Renegade Fans of the hugely successful Chaos Engine on the Amiga 500 600 will now be able to purchase the A1200 version. The Bitmap Brothers have now put the final touches to what they promise will be a much improved gaming experience. Set in a remote Victorian Mansion, Chaos Engine draws its inspiration from the worlds of Charles Babbage and H G Wells. The player leads a party of adventurers through the grounds, the woods, the outbuildings and into the mansion itself. The idea is to locate the Hall of Machines, destroy the Chaos Engine and return peace to the land If you fail the space time continuum will be permanently disrupted - leaving the usually gentle inhabitants of the mansion and its grounds trapped in the bodies of ravenous beasts. Using the capabilities ol the hardware, the 1200 version will feature 256 colour graphics and enhanced sound. The game retains the two player feature. Even if there is only one human player, the computer will not only control the other character, but control him in accordance with his abilities and characteristics. Renegade consider this to be a remarkable improvement on the original game. Judge for yourself, as the game's due to be released any time now as we go to print. Expect a full review in the next issue.

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All of the news from the recent OECTS trade show, with details of all the forthcoming releases from the major software houses!
Exclusive first shots of
- Sierra's all new King's I -i Quest game! Plus we have a
complete feature on the Wr game itself, as well as details on
the games that are being re-released through Kixx.
An inside look at Rise ot the Robots could this possibly be the definitive beat-’em-up!
All of the hottest reviews, ’ including the latest soccer sim to catch our " attention, Premier Manager II.
F Finally, Millennium’s Brutal Sports Football hits the shelves and it doesn't , disappoint. Prepare to k get brutal!
FULL-PRICE PLAYTEST Blob Brutal Sports Football Disposable Heroes Dreamtime European Champions Humans 2 Jack the Ripper Oscar Premier Manager 2 UMS Compilation BUDGET High Steel Hickleberry Hound 11 Jaws Munsters World Class Rugby Flashback blues no more! The troubles of level two are shot down with maps and tips, and the final stage is overcome with a complete .walk-through!
BUDGET Where pennies are easier to come by then pounds, check out the latest re- releases and new budget games in our monthly overhaul of the cheaper side HIRED GUNS The first batch of tips for Psygnosis’s absorbing hit game.
LIFELINE More Lemmings are saved with the latest instalment of the Lemmings Lifeline, with a solution to that fourteenth level!
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What a month we've just had!
After taking in the sights of the ECTS (see elsewhere on this page), our senses were sent on a rollercoaster ride after sampling the imagery on Rise of the Robots.
Then there were the fleeting glimpses of great things to come on the A1200 and CD32.
As long as the exposure of these machines is as great as Nintendo and Sega then the Japanese giants will be facing a new contender in the opposite corner.
As the nights grow longer and darkness hits us all the more sooner, it's good to see a whole load of new games to keep you busy. This issue alone features plenty of new full price releases, from Millennium's Brutal Sports Football, Gremlin's Premier Manager II and Flair's Ostar, which is being billed as a Sonic Mario beater.
Just to prove that we da more than sit around and sun ourselves on the South Devon coast, we've supplied solutions to the two problem levels of Flashbatk, namely level two and the final stage, as well as the first batch of Hired Guns tips. It took many nights compiling that lot but I'm sure that you'll agree it was well worth it!
After the success of our last magazine challenge, we've decided to run another one, only on Goal! This time. If you reckon you're a real hot shot then send your best goals, saved on disk, to us those that we deem the best will earn their place in our competition, alongside the bods here at AMIGA FORCE. But be warned few lunchtimes pass by without the obligatory game of Dino Dini's classic!
Enjoy this issue don't forget to let us know what you think when sending in those golden goals!
Amnsa ECTS EXTRAVAGANZA The trade gathered tor their annual get-together at the Business Design Centre in London to display their wares and hype their forthcoming games at the beginning of September. Never one to turn down a cheap bar meal, Ian 'Freebie’ Osborne made tracks to the big city to report on the comings and goings in the Amiga scene... KRISALIS Plenty was happening at the Krisalisstand.
They were touting Manchester United-Premier League Champions, which comes complete with several new features and tactics. The major new improvement is 'Tactigrid'™ , allowing you to give special instructions to particular players. You'll now be able to send the Gary Pallistars of this world up the field for both comers and free-kicks, just as Alex Ferguson would.
Winter releases for the A1200 and CD32 versions of Sabre Team are planned, while the two high-spec machines will also enjoy their very own Soccer Kid in early 1994. The 500 600 version received an excellent review in issue 11, so great things are expected!
GREMLIN K240, previewed last issue, looks to be released in time for Christmas, although there wasn’t much more information at the show.
Also due out in December is Kit Vicious.
Check out the previews section for details on Gremlin's forthcoming ZooI sequel. We also took another look at Legend Ot Sorasi, the latest Hero Quest adventure, and it looks just as good as ’ when previewed a few issues back.
A review is on the cards for our Christmas issue so keep your eyes peeled!
One of the strangest games found at the show was Microcosm from Psygnosis, which was featured a while ago. Set for an appearance on the CD32, this sees you travelling through six areas of the human body, all to the beat of a Rick Wakeman composed soundtrack. It's the first Psygnosis game to incorporate fractal engine technology to you and me, that means bloody amazing 3D imagery!
Also on the cards is Second Samurai (the sequel to First Samurai of all things).
Superhero (this allows you to design your own superhero before taking them into the city streets to battle it out with evil-doers) and the motorcycle race game, Prime Mover.
RENEGADE Braybrook's back with Uridium 2, the sequel to his ground-breaking C64 classic. Any shoot-’em-up has to be exceptional these days to get any kind of recognition we’re certainly expecting to see one of the finest blasters yet. An A500 600 version will be available along with an unique enemy combat intelligence. TFX is pencilled in for release very soon time will tell it it’s an improvement over F-29.
Ocean move into the realms of outer space for their big 1994 release, Inferno. Developed by Digital Image Design, the game comes with a graphic novel explaining the background of the entire solar system from there, history will literally be in the making through your actions.
There are seven planets, three moons and enough deep space to keep you guessing for light years. The space battles look to be ferocious there are over 300 individually controlled craft to tackle in 3D along with a wealth of different scenarios. An A1200 release is promised for early 1994.
Inferno and TFX both come from Digital Image Design, who have tied up a deal with Ocean giving the Mancunian software house the rights to their next six products over the enhanced A1200 version.
€€€«VOV One of the most eagerly anticipated games from our point of view is Sensible World Of Soccer. In this, you take on the role of team manager, player or player-manager, and it looks like every feature, permutation and possible action has been catered for. Roll on 1994!
Another boost for the CD32 came in the form of forthcoming three years. DID are responsible for F-29 and Epic and are being touted as the leading light in 3D games development.
Ocean also featured European Champions and Super League Manager. EC is reviewed elsewhere; at time of going to press. SLM had been put back until the end of October.
However, there is a link between the two, as, its very own version of Sensible Soccer. All of the features of the 92 93 version are included along with an option to play through all six of the European World Cup qualifiers.
With a price of £29.99, Sensible Soccer should be an essential purchase for any self-respecting Amiga CD32 owner. There’s nothing more satisfying than winning the Sensible League!
While playing the management-sim, Super League Manager, the game will offer random ties for you to play in European Champions, using the team that you put together during your trials and tribulations as a manager. There is also an option to enter a mini-league championship at the end of a season. It sounds heaven sent for us football groupiesl Much is promised by Mindscape for the CD32, with Liberation-Captive 2, Allred Chicken, D Generation and TV Sports all coming up over the next few months. We'll keep you posted on developments.
More warfare with heightened contemporary slant is on its way with Campaign II. Taking the basis of Campaign, this follow-up introduces historically accurate maps from conflicts over the last 50 years as well as introducing over 100 post-war vehicles from Abrams to T72s.
Another of Empire's future releases is Syd Mead's Maelslom, a planetary war-sim which has you fitting out your battleship and entering into intricate tactical battles in something that looks little short of being an epic game. Incorporated into the game is 'Cleular Automat' giving every character in the game an individual persona and life.
Finally, Combal Classics II is a compilation designed for strategy connoisseurs. Included in the package is F19 Stealth Fighter, Pacilic Islands and Silent Service 2.
Codemasters recently announced the coming of Cosmic Spacehead. It looks to be an action packed adventure in the mad illustration style of the 1950’s impression of the future.
More news and a review soon!
Gunship 2000 MicroProse loystick manufacturers, 40Suncom Technologies, have released an Amiga PC joystick adaptor, allowing you to use PC analogue joysticks on your Amiga.
This unimpressive-looking widget consists of a short length . Of cable (around six inches) with a standard joystick connector on one end and a PC
- --- ._ joystick port on other.
(This is very I ' welcome j news for flight-sim I freaks unlike a I 'normal' digital stick I which only registers direction, an analogue stick can (assuming the software supports such a stick) tell the difference between light and harsh movement. Pull back gently and the nose rises slowly. Yank the stick back as far as it will go and you loop-the-loop, just like a real plane. Analogue control can be a real boon to racers too. Eg. MicroProse’s Formula One GP.
The only Amiga-specific analogue controller is (as far as we know) Konix’s Speedking which, although a great adaptation of a highly-acclaimed joystick, is ultimately a pointless exercise.
Because you need to cradle the body of the stick in your left hand, it’s impossible to use one- handed, a fatal flaw for a device which will mainly be used for keyboard-heavy flight sims and the like. Many of the Suncom PC range pictured here are equipped with desk-hungry suckers, ideal for military sims.
The Amiga Analogue Adapter costs E4.99 and can be obtained from Suncom Industries, 4 Mercian Close Ind. Est, Watermoor End, Cirencester GL7 1LT. Send a SAE for details of Suncom’s PC joystick range.
Q Goal!
” Virain MORE JOY OF STICKS Premier Manager Gremlin n Flashback " US Gold World Class Cricket Audiogenic First Division Manager Code Masters Dune 2 Virgin
• C Dogfight MicroProse ! Formula One Grand Prix MicroProse av
Trivial Pursuit
* ' Hit Squad Body Blows 'Team 17 Desert Strike Electronic Arts
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If you were thinking about upgrading to an A1200 or A4000, think again. With a GVP A530 Accelerator upgrade, your A500 will be 14 times faster than a normal A500, almost nine times faster than an A1200 and over one and a half times faster than the mighty A4000 030 (see chart below).
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Inside is a full Motorola 68030EC processor running at 40mhz,
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Include: .... liked Ihe A530 so much processor) mall boughione' i Uo to 8m» of 32-bit Memory, 1 uo ol 32-bit Pitied CU-Amigai October I PLUS Same features as HD8* *
- Mini-slot for Future Expansions, see PC Emulator - far left Cut
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Ninjas, w elves, aliens W and martial w f artists what do ®
they all have in common? They're coming to your Amiga real
soon, that's what! From Zool 2 to Body Blows Galactit, we've
all the details on the games just around the corner... Gremlin
Graphics he Ninja of the Nth dimension is back! Zool, ninjifsu
expert and all-round good guy, returns in Zool 2 with a tew
allies Zooz, a female version of himselt, and a dog called
Zoon, who has two heads one with a highly | intelligent
brain, the other with barely two brain cells I to rub together!
I There are nine worlds in total, comprising Swan | Lake, Bulberry Hill, Tooting Common and Mount Ices I amongst others. Each one has related enemies, I such as sparrows and other bird-like nasties in I the Swan Lake areas. Mental Block, Zool's arch- ¦ enemy (as if you didn’t know), appears at the [ end ot every level, only in different guises, so I expect a fight on your hands!
¦ Each character will have their own special moves, Zool’s able to shin up walls and perform special stunts in mid-air, while Zooz has a spinning attack that allows her to break through floors.
Zool 2 is still in production secret levels, new power-ups and special enemies are all being included before its November release. Gremlin have also announced a special A1200 version, featuring enhanced graphics and gameplay.
Team 1 7 Undoubtedly one of the success stories in recent times, Body Blows now gets hi- tech in it's successor, Body Blows Galactic.
Two of the heroes Junior and Dan have entered an intergalactic competition to decide on the galaxy's finest fighting talent. Seven other planetary races have also been invited, with their heroes ranging trom the hot-headed Flame, the enigmatic Discette, the ghoulish Phantom and even a jokeyed dinosaur quite a bizarre sight!
There are various versions in development, with the 32bit games looking especially impressive.
The backgrounds, graphics and moves have all been enhanced when you consider how hot the original was, this promises to be positively scorching!
Renegade are set to jump on the SFII bandwagon with Elfmania, an unusually- named beat-’em-up.
Programmed in Finland by Terramaque, this takes the genre into more mythical lands with diverse and invariably armed characters.
Great things are promised by the Terramaque Renegade team. The game's been in development lor well over a year, with a team of seven looking after the 21 megabits of graphics and 4 megabits of superb sampled sounds.
There’s no doubting that it looks wonderful, even if that Sumo chap does bear an uncanny resemblance to Eddie Honda (not to mention our tips boy). Terramaque are keeping most of the other features under their hats for the time being. As soon as we've polished up our Finnish, we'll be able to bring you more news on what looks like a real contender to take the SFII Body Blows crown.!
Failing that, we should be able to bring you a review closer to its December release.
¦ Renegade With the recent success of arcade adventures, beat-’em-ups and all manner of simulations, platform blast-'em-ups have taken a back seat.
Renegade have a wealth of the little blighters, though, with Turrican III leading the way.
The game follows the same style of platform shoot-’em-up theme as the originals, with new levels, traps and beasties thrown in for good measure. In fact, it looks to be very much like the SNES version, with realtime 3D zooming and rotation along with 50 frames multiple speed scrolling. Both Turrican I and 2.
Available on budget, scored in excess of 85% Turrican III could possibly go one step further!
If you like variety in your action games, then it may well be worth keeping an eye out for Turrican III we'll let you know what we think next issue!
C»L.v2t ¦ Renegade Fans of the hugely successful Chaos Engine on the Amiga 500 600 will now be able to purchase the A1200 version. The Bitmap Brothers have now put the final touches to what they promise will be a much improved gaming experience.
Set in a remote Victorian Mansion, Chaos Engine draws its inspiration from the worlds of Charles Babbage and H G Wells. The player leads a party of adventurers through the grounds, the woods, the outbuildings and into the mansion itself. The idea is to locate the Hall of Machines, destroy the Chaos Engine and return peace to the land If you fail the space time continuum will be permanently disrupted - leaving the usually gentle inhabitants of the mansion and its grounds trapped in the bodies of ravenous beasts.
Using the capabilities ol the hardware, the 1200 version will feature 256 colour graphics and enhanced sound.
The game retains the two player feature. Even if there is only one human player, the computer will not only control the other character, but control him in accordance with his abilities and characteristics.
Renegade consider this to be a remarkable improvement on the original game. Judge for yourself, as the game's due to be released any time now as we go to print. Expect a full review in the next issue.
techniques enable up to 3 programs to lit on one dish. Now
saves directly to disk as Amiga Dos - roloads independently of
the cartridge . Even transler to hard drivo! Works with up to 2
Megs of Ram - even 1 Meg Chip Mem (Fatter Agnus).
SUPER POWERFUL TRAINER MODE - now with DEEP trainer. Even better than before - allows you to genorato more or even infinite lives, fuel, ammo. Perfect as a Trainer Mode to get you past that "impossible" level. Easy to use.
• IMPROVED SPRITE EDITOR The full Sprite Editor allows you to
view modify the whole sprtte set including any
• VIRUS DETECTION Comprehensive virus detection and removal
features to protect your software investment.
Works with all presently known viruses.
Now this super disk copier program is built into Action Replay Mk III. Just imagine a superfast, efficient disk copier program at the press of a key - no more jjl waiting.
• SAVE PICTURES AND MUSIC TO DISK Pictures and sound samples can be saved to disk. Files are saved directly in IFF format suitablo I or use with all the major graphic and music packages. Samples are displayed as screen waveform.
PAL or NTSC MODES SELECTABLE • Useful for removing ugly borders when using NTSC software. (Works only with newer Agnus chips).
• SLOW MOTION MODE Now you can slow down the action to your own
pace. Easily ad)ustable from full speed to 20% speed. Ideal to
help you through the tricky parts!
MANY MORE INSTANT CLI COMMANDS like Rename, Relabel, Copy, etc.
• RESTART THE PROGRAM Simply press a key and the program will
continue where you left off.
• FULL STATUS REPORTING At the press of a key you can now view
the Machine Status, including Fast Ram, Chip Ram, RamDisk,
Drivo Status, etc.
• POWERFUL PICTURE EDITOR Now you can manipulate and search for
screens throughout memory. Over 50 commands to edit the picture
plus unique on screen status "overlay' shows all the
information you could ever need to work on screens. No other
product comes close to offering such dynamic screen handling of
frozen programs!!
JOYSTICK HANDLER • allows the user to select Joystick instead of Keypresses • very useful for many keyboard programs.
MUSIC SOUND TRACKER With Sound Tracker you can find tho complete music in programs , demos, etc. and save them to disk. Saves in format suitable for most track player programs. Works with loads of programs!!
0 AUTOFIRE MANAGER From the Action Replay III Preference Screen you can now set up Autofire from 0 to 100%. Just imagine continuous fire power? Joystick f and 2 are set separately for that extra advantage!
Now many moro external Ram Expansions will work with all Action Replay III commands.
• DISKCOOER With the new ‘Diskcoder" option you can now tag'
your disks with a unique code that will prevent the disk from
being loaded by anyone else. Tagged" disks will only reload
when you enter the code. Very useful for security.
SET MAP • Ph'A allows you to Load Save Edit a Keymap.
• PREFERENCES Action Replay III now has screen colour preferences
with menu setup. Customise your screens to suit your taste.
Very simple to use.
• DISK MONITOR Invaluable disk monitor - displays disk
information in easy to understand format. Full modify save
IMPROVED PRINTER SUPPORT - Including compressed'small character command, e DOS COMMANDS Now you have a selection of DOS commands available at all times - DIR, FORMAT, COPY. DEVICE, etc. FILE REQUESTOR - if you enter a command without a filename, then a file requestor Is displayed.
• DISK COPY Disk Copy at the press of a button • faster than Dos
Copy. No need to load Workbench - available at all times.
PLUS IMPROVED DE8UGQER COMMANDS - including Mem Watch Points and Trace.
• BOOT SELECTOR Either Dfo or DF1 can be selected as the boot
drive when working with Amiga Dos disks. Very useful to be able
to boot from your external drivo.
• Full M68000 Assembler. Disassembler • Full screen editor •
Load Save block • Write String to memory • Jump to specific
• Show Ram as text • Show Irozen picture • Play resident sample •
Show and edit all CPU registers and llag • Calculator • Help
• Full search feature • Unique Custon Chip Editor allows you to
see and modify all chip registers - e en write only registers
• Notepad
• Disk handling - show actual track, Disk Sync, pattern etc. •
Dynamic Breakpoint handling WARNING 1988 COPYRIGHT ACT WARNING
i tlecrc--*:* LW npin*' -or at fontm lt» uu V u» prtKU-n
’K'CfllKtK" O’ rx*y JlTt mn.
Group ’4OH04 ol r s proj.c. 410 ongnM id Tc*o0mo coif w*wai? V Ccm ii maitrai (Do uuit *»n wcgrami O’ iofrwao •trcre po'~*s&on1 "¦ l»W 0”"1 iV lltO IH1 « (Qf»W O' "tVS1" “Hit* Ml aftm WfOI DfC livoo d r« 0-0)00'* VWW. O’ tW •* " lll»*«*
• Show memory as HEX, ASCII, Assembler, Decimal • Copper
Assemble.Disassemble - now with suffix rfemes REMEMBER AT ALL
FAX 0782 744292 TECHNICAL CUSTOMER SERVICE 0782 744324 or CALL
AT OUR LONDON SHOP 222, Tottenham court hd, London, wi .
TELrOTi sso G4eo A F AAR llld When we first caught sight of
Rise Of' the Robots, we were pretty amazed at the quality of
the graphics. Surely, though, it's little more than
Streetfighter If with beefed up graphics? Chris 'R2D2' Marke
(Right) The Supervisor has an unorthodox yet effective special move he simply melts away! Graphically it’s stunning, with faultless animation and definition.
* he whole project was undertaken by Mirage's new in-house
development team.
Instinct Design, with the philosophy that game design is the most important element ot a game’. Well said but an obvious point, surely?
Evidently not. As Instinct see it, too many games have wasted features or over-complex designs which are unnecessary and largely unused, detracting from the gameplay. With Rise ot the Robots, they set out to produce a game in which you feel the power of every punch dished out by your responsive fighter.
The cosmetics of the game are nothing short of stunning. The animation on the intro sequences utilises new techniques and technology to deliver unprecedented scenes; 3D Visual Contouring, as it's called, allows Instinct to build all the elements of the characters as if in a photographer's studio.
Lighting, textures, reflections and opacity can all be altered to add to the realism of the animation.
We've seen the result, and, believe us, it really is a sight to behold! Characters melt away, the 30 images rotate and scale and the intermediate screens are the closest to a film scene that we . Have seen.
But it isn't just an exercise in graphical capabilities. A whole worid has been created for Rise ot the Robots’, the concept revolves around that of a film rather than a normal game. For example, selection of two player games is accessed by guiding the cyborg up the relevant tunnel. This has been done to a lesser extent before Prince Ot Persia springs to mind for level selection yet Mirage are particulariy proud of the fact that ROR goes one step further, claiming that it pulls you into the world.
Okay so we've got the graphics, the intros and the concept, but what about the game itself? Instinct are still putting the finishing touches to ROR, but the main points have been fleshed out. As we mentioned in our minipreview in the last issue, the storyline revolves around the 'SupervisoT, a highly intelligent cyborg. When an ego-virus infects his circuits, he halts production and re-programs the security forces of Electorcorp's major manufacturing plant. Metropolis 4. The plant is still precious, though, so a cyborg was developed, using a human brain, to sort out the robots with the
minimum of firepower.
You control this cyborg, battling six different robots over three or five bouts, each with increasingly more power. Viewed in a side-on perspective, you can call on various moves to use against your opponents such as low kicks, high kicks, jump kicks and so on. One of the in-game features allows you to power-up by holding the firebutton down for longer; this results in a more effective attack, yet you are also vulnerable to attack during the power-up sequence.
After you’ve successfully defeated an enemy robot, you manoeuvre your cyborg through the connecting tunnels, encountering a 'hover' droid along the way. You need to eliminate this droid using a variety of power moves.
Intellic As with all good beat-'em-ups. Each character has a special move, from charges to slams, flips to spin kicks. The emphasis has been put on ease of use every move is quite straightforward to manipulate, eliminating the necessity to hit three different directions to perform your special move.
