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The most powerful 3D modelling system for the Amiga is » probably Sculpt-Animate 4D Professional (£368.00 Byte By Byte Amiga Centre Scotland 031 5574242). It uses the same basic interface as all the Sculpt series, three windows corresponding to x, y and z or up down, east west and north south. The commonly used gadgets are small icons around the windows, other tools are on menus. SA4D has many new modelling tools including helical spins, and the ability to build and store macros. Its rendering and animation tools are discussed below. The best stand-alone 3D modeller is Modaller 3D (£69.95 Aegis Precision Software 01 330 7166). Again the traditional three windows are used for the three elevations, but a fourth is added to view the complete solid model. All of the normal sculpting tools are provided including lathe (spin a profile) and extrude, plus geometric primitives, layering etc. Modeller 3D is not a 3D CAD system but it is probably the closest thing we have yet on the Amiga. A recently developed technique in professional computer modelling is the use of SURFACE PATCHES. Normal modelling methods tend to look rather mechanical so organic shapes are difficult to produce. Surface patches allow complex multiple curves to be created from a few curved lines. Forms In Flight II (£79.00 MicroMagic Amiga Centre Scotland

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“the most playable and enjoyable licensed games to date”.
New Computer Express 5 star “The graphics are slick, the action is
* tough ... designed to keep you glued to your stick”.
ZZAPSizzler Sj “a popular movie license backed up " by great game-play, an unbeatable formula - needless to say, I’d buy it ... miss this and you’re missing the hottest game of the year”.
ST Action “A sure winner with the official conversion to the home computer The Comes Machine “There is more than enough action in this one to keep you coming back for more”.
Ace “a superb game with such addictive gameplay”.
Computer Gomes Week FAB CBM AMIGA ATARI ST Ocean Software Limited 6 Central Street • Manchester • M2 5NS irrELLIGETLE.
n. JiBI I iH '•$ ZSQ.lf3S, 4
R. *v» « i; “Special FX programmed the game and have done a great
job, recreating the character of the originals with a hint of
AMIGA User Int.
“The characters and backgrounds are striking- each are superlative-the Amiga features a soundtrack in glorious remixed stereo”.
The One “polished in every aspect - from the humorous storyline to the end of the blasting”.
The Games Machine Top Score "... you're in for the time of your life ... fabulous 3D, hours of absorbing play - you name it, Voyager’s got it. And that’s not all: WT*- Ocean throw in a cassette soundtrack which has to be one of the most mind-blowing pieces of music I’ve ever heard”.
"... scrolling 3D graphics, the most impressive I’ve seen on the ST... a great arcade formula and clever graphics ... an excellent game that will keep you playing QT Jig for quite some time”. MrM I ST Action '~T I. ' llTii Ttl ai 1* «4r»14"
• 7T1 tXlJXt'. 4 toi ; , 1 :eeuyi j arm pm ¦rptJitw trj tin I
f--.fi rrtit- ATARI ST R0B0C0P DRAGON NINJA VOYAGER Telephone:
061 832 6633 • Telex: 669977 OCEANS C • Fax: 061 834 0650 A
wKindWords'2.0 Artists' Choice Headline" REGULARS GAME BUSTERS
addictive playable demo of Virgin's latest arcade shoot-em-up
smash • ART GALLERY (plus VILBM): more superb samples of
artwork • ICONMEISTER: customise and construct your own icons •
SPREAD: immensely practical spreadsheet • WORKBENCH HACKS:
three more fun hacks to play with • DROPCLOTH: designer
tablecloths to cover your Workbench.
- r--A-TJ J :tit Launching the section that will take your Amiga
into new worlds T Tot art and design.
? I ± ? ? 2 jT FYHTR GRAND pir,x CIRCUIT 53 :|.r 1 f(| ! HIGH STEEL . M ¦ : ;Uo&|TI Indiana jones . X I LICENCE TO KILL .
X V & & J. is probi a ....L :-v mim-M *¦'.[ j0 RICK DANGEROUS....
latest winner from France. XYBOTS.
* * ? JT Jz X m- Si REVIEWED KULT.
TTTTTTTTti t i * - 1 -r * * i 44 42 11iiiii ? Lit ?
© FUTURE PUBLISHING 1989 No pan o( Hus magame may be reproduceO without our pemusswn. Except me wort Fish'.
EDITOR Hob Wade PRODUCTION EDITOR Damien Sounan REVIEWS EDITOR Andy Smith TECHNICAL EDITOR Jason Holbom ART EDITOR Trevor Gilham DESIGN ASSISTANT Sally Meddings CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Jon Hates (Music), Hrian Turkman (Graphics) CONTRIBUTORS Steve Jarratt, Graeme Kidd. Steve Hales AD MANAGER Jennie Evans AD PRODUCTION Louise Cockroft PUBLISHER Greg Ingham.
SUBSCRIPTIONS MAIL ORDER The Old Harn. Somerton, Somerset TAII 7PY Tel: 0458 74011 PHOTOGRAPHY Ashton James. Hradford-upon-Avon: Stephen Lockett COLOUR ORIGINATORS Swift Graphics Ltd. Southampton; Cover by l)PGraphics PRINTERS Chase Web Offset.
Gillingham DISTRIBUTORS SM Distribution. 6 Leigham Court Road. Streatham. London SWI6 There is no definite date yet for the next Commodore computer show, but two other shows of interest to Amiga owners are on the horizon: the PC Show from 30th September to 1st October and the Computer Shopper Show from November 24th-26th.
MICROPROSE ABOUNDS The PC Show has traditionally been the biggest ‘leisure’ computer show of the year and this year is again at Earls Court. Virtually all the major software houses and hardware manufacturers will be there, showing their wares.
The Computer Shopper show is a new one to the calendar but the organisers are flagging it as the UK's largest event for Commodore users.’ It's taking place in the Great Hall at Alexandra Palace. At the show will be the ‘Wonderful World of Commodore' - a sort of show within a show.
We will carry more detail on exactly who is going to be at the PC Show in the next issue, and the CS Show in Issue 5.
Sleepy Tetbury is a positive hive of activity at the moment, now that the 'Prose have inherited all those Telecomsoft games that were in the pipeline when the company was sold. Take Starlord, for example: Mike Singleton’s Maelstrom are beavering away on the computerisation of this immensely popular PBM (Play By Mail) game that promises to be more complex and have a bigger game task than Elite.
Third Millennium - a production company set up within Maelstrom - are also working on two games due for release on the ‘Prose’s Micro Status label.
Survivor is set in a post-holocaust desert world where you have to cultivate land and set about rebuilding the community. You can battle with neighbouring settlements, trade with them, dabble in politics and loads of other things in this strategy game.
Then there's Midwinter, a light- sourced solid 3D game set in the 21st Century that’s also due out on the Micro Status label. In the game the world has suffered a climatic crisis and left most of the world covered in ice. Society has broken down and it's your job to protect an isolated group of villages from attack by the evil dictator from the north.
Talking of global crises, the big M have gone all green and teamed up with Greenpeace, the international environmental pressure group, to bring us Rainbow Warrior: The Computer Game.
Named after the Greenpeace ship that was oft in the news for harrying whaling fleets and such like, you’ll play the part of a Greenpeace supporter determined to protect wildlife and stop the pollution of the natural world. The French government are unavailable for comment on this one at the time of going to press.
On the racetrack there’s RVF, a motorbike simulation based on... wait for it, wait for it..', the Honda RVF. And a game that’s creating something of a stir months before it's scheduled release - Stunt Car Racer by Geoff Crammond, the man behind Sentinel. There are going to be eight gruelling tracks to race round and four divisions of drivers, so don’t expect it to be easy!
Then there's Tower Of Babel from Pete 'Tau Ceti’ Cooke, a puz- zle(ish) game where the player controls a gang of spiders clambering around some towers.
Darkness’. Last but not least, is another coin-op conversion, this time of the Irem machine Mr Heli.
It's a cute horizontally and vertically-scrolling shoot-em-up, where you'll have to dodge the aliens and mind the cavern walls.
On the Firebird side, coming up is a martial arts game called Oriental Games where you can take part in Sumo wrestling, Kendo, Kung Fu and Hollywood Rules (whatever that might be!)
Action fans will be pleased to learn that the coin-op conversion of Sega’s Action Fighter is well under way, so you'll soon be able to bomb and blast your way through four stages of vertically scrolling mayhem.
Staying with coin-ops, Rainbow Islands, the Bubble Bobble sequel, is nearing completion where Bub and Bob are squaring up to face the 'Prince of Python Game Virgin Mastertronic have acquired the licence to produce a Monty Python game. To produce a Monty Python game. I keep getting this funny feeling of deja vu. I never wanted to be a journalist you know, I wanted to be a lumberjack. Out in the forests, breathing the fresh, pine air, with my best girlie by my side. Excuse me, is this a cheese shop? No, it's a news story, get out of it at once and take that bazou- ki player with you.
All right, stop that, it’s silly - and a bit suspect too. These news pages are showing far too much tendency towards silliness. Let's have a nice sensible story about spreadsheets and accountancy packages. When I say cut, cut to the next news story...wait for it, wait for it...cut. It is an ex-news story. It has ceased to be.
A-MAX ROMS WIZMASTER STICK After initial problems with Mac ROM supplies, users of ReadySoft's Macintosh emulator, A-Max, can rest peacefully in their beds in the knowledge that 128K ROMS are finally readily available from the unit’s UK distributors, Entertainment International.
A-Max is now available complete with ROMs for £249.95. Existing A-Max users who require ROMS can purchase them separately for £115.
Entertainment International can be contacted on 0268 541126.
PROFESSIONAL ANIMATION SEQUENCE EDITOR Pure Graphics have come up with a new contender in the graphics arena with the Professional Animation Sequence Editor. It is designed for use in conjunction with animation sequences created using programs like Dpamt III.
As well as producing the SAM Coupe computer, a Spectrum clone, Miles Gordon Technology are launching a new disk drive called the Lifetime Drive. It's a 3.5 inch drive that is also compatible with a whole range of other computers including the ST, PC, BBC and even the Spectrum +3.
It needs the correct cable to connect it up, which, naturally enough, MGT supply as well. The disk mechanism itself is a Citizen, double-sided, double density, 1 Mbyte unformatted. The drive costs £129.95 and the Amiga cable another £18.50. MGT can be contacted at Lakeside, Phoenix Way, Swansea SA7 9EH. Tel: 0792 791100 (...and no, we will not be printing the ridiculous sexist picture that has been used to promote the drive.)
The program can use any correctly-numbered sequence of IFF graphics files in any resolution: low, interlace video, med, high, HAM, EHB and overscan. It will work on a basic A500 but to get the best out of it Pure recommend having 1Mb of RAM.
AMOS UPS STOS PASE has a host of editing and playback facilities like realtime or step-time editing, cut, copy and paste frames anywhere in the sequence, video scratching effects, full genlock compatibility and a lot more besides. It costs £75.00 and we will be featuring a review of it soon.
Further details can be obtained from Pure Graphics, 239A Ivydale Road, London SE15 3DY. Tel: 01 358 0663.
* * "¦"*:1 ¦"a: i * ''' * *- “¦ h*1 11 mi ¦
• otbbKE; (WfillCNLOCPCfirT- IHMITCNfRIFt STOWS n-imi ***;» own
KUS in j ft?.'* ¦ The main editing screen from the Professional
Animation Sequence Editor.
What is a QS-118? It’s not a John Landis movie and it certainly is not the editor's prison record number: it is in fact the latest in the Quickshot range of joysticks from Spectravideo. QS- 118 a little abstract for you? Well let's call it the Wizmaster then. The joystick features a total of three different conWho says public pressure doesn’t have any effect on software houses? After almost a year of constant complaining from Amiga owners, Mandarin have finally decided to release an Amiga version of their popular ST games writing utility STOS.
MGT Drive The Amiga version, AMOS, is a fully-integrated programming environment that is designed specifically for the creation of games. The core of AMOS is a powerful, BASIC-like programming language that allows complete access to all the Amiga’s extra facilities such as the copper co-processor, the Blitter and the sound hardware.
To help with the creation of of your programming masterpieces, AMOS also includes trol mechanisms, push button finger and thumb control, two different-sized levers, two fire buttons, autofire and a computer system select button. All this for £11.95. The minimalist phase in joysticks appears finally to be over - more knobs, switches and buttons are now fast becoming the in thing.
Tools to aid the creation of sprites, music, sound effects and game maps.
Using AMOS, you’ll have access to 48 software sprites and 32 hardware sprites onscreen simultaneously, which is quite an achievement when you consider that at the basic level, the Amiga only has eight hardware sprites (although it’s common programming practice to get around this by making the copper ‘re-use’ sprites).
According to Mandarin, AMOS offers such a high level of control over the Amiga hardware that there is nothing that cannot be achieved with AMOS that could with either C or assembler.
Expect to see AMOS arriving in the shops at the end of October and in this magazine just before.
THESAURUS Wordsmiths will be pleased to hear of the arrival of a stand alone thesaurus called K- Roget, from Kuma Computers.
It contains over 150,000 words and phrases and a phonetic spelling checker. It needs a two disk drive or hard drive system in order to operate. Until September 30th it is available at a special price of £29.95. Full details from Kuma Computers, 12 Horseshoe Park, Pangbourne, Berks RG8 7JW.
Tel:07357 4335 ABACUS The American publishing company Abacus have added another title to their already impressive range of Amiga specific books. As the name suggest, Amiga C For Advanced Programmers' is aimed fairly and squarely at the more techie types among you.
The book provides an in- depth look into the inner workings of compilers, assemblers and linkers, how to produce wonderful user interfaces using the ROM-based Intuition routines, coping with large C programming projects and other jargon-ridden subjects that only C programmers can convincingly bluff their way through during conversations.
GIGABYTE STORAGE How do you fancy 3 Gigabytes (320Mb) of hard disk storage capacity? You do? Well it will cost between £3,500 and £22,000. The Gigamaster is available in SCSI format from Applied Microsystems Technology. Tel: 01 450 3222. If anybody does get one, let us know about it - we would like to know some rich people.
AMIGA FORMAT 7 POWERPLAY STICKS Powerplay are fast becoming one of the major names in joysticks, thanks to the success of their Cruiser and new Crystal sticks. The innovative aspect to the sticks is the strange colour schemes that they come in.
There are the four types of Cruiser - standard black or blue at £9.99, a clear one with autofire at £12.99 and the unmistakable multi-coloured model at £9.99. The multi-coloured one has been variously described as 'colourful', 'garish', ‘revolting’, 'trendy', 'delightful' and 'novel'.
You will either love it or hate it, but you can’t ignore it. The Cruiser also has an adjustable collar on the shaft to change the responsiveness.
The Crystal also comes in four varieties - clear at £14.99, clear with autofire at £16.99, red or green at £12.99 or £14.99 with autofire. All the Cruisers and Crystals come with 12-month guarantees.
HOUND Of SHADOW 'The Hound of Shadow is upon you and you bear its mark.' So stated the ominous, anonymous note that arrived at the AT office, accompanied by a volume of HP Lovecraft’s excellent short stories.
Inside is the eerie tale of The Hound - scarier than having to play Classic Invaders. It is in fact a nice piece of teaser advertising for Electronic Arts’ new game, The Hound of Shadow, which is loosely based on the short story.
What’ll be next through the post - voodoo doggy dolls maybe, or perhaps the odd bloodstained fang?
are extending their involvement with the British football
scene to sponsor a new weekly magazine called Free Kick. They
have already received substantial coverage for their
sponsoring of the Chelsea football team. Commodore will
sponsor the rankings section of the magazine where players
are rated according to their performances. Each month
Commodore are donating a computer to the top-ranked player,
to donate to the school or charity of their choice.
¦rHCaCTHCtNTUWr srorrs daw am iwom wane*- SttPMtNKINO f* - » ¦ The HP Lovecraft book from which The Hound of Shadow is taken.
Prices inc. VAT & 1st class postage in UK.
(Glass mounts 30p extra per slide).
MES BOARDS A low-price memory upgrade is about to be launched by a new company, Memory Expansion Systems. The 512K memory card costs just £84.95. The card slots into the port underneath the A500 and is equipped with an on off switch. This is so it can be switched off without being removed - essential for some older protection systems that detect the memory and won’t work with it.
Enquiries to Memory Expansion Systems, 2nd Floor, Britannia Buildings, 46 Fenwick Street, Liverpool L2 7NB. Tel: 051 236 0480 ALTERNATIVE IMAGE HIGH QUALITY AMIGA GRAPHICS AND ANIMATION Commodore has appointed a new marketing manager to replace Dean Barrett, who recently left to take a job in publishing. His name is Jeff Earl and he has previously worked for Toshiba, helping market their portable PC range.
This appointment marks a definite push by Commodore into the PC market, but it is as yet unclear what effect it will have on their treatment of the Amiga.
BUREAU SERVICE Have your own Amiga graphics outputted onto 35mm slide.
1. £5.00 2 -
10 .....£4.00 11
-20 ...£3.00
Talespin Adventures Talespin is an adventure creation tool
from Microdeal that has just made its way onto the Amiga. It
allows backgrounds to be created and used, along with
digitised sound, and is completely mouse driven.
It is not just aimed at adventures either - the system of mixing graphics and text in a storybook fashion means it could be used to create demos, walk-throughs and stories. It costs £29.95 from Microdeal, PO Box 68, St Austell, Cornwall PL25 4YB. Tel: 0726 68020 Special Requirements - please ring MONEY WITH ORDER Allow 1 week for processing and delivery We accept cheques postal orders made payable to: ALTERNATIVE IMAGE PRODUCTIONS 6 LOTHAIR ROAD, AYLESTONE LEICESTER LE2 7QB (0533) 440041 itisrv ¦K XEN0N II: MEGABLAST n_r- p XENON II: this time it's war} The Xenites are back and have thrown
time itself into turmoil, only you can save the day not to mention the universe! J~
- LMEI ¦ mm ¦ • 1 ¦•"UrP Vo-* 'Mf] J lxM jBX 4lAATTLE through
five VASjk |nu. Tmmii ¦ wm [ graphically UNCANNY| levels, . HJ
« , f M Btl. J I ] DESTROYING wave aft ei wave If IEVIL Sv
'• |] IN llBjl’n it** .. 4 n mm§ X*dN II: HjftRD, fa COIN-Of
• rr-d H*c,Av 1 HionJthM*pi JT ?| ii** ii'm T|H| b-1 i
|so|Jndtracl to maUhJrTZja mihcfblowinglyj-i r~" i f' f 1-1,1
1 c J _- l[ (accurate David Whittalge -r pdition L j !? Lfb1 !
F’" | "j! T ««•««»«': ••____ of the'Bjon b The
BassJttegablasI J1 . . £. 1 xfRoNllj tfsoit|ffesJfMd| J j
£l XENON..: t's'j MegaJlastF ‘ ! ( i It "H" | ! XENON Ih
it afiitmap Brot ersTgame! I _J «, S mm 113 |l ‘ ‘ *N J| 7
• ’. J j» i Available Soon on Atari 4TrAMIGA& PC. ' I 1 *;•
a. J I I ¦ L _ _ _ ..A J n ' L! U..... . , .r ' QUALITY I.
rfd fj ’fV" Sgfr n f s game!
L. r'x? 7 J (accurate David Wl ~~ of the 'Borrtb The B XENON II:
tj's olt , 11 *" '*• I 1 * :• * ?. ¦ ¦ A ¦ i *¦ i.*_
* wuw fwmmmm ¦ rA* • ! Is £W: m ¦11 i-TPF 1-- i _T1y aCi
d rJ4- 0 fi.OL 8 f K. x ¦ ' v _ t ¥1 , s-J '•-C'** 1 -1
itij '* i "-W- rz~]f W "iV C 'l9 dt % 1(g) 1989 THE I
• 'iV & $ Tl"’ SimenoHrTL- P|pduc crBy,SWn* Gabriel
- Appears courtSvof Rhythm King Recorch Published bWhythm King
HEWSON Stormlord is still awaited, as is Astaroth. Then there's Onslaught, from Chris Hinsley and Nigel Brownjohn (Verminator and Custodian respectively). This is going to be a role-playing adventure set on a large campaign map divided into 10 kingdoms, each made up of 256 locations. Also included is a ‘Kingdom Creator', so expect hours of fun.
MIRRORSOFT The Bitmap Brothers are keeping themselves busy with Xenon II, so keep your eyes open shoot-em-up fans. Tennis fans will soon be able to play Passing Shot, the conversion of the Sega coin-op, while adventure role-playing fans can soon go trolling around some dungeons in Bloodwytch. If you prefer your games in a more lighthearted vein, then Cinemaware have the answer in the form of It Came From The Desert: in which gi-ants (geddit?) Have invaded a town. Do you have the mettle to save the day? Find out on a screen near you... soon!
CCRUXC ccnzxry noux Ry ¦ “When you said we were going Down Under, I thought you meant an Australian holiday..." CRL Lancaster, an action-packed tail gunner simulation looks set to land soon, so prepare yourself for take off and stand by to I ¦ “George... tell Bunny I don't think we'll make it back for the cricket match on Sunday."
Who fancies playing a horizontally-scrolling beat-em-up set in three of the world's most dangerous subway systems in New York, London and Paris? Soon, courtesy of Rainbow Arts, you'll be able to do just that in Fallen Angel. But it that sounds too much like hard work, try the relaxing life of an oil tycoon in Oil Imperium, in which you’ll locate and bring to the surface all that black gold, and wheel and deal to make loadsa dosh. Still sounding too energetic? Then relax with a nice, quiet game of Volleyball, the latest less-than-usual sports sim.
¦ Drilling for that black gold. ¦ Volleyball's good excercise.
Down a few squadrons of Messerschmitts: although mortality is high, so some of you won't be coming back. There’s also an action game called Future Sport in the pipeline, which is a multi-eventer viewed in various perspectives. The HyperMedia games are going well and we’ll be passing on more info when we get it.
MINDSCAPE STUNT CAR RACER MICROPROSE Latest from Geoff Crammond, the man behind Sentinel, is Stunt Car Racer: for more news, see the previous pages.
Circus freaks can soon enjoy Fiendish Freddy's Big Top O’ Fun, six events full of slapstick, cartoon humour. There’s also a Harley Davidson riding sim in the pipeline, and versions of Star Trek V: The Final Frontier.
ELECTRONIC ARTS When you hear that programmers have developed a whole new system to enable them to write a game, you know you're in for something special. That's what the EA bods have done with Hound Of Shadow, an adventure role-playing game set in London in the 1920s and inspired by the Cthulhu mythos developed by HP Lovecraft. The system is called Timeline and has been developed to enable characters from the game to be recognised and remembered in later games in the series.
Next up is an icon driven adventure called The Legend of D’Jel, full of mystery, magic and wizards plus the occasional arcade sequence. For those who prefer their scenarios more down to Earth, there is a simulation of the European Space Shuttle, in which you must positioning satellites strategically... COKTEL VISION And for those of us who just can't get enough of Populous, there will soon be a new data disk, The Promised Lands, enabling you to battle in five new landscapes, including a Wild West scenario amongst the forts, jails and teepees and a Revolution Francaise scenario.
Future releases from the Gallic Invaders include The Quest for the Time Bird, an adven- ture-ish game with the comic book style of earlier games such as Passengers on the Wind. There will be magic objects to use, puzzles to solve, fierce animals to fight and new worlds to explore.
Really big news for role- players is that Gary Gygax, one of the original creators of the immensely popular Dungeons and Dragons series of RPGs, has been working with Info' on a game called Drakkhen. While the programmers put the game together, Gary offers his expert advice.
If wargaming is more your sort of thing, there’s North and South, a wargame based on the American Civil War of the 1860's, which features a few arcade sequences for the player to participate in. Action fans haven't been forgotten though: for a start there is Skrull, a Barbarian-style chop-em-up and Iron Trackers, a one or two player All-Terrain Vehicle racing sim set on an island.
MicroBotics means Amiga-Power!
Whichever Amiga you own-or plan to buy-we have the expansion you need For the For the For the Amiga 2000... Amiga 500... Amiga 1000... Hard Frame 2000 DMA SCSI Interface If your application calls for super-speed uninterrupted access to your hard disk, HardFrame 2000 is your answer. This Is a high end, no holds barred SCSI interface that operates at bus speeds.
One HardFrame 2000 can support upto seven devices.
Word-length data transfer, FIFO buffering, TRUE DMA, mounted on a metal frame suitable for all standard 3.5" SCSI drives (or, if you prefer, connected to a bay mounted or external disk). Available now.
Suggested List Price: £219.95 8-UP! FastRAM Maximum Memory in One Slot!
The FastRAM card that every Amiga owner will eventually come to - why limit yourself to only two megabytes per slot?
8-UP! Will take you all the way to the top of the autoconfiguration memory space of EIGHT MEGABYTES! 8-UP! Is available in two versions, the standard DIP model accepts 2,4,6 or 8 megabytes of 1 meg DRAMS. For maximum flexibility there is the SIMM version which lets you custom configure with mixed 256k and 1 meg SIMM modules, including MicroBotics exclusive PopSIMMs. 8-UP! Is a power- efficient, zero wait state, autoconfiguring design. "The latest and greatest' (Amiga World, Jan. 1989). 8-UP! Is available now.
Suggested List Price: £124.95 MouseTime The easiest to use, most cost- effective implementation of a battery backed clock for the A1000. Passes the port through for joysticks or other devices.
Complete with WorkBench software. Available now.
Suggested List Price: £22.95 M501 Memory + Clock Half a Meg at a Great Price!
As we are all coming to realise, a one megabyte Amiga (at least) is a necessity not an option. When you add the inboard 512k memory and clock module to your A500 make sure its a MicroBotics M501. Note that just like the Commodore and unlike some third party expansions, we use a long lived rechargeable NiCad battery- which you’ll never have to replace. Set the MicroBotics clock using the same WorkBench software as you would use for the Commodore clock. What’s the difference?
You get to keep £25 compared to the Commodore version. The M501 is available now.
Suggested List Price: £124.95 StarBoard2 500 Two Megs PLUS a Choice of Modules.
The premier memory expansion for the A1000 is now available on the A500. Ill it’s own case with an independent power supply strong enough to handle StarBoard2 and a second A1000 style StarBoard2, all the power and flexibility of this great expansion device isavailableto you. Up to 2 megabytes of autoconfigu ring, zero wait state FastRAM, MultiFunction or SCSI module capability for math chip or fast SCSI hard disk interfacing. StarBoard2 also has an LED diagnostic confidence lighttoindicatethe power-up state of your Amiga and expansion. An A1000 style StarBoard2can be connected to the bus
pass-up for a total of FOUR megs and two modules.
"The best ..." (Amiga World, Jan. 88).
Suggested List Price: £224.95 StarBoard2 The Expansion of Choice The superb memory expansion for the Amiga 1000, still going strong! Up to 2 megabytes of autoconfiguring, zero wait state, FastRAM in a sleek, all steel Amiga coloured case plus the capability to accept either of the two daughterboard modules, the original Multi- Function Module or the new SCSI Module. StarBoard2 is powered by the bus (up to two StarBoard2’scan be supported by the A1000) and passes it on.
Suggested List Price: £224.95 MultiFunction Module High Tech at Low Cost Thisdaughterboard installson any StarBoard2. It features a socket and software for the 68881 Math Chip as an I O device (MicroBotics pioneered this approach on the Amiga- now directly supported in the maths libraries of AmigaDOS
1. 3). StickyDisk gives you the most "bullet-proof” rebootable
RAM disk - its hardware protection turns it into a solid
state, superfast disk. Parity checking of StarBoard2 RAM can
be enabled when extra parity ram is installed. Finally, the
MultiFunction Module carries an easy to use battery- backed
clock to set the system time on startup.
Suggested List Price: £65 StarDrive SCSI Module Fast, Low Cost SCSI Module When installed in any model StarBoard2, StarDrive offers you cost effective, pseudo- DMA access to SCSI hard drives and other devices. Fast, easy to install including driver software and disk diagnostics.
StarDrive also Includes a battery backed clock to set system time on startup.
Suggested List Price: £85 MicroBotics,Inc.
Tell your dealer he can order direct - no minimum quantity - show him this ad!
In Europe: Oasis Services Ltd., 17 Andrews Place, London SE9 2SJ. TEL: (01) 859 4936 In U.S.A.: MicroBotics, Inc., 8111 Alpha Drive, Richardson TX 75081. TEL: (214) 437 5330 A 512K A500 is all well and good, but for true (power computing you need a hard drive and a RAM expansion.
JASON HOLBORN checks out Commodore’s ‘official’ offering, the A590 Hard Drive Plus.
After a couple of weeks of playing around with the A500, most Amiga owners will sooner or later come to the conclusion that to get the most from their new machine some extra cash is going to have to be shelled out. For starters, the vast majority will plump for a second floppy drive which should get you by for a while, but for any serious use of the A500, the addition of a RAM expansion and a hard disk will appear more of a necessity than a luxury.
STOP ME AND BUY ONE Commodore’s A590 hard drive is a complete one-stop solution that will provide your Amiga A500 with an autoboot compatible 20 Megabyte hard disk complete with an unpopulated RAM expansion board which allows up to 2 Megabytes of fast RAM to be added to your machine.
¦ Designer hardware is right back in fashion.
The A590 unit is a rather stylish, colour coordinated box that features a SCSI port which will allow you to connect devices such as extra hard drives, CD ROMs and optical disks. Unfortunately, it doesn't feature a pass-through connector for the expansion port and so if you already have an item of hardware which uses this, you could be stuck.
The A590 arrives in a box containing the hard drive unit itself, another one of those chunky power supply bricks' to keep the one that came with your A500 company, 2 disks containing the necessary installation software and hard drive utilities, a small but meaty manual and a rather obscure strip of metal that Commodore refer to as a ground clip'.
PLUG IN AND GO Before you can plug in your A590 and get going, the first REVIEW thing you must do is to fit the ground clip to your Amiga. This little insulated metal strip must be inserted between the cardboard sheet and the ground shield on the expansion bus. Once installed (for which, read 'forced in’), you can now slot the A590 connector into the side of your machine, connect up the power supply and you’re away.
If you have Kickstart 1.3, you can now boot directly from the hard drive, but if your Amiga still only has the 1.2 ROM, then you’ll have to disable the autoboot ROMs (using dipswitches on the back of the drive) and boot from floppy instead. If you have taken the trouble of buying an A590, you'd be well advised to fork out an extra £15 to upgrade your Amiga to Kickstart 1.3 to take full advantage of the drive’s capabilities.
The A590 uses a specially developed custom chip to allow the fastest possible data transfer.
For a demonstration of the drive’s speed, a program such as Deluxe Paint 3 loads in just two seconds!
For those of you ‘in the know', the hard drive has an access time of 80 Milliseconds.
The A590 certainly isn’t the cheapest of hard drives: ASAP's Amdrive offers an extra 10 Mb of storage, and autobooting, for only about £30 extra. The things that really separate the A590 from the 'budget' hard drives are its blindingly fast transfer rates, the useful addition of a RAM expansion board as standard and the sheer professionalism of the whole product. The addition of a RAM expansion board and SCSI compatibility means that you can take your A500 further than you could previously have ever dreamt of. Purchasing a hard drive is very much like buying a can of beans: it really does pay
to fork out the extra cash for a better quality product.
TECHNOSPIEL Until recently, adding such equipment to an A500 was an almost impossible dream for those of us not blessed with a friendly bank manager and a brain the size of planet.
Although adding a hard drive and a RAM expansion sounds simple, it’s not just a case of bunging a board in here and a box on there: there's a lot more to it.
Firstly, all hard drives need a controller card which is basically an intermediate between the hard drive unit and the Amiga hardware which allows the two to converse.
Also, if you wish to boot your Amiga from the hard drive, then you’re going to need a controller card which supports auto-booting (your Amiga will also have to be fitted with the most recent release of Kickstart, version 1.3). "A RAM chip's a RAM chip innit?". Unfortunately, adding RAM to your Amiga isn’t just a case of getting your hands on a set of chips and then inserting them onto a board. When buying RAM chips, you have to check that they are of the correct type and speed. The A590 uses CMOS 256K x 4 (1 Megabit) DRAMS, with an access speed of 120 nanoseconds or faster. You cannot
therefore use either the cheaper NMOS chips or RAM chips that have a slower access speed than 120 nanoseconds. After last years hiccup in the price of RAM chips, prices have still not dropped to their original level and so you can expect to be paying around about £20 per chip.
The A590's RAM board comes unpopulated as standard.
Once you can afford it, the board can be populated in half MB, 1 MB and 2 MB steps. Using 1 Megabit DRAMs, you’ll need four chips for half a Megabyte, eight for a Megabyte and 16 for the full two Megs. At current prices, upgrading to the full 2 Megabytes is going to set you back approximately £320. ¦ ¦ The A590 features a SCSI pert which will allow you to connect all manner of expensive add-ons such as extra hard drives, CD ROMs and optical drives. From this view, you can also see the dip switches which are used to configure the drive to your set-up Track Computer Systems Track are Specialists
in Hard Drives, Serious Software and the Highest Degree of Customer Care.
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include VAT and delivery by courier Since the arrival of the Amiga in our lives, we have all - software writers and salespeople, developers, journalists and users - learned a vast amount about computer graphics. As the TV idents and adverts have grown in visual sophistication, just one step behind has been the Amiga owning public, discovering the delights of bitmaps and ray-tracing.
Now, the first rush of excitement is giving way to consideration of what the amazing combination of Amiga plus software plus imagination can really be used for.
The broad applications - paint, animation, DTP, video, CAD - are well defined and, on the Amiga certainly, are quite ¦ This Image was produced using Sculpt Animate 40... Graphics Editor BRIAN m well covered, though there are some substantial omissions as we shall see. Because of this, rather than being entirely new the majority of recent new software and hardware is either an upgrade of what is already available - offering better, faster, easier to use effects and facilities - or is aimed at a specific niche, or solving a specific need.
This is a very healthy sign for it indicates that computer graphics is not just a gimmick: it is a worthwhile tool used by many people whose needs are developing and becoming more sophisticated.» LARKMAN kicks off his coverage b taking a look at the way the Amiga graphics scene has been shaping up. What follows is a comprehensive look at the best in graphics and animation packages now available for the Amiga.
GRAPHICS SCREEN PRINTING The display on a computer monitor is, in effect, an array of tiny lights arranged in horizontal and vertical rows. Each light can be any one of a range of hues and shades, or off: so almost any image can be composed on the screen by varying these colours. The lights (or PIXELs - Picture Elements) are each controlled by the state of one byte in the computer's screen memory map: so the display is called BIT-MAPPED.
All graphics programs use the bitmap to display representations of their final output, but paint programs operate by manipulating this map in a vast range of ways to transform the screen directly, usually almost immediately.
This technique could be called SCREEN PAINTING. Recent developments include surface, texture and contour mapping where a section of the 2D bitmap is re-mapped onto a representation of a 3D surface, with a range of shading to give the effect of texture and contours.
The two BIG programs in Amiga screen painting are Deluxe Paint and Photon Paint, now in their third and second incarnations respectively.
Deluxe Paint III (£79.95 Electronic Arts 0753 49442) is undoubtedly the ultimate system for use in all the normal Amiga screen modes. Other than animation (covered later), the main new features are: the use of Extra Half-Brite supporting 64 colours, especially useful for shadows and highlights: overscan painting: wrap brush mode for pseudo-surface mapping: tint brush mode giving colour and transparency effects: much better font support: generally much faster operation, especially of perspective effects.
Support though nowhere near as comprehensive as that of DPIII. (Even just a simple VCR- type controller for ANIM's would have been very useful.) Nevertheless, the rest of the new features are excellent developments and enhancements of the original tools, consistent with the general trend of graphics software. New on the menu are: true contour mapping Photon Paint 2 (£89.95 Digipro 0703 703030) has become the primary tool for screen painting in the Amiga's quirky ‘omnicolour' mode, HAM.
It also now provides animation using a ray-tracing algorithm: colour transformation modes allowing a huge range of foreground and background colouri- sation effects: stencil to protect selected areas of the screen: rub-through from an alternate picture: pantograph: and many more useful features.
Two other recent programs of interest are Express Paint 3 and Spritz, (£29.95 Best UK 0698 887770) both written in the same distinctively quirky but feature-packed style by Stephen Vermeulen. Of the two, Spritz has become the best- known in the UK, because it is the latest A500 marketing freebie. It goes its own way to providing most of the tools that an Amiga screenpainter would expect, and a few more: like multiple level undo, fancy borders and an icon editor.
Express Paint 3 is considerably more powerful, especially in terms of page size as it uses a Virtual page’ system that stores part of the screen memory outside the video chip allowing picture sizes only limited by total memory. Other advanced features include flood-fill areas with imported text, and postscript output.
2D ANIMATION Traditional character animation depends on the eye being deceived into thinking that a rapidly-changing sequence of still pictures is actually one object that is moving. Slight changes of position and orientation between frames are read by the eye as smooth movement providing the display rate of the frames is above about 10 frames per second. The same effect can be achieved on a computer in several ways, using bitmap objects or ‘sprites', using structured objects and by page flipping.
One great advantage of bitmap screen painting is that sections of the bitmap can be selected and moved around in memory very quickly. On screen this gives the impression that a piece of the picture has been cut out and moved across the face of the image, like a real object.
Game animation uses the same technique by storing a series of similar bitmap ‘objects' in memory and moving them into the screen bitmap in sequence, ‘flipping’ rapidly between them. By moving the cuts across the screen at the same time as 'flipping' the sequence, an animated character called a SPRITE is created. By defining motion paths and timing heirarchies, sprites can be used to create animated sequences.
Zoetrope (PAL version: ISM tel 0983 864674) also features a wide range of painting tools, but its strongest feature is most probably 2D animation (see below).
ECONOMY OF STRUCTURE A simple geometric object such as a square or disc can be defined by its structure; the position of opposite corners for instance, or the position of the centre and length of radius. On a computer, this sort of STRUCTURED OBJECT can be very economical of memory compared to the detailed description of every pixel for a bitmapped object. Provided it is fairly simple it is also easy to transform the structure or move it so this process can be the basis of an animation method. Bitmap objects and Structured objects are used in many computer applications (DTP, CAD
etc.lthat require blocks of graphics and text to be moved flexibly about the screen. This is known as an OBJECT ORIENTED system.
More complex structured objects can also be transformed across a series of frames by a method known as TWEENING. The position of all the control points or vertices of the structure are defined for the first and last frames of the sequence. The offset for each point from first to last frame is calculated and divided by the number of frames. This provides the offset for each frame allowing the position and shape of each of the inbeTWEEN frames to be calculated and rendered.
JUST FLIPPED PAGEFLIPPING is the nearest computer equivalent to traditional 'cel' animation (in which each frame is painted on CELIu- loid). In effect it is a scaled up version of sprite flipping for a whole page. The moving object is pasted down on each successive page with the required offset or transformation. The finished animation is played by 'flipping' the pages rapidly.
Because each screen takes up a relatively large part of memory yet only a small part is actually changing, several compression techniques have been developed. The most common is called Delta Compression.
The first frame is saved complete, then for each successive frame, only those pixels that have changed colour are saved. (Delta is commonly used in science to denote a parameter that has changed.)
Recent developments include perspective transformations, where the flat sprite bitmap is twisted and moved into the picture in 3D, and AnimPainting, where a sprite is picked up as a 'cut' or brush and painted repeatedly onto a series of screens.
MOVIE MAGIC In attempting to make the process of 2D animation on the Amiga flexible and easy to control a wide range of systems have been developed without, until recently, any standard system being adopted.
Although not really establishing a standard, the two most successful recent systems, Zoetrope and Deluxe Paint III, are based on screen painting and pageflipping, using a number of sophisticated tools to produce smooth and complex choreographies.
Zoetrope (ISM 0983 864674) is arguably the most powerful animation tool so far devised for the Amiga. It is only limited by being low resolution, non-HAM and until recently only NTSC. ISM of Southampton are now marketing a PAL version.
As a paint program Zoetrope is limited to about the level of the original Deluxe Paint - though even that is pretty good. It provides a huge range of special effects and transformations including ripple, shatter, crys- talise and defocus, as well as many useful control tools such as a VCR type frame controller and 'blueing' (showing a blue 'ghost’ outline of the previous frame.)
Deluxe Paint III provides a unique means of controlling animations because it is so familiar to almost all Amiga artists.
Dan Silva has managed to integrate animation into the system in an almost seamless way that is easy to learn and quickly feels like a completely natural part of the painting process. In particular his introduction of the concept of ANIMBRUSHES and ANIMPAINTING is revolutionary. Using these techniques it is possible to forget about separate frames and just ’paint’ the animation onto the screen (until memory runs out - DPIII is the best excuse I know for buying more memory!) Added to that, all the normal drawing tools work with Animbrushes, so animated objects can be sent along complex
curves or into the depths of Z-space (into the screen).
The only real problem with both Zoetrope and DPIII is that some degree of artistic ability is required. Careful positioning of brushes is essential as there is no undo facility, once a whole set of frames have been painted to. With frequent saving this is not a particular problem, but it helps to know what you want to do and what the finished result might look like. Those who can do little more than draw the curtains can still have lots of fun, especially with all the clip-art provided by Electronic Arts with Dpaint. Nevertheless some other packages are probably easier to get quick and
reasonably polished results from.
MovieSetter (£69.95 Gold- Disk and Digipro 0703 703030) claims to use a WYSIWYG approach that takes much of the heartache out of animation. In practice it operates very much like an animated desktop publishing system, Strictly speaking, all computer graphics is Computer Aided Design (CAD) but the term has been hijacked by the technical drawing fraternity to describe the specialised, highly accurate, structured method that they require for output to pen plotters. The use of the term has become increasingly confused by the use of structured drawing methods to construct models for 3D
animation (itself closely allied to 3D CAD), and more recently, for drawings used by DTP oriented ILLUSTRATION systems.
Structured Drawing is used by all these applications for similar reasons - mostly because the output device is capable of a much higher resolution than the screen display. Technical drawing CAD is'usually output to a pen plotter that can draw smooth curves with extremely fine pens on almost any size of paper; the most expensive plotters use rolls of A0 width paper that can produce drawings 10 metres long or more. CAD systems produce structured objects that can be grouped together and used repeatedly, often changing the scale and proportions with each re-use. Vast technical drawings of
complete aircraft or complex buildings can be built up accurately from basic objects.
Or more specifically, like its sister program from Gold Disk, ComicSetter. Moviesetter is limited - like most bitmap object animators - by memory, or the lack of it Nevertheless, provided you have got a good supply of clip art and sound effects, some excellent results can be obtained. The great advantage of this method of animation is that it is object oriented. Each component - or set to use the MovieSetter jargon - can be repositioned at will and re-used in other scenes and movies.
There are still very few 2D animation systems that support HAM. This is not suprising considering the memory that it uses. Only expanded machines can make effective use of more than about 8 frames. Microillusions are producing a series of programs that together will make an extremely powerful, full colour animation system.
