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Your very own magazine, Amiga Format. 116 pages packed with news, reviews, features and entertainment. The brand-new Amiga Format already has a great history behind it, and now we are branching out on our own things are going to get even better. You can see from the first issue that the balance of content will be the same broad mixture of everything from graphics to games, music to DTP. Of course, one of the most important things is that we now have the whole cover disk just for Amiga programs. Not only will we be bringing you the best in playable game demos and utilities, but there will be much more interaction between the disk and features inside Amiga Format. The opportunities for using the disk In conjunction with the graphics section in particular are immense. There are also plenty of new features that make this not just the biggest but the best Amiga magazine. Brian Larkman joins us from next issue as Contributing Editor for graphics. His well-proven expertise as a lecturer in computer art and long-time Amiga user will produce the most authoritative reviews, helpful tutorials and SUBSCRIBE! SEE DETAILS ON PAGE 28 VIRUS X VIRUS ARTS CONTEST The most popular PD virus- killer, Virus X, has itself become the victim of an infection. American author Steve Tibbet’s thoughtful provision of the source code with the program has let nefarious hackers pro- duce a version that itself acts as a virus. Fear not, though! The dodgy version can be identified by the version number 3.3: Steve is skipping straight from Version 3.2 to 3.4.

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14 PAGES OF GAMES MAC EMULATOR WIN A £2,000 COIN-OP RAGONNINJA ROEOCOPTM&. PR19W PICTlRt CORP Al 1 9«.HTSH§StRV I l» fj .A %l “tkie.mos.t plpyabj fpjoyable «• * r fn ¦ "ffhsgraphies »re.sli«k, the actiorfis * « tough . .yde igned to,k pyou glued to your stick".
»*'•! •*y .V.V. 'Hf, “A (viWVw'l hUe«iaV «» " 'J Conversion to thq feome computer”.
The Comes Machine ( UsiSt-feflk,-M coming back far more’’.
.1 “a superb game with such iflcflitMi gam lay”.* ‘v* ** *1 '¦ p Computer Games Week FAB , ZZAF* Si Alter * • ll gffljjl tia popular movie license bafckedCip, 1 by great game-pla ,ay unbeatable 1 formula Tpeedl«s to say. Iti buy it j| ... missthisand you're missir NTJJI fhc hottest gan off-year, ST Action ¦5 jfl- ----- -Em Vt *. .
’ATARI ST*‘ * CBM AMIGA ... «. M *» *» M2 5NS "polished in every aspect - from the humorous storyline to the end of the blasting”. • The Comes Machine Top Score "... wruYe infortfie timeof vour life .f. faburou's*3lJ, no irs or absorbing play - you . Name it. Voyager's got it. And that's notall: ' Ocean throw in a cassette soundtrack wnrch has to Ij ione of the most mjifi-blowing pieces of music I've ever heard". SssS '.ez* Satler. il (I l| •! M Special programmed the game and have done a great job, recreating the character of the originals with a Hinbof humour".
V it "... scrolling fD graphics the most ” impressive I *ve seen on the ST ... a great arcade formifla'ahd clever graphics t.Van
• • -i ST Actiq% | , , 1 each are superlath e the pii
feature a soqijdtra k in , , glorious remixed stereo".
• fcleWiontr 061 852 M3S» Tfcletf 669977 OCEAN6JG*jFaW 061
...34 NAVY MOVES .. 56 RAMPAGE ... ...53 f 54 SKWEEK ..... ...53 IUC SPHERICAL . ...56
GURU ..... PD UPDATE ...79 GAME BUSTERS ..97 SPECIALS COMMODORE INTERVIEW ..14 VIDEO 17 SHOOT-EM-UP CONSTRUCTION KIT..26 TOP TEN GAMES 58 DISK EXTRA .85 THE NEW ZEALAND STORY: playable demo of the superbly addictive coin-op hit • ART GALLERY: classy examples of artwork
• DOTIL: DOS made easy for beginners • SWINGIN' FROG DEMO:
delightful animation • WORKBENCH HACKS: two fun hacks to play
with • TRACKMON: keeping track of your disk drive
• VILBM: viewing pictures with no fuss.
REVIEWS Welcome to the first issue of a new magazine that already has 13 issues behind it. We will be building on what ST Amiga Format did to provide the best coverage of graphics, music, games, DTP, hardware, video and all other areas of the Amiga scene.
We’ve got 880K of Amiga programs every month on the disk and a magazine packed with Amiga-only entertainment and information.
There has never been a better time to own an Amiga or read Amiga Format.
CONTRIBUTORS Steve Jarratt, Graeme Kidd, Rachel Deckman AD MANAGER Jennie Evans AD PRODUCTION Louise CockroJI PUBLISHER Greg Ingham.
SUBSCRIPTIONS MAIL ORDER The Old Barn. Somerton, Somerset TAII 7PY Tel: 04S8 74011 PHOTOGRAPHY Ashton James, Bathampton COLOUR ORIGINATORS Swift Graphics Lid.
Southampton-, Cover by Bath Graphics PRINTERS Chase Web OJJset, Gillingham DISTRIBUTORS SM Distribution, 6 Leigham Court Road, Streatham, London SWI6 SHOWINGS AMIGA We have finally achieved the thing that Amiga owners have been clamouring for: and here it is. Your very own magazine, Amiga Format. 116 pages packed with news, reviews, features and entertainment.
The brand-new Amiga Format already has a great history behind it, and now we are branching out on our own things are going to get even better. You can see from the first issue that the balance of content will be the same broad mixture of everything from graphics to games, music to DTP.
Of course, one of the most important things is that we now have the whole cover disk just for Amiga programs. Not only will we be bringing you the best in playable game demos and utilities, but there will be much more interaction between the disk and features inside Amiga Format. The opportunities for using the disk In conjunction with the graphics section in particular are immense.
There are also plenty of new features that make this not just the biggest but the best Amiga magazine. Brian Larkman joins us from next issue as Contributing Editor for graphics.
His well-proven expertise as a lecturer in computer art and long-time Amiga user will produce the most authoritative reviews, helpful tutorials and SUBSCRIBE! SEE DETAILS ON PAGE 28 VIRUS X VIRUS ARTS CONTEST The most popular PD virus- killer, Virus X, has itself become the victim of an infection. American author Steve Tibbet’s thoughtful provision of the source code with the program has let nefarious hackers pro- duce a version that itself acts as a virus. Fear not, though! The dodgy version can be identified by the version number 3.3: Steve is skipping straight from Version 3.2 to 3.4.
superb artwork. On the music side we've also called in the best in the form of Jon Bates. He starts this month with an overview of the Amiga music scene and will be providing definitive reviews and tutorials In future issues.
FORMAT ARRIVES There are many old favourites that are being expanded to meet demand including Workbench, PD Update and Gamebusters. We are also busy sifting through your questionnaire replies to make sure we give you exactly what you want.
It’s a very exciting time for all of us: the Amiga is taking off like never before and we at Amiga Format are here to help you make the most of it.
As part of Ihe Edinburgh Arts Festival, Amiga Centre Scotland is running its animation competition again this year. Winners will have their work displayed at a special exhibition at the Festival.
Entries should be sent on PAL VHS videotape or on disk, to arrive by August 24. Further information about this unique event can be obtained from Martin Lowe at the Amiga Centre Scotland, 4 Hart Street Lane, Edinburgh EH1 3RN, or by phone on 031 557 4242.
What a glorious show it was too! It you don't mind being trapped in an enclosed space with several thousand Commodore owners, that is. The Amiga dominated totally, there was hardly a C64 in sight, and consequently this year’s Commodore Show was also buzzing with a lot more interest than some previous ones.
There was no single outstanding event but the feeling of excitement was tangible and there was a host of new products on show and being announced. Serious software and hardware were very much the order of the day, with only a couple of games houses represented, so the vibrant atmosphere was all the more gratifying.
Attendance was 10% up on the previous show at the 12,000 mark for the three days and the organisers, Database, are pleased with the way things went. As yet there is no date set for the next show, but we'll keep you posted.
MICROILLUSIONS WRANGLE Visitors to the Commodore show may have noticed that Microillusions had their own stand where Music X was on display, and that copies of Photon Paint 2 were on sale at other stands. At first glance this isn’t curious, until you realise that Activision are still claiming the UK rights to these Microlllusions products.
At present the situation is unclear but it appears that Activision are involved in a legal tussle with both Microlllusions in the US and the new group which claims to represent them in the UK. Which means that neither program will be wrdely available until the dispute is settled.
Let’s hope that's not too long away, because this is what Jon Bates and Brian Larkman had to say about Music X and Photon Paint 2 respectively... MUSIC XTRA Music X for the Amiga is coming.
But from where? The American software house Microlllusions has been promoting this stunning sequencing, voicing and sampling package heavily in the American press for well over a year now.
Surprising, therefore, that the only versions seen this side of the pond were demo versions that had yet to be de-bugged.
The first demo version, which was pretty spectacular, was shown by Activision who claimed to have an exclusive deal with Microlllusions.
Confusion has arisen now since dealers and the press alike have been informed that The Software Business now has "the exclusive UK and European rights to Music X", and was exhibiting at the Commodore show and taking orders with one ex-Activision staff member doing the demo work, although at the time of going to press they "hadn’t got the final version yet" (not bad for a program that has been advertised for nearly eighteen months!) Activision claim the matter is "under negotiation" with mutterings about contractual obligations. Time to stand back and watch the litigation!
PHOTON PHANTASY After a few quiet months on the Amiga painting front, things are hotting up again. First it was Deluxe Paint III, soon it will be DigiPaint 3 but now we have Photon Paint 2!
The original Photon Paint has remained the favourite of the three HAM painting packages for most artists because it is the easiest to use and most 'painterly1.
Many traditional effects are easy to achieve, including the best watercolour effect so far on the Amiga with Blend. The new version provides lots of new features and greater speed without sacrificing the effortless operation.
The most dramatic additions are contour mapping and multipage, ’pageflipper’ type animation, but also included are stencils, airbrush, rub-through, pantograph, auto-shadowing, cycle draw and many more minor enhancements.
In line with our new policy for graphics reviews, a really full description of Photon Paint 2 including DIY tips and tutorials, written by people who are using the program every day, plus original artwork that will be included on the cover disk, is being prepared. It takes time, but you will see it soon! Photon Paint 2 by SNIPPETS GSIGNS OF LIFE :hwas »n by ive an sions.
Sice have ftware toe usic t the along staff wwk, ag to final pro- rffor nsion jotia- con- stand r i the are was I be have has the i for easi- ty.
Iasy best the ver- A2500 VANISHES was openly talked about.
We will have to wait for further details before getting our hopes up.
The A500 is also making news because of suggestions that it is being grey imported' from Holland. This has prompted complaints from retailers and an announcement over the PA at the Commodore show that such machines being sold off cheap might cause problems for the buyer. So own right, watch out for any machine that comes with a foreign manual at a knockdown price, because you could have problems with different voltage powerpacks and the lack of a valid warranty if anything should happen to go wrong.
If you are looking for the promised review of the new Amiga 2500 in this issue, then don’t bother, because the A2500 has been shelved. Planned to have a 14 Mhz 32-bit 68020 CPU and up to 4 Mb of RAM, the A2500 would be a straight upgrade of the A2000 through existing add-ons, which is thought to explain the strange non- appearance. Commodore prefer to wait for the A3000 which will contain the 25 Mhz 68030 CPU.
However, it remains to ¦ The be seen whether or not the appearance of the A2500 UX.
Which will run the Unix OS, is imminent. Another rumour that has resurfaced is that we will shortly see A500s fitted with 1Mb of RAM as standard. Apparently Microillusions is available on import from Digipro, Southampton (tel 0703-703030) at £79.95. HOLOGRAPHIC AMIGA One of the more unusual sights at the Commodore Show was the first hologram generated from a microcomputer image. Using equipment developed at Loughborough University and an Amiga 500, Rob Munday and his team, with advice from the Amiga Centre Scotland, have produced a 3D holographic view of a partially- animated wireframe bird
rendered using Sculpt 3D.
To produce it, over 100 frames were generated and recorded onto a holographic plate in stereo pairs as a series of vertical strips. Viewing the image from the front, slight movements of the head reveal hidden parts of the object that would normally only be seen if it was real and solid. This is normal for a hologram as anyone with a bank card knows. Usually though, the object from which a conventional hologram is taken is a 3D model; here it is a series of flat, 2D images.
This is much more difficult and has previously only been achieved using high-powered Cray supercomputers. Now, in another first for the Amiga, a 3D computer model has been recorded holographically.
The physics is quite difficult, but if I understand it correctly, the process works something like this: conuenbonal holography captures the image of a complete 3D object in such a way that the parts of it that can be seen vary according to your viewpoint, just as would happen with a 'real' object. In effect the hologram has superimposed an almost infinite series of Views' of the object which are revealed as your viewpoint is changed. Stereoscopic holography has the same effect but in this case the 'views' are captured separately like the frames of a stereovision film, one for each eye, in
the form of pairs of vertical strips on the plate.
The advantage of this method is that the content of each 'frame' is much more controllable so that any object capable of being modelled on a computer can be captured in 3D and even animated.
The use of Amigas, or other cheap micros, also means that the commercial potential of such 'animated' holograms is much more likely to be realised. It is only a matter of time before full- colour, fully-animated sequences and even whole films appear.
JUST SAY THE WORD Computers can be ot great use to the disabled in all manner of ways, one of which is demonstrated by Amor's new speaking version of their word processor Protext. It's designed for use by the blind and is currently still undergoing development and testing.
All Protexts functions are available from the keyboard, which is essential because pull-down menus and a mouse are no use to blind users. The WP will be able to speak each key as it is pressed, speak every word as it is typed, read back the current line, read back from the start of the paragraph, speak characters as the cursor is moved and speak useful status information. Price and release details have not been decided yet but Arnor promise discounts for the visually handicapped. More on 0733 68909.
ROMBO MACHO VIDEO Rombo are well known for their digitisers and other add-ons on other machines, but now they are bursting onto the Amiga scene for the first time with the Video Image Digital Interface. VIDI-Amiga.
Although it's their first attempt it could make a big impact because it is attractively priced at £99.95 and has an impressive list of features. These include grabbing frames from a moving video in a 50th of a second in both mono and colour, load and save in IFF format, overlaying an incoming frame anywhere on an existing one. A user-definable palette, analogue contrast and brightness control, eight-level brightness control and drop-down menus.
The package includes a video cable, so all you need is a VCR or camera. At time of going to press Rombo were still working to make the unit produce colour pictures and the latest details can be obtained from them on 0506 414631 or at 6 Fairbairn Road.
Livingston. Scotland EH54 6TS.
ACCOUNTING FOR TASTE Equinox have enhanced their Small Business Accounts program to create SBA Xtra. Its new features add to an already comprehensive list of capabilities.
Money moguls will be interested to know that it provides profit and loss statements. Trial balance, full audit trail. VAT reports, balance sheets, budgets, day books, account group reports, transaction listing by batch or account heading and a constant update of cash position and profit.
The new features are debtors and creditors information, enhanced journal entries, a chart of accounts and relaxed security allowing copying of the chart of accounts and access to DOS commands.
SBA Xtra costs £115 and existing users can upgrade tor £34.50 ? £2.50 P&P. Equinox Business Systems can be contacted for details on 01 729 0990 or at 16 Anning Street. New Inn Yard. London EC2A 3HB.
SNIPPETS PLANNING AHEAD Good news tor tinancial folk. A new version ol Best UK's Plan IT spreadsheet has arrived. Version 3.0 has been reduced in price to £126.50 and otters new leatures, including lull import export of Lotus 123 worksheets. Arexx support. Dataview mode trom the database and an outline mode for viewing different levels of data on screen.
FOFT ARRIVES: THE FIRST OF A SERIES Owners of Maxiplan can upgrade to Plan IT for £57.50. Best will also accept trade-ins' on other existing similar sottware. Further into from Best UK, Block 3 Unit 1, Baird Avenue. Strutherhill Industrial Estate, larkhall. Strathclyde ML9 2PJ. Tel:0698 887770.
COLOURFUL CAROS Heads-up artistic geniuses with a tew pennies to spare! Hi Tension are working on Ami-graphex, a graphics expansion card in two versions. Zooming in at £899 will be Ami-graphex 1, which raises the screen resolution to 1024x768 pixels and provides a palette of 256 colours on screen trom a choice ot 16 million. The card comes lilted with 2Mb ol high-speed RAM.
ANIMATED MAGIC The Ami-graphex 2 will cost the princely sum of £1599 and for your cash you get 1280x1024 pixel resolution and the same palette options. Double the amount ot high speed RAM in this one. 4Mb. Allowing it to handle two full screens at the same time.
Further details from Hi Tension. Alexander House. Station Road, Aldershot.
Hampshire. Tel:0252 344454.
CENTRAL TELEVISION The Amiga is taking ott as the most important tool in video work with new products like G2's Videocenter bursting onto the scene. The Videocenter combines in one neat box the facilities of a video mixer, genlock and PAL encoder.
The Center mixes an incoming video signal with computer output using sliding laders or sottware to control fade to black and the mix level. It also has a tillered and buttered RGB output for connecting an RGB monitor. YC inputs and outputs take advantage ot the new Super-VHS systems.
G2 are no novices to the video game having produced the G2 MasterPieCe 900 that, among other things, mixes the graphics and live action for the BBC's quiz show Going tor Gold. The fact that they produce everything trom genlocks to broadcast- standard graphics and captioning systems really makes this one to watch out tor. The Videocenter costs £595 trom G2 Systems on 0252 737151.
KLASSIX GOING CHEAP The first three titles on US Gold's new budget label Klassix are Out Run, Foundations Waste and World Class Leaderboard, each one for the amazing sum of just £9.99. As yet no other full-price sottware house has followed suit in the move to cut-price bestsellers.
Among US Gold's major competitors are Microprose, who have no plans to introduce a budget 16-bit label according to Managing Director Stewart Bell. "You get what you pay for. If you can't compete on quality or gameplay, you could try to compete on price. If I had bought a game at £25 I would be very annoyed to see it being sold for £10." Activision's Amanda Barry said they too had "no plans lor a budget label, we re a full-price only company."
Mastertronic already produce budget Amiga games like Sidewinder and Chase for £9.95. Spokesman Andy Wright was unconcerned by US Gold's move and promised "a new range of 16- bit titles at a new price point." Watch these pages for more details.
It talk ol PAL encoders, genlocks and buttered RGB outputs is just so much wibble to you. Then check out the video teature on Page 17. Also keep your eyes peeled for a review ot the Videocenter coming to Amiga Formats pages soon.
Gremlin's massive space trading shoot-envup, Federation Of Free Traders, is set to arrive on the Amiga in the near future. Billed by Gremlin as an 'Elite beater1, FOFT was some two years in development and was advertised heavily in the press prior to its release on the ST. When it finally arrived the game proved to have a tew major gameplay flaws which, when combined with the appalling manual, reduced the game almost to unplayability.
Gremlin listened to all the criticisms, read the reviews, took note of what people had to say and set about correcting the A really useful piece of software must have two qualities if it is to be marketed successfully as a professional product. It must do its job well, obviously, but also it ought to look good, operating intuitively and ergonomically so that its power is not hidden by a complex interlace. In short, it should be tun to use. ANIMagic (Aegis, £69.95 from Digipro, Tel 0703 703030) is a powerful and almost unique piece of software for editing ANIM files, but like many Aegis
products it suffers from an ugly and clumsy interface that takes time to get to grips with.
This is a great pity because, unlike most other animation editing and sequencing programs, it allows direct editing and rearranging of individual frames of the actual compressed ANIM files.
What it does can be divided into game before releasing the Amiga version. Ian Stewart, Gremlin's MD, is now "Very, very happy with the product - we've really done the business and got it just right."
When asked if he thought Amiga FOFT really was an 'Elite beater' two areas: ANIM editing and enhancement, and Digital Video Effects (DVEs). Among the editing features are: full cut and paste between ANIMs, plus merge and crop, 'A-B Rolls' type transitions, layering of several ANIMs on top of each other, adjustment of colours (for one frame or globally) and optimise palettes, and use of any resolution or screen mode.
DVEs include all the usual transi- bons, wipes, turns, rolls and spins plus a library of special effects such as shatters, fountains etc that can be 'enhanced' with other customised effects by the user.
The layers of effects possible can be so complex that the dialogue box provides space for a four-line description that can be saved with the DVE. A lot of people are really going to need this versatile and powerful package.
Ian replied "It's not an Elite beater we're after so much - we just wanted to produce a really good game that would appeal to fans of this genre". Lefs hope Gremlin really have got it right this time: and watch the reviews pages next month for the definitive Amiga Format indepth review.
The next game in what's planned to be a Federation series is well under way. It won’t be another space trading cum shoot- emup, but it promises to be just as large and have just as much playability. It’s not due for release until sometime next year, so we'll bring more news as it comes in.
ESIGNS ON DISKS Over recent months. Antic seem to be breaking the habit ot a lifetime and converting their excellent Atari graphics programs for the Amiga. This is quite a revolutionary development for the Amiga. Already Cyber Paint has warped across In the form of Zoetrope (available In PAL format from ISM: 0983 864674): now the whole set of Design Disks has arrived, along with an entirely new one.
A number of other developers are starting to offer readymade' objects for use In 3D modelling systems, but this set from Antic is the most comprehensive and useful available.
Disks on offer are:
• Architectural Design: everything from a doorstep to a
complete city. Instant Frank Lloyd Wright.
• Future Design: space stations, space craft, robot vehicles and
androids. DIY Star Wars.
• Human Design: skeletal male and female human figures.
Detailed structures that are anatomically correct. The ST demo did backward somersaults!
• Microbot Design: DIY robot kit.
Almost all possible components for detailed, advanced robots.
• Interiors: latest addition to the set, with room plans, objects
for the inside of a house, 3D clip-art.
All the 3D Design series are available from Precision Distribution (01 330 7166). Now we can look forward to Cyber Texture with eager anticipation.
* just 1 good fans of iremlin time: !snext miga whafs senes nt
be shoot- e just much jfease ) we'll »in.
W I sen Irte- (*E for ofu- the has i of 9AL
74) : i»gn an op- dy- 30 set
* e- le.
Fy- a ink is, nd is.
Ire 5T is!
Its le or t. e n ARC I 'il BARTER!
Amiga Atari ? I Spectrum (tape) Spectrum (disc) £24.99 £24.99 £9.99 £14.99 £9.99 £14.99 £9.99 £12.99 Amstrad C PC (tape) Amstrad CPC (disc) C ommodore 64 (tape) C ommodore ()4 (cli sc) As the people of the Bloodwych awahe to a new dawn, they find a stranger in their midst from one of many races he has come. I I is task; to halt the demon that lies dormant within the C astle of the Bloodwych.
Unification of the Crystals of Sanguis will secure the Behemo th in his lair for all eternity. Should they remain separate, then he shall rise to bring darhncss into the world.
I his unique role-playing fantasy game allows greater interaction with the environment than has ever heen seen before. Argue, barter, negotiate even lie through your teeth! The fully implemented personalities of all the characters in Bloodwych allows a rich style of role-playing that has only heen dreamt of.
Vtith one or two player simultaneous mode, this is tlie game you've heen waiting for.
Bloodwvch for th ose that d are!
MIKK0R50I-T IXI) I™ in lions.-. I IS Soi,lU-..rl Strcl. LoihIoii 51:1 05 X’ Tel: 1454 COMING ATTRACTIONS HOT-OFF-THE-PRESS PREVIEWS OF ALL THAT’S NEW IN THE SOFTWARE WORLD LONE WOLF AND THE MIRROR OF DEATH XYBOTS Tengen Domark Major Rock Hardy and Captain Ace Gunn star in this one or two-player strategic blast-em-up converted from the Atari coinop. As well as blasting all the aliens, you have keys to find that allow access to locked areas of the maie. Like Vindicators, this game involves a lot more thought than your average arcade shoot-em-up and is best played with a friend.
Somewhere in the sinister tower fortress of Kazan-Gor lies the Kai gem of power, the famous Lorestone. As the Lone Wolf, the last Kai Master, it's down to you to recover it. This arcade-action game is based on the Lone Wolf role-playing books of Joe Dever: so get your sword sharpened and prepare for some frantic onscreen combat very soon.
CASTLE WARRIOR Delphine Palace SLEEPING GODS LIE Empire I % ) TO Of ishers
• unch eade-
o six , on a ito to ivo to mean 9®n», hi by ike it can Amiga DTP
is hitting the high spots lately, and this imminent release
from Silica Software seems likely to be another step forward.
It will include many of the most sophisticated aspects of
professional publishing amongst a vast range of features, but
all at a cut-down price. When the finished, bug- free version
Is ready (not yet, contrary to opinion elsewhere) we'll bring
you the full review.
PAGESTREAM Swiss software house Linel is another bunch that hasn't been idle. The curiously-titled Ooze is due lor release soon. From German programmers Dragonware, this adventure game sees the player in the role of one Ham Burger trying to rid his uncle's house of ghosts. Ooze is packed with puzzles and more than its fair share of humourous touches.
Strategists should keep their eyes open for Kaiser, a game in which you start as a lowly farmer and have to increase your wealth and power through careful land management and shrewd business deals. Become powerful enough and you'll have the power to set tax rates, build cities and start armies. Up to eight people can play, so it's going to be gloves off and back-stabbing all the way.
Last but not least is Lords of Doom, an icon-driven action adventure on the new Thriller label, formed by Linel and Dragonware. Lead a party of four adventurers in a fight to find and destroy the four Lords of Doom who have started their plan to dominate the world by infiltrating and taking over a small village.
We'll be reviewing these as soon as they come in, so keep reading.
LINEL INDIANA JONES AND THE LAST CRUSADE US Gold Tha man with th hat and th« whip and the stubble and the dusty clothes is indeed back.
Guide Indy through action packed escapades based on scenes from the film. There are four levels to this platform game: in the first level you play the boy Indy and have to rescue the Cross of Coronado. For the rest of the game you play the fully-grown-up Indy and complete similar missions. Oet in practice now, because the whip-cracking action is starting on a screen near you shortly.
* k ill Mb' i 1 1 I Itjpu ,¦¦[ T d v , 11 E!| L* i i • __L THE
• Pack Includes: A500 CPU, Mouse, P.S.U., T.V. Modulator, Very
First Tutorial, Workbench 1-3, Basic, Extras and Manuals.
PLUS P0STR0NIX BONUS PACK WORTH OVER £250 which includes 10 Blank Disks, Disk Storage Box. 10 Excellent Games, Mouse Mat, Mouse Bracket (Mouse Holder) Deluxe Paint.
£399.00 + £5.00 post and packing AMIGA 500 plus DISK DRIVE AMIGA 500 + 1084S Instruction Manuals, Extra Disk, Workbench 1-3, CTPDPA The Very First Tutorial, T.V. Modulator, Photon 31LKLU Paint Mouse PLUS additional Amiga Compatible ( QJ OUR MONITOR Disk Drive and 10 Blank Disks.
£449.00 + £5.00 post and packing 3IIR9KIIII (including the Amiga 500 deal) + £10.00 post and packing 1084 HIGH RESOL UTH COLOUR MONITOR 1084S STEREO COLOUR MONITOR C259 00 Compatible with PC, Amiga, C64c, C128 + £5.00 posi and packing AMIGA 1010 DISK DRIVE £229.99 MPS1200P , k + £5.(1) post and packing The Commodore MPS1200P printer presents the state of the art in dox matrix printers, with all the features of a printer that would cost much more. Die MPS1200P is designed to be like three printers in one. It can act just like an Epson FX printer, or with the flip of a switch, it can act just
like an IBM Graphics Printer with IBM Group IM character set (Danish Norwegian character set) support. It can also print all the characters available with the Amiga in the Amiga configuration.The MPS1200P is capable of all the printing functions you would expect, as well as some additional features you may not expect.
DRAFT MODE_________________________- matrix: 9 vertical dots i (5 + 4) horizontal dots; - prim speed: 120 char 5, al lCVchar in TABULATION SPEED________________2 charts PRINTING DIRECTION ......W-dirMional. with optimised head movement PRINT PITHES _______________________10 charfm lo 24 charfin programmable from line, and in SET-UP mode UNE FEED _____________________________- l 6in(4.23 mm). IS(3.17mm)and7172in(2.4mm); -n!216iiiand iV72 in.
CHARACTER SET ...ASCII characters and special characters.
MAX. PRINT UNE LENGTH 40lop 192 charaaers.arrading to print pitchselectcd.
+ £5.00 post and packing AMIGA 1010 DISK DRIVE Amiga 3.5" external drive. Capacity 880K PLUS FREE DISK 01 IQ QQ STORAGE BOX & lll l 10 BLANK DISKS A501 RAM PACK 512K for the Amiga + £5.00 post and packing £149.99 + £5.00 post and packing AND MORE BESIDES!
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A) 1750 RAM EXPANSION MODULE FOR CBM128 Sandy phir it into the
cifunsion fwt on your CBM 12» and 5I2K Bytes of additional Ram
me available
B) 1351 COMMODORE MOUSE TV Commodre 1351 Mouse is contrdkr
designed lor me nth the CBM 6W2R.
total of 33* Ran on your 64. Just (4ng in Ik 1764 Module a
£149.99 b £19.99 c £99.99 Al pnees • £5.(0 pcsanJ pding
Commodore. Aun 2600 Video System. Auri. Amstrad PC.
Compatible nith Atari Computers.
Auri Games System. Commodore.
COMPETITION PRO 5000 Compatibk nith Commodore M and Vic20. Sinclair ZX Spectrum (interface required).
TAC5 CONTROLLER JOYSTICK £14.95 Compatibk with Atari.
£13.99 MICRO HANDLER MULTI FUNCTION JOYSTICK Comrarible with Commodore. Commodor C16 +4 (adtpor required), p • .
£24.9: A whole new range of innovative computer covers, made from durable dear plastic. Designed to fit your computer perfectly... not only safe from dust bul also all forms of accidental damage.
RAM DELTA DELUXE MICROSWTTCH JOYSTICK Compatibk nith Atari compMcn and Video Games Maduncs. Amstrad PCW (with adaptor). Spectrum (£T £9.95 A sunny, blue-skied morning on a typical hi-tech industrial park near the edge of Maidenhead, beside the green fields of the Berkshire countryside. Within the friendly red-brick walls of Commodore UK's headquarters, in a light and airy office, sits Dr Rahman Haleem. He is head of Technical Support and a guiding light of the Amiga Developers' Advisory Board in this country: and as such, he knows everything there is to know about developments in Amiga
hardware and software. He's also uniquely placed to give an insight into how Commodore see the Amiga's strengths and weaknesses, both now and in the future.
Commodore have been accused in the past of blurring the public perception of the Amiga, and even being confused about its role themselves, with the A500 daring to be more than just a winning games machine, and the A2000, expensive for home use, moving into powerful 'business’ roles. But in fact, just a few minutes' chat with Rahman Haleem reveals a dedicated and impassioned commitment to a very definite future for the Amiga range.
Not one single use, of course: but certainly a distinct direction dictated by the Amiga's architecture and capabilities.
¦ The Amiga 2000: top of the range?
HOME USE The A500, Dr Haleem believes, has now "broken through the barrier of 'would it make if ". A touch wary of revealing sales figures, he prefers to look at the total number of machines that have been sold to date and now form the user base: the A500 has passed the one million mark, and of these some 6-700,000 are in Europe. In roughly a year, so Commodore reckon, the A500 will have outstripped the Atari ST. This comparison reflects the popular “I have not seen a real Amiga game yet” use of both as games machines, a role in which the Amiga is bound to become stronger and stronger as
programmers' awareness of its capabilities grows.
Rahman sees the increasing domination of the 16-bit games charts by Amiga games (19 as against 11 ST in the latest top thirty, he notes) and the concurrent release dates and equal prices of Amiga and ST games as "a major breakthrough", indicative that software houses now recognise the size and conbnuing expansion of the Amiga market.
Even so, the Commodore people would join with many Amiga owners in lamenting the tendency to port over 16-bit games from poorer machines without any adaptation: "We’re asking for Amiga-specific development". The full potential is a long way from being fulfilled. "I have not seen a real Amiga game yet", says Rahman. A challenge?
Meanwhile, any home machine nowadays must be able to support a couple of serious applications - Commodore would like to be able to bundle in some worctprocessing software with the computer - but wp and home accounts are not seen as necessarily the machine's greatest strength. They particularly wish to encourage the 'hobbyisf user, who needs the machine as a leisure tool.
If there was one person in the country who knew everything that was happening to the Amiga, who knew exactly what hardware and software would be available, you'd want to talk to him... so we did.
The pattern for the Amiga's future is revealed by the great emphasis Commodore place on its graphics capabilities, which is not entirely unreasonable considering the power available in this field as a result of the machine’s design. Dr Haleem hopes to be able to bundle in graphics and animation demos, perhaps even a tutorial along the lines of The Very First covering this area, and to continue to supply users with information about hardware and software for use in the graphics and animation field. In a similar vein, the Amiga is finding a niche for itself with the video enthusiast.
Commodore were proud of the fact that What Video magazine voted it the most important video penpheral of the year: and it's been described as the most significant development since the video camera. With a simple genlock tool, the humble A500 can provide a range of professional quality post-production facilities, particularly useful for dropping captions, logos or animabon sequences into any video picture.
Commodore see the Amiga as having great potential benefits for the musician, too, denying vehemently that the ST has any nherent superiority in this area except for an inbuilt MIDI interface, which can be bought quite cheaply anyway. The possibilities of the Amiga's internal soundchip have barely, as yet, been touched.
All these areas for home use of the Amiga will be even more enhanced, we are assured, by a strong push from Commodore on the use of the computer’s unique multi-tasking capabilities. Keep watching this space... SERIOUS USES Meanwhile, the expandable A500 with its big brothers the B20O0, the possibly-tofre-released A2500 and the pipeline A3000, shift the Amiga up into the business user bracket. Once again, though, the impression Rahman Haleem gives is not of an ordinary computer trying to compete in the serious world of accounts spreadsheets and worcTprocessing. Instead, it is apparent that he
sees the machine as having specific strengths suited to particular uses. "The visual aspect is very important," he stresses, noting that the audio-visual power the machine delivers for the price is its unique selling point. However, the perceived cheapness and flexibility of the Amiga may actually discourage some specialist users: “The Amiga: voted most important video peripheral by What Video” in a certain European country, we were told, every time the price was increased sales went up.
Interactive video programs, particularly for training purposes, represent one area "where the A2000 needs to go", says Rahman. Desk-top presentabon is another "very strong area", particularly considering the high-quality graphics the machine offers, and even using the computer as a delivery system for slides and the like. Desk top publishing would not seem to be such a high priority, the niche having been amply filled already - "it’s what you can offer that’s different that counts' - although developments are expected on a Commodore- approved laser printer and other DTP peripherals shortly,
following proper evaluation. Computer-aided design is another growing field, with some menbon being made of use by architects and of a bve-fold speed gain over die standard Autocad system.
Networking, with Ethernet and Arcnet already available, will also come in for some serious attention, and a cut-price network for schools is currently under test.
This latter example reflects the Amiga's attempt to move in on the educabonal market (left somewhat open by the gradual fading of the BBC micro) and the BBC Emulator for the Amiga has already sold more than a thousand copies, which speaks for itself.
Perhaps the most glamorous professional use of the Amiga is in the heady media world of video and television: it’s even been spotted by Rahman’s son in use on Rolf Harris's programme! And we are told to expect some “very interesting developments" in the near future... HARDWARE NEWS The big news, of course, is of the imminent non-appearance in this country of the 68020equipped A2500 workstation as an upgrade development of the Amiga 2000, of which there are more details elsewhere in these pages. The importance of development with an upgrade capability is highly stressed by Rahman, intended to
protect Amiga owners from the "technology trap" that catches so many machines that were once at the forefront of progress.
Next step up, currenby in development, is the A3000, employing a Motorola 68030 CPU to give a 600% speed increase running with a 25Mhz MMU and a 68882 processor. Rumours abound of a development machine under test by McDonnell Douglas in the States being glimpsed by a local user group, but Commodore are playing their cards close to their corporate chest... This coyness, prompted by a laudable wish not to harp on about products that simply aren't available, also delays news of the A2024 hi res monochrome monitor, which will feature IK by IK resolubon and is clearly intended for use with DTP or
similar high- quality presentabon functions.
More excitingly, we can bring you the news that Workbench 1.4 is currently with 12 developers in the UK for beta-tesbng in conjunc- bon with the Enhanced Chip Set, ECS. It will feature a new noninterlace high resolubon graphics mode and fast bling for floppies.
Again, watch this space... ¦ AMIGA DEVELOPERS’ ADVISORY BOARD The Amiga Developers Advisory Board grew out of a meeting at the Commodore Show in June 1988. Its purpose is to act as a lorum tor ideas and to help sort out technical problems. New software and hardware is made available by Commodore to be beta tested ' in actual use. And to be updated as a result ol the experience: lor instance. Workbench 1.3 underwent live changes alter developers' testing. The Enhanced Chip Set (ECS) and Workbench
1. 4 are now under test with 12 developers.
A two-monthly mailshot gives details ol new projects, and also supplies technical notes to advise developers on problems: recent Kickstart 1.3 loading problems with certain games on certain drives, lor example. Were Iraced to a loader that exceeded the specs laid down by Commodore.
Developers are also asked to register their projects to avoid duplication ol ellort and unnecessary competition, whilst being guaranteed contidentiality in sensitive areas. This comes across as a benevolent version ol Apple s coordination of Mac software developments, intended to encourage unique developments and seed ideas.
Marketing opportunities are also opened up and passed around within a European lorum. A test lab has been set up at Maidenhead to make the very latest hardware available in all the possible combinations. To which developers can bring their software and test it themselves: Commodore don't touch pre-release product, although they will test it all postrelease. The new AGNUS chip is currently available lor development testing. , So why do Commodore bother with aft these expensive and time-consuming facilities? Basically. Rahman Haleem sees development support as an obligation lor such a
young' machine: “The Amiga has been around lor three years now. And three years is not a long time." Support ensures the quality ot Amiga soltware. Which naturally benelits sales ol the machine, helping "to break the chicken and egg situation ol no decent soltware. So no point buying that has had such a detrimental effect on other innovative machines. It lurther serves to curtail harmlul rumours about Amiga technical problems, and gives a picture ol development which puts Commodore in a good position to ascertain what they should undertake themselves, as they did with the BBC Emulator.
Although Commodore UK do provide a technical support hotline lor users, much ol their ellort goes into dealer support, so your dealer should always be able to help il you ever encounter any problems... And so it came to pass that probably the best spreadsheet in the world was created... W 9 m “ '*' ' l ’% Me
- *
• 'v - .
feMnr • ' • '
* AxA v? U ’ ...providing spreadsheet, database and business
graphics in one supremely easy to use package.
Featuring: ¦ 512 columns x 32,750 rows 11 basic graph types (inc. 3d) & presentation features 95 macro functions & macro recorder
* 65 calculation functions (business, statistical, calculus,
etc.) Intuitive mouse interface
• Full Lotus 1-2-3 file Import export ONLY £126.50 including VAT!
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7. 48 F .184 IS* PL • 1 Lead. Printer. Centronics Parallel -
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printer .162
00* .13159* . 3 9?f 486« Panasonic KXPHX01 Parallel FAT NLQ
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0698-887889 (Fax) Name _ Address Please send me: Further
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14.99 .11.99 E James Associates BBC Emulator -
A500 ....49.99 39.49
D JVC 35” DSDD 135TPI bulk discs
PKT2S----------20-63 o Verbatim 5.25” DSDO 4080T bulk
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D. B lockable storage box holds 100 555“
-------------------------23.77------755 D CAPTAIN CAVEMAN BBS
NOW ON LINE 4PM TO 9-AM 0229-43609 Eng Mainland post A ins.;
(A) £5.75 (B) £4.60 (C) £3.45 (D) £2.30 (E) £l. 15 (F) 56p
(ANC) 3 Day £10.35 Hex I Day £13.00. COD* £2.30. Max UK post
chg. £6.90 per 20kg£500 AB Prices Include VAT. AB sales
subject to our Trade Terms ol Trading.
W. A.V.E. (Trade Dept. AF 889) Walney Audio Visual & Electrical
Distribution 1 Buccleuch Street, Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria,
LA14 1SR Tel: 0229-870000 (6 lines) Hours: Mon - Fri
10.00-5.00 .249.00
542. 00 404 00 VIDEO GAME
265. 00
- 343.00 ..412.00
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153. 00 .196.00
252. 00
105. 00 119.00 ...814.99 ...414.00 .534.00
80. 00 .128 00 .249.00 ...89.00 .165 00
- 253.00 .344.00 428 00 Your view of the Amiga video scene might
be ¦' slightly distorted. STEVE JARRATT went to Nleicester to
obtain an Alternative Image.
4 ANC OA 9 A 3 A 58 5F A ) A A a rock video is just a to the imaginative Amiga- based video ™*one ¦ The shots on this page have been take from the ‘Rags To Riches’ rock video, featuring Leicester group Crazyhead.
A background of newspaper clippings builds up while the live action continues, if into a central frame that like a photograph, he ‘photo’ is a matte n over the still newspaper e, and the live action is i in as a second video :e. The live action footage had to be played back on and re-shot from a monitor tilted at the right angle to be matched into the angled ‘photo’ key box.
(Note that only the more expensive genlock units can be used as matte generators in this way. However, similar effects could be produced by quite simply using sequences of static, digitised images to replace the pre-edited video footage, with only a comparatively minor loss of quality in the finished product.)
¦ Another shot from the rock video features a static head with pre-edited pictures of rock stars within the lenses of the shades.
With the freeze-framed head running through the Amiga, two lens shapes were drawn using a particular colour. This colour was then used as the ‘key’ on which the second video source would appear. In this case, three VCRs would be needed: one for the head, one for the stills in the lenses and one to record the composite image. The photos must be filmed to video separately and positioned in the frame so as to completely cover the key.
In much the same way that the power of 16-bit machines augmented by MIDI compatibility has opened a world of opportunity to electronic musicians, the Amiga's superior graphics capabilities combined with genlocking promise similar opportunities for the amateur video producer.
However, the often-misleading hype that surrounds the topic belies the true nature of the beast: any Amiga owner who buys a genlock with the intention of creating 'Roger Rabbit II' is going to be sadly disappointed. But with the right equipment, plenty of time and some patience, impressive results can quickly be obtained.
The hardware at the heart of Amiga video production is the genlock. This ingenious device enables pictures from the Amiga to be composited with a video source from VCR. Camcorder or even another Amiga.
Any output TV or monitor picture is built up with hundreds of scan lines, all of which are drawn and redrawn around 50 times a second. To enable the separate images to be combined, Iheir signals must be synchronised by locking together the line and frame sync generators ol each source, hence the name 'genlock'. By keying the video signal onto a specified colour within the Amiga’s RGB monitor output, the genlock effectively ads as a real-time 'matte' generator: anyone familiar with the blue-screen 'chromakey' system used in TV broadcasting will see immediate comparisons.
There's a variety of genlocks on the market, starting at just under £100 lor use with domestic standard videos. After that, the limiting factor is cash: investment is reflected in increasing picture quality and system flexibility.
THE RECIPE FOR SUCCESS Video production is hardware intensive, so anyone who doesn't have ot can't altord access to the minimum ol equipment might be advised to follow a different ere* ative path. Realistically, would-be Julian Temples need an Amiga with one meg of memory: two video recorders; a genlock device: and specific sottware packages, depending on the image required.
A catalogue ol additional equipment might lill the rest ol the magazine, but to make the whole process a little less painful, inter- ested parties should take a look af a video camera ol some sort (a secondhand Camcorder is fine, although shoestring budgets can always stretch to short-term rental or even to filming in Super 8mm with subsequent transfer to video!.
Gradually, still photos of this training company's well-known creative directors are covered with artwork to build up their logo.
For reasons of clarity, footage of photos was shot in preference to using digitised images. These were genlocked into a D Paint II and Videoscape 3D sequence which gradually draws in frames of 20 and 30 animation. Once the faces are completely covered, the genlock is switched out in order to prevent any break-up of the artwork which uses white, the same colour as the key.
The animation continues until the final logo is displayed in its entirety.
IFF files and then re-touch or animate them as necessary using a suitable art package.
An imposing shopping list, but not totally outside the realms of possibility, especially for a group of friends, or for members of a video workshop la visit to local information bureaux should yield the location of any facilities in the area). And although the right hardware is a vital necessity, it's not really how much you've got but what you do with it: the important thing is to have at least a clear idea of what the final image is to be. Storyboarding is a good habit to get into, allowing precise preplanning, choreography and timing Memory space Is always at a premium, but never more
so than when fiddling around with graphic images. Extra RAM. Second drives and hard drives become increasingly important as more and more computer-generated artwork is employed in the video production.
A digitiser provides a rapid route for the creabon of graphics, and can be used as a base for hand-drawn artwork or to provide a source of static photograph- quality material for inclusion in composite sequences. Similarly, a real-time frame grabber can be employed to great effect. It allows you to take images from already- prepared videos, store them as ANIMAGIC £69.95 PRO-PAGE
1. 2 £249.95 ¦ DIGIPRO V PROFESSIONAL £299.00 PUBLIC
protection your disks | could ever wish for! £29.95
3. 5" DS DD Disks 10 for only £9.95| From £89.95 ?
SUPERPIC £569.95 A REAL TIME COLOUR VIDEO DIGITISER, FRAMESTORE AND GENLOCK 68020 TURBO CARD £295 DIGIPRO LTD Enterprise House, Howards Grove, Southampton SOI 5PR 1 Locking Disk Boxes Holds 100 Disks £7.99 ) A500 CONSOLES only - £39.95 FANTAVISION SPECIAL £29.95 All Prices INCLUDE V.A.T. Orders over £50.00 Postage and Packing FREE!
All other orders add £1.00 for Postage and packing For prices outside UK please telephone A whole sequence from a Walkers Crisps’ training video shows how images from different sources can dovetail together.
To represent some alien substance appearing in the production line, a 3D object created in Videoscape was animated tumbling through 'space', a D Paint backdrop.
The object falls toward Earth
- more D Paint artwork - and passes by a spinning satellite to
approach images of Earth grabbed from photos using Digi-View.
As we enter the atmosphere, a pair of 3D jets fly past a digitised cloudscape, while the object continues toward the factory: yet another digitised photo.
Live footage of the production line forms a background for the object falling among crisps.