In the two-player game, you can choose from the six robots, so you need to leam the moves that each one is capable of. Another of the game's ‘hidden’ features involves strong and weak points on particular robots and this is very evident during these two-player-brawls. For example, a robot with a large upper body but smaller legs would pack a powerful punch yet would be particularly susceptible to hits in the legs.
Stole of Hie art graphics A great deal of work has been put into developing ‘artificial intelligence’ for each of the computer-controlled robots. Their reactions to your previous attacks and position are decided by their level of intelligence and motivation. Such a feature has never really been incorporated to such an extent before; the end result will mean more challenging fights and less repetition which can't be a bad thing!
It's obvious that a tremendous amount of work has gone into producing Rise of the Robots. The fruits of their labours will be revealed early 1994 so far, it looks set to herald a new standard in beat-'em-ups!
4EM*ifer Instinct Design Instinct Design intend to put real design behind their games, drawing on a wealth ot experience to put their philosophy into action.
Headed by Sean Griffiths, erstwhile member of The Bitmap Brothers, Rise of the Robots is their first project for Mirage. Judging by what we’ve already seen, they look set to be around for some time!
These robots aro protty stunning but the game has been Improved since these first designs. From the demo B Another month, another letters page. The «|g3S j V Newton bHV Abbot postman's currently jSg B missing, presumed tired, and our store rooms are utterly V bulging with r readers' I enquiries, words [ ol wisdom and, ol course, D-Paint art. So, H you're eager to point out spelling mistakes, wrong information or heavens above complement us and have a letter-based chat, don't delay, write today!
A Scottish Possum Writes... Dear Ed Firstly, let me apologise lor what I am about to say.
Secondly, let me say what it is I am apologising lor. Your letters page, I'm alraid to say, is quite simply boring. In the July issue, nearly every single reader repeated the same drab message your magazine's nice and cheap, keep the cards, stay away from the coverdisks. Marcus the Sheep provided some desperately needed wit in the form of his 'By the way, I'm a sheep’ comment. Its surrealism value shone radiantly from the uninspired other letters like a shiny radiant thing.
Just thought I'd tell you.
By the way, anyone who uses one of those nasal hair-trimmers, please write in to AMIGA FORCE so that all the readers can laugh at you as a collective group.
I went to cubs for two weeks as a child and I have been mentally scarred since. All this dib-dab- dob' stuff sounded like a subliminal message One of the other cubs got banished to hell by a cloaked stranger who revealed himself as Goliath the Possum. Creepy.
Goliath the Possum, Scotland.
¦ Wit such a personal thing. After all, GP. Some readers may find your ramblings to be amusing, others will just think that you haven't an ounce of humour in you. Me, I'm sitting on the fence, watching Marcus the Sheep no less, and scouring my Ha Ha Bonk' book of humour trying to see where possums fit in. Funnily enough, there was no mention of possums or your home country.
As for nasal hair-trimmers, I did catch sight of one around the SEGA FORCE MEGA offices once, but the less said about that the better. Dear old Guttersnipe would have my guts for garters should I let out his little secrets... Chris.L Public Backlash Dear Ed Is il true that every letter must start with praise to get printed? Just about every one printed mentions something about how bnlliant your mag is doesn't that go without saying?
I digress. One of my favourite sections in your esteemed mag is Going Public. I've sent off for quite a few different games and it really is quite amazing just what you can purchase. I was wondering just how you go about getting a game published in the PD sector? Can I send them to you and will you review them? Most of the ones that I've made are produced using AMOS, but most of my friends still reckon they're pretty good.
Just in case I do need to mention it, I think that your mag is great!
Jon Singleton, Watford.
I like it a bit of surrealism to brighten up our lives. These were put together by Chris Beel possibly a self-portrait in there, Chris?
¦ The best thing to do is contact one of the PD or shareware companies: that way. Your software will reach a wider audience. II you do want to send us your games then, by all means, do so we'll pass it on for Ian Public Domain' Osborne to cast his beady eye over.
Poor Influence Dear AMIGA FORCE Having watched the first series of Bad Influence and GamesMaster, I was quite angry with both.
Bl reviewed Soccer Kid you know the little Chinese girl who always goes ‘I like this game. I think it's cute' (she hasn't seen Wax Works yet)? Well, why couldn't she have said that about Soccer Kid, instead she said 'Oww!
I don't like this game, I think the controls are a t too hard and complicated’. Me and my mates know that it’s going to be good, they only gave the game three stars (well, they're girls) which might put people off.
GM's just as bad it hardly mentions the Amiga or uses Amiga games for the challenge. I think the Amiga has as much right to be on GM and Bl as consoles do.
David Berry, Plumstead, London.
¦ Couldn't agree more with your last point, David.
The Amiga is just as widely used as the consoles and is far more capable, yet is probably considered too serious or heavy-going for the TV people. Try writing into the shows to express your concerns if enough people contact them, they’ll have to re-think their ideas, won't they?
On the review side, though, you should consider that any review is subjective; if the girl that commented on Soccer Kid just didn’t like it, I guess she had every right to say so. I'm with you on this one too Soccer Kid is a cracking game but there will be those who just won’t click with this kind of game.
To get the best, most rounded reviews, just look in AMIGA FORCE every month!
Dont' talk... Dear AMIGA FORCE So, the CD32’s finally arrived then? So where, pray tell, is the TV advertising? Or the endless stream of promotion in a fashion not dissimilar to Sega and Nintendo's hype machine? And what about the games?
Granted there are a fair few of them, but as most of them are mere updates, they're hardly going to encourage potential buyers to purchase them insteads of the more established but technically-inferior Mega
CD. Ocean’s TFX and Inferno look promising, as does Psygnosis’
Microcosm, but Zool? That was bad enough on the standard
Amiga! I'm currently an A600 owner, and spent roughly two
weeks recently weighing up the pros and cons of buying an
A1200 which is, in essence, a CD32 without the CD. Then it
hit me it might not be such a wise move. The five-or- so
promising releases scheduled for release may well be some of
the last if the machine doesn't sell well, and without hype,
how can it? Software houses like Ocean tend to be ahead of
the pack when it comes to supporting new machines they have
been with the Spectrum 128, +3, Amiga 1200 etc but they're
big enough to afford to get their fingers burnt once due to
an absence of sales but they'll soon pull out if there's
not the user base.
Feel the Force!
Ahh, moan moan moan. Here’s looking at you Commodore Dan Ellis, Kings Cross ¦ Yes indeed.
Chris Syndicating Syndicate Dear AMIGA FORCE Hume 1 Dune 2 Peter Hume has been hard at work on his Deluxe Paint.
Here's his spaced out version of Dune II Battle For Arakis.
By the way, if you Dpainters want your disks back, please enclose a SAE.
Firstly, I would like to say that I'm what you call a compulsive buyer of any Amiga magazine and I can safely say that yours has always been the best in my mind.
I wonder if you could answer some of my questions: 1 Will there be any extra mission disks for Syndicate?
2 Will there be a Syndicate 2 ?
3 I'm going to gel an A1200 soon. Will there be a CD add-on to turn it into a CD32?
4 When will the excellent looking T.F.X. be released?
To finish with, might I say how impressed and grateful I felt when I saw how well you mapped and explained Syndicate. Thank you!
J Bentley, Somerset.
¦ Hey, I bet you say that to all the mags (just kidding, your sentiments are much appreciated)!
1 Check out last issue's news for details on the update disk for Syndicate. It will feature 50 new levels along with additional weapons and other new features.
2 In time, no doubt.
3 The good news is, yes, there will be a CD 32 add-on for the A1200, as well as a keyboard upgrade for the CD 32. More news as it breaks.
4 The latest details on T.F.X. and Ocean's other goodies are included in this issue's news section.
We've seen a running demo on video and it's absolutely mind-blowing!
Maltese Masterpiece?
Dear AMIGA FORCE I am writing to you to get some information. I want to make my own games, and I want to buy the shoot-'em-up construction kit. I live in Malta and I can't find this kit so I want to get the details of an English company.
Oh, congratulations on a perfect magazine!
Nathan Muscat, Malta.
¦ Cheers. Nate we do try. Regarding SEUCK, why not try one of the mail-order shops that advertise in AMIGA FORCE? Even if they don't hold it in stock, I'm sure that they would only be too happy to order one for you.
Sonic's getting what for from a jubilant Dizzy courtesy of Andrew Middleton, age 11 from Birmingham. Study the bottom right corner carefully and you'll see two pray paint cans. Bet you didn't know that Dizzy was into graffiti did you?
When not eating, sleeping or getting bored, my favourite games to play are: I 1 .. I 2 .. I 3 .. I 4 ..
!5 .. MY FAVOURITE TV PROGRAM IS ... | NAME ..... I ADDRESS ...... I POSTCODE .... I The Very First
Readers' Chart!
Back in Issue Nine, when we could still watch the sun set over the stretching green hills of dear old Ludlow, we asked you, the reader, to vote for your favourite games. The response was quite staggering we've had to buy a new calculator just to figure out the results (unfortunately, we ran out of fingers and nobody dared use their feet in case the neighbours complained of the smell). To cast your vote, fill in the coupon below and send it to READERS' CHART. AMIGA FORCE, Impact Magazines, Ludlow. Shropshire. SY8 1JW.
Are you lot sports fanatics or what? Sensible Soccer came way out on top, but it was a close run thing between Lemmings 2 and Formula One Grand Prix And why is Championship Manager 93 more popular than Premier Manager? Hey, you tell us this is your chart, you decide the outcome.
And the victor in the great ice Idly debate (well, not so much a debate, more a questionnaire, but you know what we mean) is far and away the Magnum The power of advertising, eh?
1 Sensible Soccer 2 Lemmings 2 3 Formula One Grand Prix 4 Championship Manager '93 5 Premier Manager Dear Ed I find AMIGA FORCE good and buy it regularly, but I think that you can make it excellent: Firstly please have three pages for 90% and up.
With one page of pure writing and two pages with screenshots; with 50-90% two pages and under, 50% one page.
And secondly, have more news on games coming out. Lastly say what's happening in every screenshot. I notice you leave some with no writing by it.
I d like to ask:-
1. Where is Frontier ?
2. Will Frontier be released on the CD32?
3. Can you save on the CD32. If so how?
Stuart .Winchester. ¦ Aha constructive criticism, whatever that may mean Wherever possible, we give a highly rated game more space, but, with so much to squeeze into every issue of AMIGA FORCE, it s not always possible. Balancing text with screenshots is a difficult matter a page of solid text would be a bit heavy on the eyesl The same goes for captioning all screenshots in order to get as many on page as possible, we can only annotate a few. However, comments noted.
As for your questions... 1 Frontier is now being released by Gametek (as opposed to Konami who instigated the product). Release is expected in time for Christmas.
2 As far as we know, there are no plans as yet to release Frontier on the CD32.
3 Yes you can, through a nifty battery back-up that’s built into the machine Chris.
Seedy Matters Dear AMIGA FORCE In response to Brendon from Tipperary in issue eight. I think Body Blows is much better than SF2.
Brendon got a lot of things wrong about the game. There are an equal amount of characters in Body Blows and SF2 (Body Blows and Body Blows version two).
SF2 has E. Honda. Ken, Ryu. Guile, Blanka, Zangeif, Dhalism, and Chun-Li which you can control, and the others Balrog, Sagat. Vega and
M. Bison = 12.
Body Blows (version 2) has Nick, Dan, Mario, Kossak. Dug, Junior, Ninja, Yitu, Mike and Loray which you can control; the others Max and T17 = 12 The same amount of characters but without cheats Body Blows has more people to use. In version two. You can use all ten characters in one player mode.
As for special moves (real special moves, not shoulder throws and pile-drivers). Body Blows has more special moves and they are far easier to perform As for the computer doing moves every second on Body Blows, this happens on SF2 as well!
It isn't frustrating, it's fun, but you have to be good at it.
Shane Daunt, Kent.
¦ No matter what's been said before. I think that this is all a matter of horses for courses. Sure, both games have their good and bad points, yet both come highly recommended. Strangely, neither figure in our readers top five maybe you were all too busy playing the darn things to bother to write in? Come on now, get those votes registered!
Dizzy Too!
What better way to round up our letters page than with another of Peter Hume's DP masterpieces? A rather different version of Dizzy than Andrew Middleton's, don’t you think?
(Nintendoj) SQUARED CIRCLE 0908 262366 FREE Nintendo Pin Badge (worth £1.99) with every order over £10 received before 31-10-93 SUPER MARIO BROS. TALKING ALARM CLOCK £16.99+p&p 32002 "Wake up! It's time to leave Dreamland!"
Announces Mario. Features computer game music.
4-event digital clock and “Snooze" button.
TIME BOY KEYFOB E4.99+p&p 32010 Novelty miniature Game Boy is an LCD Watch on a keyring.
SUPER MARIO KART GAME WATCH WAS £12.99 NOW £8.99. p&p 32011 Super Mario Kart is now more mobile! Fully playable game, including a split-second digital watch to keep track ot your fastest laps.
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Includes headphones!
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Collect weapons to destroy the Menagerie of Meanles.
TETRIS GAME WATCH WAS £14.99 NOW £8.99+p&p 32008 The ultimate Russian brain-teasing puzzle is now available on a watch! Fast reflexes and a clear mind are required to complete this game of strategy.
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you are not completely satisfied with any item you purchase
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Computer games may only be returned if they ore faulty.
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R mailings ds will be despatched within 14 ting days from receipt of order.
¦ ISSUE ONE: Driving roundup, Gods poster and maps, complete R-type solution, Elf maps, CJ In the USA maps, Gobliins tips and more! _ ¦ ISSUE THREE: Free Battlecards!
Playing guides for Streetfighter II, Gobliins 2 and Rome AD. The Top 20 shoot-’em- ups and more!
¦ ISSUE TWO: Free AMIGA FORCE stickers!
Full-colour maps for Zool and Prince Of The Yolfolk. Shadow Of The Beast III playing guide and Kixx roundup!
¦ ISSUE TEN: The new look continues! Hired Guns review! Syndicate, Ishar 2, War in the Gulf all tipped.
Strategy games round-up!
¦ ISSUE ELEVEN: Combat Air Patrol Reviewed!
More Syndicate tips!
Loom solution!
¦ ISSUE FOUR: Every Dizzy game reviewed, Sensible Soccer challenge.
Sleepwalker tips, Trolls maps, Gobliins 2 guide and Action Replay pokes galore!
¦ ISSUE SEVEN: Morph and Flashback!
Complete maps and tips for Chaos Engine, Sink or Swim, Lemmings 2 and Body Blows!
Puzzle games roundup.
¦ ISSUE EIGHT: Amiga CD32 revealed! Tips and maps galore for Morph, Body Blows, Flashback,Sink or Swim and Lemmings Lemmings 2!
¦ ISSUE NINE: Our new look issue!
Jurassic Park!
Loads of tips and guides for Gunship 2000, Lost Vikings, Syndicate and Replay pokes!
Due to popular demand, here’s the official AMIGA FORCE tuckshop, where you can order sherbet dips, humbugs... whoops, maybe not, but you CAN order all those AMIGA FORCE back issues that you might have missed, including that elusive Issue one. Watch out for more special offers next month! .. .. .
¦ ISSUE SIX: Free disk labels!
Special ECTS report, Sensible World Cup and the A1200 guide. Superfrog maps, tips for Desert Strike and Arabian Nights. _ Name Address ¦ ISSUE FIVE: Free Battlecards!
Maps and tips for Chaos Engine, Zool, Lemmings 2, Rick Dangerous 2 and Sleepwalker! Arcade adven- tures roundup. .
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Other Be wordy dtroroK wilhe 7 10 bp, hi all. Tpli ti Myr Ik Wmj, (measured flat) 1111111 = llin t||iti .11111 = lliu ijiprot linn = liin tppioi lillll = Hitt ipprti (111 12 = lliu ifpiei (IIS 11 = I7in ipprei (IDSI = lliu t||iii Pleose use the oboue rhort os o guide only OffER ONLY AVAILABLE IN THE U.K. AND N. IRELAND Find enclosed my (h«jue posxil otde mode out to BUSINESS ALTERNATIVES LTD PO BOX 20. BRISTOL BS99 IOW uenwmbw 10 pul youi nome cod cddress ilecity on the bock! x deb my credit cord.
HEIMP 6 VISA ACCESS Iptaosetkk: Signotite Isfiff dole nus rOSTACI PACKING jnit sat fe cdltess gr*o 6 the sor os ttict tejrwrt oith yew icrt) T0TAl Tick tkii bo il you do not wool to roiiovo any OIDM itfatntotioo about other oilers we may he 1000ing PLEASE COMPLETE THIS COUPON IN INK, WRITE CLEARLY AND IN CAPITAL LETTERS.
¦ Mirage £44.99 London, 1888 a series of grizzly murders rocked the capital. No-one knew who the perpetrator was or what his motives were, but one thing was crystal clear until he was stopped, no one would be sate.
r1 | ~ J I _r_ Mississippi, 1993 programmer, games designer and head of Intergalactic Developments Incorporated, Ezra Sidhan, beavers away on his latest game. Jack The Ripper. For over four years he's pursued the cold-blooded killer, not through the grimy alleyways of Victorian London but in public libraries and document files. Over a 100 years after the murders, the killer's identity is still unknown, but now the Amiga owner can follow in the footsteps of celebrated (though unsuccessful) ripper investigator Inspector Frank Abberline, and track down the Whitechapel murderer.
A Thorough Investigation... The programming team have included every relevant object, fact, person and detail uncovered in the 105 years since the murders. You get to meet Prince Albert Victor, implicated in the Ripper murders by some more fanciful commentators, including Dr. Alexander Pedachenko, the mad Russian doctor accused by some of being smuggled into Britain by the Czarist secret police to de-stabilise the capital; and chairman ot the Whitechapel Vigilance Committee, George Lusk. Many 'clues' gathered during the investigations are now regarded as red herrings, but all or any of them
could prove conclusive in one of the many alternative scenarios on offer.
Was the owner of the 'leather apron’ the killer? Did the chalked graffiti on the alley wall offer a clue?
Was there ritual significance in the arrangement of the victims’ intestines? Who was the man on the grassy knoll (sorry, wrong murder)? Only you can solve the crime, by examining the evidence, picking out the important facts from the plethora of information at hand and using it to arrive at a logical conclusion.
Blood Lust Skilled pen-and-ink artists have been commissioned to draw reconstructions of the murder sites and other important London landmarks. The citizens of Whitechapel have also been so drawn, as have the various objects found along the way. Where possible, contemporary photographs of people and places have been sourced and used as inspiration for the artwork.
The victims' corpses provided a particular problem for the graphic geezers. For example, the final murder (that ot Mary Kelly) was especially horrific and difficult to depict without sanitising or glamourising it. The artists have done a superb job, though, recreating the horror of the event without risking an ‘18’ certificate for the game.
Unlike Sega’s Sherlock Holmes effort, genuine detective work is required on the part of the player.
There are many 'solutions' included in the game so it doesn't become redundant after completing it once.
Obviously Intergalactic Development Incorporated aren’t claiming that they know who the Ripper is (no claiming access to 'previously undisclosed documents' without revealing their source here), the storylines are well researched and entirely plausible.
The bod? Of one of the unfortunates that reside and attempt to eke oat a living in Vhitechapel vas discovered earlg this morning. The corpse of Harg Mg' llichols vas discovered in Back's Sov at 3:40 Ahi, August 31 .no murder vas ever more ferocionslg and brutallg done The knife, vhich mast have been a large and sharp one, vas jabbed into the deceased at the lover part of the abdomen and then dravn upvards not once but tvice TWO GREAT FIRES AT LONDON DOCKS!
Tvo great fires broke oat last night on the London locks The first fire started about 8 30 PQ al Spint Quag,South tuck and continued to barn ontil it vas extinguished about 1130 PHI The second fire started atout a bit later at Hlessre Sibbs J Co's engineering vcrks in Shadveli log Dock,destaging a ship's rigging and spars, and then spread to Govland8 Ccal Vharf. The fires vere visible throughout the evening of sogast 33-31 and attracted a large crovd. I PC John Neil slates that he discovered the body of Polly Nichols a few minutes ago. He states that he believes that the murder was committed
The Ripper Murders Though some would argue otherwise, the Ripper is generally credited with five murders. His first victim was found in a crumpled heap in Bucks Row, 31 August 1888, The body, which was later identified as that of 42-year-old prostitute Mary Ann Nichols, had been ripped open from throat to stomach.
A week later the second victim, Annie Chapman, was found in a backyard in Hanbury St. Her throat had been cut so savagely that the blade reached her backbone and she had been disembowelled, her small intestine was pulled over her left shoulder. The ripper also arranged some pennies and brass rings at her feet.
The third and fourth murders took place on the same day. First to fall was Elizabeth Stride.
Although her throat was cut in the characteristic fashion, the body was in no way mutilated. The murderer was apparently prevented (rom carrying out his gruesome task when disturbed in the act.
Unsatisfied, he sought another victim. Catherine Eddowes had been in police custody tor drunkenness earlier that evening. It would've been better for her had she been kept overnight and charged when her body was lound it was stabbed terociously, her face being cut beyond recognition. Some internal organs had been removed too. By now, the uproar from the public and police alike was audible; tear had gripped the | city.
The final and most horrific murder took place five weeks later in a bedsit on George Street.
Being the only murder to take place indoors the ripper didn't tear being disturbed, so he took his time indicting the most savage mutilations imaginable. Half her face was removed and her legs were so stripped of tlesh that her bones were showing. Her small intestine was hung around the walls like Christmas trimming (no doubt a rather unpleasent sight). The victim was a 24-year-old Irish prostitute, Mary Jane Kelly.
Alter this there were no more Ripper murders, though a tew later killings have been (wrongly) accredited to the Whitechapel murderer. ¦ Although a little expensive (the tinal price is likely to be over £40), Jack The Ripper is certainly destined to be a quality product.
Packaged in a loose-leal binder like many PC utility packages, its black-and-white box ] graphics and ‘serious’ appearance suggest it's being aimed at the older purchaser. AI phenomenal amount of research has gone into it | and the programming is of a very high standard, with a great instinctive interlace and presentation that's polished without being intrusive. The ongoing adventure puils you in and keeps you guessing, the hallmark of a classic adventure game. If the finished product lives up to expectations, this one could be the sleeper hit of the year. ¦ :gi | ilt | -tiitc | luti | ilp
“iJPWj » ' f'd 1 VE ‘ Is IrlJS 1 m zmm ¦1 ¦JHACv •&- . ¦». -AVj i jfl TUTORIAL MODE I The first thing yoa will need lo do is lo gather clues to solve the murder. Let's start by selecting INTERROGf from the CLUES menu to see what we can learn from PC Neil After this use the slider m the Graplucs windou to eiiamine the neat clue at this location. Important premises are hidden within the tnct. In the ’Hilorla) Mode these have been underlined for you. Position your cursor over any underlined text and either clicK and drag the underlined teat to the Notebook button or shift'ClicK to move the
text to the Notebook.
