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Dear AMIGA FORCE I have recently bought an Amiga A600 computer and have now started to read your very good magazine. In fact, the first magazine of yours that I read was no 12, with the free hints and tips book volume 2. The reason I'm writing to you is that I would like to know if I can get hold of a copy of the first volume. I did look in the back issues but none of the magazines mentioned the free book. I do hope you can help. Gordon Tully, Wood End, Coventry ¦ Sorry Gordon, no can do we only print enough books to cover the news-stand mags (they're pretty expensive, you know!), so the back issues generally come without the free gifts attached. Sorry I couldn’t help more! Chris AN ESSEX- MAN JOKE Dear AMIGA FORCE Me and my mates are always fighting over which is best. Amiga, Nintendo or Sega. I gave out a black eye and broke an arm once (pleasant chap Chris). Now, can you answer this question: Do you need an Amiga to use the CD32? David Wilkinson, Essex ¦ I'm surprised you have any friends at all if you go around breaking arms when a disagreement rears its head. You should calm down lad! You don't need an Amiga to use the CD32 this is purely a stand-alone machine, unlike the Sega machine, where you need the Mega Drive to utilise the power (what there is of it) of the Mega CD. Obviously, the CD32 not only offers better value but it’s also a far more capable and powerful machine to boot! Chris WHAT'S IN A DATE? Dear AMIGA FORCE I have spotted your three deliberate mistakes on the calendar with the Christmas AMIGA FORCE.

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(Nintendo) SQUARED CIRCLE ORDER HOTLINE 0908 262366 LOOK at these prices!!
Nintendo Watches and T-Shirts greatly reduced SUPER MARIO BROS. TALKING ALARM CLOCK C16.99+p&p 32002 "Wake up! It's time to leave Dreamland!"
Announces Mario. Features computer game music.
4-event digital clock and "Snooze" button TIME BOY KEYFOB C4.99+P&P 32010 Novelty miniature Game Boy is an LCD Watch on a keyring.
£6.99+ p&p 32011 Super Mario Kart Is now more mobile! Fully
playable game.
Including a split-second digital watch to keep track of your fastest laps.
SUPER MARIO WORLD WATCH WAS £12.99 NOW £6.99+p&p 32009 Mario and Yoshi travel over seven game worlds to save Princess Toadstool from the clutches of the evil Koopa.
Includes headphones!
SUPER MARIO BROS WATCH was £14.99 NOW £6.99 +p&p 32006 Battle against Bowser to save Mushroom World in this fast action, multi-level platform game watch.
LEGEND OF ZELDA WATCH WAS £14.99 NOW £6.99+p&p 32007 Link travels the underground complex to slay the Dragon.
Collect weapons to destroy the Menagerie of Meanles.
TETRIS GAME WATCH WAS £14.99 NOW £6.99+p&p 32008 The ultimate Russian brain-teasing puzzle is now available on a watch! Fast reflexes and a clear mind are required to complete this game of strategy.
LEGEND OF ZELDA 3D WATCH WAS £5.99 NOW ONLY £1.99+p&p!! 32005 Flip open the 3D-moulded Zelda figure to reveal a five- function LCD digital watch.
HOW TO ORDER For fast service on Credit Card Sales call 0908 262366 Postage & packing Goods totalling under £5.00 please add £0.75 over £5.00 please add £1.50 over £15 00 please add £2 50
9. 00am til 5.30pm Monday fo Friday or send your order by post to
(be address below Out Squared Circle guarantee moony that il
you ate not completely satisfied with any item you purchase
you may return your purchase in its ongmol condition wirfym 14
days We will refund your money or e*chonge me item N Computer
gomes may only be returned if they are hxxlfy capon*** | | | |
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | Cheque or posh SQUARED CIRCLE
Signature.. SWITCH Date .... ITEM CODE SIZE PRICE TOTAL MR MRS MISS INITIAL ......SURNAME ... TOTAL ADDRESS.. PSP TOTAL ENCLOSED NAME OF RECIPIENT ...AGE ...... pta* tick here if you do nol wish to recei' DELIVERY ADDRESS |IF DIFFERENT FROM ABOVE] . ,**, mailings . Goods will be despatched within 14 . working days from receipt of order.
EDITORIAL - A QUICK WORD FROM THE EDITOR lelcome one and all to a new kind of Amiga Force. You won't [ find any 'free' disks on our cover and no high cover price either instead just a 100% solid Amiga gaming magazine. If you've had a quick flick through this issue you'll have noticed some major changes. We've redesigned the mag from scratch and put together a brand new editorial team.
One of the main differences is the way we'll be reviewing games.
There are umpteen magazines out there all rushing to bring you the latest full price reviews, usually making a botch job of it in the process.
Most of them don't even glance at the latest budget releases.
There's none of that in this magazine. Instead we're dedicated to bringing you informative, in-depth reviews on the games everyone can afford. Whether they be original budget titles, re-releases, compilations or CD32 and A1200 upgrades they'll all be covered
- properly under these pages.
Of course we can't ignore the full price games they still make up the majority of the sales in the Amiga software world. What we'll be doing is sorting out the wheat from the chaff and reviewing the best full price releases every month and even then they won't get the standard review treatment. We'll be covering the games from another angle, offering budget and re-release alternatives to the full price game or creating a feature on the game's background and influences, incorporating a review.
Sounds complicated? Well it's not. We just couldn't see the point in bringing you a magazine covering the same games in the same way to all the others. We hope you like what we've done, if you do drop us a line and say so! If you don't then flip over to the survey on page 53 and tell us why.
Well that's enough chat from me. Enjoy the magazine.
• ISSUE 16 l«Wa* Yes, the little fat Italian plumber from the
Super Nintendo is coming to the Amiga with Mindscape. Mario is
Missing isn't in the usual platform game mould but it's great
fun to play. Find out more on page 12.
Codemasters % i1 v A One of the leading software houses of the past few years open up f their back catalogue of budget J and full price releases for I inspection. We ask the top dogs .about their personal 1 favourites and take
- . , a look at their J 9rea,est 9ames of all timp Arabian
Nights Upgrade Page 38 In the all-new AMIGA FORCE Tips Vault
ever on page 00 we’ve got hoards of Ups for all kinds of games.
There’s a detailed players’ guide to the excellent graphic
adventure The Secret at Monkey Island, tips on Frontier: Bite
II, The lotus Trilogy, the compilation excellent Games and the
instant hit Jurassic Park. Phew!
SU6S 0 SACK ISSUES 75 Like what you see? Then why not subscribe to the only real magazine for your Amiga. No messing around with dodgy disks here.
GUIDE .76 Before you buy that new game see what we think of it in this first part of our guide to every title ever reviewed in AMIGA FORCE.
PREVIEWS ....12 The outstanding Inferno from Ocean, Out to Lunch and Mario is Missing from Mindscape, not to mention some of the amazing artwork being digitised for Core's Universe.
LETTERS The new rating system explained and the low down on our plucky band of reviewers.
REVIEWS ...16 CONTENTS - WHAT’S WHERE IN THE ALL NEW AMIGA FORCE COMPETITION 52 Win the entire Codemasters budget back catalogue and a groovy Cosmic Space head Global Flypercolor T-shirt.
NEWS S Commodore get cheeky with Sega, Full Motion Video comes to the CD32, win yourself a GamesFax and check out what's hot in the charts.
SURVEY 53 Tell us what you think of the new look AMIGA FORCE and a bit about yourself.
PUSLIC DOMAIN 56 All the latest games floating around the PD scene reviewed and rated by our resident Will Nintendo s Starwing appear on the Amiga?
Put yourself out of misery and find out by reading this month's letters.
Speedball 2 Re-release Page 35 ViVif European Rampage Tour Re-release Page 45 Laser Squad Re-release Page 40 Fantastic Diziy Full price Page 42 Excellent Games Campilation Page 50 Gunslup _ Re-release _J Page 46 Risky Woods Re-release Page 45 AMIGA FORCE • ISSUE SIXTEEN • MARCH 1994 February already and a big kick in the teeth for all those console chumps bearing black flags for the future of the Amiga. As it stands market share for Commodore’s evergreen IB-bit buddy here in the UK is approximately 46% almost that of Sega and Nintendo put together.
Of that, the SNES occupies a mere 12% of the home entertainment system user base. So, what with the CD32 wonder-machine far superior to the Japanese cart-based systems and streets ahead of the Mega CD, Commodore are set to stay firmly at the forefront of home gaming as long as their financial problems don't get any worse.
BRINGING YOU ALL THE NEWS ERDM ARGUNB THE AMIGA WHRI1! - NEWS Of course the CD Amiga is far more than just a games machine. Its high quality Full Motion Video capabilities make it a superb platform for other media applications just beginning to be realised. After a nine month refurbishment project, the London transport museum re-opened on 14 December with interactive videos at the heart of the new look. Touch screens and simulations are available to visitors allowing one to experience the joys of public transport (I?) Over the last fAGl* w Hardware for these systems is made up of 109 1 CD32s
as well as miscellaneous | Amiga A4000s. This doesn’t ’ mean (we hope) an influx of i train and bus sims onto the ' market but it does illustrate the 1 power of the machine and gives i an idea of what might be ¦ achieved should programmers 1 fully explore the possibilities of ’ this new power base.
Film ’94 Another feather in the CD32's cap is the recent launch of its new FMV cart. This special attachment enables Commodore's flagship machine to play videos stored on CD using the MPEG1 standard. The unit is roughly five by six inches wide and half an inch thick, consisting of a substantial circuit board encased in a robust metal box. After insertion, it appears to take longer for the CD32 longer to display its title screen if, say, you've seen the difference between A600 and A1200 start-up speed, you'll know what we mean.
Other than that, there's no noticeable difference, other than the fact the machine's now capable of playing FMV games, videos... There aren't a great deal of these available at the moment at the time of writing, we've just received invites to a ceremony for the launch of the first commercial music video on CD but there soon will be, simply because it's said to be easier (and certainly cheaper, with duping costs around the 57 pence mark per unit) to store feature films or pop videos on
CD. Recent research indicates that traditional VHS cassettes are
practically unusable after between 20-50 years those who
frequently hire videos from high street libraries will know
just how bad the cassette quality becomes after a few year's
worth of use.
Commodore have yet to 1 announce news of a potential CD bundle with the unit we should imagine they'll opt for a music video compilation, if anything but by the time you read this, the unit will be in the shops. We've also heard rumours of Phillips video Cds working on CD32 machines, but there's no hard evidence to substantiate this as yet more information on that when we get it... and an FMV cart, for that matter!
Commodore aren't renown for their generosity when it comes to free review copies... Christmas is the season of goodwill and all that jazz, with everyone making time for drinking, eating and all manner of jovial japes including Commodore, it would seem. This little jest of theirs (see picture) will doubtlessly have peeved Sega, especially with it being a cruel parody of their 'to be this good takes ages Sega' slogan.
It's essentially the advertising equivalent of David Pleasance popping 'round to Sega HQ and taking a crap on their marketing director's desk... for the want of a better analogy, ahem!
Live and kickin’ Early it may be, but the biggest event of the year is already set to be the Live '94 show in November. The first 'Live’ show last year was a roaring success, attracting in excess of 140 000 eager punters to London's Olympia. Praise gushed from all corners of the industry with David Pleasance, Commodore's joint Managing Director enthusing 'The most exciting I've ever been involved in’, with Prof Peter Cochrane of BT Research adding 'A tremendous success... quite spectacular' and Steve Shields, Managing Editor of our sister mag Mega Machines, quoted as saying 'Was I there?'.
High praise indeed. In fact, expectations for this years extravaganza are so big the venue's been changed to Earls Court with its substantially larger capacity. This is in no way an optimistic move as within a mere three weeks following Live '93 the organisers were inundated with bookings for 1994 amounting to over twice as much floor space as the whole of the '93 show.
Research indicated that those who attended the show alone would spend a staggering £90 million over the following year on home entertainment and, given the market as it stands, you can bet your bottom dollar a fair portion of that will be Amiga-related. All that remains to be said is get ya tickets early this is gonna be a big one!
While on the subject of 'big ones', a couple of new Manga movies are on the way. The Japanese kings of kinky animation are set to release further instalments of two of their long running sagas. First there's The Final Challenge, part four of the Doomed Megalopolis series. Gore fans might be a little disappointed to learn that it's only a 15 rating but fear not. The Hostages, episode four of Crying Freeman is a good solid 18 and will feature all the gratuitous sex and all you cartoon pervies hanker for. One's mind drifts to the possibility of a CD based interactive Manga game imagine that...
In the shadow of the CD's leap to prominence humble disk users needn't feel alienated.
Floppies may be as trendy as tweed jackets with patches on the elbows but they're still far and away the most versatile mode of information storage around. Try saving game positions to CD or cartridge without a battery back up and you might as well be teaching the art of traditional English cuisine to a petrol pump.
For those with floppies and an affinity for save-heavy soccer management games, Domark have a series of data disks lined up to be used in conjunction with their stat-tastic Championship Manager '93. End Of Season, set for a _r * May release, is a complete statistical update of all team and player information in the game.
All up-to-the-minute transfers will be included for the ultimate in topical action. In July, you'll be able to get your hands on CM Superleague, featuring a league competition including all the top teams from around Europe. There are also rumours that a Championship Manager international game could be in the pipeline... expect more news as the World Cup draws closer.
Bargain hunters will be pleased to hear of a packed '94 release schedule from The Hit Squad. 28 top titles are planned including such classics as Desert Strike and Sim City. Most will retail at around the £12.99 mark but expect some variation.
Who’s Ray?
A1200 owners can look forward to May when Daze Marketing intend to release an AGA version of the beautiful Stardust (see ish 14 for a review of the 16- bit incarnation). Programmers Bloodhouse are currently at work on the project, to be monickered Superstardust oh no, SNESarama which will feature even more so-gorgeous-you- could-eat-them-right-up ray traced graphics, more colours and a CD32 version to follow, featuring an all-new soundtrack taking advantage of the new technology.
Today is my birthday so it seems as good a day as any to feed you with my bullshit. For the sake of speed and for the hell of it I’m going to write this entire piece of waffle without going back to correct any of my typing errors or spelling mistakes (yeah, thanks Jon Sub Ed). So here we go with an amazing meander into something that I might eventually want to say.
The guys at work just bought me some lovely birthday presents a satsuma, a piece of Brie, a hacky sack, a spent box of matches, a ridiculous thing that plays 'It’s a Small World', a kazoo, a whistle, a football rattle almost in the colours of Norwich City, a Robin Hood hat and a bow and arrow set with suckers.
Jools just won a fiver by getting the arrow closest to Martin’s backside... I'd like to gripe about the amount of formats on the market at the moment and the problems this causes us in software development.
Not only does it take the best part of two years now to produce a top- notch original game, but if we are to do the conversions ourselves (in order to ensure they're good enough) we have to piss away another three to six months per version, when we could be getting on with writing some new games instead of going over what is for us boring old ground. The other downside of ever- changing and varying formats is that it takes the spotlight off the software we produce and onto the hardware. This makes it very hard GES copy. The technique has no drawbacks other than a small price increase which
will become nominal as the industry absorbs any minor rise in production cost. CD piracy has become big business, amounting to 1% of all Cds sold in Europe last year. In a little survey carried out around the office (assuming the Impact staff buy an average number of disks) that means approximately one in six people owns an illegal CD! Look out pirates.
Now for some news on forth-coming new adventures involving such video game 1 i i 3 AMIGA FORCE • ISSUE SIXTEEN • MARCH 1994 for us to establish classic games on any format as no matter how good they are, the platform they're written on will always date them. I feel that Wizball, Dropzone and Elite are all a good case here, where the original version and, after all, the original version from a creative point of view is by far and away the most important one was written on a now-dated machine, so the product you produced is judged in the majority by the hardware. This is something you have
no control over and to a certain extent are a victim of.
Personally, I don't give a **** which machines are successful or not; I only hope that, apart from one of them, they all die out and then we can get on with developing for that machine, whatever that may be, safe in the knowledge that that every computer owner in the world will be buying the actual version of the game you're writing and your product can be judged on that format alone without having to suffer the conversion process.
Because I know we (Sensible) are capable of writing on every format I genuinely don't care which formats are successful or not. All I know is that until we thin the market down of machines we'll never get the focus on software necessary for us to become established a serious ARTISTS and the computer industry will never have the mainstream standing with the public that it so craves and we'd make more money in less time.
That's all for now folks.
Love, Jon 'Jops* Hare, Sensible Software AO You could have the greatest game in the world CD stereo sound, 12 billion colours on screen, playability perfection incarnate, but all that counts for diddly if your joystick's crap. So, for no reason at all (other than we'd knackered all our old 'sticks and needed an excuse to blag some) here’s a run down of some of the most popular devices in circulation. For this purpose we've come up with a cunning scheme with which to rate them. Each stick shall be rigorously put through its paces in that god of games. Sensible Soccer and subsequently awarded
a 'Sensibility' rating.
In the interests of fairness, all games shall be played between England (me) and Holland (CPU).
Righty ho. First up it's the... Uh oh! We seem to be back on the subject of compact disks so we ’ suppose this is an appropriate juncture to mention a revolutionary idea from I Disctronics to combat I counterfeit Cds. This involves printing unique holograms on the surface of disks. Being I almost impossible (at least I without very expensive equipment) to duplicate, it'll be possible to tell at a glance a genuine disk from an illegal p Finished in a tasteful black with yellow trim, the Zipper certainly looks the part. The four suction pads require a shiny flighty surface as it's a bit unwieldy
in the hand but very comfortable atop the desk.
Swift passing movements are easily achieved with precise control and responsive buttons. Set pieces and headers prove equally painless but a little lack of weight in the shaft detracts very slightly from an otherwise impressive piece of kit.
Final score: England 3 Holland 0 I Sensibility rating: Norwich City MEGADRIVE II STANDARD PAD You may or may not be aware of this but Sega pad’s are compatible with the Amiga without any need for interfaces or anything. Just remember it's [B] to fire. The new Megadrive M's pads are far superior to the old ones and are available for a comparative song at most game stockists.
Sensible isn’t a game that lends itself to pads. Some nice wiggles are possible but headers and, particularly, accurate curling shots are difficult to achieve. It's a joy to play platformers though so, if you're a platform fan, buy one.
Final score: England 1 Holland 1 Sensibility rating: Tottenham Hotspur COMPETITION
• stalwarts as ToeJam and Earl, the
• Lemmings, Greendog and Chuck . Rock. Now before you go
• dashing down to the local
• software emporium demanding
• to know when these games are
• coming out read on. They're not
• actually games at all but a series
• of comic books soon to be J released by Dark Horse. Entitled
• Max Overload, issue one will be
• 64 pages of'... cutting-edge
• comedy and a host of lively
• features'. MO should be just on
• sale as you read this at a
• reasonable £1.95 with a
• projected circulation of 100,000.
Looks a bit rough around* the edges but sure feels robust.
The autofire switch is well positioned so it won’t get flicked on off accidentally at inopportune moments but, unfortunately for reclining gamers, it’s another EXTRA THE NEWS PAGES There are lots of exciting games in the pipeline for Amiga nuts. We’ve raided the release schedules nf all the companies we could think of to bring you this definitive list of Amiga gaming throughout 1994. See what you fancy and start saving your cash!
FORMAT CODES: 1B=1B-bit (A500 AED0 A1000 A200D A5DD+ A1200 A4000], 32=32-bit [A1200 A4000], CD=CD32 Adventure Shoot-'em-uo Sport Compilation I Education Flight Sim Sport Sport Adventure Adventure Strategy Arcade Sporl Adventure Adventure Sporl Beat-'em-up Compilation Platform Sboot-'em-up Adventure Sierra Buzz The Hit Squad Krisalls The Hit Squad Mindscape KixxXL Empire Komparl Virgin Grandslam Millennium Core Design Core Design Empire KixxXL Renegade Renegade The Hil Squad Buzz Micioprose Gamelek Thai ion Mindscape *| Ocean j Thalion t Mirage Krisalis CodemaslersU Ocean Renegade M Gremlin
4fl Knmpart 16 CD I6jj| - Fr Jr s Graphic Adventure 16 Educational i*Pfetlorm Racing Beat-'em-up l-Stooi-'em-up Racing Flight Sim Shool-em-up RPG Arcade ZOOL RULZ!
Sega have Sonic, Nintendo have Mario and mho does the Amiga have? Well Zool's a gaming superhero who's gone from strength to strength since the release of his first adventure in
1992. The high street shops will soon be inundated with
merchandising starring the littlel ninja ant from Gremlin's
hit platform games. He's also been | converted into a
fantastic arcade machine by Bell-Fruit Manufacturing, a
leader in coin-operated amusements.
The machine's been popping up in arcades around the country since last summer and the reaction from the coin-op buffs has been excellent. But what if you can't get to an arcade very often or don't have enough cash to splash out on merchandising as well as the cool games?
Well Gremlin have produced a range of cool Zool goodies and are giving them away in the boxes of Zool 2 and at the various computer shows they're attending during 1994. Postcards, stickers and great Zool door • hangers with'DO NOT DISTURB J PLAYING ZOOL' printed on , them in big yellow letters are just • desk mounted effort.
This stick is stiff. You've gotta wrestle to move the blasted thing hardly conducive to intricate one-twos. Eventually England were reduced to long punts up-field but the route one approach failed to impress the Dutch. After the final whistle I was left rubbing an aching wrist and pondering a first defeat.
Final score: England 0 Holland 2 Sensibility rating: Wimbledon CRUISER Despite erstwhile i ed, Phil 'Where is he now' King swearing by them. I've never been I a fan of the' Cruiser. I always found the fire buttons a bit too far from the stick itself. Still, the new generation feature the welcome addition of an autofire feature and retain the novel 'adjustable stiffness' control. Some neat movements are possible but the whole thing has a bit of a creaky, fragile feel to it. Even on the stiffest setting the stick's too wobbly it just doesn't have the a few of the items you can collect.
You might even bump into Zool and his female companion.
Zooz, if you go along to one of the computer shows this year!
They appeared together at last year's Live '93 and FES shows, so keep 'em peeled!
Necessary balls despite victory.
Final score: England 2 Holland 0 Sensibility rating: Swindon Town COMPETITION PRO MINI 5000 The baby of the bunch, this is exactly the same shape as the CP Extra but about a quarter of its size. This allows for comfortable ® hand-held control but reduced dimensions mean the omission of an autofire facility.
It's not bad, but the square shaft housing can make normal forward back left right tricky as it tends to slip to the corners, sending you off diagonally. It feels and looks like it could be a winner but results are unsatisfactory.
Final Score: England 0 Holland 1 Sensibility rating: Chelsea Thanks to Power Play for supplying us with the joysticks and Mega Machines for moaning about us using their Mega Drive joypad. You can contact Power Play on 0457 876705.
Game Producer 3Tiain The Hil Squad “tabian Nights Buzz " Burning Rubber Ocean Dark Seed Cyberdceams Disposable Hero Gremlin European Champions Ocean Excellenl Games Beau Jolly jg Gatfgel Lost in Time Two-Can A Gunship Kira XL yja John Barnes European Football Buzz 1 John Madden Football lie Hit Squad Jurassic Park 0c$ nifl Kings Quest VI Sierra .'
Laser Sguad Buzz Lethal Weapon The Hit Squad Manchester Untied Krisalls Secret of Monkey Island Kira XL Simon the Sorcerer Adventure Soil Speedball 2 Kira Renegade Wizkid Seek and Destrcv Another World Award Winners Battle Isle 2 Beneath A Sleel Sky Bogies Brulal Football Dark Slone Darkmere Dreamweb Eye ot Ihe Beholder I FireS Ice Flight ol Amazon Queen Flood Fly Haider Gunship 2000 Kings Table Lionhearl Mario is Missing Mr Nulz No Second Prize Rise ol Ihe Robots Sabre Team Slicks TFX The Cbaosf ngine Thelega’cyotSxasil I The Naughty Ones BRINGING YOU Ml THE NEWS IROM AROUND THE AMIGA WORLD!
- 1 Ihunderhawk ¦I UFO Enemy Uan UiH):um 2 ZOOl 2 Lure of the Temptress A320 Approach Trainer Amber moon Apocalypse Battletoads JmP" Detroit,, Ell Mania FPS: Soccer Fury ol the Furies Hannibal K240 Liberation Mig 29 Super Fulcrum Mortal Kombat On the Ball Out to Lunch PGA Tour Golt Pinkie Robinson's Requiem Sim City Classic Superslardust The Lost Vikings Theme Park Traps & Treasures Universe Wing Commander WWF Diggers Global Effect Crash Dummies D-Day Dune Heimball II Interno Ishar 3 James Pond 3 Jimmy While's Snooker Sleepwalker Stailord The Famous Collection Harpoon V.12I Road Rash
Skeleton Krew The Games Archer McLean Pool , j Banshee Euro Football Champions Realms Brutal Soccer KGB Supremacy Epic
- Populous II EbM Weaver Baseball '-"fiach tor the Skies Shuttle
OPAINTV Krustys Fun House Sorus Desert Strike Dune 2' Core
Design Microprose Renegade Snoot-’em-up Simulation Shool-'em-up
Platlorm Adventure Flight Sim RPG Shool-'em-up Platlorm
Strategy Beal-'em-up Sport Platlorm Arcade Strategy Adventure
Flight Sim Beat-'em-up Arcade Platlorm Sport Pialloim
Simulation Simulation Shoot-'em-up Platlorm Strategy Platlorm
Thali in ihalion Virgin Mi ndscape Sierra a Mindscapei,
Krisalis Gremlin Mindscape The Hit Squad Virgin Ascon Mindscape
The Hit Squad Millennium Silmarils The Hit Squad Bloodhouse
Interplay Electronic Arts Krisalis Core Design The Hit Squad
Millennium Millennium The Hit Squad Core Design Ocean
Simulation Arcane Stnulalion Strategy RPG Adventure RPG
Platlorm Sport Arcade Simulation Compilation Strategy Racing
Shoot-'em-up Sport Sport Shoot-'em-up Sport Strategy Sport
Adventure Strategy Shoot-'em-up Strategy Sport Flight sim
Simulation Utility Puzzle Adventure Strategy Strategy The HI
Squad The Hit Squad Micropiose Alternative The Hit Squad The
Hit Squad
• Cote Design The Hit Squad The Hit Squad Cote Design The Hit
Squad The Hit Squad Millennium The Hit Squad The Hit Squad The
Hit Squad ..XdeHit Squad The Hit Squad The Hit Squad The Hit
Squad Electronic Arts Virgin Virgin » TheHitSquM The Hit Squad
Gad-zoohsl There are ¦| hundreds of games set ter 7 release on
the Amiga this year. We’ll be previewing and reviewing the best
as soon as they become available. So stay tuned and start
saving your cash for the mega releases.
February February February February March March March March March March March March March March March March March March March March March March March March March Match March March March March March Mid Match Mid March April April April April April April April April April April April May May May May June June June June July July July August August September September September Autumn Autumn Autumn November November AMIGA FORCE ISS personal organiser made especially for the game playing masses. The GamesFax is a small plastic binder about the same size as a floppy disk, but a little taller.
Inside you'll find three categories to file information under: performance, game plan and on loan. Information like levels reached, high scores, cheats, passwords and who you have loaned your games to can all be kept neatly filed away.
This handy little filofax was first launched at the Future Entertainment Show back in November and proved to be a big success and we've got 100 to give away to lucky Amiga Force readers!
If you fancy one then all you've got to do is send us the most hilarious joke you've heard recently. Write it down on a' postcard or piece of paper and send it to: It's a cracker compo, Amiga Force, Impact Magazines, Case Mill, Temeside, Ludlow, Shropshire SY8 1JW. Get your entries in before March 14 please.
Out of luck?
If you want to be absolutely sure of receiving a GamesFax, you don’t have to trust to luck. Send a postal order cheque (NO CASH PLEASE) to the value of £6.95 made payable to 'AMIGA FORCE GAMESFAX OFFER', J.E.M. House, Cranleigh, Surrey GU6 8ND. We deliver to addresses in the UK only. You may receive your order within seven days but please allow 28 days for delivery from receipt of order. Return within seven days for a refund if not completely delighted. Offer subject to availability.
Remember, if you are under 16 years of age. Please obtain the permission of a parent guardian before placing your order. The price of the GamesFax includes postage and packing.
US CD LAUNCH The Americans got their first chance to experience the power of the Commodore CD32 at the Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas in January and they loved it!
Leading US console magazine Electronic Gaming Monthly commented, 'A better games console than Sega Mega CD. 3DO and Atari's Jaguar’ and US magazine Amiga World wrote, 'An impressive product that promises exciting 32-bit gaming entertainment'.
They were told how the console had become the bestselling CD-based games machine in the UK in just three months from its launch and one of the first games. Zoo The Ninja of the Nth Dimension, had shot to the top of the game charts.
Lew Eggebrecht, the vice president of engineering at Commodore International threw down the gauntlet for all other console manufacturers. He said. 'We challenge anyone Sega, Nintendo, Atari to show us a better games player. And we challenge anyone 3DO, Cdi to show us a better multimedia player at a better price.' Amiga CD32 has really started the CD multimedia war and the best thing is, it’s got some great ammunition!
T- ree op us* & i with Amiga Dos dirvctly lo dlxh as Amiga Dos • reloads Independently ol the cartridge - even transfer lo hard drive! Work* with up lo 2 Megs of Ram - even 1 Meg Chip Mem (Falter Agnus) SUPER POWERFUL TRAINER MODE • now with DEEP trainer. Even belter than before - allows you lo generate more or V k even Infinite lives, fuel, ammo Perfect as a Trainer Mode to gel you past that
- npossible level. Easy lo use.
• IMPROVED SPRITE EDITOR The lull Sprite Editor allows you lo
vlewi'moddy the whole sprite set including any allached
• VIRUS DETECTION Comprehensive virus detection and removal
features lo protect your software investment.
Worhs with all presently known viruses.
f k Now this super dish copier program is built into Action Replay Mh III. Just imagine a superlast, efficient dish copier program at the press ol a hey no more AjJ waHhtg.
e SAVE PICTURES AND MUSIC TO DISK Pictures and sound samples can be saved to dish. Files are saved directly In IFF format suitable for use with all the major graphic and music pachages. Samples arO displayed as screen waveform.
PAL or NTSC MODES SELECTABLE • Usolul lor removing ugly borders when using NTSC software. (Worhs oaly with newer Agnus chips).
SLOW MOTION MODE Now you can slow down tho action to your own pace. Easily ad|us!abie from full speed to 20A. Speed Ideal to help you through the trichy parts!
MANY MORE INSTANT CLI COMMANDS llhe Rename, Relabel, Copy, etc. P RESTART THE PROORAM Simply press a hay and the program will continue where you lelt oil.
FULL STATUS REPORTING At the press ol a hey you can now view tho Machine Status. Including Fast Ram. Chip Ram.
FUmOisk. Drive Status, ate.
G POWERFUL PICTURE EDITOR Now you can manipulate and search for screens throughout memory. Over SO commands to edit the picture plus unique on screen status ‘overlay- shows all tho information you could over need to worh on screens. No other product comes close to offering such dynamic screen handling of Iroxon programs!!
• AUTOFIRE MANAGER From tho Action Replay III Preference Screen
you can now sot up Autolire Irom 0 lo 100%. Just Imagine
continuous lire power? Joystick 1 and 2 are sat separately for
that antra advantage!
. A k Now many more external Ram Expansions will worh with all Action Replay III commands.
• DISKCOOER With the new Ol ekeOder option you can now tag your
disks with a unique code that will prevent the dish from being
leaded by anyone else. Togged" disks will only reload whoa you
enter tho code. Very useful for security.
SET MAP - allows you to Load Save Edit a Keymap.
P PREFERENCES Action Roplay III now has screen cotour preferences with menu setup. Customise your screens to suit your taste. Vory simple to use.
DISK MONITOR Invaluable disk monitor displays dish information in aasy to understand formal. Full modlfy'save options.
IMPROVED PRINTER SUPPORT • - DOS COMMANDS Now you have a selection of DOS commands available at all times - DIR, FORMAT, COPY, DEVICE, etc. FILE REQUESTOR if you enter a command without a filename, then a file requestor Is displayed.
DISK COPY Dish Copy at the press of a button faster than Dos Copy. Mo need to load JOYSTICK HaflBCER • allows I ho usor lo select Joystick instead ol Keyprossos • vory uselul lor many keyboard programs.
• MUSIC SOUND TRACKER With Sound Tracker you can find the
complete music In programs , demos, etc. and save them to dish.
Saves in formal suitable lor most Irach player programs. Works
with loads o PLUS IMPROVED DEBUGGER COMMANDS • Including Mom
Watch Points and Trace.
