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There was no showing from Commodore, but other Amiga programs were on the MCM stand. Here the complete range of Dr T programs for the Amiga was on show, and MCM are promising Master Tracks Pro from Passport Systems in a week or two’s time. Conspicuous by their absence were the Evenlode team who are launching several new programs, including the long-awaited Steinberg Pro 24 for the Amiga. Soundbits were there, however, demonstrating the Comus range of sequencers (as rev-iewed last month) and demonstrating the new ProScore scoring package for £229. FANTAVISION GETTING DOWN TO BUSINESS Arnor software have announced the impending release of ProData, a database management system to complement their popular word processor, Protext. ProData will be available on several systems including both the PC and ST, and therefore (like Protext) provides complete data compatibility between these different makes of computer. You could for example, create your database on a PC, add records on your friend’s ST and then use the finished system on an Amiga. Among ProData's list of facilities are record filtering, password protection, macros, foreign language compatibility, file management and others. Arnor are on 0733 68909. As a result of the deal signed with Broderbund in the US, Domark have released the graphics program Fantavision. It was first reviewed back in ST Amiga Format Issue 7, where it received a warm welcome, particularly for anyone new to animation.

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DIGIPAINT 3 • ADVENTURES • EDUCATION • VIDI AMIGA BATMAN the darkness, as elusive as a dream. High above the seamy streets of GOTHAM, he is a criminal's nightmare. The only hope for a desperate city BATMAN.
Ik batm'aS n AMSTRAD SPECTRUM ATARI ST AMIGA £9.99 £9.99 £19.99 £24.99 COMMODORE SPECTRUM ATARI ST AMIGA REGULARS NEWS 6 PREVIEWS .....16 GRAPHICS .....25 MUSIC ....20 PD UPDATE ...75 WORKBENCH 91 GAME BUSTERS ......99 LETTERS ....123 AMIGA FORMAT ISSUE 3 OCTOBER 1989 PUBLISHED BY FUTURE PUBLISHING LTD 4QueenStreet.Bath.BAI 1EJ.t 0225 446034. FAX us on0225446019 © FUTURE PUBLISHING 1989 No part of this magazine may be reproduced without our
EDITOR Bob Wade PRODUCTION EDITOR Damien Noonan REVIEWS EDITOR Andy Smith TECHNICAL EDITOR Jason Holborn ART EDITOR Trevor Gilham DESIGN ASSISTANT Sally Meddings CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Jon Bates (Music), Brian Larkman (Graphics) CONTRIBUTORS Steve Jarratt, Graeme Kidd ADVERTISING MANAGER Jennie Evans AD PRODUCTION Louise Cockroft PUBLISHER Greg Ingham.
SUBSCRIPTIONS MAIL ORDER The Old Barn, Somerton, Somerset TA11 7PY Tel: 0458 74011 PHOTOGRAPHY Ashton James, Bradford-upon-Avon COLOUR ORIGINATORS Swift Graphics Ltd, Southampton PRINTERS Chase Web Offset, Gillingham DISTRIBUTORS SM Distribution, 6 Leigham Court Road, Streatham, London SW16.
lately for their expensive signings. Now they are making news on the Amiga as well, because of a game based on the club's exploits.
INSIGNIFICANT CHASE It has been a long wait but the Amiga version of Trivial Pursuit
- Genus Edition has arrived. Like the other computer versions it
makes use of graphics and music for some of the trivia
questions, to enhance the classic yuppie board game.
There are over 3,000 questions, all of them utterly pointless as is only right and proper.
Out now from Do mark at £24.99. It is still early in production but promises a true- to-scale representation of Old TratlordThenlrc of Dreams, produced on a scrolling area 15 screens in size. There's a lot of competition around for footie games at the moment: can Man Utd make it to the top of the league?
A COMPANY OF KITS The Disc Company has announced two new compilations of programs called the Home Office Kit and the Starter Kit.
The Home Office Kit comprises a word-processor, DTP program, spreadsheet and database: all the essentials for working at home. The Starter Kit is aimed at first-time users looking to explore the potential of the Amiga and is made up of a word-processor, an art package and three games.
The word-processor in both kits is KindWords 2.0, which has a 100,000- word spelling checker and a 470,000- word thesaurus. The DTP program is PageSetter 1.2, which has previously been bundled with KindWords in the Publisher's Choice package, reviewed in last month's DTP special.
The spreadsheet is Maxiplan 1.9 which has Lotus 123 compatibility and graphics capability. The database is InfoFile, ready equipped with 10 templates for databases for a video library, club membership manager and so on. Handy for the beginner.
The art program in the Starter Kit is Fusion Paint and the three games are Crazy Cars, Super Ski and Miniature Golf.
Both packages are excellent value for money, the Home Office Kit costing just £149.95 and the Starter Kit only £69.95. The Disc Company don’t have a UK office so check out their advert in this issue for more details.
LONDON VIDEO ACCESS If you have not been able to make head or tail of any of the articles about using Amigas in video and yet are interested in knowing more, perhaps you need the advice and assistance of London Video Access.
The LVA is a centre for artists working in video and has recently acquired two Amiga 2000s. This is so that, as well as providing cheap facilities and distribution for artists and independent video producers, they can give help to artists working in computer graphics.
For more information on the LVA facilities and courses, contact Clive Gillman on 01 734 7410 or write to him at 23 Frith Street, London W1V 5TS.
WeiayULfrartt; iS'trisL-srft.
¦¦* "X zzrz,r..... o PageSetter and KindWords are just two of the programs available as part of the Home Office Kit.
New from Power Computing is Videon, a full-colour digitiser. Videon is a powerful software hardware combination that allows you to digitise images from any colour video source without having to purchase a separate RGB splitter. Videon employs digital filtering to allow the most detailed grabs possible.
Using a special bypass system, Videon allows you to view both the source video signal and the final grab on screen simultaneously, therefore avoiding the need for constant swapping of leads. Screen resolutions supported include high, medium and low in both standard or overscan mode.
Unfortunately, our review model turned up too late for this month’s issue, but look out for the next issue of Amiga Format for a full review. For further info, contact Power Computing on 0234 273000.
ALL GENNED UP MAXfgen is a new genlock coder providing 'broadcast quality' (the ‘in' term in Amiga video) output.
It's not cheap though, weighing in at £750.
So what do you get lor your money? Twin RGB and composite video output channels, video- only mode, Amiga graphics-only mode, key on background mode, key on foreground mode, burst switch and enough technical detail to explode all your diodes.
More details from Applied Systems and Peripherals on 0724 280222.
FLYING EYE TO CAIRO Logotron have come up with a novel promotion for their new game Eye of Horns. The game is an arcade adventure based on Egyptian myth and programmed by Denton Designs - responsible for games like Where Time Stood Still and The Great Escape. What better way to promote it than to send a lucky competition winner to Cairo, the capital of Egypt?
Each copy of the game will contain an entry form and, as well as the first prize of a week's holiday in Cairo for two, there are five runner-up prizes of ancient Egyptian tarot. The game should be out by the end of the month and the competition will close on 29th December. More from Logotron on 01 359 3594.
RETURN Of THE TRILOGY The original Star Wars film is over 10 years old now, but the trilogy of films is still as popular as ever. So, it would seem, are the games that first appeared in the arcades and then as conversions from Domark, because they are being released as a compilation.
The first two games - Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back - are vector graphic shoot-em-ups, while Return of the Jedi is a diagonally-scrolling shoot-em-up in the Zaxxon mould. All three games are available at just £24.99 from Domark. Tel: 01 780 2222.
BRITISH MUSIC FAIR The biggest thing to hit the British Music Fair, besides the heatwave, was the MusicX stand (see review). Now under the wing of SDL distributors, who have opened a special music division, it was a colourful stand which had monitors at every conceivable angle and position.
There was no showing from Commodore, but other Amiga programs were on the MCM stand. Here the complete range of Dr T programs for the Amiga was on show, and MCM are promising Master Tracks Pro from Passport Systems in a week or two’s time. Conspicuous by their absence were the Evenlode team who are launching several new programs, including the long-awaited Steinberg Pro 24 for the Amiga.
Soundbits were there, however, demonstrating the Comus range of sequencers (as rev-iewed last month) and demonstrating the new ProScore scoring package for £229.
FANTAVISION GETTING DOWN TO BUSINESS Arnor software have announced the impending release of ProData, a database management system to complement their popular word processor, Protext.
ProData will be available on several systems including both the PC and ST, and therefore (like Protext) provides complete data compatibility between these different makes of computer. You could for example, create your database on a PC, add records on your friend’s ST and then use the finished system on an Amiga.
Among ProData's list of facilities are record filtering, password protection, macros, foreign language compatibility, file management and others. Arnor are on 0733 68909.
As a result of the deal signed with Broderbund in the US, Domark have released the graphics program Fantavision. It was first reviewed back in ST Amiga Format Issue 7, where it received a warm welcome, particularly for anyone new to animation.
Its main use is to create animated sequences via a process called ‘tweening’ which avoids the usual animation process of drawing every single frame in a movement. Fantavision is priced at £39.99 from Domark Broderbund on 01 780 2222 Animate away with Fantavision.
MUSICAL GURU For many years, the infamous Sound Tracker utility has ruled supreme as the choice for programmers wishing to create scores for their creations. UGA Software, who are probably better known for their work within the Amiga PD scene, have produced Musical Enlightenment, a package that looks set to give Sound Tracker a run for its money.
Musical Enlightenment provides powerful tools to allow the creation of tunes using a pattern based system similar to that used so well by Sound Tracker. As well as song creation, the program also Includes complete sample manipulation tools to aid the creation of that perfect patch. UGA hope to release Musical Enlightenment in December for the impressive price of only C15. For further information, contact 17 Bit Software on 0294 366982.
Last month’s eerie note, which we received in the post reading “The Hound of Shadow is upon you and you bear his mark", was not followed by voodoo doggy dolls, but by an application form for membership of the British Museum reading room and a photo of same, circa 1920.
It's one of the better publicity stunts flying around at the moment, publicising Electronic Arts’ game Hound of Shadow. Watch this space for next month’s chilling instalment. There’s bound to be one.
LIGHT BOXING COLLECTING CLIP ART Anyone experiencing a clip art shortage is about to have their problem solved by seven disks of the stuff from Photofile.
It’s mostly aimed at DTP users because it is all mono: but since all the clip art is in IFF format it can be used in just about any art program as well. The clip art is a collection imported from other machines and digitised on the Amiga itself. There are hundreds of pictures on the seven disks and the whole lot costs £35 from Photofile, P0 Box 49, North PDO, Nottingham NG5 6SR.
Tel: 0602 261498.
Photofile also operate a digitising service, producing pictures in enhanced HAM, halfbrite, high-res and lo-res formats. More details on that can be got from the same number or from Issue 12 of ST Amiga Format which carried a feature on them.
LightBox is a new tool for animators that has a very specific purpose: creating cel animations. It's aimed at the serious animator and comes from RADL Productions, creators of AproDraw.
The program allows you to see three animation cels at a time: current, previous and following, if there is one. They can be run or stepped through, drawn on, cut and pasted and path-of-motion lines can be drawn for reference. It’s a hi-tech tool for an art form that still uses fairly old-fashioned hand-drawn methods.
LightBox is available from HB Marketing, Brooklyn House, 22 The Green, West Drayton, Middlesex UB7 7PQ. Tel: 0895 444433.
Yes, it seems that not a single month goes by without Abacus Software releasing new products for the Amiga. This month sees the release of Abacus’s latest book for boffins Amiga Graphics Inside A Out and for those of you worried with viral infections, Abacus have produced a disk book combo in the shape of the Virus Protection Toolkit.
Amiga Graphics Inside A Out provides an In-depth look at the Amiga's powerful graphics system from a BASIC, C and Assembler standpoint. The book describes the individual elements of the Amiga's graphics system such as Viewports, RastPorts, screens and windows.
For programmers, the book looks at new ways of accessing the graphics-related libraries and custom chips from the three major languages to produce HAM displays, colour patterns, screen and window dumps, blitter objects, copper lists and so forth.
Abacus's Virus Protection Toolkit is a complete Virus-busting package that provides an insight into how viruses work (including commented source code!), what problems viruses cause, how viruses lodge themselves into the eurtlll Amiga system and how to cure your PC SHOW Amiga of viral infection. Don’t forget folks: the PC SHOW takes place on 30TH SEPTEMBER + 1ST OCTOBER at EARLS COURT.
Variable Dither - Computed internally at 30 bits per pixel (over one billion colors). Gives you over 100,000 apparent colors on screen.
Super BitMaps with Auto-Scrolling - Realtime scrolling on up to 1024 pixels high or wide image with full overscan display.
Colorize - Play Ted Turner and add color to black-and-white images or change colors on already colored images.
Flexible Text Rendering - Allows for anti-aliased fonts, Rainbow Fonts and Transparent Fonts and more.
Texture Mapping with Anti-Aliasing - Gives you super-fast warping and stretching of any image.
User-Controllable Transparency - Allows real time control of the amount of transparency and the location of the light source.
100% Assembly Language - Makes Digi- Paint 3 the fastest HAM paint program ever!
Transfer 24 - Digi-Paint 3 comes with Transfer 24 image processing software to give you support of all Amiga resolution modes and the same advanced image processing found with NewTek's best-selling Digi-View Gold Video Digitizer.
The Ultimate Paint Program: DIGI-PAINT For more information call NewTek at 0101-913-354-1146 N=wT=k INCORPORATED Digi-Palnl 3, Digi-View Gold and Transfer 24 are trademarks ol NewTek Inc. QUESTIONNAIRE RESULTS The last issue of ST Amiga Format, our 'parent1 magazine, contained a questionnaire so that we could find out exactly how to make this the best possible magazine for you. We printed some of the comments from them in Issue One and now we have the analysis, and the results of the competition.
The five lucky winners of a subscription to Amiga Format are: James McFad- den, Monaghan, Ireland; Graham McLean, Cuckfield, West Sussex; AP Hovasse, London NW6; MD Weaver, Crowthorne, Berks; Paul Best, Bath, Avon.
The forms were revealing and very helpful. Sadly there was no surprise about gender: a mere 2% OF YOU ARE OF THE FEMALE persuasion. Computing, it seems, remains a male bastion.
You’re a mature bunch as well. 82% ARE OVER 17, while the biggest chunk of 42% is in the 17-24 bracket. The fact that so many are old enough to work also shows up in the salary levels 32% EARN MORE THAN £10,000 A YEAR, SO there is plenty of disposable income there for spending on hardware and software.
The top three newspapers were the DAILY MIRROR AT 14% and the Sun and Daily Mail at 10%. Fourth most popular was the first of the non-tabloids, The Guardian, at 7%.
No doubt about which of the Amiga models is most prevalent
- 95% HAVE A500S, but only 3% have AlOOOs and 2% A2000s. 35% also
have another make of computer, so obviously a lot of people
wanted to hang onto their old machine when upgrading to the
Nearly everyone (91%) HAS A JOYSTICK and four other items are out there in large numbers - 54% have a monitor, 53% a printer, 46% a second drive and 41% a memory upgrade. The memory upgrade is the most popular intended purchase for the next year with 49%, then comes a second drive at 44%, hard drive at 38% and printer at 35%. On the software side 94% own games, 83% an art program, 54% a word processor and 40% a music program.
No surprise about what Amigas are used for - 56% FOR LEISURE, 33% for creativity and only 12% for business.
The vast majority spend up to £40 A MONTH ON COMPUTER GEAR and over the next year the average planned spend is £346 on hardware, £140 on games, £77 on creative software and £67 on serious. That is over £600 spent per person next year, a massive amount of money.
When it came to rating the most popular sections there was only one possible winner, THE DISK. Also scoring very highly were WORKBENCH, software and hardware REVIEWS, SPECIALS, PD. NEWS and SCREENPLAY.
0 880K Formatted Capacity ¦ Throughport to allow connection of other drives O Enable disable switch to allow loading of memory greedy programs ¦ Slimline design ¦ Meets all EuropearVBrltish safety standards ¦ Has very long data cable ¦ Compatible with Amiga 500 1000 2000 and PCI O 12 Month Warranty ¦ Very quiet reliable industry standard drive mechanism ¦ Already used by Commodore of Finland INCLUDING VAT + P&P £70.95 a EXTERNAL DISC DRIVES FOR YOUR ST oraMIG FROM THE VIDEOVAUL ALL WITH HIGH QUALITY JAPANESE MECHANISM; Please supply me wtth Disc Drives for my •* •» Amiga 3V Drive £78.88 Atari
STFM PCI 3V Drive £89.95 ?
Amiga 5V." Drive £88.88 Atari STFM only 5 V Drive £118.85 ?
All above prices Include P+P and VAT.
(Overcoat orders add £10.00 post chargos).
Payment can be made by cheque.
Access Visa or postal order.
I authorise you to charge my Access Visa card no. | I I I I 1 1 II I I I If NAME II: MEGABLAST XENON II: this time it's war!
The Xenites are back and have thrown time itself into turmoil, only you can save the day not to mention the universe!
JiATTLE through five VAST* » graphically UNCANNYi teyels, DESTROYING wave after.wave c prtens with the DOZENS of POW 1 WEAPONS at'ypur disposal.
2MiMJJ soundtrack to match... a mind blow accurate David WhittakeFrendition of the 'Bomb The Bass' Megablast.
XENON II: ft's out of this wc XENON II: it's a Megabla'st!
Jrf By ,i XENON II: it's-a Bitmap Bro vailable Soon on Atari ST, AMIGA & ST Version MIRgORSOfT I. Irwin 118 Southwark S Tel: 01-928 f*54 reet London SE1 OSW Fox: 01-583 3494 NOW TO AMIGA FORMAT THE COMPLETE PACKAGE FOR COMMODORE AMIGA OWNERS AMIGA YOUR MAGAZINE DEDICATED TO YOUR MACHINE FORMAT UNLEASH THE POWER HOW VIDEO CAN TRANSFORM YOUR AMIGA Only £29.95 for 12 action-packed issues, a saving of £5.00 from the cover price (and we even pay the postage for you!)
Ring 0458 74011 NOW, quoting the order code AM100 and having your credit card handy or use the order form on Page 120. Why not order some of the latest and cheapest products from The16 Blitz at the same time!
Remember our unique guarantee: we will refund the cost of all unmailed issues, if you are not completely satisfied with our subscription service.
? Get our regular quarterly “UPDATE” of extraspecial savings on products that we didn't quite manage to squeeze in the magazine!
IFOR 12 ACTION-PACKED ISSUES Yes, for three exciting days in November, Computer Shopper will turn Alexandra Palace into the world's greatest computer show.
Everything you need for business and leisure computing will be available under one roof - with experts to help you make the right choice!
The Computer Shopper Show is your chance to meet the dealers with the bargains, the manufacturers with the latest machines - and to take away the things you buy on the day!
Computer shopping is fun at the ComputerShopper Show!
Auctions, demonstrations, competitions . . . Everything that you've ever wanted from an exhibition will be happening at the Computer Shopper Show - the only show for the direct buyer and the ultimate computer shopping experience!
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Why not start right here! By ordering your tickets in advance you will save £££s! Simply complete and return the coupon with your payment or telephone the Credit Card Hotline on 051-357 2961 to place your order.
Prestel or Microlink To place our order b Prestd, Key *89. Then 614568383. Microlink users ? Should key 72MAG 001 Please quote your credit card numbers and your full name and address when you place your order.
Yes! Please send me my tickets for the Computer Shopper Show!
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Computer Shopper Show Ticket Office, Database Exhibitions Ltd,
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Incorporates the Amstrad Computer Show, the Atari Computer Show, the Electron & BBC Micro User Show and much, much more!
? On-site car parking for hundreds of cars - ideal for taking away your computer bargains on the day!
? Excellent public transport network with courtesy coach link to the local British Rail station.
? Special show features and entertainment to make your shopping experience fun!
? Special discount tickets for under 16s and family groups.
Sponsored by . Organised by DATABASE
* x EXHIBITIONS GET LOST ... In the world of Creative Computing
at Sabretech.... The South's Premier Computer Music Centre !!!
(We also stock a large selection of the latest Graphics Utility and Games Software all at competitive prices !)
PHONE OUR HOT LINE ON 01 760 0274 HARDWARE A500 .... A500 Inc 512k Memory Expansion Card . A500 Inc. Colour Stereo Monitor ... A500 Professional Music Pack ...... 20 Meg Hard Disk (Commodore A590) ....
3. 5 Disk Drive (High Quality ON OFF PORT).
RRP SABRE .399.99 .365.00 ...529.00.. .460.00 ...699.98 .
..599.99 ......PLEASE RING ...399 99 .359.00 ...119.99.. . .89.99 MUSIC SQFTWARE Adrum ...... ....39.95 32.50 ...69.95 56.50 ....57.50 46.50 .69.95 56.50 ..199.95 162.50 .59.95 42.50 .69.95 59.99 . 89.95 84.50 ....24.95 19.99 .228.85.....18999 ...79.95 71.50 . 139.95 106 50 ...79.95 75.00 ...69.95 59.95 ....3 00 Aegis Audiomaster II . Aegis Sonix
II ...... Deluxe Music ...... DRTSKCS .. Dynamic Drums .. Dynamic Studio .. Future Sound ...... Instant Music ...... Cheques and Postal Orders made payable to:- Sabre Computer Discount Centre Units 74 75, Inshops, 68-74 Church Street, Croydon, Surrey CROIRB
Music X .... Pro Sound Designer .. SoundScape Pro Midi Studio ...... Synthia ..... Studio Magic Music Public Domain Disks (Midi Samplers etc).
COMPUTER MUSIC HARDWARE ROLAND CM-64 Multi-Timbral Sound Module .... CM-32L Multi-Timbral Sound Module .. CM32P Multi-Timbral Sound Module ... CF-tO Midi Mixing Controller .... MA-12C Monitor Speaker (12 Watts) .. RRP .789.00.. .369.00.. .445.00.. .129.00.. .105.00.. SABRE .699.99
329. 99 .399.99 .115.99 . .89.99 CM-64 32P Sound Library
Cards .
45. 00.. .....39 99 CHEETAH MK5 Midi Master
Keyboard ...... MK5 V Midi Master
Keyboard..... .149.95.. .274.95. ...135.99 .. 239.99 MD16 16
bit Digital Drum Machine .299.95.. ...264.99 DP5
Electronic Power Play Drum Kit .. MS6 Multi-Timbral
Sound Module .174.95.. .299.95..
154. 99 .264.99 All Prices Inc. VAT & Postage within UK Mainland
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going to press).
AMIGA A500 SPECIAL OFFER HIGH QUALITY C1% MEMORY vJ I EXPANSIONS Includes: Battery Backed Clock On Off Switch 51 meg PD Disks Pocket Calculator VAT & Postage For Only £109.99 99 If in Doubt Check us out99 ... We Are Open Mon - Sat 9*OOam to 5*30pm. Or Phone Us Now On Ol 760 0274 DISCOUNT SOFTWARE FROM MJC SUPPLIES WORD PROCESSING PRINTERS EDUCATIONAL COLOUR MONITOR Each Fun School has 8 educational games per disc.
Fun School 2 (2-6 years) ......13.95 Fun School 2 (6-8 years) ......13.95 Fun School 2(8-12 years) ....13.95 The "Discover" range have 6 games per disc Discover Alphabet (6+ yrs) ...15.95 Discover Numbers (6+ yrs) ...15.95 Discover Maths (10+ yrs) .....15.95 PHILIPS CM8833 This excellent monitor features stereo sound as well as good definition for text and graphics. Price includes cable and two day (after payment clearance) courier delivery.
£230.00 All printers listed have a ten-inch (A4) carriage, are Epson compatible and accept cut sheet or continuous paper.
The relevant printer cable is also included tree of charge. Delivery is 7- 10 days from date of cheque credit card clearance. For next day (after clearance) delivery add £5.
This must be the most powerful word processor available for the Amiga.
Excellent speed and wide range of features make it the only WP to buy.
Includes Mail Merge and Spell Checking.
RRPE99.95 .Our Price £64.95 Useable demo disc available - £7.00 FILER AND OFFICE Two utilities for Protext only. Filer is a data manager ideally suited to Mailing List applications for use with Protext's mail-merge routines. OFFICE gives all the features of Filer but adds calculations ideal tor invoices.
FILER RRP £24.95 OURS £17.95 OFFICE RRP £34.95 OURS £24.95 Also available: Kind Words 2 ......39.95 Micro Text 15.95 ACCESSORIES Cheap Epson FX-80 compatible giving a range of text sizes and effects in draft mode, limited sizes and effects in NLO.
£139.95 PANASONIC KXP-1W1 Good print and build quality, very reliable. Offers all the draft mode sizes and effects of the FX-80 compatibles in NLO as well. Best Value.
£159.95 STAR LC-1Q As well built and reliable as the Panasonic. Four different typefaces all available in the full range of sizes and effects. Well worth the little extra.
£174.95 STAR LC-10 COLOUR All the features of the LC-10 but with the addition ol 7 colours in several shades.
Uses the Epson JX-80 printer driver from Workbench or your graphics program.
£214.95 STAR LC-2410 24 pin version of the LC-10. Has 5 typefaces, all usual sizes and effects, two extra effects (Outline and Shadow) and excellent print quality.
£269.95 A500 Dust Cover ..3.95 Mouse Mat .3.95 A500 2000 - Printer Cable ......6.95 Quickshot Turbo Joystick ......10.95 npeti
3. 5" Disk Head Cleaner ...5.95 OUR TOP TEN GAMES
Joysi 5000 ALL of our top ten have been released prior to
going to press.
Balance of Power 1990 .17.95 3-D Pool ...12.95 HVF Honda ..16.95 Indiana Jones Last Crusade 16.95 Jack Nicklus .17.95 Kick Off ....13.95 Lords of the Rising Sun .19.95 Thunderbirds ......16.95 Skweek ....14.95 New Zealand Story ....17.95 Competition Pro J S.. .12.95 A501 Memory Expansion 139.95 PROGRAMMING K-Seka (assembler) ...34.95
Hisoft Devpac V2 39.95 Hisoft Basic (inc. Book.Amiga Basic Inside & Out - while stocks last) ..59.95 GFA Basic 3 .49.95 Metacomco Pascal ....68.95 SPREADSHEETS GRAPHICS Digicalc ....26.95 K-Spread II ..49.95 Home Accounts ...20.95 Personal Tax Planner 28.95 BOOKS Digi Paint .41.95 Phantavision 29.95 Photon Paint II ....68.95
Deluxe Paint II ....54.95 Deluxe Paint III ...59.95 Amiga For Beginners .10.95 Kickstart Guide ...12.95 AmigaDos Ref.Guide .14.95 Amiga Tricks 8 Tips ...12.95 Amiga Basic Inside 8 Out .....18.95 Elementary Amiga Basic ......14.95 Advanced Amiga Basic ..16.95 The C Language (by K8R) ...23.95 Pascal Beginners Guide .6.50 DATABASES SOUND Micro Base ...15.95 Omega
File ..18.95 K-Data .....32.95 AMAS-Sampler 8 Interface ..74.95 Aegis Sonix ..44.95 Music Studio 24.95 All prices include Postage, Packing A VAT. Please send Cheques PO's to:
M. J.C. SUPPLIES (AF), 40A Queen Street, Hitchin, Herts SG4 9TS
Tel: (0462) 420847, 421415 or 32897 for enquiries Credit Card
Orders vortex system 2000 hard disks An AMIGA COMPUTING Gold
Medal winner - allows Amiga users to emulate a Mac Plus In
order to run Apple Mac and Mac Plus software.
Mac disks can be read directly In when an external Mac Drive is connected to the cartridge hardware. Runs at least as last as a Mac Plusl Software compatible with the A-Max includes MacPaint. MacDraw (V1&2). MacWrlte, Pagemaker (V1&2) plus all versions ot System.
A-Max without 2 x Mac 128K ROMs ... £129.00 A-Max WITH 2 X Mac 128K ROMs £249.00 Now available - Vortex ‘System 2000’ hard disks, ofTering versatile high-capadty storage, suitable for use with the Amiga 500 and Amiga
1000. The units are of a high specification, with a formatted
capacity of over 42Mb and an average access time of 45Ms.
The system consists of a hard disk base unit, cables and an
Amiga interface module, with utilities software including
an autoboot facility and a hard disk backup utility.
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FIRST THINGS Although Music X will run on an A500, it is ideally recommended that you have at least 1 megabyte of RAM to go at. The reason for this is that as you have more modules of the program called into memory, the storage length left for your music is diminished: at full stretch, the program will take up nearly 400K, which leave? Not too much in the way of memory. What in fact will happen Is that modules will be overwritten in the memory and can't be called back in. Cleverly, the program will disable the Workbench to make extra room if it is stuck, and there is an option to recall the
Workbench too.
It’s very rare for one single music package to turn the world of music on its head: but, as JON BATES discovers, one has just hit the market that looks set to do exactly that.
5 Gane Tntrndu II PAUSE 44 ? PLAY ?» RECORD (_J Clock: 0005 .02.043 SIORE oo:oo:03.
20 EDII 1 _4 DELEIE 5825 Events 4 PREVIEH 081 3732 25 1-4 C-I Rel Gone Introduction Ex ( 802 5312 28 1-4 C-I Rel Davtine Iravel Thene Ex Off 083 5892 32 1-4 C-I Rel Nighttine Iravel Ihene E Off Encounter Ihene Ex Off 885 5432 26 1-4 C-I Rel Indoor Ihene Ex Off 886 3172 18 1-4 C-T Rel Finale Ex Off 807 -
- »
- -- 808 - -
- X
- -- ¦0- MB - "" -
- » ... ¦ The front-end page, to which the program defaults, is
the main sequencer screen. Sheer power at your fingertips.
After several months of build-up and previews when we couldn't get our mitts on a finished version, Amiga Format is able to bring you the first review of the fully-completed UK version of a program that should clean up the competition as far as the musical aspect of the Amiga is concerned. Ladies and Gentlemen, for the risible sum of £199 plus VAT, I give you Music X. Why should you purchase it? Well, usually music software falls into one of several categories. It can be either a sequencer, a voice programmer, a sampler, or some sort of MIDI interpreter.
With Music X you have all these in a single package which takes full advantage of the multi-tasking capabilities of the machine. It is the first package specifically designed for the Amiga: the others are programs crossed over from less capable machines.
Lets take a run round the various departments of this program - to be honest, each one is worth a review in itself, but we'll compress a little to get all the details in.
SEQUENCER THE FRONT END This is the main page that the program defaults to. The upper window contains the familiar tape recorder icons of Pause, Record, Play and Stop with Fast Forward and Back. Topping this are Begin - which is in effect jump to zero - and End, which is a very useful feature that locates the last two bars recorded if you wish to add on extra bits or continuations. It is the first time I have seen this feature, and jolly useful it is too. There are four Cue buttons which can be set at any point within the piece that you fancy.
I would have liked to have an ultra-fast wind plus the ability to fast forward while the piece is playing.
Recording is dead easy: hit Begin to start at zero and then record. It gives you a two bar count-in, alterable, and away you go. Anything you play is stored in a record buffer and will be only kept if you decide to place it in the sequencer list in the bottom half of the screen.
There are 250 tracks for you to put sequences into and so it is highly unlikely that you will run out of space.
One thing the manual doesn't mention is to watch the available memory space counter. If it counts down while you are recording you know the information is going in. I would have liked some sort of indicator to tell me that MIDI data was actually going into the Amiga.
If you are trying several versions of the same part, you can compare the stored version with the version just recorded by hitting Preview which plays back the record buffer. Once the part is fixed in the sequencer list, a full report on its status is listed. Bar length, memory size, MIDI channel, what time code it is using, name and whether it is playing the internal voices or MIDI external voices are all reported on.
A little bit of explanation about the last sentence. Music X is able to read several external time codes - more of which later - so it is useful to know whether it is using Relative or Absolute time code. (That’s also why there are two time clocks, one in bars and beats and the other in minutes seconds and frames for SMPTE video code.) The internal voices are treated as 16 MIDI channels and the Exl sign means that it is on normal MIDI. There is provision for more than one circle of MIDI instruments to be added at a latter date. Any sequence can be turned off and on, although not while it is
The tempo is set from the slider and if you want to alter the number of beats per bar this is pretty well catered for by a copious amount of time signatures.
Oddly enough, for a program so geared up for video work, when you change the tempo it does not alter the time or bar elapsed counters. Once the piece starts to get under way, the top right hand window shows the sequences that are playing at any given bar. This is a nonactive window.
As well as the screen there are drop-down menus and windows that appear when various functions are clicked. In any page or module it is the far left menu that gets you from one module or function to the next. All important decisions throw up a safety prompt to avoid the red face of losing your entire work, and there has been some thought to the program in that you can suspend operations to free up the serial port for other applications, and then return to it without having to reboot.
On the sequencer page the output channels can be set, but all input channels are set from the filter page. The sequencer will punch in and out either automatically, from setting the bars, or manually. Oddly enough, you set the bars from a drop-down menu but set the EASY START One of the nice things is that the program can be run as a stand-alone music sequencer without any need for external MIDI devices. Since it can play back four samples simultaneously and swap them around quite quickly, it makes an ideal starting point for anybody who hasn't any MIDI-equipped instruments. After getting
used to the program, you can save your pfennigs and add MIDI gear to it bit by bit. The program does not come with an interface for MIDI, but this is not going to set you back too much: obviously any interface will run, and so it is up to you to shop around for the cheapest.
Function from a window. Perhaps a complete window for this would have saved time in racing around from screen to screen: it also takes a little while for the program to locate the bar you want to record or play from.
Sequences can be copied, merged, over-recorded or overdubbed, and certain types of events extracted.
Remember this is not yet the edit page: this is just the front-end sequencer functions. As mentioned before, it is very competent at synchronization. It will respond to its own internal clock, external MIDI clock, internal Video clock (which runs at the same frequency as SMPTE, has software corrections, and can be used as a near as dammit guide for timings against video), the new MIDI time code which some videos use, and good old SMPTE timing code although for this you will need external SMPTE reader hardware. It will also sync up with drum machines and other sequencers to any given point
by using the MIDI song position pointer. By now you should be getting the idea that Music X will synchronize to virtually everything and anything including your bedroom alarm clock and microwave.
SEQUENCER THE EDIT On pressing Edit we move into a different screen. There are two types of editor: a graphic display called, slightly confusingly, a Bar editor: and a typical data stream editor called an Event editor. The Bar editor is so called because everything is shown in bar graph form; the Americans call musical bars ‘measures’ so at least they won’t be confused.
Notes are represented by oblongs of different colours for different MIDI channels and the vertical bars refer to the velocity and aftertouch. All these are overlaid on a grid and the whole thing scrolls from left to right. To the far left of the window is a vertical piano keyboard by which you are supposed to be able to work out the pitch. Personally I found it pretty superfluous as notes were not highlighted: editing was best done by ear. The graphics can be expanded or contracted in size for macro overview or fine editing.
The first thing to sort out is the grid » FROM EASY TO ADVANCED The manual goes a long way to explaining the workings of the Amiga for novices and the operation of MIDI, plus a little towards the construction of music, although not in great detail. There is an advanced user's section for assembling songs in different ways and instructions to ensure that the program will boot up with the modules you use all the time ready installed.
KEYS WHERE YOU WANT Most ol the functions in any of the departments of the program can be run from either the mouse, the qwerty keyboard or in some case the keyboard of your MIDI instrument: keys can be assigned various functions, so that you are not constantly running around from keyboard to keyboard, losing both your mouse and your temper simultaneously in the process.
» size. This is quite important as it is from the size of the grid that the quantize values are set up. There is a complete range of musical note values including options for irregular timings such as five and seven beats to the bar, or even to the crotchet for snazzy things like quintuplets and septuplets which may occur in more extreme solos. This, again, is a first for Music X. Quantization itself is well thought out, if a little away from the normal way of working as set by other programs. It will only quantize on notes once they are in the memory: there is no auto quantize while
recording. Having set the grid size to which the strict beat should conform, you can then quantize the notes to within a certain percentage either side of that norm. It can be told how far in front or behind to start quantizing and the percentage amount of exactness can also be specified. Not only will it correct the point at which the note starts, but you can also choose whether or not you want the whole note to be moved, the whole note to be moved and the end point quantized, or simply the start of the note moved.
Quantization can also be applied to velocity and aftertouch, and within this there is a ‘scaling' type of module which will allow you to increase or decrease the velocity and or aftertouch over a specified area. If you leave them but add a random factor, then I found that you could give things like drums and especially hi-hats a great degree of human feel while leaving the main accents evident. On the aftertouch front, by the way, the program will accept and work on both ‘channel aftertouch’, which affects all the notes played at any one time, or the more sophisticated ‘polyphonic
aftertouch' which only works on the note so pressed. I found the methods of using these important features very easy to get used to and after a few hours of experimentation I was surprising myself with the results.
Actual editing is done via the pointer with the usual options: add, move, delete, mark, cut and paste. Notes can be lengthened or shortened by dragging on them. The notes sound when you click on them, although I found it was a pain in the proverbial that this did not happen in delete mode, and so it was all too easy to cut out important notes.
There are also limited record facilities in the edit mode, and you can hear a sequence back either on its own, or with the rest of the sequences.
I found, though, that the screen kept scrolling after you hit the stop button - which made life a little difficult when trying to locate a point exactly - and there didn’t seem to be any way to manually scroll through the part at your own speed and hear the notes, although you can turn the scroll function off.
For some reason my grid and quantize sizes didn’t seem to be memorised when I reloaded a song, although every other peripheral throughout the whole program was. The Event editing is the same as the Bar, but in scrolling data-stream format, which is pretty good for fine alterations to various notes. Not every action is duplicated and there are going to be some functions, like marking off areas, which are better done in the graphic 'Bar' editor. Maybe an abridged data- stream editor window would have been of use, particularly when coupled with the graphic editor.
Transposing sequences is achieved through something called Play Sequences, which is the method of song assembly used. However I could not find a way to perform either part or global transpositions of without having to resort to this slightly odd method of assembling tracks, which I felt to be a major omission. I also felt I could have done with a window that would have allowed me to visually assemble sequences to play consecutively without being affected by the bar numbers.
One thing I failed to understand was that Solo, which is usually an option reserved for the sequencer playback page, was set as an event command insertable anywhere in a track or sequence. Maybe I missed the point but it is usually something that you use when comparing all the parts together. Its uses within a track are reasonably limited and it might have been easier to have it as a recordable event on the sequencing page. Tempo alterations, program changes, and indeed the whole gamut of MIDI operations are supported and editable in the sequencer. Apart from one or two minor niggles I found
this very easy to use.
SEQUENCER RECORDING To set up the recording, there is a filter page which maps out the MIDI information coming in and routes it to wherever you want, extracting information that may or may not be wanted. Information can also be sent to places that other sequencers can't reach! In other words, you can translate messages into other forms: so pitchbend could become modulation, or aftertouch become pitchbend.
It will also accept and work on many channels simultaneously and remap them however you wish. One useful thing here is the sliding filter that works on aftertouch and pitchbend. Quite often you will find that the sensitivity of one instrument is not matched by the sensitivity or programming of a particular voice on another instrument, so pitchbend of a semitone can become pitchbend of an octave, depending on the synth and the program for that voice.
The filter is a quick way of getting round that problem, although it does have a few quirks in that the filter tended to highlight the steps in the pitchbend, and when tested with fast data from vicious pitchbending it tended to jam up.
FtlPl FILTERS ¦ Left: the clever filter that allows control over note attributes.
Channel: ! 1 Mellorfystli t«pU Event Type Note Channel Aftertouch Poly Aftertouch Progran Change Control Change Pitch Bend SII ALL_ ENABLE ¦ Right: via the sample page, seri ous sample edit* ing is made easy.
the library page can collect MIDI information from 16
different instruments.
Keyboard Map: ©12 3 4 Data Echo: INTERNAL 22 AMIGA FORMAT There are also controls to set instruments into the various modes and knock off hanging notes and vibrato: something which the main sequencer didn't appear to do when stopped in mid sequence with a hanging note. The eventual destination for the channel can be either internal or external voices.
Accessible from this is the rather clever Keymap Editor which gives you a choice of setting up four Keymaps.
These can turn your master keyboard into a multi-timbral controller with different areas of the keyboard assigned to different channels, so that bass in the left hand and piano in the right are easily possible: or you can set any keys you want to trigger off various commands such as program change, muting track, solo track, or starting and stopping the recording process. All very clever. You can even get one note to play a sequence at that pitch so it can become a one finger bass line which in itself can be re-recorded on a separate sequence!
Keymaps are stored when data is saved.
SAMPLING The samples page is a list of the samples loaded in to the program at the moment. Music X will accept and store in both IFF and Sonix formats. It gives all the relevant details regarding the sample
- highest notes, range, memory size and tuning - and the channel
to which it is assigned. More than this, in the lower
right-hand corner is an envelope editor for reshaping the
sounds of the samples and retuning them.
It is a pretty comprehensive editor with a 16-stage envelope for the sound with variable sustain point. It is also conscious of the amount of memory that samples use and to this end it can throw away the largest octave, which will also be the lowest octave, of sounds if you are not going to use them, and thus free up a little more space for another sample. Altogether a very comprehensive and useful adjunct to the sequencer.
It is this page that will probably get a lot of use if you buy the program without having any MIDI equipment. There is a reasonable variety of samples available with the program but a quick scout about the public domain catalogues and our giveaway disks should turn up some useful samples. Music X will only run four samples simultaneously but these can be swopped judiciously to give a really big sound to a track you’re working on.
LIBRARIAN If you are working with external MIDI instruments, one of the things that you might need is a device to store all the instrument data that is contained in them. This means that the set-up for any song you perform can be stored as part of the Music X program and then sent to each instrument in turn, when you return to that song after working on something else. To do this there is a module called a Librarian which at its basic stage will collect and store voice information from the synths in batches of 16 at a time.
Now, although most instruments will perform the systems exclusive voice dump required for this, the codes required to persuade them to this are different for not only each make, but usually each type, of synth or tone module.
Music X comes with protocols - that's the commands to send and receive data
- already built in, for the DX7, 100 and 21, Casio C21000 and
Roland D50.
It does also have the possibility for you to create your own protocol which can be called in to work with your own synth. Here the manual goes into very helpful details on how to set these up and tactfully tells you that no-one has ever got it right first time. It is n 5t the fault of the program, it’s just that synth manufacturers are not always straightforward in the manner in which they present this information: it’s usually those back pages of the manual littered with details of status bytes and checksums.
Added to this there are three excellent visual editing programs for the DX21 100, TX81Z and D50. These themselves are usually about £50 each so you can work out the value of these programs for yourself. More will be available later, and that in itself is one of the many strengths of Music X. Since the program is modular - it calls sections into the memory as it needs them and, if the RAM capacity is up to scratch, then that is where they stay - these modules can be updated by Microllllusions later and offered to existing Music X owners.
Theoretically this means that the program should not go out of date and any updates should be available at discount prices. I also envisage that a user group would be useful, as information regarding samples, voice protocols and editors would save a lot of time.
Data for the actual sequences created can be saved in three formats: Music X file, standard MIDI file which enables it to be loaded into other compatible sequencers, and the Amiga SMUS file. There is an additional utility program that will do the conversions.
Since it stores in MIDI file it can also be loaded into scoring packages such as Dr T’s Copyist or ProScore from Comus.
Apart from one or two minor queries and a channel that refused to work on one song initially, Music X passed every test with flying colours. It is the most comprehensive and competent music package for its price that I have seen anywhere. If the price tag had been double, it would still be worth it. Don’t waste time, check it out now. ¦ THINGS TO COME Thanks to Music X's modular design, even as we speak Microillusions are working hard on add-on modules (pages if you like) that will further enhance this powerful program. First off the blocks is a range of patch editors which will sell at the
unbelievable price of £10 each. Roland D110 and Korg M1 owners will be the first to receive editors for their keyboards with many others to follow.
The first major additional page to arrive will be a real-time score editor which Microlllusions hope to finish in time for a January release. Future modules planned include a drum pattern cpmposer editor and a powerful Arrange' page which will allow easy construction of songs. All add-on modules will be available for £50.
Laid I HUSIC-X File: Untitled,Knap KEYMAPS I Left: the keymap editor allows set-up for four keyboards.
R Tl RANGE SET MAP 0 2 3 4 CANCEL OK I Below: there's plenty of power to manipulate patches.
Range: C3 - D4 MIDI Key : 060-074 Pivot Value: 010 Play Note Play Sequence Control Change i Progran Change Mute Track Solo Track Change Tenpo Musie-X Connand Change Keynap 05 Mi Progran 001 002 Pt'ogj'an 002 003 Pi'ogran 003 004 Progran 004 005 Progran 005 006 Progran 006 IBMMGLE OFF TBBWSEE w,
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ASDG’s Professional ScanLab colour image input system for the Commodore Amiga 2000 personal workstation, comes complete with all of the hardware (including internal and external cables) and software necessary to control the Sharp Electronics JX300 or JX450 24-bit-per-pixel colour scanners.
Professional ScanLab offers advanced colour processing features such as: ; iT x h «. ¦ i l m w* l K • e LkXJ , rvr i im i any r: i s*aa. Icr* Variable resolution from 30 to 300 DPI.
• Colour correction including independent control over red,green
and blue.
Edge emphasis and smoothing.
Colour conversions from 16 million to 4096 or fewer.
Read & write images in any Amiga format.
Four colour process separations which are among the best yet produced on a personal or micro computer.
Scan in 1, 3, 8 or 24 bit modes.
• Real time scrolling over extremely large images.
* Two, four & eiight to one reductions.
Can be used with Gold Disks ProPage program for full colour DTP with 16.7 million colours output. Using our ReSep utility.
* Fully compatible with all postscript printers. ___ ProScanLab
Board & Software £900 inc. Sharp A3 Colour Scanner & ProScanLab
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Others Make Claims ASDG Delivers.
