already you play Jack T Ladd, who (in order to clear his depts with the tax man) becomes involved in 'a huge number of strange and indescribable activities that only the most liberal of minds would contemplate'. They also boast that the game's the first to feature SmuttiText™, CyniPlay™, and Virtual Pornography™ I Could they be heading for their first
18-certificated game? We'll have to wait and see... Less potentially controversial is Wiz 'N' Liz, a wild and wacky platformer with woads and woads of wabbits, wizards and wescues. We hope they don't wear out their ‘W’ key while typing out the manual!
K 2
- "m The game boasts mega-speed and a two- player game that’s
everything the head-to-head option on Sonic 2 should've been'.
A brave claim indeed.
Bearing in mind the game isn’t to be released until November, it’s surprising that Psygnosis are claiming 'outstanding reviews... in consumer press'. Or maybe it isn’t some magazines are almost prepared to review a box lid!
Psygnosis plan a huge promotional campaign for the game, and fully expect it to be a chart topper.
Formula 1 Grand Prix " Microprose 13 Desert Strike Electronic Arts First Division Manager " Codemasters ¦¦ Trivial Pursuit Hit Squad Premier Manager Gremlin Graphics w Body Blows 1 Team 17 Blade Of Destiny ' US Gold 10 RB12 IT Hit Squad WWF Wrestlemania ' Hit Squad ancunian software giants Ocean have announced their first ever release written specifically for the Amiga 1200.
Based on their latest character Mr Nutz, a 'squirrel with attitude' the game's due for a November appearance.
Unusually for Ocean the game isn't a character or film license, although they seem intent on making the red-furred one as instantly recognisable as Zool or Mario. The game is to benefit from national newspaper campaigns, a huge advertising budget, TV and radio coverage (they hope), a Mr Nutz roadshow and personal appearances throughout the country.
While the character of Mr Nutz has potential, is there room for another cutsie character at the moment? An interesting concept, its similarity to Sonic the Hedgehog could work against it.
• Pilot's manual
• Reference manual
• 4 High altitude charts
• 2ILS approach charts 740 Airports
• 1 A320 USA poster Available from: Centresoft 021 625 3388 •
Columbus 0457 860300 Leisuresott 0604 768711 • SDL 081
309 5000 Available on: Amiga, Atari ST, Falcon, IBM PC 8
compatibles Price: Amiga 8 Atari ST C35.99 • PC £45.99 ¦
Psygnosis, £TBA The Persian Gulf in 1990 wasn't a nice place to
take your Summer holiday. Saddam Hussain of Iraq cast his
greedy eyes towards the emirate of Kuwait, an oil-rich but tiny
state with which he had a long-standing dispute. On August 2nd
his tanks rolled Southwards, the Iraqi army (the fourth largest
in the world) soon overcame its titchy neighbour.
The rest of the world didn't take too kindly to this and set up a task force to retake Kuwait. The Americans in particular thought it was shocking that Iraq could interfere with the USA s oil supply in this way and instantly got on their moral high horse, saying Saddam wasn't very nice at all. They conveniently forgot that they’d been arming him throughout the Iran Iraq war of course they're nothing if not pragmatic, those Yanks (Bit of politics! Ed).
The task force entered the Gulf and operation Desert Storm was born, the Americans leading the charge and generally kicking butt (most of it allied).
This is the setting for Combat Air Patrol, a modern-day flight sim I from the makers of Air Support. As a USAF pilot, with your wing- ¦ How do you write a caption on a flight sim at past three in the morning? The answer is, you don’t at least not properly.'I wonder what a P-45 looks like, The Hornet (also known as the McDonnell Douglas Nothrop F-18 We'll call it the Hornet) is another multi-purpose attack fighter.
Although not developed specifically for the navy, it has been widely used to this effect.
¦ See that geek in the white helmet?
That's you, that is.
The large wing area and strengthened fuselage allow for a greater fuel and weapons playload, giving the plane a greater range and higher degree of self sufficiency, making it ideal for carrier launch.
The Hornet can carry a variety of air-to-air and air-to-ground missiles and it also has an M61 cannon mounted on the nose.
PATROL men in tow, you lead a series of sortees into and around Kuwait, persuading' the mustachioed monster to pack his bags. You can indulge in a little training, practicing specific aspects of ariel combat, take on a single mission or if you’re really brave go for the entire campaign. When flying the full campaign you can (if successful) re-write the history books and carry on into Iraq , blasting the Bagdhad Butcher himself if you're really lucky. The option to start a mission already in the air is available, and you _ can always tweak some ol the game's perameters to suit [ yourself if you
so desire.
Psygnosis obviously set out to create an 'arcadey' sim. The flight model’s been simplified for ease of play; for example, you can bank the wings without losing height (the plane should dip due to reduced lift), although you can still use the rudder to climb and bank at the same time. The weapons selection screen is equally painless, with default set-ups on offer. The overall standard of presentation is well up to Psygnosis' usual standard, with lots of outside views on offer and a resumb after each mission, using a variety of camera angles. You still have a fair few keys to press though this
is a far more complex game than, say, F-15 Strike Eagle II. The graphics are fast and polished, although, compared to MicroProse s mHHH Gunship 2000 or the (Tm-Ts-M forthcoming F-1I7A Stealth Fighter, the ground topography seems a little flat.
For a game that boasts accessibility as its mam selling point, the learning curve is a little harsh. It's not as user-friendly as Gunship 2000 either. You can’t set your own waypoints, the navigation map's not of the same standard and targets aren’t as clearly highlighted.
Even so, you soon get used to the game's idiosyncrasies and it's streets ahead of most other flight sims.
Combat Air Patrol is a sim for people who don't like sitting around for an hour watching the world go by just because genuine pilots are forced to do so.
It's simplified flight model will win it many fans, though we feel that combat's a little more awkward than it need be.
Nevertheless it's a great game a _ that’s sure to fly high in the B I charts. If'MI * ¦ Now that's more like it supping tea in the briefing room The Grumman F-14, aka the Tomcat, was developed as a multi-purpose fighter with sea deployment a specific feature. Because of it's outstanding performance it's become part of the backbone of the US Navy’s air support.
Powered by two General Electric F110 engines, it can reach a top speed of Mach 2.3 without losing an ounce of manoeuvrability. Its weapons systems can track up to 20 targets simultaneously, highlighting the six most threatening for immediate attack.
¦ Ready for takeoff, just make sure you don’t end up in the drink Combat Air Patrol has taken two years to develop, and at the time ot writing has only just been finished. So why did most Amiga magazines review it six months ago?
Several missions have been added since they reviewed’ the game and a number ot significant changes included, making their scrawlings redundant.
Anyway, it's here now, and it’s great.
¦ DISKS: 3 PLAYERS: 1 GENRE: RIGHT SIM 1200 COMPAT: YES * BHD INSTALL nun YES IIIICD mum 1 mi: , r , great little flight sim, but not as good as MicroProse’s Gunship 2000.
Below: Oh no another early morning caption, guys and gals. Could this be the one to ensure a dismissal sunsequent to the publishing of this issue?
* TACTICS - Sefeci one oi me mow. Easy set up auu-W-MClES options
* INTELLIGENT PASSING - Choose one or Brae ament modes for
pixel-perfect passing * ONE TOUCH FOOTBALL-Bundup moves
quickly and GffttUS0*006 C°n f°°* ° X5‘ l1 0(6 0C 1 1
os if the re ready to burst our of your screen!
S 1t REALISTIC ¦ V’o'iaOie winddtotffcn. Wind speed and pifcft conditions that realty INFLUENCE THE GAME PLAY
* ACTION REPLAYS - Select to replay in either GRANDSTAND or
TOP-DOWN mode.
A W , i rewind, fast forward, freeze % Wr W W frome Sl'0iV moftonj Vou con even ft ~ • _ ctange tf e comero , ongfe during a replay to fmwW J jppo. 5 F&atuffi!
SERIOUSLY FU t all started back in 1982 in the unlikely setting ot a business conference in Las Vegas.
IN THE BEGINNING Taking a break from the serious atmosphere of the real world, Bill Stealey and Sid Meier strolled into an arcade and began playing an aerial combat arcade game. Stealey just happened to be a former hot-shot in the American Airforce with considerable experience in high-tech flight simulators.
He felt that the game they were playing was little short of abysmal. Legend has it that Meier turned to him and barked, "I can design a better game in a week!" To which Stealey retorted, “If you can make it, I can sell it.” Meier actually took two months to complete the game, which they titled Hellcat Ace, but so the legend was born.
Since then the MicroProse name has become synonymous with high quality simulation software, which, although originally targeted at a primarily sophisticated adult audience, has now claimed a regular spot at the top of any best-selling list. Their hit list is long and distinguished, featuring smashes such as F-15 Strike Eagle, F-19 Stealth Fighter, Formula One Grand Prix, Civilization and Gunship 2000, which is their best selling game to date.
As MicroProse grew, it's turnover reached £14 million plenty of good times there, and still enough dosh left over for the journey home! The money was actually put to a better use unfortunately. The MicroProse lads decided to buy up TelecomSoft, the software publishing wing of British Telecom. It seemed at the time that the mam reason was to get their hands on the brilliant Stunt Car Racer, which was being programmed by Geoff Crammond at the time.
The game was eventually released on MicroProses MicroStyle label. The deal meant that MicroProse aquired the two production companies Firebird, who created the amazing Elite and Rainbird, whose Midwinter smash springs immediately to mind.
IN SOFTWARE Preview Special Nighthawk FI 17-A Stealth Fighter MicroProse are releasing yet another ot their superb flight-simulations and we were lucky enough to get our hands on a copy. So read on tor the latest news on this great new game... You know those weird shaped planes that look like paper darts and are supposed to be so quiet they wouldn't even wake your mother on a Saturday night? Well they're called Stealth Fighters(you probably knew that!) And one of them is the star of MicroProse’s latest action-packed flight simulation MicroProse describe it as The definitive simulation of
America's radar elusive jet.’. From what we've seen of it they seem perfectly justified to blow their own trumpet. One of the minions liked it so much he’s taken to wearing his Biggies gear to work! The game has all the usual features you would expect from a quality Microprose flight simulation. Plenty of control options, an impressive view from the pilot’s perspective, oh yeah and I’m sure that there will be a bumper Instruction manual to compliment the game, complete with pages of technical trivia.Let's be honest now it just wouldn't be the same without one of MicroProse's epic tombs.
You can expect to be impressed by the graphics in the game, which go a long way towards giving this flight Sim its authenticity.
MicroProse are almost unique in the software industry for their use of an exclusively in-house software creation team. This development relies on a team approach with professional game designers, programmers, musicans and screen graphics artists working on specific projects. To produce a new title can take these guys as long as eight man-years over a three year period and represents a multi-million dollar development and marketing investment.
MicroProse's Jason Dutton describes the company as having a strong commitment to, 'absorbing, exciting colourful and above all, fun’ computer and video games. To achieve this aim MicroProse employ 200 full-time staff and the company is spread across the USA, Europe and Australia. Not bad for a couple of blokes who got frustrated by an arcade game! Having established themselves as a strong marketing force on the 8- bits years back, they're now one of the biggest 16- bit developers around, and have recently started There's also a thumping sound track and some really authentic sound effects to
get you in the mood for your life or death missons.
The idea behind the game is to guide your Stealth Fighter across nine different missions. Each one is based around an incident occuring in a trouble-spot somewhere in the world. Get in, do the business and get out is the basic idea. No messing, no noise and hopefully no crashes.
Like all flight simulations the game takes some getting used to, but, once you've mastered the controls and become a dab hand at wizzing silently around the world, the game looks like it’s going to be another winner for MicroProse.
.piLiijm ¦ Gremlin Graphics n November 1992, it’s release did for footy games what Jack Walker’s millions have done for Blackburn Rovers, It shot them right to the top! Probably the best football management simulation ever. Premier Manager has figured highly in our Top 20 charts ever since.
Hoping to continue this unprecedented run of success. Gremlin Graphics have created the sequel, with the innovative title of I The game is designed in the same no-nonsense style as the original. Once again you begin your precarious existence as a football manager in the Conference League, with the goal of reaching the heady heights of the nation's top clubs. If you can prove your talents in the English League this game gives you the great new option of moving into Europe and managing one of the world’s most flamboyant teams. AC Milan here I come!
M2 m Additional Features Like all good management games, this will leave every aspect of running the club to you.
This time you will even have to ensure that there is adequate crowd control at every one of your team's games. Other extra features include weather conditions that effect games and can even lead to postponements, a four foreign player limit for European fixtures and a selection of eight different types of training camp. There will also be Premier Manager II data disks available, which will allow you to have a crack at competing in every other European league.
Gremlin promise stunning animation sequences. All we have to do now is wait for the big kick off. Will we be 'Over the moon’ or 'As sick as a parrot'? It's over to you Brian... K 240 Gremlin Graphics remlin's other imminent release is an exploration of the uncharted realms of deep space. In K240 it is the year 2380 and the cast-iron control of the Terran Empire is on the wane. The empire is struggling to maintain it’s power over 50 star systems, within which two alien races, discovered by man during his rapid expansion across the galaxies, are included.
Bitter inter-colony squabbles have reduced many areas to war and, as resources become scarce due to excessive mining, the Empire appears doomed to disintegrate into chaos.
TOTAL CARNAGE ?ital Carnage. Not exactly a nice, peaceful tame for a game. This image is reinforced y the blurb from ICE, who describe the game as The Mother Of All Battles'. Add to this a heady mixture of death, drama, action and humour and it doesn’t take long for the bloodlust to begin to rise.
The idea behind the game sounds logical enough. General Akhboob. Evil ruler of Kookistan, is creating mutant life forms at his well defended bio-nuclear research facility, cruelly disguised as a baby milk factory. You must ensure that his evil empire is destroyed before his mutants can wreck havoc upon the world. You can take the role of either of the Doomsday squad for this mission. Playing as Captain Carnage or Major Mayhem (subtle lads!) You must rescue hostages and capture the dastardly dictator.
Players can test their fighting skills through three battlefields in pursuit of the fiendish general. Armed with an entire arsenal of bombs and missiles, one or two players must dodge land mines, flame throwers, toxic slime, runaway jeeps and nuclear timebombs now that's going some! There will be the usual icons for players to collect to gain bonus points and weapon upgrades and by accessing the secret passwords players will be able to warp ahead throughout the game.
This looks just the ticket for working any frustrations out of your system. Expect this great coin-op conversion to cause carnage in the streets very soon.
The only hope lies in the independent mining colonies that generate resources from the barren asteroid fields lound deep within the uncharted star systems on the edge ot the empire.
You control one of these independents. The idea of the game seems to bo to enlarge your colony and expand its mining operations so that you can extract more ore to sell to the empire.
This is a pretty strategic game. You must invest time and money in scientific research, as new inventions mean increased productivity. On top of this the game throws in the added twist of protecting your operation from an unknown enemy that has been sabotaging your equipment.
The concept sounds great but will K240 make the grade? Expect more news soon... C*-® 5 ®t © • 0 • © _© . • 0 3.
¦ Hollyware The terms.'unique' and puzzle game' don’t sit too well together as a rule, but Hollyware s next release breaks away from the 'falling blocks' and matching squares' approach and might yet achieve the impossible and add something new to the genre.
Gameplay couldn't be simpler. Connect the rotating cog to the stationary one via a series of others placed by yourself They come in three sizes, but you can't choose which to use next that decision is forced on you, a la Tetris. Watch out for gremlins rusting the machinery too.
Gear Works is certainly original. Only time will tell if it's a classic puzzle game. At the moment it's a little sparse, but anything can happen between now and its September 23rd release date. Full review next issue.
...... i S 4 is*"'"' Fkd __ ¦
- ¦ llll * ' ver had one ol those days? You know what I mean,
when everything just seems to go I from bad to downright awful.
Well spare a thought for the stars of this original new game
from ICE, They’re a race of super intelligent beings who have
launched a rescue mission to save the Earth from certain
destruction. The only problem is that they are a bunch of
tiddlers. Very small fish that is. Which isn't much use when
you're trying to save the human race. Your task is to guide the
team of 20 fish back to their mother ship so that they can
increase in size and get on with the job at hand.
GULP ¦ ICE E Within the game there are 50 levels of action to negotiate, each with it's own peculiar problems. These range from sports and toys shops through the depths of underseas caves to a crazy scientist's laboratory. You must guide your gang through these treacherous levels avoiding the many pitfalls and obstacles that block their fishy path. There’s no doubt that this sounds like something a little bit different. Expect more news in the very near future.
¦ Mirage t’s beat-'em-up time again, with this year's most overcrowded genre getting yet another member. For once though it's not just a tired rehash of Street Fighter II. Instead. Rise of the Robots features some of the best ray-traced animations ever seen outside of PD demonstrations.
I The structure of the game was created using 3D modelling software, which makes the images used extremely realistic, very well animated and simply a joy to view. The characters also seem to respond quickly to a large degree of control commands. No Space Ace style trade-off here between the graphics and the gameplay. This game manages to combine the two. When you do get to see it check out the morphed liquid robot which shatters when destroyed for an example of the graphical capabilities. The blockbuster movie Terminator 2 immediately springs to mind.
This game also boasts a plot. This sort of thought is often lacking in your standard beat- 'em-up. The game is set in Metropolis 4, a vast electronics building that produces military and industrial robots. All human staff have been replaced in the plant by a robot overseer named ‘The Supervisor'. This robot was immensely intelligent, consequently, when an ego virus infected his circuits, he had little difficulty taking over the plant’s security system and wrecking havoc. The company respond by sending in a cyborg, created from human and robot parts, to destroy the rogue machines.