0 BOOT SELECTOR Either Dfo or Dft can be selected as the boot drive when worhln dlshs. Very uselul to be able to boot Irom your external drive.
• Full M68000 Assembler Disassembler • Full screen editor • Load
Save block • Write StrinWlo memory • Jump lo specific address
• Show Ram as text • Show Irozen picture • Play resldenl sample •
Show and edit all CPU registers and llag • Calculator • Help
• Full search lealure • Unique Custon Chip Editor allows you lo
see and modliy all chip registers - even write only reglslera •
• Disk handling - show aclual track. Disk Sync pattern etc. •
Dynamic Breakpoint handling
• Show memory as HEX. ASCII. Assembler. Decimal • Copper Assemble
Disassemble - now with sultlx dames is a REMEMBER AT ALL TIMES
BE HOT IN THE NEAR FUTURE? - PREVIEWS The Nintendo hero will soon be on the Amiga thanks to the people at Mindscape. The game is great fun and you'll learn something about this world we live in while you play!
What's on the horizon for us eager Amiga AMIGAs (try saying that ~ with a Fruit Pastel in your mouth)? There're platforms from Millennium, a 32-bit marvel from Ocean and... hang on, read it yourself ya lazy bugger!
LOOK TO THE FUTURE purpose of reaching the top of single screen levels (and rescuing a girly, but who cares about that?) The most enduring character in pixel history took his first intrepid steps into our lives.
Ever heard of a game called Donkey Kong? It was actually called Monkey Kong originally but some dozy Japanese translator got his wires crossed and out of the confusion a legend was born.
I don't mean the Mario Mario as he became known (The rumour goes that circa 1980 some top Nintendo executive-type bods got roaringly drunk and came up with the name which they thought was 'bloody funny at the time'. Sadly it stuck.) Appeared on Speccy and Commodore 64 in Super Mario Bros but soon afterwards Nintendo who held the copyright barred the character from appearing on any system but there own, making the chubby Italian game, mind you.
Despite appearing as an arcade machine, pocket ¦ plumber their flagship character until now... ' Amiga owners will soon be able to play Mario from & the comfort of their own homes without having to ¦ go out and buy a Nintendo console. So, what'll it be then? Super Mario World, Mario All-Stars, or even the meritorious Mario Kart? Unfortunately no The name of the game is Mario Is Missing, and it's an 'edutainment' title. That means it's going to be fun but you'll learn something at the same time.
The story goes that.the moustachioed musketeer is Marionapped by his arch enemy, Bowser, and imprisoned in the cad's castle. The player controls Luigi who, accompanied by Yoshi (the cute green dinosaur that lirst appeared in Super Mario World), travels around the world visiting famous landmarks, duffing Koopas and finding clues. There's a scrolling world map designed to give youngsters an idea of world geography and questions to answer along the way.
LCD job and even a board game, it wasn't long before people realised it was a pile of shite.
The 'legend' in question was the game's pint- sized hero. From and boarc K wasn befoi Let’s just hope it doesn't turn out to be one of those games parents see on the shelf and think 'Ooh, little Timmy would love that!' When, in f cj, myaJjJT'my would rather be wiping out alien hordes with a neutron torpedo than showing off his general knowledge. StDfctl sounds promising. There's loads of characters to interact the humble torpedo than showing off his general knowledge. StDfctl origins of sounds promising. There's loads of characters to interact leaping over with, dozens of places to visit,
and all the famous Mario flaming World inhabitants to meet.
Barrels Wait a while and we'll tell you whether it’s set to turn Bwith the kiddies into child prodigies or if it's just a poor cash the in to squeeze a few more pennies out of the hype-weary sole public.
Huge end- nt system e pod. Not only that but poor old Pinkie will get his feet, ears and |oy department ling levels with crazy currents to throw him off course and into the path of itures.
LOOK TO THE FOTORE Gadzooks! It looks like those Millennium peeps awi to take over the Amiga platform scene wim IP3 and now Pinkie on the way. Pinkie is (apparently) a 'brave new kind of pink alien hero'. P He was nappy living on the planet Purple until he ™ heard some terrible hewsr"me galaxy's population
I. 'ere near to extinction so the little pon himself to rescue
the last 71TtJ"LJCJtJ"irCJ"LrLrirLri o-eggs and stop the
species from he game Pinkie will travel around Z s aboard his
trusty Pinkiepod vanquishing nasty creatures, duffjj ians and
collecting eggs which can be stored in a handy contain!
Id. Not only that but poor old Pinkie will get his feet, ears and jc ing levels with crazy currents to throw him off course and into t iepod is a nifty piece of engineering. Looking not unlike a motorised unicycle equipped with a powerful spring to launch it high in the air, retractable flippers ater travel and extending boxing glove out front to chin the nasties Pinkie isn't confined to his contraption. He can leap from the saddle and take on the many minions hand to hand. Thiels useful as. Being quite a bulbous gadget, the pod can't fit into small The early demo we've seen looks pretty
standard, it must be said. Pinkie himself is well drawn and animated but somehow doesn't have the character of, say. Alfred Chicken though the game itself plays similarly. At this early stage it's hard to set- Pinkie appealing to any hut the most ardent platform crazies and as for him becoming the 1 cutesy hero ooooooo r dream on, Millennium!
If you're waiting for a game to show off your CD32 and send Sega Nintendo owners into a gibbering sulk, your wait could soon be over. Ocean's Inferno looks like being Ihe CD32 title we've all being holding out for.
It's a space flight simulator giving you an entire solar system in which to operate. That's | seven planets and three moons, not to mention around 300 different and individually controlled enemy ships to defeat. Encompassed in the game are a massive 700 missions which should keep you flying until well into the next century.
Programming is being handled by Digital Image Design (DID), the people responsible for F29 Retaliator, Robocop 3 and Epic so we're in capable hands on that front. All those games feature superb and speedy filled 3D graphics but Inferno is set to blow them away. We're promised textured distance fade, and a light-sourced cockpit display 'for true realism'. At the risk of sounding a wee bit dense. I'm not entirely sure what that means but it sounds pretty neat, eh? But seriously, we've seen a demo of the intro sequence and it looks quite spectacular. If the game comes close it'll be so hot you'll
need oven gloves to play it (though you're meant to hold the joystick is anyone's guess).
What we do know is that Ocean and DID together is a mouthwatering prospect and the result could wow even the most ardent of cynics.
FM irst there was plain old James Pond. Hfearrived «, on the Amiga and 5T (stifled ho ho) many years ; V |ago to mucho critical jubilation. The - t groansome manual, filled with fundicious fishy puns, gave rise to rye chuckles aplenty and the 9 m aquatic gamcplay lived up to its : jovia promise Then came NH Robocorl Press reports of the time were favourable but why, I ¦| wm don't know. James Pond 2 was, to be blunt, crud, and the w character thrown nto a boring and derivative world of blar backdrops. Second time around the fish jokes were no longt ssS taking on an air of sincerity. James
himself lost all credibility attempts to promote him on a par with Sonic and Mario, the seeds of Now, in an attempt to rescue the sorry piscine’s career, the softwar years plan to release James Pond 3: Operation Starfish (No, that '5' isr those sad puns I was on about before?). The evil Doc Maybe (Pond's a instalments) is up to his old japes. This time he's decided to monopolfe mining cheese and other milk related products on the moon. As alwaj pull the plug on his lunar-cy. 'L?.
Based on the Megadrive game. JP3 is on course t favourite (only) underwater agent among video gar obviously taken note of the trend for top characters Luigi, Sonic has Tails, Zool has Zooz and Pond now f | (aargh!) Rookie straight out of training. ThiS njjeTn We'll have more screen shots of this great new platform game from Millennium next issue stay tuned!
I the game. As well as platforms, secretiooms et-aov ’(it- style scrolling and pick up drop object type puzzles.
Anti-Pond brigade, when I say this is going to be oni take that as a solid vote of confidence. We shall see rst kind of crud. A popular platforms and drab funny with the groan: int), despite Millenniur 'ere sowi misprint remember enemy from the first two le worlds dafry market by s Pond who's chosen to super-speedy Somc- n avid member of the C out for, you can e shall see.
NAUGHTY ONES Rampart Rick D-style wall mounted lasers but play is more two dimensional.
From what we've seen so far (a short, five screen demo) the game has all the standard ingredients chubby sprites, jolly soundtracks and a million ways to go belly up. What it doesn't appear to have (at this stage at least) is very much in the way of originality. Graphics are clear but standard and uninspiring and gameplay is wildly derivative. I found at least one hidden bonus room but it remains to be seen just how much the full game will improve on a demo which only received a luke warm reception at best around the office. We only just managed to stop Rob reviewing it, for the PD section!
Naughty Ones will run on Amigas Soon to come from Danish programmers, Interactivision (are they extracting the Michael or what?), is a new cutesy platformer in the Rick Dangerous mould. The crap-titled Naughty Ones takes place over five worlds and fifty screens in which you and optional friend have to guide the bad dudes of the title, two cool toddlers in shades, to safety. There's loadsa fruit and bonuses to collect along the way but each screen's infested with nasties and traps to which you’re bound to come a cropper. Obstacles include dripping water, clocks with loose pendulums that just
happen to drop off should you walk underneath, as well as patrolling robots and the like. Then there's with one MEG of RAM but an A1200 specific version is promised hooray. Judgement's being reserved at this time so look out for a full review around March.
Looking like a modern day version of Rick Dangerous, The Naughty Ones was initially disappointing let’s hope the finished game comes up to scratch.
Ast month you'll have read the preview on Core's forthcoming sci-fi adventure but did you know this? By way of a little originality all the backdrops in Universe are digitised K' from specially hand-done paintings. We just thought you might fancy a gander at some of the original . Artwork which 15 really rather r i i j f i | -j Full match highlights let you * ,WPi_l| ¦ 3 n c’HBn .. JH.vI «- Ruts;m?, -c-ogra :' «• -wage ft***• jr ‘J jywsnd o*i«is»v W strategy ond includes plenty or 'eleven! Statistics. Ihe game hos been sampled sound effects for I „ I iBfTTI designee ond developed by a hue
’on o; Ihe spar It ¦cplicctes eveiything signif emit events (Fours. Urpire L that a real manager hos to contend with ond it's o totally unique decisions, etc.). Interventions are production that anyone with on interest in Cricket should experience. Permitted ot any rime to change batting tactics ot fielding platings.
A summOty of the main features is shown below:- • 3 Batting Bovding classifications (Normal, Attack and Defend).
• AXA EQUITY 8 LAW 18 league county teams, 50 overs per game. •
Choice of 15 different field platings.
• 4 Cup competitions including Benson 8 Hedges, Nat West • full
scorecard results with best batting ond bowling figures.
• 20 different match umpires with accurate names ond strictness.
• Other staff (Physio, Groundkeeper, Scout) can be hired ond
• Accuiole player details Sumome, height and oge. • Annual league
fixtures listing. Current week and lost league results.
• 27 different player attributes. Most skills have a direct
impoct on the • View current cup competition draws ond historic
records, effectiveness of eoch individuals actions during a
simulated match. • Real rime transfer morket. Ployei contract
and wage negotiations.
• Easy ployer selection. All game text is dearly presented. •
Sponsors, Printer occess, Finances, Poor ground fines, Monoger
• Bolting ond bowling averages. Top bolting ond bowling tobies. •
15 Options to ollet game preferences, Load Save game.
• 3 Different training intensities to boost bolting, bowling or
fielding. • Instruction book with plenty of examples.
• Weolher, pitch and light often moke on impoct on ground
condition. »Plus many more fine details that we are unable to
list here._ STABLE MASTERS Tti ' 0iganis«f «Sl65jja by
Racecoll, regulated by the Tote, this program achieved joint
second. This led to o serious approoch from o well knowir4 S|
national hook maker. Rejected in favour of supporting the
public. Sjl Winnings Statistics: 104 wins out of 166, os from
2 6 to t 9 93 Tormulo This program tells you exocdy what to
do. You are NOT permitted to omend our system unlike so mony
other similor progioms.
How confident can you be in something that invites amendments I Research 8 Development Three years full time race analysis ond experimentation to refine and test the prediction system.
Inside Knowledge Plenty ol unique hints from contorts in the know.
User Friendly: No racing knowledge required, easy to use, tutorial book.
Restricted Sales: As soon os our programs predictions have a prolific impact on the betting odds we will stop accepting new buyers.
Monthly Updates: Highly recommended option. If any update fails to breok even we'll send the next one free of charge, from £25.
Price Increase: Highly likely. Buy now before success forces increase.
This gome hos been designed to be os close to leal racing as possible. - j. gR &, Tsj .
Five years ol development by a clever racing expert has led to the second revision ol this flat Horse Rocing Simrdoton ' Iwfl* Up to 4 players can participate as Owner Tin r cr, vrf tin . Tim'v objective of becomng Ihe lop toted trainer, in respect of prize money ,VII: .n, won, ot the end of cuch racing seoson Moich to November! (here no »et t~
- ,re up to 35 other intelligently controlled computer trainers
to compete _________ against ond compoie your personal
performance. 1 1 ¦ - To achieve this oim you must discovei a
potential champion and train - them so that they become capable
ol competing well and winning any • 20 jockeys who vary in
ability ond booking lees. Orders 8 feedback, of the 47 big
prize money races (Hondicop ond Group), eg. The Derby •
Formbook and Win Summary Cords cover the previous 200 races.
To give you an idea of the tools provided in this gome to assist you • Animated race rSsploy or just the result. View Declaration list lot races, reaching your objective we have listed the main features below:- • Very informative report by Head stable lod. Tipsters. Bookmokers.
• 250 horses each with over 60 independent variables. • Racecords
similar to racing pcess. Real life. Handicaps 8 Roce Types.
• 26 different race coutses (2 all weather), real life
characteristics • Viruses, Injuries 8 Vets. Load Save game.
Alony other items included, minoring the diversity of
racecourses in the UK (descriptions provided). Version 1 is
available upon request (Simple training 8 betting) @£15.
Wcrtri Sup (jpickel Msstsnsf 24 HOUR CREDIT CARD HOT-LINE mm (0702) 600557¦ is Sslisi MAIL ORDERS A fantastic graphical and or tocticol representation ol Cricket that has been completely written by o traditionnl fan. You con physically participate with hotting and or bowling or leave it ro the computer to automatically handle. See full feature list beloiv :• GAME OPTIONS STATISTICS FRIENDLY CONTROIS !£.£. sd DESCRIPTION _ Professional Football Masters V4
P. F.M. Editor V4 Stable Aosteis V2 Oracle Horse Tipster (RRP
£99.95) Cricket Moslers World Cup Ciicket Moslers Wrestling
• 1 Day limited overs or test. • Scorecard 8 howling analysis. •
Icon driven with point 8 click.
• White or coloured clothing. • Weather and ground reports •
Large 3D scrolling screen
• Three Cricket grounds. • Wagon V heel covering the entire
ploying area.
• load Sove game. Skill levels. • Manhattan Chart. • Mouse
controls bowler's line,
• Computer Humon players. PLAYER VARIETY length, direction field
ANIMATED ACTION • Rated on 8 adjustoble factors. • Joystick control of batsmon's
• Sound Commenloty. • left and right bonded players, attack
level, strokes and
• Umpire signals. • Range of batting types. Running between
• All the strokes cut, pull, drive, etc. • Editor to amend gome
• Appeals, dropped catches, tun outs. • Bowler types include
seam, • Sudace ond pace of pitch
• Bouncers, wides and no balls. Swing, change and both types of •
Rain, bod light, cloud covet, spin with 8 speed levels.
Temperaluie and humidity.
Store as I write. I asked the top dogs about their particular favourites and checked out their greatest moments.
Codemasters have certainly been busy on the Amiga scene tor the last few years.
Here’s are ihe games they’ve released. You should be able to pick up many of these at your local software store.
Annum - oihom am m sasnon ihvmuos lasonn doi am ao m DISKOGRAPHY Game Year Fantasy World Dizzy 1991 Sky High Stuntman 1991 Mean Machine 1991 Super Seymour Saves the Planet 1991 Pro Boxing Simulator 1991 Description Foret The little egg in an quest with fire breathing dragons and tough puzzles. It's addictive and that's no yolk!
A range of stunts on jets, choppers and space ships, with an aerial view of the action and many levels.
Super Sprint-style racing with an overhead view of the action.
Lots of interesting moves to perform.
1992 Hoversprint Shameless BombJack rip-off.
Arcade collect-'em-up with fun visuals.
83% 1992 Codies and famed for their Kwik Snax Description Force rating rating • Game Dizzy Collection 1991 CJ's Elephant Antics 1992 65% 1
• The Quest of Agravain 1992 63% ¦ Simulator series and Pro
Boxing is an engaging one- or two-player fight. 58% Treasure
Island. Fantasy World.
Magicland, Fast Food and Kwik Snax all in one compilation. Great value! 79% A platform game with peanut pelting action. C 'is great fun with nice cartoony graphics and sound. 83% A fun platform game full of spiders, evil knights and nasty warlocks.
Nothing amazing. 65% Excellent 3D vector graphics in this racing game from the future.
It looks and plays like a full price release! 69% Dizzy's back again, this time FEATURE - ONE OF THE TOP BUDGET SOFTWARE HOUSES IH THE WORLD Platform fans will love this as it has all the elements a good platform adventure needs: lots of power-ups, nutty nasties and a great main character as well as being uttering addictive throughout. As you might have guessed, CJ's Elephant Antics stars an elephant dude by the name of Cl who has the serious urge to globetrot through countless levels with many a nasty foe lurking on platforms. There are killer clouds, dopey frogs and harmless-looking
penguins. Give any of them half a chance and they'll make O pack his trunk and wave goodbye to the circus!
There are very few places left on this planet that G doesn't explore. On his travels he encounters the Yeti in the mountainous wastes of Everest, the sand, heat and bad foot wear of Egypt and the beauty and the dangers of Paris in the springtime, to name just a few. If only every platform game flAffefl had the addictive. Colourful and U JHI downright cute feel of G, the H.l III world of computer games iflHUMB would be a much nicer place.
851 r HOLLYWOOD ¦ Everybody wants to make it big, whether it's manager of ICI or owning your own island.
In at ¦ Richard is 26 and also joint Managing Director (surprisingly!) He's currently working on establishing Codemasters in Germany where the console market is just taking off.
Favourite Amiga game Spacehead Why; 'Difficult to have one at the moment my two-year old daughter has to be involved in everything and games playing is no exception. But pushing a few random keys isn’t the best way through adventures (which I tend to go for Monkey Island and the like). At home it's Cosmic Spacehead at the moment the adventuring isn't that difficult and it's packed with passwords so can play for a while and then leave a few days before returning where you left off. Also, my daughter likes the bright colours and can recognise things on screen. So that's pretty fab!'
Currently excited about: The CD32.
¦ Richard is 25 and has taken care of Codemasters' PR for the last two years. He's recently been appointed Marketing Director and is a computer games nut case with many years in the software industry.
Favourite Amiga game Is: Two-player stuff Why: 'It's usually Pang, the bubble-bursting game packed with cartoon buffoonery. But, these days, you just can’t beat a bit of Micro Machines for sheer fun and screaming-at-the- other player larfs! It's fast and furious and, when you're matched against a player with similar skills, the challenge is absolutely superb.
Cm ret i tty excited about: (You guessed it!)
Moving Codemasters games onto CD32.
Here are three of the all time best budget games from these masters of cods. These were originally released at around £7.99 but you can pick them up fur much less than that now if you shop around.
STEG THE SLUG ¦ Yeuch! Errgh! I'm not usually a great fan of slugs. Flippin' slimey things that always seem to be on the County Council shelf waiting list.
So what do they do? They hide under bloody stones and keep popping out when it's raining and get even more slimey.
Steg, on the other hand, seems to be a very responsible slug. But in these recession hit times he's faced with the hard task of keeping T'yungunz in maggots not a simple task when their food is running around in out-of- the-way places. In this fun little puzzler, Steg has to save the kids before they die. This is done by transporting maggots in bubbles which he blows. The whole romp through various sewer complexes and slimey caverns is utterly addictive and with levels getting progressively harder it's an excellent challenge.
The presentation's good: lots of eyecatching, colourful sprites that are hard not to find cute cuddly, even with all that slime. Sleg is proof puzzle games need not be U|||l boring, sluggish affairs that II] slow your brain down rather Qw |[] than taxing it.
CJ’S ELEPHANT ANTICS ¦ I’m really struggling not to use the word ’cute1 or 'sweet' too much when referring to this cute... err... sweet... hmm I know... this likeable Pachyderm in a baseball cap and jacket!
Game Year Year collecting grub in a highly addictive arcade-style game... 58% oh, it's Pac-Mani 50% Quattro Fighters 1992 SAS Combat, Mig 29, Kamikaze and Guardian Angel. Get your
• Spike in
• Transilvania 1992 79% guns out for these non-stop shoot-
'em-ups. 59% • • Soccer Pinball 1992 Pinball with a footballing
• Seymour goes to 83% Lots of fun tables to play and huge scores
to be shattered. 60%
• Hollywood • 1992 G in the USA 1992 More elephant antics with
fun • 65% graphics and a tough challenge.
There's even a roller coaster ride! 81 %
• Dizzy Panic • 1992 Captain Dynamo 1992 Probably one of the best
platformers • from Codemasters. The graphics
• Magicland Dizzy 1992 69% are great and there’s lots to see. 78%
• Slightly Magic 1992 After the success of the Dizzy games •
Description Force rating lots of spin-offs arrived in a similar
style. This is one of them and it's great! 55% Another fun
cartoon adventure game with fun puzzles to solve and lots of
humour. 47% Basically just a port over from the Spectrum but
the playability is there and it's fun again! 82%
Shape-shifting arcade game with the added attraction of all the
Dizzy characters to spice things up a bit. 62% Another cartoon
adventure starring the plucky little egg. This one's a good
challenge for all players. 83% ONE OF THE TOP OODGET SOFTWARE
HOOSES IN THE WORLD - FEATURE ¦ For fast-paced, addictive
racing games you can't do any better than Micro Machines.
Licenced from the miniature model toys, you can select a
variety of vehicles to race over suitably scaled-down tracks. A
desk strewn with books and papers, garage floor covered in nuts
and bolts and garden with such horrors as a leaky hosepipe are
all great fun.
Seymour has the desperate, uncontrollable urge to make it big in the movies. While on holiday in Hollywood, he decides he wants to see his name in lights and in the cinema to impress his friends. So, instead of changing his name to Fire Exit he gets himself some cool shades and gets into important buildings.
The only problem here is that the big film he’s supposed to be starring in has been sabotaged and the director and scripts have gone missing. So off he pops in search of both in this interesting little adventure that's full of Dizzy-like tasks to perform. In fact, this game is a must for all Dizzy fans as gameplay is similar but varies enough throughout to keep you scratching you head for hours.
Seymour is an odd sort of hero. Without wanting to offend, he’s a rather goofy but likeable character that I'm sure if it wasn't for Dizzy would be the hero _ of all Codemasters games. With flBH I the oddball graphics and bouncy tunes, you find it hard ¦¦ M fl to find fault with Seymour and II his quest for stardom.
¦ Reviewed in full last issue, this is a unique mixture of platform and adventure games.
Cosmic is controlled by using a pointer to select keywords then clicking on characters and objects on screen. Chatting to the strange people on the planet Linoleum will have you in stitches and the "‘"JB 50s style futuristic graphics are out of this world literally!
CODEMASTERS I excited about signing up with Commodore to become an official CD32 I licencee. The first title to be released will
* be Super All-Stars, a compilation of five I great games
(reviewed on floppy format in AF1): Steg the Slug, Seymour goes
to ] Hollywood, Magicland Dizzy, Captain ¦ This new adventure
with Codemasters' mascot character Dizzy is the biggest yet.
Combining many elements from older Dizzy games it will give even the most experienced cartoon adventurer a challenge.
For a full review get over to page 42 now!
Big Nose the Caveman Spellbound Dizzy 1992 Steg the Slug 1992 Dizzy's Excellent Adventures 1st Division Manager 1993 Dizzy Prince of the Yolkfolk 1993 Description Basic arcade bash-'em-up with lots of cutesy dinosaurs to splatter about.
Some variety in the levels. 34% Yet more adventures for Dizzy. This time he gets to ride in a mine cart and talk to a leprechaun! 80% Another fun Codies character in a challenging game. This time it's a green, slimeyslug! 85% 1992 Bubble, Panic, Spellbound and Prince of the Yolkfolk Dizzy's in one compilation. 82% Football management with presentation! Instead of lots of text you're treated to an actual game of football! It'll never catch... 53%
• Cosmic Spacehead 1993 Micro Machines With fairy tale characters
and more puzzles this isn't the most challenging game but it's
loads of fun. 82%
• Game ¦
• Quattro Power
• Machines • •
• Robin Hood
• Legend Quest 1993 1993 1993 Crystal Kingdom Dizzy
• Fantastic Dizzy Four simulation style games: Violator, Nitro
Boost Challenge, Grand Prix and Pro Power Boat. 61 % The famous
story made into a crap platform shoot-'em-up. 44% An up to date
adventure for the egg with more challenge and new characters to
interact with.
81% The biggest Dizzy game ever.
Originally released on the consoles it's packed with playability and cool puzzles.
86% A great new character and a change in game style. This one is controlled by pointing and clicking! 82% One of the most addictive racing games ever. Miniature vehicles with fun race tracks. 89% If SECTION LOGO LESSONS There are three logos and you’ll find one attached to each review.
Here's what they mean... Prepare yourself for a new Dnd of review section. Four kw reviewers and a new layout these are going to take some explaining.
Engage your brain cells and start right here!
¦ If you see this logo is means that the game has been created to work only on the A1200 and A4000 32-bit computers. It will have enhanced graphics and sound making it incompatible with the older Amigas.
¦ Do I really need to explain this one?
Oh, alright then!
This logo shows that the game is for the all new singing and dancing Amiga CD32 console. You can't fit a CD into your floppy disk drive so don't try it!
¦ Some of the reviews include additional elements like boxes showing the icons or enemies in a game and 'Alternatively' where we show you games of a similar style that are available at a budget price.
REVIEW INDEX Here's a list of all the games in this issue. If any of them have scored over 90% they'll be awarded an AMIGA FORCE APPROVED' accolade.
¦ Nick s the Ed and a fan of platform games. Give him anything with cute characters and loads of levels and he'll complete it for you! His favourites this month have been Fantastic Dizzy and the CD version of Zool. It wasn't reviewed but we couldn't get him off it!
Here are the reviewers they've all got their favourite game styles and preferences.
See which one suits your views best.
I RATINGS BOX This contains all the information about the game you might find useful: style, compatibility, number of disks, etc. Graphics, sound, playability, lastability and overall ratings are also here with a percentage for each.
¦ TRAMLINE This tells you what type of game it is at a glance and gives a short, often crazy, sentence vaguely connected with the review.
REVIEW I_ ¦ Simon the Sorcerer .. ¦ Jurassic Park ...... ...20 ...24 ¦ Street Fighter II . ...28 ¦ The Secret of Monkey Island.... ....Rerelease..... ...30 Arabian Nights CD32 ... ...32 ¦ Lotus Trilogy ..... ..Compilation.. ...34 ¦ John Barnes CD32 .... 36 ¦ Speedball 2 38 ¦ Laser Squad ....Rerelease..... ...40 ¦ Fantastic Dizzy .. ...42 ¦ WWF European Rampage Tour .
...45 ¦ Gunship .. ...46 I Risky Woods 48 ¦ Excellent Games ..Compilation .. ...60 FT “ • PRODUCER: ADVENTURE SUFI • AUTHOR: SIMON WDODROFFE • PRICE: 634.0R Bare graphic adventures back in fashion? With so many older yet excellent efforts now on re-release, is this Adventuresoft effort magic enough in spr comparison?
Read on... to smells and strange symbols displayed on the le wall. With no apparent way back to the real ?ss world, Simon decided to explore. And so the adventure begins... Mouse-made magic g Simon's adventures in this new world are n controlled, not surprisingly, by mouse. There are keywords to be used at the bottom of the ¦| _ _ screen, utilised by clicking on I them before selecting objects and ¦¦wt a places in the current location.
« making Simon interact with his
- Sirt ¦ surroundings. Any objects he picks up are displayed in
the bottom-right inventory. In true enough H graphic adventure
tradition the ¦ ¦¦¦. Player only has the bare
* J essentials to begin with and X 9 must go through each
• with a fine tooth comb to find if objects for later use. There
are 107 locations to explore and many characters to help and Bl
hinder in Simon's task to find Calypso.
111 Talking with characters can be started I by clicking 'Talk to...' and then selecting the one you want to speak to. If they're h dear, what a life for a young lad 11 who’s barely turned 12. Young V Simon has to face a tricky task. He's been dropped head-first into a world of fantasy and magic to rescue a captured wizard called Calypso, in a strange and I magical land full of puzzles and dangers.
The amount of disk swapping needed to progress through the game will thoroughly annoy you, unless you're Mr or Mrs Patient. Once you're into the game things start to make more sense. A I good read of the informative manual is recommended, as is nattering to the people throughout the land and recovering some of the wizard's lost objects all very normal adventure | activities. Graphically the game is tastefully colourful, well-detailed and has mJir x n V* -¦ * Sir., I a slightly comic I leaning. All in all. HM MMIII km to L::t d Cf-er.
Cc-X'j. -e f 'Z'.-p Cuse Use to Get'toe t ei* Cue I Simon's enjoyable. Hi SBIII even if it does take a while to get to II 1 III the exciting stuff. W ™ 1 a On his 12th birthday Simon was treated to Marvelo the Magician's magic show. He pulled rabbits out of his hat and endless hankies from his mouth. Young Simon delighted in showing his friends how each trick was done and longed to be able to perform his own. When it came to blowing out the candles and making a wish you can guess what he wished for!
At that moment the doorbell rang and standing there was a small dog with a book in his mouth. Simon took pity on him | and gave him a home, calling I him Chippy; the book, written in a strange language, ended up thrown to one side in the attic. 01 Life returned to normal for .
Young Simon until one day Chippy went sniffing around in the “¦ ¦ attic. He came back with the book, dropped it onto the floor and J triggered a magic spell that !: opened up a portal in the *, ¦' floor you see, this was a * 1 magic book sent from ¦ another dimension. Chippy |MV .
Jumped through the portal I"'.,;r and Simon, being an inquisitive sort of chap, followed closely behind.
The portal » led them to the AV UfiPE UP,* t-VK7 DfiflSOK?
House of the ' good wizard Calypso, full of oddly-shaped | a 1 ; bottles with nasty The start of the adventure, inside the wizard's house Simon finds a note to give him some clues.
Talking and looking at everything helps to solve the tricky puzzles.
Chattii they'v polen Some finding clues or answ* other replies are only conversation. Simon i manners either, with i frankly your conversal habit of throwing up scrumptious plate of s I've been playing S non-stop since it arri There are many excellent graphical sequences to be seen. The giant is particularly impressive.
Trns was one ol me original pomi-and- ¦ ire ga-vs : r- ‘'on me IP S 3! S 8 Mhomec irrp.it-vs arcvCl II UjBI '.? '.z : j: ”"7 .r t :¦¦, V* 1 I qBH uninspiring but the storyline and puzzles are ¦ Bspmi still lop notch by today s standards j [j JJ A mad prolessor has kidnapped .1 ... . cheerleader called Sandy and is threatening EJClLiC!
Lo suck her brains out with Ins laltrsl ni"v -‘j- ¦ invention. The poor girl s in a nil ol a slale BIHH by sorting through the budget releases at your local software shop. Here are two alternatives to set your brains boggling... brave missrOT. Sandy's boyfriend Dave is automatically selected and two can be chosen Irom the other seven A punk rocker and a kid genius are just two ot the likely lads (or lasses) they all have their own strengths and weaknesses Out the game can be completed no matter whg you select Each ol me locations must be thoroughly explored to pick up vital clues lor puzzle
solving Some ol the obiects are hidden in The garish visuall would pul many people oil Mania1 Mansion straight away but graphics don’t make a gamel such obscure places that trial and error becomes the only way lo progress through the game Keywords are displayed al the Dottom ol the play area in the traditional manner and there are selectable Ool spots m each location. In particular, the WHAT IS7 command is the most uselul. Giving a description ol all me options, characters and locations.
Maniac Mansion was one ol the very first adventures lo use the poinl 'n' click control method II still provides a perfect inlroduclion lo the genre al a third ol Ihe price ol the excellent Simon Hie Sorcerer.
Rewarding game to play AMIGA FORCE • ISSUE SIXTEEN • MARCH 1994 Fantasy-style tunes that play all the time, but no sound effects.
Luckily, the music can be switched off!
PLAYABILITY Graphically not as impressive as Simon, this game makes up lor it with a well thought oul plot.