So far the Photon Video series includes Photon Paint 2, mentioned above, Photon Video: Cel Animator, Photon Video: Transport Controller and Photon Video: EDLP.
Photon Video: Cel Animator (£99.95 Microillusions and Digipro 0703 703030) is the starting point in this system. It provides pencil testing by showing up to 10 of the previous frames simultaneously.
These frames could be digitised in from paper drawings or, more usefully, drawn using the limited drawing tools in the program. (If only these could have been more comprhensive including bezier curves and other CAD type tools!) Up to 80 twocolour screens can be stored even with only a standard A500, 250 with 2meg expansion. Playback speed, delay factor (for each frame) and sound sync can be added, and notes kept for each frame in an exposure sheet. All of this line drawing can then be loaded into Photon Paint 2 (or Deluxe Paint III) for full colour rendering then output to video or stored
as an anim. As an expensive but professional alternative, Photon Video: Transport Controller could be used to send individual frames to sophisticated video recording equipment.
PV: EDLP is an Edit Decision List Processor used by professional video and film recordists CAD FAT FROM FLAT Using a computer, the traditional ‘front’, ’end’, and ‘plan1 elevations of technical drawing are translated into x, y, and z planes and coordinates. Flat plans can be combined to produce full 3D views of components and buildings, observed from any angle. Exactly this process is also used by graphic designers to produce 3D models for animation, the now infamous RAY-TRACING used for TV station ‘idents’ and adverts. The Amiga now has at least 10 3D modelling systems of
varying complexity and power. None of these is a true 3D CAD system but some are getting close.
Recent developments include helical spin (to form springs and threads), surface patches, and conversion of bitmapped shapes to structured outlines.
CAD has always been a bit of a weak area on the Amiga with no real professional system making its mark. X-CAD Designer (£99.95 Cadvision International 01 603 3313) seems to have changed all that. Providing a huge range of options, it is a very versatile package. Data can be entered either as a series of menu and editors to make sure that all the bits are put together in the right order.
Rather a lot has been written about this system but it represents a major professional use of the Amiga in the future.
Once the Expanded Chip Set and Workbench 1.4 arrive it should be possible for all of this system to be integrated into one program on a greatly expanded machine suitable for quite large animations.
Driven drawing commands or as text commands from the keyboard. Frequently-issued commands can be transfered to an on-screen 'palette' so that a user-defined list can be built up. These commands can be quite complex sets of instructions (in effect they are Macros), so sophisticated transformations can be applied at will. Many other facilities are provided including the ability to load and save files in the industry standard DXF format used by the huge MSDOS CAD system, AUTOCAD. X-CAD Designer can be upgraded to X-CAD Professional, more powerful and more expensive but using a similar
The most powerful 3D modelling system for the Amiga is » probably Sculpt-Animate 4D Professional (£368.00 Byte By Byte Amiga Centre Scotland 031 5574242). It uses the same basic interface as all the Sculpt series, three windows corresponding to x, y and z or up down, east west and north south. The commonly used gadgets are small icons around the windows, other tools are on menus.
SA4D has many new modelling tools including helical spins, and the ability to build and store macros. Its rendering and animation tools are discussed below.
The best stand-alone 3D modeller is Modaller 3D (£69.95 Aegis Precision Software 01 330 7166). Again the traditional three windows are used for the three elevations, but a fourth is added to view the complete solid model. All of the normal sculpting tools are provided including lathe (spin a profile) and extrude, plus geometric primitives, layering etc. Modeller 3D is not a 3D CAD system but it is probably the closest thing we have yet on the Amiga.
A recently developed technique in professional computer modelling is the use of SURFACE PATCHES. Normal modelling methods tend to look rather mechanical so organic shapes are difficult to produce. Surface patches allow complex multiple curves to be created from a few curved lines. Forms In Flight II (£79.00 MicroMagic Amiga Centre Scotland 031 557
4242) uses surface patches as its primary modelling tool.
This enables objects with multiple curves to be created with ease. Unfortunately FiFII has a clumsy menu driven interface, and a complicated singlewindow view of the object.
One of the great strengths of Apple Macintosh software has always been the range of programs that integrate bitmap and structured drawing styles.
The high resolution of laser printed images has meant that structured illustrations are as important as bitmapped ones. On the Amiga the emphasis has been very much more towards- bitmap drawing, structured systems seeming much less glamorous. Recently Gold Disk released Professional Draw (£155 Gold Disk Precision Distribution 01 330
7166) in an attempt to reverse this trend. Certainly, as a first
attempt Pdraw goes a long towards providing a proper
structured illustration system for DTP users. Hopefully
it will soon be followed by an upgrade that is faster and
that supports Pantone colours, postscript texture files,
dithered postscript fills and autotracing of bitmaped
images (turning edges into structured line drawings.)
This last omission has already been solved to some extent by Digiworks (Access Technologies Amiga Centre Scotland). It easily converts bitmapped paintings or digitised images into structured outlines for Professional Draw, or object files suitable for rendering in SculptAnimate or Turbo Silver. The initial conversion is very accurate providing the original outline is fairly smooth - and if not several tools are provided to clean up the outline. The Amiga Format Future image above was produced quickly and easily using Digiworks.
3D ANIMATION Although several 2D animation systems use 3D transformations of bitmap objects, this is really only 2.5D animation because the objects only ever have two dimensions. True 3D animation can move, rotate and transform real looking objects through real looking space. Light sources can be set and controlled. Surfaces can have texture and shading across them. Objects can be transparent, reflective, metallic or even glowing; one shape can transform fluently into another - chicken flowing back into egg, gun metamorphosing into flower. All this can only happen if the modelling
system is flexible and powerful.
As well as modelling tools to sculpt the object (see above), the object editor must be able to position light sources, camera and target, define motion paths for objects and break down complex animated structures into hierarchies (joint, finger, hand, arm etc).
E-MOTION CONTROLLERS At present only three systems offer any real control of all of the parameters involved in creating a complex and realistic 3D animation, Martin Hash’s Animator: series, VideoScape 3D and SculptAnimate 40 Professional, though there are at least ten 3D animation systems in total. (Most offer good modelling and rendering but poor animation facilities.)
The Hash Animator series (Hash Enterprises. Amiga Centre Scotland 031 557 4242) is a unique and somewhat quirky system of animation that is just too complex to describe here.
In future months there will be a feature describing the whole system.
Tribution 01 330 7166) is the original Amiga 3D animation system. Despite version 2 arriving early last year the basic system has not changed much. The learning curve is quite long and steep because, like most other Aegis products the interface used is VideoScape3D (v2 £143.75 Aegis Precision Dis- rather un-ergonomic and difficult to learn. Nevertheless many fantastic sequences have been created using the system so it can’t be all bad!
Version 2 supports HAM so smooth shading of objects and reflective ’chrome’ effects are now possible. Hierarchies and smooth complex camera motions are provided too.
SculptAnimate4D is my own personal favourite so I am more familiar with (and probably biased towards) it.
The interface seems to be very intuitive and visual, and the modelling tools can also be used to create complex motion paths. All objects and parts can be named (and therefore selected and moved) individually. The names are recorded as part of a hierarchy. Two types of animation are used: key frame (with inbe- tweening) and global (using motion paths). This provides great flexibility. Seven rendering modes allow any balance of image quality to rendering speed. The biggest problem is probably the format used to compress the animations which is not compatible with the Aegis Sparta ANIM
format that has now become almost the standard format for Amiga animations.
The choice between Animator, Videoscape and SA4D is really very much a personal one as they are all so powerful, but they are also so different and take such a great commitment to learn them that it is difficult to switch at a later date. In future issues all three products will be covered in DIV ‘tutorial’ features so make your minds up then! ¦ UNIT 4 STANNETS LAINDON NORTH TRADE CENTRE BASILDON ESSEX SS15 6 DJ • PHONE : (0268) 541 126 P 1988 THUS. KNIGHT FORCE. TITUS AND THE TITUS LOGO ARE REGISTERED TRADEMARKS OF TITUS AMIGA SUPER CARD HE AMIGA SPECIALIST
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SEIKOSHA PRINTER Compatible with most makes of Commodore computers. Features variety of fonts including graphics and near letter quality, reverse printing, italics, « . _« tractorfeed and paperseperator. Comes complete withserial J £ Jy , Cable. + iS.OOposi and packmx A GREAT DOUBLE THEME PACK OFFERING THE BEST OF HOLLYW OOD.
PLUS A COMPENDIUM OF T.V. GAME SHOWS Pack includes: C64c 1530 Data Cassette, Ouickshot II Joystick, The Great Escape, Miami Vice, Platoon. Rambo, Top Gun. Every Second Counts.
Blockbusters. Bullseye, Trivial Pursuit. Krypton Factor.
C64 OLD STYLE £6.99 C64C NEW STYLE £7.99 AMIGA 500 £9.99 ATARI 520ST £9.99 ATARI 1040ST £9.99 RAM DELTA DELUXE MICROSWITCH JOYSTICK Compatible with Atari computers and Video Games Machines. Amstrad PCW' (with adaptor). Spectrum (with adaptor).
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Atari Games System. Commodore.
SEIKOSHA PRINTER £6.99 £9.99 THIS TOPICAL GAMES COMPENDIUM OFFERS A TRUE SPORTING CHALLENGE Pack contains: C64c Computer 1530 Datasettc, Ouickshot Joystick. Matchpoint (Tennis), Snooker. World Championship Boxing, Daley Thompsons Supertest.
Hypersports. Basketball. Matchdav II, Daley Thompsons Decathlon, Basket Master. Track and Field.
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SPECIAL THE ARTIST BRIAN LARKMAN As well as doing the graphics pages he lectures in computer art and design - a great background for designing a machine with ideal graphic capabilities.
1 C c t e s c 2 a s tl e a jimmy in smu purlsjh b ti s vt V li a tf tl li T Vi si rite ci m fc vr ol hi R, ai “The most important aspect of this ‘ideal’ machine is that it is easy to handle, never getting between the idea and its execution- memory intensive. Nevertheless, all forms of bitmap transformation and image processing that the original Amiga could do on 32 or 4096 colur screens are all available on ‘true colour' ones, and many times faster.
Similarly, all forms of 3D modelling and rendering are many times faster and allow much more compexity while still using AMIGA FORMAT 27 REVIEW A proper 256 (or more) colour mode - HAM mode is pointless.
¦ At least 1 Meg of memory on the base machine.
¦ A 16 Meg 68030 chip at least.
¦ Real time clock as standard.
¦ Real vector support on the blitter - ie actually faster than doing it with the processor.
¦ Hardware sprites of ANY size, so that all the windows are actually sprites, would make windowing OS and scrolly games very simple.
¦ Better make that 2 Meg of memory.
¦ Sprite scaling and rotation.
¦ Built-in Midi for cheaper faster cables for multi-machine games as Being a propeller head (or at least that's what the rest of the Format team calls me!), my dream Amiga would be packed full of the latest and fastest add-on hardware to turn it into a true bank manager s nightmare. For starters, the machine would be driven by a 68040 processor, backed up by a 68882 maths co-processor to give the Workbench calculator tool a little extra spurt of speedl Memory would be a full eight megabytes.
The Amiga multi-tasking system would have to be re-written from scatch (good thing too!) To include support for true task security using hardware-based memory mangement (no more trashing another program's workspace and bringing the whole system down in one foul opcode!).
Screen resolution would be knocked up to 1024 by 1024 pixels with at least 512 colours onscreen simultaneously, picked from a colour palette of over 16 million colours. All pixels must be completely independent of all those around them therefore ridding the well as for music purposes.
¦ The ability to plug a second monitor or TV into the machine, but displaying a different wad of screen memory, for easier debugging AND making multi-player multi-screen games possible on a single machine!
¦ Two mice to cope with the above.
¦ Built-in stereo sound sampler THE PROPELLER- HEAD JASON HOLBORN Jason Holbom, technical editor, has been hooked on the Amiga ever since it first appeared and has tinkered with it so much that there’s not much he does not know about it. So what would he like to happen next?
Machine of the binding limitations of HAM mode.
The Amiga custom chips are all very nice, but my dream Amiga and microphone to let anyone play around with sampling and speech recognition.
¦ Four joystick ports.
¦ Finish the operating system before releasing it.
¦ A standard, multi-button, twist- top joystick like some arcade machines.
¦ Better make that 4 Meg of memory. » would actually use Konix’s blitter in preference to the current one as it is considerably more powerful (ask anyone who has seen it and they’ll agree!) For music, the current Amiga sound hardware would be dropped straight away, and the sound hardware of a Fairlight CMI (version 3 at least!) Installed in Its place! As well as being a Tech Ed on Amiga Format, I’m also a musician and so my dream Amiga wouldn't be complete without the inclusion of a full-spec MIDI interface (two ‘IN's, four 'OUTS' and two THRU's).
Where add-ons are concerned, an 80 MB SCSI hard drive and tape streamer (for backing up the hard drive!) Is a neccessity. Being a bit of a Unix fan, I'd also like to have Commodore's new Amix Unix card installed as standard. For dessert, I'd like ReadySoft's A-Max emulator (plus a Mac-compatible drive) installed internally, therefore allowing me access to an Amiga, a Unix Workstation and a Macintosh at any time. Oh well, time to wake up and get on with my writing... THE APPLICATIONS PROGRAMMER the full pallette. All but the most complex ray-traced animation is rendered in real time, or at
worst, one frame per second. The i860 derivative helps here because it includes 3D graphics routines. It is still necessary to provide other custom chips to deal with graphics and sound, though this type of hardware is a bit out of fashion at present. Full-featured genlock, scanning digitising, frame buffers and MIDI hardware are all plugged into easy-to-access sockets in he rack-mounted CPU unit.
THE GAME GLENN CORPES Bullfrog are the creators of the enormously succesful game Populous- who better to know what s needed for a great games machine. Spokesman Glenn Corpes lists their ideas.
DAVE PARKINSON Ariadne produced the BBC emulator and are heavily involved with interactive video projects.
Dave Parkinson is part of their development team and has some interesting thoughts on the technical side of things.
Besides obvious things - higher screen resolutions, more colours, more (and faster) memory, 16-bit sound etc - I would like to see the provision of a Memory Management Unit and an alternative object-orientated DOS.
Ideally it should be possible to run old and new DOS programs simultaneously - though not on the same disk partition.
The MMU would have to be capable of putting old-DOS programs all together in one big 'public' memory pool; this is because “I would like to see the provision of a Memory Management Unit and an alternative object-orientated DOS” although the original system does make some provision for MMU compatibility with flags like MEMF_PUBLIC, this is not much used by existing software.
New-DOS programs would run under the control of the MMU, so that it was not possible for a new-DOS program to crash and bring down the whole machine. The DOS would be built on a version of Exec, extended to handle the MMU, and would provide memory and resource tracking etc, so that it would be possible to say ‘that process has gone rogue - kill it.'
The new-DOS would work not in terms of files but of 'objects' “Get with it Commodore” with a number of attributes, including (optional) iconic information, so that there would be no more .info files. The filing system would be reorganised for maximum possible speed of access of objects given some key, not on filename.
The feasibility of this? Tricky but not impossible, and ARP (AmigaDos Replacement Project) has made a start already. Get with it, Commodore!
Vortex system 2000 hard disks Now available - Vortex ‘System 2000’ hard disks, offering versatile high-capacity storage, suitable for use with the Amiga 500 and Amiga
1000. The units are of a high specification, with a formatted
capacity of over 42Mb and an average access time of 45Ms.
The system consists of a hard disk base unit, cables and an
Amiga interface module, with utilities software including
an autoboot facility and a hard disk backup utility.
System 2000 40Mb Hard Disk package ....£529.00 PR NTERS All prices include VAT delivery & cable All prices include VAT delivery AMIGA ACCESSORIES A501 RAM clock expansion for Amiga 500 ....£119.00 MiniGEN Genlock adapter .£95.00 Pye 15" FST TV Monitor model no.1185, inc. Amiga cable £269.00 ITT CP3228 16.5" FST TV Monitor inc. rem control & cable .... £229.00 Philips CM8833 colour monitor suitable for Amiga 500 ....£229.00 Phjlips CM8852 monitor as above, but higher resolution £259.00 Philips
TV Tuner AV7300, use with any composite monitors .... £74.95 Word Perfect ..£149.95 Superbase Personal £69.00 Superbase Professional ...£179.00 Logistix Integrated Spreadsheet ......£74.95 A500 Dust Cover £4.95 An AMIGA COMPUTING Gold Medal winner - allows Amiga users to emulate a Mac Plus
in order to run Apple Mac and Mac Plus software.
Mac disks can be read directly in when an external Mac Drive is connected to the cartridge hardware. Runs at least as fast as a Mac Plusl Software compatible with the A-Max includes MacPaint, MacDraw (V1&2), MacWrlte, Pagemaker (V1&2) plus all versions of System.
A-Max without 2 x Mac 128K ROMs ... £129.00 A-Max WITH 2 x Mac 128K ROMs £249.00 Hugely successful 9 pin printer, the Star LC10 provides 4 NLQ fonts (with 96 print combinations) at 36cps and 144cps draft. Has a large 4K buffer and IBM parallel interface buiilt in, includes a comprehensive front panel operation and features paper parking, allowing single sheets to be used without removing tractor paper.
Only £179.00 Colour version also available, Only £229.00 Prices include 2 extra black ribbons free of charge.
Star LC24-10 feature-packed multifont 24pin printer . Star SF-10DJ DK cut sheet feeder for LC-10 LC24-10 Star NB24-10 24 pin printer 216 72 cps, including cut sheet feeder and 2 extra ribbons ...... Stan NX-15 good value wide carriage 9 pin printer . Panasonic KXP1081 reliable 9pin 10" printer 120 24 cps . Panasonic KXP1180 super new 9pin multifont 11.7" carriage .
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3. 5" EXTERNAL DRIVES using Citizen drive mechanisms Now
available - Our New Low-cost 5.25" External Floppy Disk Drives
We are now supplying the new, good quality RF542C 5.25" floppy
drive compatible with the Amiga. Quiet in operation, the unit
is colour matched to the Amiga, and has a throughport
connector. The drive is capable of a number of configurations
including 40 80 track switching and 360 720K format, giving
full ‘Transformer’ compatibility.
Only £114.95 including VAT & delivery Good value, low cost compact MIDI Interface, completely compatible with all music software currently available that uses MIDI capabilities. Connects to the serial port, and features diagnostic display indicators to enable the user to locate the source of a fault. Supplied with 30" serial connector lead full user Instructions.
• Suits Amiga 500 or Amiga 1000
• Top quality Citizen drive mechanism
• On Off switch on rear of drive
• Throughport connector
• One megabyte unformatted capacity
• Slimline design
• Very quiet
• Long cable for location either side of computer
• Full 12 months guarantee Ultra low price!
£74.95 inc.VAT and delivery High Quality medium resolution colour TV monltor now available fo suit the Amiga. Features teletext full Infra-red remote control. SCART connector.
Video Audio input and headphone output connectors. 39 luner presets, external aerial connector and a loop aerial.
PYE TV MONITOR (MODEL 1185) ONLY £269.00 price Includes VAT, delivery and cable
3. 5” Disks 10 Bulk packed DS DD 3.5" disks with labels, fully
guaranteed ..£11.95 25 bulk disks as
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DS DD 3.5" disks, top quality storage media Box of
10 ...£17.95 [HestSamMUcre All prices
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extra. | [ 7] Send cheque, Postal Order or ACCESS VISA cord
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(Ocean), ......£
2. NGW ZEALAND STORY (Ocean) ..£17.37
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4. NAVY MOVES (Dynamic) ......£17.37 5-
(Ocean) £17.37
6. F.O.F.T.
(Gremlin) £19.17
7- TIME SCANNER (Activision) ...£ 17.37
s. LORDS RISING 5UN (Mirrorsoft).£ 19.17 9- S.E.U.C.K.
(Palace) ...£19.17
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13.17 ,4. SUPER SCRAMBLE (Gremlin) ..£ 13.17 is.
BALANCE OF POWER 1990 (MS) £ 19.17 is. SKWEEK
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i7- DUEL, TEST DRIVE E (Accolade) ..£17.17 is.
CULTJInfogrames) .£17.17
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20. JAWS (Screen
7) ......£
EXPANSION only £134.87 STOP PRESS 3 i ur r-r u KONIX
NAVIGATOR (£9.27) RAM DELTA (£8.87) zlpWr 10 Blank Disks
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21. DOMINATOR (System 3) £17.37
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25. BATTLECHESS (Electronic Arts) £7737 26- MILLENNIUM 2.2
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29. BLOOD MONEY (Psygnosis) ... f 77.37 so. DELUXE PAINT2
(Electronick.r s)...£3437 3,. TV SPORTS FOOTBALL (M soft) £
79.17 32- DENARIS (Rainbow
Arts) .....£ 13.17 33- AFTERBURNER
(Activision) £ 17.37 34- FORGOTTEN WORLDS (Capcom) £13.17
35. AIRBORNE RANGER (Microprose). R 17.37
36. NIGHT DAWN (Magic Bytes)! - £17.37 37- THE RUNNING MAN
(Grandslam} £ 13.17 TOM & JERRY (Magic Bytes} £ 17.37 39-
BIOCHALLENGEOJelphine} £ 17.37
40. ROCKET RANGER (Mirrorsoft} £ 19.17 All Orders Are Sent By
First Qoss Post. New Titles Sent Day Of Release. All Prices
Shown Are Inclusive Of VAT, Postage And Packaging (Please Add
£1.45 Per Item Overseas). Please Make Cheques Or Postal
Orders Payable To "Xenon Tecfinology". If You Experience Any
Problems' With Your Software Just Let Us Know And It Will Be
Replaced Immediately. _ THE SERIOUS ANDY PENNELL HiSoft are
one of the leading developers of serious software, producing
acclaimed and widely used programs like Lattice C and Devpac.
Andy Pennell heads the programming team, making him amply
qualified to speculate on what the Dream Amiga should be.
‘My Dream Machine would need to run as fast as possible with a little extra in the graphics department, based on an Amiga with three processors and several ROM sets. It would have a 33MHz 68030, or similar speed 68040 if available, 68882 maths co-processor, and regular 8MHz 68000. I would include the ordinary 68000 so that all those sloppily written arcade games would run and leave it at 8MHz so they would still be playable!
To really make the most of a 68030 Kickstart 1.4 would be needed, but for backward compatibility Kickstarts 1.2 and 1.3 should also be supplied so you can switch between them as required. In fact reverting to the old A1000 concept of write-protected Kickstart RAM would allow any version of Kickstart to be used.
Apart from having the standard Amiga graphics, an Obese Agnus chip would be included that allowed, say, 8 Megs of chip memory and some much more useful screen modes, with flexible high resolution modes combined with a vast number of colours, like the Mac II range. Some hardware support in the form of a new custom chip to help out render- “I would include the ordinary 68000 so that all those sloppily written arcade games would run” ing text on the screen is also long overdue.
The final addition would be some industry-standard network hardware, such as AppleTalk, which is easy to implement, cheap to expand but extremely useful for many power users.” ¦ Multi-format drive that takes 1 and 2 Meg 3.5 inch disks as well as 5.25 inch disks, CD's, LP's, 7 and 12 inch singles, cassettes, VHS, Betamax (sorry, got a bit carried away there).
¦ Better make that 8 Meg of memory.
¦ Pocket size machine with fold out 26 inch, 134 million colour, infinite resolution holographic screen.
¦ Free mouse mat (or 2).
¦ PC compatible sound chip.
¦ Only £199.95 + 200 Air Miles.
THE GAMES PLAYER ANDY SMITH Andy Smith, Reviews Editor, knows exactly what he wants from a game and, therefore, exactly what the hardware has to deliver. He has some novel ideas on how to develop the ultimate games machine.
The ideal machine for a games player should have is at least three built-in drives to stop infuriating “make the keyboard completely waterproof” disk swopping once and for all.
Then it should have four joystick ports and a mouse port - all in an easily accessible area. The monitor (doesn’t have to be built-in) should have the ability to turn into an ordinary television at the flick of a switch.
A separate pause key on the keyboard, so you don’t have to fiddle around trying to find the right key - then every game could use the same key to pause the game, oh and make the keyboard completely waterproof.
THE MUSICIAN JON BATES What should the Dream Machine sound like? A man with strong, well informed views on that is Jon Bates, the keyboard maestro who writes the music pages.
Obviously the first thing should be the inclusion of on-board MIDI ports to save all the hassle of interfaces and also free up the serial port. With only some minor expenditure on some audio filters and DAC routines the sound, which is already good, could actually beat the quality of professional “It would be able to give good synthesisers a run for their money” samplers. Equally important would be a built-in ROM to give sensible control over the sound peripherals which should give you something approaching FM type sounds. Just to spice up the flavour it would be nice to have the option to add
an additional Paula sound chip to the board so as to double up on the sound: extremely complex waveforms could then be created and it would be able to give synthesizers an extremely good run for their money."
You have read and seen what just a few experts think the next Amiga should be like, so what do you think? Write and let us know and with a bit of luck some of the bright ideas will reach Commodore. ¦ The sun's beating down, Rock n' Roll music's playing, it's time for Beach Volley - let’s take on the world!
Your team travels the globe from London to Sydney challenging all comers in the latest craze that's sweeping the beaches.
Fantastic action with variable service and play controls as you lob the defences, try a lightning reflex short smash to win back your service, jump block to defend your match winner.
SPECTRUM I COMMODORE AMSTRAD AMIGA ATARI , ST Ocean Software limited -6 Central Street Manchester M. Telephone: 061 832 6633 Telex: 669977 OCEANS C Fax: 061 i This is Beach Volley. . . You may even catch a tan!
PLAY THE RATINGS EXPLAINED GRAPHICS Good graphics are an important part of any game: if the power is there, it should be used to the full. Both still and moving graphics come under scrutiny in this rating, but remember, graphics alone do not a game make... SOUND With stereo capabilities the last thing you want to hear are Spectrumesque beeps, right? Title tunes and effects all add atmosphere to a game and good sound can greatly increase your enjoyment of a game.
INTELLECT How much real thought do you have to put in to play the game? Just because a game’s mindless doesn’t mean it's bad, but a game with a high Intellect rating says immediately you'll need to think to gain maximum enjoyment.
ADDICTION How easy is a game to pick up and play? How much sheer fun will you get from it? Will you keep coming back? Important questions that are answered when you check the Addiction rating.
OVERALL A percentage mark that takes into account all the above ratings, plus the added extras like price, packaging and documentation.
THE TEAM Andy Smith, who was with ACE right from Issue One, is a ‘twelve-hours-a- day’ games fan and one of life’s natural gamesplayers. He loves any type of game, be it a shoot-em-up, strategy game, arcade adventure... Bob Wade started reviewing with Personal Computer Games and has worked for Zzap!64, Amstrad Action and ACE.
There’s no-one in the business with a better idea of what makes a game.
Near misses and close calls are the theme of this issue. Rick Dangerous, Sleeping Gods Lie and others all came very close to attaining the coveted Amiga Format Gold
- perhaps twelve months ago, they all would have - but only Kult
scooped it.
Amiga games at present are getting better by the month, and we have to alter our outlook slightly to reflect that. Still, the next twelve pages are all action-packed, so grab some popcorn, sit back and enjoy.
THEY’RE BACK! ” INDY Antf gND RETURN PLUS: KULT ¦ RICK MRCiROUS ¦ PCPT ¦ EIRE MMM AMIGA rw GOLD INFOGRAMES £24.95 Mouse Subtitled ‘The Temple of Flying Saucers' this game has more than your average scenario. It has a whole world built around it: a world which has become divided since The Burn, a world in which Protozorqs and Normals share an uneasy coexistence and where PSI- mutant Normals, Tuners, are despised by everyone.
BARS ¦ XT' -£ X! - iwtn their God, Zorq, is about to return and have set about destroying as many Normals as they can get their Zapsticks on. It’s during one of these fights that you - a young Tuner called Raven - see your girlfriend, Sci Fi, taken by the Protozorqs to their temple.
The Protozorqs are a primitive but powerful race. They worship hideous Gods who, they believe, will save them from their miserable lives of shame and guilt. The Normals are weak and are subject to the discreet rule of a group of Tuners know as the Netwerk.
Recently, the Protozorqs have become blood-crazed. They believe This is where the icon-driven adventure cum puzzle game starts.
You’ve become an Aspirant, a Normal who must undertake five tasks and receive a skull for completing each, in order to become a Divo, a messenger of Zorq. This status gives you access to the second level of the temple where you think Sci Fi is being held.
Controlling your actions involves moving the cursor around the screen until it changes to red on an object or doorway indicating that you can interact with it. Click the mouse button and a representation of your brain appears with various thought nodes surrounding it.
Point to the nodes and decide which action you’d like to take. For example, click on something in your possession, say a goblet, and your thoughts will be: fill goblet, empty, put down, put in, throw, throw away, give or inspect. Select an option you think is best (put in, for example) and then move the mouse pointer to the area of the screen you think appropriate (perhaps that statue’s open mouth?)
Suppose you decide to undertake the tasks - bursting out to the second level can prove tough because the place is swarming with Protozorq guards who are Zapstick happy - you’ll soon find that you need an object to complete each one. The goblet is required to solve the room know as The Twins, and once solved you receive a skull which you can take to the Trader.
Give him the skull and you get a GRAPHICS AND SOUND Visually, Kult is typically French, with great graphics often presented in a comic-book fashion that add heaps of atmosphere.
The sound effects, of which there aren’t too many, are also good.
All round, it’s good looking, good sounding and great to play. Let's hope Ere can keep producing games as good and as varied as their last three have been.
Chance to change your object for another you need, but only if you can beat him at a game of 'find the lady.’ Fail and the problems start.
How are you going to solve The Wall room without the dagger?
Simple, you can’t. Your only hope is to find another Aspirant - there are several wandering around - and either trade items or mug him.
There is however, at least one room that can be solved without an object (you're a Tuner, remember, so you do have some special PSI powers you can call on from time to time) and you can come out of it with a skull and an object to trade, so don’t despair.
Suppose you solve all five rooms, become a Divo and are allowed access to the second level, you’ll find your problems only just beginning as you try to solve yet more, and not so obvious, puzzles in rooms and avoid ending up as a sacrifice to temporary god Delios.
A great plot, good gameplay, mean puzzles which can all be solved logically plus the simple but effective game structure and a massive game task all add up to make Kult a superb game.
by the WORLD BOXING COUNCIL, THE CHAMP is simply the most
realistic boxing simulation ever written for the computer:
- With the original ‘Rocky’ theme tune -
- More than 1300 Frames of animation -
- One or two player mode - A Booklet with the histiry and rules
of boxing -
- Keyring with mini boxing gloves - and a lot more. No surprise
that everyone is enthusiastic about it: TILT HIT in France,
SMASH GOLDMEDAL in Germany ... a great simulation.
Now available for Amiga soon out on Atari ST, C64, Amstrad and Spectrum SKATE OF THE ART The crazy game for all Skateboard fans Out on the Amiga from mid July.
Don’t miss it... Distributed by SOFTWARE SUCCESS MARKETING LTD Alban House 24a White Pit Lane Flackwellheath Nr High Wycombe Buckinghamshire HP10 9HR LINEL Products MERIMPEXI Am Schragen Weg 2, 9490 Vaduz Principality of Liechtenstein Tel: 01041 75 283 68 Fax: 01041 75 206 56 RICK DANGEROUS FIREBIRD £29.99 Joystick GRAPHICS AND SOUND OVERALL 89% The man with the hat, the silly grin, the little legs and the pointy stick is here, and this time he's brought his gun. Stamp collector and part-time explorer Rick was searching tor the lost Goolu tribe when he crashed his plane in the Amazon. He was
grabbed by the Goolus and taken to their temple, from which he must now escape.
This side-on viewed platform game is full of puzzles, timing problems, nasty tricks and... fun. Armed only with a six-shooter, a fistful of dynamite and a pointy stick, Rick works his way through the temple collecting treasure for points and either avoiding or destroying the Goolu guards. Most of the guards follow strict patrol paths, so it's It's an old game style so don’t expect stunning 3D: the backgrounds are all very nicely drawn, though, and the sprites are great. The animation is fine too and the sound effects are nice but nothing spectacular.
A fun game that will take you a while to complete, but it’s addictive enough to keep you trying.
Often just a timing problem, but some guards who ‘home in’ on Rick can be a little trickier to dispose of.
Fortunately, guards only prove deadly if you actually touch them, in which case you lose one of an initial six lives. Most can be disposed of from a distance, but ammunition is limited and boxes with fresh supplies are few and far-between. If you should run out of bullets, you can always use the dynamite, though this is best saved for blowing up blocks that conceal secret tunnels and piles of rubble that obstruct the path.
Nothing can be taken for granted on the trek through the temple.
Get too close to some blocks and nasty spikes spring out: move too slowly along a platform and nasty stone heads spit spears: jump too late or too early over a chasm and you'll fall to the bottom of a spike- covered pit. Nine times out of ten you'll be killed by an entirely unforeseeable trap, but with progress further into the game you'll start to recognise the danger signs and learn to take evasive action where and when necessary.
The temple is large, but with several restart points so you don’t need to go all the way through it every time. Rick’s next adventure is in an Egyptian pyramid where things are similar if slightly more puzzle-oriented. A final expedition takes Rick to an enemy fortress, which is very tricky to negotiate.
For an old-style platform game, Rick D is fun to play. The puzzles are tricky and the gameplay is very satisfying. With lots of trial and error and a bit of concentration you’ll solve each puzzle eventually, and have lots of fun along the way.
• Andy Smith ¦ Left - Rick clambers around an I Egyptian temple
on Level Two.
AMIGA FORMAT37 POWERPLAY PACK 2 POWERPLAY pack 1 S33S*32||$ ind dt°'eabas recewed °,tpeN)° Sc0,e .
• 512K Ram •Built-in Speech Synthesis
• 1 Meg Disk Drive • Two Operation Manuals
• 4096 Colours •Operating System Disks
• Multi Tasking •All appropriate Connecting Cables
• Mouse ONLY. ¦ I 1 V w ?
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PACK 2 contains the super "Powerplay Pack 1" plus a CBM 1084$ ' colour monitor - See those games - Hea those games... WITH ADDED REALITY1 (N.B. Powerplay Pack 2 doesn't Include a TV Modulatot| Digitise static colour images in IFF format at ail resolutions from 2 to 4096 colours up to 640 x 400 pixels | requires B & W, or colour with B & W mode «deo camera, to digitise in colour) only £139.95 PANASONIC VIDEO CAMERA High quality, high resolution mono video camera. Ideal for digitiwig.
Suppled with Ians, mains powered only £249.95 CALL FOR DETAILS ANO PRICES OF IUUMWATEO COPY STANO FOR VIOEO CAMERA OtGfTlSING OF STILLS E.G. PHOTOGRAPHS, GRAPHICS ETC. Brand new product realtime instant cotour frame grabber from moving Mdeo. Capture superb digitised video images in a range of resolutions from standard composite wdeo source such as your domeric home video recorder or video camera in a 50th of a second. Indudes Genlock to overlay Amiga graphics onto movng video Supports al Amiga resolutions indudng Interlace and Overscan only £549.00 MINIGEN ArkJ computer graplvcs to your owo
win easily Conmct to your Amiga! S RGB port and domestic video equipment to mo graphics sod moving pctures MOVIE MAGIC AT ONLY.
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GORDON HARWOOD COMPUTERS DEPT A M F -69-71 HIGH STREET ALFRETON ¦ DERBYS ¦ DE5 7DP Tel: 0773 836781 Fax: 0773 831040 A it: "Well met, my friend. 1 am Arun, often called the Hermit - the Hermit of Caikx - though I only shun the company of the Archmage's agents. I would aid your quest, but a certain map of mine has been stolen. If you could possibly recover it?"
"Welcome, friend of Cailo. 1 am the maoic tree. 1 know of your mission, and urll jlodv aid you The fount of arboreal intelligence mioht know the Sleeper's whereabouts Prepare to be transported to Syhor..." _ BARE HANDS LOADED SHURIKEN, which causes you to lose vital by secret passages that must be wandering around for a bit, you'll stamina. The best solution? Lob discovered) in order to solve a come across a certain bandit Sleeping Gods Lie is a straightforward real-time adventure. It's fun to play and will take a while to complete (thankfully there's a game save option!), but it’s not
setting any standards and the number of bandits and monsters you have to kill tends to get somewhat annoying after a while.
Still, it's well thought out and well worth a look at, especially if you like to solve classic adventuring puzzles. • Andy Smith ¦ * 'zic •». RmB things back at them. Piles of puzzle or help someone and so who just happens to have one.
Rocks (initially) can be found lying progress to the next. In fact, Destroy the bandit, give the map around as potential weapons, and that's the way to play the game: to the hermit and he'll tell you you automatically pick up any- find a person who needs your how to get to the next kingdom: thing you walk over, including help, complete a task and where you'll find a Prince who beefier weapons such as slings receive a clue as to how to reach has lost his crown: and so the and crossbows. By destroying the the next land. The Hermit, for game progresses, until finally nasty peeps you can also keep
example, needs a map: after you get to wake N’Gnir.
Your ammo stocks up because _ _ . ... . ...... they to leave behind 1 GRAPHICS AND SOUND juicy throwing things when they die. Obviously The sound effects are more than a little limited and the animation is not so very hot. Most of the landscapes have little detail to them, so they can look rather bland at times.
But on the plus side, everything moves quickly, and although the 3D is not the best ever seen it works sufficiently well.
Takes a toll on your stamina, so . - : . - • --- : you'll have to keep topping it up KSEaSX3S5S9Q J|| j GRAPHICS SOUND INTELLECT ADDICTION OVERALL 80% by finding apple trees, berries or Jgl | | the occasional carrot and mush- - % j room patch which you can jft 1 jr j scrump to replenish your energy. HySEuuZ Bf iy K The eight kingdoms of K22iMjjDB B V Tessera are comprised of various BfflffffyWTffifflillliB ¦ D B sub-kingdoms, which you can I move between (some are LOAOED DARTS Hoidmo the lantern carefully, you scramble down into the ancient-hewn The Man with f he Haf is hack!
Fe S p,e- i Wh p*ose 3£9.99C' ° • c & c0MrM«SS £W* SptCTR W iUITID, UnflS M HollORO, '*% 625 33»» IMINGHAW FEDERA FREE Tl GREMLIN £29.95 Joystick and Keyboard | nfamous for its delayed and heavily-flawed incarnation on the ST, Federation Of Free Traders has, according to Gremlin, now been debugged and redesigned for the Amiga, taking note of the array of criticisms levelled at the game.
In the grand tradition of Elite, new recruits to FOFT attempt to make a fortune by skimming the spacelanes, trading and running missions for the Federation.
Members are united by ‘Galnet’, a comms network through which they trade and take new orders.
Missions are dealt out according to rank, the more prestigious and financially-rewarding jobs going to higher-ranking officers. As more missions are successfully completed, the player moves up the hierarchy, with the ultimate goal of making Admiral and Head of FOFT.
The scope of the game is vast, with a purported eight million planets to explore. Travel between planetary systems, each represented in one of the spectacular 3D galactic maps, is available via the ever-so- convenient Hyperspace, while short jumps speed you between planets.
Ming language called SIMPLE, which allows basic programs to be written. Presumably this is included as light entertainment for all combat-weary programmers out there.
Elite, for those unfamiliar with its many pleasures, was structured so that every piece of equipment ‘bought’ was the product of much blasting and trading. For most of the game you felt that you were only making it by the skin of your teeth, and success was all the sweeter because of it.
Gremlin’s effort has removed this by allowing the player to amass his fortune within the first half hour, simply by playing the market: buying low and selling high. In this way, the ship can be fully equipped before leaving the first space station and the need for any further trading (apart from the occasional binge to fill the coffers or to indulge in black marketeering) is negated.
FOFTs challenge, then, lies in the successful undertaking of its missions. Those doled out at cadet level are less than entertaining, and It’s during interplanetary jaunts that enemy ships are encountered, and the player's weapons come into play. However, over-sensitive controls conspire with rapid movement of enemy craft to make cfogfighting tricky, if not downright frustrating.
Having neared the target planet, the player has the option of docking with a space station (the docking computer has a rather unnerving tendency to crash your precious ship without so much as an apology) or diving to the planet surface.
At this point a pseudo Virus landscape appears, where you have to avoid flak from ground-based gun emplacements prior to landing at a friendly airstrip. Rolling green hills mark a welcome break from the inky black of space, but limited flight and combat controls detract from the impact of the experience: it doesn’t take many flights before the whole process grows repetitive.
For anyone who is interested, the on-board computer terminal also supports its own CLI programDON OF ADERS ,nyTlaceallth '° "*"« „ eveS'Yhnd, mer aries, wh'Pandthehat.QU0tient) IlnUCOH?
3tOb3-H i Visit dozens of locations not seen in the movie.
Over 100 sound effects ... plus movie theme music.
? Comes with Henry Jones clue packed Crail Diary.
Often confusing due to a scarcity of instructions. However, things liven up with progress through the ranks as you put your neck on the line.
Perseverance reaps its rewards but be prepared for a dull time until the later missions can be attempted. True to their word, Gremlin have improved FOFT, but it's still no Elite-beater. • Steve Jarratt And this time he's brittcsine* his Dad!
!2-llb3-H I Main picture, top - Coming in to land on a Wrus-esque planet surface.
Above - In combat with an alien craft in the vicinity of another planet.
ATARI ST &CBM AMIGA £24.99 • IBM PC & COMPATIBLES £29.99 . TM X b 1389 LUCAS HIM LTD-.ilFLi kv3 1 111 • * INDY AND IUCASFI1.M GAMES ARE r trademarks or iXcasfilm ltd.
Reserved: 'A.AVi- ! 2 ¦
- .7; i i .
FIRE BRIG PANTHER MINDSCAPE £29.99 Mouse and or Keyboard Fire Brigade is blessed with an extremely user-friendly game system which, combined with the helpful manual, allows even a complete novice to get into the game easily. If you enjoy wargames you’ll find Fire Brigade very satisfying, but even if you don’t already, it’s a good place to start. • Andy Smith GRAPHICS AND SOUND GRAPHICS 5 SOUND NA INTELLECT 4 ADDICTION 7 OVERALL sS CO CO November 1943, and the Russian army continues to push the German forces back toward the Dneiper river. It’s at the Dneiper that the Germans hope to pull
themselves together in final preparation for the inevitable fierce Russian winter and the consequent continuing Russian offensive.
That's the state of play at the start of this wargame, running on Imeg Amigas from Australian software house Panther. It’s a one or two player game, so the first thing is to decide whether you’d like to olay the computer (in which case you can select a skill level to suit) or a fellow human being. Against a friend you can’t alter the skill level, but you can choose to play remote via a modem or cable.
Once you’ve decided who will command which army and have chosen to play the basic or advanced game (you have more options and greater control over your forces in the advanced game) it’s time to select a scenario.