A piece of paper is lifted off the conveyor belt, and we cut to the narrator who stands against a Walkers logo: actually a subtle shot incorporating D Paint art gen- locked over live action.
To be outlined before and during producbon of the sequence. The careful planning of palettes can also avoid any problems which might occur when dealing with keys of different colours.
SEEING IS BELIEVING The images reproduced on these pages are all taken from videos produced by Alternative Image.
This Leicester-based company first appeared in 1984 as a small producbon unit with the intenbon of creabng visual media for small businesses as well as industrial and community projects. Their work encompasses all manner of presentabons, including video producbons and audiovisual slide shows, handling graphic design, photography and even looking after some of the sound work.
Their links with the Amiga started from the need for a cheap caption generator. For little extra oubay, the Amiga was seen as a flexible and viable alternative to any specific hardware, also doubling as an entry-level computer generated graphics system. An A2000 was purchased at the end of 1987, which currently boasts
4. 5 megs RAM, a 20-meg hard drive and two floppies. It also
includes a turbo board composed of a 58020 processor with
68881 maths co-processor, 68851 memory management chip and 2
megs of 32-bit dynamic RAM: generally, one mean mother of an
The most recent addition to the studio is a Polaroid Palette which outputs IFF files directly onto 35mm colour transparency film, producing very-highquality screen shots. This now enables them to run a bureau service for the cost- effective producbon of slides for presentabons, promotions etc. IMAGE PROCESSING Alternative Image are fortunate enough to have professional- quality equipment placed at their disposal. However, most of the effects described here could, with some effort, be reproduced using an amateur set-up, with only a minor reducbon in quality.
Alongside an impressive array of equipment, the Al crew employs a large library of art packages to create specific effects. Of these, there are a few which get used more than most: used primarily in creabng hires key areas for the Member RRP Lombard RAC Rally......15.95 24.95 Last Ninja II 15 95.....24.95 Lords of the Rising Sun 19.95 29.95 Manhunler .... .15.95 24.95 Mayday Squad ..12.95.....19.95 .19 95 .19.95 24 95 .24.95 .1995 24 95 .24.95 24 95 24 95 .29 99 .19.95 24 95 .24.95 .19.95 .24 95 .24.99 44 95 .24.95
24. 95 .24.95 2495 Microprose Soccer 15.95 .....24.95
Bifcard ... Bio Challenge Battlehawks 1942
Blasieroids ... Blood Money Bloodwych ...
Barbarian II .. California Games Capons . Cosmic
Pirate..... Coiiossus Chess Crazy Cars II Danger Freak
Darkside ...... Demons Winter... Dragons Lair Dungeon
Denarls . Dragon Ninja Ehle ... Navy Moves 15.95.....24.95 Operation Wolf 15.95 .....24.95 Operation Neptune 15.95 .....24.95 Personal Nightmare......12.99.....19.99 Pools ot Radiance 15.95 .....24.95
P. O.W ..12 99 .....29.99
Prison Precious Metal Police Quest II
Poputus .... Rtyp«..... Rambo III.
Robocop .....15.95 24.95 Run of the Gauntlet 15 95 24.95 Running Man ..15.95 .. . 24 95 Sieve Davis Snooker... 12.95 .... 19.95 Shoot em up con .set.....15.95 .....24.95 Star Glider II .15.95 . 24.95 Member RRP SOI .15.95..24.95 Speedball ...15.95...24.95 Sword of Sodan ....19 95 29.95 Super Hang On ......15 95. 24.95 Space Quest II .....19.95. 24.95 Time Scanner ..15.95 . ..24.95 Times ol Lore ...15.95. 24 .95 Tiger Road ...15.95 .
.24.95 Thunderblade ..15.95 ...24.95 Triad (3 games) ......19 95 ...29.95 Tatespin 19.95 . .29.95 Tom & Jerry .15.95 . .24.95 Typhoon Thompson 12.95... 19.95 UMS ......15.95. .24.95 Ultima V 15.95 ...24.95 VrcJory Road ..15.95 24 95 Vigilante .9.99. .14 99 Vindicator .....12.99 ...19.99 Voyager 15.95 ...24.95 Wee Le Mans ......15 95 24 95 Who Framed Roger Rabbit 19 95 .29 95
Willow ...15.95 .24.95 War in Middle Earth 15.95 ...24.95 Zany Golf .....15.95 ...24.95 Member RRP Member RRP 64 Emulator ..44 95....69.95 30 Animation .69.95..109 95 Cad Cam ...149.95..229.95 Cad Modeller 44 95 69 95 Music ..39.95. .59 95 Mustc'midi sample.39.95. .59 95 Cad Animation 89.95..149.95 Desktop Video Prog language 188.95 249.95 Communications 59.95. .79.95 Communications 89.95 .119.95 Prog Language .97.95 139.95 Uwty ...21.95 .29.95 DTP
Comic .....47.95....69.95 Super Heroes .12.95... 19.95 Funny Figures ..... 12 95 .19 95 Science Fiction......12.95.. . 19.95 Prog.Unguage. Font Editor ......62.95 .89.95 Text Spread'DBase Utiily ...34.95 .49.95 Video Digitiser 95.00 129.95 Draw Graphics......55.00 .79.95 Music ...47.95. .69.95 SO Video Animation69 95. 99 95 Animation Ham 47.95 . .69.95 64 Emulator 2.0 Aegis Ammakx,Images Aeois Draw 2000 Aegis Modeller 3D Aegis Sonix Aegis Audomaster II Aegis Videoscape 3D Aegis Videotitler Aztec C Prof A Talk
III BBS PC Benchmark Moduia 2 Butcher Comic Setter Comic Setter Art 1 Comic Setter Art 2 Comic Setter Art 3 Cambridge Lisp Cakgrapher 1 05 Critics Choice DOS Toolbox Digiview Gold Deluxe Paint II Deluxe Music Deluxe Video Deluxe Phololab Deluxe Print II Pnnt Utility 34 95 ......49.95 Drum Studio Prof Drum Track 6.95 ......24.95 Digicalc Spreadsheet ....27.45......39.95 Devpac II Prog. Language......41.95......59.95 Digipamt Draw Graphics .27.45......39.95 Dos 10 Dos Transfer Utility .27.45......39.95 Director Desktop Video .41.95......59.95 Director
Toolkit Utility .....21.95......29 95 Design 30 Cad Elec Technic .47.95......69.95 Dynamic Drums Prof.Drum Track.....69.95 ......99.95 Dynamic Studio Music ....69.95 99.95 Fantavis»on Animation 29.95......49.95 GFA Basic Prog Language......49.95 ......69.95 Gomf 3.0 Guro Buster ...27.95 39.95 Hercules Copy Copy Program ...6.95......24.95 Home Account Home Finances......27.95......39.95 Introcad Cad Elec Technic . ..41.95 ......59.95 K Comm 2.0 Communications.....21.95 ......29.95 Krd Words II Wordprocessor .....34 95......49.96
Lattice 5.0 Dev Prog Language ...179.95 .249.95 Lights. Camera. Action Desktop Video .39.95 ......59.95 MCC Pascal Prog Language 62.95 ......89 95 Magnum Turbo Disc Turbo ..6.95......24 95 Macro Assembler Prog Language.....49.95......69 95 Maitshot Plus Mailmerge .34.95 49.95 CLUB 68000 INTRODUCTORY OFFER Fill out this coupon and return it to CLUB 68000 Ltd. Your only commitment is to pay £10.00 lor one year's membership of CLUB 68000. Mail this coupon to CLUB 68000 Ltd, Suite 1, Wickham House, 2 Upper Teddington Road, Hampton Wick, Kingston on Thames,
Surrey KT1 4DP.
Please send me Name Address Type ol computer.. Membership Postcode . Telephone No Dale .. Signature Visa Access'Master. No.. Cheque enclosed Software tree ol post & packag Hardware and Courier service Postal Order within the UK, EEC f 1. Non EEC C3 AMIGA SUPER CARD HE AMIGA SPECIALIST Kickstart 1.3 Anti Virus Floppy Speeder Boot Drive Selector Copy Program Functions under F-Keys NEW!!!
- Mouse Driven
- Error Messages
- Shortened Reset
- Extra Utilities HARD DISK AMIGA A500 A1000 A2000 20 MBYTE HARD
DISK .£369.00 40 MBYTE HARD
DISK .£499.00 60 MBYTE HARD
DISK .£649.00 (state model, supplied with
software) GENLOCK A500 MINIGEN £99.95
- Low cost, enabling you to merge computer graphics with live
video & record the results on a VCR.
- For A500 A1000 A2000 (state model)
- Midi in, midi out, midi thru
- Cables and software inc £24.95 X
COPY ..£19.95 No.1 copy
program.- parameter cop . _ r t pr Backup comm service.
;rcial software - update NEW - VIRUS PROTECTOR
- Hardware and software Place hardware between external drive and
- Protects internal and external drives
- Always present after warm reboot
- Gives alarm signal if a virus is found.
- Protects against 16 viruses £24.95 RAM EXPANSIONS A500 512K
£89.95 While stocks last £149.95 £399.00 £425.00 £89.95 £89.95
£104.95 £69.95
.£7.99 Mousepads (top
quality) .£4.99 Diskbox 3.5” (80) with
lock .£7.99 Diskbox 5.25" (100) with
lock ....£7.99 White Label 3.5” DSDD (10) disks....£7.99
Printer Cable (top quality) .....£4.99 Scart Cable (top
quality) .£9.99 AMIGA DISK DRIVES £75.00
- upgrade to 1 mbyte, fitted in seconds
- with clock, battery operated to retain time date A500 1.8 Mbyte
(512K Ram)
- Board to add 1.8Mb internal memory to your A500
- with Ram 1.8 Mbyte A500 A1000 2MByte
- 2Mb ram expansion A500 A1000
- simply plugs into expansion port A2000 2 Mbyte £449.00 8 Mb
board, 2Mb Ram Digiview Gold Video Digitiser £95.00 A1000
Kickstart 1.3 + Clock £149.95 Eprom Programmer £99.95 Boot
Selector (Boot from DF1) £9.99 SPECIAL EFFECTS GENERATOR As the
name suggests, this boa of tricks allows video sources to be
mixed and composited using variable hard and soft-edqed mattes.
Both the SEG and TBC are pretty high-tech beasts and are difficult to imitate on level. But packages such as Tiller, Video Studio (£92).
TV Show and L Video Wipe | Master (C79) go some way 3 towards approximating these effects when used in conjunction with IFF graphics.
EDITING CONTROL UNIT - A Sony RM440 lor anyone who's interested. Provides fine control of the Lo-band U-Matics. Unfortunately, the domestic equivalent is a stopwatch and index finger.
LO BAND U-MATICS Professional video recording and playback equipment, which provides the next step-up in quality from VHS. Replaced in an amateur system by domestic quality VCRs. There is a variety of different video formats, from broadcast quality t" tape to 3 4" Hi and Lo-Band U- Matic, and down throuqh Super VHS (semi-professional qualify VHS) to domestic VHS and Bd.1m.11 tapes.
CAMERA - Sony M3A analogue. A digital ‘chip' camera is another future purchase, but the Sony still manages to produce the goods. The current range of home video cameras is vast: no doubt there are some prime second-hand bargains to bo picked up as well.
VISION MIXER - ¦ Allows a number of video sources to be combined f i- i with wipes,
• Ml dissolves, fades etc. A new piece of hardware called the
VideoCenter (G2 Systems; C595) allows video and Amiga signals
to be _ mixed in a similar fashion and features slide controls
for fades and adjustable mix levels.
DUAL CHANNEL TIME BASED CORRECTOR (TBC) - Primarily a digital freeze-frame and effects box. Dual inputs enable single frames to be stored, re-touched and manipulated, or two sources to be combined in a variety of complex ways, using picture-in- picture, mosaics, fades, wipes, reveals etc. National Panasonic have produced a budget Dual-Channel TBC lor
- r around $ 1.000 (well, budget compared to a professional
Single Channel TBC!) There are also a couple of real-time frame
qrabbers available for the Amiga, such as the high quality
- s ' ' v which comes in at CS70 and features a 64K frame store
and built-in genlock.
Genlocking process, and also for producing background pictures or re-touching digitised images, is Deluxe Paint II. The arrival of Deluxe Paint III (£90) now facilitates the inclusion of simple and rapidly-produced animation.
TV Show (£61) does wipe transitions easily using an editable script file to create synchronised sequences. (Anyone wanting to include Amiga-generated sounds should look at Aegis’ Lights, Camera, Action), TV Show can also move single bit-mapped images around, although this function has now been superceded to some degree by Deluxe Paint III.
THE ALTERNATIVE HARDWARE Aegis Videotitler (£96) uses Amiga fonts in any resolution and comes with four stretchable fonts, which can be scaled, compressed or condensed and still retain their true outline. It also features a variety of wipe transitions and captioning effects, and can animate titles easily, creating .anim files like Videoscape does.
Version 2.0 ot Videoscape 3D (£125) is used in preference to Sculpt 3D due to the speed of rendering. However, with the advent of Sculpt 4D (£368) including a 68020compabble version of the program, A1 now intend to produce full ray-traced animations with shadows and reflections. (Sculpt 4D Junior is about to be released at around £100 as a cut-down version without the ray-tracing facilities).
Finally, the Pixmate Image Processor (£43) is used to analyse pictures and re-format them to suit. For instance, a HAM image can be reduced to 32 colours and imported to D Paint, while retaining the overall integrity of the image. PIP is also used to clean up pictures, de-focus them, produce edge effects, and even compress or stretch the image.
Palettes can also be customised, in a fashion analogous to a graphic equaliser for colours. ¦ CONTACT BOX For anyone wanting more information on the desktop video scene - hardware and software - the following contacts should yield some useful information: AMIGA CENTRE SCOTLAND 031 557 4242 MAZE TECHNOLOGY 01 520 9753 DIGIPRO 0703 703030 HB MARKETING 0895 444433 CAVENDISH COMMODORE 0533 550993 ATARI ST AMIGA THE INTERACTIVE PROGRAM CREATOR WHAT IS IT?
Talespin is a package which allows the collecting together of drawings, texts and sounds onto a series of pages together to form an interactive story, guide or textbook, which is read purely by clicking the mouse on the drawings or texts. Variables may be used to control the flow of narrative or record progress made. Talespin itself is entirely mouse-driven and very user-friendly, requiring no programming skills for its use. It includes an art package as well as importing Neochrome, Degas or IFF picture files and also imports ST-Replay or Amiga A.M. A S.created Digitised Sound. The use of
sound is optional. Its facilities include giving full details of disk space usage, location of all pages referring to any particular page, drawing, sound or variable, completely inleractive development allowing changes to any part of a title at any lime, the copying of drawings and sounds from other titles, the 'chaining' to other titles allowing the spreading of a story or textbook across several disks, and the provision of Demo mode, which allows a title to run on its own for demonstration purposes.
It can be used tocreate interactive adventure games, for profit, pleasure or instruction.
Or in business to create a sales demonstration, or product servicing manual. Or in educalion: either using Talespin itself to teach the design and logic of computer systems in a non-technrcal way. Or using Talespin as a vehicle for the teaching of any other subject. Or create an expert system with it. Or a school magazine. Or... CREATE YOUR OWN COMMERCIAL PROGRAMS Once you’ve finished developing your program whether it's an adventure, an educational program or other you can lock your program so no one can enter the development mode.
TALESPIN comes with a public domain display program called "Telltale" with this you can distribute your own programs or offer them to publishers.
COMPLETE AND COMPREHENSIVE MANUAL The manual comes as a complete Tutorial with a scaled down version of “The Grail" adventure and also a comprehensive reference guide.
• choose create litle 'Save position 'load position 'Select
driver folder 'auto start 'demo program 'help'drawing
define'page define'sound define'variable define
• turn to another page 'add drawing to page 'modifypalette
'select background colour 'Page entry options 'List conditions
'list set variables 'move drawing 'swap colour 'shrink reverse
drawing 'change drawing order 'add edit delete test 'add
delete chain sounds 'locate item 'show disk space ‘show
drawing sound page size.
REVIEW FOR TALESPIN ST USER: ‘Microdeal is pulling its money where its mouth is and exhibiting justifiable faith in a very good product.'
MICROCOMPUTER MART: ‘Talespin in my opinion, isahighly commendable program.'
ST AMIGA FORMAT: ‘Graphics cleverly used for variety Talespin offers the opportunity to create an RPG type of adventure game which STAC and STOS certainly won Y. ’ COMPUTER GAMES WEEK: ‘Talespin gives the programmer all the scope he could possibly need. ’ ST ACTION: ‘Talespin has brought the task of adventure creation within the reach of everyone!'
• If you have a modem, phone our BBS (0726) 65422 - & download
Talespin demos written by users. * 30 day money back guarantee.
TO ORDER c . 1 SEND TO: MICRODEAL L A BY PHONE PO BOX 68 St Austell with credit cards Cornwall PL25 4YB TELE (0726) 68020 Allow 28 days for delivery £29.96 (ind P&P) a X Please send me Talespin at £29.95 (incl P&P) 1 OWN AO ST ? AMIGA ? IBM ? Cheque enclosed made payable re MICRODEAL ? Please debit my credit card account Expiry date ..... i rmi rm i i u. i inn Name . Address ...... ..... Signed ..... also lor hires or ges, is rnval of
0) now simple lion, is wipe mtable ionised ing to sounds , Cam-
11 also mages on has some (£96) okjbon chable com- d still
iolea- iOons I can eabng es.
Rape rence ed of the E368I atble now aced and or is ound wrth-
• ge I to rmat HAM 32 lilt I, grity i to em, iven ige.
Red, ohic S P E C I ¦ A little lateral thinking allows you to create extra effects by doing more than assign noises to obvious events, like bullets being fired, objects being picked up and so on. Tiny or even invisible objects can be assigned a sound and triggered for additional effects. In Blood 'n' Bullets, tor instance, a tiny object that travels with a line of soldiers shoots off bullets which have the effect ‘‘Fire!” tagged to them. So as this row of enemy troops marches down the screen, their commander simply appears to be shouting "Fire!” at regular intervals.
¦ 40K is allocated to samples in a SEUCK game, which allows a fair old bit of racket to be appended to the action. The Sound Editor control screen, however, allows you to meddlo with the rate at which a sample will be played back, so the same effect can be used at different places within a game and yet sound completely different.
Examine Slap ‘n' Tickle in SEUCK, tor instance, and you'll find that one sound is used five times: but you’d never realise this was the case by just playing the game. For continuous noise, effects can be looped: the tank in Blood *n’ Bullets drives across the screen accompanied by two looped samples.
The Sound Editor control screen allows a designer to fiddle around with a sample that has been assigned a sound effect number, adjusting the volume and sample rate at which it will be played, and previewing the effect of adjustments by clicking on the EFFECT button.
R*t* ¦ Push scroll, static or continuous scroll can be applied to the background of a game created in SEUCK, or you can combine all three together in different levels of the same production. Apply some of that good ol* lateral thinking, and it's possible to come up with a game like Psycho Blast, which is quite different from yer traditional shoot-em -up, squire.
A few words of explanation.
The player - the pink daisy-like creature - is confined to the central square in the playzone and can shoots a singlo missile with a prod of the fire button. Geometric shapes tumble onto the screen and hang around firing at the player until they are all shot or the level timer has counted down to zero, when the action moves to the next level.
SHOOT IT YOURSELF GRAEME KIDD finds that the easy way to be a Games Designer is to do it yourself with Palace's Shoot ‘Em Up Construction Kit... SPECIAL ¦ Enemy objects, or aliens as far as the player is concerned, can be linked together by assigning the same flight path to them, thus creating a wave of follow- me aliens like these taken from Slap n’ Tickle. Shuffle the objects closer together and composite sprites like the end- of-level dragons in Space Harrier may easily be created.
DESTINATION . Ift i '¦E33F" bob SPRITE No.
In B Current object! Player 1 * XL V * lie Ac ikt 'i' SPRITE 19 7 12 e it i n 9 b * 18 Ac V 6 * 9 Ae v 8
* * 14 2 & '1' A'- * x‘ v' V*
- ff OBJECT S3 0 B 17 5 18 4 15 3 * LRSTFRAME DELAY ¦ f n 17 B n
0 b Speed b 2 H Object1 Enemy 5 OBJECT Point, b 100 n B 26 B
rttstokill ?
I B CoBsion Fire direction ?
R B Enemy to ship Fire rate n 16 - Enemy Die B Yes E Bullet speed n 4 B Ship Die B Yes B Explosion SFX ?
1 B Enemy to bullet BuietSFX ?
0 B EnemyDie B Yes B Explosion Object n 16 B Bullet Die B Yes B Bullet Ob jeot b 6 B - ¦ On this screen, the attributes of the enemy objects can be edited, ensuring that characteristics like speed and sound are appropriate.
¦ During play, a white highlight cycles round the ‘petals' of the player’s daisy. Close examination of the Psycho Blast Player One Object in SEUCK reveals that the animation sequence for the cycling white petal uses eighteen animation frames (0-
17) , only eight of which cycle the white petal: intermediate
frames move a highlight on the dome of the daisy, adding to
the effect. An impressive and apparently complicated
animation has been built up from simple building blocks in
the sprite editor: the basic daisy has been drawn, copied
lots of times and then the copies titivated slightly to
produce the final eighteen frames of animation.
S'SS*-g g ? Ti V. SLA £ J'L.X’Jfi SEUCK is a versatile utility, able of i i much pany the kit: Blood 'n‘ Bullets, Slap W Tickle, and Psycho Blast.
SEUCK is completely mouse and and while the temptation may be to dive straight in and suddenly things "I needed some- i in it to find all gan to get the feed- J when Jon started on t," Richard explains. Jon to Richard ; more ir-friendly.
At the same time, musician I Joseph was working on the three games Jon writing as well as building a ot samples to accompany package. Leinfellner ¦ took musical suggestions 1 board as well, and as a result the final SEUCK three taining load in any IFF sound sample.
Richard created all the vocal effects himself, and everything else was collected from a tape library at Pinewood. "I hope that people will org, he explains, 'and start their own sounds, sample disks and so on."
Bullet and had the letterbox as an enemy with a rattling noise as the explosion when the enemy takes a hit. The best way to start, according to Jon Hare, is to load in one of the example £ while, then s in StUCK.
Content, t feel for t .95 NOW TO AMIGA FORMAT YOUR MAGAZINE DEDICATED TO YOUR MACHINE CKAGE FOR COMMODORE AMIGA OWNERS THE COMPLETE AMIGA FORMAT UNLEASH THE POWER HOW VIDEO CAN TRANSFORM YOUR AMIGA ; Only £29.95 for 12 action-packed issues, a saving of £5.00 from the cover price (and we even pay the postage for you!)
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Remember our unique guarantee: we will refund the cost of all unmailed issues, if you are not completely satisfied with our subscription service.
• Hotline Number 0458 74011
• Order Form on Page 112
• Be sure you get your copy before the newsagent sells out
• Get our regular quarterly “UPDATE” of extraspecial savings on
products that we didn't quite manage to squeeze in the
ONLY FOR 12 ACTION-PACKED ISSUES FUTUREPLACE COMPUTERS Lewisham Telephone: 01-692 8700 London SE13 7SW ALL GAMES SOFTWARE AT 30% DISCOUNT AMIGA A500 GAMES PACK Includes AMIGA A500 Computer, Mouse, Power pack, Leads, TV Modulator. Plus 10 Great games.
25. ...... ......£22.50
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HOTLINE 01-692 8700
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£75.00. All prices include VAT.
DGCM.C "coectacuUM»“d' r rw-I«5 ' 3°Od reportjng focihbes" DGCALC ?
At last, an inexpensive and genuinely easy to use spreadsheet program.
Command and menu-driven, 512 rows, 52 columns, programmable function keys, text overflow and much, much more. Simple enough for the beginner, powerful and fast enough for the professional.
R~PllA$ i llUSHMf BY KflMtN lemer outntiryl Please Oetxt i*ry ACCESS VISA CARO " r DIGITA INTERNATIONAL DGCALC MO-J ACCOUNTS MAILSHOT MAILSHOT PLUS DAY BY DAY t-hW DEMO DISC £3995 £94 95 £94 95 £4995 £9995 £3995 £995 S nature Post to DKVTA INTERNATIONAL LTD BLACK HORSE HOUSE. EXMOUTH DEVON EX8 1JL TOP QUALITY PROGRAMS AT MAGICAL PRICES All software written m the UK Prices include VAT & PSP (add £200 lor expert) Please senO FREE Brochure Pat* I Name LAOaew £39.95 A powerful menu-drrven mailing program using a unique system for on screen scroikng of labels This WYSIWYG (what you see s what you
get) system means that any label format you define on screen will be identical when printed.
As well as powerful sorting and searching (search for anything, anywhere!), Special Routines include: detection of duplicate labels, surname sorting and many, many more. For business users, MAISHOT PLUS is also available Whyset yoursishts lower ? MAILSHOT ?
£24.95 ? HOME ACCOUNTS ?
Ideal lor both home users and small businesses. Futy Gem based, simp* to use, this complete home accounting package will cater lor up to 13 income accounts (e g, bank, credtt card, HP) and tO categories ol household expen- cMue (eg, mortgage, rates, food, etc) with options budgeting The program win automatically hsmJe 100 Standng Orders, etc, and afcow you to produce your own statements to check bank account(s) charges, credit cards, etc Process up to 300 transactions per account per year Compehensne reporting lac*ws in ckide detailed statements, budget forecasts, pie and bar charts, etc
You'll wonder how you ever managed without it!
£24.95 ? E-TYPE ?
Transform your existing computer nto a fuly Hedged typewriter, dscttymg and pmting text nstanty Ideal fc* form-filling addressing envelopes, memos, etc Character by character or line by line printing (with wordwrap, lusUicaton, etc.) The emulated typewriter ? DAY-8Y-0AY ?
A comprehensive diary planner which is equally suitable ky the business or at home includes built-in intclhscnt calendar, search sort, printing weekly monthly planners, etc. Forthe best laid £39.95 £29.95 BYTEBACK Ring us now! 0636-79097 we’re programmed to help DELIVERY SERVICE .. and the keenest prices INTERNATIONAL ORDERS WELCOME ONLY! CHILDRENS ONLY GUARANTEED RETURN OF POST Delivery on ALL Stock items!
GAMES ONLY! IGAMES ONLY! (HARDWARE ...9.50 .13.90 .29 90 .29.90 .27 50 .27.50 Paladin.
Pioneer Plague Police Quest . .. .369.00 Reach for the Stars Real Ghostbusters . Robocop ..... Rocket Ranger ... Romantic Encounters (18+).
Running Man ..... Savage Scrabble Deluxe
S. D.I .
Skweek Space
Harrier .... Space Quesl
II ... Speed ball
Steve Davis World Snooker.
Super Hang on ..
19. 90 .19.90
19. 90
19. 90 Strip Poker 2+.
• Data Disk...... Sword ot Sodan Tales of Lore..... Teenage Queen
Thunderbirds.... Time Scanner ... .16.90
16. 90 .13.90
16. 90
16. 90
19. 90
14. 90 19 90
* Test Drive II Cars . 11.90
* Test Dv.ll Scenery...... 11.90 deluxe Pamt 2 Deluxe
Print 2.
TV Sports Football.. Ultima IV ... Virus ..... War in Middle Earth WEC Le Mans . Willow
69. 90 .69.90
174. 90 .29.90 Amiga for Beginners ..... Amiga Basic Inside
and Out Macnine Language Tricks and
Tips .. System Programs ..
Amiga DOS Inside and Out.
Disk Drives Inside and Out.. Disks to accompany books.. .27.90 .13.90 LANGUAGES ONLY!
Spacebalis Elf Mach 3 Wizball Whirligig Iridon Superman Ebonstar Vixen Aztec C Professional Cambridge Lisp .. GFA Basic (V.3). Hisoft Basic Hisoft Dev Modula 2 ic Amiga.
| Dragon Ninta 16.90 | Federation of Free Traders 19.90 Ferrari Formula One .16.90 Right Simulator 2 ......29.90 Jet .....29.90
• Scenery 7 o» 11 ......16.90
• European Scenery .13.90
• Japan Scenery 13.90 Football Director
2 ....13.90 Football Manager
2 ...13.90 Forgotten
Worlds ......16.90 Fright
Night .13.90
Fusion .....14.90 Gaklregons
Domain ..13.90 Games - Winter
Edition 14.90
Garfield ...16.90 Gauntlet
II ...16.90 Grand Monster
Slam 13.90
Gunship ..16.90
Hybris .....16.90 Incredible
Shrinking Sphere 16.90
Interceptor ..16.90
International Karale Plus .....16.90
Journey ...19.90 Kennedy
Approach ...16.90 Kenny Dalglish
Soccer .13.90 Ishoot-Em-Up Construct Kit.19.90 |
Lancelot ...13 90 Leaderboard
BIRDIE 16.90 Lombard RAC
Rally ..16.90 Lords of the Rising
Sun 19.90 Manhunter New
York 19.90
Menace ...13.90 Millenium
2.2 .....16.90 Mortville
Manor ..13.90 Microprose
Soccer ....16.90
Padand ...13.90
Pacmania 13.90 African
Raider ...... After
Burner .. A lei Aierra-e Heal 1 Airafe
O* H04»im BAAL Bala**** o» woykut 1990 BaiisOi Barbanar ?
Barrts late Ba-rtK tale 2 Bain «r. Kh Caped Cosaoe*.
Battle Chess . Billiards Blastero«ds ...... Blood Money ... Bombouzal ...... Breech . Buggy Boy . Captain Blood . Carrier Command.. Chessmaster 2000 Chrono Quest . Chuckie Egg ... Chuckie Egg 2 Colossus Chess X. Corruption Cosmic Pirate . Dark Fusion .... Dark Side . Demons Winter...... Denaris Emmanuelle .... PRECIOUS METAL ..16.90 Xenon, Captain Blood, Crazy Cars.
ArKanoiq ll- TRIAD-3 Game Pack .18.90 Barbarian, Starqlider. Detender ot the Crown HIT DISKS (vol 1) ....16.90 Goldrunner, Karate Kid II. Jupiter Proto. Slavaan- HIT DISKS (vol 2) ..16.90 Major Motion. Time Bandit, Leatherneck. Tanqlewood_ MEGAPACK ......16.90 Plutos. Mouse Trap. Seconds Out.
Winter Olympiad, Suicide Mission SUPER 6...... 16.90 Thai Boxing. Kart G.P, Las Vegas. Grid Start. Flight Path 737. XR35
16. 90 1 084-S Monitor 289.00 « A501
RAM Clock expansion.....129.00 ]8|0
M.mgen ..99.90
16. 90 STAR LC10 Printer (Mono) 199.00
16. 90 STAR LC10 Pnnter (Colour).....229 00
13. 90 (All printers include lead!) _ 16 90 Cumana 3.5' 1MB Disk
16. 90 PACK A ......RRI
16. 90 * 1010 Disk Drive
13. 90 • A501 RAM Clock
19. 90 - PACK B ......RRI 9-90 'MPS 1230 Prinler
5. 90 • A501 RAM Clock ’6 90 rnrnrm | PHOTON PAINT 2 .
Pixmate . Pro Sound Designer......
Sculpt 3D (PAL) ...... The Director .
Director Toolkit . Ultimate Sound Tracker.
BOOKS (Abacus) ONLY Design 3D .. Digiview Gold (PAL) Instant Music .... Modeler 3D COMPILATIONS ONLY!
AMIGA A500 Games Pack 399.00 TV Show ..... Aegis Animator Images AMIGA A500 computer.
World Tour Golf.
Zak McKracken.
Comic Setter.
Movie Setter.. Fantavision .16.90
* * ALL COMPUTERS INCLUDE * * Mouse. Manuals. Modulator.
1MB Disk Drive, (NEW) KICKSTART 1.3 Deluxe PhotoLab . Deluxe Video . Deluxe Music Con.Set Joystick • Mouse Extension WIZCARD controller ... Challenger Quickshot II . Navigator .... Cobra (NEW) ..... Cruiser (CLEAR) Competition Pro 5000 .. Competition Pro Extra . Arcade joystick . Locking Disk Box (30+).. Locking Disk Box (50+).. Locking Disk Box (100+) Media Box (holds 150)....
3. 5' Disks DS DD (xlO)..
3. 5" Disks DS DD (x50) .. |Furry Mouse Cover...... Box of 10
SONY Disks ... Mouse Bracket .. Mouse
Mat .... Keyboard Cover ....
Publishers Choice ...69.90 Indudes Page Setter
1.2 Kind Words 2.
Headfcne Fonts pack. Artists Choice Adpack AB ZOO ... Fun School 2 (-6 6-8Z8+) Decimal Dungeon .... Kid Talk .. ConSOUN Dtration ... Match-it .. Knight Ore Strange New Work) Tetra Quest 4 *4 Oft Road Racing Strike Force Harrier Return to Genesis Terramex.
City Defence Skytox_ fly Desk .. Descartes . DigiCaic GOMF - The Button Home Accounts...... Kind Words ...... Softwood Write File Superbase Personal 2... Superbase Professional Project D ...... X-copy - (Superb Disk Copier) Robot Readers- with Speech!
Little Red Hen.... Three Little Pigs.
Ugly Duckling..... Virus Killer...... RAM Manager JOYSTICKS UTILITIES Chicken Little WORKBENCH 1.3 (NEW) AmigaDos Toolbox ..... BBC Emulator . The above is just a small selection of our VAST stock of AMIGA software!
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BYTEBACK Cheque, postal orders or credit card facilities are available DEPT AF 6 MUMBY CLOSE, NEWARK, NOTTS NG24 1JE FUTURESOUND Listen up! RACHEL DECKARD goes for the phones and jacks into the best Amiga sound sampler around.
500 FutureSound provides everything you need to get started. For eighty quid you get a hardware unit with left and right RCA phono jack nputs, 3.5mm mic input and recording level control slider; a disk containing the main controller software program, prerecorded sound sampled examples and routines in "C' and BASIC showing you how to use the sound samples in your own programs; a 44-page manual covering all the package’s features; and a registration card. What you don't get is the leads to connect your sound source to FutureSound, so that'll set you back approximately £3 more.
DOCTORING THE MOUSE Getting started couldn't be simpler. You connect the hardware unit to the parallel port on the Amiga, hook up your Walkman or CD player to the phono socket or sockets (depending on whether you want mono or stereo samples! And load up the sampler software.
Once the software’s running, you control everything with the mouse, just clicking on the function you want to acti- SOUND IT OUT So you think you know your stuft, eh? Well here is a run-down of the tech-specs ot Futuresound 500.
• Futuresound Is an 8-bit sound sampler, utilising the Texas
Instruments It 548 high-speed analogue-to-digital convertor.
• FutureSound is capable ol recording samples at a maximum rate
ol 42,118, samples per second In mono.
Unfortunately, the Amiga can only output a sampled sound at a rate of 28,000 samples per second.
• The 3.5mm mic input is designed to be used in-conjunction with
a low- impedance microphone (200-800 ohms), and the phono
inputs are able to take a maximum of 2.5 volts peak to peak.
• FutureSound can handle two types ot tite format: straight IFF
(one-shot or 3 Octave) or JukeBox style.
Vate. With the software you can listen to any incoming sounds, record and play back a sample, alter the rate of playback record, select mono or stereo recording, switch the high-pass filter on or off, monitor the incoming sound's signal (allows you to adjust to just the right recording level), magnify the sound sample's graph, select one of the tour possible Amiga sound channels, select either chip or last RAM (it you've got extra RAM you can have bigger samples), edit your sample using standard cut and paste commands, and load and save your samples.
SOUNDS ALL RIGHT TO US FutureSound is a sound sampler's delight. From the sturdy hardware to the efficient software, everything you need is on hand. As far as the hardware’s concerned, we haven't seen anything better on the market. We tested it out with other sound sampling software and discovered it worked better than the original hardware every time! Noise disruption is kept to a minimum, and the on-board recording-level control is a real solid gold bonus.
As tar as software is concerned, FutureSound provides most of the facilities you could wish from this type ot package, with no frills whatsoever.
Although its front-end looks primitive, this just translates into every function being easily accessible and instantly executed. We’ve used better sampling software before, but if this bothers you too much you’ll otobably be able to use your old sampling software with FutureSound's hardware: thus having the best of both worlds.
The manual is an easy read, although it may confuse the complete novice at tirst. Bad marks for not including an index, but this can be forgiven in the light of it being only 44 pages long.
In conclusion, we can recommend FutureSound without any hesitation to anybody wanting to experience Amiga sampled-sound making at first hand.
This is the best sound sampler package on the Amiga, and although the soltware is rather primitive, the hardware is first- class. You'll have a great deal of tun (and more than a touch of frustration) along the way, and you'll end up with results which can be used in your own programs, in other sound creation or composition packages, or saved to disk, reserved lor the next time you need to manufacture a hit record!
FUTURESOUND 500 E79.95 ¦ Amiga 500 2000 ¦ Special adapter cable required for A1000.
Applied Visions (UK), Jersey Supreme Works, 5381546 Whippcndcll Road, Watford, Herts. WD1 1QN SOUND SENSE We all know just how brilliant the Amiga's sound chip is, and thal it's capable of producing lifelike sounds. From the latest demo soundtrack to jour favourite game explosion, you'll come across these real-life sampled sounds.
So how can you get in on the action? It's easy: all you need is some hardware, software and an ordinary sound source such as a Walkman or CD player... and you'll soon be mixing, doctoring, sampling, editing and splicing with the best of'em.
Cactain niooo hr n»»t Mylfehly rmi«lk«ginv the SI ln» d wm*.
Kr graphic* coupled with irnnM In Jean-Mkhrl Jim Inn nakr (ipUIn Mood I he moM eagerly auaitrd (remit Hi bit .hi«i iU i *11111 on" -Game* Machlr AKRASOIII II Revenge ol Itnh screen* are well dc*l«i-d -ml will have .h. l-iHunq II- ilhl ml in order to reach Ik* A polished game Ihal w.ll appeal to all Ian* ol the original' ST Vllun. , xi son It.tptiK* are superb. Ihe insUilatimi' and explosions are womkrlully drawn" XI CRAZYCARS “Till* must t II- ultimate« at game" - SI World AMIGA ICKAZY CARS i.'pl.Kcs S1IIT K IIAWi O' ATARI ST A OUTSTANDING GAMES IN ONE .M. SPECIAL PACK Ocean Software
Limited 6 Central Street ¦ Manchester ¦ M2 5NS - Telephone: 061 832 6633 • Telex: 669977 OCEANS G Fax: 061 83406; Welcome to Screen Play, the most authoritative games review section in any computer magazine. Every month we’ll keep you bang up-to-date with the Amiga games scene.
Why is it the definitive guide to Amiga gaming? Well, the magazine is staffed by one of the most experienced teams in games reviewing.
Every game is played by at least TWO people before a conclusion is discussed and decided. We won't judge a game on the strength of any number of demos, screenshots, or other versions. Youll be buying the games, youll be playing them, so we want to make sure that you can buy in confidence.
THE RATINGS EXPLAINED GRAPHICS hood graphics are an important part of any game: it the power is there, it should be used to the full. Both still and moving graphics are under scrutiny, but graphics alone do not a great game make SOUND With stereo capabilities the last thing you want to hear are Spectrumesque beeps, || right? Title tunes and effects add atmo B sphere to a game and good sound can greatly increase enjoyment ol a game.
INTELLECT Mow much real thought do you have to pul m to play the game? Just because a game's mindless doesn't mean it's bad. Bui a game with a high Intellect rating tells you immediately you'll have to think hard to . Gam maximum enjoyment VS ADDICTION How easy is a game to pick up and play' Hew much sheer fun will you gel trom it?
Will you keep coming back? IrnportanI . Questions that are answered when you IN check the Addiction rating OVERALL A rw rf ontaop mark all the above ratings, plus all the added THE TEAM Andy Smith, who w as with ACE right from natural gamesplayers.
He loves any type game, be it a shoot-
• •inup. Siraxegy game, arcade adventure.,, Bob Wade .tarted
eviewirig with Personal Computer Garries and has worked for
.ill Am'triwl Art ion anH Lf I Thorn’, idea of what makes a
old game. Brian.
Months without a tootie sim and then two arrive at once.
None ot that management nonsense here either: just charging around a pitch tackling, dribbling, shooting, saving and scoring.
Two varieties ot the game are included: outdoor (British style, the more familiar kind) ;nd indoor six-a-side (US style, a faster game on a smaller pitch). The pitch is viewed from above and scrolls In all directions, with goals situated af top and bottom of the play area.
I You can choose to take part in several types of tournament: these range from the full-blown World Cup Finals, via a league or a two-player friendy fixture to an individual challenge tournament in which the player attempts to beat progressively harder teams.
These competitions remain the same for both types of soccer, with two or more players able to fake part in all but the challenge.
During the game you control a single player, and switching between team members can be MICROPROSE £24.95 JOYSTICK Mention the name Anco, and the chances are mental images of scanhly-clad poker-playing women will pop into the average games- player's head. This stereotype is not entirely fair - because Anco have released some great titles in the past, including Karting Grand Prix - but perhaps Kick Off will go some way towards changing Anco's image in the public eye. It's the first in what promises to be a strong range of products coming up over the next few months.
As you might guess, Kick Off is a football game. One or two players can compete, each controlling a lull eleven-a-side team during games of between ten and a full ninety minutes ot real time.
All the action is viewed from above and you control the player in the best posibon to get at the ball: the character under control is highlighted by a black line. The game has been designed so that players automatically dribble the ball whenever they come into contact with it. Shots or passes to another player simply require a tap on the fire button, and the longer the button is held down, the higher the ball will go.
Because of the dribbling It's tough to get used to turning with the ball, so for the tirst match or two you'll end up kicking the ball GRAPHICS AND SOUN Terrific scrolling and animation compliment the gameplay, and the souid effects (whistles, crowd reactions and ball being kicked or bouncing oft the goalpost) add lots of atmosphere. Triffic, Brian!
Halt-way up the pitch in completely the wrong direcbon! You can hold the tire button down before making contact to trap the ball and turn in any direction you wish, then release the button to kick the ball. This makes things easier, but by taking advantage of the 'practice' option you’ll be in much better shape to play against someone who’s trying to beat you.
Once confident with the controls, you can choose to play a single game or to compete in the league (the players and the computer can have their skill level adjusted, from International class right down to Sunday League).
There are eight teams in the league (so up to eight people can compete, if each selects a different team) and each team has a different playing style and skill level. For example, West Germany tend to tackle heavily (not always to their own advantage) while Russia are extremely fast and very skillful. A coin is tossed at the start of the match to determine whether you play up the pitch (screen) or down. Then you select a line-up, 4-24 for attacking play, 5-3-2 lor sweepers and so on, and dive straight into the match.
Anco have really delivered the goods here. Kick Off is the best football game on the Amiga to date and should be in any games- playeKs library, whether he or she is a fan of real football or not.
Andy Smith ICCER Big cartoony graphics, but they move sluggishly and are not very well animated.
The scrolling is not as good as It should be either. In this Instance ‘large and stripy' loses out to 'small and detailed1. There’s a lot more in the way of music, jingles and effects than in Kick is gained by running into a loose ball or tackling the player with the ball. The ball sbcks to the ends of a player's boots until he is tackled
o dribbling is easy.
Volleys, chips and banana The banana shots can be spectacular, but they bend far more than a real ball would.
The computer opponents range from kickabout-in-theciark cannon fodder to the Fcost-£3million-and- you're-five-niklown superteams.
One ot the annoying features of Microprose Soccer is that you can run straight through the man in possession without actually tackling him. To tackle, the tire button has to be pressed. It's not a serious pain, but this and several other factors make it lose out to Kick Oft in the ‘best footie GRAPHICS 6 SOUND 6 INTELLECT 3 ADDICTION 6 OVERALL 6 7% vortex system 2000 hard disks Now available - Vortex ‘System 2000' hard disks, offering versatile high-capadty storage, suitable for use with tbe Amiga 500 and Amiga
1000. The units are of a high specification, with a formatted
capacity of over 42Mb and an average access time of 45Ms.
The system consists of a hard disk base unit, cables and an
Amiga interface module, wllh utilities software including
an autoboot facility and a hard disk backup utility.
System 2000 40Mb Hard Disk package PFRINTEfRS All prices include VAT delivery & cable Only £189.00 Colour version also available, Only £239.00 Prices include 2 extra black ribbons free of charge.
£499.00 £329.00 £169.00 £199.00 £319.00 .. £95.00 A-MAX MACINTOSH EMULATOR £199.00 £319.00 .. £74.95 £319.00 A501 RAM dock expansion lor Amiga 500---------------£129.00 MiniGEN Genlock adapter_____________________________________________£95.00 Pye 15- FST TV Monitor model no-1185, inc. Amiga cable.....£269.00 ITT CP3228 16.5- FST TV MonHor inc. rem control & cable .... £229.00 Philips CM8833 colour monitor suitable (or Amiga 500-------£229.00 Philips CM8852 monitor as above, but higher resolution ......£259.00 Philips TV Tuner AV7300. Use with any composite monitors.... £74.95 Word
Perfect____________________________________________________________£149.95 Superbase Personal---------------------- £69.00 Superbase Professional----------------------------------------------£179.00 Logistix Integrated Spreadsheet---------------------------------£74.95 A500 Dust Cover_______________________________________________________________£4.95 An AMIGA COMPUTING GoM Mvdal wlnrw - slows Amiga users to armiate a Mac Plus In order to njn Apple Mac and Mac Plus software.
Mac dfefcs can bo mod tftrecey In when an external Mac Drive Is connected k the cartridge hardware. Runs at least as teat as a Mac Ptual Soltware compakbW wWi the A-Mar Indudes MacPaint. MacDraw (V1*2). MacWrlta.
Pagemakar (V1S2) plus el veratons of System.
A-Mai without 2 I Mac 12SK ROMs _ C129O0 AAMx WITH 2 X Mac 128K ROMs C24000 AMIGA ACCESSORIES Star LC24-10 feature-packed multifont 24pin printer Star SF-10DJ DK cut sheet feeder for LC-10 LC24-10----- Star NB24-10 24 pin printer 216 72 cps.