A few more clues could have been given away but it's rewarding when you suss out a problem.
Sleeping on the jobl That's not going to get this adventure solved.
N days ot old when dragons glided through Ihe skies without Icar ol being m ihe (light path ol airliners and people lived in simple rustic villages ol huts, oh, ihose were Ihe days! The backDone ol society was made up ol Great Guilds who took care ol Ihe various professions. The Blacksmith's Guild owned all Ihe metallic things. Ihe Cleric's Guild controlled Ihe spiritual things and Ihe skilled Weaver's Guild not only took care ol Ihe clothes making bul spun Ihe threads ot life itself One ot the besl things about Loom is it's extremely well A magical adventure with many characters and
attractive locations to discover.
One game and you'll be totally addicted we were!
Ihougbl oul plol leaves you thirsting lor more.
On ihe Dad side. Ihe graphics Ihroughoul are a let-down, with nothing to show oh the Amiga to it'sfuli extent. A lot ol Ihe animated sequences AMIGA FORCE • ISSUE SIXTEEN • MARCH 1994 are much loo long and not particularly brilliant to view either. Againsl graphic adventure games like The Secret ol Monkey fcta andCocktel Vision's Gottmstrilogy, Loom doesn't seem lo he a lerrilic challenge but it does have enough gameplay lo keep you playing, mainly because ol Ihe superb storyline. The idea ol Ihe Guilds and Ihreads ol life stufl is an instanl Turn on' for all advenlure Ians out there even il
Loom's visuals could've been better I Plenty of characters to interact with and locations to visit. The map keeps irritation to a minimum.
Play The game to be granted three wishes in... Aiaitmp- Cal to win your Instant Prize!
SEGA SEGA UPER Wtendo mtfie of your choice 839 407058 Instant Win PHILIPS CD!
+ CD games 0839 407048 Instant Win MEGADRIVE MEGA CD + game of your choice + game ot your choke 0839 407057 0839 407056 h n Instant Win I GAME GEAR AMIGA A1200 AMI(
* game ot your choke 0839 40 | 0839 407047 0839 407059 Instant
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A TirXn MANGA VIDEOS! (tlLHIIIHIW Qev 0839407054 THE QUIZ1 ) STM me rmaff • *¦', xL;- ¦ Starfleet Academy&dtgggM "¦ Videos- 6 movies In original widescreen version Captain's Log - the full story of the Enterprise voyages!
Star Trek watch - tell the time in space!
Plus - alarm dock, caps and more...!_ Calls cost 36p per mln (cheap) 48p (other times). Max possible cost £3.60. Please be sure you have permission to make this call. Where Instant Win is indicated there is no tiebreaker and prizewinners are decided Instantly by playing a deciding game. Other competitions close 31.5.94. All competitions involve multiple choice questions. Nintendo Sega Amiga'Gladiators Jaguar & Star Trek are all registered trademarks ot their respective companies. We are neither related to nor endorsed by them. For rules and winners' names please send SAE to Aladdin's Cave,
PO Box 28, Northampton NN1 5DS. Impact Mar THE REVIEW SECTION
• PRODUCER: OCEAN • AOTHOR: IN HOUSE From cinema smash hit to
manic merchandising, comic books to computer games. Hands up if
you're fed up of Jurassic Park... | and the video's yet to
Zjr • .
I like rafts, me. You can tell a decent hero by the qaulity of his raft. In fact, I just like to say 'raft' Raft, raft, raft, raft, raft, raft, raft, raft.. (I think that's quite enough rafts Ed).
Jurassic Park's graphics are superb it's just a pity its gameplay isn’t anywhere near that... Iaving missed seeing it, I can’t comment on how true Ocean's Jurassic Park is to the movie but who gives a toss about that sort of thing anyway? Thing is, 32-bit Park will probably turn out to be the biggest disappointment of the year. With some of the most stunning visuals ever seen on the Amiga in particular, the indoor sequences are superb it's a shame that the majority of the gameplay's shamefully lightweight. The idea behind the game isn't too bad. There are two different sections; a
Chaos Engine type . , , Hs ,C first person perspective VR experience with some of the smoothest graphics since Legends of Valour.
Dino droppings The outdoor sections are pretty awful, considering the amount of time Ocean had to perfect them.
Blasting dinosaurs is fun for about... oooh, five minutes, and then it Were there ever blue dinos? No wonder they died out no fashion sense.
Becomes something of a chore. While trundling around the maze-like playing areas, there are loads of small but irritating dinos I can’t be bothered to find out what they're called and these are swines to shoot as every time you move the joystick to fire in their direction, you invariably walk into them and lose energy. Still, there's more to these bits than simple blasting there's simple collection of objects, simple puzzles and simple maze The earlier kids stuff through and through, but it's the later paddocks (each named after the type of dino inhabiting it) where VP just gets plain
irritating. Discovering your character can't fall from heights barely twice his size is annoying One of JP's spooky indoor sequences. The level of detail on the various rooms is well excellent.
Bags of f ags are available from high street stores like Woolworths and John Menzies.
Created by Copywrite
* they have a blood red design and the familar JP logo
emblazoned on j them. There’s a backpack, ' £ duffle bag and J
swimmirwj bag to choose £ from you'll be the t envy of all
your friends A with any of these!
AMIGA FORCE® ISSUE SIXTEEN • MARCH 1994 Those bird things swoop at you, but they’re sooo easy to pick off... 'What do they keep in here King Kong?'.
Anyone who has seen the film will remember these famous gates.
PRICE: E25.99 Why grandma, what big teeth you have... wrencning suspense tnat was aimosc guararueeu iu leave no cinema seat dry. Jurassic Park the game on the other hand does have a nail-biting section but this is only accessed after many disk swops and long hours of play, so it doesn't really count as far as suspense goes! The main problem I found was that the boredom and monotony outweighs the odd tiny bit of excitement throughout it's entirety. Everything else about Jurassic Park is pretty damn cool, the presentation's nice with intricate detail on backgrounds, dinosaurs and the main bloke.
The most impressive thing about is game is the wonderfully atmospheric soundtrack that seems to build up excitement. There are lots of levels to get stuck into but the problem's that the better sections (the indoor levels) aren't a large a part of JP as they should be. Which leaves you with mostly slow and H Vflf repetitive outdoor ¦ kyl SHBOT-’EM-UP - A GAME 1601 adventures that seem to go ¦ Zl HI on longer than the Jurassic ¦ U III period itself! ”.
Life lost), as is seeing a bridge and * , Follow the lights to reach the exit in one piece.
Attempting to walk over it only to find B9 it's the bottom of the play area and there's a fatal fall there (life lost). Then Q there's the 'raft ride1, where moving to a certain point while drifting results in rT4 your raft becoming stuck fast (restart game) and one particular paddock with lots of falling rocks where everything slows down to a crawl. When you consider the A1200's a 32- bit machine, this is pretty piss-poor. Still, one of the outdoor sections' redeeming features of the few there are is that, after completing most of them, you reach the indoor levels, where matters improve
considerably. With a limited supply of ammunition and a not considerably generous allocation of energy, the objective is to negotiate various rooms and j : ‘""d0,s ,n el,her get The landcruiser isn't going to be much use in that sorry condition.
Side If the electricity to the fences wasn't switched off our hero could be barbecued in a second!
Stationery N for example. With scenes from the movie and exclusive paintings of all the dinosaurs they're great to collect and swop Also available from the usual high street stores is some great stationery. Available singly and in combined packs I you can get pens, pencils, note pads and sketch books. An ideal present for dino-freaks methmks!
ISSUE SIXTEEN MARCH 1994 AMIG, (*) AMHI STYll .SHMTHHP COMPATIBIKTY A120D A4D0 ND. Of DISKS .4 Log onto one of the computer terminals for much needed info.
This is where Jurassic Park really excels. The indoor sequences are flippin' marvellous it laser gun Grant looks of the Ghostbusters!
A superb soundtrack adds atmosphere, changing as the Raptors stalk you.
Sound-FX are cool too.
The complex or perform an action. This would be woefully easy (not to mention boring) if 7 not for the Raptors. Attacks from these drain energy at an alarming rate but a few well-placed shots usually finish them off.
With silky-smooth graphics and a wonderful (if eventually irritating) action-linked soundtrack, these levels are particularly playable, and are easily Jurassic Park's finest hour. They become a bit tedious when you get lost and end up walking around in circles, but hey if you don't pay attention and go in the right direction, you deserve whatever you get.
I suppose a summing up's in order.
Basically... oh sod it, I can't be bothered.
I'm going to repeat all this in the ratings box anyway, so just skip over to that and read that instead. I'll just leave you with this choice morsel of information that hasn't been used in a review before, honest which is... try before you buy. You ¦ i know it makes ' sense... The presentation and introduction screens are beautifully animated and packed with atmosphere.
You could almost be inside Jurassic Park1.
II Sadly lacking. It’s not a difficult game to L complete and the II outdoor sections will IU soon annoy you. So... ...there's not much of this stuff. The indoor sections will pull you back, though. They're gripping!
Quick! Get that Pterodactyl before he does something nasty on your head!
It could have been so much more, yet 93's biggest film could well have become 94's biggest Does this really need any explaination? I think it's GAME OVER time and there are no continues!
Disappoint ment. Sad but true.
Ojtware « WHEEL DRIVE only £19.99 L «(M»CW4ai RA .mlCo-boB-cm_ COMBAT CLASSICS only 12099 F 1b ill*. I »*• « UD AlKltub RAINBOW COLLECTION only Cl 3.99 N * Zutant Story, BvM-U BobW* .mjR.MxMl.UmM _ HOLLYWOOO COLLECTION on* Cl 099 RobeCo* Obo«MU» 2 Iml-M Jc-m, _8 « tb M M._ NINJA COLLECTION only Cl 3.99 0 £ ••*-. SlMbM W.IIXX .mi D Discount o!f ordersover’ C75I | (EXCLUDES A m POST AOE ANQ- K1XX TRIPLE PACK 1 (SPORTS) only Cl 299 SUPER FIGHTER on*y C1099 mmi mO-hFqm STRATEGY MASTER only C2I.99 2 HOT 2 MANOLE only £1299 SPORTS COLLECTION onty Cl 299 R-MG-WNImmI-i Secern « W KKX TRIPLE PACK ¦
081 889 9172 ENQUIRY,OROER UNE 118a Palmers Road 081 361 5730 6730 New Southgate 24 HOUR FAX UNE LONDON N11 1SL 081 361 2733 TOP TITLES I960 ..... A800. IttMl RwoUon 101 Riel OinaMOutll Ssr: Run fh* GauMMl RVF Honda Shadc WmM Shadow ol the Beait Shadow Wa rw roW Smptonk . C&99 £6 99 S»a«*i TV .. £690 C7.90 SpeoJUIIIl £7.90 £699 SuiaMwl ... £690 £690 SUM Ft* ....£0 90 £790 SjunlCarRacw £690 £690 Siptelm_________ £590 £690 S-po Canll £690 £790 Sup» HMaOn £690 £M0 S&jB £690 C699 b-fcb8-a.il £690 L6 30 S*w ..... £690 £'» Tw-nakr II (690 £6 96
TtubtoFoi (990 £6» Tutncan II £790 £7.90 umoucKatln £690 £890 Voaitt . C690 £690 WC lead &o d £690 £690 WotU Champtcmhp Boning £690 £690 Zal MclOaOan £690 Chaw HQ II ... Chuck Rock II .... SH0P0PEN 10am • 6pm Postcode:_Tel: _ Card No: _ Exp Date Signature:_ Account No: _ (Please quote when reordering) AccessQ Visa Q Cheque£]_P-0‘»£]_ could say about many games, especially beat- 'em-ups while its clever learning curve ensures that, after months of play, new things ate stilt there to be discovered, perfected... Back in the real world... Still, this doesn't mean
much to Amiga owners, does it? I reckon less than three percent of you lot out there own a SNES as well as an Amiga, so the last thing I should be writing is a glowing appraisal of a Capcom- produced Nintendo game. Or should I?
Apparently, while developing SF2 for the Amiga its development team were given Super Nintendos and copies of the game to work from. The conversion was written, released, became one of 1993’s biggest sellers while the year had barely began. The really sad thing is, it's just not Street Fighter 2. It looks similar, the characters are the same but no way does it play as it should. Obviously, the shift from a six-button joypad to a standard one-button joystick control method meant the programmers had to weed out certain moves, trim bits here and there... and that's precisely what the problem is.
SF2 wasn't designed to be played with one button, or two, even three for that matter. The SNES and arcade versions allow clever strategies and move combinations to be used, most of which are individual to a particular player. The Amiga version? No way. It's just a normal beat-'em-up called Street Fighter
2. It's a bit on the slow side, some of the moves don't work
occasionally due to the context-sensitivity used for
dose-quarters combat (throws and the like) and its colour
scheme is best described as garish. Still, it's playable
enough, available on budget, and could possibly be the biggest
budget hit this year. I can think of far less deserving games
and hey, it's good for laugh. Just as long as no-one plays the
arcade machine and gets funny ideas about being able to do the
same things with the Amiga version, I can't see anyone being
too disappointed. Cool.
Already? Seems like only yesterday we were reviewing Street Fighter 2 as a full-pricer. Still, has the test of time been kind? And is a price-point of £16.99 really a bargain?
Street Fighter 2 on the Super Nintendo is easily one of the best arcade conversions ever. It's also the most playable, intricate and absorbing beat-'em-up I've ever come across. Instead of featuring faceless pyjama- dad fighters (like in, say, IK+) eight competitors (twelve in the Turbo edition) can be chosen from, each having distinctive appearances, fighting styles and special moves.
Every character has specific strengths and weaknesses; for example, Chun Li can outpace and floor E Honda with ease, but, against Ryu and his Dragon Punches, she's dogmeat.
Conversely, Honda could wipe the floor with Zangief using his Hundred Hand Slap. To those unfamiliar with the game, this may sound a tad confusing. All this talk of special moves, abilities... once played. Street Fighter 2 makes sense, believe me. Everything slots into place like a jigsaw puzzle. Playing against the computer is almost as much fun as beating up a friend not something you It’s okay for a qoick scrap now and again he two men faced off. All was still. 'HADOKEN!'
Boomed Ryu as he launched a dragon punch towards his opponent. 'Hello Ryu.' Replied Ken amiably then his face caved in.
Yuk! Being a recent convert to the Super Nintendo's Turbo edition, playing Amiga SFII is a harrowing experience. It's okay for a quick scrap now and again I s'pose but with the likes of Body Blows, BB Galactic and Mortal Wombat doing the rounds the 'budget' price of 15 quid is a bit steep. If you're a fanatic of Guile, Honda and company then buy yourself a SNES. If you already have the games mentioned earlier and desperately want another beat-'em-up to gather dust in the back of your cupboard. BbflBnf by all means rush out and ¦¦¦Bln grab a copy of Street Fighter BS11 ¦
II. Don't take that as a Bj§ aS IN recommendation, however... ' "
'You don't scare me with your flashy fire bolts... ouch!
That darn well hurt that did. You should be more careful you could have someone's eye out with those things!'
BEAT-’EM-UP ALL AMIGAS 4 .1 MEG NO COMPATIBILITY NO. OE DISKS.. MEMORY ... HD INSTALL..... 7 SKILL LEVELS ID SELECT 3 SPECIAL MOVES ...OUT HOW Hics4 Awful colour scheme and sketchy-looking sprites and backgrounds a far cry from other versions.
T UUUTj J'J Jlli Average tunes. Most of the speech samples are in there, but mysteriously higher pitched.
Is it a bird? Is it a plane?
No it's flying fat man he's so dashing!
Well... y'know how it is with beat-'em-ups. You can sit down, waggle the joystick and not have to think too hard.
LASTABILITY It's tricky on the higher skill levels there's no denying that and the two-player option is. As per usual, a godsend.
An original title worthy of much praise and... oops, wrong game! If you've no friends, knock 15% off for not playing two-player.
Bash the barrels for bonus points.
They don’t give you any advantage only a mega score.
THE REVIEW SECTION A TALE OF PIRATES, PIRANAH POODLES AND PLENTY OF POZ2LES ADVENTURE PRODUCER: KIXK XL • AUTHOR: LUCAS ARTS • PRICE: E16.99 You know, badJthing*r£could haPF?en‘to a persoi Each location is packed with detail and must be carefully explored to discover all the hidden objects. The more nosy you are the more you will find!
What is the secret of Monkey Island?
Why is the Milka cow lilac? How many Smarties go around the underground?
Only one of these questions deserves an answer... To progress into the adventure it's a good idea to talk to all the characters you come across.
The graphics look a bit rough in Waif-, to Use Pick up Look at Tal* to Turn on If there's one thing that gets thoroughly on my wick it's chuffin' adventures. They take themselves so seriously and, to make matters worse, you get loads of anoraxic spotty types claiming there's nothing socially retarded about typing out conversations with imaginary people for boring, pre-conceived responses go figure.
What's wrong with a few graphics or, heaven forbid, a spot of sound.
If you haven't twigged yet The Secret of Monkey Island is an adventure, Aaaargh! So what is it this time? Knights, wizards... oh, pirates.
Lord take me now!
The hero's a young and carefree type by the name of Guybrush Threepwood (!?) With aspirations to sail the seven seas and generally buckle swash. What a turnip! Get yourself a steady job, wife, three mortgages and 200 kids that's what my old gran used to say. Before they locked her up, that is. Anyway where was I... hero... erm, pirates, oh yeah: P*Ck up Look at Talk: to Turn on Turn off Guybrush arrives on the island of Melee, noted hang out for sundry sea-dogs of ill-repute, to persue his ambition.
Thankfully there's no keyboard typing to be done, everything's point and click as you move Guybrush around and manipulate objects avec mouse.
These sort of games have always been a bit hit-and-miss with the right balance of puzzle difficulty aving eluded all too many in the past so how does Monkey Island fare? Pretty good, actually!
Its clues are just tricky enough to keep your brain in gear without falling into the trap of overobscurity, passed off by so many games as challenge.
Barrel ’? Rum, anyone?
While Monkey Island's graphics aren't quite as impressive now as when it originally came out, they still pack in loads of charm and atmosphere. TSOMI's hottest spot, however, is its inimitable sense of humour. Even the most hardened of miserabalites will hard pushed to stifle their chuckles all the way v through (the ' fight scene in m the governor's mansion is hilarious) but at no point do the gags attempt to cover up flawed gameplay they're a welcome frill and integral to the game’s feel, without detracting in any way from other HOT VHDMTHE CASTING COUCH... ri .i ¦ If you meet this j him
tetchy but if you can't mock the afflicted what can you do? Take up computer journalism, perhaps?
F5 ADVENTURE - A TAIE OF PIRATES. PIRANAH POODLES AND PLENTY OF PU22LES Monkey Island's a great game, packed with humourous situations and wonderful graphics.
Elements. Disk access time can be annoying during long sessions, but with only four disks (Indy IV had eleven) playing without a hard drive isn't as much of a chore as it could be.
Frustration is further eased by the well thought out locations. They don't 'sprawl', so walking back and forth is thankfully more of a stroll than a hike. There aren't as many locations in the game as some might hope but this actually boosts playability, with logical thought and puzzling given priority over prolonged wandering.
Yep, I like it! It's fun. Funny, challenging, addictive. Perhaps not all that cheap considering it was only £24.99 at full price (and years back, at that James) but who gives a toss when you're getting so much for your money? Hey wow adventures really are cool... urn, sometimes!
Advance' Sword fighting is an essential part of any pirates life so our hero must become a dab hand with his weapons.
SAVE GAME ..OUT NOW waik to Open Halk To Use nttrts Chase Pick up Look at lOOX CoTTacy T-stvr-T Push Talk To Turn on Putt Sue Turn off Styi£ Atmospheric cartoon- style backdrops and convincing scaling on the main character.
Breath mints, a shirt and a staple remover. What on earth can Guybrush do with those?!
Humable intro theme but in-game sound is sparse and only so-so at best.
Using the island map you can move from one location to another instantly. That'll save the shoe leather!
Instantly engaging with good 'taster' puzzles to get you started. You'll be hooked right away.
There's plenty to keep you going without lumping too much on your plate at any one time.
• • AtOf garm enou keep butt most arcac THE REVIEW SECTION It's a
tough place, Arabia. They may look r KaI like prannies, poncing
about in F b t eir silly red hats with black dangly r things
but don't be fooled. They're as nasty L as a beehive in your
PRODUCER: BUZZ: • AUTHOR: KRISALIS • PRICE: £14.09 EXTRAS ..MUSIC TIS RELEASE .....OUT NO) We've always been great mates, me and Sinbad the Sailor. How I thrilled to his adventures. I cheered as he slew the sword-wielding skeletons, I covered my eyes as he braved the stormy seas, I sighed as he bagged the beautiful belly dancer. But time waits for no man. And so it came to pass that Sinbad got too old for all that heroic business, retiring to the quiet life in Baghdad's home for baggy- trousered adventurers.
Sinbad arrived on the AMIGA FORCE doorstep.
Without further ado we headed into the unknown.
'This all looks a bit familiar!' Remarked Sinbad as we found ourselves in a prison cell.
'You're not kidding...' I replied, taking a key from an old chest in the corner, '...and how did I know that was in there?'
Then it clicked, 'It's a CD re-release of the other game!' We cried in unison. 'It all looks the i mmm _ same to me.' Moaned Sinbad, Where's I the enhancements, you know, parallax || | backgrounds, FX, sampled speech, all ’ that guff? It's exactly the bloody same!'.
| | I had to agree.
'I see they've left those stupid shoot- I 'em-up levels in as well', I noted with p| annoyance.
'Yes', agreed Sinbad, 'I remember losing stacks of lives on those before “ and let’s face it puzzles and mazes are what this game's about. They just don't fit in.'
After a while in thought I offered, 'It only costs 15 quid and it is a fun a little game, I can't really slag it.'
'True.’ retorted Sinbad solemnly, 'But let's hope the CD32 doesn't just become a medium for countless straight 16-bit ports. It's like watching England at Wembley the *11 0 surroundings deserve so f Ell much more than the m jjjlj In occasion serves up.' M II He had a point.
GRAPHICS Cute and cuddly with smooth scrolling but nothing to send you gaga.
Standard FX and chirrupsome toons.
Again nothing stands out they're no more than functional.
• ••••••••
• . Jolly and playable.
Hi Good difficulty curve l |l gets you started ill without any hassles.
LASTABILITY All was quiet on the m i swashbuckling front for a while and, dejectedly, I sought solace TNS 3D in my Amiga. Then, one day, a fellow showed up. There was looks something about his curly shoes, .
His curved sword, the sheer size of | ¦ his trousers! Brashly this interloper ¦ fOmillOP!
Introduced himself as Sinbad Jr.
Unconvinced as I was, the perky i chap offered proof of his “ adventuring prowess with a trip through Arabian Nights a chronicle of his first quest stored on floppy disks. Certainly there was action, puzzle solving and all manner of courageous antics. Clearly there was more to this fresh-faced young lad than met the eye. As the quest progressed we became firm friends, reliving those old glories but, as with all good things, the saga drew to a close. There just aren't the adventures around these days for such a hero and young Sinbad got a job quantity surveying in Hereford.
Uinhtr nf nlri Life calmed down once more until I It's big and gets progressively tougher.
Expect a good few works worth of entertainment.
Received word of a CD quest that might
Suit the little hero. Swiftly I got on the blower and within twenty minutes A straight port of the game. Fun for all the family but not one to show off It's good to see cheap and cheerful software available for the CD32, but we couldn't half do with some more impressive titles.
CD32 s capabilities.
J. fl.K SOFTWARE BUS STOP PD 2 Winterto.« Court, Market Square,
Westerham, Kent, TNI6 1AL ...17.99 LEMMING 2 l'•rx*' 1 ’ 99 19
99 VIKINGS 22 99 ...19.99 I O’vS .1 IIM4TC C-AI 1 t999 .19.99
MCPQ OSE Cclf 25 99 .19.99 mm 9 99 35 99 MCR'Al KCMp&T 20 99
...25.99 MC» '-HOC CclF 22 99 .17.99 MGF MANSFII 1999
22. 99 NOT* Ai:vFMl»P6 1999 .22.99 NCI :vs « AVI IMF
* 9 99 ...19.99 Os::an A173C 1799 ...18.99 Ovf-HIIMVF 1799
...19.99 OVFHKUI A?200 14 99 ...18.99
• * ;a iciir - 20 99 ....18.99
* * NHAi F AN 1 AslF 1999 ...18.99 PINBALL FANTASIES
A1200 . ...20.99 ...22.99 PREMIER
17. 99
19. 99 PREMIER MANAGER 2 .. ...16.99 ....22.99
...25.99 ...19.99 SIM LIFE A1200 .... ...22.99 ...20.99 SPACE HULK . ...24.99 ...22.99 STAR TREK A1200 ..... .25 99 ....21.99 SYNDICATE ... .22 99 ...25.99 TURRICAN III A1200 .... ...17.99
26. 99 URIDIUM 2 A1200 . ...16 99
....22.99 WORLD CUP 94 A1200 ... 22 99 .24.99
ZOOL 1 (ALL AMIGAS) . ..17 99 ....19.99
ZOOL 2 (ALL AMIGAS) . ...17.99 ALFRED CHICKEN A1200 ...
2 ALIEN BREED 2 A1200 ......
2000 . HIRED
? ? ?
? ? ?
? ? ?
? ? ?
J Nicklaus Golf Jaguar XJ220 .
James Pond jai ilea rui iu .... Kings Quest 1 . ....14 99 Lethal Weapon . ...13.99 Lionhearl .. ....13.99 Lords of Chaos .. ......9.99 Lotus 3 . ....13.99 M1 Tank Platoon ....12.99 Manchester United .... ......9.99 Maniac Mansion .12.99 Match of the Day .9.99 Microprose Golt ..15.99 Midwinter 2 ..13.99 Monkey
Island ....16 99 Myth .....9.99 New Zealand Story ......6.99 North & South 7.99 Oh No More Lemmings .13.99 Pacland 799 Pacmania ...7.99 Pang ....6 99 Paperboy 2 ...6 99 Pictionary ..7.99 Pinball Magic .9.99 Populous & Promised Lands 13.99 Premier
Manager ......15.99 Prince ot Persia ....7 99 Pro Tennis Tour ...7 99 Pushover .9.99 Putty ....9.99 All prices include UK postage etc., no other charges.
Order any game by cheque or P.O. payable to SOFTSELL and, if you Join the CLUB, you can return it after 7 days at a special buy back price.
Softsell and SSH Clubs have been highly recommended since 1983 10 YEARS OF COMPUTER GAMES SERVICE For full catalogue, club details and buy back prices, send stamped SAE to SOFTSELL (AFC) MAIL ORDER 32 Dursley Road, Trowbridge, Wilts, BA14 0NP Callers welcome in The Shopping Mall, 16 Church Street, Trowbridge ? ?? ??? ? ? ? ??? ??? ??? ?
Addams Family .....9.99 Allen Breed Special Edition 10.99 Arkanold Revenge ot Doh ......7.99 Austerlitz ....6.99 Bards Tale 3 ..9.99 Batman the Movie .7.99 Battleships .6.99 Black Crypt ..12.99 Blitzkrieg ....9.99 Captain Dynamo ......7.99 Challenge Golt ......6.99 Chaos Engine .....16.99 Chaos Strikes
Back 9 99 Chuck Rock 2 .....11.99 Continental Circus 6.99 Cool World .9.99 Dally Double Horse Racing 6.99 Dizzy Prince of Yolk Folk .7.99 Edd the Duck 2 .....7.99 F15 Strike Eagle 2 .....14.99 F16 Combat Pilot .8 99 Falcon ..9.99 Fantasy World Dizzy ....7.99 Final Fight .9.99 Formula 1 Grand Pnx 15.99 Ghouls n
Ghosts ...7.99 Gunship 2000 .....18.99 Hero Quest 8.99 Hook ....9.99 Hunt for Red October ..6.99 International Soccer 9.99 ? ? ?
Ss ....7.99 .10.99 R-Type 2 .... ...7.99 Railroad Tycoon ... .16.99 .6.99 Rick Dangerous . ..7.99 Robin Hood ......12.99 Robocop 3 . .15.99 Shadowlands .... ..9.99 Shadow ol the Beast 3 .14.99 Simpsons ... ...9.99 7 99 Space Gun .... ......8.99 Special Forces .. 11.99 6.99 Stack Up .... ..6.99 Street Fighter
2 . .. 14.99 Strider 2 ..... ..9.99 Strip Poker Deluxe ..7.99 Suburban Commando 15.99 Super Space Invaders .....9.99 ..... 13.99 SWIV 9 99 Tennis Cup 2 ..j. ..9.99 Terminator 2 ..... ..7.99 Thomas Tank Engine 2...... ..7.99 6.99 Trivial Pursuit ... .7.99 Ultima 5 ..... 11.99 WWF Euro Rampage 15.99 Windsurf Willie ..7.99 World Class Rugby ..... 14.99
Zool 14.99 50 GREAT GAMES (Wicked) ..13.99 TOO HOT TO HANDLE Golden Axe, Total Recall. Shadow Warriors. Super Off Road Racer (Ocean) ...12.99 CLASSIC COLLECTION World Championship Soccer, Gremlins 2. Barbarian 2. Colossus Chess (Hot Shots) .11.99 TRIPLE ACTION 4 Blues Brothers, Maya, Satan (Prism) .9.99 ? ?
SS DRIVE YOURSELF UP THE WALL WITH THREE LOTUS CHALLENGES - RACING i: there’s more variation in the track designs... but it's not half as good. In two-player mode it’s excellent, but solo entertainment is reduced by the limited challenge of the clock.
Crashed and burned Finally, Lotus 3 isn't all it should be. It's essentially Lotus 1 and 2 combined, though shamefully not as good as either.
Graphically it's not anywhere near as accomplished the screen update’s a lot more ragged, for example. Bearing in mind how smoothly its older counterparts manage to move, it seems unforgivable that it should almost jerk along at times. Still, there are a fair number of options to choose from, including whether to race against the clock or other competitors, the obligatory two-player option (couldn’t omit that one, could they?) And a course designer. Yup, Lotus 3's big hook is that you can make your own tracks.
Trilogy present good VFM? Sadly, no.
Is French for 'go eat lots of lard ’till you’re sick’, m the king no. Queen, of England. Honest.
Lotus And I’ All three of Gremlin’s Lotus trilogy in one compilation sounds like a bargain, right? Not quite. I'll tell you why... Lotus Turbo Challenge was released... oh, ages ago (I can’t be bothered to check when) to much critical acclaim. An into-the- screen racer with superb cosmetics, its speedy graphics and intense playability made it the best arcade style drive-’em-up on the market at the time, and it’s still very much a classic today. The thing that really brings Challenge forth from the crowd is its two-player mode. The screen is split into two distinctive halves, with each player
viewing the track through a smallish (but sufficiently large) window; in one-player mode, the bottom window is defunct. Each race is set on different and gradually more hazardous tracks. Twenty cars compete on each course, with the eventual winner claiming top points while nine others receive smaller amounts and the final ten get none.
Thing is, each race is part of a championship, but finish out of the points and it’s game over in two-player mode, this only applies if both human drivers don’t rank highly enough.
Lotus 2 is in some ways more of the same, but with a few improvements and a slight ’direction’ change. Whereas in Lotus 1 computer cars are there to beat and, basically, have to be, in Lotus 2 they're merely a hindrance the ’challenge’ being to reach checkpoints and subsequently the finish line before a time limit has elapsed. The graphics are an improvement over its predecessor, the one-player mode takes up the entire screen.
Giving almost endless variety. Sadly, it's not a designer in the 'true1 sense of the word, or so I see it you only choose how many bends, hills, obstacles and all that sort of stuff there are. A code is given so you can re-race on ’your' track at any time and... well, it’s all a bit crap, really. Still, Lotus 3's enjoyable enough and certainly well presented but PRUDUCER: GREMLIN AUTHOR: VARIOUS PRICE: £29.99 It's a green Lotus.
Wow. It’s slower than the others, though.
Package the first two games are good goooooll All the Lotus games in one beautiful big I black box. It's only when you play one game gjafter another that you realise the drawbacks. It all starts with Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge with its slightly dodgy graphics but superb competitive racing lameplay. One of the few glitches in the game is the act that, even in one-player mode, you have the annoying split screen during the race. The second game in the trilogy, Turbo Challenge 2 doesn't have this irritating glitch: instead the graphics have been improved upon and yes, its one-player mode
utilises the full screen display. But alas, what it has in presentation it lacks in gameplay. Instead of the (much better) competitive racing to get pole position, in this game you're against the clock, topping up your time as you pass each checkpoint.
The red one! Cool car. Just look at that acceleration graph go!
