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Dear AMIGA FORCE I have recently bought an Amiga A600 computer and have now started to read your very good magazine. In fact, the first magazine of yours that I read was no 12, with the free hints and tips book volume 2. The reason I'm writing to you is that I would like to know if I can get hold of a copy of the first volume. I did look in the back issues but none of the magazines mentioned the free book. I do hope you can help. Gordon Tully, Wood End, Coventry ¦ Sorry Gordon, no can do we only print enough books to cover the news-stand mags (they're pretty expensive, you know!), so the back issues generally come without the free gifts attached. Sorry I couldn’t help more! Chris AN ESSEX- MAN JOKE Dear AMIGA FORCE Me and my mates are always fighting over which is best. Amiga, Nintendo or Sega. I gave out a black eye and broke an arm once (pleasant chap Chris). Now, can you answer this question: Do you need an Amiga to use the CD32? David Wilkinson, Essex ¦ I'm surprised you have any friends at all if you go around breaking arms when a disagreement rears its head. You should calm down lad! You don't need an Amiga to use the CD32 this is purely a stand-alone machine, unlike the Sega machine, where you need the Mega Drive to utilise the power (what there is of it) of the Mega CD. Obviously, the CD32 not only offers better value but it’s also a far more capable and powerful machine to boot! Chris WHAT'S IN A DATE? Dear AMIGA FORCE I have spotted your three deliberate mistakes on the calendar with the Christmas AMIGA FORCE.

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Document sans nom J Spot our review inside... ZOOL2 AND CD REVIEWED ¦ ALIEN BREED If TIPS MORTAL KOMBAT GUIDE! IT2-ARCADE REVIEW Nintendo WHEN THE STREET JUST AINT TOUGH ENOUGH... All the latest news, including vital information on Intelek’s Championship Manager Italia. Plus the all-important Amiga Top 20._ IlnJw * Cxujn ft Codr Procfrxeti By Kia Hail We take a good hard look at the top forthcoming releases. Check out the stunning Robinson’s Requiem from Silmarils. Also, Alternative's Dennis and Gnasher and Core Design’s Universe.
We’ve got more in the way of top-of- the-range reviews this month than you’ll know what to do with! Check out the awesome Cool Spot, plus A Liberation, Zool and Sensible
- r unf i Soccer on the CD32.
An epic god-simulation from Blue Byte hits the streets and it's fantastic. We review the breathtaking Settlers.
Got an opinion on the ¦¦ j Look after the pennies and « the pounds'll look after themselves. Peruse the latest in re.
Releases and budget games in the most comprehensive overhaul of bargains in the known Universe!
Wonderful world of Amiga- gaming? Worried about the state of the Common Market? Whatever you think or feel, send your ramblings to the liveliest letters section known to man!
PUBLIC DOMAIN There's a new man in town. His name's Stix and he’s had the dubious pleasure of stepping into Ian Osborne's size nines to bring you the lowdown on the world of shareware.
RBBj P9 ill STARDUST SOLVED Let those pesky asteroids bother you no longer. All the problems and puzzles are overcome in our complete guide to the ! Solar System.
MORTAL KOMBAT The ultimate beat-’em-up sorted by our top tipsters!
All the special moves, all the death moves and the Reptile cheat revealed in our comprehensive player's guide.
No-one will be kicking sand in your face once you’ve read this!
£ - St wn* -iifcL.. ~ fi "W.iS IfiSS LEMMINGS LIFELINE Yet another batch of solutions to the trickiest game on the market. This month we solve yet more problems involving the , lovable, laughable Lemmings!
CUT OUT 'N' CHEAT Add these to your ever-growing collection of cheats, level codes and hints. Plus the scrumptious Tips Bits column.
JtEVlEWS K FULL-PRICE FLATTEST il Settlers 14 ¦¦ Cool Spot 22 ¦ Goblins 3 25 ¦ Zool II 26 ¦ Fatman 28 ¦ Champ Manager Italia 31 ¦ Cosmic Spacehead 32 ¦ 'Alio 'Alio 34 ¦ T2-ArcadEa 36 ¦ Liberation CD 38 L ¦ Fury Of The Furries 40 ¦ Overkill Lunar-COCD 42 ¦ Zool CD 44 ¦ Sensible Soccer CD 46 BUDGET ¦ Lords Of Chaos 48 ¦ Black Crypt 49 1 Ashes Of Empire 50 I EDITORIAL: (0626) 6061 I ADVERTISING: (0306) 073031 I EDITOR Chris Marke DESIGN Ian Lawson, Jason McEachren FEATURES EDITOR Stix Jones MANAGING EDITOR Mark Smith SUB-EDITOR Phil Wakeham DESIGN ASSISTANT Gary Frost,
- TIPS BOY Marc Powell I FINAL EDIT Nick Roberts | ¦
SCANNING Ian Lawson, Colourscans Ltd I ¦ ADVERTISING Neil
Dyson, Michelle Bullen, Jackie Morris PRODUCTION MANAGER Franco
Frey PRODUCTION TEAM Carl Rowley, Julian Gittoes II PUBLISHER
DIRECTOR Roger Kean I AMIGA FORCE, Ludlow, Shropshire SYS 1JW.
1 © 1993 Impact Magazines (UK) Ltd.
I ISSN 09647-702X ¦ Produced by Computerfacts lor Impact Magazines (UK) Limited B Printed in the UK by BPCC I Distributed by Comag a Subs: 051 357 1275 AMIGA FORCE la brought to you by the people also behind... NEXT MONTH Check out what’s coming in the next multi-orgasmic issue of AMIGA FORCE!
CUI U I W SENSATIONS The New Year celebrations seem to be endless even though we're coming to the end of the first month of '94, the quality of games ever increases and the CD32's finally being treated seriously by software houses and press alike!
We finally managed to get our hands on Zoo CD, and, while it doesn’t exactly stretch the capabilities of the CD32, it's still a cracking game, with enough modifications and additions to keep you interested! Liberation, Lunar-C Overkill andSens b e Soccer are also covered not quite a full quota of games, but at least the number being released is approaching a respectable figure!
One of the problems with the current crop of software lies with the fact that the majority are ports, albeit occasionally with odd modifications.
What we really want are games created with the CD32 solely in mind, therefore forgetting the ‘limitations’ of one- button joysticks and 16bit power.
Of course, this all costs huge amounts of development money, which would have to be clawed back at consumer level. Without the user-base, that just isn’t going to happen; without really decent games, the user-base isn't going to expand. Over to Commodore, methinks it’s their machine, and some heavy development behind some mind-blowing games wouldn't go amiss.
Settlers wins the Rave Review accolade in this issue, having really impressed the AF crew with its in- depth gameplay. Those who found the likes of Powermonger and Populous to their liking will revel in this great new game! There's also a new footy- sim from Intelek, the team who put together Championship Manager, along with Goblins 3, Zool 2 and much more!
Finally, it’s goodbye from all the Force crew in Devon. We're of to bigger and better things, leaving AMIGA FORCE in the hands of those nice boys in Ludlow!
Currently available lor a cut-price £49.95, the Cumana CAX354 3.5" disk-drive below appears to be the perfect answer tor those wishing to end those disk-swapping blues. As slimline as second drives are likely to get, the CAX354 is an affordable and robust little unit, perfect for the first-time-buyer (crikey, we sound like an estate agent!).
Programmed by Silmarils, those people behind Ishar I and 2, Ishar Ill's due out in March April from Daze and could well be the best of the bunch. A host of features, additions and innovations are promised select a team from 100 different characters, create magic potions, become caught up in real-time fights, utilise teams from earlier games, and basically get caught up in what looks like one very absorbing adventure. Look out for a playtesf in the near future!
Other Daze goodies on the horizon include a footy-management sim and Robinson's Requiem.
Check out the preview pages for more information!
As of fhe next issue, the editorial control ol this fine mag returns to Impact in Ludlow with Nick Roberts as editor. So it’s goodbye to the fat tips boy jokes and constant digs at Ian Osborne and hello to a bright and sparkly new magazine. Thank's Devon milky, milky boys!
Chris Marke Ex-Editor ngw~’ Although he supports Chelsea, this man claims to l fl be something of a football Ireak. Freak
H. we'll give a Mark Smith Ex-Managing Editor The Arse-nal
fanatic among us has a tendency to pick on those who are a)
fat and b) ugly. Can be found in the toilets shouting at
mirrors. Once compared to his dad.
Football he is not.
' tL 0nce compared to a I Jk ‘**4* Jl dying swan (his 4B4 dives at football ¦L ,. - matches are t i legendary).
I uiTTiSS- hampionship m tur : . ¦ .• i-.. *» Manager Italia's THEY ARE THE CHAMPIONS!: S'*’! M« ‘‘ “a"tT “S However, unlike Tr'- CA ftU .1»UANM*NAC1MIN''MUI'"0N Championship Manager '93. Produced by Domark, the Intelek lads are going it alone with this one, making the game available mainly on mail-order (it's worth mentioning at this point that Domark did put a few out on the shelves, albeit £8 more).
NJHJ" The game, a real cracker, is reviewed in this very issue. You can ¦ purchase it direct, sending a cheque or | PO made payable to Intelek. At the m following address: Intelek Software, PO Box 1738, Bournemouth, BH4 8YN.
Allow 28 days for delivery (hopefully, it'll get to you a lot quicker).
For those waiting for the next instalment of what's turning out to be a classic series are in for something of a wait.
Hr M ; m Intelek are using the next year to develop and program the sequel to CM'93. Expect one helluva game!
V til r
o. U. UV Le 's xilnck f you’re having difficulty getting to grips
with your brand new A1200. Then fret no more. Help's at hand
through Bruce Smith's Amiga 1200 insider-guide Next Steps,
which takes you through the machine, offering advice on
Workbench setup, configuring the A1200 for different screen
displays, details on viewing documentation and pictures in
MultiView and other such things.
Retails at £14.95 and available at numerous computer outlets and bookshops.
The Turbo Touch 360 hand-controlleTs now officially the best-selling joystick of the UK mail-order market. Originally launched in the Christmas period of 1992. Hornby are obviously pleased with their 'revolutionary' star-performer.
The reasons for its success are worth noting. This baby has a touch- sensitive control pad, meaning you barely have to touch the pad for it to react.
Takes some getting used to but, after a while, this makes playing some games less of a chore, while the special moves in ( games such as Slreellighler II and Body Blows are far easier to access.
Phil Wokehom Ex-Sub-editor Hoyden Stix Jones Ex-Staff Writer Ex-SEGA FORCE MEGA man, the musician of the team finally saw the light and defected to the more intellectual The old man of Ihe group, who obviously finds subbing the works of this group a strain.
Apparently has shares in the local off-licence.
Once compared to Oliver Reed.
Side of life. If only we could now convince famed more for their responsive and reasonably- priced joysticks, nuA nuiAnlln *maWa «U » inn I _~L Ergonomically-designed for maximum f (or so it says here!). Mouse 122's com- with most Amigas and priced at £14.99 t t t , CHARTS r PENGUIN H I COMPILED BV _ SPONSORED BY GALLUP PENGUIN BISCUITS Frontier’s still at the top of the charts don't say that we didn't tell you it would be (but we didn’t!).
Frontier: Elite 2 Gametek Premier Manager 2 Gremlin Graphics a Championship Manager
* * Domark Cannon Fodder " Virgin I Alien Breed 2 Team 17
urveyors of style and fashion-leaders refute the effect of
Karoake machines, yet those people at Arbiter Leisure still
believe there's life in the old chestnut yet, making 20 disks
available for use on the CD32. There are Super Hits Male Vol 1
(Chris' personal favourite, including the likes of I Write the
Songs and My G rf); Golden Duets (Smith and Stix do a wicked
duet on Too Much, Too Little, Too Late), plus others, including
Hits of the '60s and Country Hits.
We were lucky enough to also receive Super Hits Female Vol 2; then again, maybe it wasn't so lucky after all, since the tips boy is prone to break out into a verse of Like a Virgin. It's enough to put you off your food' Micro Machines CodeMasters
• Mortal Kombat ale news is better than no news (sort of), as it
recently came to our attention that Special Reserve, those
mail-order specialists, recently opened a spiffing new 2000 sq
ft shop in Chelmsford.
Games, machines and more games now grace the sleepy Essex town, with opening hours from 10am to 8pm seven days a week. You'll need to become a member to purchase at their special prices, although you can do all that on the spot when you pop along for a visit.
What's most intriguing, though, are the sad lads who decided to dress up and make a day of it Unfortunately, their dress- sense left much to be desired. .
n Championship Manager '93 Domaik Body Blows Galactic ' Team 17 ¦ ¦ Zool 2 ¦1 Gremlin Graphics Sensible Soccer ,92 ’93 Renegade Mindscape |4 Alien Breed: Special Edition '92 w Team 17 I Striker 'GBH H Project * Team 17 Putty rGBH I Trivial Pursuit ' Hit Squad fO Graham Taylor Soccer Challenge " Buzz Goal Virgin iSFbamesano more up to a total of ESSO!
Win til tht tbon* Sonic Spinbtll
• nd FIFA Soccer 0839 407055 KARAOKE MACHNE 0839 407044 I RALEIGH
0839 407045 Or any mountain bike 0839 407046 upto£200 Instant Win Calls cost 36p per min (cheap) 48p (other times). Max possible cost £3.60. Please be sure you have permission to make this call. Where Instant Win is indicated there is no tiebreaker and prizewinners are decided instantly by playing a deciding game. Other competitions close 28.02.94. All competitions involve multiple choice questions. Nintendo Sega Amiga & Raleigh Activator are all registered trademarks of their respective companies. We are neither related to nor endorsed by them.For rules and winners' names please send SAE to
Info Media Services Ltd, PO Box 28, Northampton NN1 5DS. ImpactFeb takes a snapshot of new releases waiting in the wings. We focus on the sprawling Universe, while also taking in Dennis and Gnasher and the futuristic survival-sim, Robinson's a. Requiem. mi fuW yourself on t uMl, barren-tookm* hx'ui.J rhit ts rppkrtntV fkk*tiA| sonevhtr* in »c« i chsttr o otter isttrotJs fte r*VK, turrets* itnosptert srtrts uery rtun ytt
* t m Wt to Wtjrte nortwfc rte on is srui Manttoii is u«rv ws*
crazily eccentric Uncle's mecnanical invention. The name of
this creation's the Virtuat-Dimension- Inducer. By tampering
with it, our young hero, called Boris Dy the way, is
transported through time and space, amving in a strange
futuristic parallel.
¦ Core Design Universe is the latest release from Core Design.
We’ve managed to get our hands on a nifty playable demo of the game, and jolly good stuff it looks, tool The game itself is the sequel to Core Design's first adventure role-playing game, Curse of Enchantia. As with its predecessor, Universe's format is very simple. It's basically a point-and- dick, icon-driven adventure game, but the big difference between the two is that this time there's added text helping describe events to the player.
The story behind Universe is also very similar to Curse of Enchantia. The scenario revolves around the terrible plight of an ordinary lad, much like any of the guys working here! On second thoughts, we may be pushing the comparison a little too far. Looking at some of the weird and not so wonderful creatures that inhabit the darker recesses of these offices!
Anyway, this ordinary Joe's been dragged into another dimension by some powerful force or other. It was created when the fool messed with his Your task's guiding Boris through the alien cosmos in his quest to bring about the downfall of the cruel Emperor Neiamises. Whose ongoing war with the mysterious Mekalien Empire forms the backdrop for the game.
On his travels Boris may be either helped or hindered by various alien and not-so-alien characters. He must evade Neiamises' hostile armies who rule and oppress the indigenous populations of this dimension. The only question is can the poor young lad ever find his way back home to our cosy dimension?
From the goes we've had on the demo, this seems to be a really playable game, with overtures of the great Flashback. Moving around the world's very simple. All it requires is pointing the cursor to the destination and pressing FIRE on the mouse.
Boris then moves to the desired spot.
Across the bottom of the screen are icons depicting all the actions Boris can undertake.
There are seven icons in the first menu, including Action, Communicate, Look and Pick- _ ENNIS ¦ ¦ AND GNASHER Alternative Were you or are you still a reader of that legendary comic, the one and only Beano? If so, you know all about the dastardly j antics of Dennis, every mum's nightmare.
Well, look out! The Menace smashes and bashes his way onto the Amiga in the j forthcoming release from Alternative.
! Accompanying him in his very first home- computer game's his trusty dog, Gnasher.
There are over a million members of the Dennis the Menace fan club and they’re all j dancing in the streets because of the imminent release of their hero’s own game!
Alternative are pretty proud of what they've achieved so far, describing the game as ‘something different'. For a start, they've resisted the urge to produce a bog-standard platform adventure. Instead, Dennis and Gnasher are brought to the screen in a series of ! 3D isometric adventures.
Like the comic, all the action takes place in Beanotown, It's said to be a massive environment within which every character from the comic has his or her own house. For example, Mini the Minx has a house shaped like her distinctive beret.
The thrust of the game's menacing the inhabitants of Beanotown. Even now, Mark's rubbing his hands in glee. We already know he terrorises Torquay with his arsenal of children's weapons! Now he's looking forward to the computer game that also uses playthings such as stink-bombs, water-pistols, catapults and peashooters. All in a world of bright, colourful graphics and fun-filled music and sound effects.
With packaging designed and created by the same artists producing the weekly comic, this looks like being a hit with young and old fans alike. Expect more news very soon until then, tighten those catapults and keep those water- pistols full fo the brim!
MANIPULATING BORIS Boris can turn his hand to a number of actions with just the press of a single mouse button. Here’s a run down of just what the heroic little chap can get up to., INVENTORY MANIPULATE Up. By selecting one, you access further icons offering the different responses to the first command. For example, Action allows you to jump, duck, attack and use Boris’ mind to overpower enemies.
Once you click on one, the cursor returns to the main action screen and you point to the place you want the action to occur. If you want Boris to jump on a passing asteroid, wait for it to reach him and press the mouse-button after selecting the Jump icon. It’s all very simple and we found the game extremely addictive, even in its unfinished form.
The game features 3D-rendered animations and arcade-style sequences. For the techno-buffs among you, Universe also uses an innovative SPAC 256 colour system, which runs on all Amiga formats, including the A500. It's able to display Universe’s digitised, hand-painted scenes and their detailed, mood-setting background animations to full effect. Or so Core tell us!
We do know the animation looks to be top- quality, with Core promising even better things to come. Let's hope they aren't hollow promises.
Universe is shaping up to be an outstanding game and we don’t want to be disappointed.
Expect the release over the following month and a full review next issue.
I"'’" .. * Click on this icon and ' numerous other » t options appear.
These enable Boris to eat drink, push-pull, insert (oo- 1 er missus!), wear, throw, give, attach join, use (especially for those items that you’ve just picked up!), operate, open close (leave no gate open...), and examine.
While not used until you actually get further into the game, a well considered combination of these commands will prove vital to your success!
PICKUP |* ¦ see an item, you pick I it up! Of course, l| jpr pretty useful, others - rather useless. A few are downright deadly!
LOOK strange world, there’s plenty to look at out. Boris has 20 20 vision, which is a good thing considering that he has to study asteroids, settlements and planets from afar much of the time.
When you're not sure just what Boris has in his pockets (or anywhere else for that matter), refer to the inventory icon for an update.
ACTION Our Boris likes a bit
• of action. He can
* leap (quite a way, due to a very low _ gravity), duck (just
in case an asteroid or projectile is heading his way), attack
(some areas can get pretty hostile), or use his mind to get his
way (quite an imagination has Boris!).
COMMUNICATE When Boris comes into contact with other beings, his gift of the gab proves invaluable. He can whisper, talk or even shout, while he also has this pretty cool skill which allows him to throw the odd mind bolt or two.
Beware of using this skill against the wrong being, though, whether it be friend or foe.
AmiGa (11 There’s another of those survival-simulations looming on the horizon and bloody good it looks, too! Robinson's Requiem's the title to look out for and it’s being hailed by Silmarils as: ‘The ultimate test of human endurance in an alien world’. Hmm, we always thought that was standing on the shelf at White Hart Lane during a Spurs v Arsenal match and cheering on the Gunners, but that's another story!
Robinson's Requiem is set many light years in the future, in a time when man's spreading his wings ever further across the galaxy. You take the role of government agent, Robinson, sent on a reconnaissance assignment to a mysterious unknown planet.
The only problem's you swiftly work out the whole mission's a trap set by your own evil government. They want you out of the way and see this as the cleanest method of disposing of an agent without incriminating themselves.
The planet to which you've been sent is in fact a sprawling prison, known throughout the galaxy as an 'astral Alcatraz', from which no- one has ever escaped. Wow! Heavy stuff or what? These guys are almost as corrupt as John Major's government!
The game begins with you bailing out of your ship inside a deep and hostile jungle. Equipped only with a survival kit, which includes medicines, am mm sTjZYJMJVx tools and a micro-computer, to keep you informed of your physiological condition, your aim’s escaping from this barren world.
¦ Silmarils From what we've seen so tar, this game looks magnificent. It’s a massive panorama, with over three square miles of play area and ten different landscapes to negotiate. These include a North American Forest, an Extra-Terrestrial Village and a Lunar Volcano.
There are also plenty of nasty creatures about, such as dinosaur-type hybrid monsters, whose flesh Robinson can use for meat, and fur he can use for clothing. It’s also a good idea looking out for the prisoners who have been dumped on the planet and left to rot. As you might expect, they're a bit peed off and aggressive. Other hazards are the vicious Cyborgs responsible for protecting and maintaining the prison.
The name of this great-looking game’s survival.
Robinson has to do anything to escape from the planet. Silmarils say if this means amputating a limb, you have to do it. Don’t worry too much all the right medical equipment's stored in your kit!
This looks like being a winner. The world it’s set in appears to have just the right atmosphere for a survival-sim of this nature.
The game's due for release towards the end of February. If the glimpse we've had’s anything to go by, expect it to cause a bit of a stir. We’re still not sure about this ‘ultimate test of human endurance’ business, though!
Year and is
• DUAL SPEED and won me coveied Amiga Format GOLD AWARD!
And won me coveied Amiga Format GOLD AWARD!
• 1W AMIGA 600. £199 99
• MlT-tni. Cent i tv hxuutc*
• DELUXE PAINT ¦ £7999
• PUSHOVER £25 99 WE MON SILICA ($ •.!«
liO £125.98 TOTAL PACK VALUE. £492.91 LESS PACK SAVING. £293 9
AMIGA 600.
• euLihi-CRnEan
• *4.*M0D®
• Wt* ToiPlA'NS.
£25 99 :ROM SILICA |Sm Tee t**1 £12596 TOTAL PACK VALUE £431.93
CHAOS PACK: £125.96 Pc~*rtul 8a* iteam Langtfp... £50.00
- Fwul &«*«Pining Pa:Uge ... £89.95 TOTAL VALUE: £265.91 CHAOS
PACK: £125.96 £50.00
- Fwul Pining PacUge ... £89.95 TOTAL VALUE: £265.91 rr POVJROU
£29 99 5** Ten lit) £26591 PACK VALUE: £750 86 PACK SAVING
£401 86 SILICA PRICE: £349.00 MT t*o ob V U »CD tmfertrt oy
JVC. *AiBtMM ’’¦*» *14 9ony
• 2w,RAM
SI “9 Mb Iram rm-o.a. Egsa £189 INC VAT AMO 0666 Omo £.IVV
WvtoUSO E938 £219
• The Mega CO (C269) will only work when plugged into the Mega
Drive (Cl29). Therefore tho price shown is ihe total combined
price ol both models.
The Amiga CD32. However, is a standalone system which works without additional units Amiga CD32 ? 3 FREE CD TITLES ¦VKXISIV Ssffl WORTH OVER £265 WORTH OVER £265 CDTV ADD-ON FOR A500 or A500pius AMIGA 4000 SPECIFICATIONS AMIGA 1500 HOME ACCOUNTS 'IfC + HARD DRIVE l V OPTIONS DESKTOP DYNAMITE AMIGA 1200 PA RACE V CHASE CONFIGURATIONS The Amiga 4000 03) and 040' am available n several RAM; Hard Drve optora from Slica (please sec below) At are rulty ccntigurod imd approved and carry Commodore's lul one year on-site warranty RAM upgrades are also avarfaWe from Silica Due to current fluctuations
in the markei. Please call lor upgrade pnees 25mm, 6803a.
SAVE £300!
• Hutehinsons Encyclopedia CD brp £29.99 A (ascinabng and unique
reterence tod comprising ihe Encydoped*.
¦ CDPD - 600 Public Domain Title* rrp £19.99 Over 600MP ol Putac Domain 90ttware and shareware.
Includes word processors, daia bases and spreadsheets etc.. games and utilities PLUSJ Of* A FREE DELIVERY FREE DELIVE FREE DELIVERY ’E DELIVERY e EXPANSION SI
• PC CCMPAT0I evceo SLOT This Compact Dec pOymg add-cn simply
ctps to (he side expansion port oI your Amiga SCO and is
immedakHy ready to deliver its power
• EnaDcs yw arnje M0 lo rut C0TV Wtwie
• Pa*S nomaUidO CO CMC8
• Skrige apeuy eq.ai to 600 ta«i diks
• Tureler ime i 53M »axd £100 00 »ca ore a Idly authorised Amga
loaior We can ipgrade Amiga 600 ir 1200'S with hard drives tor
new or ixisbng owners, without eHoctirg Commodore's oTtoal on
rule varranty We crter other upgrades lno repair sorvx* Ice ASM
ard WOOnui corrpulers.
* larosf tosfegupmenr
* r.OOOs nparrs v sroc*
* FAST. 48 ixxif sen .ee 'aooi?misftsi: Ia ¦- OPEN ARCHITECTURE:
PRICE Li POWER MAIL ORDER: 1-4 Omx Lne* Oc*n MovSal
flOOem-7COpm S CROYDON SHOP: Oebenhams Openng "m MovSal
Court Road Lorn _ Wo UU.Ny.Cpcn Oxlord Street. Lorn LONDON
SHOP: , S SIDCUP SHOP: Owning Hours Ltoo-S» gOOan S.X ESSEX
SHOP: Keddies OP""}*™_kfcn-Fn 9 3C»n.5.3a IPSWICH SHOP:
• THE FULL STOCK RANGE: All ol your Amiga requirements are
available tro
• FREE CATALOGUES: Will be mailed 10 you. With spec* reduced
• PAYMENT: LA Tel: 0702 468039 :h. IP1 3EH Tel: 0473
287092 rfo: Silica. AMFRC-0194-104.1-4 The Mews. Hatherley
CATALOGUE Mr.'MfS'MiSSvMs: Initials: .... Company Name
(it applicable): Address:
.. Postcode:... Tel (Work):
®lh,Ste 081-309 1111 Tel (Home):
.... Which
computer(s). If any, do you own? .... F&C€ AarerleeO
pnc*t and HacAcatcra may cnrrigd Rave review!