• fw udtng cut sheet toed** end ? E«tn* ribbons ----- Stan NX-15
pood value wide carnage 9t*»» printer Pahrtfu*.. Kxnoei rettMxe
9pm 1lT primer i2«V74 cpa PanA500ic KXPi 180 «.pe near wptn
mutvfom « « 7* camage Panason« KXP1124 good QuaMy new muftfont
24pln Panasonic KXP 37 cua er**** feeder for KXPi 18U----
Panasonic KXP-36 cut sheet foede* for KXPi 124------- I peuo I
Xftoo popular yp-r i(T i00'29cpm --------- Cpeon I
t* ao ?4pin IQ* ibu 'jOcps ------ Epson £PX POO art sheet
feeder for LX800 LQ500 NEC P22QO budget 24 pin
t6H *6cpe-------------- Crtlzan 1200 budget 9p*n ig*
iTOcpe---------- cutI K" MQP-Ab bargain value wide cartage
74ptn --- Mannesmann Tarty Ml-Qi 9pm l30 24opa--------- Hugely
successlul 9 pin printer. The Star LC10 provides 4 NLQ lonts
(with 96 pdnt combinations) at 36cps and 144cps draft. Has a
large 4K buffer and IBM parallel interface buiilt In, includes
a comprehensive front panel operation and features paper
parking, alowing single sheets to be used without removing
tractor paper._
3. 5" EXTERNAL DRIVES using Citizen drive mechanisms Now
available - Our New Low-cost 5.25" External Floppy Disk Drives
We are now supplying the new, good quality RF542C 525" floppy
drive compatible with the Amiga Quiet in operation, the unit
is colour matched to the Amiga, and has a throughport
connector. The drive is capable of a number of configurations
inducing 40 80 track switching and 360 720K format, giving
full Transformer' compatibility.
Only £114.95 including VAT & delivery The NEW NO.1 disk copier for the Amiga, with a powerful nibble mode.
Complete with CV Parameter', a set ot copier parameters to copy even more popular software tides. Good specification; is even capable ol copying many protected IBM-PC.
Atari ST and Archimedes dsks.
ONLY £27.95 ISJ EW!
X-COPY disk backup ulility DOUBLE TAKE!
PYE TV MONITOR (MODEL 1185) £269.00 inc.VAT and delivery Aiprtc IndudkVATnddkMwty. Eipw Cowlf d ivoyt5J0Mtr».
How to order from 10 Bulk packed DS DD 3.5" disks with labels, fuly guaranteed------------ 25 bulk disks as above------------ 10 dsks as above with plastic case 25 disks as above, with 40 capacity lockable storage unit---------- Kodak DS DD 35- disks, lop quality storage media. Box ot 10 ... Evesham Micros Phone us with your ACCESS or VISA card details on: W 0386-765500 Send cheque, Potlal Order or ACCESS VISA curd deuih VOYAGER The Voyager II space probe, launched in 1977 on an endless journey through the universe, is picked up by the evil alien Roxiz fleet and the
information on board guides a Roxiz invasion torce to our solar system. They prepare to invade Earth, using the ten moons of Saturn as a temporary base. One Luke Snayles, a prisoner returning from a 50-year term of solitary Investigative Exploration, decides that only he can save earth, by destroying the Roxiz forces single handed, one moon at a time... Starting at the moon of Janus, the player takes on the role of Luke and has 80 aliens per moon to blast in this 3D Battlezone-like tank shoot-ermip. You view the action from the cockpit and are armed with a front-tiring gun and a couple of
atomic bombs.
Extra bombs and widgets, including side-view cameras and a device that allows the tank to sprout wings and fly around the landscape (handy tor destroying GRAPHICS 8 SOUND 4 INTELLECT 3 ADDICTION 7 OVERALL 79% flying aliens) can be picked up.
With progress through the moons the enemy get tougher and smarter. For example, Squashers which appear from Moon Two onwards can only be destroyed by dropping an atomic bomb in their vicinity: unfortunately, there are always more Squashers than you have bombs, so a quick tactical analysis is called for.
As a 3D shoot-em-up it’s one of the best around. The filled-3D graphics are slightly jerky, but are at least fast. The title music is tar more interesbng than the sparse sound effects. Although lasting interest fades because the task tends to get repetitive, the subtler challenge of working out how best to deal with the tougher enemies remains, and with 800 to blast you won't finish in a hurry.
Andy Smith OCEAN £19.99 JOYSTICK OR KEYBOARD VINDICATORS DOMARK TENGEN £19.99 JOYSTICK OR KEYBOARD Domark launch the new Tengen label, on which most major Atari coimop conversions will appear for three years, with this space-tank shoot- eirmp for one or two players.
Controlling an SR 88 Strategic Battle Tank, the player must eliminate each one of 14 multilevel space stations, sent to conquer earth by the evil alien Tangent Empire, by finding and destroying the control centre at the heart of each station. To reach the next level, the player must locate and trundle over a key.
Each level is defended with turrets and roaming tanks, but to make your job slightly easier a number of star symbols lying on the floor can be collected and traded for goodies such as increased shot power, speed and shield strength. Unfortunately, the tank is very fuel-hungry so you'll also have to collect fuel canisters.
After bombing a control centre the player enters a bonus room littered with goodies to collect.
Good coioops don’t always make good computer games but, happily, Vindicators does. The 'viewed from almost directly above' perspective works well and the sprites and backgrounds are great, with the explosions worthy of particular note. Sound is not so impressive: sampled tunes are reasonable but effects are weak.
Vindicators is an out-of-theordi- nary shoot-emop, very addictive and playable, especially when played with a friend. This is a good start tor the Tengen label: let's hope everything that follows in the future is just as good.
Andy Smith GRAPHICS 8 SOUND 4 INTELLECT 3 ADDICTION 7 OVERALL 81% ¦ Dispose of that floating teddy bear quickly, because H you Jump into that balloon on the right he could pose you a few problems.
And lasers, to be obtained by shooting certain baddies: mosl baddies simply turn into juicy pieces of fruit, which are collected tor bonus points. Some baddies fire back, though, so keep on you toes to dodge their shots.
As well as the baddies, there are objects in the scenery that can kill you, such as spikes on the floor that must be lumped over. The levels land subtevelsl get progressively harder and puzzles start creeping in: tar example, on sub-level three your chum is caged on the right side of the level bid there's no obvious way of getting to him. Unbl you realise that with care ’ful timing you can shoot the teddy bears that float around without popping the balloons they float on, then hop onto empty balloon and guide it ¦ Still airborne and following the arrows. You’ve manged to change your bow and
arrow for bombs, which spells trouble for nasties.
THE OCEAN £24.99 JOYSTICK The Japanese have some wacky ideas when it comes to coin-ops: take Bubble Bobble, the tale ot two bubble-blowing brontosauruses that went down a storm in the arcades and converted very successfully to the computer.
Another very wacky idea is to have a little yellow Kiwi, complete with white and blue shoes, running around rescuing chums that have been captured and locked in cages by a bad oT walrus. Still, it worked in the arcades and now, thanks to Ocean, every Amiga owner has the chance to play this enchanting game at home.
In case you hadn’t guessed already, you control the yellow bundle ot fluff in this oh-so utesy platform game that's not a million miles away trom Bubble Bobble and Super Mario Bros. The action’s all viewed in two dimensions, and there are live levels to play through, each level made up ot tour sublevels with the fourth sub-level guarded by an end-of- level nasty that needs destroying before you can progress.
Again as if you'd not guessed, the sub-levels are guarded by a bunch of... well, you can't really call them nasties, because they appear to be teddy bears and snails! But contact with them will cause you to lose one of an initial three lives. For selt-defence you’re armed with a small bow, from which to fire arrows at the baddies (a bow and arrow? Well, you might have known, really).
There are also other weapons, including bombs EWZEI itained by ies: most into juicy i collected e baddies ip on your s. lies, there mery that spikes on e jumped kiWevels) irder and ig in: for el three 1 on the level but ous way
im. Until rith care- ihoot the t around balloons onto an .
It over the top. But the bears can pop your balloon and tumble you lowards the ground, so beware!
Another problem is the time limit: hang around on a screen too long and a big Tturry upt notice comes on. Ignore this warning, and a small Time Oewl appears and prongs you with his trident, thus removing one of your lives.
New Zealand Story is incredibly cute, and at first you’ll think you’re far too old to be playing such a game. But you're not. This is an incredibly addictive game, and the difficulty tuning has been set just right, increasing your determination to survive to the end ol each and every level. Ocean have taken a great and produced a wonderfully good Cdnversion, which will hd doubt yourself booting up time and again.
Andy Smith GRAPHICS 9 SOUND 8 INTELLECT 3 ADDICTION 9 OVERALL 94% Take big, celourful cartoon sprites that are beautifully drawn and wonderfully animated, add backgrounds that are highly colourful and then jolly tunes that play throughout, and you end up with a great-looking and great- sounding game that happens to be immensely playable too.
IJLAND STORY Pride of Canada, biggest name in the world of ice hockey, but still virtually unknown in the UK: that's Wayne Gretzky. In North America he has achieved the sporting god status reserved for Ian Botham and Daley Thompson over here.
Like recent soccer games, it’s viewed from overhead. The pitch is about two screens wide and scrolls horizontally as the puck moves from end to end. While not visually stunning, this display is functional, because you can always tell exactly what’s going on.
As with most American sports games, this one loves statistics.
There are whole screens full of information and options, which are useful on the coaching side because you can alter everything from individual players' attributes to the lines' tbest described as preset team line-ups tor particular situations: attacking, defending, taking penalties and so on). You can opt to control a player, coach, both or neither. The coach decides which lines to play: the strategic side ot the action.
On the ice, you control one player at a time but can switch between any of them except for the goalie. All the rules of ice hockey must be obeyed, so there are penalbes for charging, holding, tripping, cross-checking, elbowing, high-sticking, hooking, roughing, slashing, spearing and anything else ending in '-mg'. You can also have tights and instant replays to add even more realism.
Options allow skill levels and playing time to be altered: a match against the professionals is the ultimate challenge, and no easy proposition. Starting at the most basic level, the game's very easy to olay, but has hidden depths of strategy. To begin with, you can hit the ice and simply skate around enjoying the game, GRETZKY HOCKEY BETHESDA SOFTWORKS £24.99 MOUSE OR JOYSTICK be arranged into lines of your own choosing. As well as changing lines, the players can be made to operate certain pre-arranged plays to try to gain the upper hand. All in all, this wealth of detail adds depth to an
already good sports simulation, making it one of the better ones currently available.
Bob Wade but later on there is more satisfaction to be derived from it through gaining experience ot switching lines and learning tactics.
In the long term, most reward can be obtained from the process of creating your own teams. Each of the teams has ratings for 11 different characteristics, and once the players are defined they can FIRST micro HARDWARE & SOFTWARE SPECIALISTS 6 FOREST CLOSE EBBLAKE IND EST.
• BASIC • UTILITIES • MANUALS £869 Professional Page.. Pro Writer
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* All drive* imb ? OrVoff switch A AMIGA ACCESSORIES AS0l-5l2k
RAM.. TV Modulator-----
- ----£22 Mouse Mat ..... Amiga dust-cover------
____CaM ___Can 35 135TPI DS DO----- ___CaM 1 COMMODORE C64 C64
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- .£129 ...£173 1541CII 5.25 C64 drive---£139 1581 3.5 800K C64
drive--£112 Oceanic 525 C64 drive------£109 A2000 ? 1mb RAM
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-.£1390 A2000 ? 1084(s)_______________£1049 20m b
harddisk--------£269 XT bridge BO________________£269
A500 A2000 MONITORS 1064(8) High res monit. Philips CM6833
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130CDS .
Star LC10 Colour.. Commodore MRS 1230 Panasonic KXP1124 (24 pin) -E279 Panasonic KXP1061________£149 Epson LX800______£158 Epson LQ500-------£250 Epson FX850----£409 Epson FX1050---- Epson EX800 __ Epson EX 1000 .. Citizen HQP40------------£352 Epson EX1000________£543 Hewlett Packard Paint Jet £689* NEC P6*_____________£508 NEC P7* Star LC10 BUSINESS S'WARE Sale £ £39 Animated Images 30.. City Dei Deluxe Video.. Deluxe Music- Digiview Gold Home Accounts- MaMshot Plus Maxipian A500 .
Music Studio______ Organiser II_ Page Setter.... Page Flipper Plus - Photon Paint-- Photon Video--- ..Ring Sculpt 3-D Animate.. ..£102 ..£63 Sculpt 3-D-------- Superbase II.. Superbase Personal------------£44 Superbase Professional £169 TV Show Text--------------------£79 Word Perfect 42-----------£169 ’Work*’________________£69 Zumafonts . £25 UK TOP 19 GAMES No.
Sale £ ..19.99 1999 1999 1 Falcon------------- 2 Sword o’Sonar Oragnr Mast*' 4 Gtfet Oago'Ts Domain *9 90 5 TV Sportslootoa*
19. 99
19. 99 6 Dragons Lair .
7 Victory RD .. 8 Int Karate ?
9 Speedbail..
19. 99
19. 99 (999 10 Who Framed Hogw Kao or i9 99 11 OperasonWolt 19
96 12 Lombard MAC Rariy *9 99 13 Ewe --------
• 9 99
• 9 99 19 99 1999 14 Moor Umsacre 15 iA *ey Mouse 16 Captain F122
17 Purple Saturn Day
• 8 Tecnnocop__________ ’9 99 19 Rocket Ranger ...19.99
* 0202 813176 OPEN MON-SAT 9am-5.30 pm All prices and
manufacturer's specifications subject to change without notice.
I-To: Fire: kicro. 6 Fares: Close, EbMefce Ind. Eatett. Verwood. Dorset 1 wish to order My computer is 1 endose cheque PO lor £ Or charge my Access Visa No.
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One Hard Frame 2000 can support upto seven devices.
Word-length data transfer, FIFO buffering, TRUE DMA, mounted on a metal frame suitable for all standard 3.5" SCSI drives (or, if you prefer, connected to a bay mounted or external disk). Available now.
Suggested List Price: £219.95 8-UP! FastRAM Maximum Memory in One Slot!
The FastRAM card that every Amiga owner will eventually come to - why limit yourself to only two megabytes per slot?
8-UP! Will take you all the way to the top of the autoconfiguration memory space of EIGHT MEGABYTES! 8-UP! Is available in two versions, the standard DIP model accepts 2,4.6 or 8 megabytes of 1 meg DRAMS. For maximum flexibility there is the SIMM version which lets you custom configure with mixed 256k and 1 meg SIMM modules, including MicroBotics exclusive PopSIMMs. 8-UP! Is a power- efficient, zero wait state, autoconfiguring design. "The latest and greatest' (Amiga World, Jan. 1989). 8-UP! Is available now.
Suggested List Price: £124.95 MouseTime The easiest to use, most cost- effective implementation of a battery backed clock for the A1000. Passes the port through for joysticks or other devices.
Complete with WorkBench software. Available now.
Suggested List Price: £22.95 MicroBotics, Inc. As we are all coming to realise, a one megabyte Amiga (at least) is a necessity not an option. When you add the inboard 512k memory and clock module to your A500 make sure it’s a MicroBotics M501. Note that just like the Commodore and unlike some third party expansions, we use a long lived rechargeable NiCad battery- which you’ll never have to replace. Set the MicroBotics clock using the same WorkBench software as you would use for the Commodore clock. What’s the difference?
You get to keep £25 compared to the Commodore version. The M501 is available now.
StarBoard2 Suggested List Price: £124.95 StarBoard2 500 Two Megs PLUS a Choice of Modules.
The premier memory expansion for the A1000 is now available on the A500. It• it’s own case with an independent power supply strong enough to handle StarBoard2 and asecond A1000 style StarBoard2, all the power and flexibility of this great expansion device isavailableto you. Up to 2 megabytes of au toconf i g u ri n g, zero wai t state FastRAM, MultiFunction or SCSI module capability for math chip or fast SCSI hard disk interfacing. StarBoard2 also has an LED diagnostic confidence lightto indicate the power-up state of your Amiga and expansion. An A1000 style StarBoard2can beconnectedto the
bus pass-up for a total of FOUR megs and two modules.
'The best ..." (Amiga World, Jan. 88).
Suggested List Price: £224.95 The superb memory expansion for the Amiga 1000, still going strong! Up to 2 megabytes ol autoconfiguring, zero wait state, FastRAM in a sleek, all steel Amiga coloured case, pi us the capability to accept either of the two daughterboard modules, the original Multi- Function Module or the new SCSI Module. StarBoard2 is powered by the bus (up to two StarBoard2 scan be supported by the A1000) and passes iton, Suggested List Price: £224.95 MultiFunction Module High Tech at Low Cost This daughterboard installson any StarBoard2. It features a socket and software for the
68881 Math Chip as an I ( device (MicroBotics pioneered this approach on the Amiga- now directly supported in the maths libraries of AmigaDOS
1. 3). StickyDisk gives you the most "bullet-proof rebootable RAM
disk - its hardwar protection turns it into a soln state,
superfast disk. Parit; checking of StarBoard2 RAF can be
enabled when extra parity ram is installed. Finally the
MultiFunction Moduli carries an easy to use battery backed
clock to set the syst time on startup.
Suggested List Price: £65 StarDrive SCSI Module Fast, Low Cost SCSI Module When installed in any mode.
StarBoard2, StarDrive offers you cost effective, pseudo- DMA access to SCSI hardl drives and other devices. Fast, easy toinstall including driver1 software and disk diagnostic?
StarDrive also Includes battery backed clock to system time on startup.
Suggested List Price: £85 All prices include VAT with the exception of M501 Units which are for unpopulated Boards Tell your dealer he can order direct - no minimum quantity - show him this ad!
In Europe: Oasis Services Ltd., 17 Andrews Place, London SE9 2SJ. TEL: (01) 859 4936 In U.S.A.: MicroBotics, Inc., 8111 Alpha Drive, Richardson TX 75081. TEL: (214) 437 5330
- JOURNEY---- languages art not ny specialty. But the runes
are.Dwarvish, and long ago I learned sone of their .fiords.
This first rune, 'Bern news a 'gate', and this second one,
'Lav,' refers to 'the plains'.- V-' m .
- Ihe gate to the Plains I said, rutting two and two together.
But Iron idtere?
IV "That is a sin le question,- Praxix replied, "A nore interesting one would be 'How shall we get it to open?’- i' w
- "Or better still, 'Mhat do we do now?'- snarled Esher as,
to everyone's surprise, a round gate appeared, yawning wide
before us.
Enter Gane The Party- Bergon -- 1 Praxix 1 Esher 1 Hahoon 1
- Individual Cofwtands- Cast Exanine Tell legend Prop Inventory ¦
When you're on e Journey, even the moot unpromising rock can
open up new opportunities. H the party should wish to entor tho
door, the option keyword must be selected m the bottom
left-hand comer.
JOURNEY Death, pestilence, famine and other nasty things have stricken the once- fair lands and it seems that only Asterix the wizard can save the populace from complete despair.
Only problem is. Asterix opted out of the rat race some time ago.
He now lives alone atop a mountain and he’s none too keen to receive visitors, so the first task in this keyword-driven adventure is to guide a party of (up to fivel characters to Asterix and ask his help.
The screen is divided into three main sections: the top left is grven over to small pictures ot the various locations, the top right is where all text messages and general location descriptions appear and the bottom part ot the screen is where you select various keywords that advance the adventure.
The keywords offered for selection depend on the characters in the party, their current situation (they might be in the middle of a battle, or preparing to camp for the night, lor instance) and the location. So playing the game is leso?
INFOCOM ACTIVISION £29.99 MOUSE AND OR KEYBOARD very easy and consists of simply reading the messages and deciding which actions to take.
GRAPHICS AND SOUND Once you've found your way to Asterix’s abode, the adventure really starts. The quest involves searching through the kingdoms of Dwarves, Elves, Nymphs and other creatures both lair and foul for seven sacred amulets that will enable the wizard to fight the Dread Lord. Progress is generally rapid if a little common sense is applied, but it you are completely stuck the 'musings' option at the end of the game hints at actions that you should have taken.
The small pictures are adequate, but not superb. Still, there are plenty ot them and they help to add to the atmosphere created mainly by the text. As tor sound: torget it (on a basic A500 anyway).
The lack ot sound does little to detract from the game however, so don't let it put you off.
Altogether, Journey is good fun. The keyword system is simple and easy to use and the puzzles are all very logical and intriguing.
It obviously won't appeal to hardened shoot-em-up tans, but anyone who likes games that require thought input will be rewarded with many hours of enjoyment.
Andy Smith GRAPHICS 7 SOUND N A INTELLECT 8 ADDICTION 5 OVERALL 82% International terrorists are a nasty bunch, especially when they take control of foreign embassies and threaten to blow them up. Luckily for civilisation, the Mayday Squad is here.
As the Squad’s commander, you must select a team of three teach member specialises in a certain area, such as explosives or communications) who explore the floors of the embassy, shooting terrorists before they score too many hits on the team. The aim is to rescue the ambassador's daughter and tree the prisoners before guiding them safely to the roof for collection by a helicopter: all within a bme limit.
Each room is well drawn from a first-person perspective and the graphics are of very high quality, although repetitive. Sound effects, such as machine-gun fire and explosions, are extremely good.
All in all, with plenty ot baddies to blast and some clever puzzles to solve, it’s enjoyable and exciting for a while: but it is ultimately a simple 'search and shoof game, lacking in variety and lasting challenge despite the advantage of changeable skill levels.
M. D. Office Supplies would like to take this opportunity to
apologise to all its competitors.
We shall with immediate effect supply direct to the public, Computer discs, Storage boxes, etc. AT BELOW WHOLESALE PRICES 5t 5.25 DISCS & BOXES 5i 3? 3.5 DISCS & BOXES 25 25' DS-DD 96 TPI with 50 capacity Lockable Storage Box 12.49 50 5.25* DS-DD 96 TPI with 100 Capacity Lockable Storage Box .18.49 75 5.25* DS-DD 96 TPI with 100 capacity Lockable Storage Box ..23.49 100 5.25 DS-DD 96 TPI with 100 Capacity Lockable Storage Box .29.49 200 5.25* DS-DD 96 TPI with 2 100 Capacity Lockable Storage Boxes.....54.99 OUR 5.25* DISCS ARE VERY CAREFULLY SELECTED TO GIVE YOU
100% ERROR FREE PERFORMANCE. EACH DISC IS OFFERED WITH OUR 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE AND IS SUPPLIED WITH LABELS 25 3.5* DS-DD 135 TPI with 40 Capacity Lockable Storage Box ...22.95 35 3.5 DS-DD 135 TPI with 80 Capacity Lockable Storage Box .31.95 45 3.5* DS-DD 135 TPI with 80 Capacity Lockable Storage Box ..37.95 55 3.5* DS-DD 135 TPI with 80 Capacity Lockable Storage Box 44.95 65 3.5* DS-DD 135 TPI with 80 Capacity Lockable Storage Box ....49.95 75 3.5* DS-DD 135 TPI with 80 Capacity Lockable Storage Box . .....54.95 OUR 3.5* DISCS ARE
89. 99 150 DSDD 3.5* .100.00 200DSDD
3.5* .129 99 500 DSDD
3.5* .. .304.99 250 DSDD
5.25* ..... 64 99 500 DSDD
5.25* ..... .119.99 1000 DSDD
5.25" ... .219.99 HIGH DENSITY 5.25"
DISCS 25 5.25* DS HD 1 6MB plus 50 Box 21.99 50
5.25* DS HD 1 6MB plus 100 Box .....41.99 100 5.25* DS
HD 1 6MB plus 100 Box ...69.99 HIGH DENSITY 3.5" DISCS
10 DS HD 3.5* DISCS ...19.99
30 DS HD 3 5*
AND QUALITY GUARANTEE All our Discs are top quality products
and are certified 100% error tree. Should you ever see a
compa rable product advertised in this magazine at a lower
price we will not match it we will BEAT IT GUARANTEED
TELESALES HOTLINES: 0689-61400 ¦ Al ncfude VAT and dekvery UK
onty Supplied subject to availability EOE NORTHWEST LEADING
* * WITH**
* 40%COLORS*
__________16.80 .... ________15.10 ....
.....18.10 .... ________15.10__________ . 11»
..16.80 ...15.10 ...18.10 ...15.10
• • 30 STOS .....------------------------------ BARBARIAN
II ...
It iO H90----- i? 10 .18 10 18 10 .. 183© i: io .. - lit© 121©
TEST DRIVE II the dud-------------- SWORD of
¦ 8 iO . .15 10---- 18 10 i‘ ie BALANCE of POWER 1990
MICROPROS!- SOCCER .. . . 15 10- 18 10 i* it ¦ 5
10 ¦ 71) BIO CHALLENGE-------------------- 15 10 . 16.10. . . .
18 U ih 1} MILLENIUM 2.2 .. .....16.1O 18 IO- __ ion ¦5 I) 3D POOL ... ARV HONDA .....85 10---- 18 .0
• 8 O 18 I Wf IRDflRt AMS wirfaus WICKED fAllOMMlSSMNUiSSS
ROW*?** KulT AV y viivt.S .....15 10. . . .
....13.90________ ________13.90 ... _______13.10 ...
- --------16.10 ...
- -------15.10 ... ________12.10_______ 1ZTZi«jdIIZI 15 tO
..._......13.90 ...1390 ....13.10
16. 10 15.10 ...12.10 ...18.10
5000 ... CHEETAH 125*_________________ CHEETAH MACH l +
AUTOFIRE------ COIN OP MICRO HANDLER.... Free Lead with both
955 ~630
8. 95 1130 COMMODORE I084S MED. RES.
MONITOR £245.00 »»»»BULK 3.5* DISKS KAO HIGH DENSITY DISKS - 10__________930 KAO HIGH DENSITY DISKS - 50 . 45.00 KAO HIGH DENSITY DISKS • 100 80.00 »» »»»»»»x«««««« MOUSE MAT -----------------------.430 100 CAP 33' LOCKABLE BOX - ..6.50 200 CAP 33' POSSO BOX _______14.90 FOUR PLAYER ADAPTOR (AMIGA) ..3.50 TWIN JOYSTICK EXTENSION LEAD 4.50 33' HEAD CLEANER------------------------2.90 MOUSE BRACKET-----------------------330 ATARI 520STFM EXPLORA PACK ONLY £265.00 ATARI 1040 STFM ONLY £445.00 WITH SOFTWARE ATARI 520STFM POWER PACK ONLY £345.00 Books
for Amiga Atari bv Compute Fully Stocked 8590 Hard Drive IN STOCK Commodore A501 Expansion with Clock £130.00 Atari SMI24 Hi Rc*.
Black & White Monitor £100.00 For the First and I.as! Word in Software Come lo Homesoft. Every New & Old Title Always Carried in Stock. Phone our Hotline for more information GOODS DESPATCHED WITHIN 12 HOURS SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY ?
HOMESOFT (UK) CARES FOR ITS CUSTOMERS You've a whole range ol weapons to choose from, including guided anti-tank Helltire missiles, FFAR rockets and a 30mm chain gun.
The cockpit is equipped with all the latest gadgetty including TADS (Target Acquisition and Designation System) and radar and infrared warnings and jammers.
Missions usually feature both primary and secondary objectives, so if your ‘copter isn't shot to pieces on the first, you can go lor the second. The Apache is lightly armoured, so can take a little tlak without crashing into the bush, but it's sbll vulnerable, so it's always advisable to land at base lor repairs il things start to look bad.
Should you complete a mission successfully, the chances are you'll be awarded a medal and maybe promoted.
Gunship has plenty going lor it: the missions are numerous and varied and it's high on lasting interest. The politics are dodgy, but if you're not worried about zapping gooks you’ll find the game entertaining, challenging and packed with acbon.
Andy Smith GUNSHIP MICROPROSE £24.95 JOYSTICK AND KEYBOARD If 'cyclic' and 'collective’ mean absolutely nothing, then the chances are you've never pitted your wits against a helicopter flight sim. In a real helicopter the pilot uses two joysticks: the cyclic, which controls the pitch and toll of the aircraft, and the collective, which controls the angle ol attack of the rotor blades, so governing the lift.
In Gunship - a simulation of the American AH 64A Apache helicopter - the player uses a joystick to control the cyclic and the keyboard to control the collective.
There are a number of missions to attempt, sef in various parts of the world and with different divisions of the American air force. As with most games ol this nature, diving straight into missions is not a good idea until you've put in some flight practice and can handle the 'copter confidently despite the weather. Fortunately you can swing things slightly in your favour while training: lor example, by making crash-landings impossible or minimising cross-winds.
Once you’re competent, it's time to attempt a mission with a difficulty level equal to your ability.
Sound is disappointing: the attack helicopter sounds more like a diesel bus struggling up a one-in-tour than the real thing, and explosions aren't outstanding. The graphics are last and smooth, though, and are certainly very colourful. Take the plunge, set everything on 'realistic' and volunteer lor some ol the more hazardous missions, and you'll find that Gunship is action-packed enough to keep you coming back for months.
GRAPHICS 7 SOUND 3 INTELLECT 6 ADDICTION 5 Following Grand Monster Slam, a mulfreventer set on another world, comes Golden Goblins' latest ottering, a multieventer set in the Big Top.
There are live events in which you and a friend can participate.
The first is trampolining, in which you have a couple of minutes to bounce around performing forward and backward somersaults in order to impress the crowd and so score points. In two-player mode, each player controls a character on his own trampoline, but when one player starts a somersault the other follows.
Having had a surfeit ot this bouncing, you can turn a leg to tightrope walking. The task here is to help Olga balance during her diagonal walk across the screen by moving the joystick to the left and right. It things are going well it’s possible to attempt tricks such as scissor kicks, handstands and backwards somersaults, each completed trick earning points.
Survive the high wire and it's time to try your hand at juggling, with up to six tennis balls plus a balancing ball on the foot and the occasional Indian club, As it that's not enough, a midget clown riding a motorbike occasionally attempts to run you down, so it's a good idea to jump in the air at the appropriate time and so avoid him!
The penultimate trick is quite likely to be the most dangerous: knife throwing. Line the crosshairs up on the wheel, to which is securely fastened a nervous young lady, then take knives trom the obligatory scantily-clad assistant and lob them at the wheel, trying to miss the girl if at all possible. Curiously, the assistant is none too friendly and will sometimes try to hand you a stick of dynamite, which explodes if you accept it, thus ending the game.
The final trick involves three clowns and two see-saws. The player must guide each clown in turn as they jump from one seesaw to the other, avoiding a ghost that appears between them, and collecting any bonus points by catching various obstacles that appear above the clowns’ heads.
The events all require practice to achieve a good degree of competence, and some events are definitely tougher to master than others. None ot the events has outstanding gameplay, so Circus Attractions comes across as a pot pourri of mediocre games that tend to frustrate more than entertain. The fun improves if you play with two, but not greatly.
Andy Smith GRAPHICS 8 SOUND 2 INTELLECT 2 ADDICTION 5 OVERALL 56% Far from Edengarhn is the castle of one Far from your village, a lord ke ecret, such a powerful lord that he c- creature floating a world that dies Targhan is probably the most stur Targhan is an adventure-action g: 40 different, characters. The g joystick.
R than s has ircus apol that enter- i play not be human, a nd grows again .
Ing game you'll ever play.
Ie with more than 120 lane ! Is playable on either k To enter our competition please send your warranty cards of TARGHAN and complete the following: Smith I like the game Targhan because Send your entries to: UNIT 1 (Rear of 7). WELLINGTON ROAD. SANDHURST, SURREY GU17 8AW S (0252) 877431-879718 • Fa*: (0252) 877431 Closing date September 1, 1989.
The word is PROTEXT Now available - Version 4.2 of Arnor’s acclaimed word processor PROTEXT is very fast! Unlike the majority of Amiga word processors PROTEXT scrolls very quickly and redraws the screen in next to no time. We have achieved this by developing our own screen handling routines - much faster than the standard ones.
PROTEXT uses the Amiga ’WIMP’ interface fully and supports pull down menus, use of the mouse for cursor movement and block copying and window resizing.
PROTEXT makes full use of Amiga Preferences settings and is fully compatible with the Amiga’s multi-tasking operating system.
Protext is the result of 4 years of development. Unlike the majority of competitive programs Protext is 100% British and is being developed further all the time in response to the needs of British users. Registered users are always informed when upgrades are available.
¦Protext really is the best text processor on the Amiga' SVAMIGA FORMAT2189 ¦Protext - the real Joy comes only trom using It I can say without any fear ot contradiction it Is the best word processor available at the price, In my view, at any price In fact' AUI389 A brief summary of some of Protext’s features ... Dictionaries Disc utilities Exec files File conversion Rnd & replace Symbols Time and date Tutorial files Two file editing Line drawing Line spadng Printer support Printing styles set over 50 options to your own preferences using our menu driven configuration program add delete words
to from supplied 70000 word English dictionary. Create your own dictionaries, copy files, erase, rename, type, create directory, change directory, remove directory, catalogue files store sequences of commands in files for easy use flexible file conversion utility for other WP files very powerful and fast with many options.
Foreign languages 10 built in keyboard languages. Easy to use accented letters: a£Bs6u66B&u06fietc.
Formatting auto-reformat; reformat para, block or whole text.
Headers & footers up to 9 lines of text, different even odd headers and footers, auto page numbering, footnotes.
Help edit and command help available on-screen Keyboard macros string any sequence of letters together on a single key e.g. "Yours sincerely". Load and save macro key files. Special recording mode as you type, ideal for drawing lines (incl. Corners) around text variable in half lines, including 0. V4,1,1V4.2,2V*. 3 works with any parallel or serial printer. Wide range of printer drivers supplied, ind. Lasers and 24-pin Sinters; or create your own drivers or edit ours.
Did, condensed, double strike, elite, italics, enlarged, pica, NLQ, subscript, superscript, microspadng, proportional spacing, any other printer fonts Background printing edit create further files while printer is busy Box manipulation move, copy, or delete any box as well as blocks Configuration --- 11 *~----------*------ Suggests alternative spellings. Works with languages full character set available on screen. Character symbols may be redefined time shown on screen. Insert time or date into document help you to start using Protext two documents in memory, copy text between them
Typewriter mode direct printing for envelopes etc. Undelete retrieve text deleted in error Word count quick count at any time, whole text or just a block Word puzzles anagram and crossword solving features Wysiwyg on-screen bold, underline, italics Mail merge The most comprehensive mail merge program available. Use it for labels, personalised "standard letters", club membership lists, and much more:
* read data from files from any database or spreadsheet program
* ask for variables from keyboard * display message while
* indude file for printing »reformat whilst printing
* conditional printing and repeat-until loop constructs
* numeric calculations and string expressions induding substrings
* commands to write Information to a separate file
* operators + , , =, =, = , ,IN,NOTIN Program mode suppresses
formatting; auto-indent; set tab stops Proportional text will
print proportionally spaced, right justified text Quick
dictionary dictionary held in memory is very fast Ruler lines
any number of ruler lines to define document layout, left right
margins and normal decimal tab stops Spelling checker check
whole text from disc or memory, or as you type.
..... “ foreign Protext is a professional word processor If you want a fast efficient program for processing words, get PROTEXT Latest News and Announcement version 43. Is now available. Enhancements indude:-
* Revised and improved 300 page manual and index . Current date
and time are available as single key strokes » Improved memory
allocation and smaller program makes better use of your memory.
* Scroll Lock function pauses after displaying a screenful of
text Upgrade price from v4.1x£15. COMING THIS AUTUMN
- PROFILE- - the Arnor Database for PC ST Amlga.
(People have been waiting years for this) ffe eas ngyoi r n c vspore jr af... Prices IBM PC Atari ST Amiga Protext v4.2 £99.95 £99.95 £99.95 Protext Filer £24.95 £24.95 £24.95 Protext Office £34.95 £34.95 £34.95 German Dictionary £19.95 £19.95 £19.95 Demonstration discs available please phone Amor Ltd t.'AFJ, 611 Lincoln Road, Peterborough, PE1 3HA. Tel:0733 68909 (24 hour) All prices include VAT, postage and packing. Access Visa cheque postal order. Fax:0733 67299 Presto .'016648009 POWERDROME ELECTRONIC ARTS £24.99 MOUSE OR JOYSTICK Not many games have been written that fully exploit mouse
control instead of the joystick: Virus and Ferrari Formula One are two that spring to mind.
This is another one lor the collection, which the advanced control mechanism is matched by the futuristic nature of the game.
Imagine racing a jet fighter along courses that dive underground, twist and turn wildly, and even have moving walls. You are now imagining this game. It’s a futuristic sport that is far more id. I or )r 4 demanding than anything on two or four wheels, or any flight sim.
Not only are you required to battle the tortuous courses but you must also take on computer opponents, or another player via a datalink, at the same time.
There are seven tracks, the I simplest ol which is a basic oval: all the HuiV rest are much more complicated. You must fly atound the tracks as quickly as possible, trying to avoid the walls and other ships.
This is made easier to start wrth by using a centring mechanism which attracts the ship back to the Astoundingly fast solid 3D graphics give a marvellous feeling of movement. This is complemented by excellent presentation and demo modes that make delightful viewing and listening. The pit graphics are detailed and believable. Engine noise and mechanical sound effects are all 'on the money1 too.
GRAPHICS AND SOUN middle of the track. It has adjustable strength that can be gradually turned down as you learn the intricacies of the courses and how best to fly them.
Each track is on a planet with its own atmosphere (methane, oxygen, ammonia or sulphurl so the ship must be fitted with the appropriate filters. This is complicated during races by rain or other precipitations that require particle filters to prevent engine failure. The ship also has other adjustable features, such as the fuel type, aerofoils and brakes, that affect its performance.
There are four other racers in different ships and contact with them or the track walls damages the ship. Too many accidents will affect the handling or instruments.
In order to undergo repairs or be refuelled, the ship has to be [EftGZD EO mm a Selecting a new craft to race.
Retired to the pit which takes up valuable time, so caretul flying is just as important as speed.
After a lew days' pracbce this is a fantastically absorbing game.
Initially, the aids to flying help a lot, but once you are good enough to get rid of them it is a unique racing experience. Not only is it worth spending the time on to begin with: it will remain a classic for years to come.
CAUFO**4'* Of *e w4.
§23is8afigf - ¦fiSSK' gsss»--i Ostefl , , ' 1, Til 1 I , 1 ,4s ill T rffEifiF* HPBaM BamEHAWKS )« hmV.fiSP'° asonAn-rfMf ( *s Solo 0" l* niWWM Ilf e exdtemGJ" * AVON Acs Computers 4? Cane* Sam Br Mmr. MM Tefc *772 *17*B1 Ace Computers 3 No* Sam Sm4 Tab B773 666341 VryiiGcme* 8 Marta. Sam MM A™. Tat 0777 7*477* BEDFORDSHIRE PoyfcH Canptean 3 ftep, Cm. WIW ha r S. hfa M 004 7730*0 S sSi GM r»cr“~ ca obTd qfsm'Tr-' 5oftwara Him 43 luteo. Sdm. Corbntv Tel: 0771133*43 CHESHIRE ¦uter* 79o WM« Ste* NcMmd, CMM W: 0*41* 47M3 ™ ?"ia* °**n M 0*061*1753 Ihl-fif fax mu wu sum SSSomBT'
tefc... ta J’-O1 f 4W" I- fcte.cWMMlMIU CJMIJL5. Computer Shop CtoM Tod IrtjnW 0325 31IBM WCSouM* Vblon 7 Idnod txrf *Mn W Tai: 0790 7706* SeVOn" ? 5*"* ***’¦ T,t 9773 B347*' DORSET sxssesii EAST SUSSEX Ceyulerawi 7? S« Lnmnf, lox| Mhly.Sw EteSusn. IN* IHT Tel: 04747733E MW. Cantrr 31 37 0ter*4 boor. IrqM* fo* Sw M 0773 77*57* fcnMMor lafewe Can**. 61 c r Mo*» Sam tswnd. Mad Ta Cork Mknxooyutsr Cetera LoM Owy. Cert. Mnd Tak 021 ESSEX* W’ 0°' mm CoMputera 1&93 Lmrt, o»| Sodid a Saq Tak 07B7 335443 blua« Computers Yoxo Wmork* [«, Tol: 0702 614131 ToMaieri 34o O r Exrt Cwte Tel: 0206
5*0*30 ScW. Hm 33* OotM S»«™ Sookmd Tel: *7*2 *107M 2" Ba,id ’T-: 9361 mn SoWa Him IS bp*. Ccktate Td: 020* 760*77 hrr" 2" l i40' UcJ*a' CWWd Td: 0745 49174* xanrar. Plus Lh* I Utemipte Cm* Onm Im4 G-»r» Td: 0375 3*11*4 GLOUCESTERSHIRE S D_C,TfY** ioWe 7 McrtM M4. Ocunte 0457 307106 IT JJ°p S ‘‘“V* w- W: **s* «iowj Tlte Hodd Skop J? Has 4m Sated Tak 0411 *5*70 GREATER MANCHESTER Hkrofcyte Ute 176. Rtdi M I - Vxkd Or*, taM. Td: 061137 143B '» WiMP.XMtebdyAMn.MdteCM n Computer SI 4:0*lto087 nld: 0*1 31*032* Hus 13 Tnm w. Wo,- T«l: MM 742374 ' £.'47 f"") **w. *-’• Wi °«*nm w*m r|I o W
littt l-W*. Hn Tak MU *72*47 51 * MU!
’ laiswra Centre 117 Hah Sam Op- r Td: DIM 21 Ml ¦ 1 - 4 1W W **•£, load S«tao Tit 01301 Ml I Him 35 Hp Sam Td-lfa mu Hu* IM 2.41-4CM* 5am CoMrtuy M0277 3111J c*ne 1*VIH CnteW, Sam G**», fan M 0*31 JMM rood 174 0W Sam tofeock Td: WSJ J1657 m Td. B«T W. It. LodTfcr, Td: Ml 7M IN* 4er* 104 «* *t SAM Aar pn Tel: 0754 15145 Mn 97 St Afan foc4 * Ml Td: 0751 7729** May's Compc'» Ur** 57 CM*** Uaste Tak 0533 77717 OouWerUon 37 Hah Sam tafaa lod» Td: 01 SM 10M I rcJ Computers liiIt* Sam mdhmso. Ivdor. Mil 570 774) Ufk Sale* 1 * It. Inodroy Tk, Bcmw. W-s. M 01 H7 4M7 Microtek G-om Gram load UytaMwa M
Ol 5*6 2775 ¦"" ni Cout M Los** Tat: 01 *31 4677 Sbko Shoe 52 IrtMcn Cut Tool lank* Tali 015004000 Sdteo. Oka Mh»» 3.' - *3 So* Mol tckvrtw Gw 9qna Cm* M HI Vkpkt Gaaas ICO OsfcW In* laden Tel: 01 *17 7011 «*” 517 Ode* Saw lad*. Tel: 014*1 0507 MERSEYSIDE B*s * Bytes 'j(m SfcAcn iimkn.
Mkro Snips AM 0"M 37 Srn -x, MIDDLESEX
J. LL Computers 7 Wrd*. SamU*» NORFOLK Computer Hus If! Nr.
H 1.1*1:1553 77*531 IS ARE AVAILABLE NOW SKWEEKm-Monk action, compulsive fun as hyperactive Skweek sweeps through me 99 continents of his mother planet decontaminating them on his way. Skweek is fun.
Skweek is oction. Skweek will last forever. Skweek is a charming oction sensation.
ATARI ST A AMIGA £19.99d IBM PC £24.99d WS2" Mrtoi 41ht &°&N"oWOs».
Virgin Gaum Cmtia Vj* Stm. Qa r. Tali 04 SOUTH HUMBERSIDE n* compum sxx.«; ** Momosnes SOUTH YORKSHIRE Cray Ml US Hwor W. Icdahat So* futtx Mi 0709139101 Just Micro 71 it** W SUAdd Tali 0743 752732 Microgamr ?0 (MM Stmt. Dxia** 1st 0303 339999 MkroFmUa li.GunfcsnCn™. Mi 0709 1600*0 Micro Fan 10 PM Sn« tor*, M033* 307063 Micro Fan 81 fetw la* Hfkbaapk SmfcM Mi 0743 M50CJ ltwCaapular Mon u MatM S*M lawt* S Tatain Mi 0303 21134 Tte Coapulor Ston 21, Fwftg Ode S*M D-eMa Mi 0303 353*0 STAFFORDSHIRE Barton Software 3177 K* Sna. Km cn Tm» 5*A M 0283 343** Moas Sartor SoFtaaro 119 711 Owed loal Omrar
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• r Stora i: ¦ 94 f-yp. Im Mi 0533 41 WILTSHIRE 4rttta8iNa.;**5-w
Tali 0791611353 IN-STORE MARKETING 2 3 Holford Way, HoHord,
Birmingham B6 7AX Tel: 021 625 3388 PREMIER MAIL ORDER 3D
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Sim .... 4x4 Off Road Racing ....
Advanced Rugby Simulator Advanced Ski Simulator.....
Afterburner ......
Ajrball Airborne
Ranger ... Alien Legion Amiga Gold Hit* I Arkanoid
Revenge Armalyle Baal Rail ol Power 1990 Rallisti* Barbarian
2 Pal Barbarian Pal Bard* Tale 2 Hal man (aped Ciusadci Hauler
hex* Halilrhawks 1942 Biontc Commando Blast eroid* Blazing
Barrels Bktud Mi H icy tkunbuzal California Came** Capone
('aptair. Blood Carrier Command (“hrwmartei 2000 Chronnq.iesl
Chuckle Egg ?
Colossus Chess X Ctimipllon ( usmtr Plrale Crazy ('an* 2 Cybemotd 2 Daley Thompson 88 Damocles Dariu* 89 Darkslde Denarls ... DNA Warrior ... Domlnalor ...... Double Dragon ... Dragon Ninja Dragons.-Apr lan | n»eg Dungeon Masrn Eliminator Wile Emmanuel le Kmplre Empire Striker* Bark Eaptorvagr Euru Space Shuttle Kxoton Kit. Cnmbal Pilot Falcon KI6 FaJron Mission Disc I Unravwoii Ked ol Free Traders HihI Command Kish Highi Sim 2 m Disc 7 or I I Hi Disc European Hi Ihw Japan rTying Shark Fool Man 2 Exp Kll Football
Director 2 . Football Manager 2 Foundations Waste . Freedom ...... Frtghtnlght .. Frontier (EPT) .. Fun School 2 (6-8) .. Fun School 2 (over 8) Fun School 2 (under 6).. Galactic Conqueror ” ‘ Iregons Domain Game Over 2 ... Garfield Garfield Winter 9 99 12 99 Ghosi n Goblin* Gilbert I s* ape Drill 1 4 1 1 99 Golden Path 1 1 (.rand l*rtx Sim 2 1 1 ***l C .ryznc 14 *1*1 14 99 Guild of Thieve-* Gun ship 1699 14 99 H K M..t hine 999 12 99 Heller Skelter 9 99 Heroes of Ik Lance Highway Hawks Hollywood
Poker Pm 16 9*1 1 1 ***» 16 •?** 1 J Hnl Knot ha II 9 *»*l Hum Inc Red Octobn 14 9U Hvticl* 19 ‘**1 rkari Warrlnr* Ingrids B.rk 14 99 11 99 Iril Kirale .