The Dual Serial Board.
You know about ASDG’s hard-won reputation for quality and reliability in their hardware and software products.
But did you know that it takes more than just a board to provide a complete serial expansion solution. It takes:
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Only ASDG’s Dual Serial Board provides all of these important features.
Only £219,95 ASDG’s Dual Serial Board Features Fast, Compatible, Complete!
• Uses IBM PC-AT standard connectors to reduce exte cabling
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compatible printers.
• Full XON XOFF and CTS RTS handshake support.
• Installs in 5 minutes or less.
• Comes withPublic Domain and Shareware communications programs
to allow immediate board
• Compatible with: Access, AZComm, VT100, Dnet, TSSNet, Atalk
III, ProPage, Superbase Pro, Y2’s Rub i Term View and every
other program written to use "serial.device" or "SER:".
• Supports DOS and CLI use with multilevel defaults.
• Allows use of all serial ports simultaneously.
ASDG For further information please contact either of the following!
Incorporated 925 Stewart Street Madison, Wl 53713
U. S.A. Tel:0101 608 273 6585 Fax:0101 608 271 1988 ASDG (UK)
Jersey Supreme Works 538 -546 Whippendell Road Watford, Hert’s
England, WD1 1QN Tel:0923 818079 Fax:0923 817417 MATCHING
PALETTES One great advantage of commercially-produced
clip-art Is that usually all of the clips in each set are
produced using the same palette, so there are no problems when
mixing them together. If you need to bring in clips from
another picture, check first that there are already colours In
your palette that are similar to those in the clip. It is then
just a matter of remapping the brush colours to suit.
If there are no suitable colours then the remap will look rather odd. In that case try to regain one or two colours from the palette - using Less Colours in PixMale if you have it - or by merging two similar shades if not. This job is made much easier using Stencil in DP2 or DP3, and at least a bit simpler in DP1 by making the colour to be discarded very bright and using magnify and fill.
AGEING: USING SMEAR Deluxe Paint is probably the single most widely-owned piece of Amiga software after Workbench, having been bundled until recently with all A500s sold.
In spite of its major flaw - wasting a fifth of the available screen - most Amiga artists have used it at one time or another.
The original Deluxe Paint (DPI) has been upgraded, first to Deluxe Paint II (DP2) and now to Deluxe Paint III (DP3): but apart from abandoning 200-line NTSC for the European 256-line PAL display all the original, basic features remain, though most have been improved. So let’s see how to get the best out of these first. Playing with the enhanced tricks of DP2 and DP3 will come later.
Cheating The primary reason for using any computer graphics package is to make it easier to create “for real' the image in your mind’s eye. The quickest way to achieve this is to cheat, by taking a ready-made picture that is close to what you want, and modifying it to suit.
Even for an experienced artist this method can save a lot of time: though for a novice it is still important to practice creating from scratch, simply as part of the learning process. We shall examine these basic skills at a later date.
Two ways of ‘cheating’ are available: digitising and clip art.
Like "Ambivalent”, the transition shown in “Ageing" is designed to be viewed as an animation. It is primarily an exercise in the use of Smear techniques, though cut and paste and scaling of features were also used extensively.
As the human body gets older, the elasticity of skin becomes reduced so that our faces generally lose the firm look of youth and become either wrinkled or sagging. Apart from the wrinkles around the eyes, and the enlargement of nose and mouth, the general effect of ageing In this illustration is conveyed by sagging of the facial muscles. This effect is quite simple to produce using Smear.
In the first three frames the The equipment required for digitising, including a video source as well as a digitiser, can be expensive: but it makes the task very easy, as we shall see in a later instalment. For now we must make do with cannibalising other people’s artwork!
Changing Faces Clip art can be obtained from a broad range of sources. Disks full of complete screens and smaller brushes are both available from Electronic Arts and Aegis, as well as from most PD libraries. If you are serious about computer art it is worth collecting as many of these as possible.
Even if the whole picture is of no use, one part - an eye or nose, a lick of flame, a hub-cap - may be handy at some time. So build up your own collection of directories of bits ready for later use.You may even find that the in DP3 or by cut and paste and erasing the excess then cutting again using DP1).
Once Smear is selected, this brush can only affect the pixels beneath it, dragging them in the direction the brush moves, and to a lesser extent, those pixels nearby. The effect of sagging is achieved by dragging the brush from its original position, down and out from the jawline. The fifth frame is an extension of this process, applied to the chin and eyelids as well as the jaw. The effect is so horrific I am surprised that the Editor has allowed you to see it. You can tell that most of the Format team is quite young, not yet worried about sagging flesh!
Wish I could say the same!
“AMBIVALENT”: USING SCALING The transformation ot a woman's face into a man's is an exercise in the use of the tools in the Deluxe Paint Brush menu. It is designed to be animated in DP3 in Ping- pong mode. The male and female faces at either end of the sequence were produced purely using the clip-art supplied in the Faces drawer of the DP3 Art Disk, without any modification. The 'inbetween' images were composed using the same clip-art, modified to suit.
The idea of transforming one face to another over five frames means that as well as the features, the actual shape of the head needs to change from one frame to the next. In this sequence, the first three heads are all versions of the female head, with the lower jaw cut, stretched vertically progressively in the second and third frames, then re-pasted to align.
The fourth frame is the male head, with the lower jaw modified using the Brush menu tool Rotate Shear to almost match the third frame.
(The left side of the lower jaw, cut down the centre, is Shear-rotated so that the top of the clip is unchanged but the bottom is moved to the right to match the jawline in (3). The process is then repeated on the right side.)
For convenience, the five images were all loaded as animation frames in DP3 so that the spare screen could be used for loading and modifying clips on the fly'.
Using DP1 the clips of the features - eyes, ears, noses and mouths - need to be modified in advance, as shown in "Ambivalent Bits", then pasted alongside the relevant blank head' ready for alignment.
It must be admitted that the hair transition as presented here would be quite difficult to align well using DP1 as the clips are too large to include at the sides ready for alignment. They would have to be modified by eye as a final stage. Using DP3 all five frames were resident in memory and alignment was simple. Even in DP2 the use of Background mode on the Effects menu would make alignment and modification quite easy.
AMBIVALENT DP1 PROCEDURE LIST The sequence of actions for producing the Ambivalent transition accurately using DPI would be:
A. Load Heads clip, cut female head, clear the screen and paste
it in to the centre.
B. Load Ambivalent-Bits, cut and paste the (1) bits and save.
C. Lengthen the jaw, cut and paste the (2) bits at the sides and
D. Lengthen the jaw, cut and paste the (3) bits at the sides and
E. Cut and paste the (4) bits (at the sides), load Heads clip to
Spare screen, cut male head.
F. Copy main screen to spare then paste brush aligned to the head
on the main screen (use the head' brush to remove the lower
part of the previous head using the right erase' button of the
G. Modify the jaw using Shear, and paste in position (comparing
jawline with that on spare screen) (use f key to flip the
screens.) SAVE.
H. Load Heads clip to spare screen, cut male head, paste aligned
with head on main screen.
I. Load Bits to spare, cut and paste the (5) bits to the main
screen fat sides), SAVE.
J. Load screen (1) and copy to spare.
K. Load screen (2) and paste the bits from the sides to align
with those on (1) using key to flip.
L. Repeat with (2) and (3), (3) and (4). (4) and (5).
AMBIVALENT BITS FROM THE TOP: 1 The initial set of female features. Ears are not included because they were only slightly enlarged for each change.
2 Eyebrows needed to be gradually faded out, so Shade from the mode menu was used to lighten them. (A colour from the ‘hair’ range in the palette was selected so that only ‘hair’ colours were lightened. In DP2 and 3, Stencil might have been used.) The darker, wrinkled shading above the final eye was pasted into position.
(In DPI, paste down a spare copy of the whole eye and paint out in background colour all but the required bit, then cut and paste. In DP2 & 3 use Polygonal brush selector.) The whole described in (2) above.
The centre section of the first eye (1) was then cut-and-pasted onto it so that the pupils aligned. The mouth is in two sections: the top lip is the same as in (2), the bottom lip is from (5) coloured by hand to match (2). The nose is just a vertically squashed version of (5).
4 This eye is exactly that from (5) with the darker areas lightened to lessen the wrinkles.
The mouth is still in two sections: the lower lip as in (5), the upper lip is from (3) but squashed vertically to match (5) more closely.
The nose is just a slightly squashed version of (5) 5 The final set of male features taken direct from the Faces drawer.
¦ Each feature of the face changes over five frames, so the process used was to place the start and end clip at top and bottom of the screen and then transform progressively from the first extreme to the last, cutting and pasting whichever bit was closest to what was suitable at that stage.
Mouth (1) was stretched slightly wider. The final nose
(5) was squashed vertically to match (1) and highlights added
by hand.
3 The final eye clip (5) was used at this stage complete with wrinkles and bags, but the darkest areas and the worst of the wrinkles lightened using Shade as palette used for a picture is useful just on its own, so save small brushes of any colour combination that particularly appeals, named appropriately: ‘summer landscape', ‘hellfire’, ‘flesh tones’, ‘pastels', ‘rainbow’ etc. This can save a lot of time in the early stages of a picture.
This month the Amiga Format Coverdisk includes some exceptional clip art from the Electronic Arts “Art Parts: Vol 1” disk 'Faces' directory. The basis of this month's tutorial is employing these examples to demonstrate how best to use clip-art, concentrating on two of the main techniques for mixing and modifying clips: scaling and smearing. So if you have Dpaint, you can use the program and our Coverdisk to practice the techniques as we run through them.
The range of tools provided by Deluxe Paint for modifying clips or brushes has grown with each subsequent version of the program, but nevertheless the initial set is quite adequate for most purposes, and most of them are used in the accompanying illustrations.
Scaling Only rarely is a particular clip exactly the right size and orientation to fit in your picture. By scaling - changing size and proportion, flipping horizontally or vertically, mirroring or rotating, bending and shearing - the clip you have can be transformed into the one you want. In fact, one of the great joys of computer painting is that any component need only be drawn once and then re-used in many different situations. The same nose can be made fatter or thinner, bigger or smaller, straight or crooked, with just a few clicks.
The illustration “Ambivalent" shows how subtle use of clipping and scaling can transform an image.
Smearing Often, a picture can be transformed by the slightest modification; a tiny upturn in the corner of a mouth can give a straight face an enigmatic smile - or a leer!
The major tool for this sort of work is Smear. With Smear selected you can push the pixels under the brush in much the same way that oil paint can be smeared with your finger. Smear only uses the colours under the brush, without adding colours: so with careful use major distortions can be produced without changing the basic texture of an object. The transformations in “Ageing” were produced mostly by smearing. » » DPAINT TUTORIAL CONTINUED COSMETIC SURGERY Almost Invariably, clip-art is best assembled starting from the back and working forward. Two heads are provided in the Faces drawer,
male and female, loaded together as a low-res picture. One of these is picked up as a brush, the screen cleared, and the brush pasted cen- tre-screen. Eyes and noses are loaded as another picture, on the spare screen. To assemble one image this process - picture on main screen, clip-art pictures loaded to spare - works perfectly well.
If several images are going to be worked on and aligned for animation, a bit of juggling is required, especially in DP1.
One of the first developers to realise the potential of the Amiga’s 4096-colour HAM mode were Newtek, with their Digiview digitiser and Digipaint HAM painting system. Digipaint in particular was a revelation, because it was the first commercial paint program for a cheap micro that allowed really realistic painting: smooth gradations of colour, transparency, even lighting effects could be painted in what seemed a really easy, free way. Then along came Photon Paint, with its easy interface and texture mapping, and Digipaint seemed to disappear. A combination of poor marketing in Britain
and preoccupation with their Video Toaster (will it ever appear in Europe?) Has resulted in Newtek losing the HAM painting initiative. Digipaint 3 is clearly intended to regain a place at the top, but it may be too late!
Old Dog, New Tricks DIGIPAINT 3 First impressions of the latest version of Newtek’s popular HAM painting system: expect a full review next month... Digipaint 3 is similar to the original in many respects (version 2 never made it to Europe) but the interface and many of the tools are completely redesigned. The changes are definitely an improvement, providing a slick interface and many interesting and innovative tools. Nevertheless, some of the new 'tricks’ are included at the expense of the old ones. For instance, there is now no airbrush
- astonishing in itself on a package of this sophistication -
yet the old airbrush in combination with shading produces the
best cloud effects of any paint program on the market.
Similarly files can no longer be saved with comments: Digipaint
1 was virtually the only Amiga program that included this
excellent facility.
Featuring... Enough of criticism: what CAN the system do? A detailed description of the more exciting new features must wait till next month, when the DIY tutorial will be a comparison of Digipaint 3 and Photon Paint 2 - how they compare in the features stakes and how-to-do-it in either program - a working review!
Meanwhile, perhaps a list of the most striking features will give you an idea of what Digipaint 3 is capable of.
The tools include: ¦ A form of 3D texture mapping onto any shape you can draw, with anti-aliasing for smooth results (but not true 3D surface mapping).
¦ Transparency control operating on all other tools and features.
¦ Cut and paste with any of the drawing tools, including picking up the result of an irregularly-shaped special effect.
¦ Easy to understand modes: colourize, lighten, darken, texture map, blur, ‘rub-through’ etc. ¦ Real-time auto-scrolling on Super Bitmaps up to 1024 by 1024 (contact with any edge initiates the scroll in a smooth, controllable way).
¦ Eight times magnification with realtime scrolling (but rather clumsy operation and no zoom).
¦ Text rendering using any of the effects and modes.
¦ Patterned or random dithering calculated at 30 bits per pixel.
Other features include: ¦ 68020 support.
¦ 3D painting with X-Specs 3D (if you can get any!)
¦ Arexx compatible for software control of all features.
¦ Loads any size and displays overscan and severe overscan.
¦ Manual with limited guided tour and tutorials (no index).
The features that are missing are rather surprising: ¦ No fill of any kind (except filled shape tools).
¦ No airbrush.
¦ No ’free’ rotation.
¦ No stencil.
First impressions Overall, the program seems rather better in use than this initial reaction review might imply. Most of the tools that are missing are usually fairly easy to simulate using other techniques, though no fill may be a bit limiting at times, and free rotation is almost essential.
Some people will find the lack of an airbrush a problem. The special effects are very good and compare well with those in Photon Paint, though maybe not with Photon Paint 2 which definitely has more features. Nevertheless, you can have lots of fun with this program. More next month... ¦ More High Quality Software Tools from Hi So ft... High Quality Software High Quality Software High Quality Software High Quality Software H HiSoft BASIC Lattice C ver 5 HiSoft Devpac ver 2 We've said enough in this ad, let's hear what the press have to say about Devpac Amiga: Editing, assembling, debugging
and even program execution from the same place - not fantasy but something offered by Devpac. Fast assembly speed, powerful directives for optimising code, extensive conditional options, symbolic debugging ... Devpac has it all plus a lot more. It's packed with features and has everything machine code program developers could want.
ST Amiga Format 12 88 Features Fully standard Amiga Compiler, with many ANSI features, including ANSI preprocessor, const and volatile keywords and function prototypes.
Powerful source level debugger to speed up debugging, without slowing you down, with access to all of your variables and full control over your program's execution.
Support for all 68000 series processors including the 68030 and 68882.
• High performance global optimiser using state of the art
techniques not previously seen on the Amiga, including moving
calculations out of The BASIC language has come a long way
since its humble beginnings in the early 1960s and the
AmigaBASIC interpreter supplied with your computer is witness
to this transformation. However, although AmigaBASIC is good,
you can do even better... with HiSoft BASIC.
HiSoft BASIC is a complete, fully up-to-date, integrated BASIC development system with the massive advantage of having a compiler built in so that you can transform your programs to super-fast machine code as easily as running an AmigaBASIC program.
We are delighted to be handling the best range of C programming tools currently available on the Amiga.
Lattice C 5 and Lattice C++ are now widely regarded as the ultimate C compilers - no others give you faster, more efficient programs ... and no other product gives you a more complete programming environment or a more impressive set of features: Features Fully AmigaBASIC compatible so that you can use all the programs you have already written and all the publicly available ones ... immediately.
Modem, structured programming features like: long Ifs, multi-line functions, sub-programs, REPEAT, WHILE. DO, CASE etc. loops, automatic assignment of variables to registers, elimination of unused code and variables.
Full set of programmer utilities to increase the flexibility of your development environment.
Blink overlay linker, the standard Amiga linker.
Pre-compiled header files give increased speed by eliminating repetetive analysis.
• Many built in functions to allow generation of inline code
increasing the speed of your programs yet further.
• Fully re-entrant and multi-tasking compiler, plus facilities to
build resident modules.
Comprehensive two volume manual with many examples and sample files.
• Lattice C 5 runs on the A500 up but will certainly benefit from
1 Meg of RAM and, for large programs, a hard disk.
• Lttice C++ needs 1.5Mb memory and a hard disk.
Price Lattice C 5.02 £229 inc., Lattice C++ £299 inc. Manual HiSoft BASIC comes with a professional 350-page ring- bound manual which contains a full tutorial and, for a limited time, we are supplying the Abacus book AmigaBASIC Inside & Out plus its examples disk (a total value of at least £25), absolutely free of charge!.
Price HiSoft BASIC Amiga £79.95 inc. No limits: no program size limit and no limits on.the size of any variable (except by memory).
Full recursion in both sub-programs and functions with local and global variables, arrays as parameters etc.
• Integrated editorwith English error messages.
Link your BASIC code with C and assembler for total flexibility, speed and power.
Compatible with Microsoft QuickBASIC 3 on the PC- With release 2 of Devpac Amiga, HiSoft has greatly enhanced its already excellent 68000 development system, making it quite indispensable for the serious programmer.
Transactor 5 89 Price: Devpac Amiga 2 £59.95 inc. High Quality Software The Old School • Greenfield Bedford • MK45 5DE Fax (0525) 713716 • Tel (0525) 718181 Access & Visa Orders welcome The Amiga certainly isn’t short of its fair share of video digitisers. In fact, one of the first hardware add-ons to arrive for the machine was a video digitiser, in the shape of the now legendary Digi-View from Newtek. So what's so special about another digitiser?
From a specification point of view, Vidi doesn’t offer anything that hasn't been done before.
What is astounding about Vidi is the price: just under £100 for a real-time digitiser is quite simply an astonishing breakthrough.
DIGITAL DELIGHTS A great new real-time video digitiser provides JASON HOLBORN with hours of fun.
The digitiser unit plugs directly into the parallel port of an A500.
Unfortunately, using it on either an A2000 or an A1000 requires the additional purchase of either an extension cable for the A2000 or a gender changer for the A1000.
The box features a phono socket for the video signal input and two knobs to control the brightness and contrast. Unlike most other units, Vidi also includes a lead to connect your computer up to an appropriate video source.
Frames A digitiser is only as good as its supporting software, and so the quality and ease of use of the bundled software is all-important.
Surprisingly, the bulk of the Vidi software was written in HiSoft BASIC, but don't be put off: it’s a powerful piece of code and a fine example of the quality of HiSoft’s product.
¦ Using the ability to define a window in a grabbed frame and then grab a new image into it, a mouse and the Kick Off trophy are inset.
The software allows you to continuously grab and display frames at a maximum rate of four frames a second. During frame grabbing, Vidi stores the most recent sequence of frames in memory, which can later be easily flicked through using either the onscreen controls or an impressive ‘Select Frame’ option which displays all frames at once by employing a cameo representation of each frame.
If you have extra memory, Vidi can utilise this to store as many frames as memory permits. This is achieved by storing frames in Fast memory and then using the 68000 to rapidly copy them into Chip memory ready for display by the custom chips. As an example of memory usage, a 1 meg Amiga can store 22 frames with ease.
Window On The World One particularly unique feature of Vidi is the ability to define a rectan- gular window which you can either grab into or around. All you have to do is to mark out a rectangle, specify whether you wish to grab in or outside the rectangle, and then hit the ‘Grab’ option and the digitiser will start grabbing to this predefined area, while leaving the rest intact.
Frames in memory can be animated by using the 'Animate' and ‘Carousel’ options, which flick rapidly through frames to produce animation.
Programmed Pixels For the ambitious among you, Vidi also includes a disk-based library which can be called from just about any programming language to allow you to control the digitiser hardware from within your own programs. Using it, you could even rewrite the Vidi software if you really wanted to!
Vidi Verdict Its price and grab speed are very much Vidi's ace card against Digi- View, its most obvious rival.
Anyone who has used Digi-View will know that although it can undoubtedly produce some astounding results, the time taken to grab even a single, mono frame is horrendously slow: up to 10 seconds, to be precise. Compare this to Vidi's 50th of a second!
Most users don’t have access to luxury items such as video cameras and so digitising directly from a video recorder will probably be Vidi's main use. The basic Vidi unit has been specifically designed with these users in mind, therefore allowing the best possible results from even the simplest of digitising set-ups. Although the basic Vidi unit will only grab in mono, the quality of the dithering techniques used gives the impression of a much larger colour scale. Where quality is concerned, Vidi produces J some of the best results I've seew on any digitiser, at any price.
Bringing Vidi up to a comwW rable specification to Digi-Vipvj j raises the price to about the« same level as Newtek's unit, but ’*¦ the combination of real-time gratt. . bing and superior results makes*'* Vidi the choice for the pixel fiend on a tight budget. For the pricer there is currently nothing to touch' Vidi Amiga.
Vidi Upgrades Vidi Amiga is available in several configurations. The basic unitf .1 which retails for £99.95, is a 320 by 200, 16-colour real-time grabber, probably best suited to users producing graphics for display on both NTSC and PAL Amigas. Surprisingly, because Vidi locks on to its input signal, the unit can be used to grab from both PAL and - NTSC video sources. A PAL ver- * sion costs an extra £15. This is" * the same as the basic unit but - allows 320 by 256 pixel resolution frames to be grabbed.
A top-of-the-range Vidi allows you to capture images in fulL«aa colour (including HAM) for only an - * extra £20. Like Digi-View, colour Vidi uses red, green and blue filters and therefore requires a separate video camera to use it to its full. It doesn’t allow true real-time grabbing of colour composite images because three separate mono frames have to be grabbed and then combined to produce the final colour image.
If you buy the most basic Vidi unit, Rombo will upgrade it to either of the above specifications for only the difference in price (£15 for PAL, £20 for colour). ¦ ATHENE COMPUTERS 0705 511439 PC1 EXPANSION BOX £99 + VAT AMIGA A500 + GAMES PACK £389 inc A500 + TV Mod ...£330 inc AMIGA HARDWARE I A2000 HARDWARE A500 + Games Pack ..£349 inc A500 + 1084(S) High Res Colour Monitor ....£578 inc A500 +A501 RAM .....£488 inc A500 + 8833 Philips Colour Monitor .....£548 inc AF 880 3.5 Drive ...£89 inc FR302C 3.5 Drive .£85
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further selection please phone 20Mb Hard disk .....£399 inc Amiga or Mados XT Bridge Board ...£399 + VAT AT Bridge Board ...£675 + VAT INT Genlock .....£179 +VAT 8Mb Ram B with 2Mb Ram ...£649 + VAT 2nd Drive 3.5 ......£75 + VAT DRIVES CPPS A590 20Mb .£395 inc Hard Disk Vortex A500 Hard disk £499 + VAT A590 20Mb + 2Mb Ram Hard Disk Call for Price Cumana CSA 354 ...£99 inc Cumana CDA 358 .£199 + VAT Cumana IMB 5.25 .£115 + VAT
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40Mb Tape colour monitor ...£1839 + VAT All XT's at 3 speeds
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Most Brands Supplied.
Storage Boxes, Mouse Mats, Cleaning Kits etc. Amiga PD Lib over 500 titles £2.50 per disc Philips CM8833 High Res .£229 inc 1084(s) Stereo High Res ..£239 inc SEE US AT THE COMPUTER SHOPPER SHOW NEXT TO COMMODORE (STAND C3 & C5) ALSO AT NOVOTEL PHONE 0705 511439 24hr delivery Athene Computers Dept. AF The Media Centre 16 Stoke Rd. Gosport Hants. PQ12 1JB Delivery Charges Next day £10 inc 4 day £5 inc Computer Supplies Free by Post VISA Powerplay have been making joysticks for themselves and other people for many years. Their long experience has produced the very succesful Cruiser stick and now
the new Crystal. To mark the launch of the new stick they are not only giving away 20 of them, but have offered a magnificent first prize of a Panasonic TV and video.
The Crystal is a robust, microswitched stick with twin microswitclj fire buttons, suckers on the base and an autofire on the Turbo version.
It's an excellent addition to Powerplay’s previous stick, the Cruiser, which is pot only stylish but has an adjustable sensitivity control.
1. How many pins holes are there on the standard joystick
socket plug?
A) 9 b) 7 c) 5
2. How many microswitches are there in a Crystal joystick?
A) 2 f b) 32 c) 6
3. Apart from plugged into a computer, where else might you find
a joystick?
A) In an aeroplane
b) In an Indian temple
c) On the dodgems at a fun fair The first prizeoga 14" Panasonic
TV (TC148t)hHid video (NVL 20) worth over £500. 10 runners-up
wilf receive a red Crystal Turbo joystick and a further 10
winners will get a standard red Crystal.
RULES Employees of Future Publishing and Powerplay are not allowed to enter. The judges' decision is final. No correspondence will be entered into.
HOW TO ENTER Write the answers on the back of a postcard or stuck-down envelope and send it to: POWERPLAY COMPETITION, Amiga Format. 4 Queen Street, Bath BA1 1EJ. The entries should reach us by October 16th and don’t forget to include your name, address and phone number on the postcard.
Open the door to Carfax Abbey afld you will Surely meet OOZEIj As Ham Burger You are heiMO G something evil and sinister on a frightening and exciting journey into the world of ghosts and demons.
OOZE - Creepy Nrtes is not just a new horror Adventure from Dragonware.
OOZE - Creepy Nites is a satirical homage to the genre that sets a new standard of Computer game excellence.
MERIMPEX Ltd SOFTWARE SUCCESS MARKETING DRAGONWARE PRODUCTS Alban House. 24A White Pit Lane, Am Schragen Weg 2. 9490 Vaduz, Flackwell Heath, Nr High Wycombe. Principality of Liechtenstein Bucks HP10 9HR Tel.: ..75 283 68. Fax: ..75 206 56 ‘big' games back for ‘surprise’ launches at the PC Show. Of the games that have arrived, there's a small army of coin-op conversions ready to march into the shops. One of the hottest is the US Gold version of the Capcom hit, Strider - check out the review. But if arcade action's all a bit too mindless, fast or hard for you then you’ll find there are plenty of
other goodies on the next thirteen pages to make your mouth water.
STRIDER S C fl E E N PAY GLASNOST OBLITERATED ¦ At the start of the game, the flying alien must be destroyed and the pod collected to gain a drone.
US GOLD £19.99 ¦ Joystick Russia and the Russian army are going to look very different seventy years from now: or so Capcom and US Gold would have us believe, with this on of the highly suc- I coin-op.
It’s the eternal struggle of Good versus Evil again, as you take on the persona of Strider Hiryu (Hurrah!) To do battle with The Lord (Boo! Hiss!) And his wicked minions in various parts of deepest, darkest (and sometimes coldest) Mother Russia.
After being dropped off in Red Square, you must guide Strider across platforms destroying KGB agents with your trusty sword (which moves so fast it's just a blur) before they fire at you. As well as moving left-to-right, you also have the ability to jump straight up, leap left-right (doing a rather gymnastic somersault in midair), crouch and slide (which looks a lot like an American baseball player sliding for a base). Using these moves you have to jump chasms and leap from platform to platform, destroying the guards and taking out any ground-based or flying installations that happen to
get in your way.
RATINGS EXPLAINED 8 OVERALL 91% SOUND INTELLECT ADDICTION Mid- and end-of-level guardians make an appearance, and discovering how to polish them off will pose you a couple of problems. You could try to make life easier by picking up a couple of extra weapons: such as a drone, carried onto the screen by an airborne alien who releases it if you destroy him.
This drone then circles round you and fires boomerang-like shots that can be used to take out hard-to-reach baddies.
The drone will also run along a platform occasionally, clearing a path for you. Other extra weapons include an extended sword, which gives you a limited number of huge, far-reaching swipes.
Make it to the end of the stage and defeat the end-of-level porky big ‘ard monster, and you're transported to the icy wastes of Siberia for the next round where you’ll have to fight off blood-thirsty dogs and the occasional mechanical gorilla. In the second and third rounds (for the third round, you're in a jungle in the southern lowlands, which are infested with boomerang-lobbing nasties) the action is pretty much the same: leap around the platforms, select the correct routes to take and destroy the end-of-level guardian.
Should you manage all this without losing all three lives (for each life you can take three hits, but any hit causes the removal of any extra weapons previously collected), and complete each stage of every level within the time limit (well, you didn't think things were going to be easy, did you?) It’s back to Moscow to face the Grand Master of the Red Army.
GRAPHICS AND SOUND One of the main attractions of a coin-op is its graphics, and, obviously, home users want graphics as close to the original as possible. Thankfully, Strider comes very close. Not only does it retain the impressive coin-op background graphics and sprites, but the smooth and fast animation remains too.
Sound is also good: the standard coin-op jingles are fine and effects throughout are satisfying, although the digitised speech is not the best ever heard.
JUDGEMENT This is good stuff. Capcom did the biz with the original and USG have done the biz with the conversion, producing an enjoyable, r A I . V ¦
* % ¦ These robots should learn never to turn their backs on a
mean sword-wielding dude like you! Things are looking bad for
Playable, addictive and exciting game. Arcade fans who like their games spiced with plenty of action and rushing around are certainly going to enjoy this. It’s no great mental exercise, but the immense playability is guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of every arcade action fan.
'Red And Smith GRAPHICS Good graphics are an important part of any game: if the power is there, it should be used to the full. Both still and moving graphics come under scrutiny in this rating, but remember, graphics alone do not a game make... SOUND With stereo capabilities the last thing you want to hear are Spectrumesque beeps, right? Title tunes and effects all add atmosphere to a game and good sound can greatly increase your enjoyment.
INTELLECT How much real thought do you have to put in to play the game? Just because a game’s mindless doesn't mean it's bad, but a game with a high Intellect rating says immediately you'll need to think to gain maximum enjoyment.
ADDICTION How easy is a game to pick up and play? How much sheer fun will you get from it? Will you keep coming back?
Important questions, answered by the Addiction rating.
OVERALL A percentage mark that takes into account all the ratings, plus added extras like price, packaging, documentation... ‘ THE TEAM Andy Smith, left, who was with ACE right from Issue One, is a ‘twelve-hours-a-day’ games fan and one of life's natural gamesplayers. He loves any type of game, be it a shoot- em-up, strategy game, arcade adventure... Bob Wade, right, started reviewing with Personal Computer Games and has worked for Zzap!64, Amstrad Action and ACE. There’s no-one in the business with a better idea of what makes a game.
SHARE THE AME THE GAMES SUMMER EDITION™ "It's a winner a game that certainly won't be left on the shelf for long.
CALIFORNIA GAMES™ "Each event would make a game in its own right, but when you get all six together, you'd have to be mad to miss It." STACTION jfjpissromr 1 "The classic Ith better aphics and ime play."
THE GAMES WINTER EDITION™ "All events are well presented and the graphics are good.
It's great fun especially when played with a group of people."
U. S. Gold Limited, Units 2 3 flolford Way, Itolford. Birmingham
B6 7AX.
IMPOSSIBLE MISSION II £24.99 Tel: 021 625 3388.
ACCOLADE £24.95 ¦ Mouse UCK IK SOU A golfing legend, winner of more major championships than anyone else, much demanded course designer and all-American hero: the Golden Bear. A golf game can't come with a much better endorsement than Jack, but does it live up to his reputation?
Three courses are available: Castle Pines in Colorado, Desert Mountain in Arizona and Jack's Greatest 18. The Greatest 18 are culled from some of the most famous courses in the world, such as St Andrews, Augusta, Pebble Beach and Royal Lytham.
One to four players can take part, any or all of whom can be computer controlled. There’s a choice of several opponents of varying ability, including Jack himself, who is of course incredibly good. There is also a choice of game type: 'stroke play' or ‘skins.’ In skins the players play for prize money on each hole, the prizes increasing as they go along.
Stroke play is the usual score-per- stroke, with the overall score plus or minus par kind of system.
Before playing each hole you are given an overhead view of it, which can be called up again while playing. You also get Jack’s words of wisdom on the hole. Then it’s off to the tee, where the view is from looking towards pin.
Is selected from a driver, two woods, eight irons, two and a putter. Once the ;hosen and the shot aimed, the tricky part of swinging the club has to be done. This is a matter of timing mouse clicks to initiate the swing, to stop the power bar going upwards and then to stop it going down (for the accuracy).
Mistiming clicks will result on the upswing in shots going long or short and on the downswing in the ball hooking or slicing.
The computer players do everything automatically: and slowly too. A lot can be learnt from watching them, particularly if you have a similar shot to play.
There are various factors affecting a shot - windspeed and direction, sand, slopes and rough. On the putting surface there are only breaks to cope with, but the aiming of putts is very tricky.
If you are not happy with your performance you can always go off to the driving range and the practice green, or even practice on a few individual holes.
GRAPHICS AND SOUND The courses are picturesque, with trees, bunkers and lakes making up some lovely views. The only problem is the terribly slow speed at which the graphics are drawn.
The view is redrawn for every shot so there is a lot of hanging about waiting for it.
The sound is limited but what is there is good: some excellent sampled speech at the beginning and realistic hitting and bouncing noises during play.
JUDGEMENT The slow speed of play is annoying but not terminally so: just chill out, relax and take your time playing. The three courses are challenging and dangerous and the opponents provide good competition. It's a game you will be playing for years to come: as long as the old back injury doesn't flare up again... Bob Wade ¦ The overhead problem: a lake the tee the green and the The club is : ¦ At the new ball position it's 214 yards to the [ ( I yards to the pin, which calls a 4 wood to be employed.
¦ A dangerous tee shot awaits because of the overhanging trees on the right. Why not aim left and slice the ball back towards the pin?
¦ The shot was straight, but short: however, a pitching wedge will get you on the green.
GRAPHICS 5 SOUND 2 INTELLECT 5 ADDICTION 6 OVERALL 78% I A good chip from the edge of a well-protected green gives you a chance to hole that putt for another par.
It’s comforting to know that some things will never change: the Queen's speech on Christmas Day, Amstrad returning record profits for some quarter or other and Earth being attacked by hordes of nasty, slimy aliens.
No-one's yet produced a game based on the first two, so this must be a game based on the latter. The aliens in question are a touch nastier and slimier than the average two-headed, green-skinned jobs though, because they would actually like to eat Earth and its inhabitants! What's needed is someone to jump into a spacecraft and fly right into the mouth of the boss alien, to blast away at its vital organs. Fancy the job?
In case you hadn't guessed, it's a multi-stage, horizontally and vertically scrolling shoot- em-up (scrolls vertically for the first stage, horizontally for the second and so on). The idea is to survive each level by shooting at and destroying the waves of flying aliens (and ground installations later on) and avoiding crashing into the host monster's insides. Survive to the end of the level and you have to take on a guardian before moving to the next stage.
As you'd expect, there are extra weapons to collect including rear guns and a time-based auto-fire facility, plus extra lives and smart bombs. The weapons are collected by flying over weapon icons that appear periodically. Fortunately, any extra weapons you do collect are carried from stage to stage, but if you lose one of four lives, you lose the weapons.
GRAPHICS AND SOUND The backgrounds are well drawn and menacing, but the sprites are dull and uninspired.
The collision detection is ever so slightly off, and on more than one occasion you'll be shouting “That was nowhere near me!" As for sound: well, it’s just as bad. The title music is fine but the effects are mediocre and surprisingly slow.
Destroy a wave of aliens then stop firing, and for a moment you will still hear shooting.
Dominator will not be remembered for graphics and sound.
JUDGEMENT Some would argue whether there’s room for yet another shoot-em-up in the marketplace anyway, and others would argue that there’s always room for a game that offers a good blast, especially if it has new features.
SYSTEM 3 £19.95 ¦ Joystick What there isn’t room for is a game with no new features, that doesn’t offer a good blast and has limited lasting interest.
Dominator certainly qualifies on the last three. Andy Smith GRAPHICS SOUND INTELLECT ADDICTION LINEL £19.95 ¦ Joystick SKATE OF THE ART Twenty stages of viewed-side-on Though there are twenty of them, across the road and have to Skate of the Art, so far from being skateboarding action. Controls are the levels are all short and it's restart the level with one of your state of the art, is basic stuff limited: scoot (for speed), lean simply a question of remembering initial five lives gone. Make it indeed. Although it looks all right, back, lean forward and flip are the which moves come in which
order through the stage and you are it is simple in design and quite ones you'll use most as you move and hitting the fire button at just rewarded with a 'flip' bonus, frustrating in gameplay. Even left-right across the screen at the right moment to get through decided by how many jumps you hardened 'boarders out there will great speed, jumping obstacles them. Should you misjudge a did, plus a time bonus, decided by find their interest evaporating and shooting up and down ramps. Jump, however, you go sprawling how quickly you finished. Quickly with this one. Andy Smith GRAPHICS 6 SOUND 5
• XT BRIDGE BOARD £1299 £799
• BASIC • UTILITIES • MANUALS 1084(s) High res
monit .£209 Philips CM8833 High
res .....£199 1901
C64-colour .Call 1900
C64-Mono .£119 I' --1 COLOUR PRINTERS
Citizen HQP40 .. £352 Epson
EX1000 .. £543 Hewlett Packard Paint Jet....
£689" NEC P6+ .... £569 NEC
P7+ .... £589 Star
LC10 ... £195 Xerox
4020 . £949 LASERS Citizen overture
f11QQ HP Laserjet II .... ....£1825 : BUSINESS
S'WARE Sale £ AEGIS Sonix ...... £39 Animated
Images 3D ..... £99 City Desk .. £69
Deluxe Video ...... £49 Deluxe
Music ...... £49 Deluxe
Paint .. £49 Digiview
Gold ..... £99 Home Accounts ..
£19 Mailshot Plus ...... £39 Maxiplan A500..... £69 Music
Studio £23 Organiser
II . £49 Page
Setter . £89 Page Flipper
Plus .... £24 Photon Paint ...... £49
Photon Video ...... Rinn ! ......
....- ... ) Professional Page
.....£175 Pro Writer 2 Publisher
Plus...... Ring £69 Sculpt 3-D Animate ... £102 Sculpt
3-D .. .£63 Superbase
II ..... £59 Superbase Personal ....
Superbase Professional TV Show Text ... £44
£169 .£79 word Perfect 42
'Works' Zumafnnts ......£169
£69 cos A2000 HARDWARE A2000 + 1mb RAM ...£869
A2000 + 1084(s) monitor ? Bridge BD + 20mb H disk £1369 A2000 +
1084(s) ....£1049 20mb hard
disk ..£299 XT bridge
BD .....£299 LC24-10 £249 AMIGA
AF880 .... ...£79
...£78 RF302C .
...£74 Supra 20mb H disk..
* All drives 1 mb + on off switch * AMIGA ACCESSORIES A501 -512k
RAM .£109 TV Modulator ....
...£22 Mouse Mat ......£4.39
Amiga dust-cover....
3. 5 135TPI DS DD.. £6.89
£9.99 PRINTERS Star LC10 (P)
130CDS .£139 Star LC10
colour ......£189 Star LC24-10 (24
din) ...£269 Citizen
120D ......£105 Commodore MPS
1230 £119 Panasonic KXP1124 (24
pin) ...£279 Panasonic KXP1081 £149
Epson LX800 .....£158 Epson
LQ500 ....£250 Epson
FX850 ....£409 Epson
FX1050 ..£382 Epson
EX800 ....£369 Epson EX
1000 ..£419 Hugely successful 9 pin
printer, the Star LC10 provides 4 NLQ fonts (with 86 print
combinations) at 38cps and 144cps draft. Has a large 4K buffer
and IBM parallel interface built in. Includes a comprehensive
front panel operation and features paper parking, allowing
single sheets to be used without removing tractor paper.
SPECIAL OFFER COMMODORE 1084(S) NEW PRICE £199 ALL PRICES EXCLUDE VAT To: First Micro, 13 Lansdowne Rd, Bournemouth, Dorset BH1 1RZ I wish to order _ My computer is_ I enclose cheque PO for £ ____ I I I I Or charge my Access Visa No.
813176 OPEN MON-SAT 9am-5.30pm All prices and manufacturer's
specifications subject to change without notice.
Inc VAT.
Exp. Date (0202) Name Address Signature Postcode Tel No: DIGITAL INTEGRATION £24.95 ¦ Keyboard and Mouse or Joystick F-16 COMBAT PILOT F fiMIGfi u R M 1 lop a GOLD f you didn't want to be a fire- I chances are you wanted to be a jet fighter pilot. And for all but a very few of us, a combat flight sim is the closest we’ll come to realising our ambitions.
Dl’s offering, based on the popular General Dynamics’ F-16C, has Mirrorsoft’s excellent Falcon - based on the same plane - to contend with, so the new game will have to be good to compete.
For a start, there are four basic games: training (always a good place to start), separate missions (five in all), a campaign game and a dogfight option.
Training allows you to experiment with the plane, practice landings and even gain familiarity with the weapons. Once confident, try the separate missions which you need to complete in order to be able to take part in the campaign game. These missions include a The company has big plans to robotise the police network, but a small setback with the prototype machine (ED 209) means they have to re-think their plans, eventually coming up with the idea of a half-human, half-robot cyborg.
OCEAN £24.99 ¦ Joystick All they need is a volunteer body donor. A young cop called Murphy |ust happens to fit the bill after being badly shot up in a vicious attack. OCP robotises Murphy and puts him on the streets without completely erasing his memory, and he soon goes rogue and sets about hunting down the gang who nailed him.
Unlike most film tie-ins, the computer versions of Robocop were developed at the same time as the Data East coin- op, so Ocean had a choice: to either make a game purely based on the film (something like Platoon) or to make a straightforward conversion of the coin-op.
In the end. The game has wound up closer to the arcade machine rather than as a pure, original interpretation of the film.
The game is set in the Detroit of the future, where the police department is being run by a corrupt private company called OOP.
42 AMIGA FORMAT It's a multistage 'strolling' shoot-em-up, with the player con trolling Murphy as he wanders about his business of upholding the law. Baddies appear at first- floor windows and on the street and the general idea is to either shoot them or clock 'em on the taw with a titanium-packed punch.
They shoot back, every hit they score reducing your energy until it runs out: game over time Fortunately there are extra fire power symbols and extra energy that can be collected by smashing scramble scenario, in which the idea is get airborne ASAP and down some aggressive enemy MiGs, and an air-to-ground one in which you have to tackle an enemy tank battalion. Other scenarios include reconnaissance, runway bombing and bombing missions deep in enemy territory.
Complete every mission and you’re allowed to join one of eight squadrons fighting a campaign game, in which the plan is to defend the country against an invading enemy force. You decide the missions and where to hit the enemy in order to hurt him most, and to help in the fight you can send up to four other aircraft on separate missions against other targets. Wipe out the enemy force and you’ll be promoted to another squadron where things begin to get somewhat tougher.
The only way to get to the campaign game, though, is to complete each mission and save the results to disk (creating a pilot's log). If you've had enough of the solo stuff, connect up a couple of machines with a modem cable and take on a human opponent in a gripping dogfight that will really keep you biting those fingernails.
¦ Check the mission and select your weapons accordingly... ¦ Taxiing onto the runway ready to take off for a night mission.
GRAPHICS AND SOUND Everything is viewed from within the cockpit - never from a position outside the cockpit, so you don’t see an external view of the plane - in fast, colourful 3D with options to let you see what's happening behind and to either side. Though the instrument panel is laid out in a standard fashion you are able to switch the position ot some of the instruments to suit, which is handy. Sound is great, and though most of it's limited to the drone of the engines, it is well done.
JUDGEMENT There’s plenty of action to suit the combat-hungry and the attention to detail will please and delight the flight purists. Once you get into the campaign game or take on a human you’ll find yourself playing for hours at a stretch and coming back to it time and time again. As Dl keep proving, when it comes to simulations - especially ones involving aircraft. - they’re very hard to beat. Andy Smith ground graphics and sprites are From then on, the only real reason good and the whole thing is to keep playing lies in constant smoothly animated. Just about the attempts at improving your
score, standards expected from a coin- Andy 'Half-Human' Smith op inspired game.
GRAPHICS SOUND INTELLECT ADDICTION JUDGEMENT It’s a nicely put together platform shoot-em-up which fans of the film will be well pleased with. As a game in its own right it stands up, but it’s not terrific and you'll complete it sooner rather than later.
OVERALL 73% ¦ Robocop patrols the streets of downtown Detroit, shooting punks he meets on the streets and who fire from first floor windows.
ARRE through marked crates. Collect the symbol and your gun suddenly has things like three-way firing or super-big shots. Sadly, the extra weapons only last for a set number of shots: use them sparingly.
Reach the end of each stage and there's an end-of-level guardian to be destroyed before progressing to a bonus stage where you can practice your shooting or have a bash at putting a photofit together. For each level the object remains, effectively, the same, to work your way through the stage and destroy the end guardian. All that really changes is the setting: in the junkyard, inside the drugs factory and so on, GRAPHICS AND SOUND The title and in-game tunes are all right but not brilliant, and the same can be said for the spot effects and the occasional burst of digitised speech. The back- ¦
OCP's first attempt at a robot cop (ED 209) is the first end-of-level guardian, and a mean one too! So shoot him in the head!
AMIGA FORMAT 43 A POWERFUL PACK OF FOUi They called International Karate 'the greatest Karate beam ’em up yet' (Commodore User).
And who are we to argue?