Arnica Well.
On5 ec* « id superbly design ed Retire review!
,¦ What a terrific little game! I didn't I really expect too much, even after reading the accompanying bumf it sounded very much like a Populous Powermonger derivative.
But Settlers is more than just a clone it adds many new ingredients to the genre, such as building development, community expansion and many other ideas which don't just involve combat.
The depth's laudable, offering many surprises without being so complicated as to be baffling. There are charts, graphs and such things to study, but, with familiarity, they add to rather than detract from the enjoyment.
I T All in all, a fabulously addictive game, well worth shelling out your dosh on! ¦ ¦ The Blacksmith is a vital member of the community, without whom the armies would have no weapons and the workers would have no tools.
Simple really. Build your Blacksmith a home...Muff said?
Woodcutter working on stockpiling wood and the Stonecutter doing the same with Granite.
Each time a site's chosen for a new building, it has to be connected to the rest of the Town by road. The roads run between the flags, marking the edge of each building. If they're not built, the little workers cannot get to the new construction- site and work's delayed.
Sensible strategy's vital As I said, everything in this complex game's linked. For example, there's no point building a Butcher s unless you already have a Pig Farm to get meat from. Similarly, to produce weapons you need a Steelworker and an Armourer. This makes for a game requiring plenty of intellectual thought. What do you build first? Are you going to concentrate on agncultural growth, industry or creating a powerful army. Charts show you which production you’re concentrating on. Raising and lowering the levels changes the production emphasis to the desired area.
Wm m Plenty of statistics help keep tabs on what's going on there's information to access via the icons at the bottom of the screen. You can check how many buildings are under construction and which are now producing products, an important menu once the Town begins to grow. It's easy to lose track of what's going on where without it.
Plenty of graphs show the production levels of different items.
Another option available is attacking enemy buildings. You need plenty of Knights to achieve this. The first step's to build Garrisons, Watchtowers and Guard-Huts near to the enemy base. Then you can train the Knights to attack opposing forces. Remember, though, the enemy I ¦ DEVELOPERS: IN-HOUSE I DISKS: 3 I PLAYERS: 1 I GENRE: GOD SIM II 200 COMPAT: YES I HD INSTALL: YES lllllllll iiiiii As you may have gathered, i great deal of depth. Everyth ime to gel used to. It's a qooc is a game with ikes a lot of i easily accessible and massively entertaining sim.
T HANK 1 k C s Dear FORCE Boys mn I have recently bought Allred Chicken but I keep getting killed. Is there anyone out there who could give me a cheat?
Anyway, I think the mag is excellent and you should keep the cut-out ‘n’ cheat cards (despite what others say).
Darren Kieg, Clwyd SYNDICATED QUESTIONS Dear AMIGA FORCE I was wondering if you could answer some of these questions?
1 Do you know the best place to get games?
2 Should I get a HD or External Drive?
3 Why get a monitor when a TV gives pictures just as good?
4 Will there be a mission-disk for Syndicate? I really hope so!
5 Will you please continue your Syndicate tips for all missions?
That’s enough questions. Ahhh, yes, constructive criticism. Could you have a page for people who want to sell things? Also, could you definitely not have disks, no matter how many people ask you to! If you can’t keep getting as many cheats as you have, then don't repeat them. Keep the cards and books as long as you can. Other than that, please stay as you are!
Tim Wheatley, Lincolnshire Thanks for the comments and praise, Tim!
0' We re back!
All in one piece, despite the demoralising defeat inflicted 5SjS§ V upon us by ¦ TUFC O' H J Supporters' Club.
We went down 5- ¦B 2, with Stix and Jase scoring the goals. Chris F squandered a hatful of chances, while the lad Smith did his best in goal.
It was only the ineptitude of the defence (the lack of it, actually) that led to the other team cracking home so many. Too many had designs on glory... Send your little anecdotes and digs to FORCE NINE MAIL, AMIGA FORCE, Impact Magazines Ludlow, Shropshire SY8 1JW.
¦ Well, Dazza, as luck would have it, we have a load of tips on Allie Chicken in this very issue.
Can't say fairer than that, can we?
Chris CHEESED OFF ruvm CHESHIRE Dear AMIGA FORCE This is the second letter that I've sent. Wish I knew what happened to the first, maybe it got ripped up by someone? I would be grateful if you could find a picture of a person and print it in the magazine so, Just for that (and because you said please!), here are the answers to those queries: 1 Either your High Street store, where returning faulty games is all the more easier, or check out the ads in AMIGA FORCE, where you may find the odd bargain or two!
2 Grab yourself a hard disk if you've various adventure games using a multitude of disks (HDs are imperative for earlier Sierra games). A second disk-drive's by no means essential but it saves much disk-swapping.
3 Actually, a TV picture’s by no means as good as that of a quality monitor. It may seem like a bit of a luxury, but the difference in sharpness, quality and clarity between a medium-res monitor and a television is very noticeable.
4 Uh-oh! we seem to have reported a non- event here. There is a mission-disk lorSyndicale but it's for the PC version only, I'm afraid. Sorry!
5 I'll have a word with the tips boy and see what I can sort out.
Chris TIPPING BODY BLOWS Dear AMIGA FORCE I think your mag is the best out there I got the I first issue and have bought AMIGA FORCE ever | since!
Could you tell me if there are any cheats for Escape From Coldilz or Syndicated Thanks for the tips on Flashback keep up the cheats, they're really useful.
As for Shane Daunt's letter in issue 12, concerning which is best between SF2 and Body Blows, it has to be Body Blows! SF2's actual figures aren't dark enough, they could do with an outline so they show up better. That's what I think, anyway!
Andrew McFee, Worcester I More praise if we're not careful, it may go I to our heads!
I sense this BB SF2 debate looks set to run and run, but only if you have something to say on the subject, will it be printed. Take Andrew's lead and give a reason for your dislike of the other game there’s no point dismissing it without giving a valid reason.
And what about Mortal Kombat and BB Galactic have they stolen the crown from under the feet of the others? Write in and let us know what you think. Best answers will definitely be up for the Letter of the Month award!
Chris I can throw darts at him.
Neil Fumival, Cheshire ¦ Ah, the culprit here would be our Mr Powell, as your letter concerned tips did it not? I daren't print his picture as it would scare off too many readers, and I don't think I'm allowed to send such a monstrosity through the post. Fret ye not, though we'll throw the darts at him for you!
Chris JOLLY POOR SHOW Dear A-FORCE I read your review on Micro Machines and thought it was very poor. You started talking about film licences which have nothing to do with the gameplay. It also deserves more than 89% I would have given it about 97% as it's a superb game.
Also, could you review the classic Wings? It's a lot better than Knights ot the Sky. I would also agree with Paul Walker of Warrington who has a superb idea of an adventure tips section I'm having problems with Monkey Islands 1 and 2.
Finally, are Sensible Software bringing out a third Sensible Soccer as Goal's crap. If so, when?1 John McGillivray, Redding, Falkirk ¦ The problem with Micro Machines and this is something both Ian and Mark pointed out is that, while it’s unquestionably a fine game, it lacks the parallax-scrolling and technical achievement of the MD version. In our eyes, this costs points, hence the sub-90% rating. At the risk of repeating past replies, such things are a matter of opinion after all, as my old grandmother used to tell me, if we all agreed all the time, the world would be a dull place.
We'll look out for Wings, although it will have to go some way to beat KOTS. The adventure page now has two votes anyone else for a dedicated section?
Goal, crap? A little controversial there! Sensi Software will be bringing us Sensible World ol Soccer over the forthcoming months, allowing you to manage as well as play in teams. You can be sure we'll be at the front of the queue when it comes to lining up for review copies!
Chris Dear AMIGA FORCE Please could you answer these few questions? I would be extremely grateful.
1 Will there be a CD for the A600? If so, how much will it cost and where can I get it from?
2 For Xmas, I got an A600 and a Citizen Swift 90 colour printer. Do you know if there are any printers that will allow me to create and print a poster?
3 Will Kevin Keegan's Player Manager be released on the Amiga?
¦ Weeellll... 1 No, only for the A1200.
2 Try Deluxe Paint by far the most versatile program for the price.
3 It's been out for many a month, under the plain and simple title of Player Manager. While it’s quite a jolly little game, it has too many faults you can’t move onto other teams, there's only one cup and the options are quite limited. Maybe you should wait a while for Sensi's effort.
Dear Sir Madam Recently I purchased your brilliant magazine (issue 12). I noticed you were giving away a tips book (issue 2, G to Z) . I was wondering if you could please send me issue 1, A-G.
Jonathan Codd, N.Ireland ¦ Sorry, can t. See the answer below!
Dear AMIGA FORCE I have recently bought an Amiga A600 computer and have now started to read your very good magazine. In fact, the first magazine of yours that I read was no 12, with the free hints and tips book volume 2. The reason I'm writing to you is that I would like to know if I can get hold of a copy of the first volume. I did look in the back issues but none of the magazines mentioned the free book. I do hope you can help.
Gordon Tully, Wood End, Coventry ¦ Sorry Gordon, no can do we only print enough books to cover the news-stand mags (they're pretty expensive, you know!), so the back issues generally come without the free gifts attached. Sorry I couldn’t help more!
Chris AN ESSEX- MAN JOKE Dear AMIGA FORCE Me and my mates are always fighting over which is best. Amiga, Nintendo or Sega. I gave out a black eye and broke an arm once (pleasant chap Chris). Now, can you answer this question: Do you need an Amiga to use the CD32?
David Wilkinson, Essex ¦ I'm surprised you have any friends at all if you go around breaking arms when a disagreement rears its head. You should calm down lad!
You don't need an Amiga to use the CD32 this is purely a stand-alone machine, unlike the Sega machine, where you need the Mega Drive to utilise the power (what there is of it) of the Mega CD. Obviously, the CD32 not only offers better value but it’s also a far more capable and powerful machine to boot!
Dear AMIGA FORCE I have spotted your three deliberate mistakes on the calendar with the Christmas AMIGA FORCE.
They are 25 May, 16 October and 10 December. I claim my prize!
Kevin Tootil, Lowestoft ¦ Yes, the people in production hold up their hands there was an almighty foul-up with the calendar. It could happen to the best of us (it constantly does). As a prize, Kev, we’re sending you all the spare calendars so you can re-write the whole year out for us!
¦E3 TOP THUMPS TIT LiUrflON I Al 15 So So.
YSL W-tO Dear AMIGA FORCE In reply to Ben Johnson's letter in AF10,1 decided these ratings would be excellent in that old card game Top Trumps (if you don't know the rules, find someone who does!). I have made my own set of cards using ‘sticky- back plastic' (you Blue Peter fan you! Chris), and a few screenshots taken from AF and various other magazines. As well as Body Blows and Streetfighter II, I have taken characters from Mortal Kombat and Streets ol Rage II. Also Lionheart and Assassin. I have used different categories to Ben, but most are fairly similar. Though, of course, my scores
have varied greatly.
Awards Strength: Kossak, Skill: Vitu, Speed: Vitu.
Special Powers: Raiden.
Average: Max. I would be grateful if you could send my cards back as I spent many long hours making them.
Ben Wheway, Wolverhampton | ¦ That just goes to prove AMIGA FORCE readers aren't just the smartest, they're also the most hard-working! Your cards are great, Ben real works of art.
It's also a pretty cool idea, although I couldn’t get the rest of the team to play, as none of them knew the rules, despite having them explained umpteen times! Anyway, as a reward ] for your hard work, you've won yourself the Letter of the Month award and the year’s subscription that goes with it!
Dear AMIGA FORCE Your magazine's brill, BUT, when I was reading issue no. 10 I was horrified to see on your subscription page, in massive pink and white letters, ARE YOU REGULAR?'
Okay, so the majority of your readers are male, but I am not. And the above statement is rather personal for us girlies! So, I'm sorry to be brief, don’t let it happen again. Otherwise, I'll recycle your magazines by using them in my cat's litter- tray. I hope you get my point.
Jackie Windsor, London ¦ Well, you've got me there. The headline in question simply questions the regularity that you pick up your copy of AMIGA FORCE. No ambiguity here. Nobody's clever enough!
Chris H Mortal Kombat ' :-V.
5 Cannon Fodder My five favourite games are: I I I 2 I 3.. I 4.
I______ THE MAN FROM MALTA, HE SAY.. Dear AMIGA FORCE It’s me again! This time I'm not writing for cheats, but for other purposes. First, thanks for the answers to the last letter, also to Nathan Muscat.
1 Is F-17 Challenge better than Microprose's Formula One Grand Prix and than Nigel Mansell's World Championship?
2 I think I must be the only Amiga-owner who doesn’t know the SFII special moves. Could you give me a short description of each one and how to activate them?
3 Can you list me any great games for my collection? I like adventures and platformers, I hate Lemmings'.
Robert Gaucci, Malta ¦CheetsRob cjad we could (and can) be of assistance!
1 F-17 and Nigel Mansell are both pretty cool games in their own right, very much aimed at the arcade boy-racer. Formula One Grand Prix is tops AMIGA FORCE Readers' Chart!
It's very obvious what game everybody got for Christmas! Frontier Elite II got over 60% of the overall votes, proving that we were spot on with our 96% rating way back in our Christmas issue! An Elite IIP It seems unlikely, but it would certainly be a popular game if the success of the second in the series is anything to go by!
Premier Manager 2, another favourite in the AMIGA FORCE offices, moves up to second spot, taking over from yet another of our lunch time favourites, Sensible Soccer. Premier Manager 2 is facing some tough competition in these hallowed halls, though, since Championship Italia arrived. A mail-order game in the Readers Chart? Why not?
Virgin claim fourth and fifth place, both through some very last-minute votes. Modal Kombat, last issue's rave review, got a hat-full of late votes, and Cannon Fodder wasn't that far behind. Contenders for the top spot? Most definitely. Watch this space!
To cast your vote in the AMIGA FORCE Readers Chart, scribble the details on the form below, and send it to AMIGA FORCE READERS CHART, IMPACT, Case Mill, Temeside, Ludlow, Shropshire, SY8 1JW.
If you like the simulation angle.
2 Check out back issue 3 and the manual for more info!
3 Rob actually included a list of the games he already owns, but it wouldn't have made interesting reading! The best games of recent months you don’t already own include Frontier, Settlers, Syndicate, Championship Manager '93 and Italia, and Modal Kombat. They’re my favourites anyway!
Chris READER REVIEWS Dear AMIGA FORCE Me thinks it would be a good idea for you to send out to your readers some PD games to review and send back to you, in time for next month's mag.
This would mean you would receive an opinion from the people the games are targetted at.
A-FORCE workers like yourself should not have to muck about with these games just get stuck into the nitty gritty of big games. If you’d like, I will review the first one for you (if you take up the idea) and write a great review on it. Good eh?
Congratulations on a fantastic mag and long may it continue. Well, I must be off to my bagpipe lessons. See ya!
Brian McSporran, Strathclyde, Scotland ¦ I’ve heard of Strathclyde (I think) they've got one of those crap Scottish football teams have they not (let's face it, there are many crap Scottish football teams)?Not that we can talk our local footy team’s Torquay United, who aren't exactly rearing the best in footballing talent (Lee Sharpe did play here a few times, though, and Ryan Giggs’ brother is in the resen e team).Anyway, back to your reader-reviews idea. We'll certainly give the concept a good airing in the offices and discuss it with the powers-that-be If anybody else is interested,
then write in!
Dear AF I want to point out that in the What's Where?
Section in issue 13, there's a pic of the Modal Kombat sign. Fair enough, but beside it says Modal Kombat playtest, remember? 'It’s hot, it’s here and it’s exclusive! Find out how Cage and co.
Are progressing on page 14.' On reading this, I immediately flicked through to page 14, only to be fobbed off with a picture of a guy injecting some rat with pink poison or something.
I have a few questions to be answered: 1 Why is this?
2 How do you think this makes your mag look?
3 When will MK really be out and playtested?
Don’t get me wrong, I'm a big fan of your mag and buy it every month, but I just wonder what's the point of saying something when you don't mean it?
David MacLachlan, Glasgow, Scotland ¦ Whoops you've found what the production team term as a technical problem. All along, MK was supposed to appear as a playtest.
Unfortunately, the contents were finalised before the playtest was dropped, slipping through unnoticed. Those responsible have been severely reprimanded (by re-writing faulty calendars!).
You'll be pleased to hear that MK was reviewed last issue, scoring over 90% and a Rave with it!
technique* enable up to 3 programs to fit on one disk. Now
saves directly to disk as Amiga Dos • reloads independently of
the cartridge - even transfer to hard drive! Works with up to 2
Megs ol Ram • even 1 Meg Chip Mem (Fatter Agnus).
SUPER POWERFUL TRAINER MODE - now with DEEP trainer. Even better than before - allows you to generate more or even infinite lives, fuel, ammo. Perfect as a Trainer Mode to get you past that 'impossible" level. Easy to use.
• IMPROVED SPRITE EDITOR The full Sprite Editor allows you to view modify the whole sprite set including any "attached" sprites. PLUS A RANGE OF IMPROVED FEATURES.
• VIRUS DETECTION Comprehensive virus detection and removal
leatures to protect your software investment.
Works with all presently known viruses.
Now this super disk copier program is built into Action Replay Mk III. Just imagine a superfast, efficiont disk copier program at the press of a key - no more M waiting.
0 SAVE PICTURES AND MUSIC TO DISK Pictures and sound samples can be saved to disk. Files are saved directly in IFF format suitable for use with all the major graphic and music packages. Samples are displayed as 0i PAL or NTSC MODES SELECTABLE - Useful for removing ugly borders when using NTSC software. (Works only with newer Agnus chips).
• SLOW MOTION MODE Now you can slow down the action to your own
pace. Easily adjustable from full speed to 20% speed. Ideal to
help you through the tricky parts!
0l MANY MORE INSTANT CLI COMMANDS - like Rename, Relabel, Copy, etc.
• RESTART THE PROGRAM Simply press a key and the program will
continue where you left off.
• FULL STATUS REPORTING At the press of a key you can now view
the Machine Status, including Fast Ram, Chip Ram, RamDisk,
Drive Status, etc.
• POWERFUL PICTURE EDITOR Now you can manipulate and search for
screens throughout memory. Over 50 commands to edit the picture
plus unique on screen status 'overlay' shows all the
information you could ever need to work on screens. No other
product comes close to offering such dynamic JOYSTICK HANDLER •
allows the user to select Joystick instead of Keypresses • very
useful for many keyboard programs.
MUSIC SOUND TRACKER With Sound Tracker you can find the complete music in programs , demos, etc. and save them to disk. Saves in format suitable for most track player programs. Works with loads of programs!!
• AUTOFIRE MANAGER From the Action Replay III Preference Screen
you can now set up Autofire from 0 to 100%. Just imagine
continuous fire power? Joystick 1 and 2 are set separately for
that extra advantage!
Now many more external Ram Expansions will work with all Action Replay III commands.
• DISKCODER With the new 'Diskcoder' option you can now tag' your
disks with a unique code that will prevent the disk from being
loaded by anyone else. Tagged" disks will only reload when you
enter the code. Very useful for security.
SET MAP - allows you to Load Save Edit a Keymap.
• PREFERENCES Action Replay III now has screen colour preferences
with menu setup. Customise your screens to suit your taste.
Very simple to use.
• DISK MONITOR Invaluable disk monitor • displays disk
information in easy to understand format. Full modify save
00U IMPROVED PRINTER SUPPORT - including compressed small character command.
• DOS COMMANDS Now you have a selection of DOS commands available
at all times • DIR, FORMAT, COPY, DEVICE, etc. 0l FILE
REQUESTOR • H you enter a command without a filename, then a
file requestor Is displayed.
• DISK COPY Disk Copy at the press of a button • faster than Dos
Copy. No need to load Workbench • available at all times.
• BOOT SELECTOR Either Dfo or DF1 can be selected as the boot
drive when working with Amiga Dos disks. Very useful to be able
to boot from your external drive.
• Full M68000 Assembler Disassembler • Full screen editor • Load
Save block • Write String to memory • Jump to specific address
• Show Ram as text • Show frozen picture • Play resident sample •
Show and edit all CPU registers and flag • Calculator • Help
• Full search feature • Unique Custon Chip Editor allows you to
see and modify all chip registers - even write only registers •
• Disk handling - show actual track, Disk Sync, pattern etc. •
Dynamic Breakpoint handling WARNING 1988 COPYRIGHT ACT WARNING
Dal* Bodnyici IVJ nattw cfrtwnos ny tuinonut ttia iH c4 t,
poaja* *
• «e cou:tKfl «ttpyrighl iMIWill in* Omhc iKtnat ol Ta p'OOxi an
datgnM to iwoau on, Mtoam tuc* a PtiOK Oo-ar mxona If* uiati
c*" ot p"tr««r to -a COOa** "At Dmn (M*y gr,wi it n I»Q» to
ma » op« * « yox o»n m ol cocf'ST1 mJttna »mox m* ¦ P"M» ol
T9 usp,T«ty* o»n~ 0 I** k*ncw fnol
• Show memory as HEX, ASCII, Assembler, Decimal • Copper Assemble
Disassemble - now with suffix names REMEMBER AT ALL TIMES YOU
0782 744324 O R C OUR TEL:071 5SO 6460
A F AAR Hid ¦ ISSUE ONE: Driving roundup, Gods poster and maps, complete R-type solution, Elf maps, CJ In the USA maps, Gobliins tips and more!
¦ ISSUE ELEVEN: Combat Air Patrol Reviewed! More Syndicate tips!
Loom solution!
¦ISSUE TWELVE: Brutal Sports Football Reviewed!
Premier Manager II and European Champions lowdown!
Syndicate final solution and first Hired Guns tips!
¦ ISSUE TEN: The new look continues! Hired Guns review! Syndicate, Ishar 2, War in the Gulf all tipped.
Strategy games round-up!
¦ISSUE THIRTEEN: Frontier reviewed! CD32 lowdown! Oscar playing tips!
Humansll guide!
¦ ISSUE TWO: Free AMIGA FORCE stickers!
Full-colour maps for Zool and Prince Of The Yolfolk. Shadow Of The Beast III playing guide and Kixx roundup!
Due to popular demand, here’s the official AMIGA FORCE tuckshop, where you can order sherbet dips, humbugs... whoops, maybe not, but you CAN order all those AMIGA FORCE back issues that you might have missed, including that elusive Issue one. Watch out for more special offers next month!
¦ ISSUE EIGHT: Amiga CD32 revealed! Tips and maps galore for Morph, Body Blows, Flashback,Sink or Swim and Lemmings Lemmings 2!
¦ ISSUE NINE: Our new look issue!
Jurassic Park!
Loads of tips and guides for Gunship 2000, Lost Vikings, Syndicate and Replay pokes!
¦ ISSUE SEVEN: Morph and Flashback!
Complete maps and tips for Chaos Engine, Sink or Swim, Lemmings 2 and Body Blows!
Puzzle games roundup.
I'd like the following AMIGA FORCE back issues at £2 each. I enclose a cheque for the correct amount, payable to Europress Direct. Pop this in an envelope and post to: Europross Direct, FREEPOST, Ellesmere Port, South Wirral, L65 3EB (no stamp needed if posted in UK).
¦ No. 1 AUT WIN '92 ? 6901 ¦ No. 7 JULY ’93 ? 6907 ¦ No. 2 JAN FEB ’93 ? 6902 ¦ No. 8 AUG '93 ? 6908 ¦ No. 3 MAR 'S3--JH903 ¦ No. 9 SEP ’93 ? 6909 ¦ No. 4 APRIL '30-X6304 Ino.10 OCT 93 ? 6910 ¦ No. 5 MAY ’93 ? 6905 ¦ No. 11 NOV ’93 6911 ¦ No. 6 JUNE'93 ? 6906 aNo.12DEC’93 6912 ¦ No. 13 XMAS ’93 6913 Name ¦ ISSUE SIX: Free disk labels!
Special ECTS report, Sensible World Cup and the A1200 guide. Superfrog maps, tips for Desert Strike and Arabian Nights.
¦ ISSUE FIVE: Free Battlecards!
Maps and tips for Chaos Engine, Zool, Lemmings 2, Rick Dangerous 2 and Sleepwalker! Arcade adventures roundup.
Itively, ring your order through on 051 357 1275 (24 hrs a day, s Visa accepted). All prices include UK postage. For orders over £10 add E5 for Eire EEC and E10 for overseas (latter dispatched by airmal CREDIT CARD HOTLINE: 081 889 9172 r, . R, j ENQUIRY ORDER LINE: 118a Palmers Road ggi 361 5730 6730 New Southgate 24 hour fax une LONDON N11 1SL 081 361 2733
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Rad Baron Rakoad T,«oon and Perfad Gawwal SPACE LEGtNOS only
1. EU« and W'ng Cow waedw SOCCER MANIA only £11.99 PocTMl Uanag*
“. Gazza'a Socc*. FoObak Uaiaga. • W.C. EdUxi and
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Ft Stealh»«)hte*. S»m SarvbaII and Pads Intends BIG BOX only
£15.99 CaftwnBbod. TMTmonthaUoo*. SdanOims TawwgeOuMn
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TEST DRIVE II COLLECTION only £1599 UuioaCai* CaUcma ChaMaga
EaiopaanChalenga. Dual and SupaiCan BGOKI only £1999 Bac* to
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£17.99 Deane Monopoly. Dwu-.Sc.bMe Cbute Mam* D«Mb and Rwk 4
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COLLECTION only £13.99 Naur Zaalar* Story. BubMa Both* and
Rainbow I Hands COMBAT CLASSICS only £2099 FISS4f*a Eag* II.