The biggest disappointment of the lot, though, is Lotus 3 which tries to combine the good points of its predecessors. Although its presentation's nice.
Lotus S's gameplay is awkward and really doesn't inspire you to play for long. So, there you have it.
It's not a bad package the first two games are good racing sims but the third falls slightly to the MM|| wayside. Still, The Lotus A* J Uj Trilogy is ideal for anybody ¦¦ al 111 who likes to get stuck into a MU II The Lotus Elan eh? I bet it couldn’t beat a Suzuki Swift 1.3GS in a race!
Good racing sim.
PLAYERS .1 2 LEVELS ....N A CONTINUES .I A EXTRAS..COMPIITER LINK-UP, TRACI (OITIR RELEASE ....! OUT NOW Excellent on the first two with fast scrolling and detailed cars and scenery, not bad on the third.
It doesn't compare favourably with the first two.
So what's the beef, then? Does The Lotus Trilogy present good VFM? Sadly, no.
When you consider that both Lotus 1 and 2 are available on budget you could get the both of them for under £20 and the flawed Lotus 3 is arguably no improvement over either, wouldn't it be wiser to buy the two that count, save the rest of the cash and put it towards something more worthy? Like, perhaps you could send it to me! Look, you know our address. I'll even send you a note saying 'ta, matey' or something. Now you can't say fairer than that, can you... And the roads at home are really like that, eh?
Pity that, in Lotus 3, you have to play THIS after them.
F OREST' COURSE Pretty intro screens adorn each level start.
PLAYABILITY (Instantly appealing, and consistently so ¦ against a friend. The |l two-player modes are U simply superb.
Lots of tracks make for long-term entertainment and there really are loads of 'em... nuin ¦¦¦ The first two Lotus games are superb, the third... it's not terrible, just not as playable.
Buy Lotus 1 and 2 on AMIGA FORCE • ISSUE SIXTEEN • MARCH 1994 budget instead.
PRODUCER: KRVSALIS • AUTHOR: IN HOUSE • PRICE: £14.39 We sit, huddled, praying for CD32 software... and receive an old soccer game.
Still, it's got John Barnes in it and doesn't cost much... Time for a substitution.
Who's up next?
Simply walk into the opposing player or, if you fancy conceding a penalty, there's a poorly- defined slide tackle. Wonderful. John Barnes European Soccer could have been a fun kick around with better playtesting and tweaking, but it's the sort of game that, if I were a lesser reviewer, I'd associate openly with a cliche involving parrots, in particular sick ones. As budget soccer games go... well, I've seen worse, let's put it that way.
Hang on, this is a CD32 game, isn't it? I can't finish the review without 'unused 'doesn't push the machine' and 'it's the same as the bloody 16-bit version'... you know the score. So do I for that matter. It's six to Sweden with England on a pitiful nil. It's strange that an Amiga football game should be based around John Barnes, surely the most frequently-injured player in English football, but hey that's licencing for you.
In football games, the idea is to score loads of goals. No really, it is. Goals are traditionally achieved by moving or passing to a player within shooting distance of an opposing team's goal mouth.
The downfall of many soccer games is that scoring is only possible from 'sweet spots' choke positions that CPU- controlled 'keepers fail to recognise as a threat. Usually, the opposing team do the impossible and score from seemingly any angle a phenomena unexplained but probably something to do with your goalkeeper being crap, or something. Then there's Sensible Soccer, Goal! And, grudgingly, the two Kick Off games that actually do allow you to play a more life-like game of soccer, where almost any shooting angle can result in a goal.
Being a bit of a sad case when it comes to football games (I can't stop playing them), I volunteered to review John Barnes European Soccer and, in some ways. I'm glad I did it's been an unusual experience. Never before have I played a footy game for an hour without scoring, let alone sat down to review one under the circumstances. I tried almost every angle, every conceivable sweet shot... to no avail.
The computer manages it, because it's got the whole thing sussed it's all a matter of fooling the goalkeepers. Take a shot at goal and the keeper's reaction is near instantaneous and oh-so-accurate.
Go on David my son! Before you start the game you can watch the players stroll onto the pitch.
• « w : _ However, should somebody kick the ball in his direction
and it get blocked by another player, he still makes a dive,
leaving an open goal for all and his dog to score while the
goalie dusts himself off. This is what the computer does, but
could I manage it? Pah The radar is useful and can be
positioned anywhere you like around the screen!
In the USA they're starting a full-time soccer league and Awidening me goal for Lang ball tactics Another flaw is an absence of any serviceable 'pass' movement.
You can hoof the ball down the pitch 'till the cows come home (or Rams if you're a Notts County fan) but more often than not there's no team member there to pick it up. Tackling is easy scores?" Can almost e their *’ point... j».
AMIGA FORCE • ISSUE SIXTEEN • MARCH 1994 RIIMPATIBIIITY C037 NO. OF DISKS...... ......1 CD MEMORY ..... ......N A HD INSTALL .. ......N A PLAYERS ..... .1-2 LEVELS .. ......N A CONTINUES .N A EXTRAS TOURNAMENT, INDIVIDUAL ...OR TEAM CONTROL RELEASE ...OUT NOW . I a a i Fairly well-defined sprites and pitch, but sparse presentation and no FMV introl Pardon? I'm sure there was some sound, but as I can't recall it, it
can't have been that good... Infuriating, under- playtested and awkward... oh, and scoring goals is near impossible.
I ) o e a ® » » Strangely, this is where JBEF wins out.
It is challenging, for those patient enough to stick with it.
10. 49 25 50 100 200 250 500
16. 49
32. 99
64. 49
79. 99
3. 5" SUPERIOR LOCKABLE DISK BOXES 100 Cap. 140 Cap. 200 Cap
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2. 75 2.55 Citizen Swift 24 Colour
11. 95* Panasonic KXP 1000 1123 1124
3. 25 3.05 Panasonic KXP 2123
4. 95 4.75 Panasonic KXP 2123 Colour
10. 95* Star LC10 LC20
2. 60 2.40 Star LC10-4 Colour
5. 90 5.70 Star LC24-10 24-200
2. 95 2.75 Star LC24-10 Colour
9. 95* Star LC200
3. 00 2.00 Star LC200 Colour
9. 95* Star LC24-200 Colour
9. 95* HP Deskjet 500 Double Refill
9. 95* Canon 0J1OE Double Refill
6. 95
6. 95
12. 95
2. 99
2. 99
0. 99
3. 50
3. 99
3. 99 Quickshot Apache Joystick Quickehot Python 1M Joystick
Quickshot Maverick IM Joystick Mouse Mat Mouse Holder Roll
1000 3.5 Disk Lableo Amiga A500 A600 A1200 Cover Philips
monitor cover Star Citizen Panasonic 30 col. Printer cover All
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You re a CRIMINAL Think about it.
• PRODUCER: KIXX • A Kick the ref senseless, smash the ball boy
in the mouth and duff up the opposing J goalkeeper.
, Are future j»pHr: ' sports cool or what?
If this were real I'd sure go an' watch it!
Speedball an indictment of civilisation's decline in moral standings mirroring the fall of Rome into decay and debauchery? Or simply an observation of society's downward spiral from an independent viewpoint, perhaps?
Nah. Head-punching that's what it's all about. Imagine a future in which no one goes down to the 'traditional' footy of a current Saturday afternoon. Speedball's where it's at a game with no Qeg rules. The idea's to score points in I (almost) any which way SB you like. Most are |MM scored by throwing vdfcat the ball into the Vr*®* opposition's goal ( ' lt!
(situated at each j ¦ r end of the arena) ) M or by hitting special jr f point boosters. ' .
Scores can be BP increased by gaining control of two point I multipliers, situated adjacent to each other on y*-* the wall halfway along the « pitch. Throw the ball through once and all further scores are increased 'V V by 50%; hit a second time and ™ the boost goes up to 100%. If the other side gain control, it's possible to throw the ball at it to cancel the bonus; the opposite also applies. Additional points are gained for inflicting serious injuries on opposing players. Each player has an energy meter which depletes each time he's hit. Coins and icons appear randomly on the playfield.
j Coins are spent on team improvements between matches | while in-game icons have a illQ number of functions some " temporarily reverse an opponent's i joystick during a two-player game, |m some teleport the ball straight to B your centre forward, but my I personal fave decks the entire B opposing team.
Brutal sports Two-player games are available with y V' matches taking place over two legs, but there's
* also a whole host
- k of one-player options.
This Bitmaps ft - its weight in bT .1 gold!
Ike Speedball 2, me. It's infuriating, addictive, challenging, looks good and has a two-player option. What more could you expect from a game? Its only real rival in its field is the gory Brutal Sports Football which, admittedly, I prefer as it's got more blood and rabbits in but for a budget price, this Bitmaps bargain's worth its weight in gold. Possibly its most impressive aspect is that individual players are individuals, improving as time passes (and cash is spent), so it's always a bummer when a star centre forward gets stretchered off. Still, I don’t let it get me down as my Amiga's
right by my window, so I can lean out and vent a little frustration by throwing rocks at passing tourists.
You too could enjoy Speedball 2 as much as I do. I £49 PVWI advise you toddle off to the shops right now and buy it it's AMIGA FORCE • ISSUE SIXTEEN • MARCH 1994 GOOOAA AAAL!
That's 1-0 to blue team... or is it the reds?
Oh, who cares?
Just gerron with the game.
Shades: Increase players agression.
Bottle: Boosts the old stamina.
Boot: Collect for extra speed.
Chest plate: More barge resistance.
US SOUND Good samples add | I If atmosphere with jarring cries as players 1 clatter into each other.
Did you know Shakespeare had a vocabulary of around 17000 words? The average these days is about 11000 cor!
Arguably the best two-player this side of Sensible Soccer and right royal raver to boot.
S The one-player game puts e, you in control of 'Brutal
o Deluxe' the worst team in Speedball history, kind of like a
21st century West Bromich Albion. From here you can play a
knockout competition playing against progressively tougher
teams 'til you lose.
There's also a cup option played over four two leg rounds but the main challenge is in the full league. In this, Deluxe begin in division two with their eventual aim being to win promotion and go for the title. Should you prefer you can elect to manage the team, buy and sell players and let the computer handle events on the pitch. Now, hang on a mo... ... Ah, crash me another ten minutes lads. I'll finish the review in a second... ha!
Stitch that ya funk wit! What makes Speedball 2 so addictive is its frenetic pace.
It's full-on from start to finish with hardly a fl HELP YOU WIN!
Moment to breathe. This doesn't mean it's a no-tactics free-for-all; skilful passing, manipulation of on-court devices and, most importantly, gaining control of the points multiplier call for a measure of method amid the manic madness.
I must say the management option's a bit pointless, though. The fun's in the game and its challenge will keep solo speedsters happy for ages. With this in mind, the superb two-player mode just serves as the icing on the cake and provides a great alternative to Sensible _ __ Soccer for head-to-head action. Speedball 2’s a SggBlj not-to-be-missed experience at an unmissable price.
STYLE . SPORT COMPATIBILITY NO. OF DISKS . MEMORY .... ...ALL AMIGAS .1 ......512K HD INSTALL ..NO PLAYERS .... .2 LEVELS CONTINUES .N A ......NONE EXTRAS ...... ......NONE RELEASE ..... OUT NOW GRAPHICS Recognisably Bitmap Bros with smooth scrolling and a superb metallic sheen.
PLAYABILITY Non-stop action right up to the final whistle with plenty of bonuses to keep up interest.
LASTABIUtY The computer offers a considerable challenge and the two-player option gives serious extra appeal.
EW SECTION OVERALL THE REVIEW SECTION PRODUCER: RUZZ« AUTHOR: TEQUE • PRICE: E9.99 twji'iWiV'Rm'usn nil: i i,i , I III'', tSs. » What's small, pink, and hangs out your underpants? Your mum.
Look, sorry, but how do you introduce one of the best strategy games ever, now on re-release?
There are strategy games, and then there's Laser Squad. Despite its mere five missions, awful graphics and mediocre ingame music which, thankfully, can be turned off it's easily one of the most compulsive war games ever. Here's how it works... Each scenario begins after equipping relevant team members with armour and weaponry, from a fairly impressive selection.
Deployment follows, with the player being able to place troops in certain areas, depending on the selected mission. Following this is the 'action', so to speak, where turns The sense of real-time strategic combat is overwhelming eing possibly the best 8-bit game ever, I was expecting Amiga Laser Squad to be something quite spectacular. That said, when it was first loaded up a smidgen of disappointment | manifested itself about the office.
Graphically the game's as near as damn it identical to the Spectrum version, but after a few minutes play any doubts fell away. Even though it's played almost as a board game, with players taking turns to wibble their troops about, the sense of real-time strategic combat is overwhelming. Trouser-filling excitement's rife as you edge your team down blind corridors not knowing what lurks round the next corner, thanks to the innovative 'hidden movement' system.
Five vastly different missions, each with numerous skill settings, mean the CPU will take some beating but if you can stand turning away during the other person's go there's near endless scope for two-player conflicts. Mtmtm are taken to move characters and perform various actions.
Sounds like standard stuff so far, right?
Laser Squad's bare bones are traditional strategy game material, but it's features such as line of sight, the 'action points' system and an instinctive control method that make it something special. Like real- life vision, if a character isn’t facing in the general direction of something, he can't see it. Similarly, walls obscure views.
Obviously, blanking out over half the screen would make the viewing window messy and unpleasant to the eye, so basic scenery is always displayed. If a character peers through a window any usable objects or hostile troops can be seen, while blowing up a wall, logically, exposes anyone (or anything) hiding behind it.
About time, too The action points system isn't a new one, having been designed by Laser Squad's developer many moons ago and used in a few noteworthy 8-bit titles. In classic board game style, sides take turns to move. Each character has an allocated amount of points, depending on individual statistics, the weight of objects held and their current health status. Every available action costs a mMmI The first mission. The Assassins, isn't only the easiest, it's arguably the most enjoyable: almost everything can be blown up... certain amount of points opening a door may take five, while picking
up an object could need seven. Obviously, careful thinking's required lest troops be left stranded in a vulnerable position with no points remaining; sure, firing three Heavy Laser shots takes three, but if you have to load the thing first, there are approximately eight other points to be spent as well.
Squad's control method's pretty good, too. Selected troops can be rotated, moved forward, backward... but all at a cost, remember. With no-one selected, moving the joystick scrolls the level map around, allowing you to see where your troops are, and have a bit of a nose around. Gunfights are just as easily controlled, though far more fraught this is where Laser Squad's RPG down-to-the-dice throw leanings come into play. After selecting 'fire' from the appropriate menu, the screen blacks out everything but solid scenery and characters.
Moving the cursor to the required target's all very fine and well, but if the cheaper 'snap shots' are chosen in favour of the more expensive aimed shots, there's a far bigger chance of a miss.
This is a floor but onto more pressing matters.
The next caption involves a toilet so. Predicatably, there's a joke about poo.
We're sorry. Really.
Heh heh.
It's a bog And... AW GOD RUN AWAY!
It's strange, but despite rabbiting on about Laser Squad for the best part of 500 words, I reckon I've hardly explained half of what it has to offer. You can call me crap, a poor journalist, whatever you want, but I defy anyone to accurately convey just how great it really is on paper. In two-player mode it's one of the best games ever, and its five missions, although seemingly few. Are challenging above all, it's a fun game.
Now there's a word you don't usually see levelled !
At war games and also ¦ why I don’t usually play ¦ them... COMPATIBILITY ND. OF DISKS ... ALL AMIGAS ......1 MEMORY ... S12K HD INSTALL ...... ...NO PLAYERS ... ....1-2 LEVELS .. ......S CONTINUES NONE EXTRAS ..SKILL LEVELS,SAVE GAME RELEASE .....OUT NOW GRAPHICS Wahey! A shot with troops in.
Basically, they're a sterling bunch, even if they do look a bit Spectrumy.
Awful. To say they're 'merely functional' would be the understatement of the month.
Basic sound effects, tiresome tune... makes Radio One FM seem like pleasurable listening.
PLAYABILITY Superbly designed and a joy to play. Who says strategy games can't be simplistic and fun?
Sadly, you can't stop for R&R all injuries last the mission's duration.
LASTABILITY Many skill levels for one player to dote over, but it's Squads two-player mode that really excels.
One of the This area of the status bar, not surprisingly, displays what object is being used (if any) in that square. If it’s a live grenade, get running.
We re not sure what these blocks are, but they explode if hit by the more powerful firearms.
Windows can be seen through, broken, used to snipe from in fact, they're a real tactical gem... I like my eggs poached gently in a frying pan of water for about ten minutes, served on lightly toasted bread and spiced with white pepper Mmm. I certainly don't like my eggs running round the bloody place collecting things and getting into all sorts of scrapes. Call me old fashioned but I think they should sit in their little containers and do nothing else other than taste nice with cress. But I suppose there's very little you can do when the egg in question calls himself Dizzy and becomes a
local hero.
For anyone who's heard of Dizzy, but never played the games, Fantastic Dizzy will be a brilliant new experience full of puzzles and platforms that will amaze you for ages. Those familiar with the other Amiga Dizzy games will still find this fun to play but might recognise many of the elements.
In true Dizzy tradition the graphics are colourful, fun and really add to the games cool image with all manner of amusing cartoonesque scenes. Music adds another fun element to the game with many a bubbly tune playing in the background as the eggy lad hops, skips and jumps through the adventure.
- I , FartaKtir Mm k platforms chicken things in He's
appeared in more Amiga games than any other character, he wears
dinky little red boots and will easily crack under stress. Who
is he? Who cares?
H darn and flip! Dizzy is here again in another crazy adventure, so hide your egg mayo sandwiches and put your puzzling head on. Fantastic Dizzy is the little egg's biggest adventure yet and incorporates ideas from many of the earlier Amiga outings.
Har, har me hearties. That be a little egg chatting to a big, bad pirate!
Cartooi This adventure was originally created for the consoles, starting out on the Nintendo Entertainment System and then being converted to the Sega Mega Drive. With console games selling for up to £50 Codemasters couldn't create just another Dizzy adventure. They had to incorporate extra elements to make the game worth buying.
And now, ironically, it's been converted back onto the Amiga again!
Thanks to those dodgy Nintendo and Sega consoles we now have the definitive Dizzy adventure. It's set in the land of Zakeria a magical kingdom ruled by the evil wizard Zaks. This nasty piece of work has put a spell on all the creatures in the kingdom, turning snails and butterflies into potential killers and rendering all Dizzy's friends and neighbours, known as The Yolk Folk, helpless. The cad even imprisoned Dizzy's girlfriend Daisy in his castle for a laugh!
In this kingdom there's The Yolk Folk's tree house village, a diamond mine, cloud castle, village, pirate ship and dragon's lair all ready to be explored. Objects are scattered around each section and can be picked up and used in other locations. Only three items can be held at a time though so quick decisions have to be made regarding what to keep and what to drop. Around every corner there's a new character for Dizzy to chat to. Shamus the leprechaun, Blackheart the pirate and Theo the good wizard are just a selection. They all need some puzzle solving or task completing to get them on
Dizzy's side.
The basic levels of Fantastic Dizzy are pretty much like any other Dizzy game, from Treasure Island through to Prince of the Yolkfolk. It's the sub-games and sheer scale of the adventure that makes this stand out from the crowd. By exploring down the diamond mine Dizzy can jump into a mine cart and go for a ride through a maze of tracks, visit the troll castle and the game becomes a shoot-'em-up using a crossbow and get on the wrong side of Blackheart and Dizzy is made to walk the plank, then to escape the murky depths by jumping from bubble to bubble.
And all this with only two lives! Yes that's right. Dizzy has only been blessed with two measly lives to complete this adventure.
Luckily extra lives can be won by finding a sliding puzzle game with a picture of Dizzy and Theo on it. Rearrange the pieces and 1 Cool backgrounds and amusing animation make Dizzy lots of fun.
I Ooo look the W*AVAVA s,,ee’ lights have IWQW come on. That means it must be time!
99 J J - A rope is always handy for reaching those awkward platforms.
M THE CHIC antastic Dizzy is basically a cocktail of other Dizzy adventures Irom the Amiga and 8-bit home computers. They’re all covered in the Codemasters leature over on page 16 but here's how to create your own Fantastic Dizzy adventure Irom older releases... Theo will cast a magic spell duplicating the little egg Playing the game I couldn't help noticing all the neat touches that have been added to create a fun game playing environment.
As Dizzy strolls through each section and time passes by the sky gradually changes colour and it becomes night time and if m the town you'll see the streets lights come on! Falling from a great height will make him sit dazed for a while and there's even an underwater animation for drowning nice!
There's only one thing that stops Fantastic Dizzy being a gem of a cartoon adventure the lack of any password or save game option. It’ll take days to complete with all the unpredictable elements and having to start from scratch each time you die soon tarnishes any addictive qualities it might have had. The presentation is excellent, visually it's stunning and the music isn’t as annoying as some games I could mention. Fantastic Dizzy's a great game and certainly provides a challenge for newcomers to the Dizzy series and experts alike. M It's just a shame about the lack of passwords. ™ K B
ifx it Every Dizzy game ever has had a treehouse village section. Funny really the Yolkfolk must move house a lot because they're all different!
TREEHODSE VILLAGE When the nasty pirate makes Dizzy walk the plank he must escape the murky depths by bouncing Irom bubble to bubble exactly like the game Bubble Dizzy1.
BUBBLE ESCAPE The mine cart ride in Fantastic Dizzy can also be found in the earlier game Spellbound Dizzy Available on budget this is a cheaper alternative to the new adventure.
MINE CART RIDE greatest Dizzy game nf all timo UvlHHIE UI dll llllic.
Cool graphics make it a r l joy to play.
W ||f A password 111 1II would've i 1 IE made it in unmissable.
Lots of puzzles and sub-games to play. The lack of a password system may try your patience though.
Jolly music with different tracks for each section. The sound effects aren't up to much.
Dizzy games are simple to control but some sections will need some practice to complete.
(A fun cartoon style with lots of colour , and animation. Slick ¦ and professional.
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22.99 ......22.99 19 99 22 99 17.99 16.99 17.99 ...17.99 ...1799 Beneath Steel Sky...... Birds Of Prey .. Blade of Destiny..... Blaster . Blob Blues Brothers Bobs Bod Day . Body Blows. .. Brion the Lion ..... Brutal Sports Bubble & Squeak...... Burning Rubber Campaign 2 ... Captive 2 liberation .
Cortoon Collection .... CatHes ... Castles 2.. Chi 20 99 ...12.99 ...26.99 17 99 ......17 99 899 17 99 .18 99 ...1999 . 25 99 CD32 19 99 ...16 99 .22.99 or CD 32 20 99 ..16 99 .. (A1200| 24 99 19.99 tompionthip Manager 93 ...16.99 lampionship Manager ‘94 Seoson Disk 7.99 tompionship Manager Italia .....16 99 Chaos
Engine 16 99 Chaos Engine ..IAI200) 17.99 Chaos Engine CD32 19.99 Civilisation 11 Meg) .22.99 Civilisation |A1200) 25 99 Claws ....1799 Cohort 2 ..19 99 Combat Classics 22 99 Combat Classics 2 19.99 Combot Air Patrol ....19.99 Cool
Spot ......19 99 Covergid ...... 17 99 Craft .....17.99 CruiM for a Corpse ..12.99 Cyborspoco .22.99 D-Day .22 99 Dangerous Streets A500or A1200 .17.99 Dongerous Streets ....CD32 19.99 Darkmoro ......20.99 Dork Sun: Shattered Lands 21 99 Deeccore 17.99
Degeneration ..CD32 19 99 Dohixo Music Construction Kit 2.0 ..59 99 Deluxe Point 4 AGA .64 99 Dennis ...17 99 Dennis , IA1200) 18 99 Desert Strike ....1 9 99 Diggers,. (AI 200) 19 99 11 Hero ...17 99 ..22.99 ... 18 99 Don* .....CD32 19 99 Draculo ..
.19.99 Dreamlands ....19 99 Dreamweb 22.99 Dune 2 ...20.99 Dynobloster ...19.99 Effmanio 17.99 Elite 2 (Frontier) A500 or CD32 19 99 Entity ...19 99 European Champions 17.99 Excellent Games .22.99
Exile ..CD32 19 99 Exodus 3010 .19 99 Eye oflho Beholder I 12 99 Eye of the Bchold«2 11 Meg) ..21 99 FI ...17 99 F16 Combat Pilot 8 99 FI7 Challenge ...10 99 F17 Challenge Project X ...CD32 17 99 F117A Nighihawk StoaHhfighte ....22.99 FI9 II 99 F29 ..... 10 99 Falcon 3 .24.99 FA Premier Leogue
Football ...17.99 Fat Man .17.99 Fields of Glory .....22.99 Final Fight ...8 99 Fire Force CD32 19 99 F rst Samurai & Meg a lo Mania .19 99 F ash Bock .....26.99 Frght of be Intruder ....10 99 Frghl Simulator 2 24.99 F ght Simulator 2 Groat Britain 26 99 F ght Simulator 2 - Hawaiian
Scenery 13.99 F ght Simulator 2 - Japan Scenery .13)99 Flight Simulator 2 - Western Europeon Tour 13 99 Fly Harder .. CD32 1 2 99 Footballer of the Year ...5 99 Formula I Champions ..17.99 Formula One Grand Prix ...22.99 Fury Of The Furries CD32 18 99 G2 .17.99 Global Gladiators .17.99 Global
Dominohon .26.99 Gkbdule ...19.99 Gool . 20 99 Gobhns 3 ..... 22 99 30 Construction Kit 2 . .. A320 Approoch Trainer Air Bucks 1.2 . Air Bucks 1.2 .... A320 Airbus (USA|...... Abandoned Places 2 Airbus A320 (Europcl .
Alfred Chicken Alien 3 ... Alien Brood 2 Ambermoon ... Ambertlor ..... American Godiotoi s .
AnothtH World Arabian Knights .. Assassin Remix ... Assosin Special Edition .
A 1 rain ATAC ..... Award Winners 2 .. B17 Bon Barman Re*urns.
BatikHoads Boasriord Grohom Gooch 2nd Innings (Data Disk) II 99 Graham Gooch World Class Cricket ..19.99 Grand Pnx Circuit .....8 99 Gruesome ..... 16 99 Gunship 2000 |1 Meg) 22.99 Hanna Borbera Animation ...29.99 Hannibal 19.99 ?terrier Jump Jet ....22.99 Hoipoon & Baltltnet 2 ...... 22.99 Horpoon & Baltfesei 3 or 4 ..9.99 Harpoon Sconorio Editor ....13.99 Horoquest 2 - legocy of
Soras.1 17.99 Hill Street Blues .... 8.99 Hired Guns ...22.99 History line 1914 18 ......22 99 Hook ..8 99 Hunt For Red October ..CD32 19 99 IK* ....6.99 Indy Jones Atlantis Adv (1 Meg)......24 99 Innocent ...22 99 International Open Golf Champioship ...17 99 International Rugby Chollenge ...17 99 Ishar 2
.1999 Ishar 2 . A 1200) 21 99 Jock Nicklaus Golf 7 99 Jock The Ripper ..... 27 99 James Pond 3 19 99 James Pond 3 ...(A 1200) 19 99 Jet Strike 17.99 John Barnes Foolboll CD32 12.99 Jurassic Pork ....17.99 Airassic Pork ......(AI200I 18 99 K240 ..17.99 KGB.. .20.99 Keys of Maromon .16.99
Kingmaker .22.99 Kings Quest VI ...26.99 Kit viscioys 17.99 Knights of the Sly ....10.99 Krustys Super Fun House 17 99 Loser Squod .. 8 99 legocy of Sorosil ......1799 logonds of Volour 24 99 Lemmings 2 (The Tribes) ..17.99 lemmings Double Pack 19 99 links Bountiful Course Disk 1 2 99 links The Challenge
of Golf 12.99 lionheon .....CD32 14 99 living P.nbofl ......19 99 loom .12.99 lord of the Rings II ..CD32 19 99 lords of Power ....22.99 lotus Esprit Turbo Challengo 9 99 lotus Trilogy 19 99 lotus Trilogy .CD32 19 99 Magic Boy ......17 99 Mog ians Cattle ..19 99 Manchester United Europe ... 8 99 Manchester
United Premier leogue Champs 19 99 Mono Is Missing .....19 99 Mavis Boacon 2 .. 1999 Mean Arenas ...... I 7 99 Messengers of Doom .19 99 Micro Mochines ....17 99 Mkrocosm CD32 29 99 Monopoly 18 99 Mortal Kombal .. 20 99 Mr Nutt ..17.99 Narco Police 5.99 Network O RAC Rally 19.99 New Zealand Story .....6.99 Nick Faldos Golf .....22.99 Nick Faldos Golf CD32 22 99
Nicky 2 17.99 Night Shift ...10 99 Nippon Sofas 19 99 No Second Prize ...17 99 No Second Prize ..CD32I4 9V Operators Stealth I 1.99 Overdrive .....16.99 0«di IA1200) 17 99 Overkill ..CD32 19 99 Pang ....6.99 Pinball Drcorns &
Fantasies .22 99 Perfect General (See lords of Power) Perihelion . 19 99 PGA Golf Courses ....9 99 PGA Tour Goff* ...19 99 Pinball Fantasies ..A1200 19 99 Pinball Maw 6.99 Pirates Gold CD32 19 99 Police Quest I ...12.99 Populous & Promised lands ....17 99 Populous 2 ....(See Excellent Gamesl Powermonger . WWI Data Disk .12.99 Prohistork 2 16.99 Prime
Mover .....19 99 Prince of Persia ....6 99 Project X .....10 99 Protect X ....CD32 12.99 Prophecy ...19 99 Pro Tenn.s Tour 2 ..16 99 Pugsy 19 99 Owe* ..9 99 Qwak Alien Breed Special Edition CD32 1 7 99 RogiHi.ol ...22 99 Rainbow Islands ....6.99 Railroad Tycoon (See lords
of Power) Reach for the Skies .. 22 99 Reach out for Gold A500or AI200 17.99 Rooch out for Gold ...CD32 19.99 Rod Baron |See lords of Power) Rise of the Robots A500orAI200 27 99 Robocop ...8 99 Rookies 17.99 Rules of Engagomont 2 .....22.99 Ryder Cup ....17 99 Ryder Cup ..C032 19.99 Sabre Team ... |AI200) 19 99 Scrabble
......20.99 Second Samurai .19 99 Secret of Monkey Island 11 Meg) ...10.99 Secret of Monkey Island 2 .24 99 Sensible Soccer Sons*ble Soccer 1 1 (92 93) Settlers ...... ..CD32 19 99 16.99 .19.99 Shadow lands .. Shadow of Beast 3 Silent Service 2 . Silkworm ... Silly Putty Sim City Deluxe . Sim
City Lemmings ...... Sim CitytPopulous ..... Sim life .
Simon The Sorerror Simon The Sorceror Skidmarks . Slicks . Soccer Kid . Soccer Kid Space Hulk 8 99 19,99 | See lords of PemerJ ' 1699 ...22.99 1999 ......1999 (A 1200) 22 99 ......22 99 (A1200) 29 99 17 99 .... 1299 .17 99 (A12001 19 99 Space Quest 1 . Star Trek .. Street Fighter 2 . Striker
SUB Super Fighters . .....12.99 (A 12001 22.99 .19.99 8 99 19 99 17 99 Super Hero ...| 9.99 Super leogue Manager Surf Ninjas Surf Ninias . Syndicate ... Syndicoie Date Disk ... Tie Break Theatre Of Death .... The Greatest ...... .17 99 A500 or A1200 17 99 CD32 19 99 . 13 99 ..CD32 12 99 ......1999 .21.99
Tornodo ..... Trops S Treasures T,a|p ® ffeatures Troiis Trolls ... Turrican 3 ... Turrican 3 . Twilight 2000 .... Two Towers ... U96 . Ultimate Pinball Quest . UMS Compilation Oncovarad .. Universal Monsters Uridium 2 . ....- ......22.99 ...19 99 CD32 12.99 IA1 200) 9 99 CD32 19 99 ......9.99 |A 1200) 17.99 CD32 19 99 20 99 19 99
.22.99 ...19.99 .....27.99 ..1799 ..1799 1799 ...CD32 19 99 Utopia 2 ..... Utopio 2 ... Winter Olympics Winter Super Sports .. Wi« N Liz . World Closs Rugby Xmas lemmmas Yo Joe .. Zoo! Zool 2 ...... Zool?
.. 1999 ..CD32 19 99 ...22 99 CD32 19 99 ....19 99 11.99 12 99 ....17.99 ....CD32 19.99 ...i 17.99 IAI200) 17,99 AWARD WINNERS Populous. Kick Off 2, Space Arc. Piprmania £19.99 SPACE LEGENDS Wing Commander, Elite. Traveller 1 £19.99 SPORTS MASTER ?lump* an Ctunpioniihlp IH92. LUA Tour Gulf.
