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X11 aiso runs clients' that run under AmigaDOS - such as uwm, xcalc and bitmap, it also supports xpr to 50 different printers. The native Amiga windowing system can co-exist with X11, so you can operate both at once. The program needs a 5Mb hard disk or NFS partition, 1 Meg of RAM and a 640x400 display. It costs £395, from the Amiga Centre Scotland on 031 557 4242, where Martin Lowe had this to say about it: "The Amiga's multi-tasking, multi-windowing and multi- screened operating system provides an ideal environment for X-Windows. An Amiga- based X workstation has no competition in terms of price performance." COVERDISK SMASHES As we go to press, details of the next two Coverdisk game demos are coming through: and they are almost guaranteed to be two of the most enormous smashes of the coming season. Issue Five, coming out in November, will feature Ghostbusters II from Activision, game of the big Christmas movie: and Issue Six in December will proudly present Chase HQ, Ocean’s conversion of the arcade sensation. Whatever you do, don't miss them! A ROLLING HARD DISK GATHERS CMOS Good news for anyone with an A590 hard disk or thinking of buying one. Digipro are going to sell the CMOS RAM chips that can expand the memory up to 2MB. Each chip costs £16.95 - a grand total of £271.20 if you want the full 2MB. The chips are available from Digipro on 0703 703030 STAND BY YOUR FLAT BEDS If you need a flat-bed scanner to scan anything up to A4 size, then HB Marketing have a new offering. It has a 200x200 dpi resolution, 2- 16 levels of grey and takes 10 seconds to scan an A4 page. It uses thermal paper identical to that used by fax machines. It costs £499 and is available from HB Marketing on 0895 444433. GAME TRAFFIC CONTROL It's wacky joystick time again, as another weird variant hits the scene. This one is a two-handed number that has a cursor pad controlled by the left thumb and a fire button used by the right thumb. It's called the Quickshot Flight Controller, although it looks more like a bike handlebar. It's priced at £12.50 and is from Spectravideo, who have also announced a price drop in their Quickshot Turbo stick to £10.50. HIST SAIL ON Memory & Storage Technology have released six new products for the Amiga - here's the lowdown, short but sweet.

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Document sans nom BRITAIN’S LEADING MAGAZINE FOR AMIGA OWNER FORMAT ISSUE 4 NOVEMBER 1989 £2.95 Yol5 A?.WAYS TO [WELL, ALMOST...] JATMAN'fc “ZI as elusive as a dream. Hiqh GOTHAM, he is a crimi YOUR SINCLAIR AM5TRAD SPECTRUM ATARI ST AMIGA £9.99 £9.99 £19.99 £24.99 COMMODORE SPECTRUM ATARI ST AMIGA tware Limited 832 6633 Tc - GURU ..154 REGULARS DIGITISER ROUND-UP es AMIGA FORMAT ISSUE 4 NOVEMBER 1989 PUBLISHED BY FUTURE PUBLISHING LTD 4 Queen Street. Bath. BA1 1EJ. V 0225 446034. FAX us on 0225 446019 c: FUTURE PUBLISHING 1989 No part of this magazine may be reproduced without our
EDITOR Bob Wade PRODUCTION EDITOR Damien Noonan REVIEWS EDITOR Andy Smith TECHNI* CAL EDITOR Jason Holborn ART EDITOR Trevor Gilham DESIGN ASSISTANT Martin Parfitt CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Jon Bates (Music), Brian Larkman (Graphics) CONTRIBUTORS Skippy’ Dunn, Phil South, Pat McDonald, Adrian Stewart, Tony Melling, Richard Monteiro, Graeme Kidd ADVERTISING MANAGER Jennie Evans AD PRODUCTION Louise Cockroft PUBLISHER Greg Ingham. SUBSCRIPTIONS MAIL ORDER The Old Barn, Somerton, Somerset TA11 7PY Tel: 0458 74011 PHOTOGRAPHY Ashton James, Bradford-upon-Avon: Fred White, Edinburgh: Tony Spinks. London
COLOUR ORIGINATORS Swift Graphics Ltd, Southampton PRINTERS Chase Web Offset, Gillingham DISTRIBUTORS SM Distribution, 6 Leigham Court Road, Streatham, London SW16.
REVIEWS ARGASM .31 DIGITISERS ...65 SPECIALS INNOVATION .12 THE INSIDE STORY 17 WARGAMES ...57 DESKTOP PUBLISHING ..89 ANIMATION FESTIVAL..127 THE UNTOUCHABLES Absorbing playable demo of Ocean’is latest, concerning the exploits of Elliot Ness cleaning up Thirties Chicago.
SURF: explore the fascinating world of 3D solid modelling with this powerful, but easy-to-use program * DEMO CORNER: remarkable ray-traced animation • ART: marvellous picture gallery courtesy of Alastair Hearsum • WORKBENCH HACKS: the continuing saga of those fun little hacks fK
* GFXMEM: displays memory availability with ease. F U GAMES
MYTH ...53
CAFE ....50 VULCAN ......61
startlingly-priced new budget label called 16 Blitz is selling
games for just £4.99. The label is from budget specialists
Virgin Mastertronic, the latter half of which was involved with
pioneering the £2.00 price for budget 8-bit games.
The first Amiga game at the new price is Infection, reviewed on Page 53.
It's an impressive debut title and it will be interesting to see how other software houses respond. Because the price is so low it seems likely that the 16- bit games scene will, like the 8-bit one, polarize into full-price and budget markets with no middle ground in the £10-15 area.
Commodore have come up with a stunning bundling deal for the A500, which should see it storm into the Christmas shopping boom on a new high. Ocean's new game, Batman the Movie, will be launched simultaneously as both a separate release and as part of the A500 bundle.
It’s the first time that a major game, which is bound to chart extremely well, has been bundled and launched at the same time.
That's not all that the ‘Batman Pack' contains, either There are three other pieces of software to add to the value of the pack and every one is a winner. As well as Batman, Ocean have put in The New Zealand Story, an extremely addictive and hugely enjoyable coin-op conversion that received a Format Gold award in Issue One as well as featuring in a playable demo form on that month’s Coverdisk.
Electronic Arts are also contributing a great deal to the bundle, with Deluxe Paint II and Interceptor. Although it is not the most recent version of Deluxe Paint, Version II is an excellent art program that will show off to new A500 owners just what an Amiga can do.
The second EA program is Interceptor, a game that amazed both reviewers and public alike when it came out. It's a flight simulator that concentrates heavily on the graphics and gameplay to create a game that is superb in demo mode, and even better in play. Other games have caught up with it now, but it is still mightily impressive. This may all sound a little over the top, but this bundle has everything going for it - except maybe a KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE BALL WHAT A SUPRA MODEM new internal modem just over from the US. It's called the SupraModem 2400zi and is being sold over here by Frontier
It fits into any bus slot, is Hayes compatible and, say Frontier, works with all popular Amiga comms software. (How about the unpopular stuff?) It has auto answer and dial, software that allows multiple modems linked to one computer and an adjustable- volume speaker. It also comes with a one-year guarantee and 90-day money-back offer.
It costs £169.95 and is available from Frontier on 0423 567140.
It's amazing what you can do with an Amiga, a good idea and a silly company name. Alvin Christie has set up The Massive Eyeball Production Company with the help of the London Docklands Development Corporation.
The company is a computer graphics bureau that can produce letterheads, logos both static and animated, adverts, flysheets and reports in DTP. The MASSIVE EYEBALL PRODUCTION COMPANY are at Unit 3 1, The Docklands Enterprise Centre, 11 Marshalsea Road, Southwark SE1. Tel: 01 407 5527.
Music program. At £399.99 we are bound to see these fly off the shelves and the ranks of A500 owners swell dramatically.
It’s also interesting to note that the good ol’ C64 has a new bundle as well containing a light gun, 3D glasses, games, quiz, music and paint software - even a typing tutor and audio help tape. All for £149.99. It’s nice to see there’s life in the old thing yet.
IT’S THE REALMS with example animbrushes, demos, environment source material (origami chicken?), drawings, 'tweening' (short for in-betweening, Ihe intermediate frames in an animation) exercises and source pictures.
One of the issues, On the Horse, has pictures that compare the anatomy of the horse and man, showing where movement occurs - a help in tweening.
Other early issues of RealThings will cover animals, birds, insects, human activities and sports.
RealThings is produced by RGB Studios who can be contacted on 082 581 2666 and is distributed by Digipro on 0703 703030.
A wonderful thing has happened - your Amiga is alive. No, don't panic, it's not a virus story, it’s about an interesting new venture in lifeform creation called RealThings.