668 *«ac« Sub and TaaaYaatee KIXX TRIPLE PACK 1 (SPORTS) only
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Ciusada Adtw ACTIONS only £19.99 RckOangarovtil. GhodbuBwsll. Gunah« Sup* Sir and HateOrvng LARGE SELECTION OF CD32 AVAILABLE - CALL FOR DETAILS TOP TITLES TV Sports Boxing . .
Turrican 3 T Liles II .. Twrlnhl 2COO Jltima VI Universal Masters ... Undium II Utopia ...... Utopia New World ...... Utopia II * Video Kid Viking Fields d Conquest Voyage Beyond Data Dtsc Walker .... Warn the Gulf ... Waxworks Whales Voyage ... While Death (1 Meg) .. WING COMMANDER WizKid .... We N
Liz ...... Woctoy* World
W. W.F .....
W. W.F. II Yd Joe! . .
Zod MO'1200 ... Zodll ...... smrnes wntiLawm wueoml 10x35 DS 00 20 x 35 DS DO .... 30x35 DS DO 50 x 35 DS DO 100x35 DS DO WMMdSOp otewmgw AMIGA £11.99 TOP TITLES AMIGA Cwtesaton .£2399 Civlisation A1200 ... £27.99
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II .. £19 99 Combat Air
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Attack £1299
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Bool ...£11.99
D-Day £1699 Deluxe Music Con
Set ... £74 96 Deep Cote* .....£1690 Donnes
500 1200 .£17 99 Desert Strike
....£19 99 Desert Strike II '(Jungle Sir)
£20 99 Detort ......£1699 Diggers (CCS
..£23 99 Disney Animabon Studio £74 99
Dsposab* Hero ...£1699 TOP TITLES
J. Madden sFodb* £1699 Jurassic Park .
£1690 K240 ... £1690
KGB ...... £1690 Kllmg Game Show ...
£1190 KrafomolGermany* ..... £19 99 Kanmeher ... £19 90
Kngs Quest VI * (Al 200) £37.99 Knigrl Mare ..
£11.99 Knights d the Sky £1299 Lam bourghmi USA Chalengef 16
99 Lawn Mower Man * ..... £16 99 Leander
.. £1099 Leeds Utd ...
£1699 Legacy* ... £2399 legacy ol
Swasrl ...... £1650 Legend
£11.99 LegendII (WorUs01 legato) £1699 Legend d Kyrandia
£19.99 lemmings £1590 lemmhgsand Data
Dsk .. £19.90 lemmngsll ... £1999 Lemmings •
Data Di6k £1099 lemmmgs ¦ Stand Aune.... £1599 Lrt1teDi.il
..... £1699 Links
£1290 Liquid
Kids .. £1690 Loom
.. £1096 LestVAngs £1699 Lest
Treasures ol Inkxom £2399 Ldus Turbo Challenge III . £1699 Ml
Tank Platoon ...... £1199 MacDonald Land ..
£9.99 Maelstrom II meg) . £2399 Magic Boy*......£1699
Man UW rremer * £19 99 Maro is Missing .... £1699 Mean
Arenas* ...... £1699 M00Machines £1699
McroproseGoM ...„ .... £1699 Imwnler II ......
£1299 Might ol Mage III ..... £2399 Moonstone
- ... £1099 Monkey Isteito . £1299
Monkey Island II . £2599 Mortal Korn Ml ...... £1699
Mouse (Switch*bla) ... C9.99 Moiph
..._ £1590 Mr Nutt . £1690
Myth .. £699 Nick FaldoGoll ..... £2399 Nicky
II £1699
N. Mansel WorkJ Champ . £2099 Network Q Raty ..
£1699 Noddy* B»a Adventure ..... £1699 Norty Ones
(CD32) .... £1699 One Step Beyond ...... £1399
Outfenders* . £1699
(Xetorrve ...... £1799 Overkill
... £14 99 Paclc Isends • T.Yankee II £20 99
Paclc Islands II* £21.99 Parasd Stars . £1599
Patrician . £19 99 PGA Go* Tour
...... £2099 PGA Courses D*k .... £1099 PmMI
Dreams .. £1599 Pinball Dreams II ..... £16 99
PinMI Fantasies (C032) .. £1950 Popubus II - The Chalenge £11
99 Populous II • (1 Meg) £2390 Power and Glory .. £1999
Power Up Compilation.... £1299 Premier Manager £1699 Premier
Manager II £1699 Push Over . £890
AMIGA TOP TITLES Puny ... Raikoad
Tycoon Reach lor the Slues Red Baron . Road
Rash ...... Robn Hood (Milenium} Robocod Robccod AI2O0.
AMIGA . £1299 £1299 . £1999 . £1599 £1650 £950 £1598 £1699 .. £899 . £1690 £17 90 £1690 . £1690 £1999 £1699 . £17 .99 £1690 £21.90 £11.99 £11.90 £1699 £1299 £2299 £1699 £19.99 £2399 £1499 £1699 £1699 £1699 £1699 £1299 £2399 £1699 £2399 £2356 £10 99 TOP TITLES Star Trek 25th Anniversary1 Steel Empire Stereo Master Street Fighter II ...... Striker ...... Sub ... Super Cauldron ... Supertfog Super League Manager Super Mato Brothers . AMIGA £2399 £20.99 £2699 . £11.99 £16.90 . £21.99 £1699
£1699 £1696 £1899 £7.90 £1699 £2390 £1490 £1599 £2399 £1899 £20 99 . £1999 £21.99 £1699 ... £7 99 £1699 £2399 £1699 . £1699 £1699 . £11 99 TOP TITLES AMIGA 1060 £1998 A500* 1 Meg Upgrade ...... £39 50 ASX) 1 Meg Upgrade, ckoc* £4950
0. 5 Mm Upqim* .dock .. £2550 A320
Airbus ......£2399 A320 Airbus USA
.....£2350 Another World ..£1290
A-Trten .....£2350 A Train Con
Set £1390 ArMams
Famly ..£7.96 Akbucks 1.2 (afctor 1200) ..
£1990 Air Com bat Patrol £1990 Air Force
Commander .£1990 Aired Chicken ..£1690
A ken Breed 2 ....£17.90 Alien Breed Speoal
Edlbn . . £990 Aliens III £1690 American
Gladiators ....£1690 Amos (Easy) . £2390
Amos 30 - .. £2399 Amos Compter
£1990 Amos Professional £54 99
Amos Professional Compter £2399 Amos The
Creator £3699 Apocalypse
......£19 99 Arabian Nigh* 5001200 £19 99
AfflOWMOOOft ..£1599 Armourgeddonll*
£1999 Assassin £1699
AT. AC ....£2399 Bl7 Fhbg
Fortress .....£2399 Bane ot the Cwmb Forge £24 50
BARBARIAN II (Psyg) .....£1099 Bart vs the WorkJ
* £1699 Batman Rteurns • ..£1690
Battle Chess II ...£1690 Battle Is*
93 ....£20.90 Battle Is*
II ......£22.90 Ban* Toads
....£1690 Beavers . £1690 Beneath the
Steel Sky .£19.90 Birds ot Pity ......
£9.90 Black Crypt ......£t690 Btedeol
Destiny £3090 Blaster .
£1699 Blob £1690 Bbe
Mai .. £1199 Body
Blows ......£1699 Body Blows Galaclc
...£17 90 Bool ..£19 90
Brutal Sports FodbaH .....£1699 Bubba
Nstix ....£1699 Buck
Room ....£1999 Bock Rogers II *
..£20 99 Bully's Sporting Daitt ....£7.99
Burning Rutbsr £1699 Burn
Up .....£1699 Cadaver • the pay
off ...£1099 ~ uu - ---------£1690 .. .iardeluie
Campaign .£2299 Campaign Meson Disk
.....£1099 Campaign II . £2399 on
Fodder ..£1999
Capthe .....£11.99
CapUrtll ..£17.90 Car and Drvtr
• £2390 Carl Lews Chaleng* ..£129© "
fes .....£1690 le* Data Disc
* s II £2390 ledDrBrafe £1599
Chaos Engine ..£1690 Championship Manager 93
£1690 Chase HQ II .£890 Chuck Rock II
....£690 £1699 £11.90 £17.99 £1599 £1599
£9.99 £1699 £19.99 £21.99 £19.99 £1290
01. 99 £1599 Robo Sports .. Rootes*
.... Ryder Cup .... Sabre
Team .. Sabre Team A1200 ..... Scrabble (US
Gold) ... Seccnd Samurai Sensible Scxcer
92-93..... Settlers ... SHADOW BEAST
II Shadow d the Beasl III.... Shadow
Worlds Stem Service II .... Sim
Ant ... &m Earth ..
Sm Ide A120Q'500 ..... San on the Sorcerer...... Seepwafcer
500 1200...... Snow Bros .... Soccer Kb
5X1'120D Soup Trek* ..... Space 1689
.... Space Gun ..... Space
Hub ..... Space Crusade - Upgrade.
Space Quest IV...... Sc*c*i Forces ... Starlight II ..... SuperS Syndicate .
Syndcate Date D6c * .... Test Drive III* .. TFX A1200 .. Theatre d Death . The Games 92 Espana.. Their Finest Hour . ThunderhawkAH 73M .... Tip OH . roki Toon World* . Tornado Total Carnage .. Ttoddlers ...... fob 5001800. .
TV Sports Baseball jhi.. Drac £1656 £1699 £1699 £27.99 Dune ..... £1890 Dune II £19.90 Dungeon Chaos ..£1990 Elvira II • Cerberus £2399 Epc ... £19.99 European Cham pons ...£1699 Eyeol the Behofetor .....£1298 Eyeo1the8ehokferll £2399 F15 Strike Eagle II £1299 Fl17AS»w*h Fighter .£2399 Fl9Stealh Fghlef £1299 F29 Relaialor ....£7.99 Faton £9 99 FafconMssbnDisk I ..£699 Fafcon Mesion Oisk II ...£6 99 Fa!e c-1
Atlantis (Adr) ...£2599 Fate d Allanle (Arc) ...£1699 Fatm an 5001200 ..£1699 Final Fight ...£7.99 Fire and Ice ......£1599 FkeStone HD Scenery .£13.99 Ffeshback .£2099 Foofcal Manager III* £1550 Free OC .....£1690 Fronteer (ELITE 2) £1990 Fury ollhe Forties £2050 Global Ehect ....£1690 Global Gladtalors £1999 Gbbdufe ...£19.90 GoatKick Oft III .£19.96 Gobliins II ...... £19.99 G
Gooch Cricket £19 99 Graham Taybr ....£9 99 Grand Prot (Formula) ...£2390 Gunship 2000 ....£2399 Harteguin ...£14.90 Harpoon (1 Meg) £1990 Hamer Assault AV8B £2399 Hero's Quest II ...... £1690 Hill Street Blues ..£7 99 Hired Guns £2399 Histoiyteto 1914-18 £21 99 Hook £699 International Open Go* .£1699 Ishar I 5CO1200 .£19 99 Jaguar XI220 ...£1699 James Porto III (Op Starfish) £1699 J Whiles
Whirlwind .....£1699
J. Barnes (1 Meg) £1590 ¦ Web* EDUCATIONAL ADI
English All Ages each £1690 ADI French All Ages each £1699 ADI
Maths All Ages each . £1690 Fun Shod 2 Al Ages each £6.99 Fun
Schod 3 Al Ages each £1399 Fun School 4 Al Ages each £1699
Noddy* Playtime ... £1699 £1599 £21.90 £3899 PlQfMtX
.. Pro Tennis Tour..... Puzznb
Rambow Islands Ram bo III .. RBC Baseball
Resolutbn 101 . Rck Oangerous II ...
Robocop Robocopli RunfSeGaunttol .
R. V.F. Honda ... Shadowtands Shadow d the Beasl Shadow
Warrbr Sherman M4 Shinobi .
Stepsons .. Smash TV SpeedbaUII
...... Stargliter II . Slrfce Fleet
Stunt Car Racer Supaptex ... Super Cars II
.... Super Hang On .. Sn«ch Blade .. Switoh
Bade II .. Swhr....„ Terminator
II ...... TiuslheFox ...... Turrican II ..
Untouchable* .... Viotente .. WC Leader
board...... World Championship Bcaing £690 Zak
McXracken .. £699 . £9.99 . £699 . £699 £690 . £6
99 £699 £699 £7.99 £6 99 £6 99 £699 . £699 £699 £899 £699 £698
£699 £690 £699 £696 £7.99 £699 £9.90 . £699 £599 £8.99 £699
£699 £899 £699 £699 £999 £7 99 £699 £699 £699 AMIGA BUDGET
TITLES UNDER £10 Hudson Hawk ...
IK . Indy Last Crusade
Graph* James Pond JelSel Wity .... J Khan
Squash..... Last Ninja II Last Ninia III -.....
Lombard RAC Raty Lotus Esprit ...... Ldus Turbo
II Man be Mansions Mane M.ner Man United
Europe ... M Jackson Moonwafcer Midwinter
Mig 29 Fulcrum
Moonshine Racers ..... Murder
Narc .. New Zealand Story Ninja
Remix .... Nath & South ...
Out Run Operation Harrier ..
Operation Steakh Operation Thunderbolt.....
Opeiaticn Wolf . Outrun Europe
Pang ..... Pan za Kick
Boxing ... Pintail Magic ..
Plates ...
Pithgnler ...
Predator .... Prince ol Persia
... £690 £699 £9 99 £699 £7.99 £699 £699 £7.99
£690 £699 £8 99 £899 £7 99 £7 99 £699 £999 £999 £699 £7.99
£699 £650 £7.90 £690 £690 £7.99 £990 £699 £6 99 £7 99 £699
£899 £7 99 £899 £699 £699 £699 688 Attack Sub ... £9 99
Afterburner £699 Alered Beasl .
.£699 Arkanoid II .
£690 Atombo ...... £899 Barbarian
£599 Barbawnll ..... £699
Batman The Mw*e .... £699 BatOehawks 1942 ....
£999 Bbod Money £6 99 Blues Brothers
£9 99 CaMI ..£699 CaHomia Games
£690 Carter Command £899 Cefca GT4 Raly £899
Centrdoid Squares £699 Chase HQ £699
Cktod Kngdom .... £699 CdossusChess
£699 Can bo Racer .... £699 Conflct in
Europe .... £7.99 Deluxe Strip Poker (nd A600, £699
Double Oraoon I a II £699 Dragon Nbia
.....£699 Duel ..
£699 Face OH Ice Hockey £7.99 Fantasy WorkJ Dizzy £5.99
Fl6ComMtPibt £7.99 Fight ol the Intrutter £899
F. O.F.T ......£699 Futore
War* ..... £899 GaunOetll
..... £699 Ghostbustersll £6 99
Ghou*nGhostt......£699 Hardball ....
£899 Head over Heefc . £6 99 . SHOP OPEN j
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Europe: add E3.50 per item Elsewhere add£5.50per item. New titles wil be sent as released and are subject to manufacturers price reviews E.&O.E. * Please quote special offer when crdehng for it to apply Computer_ AMIGA Date_ Title _ Price_ _ Price_ _ Price_ Price_ P&P Name: Address: Tel: Postcode:_ Card No: _ Exp Date _ Signature: Account No: (Please quote when reordering) _Access_Q _Cheque_Q_A0'*X1 Cool Spot certainly lives up to his name.
Shades always in place, he moves like he's lived in the Bahamas all his lite you know that kind ot liquid movement, seeming to require no eftort, which is, well, cool, tor want ot a better word. It's probably due to the big, bouncy trainers he wears (they'd definitely set you back a few bob!). As you may've tathomed, this guy's the King of Cool.
Cool Spot's the American marketing symbol for the drink that quenches your thirst. That's 7-UP to the advertising-jingle-illiterate among you! A massive star over there, his game's hit these shores after prowling the cartridge-scene for a while, it's now the turn of us Amiga owners to get a look in. About bloody time, too. This is a game no self-respecting platform fan should be without It's just so awesome!
Ensure you've collected 60 Cool points before attempting to rescue your captured buddies. Otherwise, it's a fruitless journey because you won't be able to bust them out. ¦ Virgin, £29.99 Leave him standing and Cool Spot stands there and clicks away!
Cool, eh?
Wipeout To succeed in this brilliant game, you've got to prove you're hip. This means getting a Cool rating of 60% or more on each level, achieved by collecting a certain amount of Cool points.
The point's rescuing Spot's males, caged at the T end of each level, in order to have
* a serious paarty! His buddies are ; • all incarcerated inside
small, " cramped cells, with no thought J given to the rights
ol a small, red | Spot to be kept in humane 'y'MM'wiM'jil
conditions It's your duty to smash them out and save Itieir
coolness from this tale worse than dealh!
As Cool Spot struts his slulf, there's a host of baddies to look ii i m«*r*i oul |or on every |eve| yhese »x- v,iew rv "
* *e* ' ' v' W if OX*- GcmxT £ J» C oi-LOw Tfte-Vi
• * w!
% Cool Spot's a versatile fellow he pushes objects around, climb up and down ropes, and fire at crabby crabs He even gets his yoyo out if he gets really bored... ,ReV i6wSlN piam .VX l£ . - Yo dude! The one, the only
- '¦1 Cool Spot crashes onto the Amiga, proving that cool isn't
just a state of mind, it’s more a way of life! Yeah, don't ya
just love it. As hip as he is. Cool Spot makes for one helluva
hot, hot game. The animation on the little red Blob's amazing.
I mean, who’d have thought so much could be done with such a
simple design. Somebody deserves a pal on the back for creating
this character. The same goes for the relaxing Calypso rhythm
accompanying the gameplay. Close your eyes and be forgiven for
thinking you're drifting on a boat moored off a sun-soaked
Caribbean island. Chris is right to say the gameplay itself is
nothing original, but personally I wouldn't hold this against
the game. I mean, how much is original these days? What counts
is the entertainment value and for me this is second to none. I
can pass time chilling with Cool Spot any day of the week!
Nasty, uncool types drain our boy’s energy when he comes into contact with them. His energy level’s depicted by an image of his beshaded face in the top-left corner of the screen. The more he's hit. The more his face disintegrates. Lose it all and it's curtains for Cool Spot. To take on these evil creatures, Cool Spot does have one weapon. He can fire the small, clear bubbles of carbonated fizzy drink, released by the product he endorses.
As we all know, it's cool to be clear. The only difference is Fido Dido fells us this over Oozes closs«*« it's sooo cooool!
Here, but then again he's a ©C pretty damn cool cat as well ¦' He's got IT!
The whole game moves to a it S heavenly Calypso beat, which perfectly captures the feeling ol CO* lying on a sun-drenched beach in the Caribbean. Well, you need all fhe help you can get on a wet and windy Monday morning in the middle of winter in deepest, darkest Devon! These sound effects are superb, especially at neighbour-annoying volume levels.
This atmosphere is perfectly complemented by the central character's animation. It s a game oozing class in the looks department Spot's moves, walk and facial expressions are outstanding When he's bored, he yawns and then chills out by playing with his yo-yo, before removing his shades and giving them a quick clean Sooocooool!
This guy doesn't just ]ump like normal platform characters. Oh no, that's not hip enough! Instead, he does a graceful forward somersault before landing sure-footedly back on terra-firma. He even hangs from balloons with the grace and style of a bom superstar.
DEVELOPERS: IN-HOUSE DISKS: 3 Sure the Cool Spot looks spectacular, but what . About the game? Well, to be honest, it's a standard platform M adventure. Nothing more, nothing less. Collect the bonuses, dodge
5. .* the bad guys and leap from platform to platform not OOO
exactly breaking new || grounds of originality It's even
downnghl irritating in places, especially if you hate
platformers. For example, tall while leaping from balloon to
balloon and it’s back to the beginning. Start all over again
until you get it exactly right. That's the basic gist and I
find it extremely frustrating! Even so, if platformers are
your thing, you can't beat a bit of Cool Spot. Lovely to look
at and not at all 1 bad lo play Give il a whirl, you |*il |Q|
never know n may give you a lew II1V tips on playing it cool!
Llllllllll mini ran ¦minim mini Looks stunning, sounds the same and plays pretty darn well . Cool!
V&htiCV Ovdcv Please send cheque PO's (made out to Premier Mail Order), or advise Visa Mastercard number and expiry date to: Dept AMF13, 9-10 The Capricorn Centre, Cranes Farm Road, Basildon, Essex, SS14 3JJ Tel: 0268 271172 Fax: 0268 271173 Telephone orders: Mon-Fri 9am-7pm and Sat & Sun 10am-4pm. We are open 364 days a year P&P and VAT is included for all UK orders. Please add £2 P&P for Europe and £3.50 for Rest of The World!
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Shodow lands .... Shadow ol Beast 3 Shuttle ... Silent SorvKO 2 Silly Putty Sim City Deluxe . Sim City*Populous Sim Lilo ... Simon The Socceror Simon The Sorceror .... Slicks Soccer Kid Soccer Kid Spoce Hu* ... Spocc legends .... Starush Star Trek Street Fighter 2 .... Strip Poker .Data Disk.
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Man . Fields of Glory Final Fight .... First Samurai & Moga lo-Mama Flosh Back .. ...... Flight ol the Intruder ..... Flight Simulator 2 ..... Flight Simulolor 2 • Greol Britain Flight Simulolor 2 Hawaiian Scenery Flight Simulator 2 - Jopan Scenery Flight Simulolor 2 Western European Tour Footballer ol the Year..... Formula 1 Champions..... Formulo One Grand Prix Fury Of The Ferries G2 . Global Gladiators.. Global
Domination Abandoned Ploccs 2 .. Airbus A320 (Europel ...... Allred Chicken Alien 3 .. Alien Brood 2 Ambecmoon American Gladiators SfflSE&r” . Arabian Knights Archer Modeans Pool . Assassin Remix .. Assasin Special Edition A-Train .. ATAC Award Winners 2 B1 7 Flying Fortress |l Meq) Bart Vs The World ..... Batman Returns . Bottletoods . BeosHord Beavers E “l5k' Buds Ol Prey ...... Blade ol
Destiny Blostor Blob Blues Brothers Board Genius ... Bobs Bod Day Body Blows ... Br*on the lion .... Brutal Sports . Bubble 4 Squeok Burning Rubber SSKT2: Cortoon Collection ... .
Ccisrtes |AI200| 24 99 Castles 2 19.99 Ciumpronship Manager 93 ....16 99 C larnpionship Munoger ’94 Season Disk ....7 99 Chaos Engine .....16.99 Choos Engine ..IA12001 17 99 CD32 19 99 1699 22 99 (A 1200) 25 99 ....1799 .1999 22.99 ....19.99 ...19.99 .....19 99
.1799 ..1799 ...... 12 99 22 99 22 99 A500 or AI 200 17 99 CD32 19 99 ..... 20 99 21 99 .1799 .. CD32 19 99 59 99 .....64.99 17 99 (A I 2001 18 99 .19 99 (A I 2001 19 99 1799 22 99 18 99 CD32 19 99 19 99 19 99 22 99 .....20.99 1999 17 99 19 99 19 99 17 99
22. 99 CD32 19 99 1999 12 99
21. 99 19 99 17 99 899 10 99 CD3212 99 .11.99 1099 .22.99 24 99
.17.99 .17 99 2299 8 99 19 99 2699 .10.99 .24.99 2699 13 99
13 99 I 3.99 .. 5.99 17 99 ...22.99 CD32 18 99
...17.99 .....17.99 2699 19 99 2099 22 99 Morph
A1200 CD32 19 99 Mortal Kombat 20 99 Mr
Nutz .....17.99
Norco Police ..5.99
Network Q RAC Rally ..19 99
New Zealand Story ...6.99
Nick Faldos
Goll ...22 99 Nick
Faldos Goll ......CD32 22 99 Nicky
2 ..17.99
Nigd Mansell World Chomp ..19 99
N,gel Mansell World Chomp ...(AI200) 19.99 Nigel
Mansell World Chomp CD32 19 99 Night
Sh.ll ....10.99
Nippon Sales ....19 99 No Second Prize 17.99
Opcoton Stealth .....11 99
Overdrive .....16.99
Overk.il ..(A 1200) 17.99
Ove*kill CD32
Pong ....6.99
Pinbofl Dreams & Fantasies .....22 99 Pedect
General I See lords of Power) Perihelion
..19 99 PGA Goll
Courses .9.99 PGA
Tour Goll* 19 99
Pinboll Fontosies A1200 19 99 Pinbol Magic
..6 99 Pi-oies GoGl CD32I9 99
Populous & Promised lands .17 99 Populous 2 (Sec
Excellent Games) Powermonger * WWI Data Disk
.12.99 Prehrstonc 2
......16 99 Prime
Mover ....19.99 Prince ol
Persia .6.99 Project
X ...10.99 Project X
....CD32 12.99
Prophecy 19 99 Pro Tennis Tour
2 ....16.99 Pugsy 19 99 QwcA
.9.99 Qwok
CD32 12.99
Roqna.ok ..22.99
Islands .....6.99
Railrood Tycoon ...I See lords ol Power)
Reoch lor tne Sk es . ... 22.99 Reoch out lor Gold A500 or
A1200 17 99 Reoch out lor Gold CD32 19.99 Red
Baron ..(See Lords of Power) Rise ol
the Robots A500 or A1200. 27.99
Robocop ......8.99
Rookies ....17.99 Rules ol
Engagement 2 ...22.99 Ryder
Cup .17 99 Ryder
Cup ..CD32 19.99
Sabre Team .....(A 1200) 19.99
Scrabble 20.99
Second Samurai ...19.99
Secret ol Monkey Islond (1 Meg) ...10.99
Secret ol Monkey Island 2 24 99 Seek N Destroy
.17 99 Sensible Soccer CD32
19 99 Sensible Soccer I I |9? 93|_ 16 99 Groham Gooch 2nd
Inmnqs (Data Di&k) 11.99 Graham Gooch World Cla »
Crickef ..19.99 Grand Prix
Grant ...8.99
Gtuetome ......16.99
Gunvhip 2000 (1 Mogi 22.99
Harrier Jump Jet 22.99 Harpoon & Botlleict 2
..22.99 Horpoon & Bartletet 3
or 4 ...... 9.99 Harpoon Scenario
Editor ...13.99 Heroquett
2 ....17 99 Hill Stroot
Bluoi 8.99 Hired
Guns .. 22.99
History line 1914 18 22.99
Hook ..