Jack the Ripper takes the actual facts of the murders and then incorporates them into a stunning and ultra- playable adventure. Can you succeed where Abberline failed?
¦ DEVELOPERS: IN- HOUSE ¦ PLAYERS: 1 ¦ GENRE: STRATEGY Oswald j41Xctv is a journalist for Tfic Pall Nall Gazette that is paid by the column inch and fie is obviously hungry for a story. Mm believes that there is something out of the ordinary about this murder, Aden states that he arrived on the scene at 4:15 A'l and Dr. Phillips ivas all ready at the scene of the crime .
¦ % COMPLETE: 80% ¦ RELEASE DATE: SEPT )¥VIIE PROS I Genuine detective work is required on the part of the player.
¦ Very impressive attention to detail.
¦ Highly skilled reconstructions of the murder sites.
¦ The quality and instinctive interface appears second to none.
THE CONS l I The price seems to be very high, even for a game as well-presented and detailed as this.
(XL) All T-Shirts are 100% Colton.
Machine Washable All goods are despatched within 28 days 1 enclose a cheque postal order made payable to Home Entertainment ITEM CODE PRICE 1 JJJ Signature ..Expiry Date ...... . Name ..... Address .. PLEASE ADD POSTAGE T-SHIRT C1.50 EACH ITEM PLEASE ADD POSTAGE ...Postcode .Tel
No ..... PLEASE ADD POSTAGE HE IMP 7 Now completed coupon to: Home Entertainment. P.O. Box 100 Colne, Lancs BB8 9JS TOTAL ORDER VALUE £ If you 00 not wi&n to receive ome* yeat oftets ''O'" us ano ome* con***** doxQ FANTAZIA SLAAM CLOTHING SLAAM CLOTHING “All Tooled Up” LONG SLEEVE £18.00 - Cede LSRJA SHORT SLEEVE £15.99 - Code: SSM4T LONG SLEEVE £18.00 - Code: LSU4N FANTAZIA CLOTHING "Come and Join The Future” MAI DANCING MAN BOMBER JACKET BASEBALL CAP. DANCING MAN BlueBlackTurqoee'RedPurple BLACK £11.99 - Code: HFDA8 £53.50 - Code: JF14
Sierra On-Line Beyond the wild frontier.
Fit for kings This differs from other Quesf games as, in true RPG style, you sculpture the hero.
The attributes of the hero are initially your decision; from there, your actions and the events of the adventure will alter such characteristics.
Quest For Glory is aimed more at the beginner. You take on various tasks and quests, with more clues available to you and more obvious sub-plots. A quick visit to the Guild will reveal the six major quests to complete, while further investigations bring you to the healer who needs her lost ring back. Need some dosh? Stop by at the castle and sweep out the stables.
The speed of Quest For Glory has been tidied up; you can tell from the graphics and vocabulary that this is a later, and therefore more user-friendly game.
It's very much a matter of questioning the folk around the brigand-besieged town of Spielburg, a la Ultima simply pick up on key words so that you can question them some more. Certain characters are more than willing to talk; others Us 2Aj'A3 II of Sierra’s Quest games are set in single screen 3D environments you can walk around almost everything on screen, Interact with all characters, pick up items and so on. If s similar to the Monkey Island games, although these did come firstl The earlier games all loaded in each particular screen; with later games, some of these screens were held in
One of the biggest downfalls is the time accessing disks with up to five disks, there can be a lot of swapping, and, when there are many animations In the background, It can ail slow down to a snail’s pace. Having a hard disk is a great advantage as it will save much faffing aroundl Controlling the character is much the same in all games. You directly manipulate movement through the joystick and type in commands via the keyboard. Some basic commands can be called up through function keys or by the mouse.
Being American games, there are obvious discrepancies with the English language, 'armour1 becoming 'armor1 for example. Shakespeare would turn in his grave! You also have to get used to the vocabulary used as well to request information, you need to 'ask about...' otherwise you may not find what you’re looking for. Turning Pulling is another thing altogether. As with most games of this ilk, though, once you have the hang of it you won't be hindered by the problem.
Iventure with its fair share A snip at more the KING'S QUEST 1 important secrets; others offer you nothing but trouble and, while Sir Graham may be a worthy knight, entering into battle voluntarily is rarely the best answer to his plight.
The playing area of King's Quest is vast and there will be times when you'll feel lost or simply won’t know where to turn next.
Sometimes, it's a case of lateral thinking; occasionally, a little bit of luck results in stumbling on the solution.
King's Quest is a good introduction to the world of Sierra, being atmospheric, containing all of the humour associated with the titles and not terribly difficult to get into. Solving the game, with a good score at that, is another thing altogether!
The first in the King's Quest series may not feature the stunning graphics of the latest addition, yet you'll find one hell of an adventure just fighting to get out!
Cast as Sir Graham, your quest is to search the lands oi Daventry lor the three great treasures stolen long ago from the aged King Edward. Without these, Daventry is doomed; conversely, success will grant you the throne.
Ah, the stuff of great adventures!
The beauty of most of Sierra’s games is that you've literally dozens of mini-quests to solve and King's Quest is no exception. The search begins outside ot the palace; your travels take you far and wide. Numerous characters offer advice, items, kick off sub-plots and hold SPACE QUEST 1 GLORY 1 require a silver coin or two to reveal all.
Strangely enough, there is also a fight sequence in this, albeit a feeble one. Little skill's involved simply dodge and strike out whenever possible. Although the most frustrating part of the game, it doesn’t ruin your enjoyment.
The village itself is rather small, although there are a few shops from which you can purchase goods; more impressive is the surrounding area with its castles, mountains, and woods. Encounters a-plenty and a few testing challenges await. Look out for the snow giant who will request barrel-loads of fruit.
Bartering is your only choice; even the strongest warriors don’t stand a chance against this Yeti- type monster!
Since this runs at a fair speed and as there are a number of tasks, Quest For Glory 1 is another diverse adventure. It’s a pity there’s so much random disk swapping, but that's small price to pay.
Roger Wilco is your normal, everyday janitor, stuck in a dead-end job in outer space. However, as with all of the fine janitors of our time Hong Kong Phooey, Derek from Coronation Street and that bloke from Grange Hill Roger’s a hero just waiting in the wings for his time to come. The opportunity arises when aliens attack Roger's Spacelab and, as he was taking a kip at the time, he’s the only human left who can foil their plans. So begins the making of a reluctant hero... As you've probably guessed, Roger isn’t exactly blessed with great combat skills instead, he has to rely on your
skill and cunning to get him past the aliens and deep into the adventure. Unfortunately, his own skill and cunning are very limited so don’t expect any help in return!
Full of Sierra's particular brand of humour.
Space Quest is much like playing through an episode of Red Dwarf except that there are numerous aliens patrolling the area. It doesn't get any better lor Roger the ship decides to self- detonate, leaving him just 30 minutes to find a way out of there.
Most of this time is spent sauntering through the ship, jumping into closets to avoid the aliens.
There’s the odd chance to search through the remains of a deceased colleague but, as soon as Roger hears footsteps, he has to find a safe hiding place.
This game has actually been updated from its original state, with enhanced graphics and a less familiar icon-driven control system. I much prefer the other system Space Quest is more clumsy to use, and it suffers terribly from slow-down the minute you try to do something. Even though I'm a big fan of such games, I found that some of the programming was unforgivable every time a second ticks away on the 'Till Detonation’ panel.
Roger momentarily pauses. This makes getting into the game a right royal pain. On the other hand, using the icon system does save unnecessary key input, and therefore there’s no need to get to grips with a new vocabulary.
Once you do manage to get off the ship, everything becomes much clearer.
I don't want to give too much away, though it you can persevere with the endless swapping of disks (why do you need the startup disk just to see your inventory?) And the slow pace of the game then you will find an enthralling adventure waiting to be solved.
Unless you're a real advocate of the genre, though, it's best to start off with something slightly easier such as Quest For Glory 1.
The original lounge lizard (alter Ian Osborne) went down a storm with PC owners, especially this first adventure which contains adult' material (albeit somewhat tame) and a very different style of gameplay.
Right from the very start, this sutlers from horrible Americanisms. After verifying your age.
You need to answer live questions about certain American events people. Maybe I've led a sheltered life, but I've absolutely no idea who Carrol O’ Connor is or whether she portrayed a kindly doctor or lovable bigot. It took much consultation with the older people in the office and numerous bouts of trial and error before I could even start to play the game Despite my grievances, this obviously is for the older’ player, not because of the content, more the nature of the game just how many people do want to aid a frustrated lounge lizard looking for a good time? Sure, it's a matter of taste
(or, in the case of this game, the lack of it), but Leisure Suit Larry does tend to verge on the ridiculous.
LEISURE SUIT LARRY 1 straightforward or obvious and one wrong move results in termination don't step into the road, for example, otherwise you'll be knocked down by a bike.
Once you've hopped into the taxi, you can really start exploring the town. A casino and a wedding chapel are just two of the strange places up for a visit. Most of these places allow good interaction; you can play blackjack or slots in the casino, or shout for a beer in the bar.
However, discovering just what Larry needs to do to find some companionship is another thing altogether.
As with Space Quest, this is icon-driven, there's no real need to type in any text. Guiding Larry through his town and from bar to bar is a more time consuming activity than we expected the constant swapping of disks is by far the worst that we’ve experienced. Just moving on one screen can take three or four exchanges of the start-up and first disk. The speed doesn’t suffer so much, though.
Despite the wit and wealth of silly events, Leisure Suit Larry just isn’t my cup of lea. It's one of the better looking games and the sound isn’t so bad either, but it just doesn't have the appeal of the Quest games.
Much of your time is spent wandering around aimlessly or watching animations of Larry relieving himself and the bartender pulling up his trousers (don't ask!). The solutions to the problems in Leisure Suit Larry are rarely AMIGA new!
FROM SILICA SYSTEMS - THE UK's No1 AMIGA 1200 PACKS AMIGA CD32 CONSOLE ia AMIGA 600 AMIGA 600 AMIGA 500 AMIGA 600 RgK ' AMIGA 600ho FREE! SFK PIUS SOFTWARE PACK ZOOL is the software pack of the year. It includes: Zool, Transwrite. Pinball Dreams and Striker - Value £127.92.
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Silmarils £29.99 Dreamlands contains three games from the
self-acclaimed masters of RPG and strategy. Silmarils do not
make this claim lightly and the quality of these offerings, re-
released in time to fill any dedicated gamer’s Christmas
stocking, backs them up. The three games on offer are Storm
Master, Ishar Legend Of The Fortress and Transartica, all of
which have been reviewed in past issues of AMIGA FORCE.
Back in our June 1993 issue we described the budget release of Storm Master as a weird, well- designed, but ultimately unsatisfying military strategy game. It received a respectable 65%, which would seem about right now. It's not a great strategy game but is a much better bet as part of a compilation.
Briefly, the idea behind the game is to battle against a neighbouring island for supremacy. What makes the game unusual is _ that the battles take place from flying ships that you have to design and create in order to succeed.
A bargain fo* any RPG.
Strategy » All of the strategy options stem I from a Council of seven advisers, whose skills you use to generate capital, personnel and materials.
One of the most important is the Master Millar, who controls food production by deciding where on the island crops and cattle will be placed.
To win the game you have to design your flying ships, ensuring they will be able to take to the air for a start, and also have strong armour. You must then destroy seven enemy cities.
With smart graphics, enjoyable battle sequences and the need for a small amount of strategy skill this is a fair game. Ithough it's not the best of the games in the collection.
Fantasy Fun Ishar is a really good RPG that boasts some excellent graphics. It got a good reception when it first burst onto our desks and it’s still going strong.
The game begins by placing you in control of just one character. You have to recruit the other four members of the team as you go along. The best place to do this is down the boozer! Every town has a local tavern, where all the most skilled adventurers seem to hang out. If you decide to hire someone it has to go to a vote of ¦ ¦'Acts as both a good r E . ., ¦ '. .... """.1 ' '.! ¦ ¦ introduction to the 1 genre and an on-going 1 challenge.
Li ; 0 the other team members before they are accepted. You can also sack anyone who isn't pulling their weight.
» LI Everything in the game looks really good, but it does have its flaws. Travelling around can get frustrating ¦ because it's difficult to " gauge where you are. The fight sequences can ,, 1 become boring All you have to do is click on the fight command and watch your character stab at the enemy. Although this depends on the importance you place in arcade action in RPGs. There is no excuse for suddenly being killed by an invisible creature.
Despite these complaints this is the best of the bunch. Ishar succeeds in drawing you into its fantasy land and. Most importantly, making you want to hang around for an hour or two.
Trainspotter's dream Transartica is the final game in the pack and it's a pretty decent offering. It boasts some stunning graphics and a strong element ot addictiveness.
Set in a man-made ice age, the theme of the game is to discover where the scientists went wrong and return the earth to it’s former glory. Out to stop you in your tracks (Great pun Ian! Ed) are the Viking Union trains. The Union has prospered in the new world and will stop at nothing to preserve its dominance.
The aim of the game is to build up your train, ensuring that it's always well fuelled. You have a couple of men to control for filling the boiler with coal. Once you get going the idea is to travel around the frozen landscape exploring locations such as trading zones, industrial centres and markets, while avoiding the Viking Union trains. Make sure you build up your armed forces for the inevitable confrontations.
This is a bit of fun to begin with, but once you have been controlling the running of the train for a while it rapidly becomes boring. Strategy fans will find a lot here to grab their interest and this is certainly worth a look.
As a compilation this collection is a bargain for any RPG strategy fan. Three competent games are included, while they never set the Amiga world on fire individually, _ Dreamlands makes good use of them. Take the plunge if you like ISM B *: these gamestyles.
JkJJ _-zr.v.. xi issr O soo CT- •J DEVELOPERS: IN-HOUSE ¦ DISKS: VARIOUS ¦ PLAYERS: 1 GENRE: STRATEGY 1200 COMPAT: YES I HD INSTALL: YES Minim ¦¦¦¦¦??I mum HIM I's amazing that, considering the scope for imaginative computer-based variations on popular sports, game developers insist on churning out predictable representations. Take soccer (or example most software houses have released a football game, but few have had the imagination to try something different.
I However, Millenium's Brutal Sports Football (formedy Beastball, and owing more to American Football than anything else) does take an alternative approach.
Brutal Sports Football'* a rouga gaiwc For a start, it takes the physical side of sport and magnifies it tenfold and why not? Fusing the beat-’em-up and sports genres, BSF is viewed from the side; a 'crowd' view, if you like.
Each match begins with the ball being thrown into the air at the centre of the pitch, and that's where the violence begins Instead ol the traditional graceful jump for the ball and evasive manoeuvres, there's the crunch of bones and sprays of blood as rival players kick and punch each other to the ground Once a team member's in possession of the ball, he can run, pass and kick it. The opposing team then attempt to tackle in an often brutal fashion; once caught, it's not unusual to see an individual surrounded by a few others ‘putting the boot in' for good measure.
A-head of its rivals... As matches continue, the multidirectionally- scrolling pitch becomes more and more worn as fights go on. You don't have to attack the guy in possession of the ball either; there are no rules, no limitations on violence levels but there’s plenty of blood, believe me. Heads fly, bodies litter the ground and teams are, at the end of a match, given points for the amount of heads they've separated from then-useless bodies, if someone's punched or kicked, they bleed and once they're down, a simple joystick movement results in effective body stomping, guaranteed to provoke
the question: 'oh doctor will I ever play the piano again?' Or equivalent deathbed musing.
Goals are scored by throwing, kicking or running the ball into the opponents' goal, an area fairtyl large but usually well-guarded. More often thaa not, defensive players have a threatening pom up of some description, and it’s these that spia1 up Brutal Sports Footballs already excellent I playability. Bombs, swords and hares (?) Are J a few of the assorted extras competing psychopaths can collect and utilise, often with devastating results. However, weapons haveII be dropped once the ball's collected, allowing!
Other players to pick them up and put them to good (bad?) Use... Millenium, £TBA Either a tournament (with up to eight player participating), a one-player league or the aptly named one two-player unfriendly' can be played Not surprisingly, BSF is at its best wtx two human players compete while the computer-controlled players are undeniably clever on later levels, I can see boredom setti in after a while.
Brutal Sports Footballs a rough game tti is, there's a lot of violence and blood. But hey it's only pixels after all. And fun too it’s more like a bad taste cartoon. As it r-r' stands, BSF is a good contender | for a Game of the Year award decapitation's never been this good before.. ¦ NOVEMBER ¦ Scoring goals isn’t as easy as you’d think defenders usually arm themselves to the teeth with power-ups, so it's not wise to attack them head-on... ¦ Above: Players look on as one misfortunate individual has his head stomped into the ground. Charming game, eh?
(?HI I ¦ This is a bit more like it! Forget 'I U Speedball 2 this is the game to play it you like your violence fre-
* quently, loudly and preferably red.
Brutal Sports Football is, indeed, brutal seeing several players kicking the living daylights out an opposing team member is something else entirely. Just how it’ll go down with concerned parents I can’t say, but remember kids it’s not real, they're only actors... aren't they? Well how can that be tomato sauce then...? ¦ Brutal Sports Football (s more longue-in-cheek that anything else, but it s been said that perhaps, just perhaps, it's a bit too nasty. But what do Millenium think?
We asked their ever-cheertul PR guy Keith Smith, who responded The violence itself is so fantastical and outrageous that I defy anybody to tell me it’s obscene. It's just good fun. It’s the first time we've done a game of this ilk. And we really like it.
We've ran it through some sample groups and they love it... no-one's said "we don't like this'.
If we decide that beat-'em-ups are wrong for kids, what's left? Platform games forever?’ Heaven forbid but we'll look forward to a review copy of James Pond 3, all the same.
¦ Above: Explosions aplenty as one player finds the bomb power-up, while below: ugh! Who chucked that head?
Man ¦ Below: Team two celebrate a huge victory, while team one burst into tears. Even the disembodied heads cry; the black humour's great. Let's hope others in the series are as good!
¦ Hmmm. Nice beards. Is that a sparrow I see nesting... yes, it's got to be a sparrow. Okay, it's a bad caption, but I don't know any real beard gags... DEVELOPERS: PROBE LUWitl, DISKS: 2 ¦ PLAYERS: 1-8 OENRE: SPORT ¦ 1200 COMPAT: YES ¦ HD INSTALL: NO action and then some.
AMIGA) ..0891 101 234 LAST WEEK S
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exceptional offer, simply send or hand deliver your computer
to our workshop complex, address details below, enclosing this
advertisement voucher, payment, fault description, return
address, along with your daytime and evening telephone number
and we will do the rest.
Should you require Group 4 Security return delivery, simply add £5 00 to the repair charge.
WTS Electronics Ltd Chaul End Lane Luton Bedfordshire LU4 8EZ Tel 0582 491949 (6 lines) (We reserve the right to re»eci machines which. In our opinion, are beyond repair- Normal charge applies) AMIGA REPAIRS Repairs undertaken to Amiga 500 computers at £44.95 inclusive of parts, labour. VAT and return postage packing Commodore registered for full technical support Computers repaired in the quickest possible time All machines will be overhauled with a full soak-test to ensure optimum reliability Entrust your machine to the experts, full 90 day warranty Repairs to disk drive and keyboard also
included (extra charge possible If found to need complete replacement!
Repairs to other Commodore systems undertaken - phone for details Upgrades and expansions supplied and fitted - phone for details £44.95 Jw t. 'Ml ».t. ton ItoI «• ». II- t trmi CKKliA* ¦ 19" Century shenanigans with Napoleon and friends.
Saving Blighty from the onslaught of Nazi Germany; the French don't help much!
¦ Re-live the horrors of the Gulf in the Amiga version of the Nintendo war.
.1 ,Jl ¦ II there is one type ol game that I particularly loathe, it's clumsy, lip | slow, laborious war games.
However, UMS is dilferent okay, it's still slow and laborious, but, after a few plays, it turns out to be an ideal introduction to the genre, easing you into play with the designer element and allowing you to proceed onto greater things with its readymade plots. UMS II is a different kettle of fish, proving especially tough to get into you’re literally thrown in at the deep end and the instruction manual does little to save you from complete panic and frustration! If you're looking to get into war games then you could try to look for UMS going cheap. War game fans will love this,
though! ¦ ¦ Mirage £44.99 UMS COW
• :.n iRinin - ..4 e&Z « 3 3 3 3 3 = ass-iis When the UMS
Compilation landed in our office with a resounding thud, we all
started to wonder just what lay Inside the War and Peace-llke
novel that accompanied the many disks. I had experienced the
delights of war gaming before, so, in the absence of Ian
Osbourne, our resident war gaming fanatic, the onus fell onto
me to stay up for the next 24 hours, re-living the greatest
battles in history.
For those not familiar with the workings of UMS, here’s a quick run-down. Basically, the concept of Universal Military Simulator is that of giving you the freedom to re-enact the wars and battles of history, possibly changing the course of such events (ie Hastings 1066 - you can now give the Normans a fair ok) smack around the chops and an arrow in the eye), while it also offers you the opportunity to create your own battles through making 3-D maps and assigning various armies.
Decalre War War games are a lengthy affair at the best of times and UMS is no exception. In full scale wars, you have to go through each and every one of your troops, giving commands on their movements and, if in range of the enemy, any attack and defence manoeuvres.
The original UMS offers five different scenarios for you to try your hand at. This is where the game really comes into its own as it displays the versatility which allows you to go from the Hastings battle in 1066 to the Arbela conflict back in 331 BC; onwards to Marston Moor with our fave, Oliver Cromwell, even to Gettysburg in 1863 where General Lee's Confederates await. For those looking to kick Napoleon’s butt, there is also the grand battle of Waterloo.
The 3-D maps used in the scenarios are well presented, although a little cluttered when viewed full on. To appreciate positioning, you can view from eight angles (North through to South West), while, when assigning movements, you zoom dose up on the action.
What is it goad for?
UMS is complex to the nth degree; like the battles that you undertake, this won’t be over within five minutes. If you are looking for a quick turn-round on your battle, you enter the creation side of things in which you deem the strengths, numbers and efficiency of the troops. If you so wish, you could simply have one army to each side, although that would result in little more than a hack 'n slash tournament; those among us who are more adventurous and prefer the more strategic element of war gaming assign hundreds of troops spread far and wide across the user-generated map. This may take
many pain staking hours of preparation, but the result is a veritable full-scale war.
There are a few basic elements that could have been addressed. The constant screen re-drawing ¦ (Right) Return in time to Macedonia in a battle of wits, power and chariots. Victory is yours for the taking!
¦ Battling through the American Civil war with UMS II. This isn’t as accessible as UMS, but it's far more intricate.
¦ The results of the battles and things aren’t looking too good fof Harold. It’ll be an arrow in the eye for him if he's not careful!