But ARCHER MACLEAN has come up with a stunner: A third fighter. An amazing animated background. New moves (including double head-kick and a spectacular backflip).
Re-mixed music by ROB HUBBARD. And balls!
© 1987 Archer Maclean.
© 1987 System 3 Software Ltd.
ATARI ST AMIGA BATMAN - THE CARED CRUSADER D C. Comics' famous super hero Batman breaks onto the micro screen in a Wham! POW!
Arcade adventure as you engage the forces of evil in Gotham City.
Start in the Batcave and move on through the world of fun and excitement as you face the trickiest customer of all... the Penguin. Save some strength for the battles ahead with the dastardly Joker however, or you'll miss the thrilling climax!
TM &© DC Comics Inc. 1988 All rights reserved VOYAGER Mil In 1977 Voyager II was Deep in the cosmos, the ultimate ten The Bydo Empire- evil.horrific.de In the dark recesses of time and spa: its terrifying creatures roam the cosit waging war on the Planet Earth.The desperate battle has just begun.... A pilot of the R-9 fighter plane, it is yoi mission to crush these interstellar monsters using every sophisticated weapon at your disposal Only yours1 and reactions stand between brilliant victory-and the devastation of Man.
At last, the arcade sensation burst1 to your home screen with several star terrains and a compelling scroll featu the ultimate in thrilling gameplay.
R-Typev ©1987IREM Corporation, licensed to Electric Dreams.
Launched - inviting all life j forms in the Universe to visit our planet. Get ready - company's coming. Luke Snayles - returning to Earth after completing a 50 year sentence of "investigative exploration" is not a man you'd wish to meet. After half a century of solitude, he's bored and hungry. On Earth the gate crashers are about to arrive - they are the ROXIZ, but Snayles has got other ideas - no-one, but NO-ONE is going to spoil his home-coming party!
© Ocean Software Ltd. 1989 Ocean Software Limited • 6 Central Str Manchester • M2 5NS Telephone: 061 832 6633 Telex: 669977 OCEANS C • Fax: 061 834 money- on the company ey.
St thing to mpany to how to n dollars of the our Poll ones' :t, they ion to ilable ately set time. There are play - different but even so it ing and after a sions you'll find repetitive. Nicely enjoyable in ttW lacks the detail1 est up. Andy Smith AND SOUND imited but are quent, but jolly, fine, every- the anima- is satisfac- or aurally len its not 1 GRAPHICS SOUND INTELLECT ADDICTION OVERALL 66% from c-d. Complete it, and the dosh starts rolling in, allowing you to think about setting up new rigs and more storage tanks. Then it’s a case of increasing your profits and becoming i___ ood when
but acci- Iccasionally tither your n up or r the lat- firefight- theyTI r arcade around ’eal the to eurs to RELINE £24.99 ¦ Mouse and Joystick GAINSTAR £24.95 ¦ Joystick or Keyboard ALIEN LEGION jumps to enable you to hop between platforms or across gaps.
Every hit the aliens make reduces your energy bar, which can be topped up by grabbing potions.
Eek! Guess what? Aliens have invaded and only you can save the world from misery and damnation.
In the guise of Captain Cosmose, you must work your way through this horizontally-scrolling platform cum shoot-em-up blasting away at the little alien baddies and avoiding their shots. Moving around is mostly left-right with short and long Not a bad game, it looks and sounds all right and it'll take a while to work through four levels: but it’s simple and adds nothing new to this genre of game. Andy Smith GRAPHICS 5 SOUND 5 INTELLECT 2 ADDICTION 6 OVERALL 52% THE AMAZING AMIGA.. COMMODORE AMIGA 500 AMIGA Your IiiLuSihjnon is the limit
- Pack Includes: A50O CPU, Mouse, P.S.U., T.V. Modulator, Very
First Tutorial, Workbench 1-3, Basic, Extras and Manuals.
PLUS POSTRONIX BONUS PACK WORTH OVER £250 which includes 10 Blank Disks, Disk Storage Box, 10 Excellent Games, Mouse Mat, Mouse Bracket (Mouse Holder) Deluxe Paint.
£399.00 F £5.00 post and packing AMIGA 500 plus DISK DRIVE AMIGA 500 + 1084S Instruction Manuals, Extra Disk, Workbench 1 -3, T 1VOTO The Very First Tutorial, T.V. Modulator, Photon IS 1 LRLO Paint, Mouse PLUS additional Amiga Compatible 'i 'VT ATTT1 A f " VTTTT H Disk Drive and 10 Blank Disks COLOUR MONI1 OR £449.00 (including the Amiga 500 deal) + £5.00 post and packing.
MPS1500C £649.00 + £10.00 post and packing 1084HIGH RESOLUTION COLOUR MONITOR 1084S STEREO COLOUR MONITOR n CQ Of) Compatible with PC. ViiJ 7*VV Compatible with PC, Amiga, C64c, C128 + £5.00 post and packing MPS1200P mpsi20op £229.99 + £5.00 post and packing The Commodore MPS1200P printer presents the state of the art in dox matrix printers, with all the features of a printer that would cost much more. The MPS1200P is designed to be like three printers in one. It can act just like an Epson FX printer, or with the flip of a switch, it can act just like an IBM Graphics Printer with IBM Group
II-I character set (Danish Norwegian character set) support. It can also print all the characters available with the Amiga in the Amiga configuration.The MPS1200P is capable of all the printing functions you would expect, as well as some additional features you may not expect.
Impact dot matrix (9-needle print head). P "g DRAFT
MODE .- matrix: 9 vertical dots x (5 +
4) horizontal dots; - print speed: 120char s, at 10 char in
bi-directional, with optimised head movement PRINT PITHES
lOchar in to 24 char in programmable
from line, and in SET-UP mode LINE FEED
..... l 6in (4.23 mm), 1 8(3.17 mm)
and 7 72 in (2.4 mm); -n 216 in andn 72 in.
CHARACTER SET ...ASCII characters and special characters.
MAX. PRINT LINE LENGTH 40 top 192 characters, according to print pitch selected.
AMIGA 1010 DISK DRIVE Amiga 3.5" external drive. Capacity 880K_ PLUS FREE DISK capacity 88UK £149.99 STORAGE BOX & 10 BLANK DISKS + £5.00 post and packing 1 A501 RAM PACK 512K for the Amiga £149.99: + £5.00 post and packing THIS TOPICAL GAMES COMPENDIUM OFFERS A TRUE SPORTING CHALLENGE Pack contains: C64c Computer 1530 Datasette, Quickshot Joystick, Matchpoint (Tennis), Snooker, World Championship Boxing, Daley Thompsons Supertest.
Hypersports. Basketball, Malchday II.
Daley Thompsons Decathlon, Baskel Master. Track and Field.
Petsonal Hi-Fi. Commodore Juke Box Audio Tape (10 Hits), Yamaha SHS10FM Digital Keyboard with Midi. Ghostbuster. Rollaround. TauCeti.
Agent XII, Surprise Game.
Plus: POSTRONIX BONUS PACK OF £100 OF FREE SOFTWARE MPICPACK A GREAT DOUBLE THEME PACK OFFERING THE BEST OF HOLLYWOOD, PLUS A COMPENDIUM OF T.V. GAME SHOWS Pack includes: Cmc 1530 Data Cassette, Quickshot II Joystick. The Greal Escape, Miami Vice, Platoon. Rambo, Top Gun, Every Second Counts, Blockbusteis. Bullseye. Trivial Pursuit. Krypton Factor.
Plus: POSTRONIX BONUS PACK ONI Y f 14( OF £100 OF FREE SOFTWARE ? C.oo C= COMMODORE 3M 1541 DISK DR VE PA CK 1541II DISK DRIVE PACK Pack includes: 1541II Disk Drive. 10 Excellent Disk Games. 20 Blank Disks. 5W Diskette Storage Box. AND GEOS!
PRINTER Compatible with most makes of Commodore compulcrs.
Features varicly of fonls including graphics and near letter
quality, reverse printing, italics, n . ... « « tractor feed
and papcrseperator. Comes complete with serial “We. *t'.00 poll
and pjckUig ICONTROLLER Icontroller is semi permanently mounted
on your compuler console.
Icontroller leaves hands on Ihe keyboard while executing Icon commands with your fingertips.
A) 1750 RAM EXPANSION MODULE FOR CBM 128 Simply plug it into the
expansion port on vour CBM 128 and 512K Bvtes of additional
Ram are available.
B) 1351 COMMODORE MOUSE The Commodrc 1351 Mouse is controllct
designed for use wth the CBM M 128.
total of 320K Ram on your M, just plug in the I7M Module.
All prices + £5.00 posi and packing.
SLIKSTIK JOYSTICK CONTROLLER Compatible wilh Atari Computers.
Atari Games System. Commodore.
STARFIGHTER Compatible wilh Sinclair Speclrum. Commodore. Atari Compulcrs. Atari 2600 Video Games Systems.
CHEETAH 125+ Compatible wilh Speclrum.
Commodore. Atari 2600 Video System. Atari. Amstrad PC.
TAC5 CONTROLLER JOYSTICK Compatible with Atari.
CHALLENGER DELUXE Compatible with Spectrum (wilh optional interface). Commodore.
Atari 2600 Video System. Atari Compulcrs. Amstrad computers.
COMPETITION PRO 5000 Compatible with Commodore 61 and Vic20. SinclairZX Spectrum (Interface required).
RAM DELTA DELUXE MICROSWITCH JOYSTICK Compatible with Atari computers and Video Games Machines. Amstrad PCW (wilh adaptor). Spectrum (with adaptor). PQ AA Commodore. *7 ¦ 77 TAC 2 CONTROLLER JOYSTICK Compatible with Commodore 64 and Vic 20. Atari Computers, Atari Game Systems.
MICRO HANDLER MULTI FUNCTION JOYSTICK Compatible with Commodore. Commodore CI6 +4 (adaptor required). „ - . _ _ Atari. 474 Us mu mao ONLY AVAILABLE FROM TOWiQNIX LTD C64 OLD STYLE £6.99 C64C NEW STYLE £7.99 AMIGA 500 £9.99 ATARI 520ST £9.99 ATARI 1040ST £9.99 CATUOCUtmMHO whole new range of innovative mputer covers, made from rable clear plastic. Designed to your computer perfectly... not ly safe from dust but also all ms of accidental damage.
I The coin-op sensation that throws you deep into enemy territory with little more than a low-powered, single shot repeater j tor protection. With superior marksmanship and lightning I reactions you can increase the odds - in your favour.
Capture enhanced weaponry, including grenades, and now you can really make your mark! ... that is, until you come face to face with the enemy gunships, tanks and submarines. Equip _____yourself for some stunning arcade action, load up and T •_ 1 FIRE!!!
* A I SPECTRUM £8.99 “ ¦ I COMMODORE £9.99 Ocean Software Limited
6 Central Street - Manchester Telephone: 061 832 6633 Telex:
669977 OCEANS G Fax: 061 834 0650 " 1 Pf AMSTRAD £9.99 H ATARI
ST £19.99
- -AMIGA £24.99 ID 1988 TAD CORPOI nother Top!
Tendish in the ring, and from the they lent it back by one thing poor Freddy can do: make the money by taking part in six circus events, to earn dollars rather than points when he is judged at the end of the event.
Event Number One is High diving. Climb to the first board, the lowest, jump off and go into a tuck until a prompt tells you what stunt to perform (sitting in the Lotus position, standing like King Tut and so on) on the way down. Then you must press fire and move the joystick to the correct position to perform the stunt, before returning to the tuck and wiggling the joystick in an attempt to stay on target to enter the pool. For each height of board you perform successfully, not only do you climb to the next board, but the pool also becomes smaller: right down to cup size.
MINDSCAPE £29.99 ¦ Joystick explode. This clown character is a nasty piece of work because he does his best to disrupt you during every event, so beware!
Event Three: trapeze. Swing from trapeze to trapeze by timing your release. There are paper hoops and flaming hoops to jump Event Two: unicycle juggling.
Ride left-right and catch and juggle the objects thrown by your seal assistant. Occasionally a rival clown will lob bombs and rockets at you which have to be caught and lobbed off-screen before they GRAPHICS SOUND INTELLECT ADDICTION OVERALL 59% have a soft landing.
Oil up! Roll u; loons and a new se .shorter I wire. Balance id of the rope jithletic and Hi H Misition
• tance gunpowder our assistant to load before (Rat awful clown
comes and messes things up), enter the cannon then launch
yourself cannon is at the angle. And to earn the and the ten
for the ¦ Unicycle juggling: catch the bombs and rockets before
they land and explode.
VIRGIN MASTERTRONIC E19.99 ¦ Joystick or Keyboard GRAPHICS 8 SOUND 8 INTELLECT 1 ADDICTION 7 OVERALL 6 8% They hadn’t figured on you being a pilot in the crack Gemini Wing space fighter squad.
Thus the scenario is set for this vertically-scrolling shoot-em-up involving one or two players.
Duck, dive, bob and weave your way through stage after stage of invading aliens, dealing death to anything that happens to get in the way of your forward-firing lasers.
Quite apart from the flying nasties, there are ground-based worm-like aliens that join in the hail of fire, so get in quick to destroy them before they obliterate you.
The SoonDay Spirit newspaper has a good deal to answer for: not only are its endless 'Mutant Martians Turned My Son Roger Into A Hatstand’ stories of a, shall we say, dubious nature, but now it’s managed to upset the rest of the Universe with a particularly insidious example of the dubious art of hack journalism.
So, what do you when you’re an alien with a grudge? You invade Earth and attempt to destroy it, naturally. Which is just what the rest of the sentient universe has decided to do. But guess what?
Grounds conspire to make the game look good. Sound is good too, with arcade jingles throughout and occasional spot effects.
JUDGEMENT Yet another vertically-scrolling shoot-em-up. All the bits are there
- extra weapons, guardians and so on - but there’s little that's
at all (the trailing Gunballs are nice but not revolutionary).
It’s about as To make life a little easier you can difficult as
you'd expect from a pick up the occasional extra piece
conversion (with the classic unrea- of fire-power called a
Gunball, sonably difficult Stage Three) but which some aliens
drop when the simultaneous two-player option they’re destroyed.
Fly over these increases the fun for a while, to collect them,
after which they Andy “Flash Gordon" Smith trail behind your
craft until used. In a particularly tight spot, hold down the
fire button and a Gunball is activated, functioning rather like
a smart bomb. The effects, however, vary: for example, you
have the Spiralling Circle of Death which explodes and takes
out any aliens it hits as the discs fly away from your ship:
then there’s the awesome Windscreen Wiper of Death (a lovely,
lovely name) which shoots out from both sides of your ship and
destroys any aliens that get in its way as it cuts a swathe up
the screen.
At the end of each stage there is an end-of-level guardian to dispose of before starting out on the next, more difficult, level. Just like its coin-op parent, Gemini Wing offers the player the chance to continue the game when all lives are used up, although only three restarts are allowed.
GRAPHICS AND SOUND Colourful sprites that are smoothly animated and well-drawn back- THE BEAST IS AMONG US This is it - A whole new dimension in computer games 50 frames per second arcade quality scroll 350 screens - 132 unique monsters 13 levels of parallax scrolling 900K of emotive music 2Mb of graphics compressed in two disks.
GOLD you ever noticed how it’s almost impossible to flick through a computer mag without seeing them in pop star pose at some bash or other?) Have decided that gamers want a good ol’ blast, and reckon they can deliver the goods with Xenon 2: Megablast.
'Megablasf is actually the name of your ship in this five There’s only one thing wrong with gaining a reputation (dubious or otherwise), and that’s having to live up to it.
The Bitmap Brothers certainly have a reputation to live up to: a very good one, after the high standards they set with their earlier releases Xenon and Speedball.
These darlings of the press (have " stage vertically-scrolling shoot-em- up where it's just you against the Xenites. You remember the Xenites, don't you? Well they remember you, from the original Xenon game, and they haven’t forgiven you either: which is why they've planted five time bombs throughout history that need destroying. And yup, you’re just the person for the job.
Your journey through the game follows the path of evolution with the aliens for each stage reflecting the period: from simple creatures dating back to prehistoric times up to and including metallic nasties from future space.
As you would expect, almost everything is aggressive so it’s best to blast everything that moves and anything that doesn’t, too. Initially you’re armed with a front-firing gun, but extra weapons can be collected by shooting and collecting power-up symbols that occasionally appear on screen. By far the best method though is to ( Collect the small bubbles that appear on screen after certain aliens or waves of aliens have been destroyed. Why? Because these bubbles are actually money that can be spent in the weapons shops that lie halfway through and at the end of each level.
There’s an impressive array of weapons available, from things like side-shot and rear-firing cannon to missile launchers and lasers. And, as you might expect, the more destructive the weapon, the more it costs: so keep going after those cash bubbles! J' And those extra weapons are going to come in very handy once you come across the end- (and, GRAPHICS AND SOUND Well, with the intro and in-game music written by Bomb The Bass, it should be, and is, good. The effects are fine too, though not as impressive. As you must have seen from the demo of the game on this month's Coverdisk, the graphics
are terrific. Not only are they well-drawn and colourful, but everything in the game moves quickly and surprisingly smoothly.
A winner in the graphics and sound departments.
JUDGEMENT The age-old problem: it’s just another shoot-em-up, some would say, and there are plenty of them around already. So what makes ¦ Destroy this chap and the pod on top spews out masses of aliens. ¦ Another guardian, this time with a very dangerous extending claw!
¦ Buy Nashwan power and you get 10 seconds ol total destructive power. Shame It’s only 10 seconds!
Later in the game, mid- too) of-level guardians. But beware: you may find you've just splashed out on a porky rear cannon to find the next level crawling with aliens that cling to the sides of the scenery, so life can seem a little unfair at times.
There are a couple of things going for you, though. Every time you lose a life you restart with all the extra weapons you’d collected and there are a couple of 'continue game' options too. And to make a nice change, the scenery doesn’t kill you no matter how often you bash into it. * 1M 11 this stand out? The gameplay. It’s fast, furious, addictive, tough, playable and it sounds and looks fantastic. Xenon 2 has everything a shoot-em-up needs and more besides, making it arguably the best of its type to appear to date and a definite 'must purchase’ for anyone who doesn't mind wasting the odd
hour or two enjoying some mindless blasting. A word of advice though, make sure your joystick has very rapid auto fire: life can be hell otherwise. Andy Smith Wn £9.99 @£14.99 68 128 @£9.99 + 3® £14.99 Road - London U ll 20K © 1988SEGA ENTERPRISES L 'under license fram Sega Enterprises Ltd., Japan, and SEGA'" H are mdtlWirks if Sega Enterprises Ltd." Produced by The Sales PSS £24.99 ¦ Mouse or Keyboard RMIGR GOLD To wargaming fans, the name Dr Peter Turcan may, as yet, be unfamiliar. But ST and PC fans have experienced Peter’s earlier work Borodino, a wargame based on the conflict between
Napoleon and the Russian Prince Kutusov.
Now Amiga owners have the chance to re-fight one of Napoleon's most famous battles in this one or two player simulation.
Most wargames give the player an unrealistic view of the battlefield: failing in the attempt to recreate history because they invariably allow the player to see things that the historic commanders were unable to. Waterloo, however, is the closest a wargame has come to sticking a player in the commander’s boots.
You view the game through the eyes of either Napoleon or Wellington, and issue orders to your subordinates - who in turn issue orders to their subordinates
- based on what you see from your position on the battlefield and
messages received from runners.
To familiarise yourself with the game system and the battlefield you can view the action through the eyes of other commanders on the field, or from major landmarks.
I Looking south from Wellington's headquarters. Time to issue some orders.
The orders you’re able to issue vary in complexity from vague commands like: ‘Lobau, give support to Reille’ (leaving the computer to decide how Lobau can best give his support to Reille) to things like: ‘Lobau, form a defence line from the east flank to Frichermont linking with D’Erlon’.
Once you’ve decided which orders to issue (eight per turn, each turn representing fifteen minutes of real time, the battle lasting from 11.30 am until 9.30 pm), the orders are sent by messenger to their destination. Obviously, the further away this is, the longer it’s going to take for the orders to get through (if they do at all, because riders are just as prone to getting themselves killed as anyone else) so things can become very confusing: just as the battles were.
GRAPHICS AND SOUND Forget sound, it’s not important.
The 3D display however is great.
It takes a short while for the screen to update, but that’s surviv- able. A short animated sequence of the cannons firing, which is optional, is a nice touch, but for the majority of the time you're looking at blocks representing the units.
JUDGEMENT If you’re looking for a wargame that's fast, simple and easy to play then look elsewhere: but if you’re looking for a wargame that provides real challenge, will keep you playing for hours on end and which takes time to play well, then this is for you. The game system is easy to get to grips with but it’s not for your casual browser.
Andy Smith GRAPHICS SOUND INTELLECT ADDICTION OVERALL 92% Mai 1 :Oran (e , an oi'tAei* has arrived Mel 1 inston. Order Perponcher to defend La-Haie .
__ key ¦ Of course, by the time the orders get there it may be far too late.. HEWSON £24.99 ¦ Joystick and Spacebar ASTAROTH and has obviously been included in an effort to increase sales through sensationalism. The accompanying soundtrack is pleasant enough, but is too up-beat to serve as an atmospheric accompaniment to the task at hand.
JUDGEMENT The Amiga isn’t being pushed very hard, technically: since Astaroth lacks any scrolling, the sprites are pretty small and the animation minimal. However, while the CPU sits there twiddling its electronic digits, the game still manages to provide poor collision detection and poor, slug-like movement for the main character. Not impressive.
This lack of speed makes avoiding the many obstacles initially tricky and ultimately infuriating, while the simple search ‘n’ collect gameplay is only marginally spiced up by the addition of progressive mind powers. Astaroth is a jaded old game concept tarted up with graphics of a sensationalist nature to -add some much- needed interest. Bit of a sheep in wolf’s clothing, really.
Steve Jarratt In a series of catacombs, deep below ground, Astaroth, the Angel of Death, rules over a fetid underworld domain. Surrounded by the vile minions she has summoned up to protect her, she is free to satisfy her evil will.
No-one has dared to face this she-devil. Until now. A single, lone man, Ozymandias, has decided to enter Astaroth’s forbidding lair to defeat the demoness.
The catacombs are represented by a series of interconnecting flick-screens, which are entered via left and right, top and bottom. Ozymandias walks and can jump, but has no immediate defences save for ducking from flying bats and harpies which inhabit the carved tunnels. Only forward planning and quick reactions can save him from the variety of beasts which inhabit this world: contact with Astaroth’s underlings serves only to rid Ozymandias of his mind powers, shown by a shrivelling brain icon.
As each brain disappears completely, so a life is lost. Five lives later, Astaroth has won.
GRAPHICS AND SOUND Pete Lyon's morose graphics are undoubtedly very good, even though they have been unashamedly ripped off from HR Giger’s Necronomicon designs.
Ignoring artistic plagiarism, however, it must be said that the phallic and vaginal symbolism is far from tastefully done - especially since it plays no part in the game As Ozzy makes his way through the labyrinth, he can collect up to nine mind powers which are stored in bell jars in different locations within the catacombs.
The powers confer upon Ozymandias different abilities, such as levitation (to float up to higher floors); pyrokinetics (creates fireballs); night vision (enables him to see in those rooms which are in darkness); and so on.
Specific mind powers are needed to defeat Astaroth’s three Guardians - the Sphinx, the threeheaded Hydra and Marilith Demon
- and only once all nine have been collected can Ozzy attempt to
face the Angel of Death in combat.
OVERALL 41% THE BEST OF THE BEST ST Amiga Format - Gold Disk Award "Menace will have you hooked tor hours on end.
The addictive "just one more game" feeling hits you every time."
ST Action "This game is non-stop action all the way - miss it at your peril."
Page 6 "Menace is a superb game which is impressively presented. Menace excels in terms ol playability.
It is a highly addictive game with enough variety lor you to keep wanting to come back tor more."
Sinclair User-10 "The most original and playable game in an age."
Atari ST User - 9 “Tetris is one of those horribly addictive games that gets you saying "Just one more game"'.
Zzap - 94% "One of the all-time computer classics . . . It's perfectly simple and simply perfect."
C +VG “If you're after an addictive and action packed exploration game, buy Baal."
Atari ST User - Star Game "What a brilliant game - surely Psygnosis" best to date? The graphics have to be seen to be believed and the scrolling is excellent."
ST Action "A brilliant mixture of fine artwork, taxing strategy and all out arcade action, this game will really put you on the edge of your seat."
PSYGNOSIS LIMITED Century Buildings, Tower Street, Liverpool L3 4BJ, 051-709 5755 Have we got a hot one for you this month!
JASON HOLBORN takes you through the contents of this month’s amazing Amiga Format Coverdisk.
DISK EXTRA Thanks to those nice chaps at 17 Bit software, Amiga Format has its own demo, produced especially for us to share with you on our Coverdisk. Load it up and pump up the volume!
DPAINT TUTORIAL tardly chappies have planted five time bombs through history.
Unless these time bombs are defused, the explosion will cause life, the universe and everything to ALWAYS MAKE A COPY OF YOUR DISK!
And, if we decide to use it on the Amiga Format Coverdisk, you could be living it up in style! SEE PAGE 63 FOR DETAILS.
Then see page 62-63, fast!
The aliens with the attitude problem are back... and this time they're bringing their little alien buddies along to wreak havoc throughout the universe. Yep, those Xenites were mighty annoyed when you kicked their butts in the first instalment of the Xenon saga, and this time around they're out for one thing... your head on a stake (or pork if a nice piece of steak can't be found).
Those devilish Xenites have been planning your downfall for over a thousand years after their humiliating defeat at the hands of your predecessors. Now the very fabric of time is in danger from their fiendish plans. Those das- XENON 2 PROGRAM: by imageworks FILES: XENONII, XENONII. DOC end in an instant, therefore causing ‘42’ to become an irrelevant number.
Getting Going Joystick in Port 2? Check. Brain switched on? Check. Reactions in overdrive? Check.
¦ That missile ... launcher is a A" systems are handy extra gO... Now is the weapon when time to load Our you meet the exclusive Amiga caterpillar-like r alien waves. Format demo bY inserting the Coverdisk into the internal drive at the ’Insert Workbench’ prompt.
Good luck, Time Pilot: you’re going to need it! ¦ XENON 2 Try your hand at the game every 16-bit computer owner has been talking about. After the immensely popular Xenon and the highly acclaimed Speedball, the Bitmap Brothers come up tops with another game to redefine the leading edge in arcade action.
Ok, we admit it. We’ve been neglecting you communications buffs lately and so to make amends, we have a powerful communications program for your perusal that features more bells and whistles than a fairground organ.
WORKBENCH HACKS Enough of this seriousness... these disk pages are getting far too serious... and they're not even faintly suspect. Amiga Format presents another dose of the very best in silly software.
POPDIR Question: when is an empty disk a full disk? Answer: when you try viewing a disk from Workbench that contains files that don’t have icons. With PopDIR, you can discover those hidden files that other Workbench utilities cannot reach.
AMIGA FORMAT DEMO When the WIMP-based computer was first devised, it seemed to be the solution to every new computers user's problems: complete control of every aspect of a computer without ever having to get too technical. Unfortunately, that original dream never quite materialised and even today, with machines as powerful the Amiga, the new computer user is still often held back by a plethora of technicalities.
One of the most common complaints of first-time Amiga users is that, from Workbench, only files on a disk that have icons are visible. If a file doesn’t have an associated ‘.info’ file, then it is completely hidden from the Workbench user. To combat this, PopDIR was devised.
PopDIR will allow you to display the complete contents of any given directory, therefore unveiling those hidden files before your very eyes.
POPDIR PROGRAM: PUBLIC DOMAIN As well as this very useful task, PopDIR also has a secondary, and potentially even more useful role: it’s a virus killer. Many of you may have heard of the IRQ virus, a particularly nasty little beast that attaches itself to an executable file and therefore cannot be killed by the usual boot- block checkers. PopDIR has an extra option IRQ Check’ that, when it displays the contents of a directory, will also check every file within that directory for the deadly IRQ virus.
Getting Going You can load PopDIR by doubleclicking on the PopDIR icon. When PopDIR has loaded, it will 'iconise' itself by placing a small icon near the top left-hand corner of the screen. To start PopDIR running, just click once on this icon and the program will spring to life. Full instructions on PopDIR's uses are available within the PopDIR drawer.
AMIGA FORMAT DEMO PROGRAM: BY 17BIT SOFTWARE FILES: MUSIC, MUSIC.DOC After the phenomenal success of the swinging frog demo from Issue One's Coverdisk, we've been searching hard for a worthy follow up to that classic demo.
This month’s demo was written specifically for us by those talented chaps Allister Brimble and Rico Holmes, who will be instantly familar to any of you who purchase PD disks from 17 Bit Software.
Allister and Rico have produced a vast amount of quality music and graphics which can be found in abundance within 17 Bit’s huge range of demos, and Allister's work has featured several times within our very own PD Update section.
Both Allister and Rico are looking for freelance work producing graphics and music for the Amiga. If you're a software house and you'd like to contact either Allister or Rico, check out the documentation on the disk for further details.
Getting Going You can load our Amiga Format demo by clicking on the MUSIC icon on the Workbench. The program is crunched and so don’t be alarmed when the screen display starts to shake.
This is just the demo decrunching itself, ready to be run.
DPAINT CLIPART PROGRAM: BY ELECTRONIC ARTS FILES: CLIPART.001, CLIPART.002, CLIPART.EXAMPLE Thanks to those awfully nice people at Electronic Arts, you can try your hands at the techniques described in our Dpaint tutorial in this month's issue of »
* Ultra smooth 8 way scrolling
* Designed with small fully animated characters from Garvan
Corbett, the artist who brought you the classic hit Barbarian
* Multi-directional free format weapon usage
* Large playfield for even more action.
You're really up against it this time. Those revolting robots have finally upped and turned their horribly powerful weapons on their kind human masters.
Someone’s got to stop it before it all gets out of hand. I mean, you just can’t have bloodthirsty Cyborg assassins roaming the streets of Dome City and expect the citizens to put up with it. Who on earth is going to sort out the mess? You guessed
- you get the job.
Fortunately, you are just a little bit on the special side. You are Stryx, the product of Project Alpha Secure, the meanest fighting, smartest thinking machine ever invented. Half-man, half-robot, you are the business, the only one who can stop those wicked Cyborgs.
You'll have to work hard, though, blasting hordes of the revolting creatures (such a sad waste of scrap metal) and rescuing the keys to the Lifeforce, So, Stryx, you’d better get your jet pack on for some high level robot stomping through the immensely complex underground world of the Dome cities. It’s a tough assignment, and time is running out.
PSYGNOSIS FREEPOST LIVERPOOL L3 3AB UNITED KINGDOM Tel: 051-709 5755 PSYGNOSIS GAMES PEOPLE PLAY Screen Shots from the Atari ST Version AMIGA ATARI ST £19.95 » Amiga Format. Thanks to EA, we've been allowed to give you a selection of the clip art from EA’s excellent Deluxe Paint 3 package, which you can use in just about any paint package that supports the IFF file format (which is just about every Amiga paint package under the sun!
More details of this below.)
Getting Going To be able to take advantage of these clip art files, you’ll need to have access to an IFF compatible paint package. If you don't have a suitable package, but would still like to play with the clip art, check out the PD libraries, which include several high-quality paint packages that will more than fit the bill. For further info on the use of the clip art, check out the Dpaint tutorial on Page 25 onwards.
Thought we’d forgotten you, didn't you? Not us matey, we’ve got an extra special treat for all you comms enthusiasts in the form of Access!, probably the best PD comms package in existence.
Access! Is a powerful communications package that includes everything you'd expect from a full- price commercial comms package. The program features all the standard communications features such as fully configurable baud rates, multiple file transfer protocols, multiple Phonebooks... and the list continues.
I must admit that the one thing that attracted me to Access! Was not the wealth of features, but its presentation. Presentation is one area of software design that tends to be sadly neglected these days, and so it’s always nice to find a package that is not only powerful, but also looks nice.
Even if you don’t have a modem, Access! Can still be a valuable addition to your collection Backing Up Your Disk For a number of reasons, it is rather important to make a backup copy of the Coverdisk as soon as possible. Copying the disk may sound like a complicated task suitable for technobuffs only, but it is surprisingly simple provided you read the following instructions carefully:
1. First, turn on your machine and load Workbench. Once the
Workbench screen appears and the disk-drive light goes out,
remove your Workbench disk and insert our cover disk.
Before using your Amiga Format disk, you should make a back-up of the master disk as soon as possible.
This is very important!
2. Next, click once on the Coverdisk icon and then press the
right mouse-button and the Workbench menus will appear.
Now, while keeping the right mouse-button depressed (you can cheer it up afterwards!), move the mouse pointer over to the ‘Workbench’ heading and a menu will drop down. Move the mouse pointer over the ’duplicate’ menu option and then press the left mouse-button,
3. After a few seconds' disk access, the Workbench DiskCopy tool
will be loaded and run. Now just follow the on-screen prompts
and your Amiga Format Coverdisk will be copied to a backup
When the machine asks for the destination, insert your blank disk into the drive. Further instructions can be found in the user's guide that comes with your Amiga.
DISK USING THE Using the Programs All the programs on the Amiga Format disk are specially set up to make them as easy to use as possible. If you can use the Amiga’s Workbench then you can use our Coverdisk! If you do have problems with a program, full instructions on loading and using the programs are included in the Disk Pages and these should get you up and running. If you still have problems, you should read the documentation file (.DOC) that is included with every program.
To run any of the programs on this month’s Coverdisk, all you have to do is follow a very simple procedure. Unless specified differently within the Disk Pages, just double-click on the program’s icon on the Workbench and the program will load and run. Full details on how to use the programs once they have run are included with the Disk Pages and also as a documentation (text) file accompanying the program.
To display a documentation file, just double-click on the appropriate .DOC file to be viewed and a window will open containing the file's contents.
Pressing the space bar will advance a page at a time.
Is Your Disk Faulty?
We have done our best to check that the programs on the Amiga Format Coverdisk are simple to use, error-free and have no known viruses. However, we cannot normally answer telephone queries on using the software, and we do not accept liabil- WORKBENCH HACKS PROGRAM: PUBLIC DOMAIN FILES: VIACOM, DK Our regular collection of Workbench hacks certainly is proving to be popular: we received a vast number of letters from you saying how much you enjoy these seemingly useless programs. This month’s collection continues the age-old tradition of being totally useless but a lot of fun.
Getting Going You can load either of this month’s Workbench hacks by double-clicking on either the Viacom or DK icons on the Workbench. A particular hack's purpose may not be immediately obvious, so you may have to just sit back and wait for something to happen. Don’t worry, eventually weird things will start to affect the screen... of utilities. For example, what do you do if you have another computer, other than an Amiga, that you wish to port files across from for use on your Amiga? -You use Access! Of course! What you’ll need is just a simple lead to connect between the serial
ports of both machines, and you’re away.
Getting Going You can load Access' by double clicking on the Access' icon from Workbench. During loading, Access' may appear to have crashed back to Workbench - don’t worry, the program is working and if you leave Access' alone, | it will eventually load and run successfully. The program will sit, apparently doing nothing, for a minute or so before loading the rest of the program. As always, patience is the key.
If you have a 512K Amiga, you may have to turn off your machine and reboot Workbench from scratch so that Access' has as much memory available as is possible. When using Access' always make sure that it is the first program you load once your machine has been switched back on and Workbench has been loaded, and it should load without problems.
For further information, consult the program's documentation file, Accessl.DOC. ¦ ity for any consequences of using the programs on the disk.
EARN YOURSELF £800 If your Amiga Format disk is faulty - and out of the tens of thousands duplicated, some are unfortunately bound to be - you should send it back for a free replacement within a month of the cover date to: Amiga Format October Disk, Discopy Labs, Unit A, West March, London Road, Daventry, Northants, NN11 4SA.
Address ..... If your Amiga refuses to accept the disk, try using the DISKDOCTOR utility on your Commodore Workbench disk to rescue it before sending it off for a replacement. Full details of DiskDoctor can be found in the user’s manual that came with your machine.
Copying the Disk Unless specifically stated, the programs on the Coverdisk are not in the public domain and the copyright remains with the author. Selling or distributing these programs without the author’s permission is against the laws of copyright.
If you've got any programs for the Amiga which you think other readers would find useful, interesting or amusing, we d like to know about them,
t. Make sure your program is foolproof to use. 2. Create a file
called README.DOC on the disk which explains exactly how to
use your program.
3. Fill in this form, sign it, and send it without delay to:
CoverDisk Software, Amiga Format, 4 Queen Street, BATH BA1 1EJ
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programs each month.
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declaration: This program is submitted for publication by Amiga Format. It is wholly my own work and I agree to indemnify Future Publishing against any possible legal action should copyright problems arise.
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travels in the world of Amiga DTP, GRAEME KIDD d looks at two
packages that offer full colour separation facili first a
quick lesson on colour printing ties. Real Power User st
RAINBOWS Getting full colour images to print on paper is
partly an art, mostly a science, and couldn't be done without
just a little bit of magic. And until recently, it was also a
very expensive process - using traditional methods, it can
cost several hundred pounds to prepare a single colour page
for the printing press.
The basic theory behind the techniques used to print colour magazines such as Amiga Format is straightforward enough, and applies to most full colour printjobs. By mixing three coloured printing inks in different combinations it is theoretically possible to make any colour you want and put it on a page.
Cyan, Magenta and Yellow are the inks you need, and in the trade they are referred to as 'Process’ colours.
(Similarly, using Red, Green and Blue light it is possible to create and display any colour in the world - that's how a colour monitor or TV screen works.)
There’s one little refinement to the basic concept of mixing Process inks. Even though the theory about combining Cyan, Magenta and Yellow to produce any colour you like holds true, the black achieved by mixing the three colours isn’t very convincing when it is printed. Quite early on, printers discovered that a much better finished result could be achieved if they deviated just a little bit from the pure theory of colour: most full colour printing involves using a fourth Process ink - Black.
Printers make room for some Black ink by removing just a little bit of Cyan, doing away with just a touch of Magenta and getting rid of the tiniest amount of Yellow. They also use their Black ink to print black areas of an image and to generally crispen up the appearance of the printed picture. While there are complicated algorithms in use for generating the black component of an image, doing it right involves the use of little magic... When it comes to printing a colour page, four different printing plates are needed, and the paper has to come into contact with each of them in turn so
that the Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Bjack inks can be applied. It’s a tricky job getting the four Process colour images to align perfectly with one another, four Process colours are not in fact mixed together at all on the page, but are printed as dots of differing sizes arranged in a regular rosette pattern. This is where the con lies.
Your eye views this arrangement of coloured dots, and at normal magnification is fooled into mixing the colours for the printer. You do all the hard work needed to achieve those subtle shades!
Take a close look at one of the subtle colour tints our artists have put on a page, or examine some text that has been printed in one of our Art Editor's favourite colours, and you’ll see how two, three or four Process colours can be combined. Magazine Art Editors can create any colour they like for text and tints by specifying percentage mixes of the four Process colours - don’t forget, 0 is a percentage too.
Creating the Illusion The expensive element of traditional full colour printing is colour reproduction, the bit that can cost several hundreds of pounds per page.
In the days before DTP, you had no option but to prepare black artwork with an overlay on which you specified the colour mixes for Colour separation and printing can transform pages beyond recognition ¦ here’s how... but that's the printer’s job. As a publisher, it’s your job to provide the printer with four pieces of film for each page so the printing plates for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black can be made.
It’ll make things much clearer in a moment. (Don't worry, we won’t be needing the washing up liquid bottle and sticky-back plastic today.)
Think about all the colours there are in a photograph, and about how the zillions of shades in a complicated scene blend smoothly into one another.
Obviously, a printer can’t mix every individual colour there is in a picture and print a solid representation of the image on paper. It’d take years, or even decades to print a single issue of Amiga Format that way, even if it were possible.
It's time for the printer to perpetrate a con job.
If you look closely at any colour picture printed in this magazine, you'll see that it is made up of lots of little dots. With the aid of your magnifying glass, you’ll see that the computing TREBLE AMIGA SOFTWARE AMIGA AMIGA 500 + DELUXE PAINT 2 + DELUXE PRINT £399.99 AMIGA 500 Inc. Modulator, Workbench 1.3, Mouse, Manuals + Leads £359.99 AMIGA SPECIAL GIFT PACK Amiga 500 inc. Modulator, Workbench 1.3 and Manuals. 10 Games and Photon Paint or 8 Games, 24 PD Titles & Joystick. Either of above Plus 80 Capacity Disk Box, 10 x 3.5" Disks, Mouse Mat, Dust Cover. All for only: £399.99 AMIGA 1 MEG
Amiga 500 + 1 2 RAM Expansion £489.99 AMIGA 500 + 1084S Med Res Colour Monitor £589.99 AMIGA B2000 Inc. B2000, XT Bridgeboard, A2090 20 mb Hard Drive, + 1084S Monitor £1499.00 A501 1 2 MEG RAM EXPANSION £129.99 AMIGA 500 + MUSIC X £548.99 I African Raiders £13.50 I Balance of Power 1990 ..£16.50 Battlechess ..£16.50 I Bio Challenge ...£16.50 [Circus Attractions ....£13.50 Falcon F16 ...£19.50 Falcon Mission
Disk £13.50 I Fed. Of Free Traders ......£20.99 I Forgotten Worlds ....£13.50 I Grand Monster Slam ......£16.50 I Gretzky Hockey £16.50 Jhawkeye £13.50 I Kick Off ..£13.50 I Kult ..£16.50 Lords of the Rising Sun ..£19.50 I Mayday Squad .£13.50 I Millenium 2.2 £16.50 I
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Modulator ....£24.99 B W Handy Scanner ...£209.99 Philips AV7300 Tuner for monitors £69.99 Modems from ..£89.99 DRIVES Cumana 1 Meg 3.5’ with on off ...£94.99 NEC 1 Meg 3.5’ ...£89.99 Vortex 40 Mb..._ £499.99 Amdrive 30 Mb ..£389.99 A590 20 Mb (with optional RAM Upgrade) £389.99 I
Amdrive 50 Mb ..... £489.99 All prices include VAT Please send Cheques P.O. Made payable to: GO ©©[ [ [yj OK]© DEPT AMF, CROMER HOUSE, CAXTON WAY, STEVENAGE, HERTS. SG1 2DF ? CREDIT CARD HOTLINE: 0438 361738 -A FAX: 0438 740 794 If you do send cash please send it Registered All Goods are sent First Class Registered.
Please add £3.00 for outside U.K. Large orders ie. Amigas, ST, Monitors etc. are always sent by courier.
Please add £6.00 if you require next day courier delivery on other items.
All prices are correct at time ot going to Press and are subject to change without prior notice.
10. ...... £7.95
200 : £128.00 PRICES INCLUDE LABELS Add £5.50 for 80 Cap.
Disk Box when ordering Disks or £4.50 when ordering 50 or
more Disks The word is PROTEXT Now available - Version 4.2
of Arnor’s acclaimed word processor Protext is the result of
4 years of development. Unlike the majority of competitive
programs Protext is 100% British and is being developed
further all the time in response to the needs of British
users. Registered users are always informed when upgrades
are available.
PROTEXT is very fast! Unlike the majority of Amiga word processors PROTEXT scrolls very quickly and redraws the screen in next to no time. We have achieved this by developing our own screen handling routines - much faster than the standard ones.
¦Proiext really is the best text processor on the Amiga* ST!AMIGA FORMAT 2 89 PROTEXT uses the Amiga ’WIMP’ interface fully and supports pull down menus, use of the mouse for cursor movement and block copying and window resizing.
PROTEXT makes full use of Amiga Preferences settings and is fully compatible with the Amiga’s multi-tasking operating system.
'Protext - the real joy comes only from using it I can say without any fear of contradiction it is the best word processor available at the price, in my view, at any price in fact* AUI3 89 A brief summary of some of Protext’s features ... Program mode suppresses formattina; auto-indent; set tab stops Proportional text will print proportionally spaced, right justified text Background printing edit create further files while printer is busy Box manipulation move, copy, or delete any box as well as blocks Configuration set over 50 options to your own preferences using our menu driven
configuration program Dictionaries add delete words to from supplied 70000 word English dictionary. Create your own dictionaries.
Disc utilities copy files, erase, rename, type, create directory, Quick dictionary dictionary held in memory is very fast any number of ruler lines to define document layout, Ruler lines left right margins and normal decimal tab stops Spelling checker check whole text from disc or memory, or as you type.
Suggests alternative spellings. Works with foreign languages full character set available on screen. Character symbols may be redefined time shown on screen. Insert time or date into document help you to start using Protext two documents in memory, copy text between them I for envelopes etc. eleted in error quick count at any time, whole text or just a block anagram and crossword solving features on-screen bold, underline, italics Mail merge The most comprehensive mail merge program available. Use it for labels personalised "standard letters", club membership lists, and much more:
* read data from files from any database or spreadsheet program
* ask for variables from keyboard * display message while
* include file for printing * reformat whilst printing
* conditional printing and repeat-until loop constructs
* numeric calculations and string expressions including
* commands to write information to a separate file
* operators + . . =. =. = . ,IN,NOTIN change directory, remove
directory, catalogue files In files for easy use Symbols Exec
files File conversion Find & replace Foreign languages store
sequences of commands i flexible file conversion utility for
other WP files very powerful and fast with many options.
10 built in keyboard languages. Easy to use accented letters: aae50u66B&Ci6§fi etc. auto-reformat; reformat para, block or whole text, up to 9 lines of text, different even odd headers and footers, auto page numbering, footnotes, edit and command help available on-screen string any sequence of letters together on a single key e.g. “Yours sincerely". Load and save macro key files. Special recording mode as you type, ideal for drawing lines (incl. Corners) around text variable in half lines, including 0, VS, 1,1 VS, 2,2VS, 3 works with any parallel or serial printer. Wide range of printer
drivers supplied, incl. Lasers and 24-pin printers; or create your own drivers or edit ours, bold, condensed, double strike, elite, italics, enlarged, pica, NLQ, subscript, superscript, microspacing, proportional spacing, any other printer fonts Time and date Tutorial files Two file editing Typewriter mode direct.