8.99 Hunt For Red October .....CD32 19 99
IK+ 699
Indy Jones Atlantis Adv (1 Meg) ..24 99 Innocent
... 22 99 International Open GoH Champioship 17
99 International Rugby Challenge .17 99 Ishor 2
1999 Ishor 2 . (A 1200) 21 99 Jack Nicklous Gol(
7 99 Jack I he
Ripper .27 99 James Pond
2 ...|See Excellent Gamcsl James Pond
3 .....19 99 James
Pond 3 ......(A 1200) 19 99 Jet Strike
1 7 99 John Barnes
Football CD32 12 99 John Madden
. 16 99 Jurassic
Park ......17.99
Jurassic Park .....|A12001 18 99
K240 .17
99 KGB
......20 99
Keys ol Maromon 16 99
Kingmakor ......22 99 Kings Quest
VI .....26.99 Kit
Vrscious 17 99 Knights ol the
Sky 10 99 Krustys
Super Fun House ...17 99 Laser
Squod .. 8 99 legocy ol
Sorasil .. 17 99 Legends ol
Volou. 24 99 Lemmings 2 (The
Tribes) ..17.99 lemmings
Double Pack . 19 99 Links The Challenqe ol
Goll .... 12 99 Living
Pinball ...19 99
Loom ..12
99 Lord ol the Rings II ....CD32 19
99 Lords ol
Power .....22.99
lotus Esprit Turbo ChoBenge ....9 99 lotus
Trilogy . 19 99 lotus Trilogy. C032
19 99 Magic Boy ...... 1799 Magicians
Castie ..19 99 Manchester United
Europe .....8 99 Manchester United
Premier league Chomps 19 99 Morio Is Missing
... 19 99 Mavis Beacon 2 19 99 Mean Arenas
.. 17 99 Messengers ol
Doom .19.99 Micro
Machines . 17 99
AWARD WINNERS Populous. Kick Off 2.
Space Ace. Piprmania £19.99 SPACE LEGENDS Wing Commander.
Elite, Traveller 1 £19.99 SPORTS MASTER turopran «’lumpii o»hi|i
im. PGA Tour Golf.
Aduuilsife Inuii*. Indy 50C £19.99 EXCELLENT GAMES Shuttle. Jame* Pond 2, Populous 2. Archer Macleans Pool £22.99 COMBAT CLASSICS F15 Strike Eagle 2, Team Yankee. 6H8 Attack Sub £22.99 2 HOT 2 HANDLE Golden Axe. Super Off Hoad Racer. Total Recall, Shadow Warriors £19.99 LORDS OF POWER Silent Service 2.
Kui 1 ¦ Mill Tycoon. Krd Karon. Perfect Or nr nil £22.99 DIZZY COLLECTION Past Food. K«vi» Haas.
Fantasy World l)l«y.
Maglcland Ihny £16.99 CARTOON COLLECTION Trr»»uiv Ulund l i«ry.
Slightly Magic. Seymour Gort til Holly wood. Spike in Transylvania. CJS Flrphant Antics £16.99 DIZZY8 EXCELLENT ADVENTURES Dizzy Panic. Bubhlr Dizzy, DiayPrince of Yolk Folk.
Sou £16.99 FANTASTIC WORLDS Mego Lo Mania.
Pirate*, 1‘upulou*, Realms. Wonderland £22.99 SOCCER STARS World Champ Soccer, Kick Off 2, Mieroprose Soccer £16.99 FOOTBALL CRAZ ’ Kick Off 2 1 2 Meg.
Player Manager. K02 Final Whistle £9.99 lUrk to the Future. Ik* H*sl Chinlbwterv H type. Siah.il, Araiulytr. Detemkv of the Faith, Shuiai. Iliaihuul IV Spon.FoXh.il IK IISW THE GREATEST Jimmy While’* Snooker, Lure of The Temptress, Dune £21.99 BOARD GENIUS CluedO, Scrabble, Monopoly, Risk _£1M8_ ..19.99 16.99 (A1200) 22 99 ..19.99 ....6.99 .. 8 99 ......19 99 17 99 ..17.99 .19 99 17.99 A500 or
A1200 17 99 ..CD32 19 99 ..22.99 13.99 A1200 CD32 22 99 ...CD32 12 99 .....19.99 ..21.99 ..24.99 ..22.99 CD32 12 99 (A 12001 9 99 ..CD32 19.99 9 99 ......IA1200) 17.99 ...CD32 19 99 20 00 ...8.99 ..19.99 |Soe Excellent Games) ..(See lords ol Power) ::::::::::::::::::::::::i6:99 .22.99 .....19.99 (A 1200)
22.99 ......22.99 (AI200) 29 99 1299 .....17.99 IAI200) 19 99 ......22.99 A1200 CD32 19 99 22 99 CD32 19 99 1999 .17 99 II 99 1299 .... 1799 CD32 19 99 .... 1799 (A 1200) 17 99 I Chuck Rock .. 10.39 1 1 l i v Punic .... ti.tlti 1 Kli-L (Iff •' 1 t...i 4 44 Kick Off 2 Final Whistle ..... Kick Off 2 Giant* of Europe-------------- Kick Off 2 Return To Europe Kick off 2 Winning
Tactic*--------------- ......7.99 ......7.99
- ----7.99 5.99 Micrnproxc Golf.... ....
.. .....U.99 9.99 Sabre Tea m
...... 9.99 Seymour Goes To
Hollywood «.99 Shadoworldit
Thunderxtrikc .....
9.99 5.99 Turbo Challenge
2.... ......
Viking*... ......
Wing Commander 9.99 9.99 .....14.99 .....13.99
Zool AI200l ...
.....12.99 EDUCATIONAL ADI English (All
Age*) ...... .....17.99 AIM Irvn. .1 XII Age*
AIM Math* i All Age* . 17 0H IV 9M Belter Spelling lA lb 13 W
Belter Math* 1 IH6» .. ( a.f M.i H.Mi . 1399 9 8M
- a*• - ? Or. Hch».| I 6-* Fur. School 2 *g 6 99 6 99 For.
S.’h .1 2 I6 . .... For Srh.i.1 3 lUl ...... ------ Fun
Seho... 3.1 7. . Fuo School 3 •! 6
099 . 1099 . . Ih99 . Ih99
FunVh...tiVT-------------- PuO School * tJ.I I»
- Fun School 4
U5) .. Fun School Paint &
Create (over 5*) Fun School Spelling Fair (7-13)________ . . 16
99 , . 1699 .....16.99 , 17.99 .....17.99 999 .Junior TvpUt 6-
I0i . --------- Magic Math. 4-11 Moth* M«r .» iH. | i ...
10 99 „ 1C. 99 11 99 Moth* Dragon •+13 .._..... - Met Uo Math.
7-||l. . _ .. Mickey’* IW*i2M ----
* **• , 1799 1199 Msche-y* AB« 2-61 . -------- . .
M. chr, , Jig*a» PurHe. 5.-- Mickey* (V.ko« A Shape* 8-6 Mu
hey* MrChallenge l6.l
* _ j i, . • «. _.... _ . Q .
L 99 , . 11.99 . 11.99 1199 Nortd . Play 11 me. 3 . Pi. Tor. Fraction* i? Tin .....- ! 16.99 , -999 , .. 999 Playroom...---------- Re*i o:og U .ih Troth 6 12 . T»«J The tlouie • 6 l© ---------------- , 17 99 , .. 999 , 999 Scrooge (A Christmn* Carol) The Wind In The Willows---------------- 't'iw. I’K...... IlnniMt tK 1 Ol H99 .....13.99 .....13.99 Inc three Hoars lo-l Ut ... Wizard of«z 6* . .....13.99 JOYSTICK & ACCESSORIES I A-Ao 1 Y Cnt 80( nxh ft Aodup i y Do* Bor 4v (jpo »*
0. dw lopAz OvdfDy 7v*bo « X
l. ’OO 13 9V Ov *|Oy W* Hb» h***oh 2$ .
1199 ? *) ( v-.trwoi holrt* 1 7 M*g Upgtod* 14 99 24 99 1 2 Meg ijp 'o.1* 6 C loc* Suncom Analog Joystick Adaptor 26 99 4 99 Suocom Slik Stkk .... ......5.99 Suncom Toe 2 ... Wico Analog Joystick Adaptor .. ......7.99 .....4.99 TDK VERBATIM PRECISION UNBRANDED (BOXED (BOXED) IBOXEDI LOW HIGH 10W HIGH IOW HIGH 10
7. 99
9. 99
6. 49 7.99
5. 99 6.99 20
14. 50
19. 50
11. 99 15.50
10. 99 13.50 50
35. 00
47. 50
26. 00 37.50
23. 99 32.50 100
65. 00
95. 00
49. 99 72.99
44. 99 62.99 200
125. 00
190. 00
94. 99 141.99
83. 99 121.99 500
300. 00
470. 00
219. 00 350.00199.99 287.50 1000 580.00
930. 00
419. 99 680.00369.99 550.00
3. 5" RECYCLED - LOOSE I0...A50 20 .8.50 50------17.50
100.....35.00 SPECIAL OFFERS
3. 5" BLANK DISKS ¦ Sierra, £TBA Blount, the most talented
reporter at the Goblin News, dreams of the day he comes up
with a scoop. Now. It appears to have arrived that’s if
Blount can make it to the respective kingdoms of King Bodd and
Queen Xjna.
GOBLINS 3 These two sworn enemies are prime suspects in the theft of the key to the mystical labyrinth of Well- Being. The guardian ol the key, Behorn, has died and Wynnona, his daughter and successor, has disappeared. What's happened to her? Where's the key? What do the mysterious rulers, Bodd and Xjna, look like? Only one Goblin's brave enough to seek the answers. Step toward Blount be brave.
Be bold and solve those bloody puzzles!
I Solve the enig«*a of the levels j As you may've guessed, it's 1 not difficult after all, as you take I the role of Blount, the intrepid I roving reporter. Goblins 3 s the I ultimate in puzzle-solving games. ' Each level's split into three screens, jam-packed with fiendish tricks, red herrings and traps. Solve the enigma of the level, moving to the next. It's not easy, let me tell you! Frustration's the order of the day on more than one occasion.
Negotiate Goblins, without screaming at the screen, and you're a better human-being than me!
Cartoon caper* Controlling Blount's simple. Use the mouse, clicking on the part of the screen you want him to move to. And he does the rest. Similarly, click on any object you want the lad to pick up. Use or look at and watch the resulting mayhem unfold. That's about it on the gameplay side it's all about brain-power, though most success comes through trial and error, rather than sudden inspiration.
Conceived to look like a cartoon, the graphics in Goblins are well-designed and impress. The game's lull of visual gags pull a rope, for example, and Blount's dragged off-screen or flung in the air. His facial expressions are amusing, while the accidents befalling him can be hilarious try hitting the goll ball with the club to see what I mean.
Blount also meets a posse of helpers on his travels. The first's Chump the parrot, who's trussed up on the pirate ship. Using the club and plunger sorts him out! Others include Fulbert, the boa- constrictor, and Ooya, the sage these characters all help In one way or another. Control simply requires moving the cursor over them and pressing FIRE. Then, click the mouse on the part of the playing area you wish them to move towards. It's vital working out what these guys can do. Without their help, Blount always gets stuck.
The game sounds nice and jolly to an extent, it is. However, there are drawbacks, detracting Irom the entertainment value. Most noticeable's the horrendous amount of disk changes needed for moving through the game. For a start, there are six disks. However, this isn't the worst of it if you wish to use any of the icons at the top of the screen, a boring rigmarole of disk-swapping ensues. It's incredibly irritating and ” spoils a game full of potential.
The icons allow access to helpful options, including a Joker card, instructing you how to complete the level. There's also a copy of the Goblin News, for checking out the level you're H] on. And an inventory of the items Blount carries. They help a great deal if you bother to use them. Frankly, the amount of time it takes getting into them makes it a chore I can do without!
Anolher minor irritant's the squeaky, repetitive music it's a nightmare! The only option's turning it off before losing sanity. Personally, though, I enjoy music it adds to the atmosphere and some sort of jolly tune here would go down a treat.
To be fair. I’m not the best puzzle-solver in the world, so I was biased against Goblins 3. However, it had potential I leel was wasted The game looks really good. BlUjjl with some big. Bold graphics. It’s a ly 1| shame a lew niggles let it down. ¦ P - ' j ¦ This is one of those games flat- llB | tering to deceive. As far as the H !’-5r graphics go, it's exceptional, with close attention to detail and some hilarious, colourful animation. They grab your attention, but the gameplay lets Goblins 3 down. The constant disk-swapping’s a pain in the arse, the music's annoying and I found it all
a little irritating after a while. If you're a big fan of frustrating puzzle-solving games, this may appeal. Personally, I’m not and having to go through a succession of floppies, while I play, drives me round the bend! ¦ ¦ Get Fulbert. The boa-constrictor, swinging the candelabra. Timing's vital, but Blount can now hold onto it and swing across the gap. ¦ DEVELOPERS: IN-HOUSE ¦ ¦ DISKS: 6 ¦ PLAYERS: 1 ¦ GENRE: PUZZLE ¦ 1200 COMPAT: YES ¦ HD INSTALL: YES | ‘A funny and taxing puzzler. Let down slightly by small faults.
(Left) Zool meets all kind of weird and wonderful creatures on his travels.
Zooz is a cool dame. Don't get in the way when she starts cracking her P7.P7.
- i.p-7.e-7.,' the same powers and moves, so the introduction of
the female's nothing more than a nice little marketing gimmick
After all. It looks cool on the game advertisements too!
¦ Gremlin Graphics £25.99 He's back, he’s bad and he's dressed in black! Zool. The Ninja ol the Nlh dimension, blasts his way onto the Amiga.
This time he’s got a bit of company in the shape of his babe a cool customer who goes by the original name of Zooz.
Zool returns to once again face attack from the evil forces of Krool, but now it's worse then ever (well it would be wouldn't it!). Krool's determined to get revenge for the humiliation inflicted by Zool in the original game. He's sent his morphing henchman, Mental Block, to sort out the bug with attitude This guy - can change his shape into Cl any number of diabolical I 1 permutations and his one goal in I OfQi life is to splat our hero. I _ «* That's the scenario for what's I *®fCn’ basically a re-run of Zool's first I ornmmmM ‘ adventure. The actual I gameplay’s exactly the same, ( On* but
then again who cares? It still V I*** makes for an addictive and highly playable game. Zool 2 hasn't attempted to be innovative in any way. Gremlin know what fans of their Ninja wamor want and they've served up the same menu as before slick graphics, catchy tunes and fast-paced platform perils.
Two'i company Just before the game begins, you've the option of playing as either Zool or the new female character Zooz Pick either of them by highlighting the character; it really makes no difference which one you play as. They both have In two-player-mode you choose to control Zool and Zooz on the mission or. Alternatively, both play with the same character. As I said, though, it really makes little difference.
Completing a level demands arrival at the finish icon, having collected 99% of the tokens found there. There's a counter in the bottom left of the screen letting you know the current percentage you’ve collected.
There are six stages to battle through, each containing a number of levels Entering the next stage requires you first fight Mental Block in one of his morphing guises he changes shape for each _________ of your confrontations, so there's Slfrlr no chance to become ¦¦ 1C I complacent after you beat him graphic* I the ,irs"ime- . I You begin the quest in Swan carcfly flliiA I Lake. This stage's full of dive- ¦«-_! M I bombing birds, clucking hens and
* "»a fast- I hungry chicks. Their favourite
MM. .J weapon's the Egg Bomb.
“ Honestly, it's no yolk!
¦ Other stages include ed to be Blueberry Hill, expect some
* "* shocks here. Mount Ices, home of some freaky frozen foods
and Tooting Common, where the Pharoah s curse awaits All these
stages lead to the inevitable final confrontation with the
diabolical Mental Block.
The further you go, the closer to Mental Block’s own home you get It s at this stage that some extra help comes Zool's way. It takes the form of msly, as Zoon (How many more Zool's going to get in Zool 3. Shi such a title? I mean, there are only so many letters in the alphabet left to stick on the end of Zoo!). This mutt comes on the scene if Zool collects three of the Zoon bonus icons. Grab them to enter a special bonus level in which Zoon helps you on your way.
Bonus bonanza As you know, if you've played the original. Zool's world is full of bonuses concealed behind the name of the game's sponsor. Ah, commercialism, it's what it’s all about I suppose. Even if this is a bit extreme!
As we all know, Chuppa Chups, a rather tasteless lollypop brand, sponsors the game. All the big bonuses are hidden behind boxes marked with the Chuppa Chups' symbol. Open them by jumping into the symbol to get hold of a host of extra goodies. These include Smart Bombs, which float around Zool's body, extra lives, Super Shot, for a real blasting gun, and, of course, the famous Twozool. Splitting Zool in halt for double trouble.
Zool 2's a great game, combining furious action with plenty of platform shenanigans.
However, it contains nothing that marks it as truly exceptional there needs to be progression from the first game. Instead, we re just given more of the same.
This appeals to anyone who's a fan of the original and it s worlh getting if you love games ot this genre. Graphically, it’s colourful and well- presented with some great little details and animation, but again, we've seen it all before ----- The scrolling s smooth and '| CflriS!
Sr i««« i -Jil ¦ I was a massive fan of the onginal flffl Zool and I'm glad to say this picks P™ H® up where that game left oft True, it's not exactly attempted to try to be innovative, but I can live with that. Who cares when the gameplays this addictive? The levels are well-designed, they're wonderfully colourful, while the music and FX are bubbly, not to say catchy. This all adds to the overall positive feel of the game.
¦ If at first you seem to be stuck, try shooting through the walls. They often disappear to reveal a passage to other parts of the level. ¦ Including Zooz, the female Ninja, adds a bit of political correctness. It's about time we had some female characters equal to the guys.
Anyway, enough politics. Zool 2's packed with great features, looks good and. Most importantly, it's fun to play. Ultimately, it's addictive and well worth a look. ¦ (Above) Take your pick between Zool and Zooz. In this age of equality there's no difference in their strength.
- -03 &2IIG6 ill* ¦ DEVELOPERS: IN-HOUSE (Below) At the end of
each level Zool takes on the might of Mental Block.
¦T I ¦ DISKS: 2 11 » I ¦ PLAYERS: 2 I ¦ GENRE: PLATFORM I ¦ 1200 COMPAT: YES ¦ HD INSTALL: YES ¦ Black Legend, £25.99 He's fat, he’s round, he bounces on the ground... Yep, this is one large fella. He even makes certain members of the AMIGA FORCE team look slim. Well, maybe that's going just a little too far!
¦ ¦ You fat bazza! You lal bazza!
Off Yeah, let's all take the mickey out of the gravitationally-impaired, horizontally-challenged among us!
Not exactly politically correct, it's true. However, Black Legend don't seem to be cruel in their choice of jokes. Instead, Fatman's a celebration of all the things the goody goodies say are bad for us. But everyone enjoys doing!
There are some good visual gags, plenty of foul noises and lots of slobbish behaviour. It’s all wrapped up in a decent platform romp, that, while never being a classic, is good enough to pass a few hours enjoyably. All in all worth a look, but maybe it's also worth waiting to see if it’s ever going to be a budget release. ¦ THE CAPED CONSUMER average platform collect-'em-up, but it's raised by humorous animation. My only reservation is that once the fun gets a bit boring, there’s not a lot left to keep you interested. Even so, it’s a novel idea, which deserves applause for trying to be at
least slightly amusing.
The idea behind Fatman's jumping and running through 13 action levels in seven cartoon worlds.
These include the City, the Caslle of the Vegetarian Vampire (basically cne huge dig at those namby-pamby birdseed-eaters) and the Mysterious Egyptian level.
To negotiate each level, Fatman avoids the nasties populating his wodds. He's got a variety of attacks at his disposal including the old ¦i “ » stand-by jumping on them J I and weapons taking in belly-butts, | burps, carrots and mushrooms.
I. I Remember, it’s not fun being leapt I on by 20 stones of
quivering jelly- FOUS I like flesh! Simply press DOWN and FIRE
to swap the es weapons.
As you expect from a parody on platformers, there's an obligatory end-of-level guardian to overcome before moving onto the next stage. Fatman needs to be at his most gross to defeat these beasts, so remember to hoard plenty of burps, carrots and mushrooms! All the weapons are in limited supply. To keep them stocked up, 1 i Fatman has to find the relevant tokens I dotted around each level. After all, it's not Fatman's the alias for Roy Fat, a mild-mannered inventor who loves his food Roy could eat for England. Consequently, most of his inventions revolve around food and his stomach. Perhaps
his most amazing creation's the Food- Duplicator, which makes a k copy of any piece of food __ passed through it. This _ I Packed with humorous jokes invention made Roy's Fat OF' POC restaurant famous throughout ¦ the world. I Of Everything appeared rosy for 1 IkUHl the rotund one until a multi- I IMM* national company. Thindicate 1 Sg (gedditj, decided to sort him out. I ¦ They produced junk food, but were losing business to Roy.Their managing director, Ted Thinsin (geddit again), offered to buy the Food-Duplicator. Roy was close to agreement until he heard that Ted wanted to destroy his
creation to gain a monopoly on junk food sales. Knowing this would mean hunger for the world's hoards of fat bazzas, Roy, alias Fatman The r - .. - Caped Consumer, is determined to destroy Thindicate. Can .
Fatman succeed? Can Thindicate 'a**' be beaten? How many pieces of , pizza can you eat in one sitting? _-k Only by playing the game can afe you find the answers! As you M -mrn-iir may've guessed, the story's a parody of all the ridiculous plots normally found in platform games.
Fat's the way!
Fatman’s based around a humorous idea having an utter slob for a hero and lives or dies on your reaction to this. If you find belching, beer bellies and copious eating hilarious, you're in for a treat. The gameplay isn't brilliant, basically it’s an humanly possible to burp goodies for the I indefinitely (Even our Tips fat git to chomp I ¦ Look out for the hidden passages, shortcuts and secret rooms on each level. They're packed with goodies for the fat git to chomp down on! ¦ Boy has to take a rest down on! ¦ J sometimes!)
Fatman's packed with humorous visual jokes and animations. Check out his chicken-chomping, if you leave him standing for too long. His energy level's also represented by a chicken at the bottom of the screen. As it loses flesh so Fatman gets weaker.
To be fair, Fatman's an enjoyable game.
However, it lacks the depth to be anything more than a couple of hours fun. After that the jokes begin to wear a bit thin '"‘y (Ho,ho), while the playability isn't «n| strong enough to overcome this. I J|| ly Good fun temporarily, but no more Id than that I'm afraid. I DEVELOPERS: IN-HOUSE
- m -L2=3 ¦ DISKS: 4 TT L - it
t. .' .
INSTALL: YES i 1)1111111111 ' iiiiiiiiii mmim ¦ A funny parody
on platforms but lacks substance.
3. 5" 5.25" 1MEG 2MEG 1MEG
I. 6MEG QTY DSDD DSHD DSDD DSHD 10 £4.00 £6.50 £2.50 £4.50 50
£18.00 £27.00 £12.00 £22.00 100 £34.50 £53.00 £23.00 £35.00
200 £66.00 £104.00 £44.00 £69.00 500 £153.00 £245.00 CALL CALL
3. 5" DSDD (720K) 50 DISKS & 100 CAP
BOX ....£22.00 100 DISKS & 100 CAP
BOX ..£38.50
3. 5" DSHD (1.44M) 50 DISKS & 100 CAP
BOX ....£31.00 100 DISKS & 100 CAP
3. 5" DISKS I BOX 5 BOXES 10 BOXES DSDD £5.50 £25.00 £42.00 DSHD
BUY BRITISH BUY THE BEST SUPPLIED WITH LABELS ETC LIFE TIME WARRANTY CHEAPER BULK DISKS MADE IN THE FAR EAST COMPUTER MATES BRANDED DISKS DSDD DSHD DSDD DSHD 10 £4.50 £7.00 50 DISKS £17.00 £26.00 50 £21.00 £32.00 100 DISKS £33.00 £42.00 100 £39.00 £61.00 200 DISKS £65.00 £83.00 200 £76.00 £116.00 500 DISKS £130.00 £205.00 500 £175.00 £275.00 1000 DISKS £259.00 £CALL 1000 £315.00 £500.00 CI’DDI Ipr WITH I ARITI C PTC COMPUTER DISK LABELS
100. £1.50
1000. ..£10.00 JOYSTICKS
.£7.00 £14.00 £25.00 £36.50 .£9.00 £9.00 .118.00 £11.00
£12.00 €28.00 €25.00 £11.00 £13.00 £14.00 £80.00 £9.50
£10.00 £18.00 £11.00 MICE PC XT AT
MOUSE ...' ....£18.00
MAT .£2.25 HARD
MOUSE MAT .....£3.00 MOUSE
STAGE ...£8.00 MOUSE
SCREEN £12.50
FILTER 20" ....£35.00 12" OR 14" TILT & TURN MONITOR
- 1.44 & 720K. APPLE HD.
SOUND KIT . SEGA PYTHON IQS135) .... MX141 16 BIT .. SEGA MM (MX34D JOYPAD i MX4411 ... COMPUTER PAPER 2000 SHEETS PER BOX Sogsm I Box 2xs 3Bxs 80 c) m £21.00 £38.00 £55.00 132 elm £39.00 £75.00 £110.00 PAPER TRIMMER £5.00 APACH1 (QSI31) ..... MAVERICK QS128 ..... INTRUDER (QSI49i...... STARFIGHTKR |QS171| TURBO II ...... MULTI IMX120) ...... NINTENDO MEGAMASTER i MX311 • JOYPAD IMX411) ... SUPERCON J PAD 1QSI6O1 HARD DISKS FROM 80F MEG DUST COVERS PC XT AT & MONITOR £4.00 12" OR 14"
...£3.00 ALL THE ABOVE & MORE ..£11.(HI 3"
2-WAY ....£14.00
4-WAY ....£20.00
CABLES ....£5.00 each
DC600A £15.50 DC615° .£17M
DC2000A .....£13.50 AVAILABLE J OVER 150 CD ROM titi.es
140. ..... .£11.00
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3. 5” BANX 80 CAP ... .£11.85
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140. ..... ...£9.00
120. ...... £8.50 4*9 OFF 1 ST RO v WITH
100. ..... £7.00
50. . £6.00
10. £1.50
5. ... £1.15 100 DISKS OK MOKE
GIVEN: TEL: 0753 553535 the cult: classic collection Commodore
ROAD DERBY DE22 3FS ENGLAND f As we can see Mark, managing
Juventus, relied exclusively on the
• long ball!