The creators of RealThings claim it is "the software series that brings the living to your computer screen" using Deluxe Paint III as its medium. Using Deluxe Paint III they have created program disks that allow you to manipulate creatures in their own world of foreground and background scenery.
Each ‘issue1 of RealThings contains graded ability levels and material for different RAM capacities. There are three ability levels, and the disks come X CERTIFICATE X-Windows is a windowing environment that has been around on meaty machines from such as IBM, DEC and Hewlett-Packard, Now it's available on the Amiga and because it has become an 'industry standard' it means you can hook up to any other machine that will run X-Windows.
X11 has resolutions of 1008x1024 on a special monitor and 704x560 on the standard one. At this point anybody unfamiliar with X-Windows is advised to prepare for a jargon onslaught. X11 uses TCP IP over Ethernet for connection to other machines and a shared memory message passing scheme for local connections.
X11 aiso runs clients' that run under AmigaDOS - such as uwm, xcalc and bitmap, it also supports xpr to 50 different printers. The native Amiga windowing system can co-exist with X11, so you can operate both at once.
The program needs a 5Mb hard disk or NFS partition, 1 Meg of RAM and a 640x400 display. It costs £395, from the Amiga Centre Scotland on 031 557 4242, where Martin Lowe had this to say about it: "The Amiga's multi-tasking, multi-windowing and multi- screened operating system provides an ideal environment for X-Windows. An Amiga- based X workstation has no competition in terms of price performance."
COVERDISK SMASHES As we go to press, details of the next two Coverdisk game demos are coming through: and they are almost guaranteed to be two of the most enormous smashes of the coming season.
Issue Five, coming out in November, will feature Ghostbusters II from Activision, game of the big Christmas movie: and Issue Six in December will proudly present Chase HQ, Ocean’s conversion of the arcade sensation. Whatever you do, don't miss them!
A ROLLING HARD DISK GATHERS CMOS Good news for anyone with an A590 hard disk or thinking of buying one. Digipro are going to sell the CMOS RAM chips that can expand the memory up to 2MB.
Each chip costs £16.95 - a grand total of £271.20 if you want the full 2MB. The chips are available from Digipro on 0703 703030 STAND BY YOUR FLAT BEDS If you need a flat-bed scanner to scan anything up to A4 size, then HB Marketing have a new offering.
It has a 200x200 dpi resolution, 2- 16 levels of grey and takes 10 seconds to scan an A4 page. It uses thermal paper identical to that used by fax machines. It costs £499 and is available from HB Marketing on 0895 444433.
GAME TRAFFIC CONTROL It's wacky joystick time again, as another weird variant hits the scene. This one is a two-handed number that has a cursor pad controlled by the left thumb and a fire button used by the right thumb.
It's called the Quickshot Flight Controller, although it looks more like a bike handlebar. It's priced at £12.50 and is from Spectravideo, who have also announced a price drop in their Quickshot Turbo stick to £10.50. HIST SAIL ON Memory & Storage Technology have released six new products for the Amiga - here's the lowdown, short but sweet.
AMIGA-A-TOSH - A slimline disk drive designed for use with the A-Max Mac emulator. Features Fujitsu mechanism, auto-eject, one year guarantee and special cable. Price £199.99, or £149.99 as a special promotion before November 15th.
BofNG MOUSE - The optical mouse (as featured elsewhere on these pages) is also available from MAST at £79.99. BRAKE - A small hardware unit that fits inside the Amiga and allows speed control over games software.
Price £19.99. AUTOFIRE - An autofire that lets you calibrate for different speeds of fire.
Price £17.99. CHANGE KICKSTART - This allows you 1o switch between versions 1.2 and 1.3 of Kickstart at the flick ol a switch, solving software compatibility problems. Supplied without the ROMs at £29.99. TWINIT - If you have an external disk drive without a pass-through interface, then Twinit lets you add a third drive. Price £11.99. DIGITAL MAGIC Driving fans will be pleased with DMS’s next release, Drivin’ Force, in which the player will have the choice of driving trucks, Formula One racing cars, bikes, cars and buggies, with jet-ski races thrown in for good measure. DMS are planning to
follow Drivin’ Force with an arcade-style helicopter shoot-em-up in the early part of next year.
PHOTOFILE PRODUCTS BY Kodak ST & Amiga Digitising Service BOUNCING BABY MOUSE to pick up all sorts of dust and dirt.
The Boing mouse is a new alternative to the Commodore mouse, that promises "premium quality, exceptional design, ergonometric thought and the utmost ease of use.” So what's so special about this mouse compared with the official one?
Most important is the lack of a roller ball underneath. The mouse operates by reflecting light back off a special mouse mat that is supplied with it. No rubber ball The buttons on top also require less pressure to operate and there are three of them instead of the usual two. All this may not sound like much but for someone who uses the mouse for long periods of time the improved ergonomics will be appreciated. The third button is also useful in conjunction with X-Windows.
More details from the Amiga Centre Scotland on 031 557 4242.
We can digitise your pictures in these formats: Amiga: HAM, High-res, Lo-res, Halfbrite, with interlace or overscan if required.
Maximum size A4 minimum size passport photo size.
• Orders dispatched within 24 hours.
Free slideshow utility on every disk.
We'll panda to all your digitising needs !
* * 7 disk DTP Clip Art set £35.
Using our own custom software we have imported seven disks of mono Clip Art from DTP computers such as the MAC and the ST. This excellent quality Clip Art has never been seen on the Amiga before. Hundreds of IFF pictures of hundreds of subjects. For use with Dpaint. Photon Paint etc. or ideal for DTP.
Fantastic value! Available exclusively from Pholofile.
Please make cheques POa payable to PHOTOFILE, PO Box 49, North PDO, Nottingham, NG5 6SR Telephone (0602) 261498 We regret Photofile cannot accept responsibility for photographs or pictures lost or damaged in the post.
Tjrapkw* I’hiuif. Stylf 'Aju.l, MrmrtJ, ; «,5 . Yet the DreamTrack fTM) Corporation -Have created an insidious implant within the r * .
Latest DreamTrack fTM) that is being nipstered for release withiimie labyrinth of the Corporation's mainframe I complex, i Is a rogue dreamer, you Ihavqlto enter the mainframe SSBJect your partner to the 1 Wcl itself the minds of pRSS future generation will be trusting to your skill and intellect.
(is i* a btsttd loop" "Iftsids thtniMlt loop" ot *¥ eouals 111" ivt "V does not tonal II" tLMttfSferitvt" TOTAL OCEAN COMING ATTRACTIONS THE GOODIES SOFTWARE HOUSES WILL BE TEMPTING YOU WITH TOMORROW.
O Flying fans will soon be able to get their hands on F-29 Retal- iator, a combat flight sim based on a fictional aircraft, but accurately modelled on current technology (with a little less accurate future technology throw in for good measure). This solid 3D game also gives the player four theatres of operation and other aircraft to fly. Keep your eyes skywards.
If flying a jet aircraft is all a bit too stressful and you'd rather just run about with a machine gun blasting away at baddies, then there's Operation Thunderbolt to look out for. This follow-up to the highly successful Op Wolf (both the coin-op and the great conversion) is guaranteed to keep your trigger finger blistered.
Mindless blasting too unethical for you? Fancy chasing after some criminals in a fast car instead? Then watch the roads for Chase HO, (not pictured), a car driving game converted from the Taito coin-op.
If you don’t fancy that either, there's always Batman.
O SYSTEM 3 After the not-so-hot Dominator comes Tusker, an arcade adventure with a few strategic elements thrown in, set in the heart of Africa.
There are deserts, swamps, jungles (both past and present) plus native villages and ethnic temples to wander and fight your way through in a struggle to complete a mission your father started and perished trying to solve: finding the legendary elephant's graveyard. (No, it's not Greg Ingham's wallet!)
US GOLD Role-playing fans are in for a double treat as first Pool of Radiance makes its appearance, and then the third official AD&D game, Dragons of Flame, arrives, In Dragons of Flame (not pictured) you have to lead a party of brave souls (like yourself) against the two massive Draconian armies that are sweeping down from the north and are preparing to attack the city of Oualinesti. The countryside is full of wandering peeps, both friendly and unfriendly, and there are more than just a couple of foul creatures (chickens?) Who’ve decided to Jake advantage of the chaos in their own sweet
ways. How you react to them and deal with situations is up to you.
Pool of Radiance has you heading a party of up to six adventurers out to seek fame and fortune wherever you can in and around the city of New Phlan.