Undelete retrieve text Word count Word puzzles Wysiwyg Formatting Headers & footers Help Keyboard macros Line drawing Line spacing Printer support Printing styles Protext is a professional word processor Prices IBM PC Atari ST Amiga Protext v4.2 £99.95 £99.95 £99.95 Protext Filer £24.95 £24.95 £24.95 Protext Office £34.95 £34.95 £34.95 German Dictionary £19.95 £19.95 £19.95 Demonstration discs available
- please phone Latest News and Announcement Version 4.2 is now
available. Enhancements indude:-
* Revised and improved 300 page manual and index
* Current date and time are available as single key strokes
* Improved memory allocation and smaller program makes better use
of your memory.
* Scroll Lock function pauses after displaying a screenful of
text Upgrade price from v4.1x :- £15.
COMING THIS AUTUMN “PROFILE" - the Arnor Database for PC ST Amiga.
(People have been waiting years for this) Releasing your micro's potential... tWZ Arnor Ltd AF} 611 Lincoln Fond, Peterborough, PE1 3 - A. Tel:0733 63909 24 hour} All prices include VAT, postage and packing. Access Visa cheque postal order. Fax;0733 67299 Preste!'016643009 DTP SPECIAL ? Tint boxes and coloured text.
You’d leave white spaces on the artwork where you wanted colour pictures to appear on the printed page, then send the artwork and overlay off to a repro house with the pictures. The repro house would duly return a set of four films from which the plates to print the page were made. They'd also send you a bill.
This traditional method is still the only way to achieve perfect results with pictures unless you want to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on repro equipment. In order to capture the image in a photograph, separate it into the four Process colours and output it to film ready to be incorporated into the films for your page, a repro house will use a scanner. They will have paid a quarter of a million pounds or more for their scanner, which explains two things: first, why repro houses have to charge you serious money, and secondly why an Amiga, Macintosh or PC based DTP system
can’t match the perfect results of the repro man.
With colour DTP it’s possible to save money by doing some of the repro house’s work - producing sets of film that have the tints and colour text, then leaving the colour separation of pictures to the man with the 1 4 scanner. If acceptable rather than perfect results are your goal, or if DTP with colour separations provided via a video camera or desktop scanner means you can afford to use colour, then full colour DTP is for you.
Whatever your motivation, the Amiga offers the cheapest route into full-colour DTP work, and even though an Amiga can match the power of of vastly more expensive PC and Macintosh systems, it has largely been ignored by UK printers and publishers. Next month, we'll be taking a look at people out there in the real world using Amigas for commercial DTP work, meanwhile check out Professional Page and Page Stream... PROFESSIONAL PAGE X = -3.7867, Y : 4,0 rid % ?
O 2.
Xv c7 I Emulating the traditional approach taken by pasteup artists - here i picture is being dragged from the drawing board onto the page.
EwsLut tor.final ofessioml Page VI.2 6 1989 Gold Disk Inc. Docuwgnt: Untitled Output Specifications ?
kjV ¦ Part of the PostScript control process offered by Professional Page - screen angles and resolutions for the four Process colours can also be controlled when full colour work is being output Gold Disk’s slogan, which appears on the cover of Professional Page manuals, is 'Advancing the art of desktop publishing.' It is certainly justified so far as the Amiga is concerned: Gold Disk has been at the leading edge of Amiga DTP for some while now, and has advanced Professional Page itself through version 1.1 to the current v 1.2. The software has a pedigree: it has been in use for a couple
of years, and the refinements in the latest version take account of requests and suggestions from users.
In many respects, Professional Page mirrors the method of working adopted by PageMaker, the classic DTP program that got the ball rolling on the PC and Macintosh. The basic concept models the traditional working methods of the paste up artist.
Documents are assembled as if they were physically placed on a designer’s table, so the frames that are used to hold text or images can be picked up, moved off the page and ‘parked’ on the tabletop until they are needed.
Everything you might need to control layout and typography is offered via the pull-down menus Professional Pago VI. T B Q«1J PI«K Pocuw.nl i H txw I»I»* 00. Or to matt bo»r oif of your Amga ao • turnout Bx many poepW. Wto havto't Vc*$ ht .o Amiga op to now. VcaoK t* *« lack of j oid do*top pobbfkag H’ftwoit. Profumonai Page a a lompalling itwon to give tin Amiga a fruh took Features: Howaful page layo and toolbox icons, with no omissions. While hyphenation is controllable via dictionaries in English, French and Spanish, with Professional Page you are expected to check your spelling at the
subediting stage rather than in the document.
The work area can be viewed in five magnifications, including actual size and 200%, and a cunning page preview gadget in the toolbox shows a schematic of the entire page when it is too large to fit on the Amiga screen.
Move a cursor over this tiny representation and you can jump to any area of the page without having to scroll around hunting blindly. A neat touch, which is complemented by a hand-move tool that allows the work area to be shifted around on screen. By default, the display is in interlace mode (recommendations are made in the manual as to less flickery monitors), but it can be toggled to the more stable Amiga resolution... Frames, or boxes as the manual prefers to call them, can be linked together in chains so that a story can flow through several locations on a page or in a document. To
make life easier when your nose is firmly against the layout board, two tools allow you to move automatically from the current location to either the previous text box in the chain or the next one. Following the flow of a story is therefore a doddle.
A set of six basic drawing tools are kept handy by the side of your paste-up desk, and a basic selection of line and fill types are offered, which can easily be set to virtually any colour. For the benefit of those with more sophisticated illustrative needs, version 1.2 now supports Gold Disk’s Professional Draw package, and also handles high resolution bitmap graphics, so there's plenty of scope for getting sophisticated images onto your pages.
In essence, Professional Page is a powerful and quietly competent DTP package with a friendly interface. It is typographically excellent, and justifies the ‘Professional’ tag. What makes Professional Page a stunning DTP product - and not just a stunning Amiga product, but one that stands up very well to top of the range PC and Macintosh packages - is the degree of control it offers over the creation of colour separations.
Originally, Professional Page only supported PostScript devices: it was intended to be a serious publishing tool from the beginning. The program learnt to deal with dot matrix printers with
VI. 1, but has always existed to » I cope with the sophisticated
output needed to produce professional colour work.
The Print to PostScript submenu offers all the options you need to consider when preparing output for a laserprinter, remote typesetting bureau or for subsequent import by another PostScript-compatible program.
When preparing full colour separations you can specify the resolution of the screen used to create the dots, and can also control the angle at which the screens are output to film. Mono, three colour and four colour separations can be made and you even have control over undercolour removal and grey component replacement (which has to do with the ‘magic’ process whereby real Black is introduced as a fourth colour into an image which could theoretically be printed using only Cyan, Magenta and Yellow). ' Colour PostScript is also supported.
Gold Disk have designed and written Professional Page to be an integral part of integrated, Amiga-based publishing operations. As such, it fits into a range of publishing products produced by Gold Disk themselves and other Amiga suppliers.
PageStream, when it appears, is unlikely to knock Professional Page off its perch. Put simply, Professional Page is currently THE package if you want to use an Amiga to produce high-res- olution pages and colour separations. ¦ PROFESSIONAL PAGE £29.95 incVAT ¦ 1 Meg Amiga, two drives strongly recommended ¦ HB Marketing 0895 444433 PAGESTREAM Text Runaround Control Standoffs Vertical : 0 in Text Urap Node s=== - _ Ir=q ¦-1' Hi ?if ID H U ft 1H§ 3SSSS - i- i i
- -------- Silica Systems, the people behind the UK version of
PageStream, believe it will be the ultimate Amiga (and ST) DTP
system. They may or may not be right, even though it will take
a remarkable product to push Professional Page and its track
record off the top slot it currently enjoys.
Amiga PageStream is in the last throes of programming, and the original American manual is currently being rewritten by native English speakers. This all means that your humble reviewer has not yet received a finished copy of PageStream and indeed, has not had the pleasure of reading an accompanying manual. The advanced preview copy supplied to us by Silica is certainly impressive, and if everything works as it should do in the released version, then Silica certainly have a challenger... Romping around inside the preview software in the absence of documentation revealed the user- friendly
nature of PageStream: anyone with a reasonable experience of DTP software should be able to get up and running without reference to the lovingly Anglicised manual. As might be expected, the system is designed to work on the basis of an old DTP favourite, frames, which accept text or graphics once they have been drawn on the page.
Roundabout One of the more cunning aspects of PageStream lies in its frame handling facilities. Sure, you can shuffle a frame full of text around a page or even move it from page to page, but you can also rotate it. Cunning?
Certainly, and what’s more, you can rotate a frame in three planes: rotating it and about its centre on the page, or, via the ‘slant’ and ‘twist’ options, on each of the two planes at right angles to the page.
With a bit of creative effort, the distortions to the contents of a frame produced by the rotation function could be put to striking use.
When it comes to moving frames and their contents around the page, or shifting objects such as rules and line artwork drawn directly on the page, PageStream offers a ‘group’ command. If you have just got a picture frame in perfect alignment with a couple of rules and a frame that contains the caption, it’s possible to group all four objects together and then manipulate the group as if it were a single object.
The approach taken by PageStream’s designers to frame handling illustrates the design attitude that underlies the product. You get the feeling that each feature that you would expect to find in a worthwhile DTP package was examined in detail and then embellished or enhanced before it was incorporated into the PageStream concept.
The page view facilities, for instance, offer all you could possibly want. From the pull-down View menu, you can choose to view a document at actual size, 50% reduction, 200% magnification, or with either the full width of the document or the full page on screen.
[oinmnrT.t= .....a ¦ Grouping objects - the circle graphic, rule and text box containing the words "hello there' can now be moved as a team.
View copy, too much fiddling with the view menu tended to make the system hang... but this is a Preview.
The dictionaries for hyphenation and checking spelling can be edited, and a reasonable level of control over the hyphenation procedure is offered. Neat little touches abound. While you can achieve text- Fair enough, you might think, but PageStream doesn’t stop there. A variable zoom facility allows you get really close to a selected area of the page, and a show set user scale option allows you to work at virtually any default magnification you choose. Impressive, although not vital. And in our Beta Test pre- wrap around seriously complicated objects by fiddling around with a polygon tool,
five automatic approaches to wrapping text around a regular shaped object are offered on a Runaround submenu.
Objects can be moved and automatically aligned with one another on the page via a submenu. And the range of text styles offered is impressive: mirror, upside down, single underline and double underline are amongst the options. It’ll be interesting to really get to grips with all these facilities when the final version is complete... Design Benefits Obviously, PageStream’s designers have had the benefit of their own and other people's hindsight, and they have specified a product which looks and feels friendly.
When the programming and manual re-writing effort is complete, PageStream will indeed be a powerful and useful package, providing everything currently offered in the Beta version can be made to work in the final release.
Silica promise that import export modules drivers will be continually written to allow new output devices to be driven by the software and to provide inward compatibility with Amiga users' favourite text and image generating software. A more detailed PostScript colour separation output module would be the first on my request list - in the absence of the manual, it would appear from the Beta version of PageStream that the level of control you have over the generation of colour separations is minimal. If producing four-colour separations is important to you, then Professional Page looks
to have the edge at the moment (not least because it is immediately available). Clearly, when PageStream is released it is going to give Professional Page a good run for its money - we’ll keep you posted... ¦ PAGESTREAM (Beta version) £171.35 inc VAT ¦ 1 Meg recommended ¦ Silica Systems 01 309 1111 71, Wadham Road, North. End, Portsmouth, Hampshire, P02 9ED 0705 670878 ** %*
i. FALCON ll-MISSION DISK (Mirrorsoft) £ 14.90 2-
ROBOCOP ...(Ocean) £16.90 5- XENON
ll-MEGABLAST. (Image Works) £ 19.70 4- RED
HEAT ...(Ocean) £16.90
5. BATMAN .....(Ocean) £16.90 5- GEMINI
WING ......(Virgin Games) £ 13.80 7- INDY & LAST CRUSADE
(US Gold) £D.80 8- SHOOT 'EM UP CONST. KIT... (Palace) £ 19.80
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w. KICKOFF .....(Anco) £12.90 iu BALANCE
OF POWER 1990... (M soft) £ 18.80
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SILKWORM .(Virgin) £13.80 22-
KULT ...(Infogrames) £16.90
23. SKWEEK ..(Loriciels) £13.80 24- THE
DUEL, TEST DRIVE 2... (Accolade) £ 16.90 25- F16 COMBAT
PILOT (D.l.) £16.90 26- THE NEW ZEALAND
STORY ....(Ocean) £ 16.90 27-
FALCON (Mirrorsoft) £ 19.90 28-
WICKED (Electric Dreams) £ 16.90 29-
THUNDERBIRDS (Grandslam) £ 16.90 30- BLOOD
MONEY ..(Psygnosis) £15.90 ? Konix Navigator
Joystick .. £ 9.20 ? Ram Delta
Joystick ... £ 8.80 ? Zip Stick
Joystick (Autofire) £ 13.80 ? Commodore A501
512k Ram Clock £ 134.80 j * Commodore A590 20MB Hard
Disk £ 357.80 | ? 10 DS DD (800k) Blank Disks £ 7.99
J Criprr FACIim Terms: 10096 down and nothing more to pay!
All Released Software Dispatched At The Speed Of Soundi Both Access & Visa Taken
- ruu price um jert on request- 411 orders are tool hj 'Dirtl
CfaiS pod within 24 Loan (Sulject to availability).
Flew titles are Sent dau of release, sdllprices shown are inclusive of postage and pachayiny (please add j£ 135 per item overseas j. Phase mate cheques or postal orders paitalle to "XGNON TGCHNOLC&r Jit items , (SPECIAL OFFERS- £ rber Jfalcon $ c Jfalcon 2 anb receibe a jfftgg Smiga 4Hou*e itlat.
6 rber anp 2 title* anb receibe a Smiga Jdu*t Cober.
(Prber anp £ title* anb receibe alf&€€ Jvonix Jtabigator 31 &.
6 rber anp § title* anb receibe 101f£g £ $ Uank 2Dt*b*.
Compact Discs are also available from Xenon Technology.
For a full list send an oAL POWER CC PRINTERS We are the ‘New from Power House * Break throughs in design and construction coupled with a brand new 3.5" drive unit from Epson - world leaders in peripheral technology - comes the PC880 manufactured in the UK at a price that smashes those of our competitors. Each drive is fully guaranteed for 12 months and comes complete with instructions, through port and isolating switch.
5. 25” IBM™ FORMAT COMPATIBLE DRIVE (RRP £139) This fully
5. 25" 40 80 track drive can be used to read and write PC formats
as well as normal Amiga formats.
A500 HARD DISKS TRIANGLE TURBO 46MB HARD DISK £499 (RRP £549) A500 MEMORY & VIDEO Based on GVP technology this top of the range autobooting (1.3 KS) hard disk comes with lightning fast 28ms SCSI drive, with built in PSU and fan all in a matching cream case. Easy install software and manual are provided.
512k Expansion with clock £85 (rrp £99) 1,5MB Spirit board populated 512K £249
1. 5MB Spirit board unpopulated £189 Minigen Genlock £99 (rrp
£115) Processor Acelerator £139 Super Pic £429 JUST IN - G2
Video Centre £649 These drives also include an option to
install 2MB of inexpensive 1x1 MB fast ram to increase the
Amiga’s memory.
3 disks full of Amiga goodies in this highly professional disk based magazine Fantasic demos, clipart and PD goodies.
COMMODORE A590 20MB HARD DISK £379 (RRP £399) Matching autobooting (1.3KS) Amiga 20MB 60ms XT drive with the ability to expand the Amiga’s memory internally using 4*256 drams in 512k (4), 1 MB(8) and 2MB steps(16) Optional 4'256 drams for above £18 each Power House are the UK Amiga 2000 specialists with most products available at highly competitive prices and on display in our showroom, including video digitisers, genlocks, accelerators and emulators.
Phone us now for a complete B2000 system quotation. A500 Systems are also available.
GVP Autobooting Hard Card 46MB (28ms) £499 (rrp $ 549) GVP Autobooting Hard Card 102MB (11ms) £949 (rrp £999)
• 2MB Ram Card for above drives add £299 to hard card cost.
• Sky quest 44MB Removable Drive & Controller & 2MB Ram £1249
• GVP 68030 card + Memory £1999
• 25mhz Processor card with 4MB auto configured 0 wait state
32bit ram and software (makes Sculpt 4D & similar go like
• Microway Flicker Fixer £299 (rrp £399)
• Digitisers, Genlocks + Ram Cards available PLOTTER AGENTS Star
LC10 £155 Star LC10 Colour £199 Star LC 24-10 £299 Star XB 24
-10 £499 Star XB-24- 15 £649 Star +Pack extra ribbon + 1000
sheets of microperf paper and Amiga cable £16 Microperf Paper
1000 sheets £12 inc post HP Paintjet Colour £899 HP Desk Jet +
£699 (We stock HP consumables!)
HP Laserjet 2 Compatible £1699 Qume LCS Cyrstal Laser (LCD) £2899 (Postscript compatible ideal for Pro Page) selection of special deals only available frc The King of Amiga disk drives with combined
5. 25" and 3.5" units.
Special circuitry allows IBM™ format disks to be recognised and the
5. 25" drive is 40 80 track switchable. Multiple switching means
that this drive can be set up in any configuration of drive
To subscribe now, phone 0234 273000 for details
I Power House, the direct sales arm of Power | Computing Ltd - Leaders In peripherals & software - Is the natural choice for the
* Amiga enthusiast. Highly competitive | prices, a wide choice,
fast computerised . Service and the backing of a £2M+ 5 year I
old company are just some of the reasons I for tele-shopping at
Power. Urge stocks, J friendly recaption and "if It don’t work
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VIDEON NEW! £249 mam
* 337*
- »it 6b r~ * 1 ~~§j r~i HW ¦ n ss j: IP""".
......U) I pn I mre fm I ¦ 1 i* •ehwwi I' Order ' l£ fET HOTLINE 0800 501 742 Free Call aejiro n Tm rimmn m. models of Amiga computer. Videon digitises directly from any still PAL source in any of the Amiga’s screen modes including high res and HAM. Videon is complete and requires no filter wheels or similar devices.
Extensive image processing facilities and the high quality of digitisation makes Videon the natural choice for professional or amateur.
I Power Computing Ltd, Power House, ¦ 44A Stanley Street, Bedford MK41 7RW . Orders Only 0800 581 742 Free Call I General Enquiries & Orders I 0234 273000 (5 lines) I Technical Support (Mon-Fri 3pm - 5pm only) 0234 267237 im Mi 7 "“-rw m Sculpt 4D £329 Manx Debugger £49 Turbo Silver £99 Power Windows 2.5 £48 Video Magic £79 Video Page £99 UTILITIES XCAD Designer £79 Arexx £39 XCAD Pro £325 BAD BBC Emulator £35 £39 WORD PROCESSING, CLImate £20 £29 DTP & BUSINESS Dos 2 Dos Digicalc £29 Fine Print £39 Excellence £129 Quarterback £34 Home Accounts £20 RubyCom £69 Kind Words £35 Transformer £29
Maxiplan + £99 WB 1.3 £15 Maxiplan 500 £59 Pagestream £120 MUSIC Pro Draw £100 Midi Interface £25 Pro Draw Clip art £39 C64 Music Keyboard Pro Page 1.2 £169 Interface £49 Pro page Templates £39 MM5000 Keyboard £79 Pro text £63 Dr T’s Drums £25 Superbase 2 £62 Dr T’s Midi Studio £49 Superbase Pro £160 KCS level 2 £229 Superplan £62 Music X £189 The Works Platinum £149 Pro Sound Gold £59 Word Perfect £164 Amiga Music System £149 SOFTWARE & BOOKS Power are the specialists in serious software & books for the Amiga enthusiast at prices that are rarely matched by our competitors. Large stocks of the
latest versions and an extensive showroom display avoids disappointment.
RED HOT PRICES ART & GRAPHICS Typically 30-40% off rrp Animagic £69 Amiga Clipart £29 Comic Setter £35 Deluxe Paint 3 £59 Deluxe Photolab £48 Digipaint 3 £49 Digiview Gold £99 Elan Performer £39 Express Paint 3 £69 Fantavision £28 Interchange £49 Interfont £79 Intro Cad £39 Kara Screen Fonts 1 £49 Kara Screen Fonts 2 £49 Movie Setter £48 Photon Paint 2 £69 Pixmate £35 Pro Video Plus PAL £169 Sculpt 3D £69 Sculpt 3D Animate £99 Sculpt 3D XL £99 Sculpt 4D Junior £149 LANGUAGES ETC Sonix £45 Devpac £38 Sonix Sound Trax 1 £25 Hisoft Basic £55 Sonix Sound Trax 2 £25 Lattice C v5 £160 A full range
of Amiga books is also Lattice C++ £250 available from stock - ask our teleManx C Dev £163 sales assistants for details Please send me the Power House Catalogue AMF3
THE ULTIMATE EXTERNAL FLOPPY DRIVES I First Year Limited Warranty I Each drive fully tested prior to despatch Super Slim Line !• Very Low Power No Clicking
• May be Switch Disabled (TwinDrive has two switches) £149.95 »
Quality Fujitsu Mechanism I Powered from Amiga,u or optionally
available Plugpak only £10.00
• Upgrade Policy ¦ Buy a UniDrive and have it Factory Upgraded to
a TwinDrive
• Removable Cable i Robust Beige Metal Casing i Hinged Dust Cover
i Plus £5 Carriage VAT included MICROMEGS ¦“ This internal 512K
Card is a Direct Replacement for the ASOI.By using 1 Meg DRAMs,
Micromegs is only half the size of the A501 and uses a fraction
of the power. Naturally, it includes a Battery backed clock and
Int-Switch, the powerful S W switch that allows you to run Auto
Booting 512K S W. No fumbling under the computer to find a
mechanical switch! Why buy Micromegs? Why buy ...... expansion
card to use the low power 1 Meg DRAMS. Our existing and planned
product range will breathe new life into the Amiga Market. If
you invest in a MASTproduct you will be looking forward to
compatibility, high performance, one year's warranty and a
backup service second to none MICROMEGS with a battery backed
clock and Int-Switch costs just £99.95 inc VAT plus £5.00 for
1st Class Registered Post.
• Auto Configure
• Low Power
• 1 Meg DRAMS
• RAM Tachometer
• Auto Configure LED
• Very small size 3" x 5.25" x .625"
• Zero Wait States
• Compatible with A501 PHOTO OF A500 VERSION 1
Meg .£279.95 Factory Upgrade per
512K £99.95 Populated to 512K ....£179.95 2
Meg £479.95 Plus £5
announce the 'Amiga-a-Tosh" Macintosh compatible 3.5" Floppy
Drive for use with Macintosh Emulators on the Amiga. Run
Macintosh system disks directly with AMAX. "Amiga-a- Tosh” even
features software disk ejection! .
Complete with special cable and 1 Year Warranty tor ONLY £199.95 inc We also have the AMAX Macintosh Emulator available with or without the 128K ROMs. The basic AMAX is £134.95 inc. and the ROM set (2 128K ROMs) are £199.95 per pair inc The complete AMAX Amiga-a-Tosh ROM package is available at the very Special price of £499.95 inc Limited Quantities of all of these items are available ex stock. Please add £5 for each order to cover PSP.
* * NEW ... NEW...BOING MOUSE ... NEW...NEW * * At last an
alternative to the existing Mouse! The Boing 'Optical' Mouse is
the highest quality professional mouse you can use with your
Amiga. There are no moving parts and the 200 dpi sensitivity is
twice that of the standard Amiga mouse. The buttons have
superior tactile and audio feedback. There is a third button
for A2024 software and Xwindows and the pack includes a large
mouse pad with non slip backing. Compatible with ALL Amiga
computers. Special Introductory price ONLY £79.95 inc. Highly
Recommended for all Art Design Packages.
'GENLOCK' SYSTEM FOR A500 1000 2000 The 8802 Professional
Genlock with Aegis Video Titler (RRP £109.95) FREE! The
complete pack for Video Titling. Promotional Videos and much,
much more for just £275.00 inc VAT & PP SPECIAL NOTE: All of
the above are now regular slock items. Since M.A.S.T. (UK)
Ltd., started trading, over 90% of all orders received were
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to telephone for information on availability and to allow up to
21 days for delivery.
Please note that cheques have to be cleared prior to despatch of goods. Access, Visa and overseas orders welcome.. BFPO customers please deduct 12% from all prices MEMORY AND STORAGE TECHNOLOGY, INC.
(02) 281 7411 FAX: (02) 281 7414
M. A.S.T. U.S.A. 3881-E BENATAR WAY, CHICO, CA 95928
(916) 342 6278
THE PUBLIC DOMAIN CLUB FOR AMIGA ENTHUSIASTS Since the early days of the Amiga George Thompson Services have made available to Amiga Owners all over the world the latest P.D disks from the U.S.A and Europe. Couriers deliver material on a weekly basis to our offices where they are first carefully checked for virus, catalogued and then released to the duplicating rooms for labelling and copying onto fop quality Sony DS DD disks.
As a member of this very Special Club you will not only benefit from lower PD software prices but also discounts on M.A.S.T and other hardware peripherals. Send only £15.00 annual subscription now and you'll receive by return:
* Our Double Library Disk Pack detailing the contents of 100's ot
PD disks
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* A new and unique two disk animation from the U.S.A titled
* £5.00 PD Discount Voucher
* Regular PD News Sheets
* The opportunity to purchase M.A.S.T and other hardware at very
special prices.
For example-
* Minimegs 512K (A1000 A500) External Memory Expansion Units at
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* MAC Emulation Pack, including "Amiga-a-Tosh" drive, AMAX and
128K ROM’s, only £449.95 inc Vat. SAVING £50
* Micromegs, the original and reliable internal 512K memory
expansion unit at only £94.95 inc Vat + £5 PSP.
* The DOUBLE - Unidrive + Micromegs for only £169.95 inc Vat + £5
To become a member ot "GTS CLUB' 89" just send a Cheque (with Bank Card details on reverse) P.O or place a credit card order using Access Visa and we will despatch your very Special Pack to you immediately!
We are George Thompson Services, Unit 1, Dippen, Brodick, Arran, Scotland KA27 8RN.
Telephone (077 082) 212 - '89 Club only.
Have you experienced JUMPDISK, The worlds best selling magazine on a disk?
No! Then as a taster we will send this issue to you for the very special price of £6.99 inc. We believe it's one of our best. Programs include DISKOPTI - Access disks faster with this optimizer. EUROPE - Learn about the countries, cities and flags of Europe the easy way. JPCLOCK -The ultimate clock for the Amiga?
COLORPAD - An effective but simple Colouring Book for young children.
ACCORDION - Play the demo of this original Solitaire card game.
FROG PUSH - Arcade favourites. PLUS Music, Puzzles and Articles that include News Features, Tips and Tutorials.
* * DOSLAB * * £14.95* * Learn how to use the CLI and (tmiga DOS
the easy way. No heavy manuals, just let the Amiga do the
teaching with this interactive two disk set.
* * HOME BUSINESS PACK* * £19.99 * * Our best seling 8 disk pack
includes a Word Processor, Spell Checker, Database,
Spreadsheet, Appointment Scheduler, Home and Business Accounts
and more
* * THE MEGA GAMES PACK VOL II* * £19.99 * * Now holding the
number one position in the Public Domain Top Ten.
This 7 disk pack includes Adventure, Arcade, Logic, Card, Puzzle, Board and Role Playing Games, Even a Flight Simulator Please note that these games are all recent releases
* * INTRODUCING PUBLIC DOMAIN PART II * * £19.99 * * This 9 pack
disk serves as the perfect introduction to Amiga PD, We have
carefully selected one ot the most popular disks from the Fish,
Amicus, SACC, FAUG, TBAG, AMUSE and TBYB Libraries and added
the latest version of our two disk PD library pack. There are
many hundreds of quality PD disks in our collection and this
new pack will give you the opportunity to see why everyone is
talking about PD
* * NEW...NEW...£8.99...DESIGN FACTORY...E8.99...NEW...* * This 3
disk set includes the finest PD programs we could find for
design work.
It it's CAD, FRACTALS or MANDELBROT you are interested in this pack is just what you are looking for, Highly Recommended,
* * NEW...NEW...£39.95...EXPRESS COPY...E39.99...NEW...NEW * *
Acclaimed by the critics as possilbly the best Hard Disk Backup
Program available.
Features: Speeds of up to 1 MB per minute. Backup Disks have the same directory structure and file attributes of the original files and can be used normally, up to four disks may be pre-loaded at a time, multitasking...the list goes on WE ARE GEORGE THOMPSON SERVICES. Our Address is: DIPPEN. BRODICK. ARRAN, SCOTLAND.
KA27 8RN. (077082) 234.
Please send a cheque (with your Bank Card No Expiry Date on reverse), A P.O or just telephone your Access or Visa Card details to us before 1pm. And we will despatch your order immediately.
The complete guide to PD starts here!
COMMS UTILITIES 17Bit Disk 444 This month’s Coverdisk has an extra special treat for all you comms kids out there, in the form of the excellent PD communications program, Access! Our Coverdisk comms program was taken from Seventeen Bit’s excellent comms utilities disk (thanks 17Bit!) Which as well as Access.', also includes the even more powerful JRComm and Compunet software.
JRComm is a complete VT100 terminal emulator that provides almost 100% emulation of the IBM ANSI terminal standard.
The program supports just about every communications protocol under the sun including XMODEM, YMO- DEM, ZMODEM, Kermit and ASCII. For those of you with super-dooper high- res monitors, JRComm will allow you to run in high resolution overscan with a 132-column screen.
The other major comms package on the disk is the Compunet software written by those clever chaps at Ariadne Software in London. The software was written specifically for use with the Compunet system and is a very posh multi-colour, multi-window affair. The software is shareware and you are therefore charged ¦ Comms freaks can get a peek at the wonders of IBM ANSI.
PD UPDATE Ever pay through the nose for the latest games and serious software only to find that you’ve wasted your hard-earned cash? You need PD matey! JASON HOLBORN takes another trip in the world of free software.
£20 for it as soon as you decide to join Cnet. Of course,. If you don’t join Cnet, then you don’t have to pay.
ICONS Fish 213 Last month’s Coverdisk icon editor, Icon Meister, certainly turned out to be rather popular with all you Workbench hackers. From the various letters and phone calls we received, the ability to create eight-colour icons seemed to be the most favoured part of the program but there was only one problem: unless you had a program such as Hi-Tension's IconPaint, you couldn’t display your eight-colour icons in all their glory.
¦ now Well, the search' doesn’t that was long and hard look a lot (fnarr fnarr!) But we better than eventua||y came up the usual . ' __ four-colour toPs wlth a PD Pr0' workbenchi gram to do the job very nicely. The program itself is called Bitplanes and is included with many demonstration icons which collectively live on Fish Disk 213 under the name ’Icons’.
The Bitplanes program must be copied onto your boot disk and inserted into your StartUp-Sequence just before the line ‘LoadWB’. All you have to do is to tell it how many bitplanes you wish to allocate to the Workbench screen and it will do the rest (you’ll need three for an eight- colour Workbench).
SOZOBON C Fish 193 C compilers are terrible expensive things. Version 5 of Lattice's offering could set you back as much as £250 for the basic system. With these high prices the hard-up C programmers are in for a hard time. » JR-Comm 8.93 (C) 1988-89 by Jack Radi » Luckily, there are programming language authors out there that are willing to allow their wares to be sold for the price of a disk.
Sozobon C is a complete C development system, with a Unix-like' front end, that is available on several machines including the ST and PC. The Amiga version produces source code that is compatible with the PD assembler, A68K (available on Fish Disk 186).
If you are just starting out in C programming and you haven't yet decided whether or not the C programming language is for you, then a PD C compiler is you’re best bet.
With Sozobon C, if you decide that C isn’t your cup of tea, then you’ve only lost £3: if you buy Lattice C and then tire of it, then you've lost £200 upwards.
MACKIE Fish 161 Hotkey macro programs are to be found in abundance within the public domain, but none are as versatile as Mackie. Mackie is a neat little utility that adds a system hotkey to your Amiga which can be defined to carry out any number of functions when used in conjunction with other keys.
To set Mackie up, you have to create a ‘.mackierc’ file that sits in the ‘S’ directory of your boot disk.
This file contains all the definitions for the various hotkeys that come into action when they are used in conjunction with the ‘Help’ key.
Defining your hotkeys is very simple. For example, if you wanted a new CLI window to appear when you pressed the space bar with the Help key depressed, you would enter: space CLI "" "NewCLI". If a CLI window is already open, this will be ‘popped to front': otherwise Mackie will create a new one. This is particularly useful for those of you who are programmers, who will no doubt have experienced the frustration of losing files in the RAM disk when your program manages to lock up the machine.
CHESS Fish 205 The PD libraries aren't just full of programmers' toolkits, linkable file requesters and text formatters: look hard and you'll find a host of quality games software just screaming out to be played. Even popular commercial releases such as Tetris and Boulderdash (sorry, Rockford) have spawned PD impersonators.
Serious gamesters can get stuck into an absorbing game of that classic board game of ye olde English Chess. What can I say about Chess that you don't already know: suffice to say that the game beat me hands down every time (which really isn’t that hard, I suppose!).
La lei I Copyright (c) 1989 A.H.11. Kaufnann ilEIIChess 2.8 _ IX Nodes Sec : 0 Nodes: 0 My nove is: g8f6 Nodes Sec = 49 Nodes: 2953 My nove is: f6g4 Illegal Mooe - c2bl Nodes Sec : 48 Nodes: 2985 My nove is: b8c6
1. D2d4
3. G2g4 , b Why am I so totally useless at chess?
Useful?’ Well, judging by the amount of letters we've received asking for such a program, we’re sure that you’ll find that SetPrefs is just what you've been looking for.
SetPrefs is a useful little Another use is that if you have a collection of programs which you use quite regularly from Workbench, you could set Mackie up so that with just a single key combination, any program would be instantly loaded and run. Now that's useful!
As well as being a good hotkey macro utility, Mackie also includes a definable screen blank with a difference. Instead of the usual black screen, after a user- definable amount of time Mackie will blank the screen and then start a fun little line-drawing demo similar to the ‘Lines' demo on your Workbench disk.
SETPREFS Workbench utility that allows you to build up a library of Preferences settings which you can switch between instantly without having to reboot your machine. The program affects all Preferences settings, not just the Workbench screen Fish 157 Finding PD programs for inclusion within PD Update is a difficult business. Every time a program crops up, we have to ask ourselves ‘Would our readers really find this colours, so you can instantly change system attributes such as the printer configuration by just double-clicking on an icon.
FIXHUNK Fish 197 There certainly are some sloppily- written programs floating about.
Anyone who owns an Amiga with a memory expansion will know how annoying it is to use a program that hasn't been written to work within an expanded memory environment. The symptoms are easy to spot: a blank or corrupted screen display, white noise where a sound sample should be playing or even just a Guru.
Amiga object files are made up of distinct ‘hunks' which contain specific types of data. Hunk types include DATA, BSS, CODE and DEBUG. When using a program that accesses the custom chips, all DATA hunks to be used by the custom chips must be forced into the first 512K of memory (chip memory) if the program is to function correctly. Many Amiga programmers will be familiar with the popular Atom utility that was included in the Amiga developer packs, but unfortunately this isn't PD and so FixHunk was written. FixHunk modifies an Amiga object file so that all DATA and BSS hunks are
loaded into Chip memory and CODE hunks are loaded into fast memory (if it is available).
PD TEN DEMOS GTS Title 1 Mega Games Pack 2, Disk 6 Air Warrior 2 Star Trek 3 Fish 196 4 TBAG 31 5 TBAG 16 6 3D Extravaganza 7 Fish 175 8 TBAG 28 9 TBYB Dungeon Master Demo 10TBAG 29 We have one of the largest collections of PD software for the Amiga in the UK.
We currently stock: Public Domain Software for the Amiga O FISH 1-220 O AMICUS 1-26 O SLIPPED DISK 1-40 O FAUG HOTMIX 1-75 O PANORAMA 1-71 O AUGE 1-25 O T-BAG 1-31 All the above are £3 each + 1 FREE when you order 10 2 catalogue disks available al £5 which give details of the above collections Our own special selection £4.00 each 3 APDL 6 CLI HELP Contused by CLI? This one’s for you ) APDL 7 LANGUAGES Lisp. Prolog. Logo, Forth D APDL 8 AMIGA DISK DOCTOR Lite saving programs!
) APDL 14 BEST ARCADE GAMES APDL 15 BEST BOARD GAMES Backgammon, Othello, Yahtzee etc. .) APDL 17 BUSINESS COLLECTION Editor, Spreadsheet & Database ) APDL 41 DATABASES Keep track ot ybur data ) APDL 42 ADVENTURES Vol 2 Castle; A graphic adventure & several text adventures APDL 43 COMPILER ASSEMBLER AND LINKER ) APDL 44 WORD PROCESSOR Word Processor & Spellchecker ) APDL 45 PUZZLE & STRATEGY GAMES ) APDL 48 MAGNIFICENT FORCE II 20 Great tunes APDL 52 FRACTAL GENERATORS ) APDL 53 UNKNOWN 5 DEMOS Superb eye popping demos with great music ) APDL 57 JUNGLE COMMAND Musical Invasion 3 )
APDL 58 CHET SOLACE SHAREWARE EXTRAVAGANZA. Some ol the best shareware programmes on easy-to-use menu driven disc.
SPECIAL. Startrek (1 MB) Superb PD game ter Ihose with 1 Mb 3 discs £8.00 Write or phone |0r a FREE list SEVENTEEN BIT from £3 per disk all inclusive
* Over 500 disks!
* Membership not necessary
QUICKSTART III PACK... Three discs packed with utilities, games, music and demos plus issue six of our very popular disc magazine to act as the ideal introduction to the PD scene, plus the bonus of FREE membership to 17Bit and access to our massive library of top notch PD software. Quickstart III is just £5!!
THE AMIGA FORMAT PACK... This special PD pack comprises of five discs, the first is the Utility disc featured in the Quickstart pack, the second is a special art-disc featuring some superb ray-traced images, an excellent music disc, a disc of Star-Trek animations plus our disc-magazine and membership for just £10!!
DISC-MAGAZINES... 17Bit produce what is regarded as the best value-for-money disc-magazines available, and at just £1.50 per issue you can see why! Subscribe to 8 issues now and get free membership for just £10, truly remarkable value for money! Watch out for NEWSFLASH! The new European disc-magazine coming very shortly to the UK via 17Bit of course!
NOTES: All I’D packs are guaranteed free of any viruses (killer included with the packs) and will work on 1.2 1.3 Amigas in 5I2K.
A full catalogue of ALL the 17bit PD discs is available on request for ]usl £2 (On disc). The range ol PD discs is open io members only.
You can order by post with a cheque poslal order credit card or over the phone with Access Visa (24 hours - Answerphone after 5.3U). THE AMIGA PD LIBRARY Dept. AF3,140 Rushdale Road, Sheffield, S8 9QE PD Hotline 0742-588429 (9 am-9 pm) AMIGA PUBLIC DOMAIN FROM BLITSOFT With the growing popularity of the AMIGA, the public domain scene has expanded rapidly, along with the amount of supliers. We at BLITSOFT otter a unique choice tailored to suit your needs.
OPTION 1 - For the PD collector.
A Quarterly fee of £5.00 provides :
(i) ALL disks at £1.25 each - Disk & P+P inclusive It
(ii) Our two self-booting catalogue disks - Updated FREE.
(iii) Use of our DISK SWAP scheme and help with PD problems
OPTION 2 - For the occasional PD buyer.
A small once-only £5.00 membership fee provides:
(i) Our two self-booting catalogue disks - Updated FREE.
(ii) A FREE DISK of your choice.
(iii) One FREE DISK with every three full priced disks.
(iv) Use of our DISK SWAP scheme and help with PD problems.
ALL disks are C 2.60 lor OPTION 2 members but remember buy 3, get 1 FREE !!
We specialise In our own BLITDISK collection and also stock FISH, V__& are the official distributors ol TAIFUN Range All orders sent first class the day after receipt of order. Option 1 customers send initial payment and we will contact you to make the required arrangements.
_ Send Cheque or postal order and details of your preferred option to : BLITSOFT 6 DORNEY PLACE, BRADWELL COMMON, MILTON KEYNES, BUCKS, ENGLAND, MK13 8EL.
Matrix Software Hire The cheapest way to play them all.
Top games titles for Amiga, Commodore, Spectrum and Amstrad.
Please state system
S. A.E. Details from: Matrix Leisure Club, Dept AM, 271 Stansted
Road, Bishops Stortford Herts CM23 2BT Seventeen Bit Software
PO BOX 97 1st Floor 2-8 Market Street, Wakefield WF1 1XX
Telephone 0924 366982 (24 Hours) r_ The demos scene has been
rather uneventful this month, probably as a result of the
summer sun causing programmers to desert their machines in
search of the ultimate tan. However, we still managed to pick
a couple of beauties among the endless list of scrolly, sound-
tracked demos.
MAHONEY & KAKTUS MUSIC DISK 2 Disk 426 Music disks containing compilations of music are very popular with demo collectors: one look at our exclusive Demos Chart will confirm that! The Mahoney and Kaktus music disk is a sizeable collection of music composed by those affluent continental composers of the same name.
Both Mahoney and Kaktus are fans of such greats as Jean Michel Jarre, Depeche Mode (brilliant!)
And Jan Hammer which is more than evident in many of their compositions. Once you’ve grown bored of listening to the music, you can sit back and admire the impressive visuals that accompany every song: every trick in the programmer’s book is employed to provide some astounding effects.
INTROS Disk 422 Like them or hate them, those scrolly demos that exist in such abundance on the Amiga are still very much alive and kicking. If you’ve never seen an intro program, they usually consist of some scrolly text with flashy graphics wizzing about the screen to the beat of another ‘sound- tracked’ music score.
It’s easy to be impressed by the first couple of intro programs, but once you start getting into double figures, the same old scrolling effects can soon grow tiresome. It is therefore always nice to find a disk of intros that offers something new, be it a- nice new effect that has never been used before or a completely original music score that doesn't use a single Sound Tracker preset. Intros, Disk 422, features several such demos that, in one way or another, offers demo watchers something new. The best of all the intros on the disk is a demo by Depeche which has a very novel scrolling text
mechanism, adding a new meaning to the expression ‘rolling credits’. Check it out and you’ll see what I mean!
HAM PICS Fish 196 DEMOS CORNER What’s this? A demo that doesn’t originate from 17Bit Software?
Yes, it's true, the Fish disks aren’t just good for serious programs: they also contain some very good demos.
We’ve all seen those infamous HAM (hold and modify) picture disks, but these HAM pictures are beyond belief. If you've ever wanted to find the definitive collection of digitised pictures to impress your Grannie Gertie when she pops round, then look no further than Fish Disk 196: they really are of photographic quality.
The original pictures were scanned at a resolution of 4096 by 2800, 36 bits per pixel on an incredibly expensive Eikonix 1435 slide scanner and then cropped, gamma corrected (?), scaled and then converted to IFF compatible files. Digi-View eat your heart out!
INTROS TOP TEN 17Bit Disk Nos throughout 1 Supreme Sounds 1 2 Mahoney and Kaktus Music Disk 2 3 Quadlite 64 Demo 4 Intros 19 5 Titan Trax 6 Intros 20 7 Intros 18 8 Sonix 18 9 Supreme Sounds 2 1017Bit Art Vol. 1 SUPPLIERS The following companies are responsible for the tion of Amiga Public Domain software in this cou their full addresses, check the advertisements in t of Amiga Format, or give them a ring.
George Thomson 077082 23417, Bit Software 0924 366982, Softville PD 0705 266509, Amiga PD Library 0742 588429, Purple PD 0279 757692, Ray Burt Frost 0703 785680, BlitSoft PD 0908 663528, Deeper Domain 01 204 3954.
• 1 Mega Packs 1 to 10 consist of 3 disks for C7.50! Fully
Inclusive * *
• Mega Pack 1: Home Business Pack 1. RIM the relational database
Uedit je brilliant word processor, spell checkers. VisiCalc and
VC spreadsheets
• Mega Pack 2 Communications Pack 1. Aterm VI 3. Star Term V2.0
Argo Term. Kermit Term loaded with features: Xmodem. Wxmodem.
Autodial 300 9600 Baud rate macros and many more1 Also a list
of BBSs around the world.
Mega Pack 3: Graphics Pack 1. CAD Design. Ray Tracer generator, fully featured drawing programs. Amiga MCAD. Loads ol picture format converters anfl other utilities.
• Mega Pack 4 Animation Pack 1. Stunning graphic animation demos
including Archimedes Cradle. F-15. Rocker. Clown. Lockon.
Sunglasses. T8AG 3D. Elgato the walking cat. Red Baron and others.
• Mega Pack 5 Picture Pack 1. Packed full of the best Amiga
• Mega Pack 6: Demo Pack 1. Thames TV demo. The Juggler, loads of
oo-ncmg Bomg demos, Jungle Command
• Mega Pack 7: Amiga Basic Pack 1. Games, utilites, demos, loads
of excellent programs.
• Mega Pack 8: Game Pack 1 Empire, Gravity Wars. Othello, Pacman.
Ciue. Cribbage, Back Gammon. Yahtzee, Missile Command, 3D Break oul and many more.