¦ It's a good idea insuring your players against injury. There's nothing worse than paying £5 million for a star and he breaks his leg after two games! ¦_ Wright for just under £5 million, bolstering his attack, and managed a successful season, winning the Italian Cup and qualifying for Europe His league form suffered as a consequence, though, and his season petered out, finishing |us above mid-table. Intelek Software, £17.00 M :oming from Intelek Software. Championship Manager Italia's the first go-it-alone venture Wsby the boys that brought you the Domark Championship Manap&r sgHss of
Qsmos. Gmi s a special edition of CM '93 that's based on the competitive league in world football today.
These boys know their stuff all right! This is a jolly good game dealing comprehensively with all the Mr __ necessary statistics for a The paramount requirement of a game of this If*** genre is that it draws the players ¦ . Atfa into its environment. It's got to IOO* make you care about the team , and want to keep playing. CM!
Achieves this with aplomb. It's a great debut from the lads at Intelek.
Hardly the stuff drawing the crowds. This was ~ ¦ reflected in the fact that my
- 1 average gates were IV consistently better than his.
¦ tfu despite the cup-run qUOII* W m On the statistics side. Gazza _ iltfilUsini I __ was voted Lazio Player f O OT •* ** * ,M of the Season by the tans, while Conte got the award at Juve.
,*K.jimm During the season, Mark had the greatest number of Man of the Match awards for a single player with Ravanelli. While the same player lop-scored in the league. Boksic scored most goals for the glory boys at Lazio As you've seen in this potted-hislory of our glory season, there are a hell of a lot of details to work out and stats to monitor to play this great game. The players have enough attributes and personality-traits to make for some complex negotiations over team selection. Personalities include selfish, arrogant, responsible, rebellious and passive. Obviously, it's important to
get the right blend to create a match-winning team.
Find Donofrio blasts it bone !
Lecce i . a Eannnsa LECCE (tacking mce; : bf I 0 I The game also contains all the usual features of a quality football-simulation. Selecting formations, transfer-markets and a host of tables, including management scores, players' average match-ratings and team consistency.
Gooooal Lazio!
There's the option of playing with up to four human players from the start. We chose a two- player game. I selected Lazio, incorporating the sublime skills of the fat Geordie, beer-swilling God. Gazza. I asked for the beautiful game, played with panache, selecting tactics passing the ball to feet in a crisp, attack-minded team.
Unfortunately, we ended up in the lower reaches of Serie A, despite some magic moments during the campaign. Stuffing Mark's negative Juventus was a real bonus among many glittering victories, while beating Milan at the San Siro earned performance of the week I Basically, inconsistency against the lowly teams 1 let the season down.
As stated. Mark opted for Juve. He signed Ian Graphically, there’s not much to shout about the matches are shown as a series of written reports on the game as it happens, while there’s no sound at all. However, this shouldn't detract any serious footy-sim fans from getting the game. After all. It’s the content, not cosmetics, that are important.
CMI's a winner. The Serie A's a great league to be a part of, there's money available to spend on players from all over the globe and the matches appear to run according to ' .
Form and tactics, with a few upsets ¦ ¦Is now and then. After all. It's a funny | JI old game football! 11.
Matic because of it. There’s enough depth keep you interested after many seasons of with domestic and international transfers, considered player stats and reactions, a full quota of cups as well as two leagues AND a multi-player option.
This kept Chris and I glued to the screen lor hours, with my team, Juventus, finishing mid-table and in Ihe cup final, while Chris' Lazio flirted with relegation.
The difficulty level's just about right even though we had a good showing in Ihe cup, the league form was somewhat questionable. It’s also obvious that the better the team in real terms, the more chance of success in the actual game.
Championship Manager Italia's very much based on the original CM from Domark: even so, this is a must for fans of quality footy- management-sims. ¦ ¦ DEVELOPERS: IN-HOUSE ¦ DISKS: 2 ¦ PLAYERS: 1-4 ¦ GENRE: FOOTBALL-SIM ¦ 1200 COMPAT: YES ¦ HD INSTALL: YES ¦ FEBRUARY 1994 ¦
- arnIvsl r%vr wo£ism» MTRC I 1 I CAT nnuun FBEF ICE Cl- C(H)U«.t
COSMIC CodeMasters, £25.99 Cosmic Spacehead's a proud man
he’s the first of his species to discover a new world, known as
Earth. Sensing the beginning of a great tourist attraction,
Cosmic rushed back to his home planet spreading the good news.
The only .
Problem's he betrayed the first rule of any professional tourist he didn't record the trip on film! A serious gaffe for an alien tourist!
Great game to play M Nobody from his home wodd believes a word he tells them.
However much he describes the strange race populating Earth, or - the many wondrous sights in store for visitors, his mates just scoff. Cosmic’s kicking himself for his stupidity, but what can he do?
The only option's returning to Earth, touring the sights, and this time, taking a bloody camera! Oh, but there’s one more problem Cosmic's skint.
He needs help raising funds to organise a return trip. That's where you come in help the little blighter collect the necessary resources, though don't expect it to be easy.
Design more likely.
Each destination, including Linoleum, a deadly space station and Detroitica, an asteroid used as a huge car factory, is divided into sections. They contain other characters Cosmic can talk to and get valuable objects trom.
There are a number of commands to use at the bottom of the screen such as 'Move', ‘Talk’, 'Look' and 'Give'. Simply position the cursor over the command and press FIRE. Then do the same over the object or person to receive the edict. Simple stuff, making the game easy to control and get into.
To move between sections ot a stage there are heaps of arcade-style W screens to overcome. In fact, 32 in total, including high-speed car chases, crazed robot-attacks and blasts through asteroid fields.
Straightforward platform levels also demand mastery - all entail leaping from platform to platform, dodging weird-looking nasties. Keep an eye out for Cosmic bonuses to collect they give a welcome extra life, if you gather 20.
Cosmic cartoons!
The game s designed like a 1950s science-fiction cartoon with bright, bold colours, bizarre-shaped buildings and spaced-out cartoon characters. The game also attempts to be humorous. For example if you use the 'Pick-Up' command on the cute girl n the fairground stall at Cape Carnival, the response is worth a giggle or two! It’s not exactly sidesplitting stuff, but it does add to the overall cartoon atmosphere.
The two-player mode, to be honest, seems to have been thrown in as an after-thought with no real relevance to the main game. All it’s about is hurling pies at your opponent. There are four arenas to choose from for a light-hearted battle the idea's hitting your opponent more times than he wacks you. Not exactly awe-inspiring stuff and I see little point in including this. It hardly adds to the quality of Cosmic Spacehead. Oh well, it’s harmless fun I suppose!
Cosmic's great to play and wodh a look for anyone who likes a game requiring a bit of intellectual thought. It boasts heapsZ1'' of sections, plenty of tricky tasks and ft •m.M a host ol arcade games. An original game that's just that little bit different, Your task’s guiding Cosmic around his home planet of Linoleum. The object's completing loads of problems and tasks, in a particular order, to progress. For example, on Linoleum, finding and playing the Fruit Machine may win money. Getting the Helium Balloon causes the scary monster to float away, while a passport can only be obtained by first
using the Photo Booth.
It's all about using the old grey matter to overcome the obstacles. However, I found stumbling on solutions by accident rather than ¦ (Right) Use the fruit machine to earn yourself some extra the uilaenness nv. Up tnlk t the oost office i ne£5 _ne?
¦ (Left) The post office is a useful place to purchase the many items you need in your mission.
DEVELOPERS: IN-HOUSE DISKS: 2 i t PLAYERS: 1 OR 2 «*" GENRE: STRATEGY ADVENTURE 1200 COMPAT: YES HD INSTALL: YES Cool! Buy Cosmic and go completely round the bend!
N Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear! WhaP l| on earth are Alternative thinking ot releasing this at full-price? I thought v it had to be budget material until the ** guys at Alternative informed us it w; actually £24.99. To be honest, this wouldn' look out of place on our budget pages. At least it could get a better mark, if it’s price was taken into account!
'Alio 'Alio falls down on every count. The gameplay's dull and uninspired, giving no incentive to carry on. Graphically, I found it unappealing and lacking severely in the sound department, with only a terrible tune to distinguish it.
Ast I I've never been a fan of the comedy (if that’s not a slur on humour) in the television sit-com and the game fares little better. Avoid like the plague or some Frenchman eating garlic!
¦ Alternative, £24.99 Listen varey carefully, I shall zay zis only wance. 'Alio 'Allo's a dire game!
Alternative certainly seem to be churning out their fair share of turkies at the moment that other appalling TV-tie-in. The Munsters, and High Sleel immediately spring to mind. It's all very well saying these other games are cheap, but that - doesn't excuse the release A of dross like this. Fl This game isn’t as bad as ™ those titles, to be fair.
M A dull, uninspirin game However, when you consider it's a full-pricer (when we saw the standard of the game, we immediately assumed it was a budget release), you can see the lack of quality on show. Alternative have produced a truly awful game and I'm sad to say, it's an insult to expect people to spend £24.99 on it. I'm going to ave to zay zal zay are taking ze pooh, pooh just a bit!
The concept incorporates the characters and some of the plot-lines (if that's not too kind a word for the crap standards set by this terrible sit-com) from the BBC1 series. You're in charge of the sad cafe owner, Rene, or in two-player mode, the other player controls Michelle, Rene's bit of skirt.
The object's to guide Rene through the levels, avoiding the guards and the SS in search of gold. His ultimate objective's to reach the Colonel’s chateau, open the safe and replace an original painting with a forgery. The painting in question provided much merriment for fans of the show. You probably know the one I mean.
It's described throughout the programme as ‘The Fallen Madonna with the Big Boobies by Van Clomp' (oh the wit, someone call an ambulance I think my sides have just split!).
Rent's revenge Rene throws items, helping him as he battles the guards they sap his energy when they touch him. Each level contains plenty of weapons
- Ren6 can use, including teddy bears, boxes and fish to hit the
guards. However, you’ve only a short time to escape as the
weapon merely stuns the guard, so he’s only down for a few
Hj The levels are simply ¦ ' very basic platform- W affairs with ladders to climb up and down, ledges to jump on and objects to grab. The graphics are poorly-designed there seems to be little attention paid to detail. There's some weird animation, such as a dog taking the longest pee I've ever seen!
The controls are sluggish and the game's boring. You end up taking hits from guards because you can’t be bothered to waste time dodging them. All in all, a dull, uninspiring game with no redeeming features. I suppose they managed to make it |ust like the TV programme. H after all!
¦ When climbing some of the ladders, try pushing against the walls on either side you may a secret door. ¦ ¦ DEVELOPERS: IN-HOUSE ¦ DISKS: 2 ¦ PLAYERS: 2 ¦ GENRE: PLATFORM ¦ 1200 COMPAT: YES ¦ HD INSTALL: YES Q 0 3 O u la 1 or; i s; .5 w) T “ a ia v -j W O ® « o 0 t 5 ». 2 ° JIHi. ¦ When lacing the large robot at ¦|l | P the end ol Level One. Go tor the iKSSBta guns on his arms first. These have to be taken out betore any of your shots damage the rest of his body. Be patient, it may take some time, especially without missilesl ¦ ¦ Virgin, £TBA This is the Amiga version of the coin-op
rendition ot the all-time great, blockbuster science-fiction movie. Terminator 2's the sequel to the equally superb Terminator (not exactly difficult to figure out!), both ot which starred that mountain of glistening flesh, Arnold Til be Back' Schwarzenegger.
The second movie takes up the story after Arnie, the bad guy, had been despatched straight to hell in the original Terminator. In the sequel, he comes back as the good guy, determined to save the son of Sarah Conner, the woman he tried so hard to kill betore. Out to stop Amie and wipe out the Conner family’s a new, advanced Terminator- model, the Tt 000, changing shape to look like anything or anybody unfortunate enough to come into contact with it.
Hosta La Vista, Baby!
So there you have it a potted version of the film I’m sure you've all seen, anyway. If you haven't, what the hell's wrong with you? The arcade coin-op strove to remain laithful to the movie’s plot completing the same linear development, beginning in the future, returning to the present and saving the future, as the film.
The Amiga version does the same, resulting in plenty of mindless blasting and gratuitous violence. Don't ya just love it!
Terminator 2's an all-action, blast-everything- in-sight type of game. It's not subtle, it's not exactly taxing on the old grey matter, either, but it’s straight out of the Operation Wolf school of blast- em-ups. When playing this, expect your trigger finger to get plenty of action there’s no let-up in the waves of Terminators attacking you in all shapes and guises.
There's a choice of a one or two-player game. In the two-player mode, player one must guard the left side of the screen and player two, the right.
You can only be hit by bullets and bombs striking your side of the screen. Hits are shown by the depletion of your energy bar at the bottom of the screen. There’s also a bar showing the amount of firepower you've left. The lower this gets, the slower your gun fires.
To recharge the gun, there are power-ups hidden inside crates dotted around the landscape to gather. Blow up the crate, revealing extra bullets, missiles and faster, more powerful guns.
To fire the missiles, simply press the right mouse- button they destroy the enemies much quicker than normal gunfire.
You begin in the future, the year 2029, to be precise, after the machines have conquered the world and the Skynet computer-system reigns supreme There's a small band of resistance fighters left, who are determined to preserve what’s left ot the human race. These desperadoes are led by one John Conner.
In the opening levels, you take the role of Conner as he battles through the barren, A DE GAME H 1 ?
¥ ? T 1 9 *W i I '¦ *
• 1* ? ?
- , '* *r.| - llkn ' Smash, crush, kill and maim! Tins ultn jIb
is one game laking no prisoners. It's ¦ P -J" ultra-violence at
its very best, or worse, depending on your viewpoint.
Don't expect to do much more than point your gun and tire in Terminator 2, though. It follows in the great tradition of Operation Wolf and its many clones. Simply aim at your target with the controller and press the trigger, despatching the baddies.
£r nk Despite this, I enjoyed playing 72. It's fun.
Especially when you really can’t be bothered to do anything mentally taxing (since when did you ever attempt that! Ed). However. I did find myself tiring of the killing after a while.
A;‘ Compensating a little for this, the game looks good, with some smart graphics and smooth animation. I advise anyone thinking of buying this to consider what they want from a game. If it's mindless violence you're after, look no .further than 72. You won't be disappointed!
Inhospitable landscape to reach the Skynet and send a commando back in time, protecting his younger self. You begin trying to get to the human hide-out, where the Terminators are attacking the humans huddled inside.
On screen you can see your gunsight, which has to be trained on the different machines coming towards you, as the game scrolls horizontally across the terrain. These early Terminators are just bare metal; they're accompanied by flying machines and larger, tougher robots. AW - Once you’ve battled past them, there's a I . Dlont w plenty of mindless blasting* j large, mean-looking . * robot to despatch before * ntiltO entering the human hide-out. I Ol _• The object in here's to I UlciStll destroy the Terminators I there are Amie look-a-likes on _ the prowl now without ------ shooting the
humans. Once this level’s complete, you protect a jeep as it desperately races across the surface trying to reach Skynet. It's imperative to protect these guys, otherwise you keep getting sent back to the beginning of Ihe level. It's amazing how many jeeps these resistance fellas have!
Bloodthirsty violence Later in the game you take the role of Amie, trying to shield the young Conner from the T1000-model Terminators. Again, there's no real need for a plot because there's really nothing to think about. The only object's blasting everything in sight before it shoots you.
'Intorminatorablo' To be honest, this can get a little tedious after a while. The gameplay’s fairly exciting to begin with, but, before long you realise all you have to do's hold your finger down on the fire-button and use the occasional bomb. Not exactly breathtaking!
“ Graphically, the game's exceptional.
1 with some brilliant backgrounds. The 1 l characters are also well-designed, 1 with plenty of attention paid to BSS I ensuring they resemble the machines 1 from Ihe movie, g ¦ ' 'The s?ot~ effects are also good, with some convincing machine-gun sounds, as well as some atmospheric crunches and groans from men and machines.
Unfortunately, this isn't enough to rescue the gameplay. It starts off brightly enough, especially if you're a fan of Operation Woff-clones.
However, after you’ve played this a few times, I really can’t imagine you rushing back to play it again and again. Fm T2's no more than a decent ’i nit match the quality of both | j| Terminator movies. 11 » DEVELOPERS: PROBE w ¦ uions. A ¦ PLAYERS: 2 ¦ GENRE: SHOOT-'EM-'UP V t ¦ 1200 COMPAT: YES ¦ HD INSTALL: YES good game for blaster fans, but it could’ve been much better.
IjlJ J 1 -AHK' 1 'Si j: If i i I 1 ' f lift!
F I Now this is more like it!
Liberation's stunning to look at and bloody good to play. It’s a huge maze of a game, demanding ] and getting the full concentration of the gameplayer. The Droids are easy to control and respond quickly to instructions. Similarly, the Instruction-icons cause no problems so it's a game you can get your teeth into immediately. The opening sequence explaining the scenario's outstanding. The digitised speech is top-quality. As is the stirring musical score. I recommend this to all CD32 owners.
It's what we’ve all been crying out for. About bleeding time someone listened!
Keep your Droids in tip-top , J |H|| working order by making full ¦ ll I iP V uso 01 ,he Ftopair option 0 allowing you to replace any part of the Droid with a pristine new component. You can also upgrade the Droid with faster, stronger parts.
«mI(u Mindscape, £TBA hen I first got my hands on Liberation, my first response was WOW! It seemed like I'd finally found the game the CD32’s been crying out for.
Exceptional graphics, strong storyline, a brilliant introductory sequence and gameplay backing up the good looks.
Incidentally, one of the voice-overs in the animation at the beginning of the CD s An w An extremely good game. | by television star, Neil All Mornsey. Trivia-buffs w*rPi» among you know him as Will Rocky in Boon and Sammy 0OO( the ‘Chamois' I clean SP windows, me!' in Noel's 001114 House Party. Just thought you should know.
Anyway, the game looks and plays brilliantly.
What more could a rabid gamer want? Well, remember these were initial impressions. After playing a while longer, I began to get a bit bored.
What at first seemed great playability became a little repetitive not enough to rum the game for me, but sufficient to warrant a reappraisal of my first impressions.
It's still breathtaking to look at and admire Unfortunately, there are holes in the gameplay.
The gaming area's immense, making full use of the CD32's capabilities the thing is, it became tiresome running around it, or driving in a taxi.
There's a sense of deja-vu about entering buildings, seeing and doing the same things.
Future shock After that early appraisal of the game's potential, let me tell you what Liberation's all about. It’s set way in the future in the 29th Century. Earth's a festering world slowly dying, ravaged by increasingly adverse weather conditions and generally abused by huge multi-national corporations. One such organisation's Bio-Corp which won the contract producing law- enforcement, city Droids.
These machines have been malfunctioning and slaughtering innocent people. In a massive cover- up, other innocents have been unjustly arrested, protecting the corporation image. The aim of the game's taking control of four Droids programmed to locate and free these captives in an attempt to uncover this evil corruption.
There’s a captive to release on each level, but getting to him's no easy feat.
The game’s viewed from the Droids’ perspectives, as you move them |W i through the streets looking for clues to ' | the prisoners' whereabouts.
You talk to people you meet, or shoot them if they get on your nerves!
Each Droid also has a backpack for placing the items found on your travels in they include door- cards. The most important clues are usually behind locked doors, so it's vital finding the cards corresponding to the door-numbers. To pick up an object, simply position the on-screen cursor over it and press FIRE then transfer it to one of the Droids' backpacks.
There's a hell of a lot more to the game, of course. For a start, it's important knowing where you are at any time. Otherwise, you spend ages fruitlessly running around. It's also a good idea checking every building with a fine toothcomb before leaving. This ensures nothing's missed that could be useful at a later date.
Summing up, this is an extremely good game and one of the few attempting to use the potential of the CD32 to the full. However, it seems to me lacking that little extra, turning it into a classic.
Even so. Other companies take note.
Liberation's on the right tracks if S' only more CD releases could ¦ achieve the same1 IuIeKll¦ n DISKS: CD PLAYERS: 1 GENRE: STRATEGY 1200 COMPAT: N A HD INSTALL: N A mill I A brilliantly-designed game making good use of the CD32‘s potential.
A320 Airbus .21.99 A-Train .....22.99 Alien Breed Special Edition 10.99 Arcade Fruit Machine ..6.99 Austerlitz ....6.99 Bards Tale 3 ..9.99 Battleships .6.99 Body Blows ..17.99 Challenge Golf ......6.99 Chaos Engine .....16.99 Chaos Strikes Back .....9.99 Chuck Rock 2 .....11.99 CJ in the
USA 6.99 Combat Air Patrol ......19.99 Continental Circus 6.99 Cool World .9 99 Daily Double Horse Racing 6.99 Dalek Attack 14.99 Dizzy Panic 7.99 Dizzy Prince of Yolk Folk .7.99 Desert Strike 19.99 Dog Fight .22.99 Dune 2 .....19.99 Edd the Duck 2 .....7.99 F15 Strike Eagle
2 .....14.99 F16 Combat Pilot ..8.99 Fantasy World Dizzy ....7.99 Flashback 19.99 Formula 1 Grand Prix 15.99 Football Manager 2 ? Exp Kit 9.99 G Gooch World Class Cricket 20.99 ? ? ?
SS Ghouls n Ghosts ...7.99 Gunship 2000 .....18.99 Hero Quest 8.99 History Line 1914-18 .22.99 Human Race Jurassic Levels 9.99 Humans ...13.99 Hunt for Red October ..6.99 International Truck Racing 7.99 Jaguar XJ220 .....10.99 James Pond ...7.99 Kick OH 2 ...7.99 Kids Pack ...9.99 Lethal
Weapon ...13.99 Lotus 3 .....13 99 M1 Tank Platoon 12.99 Nippon Safes ......19.99 Maniac Mansion .12.99 Match of the Day ..9.99 Microprose Golf 15.99 Midwinter 2 ..13.99 Moonstone Classic ....13.99 Myth .....9.99 New Zealand Story ......6.99 Norlh & South ...* ..7.99 Oh No More
Lemmings .13.99 Overdrive ....* 16.99 Pacland 7.99 Pacmania ...7.99 Pang ....6.99 Paperboy 2 6.99 Patrician ...22.99 Pictionary ...7.99 Popeye 3 ...7.99 Populous & Promised Lands 13.99 Premier Manager 15.99 R-Type 2 ....7.99 Rainbow
Islnads ...6.99 Rick Dangerous 2 .8.99 Reach For The Skies .19.99 Scrabble ..18.99 Sensible Soccer ..13.99 Seymour goes to Hollywood 7.99 Slightly Magic 7.99 Space Gun .8.99 Special Forces ....11-99 Spherical ...6.99 Stack Up ....6.99 Suburban Commando ...15.99 Super
Frog ...17.99 Super Space Invaders ..... 9.99 Super Tetris .13.99 SWIV ...999 Syndicate .22.99 Tag Wrestling 7.99 Thomas Tank Engine 2 ...7.99 Thunderbirds .6.99 Trivial Pursuit .7.99 Ultima 5 ...11.99 WWF Euro Rampage . 15.99 Windsurf Willie ......7.99
Zool ....14.99 50 GREAT GAMES (Wicked) ..13.99 TOO HOT TO HANDLE Golden Axe. Total Recall, Shadow Warriors, Super Off Road Racer (Ocean) ...12.99 CLASSIC COLLECTION World Championship Soccer, Gremlins 2, Barbarian 2, Colossus Chess (Hot Shots) .11.99 LINEKER COLLECTION Gary Lineker's Hot Shot. Italy 1990.
Footballer ot the Year 2.
Intertnational Soccer Challenge (US Gold) ..9.99 ? ?
Ss All prices Include UK postase etc., no other charses.
Order any same by cheque or P.O. payable to SOFTSELL and. If you join the CLUB, you can return It after 7 days at a special buy back price.
Softsell and SSH Clubs nave been hishly recommended since 1983 10 YEARS OF COMPUTER GAMES SERVICE For full catalosue, club details and buy back pnces, send stamped SAE to SOFTSELL (AFC) MAIL ORDER 32 Dursley Road, Trowbridge, Wilts, BA14 0NP Callers welcome in The Shopping Mall, 16 Church Street, Trowbridge ? ???*??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ?
JH kf I sU 9 9 Testing the Tinies ¦ Mindscape, £29.99 There’s a new gang of cute characters in town and they go by the name of the Tinies.
These guys are considered the most mischievous creatures in the whole galaxy, but you've got to ask yourself: how much damage can a small ball of fluff do?
Well, quite a lot actually! A rebel gang of Tinies stole an exploration ship on their home planet, intending to invade Earth. Being little scallies, they played one prank too many on the journey forcing them to turn around and head home.
On returning to their home planet of Sklumph, the rebels realise things aren’t quite the same. A particularly nasty Tiny, known only as the Wicked One, is in power. He’s taken the King prisoner and used a huge Metamorphose machine to change all the other Tinies into either mindless fools or Bjv. | plnVflblC savage beasts. .
The quest to save Sklumph i g||(l rests in the hands of (he rebel __ _1«» Tinies, controlled by you. The Tiny World's future lies in your - ¦ • _»!«» hands - if you fail, the planet’s 0ClO«*»,w !
Doomed to be controlled by the sadistic Wicked One forever.
I always like a good plot and this is nothing like a good plot! No, unfunny joking apart, Fury ol the Furries is a great little platform puzzler. It's actually quite nice to see some thought going into the game's scenario as well.
Mindscape seem to be concentrating on creating cute little characters the Tinies follow hot-on-the-heels of Alfred Chicken. Thankfully, these guys have loads of personality check out the way the Swimming Tiny kicks his little legs or the cool dives performed by any of the gang when jumping from a great height. While it's true to say these effects are merely cosmetic, they still add to the general light-hearted atmosphere ol the game.
Your goal s reaching the Castle and saving the King from the Wicked One's clutches. There are eight regions of the Kingdom to negotiate before reaching the Castle, each containing loads of devious levels. The object of each level's overcoming the obstacles, puzzles and creatures blocking your path as you search for the exit sign.
Each level has a duration limit, depending on difficulty, so there's no time to hang about pondering over puzzles!