¦ When you prepare lo lock horns with the greatest armies in history, you should always consider tactics before sending your troops out like lambs to a slaughter. One rather effective ploy is to use your quickest troops to flank the enemy while your slower men should hold their ground. Archers should always be protected so that they can fire as many shots as possible before being swamped by * the advancing enemy. Of course, if you're clever enough, there won’t I M be much of an enemy at all.B f Erstcr, firctors 1 Strssjth__151 Isrrair, Lsvsl Srtunl Ty?e__.Srtlr's Ksrale___Ustriia
Status__tttKkmi Eff icincy.__fenrw Casualties_______45 Eesults_____Mnr,t '&s Strtnytk_____511 Terreir level 6reuM 1y;e UyM Inlaatrv llsrale__IBtrieS Status___RttKkirs Efficients______Ms: Casuilt its____S5
l. esutts. Estreat im is a pain on the eyes and some tasks seem
more laborious than they should have been, but what you end up
with Is one of the finest war game sims construction kits that
you could wish for. Sure, it’s getting on a bit now, but
there’s little out there that beats UMS in terms of depth and
flexibility. It may not be much to look at, but if you’re
serious about your war games then you can seriously get into
Two Tribes Universal Military _ Simulator II takes the 0 - whole process one step further, giving you far more control if ai over the map-making . ..¦•is'; process and introducing more contemporary positions, landmarks and gameplay.
As a war game, it is played in a similar fashion to the original, only this has more attributes to consider such as moral, experience and weather when manoeuvrering. This time, you cover the whole globe In your conquests it brings the navy into play as well as missiles, depots and the like.
There are a wealth of scenarios that come with UMS II. There's the Assault on Europe in which you have to protect the shorelines of Britain from the impeding attack of the Nazi-lead Germans from France; a Civil War scenario disk in which you can begin your scenario at various dates; a return for Napoleon; as well as a good old skirmish in Ancient Greece. There are many other scenarios to take part In too, although I did feel that the contemporary battles worked far better than the ancient ones.
Everything is far more complex than before just moving the troops can be a bit of a chore.
Compared to the original, UMSII is very much for experts only. If you are new to the genre then you will find yourself sticking with the original UMS for some time as the maps are smaller N and the control and commands far more 1 straightforward.
A Finally, the pack also includes the d Planet Editor, a nifty piece of kit which H is a very powerful way of designing ¦ settings and scenarios. The original UMS was all well and good when it ¦ came to designing smaller areas, but this gives you real control over j p the environment, even roads, rivers and climate. Creating an entire planet isn’t out of the question, although, as with all such things, it’s a lengthy procedure.
Summing up, if you are looking to get started in war games then this is an ideal compilation, if only for the fact that once you are proficient with UMS you can immediately move on to UMS II.
Expect many hours of toil, though if s s not exactly something that you can ¦ immediately pick up and play. Yet, Rome wasn't built in a day... ¦ lg|| ¦ DISKS: 12 ¦ PLAYERS: 1 ¦ GENRE: STRATEGY ¦ 1200 COMPAT: YES ¦ HD INSTALL: YES Great value for wargamers, although novice players may feel a little bewildered.
¦ Gremlin £24.99 The year: 2879. The Free World Council's HO is under attack; as leader ot Taskforce Dhero, you put into action operation OVERTAKE and aim to chase those aliens right out ot there! It's the usual scenario for a conventional shoot-’em-up. Disposable Heroes is the latest in a long line ot side-scrolling shooters.
Following the pattern laid down by games such as Nemesis, the basic idea is to blast your way through the many levels ot aliens to complete the game and thus save the world. Like I said, nothing new there.
To begin with your ship has a laser cannon for defence, or attack it you’re a tad more aggressive-minded! As the game progresses you notice small capsules randomly dotted around the terrain. Collect these to get hold of the alien weapon blueprints they contain. Once you have them it’s possible to dock your ship in the ship pods and re-design the spaceship according to the alien specifications.
Mother that gives no respite.
It takes time for your scientific bods to decipher the strange alien instructions, so don’t expect to use the weapon immediately.
The weapons include a no-nonsense grenade- launcher that bolts onto the top of the ship; a bidirectional laser gun. Which destroys aliens below your ship as well as directly ahead, and three- way multi-shots. If you've the energy for this then you'll be taking no prisoners, believe me!
A word of warning, though. To use these martian weapons your ship must have enough energy to withstand the power drain caused by the new equipment. If there isn't enough gas in the tank your shiny new gear cannot function a major irritation if you're about to face a particularly aggressive alien, although it adds considerably to the game’s difficulty level.
Big, bad blaster So we’ve established that it follows a tried, tested and, most importantly, successful formula, but is it a good game? Happily the answer is yes. In the saturated shoot-’em-up market Disposable Heroes comes up a winner. It’s one mean mother that gives no respite from the endless waves of ingenious alien machines. At every stage there’s a surprise in store for the over confident shooter. This means that, while the ‘game over’ display may appear with annoying frequency in your first few games, it’s increasingly addictive the further you get into the level.
There’s no doubt that this is a playable game, but it also has the added bonus of great graphics.
They're never going to make you rush out into the street screaming that the Messiah has been reborn, but not many games have graphics this good!
They complement the gameplay, are colourful, concise and v don't waste time on | unnecessary cosmetics, w *- f mainly because Disposable Heroes has nothing to hidel The alien ships are well designed, especially the large robots appearing at specific continue points on each level. These guys all seem to be easy to kill at first, until a laser shot or bomb suddenly blasts across the screen, released from a previously hidden gun, leaving you cursing your arrogance.
In the world of shoot-’em-ups, Disposable Heroes may not reign supreme, but they don't come much better. A worthy addition to any shoot-'em-up fan’s collection.
I My expectations were low entering this game. I’m not a great fan of shoot-’em-ups and I expected this to be more of the same turgid repetition. Hence my pleasure at being able to say that this is actually a great game. Although I found some levels, notably stage two, reminiscent of early classics such as Salamander, this doesn't detract from the addictive gameplay.
The graphics are stylish, I was unaccountably smitten with the way my craft cast a shadow across the water! This is a real challenge. New, all-action shoot-’em-ups of this calibre are rare indeed; even if you’re only remotely interested in the genre you won't go far wrong.
When battling the huge walker droids, position your craft just above its line of fire when it’s standing; you score direct hits constantly!
COMPILATIONS 50 GREAT GAMES (Wicked) ..13.99 TOO HOT TO HANDLE Golden Axe. Total Recall, Shadow Warriors, Super Otf Road Racer (Ocean) ...12.99 CLASSIC COLLECTION Elite, Gremlins 2. Barbarian 2, Colossus Chess (Hot Shots) ...11.99 COMPUTER HITS 2 (Beau Jolly) .....9.99 LINEKER COLLECTION (US Gold) 9 99 NEW TITLES Abandoned P12 ....22.99 A-Train 22.99
A. T.A.C 22.99 Gunship
2000 .22.99 History
Line ....22.99
Syndicate 22.99 The
Patrician ..22.99 A320
Airbus ....21.99 Desert
Strike ..19.99 Dune
2 .19.99
Flashback 19.99 Jurassic
Park ..19.99 Nippon
Sales ..19.99 Reach tor
Sky .19.99
Monopoly .18.99
Scrabble ..18.99
Apocalypse .....17.99 Body
Blows ....17.99 Global
Glads ..17.99 Super
Frog .....17.99 Chaos
Engine .16.99 Chuck Rock
2 .16.99
Overdone 16.99 ?
? ?? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??
SENSATIONAL SOFTSELL Qc All prices include UK postage etc., no other charses.
INTRODUCTORY OFFER. Order any same by cheque or P.O. payable to SOFTSELL and, if you join the CLUB, you can return it after 7 days for the full price back.
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SOFTSELL STANDARDS .15.99 R-Type 2 ..... ...7.99 .15.99 Windsurf Willy .... ...7.99 .15.99 Austerlitz ..... ...6.99 .15.99 Battleships ... ...6.99 WWF Euro Ramp..... .15.99 Carrier Com . ...6.99 WWF Wrestlemania.
Zool .14.99 .14.99 Challenge Golf ... Cont. Circus ...6.99 ...6.99 The Humans ...... .13.99 Daily Double Horse Racing.. ...6.99 .13.99 G-Loc ... .6.99 Putty...... .13.99 Hunt R Oct 2 ...... ...6.99 .11.99 Las Vegas ... ...6.99 .11.99 Mercenary ... ...6.99 Paper Boy 2 ...6.99 9 99 Prince Persia ...... ...6.99
r. han i Rlr Rack ...9.99
Puzznic . ...6.99 F ball Man 2
+ Expansion Kit Match of Dav ..... ...9.99 ...9.99
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Spherical .....
6. 99 . .6.99 NARC . .
Stack Up ...... . .6.99 ...8.99 Strip Poker Data Disk . ...6.99 Kick Otf 2 ...7.99 Thunderbirds ...... ...6.99 Pacland .. ...7.99 Worlds at War .... ....6.99 ? ??SPECIAL OFFERS THIS MONTH? ? ?
You re a CRIMINAL Think about it.
Our mate Blob's from another universe, another dimension far, far away.
Unfortunately, this ball-like alien has crashed his spaceship and all of the baby blobs in it have been scattered far and wide; so now he has to traverse 50 tough and testing levels in search of the Blobletts as well as all the fuel he can find so he can blast off into space again, fleeing from this puzzle-esque world.
Core Design £24.99 Blob is more than your run-of-the-mill 3-D puzzle game. In many respects, it reminds me of the old Ocean game Wizball, if only because of the cool graphics and manic sounds. The idea is to control Blob as he bounces along in deepest space, guiding him from platform to platform, completing each task and ensuring that he doesn't fall past all of the tiles to the infinite depths of the universe.
It's not just a matter of collecting the necessary items found in each level. You find yourself altering all the colours of the tiles in one particular stage, while, in another, you need to hit the relevant switch to reveal the exit.
, A freshing ar*««fe Puufe These tiles vary in sort there are damaged tiles that just may collapse, sloped tiles which send the bouncing alien off at an angle, teleportation tiles and more.
The switches play rather an important part in the game, as not only do they reveal the exits but also other hidden items. More often than not this involves extra blocks and platforms which are essential if you are to climb upwards towards the exit or Blobletts.
Scattered around each level are various artifacts. Some need to be collected to finish the level while there are also hint and password scrolls which you can use it you are a little unsure ot your next step. Suffice to say that these become less common the further you delve into the game!
Practice makes perfect Initially, controlling Blob is a little on the tricky side as he (well, we take it to be male) has a tendency to bounce slightly too high and hang around in the air more than you would possibly like. However, as with most games of this type, practice and perseverance have their rewards.
The overhead perspective works very well.
The tiles above you are initially shaded out until you bound high enough to be able to reach them when they are displayed in full. Being able to see these blocks is essential should you hit them from below then you'll smash your head and fall back down, possibly plummeting all the way past every tile, resulting in the loss of one of your lives.
Manoeuvrering Blob isn't your only concern.
There are also other aliens, including Spewers which either damage or slow you down as well as Blob’s alter-ego who will . Chase you around the screen I should you run out of time.
' There are a number of original touches to Blob, not only in theme, but also in more subtle ways. It is also a refreshing arcade puzzle game, possibly not everyone's cup of tea but good for a break from the normal, mindless shoot-'em-ups that we normally assign to these aliens. Expect much joystick-strangling frustration though this is definitely one of those games that will cause major headaches!
Level Tkrta A well disguised Idea (sort of!) In which you find yourself plummeting the depths of space to find the Wobletts and the blue exit.
LEVEL 03 INTO THE BLUE Level Four Once the four crosses are collected, you travel through the level, bouncing on all norvpurple tiles to paint them In the garish colour.
! ( PRINT THE TO UN IF ¦ Every once in a while, along comes a game over which the office noise starts off low but soon builds to a crescendo. Blob received little interest at first, but, after a few plays, we were all | hookedl It definitely has that 'one-more-go' appeal with it’s cute yet heroic alien and brain- taxing, not to mention reflex-testing, levels. It looks very much like a console game with it’s : overhead 3-Dimensional view, yet it's more than suited to the Amiga, It's different, damn difficult at times and, above all, it will lose you a few hours at a time once you’re totally
Well worth the pennies! ¦ ¦ Collect all tho Hams that you can to acoro points and cloar levels. Most notable are the scrolls which offer you help and advice, particularly H you're heading In the wrong direction.
H’s also a very good Idea to keep an eye out for the all-important passwords.
¦ When you are proficient iat controlling Blob, you should be able to hop from 1 tile to tile by pushing in the desired direction and jltaneously.
• I crz DEVELOPERS: IN-HOUSE DISKS: 1 ¦ Watch out for the gun
emplacement s and the bullets that spurt out.
PLAYERS: 1 GENRE: PUZZLE 1 200 COMPAT: YES HD INSTALL: YES 1IIIIIIDDD IlSiliii ¦1111118 IIIIIIH o , very playable and most enjoyable departure from the Gremlin, £24.99 Footy management- sims have a lot to answer for. Broken marriages... insular nights in... missed deadlines... we’ve experienced all that and more! There's something about such simulations that’s very compelling. Being able to select a team, buy and sell players, enter cup competitions and watch your The management sim to own One ol my lave all-time games is Premier Manager, many late nights have been spent struggling in the
lower divisions! Premier Manager II is a more rounded game, with better presentation, continuity and 'history' details (such as past winners ol the leagues and cups).
As before, playing in two player mode isn’t too time consuming, with the game flicking Irom manager to manager quickly.
The sound is worthy ol note, if only because of the samples used at the start, yet I did find the animations annoying being able to switch them off and play at ultra speed is a godsend!
Even if you have PM, you should seriously consider moving on to PMII. The Gremlin boys done well!
More to keep you glued to your screen, studying lists of player transfers and league tables.
Gremlin have re-worked and updated Premier Manager making it even more enthralling in their quest to perfect the genre. A number of new features are included in PM II while the game retains the same straightforward icon-driven controls making the first version a joy to play.
As with any self- respecting sim, the aim in Premier Manager II is to id your team of no-hopers to league glory. You can also apply for other vacant LEAGUE MRTCH : SEATING £5 BE LEAGUE MATCH:TERRACES 12 DC CUP MATCH : SEAT I NG____£'7 DC CUP MATCH : TERRACES £3 DC team’s performance from the sidelines is all very well. A footy-sim has to deliver much CLUB TICKET PRICES Some people shouldn’t be allowed near football clubs poor old Runcorn have been put in a real mess! Where’ Jack Walker and Kenny Dalgleish when you need really them?
- *0e CENTRE 815655 INSURANCE 818103 S®® 815-00 Butei an® SCOJT

P. Parkin 816751 YOUTH Teftl CoftCH nnrcH rHcrrm situ. ¦; !3 : :
n si st '2 i sasF n n ii ;¦ ?
I i MANAG Reviews!
Posts in other clubs to speed up your rise to the Premier League (even into Europe), conversely you may be forced out should your performance not be up to scratch.
Backhanders banned?
Even after playing a few seasons, it's evident that PM II is far more difficult than its predecessor.
Leaving the aspirations of Yeovil Town and Bath City in tatters, I moved to Scunthorpe United where things seemed to click and promotion was forthcoming. Only after splashing out on overpriced players in the transfer market, though it’s a volatile world this and no-one's keen on accepting bags of money in service stations no matter how hard you try!
Premier Manager II is one of the fastest sims we've played, especially on the A1200. There's no waiting around for the sponsorship screens to load a small but frustrating point of the last game and you can also turn off the match reports and results monitor.
Gissa job!
PM II probably sounds very similar to the forerunner it is. However, there are new features more playing formations, special tactics, weather conditions, the latest FIFA rules when playing in Europe, more ground improvement options and the chance to apply for other jobs mid-season. The fax machine is put to better use too, with players contacting you from time to time to ask for a job (cheeky beggars)!
There are numerous cup competitions to enter, some through qualification only, as well as a detailed history on the past winners which is a good touch.
One of the stranger points is that this is now only a two-player game, as opposed to four in the original. Let's face it, though, just how many people did have four players competing at any one time?
Premier Manager II is now the soccer management-sim to own. Despite being similar to the original, it's a better, more polished game with enough to keep you interested for many months to come. Ii BH Hj
- SSEC : p- ; , ; frjj] yxddacc?
OLL SEATED covreiHC SUBRORT CLUB FMCIlTTtrS SOIL MEATXAC 1 ri-OODt.tCHQJ. SCOfiEBOKKO BASIC gjgg car phpk1 | 6.0* t H LEAVE THE BUILD THE Iso SoutJ K] CBOUHD IMPPOUEMEHT i ¦ Although consisting of lots of text (as if you couldn't see that!) And very little in the way of state-of-the-art graphics, Premier Manager II is still a well presented game and one that is clear, concise and pretty darn fast. You even get to use the phone without respite from the person who pays the bill!
Scour the transfer market for players out of contract 1 even when in higher f divisions, these players are i a snip at the price.
T t t -v t FFF n,it ipwt hip ntitpfPiiflniuiFP Q Commodore | itnvt srovsoRsmrs O •i DEVELOPERS: FOF IS DISKS: 3 ¦ PLAYERS: 2 ¦ GENRE: STRATEGY ¦ 1200 COMPAT: YES ¦ HD INSTALL: YES IIIIIIIIH iiiiii I srwHa.'BF" ° ; iisiUEF- ! I mini i I J . Superb football p management sim that | | will have the fans v singing in the terraces. P ' , genre - » that 1 beo 1 (Kr lspr I 2 2 ii - and »un jj UjjJ ;JjJ Jj'jJ-b JjjJ j'Jbi Cumans don’t you just love them? The original Humans was very much a Lemmings variant. Now it’s back, with more levels, more tricks and traps and a whole lot ot brain-twisting
Alter waiting an age and a half for the damn thing to load, I was confronted, not with one of those user-friendly first levels that ease you into the game at a steady pace but a complex one, with intricate moves and unforgiving sequences. Find the rope, manoeuvre your little humans into position, grab a spear, duff in the wally walking around above you, work your way to the top of the screen, grab the flame, combine use of the rope and towers of men to get back to the top right and then burn a bush to get to the ._ exit. A very time consuming process, believe you me and, for all of those
cynics out there who think that we don’t actually play the games for any great deal of time, well, I struggled with the first half dozen or so stages over a very long evening. Just that first level took up a good fourty five minutes!
The humans, for their sins, are simple creatures, yet able to put their limited skills to good use. At any stage, they can stand on top of each other, somewhat precariously at times, to form towers which the final human can climb in order to reach a platform. They can also pick up spears which they can throw or use to pole- vault; ropes, which they can drop down for the other humans to climb; and torches, for igniting bushes or brandishing at oncoming enemies.
Each level requires you to solve problems and get a certain number of humans back to the warmth and comfort of their caves. Along the way, you will confront other neanderthals, a plethora of traps, captured human held between spikes and other primitive, yet effective pitfalls.
Completing a level is easier said than done!
There are a certain number in your tribe and, Gametek £29.99 whilst some are expendable, you have to be careful not to let too many lose their lives otherwise you won’t have enough humans to be able to build human towers high enough to allow you to get off that level. You only ever have five humans on screen; the remainder are little more than a figure in the bottom right comer, only coming into play to replace any that have perished.
Also, Humans can’t fall too far otherwise they end life as an ugly splat on the ground. They’re able to throw the different items to each other but their strength and power is limited. They're very much like Lemmings, only these guys don't walk around mindlessly movement is through joystick keyboard manipulation only.
One of the problems with games of this genre Lemmings aside is that the levels tend to become rather repetitive (Krusly's Super Funhouse springs to mind).
However, the variety of items and the skills which the humans employ when in possession of them allow the levels to remain fresh and interesting for a while at least. Best of all is the Witch Doctor, who provides wheels, fire, spears and ropes in return for the sacrificial slaughter of a nearby human. It's worth getting him to cast his magic just for the effect!
A few complaints, though. It's far too difficult to get started fair enough, value for money is assured, yet I do think the difficulty level is set far too high. A challenge is all well and good, but if you’re of the impatient type you'll probably end up flinging this around the room as Humans 2 is guaranteed to take you to the end of your tether! It happened to me and it wasn’t a pretty sight!
Graphics in Humans 2 are pretty good, while there are plenty of varied sound effects. With the gameplay. Humans 2 is a well presented and. Ultimately, fun game, but does tend to be on the time consuming side. As such, it will appeal most to puzzle fans.
¦ On the first level, you need to get the rope j from the top of the ' screen before getting 1 the flame on the top left. Only then can you burn the bush blocking the exit on the top right section.
Humans 2 is truly Jurassic you will have to spear dinosaurs or fight them back with fire or you’ll be eaten!
You'll also have to rescue fellow humans. They'll then join your tribe and help you complete the level.
DEVELOPERS: IMAGITEC 1 DISKS: 3 PLAYERS: 1 GENRE: STRATEGY I 1200 COMPAT: NO I HD INSTALL: YES mum mm !immj_ iiimiU_U because of the difficulty level, it’s really one for the diehard fanatics only.
Ping Ping!
During play, you opt for a overhead view or side-on perspective. Our preference is the side-on perspective; not only does it look better, but it allows more flowing football (something which us Arsenal fans cherish). Control is unorthodox but, ultimately, quite effective. There are two ways to pass the ball you can hold the fire button and guide the on-screen cursor, or, alternatively, you play a 'ping' pass. This allows you to play effective one-touch football, guiding the pass towards the player with the halo atop his head. Shooting’s simply a & matter of holding the lire Mi button,
determining the V direction of the shot and w letting fly!
¦ Ocean Software £25.99 Originally planned as Premier League Soccer, Ocean found themselves priced out of the market by those fan-loving bods at the FA; now we have .
European Champions A instead. Can’t complain too ¦ much, though at least this allows you to choose teams from five countries, and, anyway, the FA would probably have restricted the game to SKY subscribers only if they had granted the licence.
European Champions is essentially similar to the Sensible Soccers and Goals of this world, only with a more arcadey1 and, well, Ocean feel to the whole thing.
It also bears more than a passing semblance to Emlyn Hughes International Soccer.
Competent soccer game | One-touch-football is also possible; pressing the button while the ball is in flight will cause the player who receives the ball to either knock it on or head it goalwards. When a player is running, you can’t just turn on a dime; instead, he must slow down and turn through 180 degrees. Fortunately, this doesn't slow things down too much.
HTTflCKIIir, Options galore!
A wealth of options adorn European Champions, with friendlies, cups, six different leagues (Premier, Italian, Spanish, German, French and a mixed Ocean league) plus replays, a tactics editor and even definable referees (from lenient to strict). Matches can be played against the computer or another player; alternatively, team up and take on the game's very best in Lazio or Barcelona.