• Mega Pack 9: Picture Pack 2. Packed full of the best Amiga
including some NASA digitised pictures
• Mega Pack 10 Demo Pack 2. Excellent graphics 8 sounds New Order
Blue Monday digitised sound demo. Ian n Mick and the DOC demo
Mega Packs 11 to 20 consist ot 5 disks for C12.50 fully
• Mega Pack 11 Sonix Music Pack. Includes the PD player for Aegis
Sonix music program and 4 disks full of music scores
• Mega Pack 12: Miami Vice sampled sound demo of the Miami Vice
theme Excellent graph.cs and sound
• Mega Pack 13 Demo Pack 3. Einstein. Bruce 8 Bongos, Anti Trax
Oai Tech and Share 8 Enioy demo disks
• Mega Pack 14 Demo Pack 4. Sanx. Sanxim. Mark II. Action' and
TECHtech demo disks.
• Mega Pack 15 Demo Pack 5. Needs two disk drives. New Tek.
Pophits - sampled sounds ot Pet Shop Boys. Madonna and other
pop groups disk of sampled sounds including Star Wars. Mr Spock
etc. and Beatles music over reat graphics Killer Demo.
Mega Pack 16: Abasic Pack, Games. Utilities, demos etc includes Abas.c. Note ABAsic is not Amiga Basic
• Mega Pack 17 Utility Pack 1. Printer Driver Generator. Fonts
and Font ftltor Ifloppy disk utilities, disk copiers, clocks,
calendar, directory lister.
Virus Checker and other utility programs
• Mega Pack 18 PD Experience' a mixed bag of public domain
J'aphics.demos etc. all disks from the Tampa Say Amiga Group all auto oadirg any very easy to use' Simply place disk in your Amiga and turn on' Excellent
• Mega Pack 19: Utility Pack 2. Icon utilities, Mouse pointers,
printer drivers and fonts Screen Image to PrmtER, PopCLi and
loads of brilliant utilities
• Mega Pack 20: Picture Pack 3. Needs two disk drives. 5 disks of
brilliant MAM and low resolution pictures All auto loading
• FFISH 153 Dme V1 30 of the WYSIWYG text editor designed for
programmers. HP11 is a very good emuiatation of the HP! 1
calculator HPMan Vi 0 is used to manipulate the fonts 8
settings of your HPLaseriet printer or compatible
• PAN 19D ZOO Vi 42a a very good file compressor, Con Man V0.99b
provides line editing and command line histories. Distinguish
type of files with File Type. Pipe Handler, Pop CLI V3.0.
• PAN 17B AmiGazer 1573 stars to view any time, date or lattitude
CLI only Date Book the diary, bind any text string to a
function key. Use CLI from a menu, a disk cataloguer Lightning
Logger V1.2.
• SOFT 015 Clip Art 1 Diskfull of low and high resolution dip art
• APDC 18 - Floppy Disk Utils. Quick Copy V1 0. Disk Mapper Disk
Salvage Virus check. System Utils: Blitz VI .0 text editor.
TimeSet. Acalc calculator Amiga Monitor V1.1 MeM Grab fast
memory grabber DirectoryMaster V1.1
• APDC 15 - Icon utilities: full of icon files and creators. Some
animated' Brilliant disk for icon manipulation.
• AMICUS 24 Sectorama disk sector utility. Iconize VI .0 reduce a
full screen pic to an icon. Bmon system browser. Virus Check v2
21 checks disk memory. Bomg Machine.
• FFISH 146 - Blanker2 is a screen blanking program that turns
the screen black after 90 seconds of inactivity. DmeMacros is a
a set of macros that utilises templates to turn DME the text
editor, into a language sensitive editor for C. Pascal.
Modula-2 & Fortran. MemoPad VI .1 is an intuition based memo
reminder program
• FFISH 145 Dmouse VI 06 is a versatile program that includes
screen mouse blanker, auto window activator, mouse accelerator,
pooch dod window to front, push to back etc
• FFISH 131 DFC is a disk copier that multi-tasks, Hyperbase Vi
.6 is a database management system, Mackie is a PopCLI
replacement Micro Emacs Vmglb the text editor FFISH 130
DirMaster V1.1 is a disk cataloguer. Hp VI .0 a nice RPN
calculator which supports calculations with binary,
decima!.'hex float & complex numbers. Mach Vi 6a the mouse
accelerator DEMO DIS KS
• FFISH 129 DosKwik a pair of progs which allow you to save files
or groups of files to one or more disks for quick loading
MRBackup V2 0 and V2 1 a hard disk back up utility. PaintJet a
Hewlett Packard PaintJet printer driver. Patch Vi .3 and V2 0
applies context diffs to text files to auto update them
• FFISH 117 AMUC a really good horizontal scrolling demo that is
a 2400x200 pixel 32 colour IFF picture composed of digiview
snapshots ol members ot the Amiga Users Of Calgary which are
superimposed on the Calgary skyline
• FFISH 116 Kahnankas is an Archimedes cradle. Rocker the rocking
chair and F 15 a wire frame bomber ? 61A and 618 New Tek demo a
2 d,sk se*,hat squires ’Mb RAM
• SOFT 127 Disk full of Patrick Nagel pictures Very Good
• SOFT 100 Anti Trax 2010 demo disk. Brilliant graphics and
• FFISH 87 AdvSys VI 2 an adventure writing system. AutolconOpen
V1 2 fools WB lo open disk icons. Claz V2.0 converts IFF files
to Postscript including HAM pictures. Commodities V0.4 exchange
is an Amiga exec library which can be opened 8 used by
application programs to gam access to input in a very flexible
way Dropshadow V2.0 puts shadows on WB windows MovePomter moves
pointer to given location. MoveWindow moves wmdow to given
• FFISH 69 - Spool V1 2 : a queue manage, printer driver and
SPOOL requester and Wc a file word counter Asm68K Vi .0 3 fully
featured macro Assembler. Blitlab a blitter exploring program
in C Conman V0 9 a son of CLI shell. Dk decays the screen bit
by bit. Frags displays memory fragmentation by listing the size
of free memory blocks. Icontype changes the icon type MonP-oc
monitors processes for packet activity. MouseClock turns mouse
pointer into a digital clock. Spew generates News of The World
type headlines, Sb a sytem browser GAME DISKS
• FFISH 118 Empire is a multi player game ot exploration,
economics, war etc. which can last a couple of months or more'
Can be played locally or via a modem
• FFISH 63 LARN the adventure V12.0B by the Sottware distillery.
A lanlasy adevnture
• FFISH 62 HACK the adventure V1 0.3D by the Software distillery
It is a great game for adventure fantasy freaks with multi
level game full of maqic monsters etc
• PAN 29B Amoeba space invaders. CosmoRoids. Stone Age a Boulder
Dash type. BackGammon. Cham Reaction. Master Mind. Reversi.
Black Jack Crazy Eights. Klondike. Jig Saw. Keno. YachtC.
Daleks and Ratmaze
• SOFT 042 Chinese Checkers excellent version
• SOFT 117 Empire. Gravity Wars. Hanoi Hockey. Bikoft. Jackland,
Othello Master. Pacman. All brilliant PD games
• SOFT 069 Backgammon, Yahzee, TV.sion, Missle Command. Cosmo 2
and 3D Breakout
• SD 21 Monopoly
• FFISH 65 Sunmouse Vi .0 automatically clicks in windows when
the mouse is moved over them. RunBack starts proqrams from CLI
allowmo CLI wmdow to dose
• Ffli?£ 55 ASDG-rrd a RAM disk that survives reset. BigView
displays any size IFF picture. Egraph creates graphs from X.Y
pair text files Hyperbase v ¦ .5 a neat database management
system. MemClear Zero fills free memory. NewZap V3.0 disk
sector editor. Rainbow makes Workbench background a rainbow. 2
Smusplayers to play SMUS IFF music files, View a tmy IFF
picture viewer. WB to JX-80 screen dump
• FAUG 67 Disk X V2.0 the sector editor. Hand Shake V1 06b a
VT100 terminal emulator. Pack It a whole disk compressor
• FAUG 42 DBW Render a very good Ray Tracing utility
• SOFT 123 Amiga MCAD V1.2.2 excellent Computer Aided Design
• SOFT 022 Disk Full of graphic utilities: Clip It! Clip any part
ot the screen and save to disk. Filter Pics manipulate pictures
with enhancers, edge definition, colour and size shifters, plus
loads ot excellent packages
• SOFT 013 Mandelbrot Explorer Excellent lull features mandelbrot
• APDC 13 Vdraw V1 19 brilliant painting program. Ray Tracer
Generator, MCAD VI.2 an object orientated drawing package, IFF
to pieces jiqsaw program, ROT 3D drawing program LANGUAGE DISKS
• FFISH 140 Stoney Brook PROLOG v2 3.2. Th.s disk contains the
executables 8 libraries. In addition to providing a compiler SB
Profog also offers advanced features such as dynamic loading,
mixing of compiled and interpreted code, macros, extension
tables 8 a debugging facility This is a 2 disk set that
requires Ffish 141
• FFISH 141 Disk 2 ol Ihe SB-Prolog ol Ffish 140 This disk
contains the C and Prolog source codes
• FFISH 110 A68K a 68000 assembler converted to accept metacomco
source code. PD C an optimising C compiler for the 68000
• FFISH 91 The Adventure Definition Language (ADL)
• FFISH 76 This is the first disk of Chris Grey s Draco
distribution for the Amiga Draco is a compiled structured
language reminiscent ot both C 8 Pascal A full interface to
AmigaDOS 8 Intuition is supplied Be sure to aet both Ffish 76
AND Ffish 77
• FFISH 77 Disk 2 of Chris Gray s Draco distribution for the
Be sure to get both Ffish 76 AND Ffish 77
• APDC 25 Logo. Xlisp. Modular 2. MVP Forth MUSIC DISKS WORD
• FFISH 135 TeXF a selection of 78 fonts + conversion program to
use them on Amigas Range from 15-150 pixels high
• FFISH 93 Dme V1.27 of the WYSIWYG text editor for programmers
MicroEmacs V3 8i the text editor FAUG50 'Dir Util version VI
the disk manager on disk FAUG50'
• FAUG 50 Dir Util V VI Ihe disk manager. Roll Back VI .0 rolls
back text that has rolled olt Ihe lop ol Ihe screen. Short Cut
allows you lo del™ texl lo a single key stroke, thus CLI
commands are simpler to type 1 t7 FunKey ass'9n any texl string
to a function key
• FAUG 37 Star Chart Vi 0 600 stars, galaxies etc. AM Cat the
disk cataloguer Macpamt picture viewer V1.2
• PAN 25A Disk Wipe very quick disk contents wiper. SELECT allows
you to select in your Startup-Sequence from a number of
scripts, Virus Check V1 1
• SOFT 043 Amiga Spell Aspelhng Checker compatible with nearly
all word processors Supports multiple dictionaries
• SOFT 057 WordWright the word processor. Type WordWright' on CLI
If you do not have an external drive type DF0 WordWright’
• APDC 17 2 Micro Emac editors: MicroGnuEmacs Vlb and MicroEmacs
• FFISH 22 - 2 MicroEmacs the text editor LEMACS V3.6 by Daniel
Lawrence and Pemacs by Andy Poggio.
Most ot the disks in this advert actually contain more files than is listed, the ad also only shows a small portion of our catalogue, so for details of the service and a free c°Py ,hf cataloguesenda Stamped S.A.E. (If you are ordering you will get the latest catalogue). ALL individual disks, whether single OR double sided, are £3.00 for 1 to 5 £2.75 for 6 to 10 and only £2.50 tor 11 or more!
"¦ Pdom Accessory Shop •2 PUD||C Dominator T-Shirts and mouse mats are available separately at £6.00 each. Excellent quality blank disks: SONY 10 2DD branded double sided includinq labels £15,10 bulk double sided including labels £10 Blank disk labels: 100 @ £4.00.Disk boxes: 50 capacity £8.00,100 capacity £10.00 both lockable. 10 capacity £2.00. Your Second Manual £3.95. Virus Destruction Utility £10 00 Disk cleaning kils £4.00 All prices are lully inclusive.
To order please send a cheque, postal order payable to Purple PD or credit card details lo: PURPLE PD, 1 BARTHOLOMEW ROAD, BISHOP’S STORTFORD, I 1 HERTFORDSHIRE, CM23 3TP.-- ¦Mi TELEPHONE 0279 757692. M mmn .IV. "SSsSiSsA a"d r°l has Col the Sc0.e. POWBRPLAY pack 1 POWBRPLAY PACK ALL OUR AMIGA A500 PACKS CONTAIN MACHINES WITH THE FOLLOWING STANDARD FEATURES » Kickstart 1.3 512K Ram 1 Meg Disk Drive 4096 Colours
• Multi Tasking Mouse Two Operation Manuals Workbench 1.3 System
Disk All appropriate Connecting Cables I ONLY. I £3998
- tiSfcSSgSFrgg!
0 If you thought Powerplay Pad was good value just look a our Powerplay Pack 2!
&nW PACK 2 contains the super "Powerplay Pack 1 ” plus a Philips CM 8833 Stereo High Resolution Colour Monitor (HIGHER SPEC, than 1084S) See those games - Hear those games ... WITH ADDED REALITY!
(N.B Powerplay Pack 2 doesn't Include a TV Modulate Digitise static colour images in IFF hrnnat at all resolutions Irom 2 to 4096 colours up to 640 x 400 pads | reqwres B 6 W, or colour with B & W mode video camera, to digitise in colour) only £139.95 PANASONIC VIDEO CAMERA High quality, high resolution mono video camera Ideal for digitising, supplied with tens, mains powered only £249.95 CALL FOR DETAILS AND PRICES OF ILLUMINATED COPY STANO FOR VIDEO CAMERA DIGITISING OF STILLS E.G. PHOTOGRAPHS.
GRAPHICS ETC. Brand new product reatlime instart colour frame grabber from moving video Capture superb digitised video mages m a range of resolutions from standard composite video source such as your domestic home video recorder or video camera in a 50th of a second. Includes Genlock to overlay Amiga graphics onto mo vug video.
Supports all Amiga resolutions including Interlace and Overscan.
Only £549.00 MINIGEN Add computer graphics to your own video easily Connect to yon Amiga's RGB port end domestic video equipment to mis graphics and moving pictures MOVIE MAGIC AT ONLY.. £113.85 Take our NEW Powerplay Pack 2 and add a Commodore MPS 1230 printer for that COMPLETE AMIGA HOME ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM’ 0nlV' on'V " _ £729 To substitute the MPS 1230 for another printer in our range, simply deduct £139.95 and add the pnce of the alternative chosen.
POWERPLAY pack 4 Take our NEW Powerplay Pack 3 replace the games software with an extensive business package . . .
THE WORKS - Integrated w.p., mail merge, spreadsheet, pro database, multicolour graphics etc., etc. To substitute the MPS 1230 for another printer in our range, simpty deduct £139.95 and add the price of the alternative chosen ACCESSORIES TAILORED AMIGA r A Qc GRAPHICS HARDWARE DIGIVIEW GOLD SUPER PIC DUST COVERS 0NLY (Also available for most monitors printers etc.. JOYSTICKS . . .
NEW LOW PH £15.9 ZIPSTICK SUPERPRO Professional quality with that “Perfect Feef'.
Autofire. 12 month warranty.
£12.91 £139.9?
A501 RAMPACK Genuine CBM 512k EXTRA RAM with real time dock, does NOT irvakdate Amiga warranty* CBM 3.5" DS DD BLANK DISKS Ca.ll for quaat discount* Box of Ian blank disks BULK PACKED DISKS Ten 3.5" DS DD Disks OR with library case Call for quantity discounts! £10.9 HARWOOD'S - THE NAME YOU CAN TRUST ORDER BY PHONE-Simply call our 24hr Hotline using your Access Visa or Lombard Charge Card.
ORDER BY POST-Makecheques, bankers-building society drafts or poslal orders payable to GORDON HARWOOD COMPUTERS (N.B. Personal or business cheques require 7 days clearance from date of receipt before despatch) ORDERING MADE EASY PAY AT YOUR BANK-lt you wish to pay by Credit Giro Transfer at your own bank, phone for details FREE POSTAL DELIVERY goods in UK Mainland (5-7 day delivery) OR COURIER SERVICE - Add £5 per major item next working day delivery UK Mainland (Orders normally despatched on day of receipt of payment or cheque clearance COMPARE OUR SERVICE After you've purchased from Harwoods
we ll still be here to completely satisfy you should any problems arise.
J 12 MONTH WARRANTY - II goods prove to be R faulty within 30 days of purchase they will be replaced with A NEW UNIT. For the remainder of the Guarantee Penod, all warranty repairs will be made FREE OF CHARGE!
Srf COLLECTION FACILITV-Any faulty computer or R monitor will tie collected from your home FREE OF
- M CHARGE within this Guarantee Period11!
U? FULL TESTING PROCEDURE-AII computers are thoroughly tested prior to despatch.
CREDIT TERMS Gordon Harwood Computers are licensed broke' and facilities to pay using our Budget Accou-' Scheme are offered on most items. APR 35.2% 1 12-36 month credit sale terms are available to mcf' adults, simply phone or write and we will send whttt details along with an application form. (Application are required in advance.)
Credit terms with or without a deposit c be tailored to suit your needs.
OOD’ PRINTERS All printers in our range are dot matrix and include the following features . . .
Standard centronics parallel port for direct connection to Amiga. PC s. ST. Archimedes etc. Tractor and friction paper feeds and FREE connector cables CITIZEN 1200 Full 2 year warranty Very reliable low cost printer, interchangeable interfaces available for RS232 or Serial type for CBM 64 etc £149.95 COMMODORE MPS 1230 Manufactured by Olivetti, built in dual Centronics and 64 type serial interfaces. Connects to C64 128 16 +4 and Amiga etc £139.95 STAR LC10 MONO Multiple font options from front panet excellent paper handling.
C64 128 version available £179.95 ClflOrTi STAR LC10 COLOUR Colour version of the popular LC10. Allowing the effect of full colour on screen dumps (requires colour printer driving software). C64 128 version available. £209.95 £239-55 STAR LC 24 10 24 Pin version of the popular LC series with exceptional letter print quality. NEW LOW PRICE! £249.95 All our Star printers are lull UK spec which are specifically manufactured by Star Japan lor sale in the UK only. Please be aware lhal European spec Slur printers are being unofficially imported agamsf the wishes of Star Miciomcs UK These pnnteis do
not cany a Star UK warranty, and will nol lie serviced by them should the need arise. These may be unreliable due to mams supply incompatibility UK spec printers may be recognised by (belt three pm UK type mams plug which is moulded to the mams cable MONITORS PHILIPS CM 8833 STEREO" (Higher spec than 1084S) Full 14" High Resolution Stereo Colour Monitor
• Twin Speakers
• High Contrast Tube
• Scart Euro-Connector fitted as standard
• Green screen switch for enhanced text mode
• RGB AI, TTL, composite video and stereo audio inputs
• Can also be used as TV with tuner or VCR
• Supplied with tilting stand
• Compatible with most micros
• With FREE lead for computer of your choice
• Only from Harwoods. 1 year replacement warranty 4- J Wfl
for major faults 4 fc COMMODORE 1084 Full 14" High Resolution
Colour Monitor
• RGB AI, TTL, composite video and audio inputs
• Scart Euro-connector fitted as standard
• Supplied with cables for A500. CGA PC, C16-64-128
• Can also be used as TV with tuner or VCR 30 MEGABYTE A500 HARO
DISK Seal power for your Amiga A500, connects directly through
niecar expansion bus. Ultra-reliable, built-in power supply
ayted to match your Amiga A500.
MEGA STORAGE AT ONLY Also available 50 mb version £475 ndudes I yr. Replacement warranty FREE, optional 2 yr available lOMMODORE A590 20Mb HARO 1ISK FOR AMIGA A500's I Autoboot on Amiga
(1. 3 Kickstart only) (Sockets for 2Mb RAM expansion (DMA 'ORTEX
40 MEGABYTE HARD DISK ew concept in disk storage NEW lqw
pricei I Amiga A500 1000 jt v-. « (others available) T
lOn'Off isolator switch £74.95 UMANA DISK DRIVES CAX 354 CAX
3. 5" 2nd Drive 5.25" 2nd Drive £94.95 £129.95 0 FREE BLANK DISKS
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£379 £209 SOFTWARE AEGIS VIDEO TITLER £99.95 Use with Genlocks e.g Minigem etc THE WORKS £79.35 Integrated w.p.. mailmerge, spreadsheet pro database, multicolour graphics etc. WORKBENCH 1.3 £14.95 Latest version ot Amiga O S. AWARD MAKER PLUS £39.95 Creates certificates and awards in a variety of styles, then prints out in black or colour, landscape or portrait PROFESSIONAL PAGE VI .2 £229.95 The ultimate in fun colour Amiga OTP packages PUBLISHERS CHOICE £89.95 The package contains 'Krdwoids V2’, Pageselter
VI. Z, Artists Choice' and 'The Headliner’ X-CAD DESIGNER £99.95
Perfect start in computer-aided design WE STOCK A VAST RANGE
P24HR ORDER LINE-0773 836781 @ GORDOD HARUJOOD HARUJOOD HARWOj 600- GORDON HARWOOD COMPUTERS DEPT A M F • 69-71 HIGH STREET ALFRETON DERBYS ¦ DE5 7DP Tel: 0773 836781 Fax: 0773 831040 VISIT OUR SHOWROOM ’lease call to see us where our full range of idvertised products AND MORE is on sale. We vill be only too pleased to demonstrate any item if hardware or software and a host of peripherals ind accessories.
REMEMBER WE ARE NOT JUST ANOTHER MAIL ORDER COMPANY III prices are what YOU PAY, and there are JO HIDDEN EXTRAS VAT & Postage are included ind are correct at time ot going to press.
: & O.E. Offers subject lo availability and are currently dvertised prices.
0530 411485 0530 411485 Original ASHCOM RAM Expansion ONLY £89.95 (Limited Stock) ONLY £99.95 NOW AVAILABLE AT YOUR LOCAL COMPUTER STORE 512K RAM Expansion with Clock for Amiga 500 Features: ? RealTime Clock with High Capacity NICAD Battery Backup ? Memory Disable Switch ? Low Power Consumption.
? Latest Technology 1MBit RAMS ? Low Chip Count for High Reliability ? Direct Replacement for A501 Expansion All prices include VAT and Delivery. British made.
Trade Enquiries Welcome Only from ASHCOMf 10 The Green, Ashby-De-La-Zouch, Leicestershire, LE6 5JU Telephone: (0530) 411485 MAKE YOUR EARN BK* Yes making money with your Amiga becomes incidental when you know how. Your micro is, it only you knew it, a gold mine. The size and make is irrelevant. Make the initial effort NOW by starting your own PUBLIC DOMAIN who do you get yours from?
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¦&FREE 30 page catalogue, S.A£ (22p stamp) and state AMIGA clearly and we’ll send one by return.
M&MM 31, PILTON PLACE (AF3) KING AND QUEEN STREET, WALWORTH, LONDON SE17 1 DR £8.00 per 10 DS DD disks When you arc* buying disks you obviously want the best, disks that will last a lifetime and disks that you can use time after time, trouble free.
Our disks specified here are unbranded and manufactured by Verbatim to the highest degree, they are completely 100% error free, with a full lifetime guarantee which means full replacement or moneyback.
We won't settle for anything less than high quality for our systems and neither should you. And as we now' supply thousands nationally within both the professional music and computer industries, it seems they won't settle for anything less either.
All disks are despatched sameday and include VAT. P&P and also come with user labels, If you are serious about your computer then you should lx* serious about your disks text. Quantity discounts are available also: £15.80 - 20, £23.80 - 30, £29.80 - 40, £36.80 - 50, £70.00 - 100 You should consider us first before trying anyone else as we know you won't regret it. All trade, government and educational establishments welcome for the best prices. Phone now or send your order with cheque PO for immediate despatch to: joy of life arts, 45 elswick, skelmersdale, lancashire ivnH 6b.x, telephone:
0695 24732 uga collection ' This outstanding collection of disks is I i being I distributed EXC3.USIVEIY in the UX by us. F They sll Auto-boot and ire menu driren.
USON1 to USON8 - Pull of Sonia tunes UMUS1 loUMUSlO - Rill of great nauic | Ulhm to UINTU - Pull cf the best graphic. | UANIMI toUANIM4 - RiU of animations UTILITIES - Sewn disks full of sll l gras utilities you can’t find anywhere thd those I PRICES I - 5 disks - £3:00 each 6-10 disks- £2:75 each II or more - £2:50 each BUY TEN and choose another FREE All prices are inclusive of Post Pwcking VAT Disk Labels Cheques PO’s payable to Stftvilk 24 Hour orderline on 0705-266509 Z E3 eaaaaas FRED FIStI COLLECTION We’re got ’em all - up to FF220 EA11G COU-ECnON Nol to 75 in stock hkhCRAMA ca.ixcnoN
htol to 71 in stock (Phis af course our own famous SOF disks, J collected from around the world for you. So» ’ that other libraries roll them ¦s-iS’1 a good Currently up to SOP253 STARTER PACK - £19:50 Choose ANY FIVE PD disks, FIVE unbranded blank disks, and a Library case to hold them AMIGA INTRO DISK - £1:50 Full of sample programs VIRUS KILLER DISK - £1:50 Detects Kills all virus’s SOFTViLLE 55 Highfield Avenue, Watedooville, Hants. P07 7PY SPECIAL Ayyyeee!! Toranaga sama! Yes, time to put on your favourite silk kimono, warm up the saki, and boot up Infocom’s Shogun.
First the novel, then the TV ‘mini series’, now the computer game. Hardened hack’n'slashers may be disappointed to learn that the game isn't a run-o’-the mill karate game and doesn’t even offer the chance to slaughter hundreds of Ninja (well, maybe one or two). It is the adventure game of the best-selling novel and it sticks pretty much to the original format.
Else as you would do in a conventional adventure.
The game, though, has plenty of atmosphere and feel to it, and the textual descriptions are up to GRAPHICS 7 SOUND 4 INTELLECT 7 ADDICTION 7 OVERALL 76% In the year 1600, European rivalry is ferocious and based upon religious differences. The Catholic nations of Portugal and Spain have spread their spheres of political and religious influence to the Far East. Their bitter rivals, the ‘heretic’ English and Dutch traders, are trying to get in on the act. The arrival of the Dutch ship 'Erasmus' piloted by Englishman John Blackthorne brings an interesting situation to the tense balance in Japan
where the ruling samurai ¦ V ¦ Mugshot of Rodrigues, the Portuguese pilot. And rather an ugly mug he is too.
Lords are vying for individual power. Quite intriguing.
The basic aim of the game is simply to survive this strange culture, earn respect and become a high-ranking Samurai. Etiquette is king: forget to bow and it's as good as 'bye-bye head!' Shogun hardly classes as a real adventure game in the traditional sense, but more like living parts of the life of John Blackthorne via the individual scenarios which make up the game. Producing Shogun as many mini scenarios does cut down the enjoyment somewhat because you're stifled in choice of action and movement. For a few scenarios, movement is limited to one and only one area in which you have to make
the right decisions to get the full points. Very restrictive.
ZORK Infocom Activision take a step back in time to the days before the Zork series.
As for graphics, the pictures are adequate, not great. Some do seem to convey the image of Japan as they are intended to do ‘in the exquisite style of Japanese court painters...’ There does seem, however, a great difference in quality of the graphics: some would hardly be adequate on a C64. The graphics are few and far between, though, which does offer a more digestable break-up of the text so that it doesn’t really distract.
The amount of puzzles is negligible, yet the toughness of the game is high due to the day-to lay problems you face in this different culture. The game even seems to get easier as you progress further, which again is unusual. The main problem created by the mini scenarios is that they are linear: you must get past one to move on to the next, and can’t try something There are Zorks and there are Zorks, but now there is the latest Zork which is the first Zork: Zork Zero. Confused? Well, I certainly was. After the famous Zork trilogy came the innovative Beyond Zork, and now the game which acts
as a prequel to the originals has arrived. Bigger it certainly is: but is it any better for that?
Zork Zero begins with a prologue set over 90 years before the start of the game proper. Megaboz the Wizard kills the royal family and sets a curse on the Great Underground Empire. One of your ancestors witnesses this and it's thanks to him that you have the vital piece of information which gives you an advantage above all the other glory (and treasure) seekers. So off you tramp, collecting the usual high Infocom standard.
Anyone who has seen the TV programme or read the book will enjoy this different approach, although without any prior knowledge of the storyline you could have difficulty getting the gist of what's going on. The scenarios do jump around, so it’s easy to lose yourself on what’s going on in the outside world. I still can’t see the point in some characters who are mentioned and then seemingly forgotten about.
SHOGUN Come to terms with the strange ways of a new culture, making your way to the very top in Infocom Activision’s feudal Japan In my opinion, Shogun is the first real ‘Interactive fiction’ work by Infocom. It is an enjoyable read and play, but it is more of an experience in style than a really good adventure. There aren't many games in which you get urinated upon! As it stands it is worth a go, but for myself its a question of “Sayonara Anjin-San!” ¦ the necessary objects, travelling the massive Underground empire, facing some angst-creating puzzles, playing games and facing the
soon-to-be infamous Jester.
Remember the Wizard in Zork IP Well, the Jester must be his predecessor: he appears to give tricky puzzles and hinderances. Yet he also offers help and gives you useful items. Life is one big joke to » Lad broke Computing In tern a tional Tie Country's Leading 16Bit Specialist" 33 Ormskirk Road. Preston. PR 1 2QP.
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561071 DEJA VU II LOST IN LAS VEGAS When the boys from the Mob decide to interview you over the head with a brick, Icon Simulation Mindscape leave you dazed Life sure is tough. One minute you're snacking in Chicago, the next you're abducted, grilled by a Vegas mobster and then beaten senseless. Fun times.
Your task is simply to raise a mere 100,000 in pretty green within seven days or face the consequences. We've heard it all before, but the muttonheads following you are pretty mean sonov- abitches and will rather pull out their own finger nails than let you survive. The odds aren't in your they'd sent me the first by mistake.
The gameplay is identical, the same mouse-controlled action which, once you get used to it, is so easy. Click on the action and double-click on the object: what could be simpler?
Wandering around this true favour, matey. Can you sort out the real clues from the dross? If so, you may avoid the cold metal against your head and live to tell the tale back in Chicago.
The sense of De a Vu hits you from the onset - very reminiscent of the original. I almost thought ? This guy, but you’d love to punch him in the mouth when he turns you into something that would not be out of place as a really nice pair of alligator skin shoes!
On your travels through the Great Underground Empire not only do you have to deal with the Jester but also some murderous problems. These puzzles are reminiscent of the original Zorks and often just as tough. A nice break is the use of visual puzzles or games such as Tower of Bozbar or the Zorkian card game, Double Fanucci. These can be played as a by-the-by once they've been solved, simply for a bit of light entertainment.
The landscape in Zork Zero is quite huge, set in the time before the 'White House' which is the familiar starting point in the originals. In fact, many of the open ends eventually get explained by the end - an added incentive to play through to the end. The abode of the curses' original victim - Lord Dimwit Flathead the Excessive - contains everything from a massive underground lake, a 400 storey office and a closet large enough to sleep an army.
Excessive indeed, making the Underground Empire finally appear to be 'Great'.
Graphics are minimalized in this particular Infocom 'graphic' game, limited to the occasional graphic depiction of the games, the portrait and pictorial descriptions in the Encyclopaedia Frobozzica. Not a full-blown graphic adventure, the text is enhanced by only a pretty border, so it retains the old feel of the older Zorks. Howver, it features the same rich, flowing text found in any classic Infocom adventure, and the graphics do actually enhance the game without spoiling the flow.
Zork Zero holds your attention, but never really pulls you in completely. Atmospherically, the old Zork is there, but seemingly dated: where are the other characters?
Just a few scattered beings are present, who are solely an extension of the puzzle without trace of intelligence. This isn’t a major flaw, as the game returns with a fantastic parser, on-screen mapping, and the incredibly useful mouse-controlled movement compass. It’s so much friendlier than other Infocom games, and so damn good to look at, even without pictures. ¦ GRAPHICS 8 SOUND 9 INTELLECT 8 ADDICTION 9 OVERALL 92% urge to smash every window and mirror in the game or wait around in the train station for the unforgettable 'Awl Aboooooaard!'
Graphically the game is good - colourful, concise and clear - anything too extreme could make the game unplayable with the mouse control. In fact everything within the graphic window can be manipulated, obviously with varying results. Mobsters, cacti and clear stumps all have the same intelligence and are treated the same, but it simplifies the game to such an extent that the computer does the work.
De a Vu II isn't mind warping in the typical puzzle adventure sense, but death or trouble occurs via the simplest of decisions: getting on the wrong train, walking around without your clothes, hitting passers-by.
Commonsense things really, but easily overlooked in this adventure.
Altogether, De a Vu is a really good and enjoyable romp. Its not a traditional tough text adventure, which will give it a wider appeal.
Pretty pictures, good sound, it’s easy to use, requires no typing skills and there isn’t a bug-eyed monster in sight. An adventure for lazy nights - slouch back in a comfortable chair, put the mouse on your lap and get engrossed in the criminal underworld of De a Vu II. ¦ graphic adventure game is enjoyable, although it is slow in places with frequent disk loads. Every action causes the green light and 'dwhirr' to occur, which is just about acceptable because you’ll be busy scouring the windows for your next choice of action. Quick movements around the landscape are a problem: even more
so if some object is moving or some sound effect is in action.
The sound effects are very well sampled and clear but, as usual, there is never enough. To make up for this I have this unexplainable SPECIAL The land and times of King Arthur have always been a popular basis for computer adventure games, going right back to the Spectrum's heyday. And why not? They have always proved extremely popular and it seemed only a matter of time before those masters of the genre, Infocom, got involved.
ARTHUR The legend of the Sword in the Stone is brought to life by Infocom Activision.
Fortunately, Arthur isn't one of the communal everyday quests for the Holy Grail or a happy 'big lads’ chat' around a Round Table. In this version of the perennial favourite, you play the part of Arthur (as the title suggests) before he is invested King or, indeed, before Excalibur is even drawn from the stone.
The aim of Arthur, therefore, is to claim your birthright as King of England by drawing the sword, and challenging the possible usurper, King Lot. Of course, life tends to be a touch more difficult: side quests, problem characters, troublesome creatures, swamps and riddles of the usual Infocom devious nature. All in order to gain various kingly virtues of Wisdom, Experience and Chivalry to prove to Merlin that you are ready and able to be once and future King.
GOLD RUSH “Go West, young man!” is the cry from Sierra On-Line Arthur isn’t completely alone and helpless in his quest. Merlin has given him certain powers to transform into several creatures - an Owl, a Salamander, a Turtle, a Badger, and an Eel - all of which have their respective powers which are easy to apply to the situations “GO WEST YOUNG MAN!" Was the cry in this ‘true to life historical simulation' and ‘3-D animated adventure game.' Sounds too good to be true doesn't it? So warily I set off, trekking as a famous 49er, or even a 48er as in this game... You start the game after an
irritating prologue in Brooklyn as a 'young city slicker’ looking for excitement and Big Money by striking it lucky in the Gold Rush Country. Deciding how you're going to travel is one of the choices which will enhance the adventure - you can go cross-country on wagons and steamers, cross over at Panama or sail around Cape Horn.
This choice is actually the highlight of the game - playing each individual expedition hoping it will be better than the previous one.
The graphics are crude, the animation is not particularly smooth and the gameplay is tediously slow, even in 'fast' mode. It is obvious, however, that the game’s authors had researched the game, and planned each graphic screen, (which have to be individually loaded) which would be fine if it you are likely to come across. Also you have a magical tore which oh- so-handily shows a hint menu. This can come in useful if you're in a dire situation, but the temptation is always there for you to take a peek at a problem you could have solved normally in a few seconds.
Graphically, Arthur is the most impressive of the Infocom 'Graphic range' with pretty, if small, still pictures in every location. These aren’t the ultimate, but they certainly enhance the game's feel: and if you’re a die-hard text only fan, these can be switched off. Onscreen mapping is an extra bonus if, like me, you’d prefer to play the worked. The game's control interface is unhelpful and confusing at best, and the written descriptions are a nonentity. Puzzles are few and general common sense can reach through these - else you face an inglorious death. The non-player characters
appear solely to be information givers, inept to do anything else except, perhaps, ignore you.
In reality, it seems a travesty to release such a slow, crude and basic game to Amiga owners who should rightly expect something better - in either graphics or gamegame rather than put pen to paper at every move.
Arthur isn’t one of the toughest Infocom adventures, but then it has its moments. A few puzzles are quite brain-tickling, but these are few and aren’t especially devilish.
Others problems are quite tough, but most are blatantly obvious.
Atmospherically speaking, however, Arthur is supreme. You feel drawn deep within the story and have a deep desire to return to the computer. The final drawing of the sword will leave you elated, yet with a tinge of loss. You don’t want the game to finish - and why should you? Arthur would have many more adventures ahead of him. It’s a shame ours ends as Arthur becomes King, Live the legend, become the boy Arthur and claim your birthright. I can guarantee hours of pure enjoyment. ¦ GRAPHICS 9 SOUND 7 INTELLECT 9 ADDICTION 7 OVERALL 89% play. The game looks like it was created for a 12-year-old
American kid studying American history - it even feels like educational software and not something to play for sheer enjoyment. Go West Youn... No thanks, I think I'll remain a city slicker, I won't have to go through all that again. ¦ GRAPHICS 4 SOUND 3 INTELLECT 2 ADDICTION 5 OVERALL 38% TO TWO MEG 'I L A B Ilf CALL FOR DETAILS _ ppnOn and A10QP arg priced at AL PRICaES INClLUDE V.A.T. £399.
P 0 S T A G WP ... i Monday to Friday.You our 24» hour, severed a'; ire normally despatched
o 5.00 pi me by callir Send cheques to:Dept AF Memory Expansion
Systems Ltd.
Britannia Buildings, 46 Fenwick Street, Liverpool. L2 7NB
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(051) 236 0480 • 24 Hour Sales
(051) 227 2482 • 24 Hour Fax 0LgORWpresents the step jd&tofimng
Kickstart 1.3. Hands up who hasn't upgraded their Amiga to
Kickstart 1.3!
Hmm. Just as I thought: quite a lew of you. Well, Amiga Format, in conjunction with those nice chaps at Commodore Technical Support, now (provides the complete guide to installing the new Kickstart 1.3 ROM in your Amiga A500. If you do wish to carry out this modification, the Kickstart ROM is available from HRS on 021 789 7575 (part number 315093-02).
To identify which version of Kickstart your machine has installed, turn on your machine without a disk in the internal drive and wait for the __ ‘Insert Workbench’ prompt to appear.
Underneath the hand holding the disk will be a number identifying the Kickstart release. If it says '1.3' then you already have Kickstart 1.3 within S your machine.
„ % DISMANTLING YOUR MACHINE ' The first thing you must do is unscrew V* and then remove the cover from your Sj. J machine. Be very careful not to lose any of the screws, because these will have to be replaced once the installa- tion is complete.
FRY ME BABY Before touching any part of the board, you must take static precautions by earthing yourself (il talk of 'static' and 'earthing' means nothing to you, perhaps you should be seeking the assistance of someone who is more experienced in these matters, but essentially you can earth yourself by holding any metal pipe, such as a water pipe, that goes into the ground). Computer chips are very delicate things and can easily be 'fried' by static electricity.
The Kickstart ROM is positioned next to the 68000 processor in socket U6 and can be recognised by its part number (315093-01). Before removing the chip, note the orientation of the chip by locating the semicircular notch that will be at one end of the chip. Next, remove the chip and replace it with your Kickstart 1.3 chip in exactly the same position.
The chip simply pulls out ol its socket vertically.
Next, unplug the cable that connects the keyboard to the main board while noting the orientation of the connector (If the keyboard connector is plugged back in the wrong way, your machine will fail to work).
Finally, unscrew and remove the silver shield that covers the board and you're ready to get down to the serious business of replacing the ROM.
If you re Ihe kind of person lhat has problems filling a plug, then you would be best advised not lo attempt the above modification as you could do serious damage to your Amiga. The rule is if you re not completely sure what you're doing, then don t even think about trying to carry out the modification yourself: let your friendly computer dealer take the responsibility. Opening up your Amiga will automatically void any warranty on your machine.
Once Kickstart 1.3 is sitting snugly in its chip holder, replace the shield, the keyboard (don't forget to make sure that the keyboard connector is plugged in the right way round!) And casing.
Now comes the moment of truth: once you've plugged everything back in, turn on your machine without a disk in the internal drive and wait for the ‘Insert Workbench' screen to appear. If everything has gone OK, the hand should have '1.3' beneath it. If your machine fails to display this initial screen, turn everything off and seek the assistance of a qualified engineer. ¦ AMIGA FORMAT 89 Please note that both Future Publishing and Commodore Business Machines cannot be held in anyway responsible for any damage that may be caused as a result of the above advice.
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5TL WORDS OF KINDNESS I have collected over 70 extra fonts and
placed them on two disks and have successfully been able to use
them with the majority of my software. Unfortunately, I cannot
find a way of incorporating these extra fonts into my favourite
word processor, Kind Words 2.
WORKBENCH It’s Enormous! You thought three pages of tips and tricks was too good to be true, but as from this issue, JASON HOLBORN presents a whacking four pages of the very best tips, tricks and advice.
I have tried assigning the logical device 'FONTS:' to my fonts disk, but Kind Words still continues to use its own default fonts.
Please help.
D OAKLEY MIDDLESBROUGH Kind Words 2 uses special, custom printer drivers and 'Super Fonts’ which (supposedly) give the best possible print quality on even the naffest of printers.
Unfortunately, this means that you can only use the fonts that are included with the package.
If you do want a similar program to Kind Words that does allow you to use extra fonts, check out the far superior program ProWrite 2 which is available from the Amiga Centre Scotland (031 557 4242).
File Edit Layout Font Style | |EI|KindHords - Read Me For New FT ' i am I C=] Thank you for purchasing KindMor strives to develop the best possible software. He value your contents and suggest you call our technical support departnent should you have any problens or suggestion to improve KindHords. You can call our technical support nunber listed on your warranty card, He will distribute upgrades to registered users containing inprovenents and new features as they cone available, Therefore we ask you to send us the enclosed Harranty card, Though KindHords does run under 512K nenory, we
reconnend you expand to 1 neg of nenory, Hith the added SuperFonts, larger dictionary, and new electronic thesaurus nore nenory is required to fully utilize the features of KindHords.
¦ Does anyone know how to use standard Amiga fonts Kind Words? If it is possible, please get in touch and tell us!
LOADSAQUESTIONS.... I have owned an Amiga 500 for a year now and during this time I have accumulated some questions that I would appreciate some answers to:
1. A few months ago, there were various reports of a new virus
that supposedly lived in the battery backed clock. Is this
2. Is it possible to use the functions written on the front of
some of the keys on the numeric keypad (NumL, PgDn, PrtSc,
ScrL etc)?
3. Before buying an Amiga, I 221 Help Find and Replace.. Check
Spel1ing... OF ov OH Autowatic Hyphenation Screen Options...
Show Picture Colors Close Workbench
- 5Tb with owned an Acorn Electron which is used extensively for
BASIC programming. Both the BBC Master Compact and the
Electron use 3 1 2 inch disks. Is it possible for the BBC
Emulator to read my BASIC programs straight from the BBC disks?
Free Full Errs Status Nane 45846 25X 8 Read Hrite AMDrive 0 mv. 8 Read Hrite 13 99 0 Read Only Extras 1,3
4. My sister recently bought a Technics EX35 organ with MIDI and
I am considering purchasing a MIDI interface so that I can
connect it to my Amiga. Will the organ be compatible with
existing hardware and software? (I own Activision’s Music
Free Full Errs Status Nane 45846 25' 0 Read Hr ite AHDrive
5. On Issue 13 of your parent publication, ST Amiga Format, the
cover disk contained a PD virus killer called VirusX 3JO.
While looking through the documentation, I found a reference to a System I virus. Is this in any way linked to the System I virus killer that writes itself to boot- blocks?
I Using the INFO option in CLI to assess the free space on a disk.
1. The simple answer is no. The miniscule amount of RAM used by
the battery backed clock would make writing such a virus
2. Those funny little functions are in fact for use with the
A2000 bridgeboard PC Emulators (don't ask me why the A500 has
When in Amiga mode, these functions have no effect whatsoever.
3. Unfortunately, the BBC Emulator cannot read BBC disks
directly. However, it includes built- in software to allow you
to port files across by connecting a lead between the Beeb's
RS-423 and the Amiga's serial port.
4. You shouldn't have any problems using your Technics key
board with the Amiga. MIDI is only a standard communications
protocol between musical instruments Horkbench Screen New
Cli Hindow: Mounted disks!
Unit Size Use M8: 38H 1562 RAH! IK DF0: 880K 174 Volunes .wailable!
Extras 1.3 [Mounted!
Title Mounted] AHDriveBoot 2 2
2) INFO ?
Mounted disks: Unit Size Use M8: 30M 1562 2) 2 2 1 and is (largely) manufacturer independent. If-an instrument claims to support MIDI then it will (for ‘will', read 'should') work with all Amiga MIDI software. For MIDI applications, Music Studio isn't the most suitable software, why not check out Music X? (Read the review on Page 20.)
5. The System Z 'virus' that is trapped by VirusX is in fact the
same bootblock that is output by the System Z virus killer.
Although VirusX treats it as a virus, it doesn't seem to do
anything harmful (correct me if I'm wrong!)
GIVE ME SOME INFO When using my Amiga tor programming, I often find that I need to know how much disk space is available on a particular disk in my drive. At the moment, I have to load up the RSLCIock program that was published on the cover disk of ST Amiga Format's second issue. Unfortunately, I don't really want to have to load this program every time I want such a mundane piece of information. Is it possible to write a machine »
* code program (I have Devpac 2) that would tell me what I want
to know?