Each scenario will last a set number of turns, and each turn represents one day. The first is the full campaign, lasting 50 turns from November 3rd 1943 until December 23rd, which starts at a point where the Russians have the upper hand and the Germans are struggling to hold ground. The second scenario lasts 38 turns, beginning on November 15th with the Germans in a better position to counter-attack thanks to the arrival of much-needed reinforcements.
The third scenario lasts 18 turns from December 5th, when the Germans are ready to launch yet another counter-attack, now aided by the famous 48 Panzer Korps.
For each scenario the game structure is the same. Using menus and icons selected using either the Not much you can say about a wargame's graphics: the icons are fine and everything is clear and well detailed. Don't get too excited about the sound either: there is none. It may not be terrific-look- ing, but it plays extremely well.
Mouse or keyboard, orders are issued to your forces' HQ units who then pass the orders on to their subordinate units. When you’ve issued orders (telling a unit to head for a certain objective, for example) and assigned supplies or airborne support to the units that need them most, the Movement phase begins.
Combat is resolved instantaneously during the Movement phase, which continues until 6am the next day when the Orders phase starts again. Victory is awarded to the player who has acquired the most victory points during the game. These are awarded for capturing various strategic and tactical objectives such as railway junctions and towns.
¦ Decide what orders to issue then click on the unit's HO to implement them. Here the 48 Panzer has been ordered to assault Brusilov, but those Russian infantry and motorised units are going to prove tough.
L. J .::n. LINEL £24.95 joystick moves, and the idea is to hit
your opponent enough times to either knock him out (reduce his
energy bar at the top of the screen to zero) or to score more
points than him by the simple ruse of landing more hits.
Each opponent has a different style of boxing, so it takes a while to learn which moves each is more susceptible to, but even so it’s not an impressive game. The gameplay is as poor as the animation, and it offers nothing new to the genre.
• Andy Smith This one or two player boxing game, endorsed by the
World Boxing Council, pits the player against twelve opponents
in an attempt to become the Champion of the World.
Before you get the chance to go for the title, you’ll have to prove your self by taking on lesser opponents, and to defeat them you’ll have to undergo training in the gym.
There are three training routines: skipping, punch bag and punch ball.
During the fight you have a total of eleven defensive and offensive 11 ?
»A ¦ The start of the first round and already you've put your opponent on the canvas. He's ahead on points, though, so don't get over-confident.
GRAPHICS 6 I SOUND 5 INTELLECT 5 I ADDICTION 6 I OVERALL 48% 44 AMIGA FORMAT 33 Jgpfikf Distributed by : s1 B fm 4 | F For further information on Mindscape Products and your local dealer contact: Mindscape International Limited, PO Box 1019, Lewes, East Sussex BN8 4DW. Tel. (044 486) 545 547 ' AITO'S ARCADE HIT WCUNCE5 ONTO YOUR MICRO SCREEN WITH A BURST OF ZANY ACTION.
Wally Walrus has captured his tea - 20 of Joey Kiwi's friends from the New Zealand zoo, and if Joey doesn't rescue them all by tea-time they'll be stuffed, served and swallowed at Wally's table. Joey has to search Wally's domain which is just how you would expect it to be - FAT with danger!
Armed only with a bow and arrow, Joey can accumulate more weapons along the way. Beware of the malicious rabbits, boomerang throwers, deadly frogs, blood-sucking bats and many, many more villainous creatures. ' in Software Limited 6 Central Street • Manchester - M2 5NS V- Ofi1 -TpIpy* AAQQ77 nCFANCr. . Fav OAAn I'm Rock Hardy, me. This is me mate Ace Gunn, reet. And we're that 'ard, us. (Switch to government-approved, BBC middle- class accent.) OK, so they have stupid names, but they certainly need to be hard to take on the Xybots, vicious robots defending an underground complex.
The most obvious and interesting things are the 3D perspective and two player mode. The split screen gives both players an over-the-shoulder view of the characters they control. This means you can see some way down the corridors as they taper into the distance. The players can move around with total independence of one another and, because the corridors run in all directions, they are able to turn through 90 degrees to face any which way.
The complex is divided into levels, each of which has one or more exit doors to the next level.
You must battle to the door, picking up objects along the way to make the going easier. Exploring the complexes is made much easier by the map at the top of the screen, flanked by status information on the two players. The map identifies everything using colour coding and symbols.
There are two weapons: a forward firing gun, and a zapper that freezes the robots for a time.
However, nearly all the robots shoot back, damaging your shield: rapidly with the nastier robots.
The objects in the complex include coins, energy capsules, keys and extra weaponry. The extra weaponry doesn’t last very long but gives you impressive firepower for a time. Regular energy capsules are essential in the long war of attrition. Keys open up areas of the complex containing useful items and level skips. Coins are also important at the end of the level when entering the shop.
In the shop you can buy many supplies, such as increased shot power, better shielding, guard mappers, faster shots, keys and so on. These are vital for progressing through the levels because the opposition gets heavier and the maps get bigger.
If a player dies on a level it has to be restarted. Even worse is the confrontation with the Master Xybot which can send you back several levels. The Master Xybot appears every few levels and is no easy task to deal with.
GRAPHICS SOUND INTELLECT ADDICTION WBM OVERALL 77% XYBOTS TENGEN DOMARK £24.95 Joystick or Keyboard GRAPHICS AND SOUND The graphics are best described as functional. They are garish, but this is not obtrusive. The perspective works very well and when you get up close to objects they also display a lot of detail. The fact that each of the split screens only takes up a quarter of the display is also of little importance because that is all you need. There is no music but the in-game explosions, warning noises and speech create a good atmosphere.
The two player action in Xybots is amongst the best to be found anywhere: particularly because the two players can split up to clear out levels, so they do not always need to be in the same place. In the arcades it was not one of the greatest ever hits, but it translates very well indeed as a one or two player game.
• Bob Wade DOMARK £19.99 Joystick or Keyboard I 4 fa V IBJ
* u •J puts you in Jimmy's shoes as he sets out on a personal
vendetta against arch drug-smuggler and drowner of kittens,
Sanchez. Ulp!
The game has six distinct parts, involving all manner of violence and mayhem, and arranged into three main sections. The first part requires you to pilot a heliThe world’s most famous secret agent, James Bond, is once more appearing on a computer screen near you. Licence to Kill, the game, is based on the film starring newcomer Timothy Dalton and faithfully follows the movie’s plot. It ¦ Sanchez makes a break lor It in his jeep. Smart shooting can slow him up, but the final confrontation is going to wait for later on... $ * *¦ 43' copter along a vertically-scrolling roadway, trying to
blast Sanchez who's making an escape in his jeep.
But naturally he’s firing back, so you must gain and lose height to avoid not only his shots, but also other shots emanating from the occasional ground installation.
At the end of the stage Bond must jump from his chopper and fight Sanchez’s henchmen on foot.
Blasting away on the run won’t help much in this part, because you can’t aim effectively on the move.
Instead, a firing sight appears when you hold down the fire button and by moving left or right you can adjust the aim. Then when you start moving and press fire, the gun fires in the direction you last aimed.
At the top of this vertically- scrolling piece Felix is waiting in the helicopter, and to complete the first section Bond must jump in and spin off in pursuit of Sanchez, who is making a dash for Cuba.
Bond lowers himself on a rope from the ‘copter to attach a tow- rope to the tail of the arch-fiend’s plane: tricky, tricky.
The second main section of the game sees Bond underwater for the first part armed only with a knife, dodging boats that fire at him and contending with divers. Manage to survive until the plane arrives and it's time for a spot of barefoot waterskiing as he harpoons the seaplane’s pontoons and attempts to haul himself aboard to take control, all the time avoiding high-speed catamarans that have with strict orders1 Survive ar Jsstraight into the section of the game, a where Sanchez is trying to make a run for it with the drugs (a dash with the stash?) Hidden inside petrol tankers, after you
thoughtlessly destroyed his drug factory. Destroy all the tankers successfully and you’re left with Sanchez (who is armed with Stinger missiles for projection)' irnnHasnruawm Mi you go, and why not indeed?
Licence to Kill has been nicely done, and that in a sense is what it’s there for. Some sections are very playable, but though it’s fun for a while, it is not likely to keep you playing for months. Still, it does follow the plot of the film accurately and it’s certainly tough and addictive enough to grab your attention for a good while. • Andy Smith GRAPHICS 8 SOUND 7 INTELLECT 2 ADDICTION 7 OVERALL 71 % ¦ 'hfA 0 }ewa°°otf eJoo, tdZsP**0 _
* ***** l %a r The hit sequel to one of the all time computer
game greats!
The search for the evil Drax continues.
Now the Barbarian and the Princess fight their way past dozens of incredible monsters, through a maze of caves and dungeons.
Available Now on Amiga, Atari ST and IBM PC.
ASW ' ' w wtrAtfm mR
- ¦s
• 'Or PAL Act SOPTWAKt 'on Specialists in Mail Order WHY
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and able-1 Integrated software) AS ABOVE BUT WITH 14 In C.G.A.
AT 3 SPEEDS 4,77,8,10 Mz supplied with AT-E 102 keyboards & Dos
PC 10 111 Single drive mono monitor £552.95 Inc Single drive
C.G.A. colour monitor £689 Inc Single drive E.G.A. colour
monitor £849 Inc PC10 111 Dual drive mono monitor £625 Inc Dual
drive C.G.A. monitor £759 Inc Dual drive E.G.A. monitor £920
Inc PC20 111 20 MB Hard disk mono monitor £785 inc 20MB Hard
disk C.G.A. monitor £935 Inc 20MB Hard disk E.G.A. monitor
£1085 Inc PC40 40MB H D Mono 1555 Inc PC40 40 MB H D VGA £1782
Inc PC40 40 MB + Tape streamer Mono £1901 Inc PC 40 40 MB Tape
Streamer Colour £2145 Inc PC 30111 MS Window + Mouse 20 MB HD
12MHZ Mono £1130 Inc colour 1296 Inc ECD 1392 Inc me Mouse +
Frame Work Mono £812 Inc Colour £1005 Inc ECD £1248 Inc As
above with 1230 9 pin printer Mono £912 Inc Colour £1105 Inc
DB Amstrad Supercalc 3.2.1. £62 Aahton Tate Javelin Plua £245
Borland Quattro £199 Gratox Loglatlx £79 Lotua 1-2-3 Ver 2.01
£395 Lotua Hal £120 Lotua Report Writer £79 Mlcroaolt Excel
£395 Microaott Multiplan Jnr £56 Sage PC Planner £99 Supercalc
Ver 5 £396 VP Planner £66 VP Planner £110 Having difficulty
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Sage Bookeeper £99 Sage Accountant £149 Sage Acountant Plus £249 Sage Financial Controller £399 Sage Payroll 2 £149 Mlgent Accountability £79 £339 Inc £258 Inc Monitor £390 Inc 520 STAG Power Pack £399 inc PLEASE NOTE SUPER PACK SOFTWARE INCLUDES OVER £450 WORTH OF GAMES AND ACCESSORIES.
ACCOUNTS S WARE PC 50 Hard Disk 386 5X PC 60 Tower 386 SPREADSHEETS MEGASOFT CLUB PC 50 60 ATARI 42 - 44 MILLBROOK ROAD EAST, SOUTHAMPTON OPEN MONDAY TO SATURDAY 9.00am to 5.30pm _ 0703 332225 MEQALAND THE RIQHT CHOICE CREDIT CARD MAIL ORDER AMIGA 500 MEQA PACK €330 INC NCLUDING MOUSE WORKBENCH 1.3, UTILITIES, MANUALS, BASIC TUTORIAL, LUS FREE TV MODULATOR, JOYSTICK SELECTION BELOW Return of the Jedl, Warlock’s Quest, Mercenary, 4 PD Disks, Wlzball, Platoon, Powerplay, Zynapps, Custodian, Hellbent + Sprltz Paint. Total 33 games worth £300.
M with XT 0 Board 20 MB Hard Drlva 1084S Colour Monitor .11389 t.VAI. MIGA HARDWARE
C. TV MOD £369 inc 0 MEGAPACK £389 inc tabove 0-1O84S HIGH £578
3. VISIONS 4200 £528 inc HOUR MONITOR
PANASONIC KXP 1124 (24 Pin) PANASONIC KXP 1081 A 2000 + IBM
A2000 + 1084(5) Monitor + bridge BD • Hard disk A2000 ?
1084(5) £989 Inc £1597 Inc 20Mmb £1199 inc FOR DTP CAD
Expansion Card fitted with 2MB RAM A2094A 2092 - Autoboot
AMIGA 20MB Hard drive internal (AMIGA) Video Card - Flicker
Fixer Phone 14 Inch High Res Colour Monitor FST A2000. A2620,
A2090A 2092 Video card 21" FST HRCM Phone A2000, A2620. A2090A
2094 A2058 Video Card 14" HRCM Phone G A DRIVES 603-j DRIVE
£89 inc IIC 3 DRIVE £85 inc IANA CAX 354E £99 inc 103 ’2
DRIVE £99 inc IDC30 3' ? DRIVE £85 inc IIGA ACCESSORIES 1-512
inc £4.95 inc Amiga A500 1.3 WB 8833 (s) Colour Monitor £548
MSDOS XT Bridge board AT Bridge board INT Genlock 8 MB RAM B
with 2 MB RAM 2nd Drive 31 2 £399 inc L ALL COMMODORE y-
£649 + VAT £21.95 inc £15.95 inc £75 + VAT Citizen Overture
£1299 Inc Hp LaserJet 2 £2099 Inc Star Lazer 1MB £1695 Inc MEM
EPSON CP3500 CALL MONITORS I CBM 1084S Stero £239 Inc CBM 1901
£149 Inc PHILIPS CM8852 £260 inc CBM CGA Compatible Phillips
8833 £229 Inc CBM 1900 Mono £129 Inc ATARI 124 Mono £129 Inc
ATARI SC 1224 £259 Inc A ANDARD AMIGA 5205T EL DOUBLE £25.95
Drive for the Amiga only £380 inc. Triangle 20MB Hard £469 +
VAT disk VORTEX A500 Hard disk 40 MB Triangle 40MB Hard disk
Cumanla CSA 354 Cumana CDA 358 Cumana IMB 51 4 External 2nd
drives from OMMODOREC64 Hollywood Pack £149 Inc Home Enter-
£199 Inc 'ment Pack IC11 51 4 C64 £145 Inc it 131 2 BOOK £129
Inc 1 drive irlc 41 4 C64 £125 Inc £510 Inc N £579 + VAT £99
Inc £199+ VAT £115 +VAT oooooooo £85 Inn New A500 20MB A590HD
ips CM8833 High £229 nc A I4(s) Stereo High c £239 nc 1-Colour
Poor C64 £149 nc CC64 Mono £129 Inc CNS4200 £189 nc WESTERN
UNLESS STATED To: 42-44 Mlllbrook Road East, Southampton I
wish to order I enclose cheque PO for £ Or charge my
Access Visa No.
Inc VAT.
Exp. Date Signature Name Address Postcode Tel No: PRICES CORRECT ON DATE GOING TO PRESS THE COMPUTER STORE CALLERS WELCOME AAA £399 £529 £629 £159 £299 £25 3 1 2" DSDD 3 1 2" DSDD 80p £38.00 £75.00 £12.99 £24.99 £4.00 £4.99 . £7.99 £6.99 £3.95 £69.99 £79.99 £69.99 £59.95 £29.95 £44.95 £24.95 £44.95 £79.95 £69.95 Books Amiga Basic Inside and Out .(Abacus) .....£18.95 Amiga C For Beginners .....(Abacus) .....£18.45 Amiga DOS Inside and Out ..(Abacus) ....£18.45 Amiga DOS Quick
Reference .....(Abacus) ....£13.95 Amiga Disk Drives Inside and Out......(Abacus) .....£27.95 Amiga Systems Programmers Guide.(Abacus) .....£32.95 Advanced Amiga Basic ...(Compute!) .£18.95 Amiga DOS Reference Guide .....(Compute!) .£14.95 Amiga Machine Language Guide....(Compute!) .£21.95 Amiga DOS Manual (2nd Ed.) .....(Bantam Commodore)£22.95 M68003 Ref Man 5th Ed ....(Motorola) ...£23.45 C Programming Lang. 2nd
Ed .....(Kernigan Richie) ..£24.95 A500 Second Drive - Quiet NEC Mechanism Abie Disable Switch - Through Port £79.95 Amiga 2000 Internal Drive £69.95 Commodore A590 20MEG HARD DRIVE .
A590 Drive Fitted with 1 meg memory.... A590 Drive Fitted with 2 meg memory.... 1 Meg of Memory for A590 ..... 2 Meg of Memory for A590 ..... 256x4 CMOS DRAM 120 r.s .... Commodore A501 Ram Expansion (With Clock) ...£129.95 1 2 meg Ram expansion (Without Clock) .....£89.95 Next Day Courier Delivery to UK Mainland Only £5 Best Quality Guaranteed Disks 3 1 2' DSDD with 1 for 1 guarantee (each) 3 1 2' DSDD with 1 for 1 guarantee (50) .. 3 1 2’ DSDD with 1 for 1 guarantee
(100) 3 1 2" DSDD Branded with 2 for 1 Guarantee (10)... 3 1 2' 2 Meg Branded with 2 for 1 Guarantee (10).
Single Disc Cases (20) Disc Box Holds 40 x 3 1 2' Discs ... Disc Box (Lockable) Holds 80 x 3 1 2' Discs . Software Deluxe Paint III ...... Protext Word Processor .. Hisoft Basic . Hisoft Devpac 68000 Assembler.
Digita Home Accounts .. Kind Words . Mailshot ..... Mailshot II ... Palcal II Track 24 Midi Sequencer ... Printer Lead 1.8m long (PC ST Amiga) . 23 Way D Socket (make your own monitor lead).
ONLY 80P EACH Caspell's Ribbon Refresh Re-Ink your Fabric Printer Ribbon. 160ml Can ..£7.95 This will Re-Ink around 30 Ribbons Save Pounds!
The Computer Store Tel: 021-770-0468 Unit 82 In Shops, 2-8 Greenwood Way Chelmsley Wood Shopping Centre, Birmingham B37 5TL ACCOLADE £24.95 Joystick Ferrari, McLaren, Williams. Big names in the world of Formula One motor racing and deservedly , so. Not many of us will ever have : the chance to drive one of these 1 examples of high-performance machinery: the closest we’ll probably come is watching them as they hurtle round Brands Hatch or SilVERSIONe. Unless you own an Amiga. Thanks to Accolade, of Test Drive fame, Amiga owners can now drive all these cars around up to eight Grand Prix
Your view of the track is from the car’s cockpit as you thunder round at speeds of over 200 mph.
Travelling that fast with a 960 hp V6 engine propelling you is not easy, so you are well advised to select the novice level for the first few attempts. In this mode the competitors treat you nicely, the gearbox is automatic, and you can't spin out or blow the engine up. Once you become more familiar with the game, you can up the reality level until you’re changing gear yourself and running the risk of losing control or destroying the mechanicals through overwork.
GRAPHICS AND SOUND The game allows you to either practice, take part in a single race or compete in a championship in which you race on each circuit in turn. Every race allows for one qualifying lap to determine grid position, after which you’re straight into the competitive action. The length of each race is determined by the player, up to a max of 99 laps. During the race there’s a small map of the entire circuit in the top left corner that shows your position on the track and where the other cars are, but in a long race your position will probably be affected by the need to make at least
one pit stop to change all the tyres, or just those on one side.
The computer-controlled drivers all have different driving styles, and it doesn’t take long to work out who not to overtake on corners. The cars also handle very differently: the McLaren, for example, is the fastest on the straight while the Ferrari has terrific cornering and acceleration.
Once familiar with the cars, you can choose which make of car best suits your driving style: but remember, you can’t switch teams halfway through a season.
Grand Prix Circuit is a good driving game. One criticism is that the graphics don’t give as great an impression of speed as some games, but the cars handle well and the various kinds of cars and circuits you can choose add some lasting interest. • Andy Smith Gremlins have infested a building those Gremlins out. Viewing your site and it's your job to keep them character side-on in 2D, you move skyscrapers going up and sort round the site picking up and then placing vertical girders and planting horizontal blocks SCREEN 7 £19.99 Joystick or Keyboard on top. At least five consecutive blocks
and two you need to pick up to retain your Gremlins, you can lob spanners at vertical girders make up a energy. Then there are the them, but this doesn’t work for all floor and as you progress Gremlins: the first few you meet Gremlins: some simply deflect the through the game the simply fall out of the sky and are spanners, knocking you out.
Number of floors you are relatively harmless unless they hap- High Steel is a disappointing required to build increases, pen to land on yer 'ed. Later in the start for Screen 7. It's all nicely All the equipment is game, the Gremlins start to eat the done but the actual concept and delivered by a crane from floor-blocks and some just stand gameplay is like something from ¦ There’s an energy-giving Thermos flask the toP of the screen, around waiting for you to bump five years ago when the Spectrum available at the bottom of the screen, but including your sandwiches into them, removing one of
your was still a fashionable machine, that wibbiy Gremlin could get in your way. And Thermos flasks which lives. To counter some of the • Andy Smith GRAPHICS 5 SOUND 4 I INTELLECT 2 I ADDICTION 5 I OVERALL 39% AMIGA FORMAT 53 PHOBIA IMAGE WORKS £24.99 Joystick or Keyboard which increase your fire power when collected: so your drone can shoot too, which makes things a whole lot easier.
As you fly along the horizontally-scrolling planets, you'll notice small, round Key Generators which need to be destroyed as you progress, because they power a shield at the end of each system which protects the world's end-of- level guardian.
Shoot-em-ups don’t come much tougher than Phobia, and you'll be thankful it has a two-player option.
But it's just a shoot-em-up and, though it's as good as most and despite a few nice touches, is not one of the best. • Andy Smith A Galactic President’s lot is not a happy one at the best of times, but when your daughter goes and gets herself kidnapped by the evil Lord Phobos, Master of Fear, it can ruin your whole day.
Still, there must be somebody out there brave, courageous and foolish enough to make a rescue attempt. No?
Erm... all right, you’ll do. Lord Phoby has stashed his captive on the Sun and, because he’s a smart chappie, he’s realised that a rescue attempt will be made and has designed a series of worlds that must be passed through by any prospective hero before he gains access to the Sun. These worlds are slightly out of the ordinary in that every one is fashioned on common human phobias, from spiders and other creepy crawlies to flying insects and dentists.
OVERALL 72% GRAPHICS AND SOUND Some nice Copper Listing (thanks Tech Ed, for the enlightenment) and other effects including the novel screen mode switch between Hi and Lo Res are all very clever, though the sound effects leave a little to be desired. Nicely done but nothing spectacular once the novelty of the aliens has worn off.
Guess what? It's a shoot-em-up where all the nasties are really nasty. Not only must you struggle through the planets and collect nine shields that allow protection from the Sun's heat, but Lord Phobos has sent out his Sun Troops who try to cut you off by building Light Barriers between worlds that will destroy any ships passing through.
The only way to counter this is to go to a moon round a planet and pick up a drone which you can sacrifice in a Light Barrier: unfortunately, not all the moons are accessible, so you'll have to plan your route ¦ Pick up those blue pods in order to increase your firepower.
Carefully. Suppose you do pick up a drone and then go to the planet proper, you'll find that by shooting the various aliens and ground installations they leave behind pods 1 ___ Sports management games have always had a small but dedicated following and fans of the genre will soon be able to try their hand at this basketball sim management game from US outfit Sport Time.
BASKETBALL PH MINDSCAPE £24.99 Joystick or Keyboard One or two players take part in the league, which is made up of two conferences (East and West) of two divisions. Your team(s) start at the bottom of their respective divisions and the general idea is to get them to the top. Loads of options are included: to trade players, to send them off to training camps, to recruit new ones and so on. Plus heaps of statistics to keep juggling with. During each game you also get the chance to choose which plays to make, if you so desire.
Everything a basketball sim or management game should have is included, the only shame being the actual matches where tne gameplay lets things down somewhat. Still, regard it as more of a management than an action game and you won't be disappointed. • Andy Smith 3| SPORTTIME 1 2:19l L . A .
¦ The start of the first quarter and already you're three points down.
Still, if Rice makes a quick pass out you could be on for a fast break.
GRAPHICS 6 I SOUND 5 I INTELLECT 4 I ADDICTION 6 OVERALL 65% 54 AMIGA FORMAT ATARI ST , i * iji't SPECTRUM COMMODORE 64 Atari ST £19.99 Amiga £19.99 C64 Cass £ 9.99 C64 Disk £14.99 Spectrum £ 9.99 Spectrum +3 £14.99 AmstradCass £ 9.99 AmstradDisk £14.99 COMPUTING TREBLE AMIGA AMIGA 500 + DELUXE PAINT 2 + DELUXE PRINT £399.99 AMIGA 500 Inc. Modulator, Workbench 1.3, Mouse, Manuals + Leads £359.99 AMIGA SPECIAL GIFT PACK Amiga 500 inc. Modulator, Workbench 1.3 and Manuals. 10 Games and Photon Paint or 8 Games, 24 PD Titles 8 Joystick. Either ot above Plus 80 Capacity Disk Box, 10 x 3.5" Disks.
Mouse Mat, Dust Cover. All for only: £399.99 AMIGA 1 MEG Amiga 500 + 1 2 RAM Expansion £489.99 AMIGA 500 4- 1 084S Med Res Colour Monitor £589.99 AMIGA B2000 Inc. B2000, XT Bridgeboard, A2090 20 mb Hard Drive, • £1499.00 1084S Monitor A501 1 2 MEG RAM EXPANSION £129.99 AMIGA 500 + MUSIC X £548.99 ..£129.99 ....£13.50 £4.95 £4.50 £6.50 £6.50 £6.95 ....£62.50 ....£24.99 ..£209.99 ....£69.99 .. £89.99 B W Handy Scanner.
£9.95 Philips AV7300 Tuner for monitors .
..£8.50 ..£1.50 AMIGA SOFTWARE African Raiders £13.50 Balance of Power 1990 ..£16.50 Battlechess ..£16.50 Bio Challenge ...£16.50 Circus Attractions ....£13.50 Falcon F16 ...£19.50 Falcon Mission Disk £13.50 Fed. Of Free Traders ......£20.99 Forgotten Worlds ....£13.50 Grand Monster Slam ......£16.50 Gretzky
Hockey £16.50 Hawkeye £13.50 Kick Off ..£13.50 Kult ..£16.50 Lords of the Rising Sun ..£19.50 Mayday Squad .£13.50 Millenium 2.2 £16.50 Microprose Soccer ..£16.50 Personal Nightmare £20.99 Populous £17.50 Powerdrome .£17.50
Robocop .£16.50 RVF Honda ..£17.50 Skweek ..£13.50 Sorceror Lord ...£16.50 Spherical £16.50 Targhan ..£16.50 Tech £16.50
T. V. Sports Football .£19.50 Weird
Dreams ..£16.50 3D
Pool ..£16.50
PRINTERS STAR LC10 mono inc. Cable £189.99
STAR LC10 colour inc. Cable ...£229.99 CITIZEN
120 D inc. Cable ....£139.99 EPSON
LX800 ....£189.99 STAR
LC24 10 inc. Cable .....£324.99 MUSIC & SOUND
Aegis Sonix
V.2 £44.95
Aegis Audiomaster II .....
AMAS .... Future
Sound..... ...£59.95 ...£77.95
......£74.95 Perfect Sound .
......£74.95 Pro Sound Designer Gold .
......£74.99 DR T's KCS .
.£159.95 Eidersoft Midi
Interface . Date I Midi
Interface ...£24.95
...£34.95 Dynamic
Drums ...... ...£46.99
Dynamic Studio ......
...£59.99 Studio
Magic ...
...£59.99 Adrum.
Deluxemusic .. Music X (Out Now!) . Dr T's Midi Recording Studio.. ..£36.95 ....£59.95 ..£199.99 ....£52.95 MONITORS Commodore 1084S ....C259.99 Philips 8833 ....C229.99 A501 RAM Upgrade ... Workbench 1.3 Enhancer.
Disk Drive Cleaner ..... Mouse Mat (Soft).
A500 Dust Cover.
Amiga to Scart Lead (Not Sony).
Quickshot II Joystick . 50 x 31 2" Disk Labels .. ART & ANIMATION Lights, Camera, Action .....£47.95 Zoetrope ...£79.95 Digiview Gold ....£129.99 Oeluxe Paint ll Deluxe Paint Combo ..£59.99 Deluxe Paint III ....£67.99 Aegis Videoscape 3D .....£109.99 Comic Setter £44.99
Movie Setter .£59.99 Minigen (Genlock) ....£104.99 Deluxe Pnoto Lab £59.99 Deluxe Video £59.99 Photon Paint II .....£79.99 Video Effects 3D £109.99 Video Wipe Master .....£59.99 Aegis Animator ....£79.99 Aegis
Animagic ...£62.99 Aegis Video Titler £84.99 Comic Setter Clip Art Disks ..£19.95 Fantavision ...£36.99 Icon Paint .£13.95 DRIVES Climina 1 Meg 3.5' with on oft ...£94.99 NEC 1 Meg 3.5' ...£89.99 Vortex 40 Mb .....£499.99 Amdrive 30
Mb ..£389.99 A590 20 Mb (with optional RAM Upgrade) E389.99 Amdrive 50 Mb ..£489.99 80 Capacity Disk Box.
Monitor Covers From.
A500 Power Supply... Modulator.. Modems from.
All prices include VAT. Please send Cheques P.O. Made payable to: 'u'BEBlLS a ©©ffiaPtOTQKI® DEPT AMF, CROMER HOUSE, CAXTON WAY, STEVENAGE, HERTS. SG1 2DF ? CREDIT CARD HOTLINE: 0438 361738 ?
FAX: 0438 740 794 If you do send cash please send it Registered All Goods are sent First Class Registered.
Please add £3.00 for outside U.K. Large orders ie. Amigas, ST, Monitors etc. are always sent by courier.
Please add £6.00 if you require next day courier delivery on other items.
All prices are correct at time ot going to Press and are subject to change without prior notice.
10. . £7.95
200 £128.00 PRICES INCLUDE LABELS Add £5.50 for 80 Cap. Disk
Box when ordering Disks or £4.50 when ordering 50 or more
Disks INDIANA JONESH US GOLD £19.99 Joystick Bullwhips and
hats are back in vogue as Indiana Jones returns to the small
screen in yet another adventure, this time based on his
latest big-screen escapade, The Last Crusade.
In the film, Indy (the part-time mild-mannered college lecturer) is just about to take things easy after a hectic adventure trying to get hold of The Cross of Coronado, which belongs in a museum. Then startling news comes to him that his father has gone missing while searching for the legendary Holy Grail. So, Indy must go find his dad, and the Grail too if he has time.
The game starts with Indy’s first encounter with The Cross of Coronado, when he was a boy.
Playing the part of the young Indy, you must traverse a large cavern and hopefully retrieve the cross before exiting. Essentially, it’s a platform and ropes game: you walk along the platforms, climb the ropes (jumping from one to another on occasion) and doing your best to LAST CRUSADE avoid the vicious knife-throwing and gun-toting, bullet-shooting baddies.
Initially, you have only a Jeft hook to keep you out of danger, but you can pick up a bullwhip, which gives you a maximum of five lashes so use it sparingly. There’s no time limit as such, but the torch you're using gradually fades so unless you ¦ The boy Indy learns that treasure hunters have found The Cross of Coronado - which belongs in a museum - and makes a grab for it.
Zeppelin. For the final task Indy has to jump his way along a tiled pathway, each tile inscribed with a letter. Jump on the right letters and he can progress, jump on the wrong one and you lose a life.
This is definitely the best Indy Jones game. The gameplay is old hat (groan) and is terribly frustrating at times, but if you like the platforms and ladders style of game then you'll find it enjoyable. As a tie- in to the film it works very well, but it stands up as a game in its own right too. • Indiandy Smith manage to find another one, you’ll end up trying to negotiate deadly jumps in near darkness.
The next stage sees you trying to escape with the cross across a circus train (relevant, if you’ve seen the film!) Then for the rest of the game you’re the fully-grown-up Indy: at which point you come across them nasty, nasty Nazis. There's a dash around the castle where Indy’s dad is being held before more platforms and jumping around inside a SOUND INTELLECT NOW TO AMIGA FORMAT YOUR MAGAZINE DEDICATED TO YOUR MACHINE THE COMPLETE PACKAGE FOR COMMODORE AMIGA OWNERS AMIGA FORMAT Only £29.95 for 12 action-packed issues, a saving of £5.00 from the cover price (and we even pay the postage for
Ring 0458 74011 NOW, quoting the order code AM100 and having your credit card handy or use the order form on Page 112. Why not order some of the latest and cheapest products from The16 Blitz at the same time!
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OVER £229!
M tSEjeai _ FREE! - IKARI WARRIORS - by Elite DELIVERY The Amiga 500 is one of a new breed of technologically advanced computers, which are now emerging as the new standard for home computing, based around the new Motorola 68000 chip. The A500 has 512K RAM and a 1Mbyte double sided disk drive built-in. It can be connected directly to a wide range of monitors, or to a domestic TV set through a TV modulator. Designed with the user in mind, the A500 features a user friendly WIMP environment and comes supplied with a free mouse. And, when you buy your Amiga from Silica Shop, the UK's No1 Amiga
specialists, you will experience an after sales service that is second to none, including a technical support helpline and free newsletters and price lists. Return the coupon below for our current information pack, which will give details of the Silica service and the very latest Silica Amiga offers. E&oe Cz Commodore Before you decide when to buy your new Commodore Amiga computer we suggest you consider very carefully WHERE you buy it There are MAN* companies who can offer you a computer, a tew peripherals and the top ten selling titles Tnere are FEWER companies who car oMer a wide rarge ot
products for your computer as well as expert advice and he'p when you reed it There .s ONLY ONE company who can provide the largest range of Amiga related products in the UK. A full time Amiga specialist technical helpline and in-depth after sales support including tree newsletters and brochures delivered to your door lor as long as you require after you purchase youf computer Trat one company is Silica Shop We nave been estaohsned in the home computer field tor ten years and can now claim to meet our customers requirements witn an accuracy and understanding which is second to none Here are
just some of tne THE FULL STOCK RANGE: The largest range ol Amiga related peripherals, accessories, books and software m the UK AFTER SALES SUPPORT: The siaff al Silica Shop are dedicated to help you to get the best from your Amiga FREE NEWSLETTERS: Mailed direct to your home as soon as we print them, leaturmg oilers and latest releases FREE OVERNIGHT DELIVERY: On al! Hardware orders shipped to Silica Shop customers within the UK mainland PRICE MATCH PROMISE: We will normally match our competitors offers on a same product same price- basis.
FREE TECHNICAL HELPLINE: Full time team of Amiga technical experts to help you with your technical queries But don't just lake our word tor it Complete and return the coupon beiow for our latest Amiga literature and begin to experience the Silica Shop specialist Amiga service mmm m £399.99 £24.99 £69.95 £229.50 A500 Computer TV Modulator Photon Paint TenStar Pack TOTAL RRP: LESS DISCOUNT: £724.43 £325.43 PACK PRICE ss £399 1084S MONITOR PACK A500 Computer £399.99 1084S Colour Monitor £299.99 Photon Paint £69.95 TenStar Pack £229.50 TOTAL RRP: £999.43 LESS DISCOUNT: £350.43 PACK PRICE a: £649
FREE FROM SILICA When you buy the Amiga 500 from Silica Shop, you wilt not only get a high power, value tor money computer, we will also give you some spectacular tree gilts First of all. We are now including a TV modulator with every A500 stand alone keyboard, so you can plug your Amiga straight into ybur TV at home (the modulator is not ncluded w.tn the A500*At084S pack as it is no: required for use with monitors!. Secondly, we have added a tree copy ol Photon Paint, an advanced graphics package with an RRP ot £69.95. Last (and by no means least!!, so that you Can be up and running straight
away, we are giving away the sensational TENST-AR GAMES PACK with every A500 purchased at Silica Shop This pack features ten top Amiga titles which have a combined RRP of nearly £230! Return the coupon tor details.
FREE TENSTAR PACK When you buy your Amiga 500 from Silica Shop, we want to make sure you get the best deal possible That is why we are giving away the TENSTAR GAMES PACK worth nearly £230. Absolutely FREE with every A500 purchased Irom us The TenStar Games Pack includes ten titles for the A500.
Each individually packaged in its own casing with instructions Amegas Art Of Chess Barbarian, Ult Warrior Buggy Boy Ikari Warriors Insanity Fight Mercenary Comp Terrorpods Thundercats Wizball £14.95 £24.95 £19.95 £24.95 £24.95 £24.95 £19.95 £24.95 £24.95 £24.95 £229.50 TOTAL RRP: £229.50, 1 EIZEEEEEraa YOU f To: S J PLEt : Silica Shop Ltd, Dept AMFOR 0989.1-4 The Mews, Hatherley Road, Sidcup, Kent PLEASE SEND ME FREE LITERATURE ON THE DA14 4DX AMIGA j II you already own an Amiga computer and would like to be registered on our mailing list as an cDc|anle' 61 us llow We Wl11 0e plea5e0 10 5end
you copies ot Our price lists and newsletters FREE Of CHARGE as they become available Complete the coupon and return n 10 our Sidcup O'ancn and pegm experiencing a specialist Amiga service tha! Is second lo none Mr Mrs Ms: Initials: Surname: SILICA SHOP: Address: SIDCTJP (&. Ma.il Order) 01-309 1111 1-4 The Mews. Halherley Road. Sidcup. KenI DAI4 4DX OPEN: MON-SA1 9am S 30pm LATE NIGHT: PR DAT 9am 7pm LONDON 01-580 4000 52 Tottenham Court Road. London. W1P OBA OPEN: V SAT --.(ILATE NIGHT: NONE j LONDON 01-029 1234 ext 3914 SeUndges (1st floor). Oxford Street. London. W1A tAB ... . -w , .
00iini LATF N GH T JHSDA y 9am . Rpm Postcode Do you already own a computer Jf so. Which one do you own OPEN: MON SAT 9am
M. A.S.T
THE ULTIMATE EXTERNAL FLOPPY DRIVES £79.95 1 Year Limited Warranty Each drive fully tested prior to despatch Upgrade Policy - Buy a UniDrive and have it Factory Upgraded to a TwinDrive 1 Quality Fujitsu Mechanism ’ Powered from Amiga r“ or optionally available Plugpak only £10.00 TINY TIGER 42 MEG ....£579.95 TINY TIGER 84 MEG ....£899.95 VAT included
M. A.S.T. U.S.A. 3881-E BENATAR WAY, CHICO, CA 95928
(916) 342 6278
(02) 436 2600 FAX: (02) 437 4919 500 1000 TWO MEG RAM
• Auto Configure
• Low Power
• 1 Meg DRAMS
• RAM Tachometer
• Auto Configure LED
• Very small size 3" x 5.25" x .625"
• Zero Wait States
• Compatible with A501 pulated to
512K ....£179.95 1
Meg .£279.95
leg £479.95 Factory
Upgrade per 512K.....£99.95 _Plus £5 Carriage_ MICROMEGS ™ This
internal 512K Card is a Direct Replacement for the A50l.By
using 1 Meg DRAMs, Micromegs is only halt the size of the A501
and uses a fraction of the power. Naturally, it includes a
Battery backed clock and Int-Switch. The powerful S W switch
that allows you to run Auto Booting 512K S W. No fumbling under
the computer trying to find a mechanical switch! Why buy
Why buy MAST? We are committed to providing the latest technology at the most competitive prices. Micromegs was the first internal 512K expansion card to use the low power 1Meg DRAMS. Our existing and planned product range will breathe new life into the Amiga Market. If you invest in a MAST product you will be looking forward to compatibility, high performance, one year's warranty and a backup service second to none. MICROMEGS with a battery backed dock and Int-Switch costs just £99.95 inc VAT plus £5.00 for 1st Class Registered post.
MAST announce the 'Amiga-a-Tosh" Macintosh compatible 3.5" Floppy Drive for use with Macintosh Emulators on the Amiga. Run Macintosh system disks directly with AMAX. "Amiga-a- Tosh" even features software disk ejection!
Complete with spedal cable and 1 Year Warranty for ONLY £199.95 inc We also have the AMAX Madntosh Emulator available with or without the 128K ROMs. The basic AMAX is £134.95 inc. and the ROM set (2 128K ROMs) are £199.95 per pair inc The complete AMAX Amiga-a-Tosh ROM package is available at the very Special price of £499.95 inc Limited Quantities of all of these items are available ex stock. Please add £5 for each order to cover PSP.
? * NEW .. NEW..BOING MOUSE ... NEW...NEW * * At last an alternative to the existing Mouse! The Boing 'Optical' Mouse Is the highest quality professional mouse you can use with your Amiga. There are no moving parts and the 200 dpi sensitivity is twice that of the standard Amiga mouse. The buttons have superior tactile and audio feedback. There is a third button for A2024 software and Xwindows and the pack includes a large mouse pad with non slip backing. Compatible with ALL Amiga computers. Spedal Introoudory price ONLY £79.95 Inc. Highly Recommended for all Art Design Packages.
SPECIAL NOTE: All of the above are now regular stock items. Since M.A.S.T. (UK) Ltd., started trading, over 90% of all orders received were despatched within 24 hours. It is still, however, advisable to telephone for information on availability and to allow up to 21 days for delivery.
Please note that cheques have to be deared prior to despatch of goods. Access, Visa and overseas orders welcome.. BFPO customers please deduct 12% from all prices Please note that all previously advertised Free Offers end on August 20th„ MEMORY AND STORAGE TECHNOLOGY, INC.
• Removable Cable
• Robust Beige Metal Casing
• Hinged Dust Cover
• Plus £5 Carriage VAT included TINY TIGER 30
MEG £449.95 NEW TINY TIGER 50 MEG £589.95!
Plus £5 Carriage
• Super Slim Line
• Very Low Power
• No Clicking
• May be Switch Disabled (TwinDrive has two switches) £149.95
JUMPDISK is the number one selling magazine on a disk for the Amiga. Like to know why? Consider buying the August issue with programs like FIXDISK - a new disk salvage program that offers options others don't. CELDO - Superlative animation system. ILBM - The very latest version. ELEMENTS - Maybe this will help you pass physics chemistry. TILES 8 MAZE - Updates of two popular games. CALCULATOR, AREXX EXAMPLES, JOUST and many more. Articles include a report from the Amiga Developers Conference, Tutorials on the S Directory, AREXX, Basic and ILBM. The latest PD listings, Tips and Amiga news
from the USA, All for only £8.50 inc. Better still why not buy the latest version (V1.6) of our PD Library Pack, usually sold for £4.99, and the August JUMPDISK tor only £12.50!