A Tiny can run and jump with the best of them.
Their movements are swift and responsive to the joystick-wielding vital in a game relying, to a great extent, on the precision ot your leaps and the timing of your runs.
The Tinies can also use four different magic spells, only available when the
- relevant Tiny icon’s lit in the I bottom-left of the screen. To
S transform your Tiny, simply press ..I ; down when stationary.
1 ¦ _ 1 The spells are identified by Ifiely their colour, the Yellow power allowing the Tiny to C*1throw fireballs. The longer ) the fire-button's held down, ~the stronger the fireball; a yellow Tiny also runs through flames. If you want to swim underwater, using the Blue power turns you into an aquatic champion.
When underwater, pressing the fire-button spits wafer bubbles at any enemies in the vicinity.
The Green power allows a Tiny to throw out a line and hook himself onto any object or part of the surroundings it’s possible to walk on. He also pulls stones by throwing a line onto them vital in levels where there seems to be no escape. Finally, the Red power creates a mad, munching monster!
This Tiny is so hungry he eats most of his surroundings. Give him a brick and he happily chows down.
The animation on all Tinies is excellent check out the muncher if you fancy a laugh. When he opens his mouth, it's bigger than the rest of him!
This is just one example of the great sense of humour in Furries. Wit's an extra element that's always welcome in a game and there's plenty more to find and enjoy.
Furious Furries ¦ This is one of those games that s so fiendish, it grabs you the moment you pick up the joystick. The controls are easy to use, with simple icons at the bottom of the screen and a very responsive central character. As far as the graphics go, this game is well up-to-scratch, with plenty of cute details, colour and good animation. This all helps to increase the game’s playability.
Fury of the Furries is a fun game, with plenty of humorous touches. It's challenging, frustrating in the best sense of the word and has some cute central characters. This is a must for fans of the genre and still well worth a look for everybody else. 9 The action begins in the Desert region with some gentle teasers to get you used to the game- mentality. Believe me, once you progress further, things really become fiendish and it's important to make use of the different Tiny powers. If the icon's lit, it usually means Tiny's necessary to complete the level and find the exit.
On many levels it’s worth finding the colour- fields. When the Tiny goes through one, he can gain an extra power if the corresponding coloured icon isn't already alight. However, walk through one of these fields, already possessing the power, and you lose it. Each subsequent passage through the colour-field either activates or deactivates that power.
As you progress onto the later stages, it's an idea keeping an eye out for teleporters, marked by sparkling stars. Step on one and you reappear in another part of the level. The game’s also full of bonus levels. Find these to get extra bonuses, collecting 100 to gain an extra life.
Fury of Ihe Furries is both playable and extremely addictive. The puzzles are just hard enough to have you pondering for a while, but not too tough that this turns to frustrated annoyance.
Everything's logical, it's simply a question of getting on the game’s mischievous wavelength!
The game also boasts some great graphics and catchy tunes. I've mentioned some of the animation before and it's worth saying again that the quirks of ¦ the Tinies make for endearing new characters. I fancy we may | not have seen the last of these |l cute characters.
DEVELOPERS: IN-HOUSE ¦ DISKS: 5 ¦ PLAVERS: 1 ¦ GENRE: PUZZLE ¦ 1200 COMPAT: YES ¦ HD INSTALL: YES amia ¦ More shoot-'em-ups than you can shake a stick at! OverKill and Lunar-C are dedicated to blasting anything that moves. Just the way we like it!
¦ When playing Overkill, save your shield for Ihe end-of-level guardians, Their desfrucfion demands loads of hits, so any extra help always comes in handy. ¦ I*®» = . A ~ ~= : ir..v • «i|»* ¦ Mindscape, £29.99 Lei's start by saying this isn’t the sort ot thing setting the CD32 alight. They're a couple of decently-presented, enjoyable shoot-'em-ups, keeping me amused tor a while the problem’s they're both average games.
Overkill's no different from the game we reviewed way back in issue 13, while Lunar-C seems to have been added to justify the release of the CD. After all, I don't think a basic Defender-clone, with no significant improvements, can merit being released as a full-pnce CD on its own.
No killer-touch *l " There's nothing erent here If I look at Overkill first, I say ¦ n Ian's rating in issue 13 seems to flOl be slightly too high. True, the game's initially addictive, despite Cl| ffi the simplicity of design, but I feel .
The overall rating of 88 should Hi be lowered by around ten. Giving * it a mark of 78 seems more accurate to me for what's at the end of the day, no more than a good shoot-’em-up.
The idea behind the game's destroying an alien empire that's taken over the Solar System.
Battle through the three levels, making up each stage of the Universe, progressing to the next.
Your ultimate aim’s reaching the aliens' home planet at the centre of the Solar System.
First, clear the three planets of all their evil alien-invaders after clearing one stage, you move on, engaging new nasties against fresh backdrops. Before you can do this, however, annihilate the level guardian-baddies. These guys are bigger, badder and altogether tougher than the previous aliens, so advancing through the game’s no picnicl Helping you overcome the aliens are plenty of bonus weapons to pick up, including Triple- shots, extra speed and bombs for peppering any alien ground-attack. Your craft also has a shield, activated by pressing the blue button on the controller it's
limited and needs careful use.
• tst* .
* 1 gvl ¦ For once, I agree with the little'' I Ha«|Cl
drummer-boy. Stix's got the rating Id about right, considering
this shoot - ¦ 'em-up duo are a CD32 release.
' The games aren't bad, but make no use j of the capabilities of the machine a shame!
I always expect something more from a CD.
The only point I’d argue with Stix is the addictiveness of Overkill. I loved this blaster when we had the Amiga version a couple of issues ago. It’s fast, furious and keeps getting better, the further into it you go a great game, that's a must for shoot-’em-up fans.
But why bother getting the CD32 version? It’s no different, so what's the point? I'm still waiting for the shooter to take the CD world by storm.
Someone, please put me out of my misery! ¦ Human commandos drop from the sky, destroying crystals on the ground, a further boost. However, if collected by the aliens, the crystals let them create new waves, attacking you. Picking up the humans gives you bonus points and allows them to drop back, destroying more crystals.
That's it for Overkill. There’s nothing different in the CD32 game worth shouting about. The sound’s about the only feature altered and it's nothing special! As I stated, this is a good shoot-'em-up, but not worth pushing the boat out for on the CD32.
Lunar lunacy This game’s no more than a filler, making the CD look like value-for-money. Lunar-C’s a run- of-the-mill shoot-'em-up the aliens n come at you in easy-to- re's counter regimented waves, amiGa mftcfRatiny!
• with no variation getting the ¦*ng adrenalin going.
The idea's you're the
* 111 chosen hero sent to tackle the ¦¦A mi9hl ot lhe Sirian
lorces A of
- -Success demands fighting through loads of waves of baddies
before taking out their huge reactors.
PLAYERS: 1-2 GENRE: SHOOT-'EM-UP 1200 COMPAT: N A HD INSTALL: N A lllllllj mini linn mi Killing all aggressors in one wave releases a power-up token grab them, upgrading a weapons-gauge through a choice of stronger, quicker blasters. They include Plasma, the most powerful weapon when on maximum level; Aftarc, a rear-mounted gun and Photon, for homing in on the aliens' signals.
In) ma Lei You face the obligatory end-of-level guardians again, these large powerful aliens take loads of shots to destroy. It's all very familiar, and not really very exciting. The graphics, as a CD release, are nothing to shout about, while even the sound's of average quality.
This is certainly the weaker of the two games. Though to be honest, as CD32 releases, neither's much to get worked O • up about. The shoot-'em-up to set the CD32 slight’s still awaiting release.
Ami ¦ This is one of the all-time greats, offering hours of top-rate entertain- ¦ment, especially if you use the option allowing up to five continues.
Technically, everything's brilliant, producing a weird and wonderful environment and smooth, ultra-fast gameplay. This makes for a challenging, without ever being frustrating, dose of platform-adventuring.
My only criticism stems from the fact it's a CD32 game. On this level, little innovation or enhancement to the playability has been attempted. Fans of the Amiga version may feel they've wasted their money if they splash out for what's essentially the same game.
¦ Check everything you come across, things aren't always what they seem. Walls, platforms and objects often provide access to other parts of the level. ¦ Even so, it's impossible to criticise Zool for too long. The game's too bloody addictive! If you own a CD32, and don't possess a single version of the game, get this you won't regret it! ¦ onto my desk for review.
Now that it's arnved, the question is: does the CD32 version enhance what’s already a pretty damn special game? Before I answer that, let’s have a quick recap for the Nth-dimensionally- challenged among you, explaining who Zool actually is.
Pulsating platform action For a start, he’s an interstellar cosmos-dweller and the Guardian of the Nth --- dimension. He's a bit of a » Ninja superstar, who likes I _ ¦ nothing better than running. I Pf Ovm jumping and sliding about! I " He's also got an enemy who’s out to destroy all that the Ninja code holds dear (well, he would be wouldn't hel). The name ol Ihis mean old baddie s Krool and he's assisted by his evil henchman, Mental Block. Between them they've cast spells on ordinary objects, turning them into deadly assassins.
Zool’s quest is battling through seven worlds, destroying the evil perpetrated by this deadly duo.That’s the scenario for all Ihe different formats on which you can play Zool. However, you want to know how the CD32 version enhances the gameplay, don’t you? Well, to be honest, it doesn’t do much. The action does seem a little faster, but Zool has always been one of the most fast and furious games around, anyway. This apart, the changes are, like most CD32 versions of games, merely cosmetic.
There are some great musical scores and spot-on sound eftects the additional graphics are also fantastic. Check out the 30- antics of Zool during the loading animation sequences, between stages, and when all your lives have been taken to see what I mean.
These are neat touches we've come to expect from the CD32, and they do add to the overall wacky feel of the game.
However, the gameplay's essentially the ¦ It’* not advisable to hang around for too long a bolt from the blue's on its way. Watch out Zool me old mate!
* *.. _ ¦ HD INSTALL: N A Vstill a great game, but doesn't
utilise the abilities of the CD32 enough.
¦ Sensible Software, £24.99 Probably the world’s best football-simulation's making its CD32 debut. Yep, you've guessed it Sensible Soccer, the game that's possessed many a humble reviewer, scorches across the CD32 scene!
The game's the same as it s always been, achieving an awesome level ot addictiveness with a simplicity ot design and gameplay rare in a game this successful The CD32 version's best enhancement is the really great sound quality, adding a high level ot atmosphere to the gameplay. The cheers ot the crowd escalate the excitement, especially In the two-player game. There's nothing more satisfying than hearing your tans' hysteria as you crash the ball into the back of the net. Mark knows exactly what I mean he's been on the receiving end ot so many drubbings in the Sensible Cup, he makes Swindon's
efforts in the Premier League look respectable!
Goal-d«n ganreplay Sensible Soccer wastes no time in allowing you to access the match. It’s the mark ol a good football- simulation when you don't have to wade through loads of options screens to get to the nitty gritty.
The match is where the action's at alter all!
You begin by selecting a difficulty level, the type of competition you wish to compete in and the teams involved. There are 100 European teams to choose from and a selection of international squads.
Once you've settled on the type of match, you can select the weather conditions, length ol the game and. |ust before kick-off. Your team members and formation. Formations include the traditional 4- 4-2, various sweeper-systems and all-out attack.
These tactics can be altered during the match by calling up the bench. This pauses the game and puts you back m the tactics screen, allowing you to make a substitution or alter the formation.
Weather conditions change according to the month of the year you select to play in this only happens if you elect to have seasonal weather on.
The pitch can be muddy, icy or hard among others. All the different pitches affect the nature of the game, altering features such as the bounce of the ball, the way the ball skids off the surface and the ease with which the players can dribble. ¦ Swing corners in close to the goal-line. It’s a lactic sure lo pro- There are loads of k m The pTayabiW competitions to enter and up to 64 players can compete for glory. At club level these include the EUFA Cup, a European Super League and the Sensible Cup. International teams can take part in the World Cup, an international league or a knockout
cup competition. The players can select to play cups over one or two legs and choose to have extratime and penalties, should the match be drawn after 90 minutes.
Once into the match, it's impossible not to become addicted to the sheer speed of the game The playability's awesome, believe me the CD 32 version s lost none of the attributes making Sensible Soccer the brilliant game it undoubtedly is.
Joystick controls are simple, but provide you with a host of options when passing the ball. You can punt the ball long, play a short pass or a delicate chip, without having to think about the controls. It's this accessibility that makes for the fast and funous gameplay. The players respond immediately to instructions; they tackle, run and jump smoothly and are surprisingly well-detailed considering how small the graphics are.
The referee's quick to punish any foul play. We found he tends to give a yellow card for fouls in open play. However, if you bring someone down as they bear in on goal, expect to be severely punished, with the red card being swiftly dealt.
In short, I'm the world’s greatest Sensible Soccer fan. I can play it forever, whatever machine it's on. The CD32 version offers little new in comparison to the onginal. But who cares' If you've got a CD32. Sensible - Soccer s a must. It may not be a usl whole new ban game, bui it's still a I H|a|v| football-simula: on that's always at iJiBlA its brilliant best. J *' ‘ "...Special mention must go to the Assassins games compilations..." CU Amiga "...excellent presentations..." ...well worth your time anil effort... "...can only be praised... ...PD - 1, Full Price -0."
Amiga Computing "...smooth and colourful..." "...a new edge..." Amiga Formal "...bloomin' good..." ..slick, accurate...plays like a dream..." "...a great conversion..." "...moody and atmospheric..." "...virtually arcade perfect..." the Assassins, everyone’s favourite PD compilers..." Amiga Force.
PACK 1 Let battle commence across a rugged landscape... Blast alien Walkers and Seekers... Hurtle through uncharted space... Halt the invaders deadly swarms... Can you escape when one false step leads to oblivion..?
PACK 2 Race through a computergenerated arena on a beam of light... Puzzle through the China Challenge... Duel against maniac drivers in a 3D landscape... Fight off marauding alien kidnappers... Solve the mysteries of a virtual reality Wasteland while time slips away... PACK 3 Guide a heroic wizard through his daring quest... Go head-to-head in the battle-tank of the future... Speed into action against laser- spitting foes in blistering combat... Compete in the game-show of the future where the contestants face an army alone...
• ONLY £10.99 PER PACK • PACK 4 Teasers... Brain-twisters...
Cunning Conundrums... A lifetime's worth of classic puzzlers -
traditional and modern... Or simply try your luck at the
roulette wheel.
PACK 5 Guide your cannon-armed craft against a terrifying biological infestation... Storm an off-world colony where something evil lurks... Something alien. Play the future's hottest one-on-one ball sport... Engage in the highest strategy of Total War...
? PACK I ? PACK 3 ? PACK 5 ? PACK 2 ? PACK 4 Name...... Address
Please Tick Your Choices Postcode ... Telephone Computer System
For more information K Underhill Software Limited, FREEPOST DL
699, or to place an order. Richmond, North Yorkshire, DL 10 7BR
E&OE » (0748) 811837 I B Buzz, £9.99 otds ol Chaos is all about
a bitter battle tor _ supremacy between the Arch Mages A
society which used to living in peace and harmony, with no wars
or plagues, has been thrown into chaos by a build-up ot magical
They created hideously- delormed creatures that roamed the land and brought B the long dead back lo lite War now raged and in the attermath. The once peaceful world fragmented into many sell- contained lands. The only ruler's chaos Wi aids simply lo survive, while the only way lo venture between lands is through portals. It's vital lor Wizards to negotiate the different wodds as the only way to survive is by collecting magical power.
Up to four players can take part in Lords Ol Chaos, each one taking the role of a Wizard. The idea's to become the most powerful spell-caster and exert your powers over the game's environment.
Isrdy, lordy itsa©!
The action's viewed from an overhead- perspective, with the characters being moved by using the mouse to position a screen-pointer and pressing the button to complete the command.
Once Chaos has loaded, there are a number of options to choose before you can enter the game.
You can load one of four scenarios, decide on the number ot players, select a difficulty level and choose the time-limit on the game. Once they've been selected, the game moves mto the adventure stage This involves a sequence in which each player and the computer-controlled creatures take turns to move and take control of beasties.
First, all independent critters take a turn and then each Wizard has a go lo move nil 5 aKM he screen into main one shows the map of the worid, centering on the part you occupy at the moment.
The rest of the map's in darkness until you begin to explore it.
On the right side of the screen’s a list of options, displayed as icons, which is brought up by clicking the hght mouse-button. This tells you what's going on in the world describing the state of the creatures you control. Finally, at the bottom of the screen, messages provide B information on events and objects.
When you click the cursor over your Wizard he's activated, allowing you to move him or select other actions such as spell-casting or giving him a quick feed1
• F The Wizard's icons include the instruction to cast a spell
The spell list contains all the magic you can perform at that
moment. By moving the pointer over each spel.l you can see the
spell level, indicating how powerful you need to be to use it,
and the cost in power of actually casting the spell.
There are 47 different ones in Lords ol Chaos, including Flood, Enchant and Teleport; 27 of these magic tricks are Special Summons spells.
IA well-designed fantasy adventure, with a strong strategy element.
Keep an eye on your Wizard's , green energy bar. When this is ‘ empty, you have to wait until your I next turn before being able to start f LORDS OF casting spells again. ¦ rThey let you call up creatures from another dimension including Dwarves, Unicorns and Harpys to do your bidding. They all perform specific functions. For example, the Unicorn can be ridden by your Wizard.
There are loads of other functions to access.
The Wizard can pick up objects in his house, open things to discover special items and order a creature to do battle with an independent beastie Graphically, Lords ol Chaos is nothing special, but as a fantasy strategy game, it doesn't really need to be. It's more important that all commands are easy to understand and access here Chaos scores a hatful of points The Wizard responds quickly to instructions and using his different commands is no problem The game itself is tough to play to begin with, so patience is required to succeed. This is a good ft game for fans of Ihe genre, and at only
1ulv £9 99, it makes sense giving it a go. WF" - was a dark day in the country ot Astera when Estoroth Paingiver, a powerful cleric, was banished tor the most depraved and unspeakable acts imaginable. Hence his sweet name, I guessl This happened 22 years ago. A year after the event, Paingiver returned to fulfil his promise of revenge. Bringing forth an army of demons and other undead creatures he took power over Astera.
Years later the Four Guilds of Astera united to banish the evil one again this time to another dimension.
Everything returned to tranquillity until now. The dimensional rift's slowly opening; your quest's to put together a band of the bravest adventurers in the land. They must venture into Estorofh's dungeon and retrieve four magical weapons, sealing Estoroth away forever.
In typical Dungeons and Dragons-style, that’s the heroic scenario behind the latest budget adventure from Ihe Hit Squad. Originally from Electronic Arts, Black Crypt's a huge, sprawling adventure that takes some playing. This isn't the type of game you can get stuck into without checking out the instruction manual. It's tough to play, expect to die regularly to begin with, and, if you don't refer to the maps in the manual, expect to get lost every time!
The first step on the adventure trail s selecting your motley crew There are four characters to pick a Fighter, a Druid, a Cleric and a Magic- User. Choose each of the four in turn from nine different experts in that field. You select from heroic-looking characters, ordinary Joes and hideously ugly monsters. Ask not what they look like, but what they can do for you!
Each adventurer has a set of attributes. Once you've chosen the characters, the next step's deciding on how you allocate their strengths and weaknesses. Skills include Power, Intelligence Dexterity and Wisdom you can award points out of 20 for each one from a limited supply. Hence, if makes sense making your Fighter strong, quick and dextrous, while your Magic-User needs plenty of intelligence, control and wisdom.
The action's witnessed from the perspective of the characters. You move the party around a maze of corridors, searching for access to the later levels as well as the magic Spells, Runes and Gems aiding your quest.
¦ Black Cryt l brought back memories of that other classic ¦ adventure, Dungeon Master While 1 not quite in the same league, this offers a lough, atmospheric and interesting adventure with impressive depth lo the characters' abilities. The problems are quite similar with prossure-plates. Locked doors and force-fields making up the initial tests. II you re new to this type of game, then you could do much worse than Black Crypt. Those who already have an idea of what to expect certainly won't be disappointed. ¦ Hit Squad, £12.99 check for Jl illusions ry walls, should you seem lo be at a
dead-end There are plenty of them about, saving you having lo find a long route through the maze and wasting precious time.
At the bottom of the screen are the four adventurers' faces.
Next to each are gauges showing the current slate of the character, his fitness and Ihe weapons he holds.
Clicking on the right mouse- button brings up a second menu, showing the objects each man’s carrying in his satchel. This menu also shows things such as the food each one has, Ihe different magic Spells they're carrying and any scrolls providing clues to the quest.
Bringing an object up to the face of the character you're controlling allows him to use it. Thus, after a battle, it's advisable using healing Spells and food, restoring energy.
Mrir i nnri As you go through the dungeons you need to find Keys to get through doors, Teleporters for swift access to other parts of the level and Pressure-Plates to open other doors. It’s not an easy game to play but it's a satisfying one, nonetheless. I found myself forgetting the time as I battled lo succeed.
The graphics and sound are both intended merely to suffice There are no thrills, just clear and crisp attention to detail ensuring you never have trouble working out what's going on.| Extremely helpful, believe me, in a lough old adventure like this!
M Suffice to say. Black Crypts a great addition to any adventure- seekers budget library Ashes is created by that brilliant Mike Singleton, and yet another damn fine I really don’t understand Stix's with this strategy-simulation.
Okay, it's complex, but a little intellectual thought never hurt anyone did it?
The game’s been inspired by the historic events that took place in Eastern Europe not so very long ago. You must enter a tempestuous land and find the right tactics to bring order amongst the turmoil and desperation.
There are some smart graphics for a game this huge, and a high degree of interaction between you and the programme you’re drawn into the action and get swept up in the atmosphere of diplomacy and military action.
Ashes is an innovative adventure lhal’s got the perfect scenario for our politically-correct times. As a budget game, I recommend this highly. Even if you’re not a fan of the genre, it’s worth taking a look when the price is this favourable. You never know, it may broaden PBH Digital Integration, £16.99 fter what seems like a trillion years, this game finally loads, or so you think. In fact, after playing for a couple of minutes, you find it’s time to swap disks once again.
This isn't my idea of an interesting game; it’s too boring to make wading through all the options and the outrageously huge instruction manual worthwhile.
Okay, I'm sure diehard-fans of this type of economic political- simulation may find something of value in Ashes, but I'm afraid I'm not one of them.
The overall aim ol the game’s bringing peace and harmony to Ihe entire CSR.
To achieve this, you pacify five CSR Republics - Ossia, Ruzakstan, Belokraine, Moldenia and Servoma. Pacify a Republic by either controlling the capital province and at least two other provinces, or all provinces except the capital.
Community programmes in the province; these are UC Building, UC Demolilion, UC Pacification and UC Ethnic Harmony. It involves a great deal of jumping around between numerous option and combat screens, as well as plenty of disk- swapping, of course.
The programmes need to be completed to calm a province. For example, Demolition involves removing buildings threatening the area’s well-being, while Ethnic Harmony requires the support of different ethnic groups in the province, clinching their votes in the democratic elections.
There's limited time before your efforts become undermined by the actions of reactionary groups. They're serious let’s just say their Idea of disrupting the peace talks is launching a lew nuclear missiles.
Hmm, nice blokes ehl Funnily enough, a nuke exploding in a province makes it difficult to pacify the people living there. Who'd have guessed that? Personally, an exploding nuke in my backyard always make me feel really happy! As you may’ve gathered, this game isn't my cup 1 of the sweet, steaming stuff. It's too long-winded, and ultimately, irritating to win my support.
Y QQ L1 ?QO_1 39 ¦Vxv ¦ When involved in a nocturnal nPjL battle, don’t open fire with your T deck-guns unless absolutely . Necessary. Firing the gun gives away your position to all enemy ships in the area. ¦ Originally a Microprose full-pricer.S tonf Service It’s now available as a budget release or as pari ol Empire's Combat Classics compilation. In the game you take charge of a submarine during World War II opt to fight anything from an individual battle to the whole of the war!
The first step’s selecting a difficulty level, ranging from Introductory (the Japanese convoys don’t zig-zag and are very slow to react) to Ultimate, described in the manual as harder than real life obviously by « someone who's never been Vp A t) D € in a submarine during a war. - .
Ppealing to war- buffs, i I mean, personally, I can’t to imagine anything worse than , being confined inside a dank I DU submarine, but then perhaps V that’s just me!
Choosing a submarine-type from the nine available’s the next move. They're listed in ascending order of merit, including Old ‘S'-Class, the worst possible boat. New ’S'-Class, a faster stronger sub, and Gato-Class, the standard US Navy sub. You then elect to use flawless torpedoes, which never malfunction, or historical torpedoes, which have realistic faults and may be duds.
W« dive at five!
Once into the game, a list of icons at the bottom of the screen accesses the different functions and charts available. You can check the sub's bearing, it’s position in the Pacific Ocean and the location of enemy craft. There's also a periscope (it wouldn't be a sub without one), giving you a Captain’s-eye-view of the surrounding sea you rotate left and right to view the area. The graphics in this, and most other sections, are comprehensive and well-designed.
The game's nol the most fast-paced in the to war-buffs. The historical engagements are accurate and the instruction manual informs you of what occurred in these battles.
The conflicts you opt to participate in are all named after the Commander of the submarine involved in the battle. For example, you can play as Commander Randall 'Dan’ Daspit, in charge of a Gato-Class submarine in a fight against a single, unescorted oil-tanker. In the 1 1 N real-life engagement, 11 of llllia Daspit’s 14 torpedo shots were duds. Of course, you can nr- I choose flaw ess torpedoes to ¦ _ ensure explosions when 'S. '¦LiJD’they’re fired _1 Another scenario puts you in the shoes of Richard
- ’Killer’ O'Kane, commanding the Tang, an improved Gato-Class
submarine, as your radar picks up a convoy of ships going away
from you. In reality. O’Kane circled around the vessels, coming
to rest in front of them. He destroyed three Japanese ships and
the Tang escaped unharmed. The question is, has your bash at
this engagement followed the course of history? This is the fun
of the game, providing you with 'what if situations.
Secret Service ll's worth a look if you like the strategy genre. The action's faithful to the reality of the World War II engagements, while the game's well-designed Those who don't take to these kind of games may find it a little slow. I'm afraid my tastes fall into the latter group.