Developed by Mirage's In-house team Instinct Design this game looks to have it all. It will hit the shelves at the beginning of 1994 and promises to cause a stampede. The screenshots are trom the PC version, but it will also appear on the Amiga 500, A1200 and Amiga CD32.
¦ NOVEMBER 1993 ¦ y now you're probably itching to get your hands on a CD32.
More marvellous than the Mega CD, blindingly brilliant compared to Cdi, this is the machine of the future!
Not that we blame you. We've had one in the office for around a month now, and we're extremely impressed with its capabilities. Like the technically-similar Amiga 1200, it allows far more colours on the screen than the standard A500 600 and runs a lot faster ideal for the complex calculations involved in flight sims and other polygon- based games. The CD32 has one big advantage over the A1200 though as it runs off a CD, you can play a game from start to finish without swapping disks!
Obviously some method of saving games will have to be developed before the machine can reach its true potential, but Commodore intend to allow unlimited third party development, so it should be just around the comer.
So what do you have to do to win this amazing prize? Walk barefoot over the Himalayas with a Yeti on your back? Spend a night in front of the TV watching endless Dad’s Army reruns? No just answer this simple question; What company makes the CD32?
For a tie-breaker, tell us in no more than 25 words why you desen e a free CD32.
Answers on a postcard to: 'IT'S COMMODORE YOU TWERP' COMPETITION, AMIGA FORCE, Impact Magazines, Ludlow, Shropshire SY8 1JW.
Make sure your entry reaches us by December 14th. Any arriving after this date will be eaten and regurgitated by an office minion, before being returned to sender! V jMI C THE eEHTKE @F teg.
WTS Electronics Ltd, Chaul End Lane, Luto COR Amiga 4000 Packs A500 Plus £187 £217
• 32-bit 68020 Full power
• On site warranty
• Two Python joysticks
• Free Pamt package software
• Mouse mat ¦ A1200 Standalone £274 ¦ A1200 with 20 MB £354
• A1200 with 40MB £399
• Al 200 with 60MB £424 ¦ Al 200 with 80MB £439
- Al 200 with 120MB £509
- Al 200 with 200MB £599 Amiga 1200 Packs A1200 A600 Hard Drives
Amiga 500 Hard Drives SVGA Multisync Monitors A1200 A600
Memory Upgrades » Al 200 PC 1204 4MB ? Clock |Caproop«cnj£ 1 98
• ProRam 2MB PCM-CIA A600 A1200 £ 118
- ProRam 4 MB PCMCIA A600 A1200 £ 12 7 » ProRam IMBA600 £37
• A1200 Real Time Clock £ 17 am £FM a Philips 8833 MKII Monitor £
1 89 Commodore 1084s £194 1 When purchasing with an Amiga
deduct £10 from above pricing
• Dust cover for the above £5 ?
• 14'720"Super high resolution colour display
• Professional IBM compatibility
• Complete with cable
• Full UK warranty
• Tilt & swivel stand
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• A1200 SVGA+ Monitor (Medium resolu tion, displays all modes
high and low) £274
• A1200 SVGA+ Monitor (High resolution, displays all modes) £369
• A1200 SVGA plus 20" Monitor (Displays all modes ideal for
DTP.CAD etc.) £1044 A! 500 £342 £842 £1042 Pro ROM Swapper
Peripherals Workstations
• Ergonomically sound 1 Facilitates up to three external floppy
drives 1 Made in the UK ’ Strong and robust | Aesthetically
pleasing | Keep your desk neat and tidy 1 Supplied complete and
assembled with free mouse mat £36 £36 £36 1A500 Workstation
'A600 Workstation 'At 200 Workstation Workstation Coverall dust
covers £ 5 1100 Capacity lockable disk box £5.99 'Squick mouse
£13.99 'Mouse mat £1.99 ' TDK high quality DSD 10) disks £9.99
'Computer Mall DSD (10)disks £6 ' Jet Fighter joystick £13.99 '
Apache joystick £6.99 ' Python joystick £9.99 '.Zipstick
joystick £14.99 ' Screen Beat speakers £29 ’ Zi-Fy speakers £39
' A500 A600 A1200 Dust covers £4.99 ’ A500 Modulator £36 ' Mini
office package £54.99 ' Supra 2400 Modem £89 ' Supra Fax Plus
Modem £148 ’ Supra v.32 BIS Fax Modem £358 ' Allows image
processing in a useful and unique fashion ' Comes complete with
operation manual ' One of the fastest growing applications for
home and professional users ’ High specification coupled with
cost effective pricing ' Power Hand Scanner ' 64 greyscales
100-400 DPI ’ Thru'port to printer ' Fully compatible with
Delux Paint 4, etc. ' Advanced software Power Hand Scanner v3 0
£96 ' Power Hand Scanner Colour £229
• Swap between Kickstart chips
• Fits A500. A500+, A600.A1500
• Auto swapping via keyboard control
• Flexible cable allows the swapper to work in conjunction with
accellerators etc.
• Simple to fit - full instructions
• Pro ROM Swapper £ 18
• Pro ROM Swapper + 1.3ROM £37
• Pro ROM Swapper + 2.04ROm£40
• Workbench 2.04 plus manuals£49 Seasonal Sale • Seasonal Sale •
Seasonal Sale • Seasonal Sale • Seasonal Sale • Seasonal Sale •
Seasonal Sale • Seasonal Sale • Seasonal Sale IHMSAL EXCELLENCE
1984 N, Beds, LU4 8EZ TEL (0582) 491949 (6 LINES) Pro Agnus 2MB
A500 Memory Expansions
• Provides a full 2MB o Chip Memory for the Amiga S00 and
A1500 2000 • Designed and built in England • Supplied with 8375
Obese Agnus • Includes 2Mb Memory on board in the form of low
power Zips • Allows the processing of elaborate animation and
sound sampling • Provides the same max chipmem- ory as the
A3000 A600 &5001 • Increases addressable memory space from 9MB
to 10MB • Complete with full instructions and flying leads •
British made
• Pro Agnus 2MB £139 (Free fitting available - Phone for details)
High Current Power Supply Cumana 3.5" External Drive Chips and
• Allows the addition of peripherals without damage to computer
or power supply
• Why risk damaging your expensive kit when one simple investment
will ensure total peace ol mind now and lor the future
• Switch mode design
• Full crow bar projection
• British made
• A600 Power supply unit £44.95
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• Renowned and proven reliability
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• Anti-click
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• Citizen registered lor Dealer plus service
• Swift 1200+ £129 (9 pm. 80 column. I44 CPS draft. 30 N10. 4KDB
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45dB qutel mod*)
• Swift 200 £186 (24 pn. 80 cobmn. 216 CPS 72 10.4308 qu* model
• Swift 240 Colour £259 (24 pn. 80 column. 240 CPS 8010.43o8
• Swift Pro Jet £299 180 column. 50 noi» pcml. 360 CPS draft. 120
L0. HP emulated 8X8 bulter. 3 fonts, verlual larer quaMy) WTS
have sole distribution ights from Amencas biggest Commodore
chip distributor Workbench 2.04 Kit £78 1 includes manuals.
Di«s f. thipl Kickstart 2.04 £24 Kickstart 1.3 £29 Kickstart
ROM Swapper £18 Iswxp between KicKsunsi Fatter Agnus 8372 £29
Obese Agnus 8375 £39 High Res Denise £24 1 MB x 9 Simms (3
chip) £29 1 MB x 4 Zips £14 8520 CIA £9 sales hotline 0582
491949 (6 lines). 0480 471117 (24hr . Fax on 0582 505900 Credit
Card ordering by phone is easy. Simply phone our sales hotline
quoting your credit card number. Expiry date, name and address
and the products you wish to order and we ll do the rest.
Alternatively write the above details on your lette- when
ordering by post When ordering by post in cheque form please
write your cheque card guarantee number on the reverse of the
cheque and send along with your order. Postal Orders are also
NO DELIVERY CHARGES TO UK MAINLAND MINIMUM ORDER AMOUNT £15.00. ucj P Should you wish your order to be sent by courier service please add £5. This method includes Comprehensive insurance.
WARRANTY: One year return to base (excluding chips).
ONE YEAR EXTENDED WARRANTY: Available on all products (excluding chips) at 10% of purchase price when ordering.
Head Office WTS Electronic Ltd Chaul End Lane Luton 0582 491949 Computer Mall Bedford No. 16 Downstairs The Harpur Centre Bedford 0234 218228 Where To Find Us!
Computer Mall St. Neots No.6 Priory Mall Shopping Centre St. Neots 0480 471117 Computer Mall Hertford 49 Railway St. Hertford 0992 503606 Computer Mall Dunstable 84 High Street North Dunstable Bedfordshire 0582 475747 Seasonal Sale • Seasonal Sale • Seasonal Sale • Seasonal Sale • Seasonal Sale • Seasonal Sale • Seasonal Sale • Seasonal Sale • Seasonal Sal' 1 Reviews!'
Pond is F.I.5.H.’s best agent and is licensed to gill. He has carried out some of the agencies most deadly missions.
An expert athlete and master of all martial arts, Pond has recently been surgically implanted with revolutionary new oxy-lungs which allow him to function to his maximum ability while out of water.
James takes his XR9i Grannyscarer out for a spin without realising how stupid he looks.
Pond is a snappy dresser and can speak over a dozen languages including dolphin, crab and even shark.
Admiral Nelson is the founder of F.I.5.H. and an ex-wrestler. Don’t be fooled by his eye patch as there is absolutely nothing wrong with his eye and he moves the patch from one eye to another at will. The Admiral is a salty old sea dog who is forever talking about battening down the hatches.
Fis the chief of F.I.5.H and as such his true identity has never been revealed. F's specially designed office keeps his face in shadow at all times. All F.I.5.H agents receive their mission briefings from this mysterious character, as well as any specialist equipment they may require for their mission.
Hes suave, debonair and, well, orange actually! As you might have guessed, James Pond II Robocod is just one massive pun trom start to finish. It makes little use ol the CD-32', apart from a great trailer for James Pond 3 and a new soundtrack for Robocod. The actual game itself is exactly the same as the original, it's just a shame that the CD-32 couldn't have been used to create a better new version. If you already have an earlier game, I would have to question the worth ot spending money on this.
ROBOCOD CE _F -J I- J ¦ On the sports equipment level, after the second set of spikes, collect the items in the following order LIPS, ICE CREAM, VIOLIN, EARTH, SNOWMAN. The first letters of these items spells LIVES which will give you infinite lives. ¦ m jfijjj -rss.
- -Of i-vnW
* »* % 1 M ¦ PLAVERS: 1 ¦ GENRE: PLATFORM ¦ 1200 COMPAT: N A ¦ HD
INSTALL: N A IIIIIIICl I llllll I ¦mm mm Dr. MAYBE
J. A.W.S. (Junta Against World Safety) Alter this madcap
scientist's useless inventions where rejected, he turned to
crime and swore to wipe out peace and harmony wherever he
found it. Dr. Maybe’s world domination plots have been foiled
so many times by Pond, his fondest wish is to turn Pond into
fish fingers.
The most deadly crime syndicate ever, made up of the most deadly gang of criminals ever. The whole syndicate is controlled by the evil Dr. Maybe. It is James Pond's sworn duty to put a stop to any J A W S, agent wherever in the world they may strike.
)nly slight cosmetic changes make this different from the earlier versions.
RpY6'hii6Y OyDsy Please send cheque PO's (made out to Premier Mail Order), or advise Visa Mastercard number and expiry date to: Dept AMF11, 10 Tinkler Side, Basildon, Essex, SS14 1LE Tel: 0268 271172 Fax: 0268 271173 Telephone orders: Mon-Fri 9om-7pm and Sot & Sun 10am-4pm. We are open 364 days a year P&P and VAT is included for all UK orders. Please add £2 P&P for Europe and £3.50 for Rest of The World!
"Next day delivery service available £4.00 per item UK only".
1869 20 99 3D Construction Kit 2 . . 32 99 688 Sub Attack ..10 99 An Bucks 1.2 ... 19 99 An Bucks 1.2 IAI200) ... 22 99 A320 Airbus IUSA) .22.99 A320 Approoch Ttomer* 22 99 Abandoned Plocos 2 ..22.99 Airbus A320 (Europe) ...... 22 99 Alfred Chicken ... 17 99 Alien 3 ... 19 99 Alien Breed 2‘ . 19 99 Alien Breed Special Edition .... 10 99 Altered
Beast . 6 99 Ambermoon' .. .20 99 American Gladiators ....16 99 Amos Proffesional Compiler 24 99 Amos The Croator .....29 99 Amos 3D ....24 99 Ancient Art of Wor in the Skies . 22 99 Animation Classics ....27 99 ...... Arobion Knights IA12001 19 99 Archer Modeons Pool 16 99 Arsenal FC* ....16 99 Assassin Remix .9 99
A-Train ..22 99 A Train Construction Kit .....1 2 99 ATAC ..22.99 B17 Flying Fortress (1 Meg) ..... 22 99 Batman Returns ....16 99 Bat 2(1 Megl .26 99 BotHetoods ... 19 99 BC Kid 16 99 Beosdord ......17 99 Beavers 17 99 Benefactor 19.99 Blode of Destiny 26.99 Blaster ..17.99 Blob
....17 99 Blues Brothers ......8 99 Bobs Bod Day .....17.99 Body Blows ..18.99 Brion the lion ..19.99 Brutal Sport, .25.99 Burning Rubber ..... 16 99 Coeso. Deluxe ..19.99 Campaign 22.99 Campaign 2’ ..22.99 Campiogn Mission Disks 11 99 Capiive2* ...20.99 Cardioxx ......8.99 Castle, (A
1200) ..24 99 Championship Manager 93 ...16 99 Championship Monoger '94 Season Disk 7.99 Choos Engine ....16.99 Choos Engine (A1200) ..17.99 Chuck Rock 2 .....16.99 Civilisation (I Meg| ....22.99 Civilisation (A12K)) 25.99 Claws* ..17.99 Cohort 2 ....19 99 Combat
Classics ... 22 99 Combat Air Patrol ....19.99 Conon The Cimmerion* ....19 99 Covergirf ...17.99 Creepers ......19.99 Crusoders of The Dark Sovant ....27.99 Cyberspace* ......22 99 D-Day ......22.99 Darkmerc* ..20.99 Dark Seed ....20 99 Dark Sun: Shattered lands* 21 99 Deepcore 17 99 Deluxe Music
Construction Kit 2.0 ...59.99 Deluxe Paint 4 AGA .... 64 99 Oonnis .17 99 Desert Strike ..19.99 Diggers |A 1200) .....19 99 Disposable Hero ......17 99 Dogfight* . 22 99 Dune ...... See The Greatest Dune 2 ...20.99 Dynablaster 19 99 Easy Amos 29.99 Entity ....19
99 Evrofseon Champions .17 99 Eye of the Beholder I Meg) ....19 99 Eye of the Beholder2 (I Megl... ..21 99 Eye of the Storm* ... 19 99 Exodus 3010* .. 19 99 FI ..... 1799 FIS Strike Eogle 2 ...... 13 99 F15 Strike Eogle 2 11 Meg| Iseo Combot Classic) F16 Combat Pilot 8 99 FI 7 Challenge. ..10 99 FI 9 ..., 11.99 FI 17 A
Niqhthawk Stealthbghler .....2299 Fokon 3* ..24 99 FA Premier league Football ...17.99 Fast Food Dizry .....6 99 Fat Mon .. I 7 99 Fmol Fight 8 99 Fire Hawk ... 14 99 Fne and lea ... 16 99 First Somutai & Mego lo Mania 19 99 Flash Back ....26.99 Fliqhr of the Inlrudei ......10 99 Flight Simulator 2 .24.99 Flight Simulator 2 Western
European Tou' 13 99 Footballer of the Year ..5 99 Formula I Chompons* 17 99 Formula One Grand Prix ..22 99 G2 ......1799 Galactic IAI200) ....19 99 Global Gladiators .17.99 Globdule .... . 19 99 Goal ...20 99 Graham Gooch World Clas, Cricket ..19 99 Grand Pros Circuit 8 99 Gruesome* ...16 99 Gunship 2000* (1
Meg) ..22.99 Harrier lump Jet ... 2299 Haipoon 8 Buttleset 2 22 99 9 99
9. 99 13 99 .17.99 8 99 Harpoon Bottjeset 3 ... Harpoon
Bottlesef 4 Harpoon Scenario Editor Haroquest 2
. Hill Street Blues Hired Gum . 22.99
History line
1914-18 ..22.99 IK-*
....6.99 Ian Botham
Cricket . 10 99 24 99 22 99 29 99 29
99 29 99 17 99 1799 19 99 7 99
..10 99 ....16 99 19 99 ...19 99
See the Greatest ....16 99 17 99
.18 99 ..1799 .... 20 99
16 99 26 99 .. 1799 10 99 ..17 99
. 24 99 ..17.99 ...... 1999 1B 99
1999 .....12 99 See The Greatest ..... 12 99
Indy Jones Ahanbs Adv (1 Megl....
Innocent . Interbose
2.0 ...
Intorspead ... Intmtalk 2.0
International Open Golf
Chomp-oship International Rugby Challenge Ishar 2 Jock Nkklaus
Golf ...... Jock Nicklaus Extra Course Jaquar XJ220 11 Meg)
... .