? ? HOME BUSINESS PACK * ? £19.99 * * Our best selling 8 disk pack includes a - Wordprocessor, Spell Checker, Database, Spreadsheet, Appointment Schedulor, Home and Business Accounts and much, much more
* ? " DOSLAB" * ? £14.95 * * Learn how to use the CLI and
AmigaDOS the easy way. No heavy manuals, just let the Amiga do
the teaching with this interactive two disk setl
* * THE MEGA GAMES PACK VOL II * * £19.99 * * Now holding the
number one position in the Public Domain Top Ten. This 7 disk
pack includes Adventure. Arcade, Logic, Card, Puzzle, Board and
Role Playing Games. Even a Flight Simulator! Will pass away
many hours during the Summer Holidays. Please note that these
games are all recent releases.
* * INTRODUCING PUBLIC DOMAIN PART II * * £19.99 * * This 9 pack
disc serves as the perfect introduction to Amiga PD. We have
carefully selected one of the most popular disks from the Fish,
Amicus. SACC, FAUG, TBAG, AMUSE, and TBYB Libraries and added
the latest version of our two disk PD Library Pack. There are
many hundreds of quality PD disks in our collection and this
new pack will give you the opportunity to see why everyone is
talking about PD on the Amiga.
* * NEW..NEW..E8.99..DESIGN FACTORY..£8.99..NEW..NEW..* * This 3
disk set includes the finest PD programs we could find for
design work.
If it's CAD, FRUACTALS or MANDELBROT you are interested in, this pack is just what you are looking for. Highly Recommended.
* * NEW..NEW..£4.99..3D EXTRAVAGANZA..E4.99..NEW..NEW..* * The
amazing 'HAWK' picture seen at the recent Commodore Show is
joined by "3D Breakout" and "Orbit 3D" on an autobooting disk
with the 3D Glasses.
? * NEW..E19.99..CLASSIC DEMOS VOL II..E19.99..NEW..* ?
A Collection of superb state of the art demos from the latest Badge Killer Demo Contest. Seven disks illustrating how U.S. demo writers are breaking new grounds with the Amiga.
Most of these demos require 1 meg
* * NEW..NEW..E9.99..MINI DEMO PACK..E9.99..NEW..NEW..* * A pack
of 4 disks containing some of the best European Demos around.
? * "AMI-ALIGNMENT SYSTEM" * * £29.99 * ?
A precision floppy disk alignment and performance monitoring system for the Amiga
1, A collection of 9 Bitmap fonts - £19.99 CLIPART DISK 1,
Ideal for D.T.P Programs - £19.99
* * NEW..NEW..E19.99..XCOPY II..E19.99..NEW..NEW * * The very
latest version of the Master Copier. Now includes an Editor and
makes full use of the M.A.S.T Memory Expansion Units for
copying your own programs to and from RAM. Full update service
Just send your original disk and £4.50 and we will do the rest.
* * NEW...NEW...£39.95 EXPRESS COPY...E39.99 NEW ..NEW **
Acclaimed by the critics as possibly the best.
Hard disk Backup Program available. Features: Speeds of up to 1 MB per minute, Backup Disks have the same directory structure and file attributes of the original files and can be used normally, up to four disks may be pre-loaded at a time, multitasking.... the list goes on. Highly Recommended by M.A.S.T for Tiny Tiger and Quality Hard Disk Drives.
STILL AVAILABLE..."MY PAINT' - The ideal painting package for children of all ages. ONLY £24.99 inc. "B.A.D” - The Ultimate Disk Optimizer. ONLY £27.50 inc .
"SONIX" - Music Composition and Instrument Synthesis. ONLY £24.99 inc. Mono A500 Sound Digitisers complete with software. ONLY £22.50 inc. TRFLIGHT FIIGHT - The pilot's Joystick Yoke for FSII and Falcon Enhancer Pack ONLY £19.99 inc. NEW FSII SCENERY DISK 9. ONLY £19.99 inc. PLUS FREE Situation Disk.
* * NEW..NEW..PACK OF EIGHT N0.3...E19.99....NEW...NEW ** Just in
from the USA the latest Fish disks - we are now up to 230I -
the latest 8 make up this value pack. Like to know more?
The latest Library Pack for £4.99 reveals all.
Please send a cheque (with your Bank Card No. Expiry Date on reverse). A P.O. or just telephone your Access or Visa Card details to us before 1pm. And we will despatch your order immediately.
UPDATE After last month's ‘Top Ten special’, PD Update mom up into top gear. JASON HOLBORN takes a look at the very best in PD software and, in particular this month, the finest demos.
MIDI UTILS FISH DISK 154 Who says the Amiga is starved of quality Public Domain MIDI software? Not so, matey! Look hard and you can find an absolute feast of useful utilities to help with your music making.
The MIDI Utils disk is a collection of small programs based around the midi.library from Fish Disk 101 and MicroSmith’s arp.library which can be found packaged with most serious software these days (if you haven't got it, then it’s available on Fish Disk 123). As a result, to use these programs you’ll need to invest in a copy of at least Fish Disk number 101 and probably Fish Disk number 123 as well.
The MIDI Utils consist of seven programs which will carry out individual MIDI functions such as the storage of System Exclusive Data, MIDI echo generation, MIDI data filtering and a program change utility.
Because of the nature of the MIDI library used, all the programs can run concurrently, allowing some very impressive MIDI multi-tasking (try doing that on a PC, Mac or ST!) If you’re an Amiga MIDI enthusiast, then you’ll find the MIDI Utils a definite must.
MANDLEVROOM FISH DISK 215 Mandlebrot generators have certainly come along way since the 'Type in an extremely complex number and then sit back and wait for a few days’ type of program on machines such as the PC. The Amiga, too, has certainly had its fair share of Mandlebrot generators, but this latest release has one special feature that makes it stand out in a crowd... it's multi-tasking.
So what’s so special about a program that multitasks? Almost every program that runs under AmigaDOS will multi-task and so it doesn’t sound that amazing.
MandleVroom, however, allows more than one Mandlebrot to be generated at the same time: you could in theory have as many as 100 Mandlebrots being generated simultaneously (although it would probably take 100 times as long!)
Most Mandlebrot generators, in fact most pieces of PD software, lack in the user interface department, but MandleVroom comes up tops here again. The whole program, down to every gadget, is professionally produced using those bas relief graphics that were so trendy a few years back. If you’ve already purchased a commercial Mandlebrot generator, then you’ll kick yourself when you see MandleVroom. It is quite simply the best Mandlebrot generator on the Amiga (and quite a few other machines!)
AMIGA PLOT TBAG 26 Amiga Plot is a three-dimensional mathematical function plotter.
Sounds boring, doesn’t it? Well, surprisingly, it can be an awful lot of fun (as fun as mathematics possibly can be, that is!) The program takes a mathematical function and then calculates coordinates to be placed into an XYZ system. The results are then plotted using a three-dimensional solid model which looks a lot more interesting than the graphs most people were forced to draw in maths lessons at school.
Many aspects of the plot, such as rotation and aspect, can easily be redefined at any time and some startling results can be obtained.
BEST OF THE REST With the arrival of the latest batch of Fish disks, there's loads of high- quality PD software that's new to these shores and is well worth » investigating. Programs worth checking out include: CALC (Fish 210) - Do you need a scientific calculator that also includes function plot? How about a programmer’s calculator and a standard calculator? Well matey, what you need is Calc!
TEACHER (Fish 204) - Another of those popular ‘Screen hacks’.
I’m not going to tell you what it does: suffice to say that it is one of the best available.
HAMCU (Fish 204) - Bored with your four-colour Workbench? How does a 4096-colour Workbench grab you?
TOP TEN PD GTS Title 1 Mega Games Pack 2, Disk 6 Air Warrior 2 Flafschbier Game 3 TBAG 31 4 Star Trek 5 3D Extravaganza 6 TBAG 28 7 TBYB 8: Dungeon Master Demo 8 Fish 196 9 Chet Solace Shareware Extravaganza 10SACC 23 DEMOS CORNER After leaving demo collectors a touch out in the cold last month, we thought it was about time we set the record straight with a closer look at a few of the demos currently doing well in our exclusive 17 Bit Amiga Format Top Ten. All our demos were supplied by 17 Bit Software who can be contacted at their headquarters on 0924 366982.
WALKER DEMO II DISK 255 OK, it's an oldie: but it most certainly is a goodie, as its high position in the Top Ten confirms.
The Walker Demo II is, not surprisingly, the follow-up to Bill Williams’ highly-acclaimed Walker Demo that had many a jaw hitting the floor at last year's PC Show.
The current release of the demo is still only a 'taster' of the final product, which should be available later this year. The complete Walker Demo II will only run on an Amiga with at least 2 Meg of memory but thankfully, the demo version of the demo (!) Will run quite happily on an Amiga with only a megabyte (once again, many apologies to all 512K users). The demo portrays an Imperial AT-AT Walker from the Star Wars movies under attack from a helicopter gunship in downtown Chicago (which is a far cry from the AT-AT’s last assignment on the planet Hoth!)
The most impressive aspect of the demo is the quality of special effects that all come together to make the Walker Demo II a classic alongside the likes of Eric Graham’s Juggler demo.
TITANIC’S ACID HOUSE DISK 412 Aciiieeed! What a lot of fun we had with this one! We’re usually a fairly serious lot where work is concerned (Tell me about it! - Ed), but when the Titanic’s Acid House disk arrived, the office was transformed into a massive Acid House party. There were Andy and myself, getting down to the Acid groove, while Damien controlled the lighting (ie, flicking the office light switch on and off!) And Bob complained about the racket.
The disk contains seven different arrangements in the popular Acid and House music styles. Although all the tunes were produced using the ubiquitous Sound Tracker utility, they show none of the traits that have made previous Sound Tracker songs so predictable. Even if you don't particularly like either House or Acid, these music demos are great fun and a vivid demonstration of the power of the Amiga’s sound hardware. ¦ TOP TEN DEMOS 17Bit Disk Nos throughout 1 (353) Ghostwriter 1.2 2 (319) Intros Demos Disk 2 3 (255) Walker Demo II (1 Meg 4 (404) Supreme Sounds Music Disk 5 (423) Agatron Star
Trek Animations 6 (412) Titanics Acid House 7 (262) Walker Demo 1 (1 Meg) 8 (280) Intros Demos Disk 1 9 (426)Mahoney Kaktus Music Disk 10(329) Star Trek Dry Dock (1 Meg) SUPPLIERS The following companies are responsible for the distribution of Amiga Public Domain software in this country. For their full address, check the advertisements in this issue of Amiga Format, or give them a ring.
QUICKSTART III PACK... Three discs packed with utilities, games, music and demos plus issue six of our very popular disc magazine to act as the ideal introduction to the PD scene, plus the bonus of FREE membership to 17Bit and access to our massive library of top- notch PD software. Quickstart III is just £51!
THE AMIGA FORMAT PACK... This special PD pack comprises of five discs, the first is the Utility disc featured in the Quickstart pack, the second is a special art-disc featuring some superb ray-traced images, an excellent music disc, a disc of Star-Trek animations plus our disc-magazine and membership for just £10!!
DISC-MAGAZINES... PUBLIC DOMAIN NEWS 17Bit produce what is regarded as the best value-for-money disc-magazines available, and at just £1.50 per issue you can see why! Subscribe to 8 issues now and get free membership for just £10. Truly remarkable value for money! Watch out for NEWSFLASH! The new European disc-magazine coming very shortly to the UK via 17Bit of course!
New Chiron Conceptions Chiron Conceptions are a great new collection of Public Domain Compilation disks. Each disk is just E4.00 and is packed with programs relating to a specific area of interest. Below is a listing of just some of the disks in the collection. If you would like the full list send an SAE or phone.
NOTES: Ail I’D packs are guaranteed free of any viruses (killer included with the packs) and will work on 1.2 1.3 Amigas in 512K.
A full catalogue of ALL the 17bit PD discs is available on request for just £2 (On disc). The range of PD discs is open to members only.
You can order by post with a cheque postal order credit card or over the phone with Access Visa (24 hours - Answerphone after 5.30). Seventeen Rit Software PO BOX 97 1st Floor 2-8 Market Street, Wakefield WF1 1XX Telephone 0924 366982 Access 1 (24 Hours) r------------ rut amkda m li&zazy 140 Rushdale Road, Sheffield S8 9QE 7T (0742) 588429 Chiron Conceptions £4.00 each CC16: Ray Tracing - create your very own ray traced pics.
CC25: Utilities - some useful utilities for a variety of tasks.
CC33: Games & Demos - includes Milestone, Startrek, Zoing! & more.
CC35: AmigaBasic Progs - full of Games, Applications & Educational programs.
CC49: Sound Digitizer CC50: Animation Demos CC51: NASA Digi Pics - HiRes digitised photos of the Space Shuttle taken at NASA.
Other Disks at £3.00 each O FISH 1-204 O FAUG 1-75 O PANORAMA 1-72 O SLIPPED DISK 1-40 O AUGE 1-25 O TBAG 1-23 O AMICUS 1-16 Catalogues available write or phone for details.
STOP PRESS for a limited period we are offering one FREE disk when you order five.
- FIRST AID FOR TECHNOLOGY Simply send your machine with a £15
diagnostic fee arfl you will be sent a written quotation for
the cost of repairing your machine.
COMPUTER SUPPLIES Ace Computer Supplies, 2 Old Mill Close, Market Weighton, York YQ4 3DU A500 COMPUTER * 1 MEG MEMORY EXPANSION S ' DRAGONS LAIR ' (6 DISK GAME ) .£488 99 A500 AIR MILES PACK - Special sollware pack and 500 air miles ...£437.99 AMIGA 2000 COMPUTER - With PC Utilities (Please ring (or lull details | £1121.99 AMIGA 2000 AS ABOVE WITH COLOUR MONITOR ...£1322.99 AMIGA GENLOCK 8802 -
Merges graphics - video (RGB) ......£239.99 AMIGA MINIGEN - Includes sollware. Budget composite genlock ......£94.99 AMIGA VORTEX 40 MEG HARD DRIVE - Best value drive available! ..£498.99 AMIGA AMDRIVE 50 MEG HARD DRIVE ..£349.99 AMIGA A501 1 MEG MEMORY UPGRADE
......£129.99 DESIGNER MODEM - V21. V23 auto manual modem ...... £99.99 AMIGA A500 ? COMPUTER AMIGA TEN STAR ! - ...... with starter pack software .....£349.99 with £230 FREE games ! .£368.99 AMIGA A500 . COLOUR MONITOR with starter pack software .£588.99
FROM BLITSOFT With the growing popularity of the AMIGA, the
public domain scene has expanded rapidly, along with the amount
of suplrers. We at BLITSOFT offer a unique choice tailored to
suit your needs OPTION 1 - For the PD collector.
A Quarterly fee of E5.00 provides :
(i) ALL disks at £1.25 each - Disk & P+P inclusive 11
(ii) Our two self-booting catalogue disks - Updated FREE.
(ni) Use of our DISK SWAP scheme and help with PD problems OPTION 2 - For the occasional PD buyer.
A small once-only £5.00 membership fee provides:
(i) Our two self-booting catalogue disks - Updated FREE
(ii) A FREE DISK of your choice.
(iii) One FREE DISK with every three full priced disks
(iv) Use of our DISK SWAP scheme and help with PD problems.
ALL disks arc £ 2.50 for OPTION 2 members - but remember buy 3, get 1 FREE !!
We specialise in our own BUTDISK collection and also stock FISH, TAIFUN etc. All orders sent first class the day after receipt of order. Option 1 customers send initial payment and we will contact you to make the required arrangements.
Send Cheque or postal order and details of your preferred option to : BLITSOFT 6 DORNEY PLACE, BRADWELL COMMON, MILTON KEYNES, BUCKS, ENGLAND, MK13 8EL.
PUBLIC DOMAIN who do you get yours from?
There are many PD libraries around but do they offer you....
• fo Huge collection, thousands of programs on over 800 disks
• 5 Same day service - 1st Class post - GUARANTEED ¦ KnowledgaWe
staff on hand (no ’phone after six and ask for fred’!)
¦ Three years experience collecting and distributing PD &.
Shareware to Amiga owning customers all over the worid.
- j FREE 30 page catalogue, S.A.E (22p stamp) and state AMIGA
clearly and we’ll send one by return.
UGA (XX-LECTION This outstanding collection of disks is being distributed ExtUEIVElY in the UK by us.
Tt*y all Aulo-boot and are menu driven.
USON1 to USONS-Pull of Sonix tunes UMUS1 to UMUS10 - RiU of great rraisic UINTH to U1NT12 - Pull cf the best graphics UANIM1 to UANIM4 - Pull cf animatkms UTILITIES - Seven disks full of mil those great utilities you can’t find snywhere ekd ~~~PRICES I - 5 disks - £3:00 each 6 -10 disks- £2:75 each II or more - £2:50 each BUY TEN and choose another FREE FRED F1SII COLLECTION We've got 'em ell - up to FF220 EALLG Ca -LECTION hfol to 75 in flock PANORAMA COLLECTION Not to 71 in ftock Pluf of course cur own famous SOF diikj, [ collected from around the wcsid for you. SoC thst other libraries fell
them •«-*![ Currently up to SOF253 STARTER PACK - £19:50 Choose ANY FIVE PD disks, FIVE unbranded blank disks, and a Library case to hold them AMIGA INTRO DISK - £1:50 Full of sample programs „ VIRUS KILLER DISK - £1:50 Delects Kills all virus’s All prices are inclusive of Post Packing VAT Disk labels Cheques PO’s payable to Scftville 24 Hour orderiine on SOFTViLLE 0705-266509 E E3 55 Highfield Avenue, Wateriooville, Hants. P07 7PY P u r p lez Public Domain Software or Mega Pocks 1 to 10 consist of 3 disks for £7.60! Filly inclusive! TTY
• MP 1. Home Busmess Pack 1. Wora Wright & Emacs wora Drocesso's.
Spell Checkers. VisiCoic ano VC spreadsheets
• MP 2 Communicotions Pack 1. Aterm VI.3. Sra' Term V2 0 Argo
Term, Kermif Term ioadea with features: Xmodem. Wxmodem.
Autodial. 300-9633 bom rote, macros one many more1 Also a list
of BBSs around the world
• MP 3 Graphics Pack t. CAD Design. Pay Tracer generator. Ful'y
featured drawing programs.
Amiga MCAD. Loads Of pictue format converters, and other utiities.
• MP 4 Animation Pack I. stunning graphic animation demos
including Arcnimedes Cradle, F-15.
Rocker. Clown. Lockon, Mariya Sunglasses. ’BAG 3D, Elgoto the walkng cot. Red Baron
• MP 5 Pictue Pack 1. Packed fiil ot the best AMIGA pictues
• MP 6 Demo Pack 1. Thames TV demo. The Juggler. Jungle Command &
• MP 7 Armga Basic Pack 1. Games, utiiites. Demos, loads of
excellent programs
• MP 8 Game Pack 1. Empire. Gravity Wars. Othello. Pacmaa Clue.
Cribbage. 8ack Gamrnon.
Vahtzee. Missile Command. 3D Break out ana many more
• MP 9 Pictue Pack 2 . Packed fui of the best pictues including
some NASA digitised
• MP 10 Demo Pack 2. Excellent graphics & sounds: New Order Blue
Monaay digitised sound demo. Ian YV Mick and the DOC demo.
YYY Mega Pocks II to 2C consist of 5 disks for £12.50 fitly inclusive1 YYY
• MP 11 Sonix Music Pack PD player for Aegis Sonix music program
ond 4 disks fiJI of music scores
• MP 12 Miami Vice sampled sound demo of the Miami Vice theme.
Excel ent graphics and sounc
• MP 13. Derno Pack 3. Einstein. Bruce & Bongos. Anti Trax 2010.
Digi Tech & Snare & Enjoy demos
• MP 14: Demo Pack 4. Sonx. Sanxim, Mark II. Action' and TECHtech
demo disks.
• MP 15: Demo Pack 5. Needs two disk drives. New Tek. Pophits -
sampled sounds of Pet Shop Boys.
Madonna and other pop groups, disk ot sampled sounds including Star Wars. Mr Spock etc and Beaties music over great graphics - Killer Demo
• MP 16: Abasic Pack. Games. Utilities, demos etc. includes
Abasic. Note Abosic is not AMIGA Basic
• MP 17 Utiity Pack 1. Printer Driver Generator. Fonts and Font
Editor. Floppy disk utiities. Disk copiers, clocks, calendar,
directory lister. Virus Checker and other utilities
• MP 18 PD Experience1, a mixed bag of public domain utities,
graphics, demos etc. ail disks from the Tompa Bay Amiga Grocp
ail auto loading and very easy to use' Simply place disk in
your AMIGA and tun on' Excellent.
• MP 19. Utiity Pack 2. Icon utiities. Mouse pointers, printer
drivers and fonts. SCRtMPER (SCReen tMage to PrmtER). PopCLI
ana loads of brtliant utilities
• MP 20 Pictue Pack 3. Needs two disk drives, 5 disks ot
brilliant HAM ana ow resolution pictues ' Pdom Accessory Shop
Disk Boxes: 10 copocity - £2.00. 50 copocity - £8.00 and 100
capacity £10.00. Blank Disks: 10 SONY double sided bulk -
£10.00. 10 SONY branded 2DD - £15.00. Catalogue: Full details
of the 600 disks available from us for you Amiga - FREE!
Pdom ware: Mouse Mats - £6.00. T-Shirts • £6.00. ???How ond Where ???
All cheques & postal orders payable to Purple PD. Or Visa & Access credit card details to: Purple PD. 1 Bartholomew Road, Bishop's Slortford. Hertfordshire. CM23 3IP.
Telephone (0279) 757692 ,' The Amiga Format coverdisk brings you the very best in public domain and reader software. JASON HOLBORN takes you on a guided tour of this month’s collection of binary beauties.
It’s lime to strap yourself into your armchair, get out your joystick and prepare yourself for some of the hottest arcade action ever with our exclusive demo of Virgin Mastertronic's latest arcade conversion.
Let’s face it, the 'official' icon editor as supplied by Commodore on all Workbench disks leaves a lot to be desired. Icon Meisteris designed as a direct replacement that offers everything that IconEd ever did plus alot more besides.
Who ewer said that the Amiga is no great shakes when it comes down to being serious? Spread is a powerful spreadsheet that'll help you keep your pounds and pennies firmly under control.
¦ The fun and frivolity continues this month with another generous helping of the cute but useless Workbench screen hacks.
GEMINI.PRG The gutter press certainly have a lot to answer for. Writing stories such as ‘US President involved in hippy satamc rights acid house party scandal’ was pretty tame compared to the headline that greeted readers of the Tuesday Space Holo-edition of that infamous rag, the SoonDay Spirit. After having to suffer ¦ There are some strange creatures among the hordes of aliens.
Several centuries of ‘green men invade Earth disguised as Shish Kebabs’ headlines, aliens (and green men) throughout the universe started to get rather miffed about the whole affair.
This really is quite understandable: why should they have to suffer being constantly slandered by a pitiful little race of carbon- based lifeforms whose greatest achievement was the invention of a device that could wipe out its creators in a split second.
Those four words may seem to be just words to you and I, but they single-handedly triggered the most bloody galactic war ever to ravage the universe since Larry Grayson stopped hosting the Generation game. Every Customise your Workbench screen with this handy little utility. With DropCloth, you can brighten up your Workbench with any standard 640x200, 4 colour IFF picture.
ART GALLERY professor by submitting your art work to the Amiga Formal coverdisk art gallery.
Once you’ve viewed any of the pictures on this month's disk, you can then load them into a paint package and modify them to your heart’s content.
£800 ¦ And here he (she?) Is, complete with a deadly load of balls.
Civilised alien race throughout the galaxy set out to rid the universe of the Earth, mankind and particularly SoonDay Spirit journalists.
This, then, is where you come in. As you’ve probably already guessed, it’s up to you to save the Earth from the hordes of aliens that want only one thing: to turn the Earth into one enormous potato floating in space.
You must jump into your Gemini Wing class fighter, a top secret spacecraft designed specifically for just this kind of emergency, and thwart the aliens' plans » We must be insane! But it's true: we want to give you money! All you have to do is write a super-hot program for the Amiga and, if we decide to use it on the Amiga Formal coverdisk, you could be living it up in style! See Page 68 for details.
Then see page 68, fast!
Before the universe gains the first intergalactic baked spud in its history. Go for it!
Getting Going You can load Gemini Wing by inserting your cover potato into the internal drive at the ‘Insert Potato’ prompt when your Commodore potato is first turned on. To play, you’ll need a potatoshaped joystick plugged into the second control port. Game controls are the standard left, right, up, down and fire. To access extra weapons, simply keep the fire button depressed.
ICON MEISTER PROGRAM: PUBLIC DOMAIN FILES: ICONMEISTER, ICONMEISTER.DOC Creating custom icons for all those Amiga programs and their datafiles can be a difficult task unless you really know your stuff.
Commodore’s Icon Editor, which is provided on every Workbench disk certainly doesn’t help: because it really is atrocious!
Icon Meister (which means, incidentally, ‘Icon Master’ in German), was designed as a direct replacement for Commodore's ‘official’ offering. As well as offering the same features as Icon Editor, Icon Meister has the following additional features: ? A HOD I An extra four colours certainly do make an enormous difference!
EXTRA LARGE ICONS - Small icons are boring! As you’ve probably already noticed, we use extra large icons on our coverdisk which gives our disk a very individual look. With Icon Meister, you too can create extra-large icons.
ANIMATED ICONS - No longer will you have to use IconEd to produce two independent icons files and then join them together using the Mergelcons tool on your Extras disk. Icon Meister allows you to create animated icons from within the program.
EXTRA COLOURS - Although your standard Workbench screen can only handle 4 colours (just wait for Workbench 1.4 though!), Icon Meister can create icons which can use up to 8 colours. Several software producers have produced enhanced Workbench programs (such as Icon Paint from Hi-Tension) which will allow you to take advantage of the 8 colour icons.
EXTENSIVE EDITING TOOLS - With Icon Meister, you can quickly and easily create or modify any aspect of an icon including its colour, size and icon type. All editing functions are accessed from either the pull-down menus or from onscreen icons(l) Getting Going You can load Icon Meister using the usual 'point and double-click’ method which every Amiga owner has grown to love. Full instructions are available within the Icon Meister drawer.
SPREAD PROGRAM: PUBLIC DOMAIN FILES: SPREAD, SPREAD.DOC Like it or not, every so often the fun has to stop and one has to » ART GALLERY PROGRAM: PUBLIC DOMAIN FILES: SEXYROBOT, SACHS. VILBM, ART.DOC Have you produced any works of pixel perfection that you’d like to have displayed before the eyes of thousands of adoring Amiga art connoisseurs? If the answer is yes, why haven’t you sent them for inclusion in the acclaimed Amiga Format disk gallery?
To display either of the pictures on this month’s disk, we’ve included the best PD picture viewer available, Vilbm. To use Vilbm to display the pictures couldn't be simpler - all you have to do is to double click the left mouse button on the picture's icon and Vilbm will automatically be loaded and the picture then displayed before your very eyes. To return to the Workbench screen, just click on on the left mouse button.
¦ Think you could produce better artwork than these fine examples of the pixelizing art?
Well, send them in to Amiga Format pretty sharpish then!
Force oneself to actually do some work. I know, it's a dismal state of affairs but it has to happen occasionally. When the worst does come to the worst, Spread will help you get your financial affairs out the of the way so that you can go back to the more important task of saving the universe from three-headed martians with ten eyes and webbed feet.
Spread is (surprise, surprise) a mini Spreadsheet program that should help you keep track of those depressing facts and figures. The program supports a 36 by 60 column worksheet with variable width cells which can contain either text, numeric data or a formula, all of which are controlled from a nice friendly Intuition-based environment.
Getting Going You can load Spread by doubleclicking on our Spread icon from the Workbench. Read the instructions, in the Spread drawer, to get the most from this power utility.
DROPCLOTH PROGRAM: PUBLIC DOMAIN FILES: DROPCLOTH, DROPCLOTH.DOC, AMIGA FORMAT BUTTERFLY Is your Workbench screen a bit on the dull side? Like it or not, blue on white isn't exactly going to win any prizes for imaginative design.
DropCloth is a neat little utility that allows you to place any standard 640 by 256 (or 200 if you’ve got an NTSC Amiga), four-colour IFF picture into the backdrop of your Workbench screen. Anyone who has used a machine such as a Macintosh or an Sun Workstation (we can only but dream!) Will know how much a DropCloth utility can brighten up a dull work screen.
Getting Going To use DropCloth, the first thing you must do is to either create a medium-resolution picture in your favourite paint package or alternatively, suitable pictures can be found in abundance in the PD libraries. Once you’ve got a picture that you’d like to use, you must alter the picture's icon so that when you double-click on it, DropCloth is loaded instead of the program that was used to create it. This is achieved by clicking once on the picture’s icon, and the selecting ‘INFO’ from the Workbench menus (which are accessed by pressing the right mouse button). After a few sec
onds (and possibly disk swaps), a window will pop up containg all sorts of useful information about the picture. Next, locate the ‘DEFAULT TOOL’ string gadget, click once within it, erase the old contents and type in 'DROPCLOTFT and press return. Finally, select ‘SAVE’ and you’re ready to go. Now all you have to do is to double-click on the picture’s icon and it will be loaded into the Workbench screen (note that the DropCloth program must be in the same directory as the picture). ¦ WORKBENCH HACKS PROGRAM: PUBLIC DOMAIN FILES: TARGET, MELT, WAVEBENCH, HACKS.DOC All these serious and techie
programs can soon get to you unless you’re getting a regular dose of something a little 'different'. So just what does the doctor order when you need a little light refreshment? The Amiga Format Workbench hacks of course!
This month, we've got three hacks for your perusal instead of last month's two. The first, Target, is a fun little mouse-pointer hack which will let you unleash your fury on any poor, unsuspecting icon. The final two hacks are true screen hacks whose sole role in life is to do rude things to your Workbench screen.
Getting Going You can load any of the Workbench hacks by double-thumping the left mouse button on your electronic pet rodent. Full instructions)!) Are available (as always) within the WB Hacks drawer.
HOW TO USE THIS DISK BACKING UP YOUR DISK Before using your Amiga Format disk, you should make a back-up of the master disk as soon as possible. This is very important!
Copying the disk may sound like a complicated task suitable for techno-buffs only, but it is surprisingly simple provided you read the following instructions carefully:
1. First, turn on your machine and load Workbench, Once the
Workbench screen appears and the disk-drive light goes out,
remove your Workbench disk and insert our cover disk.
We have done our best to check that the programs on the Amiga Formal coverdisk are simple to use, error- free and have no known viruses. However, we cannot normally answer telephone queries on using the software, and we do not accept liability for any consequences of using the programs.
If your Amiga Formal disk is faulty - and out of the tens of thousands duplicated, some are unfortunately bound to be - you should send it back for a free replacement within a month of the cover date to: AMIGA FORMAT SEPTEMBER DISK. DISCOPY LABS, UNIT A, WEST MARCH. LONDON ROAD. DAVENTRY, NORTHANTS. NN11 4SA.
If your Amiga refuses to accept the disk, try using the DISKDOCTOR utility on your Commodore Workbench disk to rescue it before sending it off for a replacement. Full details of DiskDoctor can be found in the user's manual that came with your machine.
2. Next, click once on the coverdisk icon and then press the
right mouse-button and the Workbench menus will appear. Now,
while keeping the right mouse- button depressed (you can cheer
it up afterwards!), move the mouse pointer over to the
'Workbench' heading and a menu will drop down.
Move the mouse pointer over the 'duplicate' menu option and then press the left mouse-button.
3. After a few seconds' disk access, the Workbench DiskCopy tool
will be loaded and run. Now just follow the on-screen prompts
and your Amiga Format coverdisk will be copied to a backup
When the machine asks for the destination, insert your blank disk into the drive. Further instructions can be found in the user’s guide that comes with your Amiga.
USING THE PROGRAMS All the programs on the Amiga Format disk are specially set up to make them as easy to use as possible. If you can use the Amiga’s Workbench then you can use our coverdisk! If you do have problems with a program, full instructions on loading and using the programs are included in the disk pages and these should get you up and running. If you still have problems, you should read the documentation file (.DOC) that is included with every program.
To run any of the programs on this month's coverdisk, all you have to do is follow a very simple procedure. Unless specified differently within the disk pages, just double-click on the program's icon on the Workbench and the program will load and run. Full details on how to use the programs once they have run are included with the disk pages and as a text file accompanying the program.
To display a documentation file, just double-click on the appropriate .DOC file to be viewed and a window will open containing the file's contents. Pressing the space bar will advance a page at a time.
COPYING THE DISK Unless specifically stated, the programs on the cover disk are not in the public domain and the copyright remains with the author. Selling or distributing these programs without the author's permission is against the laws of copyright.
YOUR PROGRAMMING SKILL COULD EARN YOU £800 If you’ve got any programs for the Amiga which you think other readers would find useful, interesting or amusing, we’d like to know about them.
1. Make sure your program is foolproof to use.
2. Create a file called README.DOC on the disk which explains
exactly how to use your program.
3. Fill in this form, sign it, and send it without delay to:
Cover Disk Software Amiga Format 4 Queen Street BATH BA1 1EJ
(Photocopies are fine if you don’t want to damage the mag)
You could win a share of £800 prize money for the best pro
grams each month.
Name . BRIEF DESCRIPTION Address ...... Phone: ..(Daytime) ... |EVSnineS| CHECKLIST [please tick): My program name is C Stamped addressed envelope for return README.DOC explanation file on disk
.... L Printout of README.DOC file (if possible) Approximate total size of files in kilobytes ...K Name, address, machine type written on label (we cannot use programs longer than 200K; shorter sub- (LI Disk certified virus free missions, under 100K, stand the best chance of publica- n. . J , jonj IMPORTANT - Please sign this declaration: It is a: This program is submitted for publication by Amiga Format. It is wholly my own work and I agree to Game Technical tool indemnify Future Publishing
against any possible legal [ Business utility U Art program action shouW c°P 'r,«w Probtems anse- [ Music program C Educational Signed Novelty C Other Date . . 0530 411485 0530 411485 512K RAM Expansion with Clock for Amiga 500 Features: ? RealTime Clock with High Capacity NICAD Battery Backup ? Memory Disable Switch Original ASHCOM RAM Expansion ONLY £89.95 (Limited Stock) PHILIPS 8833 Colour Monitor ONLY £200.00 ? Low Power Consumption.
? Latest Technology 1MBit RAMS ? Low Chip Count for High Reliability ? Direct Replacement for A501 Expansion ONLY £99.95 All prices include VAT and Delivery. British made.
Trade Enquiries Welcome Only from ASHCOM, 10 The Green, Ashby-De-La-Zouch, Leicestershire, LE6 5JU Telephone: (0530) 411485 SOFTWARE EXPRESS A RTRRI For AMIGA and ATARI
(021) 643 9100 YOU KNOW . . .
That Software Express publish the highly successful "Dungeon Master Editor", for the Amiga and Atari ST. YOU MAY NOT KNOW . . .
That we are also the LARGEST Amiga and Atari Specialist in the Midlands and Southwest dealing in PC's, Mega ST's, Amiga Desktop Publishing, Scanners, Lazer, Digitizers, Calamus, Epson Emulators, Databases, Word Processors, and not forgetting Games Late Night Opening Thursday - 7pm MIDLANDS 212-213 Broad Street, BIRMINGHAM, B15 2JP Tel: (021)643 9100 For the best in Service & Support, visit our Regional Branches SOUTH 9 Exeter Street, (The Viaduct), PLYMOUTH, Devon, PL4 9AQ Tel: (0752)265276 Phifis; F£ M’mi TTQ© OFIPil g|| OUR PRICE SAVING OUR PRICE SAVING OUR PRICE SAVING 3D Pool
15. 99
9. 00 A-Max 134 99
99. 99 A-Max (wiith R.O M'S) 24999 209 99 APB.
12. 99
7. 00 Action Fighter
15. 99
9. 00 Aslarofh
15. 99
9. 00 Barbarian II
15. 99
9. 00 Batlletech
15. 99
9. 00 Castle Warrior
15. 99
9. 00 Chariots of Wralh
15. 99
9. 00 Chessmaster 2000
15. 99
9. 00 Dommator
14. 99
5. 00 FI 6 Combat Pilot
15. 99
9. 00 Falcon Mission Disk
12. 99
7. 00 Forgotten Worlds
14. 99
5. 00 Greenpeace
15. 99
9. 00 Gunship
15. 99
9. 00 Honda R.V.F. 750
15. 99
9. 00 Indiana Jones 4 The Lasl Crusade
14. 99
5. 00 Jack Nicklas Golf
17. 99
7. 00 Journey
21. 99
8. 00 kick Off
11. 00
8. 00 kingdom of England
15. 99
9. 00 Krypton Egg
12. 99
7. 00 Kult
15. 99
9. 00 Lasl Ninja
17. 99
7. 00 Legend
12. 99
7. 00 Microprose Soccer
15. 99
9. 00 Monopoly 12 99
7. 00 Mr Heli
15. 99
9. 00 Navy Moves
17. 99
7. 00 New Zealand Story
14. 99
10. 00 Powerdrome
17. 99
7. 00 Red Heat
14. 99
10. 00 Rick Dangerous
15. 99
9. 00 Robo Cop
14. 99
10. 00 Shoot Em Up Con. Kit
21. 99
8. 00 Skweek
14. 99 500 Sleeping Gods Lie
14. 99
10. 00 Space Quest III
17. 99
7. 00 PRICE SAVING Casino Rouletle
3. 99
16. 00 Crash Garret
3. 99
16. 00 Crazy Cars II
15. 99
9. 00 Driller
8. 99
16. 00 Empire Strikes Back 9 99
10. 00 Espionage
4. 99
15. 00 Flinlstones
4. 99
15. 00 Growth
2. 99
17. 00 Hellbent
4. 99
15. 00 Hotball 699
13. 00 King of Chicago 9 99
20. 00 Kings Quest Triple Pack
16. 99
13. 00 Krislal 1299
12. 00 Leisuresuit Larry
9. 99
15. 00 Lords Of The Rising Sun
20. 99
14. 00 Manhunters In New York
12. 99
12. 00 Operalion Neptune
9. 99
10. 00 Peter Beardsley's Int Soccer
7. 99
12. 00 Purple Saturn Days
9. 99
15. 00 Return Of The Jedi 999
10. 00 Soldier Of The Light
7. 99
12. 00 Space Quest II
12. 99
12. 00 Speedball
16. 99
8. 00 Spiderlronic
6. 99
13. 00 Spitting Images
6. 99
13. 00 Star Wars
9. 99
10. 00 TV Sports Football
20. 99
9. 00 Teenage Queen
8. 99
11. 00 Wanted
4. 99
15. 00 Action Service Alien Syndrome Alternate Reality Backlash
Billiards Bio Challenge Bombuzal Brian Clough Football
Fortunes Spehrical Targhan Tesl Drive II (The Duel) Trivial
Pursuits Genus Vindicators Voyager Wayne Gretzks Hockey
5. 00
9. 00
7. 00
7. 00
7. 00
10. 00
8. 00
9. 00
5. 99
7. 99
6. 99
4. 99
4. 99 12 99
8. 99
14. 00
12. 00
18. 00
15. 00
15. 00
12. 00
11. 00
16. 00
14. 99
15. 99
17. 99
12. 99
12. 99
14. 99
21. 99
15. 99 African
Raiders ....12.99
Airbourne Ranger 15.99
Archipelagos ..15.99
Batman ...14.99
Battle Chess ..17.99
Bloodwych .....15.99
California Games .14.99
Carrier Command 15.99
Champ (The) .15.99
Side 15.99
Denaris ...14.99
Dragon Ninja .14.99
Escape From Drill 12.99
r. O F
T ....21.99
Foundations Waste 6.99
Games Summer Edition .14.99 Garfield
Wmlers Tale ......15.99 High
Steel ......12.99
Jaws 12.99
Millenium 2.2 .16 99
Outrun ......6.99
Phobia ....15.99
RAC Lombard Rally .15.99
Rampage 14.99
Renegade III ..14.99
Rocket Ranger ....18.99 Run
The Gauntlet 14.99
Shmobi ..12.99
Steiger ....12.99
Stormlord 12.99
Talespin ..21.99
Talk To The Animals 15.99
Temple of Flying Saucers ......15.99
Thunderbirds .10.99
Time Scanner 17.99
Trained Assassin .15.99
Vigilante ..10.99
World Class leaderboard .6.99 Xenon II
Megablast .21.99
Xybots ....12.99
STORY SO FAR 1 ONLY £15.99 Beyond Ice Palace + Ikari Warriors
Buggy Boy + Battleships STORY SO FAR 3 ONLY £15.99
Thunderbirds * Bomb Jack * Space Harrier ? Live & Let Die
SOCCER SQUAD ONLY £14.99 Hotball + Peter Beardsley’s Soccer -
Football Manager II PRECIOUS METAL ONLY £13.99 Captain Blood ?
Arkanoid II + Xenon + Crazy Cars TRIAD ONLY £9.99 Starglider ?
Barbarian (Psygnosis) * Defender of the Crown PREMIER
COLLECTION ONLY £17.99 Exolon * Nebulus * Netherworld * Zynaps
COMPUTER HITS TWO ONLY £9.99 Tetris * Golden Path * Black
Shadow ? Joe Blade AMIGA FORMAT, SEPTEMBER Name..... Address.
Tel. No.....
S. D.C. ORDER FORM Please send me the following titles. BLOCK
capitals please!
Type of computer_ Title: Amount ? Personal Callers Only Total Enclosed £ Please make cheques or postal orders payable to S.D.C. Please add 50p PSP for orders under £5. Over £5 PSP is free. Europe please add £1.00 per disc. Elsewhere please add £1.50 extra per disk HOLD THE FRONT PAGE!
I ¦ VI 1 : ' Graeme Kidd begins a complete round-up of Amiga Desktop Publishing packages with a little advice on how to be an editor... if Desktop Publishing entered the litany of computer buzzwords a few years ago: invented, so some cynics say, as a new way of selling computers.
Without doubt, DTP sells computers: mostly IBM PC compatibles and Macintoshes, rather than Amigas.
Could this mean the Amiga is just a games machine, unsuited to DTP?
Traditional publishing involves producing text as type-written ‘hardcopy’, rekeying it into a typesetting machine and printing it out as ‘galleys', effectively just columns of set type in strips. Typeset galleys are then cut up and stuck down, together with pictures, to make artwork from which pages may be printed.
Apart from expensive cameras and typesetting equipment, much glue and sharp bladework is involved in producing artwork by traditional methods. Even more expensive equipment is needed to make pages that are to be printed in full colour.
In theory at least, Desktop Publishing takes much of the pain and expense out of producing final artwork from which pages may be printed. Text can be keyed into the computer and manipulated, producing most, if not all, of the effects achievable on expensive typesetting equipment. Pictures can be drawn on the machine itself or be scanned in as image files, and then edited, retouched and placed on a page held in memory. Once words and I pictures have been combined in a layout and embellished with tints, rules and other fol-de-rols, the whole document can be saved as a file.
Print out the file, and you have final artwork from which a printer can make plates and do his job.