For the fighters amongst you, you'll find the city's slums crawling with good things to go bash, Sfc VIRGIN MASTERTRONIC Beat-em-up fans will soon be able to get to grips with Double Dragon II, in which Billy and Jimmy are seeking revenge for the death of Marian. Who knows, they might even be able to bring her back to life if only they can manage to battle their way through 1o the secret lair of the Shadow Boss wilh any success... 0 ' L A i c- a & r, r,
* J '} }J V rj V 5 ' 1 DELPHINEI PALACE If you’ve always fancied
playing an adventure game, but all that text puts you off, then
Delphine reckon they've got the answer in the form of Time
Travellers. An adventure within an animated game. Basically,
the Earth of the 43rd Century is about to be destroyed because
aliens have travelled back in lime and planted some
delayed-action time bombs, thereby avoiding Earth's hi- tech
defences. Unfortunately, you've stumbled through a time gate
and it's up to you to save us all.
© H0RR0RS0FT Following Personal Nightmare is Elvira. Mistress of the Dark.
It’s a completely icon-driven role-playing horror game that has you in the guise of a con-man passing yourself off as a freelance ghostbuster. You've been hired by Elvira to bust the ghost of her long-dead relative who's about to pop back into the real world after a few centuries. Perhaps you've bitten off more than you can chew this time?
©CDS umping on the football management bandwagon are CDS with European Superleague. You’ll deal with such delights as: balancing training schedules, keeping up squad morale and confidence, dealing with boardroom politics and the press, and then contending with seven computer- controlled managers, all of whom play an experienced and tactical game.
There’s a multi-level gameplay structure and over 200 players, all presented with top-class graphics.
ARTRONIC A sun-drenched island has been taken over by terrorists and only you, Soldier 2000, can save the day by destroying the enemy and rescuing the prisoners. You're armed with a variety of weapons and intelligence-gathering equipment to help you survive five missions with a time limit for each. So polish up your chopper and prepare to fly into the danger zone.
©AMOS Under the usual category of ‘Coming soon and promising to be pretty damn stonking but just a little delayed' is AMOS, the long-awaited games creation package from Mandarin. Basically a mixture of a bunch of powerful utilities and a Basic- like programming language. AMOS is expected to offer the most powerful range of facilities for games creation this side of assembly language.
The time taken in writing AMOS has been spent ensuring that it can take full advantage of the Amiga's hardware, so look out for simultaneous display of up to 48 blitter-based software sprites, each with movement paths defined by a simple dragging of the mouse-pointer across the screen. AMOS can use up to eight different screens, each with its own separate resolution, bitmap, position and colour palette. Full use of EHB. HAM and overscan will be possible, with some very simple and straightforward scrolling, And to cap it all. AMOS will allow continuous music, a music editor, a sprite editor and
a copper list editor. All this and more. We can't wait for it to reach us.
0 ACTIVISION Altered Beast is due very soon now. The game’s a conversion of the Sega coin-op and fells the story of a brave Roman centurion raised from the dead to do battle once more for the mighty Zeus. As the lead sprite you must rescue the beautiful Athena from the clutches of Nelf. Evil lord ol the underworld. He's a pretty tough customer. So Zeus has given you the power to change into fearsome animals by collecting mystical spirit balls from your slain opponents. There are five levels and loads of sprites, so things ain't gonna be easy!
Since James Watt first boiled a kettle, Scotland has been the home of many a great engineer: and Britain is renowned for lovable eccentrics. It would be unfair to include Sandy White, erstwhile games programmer and allround pleasant chap, in the latter category: but if you despair the decline of individual ingenuity and initiative in these corporate days, read on!
Sandy decided it would be a pretty good idea to take an Amiga screen and print it, in full colour, big enough to be displayed on a billboard. So naturally he set about doing it. Simple enough, you might imagine. But have you ever tried building your own colour printer?
Worse, Sandy had to invent one that could produce a reasonable quality image at a very large size.
First step was to print anything at all. Sandy decided the best way to translate the image on the screen into ink on paper would be to pull the image line by line off the monitor and print it line by line onto the paper. The first attempts were black and white, so only one colour of ink would be needed.
The difficult bit was how to make the density of black ink on the paper the same as the darkness of the black on screen.
This is the clever bit: but, I'm afraid, it must remain a trade secret. The ink is slung onto the paper using an airbrush, but the control method is hidden within a shoebox on Sandy’s overflowing workbench. A large metal drum scavenged from a scrapyard has the paper attached to it and rotates at a steady speed: at the start of the paper, a switch is tripped telling the Amiga to send over the first line of the picture.
The gadgetry in the shoebox translates the lightness or darkness of each pixel on that line into amounts of ink which the airbrush sprays on. At the end of each line, as the drum comes full circle, a step-motor pulls the airbrush along for the next line.
For Sandy, the step to full colour was a doddle. After some research into colour printing, he realised that the essential ingredients were three primary colours of ink: magenta, cyan and yellow.
Moreover, it occurred to him that the colour monitor constructs an image from three primary colours of light: red, blue and green. So, a little elementary physics, a small home-written program to split the RGB display output, and a quick trip down the shops to buy the three colours of ink... The colour print run works the same way as the mono, with one run for each colour. As any point on the paper builds up the right mix of inks, so it develops the appropriate colour. A professional printer will tell you that Sandy has got something badly wrong here, because the sort of printing that produces
this magazine never actually mixes or overlays the three primary colours. But with the sizes and resolutions of Sandy’s images, the elegant simplicity of his system has big advantages.
Firstly, the slight blurring from the airbrush minimizes separation between the pixels, so evident when blowing a screen up very large using, say, a photographic method. Although pixels are quite distinct, gaps between them are smoothed out on Sandy’s prints.
Secondly, this method can be used to print equally well on any medium: printing on cloth, again because of slight blurring, is very successful, and Sandy has been able to print full-colour T shirts.
Sandy’s venture is extremely ingenious and very deserving of reward or recognition. He is aware that it has certain commercial possibilities, particularly for printing large banners or exhibition displays, and has great advantages of cheapness and flexibility. If anyone out there is interested in talking to Sandy about his remarkable invention, please get in touch via the Amiga Centre Scotland, who will pass the message on. ¦ ¦ This massive print was produced in fcur bits, but ¦ Sandy tinkers with the drum of the printer. Note the latest printer will handle this size in one sheet. The
bicycle chain which pulls the airbrush along.
DAMIEN NOONAN meets Sandy White, who decided it would be a pretty neat idea to print an Amiga screen on a full-size billboard... Variable Dither - Computed internally at 30 bits per pixel (over one billion colors). Gives you over 100,000 apparent colors on screen.
Super BitMaps with Auto-Scrolling - Realtime scrolling on up to 1024 pixels high or wide image with full overscan display.
Colorize - Play Ted Turner and add color to black-and-white images or change colors on already colored images.
Flexible Text Rendering Allows for anti-aliased fonts, Rainbow Fonts and Transparent Fonts and more.
Texture Mapping with Anti-Aliasing - Gives you super-fast warping and stretching of any image.
User-Controllable Transparency - Allows real time control of the amount of transparency and the location of the light source.
100% Assembly Language - Makes Digi- Paint 3 the fastest HAM paint program ever!
Transfer 24 - Digi-Paint 3 comes with Transfer 24 image processing software to give you support of all Amiga resolution modes and the same advanced image processing found with NewTek’s best-selling Digi-View Gold Video Digitizer.
The Ultimate Paint Program: DIGI'PAINT NewTek INCORPORATED For more information call NewTek at 0101-913-354-1146 Digi-Paint 3, Digi-View Gold and Transfer 24 are trademarks of NewTek Inc. AMIGA SUPER CARD
- Kickstart 1.3 £99.95 i fitter
- Anti Virus
- Floppy Speeder ¦ Mouse Driven
- Boot Drive Selector E Messaoes Backup Program , n9 „
- Functions under * Shortened Reset F-Keys ' Extra Utilities
DISK .£399.00 40 MBYTE HARD
DISK £499.00 60 MBYTE HARD
MBYTE £379.00 40 MBYTE
......£479.00 60 MBYTE
...£579.00 GENLOCK A500 MINIGEN
- Low cost, enabling you to merge computer graphics with live
video & record the results on a VCR RENDALE 8802 £189.95
- For A500 A1000 A2000 (state model)
- Midi in. Midi out. Midi thru ..£24.95
- DIGIVIEW ¦TT4VME GOLD £109.95 COPY 2.0 £19.95 Hardware
Version ...£39.95 No 1 backup copy program -
parameter copy Backs up commercial software - update service.