James Pond 3 ...... Jame, Pond 3 (A 1 200) Jimmy While's Snooker. .
John Madden ..... Jurassic Pork Jurassic Pork (A 1200) ... K240 .. KGB ... Key, cl Maramon ... Kings Quest VI legacy of Sorasil* legends of Volou' lemmings 2 (The Tribes).... lemming, Double Pock------ ItonHeort ..... living Pmboll ... loom .... lure of the Temptrot, Ml Tank Platoon MocDonoldi land 1799
22. 99 1999 8 99 19 99 19 99 1799 1999 12 99 13 99 10 99 18 99 34
99 17 99 19 99 17 99 8 99 599 6 99 22 99 17 99 19 99 19 99
19. 99 17 99
13. 99 6 99
11. 99
16. 99
17. 99 6 99 22 99 1499 19 99
9. 99 19 99 I 9 99 16 99 6 99
22. 99 17 99
19. 99
9. 99
16. 99
17. 99
19. 99 699 10 99 19 99 16 99 19 99 9 99 6 99 22 99 2299
6. 99
16. 99 6 99
22. 99
19. 99 8 99 19 99 8 99 16 99 1999 9 99 16 99 1799 1799 1999 . JC
99 )) W IV vs tC V9 dW '6 9 !« 06 8 99 1999 6 99 17 99 8 99
1999 22 99 Moelslrom
. Mogicion,
CotHe ... Monchestar United
Europe .. Manchester United Premier league
Champ, Mavis Beacon 2 ..... Mean
Arenas .. Messengers of
Doom Micro Mochines* Midwinter 2 Mig 29 Fulcrum
Morph .... Morph IA1200) MrNutz Myth ...... Narco
Police Nick Faldo, Golf ...... Nicky
2 .. Nigd Mon sell
World Chomp ..... Nigel Mansell World Chomp (A1200).
No Second Prize ..... One Step Beyond Operoton Thunderbolt Operator Stealth* Overdrive* . Overkill (A1200) ...... Perfect General Perfect Generol Data Disk. ... Perihelion .. PGA Goll Courses . PGA Tour Golf i ...... Pinball Fantasies Pinball Dreams .. Pinbull Magic . Populous 2*... Populous & Promised londs .
Powermonger .. Powermonaer Data Disk 1 Prehistoric 2*.. Premier Monoger Prime Mover Prince of Persia .. Project X .... ProTwum Tour 2 . SS' Railroad Tycoon (1 Meg| Rainbow Islands Rampart RBI 2 Baseball Reoch for the Skies ... Realms j 1 Meg) Rick Dangerous Road Rash ... Robocop ... Robocop 3 . Robo Sport Rodland Rome AD 92 .
Rookies ...... Ryder Cup Sabre Teom IAI200I ... Vrabole © bn IIV*1 Seco-v: hr. O*
* * •’ (J Mot**, lUcmO w«g.
Sexre* Munkey liono 2 Wo*-e V- ? I V) t) Sere-v Shadow lands . Shadow of Beast 3 . Shadow Warriors . Shadow Worlds ..... Shoot Em Up Con Kit Shuttle ..... Silent Service 2 (1 Megl . Silkworm 5.99
S. lly Putty ...16 99 Sim City
Deluxe ...22 99
S. m City.Populous 19 99 Sim Earth
...22 .99
S. m Life (A1200) .....22 99 Simon The
Sorter or ...... 22 99 Simon The Sorceror (A
1200) ..29 99 Simpsons |see DreamTeaml
Sleepwalker ....21.99
Slicks* 12.99 Smash
TV ....6 99 Soccer
Stars Compilation ......I 6 99 Soccer
Kid ......17.99 Space
Hulk ......22.99
Legends .....19.99
Storush* ..... 16 99 Star Trek |AI 2001 22.99 Street
Fighter 2 ...19.99 Strip
Pofcer.Dolo Disk ...6.99
Super Barbarian* ......16 99
SuperCors 2 8 99 Super
Cauldron .16.99 Super
Fighters .17.99 Super
Frog ....17.99
Super Hong On ....6.99 Super Herd1 19
99 Super league Monoger ..17.99 Super
Tetris ..16.99
Switchblade 2 8 99
Sword of Sodon ....8 99
Syndicate ......22.99
Syndicate Data Disk .....13 99 Team
Yankee 2 11 Meg) ..19.99 Terminator
2 ...... (see Dr com Team) Theatre Of Death
.....19.99 The
Greatest ..21.99
Patricion .24.99
Their Finest Hour (1 Meg) 19.99 Tom londry Strategy Football
.27.99 Tornodo*
22.99 Trocon
2 ...37.99
Tronsortico 17.99 Tro*s (A
1200) .1699
Tro*s .....1699 Turbo
Cmlenge ....899 Turbo
Challenge 3 ... 1699 Turbo
Outrun . 6 99 Twilight
2000* . 20 00 U96
.2299 Universal
Monsters* ......17 99 Ulopio 2*
Volhollo .19.99
Walker 20 99 Wor in
the Gulf .. 19 99
Waxworks .... 22 99 WixN
lir .19.99 Woody's World
......1799 Worlds of legend
17 99 WWF2 1799 WWF 8 99 Wizkid
....16.99 Xmas lemmings
12 99 Yo
Joe 17.99
Zoo! A1200 ... 16 99 Zool
2 . 1799 AWAKI)
WINNER8 I'opuloun. Kick Off 2.
Spare Ace. Pipemnniu £10.99 SPACE LEGENDS Wing Commander.
Ihite, Traveller 1
19. 99 BOARD GENUIS Cluedo, Scrabble.
Deluxe Monopoly, Kiak £19.99 SPORTS MASTIR Lump*an Championship Iwt PGA four Golf.
Advantage Trnms, Indy S00 COMBAT CLASSICS F15 Strike Engle 2, Team Yankee. 688 Attack Suh V 2 HOT 2 HANDLE Golden Axe, Super Ofl Road Racer, Total Recall. Shadow Warrior* £19.99 DREAM TEAM WWF Wreatlemania, Simpsons.
Teminatur 2 £17.99 DIZZY COLLECTION Fast Food, Kwix Snax, Fantasy World Dili), Treasure I*. Diny, Mug)cLand Diny £18.99 DIZZY’S EXCELLENT ADVENTURES Dinv Panic. Bubble Diny.
Diriy Prtnee of Yolk Folk.
Spellbound Dili). K*tk Baa. £16.99 STRATEGY MASTERS Battlemaater. Populou.. Hunter, Spirit of Exralibur, Chew Player £17.99 SOCCER STARS World Champ Soccer.
Kick Off 2.
Microproae Soccer FANTASTIC WORLDS Mego Lu Muniu.
Pirate*. Populoua, Realms. Wonderland £22.99 BIG BOX 2 Bark In the Future, The Heal (iho.tbu.ter.. R type. Sinbad.
AraalyU. Ltafrndrr of I hr Earth, Shanfxi. Botibui.l TV Sport. I'oMball IK £19.99 FOOTBALL CRAZY Kick Off 2 14 Meg, Player Manager. K( 2 Final Whiatle £9.99 ANIMATION CLASSICS Space Ace, Dragon’, lair 2, Wrath of The Demon £27.99 THE GREATEST Jimmy Whlte’a Snooker. Lure of The Temptreaa, Dune £21.99 SPECIAL OFFERS Chunk Ruck .10.99 Dizzy Panic--------------------------------------- ..8.96 Kick Off 2 1 Me* Kick Off 2 Final Whistle .... ..9.99
- .7.99 Kick off 2 Winning Tactics Microprase
Golf .....- .. ..5.99
14. 99 Pa perhoy 2----------------------- .. Sabre
Team..... . Seymour Guea To
Hollywood .. »h»dD*..rld» .
Thubderxtrke ..9.99 ..9.99 ...6.99 9 9* 5 9* Viking* Wing cmmaoder..... Am. 1...... 999 1499 |«99 EDUCATIONAL ADI English (All Age« .. .17.99 ADI French A.I Ag»,- ADI Ma tos Ail Ages• Be.tw NpelUog 110* ------- I ' 99 H9* II 9ft Fun School I Pur. Set*.4 tliSl .. 69ft Fur. Nr bool t 1L61 FunScboi ) 15 »• ..... Pun School i L 7i ... 6«ft
16. 99 I6.*ft
P. .r NeKr.J Bil.Rl If aft Fur. Seboot H57* 169ft
1699 Fun School Paint & Create (over 5+) .17.99 .17.99
...9.99 .10.99 Magic Maths
(4-11) .13.99 Math* Mania
(8-12) ... .13.99 ...9.99
Merlin Matha (7-11)---------------------------- .17.99
Mickey*. 123*1 (2-5)
Mickey’s ABC (2-5) .16.99
.16.99 Mickey’s Colour* A Shape* (2-5) ----- Mickey** memory
Challenge l5»l ... .16.99 .16.99 .16.99 Picture
Fraction. (7-10) .. ...9.99 Playschool
(3-8) ...9.99 .17.99
Willows ...... .13.99 The Three Bear.
(5-10) .... .13.99 JOYSTICK & ACCESSORIES
Addup 3.5* Disk Box (80 Copocityl .6.99 Addup
3.5* Disk Box (40 Capootyl .4.99 Qj u oy
II 96 796 Corvereor P-o 5000 0exp**eor Poltbo 11 J Meg Lpg-ade
1) 56 1*96 24 96 Tert j VfVJVOC •.** ¦ 656 996
• •••••••••••ft* TDK VERBATIM 10 X 3.5" - 7.99 20 x 3.5"-14.50 50
x 3.5" - 35.00 100 x 3.5"- 65.00 PRECISION - BOXED
• • • 10 x 3.5" - 6.49 20 x 3.5" - 11.99 50 x 3.5" - 26.00
UNBRANDED - LOOSE 10 x 3.5" - 5.99 20x3.5"- 10.99 50x3.5"-
23.99 100 x 3.5" - 44.99
• ••••••••••••ft RECYCLED - LOOSE 10 x 3.5 - 4.50
• • • 20 x 3.5 - 8.50 30 x 3.5 - 12.00 40 x 3.5 - 15.00 50 x 3.5
- 17.50 100 x 3.5 35.00 RgttewS!* |+ A.
* 10 - r) rj _IA_ M !? 2 1+ 7 Why spend your money on this?
9Kt vc* «* trdr.
- .
¦¦ 1 ?
I, - § & f * ea afejgj dk* • J 1 a J rffl *
* ¦ - '-™ ||* V. W, f!,| + m !: •. ¦HI Lih * I I iviitfii tiiij |
P r r n 1 - r* yi ¦ I mi ¦ • 10 I UJ Depraved, tacky,
demeaning probably the worst excuse lor entertauNJnment that
we’ve ever encountered.
Is this the game for you? We sincerely hope not!
I Enter your name as INDIGO for a sad cheat to win every game and get to see the | girlies undress.
- • - TE2T1J |
* z
* z 4 ¦ ? 5 I L m » 6 I 1 t 8 J 1 I, III I Cover Girl Strip Poker
is definitely not a good game. Okay so I got | to see plenty
of flesh, but that was only because everyone else in the AMIGA
FORCE office kept losing so badly! The actual game left a lot
to be desired, and not in the way you're thinking either The
game features jerky, monochrome strips and poorly designed
stills, which make a really bad job of utilising the CD's
capabilities. Basically this isn't worth it. Let’s hope that
somebody puts the CD32 to better use in the future.
|ll III A lousy game.
Nuff said?
Virgin £25.99 he bitch is back’ screamed the posters...and in this film licence you’re left wondering if they mean the alien or Ripley! After crash landing on a prison planet, Ripley discovers that once again she has brought something sinister with her. However, in contrast to the film, here there is more than one alien: in fact there are now thousands of the evil little devils! She’s also on her own in the game, without the help of the convicts that came to her rescue in the film.
Anyway, lets have a look at the game. It's a platform shoot-'em-up in which you as Ripley must rescue a group of humans held captive by the aliens. You must free all the hostages before making your way to the exit and the next level.
You have four weapons at your disposal, each of which has it’s own advantages and disadvantages. The machine gun is your standard shooter: the flame thrower kills faster but lacks the range: the rocket launcher is the most powerful weapon, ideal for blasting through locked doors but too slow to use on the aliens: while the grenades can be used to kill aliens you know to be hidden off screen.
FT I *]
* an-r * gees&u Animated Aliens True to the film, for once, the
aliens are incredibly fast. Though they only take a short burst
of fire to kill, or a single blast from a grenade, you have to
be quick otherwise the aliens will be on you before you can
release a shot. It is also vital to watch out I for creatures
that appear beneath you. Although the more you play the game
the easier it is to anticipate them.
Unfortunately, the aliens move so fast that they render the movement scanner, in the top- right of the screen, all but useless. Still it could be worse. At least when Ripley is hit by an alien they don’t drain much of her energy, though they do leave her stunned for a short while. This is an excellent touch. As a rule I hate energy bars because they take the urgency out of a game by allowing you to take hits to gain time.
Here the loss of a few precious seconds while Ripley recovers reinjects that feeling of danger.
That’s the guts of the shoot-’em- up element of the game sorted, but what about the platforms?
, Well, they're great too! Each r level is incredibly well I designed. They are large 1+ K J enough to allow for
- Challenging exploration, but not so large that they become
Combine this with the moody graphics and gory FX to give you an atmosphere of gloomy claustrophobia ideal for an Aliens game. Aside from the odd mobile platform, Probe have omitted most of the clever devices found in pure platformers. Good thinking guys - they would have only got in the way of the great gameplay anyway!
However, on the minus side the game has no kind of level codes. Why the hell not? It seems obvious that people will get annoyed with _ always having to redo the early levels. I Despite this, Alien 3 is still an enjoyable game. However, the lack of a level code system and the difficulty that the radar has in tracking the aliens inevitably take their toll on the overall mark.
(Right) This guy looks like he is auditioning for a Solvite advert!
(Far Right) Read the tip time yet?
Well, this is where you do itl DEVELOPERS: PROBE ... DISKS: 2 PLAYERS: 1 GENRE: SHOOT-’EM-UP 1200 COMPAT: YES HD INSTALL: NO (Top Left) Turning license into a liberty in the film there was only one alien and not a gun in sight.
(Bottom Left) The descent into hell continues as the mobile platform carries Ripley deeper into danger. This gal's tough though so don't go writing her off just yet!
Ii A great platform shoot- em'-up, but a couple of flaws prevent it from being a true classic.
I There's some neat tactical play on otter here, like roasting a robot through an open door then retreating when he fires, letting his bullets explode harm- j lessly against the closed portal. Unfortunately I the game as a whole is boring. The rising and I falling shutters aren't difficult to negotiate (just 1 run under it when open, wait a while when shut), I so their only purpose seems to be to slow you I down. Also, parts of the game are too claustro- I phobic for their own good, encouraging you to I stand toe-to-toe with a baddie, neither of you I able to take evading action. Sorry guys,
but 1 Deep Core did nothing for me.. ¦ ICE £25.99 DEVELOPERS: IN-HOUSE I DISKS: 3 ti PLAYERS: 1 ¦ GENRE: SHOOT-’EM-UP ¦ 1200 COMPAT: YES IIIIIIICCC mil IIIIIIH llllllljp.
BfTMAP BROTHERS VOL 1 onfyCIAM Mo C«SMr»ISpeMtall DREAM TEAM onlyCIB.M Twandor u Smpasaa, W.W.F. RAVING MAD only C12.BB Mega r« ra. Rodlwd. Brhoood SPACE LEOEMOS only C16M
* ¦» -* MaaMmtaki I. E t» wtmg Co* aM* SOCCER MAWA only £11JB
Fodtal 4 Oaoat Bcccm. Foatal mw wc ia»M«a i»* COMBAT ClASSIC
only £26W F19 SMI f qmw S tad SenTca ¦ aM Pact: Itlaaaa
BklBOXorrtytlSM C«|U-Boo4 TmTme-BwtfcOASdwiGwa TMMaeOuM*
BetMePM P«mS« 0«n KfypK. £« mpM B «o.
TEST ORNE ¦ COLLECTION or*yt15M MmrneCamC ommCMtaMP £ main C «!..?. DM t«* Can BIG BOX 1 only Cl •-*• Bad to Ow P «r»a ut B-T a ¦«. . Raal Gncmt«M a Owcrrwfarra tv $ wi»«ial Shangbat WaaMa SaM4 Boabooaal BOARD OE*USontyC17.M CwxtoUMtw DmwawernWRid 4 WHEEL DRNEonly C1B.M LaaiwiCekaOURit. T«aaS«na» aWCoa bo Racar POWER PACK only C14.M lanoi 2 TV SpdrtaPodtmi B1000eych and LeabardRd* MOLLYWOOO COLLECTON 0My f18H RoboCc* Glwdbwttn 2 imwm Joam BdaaattwMovts RAINBOW COLLBZTION onkyPlH Nee MM0 Mory. Bubbte 8obbta Rthbcw lilaidi XkekTOASa5 rtyaa» FIB StrM Eafta II, B4B Huct i * aM Teaa Van.ea TRIPLE
PACK 1 (SPORTS) only Cl 2M UercproM Sooow PwmKIc* Braha CO Pod MNJA COLLECTION only n 1M 0 Draqoa BbaBca Wmimr. D NH|i TRIPLE PACK I (ACTION) only Cl 1H StraatfqMar. Hic» Oangw«u»ll. UU Cruaada Actttr THE GREATEST only £19. M May W(a«. Vftrt.mdSi*xMt. lui. rtlw Tendrm* aadDsM AWARD WINNERS ONLY tl 4.99 Kiel OB II, P«aaenta SpwaAca and Poputou* 2 HOT 2 HANDLE only C12.M aomtt A«a ToUl RecaA 8 ha*» Warrior.