Setting up a desktop publishing workstation around your Amiga could easily involve spending £10,000 on extra hardware and the software to drive it. Fortunately, for most purposes a few hundred pounds is all that's needed to get going, even if you’re starting out on an A500.
Desktop Publishing can be fun and rewarding: financially rewarding with the right mix of skills, equipment and clients, but getting that mix right can be a little tricky. No- one seems to be offering training courses in Amiga DTP, and while some DTP design courses would be applicable, you’re going to be on your own so far as getting to grips with the software.
The first thing to sit down and think about is how much work you want to do on your DTP kit, and what sort of quality you really need.
To flash up a simple newsletter that appears once a month, you might get away with a wordprocessor and avoid DTP packages altogether.
Similarly, if the odd poster is all you require, an art package might solve the problem, without recourse to page makeup software.
With a basic A500, a nine-pin dot-matrix printer and around £100 of DTP sofware, quite serious work can be undertaken. The next step up involves investing in a 24-pin dot matrix, or even an inkjet printer, a Megabyte memory upgrade and one of the more expensive DTP packages. Remember, however, that there's no need to splash out on expensive output devices to obtain really high definition output: step forward PostScript, a page-descrip- tion language that is device-independent. Providing your DTP package can produce PostScript files from your pages, it will be possible to use a friend's
laserprinter, or pay a bureau to produce laserprinted (usually 300 dpi) or imageset (1200dpi and up) pages from your disk.
A hard disk drive is probably next in line as a DTP system upgrade, as it makes life easier.
Add on several thousand pounds for the convenience of a PostScript printer sitting next to your Amiga, and you have a professional-quality DTP workstation at a fraction of the price of a Mac or PC compatible system with the same power.
Once the plunge has been taken, the potential for spending money is enormous. A hand-held scanner could be added to the system for a few hundred pounds more, or even a high-quality flatbed or photographic scanner for a few thousand pounds could be tagged on. Throw in a top-quality art package such as Dpaint III, invest in a large-screen display and you have a system that few professional outfits equipped with Macs or Pcs could find fault with.
Without doubt, the Amiga can get up there with the high-end PC compatibles and Macintoshes. People are producing entire magazines on Amiga systems, but few corporate-type people seem to realise that it can be done effectively. Pcs and Macs - with their high price tags - dominate ‘Professional Pub- CITY DESK The first painful obstacle encountered when attempting to master City Desk is the manual. While all the information needed to drive this powerful package is contained in the manual, it is pres-ented in a form that only arch propeller-heads will appreciate.
City Desk was used to produce its own manual, and tellingly there isn’t a section on design. Only three illustrations are offered to help the new user get to grips with it, and one of those is a wedge of cake in a sample page!
City Desk takes a different approach to getting text and graphics on the page: there isn't a frame or frame tool in sight. The system relies on the creation of ¦ With a laser printer like the one shown above, you can begin to get very close to print quality, though it does cost.
Lishing’ as really serious DTP is called these days.
Next issue, we’ll be revealing how the Amiga can be used to produce full-colour magazine pages, as well as taking a really close look at the two most competent Amiga DTP packages: Professional Page vl.2 and PageStream. Flow do they compare with DTP programs such as Ventura, PageMaker and Xpress that cost over twice as much and have become 'publishing industry standards? Find out next month. ¦ columns and text format defaults before text is flowed into a document. Select a text file for import, and it is flowed onto the page, placed in position with a cursor, according to the page and
column defaults that have been set up.
Once on the page, text becomes an object that can be moved around, edited, or reflowed into a new layout. Attributes governing justification, spacing, font and font size and degree of horizontal or vertical magnification of the font may be edited, and a chain of text can be broken, added to, or connected to another text chain. In many ways the way of working mirrors traditional handling of galleys in physical paste-up: text » J WVU fiARFIELD IK+ ST & AMIGA E9.99 GARFIELD ST & AMIGA MA|| £9.99 MAIL RDER MAIL ORDER 6 BOND STREET, IPSWICH, SUFFOLK IP4 1JB 24hr MAIL ORDER PURCHASE LINE
(0473) 257158 (0473) 210605 ST ,15.99.. ...13 99.
.1599 SY
15. 99......
12. 99......
13. 99......
10. 99......
12. 99......
19. 99......
12. 99 .15.99
12. 99 .12 99
12. 99 ....12.99
12. 99 .12 99
- ---- ...1399 15 99 .15.99
16. 99 .16-90
15. 99 .15.99 16 99 16.99
9. 99 ..9.99 .16.99 .16.99
12. 99 .12.99
19. 99 .19.99
15. 99 .15.99
12. 99 .12 99
16. 99 16.99
15. 99 .15.99 AMIGA .1599 .15.99 .13.99 .10.99
.15.99 .19 99 3D Pool ...
Afterburner .....
A. 'bO"'* Ra-ger Ai-iQJ CiO*0 Hits .
Ar:toetagcs Ar"Li yte Ayarom APS ...15.99 ....16.99 ....15.99 ....16.99 ...15.99 ...12.99 ....15.99
13. 99 . ...12.99 .15.99
12. 99
15. 99
15. 99
16. 99 16 ‘39 IS ‘19 IS‘*9 IS 99 . IS 99 . IS 99 ’2 99 15 99 1699
U99 1599
* 599 1399 1999 1599 1599 1299 1699 1299 1299 IS 99 15 99 1299
* 9 99 49 99 S9 9S 49 99 49 99 ....13.99 ....12.99 ....12,99 29
99 1699 ?99 13 99
* S 99
• 699
• 599
• 9 99
* 2 99 ...19.99
* 5 99
• 6 99
* 5 99 ‘6 99
• 299
• 299 ’299 ’299 ’699 ’6 99 1299 1599 21 99 12 99 1299 ...15.99
....15.99 ....15.99 ....13.99 ...16.99 ....15.99 ....16.99
.16.99 ...12.99 ....19.99 ...12.99 ....16.99 1699 16 99 13 99
• S 99 1399 1599 19 99 1S99 1299 . IS 99 . 16 99 . 16 99 . 1399
Operation Neptune .. Operation Wolf ...
Outrun ..... Outrun
Europa ... Overlander . Personal
Nightmare .. Paperboy .
Pacland ....
Pacmama . Peter Beardsley
Phantom Fighter .
Phobia ..... Pioneer
Plague ... Pools of Radiance .. Police Quest
II Populous Populous
Data Discs . Powerdrome ...
Powerplay .. Premier Collection .....
Precious Metal ...
Prison ...... Putty’s
Saga ... Purple Safurn Day ..... Rambo
III . Real Ghost Busters ...
Realms of the Trolls ... Red
...15 99.
...12.99. ...15.99.. ...13.99.. ...12.99.. ...15.99 ...1299.. ...1599 ...12.99. ...16 99 16 99 .
1599 .
16 99 .
* 2 99 .
15 99 1599 1299 1299
• 699 1399 IS 99 IS 99 1399 1999 12 99 15 99 1299 1599 1299 1299
1299 16 99 16 99 .
12 99 AMIGA 500 £369.95 Balance of Power 1990 .
Ballistiks Barbarian ii ... Batman .. Battlechess ... Battlehawks Bio Challenge . Bismark .. Blasleroids .... Blood Money . Bloodwych ... Bubble Bobble .. Buggy Boy .... Butcher Hill ... California Games ..... Captain Blood ... Carrier Command .... Chaos Strikes Back . Or one (Xiesr Comba* Sc’kxM Cflri i*" Cosrr , P rrflv* C*a »
Cars II Ctsiod a** Cyberro J II jaie* I'-otoso' Of.
J-an* s*ce Ltegas fcnte Ceij*e My»opoy Dek «« Mjs»c Oekne Pam: ii Deij.e Pam: in De-j.e P oioan Deu»e v-deo De-an* Du bie D«agon Dragcnscape Dragons lar D»agcn Nif*|3 Dvngecn Master Z ivx t iTiina:or ire F ye ci H 'cuies r 1b Com pa! P o* 'a kv" Falun Misskt Discs Fed. Of Free Traders Fer-a.nde? Mii$ ‘ Ferrari F yinua One F in a' O Forget F i*fc Foortaii Direc*cr I Foortan Mmage n Fogotten Worlds .... Fright Night ... Fusion .... Gauntlet II ..... Gemini Wing . Ghosts & Goblins .....
Giants .... regon’s Domain Grand Monster Slam...... Gryzor .... Gunship . Guerilla War .. Hate Heroes of the Lance AMIGA 500 Air miles pack with 500 free air miles, three games, disc wallet and spritz graphics package £449.95 AMIGA 500 + 1084S Colour Monitor Pack £599.95 C1900 monochrome monitor £99.95
12. 99...
13. 99...
13. 99...
12. 99..
15. 99
13. 99 .13.99 .15.99 A 501 EXPANSION Standard £139.95
.12.99 .15.39
- 13.99 13.99
15. 99 .15.99
13. 99 .13.99
12. 99 .15.99
15. 99 .19.99
13. 99 .16.99 15 99 ’6 99 1299 *599 16 99 1699 16 99
’6 99 13 99 ’6 99 19 99 19 99
12. 99 .12.99
16. 99 .16.99
16. 99 .16.99 Return of the Jedi ...... Rick
Dangerous .
Roadblasters .....
Robocop ..... Rocket
Ranger ...
Rtype . Run'*f g Man Rt«. Me
Gaimtie: ftvt Savage SOI Shoo* ki Up Ccnst'xbon
SilkWorm .... Skate or
Skatebail ..... Skweek
Skychase .... Space Harrier I or
II ...... Speed ball .... ST
Five Star Starglider
II . Star
Ray ...... Steve Davis
Snooker .... STOS ...
Srr *ei6gnw St* er Mar*; On Swc'c ot Sooan Tec*irv Coo Test
• ftV Otrv* II S'.c*y Sc fcar vo» I The Story So Far vol
* hwnovT*'CS 'h„ooe-blade
• h„ooe-cats 1084S Colour Monitor £249.95 EXTERNAL DRIVE Cumana 1
meg £99.95 ATARI520STFM 1 meg Internal Drive £269.95 ATARI
520STFM POWERPACK 20 Games and Business Organiser. 1st basic
and music maker £349.95 ..12.99. ..12.99.. 1399 !
?95 .
1399 .15 99
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9*i 1399 1299 1999 1299 1699 1699 1699 1399 IS 99 1399 15 99
1299 1299 1599 16 99 1399 13 99 .13.99.. ..12.99
- 12.99......
• 599 ’ 6 99 ‘6 9*1 '? 9*1
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16. 99
16. 95
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12. 99
• 599 13 99 ‘6 99 1299 '699 ATARI 1040STFM With Modulator £399.95
ATARI1040STFM Business pack with database, spreadsheet and
wordprocessor £449.95
* 69 ATARI 1040STFM SUPERPACK 21 Games and Joystick £449.95
...12.99.. ...12.99.. 16 99 .
ATARI SC1224 Colour Monitor £299.95 itpt na.xa ’.r«* K Ma.x 13 59 1 99 13.99 12.99
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- •aeksjc Manage' 1699
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mad .....
19.99 13 99 19.99
13.99 ','a»',wc Assassm 16 99 15.99 Sports
Fjxitbaii 12 99 16 99 12.99 19.99 'ypf ix*!
T’tO »SO“ 13 99 Jt)ma V 16 99 15.99 JMS Vstu'y Ho*»d
16 99 12 99 15.99 15.99 Vgljnlf voorauy-A 1U99
1399 10.99 13 99 v u$ 1299 1299 voyager
War •' W.ode Ear*n
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* 3 99 13.99 Z«** McK*ake~ Zany
Golf ..
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Monochrome Monitor £99.95 EXTERNAL DRIVE Cumana 1 meg £109.95
CITIZEN 120D PRINTER £149.95 n:ercep»L*' Jean o* Ai: k,c* on
Kntfai Lance lo: Lav Ousade las* Nmia ii leaderboaro 8*'0 e
L. E.D. Storm . Legend of the Sword..... Licence
To Kill .. Lombard R.A.C. Rally ... Lords of the
Rising Sun.. Manhattan Dealers ..
Menace .. Microprose Soccer ...
Millenium 2 2
1943. ......
Nightraider .... 10 3 1 2- Blank Discs
£9.95 Konix Navigator Joystick £11.95 Joystick Extendors
£4.95 Pro 5000 Joystick £11.95 4 Player Adaptors £4.95 Pro
5000 Clear £12.95 Mouse Mai £4.95 Pro 5000 Extra £13.95
Cheelah 125 Joystick £6.95 Disc Storage Box 40 £5.95 OS
Turbo Joystick £9.95 Disc Storage 8ox 80 £7.95 CHEQUES &
FREE IN U.K. OVERSEAS Cl .50 per item. Subject to
availability and price change without notice. Not all
titles released at time of going to press Name: _ Address
I K Mitchell : . Panne's M. Jam* BARD'S TALE . ST & AMIGA
) £9.99 Cheques & Postal Orders payable to SOFTSELLERS.
Post & Packing Free in U.K. Overseas £1.50 per item.
Subject to availability and price change without notice.
Not all titles released at time of going to press HALF MEG
UPGRADE Access Send cheques to:Dept AF Memory Expansion
Systems Ltd. Britannia Buildings, 46 Fenwick Street,
Liverpool. L2 7NB
(051) 236 0480 re-placed, or lifted, re-typeset and replaced.
Style information is embedded as command codes in the text file and is automatically carried into City Desk when a file is imported.
Text can be edited for content and typographical style once on the page, using a weird one-line editor: to put a word into bold, for instance, you have to scroll through an entire chain, find the word and then insert [b] in front of the word: and then the appropriate command in square brackets inserted after the word to ensure that the remainder of the text chain is not emboldened.
A simplistic graphic editor is part of the City Desk package, and it boasts basic drawing, rotating and fill tools with which quick sketchettes may be created or imported IFF files tarted up.
Graphics can be cropped and sized on the page, and a small, rather tasteless library of clip art is supplied with the program.
Rules in several patterns may be drawn around text or graphics, and drop shadows added in different configurations.
Conclusion City Desk is, without doubt, a powerful page creation package, but the user interface in these days of WIMP environments leaves a great deal to be desired. In some respects, you are expected to 'program' layouts rather than design them and make fluid modifications as work progresses. Only saints will avoid hurling the manual across the room several times during the learning process. If long documents that stick to a basic style are what you need to produce, however, City Desk is well worth getting to grips with because all the text format commands can be entered in the file as
it is being written, and PostScript output is supported if posh results are required for your books or manuals. ¦ Coming Soon... City Desk V2.0 has been released in the States, but has yet to make it to these shores according to Precision Software. From an American flyer on the new version, City Desk would appear to be much enhanced. A full screen text editor, a new graphics editor and the ability to move columns seem to the be three major improvements. A brand new manual is also promised, which could add up to a much more friendly product. Look out for the details in a forthcoming issue,
but in the meantime it might be worth giving Precision a ring to see if they have any Version 1.1s going cheap... CITY DESK CITY DESK V 1.1a £130.39 plus VAT ¦ All Amigas Precision Software Ltd 01 330 7166 SHAKESPEARE Recently reduced in price by almost a third, Shakespeare is the only budget DTP package that allows colour on the page to be carried through to hard copy. Providing you have access to a colour printer, then type, tints and images can be produced in glorious hues. Don't expect too much: the software doesn’t produce colour separation sets for full- colour offset printing, and
even if you have spent a five-figure sum on a colour PostScript printer, Shakespeare's PostScript output is greyscale only.
Mes from the Alley In use, Shakespeare is perfectly friendly, if a little idiosyn-cratic.
Once the basic format of a document - or ‘issue’ - has been set, frames are drawn on the page.
Text and graphics, known as ‘articles’, may then be placed in frames and manipulated. Page elements need to be pre-loaded into memory via a Chart menu before they are available. It is still possible to key text directly into a new frame, but it won't be saved unless a dummy file was loaded into the frame from disk and amended.
Vollme 6,N u«b er 4 . Published bp t'e Mid-Valley Bowling League ¦ While it is great for anyone with a colour printer, Shakespeare is a bit awkward to work with, especially on long documents... This way of working isn’t really intrusive once mastered, encourages orderly filing, and has the advantage of warning the page designer when memory limitations impose restrictions.
Unlike most DTP packages, Shakespeare doesn’t offer a magShakespeare: The Page Integratop Ne»sletters_Ienplate League Champions Make Themselves Known nify function. An optional page preview display gives an overall impression of a page, but all work is carried out at full-size. Rules at the top and left of the work area are used in conjunction with alignment markers to place frames on the page accurately. Up to nine IBS mm HQ ?HI nfl columns may be created across a page, with or without vertical rules, and can be used as layout guides or filled directly with text.
Text loses any bold, medium, italic or underline format attributes when it is flowed onto the page, and has to be adjusted by hand, which proves a pain with long documents. Once a text file has been loaded and selected there are two ways of getting it onto the page: it can be flowed into a series of frames drawn on the page with the frame tool, pouring into the frames as they are drawn, or it can be poured into a set of empty frames already placed on the page. Unfortunately, there's no indication that a text file has overflowed a set of frames, and it would be possible to 'lose' text in a
long or complicated document. Text reflows automatically when the text is edited or the frames are resized or deleted.
While it is possible to mix point sizes and fonts inside a frame or group of frames, thereby producing crossheads and so on, an 'insert frame’ tool allows a new frame to be inserted between two t active text frames in a text chain, or at the head of a series of linked frames. In this way, headings, captions and titles can be placed at discrete points on the page without being affected by reflows of body copy. With a little practice, text can be shuffled around the page very accurately.
Shakespeare imports colour graphics in the IFF format, but prefers them to be saved as brushes and can't cope with with HAM graphics. Each graphic brings its own colour palette with it, and this palette is applied to the whole document on screen when the graphic is selected as the active frame. The palettes for individual text or graphics frames can be altered, and depending on how memory-rich you are, the number of colours in the display (up to 32) and its resolution can also be changed. Changes to the display do not affect the final output on a colour printer, which produces all colours
from all the palettes.
Conclusion Shakespeare is a powerful DTP tool, supported by a clear and informative manual, but it is let down as a serious tool for producing long documents with complicated text formats by its inability to import format information with text. While graphics can be cropped and sized, once imported they can’t be edited and there are no drawing tools for the designer to play with. Printer setup could prove a bit fiddly, and until you get the program and the printer in tune with one another, What You See Won’t Quite Be What You Get.
Brilliant for anyone with a colour printer, Shakespeare is best suited to single page work, and isn’t top choice for mono. ¦ Without doubt, this package is the best DTP deal available on the Amiga. Not only do you get a copy of PageSetter VI .2, but the full-featured word processor KindWords is included, along with a disk of clip art, a disk of headline fonts and LaserScript, a utility that allows PageSetter files to be output on PostScript printers. All this for £20 more than the cost of PageSetter
vl. lon its own... So what about all the 'extras’ accompanying
the DTP software: are they useful or mere padding?
KindWords is a powerful word processor in its own right, capable of accepting graphics files as well as a range of fonts other than those supplied with the Amiga system. A ICS © IMLfM Pagesetter VI.2, part of the Publishers’ Choice package. A powerful set of tools allows frames and their contents to be manipulated on the page: there's even a wipe tool to clear the contents of a frame.
Spelling checker and thesaurus help with proofing and creating text, and such frills as headers and footers are also offered. With a little thought, KindWords itself can accomplish many basic DTP tasks.
The clip art collection supplied is respectable, and is supported by a Headline Font Pack. Finally, LaserScript is more than just a PostScript back end to PageSetter: it can be used to make pages from several PageSetter documents... not obviously useful until you try!
PageSetter itself is effectively three functions rolled into on: text editor, graphics editor and page layout device. Following the analogy of a page on a desk, PageSetter allows text and graphics to be cut and ’parked’ outside the page, much as a paste up artist might work in the real world. Thus elements can be placed on the desk while a layout is being revised.
Flipping to the text or graphics editor takes you away from the layout desk into separate workscreens; once the text or graphic work has been completed, you return to the layout board.
The text editor can load text from a variety of other word processors and offers basic block manipulation functions, find replace and mark exchange operators. It would be perfectly comfortable to write all your text inside this editor, though using KindWords confers the benefits of spelling checker and thesaurus. A pop-up text-editing window can be used as an alternative for writing short captions and headlines.
The graphics editor would make a respectable, if simplistic, stand-alone package. Solid and dotted line and curve facilities are offered, along with an airbrush, a fill facility, text input, and frames as well as a set of cropping and sizing functions: in fact, all that's needed to create, amend, size or crop graphics is present.
PageSetter works on the frame principle, and a grid system can be enabled to assist with the positioning of frames. Units of measurement on the grid and rulers can be in inches or picas. When text is imported, the order of flow can be governed by the order in which frames have been chained together.
A chain of boxes containing text can be treated as a single item.
The attributes of a frame control the attributes of the text it contains, including justification style, font and size, so inserting crossheads in body text requires separate frames.
Conclusion While the package bills itself as an integrated solution, the fact that the programs it contains were not written as a complimentary suite means that the level of integration is not perfect. Text prepared in KindWords. For instance, does not arrive in PageSetter with font and hyphenation information intact. Nitpicking aside, the pack offers all you need to get started, and more, and is accompanied by an excellent manual that makes the learning curve painless to ascend.
PUBLISHERS’ CHOICE PageSetter VI.2 is an elegant and powerful package and, in the company of its boxmates in the Publishers' Choice pack, must be the best low-cost Amiga DTP option available. ¦ i i i)l Tol CHOICE DRTRBRflIN Ltd 52 Idlecombe Road Tooting London S111 1 7 9TB 01-6724791 9am - 8pm 7 Days a week HARDWARE A500 with Modulator ...£377 A1084s Colour Stereo Monitor ..£282 A500 + A1084s .£610 A501 Half Meg
Expansion ..£130 A2000 + A1084 Monitor ..P.O.A Amiga A1010 External Drive .....£135 NEC 3.5" External Drive £85 Senator 3.5" External Drive ..£90 NEC P2200 24 Pin ..£389 Amiga MPS1500C Colour Printer ...£275 Epson
LX800 ....£280 SOFTWARE Due to the ever expanding range of software for the Amiga, space does not allow us to mention every package available.
Below is just a SMALL SAMPLE of our software prices. If the item you require is on the market, then we can supply it and at a competitive rate.
Battlehawks 1942 ......£18 Millenium 2.2 ......£18 Dungeon Master (1 meg required) ....£18 Dragons Lair (1 meg required) ....£32 Elite ...£18 Sword of Sodan ..£18 Publishers Choice .....£89
Publisher Plus ....£78 Shakespeare ....£112 Superbase Personal 2 ...£72 Superbase Professional .....£181 Whatever the item, either leisure or business we can supply it.
We provide full support whenever possible and if we can't then we know a man who can. We never forget that you are the most important person in the company and we will help you get the most from your Amiga and the software that makes the Amiga the machine of today and tomorrow. All our staff are in the process of being trained by Commodore to enable us to provide the service that you expect and deserve. We constantly look at new ways to improve our service and so we are prepared to 'Bundle' items together in any combination that suits you and your pocket, please phone for details on these and
any item you require.
DATABRAIN Ltd 01-672-4791 All our prices include VAT. Please phone for carriage rates.
First news, best buys - every week , COLLECTIONS BY APPOINTMENT, please phone.
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Hardware & Peripherals (Offers while stocks last) A SMALL
flooding in thick and fast this month and as a result we are
proud to announce that we have our first Workbench prize
winner. Stand up Charles Bernasconi, because you’ve just earnt
yourself thirty smackeroonies as reward for your efforts.
PROBLEMS WITH THE EDITOR Help! I’ve got problems with my Amiga which the official Commodore manuals don’t even get near answering.
1. I have tried using the Amiga's Command Line Interface, but I
Aniga font editor VI.3 ¦¦¦¦¦ ¦ ¦¦ ¦¦ ¦ ¦¦ ¦¦¦ :::: .
6 6 4 ?
OFF OFF LoRes Grid Zoon Scroll ¦ FED: the complete answer to how to access fonts on other disks?
Can't seem to be able to edit the 'StartUp-Sequence' file that controls the boot sequence of my Workbench disk. I've tried ED and EDIT, but neither would even display the file.
2. The Workbench font editor, FED, which is to be found within
the 'Tools’ directory of my Extras disk, doesn't allow me to
edit fonts from other disks other than those on my boot disk.
How can I tell it to edit the fonts from my 1.3 Extras disk?
3. The new fonts on my 1.3 Extras disk sound pretty good, but I
can't seem to be able to access them. Please help.
Corin Pearce Bedford, Beds
1. Are you entering the filename of the file to be edited when
first invoking ED? If you enter the correct filename including
the full path, there shouldn't be any problems at all. Try
entering ‘ED S:STARTUP-SEQUENCE' to edit the StartUp-Sequence
of your boot disk. This should work.
Is your Amiga causing your hair to drop out? Do you find yourself getting gradually balder every time you switch on your Amiga? If the answer is Yes!', then Workbench is the solution. While we can't restore your barren baldness to a field of golden locks (you could also try some hair tonic of course!), we'll try our best to solve any Amiga problems. Send your worried words (and bribes) to: WORKBENCH HELPLINE AMIGA FORMAT, 4 QUEEN STREET, BATH BA1 1EJ.
2. The Amiga fonts are always read from a logical device called
FONTS: which is, by default, assigned to the ‘Fonts' directory
of your boot disk. To access fonts on other disks, you'll have
to tell the system where your new fonts are using the 'ASSIGN'
command. To make FED edit the fonts on your Extras disk, you
would type 'ASSIGN FONTS: Extras:FONTS' (Note that there is
miGl SH % 3 r & n J i M X m ar mm 0 W&m Kern [88 | J
Bline|l5~U Space[l7 | XsizeQT] * Midth|l6 I | YsizefliTli a
space between FONTS: and Extras). Now all you have to do is to
run FED and you're away.
3. Simple! You can either copy all the fonts on your Extras disk
to your Workbench disk, or alternatively, use the ‘ASSIGN’
command as detailed in the answer to the second question.
PUTTING THE BOOT IN Could you please help me on the subject of making a disk bootable.
I have tried to make my Amiga BASIC disk autoboot by moving the C directory, S directory and System directory from the Workbench disk to my-AmigaBASIC disk. I've even tried using the CLI 'Install' command but have yet to have any success with it.
N Sowler Merseyside Making a disk bootable is fairly straightforward, and from what you’ve already said, you’ve almost cracked it. To make a simple disk that will boot to Workbench, you'll have to create an S directory, a C directory and a LIBS directory. Firstly, copy the files toadWB' and ‘EndCLT from the Workbench C directory to your C directory, and the file ‘icon.library' from the Workbench LIBS: directory to the new libs directory on your disk.
Next, you'll have to create a 'StartUp-Sequence' file. This file, which must be located in the S directory, is a batch file that is executed by AmigaDOS when you first boot your Amiga. For the sake of example, just create a StartUp-Sequence that contains the following two lines: LoadWB EndCLI The final step to making your disk bootable is to actually write a boot block to Track 0 using the AmigaDOS ‘Install’ command. If the disk to be made bootable was in Drive 1 and your Workbench disk in Drive 0, you would enter ‘INSTALL DF1:'. You now have a bootable mini- Workbench disk which can be
inserted at the ‘Insert Workbench' prompt and will self boot.
DISK COMPLAINT Why is it that the Amiga disk drives are so slow? Before I upgraded, I had a C64 and with the help of a special cartridge, all my games and other software would load in under 9 seconds.
I am also considering buying a 68010 in the hope that this will speed up my machine. Could you please answer the following questions concerning this upgrade.
1. What is the speed increase?
2. Will all my existing games software load with the 68010
3. Is the machine code the same?
S Gregory Lowton, Warrington The Amiga disk drives are indeed slow at times, but what you must consider is that the Amiga is loading considerably more data into memory than a C64 drive has to transfer when loading a game. This obvious problem will hopefully be rectified with the release of Kickstart and Workbench 1.4 which will see the arrival of the brand new 'FastFileSystem' for floppy disks.
The fast file system has already been incorporated into hard drives and typically, speed increases of about seven times have been achieved.
It probably isn’t worth upgrading your machine to a 68010 if you use your Amiga primarily for games. The 68010 won’t speed up your disk drives and will probably not make a great deal of difference to the vast majority of games. However, for heavy number crunching applications, the 68010 will speed up operations between 8% and 50%.
The vast majority of games software should work with the 68010 with no problems at all, because the 68000 series RRP AMIGA i i AMIGA l i AMIGA j i AMIGA REDUCTIONS i i SPECIAL OFFERS i i SPECIAL OFFERS i i REDUCTIONS Software Manhunter in New York .29.95..14.95 King of Chicago 29.95....8.95 Battletech .29.95..14.95 Police Quest .24.95..14.99 Real Ghostbusters 24.95..11.95 Afterburner ..24.95..11.95 Space Quest II 24.95..13.95 Kings Quest III Pack..74.85..19.95 Football Manger II 19.95....9.95 Crystal ......29.95..14.95
SilkWorm .24.95..14.95 Portal .34.95....7.95 Robbeary ..24.95.... 5.95 Thexter .....24.95....4.99 Action Service 19.95....4.95 Pioneer Plague 24.95....6.95 Roger Rabbit (1 meg)29.95....9.95 Soccer Supremo 19.95....6.95 Marias Christmas Box...24.95....5.95 Summer Olympiad ....19.95....5.95 Winter Olympiad 19.95....5.95 Vindicators ...24.95....9.95 Indoor Sports 24.95....5.95 Incredible Shrinking Sphere.. .24.95. ...9.95 Fire Power .. 24.95....6.95 Leaderboard 24.95....7.50 Out
Run ....19.95....7.50 Academy ..24.95....6.95 Armageddon Man 24.95....3.99 Hawkeye ..19.99..13.99 Vigilante ...14.99.. 10.95 Speed Ball 24.95..16.95 Fun School under 6 ...24.95..14.95 Fun School 6 to 8 24.95..14.95 Fun School 8 to 12.....24.95..14.95 Lord Rising Sun 29.95..21.95 Hollywood Poker Pro....29.95..19.95 Batman .....24.95..17.95 RRP PARTNERS: S A BEECH & R A BEECH Nigel Mansells GP.....24.95....5.95 Rocket Ranger ....29.95..18.95 Sword of Sodan ...29.95..15.95
Populus ....24.95..18.95 De Ja Vu ...24.95....9.99 GFL Football 29.95....4.99 Star Goose 24.95... 6.95 Backlash ...19.95....5.95 GFL Golf ...24.95....6.95 Strike Force Harrier...24.95....5.95 Foundations Waste ...24.95....5.95 Romantic Encounter.....24.95....5.95 Blackjack Academy...24.95....5.95 Solitaire Royal .....29.95.. .6.95 Quadralien ...24.95....4.99 Slaygon .....24.95....4.99 SDI (Cinemaware).....29.95....8.95 GFL Basketball ...24.95....6.95 GFL
Baseball ......24.95....6.95 Teenage Queen ..24.95..15.95 R-Type ......24.95..16.95 Pacmania ..19.95.. 13.95 Pacland .....19.95..13.95 Prison 19.95..11.95 Super Hang on ....24.95..16.95 Dungeon Master .24.95..16.95 TV Sports F Ball ..29.95..21.95 Denaris .....24.95..16.95 Falcon ......29.95. .19.95 Test Driven .29.95 .22.95 IK+ .....24.95..16.95 Balistics ....19.95..13.99 Elite
..24.95..15.99 Blood Money 24.95..15.95 Ultima 4 ....24.95..15.95 Milenium 2.2 24.95..15.95 Gunship ....24.95..15.95 Microprose Soccer.....24.95..15.95 Kick Off .....19.95..12.95 Custodian .19.95 14.50 Deluxe Paint III (1 meg).....79.95..54.95 RRP Personal Nightmare .29.95..18.95 Archipelagos ......24.95.. 15.99 Space Harrier ......24.99..15.99 Journey to the Centre of the Earth ..19.95..13.95
L. E.D Storm ..19.95..13.95 Bio
challenge ......24.95..14.95 Gauntlet
II 24.95..16.95 Super
Scramble ...19.95..14.50
Scorpion ...24.95..15.95 Lombard RAC
Rally...24.95..14.95 Bards Tale 24.95....7.50
Marble Madness .24.95....7.50
Vixen .24.95....4.95
Bombuzal .24.95....6.95 Fernandez Must Die
.24.95....6.95 Faery Tale Adventure...24.95....8.95
Tracers .....24.95....5.95 Ebon
Star .24.95....5.95 Hellfire
Attack ....24.95....5.95 Galactic
Invasion 24.95....5.95 Leather
Goddess 29.95....6.99 Nord &
Bert ..29.95....6.99
Sherlock ....24.95....6.99
Bureaucracy .34.95....6.99 Better Dead Than Alien
. 24.95....5.95 Strip Poker 11+ .....19.95....7.95
Spitting Image ....24.95....3.99
Shanghai ..24.95....4.99
Maniax .....24.95. ...4.99 Garfield II
(Winters Tale)....24.95 15.95 Zac
Mcracken .....24.95..17.95 War in Middle
Earth..24.95..16.95 Road Blasters ......19.95..13.95
Lancelot ...24.95..15.95 Three
Stooges .....29.95....9.95 Division
1 ..19.95....5.95 Billiard
Sim ...24.95....7.95
Wanted .....24.95...6.95 Photon Paint (no
Just disc manuals).....79.95..19.95 Castle Warrior .....14.95 Thunderbirds ......10.99 Dominator ....15.95 Kingdoms of England 20.95 Forgotten Worlds 13.95 Techno Cop ....6.99 Hostages .9.99 Teenage Queen ....7.99 Annals of Rome ....9.99 Waterloo 16.99 Legend ..12.99 Captain Blood 8.99 Power Struggle .....7.99 Mini
Golf ..6.99 Virus ..12.99 Chariots of Wrath ...15.95 Kult ....15.95 Star Wars .7.95 GB Air Rally ...5.95 Alien Legion .15.95 Shoot Em Up Con Kit 19.95 Robo Cop ......16.95 New Zealand Story .16.95 3D Pool ..15.95 Tom & Jerry .16.95 Evil Garden .13.95
Powerdrome .16.95 Run The Gauntlet ...15.95 ZorkZero ......18.95 Trained Assassin 16.95 Balance of Power 1990 ..18.95 Virus killer ......5.95 King Quest Triple Pack RRP OUR PRICE £74.95 ...£14.95 CASTLE SOFTWARE 2 WILLIAM CLOWES STREET BURSLEM, STOKE-ON-TRENT TELEPHONE: 0782 575043 NOW TAKEN NOW TAKEN of processors are all upwardly compatible. The difference between the 68000 and the 68010 where machine code programming is concerned is that you cannot use the ‘MORE SR.ea'
operation as this is a privileged instruction on the 68010. To get around this, you must use the exec function GetCCO.
My problem may be a simple one, but it's been bugging me for months. How can I change the shape and colour of the mouse pointer on my Amiga? I know that I could use the Workbench Preferences program to edit the pointer on my Workbench disk, but how about PD disks? I've been trying to change the pointer on a Seventeen Bit Software disk without any success. I have even copied the Preferences icon from my Workbench disk to the PD disk, but it still does not work!
Arash Shababi Kingswood, Surrey When you boot a disk, the Amiga reads all the details it requires about screen colours, printer configuration and, yes, pointer definition, from a file in the 'DEVS’ directory called 'sysfem- configuration'. To copy the pointer definition from your Workbench disk to your PD disk, all you have to do is to copy this file to the DEVS directory of the PD disk. Simple enough, really.
AZTEC-NICAL AS YOU LIKE I have just purchased 'Amiga C for Beginners’ by Abacus and have already stumbled upon a problem.
On Section 3.2 (Page 19), it gives two listings to bring the compiler into use. After typing in a simple C program, I tried using the instructions in the book to invoke the C compiler.
Unfortunately, all that happened was that the machine told me that 'CC' was an unknown command.
I have looked in the C directory, but cannot seem to find anything resembling the commands referred to within the book. Could you please tell me whether I have to buy either the Lattice or Aztec C compilers to be able to use the programs in the book.
A Messengur High Wycombe, Bucks To be able to compile C programs, you will indeed need to buy a C Compiler. Although both Aztec and Lattice will compile the same source code (programs), they use different filenames to invoke the compiler programs themselves (Aztec uses the Unix- like 'cc' and Lattice uses ‘Icl The Abacus book is written using the Manx compiler as the basis for all examples and so if you want to stick word-for-word to the book, Aztec C is your best bet.
Currently the best (and most complete) C compiler system available for the Amiga is Lattice C version 5, which is available from either HiSoft (0525 718181) or MetaComco (0272 428781) for around £250. ¦ TURBO CHARGING AMIGABASIC Anyone who has used AmigaBASIC for more than a couple of minutes will soon grow tired of it’s oh-so-slow redraw rate. If you've never noticed, try moving a window in front of the BASIC 'List' window and then remove It and you'll see AmigaBASIC redrawing the program text at a phenomenally slow rate.
The reason for this is that AmigaBASIC uses the Intuition SIMPLEREFRESH1 technique to redraw the screen. This basically means that the AmigaBASIC program has to manually redraw every time you bring the ‘List’ window to the front of a group of windows.
The short BASIC ‘patch’ below cures this by changing the 'List' window's definition from 'SIMPLEREFRESH', to the faster 'SMART REFRESH'. Smart Refresh is faster because the window contents are remembered by Intuition every time a window obscures it.
When the window is then removed, Intuition simply uses the blitter to paste the window contents back onto the screen. Clever eh!
Charles Bernasconl Ashow, Kenilworth DEFLNG a-Z CHDIR "Extras:BasicDemos " LIBRARY "dos.library" DECLARE FUNCTION xOpenf) LIBRARY f=xOpen(SADD("Extras:AmigaBASIC"+CHR$ (0)),1005) CALL Seek(f,22289,0) CALL xWrite(f,SADD(CHRS(0)),1) CALL xClose(f) I0IBAS1C: dainl Connodore Aniga BASIC Version 1.2 Created 6 Oct 1986 Copyright (c) 1985, 1986 By Microsoft Corp. LIBRARY "arp.library" LIBRARY "exec.library" DECLARE FUNCTION FiLeRequestfi(bufferfi LIB DECLARE FUNCIION BaseNaiie« pathPtrS) LIBRA DECLARE FUNCIION FindlaskSttaskS) LIBRARY DECLARE FUNCIION GetFi1e fi1enaneS,texts DECLARE SUB
IackOntpathS,fileS) LIBRARY 3682840 Bytes free in Systen 25880 Bytes free in BASIC Ok WAIIRS : 128 * 64 * 16 'Backdrop Bor SCREEN 1,328,256,5,1 WINDOW l.’SuperPaint 2",(8,0)- 311,242),W WINDOW OUTPUT 1 ScreenPointerS : WIND0M(7 *46 Divert DOS: Hornrlir i ndTaskMB) _I I AmigaBasic in action: but it could run so much more quickly.
RE-ROUTING DOS When you open a custom screen using AmigaBASIC, or in fact any language. AmigaDOS still sends all requesters to the default Workbench screen. Programs that have not taken this into account are easily spotted because the Workbench screen pops to the front every time a requester is displayed: which is not only shoddy programming, it's also very annoying for the user of your software.
As always, there is a way of redirecting AmigaDOS so that instead of writing all requesters to the Workbench screen, they are instead sent to your custom screen. The code below is a short AmigaBASIC stub that should be included directly into your main program after your custom screen has been opened to achieve the desired effect.
LIBRARY "exec.library" DECLARE FUNCTION FindTaskS (tasks) LIBRARY MyProcS = FindTaskS(0) Temps = PF.F.KL (MyProc&+184) POKEL MyProe&+184, WINDOW(7) To restore DOS routing to the Workbench screen, just enter the following line at the end of your program.
POKEL MyProc&+184, Temps And there it is. Simple but effective, professional-looking re-routing. ¦ FFS: FAST FLOPPY SYSTEM?
Users who purchased Workbench 1.3 may have been disappointed to find that the new fast file system is one available to hard disk users (look out for 1.4 though!) However, with a little bit of tinkering with the MountList file in the DEVS: directory of your boot disk, FFS can just about be talked into working with floppy disks.
The MountList entry below must be appended to the end of the existing mountlist and provides system information for a new floppy drive device called FFO:.
* Mount Entry to allow use of FFS on floppies * FFO: Device = trackdisk.device FileSystem = 1:FastFileSystem Unit = 0 Flags = 1 Surfaces = 2 BlocksPerTrack = 11 Reserved = 2 Interleave = 0 LowCyl = 0 ; HighCyl =79 Buffers = 20 BufmemType = 3 Mount = 1 DosType = 0x444f5301 stacksize = 4000 Globvec = -1 Note that the ‘ ’ is very important.
Unfortunately, not everything is rosy in the fast file system garden, and there are a couple of ‘ifs and buts’. Firstly, the fast file system and the old (slow) system are incompatible, so you cannot boot from an FFS disk. Secondly, when FFO: is mounted, there must be an FFS format disk in the drive or else the machine will complain bitterly. To get around this, the first time you mount FFO:, you must instantly format a disk with the FFS using the ‘FFS1 option on the Workbench 1.3 'Format' command.
J. Forrest Sunderland, Tyne and Wear PARLEZ VOUS AMIGA?
If you're lucky enough to have upgraded your Amiga to Workbench 1.3, then you may not have noticed a very handy little addition that enables the Amiga to read text files without having to use the system Say’ command (although it's still there if you need it).
Workbench 1.3 added a new device handler called SPEAK:’ that can be used in a similar way to other devices such as ‘PAR:’ and 'SER:' to allow files to be redirected to them without the hassle of having to initialise data structures etc. The most common application for this is for CLI users who wish to have a text file audibly read to them (a bit like having a proof reader on a disk!). For example, to copy a text file called 'Fred' to the SPEAK: device, you would type: COPY Fred SPEAK: or alternatively: TYPE SPEAK: Fred AmigaBASIC users can also use the SPEAK device as an alternative to
the standard ‘SAY’ and TRANSLATE’ commands, to allow immediate access to the speech synthesiser. All you would do is to open a channel to the SPEAK: device in the same way as you would open a channel to the PAR:’ or SER:’ devices using the following command: OPEN "SPEAK:" FOR OUTPUT AS 1 PRINT 1, "HELLO THERE" Ollie Alderton Bath, Avon WIMMING SPOOL When using the CLI, you don't want to have your CLI window tied up while a long text file prints out. Thankfully, with a multi-tasking operating system such AmigaDOS, it is fairly simple to implement a printer spooler that will print out
The batch file below will (surprise surprise!) Do the job very nicely thankyou. As well as allowing you to print in the background, the batch file also allows you to send a file to the printer as a hex dump using an extra 'HEX' parameter.