¦ Silent Service It's a sequel living up to the star-billing. It was well- received on its first release as a Microprose product and still holds its own now as a budget label.
¦ Digital Integration, £ 16.99 Originally a Microprose full-pricer.Sifenf Service ll's now available as a budget release or as part ot Empire's Combat The idea involves guiding your sub silently into the danger-zone. Despatch the enemy vessels and disappear once again into the Pacific Ocean's uncharted depths. The strategy and battle sequences are engrossing and achieving your objective's a rewarding experience.
The whole package, including the comprehensive instruction manual, is a real insight into the world of the World War I! Submarine Commander. I enjoyed the experience and I think a lot of other people did the first time round. It's worth a look if you've never played the game before. ¦ ir-ups. They take the otwooo issue bsihou Driver Profile 003000 5TIH jones- 003000 FRITZ LRMG 003000 SUSBM CRL0II1 PbbfiC Donwain!
ASSASSINS 144 ¦ Roberta Smith DTP (Compilation) Here's yet another patch ot Assassins' stull, featuring some groovey Fergal Sharkey bn music perpember that old 80s Hoait ? It was also used or classic, Assess Fr though this could be the e-mix' Oh yeah there are also tour he disk Roberta Smi new games i Here's a round-up of all the important Public Domain and Shareware addresses. If any other company wishes to be included, then send in some titles for Stix to run bis expert eye over, well he'll try to play the aames a bit, anyway.
Also include your address for publication.
Title-screen showing load.- ted brain and a disposablr chapsl There's a choice c ho tille-screen either iing F t and F2 respectivel ¦feaSL puzzle Sliders is be around Ihe screen, bouncing them off other obstacles to reach the other block of the same colour. When the blocks hit. They explode A simple concept that's ingenious and surprisingly addictive.
NIBBY NIBBLE The idea behind this game’s so straightforward, there'4 hardly anything to say about it. However I ve got space to fill so a bit of waffle's needed, I guess if I just write a bit more about needing to waffle, if should cover it There, that should lust about do it. » I i ,rlA All you have to do in Nrbtiy Nibble is guide a caterpillar-type creature around a maze, eating an the grubs on the screen. The more he eats the Digger his tail grows. You've got to try and eat all This is a throw-back to the eary gaming. It’s basically just a simi game There are no frills and nr either!
A one or two-player game, it i small ball past your opponent in pitch is a one-screen, enclosed which are extremely difficult lo Selection s a vary basic gan match the addictiveness of the the compilation.
This opens with a sir of blood, bits of a mi razoi Hmm, lovely it two game concepts i Gravity ot Sliders Pi What can you blocky Rubik with this? We may enjoy tfw Not much o weakest garru found with a fr y about a garriilhat slaps a e on the sc-eeh and says play you loved those ppsky cubes, you MENTAL IMAGE 16 Mile End, Hatfield, Doncaster, South Yorkshire DN7 6AU ROBERTA SMITH DTP 190 Failoden Way, Hampstead Garden Subuifc, London NW1 1 6JE Disks 90p each, + 50p PAP.
ZENOBI SOFTWARE 26 Spotland Tops, Cutgate, Rochdale, Lancashire OL12 7NX Disks - £2.49 each, inc PAP. Printed catalogue free on request or with order.
MAGNETIC FIELDS PO Box 118, Presfon, Lancashire PR2 2AW Disks £ 1.00 each, inc PAP. (Send A5 SAE for printed catalogue).
Licenceware £5. PD collections £ 1.50. Cheques and Postal Orders made payable to Paul Robertshaw. Write for further details.
TOWER SOFTWARE PO Box 9, Gosforth, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne NE3 1QW Write for details.
JOYSTICK “The best true golf simulation available for the PC”
- STEVE FOUNTAIN PC FREELANCE j “A superb golf simulation even
more challenging | than Links 386 Pro” ANTHONY GRIFFITHS THE
WORD THE SUN !' ¦ .-- "A real class act, just like playing
against Nick _Faldo in real life” - JOYSTICK_ “The best
looking, user friendly and playable golf game on the Amiga” THE
ONE AMIGA The biggest, the best, the one and only Amiga Force
Tips Section! This month we bring you the round-the-worlds
guide to Stardust, while the roughest, toughest a beat-'em-up
around is tamed by our intrepid tipsters. Plus don't forget
Cut- Out 'N' Cheats and readers' Tips Bits!
There are many foes throughout Stardust's worlds. All must be overcome if you're to have any chance of entering the Special Missions and Warp-Tunnel sections. Here's a guide to survivina the many pieces of space debris, all intent on crushing I your ship J | into space- dust.
Mortal Kombat Elite II Mean Arenas Alien Breed II Lemmings Alfred Chicken Dynablaster Xenon Woodys World Mean Arenas Parasol Stars Sink or Swim Assasins Lotus 2 Stardust Populous 2 Rainbow Island John Madden Cabal Premier Manager 2 Alien Breed Dalek Attack Hunt For Red October Lotus 3 Are you tough enough to enter the pit? Use our exclusive guide to kick the stuffing out of every character in Mortal Kombat. From Sub-Zero to A complete guide to the complex levels ol Alien Breed.
No foreign body escapes from the Amiga Force crew!
Sonia all you to know to JlgP punch, I and.
Yet more Lemmings lifesavers from our team of cuddly experts!
SPECIAL MISSIONS ¦ Special Missions are only really worth entering if you've plenty of lives and a lot of patience. Guide your ship with great care around the underwater caverns as contact with any wall means instant death.
Dotted around the walls are green arrows, indicating the safest route to the exit. When moving around the caverns, only _ use very short bursts of thrust to I correct positioning. More usually sends you flying out-of-control into one of the walls.
¦ The Trilons appear as two diamond-shaped ships joined at the tip. They spin around the screen until they reach the centre. The ship then splits into two separate parts both attempt to push your craft into the oncoming boulders. One touch from either ship is fatel.
Destroy them by blowing the craft away as soon as it - ¦¦ appears. Upon A destroying the tgj one half, the ’v - "ij other loses bearings for a 'gitrSSst short while . JJJbmBj k this is your - chance to ' " close in and - wipe out the i » 4 remaining ship. ’ ¦ The Beetle-Ships travel in shoals, moving randomly around until closing for the kill.
Although the ships have no arms, they're teeming so it's very easy to collide, destroying yourself. Pass the Beetle Level by keeping your finger on the fire-button and not remaining in the same place for too long. It's much harder for the ships to home in and surround you.
ORBIT PLATE ¦ The Orbit Plate's a large shining disc.
Although it’s easy to destroy, the fireballs it launches can hit your craft unexpectedly from behind.
Wiping out the ship's not really a problem just keep a good distance and blast with laser-shots. About ten hits are sufficient.
¦ When the Killer Orb approaches, thrust to the other side of the screen, turning to face it. II opens up and fires now shoot at it’s centre, the only place where you can cause any damage.
When the Orb's laser gets close, activate your shield for protection. Switch to the other side of the screen when the Orb moves again and repeat the whole process until the ship's destroyed.
SPACE WORM ¦ You travel at full throttle in your bid to destroy this foe.
The best method of attack’s staying on a straight line either across or down the screen.
The worm then stays hot on your tail, allowing you to turn and blast chunks out of the beast.
The body's the only weak point If1- »» but watch --- out for pieces flying off when i ' ' you shoot. - They explode *¦ .jfe immediately.
Damage to your ship it it's * ¦ The Weapon Transport’s more of a bonus ship than a serious threat. Resembling a small bubble-shaped craft, it moves gradually across the top-half of the screen. Transports only pass once across the zone, so ensure you blow them up as soon as possible.
Destroying the ship rewards your craft with an extra bonus weapon. The weapons are all explained in their own section later in this ¦ The Fire-Spiller's a real pain, moving slowly across the screen.
As it moves, it spins in circles and throws out an arc ot tire from the centre. Contact with any tlame destoys the ship.
The only way ot destroying it is approaching from the blind-side and pumping it full of shots. It takes about ten hits before the ship finally ¦ Mine-Choppers are possibly the most deadly enemy. Automatically drawn towards your ship, they're large discs with spinning blades on top. Avoid at all costs as contact annihilates your ship.
¦ The large ships initially appearing are not the real danger when attacking a bomber. Avoid the large ships as you wait for them to pass by, and release the real threat, the Fire-Faces.
They attack in much the same fashion as the Fire-Spiller and should be handled in exactly the same way.
Jet a short distance away and fire with every available weapon to destroy them. Dodge the BONUS WEAPONS ¦ The bonus weapons can only be collected Irom the Weapon-Carriers on each level, so ensure you grab every one. Some prove vital if you want to survive the later levels.
MISSILES ¦ Homing Missiles are the most deadly weapon in your arsenal. They destroy a THREE-WAY ¦ The Three-Way weapon's one of the first to collect and can be very useful in almost every PLASMA ¦ Selecting Plasma gives you a multipurpose weapon the shot-power s mrrn ¦ The Burster releases a flaming Orb, exploding on contact with the opponent.
Although the weapon looks good when fired, it’s not really that potent mainly due to the delay amiGa ¦ FEBRUARY 1993 ¦ I DEATH MOVES | oystick-wielding should be in tune with our I descriptions for maximum effect. Explaining further, we use TOWARDS to describe 'towards' your foe, whether facing left or right When we say AWAY it means tap your joystun from the enemy. All button-presses are described as punches. If you've got a one or two-button controller, consult the manual to see how to inflict a punch.
TELEPORT Sneakiest ol all special tournament moves, make sure there’s sufficient room to reappear behind your opponent. Teleport and then let (ly with a flurry of fast punches to your opponent's head from behind.
RAIDENTRICITY Raidentricity's only effective as a long-range weapon. Using it when close to an opponent usually results in you being exposed to a beating COMBINATION MOVES For Rayden, start with a Torpedo, driving your opponent across the arena. Follow up with a couple of blasts of Raidentricity.
Allow your enemy to close in, then Teleport behind and finish them off with a volley of punches.
uproar amongst do-gooders rears its violent head on the Amiga.
Furthering your blood-letting escapades, the A-FORCE crew have spent many hours in the pit with Sub-Zero, Scorpion and even the lovely Sonia, producing these player's tips for vevery character. We've I even included the world-famous £ Final Death moves! t**'™ TORPEDO The Torpedo's for pushing opponents away, allowing you to inflict a combination move. It’s also useful for gaining distance to launch Raidentricity.
RAYDEN The Thunder God’s an excellent choice lor the intermediate player. His special moves, used properly, finish off almost every tournament fighter.
Game creating FATALITY MOVE Raidentricity Overload. Deliver a shocking experience, enough to send heads spinning, with the following move: TOWARDS, AWAY, AWAY, AWAY, PUNCH.
FATALITY MOVE Power-Punch. Cage's devastating power-punch is carried out by closing in and pressing: TOWARDS, TOWARDS. TOWARDS. PUNCH.
SHADOW-KICK Cage's Shadow-Kick's similar to Rayden's Raidentricity only execute at a safe distance. Not too far, though, as the kick won't fully connect.
FIREBALL Let loose the Fireball at the beginning of a match, catching your opponent off-guard. In close combat it’s less effective.
COMBINATION MOVES Start with a Fireball, then close in while your opponent's stunned, delivering a devastating Roundhouse Now, rapidly execute a Shadow-Kick. Knocking the rival back tar enough to deliver another Fireball.
Johnny's one ot the fastest and most agile Kombatants, demanding dexterity on the energy, preventing any HEAD BUTT Draw near, landing it straight to the forehead. Ensure you're close a missed butt usually ends in a severe FATALITY MOVE Heart Attack. Reach out and hurt your opponent, using the following combination: AWAY. AWAY. PUNCH CANNONBALL The Cannonball's effective at a distance especially when your rival's recovering from a vicious knockdown Don't execute when your foe's on his toes, as this attack's very easy to block KANO Kano’s steel skull makes his Head-Butt particularly
That aside, Kano's comparatively run-of-the-mill.
COMBINATION MOVES Deliver a Flymg-Punch, tollciwmg with a volley of hard punches to the head While your rival's reeling, inflict a Roundhouse and finish them off with a Head-Butt SPINNING BLADE The Spinning Blade, as with almost all projectiles, is only deadly from far range. The blade, unfortunately, can be thwarted or counter-attacked with hardly any effort.
VAN DAM SPEAR Coupled with another move, the Spear can be devastating. Launch it, then deliver an Uppercut Letting the Spear loose, as your rival's recovering from an earlier attack, allows you to maintain position, fighting a flawless match.
SCORPION Scorpion, a versatile and easy character to get to grips with, is ideal for beginners. With practice, deadly LIU KANG Liu Kang, the Bruce Lee look-alike, flies around the arena. He also kicks with lightning speed.
SUPERSONIC-KICK The Super-Kick's almost unbeatable.
However, only use it when your foes are af least half a screen away.
Otherwise, you sail over their heads, leaving yourself open to attack.
MOVES Liu Kang's combination composes vicious kicks and awesome speed Begin with a Supersonic-Kick when you land, follow with a Roundhouse, somersaulting away from rivals. When they approach, execute another Roundhouse as you land to catch them off-guard, before finishing with a Fireball FATALITY MOVE Helicopter Spm-Kick. Carry out this malicious move by drawing near, then using: TOWARDS, DOWN. AWAY, UP. TOWARDS.
TELEPORT-PUNCH The Teleport-Punch is only potent if synchronised so you reappear in exactly the same position as the competitor. As your foe has a nasty habit of moving while you’re in mid- Teleport. Most attacks are futile.
MOVES Apart from the Spear-trick, Scorpion's best combination is Spear and Uppercut, Ihen leap towards the enemy, delivering a Flying-Punch. Next, inflict a volley of punches to the face, followed by a high-kick to the face.
FATALITY MOVE Hellfire. Execute by getting a short distance away and then perform: DOWN, DOWN. PUNCH.
¦ FEBRUARY 19941 ICE-FIRE Sub-Zero’s Ice-Fire. Like Scorpion's Spear, is more powerful combined with an Uppercut. Watch out, though, for the double Ice-Backfire, created by firing another blast while your opponent's frozen.
COMBINATION J MOVES Sub-Zero can carry out similar tricks i to Scorpion, using his Ice-Fire POWER-SLID SUB-ZERO Sub-Zero could be considered Scorpion's alter-ego. Pitching the two together's probably the most even contest out of all Kombatants.
Sub-Zero’s moves, once mastered, are a force to be reckoned with.
. Close in on the enemy, still stunned, and strike TT-rtfS LEG-TOSS The Leg-Toss is the most impressive of all Sonya's attacks.
Utilise it to catch the enemy offguard. If you're quick enough, perform a Leg- Toss and get next to your opponent before he gets back on his feet. Execute another toss, removing large amounts of energy.
COMBINATION MOVES Begin with a Flying-Kick, followed by a Leg-Toss and then a Roundhouse. Wipe out the enemy with an Energy-Wave, quickly backed up with a high-kick.
AmiGa ¦ JANUARY 1994 ¦ Be wary ot mission-select ion from the Bulletin Board, t?.- fcwfn Although some missions offer EvaL t- 3 hl9h Pnce *or completion, e I wnc* they could cost the ultimate price your life.
Until you're fully
- - 1, _ competent, avoid those traders
7. - Zj.;" F' involving one person
- Ft requesting a fast ship to a certain area It usually means
they’re into dodgy- _ dealing, causing you trouble rlti not
only with the Federation, 1- -»bul also Wl,h olher sPace' scum
and villains.
In particular, a lady named Alison Edwards should be shunned at all costs. She pays well for her trips around the galaxy, but uses them to work against the Mafia even completing one mission upsets them. It also leads to an assassin on your tail in almost every system entered.
Groups of four or more people are usually a safe bet as they’re only visiting friends in other systems. However, these trips are only really possible when you’ve acquired a ship large enough to make the trip worthwhile.
A further marginally-dangerous mission's carrying tax reports stay alert at all times for an ambush Remember only lake deliveries which are on your route to another system. It's because the |obs don’t really pay enough to take the risk of making large delours.
Scour the bulletin board and you often find packages need delivering. Always check the contents before accepting missions, as it’s very easy grabbing the cash and realising too late you’re carrying illegal items. When taking jobs from the bulletin boards, demand half the cash in advance, preventing you losing out completely if your employer decides to do a runner without paying up.
No scruples about legal status, some systems can be very profitable for both gun-runners and narcotrcs-dealers. As an outlaw, search the anarchical ones for items you require. However, remember honour amongst thieves doesn't really ring true in this game When planning your route, ensure you don’t make a detour through a Federation system. Otherwise, you could well find yourself a magnet for serious police interest.
Guard against taking missions to the far reaches unless, of course, you’re doing the water-run and the stop-off's on your way.
When you reach the outer-systems, stay vigilant and ensure the ship's fully- armed. Many systems are controlled by hostile religious groups. They don't take too kindly to visitors, electing to blast them Into oblivion.
If you’re armed to the teeth and have Apart from the route between Sol and Barnard's Star, mentioned in our earlier tips, we’ve also discovered other areas are valuable sources of cash.
Wife CIS Sht au ms Grek ms fiurfefte ffiiS (teslffet CfFS 3t SpSeSTffa! CUT HIS!
Bssar CVTE5 FT ffe&fe C231 m ftrtfer 6131 3=3tl Unrjfe* IH55LE 13!
623 1 U« fffeGfe; CSS 3332 Prfenf!** aikfS Ml fetSor?: CEE£ kt f1m- When going to Sol with computers, land at Paris to sell them, either through the bulletin board or on the stockmarket They fetch a higher price than most other places on Earth. Take robots to London, selling for the same reason.
Dunng the cash-run between these two systems, always check bulletin boards for packages, passengers and missions to FormhaulL It’s only a short detour and a quick way of boosting cash. For easy money, also carry luxury items to the port of Schmder Town on the planet Discovery in Ross 154 and Delta Pavinons there's an acute shortage and top prices are paid for whatever you can take.
Check out outer-systems, especially ones close to fireball planets water’s a rare commodity there However, missions are only worth attempting when you've a larger ship, making the long journey worthwhile. Plan the route well and carry plenty of fuel, avoiding being stranded in a dead system with no chance of retreat.
The easiest way of tracking down the highest prices is checking out planetary information before going concentrate on riarryrng maior imports as higher prices are Enemy ships have greater supremacy when you're approaching a planet. Find the nearest galaxy, utilising Hyperdrive to warp to it. Fly for a short while before warping back to your original system. You now find you can fly closer to your destination before coming under attack again.
Repeat this procedure until you begin your final approach to the planet. However, there’s one potential danger make certain you're carrying plenty of fuel. It’s obviously more worthwhile if you're taking freight or passengers, guaranteeing loads of dosh!
If you're executing a jump into the galaxy with the Spaceport, fly a short distance through the present system first. Doing this makes the distance to travel in the next a lot shorter, enabling you to avoid any ships which may attempt to close in and attack.
Throughout Frontier, transporting certain cargo, including large supplies of arms and nerve gasses, attracts unwelcome attention especially through unruly systems.
Also, carrying over two tons of liquor lures many pirates to your ship. Use a heavily- armed craft if you're hell-bent on taking booze and earning cash.
Keep cargo to a minimum through lawless galaxies the more barren systems raid your ship for absolutely any freight, especially any type of meat or water.
When a superior craft attacks, it's wiser jumping out of the galaxy, returning to complete the mission another time.
If the Auto-Pilot gets destroyed, return to your last saved position and begin again.
Otherwise, you risk being completely stranded with little help through battles and tricky landing procedures.
WUrgilStepjjre PURCHASING SHIPS _i C gBIHli __________ Always check the Shipyards when landing at a Spaceport. In particular, examine the new and used ships section for upgrading your craft. If you see a ship you'd like and have enough cash, buy it straight away it won't be available again at that port for the same price. There's a very fast turnover in ship-trading!
Also be wary the weight of the ship isn't the actual load capacity. You also need to add peripheral items like Auto-Pilot, Lasers and Hyperdrive before you know the real capacity for cargo and passenger cabins.
If you decide to purchase a ship, go to the Fitting Yards and sell every extra item from your previous one, earning a little cash. Then sell it as an empty shell. However, you can't dispose of it if you've passengers on board unload all cargo and people at their required destination before you trade.
5HIP E£TJIF.“£Mr 5T3TJ5 - Ee e i: UrirE 5-.-KE- 0=35l H rf-frE: Hr”Cerate-: 1£:£v. " of course, acquiring the biggest craft you can and as much money as possible. So, use money- runs, upgrading your ship, and then try to take on every Federation mission possible, boosting ratings.
¦ These little fiends are a real pain. The only way of telling when they’re in the arena is by looking at the walls and floors. If you see a hole in the wall, immediately check the floor for a dark pressure-pad. Touch it and you launch the arrow.
However, they're easy to avoid in most situations if you remember to cross the piece of floor in the same direction as the arrow. It then follows you down fhe passage, allowing you to side-step it before it hits you. Remember the launchers' locations so you don't run into them when trying to escape from an enemy.
Arena guardians are many and varied. Some are very intelligent and can only be destroyed by shooting them, while others aren't as smart and wander into any traps set up.
¦ Tanks are very similar to Humanoids, though not as astute. It's possible to lead these guys blindly into sneaky traps. The biggest drawback ot having one follow is that, unlike Humanoids, Tanks can chase you across ice-tields.
¦ Humanoids look like your main character and are also very clever.
Once spotted, they don't leave him alone. Escape by ¦ either outrunning or shooting them into small pieces. They don't walk over iraps so the llame trick doesn't work on HmssjH these guys. VrEsSSrS The only places where these L. fiends don’t follow is across BB jjL oonveyor-bells or ice. II you've 1 l gol one hot on your tracks and «SKI Cj.’jU you’ve no ammo, head across &*t5 the nearest piece of belt or ice, leaving them stranded. Bfu Vff ... ¦ Ghosts are slow and inflict little damage but can make Me hell on later levels. They pass through anything including walls, making them tough to
Two types appear, visible ones which are easy to outmanoeuvre, and the invisible the most dangerous. There's no way ot avoiding the invisible type and neither can be killed. (They're already dead anyway).
¦ Orbs appear in many guises from bombs through to glowing ball shapes.
Possibly the most dangerous, they’re also the fastest and most intelligent ot all toes.
They can cross any terrain and are rarely foolish enough to walk into any traps.
Destroy these beasts by shooting them with one ot your weapons.
¦ After many hours dashing round mazes and grabbing coins, we’ve unearthed hints allowing you to become the Channel 27 champion.
When collecting coins, make sure you grab every one from the area you're in this saves backtracking and getting into more danger.
It you're surrounded by guardians and you've plenty of power left on your energy meter, a suicide run straight through the nearest opponent is usually the best option.
You sutter some damage, but it's a lot less • than the harm or even death sustained by ... slaying in the same place.
Follow-up t® the highly 1'.' Successful, All©n | Breed, comes, of m course, the sequel I imaginatively titled, 1 f Allen Breed 2. Well, 1 f unoriginal titles aside, Allen Breed 2's a fast and frenetic blend of death, mayhem, aliens and outlandish weapons. In fact, the very ingredients making for another outstanding A-FORCE player's guide.Throughout Allen Breed are many i traps, dead-end i I passages and, not to i mention, vicious aliens A check out these A cracking tips to delve deeper into the game! A A* you ran across this open space you'll notice a strange wind which
attempts to blow you off course.
Fight against this at all costs, as it has a nasty habit of blowing you straight Into a chopper's blades.
Which of course leads to the demise of your poor little chap.
SX- you fr«" S.tt.nfl KHI byth.
Two Chopper*, zooming In towards you at th* start of tho son*.
Don't attempt to take the °bvloo.
• hort-cut around tho Mom o, th* mek You can't pass through tho
gap and usually and up getting killed by a roving Chopper,
passing over your hoari Dash through this area, avoiding the
Never hang around as you 90 through this passageway. It s so small, its impossible avoiding any fireballsor Choppers which may approach while you're In the corridor.
LEUEL 1G - PUWET SURFACE Entering this area rewards you with a nice group of bonus goodies.
Unlike the other bonus groups, _ these ones are actually useful. Crab th* extra anmocllps, as *•«**"* them a godsend, aiding you through the final son* In th* game. You need a key to enter this son*.
LeaMftr THERE TMTU90UR FulfiL DESTinU RUR ITS you__ PAD The Landing Pad's your insertion- poinl on the planet. The biggest problems are flaming Fireballs, raining down from above.
There are also Choppers flying around the area with the sole aim of destroying you. However, the main objective's finding the entrance to the next zone and the relative safety of the interior.
ENTRANCE TO THE CIVILIAN BUILDING Finding the entrance to the Civilian Building s tricky. From the start, head to the left corner of the landing zone. Pass through the two pipes before heading across the bridge. Move to the tar left, continue across the loading zone and right until you've crossed the next bridge Keep moving right and you find the entrance just past the loading zone.
CIVILIAN CHOPPERS Not only can the Choppers shoot you, as they strafe the ground with their cannons, they also kill on contact. The best tactic's avoiding them, even if it means backtracking to get out of their paths.
. 1 j 20 E||E 1 1 FIREBALLS Fireballs can’t actually kill, but inflict serious damage if touched. The balls fall at random, though, and increase if you spend too much time in one area. So, it's best staying on the move at all times.
MAINFRAME COMPUTER The Mainframe Computer in Level Two's located just to the right and above the starting-point Walk up to the terminal and let rip with your weapon, demolishing it As soon as you destroy the Mainframe, the whole screen turns red.
Ensure you know the exit-route before blowing up the Mainframe you've only a very short time to escape before the whole Destroy all out-of-control anti-matter regulators, escaping from the first Civilian Zone. Get away from the second by demolishing the Control-Computer. The third mission sets you the task of finding the key from the base Governor The fourth and final mission in the Civilian Zone demands activating the Crushing-Machmery. Before escaping into the security tunnel. All Civilian Zones contain similar foes some can be defeated while others must be avoided.
¦ -r ANTI-MATTER REGULATORS The Regulators are large round blocks with a spinning ring in the centre. The only way of destroying them's standing next to the main body and firing your weapon at the ring You cannot inflict damage by shooting diagonally to the ring only if you shoot it at right angles.
Don't linger in the room with an active Regulator, as it becomes overloaded with power, firing projectiles in all directions.