Super OP Road Racing STRATEGY MASTBt only C21.M beUem P«*M Hudw.
C 21 SO *M Sprt* d Exataw SUPER FWKTER orrty C16M P HqMar. W.W.F, FtMl F*M MEGA MIX only Cl 2M Laandar. *gx»y and Or* DtZZYS EXCEL LEHT AC7V ENTURES only t16M 0«y P B-eamObz,. Omz, '¦» • v«a Pod wdKMSAM NAPOLEON ICS ontyCTAM
• nno BooOm AamMta SPORTS COLLECTION orrtyCllB* Raa t»a Gawdd Pro
Teaa. Tew aad WWU C« Soccw Rata Kl SPORTS MASTStS orBy C18M PGA
Tow Gcd. TWy S00 Atf itage Tww* .« £ Ckampcaaha 1Ba?
ANIMATION CLASSICS only Q7 M BaawAaa DmtMiUei WimbdlMOwioe ACHON 5 only C19.M Rea Oaegararaii GhcmSdara H. Oeeak« Supw Sh aM Hard DrMrg CREDIT CARD HOTUNE: 081 889 9172 ENOUHY ORDER UHE: 081 361 5730 24 HOUR FAX UNE 081 361 2733 118a Palmers Road New Southgate LONDON N11 1SL TOPTTTLES Saabbie (US Gold) Soond Samurai.... Saciat Sarar Bladaa Sanate Soaar 92 93 SHADOW BEAST II Shadow dthaBaaat III Shadow WorUa S*aM8arvicall ...... £11.98 SMA AMIGA TOP TITLES AMIGA £1998 KngaQueatVI*lA1200) £37.98 £1898 KrwjM Ma e . £1t.99 . £1298 Krogh* ol the Sky £1298 £8 90 lambowghim USA
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Repairs undertaken to Amiga 500 computers at £44.95 Inclusive
of parts, labour, VAT and return postage packing Commodore
registered for full technical support Computers repaired in
the quickest possible time All machines will be overhauled
with a full soak-test to ensure optimum reliability Entrust
your machine to the experts, full 90 day warranty Repairs to
disk drive and keyboard also included (extra charge possible
if found to need complete replacement!
Repairs to other Commodore systems undertaken - phone for details Upgrades and expansions supplied and fitted - phone for details £44.95 To rate advantage ol this exceptional Oder, simply send or hand dellvci you! Compulei to out workshop complex, address details below, enclosing Ihls advertisement voucher payment, lault desctlpdon. Terum address, along with yout dayllme and evening telephone number and we will do (he rest.
Should you require Croup 4 SecutHy return dellvety. Simply add £5 00 to Ihe repair charge.
qgR WTS Electronics Ltd Chaul End Lane Luton Bedfordshire LU4 8EZ Tel 0582 491949 (6 lines!
(We reserve the right to re|e l machines which. In our opinion, are beyond repair Normal charge applies) ' Spot the soldier! Just where did | the blighter go...?
ST Format Gold' screams the box.
Amiga Format Gold’, ‘CU Screenstar... I'm afraid we beg to differ. Despite picking up numerous accolades as individual releases, this three game compilation of Dr. Peter Turcan's Napoleonic wargames is anything but playable.
Let's start at the beginning. Unlike most wargames, Turcan's efforts don’t use an overhead hexes and icons system. Instead he uses a battlefield view based on what a commanding officer might have seen. To change the perspective you must move the command post, and hence the view of the officer. Turcan is also very keen on 'the fog of battle’, preventing the player seeing anything the commander can't see.
Orders are conveyed via messengers. This takes time depending on how far the messengers have to go and whether they are captured or killed en-route. An added dilemma is the limited number of messengers you have to hand; run out and you are stumped.
Thus, Turcan's games aren't wargames in the traditional sense but battlefield commander simulators whether this is a good thing or a bad thing is a matter of taste.
So how good is the game? Sadly, not so good.
The graphics are appallingly indistinct and look like they're ported from an 8 bit machine and updated like a tranquillized slug, almost reminiscent of The Hobbit on the Speccy. The biggest drawback is the need to type commands like move, attack, look or time into a text box at the foot of the screen. What’s wrong with pull down menus? At every stage, the slip-shod presentation and intrusive interface conspire to keep you i from reaching the heart of the I'm not one for criticising Napolean's shoe boxes move closer.
Looks deadly, right?
But there's no at all for a doesn't need lot’s of intrusive animations and effects to make it fun. Battle Isle springs to mind, but neither should the presentation work against | you. Peter Turcan is an excellent historical researcher and obviously knows how to design wargames. However, if he worked with a decent programmer these games could be blinding , but... Shame really isn't if?
His game s so dire we thought you’d be more interested in the battles that make up the Napoleonics compilation j Austerlitx 180S _ The cunning, vertically-challenged French commander was up | _7*-_ against both the Russians and the Austrians in this bloody battle To worm his way out of a tight spot the clever little bleeder tricked his foes into thinking that he was a beaten man. They launched a reckless assault and Napoleon kicked butt! He lost only 12% of his forces compared to their 33%.
DEVELOPERS: DR PETER TURCAN . ¦ DISKS: 1 f" I PLAYERS: 1 _ _ I GENRE: WARGAME PI O' ¦1200 COMPAT: YES __J BHD INSTALL: YES While Josephine was getting seriously frustrated, the under-developed one was being run out of Moscow. The Battle of Borrodino was technically a victory for Napoleon but his forces took such a hammering that he was forced to retreat. With these worries on his mind it s not surprising that Naps had a headachel Things just got worse for the stunted one. His hand had to be surgically removed from the lining of his coat for one thing, Josephine was demanding her dues
for another, but, perhaps most worrying was the trouncing he took away to Great Britain!
¦ If there’s a game in there, it’s almost impossible to find.
Can you change the course of history? Do you want to? Was Josephine's passion ever sated? II you really want to find out then you could check out Napoleonics. Alternatively, just get a good book!
Hich idiot decided to stage the 1994 World Cup in America? A Yank's idea of football is two teams of forty- odd goons wearing armour plating running into each other. These over-weight, over-paid and over-rated pillocks can go through their entire career without ever kicking a ball, yet they still call it football.
I digress. Despite the title. Soccer Kid doesn't recreate the sport the Americans are trying to hijack. It's a platform game, but for once it actually tries to add something new to the genre as well as leaping from platform to platform you get to kick a football around. It's no mere gimmick either booting a ball at the baddies adds real panache to the game, and there’s a host of other moves to perform too. His goal in life (pun most definately intended) is to repair the World Cup itself, stolen by an invading alien and smashed into five pieces when he crashed into an asteroid, the shards
landing in different countries. All in all there are 30 levels to complete with five bonus stages and loads of hidden bits to discover.
¦ Soccer Kid can do more than just run and jump. He's a regular Pele, performing all sorts of tricks with a ball. Despite the complexity HIT DESIGNER UP DOWN CHONGE SHIRT LEFTy'RIGHT CHONGE SHORTS mnrw m The old joke 'Birmingham City are on the ball... no they're not.
They've fallen off it' takes on a new meaning in Soccer Kid he really is on the ball!
¦ Crouch down to fall through thin platforms. If he's still got the ball, he’ll take it with him.
¦ When a baddie comes at him head- on, the kid can blast the ball at it.
J An exceptional technical achievement When you know there’s a baddie on the way that takes more than two shots to kill, blast the ball long and hard then run Over 'ere Son, On My Head™ As you travel through the various countries you must pick up soccer cards, the sort that come in packs of three with a stick of bubble gum. Once you’ve got the required number (which isn’t easy some are very well hidden) you enter a bonus stage which, if tackled correctly (another deliberate pun), gives a piece of the tattered trophy.
Graphically the game is little short of amazing, with pixel-perfect backdrops and out-of-this-world animation. Soccer Kid himself moves like a dream, and the way the baddies drop dead when mashed is pretty neat too. Some of the collision detection is a little out, but overall the game's an exceptional technical achievement. There's very little disk swapping involved and as well as recognising up to three extra drives (!) It utilises any extra memory you have to reduce swapping still further.
It's difficult to find fault with Soccer Kid. Maybe it gets a little samey after a while, but if you're into M .1*91 platformers this one's not to be I WIj missed. I® ™ ¦¦ ¦ Try a sliding tackle to get under low gaps. Again, this works with or without the ball.
¦ He can also use it as a handy trampoline ideal for reaching those difficult-to-get-to platforms high above SK's head.
¦ Watch out for his trick kicks too by bouncing the ball as shown... DEVELOPERS: IN-HOUSE i DISKS: 4 Jra PLAYERS: 1 ft*) GENRE: PLATFORM 1200 COMPAT: YES HD INSTALL: NO ¦ If you’re feeling really smart, try overhead kick. It doesn't really have much of a bearing on the game, but hey why not?
A wonderfully original platform game, programmed to perfection. Great!
KRUSTY'S SUPER FUN HOUSE ¦ When Krusty opened his Fun 1 House to the public he expected to I make big bucks. Problem is he didn't really think things through, and now the damned place is a rat-infest- ed health hazard.
That's the basic idea behind this tun little problem-solving plattormer from Virgin.
Although not ot the same standard, it can be as tiendish as Lemmings in places, with some real thought needed to trap the rodents. The graphics are great, particularly the mad machines I controlled by the Simpson family, for squashing | the disease-ridden intruders.
Krusty's has some original ideas and is worth I a look if you love Lemmings. It could ensnare | you in ils trap! ¦ fa WTWTWVWTW dxirir Virgin Games, £25.99 t's amazing the effect Bart Simpson's had on popular culture. His cartoons are only on Sky TV over here in Britain, so the majority of the population haven't seen them, yet he's still bloomin everywhere. You can buy Bart pencils, pens, figures... I won’t labour the point, but no- one can ignore the jaundiced joker we all know and tolerate.
Likewise you can’t avoid Lemmings. Although they're cute enough en masse, individually they're as ugly as Bart
- blue-coated blobs with hair that looks like a mouldy tea cosy.
’But what's all this got to do with Krusty's'?'. I hear you
cry1 Plenty Krusty is Bari's pal in Ihe cartoons and his Krus
rather save-'em-i I game owes more than a passing nod to
Lemmings Confused? It [you're not by now you soon will beH ¦
Krusty has a problem. His fun house is plagued with rats,
strange, purple ones that walk on their hind legs. Rather than
hire the Pied Piper, he decides to blow them away himself. He's
enlisted the help of Bart and Homer, who bring along their
heavy but effective anti-rat machines.
Like Lemmings, the rats trundle back and forth with sea Krusty must fir pipes which, if manipulated correctly, i rats to walk straight into the traps where they’re crushed, inflated or fried t manipulate their environment in a i direct way than in Lemmings, though i control at all over the rats. Nor can you control the various nasties that injure our yellowskinned buddy but leave the rats untouched.
Look out for bouncing balls and pies to use as ammo. The levels are cleverly designed and there's enough of them to keep you going lor a while.
So is it as good as Lemmingsr?
Alas, no Although the aim of both games is to get the critters to a given point on the screen, because I Krusty's is a killer rather than a er save-'em-up the rats are safe unless you succeed This robs the game of the (urgency enjoyed by [emmings. Where the Horeatures die in a whole host of I ways which you must anticipate and counteract.
If you haven't already bought* Lemmings 2, buy it first. It ¦ you're looking lor a game that’s similar without being a clone, look no further
- 111 Ammo is severely limited, so j don't waste it. ¦
200 COMPAT: YES HD INSTALL: NO ¦¦¦ Krusty hat been warned about
snake bites , but will he listen?
¦ A colourful, cute cartoon creation, and an interesting cross between Lemmings and Toddlers.
It Just awesome!... best Mega Drive game I’ve ever seen or played!99 PAULGLANCEY Megalech (UK) it Flashback... outperforms Another World - it’s by far the deeper game of the two 99 DOMINIC DIAMOND Gamesmasler TV Series (UK) CIARAN BRENNAN Games Retailer (UK) THE CRITICS HAVE CAST THEIR VOTE- FLASHBACK IS THE WINNER available for your Sega Mega Drive.
PC & Compatibles and Amiga
• •..nd -MCA- and ' it ...there's over two-thirds of the year
left and I can honestly state that Flashback is the game of the
year! 99 SIMON BYRON The One Amiga (UK) InlarnallMial INI
Want to earn yourself a year's subscription fo AMIGA FORCE? Of course you do! Then write us a letter of outstanding quality and win the much-coveted AMIGA FORCE Letter rave! Our special thanks to the readers who sent in their works of art keep sending the scribbles, guys and gals.
Dear A-Force I’ve read Jake Dyer's letter in Issue Nine about his dog (Jobber) and feel must tell you about my pet. I have a Lower Mongolian Lesser Spotted Tree Sloth who is a dab hand at Robocod as well as making yellow stains on my carpet (I call him something obscene when he performs the latter stunt but his real name is Waterworks).
Now about your mag...excellent!! The only fault in it is the amount of space you take up for football games!
How many people do you think have Sensible Soccer (not to mention those who despise football games) I just can't understand how you manage to fill 2-3 pages with sloth excrement about Sensible Soccer every month! Other than that I love your great mag.
Finally, keep the cut-out-and-cheat cards and the Action Replay pokes.
Mark Cowling, Essex.
¦ Come on now. Be honest, you're making your pet up aren't you? I know that for a fact because our Mighty Mongolian Muskrat told me so. That was when I could tear him away trom his game of Sensible Soccer mind you. You have to remember that footie games are among the most popular on the Amiga and we at AMIGA FORCE have to bow to public demand. Most of our readers love football games as much as us football is the peoples game after all! If I could also give a mention to Goal!, undoubtedly the game ot the moment in these hallowed offices; a challenge on that may be a nice idea (not that you
care much for that I guess!).
Despite putting you in your place like that I did actually like your letter so congratulations on winning a years subscription to AMIGA FORCE, footie games and all.
Chris ¦ Console characters get their cummupance from master of mutilation, Mark Cowling. Mark took our call to arms to heart from issue seven, absolutely bombarding us with all manner of masterful creations.
Taz apparently took a bruising from some shameless AMIGA FORCE fans, another of Mark's creations (hey, you can only have so much space) while some character from Lemmings 2 gave Sonic what for courtesy of Richard Daly. Keep 'em coming!
About learning on the job, maybe starting as a slaffwriter to get a good grounding in the industry before moving up the ladder into editing Oh, I almost forgot, it helps if your a devotee of computer games too!
Dear AMIGA FORCE I am writing to you with a question I hope you can answer.
Whatever happened to James Price? He was my favourite reveiwer But he started to do less and less Ihen stopped altogether! So I was wondering whatever happened to this most excellent of human beings.
Stephen Hay, Dublin James is now the Editor of that most excellent' C64 magazine, COMMODORE FORCE When tie gets the time, he does do the odd review for us, but he's a busy person, you see However, he does have a lot more to do with AMIGA FORCE than most people would expect Chris QUESTIONS, QUESTIONS Dear Force boys I really do hope you print this letter because I have not yet read of someone from Coventry in your Force 9 mail. So hopefully I will be able to make history.
Anyway lets get to the point. I have listed some questions that I would like you to answer.
1 Will there be a decent Amiga wrestling game?
2. What is Man Utd Europe like?
3. Is it true that Mortal Kombat will be coming out on the Amiga?
4 Are there any decent boxing games for the A600
5. Will there be any more Sensiblo Soccer cups in your mag? As I
think I can beat anyone at the game (Isn’t he modest? Ed) It
you do not print this letter I will sell my Amiga and buy a
Megadrive (Go on, I dare you Ed) David Gilbert, Coventry
LOTIONS You're a feisty little devil David. Print or else ‘eh
Not only that but you want us to be nice and answer endless
questions. Well just to show we harbour no grudges here are
the answers
1. No.
2. Crap.
3. Yes
4. No.
5. You'll have to keep buying the mag to find that out won’t you
Chris DEAR AMIGA FORCE Regarding your magazine, I find it very helpful clear and concise and it's cheap! However there are a few points I find could be improved. I was having a flick through my friend's Sega Force Mega and I found areas which could be added to Amiga Force to make it more attractive. First, the cover on Sega Force Mega is much more sturdy than Amiga Force’s cover, which feels flimsy and tears easily.
Secondly there is a buyers guide in Sega Force Mega, which gives a view on the game, price publisher and the rating This avoids having lo flick through back issues for past reviews. How about including reviews for the CDTV CD32, as there are a fair few games coming out tor the CDTV arid loi CD32? That's all I can 'I m ik 1 his must really he pr. Lying on you' mind J It s all you .
About Craig1 In like I).line 'or those machines as and when we hold ..inI fora CD 12 review I'm glnd BhNMBK you like the mag and always mce to get some feedback from f ‘ our readers I promise we do lake notice aHSH ¦ Wooaahhh! No doubt on dangerous ground, Richard Daly, aged just 11, has sent us his rendition of poor old Sonic who, and we quote, “got a bit of a shock (when) he ran into Blanka last night". Having kicked back in his favourite directors chair.