16 99 1 Ni. Klaus Ca.ll 19 99 If. 99 Jet 26 99 16 99
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ul Sword l 4 **9 leisure Soli tarry 2 Lombard RAC
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......19.99 Manhalton Dealer .. ......14.99 Maria Whlll
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.....17.99 Operation Hormuz .. .....12.99 Ojieraflon
Neptune Operation Wo‘l Outrun 14 99 14 **9 6 99 Outiun Euiopa
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Qucsl . .....16.99 Police Quest
2 .. .....16.99 .....16.99 Precious
Melal .. .....15.99 Itcmlcr Collection ...
.....18.99 Prison .....11.99 Purple
Saturn Day .. .....14.99
Rtvpe ... .....16.99
Raffles ..... .....14.99
Raider ... .....11.99 Rambo
3 ...... Ramrod .
.....14.99 .....16.99 Reach For The Stars.
.....16.99 [TITLE PRICE Real Ghostbusters . Realm of Trolls ...... ......16.99
16. 99 Kebeb* in The Dark Red Heal 11 99 1599 Renegade 1 or 3
Relum ol the Jedi Return in Genesis Kick Dangeiuus 1599 11 99
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Die Skateball .....
Sleeping Cards Lie Space Mamn 2 ......17.99 ......17.99 14 99
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1 Ssarglade? ?
19 ‘*9 . 14.99 SieaJrh Fighlei 16 '*• Steve Davis W..ild Snuokei 12 ¦*•» Storm Trooper ...14.99 street rignicr .. Strike Force Harrier...... Strip Poket 2* ......16.99 9.99 999 Super Hangnti Super»ia)*e Persona.
Superm.nr Swnrd ol Sodan 1699 59 95 14 99 1 * Ihk Talesmn Tangjcd Talen 1 4 * 9 1 7 99 14 99 Teen Techiiuiiip Teenage Queen Test Drive 2 The Duel Theatre Euiupe 1399 1399 II 99 71 99 14 99 Thunderbnds 1699 Thundejt»lade 1699 Tigec Ruad Time arxl Magik Tti» * * A 1799 12 99 i tine-* « i i xe Tlian 14 99 1499 Iracen* Tracksuil Manage) Tn-td 16 99 1 1 *»9 I S **9 Trtv Pursuit Nev. Beglr. .
TV Sports Football ... 'lyphoon Thompson . Ultima 4 1 111 male Golf 1 MS *wmaf*n 1 12 99 .....17.99 .....11.99 .....14.99 1399 a im l no T*cenar»o i U MS Scenario 2 899 Uwv Miblatv Slin Verminatoi Vlrfory Ruad 14 99 34 99 14 99 V'lgjlante Vlndlcaluis flkimarkl Virus Virus Killer 1099 1799 1299 18 99 1 Voyager W' cTeaderboard W’ Gretzky Hot key I5*»9 H99 24 99 WarxJeter 3D War ir. Middle K-rrth Waterloo II 99 .....14.99 .....14.99 Wee Le Mans Weird Dreams .. .....14.99
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14. 99 Zak McKracken Zany
Golf .....
16. 99 ... 16.99 SPECIAL OFFERS AT £3.99 EACH' NAME Allen
Strike Challenger Clly Defence Fortress
Code*ground .
Jump Jet Mike The Dragon Phalanx 2 Quantox Trivia Trove PRICE
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3. 99 3 99 3 99 399 3 99 3 9** SPECIAL OFFERS AT £7.99 EACH NAME
• yiKjrume Btaik|aek Acuilemy Bermuda Pruleci Domh|ack Crape*
Academy ‘ri y(’.in Dark Castle De»a Vu ..7.99 ..7.1 .7.99
..7.99 ..7.99 ..7.99 .7.99 799 799 7 99 7 99 7*19 7 •« 7 99 •«
99 7 99 799 7 99 , 7 99 . 7 99 Fejnamle-z Mml Ihe Calactli
Invasion C,ee Bee Air Rally Gold Runner Hacker 2 HeUflre Atlac
k Insaniiy Flight I ¦ inedible Shnmc.og Sphe King of Chic ago
Manlx Mlndflghier Nigel Mansell CP Nord An*1 Bert RnmantK
Enoiunlers Skvdiaw Sea Sialker 7 99 Se«'«w»d.s Out 799 Soklier
ol Ught 7 99 SpeUbreakec Slock Market Strike Force Harrier 7 99
Strip Poker Data Bcv & Dawn ....7.!
Strip Poker Data Lee & Roy .7.99 Strip Poker Data Rachel & Kim . 7.99 Strip Poker Data Suzc 8r Blanca .7.99 l etra Quest 7 99 Terns 7 99 Thexrter 7 99 Three Stooges Tracers 7 99 Typhi-in 7 99 Vixen 199 Winter Olympiad 88 99 Zynaps ...7.99 ELECTRONIC ARTS SPECIAL OFFERS NAME AMIGA An bon ( oilernon 899 Arc 11c Fox 899 Harrt * Tale 1 Deluxe Music Con Kll Deluxe Pain l 1 8*19 49 *« 49 99 . " 1,1 • aim .g Deluxe fhulolab
- - vv 49 99 Deluxe Print 2 .
49. 99 Deluxe Proriuelinn 89 99 Deluxe Video 49 99 Ferrari
Focmula 1 If. 99 Fusion 1699 Interceptor 1699 Mai Mr Madnenn
8 99 populous 1699 Powertlcouir 1699 Skvfox 7 899 Tesl Drive
19 9*1 W ;rd lour Gull 8**1 Please send cheque PO Access Visa
no and expiry date to:- Dept AF8. Trybridge Ltd, 8 Buckwins
Square, Burnt Mills, Basildon, Essex SS13 1BJ Please state
make and model of computer when ordering. Postage and packing
included in UK on orders over £5.00. Orders less than £5.00
and Europe add £1.00 per item.
Elsewhere please add £2.00 per item for Airmail.These offers are available mail order only.
New releases sent on day of release. Tel orders: 0268 590766 Obviously the citizens wish to defend themselves, so the army has been called in and doesn’t mind shooting or lobbing sticks ol dynamite at you one little bit.
Every hit you lake reduces your stamina - pictured in the lorm ol a horizontal bar al the top ol the screen - and once it reaches zero the game's over. To prevent this happening simply reach out and chomp as many people as you can, which revitalises you no end.
Rampage is a fun game to play. The animation is tine and so are the backgrounds, it a little basic, and the sound ettects are reasonably good. The game itself is simple, addictive and, when three of you are playing at once, quite pleasingly manic: but don't expect it to keep you playing for months on end, 'cos it won't.
Andy Smith RAMPAGE ACTIVISION £24.99 JOYSTICK AND OR KEYBOARD eorge, Lizzie and Ralph aren't the sort of names you'd imagine monsters a remarkable resem- Kong, Godzilla and Wolfman would have, but they’re determined to smash their way through as many ot America's finest cities as they possibly can.
Converted trom the Baity Midway coin-op, the game can handle up to three simultaneous players - each controlling a monster - and when you're not lighting amongst yourselves the idea is to destroy a set number ot buildings by climbing up and punching whacking great holes in them.
....7.99 ....7.99 ....7.99 ...7.99 ...7.99 ...7.99 ...7.5)9 ...7.99 ...7.99 ...7.99 .7.99 ...7.99 ...7.99 ..7.99 ..7.99 .7.99
- 7.99
- 7.99
- 7.99
- 7.99 .7.99 .7.99 .7.99 .7.99 .7.99 .7.99 .7.99 .7.99
7. 99
7. 99
7. 99
7. 99
7. 99
7. 99
7. 99
7. 99
7. 99
7. 99
7. 99
7. 99
7. 99
7. 99
r. 99 SKWEEK LORICIELS £19.99 JOYSTICK OR KEYS include increased
firepower, more variety in the levels. As you would of a
repetitive, wibbly tune played speed, and extra lives and
shields. Expect from a cutesy game the throughout and cheery
in-game On the whole, the game is graphics are very colourful,
featur- effects. The fun might not last for thoroughly
enjoyable because it’s ing sprites that are detailed and long,
but it’s great while it does, so easy to play and yet has lots
of nicely animated. Sound consists Bob Wade This French
furhall is doing its best to become cute phenomenon of the
year, following other wacky favourites like Gribbly, Thing,
Pogo and Bubble and Bobble. His (for it is a he and not a
Skweezettel whole motivation in life is to turn blue tiles
pink by running over them.
From this simplest of concepts are constructed 99 tun levels.
The hies are laid out across vertically-scrolling levels packed with other features, the most bothersome among which are the creatures that appear from portal tiles and are fatal when run into.
Tiles that are covered in ice, let Skweek travel only one way, explode or dissolve can also cause problems tor the unwary.
Fortunately, you can shoot the creatures and pick up useful bonuses along the way which OVERALL 78% GRAPHICS SOUND 5 INTELLECT 2 ADDICTION 7 OVERALL 72% Strap yourself in and take part in the African stages of the Paris-Dakar rally, courtesy of Parisian software house Tomahawk.
There are five stages to the game, the idea being to make it from Point A to Point B in the shortest possible time, any which way you can. There's a roadway to follow, should you so wish, marked out with old barrels, but it's twisting and the other racers tend to stick to it so your times will be slow. To be in with anything like a chance of winning you have to venture cross-country, which is where the problems start.
AFRICAN RAIDERS The desert is full of hazards: barrels from last year's race, herds of resting camels and soft sand. Sand multiplies problems by slowing you right down, but fortunately you can simply switch from two- to four-wheel drive and crossing the sand becomes much easier, though still slower than two-wheel drive on firm ground.
To help you navigate while you’re off the track there’s a digital compass on the dashboard. There's also a fuel gauge and an indicator (updated by transmissions from a pursuit helicopterl giving you a grid reference, which enables you to follow and plot the course on the map supplied with the game.
All the instruments are vital to successful completion of the stage, but they can get broken if you smash your car up too much, and it's terribly difficult to navigate with no instruments: so careful, driving is a prime requisite.
On the approach to the finish] ing post, only if you join and follow the track to the line will your position be logged. Then the car is repaired and you can set) out on the next stage.
The perspective used is good) the game overall is very fast and if) boasts good gameplay: but it1 not the most exciting of rao games and offers little new apart!
From the map-reading aspect a couple of new hazards. Still, well worth a look.
TOMAHAWK COKTEL VISION £19.99 JOYSTICK Andy Smitti| GRAPHICS 8 SOUND 7 INTELLECT 3 ADDICTION 6 OVERALL 68% GRAPHICS AND SOUND As you might expect from the French, the graphics are of a high standard. Collision detection seems a little iffy, but not disastrously so, and the undulating desert, the hazards and the backgrounds are all good. Sound I is of a similarly high quality, helping to make this an extremely enjoyable, if not outstanding, car racing game.
CLASSIC INVADERS SUPERNOVA SOFTWARE £14.95 JOYSTICK OR KEYBOARD There’s nothing new we could tell you about Space Invaders so, unfortunately for Supernova, that only leaves the conclusion. The Invaders in this version move excrutiatingly slowly, even when there’s only one left on screen, the collision detection is dodgy (shoot through your barrier and you take out either a whole bullet's width, or absolutely nothing no matter how many times you fire) and the sound is best left turned off. Bringing a classic like this to the Amiga is not such a dumb idea: after all it has, and always will
have, a place in the hearts of most computer owners. But to produce a version like this and expect people to buy it is shameful. If you really want to play Space Invaders, there are many better PD versions which will entertain you rather than make you kick yourself and reach straight for the rubbish bin.
Instead of buying this, you could grab yourself a copy of the PD game Amoeba Invaders, given away free on the cover of ST Amiga Format Issue 5, or Fish Disk Number 120.
Andy Smith GRAPHICS 1 SOUND f INTELLECT 1 ADDICTION t OVERALL 09% in ATARI ST AND AMIGA loo much, 0 navigate » careful i is good, last and it : but it’s ot race lew apart pect and . Still, it’s Smith NAVY MOVES DINAMIC ELECTRONIC ARTS £24.95 JOYSTICK The first part is also subdivided into smaller sections. At the start ot the game you’re on the surface of a very choppy ocean in an inflatable dinghy, trying to jump a line of mines that are little more fhan a boat’s length apart. Then you confront enemy commandos on jet skis: here's where the harpoon gun comes in, because it these guys shoot or
crash into you, one of six lives is lost.
Get past them and it’s bme to dive in and take on some deadly sharks and enemy frogmen.
These are all small fry compared to the third stage, though, where you clamber inside a bathyscaphe to take on first an octopus and then a large eel-like monster.
The second part is a sideon viewed platform game set inside the sub, during which you must place a bomb in the reactor and escape. Unfortunately, it's not easy to move around the sub without the passes that officers carry, so you must shoot and rob them.
This game differs from Army Moves in the scenario only. Navy Moves too has exbemely difficult gameplay, to the point where it spoils your enjoyment rather than increasing it. It’s incredibly tough and tor the first part at least, the game is simple, uninspired stuff.
Andy Smith Put on your flippers and snorkel and make ready with the flamethrower and harpoon gun: because it's aquatic death and destruction time.
GRAPHICS 8 SOUND 5 INTELLECT 2 ADDICTION 5 OVERALL 53% The U5544 nuclear submarine must be destroyed and it appears you’re just the person lor the job: if you can get there. Like Dinamic’s earlier game Army Moves, it’s a two-parter, access to the second part being denied until you complete the first part and receive an access code.
Uphill to the exit again (unless you are lucky enough to discover a gravitation switch, which wit simply reverse the gravity!.
The control is awkward, but the game's fun to play and although it's unonginal it's quite a mental exercise. With 200 screens to complete it’s keep you busy tor some while.
SPHERICAL roll once it starts or whether it will fall down the wrong holes. The laws of gravity are obeyed here, so if the ball lands on the floor RAINBOW ARTS £19.99 JOYSTICK theres no way °' making 11 r0“ Remember Solomon's Key? If you do, this is a lot like it: if you don't, well, the aim of this 'influenced' game is to ensure that a ball runs down to a certain part ot the screen by building blocks over holes in another set of blocks that already cover the screen.
There are ghosts to avoid, magic potions to collect and some 200 different levels to complete. There's even a simultaneous tw&player mode which you may find useful because on a lot of the screens you have very little time to think about where the ball wilt o TREBLE COMPUTING AMIGA SOFTWARE Qs AMIGA AMIGA 500 Inc. Modulator, Workbench 1.3. Mouse, Manuals + Leads £359.99 AMIGA SPECIAL GIFT PACK As above Plus Return ot the Jedi. Eliminator, Custodian. Powerplay. Mercenary, Zynaps. Hellbent. Warlock Quest. 24 Public Domain Titles. Fanta Joystick. 80 Capacity Disk Box. 10 x 31 2 DS DD Disks,
Mouse Mai.
£399.99 AMIGA 1 MEG Inc. Modulator, Workbench 1.3. Mouse, Manuals * A501 RAM Expansion + Dragon's Lair Game £489.99 AMIGA 500 + 1084S Med Res Colour Monitor £589.99 AMIGA B2000 Inc. B2000, XT Bridgeboard, A2090 20 mb Hard Drive. ? 1084S Monitor £1499.00 A501 1 2 MEG RAM EXPANSION £129.99 Balance of Power 1990 ...£16.50 ...£16.50 ...£13.99 £19 50 £20 99 £1350 £20 99 £1350 £20 99 £16 50 £1750 £1750 £13 99 £16 50 £1650 £1650 £16 50 £•799 £¦650 t'7 50 £16 50 £16 50 £1799 £1799 £1799 £13 5C £16 50 £20 99 £13 5C £1750 Batllehawks Butcher Hill .. Facon F
O = T Kick ott Fie Knstai Rumirg Man Lortts o' Ihe Rising Sue .
Amencan ice Hockey Pe-sor.i) Nighlm.vo Poouo-S HawkeyH vcyager Wcruorcse Socxkif Bamechess Mefii.fr 2 2 An5o~e Ranger Gum Monsro’ Slam RVF 750 Honda B 000 Money Arctvpeiagos e«J Chalki-go 3D Pool Weec Dreams lecn So'cemr I orn l v Spors Footha May Day Squad Rohocoo PRINTERS STAR LC10 mono inc. Cable ...£214.99 STAR LC10 colour inc. Cable ..£249.99 CITIZEN 120 D inc. Cable £139.99 EPSON LX800 .£244.99 STAR LC24 10 inc. Cable .£324.99 MUSIC & SOUND Aegis Sonix
V.2 .....£44.95 Aegis Atdomasre- u £59 95 AMAS £77 95 IjOjfxj £74 95 PwtMU Sound £74 95 P»c So Gofcs f 74 99 DR Ts KCS ..£159.95 Eidersoft Midi Interface .£24.95 DateiMKj menace £34 95 Dams £46 99 Dynam St CiO £59 99 SU oMajie £59 99 A aron £36 95 ivc £59 95 Mg&c x * none
I) * T*s Kaci Hecofrt no Sturt o £52 96 Cas»o?3Cs Md Keybcarc
£199 99 CasoMI?40Wj. KevtXM'rt £ 129 99 A501 RAM
Upgrade ....£129.99
Workbench 1.3 Enhancer .£13.50
Disk Drive
Cleaner ....£4.95
Mouse Mai
(Soft) ......£4.50
A500 Dusl
Cover ......£6.50
Amiga to Scarl
Lead .£9.95 Quickshot
II Joystick .£8.50
50x31 2- Disk Labels £1.50 MONITORS
Commodore 1084S ......C259.99 Philips
8833 .....£229.99 ART &
ANIMATION Ijgnts Carne'a. Acnor Zoetrspe £47 95 £79 95 £29.96
f6 99 . F’09 99 £44 99 C59 99 £’04 99 £59 99 £59 99 £73 99
£-0999 £5999 £7999 18499 £¦9 95 £3699 £13.95 Defcj.ePaifi i
:Wt.* Stocxs I asi) OekiiM P»rt hi A«g.s Virteosc-oe 30 Ccm»c
Seoe- Move Sere' Mm gen (Gen lock) Dekj*e Proto Lab Dewe v.deo
V deo E «ecis 30 Vktoo w**. Mast*** Aeg« AmFT -n- Aug s Virtftc 1 't»M* Comic Setter Op Anl Fanlavision .. Icon Paint .... 8u Capacity D v Bo« £8 96 £696 £62 50 £24 99 C20999 £63 99 MootXM Covers From A500 PiRWM' S poty Mom. Atu* HiW HanrtyScarne* Pnlpe AV730C I ur*er to* mcrrcrs .
Modefr* Iron DRIVES Cumana 1 Meg 3.5" with on off .£94.99 Triangle 1 Meg 3.5' Drive .....£84.99 All prices include VAT. Please send Cheques P.O. Made payable to: VBSOILE sa ©OffifltPtWOK]® DEPT AMF, CROMER HOUSE, CAXTON WAY, STEVENAGE, HERTS. SG1 2DF
* CREDIT CARD HOTLINE: 0438 361738 * FAX: 0438 740 794 If you do
send cash please send it Registered All Goods are sent First
Class Registered.
Please add £3.00 lor outside U.K. Large orders ie. Amigas, ST. Monitors etc. are always sent by courier.
Please add £6.00 if you require next day courier delivery on other items.
Al prices arc corroct at time ot gotng to Press and are sut oct to change without prior notice TOP QUALITY 3 1 2" DS DD GUARANTEED BULK DISKS ni
25. ......£19.95
50. ......£36.50
200. ....£134.00
PRICES INCLUDE LABELS Add £6.95 for 80 Cap. Disk Box only
when ordering Disks thi gr all BEST EVER We proudly present
our Top Ten of the best ever games: so good that there’s
eleven... to m 1 a JjlT iSSPTOR Horizontally-scrolling
shoot-em-ups don’t come any better than this piece of
Germanic genius, which features some of the best blasting
graphics ever seen and gameplay Io suit the most demanding
of players. Scores over its rivals in the variety and
deviousness of the alien attack patterns. Satisfyingly, a
death and the loss of all additional weapons does not
necessarily herald the end of the game: it is still possible
to battle through, although much tougher. The endof- level
guardians are varied and tricky, the hardest being the enor
mous spaceship. There are enough levels, too, to keep even
the most hardened blaster happy.
The current zenith of strategy games and probably the only game ever to be reviewed in the New York Times. It's more than just a game, it’s a thorough simulation of global politics between the USA and USSR. The attention to detail is extraordinary. After playing this, you will probably know more about world politics than most politicians do.
TIPS Striking a balance between survival and scoring points is the whole art of the game. Factors to bear in mind are spheres ot influence, precedence and relative importance level. The advisors are a good general guide, but the hard decisions are all yours.
TIPS Static attack patterns mean most waves can be wiped out easily by correct positioning. Beware the weapons capsule with the yellow block in: it removes the nose- cone, leaving the ship vulnerable.
CHALLENGE Survive through three levels without collecting additional weapons.
CHALLENGE The Multi-Polar Level is immensely compex and a match for anyone.
BALANCE OF POWER 1990 MINDSCAPE C24.99 DUNGEON MASTER MIRRORSOFT £29.99 A masterpiece of adventuring and role-playing that first appeared on DENARIS RAINBOW ARTS C19.99 This classic space trading combat game is still the best of its kind. Starting out with little money in a simple ship, you have eight galaxies to explore.
Dogfight with pirates and aliens as you shuttle goods from planet to planet trying to earn money to equip your ship. Whether you choose to operate within the law or outside it is entirely up to you, but whichever path you choose, a dogfight is just around the corner: and the enemy ships take no prisoners! A believable game world, terrific gameplay and as big a task as you'll find anywhere.
An absolute must.
The ST and is, sadly, only available In a one Meg version. Lead a party ot adventurers through fourteen levels of Lord Chaos’s dungeons, fighting all manner of vicious nasties and solving some very tricky puzzles in an attempt to rescue your master’s Firestaff.
Superb graphics and sound effects bring heaps of atmosphere to a thoroughly addictive game that’ll have you on the edge of your seat the whole time. Worth buying a memory expansion tor... TIPS Type ‘SARA’ when first prompted for the start-up password, then enter the correct code. During the game press to bring up the TIPS Lure some of the more vicious monsters into doorways and keep the door bashing down on them while you tight.
CHALLENGE Play the game from the start without mapping it as you go.
ELITE FIREBIRD C24.95 A solid-3D combat flight simulator with the emphasis firmly on conv bat. There’s a host ot views, both within and outside the cockpit, and heaps of missions to com plete, some of which are very devious indeed. The overall game structure is great and the atterv tion to detail superb. The graphics and sound effects are both tremendous and the frame rate is impressive. Everyone should own at least one combat tlight sim and this is still the best.
Hacking screen, and then alter the following bytes: Byte Value Result 1 8 ....FF ....Absolutely 1 9 ....FF ....Loadsa 1A ....FF ....Luwerly IB ....FF ....Dosh 9F ....10 ....Mission 1 9F ....20 ....Mission 2 CHALLENGE Play the game without the help of the above cheats or a docking computer.
Some of the hottest, fastest and most frantic arcade action you!
Find outside the arcades. You | fly a heavily-armoured spacecra F-18 INTERCEPTOR ELECTRONIC ARTS £24.95 TIPS Be careful not fo always trust the | mission briefings!
CHALLENGE Experts should be able to complete a mission without using missiles.
HYBRIS DISCO VERY GAINSTAR £24.95 through an alien fortress, blasting ground emplacements and any alien attack ships that are foolish enough to appear on the wrong side of your laser cannons. As you progress, you can pick up extra weaponry fo help the alien wasting move into top gear.
TIPS Memorise the flight patterns of the different alien attack waves so that you can waste them as soon as they appear. Ground emplacements can have you cornered in no time: d possible, knock them out without the slightest delay.
CHALLENGE Survive for three levels wifhouf destroying the ground installations.
NEBULUS HEWSON £19.99 So much more than just a platform game! It’s a unique concept that tests both the mind and the reflexes. The crucial feature is the setting, in the middle of a sea on a number of towers that revolve as your character moves round them. There are all manner of nasty surprises throughout the game, as you struggle fo reach the top of the towers within a hme-limd and without tumbling into the water. It’s a magndicent concept, superbly executed, instantly addictive and with enough difficult towers to stretch the best.
TIPS The most important thing to learn is the timing of the appearance of the spinning alien: get in rhythm to save an awful lot of sudden drops.
Watch out for areas where being knocked down by the alien is vital to progress.
V‘I- 4 I- -X - I- - | vE.V ztrju j i j - imp-a? Nr.
Mrrrrrn uar- v- - .uJiJJiJjrm trr.
Jn 72TT3sge.m rrrs a m: v t . A a i m -i m'.
F7|. * . M |T7fy a|aJffi iiTwfzrz * * ~t~j viz'.
Yij. Iiv'Z’prs’i*]*V"__ CHALLENGE Complete the first three towers without being knocked down once to earn a 100% technique bonus.
POPULOUS ELECTRONIC ARTS £24.95 A relative newcomer, but with all the essential ingredients needed to ensure instant classic status.
You play the part of a divine being overseeing a race of people living on a small world. Unfortunately, there's also another divine being (either the computer or a friend!
Trying to look after a rival race: because the world is too small for both races, one has to go. And fhafs where you come in. By helping your tribe to settle, build a civilisation and conquer new ground, you gain the power to invoke a whole gamut of natural disasters upon the opponent’s people, thus helping your tribe and increasing your power still further. With a thousand worlds to conquer, Populous is destined to keep you playing for months: and you're sure to enjoy every minute.
TIPS Volcanoing the opposing population in the same spot several times is very effective. Keep building new settlements for your pep pie throughout the game: power, the key to the game, is derived from settling. If they are too comfortable and have lost the inclination to explore, reduce the size of a settlement until it’s too large to hold the population: the settlement will then kick someone out to explore and settle new territory.
CHALLENGE Play three consecutive worlds without using any of your divine powers: no earthquakes, volcanoes, knights, floods, swamps, or any of the other acts of god... THE SENTINEL FIREBIRD £19.95 Bizarre and compelling strategy game played over the chequered surface of a planet dominated by the Sentinel. Essentially, you must absorb energy while trying to prevent ttte Sentinel from absorbing yours. A clear brain and a fast trigger finger are both vital in this original and huge - ten thousand landscapes - game.
TIPS Remove all the sentries and position yourself right next to the Sentinel (so you can absorb him whenever you wish) then, while he’s turning slowly toward you, survey the land and absorb any extra trees and the like. As soon as he starts scanning you, simply absorb him and take his place.
CHALLENGE A considerable achievement would be to win a landscape without taking out any sentries.
SUPER HANG-ON ELECTRIC DREAMS £24.99 The best racing game on two wheels, more than a match for any of its four-wheeled rivals. The rolling road looks fantastic, every stage is accompanied by delightful scenery, the roaring engines sound good and the music is excellent. Pacing is perfect: tightening time limits make winning a very difficult proposition. The mouse control is delightful too.
TIPS Keep your finger on the accelerator and go! Well, OK, you do need to slow down occasionally: but steering info corners early helps.
CHALLENGE Complete the first five-stage course without crashing once.
VIRUS FIREBIRD £19.95 State-of-the-art 30 graphics and a superb control system are hallmarks of this classic from Elite author. David Braben. Although criticised for being too hard to play, with a little practice ifs one of the most addictive, challenging and enjoyable shoot-em-ups ever created. Stop the aliens from infecting the beautiful, rolling, patchwork landscape by reducing every one of the many types of enemy craft to glittering clouds of debris. The graphics are stunning, the sound effects are superb and the gameplay is unrivalled.
TIPS Missiles are precious - use them only fo take out attractors and mystery craft. By hovering low over the water you can see the shadows of incoming attackers and fheir vapour trails. Along with the sound cues, this allows you to manoeuvre and thrust at the right time to gain a height advantage and attack. Take out bombers and seeders first because the landscape bonus can earn valuable extra lives. On later levels, try to refuel just before the pests start warping in: you will not be able to while they are around.
CHALLENGE Destroy all the scanners on Wave One and then get to Wave Five (the new landscape) flying blind.
High-score tans should have a crack at getting to the third landscape and scoring 250,000.
GO MAD ON A COIN-OP Win US Gold's Gauntlet II coin-op worth over £2,000, plus heaps of US Gold sweatshirts and games.
A dream come true for all arcade fans: your very own coin-op. Its no ordinary coin-op either: it's the smash hit Gauntlet II.
That's not |ust one or two player action, but four players blasting and chasing around together. Your friends will iove you lor it.
As it a two-grand arcade machine wasnt enough, US Gold are also giving away 20 sweatshirts and 20 games as runner-up prizes. Each of the 20 runners-up will get a sweatshirt and a US Gold game of their choice.
Gauntlet II is a classic game that combines hectic blasting action with lots of level exploration and player co-operation. It's a marvellous arcade experience, not to be missed.
To be in with a chance of winning this fantastic machine or one of the 20 other prizes, all you have to do is answer the following three questions.
Whack the answers on the back of a costcard or stuck-down envelope and send it to: Gauntlet II Comp, Amiga Format. 4 Queen Street, Bath BA1 1EJ. The entries should reach us by August 21st and don't forget to include your name, address and phone number on the postcard and add the name ot the US Gold game you'd like to receive it you win a runner-up prize.
RULES Employees of Future Publishing and US Gold are not allowed to enter. The judges' decision is final: no correspondence will be entered into.
1. Which of these is one of the four characters in Gauntlet II?
A| Bimbo the Bandit
b) Darren the Dull
c) Merlin the Wizard
2. What should you do when touched by the TT monster?
A) See a doctor immediately.
B) Touch another player and pass it on.
C) Touch a THAT monster to get rid ot it.
3. What nasty tactic do sorcerers use when attacking you?
A) Shoot magic that freezes you to the spot
b) Reverse the controls.
C| Go invisible for short periods of time.
REMEMBER to include your name, address and phone number on your entry HiSoft BASIC includes full support ot the Amiga, as standard, with extensive window, screen and graphics commands. In the same way as the interpreter, Amiga libraries can also be accessed as it they were built-in statements allowing complete machine access.
HiSoft BASIC includes full MENU support, with event trapping and powerful sprite routines, using the OBJECT keywords.
HiSoft BASIC Compiler Now BASIC has come of age HiSoft BASIC is a fully-integrated compiler and editor that makes it beautifully easy to convert all your AmigaBASIC programs into fast-running machine code.
In fact, HiSoft BASIC is so simple and quick to use that you will soon find that you no longer need the AmigaBASIC interpreter at all. You can do everything you want with HiSoft BASIC.
Compiled programs can execute in their own window(s) or use the CLI window tor minimum size. CLI-type programs may be easily written and made resident since they are fully re-entrant.
For larger programs and for those programmers with strong editor preferences we also supply an editor-less compiler for traditional disk-to-disk compilation methods.
HiSoft BASIC is a no-limits language; string variables may be up to 16Mbytes in length and there are no limits on array sizes either (subject to available memory). Code generated is fully 68010 020 030 compatible.
Compiled programs have no run-time overhead; all compiled programs share an Amiga library, which may be distributed with programs without charge.
Compiled programs multi-task, of course, but as they all share the same library, memory usage and disk space is kept to a minimum. There is also an option to produce completely stand-alone programs which include only as much ot the library as they need.
A new feature ot the latest version of HiSott BASIC is the ability to link BASIC with C and assembler!
¦ Compatible with Microsoft QuickBASIC 3, Atari ST BASIC, AmigaBASIC and most other BASICS ¦ Full structured programming with long Ifs, multi- line functions, sub-programs, CASE, WHILE, REPEAT, DO etc. HiSoft BASIC ¦ Optional line numbers, lots of compiler and runtime options allowing tremendous flexibility both at compile & execution time ¦ Full recursion in sub-programs and functions plus local and global variables, arrays as parameters ¦ 5 types of variable, integers, long integers, single- & double-precision floats and strings ot any size ¦ No limits; no program size limit and no
variable size limits, memory permitting ¦ Interactive environment; invoke the compiler from the easy-to-use Intuition editor and all errors will be reported, in English, giving you the option to go straight back to the editor for correction or to carry on compiling. You can run your program from the editor so it's just like using an interpreter
- but much, much taster!
¦ Power features like include symbolic debug, exploit maths co-processors and much more ¦ Complete with free AmigaBASIC Inside 8 Out tutorial book plus examples disk, for a limited time ",.. the manual is clearly written and informative and an example of how a computer manual should really be written. HiSott BASIC has got a great deal going for it. It's fast, portable, compiled and ...is quite simply the best implementation of BASIC yet seen on the Amiga" New Computer Express 28 1 89 ORDER FORM ¦ Yes, please rush me a copy of the HiSoft BASIC Compiler for my Amiga at £79.95 inc. I would
like to pay by: Cheque Postal Order jAccess Visa Access Visa Card N5 Signature Expiry Send or phone your order to: HiSoft, The Old School, Greentield, Bedford, MK45 5DE. Tel: (0525) 718181 DESIGN 3D fully exploits all of the Amiga's capabilities (Graphics in 16 colour out of 4096, resolution of 640 512, rapidly, multitasking) in order to allow the creation ot objects in real 3D. You visualize these in either four views (front, side, from above, perspective) or full screen. The perspective mode allows a representation with some sides hidden, according to seven different modes, one of which
uses shading from 4 light sources. Furthermore, due to the fact that DESIGN 3D works in points, facettes and volumes, each of these entities can be manipulated independently from the others (moving, distortion, rotation...). Thanks to the output possibility on graphic printer or plotter (HPGL) you can see your designs on paper. Further, a parametric grid, a reticle, a font editor and the display of numerous parameters make DESIGN 3D an incredible user-friendly product tor every person wanting to work in 3 dimensions.
Instructions and program in English.
Simple User Interface.
Quick to get impressive results.
Includes Animation.
Easy to rotate object in any dimension.
Videoscape compatible.
* f GOLD DIS INFOGRAMES Contact your nearest dealer or HB
MIDDX. UB7 7PQ TEL: 0895 444433 £79.95 inc VAT Over tire past
couple of months, Commodore have stepped up their
advertising into the vertical markets. The latest market
to receive the Amiga treatment is that of the low- end CAD
workstation. Commodore have pulled together a range of
'officiar Amiga CAD 'solutions', as the PR people like to
call them. The basic system consists of an Amiga 2000 with
3 Mb ot memory, 14-inch multi-sync colour monitor, 68020
accelerator card and the professional version of X-CAD,
the suitably named X-CAD Professional.
Prices for these lovely bundles ot kit range from about three grand right up to a whacking eight grand (although pricing is still to be confirmed). For the home market, however, there is a distinct possibility that Commodore may bundle both the A2000 and A500 with the low- cost version of X-CAD, X-CAD Designer.
Modular Times' X-CAD Designer is a fully-featured, two-dimensional design and draughting tool which will be of interest to draughtsmen, designers and engineers alike. The package arrives in one of those very nice box tolders that seem to be standard issue for serious PC software, but tend rarely to be used lor Amiga products. Lurking inside the box you’ll find a manual, a single program disk and a dongle, which must be plugged into the second joystick port for the program to function fully.
Both versions of X-CAD are designed in a modular form, which means the software is built up from three primary components: the X-CAD program itself, a set of run-time libraries and a set of command overlays. The advantage of this system is twofold.
Firstly, system memory usage is kept to a minimum by loading commands only when they are required. Secondly, this modular tofm allows new commands to be added to the system comparatively easily by just adding exba command overlays and run-time libraries.
X-CAD DESIGNER Powerful graphics chips make the Amiga ideal for a budget CAD workstation.
JASON HOLBORN looks at the *official’ Amiga CAD package.
LAYER OF THE AMIGA All professional CAD systems allow the use of layers, which means a diagram can be split up into several overlaying sections. X-CAD certainly isn't let down in this area, since it allows the definition of up to 256 different layers, which can be displayed in any combination.
X-CAD Designer features all the standard drawing tools that you'd expect to find in a high-end package, such as splines, cross-hatching, grouping, line breaking and trimming. All are executed at a phenomenal speed. This speed is probably X-CAD's greatest asset, because it uses the Amiga's custom hardware to offer redraw rates over five times quicker than those of the most popular PC package, AutoCAD, running on a 8038frbased PC-compatible.
Once you've ‘designetf your masterpiece, you’ll want to output it to paper.
Luckily for those of us who can’t afford pen plotters, X-CAD has extensive support tor dot-matrix printers. Even with a bog-standard nine-pin dot-matrix, some very professional results can quickly be produced. When it is printing, X-CAD automatically builds up a smoothed representation of whatever is on-screen, producing the highest resolution printout that is possible on your printer.
It is very unusual to find an Amiga package that not only destroys the competition on the host machine, but also on all other comparable machines.
This system's greatest assets are undoubtedly its high level of adaptability and sheer operating speed. X-CAD Professional running on a 68020-based Amiga with the new super-high-res A2024 monitor could quite simply clean up the low-end CAD market. It Commodore’s advertising department gets it right, I can see the Amiga and X-CAD becoming a formidable force. ¦ CADENCES CAD is one particular area of computing that has been revolutionised by the arrival of machines such as Ihe Amiga. Previously. Ihe image that surrounded any CAD system was of a powerful graphics workstation costing many tens of
thousands of pounds, linked lo a super-high-res vector screen that required a fork lift truck to shift it With the arrival of powerful personal computers such as Ihe Amiga. CAD has finally been broughl wilhin the reach of the masses.
REVIEW Apple’s Macintosh has earned itself the rare honour of being regarded by many as almost a ‘cult’ computer. JASON HOLBORN checks out A-MAX, a new hardware add-on that will give your Amiga that old Mac magic.
BIG MAC & CHIPS completely captured the DTP market with its excellent range ot professional DTP packages.
A Mac emulator for the Amiga certainly has taken a long time to arrive: ST owners have been happily running Mac software on their machines tor over a year now. What has finally arrived is a hardware-based emulator that has a very simple objective: to turn your Amiga into a perfect imitabon of a Macintosh Plus computer.
The first thing you'll probably ask yourself before considering forking out for any emulator is ¦What can this machine do that I can't already do on my Amiga?"
Well, the answer to that question isn't as straightforward as it would first seem. It would be correct to say that there probably isn't a great deal that you can do on a Mac that you couldn’t already do on your Amiga. So why even consider a Mac emulator? Well the reason, put simply, is that Mac versions of software are often considerably more powerful than similar packages on the Amiga.
One area that the Mac excels in particularly is that of Desk Top Publishing. Compare Professional Page on the Amiga to even fhe simplest of Mac DTP packages and you'll soon realise why nine out of ten electronic publishers prefer fhe Mac. The Mac WIMP system, Finder, lends itself very well to heavily graphics-based applications such as DTP and although the machine lacks the advanced graphics hardware ot the Amiga, graphics-based applications still manage to steam along at an astonishing rate. For an example, try comparing the redraw speed ot Professional Page to that of a similar Mac
package. The Mac has almost SETTING UP YOUR McAMIGA As is the case with nearly every emulator known to man, A-Max isn't a 'plug in and go' add-on.
Alter you’ve found a source tor the Mac ROMs (no easy task), the next job is to actually get the Mac's WIMP operating system, Finder, over to an A-Max format disk.
Because ot obvious copyright restrictions, Amax isn't supplied with the Mac OS. You’ll have to obtain a copy of that yourself.
Once you've found a friendly Mac user who is willing to let you borrow a system disk, the next problem is how to get the contents ot a Mac disk across to an A-Max disk. The Mac uses a special multi-speed drive with a disk format that cannot be read by any machine other than a Mac, so just inserting the Mac system disk into your Amiga drive isn’t the answer (that would be tar too easy!) If, however, you have access to a Mac second drive, getbng Finder across is childsplay, because A-Max will allow you to plug any standard Apple drive into the A-Max cartridge and use it as you would with a
'real' Mac.
Thankfully, unlike with similar units on the ST, this initial setting up is fairly straightforward and can be achieved in no time at all.
Although Amiga drives cannot handle the multi-speed nature ot Mac drives, they are highly adaptable and can be forced to read just about any format with the right software (D0S-2-D0S is a fine example: if allows the Amiga MacClock FutureSound 50CT Possibly the best Sound Digitizer around ?
Chris Cain in the April 89 issue of Personal Computer World said "The first thing to be said about FutureSound 500 is that its far easier to say than Pro Sound Designer Gold. It also looks a lot better. This merit won’t sell too many units, but the exceptionally good hardware will."
Only £89.95 Inc Rik Haynes in the 17 June 89 issue of New Computer Express said "The hardware is first rate constantly producing the crispest samples we’ve heard."
The April 89 issue of AUI said "The manual contains tips on accessing the samples from C, and a full set of routines for using the samples from Amiga BASIC are supplied on the disk.
Full marks for this!"
The June 89 issue of TGM magazine said "FutureSound is one of the best sound sampling packages available for the Amiga, and owners of IFF music packages will certainly find it very useful and at £89.95 its definitely worth buying."
.Records two tracks simultaneously .Separate microphone input with built in amp .Samples up to 42,000 samples per second, 20,000 samples per second per channel in stereo .Sliding volume input control .Ribbon cable attaches to parallel port, and can be used with a Data switch unit .Easy to use software editor with many features .Full support for all hard disks .Supports RAM disks & VDO devices .Works with all Amiga operating systems including 1.3 and the new FastFileSystem Monitor input through your Amiga from the Digitizer . Uses expanded memory where available, up to 8MB .Save your sounds in
IFF format or as Raw Data .Sample direct from your HiFi, CD player or Walkman .Sampling rates of up to 56,000 samples per second are possible, if used with a 68020 processor and Aegis AudioMaster II software Distributed By Applied Visions (UK) Jersey Supreme Works, 538-546 Whippendell Road, Watford, Herts,WD1 1QN.
Tel:0923 818078 Available From H.B. Marketing Ltd SDL (UK) Ltd Brooklyn House, Unit 10, Ruxley | 22 The Green, Corner Ind EsI, | Sidcup-By-f Sidcup, Kent, DA14 5SS Tel:] 01-3090300 And all good Amiga Dealert I West Drayton, Middx UB7 7PO.
Tel:0895 444433 This ad created by Advanced Technologys DTP System Call 0923 817548 c Aeon AoIIoMmIi mart ot AagW Development a to read IBM and Atari tormat disks). Special formatting software is provided for the Mac that allows the creation ot a mini trans- fer-disk that can be read by both the Amiga and the Mac. This disk only has a 272K capacity and so once you've got the Mac desktop on-screen, you’re sbongly advised to transfer a comms package across so that larger applications can be brought across into A-Max.
To get A-Max up and running, there are two files that must exist on your A-Max boot disk, namely the Apple Finder and System files.
These two files between them contain the Mac operating system and desktop environment. On some versions ot the Mac OS, you'll probably have to remove as many fonts and desktop accessories as you possibly can so that both tiles fit on the limited capacity ot the transfer disk.
Once both the System and Finder files are on your transfer disk, A-Max will boot up and your hybrid Mac will spring to life. The next step is to format a Mac disk from within A-Max and copy both files to this disk so that the mini transfer-disk can be used again.
SOFTWARE COMPATIBILITY ReadySott, the producers' ot A-Max, claim that A-Max will run most productivity software without problems. We've managed to test several major Mac packages such as MacWrite, MacPaint, MacDraw, PageMaker 2 and the public domain comms package Red Ryder, all ot which worked without any problems. A-Max will also support HyperCard and the new Multifinder, although you’ll need at least a megabyte to take full advantage of these.
What A-Max won’t run is any software which bypasses the Mac operating system routines and hits the hardware directly. The kind of software that will definitely not run under A-Max includes the vast majority of Mac midi software, and quite a few Mac games software.
The good news (in the view of the Amiga Format team) is that Spectrum Holobyte's excellent Mac version of Tetris works fine!
SCREEN SCENE On a standard Amiga using the current release of Agnus, Mac emulation can operate in both higlwes interlaced and medium- resolution screen modes. A-Max also provides lull support for the new enhanced chip set (if we ever see it!) And the new high-res mono monitor, the A2024.
For those of you without erther ECS or the A2024 (ie,
99. 9% of Amiga owners), the rather annoying flicker of the
Amiga's display in hi-res mode makes it almost unusable, so
after the initial attraction of higtv I Ltd Tuxley id Est,
ly-pass, Cent, 5 Tel: DO Dealers HARDWARE CORNER The A-Max
hardware consists of a long, grey box that plugs into the
external drive port. As well as providing a pass through
connector for external Amiga drives, the A- Max hardware
provides a connector tor an Apple external drive.
Unfortunately, Apple external drives (in fact, Apple hardware items in generall are not particularly cheap, but if you intend using A-Max seriously the investment will be worthwhile because it will allow you to read Mac disks directly.
Unfortunately, the current release ot A-Max doesn't support hard drives, although plans are afoot to include this in future versions. For some applications, hard drives are a vital necessity, so the lack of support could proue to be something ol a problem.
All Macintosh emulators require access to Mac ROMs, and A-Max is no sole exception.
Unfortunately, A-Max does not come as standard with the necessary slithers of silicon, so you'll have to purchase them separately.
A-Max will accept both the old 64K ROMs from the original Mac and the newer 128K ROMs from the Mac Plus. The larger ROMs have several advantages over the older res, you’ll probably end up using A-Max in medium-resolution mode.
When using ECS with a multisync monitor, A-Max will provide a very attractive working environment. With the A2024, the A-Max screen resolution rises to an impressive 1008 by 800: virtually the same as that offered by a £5000 Macintosh 2.
64Ks in that they run faster and are able to handle a higher proportion of the newer Mac software. If you have an accelerator card in your Amiga, you must have 128K ROMs because the smaller ROMs are not compatible with these more advanced processors.
Installing the ROMs into the A-Max cartridge is childsplay (although removing them from a Mac is a nightmarell. With them installed, your Mac is ready to roll.
Obtaining Mac ROMs can be a difficult task: most Apple dealers are not to keen to hand them out.
Unfortunately, this means that UK- based suppliers who are willing to admit the tact that they supply Apple ROMs are very hard to find.
Entertainment International are currently looking at the possibility of supplying ROMs as well as the A-Max unit itself.