European Champions ain’t no Goal, but it’s still a competent soccer game. Yes, the overhead perspective is dire, but the side-on angle makes up for this. Despite it's aspirations to add__ realism, European Champions has more of an arcade flavour, which AL ¦ extends its appeal beyond that of I J]h hard-core soccer fanatics. VI |l PveKiiev Order 0 Please send cheque PO's (made out to Premier Mail Order), or advise Visa Mastercard number and expiry date to: Dept AMF12, 10 Tinkler Side, Basildon, Essex, SSI4 1LE Tel: 0268 271172 Fax: 0268 271173 Telephone orders: Mon-Fri 9am-7pm and Sat & Sun
10am-4pm. We are open 364 days a year P&P and VAT is included for all UK orders. Please add £2 P&P for Europe and £3.50 for Rest of The World!
"Next day delivery service available £4.00 per item UK only".
1869 ...... 20 99 3D Construction Kit 2 32 99 688 Sub Attack 10 99 Air Bucks 1.2 ...... 19.99 Air Bucks 1.2 . IAI200I 22.99 A320 Airbus |USA| .22.99 A320 Approach Trornnr* 22 99 Abandoned Pfocos 7 22 99 Airbus A320 (Europel .22.99 Alfred Chicken A1200 CD32 17.99 Alien 3 .19.99 Alien 8»eed 2 ....19 99 Altered Beast ...6.99 Ambetmoon* 20.99
American Gladiators .16.99 Amos Proffesional Compiler .24.99 Amos The Creator ....29.99 Amos 3D 24 99 Ancient Art of War in the Skies 22.99 Animation Classics .. 27.99 Apocalypse 17.99 Arabian Nights .. 17.99 Arabian KnTghts ......(Al 200) 1 9.99 Archer Macleons Pool ....I 6.99 Arsenal FC ..16.99 Assassin Remix ..9.99 A
Tram ..22.99 A Train Construction Kit ...12.99 ATAC ..22.99 817 Flying Fortress (I Meg) ..22 99 Bait Vs The World .. 17 99 Batman Returns ..16 99 Battletoads .. 17 99 BeosHord ....1 7 99 Beavers ... 17 99 Beneath Steel Sky ...20 99 Benefactor 19 99
B. rdi Of Pray ....I 2 99 Blade of
Destiny ..26 99
Blasiar .. 17 99 Blob
... 1799 Blues Brotheis
......8 99 Bobs Bod
Day .. 1 7 99 Body
Blows ..18.99 Brian the lion
..19 99 Sports ...
25 99 Buminq Rubber 16 99 Caesar
Deluxe ....19 99
Campaiqn ...22 99
Campaign 2’ .22.99
Camptagn Mission Disks 11.99 Captive
2' 20.99 Cartoon
Collection . 16.99
Castles .....| A12001 24 99 Castles 2
.....19 99 Costles
2 .|A 12001 22 99 Championship
Manager 93 ...16 99 Championship Manager ’94
Season Disk .. 7 99 Choos
Engine ....16.99 (A 1200) 17.99 Chuck Rock
2 16.99 Civilisation (I
Meq) ...... ......22.99 Civilisation
....(A 1200) 25.99
Clows ..17.99 Cohort 2 19 99
Combot Classics ..22.99 Combat Air
Patrol ....19.99 Canon The
C immerion * I 9.99 Covergirl 17 99 Creepers 19 99 Crusaders
of The Dark Savant 27.99 Cyberspace* 22 99
D-Day .....22 99 Darimere 20 99 Dark Sun:
Shattered lands* ..21.99 Deepcom 17 99 Dduxo Music
Construction Kit 2 0 59 99 Deluxe Paint 4 AGA
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Strike ..19.99
Diqqeri (A)200) 19 99
Disposable Hero .. 1 7 99
Doqfiqht ....22 99
Donk ...18 99 Dank
(CD32) 19 99 Dune
2 ...20.99
Dynobkister 19 99 Eosy Amos 29 99 Elite 2 |Frontier| 19 99
Entity ..... .....19 99 European
Chompions ...... 17 99 Eye of the Beholder2
(1 Meg| .....21 9V Eye of the
Storm* . 19 99 Exodus
3010* 19 99 FI ... 17 99 F16
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Man ... 17.99 Fields of
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Fight .8.99 First Somo'Ui &
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Back .....26.99
fliqht of the Intruder ..10 99 Flight
Simulator 2 .24.99
Flight Simulator 2 Western European Tour . 13 99 foo-boller
oftheYeo .. 5 99 ..multi 1
Champions* .....17 99 Formula One Grand Prix
...... .22 99 ....17.99
Galoctx (A 1200) 19.99 Global
GlodioSors .17.99
Globduln ...19.99 Goal 20 99
Graham Gooch 2nd Inninqs (Dato Disk) II .99 Grahom Gooch World
Class Cricket ..19.99 Grand Prix
Circuit .... 8 99 Gruesome*
.16 99 Gunship 2000 11
Meg) 22.99 Harpoon 8
Harpoon Battle set 3 . Harpoon Battleset
4..... ..... .. Harpoon Scenario Editor
Heroqucsl 2 ...... Hill Street
Blues .. Hired
Guns ... History line 1914
18 . Hook ..
IK* ... Ian Bothom Cricket Indy tones - Atlantis
Adv 11 Meg) Innocent . International Open
Golf Champioship International Rugby Challenge...... Ishar
2 .... Ishar 2 .. lack Nicklaus
Golf ..... Jaguar XJ220 11 Meg) tomes Pond 3... James Pond 3
.. John Madden Jurassic Park .. Jurassic
Park...... K240 ...... KGB .... Keys of Moromon*
Kings Quest VI KitViscious Knights of the Sky Kruslys Super
Fun Hour I egocy of Sorasil legends of Valour lemmings 2 (The
Tribcsl ..17.99 lemmings Double
Pack IV 99 links • mo Challenge of Golf
....12.99 bonHoart .. 18.99 living
Pinboll 19 99 loom 1299 lo*us Trilogy CD32 19 99
12.99 Ml Tonk Platoon Maelstrom Magicions Castle Manchester
United Europe . Manchester United Premier league
Chomps Mario Is Mis;
22. 99 19 99 899 19 99 19 99 19 99 . .1 99 Mavis B Mecn Arenas
Messengers of Doom Micro Machines Midwinter 2 .
M. g 29 Fulcrum I 9 99 I 7 99 13 99 10 99 18 99 34 99
....17 99 Morph Morph Mortal Kombot Mr Nutz
... Narco Police .... New
Zeuland Story ... Nick Faldos Golf .. Nicky 2
... Nigel Monsell World Chomp Nigel Monsell
World Champ .
Night Shift ... Nippon Safes ... No Second Prize ..... One Ssep Beyond .. Oporoson Thunderbolt . OperaSon Stealth* . Overdrive" ... Overkill 1200 CD32 19 99 ......2099 17.99 ...5.99 6 99 22 99 ...17 99 .19 99 .. |AI200| 19 99 .....10 99 .....1999 1799 .. 13 99 .6 99 .II 99 ..16.99 ... IAI200I 17 99 ....6
99 :|n!l Perfect I .22 99 . ...set General . Perfect General Data Disk .
Perihelion ..... PGA Golf Courses PGA Tour Golf* ...... Pinboll Fantasies ... Pinbol Or earns PinboH Mage Populous 2* Populous & Promised londs Power **“*'* ” ' ' Prehisi Premier Manager Prime Mover... .... Prince of Persia ... Project X ... ...14 99 19 99 9 99 19.99 ......19 99 16 99 ..... 6 99 22 99 ..17 99 12 99 ....16 99 ......17 99 ..19.99 ...6.99 .10.99 .19.99 .16.99 .19.99 ... 9.99 ... 6.99 .22.99 ..22.99 6 99 6 99 22 99 Pro Ter Puqt is Tour 2 .
Rlypc ________d Tycoon |) Meg).. Rainbow Islands RBI 2 Baseball..... Reach for theSkios Realms (1 Megl Rick Dangerous Road Rash Robin Hood .
R oboe op ...... 19 99 8 99 19 99 10 99 8 99 . ... V9V Rome AD 92 ....16 99 Rookies .....17 99 Ryder Cup 17.99 Sobre loam ......[A 1200) 19 99 Scrabble 20.99 Sea Air Rescue’ ..22 .99 Socand Samurai .....19 99 Secret of Monkey Island (I Meg) ...10.99 Socret of Monkey Island 2 ...24 99 Sensible Soccer 1.1 (92 931 .. 16 99
Setters .. 19 99 S rodow lands 8 99 shadow of Beast 3 19 99 Shodow Warriors 6 99 Shadow Worlds 17 99 Shoot Em Up Con Kit. 8 99 ShutHc ..... Silent Service 2(1 Megl .
19. 99 22 99 Silkworm . ... .22 99 ..22.99 .
9.99 .. 9.99 .13.99 .17.99 . 899 .22.99 22 99 8 99 6 99 1099
24 99 22 99 1799 17 99 19 99 IAI200I 21 99 .....7 99
1699 19 99 IAI 2001 19 99 16 99 17 99 IAI 2001 18 99 17 99 20
99 16 99 26 99 ... 17 99 1099 17 99 ....17 99
24. 99 Silly Putty Sim City Deluxe
Sim City+Populoas Sim Earth Sim life
.. Simon The Sorceror Simon The Sorceror Sleep
Walker Slicks . Srnosh
TV .. Soccer Stars Compilation .. Soccer
Kid Space Hulk .
Space legends ..
Starush* ..... Star Trek
..... Street Fighter 2 ... Strip
Poker*Data Disk ... Super Barbarian* .....
SuperCors 2 . Super Cauldron . Super
Fighters Sopor Frog .. Super Hero"
Super leogue Manager Super Tetris Switchblade 7 Sword of
Sodon .. Syndicate ....
Syndicate Data Disk .. Team Yankee 2 I Meg)......
Terminator 2 .
T. F.X .... Theatre Of Death ....
The Greatest The
Patrician ...... Their Finest Hour 11 Megl
lorn landry Strategy Football Tornado* ......
Traeon 2 ...... T-Olls ..
Trolls .... Turbo Challenge
.... Turbo Challenge 3 . Turbo Outrun
Twilight 2000 ... Two
Towers .. U96* .... Ultimate
Pinboll Quest .
UMS Compilation Universal Monsters* Utopia 2* Walker War in the Gulf ... Waxworks ... .
Wix N liz .... Woody’s World World Class Rugby .. Worlds of legend .. Xmas lemmmgs Vo toe .. Z ool Zool 2 .... ool 2 ... AWARD WINNERS Populous, Kirlc Off 2, Space Arc, Pipe man in £19.98 SPORTS MASTER European hnmpionnhip IIWJ. PGA Tour Advantage Tvnniv Indy IWK COMBAT CIASSICS MS Strike Eagle 2.
Team Yankee. 6S8 At lark Sub £19.99 DREAM TEAM WWF Wrefttlrmania, Simp-on*.
Teminatur 2 £17.99
• AKIOON COLLECTION Treasure l-lnnd Dim.
Slightly Magic. Seymour FANTASTIC WORLDS Mrgu L« Mania.
Pirate-. I’npulriu-.
Kciilm*. Wonderland £22.99 FOOTBALL CRAZY Kick Off 2 1 2 Meg.
Layer Manager, KG2 Final WhUlle THE GREATEST .limmv White'- Snooker. I.ure of The mptre», Itune £21.99 ....16.99 22 99 19 99 22 99 IA1200I 22 99 22 99 | A12001 79 99 .....21.99 .....12.99 .6.99 .1699 ...17.99 22.99 19.99 ....16.99 (A 1203) 22.99 ..19.99 ..6.99 ....16.99 . 8 99 16 99 17 99 17.99 19 99 17 99 16 99
..8 99 . 8 99 22.99 13 99 ...19.99 Isee DreamTeaml AI200 CD32 22 99 ...19 99 21 99 24.99 19 99 ...27 99 ......22 99 .37 99 IAI700) 16 99 16 99 8 99 16 99 .....6 99 2000 19 99 22 99 .19 99 77 99 1799 ..19.99 20.99 ...19.99 ..22.99 ...19.99 ...17.99 11.99
..17 99 12 99 17.99 CD32 19.99 ....17.99 (A 1200) 17.99 SPACE LEGENDS Wing Commander.
Elite. Traveller I £19.99 BOARD GENUI8 Cluedo. Scrabble, Deluxe Monopoly, Rink £19.99 2 HOT 2 HANDLE Golden Axe. Super Of Hoad Racer, Total Recall. Shadow Warrior* £19.99 DIZZY COLLECTION Fust Food. Kwix Snax.
Fantasy World Dizzy.
Treaiure I*. Dizzy.
Mngirland Dizzy £16.99 Dims EXCELLENT ADVENTURES Imuy I’anlr. HuliMr Dizzy.
Dizzy-Prim* of Yutk I’ulk.
Spi'llt-iund Dizzy. Kwik Sna» £16.99 £16.99 BIG BOX 2 lark u ihr future. Ik* Krai .bMtliuit«». H Type. Slated, Anally te. Defender of the Earth. Shangli. Kaaihuial IV Sporti football IK £19.99 ANIMATION CLASSICS Space Ace, Dragon'- Lair 2. Wrath of The Demon £27.99 SPECIAL OFFERS 10* k orr 2 i . .
K. . k OP * » O.I ur,..n, h„ « i ip (• * t «.•* » o w K-.i.
i»P * .. t« I ,....,,. Kx’i -P Wtnmng r*.|4.w M CnV-inw *
. ,11 . 999 J 99 J 99 : 99 i'ooi rlmt 2 .. ..
- Nihze !..« Sa. m«ur L Hoi t.nni world.
6»*ft 9 99 1 tii, nd« -*tr,k» TurbOl M bng. * V( lie(* "n* 1 n nin»rd« AW 9 W 9 W Zool 1 .1 w* tl*ll A11U.NAL Afll r.| ,.h At Ag » |7W Alll Al. Aar«. . .. ... . ...l?4W Af)l Moth. Ai. Age.
H. Pe. -1.11ml ¦ in
K. U.I 'Itlh.'l. Id- ... .
I ... More t6 I £¦ I7W r*w .1*99 ww fun Vh.n.l J 6 6 f'on tkhuol J e6 f’on 4, huwl Id f ,a M, h.n.l I 5- 7 t in vli.M.,1 3 I : K 99 699 K99 IHPM IKW 1 _n i t A F -o “ h.o.t « V 111 MU in pm fun *o h.oil « i t 1 F .n S. k... | l S fun Po...l 4 I’.e.t* u,el S. Fvft Koh.tol Spelling 11.
I m tiiin I., hi n- ¦ t ..t . in wi inw I? W 1? MM .9.99 .Iun .-i* Ivn •! A Ipi . II'W Magi. Metht -III Maih.Man.ft N)** 1*99 I A 99 Mai*. I rag»a i« 1* . . ...... Merli' Math. Ml.
Mtihey'* l Sa i* At 999 i: 99 IKM9
M. zk.-v'. Al«t *-A MuhP| .|ipe« I’vttlw Mule.', i uM.i» A ! A.
Mem .r- hftllcnge V* nddv a It fl »dv n!,re «t.
Noddy Pl..v l.m. . T.
P. . lure fiarliud* ' I©*
P. o. kc l itM ln-9 IK 69 IKM9 IK 99 tK 99 IK 99 999 999 PU.nem 4
6. .... ft lb »OlU'J !*•..... TidyTVH-. eiAlU
|J»9 . 9 99 .9 99 JLMOK AUVtNTLKL
R. hm H.«xJ A-- Vnnp lAfhn.ltllpf Mul
II. . M.oll., The W.I ..W, . .
IK. Ihiee III
* 99 .*99
* W . »W
M. unloflb 1*99 JOYSTICK & ACCESSORIES Addup 3.5" Disk Box |80
Copo ity| . .6.99 Addup 3.5" Disk Box |40
Capac.ty! . ...4.99 Oe-rkfftv "optte tompo*»or
teolimo 14 99 I i Me . Upg Ate 74 9V 1 2 Meg Upgrade &
Clock .. .....26.99
9. 99
6. 49 7.99 5.99 6 99 70 14.50
19. 50
11. 99 15.50 10.99 13.50 50 35.00
47. 50
26. 00 37.50 23.99 32.50 100 65.00
95. 00
49. 99 72.99 44.99 62.99 200 125.00
190. 00
94. 99 141.99 83.99 121.99 500 300.00
470. 00
219. 00 350.001999 9 287.50 1000 580.00
930. 00
419. 99 680.00369 99 550.00
10. ..4.50 20.
50. ......17.50 100 .....35.00 Flair are drawing much attention
to the fact that Commodore are packaging Oscar in a similar
vein to the way that Nintendo treat their Italian plumber and
Sega their blue hedgehog.
On the comparison front, Oscar is closer to Sonic in terms of attitude and gameplay he rushes around each of the levels, skirting over platforms and picking up bonuses but this doesn't set out to emulate any other game; instead, Oscar brings with it enough of its own style of gameplay lo stand on its own two feet.
Or paws as the case most definitely is!
G*t your yo-yos ovll Oscar is a testing platform game with plenty of leaps and swift manoeuvrering required even on the first few levels, but it’s also rewarding.
As Oscar progresses to new worlds, his guise will change. There's the Western level in which he dresses up as a Mexican bandit to take on the outlaws, walking cacti and vultures, while he dons a Dracula costume to face the weird and wonderful collection of beasts in the horror level. There are three areas to each world along with bonus and bogus levels, which you enter if you collect the letters.
I’ve got to admit, I had my doubts about this spikey-haired fellow, but he's come through with guns-a-blazing and rep intact. Okay .Oscar may not be as big as Sonic or have the aura of a Mario game, but this is still one of the better platformers on the Amiga 1200. There will also be a 500 600 version which retains all the levels, while the CD32 has two extra worlds and plenty of front-end special additions. We'll look at those when they arrive; until then, we ll pass the time of day quite happily with this particular Oscar!
2 ZJ The backgrounds suit the action fv a Oscar has one mean wardrobe from cowboys to soldiers, he's the ninety's version of Mr. Benn. The animation’s better too!
¦ DECEMBER 1993 ¦ ¦ Flair Software £25.99 f s claimed that Oscar will be to the Amiga what Sonic is lo Sega a brave slatemenl indeed! Oscar is from the Trolls; now he's in the limelight of his own game, set to be packaged with the CD32 and A1200 no less.
Oscar is an agile little chap, full of bounce and attitude. His task is to search through the seven magical film worlds, accessed through an enormous multi-screen cinema complex, finding the required statues of himself before grabbing the clapperboard to end i the level.
The first 'world', Sci Fi Encounters, has Oscar leaping past space ships as he searches for those little Oscars. He needs to use a variety of platforms, springs and lifts to reach the elusive statues and, in true Sonic Mario style, his best form of attack is to jump on the heads of the oncoming enemies.
Certain foes reveal bonuses, while he can also collect a yo-yo for use as an extra attack, speed up boots to, well, speed up. Potions to render him invisible and more besides.
32-bi» thrills Oscar has a serious ego problem leave him standing still for too long and he'll face the screen, cross his arms and start to make faces at you! The sprites are rather cool throughout, making full use of the A1200’s colour capabilities (indeed, the main sprite runs in the 32bit mode), while the backgrounds suit the action, being detailed, bright and colourful.
Snatches of speech and great sound fx brighten up the air waves, although the soundtrack sounds like elevator music!
- -V~ If you hit a dead-end, S rfi£x then all may not be lost.
Cj V 1 ** y°u haue the yo-yo, try Reviews!
¦ P3iM I bashing the wall with it C 4iiV1 occasionally, this will allow you to break through and continue on. If you don't have a yo-yo (an essential fashion item, you know) the search the immediate vicinity invariably, there’s one lying around.
¦ Mario lor Ihe Amiga? Not quite.
I but Oscar is still a terrific game in
- j I |J i,s own right.
If there's one thing going for this game then it's the variation. Oscar has a different outfit for each world and, while this doesn't affect his abilities, the enemies and obstacles change accordingly. This gives it the Mario-like appeal where you keep on going just to see what happens next!
The controls aren’t all that they could've been. You have no control over the height of your leap, making accurate jumps onto moving platforms or lifts a right pain.
Generally, though, this is a hot, hot game if you are looking for something similar to the platformers found on the consoles then you won’t go far wrong with this. ¦ Stand still for too long and Oscar will start pulling faces or giving you the thumbs up! Not a pretty sight... As Oscar has little in the way of protection, he has to rely on his agility to get him out of scrapes. Leaping on the enemies heads is pretty effective, though.
¦ DEVELOPERS: IN-HOUSE , “I I DISKS: 3 “.A? 1 PLAYERS: 1 1 GENRE: PLATFORM 9 ¦ 1200 COMPAT: YES ¦ HD INSTALL: NO ¦¦Plenty to please platform fans with numerous levels to keep you guessing.
Alternative Software, £TBA "O . H my darlin’, oh my darlin', |oh"...dear. Huckleberry Hound in Hollywood Capers is the latest Hanna-Barbeia license to grace Amiga screens.
Just what is Huck doing in a video game? A very good question indeed. It appears that Huck’s latest movie has been a real hit with those people that hand out Oscars, which he won in bucket loads. However.
Wee Willy, the young scoundrel, has nicked them all along with a load ot take diamonds and scattered them far and wide across Cartoon World. These diamonds are required for the next film in which HH is to star so it's just as essential to retrieve these as it is to find his Oscar awards.
Tin aphically, it's dire... steer well clear A Postdog knocks twice... Huck's task involves climbing up each level, across platforms, conveyor belts, and sticky and slippery areas, collecting the items and avoiding the nasties. Huck has little in the way I of attacks, relying solely on his less-than- Steer well clear.
Acrobatic jumping ability. Hearts reward you with extra lives; the statues with limited invincibility.
Simply leaping upwards and around each level eventually becomes a very monotonous affair.
Huck's lack of abilities coupled with repetitive landscapes and gameplay combine to make it very difficult to keep enthusiasm high. The Underworld is the setting for Huck’s initial escapades five levels of repetitive gameplay later and you're rewarded with a bonus level, which simply is a race against the clock; collect all of the items before the time runs out and the points are yours.
The Sea World looms next; it's uncannily like the first batch of stages yet twice as dull.
To be quite honest, I never really expected much from this license anyway.
Graphically, it's dire sketchy backgrounds, terrible items and almost laughable animation on Huck make this a real visual turn-off. The music just grates and the sound effects consist of pings, bangs and the odd spot effect. However, these are only heard when the music’s off thank heavens for small mercies.
Even if you’re a real Huckleberry Hound fan of old. You won’t find much in the way of nostalgia here.
An !7 ?a ccR ting!
1 * DEVELOPER S: IN-HOUSE ¦¦ ¦ metre* 4 I ¦sso. .