To use it, all you have to do is to enter 'Execute Spool filename*' and press return. To access the extra hex option, you would have to enter ‘Execute Spool filename* HEX’. Note that Workbench 1.3 users can make the batch file executable by using the Shell environment and the 'Protect Spool +S’ command. ,
F. Moane Belfast, N. Ireland .key filename a, typ s if not exists
filename echo "File Not Found" quit else copy filename to
ram: filename if typ eq "HEX" run NIL: type
ram: filename to PRT: opt h else run NIL: type
ram: filename to PRT: .endif delete ram: filename endif echo
"Printing file in Background" quit FIFTY BEER TOKENS UP FOR
Your country needs you! Or to be more precise, Workbench needs you. We want tips on any aspect of using the Amiga, whether you're a Sunday afternoon BASIC programmer or a late-night machine code hacker, we want to hear from you! Even if you can't program for toffee (and are justifiably proud of the fact), we want tips on using (or abusing) the Amiga and it’s software.
How will we reward you for your monumental efforts? How does some real heavy bread, like 50 big ones sound? Send your words of wisdom to: WORKBENCH, AMIGA FORMAT, 4 QUEEN STREET, BATH, BA1 1EJ commodore % YOUR ONE STOP SHOP MORE SOFTWARE THAN YOU CAN HANDLE!
Prices include VAT, delivery & warranty.
Please add £15 for overnight delivery.
All systems are tested before despatch.
On-slte maintenance options available.
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Heat .....
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.. Helter Skelter..... .....9.99 Rolling
Thunder ....
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14. 99
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Gods Lie ..
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19. 99 Jug ... 1 1.99 Space 1 larricr
2 .....
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16. 99 .....7.99
7. 99 .....7.99
7. 99
7. 99 .....7.99
7. 99
7. 99
7. 99
7. 99
7. 99 Cybernoid 2 Daley Thompson 88......
.....1 1.99
14. 99 Last Duel . Led Storm
13. 99 Strike Force Harrier..... Strip Poker 2+
9. 99 InlUCl VJI . Nord And
Bert ..... Romantic Encounters .....
Skyehase ..... Sea
Stalker .. Seconds
Out Damocles ....
Darius 89 .... 1 1.99
14. 99 Legend of Djel ..... Legend of Sword ..
14. 99 Super 1 langon Superbase Personal......
16. 99
59. 95 Darkside .....
Denaris .....16.99 leisure Suit
l.arry 2 ... Lombard RAC Rally ... .19.99
14. 99 Superman .. Sword of Sodan .....
14. 99 DNA Warrior
Dominator ... 1 1.99
13. 99 Lords of Rising Sun.... Manhatton Dealer......
14. 99 Talcspin ..... Tangled
Tales .
17. 99
14. 99 Soldier of Light ....
Spcllbreaker . Stock
Market ...... Strike Force
Harrier Double Dragon Dragon
Ninja ...
11. 99
15. 99 Maria Whittaker .. Mayday Squad ....
Menace .... ...9.99
12. 99 Tech ....
Technocop .. Teenage Queen ......
13. 99 Dragonscape ... Dragonslair 1 meg ..
15. 99 .12.99
11. 99 Strip Poker Data Bev & Dawn ....7.99
29. 99 Microprose Soccer...... .14.99 Test Drive 2 The
21. 99 Strip Poker Data Lee & Roy ... .....7.99
Driller ..
14. 99 Millenium 2.2 ......
16. 99 Theatre Europe .....
14. 99 Strip Poker Data Rachel & Kim . 7.99 Dungeon
Master .....
15. 99 Mortville Manor ...
15. 99 Thundcrbirds . ..... 16.99 Strip Poker Data
Suze & Bianca.7.99 Eliminator ... Elite.....
13. 99
14. 99 Motor Massacre ... Navcom 6 .
.13.99 .16.99 Thundcrbladc . Tiger
Road ..
16. 99
17. 99 Tetra Quest ..
Tetris ...7.99
7. 99 Emmanuelle Empire 1 1.99
19. 99 Navy Moves .. Nebulus____ .16.99
..17.99 Time and Magik .... Times of
Lore . ......12.99 ......14.99
Thexder . Three
Stooges .....
7. 99 ....7.99 Empire Strikes Back 11 99 Nel herworld 17 99
14. 99 Tracers .
7. 99 F Cdinnotfp 11 99 Oner tinn Hormu 12 99 T racers 16 99
Typhoon ....7.99
r. huiui lucv ... Euro Space Shuttle
Exolon . F16 Combat Pilot ...
16. 99
16. 99
16. 99 '- uciaHUii i itn mu ..... Operation Neptune.....
Operation Wolf .... Outrun .....
..14.99 ..14.99 ...8.99 Tracksuit
Manager Triad ... Trlv Pursuit
New Begin.
1 1.99
18. 99 ......12.99 Vixen
Winter Olympiad 88
Zynaps ..
7. 99 ...7.99 ...7.99 Falcon F16 .. Falcon
Mission Disc 1 ... Fantavision . .
19. 99
13. 99
29. 99 Outrun Europa ... POW ..
Pacland..... ...9.99 ..19.99 ..11.99 TV
Sports Football . Typhoon Thompson Ultima
4 .....
17. 99
11. 99
14. 99 ELECTRONIC ARTS Fed of Free Traders_____
19. 99 Paemania . ..11.99 Ultimate
Golf ..
13. 99 SPF.r.TAT. OFFERS Final Command .....19.99 Papcrbov.....
....14.99 UMS Scenario 1 ....
8. 99 1 1UU1 WlllllllUIIVI ..... Fish 14 99 Peter
Beardsley____ ....12.99 UMS Scenario 2 ....
8. 99 Flight Sim 2 Fit Disc 7 or 11
...... Fit Disc European ..
26. 99
13. 99
13. 99 Phantom Fighter Phobia .....
Pioneer Plague .... ..13.99 ..14.99
..14.99 Univ Military Sim ..
Verminator .
14. 99 14 99 NAME AMIGA Arcbon Collection ..8.99
Victory Road ...
14. 99 Arctic Fox .... Bards Talc
1 Deluxe Music Con Kit ....
Deluxe Paint 3 .... ndiivp Phnloliili
...8.99 ...8.99 .49.99 .49.99 .49.99 Fit Disc
Japan . Flying Shark ... Fool Man 2
Exp Kit
13. 99
14. 99
8. 99 Platoon .... Police Quest
Police Quest 2 .... ..14.99 ..16.99
..16.99 Vigilante ..... Vindicators
(Domark) ... Virus ... ......10.99
12. 99
12. 99 Football Director 2 . Football Manager 2
Foundations Waste . Freedom ......
Frightnight ..
11. 99
11. 99
8. 99 1 1.99 1 1.99 Pool of Radiance . Precious
Metal ..... Premier Collection......
Prison ...... Purple Saturn Dav..... R
Tvpe ...... Raffles ......
Raider ...... Rambo 3 ..
Ramrod .... Reach For The Stars...
..16.99 ..15.99 ..18.99 ..1 1.99
14 99 Virus Killer .
Voyager ...... W C Lcadcrboard ... W
Gretzky Hockey . Wanderer 3D .. ......18.99
15. 99 ..8.99
24. 99 1 1.99 L tlUAC I IhllUlrU) . Deluxe Print
2 .... Deluxe Production ..
Deluxe Video ...... Ferrari Formula
1 ... 49 99 .89.99 .49.99 .16.99 Frontier
(EPT) .. Fun School 2 (6-8) Fun School 2 (over
8) .... Fun School 2 (under 6).. Galactic Conqueror
Galdregons Domain Game Over 2 ...
14. 99 ......15.99
15. 99
15. 99
14. 99
12. 99
16. 99
16. 99 ..14.99 ..11.99 ..14.99
..16.99 ..16.99 War in Middle Earth.....
Waterloo ..... Wee Le Mans ..
Weird Dreams Xenon .
Zak McKracken ..... Zany Golf ...
14. 99
14. 99
14. 99
14. 99 ......14.99
16. 99
16. 99 Fusion ..
Interceptor .. Marble
Madness .
Populous .....
Powerdrome Skyfox
2 ...... Test
Drive .... Word Tour
Golf ... .16.99 .16.99 ...8.99 .16.99 .16.99
...8.99 .19.99 ...8.99 Please send cheque PO Access Visa no
and expiry date to:- Dept AF9, Trybridge Ltd, 8 Buckwins
Square, Burnt Mills, Basildon, Essex SSI3 1BJ Please state
make and model of computer when ordering. Postage and packing
included in UK on orders over £5.00. Orders less than £5.00
and Europe add £1.00 per item.
Elsewhere please add £2.00 per item for Airmail.These offers are available mail order only.
New releases sent on day of release. Tel orders: 0268 590766 VISIONARY The Vision Factory, in Zetland Road, Bristol, originally covered many kinds of Audio Visual work including conferencing and projection, but now concentrates on video production, Its current major project is a series of documentaries for a Middle Eastern industrial firms. Although the stuff is filmed on 35mm by international crews, it is then transferred to video in London and Steve is responsible, alongside the director, for all post-production work: editing the pictures, and then adding computer graphics, titles and
The computer graphics are exclusively produced by specialist firms on high-end dedicated machinery, such as Ihe £1.5m Symbolics or Quantel Paintbox graphics systems currently used m many a TV ident. "Even Kings have logos", explains Steve, “and if they’re going to, then they might as well have the business.” Similarly sound, both effects and narration, is produced through expensive chip-based hardware. No synchronised sound is recorded on location: instead, the best possible example of a particular sound (say, for instance, a bulldozer moving) is sampled and then looped or repeated as
necessary to make it fit.
This also allows doctoring to improve the quality of the sound. A Casio FZ1 keyboard takes the samples, and they are then transferred to an Audiofile and literally played back from the keyboard to fit in with the picture. A gadget called a Synclavier is now available that can alter the duration of a sound without changing the pitch, which will allow the voice of a narrator to be altered to fit a required space: particularly handy for squeezing in an overdub of a foreign- language translation into a less compact language than English.
In competition with such advanced hardware, even the Amiga can become lost. However, Steve admits that relatively cheap Amiga products even now can "give a taste of similar applications that do cost a fortune.” Partly he blames lack of investment for the slow development Steve Haley, who will be providing our video coverage, is the mastermind behind The Vision Factory.
DAMIEN NOONAN chatted with him.
Of the Amiga's support in this area, believing that companies make a faster buck knocking out games: partly, he acknowledges that professionals such as he are reluctant to believe that one single flexible piece of hardware can reproduce the results of expensive, dedicated, specialist kit.
Steve bought himself an Amiga A500 with the insurance money when his mountain bike was stolen, and his main uses for the small machine since have been as a wordprocessor, for invoicing and basic accounts for the business, and - of course - for playing games. As a great fan of Carrier Command and Leaderboard, and having been somewhat disappointed by Populous, Steve is clearly excited by the potential of the computer to create its own internal realities in much the same way as a film or a video does, and consequently loves games in which the player becomes deeply and credibly involved.
Steve stresses that the upgrade path of the Amiga is going to be of great significance, but he has yet to fully explore the possibilities of a larger » POP GROUP Non m:i soon set il on The Chart Show and MTV the video features the face of Mark Stewart.erstwhile leader of The Pop (irmip.
His lace distorted as mam weird and wonderful images are projected onto it. This remarkahle low - budget affair was pul together h Steve Hale), the man behind production outfit The ision Factors Amiga in his work as a video producer.
He has plans to start with rough sketches or storyboards, perhaps using Dpaint III, for the major animation sequences that he contracts to specialised companies: and eventually to produce key frames, around which the animation will be worked, for himself.
Already, he admits that many of the 3D ray-traced demos on the Amiga are showing more imagination and polish than can be achieved using the ‘serious’ heavyweight professional gear.
If nothing else, remember this: given the right attitude and imagination, Steve himself has proved that, even with minimal amounts of the vital ingredient of all video productions, money, you can simulate what the big boys are doing, and HOME STL 10 Steve Haley finds one package containing everything but the kitchen sync... The makers of Video Sludio make a number of ambitious claims ranging from the comprehensiveness of its facilities to the ease of use and the straightforward nature of the hardware needed: so let’s start with what is actually required to use this package with any real
purpose in video programme making, at any level.
A meg of RAM and two disk drives is assumed, the packaging states cheerfully. However, it should be stressed that on the A500 a memory expansion with a real-time clock is definitely preferable, because many functions use the clock. Using a memory expansion without a real-time clock could extend the start-up procedure by quite a while, particularly as there seems to be a bug at the start which could leave the beginner in some distress. This can be overcome, and providing the clock is correctly set there should be no more specific problems. The A1000 and A2000 will run Video Studio but,
again, you may need to re-program the start-up sequence before you-do.
A Jaguar without Petrol The next claim is that no previous computer experience is required. No previous experience required??? Even though the keyboard-driven menu interface is very friendly, I can’t help but feel that this is an exaggeration. Even less credible is the assertion that the program can be used without a genlock. Certain parts of a Jaguar VI2 will operate without petrol, and certain parts of the Video Studio will even go one better. The images on this page were all produced with the aid of little time or cash. With the Amiga’s help, Steve says, you can "do things that look as
if they're real.” And perhaps that’s what it’s all about. ¦ operate without a genlock: but neither of these prospects offers a fraction of either product’s potential. Somehow, though, I can't see Jaguar describing petrol as non-essential, so let's come clean. A genlock with the potential for foreground and background modes is necessary to use a very large part of Video Studio. Two video machines, or one video camera and one video machine, are also required to produce and record results. A basic art package is also highly recommended (see below for details). This information is not intended
to worry potential users, but to help avoid disappointment and frustration.
Video Studio has been developed exclusively for the Amiga as a complete video post-production utilities package, not as just another video titler: it also provides a range of functions that can be of use in many different types of video production. The manufacturers ZVP are trying to sell to the professional market » Professional D G r ?
S e s i g n a p h i c DTP?
B u s i n e s If you’re interested in using the Amiga professionally, or are already doing so, you should call us. With our experience as a Commodore approved Amiga business centre, we can get you and your system working at full speed, be it anything from video presentations to application development. And with on-site maintenance, training, telephone support and in-house programming, we can make your life easier, too.
2-3 Fitzroy Mews, London, wip sdq.
TELEPHONE 01 -387 4010 Facsimile 01-3801500 VideoStudio for the AMIGA ! I MR jfe&lL 'Comprehensive m its capabilities' »'VideoStudio impresses greatly' VIDEO THE ZVP VIDEOSTUDIO PACKAGE IS A COMPLETE EASY-TO-USE VIDEO POST-PRODUCTION SOFTWARE UTILITIES SUITE, FEATURING:
* A choice from up to 4096 colours.
* A library ol Wipe Fade effects and Border (mask) patterns for
use with genlocked video
* Customisable. Station Clock and broadcast style VTR starclock
* A stopwatch with options such as day-and date, frame display
etc. rns with audio test tones.
* A suite of standardised te: Eg. Crosshatch. Testcard.
I titler with TITLING * A mam s-
* A scroll tiller with s
* A subtuier with colc
* 20 high-quality font rendering options.
And Outline'drop-shadow
* Overlay over live video or over background picture files (IFF)
generated by a paint package or a video digitiser frame grabber
* lmporting€xporting of Fonts to from other packages.
VIDEOSTUDIO produces an interlaced output directly compatible with a" VCR formats & Tvs and may be used with or without a genlock. It requires an Amiga A500 1000 or 2000 computer with 2 disk drives and i Mbyte of memory VIDEOSTUDIO is available now for ....£99 AMIGA GENLOCK DEVICES Minigen (lor the home user) ..£115 Rendal A8802 (For the
pro semi-pro) £287 G2 VideoCenler professional Genlock ..£685 (The G2 is S-VHS compatible * has manual Faders mixers - call for availability) GENLOCKS + SOFTWARE Minigen . Videostudio software ..(save £22) £193 Minigen * Video Generic Maste Tilling software ...(save £5) £180 (Video Master Software will run on an unexpanded
A500) ..... Rendale A8802 + Videostudio ....(save £57) £329 Rendale A8806 Professional Sfudio Qualify Genlock + Videosludio .....CALL AMIGA HARD DISKS Amdrive A500 30Mb (one year extended warranly) £435 A500 20Mb fast hard disk (Autobool under 1.2 or 1.3) ? 2Mb ram CALL A590 20Mb hard disk (OK ram
titled) .£399 Other Amiga products are available. Send large SAE for details.
E3 ES ALL PRICES INCLUDE UK VAT * P&P Send PO Cheques to: MAZE TECHNOLOGY 20 Woodlands Road. Walthamstow E17 3LE 01-520-9753 J Mail order only SPECIAL OFFER * SPECIAL OFFER * Are you new to the Amiga, finding it difficult to harness the power of this amazing computer ?, then what you need is help from the largest group of Amiga enthusiasts in the world . Members receive:- Buy any Amiga Atari PC Pack and receive our FREE SPECIAL STARTER PACK which includes 10 Public Domain Disks plus 10 blank disks.
Existing Amiga users can buy our SPECIAL PACKS tor £30.00 inclusive.
Please ring for details.
AMIGA A500 PACKS PACK A Amiga A500 + Mouse * Modulator * Our Special Pack ....£370.00 PACK B Amiga A500 * Mouse * Modulator * 10 Games * Our FREE Special Pack .....£395.00 PACK C Amiga A500 * Mouse » Modulator * 10 Games » Photon Paint * Our FREE Special Pack ....£399.99 PACK D Amiqa A500 * Mouse * Modulator ? 9 Games . Joystick * Our FREE Special
Pack £399.99 PACK E Amiga A500 * Mouse * Modulator . 512KB RAM Expansion * Dragons Lair * Our Special Pack ....£548.99 PACK F Amiga A500 . Mouse » Modulator * A1084 Colour Monitor . Our Special Pack ......£649.99 PACK G Amiga A500 * Mouse * Modulator * A1010 Disc Drive * Aegis Sonix + Our Special
Pack ...£548.99 Amiga External Disk Drive Drive with througbport'disable switch .....£95.00 80 Bridgeboard ..£860.00 For AMIGA B2000 ring tor out Special price.
ATARI 520STFM 1040STFM PACK A 520STFM + 1 Meg Disk Drive . BASIC * Our FREE Special Pack + Books ...£275.00 PACK B 520STFM . 1 Meg Disk Drive + BASIC * 22 Games . Our FREE Special Pack .
Books ... £365.00 PACK C 1040STFM • t Meg * BASIC . Books * VIP * Microsoft Write * Superbase Personal *¦ Our FREE Special Pack .£460.00 PACK D 1040STFM * 1 Meg - BASIC - 22 Games Progs - Our FREE Special Pack ..£460.00 Increase the speed of your Amiga with our 68010 Processor . Full instruclion .£30.00 Double the speed of
your Amiga with the Accelerator Card With the 14.3 Mhz 68000 * Opiona ’6 NHZ 68881 Co-Processor £ 1 79 00 increase me Speed o' Vouf XTB dgeboerd with our V20 Upgrade £20 00 Add 8087-2 Co Processor !o your X Ihnogeboerd PC £134 00 upgrade your *«« 2000 with ou- 8028b Ce'd From £300 100% GUARANTEED ERROR FREE BRANDED UNBRANDED 3' 2" DSDD .£1 3W DSDD .. 51 4" DSDD.. .
5' 4" DSDD .... r Library Case per box of 10 SONY 3M VERBATIM per Oty of 25 3 R" DSDD ...£14.00 per box of 10 per box of 10 3W DSHD ....£38.00 per box of 10 per box of 10 5' 4" DSDD ...£13.00 per box ot 10 5 4" DSHD ....£27.00 per box ot 10 51 4- DSDD ......£12.00 per Qty of 25 574- DSHD ...£24.00 per box of 10 We also slock COMPUTER BOOKS, COMMODORE 64‘S and COMPATIBLES.
All prices are inclusive of VAT. Goods are despatched within 24 hours of cleared transaction. Personal Callers welcome. Please send your cheque Postal orders to: QUADSOFT COMPUTERS Unit 306, 203 213 Mare Street, London E8 3QE.
Telephone: 01-533 5116 0860 564231 ? Excellent discounts on software ? Technical support and on line help ? Superb hardware reductions A A bi-monthly newsletter of over 60 pages!
A Access to a PD library of over 300 disks A Use of the groups Amiga only bulletin board a Discounts on books 11 AMIGAH DON’T HESITATE - JOIN NOW and start to appreciate what Amiga computing is all about.
For further details write, enclosing a stamped addressed envelope to: The U.K. Amiga User Group, 66, London Road, Leicester. LE2 OQD.
Or Telephone : Leicester (0533) 550993 PHOTOFIIlE ST & Amiga Digitising Service See Format's full review of our service on pages 23 & 24 of the June issue '¦ We can digitise your pictures in these formats: Amiga...Enhanced HAM. High-res. Lo-res and Halfbrite (64 colours) for Deluxe Paint 3.
All with Interlace or Overscan if required.
Maximum size A4 minimum size passport photo size.
• Orders are processed and dispatched within 24 hours.
• Originals are returned with your order by first class post and
in card backed or padded envelopes.
• Free slideshow utility on every' disk.
Colour £1.50 B&W £1.00 each Add £2.00 per disk (Kodak) and £1.00 P&P per order.
Send an SAE for our info sheet or £3.00 for our demo disk and an info sheet.
NEW - Amiga DTP Clip Art !
Using our own custom software, we have imported from other computers such as the Mac and the ST. hundreds of pictures of hundreds of subjects. The pictures have been converted to IFF and can be loaded directly into Amiga DTP and art applications.
The seven disk set has never been seen on the Amiga before. It is available exclusively from Photofile.
The DTP Clip Art Collection £35 Please make cheques POs payable to PHOTOFILE, PO Box 49, North PDO, Nottingham, NG5 6SR Telephone (0602) 261498 We regret Photofile cannot accept responsibility tor photographs or pictures lost or damaged in the post AMIGA HARDV WARE OFFERS » il 3 vf'L JbVSK is Amiga A500 TV Modulator, Kickstart 1.3, Workbench 1.3 Mouse Mat 10 Top Quality Games IS Amiga A500 TV Modulator Kickstar 1.3 Workbench 1.3, Mouse Mat 10 Top Quality Games 10 Star Games Pack Paint Program £§}?€ »£)© Hhffi Piicl' 3 Amiga A500. Kickstart 1.3 Workbench 1.3, Mouse Mat 10 Top Quality PD Games
Philips CM8833 monitor ®341i0.aS) ®aasc®aiaa •» mavaaam ? A.a a s sieaa aw®sa® • turn®......@9.®* saaa a@a® ®®a.®wm * Why not call in our showroom where experienced and helpful staff can help solve your problems! Our showroom address is:- UNIT 1, 160 DRAKE STREET. ROCHDALE, LANCS OR CALL US ON (0706) 43519 BETWEEN 9.AM & 5.30PM A'itsiuu'jjsJi-j Cumana 3.5 inch drive iSD©0ii)J) Konix Navigator Joystick S'J Quickshot II Turbo Joystick 'S©»©@ BOOK PROGRAMS ON DISK!!1 Available for all titles marked with a (D) £9.95. Please note disks can be bought without books1!1 Send cheque P.O Access or Visa
34 hour dispatch on all slock items subject to cheque clearance All otters are subject to availability, and many change at any time. E & OE.
Amiga DOS Quick Relerence (Abacus) £9.95 Motorola 68000 Programmers Rel Man (Motorola).....£9.95 1001 Things To Do With Your Amiga (Tab) £9 95 Amga tor Beginners (Abacus) ..£12 95 Krckslarl Guide lo the Amiga (Ariadne) £12 95 Kids and the Amiga (Compute!) ......£12.95 Using Deluxe Paint II (Compute!) ...£17 95 Learning C • Graphics on Amiga & Atari ST (Compute') (D) ...£17 95 Amiga BASIC - Inside & Out (Abacus) (D) ..£18-95 Amiga Microsoft BASIC Programmers Guide (Scotl
Foresman) .....£ 18.95 Elementary Amiga BASIC (Compute1) (D) £12.95 Amiga Machine Language (Abacus) (D) ......£12.95 Amiga Programmers Guide (Compute1) £14.95 Amiga DOS Reference Guide (Compute1) £14 95 Am ga Tricks and Tips (Abacus) D) ..£14.95 Inside the Amiga with C (Same) £19.95 Amiga Hardware Reference Manual (Addision-Wesley) ......£22.95 Amiga Intuition Reference Manual
(Addision-Wesley) .....£22.95 Inside Amiga Graphics (Compute1) (D) £14 95 Am,ga C for Beginners (Abacus) (D) £14.95 Amiga Applications (Compute1) (D) ...£14.95 First Book of the Amiga (Compute1) (D) ....£14 95 Amiga DOS • Inside & Out (Abacus) D) ......£16 95 Advanced Amiga BASIC (Compute1) (D) ......£16 95 Computer Viruses • A high Tech Disease (Abacus • NEW') ...£16.95 Amiga Users Guide to Graphics. Sound.
Telecom (Bantam) ....£16 95 Becoming an Amiga Artist (Scott-Foresman New!) .. £16 95 Amiga 3D Graphics Programming m BASIC (Abacus NEW) (D) ...£17 95 Amiga Machine Lang Programming Guide (Compute!) (D) ....£17 95 Amiga ROM Kernel Reference Manual: Exec (Addison-Wesley) .. £22.95 Amiga DOS Manual (Bantam) ...£22.95 Programming the 68000 (Sybex) .. £22.95 Amiga Disk Drives • Inside & Out (Abacus)
D). £24.95 Programmers Guide to The Amiga (Sybex) £24.95 Amiga Programmers Handbook (Sybex) .....£24.95 Amiga Programmers Handbook, vol 2 (Sybex) ...£24.95 Amiga ROM Kernel ref.man: Includes 8 Autodocs (A W NEW') .....£29.95 Amiga C for Advanced Programmers (Abacus - New) .£29.95 Amiga System Programmers Guide (Abacus) (D .....£29.95 Amiga ROM Kernel Ref. Man Libs & Devices (Addison-Wesiey) ....£32 95 DISCOUNT SOFTWARE FROM MJC SUPPLIES WORD PROCESSING ||_PRINTERS_II EDUCATIONAL
COLOUR MONITOR PROTEXT V4.2 This must be the most powerful word processor available for the Amiga.
Excellent speed and wide range of features make it the only WP to buy.
Includes Mail Merge and Spell Checking.
RRPE99.95 .Our Price £64.95 Useable demo disc available - C7.00 FILER AND OFFICE Two utilities tor Protext only. Filer is a data manager ideally suited to Mailing List applications tor use with Protext's mail-merge routines. OFFICE gives all the features of Filer but adds calculations ideal tor invoices.
FILER RRP £24.95 OURS £17.95 OFFICE RRP £34.95 OURS £24.95 Also available: Kind Words 2 ......39.95 Micro Text 15.95 Digicalc ....26.95 K-Spread II ..49.95 Home Accounts ..20.95 Personal Tax Planner 28.95 Micro Base ...15.95 Omega File ..18.95 K-Data .....32.95 All printers listed have a ten-inch (A4) carriage, are Epson compatible and
accept cut sheet or continuous paper.
The relevant printer cable is also included tree of charge. Delivery is 7- 10 days from date of cheque credit card clearance. For next day (after clearance) delivery add €5.
CITIZEN 12Q-D Cheap Epson FX-80 compatible giving a range of text sizes and effects in dratt mode, limited sizes and effects in NLO.
£139.95 PANASONIC KXP-1081 Good print and build quality, very reliable. Offers all the draft mode sizes and effects of the FX-80 compatibles in NLO as well. Best Value.
£159.95 STAR LC-10 As well built and reliable as the Panasonic. Four ditterent typefaces all available in the full range of sizes and etfects. Well worth the little extra.
£174.95 STAR LC-10 COLOUR All the features of the LC-10 but with the addition of 7 colours in several shades.
Uses the Epson JX-80 printer driver from Workbench or your graphics program.
£214.95 STAR LC-24 10 24 pin version of the LC-10. Has 5 typefaces, all usual sizes and etfects, two extra etfects (Outline and Shadow) and excellent print quality.
£339.95 Each Fun School has 8 educational games per disc.
Fun School 2 (2-6 years) ......13.95 Fun School 2 (6-8 years) ......13.95 Fun School 2 (8-12 years) ....13.95 The "Discover" range have 6 games per disc Discover Alphabet (6+ yrs) ...15.95 Discover Numbers (6+ yrs) ...15.95 Discover Maths (10+ yrs) .....15.95 ALL ot our top ten have been released prior to going to press.
Balance of Power 1990 .17.95 Colossus Chess X .....16.95 Gunship ...16.95 Kick Off ....13.95 Lords of the Rising Sun .19.95
S. E.U.C.K 19.95 King
Arthur ...16.95
Thunderbirds ......16.95
Skweek ....14.95 New
Zealand Story ....17.95 Digi
Paint .41.95 Photon
Paint 49.95 Photon Paint
II ....68.95 Deluxe Paint
II ....54.95 Deluxe Paint
III ...59.95 AMAS-Sampler 8 Interface
74.95 Aegis Sonix ..44.95 Music
Studio 24.95 PHILIP? QM8833
This excellent monitor features stereo sound as well as good
definition tor text and graphics. Price includes cable and two
day (alter payment clearance) courier delivery.
£225.00 ACCESSORIES A500 Dust Cover ..3.95 Mouse Mai .3.95 A500 2000 - Printer Cable ......6.95 Quickshot Turbo Joystick ......10.95 Competition Pro 5000 J S .....12.95
3. 5" Disk Head Cleaner ...5.95 A501 Memory
Expansion 139.95 K-Seka
(assembler) ...34.95 Hisoft Devpac
V2 39.95 Hisoft Basic (inc. Book,Amiga
Basic Inside 8 Out - while stocks last) ..59.95 GFA Basic
3 .49.95 Metacomco
Pascal ....68.95 Amiga For
Beginners .10.95 Kickstart
Guide ...12.95 AmigaDos
Ref.Guide .14.95 Amiga Tricks 8
Tips ...12.95 Amiga Basic Inside 8
Out .....18.95 Elementary Amiga Basic ......14.95
Advanced Amiga Basic ..16.95 The C Language (by
K8R) ...23.95 Pascal Beginners Guide .6.50
All prices include Postage, Packing & VAT. Please send
Cheques PO s to:
M. J.C. SUPPLIES (AF), 40A Queen Street, Hitchin, Herts SG4 9TS h
W Tel: (0462) 420847, 421415 or 32897 for enquiries Credlt
Card Orders 1 and anywhere else that videos are being made:
whether it can provide high enough quality for professional
post-pro- duction is doubtful, but that doesn't mean it can’t
be of use in low-end applications.
Time for a Title The Video Studio is not just a titler, but this doesn’t mean that the titling has suffered as a result. There are 4 main titling programs with 20 good quality high res (interlaced) fonts and user options for bold, italic and underline also there are outline and drop shadow rendering options. A sequence titler allows multifont, multi-page titling, and there is a scroll titler with relatively smooth vertical and horizontal scrolling. The scroll titler also has options for some interesting masking effects.
The subtitler, with various display options, is impressive and easy to use, although feature-length professional applications may eat up memory. The subtitles can be against a solid, transparent or semi-transparent box. Inputting subtitles is fairly straightforward, though things can get a bit messy near the edge of the window. Finally there is a captor program, a title screen program which is useful for a variety of general requirements and when used with IFF graphics can be useful for scoreboards, map overlays and so on.
Colourful Imports Logos and other graphics can be imported into various parts of Video Studio from any IFF paint package that is capable of working in PAL interlace and overscan modes. In practise, the possession of at least Dpaint II is essential as Video Studio has no brush or picture edit facilities. Fonts too may be imported and exported using other packages. The Video Studio fonts are clean and useful.
The combination of high res fonts in low res menus is very thoughtful and eases the strain on those using low res monitors, probably most of us. On the whole the handling is simple, all through the keyboard, and results are impressive.
Special Effects Video Studio contains a number of ‘Graphic Special Effects’. There is a selection of Wipe Dissolve patterns for use with genlocked video, but here the range of commercial applications narrows as quality and cost play their parts.
The likes of low-budget industrial and celebration videos can be reasonably well served but they don't look good enough to go further. That is no slight on low-budget wedding videos or on Video Studio either, because for the price I can see the mixing patterns as a welcome bonus for many users. They are on the messy side, though, and I had to spend some time in preferences centring and generally improving the screen position. But these are an interesting start nevertheless, and deserve separate development.
¦ The broadcast clock: wery Channel 4.
Other effects include several fairly sketchy border patterns or frames: binoculars, rifle sight, camera viewfinders.
Colleges, training facilities and the home video maker might find something useful here. Personally I found them pretty unconvincing and almost out of place.
The Picture-in-Picture effect allows you to overlay IFF pictures over video.
As the IFF pictures could be digitised or frame grabbed there are some good creative possibilities here although they are likely to require quite a bit of time, memory and again some additional hard software.
Clocking up a Test Linder the title Time Functions there are a number of useful clock options. The 40 second start-clock which counts down with an automatic fade at 5 seconds or a choice of several other counters over video. (It’s not time code, but it could be useful). There is also a conventional analogue station clock which can, like the others, be customised with logos.
Video Studio has a set of several different test signals - colour bars, test card, greyscale - and although these are definitely not broadcast spec, they will be of use in training or low-budget work.
Conclusions Video Studio is not a broadcast post-production tool and I don't think that it's pretending to be. It is a useful collection of Shoo daui 17XOT 1088 IntarlK* 320XSOO 4-coloura plctura 11*' m2i«U« »c Pr f t cut at -3itc.
« 8:?Ji5*iS2?5.n. 1-ncordina info Input 2-altar data 3-clock screen 5-suppress logo i» apacabar cua raaat M for this index O for aaln lndax 1 apt Ion. . .?
¦ The clock set-up menu: one of many.
Imaginative and diverse tools. It is ideal for use in video training or education, or for use by a wide spectrum of video producers, both amateur and low-budget professional. Companies with in-house facilities could easily use it.
Despite the apparent high cost of the kit you might need to use with it, if you compare the cost of the video hardware required to provide the same basic options Video Studio is very good value for money. This version seems a little bit roughly put together in some respects, but for enhancing both the production process and the finished programme the Video Studio does work and is a good step forward in satisfying demand rather than merely trying to create it. ¦ VidcoStudio A TIP FROM SIDEWINDER Sidewinder’s Tip: A500 memory expansion without real time clock. Startup sequence should
report: No REAI.TIME CLOCK??
Set time date from vsl PREFERENCES next... However, should you get something like: Setclock Failed return code 12 Then you should type: Assign sambasic: vsl: Failat 40
F. ndcli Nil: The cheat machine gets its cogs turning once
again to bring you the latest and best hints and tips to get
you to that end screen. Have you any recent tips you could
pass onto others not quite so on-the-ball as yourself? You
could win £50 worth of software for your efforts, so send 'em
in to: Gamebusters, Amiga Format, 4 Queen St, Bath, BA11EJ.
Not only are we bringing you some tips, they're straight from the programmers, Binary Vision, so there’s no-one better to give you the definitive playing guide.
1. Quick on the Spore: always kill evil spores (the red flashing
stars) as they are the evil portals of the (very near) future.
Leave them be and you'll always be lagging behind the forces
of Darkness. Listen out for the distinctive sound effect as
they come into existence.
2. Establish a 'Beach-Head': select an area of the screen which
is (comparatively) easy to defend and establish your
‘Beach-Head’ here. This is what you'll be using a base to
expand across the screen. Exactly where you set up your
stronghold depends on the specific screen, but certain areas,
such as corners, have a natural defensive advantage.
3. Keep a 'Springboard': As good spores can only be dropped on
existing good growth to create a new portal, it’s a good idea
to protect a few isolated growths on a distant part of the
screen to the 'Beach-Head'. Good spores can be settled (and
good portals created) on this 'Springboard' to attack away
from the beach-head once it has been secured. Failure to do
this often means that you have gained the upper hand but don't
have time (keep a watch on the red bar) to grow right across
the screen and secure victory.
WICKED 4 Einkreisungspolitik (phew!): an expression used by Bismark meaning ‘encirclement strategy’ or, to you and me, pincer movement. Surround the enemy with good portals and make him fight on two or more fronts (divide and conquer).
5. When you’re getting good, skip the first two constellations at
the start. You can come back to these later to get easy (!)
Extra lives and have a brief respite from the battle.
6. Scoring: the secret to megascores is completing the last few
constellations (easier said than done) but there are a couple
of bonuses throughout the game:
A. A smallish bonus for shooting and destroying special power
crystals. If you don’t want the power it gives you, rack up a
few points by obliterating it.
B. If you’ve got all four extra lives stars lit up in the screen
corners, collect another extra life despite the fact you don't
really need it to gain a big bonus.
~7 Kill off pockets of evil growth close to your good portals.
Otherwise, if you miss an evil spore, it might settle close to your portals and overrun them. Evil spores can only settle on existing evil growth.
8. Careful shooting: shoot out a pathway of growth from your good
portals to his bad ones. As good growth can only cover dead
evil growth, it is channelled between areas of living evil
growth towards his portals. Don’t shoot evil growth that’s not
a threat as it wastes time and diffuses your attack.
9 If you concentrate good portals in one area, huge good growths will be created. These fall quickly to evil forces if they come under attack, just as huge evil growths can be shot away and grown over rapidly by good growth: so take care.
10. All portals produce a limited amount of growth. Once they
have done this they can continue sporing but stop growing.
Look out for evil portals which have exhausted their growth
capability: they are far easier to knock out.
X X. When the drum heartbeat begins, to indicate that time is short, don’t be distracted. If you concentrate you can often finish off a daunting screen, as many of the evil portals will have used up their allotted growth. Should the timer run out and the screen fill up with evil portals, don't sit back and wait. Remember to protect yourself against the Guardian or you'll lose another life to him in the second or so before you actually lose the screen.
12. Don’t send the Guardian back to Pandemonium immediately day
breaks, as he will return as night is falling. Knock him out
as day is about to turn into night so you are shot of him
when he’s at his most dangerous.
13. It's one thing to learn to read the cards and know what they
mean but quite another to really understand them. Double fire
or triple fire (with the extra-fire stars) doesn’t go away
until you lose a life but don't pick up another power such
as invulnerability or multi-fire as these will replace your
extra-fire stars. Extra lives can be collected without losing
these stars. Multi-fire is useful for clearing away swathes
of enemy growth (especially if you’re in it up to your neck)
but it prevents you adopting the careful shooting tactic as
described earlier. There are a number of tricks you can play
with the cards:
A. One card (which shall remain nameless!) Inverts the position
of your strength (the white arrow on the snake bird dial),
reduce your strength to near minimum before picking it up and
you’re back to full strength. But be careful not to go too far
and kill yourself (sounds stupid, but it does happen) and make
sure you catch the crystal before the maggot pushes it off
the edge or you'll feel a right bozo.
B. The Aladdin syndrome - what? Beware collecting extra-fire
stars. Generosity has its limits.
C. The Maggot and the Moon.
During day, on screens with the Giant Maggot, collect the moon icon and rush behind the vermin.
This pulls it towards you, slowly enough to blast it back to Pandemonium.
14. The Guardians: There are seven of these, here are some tips
on three:
A. Firefly - It's easy to avoid the Firefly's servants, all you
need is rhythm. They fly out in a pattern, cyclically: thrice
diagonally followed by once straight.
B. The Devil - The Devil’s red globular servants are the meanest
of all so give yourself extra space to shoot them out as they
close in much faster.
C. The Maggot - at first the hardest adversary, but the easiest
once you understand his ways. He always appears at the same
vertical position as you and moves from left- right. During
daytime, wait until he reaches the right hand side of the
screen and is disappearing, then move to an open space and
fire to the left - he will appear and move right into your
attack. The Maggot will duly appear at the same height as you
on screen, and you can return to your original position.
1 5. The growths and intelligence: at first, evil growths grow randomly but as play progresses they get smarter. Their level of intelligence is indicated by their shape: Round = stupid random growth Diamond = slightly intelligent Cross = intelligent Octagonal = highly intelligent On later levels it is essential to use the evil portals’ own intelligence against them. If you get within a few growths of an evil portal it will revert to a simple defensive strategy of growing towards (and trying to knock out) the nearest good portal. Plant good portals on all sides of intelligent evil
portals, gradually dropping them closer. Back this up with steady attack fire against the portal and you should be able to overrun it. Another approach is to place a decoy good portal to one side of the target portal then amass many good portals slightly further away on another side. Fire from the decoy side to protect it against being overrun while the other massed portals attack the evil portal from the rear.
X 6. On later screens there are hidden High Power Portals. On the leftmost star of Taurus, for example, the top left good portal is growing three times faster than all the others on the screen, making it an obvious choice for a beachhead and certainly one to protect.
But watch out, there are evil HPP’s too and the only way to spot them is to keep a careful track on what damage they're doing.
And there you go! By the way, has anyone got as far as (and completed) Sagittarius (without pokes)? If you have, the Binary Vision lads would like to hear about it, so write in. ¦ MORE MILLENNIUM... Here’s a handy tip to help you start out.
When you start making your solagens and have a Mk2 or above, you will start to get attacked. Instead of going straight to the defence dome go to energy and shut off your most powerful solagen and change it for a Mkl. Now go to the defence screen and deal with the attack.
At the end of the attack you will find that the solagen has been destroyed so go back to energy and put on your most powerful solagen. Make sure you have a few spare Mkls so you can change as soon as you're attacked. By using this tip you’ll not only save time, but will have a constant power source for the really big production items, and if you go straight to defence there's always the possibility of letting the solagen become damaged even if you stop the attack.
P Ranee, Canvey Island FOOTBALL DIRECTOR II Short of money? When in the main menu, press CTRL and C together to stop the program and enter: AI=AI+500000 (RETURN) CONT (RETURN) Now look at your cash - don't give yourself too much though, because the directors will take some if you have too much. Want to win some games? While playing a match you can add to your score by pressing CTRL and C to stop the match and entering: R=R+S (RETURN) CONT (RETURN) And if you want to stay on ’easy’ level, press CTRL and C on the main menu and enter: AB=2-3 (RETURN) CONT (RETURN) F'*-vTB ALL DIRECTOR Then go to
the change level section and you'll find you can go back to 'easy'. Remember, when a player's 26 or under you only need pay him £1 per week!
Should you wish to leave a club, sell 100,000 shares and the board will sack you. Go to offers negotiations and choose yourself a new club.
Ian Brooks, Birmingham DENARIS Having problems getting through this superb shoot-em-up? Type in this listing and make life a whole lot easier for yourself.
10 REM POKE FOR DENARIS 20 CHECK=0 30 CHEAT=253952& 40 FOR N=CHEAT TO 254106& STEP 2 50 READ AS 60 A=VAL(“&h"+A$ ) 70 CHECK=CHECK+A 80 POKEW N,A 90 NEXT N 100 IF CHECK 545742& THEN PRINT “ERROR IN DATA":END 110 PRINT “INSERT DENARIS DiSr 120 PRINT “THEN PRESS ANY KEY" 130 A$ =INKEY$ :IF A$ THEN 130 140 CALL CHEAT 150 DATA 2C78,0004,207C,00FE,88C0,43 F9,0007,1000 160 DATA 303C.0145,12D8.51 C8.FFFC.22 FC.DBFC.0000 170 DATA 22FC,007E,4E5D,32BC,4E75,70 04,0139,0007 180 DATA
1132. D139.0007,113E,41 F9,00 07,1042,30FC 190 DATA
203C.20BC,0007,0000,4EB9,00 07,101A,41FA 200 DATA
0008,2948,00A2,4EDA,41F9,00 02,83D8,43FA 210 DATA
71. 4EF9.0002 Andrew McRobbie, Abernethy VOYAGER Hands up all
those that want infinite fuel, energy and all the equip
ment? Good, type in the listing and Bob's probably one of
your close relatives.