Send version 1 0 + £7.50 to upgrade K i liiik
* BnP KICKSTART 1.2 1.3 CARD ..£49.99 Now you
can switch between Kickstart 1 2 and 1.3 Supplied with
Kickstart 1.3 Easy to Fit AMIGA DISK DRIVES 3 5" EXTERNAL DISK
DRIVE DS'DD SLIMLINE DRIVE £79.99 Includes 10 Blank Disks WITH
TRACK DISPLAY £99.99 includes 10 Blank Disks
Includes 20 Blank Disks WITH TRACK DISPLAY £119.99 includes 20
- Hardware and software £24.95 Place hardware between (Software
only external drive and computer £9 95)
- Protects internal and external drives
- Always present after warm reboot
- Gives alarm signal if a virus is found.
- Protects against 16 viruses RAM EXPANSIONS A500 512K
- upgrade to 1 mbyte, fitted in seconds
- with clock, battery operated to retain time date On off switch
£74.99 While stocks last A500 1.8 Mbyte 512K Ram) £149.95
- Board to add 1 8Mb internal memory to your A500
- with Ram 1.8 Mbyte A500 A1000 2MByte Internal 2Mb ram expansion
A500 A1000
- simply plugs into expansion port A2000 2 Mbyte £349.00 £375.00
£349.00 8 Mb board. 2 Mb Ram A500 A1000 A2000 LIGHT PEN
- Including software driver £49.99 Can be used with all programs
like Deluxe Paint III or Photon Paint 2 0 etc. Suite 1, Wickham
House, 2 UpperTeddington Road, Hampton Wick, Kingston-on-Thames
CLUB 68000 Surrey KT1 4DP Tel: 01-977-9596 Fax: 01-977-5354 DO
For everyone who owns one of these computers, CLUB 68000 offers members software, hardware and accessories at huge savings off recommended retail prices! Each item has been carefully chosen to offer the best value and quality.
HERE'S WHAT YOU GET: When you join you will receive a free games compendium and a free catalogue every 3 months AMIGA TOR 100 GAMES RRP Member RRP Member i Flight Simulator II 39 99 29 99 Afterburner 24 99 15 99 Falcon F16 29 99 19 99 Alien Legion 24 99 15 99 Vi Federation Ol Free Aslerolh 24 99 15 99 Traders 29 99 19 99 Airborne Ranger 24 99 15 99 F16 Combat Ptloi 24 99 15 99 Archipelagos 24 99 15 99 Forgotten Worlds 19 99 12 99 Beam 24 99 15 99 Flying Shark Gunship 19 99 12 99 Bio Challenge 24 99 15 99 24 99 15 99 Bomber 24 99 15 99 Games Wmtor Edition 24 99 15 99 Barbarian II 24 99 15 99 V4
Hybns 24 99 15 99 Battle Hawks 1942 24 99 15 99 High Steel 1999 12 99 Slasteroids 24 99 15 99 K HATE 19 99 12 99 Balance ol Power 199024 99 15 99 Hawkeye 19 99 12 99 Blood Money 24 99 1599 Honda Rul 29 99 19 99 Battle Chess 24 99 15 99 Vl Heroes ol the Lance 24 99 15 99 Bloodwych 24 99 15 99 Interceptor 24 99 15 99 Cosmic Pirate 19 99 12 99 Jaws 19 99 12 99 Colossus Chess X 29 99 19 99 Kennedy Approach 24 99 15 99 Chaos Strikes Back 19 99 12 99 Vj Kick Qlf 1999 12 99 Capone California Games 24 99 15 99 Vi Kult 24 99 15 99 24 99 15 99 Krystal 29 99 19 99 Dragons Lair 44 99 27 99 Kings Quest IV
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Software UK and EEC £1. Non EEC £3 Hardware and Courier Service £6 | ] Cheque enclosed Postal Order O Visa Access Master No . Expiry Date ...... unvjua ATARI ST smm men MSTR VISTRA SPECIAL YOU’RE HISTORY!
Once apon a time in America, and it could only happen there, a firm called Hi-Toro began work on what promised to be the best games console in the world, to beat Atari's ailing VCS machine. The VCS, as you may recall, was a brilliant little games machine which took little ROM-based cartridges and played cut-down, blocky versions of all Atari's arcade games. It was great fun and, although very popular, it was sunk by two big problems: the boom in home computers and the ET game. Home computers stole the VCS's market and so Atari were forced into a corner. What they really needed was a big,
original game based on a film tie-in. They picked ET, which had just been a big hit for Steven Spielberg. It seemed like the ideal solution. A killer game, with the publicity of an all-time money making film would surely help them to hit back against computers. They threw a lot of money into the ET license and work began on the program. The money ran out and they hurried coding of the game. It was a disaster for Atari, and so they had to look for finance.
At a similar time Jack Tramiel, the founder of Commodore Business Machines, was squeezed out of Commodore, and being the self-effacing and philosophical man we know and love, he bought Atari especially to get even. The scene was set.
And so, at a secret location in another part of Silicon Valley, Hi-Toro were embarking on that long journey down the road towards the Amiga. A trio of men with $ 7 million to spare invested it starting a new company to make the best games machine ever, The games console market looked secure, so the men felt they stood a chance. Before they got too far down the road they changed their name to Amiga, (Spanish for girlfriend) because someone finally noticed Hi- Toro looked silly. And besides, alphabetically and marketing-wise it was as well to have a name beginning with A. The name of the
company was sorted, but they still had problems coming up with a name for the actual machine. After going through the usual varieties of fruit, nuts, birds, flowers and elements, they settled on the name Lorraine. Okay, so they could change it later, but at least for now no-one would know what they were discussing over the phone or in bars. At the core of Amiga's team were Jay Miner and Dave Morse. Jay was a chip PHIL SOUTH tells the True Story of the Amiga designer, and before Amiga he designed the chips in the VCS and Atari 800 computers, plus a variety of medical and scientific
Dave Morse started with Tonka Toys and joined Amiga to market Lorraine to an expectant American public.
To keep the real project secret they made a range joysticks, rather like Komx and their games machine in recent times, and used the revenue from them as a bit of support for the Lorraine. The joysticks Amiga made were all weird and Californian: like the Joyboard, for example. This was a board with contacts at each corner which the player stood on, for playing surfing and skateboarding games, etc. The Joyboard wasn’t a success, but it lives on today in the Guru Meditation messages. The story goes that one of the popular games at Amiga was to sit cross-legged on the Joyboard and run a special
feedback program which tested how mellow you were by how still you sat. Meditating on the Joyboard was a popular way to relax after the prototype Amiga crashed, and so the errors were named accordingly.
After Jay and Dave came the charismatic RJ Mical, the software engineer. RJ had been with Defender creators Williams, working on games like SiniStar and Star Bike. Unfortunately the games were produced just as the arcade game business hit the slump created by home consoles and computers. So RJ was headhunted by Amiga to design Intuition, part of the programming environment of the Amiga: indeed the bit that handled the Workbench. You see, about this time it was becoming apparent that the console was out the window and the do-it-all computer to beat the Apple Macintosh and PC was the way to
go, Unbeknown to the Amiga management a lot of 'options' had been added in development, like a drive, printer ports and a keyboard.
The prototype, called Zorro, running on the Sage 68000 machines, was no games console. The circuit boards, which were later to be compressed onto the three custom chips Portia, Agnus and Daphne, became more and more complex as the project wore on. It had somehow mutated into a viable computer.
Riches To Rags And Back Amiga had problems from the start, In order to interest companies in a machine you had to have one to show them one. And you couldn’t afford to build one until you got someone interested. Dave Morse remortgaged his house to get the firm through some sticky spots. They took out stands at computer shows to secretly show the machine to software houses, and had all the hardware blow up days before. But against the odds, the machine wowed enough people at the Chicago CES Show in June 1984 to keep the project going. But they had to find a serious sponsor, who would either
help them or (and this was the way it turned out) buy the machine out. Everyone was approached, including Sony, Hewlett Packard, Philips, even Apple Computers! No one was interested. Finally Atari showed an interest.
But don’t forget, Jack Tramiel had a score to settle with Commodore and SO tried to use Amiga as his secret weapon. He paid their debts and let them negotiate the price of shares in Amiga. The pressure was on: but at the last minute, when Tramiel was about the buy them out and use them as a stick to beat Commodore with, Commodore themselves called Dave Morse and bought them first. Rather than eating Amiga whole, as Atari wanted to, CBM set aside a new company inside itself, Commodore-Amiga, to house the machine. It was around then that the machine took on the name of its creators.