P STEVENSON BISHOPS STORTFORD Now in Diamond Font. Rmiga Format rules!
Now in Ruby Font. Amiga Format rules!
Moht in lappHtt font. Itniga Jortnat rules!
Now in Helvetica Font Amiga Format rules!
You're making life very difficult for yourself. All Amiga Workbench disks have a little CLI command called ‘INFO’ which will tell you everything you want to know. To use it, just type INFO and press return and the command will tell you the amount of space used available on all drives connected to the system.
Back to Topaz 8.
Press any key ¦ Enhance your AmigaBASIC screens is made (at least relatively) straightforward with our 'Fonts from Basic' routine below.
FONTS FROM BASIC Could you please tell me how to use fonts other than the standard Topaz system font within my own AmigaBASIC programs. I’ve tried everything including the method used by NotePad, but nothing seems to happen.
T BRICE NORWICH To use different fonts within your BASIC programs, you'll have to call the operating system routines. The Amiga font handling routines are held within the disk- based library 'diskfont.library' which resides within the LIBS: directory of every self respecting Workbench disk. As well as this library, AmigaBASIC also needs access to diskfont's '.bmap' file which will have to be created using the 'ConvertFD' program in the Basic demos drawer on your Extras disk. To use these routines, use the source code stub below: DEFLNG a-Z LIBRARY "graphics.library" LIBRARY
"diskfont.library" DECLARE FUNCTION OpenDiskFont LIBRARY DECLARE FUNCTION OpenFont LIBRARY FontNameS = "diamond.font"+CHRS(0) PointSize = 20 FontAttr(O) = SADD(FontNameS) FontAttr(1) = PointSize * 65536S FontPointer = OpenDiskFont(VARPTR(FontAt tr (0))) IF FontPointer = 0 THEN PRINT "Unable to Open Font."
GOTO Abort END IF CALL SetFont(WINDOW(8), FontPointer) PRINT "Now in Diamond Font" CloseFont(FontPointer) FontAttr (0) = SADD(("topaz.font"+CHRS(0) )) FontAttr(1) = 8 * 65536s FontPointer = OpenFont(VARPTR(FontAttr(0 ))) CALL SetFont(WINDOW(8), FontPointer) PRINT "Back to Topaz 8" Abort: LIBRARY CLOSE DIGITISED DELIGHTS I am very interested in buying a video digitiser for my 1 MB Amiga 500, and after reading Michael Nash's letter in Issue One, I decided to look into the digitising scene a little further. I have a budget of around £150 which will hopefully cover the digitiser hardware and the
DigiView Gold that you recommended seems to be the best bet.
However, could you please answer the following questions.
Using the Workbench RAD device to imitate a full 880K floppy disk.
While on the subject of Mountlists (refer to the tip ‘CORRUPT DISK SHOCKER!’ if you don’t know what I’m talking about!), those of you with more than a megabyte of memory can speed up disk copying by expanding the Workbench 1.3 ’RAD:’ device to a full 880K (same as a floppy disk).
To do this, load the MountList file into Ed using the command ED DEVS:MOUNTLIST. Next, locate the mountlist entry for RAD: and, in particular, the line that reads ‘HighCyl = 21’. Change this line to read ‘HighCyl = 79’ and then save and quit the editor. Finally, type MOUNT RAD: and you now have a recoverable (and bootable if you have 1.3 Kickstart!) Extra disk drive that can be used in the same manner as any normal floppy drive.
MP SAUNDERS DORSET ¦ Instead of a second drive, use RAD!
1. Do I need to buy any extra hardware to allow me to digitise
colour images from a video recorder?
2. Can you digitise images from video tape while the tape is
playing, or do the images have to be paused?
3. If you have to use a black and white video camera for
digitising live’ images, does this mean that I have to use
black and white video tape to grab images from?
4. I have a movie camera which uses Super 8 film. Is there any
way of using this camera to digitise real life images other
than converting the 8mm film to VHS format?
1. To be able to digitise colour images from video, you'll need a
rather expensive piece of hardware called a composite signal
decoder which basically splits a composite video signal into
its red, green and blue components.
Unfortunately, we haven’t heard of anyone selling such a device for use with home video recorders.
2. To digitise while the tape is running, you’ll need a
real-time digitiser which grabs its images at one fiftieth
of a second. Because of the very slow nature of DigiView,
you'll have to pause the image for at least ten seconds.
3. While it is possible to digitise both colour and black and
white video images from tape, best results are achieved when
digitising from old black and white films.
:|aiP HdlCoHpiled with HiSoft BASIC:
4. If you can display a still from a Super 8 movie on the
projector screen, then grab it from there.
Have you got a problem with your Amiga that needs answering? If the answer is ‘yes’ then look no further than the Workbench Helpline for the answer. Obviously we can’t enter into personal correspondence, but if you’ve got any questions, then we’ll try our utmost to answer them as fully as possible within these pages.
Send your troubled words to: Workbench Helpline, Amiga Format, 4 Queen Street, Bath BA1 1EJ Hobbyte Busbyte Computer Centre Unil 1G, A ndale Centre. Luton. Beds.
Luton (0582) 457195(411281 ] 10 Ma ket Place. Si. Abans. Henj.
Si A Bara (0727) 41396 - 56005 AMIGA ACCESSORIES BBC EMULATOR £39.95 C64 EMULATOR £69.95 4500 MODULATOR £23.95 4501 RAM EXPANSION £115.00 MIMGEN £99.95 DIGITISING PACK with £329.95 Camera, Dlglvtew Gold 3.0, cables PRO SOUND DESIGNER GOLD £69.95 MIDI INTERFACE MM3000 £24.95 CASIO MT 240 KEYBOARD £119.95 MODEM PACK, AD AA HAYES V21 23 £249.99 AMIGA 2000 AND ACCESSORIES (ex vat) Commodor Business Centre, Principle Educational Daalar and Approved Amiga 2000 Contra NO DEPOSIT INSTANT CREDIT (PERSONAL CUSTOMERS) AND LEASING TERMS (LIMITED COMPANIES) AND PLCs) AVAILABLE, ASK FOR DETAILS The Game
Creator Unleash the awesome power of your Amiga FANTASTIC REDUCTIONS ON AMIGAS £799 AMIGA 2000, Mouse, Wkbench, Bask, Utilities, Manuals AMIGA 2000,1084S MONITOR, 3.5" AND 5.15" DRIVES AND BRIDGE BOARD (giving PC compalability), 1.3 KS If speclfled AS ABOVE, PLUS AMIGA PC DOS 20 MB HARD DRIVE AS ANY ABOVE. BUT ALSO WITH THE WORKS_ £1099 £1348 ADD £50 Sole that special prices are available for other Amiga con- figurations also_ A2058 8MB RAM EXPANSION, POPULATED TO 2 MB £449 079 off -A 2088 XT BRIDGEBOARD WITH 5.25'' 360 KB DRIVE £250 A2286 AT BRIDGEBOARD WIT 115.25" 1.2MB DRIVE £559
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(Needs video Card & Cables) £579 CABLES FOR HRCM £29 VIDEO CARD
£499 Fries* are ei VAT AMIGA 500 PACKS: GAMES PACK Inc.
Modulator, 24 games on 4 discs: Arcade, Adventure, Board and
Shoot-em-up games, Sports Bag, plus 8 additional Individually
packaged games from the following list: Custodian, Roger
Rabbit, Power Play, Mercenary, Alpha max One, No Excuses,
Znapse, Nebulous, Star Ray, Harrier Command,, Art of Chess,
Amegas, Sprltz Paint £349 Inc VAT Also with 8833 monitor AND
LC10 colour Printer £749 Inc VAT AIR MILES PACK Inc. Modulator,
24 games on four discs: Arcade, Adventure, Board and
Shoot-em-up games, Joystick, plus: 3 additional individually
boxed games, Sprltz Art packa AND 500 AIR MILES (Paris or
Amsterdam Is 450) £399 Inc VAT Also with 8833 monitor AND LC10
colour Printer £799 Inc VAT PROFESSIONAL PACK Inc. Modulator,
24 games on 4 discs: Arcade, Adventure, Board and Shoot-em-up
games, plus: The Works Spreadsheet, Database, WdMBPtnc cYshi'
OR Publishers Choice £450 Inc VAT Also with 8833 1084S monitor
AND LclOcolour Printer ADD £399 EXPANDED PACK Inc. Modulator,
24 games on 4 discs: Arcade, Adventure, Board and Shoot-em-up
games, plus: AS01 RAM Expansion and Dragons Lair £539 Inc VAT
Also with 1084S 8833 monitor AND LC10 colour Printer £938 Inc
PC10 DOUBLE DRIVE 599 534 749 659 899 788 PC20 WITH 20MB HARD
DISC 799 689 969 839 1099 948 PC 20 WITH 32MB HARD CARD 849 779
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1270 PC40 WITH 40 MB HARO DISC 1699 1393 N A NlA 1899 1557 PC40
40MB HD 40MB T STRMR 1949 1598 N A N A 2199 1803 PC60 386 512KB
SINGLE DRIVE 1249 1029 1399 1159 1449 1199 PC60 2.5MB SINGLE
DRIVE 1999 1649 2149 1779 2199 1819 PC60 WITH 40MB HARD DISC
2349 1939 2549 1999 2599 2149 PC60 40MB HD 40MB T STRMR 2699
2229 2899 2394 2949 2439 PC60 WITH 80MB HARD DISC 2549 2099
2749 2269 2799 2318 AMIf2A QOFTtA ARF ORDERING SPECIALS To
place your order, eend cheaue, postal order or official order,
plue £B per box (software free) for next day courier delivery
and VAT to DepLAF., Hobbyte Computers Ltd., 10 Market Place, SL
Albans, Herts AL3 5DO, or cad with a copy of this ad. At our
branches In SL Albans and Luton. You may also phone your order
to our ealee deak on SL Albans (0727) 56005. Aeceee Vlea and
official orders from government, educational, medical
authorities and PLCa are accepted.
Pnohxi Paint II £62.95 Deluxe Paint III £62.95 Tianaloimar £19.95 XCAODeaigne. £62.99 XCADPfOteaeiceial £329.95 PuttehersChace £73.95 CiilceChceoe £109.95 Dragons Lair £29 95 All books 10% off BEST PRICES ON ALL SOFTWARE - WE CAN NORMALLY MATCH OR BEAT ANY OENUINE ADVERTISED PRICE.
Software prices Inc VAT & PP Frlc** correct • of goiag to pr.ii, O
• llhjMt to cMi|. Wttkoat ¦Olio*. B S OB.
Color for the Atari ST has now been totally rewritten to bring out the maximum from your Amiga.
? AMOS makes the most of the Amiga's unique facilities:
• Animate up to 48 software sprites and 32 hardware sprites on
screen at once
• Create up to eight separate screen scrolling areas
• Define up to eight screens each with its own resolution, bit
map, position on TV, colour palette - in low or high res, ham
mode or dual playfield mode
• Program the copper list with ease
• Play music files on interrupt (supports Sonix and Soundtracker
• Super-fast window and text routines ? AMOS is a delight to use:
• Lockable procedures, no line numbers, multistatement lines,
sophisticated scrolling editor
• Choose from more than 350 different commands to produce the
results you want with the minimum of fuss
• Hold up to four programs and 12 accessories in memory at once
• Store music, sprites, IFF picture files and so on in memory
banks which you can load and save independently of your program
• Port STOS programs to your Amiga
• Works on A500 with single drive
• Supports hard disc drives
• Add new commands with ease (3D routines for example) ? What you
get: AMOS Basic, sprite editor, sprite grabber, music editor,
copper list editor, three complete games, Basic manual,
Accessories manual, reference card and much more - all for just
£49.95. AMOS will be one of the hottest releases in the
Christmas period. For a detailed spec and the latest updates,
please write to: AMOS Information, Mandarin Software, Europa
House, Adlington Park, Adlington, Macclesfield SK10 4NP.
That Software Express publish the highly successful "Dungeon Master Editor", for the Amiga and Atari ST. YOU MAY NOT KNOW . . .
That we are also the LARGEST Amiga and Atari Specialist in the Midlands and Southwest dealing in PC's, Mega ST's, Amiga Desktop Publishing, Scanners, Lazer, Digitizers, Calamus, Epson Emulators, Databases, Word Processors, and not forgetting Games Late Night Opening Thursday - 7pm MIDLANDS For the best in SOUTH 212-213 Broad Street, Service & Support, 9 Exeter Street, (The Viaduct), BIRMINGHAM, B15 2JP visit our PLYMOUTH, Devon, PL4 9AQ Tel: (021)643 9100 Regional Branches Tel: (0752)265276 Track Computer Systems Track are Specialists in mM A Hard Drives, Serious Software and the Highest
Degree of Customer Care.
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Impact £55.00 Deluxe Video 16 RAD Disk Oprlmlzer £34.74 Comic Setter £43.43 Deluxe Paint II D Print 1 14 BBC Emulator £43.43 Design 3D £69.52 Small BusAccs Plus 11 Butcher £26.04 Dlglpalnt III £58.50 Sculpt 4DJunlor 11 Calligrapher 1.05 £78.22 Forms In Flight 2 £104 Page Flipper FX (Pal) 11 Cl.Imale £34.74 Movie Setter £60.83 Photon Paint II r Cygnus Ed Pror £78.22 Pro Video Plus (Pal) £217 Zoetrope (Pal) i* Dlskwlck £34.74 Pro Video Plus Font Set 1 £86.91 Interfont i* Disk Master £43.43 Pro Video Plus Font Set 2 £86.91 Data Retrieve is Dos to Dos £34.74 Sculpt 3D (Pal) £73.91 Microfiche Filer
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Full demonstration facilities available Hardware & Software To enable YOU to make the RIGHT decision, New MiniMAX Ram expansion for A500....Features Clock calendar512K expands toffl MiniMAX 512K £244 1Mb £323 1.5Mb £429 2Mb £573 HOW TO ORDER TRACK PRODUCTS Make Cheques, Postal Orders, Bankers Drafts payable to Track Computer System!
Fully inclusive of VAT & postage. We also offer credit, please phone.
All prices are I LINES OPEN UNTIL 9pm WEEKDAYS , 0773 531991 0860 639081 Sm FAX 0773 765721 Track are recommended Compunet distributors TRACK COMPUTER SYSTEMS, SYSTEMS HOUSE, 28 BRAEMAR AVENUE, EASTWOOD, NOTTINGHAM NG16 3JY Acquisition 1.3 rrp £249 Track Special: Professional Page, Clip Art, Template rip £349 Track Special £212 Offer applies while stocks last EVERY PRODUCT NOT IN STOCK IS USUALLY AVAILABLE NEXT DAY The Amiga is undoubtedly a wonderful machine. Not only can it produce better sound and graphics than the vast majority of comparable machines, it can also crash far more impres
sively than most. You don’t just get a 'Bus Error - core dumped’ message or even a couple of meaningless bombs appearing on the screen: the Amiga crashes in style matey.
But just what do those seemingly meaningless Guru Meditation numbers really mean? Are they just the product of a tortured mind or can they really be of help to the average user? It must be said that Guru Meditation numbers aren’t really a great deal of use to the average user, but if you’re a programmer, then you’ll find them immensely useful.
GURU’S GUIDE When your Amiga crashes, it might be nice to know why.
Guru meditation numbers have a general format which once you've learned how to decode them, a wealth of information will be revealed to you.
The format for the code is xxyyzzzz.pppppppp, where ‘xx’ is the particular part of machine that has caused the crash, 'yy' tells you the error class, 'zzzz' tells you exactly what happened (eg. RAM out of memory etc) and ‘pppppppp’ tells you the starting address of the task that caused the crash (there’s no escape from the Guru!) Below is a list of the more common error codes.
XX NUMBERS (System ID codes) 00 68000 CPU Trap 05 Math Library 07 DOS Library 09 Icon Library 10 Audio Device 13 Keyboard Device 14 Trackdisk Device 15 Timer Device 30 Bootstrap 31 Workbench 81 Exec Library 82 Graphics Library 83 Layers Library 84 Intuition Library YY NUMBERS (Error Classes) 01 Not Enough Memory 02 MakeLibrary Error 03 OpenLibrary Error 04 OpenDevice Error 05 OpenResource Error 06 I O Error A2000 KEYBOARD TRICK If you just can’t get that keyboard far enough, try this little tip.
ZZZZ NUMBERS (Error Codes) Exec 0001 0002 0003 0004 0005 0006 CPU Trap Checksum ExecBase Checksum Library Checksum No Library Memory Corrupted Free Mem List No interrupt memory Graphics 0001-5 Copper Error 0006-A No Memory Intuition 0001 Unknown Gadget 0002-5 No Memory 0006 Item Box Error 0007 No Memory for new screen 0008 No memory for AllocRastO 0009 Unknown system screen 000A No memory for add gadgets 000B No memory for open window A FREE VIRUS KILLER!
Yes, you may already own this entirely FREE bootblock checker!
Dos 0001 No memory for startup 0002 Taskend failed 0003 Packet failure 0004 Unexpected packet failure (Oo-err!)
0005 FreeVecO failed 0006 Disk block sync error 0007 Corrupted bitmap 0008 Key already set 0009 Bad checksum 000A Disk Error 000B Key out of disk range 000C Foul Overlay Trackdisk 0001 Seek Error 0002 Error Wait Boot 0001 Bootsector Error External keyboards are all very nice, but why do computer manufacturers always make the connecting leads so short?
Thankfully, you can extend the length of the A2000 keyboard very cheaply and, best of all, without ever having to snip a single wire.
The A2000 (and the B2000) keyboard uses a five-pin DIN type connector to connect to the main system box. This five-pin DIN Calling all Workbench 1.3 owners! Did you know that your all new improved Workbench disk includes a freebie virus checker killer? You didn’t? Then read on... It isn't really surprising that you haven’t found this little gem as the manual writers at Commodore have done their utmost to hide the fact by using the smallest possisocket is the same connector used by many audio, video and MIDI devices and so an appropriate lead shouldn’t be too hard to find. What you'll
need is a lead that has a male five-pin DIN connector on one end and a female five-pin DIN on the other end.
This should then be connected between the Amiga and the keyboard. I know, the comment 'Why didn’t I think of that before’ springs to mind!
Ble font size that their typesetter can manage.
The virus killer is built into the CLI 'Install' command which is used to construct boot blocks on floppy disks. To use it, you must first enter the CLI and then just type INSTALL DF0: CHECK. The ‘Check’ option tells AmigaDOS to compare the bootblock of the disk currently within the internal drive with a standard ‘clean’ » » bootblock. If the bootblock appears suspect, then Install will return 'MAY NOT BE STANDARD V1.2 V1.3 BOOTBLOCK’, else it will return ‘APPEARS TO BE STANDARD V1.2 V1.3 BOOTBLOCK’ if everything seems clean and healthy.
If Install thinks that the bootblock is suspect, all you have to now do is to type ’INSTALL DFO:’ and the potential virus will be sent to live on the great floppy disk in the sky.
C CANNON ROMFORD VIDEO VISUALS There’s only one way that Kylie Minogue is ever going to get on our Amiga... So you’ve got yourself an Amiga plus monitor and access to a video recorder: how would you like a free TV thrown in to the bargain?
Read on, matey.
What you’ll need is a pair of leads with phono connectors on one end and the appropriate connectors on the other end to connect to the ‘Video Out’ and 'Audio Out’ sockets on your VCR. First of all, just connect a lead between the VCR 'Video Out’ socket and the ‘CVBS L’ connector on your 1084 and then do the same with the ‘Audio Out’ and ‘Audio’ connector on the VCR and Monitor respectively. Once everything is connected up, pull down the front panel on the 1084 and press in the little button labelled 'CVBS RGB'. Now when you play a tape on the VCR, the picture will be displayed on your
Amiga monitor. If the video display seems to become corrupt when you turn on the Amiga, try unplugging the SCART lead that connects the Amiga to the monitor.
If you also have an aerial lead plugged into the VCR, while a tape is not running you’ll be able to watch Neighbours on your 1084 (which is hopefully the nearest we'll ever get to having a Neighbours program running on the Amiga!)
NATALIE FINN FROME COLOURFUL CRASHES Screen colour can be informative.
Many of you may have noticed that when the Amiga is first on, the screen cycles through shades of grey before the ‘Insert Workbench’ prompt finally appears and the Caps Lock light flashes. This rather strange process is called a 'self-diagnostic' and is basically the Amiga testing all its various bits and pieces to make sure everything is working OK. Owners of the A1000 even have an extra diagnostic when the machine is first turned on: the Amiga actually plays a little tune before booting Kickstart from disk!
If your machine is OK, the sequence will be : dark grey, light grey, white and then finally the Insert Workbench requester pops up.
If something goes wrong with your machine, the screen will turn to a certain colour to indicate a particular fault. Here's a guide to those kickstart colours: Green - Chip RAM Failure Yellow - 68000 trapped before Guru initialised Blue - Error in PAD (custom chip error) Red - ROM failure PATRICK DOWNES PONTYPRIDD 50 BIG ONES JUST FOR YOU Workbench just keeps on growing. As a result, we need you to send us your tips and tricks. If you've got have any trendy little tips that you think would be of use to your fellow Amiga owners, then why not jot them down and send them into Workbench: you could
win yourself £50 for your troubles.
Send your tips to: Workbench, Amiga Format, 4 Queen Street, BathBA11EJ.
Not just disk first aid: this is more like open heart surgery.
It really is very annoying to insert a disk into a drive only to get a Validation Error’ prompt pop up every time. Usually, you can save the disk by either using the Diskdoctor utility or by reformatting it from scratch. Sometimes, however, a disk can be so badly corrupt that it won’t even reformat and so it usually ends up in the bin.
But, as it happens matey, there is a way of partially getting around this by messing around with the Workbench Mountlist to create a custom device that only uses those tracks that come before the corrupt tracks.
First of all, format the cour- rupt disk using the 'Format' command and note down the track number that causes the format to fail. Now type ED DEVS: the file for a Mountlist entry for a device called 'DF2:' which will look something like the entry below: MOUNTLIST to load the Mountlist file into the CLI text editor, Ed, Once Ed appears, search through * Mount a 5.25" disk drive to be mounted as DF2: * DF2: Device = trackdisk.device Unit = 2 Flags = 1 Surfaces = 2 BlocksPerTrack = 11 Reserved = 2 Interleave = 0 LowCyl = 0 ; HighCyl = 39 Buffers = 20 BufMemType = 3 Firstly, change the
'Unit = 2' line to read either 'Unit = 1’ (if you have two drives) or 'Unit = 0’ (if you have only one drive). Next, change the line ‘HighCyl = 39' to read 'HighCyl = nn', where ‘nn’ is the number of the last track that the Format command was able to successfully format before encountering the corrupt tracks (take one away from the track number that you wrote down). Finally, type MOUNT DF2: and then format the corrupt disk using FORMAT DRIVE DF2: NAME “Empty".
Now, whenever you wish to access the disk, you must refer to it as DF2: regardless of which drive it is in.
MP SAUNDERS DORSET MAIN MEDIA FREEPOST, ANDOVER, HANTS. SP10 3BR Tel: 0264 333830 (24 hrs) UNBRANDED LIFETIME GUARANTEE QUANTITY 10 31 2” SS DD 135TPI £7.95 31 2" DS DD 135TPI £8.50 20 30 £15.50 £22.75 £16.50 £23.95 40 50 100 £29.50 £35.75 £69.95 £31.25 £37.95 £74.95 VIDEOSTUDIO for the AMIGA I 'Comprehensive in its capabilities" ~VKteoStjdfO impresses greatty' BRANDED 3 1 2" DISKS 31 2" SONY DS DD 135 TPI BOX OF 10 ...£14.50 31 2" 3M DS DD 135 TPI BOX OF 10 ...£14.50 31 2" VERBATIM DS DD 135 TPI BOX OF
10 ......£14.50 31 2" DYSAN DS DD 135 TPI BOX OF 10 .£16.50 31 2" SONY DS HD 2.0MB BOX OF 10 .....£29.95 All 31 2" Disks come complete with labels and come with our No Quibble Money Back or Replacement Guarantee.
* A choice from up lo 4096 colours.
* A library of Wipe Fade effects and Border (mask) patterns for
use with genlocked video
* Customisable. Station Clock and broadcast style VTR starciock
* A stopwatch with options such as day-and-date. Frame display
* A suite of standardised test patterns with audio test tones.
Eg Crosshatch, Testcard. Greyscale etc FUNCTIONS TEST FACILITIES TITLING * A mam screen titler with multi-colour font operation.
* A scroll titler with smooth vertical and horizontal scrolling.
* A subtitler with colour Logo and text Cut. Fade and Pnnt
* 20 high-quality fonts, with Bold. Italic & Underline styles and
Outtme drop-shadow rendering options
* Overlay over live video or over background picture files (IFF)
generated by a paint package or a video
digitiser trame-grabber.
* Importing Exporting of Fonts to from other packages VIDEOSTUDIO
produces an interlaced output directly compatible with all VCR
formats & Tvs and may be used with or without a genlock. It
requires an Amiga A500 1000 or 2000 computer with 2 disk dnves
and 1 Mbyte of memory.
DISKETTE STORAGE BOXES Price Each 50 x 31 2" Hinged Lid Lockable .....£5.50 100 x 31 2" Hinged Lid Lockable .....£7.50 DISK BOXES WITH DISKS 50 x 31 2” Hinged Lid Lockable with 20 DS DD 135TPI £21.50 100x31 2" Hinged Lid Lockable with 50 DS DD 135TPI £44.95 All prices include VAT and Carriage. All Goods despatched within 24 hours subject to availability.
SP103BR Tel: 0264 333830 (24 hrs) VIDEOSTUDIO is available now for . £99 AMIGA GENLOCK DEVICES Minigen (lor the home user) ..£115 Rendal A8802 (For the pro semi-pro) £287 G2 VideoCenter professional Genlock ..£685 (The G2 is S-VHS compatible * has manual Faders mixers - call for availability) GENLOCKS +
SOFTWARE Minigen ? Videostudio software ..(save £22) £193 Minigen + Video Generic Maste Titling software ...... (save £5) £180 (Video Master Software will run on an unexpanded A500) ..... Rendale A8802 + Videostudio ....(save £57) £329 Rendale A8806 Professional Studio Quality Genlock » Videostudio .....CALL AMIGA HARD DISKS Amdrive A500 30Mb (one year extended
warranty) £435 A500 20Mb fast hard disk (Autoboot under 1.2 or 1.3) * 2Mb ram CALL A590 20Mb hard disk (OK ram fitted) .£399 Other Amiga products are available Send large SAE for details.
ALL PRICES INCLUDE UK VAT . PSP Send PO Cheques lo: MAZE TECHNOLOGY 20 Woodlands Road, Walthamstow E17 3LE y,Mailorder only_01-520-9753 y MEGASAVE FANTASTIC SAVINGS Game Price 3D Pool ...£15.90 APB ......£13.90 Action Fighter £15.90 AtteDurner .£1590 Arbourne Ranger £15 90 American ice Hockey £15.90 Angie ol Death .£15.90 Archipelagos ...£15 90 Astaroth ..£15.90 Baal £12.90 Bal of Power 1990 £15 90 Barbarian II ..£15.90 Bards Tale I or II £16.90 Batman ...£14.95 Batman (The Movie) .£16.90
Battlehawks 1942 £16.90 Battle Tech..... Battle Valley .. Beach Volley Price Game Price Licence to Kill £13.90 Lite and Death £19.90 Live and Let Die £13.50 Lombard Rally £14.95 Lords ot Rising Sun ..£19.90 Manhunt New York . .£19 90 Mayday Squad £12.90 Menace ...£1290 Microprose Soccer .£15.90 Millenuim 2.2 .....£15.90 Monster Slam ...£12 90 Mr Heli ...£15.90 Murder in Venice £15.90 Navy Moves £16.90 Never Mmd £13.90 Newzeaiand Story....£13.90 Norths South £15.90 Operation Neptune...£15.90 Operation Wolf £14 95 Outrun £9.90
Outrun Europa £10.50 Pac Land £12 90 Pacmama £11.95 Paladm ....£15.90 Passing Shot ....£15.90 Personal Nightmare £19 90 Phobia ....£16.90 Police Quest II £15.90 Pool of Radiance £16 95 Populus ...£16.90 Populus (Prom. Land|£74 40 Powerdrome £16.95 Precious Metal £15.90 Preditor ...£15.90 Premier Collection . . . .£ 19 90 Prospector £15.90 Puffy’sSaga £15.90 Purple Saturn Day ....£14.95 Silpheed .. Skate ot the Arts Skweek .... Slayer .
Sleeping Gods Lie Soccer (Ocean) Speed bail Spherical . Star Glider II .. Star War Trilogy Steel ... Steigar . Steve Davis Snooker £12.90 Storm Trooper .£15.90 Story So Far VoUor III.£15 90 Stunt Car Racer .£15.90 Super Hang On......£15.90 Superman £14.95 Super Scramble £12.90 Super Wonder Boy ...£17.90 Sword of Sodan £19.90 Sword ofTwyhght . .£15.90 T Gascoigne Soccer £15.90 TV. Sports Football...£19.90 Tail Spin ..£19 90 Tank Attack .£15.90 Targhan ...£15.90
Teenage Queen .£12.90 Test Drive 2 .£16.90 The Champ .£16.90 The Games (Winter) .£14.20 The Kristal ..£19.90 Thunderbirds .....£15.90 Thunderblade ....£15.90 Tiger Road ..£13.90 Time Scanner ....£16 90 Titan .£15.90 Tracksuit Manager £12.90 Trained Assasm .£15 90 Triton ..£9 90 Triv. Pursuit N Beg . £12 90 £1990 £13 90 £13 90 £1390 £1590 £16.90 £14.95 £12.90 £14.95 £16.90 £1390 £12.90 £19.90 £13.90 .£16.90 .£15.90 Bochaltenge £15.90 Bomc Commando £9.90 Bxdie.
BtasteroxJs .. Blood Money .. Btoodwych ...... Bomber . Breach .. Butcher Hill ..... Californian Games.. .£16.90 £15.90 £15.90 £15.90 £1290 £1350 .£13.50 .£16.90 £17.50 £1690 ...£1590 . £13 50 ....£1290 ....£1695 ... £12.90 .£1290 £15.90 ....£14.95 ....£15.90 £1690 £16 90 £13.90 £15.90 £16.90 £13.90 £12.90 Hybns .
Ikt- ...
I. S.S . Indiana Jones II Infestation ...
Interceptor .. Iron Tracker Jaws .. Joan
of Arc £15.95 Journey ..£1690 Journey Cent.
Earth £13.50 K D'Glish Soc. Man £12 90
KK.M .£9 95 Kennedy Approach . £15.90
Kickoff .....£12.90 Kind
Words ......£39 90 Kingdom of England £15.90
- -----..£15.90 £1590 £1390 £16.95 £1050 £1690 £1395 Quartz..
R. V.F .. Rtype ...
Raider Rambow Island .. Rainbow Warrior .
..£1590 ..£15.90 £1650 £1290 . £15 90 ..£15.90 ..£16.90 Turbo J MS. Ultimale Golf .
Vigilante Vmdctors Voyager .
£13.90 £15.90 £13 95 £13.90 ..£12.90 £15.90 RealGhostbusters. ..£16.90 Red Heat Red Lightning Rick Dangerous £16.90 £20 90 £15.90 £15.90 £1350 £16.90 £19 90 £1590 £19 95 £1590 £24 90 £12 90 W Gretzky Hockey £19 90 War in Mid. Earth £15.90 Waterloo .£16 90 Wierd Dreams £15 90 Willow .....£15.90 Wicked .£15.90 World Class leaderboard £9.90 Road Blaster Robocop . Rocket Ranger Running Man Run (he Gauntlet
S. T.A.G . Shadow of Beast
Shinobi . Shoot ’Em Up Kit... £19 95 Shuttle
Cafe £14.95 Silkworm .£15 90
Knight Force Kult .. Lancaster Laser Squad
Last Dual Last Ninia 2.
Lead Storm.
Legend of the Sword £15.90 Leisure Suit Larry II £15 90 Leonardo £12.90 Wrangler .
Xenon II .... Xenophobe ...... Xybots . Zak Makraken Zork O ...£13.90 £15.90 ...£15.90 ...£12.90 £1690 ...£15.90 Captain Blood ....£15.90 Carrier Command.....£15.90 Castle Warrior ....£15.90 Chariots ot Wrath......£12 90 Cirus Attractions £12.90 Colossus Chess X....£ 15.90 Conflict Europe ..£15.90 Cosmic Pirate ....£15.90 Crazy Cars II ....£15 90 Daley Thompson Oly£ 16.90 Danger Freak .....£13.90 Darkside .£15 90 Datastorm ...£16.90 Defcon S .£15.90
DejaVull £15.90 Demon Tomb .....£13.90 Demons Winter ..£15 90 Denars £16 90 Dmamite Dux .....£17.50 Doctor Plummet .£13.90 Dominator ..£13.00 Double Dragon £12.95 Dragon Nin|a .£16.90 Dragon Spirit ......£14.90 Dream Zone £16.90 Dungeon Master £14.95 Elite .£14.95 Emmanuel ..£12.90 Empire Strikes Back .£12.90 F16 Combat Fighter..£15.90 Faery Tail £13.90 Please note, new products will be sent on day of release.
Mail Order Only. Postage included Great Britain. Add 75p per item EEC. Overseas add £1.50 per item. Fast service, send cheque PO to: Megasave, Dept AF, 49H Sutherland Street, Victoria, London SW1 V4JX.
VISA | Please send tor FREE list ot new releases on Amstrad. Atari ST. Amiga.
Commodore. Spectrum and *3 and PC state which list Future League Ltd.
Falcon F16 ..£19.90 Fafcon F16 Mission Disc £13.90 Fallen Angel ...£12 90 Fantavision ...£29.90 Fast Break .£16.90 Fed. Of Free Trading £19.95 Ferrari Formula 1......£17.50 Fire Brigade ....£19.90 Flight Simulator II £35.90 Flying Shark .....£15.90 Football Durector II ...£12.90 Football Manager II . £13.50 Football Man II exp £8.95 Forgotten World £13.90 Freedom .£12.50 Frightnight ...£12.90 Fusion ...-....£16.90 Galdregon s Domain .£13.90 Garfield Winter £15 90 Garfield ...£12.90
Gauntlet ll ...£16.90 Gemini Wings £12.90 Gilbert (Drill) £12.90 Grand Monster Slam £12 90 Grand Prix .
Grandslam .... Gunship . HATE . Hawkeye Heroes of Lance High Steel ..... Highway Hawk..... Highway Patrol .
Price Game Professional ID e sign? I Graphics? I DTP? I Business? | If you’re interested in using the Amiga professionally, or are already doing so, you should call us. With our experience as a Commodore approved Amiga business centre, we can get you and your system working at full speed, be it anything from video presentations to application development. And with on-site maintenance, training, telephone support and in-house programming, we can make your life easier, too.
TELEPHONE 01-387 4W0 Facsimile ot-3801500 2 William Clowes Street Burslem Stoke-on-Trent ST6 3AP Software Tel 0782 575043 AMIGA SPECIAL OFFERS R Type .9.95 Wicked .9.95 Domlnator ..9.95 Time Scanner .8.95 Real Ghostbusters 8.95 Vindicators .9.95 Pacland ......8.95 Pacmania ....8.95 Garfield 1 ...8.95 Garfield 2 Winter Tale...9.95 Phantom Fighter ....8.95 Pioneer Plague 4.99 Running Man ..9.99
1K+ ......9.95 Bismarck ....9.95 Annals of Rome ......9.95 Return of the Jedi ..9.99 Peter Beardsley Soccer..7.99 Hyperdome .5.99 Phantasm ...5.99 Academy .....5.99 Artura ..5.99 Foundations Waste 5.99 World Tour Golf .....7.95 Bards Tale ..7.95 Marble Madness ....7.50 Outrun 7.95 Vigilante ..1......9.99 Power Struggle 5.99 TRIAD Starglider, Barbarian.
Defender of the Crown Sale price £9.95 AMIGA TOP TITLES F16 Combat Pilot .15.95 Barbarian II ..16.95 Bloodwych 16.95 Xenon 2 - MegaBlast... 16.95 Falcon 19.95 Falcon Mission Discs ..13.95 Populous ...17.95 Populous Data Discs.....7.95 Leisure Suit Larry 1 ....11.99 Leisure Suit Larry 2 .... 19.99 Police Quest 1 ......11.99 Police Quest 2 ......19.99 Space Quest 1 ......11.99 Space Quest 2 ......11.99 Afterburner .9.99 Krystal ......12.99 Battle
Tech ...14.99 Portal ...7.95 Trained Assassin .16.95 Bubble Bobble 2 ..16.95 Wierd Dreams ......16.95 Kennedy Approach......15.95 Kick Off ....13.95 Microprose Soccer 15.95 Ultima 5 ....15.95 3D Pool .....15.95 New Zealand Story......16.95 Rick Dangerous ...15.95 Indy Jones + Last Crusade ....16.95 Forgotten Worlds ..16.95 Scorpion ...16.95 Millenium 2.2 ......16.95 Elite ...16.95 Honda
RVF ...16.95 Sleeping Gods Lie .15.95 Kult ...16.95 Conflict Europe ....16.95 Waterloo ...16.95 AMIGA NOT TO BE MISSED Teenage Queen ......7.95 Techno Cop .6.99 Hostages .....9.99 Legend .9.99 Captain Blood .7.99 Mini Golf .....6.99 Zany Golf ..14.99 GB Air Rally 5.99 Three Stooges .8.99 King of Chicago ......8.99 GFL Football ...4.99 Champ Golf 5.95
Vixen ...2.99 Armageddon Man ...2.99 Fernandez Must Die......6.95 Faery Tale Adventure ....8.95 Tracers 3.99 Ebon Star ...2.99 Galactic Invasion ...2.99 Romantic Encounters ...5.99 Fire Power ...6.99 Better Dead Than Alien.5.99 Shanghai ....4.99 Wanted 3.99 Lombard Rally RAC.....14.99 Nigel Mansell s G. Prix ..5.99 Deja Vu 8.99 Star Goose ..6.95 Backlash .....5.95 Craps Academy ......5.95 Solitaire
Royal .6.95 Prison ..9.99 Strike Force Harrier......6.99 Robbeary ....4.99 Thexder ......2.99 Action Service .3.99 Roger Rabbit ...7.99 Indoor Sports ..4.99 ISS ......5.99 Rocket Ranger ......18.99 Lords of the Rising Sun 19.99 Grand Prix Circuit......17.99 Deluxe Paint 3 (1 meg)..54.99 AMIGA SPECIAL OFFERS F EDUCATIONAL "' Fun School 2, under 8
12. 99 Fun School 2, 6-8
12. 99 Fun School 2, over 8
12. 99 Postman Pat
7. 95 Division 1 ...5.95 Football Manager
2 9.99 Soccer Supremo .....6.95 Test Drive
2 ..19.95 HARDWARE 1 meg Expansion £89.95
External Drive £89.95 Star Mono Printer £169.00 Star Colour
Printer £199.00 Philips Stereo Monitor £249.00 Please phone
for availability All prices include VAT.
All orders under £6 please add 75p towards postage and packing.
All orders over £6.00, postage and packing free.
GAMEBUSTERS GAMEBUSTERS There’s no need to cry, there’s no need to hit the bottle or kick the cat! Just count to ten, take a few deep breaths and then turn to Gamebusters to see just how you’re supposed to get past that monster and on to the next section.
Here's how to solve those five ordeals (if you think you should!)
1 DE PROFUNDIS You will need the rope for this ordeal.
Enter the room and wait for a hook to lower from the ceiling.
Latch your rope onto it and hang on until the monster reappears, then click on the monster and drop onto it and wait until it carries you to the other side of the room where you can collect your skull.
2 THE TWINS You will need the goblet for this ordeal.
Go through the door to the left of the serpents into a room called The source’. Inspect the statue in the fountain. Press the eye of the statue and water will pour from the statue: fill your goblet. Now return to the room with the serpents and pour the water into the left serpent’s mouth. Take the die that floats to the surface and throw it (it usually comes up a two), remember the number then drop it into the mouth of the second serpent and the other door will open, so go through it.
Then lift the number of hands that was shown on the die and press the head: if you lift the correct hands the small partition will open and a symbol will be revealed. Go back into the source and examine the six cubes beneath the fountain, lift the lid of the one with the corresponding symbol to receive the skull.
3 THE WALL You will need the dagger for this ordeal.
Enter the room and press the third mark on the floor, them press the first mark followed by the second.
The sliding doors should now be together: if they aren't then repeat the process using different combinations. Once the doors are together go through the left hand door. Stand on the step and put the dagger in the slot on the knight, the wall will flip over revealing a passage on the right: go down it and put your hand in the hole to receive a skull.
4 IN THE SCORPION’S PRESENCE You will need the fly for this ordeal.
Firstly you need to pray to the large black statue, then go through the door in front, crawl up to the mistress and give her the fly. Refuse her offers of kisses etc and feed the fly to the blue spider.
Take the red spider and put it into the mouth of the large statue and a door will open. Go past the man who appears and take the skull.
5. THE NOOSE You don't need anything for this ordeal.
Enter the room and use solar eyes if it’s dark. Grab hold and climb the left rope up onto the platform.
Pull the lever to kill the Poormouth (who plays no part) and examine the hollow in the platform to get the skull. Then pull the lever again and take the left hand rope before exiting the room. Bingo!
GARY CROOK ROYSTON DRTRBRRIN Ltd 52 Idlecombe Road Tooting London S111 1 7 9TB Q1-672479T 9am - 8pm 7 Days a week HARDWARE Are you new to the Amiga, finding it difficult to *" harness the power of this amazing computer ?, then what you need is help from the largest group of Amiga enthusiasts in the world . Members receive:- Excellent discounts on software Technical support and on line help Superb hardware reductions A bi-monthly newsletter of over 60 pages!
Access to a PD library of over 300 disks Use of the groups Amiga only bulletin board Discounts on books ?
It ?
It A500 with Modulator ...£377 A 1084s Colour Stereo Monitor ..£282 A500 + A 1084s .£610 A501 Half Meg Expansion ..£130 A2000 + A1084 Monitor ..P.O.A Amiga A1010 External Drive .....£135 NEC 3.5" External Drive £85 Senator 3.5" External
Drive ..£90 NEC P2200 24 Pin ..£389 Amiga MPS1500C Colour Printer ...£275 Epson LX800 ....£280 SOFTWARE AMIGA DON’T HESITATE - JOIN NOW and start to appreciate what Amiga computing is all about.
For further details write, enclosing a stamped addressed envelope to: The U.K. Amiga User Group, 66, London Road, Leicester. LE2 OQD.
Or Telephone : Leicester (0533) 550993 Due to the ever expanding range of software for the Amiga, space does not allow us to mention every package available.
Below is just a SMALL SAMPLE of our software prices. If the item you require is on the market, then we can supply it and at a competitive rate.
Battlehawks 1942 ......£18 Millenium 2.2 ......£18 Dungeon Master (1 meg required) ....£18 Dragons Lair (1 meg required) ....£32 Elite ...£18 Sword of Sodan ..£18 Publishers Choice .....£89
Publisher Plus ....£78 Shakespeare ....£112 Superbase Personal 2 ...£72 Superbase Professional .....£181 Whatever the item, either leisure or business we can supply it.
We provide full support whenever possible and if we can't then we know a man who can. We never forget that you are the most important person in the company and we will help you get the most from your Amiga and the software that makes the Amiga the machine of today and tomorrow. All our staff are in the process of being trained by Commodore to enable us to provide the service that you expect and deserve. We constantly look at new ways to improve our service and so we are prepared to 'Bundle' items together in any combination that suits you and your pocket, please phone for details on these and
any item you require.
DATABRAIN Ltd 01-672-4791 All our prices include VAT. Please phone for carriage rates.
COLLECTIONS BY APPOINTMENT, please phone. A SMALL SELECTION FROM OUR WAREHOUSE Hardware & Peripherals (Offers while stocks last) RRP WAVE 64C Connoisseur's Pack inc: 64C, Neos Mouse. Software etc ....249.99 .....132.99 A Amiga 500 inc. Free Modulator & Workbench 1.3 ......499.99 .....329.99 A Amiga 500 'Miles Better' Pack inc 500 Free Air Miles 499.99 .....419.16 A Amiga 1000 ? A1050 256K Ram Expansion + A1081 HR Colour Monitor (a bargain not to be missed, very limited stocks) 1115.75 .....599.95
ANC Commodore A1084S HR Colour Stereo Monitor - Amiga PC ......299.00 .....269.10 A Commodore A1010 3.5" External Drive - A500 PC1 ..286.35 88.99 B Vortex System 2000 40MB ext Hard disc inc PSU, FAN, UTIL 573.85 .....482.03 A Cumana CAX354 3.5" Bot DS 1meg drive - Amiga ......99.95 84.96 C MGT Lifetime 3.5" Drive inc Lead to Amiga .....148.45 .....126.74 B PL-2 Lead, Printer Centronics Parallel - Amiga .14.95 6.98 F I Star LC10 Parallel
F&T NLQ Printer ...297.85 158.01 A Star LC10 Colour Parallel F8T Printer ......343.85 .....206.31 A Star LC2410 Parallel F&T NLQ 24 Pin Printer 458.85 .....321.20 A
FOR OUR TRADE PUBLIC SECTOR DIVISION PRICE LIST Kempston Contriver AGIO Replacement Mouse - Amiga ..29.95 ..25.46 E Computer Labels 89mm x 36mm 1 across Box 1000 ....9.20 6.44 D Blank Discs & Software X-Cad Designer (Reqs 1mb Ram) - A500 1000 2000 113.85 ..85.39 C Manx Aztec C Compiler Developer C68K V3.40A - Amiga ...299.00 209.30 C Fun School 2 (state ver. Under 6yrs 6-8 yrs over 8yrs) A500 ..19.95 ..12.97 E Commodore Enhancer
Workbench V1.3 & extras 1.3 ? Book 14.99 ..11.99 E James Associates BBC Emulator - A500 ....49.99 ..39.49 D Verbatim 3.5" DS DD 135TPI Bulk Discs Pkt25 ...62.50 ..20.63 D YU-DS80L D.B Lockable Storage Box holds 80 3.5" ...23.77 7.13 D DO YOU WANT TO SAVE MONEY, THEN SEND FOR OUR TRADE PRICE LIST STATE FOR WHICH PRODUCTS AND ENCLOSE 3 19P STAMPS CAPTAIN CAVEMAN BBS NOW ON LINE 4PM TO 9AM 0229-473609 Eng. Mainland post 8 ins.: (A)
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All Prices Include VAT. All sales subject to our Trade Terms of Trading.