10 REM VOYAGER CHEAT 20 CHECK=0 30 CHEAT=459108& 40 FOR N=(CHEAT-30) TO (CHEAT+30) STEP 2 50 READ AS 60 A=VAL ("&h’+A$ ) 70 CHECK=CHECK+A 80 POKEW N,A 90 NEXT N 100 IF CHECKo 204889& THEN PRINT “ERROR IN DATA":END 110 PRINT: PRINT “PLEASE INSERT THE VOYAGER DISK" 120 PRINT: PRINT “AND THEN PRESS ANY Ker 130 A$ =INKEY$ :IF A$ ="” THEN 130 140 CALL CHEAT 150 DATA 41FA,0010,347C.4EF9,0130,294 8,0132,4EEC 160 DATA 000C,33FC,4E71,0002,01E4,4E F8,0800,2C78 170 DATA 0004,207C,00FE,88C0,43F9,00 07,0000,303C 180 DATA 0145,12D8,51C8,FFFC,4EF9,000 7,001A Press W and then the DEL key on the options screen -
this brings up the fourth option, the cheat.
Ean Blackwell, Chatham MICROPROSE SOCCER Keep banging them goals in with these tips.
First, change the banana kick power to high on the control panel. When playing the game, always pass to the forwards with a full-powered kick to NW or NE depending on where you are.
Once you have the ball, try and run at the goalie’s box at an angle (either NW or NE) and blast the ball in at full power from just outside the box. Then again, you could try getting to the edge of the goalie's box and wait for him to rush at you - then just move as far right as possible and position yourself for a banana shot into the back of the net. Also when it's raining and your opponent is running at your box, run directly behind him and do a sliding tackle
- hopefully the ball will go skidding into your keeper's safe
And, if you get the chance, when your opponent is attacking, move your goalie out to block him and grab the ball - saves a heck of a lot of goals that one!
Dickon Channing, Huntley FOFT Fancy loads of credits? Follow these steps.
1. Load game and press F8, then Net to get access to Network.
Then HELP (return) and your trading name. When asked for a new name, type Y and note the code sequence.
2. Exit Net (type Q), then QUIT (return), then BACKSPACE to exit
station. Locate a friendly ship and lock on.
3. Press F8, then Net, then your code then T. If it’s friendly
you’ll establish transmission.
4. Ask trader if he's selling (be persistent!)
5. When he offers something, offer him 1 credit then LOGOFF.
6. Hit T again and ask again if he has anything to trade -
persist until he does, but don’t barter.
7. When he has offered, hit any Alpha key (a-z) until he asks if
you want his goods or not.
8. Now hit Y and transaction will be completed.
9. Check your credits by hitting T and space to see what goods
you have in the hold. Any problems, re-establish contact and
go back to Step 5.
10. Repeat Step 5.
11. When you make your bid, make it high (5,000) credits.
12. Trader will inform you that you don't have enough credits and
13. Re-establish contact and ask if he wants to buy - make sure
you DO have something.
14. He'll ask for confirmation, just press Y.
15. When he asks how much say 10 credits.
16. When transaction is complete, check inventory -especially
your credits!
Jason Bennett, Breaston YAHOO! FREEBIE GAMES!
Phew! What a scorcher! And we don't mean the weather, Brian! Lawks a lawdy my postman's on fire! Why?
Because he's had to rush around dishing out all these free games to the good spirited chaps and chapesses who’ve sent in their maps, tips and pokes to GAMEBUSTERS.
Ian Brooks, Dickon Channing and Jason Bennett are over the moon at the moment, but when they come down they’ll each be able to start playing with their £50 worth of free software - ‘cos that’s their prize for sending in their cheats. Good innit? And if you want to cash in on this bonanza, all you have to do is send your contributions to GAMEBUSTERS at the usual address.
MEGASAVE FANTASTIC SAVINGS Price Game Price Game £19 90 ..£1590 £1590 ..£1390 ..£16.90 £15.90 £1495 £1590 £16 90 £16 90 £1390 £12.90 £1690 £12.90 £15.95 £16.90 ..£9.90 ..£15.90 £13.95 ..£13.90 £13.90 £1290 £1590 BBD DUST COVERS £15.90 £1590 £1350 £1690 £15 90 £19 90 £15 90 £15.90 £12.95 £16.95 £10.50 ..£16.90 £13 95 Please note, new products will be sent on day of release.
Mall Order Only. Postage included Great Britain. Add 75p per item EEC. Overseas add £1.50 per item. Fast service, send cheque PO to: Megasave, Dept AF, 49H Sutherland Street, Victoria, London SW1 V4JX.
VISA | Please send lor FREE list ol new releases on Amstrad. Atari ST. Amiga.
Commodore. Spectrum and *3 and PC. State which list. Future League Ltd.
Game Price 30 Poo! ...£15.90 APB ...£13.90 Acton Fighter ...£15.90 Afterburner .£1590 A'-bourne Ranger £15 90 A‘en Legion .....£15 90 A'ten Syndrom ...£13.90 American Ice Hockey £15.90 Angle of Death ...£15.90 Archipelagos ......£15.90 Arclura ...£12.90 Arkamod II ..£15.90 Astarolh ..£15.90 Baal ......£12.90 Bal. Of Power 1990 ..£15.90 Ballistx ...£15.90 Barbarian II .£15.90 Bards Tale I or II £16.90 Batman ..£14.95 Batman
(The Movie) £16.90 8al1lehawks 1942 £16.90 Battle Tech ..£15.90 Beast ..£15.90 Bochailenge ......£15.90 Bonic Commando £9.90 Birdie ......£16.90 Black Cauldron ..£15 90 Basteroids ......£15.90 Blood Money ......£15.90 Bloodwych ..£15.90 Bomber ...£12.90 Bomb Jack ..£15.90 Breach ..£13.50 Buffalo Bill ...£15.90 Butcher Hill .£13.50 Californian Games ....£16.90 Capone ...£19.90 Captain Blood ....£15.90 Carrier
Command.....£l 5.90 Castle Warrior ....£15.90 Chariots of Wrath......£ 12.90 C rus Attractions £12 90 Colossus Chess X ....£15.90 Corruption ...£15.90 Cosmic Pirate ....£15.90 Crazy Cars II ......£15.90 Custodian ...£13.90 Cybernoid II £13.50 Daley Thompson Oly £16.90 Danger Freak ....£13.90 Darkside .£15.90 Dalastorm ...£16.90 Deleon 5 .£15.90 Deja Vu II £15 90 Demons Winter ..£15.90 Denans ..£16.90 Dominator ...£13.00 Double
Dragon .£12.95 Dragon's Lair .....£29.50 Dragon Ninja ......£16 90 Dragon Scape ..£12.90 Dream Zone £16.90 Dungeon Master £14.95 Elle ..£14.95 Emmanuel ..£12.90 Empire Strikes Back £12.90 F16 Combat Fighter £15.90 Falcon F16 £19.90 Falcon F16 Mission Dsc £13.90 Fed. Of Free Trading £19.95 Fire Brigade £19.90 Fish .£15 90 Flight Simulator II......£35 90 Fly.ng Saucers ...£1590 Flying Shark £15 90 Football Diirector II ...£12 90 Football Manager
II...£13.50 Football Man II exp. ...£8 95 Forgotten World .£13 90 Foundation Waste £9 90 Freedom .....£1250 Fnghtmght ......£1290 Fusion ..£16 90 Galactic Conquerer...£14.95 Galdragon Domain ...£12.90 Gaidregon's Domain .£13.90 Garfield ...£15.90 Garfield II ..£12.90 Gauntlet II ...£16.90 Gemini Wings ....£12.90 Gilbert (DnllT ......£12.90 Grand Monster Slam £12.90 Grandslam ..£16.90 Gunship ..£15.90
H. AT.E ...£13.50
Hawkeye .£12.90 Heroes of Lance £16.95
High Steel ...£12.90 Highway Hawk ...£12 90
Hostage Hybris .....
i. s’s.::::::: Indiana Jones Ingrid’s Back.. Interceptor...
Jaws Joan of Arc .... Journey...... Journey Cent
Earth £13.50 K D’Glish Soc Man. ..£12.90
K. K.M .£9.95 Ken nedy Approach. . . £
15.90 Kickoff .....£12.90 Kind
Words ......£39.90 Kingdom of England £15.90 Kull
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2.... Lead Storm . .. Legend of the Sword £15.90 Leisure Suit
Larry II ..£15.90 Licence to Kill £13.90 Live and Let Die £13
50 Lombard Rally £14 95 Lords 0l Rising Sun £19 90 Manhunt New
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Kristal Thunderbrds Thunderblade Tiger Road Time Scanner
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Triv. Pursuit N Beg £12 90 Price NO COMPUTER- IS COMPLETE
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realistic price.
100% machine code software for realtime functions.
HiRes sample editing.
Realtime frequency display.
Realtime level meters.
Variable sample rate & playback speed.
Separate scroll line waveform windows & zoom function with Edit windows for fine accurate editing.
3D shot of sound waveform. Wave editor to design your own waveforms or adjust existing ones.
Files saved In IFF format. ? “«°Phone * “»e input 1 4" Jack fit Din connections.
Adjustable manual automatic Software files can be used within record trig level. Other music utilities.
Tempo & Beat controls.
Mixer Controls on Instruments.
Load & Save sequence.
Works on standard IFF Hie sounds.
MIDIMASTER VIDEO DIGITISER M Full Midi Interface for A500 1000 2000 (please state model).
S Compatible with most leading Midi packages (including D Muslc).
Midi In - Midi Out x3 Midi Thru.
X Fully Opto isolated.
V A500 or 1000. Please state.
256 x 256 display with 16 grey levels.
Realtime frame grab l 50th second.
Takes standard composite Video input from camera or Video recorder.
Screen update 1 frame per second, single, continuous or buffered display.
Load. Save facilities including IFF Save.
Edit picture, cut. Copy, paste and undo.
Special effects, reverse, negative, mirror, compress, etc. Increase the width of the display to 320 x 256 automatically or manually.
Plugs into the parallel port of your Amiga 1000 500 2000.
Comes complete with its own power pack.
YAMAHA SHS 10 FM SYNTHESISER KEYBOARD B Superbly styled guitar-type keyboard with shoulder strap.
Top quality brandname.
2.5 octave keyboard.
B 25 built-in instrument and rhythm choices.
Uses FM synthesis.
K Full MIDI standard.
ACTIVISION MUSIC STUDIO K A full feature MIDI Recording T Studio.
K A multi channel sequencer with realtime input and full editing facilities.
M Completely menu driven - full Mouse control.
Very simple to use.
MIDIMASTER INTERFACE S This unit connects your computer to any MIDI instrument.
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, j Optical system counting - 500 mm.
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A powerful partner for Desk Top Publishing.
With Genlscan you have the ability to easily scan Images, text & graphics into the AMIGA.
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Interface & Scan Edit software.
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W High quality miniature 3 way speaker units in die-cast aluminium shelf enclosures.
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SALES ONLY 0782 744707 Model 420, high performance, low cost Bar Code Reader.
Works with any Amiga ST computer system (please state which) via the RS232 interface.
Features a built-in self-testing function.
Can read codes EAN, UPC, Inter leaved 2 of 5. Code 39. CODABAR.
Comes complete with wand, ready to go.
Features a diagnostic indicator.
LOW COST BAR CODE READER V Available with without calendar clock option.
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UK ORDERS POST FREE EUROPE ADD £1 OVERSEAS ADD £3 TECHNICAL ONLY 0782 744324 FAX 0782 744292 FutureSound 500" Possibly the best Sound Digitizer around ?
Chris Cain in the April 89 issue of Personal Computer World said "The first thing to be said about FutureSound 500 is that its far easier to say than Pro Sound Designer Gold. It also looks a lot better. This merit won’t sell too many units, but the exceptionally good hardware will."
Only £89.95 Inc Rik Haynes in the 17 June 89 issue of New Computer Express said "The hardware is first rate constantly producing the crispest samples we’ve heard."
The April 89 issue of AUI said "The manual contains tips on accessing the samples from C, and a full set of routines for using the samples from Amiga BASIC are supplied on the disk.
Full marks for this!"
The June 89 issue of TGM magazine said "FutureSound is one of the best sound sampling packages available for the Amiga, and owners of IFF music packages will certainly find it very useful and at £89.95 its definitely worth buying."
.Records two tracks simultaneously .Separate microphone input with built in amp .Samples up to 42,000 samples per second, 20,000 samples per second per channel in stereo .Sliding volume input control .Ribbon cable attaches to parallel port, and can be used with a Data switch unit .Easy to use software editor with many features .Full support for all hard disks .Supports RAM disks & VDO devices .Works with all Amiga operating systems including 1.3 and the new FastFileSystem Monitor input through your Amiga from the Digitizer . Uses expanded memory where available, up to 8MB .Save your sounds in
IFF format or as, Raw Data .Sample direct from your HiFi, CD player or Walkman .Sampling rates of up to 56,000 samples per second are possible, if used with a 68020 processor and Aegis AudioMaster II software Distributed By SDL (UK) Ltd Unit 10, Ruxley Corner Ind Est, Sidcup-By-pass, Sidcup, Kent, DA14 5SS Tel: 01-3090300 Applied Visions (UK) Jersey Supreme Works, 538-546 Whippendell Road, Watford, Herts,WD1 1QN.
Tel:0923 818078 And all good Amiga Dealers Available From H.B. Marketing Ltd Brooklyn House, 22 The Green, West Drayton, Middx UB7 7PQ.
Tel:0895 444433 This ad created by Advanced Technologys DTP System Call 0923 817548 Amiga is a trademark of Commodore Amiga Inc Aegis AudioMaster II is a trademark of Aegis Developments Inc FutureSound 500 Is a trademark ot Applied Visions Inc. So the dictionary has it. But how does this apply to the musical ambitions of an Amiga owner? In order to give you a run- in to the world of sequencing it is perhaps best that we give you in these pages a crash course in sequencing. If you feel that you are pretty well clued up on this then skip a few paragraphs until you come across something that you
don’t understand. If, however, you are a complete novice start right here with..... Sequencing: A Duffer's Guide Just as a word processor is capable of moving text about with immense freedom, so a sequencer is rather like a ‘music processor'. Chunks of music of greater or lesser proportions can be shuffled about, placed anywhere, shifted up or down in pitch and generally interfered with.
There are two types of sequencer: step-time and real-time.
Step-time is usually a rather laborious process where you assemble the score note-for-note on screen. This is usually achieved with a displayed palette of notes from which you pick the one you want and place in the relevant position on the displayed stave.
This frequently puts a fair amount of people off the whole idea, since it does rather presume that you can read music and unless you are copying the music from a score it also means that you need to work out the note values in your head.
Real-time is much more user- friendly, particularly if you are musically illiterate. You just play the piece and the program records every action you make.
The one flaw in this is that you really need to use MIDI as a communications language to external instruments - if you’ve ever tried playing serious music on the qwerty keys, you will know exactly what I mean.
With a real-time sequencer the idea is that it should be your servant: just like a word processor captures your thoughts on the wing (ha ha!) So the sequencer notes down your every passing fancy and lets you firm it up into a constructive piece of music. Once recorded in data form you should then be able to chop it about, fix up the notes that are out of time or just simply wrong, and then fix it into an arrangement.
“7o Sequence... To arrange two or more things in successive order... an arrangement of notes or chords repeated several times.” Sources and displays With Amiga of course we have two types of sound sources. The external tone sound generators accessed via MIDI, and the internal voices, usually in the form of samples. Any sequencer for the » TRACK24; DIGIGRAM MUSILOG ¦ £75.00 ¦ Soundbits: 021 733 2063 'Alio ‘Alio. Ze French stump up a pretty decent sequencer for the Amiga and jolly colourful it is too.
Not withstanding that, it is quite comprehensive with several unique features, especially considering the price.
Mai Ill II Track 16: Bass 1 As you might guess it is a 24- track sequencer. The main screen has the tracks running across the top with highlighted options for either record or solo, in which case all the other tracks are muted. Tracks 23 and 24 have special functions that they can also perform. Track 23 is subtitled C, which stands for chords. If you put your backing chords on this track the program will actually recognise the chords you have put in. However it will also reverse the process, so you can enter chords simply by clicking on the comprehensive menu of chords provided. Quite
unique this, and it could prove useful if you are copying from sheet music, if a little laborious. The other track is monophonic (one note at a time) and is for any lead lines or main melodies which might benefit from this kind of treatment.
The program is very simple to use and has copious functions above and beyond the tune of its price. To whit: track mixing and demixing, copying and chaining tracks (arranging), punch in out, transposing either individually or generally, editing of tracks using traditional notation, memorizing the MIDI configuration of any setup, step-time input, and defined block transposition with cut, copy and paste facilities.
IBS E One other feature is its ability to remember a 'live' mix down.
You can alter the tempo in realtime, switch tracks off and on and the program will remember these and play them back just as you did them. It’s a bit disappointing that it does not take advantage of the internal Amiga voices. One for the update, mes amis.
Nn ¦ Selecting a track for editing.
The only other minor niggle is that it uses traditional note editing and on the display for each track it will only show a monophonic line of notes at a time. You quickly get used to this, though. The quantization could benefit from a few more options than just the basic note-on, too. Criticisms apart, this program is definitely my pick of the month.
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Amiga should ideally be able to manipulate these as part of
the musical chain: it should be able to use these sounds
within the sequence.
Sequencers have evolved standardised ways of displaying and controlling the information.
The display on the main screen should have a track listing: these may well be named by the user.
Other information such as length in bars, instrument name, and part which the track is playing, viz; Bass 1 - Channel 7 - MT32 - MUSIC RECORDING STUDIO; DR T E49.95MCM 01 724 4104
17. 00.00. This tells me that the bass part is on MIDI channel
number seven, connected to a Roland MT32 tone generator and
is not 17 but in fact is 16, yes, 16 bars long, because the
beginning of the first bar is numbered 1 (think about it!)
Recording and editing The controls are usually laid out like those of a tape deck and suitably designed to look like them: fast forward, rewind, play and record. Sometimes there is an additional fast locator which either fast forwards at at hyperspeed or runs to a preset locator.
Most multi-track tape recorders allow you to 'drop in'.
That is to say, you can enter and record at a specified point in a track and exit again with disturbing the data that occurs before and after. The ability to 'drop-in' which is also called ‘punch-in’ is relatively simple for a sequencer and should certainly be part of the specifications.
Your sequencer should be able to let you edit the notes you have input. To do this you will need some sort of visual display of the events. At the worst, which usually also means the cheapest, you have a whole screen full of numbers scrolling from top to bottom in neat columns, all of which adds up to a major editing headache. Each row across will refer to a note or other event.
Your task is to sort out what that string of numbers means in terms of sound. Accurate it may be, user friendly it ain’t: it’s about as much fun as slitting your wrists with a banana. Because you need to hold a translation of those numbers in your head.
¦ Recording a part on Track 2: but it won’t be longer than Track 1.
Why not display traditional music notation? Well, that’s OK if you can read music accurately, but it is actually not exact enough for the notes. I could launch into a long harangue about music notation and freedom of interpretation but suffice to say that music notation is merely a script the player has to enact. With a sequencer we are seeking to capture the actual performance so therefore greater accuracy is needed.
An accurate and easily-understood form of graphic notation is needed. The established way of doing this is by using oblong shapes fixed to a moving graph.
The length of them determines the length of the note and the background on which they are displayed has lines on it to show the position in which they occur in time. Usually you can click on any oblong note and drag it about, either altering its position in time or its length depending on which Originally conceived for the PC, this eight-track MIDI recorder is not a bad introduction. On booting up, you see the main screen with eight tracks on display and record flashing away in the first slot. Fine. Record merrily away and when you finish click on the right mouse button: the program
halts a little then plays back your efforts straight away. Record flashes away on Track 2 now.
Dr. T's MIDI Recording Studio You will then find that you can’t record beyond the length of Track 1. What a dumb idea! The well-written guide happily tells you this with all the aplomb of an insurance claim clerk pointing out the small print. You can’t even type in a silly amount of bars so as to give yourself a bigger bite of the cherry.
Flip to the edit screen and sadly we are faced with a long string of data. Now I will gladly admit that the options that you can apply to this data are quite laudable. It will cut and paste, delete, clear, reverse, alter the timing, and gradually increase or decrease the velocity and timing as you wish. These functions are part of the shape you hit.
Sophisticated programs have this display running alongside a data stream so that you can translate from data to shape and vice versa. You can also see the other things like velocity and after-touch as well.
Achieving perfection But suppose that your recording is nearly perfect, but significantly and audibly inaccurate? To go through and nudge each note into line would take an age and a half.
If this were the case then sequencing software would be litall best handled by numbers: in fact it is the only way you can sensibly handle them. However, when it comes to note lengths and manipulating the quantization and notes it is a real serious pain, and no mistake.
It is quite surprising that whilst it can cope with the functions mentioned above, the quantization is quite basic. There is no automatic back-up in case Copyright § 1988 by Ernie Tobenfeid you don’t like the correction value you have set which makes experimentation a long-winded process. The correction values are fractions of 96, so to correct the notes you find yourself flicking through the manual for a conversion table to something resembling note values you understand. Why not simply have the musician’s values on screen and not the programmer’s more complicated mathematics?
You can alter the start of the note and the duration of the note together or separately although the manual is long-winded in putting this point over. Having said that, it is incredibly detailed in what I would consider fairly tle better than the tape recorder.
But since the data is digital, then a little maths applied to the data can automatically line it up. This is the feature known as Quantizing.
New types of quantization occur with virtually every piece of sequencing software and large confusions arise. However the basics are very simple. The user is asked to what nearest value the notes are to move up to.
Let’s take, for example, a bass drum that plays on every beat of the bar. In some bars you (as the usei1) have taken it away' from the beat a little. To fix this I minor functions of a sequencer: the ability to invert pitches, reverse whole melodies and also split tracks either by note assignments or by separating non-note events such as pitchbend from the actual notes played. All this is fairly heady stuff.
In the final summing up, MRS is very detailed and comprehensive in some areas but they may not be the immediate areas that a novice would want. I liked the ability to put the whole program on the back burner while running another program which could be another music utility, and I though it was a reasonable idea to allow use of the qwerty keys to record notes, although I would recommend this only for touching up parts. The annoying things were the quantize and the editing data stream.
I liked the use of internal samples but really loathed the idea that the whole piece was determined by the length of your first input: very restricting. It is possible to fool this by pretending to clear the track first and then entering an inordinate number of bars to allow you a fair amount to go at. All in all, not my favourite of the three.
You ask the program to correct it to the nearest beat, shown either as a traditional crotchet quarter note (European and American terminology respectively) or simply as the number four.
Provided that you haven’t been grossly inaccurate you should end up with a spot-on four beat to the bar bass drum. Gross blunders will result in gaps on the pattern, because if you have erred too far towards the preceding or following beat the program will adjust the note accordingly.
These are the basics. There are plenty of other quantization values to choose from. But the plot thickens. All we have done so far is to move the starting time of the notes. The ending of the notes will be the same as it always was.
Right, so it would make sense to offer the user the choice of either correcting the whole note and thus moving its position without altering the length, or adjusting the start time and thus alter the lengths, the position of the ending remaining the same.
The choice of quantizing formulae can be amazing. You can have everything of one particular note value, no notes above or no notes below a certain value, you can even quantize things such as pitchbend and note pressure so that they, too, occur evenly. The latest is the 'humanise' factor into which you can set a degree of inaccuracy so that the track is not exactly mechanically on the beat.
It is important that the edit screen allows you to hear the edited version and there is some temporary buffer that holds this new version so that you can return to the old if necessary.
MIDI options MIDI records every action that takes place on the instrument: changes of touch, finger velocity, timing, volume, pitchbend, modulation. This should be faithfully reproduced by the sequencer and capable of fine tuning. There are no compatibility problems with MIDI interfaces and the Amiga: any interface will run with any software. There are 16 channels of MIDI to go at which in theory should give you control over sixteen separate instruments.
However, watch out for coming developments which will give the ability to control more than one string of 16 instruments, all from within the same program.
Building a Piece Having recorded the separate parts of your song you should then be able to chain them to flow one after another using some sort of arrange mode. Oh, and while we are talking of recording the parts, I have never really been in favour of programs that ask you to specify the length of the particular part you are about to record: they tend to stifle the creativity.
Obviqusly you will need to save your efforts. There are a couple of options here for the Amiga. You could use the IFF format, you could use a MIDI file format or you could save it in the format specific only to that piece of software and relatives.
Sampling software nearly always saves in IFF, but this is not true for current sequencing software, which tends to save it in their own sweet format. That's fine until you upgrade to a superior program.
To work on your old material you will need to transfer it via MIDI to your new program and then save it. This can be achieved by using a friend's computer to run your old program and tunes and then interfacing the MIDI of the two machines and re-recording the tune from one machine to another.
Another way is to use a separate dedicated sequencer, which records your original program, holds it while you boot up the new one and then plays it back to be re-recorded into the new one.
Pretty tiresome. ¦ Dawn of a New Era We are in the dawn of a new era as far as sequencing programs go for the Amiga. Instead of seeing older programs merely crossed over to the Amiga, we are starting to get programs that are either written exclusively for the Amiga or ones that when they are re-written have extra sections added to take advantage of the facilities that the Amiga has to offer, usually by way of multi-tasking and using the internal voices.
On the test bench this month are three programs. There were two more planned for inclusion but unfortunately, for one reason or another, they failed to materialise.
One was Music X, which is the subject of legal injunctions and litigations at present regarding its distribution in Europe. I have seen the demo and it is quite staggering, with complete sequencing, including graphic notation scrolling as you record, playing both internal and external sound sources. It will also program the voices of other synths via MIDI without having to re-boot the program. The other was Steinberg's Pro 24, one of the world’s most successful music programs now written for the Amiga. Delivery was put back by a month owing to difficulties in the disk protection module.
While the release date of Pro 24 is as yet indeterminate, we will be bringing youMusic X in a big way next issue.
In future issues I'll be running tutorial sessions on sequencing as well as other music- related subjects. Hang on to those back issues; I shall be asking questions! In the meantime, any questions or queries you have, send them to me at the usual address. Next month we take a look at the basics of voice creation and how this can be best put to use.
KEYBOARD CONTROLLED SEQUENCER (KCS) VERSION 1.6a DR.T. £159.95 MCM 01 724 4104 This is the father of the MRS system and in essence suffers with the same inherent design faults.
It is bigger and better in that it has 48 tracks to record on. It also has features like punch-in and punch-out, a step-time recording option and the ability to merge tracks. Sequences recorded can also be chained together using a song mode, which is the same as an arrange mode.
The more expensive Level Two KCS can generate variations on tunes and combine small segments of music in larger pieces if .CHJYP.NOIEVEL.DUR 1 ON A 4 64 11 ! ON A 5 64 65 [Backup Copy Track to Track Split Vary Append Sen to Track Delete Track Copy Seq to Irack Copy Irack to Seq Seq to All Tracks All Tracks to Seq Clear Double Play Record Step Tine Irack Load Save Sounds Set Options Colors OPEN Mode SONG Hod i ON 0* 5 64 7 Transpose Auto ! (41 F 5 64 7 Insert Adjust 1 ON E 5 64 7 £ut 1 ON D 5 64 7 Km : 1 ON C 5 64 7 Paste : 1 ON B 4 64 7 Delete I ON A 4 64 7 Erase : 1 ON 0 4 64 7 pText Hap
: 1 ON A 4 64 7 Bet Backup ; 1 ON B 4 64 7 Print 1 ON C 5 64 ?
1 ON A 4 64 7, 1 ON 8 4 64 71 1 ON C 5 64 7 find 1 ON D 5 64 7 Step Tine Append 1 ON CS 5 64 7 Undo 1 ON D 5 64 7 1 ON E 5 64 7 j 1 ON r 5 64 7 ¦ Editing a sequence, displayed in the form ol a string of data.
You so wish. Make sure that your version has the ‘a’ suffix. This is an indication that it will also sequence Amiga internal sounds.
The files for MRS can be loaded into KCS should you wish to upgrade and they are all compatible with other Dr T software such as the Copyist, which is a profes- sional-quality scoring package.
They will run with all MIDI interfaces, which is absolutely vital.
Lad broke Computing In tern a tiona1 "The Countrys Leading Computer Specialist" 33 Ormskirk Road, Preston, PR I 2QP.
Open Mon. - Sat. tO am to 5:30 pm Dealer enquiries welcome.
I YOU m AFFORD TO SHOP ELSEWHERE LOOK IT THESE PRICES (INC .VAT 1 Mlv toied prior to purchase to ensure Art retirnedgoods are now a thing of the past. All hardware is supplied by our on sHe e ngi VAT ASDDCLI m on orders over flOO (Mainland LKKneM day delivery tf&All yices arc corrcciat time of going to or, [ Jtoa premises they can offer this second to none serv ice to users country wide. All Softwwc llardwjre is ex stock Amiga Upgrade Hoards Software Amiga Packs 512 K RAM Extension Boards PACK I £369.99 Includes Commadore Amiga A500 computer, Tcnstar pack of ten games and Mouse.
PACK2 £467.99 Includes Amiga A500 computer, 512 K RAM Extension , Tcnstar games pack, Mouse.
PACK2 with Clock £479.99 PACK3 £579.99 consists of Pack 1 with Phillips CM 8833 colour monitor, Tcnstar games pack and mouse.
PACK 4 £687.99 Consists of Pack 2 with Phillips CM 8833 colour Monitor, Tenstar games pack and mouse.
PACK4 with dock £699.99 £369.99 At Least 20% discount off all 16 bit games software Minimum Discount
E. G. RRP Our Price £15.99 £19.99 £23.99
* A variable with or without calendar clock.
' Plugs easily into A500s ot (no soldering)
* Switch provided to switch RAM in out.
* Battery backed calendar clock retains time date on switch off.
* A maxing low price.
£19.99 £24.99 £29.99 Maximum Discount £19.99 £6.99 £24.99 £9.99 Send SAE for full software catalogue Join our excellent ST software club I magazine and guarantee at least 15% discount off any software and our free disk based magazine which will include reviews, hints, PD Software. All this for only 1 payment of £25 per year.
Phone for best prices Free delivery (Mainland UK only) on orders over £40, without dock, with dock, without dock with clock (unpopulated) £17.99 (unpopulated) £29.99 (populated) £107.99 (populated) £119.99 Amiga Modulators £24.99 Amiga modulator allows your Amiga to be used with a standard Tv set.
PC XT bridge boards £599.99 PC AT bridge board £1148.99 Phone for Amiga software catalogue New low Price Printers Cumana Disk drives Hard drives Star LC 10 Star LC 10 Colour Star LC 24 10 Epson LQ 500 Citizen 120 D SLM 804 Laser(ST) £169.99 £21°.99 £299.99 £319.99 £139.99 £1299 Vortex 40MBIST & Amiga) £499.99 Megafile 30 1ST) £474.99 Megafile 60 1ST) £599.99 Supra 30MB (ST) £474.99 Third Coast 65 MB (ST) £S74.99 (Amiga) £629.99 Triangle it others phone Cumana lMg DrivefAmiga it ST ....£89.99 Cumana internal lMg Drivc(ST) (kit or fined) ...£74.99 Please note
ST's case may need cutting for above internal drives.
Amiga 1 Mg Drive, disable switch it through port ..£79.99 A B boot switch (fittedhST) £24.99 ¦Tri-inalc- drive; & ythers __phone Phone for others. All printers come complete with Parallel cable.
Pcriphcra s & Dust Covers Monitors Special Offers Pro Draw Tablet phone Computers £3.99 CRP Tablets A4 £414 Monitors £4.99 A3 £818 Disk Drives £2.99 Hawk scanner £1250 Hard Disks £4.99 I raker balKS I-Amigal £24.99 Printers £7.99 SU I 100 disk box £9.99 Others phone Phone for prices on ah S1GNA products such as Colibri hand scanner with or without OCR, Signum 2. Augur OCR.Ifor ST) Phillips 8833 Colour Monitor. £229.99 The 8833 has stereo sound capability perfect for the Amiga.
Phillips 8852 Colour Monitor. £259.99 Phillips 15" Remote. Scart, Tv with 40 tuner presets. £229.99 Monitors, deduct £10 if bought with Computer phone fee Tv's.
Ah monitors come with scart to ST Amiga etc. Quickjoy superboard £16.99 The quickjoy superboard has LCD dock, timer, alarm with auto fire and micro switch control fee an amazingly low price, PRO 5000 Joystick £8.99 The competition PRO 5000 is one of the best quality joysticks on the market offering precise operation with microswitches.
DCOM Auto fire Joystick £9.99 Antistatic Mouse Mats £5.99 Repair Centre New Low Price High Quality Disks Our Atari trained engineers can repair ah hardware, including Amigas, in minimum time at competctive prices. We can arrange Pickup for prompt delivery to ourselves for £11.50. Next dav courier return £8.00 UPGRADES EX-STOCK I Mg STM (fitted) £124.99 Upgrade board (UnpopulatedXfittedXST) £60 1 Mg STFM (kit) £99.99 Board ? 1 Mg upgrade(fitted)(ST) £159.99 STFM upgrade fitting service £2S Board * 2.5 Mg upgradcKfittedXST) £399.99 Please check machine configuration before ordering. Ah fining
prices quoted for machines not previously tampered with. The ST upgrade board can be progressively upgraded to a maximum of 2.5 MB. Due to the complexity of the installation we must install and upgrade the board for you. Ah upgrades and repairs carry our 3 months parts and labour guarantee. Pre 1988 ST's can only be upgraded to 2 MB.
Phone for our Amiga upgrade board with or without clock, populated or unpopulated.
All our disks are top quality Sony, Maxccll or Kao products, not cheap imports. All disks carry unconditional lifetime guarantee.
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Memory, 1 Mg drive and mouse. Includes tutorial disk.
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2 MB RAM and mouse. The Mega ST 2 also includes a battery backed clock and business software.
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4 MB RAM and mouse. The Mega ST 4 also includes a battery backed clock and business software.
Amiga A2000 £phonc Consists of Amiga 2000, CPU and Keyboard.
DTP Pack 2 fphonc This pack consists of Mega 4, Megafilc 30 hard drive, SLM 804 Laser printer. Mono monitor, DTP software and 90 days on site maintenance.
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(0779.) 203166 or 21474 Fax 27236 Ladtxoke Coimwlin* International is a tradina name of Walton Mwketine Limited.
16 BIT CENTRE ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT AND COURIER SERVICE i r i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i J «- ~i r- i i i i i i i i COMMODORE A501 RAM EXPANSION with clock ONLY £115.00 HARDWARE "l r- i i j Amiga B2000, ROM 1.3 ..£950.00 I Philips AV7300 TV Tuner £69.00 l Futuresound 500 ....£79.00 J Amdrive 50M Hard Disk £465.00 Cumana 3.5 inch Disk Drive ...£99.00 (Star LC-10 Mono .....£159.00 lStar
LC-24 10 ...£299.00 I Citizen 120D .....£139.00 'NEC P2200 £299.00 CREDIT TERMS NOW AVAILABLE Example - Amiga A500, £15.03 per month over 36 months with a 10% deposit of £34.00 'Star LC 10 Colour ....£199.00 CALLERS AND MAIL ORDER WELCOME PRINTERS Open 9.00am to 6pm Monday to Saturday AMIGA A500 ROM + WORKBENCH 1.3 Mouse, Modulator, Leads ONLY £349.00 I Epson
LQ-500 ...£299.00 I Citizen Swift Colour (24 pin) ..£349.00 11 printers supplied with 1.8M lead worth £7.99 I Minigen ...£105.00 I Philips 8833 stereo monitor including lead..£219.00 I Commodore 1084 monitor including lead ....£199.00 I Please phone for other hardware prices I______________________________ SOFTWARE ! The Works .£69.00 I Lattice C V5 ...£165.00 j
Publishers Choice ...£79.00 Dragons Lair ....£25.00 I Deluxe Paint III £65.00 I Xcad Professional £250.00 Superbase Professional ..£159.00 Kind Words V2 .£39.00 Workbench 1.3 .£14.95 Audiomaster 2 .£55.00 Aquisition
1.3 £150.00 Professional Draw £115.00 JOYSTICKS BLANK DISKS r- i ¦~i i Icheetah 125+ ....£9.95 I
• Cheetah
Starprobe .£14.95 J
Quickshot II
Turbo ...£9.95 Ikonix
Navigator ......£12.99
j |F5
Fantastick .....£5.00
iCrystal ...£10.95
I l-------------------------------1 ' 3M DS DD Box of
10 .....£12.95 Sony DS DD
Box of 10 ..£12.95 | Kodak
DS DD Box of 10 £12.95 I
Unbranded DS DD
10 .....£9.45 I Unbranded
DS DD 50 ...£45.00
• Unbranded DS DD 100 .£79.00
- ---------- Amiga A500 + A501 Dpaint
III ..
Amiga A500 + Philips 8833 Stereo Monitor (no modulator)....
....£549.00 Amiga A500 + The
Works ...
Amiga A500 +Tenstar Pack, Sonix, Photon
£399.00 All
Amigas include Mouse, Power Supply, Manuals, Modulator,
Workbench 1.3 and Kickstart 1.3. Unless stated otherwise L
_________ _______________________ J 16 BIT CENTRE Unit 17,
Lancashire Fittings Science Village Claro Road, Harrogate Hgl
VIRGIN’S GEMINI WING ’ - -J-r» -.1 V M £VVL'* :cv-v I 'j
'T L ;•*». VI a "i %*« i *4 WIN A WILD ONE A HI-TECH
• TV MODULATOR £339 AMIGA A500 1084(S) MONITOR £549 AMIGA B2000
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MOD £305 A500 + £200 of
GAMES ......£339 A500 + 1084(S) HIGH RES COLOUR
MONT ..£520 A500 + IBM
354E .....£87
AF880 .£78
RF302C ....£74 Supra 20mb
H disk ...£499 ? All drives 1 mb + on off
switch * AMIGA ACCESSORIES A501 -512k
RAM £109 TV
Modulator £22 Mouse
Mat £4.39 Amiga
dust-cover ....£6.89
3. 5 135TPI DS DD ..£9.99 COMMODORE C64 C64
Hollywood ..£129 C64
Entertainment ...£173 1541 Cll 5.25 C64
drive .£139 1581 3.5 800K C64
drive .....£112 Oceanic 5.25 C64 drive £109
A2000 HARDWARE A2000 + 1mb RAM .. A2000 + 1084(s)
monitor + bridge BD + 20mb H disk A2000 +
1084(s) . £869 ..£1369 £1049 20mb hard
disk...... £299 XT bridge BD £299
A500 A2000 MONITORS 1084(s) High res monit ... £209
Philips CM8833 High res 1901 C64-colour .
£199 Call 1900 C64 Mono ... £119 I PRINTERS
Star LC10 (P) 130CDS .£139 Star LC10
colour ......£189 Star LC24-10 (24
din) ...£305 Citizen
120D ......£105 Commodore MPS
1230 £119 Panasonic KXP1124 (24 pm) ...£279
Panasonic KXP1081 £149 Epson
LX800 .....£158 Epson
LQ500 ....£250 Epson
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FX1050 ..£382 Epson
EX800 ....£369 Epson
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HOP40 ..£352 Epson
EX1000 ..£543 Hewlett Packard Paint
Jet £689' NEC P6+ £508 NEC
P7+ £624 Star
LC'O ...£195 Xerox
4020 .£949 LASERS Citizen
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Music £49 Deluxe
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Studio .£23 Organiser
II ..£49 Page
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Plus £24 Photon
Paint .£49 Photon
Video .....Ring Professional
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2 Ring Publisher
Plus .....£69 Sculpt 3-D
Animate ..£102 Sculpt
3-D £63 Superbase
II £59 Superbase
Personal ..£44 Superbase Professional £169 TV
Show Text .....£79 Word Perfect
42 £169
'Works' .....£69
Zumafonts £25 Hugely
successful 9 pin printer, the Star LC10 provdes 4 NLQ fonts
(with 86 print combinations) at 38cps and 144cps draft. Has a
large 4K buffer and IBM parallel interface built in. Includes
a comprenehensive front panel operation and features paper
parking, allowing single sheets to be used without removing
tractor paper.
ALL PRICES EXCLUDE VAT CREDIT CARD MAIL ORDER AND EXPORT HOTLINE (0202)24927 (0202)813176 OPEN MON-SAT 9am-5.30pm All prices and manufacturer's specifications subject to change without notice.
To: First Micro, 13 Lansdowne Rd, Bournemouth, Dorset BH1 1RZ I wish to order --- My computer is I enclose cheque PO for £ inc VAT.
I I I I I I I I I I i Name Signature Address Postcode Tel No: After an overwhelming response to Issue One of Amiga Format, Bob's managed to ‘Wade’ through a massive pile of your contributions: and three have earned a prize of an Amiga Format T Shirt and binder. You, too, can win these much sought-after consumables: simply send your ideas, problems, disasters, humour, criticism, offers of money etc. to Bob Wade, Amiga Format Letters, 4 Queen Street, Bath, BA1 IE] for our Editor to practice his Origami with... BACK TO BACKING UP Perusing Issue One of Amiga Format, I noticed an advertisement
on Page 22 which mentions a 64 emulator for £55 halfway down the page.
I recently upgraded and have a lot of Commodore 64 games which I used to really enjoy playing. I didn't know there was a 64 emulator, so could you please tell me of anything else that will give me backups of my collection?
On Page 23 of AF 1 a program called X Copy is advertised.
Do you know if this is any good, or of anyone who could answer my question?
I know we need laws to protect software from pirates, but now is the last chance for any of us who just want to make backups for personal use to do so.
Karl Drinkwater Manchester Yes, you can believe your eyes: there is a 64 emulator. However, you are better oft playing on your 64 it you've still got it, because emulated games run slower on the Amiga than on the 64.
As for backing-up devices becoming illegal, it looks as though the legislation being passed is not watertight. Devices or software that might possibly be used for legitimate purposes will not be illegal, apparently.
Which just goes to prove that even when the government does pay attention to the computer market, it still does not know what it's doing. How many Mps do you think know a ROM kernel from a walnut?
IN A BIND I've just read the first edition of Amiga Format so I thought I'd just contribute a few words of wisdom. Overall, the magazine hasn't changed much, thankfully, but there could be a little fewer games pages. It's not that I'm against games. On the contrary, I spend a great deal of time whacking my joystick around the place but if I want games reviews then I read a games magazine.