Sonic is obviously in need of a good rub down and a nice glass of cherry ade. Or should that be first aid?
Answers on a postcard please... CRASH RE-HASH?
To all at A-Force I have been reading yourgreat mag for several issues now and, one day, while (licking through the mag, I noticed that the A-FORCE team comprises a large number ot ex-CRASH writers. Furthermore, you are still at the same Ludlow address.
Can you settle it for me, once and for all, are you the same old team that wrote this great magazine?
What lead to the demise of CRASH and your 'emigration' to A-FORCE?
The mag's great, it brings back memories of the good old days at CRASH.
Mark Philpott. Norfolk A CRASH die-hard, eh? Those 'good old days' were indeed a laugh and a half, but. With the demise of the Spectrum, il was inevitable that the magazine would go the same way (economics and all that). Many of the original CRASH staff did move over to other projects at IMPACT and. As you rightly point out, some even made their way to AMIGA FORCE. Fret thee not for the heady daysof the 8-Bit, though Mark the reign of the 16-Bit is upon us and, hopefully, we can match the standards fhal you found in the pages of CRASH.
Well that’s enough musing for this issue. Do please keep sending your letters in. I promise you we read every one you send.
ORDER DIRECT ON OUR 24 HOUR CREDIT CARD HOTLINE - 0272 767630 Signature ....Expiry Date .
I enclose a cheque postal order made payable to Home Entertainment for £ or debit my Visa Access Card No.
Name .. Address .. All T-Shirts are 100% Colton, Machine Washable.
All goods are despatched within 28 days.
..Postcode .Tel. No...... Now completed coupon to: Home Entertainment, P.O. Box 100 Colne, Lancs BB8 9JS HE IMP 7 ITEM CODE PRICE PLEASE ADD POSTAGE T-SHIRT El.50 EACH ITEM PLEASE ADD POSTAGE CAP E1.00 EACH ITEM PLEASE ADD POSTAGE JACKET £4.00 EACH ITEM TOTAL ORDER VALUE £ I Pull-out Guide j Unfortunately these don't work on the CD32 version (there's no keyboard!).
Before selecting the number of players, type in: EXTRA BALLS five instead of three DIGITAL ILLUSIONS stops the ball going out of play EARTHQUAKE disables tilt HIGHLANDER heavier balls VACUUM CLEANER clears high scores FAIR PLAY disables cheats ¦ The Arcade is opened by hitting the button to the right of the entrance easy-peasy with the top flipper. Your Arcade winnings are random, ranging from No Score to 5 million. Perhaps the most useful prize is the lighting of the side lane extra balls. If you're really confident, you can even deliberately knock It down a side lane to collect
the extra ball before Tilting as the ball reaches the bottom of the slope, so it hits the peg and rebounds upwards back into play! Of course, this is a useful technique to master for when the ball goes down the side accidentally.
¦ Shooting the from the spring lights up the le- bonus counter scoring technic bonus tor Imm down the cage ¦ A hidden hallway is located in the loop, behind the Skyride. Make the ball stop at the very top of the loop to find it and activate the 5* bonus on the Cyclone, ¦ Repeatedly shooting the Skyride lights the Rocket Lights for bonus multipliers, and enables you to light the word PUKE flick a flipper to change the letters lit, so the ball goes over an unlit one. Completing PUKE lights up the letter Y in PARTY, and puts 5 million points in the Dragon’s Mouth (don't forget to collect it).
Shooting any Skyride Loop combination within ten ¦ Shooting the anticlockwise loop (including from the spring start) followed by the Tunnel lights up the letter P and earns a million points. Not only this, but as the ball comes out of the Drop Zone, you can attempt to knock it straight round the Tunnel again for 3 million points. Every time after this you get 5 million points with practice this technique can be a massive points earner. Even if the ball rolls back out of the Tunnel entrance, you can Tilt it across to the flipper for another go, as the bonus lasts ten seconds, you II usually
achieve it without trying).
¦ Shooting the ball round the clockwise loop is achieved with a fairly late flick of the right flipper. Each loop lights a MAD letter completing the word MAD lights a CRAZY letter. So it takes a total of 15 loops (unless you collect extra CRAZY letters in the Arcade) to do this and activate the Mega Laugh. This can be an even better earner than Happy Hour if you get it right, receiving 5 million tor each ramp or passage in 25 seconds.
M NOVEMBER 1993 ¦ ¦ Lighting up the PARTY letters takes a long time but it brings up Happy Hour. The latter awards a million points for every target hit during 25 seconds the best place to knock the ball here Is towards the three mushrooms at the right end ot the loop. Make sure you collect the jackpot from the Dragon’s Mouth too.
The xdockwise loop (including mg s t followed by the Cyclone lets 3 and adds one to the el - aever. This isn’t as good a niq as the Tunnel, as there’s no m(.- e repetition the ball rolls ge c‘ve to the right flipper.
S this table has a lot of instantly available big points (in the Arcade, and especially repeatedly hitting the Tunnel), even a novice should get a respectable multimillion score.
However, getting much more than 50 million isn't easy. The best way to play the table is a balanced approach, varying your tactics to gradually light Happy Hour and Mega Laugh around the same time make sure to collect the Jackpot during these. Always go for the Cyclone Tunnel with the top flipper after the spring start or anticlockwise loop. And from the Drop Zone, always go for the Tunnel for multimillion repeat bonuses.
¦ Hitting the Duck targets is easiest done from the left flipper. Light all three HIT letters and you can collect the next snack from the trap under the top flipper easiest done by hitting the ball while it’s on the very end of the right flipper. Collecting all three snacks lights the letter A. Quickly shoot the ball round the anticlockwise loop to hold the bonus and double it.
¦ Knock the ball up the Jump ramp with a caretully-timed flick of the right flipper This lights the G in GEAR and, if you've already hit the two ramps in quick succession, increases your speed. For every two speed increases, the next car add-on is enabled indicated by the numbers 1 to 5, and collected either up the Offroad, the Jump ramp or the lane to the left of the Pit-Stop.
¦ The safest way to get the ball down to the bottom half of the table is by knocking it round the Offroad passage (lighting the letter E in GEAR). However, even this isn’ 100% safe as the ball occasionally rattles the bumper and heads down the side chute keep a careful eye out for this, and Tilt if the ball starts rattling sideways.
¦ Lighting the PIT letters enables the next bonus multiplier, collected in the Offroad passage. However, it’s not really worth concentrating on this unless the ball's already been in play a long ¦ Hilling the BUR letters lights up the A in GEAR, while the NIN' letters light the R. As the G and E are easy to light up. The BURNIN' letters are your main area ot concentration when trying to go through the GEARS to enable overtaking. The BUR letters are most easily hit Irom the left flipper Pressing either flipper rotates the order of lit letters, but you don't have time to select the unlit letter
for the ball to hit. It's down to luck just keep trying.
The NIN letters are easiest hit with a late flick of the left flipper. Sometimes you can hit the top N as the ball goes up the right ramp, and it'll stop at the top and come back down quickly flick a flipper to change the order of lit letters, so the top N is unlit again: the ball often hits it on the way down ¦ Two position lights stad flashing every time you light GEAR. If you get a lot flashing at one time it can be a bit oft putting, so you’re advised to collect' them by shooting the two ramps in quick succession. Get to 1st position and you can go for Goal located in the Pit- Stop.
This awards 5 million for every ramp hit during 25 seconds. It also' enables the Jackpot during this time collected by shooting the Jump ramp.
Get this and you can collect the Super- t Jackpot from the Pit-Stop.
As you need to visit the Pit-Stop twice .
For the aforementioned huge bonuses, it's wodh practising getting the ball in there. The best way to achieve this is by keeping the top flipper up as the ball rolls towards it from the right, then flick as the ball’s about a third of the way along the ¦ These ramps are easiest hit from the opposite-side flipper. The left one is the trickiest: flick too late with the right flipper and you hit the star panel to the left of the entrance the ball then shoots between your flippers before you have a chance to react.
This table can be a bit daunting for beginners. Often the tendency is to concentrate on repeatedly lighting the PIT litters to bump up the bonus multiplier. However, this is not a good (Strategy for achieving a really high score No, the way to score on this table is to improve your race rankings and eventually get to first place where the really big points are. The best way to do this is to concentrate on hitting the BURNIN’ lights to light up GEAR (the G and E are easily lit), then ovedake by hitting the ramps in succession. It's also a good idea to hit 20 ramps to go for the extra ball
which stays lit even if you lose the current one. You need all the balls you can get to reach 1st position they have a nasty habit of going down the side chutes just when you think you're doing well! It can be frustrating, but this table has the potential for truly massive scores.
Hitting the two two ramps in quick succession earns you a million-point bonus.
Do this when any of the position lights are flashing (after lighting GEAR) and you ovedake the next car. In addition, every ramp hit goes towards a bonus count: 10 activates Offroad bonus: all targets score 100.000 for 25 seconds. 20 lights extra ball to the left of Pit-Stop. 30 enables Jump bonus: hit the Jump ramp for 10 million. 40 Offroad bonus. 50 Jump bonus.
60 Offroad bonus. 70 Jump bonus... etc, etc. ¦ Shoot the right passage to reach the Tower. The easiest way to do this is by hitting fairly late with the left flipper too late and it goes into the Well. Repeatedly shoot the Clear ramp then the right passage to earn 1, 2,3... million.
¦ Shooting the Screams ramp adds one to the bonus counter (or two if you've just shot the Clear ramp) to enable these features in the Tower... 10 extra ball 20, 30,40... 5 million ¦ Lighting the KEY letters opens the Tower (to the top-lett of them) where various bonuses can be collected.
Flick a flipper to change the order of lit letters, so the ball rolls over an unlit one. However, you can't do this for the opening Skill Shot, where you must use Tilt to get the ball over the lit letter.
¦ Shoot the upper ramp repeatedly to score a million each time.
¦ When you'vo lit STONE and BONE, collect the next ghost by shooting the Clear ramp (the one the Ghost arrow points up) to reach the Vault L ighting the letters RIP enables a kickback in the Vault (so the ball won't run down that side channel while in the lower part of the table). If kickback isn't activated, watch the ball carefully when it’s ejected from the Vault: if it hits the right bumper and heads towards the left. Tilt as it hits the left bumper to avoid it going down the side.
In order, the ghosts obtained in the Vault are... Bat: 5 million. Blue Ghost: Tower Hunt shoot the Tower (automatically opened) three times for 5,10 and 20 million Green Smiler: Enables extra ball Red Devil: 10 million. Yellow Poltergeist: Brings up the Ghost Hunter feature, where all targets and bumpers score a million for 30 seconds. Shoot the Tower during this for the Jackpot, then immediately again for Super-Jackpot (50 million) Blue Octopussy: Enables Multi-Demon feature. By locking one ball in the Well and another in the Vault you can score 20 million on the Screams ramp Mummy Head: 15
million. Grim Reaper: The besl bonus of all gives you 5 million for any traps or ramps shot within 30 seconds. Again, you can collect the Jackpot and Super-Jackpot in the Tower.
¦ Hitting the two dollar targets activates the Small Wheel knock the ball round the Loop Mil to collect a random money prize. Watch the ball carefully when it's ejected from here.
¦ Every time you shoot the Skill ramp, the bonus counter is increased... 6 Enables Money Mania: all targets score 500,000 for 25 seconds.
L 0p' miL i 12 Lights Extra Ball in the left passage (must be collected with current ball) 18, 24, 30 Money Mania.
Avery tricky table indeed. The main problem is that losing a ball is usually disastrous, as unless you've collected a complete set of prizes, they all become unlit again. Consequently you have to achieve quite a lot with one ball. The key to big points on this table lies with the Clockwise ramp Practise shooting the latter for collecting that Super- Jackpot when the time comes, obtaining the Rising Millions bonuses (by repeatedly shooting it after the right ramp) and the Cash x5 (by hitting the Lock soon after). Of course, the way to the really BIG points (ie the Billion) is by collecting all
the prizes, but you need to have a really good run to do this.
Guide the Beastlord through an unknown land on his quest to find the guiding light.
AVAILABLE ON ATARI ST, COMMODORE AND 1999 GRANDSLAM SCREENSHOT SCREENSHOT Grandslam Video Limited, 3 Rathbone Square, 28 Tanfield Road, Croydon, Surrey CRO 1AL U.K. Tel: 081-680 7044 1993 Grandslam Video Lid. And W.J.S. Design. All rights reserved.
I1 jf- 1 rjl r_j ¦ » ri .l t By I I, .
¦ To familiarise Rf’
* - i f 1 1 yourself with the 1 T ¦ game try just 1 1(0 "Nl 1
hying about ¦ » practicing your B control andH combat skills
on Rookie before !¦« ) attempting to HB complete a ¦ J H ilj
iVI*-Fj , A decade in the making... I I ?a The mother ships
now drop power-ups such as rapid fire, laser blasters and even
a device to summon a baddie-freezing butterfly.
Couple ol years ago, coin-op manufacturers launched a series of arcade updates based on the early eighties classics which, for those of you crumbly enough to remember, started the computer games craze, Now the Grand-Daddy of them all. Space Invaders has been transformed into... Super Space Invaders'.
The beauty of Space Invaders was its sheer simplicity. Here the left-right gameplay is still preserved, although the enemy now do more than plod from side to side. Some expand when hit, requiring further shots to dispatch Mega monsters appear after a few ¦¦¦¦AwLd waves, which must be dispatched to fcwiaikj ''' complete the level Watch out for the cattle mutilation phases too stop the aliens stealing our cows at all costs!
Some of the backgrounds are a little harsh on the eyes, but that's the game’s only real fault. Super Space Invaders' _ _ Shoot the baddies at the edge of the formation first, slowing their descent.
Gameplay made it a poor purchase 1 I at full price, but at a tenner a throw * U SUPER SPACE INVADERS « IK Chris!
__ 1 “here really. However, although I was looking forward to a trip down memory lane, I must confess to a certain feeling of trepidation.
Could the old classic still shine after all these years? Happily the answer is yes. This is a smart little budget game that, while never being a justifiable full-pricer, is a worthy addition to any collection. Nice graphics, easy gameplay and fairly addictive. In short, a good game to fill those dull moments when you’ve just got noth-| I ing better to do! ¦ Superior graphics (not that they could be any worst) and the same kind of gripping play make this latest Space Invader game truly super.
A classic in it’s own right dragged kicking and screaming into the 90s!
Kixx XL £12.99 F- 15II is the latest in the Kixx range of Microprose classics, in which the tamiliar genre of flight simulations is given a bit of the old arcade treatment. It still comes with a bumper instruction manual for all you flight sim techno buffs, but, on the plus side, is much more accessible if, like me, you hate wading through piles of gumpf.
To begin the game you have to first select a difficulty level, which ranges from Rookie, that’s me, to those who consider themselves Top Gun (No, that doesn't include you Ian so pul your hand down )F-15 lets you get right [down to the n gritty of com Ed). The next menu asks you to select a mission. Amongst others you can attack Gaddaffi in Libya, sort out those old American hangups in Vietnam or just do a fly-by over Central Europe, Each scenario has it's own difficulties, which have to be discovered and mastered in order to complete the mission.
The game itself boasts fantastic 3-D graphics.
Sizzling dogfights and controls that soon become instinctive. This final point is what really won me over to the game. Many flight simulators expect you to have an extra pair of hands to use all the different controls accessed through the keyboard.
Not this one. Obviously there are still a few to get used to, but FI5II lets you get right down to the nitty gritty of combat with the minimum of fuss.
Plenty Of Practice.
Even so the old adage that practice makes perfect still rings true with this game. You will need to familiarise yourself with all aspects of the game before you can feel competent enough to succeed during the missions.
It’s true that the arcade element makes life a heck of lot easier than in other, perhaps more faithful, flight I simulations. However, there's also enough 'depth to the game to keep even the most die-hard flight sim fan happy.
The arcade approach used by Microprose on F15 II works pretty well. There's far less to think about while playing the game, which will probably give it a wider appeal. The one fault I would pick out in the game is the small number of missions, but this is only a minor complaint because there's definitely enough here to justify A game designed for those who bit of extra action in their I ¦ Hard Drivin' II looks ¦"I I If fairly good, but that's about it. The ¦ screen update is sluggish and the car steers like it’s on ice.
Consequently you never feel in control of your vehicle. I was really looking forward to this one but all I feel now is let down. This is simply a complete waste of a good licence. ¦ The thrill of the race, the heart- stopping competition...you won't find it here.
¦ Take the bus it’s quicker1 ¦ ¦ A truly dreadful driving simulation.
¦ Hi Squad v £9.99 Hard Drivin' II- Drive Harder. Hmm... now isn’t that an interesting and original title.
No I didn't think so either. To make matters worse the game is bloody awful as well. It faired badly when first released, so what the hell did the Hit Squad bother re- releasing it for?
It's not worth wasting space on any kind of in-depth review. Suffice to say that the it takes ages to load the game up, when you do the gameplay is unresponsive to the point of inertia and basically the graphics are nothing to get worked up about either. The game does have an action replay sequence, which is intended to make you wince at your worst crashes. Sadly the car actually explodes before it hits the obstacle!
Avoid this like the plague. It’s an embarressment not even worthy of a tenner.
Budding Nige Mansells should steer well clear.
This driver handles like a Reliant Robin.
A 1 1 |h4M,l S I'JCJ 1 |i res : G |ei9ht :
l. s Ho 1 1, ( i i.r of ( *, JM* «»•••»«• • 1911 11 nd* U6 lurho
i P| N d k«» me.