Advantage Trnaia. Indt Smi
119. 99 EXCELLENT GAMES Shuttle. Jamea Pond
2. Populou* 2, Archer Macleana Pool £22.99 COMBAT CLASSICS P15
Strike Kn«lr 2.
Team Yankee. 6KH Attack Sub
122. 99 2 HOT 2 HANDLE Gulden Axe. Super Off Rond Racer, Total
Recall, Shadow Wurriora £19.99 Silent Service 2.
Kail road Tycoon. Bed Baron. Perfect General £22.99 DIZZY COLLECTION Fan loud. KwU Snox, Fantasy World Dl«y, Treasure Is. Itiriy.
Magic land I i«»y £16.99 CARTOON COLLECTION Treasure Island Diuy.
Slightly Magn. Seymour (¦ora lo HollyaiHid. Spike in TranwTvania. T'J’v Klephant Antic. £16.99 DIZZYS EXCELLENT ADVENTURES Panic, BuU.lv Ik .,. Itiary Prime uf Volk Folk, Spellbound Ijiuy. Kwik Snai £16.99 FANTASTIC WORLDS Mcgo Ixi Mania, Pirate*. Populous.
Realm*, Wonderland £22.99 SOCCER STARS World Champ Soccer, Kick Off 2, Micro pro*.- S M'cer £16.99 FOOTBALL CRAZY Kick Off 2 1 2 Meg.
Player Manager, K()2 Final Whialle £9.99 “ RIG BOX 2 B«rk to the Future. The Heal tihu.ttkuM.TV K T fu. Siihud.
Araial.tr, It.trncl'e o(the Farth. Stungai. Kanbuial TV Sport. Fonball IK CI9.W THE GREATEST Jimmy While'* Snooker, Lure of The Temptresa. Dune £21.99 BOARD GENIUS Cluedo. Scrabhlr, Monopoly, Risk £19.99 SPECIAL OFFERS l liulk Rocl - ...... 1099 J»rk NlckUiu I’alin.iMhull Jerk V.klou. t ourtw Dr.ijnri Clip An Volume I ..? M Kirk t»fT i I V.„ W jet Kl k off t Finot wt,..u. Kirk iMTInlDU of Europe ? T»M Kirk Itff ? Return fo Forupe ; DH KlrkgflJ teinmo* Tar Ur ..6 W Mirr»prvee (wtlf. . ... ...... 11 try PkperWy . “•bn Itta ..DM i* tt iur liun Tu Holiisraxl H.K*
Nhed.-w. -rt t» u • Thundnreir.ke . Vikrnc* .... *.9 99
W. njt .mimr rr 11.1*9 JW U99 LJ2L_LA11U. AL AIM
Engli.t. All Age.I t : W9 AIM French. AH ...Il»» AIM
Math* All A** .....Jj»* Mr«l,l V-lbrl All .....13W
fL ne. M.tN. 114 tfti .1399 («w Maze tub . ...»«« tu»vb«.l|.«w
tun V"...l g ..hi...... .it(M turs vtiiwl 2
.191 .. KW tun rsrh.K.; 3r6 ? ....ttltW Fun N h«ol
1 lilt ...... IK99 I UA Hr hoot » It 61 It. 99
tunvh» |i»: ....IK 99 fonbchoul 4 n IK ...16.99
f‘w» Hrh_J 4 :lt»i 16.99 1'jn Vkc I P. m « I l»t|r i „rr A.i
17 99 t'UDH. Huul Spelling Petr . J 13 .... |?99 FtWttOD
CvMin. IS: . . 999 Junior Typist i& tin .. 1099 Math. » ;i
. K99
M. aih* Meme KIJ ..*99 Math* llrtji.'i 6* 13'..... 9 99
M. i in M.'ha ,11 M-lt*. Til.it M'U i ABC hi .Mickey's Jipeiw
Puzzle* 15+) Mickey's Colours. & Shapes (2-5)___________
Mickey's Memory Challenge (5*) .... VaWi • Big Adventure
'3*« V-Id. . PU, law.. IS.I Pl.t.tv Fro. II..... Ill Play nr
hoot tj*. .. Ptetmnrr ------ ..... ,1799 , 9 99 . 999
»lUirteU.'JU .
Tidy Tb» H.-an* nt I0 ._ .. Jt.M'-'U ADSL-M LIU- Robin llood I A*) ..... Scrooge tA Chrintmn* Carol).
Wizard of Ox (8*)_______________ JOYSTICK & ACCESSORIES Addup 3.5’ Disk Box |80 Capacity) 45.99 Addup 3.5* Disk Box |40 Capacity) .4.99 Ancfog Adaptor (Nw US- 499 799 1499 7799 , IS 99 , • 99 , II 99 , 1799 . 1099 . 499 . 599 . 7 99 , 499 Ceetpetkow Pro 1.-«o Grows Advo'ved leysrr.
Grom Ooiesod Mocte Mo1 fX»»toy lethgvte* Topsto
T. rbo h**cor* A500g teytvfc Adaptor .
4** oi» 51* 5to hswe lot i .
Wbo A~otog toysk. • Adaptor
7. 99
9. 99
6. 49 7.99 5.99 6.99 20
14. 50
19. 50
11. 99 15.50 10.99 13.50 50
35. 00
47. 50
26. 00 37.50 23.99 32.50 100
65. 00
95. 00
49. 99 72.99 44.99 62.99 200
125. 00
190. 00
94. 99 141.99 83.99 121.99 500
300. 00
470. 00
219. 00 350.00199.99 207.50 1000 580.00
930. 00
419. 99 680.00369.99 550.00
10. ...4.50 20 .....8.50
50. ......17.50 100 ..... 35.00 ft's not nice to step on people
when they are on the floor.
B Pretty make-up, nice hats and interesting hairdos. Either this game's about a day out at Ascot races or those nice men of the WWF!
Blimey! If there's one thing that makes me angry it's fat bullies in leaotards that think they can just come up to you and throw you around the place for fun Mind you, that's really what wrestling's all about so I shouldn't complain In the latest ¦ RR WWF release from Hit Squad you I can pick a tough wrestler and | develop a varied selection of wrestling moves all from wiggling Q3RIIB| the joystick in a variety of . «| k different ways. I ™ The idea of the game is to travel with the tag team throughout Europe, hopefully winning a series of gruelling tag team fights against ominous opponents
with names like The Nasty Boys and Natural Disaster. The goal of the game is to reach the dreaded twosome affectionately known as the Legion of Doom featuring the hardest wrestlers in the game.
All the right moves It takes lots of skill to perform the moves that can render these mad men of Europe helpless. There's a selection of defensive moves such as blocking and running away(l), the other moves are bone- crunching attacks such as Arm Locks. Arm Twists, Elbowdrops. Dropkicks, Stomps and Headlocks.
Unfortunately, the thing about WWF is that it doesn't live up to its tough image in gameplay and visuals. Everything about it seems weak and uninspired. Okay, games based on wrestling are never the most pleasing to play but this really takes the biscuit. Visually, the fighters are rather blocky and lack detail and colour leaving it a bit bland to look at. The all-important gameplay's a joke, working out some of the moves is near impossible to do, even after probably a couple of weeks solid playing (if _ your brain cells last that long).
I The sound's sparse or just plain ¦ rubbish, the odd bit of sampled B ‘ speech is OK, but there's just not irl»t I en°ugh of it.
All in all the guys in WWF European Rampage Tour might H as well stop at home, save their ¦ energy__ and watch Bufll Sesame il Q Q Street with their feet UJW [I up Wrestling for good.
NO. 0( DISKS.... MEMORY .... HD INSTAU ..Ml PLAYERS .1 2 urns ....n a CONTINUES .2 EXTRAS .NONE RELEASE .....RUT NOW Weak, and bland, not the sort of thing you'd expect in a wrestling game.
Nice sampled speech, boring music and very little of it.
PLAYABILITY _ . I Loads of moves to A HI! Perfect but it's just as fl ¦¦ . Easy to stick to one (II throughout the game ‘Zzzz. Time for I a quick nap before the fight. Did you set the alarm clock Mr Knobbs?'
. Your arm will soon I get tired of L performing the moves 'H and you'll get tired of II the game before that!
Enioy a couple of games but This nice young man in a suit and tie looks like he's never been anywhere near a WWF ring in his life. Come on get wrestling!
Even at the £9.99 price tag!
It's the Hulk! But why ¦ isn't he green with a ripped shirt?
'Ooo, I think you | poked me in the eye then, you beast!'
AMIGA FORCE • ISSUE SIXTEEN • MARCH 1994 WOW! YOU CAN SEE RIGHTDUMMI GIRL S TOP FROM UP HERE - SIMULATION AUTHOR: MICROPROSE PRICE: £12.99 In days of old there was much squabbling as to who would do what and when, until someone eventually came up with the idea of a rotor system. Later the same idea was applied to helicopters.
F““-, lil’i: M'W Vi!
CIIKNLNl MIGHT I HI HI Todays arming screen is brought to you by Kixx in association with Diet Coke.
Personally roi' danaste Tell me about your mother. Oh, and look out for those nasty arabs too.
Leave your chopper' and call it suits for this Mission Take a gun, a ship and a sprig of broccoli, drop them all in a large cauldron and what do you get? Erm... a boat, a shooter and a bit of veg in a pot actually.
How am I going to write this intro without using the word 'chopper' bugger! The problem is it's a flight, sim and therefore contains no plot, story or other interesting background to witter on about. Hmm, let's start with the box and see what you actually get for ya money.
Lid off, and... aha the manual A petite affair by Microprose's current standards but nevertheless crammed with more technical info than most could swallow in one go. The great thing is, most of it can be applied to the game. There's handy hints on strategy, enemy defensive tactics and tutorials on how to perform various flight manoeuvres such as autorotation a natty way of landing safely with no engines. Then there's profiles of the four regions of combat included in the game and all sorts of other guff besides.
Now, what else do we have in the magic box? Well blow me down with a tortoise if it's not a technical reference manual, a technical reference manual. A sort of condensed THE REVIEW SECTION
gS30L‘lS.‘9nSSJ,“‘" Eu,,q CURRENT STYLE OF FLYING Volunte*i
Hmw ««ou* Duty : RyaVy'jSlse HsISH Currtnt lev* I of i*i*k i* i
Ultimate Ultimate difficulty level oi reckons it be toime to
Version of the beginners tutorial contained in the manual giving brief descriptions of all keyboard commands.
Next up, WAYHEY! Keyboard overlay!
A600 owners are gonna have to remember all those controls though cos only A500 and A1000 overlays are included.
Okey dokey, now for the most important items. The floppies, yippee! Only one disk, crumbs. Well at least swapping won't be a prob.
Ops Document 101 A Mission Debrief Past experiences came back as if to haunt me as I took to the air.
Previous assignments to units Spectrum and C64 appearing not far removed from the 16-bit incarnation with wire frame detail and update primitive and slow respectively. Visual comparison to modern operational aircraft does not compare favourably but still the old soldier handles well enough to ward off the challenge of solid polygons and incoming multiple exterior views. Counter measures to more modern generic pre-requisites include effective random mission generator and rapid access time. No poxy waiting ten minutes while the drive buzzes away to itself only to be presented with an 'Insert
disk 14' message.
What's going on here? Hey helicopters can’t fly upside down!
Miles must be one helluva pilot.
FATAL CRASH * S&S&ilES *A p,Lor ,s OVE"- Your lorional olio ot s will bo son To your nort of kin.
As you'd expect, there are medals to be won, ranks to be climbed and finicky superiors to rollock you if you screw up.
Start off as a lowly sergeant and work your way up to Colonel. Four theatres of action are available ranging from picking off ill-equipped peasant fighters in Asia to battle- hardened Ruskies in Europe plus a gunnery training range in the States.
In fact I could natter on for the rest of the review about features and stuff but where's the point? You've gotta remember Gunship started out eight years ago on the 8-bits and what were original and revolutionary ideas back then come as standard kit with modern sims. Still, it retains the playability that made it a classic. The problem, I suspect, will be for people to look beyond the shoddy (by today's standards) aesthetics. Even then it's not a game that'll appeal to everybody but anyone with an interest in flight simulators should definitely check it out.
I've got a helicopter, a helicopter I have got, heli.
Heli, heli. Helicopter. Tra la!
Hurray home again. Another day of baddy-bashing's over. Anyone for a spot of tea?
"Sir, do you think this hat is really me?"
"Chuckle, yeah, right, ho ho ho!
COMPATIBILITY OH WOW! YOU CAN SEE RIGHT] ..ALL AMIGAS 1 1 2 MEG NO. OF DISKS .. MEMORY .. HD INSTALL ..... PLAYERS .. Sir S EXTRAS ...SAVE GAME RELEASE .....00TN0W GRAPHICS Bland wire frame shows its age but does the job there's plenty to take Iyour mind off the visuals . Anyway.
An appalling rendition of flight Of The Valkyrie' greets you and from there on it's downhill.
Surprisingly easy to get up and flying despite the daunting number of keyboard controls.
Damage report.
Don't die of ignorance!
I feel the need, the need for a sad film quote.
Dated flight sim but plays well enough to compete with many I of today's I contenders.
Artificial horizon.
But it looks so gosh darn real!
Are we goin' up up up, or down diddly down?
Target display.
A close up of the selected target.
How high are we? Hey, it's cool man, mm.
Fails _ _ involving the luring and subsequent ravishing of eager young nymphets __in darkened forests were soon dashed. Trudging along horizontal levels chucking knives, axes and the like at oncoming fiends has all the sex appeal of a night with muffin the mule, only without the ee-or!
Still, I won't bore you with my disappointments. The game looks okay but big sprites mean there just isn't the room to manoeuvre when enemies start to pour on screen. Hitting chests releases icons, some good, some bad, but as they tend to end up in a big pile it's often hard to pick up those you want and avoid the nasty ones.
Collecting coins to purchase better weapons adds interest, but not much, no... really. Risky Woods it’s not dire but let down by a distinctly crap underside Now had it involved those temptresses I mentioned earlier... WHAT'S IN THE BOX?
Tub Ms of Risky Woods are dotted wttfi raasara chests whieta ImM wM kinds of gaod Md bad surprises. Tafcs a look at wtiat’son thacnmmyr bait tonight... The apple is bit of a gamble it either gives you 10,000 points or puts you to sleep, losing you crucial time.
Another hit or miss, the arrow I ' ' ' either gives you I ~ 10,000 points or back-tracks you to an earlier part of the level.
• ••••••• A very well thought out game, but far too difficult to
attract a mass following.
AMIGA FORCE • ISSUE SIXTEEN • MARCH 1994 .-% This special cross will give you a
• whopping great 10,000 points.
“ y ."S Handy for all you high score
- * fanatics.
I-7y » ; The heart gives you an extra jW' three notches on your energy bar always useful for... err, ' stopping you from dying.
- Collect the sandglass to add one minute of time to the clock, y Useful if you're one of these « _ sight seeing games players.
Handy to have, the jC" thunderbolt temporarily . Makes the hero immune f “ to damage.
An extremely useful weapon | to have, the fireball kills all ¦w enemies near-by. But beware: r -- ¦ it doesn't last for long.
STYLE ... PLATFORM COMPATIBILITY . ..ALL AMIEAS NO. OF DISKS ... ......2 MEMORY ... 512K HD INSTALL ...... ...NO PLAYERS ... ......1 LEVELS .. ....IB CONTINOES ...... .COLLECTIBLE EXTRAS . NONE RELEASE .....DOT NOW GRAPHICS One of the best things | I about the game.
Backgrounds and sprites are well-detailed and full of colour.
IEW SECTION THE REVIEW SECTION THREE COOKERS AND ONE ROTTEN APPLE. NOW THERE'S A FRUITY PACKAGE! - COMPILATION eau Jolly is a name that has launched many great compilations on all makes of home computer. From the early days of the ZX Spectrum right through to the latest Amiga offering their products have been recognised for top quality content and value for money. The new addition to their range. Excellent Games, is a right quartet of corkers!
There's something for everyone’s tastes in this pack.
Shuttle kicks off the bunch with a simulation of the NASA space shuttle in shaded 3D.
Created from official government documents this claims to be the most accurate and comprehensive simulation you'll ever play. Missions available involve launching and repairing satellites, manoeuvring the shuttle in zero gravity and reaching the correct trajectory for re-entry. Exciting stuff? Well not quite. What’s the point of flying into space if there are no aliens to blast? The graphics are really jerky and sound abysmal: they could have at least got a count-down sample in there for take offs! Piloting the space shuttle Flippin' heck! This new Beau Jolly compilation is full of great
games. There’s the platformer James Pond 2 which has been slightly overrated on other formats. It’s still a fun romp through level after level of candy-coloured fun and graphically it’s wonderful.
There’s been no holding back on the colour and detail making it very aesthetically pleasing indeed.
The next of the bunch is the classic god game Populous 2. Which puts you in the shoes of a typical Deity who flattens land, looks after his people and fights enemies. Another visually pleasing game, again, detail is the key word here, there’s so much of it! It all makes a very playable game.
We move on to Archer Maclean's Pool, a pretty weird sort of Pool game where the balls pull faces at you during a decisive match. Ideal for anybody into this sort of pub pastime, it's great to play and nice to look at.
Perhaps the only disappointing game in the box is an odd flight sim called Shuttle. Here you must successfully fly the NASA space shuttle by understanding it’s controls and overcoming its weaknesses. It's a bit on the slow side for my tastes and I soon became bored.
So there you have it a pretty good compilation with a varied selection of games that are bound to be classics in somebody's book.
Pilot the space shuttle, pot a few Pool balls, become a robotic fish and play God! What more could you want from an Amiga compilation?
Isn't half as exciting as it sounds.
Archer Maclean's Pool is another 3D simulation. This time it's the table that gets put through it’s paces with the balls shuffling round to re position themselves. If you think that Pool is just a stuffy old pub game then think again because there are three varieties of rules to try here: 8-Ball UK Coin-Op, 8-Ball and 9-Ball US Pro. Each can be practised or played as a single match against a friend or one of the 20 computer-controlled opponents. If you’re feeling confident, how about entering into a tournament as one of eight players? Visually the game is superb with smooth 3D twisting and
turning of the table. All the balls can be moved about singly to set up trick shots and when potted move in a realistic manner. Don’t bother putting any more 20ps into the table at the local pub, hat e a bash at this instead.
Godly games Now next up is a kind of simulation, but on a much larger scale. How do you fancy playing God? Forget the white beard and sandals though Populous II: Trials of the Olympian Gods is all pointers and icons. As the son of Zeus you've been given the task of defeating 32 of your father's most awesome enemies.
..COMPILATION ....ALL AMIGAS .S 1 MEG An excellent pool game, with three sets of rules and the option of moving all the balls around singly to set up trick shots!
What have you got in the way of ammunition? Well, only the power to summon heroes to aid your people, plagues to destroy the enemy and 35 supernatural special effects to show them all who's boss.
Anyone familiar with the original Populous will know what to expect straight away. The landscapes can be scrolled around and are viewed in the centre of the screen. Maps, selectable icons and commands take up the rest of the play area.
The joy of the game is that you can see all your people busily going about their daily business. They totter about their land, build homes, start fights they probably even go down the boozer on a Friday night!
If slick strategy is what you hunger for then it doesn’t come much slicker than Populous II.
The last game in the compilation doesn't need much introduction. James Pond: Codename Robocod is simply classic platform action. With over 2500 screens of mayhem to battle through and James Pond in a snazzy robosuit that allows him to stretch his body skywards this is a game packed with fun and frolics. The graphics and sound are excellent with cute teddy bears, cakes, chocolate and a circus complete with big top making up backgrounds and platforms. James also has a selection of vehicles hidden away to help him around. A plane, car and bath tub are all great fun to control. In my mind this is
undoubtedly the best game in the Excellent Games compilation and it comes in two versions .
one enhanced for A1200 owners.
POPULOUS II The follow up to the highly successful god simulation. Bullfrog, the producers, have improved on the original to give a fun and rewarding game. Packed with over 5000 animations and 1 Meg of graphics.
• ••••••••••••a R000C0D A classic platform game with lots of
variety and some really cute graphics. The music will drive you
and everyone around you mad as a hatter but who cares?
• ••••••••••••a Three excellent games, one dodgy one.
Excellent Games offers good value for money and has plenty of variety.
Whether you love platform, strategy or simulations.
HD INSTALL IT IS POSSIBLE TO INSTALL POPULOUS II AND SHUTTLE ON A HARD DRIVE RELEASE .....OUT NOW SHUTTLE'¦¦¦’ Jerky 3D and terrible sound there are some nice static screens. Don’t expect an all action space game here STYLE . COMPATIBILITY.
NO. OF DISKS.... MEMORY .... Those generous people at Codemasters have gone absolutely bonkers! They were so over the moon with their feature on page 16 that they asked us down . To their headquarters for a special shopping trolley " ¦t dash! We zoomed around their warehouse and
* ¦?filled up with every budget game we could lay our hands on
and grabbed ten Cosmic Spacehead Global Hypercolor T-shirts on
our way jf' out. Now this is your chance ¦ to win them!
Just take a look at these two pictures of Cosmic Spacehead, the funky new character from Codies. Picture A is the normal one but picture B has 10 differences to look for. Circle them all on the picture, fill in your name and address and post off the coupon to: COSMIC COMPO, AMIGA FORCE, Impact Magazines, Case Mill, Temeside, Ludlow, Shropshire SY8 1JW. Please get your entries to us before March 17.
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"The best true golf simulation available for the PC”
- STEVE FOUNTAIN PC FRF.EI.ANCE "A superb golf simulation even
more challenging than Links 386 Pro” ANTHONY GRIFFITHS _THE
WORD THE SUN_ “A real class act, just like playing against Nick
_Faldo in real life” - JOYSTICK_ “The best looking, user
friendly and playable golf game on the Amiga” - THE ONE AMIGA
If it's great new games you want at a pocket money price then
check out the latest offerings on the Public Domain software
There's something for everyone here, as ROB MILLICHAMP found out.
Gorf LtCLLLLL 17-BIT SOFTWARE 17-BIT SOFTWARE The very name conjures up something a bit on the mysterious side, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Anybody who remembers Othelo will instantly get a feeling of deja vu while playing Nemesis. Although simplified to a grid with red and blue counters, it's still very playable and addictive, either against the computer or another player.
The idea is to out-do your opponent by finishing the game with more counters left on the board. This is done by placing a counter of your colour at either end of a line of the opposition's colour. This changes all the counters inbetween to your colour! Thing is, your opponent can do exactly the same so a series of tactical moves are required to end up on top.
Just to make things a bit trickier each player must move before ten seconds has elapsed, leaving a short time to make decisions. Go over the time limit and a turn is missed, which could be disastrous. Nemesis is simply laid out, but like most simple things, it works very well.
Graphically it's clear if sparsely detailed, but this certainly won't ruin your enjoyment.
R5Fii3TOP5rr Pl*v**r 1 ROB COMPUTCR Mclttt ttktMK CIHIM NtNI HII CM *99 This is perhaps one of the most curious games in the PD pile this issue. Gorf should be instantly recognisable to most of you at very least the formula should be. This conversion of the ancient arcade game is a pretty fair copy. In the pre-game text, the author explains how he constantly annoyed the manager of a local arcade by repeatedly visiting, spending no money and just scribbling a load of notes on his favourite arcade game. The time and trouble seems to of paid off. Resulting in this great conversion of the
original, with it's Space Invadersisb gameplay and attack waves. All you have to do is blast the bad guys and, of course, the orange ball with eyes known as Gorf. While it pi.l li does seem very primitive, Gorf s still very addictive. Each level's different with plenty of attack methods to cope with from Gorf and his nasties. This is one little blast-'em-up that is guaranteed to keep you hooked for ages.
Klawz the Cat 17-BIT-SOFTWARE 4R nother familiar-looking platform MM game with level after level of ¦ colourful backgrounds and snazzy sprites? You've heard of Sonic the Hedgehog and Allied Chicken well this is Klaws the Cat. You control the odd-looking Klaws in a mad feline frenzy across platform after platform, the kitty being pursued by vicious nasties that send him spinning off the screen on contact. Klaws has to collect every pick-up on each level to progress to the next. Doing this requires lots of quick thinking and it's really easy to trap Klaws down a dead end. Graphically KTCs
pretty darn good, right down to Klavas whiskers.
Backgrounds and pick-ups are also well- defined, making it a visually pleasing platformer. One of the few downers is that, apart from the change of colours and arrangement of the platforms on each level, there’s very little variety, making things very monotonous after a few plays. Still, it's good fun for a while and a must for all Rainbow islands and Parasol Stars fans who fancy a change of character.
PD SOFT A three-game compilation from the Assassins, featuring a computerised crossword, an Amiga version of Boxes and a cool two-player tank game.
The disk opens with D-Solve, a pathetic, pointless attempt at computerising a crossword puzzle. The concept behind the program is pointless why computerise a crossword puzzle at all? Okay, the two on offer feature on-screen solutions to each question, but so what? The clues make no sense anyway, even when you know the answer.
It's not badly programmed, but computerisation adds nothing to crosswords, and the puzzles themselves are pretty poor.
Dot 2 Dot suffers from similar problems. A PD version of the popular pen-and-paper game Boxes, the players take it in turns to join two dots on a grid. If you complete a box, ie draw a line that forms the fourth side of a square, you score a point.
It's a fun game, but as the Amiga version is still two-players only, what has it gained from computerisation?
N-O-T-H-l-N-G! Stick to pen and paper.
Last but definately not least is Taktic Tank, a cool two-player shoot- 'em-up in the familiar 'drive around the screen taking potshots at your buddy' mould. Various power-ups are on offer, most of which are useful, and none so devastating that the other player might as well give up as soon as it's claimed (a fault that’s killed many similar outings). I could do without invisibility though how do you control a tank you can't even see?
The option to play against the computer would make this a ’must buy', but even as it stands it's great fun with a friend.
Overall this isn't a particularly good disk, and only worth buying if you're after a two-player tank blast.
ROBERTA SMITH DTP Hmm, another one of those cute platformers folks. There's only so much cutesy platforming a reviewer can take and just after lunch too! The character in Bounce simply a small but perfectly formed pink bouncy ball with a face. This 'thing' must be guided through a selection of head spinningly sweet and over-colourful levels filled with all manner of creatures that lurk around the platforms, drifting after you Yes drift, that's exactly what everything seems to do even the main character, who I thought should have bounced, going by the title. Unless you're a big fan of late
sixties freakouts this might leave you a bit cold. One of the worst things is the lack of gameplay and the infuriating sluggishness of the main character. It looks like a pink pea but moves like a oil tanker! The graphics are perhaps the best thing about Bounce Each sprite and piece of background is wonderfully detailed and stunningly (if not tastefully) coloured. It's just a pity about the uninspired gameplay.
17-BIT SOFTWARE On first playing this game it might seem a little bland in the gameplay department, but once you get to know the controls and have played it for about an hour, as I did, you'll be utterly addicted! Ork Attack is an arcade-style game in which the idea is to fend off marauding Orks and troll-like creatures as they desperately try to scale your castle walls and take over the mighty fortress. The only soldier to defend the castle is equipped with a sword and a good supply of rocks, handed to him by his loyal squire who waits in the wings. Ork Attack isn't what you'd call an easy
game. As well as having only one life to skilfully kill Orks on each level, they scale the wall at a phenomenal rate, giving the brave knight hardly any time to breathe! The opening sequences are eye-catching screens with the in game screens are equally cool, with lots of colour, detail and blood in a very cartoon style, of course. My only gripe is that perhaps it's a little difficult and takes a while to get into, but once played for a prolonged length of time it's well addictive.
Operation Firestorm 17-BIT SOFTWARE Operation Firestorm's a very normal shoot-'em-up platformer in which a tough action man-type character is guided throughout tough levels full of enemy troops, robotic tanks and ceiling- mounted guns. These all make the soldier's life a misery. As usual, there are a number of pick-ups to aid the soldier's advance.
Ammunition, rockets, grenades and lives are essential.
Control of the character is smooth and swift. There's even a great directional fire for reaching those hard-to-get gun sites a feature often not found in blasters, especially PD ones.
One of the best features about Operation Firestorm is its graphics. They're extremely well done, colourful and detailed with smooth animation and realistic-looking sprites. It's an addictive game that'll keep your attention for a while as you plough through level after level of hostile enemies and tricky obstacles.
Oh dear! I wondered if there was going to be a bad egg in the bag of PD games this issue and unfortunately I think I may have stumbled across one. The object of this curious puzzler is to banish all slime from each of the maze type levels by finding plugs and plugging up the holes around the maze where the slime is coming through. This task has to be performed in a certain time and before the slime takes over and turns the level brown if that happens you re all slimed out.
It all sounds quite exciting but unfortunately it's not at all. When you finally get to understand what everything does and then play the game you realise it's all a bit pointless. For the first five minutes Slime is OK. But with 16 levels to complete, it seems like it's never ending!
Presentation is a little on the Commodore 64 side with blocky graphics that lack any detail, although there's plenty of colour splashed all over the levels. Slime doesn't have enough variety to hold your interest for long, but it does work well as a puzzler because it's quite tricky if you can ignore the bland presentation.
PATHFINDER PD This will certainly appeal to fans of RPG games in the style of Dungeon Master It's another labyrinth-based game but instead of a fantasy setting, this is a sci-fi adventure. The idea of Blackdawn is straightforward, it’s just carrying out the tasks that's the tricky bit. On each level you must find the exit using you map and different weapons to kill creatures that inhabit the labyrinth.
At certain points you come across computer installations which can be used to buy and sell certain weapons and other useful pieces equipment. These must be used in the search for an exit.
This is definitely one of those games that takes a day to sit back and play with a good supply of coffee and food at hand. Each level is well designed and requires a good sense of direction as things can get very confusing in the badly-lit corridors. The presentation is very good, with graphics and layouts reminiscent of the recent Hired Guns.
Although it won't appeal to everybody, it's still an addictive adventure with a convincing sci-fi scenario and bags of gameplaying appeal.
So you've read the review and fancy getting the game! Well prices vary from company to company so have a ring round or write to these people for the best deal.
17-BIT SOFTWARE 1st Floor Offices.
2 8 Market Street.
West Yorkshire WF1 1DH 0924 366982 ROBERTA SMITH DTP 190 Falloden Way.
Hampstead Garden Suburb, London NW11 6JE 081 455 1626 PATHFINDER PD 41 Marion Street.
Bingley. West Yorkshire BD16 4NQ MAGNETIC FIELDS PO Box 118.
Preston, Lancashire PR2 2AW 0772 881190 FORTISS PD PO Box 2, Earl Shilton, Leicester LE9 8LU 0455 850980 EXPRESS PD Magazine Business Centre, 11 Newarke Street Leicester LE1 5SS 0533 559711 CYNOSTIC PD Office 1.
New Enterprise Centre, Little Heath Industrial Estate.
Old Church Road.
Coventry CV67NB 0203 613817 NBS 1 Chain Lane, Newport.
Isle of Wight P033 2QQ 0983 529594 If you have a PD game or demo that we haven't featured in Amiga Force or run a PD company and would like it listed here. Just drop us a line at this address: Amiga Force, Impact Magazines, Ludlow, Shropshire SY8 1JW.
Street fighter h available now CALL our ORDER HOTUNEON 0908 262366 08038 GUILE ..£4.99+p&p Including a Missile Launcher 08039 CHUN LI ..£4.99+p&p With individual Ninja Move 08040 BLANKA .£4.99+p&p With a Missile Launcher 51006 STREET FIGHTER II LCD GAME £19.99+p&p Can you survive? All the Street Fighter Moves and excitement ot the arcade smash now in the palm of your hand.
Available Nowl 51008 STREET FIGHTER II GAME WATCH £9.99+p&p Fight your way to the top against the toughest fighters from around the globe. There is only one goal with this arcade action wrist watch!
Postage & packing Goods totalling under £5.00 please add £0.75 over £5.00 pleose add £1.50 over £15.00 please add £2.50 MR MRS MISS INITIAL SURNAME., ADDRESS ... NAME OF RECIPIENT ...AGE.. DELIVERY ADDRESS |IF DIFFERENT FROM ABOVE).... ISSUE NUMBER (SWHCH ONIYII HOW TO ORDER For fast service on Credit Card Sales call 0908 262366
9. 00am til 5.30pm Monday to Friday or send your order by post to
the address below Our Squared Circle guarantee means that if
you are not completely satisfied with any item you purchase
you moy return your purchase in its original condition within
14 days. We will refund your money or exchange the item N
Computer gomes may only be returned if they are faulty.