CONCLUSION A-Max certainly is an impressive piece of hardware, ft is highly compatible, and the inclusion of ECS and A2024 graphic modes is bound to earn A-Max more than a lew triends. The only negative aspect of A-Max is . The lack of hard disk support, which makes professional use ol the system questionable. Many users will also complain about the inability to autoboot A-Max from hard disk: with the new 1.3 autoboobng ROMs, hard drive support shouldn’t be hard to implement.
Hopefully, future releases ol A-Max will address this: but this is one of the best emulators available on any machine, and is not only great fun to own, but also very useful. ¦ S. MUSICAL MAYHEM Music Editor Jon Bates explains that with no talent, no expensive equipment and one Amiga, you too can make incredible music... his is a journey into sound: a guide to what the Amiga can do musically. You don't have to lash out on lots of expensive goodies, and it doesn't matter it you're about as musical as doorpost and can’t read a note. One of the main points of computers and music is to make things
easier, not baffling. With only a modicum of effort, you can knock up very respectable musical works.
ALL THIS, AND MORE Your Amiga, in its naked, straight- Irom-the-box state, will perform three musical roles. Firstly, it will CREATE sound entirely of its own by tweaking the internal sound chip. This effectively means the computer instantly becomes an instrument, a synthesiser, in its own right.
Secondly, it RECREATES sound: for instance, it can take samples of noises from the real world, so that genuine drum or .violin notes or even human voices can be built into a piece of music.
Similarly, it can store, change and recreate all manner ol artificial synthesised sounds.
Thirdly, it can ORGANISE these sounds, building up individual notes to create a piece of music in a role that is known as sequencing. And all this without a bott-on in sight. Many Amiga music packages offer all three of these options under one roof, whereas more specialised programs will make extensive forays into just one area.
AND MIDI MAKES SIX MIDI, the Musical Instrument Digital Interface, is a common language that enables the Amiga to perform all three functions with electronic instruments. With a synth, for instance, it can create sounds to be replayed from the keyboard as well as storing, recreating and editing those sounds: the sounds are called voices, so this function is known as voicing. Particularly important with MIDI is the organising of sound: sequencing. As a sequencer, the Amiga can, in effect, record music played on electronic Instruments, and edit the music so bad notes are chopped out, play the
piece back via the instrument. Moreover, MIDI allows for 16 channels, so 16 separate instruments can go into one song, and the sequencer allows sections ot a piece to he looped, repeated and generally messed about with.
The usual MIDI interlace uses the serial port of the Amiga although there are in existence plug in boards which will give you permanent MIDI ports. MIDI travels at 31.25K baud, which is quite last enqugh tor most processes. And the beauty ot MIDI and the Amiga is that the interfaces are all one standard.
INTERNAL EXPLORATION First off, the internal sound chip.
A quick flick to the back ot your Amiga book produces a picture of the sound chip "Paula". Not terribly enlightening, hut it gives you a rough idea of the chip's capabilities. It can produce tour sounds simultaneously and spread them between the stereo left and right ports. It has a range of nine octaves - one more than a piano - and the claim about using amplitude and frequency modulation means it can create sound from both simple and more complex wavelorms. Obviously the way forward is to seek some reasonable software to control it, so a selection of the most commonly available packages
INSTANT MUSIC Perhaps the most 'entry level' program is Instant Music. For ‘entry level’, read 'absolute bozo beginner'. Instant Music is rather a neat composition program that doesn't really require any musicality on behalt ol the user. It uses a graphic score, a series of coloured oblongs relative to the length ol the note which scroll past on screen: a different colour represents each instrument, and it comes with a full compliment ol sampled instruments. Actual composition is perlormed by dragging and placing blobs around the screen; the higher up the screen , the higher the note.
It you drag the note out from left to right it becomes longer. Notes occurring at the same time form a chord, and every movement ot the note on scredn lets you1 hear the pitch and sound ol that note.
It you are familiar with traditional notation this is a really slow way ol working, but as a heuristic (such big wordsll approach to music it works very well.
The favourite feature is 'Mouse Jam' which everybody who has had a go with this program becomes addicted to. You select the backing and style that you want to play with and away you go. By clicking the mouse and moving it around the screen it manages to play only those notes that sound in tune and in stylistic keeping with the backing; a form ot 'artificial intelligence' that should be a compulsory implant in the brains and lingers MUSIC of adherents to the Widdly Widdly School ot Guitar Torture'.
MUSIC STUDIO It you can live with the fact that your sound files will not be compatible with any other program, a decent sequencing and sound creating package is the Amiga Music Studio, which has a very good instrument design page.
The program comes with filteen preset sounds which can he subiected to a whole host of alterations: harmonics, envelope shape, sustain, vibrato and tremolo, and stereo position. Not a bad introduction to the world of sound tor voice) creating.
It offers you a choice ol either graphic or traditional music notation to sequence the notes.
Graphic is an alternative to traditional musical notation that uses a set ot shapes to represent notes. The usual way this is done is to have the pitch of the note running from the bottom ot the screen to the top and the time length of the note running on the other axis from left to right. With Music Studio each instrument is given a separate colour. You can even add lyrics to your efforts and it supports the lull 16 MIDI channels in and out.
PAULA IN PUBLIC There are several Public Domain programs that give you access to the Paula chip in varying degrees.
There will be an article in the not too distant future covering the music aspect of PD software. But for now, you could check out Fish Disk 94 which has an 'Audio Tools' utility.
SAMPLING Avoiding the technical details for the moment, sampling is the way in which sound is encapsulated digitally. The most critical part ot this, as tar as your ears go, is the actual conversion trom messy electrical impulses to digital data, and yice versa, known in the business as ADC (analogue to digital conversion) and DAC (you can work that one out).
Most other micros require hardware to convert sound to digital and back again, but the Paula chip is very efficient at converting digital data back to the stulf that makes your speakers work, tt would be not tar short of the truth to say that the sonic capabilities of the Amiga rival all but the most expensive - as in coming up to £1000 - of protessional samplers. Plus with sound editing software you can actually see the sound and play around with it, follows that many sound sequencing and creation programs come with sampled sounds all ready to play. Any sample can usually be able
software. There are also programs about that will let you arrange these sounds into pieces that can subsequently be stored as a module to be used in games, or wherever.
Loaded into another piece of suit- into a full-blown arrangement.
Although you can easily enjoy the benefits of playing back prerecorded samples, making your own will require some outlay. The three main contenders are the Pro Sound Designer, AMAS, and the Datel Amiga Sampler.
Compatible with these are MIDI players that allow the samples to things. Although they are starting be played from a MIDI keyboard, to make inroads into the However, ST Amiga Format mar- American market which is awash keted sampling hardware in kit with Pcs, they see the way form in Issue 11, May 1989. This forward on the Amiga, and not is available from Magenta who the PC with its problems of no will also sell you the sampling hardware, Pertect Seund, fdr a ridiculously low sum. How’s that for a low-cost entry into sam- pling? There will be a sampling Steinberg Pro 24 will cost exactly
special in a coming issue, but lor that, £250. Watch this space lor now check Pages 31 and 73. An in-depth review of what is promised to be not merely a MIDI STEP BY STEP cross-over but also an update.
Two good MIDI programs are More promising still is the modu- Aegis Sonix. Which contains lar program from the San sections on all the subjects men- Francisco based Microlllusions tioned (creating sound, altering who are launching Music X. This sound, creating songs and han- modular program does all sorts dling MIDI data) and Deluxe Music Construction Set, which is a step-time sequencer. You insert the notes individually defining length and pitch lor up to eight parts, using a combination ot up to four of the internal voices and four of the external MIDI channels, although you can it you wish
use up to eight MIDI channels as well as the internal voices. It has a lull palette ot notes and signs and the graphics are well-observed. Sound editing features are absent, however.
MIDI ON THE ROLL The ball really starts to roll when we start to consider multiple- track sequencers of fhe real-time variety. These will let you play your tunes in sections, and check them for errors via either graphic notation, traditional notation or at worst a data stream. Having The list of dedicated MIDI sequencers for the Amiga gets longer each month and so I won’t bore you with the details.
However there are two programs soon to be available which will open up the field for the Amiga.
The first is a version of one of the most successful of all MIDI sequencers, the Steinberg Pro 24, only available up until now for the ST. I think this is a measure of how Steinberg, who are a German soltware house, view something that is a real pain to achieve on a piece of dedicated sorted out the major calamities you can then call some smart software routines to help you sampler hardware.
Since there is also a common standard lor storifig data (IFF), it correct bad notes and timing blunders, which is known as Quantizing: Once all is' to your satisfaction, you can organise the sections that you have recorded standard interlace (unless you count the ultra-expensive ’industry standard interlace’ cl the Roland MPU401 at £250 a threw!) The ot sequencing with several different types of editing features, all very professional, as well as full MIDI features. While all this is running you can also call up other modules which are resident in the machine at the same time. These will
do voice- editing for various synthesizers and store them in libraries, which can be called in at any given moment into the sequencer,, and will also handle voice creation and sample editing. The demo versions seen so far are tremendous. A lull review should be possible soon, but meanwhile take a peek at the News pages.
Youve got your Amiga, sorted out various bits of software and maybe a synth into the bargain.
Now all you need to do is to hear yourself in true perspective and then commit it to tape. First thing is to get some decent amplifica bon. The Amiga stereo outputs are of the phono type, which by a happy coincidence happens to be the same as most hi-fi amplifiers, so as long as the amp can accept an external source in, usually called Aux, you’re away.
The part of the sound chain I that is most suspect is the speak ers themselves. A decent set ol speakers will improve a hi-fi no J end whereas a decent amp shoved through a rubbish pair ol speakers still sounds pretty nalt.
If you have neighbours who wl not appreciate a few hundred watts of bottom end bass line rattling the headboard ot their bed at 4 am then maybe a good pair of headphones is in order Money spent in these areas will save a lot of frustration later on What you should try to get is a true picture of the sound in all its glory. If you don’t, then when you transfer it to tape and take it somewhere with a decent system. Your prized efforts will start to sound like a crossed telephone line to Greece with all sorts ol unheard-ot bangs and whistles.
There are various other items
- no. Lots and lots of other items - that can be thrown into the
chain of sound recording. In fact there Is scope lor a complete
feature on just that in some future issue.
The bottom line for anything like a mixer, tape deck or effects unit is to ensure that it doesn't add any significant amount of notse into the system. If you insist on using cassettes obtained free at the local garage along with a dirty old cassette player that used to double as a data recorder you’ll get no sympathy from me when the result sounds like it was recorded bn the wing of a 747 at 30,000 ft. ¦ Now, the facts: the prices ol all the packages mentioned in this article, and names, addresses and phone numbers of suppliers.
AMIGA MUSIC STUDIO £24.99, Activision, Blake HI, Manor Farm Rd. Reading, Berks.
RG2 0JN. 10734 311666) INSTANT MUSIC £24.95, Electronic Arts, Langley Business Centre. 11 49 Station Rd, Langley, Nr Slough, Berks (0753 494421 ATHENE Cheetah ate one ol I lie leading manufacturers of MIDI keyboards and synlh modules.
If you're looking lor master keyboard or MIDI synlh module, offer the oomplele range.
AiMJ OA MJUJ 0 0 0D1£2 MIDI leads 2.5m length .£2.95 Music X - the professional choice ......£179.00
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Interface .....£74.95
Datcl MIDI Interface 1 IN. I THRU and 3
OUT .....£32.95 Comus
24 ..£75.00
Dr T MRS v I. I terrific 8 track
sequencer ......£54.95
DOO£ AT rill O' Datcl MIDI Interface plus Comus Track 24
sequencer and two MIDI leads total RRP £115.85. package
price .....£94.95
1 lilEO iJBOJiADB BO A Si DO - 0 OlUALJSTE ¦JJsJv or with
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Chelmsley Wood Shopping Centre, Birmingham B37 5TL The Real-Time Sound Processor takes the Amiga's sound sampling capabilities that bit further by using it not for straight sampling, which until recently had been the sole application, but as a powerful sound manipulation tool. If you've ever used protessional synthesizers such as the Roland D-50 supersynth or Yamaha's V50 Keyboard Workstation, then you're probably already familiar with the concept of sound processing.
When a sound is produced, feeding i! Through a sound processor can enhance the sound by adding new characteristics to it. For example, a reverb unit adds a 'roomy' feel to a sound, so it sounds as if it was played in a large hall.
REAL-TIME SOUND PROCESSOR Amiga sound samplers come in a multitude of different shapes and sizes. JASON HOLBORN checks out a sound sampler with a difference.
MANIPULATING TIME This Amiga-based sound processor takes an external mono sound signal Isuch as that outputted by a CD player, Hi-Fi or synthesizerl, samples it at an astonishing 50 Khz and then manipulates it before it is emitted through the Amiga's stereo sound outputs. All this activity takes place in real time, which actually allows the unit to manipulate a continuous sound signal.
What you get lor your money is the actual sampling hardware itself (which also functions as a conventional sound sampler if you've a software package such as Aegis AudioMasler) which plugs into the parallel port, a spiral-bound manual, a single disk containing the sound processing software and a rather large dongle which must be plugged into the second joystick port for the software to work at all. I've never been a great fan of dongles and on a multi-tasking machine such as the Amiga: where several packages can be running simultaneously, they can be a real pain.
The package provides nineteen preset sound manipulation tools such as Echo.
Reverb, Delay, Flange and both AM and FM modulation. As well as these presets, you can also configure your own effects using the extensive software controls and then store them in any one of 127 preset slots. Playing around with the supplied presets can be a lot of fun in itself, particularly if you've got a microphone that you can link up to the sampling hardware.
One unique and potentially very useful feature of the Sound Processor is the ability to change the current preset through MIDI control. This is achieved using the same MIDI 'program change’ messages that are used to change the sound to be played on a MIDI synth.
This could he very useful when used in conjunction with a sequencer as it would allow your sequencer to control not only the operations of your synths, but also the sound processor.
For the Amiga user who also enjoys tinkering around with their home keyboard, the Sound Processor provides a useful addition to a music-making arsenal. The unit is undoubtedly flexible and costs considerably less than even the cheapest ol protessional effects units, but unfortunately it fails to deliver the kind of sound quality that serious musicians demand. This isn’t really a fault in the sound processor itself, but merely a limitation ot the Amiga’s hardware.
For serious use. Sound processors need at least a twelve-bit resolution, which is four bits more than even the Amiga can handle. Without these extra bits, the sound produced can become muffled and hollow, which really isn't acceptable for serious music making. If the unit featured a sixteen-bit sampling resolution, then it would not only be a corker of an Amiga product, but would also leave quite a lew professional units out in the cold. If you want to use a sound processor seriously, you’re probably best advised to fork out the extra cash and buy a dedicated effects unit.
The Amiga has always been a great machine for the creation of musical masterpieces, using either the Amiga's powerful sound chip or. If you hate the necessary equipment, through MIDI sequencing.
Another area of sound creation in which the Amiga is particularly capable is that of sound sampling, or. If you like, sound digitising.
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use with genlocked vdeo
* Custohisaoie station dock ana broadcast style VTR starctoo.
* A stopwatch with options such as day and dale frame display etc
* A suite ot standardised test patterns with audo test tones Eg
Oosshatch. Teskard Greyscale eic.
* A man screen titler with mUti colour font operation
* A SCO* M«r wth smooth vertical and horuorol scrOIng
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Outlnedrop shadow rendering options
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generated Oy a pant package or a video digeserirame-grabber
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20 Mb .... Supra 30 Mb Supra 60 Mb SQ44 Removable ..... SQ44 Cartridge 44 Mb ... Tempest All Sizes . Trumpcard Drives All Sizes.. Atari Hard Drives Supra 30 Mb . Third Coast 32 Mb Third Coast 65 Mb...... Third Coast 100 Mb Third Coast 130 Mb Third Coast 150 Mb.... Third Coast 240 Mb.... 150 Mb Tape Backup.. Tempest All Sizes . £399.00 £475.00 £994.00 ..£994.00 ...£117480 £399.99 £565.17 £699.95 ...£1199 95 £699.20 £745.20 £916.20 ...£1127.76 POA £790.00 ..£997.00 POA £708.00 ..£838.30 £573
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Aqusition 1 3 . £249 99 £167 50 Ashas lonts £59 99 £47 77 AudioMaster " £69 99 £53 02 Award Maker Pius £3999 £30 97 Artec Cdevekpev . £17999 £157 50 Artec CP-otBuon* £12999 £117.07 BBC Emulator £49 99 £4147 Butcher N £29 99 £22 57
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ProNxt .. GFA Basic Cl'0.00 £89 £143 75 £1!
£3999 £229 99 £480 00 £2999 £39 99 £2999 £99 99 £64 99 Bare Drives (for use with controllers) ST 506 130 Mb SCSI 100 Mb SCSI 200 Mb SCSI 350 Mb SCSI 500 Mb .. SCSI 930 Mb SCSI 1024 Mb (Larger Drives Available) £891.25 £833.75 POA POA POA ..£12.903.00 POA fAaxiplan Plus lAcrobase Microfiche Filer .
Modeler 30 Module II Music Studo Newsletter Fonts.
On Line Organise it..... Photon Pant II..... Pixmale £149 99 £114 97 £19 99 £15,7 £79 99.. £65 62 £19 99 £15.17 £6999 .. £53.02 £13999 £11497 £34 99 £25 72 £29 99 £2257 £110.00 . £104 47 £89 99 £53 02 £89 96 £75 55 £49 99 ,.£41.47 Any SCSI Drives Converted to Amiga Come Seller Cl© Ad Funny Animals. Superheroes Science Felon £24 99 Caiera ACK £57 99 BBSPC ComPak £11999 MaiishoiPtu9 £4999 Quarterback £4999 Soperbac* £5250.. Stiudio Mage £6999 We Also Otter The Reioase Schedule The Latest Information On Software Retease Dates For Every Make Of Computer Updated Weekly Remember. Track Put The
Customer First Whatever You Requ.e For The Amga Or ._ **»' We Are Only A Phone Cali Away. We Even Hold Our Lines Open UnW 9 pm I ;™r Ounng The Week V wSSS. M0W TO ORDER TRACK PRODUCTS J rc*mr Make Cheques. Postal Orders. Bankers drafts payable to Track Computer Systems ,ouo*“ N you requre to pay by Bank Giro Transter at your own bark, please phone for details AM prices hilly inclusweol postage and padung We also otter Credit Please phone for detiMs All our proOjcts are covered by a 12 Month Warranty and are My tested pnor to despatch FreeOetverytoUKmanand Orders despatched on clearance o»
cheques For Courier Serve* add £7.50 per mapr .tern PHONE TRACK ON 0773 531 Ml. 0860 639081 24 HOURS MANNED UNTIL • PM DURING THE WEEK. FAX TRACK ON 0773 768721 Track Are Recommended Componet Distributors
T. ack Computer Systems. Systems House. 8raemar Avenue. Eastwood.
Nottingham NG16 3JY Power Windows 2 5 £6999 £53 02 Prism £5999
£4147 ProBoard .....£13999 £11497 Pro Net £139 99 £114
97 The UK’s Largest Hard Drive Specialists.
We sell more hard drives than any one else.
We can not list everything, so please call for a quofe.
It's so big! Workbench returns with the biggest and best collection of hints, tips and tricks for your Amiga, and JASON HOLBORN answers your problematic prose through the Workbench Helpline.
MONEY GRABBERS Please, please, please, can you help? I've just spent the last six months saving £250 to splash out on a colour digitiser. There are several available that all seem to otter similar lacilities: which one would you choose?
Michael Nash, Chelmsford, Essex The choice of the right video digitiser really depends on what you intend fo use if tor.
From your letter, it seems obvious that your decision will be guided by the extent of colour support ottered by digitisers. II you aren't particularly worried about the digitiser being able to grab images at any great speed, then NewTek's Digi-View 3.0 unit is still one ot the best land cheapest!)
Colour digitisers available.
It you do want to digitise colour images, you'll also need to fork out for a black-and-white video camera. Surprisingly, these cameras can be picked up quite cheaply trom most Amiga dealers (try the Amiga Centre Scotland on 031 557 4242 tor both OigrWew and the video camera).
Just go back to the CU and type ‘Setmap gb’. Thanks to Phil Wares and Chris Morris ol Cranbrook in Kent tor sorting that one out!
My reason lor writing is twofold.
Firstly, I am soon to purchase a memory upgrade and a Star LC- 10 colour printer for my Amiga. I am also hoping to purchase a word processor and a colour DTP package, aiming to spend about £150 at the most. I've been advised to buy Protext and Comic Setter: are these goo choices? My second reason for £30 97 £3097 £131 29 ....£53 02 £194 25 ....£76 12 ....£76 12 £7 87 ...£76.12 £68 77 .£117.07 £372 75 £36 22 £63 52 £41 98 ...£22 57 ....£76 12 £194 25 ..£5302 £5302 ....£17.32 £3097 £12097 £89 25 ..£11550 .. £31.39 £194 25 £367.50 £2 57 £30.97 £22 57 £8347 £50 92 £30 97 £5302 £19 42 £41 47 £101
32 £41.47 LOST WITHOUT A KEYMAP After purchasing Issue 11 of your parent magazine ST Amiga Format, I tried using the SetKey utility that was included on the free coverdisk. Alter a lew seconds ot disk access, the SetKey window appeared, but apart from the menu bar nothing else was displayed. When I tried to quit out ol SetKey by double-clicking on the 'window close' gadget, the machine just locked up and I was forced to reset my Amiga. What am I doing wrong?
SF Lawrence Gosport, Hants There does indeed seem to be a problem with the SetKey utility, which had us stumped tor quite a time. The problems lies in the fact that the program was written tor the American market and therefore expects the default keyboard setting tset using the CU command SetMap) to be usaO. It you boot your Amiga with the British version of Workbench, the keymap is automatically changed to the UK configuration which contuses SetKey.
To get around this, you will have to change the current keymap at the CU prompt by typing ‘SetMap usaO'. You can now run SetKey without problems.
After you have finished using SetKey, to change back to the British keyboard configuration, writing is to help other Amiga users obtain ridiculously cheap public domain soltware. I get all my PD disks from Ray Burt-Frost, a disabled Amiga fan who runs his own PD library. His PD disks often retail as low as 50p - quite an eye opener when you realise that other companies are charging around £3! Could you please print Ray's phone number so that other Amiga owners are able to take advantage of Ray’s generosity.
Ray Burt-Frost can be contacted on 0703 785680.
OF Way Harpenden, Herts As far as Amiga word processors go, Protext is without doubt one of the best available. The program is powerful, last and fairly stable. Where colour DTP is concerned, Comic Setter isn’t really the ideal choice as it is rather limited lor serious DTP applications.
You would probably be much better oft forking out the extra dosh tor Professional Page.
Can we print Ray Burt-Frost's phone number? Well, consider it already done'.
HARD FACTS I am thinking of buying a hard drive for the Amiga 500. I have looked through various magazines and they all seem to sell for around £400 for a 20 Mb drive.
Which is the cheapest?
I have already seen Macintosh emulators for the ST: do you know of any similar units for the Amiga?
¦ Professional Page: currently the only professional-standard DTP package on the Amiga to date, but watch out tor Pagestrcam.
Frolattlorrl tar VI.1 g Gold Blok kuet: We.iL.llrr.final fin IS YOUR WORKBENCH A BIT PLANE?
How many colours does your Workbench screen have?
Unless you've treated yourself to a package such as Icon Paint, you’re probably limited to the standard four (though Workbench 1.4 will fix this). The following AmigaBASIC program is designed to allow you to add and remove as many bitplanes as hardware constraints will allow (a minimum of one and a maximum of four).
The two plane-manipulating routines are written as subprograms that can be called straight into your programs and are accessed in the same manner as any standard AmigaBASIC subprogram.
Using the programs couldn’t be simpler. Firstly, make sure that you have the two .bmap files, ‘intuition.bmap' and exec.bmap’, in the same directory as your program.
To add an extra plane, just call up the ’CreatePlane' subprogram and extra colours will instantly be made available. Extra bitplanes mean less free memory and slower program execution and therefore, to remove a plane, just call ‘NukePlane’.
Fergal Moane Belfast, Nl REM ** The following three lines must be REM ** at the very start of your prog.
LIBRARY "intuition.library" LIBRARY "exec.library" DECLARE FUNCTION AllocMero* LIBRARY SUB CreatePlane STATIC bitroap*=PEEKL(WINDOW(7)+46)+184 bitplanet=PEEKW(bitmap*)*PEEKW(bitmapS+2) wdepth*-PEEK(bitmap*+5) IF wdepth* 5 THEN EXIT SUB newplane£=AllocMem£(bitplane*,65538*) IF newplane*=0 THEN ERROR 7 POKEL bitmapS+5,wdepth%+l IF wdepth% 5 THEN CALL RemakeDisplay END SUB SUB NukePlane STATIC rastport*=WINDOW(8) bitmaps*=PEEKL(rastport&+4) current.planes*-PEEK(bitmaps&+5) window.base*=WINDCW (7) screen.base*=PEEKL(window.base*+46) screen.width*-PEEKW(screen.base&+12)
screen.height*=PEEKW(screen.base*+14) planes%=current.planes*-1 IF current.planes%-l THEN EXIT SUB POKE bitmaps&+5,planes * HELP!
Is your Amiga causing you endless sleepless nights? Do you wake in Ihe middle of the night, sweat pouring from your brow and the words AmigaDOS'. CLT and Copper' flying about in your head? If fhe answer Is Yes!' Then you definitely have problems! Why nof let us solve your Amiga problems?
Plane.ad*=PEEKL(bitmaps*+4+4"current.planes%) CALLFreeRaster(plane.ad*,screen.width*,screen.height*) CALL RecnakeDisplay END SUB In a review of the Spectre 128 Mac emulator for the ST (ST Amiga Format, Issue 12), it was staled that you need access fo a real Mac to get your ‘false’ Mac working. Is this real Mac permanently needed?
Simon Knight Toot Baldon, Oxon Until recently. Hard drives lor the Amiga have indeed been rather expensive to say the least.
Thankfully, the market does seem to have come to its senses and several cheap units are now available. The best ot the bunch is undoubtedly ASAP's Amdrive which is a 40Mb unit tor the A500 and A2000 for only £399.
ASAP can be contacted at their Scunthorpe HQ on 0724 280222.
You'll be glad to hear that ReadySoft in the Stales are soon to release a hardware-based Mac emulator called A-Max. A-Mak plugs into the external drive port and, to all intents and purposes, transforms your Amiga into a Mac. This unit performs very well indeed, as you can read on Pages 84-7. A-Max is currently being distributed in this country by Entertainment International who should be contacted on 0268 541126.
The A-MAX unit allows you fo conned an Apple disk drive to your Amiga and so, in theory, you shouldn't need access fo a Mac.
START AT THE BEGINNING I recently bought an Amiga 500 for myself and my five-year-old daughter but unfortunately I do not know the first thing about computers.
The manuals that come with the machine seem to assume that I have a basic understanding of computers, but I don't. Can you recommend any good books or packages that will help me?
D James Plaistow, London Andy Smith, our games supremo, swears by the 'Penguin Pop-up Guide fo Computers' - it taught him everything he knows (but don't let that discourage you!)
Seriously though, one of ihe best introductions we have tound to the Amiga actually comes with your machine: the ‘Very First' disk that comes with your Amiga provides a very good tutorial which will help you understand the basic operations of your Amiga.
QUESTION BY NUMBERS After buying my Amiga 500, I've found it fo be the most useful and comprehensive computer I have used !o date. However, I have the following questions:
1. Do you know of any add-on boards that hold both Workbench and
extras in ROM so that they are instantly accessible as soon as
I turn on my machine?
2. Do you know of any user groups in the Midlands area who can
cope with the needs of a beginner in BASIC and assembler
3. Can you please give me details on how to obtain back issues ot
SF Amiga Format (your parent magazine).
S Hill Monkspatti, Solihull Numbering quesfions seems to be fbe order ot the day and so, not wishing to flaunt tradition, 11 do likewise with my answers.
1. We certainly haven't heard ot such a device. The nearest you
will come to your requirements are the Kickstart boards that
seem fo be so popular in Ihe States. These boards allow more
than one version ol Kickstarl to be resident in your machine
at the same time.
2. The UK's largest Amiga users’ group, the UK AUG, is based in
Leicester. The AUG publishes a regular bi-monthly newsletter
packed with useful information on all aspects of the Amiga,
including BASIC and assembler.
Contact Yuri Large al the UK AUG Oh 0533 550993.
3. Back issues can be obtained from our mail order people in
Somerton on 0458 74011.
One of Ihe most confusing aspects ot using the Amiga is that of workbench icons: it seems that only a privileged few really understand this archaic art. Luckily, it you have Workbench 1.3, you will never need to get your hands dirty with all the complex jargon that Amiga technical people have to endure, because Commodore have seen their way clear to provide a handy little tool which takes the pain out of icons.
The wondrous little program in question Is the leonX command that you’ll find In the 'C' directory ot your Workbench 1.3 disk. IconX allows you to run any program from Workbench that can usually only be run trom the Command Line Interlace (CLI).
An advantage ot using IconX is that many programs (SelKey tor example) need some form ot setting up before they can successfully be run. The SelKey program Is a fine example, as it needs the current keyboard map to be set to usaO before It can be run. This is easy to do trom the CLI but is almost impossible from Workbench. However, this Is easily achieved with IconX.
IconX works by reading an ASCII batch tile that contains all the commands that you would usually enter at the command line. To use IconX, create a batch tile using a standard text editor and then find a data tile that has an icon (a Dpainl saved picture, tor example). Copy the associated into' tile across to your text tile, giving it the same filename as your text tile plus a '.info' extension (if your text file is called JOHN', the icon file would have to be called JOHN.info'). Next, using the Workbench menu's INFO' option, change the default tool to C:ICONX' (It you used a Dpainl icon then
it will probably already contain LDPaint' In the default tool field) and then select 'SAVE'. Now when you double-click on the icon, IconX will be loaded and it will proceed to execute your batch tile. Probably easier than falling off a log!
Workbench just wouldn't be Workbench without a regular collection of the very best bps and tricks for your perusal. It you have a groovy little tipette, then why not share your wondrous knowledge with your fellow Amiga user by sending it in to Workbench.
¦What's it worth?" I hear you ask. How does the prospect ot winning £30 sterling appeal to you?
We want tips on absolutely anything: getting the most from a particular software package, hitting the hardware from 68000, AmigaBASIC tips, anything!
Send your bps and tricks to: WORKBENCH, AMIGA FORMAT, 4 QUEEN STREET, BATH BA1 1EJ.
Info release 1.3: NAME tut.tat TYPE Project SIZE in bytes 307 in blocks 1 NOT ARCHIVED READABLE MRITEABLE DELETEABLE Htfst Bitch file fop IconX ; allows editing of Staptllp-Sequence by just clicking on an Icon.
COPY SlStartUn-Sequence S:SS.BAK ED SiStartUp-Sequence ECHO •Ok, Job done. Reboot your Aniga to execute batch file" ¦ First, create your batch file. Here, we've created a sample batch file that deletes all '.BAK' files from a user-specified directory.
BUSY BBS For those of you with modems, here’s a small selection of bulletin boards that cater for the Amiga user in one form or another. We’ve been having a great deal of fun recently, running up the company’s phone bill and discovering the darker delights of certain boards: which will remain nameless... Board Name Phone No.
Speeds Hours MABBS 021 444 8972 v21 22 22b 23 24 Hrs TABBS 0533 550893 V21 22 23 6pm-9am ID2 0903 700771 v21 ,'22122623 24 Hrs 01 FOR AMIGA 01 377 1358 v2122 22823 5pm-10am AMIGA BOARD 0268 510495 v21 l22,22b 6pm-8am STABBS 0793 855176 V21 22 23 24 Hrs
• 1 Year Limited Warranty
• Super Slim Line
• Very Low Power
• No Clicking I • May be Switch Disabled (Twin Drive has two
• Upgrade Policy - Buy a UniDdve and have it Factory Upgraded to
a TwtnDrive
£79.95 Plus £5 Carriage TWINDRIVE £149.95 VAT Included Hi-Tech
1 Meg C Micromegs M only hart the size ot the A501 and a
traction of the power consumption.
Naturally. It Includes a Battery backed clock.
MINIMEGS ™ 500 1000 TWO MEG RAM This month JUMPDISK celebrates ifs Third Annhrerwryl To mark this occasion wa are giving away FREE! The promo of the first Comic on a disk.
A new innovation lhat we think you will enjoy. Top Programs for July Include: POWERPACKER - The most effective Cruncher we have seen amwhere. OVERSCROLL • Scroll text strings from any chosen font over an IFF ah screen.
BLITZ ANIMATION • Page-Flipping Animation now made easy PAYROLL - A system for small business. MYMENU - Create your own W B menus for disk access PLUS more programs, articles, reviews, tutorials and much, much more.
All lor only C8.S0 Inc.
* * " DOSLAB" * * £14.98 * * The new interactive way of learning
how fo use the CLI and AMIGADOS. This program fakes into
account the many hundreds of questions our customers have asked
us over the years about the Amiga Operating Systems. We are
sure that this two disk set will help you understand and master
the Amiga the easy way. A JUMPDISK Publication.
* * HOME BUSINESS PACK * * £19.99 * * Our best selling 7 Disk
Pack includes a 'System’s Exerciser- disk FREE! Other pro
grams feature a ¦. Oatat Home and Business Accounts Word
Processor, Spell Checker. Database, Spreadsheet, Appointment
’ ----- 'sand much, much more.
* * THE MEGA GAMES PACK VOL II * * £19.99 * * This seven disk set
contains a selection of the best games we have found on the
latest Public Domain releases in America and Europe.
Many have never been seen in the UK beforel See last months ST Amiga Format for full details.
* * INTRODUCING PUBUC DOMAIN PART II* * £19.99 * * This 9 pack
disc serves as ihe perfect Introduction to Amiga PD. We nave
carefully selected one of the most popular disks from the Fish.
Amicus, SACC, FAUG, TBAG. AMUSE, and TBYB Libraries and added
me latest version of our two dii PD Library Pack, complete with
a pair of 3D glasses!
There are many hundreds of qualify PD disks in our collection and this new pack will give you the opportunity to see why everyone is talking about PD on the Amiga (IT you already own the Library Pack we will substitute two other disks)
* * NEW..NEW..£9.99..DESIGN FACTORY..E9.99..NEW..NEW..* * This 3
disk set includes the finest PD programs we could find tor
design work.
If it's CAD, FRACTUALS or MANDELBROT you are inlerested in, this pack is just what you are looking for. Highly Recommended.
* * NEW..NEW..£4.99..3D EXTRAVAGANZA..£4.99..NEW..NEW..* » by-3D
...£279.95 ....£179.95 £479.95 Factory Upgrade per
512K.....£99.95 Plus £5 Carriage_ Populated tt 2 Meg .
A500 1000 2000 ,
• Small Size
• Plugs into Parallel Port
• Transparent Printer Pass Thru.
• Fast
• Drive Transfer rates up to 2.5 Meg'Sec
• Free Software
• Pass Thru for 7 other SCSI Devices SCSI INTERFACE & SCSI DRIVE
MEG £449.95 TINY TIGER 42 MEG .....£579.95 NEW
TINY TIGER 50 MEG £589.95! TINY TIGER 84 MEG £899.95 Plus £5
Carriage VAT included_ SPECIAL NOTE: All ol the above are now
regular stock items. Since M AS T. (UK) Lid., started trading,
over 90% of all orders received were despatched within 24
hours. It is still, however, advisable to telephone for
information on avaiability and to allow up to 21 days for
delivery. This applies particularly to Postal Orders when
cheques have to be deared Access. Visa and Overseas Orders
Welcome. BFPO Customers please deduct 12% from all prices.
FREE! Wrth every order for any M.A.S.T. Product, a selection of FIVE P.D. DISKS (YOUR CHOICE), vaiuded at £15. From the AMIGA FORMAT P.D.Top Ten. Please now that some of these programs may require 1 Meg to run. This offer replaces all previous offers. These no longer Apply MEMORY AND STORAGE TECHNOLOGY, INC. u,eT||CA M.A.S.T. AUSTRALIA
(916) 342 6278 (( 4362600 FAX: (02) 437 4919
• Auto Configure
• Low Power
• 1 Meg DRAM's
• RAM Tachometer
• Auto Configure LED
• Very small size 3-x 5.25* x.625*
• Zero Wait States
• Compatible with A501 Imeg Includes 2 disks and a comprehensive
three releases feature: VIDEO AND ANIMATION BACKGROUND 1" (PAL)
Two disks packed with hill Scent Textbacks. Structures and High
Tec backgrounds for Animation packages such as Ar Video Titter,
Lights, Camera. Action, Turbo Silver, Sculpt 3D and many more.
Only £24.99 "CLIPART DISK 1“ - A broad selection of high quality Clip art for use with Desktop Publishing programs such as Professional Page. Publisher Plus and Word
* * are able to ir ‘ ~w Only £19.t "AMIGA FONT DISK 1" - A
collection of 9 different Bitmap Fonts for Video, Graphics.
Animation and Desktop Publishing.
Only £19.99 ? ? NEW..NEW..E19.99..XCOPY II..E19.99..NEW..NEW * * Just released, the latest version of the Master Copier. Packed with many features and taster than ever. Now includes an Editor and makes full use of the M.A.S.T. Memory Expansion Units for copying from RAM. Recommended for making backi* copies of PD and your own programs.
* * NEW..£19.99..CLASSIC DEMOS VOL II..E19.99..NEW..* * A
Collection ot superb state ot the art demos from the latest
Badge Killer Demo Contest. Seven disks illustrating how U.S.
demo writers are breaking new grounds with the Amiga. Only for
1 Meg Amiga's
* * NEW..NEW..E9.99..MINI DEMO PACK..£9.99..NEW..NEW..* * We
receive numerous demos from alt over the World and this is a
collection on three disks ot the best ot the latest.
Fast moving graphics and stereo sound and music makes this a must Tor those that appreciate European demos.
* * "MY PAINT' FROM CENTAUR SOFTWARE * * £29.99 * * The First In
a long term ol Educational Programs "My Paint" is a "Paint
Program Just For Klds". It features Sampled Sounds tor each
Animated Icon Drawing Toots, Special Effects and much, much more.
No reading skills are required. 28 pictures to colour are included or children can draw their own. Suitable lor all ages from 3 years ok).
Highly recommended tor parents wno would like even the youngest members ot their family to use and enjoy their Amiga.
KA27 8RN. (077082) 234.
Please send a cheque (with your Bank Card No. Expiry Date on reverse) A P.O. or )ust H* your Access or Visa Card details to us before 1pm and we wiM despatch your order * . Seen at the recent Commodore Show is joined 3D" on an autobooting disk with the 3D Glasses II 1 1 TOP 10 PD 1 GTS TITLE 1 Star Trek (1 Mb) 2 Chet Solace Shareware Extravaganza 3 TBAG No 16 4 Fish No 163 5 SACC No 23 6 Fish No 185 7 TBYB No 12 8 TBYB No 2 9 TBYB No 11 10 Font Workshop Choosing the right software among the vast number of PD disks available can be a difficult task. To help you.
Amiga Format, in conjunction with GEORGE THOMSON SERVICES, will be bringing you a regular list of the month's Top Ten best-selling disks.
Disk numbers are all very nice, but what do they have to offer? To help you choose the disks that will be of greatest interest to you, this month's PD Update is devoted entirely to our exclusive Top Ten.
STAR TREK Ever since Firebird released an Atari ST version of their Star Trek game, Amiga owners have been crying our for a version for their machine (and rightly so).
When it finally arrived, it offered the same fascinating gameplay, fantastic graphics and sound, but better still it was PD.
The Amiga PD version of Star Trek was written by an American PD enthusiast using the animation scripting language ‘The Director1. The game gives you control of the Starship Enterprise as you journey through space (the final frontier etc). You communicate with the game by issuing commands to the crew of the Enterprise, namely Kirk. Spock, Chekov, Sulu, Uhura and Scotty.
The game comes on three disks and requires at least a megabyte to run. Although not absolutely necessary, a second disk drive is also a definite must if you don't want to suffer from 'Macintosh elbow'. Star Trek is available only from George Thompson Services for £8.99. Quality Amiga software needn't cost an am and a leg. Take a trip down to the PD libraries and you’ll discover a whole brave new world of exciting software. JASON HOLBORN takes a look at the PD ‘best-sellers’.
Uorkhench release.
6SS144 tree nenory an TAMPA BAY AMIGA GROUP Disk of the Month 16 m isSjpsP Eal AMDrive U MdriveBoot s 1 ¦ • Disk of the Honth IIS I Presentation is as important as the disk’s contents with TBAG.
CHET SOLACE SHAREWARE EXTRAVAGANZA The Chet Solace Shareware Extravaganza is a disk jam-packed with the very best in public domain software. If you only ever intend buying one PD disk, then this should he the one to go tor.
All the programs on the disk are crunched using 'MASH', to allow as many programs to fit on the disk as is possible. Whether you're into games, serious applications or just playing around with your Amiga, then Chet Solace has at least one program that will appeal to your tastes.
Programs include the infamous Pointer Animator, that gives you mouse pointer a new lease of life. Using Pointer Animator, you can design your own animated pointers, or choose from a large collection that are included in a library on the disk.
For the techies among you, there's a disk accelerator, a powerful system info display program that lets you peek at the inner workings of your Amiga, and BlitzFonts, the highly-regarded text speedup utility. Gameplayers aren't left out either, as the Chet Solace disk also includes a couple of high-quality games: such as Egyptian Run, a very satisfying motor racing game.
TBAG 16 The Tampa Bay collection of disks are renowned not only for content. But also for beautiful presentation: among the best to be found in any collection.
Ll'LPAINT - LiiPaint is a mini paint package designed tor young children. While it lacks the complexity of Dpaint, it's a lot of fun.
INTRODUCER - Introducer is a nifty little program that allows you to produce your own demos, com- piete with graphics, digitised music and even the over-used scrolling text.
XPOPCLI - This upgrade to the popular PopCLI utility allows a CLI window to be opened not just on the Workbench screen, but on any screen presently open.
CLI WIZARD 1.2 - CU Wizard is the number one Workbench CLI utility. CU Wizard allows you to perform CLI operations from a friendly intuition-based environment (like DoTi on our coverdiskl).
ICONISER - fconiser allows you to ‘iconise’ any mouse pointer definition and have the results stored into a file. Just double-click on the icon and your mouse pointer will take on a new guise. With Iconiser, you can build up a library of all your extra-special favourite mouse pointers.
'X' SERIES - The 'X' series consists of three of the most popular PD utilities from ttie famous PD programmer, Steve Tibbett. The three X programs included on this disk are ScreenX, TaskX and the excellent disk editor, DiskX.
PD UPDATE Hobbyte Busbyte Computer Centre 10 Market Place. St. Albans. Hens. (jnfl 1G. Arndale Cenire. Luton. Beds.
123. 95 MINIGEN
199. 95 DIGITISING PACK «lth £329.95 Camera, Dlglvlew Gold 3.0,
1119. 95 MODEM PACK, AD’AA HAYES V2L23 £249.99 Inc. Ruby
2000 AMIGA 2000, Mous®, Wkbench, Basic, Utilities, Manuals
£799 AMIGA 2000, 1084S MONITOR. 3.5" AND 5.25" DRIVES AND
£1099 BRIDGE BOARD (giving PC compatability) AS ABOVE, PLUS
WITH THE WORKS ADD £50 Note that special prices are
available for CUM Pcs and other Amino configurations also -
please ask for details.
A 2058 8 MB RAM EXPANSION, POPULATED TO 2 MB £449 A2088 XT BRIDGEBOARD Wmi 5.25“ 360 KB DRIVE £389 A2286AT BRIDGEBOARD WITII5.25* 1.2MB DRIVE 1559 ¦ SPECIAL- • AS060.2092 20.MB PC AM 1C A IxfS HAND DISC £299
• SOW A VAIt.ABt-F. • - A 2090A 2002 20 MB A VTO BOOT HARD DISC
1479 A2090A’2094 40 MB ALTO BOOT HARD DISC 1750 A2300 INTERNAL
(Need* video Card & Cables) £579 CABLES FOR IIRC.M £29 VIDEO
DRIVER £499 AMIGA 500 PACKS: GAMES PACK Inc. Modulator, 24
games on 4 discs: Arcade, Adventure, Board and Shoot-err
- up games, Joystick, plus: 8 additional individually packaged
games from the followin of the Jedi, Eliminator, Custodian,
Power Play, Mercenary, list: Return napse. Hell Bent, Warlock
Quest. Harrier Command, Demolition, Grid Start, Spilling Image,
Art of Chess, Amegas £385 inc VAT Also with 1084S monitor or
LC10 colour Printer £610 inc VAT AIR MILES PACK Inc. Modulator,
24 games on Tour discs: Arcade, Adventure, Board and
Shoot-em-up games.
Joystick, plus: 3 additional individually boxed games, Sprilz Art package AND 500 AIR MILES (Paris or Amsterdam is 450) £409 inc VAT Also with 1084S monitor or LC10 colour Printer £635 inc VAT PROFESSIONAL PACK Inc. Modulator, 24 games on 4 discs: Arcade, Adventure, Board and Shool-eir
- up games, plus: The Works Spreadsheet, Database, Word Processor
£435 inc VAT OR Publishers Choice £450 inc VAT Also with 1084S
monitor or LC10 colour Printer ADD £225 EXPANDED PACK Inc.
Modulator, 24 games on 4 discs: Arcade. Adventure, Board and
• up games, plus: A501 RAM Expansion and Dragons Lair £539 inc
VAT Also with 1084S monitor or LC10 colour Printer £764 inc VAT
AMSTRAD 1640 AND CBM SUMMER PACKS 1640 with Wordstar, Supercalc
and Accounts Master Software, PLUS DMP4000 NLQ Printer Mono,
Dual Drive £799 Mono, Single Drive with 30MB Hard Card £999 ECD
• ORDERING Toplac* your order, aend cheque, poetal 1 order or
official order, plus tt per bo. !