W. A.V.E. (Trade Dept. AF 1089) Walney Audio Visual & Electrical
Distribution 1 Buccleuch Street, Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria,
LA14 1SR Tel: 0229-870000 (6 lines) Hours: Mon - Fri
10.00-5.00 SLEEPING GODS LIEl Maps and hints on how to get
through the first three lands courtesy of the people behind
the game, Oxford Digital Enterprises.
Northern Taira (the hermit will tell you about the pass it you take the map back to him). The pass takes you through to southern Taira where a magic tree will transport you to the next kingdom.
2. In the first landscape you will meet Prince Gregor who will
follow you about the kingdom. Travel east or south to one of
the next landscapes (by going through one of the closely
spaced trees at the east or south boundary), and you will find
the entrance to the dwar- ven caves at the southern bound-
1. In the hut, pick up the pebbles and bowl, and head through the
north door. Head north to meet the old man. Pick up any
ammunition you find and then head through the east exit.
Head south and find the molehill which will contain your
back door key. Exit west and enter southern Caila, find the
pool and fill your bowl.
Go back to eastern Caila and head south until you see two trees close together - give the water to the trees and they'll let you pass into northern Taira. In the north corner you will find the bandit leader. Shoot him and take the map. Go to the eastern exit and you'll enter western Caila which contains a peasant's hut. Inside you’ll find some mouldy cheese which you can feed to the mouse creatures who’ll then let you pass.
Find the two headed creature at the north end of western Caila and once you’ve killed it pick up the Circlet of Concentration which it will drop. This reveals a narrow path in the south east corner of 10 DIM CODE% (255) 20 FOR N=0 TO 151 30 READ A$ : A=VAL (" SH"+A$ ) 40 CODE%(N)=A 50 NEXT N 60 CHEAT=VARPTR (CODE% (0) ) 65 CALL CHEAT 70 REM TYPE IN THIS LISTING AND SAVE IT FOR FUTURE USE 80 REM INSERT BATMAN DISK AND RUN THIS PROGRAM 90 REM GAME SHOULD LOAD AS USUAL BUT WITH INFINITE LIVES 100 DATA 41FA,0014,43F9,0007,FE00,2F09,707F,22D8 110 DATA 51C8,FFFC,4E75,7OFF,2C78,0004,4EAE,FEB6 120 DATA
2200, 5280, 6700, 00A6,4BFA,014E,3AFC,0400 130 DATA 429D,3AC1,93C9,4EAE,FEDA,2ACO,2A8D,2B4D 140 DATA 0008,589D,4295,4BFA,00F0,1ABC,0005,3B7C 150 DATA 0030,000A,41ED,0038,2B48,0006,41FA,00C0 160 DATA 7000,7200,43FA,00CA,4EAE.FE44,4A80,6600 170 DATA 005C,700C,99CC,6118,7002,49F9,0007,0000 180 DATA 610E,45EC,01FE,47FA,0026,613A,4EEC,000C 190 DATA 43FA,00C2.22FC,0000,0400,22CC,4299,7230 200 DATA 93C1,3340.001C,3341,0012,4EEE.FE38,2057 210 DATA 217C,5354,4152,06CE,317C,5400,06D2.45E8 220 DATA 01CC,47FA,000A,34FC,4EF9,248B,4E75,43F8 230 DATA 0560,2F09.22FC,1038,1281,32BC,4E75,45F9 240 DATA
0007,060A,47FA,0004,60DC,4278,OOEC.223C 250 DATA 038E,05A2,203C,11FC,0000,BOFC,4D28,6706 260 DATA 223C,0374,0596,2180,1000,31BC,303C,1006 270 DATA 4841,2180,1000,31BC.4E71,1006,4ED0,7472 280 DATA 6163,6B64,6973,6B2E,6465,7669,6365,0000 MARK LAWRENCE BASILDON VIGILANTE Get onto the high-score table and enter your name as GREEN CRYSTAL to enable the cheat mode: then you can increase your lives by pressing FI and skip levels by pressing F8.
DAMIAN PENNEY LIVERPOOL CYBERNOID II To gain infinite lives simply type NECRONOMICON on the title screen.
TONY COOPER WORTHING NAVY MOVES The access code for Part Two is 786169 CHRIS BAKER POLEGATE KICK OFF When playing against a friend and you score a goal, shout ‘YEAH!’ really loudly and punch the air.
This is very effective for upsetting your opponent - well it works against my dad!
PAUL ROSS STUBBINGTON CHARIOTS OF WRATH A simple tip to gain infinite lives.
When first instructed to press the fire button, push the joystick forward. On the first breakout screen you have to collect all the diamonds to complete the screen. On the second breakout screen there are some dummy diamonds, so don't worry about collecting them all.
JAMES GOWE, LONDON ary of both these levels.
In order to climb down you will need a lantern, which will be dropped by a dwarf that you need to kill by the entrance. Go down into the caverns and head south.
In the second cave you will find the spider's lair. You need to get inside to pick up a rope which you will need when you come to exit.
Just off the next large cave to the south, you will find the Throne Room which contains the prince's crown.
Now go back and give the crown to the prince who will give you some gold in return, then go back through the caves to their southern exit and in this landscape you should find a molehill which contains the Belt of Lung Capacity which, when combined with poison darts, makes the blowpipe a very useful weapon. Go south and you'll find a fountain in southern Sylvar which will transport you to the next kingdom.
3. DELANDA There are five islands on Delanda, and you have the
advantage of being able to see them in the distance. Note
that every time you shoot a seagull it will drop two gold
coins. The first thing to do is approach the ferryman and take
the ferry to the southern isle (island 2). Kill one of the
druids and pick up his golden sickle and then take it to the
mistletoe tree at the centre of the island, where you can get
some mistletoe. Find the dying peasant and see what he has to
Go to the west through the two stones (island three - which requires the mistletoe for transport) and go to the ferryman at the south and be transported to the fourth island. Here you will meet the princess who will give you a ring which will prove useful later on in the game. You will also find here the Sandals of Water Walking which allow you to walk to any island you wish. Go east to island five and find the vial which you need to take back to the dying peasant - it will fill up with blood.
Then go back to island five and the well will transport you to the next island.
SPHERICAL Here are some codes for you.
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Chess ..17.99
Battletech ......14.50
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S. D.C. ORDER FORM Please send me the following titles. BLOCK
capitals please!
Type of computer_ Title: Amount AMIGA FORMAT, OCTOBER.
Name..... Address.
Tel. No..... Total Enclosed £
* Personal Callers Only _K3_E3- Please Make Cheques and Postal
Orders Payable to S.D.C. Please add 50p P&P fdr orders under
£5. Over £5 P&P is free. Europe please add £1.00 per disc.
Elsewhere please add £1.50 extra per disk GAMEBUSTERS How to
get very nearly, but not quite, to the end of the hack and
slash-em-up - after all, you didn't expect us to give the whole
game away did you?
SWORD OF SODAN Level 1 - At the city's gates.
To defeat the four guards, wait until they are pointing their staffs in the air and then jump into them doing over-head chops. Do this for all four guards and you should get through with most of your strength left.
Level 2 - Between the city’s walls.
When the first spike goes down, jump over it, and jump again as soon as you land. Wait for the spike to go down again and jump over that one and jump again as soon as you land. Kill the guard using the same method as in level one - at the end of the level, make sure you don't stand between the clumps of spikes because they'll kill you instantly and the wizard will take great delight in laughing in your face.
Level 3 - In the city streets.
To kill the axemen, duck and low chop. Keep moving forward and using this method and you shouldn't get hit. Jump over the barrels and at the end of the level keep overhead chopping the giant and you should decapitate him without taking a hit.
Level 4 - In the heart of the forest.
When you meet the two thugs, just duck and low chop and they should jump into your sword. At the end of the level use one power shield when fighting the scorpions because to kill them you must hit the claw on the end of their tails.
Level 5 - In the land of the dead.
Jump over the rolling heads and duck and low chop to kill the zombies. Watch out for zombie spit when you are standing up. The zombies gradually need to take more hits to destroy them as you go through the level.
Level 6 - The foyer of the castle craggamoor.
There are two holes on this level, so watch out! To defeat the wizard use one shield and jump into him and use a combination of overhead chops and low chops. Keep doing this until he dies them walk I off and onto the next level.
Level 7 - Descend the stairs.
Walk forward a couple of steps then stand still and overhead chop, you should kill both the birds.
Once they are dead, walk forward and as soon as you get the wizard into view use a magic zapper to kill him off and proceed to the next level.
Level 8 - In a passage deep.
Jump over fireballs as they come.
Keep walking forward on this level.
Keep an eye on the top of the screen as blocks come down to crush you. When the fireballs stop, spikes will come to take their place so watch out for these as they kill you instantly. Keep moving at all times! When you come to the lava, there are three blocks you must jump onto to get past it.
Timing is critical, so learn the pattern of movement of the blocks.
Once over, there are more fireballs to jump and acid drops from the ceiling to avoid. Take your time dodging the acid drops or you’ll get hit. At the end of the level you must hit the teeth of the statue to get past.
Level 9 - In the catacombs.
Walk forward and kill the four birds by overhead chopping them. When you come to the caterpillar-like creature, jump through it. Get the potion and you will be riding the beast. Walk backwards through the caterpillar and the beast will eat it and will be able to jump.
Then walk forward. When you get trapped between two walls, water will start to rise, keep on jumping and the water will go back down and the walls will disappear. Keep on walking and you will come to a red wall, stab the red lines and when the rock on the top of the wall flies off - overhead chop it.
You'll have to hit the rock three times and the wall will disappear, and carry you through to the next level.
Level 10 - The foyer of the castle craggamoor.
Just the same as level 6.
Level 11 - At the wizard's tower.
Destroy the dragon-like creature by low chopping it in the gut. When you get to the wizard jump into him and overhead chop. Keep doing this and you will be safe from his magic. After about eight chops the wizard will fire tons of blue fireballs at you... Mark Beckett, Plymouth.
All of us would like some free software, so here’s how to earn yourself a voucher worth E50 to spend on those latest block bustin’ games. If you have any maps, tips or pokes for recent games, then get them written down and sent to: Gamebusters, Amiga Format, 4, Queen St, Bath. BA1 1EJ. This month’s lucky winners are: Gary crook, James Gower and Mark Lawrence SILKWORM There are two versions of Silkworm on release. The only difference is that they have different cheat modes because one magazine revealed the cheat mode before the game was even released! (The plonkers!)
Version one - hold down the help key and keep it pressed while pressing fire on the joystick to start the game. You will now have infinite lives and can move through the levels by pressing the numeric keys 1 to 0 and the minus key.
Version two - if you have the latest version of the game then attempting the above will reveal the following message: 'Congratulations, you have found the cheat mode....unfortunately it has been ZZAPPED!
If this happens go to the control selection page and type 'scrap 28' and then start the game. The effect is the same as above.
DAN MARCHANT LONDON THE KRISTAL Try these tips and make your life a little easier.
Have to fight any more opponents.
3. Here are the items that you can take from some of the
Kring = 25 Skringles Princess = Ring of Belz Gloop = Invitation Beggar = Pommel Hippy = Flow Strell Noto = 25 Skringles Aunt Polly = 5 Multipep tabs Mervin = Transmitter CHRIS WEST EGHAM
1. When fighting an opponent, move to the left of the screen and
keep your finger on the fire button and the joystick up (head
chops), and you should defeat him within minutes.
2. Defeat all the opponents in each planet then save the game (it
will make it easy for you to complete the game) e.g. each
time you start a new game load the saved game and then you
Pool ......11.99 4 Soccer
Sim .....11.99 4x4 Off Road
Racing .....16.99 Advanced Rugby Simulator . 11.99
Advanced Ski Simulator 11.99
Afterburner 16.99
Airball .11.99 Airborne
Ranger 14.99
A-Max ......134.95 A-Max with
Rom ..249.95 Alien Legion ...
16.99 Amiga Gold Hits 1 .16.99
APB .12.99
Archipelagos .....16.99 Arkanoid 2
Revenge ......14.99
Armalyte ....11.99 Roal 1 4 QQ Ball of
Power i990 14i99 Ballistix ......11.99
Barbarian 2 Pal .14.99 Barbarian
Pal ....11.99 Bards Tale
2 ......17.99 Batman Caped Crusader 15.99
Batman The Movie 16.99 Battlehawks
1942 .16.99 Beach
Volley ......16.99 Bionic
Commando ...8.99
Blasteroids .14.99 Blazing
Barrels ..14.99 Blood
Money .....16.99
Bloodwych .16.99
Bombuzal ...14.99 California
Games ..16.99
Capone ......19.99 Captain
Blood ...14.99 Carrier
Command .14.99 Chessmaster
2000 16.99
Chronoquest .....18.99 Chuckie Egg
2 ...18.99 Colossus Chess
X ..15.99
Corruption .14.99 Cosmic
Pirate ....14.99 Crazy Cars
2 .....14.99 Cybernoid
2 ......11.99 Daley Thompson
88 .....14.99 Damocles ...11.99
Darkside ....15.99
Denaris ......16.99
Dominator ..13.99 Double
Dragon ..11.99 Dragon
Ninja .....15.99
Dragonscape .....15.99 Dragonslair 1
meg .29.99
Driller .14.99 Dungeon
Master 15.99
Eliminator ..13.99
Elite 14.99
Emmanuelle ......11.99
Empire 19.99 Empire Strikes
Back ....11.99 Espionage ..11.99
Euro Space Shuttle ......16.99 F16 Combat
Pilot ..16.99 Falcon
F16 .19.99 Falcon Mission Disc 1
..13.99 Fantavision 29.99 Fed
of Free Traders ......19.99 Final
Command 19.99
Fish 14.99 Flight Sim
2 ......26.99 Fit Disc 7 or 11
.13.99 Fit Disc European .13.99
Fit Disc Japan ...13.99 Flying
Shark .....14.99 Foot Man 2 Exp
Kit .8.99 Football Director 2 11.99
Football Manager 2 ......11.99 Foundations
Waste ..8.99
Frightnight .11.99 Frontier
(EPT) ....14.99 Fun School 2
(6-8) .15.99 Fun School 2 (over 8) ...15.99
Fun School 2 (under 6) .15.99 Galactic
Conqueror ......14.99 Galdregons
Domain ......12.99 Garfield
! .9.99 Garfield
Winter ..12.99 Gilbert Escape
Drill ......11.99 Golden
Path ......11.99 Grand Prix Sim
2 ..11.99 Guerilla
War ......14,99 Guild of
Thieves 16.99
Gunship .....14.99
Hawkeye ....12.99 Helter
Skeller ......9.99 Heroes of the
Lance ......16.99 I lighway
Hawks .11.99 Hollywood Poker
Pro .....16.99
Hostages ....14.99 Hot
Football .9.99 Hunt for Red
October ...14.99
Hybris .19.99 Ikari
Warriors ....14.99 Indy Jones
Action ..13.99 Indy Jones
Adventure ...16.99 Ingrids
Back ......11.99 Int Karate
+ 16.99 It Came from
Desert .....19.99
Jaws ...12.99 J Nlcklau's
Golf .15.99
Jet ..26.99 Joan of
Arc .16.99 Joe Blade
2 ..9.99 Kennedy
Approach 14.99 Kick
Off ......11.99 Kind Words
2 ....34.99 Kings Quest
4 ...21.99
Kristal .17.99 Leaderboard
Birdie 16.99
Lancelot .....12.99 Laser
Squad ......16.99 Last
Duel ...10.99 Led
Storm ..13.99 Legend of
Djel ...16.99 Legend of
Sword 14.99 Leisure Suit Larry
2 .....19.99 Licence to Kill ....12.99
Lombard RAC Rally ......14.99 Lords of Rising
Sun ......19.99 Manhatton Dealer .14.99
Marla Whittaker ..9.99
Menace ...... 12.99 Microprose
Soccer . 14.99 Millenium 2.2 .
16.99 Mortvllle Manor ..... 15.99 Motor
Massacre ..... Navcom 6 ...
13.99 16.99 Navy Moves
16.99 Nebulus .....17.99
Netherworld ......17.99 New Zealand
Story 16.99 Operation Hormuz 12.99
Operation Neptune 14.99 Operation
Wolf ..14.99
Outrun ..8.99 Outrun
Europa ...9.99
POW 19.99
Pacland ......11.99
Paemanla ...11.99
Paperboy ....14.99 Peter
Beardsley .12.99 Phantom
Fighter ...13.99
Phobia .14.99 Pioneer
Plague ...14.99
Platoon 14.99 Police
Quest ......16.99 Police Quest
2 ...16.99 Pool of
Radiance 16.99 Precious
Metal ...15.99 Premier
Collection .18.99
Prison .11.99 Purple Saturn
Day 14.99
RTYpe .16.99
Rallies .14.99
Raider .11.99 Rainbow
Islands 15.99 Reach For The
Stars .....16.99 Real Ghostbusters .16.99
Realm of Trolls ..16.99 Rebels in The
Dark 11.99 Red
Heat ....15.99 Renegade 1 or
3 15.99 Return of the
Jedi ...9.99 Return to
Genesis .11.99 Rick
Dangerous .15.99 Road
Blasters ....13.99
Robocop .....15.99 Rocket
Ranger ...19.99 Rolling
Thunder 16.99 Run the
Gauntlet ..15.99 Running
Man ....14.99 RVF
Honda 14.99 Sargon 3
Chess .14.99
Savage 14.99
Scorpion ....14.99 Scrabble
Deluxe 13.99
Sentinel .....11.99
Shadowgate 14.99 Shoot em up Con
Kit ....19.99 Silent Service ....14.99
Silkworm ...12.99 Skate or
Die ......17.99
Skateball ....17.99 Sleeping Gods
Lie ..14.99 Space Harrier
2 .16.99
Spaceracer .11.99
Speedball ...11.99
Stag 14.99 Startled
1 ..19.99 Starglider
2 14.99 Stealth
Fighter ..16.99 Steve Davis World Snooker
..12.99 Storm Trooper ...14.99 Street
Fighter ......8.99 Strike Force
Harrier 9.99 Strip Poker
2+ .....9.99 Stunt Car
Racer 15.99 Super
Hangon ...16.99 Superbase
Personal ......59.95
Superman ..14.99 Sword of
Sodan .14.99
Talespin .....17.99 Tangled
Tales ....14.99
Tech 13.99
Technocop ..13.99 Teenage
Queen ..11.99 Test Drive 2 The
Duel ...21.99 Theatre Europe .14.99
Thunderbirds ....16.99
Thunderblade ....16.99 Tiger
Road ..17.99 Time and
Magik 12.99 Times of
Lore ....14.99
Titan ...14.99
Tracers ......16.99 Tracksuit
Manager 11.99
Triad ...18.99 Triv Pursuit New
Begin 12.99 TV Sports Football .17.99 Typhoon
Thompson ......11.99 Ultima
4 .....14.99 Ultimate
Golf .....13.99 UMS Scenario 1
..8.99 UMS Scenario
2 ..8.99 Unlv Military
Sim ..14.99
Verminator .14.99 Victory
Road ......14.99
Vigilante .....10.99 Vindicators
(Domark) 12.99 Virus ...12.99
Virus Killer .18.99
Voyager ......15.99 W C
Leaderboard .8.99 W Gretzky
Hockey .19.99 Wanderer
3D .....11.99 War In Middle
Earth .....14.99
Waterloo .....14.99 Weird
Dreams ...14.99
Xenon .14.99 Xenon 2
Megablast 15.99
Xybots .12.99 Zak
McKracken .16.99 Zany
Golf ...16.99 NAME PRICE Allen
Strike ......3.99
Challenger 3.99 City
Defence ...: .3.99 Fortress
Underground .3.99 Jump
Jet ..3.99 Mike The
Dragon .....3.99 Phaianx
2 ..3.99
Quantox 3.99 NAME PRICE
Armageddon Man .....7.99 Alien
Syndrome .7.99 Blackjack
Academy ..7.99 Bermuda
Project ......7.99
Bombjack ...7.99 Craps
Academy .7,99 Crazy
Cars .7.99 Dark
Castle 7.99 Deja
Vu ..7,99 Fernandez Must
Die .7.99 Galactic
Invasion .....7.99 Gee Bee Air
Rally .....7.99 Gold
Runner .....7.99 Hacker
2 7.99 Hellfire
Attack ...7.99 Insanity
Flight ...7.99 Incredible Shrinking
Sphere 7.99 Manix ....7.99
Mindfighter 7.99 Nigel Mansell
GP ......7.99 Nord And
Bert ...7.99 Romantic
Encounters ...7.99
Skychase ...7.99 Sea
Stalker 7.99 Seconds
Out .....7.99 Soldier of
Light ..7.99
Spellbreaker ......7.99 Stock
Market ....7.99 Strike Force
Harrier .7.99 Tetra
Quest 7.99
Tetris .....7.99
Thexder ..7.99 Three
Stooges ...7.99
Tracers ..7.99
Typhoon .7.99
Vixen .....7.99 Winter
Olympiad 88 .7.99
Zynaps ...7.99 NAME AMIGA
Archon Collection ..8.99 Arctic
Fox 8.99 Bards Tale
1 ...8.99
Battlechess ...16.99 Deluxe Music Con
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Somewhere in Dorset, 9.30 on a rainy September morning. A crucial breakthrough is about to be made in the field of computer-controlled robotics. As the programmers look on, a small, wheeled robot inches with great precision across a smooth floor. It pauses exactly on a marked station, then turns through an angle of 90 degrees: repeats this manoeuvre three times to come to rest precisely where it started.
The experiment is declared a success, and excitedly the programmers discuss their achievement, the delight obvious on their faces. Although this is no world first, no giant step for mankind, to them the satisfaction is intense: because these programmers are six or seven years old, working in
* You wouldn’t fetch children without telling them how to use
• pencil and paper, would you? Not Just yet, at least11 a primary
school, and they have just written a computer program that
works. Many of us would be pleased to be able to do the same:
but can't, because we were educated in the days when, unless
you were being trained to work with these arcane devices,
knowledge of them was considered obscure and irrelevant.
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it really is chips with everything. Every school in the
country by now possesses or has access to a computer: most
Universities and places of further education could probably
not function without them. Kenneth Baker’s infamous National
Curriculum has a place for them. The educational market is now
possibly one of the key targets for computer sales. But the
important thing is this: that as the educators themselves
become educated, they are beginning to realise that the
computer is not just a box of tricks, a buzzword, or a
messianic changer of the whole of society. Rather, it is a
cross between a useful tool and a useful medium, just like a
pencil and a piece of paper. And you wouldn’t teach children
without telling them how to use a pencil and paper, would you?
Not just yet, at least... Many of us know that computers are
used in schools.
Fewer of us know exactly how they are used, or why. The aim of this article is to discover why computers are used in education, from the basics of primary school level right up to the most advanced research at Universities: and to find out where the Amiga fits in.
One thing that almost everyone knows is that the BBC, now “How long will It bo bofforo tho BBC loss* its grip, and will
• nothor machine ovor roploco It in a position of monopoly?* an
aged machine, has over the last ten years or so enjoyed a
unique stranglehold over schools, and the primary school market
in particular. Having been dominated by the dear old Beeb for
so long, this market has developed an inherent conservatism,
much of which is software dependent. At the same time as, and
often in tandem with, the producers of BBC software, teachers
have learnt what they need to best bring out children’s
abilities and » These pictures were produced on an Amiga B2000
by a student at an art college in Leeds. Paul Cowen is studying
for a Higher Diploma in Graphics at one of an increas- ing
number of colleges in this country that allow students to work
on computers, and choose the Amiga to do it with.
The illustrations, with their interesting and original watercolour-like style, were all produced using Photon Paint. Paul was honoured with high commendation lor these pictures in a competition run by Macmillan books, and his pictures were displayed as part of an exhibition at the ICA earlier this rear: a distinction made all the more remarkable by the fact that they were the first computer-generated aictures ever to be entered in the competition.
Paul’s more recent work in a iifferent style has been comis- iioned for use by a skateboard nagazine. We wish him well with future projects.
» develop their computer literacy as well. A good deal of this software has become 'industry-standard' for teachers, so much so that buying of software is centralised at LEAs and training courses are geared towards particular programs. Beating the Beeb will not be easy. But the reasons are, in many ways, far from being retrogressive or reactionary.
The positive side is that teachers would be reluctant to move away from the BBC because so much of the software written for it has proved so very useful. It has been developed in response to the learning of the educators to provide much more than even the early proponents of the computer in education would have imagined.
The most fascinating thing about computers in education is how much more you can do with them than anyone ever realised... The field of education is, for simplicity's sake, usually broken down into three main areas: primary (roughly five to eleven years of age), secondary (twelve to sixteen) and further education (colleges, universities apd the like).
This tends to gloss over certain other areas, such as preschool and special needs, but you can't have the world in five pages.
The primary school scene is in many ways the most interesting. The software developed for use with the BBC has already set the pace, with some remarkable ideas. The impression we often get of ‘educational software' is of weak variations on painting, spelling and sums: generally about as much fun as times tables ever were. None at all.
Primary school children can hope in the near future to have a computer in each classroom, but currently they tend to be lucky to use one for a few hours each THE HEART OF THE MACHINE Surely the most advanced work currently being undertaken using the Amiga is a project to develop a 4D ultrasonic imaging system to display a complete picture of the human heart. This work is being carried out at Imperial College, London, a university famous for scientific research.
The innovators behind the project are software expert Doctor Habib Talhami, Harold Wilson, developer of the ultrasound transducer used in the project, and a cardiologist from a leading London hospital. In real time the system will scan and build an image of the heart from ultrasound signals. The whole thing will be ready for use in many thousands of hospitals within two or three years, replacing older 2D systems for analysis of the structure of the heart and of blood-flow within it. The Amiga is being used for the benefits brought by its graphic capabilities and the PC compatibility provided
by an AT Bridgeboard.
Week. The children normally work in groups of two or three, which fits in well with the current educational trend for discussion and mutual problem-solving within small groups. A logical problem in an adventure game, for instance, can provide a good opportunity for a discussion amongst classmates and hopefully a reasoned conclusion: although heated arguments aren't necessarily seen as a bad thing, so long as they stop short of one kid flushing another's head down the toilet.
The general rule of thumb seems to be that you should never underestimate the adaptability of children. The major uses of a computer in a typical primary school are surprisingly advanced, even from the age of five. A prime example is Logo, a simple programming language which even Even now, schools are buying BBC Masters, but 8-bit technology is now way past its sell-by date. The two questions are simply how long will it be before the BBC loses its grip, and will another machine ever replace it in a position of monopoly? Whether any single machine will ever gain the dominance of the BBC
is very much in doubt. Currently, there are four main contenders in the race to bring less-than-primitive technology into the classroom: RM, with the Nimbus, Acorn with the Archimedes A3000, Apple with the Macintosh, and, of course, Commodore. The Atari ST has never really been a competitor in this field.
Acorn still has one major ace hidden up its corporate sleeve: the name BBC. The A3000 is already being touted to schools as "the new BBC micro” and "the latest and most powerful addition to the BBC family", taking full advantage of schools' familiarity with the Acorn range. The Archimedes is already proving to have a high profile: "top of the computer wish list for both primary and secondary schools ', according to Acorn. And at least one teacher I spoke to already perceived the A3000 as being a transition phase from the old BBC to that desired Archie. The sound of wool coming firmly down
over eyes was almost painful.
One thing that the Archimedes and the Amiga both share is a BBC emulator, intended to smooth the path of upgrades for Beeb-owning schools. The Beebulator for the Amiga was developed by Ariadne with Commodore's encouragement and support as part of their developing strategy to sell to schools. Although it is a remarkably fine product, the problem with it is that it is unable to run any BBC software that is not written in Basic, which really means everything that is of any use.
So how to compete? Well, one point for competition is obviously price. Currently, a BBC Master with colour monitor will cost a school in the region of £550: a similar A3000, around £700. The Amiga A500 is available to schools for £599.
But price is not the only factor in competition. What counts is essentially the same group of factors that influence any other potential computer buyer: performance for the price, flexibility and the availability of decent software.
The Amiga is already years ahead in many of the areas that schools will use computers for, such as paint packages, computer- aided design, word-processing and DTP. It allows technical knowledge to be developed using a whole range of different operating systems and programming languages. It can offer opportunity for innovation in such esoteric subjects as 3D animation and video. And with the push from Commodore to develop in areas of traditional primary school computing support, such as the Amiga Logo, it can take the Beeb on its own ground.
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R-TYPE ST AMIGA _ i £9-99 eS ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT AND COURIER SERVICE CALLERS AND MAIL ORDER WELCOME n r i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i J L n i i i i i i i i i j r- i i i i I i i i L CREDIT TERMS NOW AVAILABLE Example - Amiga A500, £15.03 per month over 36 months with a 10% deposit of £34.00 VAAAAA COMMODORE A501 RAM EXPANSION with clock ONLY £115.00 Open 9.00am to 6pm Monday to Saturday AMIGA A500 ROM + WORKBENCH 1.3 Mouse, Modulator, Leads ONLY £349.00 PRINTERS r1 i 'Star LC 10 Colour ....£199.00 jStar LC-10
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Unless stated otherwise 16 BIT CENTRE Unit 17* Lancashire Fittings Science Village Claro Road, Harrogate Hgl 4AF Tel (0423) 531822 526322 THE PRIMARY PROJECT well as a certain amount since the beginning of a great discussion- One major locus for the attempts Commodore is making to break into the educational market with the Amiga is, quite naturally. That stronghold of the BBC, the primary school. There are roughly 25,000 primary schools in this country, which represents a substantial market, catering for children up to the age of eleven. The problem for Commodore is simply how to gain
the confidence of this market. Their answer is the Primary Project.
The Project has supplied Amiga 500s free or at cut-down prices to about 20 schools across the country. The idea is that teachers can then begin to appreciate the benefits of this machine, and offer their criticisms as of praise. Any short- the year, seems to have point - discussion comings the machine made good headway. Being one of the key- has are likely to be in Responses from teach- words of modern pri- the amount of software ers have been enthusi- mary education - and available which comple- astic: the Amiga has has encouraged expres- ments or reproduces been used mainly with sion and
enthusiasm in things already in use on paint packages such as the children. The another computer, so Dpainl II and word-pro- Primary Project has Commodore will use the cessors such as Kind been extended to cover criticisms to direct its Words, which also more schools, and further exploits into includes basic DTP. Looks set to be a great developing software to Teachers have said success. More news is respond to the needs of that the Amiga forms expected soon, the will no doubt be used as the basis for a cam- U *_r IT ' paign to encourage other schools to buy the which has been running ¦ The
Amiga in use during the Primary Project.
? The youngest children use to control a robot ‘turtle’, to learn the concepts of geometry and to print 'Spirograph’-like patterns.
Graphics and paint packages allow the children the fun of colourful creativity: while word-pro- cessors, with fonts that resemble the teacher's clear, unjoined-up handwriting, mean that they can print their efforts and illustrate them to make picture-books.
* The computer does not work best when it is stashed away...
instead, it is made available in ways that are relevant" Some
word-processors are capable of organising pieces of a story
into an interactive adventure game, and adventure games
themselves are very popular, specially written to provide a
variety of linguistic, logical and mathematical problems to
provide a challenge for the chidren.
Databases are another significant use, but once the relatively mundane subjects of information storage and retrieval are covered, the possibilities for stretching the imagination and encouraging interpretive thought are a shade limited. Which is far from true of other software. Perhaps you have to see it to believe it, but programs in use in the primary schools are constantly entertaining and pleasing, and the satisfaction as well as learning derived by the children is obvious. When the Amiga is supported by programs of this standard, preferably as direct translations of
packages that teachers are already familiar with, it will stand a good chance.
The primary school is a unique case, because of the way in which it demands programs that have been developed specifically to meet its needs. It is specific, and conceptual. By the time children reach secondary school, their knowledge has developed to the extent where the Amiga in its familiar guise with its familiar applications is at the right level: the skills which the children are expected to develop are essentially those which they will be expected to use when they reach the outside world. Less conceptual, more practical. The computer, as it is in many training situation, is » »
essentially a simulator. Word- processors are becoming commonplace as a tool in schools, and -desktop publishing systems are rapidly making a place for themselves. An obvious use for a computer is in the art department, to exploit the potential for entirely new ideas beyond the capability of normal media and the flexibility and relative cheapness of a virtual medium: if it doesn’t really exist, it can't cost money. Desktop video and animation work are a logical next step, and again the Amiga is more than flexible enough to support these more advanced roles.
One lesson that is slowly being learnt from the fine example set by primary schools is that the computer does not serve best when it is stashed away and compartmentalised. The awareness of secondary schools that their pupils are much closer to the job market has tended to encourage them in the belief that computer PETER TALBOT "In this business, you don't get two chances... We re going to be very aggressive” says Peter Talbot. National Sales Manager for Local Government and Education at Commodore UK. He doesn't mean, however. That he plans to physically threaten potential buyers into
taking the Amiga: he simply has a positive attitude.
When he joined Commodore in June 1987, the firm had no idea who would want to buy their machines. After a six-month evaluation, they realised that the education market was one of the most volatile markets, and decided to concentrate their energies there. With the imminent demise of the BBC, there was ”a need for something to fill the vacuum."
In April '88 a three-year plan, the Education Initiative, was launched to sell the Amiga, concentrating on three areas. Firstly, to found a network of educationally aware dealers: secondly, to ensure favourable pricing: and thirdly, to encourage the development of any software that would be needed, after discussion with LEAs and schools.
Although plans for the increasing decentralisation of power are leading to a more flexible market as independent schools' come into existence - "schools are now so much more commercially aware" - generally buying decisions are made at County level. A number of counties, for instance Lothian and Somerset, already order the Amiga in quantity. The Amiga is often bought for art and design roles, and though the DES itself has acknowledged the machine's performance and value in this field, the government will not provide money for Amiga as long as they see it as being relevant to just one
And for the future? Well, rather than find a gimmick, like the BBC association which made Acorn’s machine a standard, Commodore will continue to "make it clearer to more people" how good the Amiga is by “doing more of what we do now”. We are told to expect exciting announcements soon, at the PC Show. "Watch this space," says Peter.
“We are now already into a phase where the daily use of computers is becoming the norm."
Peter Talbot i* FF _ fl ¦ H00 studies should be a separate, serious subject, carried out in a room set aside for just that topic, where the pupils can learn applicable programming skills.
Instead, the rational approach, encouraged by the relative cheapness and availability of modern machines, is to make computers available to all pupils in ways that are relevant to the individual subject under study.
Meanwhile, in universities, polytechnics and further education colleges the situation again reverts to an extreme. In this context, the uses of the computer are very often in pioneering research and development roles, so the work they ¦ The Amiga are being made is already a to do |s entirely si°gh,Tar. U" e 9"d and design advanced. Here, departments quite naturally, around the the Amiga is country- making its mark in many of the ways that you would expect from its performance in fields of an advanced nature.
In particular its strengths in the graphics department and in multitasking make it ideal for the presentation of graphics-based information, as in the Imperial College heart project. The variety of operating systems gives it another strength, being exploited by such projects as the UNIX networking environment currently in use at Nottingham University.
Many, many colleges now use the Amiga for the teaching of art and design, as Paul Cowen’s work illustrates so well.
Sooner or later, the technology has to hit the fan. The users of computing in education are currently way ahead of their masters as they apply the solutions they have developed in response to their own needs. The new National Curriculum attempts to grasp the concept of Information Technology, but so far seems to fail to quite comprehend it. As the government comes under fire for slashing the IT budget from £13.8 million to £8.28 million, they fight back with plans to train all teachers in computer use and claims that they intend to direct money away from Computer Studies use and retarget
it towards individual sectors of the National Curriculum.
Are they getting the message that the computer is not an object to be studied, but a tool to be used, and an increasingly unavoidable one at that? Let’s hope so. We shall see. ¦ ROBOTS, TURTLES AND SUBROUTINES Logo is one of the most fascinating examples of the use of the computer in primary schools.
Currently under development for the Amiga, it is a complete programming language originally implemented on the BBC.
Logo introduces children to the concept of program instructions by allowing them to order a ‘turtle’ to move around the screen. Alternatively, this turtle and its ways can be made more visual by using a small robot turtle which moves around the floor.
Initially, the instructions it will receive are to turn by a certain angle and then proceed a certain number of steps. On the computer screen a line is drawn by the turtle as he moves, so before long the turtle is drawing simple shapes: for instance, he might be ordered to walk forward ten steps then turn 90 degrees. If this is repeated three times, he has drawn a square.
Already, the concepts introduced in a totally painless way to the children are fundamental maths. Vectors and angles are all learnt about by five and six year olds in such a way that they grasp the concept rather than simply learn the name. But before long, the children are learning to combine operations into procedures and define a procedure by its own name: our four separate square-drawing movements above, for example, can be combined into a procedure called square’. Syntax and spelling must all be correct, or the computer returns that it doesn't understand. They are learning the
logic of programming and the fundamentals of computer literacy.
Soon increments and global variables are introduced, sub-procedures can be called in, saved, erased or edited and some quite complex programs are being written. Text entries and displays are made, colour can be used: eventually, even the soundchip can be programmed, with envelope parameters set to create voices and voices of varying pitch assigned to be played from the computer keyboard. All in all, Logo is remarkable, adventurous and enjoyable. Maybe you wouldn't expect children under ten to be able to program: but they can, and they enjoy it too.
NO COMPUTER Prices Include VAT. Delivery & warranty.
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All systems ere tested before despatch.
On-slte maintenance options available.
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II (Computel) ....
Learning C - Graphics on Amiga 8 Atari ST (Computel)
(D) . Amiga BASIC - inslda 8 Out (Abacus)
(D) .. Amiga Microsoft BASIC
Programmers Guide (Scott Foresman)... Inside the Amiga with C
(Sams) _ Amiga DOS
(Bantam) ...
Programming the 68000
(Sybex) ..... Amiga
Disk Drives - Inside & Out (Abacus) (D) Programmers Guide to
the Amiga (Sybex) Amiga Programmers Handbook (Sybex) ...
Amiga Programmers Handbook. Vol 2 (Sybex) Amiga ROM Kernel
Ref.Man. Includes & Autodocs (A.W NEWI) Amiga C for Advanced
Programmers (Abacus - NEWI) Amiga System Programmers
Quids (Abacus) (D) PLEASE NOTE 16-Bit Software has now expanded
a great deal, and now trades under fhe new name of Ramsoft. We
can now offer 48hr delivery on all stock items. If fhe item you
require is not advertised please call us on the office number.
We can have all items requested, al our showroom within 24
hours, (Subject lo Availability).
Amiga DOS Reference Guide (Computel) Amiga Tricks and Tips (Abacus) (D) .. Inside Amiga Graphics (Computel) (D) .... Amiga C for Beginners (Abacus) (D) .. Amiga Applications (Computel) (D).. ......nlga (Computel) (D).
A .
Jy ofr' xc
* AVM* » A S & & S c’S' +* &
* t v £ v° 4°V A' KS' XT o O' CV A0Aa ¦& V ;*vv v .
& Wv . s .(j e o'
• oJP V' vC
* w
- v V ? 1 °* 2
o % VP Vo ' ,Ov
* i* N V S s
- fcVV %,% 4,% 19 %% %sx * * MCK ISSUES ONLY £2.95. HURRY,
Issue 1 ¦ Order Code AM201 If you’re a new reader to the “Format” titles, we feel sure that you’ll be anxious to catch up on some of the very rare earlier issues of ST Amiga Format magazine, each with its own cover disc but also full to the brim of great reviews, articles and news.
Cover Disk: Amiga: Interceptor demo, Virus Killer, Othello game.
ST: Oids demo, Virus Killer.
Magazine: Word processors evaluated, Graphics packages compared, Pro-sound, Superbase benchtested.
Issue 2-6 ¦ SOLD OUT!! SORRY!
Issue 7 ¦ Order Code AM207 Cover Disk: Amiga: Cosmoroids, play the game, MCAD design for your Amiga.
ST: Play Level One of Flying Shark, HiSTart, high quality ST art.
Magazine Full review of Flair Paint, Colour Printers, Shoot 'em up.
Construction Kit, Learn Basic.
Issue 8 ¦ Order Code AM208 Cover Disk: Amiga: Stunning scenery generator, Purple Saturn Day demo.
ST: Purple Saturn Day demo, Database construction set.
Magazine: Autoroute (the computer journey planner), Sculpt 4D, a modelling package, Protext (THE word processor for your Amiga then!), Cameron’s Handy Scanner reviewed.
Issue 10 ¦ Order Code AM210 Cover Disk: Amiga: Cybernoid II (playable demo), Learn Devpac 1.
ST: Zak McKracken (playable demo), Learn Devpac 1.
Magazine: Upgrade your machine with extra magabytes, Daatascan hand held scanner from Kempston Samplers.
Issue 11 ¦ Order Code AM211 Cover Disk: Amiga: Blood Money (playable demo), File requester, add requesters to programs.
ST: Archipelagos, playable demo, Fastmouse, speed up mouse operation. Magazine: Make yourself a sound sampler, Deluxe Paint III, Animation tutorial, Why not invest in a better screen? Here’s the choice... Issue 12 ¦ Order Code AM212 Cover Disk: Amiga: Colossus Chess, playable demo, TirusX V3.1 protect your disks against viral infection, Boot intro, add scrolling messages to your disks.
ST: Flair Paint, usable demo of this brilliant art package.
Magazine: Video digitising, Attach a midi system to your machine and make music, The best available joysticks.
Issue 13 ¦ Order Code AM2113 Cover Disk: Amiga: Wicked, playable demo of this totally addictive game, Mandelshow, create infinitely complex pictures with this Mandelbrot generator, ST: Spherical, an excellent playable demo of this strategy game.
Magazine: Pagestream, a brilliant DTP, Animation techniques, the reasons why, The choice of hard drives.
Amiga Format Issue 1 ¦ Order Code AM2113 Cover Disk:: Wicked, playable demo of this totally addictive game, Mandelshow, create infinitely complex pictures with this Mandelbrot generator.
Magazine: Pagestream, a brilliant DTP, Animation techniques, the reasons why, The choice of hard drives.
Amiga Format Issue 2 ¦ Order Code AM2112 Cover Disk: Gemini Wing, the wildly addictive demo from Virgin Games.
Spread, an immensely practical spreadsheet. Dropcloth, designer tablecloths to cover you Workbench.
Magazine:Have a look at the A590 Hard Disk. DTP Special.
ST MO NO3 ? See some excellent reasons why you should subscribe on Page 12 HOW TO ORDER Just make a note of the details and the order code. Then either fill them in on the order coupon and send with your cheque, made payable to Future Publishing Limited: or give us the details of your Access or Visa card.
OR Ring 0458 74011, our credit card hotline.
1. All items are despatched by first class mail (unless otherwise
2. All prices include postage, packing and Vat.
3. You wil! Normally receive products within 7 days of ordering.
Please allow 2-3 weeks in case of temporary shortages.
EI6BLITZ ORDER FORM Please rush me the following items: Order Code Title Name FORMAT Price Address Post code Phone no - Method of Payment (please circle) ACCESS • VISA • CHEQUE • PO Credit card number_ Expiry date- Total order
* Please make all cheques payable to Future Publishing Ltd.
SEND THIS FORM TO Amiga Format 16 BLITZ The Old Barn, FREEPOST, Somerton, Somerset,TA11 7PY ¦No stamp required if posted in the UK, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man AATARI ST and Sixteen Bit Superdeals from the Sixteen Bit Specialists !
CUSTOMERS PLEASE NOTE! When comparing prices remember ours include fast delivery by courier.
520 STFM Power Pack £359.00 Inc. VAT and Next Day Delivery Power Pack includes:
* 520 STFM 512K Keyboard with Built-in 1 Megabyte disk drive and
TV Modulator
* Over £550 worth of games software, including OutRun, Gauntlet
2, R-Type, Space Harrier, Super HangOn and 16 more Top Games
* Organiser Business Software including WORDPROCESSOR,
* First BASIC and First Music Utility Software
* All leads, manuals PLUS MOUSE and free mains plug!
REMEMBER! Many ST’s do not come with BASIC - ours come with ST BASIC REV D by Metacomco.
520STFM Explorer Pack £279.00 ? Explorer Pack Includes 520STFM 512K Keyboard with built-in 1 Meqabyte Disk Drive and TV Modulator ? 1 FREE Game, ST Tutorial and METACOMCO Basic worth £25.00 ? All Leads, Manuals PLUS MOUSE and FREE Mains Plug!
Amiga A500 Games Pack £389.00 Inc VAT and Next Day Delivery Game Pack includes: ? Amiga A500 512K Keyboard with Built-in 1 Megabyte disk drive.
? Free TV modulator worth £24.99 allowing you to use the Amiga with a normal TV.
? £230 worth of Games Software, including BUGGY BOY, MERCENARY, BARBARIAN, WIZBALL & six more games.