SQUARED CIRCLE Cnjuy this months offerings and remember -
cheats always prusper in The Tips Vault!
Type in BQQQAEZ as a password and, while playing, press F10 for immortality, 10 lives and a full supply of weapons.
¦ART SIMPSON VS iHi space Murrains Type EAT MY SHORTS to skip levels and COWABUNGA for infinite lives.
Wait for the high score table to appear then type 'GOLDFISH1 and press enter. Pressing the number one key will make Zool invincible.
If you're stuck, hold down 'K' while the game loads. You'll start the game with 1024 knights and soldiers.
Press left mouse button on title screen for infinite lives.
On the title screen type in ¦DINGADINGDANGMYDANGALONG Iwhen you're in Ocean World on the fourth level, paralyse all the nasties and get the purple heart (if there is one) in the top left corner of the square. Get all three green fruits (it's easier if you are playing a two- player game now) and you will be transported to the last world.
2 Type in 'CYNIX' during play. Now you will find that C gives extra credits, D kills you, X skips levels, B takes you to a bonus screen, M gives you all three stars, T takes you to the final stage, G kills all baddies, 1 to 7 skip to their relevant stages, and FI to F10 take you to their relevant levels.
3 Type in 'WHERE ARE MY CREDITS' for infinite credits.
4 Try pressing FI for infinite lives.
5 At the end of the game, when you return to Rainbow Islands Land, make sure that you have three star icons, as when you finish this land they will cause a giant key to drop from the sky. Pick this up and the final two secret worlds will appear.
Now finish these to complete the game.
6 Here is the location of a third secret world, which lies between Ocean World, Casino World, Woodland World and Machine World. To access it, find your way to Ocean World level four. In the middle are some shrimps in a rectangle, and the power-up is a pink heart. Get the heart and kill all the baddies, then collect all the peppers (which isn't easy, as the top row must be shot with the lightning from outside). The screen should then flash and the map of the universe will appear, showing the location of the new world.
7 Collect three Star Miracles before arriving at Rainbow, World for 100 credits, collect three on Rainbow World to get to the second secret world, and collect three on this to get to the third.
8 In the game, type in ‘A WORD', upon which all the baddies should be unable to move. The following keys are then usable: C to increase credits. L to increase lives, G to paralyse baddies, Z or T to kill all baddies on stage, M to collect all three Parasol Stars miracles simultaneously, X to go to secret world, D to kill player one, B to go to bonus stage, F1 to F10 to select world, and 1 to 7 to select stage.
The follow op to the excellent Bubble Babble and Bainbaw Islands, Parasol Stars is toll of cute characters and bags of colour.
Try these tips for size.
MKM-UMHANIA LEVEL CODE MEN 2ND ELEALUFOPNP 200 3RD SPXAKVXTFCA 300 4TH SOMBSRKEZOC 385 5TH CTWCMMDQNJM 468 6TH CQQDMKJKIQI 568 7TH GNLDYGJFDXK 668 8TH DYJBQZHRQLA 754 9TH YPWBCUDNVFM 787 10TH DFLAOBPPBGX 50 Parasol Stars Enter your name as INDIGO to beat the girl with every hand if she's in negative figures even if she wins THE TIPS VAULT c a MT CODES AND HINTS PLUS THE COMPLETE LOTUS MUGGY miZ :heir t Gremlin have just released this compilation nf lotus games you can read nur review nver nn page 34.
»ow you i T) inal Level codes, hard:
15. WJMEGMEQH-60 lird Jurassic Park The A12D0 version of this
excellent game is reviewed in this issoe but has been out for
a while.
Thom Burgess from Kent has kindly popped some codes in the post for this prehistoric corker.
1. Select a two-player game, and call one person 'IN A BIG
COUNTRY' and the other as 'FIELDS OF FIRE'. Now you'll always
2. Also try 'MONSTER' and 'SEVENTEEN' for a bonus game.
1. Enter 'DUX' as a password to gain access to a dinky little
copy of the ancient arcade duck-blasting classic Carnival
2. Enter 'TURPENTINE' as a password for the clock to stick on 10,
giving you infinite time.
3. Enter 'DEESIDE' as a password to automatically qualify when
the time is up.
4. Remove the audio lead from the 'I AUDIO' hole and boot Lotus 2
as usual. Listen carefully to the music played on the title
screen. You should be able to make out a whisper... 'DO NOT
Some passwords:
2. Night course TWILIGHT
3. Fog course PEA SOUP
4. Snow course THE SKIDS
5. Desert course PEACHES
6. Motorway course LIVERPOOL
7. Marsh course BAGLEY
8. Storm course E BOW In the GalllMIMUS paddock, find the oil
drum and push it off the cliff before taking on the mighty
king. But you must save one of your flares to lob into the pit
of spilt oil from the drum to create a burning barrier to help
you escape.
LOTUS 3 Level codes, easy:
7. IVVEMMKOZ-50 Level codes, medium:
4. ERRURV 60
9. BZ-ZF-BAT-90
10. LWNJWKACN-90 LINGLONG' and Lee and Ralph's red noses will
turn bright green. Now when the game starts just press return
to skip levels. Tab will top up Lee's sleep bar, and give you
nine attempts and light up the word COMIC. Finally, pressing
M will give you a full map of the level. This cheat comes
from the song Jesus Built My Hotrod by Ministry, in case
you're wondering... to and ber ible.
Tart nd CRYSTAL I Level Codes: Part Two G5J 73Q 8HK Part Four 83J 5G6 2KF ONG
1. To recreate the 1966 World Cup between England and West
Germany simply load up Custom Teams and select a friendly
match. The game will continue, but everything will be in black
and white.
1. Make several copies of the game disk, remembering to delete
the ’Copy of' part of the disk's new name. Load the game, and
get to a staircase, which is where the game loads.
Drop all your items into a big pile at the top of the staircase, and then save the game. Now reload with your other game disk, and do the same, but at the bottom of the staircase.
Now, take out the disk with the goods at the bottom of the staircase, and put in the one with the goods at the top of the staircase. Go up the stairs, and you will be confronted with your big pile of goodies. Pick these all up, swap the disks, then venture downstairs, where you will find the other big pile of treasure. Pick this all up. You can thus swap the disks round as much as you like, making it possible for you to pick up the treasure again and again and again.
2. On level 7 (or is it 9?)
There's a bit where you have to fight one of those pink monsters without the use of magic. Open the door into his lair, then go as far right as you can. Go to the middle where there's a one way wall. Go through it, and quickly into the alcove. Pick up an item, then step back.
UicKiy » Make it to the secret button near the pillar you PS VAULT A tale of pirates, treasure and vicious piranha dugs. It looks you're going to need a hand getting through this excellent release game. You can read a complete review over on this issue - it got 880 d - and use this special players’ get stuck. Thanks to Jonathan Bell tor sending in this solution please write in John and tell us what free game you'd like.
EXCELLENT GRAPHIC ADVENTDRE M SfCMT OF MONKfY ISLAND TIPPED TO and the stunt will start when you talk again ask where your helmet is and you'll automatically leave with your money Go back to the town and talk with the citizen of Melee (on the corner after the archway near the Scumm bar) and say you once knew a barber called Dominque After he asks you if you want a map say 'Yes, it will make a swell gift.' After you have the map, open and walk to the door to the left of the Citizen of Melee and look at the chicken on the chest. Pick it up and leave. Go through the archway with a clock above
it and open the door to the shop (the first one, or the one to the right of the church) and walk in. Pick up the sword and shovel and talk to the storekeeper. Tell him you want both and then ask him who you can try the sword on and he'll leave follow him to find the Sword Master's house.
After ear-wigging the conversation, go back to the map and visit the house on the right. Near the middle you'll stop at the bridge, so give the troll the fish and you'll be able to cross Once at the house open the door a man will come out. Tell him you doors on them.
2. Whenever you teleport to a site occupied by a baddy, you kill
3 When you land go and pick up the messages from Ratt. On Butre, then return to the Swan, and then land again. There will be another message from Ratt, pick that up as well. Repeat this process eighty eight times and put all the messages in the backpacks. When these are full, carry them in the hands and one on the cursor, then enter into the base and find a shop. You can then sell the messages and get When the band are playing on the title section, type the following (including spaces): ESTRANO' Fly mode (left shift toggles on off) 'MORTIMER' Zone select (use function keys) TURN FRAME LEE' or
'TURN FRAME' Level select (use function keys) FAST AINT THE WORD' Infinite energy 'UNCLE SAMS' Infinite lives After talking with the pirate leaders, open the door to the kitchen: the cook won't let you in and will shut the door. Wait until he comes out and out of sight then go in. Pick up the hunk of meat and the pot (under the table) and open the far door.
Walk to the plank right at the edge and nearest you, keep pressing walk to' on it and the plank will flip up, making the bird fly away Keep doing this until it's safe to pick the fish up, then leave the Scumm bar.
Went to earlier, press it then escape. Leave his lair, and Bp rest if you need to. Repeat r this until you have all the items. You must be very fast, or you will find yourself trapped. It will probably take you several times to perfect it, so save your game before attempting it. It saves you having to fight the monster: he is fairly difficult to beat CAPTIVE
1. Make full use of the fact that you can kill your enemies just
by repeatedly opening and closing Walk back to the cliff side
and then the path (overhead map of island). Walk to the
clearing and to the circus tent, then talk to the Fettucini
brothers. Ask how many they will pay you and then say OK. Use
the pot ft -- PART ONE THE THREE TRIALS After the training
go to the 'Y' junction to the left of the fork and just wait
for a pirate to come along, say to him ‘Prepare to die' and
the fighting will begin. Keep doing this until you've got 20
(or thereabout) replies, then go to the Sword Master’s house
and use these replies on the insults:
1. "You are a pain in the backside, sir!" = Your haemorrhoids are
flaring up again, eh?
2. "Only once have I met such a coward" = He must have taught you
everything you know.
3. "There are no special moves which can help you now." = Yes
there are. You just never learned them.
4. "I hope you have a boat ready for a quick escape!" = Why, did
you want to borrow one?
5. "Now I know what filth and stupidity really are." = I'm glad
to hear you attended your family reunion
6. "I will milk every drop of blood from your body!" = How
appropriate: you fight like a cow.
'LIFE IS MY DREAM' Infinite energy 'SHE LOVES CLEANING WINDOWS' Infinite energy 'ITS FAIRY BOWBELZ' Infinite energy Press escape twice before typing in these cheats to activate them. They may have to be typed during play.
Enter 'ENABLE F2' into the high score board to get infinite lives. Note the two minus signs before the 'F2'. Now. During play or on the title screen, hold down loadsa money. This should get you 18,666 credits.
7. "I've a long sharp lesson for you to learn today." = And I've
got a little TIP for you get the POINT?
8. "I usually see people like you passed out on tavern floors." =
EVEN before they smell your breath?
9. "If your brother’s like you best to marry a pig!" = You make
me think someone already did.
10. I've the courage and skills of a Master Swordsman." = I'd be
in real trouble if you ever used them.
11. "No one will catch ME fighting as badly as you do" = You run
THAT fast?
12. "Every word you say to me is stupid." = I wanted to make sure
you felt comfortable with me.
13. "My tongue is sharper than any sword!" = First you better
stop waving it like a feather duster.
14. "My name is feared in every dirty corner of this island." =
So you got that job as janitor after all.
15. "My last fight ended up with my hands covered in blood." = I
hope you've learned to stop picking your nose!
16. My sword is famous all over the Caribbean." = Too bad
no-one's ever heard of you.
After you beat her and you get the 100% Cotton T-shirt your next task is to get the treasure, follow these directions to find it: Left path (pick up the yellow flower on the next screen), north right path, walk right, walk right, bottom right path, bottom right path, top right path, walk left, north path, walk left, north path, north path, bottom right path, bottom left path, north middle path (to the left of the bridge).
Once on the screen with a lot of red flowers on it, walk right and use the shovel with the 'X'. Once you have the T-Shirt walk to the forest path and back to the town. Walk to the shop and to the alley where a 'pssssst' is coming from. Talk with the Sheriff and exit.
Walk left through the archway and up to the Governor's mansion.
Use the yellow petal on the meat then give it the poisonous piranha poodles. Once they are asleep open the door then open the door on the left and walk in (the one next to the vase). Sheriff Shinetop will arrive and enter the room you went in. A fight will start and eventually you will come out wishing you had a file.
Go back to the town and into the jail, talk to the prisoner and then go to the shop, ask for some breath mints and then go give them to the prisoner and also the gopher repellent, he will then give you a carrot cake, open it to find a file. Exit and go back to the Governor's Mansion, walk to the gaping hold and the fight will start again. When you talk with the Sheriff say anything and the Governor will Once she has finished go to the far door and open it to try to leave, but the Sheriff will be there and will take you down to the pier and push you in. Once in the water pick up the idol and
you will automatically leave, tell the lookout that you will get a ship and go rescue her, then leave to the right.
Enter the Scumm bar and pick up all the mugs, talk to the Cook then go into the kitchen. Use one of the mugs then leave the Scumm bar, now you must go to the jail (when a mug turns into a melting mug use it on a different mug, keep doing this till you get to the jail). Once there use the mug a THE TIPS VAULT grog melting mug on the lock then you'll have released the prisoner. Walk to the Sword Master and tell her 'The Governor's been KIDNAPPED' for her to be on your crew. Walk to the house in the top right-hand corner and use the rubber chicken on the cable, then open the door and walk in. Say
you're getting a crew and ship to go rescue the Governor and when he gives you a task to do, open the cage and 'tickle' the murderous winged devil, then leave. Use the rubber chicken on the cable again then go to the path.
PLAYERS GUIDE Go to the place called 'lights’ and say to Stan that you've not much money to spend and that you were thinking you could get one on credit. You won't be able to, so leave and go back to the town. Go to the store shop and ask the storekeeper for a note of credit (say you've got a job), and he’ll go and get one from the safe (watch the movements of the handle and write them down somewhere). Whatever job you say you've got he'll say you're lying and put the note back.
Say you're looking for the Sword Master and he'll leave. Walk to the safe and push + clockwise, and pull = anticlockwise, and using what you wrote down open the safe to get the note. Go back to the lights (on the map).
Tell Stan you got a note of credit and business will start ask for the cheap one. Ask for extras and say you can live without each one until the first one appears again, then say enough (to bring down he cost). Ask how much it's worth then say forget it and go, when Stan calls you back say OK and ask how much it's worth now he'll say 6300 so make him an offer of 5000 and after a while he'll say yes, so leave and go to the town to finish.
F2, and push the joystick in the direction of a room to skip to that level.
CJ'S HJPHMH On the title screen type 'ITCHY ARSEHOLES' for infinite energy.
However, it might be 'SELOHESRA YHCTr that you have to enter, which is the reverse of the previous. Try both.
CRUISE FOR It f you're stuck, go to the Mermaid Figurehead at the rear of the ship and examine her to get a secret code. Here is what they mean: Code Action Required 1a Find note in Niklo’s Study 1b Show note to Barman 1c Examine suitcase in Fabiani's cabin 1e Interview Fabiani in Dining Room 2a Talk to Suzanne 3a Interview Julio in Daphne's cabin 4a Talk to Logan in Smoking Room 3b Talk to Suzanne in Bar 4b Find paper in Smoking Room Id Interview Tom in his room 4c Get key from rug in your own cabin 4d Open Desk in Study and examine the clasp onjewellery 5a Read note on desk 4e Get invitation
from drawer in Dining Room 4f Walk to the Port side to find Tom and Rebecca 6a Find the necklace inside the bathrobe in the Laundry 8a Interview Dick Schmock beside the Mermaid 6b Interview Tom in Smoking Room 6c Search Suzanne's Cosmetic case in her cabin 10aGet drink from bar and go to top deck 10bGive drink to Suzanne 10c Interview Suzanne 8b Interview Fabiani in his cabin 8c Look through porthole into Tom's cabin In between these actions you should walk around the ship.
Simply jumping between locations using the map will not suffice.
Make sure you examine the clasp on the bracelet or some of the game's options will stop working (the Inventory command fails).
PART TWO THE JOURNEY When you appear in the room pick up the feather pen and ink then exit.
Walk to the rope ladder and pick up the Jolly Roger, then walk back to ship deck.
Walk down the hatch and down the next hatch and open the kegs on the left for some gunpowder then open the chest in the THE CONTINUATION OF THE MOMMY bottom right-hand corner. Look at it to get the fine wine, pick up the rope and exit hatch. Go down the ladder to the kitchen and pick up the pot, open the cupboard then open the cereal to get the prize look at it and leave. Go back to the room you started in and use the key (prize) in the cupboard. Pick up the chest and open it, look at it then get the cinnamon stick and a piece of paper.
Walk back to the kitchen and use the cooking pot with: the piece of paper, the rubber chicken, the breath mints, ink, jolly roger, flag, fine wine, cereal, cinnamon sticks and the gunpowder, the pot will explode and you'll collapse.
When you wake. U$ e the feather pen on the red hot fire then go to the hatch for some more gunpowder. Use the rope on the cannon and the gunpowder in the nozzle, walk to the edge of deck and use the pot.
PART THREE UNDER MONKEY ISLAND After Herman (castaway) goes away, pick up the banana then leave to the jungle.
Walk north and to the river fork and then to the footholds. Pull the primitive art twice then go up to the next set of foothold and push the rock. If it doesn't hit the banana tree, pick up the 'heap rocks' and re position the primitive art keep doing this sequence 'till you’ve hit both, then go back to the dam and pick up the noteworthy rock and the memo before leaving, look at the rock to discover it's a piece of flint.
Walk to the fort to the west and push the cannon. Pick up the spy glass, the gunpowder, the cannonball and the rope. Herman appears tell him you saw a monkey leave and it could have done it. Walk back to the dam (river fork) and use the gunpowder on the dam and the cannonball on the flint the dam will burst and the map will appear Walk to the now-filled pond and pick up the rope then leave.
Go to the place called 'crack' (near the beach you started on) and use the ropes on the sturdy branch and stump before picking up the oars. Walk back to the jungle and back to the beach you started on. Pick up the bananas and use the oars on the boat. Now go NE, NW, and then to the beach. Walk to the jungle and to the village, keep walking left. Pick up the bananas and then try to leave, the natives will stop you and will lock you up.
Pick up the memo, the skull and the loose board and walk to the hole to escape Run back to your starting beach and then the jungle. Walk to the monkey (grey dot) and feed him all your bananas. When they're all gone, look at him and he should be happy.
Walk to the jungle and to the clearing as far right as you can go at about tbe centre level in the island. Walk to the totem poles and pull the totem pole on the left's nose the door will open, walk to it and it will shut.
Once your monkey opens it go in and pick up the wimpy idol, then go back to your boat and the native village. Give the natives the idol then leave. As soon as you leave go back in again and tell them you're looking for someone not human and give them the leaflet in exchange for the head.
GOOD SINGERS' to become invincible.
You can still be fatally wounded if you leap off high platforms though. If the cheat doesn't work then change the two names around or type 'JAMES BOND' instead of ‘ROGER MOORE'.
2. Type one of the following while playing to skip levels: From
London to Paris 'DAY OF RECKONING' From Paris to New York:
From Tokyo to Skaro: 'D5 GAMMA Z ALPHA' CROWN
1. When asked to insert disk two, hold down K, insert the disk,
but don't let go of K until the game is FULLY loaded. Now
examine the "BUILD ARMY" option and you will find you have
2048 knights at your disposal.
2. After conquering a territory, hold down HJKL at the same time,
while the drive is still running. If you do it correctly,
you'll have 1024 knights both in your home and in your army.
3. After first picking the knight, when Robin Hood appears, type
'PATTERSON' over and over again until the map of England
appears. Don’t press the return key, and try the cheat again
if it doesn't work the first time.
1. On the enrolment screen enter your name as CIARAN' and press
return, then load up the pilots log. Your name should now read
OCEAN OK'. When you fly a mission you will now have infinite
cannons and missiles.
2. When asked to enter your name on the enrolment screen, type
'THE DIDY MEN’, then click on the Colonel icon and press
return. Choose a battle area as normal and select battle
Accept a mission (without choosing one), then select a mission. Now start the game and play normally. When you come to land, simply press enter (on the numerical keypad) and the plane will land by itself.
Go to the house at the end and enter (the one you escaped from) and pick up the oanana picker. Leave and exit the village, but near the exit will be Herman, so give him the oanana picker and he will give you the key.
Go back to your boat and go back to the monkey head. Use the key in right ear then walk into its mouth.
Grease. Go back to the screen with the dancing men and use the grease with the squeaky door then open it and walk in. Pick up the ghost tools and go back to the animal screen use the tools with the crate. Look at it to get the root, leave, and you'll end up in the native village. After getting the root leave and you'll end up in hell with a ghost. Tell him you'll spray him and he'll tell you he knows where everyone else is. Ask him where and ask other questions 'till Herman comes, tell him 'hey' to leave Monkey Island and go to Melee Island.
PLAYERS’ GUIDE mg back When you appear say you're offering this knew mouthwash to the spectre and he will get zapped, then walk right to the dock. Keep walking right and use the seltzer bottle with the next ghost and walk through the archway.
Walk left and open the door, use the magnetic compass on the key then leave and go down the hatch. Go past the man in bed and pick up the ghost feather. Go back to the sleeping man and use the feather on his foot twice and then pick up the grog. Walk back to the animal screen and use the key with the hatch to open it. Once in the hatch, use the grog with the bowl then pick up the cooking
3. When you get killed on a mission, instead of restarting the
game wait until the 'Service Terminated' screen appears and
reset your computer. Reload the game and your pilot should be
4. Set up your mission as normal but don't enter the weapons
selection screen. Now when you start your mission you will
have unlimited Thunderbolt missiles.
FANTASY WORLD Enter 'IMMORTAL' on the high score board for infinite lives or invulnerability.
ITOP'O’FUM On the High Diving, keep autofire on all the way down. Push in the direction you want and Fiendish Freddy won't bother you.
1a. There are two versions of the following cheat, both the same but different (I). While playing, find a treasure chest and make sure you have a key. Hold down insert (or delete) when you open the chest. Release insert (or delete), and hold the joystick down. Now the help key will give you 5000 health points.
1b. When you open a treasure chest, hold down the help key.
When you open a second chest, hold down the insert key and a golden cross will appear. Collect this and you'll find your health points rise to about 50,000, and you'll also have super shots for the remainder of that level.
2. To avoid tricky levels, pause the game and wait for three
minutes. Press fire and all the walls turn to exits. This
happens anyway, but if you pause the game you don't lose
energy, and will not get attacked while waiting.
3. To get into the secret room, clear the dungeon completely,
picking up the super shots last, then go to the exit without
pressing fire.
1. On level two, buy a shield and magic potion, then get three
fireballs and three stars.
Spend the rest of your money on food and health.
Collect all the gems in the S VAULT S'* L -j 4 Start carefully and quietly. Avoid r 1 confrontation with pirates or the police until 1 s° *»» ?
Postcode f Telephone no. F ?
,.-¦ ' V Fallowing .* an from last , month’s guide to this f* intergalactic extravaganza we have
* jf these tips sent in by ' . Thomas Smith of Kent, v ? A
When you die, select position from ¦ disk two then select a
Y When loaded, you'll be outside of the Lave station with the same amount of money as you had when you died.
2 When choosing a place you want to hyperspace to. Go out of range. As you move along you will eventually come to a system where you can jump to even though it is above your range (I tried this when I was in the Imperial system in a ship with over 35 tons of fuel, I then jumped 300,000 light years to an undiscovered system).
3 One way of making money is to find a station with a escape pod for sale. Downgrade your ship and then buy the pod, launch your ship and then eject when you get back to the station you will have an eagle ship. Do this as many times as you like to build up lots of credits.
Lao Reeve from London has also sent in a good sopply of Frontier tips to help an weary space traders oat there.
M you have more experience and a better armed ship. Better to gain profits through safe trading before you try to make a living as a pirate or bounty hunter.
2 The recommended starting position on Ross offers at least two easy ways to make money: taking documents to Formalhaut or animal meat to Barnard's star. The other starting positions, especially the Elite classic of Lave, are much more difficult.
3 The old Elite way to make money is still possible. Find two complementary systems and shuttle goods between them. For example, animal meat and robots between Ross and Barnard's star, or luxury goods and robots between Sol and Wolf. The aim is to buy export goods from one system and to sell them to systems which regard them as imports 4The more cargo space you can free up. The more profit you can make. Managing without missiles saves two tonnes of space. If you can avoid landing on planets, the atmospheric shielding can also be removed, saving another tonne and also freeing some cash to buy
5 Upgrade to a better ship as soon as you can afford it. There is little point in upgrading straight from your Eagle Mk I to a huge transporter. You will get to the bigger ships sooner if you upgrade continually. You can part exchange to an Eagle Mk II for about 10,000 credits, which will give an extra two tonnes of payload. This will help you to make profit more quickly.
6 Switch off space dust and background stars from the options menu. This will make enemy ships easier to see. You can also switch the labelling on. Ships will appear as their registration numbers.
7 As soon as you are attacked, PAUSE using the time control icons. This freezes the enemy ship, but allows you to operate most of your controls. Whilst the game is paused, go to external view and use the cursors to move the view until the enemy ship is on screen Target the ship with the mouse cursor. If you have a radar mapper, use it to find out how heavily armed the ship is and whether there' any bounty for it. Target missiles if you want. Turn on the autopilot, so that your ship will continually track the enemy. When you are happy that you've done as much as you need to, unpause the game
The autopilot should bring the enemy into your sights, all you need to concentrate on is firing your lasers or missiles.
8The standard laser is pathetic. Upgrade to a better one at the first opportunity.
Remember that a 5MW laser takes up as much space as a one MW laser and two missiles, but is much more useful.
9 Don’t take extra fuel to refuel on the way.
Fuel is dirt cheap, but takes up one tonne of cargo space. Refuel whilst docked, even if your tank is not yet empty. The few credits wasted will be far outweighed by the extra profit you will make. Never take more fuel than you need. Beware: military hyperdrives produce radioactive waste, which is illegal in some systems. The fines are very heavy (I had to pay 2500 credits for accidentally taking radioactives into Sol).
F,l,e 11IS difficult to start, with a very IU steep learning curve and a very unforgiving universe. Persevere: it does get easier. Save your position regularly. Once you've built up a decent bank balance, the choice of career is entirely up to you. You could be a pirate, smuggler, bounty hunter, trader, courier, mercenary, miner, explorer, even run your own airline.
4 4 0r you could do what I do: build up an I ass-kicking ship and simply wander the galaxy, enjoying the sights and doing usual manner, then get a key and make for the exit.
H When you descend the last ladder, two thieves will appear Make sure that you don't have enough energy to survive direct contact. Before going down the ladder, release your magic potion, then climb down and open the door. Stand in front of the door ready to leave, but don't push up. Wait until the thieves jump down and as soon as they touch you, push the joystick up. You may lose that life, but the bonus will start to increase, until the game starts again on world two with 28 extra men and about five million points.
2. Select the enter password option and type in 'SORCERY' for
infinite energy. If it does not work, try it on the main
screen or whilst playing What you may find, however, is that
it only works on a few very rare 'Alchemy' versions of the
1. Type "CHEATMODE" during play, then F10 skips levels.
2. Type or hold down ’M,.' Or 'M.' During play for infinite
3. Type 'BOGEYMAN' as a level code for infinite lives.
4. Type BOGEY EATER' for a level code for infinite lives.
5. Type 'IMMORTAL' as a level code for infinite lives.
6. Type 'CUSTODES' for a level code for infinite lives.
1. When you're told to start your engine, press fire. Then when
the starter says 'Go', press P to pause the game and then P
again to restart it You'll finish the race instantly with the
fastest lap time.
2. To get a bit of extra speed on the racetrack, you need to do a
bit of work on the music selection screen. Press the mode
button on the CD player, and then click on the right side of
the scan button. Finally click on the eject button. You should
now find that the whole game runs a lot faster, enabling you
do laps in a much shorter time than you previously could.
3. On the soundtrack screen, select Sound Effects and then Mode.
Then tune to radio 65.4 (the station that sounds like the A-
Team). Although your speedo will stay the same, you should be
able to drive faster.
1. On the first level, free all the lobsters then go to your
als Ko as s ost.t ilst.t go t» to e tl the icww is o on
r. If If p p.m. p is is ny y t, Si so vay me e if f l tl the
nai.slly Beau Jolly, the compilation kings, have got a great
new package out with some excellent games nn it [pun not
intended!]. Ynu can read the review over on page 50 or try
these tips out tor size... VAULT EXCELLENT James Pond:
Codename Robocod 4Type in 'THE LITTLE MERMAID' during play
(the border flashes when activated) for infinite lives. You
can use these cheat keys: 26 Level 7-2 27 Level 7-3 28 Level
7-4 29 Level 7-5 30 Level 5-1 31 Level 5-2 32 Level 5-3 33
Level 5-4 34 Level 5-5 35 Level 5-6 36 Bonus Level 9 37 Level
5-1 38 Bonus Level 10 39 Level 8 40 Bonus Level 11 41 Level
9-1 42 Bonus Level 12 43 Bonus Level 13 44 Bonus Level 14 45
Bonus Level 15 46 Bonus Level 16 47 Bonus Level 17 48 Hard
49 Level 9-2 50 End animation 01 Level 1-1 02 Level 1-2 03 Level 1-3 04 Bonus Level 1 05 Level 6-1 06 Bonus Level 2 07 Bonus Level 3 08 Level 6-2 09 Level 6-3 10 Level 1 8 2 Boss 11 Level 5 & 6 Boss 12 Level 7 8 8 Boss 13 Level 3-1 14 Bonus Level 4 15 Level 3-2 16 Bonus Level 5 17 Level 3-3 18 Level 3-4 19 Bonus Level 6 20 Level 4-1 21 Level 4-2 22 Bonus Level 7 23 Bonus Level 8 24 Level 4-3 25 Level 7-1 Returr
S. ......Saves your shield(toggles) current position
F6...... 50 Hz in memory F6 F7 ... 50 60 Hz"
G. ......Level Start
K. ...... .....Suicide F9 F10Toggle timing
P. ...... .....Plane* colours
F. ....Wings*
* Only one of these
B. Bath tub* can be used on each
X. ...... Level Exit individual level.
C. ..Car*
* * If you have a Big
M. ..... .....Map select or Super Agnus Iwhen you start the game,
on the first roof you come to, above a sign saying 'Arctic
Toys' you'll find five objects, which are, from left to right;
an apple, an Earth globe, a cake, a hammer and a tap. The
first letters of each of these added together (AECHT) is an
anagram of the word CHEAT. Pick up the objects in the correct
order (Cake, Hammer, Earth globe, Apple and Tap) to receive an
invincibility shield lasting 10 minutes. When the cheat is
activated, flashing fish form around Robocod, and the music
speeds up. Also, if now you go straight into the first room,
and then exit immediately you will find that all of the castle
doors have been unlocked, allowing you to access any level.
2 On the sports equipment level, after the second spike are five objects in a row, which in order are: some lips, a violin, an Earth globe, an ice-cream and a snowman.
The first letter of each of these added together spells out LVEIS, which is an anagram of the word LIVES. Collect these in the correct order (Lips, Ice cream. Violin, Earth and Snowman) for infinite lives.
3 At some point of the game (we don't know where), there are five objects that spell out the word POWER. Collect them in entrance pipe. Just to the left there is a green sticking up rock, go over to it and pull yourself down and you'll find yourself on level
2. Type 'JUNKYARD' or 'MR2' during play (or on the title screen,
then start the game and hit return) and press return. Now
return toggles cheat mode on off (you will be protected by a
floating fairy, meaning you are invincible) and D removes
inter level locks. Also, the bottom row of keys on the main
keypad now skip through the levels (that's Z, X, C, V, B, N,
M, and the comma, full stop, and divide sign).
Pressing 6 on the numeric keypad should skip levels.
1. Enter Trick Shot Mode. At any time on the table press the F7
key followed by the F4 key and finally the FI key. A double
dick sound will be heard. Return to the Control Menu and
access the Demo Mode Menu there should be a third option
'DO A RANDOM 147 BREAK'. Select it sit back and watch the
computer perform 147 breaks all day.
2. On a one-player game, making a foul means the computer will
take a shot instead of letting you take yours.
To overcome this, when you are told you have fouled, press both mouse buttons together until you are given a shot.
3. After all the reds have gone you can choose which colour is
potted next by pressing: 2 for yellow, 3 for green, 4 for
brown, 5 for blue, 6 for pink, and 7 for black.
1. Press the ALT key and X to get past the proof of age
2. Look at the cheat for all the Sierra games.
1. You can go to any location in the game by hitting ALT-D and
entering (TP). You are asked for a location number, so try
2. Take the ticket to the students and cheat.
3. Look at the cheat for all the Sierra games.
During play, press P to pause the THE TIPS VAULT r Populous II TIPS Itype in 'MUSIC as a special code. Now you should get some rather ropy music.