Commodore put millions into it's development and the machine grew into a slim console with a detatched keyboard, on top of which sat the stereo monitor. It began to look like a seriously viable machine of the Nineties. ¦ So often we hear that the Amiga is a superior machine because of its superior hardware design. The ‘architecture’, we are frequently assured, is vastly different from that of other machines, and explains the Amiga’s advanced features. But despite these throwaway comments, nobody ever quite explains what the whole thing’s about. So this is a brief run- through of exactly
what all that hardware is about.
The 'architecture1 of a machine describes the physical way the various chips and components are arranged on the printed circuit board. The PCB, essentially, is the computer: all the other stuff that goes up to make an Amiga is simply a disk drive unit, a keyboard and a load of plastic for the casing. Architecture also implies a conceptual view of the way in which the various components combine to control the way in which the computer works.
INTERNAL EXPLORATION So why is the Amiga's architecture superior? Well, basically DAMIEN NOONAN takes a peek inside the Amiga.
The difference lies in the use of custom chips. Yer ordinary, run- of-the-mill computer depends almost entirely for its function on the Central Processing Unit, or CPU. This is the main chip that handles all the processing of information: it is also the chip that defines a computer as 16-bit, 8-bit or whatever. These bit numbers describe the size of the 'data bus', which is the vital holding area through which all processor information must pass.
The size of the bus and the speed at which information can be passed through it define the speed of operation of the computer. The more things the computer is asked to do, the more tasks need to share processor time: and the more the whole business slows down. This is the big problem with multi-tasking: different tasks, although they appear to. Be running concurrently, actuaity have to take turns to use processor time.
The Amiga, as you will shortly discover, does not rely entirely on the CPU: so it doesn't suffer from all the attendant problems. The independent functioning of the Amiga’s unique custom chips takes much of the weight off the CPU and allows more speed and power to be applied to graphics and sound. It also frees the CPU to take on the challenge of multi-tdsking, unique in a home computer. A remarkable performance by the young machine from California.
If you wish to team more about the Amiga hardware, we can recommend the following books: Abacus’s ‘Amiga System Programmer’s Guide’, Ariadne’s ‘Kickstart Guide to the Amiga’ or Addison-Wesley’s ‘Amiga Hardware Reference Manual’. Available at all good bookshops..-¦ CPU: MOTOROLA 68000 The Amiga uses exactly the same 16-bit chip as the Atari ST and the Apple Macintosh, the 7.16MHz 68000 chip, first released in 1979.
This is one of the best 16-bit chips because it has a very good employs a set of custom chips known collectively as ‘The Pad’: Paula, Agnus and Denise. The custom chips are allowed to ignore the CPU completely, performing their own operations and accessing memory directly.
AGNUS Agnus is the big boss chip of the Pad custom set. Although all three of these chips work together, each has its own independent tasks. A major key to this is the concept of direct memory access, DMA, which means that for their own allotted tasks these chips can go straight to the RAM chips to get information and so avoid using CPU time.
All three custom chips are constructed using VLSI technology. Standing for very large scale integration, this concept means that each chip (any chip is an ‘integrated circuit’) has many more WHAT’S INSIDE AN AMIGA separate pieces in its construction than is normal. So they are very carefully tailored to the tasks they are meant to perform.
Agnus is home to the infamous blitter. The blitter (standing for Block Image Transferrer, now being rephrased blimmer by Com- screen background and output the bitmap which represents the actual display on-screen resulting from these three elements, The blitter can move a 16-bit chunk into memory every 280 nanoseconds, which is really pretty rapid. It has 256 logic instructions all of its own: and is also directly responsible for line- drawing and solid fills. It is quite capable of drawing nearly 4,000 lines every second.
Agnus and the blitter are also responsible for reading information from disk into memory. This is done a track at a time, starting from any point where the disk heads happen to be, sorting it all out into a sensible order afterwards. Again, this is a DMA function so uses up no processor time at ail.
DENISE Custom chip Denise's specific responsibilities are to control the major functions of screen display.
It converts bitplane information into an actual screen display. It also includes the copper, a simple graphics co-processor with its own three commands, which basically monitors the functioning of the screen display (actually watching where the phosphor dot is which draws the screen). In this way it can handle such weird displays as split-screen, which is particularly handy for the pull-down screen capacity of multi-tasking.
Denise also controls the mouse and handles sprites: the mouse pointer is a good example of a hardware sprite.
PAULA In much the same way as Denise controls the physical realisation of screen display, Paula is in charge of the output of sound. It is a four-channel stereo sound- chip, building an audio output into analogue impulses that the speakers can handle. Internally, sound information is handled entirely digitally: it is built up from waveforms stored in memory. This digital wave-form technique is what gives the Amiga its massive sound sampling and manipulation abilities.
GARY The function of the other named chip is not so dramatic, but no less important. Gary is a contraction of ‘Gate Array’: it monitors interfaces, handling the movement of data to peripherals such as a Bridgeboard.
The Amiga, although not truly a Commodore computer born and bred, is the most recent in a long and complex lineage stretching on back to beginning of time itself... well, the beginning of personal computers anyway. Commodore Business Machines were originally in the cash register and typewriter business, not unlike IBM, until by several twists of fate they invented the PC and the leisure computing business. Let's dig through a few layers of dust into the prehistory of the personal computer, and see where it all came from. Follow me into the vaults... (heheheJ) ONCE UPON A TIME PHIL SOUTH
tells the story of Commodore.
SPECIAL Early Days After 20 years of making electric typewriters and the first hand held calculator, in 1974 Commodore Business Machines bought a firm called Micro Office Systems. This move was to open up a new hi- tech range of products, since some of the founders of MOS were ex-Motorola chip designers.
In 1975 the ex-Motorola boys figured they could improve on their 6800 CPU design, and incorporate a lot of the other chips, like aritmetic units etc, into the main chip. The result was the famous 6502, the so-called "computer on a chip". This chip was to form the basis of all their most popular home and business computers.
As well as the 6502 they designed the Versatile Interface Adaptor, which enabled them to make their first real personal computer, the Keyboard Input Monitor, or KIM1. This was to be the father unit of the PET series. For ease of use the KIM1 had power supply, cathode ray tube and keyboard all inside the same case: and not only that, it was the first computer to have Basic language on ROM, so was ready to program on bootup, The design was so enthusiastically recieved it prompted two young boys called Wozmak and Jobs to make their first home computer in a garage and call it the Apple. And
fellow Business Machine giants, IBM, were also interested in producing their own personal computer, or IBM PC.
Soon after, at CES Chicago in 1977, Commodore launched the Personal Electronic Transactor, or PET, to an expectant world.
The PET Days In 1976 I was in college learning 'Computing', which consisted of writing programs on paper, typing them onto a paper tape puncher, and then running them through a teletype linked by phone to a DEC System 10 in Hatfield. A labouri- ous and tricky process, especially as you could never see if you'd typed your tape right until it came up on the listing from Hatfield. This was no way to develop programs, and so the idea of having my own computer germinated in my brain.
But as I say, as yet the home computer didn’t exist. I had to wait two years before one night on Tomorrow's World' I first saw a Commodore PET.
A young Judith Hann was pretending that the computer could hear what she said, and it was printing up things on the screen like, "Hello Judith, My name is Hal" and all that stuff. The computer was a one-piece affair, with a monitor built into what was, by late 70s early 80s standards, a very futuristic cabinet. All you needed to add was a special computer driven tape recorder to load and save programs from it. Other than that the whole unit was sealed and ready-to-go for use by beginners, because, let's face it, we were nothing but beginners then.
The original PET 4000 series was 4K and had a monochrome screen, but it looked like a Cray 1 to me. Then came the 8000 series with 8K. Then came the disk drive, a huge great clonky thing with a cabinet as big as a VHS player which had two drives in it. Now we could load things from disk and have random access, but at a price.
The Commodore 500, towards the end of the PET era, was no more than a curved Star Trek casing incorporating a disk drive or two, a detachable but flush fitting keyboard, and a few bells and whistles over the old PET FROM PERSONAL COMPUTERS TO ‘PC’ CLONES Commodore, inventors of the personal computer, returned to compete on IBM's terms with their PC range in 1985, and have been making ground ever since... design. Although this design continued as a contemporary to the 64 even, in the form of the 128K 8296-D business computers, what was needed was a totally new design and a new market.
VIC 20 The VIC was the first colour computer from Commodore, and it was the first computer in the home to be made specifically for games use. Of course the real hackers made it do other things, but it had graphics, sound and joystick ports.
Leisure computing had arrived. It was called the VIC after its video chip, and was based once again on the 6502 CPU chip. The VIC had the same casing as its later model the Commdodore 64, but in off- white. Loading was from tape, using a dedicated tape drive which took its power from the computer.