This is not a pretty |- a: r~-j rn game ¦ Forget it! Go for the more expensive but better value sims ¦ ¦ Buzz £9.99 A classic in its day, lime hasn’t been kind to Manchester United Europe, which is ironic really with the host team having won the Premier League, in some ways there couldn't have been a belter time to give it a budget release.
It'S almost impossible to score.
So what happened?
First ot all, Sensible Soccer happened. Using an up down, overhead perspective allowed the Sensible boys to cram in loads of speed, the tiny sprites zipping round like express trains. Secondly, Goal!
Happened. Oino Dini’s masterpiece allows a choice ot up down or left right perspectives, loads ot speed and a more strategic approach than Sensible. There just isn't any room tor Manchester United Europe, even at budget price.
Load Of Balls... So why doesn’t it measure up? For starters the animation isn’t up to current standards. Okay the sprites are bigger and the side-on viewpoint makes it trickier, but at the end of the day it looks tatty. Also the scrolling’s otten a pain in the eyes.
The biggest fault with Manchester United Europe, however, is that it’s almost impossible to score. The goalies are great, almost all being in the Shilton class, and the perspective makes it difficult to put togeather passing moves, so expect a constant string of 0-0 draws, Hardly gripping soccer excitment, now, is it?
THOMAS THE TANK ¦ Alternative, £9.99 I Don't travel at high speeds too much in the race; take your time so you can keep an eye out for the obstacles ahead.
Any people don't realise what hard work it is being an old-fashioned steam train with a rather soppy name. It's not all shunting around beautiful countryside in search of the nearest quaint station. In fact, a typical day in the life of a train involves constant stoking, much humiliation and the odd nasty derailing incident.
M Thomas The Tank Engine 2 is a cool little racing game full of the hustle and bustle that Thomas and his dopey bunch of friends enjoy. One or two players one of a variety of steam engines, as well as a carriage and a double-decker bus. You have the choice of four tracks littered with all manner of obstacles, such as leaves scattered on the line (we've heard that one before), rogue trains and boulders. You also have to contend with signals controlled by the irate-looking Fat Controller. Hazards are avoided I It's a shame, it really is. Poor old' 1 Graham Taylor, he just can't win I can he?
Having been condemned by the media for his apparent lack of managerial talent (and why not?) He's also had his name used to endorse this second-rate football outing. Soccer Challenge has no redeeming features. Boring, like Taylor and his teams, just about sums it up. If you want to see how good this could have been buy Premier I Manager even at full price it makes Graham [ Taylor's look distinctly Third Division. ¦ a free transfer Buzz, £9.99 ¦ As management sims go, this one barely makes Third Division standard. Dire.
¦ NOVEMBER 1993 ¦ ENGINE 2 points your train can enter a bonus round. This entails collecting the letters that spell BONUS: succeed and you'll put a good distance between you and your competitor.
Although this is a game designed lor the younger market it's still enjoyable lor the older player. After apping around the tracks a few limes the game croves an enjoyable budget racer that's a bit on the addictive side.
Graphically it's fine with plenty of detail on Backgrounds and vehicles this game's a real joy to watch as well as play. Soundwise, you get the
• amiliar theme music, plus a ¦ pical steam train FX. However.
Thomas is fun to play, but possibly lacking testability.
| ¦ As one of Alternative’s new 'children’s range', Thomas 2 is firmly aimed at seven to eight- year-olds. As such, the game- play is of a simplistic nature, being a matter of simply dodging hazards as your train chugs along. As many of the obstacles are impossible to spot in time, it's basically a case of learning the track layouts.
Nevertheless I found it fairly enjoyable for a few races, particularly when competing against a friend. For young fans of Thomas it should provide more testing fun, ¦ 1 4 i 1 II “I’m o Really Useful I Engine ssid Thomas X as he pulled into the H she is that morning Oh yes puffed ¦ Gordon But I bet 9 you’re not os fost os H me!’ 1 The ithers ovejheoxc fl and loughed 1 LL ¦ It looks a treat, but runs out of steam in the gameplay department.
Good for the young ’uns!
Team 17, E12.99 No, there’s no typing error in the title Team 17’s first budget game (as opposed to re-released full-pricer) isn’t called Ft Challenge after all. The test minute name change was forced on them when Domark grabbed the official Formula I licence.
Why they spent good money on something that adds so little to the game is anyone's guess, but it won't harm this neat little number it's one of the best into-the-screen drivers ever.
A racer ain’t a racer without a blinding turn of speed and this game's so fast it makes Linford Christie look like Victor Meldrew with back trouble. It's silky smooth and, for once, 100% convincing. In most into-the-screen racers there's something that doesn't quite gel, be it unrealistic tyre animation, backgrounds that scroll inconsistently or (worst of all) a car that looks like it's bolted to the ground while the track's pulled underneath it. Not here.
Everything's exactly as it should be, with a beautifully animated car taking turns at entirely believable angles and a very accessible information panel that tells you everything you need to know at a glance.
Sunday Drivers In the classic Continental Circus mould, your car travels a bit faster than your opposing vehicles, but, in contrast to your early efforts, they seldom make a mistake. Some racers drive slowly, »r 33 U' - ZX Vs r DvNc* ¦ II , V I iZCiiJiitm T: &~ • j clinging to the middle of the track, while others take the racing line, and then there is the annoying prat who wobbles from side to side like a drunk driver. This is a perfectly legitimate hazard of course it’s a game, not a simulation, but it certainly makes you think ahead.
PI 7 CHALLINGI Just about everything in the game can be customised, including acceleration controls (joystick or fire button), gears (manual or automatic) and choice of car. You can also opt for a practice session, a single course race or a full World Championship season, and, of course, you can change the skill level. Fastest lap times and uncompleted games can be saved to disk for future use.
Everything you could ever need in an arcade racer is here. However, every silver lining has a cloud, and FI7 Challenge has two.
Experienced players might find it a little easy and when you set the excellent sound effects to the desired volume during the game you'll be deafened by the far-louder signature tunes after the race. Not a major flaw by any means, but if is a little annoying.
Unless Nigel Mansell shaves his moustache off before this review hits the shelves, this game is the best thing to hit the racing scene for a long while and could easily sell as a full pricer. In other words, it’s a bit of a barg.
5 I ¦ This is definitely the one. Ft 7 1 has finally won me over to race I I games. I’ve always found them irritating in the past, with poor scrolling and tedious gameplay my major | gripes. However, Ft 7 is the business. If you want fast and furious arcade style action that turns you into a homicidal road hog when you’re confronted by the computer controlled cars, then buy it. It's a great game, utterly addictive and at a bargain basement price you’d be a fool to let it pass you by! ¦ I Accelerate constantly, and if you need to slow down a touch on a comer, let go of the accel-r erator
don't use the brakes.c f7 2 1 1 DEVELOPERS: IN-HOUSE 1 DISKS: 2 ¦ PLAYERS: 1 ¦ GENRE: STRATEGY 1200 COMPAT: YES ¦ HD INSTALL: YES yiiiiiiiii mu ne of the best Continental Circus clones ever, worth racing to the shops for.
P f We're big, we're bold and we're back! Once ain AMIGA i, the mag that really knows its PD, brings you the latest greatest and love-to-hatest in PD and freely- distributable software. Go for Lit, IAN 'RUNNING OUT OF NICKNAMES' OSBORNE... BubliC Donvaifl!
I STARBASE 13 agaii FORCE Magnetic Fields (Shareware, £5) Monkey Island in space’ screams the catalogue... a bit optimistic surely? Well yes, but if this two-disk opus inspires others to do likewise I for one will be VERY happy.
After the excellent animated intro sequence in which you’re told to take a shuttle to Starbase 13 and see what their . Em™ problem is. You’re faced with a very Monkey Island-like point and- click interface Pick your verb Irom those on olfer in the lower-left hand corner of the screen, and click on the relevant section of the BBSF -.?. *, playing area to enter your Rhb , command: eg to shoot the toolbox pSSSEJ ?5F!
In the shuttle bay (a pointless Kf JSSB " exercise, but you’re getting no tips trom me), highlight ’shoot’ then - " click on the toolbox. It’s so simple even John Major could do it! The hit-boxes are tairly well put together (no playing ‘hunt the pixel’ here) and (hurrah!) The screens aren't cluttered with red herrings that make the useful (or at least recognised) objects hard to lind. The graphics are functional (it not exactly Tobias Richter standard), though the character sometimes has a little trouble negotiating objects when walking across a room this isn’t as annoying as it sounds, as
the floors aren't too cluttered.
For all its qualities, however, Starbase 13 doesn't quite make it. An adventure, be it commercial or PD, text-based or point-and-click, should always have a strong opening with plenty to do and a distinct feeling ol progress being made.
The only thing you can do in the first few locations here is wander around. This wouldn’t in itself be so annoying if you didn’t keep walking into aliens and getting shot simply tor ma . . I • I being in the wrong place at the wrong time! Sudden deaths are the curse ot adventures and there's no excuses for ’em.
Starbase 13 is certainly worth a look, but doesn’t quite live up to its initial promise. According to the doc files the author is now working on another game, so hopefully it'll be a real blinder and this will be regarded as the one before fhe first’.
11 THE BALROG AND THE CAT ¦ Zenobi Software (Licenceware) Balrogs have a strange affinity for green cheese sandwiches, Especially ones prepared according to fhe ancient Balrogian recipe allow the cheese to ferment lor a week or two. And slap it between two hefty slices of brown bread'. Balrogs have gone to war over such delicacies.
Ol course, tasty morsels such as this can only be enjoyed in peace and quiet: just belore he lucked in, Balrog was disturbed by a scratching noise af the door. Don't just stand there gawping.’ said the cat. Smoke bellowing Irom his bla ing tail, 'are you going to let me in or what?’ So begins another of Zenobi's Spectrum pods, played with the emulator supplied with the game.
Penned by Zenobi supremo John Wilson, the game is showing its age a little regarding the map a later Wilson game would be much tighter.
Having said that, though, it's far from sprawling and streets ahead of most contemporary adventures.
Like all of Wilson's games, 'humour' is the order of the day. Look out for side-splitting cameos from the racing cockroach, cliff- leaping lemin-rats, a hungry rabbit and of course the eponymous cat. All John's games feature interesting and logical problems be prepared to EXAMINE a lot and. Where appropriate, try the same command a number of times and you can't go far wrong.
A great little game that's more than just a nostalgia trip for those who played The Hobbit on their old 48K Speccies.
ASSASSINS 92 ¦ Jroberta Smith DTP (Compilation) Another day, another Assassins compilation, another Casio-keyboardesque theme tune this one sounds like a Stock, Aitken and Waterman interpretation of the Shadow Ot The Beast theme, but I'm reliably informed it's actually Aha’s The Sun Always Shines On TV.
BILL Whaf do you get if you raise a short conical mound on a snooker table, sink a depression of similar proportions, fill in all the pockets and drill a golf-type hole in it? Arrested, probably... unless you're a computer programmer, in ra fribliC Domain!
I pmt ¦ Mental Image (Shareware) It's a fruit-machine simulator, but don't let that put you off The Winning Post is one of the most playable and technically impressive latter-day one-armed bandits I've ever seen.
Taking horse racing as its theme, the program isn’t based on one particular fruit machine but feature- wise there’s nothing here that can’t be seen in amusement arcades. The numbered reels light the title ’winning-post’, one letter at a time.
Make it all the way to the T and the special mode is activated, where you play one of a number of dosh- winning subgames. Needless to say, there's a hold reel feature, a random feature hold that stops the 'winning- post' letters resetting next spin and the option to gamble a win. Nudges are only available through the ’winning-post' feature.
Mental Image have obviously taken a great deal of time over the game.
Instead of just scrolling the reels, making them look flat and distinctly un-fruit-machine-like, they made use of the Amiga's Copper chip and shaded the top and base of each, giving a far more rounded appearance. They even give a little kick when they fall into place. The overall standard of presentation is excellent, with crystal-clear graphics and an instinctive interface (not that a fruit-machine sim’s particularly jjjfijSISS difficult lo interact with)! Clicking the right mouse button gives a list of winning combinations, something too many slot- machine sims forget, but best of all are
the hidden bonus games. For example, right-clicking on the ’MT box on the race track gives you a game called Painter, a shameless clone of the old Amidar arcade game. Run along the blue grid turning it white as you go, each square completed giving you points. Watch out for the energy-eating octopuses, though! Each level completed gives you extra cash to play with when you return to the fruit machine, a great way of earning dosh should the initial fiver prove insufficient.
This is without a doubt the best fruit-machine sim I've played on a home computer. Obviously you still can't bet next month’s rent on the turn of the reels or walk away with your winnings, but this is a problem no game could solve if you think the concept's pointless don’t buy it, but if you like the odd no-risk gamble, it's worth a fiver of anyone’s money.
The full game costs £5 and is only available from Mental Image. A demo's been released into the Public Domain, and will soon be available from most libraries or direct from Mental Image as part of The Mental Image Vol 1.
Which case you've probably coded the basis of a great two-player billiards variant.
Unlike snooker or pool, Bill is played with only two balls, one red the other blue. To score you must 'pocket' your opponent’s ball by sinking it in the mid-table hole. Play then continues.
Cursor where you want to aim the ball, and press the left mouse button. Release it again to halt the advancing power bar. The ball algorithm seems very accurate too, putting some commercial baize- Dashers to shame. All in all, this is a fine game.
With a comprehensive one-player option it would De a must buy', but it's still a worthy winner if you've a friend to play with.
OBLIDOX Crude graphics, crap sound, crud gameplay... the less said about this mid-Eighties magazine type-in lookalike the better, so I'll shul up about it.
SOLITAIRE SAMPLER Another Tower Software PD sampler (remember Backgammon from Iasi issue? You damned-well should, it was really impressive). Again it's a cut- down PD demo of a Licenceware game, this time featuring five different card games to play on your tod (or 15 if you register it or buy it as Licenceware).
Like its board-based predecessor. Solitaire Sampler is brilliantly executed, with superb presentation and graphics. The on-screen instructions are clear and concise and can be accessed at any time during the game, and the interface is an absolute dream. The only black mark on an otherwise perfect performance is the price £10 for the full version?! Okay it's brilliant, but at this price it should be!
A compendium of solitaire card games is never going to sell by the boatload, and considering you can buy a pack of cards for a tenth of the cost of the game this isn't surprising. It's a magic game, and this is an ideal way to try before you buy and at a tenner a throw, you need one.
Conclusion: There's some good stuff here, with only Oblidox (where do they get these names?) Letting the side down (cliches avoid ’em like the plague). Give it a go.
S PUBLIC ADDRESSES Write to the following addresses for details of PD games: ROBERTA SMITH DTP 190 Falloden Way.
Hampstead Garden Suburb, London NW11 6JE.
Disks 90p each, - 50p P&P.
TOWER SOFTWARE PO Box 9, Gosforth.
Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE3 1QW.
Write for details.
MAGHETIC FIELDS PO Box 118, Preston, Lancs PR2 2AW.
Disks Ef .00 each, inc P&P, A5 SAE for printed catalogue.
¦ Roberta Smith DTP (Shareware) It's not difficult to see whore the inspiration tor this little AMOS ed outing comes even without the 'subtle' clue in the title, the beautiful animation and moody blue backdrops just ooze Delphme's classic.
There's a fair amount of Prince Ot Persia in there too. An overly ambitious project, surely?
You can t have an AMOS version of Another World. .
Actually, Captain Bonus almost makes it.
It’s obvious a lot of time and effort has gone into this game. It's well designed, beautifully presented, and (although shamelessly ripping off two classic games) manages to put a new angle on the theme by introducing an object- based arcade-adventury element. It pays further tnbute' to Another World and Prince Ot Persia later in the game when the prince is found skewered on some spikes, and the main man from Delphine’s game (sorry, can't remember what he’s called) electrocuted.
The game controls aren’t easy to master I cursed it with a vengeance for the first few plays, complaining that its use ot inertia meant you only had to touch the joystick and you move two inches very frustrating when you have to stand on the edge of a pit to jump over it. I then discovered that you only had to hold the fire button to walk in the direction you’re facing at a steady crawl, one small step at a time. Serves me right for skipping through the instruction screens, doesn’t it?
Captain Bonus is an excellent game, and (if you're a fan of the aforementioned commercial classics) well worth a place in your collection.
Although it’s Shareware, the exact fee isn’t specified, so it’s up to you to decide how much to seal but personally I reckon it's werth a few quid of anyone's money.
MENTAL IMAGE 16 Mile End, Hatfield.
South Yorkshire DN7 6AU.
0483 725 905 To View Licenceware, £5. PD collections, E1,50. Cheques and Postal Orders made payable to Paul Robertshaw ZENOBI SOFTWARE 26 Spo t I and Tops.
Cutgate, Rochdale.
Lancs OL12 7NX.
Licenceware E2.49 a diiisk, inc P&P.
Available every four weeks ¦iMi from your local newsagent!
SYND Am Another month, another mag-full ot excellent tips for the latest and greatest Amiga games! Everything from Syndicate o Lemmings takes pride of place in the AMIGA FORCE tips section. How do we WESTERN EUROPE do it? Sometimes we even surprise ” by this building, which is opposite the entrance bridge.
®Your first target is walking around by this building, which is directly to select your equipment carefully.
For this mission you must travel light and youl only need a shotgun and a medi-kit. An optional piece of equipment is a scanner, although this is not vital.