? PHOTON PAINT or SPRITZ GRAPHICS PACKAGE worth over £50.00. ? FREE MOUSE MAT worth £4.95 ? Amiga BASIC, Amiga EXTRAS 1.3, Workbench 1.3 PLUS the Amiga Step by Step Tutorial.
? All leads, manuals PLUS MOUSE and mains plug!
K Amiga A500 StandAlone £369.00
* Amiga A500 as above but without the £230.00 worth of Games
Software 1040STFM Midi Music Pack vilAAi £439.00
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1040STFM Business Pack £439.00 Business Pack includes:
* Atari 1040STFM Keyboard with 1 meg memory and 1 meg built- in
disk drive plus TV modulator.
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Amiga A500 Business & Games Pack £459.00 includes everything in our Amiga Games Pack PLUS a Comprehensive Suite of Business Programs including, Scribble II WORDPROCESSOR, Analyze II Spreadsheet and Organise Database.
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? Blitter chip installed for faster graphics Inc SM124 Mono Monitor £628.00 ACCESSORIES Quickshol II Turbo Joystick £9.95 Competition Pro 5000 Joystick ....£13.95 Competition Pro with Autofire £14.95 Konix Speedking Joystick £11.95 Red Mouse Mat with Amiga logo ...£5.95 Plain blue Mouse Mat ..£4.95 Branded Memorex 3.5" DS DD Disks Box of 10 ..£13.95 Memorex Disk Box For 40 3.5" Disks ..£8.95 Amiga 1 2 Meg Expansion ..£119.95 Control Centre Atari or Amiga £39.95 Contriver Amiga and ST Mouse with FREE Holder and
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15. 49
15. 49
17. 90
1. 17.90 .9.99
16. 90 .1790
18. 90 .15.90 .17.90 71 VO
• 16 »: 21 50 139C 179C 16 90' II 99 IS 90 15 49 1690 1 40 1790
.21.50 .12.49 .14.90 .17.90 .14 99 Phillips 8833 Colour Monitor
with Stereo Sound & High Resolution Please Send Cheques Postal
Orders to: HAMMERSOFT, (dept F)- 47 MILL ROAD More Ti,les
3DS TEL (0603) 812416 Access, Visa, Eurocard & Mastercard
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PLUS:- Workbench 1.3, Amiga Extras 1.3, Amiga Basic 1.2, Amiga
"The Very First", Starglider, Knight Ore, Hell Bent, Zynaps,
Eliminator, Powerplay, Custodian, Mercenary, PHOTON PAINT,
Quickshot II Joystick, Dust Cover, Mouse Mat & House, 10 SONY
Disks, 24 PD Games.
FREE Photon Paint when you buy an AMIGA 2nd Drive OUR PRICE ONLY £99-99 STAR LC10 Unbeatable VALUE ONLY £169.99 1 meg AMIGA .....AMIGA 16.90 ..9.99 Balance of Power 1990 .....16.90 BATTLE CHESS ......17.90 BATTLEHAWKS 1942 ..18.90 BARBARIAN II .• 16.90 BATMAN ..15.99 Better Dead Than Alien ......11.99 BLASTEROIDS .16.90 BLOOD MONEY ......16.90 Buggy Boy ......16.90 Casne
Warrior .16.90 Chubby Gristle .11.99 Crash Garrett ..11.99 DENARIS ..15.50 Dominator 17.90 Double Dragon 13.90 DRAGONNINJA 17.90 DRAGON S LAIR (1 MEG) ....34.90 ECO ....14.49 Eliminator ..9.99 Elite .....16.90 FORGOTTEN WORLDS .14.90 Garrison I or II .18.90 Gauntlet
II 18.90 HEROES OF THE LANCE ....17.50 HELL BENT 9.99 Honda RVF 750 ......17.90 HYBRIS ¦! .16.90 Ikan Warriors ...16.90 Indiana Jones Last Crusade 14.90 INTERNATIONAL KARATE + 18.90 International Soccer 13.90 KICK OFF!! .....13.90 Licence to Kill ..14.90 LORDS OF THE RISING SUN 21.50 Maior Motion ...11.49 Manhattan Dealers ..15.50 MFNACF 1 TQO
mcropi»x"so(xq "!:!!!:!:::"i6!90 MILLENNIUM 2.2 ....18.90 NEW ZEALAND STORY .....17.90 NEBULUS 13 90 NETHERWORLD ......13.50 OPERATION WOLF .16.90 Outrun ...9.99 PACMANIA ......13.90 Pandora ...11.99 Phantom Fighter .....12.99 LEISURE.. Archipelago Bad Cat.. ADVENTURE & SIMULATION AMIGA BALANCE OF POWER 1990 16.90 Bard's Tale II ..17.90 BAT 1 i E
CHESS ......17.90 BLACK CAULDRON 18.90 Blood Wyche ...17.90 Burmuda Protect ....14.49 CARRIER COMMAND ...16.90 DEMONS WINTER RPG 17.90 DUNGEON MASTER (1 MEG)......17.90 Faery Tale Adventure ...21.90 E16 COMBAT PILOT .-16.90 F 16 FALCON ..21.50 Federation of Free Traders .21.50 Ferrari Formula 1 ....17.50 Flight Sim. II ....26.90 Gunship ...16.90 Scenery 7 or
11 .....16 90 Japan or Europe .....13.90 HEROES OF THE LANCE!! 17.50 INTERCEPTOR .17.90 JET 26.90 PIONEER PLAGUE Ptatoon .... POWERDROME .... PRECIOUS METAL COLLECTION PROMISED LANDS...... 3D POOL Rick Dangerous..., .. R TYPF . Road Blasters ..... ROBOCOP ROC £ I RANG-. R SCCRHON Sf I.CX SPACE -ARRE- VtlOBAU STARS. Of R I ST* Crazy wX-i SOSO SJRSR-fcNGON SJRERVAN SWORD 0‘ SODAN 11 'arghan lea ve • TV
FOOTBALL ...... Whirligig ... Xybots ..... Xenon III MegablasI..... Zynaps .... Kingdom of England 17.90 KNKIHT 0RC * JOURNEY ..21.50 KR1STAL ...19.90 LEADERBOARD BIRDIE 18.50 W0RTV1UF MANOR ...16.90 Scrabble Deluxe .....13.90 Show Gun 21.50 Ultima III or V .16.90 UNIVERSAL MILITARY SIM 16.90 WAR IN MIDDLE EARTH .....13.90 GRAPHICS. MUSIC 8. BUSINESS.. AMIGA Videoscape 3D 2.0 (Pall
I1MBI...124.W Deluxe Paint II (Pal) .49.90 Deluxe Video (Pal) ...51.50 DELUXE PAINT III (PALI (1MB).... 62.00 Digipainl III .....62.00 DIGIVIEW GOLD (PAL) 132.00 Fantavision (Pall ....35.00 PHOTON PAINT (PALI ..48.00 SCULPT 3D (PAL) ...62.00 Sculpt 30 Animate (Pall (1 MB)....99.90 TV Show (Pal) (1MB) 69.90 TV Text (Pal) ....69.90 Aegis Video Titler (Pal) 85.00 Aegis Sonix 2.0 (2 Drives) 49.90 Deluxe
Music ...52.90
D. Music Rock n Roll Disc 9.50
PROTEXT .69.00
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X .169.95 Publishers
Choice ...79.00 Cheetah Mach 1
- .13.90 Comp Pro
5000 .....13.90 Comp Pro Extra
(clear) 14.90 Quickshot II
Turbo ...12.50 Sculpt 30
XL .119.00 Photon Paint
II 75.90 Future Sound
Digitiser .79.00 HARDWARE U.K. ONLV AMIGA A500 4
TV Modulator ...369.00 As above with 10 GAME PACK .389.00
135.00 CUMANA 3.5'1 MEG DRIVE ......99.00 STAR LC10 COLOUR
Precision Blank Disks x 10 .14.95 Disk Box (Holds
1201 ..11.95
• = Available on Release Prices all include VAT & 1st Class
Postage in U.K. (Europe please add £2.00 per item) Return ot
Post Service on STAR LC10 COLOUR ONLY £229.99 20Mb A590 HARD
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Telephone: 01-533 5116 0860 564231 & LETTERS FORMAT UTTERS Yet again, a few of your many letters manage to escape the Origami treatment. All new offerings are welcomed by BOB at 4 Queen Street, Bath, BA1 1 EJ. Write now!
CANNON’S BROADSIDE I have just had the underwhelming misfortune of reading your second attempt at producing an amiga only publication, what a load of old dross I realise your probably a bunch of spotty adolescents trying to earn as much money as you can with the barest minimum of effort because it shows in the publication, as you came from ace you must be used to catering for deadheads and children whose blinkered outlook can see no further than the latest game.
If I wanted all the latest game reviews i would buy ace or the one but i do not want games reviews i want insight into the complex versatile machine i own issue 2 is just the ace comic with amiga format printed on the front What's the matter with you, you won’t last long by padding out the magazine with double page game reviews and adverts and printing those letters you get from those who seem to be devoid of a conventional education i mean this months workbench you filled nigh two pages with questions that could have been answered simply by reading the supplied manual and the tips came from
those who have read the supplied manual.
LET’S DO THE TIME WARP My main reason for writing is the infuriating review-date release- date time space vortex. In my case the world spins something like this: 1 See fantastic review in September issue of mag.
2 Ring to order game.
3 Told game is not out for at least a month.
4 Wait a month, game not out yet.
5 See even fabbo-er review of new game in October issue of mag. Decide to get that instead.
6 Go back to 2.
7 Move month on one and continue indefinitely.
The result is severe frustration, and a seriously retarded software collection.
MARTIN THOMSON WINSFORD, CHESHIRE Due to a hole in the space-time continuum I am afraid this letter was received 23 years before it was written and clearly does not refer to the current situation. Your T-shirt and binder will be dispatched via Tardis and reach you some time in the year 2037.
The letters page seems to be solely for those wishing to display their prowess as sycophants and the coverdisc’s demo was a straight port over from a 48K spectrum i hope!.
All in all a waste of £2.95 this month seems to me that you have bitten off more than you can chew just like “your amiga" magazine a very informative magazine with the right balance until it went monthly now it’s a 5th rate ace clone only 45p dearer and as “amiga computing” has just strapped a disc to the front cover and it has the right balance looks like your going to lose out unless you shape up a bit sharpish.
CHRIS CANNON ROMFORD,ESSEX I have printed this letter with all the grammatical and punctuation errors left in. Mr Cannon is obviously correct about at least one of our readers being “devoid of a conventional education". We usually like to finish letter replies with a gag: we'd be happy to fit yours personally.
SPEAK TO ME Does anyone remember the speech synthesizer kit in Issue 8 of ST Amiga Format? You do! Did you find the box didn’t work when you finished building it? Not me.
Being a PCB inspector it worked first time. My question is does anyone have any decent programs for it? I am a bit short on know how. So could you print some in the magazine, as I’m sure many people would agree the PRIZE synth is a cheap but excellent piece of hardware.
DEAN WATSON, ANDOVER, HANTS We would love to print them, so send some in if you've got them.
Being a keen computer user and a keen football fan, I was delighted to see two companies, Anco and Microprose, release football games on the Amiga.
Undecided as to which to buy, I turned to your reviews of the games concerned in the August issue. It was obvious which one you preferred and so I purchased Kick Off from your mail order department.
A quick read of the rather lightweight instruction pamphlet whetted my appetite and so I booted the program up. After a few games it was obvious, to my disappointment, that this is not INNER the amazing simulation that both your reviewer and Anco claim.
There now follows a list of my complaints:
1. The presentation is very user-unfriendly from the start. For
example, in a single game the user is referred to as ‘Joystick
Surely an option for the user to define his own name would be better?
2. Having a large roster of referees with different character
istics is a good idea, but surely part of this option is that
you can note the style of each ref and plan your tactics
accordingly before each game. If, however, you lose the toss
before the match, the computer does not inform you of the
game’s referee.
3. Some of the referees are very extreme, sending a player off
after two fouls. This means that in a long match many players
will be sent off. In one match that I played, all ten of the
computer's outfield men had been given their marching orders
by the second half! I can't name the ref as I lost the toss
(see point 2). Needless to say, I had to abandon the match
when the computer was awarded a throw in and there wasn't a
player to take it!
4. The, in places, inaccurate manual states that when a penalty
is taken, the directional arrow “freezes giving the keeper a
... fighting chance to save." In one- player mode this does
not happen when the computer takes a penalty. Presumably this
means that the player does not have a chance of saving it.
5. The extremely high speeds at which the top level players play
the game renders the scanner redundant when it would be most
useful - taking your eyes off the field to look at the scanner
results in at best a loss of possession.
And in the league option, the colours of the West German, Brazilian and Dutch teams have I rc ATARI ST AMIGA FIRST AID FOR OMPUTER REPAIRS Simply send your machine along with a £15 diagnostic fee air you will be sent a written quotation for the cost of repairing your machine.
? TypWfl £45. 1 WEEK TURNAROUND ?
COTSWOLD COMPUTERS SPECIAL OFFER Amiga 500 Limited Edition (1 megabyte RAM, TV modulator + Dragons Lair) .....£539.00 Amiga 500 inc modulator and one game £374.00 Amiga 500 inc modulator and 10 star games pack ...£389.00 Amiga 500 + 1084S monitor ......£634.00 CBM PC1 IBM compatible + ABLE 1 software, mono ..£537.00 CBM PC1 IBM compatible + ABLE 1 software, colour .£489.00 CBM PC 40 III single drive + colour VGA + 40 megabyte hard
disk £2137.00 Atari STFM Explorer Pack ..£299.00 (All prices inc VAT) All other computers and peripherals available; also software.
For further details phone or send sae to: COTSWOLD COMPUTERS 22 Polruan Place, Fishermead Milton Keynes MK6 2LH (0908)662331_ SEN8 NotBoincAealn* SEN9 Wild Copper SEN 10 Fantasy Pixs SENl 1 JRComms SEN 12 AmigaHaxs SENl 3 ProbcSequence SEN 14 SharkDemo’ SENLAC SOFTWARE CATERING SOLELY FOR AMIGA USERS SENl Starler Pack of lODlsks ......19.99 SEN6 Draco Compiler 2 Disks .4.99 SEN2 Star Trek Game 3 Disks ......'7.99 SEN7 New Tek Demo 2 Disk 4.99' SEN3 Music Collection 3 Disks 6.99 10 DD DS Certified Disks 3.5 SEN4 Gfx Collection 3
Disks 6.99 Only 11 99 SEN5 NIB Copier (The Best!) 2.99 (Note Nib requires Two Drives!)
SEN 15 Maase Demo SEN 16 Videoscape’ SEN 17 WalkerDemo* SEN 18 VirusKillers SEN 19 StaiTrek Trivia SEN20 WordWright W P SEN2 i Nasa DigiPixs SEN22 Doc Demos SEN23 CityDesk Demo SEN24 AnalytiCalc’ SEN25 PD Games 2 SEN26 Dpaint ClipArt SEN27 BankProsram SEN28 Galileo Demo SEN29 SpriteEditors SEN30 DigiPixs
* Denotes Programs Requiring 1 Meg or More to Run Single Disks
Cost Just 2.25 each DONT FORGET ANY 10 or More Disks Only 19.99
Including Disk Box New Senlac Club Disk Join Now!....Only 3.00
Includes Disk.
14 Oaklea Close, Old Roar Road, St Leonards on Sea, East Sussex, TN37 7HB Tel: 0424 753070 SEN31 Kefrens7up SEN32 C Proggers Utils SEN33 SculptBoingDemo SEN34 PD Games SEN35 Crocketts Theme SEN36 PanDemo SEN37 Sonix Scores 1 SEN38 Sonix Scores 2 SEN39 Sonix Scores 3 SEN40 Music Utils SEN41 DeathStarDemos SEN42 Rose Fred Baker SEN43 Monopoly SEN44 Thames TV Comm SEN45 Hi-Fi Player’ SEN46 Cokeman Smurf * SEN47 ASM68K Assembler SEN48 MidiTools Kit SEN49 VLT Terminal SEN50 AntiTrax 2070 Demos PD SEN51 Warllammer Demo SEN52 AlfAlien Demo SEN53 SonixJukeBox SEN54 AMAS Demo SEN55 Brick In The Wall
SEN56 Chet Solace SEN57 Slideshow 1 SEN58 Slideshow 2 SEN59 Slipstream Demos SEN60 WaveBench Disk SEN61 ARC Files SENSPECIALS SENSPEC1 MUSICMONTTOR 2 DISKS .....5.99 SENSPEC2 DELUXEPHOTOLAB 2 DISKS 1 MEG DATAPLEX 10 Petersfield Avenue, Slough, Berkshire SL2 5DN _, Tel 0753 35557 L__ All prices excluding VAT and delivery AMIGA HARDWARE A500 complete .....279.00 Epson LQ500 .249.00 Epson LQ1050 .....542.00 A500 + TV Modulator ......295.00 A500 + £200
worth games ? TV Mod.....305.00 Amiga 500 package .....565.50 Epson LQ850 .404.00 HEWLETT PACKARD
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• Kind Words Wordproccssor Kind Words includes 90.000 word UK
Dictionary and Spellchecker and Mailmerge.
Thmkiet 265 oo Quiet'd 343 00 Quieljet. 4 17 00 De*xjet 443 00 DeskJet . 535 00 Paint let 685 00 Photon Paint Pack ......335.00 Includes: A500 + TV Modulator. Photon Paint. Tenstar Pack (Games worth over £230) 1084S Monitor Pack .£552.00 All Hewlett Packard printers come with 12 months on site warranty Slar LC 10 mono ...135.00 Includes: A500 + TV Modulator. 1084S Colour Monitor.
Photon Paint. Tenstar Pack AMIGA ACCESSORIES A50I 5I2K Ram 113.00 FREE Fitting if bought with Amiga 500 !
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Lead 10.00 Quickshot J Sttck ...7.00 NEC P565X1 ...814.99 NEC 1*6 ? 80 character ....414.00 DATAPLEX DRIVES 1 MB 3.5“ External Drive ...68.00 1 MB 3.5“ Internal Drive ....63.00 1 MB 5.25“ Floppy Drive ..106.00 Colour upgrade kit .80.00 Panasonic KXP 1081 126 00 Panasor.l. KXP: 124 74990 Sheet Oerter 89 00 DATAPLEX HARD DRIVES 20MB drive A500
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LETTERS the same effect on the status panel, rendering it useless.
6. The player under human control often, in my version at least,
does sliding tackles which are beyond my control. When your
player is sent crashing to the ground, the computer leaves him
under your control, thus leaving you out of the action. And as
tor the strikers, it seems pot luck whether they actually
shoot straight or miss the goal by miles (the much more likely
7. Finally the sound is, as you hint at with your rating, awful.
The crowd cheering is a two second sample looped, and the
sampled voice announcing a penalty sounds as though it belongs
to a man who just discovered his wife and kids died! And why
do the players line up before starting the second half?
To conclude, I am very disappointed with Kick Off. It is hardly the ‘accurate soccer simulation’ Anco claim (ever heard of the offside rule, Anco? Kick Off's players haven't) and it didn’t deserve a 91% rating or a Format Gold award. If I had paid the full £20 for the game, I would feel very bitter and cheated indeed.
Apart from that review, Amiga Format is great (especially the disk). Keep up the good work!
DANIEL SILVER WOODFORD GREEN, ESSEX Cue Bob...cue Bob...cue bloody Bob. “Errrrrrr, quite remarkable that performance by Daniel Silver, the man they're all calling errrrr Daniel Silver. So, Emlyn, what happened next?"
“Errrrrm, I think Daniel complained about lots of things that are quirks of the game and most of us enjoy" “That's nearly right, can you give me a little more?"
“Errrrrrrrrrrrrm, was he completely wrong in point two, because it does show you the refs name?"
“Absolutely right, Emlyn. Quite, quite remarkable."
“Ooooooooh, aaaaaaaagh, yesssssss, well done team."
“I'm sure we'll get letters about this one, Em."
IT IS AN EX-COPIER I have a lot of sympathy with programmers who spend time and money, not to say a considerable amount of expertise only to get their software stolen. However there is another side to this which has recently been brought home to me very forcibly.
Although I’ve had a computer for three years I am new to the Amiga so I thought I’d better get a reliable disk copier to back-up my software. I looked at all the ads in the Amiga mags and it seemed that X-Copy was the favourite, so I sent off my £29 and duly received the program.
It is certainly fast and copes with a lot of disks though by no means all. However, that is not my beef. A few days later I bought some PD disks from a local shop for £2 each and on one was... you've guessed it, X- Copy, and Version 2.0 at that, while the one I paid £29 for was Version 1.3!
Now it seems to me that if the computer industry wishes to get the public on its side in this piracy debate they are going about it the wrong way. I feel that I've been well and truly ripped off and it will be a hell of a long time before I shed any more tears for these guys. The software industry whether in the retail or the distributing side needs to get its act together for a bit of self regulating.
As a CPC owner I bought a great deal of software especially utilities and on the odd occasion I wrote to the software house concerned for advice, often I wouldn't even get a reply, though there are some honourable exceptions to this, Nemesis for one. Somebody has made a fortune recycling my unreturned SAEs!
FRED BALL BLACKPOOL, LANCS there is no such thing as a free lunch or a free piece of software.
Your condemnation of the whole software industry because one program, and a potential piracy device at that, appeared on a PD disk is a little over the top.
LAME GAMES I was looking through some of my older computer mags the other day and whilst reading ST Amiga Format Issue 9, I discovered a part I did not see when I first read the mag. It is on Page 7 and entitled 'The only way is up’ and briefly said that machines will be all 1 megabyte soon and that 512K is not enough memory HA HA b****Y HA (sorry but that's the way I feel). I don’t know about you but I have had my Amiga for six months and have not seen a game really up to the Amiga’s standards.
Nor have I seen a game that justifies a 20 or 25 quid price tag, sorry to tell a lie I have Falcon and Kristal and they were shoved up to 30 quid. I know that you're going to say - read the reviews, and I have. Take for example View to a Kill. I read the review in several mags and they were good so I paid £20 for it. I could not get past the first level as it was pathetically hard and now it's sitting collecting dust. I mean £20 is a lot of money just to sit on a shelf. If I wanted to show people that I am stupid with money I would invite them to watch me wipe my arse with a £20 note.
The reviews should be Sound, Graphics, Playability, Lastability and can you get past the first level or not. I mean the software companies spend all their time on graphics and f**k up the game play yet speccy owners get c**"*y graphics and excellent game play AND only pay a tenner.
I know your mag is respectable but it is also a place where your customers can air their views so please print my letter and not say “nah! Don’t worry about this letter throw it away and print Mr Blogg's letter who only asks a silly thing like “where has Super Heroes Inc gone".
Thanks for listening to what I had to say, just one more thing to say to everybody - computing and buying games is like a drug addiction. It's a thing you wished you never got into but now you’ve got one you can’t do without it.
WAYNE HANSFORD POOLE, DORSET PS Where has Super Heroes Inc gone?
The ‘doubling’ of ST Amiga Format into Amiga Format and ST Format, caused an identity crisis in the two superheroes, who can now be found busking outside the Embankment tube station.
PAW SPECTRUM, POOR AMIGA I have recently upgraded from the humble Spectrum to an Amiga
500. I would like to know if there is an equivalent to the
Professional Adventure Writer (PAW) for the Amiga and what
would be the price. If not, could you tell me about any
adventure writer and where I could obtain one.
MARK CHEVERTON SHEFFIELD, YORKSHIRE The only adventure creator we know of at the moment is Talespin from Microdeal, costing £29.95. Tel: 0726 68020 or write to Microdeal, PO Box 68, St Austell, Cornwall PL25 4YB. Other creators like PAW from Gilsoft and GAC (Graphic Adventure Creator) from Incentive have not been converted and don't look likely to be unless enough adventurers demand it.
BUT SERIOUSLY FOLKS I would like to see the sort of ‘serious’ application which would be of use to most users of the Amiga, such as a simple database program, included on the cover disk. I emphasise ‘be of use’ because I do not think that the majority of your users will find the DoTil utility very useful.
MC ELLIOTT WORKINGTON, CUMBRIA One user's useful utility is another user's useless utility - it depends on what you use the Amiga for.
However, there are plans to run a database fairly soon.
PD BLUES Two years ago, I decided to offer my services to the well know CBM user group known as ICPUG. I became the PD Amicus copier for the group and during the time that I did this, was inundated with requests complaints with regards to the fact that many progs on the disks required some knowledge of the CLI before they would run correctly. Because of the problems that seemed to arise from these disks, I decided to start up my own Amiga PD share- ware library, offering disks that needed as little knowledge as possible to run the programs contained on them.
I am the official UK distributor of Jeff White’s TBAG and Merlin software disks, (with Jeff's permission) and distribute the North Star group’s 'Exceller 8’ magazine on disk. Also, unlike many, I do not have repeated programs on different groups disks.
My copying fees range from 50 pence to £1, with many copied free. I have yet to show any profit, as it should be.
Now, on to my reason for writing to your readers. In the last year I have noticed that an extremely large amount of Amiga owners, some that have even got their disk collections from me, are setting up PD libraries. This is fine, in principle.
What annoys me is that some new PD groups are selling PD shareware progs for prices that are well and truly ridiculous, to the new and unsuspecting, Amiga owner.
This goes totally against the principles of PD shareware progs and I feel that new Amiganuts deserve to be warned about this and should be put straight about the unwarranted prices that some new PD groups are asking.
I understand the need for the main commercial companies charging slightly more than the private PD groups, they do after » » all, have to make a living. What is wrong, in my opinion anyway, is the prices that some individuals are charging. I have seen anything from a not unreasonable £1 per copy, to a ridiculous £3!
LETTERS If these sort of charges continue then a lot of the authors who quite happily offer their hard work to the PD shareware community will soon stop doing so. Why, after all, should they give their programmes away to people like myself, only to see them offered at a later date for ridiculously high prices.
I respectfully ask the cowboys to stop and consider what the implications of their overcharging are. It is certain that if this continues, the supply of PD shareware for the Amiga is going to dry up.
So to those Amiganuts who, like myself, run PD libraries on a non profit-making basis, I say keep up the good work, but to the get-rich brigade I say, stop trying to screw the Amiga loving community NOW.
RAY BURT-FROST SOUTHAMPTON, HANTS NO INTELLECT, NO INTEREST I must say that I am slightly disappointed with issue one of Amiga Format. Games Reviews - It's nice to have so many games reviewed but you’re not giving enough space for each one. By ‘not enough space’ I mean that the pictures are too large and there isn’t enough writing for each. For example, a whole page was given over to a Kick Off players' guide and yet the review was only 60 lines long. OK, it’s 66 including Graphics and Sound but half of the space in the review was an oversized picture and the title.
ST Amiga Format always gave a double page for a Format Gold game. This included handy boxes for each section, not just Graphics and Sound. Circus Attractions, for example, received 56% and yet it got more space than Kick Off (91%). Circus Attractions had another annoying oversized picture at the top.
Journey (82%) only got just over this amount of space for the entire review.
You also reviewed 16 games, which only covered 14 pages. In my view, you should give a double page for all Format Gold games, a page for games of over 70% and half a page for the rest. You would have needed only 17 pages using this method. If people write in and say that that's too much room, it's only just over an eighth of the magazine.
Games Ratings. What is the point of an intellect rating? We've always survived with a few sentences about it before. And why get rid of lasting interest? I got the impression that ACE was obsessed with it. It's not related to addiction as you pointed out in your reviews. For example, read the last few sentences of Mayday Squad, Gunship, Rampage and Skweek and compare that with the addiction rating.
Why not use Graphics, Sound, Addiction and Lasting Interest? It gives a good impression of the game overall. For example, New Zealand Story is very addictive, but I got bored ot it after several days (the demo). Faery Tale is almost the reverse ot this. Also, I’d like to know why you didn’t include the sound for Journey just because there wasn't any on an unexpanded A500. Many A500 owners now have one megabyte since the prices have fallen so much. Oh, and bring back the sliding scale!
D DRODGE LYRINGTON, HANTS Over to Reviews Editor, Andy Smith... .Generally, we do try to give as much space as possible to the better games but unfortunately things don't always work out as hoped. The pages are planned and allocated during the month and therefore we don't always know at the start what is going to come in. Games often arrive at our offices late in the schedule when there's little space left to give to them - that's just the way things go sometimes.
The Intellect rating is designed to enable readers to check, at a glance, just how much thought power is going to be needed to play the game. To play some games properly can take a lot of effort on the player’s part (Balance Of Power springs immediately to mind) and we feel this is something the reader should be made aware of. As for lasting interest, we are giving the matter serious thought and may well change the rating system.
All ot the games are played on a basic A500 simply because it's the basic machine and we must therefore cater for people who don’t have and can't afford upgrades.
HEAR, HEAR, NOT SEE Just a general letter, mainly about your coverdisk. It is the best out at the moment, though the only things I like on it at the moment are the playable level of a new game and some of the utilities.
The workbench hacks are a bit of a waste of disk space.
I think it could be improved by putting on music and music demos. These entertain more than your swinging frog demo, which is nice but I only watched it twice.
The still pictures prove my point even more. No one will look at a picture for more than 30 seconds, no matter how good it is. A good tune though (especially with graphics - even better if you can participate eg Demons are Forever by Doc and Sunrider’s latest demo) could last five minutes and you might listen to it any number of times if it’s good. Music and Graphics are better than twice the number of graphics - sound is sorely lacking from your disk.
KARL DRINKWATER MANCHESTER PS Yours is still the best Amiga mag in most respects!
Uncanny, isn't it? No sooner do you ask for a music demo on the disk, than glory be and save us, hey presto, one appears. And yes, there will be more. I don't agree about the graphics and animations though, they are nice to look at, can be used as part of tutorials, they inspire creativity and most importantly - people like them.
PS Thank you, it's much appreciated. Are you one of the ‘sycophants' Chris Cannon was writing about? We don't think so... ITALIAN’S NEUTRAL I recently bought The Due :Test Drive 2 for my Amiga 500. The game is brilliant and I really enjoy it but I found that sometimes the car I was driving would lose a gear, the engine only revving as if in neutral when I changed into this gear.
When I crashed however, the broken gear was restored. Sometimes it is even more than 1 gear that goes...I have had as many as three broken gears on the Ferrari, left with only 1st and 5th. That’s not much use to anyone!
STEPHEN COWIE ANGUS, SCOTLAND Typical shoddy European workmanship. Get yourself a nice British car like the Lotus, even if it does have an engine noise like a lawnmower on a cattle grid.
As an American based in the Midlands, I have come to love the great programs put out by English and European software companies like Psygnosis and the Bitmap brothers, but not all is perfect in paradise. Here are the facts: I have an American A500, dual disk drives and an A501 1 Meg memory expansion. I do not mind some squashed screens due to the system being NTSC based, but I am enraged with the fact that several pieces of software will not work on an expanded US or UK Amiga. So, after complaining directly to several UK and foreign suppliers, I forward this list of programs that will
not work on a US expanded Amiga: Dragon’s Lair, Readysoft Inc, 1 Meg UK version Gauntlet II, US Gold, UK version Operation Wolf, Ocean, UK version Batman, Ocean, UK version R-Type, Electric Dreams, UK version Keep up the great work Amiga Format, and yes, everything you have offered on your disks works fine!
KEVIN S CHRISTLEY BRACKLEY, NORTHANTS INFINITE MONKEYS After reading the August issue of Amiga Format and the tips on Lords of the Rising Sun from Simon Liu, I remembered reading almost exactly the same thing, word perfect, in another mag.
Simon Liu must have great psychic powers.
K PHILLIPS MUNDESLEY, NORFOLK Plagiarism is one of the most pitiful things. Perhaps Simon Liu sat an infinite number of monkeys at an infinite number of typewriters until they produced the Lords of the Rising Sun tips? Who knows?
Simon Liu does, so perhaps he would care to explain. We look forward to receiving his letter.
MARKED SERIOUS Serious reviews - why not give each product a mark out of 10?
I’m sure many people would like to compare packages. The reviews are excellent though.
D DRODGE LYRINGTON, HANTS Marks out of 10 seem terribly arbitrary for serious reviews because they differ so much.
There are so many considerations of price, documentation, intended use and so on that affect a buying decision that a rating out of 10 is too simplistic. In order to sum up these complex issues, a full review is required. After all, we are talking about software and hardware that often costs more than £100, not something you should buy on the strength of one mark. ¦ TENSTAR *ACK C: Commodore WORTH OVER £229!
£346 .95 +VAT= £399 INCLUDES FREE UK __ _ DELIVERY The Amiga 500 is one ol a new breed of technologically advanced computers, which are now emerging as the new standard for home computing, based around the new Motorola 68000 chip The A500 has 512K RAM and a 1Mbyte double sided disk drive built-in It can be connected directly to a wide range of monitors, or to a domestic TV set through a TV modulator. Designed with the user in mind, the A500 features a user friendly WIMP environment and comes supplied with a free mouse And, when you buy your Amiga from Silica Shop, the UK’s No1 Amiga
specialists, you will experience an after sales service that is second to none, including a technical support helpline and free newsletters and price lists. Return the coupon below for our current information pack, which will give details of the Silica service and the very latest Silica Amiga offers e&oe £24.99 £69.95 £229.50 £724.43 £325.43 £399 £399.99 £299.99 £69.95 £229.50 Amegas Art Ot Chess Barbarian, Ult Warrior Buggy Boy Ikari Warriors Insanity Fight Mercenary Comp Terrorpods Thundercats Wizball £14.95 £24.95 £19.95 £24.95 £24.95 £24.95 £19.95 £24.95 £24.95 £24.95 £999.43 £350.43 £649
£229.50 Before you decide when to Buy your new Commodore Amiga computer we suggest you consider very carefully WHERE you ouy it There are MANY companies who can offer you a computer a few peripherals and the lop ten selling titles There are FEWER companies who can offer a wide range of products for your compuler as well as expert advice and nelp wnen you reed it There is ONLY ONE company who can provide the largest range ot Amiga related products in ihe UK a full time Amiga specialist technical helpline and m-deptn after sales support, including free newsletters and brochures delivered to your
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KmiJUJIi'IUTHU A500 Computer £399.99 TV Modulator Photon Paint TenStar Pack TOTAL RRP LESS DISCOUNT PACK PRICE A500 Computer 1084S Colour Monitor Photon Paint TenStar Pack TOTAL RRP, LESS DISCOUNT.
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Do you already own a computer .If so. Which one do you own?
100% machine code software for realtime functions.
HiRes sample editing.
F ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ f Separate scroll line waveform windows ft zoom function with Edit windows for fine accurate editing.
3D shot of sound waveform. Wave editor to design your own waveforms or adjust existing ones.
Microphone ft line input 1 4" Jack ft Din connections.
Software flies can be used within other music utilities.
¥ ¥ ONLY £79.99 please state A500 1 000 2000 DATA ACQUISITION UNIT VIDEO DIGITISER ¥ ¥ ¥ 256 x 256 display with 16 grey levels.
Realtime frame grab l 50th second.
Takes standard composite Video input from camera or Video recorder.
Screen update 1 frame per second, single, continuous or buffered display.
Load, Save facilities including IFF Save.
Edit picture, cut, copy, paste and undo.
Special effects, reverse, negative, mirror, compress, etc. Increase the width of the display to 320 x 256 automatically or manually.
Plugs into the parallel port of your Amiga 1000 500 2000.
Comes complete with its own power pack.
ONLY £89.99 w Compatible with most leading Midi packages (Including D Music), y Midi In - Midi Out x3 - Midi Thru.
ONLY £99.99 PLEASE STATE A500 1000 2000 ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ V 25 pin 'D' to 36 way Centronics parallel lead. 1.2m length.
V A500 or 1000. Please state.
¥ ¥ YAMAHA SHS 10 FM SYNTHESISER KEYBOARD 0 Superbly styled guitar-type keyboard with shoulder strap.
0 Top quality brandname.
Very simple to use.
MIDIMASTER INTERFACE S This unit connects your computer to any MIDI instrument.
V Fully Opto isolated - MIDI IN, MIDI V OUT, MIDI THRU.
S Just plug in and go.
FREE CABLES 0 3 metre long MIDI Cables - completely FREE!!
(normally £6.99). Full MIDI standard.
ACTIVISION MUSIC STUDIO A full feature MIDI Recording Studio.
A multi channel sequencer with realtime input and full editing facilities.
Completely menu driven - full Mouse control.
0 Sample ft display events from microseconds to hours- with amplitudes from milivolts to 50 volts.
• A Hardware Software package with very high spec, including:-
DIGITAL SCOPE DISPLAY - 2 channel inputs.Manual or continuos
Timebase 500ma dlv to 20us dlv- accurate to 5%.
0 6 bit flash conversion gives 2 million samples sec.
PLOTTER DISPLAY 0 Timebase range 1 sec to lOhrs per T plot.
All features found on units costing thousands of pounds.
A TOTAL MIDI MUSIC PACKAGE ; Fully Opto isolated.
INLY £34.99 PRINTER LEADS y Slimline extra low profile unit - only 6" long!
Top quality fully compatible drive NEW LOW J srsc-0 « PRICE ONLY Y’ A superbly styled case finished In Amiga colours.
Y 1 meg unformatted capacity.
V 000,1 length cable for positioning SINGLE DRIVE on your desk etc. ONLY E129.99 twin drive ADD £5 FOR COURIER DELIVERY IF REQUIRED EXTERNAL DRIVE SWITCH j DPI & OF2 controlled.
Switch in out of external drives.
Y Save on memory allocated for drives not currently in use.
Fits between computer & driver(s).
ONLY £9.99 GENISCAN GS4500 AMIGA Boost the output of your Amiga in glorious stereo.
30W + 30W power amplifier.
5 band graphic equalizer.
Complete with cables for A500 A1000 A2000 models.
Slimline colour matched metal case with built-in mains power unit.
Headphone socket.
MATCHING SPEAKERS y High quality miniature 3 way speaker units in die-cast aluminium shelf enclosures, i 30 Watts 8 ohm each.
COMPLETE 512K RAM EXTENSION CARD y An easy to handle Handy Scanner featuring 105 mm scanning width ft 400 dpi resolution enables you to reproduce graphics ft text on your computer screen, y Adjustable switches for brightness ft contrast.
Y Powerful software allows for cut ft paste editing of Images etc. Tf Save images in suitable format for most leading packages including DELUXE PAINT etc. V Package includes GS45O0 scanner.
Interface ft Scan Edit software.
Unmatched range of edit capture facilities simply not offered by other scanners at this unbeatable price. W V A powerful partner for Desk Top Publishing.
M With Geniscan you have the ability to easily scan images, text ft graphics into the AMIGA y Printout for Epson compatibles.
Works with any Amlga ST computer system (please state which) via the RS232 Interface.
Kjjr Features a built-in self-testing function, y Can read codes EAN, UPC, Inter leaved 2 of 5. Code 39. CODABAR.
S Comes complete with wand, ready to go.
Features a diagnostic Indicator.
ONLY £189.99 V Available with without calendar clock option.
W Simply plugs internally into A500 slot.
Sfy Switch in out with switch supplied, y Fitted in minutes - no soldering etc. y Accepts 41256 Drams (zero K ' fitted).
Y With calendar clock onboard time date automatically booted, y Battery backed to retain time date.
BY PHONE E3® XI 0782 744707 24hr Credit Card Line Send cheques POs made UK ORDERS POST 1 payable to EUROPE ADD £ "Date! Electronics" OVERSEAS ADD .
SALES ONLY 0782 744707 GURU’S MEDITATION CULTURE CORNER And now a poem (printed solely at Mr Smiths behest) Englebert VonTooter posessed a computer Of quality exceedingly fine.
In yellow pyjamas, he sat with two llamas And guzzled down raspberry wine.
But each day at noon, with a boiled egg and spoon He would stare in despair at the screen.
For then he would wonder, why every blunder Would appear in a naff magazine.
Until one fine day, a magnificent day As he nibbled his toffee ice-cream, It appeared like magic, and now life wasn’t tragic: He had found the top of the team.
“Amiga Format!" Englebert cried, "It’s shown me the way to success!
And as I sit here with my blue frothy beer, I can forget all the pain and the stress.
“Yes every month, as I munch down my lunch, I can learn from that wonderful ’zine.” It’s true to say, enterprises pay: He's a millionaire on the scene.
Young folk out there, heed the words he once aired Amiga Format's the way to success!
Look through the pages, take them in stages: For computer entertainment it’s best!
* Send us a fiver if you don’t want any more ot these printed.
CAPTAIN WHINGE “...pish and nonsense it’s probably the best operating system ever devised, personally I’ve never managed to crash it, not once, ever, at all, and even if it did crash I've got every single guru meditation number memorised and know exactly what to do about it, take 000000238967428365(*&*$ %)(*_*A it’s a doddle, just stick a finger in your left ear and do back flips while singing last year's budget deficit figures to the theme tune from Neighbours and everything’s hunky-dorey in no time, and as for complaints that it’s too difficult to understand Amiga DOS, if some people
aren’t prepared to have the chip manual implant surgically inserted in their cranial cavity, what do they expect, so I finished my lecture with a quick summary of the joys of...” THE LADS GAVE 110%, JOHN A cunning plot has resulted in the Future Publishing Kick Off International Squad receiving a defeat at the hands of the Electronic Arts All Stars. The squad consisted of Smith, Noonan, Wade and Campbell (from New Computer Express, for it is he).
All four arrived on time for the contest but there was no sign of the EA team. After waiting for a while a strategic decision was taken to retire to the nearby hostelry by the name of Hatchetts and imbibe vesselfuls of the fluid served there, known as beer. One hour later the EA team arrived, distinctly sober and raring to go.
The result, sadly, was inevitable: a defeat by 4 games to 3, with one match drawn. Take our advice: don't drink and Kick Off, it can severely damage the ego. A re-match is being organised, revenge will be had.
OH DEARY, DEARY ME Medium-sized-bodge count for Issue Two: two. Grovelling apologies for saying on Previews that Fallen Angel was from Rainbow Arts when it is in fact from Screen
7. Humble atonement as well for stating that Rick Dangerous was
£29.99 when it is in fact £24.95. It is also a matter of great
regret that the word ‘suppository’ was not inserted into this
THE THIRD ONLY FUNNY COMPUTER JOKE...EVER... EXCEPT FOR THE LAST TWO IBM have designed a new computer called the Ronald Reagan. It has no memory and no colon.
* All complaints to ANDREW COONEY from WOKINGHAM for that.
COMPETITION WINNERS ¦ Heie »e the lucky winners ot the Gauntlet R compo run in issue l The lucky winner ot one stonkmg Gauntlet II ccwop is Alastair Kent trom Raven shear). Nottingham. The 20 runnersup. Who will receive a US Gold sweatshirt and game ot their choice are: Neil Burrows. RanM, Merseyside: R Tonge, Kew. Richmond: Jo Potts, Bowdon, Cheshire: L Cairnsmith, Bournvdle. Birmingham: Neil Pearson. Tarring, West Sussei. Michael Taylor, SoUkill, West Midlands: AM Kancidrowski, Bamoldswick.
Lancs; Richard Walker, Sedgley, West Midlands: Stephen Hughes, Wellswood, Torquay: Gary Walker, Iwddleton. Leeds: R Johnson. Kinloss, Morayshire: James Pearson, Leafield. Oxlord: Richard Jones. Wembley. Middlesex; Clive Evans. Penn, West Midlands; Nicholas Barnett Calcot, Berkshire; Neil Baxter. Bury St Edmunds. Sutto*; Alex Ridge, Kirby Cross, Essex; Glen Martin, Grimsby, South Humberside; Nigel Impey, Higham Ferrers. Northants; Stephen Vickerstatt. Bournemouth.
Cover-3,44,48 TONIC AUDIO 103 16 BIT CENTRE 112
46-47 US GOLD Outside Bach Cover, 38 COMPUTER STORE 90 LINEL
S. D.C 104 WTS 124 DELTA PI 103
CALL 0734 753207 AcIMsioh The Computer Game © 1989 Columbia Pictures Industries Inc.. AH Rights Reserved The Nan with f he Hat is hack!
W mtinn «... toon and tn, _“¦» %fc» I.Q. „ S«8«atestaction .lie o them aU.
E bad guys r scenes bom r ,n ttue no.d»« If, ted riie Cr»« »' 0 Overcome a sav g ienpelw- S“m,e ,heJdUch. ««*»» «TI£14.»0 • ! .o vv.ries £24» HOHOBO.
821 62S 33W HOLIOBD WB'
• Visit dozens of locations not seen in the movie.
• Over 100 sound effects ... plus movie theme music.
• Comes with Henry tones clue packed Grail Diary.
And this time he's bringing his Dad!
|)}1 V AntHllI WPIMI.UIfN Ht IRAIIHIAKBS 01 UK WHIM I 111 Mimcm'iHtsrRVH) 1 AMICUS 22 Printer Driver Generator V2.3. Show Print 11.3 IFF screen flirrp 2
• JFISH 158 DiskX is a sector based disk editor, MemBoardTest
V2.4 MSDOS V0 1 lists files written in standard MSDOS or ST
format then copies Ifiem to RAM then rewrites to disk in
AmigaDOS format. PCBTool V2.6 is an early version of PC Board
layout program that does not support printers.
ScreenX is a small clock'memory counter, TaskX V2 0 is a realtime’ task edtor.
»FFISH 157 Xlcon V2 01 allows you to call up scripts containing CLI commands from an icon. 60or80 toggles 60 80 column text. AmicForm V1 3 : eaies a Phonebook in a form useable by AmicTerm BootBack is a disk boot ta* save rewrite and copy program. ECPM is a CP'M emulator. KeyFiler is a BBS message tile sorter. ScreenZap cleans away screens left by ill cenaved programs. SetPrefs allows you to build up a library ot Preference settings.

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