555 ¦ ¦ UloPVO, 1 j ¦ PLAYERS: 1 ¦ GENRE: PLATFORM ¦ 1200 COMPAT: YES J ¦ HD INSTALL: NO udiogi 1 4.99 Rugby's always seemed to be a sport created as an excuse for the real action in the bar after the game. The beer swilling.
I raucous singing and, well, disgusting, vomit- inducing shenanigans have always appealed I more than the brutality of the game itself.
I However, Irom the safety of my comfy chair in front of the monitor. I've been seduced into the delights of the rough and tumble world ot rugger I by the re-release of Audiogenic's well-designed I simulation.
World Class Rugby never attempts anything I Hash or clever. Instead, rather like the glorious Kick Oil. It relies on the quality of the gameplay to I overcome any graphical deficiencies. The same I goes for its sparse use of sound. A tew bleeps I here and there that sound I vaguely like the grunts and I groans of straining fat blokes are about it. Yet despite this, the game’s strangely addictive. I became determined after a few goes to I win the World Cup tor Queen and I country!
Scrum down I Getting into the game's simple. Just I decide on a skill level, select the type of pitch you 1 want to play on and the length of the match. All you have to do then is choose a learn and decide on the competition you wish to enter. The choice I is between the Five Nations Championship, the I World Cup or a one-off-friendly. The World Cup I begins with a league table lormat. Each league I contains the teams that competed in the last I World Cup, which was around the time this game | was originally released.
Anyway, to play the game takes little practice.
I The rules are the same as for the real McCoy, the only exception's your option to instruct the computer to ignore off-sides and knock-ons.
You control the player nearest to the ball, and, depending on whether you’re attacking or detending, he can throw the ball, kick it, run with it or make diving tackles. When a player's tackled the result's usually a ruck. To come out of the ruck with the ball, waggle the joystick to build up your pack's strength and overpower the opposition.
Audioqenic The same principle's true in the scrum, although there's also a choice of plays. Select one of these to trick your opponent. The first tew moves of the play are controlled by the computer, watching these is great fun as some of them are really cunning. You can't sit back too much.though, as control swiftly returns to the player.
As I mentioned earlier, the game never messes about with cosmetics.
Unlike the acrobatics in most soccer simulations, there are no celebrations in World Class Rugby when a try's scored.
Rather like the real game, the players just brush themselves down and get on with it. The only form ot gloating's provided by 'the extensive replay 'acilities. You can save your favourite plays, view them from a number of perspectives and create a library ot your all-time classic tries.
This is a sports simulation that succeeds in grabbing the player's attention. At this bargain basement price it's definitely worth a look, even if. Like me, you're not a great tan of the sport.
World Class Rugby may not be the best sports sim ever, but it manages to bring the atmosphere of the game to the Amiga. All that’s missing is the beer in the bar after the match!
This is one of those games that grows on you. On loading it the omens looked bad. There was little in the way of graphics or design to I get the juices flowing, and even less on the sound effects front. However, if you give the game a chance you'll be pleasantly surprised.
The gameplay’s actually fairly addictive. This will never be the first game I grab, or the second for that matter, yet it’s good fun.
Okay, World Class Rugby's nothing to get overexcited about, but it’s a nifty little number that'll pass the time of day.
« control* takom some ; doing, so play a law
* 'i frlandllos bafora entering tha largar laagua or cup.
• * -
- . T *- : l( “ A i [ - I eETjk I 1 ¦ The fact that
it’s differ- w i r V II ent only serves in its Ml favour. A
great game for H a great price!
Mm won * too chuHed Unfortunately, this plays every bit as bad as it reads. You find yourself navigating a boat through dull waters, diving deep into the ocean with your divers to face fish and the like all firing at you, while one contact with an underwater foe results in a sudden death.
A Monster Splash Even with the hole-ridden plot, it I © I should've been possible to create I a decent game based on the eady "S I Spielberg movie. This, however, is a . I mish-mash of bad ideas, thrown tCf I together with loose connections to ¦ the film, the shark itself and far- from-moving music.
• w . J There's no y atmosphere whatsoever; this is P 11 .
Kl little more than a shoot-'em-up V LILP, with a map.
I ¦ For some reason, I had high "C I LJ expectations of Jaws. However, such optimism soon ended when I found myself playing what amounts to little more than a lifeless blasting game and one which requires a lot of dull exploration at that. There are few redeeming features; even the graphics and sound suck! ‘Dad’ won’t be too chuffed if he buys this, let alone others.
¦ Hardly lives up to the standards of the film’s director.
• ITSXS rfW tM'l Alternative, £4.99 The Munsters is another
member of Alternative's new Dad s Range (I sun think that's a
weird concept to market a set ol games. I mean whose dad would
want to play these wretched tides?). The really is Ifflte
Better than an eight txt game.
For what It's worth the scenario s as follows the Munstere' home has been invaded By gbouts.
Zombies, vampires and ghosts. The reason tor this ¦s sarnie. The Devil reckons that the famity are just too nee so they need to be taught a lesson in tenor from a cast master. Old Nek has tadnapped the beautiful Marilyn Remember Her’ She was the babe in the original seres. Now the test of the lamity has to save her.
Sea-ch the ghost-ndoen mansion tor the Wtte sweetie. Wing the ghouls as you go and making sure your energy level is topped up Collect mystery objects on your navels to a»d you when the baddies gel too cothersoms. However youl have prooaMy dumped th«s tosh in the On long Before that happens3 Herman's horror!
The first thsng to oepress you s the theme tune The Munstere' ongmai music is recreated. Out its so annoying itl have you pleadng lo Pe tone deal. The gameplay «s jerky. With appalling scrolling proWems on the stars, .yhre the graphics are a waste ol space. Once agar spend your pennies elsewhere Even Herman would cringe at the ugliness on display here’ iDMQgeF.
Excuse a game NotxxJy can serous)* consider the any luc w h as crude gtapn.cs anO rom-e*saer: gameplay. T s a UonnSe game even a: Ips Cheap once.«We none ol you bcrsn wm ns or Ugh Stea Youl .6 to tegrei 11 premie JOIIL Aooaftrq gtapr.cs and the Mmcms honour o’ hawing re moa .Mating soumeMiac* . ol me mpnm are sumpy two more- ¦ m poor features (Come on an Jet us I_b«|
- • -E: |cH I* implore you to M an aire-iaf re P55 ut on your
hard hat. Show off your designer workman's bum and pack your
sandwich box. High Steel takes you onto the Amiga building
site, but once you’re there you'll wish you hadn't taken the
Like the other games in this spread, High Steel is packaged as a game suited for all the family. It's being marketed as part of a Dad's range. However, it's not worth a look even at just under a fiver. Your dad would be Better of buying a couple of pints, rather than this rubbish.
The idea is simple. You have to build five floor segments, being sure to lock your girders into the correct place. A crane delivers supplies to the player; these include building materials, food and drink (Eat your Mighty White to keep the workers’ strength up!) In between your tea breaks you collect the girders, fit them in place and then build on top of them. Create five floors to complete the level.
To impede your progress all manner of beasties destroy the building These include Gremlins, or rather round splodges that struggle painfully across the screen; Spitters, that spit acid at the player and banana skins, yep you’ve guessed it, they make you fall over.
It's all about as exciting as watching paint peel. Come to think of it. A white-washed wall probably looks better than this! Awful, ugly, ‘horrible you name it this game is worse. Poor graphics, naff sound and no redeeming features. Tell father to spend his hard-earned dosh on Public Domain!
It's big, it's brave, it's bold and it's back!
Ian 'We want lour!' Osborne has been scouring the PD and Shareware scenes and discovered an amazing wealth off brand new titles... ¦ Boot-Up PD (Charityware) Another PD conversion ot an eighties coin-op Q- Bic is a Blatant tribute' to the ageing classic O- Serf. And a near-pertect one at that.
Set on a pyramid made of rows of cubes, your task is to leap from one to another turning them a different colour as you go Win them all. And you move onto the next level. Various baddies pursue you on your quest; come into contact with one and it s lights out Make sure you don't fall off the edge of the pyramid either.
My mam beef with O-Bic (and indeed it's com- op inspiration! Is the control method Because the cubes are set diagonally to the screen, pulling down' on your joystick moves your dude down and left', push right’ and he leaps right and down’ etc. I spent a lot of time falling mto the void because I misinterpreted the joystick commands.
Still, if you re not as crap as me you'll find this a real treat - it s a near-perfect conversion of the com-op.
TRANSPLANT ¦ Alpha PD (PD) No hype, no lies and most definitely no ulterior motives this is one of the best PD blasters EVER!
It s based on the simplest of ideas - rotate your ship asteroids-style, and blast the host of enemies thrown at you with reckless abandon.
This is no clone with knobs on though. Instead of rotating your ship in relation to the screen, the screen itself rotates leaving your craft facing 'up' at all times. Sounds confusing, but rest assured it works. An Asferoids-esque thrust function is also utilised, but with little or no inertia. Indeed, ripping through space and steering your craft is much easier here than in the eighties coin-op. Which is just as well - after the first level the bloodthirsty boulders are joined by all manner of marauding spacecraft.
CLI-TRIS SHAFT Alpha PD (Shareware) No marks for originality here (except for the zit- poppingly suggestive title) but what it lacks in ideas it more than makes up for in polish.
Despite the title. Cli-Tris is actually a Columns clone. Guide the falling blocks (which drop in columns of three) in such a way that when they hit the deck you link three or more squares of the same colour. You can rearrange the order of a falling column by hitting fire.
And later still static guns. The further you get the harder they become.
Blast away all the rocks and rocketships to complete the level and you’re offered fhe chance to buy more ships or upgrade your firepower, shields and agility before battling your way through the next. At the end of the game you also get a passcode to prevent the early levels getting boring.
It’s difficult to put your finger on exactly why Transplant is so darned good. Maybe it’s the deceptive simplicity of fhe gameplay, or the excellent graphics and silky-smooth action.
Perhaps it's the atfenfion to detail, with blinding explosions and great incidental music. The game’s only real fault is it leaves you in the dark about how to splash out on a power-up (it's the function keys F1-F4), but now you know there's no excuse at all for not owning this portion of PD perfection.
Although nothing new (to say the least!)
Wins out on sheer attention to detail, rols are silky-smooth, four skill levels are on offer, and you can even choose from the various rave soundtracks on offer, all blatantly ripped off from hit singles. If you're looking for a Columns Tribute’ check this out.
And Shall? It's one of those nine-square slidey-puzzle things but without the picture - you can only tell when the identical squares are In place because a white light appears in the centre. I hated it. But when it's packaged with a quality game like Cli-Tris. Who cares?
SUPER BLUKID I Boot-Up (PD) When we said it's been a good month lor PD we weren't joking, (oiks - this snazzy little platform outing is better presented than a lot of commercial games.
You play the blue marvel of the title, and must work your way up the maze of platforms opening treasure chests as you go The chests contain a number of point-scoring icons and Boot-Up PD (PD) Have you a friend who constantly raves about the eight-bit days? ‘You couldn't hide bad games behind good graphics', he wibbles. 'The games of yesteryear were really good'. There’s some truth in this, but there was dross about in those days too - it’s just been buried in the mists of time, leaving the genuine classics unblemished.
If further proof is needed, check out this latest Bignoia conversion of a C64 outing.
Like most Bignoia games you can opt for C64 or Amiga graphics, though even the modern version looks dated. The sprites are okay, but animation and scenery has come on a long way since this was designed The gameplay’s pretty terrible too. Guide Popeye over a very restrictive single-screen platform contraption, avoiding Bluto and his monstrous missiles while grabbing the hearts dropped by Olive Oyl. I can see how in might’ve been a minor hit in its day. But time has not been kind.
If you owned the old C64 version and want to see just how easily pleased you were in those days, give it a go It's okay as a piece of nostalgia, but it's no game power-ups, but more importantly opening all the chests allows you to get to the next level - if you can make it back to the now-open exit before the time limit expires.
The presentation is nothing short of amazing, with a brilliantly animated main sprite rushing around a cutesy parallaxed world reminiscent of the toy level of Flair Software's Trolls Passcodes are available, a simple yet effective boon that many game designers (PD or otherwise) leave out. To help him on his quest Blukid has a number of devices at his disposal.
INSECTOIDS 2 ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE ¦ Boot-Up PD (Compilation) Not a bad little two-game collection at all. The games on offer both take a new look at classic coin-ops, and both are fair games in their own right.
Insectoids 2 owes more than a passing shot to Galaxians, but instead of starting each level in formation the aliens swoop down in waves, huriing shells as they go. When in formation they wobble from side to side and break rank to fall on the unwary player, all set against a downward-scrolling starry backdrop.
Standard space invader-esque saucers fly across the top of the screen, but if you succeed in blasting one they drop power-ups for firing speed, extra guns, a free life, etc. Look out for bonus rounds where lines of baddies zip across the screen in tight formation - blast as many as you can for extra points.
The game has all the simplicity and charm of an early coin-op, but unlike many PD attempts retains that certain something the arcade machines had in abundance. For collectors of PD tributes to early coin-ops this is a 'must buy'.
And Zombie Apocalypse? Basically an Op- PkibfiC Domain!
Pumping up a balloon lets him float to higher platforms, umbrellas allow him to fall any distance without injuring himself and he can even use a gust of wind to his advantage. These effects are useful but limited in number run out and you could find a level unfinishable.
Super Blukid suffers a little from repetitiveness. You can't die falling too far just stuns him for a while, wasting precious time, and there are few if any baddies to contend with. You won't be playing for ever, but it's sheer wow look at that’ factor makes it worth a few flings.
Don’t expect this year's Rainbow Islands and you won't be disappointed it's a cool game in its own right.
ZontiE RPOCRLVPSEt,:; jm j ijf raccc rtnc to n_nv Wolf clone, this game's main attribute is blood by the bucketful (and that's trendy now - look at the hype currently surrounding Mortal Kombat). The Zombies don’t fire back but if they escape you lose energy - better to blow 'em to bits (and I mean quite literally) before they leave the screen.
The standard Op-Wolf power-ups are there - shoot 'em for extra ammo.etc, though the coin-op’s variety is missing. It's certainly worth a blast as the graphics displayed as you tear huge chunks from your undead foes have to be seen to be believed, though you won’t come back to it too often.
All in all a fine two-game disk.
PkibfiC Domain!
SQUIGS ¦ Boot-Up PD (PD) Another Columns clone, featuring better graphics than Cli-Tris (the blocks are cute little creatures rather than coloured squares) but no in-game music. The playing area's taller, making it a little easier, but apart from that it’s more of the same.
Doesn’t it make you feel sorry for Sega MegaDrive owners, who have to pay cartridge prices for their version of Columns'?
Just a thought... ASSASSINS 128 Scorpion PD (Compilation) Does anyone know what that space-age tune on the intro screen is? I haven't got a clue myself, so let's hit the games... SPACE INVASION No prizes tor guessing what game this arcade outing's based on It's virtually arcade perfect except tor the over-large graphics and the absence ot static bases above your ship. The strips of plastic giving the monochrome graphics of the original their colour are replaced by genuine coloured sprites and the backdrop is pixelated too as opposed to painted on the screen - that's progress, tolks!
As invader clones go this one's bloomin' good, but do we really need another? It you're alter one took no further, but this effort makes no advances over some of the other versions.
DELUXE PAC-MAN 1.4 Without a doubt, the is the best PaoMan done I Vs ever seen It's dick accurate, and plays Mw a dream For those who's* been asleep lor the last 15 yews, Pac-Man sees you guxkrvg a ruptured tennis ban around a smgte-screen maze fun of dots dear them an to advance to the next level Four roving ghosts follow your every move, but become temporarily vulnerable when you eat a power pin - use 'em wisely, mere are only four available per screen The eighties Pac-Man coin-op was arguably the tirst computer game that was neither a sports-sim (eg Pong) or a shoot- em-up. And became an
instant hit in the arcades. The years have taken their ton on the concept. In the ongmal there was a set route to XEC ASSASSINS 109 ¦ Scorpion PD (Compilation) The dulcet tones of the Iheme from Star Wars lead you into Ihis four-game compilafion from the Assassins, everyone’s favourite PD compilers.
PSYCHO BLAST The first of the four games does little to disguise ifs SEUCK roofs, but for once the programmers have done more than ape Iheir fave vertical scrollers - indeed, Psycho Blast has no scrolling af all! Instead you're restricted to a small square in the cenlre of the screen while hordes of obnoxious nasties surround you and pepper your territory with lead.
The game won't keep you playing forever, but Ihe claustrophobic movement keeps you on your foes - an interesting use of SEUCK, if nothing else.
KING HIGH An AMOS creation, although well presented King's High is ultimately pointless. Based on the higher lower bit in Play your Cards Right (remember that?) You're presented with five cards, placed face-down in fhe centre of the screen. All you have fo do is guess (and I mean guess) whether Ihe next card in the sequence is higher or lower (aces low). Complete the series and you enter a fruit machine-style gamble feature, score fhe required score and you move to an equally pointless routine that's identical except that you're faced with three rows of five cards.
It's not badly programmed or executed, but it’s hardly tun.
DELUXE HAMBURGER This effort's primitive beyond belief. It's basically Insecloids 2, but a sauce bottle replaces your laser, the aliens become fasl food and they follow on the first screen which resulted in you straight away scoffing haft the dots and all lour ghosts with your tirst power pill. I can t see people's enthusiasm for this interpretation extending to finding a similar route, but it’s a great conversion - if you want one.
SOLAR WAR Latest and most definitely least is this two-player outing which has you steenng your Astenxds-esque starship around space. Wasting holes in your mate's identical craft. Two rotating planets in the centre of the screen introduce an element of gravity Although a veiy old concept this isn't a particiJarty good interpretation. The shield that extends around your ship is tar more vulnerable to collision than enemy hie. So the majority ot bathes are resolved accidentally. Ho hum CONCLUSION Two excellent Interpretations ot oldte-woridie co-.n-ops and one weak space duel - even with the
traditional turkey it's a barg at PD prices disappear oft the screen at the end ot their runs instead ot finding formation and continuing to attack. The presentation's nowhere near as good either - the background's plain black and there’s virtually no animation.
Although you have limited vertical movement as well as from side-to-side (a la Caterpillar) this is still a very limited game. The attack waves can only be overcome by finding a sweet spot’ where you can't be touched. There's one on every level, and as the attack waves soon repeat you'll shortly be beating ‘em every time.
THRALLBOUND The last game on the disk is Thrallbound, a graphic adventure from Norway. A text-driven outing, the black-and-white pics are moody and atmospheric and the game as a whole is fairly challenging. You have to type every word in its entirety instead ot just the tirst four or five letters which is annoying, but apart from that it's great.
CONCLUSION: This is an awkward disk to summarise only one of the games is worth its salt, but most of the others are worth a quick look if nothing else. However, the one good game's an adventure, which some gamesters will never even attempt. Personally I love text adventures so tor me at least this isn't a bad disk, but whether you'll go for it yourself is a matter for you.
ZJ Jj JU_lj J , S' ' - - j . -i - I | . 100 ASSASSINS PD COLLECTIONS MUST BE WON Roberta Smith DTP, one ot the tastest and most reliable PD libraries in the country, have a little something else tor you this month - the chance to win a bumper bargain bonanza and a hundred PD disks. The Assassins have tor a long time been the most prolific compilers of PD disks on the Amiga scene, and thanks to Roberta Smith DTP, we've got Assassins collections to give away. And what do you have to do to win this amazing prize?
Simple just answer these questions: 1 Who did Lee Harvey Oswald assassinate?
2 Who shot Abraham Lincoln?
3 Who is the only British Prime Minister to bo assassinated?
Okay, so the questions aren’t that simple, but with a little research you'll soon have the right answers, and a prize like this is certainly worth working for.
Remember the name - Roberta Smith DTP. Even it you don't win the compo, they stock all the Assassins disks and distribute them for the . Keenest ot fees.
• 4 High altitude charts
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compatibles Price: Amiga 8 Atari ST - C35.99 • PC £45.99
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England B13 9DQ Tel: 021 442 2050 • Fax: 021 442 2050 Cheat77
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Tycoon Robocop 3 Shadowlands Sierra Games Soccer Kid Storm
Master StripPoker Turrican 2 Zool SHADOWLANDS Recently
re-released on the Hit Squad label, Shadowlands is stumping
adventurers left, right and centre. The five levels contain
numerous tricks, traps and deadly pitfalls. Discover the
deepest, darkest secrets of the hit game on page 62.
One of the games of the year returns to our pages, also going to show that we do respond to your pleas for help. Flashback is as tough as it is impressive; to aid you through the more challenging areas, we've put together maps, hints and a final level solution.
Your guide to all of the games featured in our comprehensive tips section. Let’s face it, nobody does it better than the AMIGA FORCE team!
LEMMINGS LIFELINE Following on from our codes and tips in the last issue, we now bring more help for you hapless Lemmings lovers. Remember, if you are experiencing problems with a particular level, contact the AMIGA FORCE tips team at the usual address.
THE COMPLETE INDEX Arkanoid 3 Bart vs Mutants Bart vs Mutants Body Blows Crystals of Art.
First Samurai Flashback Hired Guns Hudson Hawk Lemmings Leonardo Lotus THE TIPS BITZ The team here at AMIGA FORCE have spent many hours down at the Newton Abbot jobcentre trying to obtain the sort of jobs Conrad himself would undertake while in New Washington. After being ejected from the building and told in m uncertain terms that there were no renegade cyborgs or mutants to be destroyed, we returnei dejectedly to our machines and decided to provide you with a complete set of maps to the New Washington level, as well as a solution to those tricky final two levels.
O gain access to the Death Tower arena in order to obtain enough cash for your trip to Earth, you’ll need some false I D. papers. The place to get these is from a black market forger.
Unfortunately false I.D.s don't come cheap so you must take a variety of missions from the Work Agency to earn those vital credits.
This is the administrative centre where you must obtain your permit before accepting any mission.
Carry a parcel from Titan Travel’s office in Asia through to their other offices situated in Africa.
This is a very simple first job and poses no real problem, apart from the cop awaiting your return to Africa. To rid yourself ot this red menace, simply draw your gun on the lift up, then let him have it once you reach the top. Remember to stand up and fire when he uses his rocket pack to hover above the ground.
Climb over the top of the barriers to open them from the other side.
Che first thing you do before you take any mission is obtain a New Washington work permit. To do this visit the Administrative Centre situated in Africa.
Speak to the guy at the desk downstairs, he will then call the lift so you can travel to the floor above. Once you're on the top floor, talk to the guy at window B who, after a bit of paper pushing, will open the door for you to see the boss. This is the guy who can hand over the vital work permit; to get it from his sticky grasp you must show him your current I.D. Once you have a permit, you can travel to the Work Agency in Europa. At the agency, you find a variety of screens. Simply walk up to the flashing one and read the mission and pay details, then insert your work permit to accept the
Shoot the sentinels before you grab the key from the platform at the top. Use this key to open the last door and complete your mission.