Cheats 7.7 Cheat 77 Maps 62 Map 73 Tips 74 Solution Welcome back once again to the Impact crime syndicate.
Ba agai Impa syr Tips 74 Tips 39 Cheat 77 Cheat 77 Cheat 77 Cheat 79 Cheat 79 Tips 58 Cheat 79 Cheat 79 Cheat 79 Cheat 79 Cheat 79 Cheat 79 Cheat 79 Cheat 79 Cheat 79 It seems you were highly successful with our last set of tips. So successful in fact that we decided to extend your tips contract and not have you terminated.
So for this mission manual we have decided to guide you through Europe, but remember this is not a time for sightseeing around the many wonders of these fair cities. You have a job to do so ship out your cyborgs and remember all civilians are expendable.
F A-18 Interceptor Che: Fuzz ball Che: Global Gladiators Map: Ishar 2 Map Lemmings Tips Loom Solu 66 Oh No! More Lemmings Tips Pinball Fantasies Tips Player Manager Che: Populous Che: Powerdrift Che: Powermonger Che: Project X Che: Syndicate Tips Veteran Che: Voodoo Nightmare Che: Warhawk Che: Wayne Gretsky Che: Wizball Che: WizKid Che: Wolfchild Che: Zany Golf Che: Zeus Che: Dungeons Of Avalon Cheat 77 Cheat 77 TYPE PAGE kfe CENTRAL EUROPE After your success in the assassination of the mercenary camp leader on your last mission, it has been decided that your next mission will take you to
central Europe. While there you must wipe out all of the enemy agents who have taken over a city as their centre of operations.
You should kit out your healthiest cyborg with as many weapons and medl kits as he can carry. If you have to sacrifice your scanner then do not worry, as the agents will hunt you down themselves. There is, however, one item which can prove vital to your defence, this is the persuadatron and you must carry one into the mission with you.
You must use the car to smash your way through the two sets of city gates. Make sure you get out of it immediately after the second set, or it will be fried cyborg d Id car.
Qonce inside try persuade as many civilians to join you as possible as these will act as a human shield between you and the agents.
©If you have managed to persuade a cop to join your team he will open fire on any enemy agents who approach.
When you have emptied your weapons drop them and pick up the dead enemy agent's armaments.
SWTVVA When all enemy agents are terminated, return to the car.
Once inside select the side of the road opposite to the car to turn around and head out of the city for another successfully completed mission.
A oiv you can have your own personal computer chair, designed specially for serious game players. Sit in real comfort 6 cms off the floor in the perfect position. It even collapses into a flat neat pack so you can store and transport it.
WELCOME TO THE NEXT LEVEL AVAILABLE ONLY IN BLACK ORDER BY PHONE NOW: 0272 767630 (24 HOUR CREDIT CARD HOTLINE) OR BY POST Please send me Computer Chairs. I enclose a cheque postal order made payable to: Home Entertainment for £ .or please debit my Visa Access Card No.
I I I I I I I I i Expiry Date ... ....Signature.... Name ..... Address .. Computer Chair. Price £24.99 each Please add £2.50 per chair for P & P TOTAL Now send completed coupon to: Home Entertainment PO Box 1842 London N6 5AS HOME ENTERTAINMENT Post Code.
¦y , M Please allow up to 28 Oays tor delivery E40E Goods supplied tubpct to availability I 0l NO ... Occasionally our customer lists are offered to carefully screened companies whose products tue»cT or services may be of interest Should mailings not bo of interest please advise us ESSIgs* To grab the arches right by the start you must drop down a level to the platform below.
¦ NOVEMBER 1993 ¦ These slime machines are more of a pain than a danger, although a few well placed shots soon dispatches them.
You must avoid long falls into the unknown as you stand a chance of ending up in one of the slime pits across the bottom.
If that poor old energy bar is looking a bit low then why not grab the energy heart here?
P. »vv y,rS iUwi!
M If any of those elusive arches seem unreachable then try jumping into the air to reveal invisible platforms.
For those of you out there who don't mind a bit of blatant and totally obvious advertising, then this game is definitely for you. So put down your burgers and grab your joysticks and prepare to combat Slime World 1 with the aid of our totally cholesterol free map.
Try to touch these marker arrows every time you see one as they will make it a lot easier if you lose a life.
IIS Jump onto any of these silver tubes and a lump of harmless slime will transport you up into the air.
Usually to reach those wonderful arches, although you can use them to access higher platforms.
I ¦ NOVEMBER 1993 ¦
• AA These platforms look nice and squishy don’t they? That’s
because they’re made of slime and will disappear from under you
if you spend too long on them.
These lower platforms are infested with all variety of slime beasts and are best avoided in favour of the much safer higher platforms.
If you are on the higher platforms always look down before stepping off onto the platforms below, this avoids the possibility of landing on top of those nasty slime beasts.
Use these slime steps to reach that good old red haired, slightly psychotic looking hero Ronald McDonald.
If you are at this point on the map then you are in trouble as you have taken a wrong turning. Use the platform above to get through to the slime steps to the finish.
Smm The spells in Loom are 'cast1 using a peculiar system based on musical notes. While the notes for each spell are consistent during a single game, if you restart they'll probably differ. Also, you can't anticipate a spell you've not yet won, so beware when restoring saved games. If you save just before winning a spell, return to your saved position and continue without repeating the action that won the draft you won’t be able to cast it, even though you know the notes.
early Lucasarts routing has one of theu strongest storylines of any adventure, and it's now a Kixx XL budget barg! If you're stuck, here's the entire k solution courtesy A of AMIGA FORCE!
The nature of the game make it difficult to offer directions in terms of compass points.
We've taken North as being into the screen, South towards the base, and West & East as left & right respectively.
' The leaf has no affect on the game, but you can interact with it to practice using the interface.
Make your way here. Walk towards the tents... ...like so. Enter the large tent to the left.
When inside, keep going right until you see ... ...the elders in conference. Pay attention as the storyline unfolds.
Carry on left to the graveyard and '¦* *" disturb the owl by examining the thorns on the far left.
Read the gravestone too.
After the animation, you’re left in front of the Loom with the distaff to your right and an egg to the left. Take the distalf (it appears under the main window) and examine the egg. You get the OPENING draft as it happens you've got it anyway (it's already in your book of patterns). The egg won't actually open until you try to leave the screen. Leave the tent and go right. Return to the diagonal crossroads and take the North Eastern path.
Go back up here and cast OPENING at the sky (remember the gravestone?). The results are dramatic. Go back to the crossroads ( 2), and South-West to the jetty Walk into the darkness until it becomes highlighted under the e Cast NIGHT VISION to reveal. .
Go back to the lents. But this time walk right, entering each in turn. Go back a screen lo the trees. Examine the holes one by one there's an owl in each When you've checked all lour they sing the NIGHT VISION dratt write it down.
The end tent looks like this.
L2 Take the book oil the table and L examine the cauldron ot green liquid this gives the DYEING draft. Again, have tun turning green thin; white and vice versa there's a note in tor you Examine the bottle tor the EMPTYING draft.
A spinning wheel. Examine it to get the STRAW TO GOLD draft. Practice turning the straw near the wheel into gold and back again by playing the notes backwards.
Proceed left beyond the whirlpool and you land here, having gained another note. Walk into the screen to the woods and go left at the junction.
V J One animation later you reach a whirlpool. Examine it and listen hard that's the TWISTING draft Cast it backwards on the whirlpool.
Look where the tree ended up! Doubleclick on it to enter water, then climb aboard and set sail.
There's a little glass bell next to the crystal (which is next to the mouse pointer).
Examine it f y
- you're 18 teleported to ____ the bell at the front of the
screen The shepherds won't let ¦ar you past but as they
* * J reveal themselves they ¦--' give the INVISIBILITY draft
(note you get it backwards lor obvious reasons) Go back to
the crossroads and guide Bobbin North to the green city.
Enter it.
Listen to their conversation. Walk out of the building, cast the INVISIBILITY draft on the workers, re-enter and ring the bell 21 r Walk left to the domed room, and , I™ J out through the arched door.
Enter the tall building on the left, noting the workers at the top.
Unseen you can en|oy their banter.
22 Examine the scythe to get the SHARPENING draft before ringing the bell opposite You re-appear on Ihe earlier screen (21) but nexl to Ihe scrying stone (the thing that looks like a crystal ball). Examine it and you see into the future, where you scare otf the shepherds with a TERROR dratt. Note the notes.
Go back using the bell teleports, and return to the shepherds. Use the TERROR dratt.
Go left. Examine the sheep and as they leap over the fence they give the reversed SLEEPING draft, waking the shepherd. Make a note of it. Walk North then left to the village and enter the large building with smoke coming out of its chimney.
Examine the lamb, and talk to Fleece. She has a problem As you try to leave the 26 room she calls you back and shows you a '.
HEALING draft. Make a note of it and leave.
Go to the flock. Point at the sheep and cast the DYEING draft. They go green and can t be seen against the grass.
Tj&i The dragon flies over and snatches you instead, taking you to his lair.
30 Highlight the dragon and cast TERROR. The results are spectacular.
Walk down the newly-revealed tunnel into the maze. Cast 1 NIGHT VISION when darkness is highlighted. You can only 1 see a small portion of the maze at a time, but you should follow the pathway as shown on the map below.
You must get from the red tunnel (R) to the blue one (B). Follow the path as shown, with tunnels numbered at both ends. When in the room by the pool, examine the water to get the REFLECTION draft.
The MAZE I v rrnSmM17 J When you get out of the maze you're instantly faced with this little number.
Highlight the steps and cast TWISTING backwards impressive eh? Follow the newly-created path... He assumes your distaff is firewood and throws it on the furnace.
.. .to here. Wake the boy with a ¦ reversed SLEEP draft. He shows you the way to his guild, an anvil-shaped building. You need to get in there but you'll be stopped at the gates... ...unless you impersonate Rusty using the REFLECTION draft. Then there’s no problem.
Muddle your way across this screen S (there’s only one way you can go) until ( gg you meet a very angry Stokes.
Listen to the '¦»*» conversation and when the blacksmith stops banging and raises the sword above his head cast a reversed SHARPENING draft on it. You’re arrested and taken to the Guild of Clerics’ cathedral.
This is the predicament ___ you find yourself in. Cast OPENING on the cage. One animation later you’re left alone with Cob but without the distaff. Examine the crystal ball. After another short animation you’re on your own and Cob’s dead. Examine the crystal again.
...and locks you in here. Examine the straw and take a well-earned rest while Hetchel (now a duck, remember?) Rescues your distaff. By now you’re in Weaver form again due to Rusty’s accident. Cast OPENING on the door, leave the room and go down the stairs.
® Don't worry about writing down the spell you’re given.
It's hard without the distaff, and it's actually the TRANSCENDENCE spell you’re given in the Book of Patterns. Walk through the arch.
@.. .fall through the fabric into the nether world. Repair the hole by casting OPENING backwards.
Great tips, he's dead, step onto the balcony again, pick up your distaff and reenter the room. On returning to the balcony you’re chased by the winged monster previously in the cage and... @ ...who promptly rips him apart with a RENDING spell. When ' must now repair all the holes, which appear in the land of the living wherever there’s a graveyard.
First, though, you must step through the fabric and perform a task. Here, for example, you must cast the HEALING draft on poor old Rusty before flying back and sealing the hole.
©Examine the' Loom it plays the TRANSCENDENCE draft before you’re plunged into a cat-and- mouse chase between Chaos and Hetchel. The final battle has begun!
©The story unfolds still further when you find the swans. There's not much you can do here except watch and learn, then move on to the hole in your home world to the left of the pool.
Hetchel is finally destroyed with a RENDING draft, but in casting it Chaos shows you the secret of how to destroy the Loom.
Repeat the spell and sit back to watch the fireworks.
_¦ ®One last task remains. Walk towards the swan and into space, and cast TRANSCENDENCE on yourself, turning you into a swan.
1 i k j hT 1EB j ©Not the ending we expected... come on, how many of you thought the TRANSCENDENCE draft was for turning the swans back into humans? Be honest, you've completed the game anyway so you’ve nnthinn tn Inse HOME CINEMA THE VISION BECOMES REALITY Come to LIVE '93, The Consumer Electronics Show, and see how you can turn your television, video and hi-fi into a movie- going experience.
As you walk through their Promenade, Dolby will show how any one of a dozen Surround sound systems can transform your living room into a home cinema - and all without a salesperson in sight.
And that's not all. LIVE ‘93 is packed with all the latest entertainment technology for you to enjoy - hi-fi, TV, video, home computers, video games, in-car equipment, cameras, musical instruments, camcorders, cable, satellite - you name it.
GET YOUR FINGER ON THE PULSE Plus there'll be a vast array of supporting features - the Real Hi-Fi Village, the BT Times Tunnel, the Car Stereo & Security Concourse, live TV and radio broadcasts, celebrity appearances, live music on stage, worldwide satellite links, masterclasses, seminars, competitions - all specially designed for 'interactive' pleasure.
So if you want to experience the reality of LIVE ‘93, call our Hotline for tickets now on 071-373 8141.
= V7 Tickets cost £7 each or £16 for a family of two adults and three children.
(If you're under 16, you need to be accompanied by an adult.)
A BEAST OF A LEVEL LEMMINGS FUN LEVEL 22 If you thought that the earlier levels were strange, then you haven't seen anything yet. It's a real basher's paradise on this level, as you get a chance to don your oh-so-attractive plaid shirt and pretend to bo a macho lumberjack.
Ik* Lommlngs Ltfollno.
Ha*« rM*hr*d It would You must make your J second little pal into a 1 basher so that he can begin bashing a path through the trees for his buddies to follow.
COMM to solving Fun Lovol 22 on Mm original Lommlngs.
Too also soom to bo polling your hair oot ovor tha 16Hi lovol on Mm crazy zona in Oh No! Mora Lommlngs.
Wo bavo to I lad thraagh many • Into night, burning moro than our loir sharo of midnight oil, h bring you a solution to both stagas; as woll as a comploto sot of lovol codas to bolp you to:Lommlngs Lifeline,AMIGA FORCE, Impact Magazines, Ludlow, Shropshire STS 1JW. Please remember you ACROSS THE GAP OH NO! MORE LEMMINGS CRAZY LEVEL 16 Out of all the crazy levels this must be one of the easiest.
Easy of course if you've got our solution and a very fast trigger finger.
You have just enough builders to complete the level, so If you waste one you might as well quit the level as it becomes impossible to finish.
. . When you reach this ' point begin building to 1 the right to make a small bridge up to the grey blocks Continue to bosh your way through all of the trees to the right until you reach the large block.
Mp When you reach this r, j point build another
• bridge to the right to take you on to the top of the green
At this point turn your basher into a builder and make him build a bridge up to the wall.
To make the final trip through to the exit you must use another basher to smash through the When your builder reaches the wall make him build in the other direction until he reaches the tree.
Allow one Lemming to .j pass through the Dig through to the right to open the final route to the exit of this level.
Passageway then put a blocker behind to stop the others following.
I Use the Lemming in the
- i hole to dig through the wall to the right, as soon as he
reaches the edge turn him into a digger to pass into the next
Blow up your blocker in the grey tower to allow your [ i I'-) team to escape to N freedom and on to the next crazy level.
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I ISSUE FOUR: Every Dizzy game reviewed, Sonsible Soccer challenge, Sleepwalker tips, Trolls maps, Gobliins 2 guide and Action Replay pokes galore!
PL 3I1L m. m I ISSUE EIGHT: Amiga CD32 revealed! Tips and maps galore for Morph, Body Blows, I Flashback,Sink or Swim and Lemmings Lemmings 2!
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If you're stuck on any game, simply write in and if the A-Team can't help you other readers may be able to offer enlightenment. If you've got any answers to queries raised here, or any great new tips, please do send them in.
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SHADOW OF THE BEAST 3 Am ' I am writing to show
• b Robert Gauci how to IB pass the puzzle of the fish.
Put... Fish 1 into Pond C, Fish 3 int i Pond A, Fish 2 into Pond C, Fish 5 into Pond B. The remaining fish won’t harm you so keep on the move.
Nathan Muscat, Zejtun, Malta _ Cheers for trawling up those fishy tips, Nathan.
I bought my Hook game lor lhe Ami9a 500 last Christmas. I played my game on and on but I could not get his pirate uniform: the hat, jacket and pants. Please will you tell me how to get them?
Adam Snook, Littledown, Bournemouth ¦ No probs, Adam. To get the hat... Go behind Pirate Square and get the pole and anchor. Collect a rope from the right side of Dead Man’s Pier.
USE these together to make a grappling hook. Visit the Bait And Tackle and go up the stairs and onto the balcony, picking up an empty mug on the way. Below you'll see a pirate walking backwards and forwards across the square. USE the grappling hook on the top of the clock. This will need some practice, but eventually you'll succeed. Swing across the square to the laundry, grabbing the pirate's hat on the way.
To get the jacket... Knock on the laundry room door, and when a voice says I'm coming', swing back across the square and hurry around to the washing line. This may take two or three attempts as speed is of the essence. USE the washing pole to get the jacket. In the pocket there's a gold piece.
To get the pants... Enter the Crossed Swords and collect the two empty mugs. Give all three mugs to the barman in the Jollies! Roger Now have a chat to Doctor Chop and take his blind. Let him pull out two teeth and he pays you with two gold coins Return to the Jolliest Roger and talk to the lazy pirate. Buy him three drinks with the coins to make him tall asleep, then steal his pantsl Go behind Pirate Square and. Using the blind lor cover, change into your pirate clothes.