2Try clicking on the writing which goes round the game area for different effects.
3 Once you've activated the lightning, hold down the left mouse button and key 1.
Release the mouse button, but keep 1 depressed. Your lightning will continue, but you'll lose no manna.
'FJECVTSUNTGJVAZV, 'ADKITAKDVGZLRGWZ', 'ADKIUCMCZNDIFINL' or i n 5 Here are the locations of the secret rooms:
a. There are two hidden worlds behind the main tower: another
sweets level (including a Liquorice Allsorts World, the
infamous 3ouncing Jelly World, another Cake World and an
upside down Jelly World) and an extra scrolling section. To
reach them, run along the ground floor avoiding the doors
then go up and over the first flight of stairs. From the
bottom of the second (smaller) tower, make your way up to the
landing above Dr. Maybe's final door and run left into the
wall. You'll disappear behind the screen and arrive in the
Secret Tower room. But who is Katie?
B. Once you've finished the bath level, drop down to the bottom
of the castle, and walk left until you get to the small
snowman statues. Jump on these and they'll turn into a moving
platform. Once you get to the top of the screen, walk left
into thin air and jump. By now you should be next to some
doors. Go through them for bonus city!
C. Go to the same place after finishing the circus room (the last
room before the end of game baddy) and stand on the golden
snowmen again. A platform made of two bonus blocks should
float upwards, revealing a secret tunnel. At the end of this
are even more extra lives and stars.
D. Do as above after the sweets level, but go to the left of the
castle. Go on the snowmen once more, and at the top of the
screen grab the umbrella and collect all the goodies while
you're floating down.
E. On the second teddy bear level, keep jumping over the spikes
until you see a hole above you. Jump through this and catapult
yourself off the bus there. Once you've done this, get on the
higher level and keep walking left, bounce on the trampoline
and collect the wings. Now fly along the top of the screen to
the right and you should find a different exit.
Go through this for a special bonus level.
F. Complete a level that doesn't feature a guardian and you'll
always find something new when you return to the castle
selection screen.
In one case you'll find a whole sequence of lifts and things (see above) that lead to a door that you can't normally get to. If you go to the very right of the factory screen and look down you will see a load of crowns, which you can access after coming back from other levels.
6 It is possible to finish Robocod by only doing half the levels. A choice of two new doors to enter is given when the correct level is completed. Start by completing the Fluffy Toys one and then by doing the Cars one.
201. AMI AG 268 URMMAT 335 IE IE AB 407 TUWOAC
469. (TLDAD
471. SlOW
208. OU50AG 275 NEVEAT 347 MMPfAB 409 FIUXAC
343. 51HOAD 410 UXLYAK
344. VECCAf 411 IMFEAT
478. GHOO
211. NESIAF 278 MMUHAG 345 TIAr 412 DDDOAB
12. UBTUAF 79 LEEMAT 146 TUHO 213 I100A8 780 VEEGAO
481. MO. 1 AT 548 ADMN
415. SCPI
216. VETT 283 IMMEAC
217. TIAFAO 284 DDIIAK 351 50MNAF 418 ABPEAT
485. OWOP
151. 5ILDAD
218. UXPIAF 285 W1SUAG 357 LOAM 419 HOLOAB
486. AflYAC
487. V OHEAF
153. TIOW
220. DDL LAB 287 SOIIAD 354 A8UHAK 471 05VAGAG 488 ATDOAT
356. ADEGAB 423 WOU0AK
490. AlAJCAK
23. SIGH AG 90 UXII 157 5VUHA8 224 IDAGAD 291 HOOOAK
492. MEUM
225. MOISAF 292 AdnAG
• 195. UHMOAT 562 ERUX
362. ALACAT 429 UP1M 496 PENGAB 563 TTMEAD
29. WIUPAK 96 IOAK.AG 163 HoflAI 730 A*MN 297 U21EAC
164. AD5UAB 231 WOAMAD 298 AIL OAK 365 UPUXAf 432 PFNEAT
499. TTUN
232. ATINAF 299 UNNGAG 366 FEHE 433 5U05VAB
32. 1 DOM AD 99 MOLLAK
167. 5VOOP
368. PE1UAK 435 T1AIAG 502 IIMOAT
NELY 34 ABAl 101 OwlOAB
369. 5UAOAT 436 EG5VI 503 MNCCAB 570 I5FEAD 35 HOINAC 102 AFCCAD
170 AlDOAT
237. UPVE 304 PEETAC
238. FEEMAD 305 5UHOAK
373. CCH 440 PfWOAB 507 LYIHAC 574 JIPIAK
174. FEUM 241 5UABAC 308 EGIMAD 375 MnnAK 442 I5MEAG S09. LlOMAT
376. PIAFAT 443 LYII
176. PELEAF 243 TTWOAG 310 IllDAT
377. NEPIAD 444 IN5UAC
578. LOLOAf
178. ERNGA8
245. CCMEAD 312 PIOSVAK 379 Lyll F 446 JHIAT
513. AAUH
45. UP1TAB
179. TTAFAX 246 IISOAF 313 NEMNAG 380 iNPf 447 THOPAfi
381. UlOAC 448 DOLYAD
515. ACEGAf
383. THAGAT 450 LOOO
116. EGVEAD 183 MNPEAF 250 ISUXAG 317 11 384 DOI5AB 451 ACTTAC
251. LVLY 318 JIEGAC
386. LOTHAF 453 AKPIAT 520 OPOU 58 .
387. ACER 454 OOUMA8 571 AMACAD
254. JinAT 321 AAMEA8
188. INUP
322. LoilAD 3B9. AKMNAK 456 OPLEAG 523 EMOPAT 590 UglD 55 MnfC
189. LlTHAC 256 DOPIAK 323 AC5UAF 390 OOAMAT 457 AmlO 524 UBUXA8
525. HE MEAK
758. LOLL
325. AKHAC
328. OPHEA8
195 ACUH
262. OOAGAC 329 AM DO AD
199. AGNE AB
200. OPE MAX
267. EMOMAF 334 UGDDAG 401 EMI 468 NGUPAB 535 5IAFAD
UXJIAK 'ADKIUCKBZNZEFIWX' during play or at the password prompt at the beginning of each level to give yourself a deity with maximum experience in all six areas.
5 This isn't exactly a cheat mode, but it's a handy hint all the same. If things are getting on top of you, simply select the Game Options menu and switch over to Computer Vs Computer Mode. Chances are the computer will do a much better job than you, getting you back on track, and when you're ready, just switch back to Human Vs Computer to resume control and win the game.
Try out some of these codes for the 999 levels in this excellent game.
Game. Type in 'DIAMONDS AND PEARLS' and then press P again to unpause. You will now have infinite lives.
Straight towards the goalkeeper's box, holding down the fire button. When you reach the semicircle outside the box, release the fire button and immediately move the joystick left or right (depending on which way you are shooting). This will always work if performed properly.
1. Type 'SEMPRINI' on the high score table and you'll be able to
choose your next starting level with the cursor keys.
Unfortunately, it cannot be any higher than previously reached.
2. Type 'POOKY' for an unknown effect.
3. Typing 'ARNOLD BIT MY HAND' gives you 50,000 points.
During play, simultaneously hold down caps lock and L to skip levels.
I During play press F1 for more lives, F2 for more money, and F3 to skip to the next level.
Yes, a cheat for all the old Sierra games! Press ALT and D at the same time during play to enter the Sierra Test Screen. At this time you can type TP for transport, or GET OBJECT. In response to the prompt New Room: or Get Object you can type a number and the game will either transport you to that screen or give you the object you asked for.
66? MMCCAI 661 SIAT 664 Vf ISAC 665 11UPAR 666 UXTHAG 66' IMIOAB 668 OOOMAO 669 SVMNAJ 6 TO OH AM 6 1 SOINAC 6 ? LOUGAR 6 1 MO AAA T 6 4 ABIGAB 6 S HOOOAO 6 6 AONFAf 6 OWIM 6 8 AfllAC 6 9 WOQUAR 680 A1AIAT 681 IJXIIAH 68? AlOPAD 681 UNUXAI 684 MIME 685 UPSOAC 686 IETIJAR 68' UHADAT 688 PfSlAB 689 SUVIXAD 690 IKDOAI 691 TTTf 69? IGMOAC 691 CCTTAR 694 HA AT 69S MNP1AB 6% PIUNAO 69 NEIlAI 698 ISP£ 699 IYIOAC 00 INCCAR 01 llAGAT 0? WSAB 701 TMU8AO 704 OOTMAE 705 Aal* 706 LOOMAC
712. OPMC
770 Ol WOAC 721 ElUKAR 72? TUMI AT 721 NI50A6 724 NG5UAD 725
766 WYAO 767 IMHEAG 768 OOOO 769 AATTAC 770 lOAKAf 771
I I AMAGAT 7 78 UMIIAT 779 f MU8A8 780 UBGHAD 781 Ml IT AG
78? UGMO 781 UMMAC 784 OUATAI 785 IHMAT '86 T UUPAB 787 Ml
DAD '88 NGIRAG '89 HOW 190 MMMNAC 91 VAIA) 79? VtlNAT '91
799 SO HAT 800 IDQUA8 801 MOACAK 80? ABIIAG 801 HOOP 804 ADI
810 AlUM 811 UNDDAC 812 MelEAE 815 UPMOAf 814 I (NOAH 815
816. PtTlAG
817. SUUN 818 IRGHAC 819 TTPf Al 820 IGHOAT 821 CCCCA0 822 IIATAK
821 MNI5AG 824 PIUP 825 NCTMAC 826 ISERAE 827 l VOMAT 828
814 LOOOAT 83S ACMA8 816 OWE MAR 837 AKJIAG 818 OOQU 839
655 lINGAI 656 OUAI 657 ITTlAt 658 IWNAR 659 NK.HAG 660 NGPIA8
TNOtaWT Ola, o * R •• *
• I*.Y CHEATS GALORE (Last week s message 0891 101 235) AMIGA
2 .0891 445 940 MORTAL
KOMBAT ...0891 445 987 CHUCK ROCK
2 0891 445 942 SHADOW OF THE
BEAST 1,2 & 3.....0891 445 943 DESERT JUNGLE
STRIKE ..0891 445 957 CHAOS
ENGINE 0891 445 936 IF YOU RE
IMTTAD 71? DOARAG 711 W*i 714 GMUMAC IS SD4IAR 7 16 lOUAT 717
MolOAfl '18 ABC C AO 719 HOAGAG 740 AOS 741 OSVU8AC 742 AIT
MAR 741 WOE1A1 744 AIOMAH 745 UXMMAO 746 ALAMAG 747 UNIM 748
MIUGAC 749 UPIOAR 750 flNIAl 751 UHOWA8 762 PI VI AO 7S1
759 MNNIAO 760 P1MIAG Archer Maclean’s Pool Igo into trick
shot mode and type in the code V12F. You will hear a double
click. Go into the demo menu and you should see a new menu.
Select the players for a demonstration mode and make the
computer play itself. The scores will be logged to disk
automatically, so you can leave the game playing. This way you
can find out the actual abilities of each player 2 If you're
about to lose against the computer while playing 9 Ball, press
the Escape key just as it's lining up for the last remaining
This will cause the cue ball to follow the 9 into the pocket, leaving you to aim and pot the ball to win. 2 R4I A MOP A1 881 5UMEA0 921 HSUAG 961 AAIIAC 842 UMUXAB 882 ER50AF 92? UXACAB 962 IOOPAR 841 IMHIAK 881 TTVJAT 921 iMHAD 961 ACIVAG 844 UBSOAG 884 1GAD AC 924 OOOPAI 964 OMM( A8 84S HI Tu 885 CCRAR 925 WilYAI 965 ARDOAD 846 UGADAD 886 mjKAG 926 GHHFAC 966 OOTUAE 847 ICS1AE 887 Mnly 92 5000AR 967 AGAR 848 QUUXAI 888 PlffAD 928 IDTUAG 968 OPVAC 849 IIDOA8 889 NEOOAF 929 MOARA0 m AMUMAR 850 TUEIAR 890 I5TTAT 910 ABP1AO 970 UMOOAG 851 NIMOAG 891 I VAR AC 9H HOUMAl 171 IMHA8 852 NGTT 892
INP1AR 912 ADI IAI 9 2 UHMOAO 851 iTAEAO 891 LIUMAG 911 OWII AC 971 Ml NGAE 854 MMPIAI 894 (III 914 AHOAK 974 UGAE 855 SIUNAT 895 ThltAD 915 WONGAG 975 UTIAC 856 VlllAB 896 DOIOAI 936 AIAGAH 976 OUUNAR 85 1IPIAK 897 AACCAT 917 UXTIAO 977 ITGMAG 858 UXLOAG 898 IOAGAC 918 AIU8AI 978 TUPIAB 859 IMCC 899 ACI5AR 919 UNC.HA1
HI HOAD 860 OOAGAO 900 OMUBAG 940 ME 1T Al 9B0 AE 861 WII5AI 901 AKTH 941 UPHOAR 981 ITAT 867 GMII8AT 907 OOETAD 94? HMMAG 98?
MM 15 AC 861 5OTHA0 903 AGOMAE 941 IIMATA8 M 1 5IUPAR 8M 101 TAR 904 OPMMAT 944 PIIMAO 984 VII HAG 865 MOOMAG 905 AMAMAC 945 5lltlPAI 985 TIIRAB 866 ABMN 906 UMIMAK 946 ERIDA1 986 UXOMAD 867 HOAMAD 907 IMUGAG 947 TTIRAC M t IMMNM 868 AONAI 908 UBID 948 IGOWAR 988 DO AM 869 OWKCAT 909 HINIAD 949 CCMHAG 9tr* WliNAC 870 AEAAAC 910 UGOWAF 950 RALAB 990 GHUGAR 871 WONfAR 911 lEVEAT 951 MnlNAO 991 50AAAT 877 A IOC AG 912 OUALAC 952 P1UMAF 99?
T (TNI AB 871 URVf 911 ITW1AR 953 Nl 991 MOOOAO 874 All MAD 914 TUUHAG 954 151GAC 994 ABNIAE 875 UNWW 915 NEABAB 955 LYOGAR 995 HOIM 8'6 MIOUAT 916 MG6GAD 956 INNIAG 996 AD II AC 8" UPABAC 917 tTVTOAF 957 1IE MAH 997 OWQUAR 878 HHAR 918 MMNEAT 958 II HAD 998 879 UMWOAG 919 5IMEAC 959 THOUAI 999 WOITAB 880 PIUR 920 Vf (IAR 960 DOAC ’ 1. Start the game in one- player mode, and move to the character select screen.
Position the cursor over Blanka, but don’t press fire to choose him.
Instead, type the word PATIENCE.
This will only work if you time it correctly, holding down each letter for the same amount of time (about three seconds). The border of the screen will flash yellow as soon as the final letter E has been entered, informing you that the invincibility cheat is active. During play, you can restore your health to full by pressing F10. This works as many times as needed, and stays active throughout your game. This cheat also works during a two- player game.
2. Start a two-player game, choose characters normally and begin
fighting. During the bout press P to pause, then type in 7KIDS
making sure that you use the figure 7 from the top row of
keys, not the numeric keypad (if you've got one). The border
will flash yellow again to indicate the cheat's up and
running. Combat resumes and you may either finish the current
fight or return to the character selection screen by pressing
P to pause, and then escape. It is now possible for both
characters to select the same player. Player two will have an
arrow over his head Type in 'DIZZY' on the high score table,
so that you can level skip by pressing the relevant number.
Also A and S select particular screens.
1. Type 'I CAN FLY' during the game, then stand on the edge of
the beach and jump right.
Fly across the water until you see the top of a mast sticking out of the water. Push up and see what happens.
2. For moving around the map, stand as near to the water as
possible, hold down the keys that make up the word 'SPAC' and
the spacebar. Now when you press C you disappear, and pressing
the spacebar makes you reappear. When you have disappeared,
pressing M moves the map around.
3. Type in "EGGSONLEGS' for immunity.
PBK 2 14 iJbbO 1 iin Ji I3BE9IS1 j| if in not Jurassic park its extinct summnm OCEAN SOFTWARE LIMITED • 2 CASTLE STREET ¦ CASTLEFIELD ¦ MANCHESTER • M3 4LZ TELEPHONE: 061 832 6633 • FAX: 061 834 0650 ALL YOUR UNSOLVABLE PROBUMS AND UNANSWERABU QUESTIONS A1200 HORRORS Dear Amiga Force, I have read with interest several letters regarding the A1200 and also the Wordsmith system. My A500 had a fault and I expected a repair to take weeks so I invested in a A1200 Desktop Dynamite version.
The Wordsmith program is a pain, in order to write this letter to you I have had to change disks 13 times!
The Amiga Textcraft actually works on the A1200 quite a SRES CONVERSION?
Dear Amiga Force, First of all I'd like to say I am • new to the Amiga and yours is the best Amiga mag. I have tried all the others. Could you • answer these questions please? •
1. Is Starfox ever going to come out for the Amiga?
2. Is Robocop Vs Terminator • going to come out for the Amiga?
3. What is the best shoot- 'em-up around?
Thank you if you print my letter and for producing such an excellent magazine.
James Broome, Norwich Nintendo to allow any of their games to be converted to any other system other than a Nintendo? No, so it's highly unlikely. Pity though, games like that and Super Mario World could easily be created on the Amiga.
Virgin have no plans to make an Amiga version of Robocop Vs Terminator and that's quite a relief really other versions of the game I've seen haven't been that impressive. As for shoot- 'em-ups, the word in the office is that Project X from Team 17 is the best there is at the moment. It only costs £12.99 too!
Nick Come again? Did you ask whether Starfox, the 3D space war game using the Super-FX chip on the Super Nintendo, would be converted to the Amiga? Have you ever known surprise, so I will use that. I just tried to put in an exclamation mark and the request came up for a 14th disk change so I will forget punctuation. About 40% of A500 software works on the A1200 despite what the salesman may tell you and it is very difficult to buy new games that run. Gremlins actually started to load it got as far as the title screen. I have been back and forth from the shop about six times trying to get
something that works. I also ordered and paid for games by post but a month later I am still waiting. Jimmy While's Snooker loads and you get your cue all chalked and ready pot the ball and the game crashes. To add insult to injury the repair to my A500 only took a week.
Smmm Thanks for all the letters folks! Our mailbag’s been stretched to bursting point this month I know that’s what everyone says in their letter introductions but in this case it’s true!
From this issue onwards there’s a free game chosen by the winner for letter of the month, so put pen to paper and let us know what gripes you, what you like to rave about and what you think of the new-look Amiga Force... and, of course, what game you’d like if we reckon your letter’s interesting enough. Here are this month’s selection of scribblings... Anybody want buy a A1200?I now want to print this letter so I have to change discs yet
• again!
• T Lloyd . Not too happy with your
• new A1200 then 'T'? It's true
• that some games will give you a few problems when it comes to
loading. This is because of the different
• chips inside the new machine. A trick you can try
• is to hold down both mouse buttons while resetting the
• A1200. This brings up a special 'boot catch' screen
- that allows you to switch different chip sets on and off and
change flHk things like screen format. Play around with the
options here and try rebooting from I your game disks.
I've just tried it out on Fantastic Dizzy
• and the game loads no problem using this method, but refuses to
, otherwise.
• Alternatively, 17-Bit Software can, for a small fee, . Furnish
you with a .
Program called Kick 1
1. 3. Using this disk will, V according to 17-Bit, ensure up to
60% of previously incompatible T software works fine. Their
JM address is in this month's AM Public Domain ] pages. Am
Nidc ,« im Jr-m K Body Blows Galactic worth buying if you've
already got Street Fighter in See the letter below for an
answerl I Dear Amiga Force.
Are there any plans to release an enhanced A1200 version of Frontier: Elite 111 Also, which game should I buy: Championship Manager '93 or Body Blows Galactic? I have Street Fighter II Rahan Ali. Manchester According to our release schedules there is no A1200 specific version of Elite II in the making but there is a CD32 version in the pipeline, so Gametek may decide to release a cut-down A1200 game from that. Don't hold your breath, though.
As for the two games you asked about: it seems a bit of a strange question because they're both so different! If you've already got Street Fighter II, though, you might like to try the football management game instead of another beat- ’em-up.
Nick I AMIGA FORCE • ISSUE SIXTEEN • MARCH 1994 CD SEARCH Dear Amiga Force THE LETTERS RAGES ADVENTURE HELP This Christmas I purchased an Amiga CD32 for my three children and myself. As a family that has stepped from a Commodore 64 up I to an Amiga CD32 you could say we've had our brains blown out!
However, in an epic quest for software (YES IT IS OUT THERE, IT'S JUST SLOW GETTING ONTO THE SHELVES) we were very disappointed with the Amiga's representation in the shops, ie most shops that sell this machine (DO NOT) have it set up (AND WORKING) whereas all the other machines are lit up, hands-on and going places. But the Amigas are just sitting there like top model cars (DON'T TOUCH THE PAINTWORK).
So if the software houses and the public are going to support this mean machine then it has to be seen and heard and ready for some hands-on action.
Remember Commodore, it's th young customer that decides which machine is the best (us old-uns just cough up the dough) SO SHOW graphics over the default ones, but when I try and run the 'Convert' program on disk five, it just returns me to Deluxe Paint, usually with a message saying 'Invalid file ; name'. I don't know what is ’ going wrong, and the instructions on how to customise the graphics are very brief. Is there any way you could help?
Charles Uglow Sorry Charles. No-one here knows exactly how you change the graphics In Hired Guns but we all agree that you can! Try writing to Psygnosis with your problem. The people in their technical department will be able to help you more. Their address is: Psygnosis. South Harrington Buildings, Sefton Street. Liverpool L3 4BQ.
SE Fagg, Kent Yes, I've found the same situation as you Mrs Fagg.
With the exception of the Tandy shops who had a CD32 demo running in all its glory, the console hasn't really been pushed in the high street.
Strange when you think the machine is capable of running its own multimedia presentations and could blow away the Sega Mega-CD in the shops. Come on Dixons, Currys, Woolworths and the rest of you. Get the console in your shops and show off the future of computer gaming.
Congratulations. You've one this month's Letter of the Month award! Please write in and tell me what CD32 game you would like as prize.
Nick A ™e TIPS!
Dear Amiga Force, I'm having trouble on The Secret of Monkey Island with getting the bloody idol from the governor's mansion. I’ve drugged the mad, mental, deadly piranha poodles and can't get any further except for battering Fester Shinetop.
Please, please, please tell me because I'm running out of hair to pull, I'm running outof things to break and I'm running out of excuses for you to print my letter.
Brian Mitchell. Dundee All l‘m going to say is... turn to page 62 now!
Nick Dear Amiga Force, Thanks for the best mag on the market. Your game reviews are excellent and your tips pages brilliant. After saying that I must agree with Paul Walker of Warrington that an adventure-only tips section would be a great addition to your already fantastic mag.
Being an avid adventurer myself, I know what it's like to come up against a problem that seems unsolvable. You think you've tried everything, you've had half a dozen mental breakdowns, smashed all of your best china and furniture in frustration and come close to using the sledge-hammer on your Amiga. It's at times like these when your only option is to write to an Amiga mag (preferably Amiga Force) in the hope that some godlike person will read your pitiful plea for help and have mercy on you.
Anyway I for one hope to see an adventuring tips section included in the near future so myself and many other adventurers won't have to spend any more sleepless nights stuck halfway through a game.
Russell Gadd, Liskeard Up to now we've been covering adventure games in the normal playing tips section. Just check out our solution to The Secret of Monkey Island this issue or are you referring to text- based games? We've never had a regular adventure solutions section and you're not the first to ask for one.
All I can say is it's being considered. Keep your eyes to the page and you might find one Dear Amiga Force, I've finally done it. After a lot of consideration I gave my A500 a good clean and sold it to my local pawnbrokers. The Amiga had been my companion for the last two and a half years and I'd grown very fond of it.
It's given me many hours of entertainment and occasionally gave my console-owning friends some fun too.
It was time to move onto an updated Amiga, so I saved just enough money to buy one. I raced over to my local computer store, stepped inside and looked around. I found at least 20 people crowded around the CD32 and about 10 around the A1200. Both of these Amigas looked very impressive but I couldn't buy one until I tried them both out.
I walked over to the CD32 and waited in line for at least 20 minutes, then finally the control pad was handed over to me. I started playing and found out it very atmospheric with excellent graphics and superb quality sound. The experience was wild. I handed over the control pad to an old lady and walked over to the A1200. By the time I got there no one was playing it so I grabbed the joystick and got stuck in. It also had excellent graphics but the sound wasn't as good.
If I had the money I would have bought both, but I don't so I decided that the machine I was going to get was the one which is made better, and the one which lasts longer. To find this out I went to the shop owner and asked him, but he didn't know. So I decided to ask you. Can you please tell me which Amiga is better made and which one lasts longer?
The sooner I know the sooner I can stop being bored.
Andrew Willoughby, Adelaide, Australia Well you got there in the end didn't you, Andrew? It's an odd question you've asked. Both Amigas are extremely well built and with tender loving care should last you the rest of your lifetime (or until an Amiga Virtual Reality wonder-computer is launched). The advantages of the A1200 are that it has a keyboard and disk drive t Thanks to everyone who contributed letters this issue. If you want to know anything about the Amiga or comment on AMIGA FORCE just drop me a line at this address: ¦ LETTERS, Amiga Force, Impact Magazines, Ludlow, Shropshire SYS 1JW.
You could win the game of your choice if yours is the letter of the month... AMIGA FORCE • ISSUE SIXTEEN • MARCH 1994 Dear Amiga Force, Recently I've been on the lookout for a flight sim but I don't know which to get. People have told me Birds of Prey is good and others say that it's crap and that Combat Air Patrol is better. Which do you think?
Also, is there a cheat for Chuck Rock 2? If there is, could you please tell me it?
Jonathan Codd. Hillsborough, N Ireland According to the 'experts' around the AMIGA FORCE office there are a couple of flight simulations worth looking at namely F-15 Strike Eagle II and which makes it ideal for flight simulations and applications like word processing, as well as having great games. But then.
Commodore have a keyboard and mouse upgrade kit on the cards for the CD32 and a CD drive for the A1200 which should even the two machines up a bit. If you want the computer solely for games then the CD32 is your best bet as it has a massive storage capacity, the ability to have amazing intro sequences and CD quality sound. You can now also plug in a Full Motion Video cartridge to watch the latest films and music videos on
CD. Of course, normal Cds run on it as well! The decision's up to
you I'm afraid.
Nick DESPERATELY SEEKING... Dear Amiga Force, Can you help me? I'm an Amiga owner who is desperately trying to get hold of a copy of an old war game called Kampfgruppe. If you could point me in the right direction I will give you my Grandmother. I have searched everywhere and I'm now suicidal!
Mr WJ Styles Nope, never heard of it and I don't really want your Grandmother, thanks very much! Try phoning around some of the mail order companies that advertise in Amiga Force. They might be able to help.
Nick F-19 Stealth Fighter. They're both now out on Kixx XL re- release so check them out.
There is a cheat for Chuck Rock but not Chuck Rock 2 yet sorry!
Nick 7 THE ! SENSIBLE : CHOICE Dear Amiga Force . I am going to get a game for . My birthday and I was wondering
• what game to get. I'm a bit of a soccer sim fan and I was
thinking . Of either getting Sensible Soccer 92 93 or Goal. I
have rented out
• the first version of Sensible Soccer but I was not that
impressed. I . Did like the depth of all the . Tournaments and
stuff though. I
• have also rented out Striker and thought it was quite good. I
have . Manchester United Europe.
I see that Sensible Soccer 92 93
• is at the top of the Readers'
• Charts. I really want an addictive . And lasting game. I
suppose it . Doesn't have to be a soccer sim,
• just a good game that will last
• me a good while. You are always . Raving on about Sensible so
it ¦ must be good!
• Stephen Hay, Blackrock, Ireland I think you've answered your
own letter there Stephen!
• Everyone in the Amiga Force team (with the exception of myself
because I hate soccer sims) adores Sensible Soccer in
• any shape or form. The latest one we've got is on the CD32 and
I just can't get Miles and James off it!
Nick Wdkum CANNON CALAMITIES Dear Amiga Force Please help me. I have been searching... endlessly . Searching...! And the object of my quest? It's certainly not Autumn Gold Cider. The blame lies entirely with Sensible Software and their excellent new game Cannon Fodder.
It was all going so well until I , stumbled upon Mission 19. Now the game is 'really' starting to take the p**s!
I have almost pulled all my . Hair out and what I have left has turned grey. Can you guys
• help me? Is there anybody out there... . I must go now as those
men in the white coats are coming up the drive. Help me Obiwan
you're my only . Hope!
• J Matthews, Birmingham Well you are in a pickle, aren't j you
'J'? As luck would have it we'll be (hopefully) bringing you a
players' guide for this excellent game in the next issue. If
anyone out there wants to send in any tips for the game,
especially Mission 19, then they could stand a chance of
winning the game of their choice!
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ADRENALYNN Global. £7.99. AF5 43% ¦ To call Adrenalynn a poor man's Speedball or Speedball 2 would be... spot on. Poorly-designed and lacking any real character, it's the sort of game not even a low price-point can excuse.
ALFRED CHICKEN Mindscape, £25.99 AF13 87% ¦ We know it’s all been done before, and we're fully aware that bits of it could get tedious, but Alfred Chicken is pure class. His peck and divebomb are marvellous, too.
ALIEN 3 Virgin, £25.99 AF11 79% ¦ Alien 3 is an enjoyable platform game, based loosely on the film of the same name, and identical to its Mega Drive counterpart.
Thing is, have you seen Alien 3 on the Super couldn't they convert that Bah.
EVERY CAME EVER REVIEWER RY AMIGA FORCE... ALMOST - GAMES GOIDE We've reviewed hundreds of games over the months in AMIGA FORCE, and thought it time to put fingers to keyboard and compile the definitive guide.
Unfortunately, as we're including budget and re-release software, we suddenly realised that six pages is woefully inadequate for such a gargantuan round-up... in other words, you get part two (from 'L' onwards) next issue.
ALLO 'ALLO Alternative. £24.99 AF15 40% ¦ 'Alio 'Alio? Yeah, we remember that. When you consider the essentially unconvertable nature of the TV 'show', it's difficult to see how Alternative could produce anything but a platform game with adventure overtones. Thing is, it's not even a good example of the genre. Usually we'd say something along the lines of 'what a shame', but to be honest we're too busy wondering why anyone would want to produce a game based on one of the BBC's most insipid 'comedies'.
4TH & INCHES The Hit Squad, £9.99 AF7 6% ¦ 4th 8t Inches received the rather dubious honour of being awarded AF’s lowest-ever score back in Issue Seven. In fact, it's so bad we can't bring ourselves to write anything more about it not even a full stop at the end of this sentence 688 ATTACK SUB The Hit Squad. £12.99 AF8 83% ¦ Above-average submarine sim. Marred only by the unpopular nature of its genre. Still, if you dig this kind of thing, you'll go a bundle over it. Probably.
1869 Flair, £29.99 AF8 83% ¦ A Flair game not involving Trolls or Elvira?
Surely not!
A-TRAIN Maxis Ocean, £34.99 AF5 84% ¦ It's a neat variation on the Sim City theme, but, unlike the aforementioned, A-Train takes some getting used to. Persevere, however, and Maxis' railroad-'em-up can be as rewarding as it is entertaining especially on the A1200 where it benefits from increased speed.
ABANDONED PLACES 2 Ice, £34.99 AF5 40% ¦ Well-meaning but ultimately flawed RPG.
AB2 offers little originality, and even its graphics though an improvement over its predecessor's are largely made up of generic rooms and corridors, and we all know how boring they are. Look out for Legends of Valour instead.
ALIEN BREED 2 Team 17, £26.99 AF14 88% ¦ A vast improvement over its two predecessors (if you include the tweaked special edition). Alien Breed 2 is an excellent, if difficult shoot-'em-up cum arcade adventure.
Sure, it owes a great deal to old titles such as Gauntlet and it hasn't the pace of The Chaos Engine, but with two players it's a blast.
ARABIAN NIGHTS Krisalis, £25.99 AF5 85% ¦ A standard platform game with a few shoot- 'em-up subgarnes that somehow don't ‘gel’ with the rest of the action. Still, it's polished and playable, if a little lightweight on the lastability front. One for younger gamers.
ASSASSIN Team 17, £25.99 AF2 78% ¦ Assassin's a fair blast if you're into platform blasters, but it lacks a certain 'oomph' that leaves the sprites appearing to be cardboard cut-outs, the action samey after a few week's play.