It's a pity that ST Amiga Format ended at Issue Thirteen since only twelve fit in the ST AF binder! Perhaps you could produce some stickers to cover up all the Sts' in the magazine and on the cover and we Amiga owners could rip out any ST articles thus renaming ST AF Issue 13 as Amiga Format Issue Zero! Are ST AF binders still available? I'd rather have one of them than put all my old issues in the new AF binder? Is there any discount on the old binders... heh heh?!
Chris Clifford Neath, West Glamorgan Tragically, the old ST AF binders have already sold out - so no chance of scabbing a freebie there I’m afraid. If you insist on ruining Issue 13 of ST AF then use liquid paper - it will be far cheaper than stickers.
Alternatively get yourself a pair of ST-sensitive sunglasses that go black at the sight of the letters ‘ST'.
NOT GENTLE LET DOWN Just a few lines to say I wasn’t over impressed by your first issue of Amiga Format. The mag is about right, although 16 pages smaller, and I am concerned that 14 pages were Game Reviews against 11 pages in ST AF 13. It is too easy to pad a mag with such stuff.
The disk, old son, was a big let down. Greg Ingham said, 'Readers will get twice the amount of programs on disk...', and I expected you to pull out all the stops for your first issue to show us what we could expect in the future, the aspect of which is decidedly less than rosy if this disk is an example. When compared with ST AF 13, which had a game demo plus three other programs, the new Super Disk had a game demo plus four other programs, one of which, Vilbm, you had already supplied in Aug '88!
As a regular reader from Issue One of ST AF, I very nearly sent you a subscription order for your new mag, on the strength of this one I'm glad I didn't. You have to realise that it is the Disk alone that tempts readers to shell out £3.00, without it the mag is worth no more than £1.50. It is in your best interests to preserve the integrity of the Disk contents, which until now, has been very good. Apart from the program Trackmon, I shall bin this one straight away.
Tony Melling Hyde, Cheshire The 'decrease' in issue size is deceptive. Every single page of AF is for the Amiga - unlike ST AF where there was a considerable amount of ST coverage that was no use to an Amiga owner. So although the issue size was 16 pages smaller, you got a lot more Amiga into for your money.
As for the disk - well, there's no pleasing everyone, obviously.
DEMOS, WIBBLE, KICK OFF, WIBBLE You told me to write in, so I have.
An excerpt from my questionnaire was printed on page 107 of Ish One. I didn’t like the game Wicked, because it didn’t grab me. I know it was only a demo, and you can’t really tell what the final product would be like, but it was just boring!. Most game demos aren't anything like the end product, as there are usually a number of changes made. Take for instance the Purple Saturn Day demo. It wasn’t even playable. It was just a pretty looking demo. When I played the game at our local computer shop I thought it was terrible. All it is is four games with near to nothing gameplay, covered up with
amazingly pretty graphics!
I suppose the problem before was that half of the disk was for the ST, and after a naff game demo for the Amiga, there was not much room for anything else, but all that has changed, for the good!
The other thing, I suppose is that you get loads of dosh from the company which produces the demo for you, nod, nod, wink, wink, know what I mean?
If you did classified ads you’d have to be careful, as in Zzap!64 Amiga, they say that they will not print ads from pirates. Yet you see in the penpal section ads like 'Amiga Contacts Wanted to Swap latest Software’, it never mentions original software, and if they aren’t swapping copied software, then I am a yellow banana with six legs and a beak, and called Andy Smith!
There is one thing I totally HATE in a computer magazine, Role Playing sections such as the one in C&VG, and articles that creep into computer magazines that aren't relevant such as comic reviews, and book reviews about ‘The revenge of Batman’s wooden leg’, and 'Killer Wax Candles of Mars'!!
I would just like to add that I have ignored all of the Amiga only magazines that are out, because I think they are terrible, and I reckon you have got the content 100% correct. Amiga Format is what I have been looking for in an Amiga magazine for ages.
I have got to get this final niggle off my chest. It’s about Kick Off. I like the game in general, but there are many flaws. Why is there no offside? If there had been an offside I would have won every game. Why does the goalie keep lobbing the ball out to one of my players, when he is surrounded by about 5 Ruskies? Why is it, when he eventually kicks it out, it ends up at the feet of the opposition?
The only thing I have so far perfected on this game is fouling the opponent, which I have got off to a fine art! Why is it you end up controlling the man furthest away from the ball? Why is it that the goalie never comes out of the 6 yard box? Why does the goalie never save the easy shots, but always saves the hard shots?
Once I shot the ball and it went just inside the post, but the computer said it was a goal kick.
On the league game, passing is almost impossible because as soon as you try to press fire to pass, the other side has tackled you! The only team I have ever beaten is the Froggies as these are the slowest team, even slower than England!
Julian Smith Sheffield PS I liked the game demo for once, the stuff on the disk was excellent. My T-shirt size is medium. I’d like a white binder, plus a free sub, and a yellow Ferrari with specialised licence plates of ‘IAM-UPEE’.
I liked the game demo as well. I thought the disk was excellent too. My T-shirt size is large. I'd like an orange binder with blue stripes, plus a free frigate, and a green Skoda with personalised plates reading ‘NO CHANCE’.
As for the minor ‘bug-ettes’ in Kick Off - most of them are quite entertaining and don't crash the game. Offside is for cissies - maybe you should take up netball instead.
? PG3021 HHWiOH COMPACT AND BIJOU It’s time I voiced my frustration over the lack of development of Compact Disk Drives or CD-RAMs.
We all know they exist, but why aren’t they being mass-produced?
Third Coast released a 12-inch CD Read Writeable back in May for the Atari ST, but at just under £5,000 what use is that?
If it is possible to produce a CDV 12-inch player for under £500, it must be possible therefore to produce a machine with the extra circuitry to enable it to act as a VCR and Disk Drive for under £1,000?
If I were designing the new machine I would add a little extra hardware to give it more appeal to a wider range of buyers. These would be as follows: all the features a top-of-the-range video would have, eg fast teletext, picture in picture etc, at the flick of a switch it would act as a hard drive.
The best feature I would add would be the ability to mix RGB Computer display with RGB, D- MAC or CDVideo and record it on another Video Disk Recorder. It's quite easy to do - simply have 2 Scart Connections on the back of the machine to act as input signals and a D-Socket (like the Amiga's monitor out) and a Rotary dimmer- type Control to mix the displays, ie have TV on the left and computer on the right and in between the perfect overlay fade control just like Balance Control on your stereo.
This would in effect be a standard machine wanted by just about everyone. I really can’t see any reason why this machine could not be built within a year, and at around £1,000 loads of people would invest in it.
If anybody feels the same way as I do, please write in and maybe we can give Sony and others an incentive to make a machine to my specifications.
Dickon Channing Aberdeenshire There are some great ideas there: the trick is to get anyone to take notice of them. It's a nice alternative view along the same lines as the Dream Machine article. Let's hope at least some of them get incorporated. Have a T- shirt and binder.
FORK OUT The free disk is now improved. I disagree strongly with Julian Smith who, in your letters page, said no demo games. I think that these are an addition to a review because we can try out games before forking out £20-plus (not all shops allow us to view a game before buying.)
New Zealand Story was great1 Do you intend running a series giving help on music programming? By this I mean using a package like Sonix and showing how to program a composition with a bass line and drums (and without the use of MIDI).
Craig Thornton Lincoln, Lines Music programming is very much on the cards but obviously we can’t deal with all the software at once, so you will have to be a little patient.
? PSDgd (LlWllO ILLOGICAL, CAPTAIN Firstly, may I congratulate the production team on a thoroughly good magazine, offering everything to everyone. But may I ask why the magazine cannot be constructed in a logical format - ie, a section for the programmer with reviews of new compilers etc, a section for the semi-business user with all new business based applications, another for the out-and-out games user, and finally a section for adverts. I feel that I, as a computer dealer and user, would like to look at the parts of the magazine that would interest me first, then scan through the rest of
the mag for other inputs. At present Amiga Format, and every other mag on the market, is a hotch potch of articles for users of various ability and adverts.
Computing is a logical hobby way of life - why can nobody create or edit a magazine to show the distinct areas of interest in their own subsections, without running interesting articles into adverts games hardware reviews.
Please keep the letters section to a high priority since the readers are the people without whom you would be looking for another job.
I also feel that another interest would be a day by day guide to system creation and expansion.
There are very few dealers who would have sufficient time to spend answering questions about what to do, what to buy, and where can I go from now, and this is only due to the cut throat marketing ploy of some hardware software dealers. The margins are not there to spend the time on the end user any more, especially where the games-user wants to expand to bigger and better things.
You must remember that these 68000 based machines are far more than an expensive toy, they have tremendous uses beyond the myriad of games on the market. If the trend in the UK was towards showing the end users what was available, and how to get there in 10 easy lessons, then I feel that there would be a lot of people who used computers for more than just games.
Why is it that US magazines show off the business software as much as the games software - answer - since there are many users interested in the machines as a home office, home account helper they show off what’s available. Making the end user aware of these features would open up a new field for the magazines with an endless source of editorial material.
Tony Rayer Barry Logical it may be, but it creates ghettos which can repel people.
Make any section too specialised and the majority of users who, as you say, use their Amigas for all sorts of things, will feel left out of a section because it's not aimed specifically at them. Far better to keep things more open and friendly, allowing everybody to pick and choose what interests them. Nevertheless, the issues you raised were all interesting and thought-provoking, though - have a T-shirt and binder.
HOW GREEN IS MY MAGGY Can you do an article on how Format is put together, from the editorial stages right to the printing of the mag?
New Computer Express and Format are enjoyable to read and I like NCE on the chlorine free paper. What about Format?
Oh, why doesn’t Jason use a cruncher programme on the cover disk? It will give at least 30% extra disk space.
Gary Fenton Write a mag about writing a mag - surreal. Chlorine-free paper would be nice but all those lovely screenshots would not look half as nice.
Jason does use a cruncher on the disk and we hope he will start using it on his wibbling.
? PCS OSS (LSWBB WARNING, WARNING, DANGER APPROACHING I have a problem that occurs intermittently since I got my A500. The machine seems to be particularly highly-strung, and as such takes moods when it just doesn’t want to do anything. One way it achieves this is by swearing at you with a damn great red alert box at the top of the screen, occasionally being civil enough to let you save your valuable data to disk.
The other, and perhaps more frustrating, way is to just not let you do anything with either the keyboard or the mouse at all (although the disk drive still appears to function!) Perhaps you can tell me what it is that I should avoid doing in future?
I am a very practical kind of computer user, and I would have thought that, as Commodore has aimed this machine at a quite broad spectrum of users, they should have made it more or less idiot proof, instead of which anything remotely illegal seems to crash the whole system. Surely I am not the only one who finds it less than satisfactory to have so much of the hardware relying totally on the actions of the user?
It seems to me that good though the machine is, there are far too many features that are not able to be readily utilised (such as function keys), and not enough safety devices to cope with whatever it is that causes these frequent software failures. It would also seem sensible to me to have allowed an icon for the printer so that files and output could be ’dragged’ to it in the same way as we drag them from disk to disk.
This is just one of many examples of things that should have been included with the machine so that they are available to you if you so wish.
Niall Davies Midlothian, Scotland An idiot-proof computer, now there’s a novel idea. All you would need to do is supply it in an unopenable rubber box. T-shirt and binder on the way - both are idiot-proof.
EMPIRE STRIKES BACK Please, please, please could you print this plea to the nation. I'm starting up a game of Empire on the Amiga and so I need a few Amiga owners to contact me who wish to play.
If you’ve never heard of Empire before then it’s not so much an adventure but more a multi-player game of politics, economics and war. Put simply, it’s a game where you control your land strategically and try to wipe out the other countries, ie the other players.
A typical game can last about three months. It's not the kind of game for all you arcade freaks! If any readers are interested, then they can get more details by sending an SAE to this address: Chris Clifford Empire Query 54 Wern Road, Skewen Neath, West Glamorgan SA10 6DL If you do print this plea then thanks for your help - I may even name a country after you!
Chris Clifford ‘Ere wait a minute, Chris Clifford, you've been on these pages already. It's not going to get you a prize you know - three or four countries required for that.
INFECTIOUS DEITY Help! I’ve got a virus, I think.
Maybe it’s a practical joke by the programmer.
Anyway, there I was playing God and having a great time bashing the opposition (you guessed it, Populous) when this green bug about 1 2 inch in size started to crawl up the screen. I had to follow it to see what happened.
Nothing. It just got to the top of the screen and vanished. As no damage appeared to have been done, I ignored it. Then, a few days later, while conquering another world, something appeared on the left hand side of the screen. This time it was a little wizard on a flying carpet and he was throwing stars to the left and right. When he crossed to the right of the screen, he vanished. Again no harm done.
Is it a virus? Or a gimmick by the programmer? Or am I just going nuts and seeing things?
Nope. Both actually happened.
Walter Lane St Ninian's, Stirling It's not a bug or a virus - it’s supposed to be there, and oddly, is similar to Virus, the game. The monsters appear randomly and move in straight lines, killing things in their path and leaving behind swamps, trees and stuff like that. Of course, this does not mean you're not going nuts - hope that sets your mind at rest.
SUPER HANG UP I own an A500 running under Kickstart 1.2 which is just over a year old. I recently purchased a copy of Super Hang-On which refused to load. This was replaced by my supplier with another copy which again refused to load. This time I sent it to Activision who replaced and tested it on a machine with the same specification as mine before sending it to me. Again I had no joy so I got somebody else to test it for me on their machine and they had no problem.
Now I know I’m not alone with this problem but nobody seems to be able to offer any positive help.
Activision say they think it's down to the disk drive, that I'm unlikely ever to get it to load and that they can only offer me an alternative game. Because I’ve been messing about returning copies in the belief that they're faulty, the warranty on my machine has expired and consequently the dealer I purchased it from doesn't want to know, suggesting another company to contact who say it’s going to cost me around £50 just to get the drive looked at.
What I don’t understand is why I only get problems with this game (so far). I've got around 50 others which give no trouble at all. Have Commodore used drives with different specs in some of their A500s or is their setting up of the drive alignment not all it could be?
Alternatively, is the copy protection used asking the drive to do something marginal which mine (and others) fail on?
One thing’s for sure, it’s not the game itself. I know this because someone gave me a cracked version to try and this worked perfectly. How many other pieces of software will I be unable to use in the future because of the copy protection employed. It seems ironic that although I’m prepared to pay for this game, the only way I can run it is to use a pirated copy.
Stephen Thoman Yatton, Avon If software houses start using copy protection that demands too much of the majority of drives, you will soon see something done about it. There’s nothing like angry customers and loss of business to get anybody into action.
A FEW SNIPPETS... BIKEBUSTERS Coming back from the newsagents I ran into one of my friends. We were both on bikes and collided. The first thing that sprung to mind was AF - was it damaged? Fortunately it was not, but my friend's bike had four broken spokes - two were ripped out.
Andrew Davies Kilmacolm We make 'em robust here at AF - a bike? No contest. Mike Tyson would have trouble surviving a couple of rounds with AF.
PARTICLE-WAVE DUALITY, MAN I noticed a letter asking about quantum mechanics. I have written a program which solves the Schrodinger equation for a bound system. If you are interested let me know.
L West Horsham, Sussex You don't catch me out with all this wave-particle duality stuff - you are in fact Erwin Schrodinger's cat trying to get your own back for being stuck in the box all this time, and I claim my £5 prize.
LITERARY STRIP You were wrong in pointing out that the only ‘strip’ games are poker games. There’s a game called Centrefold which is a strip Othello. So there.
Eyal Teler Jerusalem, Israel Shakespeare must be doing 10,000 rpm in his grave... ¦
Benchmark Modula 2 Benchmark C Lib
Benchmark IFF Lib..... Benchmark Simplifier
Devpac 2 GFA Basic ... Hisoft
Basic Kseka ....
- attice C V5 Lattice ...£75.80
...£44.45 ...£48.15 ...£59.30 ...£37.00 .£242.28 .£379.10
SOFTWARE Utilities Ashas Caligrafonts......
BAD ......
B. B.C Emulator .... Butcher 2 .
CLImate ... Cygnus Ed Prof ....
Diskmaster ... Diskwick Disk 2
Disk ... Dos 2 Dos Enhancer (WB
1.3)...... FACC II ..... Fancy 3D
Fonts .... Flipside .... Gizmox
V2.0 . GOMF V3.0 ... GOMF
Button Grabbit .....
Interchange .. K-Gadget .. Lions
Fonts ... Mailshot ... Mailshot
Plus ..£50.50 ..£33.65 ..£42.00 ..£29.45
..£33.65 ..£75.80 ..£42.00 ..£42.00 ..£33.65 ..£14.15 ..£25.25
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ring tor prices availability on any
hardware software peripherals not listed. (Full price on
request) Please make cheques postal orders payable to SCC MAIL
ORDER. All prices are inclusive of V.A.T All software
delivered free UK only) Hardware Peripherals Carriage rates
on request.
ALL PRICES CORRECT AT TIME OF GOING TO PRESS All items subject to availability
S. C.C. MAIL ORDER 29 Crowtree Road, Sunderland SR1 3JU.
Telephone 091 565 5756 Word Prefect V4 1.... .£192.80 Write &
File £74.00 Databases Acquisition VI.3
.£101.00 Data Retrive ...... ...£58.95 Micro
Base ...£41.80 Microfiche Filer .
...£67.35 Microfiche Plus . £134.75 Suoerbase Personal.
...£44.45 Suoerbase Personal 2 ..£74.00 Suoerbase Prof...... .£185.30
C. A.D Aegis Draw 2000..... .£188.95 IntroCAD
...£50.50 Pro Board .. .£168.45 Pro
Net . .£168.45 X Cad ....
.£387.50 Amiga 500 ....from£359.99 Amiga
500 1084S......£614.99 A1010 Disk Orive £99.99
A1084S ....£259.99 A501 Ram Expansion
Clock ......£134.99 A520 Modulator £24.99
A590 20mb Hard Drive£374.99 Vortex 40mb Hard
Drive .£544.99 Becker
Text .£101.00 Excellence ...£148.25
Kind Words 2 .£42.00 Micro
Text .£14.80
Protext ......£74.00 Protext
Filer ...£18.50 Protext
Office £25.90 Pro Write V2.0. Text Pro.
Word Processing Digicalc ......£29.65 K Spread 2 ..£44.45 Maxiplan A500 £96.90 Maxiplan Plus £145.30 Superplan ...£74.00 1 Desk Top Publishing 1 City Desk VI.2 £87.55 Pagesetter ..£67.35 Pagestream ..RING Professional Page .£251.90 Shakespeare .£125.95 | Languages Arts Compilers I Absoft AC 8asic ...£164.30 Absoft AC Fortran .£248.50 APL 68000 .£99.95 A Rexx .£37.90 Assempro ...£43.75
Aztec C Developer £132.70 Cumana 1 mb 3.5' Drive...... £89.99 lmb 3.5‘ Drive
• PSU .....£116.99 lmb 5.25' Drive. ..
.....£121.99 lmb 5.25' Drive
* PSU .....£133 99 Spreadsheets I
Arts Grapwcs Anihahon | Aegis Animagic £67.35 Aegis
Animator Images ..£67.35 Aegis Impact ...£58.95
Aegis L.C Action! £54.75 Aegis Modeler 3D £58.95 Aegis
Videoscape 3D.. .£ 121.00 Aegis Video Titler £93.00 Comic
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Setter £67.35 Page Flipper - FA £80.85 Photon
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2 .£66.70 Photon Paint Exp Disk ....£14.80 Photon
Paint Cell Amm....£80.85 Photon Via Trans Cont ..£161.70
...£95.65 Newsletter Fonts .....£25.25 Power Windows
V2.5......£58.95 .£143.20 Project
D .....£33.65 ...£75.80
Quarterback £50.50 ...£75.80 Studio
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Design ....£21.00 'State sculpt or Videoscape Music A
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Decimal Dungeon ..£33.65 Descartes ..£25.25 Designasaurus £35.00 First Shapes ...£26.90 Fun School 2 ..£14.80 Galileo £48.50 Goldilocks £21.00 Intellitype ...£21.00 Kid Talk ......£26.90 Little Red Hen .£21.00 Match-it ......£29.45 Math-A- Magician ....£33.65 Math-A-Matiori .£67.35 Math Talk ...£26.90 Math Talk Fractions £26.90 The Ugly Duckling ..£21.00 Three Little Pigs ....£21.00 |
Bundles | Critics Choice ......£126.30 Publishers Choice ....RING The Works .£87.65 The Works Plahnum____£163.75 Music X ...Ring Opus 1 ......£84.20 Pro Midi Plus ..£28.30 Pro Midi Studio ....£117.90 Rock n Roll .£8.40 Sound Oasis ...£67.35 Studio Magic ..£75.45 Synthia ......£79.95 Ultimate Sound Tracker .£29.65 Communications SENLAC SOFTWARE CATERING SOLELY FOR AMIGA Look Great Programs in the Public Domain for you to choose. I V sa Telephone
your Credit Card Number For Immediate Despatch All goods despatched by return of post.
SEN1 Demos utils (10 disks) ...£19.99 SEN2 Star Trek (3 disks) .....£7.99 SEN3 Music Collection (3 disks) ...£6.99 SEN4 Graphics Collection (3 disks) .....£6.99 SEN5 Nib Copier backup Interceptor. Battlechess etc...£2.99 SEN20 Word Wright Word Processor ....£2.25 SEN21 NAS Digipics .....£2.25 SEN22 DOC. Demo £2.25 SEN23 City Desk
Demo ..£2.25 SEN24 PD Games, Roller Ball ...£2.25 SEN26 Clip Arts For D Paint ......£2.25 SEN27 Baren Cheque Book £2.25 SEN28 Galeiled Demo ....£2.25 SEN29 Elf Alien
Demo ....£2.25 SEN30 Sprite Bob Editors ...£2.25 SEN31 Juke Box Sonix ...£2.25 SEN32 Warhammer FRP Demo .£2.25 ANY TEN DISKS FROM ABOVE £19.99 SCOOP PURCHASE! ! ! !
SAMPLER & SOFTWARE ONLY £36.99 P Paid Sound Tracker PD Music Disk Do Your Own!
2 Disk - £5.99 Cheques & Postal Orders to:- 14 Oaklea Close Old Roar Road, St Leonards on Sea, East Sussex, TN37 7HB Tel: 0424 753070 DATAPLEX » 10 Petersfield Avenue, Slough, ¦-1 "mL Berkshire SL2 5DN Tel 0753 35557 ¦¦snl AMIGA HARDWARE A500 complete ...312.00 Epson 1-0500 249.00 Epson LQ1050 ...542.00 A500 v TV Modulator 324.00 A500 * £200 worth games ..335.00 A500 + I084S 11 Res col ..520.00 A500 * Philips Modulator col ......489.00
HEWLETT PACKARD Thinkjel .265.00 Quid jet ...343.00 AMIGA ACCESSORIES A50I 512K Ram .....1 13.00 Quiet jet* .412.00 DeskJet ....443.00 DeskJet + .535.00 Mouse Mai ..4.00 DATAPLEX DRIVES 1MB 3.5" external drive .....68.00 I MB 3.5" Internal drive ......63.00
PaintJet ....665.00 Rugged Writer 865.00 All Hewlett Packard printers come with 12 months on site warranty 1MB 5.25" (loppy drive ....106.00 DATAPLEX HARD DRIVES 20MB drive A500 1OOO ...478.00 30MB drive A500 1000 ...529.00 60MB drive A500 1000 ...910.00 20MB drive A2000 ....470.00 Star LC10 Colour ......195.00 Star LC24 10 .245.00 Scikosha
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PHILIPS MONITORS CM8833 14 RGB CVBS mon .....189.00 DM7723 14 Amber Monitor .89.00 CM8852 hi res col.mon ....249.00 PRINTERS Amstrad I.Q3500 DI ..244.00 Amstrad DMP4000 ...227.00 Amstrad LQ5000 151 ...329.00 NEC P2200 ....265.00 NEC P565X1 ...814.99 NEC P6 * 80 character ....414.00 NEC P? 136 character .....534.00 Colour upgrade kit .....80.00 Panasonic KXP
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180E ..127.00 New 24pln sw'ib Z4 255 OO t iUuiu upgrade lei swit' IXIA Citizen MSP INK |HX on Panasonic KXP 1540 ..428.00 NEW MANNESMANN TALLY LAUNCH OFFER MT81 dot matrix) .....110.00 Sheelfeeder 62.00 Serial l F ..62.00 NEW COLOUR PRINTER FROM OLIVETTI The visible benefils Idol matrix) DM105S 189.00 NEW MANNESMAN TALLY INKJET (BLACK) The MT90 at only ......375.00 Citizen MSP 411
72“ OO 1 uzen MSP 4f zsz • m Citizen. MSI’ Ml 292 00 Citizen MSP fx5 322 00 citizen premier 35 'tel OO ClU en HOP 40 llusl Jew I 295 00 Clltzen HOP IS lla.l tew 1 295 00 Optional Sheelfeeder ..99.00 RIBBONS KXPI 081 1090 1 2 .....4.00 TIWT 2000 3000 3160 2 SO I IMP 4000 4 !0 IfttT 825ti LU3S00 « 50 All Citizen printers come with 2 year warranty Epson 1JC800 .103.00 Epson FX850 .283.00 Epson FX1050 ...377.00 iyiMvn.il ii.3; Ml'2i 4 4c
IXMOO HX MX FXHO 1 -5 IXIOOU FX RXIOO 1 40 XL ;o i io Epson EX800 425.00 Epson EX 1000 ..581.00 1C 10 4 40 NEC .....5.00 ~y o' o'c«
* KM * vW mF V ?«?
Issue 1 ¦ Order Code AM201 If you’re a new reader to the “Format” titles, we feel sure that you’ll be anxious to catch up on some of the very rare earlier issues of ST Amiga Format magazine, each with its own cover disc but also full to the brim of great reviews, articles and news. Remember, there are limited stocks!
Also, see below Issue 1 of Amiga Format, just in case you missed it!
Cover Disk: Amiga: Interceptor demo, Virus Killer, Othello game.
ST: Oids demo, Virus Killer.
Magazine: Word processors evaluated, Graphics packages compared, Pro-sound, Superbase benchtested.
Issue 2-6 ¦ SOLD OUT!! SORRY!
Issue 7 ¦ Order Code AM207 Cover Disk: Amiga: Cosmoroids, play the game, MCAD design for your Amiga.
ST: Play Level One of Flying Shark, HiSTart, high quality ST art.
Magazine Full review of Flair Paint, Colour Printers, Shoot 'em up Construction Kit, Learn Basic.
Issue 8 ¦ Order Code AM208 Cover Disk: Amiga: Stunning scenery generator, Purple Saturn Day demo.
ST: Purple Saturn Day demo, Database construction set.
Magazine: Autoroute (the computer journey planner), Sculpt 4D, a modelling package, Protext (THE word processor for your Amiga then!), Cameron's Handy Scanner reviewed.
Addictive game. ST: Jitterbug, a wonderful multi-player maze game.
Magazine: Buy a modem from our suggestions, Cel Animator for the Amiga put through its paces, Organise your day with Day by Day or Daatafax.
Issue 10 ¦ Order Code AM210 Cover Disk: Amiga: Cybernoid II (playable demo), Learn Devpac 1.
ST: Zak McKracken (playable demo), Learn Devpac 1.
Magazine: Upgrade your machine with extra magabytes, Daatascan hand-held scanner from Kempston Samplers.
Issue 11 ¦ Order Code AM211 Cover Disk: Amiga: Blood Money (playable demo), File requester, add requesters to programs.
ST: Archipelagos, playable demo, Fastmouse, speed up mouse operation.
Magazine: Make yourself a sound sampler, Deluxe Paint III. Animation tutorial, Why not invest in a better screen? Here’s the choice... Issue 12 ¦ Order Code AM212 Cover Disk: Amiga: Colossus Chess, playable demo, TirusX V3.1 protect your disks against viral infection, Boot intro, add scrolling messages to your disks.
ST: Flair Paint, usable demo of this brilliant art package.
Magazine: Video digitising, Attach a midi system to your machine and make music, The best available joysticks.
Issue 13 ¦ Order Code AM2113 Cover Disk: Amiga: Wicked, playable demo of this totally addictive game, Mandelshow, create infinitely complex pictures with this Mandelbrot generator.
ST: Spherical, an excellent playable demo of this strategy game.
Magazine: Pagestream, a brilliant DTP, Animation techniques, the reasons why, The choice of hard drives.
Amiga Format Issue 1 ¦ Order Code AM2111 Cover Disk:: New Zealand Story, the playable demo. Plus Art Gallery and various utilities.
Magazine:How videos can transform your machine. Top Ten All Time Great Games. A-Max Mac emulator, the full review.
? See some excellent reasons why you should subscribe on Page 58 HOW TO ORDER Just make a note of the details and the order code. Then either fill them in on the order coupon and send with your cheque, made payable to Future Publishing Limited: or give us the details of your Access or Visa card.
OR Ring 0458 74011, our credit card hotline.
1. All items are despatched by first class mail (unless otherwise
2. All prices include postage, packing and Vat.
3. You will normally receive products within 7 days of ordering.
Please allow 2-3 weeks in case of temporary shortages.
IB DU ORDER FORM Please rush me the following items: Order Code Title Name FORMAT Price Address Post code Phone no - Method of Payment (please circle) ACCESS • VISA • CHEQUE • PO Credit card number_ Expiry date Total order ‘Please make all cheques payable to Future Publishing Ltd.
SEND THIS FORM TO Amiga Format 16 BLITZ The Old Barn, FREEPOST, Somerton, Somerset.TA11 7PY
• No stamp required if posted in the UK, the Channel Islands or
the Isle of Man Doni eumivrD OH OJ JTW AT LAST: No more
struggling for hours to get the fixture list into the computer.
FIXGEN has been FIXGEN 89 90 programmed with all English and
Scottish League fixtures for 198990 Simply type in the date,
and the full fixture list is generated in seconds. Fully
compatible with Poolswmner. Yearly updates available POOLS
WINNER with FIXGEN £26.50 (for both) V3 25 £21 50 £37 100 £70
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SUCCESSFUL SELEC guarantee that Poolswtnner performs significantly better than chance.
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SIMPLE DATA ENTRY All team names are m the program. Simply type in the reference numbers from the screen. Or use FIXGEN to produce fixture list automatically (see below).
LEAGUE AND NON-LEAGUE All English and Scottish League teams are supported, and also the non-league sides often used on pools coupons.
PRINTER SUPPORT Full hard copy printout of data if you have a printer.
PRICE £24.00 (all inclusive) NOT JUST A TIPSTER PROGRAM, Coursewinner THE ITJNTERS OMPUTEr'PROGRAM Ld St p e’Se You can develop and test your own unique winning system by adjusting the analysis formula, or use the program in simple mode. Coursewinner V3 uses statistical analysis of major factors including past form, speed ratings, course statistics, prize money, weight, going, trainer and jockey form etc, etc. It outputs most likely winners, good long odds bets, forecasts, tncasts etc. The database includes vital course statistics for all British courses. You can update the database never goes
PRICE £24.00 (ail inclnsive) include. Flat AND National Hunt versions.
BPECTRUM ATARI ST COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY COMPUTERS BOUGHT, SOLD AND EXCHANGED Second-hand ST & Amiga Software Plus all the latest titles New shop now open at 96, Seaside Eastbourne PC’S, XT'S. ATS, 286 and 386 Sold and Network Systems Installed ? ? ? CERTIFIED DISKS ???
Including Labels, Sleeves and our No-Quibble Guarantee 3 1 2" VERBATIM BULK DS DD 135 TPI Each disk is checked and certified. Suitable for Amigas etc. 600 £355 DISK BOXES Hinged Lid Lockable 50 x £3.25 100 x £5.75 Add £2 P&P il not ordered with d«sks selec Wn Send Cheques POs for return of post service to ... _ S()FTWA R Ii Phone 24 hrs 62 ALTRINCHAM RD, GATLEY, CHEADLE, CHESHIRE SK8 4DP. S 061-428 7425 _ . (Send (ot full list of our software) ALL GOODS DESPATCHED SAME DAY WESTONING LTD (Dept AF) 12 SANDERSON ROAD, WESTONING, BEDFORD, MK45 5JY (0836)775060 £8.00 per 10 DS DD disks OFT AMIGA
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ENQUIRIES: NORFOLK NR9 3DS tel (0603) 812416 Access, Visa,
Eurocard & Mastercard Accepted LEISURE ...
Archipelagos .. BAAL (Psygnosis) .... Bad
Cat ..... Balance of Power 1990 BATTLE
II BATMAN ..... Better
MONEY Bombuzal ... Buggy
Boy captain Blood Chubby
Gristle . Crash Garrett ...
DENARIS .... Double Dragon ..
ECO ..... Eliminator .... Elite .... Flying Shark ... FORGOTTEN WORLDS . .. Galactic Conqueror .. Garrison I or II Gauntlet II ...... HEROES OF THE LANCE .... Hostages .... HYBRIS!! .. Ikari Warriors .. INTERNATIONAL KARATE +.
International Soccer ..... KICK OFF!' ...... LORDS OF THE RISING SUN Mach III ...... Major Motion ... Manhattan Dealers ...... MENACE ... MICROPROSE SOCCER MILLENNIUM 2.2 .. NEW ZEALAND STORY .... OPERATION WOLF ...... Outrun .. PAC MANIA ... Pandora F’hantom Fighter.. PIONEER PLAGUE Platoon . Prison.. Purpfe Saturn Day... R-TYPE . Road Blasters .. R0B0C0P . ROCKET RANGER . ..
SCORPION ...... Side-Arms . SPACE HARRiER .
SUPERMAN ... SWORO OF SODAN 1 Test Drive II ...... Three Stooges Thunderblade ... TV FOOTBALL ... Virus . VOYAGER ... Whirligig ..... Xybots Zynaps .. AD VENTURI & SIMULATION BALANCE OF POWER 1990.
Bard's Tale II ..... BATTLE CHESS . BLACK CAULDRON Blood Wyche ... Burmuda Project . CARRIER COMMAND ..... DEMONS WINTER RPG... DUNGEON MASTER (1 MFGL Faery Tale Adventure ..... F 16 COMBAT PILOT . FI 6 FALCON .... Federation of Free Traders... Ferrari Formula 1 ... FISH . Flight Sim. II ...... Scenery 7 or 11 . Japan or Europe . Galdregon's Domain ..... HEROft OF THE IANCE !!...
INTERCEPTOR ... JET . POPULOUS .....17.45 POWERDROME ...17.90 PRECIOUS METAL COLLECTION.!7.90 Joan Of Arc ...18.90 Kingdom of England ...17.90 KRISTAI .19.90 LEADERBOARD BIRDIE .18.50 MORTVILLE MANOR ....16 90 Scrabble Deluxe .....13 90 SENTINEL 13.90 Sex Vixens From Space .....16.90 Shown Gun ......21.50 Tangle Wood
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99.9C TV Show (Pal) (1MB1 ..55.00 TV Text
(Pal) ...55.00 Aegis Video Titler
(Pal) 85.00 Aegis Sonix 2.0 (2 Drives) 44.00
Deluxe Music 49 90
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5000 .....13.90 Comp Pro Extra
(clear) 14.90 Quickshot II
Turbo ..12.50 HARDWARE U.K. ONLY AMIGA A500 &
TV Modulator .369.00 As above with !0 GAME PACK .389.00 AMIGA
A500 & 1C84S MONITOR ,619.00 A501 1 2 MEG EXPANSION CLOCK 135
259.00 MINIGEN GENLOCK ...105.00 Precision Blank
Disks x 10 .14.95 Disk Box (Holds
120) ..11.95
• = Available on Release Prices all include VAT & 1st Class
Postage in U.K. (Europe please add £2.00 per item) Return of
Post Service on When you are buying disks you obviously want
the besi, disks that will last a lifetime and disks that you
can use time after time, trouble free.
Our disks specified here are unbranded and manufactured by Verbatim to the highest degree, they are completely 100% error free, with a full lifetime guarantee which means full replacement or moneyback.
We won't settle for anything less than high quality for our systems and neither should you, and as we now supply thousands nationally within both the professional music and computer industries, it seems they won't settle for anything less either.
All disks are despatched sameday and include VAT. P&P and also come with user labels. If you are serious about your computer ihen you should be serious about your disks too. Quantity discounts are available also: £15.80 - 20, £23.80 - 30, £29.80 - 40, £36.80 - 50, £70.00 - 100 You should consider us first before trying anyone else as we know you won't regret ii. All trade, government and educational establishments welcome for the best prices. Phone now or send your order w ith cheque PO for immediate despatch to: IF YOU NEED FAST HARD-COPY FROM YOUR AMIGA GRAPHICS, THEN YOU CAN RELY ON IMAGERY
Joy of life arts, 45 elswick, skelmersclale, lancasbire wn8 6bx, telephone: 0695 24 7.52 35mm SLIDES KICK OFF CLIMAX In a rousing finish to the season the big two from Amiga Format in Kick Off Division One met in the deciding game. Wade's Wibblers and Smith’s Mahoons clashed head on in a winner-takes-all match.
The Mahoons triumphed 4- 2 to take the Championship: with the Wibblers in second Gum's MEDITATIONS THE SECOND ONLY FUNNY COMPUTER JOKE... EVER How many programmers does it take to change a light bulb?
None, they try to fix the old one.
Thanks to Andy Howard from Sound Broadcast Services in London for faxing us that one.
Place and Noonan’s Nutters in third, this was a major triumph for AF over the other mags at Future Publishing.
After the match the defeated Wibbler was “gutted, absolutely sick as a parrot, Brian." Mahoon was unavailable for comment after failing to get over the moon but succeeding in getting out of his skull.
V Captain Whinge “...too high. I said, of course they’re not too high, 25 quid for a game is far too low once you've taken into consideration the retail margins, distributors’ margins, software house profits, authors’ royalties, disk costs, wear and tear on shoes, bribes to journalists, cat food, trusses, the Peruvian national debt and the price of new toothbrushes they might as well be paying the public to take the games away, now serious software is much more realistically priced, give me a nice spreadsheet at 4(X) quid any day for real value for money, and as for the TV licence it’s
preposterously underpriced at £66, it should be at least £500 and the death penalty for any non-payers not to mention the dog licence..." OH DEARY, DEARY ME Big-bodge count for Issue One: two. The management expresses its sincere apologies for two glaring errors in Issue One. Some text at the beginning of the Music section was repeated twice. Some text at the beginning of the Music section was repeated twice. Also one of the screenshots on the Kick Off review was upside down. We would also like to apologise for the omission of the word ‘dismal’ from Issue One. The word 'shameful' did appear
but this was clearly of little comfort. The fault has been rectified in this issue and we hope it will not be repeated.
UNCENSORED After a spirited response from the readership, an overwhelming vote of 2-0 in favour of printing a picture of the Amiga Formal team was received (what a response). The search is now on for a photographer brave enough to face the task and, after conciliation talks at ACAS, it should prove possible to assemble the team in one spot, without a fight breaking out. Long enough for a picture to be taken. Watch out next month for the picture and a pair of 3D glasses to enhance the Editor's ears.
PLEASE SEND ME A FIVER: 2 The fiver was nice, any chance of a tenner?
NEXT MONTH ...or what ought to be in next month's issue: but there's bound to be something that doesn’t quite work out. Any inconsistencies will probably be due to the rail strike, phases of the moon, sun spots or seasonal variations in the temperature of the beer in Hatchetts, the pub.
Part Two of the DTP series looks at a couple of exciting new products. An educational special looks at the Amiga's role from several viewpoints.
Reviews will include the Videocenter, Rombo’s digitiser and the long- awaited Music X from Microillusions. The graphics tutorials will kick off with the Dpaint series.
And of course all the regulars like Screen Play, Workbench, PD, Gamebusters and Letters.
16 Bit Centre .....102 ADVERTISERS INDEX 17 Bit Software ....63 Ace Supplies 64 Activision IBC Alternative Image ..8 Amiga PD Library 63 Applied Visions ....96 Ashcom ....69 BBD Dust Covers 93 Blitsoft 64 Calco Software ....83 Castle Software ...80 Club 68000
....22-23 Databrain .77 Dataplex .108 Datel ...94-95 Delta PI ....98 Digicom ....16 Entertainments International 21 Evesham Micros .29 First Micro ..104 George Thompson Services 60 Hammersoft 113 Harwood Computers .38-39 Hobbyte Computing ...78 Home Based Business ...98
Imagery ..113 Joy of Life Arts ...113 Ladbroke Computing 101 Linel ...36 Main Media ..78 Mandarin Software .....63 Matrix Software ...98 Maze Technology 87 MD Office Supplies ....93 Megaland 50-51 Megasave 93 Memory Expansion Systems 74 Micro Tech ..... ....113
Miditech .. ......98 Mindscape ..... ......45 Mirrorsoft .9 MJC Supplies ......88 Oasis Services Ltd ... ......12 Ocean .IFC-3. 32. 46. 52 Page Play Systems .. ......87 Palace Software ......49 Photofile . ......88 Postronix 24-25 Premier Mail Order ... ......84 Quadsoft Computers ......87 Ramsoft .. ......88 see
S. D.C ..... ......70 Selec
Software . .....113
Senlac .... ....108 Silica
Shop .... 59
Softsellers 73 Softville
PD ..64 Software
Express 69 Software
Superstore ..83 ST UK
Purple ......64
Telemap ...26 The Computer
Store ..52 Tonic
Audio ..98 Track Computer
Systems 15 Treble H Computers ...56 UK Amiga
User Group ...87 US
Gold ......42, 43, OBC Virgin
Mastertronic ....55
W. A.V.E ....78 Westoning
Software .113
Worldwide 15 WTS
Electronics .64 Xenon
Technology .....30 © It's silent, it’s
cunning, it’s spreading it’s... Forgotten Worlds'* - Two cool
dudes, one hot situation, eight megallthlc adversaries ...It
all adds up to a whole lotta trouble.
IBM PC, ATARI ST & CBM AMIGA £19.99 Vigilante” - New York ... when street gangs rule the city, your last chance Is Vigilante. This time It s war.
IBM PC £19.99, ATARI ST & CBM AMIGA £14.99 Unequalled quality, unparalleled excitement, unrivalled selection - there is one standard that stands above the rest... Gold Standard. The finest range in entertainment software.
The Games Summer Edition” - Eight exciting events to exhaust your body
- pole vault, parallel bars, cycling, hammer throw, diving,
hurdles, archery and gymnastic rings.
IBM PC £24.99, ATARI ST & CBM AMIGA £19.99 Indiana Jones” and the Last Crusade
- The Action Game. The greatest action scenes from the greatest
Indy movie of all time. Red hot, slam bam, action In true
Indiana Jones stylel IBM PC £24.99, ATARI ST & CBM AMIGA £19.99
US Gold Ltd, Units 2 3 Holford Way, Holford, Birmingham B6 7
Tel: 021 625 3388.

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