Photon Pair* II £62 95 Oagons Lae £29 95 Causa Panl III £62 95 All Boc*s 10*olf Transformer £19 95 BEST PRICES ON ALL X CAD D«Kjn«. £82 99 SOFTWARE - WE CAN ¦ CVJOOK NORMALLY MATCH OR BEAT CH99S AN. GENUINE AOVEAHSED £73 95 Pa ct So-s.ee* c»»+ vAT Coles enc-c* £109 95 * Pp and VAT lo Oepl AF . Hobbyte Computer Ltd. 10Market Place. SI Albans. Morta AL3 5DO. Or call with a copy of Ihl ad. At our Branches In St Albana and Luton. You may alao phone your ordet to our ae*ee 1 deak on St. AIBana (0727) 56005 Acceae'Vloa and official ordera from authorities and PLCa are accepted SEVENTEEN BIT
GUICKSTART III PACK... Three discs packed with utilities, games, music and demos plus issue six of our very popular disc magazine to act as the!
Ideal introduction to the PD scene, plus the bonus of FREE membership to 17Bit and access to our massive library of top-!
Notch PD software. Qufckstart III is just £5!!
THE AMIGA FORMAT PACK... This special PD pack comprises of live discs, the first is the Utility disc featured in the Quickstart pack, the second is ai special art-dlsc featuring some superb ray-traced images, an excellent music disc, a disc of Star Trek animations plus our' disc-magazine and membership for just £10!!
DISC-MAGAZINES... 17Bit produce what is regarded as the best value-for-money disc-magazines available, and at just £1.50 per issue you can see why! Subscribe to 8 Issues now and get free membership for Just £10. Truly remarkable value for money! Watch out for NEWSFLASH! The new European disc-magazine coming very shortly to the UK via 17Blt of course!
NOTES: All PD packs arc guaranteed free of any viruses (killer Included with the packs) and will work on 1.2 1.3 Amigas In 512K.
A full catalogue of ALL the 17bil PD discs is available on request for just £2 (On disc). The range of PD discs is open to members only.
You can order by post with a cheque postal order eredlt card or over the I phone with Access Visa (24 hours - Answerphone after 5.30). Seventeen Bit Software PO BOX 97 1st Floor 2-8 Market Street, Wakefield WF1 1XX Telephone 0924 366982 Access (24 Hours) PLANET - Here’s a great program for all you would-be planetary architects. Planet takes any IFF picture and raps info around a 3D sphere to produce some startling pictures, complete with full light- source shading.
FISH No 163 The Fred Fish collection of disks is probably the most well-known and most popular collection of Amiga PD disks. The collection currently stands at over 200 disks and their contents are highly regarded by both users and software developers alike.
BANK’N - Is your bank account in a mess? Then you need Bank'n (banking, geddit!). Bank'n is a powerful little personal finance program that will allow you to keep track of your bank accounts.
The program is written to take full advantage of the Amiga’s windowing environment. Intuition, and is very simple to use.
FIVEINLINE - FivelnUne is a fun interpretation of the 'Connect Four' board game that was so popular a few years back. The idea of the game is to get a continuous line of five counters in any direction.
MACHII - Machll is a powerful little mouse accelerator program, complete with hot keys. If you’ve never used one of these programs, then you just don’t realise what you've been missing.
MEMTRACE - Have problems with your memory? (I don't know, I can’t remember!) MemTrace is a linkable object module that, when called, gives you a complete run down of all memory allocation deallocation performed by your program.
PCPATCH - If you have access to a PC compatible that uses 3.5 inch disks, you'll probably want to port files across to your Amiga at some time or another. PCPatch patches the PCUtils that came on your Extras disk, to allow them to operate with the Amiga’s three- and-a-half inch drives.
VIEW - The ‘official’ text reading utility, More, as provided on the
1. 3 enhancer pack, is rather basic to say the least. View is a
fast and flashy text-viewing utility that makes an ideal
replacement for the official offering.
TrrlX SACC 23 The Sacramento Amiga Computer Club, like TBAG, pays a great deal of attention not only to a disk's contents, but also to its look. The SACC collection uses a special utility that allows up to eight colours to be used on the Workbench screen, which gives SACC disks a very impressive and individual look.
CARD FILE - Card File is a very simple but very useful database program that is written entirely in compiled basic. Card File's simplicity allows you to locate large amounts ol information with ease.
HERMIT - Everyone needs a screen grabber! As you’ve probably noticed when looking through Amiga Format, we use them extensively ourselves. Hermit is one ot the best and will allow you to snap any standard intuition screen and save it as an IFF tile that can be loaded into any ol a number ol paint packages.
UTILIMASTER - UtiliMaster is another ot the 'DOS Workbench' programs.
MORSE - Turn any text tile into dots and dashes without ever having to learn the Morse code. This program will be of special interest to all HAM radio bulls.
BLUE MOON - Blue Moon is an incredibly addictive 'Solitaire' game that will keep you going lor hours on end.
TRIX - Anyone remember QIX? Trix is an 'Amiga-ised' version ot the classic Dragon 32 game (anyone remember those?), in which you must cover the screen by capturing chunks while avoiding the various nasties that are alter you.
WORD SEARCH - Anyone who enjoys word search puzzles will love this program, because it allows you to construct your own.
WORKBENCH DEMOS - SACC 23 also includes a directory filled to the brim with tun demo programs such as Xwindows.
HAMKaleidoScope and Toing!.
FISH 185 You don't need to be a registered software developer to get your hands on the official IFF documentation disk. Every so often, when an update is released, Commodore also put the disk into the public domain for general distribution fo the likes ot vou and I. Fish 185 is the latest release from Commodcre and it includes full source code for loading, using and saving data in several IFF 'forms', as well as source code demonstrating many other aspects ol Amiga programming.
The disk also includes several FONTS: directory firmly under control with this handy font librarian.
WHICH FONT - Which Font is a tiny trinket which displays all the fonts in the FONTS: directory in all different type style combinations.
TOP 10 DEMOS m d ¦W ? . J i» ¦ i ¦; - : b • = : :: .
A list ot top ten PD disks wouldn’t be complete without including that special breed of PD, the infamous Amiga Demo disk. With this in mind, we decided that demo disks deserve their own top ten.
Every month, as well as the more serious Top Ten PD' list Amiga Format in conjunction with Seventeen Bit Software will bring you a list of the month's top-selling demos.
Space, as always, was our final frontier, and so Demo Corner can't be illustrated in full this month. Look out for the next issue of Amiga Format for the hottest Amiga demos section to be found on this side of the universe. Seventeen Bit Software can be contacted on 0924 366982.
TOP 10 DEMOS external MIDI devices. It allows you to use KCS for up to fifteen minutes before the program locks up.
Very useful commands that deserve to be added to the C directory of any self-respecting programmer’s work disk.
17Bit Disk Nos throughout TBYB 12 Buying software can be a risky business when you're forking out something like £100 for a single program. The 'Try Before You Buy’ library is a collection of disks containing working demos ol commercial programs. With TBYB, you can get a taste of what a program really otters (or perhaps completely ails to otter) before handing over the necessary readies.
TBYB No 12 is a working demo ot Gold Disk's acclaimed animation program MovieSetter.
The demo consists of a run- through, demonstrating the program in action, and a separate demo ol a finished animation.
TBYB 2 Try Before You Buy No 2 is a fully working demo ot Intelligent Music’s popular music composition program M. So what’s so special about M? Weil, instead of forcing you to do all the hard work yourself tas is the case with other sequencers), M uses artificial intelligence algorithms to produce variations on your existing music.
TRACK NAME STATUS PUN TRACK NAME STATUS PUN TRACK NAME STATUS PUH 1 PLAY 13 25 2 Ch 2 PLAY 14 26 3 Ch 1 PLAY 15 27 4 Ch 4 PLAY 16 28 5 Ch 3 PLAY 17 29 6 RECORD 18 38 7 19 31 8 28 32 9 21 33 18 22 34 11 23 35 12 24 36 TBYB 11 Doctor Tohenfeld's keyboard- controlled sequencer is one of the most popular MIDI sequencers within the music industry. You'll find many top groups using Dr T's KCS on machines such as the Mac, the PC, the ST and even the Amiga (Heck no! But yes...) The TBYB demo is the complete, working program minus any form ot save function. The KCS demo includes several sequences that
can be played through either the Amiga sound hardware, or if you have them, FONT WORKSHOP Just like music and animation demos, Fonts are also regarded as highly collectable. Font Workshop is a disk filled with new, ready-to- use fonts which can be added to any disk, and various utilities to make maintaining your font collection as easy as possible.
BLITZ FONTS - Do you often tind yourself having to wait for your word processor to catch up with you? If so, then BlitzFonts is the answer. BlitzFonts speeds up the Amiga text display speed by over six times.
SUPPLIERS The following companies are responsible lor the distribution of Amiga Public Domain software in this country. For their full addresses, check the advertisements in this issue of Amiga Format, or give them a ring.
SETFONT - SetFont allows you to change the standard Topaz system font for any other of your choice.
The Font Workshop includes both version 1.0 ot SetFont, and the newer version 2.0. FONT LIBRARIAN - Keep that 255 Walker Demo 2 (1 Mb) 329 Star Trek Dry Dock Amm (1 Mb) 285 286 KML Kylie Minogue Demo (yuk!)
353 Ghostwriter Demo Creator George Thomson: 077082 234 17 Bit Software: 0924 366982 Sottville PD: 0705 266509 271 Dexion Mega Demo 262 Walker Demo 1 404 Supreme Sounds 1 176 Wild Copper 240 Luxo Teenager 11 Mb) 10 346 Flash Team Music Demo Amiga PD Library: 0742 588429 Purple PD: 279 757692 Ray Burt Frost: 0703 785680 Amiga A500 Pack 1 ...... Amiga A500 Pack 2 ......
T. C. COMPUTERS at: 12a Barnards Way, Charlton Heights Wantage,
Oxon 0x12 7EB
* NEW AMIGA PACKS * .£349 £379 £439 £449 £489 £540 £599 £630 £749
£845 Amiga A500 Pack 3 ...... Amiga AMO Pack
4 ...... Amiga AMO Pack 5 ...... Amiga AMO Pack
6 ...... Amiga AMO Pack 7 ...... Amiga AMO Pack
8 ...... Amiga System 500 Pack 1.. Amiga System 500 Pack
2.. Commodore C64 Hollywood Pack £140 Commodore C64
Entertainment Pack £179 Commodore PC-1 SD Mono £339 Commodore
PC-1 SD Colour £449 commodore Commodore PC 10 III SD Mono £570
Commodore PC-10 III SD CGA Colour£730 Commodore PC-10 III SD
EGA Colour £890 Atari PC-3 SD
Mono ....£610 Alari PC-3 DD
Mono . £660 Alan PC-3 DD CGA
Colour £760 Alari PC-3 DD EGA
Colour .. £899 Packard Bell PB MO SD Mono £635
Packard Bell PB MO SD CGA Colour £740 Packard Bell PB 500 SD
EGA Colour £760 Packard Bell PB 500 DD CGA Colour £820 Packard
Bell PB 500 SD 20Mb HD EGA
Colour .....£1079
Commodore PC's incl. On-site warranty and 102 keyboard on PC
10's 20’s.
[_** orfo)M0MEMasMiarcMlsk ufoboof rorT oms 54jJ Packard Bell PC's incl. FREE software and 12 month on-site warranty.
Why not en|oy the free Teletext databases with tho MicroTeirt Teletext adaptor... Fu»y programmable, with Fasleit facility, inslant r access to Iasi 16 pages, double page view, telesoftware loader, euto-start background operation.,. Pages can spoken, pnnied as ASCII or graph**, savod as ASCII or DIF Mes... Wrih digital tuning lor crystal clear colour TV sound reception on any A1081 1084 CM883; moniior... Now displays satellite weather maps too! Availablo from stock for onfy £139!
Atari PC's incl. FREE software and mouse.
Star LCIO Printer .£199 Star LCIO C Colour Printer .. £259 3 1 2- DSDD Disks * Labels (xlO) £9.00 Software Up (o 35% oft RRP- (E S OE) [ ¦ mig rGsenfafion nd udio suaiTysiem ~ aiFJ| 'AMIGA Prices Include VAT, delivery A warranty.
Please add £IS tor overnight delivery.
All systems are tested before despatch.
On-site maintenance options available.
PERIPHERALS ¦ A2286 PC-AT board & sj* drivo £775 ¦ A2088 PC-XT board A 3j-drive £349 ¦ A2620 68020 Accelerator Card £ 1395 ¦ A2058 8MB Card. 2MB installed £575 ¦ A2092PC 2CMB MS-DOS hd disk £239 ¦ A2092PC 3CM8 MS-DOS hd disk £399 ¦ A2090 20MB AmigaDos hard disk £395 ¦ A2092A 20MB autobool hard disk £595 ¦ A2094A 40MB auloboot hard disk £995 ¦ NEC mlnrnal drive (A2000) £79 I Amiga A500 complete, now only £349 I Amiga A500MM with 1900M £429 high-res mono monitor I Amiga A500M wrth A1084S £585 hi-re8 storeo colour monitor £895 ¦ NEC 3j" tvwn-pon slimkne drive £89 ¦ A590 20MB hd disk 2M8 RAM OK
£395 ¦ AmDRIVE 50MB SCSI hard d sk £459 ¦ A501 plug-in RAM dock 512K £125 ¦ CM8B33 Storeo colour monitor £225 ¦ NEC Multisync II 14* Monitor £525 ¦ Flicker Flier Mulbscan Adaptor £375 ¦ MPS 1230 120 cps draft. 30 NLQ £139 ¦ Star LC10C colour 120 cps. NLQ £259 ¦ HP DeskJet 300 dpi mkfOt. BAV £ 675 ¦ HP PaintJet colour inky* 180 dpi £889 ¦ Xerox 4020 colour mk|et 240 dp. £ 1075 ¦ Supra Modem 300-2400 bps £ 189 ¦ Trackball Marconi RB2 £59 B 3f* d s d d d skonr»s. Per 10_£10 All Prices Include VAT OXFORDSHIRE'S PREMIER COMMODORE DEALER wantage 02357 - 60177 ¦ Workbench vl.3 Enhancer CIS*
* C64 Emulator v2 39* d BBC Emulator vt.2 44*
- PC Emulator vl.1 24* ¦ Lattice C vS 159* ¦ The Works 39 a ¦
SuperBase Personal Relational database power, without
programming2 39 « ¦ SuperBase Personal 2 As above, plus text,
mail merge, batch entry etc. 62s ¦ *' Professional v3 With
Forms Editor and DML programing language 1S4* ¦ SuperPlan Pro
Spreadsheet with business graptves. Time planner 67* ¦ Maxtplan
500 Ultimate Amiga spreadsheet. . Toxt graptves spooch 59* ¦
VlraWrlte Desktop v2 High performance desktop WP. Now wilh HQ
fonts 69 i ¦ Works Platinum Edition Integrated
Wordpro Oatabase Sproadsheel Comms 1S9* ¦ Pagestream High
quality output. Preferences.1 PostScript compatible 119* ¦
Professional Page vU Includes WP, Desklop. Colour separations.
CAD 174* ¦ Personal Tax Planner UK Income Tax compulabon
program, from Digita 39s PRODUCTIVITY Public Domain Software
for the Amiga from £3 per disk all inclusive
* Over 500 disks!
* Membership not necessary
* Fast Service ¦ Amiga Basic Inside A Out I SuperPIc real-time
PAL colour digitiser and genlock £495! I HARDWARE: CUMANA
EXTERNAL DISK DRIVE £88.95 AMIGA A500 £355 AMIGA B2000 £99.95
DISK ORIVE £99.95 All prices are fully inclusive of VAT PD
Software are now available tor C64.128 Please write or phone
lor a list.
• JOIN THE CLUB! Interested in joining our user club?
Write or phone for details* ¦ ¦¦ IF YOU WANT IT TOMORROW... CALL US TODAYI ON 01-546-7256 I Prices are PCST FREE & include VAT.
Order by phone with your credrt card, or Send cheque PO or your credit card number. Official orders welcome. We despatch same day by FIRST CLASS post Please allow 3 days for delivery of hardware orders Pnces are quoted sub|«ct to avai'abivty THE AMIGA PD LIBRARY Dept AF1,140 Rushdale Road, Sheffield, S8 9QE PD Hotline 0742-588429 (9am-9pm) LAKESIOE HOUSE. KINGSTON HILL. SURREY. KT2 7QT. TEL 01-546-7256 W« have one of the largest collections 01 PD software for the Amiga In the UK.
We currently stock: O FISH 1-204 ) AMICUS 1 -26 O SLIPPED DISK 1 -40 OFAUGHOTMIX 1-75 All Ihe above are £3 each * 1 FREE when you order 10 We also have } PANORAMA 1-71 O AUGE 1-25 O T-BAG 1 -23 2 catalogue disk sets available at £5 each Much gives details ot the above collections Our own special selection £4.00 Each ) APDL *3 ASSEMBLY LANGUAGE COLLECTION ) APDL 6 CLI HELP Confused t ) APDL 7 L
a. Looo For... DOCTOR ) APDL «14'BESt ARCADE GAMES ) APDL »15
BEST BOARD GAMES Backgammon. Othello. Yahtzee etc ) APDL 17
BUSINESS COLLECTION Editor, spreadsheet & database APDL 22
phone for a FREE List ¦ Sculpt-Anlmate 40 ¦ Pro-Video PAL Plus
¦ Professional Draw ¦ Aegis Draw 2000 ¦ X-Cad Designer ¦ X-Cad
Professional ¦ SummaSketch Plus ¦ PAL Rendale Pro ¦ MlnlGen ¦
DlglVlew Gold AC Basic vl.3 ¦ Dos-2-Dos ¦ SuperBack ¦ B.A.D.
Disk Optimizer ¦ KlndWords v2 ¦ ProText v4 ¦ Acquisition vl.3
Publisher’s Choice I Anlmaglc C I Photon Paint II I De Luxe
Paint III I PageFllpper • F X I Fanlavlslon ¦ Photon Video
Cell Animator 3D graphics end animation for the professional
user 3 Professional v»doo tiller wilh lonts. Extra fonts
available 1 The ultimate drawing tool Uses vectored graphics 1
Pro CAD peck with aulodmension. Unlimited zoom eic 1
Entry-level CAD system Professional CAO system (needs 2MB) 3
12x12 Graphics Tabiei with Iasi driver software • Reads A
writes MS-DOS on 5** A 3j* Amiga dnves Backs up 20MB in 20
minules. Any Amiga hard drive Speeds disk access up to 300%.
WoikBench or CU £44 • ¦ System Programmer's Guide 79 «5 ¦
AmlgaDos Inside A Out 139 is ¦ Amiga C for Beginners H Amiga
Tricks A Tips 18 as ¦ Amiga 30 Graphic Prog. In Basic Hi I De
Luxe PhotoLab urargrrai 0530 411485 0530 411485 ™' * 512K
RAM Expansion with Clock for Amiga 500 Features:
* RealTime Clock with High Capacity NICAD Battery Backup Original
ASHCOM RAM Expansion ONLY £89.95 (Limited Stock)
* Memory Disable Switch
* Low Power Consumption
* Latest Technology 1MBit RAMS
* Low Chip Count for High Reliability
* Direct Replacement for A501 Expansion PHILIPS 8833 Colour
Monitor ONLY £200.00 All prices include VAT and Delivery.
British made Trade Enquiries Welcome ONLY £99.95 Only from ASHCOM, 10 The Green, Asby-De-La-Zouch, Leicestershire, LE6 5JU Telephone: (0530)411485 PUBLIC DOMAIN who do you get yours from?
MEGASAVE FANTASTIC SAVINGS Angle ol Death _____ _____________ __________ AifcaModll .-..£1590 Batman (The Mwe) .£16.90 Bomber Asiaroth ...0590 Capone .. ..... “ " Bomb Jack . £15 90 CyOamoO II Bromc Commando £990 Cturctt W Wr*n Butttw HJI .£13 50 Caslle War-o- Blao CaiWori £1590 Deleon 5 Biooowych £i590 Demons Ww Beast £15 90 Oargar F-eak .... CcrtuoDon £1590 GaWagcnDoman £1290 Denars £15 90 Emo«eSOT esBack £1290 Dommaior There are many PD libraries around but do they offer you._ ? Huge collection, thousands of programs on over 800
disks ?Same day service - 1st Class post - GUARANTEED ?Knowlcdgable staff on hand (no 'phone after six and ask for fred’Qg ?Three years experience collecting and distributing PD &.
Shareware to Amiga owning customers all over the world.
?FREE 30 page catalogue, S.AJJ (22p stamp) and stale AMIGA clearly and we'll send one by return.
£12 50 Dcobte Oagon £1990 Dragon Ninia.... £990 Dragons l»r ... £15 90 Dragon Scape £1590 Dtrgeon Masie £1290 Ehe .. £1290 Emmanuel ...... £1690 F16 Combat Fighter £1590 R Type £1290 Falcon F16 . ...£1990 Rare* £1290 Fed otFteeTraOno £1995 Rad*- £1590 Flyng Saucers £1590 Rampag- Grand Monster Sam £12 90 l*e and Lee Ore £1350 Football Dtrectcr Gemm Wngs Hghway Hawk Hon Sleet ... llanWarror.... Journey-------- Kind Wcrds £39 93 Opera:cn Nepune £1590 G Ineker Hot Sub £13.95 RcOxop £12 90 tlx Gam*s (Winter) £14 20 Mybns £12 50 The Deep ----- £15.90 Tme Scanner £1690 IK. _
£990 Joan ot A c ...... . £t590 JcwmeyCed Earth £13.50 SwordoiSodan £13 93 Kennedy Approach £15 90 TanSpn £1393 K Dguh ** *---- ’ £1990 tOckoh... £15.90 lancelol £12 90 laser Squad £15 90 last Dual...... £15.90 lead Storm .... £15 90 Lombard Raly Super Sc-arroe Street F.gheer Tnv Pursuil N Bo: TV. Sports Foolba Tget Road . £10 50 The Krslal ...£1395 Thunoertxrds ...£1495 Thunde'dade Tarahan.
WtrOGaa ___ £1590 Mitenuim 22 *.....- £13 90 Bards Tale I or II......£1690 Munsters ... £15.90 Balman £14 95 Murder in Venice... £1690 Balllehawks 1942 0690 NavytAr.es £1590 Bsxrta tenge ----- - 24 Hour orderline on SOFTViLLE 0705-266509 55Wa"*** Avenue,
- miu_ Waterioovilie, Hants. P07 7PY £1593 Neuromancer Please
note. New products will be sent on day ot release.
Mail Order Only. Postage included Great Britain. Add 75p per item EEC. Overseas add £1.50 per item. Fast service, send cheque PO to: Megasave, Dept CU, 49H Sutherland Street, Victoria, London SW1 V4JX.
Please send or FREE Mr o' new refNse* on AmslrM Atari S Arrxga Commodore. Spectrum and .3 and PC State which Mf. Future league Ltd.
Legend ot Ihe Swo'd £ 15 93 Phobia ...£1060 Phantasm .
I .£15 90 OueswoiSpcn £12 90 Rck dangerous £13 90 Savage £990 Space Hamer £990 Skweek Daley Thompson Oty £16.90 Foundalton Waste £16.90 Garfield ...... £1590 Gunsftp ..... £16 90 Gilbert iDril) ... £1690 Hawheye ...... II £3590 Interceptor £1590 Ingres Back £12.90 U.M.S ..... £9 90 Wanderer 3D .... £12 90 voory Road £19 90 Xenon II £1390 xencphcoe £1590 30 Pod £9 90 Alterburner £15.90 Aidxkime Ranger £9 90 Archpeagos £1590 Arcwa £1290 Baal Wscked.
Xenon Xytea.
ZorkO. _____________ American (e Hockey £i5 90 BarOanan £1290 Lcence» Ktl.
£1290 Lasi MnM 2 £1290 Mm Got £1693 Monster Slam £16 93 Newtealand Slory »IWi £1290 Garfield II £1590 Gajntlelll £1690 GrarxWam .... £1350 GoerilOWar...... £1390 H.A.T.E ... £1290 KKM ... £1290 Heroes ot lance £1590 Hn Disks I0t2 .
£1290 Hostage £12 90 Cosmic Prate .
£1590 Oazy Cats II------- £1590 CuModian ... £1590 Da'ksde .... £1390 DNA Wairiy.... £1593 Football k £1393 Fc-gocer £1293 Fusion... £1393 Frohtmght.... £13.50 Silkworm £9.95 Sleepng Gor £16.96 Space Rarre £15.90 Speedtal £14 95 Star Older II ...... £15 90 Steve Davis Shocko1 £16 90 Stcrm Trooper £16.90 Super Marg On.
£15 95 Superman £13.00 Powocdrome £12 95 Procojs Mot* £16.90 Premier Colleclon .£29.50 Pnson ...... £1290 Pro Soccer Sm .
£14 95 PfOSpeclOt £14 95 Pun s Saga £1290 Purple Salim Oay £15.90 Pacmania £15.90 Paladn £13.90 Personal Nghtmare £15.90 Ptvanlom Frglter £1590 War in Md. Earth £1690 Whow . £1690 Zak Makraken japfcftcccxvtccf UGA COLLCCTION This outstanding collection ct dkki is being dktrihuted EXCLUSIVELY in the UX by u*.
They all Auto-[net and are menu driven.
USON1 to USONS - Pull of Sonix tunea UMUS3 to UMUS10 - R»U ct great rruaic Ulhm to Udm2 - Rill d the beet gnphkx UANIM1 to UAN1M4 - Rill rf animation UTIIJTIES - Seven ditki full of all thoae great utilities ycu can’t find anywhere ckd PRICES I - 5 disks - £3:00 each 6 -10 disks- £2:75 each II or more - £2:50 each BUY TEN and choose another FREE Cheque* PO’i payahie to Serf tv Ole CCLLECT10N We’ve got 'em all - up to FF220 EAUG CaJ-FXTlON htol to 75 in itoc* F*NORAMA CCLLECTCN )bl to 71 in stock Plus of courae cur own (unu SOF disktg coUected from around the »«M lor you. S good that other
lihrariea id I them m Currently up to SOF2S3 STARTER PACK-£19:50 Choose ANY FIVE PD disks, FIVE unbranded blank disks, and a Library case to hold them j AMIGA INTRO DISK-£1:50 Full of sample programs VIRUS KILLER DISK - £1:50 | Detects Kills all virus’s VS' FRED FISH C DISK EXTRA What a deal! Where else can you get a magazine and a disk containing almost a megabyte of programs for under £3? JASON H0LB0RN guides you through the first of our cover-mounted SuperDisks.
Every month, we’ll bring you a disk tilled with the very best from the public domain libraries and from your very own typing-fingers.
Whether it’s games, graphics, music, serious applications or programming, you're sure to find something on the Amiga Format disk that'll appeal to you.
This month's disk kicks oft with a demo ot Ocean's highly addictive and amusing arcade conversion, New Zealand Story.
Fun and enjoyment is what Amiga Format is all about and, between the utilities for all you tech-heads out there, there's bound to be plenty of stuff to keep fun-loving types happy lor hours on end.
Buddies have been kidnapped by the big, bad, old Sea Walrus (boo, hiss!) Who's going to rescue them from their plight? What do you mean, 'Not me matey!’ How could you let those cute little Kiwis suffer at the hands (flippers?) Of such a horrible evit Walrus?
THE NEW ZEALAND STORY PROGRAM: BY OCEAN SOFTWARE FILES: NEW ZEALAND STORY. NZ_LOADER, NZ_DATA. NZLOADX.PC1 Life has always been an uphill struggle tor the Kiwi. What with the Japanese enjoying a succulent Kiwi with their side-salad, and tourists running around trampling all over their precious eggs, ifs a wonder there’s a single Kiwi still hopping around at all!
In this game, you play the role of a little Kiwi whose fellow Kiwi You must journey through the Walrus’s domain, searching (or your imprisoned fellows. Once you've found them, just jump onto their cages and they disappear, leaving your Kiwi buddies free to escape. All is not in your favour, however, as the Walrus obviously isn't going to hand your buddies back on a plate (possibly the bones, though!). Mr Big Bad DOTIL Ooes the Amiga's Command Line Interlace scare you? DoTil gives you the power ol DOS without ever having lo get your hands dirty with complicated things like keyboards.
WORKBENCH HACKS II it’s lun you're alter, look no lurther than this collection ol jolly little Workbench joke hacks. Every month we'll bring you the silliest little hacks to liven up your Workbench screen.
TRACKMON Are you having problems 'tracking' down that rogue disk error that always seems to rear its ugly head every time you save an important lile? With TrachMon, those disk errors will have nowhere to hide.
Take a look at what your Amiga is really capable ol with this cute little animation.
Every month, Amiga Formal and Seventeen Bit Soltware will bring you the latest and greatest demos to really show oH your Amiga.
VILBM Here's a great little utility to stick on all your boot disks. II you've ever had a stray picture lile but no means ol displaying it, then step aside: Vilbm is the man lor the job!
ART FILES What do you mean, you can't program but you still want to send something in lor the Amiga Formal coverdisk? Then why not get out your easel and paint us a picture? To kick oH, we present the very best in PD art.
Wc must be insane! But it's true: we want to give you money! All you have to do is write a super-hot program tor the Amiga and, if we decide to use it on the Amiga Formal coverdisk, you could be living it up in style! See Page 90 lor details.
Walrus has employed the services of a motley crew of henchmen who are out for your blood. Even the teddy bears are out to get you!
You're not a Kiwi who’s gonna let a load of weedy teddy bears Finally, if you only have 512K ol memory, it is best to unplug any external devices and close as many windows on the Workbench as possible.
Walk all over you, 'cause you’re well hard. To help you in your quest, you carry a bow and arrow, which is just the job to give those nasty teddy bears a taste of their J Z own medicine. Once a baddy is shot, it'll magically turn into a BBL .Mif piece of fruit that can be picked up and eaten. Extra weapons such as bombs can also be picked up: these’ll really give the Walrus something to chew on! See the full review on Pages 38-9.
T~: Jm .Mt* GETTING GOING You can load our exclusive New Zealand Story demo by inserting your coverdisk at the ‘Insert Workbench' prompt. The demo will then autoload. To play the game, plug a joystick into control port IT- two. Now stop reading and go rescue those Kiwis!
FROG.ANIM. SHOWANIM j JsL Entertainment is what the coverdisk is all ahout: and so, in conjunction with Seventeen Bit Software, Amiga Formal will be bringing you an exclusive Amiga demo every month.
What is a demo? Put simply, a demo is a program designed to dr' z show off the talents of both the Amiga and the demo’s author. This month’s demo is an animation of a rather cute frog (can frogs be cute?) Enjoying himselt in the summer sun. To load it, just doubleclick on the 'Frog Animation’ icon on the Workbench and the demo will load and run.
If you only have a single-drive Amiga, then you'll probably have to swap disks several times: just follow the on-screen requesters and you won't go far wrong.
TRACKMON PROGRAM: LIY MATHEW BURT FILES: TRACKMON, TRACKMON DOC How many times have you ever had that annoying 'VOLUME X HAS A READ WRITE ERROR' requester pop up onto the screen? Wouldn't it be nice if you could be told precisely where on Ihe disk that error occurred, so that you could hunt it NO COMPUTER IS COMPLETE WITHOUT A DUST COVER Protect your Amiga with a dust cover from the BBD Professional Range.
Made from best quality proofed nylon that has been treated with a tlame retardant and an anti-static inhibitor. BBD Dust Covers are tastefully finished with contrasting piping. They never crack, discolour, tear or tade. They can be washed and ironed. So confident are BBD of the quality that they give a noquibble guarantee with every cover.
BBD dust covers are not expensive and all our prices include VAT and P&P Amiga 500, Keyboard only £5.00 Amiga 1000, one piece cover ...£8.00 Amiga 2000, two piece set .....£11.00 In addition to the above BBD otter a wide range of other covers.
These include printer covers from only £5.50 Why not contact us tor further details DUST Dept. 34, The Standish _ Centre, Cross Street, COVERS Standish, Wigan, WN6 OHQ Telephone: 0257 425839 ext 34 Fax: 0257 423909 Sheer Perfection in Computer Protection WORLDWIDE WORLDWIDE SOFTWARE 1 Bridge Street Galashiels TD1 1SW WORLDWIDE SOFTWARE 106A Chilwell Road, Beeslon Nottingham NG9 1ES
• SOFT WA R E • £18 75 £t'95 £1795 £17 95 £17 95 £7 99 £14 95
£1 95 £14 95 £17 95 C14 95 £17 95 £17 95 £14 95 £14 95 £2295
£1 96 £2295 £14 95 £17 95 £ 95 £17 95 £28.95 £1495 £1 95 £17
95 £1795 £1795 £17 96 £1795 £17 95 £17 95 £1795 £17 95 £17 95
£1795 £ i 7 95 £ ’ 7 95 £11 99 £14 95 £17 95 £22.95 £17.95
£17.95 £1795 £1495 £1795 £17 95 £17 95 £1795 £1495 £1795 £14 95
£2296 £17 95 £1795 £1495 £1795 £1795 £11 99 £1495 £17 95 £1495
£14 95 Fast Delivery On All Stock Items By 1st Class Mall In
Special Overseas Service By Air Mail Worldwide.
Credit Card Orders Accepted by Phone Or Mail.
Overseas tel no: Nottingham 225368 Credit Card Order Telephone Lines £17 95 £17 95 £1795 £14 95 £14 95 £17 95 £14 95 £1795 £17 95 £5895 £11995 £58 95 £3895 £58 95 £14 95 £58 95 £17 95 £17 95 £14 95 £14 95 £14 95 £22 95 £1795 £1 96 £17 95 £17 95 £17 95 £17 95 £1495 £17 95 £11 99 £1495 £17 95 £1495 £22 95 £14 95 Commodore Amiga Software 1943 Battle Midway 30 Pool . 4Ti and Inches ... Arcan Raders Afterburner Arecme Ranger Alien Si'drome Amga God Hits Amga Mouse Arras ol Rome Atftpelagos Astaron Balance of
Power 1990 Baroanan II Bat-tan Batle Cness Banehawks 1942 Chords o' Wrath Cdosaus Chess X ..... Cosme Piraie Crazy Cars II Custodian Cyberrod II . Daley Thomson Otymp Chat.
DirkFuson .. Drtatta . 0 tan I Oe lui Producaons OeLuieMjscConst Set.
Oe Luie Pant 2 .... Oe Luie Photo Lab . Oe Luie Scrabb« Oe Luie Vdeo OeyiVjII ... Oemcns Winter Oen*ns .. ONA Warner (tom rater BerordZork .... 8o Chaienge Back Cauldron Bood Money Braaeb '. ZZ ZZZ Brian Clough Footoal Btdge Player 2000 Capone Cjplain Hlool Cam* Command Commodore Amiga Software Double Dragon ..... Dragon Nn a Oragons Lar 1 Meg Oreamaone Orfler . Dungeon Master i Meg Oungecn Master Eotor BmtnMar £.» Empre Empre Strikes Back Evf Garden FO
FT Ft6 Combat Plot F« Falcon .. Ficon Mission Dsk Fena i Fonr«jla One Fire Bngaoe . Firezone ... Flight Simulator II .... Fit Sm Japan Scenery [ sk .
Flying Shark - ... Fun School 2 (6 lo 8)..... Fun SchoO 2 (under 6) .
Fun School 2 (ovet8 .
Fusion ... Garbed (Lighlnng Lps).
Gauntlet II Gamin Wing . Gcfdrunner ii God runner Scnry Disk 1 Gqdrush ..... Grand Monster Slam ..... Gunship ..... Hate ..... Hawkeye Heroes of the lance Commodore Amiga Soltware Football [Vector II Football Manage-ME-pKit Football Manage- II
N. Ireland 0896 57004 (24 hours) North, Scotland, Commodore Amiga
Software Licence to Kft lorrdard RAC Ratiy lords W the Rising
Sun Man Hunter New York ..... Mayday
Squad ... Menace Mickey
Mouse .. Microorose Soccer Mike Reads Pop Ouiz
Mllenum 2.2 ., ... Mm Golf
- Motor Massacre Murder in
Ver.ce ... Navy Moves Netherworld .
Obliler al or . Operation Neptune Operation
Won POW Pac land ..... Commodore
Amiga Software High Steel Hollywood Poker Pro .....
Hostages ...... Human Killing Machine
Hybns impossible Mission ii interceptor international Karate -
It Came From the Desert Kings Quest Triple Pack .
uir ...... Last Nir,a 2 . Leadertoard Coiecidn .
Led Storm . Legend of the Sword Leisuresu* Larry .. Approach ilglish Manager Joan ol Arc Joe Bade II Journey Commodore Amiga Software Rochet Ranger Romantic Encounter Run the Gauntlet Runranq Man RVF ..
S. D.I ...
Savage _.... Scenery [ sklt ..
Scenery Disk 7 ... Scenery Dsk
9 ...... Scorpio ________________________
Scorpion ... ......
Shinobi .. Snogun
. Shoot Em Up Const
Kit ... Sfent Service
Sflworm ....
Skweek ... Sieepng Gods lie
Pacmana ... Personal Nghtma-e Phobia
.... Police Ouesi Populous Power drome
Precdus Metal Prerner CoHsctO" Pnson ... Prospector
Purple Saturn Day Queston ol Sport Oiesaon ¦ SaK R*ach*?Of The
Stars Real Ghostbusters Realm ol TrolS Red Heat Return ol the
JeO Rick Dangerous Rcbocop ... South, Midlands, Wales
0602 252113 Commodore Amiga Software £14 95 £i? 95 £17 95
£1795 Star Wa-s Surglder II Scetgar Steve Davis Snooker Super
Scramble Sword ol Sodan nmpin Tank Attack targhan
. Techno Cep
Teenage Outrun Test Dnve ii the duel The Deep The Krystal The
New Zeal.no Sliyy Tlvjnderbrds .. Tlxirdertfade
Tiger Road ..... Time Scanner Tmes of Lore
Tiian ..... Total Ecspse Tracksui Manager
Trained Assasm Trivial Pursuit New Bognmng TV Sports Footbai
Ultima 3 Ultima
4 ..... Ultimate God Universal Military
Smjlatiy Victory Road Vigtante .- .
Vindicators ... War Mddle Earth Wee Le
Mans Wend Dreams Westem Europe Scenery Ddk Wcked
. Xenon II Megablast Xenophobe
...._ ...... Kybots ZakMekraeken Zor*Ze 0 10
« 3.5- OS DO Hi Dual Oisk Commodore Amiga Soltware Europe
(other than UK) shipping costs are: f 1.50 per disc tor normal
airmail €2.50 per disc lor express airmail Please make cheques
or postal orders payable to WORLDWIDE SOFTWARE All prices
include postage and packing m the UK ADVERTISED PRICES ARE FOR
MAIL AND TELEPHONE ORDERS Outside Europe shipping costs are.
C2.00 per disc tor normal airmail £3.00 per disc tor express airmail PHILIPS 8833 STEREO MONITOR Including Lead ONLY £219.00 COMMODORE A501 RAM EXPANSION with clock ONLY £115.00 PRINTERS iStar LC 10 Colour .£239.00 [Star LC-10 Mono ...£179.00 Star LC-24 10 .£339.00 iCitizen 120D ...£139.00 INEC P2200 .....£319.00
• Epson
LQ-500 £319.00
All printers supplied with 1.8M lead worth £7.99 r i j Amiga
B2000, ROM 1.3 ..£950.00 I
Philips AV7300 TV Tuner £69.00
• Futuresound
500 ....£79.00 Amdrive
50M Hard Disk £465.00 I Cumana
3.5 inch Disk Drive ...£99.00 i
Minigen ...£105.00
I [ [ AMIGA A500 ROM + WORKBENCH 1.3 Mouse, Modulator, Leads
ONLY £349.00 Please phone for other hardware prices HARDWARE
Open 9.00am to 6pm Monday to Friday L. r- SOFTWARE i I The
Works .£69.00
• Lattice C
V5 ...£165.00
Choice ...£79.00 J
Lair ....£25.00
I Deluxe Paint
HI £65.00 I
Professional £250.00 I
i_______________________________ Superbase
Professional ..£159.00 Kind
V2 .£39.00
1.3 .£14.95
2 .£55.00
1.3 £150.00
Draw £115.00 BLANK
125+ ....£9.95
i iCheetah
Starprobe .£14.95 I
Jquickshot II
Turbo ...£9.95 • Konix
Navigator ......£12.99
' |F5
Fantastick .....£5.00
iCrystal ...£10.95
i i-------------------------------1 I I I 3M DS DD Box of
10 .....£12.95 I
• Sony DS DD Box of
10 ..£12.95 • Kodak DS DD
Box of 10 £12.95 Unbranded
DS DD 10 .....£9.45 I
Unbranded DS DD 50 ...£45.00
i I Unbranded DS DD
100 .£79.00 I
l-------------------------------1 AMIGA PACKS Amiga A500 + A501
III ...£499.00
Amiga A500 + Philips 8833 Stereo Monitor (no
modulator) ......£549.00
Amiga A500 + The
Works £399.00
Amiga A500 +Tenstar Pack, Sonix, Photon
Paint ....£399.00
All Amigas include Mouse, Power Supply, Manuals, Modulator,
Workbench 1.3 and Kickstart 1,3.
Unless stated otherwise 16 BIT CENTRE Unit 17, Lancashire Fittings Science Village _ Claro Road, Harrogate Hgl 4AF I______1 Tel (0423) 531822 526322 Ip' ' Tel (0423) 531822 526322 down with your trusty disk editor?
TrackMon is a handy little utility program that displays the current track, sector and side being accessed from any floppy drive connected to the system. Using the wonders of multi-tasking, TrackMon can be run concurrently with any other packages already running (providing they don't turn off multi-tasking, that is!)
GETTING GOING You can load TrackMon by double-clicking on the TrackMon icon on the Workbench. Full instructions (do you really need instructions?) Are available within the TrackMon drawer.
VILBM PROGRAM: PUBLIC DOMAIN FILES: VILBM Everyone knows that the Amiga is a wonderful machine for creating your masterpieces on. With loads of colours, loads of art packages and the kind of screen resolutions that artists demand, the Amiga is the number-one choice for all would-be artists. But once you've created a disk full of works of art, what do you do with them?
Vilbm is a slideshow tool that allows the display of just about any IFF format pictures one after another. Even if your picture is in some strange resolution like overscan, Vilbm can handle it with no problems at all.
GETTING GOING Vilbm can be run in two ways. The first, and probably the simplest, is to use the Amiga’s extended selection technique from the Workbench. To display just one picture, click once on the picture file that you wish to view, then hold the [SHIFT] key down and double-click on the Vilbm icon.
After a few seconds, the picture will be displayed.
If you want to view several pictures, use the same method as detailed above, but instead click on each picture icon in turn (don't forget to keep the [SHIFT key depressed! Before finally doubleclicking on the Vilbm icon.
The second method of running Vilbm is from the CLI. To view three pictures called 'Fredl', 'Fred2' and 'Fred3', all you have to do is to enter VILBM FRED1 FRED2 FRED3' and then press [RETURN]. To advance through each picture, just click the left mouse-button. Once all pictures have been displayed, Vilbm will return you to the CLI prompt (or the Workbench if you used the first method).
HACKS.DOC So you think we're going to explain what these customers do, don’t you? Well think again!
Workbench Hacks are fun little programs that are at their best when you haven’t got a clue what they do. To run this month's Hacks, double-click on the associated icon, then sit back and play!
DOTIL PROGRAM: PUBLIC DOMAIN FILES: DOTIL, DOTIL.DOC OK, confessions time. How many of you have tried to learn the Amiga's Command Line Interface, only to find it almost totally incomprehensible? Sounds familiar, doesn't it! If you are struggling to get to grips with the inner workings of AmigaDOS, why bother?
You can use DoTil instead!
DoTil is a very useful utility that deserves a place on any self- respecting Workbench disk. DoTil allows you to carry out practically any task that you could previously only achieve through CLI from the Workbench environment. Instead of- having to type in all those complicated (and difficult to remember) DOS commands, all you have to do is to point and click: it really is as simple as that!
With DoTil, you can: VIEW DIRECTORIES - Even if a disk contains practically no icons at all, with DoTil you can travel the directories, viewing those hidden files with ease. No more will you be hunting through a disk for that mysterious file, only to find that it can't be found because someone forgot to give it an associated icon file.
FILE MANAGEMENT - Even if a file doesn't have an icon, there's no hiding from DoTils extensive array of file management tools.
Using multiple selection, you can copy, delete, rename or view any file on any disk.
AmigaDOS has never been so simple.
GETTING GOING You can load DoTil from the CLI... er. By double-clicking on the DoTil icon on the Workbench. Full instructions on getting the most from DoTil are available within the DoTil drawer.
BACKING UP YOUR DISK Before using your Amiga Format disk, you should make a back-up of the master disk as soon as possible. This is very important!
HOW TO USE THIS DISK Copying the disk may sound like a complicated task suitable for techno-buffs only, but it is surprisingly simple provided you read the following instructions carefully:
1. First, turn on your machine and load Workbench, Once the
Workbench screen appears and the disk-drive light goes out,
remove your Workbench disk and insert our cover disk.
We have done our best to check that the programs on the Amiga Formal coverdisk are simple to use, error- free and have no known viruses. However, we cannot normally answer telephone queries on using the software, and we do not accept liability for any consequences of using the programs.
It your Amiga Formal disk is faulty - and out ol the tens of thousands duplicated, some are unfortunately bound to be - you should send it back for a free replacement within a month of the cover dale to: AMIGA FORMAT AUGUST DISK, DISCOPY LABS, UNIT A, WEST MARCH, LONDON ROAD, DAVENTRY, NORTH ANTS, NN11 4SA.
If your Amiga refuses fo accept the disk, try using the DISKDOCTOR utility on your Commodore Workbench disk to rescue it before sending it off for a replacement. Full details of DiskDoctor can be found in the user's manual that came with your machine.
2. Next, click once on the coverdisk icon and then press the
right mouse-button and the Workbench menus will appear. Now,
while keeping the right mouse- button depressed (you can cheer
it up afterwards!), move the mouse pointer over to the
Workbench' heading and a menu will drop down.
Move the mouse pointer over the 'duplicate' menu option and then press the left mouse-button.
3. After a few seconds' disk access, the Workbench DiskCopy tool
will be loaded and run. Now just follow the on-screen prompts
and your Amiga Format coverdisk will be copied to a backup
When the machine asks for the destination, insert your blank disk into the drive. Further instructions can be found in the user's guide that comes with your Amiga.
USING THE PROGRAMS All the programs on the Amiga Format disk are specially set up to make them as easy to use as possible. If you can use the Amiga's Workbench then you can use our coverdisk! If you do have problems with a program, full instructions on loading and using the programs are included in the disk pages and these should get you up and running. If you sbll have problems, you should read the documentation file (.DOC) that is included with every program.