This meant you could have multiloading games which loaded each section automatically. The 5.25" 1541 floppy disk drive was made available, but few people except game developers could afford one.
And you really did have to have multiload games, too, as the VIC only had 3.5K memory, of which only about 2K was usable! You could get 16K memory packs for it in later years, but by then a new souped-up version of the VIC was designed, the Commodore 64. ¦ This was to prove the company’s biggest success since the PET.
Bigger even. In fact, until the Amiga the 64 was the Commodore computer with the highest sales.
Although the 64 also contained the new VIC chip, the VIC-11, and the 6502, it also had another chip specially designed for sound production, the SID chip. This was a three-chanoel synthesiser arid is to this day the best sound chip in a computer until the Amiga.
Initial versions of the 64 were off-white cases with brown function keys just like the VIC, but soon the machine was recased in grey and rebadged. The computer used the same tape drive and 5.25" disk drive as the VIC, but they were rereleased in the 64 s new grey-coloured plastic. The 64 soon found its niche in the computer world, allowing killer games to be designed for its enormous 64K memory and 16-colour graphics, but also serious business programs like Visicalc and Visawrite. The 64 was destined to linger even after its ‘death’, as the 128 had a 64 mode, and the Amiga had a 64
emulator written for it. It is to this day one of the best selling computers of all time, and stiil sells well in its new 64C incarnation, with 80s-style
3. 5" disk drives, and new ivory casing mimicking the C128 and
Amiga’s slimline good looks.
Machines, but just because Commodore botched the marketing of them. That and the fact that people wanted more memory in their computers, not less, and both the C16 and Plus 4 featured highly non-standard cassette, joystick and video ports.
Commodore 128 and 128D Finally cottoning onto this trend of more K for your money being a good thing’, and in order to keep up with the 64 owners who already had a few years’ software under their belt, CBM launched the C128 in 1985. The C128 had a futuristic look, 128K, a new OS and Basic Version 7, a built-in C64 Commodore SX 64 This was the portable C64, although 'luggable' was the appropriate epithet. It’s the old story that if you put a handle on something, it’s suddenly portable. Even if it weighs 14cwt. The SX64 was a 64 in a smart grey and blue box, with a handle which doubled
as a prop to angle the front up, and a detachable keyboard which doubled as a lid. Inside was also a single 1541 disk drive, and a rather nice little S 'colour monitor. The whole package cost about £700-800 as I remember, and everyone wanted one. It was the gizmo for the hacker who had everything.
64 AND ONWARDS Commodore 16 and Plus 4 An abortive attempt to open up the games market was the C16 and Plus 4 debacle. The C16 was 16K version of the 64 with a slightly different operating system and a black case. It shared this new OS with a futuristic business machine called the Plus
4. The reason it was called the Plus 4 was that it included four
hard wired programs built into its systems, so you had a word
processor, spreadsheet, database and business graphics all
ready to go every time you booted up. The machines bombed mis
erably. Not because they were essentially bad mode, plus a
fully- fledged C PM computer.
By giving the people these three computers in a box, the folks at Commodore hoped to please all of the people, all of the time. They had the C64 compatability problem sussed, a business computer in the shape of the C PM machine, and better graphics in the shape of the 128. The reception of the 128 was mixed, but interest grew and Commodore rubbed their hands together as they looked at a rosy future.
But they were, in spite of the partial success of the 128 and 128D, destined to falter and almost go under, due to well documented and much-mocked financial problems. After many aborted launches of possible successors, including an interesting LCD screen laptop along the lines of the Plus 4, (whatever happened to that?) Commodore retraced their steps in early 1986 with the 128D.
The 128D was a variation on the 128, with a built-in disk drive and separate keyboard. It looked not unlike the Amiga would look the next year. The 128D gave them a brief respite, selling well to the education and small business end of the market. By this time they were already into business computers, with the release of the 16-bit PC clones, the PCI 0 and PC2Q, in 1985.
But it wasn’t until the Amiga came along that they would reprise the kind of success they had with the PETs and C64s.
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BRIAN LARKMAN takes a look at what Photon Paint 2 and DigiPaint 3 can really do with an in-depth ‘working' review full of tips and tutorials, criticisms and witticisms to help you choose which HAM package fits your needs.
Just a couple of years ago, most Amiga users thought that HAM was eaten with mustard.
Even lor those who knew what Amiga HAM was, HAM painting packages for the Amiga were revolutionary.
The undocumented and diffi cult touse display trick that Jay Miner, the designer of the Amiga, originally wanted to leave out. Had been used by NewTek for the photorealistic images from their DigiView digitiser. Then they had striven to develop a screen painting system that could operate on these 4000-colour pictures, incorporating features like variable transparency that only an omnicolour system can convincingly support For a while they held the stage A year later Microlllusions released Photon Paint. With an easy, Deluxe PainMike interface and spectacular 'surface mapping' tricks, Photon
Paint has become by far the most popular HAM pack age Now. As a sign of the Amiga's growing maturity, both these HAM systems have been extensively updated and revised. DigiPaint with a new interface, super- bitmaps and a form of texture mapping, and Photon Paint with contour mapping and animation, plus lots of small improvements Brieflyk Head to Head In many ways both packages are quite similar to the original versions they replace Photon Paint 2 IPP2) has retained an almost identical interface, with the only major changes appearing on the menus DigiPaint 3 (DigiP3) uses a similar screen
layout to the original, but it has a greatly improved appearance, using several control panels for Tools, Text, and Transparency and Texture Mapping. (DigiPaint 2 apparently had most of the new features but the old style interface: it was only briefly available in the US.)
The drawing tools provided by Photon Paint were always excellent, almost up to Deluxe Paint standard. They have now been improved by the addition of an Airbrush and Polygon Brush Cutter.
Only the provision of Bezier- type curve drawing and anti- aliased lines (like those in Spectrum 5J2 for the Atari ST) could improve things to any degree DigiPaint on the other hand, is quite pathetically equipped, having not even a Flood Fill let alone Airbrush. Really quite a remarkable omission. To be fair though, the chance to use any tool to cut a brush, or to pick up the last shape drawn, even a transparent one, or to grab the area under the last shape, almost makes up for the lack of any kind of fill!
Special colour and shading effects are really the main justifica* tion for using the difficult HAM mode of the Amiga. Both packages have a very similar set of colouring effects or Modes, but they use quite different methods to implement them.
PP2 provides both Foreground (left button) and Background (right button) Mode menus so that, with the aid of the elegant Blend control, a huge range of effects can be applied. DigiP3 uses an improved Transparency (blend) control but this still doesn’t come close to that of PP2. Both programs can also now produce gradations of colour between two defined limits. This is especially easy using DigiP3’s Range control.
Overall, both programs can apply a wide range of special colouring and transparency effects.
In order to manipulate digitised images, pasting sections together into a collage for instance, it.is essential to be able to transform the cut sections or ‘brushes' in a wide range of ways.
Photon Paint, like Deluxe Paint FIRST IMPRESSIONS The best test of a painting system once you are familiar with its tools and interface, is to sit down and quickly doodle with it, working as fast as possible and not really thinking about the subject matter, so that the ease of use and 'painterly' qualities of the program are shown up. These two images are the result of that test, though the figure was added later.
Somewhat suprisingly, considering the lack of so many elementary tools, DigiPaint came out top for ease of use and access to the special effects, and it shows in the images. The DigiP version looks more effective and 'mysterious' although it took half the time to produce. For both pictures the 'flange' or 'Graduation' mode was selected most of the time. In Digl- Paint transparency could be selected at the same time allowing a soft edge to the marks as well as a range of colour.
In Photon Paint, the use of Graduation mode precludes the use of transparency, giving a somewhat hard edged look to the clouds. A softer mark is possible but the richness of colour produced by graduation (or range) is lost.
One simple but effective trick used by DigiPaint but not by Photon Paint is the patterned dither. This is displayed to great effect in the sky of MountainMan. It looks just a little unnatural, adding to the strangeness of the picture, but also it seems to produce a more gentle graduation of tones from yellow to cyan, avoiding the ‘square’ banding that the Photon Paint graduated fill exhibits.
(which it emulates in this respect), has a comprehensive set of tools allowing scaling, flips, free rotation, bending, stretching, twisting and tilting in 3D perspective, as well as all the mapping tools discussed in the tutorial. The only real problem is that most of them are slow and some are almost geological in their time-scale. The results are usually worth waiting for though.
DigiPaint on the other hand... well, let’s just say all of the... erm... both of the tools are quite fast! Scaling and distortion CAN be achieved using the Texture Mapping feature but that means losing any brush stored in the clipboard, re-setting transparency and ‘warp factor’, and making Mr Spock laugh. A bit clumsy really.