B17 FLYING FORTRESS Microprose. £34.99 AF6 68% ¦ B17 tries to be an accurate simulation of WW2 bomber and, as far as we can see. It achieves that goal quite admirably. Problem is, who said flying bombers is fun? And did the gunners really have that much trouble shooting down enemy planes?
BART VS THE SPACE MUTANTS The Hit Squad, £9.99 AF5 78% ¦ Close conversion of the NES classic. On budget it's a fair little platform romp, but beware it's not one for the easily irritated... THE GAMES GUIDE If you don't already own a copy, get out and buy one NOW!
CAPTAIN DYNAMO Codemasters, £7.99 AF1 68% ¦ Enjoyable if basic budget platformer. It's hardly the stuff of wet dreams, but reasonably playable and most of all, cheap.
GAMES GUIDE ny t- BATTLE ISLE '93 Blue Byte. £25.99 AF9 72% ¦ Update of the acclaimed original, said to be a 'stopgap' for avid fans until the sequel appears.
BATTLE SQUADRON Global. £7.99 AF6 68% ¦ Average two-player blaster with attractive graphics and average sound. Its main flaw is its ludicrously easy difficulty setting, but less competent gamesplayers may find that an attractive aspect.
BATTLESTORM Titus. £many AF13 84% (CD32 CDTV) ¦ An old CDTV shoot-'em-up that just happens to work on the CD32. Worth a look if you can find it, that is... BEAVERS Grandslam, £25.99 AF7 70% ¦ Above average and oh-so-cute platform game, almost worth the asking price for the beaver's whistle alone. Level codes help relieve frustration, but in our opinion they're too few and far between.
BIG BOX 2 Beau Jolly. £29.99 AF4 68% ¦ Average compilation, but only so due to the inclusion of the classics R-Type and IK*. If you can pick either of those two on budget separately, do so.
BILL'S TOMATO GAME Psygnosis. £25.99 AF3 60% ¦ Not a very good puzzle game. If Psygnosis are trying to create a new Lemmings, they'll have to try a lot harder than this... BLADE OF DESTINY US Gold. £39.99 AF9 60% ¦ Flawed RPG that could have been something special with better playtesting.
BLADE WARRIOR Zeppelin Platinum, £7.99 AF4 54% ¦ Strange RPG beat-'em-up where characters are displayed in outline only. There's probably a little depth in playability in there somewhere, but we're darned if we can find it... BLOB Core Design. £24.99 AF12 82% ¦ Strange arcade puzzler with an unusual approach to platforms. Definitely worth a blast or two, but hardly worth its asking price.
BOB'S BAD DAY Psygnosis, £25.99 AF13 69% ¦ Ever seen the bonus stage on Sonic the Hedgehog? Bob's Bad Day owes a lot to that.
Again, it's hardly the new Lemmings, but playable for a while. More suited to a budget release.
BODY BLOWS GALACTIC Team 17, £26.99 AF14 91% ¦ If you liked the original Body Blows, this may be the game for you. If you didn't, steer BODY BLOWS Team 17, £26.99 AF5 92% ¦ Body Blows pales in comparison to Street Fighter II on the Super Nintendo (in our opinion the best beat-'em-up ever) but as Amiga beat-'em-ups go... well, it's alright, innit? Not to mention better than its piss- poor sequel.
BOSTON BOMB CLUB Games Worth Playing. £9.99 AF8 78% ¦ Over average puzzle game and at a budget price. Who can complain about that?
BRIDES OF DRACULA Zeppelin Platinum. £9.99 AF10 52% ¦ Ha ha haaaa! Nice whips, though.
BRUTAL SPORTS FOOTBALL Millenium, £25.99 AF12 94% ¦ An absolutely superb Speedball 2-beater.
With blood, violence, more blood and lots and lots of extra violence on top. It's a killer of a one-player game and simply superb with two. Possibly Millenium's best release to date.
BUDOKAN The Hit Squad, £12.99 AF7 85% ¦ Beat-'em-up with a novel perspective on the theme going straight for the kill is frowned upon and ultimately an unsuccessful tactic. Strategies are important (even essential) for winning, although the lack of any real pace may be a turn-off for some fans of the genre.
BUG BOMBER Kingsoft DMI, £25.99 AF1 79% ¦ A playable single-screen puzzle arcade game that has a lot in common with Hudson Soft's Dynablaster. It's slightly more playable with one player, but nowhere near as good as Dynablaster with two or above. Ask anyone and they'll tell you that.
BULLY'S SPORTING DARTS Alternative, £9.99 AF7 73% ¦ Darts isn't a sport that lends itself to conversions, but the cheap Alternative offering isn't a bad effort. One for enthusiasts only, though.
CAESER Impressions. £25.99 AF3 86% ¦ Engrossing God game in the style of Sim City. It's got depth, looks, a user interface that soon becomes instinctive and all at a fairly reasonable price. Cool.
CANNON FODDER Virgin. £25.99 AF14 90% ¦ Another game rated badly by the previous Amiga Force team Cannon Fodder is easily one of the greatest computer games ever.
Superbly programmed and designed, it's an essential part of anyone's software collection.
CARDIAXX Team 17. £10.99 AF14 38% ¦ A rare dud from Team 17 this budget tweaked version of the aging Cardiaxx isn't anywhere near the quality we've come to expect of them.
CARNAGE Zeppelin, £7.99 AF4 70% ¦ Average Super Sprint game. It's not overwhelming in any respect, but certainly worth a laugh or two in two-player mode.
CHAMPIONSHIP MANAGER '93 Domark. £25.99 AF7 85% ¦ Football management games are a funny breed. This update of the original Championship Manager is easily the best ever, with ample statistics, information and clever computer intelligence. The only things not in its favour are that a) it has a tendency to crash occasionally, ruining your entire season (and game, if you've not backed-up the disks) and b) it's a wee bit slow. Still, the latter criticism almost works in the game's favour, giving a feeling of weight and time to proceedings.
Eet'4 t! J _ Virgin. £29.99 AF15 86% ¦ Jolly platformer converted from the Mega Drive original. The animation on Spot himself (or should that be itself?)
Is superb it's only the gameplay that lets him down somewhat.
COOL WORLD Ocean. £25.99 AF4 56% ¦ Dire movie tie-in, with little gameplay content and decidedly 8-bit design (and bad 8-bit as well). Even the tits... sorry, cartoons of Kim Basinger on the title screen don't do much to make Cool World worth the reddies.
GAMES GUIDE COVER GIRL STRIP POKER On-Line, £too much AF11 16% (CD32) ¦ The only tit you'll see if you buy this... is yourself when you look in the mirror. They're not real, okay? They're pixels. Go out and meet REAL women and strive to see the genuine article, just like everyone else with a life does.
But DON'T this CHASE HQ 2 SCI The Hit Squad, £9.99 AF10 45% ¦ Dire conversion of the coin-op. Still, the arcade machine wasn't much cop (no pun intended) anyway its predecessor, Chase HQ was far better... but not on the Amiga, sob.
CHUCK ROCK 2 Core Design, £25.99 AF6 78% ¦ Slick platformer with excellent cosmetics but frustrating gameplay due to a lack of a password system. It's better than the original, COHORT 2 Impressions, £25.99 AF7 39% ¦ Feeble wargame with the single redemption that, should you own it, you can play out battle sequences from Caeser on it.
Not that anyone would want to. Of course... COMBAT AIR PATROL Psygnosis, Clots AF11 81% ¦ Enjoyable flight Sim that doesn't do much that hasn't been done before. Will be appreciated by ent usiasts, though... pitiful poker porn hybrid.
CRAZY CARS 2 Fox Hits. £9.99 AF7 36% ¦ Awful driving game with one major flaw the car never centres. Criss-crossing at high speed may sound like fun. But it's annoying and unrewarding, just like the rest of the game.
CRYSTAL KINGDOM DIZZY Codemasters, £19.99 AF3 61% ¦ Well it’s Dizzy, isn't it?
COSMIC SPACEHEAD Codemasters, £25.99 AF15 82% ¦ Fun arcade adventure in classic CodeMasters style. It's a bit too easy for seasoned gamesplayers, but kids will love it.
Monkey Island with 'L' plates.
CRYSTALS OF ARBOREA Games Worth Playing, £12.99 AF8 60% ¦ Above-average RPG with attractive graphics and many locations to visit, if you've got the patience.
CURSE OF ENCHANTIA Core Design, £34.99 AF1 80% ¦ Enjoyable point 'n' click game with pretty graphics and an enjoyable storyline. It's also somewhat overpriced... CYBERPUNKS Core Design, £25.99 AF13 71% ¦ Can you imagine Alien Breed, Gauntlet and The Chaos Engine rolled into one? We reckon the programmers of Cyberpunks are certainly able to, and have... CYTRON Psygnosis. £29.99 AF2 68% ¦ Utterly overpriced and shallow plan-view puzzler blaster with pretty graphics and so-so gameplay. Its soundtrack's pretty good, though... D-DAY US Gold, £29.99 AF9 34% ¦ One of US Gold's weakest titles. With
three sub-games, D-Day’s a jack of all trades. Pity it doesn't excel at any of them... THE GAMES GUIDE DIGGERS Millenium. £29.99 AF10 87% (CD32) ¦ It's hardly revolutionary, not the sort of game to sell the CD32 (it's an in-box title) and it's a wee bit on the slow-moving side, but Diggers is fun enough if you have the patience to stick with it... Ml 9 GAMES GUIDE phics Ihe and :kon linly tree ly it re- DALEK ATTACK Admiral Software. £16.99 AF3 64% ¦ Playable shoot-'em-up with platforms and.
Of course, Daleks. Its most memorable feature is that it has a flaw last seen in Jet Set Willy fall from a high building, and it's odds-on you'll restart at the same fatal point again, and again, and again... DEEP CORE Ice, £25.99 AF11 65% ¦ Playing like a poor C64 game. Deep Core's hardly the sort of game to show off your Amiga with. Still, avid cartographers may enjoy exploring its many corridors and rooms... DESERT STRIKE Electronic Arts, £29.99 AF6 94% ¦ Excellent conversion of the Mega Drive classic that is shock considerably better on the Amiga. With varied missions, superb
graphics and a superb Jason Whitley soundtrack, it's worth every penny of its price tag.
DIZZY PRINCE OF THE YOLKFOLK Codmasters, £7.99 AF2 79% ¦ Utterly cheerful and too-cute-by-half Dizzy adventure. It's the smallest if the ovoid's outings, and originally appeared as a special extra on a compilation. As a stand-alone game its lastability's questionable, considering the admittedly low price tag, but hey it's great fun while it lasts... DOC CROC'S OUTRAGEOUS ADVENTURES Zeppelin. £7.99 AF5 45% ¦ Dodgy platform romp with blatantly apparent 8-bit origins. One to avoid, even on re-release (it was originally known as Round DINOSAUR DETECTIVE AGENCY Alternative, £16.99 AF14 71%
¦ Yeah, great. A game with Dinos in it.
DISPOSABLE HERO Gremlin, £24.99 AF12 83% ¦ Compulsive blaster with almost enough power-ups, colours and explosions to rival Team 17's Project X but emphasis on the 'almost'... the Bend, after the TV show of the same name).
DOGFIGHT Microprose. £34.99 AF13 48% ¦ The idea behind Dogfight is sound enough choose from various modern and historic aircraft and have, quelle surprise, dogfights but sadly the implementation's not half as good as the concept.
DOJO DAN Europress Software, £25.99 AF1 70% ¦ Standard platformer. It's a rare occurrence for Europress Software to release an arcade game we can't recall seeing any others but if they want to make an impression as more than an education utility company, they'll have to try harder than this... DOODLEBUG Core, £25.99 AF1 73% ¦ Console-style platformer. Doodlebug's most remarkable aspect is that it was put together that's everything from graphics to sound to coding by one person. In these, the days of the development house with huge teams working on single games, this is an unusual
DREAMLANDS Silmarils, £29.99 AF12 81% ¦ Well, it's an RPG. Oh, and it looks good too.
DUNE 2 Virgin, £29.99 AF8 87% ¦ Superb strategy game with all the gloss and polish we've come to expect from Virgin.
EDD THE DUCK 2 Zeppelin Platinum, £9.99 AF9 23% ¦ Dire platform game. Edd moves as if he really has got a hand up his bottom, with other sprites appearing to have two. Avoid like the plague.
ENTITY Loriciel, £25.99 AF6 57% ¦ We're not sure if Loriciel were intending to out-Flashback Delphine with this gorgeous- looking but largely unplayable release, but one thing's for sure they didn't succeed.
Still, the heroine's got the obligatory bum and tits that wobble while she runs, so if you're the type who likes that kind of thing... EUROPEAN CHAMPIONS Ocean, £25.99 AF12 73% ¦ Well, it's not Sensible, is it?
F-29 RETALIATOR The Hit Squad, £12.99 AF14 72% ¦ DID's first big game for Ocean. Recently re- released on budget, it's a fair simulation but alas, only compatible with A500s and A2000S... THE GAMES GUIDE GAMES GUIDE DWAYNE SHWAltZKOPF KILJ.K1) IN ACTION f'fi 'vvwwiiiiiiii © ® k k k ~k k || I I I tv F19 STEALTH FIGHTER Kixx XL, £12.99 AF5 90% ¦ Said to be one of the best simulations ever, this Microprose offering is worth every penny on budget. Oh, and it's also one of the few games that can justifiably be put on an XL Platinum super duper-yet-more-expensive range the documentation
that comes with it is pretty impressive... FACE-OFF ICE HOCKEY Buzz, £9.99 AF9 58% ¦ Dodgy hockey game that's not even good enough to be mentioned in the same.
Sentence. As. EA Hockey.
FANTASTIC VOYAGE Centaur, £much AF13 27% (CD32 CDTV) ¦ Cacky CDTV title that just happens to work on the CD32. Marvellous. Fantastic Voyage will really set the world on fire. I'm sure... FASCINATION Cocktel Vision, £29.99 AF1 64% ¦ So-so point-and-dick adventure with oh-so- linear gameplay. Coktel Vision's Gobliins2 is far more enjoyable... FATMAN Black Legend, £25.99 AF15 75% ¦ Dodgy looking platform game. And what kind of name for a software house is Black Legend? They sound like one of those dodgy packets of condoms. We'll forgive them, though just as long as they don't start a budget
label called Deep Black Intruders, they're cool with us... FINAL FIGHT Kixx. £9.99 AF7 79% ¦ So-so beat-'em-up that suffers from an unholy amount of in-game disk swapping.
Worth a look on budget, but without a second drive, we’d not recommend it.
FIRE AND BRIMSTONE Kixx, £9.99 AF5 52% ¦ Dire Ghosts 'n' Goblins clone with tricky and unrewarding gameplay. It's also full of bugs even on the first few screens. Surely the gametesters should have noticed them?
FIREFORCE Ice, £25.99 AF1 59% ¦ A cross between Green Beret and Enigma Force.
Fireforce is playable enough.
However, it lacks any real lastability and, quite frankly, charging £26 quid for it is ridiculous.
FIST FIGHTER Zeppelin. £9.99 AF10 18% ¦ Fist Fighter is by far the worst beat ’em up we've ever encountered.
Its only redeeming feature is that you can re format the disk to use on something else, and we defy anyone to name a worse attempt at cashing in on 1993's Street Fighter 2IMortal Kombat bandwagon.
FLASHBACK US Gold. £29.99 AF7 96% ¦ Following the departure of Delphine's master coder Eric Chani, some wondered whether the French development team could ever top previous classics like Another World and Cruise for a Corpse. However, Flashback is better, bigger, brighter and more innovative than its predecessors but will there be a sequel? We can but hope... FLIMBO'S QUEST Kixx, £7.99 AF1 68% ¦ We can remember Flimbo's Quest on the C64, where its vibrant colours and sheer layers of parallax impressed a great deal. The game wasn't that much fun after a while, but hey it looked good, and
was re-released on budget (£3.99) roughly a year after its original release. The morale of this story?
Well, there isn't one. To be honest, but if you take it as read that the Amiga version is virtually identical the the C64 one, it's not really worth shelling out one, is it? Younger players may appreciate its charms, though.
FRONTIER Gametek, £29.99 AF13 96% ¦ Sequel to David Braben's Elite. While Frontier's undoubtedly an astounding technical achievement, on 16-bit machines it's too slow and jerky (making combat sequences largely unplayable). If you're a proud owner of an A1200, this could be a must-buy.
FURY OF THE FURRIES Mindscape, £29.99 AF15 86% ¦ Well, it's got fluffy things in it... GALACTIC WARRIOR RATS Alternative, £9.99 AF3 79% ¦ Galactic Warrior Rats is very close to Psygnosis' Cytron in terms of gameplay and design. Bar its average graphics, flats beats the full-price effort hands down and all at approximately £20 cheaper. Makes you think, doesn't it?
GEM’X Global, £7.99 AF2 60% ¦ Cheerful gem-busting puzzler. If you can forgive the shameful pictures of scantly-dad girls, you may find this disappear-'em-up a real diamond of a game... GLOBAL GLADIATORS Virgin, £25.99 AF10 78% ¦ Above-average but woefully easy platformer. Converted from the Mega Drive original, it's similar to Cool Spot in many respects, but while younger console owners may lap this kind of game up, more mature Amiga owners don't. Or do they?
GLOBDULE Psygnosis, £25.99 AF14 51% ¦ Interesting but flawed platform puzzle game. And no, it's not the new Lemmings. Try again. Psygnosis... GOAL!
Virgin, £19.99 AF8 92% ¦ Superb soccer game. It's not as good as Sensible let's face it, what is? but it's certainly a darn fine game. It's also pretty cheap.
GOBLIINS 2 Coktel Vision, £29.99 AF3 83% ¦ Cute and often genuinely amusing point 'n' click adventure. It has its fair share of flaws in particular, its disk accessing is bloody annoying but its charm and sometimes hilarious puzzles more than make up for them.
GOBLINS 3 Sierra, £pass AF15 80% ¦ Not bad, but not as good as its predecessor.
GRAHAM GOOCH WCC Audiogenic, £29.99 AF6 68% ¦ Mildly enjoyable cricket sim possibly the best ever, cricket not being the most convertable of sports. Terrible music, though... GRANDSLAM COLLECTION Grandslam, £29.99 AF2 26% ¦ Dire collection of old (and very crap) Grandslam releases. Don't even consider buying it.
GUNBOAT The Hit Squad, £12.99 AF10 60% ¦ It's a sort of water-related simulation, innit?
It's not very good so I suppose we'd better use some feeble summing-up line (as we HOT RUBBER Fox Hits, £9.99 AF8 51% ¦ If you want a decent biking game, get Super Hang-On or No Second Prize Whatever you do, don't buy Hot Rubber it's cack.
HUCKLEBERRY HOUND Alternative, fsome AF12 21% ¦ Disgustingly bad character licence.
Alternative have their moments every now and then they'll come up with something cheap 'n' playable but this poor, sad excuse for a game isn't one of them HUDSON HAWK The Hit Squad, £7.99 AF2 66% ¦ Did you know that if you leave the joystick alone long enough while playing (or not, as the case may be) Hudson Hawk, a piano falls from the sky and crushes him? Well it does.
That's probably the best thing in this weak conversion of the equally poor movie Later levels are near impossible to complete without a cheat mode (or AR cart), so only those with God like gaming skills are advised to give Hawk a try.
HUMANS 2 Gametek, £29.99 AF12 75% ¦ It's not Lemmings. Secondly, it's not Lemmings. It never has been a Lemmings beater, never will be a Lemmings beater and it's... oh sod it.
GAMES GUIDE - EVERY GAME EVER REVIEWED RY AMIGA FORCE... ALMOST in lad a ive ;rs re Try INDIANAPOLIS 500 The Hit Squad, £12.99 AF14 44% ¦ Fair race sim with speedy vector graphics and oval circuits. In fact, lots of oval circuits.
Actually, one could say that all the tracks ate oval, depriving Indianapolis 500 of a certain element of mystery ('oh no, which way do I turn this time?'). It's more strategy- based than its nearest rival Geoff Crammond's classic (and superior) FIGP so purists may enjoy it.
INT RUGBY CHALLENGE Domark, £25.99 AF6 19% ¦ Unfathomably bad rugby bash. With a surely record- breaking number of bugs and glitches, an astounding lack of challenge and graphics that’d make a C64 blush, Rugby Challenge is utter crap.
INTERNATIONAL SOCCER CHALLENGE Kixx, £9.99 AF5 18% ¦ So far. No-one's succeeded in mixing a first- person perspective with soccer This attempt's no better than the others probably worse.
It 'n' rs isor.
:he nit?
Ter GUNSHIP 2000 Microprose, £34.99 AF8 96% ¦ Superb sequel to the original classic. It's the sort of game hard drives were made for, but it doesn’t lend itself well to floppies. Check it out and see HARDBALL The Hit Squad, £9.99 AF10 47% ¦ Dodgy baseball-’em-up.
HARLEQUIN GBH Gold, £9.99 AF8 70% ¦ Harlequin's strange. It's a platform game, yet it has a save game feature. In fact, it has a lot going for it, but doesn't enthral in the way you'd expect. Try it out you might be pleasantly surprised It's cheap, too HERO QUEST The Hit Squad. £7.99 AF4 70% ¦ Conversion of the Games Workshop board game. Hero Quest's okay for a quick bash, but you never feel as if you're actually in control of any given situation. Buy the utterly superior Laser Squad instead or, if you prefer the swords and sorcery genre, try Lords of Chaos HIGH STEEL Alternative, £4.99
AF12 29% ¦ No comment.
HIRED GUNS Psygnosis. £29.99 AF10 97% ¦ Utterly superb arcade adventure. Up to four players can join in the screen's split into four separate displays, each with a first- person perspective and with a variety of missions to complete, lots of player interaction and superb cosmetics. Hired Guns is arguably Psygnosis' finest game to date.
T H E GAMES GUIDE INTERNATIONAL TENNIS Zeppelin. £7.99 AF2 76% ¦ So-so budget tennis Sim. Its four-player option's pretty cool, but the lack of any serviceable tournament option proves to be a near-fatal omission. Still, it's worth a laugh or two if you've got a few mates around lo play it.
ISHAR 2: MESSENGERS OF DOOM Similaris. £29.99 AF8 91% ¦ An RPG with superb graphics and absorbing gameplay.
ISHAR: LEGEND OF THE FORTRESS Daze. £29.99 AF7 74% (1200) ¦ Like its sequel, Ishar: Legend of the Fortress is great to look at. But this A1200 specific version doesn't deliver any noticeable extras.
JAHANGIR KHAN WCS GBH, £7.99 AF3 58% ¦ Weak rendition of an essentially unconvertable sport The only decent squash game on any computer is International Squash on the C64 by Zeppelin and only in two-player mode at that. It's unlikely to be converted.
JAWS Alternative. £4.99 AF12 33% ¦ Not so much ’der dum... der dum' as 'WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP'. Still, it's cheap... JET STRIKE Rasputin. £25.99 AF14 79% ¦ Talk about a nostalgia tripl This is Harrier Attack tor the 90s, and no mistake. It's slow to get started, there's too much disk accessing, it's utterly infuriating, yet particularly playable. Life's like that, eh?
JOCKY WILSON'S DARTS Zeppelin Platinum, £9.99 AF9 44% ¦ Lard JOE AND MAC Elite. £25.99 AF3 62% ¦ Average console conversion. As two-player platformers go, it's far from dire, but it's not the kind of game that'll set the world alight KGB Virgin. £30.99 AF2 90% ¦ Utterly atmospheric and engrossing (if linear) point n' click adventure It's as user friendly as you could hope for, with a well written plot and instinctive user interface.
Also, it's due out on budget later this year.
KNIGHTMARE Mindscape, £14 99 AF5 63% ¦ Confusing RPG One for die-hards only KNIGHTS OF THE SKY Kixx XL, £16.99 AF13 93% ¦ Reckoned by many to be the best Amiga sim ever, it's certainly one of the most accomplished and. Bar Gunship 2000, it's the only really classic game from Microprose in a long time.
KRUSTY'S SUPER FUN HOUSE Acclaim, £25.99 AF2 79% ¦ The original review in Issue Two of AMIGA FORCE pointed out that Krusty's is a fun game . And well done to Acclaim and all that jazz Thing is. Acclaim lost interest in the Amiga scene (they being an American based company we all know how well the Amigas do in the states, don’t we?) And decided to sell their products on to another software house... KRUSTY'S SUPER FUN-HOUSE Virgin, £25.99 AF11 73% ¦ .. .which happened to be Virgin, who eventually got 'round to releasing it Hurrah.. DON’T BE A FOOL AND MISS THE APRIL ISSOE OF... It's going to
be packed to bursting with all the essential gaming info you' EDITORIAL EDITOR Nick Roberts SUB EDITOR James Price NEWS EDITOR Miles Guttery STAFF WRITER Rob Millichamp CONTRIBUTOR Ian Osborne SENIOR Claire Kendrick ADDITIONAL Mark Kendrick MANAGER Neil Dyson SENIOR SALES Michelle Bullen SALES Brett Pittam PRODUCTION Jackie Morris ASSISTANT Sharon Mifflin you've come to expect from us. Including... MANAGER Franco Frey PRODUCTION Matthew Uffindell Tactical Fighter Experiment is the latest cool 3D flight sim from Ocean. From what we’ve seen of the game it’s going to be hot stuff... Mindscape's
amazing CD32 block buster comes to the Amiga in a 16-bit and 32-bit version. We check them both out next issue. V. _ Mindscape’s amazing CD32 block buster comes to the Amiga in a 16-bit and 32-bit version. We check them both out next issue.
Case Mill, Temeside, Ludlow, Shropshire SY8 1JW.
Tel: 0584 87S851 Fax: 0584 876044 ¦ ©1994 Impact Magazines (UK) Ltd.
I ISSN 09647-702X I Published every four weeks in the UK ¦ Printed in the UK by BPCC ¦ Distributed by Comag nAII trademarks and copyrights are recognised.
¦ AMIGA FORCE is brought to you by the people behind such great magazines as... ¦ SNES FORCE ¦ MEGA MACHINES ¦ COMMODORE FORCE ¦ TELEWORKER ¦ CRIME BUSTER a! ReuiWvous lour ol reuiWvous lour ¦ ¦¦ ¦¦¦ i K * .*?*» SSI ' *9 '
a. . i. A . A jfpSB* B The beat-'em-up genre's set to take a
battering with the launch of this futuristic cracker from
We start our quest around the country to find the best Amiga gamesplayer. We'll be playing special challenges in schools and colleges where will we be next month?
Tune in and find out.
I'd like you to put a copy of AMIGA FORCE behind your counter for me to collect: I'd like you to deliver a copy of AMIGA FORCE to my address: j MISS QIIT!
¦ Dear Newsagent
* The all new Amiga Force is the best I magazine on the face of
this planet and I will never come in your shop I again (no not
even for sweets!) If ou don’t follow these instructions...
Name:..... Address:.
Postcode: ..... ¦ AMIGA FORCE is published every four weeks by Impact Magazines (UK) Ltd and destributed by COMAG.
CHAOS ENGINE .. £25.99 SYNDICATE £34.99 PINBALL FANTASIES £29 99 NICK FALDO'S CHAMPIONSHIP GOLF £34.99 CHAOS PACK £125.96 QFA BASIC v3.5 - Powerful Basm Progiamning Language £50.00 PHOTON PAINT II - Pcwertu Graces Panlrig P4)5e £69.95 TOTAL VALUE: £265.91 TOTAL PACK VALUE M31 93
eoot*it)icD:«n»n SS C«rm?
Caaxur Duumu Smith O&Huni* 0rr»O.t Ui.)«C0|T.r| fuiutKVrruT CDTV SOFTWARE lesMuicficaou limONSLP' PLUGS INTO A TV OR PIAVS MUSIC CD* DUAL SPEED Trimly 0*8 ah»» crOmry CD-ROM Ormh MULTI-SESSION MONI1 Mcv»0iSr CD”
* s mi CD TITUS Djr*et.
2 25mm, 68030.
So £899 2 130£949 4 JO-£999 4 1301 £1049 4'214£1149 4 340 £1249 %r.54pi£1499 25«h, 68040 6 ,130-£1899 6 2,141 £1999 6 3401 £2149 6 525 £2399 Puys wv* * do CO Ok* Slxigc oipiofy equal lo 60! (h((y oSu TmrulirVre lS3K61«OXd CcnurD* •ditO-Gim CO-MU rcirrtfi Co psnc** ¦•in iS05®0 lUrxUrc AMIGA 4000 CONFIGURATIONS Tho Amga 4000 030 and 040’ are avatablc *i several RAM.5 Hard Dd»e options trom Sltca (poaso soo below) Al are My censored and approved ana cany ComnodofoS Ml cno year on ate warranty.
RAM upgrades are also available Irom Silca Due to Current fkictuaiicm in Ihe marvel. Dease RAM UPGRADES CALL FOR PRICES WORTH OVER SILICA PRICE: 14, 64 £349 14, 85 £399 nca are a tully aulhonsod Amij.i
- aler We can upgrade Am«ja WO ' 12001 wuti hard dnvot (or now or
rising owners. Wiihsu aflectng iriTvodoroS ottrr.ial on siln
atranly. We olloi other upgrades TOTAL PACK VALUE M9?9!
ICSSPACt SAVING 093.91 SILICA PRICE: 199.00 MowvStmuoi Aik’ In,
• CDTVimfs»«a«CO‘t CALL FOR A PRIC Tmu. Pmiki’ Tmus WwmWPKi I084S
• Six fire buttons
• Eight-direclion thumb control
• Autofire
• Six foot connector cable.
Model No. JT 160 £18.99 inc. VAT.
Log e ...Bringing the best out of computing!
Commodore & Atari Controllers SpeedMouse
• Swifchable mouse for both the Amiga and Atari ST
• Feather-touch button control
• 300 dpi
• Smooth and accurate movement
• Comfortable to use.
Model No. LG 2RG £16.99 inc. VAT.
Quatro Classic arcade-style design
• Six heavy-duty • Two fire bi microswtlches • Extra-long ¦ttons
[connector V sJLUG! Olia Model Nl Pinto
i. JT 154 £12.99 inc. VAT.
Miniature version of Quatro.
Suitable foriyounger gamesplayej Model NO. JT 151 £12.99 is or hand-f inc. VAT.
Quatro GT Classic arcade-style design • 3-way autofire facility
• Six heavy-duty microswitches • Slow-motion facility
• Extra-long connector cable • Two fire buttons
• Independent rapid-fire button • Steel shafi Model No. JT 155
£16.99 inc. VAT.
Pinto GT Miniature version of Quatro GT but without rapid-fire and slow-mofion. Suitable for younger gamesplayers or hand-held play.
Model No. JT 152 £16.99 inc. VAT.
Delta-Ray New ’Comfort-Grip’ handle
• Nine high-qualily microswitches
• Extra-long connector cable
• Five fire buttons
• Autofire plus rapid-fire function
• Suction cups for extra stability.
Model No. JT 156 £15.99 inc. VAT.
Freewheel Can you imagine Nigel Mansell using a joystick to control his car around a high-speed track? Probably not. That's why we came up with the Freewheel. Just plug it into your computer joystick port and expenence the real sensation of driving!
• Suitable for all types of driving and flying games
• Uses unique angle-sensitive swilches • Extra-long connector
• Does not need fo be mounted or fixed to a surface.
Model No. FW 111 - Digital FreeWheel lor Amiga ST C64 elc.
£29.99 inc. VAT.
Model No. FW 123 ¦ Analog FreeWheel A lor Amiga £39.99 inc. VAT.
SPECTRAVI0EO, UNIT 27.1 1 A wide variety of tracks to both drive L along and listen to!
LU Music select on I» Lotus 1 and 3 2 Press the left mouse button during a match to activate the two-player mode, making even the hardest teams easy to beat.
3 COMMODORE APPROVED UPGRADES: Otticul Hara Dnv? Upgrades with Icl onsite warranty
• FREE OVERNIGHT DELIVERY: Oman hardware codersshipped m ire UK
• TECHNICAL SUPPORT HELPUNE: A team o' Amoa Mchnical e wiis Mil
De« vox ser.ict
• PRICE MATCH: We iraiw rtneelilnrs nn a ’Same product • Sime
price" toss
• ESTABLISHED 15 YEARS: We ta*e a proven r-ac* uyjyo m crWessixoi
compiler sat
• PART OF A CSOM A YEAR COMPANY: Wiihowr 200 stall • We are soic
reiafcle and pioliiatil?
• CORPORATE A EDUCATION DIVISION: volume diKcumsare jvaMWe Tel
081-303 0388 5 .d: wins WE 3*AhO Nives *Rt M CWAUOWD M '«

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