To run any of the programs on this month's coverdisk, all you have to do is follow a very simple procedure. Unless specified differently within the disk pages, just double-click on the program’s icon on the Workbench and the program will load and run. Full details on how to use the programs once they have run are included with the disk pages and as a text file accompanying tfie program.
To display a documentation file, just double-click on the appropriate .DOC file to be viewed and a window will open containing the file's contents. Pressing the space bar will advance a page at a time.
COPYING THE DISK Unless specifically stated, the programs on the cover disk are not In the public domain and the copyright remains with the author. Selling or distributing these programs without the author's permission is against the laws of copyright.
YOUR PROGRAMMING SKILL COULD EARN YOU £800 Phone: ..... (Daytimel (Evenings) My program name is.. Approximate total size of files in kilobytes ...K (we cannot use programs longer than 200K: shorter submissions, under 100K, stand the best chance of publication) It is a: ? Game ? Technical tool Q Business utility U Art program Q Music program U Educational U Novelty U Other .. BRIEF DESCRIPTION.
If you've got any programs for the Amiga which you think other readers would find useful, interesting or amusing, we’d like to know about them.
1. Make sure your program is foolproof to use.
2. Create a file called README.DOC on the disk which explains
exactly how to use your program.
3. Fill in this form, sign it, and send it without delay to:
Cover Disk Software Amiga Format 4 Queen Street BATH BA11EJ
(Photocopies are fine if you don't want to damage the mag) You
could win a share of £800 prize money for the best programs
each month.
CHECKLIST (please tick): U Stamped addressed envelope for return ? README.DOC explanation file on disk ' ? Printout ot README.DOC file (if possible) ? Name, address, machine type written on label Q Disk certified virus free IMPORTANT - Please sign this declaration: This program is submitted for publication by Amiga Format. (t is wholly my own work and I agree to indemnify Future Publishing against any possible legal action should copyright problems arise.
Signed .
Date ... IK+ ST & AMIG, £9.S MAIL' ORDEi MU MADNESS AIL STS AMIGA £9.99 .XjRDER SOFTSELLERS 6 BOND STREET, IPSWICH, SUFFOLK IP4 1JB 24hr MAIL ORDER PURCHASE LINE (0473) 257158 (0473) 210605 Amiga Gold Hits ...... AMIGA 1599 1699 .15.99 ...1699 Archipelagos Imayts . Asttrolh . Baal . Balance ol Powe*'990 .15 99 . .
1299 15 99. .
Mm* . tarbanan ii .. lalman ... latllechess .... lanieriawks »oCha*enge ...... tsmark . Masleroids Bbod Money 1599
1599. .
.1599 1599 1599 .15.99 .1299 .1599 1699 1599 . 15 99
13. 99 19 99 1599 .15.99 1299 15 99
12. 99 1299 15 99 ...15.99 1299 49 99 49 99 59 95 .49.99 .49 99
...12 99... 1599
15. 99... .12.99... ...12.99... .16.99... . 1599 15 99
13. 99 Bulcl Caplain Blood Carner Command .... Chaos Stnkes
Back Chrono Quest lombat School
Corruption ..... Pirates ..... Crazy
Cars II Custodian .. Cybernoid
II ..... Daley Thompson's OC.. Dark Side Eme .. . .
Dekixe Music Dekixe Paint II DeLxo Pami III Dekixe PhotoiaD .
)etuxe Video )enans . touble Dragon D’agonscape Wagons Lair.. ..... 1399 .1599 1699 1599 Falcon .....15.99...... ...12.99 .
......19.99 1299 Fed. Ol Free Traders . Fernandez Musi Oe 1999 .15.99 ... .
.....1999 .... 1599 Fenan Formula One Fire and Forget ... ..16.99 ..15.99 ......15.99 ......16.99 ......15 99 1599 1299 12 99 FootbaT Manager II ..... Fogolten Worlds
1299. ..... 12.99...... ......12.99 ......12.99
Frighl Night .....
Fusion .... Gauntlet II
..1699 1399
.16.99 .....16.99 Ghosts S Goblins
..12.99...... ......15.99
Gianls ..... G dregon's
Domain ... 1299
12. 99...... 1299 . . .1299
Gn-zor .....
..12.99...... . 15 99 1599 1599
Guenia War
Hate . Heroes o» the
Lance .12 99...... .13.99..... 1699
......15 99 1399 ......16.99
Interceptor ..... ksan ol
Arc . KckOW ......
.’.‘.V.V..’ 13 99' ...12.99...... 16 99
......16.99 .....1299
Lancelot ... Last Crusade
Leadertward Bird* 1299 ...1699 ... ......1699
.....12.99 .....16.99 1699 LED Storm
.. Legend ot the Sword Lombard R AC
Ra«y .1399 15 99 ..15.99..... 13
15. 99 ......1599 1999 ..1299 1599
Monaco . Mocprose
Soccer . Mrienium 2 2 . 1943
. 12 99 ...15.99.....
..16.99 . .
....13.99 .....12 99 15.99 . . 1699 1699 HARDWARE ALL OUR HARDWARE INCLUDES VAT AND FREE DELIVERY.
AMIGA 500 Air miles pack wilh 500 Iree air miles. Ihree games, disc wallet and sprite graphics package £449.95 C1900 monochrome monitor £99.95 1084S Colour Monitor £249.95 ATARI 520STFM 1 meg Internal Drive C269.95 ATARI 520STFM POWERPACK ATARI1040STFM Business pack w«h database, spreadsheet and wordprocessor £449.95 ATARI 1040STFM SUPERPACK 21 Games and Joystick £449.95 EXTERNAL DRIVE Cumana 1 meg £109.95 10 3 1 2 Bank Discs £9.95 Kon. Navigator Joystick £11.95 Joystick Exlendors £4.95 Pro 5000 Joyslick £11.95 4 Player Adaptors £4.95 Pro 5000 Clear £12.95 Mouse Mat £4.95 Pro 5000 Extra £13.95
Cheetah 125 Joystick £6.95 Disc Storage Box 40 £5.95 OS Turbo Joyslick £9.95 Disc Storage Box 80 £7.95 Nightraider 13 99 1399 Operation Neptune ...... .....1599 .....15 99 Operation Wolf .. ..1299 .....15.99 Outrun . Outrun Europa ... ......13.99 ......10 99 13 99 1099 Overlander . ......12.99 1599 Paperboy ...
Pacland ..... ......12.99 ......1299 15 99 12 99 Pac manta .. Peter Beardsley ......1299 ......1299 12 99 1299 Phantom Fighter
13. 99 Phobia . Pioneer
Plague ..... ......1599 15 99 15 99
Pools ol Radiance ..... Police Quest
II ...... 16 99 1599 16 99 1599
Populous .. Populous Data
Discs ... 1699 ...... 999 . .16.99
9. 99 Powerdrome ..... 1699
......1299 . .16.99
12. 99 Premier Collection Preoous
Metal .....
Prison 1999 1599
......12.99...... 1999 1599 1299 Pufly's Saga
ZZZL ... Purple Saturn
Day 16 99 1599 1699 ......1599 Rambo
ill .. Real Ghost
Busters ..... 12 99 ..... 13 99
.....1599 .....1399 Realms ol the
Trolls ..... ....1399 1399 Red Heat
.....- .... ...12 99 1599
Renegade 1299
.....15 99 Return ol the Jodi 399 1399 15 99 Rick
Dangerous ....
Roadblasiers . 1399 1399
Rcbocop ... 1299 . .15 99
Rocket Ranger . 15 99...... ...
.19.99 R TYPe ......
......13.99...... .....16.99 Running
Man Run the Gauntlet
.15.99 ......12.99 ..... .....15.99 ....
15 99 RVF ..; .
..15.99 . .
15. 99 1599 15 99 sdi..... _!! ! Shoot 'em Up
Construction StlkWorm ...
...13.99 15 99 .... ..1299 .... 16.99
12. 99 Skate or Die
Skateball .. ..1699
.....1699 1699 1699
Skychese ...
......1399 . .
......1299 1399 1299 Space Harrier 1 or II Speed ball .....- ...... ST Five Star . ......12.99 ......15.99 ... .
......15.99 . . .
.....1599 1599 ......15.99...... 15 99 fjarjtey ......1299 12 99 ... 15 99 12 99 stos Slreethghier .. 19 99 .....1399 16 99
16. 99 Super Hang-On . Sword of
Sodan .. Techno
Cop . 1699
19. 99 .....16.99 Test
Drive .. Test Drive
II ... Thunderbirds
Thunderbade ....16 95 15 99
16. 95 .....19.99
15. 99 1699 Thurvdercats . Tiger
Road Time &
Majk .. Times ol
Lore . ......12.99 .
... ...13.99..... .12.99...... 15 99 1599
.....1399 1299 ......1599 Test Drive
II ... Tracksuit
Manager ...... 15 99 12 99 ......1599
Triad .... Trivial
Pursuits ...... 1999 1399 .....1999
......13 99 Turbo Cn TV
Spoils Football ..... 12.99...... 16 99..... 19
99 Typhoon Thompson Ultima
V ......; .. ....13
99...... ....15 99..... .....1599
U. M.S .. Victory
Road .
Vigilante .....
15 99. . .
......12 99. . .
10 99...... 1599 1599 1099 vindicators ...... Virus .... Vovaaer .. ......1399 1299 1299 1399 1299 1599 War in Mddle Earth Waterloo ... 15.99...... 1599 1599 1599 WEC Le Mans ..... Where Time Stood Still .
12. 99 12 99 .....15 99 1599
Wizzba* .. ....1299
....12 99 1599
Xenon . Xenon II
..... .15.99 1599
Name: .. Address .
Partners M James and L. K Mnchei TOTAL COST £: Cheques & Postal Orders payable to SOFTSELLERS. Post & Packing Free in U.K. Overseas C1.50 per item. Subject to availability and price change without notice. Not all titles released at time of going to pres BARD'S TALE ST & AMIGA ‘ £9.99 DISCOUNT SOFTWARE EROTEXT V4.2 FROM MJC SUPPLIES WORD PROCESSING |f PRINTERS || EDUCATIONAL II COLOUR MONITOR This must be the most powerful word processor available tor the Amiga.
Excellent speed and wide range of features make if the only WP lo buy.
Includes Mail Merge and Spell Checking.
RRPE99.95 .Our Price £64.95 Useable demo disc available - £7.00 ElllRAND OFFICE Two utilities for Prolext only. Filer is a data manager ideally suited to Mailing List applications lor use with Protext's mail merge routines. OFFICE gives all the features of Filer but adds calculations ideal for invoices.
FILER RRP £24.95 OURS £17.95 OFFICE RRP £34.95 OURS £24.95 Also available: Kind Words 2 ......39.95 Micro Text 15.95 SPREADSHEETS Micro Base Omega File.. K-Data .. AH prices Include Postage, Packing S VAT. Please send Cheques Pos to:
M. J.C. SUPPLIES (AF), 40A Queen Street, Hitchin, Herts SG4 9TS
Tel: (0462) 420847, 421415 or 32897 for enquiries Credit Card
Orders All printers listed have a ten-inch (A4) carriage, are
Epson compatible and accept cut sheet or continuous paper.
The relevant printer cable Is also included free of charge. Delivery is 7- 10 days from dale of cheque credit card clearance. For next day (after clearance) delivery add £5.
CITIZEN 120-D Cheap Epson FX-80 compatible giving a range of text sizes and effects m draft mode, limited sizes and effects in NLO £139.95 PANASONIC KXP-1081 Good print and build quality, very reliable. Offers all the draff mode sizes and effects of the FX-80 compatibles in NLQ as well. Best Value.
£159.95 STAR LC-10 As well built and reliable as the Panasonic. Four different typefaces all available in the full range of sizes and effects. Well worth the little extra.
£195.95 STAR LC-10 COLOUR All the features of the LC-10 but with the addition ol 7 colours m several shades.
Uses the Epson JX-80 printer driver from Workbench cwywrgrap Jrcs program.
STAR LC-24 10 24 pin version of the LC-10. Has 5 typefaces, all usual sizes and e fleet s. two extra effects (Outline and Shadow) and excellent print quality.
£339.95 Each Fun School has 8 educational games per disc.
Fun School 2 (2-6 years) ......13.95 Fun School 2 (6-8 years) ......13.95 Fun School 2 (8-12 years) 13.95 The "Discover" range have 6 games per disc Discover Alphabet 6+ yrs) ...15.95 Discover Numbers (6+ yrs) ...15.95 Discover Maths (10* yrs) .....15.95 OUR TOP TEN GAMES ALL of our top ten have been released prior to going to press Archipelagos ..16.95 Balance of Power 1990 .17.95 Colossus Chess X .....16.95 Dragon Ninja 18.95 Gunship ...16.95
Hawkeye ..13.95 Kick On ...13.95 Lords of the Rising Sun „... 19.95 Millenium 2.2 ......18.95
S. D.1 ...18.95 GRAPHICS
Digi Paint ...41.95 .49.95 .68.95
54. 95 .59.95 Photon Paint.. Photon Pamt I Deluxe Pamt II Deluxe
Pamt II AMAS-Sampler & Interface 74.95 Aegis
Sonix ..44.95 Mush:
Studio 24.95 This excellent
monitor features stereo sound as well as good definition for
text and graphics Price includes cable and two day (after
payment clearance) courier delivery.
£225.00 ACCESSORIES A500 Dust Cover ..3.95 Mouse Mat 3.95 A500 2000 - Printer Cable ......6.95 Quickshot Turbo Joystick ......10.95 Competition Pro 5000 J S .....12.95
3. 5' Disk Head Cleaner ...5.95 A501 Memory
Expansion 139.95 PROGRAMMING K-Seka
(assembler) ...34.95 Hisoft Devpac
V2 39.95 Hisoft Basic (inc. Book,
Amiga Basic Inside & Out • while stocks
last) ....59.95 GFA
Basic 3...: ....49.95 Metacomco
Pascal ....68.95 Amiga For
Beginners .10.95 Kickstad
Guide ...12.95 AmigaDos
Ref.Guide .14.95 Amiga Tncks &
Tips ...12.95 Amiga 8asic Inside &
Out .....18 95 Elementary Amiga Basic ......14.95
Advanced Amiga Basic ..16.95 The C Language (by
K&R) ...23.95 Pascal Beginners Guide .6.50
Are you new to the Amiga, finding it difficult to harness the
power of this amazing computer ?, then what you need is help
from the largest group of Amiga enthusiasts in the
world . Members receive:- Public Domain Software
Excellent discounts on software Technical support and on line
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Access to a PD library of over 300 disks Use of the groups Amiga only bulletin board Discounts on books AMIGA DON’T HESITATE - JOIN NOW and start to appreciate what Amiga computing is all about.
For further details write, enclosing a stamped addressed envelope to: The U.K. Amiga User Group, 66, London Road, Leicester. LE2 0QD.
Or Telephone : _Leicester (0533) 550993 ? Mega Pack l Busness Pack I. word processor. Database.
Spreadsheet ? Mega Pack 2 Commune a tions Pack l. 3 disks full of telecommunication software.
? Mega Pack 3: Graphics Pack 1. Groph.es packages and utilities.
? Mega Pack 4 Animation Pack 1, stunnng graphic an*nation demos ? Mega Pack 5: Picture Pack 1. Packed full ot the best AMIGA pictures.
? Mega Pack 6: Demo Pack I. the most fabulous graphics and sound.
? Mega Pack 7 Amiga Basic Pack 1, 3 disks full of Amiga Base programs ? Mega Pack 8 Game Pack 1. Adventures, board games ond shoot ’em ups.
? Mega Pack 9: Pcture Pack 2. Packed fdl of the best Amiqa pctures ? Mega Pock 10 Demo Pack 2. The most fabdous groph.es and sound.
01 f.m!QQ p't*c Wllware send o meOun wed slam red SendVWa onAcceacard detoif to'QJOi P°*l°l txae s f’0*0'*' P d Purple P.O. I Bonnolomew ffooa. Bonopt Stott ford. Hetti CM23 3TP Telephone 0279 7S7692 TENSTAR PACK WORTH OVER £229!
C" Commodore AMIGA FREE! - INSANITY FIGHT - by MicfoQeal FREE!- AMEGAS by Players FREE! - MERCENARY COMP - Dy Novaqen nxnmniMj FREE! - TERRORPODS by Psyqnosis FREE!- BARBARIAN. ULT WARRIOR - by Palace FREE! - THUNDERCATS - by Elite FREE! - BUGGY FREE! - WIZBALL - by Ocean FREE! - IKARI WARRIORS - by Elite B inclldls rnEC B DELIVERY The Amiga 500 is one of a new Dreed of technologically advanced computers, which are now emerging as the new standard for home computing, based around the new Motorola 68000 chip The A500 has 512K RAM and a 1Mbyte double sided disk drive built-in. It can be
connected directly to a wide range of monitors, or to a domestic TV set through a TV modulator Designed with the user in mind, the A500 features a user friendly WIMP environment and comes supplied with a free mouse. And, when you buy your Amiga from Silica Shop, the UK's Noi Amiga specialists, you will experience an alter sales service that is second to none, including a technical support helpline and free newsletters and price lists Return the coupon below for our current information pack, which will give details of the Silica service and the very latest Silica Amiga offers e&oe man :EWER
compam ONE company *i»o can provide THE FULL STOCK RANGE Tne largest range of Amiga related penpherais. Accessories books and software m the UK AFTER SALES SUPPORT: The staff at Silica Shoo are dedicated to help you 10 gel the best from your Amiga FREE NEWSLETTERS: Maned direct to your home as soon as we print them, featuring offers and latest releases FREE OVERNIGHT DELIVERY: On all hardware orders Shipped to Silica Shop customers within the UK mainland PRICE MATCH PROMISE: We will normally match our competitors offers on a same product same price' basis FREE TECHNICAL HELPLINE: Full time
team of Amiga technical experts to help you with your technical queries But don't |ust take our word lor it Complete and return the coupon below for our latest Amiga literature and begin to experience the Silica Shop specialist Amiga service A500 Computer £399.99 TV Modulator £24.99 Photon Paint £69.95 TenStar Pack £229.50 TOTAL RRP: £724.43 LESS DISCOUNT: £325.43 PACK PRICE £399 A500 Computer £399.99 1084S Colour Monitor £299.99 Photon Paint £69.95 TenStar Pack £229.50 TOTAL RRP: £999.43 LESS DISCOUNT: £350.43 PACK PRICE ss: £649 When you buy (he Amiga 500 from Silica Snop. You will not only
get a nigh power, value lor money computer, we will also give you some spectacular tree g'HS Fust of an. We are now including a TV moflulator with every A500 Siand alone keyboard so you can plug your Amiga straight into your TV at home Ithe modulator IS not nciuded with the A500-A1084S pack as it is not required for use with monitors) Secondly, we have added a free copy of Photon Paint, an advanced graphics package with ar RRP ol £69 95 Last land by no means least'i so that you can be up and running straight away, we are giving away the sensational TENSTAR GAMES PACK with every A500 purchased
at S hea Shop This pack features ten top Amiga Mies whxh have a combined RRP of nearly £230! Return the coupon tor details £14.95 £24.95 £19.95 £2495 £24.95 £24.95 £19.95 £24.95 £24.95 £24.95 £229.50 TOTAL RRP: £229.50 you already
• BEE 0* CHARGE Branch and Degin ex Surname.
Initials: Amiga computer and would like to Be registered on our maihng list as an w We will Be pleased to send you copies ol our price Usts and newsletters ; they oecome available. Compieie the coupon and return it to our Sidcup inenLi'ij a spec aitji Air -ga service mat t* second to rone to: Silica Strap Ltd. Dept AMFOR 0889 1-4 lira Mawa. HaOrarley Hoad, Sidcup, Kent DA14 4DX PLEASE SEND ME FREE LITERATURE ON THE AMIGA Mr Mrs Ms: Address DCUP (&. Mail Order) 01-309 1111 1-4 The Mews. Hat her Ivy Road. Sidcup. Kent. DAI 4 4DX OPEN KtON-SA' 9am .Wpm LATE NIGHT: FRIDAY 9am 7pm LONDON 01-580
4000 52 Tottenham Court Road. London. W1P OB A OPEN: MON-SAT 9 30am - 6 Oopm LATE NIGHT: NONE Postcode LONDON 01-629 1234 ext 3914 Do you already own a computer If so. Whicn one do you own'’ Set fridges • 1st ttoor . Oxford Street. London. WlA IAB I OPEN: MON-SAT 9am - 6 Oopm LATE NIGHT: THURSDAY 9am - 8pm Castle Software PARTNERS: S A BEECH & R A BEECH AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA REDUCTIONS SPECIAL OFFERS SPECIAL OFFERS RRP Manhunter in New York 29.95...14.95 King of Chicago .29.95.....8.9 Battletech 29.95 ...14.9 Police Quest ...24.95 ...14.99
Real Ghostbusters ....24.95 ...11.95 Afterburner ....24.95 ...11.95 Space Quest II 24.95 ...13.95 Kings Quest III Pack .74.85 ...19.95 Football Manger n ....19.95.....9.95 Crystal .....29.95 ...14.95 SilkWorm 24.95 ...14.95 Portal 34.95 7.95 Robbeary .24.95.....5.95 Thexter ....24.95.....4.99 Action Service 19.95.....4.95 Pioneer Plague ...24.95.....6.95 Roger Rabbit (1
meg)......29.95.....9.95 Soccer Supremo .19.95.....6.95 Marias Christmas Box.....24.95.....5.95 Summer Olympiad ....19.95.....5.95 Winter Olympiad ......19.95.....5.95 Vindicators .....24.95 9.95 Indoor Sports .24.95.....5.95 Incredible Shrinking Sphere ..24.95 9.95 Fire Power .....24.95 6.95 Leaderboard ...24.95 7.50 Out Run ...19.95.....7.50 Academy .24.95.....6.95 Armageddon Man ....24.95 3.99 Hawkeye .19.99 ...13.99
Vigilante ..14.99 ...10.95 Speed Ball ......24.95 ...16.95 Fun School under 6 ...24.95 ...14.95 Fun School 6 to 8 ......24.95 ...14.95 Fun School 8 to 12 ....24.95 ...14.95 Lord Rising Sun .29.95 ...21.95 Hollywood Poker Pro 29.95 ...19.95 Batman ....24.95 ...17.95 RRP Nigel Mansells GP ....24.95
5. 95 ...18.95 ...15.95 ...18.95
9. 99
4. 99
6. 95
5. 95
6. 95
5. 95 ....5.95 ....5.95 ....5.95 ....6.95 ....4.99 ...4.99
....8.95 ...6.95 ....6.95 .15.95 ..16.95 .13.95 .13.95 .11.95
.16.95 .16.95 .21.95 .16.95 .19.95 .22.95 .16.95 .13.99 .15.99
.15.95 .15.95 .15.95 .15.95 .15.95
12. 95 .14.50
54. 95 Rocket Ranger ...29.95 Sword of
Sodan ..29.95
Populus ....24.95 De Ja
Vu ..24.95 GFL
Football ..29.95 Star
Goose ......24.95
Backlash ..19.95 GFL
Golf ..24.95 Strike Force
Harrier ..24.95 Foundations Waste ..24.95
Romantic Encounter 24.95 Blackjack Academy 24.95. Solitaire
Royal 29.95 .
Quadralien .....24.95. Siaygon ....24.95. SDI (Cinemaware) ....29.95 .
GFL Basketball ..24.95 .
GFL Baseball ..24.95 .
Teenage Queen .24.95. R-Type .....24.95. Pacmania .19.95. Pacland ....19.95. Prison ......19.95. Super Hang on ...24.95 .
Dungeon Master 24.95 .
TV Sports F Ball .29.95 .
Denaris ....24.95.. Falcon .....29.95.. Test Drive II ...29.95 .
K+ 24.95.. ialistics ...19.95.. Elite .24.95.. Blood Money ..24.95.. Ultima 4 ...24.95.. Milenium 2.2 ..24.95 .. Gunship ...24.95.. Microprose Soccer ....24.95 .. Kick Off ....19.95 .. Custodian 19.95.. Deluxe Paint III (1 meg) ..79.95 .. RRP Personal Nightmare 29.95 ...18.95 Archipelagos ..24.95 ...15.99 Space Harrier .24.99 ...15.99
Journey to the Centre of the Earth ....19.95 ...13.95
L. E.D Storm ....19.95 ...13.95 Bio challenge
24.95 14.95 Gauntlet II ......24.95 ...16.95
Super Scramble ..19.95 ...14.50
Scorpion ..24.95 ...15.95 Lombard RAC
Rally ..24.95 ...14.95 3ards
Tale ......24.95.....7.50 Vlarble
Madness 24.95.....7.50
Vixen 24.95.....4.95
Bombuzal 24.95.....6.95 Fernandez Must
Die .24.95.....6.95 ?aery Tale
Tracers ....24.95.....5.96 Ebon
Star .24.95.....5.96 Hellfire
Attack ...24.95.....5.95 Galactic
Invasion ......24.95.....5.95 Leather
Goddess ......29.95.....6.99 Nord &
Bert ....29.95.....6.99
Sherlock ...24.95.....6.99
lureaucracy ...34.95.....6.99 Better Dead
Than Alien ..24.95.....5.95 Strip Poker
11+ 19.95.....7.95 Spitting
Image ...24.95.....3.99
hanghai .24.95.....4.99
Maniax ....24.95.....4.99 Garfield II
(Winters Tale) ..24.95 ...15.95 ac
Mcracken .24.95 ...17.95 War in Middle
Earth .24.95 ...16.95 Road
Blasters .19.95 ...13.95
ancelot ...24.95 ...15.95 hree
Stooges 29.95.....9.95 Division
1 .19.95.....5.96 illiard
Sim .....24.95.....7.95
Wanted ....24.95.....6.95 hoton Paint
(no box!
AMIGA A500 inc. FREE Modulator PLUS:- Workbench 1.3, Amiga Extras 1.3, Amiga Basic 1.2. Amiga “The Very First", Mouse Controller, I Amegas, Art of Chess. Buggy Boy. Wizball, Terror Pods, Insanity Flight, Ikari Warriors.
Barbarian, Thundercats, Mercenary Compendium, INDIVIDUALLY WORTH £643.49 ONLY £399 OR £17" MONTHLY Commodore 1230 Printer. (NLQ) Centronics & C64 Interlace as standard, inc FREE cable ONLY £169.99 MAIL ORDER:- ADVICE HOTLINE (0782)268620 for FAST ft FRIENDLY SERVICE rfir tmr AA IAA AT LAST: No mofe Struggling for hours to got the FlYfeFN 8 M Q ll f-**1'*'lls'rhn romputer FIXCEN has been i iAvllll U programmed with al English and Scottish League fixtures (or 198990 Simply type in the date, and the full fixture fist is generated in seconds Fully compatible with Poolswinner Yearly updates
available POOLS WINNER with FIXGEN £26.50 (for both) SEND S.A.E. FOR CATALOGUE STOKE-ON-TRENT 11 Morket Square Arcode. Hanley Stoke-on-Trent Manager Wayne Tel 0782 268620 Open 6 Days SHEFFIELD 6 Waingafe. Sheffield Manager Tony Tel 0742 721906 Closed Thursday ST HELENS 27 Baldwin Street. St Helens Manager Adrian lei 0M4 27941 Closed Thursday STOCKPORT 6 Mealhouse Brow.
(Oft littto Underbank). Stockport Manoger Ray Tel 061 480 2693 Closed Ihixsday Yes this Is really a standard Amiga A500 - No modiricatlons! What's more, it's more convenient to use than the A1000 or A2000. With a ‘CONTROL CENTRE' you can bring all your disk drives, genlocks and frame grabbers etc into one smart and attractive unit. No longer docs your monitor need to sit amongst all that spaghetti coming from the rear of the A500 - Your monitor can now sit up top. Where it s easier seen and used. All that spaghetti also disappears from view - neatly hidden Inside the rear of the ‘CONTROL
CENTRE.' Your Joystick and Mouse ports arc also re located where you can get them - no more fumbling around the rear of the A500!
The Amiga "CONTROL CENTRE" You'll wonder how you managed without one!
Available from all good Amiga Stockists - For more Information contact: nprmen kiir'nnc 15 Rideaway Drivf. Hemingford Abbots, HUNTINGDON. Cambs. PE18 9AQ Tel (0480) 300738 - Fax (0480) 495077.
• MASSIVE DATABASE Poolswinnei u a sophisticated Pools prediction
ud- It comes complete with the largest database available -
22000 matches over 10 years.
• SUCCESSFUL SELEC guarantee that Poolswutner performs
significantly better than chance.
• ADAPTABLE Probabilities are given on every fixture - choose as
many selections as you nood lor your bet. The precise
prediction formula can be set by the user you can develop and
test your own unique method
• SIMPLE DATA ENTRY All toam names are in the program. Simply
type In the reference numbers horn the screen. Or use FIXGEN to
produce fixture list automatically (see below).
• LEAGUE AND NON-LEAGUE All English and Scottish League teams are
supported, and also the non-league sides often used on pools
• PRINTER SUPPORT Full hard copy printout of data if you have a
PRICE £24.00 (all inclusive) NOT JUST A TIPSTER PROGRAM, Course winner V3 can be used by experts THE PUNTERS COMPUTER PROGRAM and occasional punters alike You can develop and test your own unique winning system by adjusting the analysis formula, or use the program in simple mode. Coursewmner V3 uses statistical analysis of major factors including past form, speed ratings, course statistics, pnze money, weight, going, trainer and ockey form etc. etc. It outputs most likely winners, good long odds bets, forecasts, tncasts etc. The database includes vital course statistics lor all
British courses. You can update the database - never goes out of date. FULL PRINTER SUPPORT PRICE £24.00 (all incloaive) u etudes rut AND National Beat AVAILABLE ££?TRADCPC8 ws-niAD pcw Please state tape or disc FOR commodore6-t 128 commodore AMIGA (add £2.00 for disc), tiimtnv ITIDt cr P00TCTJJTM Trp seiec SE3 SOFTWARE Phon® 24 hrs 62 ALTRINCHAM RD, GATLEY, CHEADLE, CHESHIRE SK8 4DP. ® 061-428 7425 Phillips 8833 Colour Monitor with Stereo Sound 8 High Resolution Only £269.00 OCEANIC DISK DRIVE C64 Campotlblo Plus FREE First World Logo Intro to Basic II Spirit of the Stones
Asserrtiler Monitor 64 Programmers Utilities Zork III FREE Paint Program (Photon Point or Sprlti) when you buy an AMIGA 2nd Drive with switch A through-port OUR PRICE ONLY £99.99 WHY PAY MORE?
We may not be the very cheopest.
But when It's down to service, selection and advice.. WE CAN'T BE BEATEN Visit us soon and find out why so many wouldn't go elsewhere STAR LC10 Inc FREE cable Unbeatable VALUE ONLY £219.00 5IZK RAM EXPANSION FOR THE A500 The 512K card from memory expansion systems is probably the cheapest way to expand your A500. M.E.S. have used the latest high capacity dynamic rams to help keep costs down without compromising quality. The card plugs into the expansion slot underneath the keyboard, and features a useful expansion slot memory 'on off'switch.
The 512K card from memory expansion systems is probably the cheapest way to expand your A500. M.E.S. have used the latest high capacity dynamic rams to help keep costs down without compromising quality. The a d plugs into the expansion slot underneath the keyboard, an-j aturgjfl ij ful expaU.n slpt memnryjnn nff'swit The 512K card from memor expand your A500. M.E.S. h keep costs down without conl Ajig ajJBy. The clr underneath the keyboard, an S ; a Hmjl expafSjf The 512K card from memory expansion systems expand your A500. M.E.S. hai £test hi-Q way to is to help ansion slot
Tapest way to ic rams to help j expansion slot lory 'on off’switch.
Te cheapest way to 'dynamic rams to help into the expansion slot memory 'on off'switch.
the cheapest way to
• acity dynamic rams to help plugs into the expansion slot slot
memory 'on off’switch.
Robably the cheapest way to C£c£apacity dynamic rams to help iQUd plugs into the expansion slot
• a on slot memory 'on off'switch.
Ms j jjrobably the cheapest way to hig -apacity dynamic rams to help [ty. The afd plugs into the expansion slot .il expa keep costs down without co underneath the keyboard, a The 512K card from memor expand your A500. M.E.S. keep costs down without compromising qMj underneath the keyboard, and features a u l The 512K card from memory expansion expand your A500. M.E.S. h “ keep underr The 5121 expand keep costs’ underneath The 512K expand your A£ keep costs down underneath the ke) The 512K card fror expand your A500.
Keep costs down without cor!
Underneath the keyboard, and HnTT Ail expa&nion slot memory 'on off'switch.
The 512K card from memory expansion systems ,i™robably the cheapest way to expand your A500. M.E.S. have used the latest high capacity dynamic rams to help kee H Access L% Send cheques to: Dept AF, Memory Expansion Systems Ltd, Britania Buildings, 46 Fenwich Street, Liverpool L2 7NB (0511 236 0480 GAME These computer games can be pretty tough to beat sometimes, so often there's only one thing left to do: cheat! That's where Gamebusters comes in. Here you'll find cheats, hints and tips for all the latest games that you may have problems with.
THE REAL GHOSTBUSTERS Gain infinite lives simply by typing this listing into Amiga Basic, saving it tor future use, and then inserting the game disk before running it.
10 DIM CODE% 255) * 20 FOR N=0 TO 95 30 READ AS:A-VALC&H'+ASI AO CODE9MN)=A 50 NEXT N 50 CHEAT=VARPTR(C0DE% 0)) 70 CALL CHEAT 80 REM TYPE IN THIS LISTING AND SAVE FOR FUTURE USE 90 REM INSERT GHOSTBUSTERS DISK AND RUN THIS PROGRAM 100 REM GAME SHOULD LOAD AS NORMAL BUT WITH INFINTE LIVES 110 DATA 70FF,2C78,0004,4EAE.FEB6,2200,5280,6772 120 DATA 4BFA,00EE,3AFC,0400,429D,3AC1.93C9.4EAE 130 DATA FEDA,2ACO,2A8D,2B4D,0008,589D,4295,4BFA 140 DATA 0090,1ABC,0005,3B7C,0030,OOOA.41ED,0038 150 DATA 2B48,0006,41FA,0060,7000,7200,43FA.006A 160 DATA 4EAE,FE44,4A80,6600,002A,700C,99CC.6100 170 DATA
0024,7002,49F9,0007,0000,6100,0018,297C 180 DATA 31FC.4A54.00AE,297C,57E0.6004,OOB2,4EEC 190 DATA OOOC,4E75,43FA,0032,3340,001C.234C.0028 200 DATA 42A9,002C,237C,0000,0400,0024,337C,0030 210 DATA 0012,4EEE.FE38.7472,6163,6B64,6973,6B2E 220 DATA 6465,7669,6365,0000,0000,0000.0000,0000 Matthew and Peter Warner, Basildon.
FORGOTTEN WORLDS Don't bother fighting your way through all those nasties, simply type ARC and hit the HELP key on the title screen, then press S to go straight to the shop and N to skip to the next level. Simple when you know howl J Garrett, Worcester.
THUNDERBLADE Type in CRASH on the high score table and you'll find you're able to skip levels simply by pressing the HELP key.
LORDS OF THE RISING SUN Try using these handy hints to get more trom the game.
YOSHITSUNE Yoshitsune is more skilled at lighting than Yorrtomo, so at the start ot the game make sure you have almost lull strength and men before you try attacking anything.
Your main objective now, because you are near maximum status, is to deal with your brother and to capture enemy castles. If you take over enemy castles, the enemy troops will have nowhere to recruit more men and all your brother's men and land is yours if he dies.
Your next job is to try and secure the eastern half ol the Island. To do this, take over all the castles and destroy or recruit all the armies on that side of the Island. Now concentrate on the rest of the Island. In Edo fry to leave a General with the least siege abilities as he probably won't need to siege castles anymore. Remember, one General will do and if the General is af Edo, Nagoya will be easier to storm by boat. If you can send a General from Akita to Matsue via Aikawa you will have a good base from which you can attack the Western castles. Once you have complete control over the
main Island then you should be able to wipe out the remaining four castles on the two smaller Islands. Don't go tor these unless you have a very firm base otherwise you will have to trek all the way back should a range trooper take over a castle.
YORITOMO A great politician and strategist but try to take Edo first because it's the only castle you won t have to lay siege to to take. If you're lucky though, you may reach Toyama or Nigata before anyone else. The same rules now apply to Yoritomo as with Yoshitsune: wait until you nearly have a full army before attacking. Be careful if you gel into any fights, because you have a low battle skill and a smaller army with higher skill can easily wioe you out. At the beginning of the game try to avoid taking risks and instead concentrate on improving your skills. If you ever fight your
brother and survive long enough, chase him on horseback, because if you slay him things can change dramatically.
Participate in battles as you tend to lose more men if you don’t.
Chasing the General on horseback often leads to eatly victory as you can wipe out armies in one battle instead of at the end of the game, and once you're confident it's possible to do it every time: but do not engage in the siege sequence, because losing can be costly. The most important factor in battle is strength and long journeys can weary your troops, so ensure they have plenty of rest before a battle.
An army coming by sea will be tired but faster and more flexible, so meet them on the shore and the advantage will be with your men.
Whichever character you've chosen, try to Isolate the rest of the island so you're more able to concentrate on attacking the enemy and won't have to worry abaout defensive manoeuveres I and precautions: but watch out for the enemy trying to out-flank you.
The islands will all be bitterly fought over, so ensure that your troops have confident strength before attacking. The islands are well worth going for though, because they are ideal resting places for a tired force and good Generals can interchange their armies from island to mainland without meeting too many problems.
The key to early victory is to recruit many more armies than your enemy, thus trapping him in a spider s web and gradually wearing him down (of course he can always try the same tactic on you, so bewatel. It's important to have a strong hold on North and South Japan, as a rogue force can wreak havoc and open up flanks, causing all sorts of problems. If you're unsure of your force, avoid battles because he who fights and runs away really does live to fight- another day. Ninja assassins may sound appealing, hut only resort to them as a last resort and don't send them on too hard a mission
because they might turn back and recognise you as the enemy!
Simon Liu, Morden And talking ot Lords ol the Rising Sun, a small typographical error in the manual may have left a tew hard drive owners wondering what was going on. You can't install the British version of the game on your hard drive, unless you follow these simple steps:
1. Copy all files on both disks to your chosen directory (e.g.
copy dfO: dhO: Lords all)
2. Edit the start-up sequence file to read: 'assign RisingSunl:
dhO:Lords' "assign RisingSun2: dhO:Lords" 'run main'
3. Execute the above file, making sure that your ORIGINAL disk 1
is in dfO:, as the program is protected and checks for the
original before loading.
Thanks go to lain Mackenzie I for that tip.
RUNNING MAN The first three levels solved for you - next month we'll give you the solutions to the last two - so watch this space!
LEVEL ONE A simple run and jump will get you onto the platform. It you have any problems with dogs kick or punch them: the best way to do this is to stand still with the fire button pressed, and move the joystick left-right depending on where the dog is coming from. Each kick of the dog rewards you with a small amount of extra energy. To jump the cravass, you'll have to have a running start so run towards the steps, jump up and run backwards and forwards (until you're confi-1 dent) and jump between the first two black slants (indicated by the red arrows). Keep pushing the joystick up
diagonally even when jumping to the first icicle as you will immediately do a second jump to land on the other side.
Once across, keep running and jump the dogs, because hanging around to kick them could see you getting hit by an exploding puck at Subzero. Try to avoid Subzero and any more dogs until you get to the camera at the end of the level. Walk a little away from the camera (as indicated by the green arrow) and wait for Subzero to appear. When he does, he'll tire a puck straight at you so prepare to jump into the air.
Subzero will then run behind you and before he has time to tire another, kick or punch him as he comes towards you - keep this up and you'll kill him, then you can exit as quickly as possible because hanging around in the cold is not a good idea.
THE WINNERS GUIDE TO KICK OFF LEVEL TWO Run along and jump onto the boxes avoiding any dogs. The dogs can’t climb onto the boxes so you're sale there, the brick is no use, so don't bother picking it up. Jump over the falling lighting and onto the boxes, on the other side is the lead piping, which you should pick up. Keep running until you reach the medical kit, which will replenish all your lost energy.
Crawl through the rusty pipe and over the boxes and run along until you meet Buzzsaw. Be careful to avoid the many dogs that are here. You cannot jump over Buzzsaw when he's pointing the saw at you, but you can at any other time.
Use your lead piping on forward diagonals (used for punching) and it will slash out. Once you've lunged at Buzzsaw immediately get into the crawling position
- he can't get you when you're crawling - and crawl past him.
Beware though, because the dogs can still get you. When he's standing over you, he'll start to move in the opposite direction to you: quickly stand up and when he runs towards you hit him and get back into the crawl position. Do this until you've killed him and then run oft the screen.
LEVEL THREE You ll realise now that you haven't got your weapon, find the club on the first screen and use this to dispose of Dynamo, who is the toughest opponent in the game.
Run to the blocks (there will be a dog either following you or coming at you, so avoid it) and jump It's last and turious, it's the best lootball game there Is, and despite what the Olympic movement would have us believe it's not taking part that matters: it's winning. In the interests of establishing an all-conquering squad ol Amiga tootie players, here are the Format team's definitive tips to winning at kick Off.
THE KICK OFF An excellent chance to score within the first lew seconds ot a restart. Trap the ball, charge straight up the pitch and shoot as you approach the penalty spot: there is a good chance it will go in. The computer teams are wise to this tactic, Dut they will frequently foul you on the way so the run can still be continued and a penalty may even result. It someone uses this tactic against you the best thing to do is to intercept the attacker: don’t just chase him, wait (or control to switch to a detender in his path and then move up the pitch towards him to tackle. However,
because everything happens so fast it is.frequently a matter ot resorting to hacking the attacker mercilessly to the ground. Brutally eltective.
CORNERS Another good scoring chance.
There are two main methods for putting the ball in the net. Either pull the ball back into the middle of the penalty area where a waiting player can blast it home, or float it across the goalmouth for an incoming forward to nudge in: you can even score directly this way. Never hit the ball low to the near post because the 'keeper will always collect it. Also beware of lofting the ball deep into the area because in this position it is much harder to control.
Defending against corners is difficult. You have to spot quickly what sort ot kick is being taken and then get someone to the ball to clear it. The most dangerous kick is the in-swinger across the goal which you are likely to put in your own net. Just hope everyone misses and it goes past.
PENALTIES A 90% success rate can be achieved by following the following instructions. Wait until the arrow is approaching the middle point and then give a sharp tap on the tire button. Anything more than the shortest of taps will send the ball over the bar. It you leave shooting until the arrow has reached the middle or is going away, the ball will almost certainly go wide.
THROW-INS Don’t hack the ball straight upheld from these because it very otten goes straight out again. Angle the ball infield before kicking it.
Alternatively, dribble the ball, although this is more hazardous because there are always opposition players in close attendance at throw-ins.
PASSING AND SHOOTING There are two main methods tor kicking the ball: the kick-on-therun and the trap-and-kick. The KOTR is quicker and goes further, but it is very hard to get it to go anywhere but in the direction you've been running, although 45, 90 and even 180 degree changes of direction are possible with a quick change of joystick angle just as the ball is kicked. This is also the method for changing direction while dribbling.
To TAK the fire button has to be pressed down just before the player runs into the ball and held. He can then swivel round freely and kick the ball in any direction by releasing the button: theoretically, it will be passed to another player.
This is particularly handy if you are running in the wrong direchon and when used well can result in very accurate and satislyingly safe passing manoeuvres.
DRIBBLING Because the ball is not ‘stuck’ to the end of your boot, dribbling is an art that has to be learnt.
Running in a straight line is easy, but changing direction isn't. 45 degree changes are possible by hitting the diagonal at the right moment. Anything else requires a quick side-step or detour around the ball so that it can be approached from another angle. It sounds difficult but with practice you get used to the timing of the actual contacts with the ball while dribbling, so that changes ot direction can be made extremely quickly and easily.
TACKLING The easiest method of dispossessing someone on the ball is lust to run into them. However, it you're approaching from behind and they are getting ever nearer the goal, have no hesitation in hacking them down: as long as it is outside the penalty area.
Professional (ouls are best used when the rel is easy-going ot better still blind.
REFEREES Pay attention early on to how the ref reacts to fouls. II he is whistle- happy then try to dribble with the ball a lot. Hopefully several of the opposition will get sent oil or give away penalties. If he does not give yellow cards straight away, then feel tree Io hack the opposition down whenever necessary.
GOAL KICKS It's crucial to learn how to win the ball from goal kicks and again there are two main methods.
Either time the run to collide with the ball just as it bounces, allowing you to dribble away immediately, or hit the fire button with the joystick centred to leap into the air and head the ball on. The second tactic can gain valuable ground quickly. If these prove too difficult then try to trap the ball when it comes down by holding down the lire button.
HUMAN OPPONENTS They are very susceptible to the charge straight up the pitch:'' always go for it. Try to trap the ball in the penalty area and wait for your panicking opponent to hack you down, giving a penalty. It works a treat, and will really annoy them too.
COMPUTER OPPONENTS Possession is the key: give them too many chances and they will always score. Go lor 4-4-2 or 5-3- 2 formations so that you have plenty ot defensive and midfield control. 4-3-3 is pretty useless and 4-2-4 is only tor the brave who reckon they can out-play the computer: a tall order. The ultimate challenge is the USSR team because they are so fast. The trick to remember with them is not to lutilely chase the ball-carri- er with your (generally slower) players, but to wait tor control to switch to the player in his path, then clear from the tackle.
Up and over. Here you'll find a medi-pack to restore lost energy.
Run past the first light bulh and then start walking. Chances are you'll meet a dog either between the lightbulbs or just as Dynamo appears on the screen.
Dynamo appears when the red X is next to the second light bulb. As soon as he appears, he'll fire at you: you can duck to avoid the blasts, but he can fire at duck and crawl height too. The only way fo dispose of Dynamo is gel to the club. Unfortunately, every time Dynamo sees you he lires at you. When he first appears walk about 4-5 paces away from him then turn round and run toward him: he should now be in his car, which you can jump over.