Titling and other forms of fancy text manipulation are an important task that paint programs are often required to perform.
Both these systems can use any of their special effects to produce spectacular custom fonts, but DigiPaint is much easier to use and experiment with. Text is typed into a custom requestor on the Text control panel and transformed into a brush for placing I I on the screen. Any attribute set in the transparency and warping control window or mode menu is applied to the brush and can be changed interactively, even while the text is pasted down on screen.
Photon Paint writes text direct to the screen, word processor style, so it must be cut as a brush for special effects to be applied Amigas of lmeg or more are capable ol storing much more than one screen of display and both these programs use this facility, but in very different ways.
Photon Paint is no longer limited to one spare screen: as many screens as memory will allow can now be stored at once Various tools are provided to flip between them to produce a slide show or animation (a series of images can even be saved in Amm format). No real animation tools are provided; due from Photon Paint 3 perhaps?
Instead of offering more screens. DigiPamt provides Super Bitmaps - screensizes up to 1024 by 1024 (limited by available chip RAM). Moving around this huge picture area is simplified by an excellent form of Auto- scrollmg. As the pointer touches any screen boundary, the picture quickly and smoothly scrolls across to reveal more of the image. This effect is made even more useable because with it you have the ability to apply effects and expand drawing tools beyond the edge of the screen. A small brush of perhaps 20 x 30 pixels can be texture mapped to cover a 600 x 400 screen, and smoothing
is even provided to break up the edges of the huge square pixels that result. A good software pathway to larger screens and higher resolutions!
Conclusions DigiPamt 3 is a rather curious and quirky piece of software It has all the signs of being a very professional system but still doesn’t quite make it It has an excellent interface that encourages a fluid, painterly style and some very clever tricks. Repeat is brilliant and the effect of ‘patterned’ dithering is really attractive. The Texture Mapping and Warping system is quite versatile. Most operations are VERY fast (for a HAM system).
Nevertheless, the lack of elementary tools like fill and airbrush, MAPPING TUTORIAL Only by using HAM can the Amiga perform the more advanced graphic tricks of mapping. To give the impression that a flat picture Is wrapped around a 3D object, the colour and distribution of the pixels making up the image is subtly changed so that those furthest from the viewpoint are smaller and darker than those nearest. Similarly those nearest the supposed lightsource are lighter In colour than those further away from it. This process is known as SURFACE MAPPING because the pixels are 'mapped' onto the
imaginary smooth, curved surface of the object. Both the programs reviewed here refer to this, rather inaccurately, as Texture Mapping.
Usually a complex object, such as a face, will have shadows and highlights that correspond to the hollows and peaks. Working from the intensity values of these shadows it is possible to produce a 3D computer model with lines following the contours' of the original. Once the contour map has been constructed a flat picture can be mapped onto It: a process known as CONTOUR MAPPING.
In reality, most objects have some sort of texture - rarely are they perfectly smooth. The way that light is reflected and absorbed by different textures can also be predicted mathematically. Thus when a picture is mapped onto a surface, further subtle changes of tone can be applied to simulate these various textural effects. This technique is known as TEXTURE MAPPING.
Surface Mapping is the most gimmicky trick offered by HAM paint programs and can produce the most spectacular effects almost immediately, but once you have wrapped your favourite picture onto a sphere what can you use it for? Not a lot.
For normal day to day work, Surface or Texture Mapping is invaluable as a means of creating 3D objects made from any lex- tured material: marble or wood, brick-work or tiling, patterned fabric or fish scales. Both programs offer some form of mapping: Photon Paint onto geometric solids and freehand objects, lit by user-defined illumination; Digi- Paint by filling solid shapes with a brush and warping them to a degree.
For more formal shapes the Photon Paint method seems to be more efficient, as JimWraps shows. All of the standard wraps are shown with the same brush used for each and Luminance set to about 4. Displayed against a black background, these wraps look quite effective.
Against other colours the result may not be as good. With luminance set, the edges of the wrapped object are usually quite dark to emphasise the 3D effect.
Against light backgrounds this is not very realistic. Better results can be achieved by not using Luminance at all. The object is wrapped as usual but with Lum off. The brush will then be distorted but will have no lighting effects. To produce shading use Blend set to Graduation with mid to dark grey as a background colour and the highlight set to suit the shape of the object and light direction. Cleaner objects are produced with Blend set to zero.
Another problem with the darkening effect of luminance is that ragged edges can appear after wrapping. These are caused by the dark edge being the same colour as the background and therefore interpreted as transparent. This can be avoided by setting the background colour to an unused bright shade (bright blue for example) before cutting the initial brush or wrapping it.
The DigiPaint examples were all simulated using Texture Mapping, Warping and Transparency control. The results could have been improved with more experimenting and touching up, but then each would have taken much longer than the Photon Paint examples and distorted the comparison. The method used was to Map the face* brush into the chosen shape against a black background with edge transparency set to about three-quarters and warp set to about half.
(Coloured effects can be produced by working on a coloured background on the spare screen.)
Picking up the resulting image The unique thing about a HAM display is that very few pixels have their own, uniquely defined colour. Rather, they derive their component RGB levels from the pixels adjacent to them.
The advantage of this is that many different colours can be displayed, by a sort of ‘domino’ effect: the disadvantage is that updating a changed display can be quite slow. To understand how HAM works we need to get a bit technical.
To display a picture on screen the colour of each pixel must be stored as a list (the ‘bitmap’) in memory, starting at the top-left pixel and ending at the bottom-right. Each colour used must have a unique ‘code’ to describe it, and the more colours the more complex the code. On the Amiga and other 16 bit machines, 4 bits are usually used to define this code. In binary, this equals 16 unique colours chosen from the 4096 available and these are kept in a ‘table’ or register of the colour palette currently in use.
With some hardware and software tricks this number can be increased to 32 or 64: above this the 16-bit bus cannot normally cope.
In HAM mode, 6 bits are used to define the colours. The first 2 - the ‘significant’ bits - can have 4 binary values, 00, 01,11, or 10. If the value is 00 the next four bits define one of the 16 ‘normal’ colours in the register. These can be used anywhere on the screen without causing problems. If the value is one of the other three possibilities, 01,10, or 11, the colour of the pixel is instead derived from that of the one before it.
Now the colour is the same except that one of its RGB components is different-01 changes blue, 10 changes red and 11 changes green. The remaining 4 bits define the value of this changed component.
In effect this means that if 2 very different colours are to be adjacent there must be a ‘fringe’ 2 pixels wide between them. For example between Black(OOO) and White(15,15,15) will be Red(15,0,0) and Yellow(15,15,0) unless white is one of the 16 ‘register’ colours.
It is this fringeing that is the great limitation of HAM. Nevertheless careful choice of the register colours can almost eliminate the effect and several sophisticated programing tricks have been developed to overcome it though the application of these slows down operation. The latest versions of both programs are very much faster, mostly because of the extensive use of machine code.
Let alone decent brush transformations, limits its versatility. The lack of control over the degree of dither and smoothing, the awkward magnify mode and the clumsy sizing and rotation are also signs of lack of sophistication; there is not even a warning when you use an ‘occupied’ filename! I want to like it, but... is this really Version 3 of the program?
Photon Paint 2 is now without doubt the most powerful and comprehensively equiped HAM painting system for the Amiga. It has almost every tool you could wish for (it is always possible to think of SOMETHING else, like antialiased Bezier curves).
ALL ABOUT HAM BUT it is still infuriatingly slow (as a comparison with DigiPaint shows) and the toolbox still shrinks to almost impossible dimensions in Interlace mode, but it stands up there with Deluxe Paint III as one of the best in many ways. ¦ was just a matter of clicking on the Scissors icon then on the Repeat icon. Any action can be repeated in this way.
Overall a comparison of the two approaches to Mapping is a bit like the difference between a manual and a fully automatic camera. An automatic camera produces excellent results every time at the expense of versatility and spontaneity. A manual camera allows your own creativity to come through but also allows you to make frequent cock-upsl Although it is not so good at the more formal, geometric Surface mapping effects, DigiPaint has a versatile way of doing mapping that is more effective for irregular objects. By carefully selecting the degree of Warping and following the exact edge of the
face, the check pattern and green scales are quite accurately mapped to the approximate contours. The process is enhanced by using a degree of transparency so that the original shading shows through. The final effect is rather more twisted and ‘messy’ than the Photon Paint version but the results are still pleasing.