AV.I.P is waiting by the entrance to restricted area two, situated in Africa. You must escort him safely to the research centre located in the bottom of area two. The
V. I.P will only follow you when you’ve made his route safe for
him to continue his journey. Watch out for mutant guards along
your journey shoot the first one to get his door key.
N experimental cyborg escapes and must be tracked down and eliminated. You’re issued with a photo of the cyborg, which you need to show to the man sitting at the table in the American bar. He gives you clues to guide you on the right track to locate the cyborg.
Follow his information and that cyborg will soon be a smoking heap of scrap.
After your meeting with the cop, you must save the informer’s life to gain access to the cyborg lair. You can find it to the left of the bar below a hidden floor.
MISSION FOUR This is one of the trickiest of all your missions. You have 90 seconds to replace a computer chip in the city's main reactor.
Follow the map carefully and run every part of the way as time is of the essence; failure will not only result in your death but also in the complete melt-down of the city. On reaching the final reactor room you'll find the fuse in your inventory; place it in the opening located second from the right on the central core system. If you're successful, you'll automatically transport back to the Employment Agency.
Group of mutants infiltrate the city. The city council request that you travel into restricted area three and wipe out anything you discover there before they have a chance to get deeper into the city and harm any of the citizens. This one is fairly straight-forward and is your final mission.
Successful completion of this will give you enough credits to pay the forger. Once you have them return to him, then take the papers to the assistant at the Death Tower counter.
Here they are, the final stages. To complete this level, find the atomic charge and place it in the central brain to wipe out the aliens and save mankind once and for all.
From the start ot this level, work your way to the right and kill the alien you find on this screen. Now jump up the platforms and kill the alien on the next screen, continue right and press the switch to open a door on your left.
Go back one screen to the left and take the ground level route to go through the door you just opened, then down on the lift. At the bottom of the lift, hit the deck and roll onto the screen below, avoiding the laser-turret in the process. On the next screen, you encounter an alien. The quickest way to get on even terms in your battle with him is to throw your teleport-receiver to the bottom, then warp down to it and fight him on the bottom level.
When you have defeated this dude, walk to the right and pick up the stone before continuing to the left. Don't forget to pick up your teleporter on the way!
Roll under the wall and place your stone on the second pressure pad. This will open the door above which you must go through. When you reach the next door, climb up and press the switch to open the floor below. Climb down to the bottom level and shoot to open the next door, press the switch then wait on the bottom level. This series of switches release an alien who will unfortunately kill your friend behind the door. Wait for the alien to slide down onto your level then blow him away before climbing up to your dead friend. With his dying breath your friend hands over the all-important atomic
Once you have the charge in your possession roll off the screen to your left, then climb to the top of the next screen, picking up the diary on the way. Use the lift to go down to the next screen, throw your teleport-receiver down to the ledge on the right and teleport across. After picking up the receiver, drop down and activate the switch behind the door. Throw your receiver down the newly-opened piece of floor and beam down to it. Pick up the receiver and drop down to recharge your shield, continue right and kill the alien that stands in front of you. Hurl that handy old receiver down the
hole and beam down after it, fighting the alien you find there. Go down through the open doorway and avoid the alien creature as you continue down to the save point. Head to your left, pick up the stone then climb up and continue left.
Watch out for the falling bombs as you head left over the pressure pads to open the door below. Kill the alien and go right, pick up the key then stand underneath the transporter at the far right to beam to the ledge above. Go back to your right and climb up to get onto the lift at the bottom of the big pit. Go up on the lift; when you reach the top, throw your receiver to the right then beam after it. Pick it up and walk all the way to your right and use your key to open the door.
At the outset of the second zone, leap across and save your position at the save point, then leap back. When you are at the furthest left without leaving the screen, take a running jump to grab onto the metal ledge above.
Use the lift to go up and fight any aliens you find there, then climb up to exit this screen.
Rise to the top then stand on the edge of the platform and hurl your receiver onto the platform to the right. Teleport after it to avoid the falling bombs, pick up your receiver and go right. Go up on the lift and use the switch on the right at the top of the lift-shaft to turn off the laser cannon at the top.
Go left and place your receiver at the top.
Climb down, activate the switch, then quickly use your teleporter to avoid the guard at the bottom. Once you have escaped from the dreaded pit, go left and down on the lift, then roll right to recharge your shield. Head back to the room with the laser cannon, drop down to the switch then jump across to the pressure pad on the left. Next gently lower yourself off the edge, so that you fall down the shaft. If you keep UP on your joystick pressed you will grab a ledge to break your fall. Drop down off this ledge and go left. Drop down again, then go to the right across the lower level, defeating
the alien to go through the door.
Pick up the key then use it on the lock to open the floor above.
Climb up through this new opening onto the lift. Use the lift to go up, then climb up to the top of this screen. At the top of the next screen go through the door and save your progress at the save module.
Continue right through the opening and wait for the rays to disappear before you jump over them.
After safely navigating the beams, use the lift to go down and open the door below. Drop down onto the lift, bring the lift up and it blows up the mines for you. Throw your receiver down the hole and teleport after it. You will now be next to one of the alien brains so wipe out it's guardian. To dispose of the brain, stay crouched and keep popping up and taking shots at it. When the brain is dead, the floor opens. Pick up your receiver, stand as far left as possible and hurl it down the shatt, beaming after it.
At the bottom of the shaft, go left to find another save point.
Once you’ve saved, leap to the left and continue left until you come to the shaft with the lift in the centre. Jump across onto the lift, grab the ledge above and jump off to the left then continue lett. When you reach the two lifts, ride the small one up, use the recharger then ride the big one down to the bottom.
On reaching the bottom, save your position. Head through the door, walk to the right hand side of the brain and shoot the aliens when they land. Put away your gun and run to the left to leap up onto the platform; shoot the brain, then drop down and wait for the aliens to come again. Run to the right and grab the platform, pull yourself up and shoot the brain again. Drop down and repeat the left right process until you hear a door open, then go through the right-hand doorway.
Walk to the right and press the switch to call the lift. At the top of the lift, go right, go up on the lift and pick the exploding mouse off the pressure pad. Kill the guard to get the key to the door. Open the door and go down on the lift, travel right and blast the two aliens by the doors. Continue to the right and. Once you reach a beam, throw your receiver through it and teleport to it. Pick it up and throw it back to the other side of the beam. Now walk over to the switch and place the atomic charge next to it, then press the switch. Return to the top of the large lift-shaft and run all
the way right. Keep running right past the start of this zone until you reach the large spacecraft. There is a lift hidden behind the large metal leg use it to successfully complete the game!
1 m DECEMBER 1993 ¦ I an, 1 PLAYERS'GUIDE LEVEL 1 IT On starting the game, you’ll find yourselt in the wilderness: there are no real dangers in this stage. The many crows are more of an irritation than a threat, so it’s not worth wasting your weapons on them.
The simplest way around this level is just to take a gentle stroll around and pick up the many apples you find lying around the floor. Also, keep a look out on the floor for any sticks as these come in handy as rudimentary weapons to help you through your first encounters with the enemy.
Once you've collected all of these items, take your warrior to the top right-hand comer and pick up the bow you find there (don't waste any shots with it as you’ll need them later in the game).
When you've collected all of these items, take your complete squad to the top left hand corner and grab the torches (remembering to extinguish them) before heading down the steps to the next level.
1 Aid
* A* Q rl?i . RW* r% :_________¦ ________________________
L:___L Abov* Loft: Tho local formation morris dancing team
realise too lata, that thoy have taken a wrong turning at
Blggloathotpo Village groan.
DUNGEON efore journeying further into this level, it's best to share out any apples and sticks from the first level; this makes certain that almost everyone has a piece of food and some sort of weapon to defend themselves with.
Once you're inside the dungeon, walk along There’s a torch in this dungeon which you shouldn't touch; it's next to the gargoyle. The reason for this is the gargoyle's a light-sensor which opens the double doors for you to move into a room with a switch on the floor. Use an item which you don't really need such as an apple to operate this weight-activated switch.
Operating the floor switch will give you access to a room with a skeleton inside. Kill the skeleton to collect a shield and a chest before leaving the and collect all of the torches, but remember to extinguish them to save their limited energy for room completely Go around the corner to replenish your when you need it most. Collect the three silver coins lying next to the top wall about half-way along. Ignore the door set into the top wall and continue until you reach the double wooden doors at the top; upon reaching the door, use one of your team to pull the lever to Ihe left to open it,
allowing you to continue your journey.
Energy from another fountain, then use the floor switch here to open another set of doors. This time, don’t fight the skeleton avoid him and go onwards to the doors and pull both switches to open them.
The sharp-eyed amongst you will notice a small pile of apples in tho corner of the passageway; grab these and avoid the next skeleton before placing a member of your team on each of the floor pads to open the next set of double doors.
In the next section, you'll be able to pick up a loaf of bread, a stick and a water flask. Walk down until you encounter the skeleton; when you reach this bony buddy, beat him rather viciously uuith a ctir'lr i intil ha cnllancac infa a rafHor moccti After all that tricky work, the final few steps are mcimrrlo 1 Irinn faaphirvt (ho email Hggc mill »fks- t Wall a oliurv UllUl lie LUIlaUocb llllil a lalllel fllcoby heap on the floor. Pick up the flask he drops and refill it at the fountain he was guarding. Now take all of your team and let them have a nice revitalising drink from the fountain.
Continue round the dungeon, picking up the apple, and then push the secret switch hidden on the wall. Pick up the strength potion and pick up the key. Use the key to open the lock and move vJUIlt: ollIIUic. UUUIl 1 caul III IU lllc officii! UUUl, LIU II the secret switch at the side of the door and grab the scroll you find there before exiting the room.
By the next fountain, grab the key and use it to open the next set of double doors. Here you will be in sight of the escape steps; unfortunately a skeleton stands between you and freedom.
Simply send in the boys to give him a real kicking before grabbing the chest and escaping to level three.
LEVEL 3 DUNGEON At the start ol this level, pick up the key and then buy the light-spell. Pull the switch and go through the double doors it has opened. Here you'll find another switch, pull it to activate the teleporter. Send only one member ot your team into the teleporter (the character with the least energy’s the best choice). You’ll be teleported into a room with a fountain and a key, grab the key and take a revitalising drink from the fountain, then step back into the teleporter and use the key to open the portcullis.
You’ll also find a switch here; at no point should you pull this switch as it’s a trap. Collect the food and grab a drink from the fountain before you throw an item across the bottomless pit onto the floor switch on the other side, causing the pit to vanish and allowing you to cross safely.
For the next part make sure you have no torches lit as the room contains a trap which is activated by light-sensors.Use the spell-book and key to get the chest from the alcove. To leave the room, operate the portcullis using the key, then stand one pair of your team on the back switch and one pair on the front switch; the pair on the back switch will now be teleported into another room. Don’t worry about them as they are perfectly safe where they are. The other pair of characters will be able to exit through the now miraculously opened door use them to grab the chest before standing on the
floor switch to re-join the rest of the team (after killing the skeleton to be able to collect his exit key).
When you reach the two skeletons give them what for, then pull the hidden switch to open the door. Collect the shield and extinguish your torches before you pass the gargoyle, as he's another sensor for a light-activated trap. To get past the two pits in the next room, simply throw a fireball over them this will activate a teleporter, allowing you to walk safely to the other side of the treacherous pits. Open the lock and portcullis at the end and attack the Valkyrie with fireballs.
Buy any item from the chests and then exit the room by placing an item on the weight switch. You'll notice an altar in one of the rooms this can be used to recharge any items that have run out. It's also powerful enough to resurrect any of your dead friends (that is assuming you remembered to carry their bodies with you). For your living characters, there's the chance to drink from the fountain here. To exit the room, pull the switch, then exit the next one by pulling both of the switches on the outside of the door.
The quickest way past the Valkyries is to sneak by rather than fighting them, then use the gold coin you find on the floor to open the door.
You’ll then come to a sign which announces ‘Says nothing. Reveals much': stand your team next to this to open a secret wall, enter this room and collect the chest at the end, then pull the switch, opening the double doors. When you reach the two sets of steps, send one member of your team down the right hand flight and the rest of the team down the left to travel safely to level four.
Top: Make sure you replenish your fluids whenever you come to a well as they get fewer the further into the game you travel.
Left: Everyone must read this sign to open the hidden passageway.
Below: Only the waterball-spell can be used to defeat the fire demons.
Switches to ¦
- --i -5 The next set of corridors can DEMONS' PIT end one
character to pull the switch and open the door which he must
then enter.
The sensor in the room will open the doors to the monsters' cages; it’s best to try and face them one at a time as it's easier to kill them when they’re not attacking you all at once. The biggest things to watch out for are the fire demons because they'll cause the sensor to release all of the monsters at once When you've killed the monsters, attack the fire demons one of them is carrying the exit key. Use the altars to replenish the power in your items and your characters’ energy before buying refreshments and leaping into the teleporters; remember to leave an item on the floor switch
before jumping into the teleporter.
Now make sure you extinguish all of your torches before entering the next teleporter to be transported to the next room: to enter the next room you must send in your characters one at a ([me then attack the skeleton to gain his key.
In this level you'll come to a set of locks which require a certain combination of keys to make them operate the combination which is as follows: KEY 1 LOCK 4 IEY2 LOCK 3 EY 3 LOCK 2 EY 4 LOCK 1 Using the right combination will allow you to free characters by pulling the switches outside.
Using two teams of two men to aid each other to continue further into the game, the correct procedure is carried out in this order: SWITCH 1 closes PIT A SWITCH 2 closes PIT B After crossing this puzzle safely, you must all stand upon the floor switch to open the portcullis and allow you to enter the room with the Mystery Tour switches.
Once you're in the same room as the Mystery Tour switches, one character must take a switch each in the following order:
A) Light up both photoreceptors, but make sure you keep the light
away from the doorway as invisible sensors cause a skeleton to
be created.
B) Collect the key. Extinguish all of the torches then exit the
C) Pick up the chest and kill the skeleton, then leave all items
on the 'Please give generous1 sign Now exit through the next
two doors, you'll find all the items you dropped will be
waiting outside for you, D - Grab the chest in this room, then
hurl a fireball in the direction the arrow is pointing; this
will cause a strange warp to happen and the door will open
allowing you to leave.
When you've completed the Mystery Tour puzzles, use the keys you have picked up on the locks to open the door and allow you to toddle on (town to level six._ to ¦ wall or your targot whan roteaslng ¦ ftrobalL Otharwlsa you may find yoursoM as main dish on a barbscuo manu.
NaMjuM&uxa aarSaaaah uj%ii niyiiiaiiHiiivniiiwri wnvii yon antar tha boast arana, It's only safe to taka tha Hands on one at a time. Attempt to taka on more than one and you'll find yourself In a world of hurt.
AmiGB reatures during the game are probably your W biggest problem. Whether you're lacing up to skeletons, sharks or even the deadly puppies there are a tew rules ot engagement which could save your life. The most important of these is not to let it get too close. Blast it with whatever you've got but make sure none of your team is caught in a crossfire. If by some chance the monsters do manage to get close to you. Just keep firing until the enemy disappears.
If you've a fast enough trigger finger the beast will not have a chance to attack as you're continually wounding it. The main thing to remember is this uses up ammo so make sure you have plenty. Any of the blaster psi-amps.
Flame throwers or rocket launchers can fire through the multi-coloured force fields; this is particularly handy if you need to open a field that an enemy is standing behind as you can destroy him first.
There are many powerful weapons available in your armoury including grenades, grenade launchers, (lame throwers and any blasting psi- amp. The easiest way to avoid the blow-back from these weapons is to set your distances on them correctly; tor example, it you've a group ot enemies away in the distance then don't throw your grenades at low level. To set the level on grenades, watch your sight. The more the circle is filled in the higher your character will throw it; throwing grenades at low level is only really useful when rolling them over the edge of ledges to kill creatures below.
Ledges and lifts, although looking completely harmless, can cause some real damage to your character's health. Be careful when stepping off ledges as they could be higher than you think; a large fall can actually kill your character if you're not careful, although most will only remove a portion of your energy.
Some of the red and white lift platforms don't have switches next to them; these are automatic lifts. Simply step onto them and let them either take you up or down to the next floor. But make sure you don't step off them until you're certain they have stopped at the floor you require.
There are a variety of psi-amps which can be collected during the game. Some can be used in an offensive manner while others can be used to defend or boost your existing abilities or aid you across difficult terrain.
Bridge PSI-AMPS This amp is particularly handy for crossing large pits or wide areas of water; releasing the amp will cause a self-suspended platform to appear directly in front of your character. Try and get your team across as soon as possible before the power runs out.
Heal Heat's one of the most handy amps to have in your possession. Using it will cause all injuries to your characters to heal completely and return them to full health.
Banish Wall If you need to get into another passage but your path is blocked by a wall, simply launch this amp at the wall and watch it disintegrate allowing you to pass straight through.
Shock Blast Set this amp into action and a very powerful compression wave is released from your character. It's particularly damaging to animals and electrical equipment, although the larger alien warriors are only stunned by it for a few seconds. Make sure that the rest of your team are standing well behind you when you release this and watch out for back-blast when using it in confined spaces.
Strength The more a character can carry, the more effective that character can be in a battle. Using the strength amp will increase a character's muscle allowing them to carry a larger amount of equipment.
Fireball Using fireball causes a large ball of plasma to be launched which will obliterate anything in its path, be very careful when using this in confined spaces as it has a nasfy habit of rebounding and damaging your whole squad.
Miracle Using miracle will select an effect from one of the other psi-amps in the group and cause that effect to happen immediately.
Transmute This will transform any one item to the left of it in the menu into a random item from the game. It is usually food but every once in a while you could end up with the huge disruptor-cannon. Before you activate this it is usually best to set your menu onto an item that you don’t mind sacrificing; so if for example you've a pile of unidentifiable remains then select them and who knows what you could end up with.
Float Use if you need to drop down a great distance into a pit without causing yourself major damage.The float amp allows your character to float down as if they were as light as a feather.
Gills Human characters can run into trouble when they attempt to spend too long underwater; using the gill amp will allow your character to spend up to five minutes underwater before it needs reactivating. Unfortunately this will not protect any of the water-vulnerable equipment you have in your possession.
Inferno If generating a ball of flaming plasma directly in front of you is your wish, then this is the amp for you. Watch out when using it in confined spaces as it has a nasty habit of bouncing back and completely wiping out your character in one go.
Teleport Teleport will beam the user to a random position within a small distance. This amp can be extremely useful when you're surrounded by a crowd of monsters as it warps you out of danger.
Shift Operating shift will move the user directly forward until they hit a solid object. This amp will even carry the character over water and gaps without causing them any damage.
Part Waves It’s time to play Moses. If you use this amp, it will part a small section of water allowing you to walk through it safely. It will not work if you're completely submerged in water, though.
Wall Create a solid wall in front of you which will repel all enemy attacks and any solid matter which attempts to pass through it. To gain this wonderful power, simply use the wall amp.
Electrify Shield Using this amp will fire a very weak electrical charge at anything directly in front of the user. This amp is only really any use for stunning an enemy, while the character using it makes a tactical withdrawal allowing the rest of the team to open fire on the foe. This is a pretty useless weapon and should only be used if no other weapons are available to face your foe.
Activating the shield amp will cause a plasma shield to surround your character; this shield will defend against most weapons and hand-to-hand attacks. Be careful, though, as it only lasts for a short period of time and has a nasty habit of running out when you’re in the most danger. If s best to only use this as a very last resort when your energy is really low.
Farsight Cure Poison If any human characters become poisoned by alien beasts or rats, then this could be the amp for you.
It removes all alien material from your character and stops any ill- effects It may have been having.
As already mentioned, it can only be used on human characters and Is completely wasted on droids.
Use a repair kit on the droids for the same effect.
This amp interfaces directly with your Digital Terrain Scanner allowing you to view a more detailed and larger area than you would be able to with your normal unit.Once you’ve used it, if s best to drop it and allow the other characters to pick it up and use It on their own scanners.
Doing this means that all of your team have possession of a high power scanner.
Available every four weeks from your local newsagent!
Mm n JiN i This month we hove a little bit off a change to the normal service so that we can answer the question that has been asked of the lifeline ever since it first started. The level that Is causing more trouble than any other is level 14 on tricky mode from the original Lemmings known as Lemminas' Lament.
LET'S BE CAREFUL OUT THERE LEMMINGS' FUN LEVEL 27 This level looks really easy. This is because it appears that you can just jump down to the exit.
Don't be fooled, however, as the fall will kill the wee chaps. Completing the level takes a lot of builders and blockers to see you y safely to the finish.
. Where some ol you have Lemmings' Lament.
J&Vfe We asked if anyone oul there who had a copy of the version containing the jj | Vs* mysterious level could help us out with a bit
1. Of a solution. Well, Paul Lindsay from Weston-Super-Mare has
written in with the required V-,
• ' solution, Unfortunately we ll have to give it 1 W to you in
text form as we "T ¦don't have a copy of the R V tetfel J
The key is in the number of exploders you have. Turn the first
Lemming into a builder, level with the right hand edge of n 'N
the trapdoor; this makes V V picking out right walking n|g[
Lemmings easier. Turn the '
- second Lemming into a climber, then into a miner when he steps
off the girder and onto the blue brick. Now go back and make
the first left walking Lemming into a blocker at the top of the
rock. Turn the miner into a blocker just as his pick breaks the
right edge of the block; now blow him up. As he counts down,
turn a Lemming on the bndge into a climber, then into a blocker
when in the hole made by the mine exploding. Blow this Lemming
up too.
As he counts down turn another Lemming into a climber. Turn the single Lemming into a builder to LAMENT LEMMINGS' TRICKY LEVEL 14 f you remember, back in issue five we mentioned that our copy contained a completely different level in the position Change your second Lemming into a builder. When he reaches the edge, he will build a bridge across and stop the others from falling into the hole.
Turn your fourth Lemming into a blocker and allow the other three to walk up the steps.
When your original builder reaches the top of the pink steps, turn him into a blocker.
As the other two Lemmings begin to return down the ’ steps, make them into builders to create a bridge up to the steps above.
Y Let your two Lemmings walk r , across the top and drop down ) onto the bottom set of steps.
Turn the first one into a blocker to make the other one walk down the steps to the left.
When the other one reaches the bottom of the steps, turn _ him into a builder so that he builds a bridge all the way to the platform where your first blocker is standing.
Bndge the gap. As he builds turn another Lemming into a climber and one into a builder: when the single Lemming climbs the ledge by the exit turn him into a blocker on his left edge, and blow him up. Next make two Lemmings climbers, turn the second Hi as ,he !'rsl's In -eacn K bottom Hk s-sre B’bfk ' iSP EUA biovv ti'e tiist ¦ the nght ot the | )J p first dip and the
m. sec°na °ne m me SB wJalw 3!p '!sel!'1 jn' 19K VL mgr '
mree Lemmings : into climbers the d" ' - same way as before.