CRUSH MACHINERY I The Crush-Controls are to the north of the building. Once you've activated them, go as far right as possible. Travel down until you enter the small tunnel. Go to the end, discovering the deck-lift to safety.
You activate the military Laser, blowing through the security door. The second requires you collect the red security key and negotiate the maze, entering the next mission. The third’s another Time Level in which you must find the second deck-lift before the place blows. The fourth necessitates plugging the toxic gas leak.
Zone. Go into the room with the spinning Lasers, avoid their projectiles and shoot the small pad on the wall next to the Laser, activating it. Once the laser tires, walk through the newly-opened doorway. Go to the right and down for the deck-litt to exit the zone.
One vital lip's running from a fight.
If you're faced with an oncoming alien, and your weapon isn't powerful enough, take flight. It not only saves you energy, it allows another shot.
As soon as you've found enough credits, upgrade your weapon. The one to avold's the Flame- Thrower it really isn't powerful enough to destroy the aliens.
Purchase a remote Tracking-Unit as soon as you can. These are very useful when you're running in circles as they reveal a map of the immediate area, allowing you to plan your route.
The general rule with alien warriors is if it moves, shoot it! All mobile aliens can be destroyed. The wall-guns and j laser- emplacements, however, must be avoided. Keep moving at all times, giving the guns less time to lock onto your ‘ - position.
Use all ammunition sparingly, as it becomes very scarce on later levels, and it's not always im easy finding a terminal and . _.rT-J purchasing extra clips.
Countering alien warriors. Shoot everything crossing your path and go to the right. Never take the central route, as nine times out of ten they're dead-ends.
II the letters are anything to go by, it seems many Lemmings
- buffs are still struggling with brainteasers in the labyrinth
of maxes found in every corner of the games. This month,
though, the Lemmings Lifeline extends to readers stumped by Oh
Mol More Lemmings we've spent many hours solving Tamo Level
11. As well as getting to the bottom of this level, we take the
Lifeline a step further by solving Level 29 from the Fun Zone
of the original Lemmings.
If you're stuck on any level in Lemmings, Oh No! More Lemmings or oven Lemmings 2, then write to: Lemmings Lifeline, AMIGA FORCE, Impact Magaxines, Ludlow, Shropshire SY8 1JW.
Mease remember to include the level you're stuck on, as well as the level password.
Sorry, but we cannot reply personally to any ‘‘V* problems. .'.V Wait for the first Lemming to walk back to the left. As he reaches the top of the red slope, turn him into a Builder. He creates a mini-bridge to the left, preventing the rest of the team from dying.
MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY Oh No! More Lemmings Wild Level 11 Mutiny's another of those levels where one poor Lemming does all the work, while the rest of the gang stand around twiddling their thumbs. It demands spot-on mouse-work, so make sure you get in plenty of practice before attempting this level.
WORRA LORRA LEMMINGS Lemmings Fun Level 29 Lorra Lemmings test building and bashing skills to the limit.
If you keep calm and follow our solution to the letter, you reach the next level before you know it.
Following a safe landing, your Lemming strolls right and turns around. As he begins return journey, turn him into a Builder, making a bridge to the left.
Change this Lemming into a Builder, halfway across the bridge. His construction work helps stop him and the others from falling into a sandy grave.
When the bridge reaches the roof and he turns round, build another bridge to the right.
R Convert one Lemming in the main group into a Builder to erect a bridge up to the platform on the right, allowing your pals to escape.
I After he’s bashed ' j 1 through the pole, r make him smash through the next pedestal and the ground lying behind it.
Let the Builder drop down into the small pit and convert him into a Basher, breaking through the wooden pole.
It s time to use bashing J skills again, breaking 1 through the bottom of the broken stairs.
When you’ve reached the large pyramid, batter through to the left 1 until you’re at the metal block.
As soon as you 1 crash ' through the steps, change into a Builder, creating a bridge up to the | wooden ledge on the left.
1 '1 B. i'__ ] jflr “T j . iw LxTg ] S-.. 'J j r j | As your Lemming turns f i I back, heading right, ' change him into a 1 Builder, forming a zig-zag network of bridges up to the exit platform.
Blow up the left Blocker, releasing the rest of the green dudes on their journey to safety and completion of the level.
¦fivniHvn, blue hedgehogs and ninjas from the Nth Dimension? Check out Alfred Chicken, possibly one of the strangest games around. As with many platform games, it contains the obligatory hidden zones finding them can be a real pain, though.
Hence, our AMIGA FORCE guide to finding the hidden staaes in Lilli till i levels.
¦ Bounce up to the doorway at the top of the first screen and enter. This brings you out in another screen, positioning Alfred nght between a toy mouse and a springboard. Work your way nght until you come to a dead-end wall. Jump against it and push right if you've done this correctly, you pass through the wall and can walk right to another doorway.
You should find yourself in the first of the Bonus Zones Pick up the telephone and jamjar from the plant. Once you've collected the jam-jar, VS*7 VijP ' the screen fills up with _ bonus cheese wheels. “““ Grab all the cheese 'CSr pieces and go through the jgk.
Door, dropping into a room Em I with two star blocks. Step off DRD to the left and bounce on the gm gm _ spring until you reach the yiy highest point. A doorway appears in mid-air which you j- should jump into to find the V2V hidden zone. ¦ I m Move to the top right of the first screen before going left to the large toy soldier Drop down to the soldier's feet, finding the next screen doorway.
¦ Jump up t e a-ge screws reach,ng the doorway on the ledge above Pass through the door and spnng left onto the wooden block. Leap across to the left, landing on the exploding block.
Stand on it as it blows up and keep LEFT pushed You float down through the secret passage and spikes, entering the door to the next secret Bonus Zone.
¦ Jump up the a-ge screws reach ng the doorway on the ledge above Pass through the door and spnng left onto the wooden block. Leap across to the left, landing on the exploding block.
Stand on it as it blows up and keep LEFT pushed You float down through the secret passage and spikes, entering the door to the next secret Bonus Zone.
Travel right to the sleeping bomb. Jump over very carefully so you're standing next to it.
Leap straight up into the air. Revealing a hidden spring jumping onto it catapults you into the air Bounce up the spnngs to Ihe A'. B'. And C' blocks with the mounted doors. Doors A' and B' take you through to the next pad of the level, while entenng door 'C' accesses the bonus room.
¦ FEBRUARY 1 994 ¦ As you all know by now, this is the section of the mag written by the readers, for the readers.
If you're stumped by any part of a game, TIPS BITS, through either the A-Team or our army of readers, will endeavour to shed light on the problem. Don't hesitate to send us your scintillating new tips or any answers to queries raised in this forum.
Remember, the best tipster every month is rewarded with a free 12- month subscription to AMIGA FORCE (don't worry if you already have one, we’ll renew it for you). So, send your tips and problems to: TIPS BITS, AMIGA FORCE, Impact Magazines, Ludlow, Shropshire SY8 1JW.
V- 9flVi ) ¦ FEBI IIIARY 1994 ¦ ami mm EYE OF THE BEHOLDER afljV'J ¦ Due to a slight technical hitch we gt were unable to print the second part of the Eye Of The Beholder solution last month. For all you who've waited so long, here's the second part of Darren Jordan's solution.
Level two This level's filled with skeletons and zombies. If you want to avoid a fight, let your priest turn them, and you can walk past unharmed.
As you enter this level, you're faced with three identical corridors with silver locks. On the ground is only one silver key. First, open the door to the south.
The crossroads you come across spin you 90 degrees to the right each time you cross. At the west fork, the corridor ends in a 'travel' marker.
Step through it. Find the other one and step through that. You enter a room with two zombies. There's no treasure, but it's good experience. Return to the crossroads The south fork comes to a dead-end with a floor panel. When you step on the panel, you hear a stone-grinding sound. Don't worry it's a secret door opening further in the sewer. Return to the crossroads.
The east fork takes you to a small maze of corridors which teleport you around. To avoid them, find the travel' markers on the walls and step through them. This way, you avoid the teleports and can reach the other side. There is a secret door at the end. And here you will find another silver key. Return to the level entrance.
Next, open the door to the east with the silver key entering an area of corridors filled with pits.
Around the walls are various buttons to close them. With one you can see a floor-panel beyond. Throw something over the pit, hitting the panel and closing it. In this area you'll come across another silver key, and hear another stone-grinding noise. The ladder Playing Tips!
Leads down to a room underneath the pits. This is where you end up if you fall down a pit. Down here's a potion. Return to the level entrance.
Now use the third silver key to open the north door. As you step through, you see a corridor on the left that goes nowhere. This corndor opens slowly and is what's making the stone-grinding noises. You come back here later.
Most of the doors in this area appear stuck.
Force them open by clicking on the bottom of the door. If you fail to open it, have a few more goes. If you still fail, rest for a while, then try again. One of the doors can't be forced open so throw a dagger through it. You eventually find more treasure and hear another stone- grinding noise. Go back to the slowly-opening corridor mentioned earlier.
The corridor's now fully open. In the room beyond, you find a stone dagger. It's not a weapon. It's a key for a magic portal found later on in the dungeon.
The door in the bottom-left comer can be opened by throwing a dagger through it. You'll come across an alcove filled with lights. On the wall is the sign RATS' Rapid Action Transport System. This teleport lakes you close to the door to Level Three Don't go through it just yet.
Next, you come to a door, beyond which is a room containing a button and an inscription saying 'ENTRY LEVEL'. This is a lift. To operate it, close the door and press the button. The inscription now reads 'CORRECTION FACILITY'. You come into a room full of prison cells. In each are two skeletons. There's the odd piece of treasure to be had in some of the cells.
In the southern cell, the central brick on one wall opens a secret door. This leads back into the room that's under the pits from earlier on.
Return to the left.
Left again brings you to the DEATH SECTION'. There are a few zombies and a door that needs forcing open. Beyond the door, you find a gold key. This opens the door to Level Three. Return to the lift. Using it again takes you back to the ENTRY LEVEL’.
If you want to move onto the next level quickly, go back to the R.A.T.S, step through it, and go north until you find the door. Put in the key and you're off to Level Three.
If you want to explore a bit further, that's fine.
Going the other way brings you into a maze with wandering zombies.
To the left are a few rooms. To open the first door, place an object on the floor-panel. In the room beyond are two doors Behind each one are undead creatures. You can only open the north door. After the creatures are out of the way, you find a lever and a button The lever opens the other door. The button seems to do nothing, but has opened up a new corridor in the maze, and has changed a few of the walls round. Use your map to avoid getting lost. You can now go down to Level Three.
Level three The creatures on this level are Flinds and Kuotoas. Both can be a bit nasty. The Kuotoas’ first attack is a lightning-type spell. It's best to try to avoid it. Then attack before they do it again.
If you go round to the rooms on the right, you come across corndors of trapped gas. When the computer says you feel dizzy, you have turned around 180 degrees. Just turn back round and carry on.
Going to the left takes you into the rest of the dungeon. First, you come across another
R. A.T.S. If you use it, it telepods you almost to the end of
this level. A good way, if you want, to skip it. But you miss
out on all the fun!
Okay, stop whatever it is you were id | doing and pay attention! The cheats on these pages have to be cut out, so grab I yourself a pair of scissors (make sure that I your parents or guardians are present) and get snipping. Now store them all in a good place so that you can refer to them whenever r you deem it necessary!
I I I Enter your password as TURPENTINE for unlimited time.
Alternatively, enter the password as DUX to play a ‘hidden’ game.
World Two completed with lots of lives and weapons.
Typo CYNIX while playing, then press any of the following keys to access these cheats: C: Extra credits X: Skip to next level B: Enter bonus screen M: Gives you all three stars G: Kills all the enemies Use 1-7 and F1-F10 to skip to those level A handy set of codes for those later levels: 3-1: MXVCLSAH 4-2: ROCEGMPU 5-1: ROLCLSEW 6-1: ROFVWBNL 7-3: MAREWGKP 8-2: MXAEPMYH Enter the following passwords to help you further into the game.
To jump to any level up to 20, simply type the level number you require in the password screen.
Mean arenas lotus 2 Woody* world A few handy passwords for all you Woody fans: AHJBEAEA, MODNAAOG, OKDNFAPK, MPDNGAMF, MKDNCAIK, OIHMOACO.
Try typing in these names on the high-score table for a few surprises: ASSASSIN, SUPERFROG, ALIEN BREED, PROJECT X. Sink or swim To finish the game faster, type in this code: FIELDSOFDOOM.
Xenon 2 Pause the game and type in RUSSIAN AIR.
Unpause and use N to skip levels.
The corridor after the R.A.T.S has a teleport- Irap and you're teleported back to the end of the corridor. This seems to work only once, so try again. If it does it again, try walking along the corridor backwards or sideways. Once round the corner, search for the button opening a secret room.
At the next junction, go south to the door. In the room beyond are three silver locks. You should have a few silver keys from the last level.
Opening any of them reveals a button. But, you should push the middle button to reveal a secret ' passage. The others aren't very pleasant to you.
On the map on the right is a small room.
Outside is a silver lock. Round the corner is another silver lock. If you open the lock by the door, it opens, but also puts you in the middle of a group of Kuotoas who attack from two sides at the same time. Not nice! Instead, open the silver lock round the corner. It still opens the door, but only subjects you to one Kuotoa.
Eventually you come round to the room with all the drainage holes. To enter, place the gem you should have found, into the square hole.
When you enter, to your right is a floor-panel with a rock. Step on it. This opens and closes some pits. Now carefully walk round the room.
There's only one route for you to take. You come across more lloor-plates. Stand on them.
Basically, if you see a floor-plate, step on it. You eventually work your way round to the treasure.
The floor-plate next to it helps you return to the door.
Next on your map is a square room with a maze beyond it. Both are full of Flinds and Kuotoas. There’s also treasure in there. The room has a teleport area that moves you into another corner of the room. In the maze, you come across a set of human bones. These, too, become another party member at a later date. In the top-left corner of the maze is a T-shaped area. The corridor on the right has a secret door taking you beyond the large room on the map.
The large room on the map’s marked 'MUSEUM' on the wall, and can only be entered from the door on the right, Inside are many monsters. They're not moving. You can walk past them to the other door. You notice there's treasure underneath some of the monsters. To get it, you must kill the monsters. But, if you fight a Flind, all the other Flinds wake up and attack.
The same for the Kuotoas. In the first alcove's a Kuotoa guarding a shield. Killing the Kuotoa may be easy, but once you pick the shield up. All the other monsters wake up and attack. A tip s to work your way to the other door and open it.
Playing iTipS!
This means you won’t be trapped in the room, surrounded by monsters. Then, pick a fight with a Flind or Kuotoa. Once one type of monster's dead, wake the other monsters and kill them.
You may want to rest between fights. The room is now empty and ready for plunder.
Through the final door you find the other end of the R.A.T.S. After the long corridor is the area with alcoves and dead-end branches. The alcoves each contain a pair of eyes, with one eye missing.
The dead-end branches contain blue gems which fit into the empty eye-sockets. Just put all the gems into the sockets. There are several confusing teleports moving you around the corridors. It's annoying, but you can eventually visit all the alcoves after a little patience.
Once all the gems are in place, the north and south alcoves open up into a large room beyond. There's some treasure there and a choice of two ladders down to Level Four.
¦ Thanks again for the excellent solution Darren, hope to hear more from you in the near future.
36-RDPIHWNI 38-QDPIIWPJ 40-QEAIIVNJ 42-PDPJIWPJ 44-PEAJJVNK 46-OEAKJVOK 48-OFFKJUNK 50-NDPKKWPL 52-NEALKVNL 54-MEALKVPL PREMIER MANAGER ¦ I am a regular reader of your 35 ma9azine anci 1 am wondenng if you “I have any cheats or lips for the excellent Premier Manager 2.
Jason Noteman, Preston.
¦ Well Jason, if you take a wee peek at the CUT-OUT N' CHEAT section, you'll see that we have a handy little cheat. It was sent to us by Mark Chapman from Torquay.
* ¦ Since purchasing Dome's excellent game. Bob's Bad Day Out.
I've been playing it relentlessly. As a result. I've managed to
reach Level 70 and I would like to share the level codes with
your many readers.
S. G. Lockey. Dunfermline.
¦ Thanks for the codes Mr S and thanks for theWinning Post cheats which we've included in our CUT-OUT 'N' CHEAT section.
57-LDPMLWQM 59-LEAMLVOM 61-KEANMVQN 63-KFFNMUPN 65-JBFNMYQN 67-JCKONXOO 69-OCKONXQQ 71-IDPPNWOO Cabal Type SCHLIKA at any time, making the border flash. Now use F2 to skip levels.
John Madden 49’ers fans should try these codes to take you all the way to the top: Quarter-Final 6662200 Semi-Final 6272200 Final 6672204 To enter the secret room, collect the diamonds in this sequence: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet.
When you use lightning on anything, press 1 and release the mouse-button.
Lightning now continues until you press the mouse- button again. It costs nothing to carry out this cheat.
Enter your code as ADKIUCMCZNDIFINL for maximum experience in all Alien breed 2 H Premier manager 2 TTT Dalek attack If you’re surrounded by enemy ships, simply save the game.
When you restore it, all snips will’ve disappeared.
Lostpatrol This one takes a while to carry out, although it's well worth the wait. Rest for 50 minutes and for no loss of food your strength and morale is restored by a few points. This may not sound that impressive until you realise that this restores all of your remaining men to 99%.
If it doesn’t work, try swapping the names around or entering JAMES BOND instead of ROGER MOORE.
Go to the Bait and Tackle shop and pick up the mug next to the candle. Repeat the pick-up in the space where the mug was and you’ll get every item to complete the game.
Ri i ! F. 't ' Enter any of these codes on the password screen to boost your ratings.
EFFECT CODE 50,000 Credits 736353 Level Skipfpress N) 243433 50 Keys for each player 378829 Alien breed 2 Here are the all-important codes for the original version.
LEVEL AREA CODE 1 Landing Pad PT 1 098654 1 Landing Pad PT 2 736353 1 Landing Pad PT 3 243433 1 Landing Pad PT 4 378829 1 Landing Pad PT 5 000000 2 Civilian Zone 2 353828 3 Civilian Zone 2 108383 4 Civilian Zone 3 370101 5 Civilian Zone 4 982822 6 Security Passage 847464 Use any of the following telephone numbers to enter a hidden Fruit Machine. The machine has different combinations giving both good and bad effects.
896610, 602114, 220769, 250967, 000123, 781560.
Dialling 089869 allows you to contact the club secretary.
Lotus 3 rwr-r r. fttfc ¦ r rr Enter CU AMIGA in the code-box to enter a hidden game.
Hey! Do you want the good news or the even better news first? The good news is that from Issue 6 (on sale 20 May), AMIGA FORCE will be published every 4 weeks! No more | long waits between issues! No more hair-tearing frustration, yearning for the latest, hottest tips.
Nope, it'll be hitting the streets EVERY 4 weeks!
The even better news is you can get AMIGA FORCE on a low-cost, recession-beating subscription. Not only do you receive 12 issues of the magazine for serious Amiga gamesplayers, you also get THREE great Gremlin games (total original value: £74.97) for just pounds extra! It's brilliant isn't it?
¦ However, we realise that some of you dedicated gamesplayers may already have one (or more) of the three free games. In this case, you can subscribe without getting the games for a special DISCOUNT price!
Make your choice (games or not), tick the relevant box in the coupon, fill in your details and send it to Europress Direct (not the AMIGA FORCE editorial office).
LOTUS ESPRIT I TURBO CHALLENGE I Even more playable than its two classy sequels, this is the two-player driving game. The rollercoaster 3-D action is superfast; the competition furious, as you bump and barge past the computer cars and into each other on obstacle-strewn tracks.
I want to join the rapidly growing AMIGA FORCE army. I understand I mus1 of sound mind and prefer purely games reviews and tips and no technobabble. I don’t have an attitude problem and I can’t wait to get my hands on tl explosive equipment every gamer needs: that's 12 issues of AMIGA FORCE please!
¦ Tick where appropriate.
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6501 ? I live in the United Kingdom (£22.99) 6503 11 live in Europe or Eire (£30.99) 6505 DI live outside Europe (£40.99) 6701 I Don’t forget to send me my three free games!
¦ Please send me the next 12 issues of AMIGA FORCE, at the special disco: price, but without tree games: 6511 D I live in the United Kingdom (£18.99) [ SWITCHBLADE IA cracking arcade adventure with the hero punching and kicking baddies galore as he searches for the fragments of a mythical sword. The innovation of showing unexplored areas as unlit removes the risk of backtracking in the extensive underground levels.
[ MANIX IA souped-up variation of the I classic Q-Bert coin-op, this has you jumping around the isometric 3-D blocks to change their colour, requiring a combination of quick I thinking and arcade reflexes.
6513 ? I live in Europe or Eire (£26.99) 6515 ? I live outside Europe (£36.99) Method of payment: ? VISA ACCESS POSTAL ORDER CHEQUE Credit card number .. Expiry date .... Signature ...... Name ...... Address .. ......Postcode . Make cheques and postal orders payable to Europress Direct (or a photocopy of it) to: Europress Direct, AMIGA FORCE Su FREEPOST, Ellesmere Port, South Wirral L65 3EB. No slamp ne OR!
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'Software Failure. Press left mouse button to continue.
Error: 06266861 1 Task: Hmiga Force Solution: Next month it will all be different.
On sale: 17 February.
...Bringing the best out of computing!
Commodore & Atari Controllers SpeedMouse
• Switchable mouse for both the Amiga and Atari ST
• Feather-touch button control
• 300 dpi
• Smooth and accurate movement
• Comfortable to use.
Model No. LG 2RG £16.99 inc. VAT.
The world's first fully microswitched Ttontrol Pad
• Six fire buttons
• Eight-direction _ thumb control
• Autofire
• Six foot connector tons :onnector rsion of Quatro.
Younger gamesplayels or hand-held play.
. JT 151 £12.99 pnc. VAT.
Quatro GT Delta-Ray New 'Comfort-Grip' handle
• Nine high-quality microswitches
• Extra-long connector cable
• Five fire buttons
• Autofire plus rapid-fire function
• Suction cups for extra stability.
Model No. JT 156 £15.99 inc. VAT.
Classic arcade-style design • 3-way autofire facility
• Six heavy-duty microswitches • Slow-motion facility
• Extra-long connector cable • Two fire buttons
• Independent rapid-fire button • Steel shaft.
Model No. JT 755 £16.99 inc. VAT.
Pinto GT Miniature version of Quatro GT but without rapid-fire and slow-motion. Suitable for younger gamesplayers or hand-held play.
Model No. JT 152 £16.99 inc. VAT.
¦ Freewheel Can you imagine Nigel Mansell using a joystick to control his car around a high-speed track? Probably not. That's why we came up with the FreeWheel. Just plug it into your computer joystick port and experience the real sensation of driving!
BP W V • Suitable for all types of driving and flying games I1 ¦ • Uses unique angle-sensitive switches • Extra-long connector cable K m • Does not need to be mounted or fixed to a surface.
L «pr M Model No. FW 111 - Digital FreeWheel tor Amiga ST C64 etc. £29.99 inc. VAT.
Model No. FW 123 - Analog FreeWheel A J for Amiga £39.99 inc. VAT.
LD INDUSTRIAL ESTATE. BERESFORD AVENUE, WEMBLEY, MIDDLESEX HA0 1NW, ENGLAND - 1 0° ELEPH0NE: 081-900 0024 • FACSIMILE: 081-903 6625. I E1'" l( vaR.S tip wves WE ilccmwKP as t* PBOPERIV Of IMEIR RESPECTI* OWNERS LG4 07 10 95 LOOK at these prices!!
Nintendo Watches and T-Shirts greatly reduced GREAT VALUE NINTENDO MERCHANDISE - LOWEST PRICES! I SQUARED CIRCLE 0908 262366 (Nintendo) SUPER MARIO BROS. TALKING ALARM CLOCK £16.99+p&p 32002 ‘Wake up! It’s lime to leave Dreamland!"
Announces Mario. Features computer game music, 4-event digital clock and “Snooze" button.
TIME BOY KEYFOB £4.99+p&p 32010 Novelty miniature Game Boy is an LCD Watch on a keyring.
?ALL GAME WATCHES INCLUDE A FIVE-FUNCTIONAL DIGITAL WATCH* SUPER MARIO KART GAME WATCH WAS £12.99 NOW £6.99*_p&p 32011 Super Mario Kart is now more mobile! Fully playable game, including a split-second digital watch to keep track of your fastest laps.
SUPER MARIO WORLD WATCH WAS £12.99 NOW £6.99+p&p 32009 Mario and Yoshi travel over seven game worlds to save Princess Toadstool from the clutches of the evil Koopa.
Includes headphones!
SUPER MARIO BROS WATCH WAS £14.99 NOW £6.99 +p&p 32006 Battle against Bowser to save Mushroom World in this fast action, multi-level platform game watch.
LEGEND OF ZELDA WATCH WAS £14.99 NOW £6.99+p&p 32007 Link travels the underground complex to slay the Dragon.
Collect weapons to destroy the Menagerie of Meanies.
TETRIS GAME WATCH WAS £14.99 NOW C6.99+P&P 32008 The ultimate Russian brain-teasing puzzle is now available on a watch! Fast reflexes and a clear mind are required to complete this game of strategy.
LEGEND OF ZELDA 3D WATCH WAS £5.99 NOW ONLY £1.99+p&pl! 32005 Flip open the 3D-moulded Zelda figure to reveal a five- function LCD digital watch.
HOW TO ORDER For last service on Credit Cord Sales call 0908 262366 Postage & packing Goods totalling under £5.00 please add £0.75 over £5.00 please add £l .50 over £l 5.00 please add £2.50
9. 00am til 5.30pm Monday to Friday or send your order by post to
the address below Our Squared Circle guarantee means that if
you are not completely satisfied with any item you purchase
you may return yaur purchose in its original condition within
I d days. We will refund your money or exchange the item N
Computer games may only be returned i( they are faulty.
Signature .....Date . TOTAL ENCLOSED NAME OE RECIPIENT ...AGE ...... Please tick here it you do not wish to recebi DELIVERY ADDRESS (IF DIFFERENT FROM ABOVE) . 0the. Mailings . Goods will be despatched within 14 . working days from receipt of order.

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