Many thanks to The Adventure & Strategy Club for these tips. For information on how to join, send an SAE to them at 17 Sheridan Road, London E12 6QT and mention AMIGA FORCE!
PROJECT X ¦ I have compiled a player's guide of the first three levels... Level 1 Always select Hyperion class ship as it's tar superior to the other two (you also start with the Side-shot).
As soon as possible, select the Plasma weapon and power it up several times to maximum. As you're blasting your way through the levels, collect power-ups to power up Homing Missiles and your Side-shot once. Use the build-up flame thingy whenever you get into a tricky situation.
Forget ever using Magma or Laser they may look pretty and attractive when blasting the enemy out of the sky. But they take far too long to power up and they only fire forwards.
Much better is the Plasma weapon which has three-way fire.
End-Of-Level Guardian Keep out of the way of the pincers, and each time it fires its laser beam, get your Plasma right in the blue eye It should take three or four good shots to destroy.
Level 2 You should have maximum power capabilities on the following: Plasma.
Side. Build and Missiles. If not. Then do so ASAP. For the rest of the available power-ups, use them all on the Stealth capability.
Watch out for those little bullet-type things that come in their hundreds during the middle of the level very tricky. Also watch out for those two metal balls that rotate around your ship and release multiple balls a very dodgy section.
Remember, Stealth will save your life.
End-Of-Level Guardian This is easy, it's like an old rusty can.
Keep out of the way ol those two yellow lasers and blast it out of the atmosphere before it releases its wrath. Very easy, I think.
Level 3 Watch out for the rocks tailing from the root: Side-shot is essential here, as the Homing Missiles fall straight down.
The Phoenix flame-birds are a worry (excellent graphics). The serpent built into the rock is tricky: just blast the flames that come pouring out and keep to the back of the screen until it's destroyed End-Of-Laval Guardian So simple if you have Stealth capability on, just move your ship onto the two ships and destroy them.
If not, use Plasma and keep to the back of the screen.
Ryan Humphreys, Wakefield, W Yorks More crazy coupon capers... these new- look cheat coupons are good, aren't they? They're ideal lor cutting out and with the relevant games very On starting the game you're facing a small shed-like building. Shoot it 20-odd times and you're transformed into a jet, so you can fly around the Freescape world.
Putting handy! Thanks to all the readers who sent in tips. II you've any cheats, level codes or secret subqames, let us know. We're always on the look-out lor more material.
Dungeons of avaton1&2 On a really hard level, wait for ages until your time runs out. A swarm of bees fly at you. Shoot as many as you can it doesn’t matter if you die. After losing a life the bees disappear, as do the baddies. You are now free to complete the level with no *
1) When the game’s loaded you're shown the credits. Write-protect
the disk. Press the key on the 'missions’ menu for selectable
missions and you can now do any of the missions by pressing
F1-F5 without having to qualify.
2) For extra missions, enter free-flight and press 6, 7, 8 and 9
to enter the game. Quit and the missions can now be accessed.
3) Select option two, 'Free Flight, no enemy confrontation’ from
the main menu. Now select zero instead of one to four. The
screen goes into a spiral and scrolls way south to 34 by 117
degrees, placing your plane somewhere without a runway. To
take off you have to use the afterburners. 117 degrees is the
furthest south you’re able to fly, but you can go in other
4) In mission six, once you've fired all your missiles, you can
land on the Shadow Sub (if it is still afloat! Which refuels
and rearms you.
Player manager
a) Go to the Adventures Guild, and load in one of the characters
given at the start (let's say you chose Amber).
B) Create five new characters, of any race or type. Make sure
that all five people have at least 130 gold pieces.
C) Go to the weapon shop, and pool all the gold, giving it to
d) Go back to the Adventurers Guild and remove all players but
E) Now load in the other five characters that are pre-made at the
start of the game. You can now start your quest with somewhere
in the region of 1,000 gold pieces, unless you kit everyone up
at the weapon store, train, etc. You can repeat this as many
times as you want each go, giving you in effect infinite
Buy young, cheap players and keep them In the squad for a whole season. Next year, their price has increased and you should have no trouble selling them for a huge profit.
Only buy players with very high agility ratings, as this effects all other attributes. If agility's high (about 200), the player becomes an excellent footballer in a season or two.
Mm Remove eight or nine players from your team, then after two or three big defeats you get Select any course except D and win all the races (you must get a gold medal finishing in the top three is not good enough).
Collect all the medals and you enter a bonus round on a secret course with you in control of the FI 4 Tomcat from Afterburner.
There's no collision detection.
Do the same again on course D for another bonus round, this time on a Super Hang-On bike.
¦ Thanks for thal playing guide.
Ryan. It's just the sort of thing we like to see. Has anyone else got a playing guide for their favourite game? Send 'em in!
MYTH Al ¦ Here is my complete guide to Myth which should come in useful for the more illogical puzzles in the game.
Hades At first, stay at the top of the screen, killing the skeletons and demons with kicks until the sword and the blue fireballs are retrieved. Then cut down the skeleton hanging from the top of the screen and drop down after him. Cut off the skeleton's head so it fall into the nearby pit of fire.
Arm your fireballs to kill the demon which flies out. Now pick up his trident and go to the top of the screen, running right until you meet a large green monster. Kill it with the trident and run right until you reach the end of the level.
Skyros Quickly arm your sword, but jump over the soldiers it's easier. As soon as you hear the nymph saying 'come closer', stop and slowly tap the joystick to the right, but stop as soon as she says 'stop'. Repeat this procedure until she says 'kneel', upon which she disappears and leaves you an extra energy block. Keep running up to the large statue of Achilles and then repeatedly hit his left heel with your sword while avoiding the soldiers. When his statue collapses, pick up the shield and arm it, causing the soldiers to kneel instead of attacking you. Whack the soldier with the shield.
Temple Ol Athena Arm your shield and cautiously confront Medusa. Note the pattern of her shots and block them with your shield. When she turns her head away, cut it off with your sword and pick it up. Arm the head and keep running and jumping onto the visible platforms on the last one. Jump as far as possible and you should land safely. Destroy the threeheaded Hydra with Medusa's head, taking care to duck its fire.
Stay ducked here. Between every shot, stand up and shoot the heads.
Then go and stand at the end of this platform and kill the bottom Hydra head with Medusa's head. If this is done correctly you should not lose energy.
Maelstrom Obtain the axe from the first soldier and then run along the boat, decapitating people until the crow (perched to the far right of the boat) starts flying. Hit the crow when it comes near the ground with an overhead swipe and then pick up the small coin it leaves behind. Do not mess about here or you will be struck by lightning.
Forests Ol Nidhogg Take as many daggers as possible, using them to kill the fat blokes. Pick up the burning stick and use it to kill the demons tormenting the woman.
She then disappears, leaving you the sword. Due to the dragon's armourlike skin, the daggers have no effect until you make an open wound in its chest with your sword. Attack as soon as it has breathed its breath and you shouldn't lose energy.
Asgard Again, obtain many daggers from the small demons and throw your daggers into the eye of the skull on the wall until it stops tiring. Then kill the man who comes out ot the door, with daggers Repeat this procedure one more time with the other skull on the wall above and you're taken off to meet Odin himself.
Collect more daggers from the red demons and use them to throw at the punk with the hammer. Get into positions on the various platforms where you can hit him with daggers but he can't get you. When you've defeated him. Stand on the top platform and throw daggers into Odin's head. Watch out for his shots.
Valley Of The Kings Arm your sword and kill the first snake the doors are eight lighter- coloured blocks in the wall. Go to the second door in order and stand over it Work your way past the traps and collect the eye. However, don't use this yet as it loses your energy. Go back outside and go into the third door in order. Keep going right ¦ powermonger ' A few hints and effects: I Inventing cannons and catapults is easier than you might think.
Make a Captain aggressive before clicking on the desired town and then click on the 'invent' icon.
After ten seconds or so dick on it again and then on the town (n question. This speeds up the process considerably, but the cheat might only work once on each island.
Something very strange happens f oukiHalUhemejg voodoo nightmare You’ve probably noticed all of the nasties go to sleep at night. When you pause the game, the day night timer still runs. It’s possible to play during the safe night periods only, pausing the game during the dangerous daylight hours. A Complete a tune and buy as many stars as you need to build up to a life. Make sure you have 100 Wizdollars left.
Now go to body mode and call back the red balloon and buy another star. It gives you an extra 100 Wizdollars.
Keep doing this until you have enough money to buy what you want. .
SI avoiding the traps until |R you reach the second room. Again, keep moving right if a trap won't move, run off the pressure pad and run back onto it again.
Chambers Of Anubis Kill the Hari Krishna dudes with your sword and collect the anchor. Go up Ihe first platforms and kill the man wearing the headdress. Then take the headdress and break open the pot containing the vase. Collect the other three vases at the bottom of the screen. Don't bother killing the mummies but just run past them as they are so slow.
If you're low on energy, activate your anchor and walk over the similar one on the wall in front of Anubis to replenish energy.
This next bit requires you to activate the anchor and stand over the matching anchor in front of Anubis again, but you must be in the exact middle of the anchor on the wall. While there, select your eye from the previous level but don't activate it while you're powermonger' More hints and effects: Enlist a shepherd with sheep into your army, and set the shepherd afloat in a boat his sheep swim behind him. If the shepherd s killed, the sheep wibble on the water and look very stupid indeed.
In the winter, lake a lone Captain to Ihe North of the map. Leave him be, but keep ’em peeled... he starts shearing a sheep, complete with appropriate sound effects. It doesn’t last long though, as he has a tendency to kill his fleecy friend warhawk After loading the game, press F3.
When you start a blue blob appears on the screen. Pick it up for infinite power.
H, ¦ .¦¦¦» 4 wotfchild Type ITS NOT ALL WALKING during play to activate a Rick Dangerous- style level skip facility. You can then access any level.
Ducking. After Anubis has fired a shot, stand up and activate the eye Then tire it and if you're in the right position, a blue beam should go across to Anubis and you're able to obtain superjumps.
Jump up onto the higher platforms and go onto the next level.
Tomb Of Tho Pharaoh Place the vases in the corresponding holes in the structure. Trial and error may be required if you get it wrong When all the flames are lit. Kill the head and go onto the next level.
Realm Of Chaos This level is a shoot- em-up through time and space. It might be easier to not select the shield or the fireball because taking your hand off the joystick for a second could be fatal.
However, select the three-way fire as it's invaluable for the guardian.
Tho Final Confrontation This is where your three-way shots are useful. Kill the heads on the project X To access Ibe secret stage... Al Ihe end of the first level you’re confronted by a guardian who tires a large laser from between a pair of metallic arms. Once It’s fired, you squeeze between the forks not easy! You then access the bonus stage shoot the Ga axian-like aliens tor a big bonus score. Clear ’em, and you get three extra lives.
Also, when you die on a really difficult part, when you return fly to the bottom of the screen before your craft stops flashing you nte as«reMan mjrtyJ wne wayne gnetzky Ice hockey While you’re playing the game and speeding towards goal with the puck in your possession, press the ? Key to remove the goalie.. zany golf To get to the secret level, make it to the last level (Energy). There is a mouse hole where two eyes appear occasionally. When the eyes turn red, put the ball into the hole to warp to the secret level, ‘Mystery’.
Guardian and then finish him off.
Dan Gray, Skidby, N Humberside What a great guide thanks for that. Dan. And your reward for being Tipster Of The Month is Medusa s head! Only kidding, it s a year's subscription to AMIGA FORCE.
Veteran Press the HELP key during play to advance the mission to the next stage.
¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ wiztall During play, pause Ihe game with the Space bar, type RAINBOW and then unpause. Nothing happens, but il you press Space again and press the C key, the screen rapidly flashes white and you fill the pot with colour, taking you to the bonus round. If after re-pausing you press S, the screen once again flashes and you complete the entire level. There’s another key which completes the game, but I’m not going to tell you which one. Only one of these effects can be used each go, and the cheat has to be reentered when you play aapin. A LEVEL CODES; SI. ChafUMkM"
3. Iw»c«»fry y 14.
S. tecb«e ro Mc as. Belly boo JOIN THE ¦ A-TEAM EVERY
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H; .
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SWITCHBLADE ¦ A cracking arcade adventure with the hero punching and kicking baddies galore as he searches for the fragments of a mythical sword. The innovation of showing unexplored areas as unlit removes the risk of backtracking in the extensive underground levels.
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JOYSTICK HANDLER • allows the user to select Joystick instead ol Keypresses • very usolul for many keyboard programs.
MUSIC SOUND TRACKER With Sound Tracker you can find the complete music in programs , demos, etc. and save them to disk. Saves in format suitable for most track player programs. Works with loads of programs!!
AUTOFIRE MANAGER From the Action Replay III Preference Screen you can now set up Autofire from 0 to 100%. Just imagine continuous liro power? Joystick 1 and 2 are set separately for that extra advantage!
Now many more external Ram Expansions will work with all Aetion Replay III commands.
• DISKCODER With the new Diskcoder' option you can now tag' your
disks with a unique code that will prevent the disk from being
loaded by anyone else. Tagged’ disks will only reload when you
onter tho code. Very useful for security.
SET MAP - allows you to Load Save Edit a Keymap.
• PREFERENCES Action Replay III now has screen colour preferences
with menu setup. Customise your screens to suit your taste.
Very simple to use.
• DISK MONITOR Invaluable disk monitor - displays disk
information in easy to understand format. Full modify save
IMPROVED PRINTER SUPPORT • including compressed small character command.
• DOS COMMANDS ygp Now you have a selection of DOS commands
available at all times • DIR. FORMAT, COPY, DEVICE, etc. FILE
REQUESTOR • il you enter a command without a filename, then a
file requestor is displayed.
• DISK COPV Disk Copy at the press of a button • faster than Dos
Copy. No need to load Workbench . Available at all times.
PLUS IMPROVED DEBUGGER COMMANDS - including Mom Watch Points and Trace.
• BOOT SELECTOR Either Dfo or DF1 can be selected as the boot
drive when working with Amiga Dos disks. Very useful to be able
to boot from your external drive.
• Full M68000 Assembler Disassembler • Full screen editor • Load
Save block • Write String to memory • Jump to specitic address
• Show Ram as text • Show frozen picture • Play resident sample •
Show and edit all CPU registers and flag • Calculator • Help
• Full search feature • Unique Custon Chip Editor allows you to
see and modify all chip registers - even write only registers •
• Disk handling - show actual track. Disk Sync, pattern etc. •
Dynamic Breakpoint handling
• Show memory as HEX. ASCII. Assembler, Decimal • Copper Assemble
Disassemble - now with suffix h mes REMEMBER AT ALL TIMES YOU
yv500 500-+- Tffr T FOR 1500 2000 VERSION £69.99 THE WORLDS
techniques enable up to 3 programs to lit on one disk. Now
saves directly to disk as Amiga Dos - reloads independently ol
the cartridge - even transler to hard drivo! Works with up to 2
Megs ol Ram - even 1 Meg Chip Mom (Fatter Agnus).
s SUPER POWERFUL TRAINER MODE ¦ now with DEEP trainer. Evon better than belore • allows you to generate more or even inlinite lives, luel, ammo. Perfect as a Trainer Mode to get you past that 'Impossible’ level. Easy to use.
• IMPROVED SPRITE EDITOR The lull Sprite Editor allows you to viewi-modily the whole sprite set Including any
• VIRUS DETECTION Comprehensive virus detection and removal
loatures to protect your sottware investment.
Works with all presently known viruses.
Now this super disk copier program is built into Action Replay Mk III. Just imagine a superfast, eHicient disk copier program at the press ol a key • no more waiting.
SAVE PICTURES AND MUSIC TO DISK Pictures and sound samples can be saved to disk. Files are saved directly In IFF format suitable lor use with all the major graphic and music packages. Samples are displayed as screen waveform.
PAL or NTSC MODES SELECTABLE - Useful for removing ugly borders when using NTSC softwaro. (Works only with Agnus chips).
SLOW MOTION MODE Now you can slow down the action to your own pace, to 20% speed. Ideal to help you through the tricky parts!
MANY MORE INSTANT CLI COMMANDS • like Rename, Relabel, Copy, etc. RESTART THE PROGRAM Simply press a key and the program will continue where you left off.
FULL STATUS REPORTING At the pross of a key you can now view the Machine Status, including Fast Ram, Chip Ram, RamDisk, Drive Status, etc.
• POWERFUL PICTURE EDITOR Now you can manipulate and search for
screens throughout memory. Ovor 30 commands to edit the picture
plus unique on screen status 'overlay" shows all the
Information you could ever need to work on screens. No other
product comes close to offering such dynamic screen handling of
frozen programs!!
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the address below Our Squared Circle guarantee means that if
you ore not completely satisfied with any item you purchase
you may return your purchase in its original condition within
14 days We will refund your money or exchange the item N.B
Computer gomes may only be returned if they are faulty.
CARD NUMBER I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Postage & packing Goods totalling under £5.00 please add £0.75 over £5.00 please add £l .50 over £15.00 please add £2.50 ISSUE NUMBER |SWITCH 0NIY| VISA ? MASTERCARD ? ACCESS ? SWITCH Q Signature .....Date . 1 Pro Internal 80MB hard drive £295 ¦ Pro Internal 120MB hard drive £355
• Pro Internal 200MB hard drive £455
• A570 CD drive £149

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