Block and blow thico n me xw-np orcor. Me f ' Wirst at the top ot the hill, the second just below him and the third just ' below him again. As the last one counts down, turn another Lemming into a climber. As he drops olf the slope, turn a Lemming into a builder to release the rest. Make a single Lemming a builder to reach the dips. They should now reach the exit with a tew seconds to spare.
As the builder reaches the top, make one of your Lemmings in the group into a builder to free the others.
Wait until one of the Lemmings is directly above the exit, then turn him into a blocker and blow him up to create a hole through the bridge.
If the first Lemming through V the hole starts to walk right, turn him into a blocker to force the others to enter the exit.
Soccer Kid begins his journey in dear old Blighty. From Kid’s home town of Rotherfield, with its multitude of workmen and skateboarders, it’s on to the beautiful English countryside where you encounter snakes, frogs, and even flying fish! Your final journey is through London and, should you survive the pollution and rats, you battle Gareth, the rogue rugby player Along your journey through England you'll meet a lot ol weird characters, they’re all quite easy to beat as you only have to hit them with your ball a tew times. In the kid's home town, you encounter skateboarders who take one hit to
deteat as well as cyclists requiring two hits with your trusty ball to send them spinning. Along the way you'll also come up against workmen These characters take two shots to beat but make sure you don't get too close as they have a nasty habit ot throwing spanners at you which will deprive you of one energy heart should they hit you.
HOME TOWN- ROTHERFIELD Check out all the pits along your lourney, as well as containing plenty ot bonus items you can also collect energy heart boosters from the cases you find down there. To get out of a pit with no steps, simply position yourself underneath the main shaft and stand on top of your ball, then |ump up out of the shaft You can also stand on the lower branches of the larger trees to gain access to the items which are floating in the air To get your ball safely across the spike pits, stand a little way from them and use a high chip to launch the ball across, then jump straight
after it to stop it rolling back into the pit.
R-2EE 11 THE ENGLISH COUNTRYSIDE Once you've negotiated Rotherfield, it's time tor a stroll in the country as you deal with its many rural pitfalls. Vour main problems here are the snakes and frogs; because of their green colour they blend in with the fields and it's very easy to run straight into them. If you do encounter one, a quick kick with your ball will soon destroy them. Farmer Giles, as you would expect, is also to be found strolling through this section of the level. He's pretty harmless and will only hurt you if he touches you; he can be destroyed in the same way as his sheep, with
two quick hits from your ball. During your journey you should encounter various stacks of hay bales; use these bales as steps to take you up to a variety of floating platforms which are absolutely stacked with bonuses just waiting to be taken.
After all that fresh air it's time to return to the smog and pollution of London. The first hidden bonus item is down the first pit you come to and it's a very handy extra life. Watch out for the rats which populate the tunnels and underground stations in this level. There are the usual workmen, cyclists and skateboarders here, as well as fat American tourists who take two hits from your ball before dying. To get your ball over the many high walls and onto the rooftops of the underground stations, you simply have to use a high chip to bounce the ball safely over. At the end of the second level
it's time to face the boss in the shape of Gareth.
At one point during the level you’ll find a floating platform with a fish leaping over it, kill the fish then jump onto the platform and over to the other side before it sinks.
(GARETH THE RUGBY PLAYER The first thing to do when Gareth comes on screen is to get ready to jump as he’ll run to the left. He will then throw a rugby ball at you If you stand just to the right of the screen the ball will miss. He will also spin a ball in his hand before running at you. Jump over him, then turn and kick your ball at him. Repeat this process a few times and success will be yours.
D) .....-V- *.....H It’s across the water into Europe and
straight to the heart of fanatical football supporters, Italy.
There's no time to stop for a bolognaise here as you fight off
crazy pizza waiters and mopied maniacs in your attempts to
reach that mad opera singer Pavarelli.
Survive that rather hair-raising encounter and it’s on to Venice, just remember that the Kid cannot swim. So be careful around all that water. Wicardo, the mad waiter, is the main character you'll encounter. To beat him, hit him twice with your ball. I i and watch out for the pizzas he hurls around, Ihough. Whenever you encounter a Gondola, remember you can’t |ust MB1" step into it, you have to jump aboard At one point p* there is a seemingly impassable river with lish leaping out of it. Simply kill I the fish then jump into the little boat to cross safely. The moped maniacs are very hard to
kill and it's a lot easier to just run underneath them and keep running to escape them.
You begin your journey in Ihe ruins. Here you’ll have a very tricky time avoiding the many spikes which litter your pathway. You also have to contend with the ghosts that populate these ruins. To beat the ghost, tap the ball on your foot and wait tor him to pass over you; as he does the ball will hit him, after two hits he will disappear. Another foe _______ wandering around the ruins is J H Roger the Roman. He's very Ja much like the workmen from the Jjf previous level; to defeat him hit i |B him twice with your ball but don't get too close as he'll throw his sword at you. §9 Vjj Use your
ball to bounce up to jfj the top of the pillars, allowing IS , you to continue your journey to si the end of the stage. You'll also need to get on top ol the pillars JS't v Tc to get to the swinging platforms which will carry you across the »• spike pits and bottomless Jzj 41 ¦ chasms. V Never run underneath a pillar A - with a wobbling block on top as ¦... - these slabs will fall and kill you. Also watch out for the small pipes sticking out of the ground as they launch darts which fly into the air and fall back down onto you.
PAVARELLI THE MAD OPERA SINGER Pavarell, a mad and bad opera singer, comes down on a raised podium and begins singing. Jump over both groups of notes then wait for his platform to drop to floor level. Now’s your chance to take a tew shots at him before he walks towards you; he walks to the one side of the screen so make sure you jump over him and stand in the centre of the stage. He will now sing again, this time the rope behind you will become electric and begin pulling you towards it. Walk against the pull and jump over Pavarelli as he walks toward you. Take a few shots with your ball,
then repeat the whole procedure a few times until he sings his last note for good.
After all that water it's on to the beautiful Riviera. Ah, the sun, the sand not to .. mention the football (it's more of the same for this level). As with the previous Italian levels, watch out for the moped maniacs and cyclists as well as another appearance by
* 3 Wicardo Be very careful when ¦ walking under some ol the
trees as the coconuts have a nasty habit of falling out of
cmtr.vrfizTj-j them straight onto you. When you reach the
floating platform, step on it to be lowered from the top of the
cliff to the beach below. Watch out for the flying birds as you
go down. The second section of the Riviera is just a gentle
walk with not too many obstacles which is quite easy to
complete as long as you don’t go running into the unknown.
When you reach the large speakers you'll have found Pavarelli's hiding place.
I:U It's time to put on your thermals as you head towards a very chilly Russia. Your journey starts in the frozen forest; you then continue your trip to Red Square.
44 * Uir.
THE FREEZING The main foes in the frozen forest are squirrels, wolves and soldiers as well as some very irritating little chaps on sledges, who have a nasty habit of sliding down the slippery hills just as you’re trying to go up them. The many trees can be climbed to reveal branches laden with bonus goodies.
Make sure you watch out for the pesky squirrels who'll try their best to knock you from your perch. It’s also possible to climb the lookout towers to reach even more bonus items. Make sure you check your landing before you climb the tower as it's very easy to leap from the tower and land directly in a pit full of spikes.
Whenever you find a plunger, jump onto it to blow open the entrance to a mine. The second mine you blow open contains a very useful item in the shape of an extra heart, giving you three hearts instead of the usual two.
When you meet any of the rather mean-looking soldiers, don’t panic. They’re only dangerous if they touch you, although they're a lot tougher than the other enemies as they take three hits from your ball before they die.
Onto the ocean wave for the second section.
Watch out for the pipes blowing out the jets of air if you step in front of one of these, you'll be blown into the rows of spikes which are opposite the pipes. Whenever you see any of the sailors, make sure you don’t get too close as they'll draw their guns and start firing at you. If they do start firing, duck down until they turn away from you, then stand up and let them have it four times with your ball.
Steam jets are yet another hazard to be avoided on the ship's deck, wait until they have shot then jump over them it's really only a matter of timing. The Battleship, unlike the other levels, is only one half long as opposed to the normal two.
E* *1 RED SQUARE GYMNASTY She'll first drop down from her bar above, then jump towards you, so as soon as she moves jump over her. She follows this with a somersault through the air which you must run underneath. While she’s bouncing around the screen, hit her with your ball whenever possible.
Red Square is the final obstacle for you to overcome in this country, to tell the truth this stage is really simple. Just keep moving to your right and taking out the sledgers, soldiers and dogs. There are plenty of hidden rooms, so continue checking the floor for little cracks to see where to drop down and find them. At the end of the level you will have to face the Gymnasty Assassin.
W Springfield Ris under attack W and only Bart 1 lean stop the alien 1 I fiends who plot to 1 take over the Earth.l Young Simpson must thwart their evil plans by removing I lor hiding the itemsi & they require to I WL power their J k dastardly J Is machines. A As most of us here at A-FORCE Towers are Simpsons' fans, we thought we’d help out that young tearaway by providing you with a complete solution to the first level. Bart must hide or disguise all purple items before he can proceed onto the next level.
The first task for our runaway hero is to spray the first rubbish bin purple, before he walks on to the right and uses his coin in the telephone to call Mo’s bar. When Mo comes out Bart should spray his purple apron a very attractive shade of red. From here it’s up onto the washing line to run across the top and knock the washing down to cover the items below.
IfApSO S Another rubbish bin is just crying out for a spray job from our young hero, so let it have it before going into World Of Tools to buy a key and a wrench.
Leaving World of Tools, spray the hydrant outside, then use the wrench on the hydrant to shoot a jet of water to wash away the new paint on the awning. From here it’s more shopping in Mel’s Novelty Hut; from Mel you should purchase the items no young brat should be without, a cherry bomb and as many rockets as funds allow (make sure you save two coins for more shopping later).
After all that shopping, it's up to the windows above to spray the vase and grab an extra life.
Spray the vase above Toys ‘n’ Stuff before entering the shop to buy a whistle and a magnet.
When Bart finally reaches Candy Most Dandy, he should kick the ball then jump onto it so that it bounces up and knocks the paint pot over the awning above. Keep walking right, spraying the rubbish bin on your way, then jump up into the Pet Shop window and drop your cherry bomb to scare the parrot away.
SBOULflRflnn It's on to Springfield Park and a chance for more mlschiet. Ignore the 'Keep Off The Grass' sign and jump on the grass to attract the park- keeper. Spray his uniform red then go to the statue of Jebbediah Springfield; place a rocket on the ground pointing towards the statue’s ami. Make sure the rocket is one slab from the base of the statue then light it to frighten the bird off.
Walk all the way back to the left until you come to the red house; now use your key to skip the tricky skateboard level and re-appear by the Springfield Retirement Home. Spray the bird bath to the left and launch a rocket at the ‘Bowlarama’ sign to make it flash.
Once you're outside the Springfield Retirement Home, use your rockets to smash the purple blinds in some of the windows. That should be your mission successfully completed. Although, you can get a bonus if you blow your whistle outside the far right hand window to attract Grandpa Simpson who'll shower you with coins.
FLASHBACK Is there anyone on your staff who can help me with the last level of Flashback. I have picked up the exploding mouse and gone down the large lift-shaft and am stuck from there. Please can you help!
Colin Atherton, Cleveland Well would you believe it Colin? If you turn to this month's excellent Flashback tips, you will find the answer to your dreams just waiting to be discovered.
A-TRAIN |«U; Jonathan Couch contacted us last month and asked if anyone out there could help him with any cheats for A-Train. Upon reading his cry for help. Adam Pearson from Bedford responded with a cheat to give you extra money. All you have to do is type in CHEATER CHEATER WIMP at any time during the game, then sit back and watch that money roll in. Thanks for that handy tip Adam, which goes to prove that if you need help then one of the readers of Tip Bits is sure to be able to assist.
ENTITY Can anyone help me with any cheats Si tor the game Entity? I have searched everywhere and have not been able to find any. If anyone has any their help would be greatly appreciated.
Greg Phillips, Shropshire Sorry, but we can't seem to find any to help you out Greg. But I would bet on my new pleated jeans that someone reading this has an Entity cheat they've been just dying to share with someone. So come on drop us a line.
T STILL SEARCHING THROUGH OLD MAGS FOR THOSE CHEATS YOU NEED NOW? CUT IT OUT! ’COZ THAT'S JUST i WHAT YOU CAN DO WITH THESE i HANDY CHEAT CARDS! SO GET J I ¦ Can you please help me? I am totally "3 stuck trying to complete Snare 1 in the ancient but brilliant Bards Tale II. Plus any other useful Bard tips would be very helpful.
C. Berridge, Peterborough ¦ Sorry, but we can't help you out with
your little problem, but no doubt another reader can.
However we do know of a handy little cheat for increasing your gold. First load your party, then go to the statistics screen for the first player and give all of your party's gold to the first player Now remove him from the party and load him back in again. Pool all of the party's gold to the second player and repeat the process you did with the first player. Do this for each character in your party then turn off your machine without saving the game. Every player will now have his own amount of gold, this amount is the same as was jointly held by the party before and you can repeat this
process as often as you want. It's a little bit complicated I know, but it does work.
H ¦ Gareth Wiliams wrote to us with help for g two problems featured in issue ten. The 31 first is in answer to Paul Lee's question on how to beat the gunfighter at the end ot level one.
His second piece of help came in the shape of a solution to level one of Sleepwalker to assist Kevin McDaid to rest that little bit easier.
¦ Here we go with the first of those problems, how to beat the gunfighter in Premiere. The answer in fact is quite simple, you must wait for him to go for his gun before you shoot him. He will wiggle his fingers three times, then he will touch his gun. You should shoot him as soon as he touches his gun. This will stun him for a short while. When he recovers he will wiggle his fingers five times before touching his gun. So shoot again to stun him. After his second recovery he will wiggle all of his fingers four times before touching his gun for the final time.
Gareth's back again with his solution to the first level of Sleepwalker. From the start of the level, walk right and fall through the trapdoor, cross the wire and leave Lee in the pit while you explore the level without him. Go down the lift, jump the manhole and shut the gushing drains. Go across the water and close the other gushing drain then head to the end of the manhole and exit. Cross the road and push the rock off the ledge and push it into the fire hydrant to stop the water from coming out. Jump up the ledges and onto the wire, next bounce up to the right and blow up the dynamite by
walking into it. Jump all the gaps and go down the lift, cross the wire and jump the gap before walking left. Drop down off the left and fall straight down, wallop the dog catcher on the head and cross the road. Push the sleeping crossing warden into the road and the cars will start beeping.
¦ Retrace your steps back to Lee. Get him to go down the sewers, hold him by the side of the smelly water and when the barrel stops, turn him right and the barrel will take him over the water.
Kick Lee over the next gap. Then take him out of the sewers and hold him by the road until it is safe to cross. Kick him up the ledges after you have passed the hydrant. First take the right ledge then the left hand one: now take a run up and kick him from the edge of the platform to bounce safely across the wire. Kick him over the edge of the Okay, stop whatever it is you were doing and pay attention. The cheats on these pages have to be cut-out, so grab yourself a pair of scissors (make sure that your parents or guardians are present) and get snipping. Now store them all in a good place so
that you can refer to them whenever you deem it necessary.
On the title screen type “TUESDAY 14TH” to obtain a hidden options screen when you press the fire button.
Enter your name as INDIGO to At the screen where the family are watching T.V. type in “COWABUNGA” to gain infinite lives.
Access the music menu and press 4 to stop the music. Now press 2 after ten seconds of music. Press escape twice to get infinite lives and power.
During the game type in “DIPUTS” to be able to use the number keys to warp around the level.
Wait for the high score table to appear then type “GOLDFISH” and press enter.
Pressing number one key will make ZOOL invincible.
Select manual gears, accelerate to full speed then press N to change into neutral gear and maintain full speed.
Steering is now easier and you automatically qualify.
Next platform and he should land on the platform where you blew up the dynamite.
Take a run up to get him across the bridge, then it's basically kick him along to the end of the level.
INDIANA JONES AND THE LAST CRUSADE ¦ I am writing in reply to the letter sent in by Simon Hurst requiring help on Indiana Jones and JgM fhe Last Crusade in issue ten. Well here Sflis the solution he requires.
Nic Smith, Lincoln B To get the wine bottle off the man and woman in the cafe, first try and take the bottle. The man will refuse to give it to you. Examine the bottle and Indy will realise that the wine was from a bad crop. Take the bottle again, the man now realises that the wine is from a bad year and will hand it over willingly. Take the bottle to the room with the pool of water and fill it with water. Next, go to the room near the 'pool of water' room where a skeleton is sat up against the wall. Examining this skeleton will reveal a hook, take this hook, and go to the room with the torch
, pulling on the torch will have no effect since the torch is set in hard mud.
This is where the bottle of water comes in handy, pour it over the mud to soften it. Pulling on the torch will now reveal a trap door, go right over the rock bridge and into the room beyond. Examining the walls will reveal an inscription of the Holy Grail.
Go back to the room with the rock bridge. In the ceiling you will see a plug, put the hook in the plug, stand to the left of the hook and use your whip on it. The plug will come out as well as all the water from the pool above. Progress left until you see a ladder, climb the ladder which will bring you out in the room with the slab, you can now walk through the room where the pool once was.
CRUISE FOR A CORPSE A gentleman from Leicestershire who goes by the name of Christopher Ewan could well lurn ou'10 the man of ,he moment.
,3|.; Why?. Well, he has kindly sent in a complete solution to the excellent Cruise For a Corpse. For all of you amateur sleuths out there who are stuck, read on for every question you had will be answered.
Take the paper and unfold it. Read it. Go to the bar and show the paper to the barman. Read the prayer book. Take the letter and read it. Go to the smoking room and speak to Tom about Tom. Go to the deck to talk to Suzanne about Suzanne. Go to Daphne's cabin and open the door. Speak to Julio about Julio. Go to Fabiani's cabin and pull the suitcase on the left. Open it. Go to the dining room and speak to Fabiani about Fabiani. Go to the bar and speak to Suzanne about Julio. Go to the smoking room and take the paper. Go to Tom's cabin and speak about Suzanne and about Fabiani's suitcase. Go to
Julio's cabin and speak to Julio about the friendship between Suzanne and Fabiani.
Go to the dining room and speak about Suzanne's invitation. Go to Raoul's cabin and take the small key. Go into Karaboudian's office and unlock the writing desk. Examine the |ewel box and its clasp fastening. Take the thank-you letter.
Go to the dining room and open the drawer.
Examine the drawer and take the invitation cards.
Go to the deck (on the right) to observe Tom and Rebecca. Go to the laundry room and examine the laundry basket. Examine the necklace and the photo. Go in front of the mermaid and speak to Dick about Dick. Go to the smoking room and speak to Tom about Agnes.
Go to see Fabiani in his room knock before entering. Speak to him about the thank-you letter.
Go to Julio's cabin and speak to him about the bell tower. Go to Suzanne's cabin and open the left wardrobe Search the cosmetic case and take the prescription. Go to the the bar and take the glass and the bottle Go to the upper deck and speak to Suzanne. Give her a dnnk. Speak to her about her prescription. Go to Hector's room and speak to him about Agnes’ illness and her stay with Niklos.
Go to the smoking room and speak to Tom about the death of Agnes and her will. Go to the deck and look through the porthole of Rebecca's cabin. Go to Suzanne's room and open the right hand cupboard. Search the pile of laundry and take the envelope. Go to Fabiani s room (remembering to knock first) and open the cupboard and take the watch. Speak to Julio about the watch Go to the upper deck and speak to Rose about Rose. Now go to Rebecca's room and speak to her about Rebecca. Go to Daphne's room and speak to her about Rose. Now go to the bar and speak to Suzanne about Rose. Travel to the dining
room and speak to Fabiani about Rose's sadness and about Raphael Lambert. Go to Niklos' office and speak to Hector about everything. Speak to him about Mercedes, mother of Daphne. Speak to Julio about the death of Niklos. Speak to Fabiani about the relationship between Daphne and Rebecca and Rebecca’s character. Then speak to Hector about Daphne's mother.
Go to the upper deck and search Rose's bag.
Talk to Rose about the gun advertisement. Go to Logan's room and open the wardrobe. Search the pile of clothes and take the letter. Go to the upper deck and throw the lifebelt. Now go to the laundry room and examine the pot jar. Go to Suzanne's room and examine the music box. Insert the key.
Stop the ballerina and turn the key. Take the letter.
Go to the bar and take Daphne’s bag. Go to Daphne's room and talk to her about Agnes' will.
Go round the deck and talk to Rebecca. Daphne.
Rose and Fabiani. Go to the bar or on the deck and speak to Suzanne about the relationship between Tom and Rebecca. Go in front of the mermaid and speak to Dick about the relationship between Tom and Rebecca and the plot. Go to Raoul s room and take the envelope you find on the ground.
Go to Hector's room but don't speak to Dick.
Go to the kitchen and take the tin opener. Operate the hatch trapdoor. Take the crowbar and use it on the plank. Take the spool of film. Use the crowbar on one of the cases. Take the tin and use the tin-opener on it. Go to the engine room and take the screwdriver.
Go to the smoking room and get out the projector. Put the reel of film on the projector and use the screwdriver on the screw. Operate the switch. Go out towards the mermaid. Go see Suzanne. Go to Ivan Muller's room and find the technical manual. Open it and look at the inscription (INCAL). Take the book and go to the study.
Examine the books and put them in order so they read INCAL. Enter the secret passage and fight or throw the bar of soap that you find in the toilets on the right. Search the Mafioso and take the puppet. Go to the smoking room and show the puppet to Daphne. Point out the guilty party and you've solved the crime (The guilty party is actually Dick).
There you have it we've kept it simple so that you can (hopefully) follow it with few problems. Go get that dasterdly Dick!
Leonardo On the password screen enter your code as “FREIBERC” to be given infinite lives.
Lotus turbo challenge 2 In two player mode enter player one’s name as “IN A BIG COUNTRY” and player two’s as “FIELDS OF FIRE”. Now you will always qualify- body blows Using two joysticks, call up the option screen. Push the joystick in port one left and the joystick in port two right. Hold this for about six seconds to access a hidden options screen.
Midwinter 2 To gain control of all 41 islands you only need to capture the islands of LOBOS, NDOLA, CAMARGO, DHAFIA, MAKAT, CAMARGO, GHAZAL, DJOUM, SATARA and SIKASSO.
Press left mouse button during the game to enter two- player mode, this makes the hardest team simple to beat.
To complete the game hold down ALT and CONTROL and click the mouse on the Joker at the council railroad tycoon manutd.europe H storm master Enter the F1 screen and press SHIFT and 4 to gain $ 500,000.
You must stop at thirty two million dollars.
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