”¦% 1 hands up who would like £50 worth of softly l ware? For free! Of course you would, and you can have it too. All you have to do is spend some time playing your favourite game and then send your maps, tips and pokes to Amiga Format Gamebusters, 4 Queen St, Bath BA] 1EJ. If we print your lip (the newer the game, the more likely you are to get into print) then you stand a good chance of scooping one of THREE £50 prizes: so gel playing and get those tips in. This month, Matthew and Peter Warner, Simon Liu and Mark Stenning pick up the prizes and will soon be playing away on all that
juicy FREE software. Jealous? Well, you know what to do about it!
Once you've made it to the club, pick it up and now whenever Dynamo fires at you duck until the bolt is over your head, then stand up and walk one step towards him. Keep this up until you’re in hitting distance, and if your timings right you should be able to polish him off after a few blows.
This is a lot easier said than done, especially as dogs tend to come after you just when you're about to whop Dynamo. Keep at it and get the timing right, and you'll manage it: then just walk off the screen and into the next level... Mark Stenning, Brighton.
MILLENIUM 2.2 How to colonise the solar system and still return to Earth safe an' all that... Electric Dreams' smart strategy game Millennium 2.2 might have one or two of you somewhat perplexed, if not completely stuck. If so, read on... The first thing to do is activate the Mk I Solagen which is already in stock in the Energy module. Once this is up and running, ifs simply a question of initiating the Resource complex to get enough material to build a Mk
II. Once the Mk II has been researched, you’ll find that there
isn’t enough energy to build the thing. Turn off the Resource
complex, build the Mk II and then turn it back on again.
After that, it's simply a matter of researching and building
increasingly powerful Solagens up to the Mk X. Don’t worry
about the failed Mk III.
Simply use the Mk II which should be in store and repeat the process.
Once the base is operating properly, you have a number of options. But before many of the items can be built, extra minerals are needed. To get these quickly and simply, research and build a small fleet of Grazers. These can continually ferry small amounts of much-needed ores from the asteroid field.
The central part of the game focuses on the growth and expansion of the moon and its colonies.
This is a matter of finding which moons or planets provide the best sources of raw materials, setting up colonies and shuttling to and from these. The colonies provide minerals and ores, while the Moonbase sends replacement Solagens, Fighters and Orbital Lasers.
The latter equipment - as if you hadn't already discovered - is employed in the continual fending off of Martian attacks. Orbital Lasers are very effective, but can only be used once: obviously it's best to keep a reasonable store in each colony and the Moonbase (later on in the game you'll need a lull complement of lasers on the moon, so keep building).
To find more information about the Solar System, continually build and launch probes.
However, don't bother sending them to the inner planets, Mars and its moons, Jupiter and its moons, or the asteroid belt, since they either get destroyed or yield no useful information.
The key to comoleting the game is Triton: probe, research and colonise as soon as possible, for reasons which will become clear later on.
When reports of Martian flu come in, research and produce the required vaccine. Don’t just ferry it to the infected base, though, but produce enough for all colonies and the moon base since the strain is virulent and soon spreads throughout the inhabited worlds.
At some point you will be informed of the crashed Martian Fleet Carrier, and the details beamed back to the Moonbase.
Research this immediately: it's important that one be built.
However, you'll find it takes rather a lot of materials!
Once the Fleet Carrier is built, fill it full ol fighters and head for Mars. While in orbit the Carrier is attacked by a fleet of Martians, at which point all the fighters should be launched flower right icon on the left hand side). A ferocious, if slightly tedious, battle ensues but the Martians should eventually surrender.
After this, Mars can be colonised in the usual way. The colonists then find plans of a Martian terraforming machine capable of making the Earth’s air breathable. Again, this should be researched and built ASAP.
However, you'll find that the stock of chromium is pretty much nil, This is where Triton comes in: you should, by now, have enough chromium collected lor shuttling hack to the moon.
Once the Terraformer is built, you'll find that even the Fleet Carrier isn't large enough to carry it to Earth. Don't despair: The researchers redesign the ship so that the terraformer just fits in. I The newly customised Juggernaut can now take the Terraformer to Earth, although it cannot take I oft again.
While the Earth is being terraformed, previous reports of a I huge Martian fleet prove to he true, when the Moonbase is I attacked by over 200 fighters! A!
This point the stockpile of Orbital Lasers - up to 16 - should be used up, prior to launching your fighters. Even alter all this, it stands a very good chance that the attack cannot be repelled completely, and the Moonbase I still gets duffed up a treat. In this I case, you'll find that the moon- I base's population has been I 'reduced to zero. Don’t panic: I send a couple ol Carracks to I the moon and dismantle them, j The population increases by 80 I tor every Carrack destroyed.
Having survived the Martians’ j final assault, it should now be just a question ot time before good old Terra is colomsable. In the mean time all your colonies j start declaring independence.
As long as you have a good stock of materials, don't worry about it. When a report comes i in stating that Earth is once ] more in a habitable state, build the necessary SIOS. Send it to Earth and then groan loudly at ( the naff end sequence. ¦ AATARrST and Cr AMIGA etails base.
: it’s built, ather built, 1 for er is s, at ould i on is, if ; but ually be The f a hine air I be SAP.
Ock nil.
You ugh ling uilt, leet jrry 1he so in.
Aut to ake ter- f a be is At ital be )ur it lat led ise his an- en ic: to m. 30 is' be re In BS e. d ry s e d 0 at Sixteen Bit Superdeals from the Sixteen Bit Specialists !
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Q Realtime frequency display.
? Realtime level meters.
? Files saved In IFF format.
Q Adjustable manual automatic record trig level.
To complement the temple Studio the Dot el Jammer gives you a 5 octave keyboard to play ft record your aampled 9 4 track sequencer up to 9999 events.
Tempo ft Beat controls.
Mixer Controls on Instruments.
Load ft Save sequence.
Works on standard IFF Ole sounds.
ONLY £69.99 please DATA ACQUISITION UNIT DATA ACQUISITION UNIT _J Full Midi lnlerf.ee lor A500 1000 2000 (pleaae state model).
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CJ No need to pay more - Full Midi standard.
? Realtime frame grab l SOth accond.
O Tube, .und.rdeeu.pe.ll. vide.
Input from camera or Video recorder.
? Screen update 1 frame per sec on ¦•ngle. Continuous or buffered display.
LJ Load. Save facilities Including IF 8a ve.
? Edit picture, cut. Copy, paste and undo.
? Special effects, reverse, negative, mirror, compress, ete.
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? Software fllea can be used within other music utilities.
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IJ Battery backed to retain time date.
LOW COST BAR CODE READER CALLERS WELCOME Please reserve goods by telephone prior to visit Low price Bar Code Reader.
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Features a built-in self-testing function.
Features a diagnostic indicator.
J Comes complete with wand, ready to go.
J Easy to install.
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’ Amazing low price.
Without dock, (unpopulated) £17.99 with clock. (unpopulated) £29.99 without ctoci (populated) £107.99 with dock (populated) £t 19.99 KG, Amiga Modulators £24.99 Amiga mcdulator allow* your Amiga lo be wed with a standard Tv set.
Phone for Amiga software catalogue Printers Hard drives LC 10 Sur LC 10 Coioi* Sur LC 24 10 Epion LQ SCO Citizen 120 D SLM SCM User £189.99 £249.99 £299.99 £319.99 £139.99 £1299 Vortex 40MBCST it Amiga) Megafile 30 1ST) Mcgafiic 60 (ST) Supra 30MB (ST) Third Coast 65 MB (ST) (Amiga) Triangle it others Cum ana lMg DrivelST) --------...£89.99 Cumana inlcrnal 1 Mg DrivelST) r £499.99 £474.99 £599.99 £474.99 £574.99 £629.99 phone Amiga 1 Mg Drive, disable switch it llrough port -.£79.99 A B boot switch (fittedXST) £24.99 Phene fee cahers. All
pinicr* come complete with ftrallel cable.
Peripherals At Dust do vers Monitors Special Offers Computers Monitors Lhsk Drives Hard Disks Printers Others £3.99 £4.99 £2.99 £4.99 £7.99 SM 124 Monochrome Monitor. £109.99 SC 1224 Colour Moor ter. £299.99 Phillips 8833 Colour Monitor. £229.99 Phillips 8852 Colour Monitor. £259.99 Phillips 15' Remote, Sc art. Tv with 40 tuner presets. £229.99 Monitors, dcducl £10 if bought with Computa phone (cr Tv's.
AU monitors come with start to ST Amiga etc. CRP Tablets A3 £818 Hawk scanner £1250 Atari Trakcr balHST) £24.99 80 I 100 duk box £9.99 ______ Phone Ice prices on all SIGNA products such as Colibri hind without OCR. Signum 2. Augur OCR.
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Kao produ,1*. Not cheap ingwrt*. AU disk* carry ml Quantity 3.5" D S 10 £8.99 10+box £9.99 100 £79.99 KXHbox £82.99 Sony Branded 3.5’ D S Boxed x 10 Sony Brandod 3.5" D S Boxed x 100
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520STFM Power Pack £359.99 Include. Auri 520 STPM wilt 112 Mg Mnraj. 1 Mg drive.
Ra** -nd • «.«. p«l coorirtog ol Org.ni.0 «dl-»c Pirri BASIC, Pint Mon and . .election ol 20 lop quality gone.
1040STFM Super Pack £449.99 Includes Atari 1040 STFM with 1 Mg Mcmcry and drive and a choice of software packs which include a business pack with
• od BASIC software, a Amiga A500 Pack £369.99 Includes beat
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and Tons Ur softwwc pack worth £200.
Atari Mega ST i+Mono Mon £599.99 The new Mega ST 1 includes separate keyboard and cpu, Blitter chip. Dock, 1 MB RAM. Mouse and a business software pack including database, word proccwc*. Spcdsheel and BASIC software.
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DTP Pack £ phone This pack consists ol Mega 2. External 3.5' drive. SLM I 804 Laser printer. Mono monitor,UTF softwvc, 90 days I on site maintenance.
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SLM 804 Laser printer, Mono monitor. DTP softwuc ai 90 days on site maintenance.
Atari PC4(80286) £1499 The PC 4 has an 80286 processor running at 8 or 12 Mhx, 1 MB of RAM,60 MB hard drive. 5 AT and 1 XT expansion slots. Per Mono monitor add £100. Phone for others.
Atari PC5(80386) £2599 The PC 5 has an 80386 processor running at 16 Mhz., math coprocessor socket 64K cache memory, 2 MB RAM, 60 MB bard duk with high pcrfcrmaocc controller. 4 AT and 1 XT slots. For Mono monitor add £100.
A Midi nk with Pro 12, and a k with 21 lop q E3i (0772) 203166 or 21474 1- Lsdtrokc ComtMliat International is a tradua nunc of Wadoa Mnk«lin« Limited.
Are you interested in my-toaster-is-better-than-yours debates? Do you want to tell the world about your Amiga database of 5,000 train numbers? Have you calculated Pi to 2 million decimal places and want to send us the printout? Well, for crying out loud don’t write to me about it. Hopefully no Amiga Format readers fit into those categories.
Your questionnaires show that you are a very interesting bunch who have brains in your skulls and thoughts to express. I want to hear from you - controversy, ideas, problems, disasters, humour, criticism, offers I can’t refuse - that sort of thing.
Apart from fame for several paragraphs, what’s in it for you is the chance to win an Amiga Format T-shirt and binder. These will be awarded whenever I feel like it, to deserving missives. So get typing, writing or sending semaphore to Bob Wade, Amiga Format Letters, 4 Queen Street, Bath BA1 1EJ. I can't enter into personal correspondence or send out signed photos of Andy Smith, and I reserve the right to turn your letter into an origami chicken with wings that flap when you pull the tail.
QUESTIONNAIRE QUICKIES Question 21 ol the questionnaire in Issue 13 of ST Amiga Format was: It's your magazine - what do you want to see in it?" We haven't had a chance to analyse all the forms as they are stilt pouring, flooding, lidahvaving and waterelicheing their way in, but here are snippets from answers to Question 21. A lull analysis of the questionnaire will appear m a later issue.
All pages numbered. A demo, some pictures or music on the cover disk. Also examples of the animation tutorials on disk.
Phillip Hardcastle Withernsea, East Yorkshire Music and art on the disk from the pros readers.
Joseph O'Connor MagheUatelt, Co. Derry More tips on music midi and animation graphics.
Stephen Spearpoint Folkestone, Kent More hints on how to use drawing and paint packages.
ME Jones, Elliotstown, Gwent I could not agree with you more.
Brian Larkman and Jon Bates, our Contributing Editors for Graphics and Music, will be providing plenty ot tips and tutorials In their respective areas. We are also backing that up through the disk which will contain animation, pictures, music and utilities that you will be able to use in conjunction with the features in the mag.
More in-depth criticism of creative and technical achievements in game reviews. More discussions about creative processes using computers and not just about the computers and software themselves.
Leo Hartas, Sealord, East Sussex The creative use of the Amiga is an interesting area and I would like to do a tot more about the people that use Amigas and what they use them tor. We've already taken a took at Alternative Image on the video side and more of these sort of features are planned. It you think the world would be interested in how you use the Amiga then drop me a line with the details.
Example uses of professional packages.
Steve Carter, Boreham, Essex This falls Into the same area, but reminds me that we are planning to do retrospective pieces on various bits ot software - mostly creative stuff - to see whether they fulfilled expectations. We will be answering questions like: were the reviews accurate? Is the software still useful today? Did it do the job it was intended to do?
How many new versions were there and why? This too will obviously require examples of people who have been using a package for a year or two, so once again drop us a line d you think you've got something to offer.
A section discussing the best deals on the market for buying software hardware cheaply.
Michael Ginnelly Hounslow, Middlesex The only way of doing that is to scan the ads in the mag and prices at your local shops. You can do that just as easily as us and any feature on it would be pointless because the situation changes so rapidly. However, features comparing like products are planned and these obviously take into account the price, quality, availability etc of the software or hardware concerned.
On the free disk I wish there more mind card games like dominoes, cribbage, word games etc. These can't be easily purchased otherwise and your disk would be a suitable outlet.
Philip Smith, Cambridge There are quite a few of these sort of programs in the Public Domain and we may put particularly good ones on the disk.
However, ifs much more easily covered in the PD pages where you can make your own mind up which ones you want. Plea lor a PD mind games special has been passed to the Tech Ed.
Longer and easier to understand assembly language course.
Paul Bayford Hales Green, Norfolk More features at a basic level as the bulk of new users are not interested in C or Assembler.
J Mackey, Woking, Surrey At present there are no plans tor a general assembly language course. In order to learn assembly language from scratch you realty need to read fat books on the subject. We suspect it might be a better idea to guide you towards the best books: what do you think? What is in the pipeline is much more specific handling ot programming the Amiga. On o FULL MOON BLUES Dear ST Amiga Format (or whatever you turn into when there's a full moon). Sex and computer magazines. My first thought when I saw the June cover was "Can't they sell anything without having to use sexf My
husband (I think the safe thing to say is that he is not a computer enthusiast, just in case you print this) even picked up the magazine to see what the cover story was - which just goes to prove that sex on magazine covers sells them.
As a woman with various interests that are usually regarded as 'the male province', I'm used to seeing pictures of unclad women on magazine covers but saddened that the company concerned thinks it necessary, also saddened that you seem to think that you have an exclusively male readership. I’m not asking for male nudes but it would be nice if computer magazines stuck to computer-relevant subjects for their (ront covers.
The article didn't go into enough depth and there were too many pictures in my opinion.
Mrs P Bates North Walsham, Norfolk The biggest problem seems to be that computing is regarded as a male pastime. It seems to me that the only way to eliminate sexist drivel in the computer industry is to increase the proportion of women involved with it.
Most surveys reveal that 95% ot computer users at home (not business) are male and therefore the advertising and magazines are aimed al them. I'm not saying that condones the sexism or the exploitation of women, but you have to deal with the causes and not the effects to get a lasting solution.
The answer is simple - we need more women to get into computing, writing games.
Becoming journalists, buying magazines, logging on to bulletin boards and making themselves heard. There are plenty ot non- sexist men in the business but there's always someone willing to exploit the female body while il can be done tor financial gain.
CONTRADICTIONS CONFUSE The articles in ST Amiga Formal ! 3 about software piracy and the life of a programmer inspired me to express my views on these subjects. Did these two articles not contradict each other? In one you sard that pirates are 'meddling with people's livelihoods’ and 'reaping the rewards ol their hard work’, in the other you said that programmers earn 'lots and lots ot money’. If both statements are true, then I for one would be happy to become a pirate il the only result of my evil doings were to deprive some yuppie ot buying a second Porsche.
Aidan Donnelly Kilmacud, Dublin It is possible to make a lot of money out of games programming, but that only applies to the minority. For every successful programmer with a sports car and large house there are umpteen others struggling to make a living in a very tough industry. It's like any other industry - there's a minority at the top that rake the cash in white the majority are battling to be part ot that affluent minority. For instance, just because Michael Jackson makes a fortune every day doesn't mean you can lump the garage-band down the road into the same category with him.
Nobody likes hearing the bad news, which is why you don't hear too much about programmers struggling to eke out a living. Perhaps they would like to write to us and even the balance.
BACK TO THE NIPPLES I could not resist responding to the letter trom Dermot Byrne printed in your July issue. It would appear that it is not only beauty that is in the eye ot the beholder.
Mr Byrne appears to have nipples in his.
The front cover ot your June issue clearly shows a view of the girl trom behind. Admittedly I have not seen "9 1 2 Weeks' but I have certainly never met a girl with nipples on her back. I found your article a reasoned approach to a dilticult subject. It never-even occurred to me to count the number ol nipples.
I suspect the problem is that discussing sex is like discussing politics. People approach the subject with strong, predetermined views. They then react according to those views rather than to the discussion itself. The moment you mentioned the word 'sex' you were on a loser.
PS I'm sorry I'm not female.
John Ray Letchworth, Herts Auntie Bob replies: well iuwie.
You’ll have to come to terms with these feelings. There's nothing wrong with wanting to be a woman and I'm sure there are plenty ot private clinics who will be prepared to help you out.
The Basic side this will probably take the form of a beginners' guide, white on the more techie side it will be about getting the most out of the Amiga hardware
- much more valuable for both beginners and experts.
More PD reviews, more competitions, art gallery.
C Cotton, Daventry, Northants Yes definitely, maybe, yes.
More attention paid to basics.
Don't assume that your terminology will be understood.
RD Chambers Killamarsh, South Yorks Absolutely. Obviously there are some subjects where a lot of technical knowledge will be required, but everything will be written and presented in a clear and concise way with as little jargon as possible. At the same time, many readers already know a hell ot a lot about these things, so we will throw in some special extras for them.
More info from other countries comparing soft- and hardware.
CpI I Winton, Aldershot, Hants We are currently Investigating getting columnists in the US, Europe and further afield. It anybody thinks they fit the Ml then drop me a line. We will definitely be covering the scene abroad whatever happens - even if I have to make expenses paid trips myself (Dream on - Pub).
More on programming graphics, fractals, quantum mechanics etc. David Head, Adstock, Bucks I’m afraid we can definitely publish articles that may tor may not) be about quantum mechanics, but it’s uncertain whether or not we can publish articles that definitely are about quantum mechanics - see “The Uncertainty Principle in Electronic Publishing", Heisenberg for was it Dirac?), 1930 (or possibly 1934).
Wargames reviews, a more varied selection of reviews each month - not just shoot- em-up games.
Alan Varley, Redruth, Cornwall A good adventure column.
S Marston, Burtorvon-Trent, Staffs We are not planning to have specific sections for war, strategy or adventure games, but prefer to cover them in the main Screen Play section. We certainly are not going to cover just shoot-em-up games - we are going to look at every game we can get our hands on. We are not biased towards any particular type ot game, because we love them all.
And Andy Smith, our Reviews Editor, is expert at, and particularly keen on, them all.
More music software, more hardware, less reviews of games which will not be out for months.
Michael Herrington Great Baddow, Essex There is an ever-increasing competition amongst magazines to get the first review of a game, which has led to a lot ot problems over the last year. FOFT and Populous have been classic examples. We are not going to stop reviewing 'preuroduction' games tie they might lack the packaging or title screens), but we will only review finished ones.
We mil try to avoid the review beating the game to the streets, but with magazine lead times of between three and six weeks fwe wrote it that long before the review hits the streets) it is impossible To guarantee 100% that it won't happen. After ail, you wouldn't want ouf-ofdate reviews, would you?
Lots and lots of free or very cheap stuff.
Scott Orchard, Throop, Dorset Sorry, this one completely floors me. Do you mean on the disk, because you get that free in the cover price, if you mean the special offers, we will continue bringing you lots ot them every month, if you mean PD stuff, ditto. If you mean competitions, we will be doing those too. If you mean anything else -1 give up.
A fresh, clean, unused, preferably new £50 note.
J Bennett, Breastow, Derby Sex and violence, money, cover mounted Ferrari.
C O'Dwyer, Catford, London Pokes, bundles of £5 notes.
Danny Sweetman, Huntingdon, Cambs Free Ferrari in every issue.
Just keep it good OK.
Graham Ing. Stubbington, Hants Ferrarri? No problem! Thai will be £150,000 an issue, please.
More Workbench, Amiga DOS help would be excellent.
PC Neal. London More Workbench there is, and even more Workbench there will be. Help with Amiga DOS depends on exactly what you are having problems with - write to Workbench and we can deal with it there.
Kim Bassinger (again!)
JJ Shardlow, Eastbourne How about a picture of me instead’ No, I thought not.
Puzzle feature - perhaps even a crossword on the disk?
RS McCrea, Greenisland An excellent idea. We would love to put a puzzle or crossword in the magazine or, better still, on the disk. Does anyone out there fancy compiling one every month? Get in touch with me.
Treble tips page, classified adverts, no demo games on disk - Wicked was crap.
Julian Smith, Sheffield More tips both for serious stuff and games are being provided.
No plans to do classifieds at the moment. I don't think Wicked was crap and most people like the game demos - you are definitely in the minority on that one. A vocal minority? Write in!
Something for advanced users (advanced C routines?). News on other machines (a summary of whafs happening). Not so many of these game demos - they are basically a way for companies to advertise and they are really naff. More utilities and PD stuff.
A Bovingdon, Ongar, Essex There is another side to the game demos - they also give potential buyers a chance to test the game out before they shell out hard-earned cash tor them.
And they're just lots of tun for tree. The additional disk space also means that we can do more of everything.
A detailed list of decent music packages that are around.
D Homar, Sheffield The music pages should satisty most of that request and there are plans to put buyers’ guides on a database on the cover disk.
These can then be updated at regular intervals.
Creative stuff - the more unusual the better.
T McIntosh, London We are all very creative, mostly with excuses, and we have been told we are rather unusual as well. But seriously, yes, it’s on the way.
More on DTP, printers and monitors. More game reviews.
RJ Freeman, Leicester There is a DTP special next month and there will be more to follow in future issues.
My name spelt correctly.
Yogesh Raja, London SW17 Easy.
Please don't get like ACE, it really went downhill the last six months or so.
David Ovington, Worcester The same standards set by the old Format, not garbage like ACE.
Michael Ashton, Standish, Lancs This is Amiga Format not ACE and we will be catering for Amiga owners and all their interests.
The Amiga market is unlike any other and this will be a magazine unlike any other. We aim to bring you the best at all times.
It's already perfect, especially now I don't have to read all that ST rubbish.
Anthony Haughty, Magor, Gwent I won't argue with the first bit, but the ST is not rubbish and if I hear one more 'my machine is better than yours' argument I will lock the sender in a room with just a ZX80 for company. But then... A good balance between games, serious and creative software. Lots of reviews of new hardware. A cover disk with new stuff on it.
Matthew Bush Blackheath, London Sounds good to me.
More cutting software reviews
- not so many sycophants.
Jeff Guest, Warley We won’t slag stuff off just for the sake of it - that’s stupid - but if it's duff then you can rely on us to say so in no uncertain terms.
Plus we review software only on its merit, not to keep well in with software houses.
I have read ST Amiga Format almost since it was launched and I must say that it was with mixed feelings that this Amiga 2000 user read that you would be splitting the magazine into two. I have always found ST Amiga to be very informative and read it because it gave me more interesting information in ‘half a magazine than all of the others did in a 'whole' one.
However, are my worst tears to tie justified alter this split? Will Amiga Format become another games orientated magazine? Your advertising says that ST Format will be staffed by the 'authoritative' ST Amiga team, while Amiga Format will be staffed by the 'award winning' ACE team.
Personally. I would rather read something from someone who knows what they are talking about, than someone wtio wins awards for navel gazing.
I could be doing the ACE crew an injustice, but I was always ol the opinion that ACE was primarily a games magazine. Can I have the editor's assurance that Amiga Format will not degenerate into yet another games magazine.
Tim Gathercole East Tilbury, Essex ACE was primarily a games magazine, Amiga Format is not.
Amiga Format is here to serve all Amiga users in the best way possible. That means covering graphics, music, games, DTP, PD. Video, workbench, news.
Hardware and anything else there is a demand for. The members of the exACE team are professional ourna isfs who do know what they are talking about and will produce the magazine you want.
Anyway, with Jason ‘I'm a technical editor - I'm no good at games- Holborn on the team there's no danger ot (his becoming a games mag at all.
Anyway, what's wrong with gazing at my navel - it's a very race navel. I was thinking ot featuring it on the cover next issue.
Aaaagh. On buying my latest ACE magazine I was devastated. All my favourite writers disappeared instantaneously, no closing comments, nothing. Then, on buying ST Amiga Format, more than relief came over me. It was totally amazing, the ex-ACE team to be concentrated on one computer in one magazine.
But why no warning? Perhaps there was, look at the bottom of the masthead ot ACE Issue 21. To quote, 'Kind regards to the EMAP eejits and tailed tatties everywhere.’ Who wrote that? Anyway, good luck with Amiga Format, I'm with you all the way.
Andrew J Reader Maidstone. Kent There was nothing meaningful in that little snippet, honest. It was written before we knew about the sale of ACE to EMAP and was ust a humorous bit ol banter with some of our friends who work at EMAP. When you've travelled around as much as some ol us have you make triends all over the place - even with your competitors. A certain Graeme Kidd might be able to tell you more... CONSOLE COMMODORE I purchased an A500 nine months ago from my local dealer at £400 which included the standard software. A particular article which I read recently stated confirmed
reports ol a future Amiga console to Be released. Customers who have paid four to live hundred pounds may well be let down with sub-standard software. When the Amiga was (irst released it carried a status symbol due to its sophisticated hardware and people have paid for that privilege. If a console is to be released based on 68000 technology Commodore will inevitably be required to sell the system at a competitive price what with tlje PC Engine, ST console, Sega, Nintendo etc. Will the select customer which has been apparent disappear after the Amiga console has been released?
Those who will invest in a console may be unable to afford the previous prices. If Commodore opt to aim at the lower market the industry may well be-torced to produce sub-standard material to compensate tor inexpensive software.
A500 owners will be left with a machine which may not be pro grammed to its tull potential. A matter to be taken seriously as it woulcl restrain a prosperous bust ness and regress advancements.
James Scudamore Bournemouth, Dorset No plans for an Amiga console have been announced, and none are likely to be. Far more likely is that the A500 will be upgraded into a I Meg machine, making it even more powerful, and even cheaper tor the technology involved. Have no fear, the existing land increasing) user base means software houses will keep writing tor the basic A500 machine and from there on things wilt only get better. In tact, it's only just beginning... SOFTWARE EXPRESS For AMIGA and ATARI
(021) 643 9100 JK.
ATARI as DUNGEON MASTER EDITOR Bashing your head characters against a dungeon wall?
At last, the answer is here to all those frustrating late nights!
The Dungeon Master Editor from Softex Create shortcuts, new passages etc. Open doors without keys!
Remove secret doors!
Print out maps of all fourteen levels!
Also includes the revised "Way of the Firestaff" with the "List of Spells", Character Attribute Chart, even more hints and tips and a brand new set of maps.
£9.95 (Disk & Book P&P £1.00) Available for the Amiga and Atari ST MIDLANDS 212-213 Broad Street, BIRMINGHAM, B15 2JP Tel: (021) 643 9100 For the best in Service & Support, visit our Regional Branches SOUTH 9 Exeter Street,(The Viaduct), PLYMOUTH, Devon, PL4 9AQ Tel: (0752) 265276
S. C.C. IVIAIL- ORDER £9565 Project 0 ..- Quarterback .
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Disk ..£33 65 Deluxe Phoioiab
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Enhancer(WB1.3) .£14.15 Deluxe Productions.
£67.35 FACCII .....£2525 Deluxe Video £58 95 RING Fancy 3D Fonts ......£42.00 Design 30 ...... £67.35 £251 90 Flipside --------------------£25.25 DkfPaW .
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S. C.C. MAIL ORDER 29 Crowtree Road, Sunderland SR1 3JU.
Telephone: 091 565 5756
C. A.D. Aegis Draw 2000... IntroCAD ...... Pro B«ml
Absofl AC Base... Absoft AC Fortran £11790 *5“°“ £44 45 v
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£143.20 £143 20 £387.50 $ : vV cTcSti' ° A® . o' « ?
Issue 1 ¦ Order Code AM20I If you’re a new reader to the “Format” titles, we feel sure that you’ll be anxious to catch up on some of the very rare earlier issues of ST Amiga Format magazine, each with its own cover disc but also full to the brim of great reviews, articles and news.
Remember, there are limited stocks!
Cover Disk: Amiga: Interceptor demo, Virus Killer. Othello game.
ST: Oids demo. Virus Killer.
Magazine: Word processors evaluated.
Graphics packages compared, Pro-sound. Superbase benchtested.
Issue 2-6 ¦ SOLD OUT" SORRY!
Ihe game, MCAD design tor your Amiga.
ST: Play Level One of Flying Shark.
HiSTart, high quality ST art.
Magazine Full review of Flair Paint, Colour Printers. Shoot 'em up Construction Kit, Learn Basic.
Issue 8 ¦ Order Code AM208 Cover Disk: Amiga: Stunning scenery generator, Purple Saturn Day demo.
ST: Purple Saturn Day demo, Database construction set.
Magazine: Autoroute (the computer journey planner). Sculpt 4D, a modelling package. Protest (THE word processor lor your Amiga then!), Cameron’s Handy Scanner reviewed.
Issue 9 ¦ Order Code AM2 1 Cover Disk: Amiga: Yelp, fully playable addictive game. ST: Jitterbug, a wonderful multi-player maze game.
Magazine: Buy a modem from our suggestions, Cel Animator tor the Amiga put through its paces, Organise your day with Day by Day or Daatalax.
Issue 10 ¦ Order Code AM210 Cover Disk: Amiga: Cybernoid II (playable demo). Learn Devpac l. ST: Zak McKracken (playable demo).
Learn Devpac l. Magazine: Upgrade your machine with extra megabytes. Daatascan handheld scanner from Kempston Samplers.
Issue 11 ¦ Order Code AM211 Cover Disk: Amiga: Blood Money (playable demo). File requester, add requesters to programs.
ST: Archipelagos, playable demo, Fastmouse, speed up mouse operation.
Magazine: Make yourself a sound sampter. Deluxe Paint III, Animation tutorial, Why not invest in a better screen? Here’s the choice... Issus 12 ¦ Order Code AM212 Cover Disk: Amiga: Colossus Chess, playable demo, TirusXV3.1 prolecl your disks against viral infection. Boot intro, add scrolling messages to your disks.
ST: Flair Paint, usable demo ol this brilliant art package.
Magazine: Video digitising, Attach a midi system to your machine and make music. The best available joysticks.
Issue 13 ¦ Order Code AM2113 Cover Disk: Amiga: Wicked, playable demo of this totally addictive game, Mandelshow, create infinitely complex pictures with this Mandelbrot generator.
ST: Spherical, an excellent playable demo ot this strategy game.
Magazine: Pagestream. A brilliant DTP, Animation techniques, the reasons why, The choice ol hard drives.
I6BLITZ ORDER FORM HOW TO ORDER Just make a note of the details and the order code. Then either fill them in on the order coupon and send with your cheque, made payable to Future Publishing Limited: or give us the details of your Access or Visa card.
Please rush me the following items: Order Code Title FORMAT Price OR Ring 0458 74011, our credit card hotline.
1. All items are despatched by first class mail (unless otherwise
2. All prices include postage, packing and Vat.
3. You will normally receive products within 7 days of ordering.
Please allow 2-3 weeks in case of temporary shortages.
Post code Phone no Method of Payment (please circle) ACCESS • VISA • CHEQUE • PO Credit card number___ Expiry date -- Total order ‘Pleas* make all cheques payable lo Future Publishing Ltd.
SEND THIS FORM TO Amiga Formal 16 BLITZ The Old Barn. FREEPOST. Somerton, Somerset TA11 7PY No stamp required if posted in the UK, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man SENLAC SOFTWARE 0 CATERING SOLELY FOR AMIGA USERS Look Great Programs in the Public Domain for you to choose.
Call us now and Access Your Order!
All goods despatched by return of post.
Sr'f Deoosm's fOcfcksi C'599 &a* ire* i3 c«ku C? 99 SzHJ Mus Coteoon :3d*kti C€ 99 SrN* O'ap-'CS Co* ecBor • ? 0*6 C€ 99 N o C:o*e» bac- jd nroxepro' Bamoc*»©w ex C2 99 S-N6 Draco Con©ie* i2c«*si C* 99 Sf N * N«*w?»«ki Jm'pc ? I) S*» £4 99 StN8 Nc»Bc igAyan . Lai* Chr**c i’PP* S£V9 W.WC©00©' Do to C2 2S StN’O f-ar'asy P-.S C2 26 S£*P 1 JRCOMM Cotitw Prog*rfT ? ?*?
SZV'2 Surno Tne AmgaF a*« C2 2S 3 P-obe Sooteoce C2 25 ! £.N‘4 Upar* ill Snan. Dot; C2 2$ SfeN* 5 Maase Domo • Otbo's C2 25 SfeN • 6 Viceoscaoe Demos c2 25 ? Wai*0- Dorno rxKj to am C2 25 S£N-9hadG VasK iea C2 25 StNi9S r1rekTrMa C2 25 ANY TEN DISKS FROM ABOVE £19.99 SCOOP PURCHASE! ! ! !
SAMPLER & SOFTWARE ONLY £36.99 P Paid Cheques & Postal Orders to:- Matrix Software Hire The cheapest way to play them all.
Top games titles for Amiga, Commodore, Spectrum and Amstrad.
Please stale system
S. A.E. Details trom: Matrix Leisure Club, Dept AM, 271 Stansted
Road, Bishops Stortford Herts CM23 2BT MAKE YOUR Yes making
money with your Amstrad becomes incidental when you know how.
Your micro is, if only you knew it. A gold mine. The size and make is irrelevant.
Make the initial effort NOW by starting your own HOME BASED BUSINESS This may he the most important move you will ever makeI REMEMBER: You'll never get rich by digging someone else's 'ditch". Anyone in the country, including YOU, can become very rich in a relatively short period of time just by doing a few basic things! It’s more rewarding than playing games. The benefits are many and varied. Full or pari time. For FREE details send S.A.E. to: 14 Oaklca Close Old Roar Road, Si Leonards on Sea, East Sussex, TN37 7HB Tel: 0424 753070 31, PILTON PLACE (AF1) KING AND QUEEN STREET, WALWORTH, LONDON
SE17 1DR ?
Tangle Wbod ... Time 4 Mag* . Ultima tl or IV Ultima V . UMVERSA1 Ml TAB* SIM 20 30 £15.50 £22.75 £16.50 £23.95 40 50 100 £29.50 £35.75 £69.95 £31.25 £37.95 £74.95 Bad Cm...! .... Balaxe of Power 1990 Bahstn .. BATHE CHESS BATTLE HAWKS 1942 BARBARKNII . BATMAN.. .... Bette' Dead Than Alen ... B IAS TEBODS B1000 MONEY . Bofltual ..... .1650 ...13.50 .17.90 1890
• 16 50 .1599 ...11.99 .16.50 .1650 : 7 M .1650 :* *i.i 11 99 II
99 1550 13 50 1790 34 90 . .15.50 . .15.50 1650 1590
• 16 50 . 16.50 .18.90 .18.90 ...17.50 1650 1650
16. 50 .18.90 ...13.50
7. 90 6 50 GRAPHCS. MUSC 4 BUSNESS AMIGA 199 Ar,matorAna»es 75 00
890 Wdeoscape 3D 20iPaOllMB; 107 50 5 49 Deluxe Part I (Pall
49 90 Deluxe Video (Pal). 4990 DELUXE PAINT IIIFAL) 11 MB) 65
CO oco Chubby Gride CraW Garrett.
Double Cii Double Dragon .... DRAGOhNNJA DRAGONS LAIR II MEG) DiGfoEWGaD IPAll Tanlaviseo (Pall PHOTON FAINT (PAL) SCULPT 30 (PAL) ... ScuDI 3D Anmate iPahll MSI TV Shxre (Pall 11MB) .... Gamson I or II ... GamWI* . KROES Of THE LANCE...... Hostages . HVBfifS!! .... Ikan Wamois .... INTERNATIONAL KARATE . .
Internal)oral Soccer ...... waorrt! LOROS Cf THE RISING SUN LOWARDrttAC RAIL* Mach 11 ..... Major Meter: Manhattan Deak»s MENACE MICRCPROSE SOCCER ..... Mill EUNUM 2.2 ..... OPERATION WOLT Outrun ..... PAC MANIA Pardara ... Ptartom FigNer PIONEER PCAGUE .... Aeg.s Sor« 2.012 Dnvesi DeW Music
D. Music Rock nRol&sc QUALITY JOYSTICKS Cheetah Mach 1 .
Con® Pro 5COO Como Prof xtra (dear) Quckshrt I Turbo . HARDWARE UJ(. ONLY AMIGA A500 4 TV Modulator 369.00 As abcxe w*h 10 GAME PACK 389 00 AMIGA AbCC 4 1064S MOMTCR .619.00 A501 1 2 MG EXPWSWCLOCK 135.00 CLWANA 3.5’ 1MEG DRIVE 99 00 STAR 1C 10 COLOUR PRNTER .259 00
- ----10500
13. 50 13 50 1*90 .12.50 VlM’.IN ,1(4001 ...... Precision
Bar* Disks x 10 .
Osk Box (Holds 1201 .... Please Send Cheques Postal Orders to: • = Available on Release HAMMERSOFT, (DEPT F) -Prices all include VAT & 1st 33 MILL ROAD, Mor® T',,es Available Class Poslage in U.K. HETHERSETT. NORWICH. ORDERS ENQUIRIES (Europe please add C2.00 NORFOLK NR9 3DS TEL [0603)8124.6 . ¦¦ Return ot Post Service on Access, Visa, Eurocard & Mastercard Accepted Stock items BRANDED 3 1 2" DISKS 31 2" SONY DS DD 135 TPI BOX OF 10 ...£14.50 31 2” 3M DS DD 135 TPI BOX OF 10 , .....£14.50 31 2" VERBATIM DS DD 135 TPI
BOX OF 10 ......£14.50 31 2” DYSAN DS DD 135 TPI 80X OF 10 .£16.50 31 2" SONY DS HD 2.0MB BOX OF 10 .....£29.95 All 31 2" Disks come complete with labels and come with our No Quibble Money Back or Replacement Guarantee.
Matn Media. I woatae Dy Ga.dans. Chartwn. Haw.
DISKETTE STORAGE BOXES Price Each 50 x 31 2” Hinged Lid Lockable . ..£5.50 100x31 2" Hinged Lid Lockable ..£7 50 All prices Include VAT and Carriage. All Goods despatched within 24 hours subject lo availability Cheques P.O. s to: MAIN MEDIA _ FREEPOST ANDOVER, HANTS.
SP10 4BR Tel: 0264 333830 (24 hrs) DISK BOXES WITH DISKS 50x31 2- Hinged Lid Lockable with 20 DS DD 135TPI £21.50 100x31 2- Hinged Lid Lockable with 50 DS DD 135TPI £44.95 QUANTITY 10 31 2" SS DO 135TPI £7.95 31 2" OS DD 135TPI £8.50 UNBRANDED LIFETIME GUARANTEE Ptatcon., .. POPULOUS PCMERDRCNf PRECIOUS METAL COLLECTION Pnson ______ ._ . PwDje Saturn Day .. Road testers SCCfiBON ......• SideArms ...... Skate Ban ....• SPACE HARRER . SPEEC6AII
Faery TateAcMrtore PI6COMBATPLOT .... F 16 FALCON federation ol Free Traders Ferrari Formula I . .21.50 .. 18.90 .13.50 .21.50 . 13.50 17 90 12 49 1499 AMIGA . 16.90
17. 90 17 90 flight 8m I Scenery 7 J»an or Europe .
Gddregons Doman KROft Cf THE LANCE ''
INTERCEPTOR ..... FOOTBALL CRAZY It takes a great game
to achieve the Amiga Format Gold award and Kick Off has
caused such a stir here at Future Publishing that a KO League
has been established.
Naturally all the Amiga Format team are taking part and the matches are played on the Amiga version. So tar the whole team is unbeaten, handing out drubbings to the New Computer Express crowd in the lirst division.
Guru's MEDITATIONS ST Format, Amstrad Action, 8000 Plus, PC Plus, sundry pub- THE ONLY FUNNY COMPUTER JOKE ...EVER... UNLESS YOU KNOW DIFFERENT How many programmers does it take to change a light bulb?
They won't touch it, it's a hardware problem.
“...so there he is wibbling away about how crap the game is on an Amiga just because it's been ported across from the ST and they didn’t spend several grand getting it converted, and I tell him that it makes no odds to the gameplay so what does it matter. And he chunters on about how you can easily tell Amiga screenshots from ST ones because of this line of pixels or other, and because the border strobes at a different rate when you jump up and down on one leg waving a vegetarian quiche in the air or some such nonsense, the guy thinks raster is a Jamaican fashion, and he just wouldn't accept
that nobody gives a toss about it and we only want to know how much fun it is to play and...” Ushers and artists are also taking part. However, it looks like it will be an internal battle for the championship - currently led by Smith's Mahoons - with Wade's Wibbiers and Noonan's Nutters hot on his heels after a tense 3-3 draw.
Holborn's Ninja's are battling for promotion from the Second Division with Gilham's Gonads.
Keep us posted on your own leagues and maybe Anco can get a national championship together... PLEASE SEND ME A FIVER Please send me a fiver.
CENSORED 'You're all as ugly as something that really is very ugly indeed, and I won’t let you print your pictures' said hewho-must-he-obeyed (if you don't want to find a P45 on your desk pretty sharpishl. This really is an appalling state ot affairs and we think you ought to decide for yourselves whether we print the fizzogs of the whole Amiga Format team. So write to The Guru, 4 Queen Street, Bath BA1 1EJ and cast your uote for or against our mugs in print. We will count up the votes on Monday 24th July and have the results in Issue 2 - so you will have to he quick. The prize? The joy of
seeing representations ot our fair visages in the mag, ot course!
NEXT MONTH Everything you need to know about the DTP scene by the people who know it best. Brian Larkman launches his Graphics section, featuring authoritative reviews, informative tutorials, stunning art and lots of interaction. Plus reviews of the latest video products, all the latest games, tips, advice. PD and a cover disk absolutely packed with useful and entertaining software.
MAKE SURE VAN GET YOURS IvU That was the first issue of Amiga Format, the Number One magazine for the Amiga.
If you want to ensure you get it every month with no hassles and a great deal besides, check out Page 28 for our amazing subscription deal.
ADVERTISERS INDEX Amiga PD Library .. .83 Digipro ... ......20 Megasave ... .84 Silica Shop .. Arnor .48 0*g ta i-Te*nat*onai 29 Micro Deal .. .25 Softsellers ... Avro-n 84 hveyvim Micros 3b Midi Tech .71 Softville .... 84 A’tnj-o Consultants 71
- *s1 M*jf3 4 ‘ Mind Scape ...IBC
Software Express...... .....108 S8D 87 " jiu'eo'ace 29
Mirror Soft ...9 Software Superstore.
16 Bt Software 88 Ga rs'.ai 47 Oasis 42
T. C. Computers ... 83 17 Bt SoT~aie Best
j k t to 80 16 Geoge tneirpsco Har*fr©'SO*t 78 113 Ocean Pa
Lie© IFC.3 32 55 The Computer Store.. Tonic
Audio ... fl
...71 Byte Back ... 3C Hnnnyte
HD Puffy Mete 90 Track . 74 1
• 13 Postro*'*
* 2 13 Tri logic ...... Caste Software 94
Homesoft ......44 PrnniRf 52
U. K. Amiga Group...... CluD 6800C 22 23 ....104 95
U. S. Gold . Back, 50-51 Database 87
M. D. Office .:....44 see
* 0H
W. A.V.E .... 16 Dataplex
• fi MJC ... ......92 ST UK
»j'oe 9?
Worldwide 97 Datei 102*03 Main Media ... ....113 Sabre ...... .71 Delta Pi 74 Matrix ....113 Selec ...... .95 ()*a com
• 01 Maze Technology ......74 Sen
lac ... 113 Pin % bottle for
The Battle for Kiev • 1943 ed (if ’45 on ). This ate of ight to
ter we whole rite to Bath for or Ye will onday jfts in to be ly
of r fair Dave O'Connor Tony Oliver Ben Freasier 4M«Mih ¦ 1 .«
- f I Made in Australia Specially designed for the latest range
of personal computers, Fire Brigade offer these advanced
features: Easyto learn and play -V Realistic staff support High
resolution graphics Comprehensive reports Variable skill levels
- German or Soviet command Wide range of scenarios Computer or
human opponent :isive and mobile battle of World War 2 43 and
the war in Russia is at its ire of the strategic city of Kiev 1
the48th Panzer Korps - the Fire jrself an Iron Cross or enlist
in the : Army and split the German Front?
ACE rating 900 +.
Available for Amiga, IBM & Macintosh.
For further information on Mindscape Products and ydtir local dealer contact Mindscape International Limited, PO Box 1019, Lewes, East Sussex BN84DW. Tel. (044486) 545 547 OUTRUN1" YOU'RE COOL, THE ENGINE'S HOT, THE GIRL'S GORGEOUS, A TANK FUEL OF GAS AND AN OPEN ROAD ... THE REST IS UP TO YOU ...!
• Wor cmm
- jsaasee fursa® ll lllAmile QJI OuiUauy- STREET FIGHTER'" BIONIC
shots Irom various systems.
Swan Chambers. Mill Street, Congleton, Cheshire CW121AB. Telephone; 0260 299023. Fax No. 0260 299059 1 All disk tile operations use the popular ARP (AmlgaDOS Replacement Project) tile requester system.

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