Photon Paint maps onto irregular shapes using Contour mapping. This mathematical technique can produce some really spectacular results with brushes following every contour of an object, but it uses ray-tracing algorithms and is therefore extremely slow. The Photon Paint version of JimCheckReveal shows something of what can be done with Contour Mapping. The check pattern is wrapped onto Jim’s face following every contour, distorting the pattern and shading the hollows to emphasise the effect. The area around the bridge of his nose shows the contour effect best. Although the images
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Before the initial shock had fully died, an brder came through for the fatigued and battle weary reds: 'Attack the blues' left flank'. They did. Unfortunately, the result of the attack was never known because the general was summoned to more important theatres: the mother-in-law had arrived and the plug had to be pulled on the Amiga.
Armchair generals have plenty to keep them busy this month, with the Wargames special: as do fans of ¦ almost any other type of game. There's no less than four coin-op conversions and a host of original games jPf ¦¦La including the stunning Interphase and the controversial Shadow of the Beast. Turn the page, and have fun!
.(VVlF T ' INTERPHASE 38 THE SHADOW OF THE BEAST 42 INFECTION 53 PLAY •I The future is, and always has been, an interesting place. It's not unreasonable to assume that in the not-too-distant future, the likes of you and me will find we have more time on our hands away from work: and it’s not too unreasonable to assume that we’ll be spending our increased leisure time in what would now be considered bizarre and unusual ways.
Imagine a machine like a compact disc player, on which you play IMAGEWORKS £29.99 ¦ Mouse not music discs, but discs of the most fantastic dreams imaginable: where you can experience the smell, the sounds, the taste and the touch of any fantasy you like.
Of your last dream. Why? Well, not ‘correct1 state of mind, And Chadd That's the foundation of Imageworks’ latest 3D romp, in which you play the part of the recently-fired dream-maker Chadd, and must guide your girlfriend through the DreamTrack Corporation High Security Building and retrieve the master recording everything will change in the future, it seems: corruption looks likely to still be around. Dreamers like Chadd are often showered with gifts from companies in the hope they will dream about them and encourage anyone playing the dreams to buy their products.
That's all pretty harmless, but recently Thought Adjustment Seminars were introduced where Dreamers were ‘adjusted' to the has just realised that the subconscious political brainwashing which really takes place at these seminars has turned his last dream into a potential lethal weapon, which could destabilise and undermine the minds of the youth of the Western World.
Using a home-made hacked modem lead, Chadd has linked up to the security computer and is preparing to guide his partner through the many levels of the building to retrieve the master disc stored on the top floor.
Interphase takes place in two parallel worlds: the real world of the building and the abstract world of the computer system controlling security. There are two main displays in the game: a 2D map for each floor of the building, showing the position of the girl and any obstacles, such as doors: and a 3D representation of the world inside the computer, seen through Chadd’s eyes. Progress is made by Chadd flying around the computer, altering anything that hinders the girl’s progress.
The abstract world inside the computer is made up of several layers which you can pass between by flying through coloured tiles (the layers wrap round for each floor) and on each layer there are various structures representing doorS, surveillance cameras and other things that are present in the real world of the building. Suppose the girl arrives at a door in the building that’s locked. She'll send a message to Chadd informing him, so that he can call up the map display, see where she is, and home in on her Then he can follow direction arrows that will appear on his HUD whenever he's locked
onto something, until he finds the door. He simply has to blast it to open it, and the girl continues on her way.
Obviously the computer is trying to do a good job of keeping the building safe, so there are various security droids around that Chadd can do little about, except keep them away from the girl.
Droids become activated when the girl passes in front of a camera that's on, or when she passes over a pressure pad in the floor. As soon as a droid catches up with the girl it’s game over time. It's also game over when all Chadd’s energy runs out through crashing into too many structures or by taking too many hits from the various oraft inside the computer.
Fortunately, there are ways to top up on energy, but it’s never easy; especially when you've let reserves get perilously low! The easiest way to deal with the enemy craft is to find where they're coming from and destroy the base with a well-aimed missile: you’re armed with missiles and a weaker front-firing gun when you're flying around. Get the girl to the top floor, retrieve the master disc and you've completed the game.
¦ ...to the correct floor... ¦ ...locate the door (green box)... GRAPHICS AND SOUND The graphics throughout are great. Everything moves quickly and smoothly and you're left with the impression that there really is a 3D world in there. The sound effects too are great. Overall this is the standard of graphics and sound that we should be expecting from current Amiga games.
JUDGEMENT Interphase is complex and intriguing to start with. Once you've played a couple of times, though, you'll have the hang of it and will be able to understand what’s going on. Then it's a case of carefully planning the route and dealing with the hazards as you come across them. The levels get progressively harder so it's going to take you a while to complete and if you like games that require a little brain power, you'll have a jot of fun along the way. Andy Smitti GRAPHICS SOUND INTELLECT ADDICTION OVERALL 88% THE RATINGS EXPLAINED GRAPHICS Good graphics are an important part of
any game; if the power is there, it should be used to the full. Both static and moving graphics come under scrutiny tn this rating, but remember, graphic wonders alone do not a great game make... SOUND With stereo capabilities the last thing you want to hear are Spectrumesque beeps, right?
Title tunes and effects all add atmosphere to a game and good sound can greatly increase your enjoyment.
INTELLECT How much real thought do you have to put in to play the game?
Just because a game's mindless doesn't necessarily mean it's bad, but a game with a high Intellect rating says immedi- ately you'll need to think to gain maximum enjoyment ADDICTION How easy is a game to pick up and play? How much sheer fun will you get from it? Will you keep coming back? Important questions, all answered by a look at the Addiction rating.
OVERALL A percentage mark that takes into account all the ratings, plus added extras like price, packaging, documentation... THE TEAM Andy Smith, who was with ACE right from Issue One, is a ‘twelve-hours-a-day’ games fan and one of life’s natural games- players. He loves any type of game, be it a shoot-em-up, strategy game, arcade adventure... Bob Wade started reviewing with Persona Computer Games and - has worked for Zzap!64, Amstrad Action and ACE. There's no-one in the business with a better idea of what makes a game.
Mike Dunn has been reviewing games for many years and is not afraid to speak his mind.
He's done sterling work for us this month - Andy Smith's been on holiday again - and we have every confidence in his abilities.
You should too. Pat McDonald has been Technical Editor on our sister magazine Amstrad Action for years now and an Amiga owner for nearly as long.
When it comes to the pixel battlefield, Big Pat's a major force to be reckoned with.
- (yvvor' 'oiw.Ji*' Atari ST Screen Shot Atari ST Screen Shot
Atari ST Screen Shot Walk Like An Egyptian.... Fly Like A Bird
You are Horus, the hawk-headed God that embodied all that is
light and good to the Ancient Egyptians.
Now, in the labyrinths of a burial chamber, you must relive the struggle that is the myth of Horus.
F 0 * *.
Eye of Horus synthesises adventure with frenetic arcade action- Adventure that is faithful to the Myth of Horus, as told in the Egyptian Book of the Dead -
• stunning Egyptian graphics
• 44-location adventure area
• over 30 collectables with unique properties
• self-mapping Arcade power from state-of-the-art techniques-
• 5 types of firepower
• over 50 types of hieroglyphic attack wave
• arcade scoring and high-score table Logotron, Chancery House,
107 St, Pauls Road, Islington, London, N1 2NA ACTIVISION £24.99
¦ Joystick GRAPHICS AND SOUND Playing Dynamite Dux is rather
like watching a cartoon: the graphics are bold and bright, and
the tune that plays throughout is the sort of bouncy jolly
stuff that generally accompanies cartoons. Visually and
sonically, it's a very enjoyable game. Colour is used liberally
without being garish, and although there’s nothing special
about the animation, everything has an air of clever design.
The range of enemy characters is varied, and some of them are
quite amusing: I’m afraid, though, that ’cute 'n’ cuddly’ is
very much the order of the day!
Bin and Pin, the Dynamite Dux, are playing a sweet innocent kiddies’ game with their friend Lucy when the evil Achacha The Great (the Great What?) Materializes from nowhere and kidnaps Lucy!
Argh! Shock! Horror! The heroic, daring dux take off after them immediately.
There are six levels to fight through before they can get down to the serious business of rescuing their friend. Eighteen different types of creature oppose them, ranging from the Sumo Pig to the Boxing Crocodile! Bin and Pin start the game unarmed (having to rely on their own boxing skills for self- defence) but dotted along the way are loads of weapons, ranging from simple stones and bombs all the way up to flame-throwers and missile launchers PSYGNOSIS £34.95 ¦ Joystick all you need is a little bit of good timing and some good jumping.
Unfortunately, not all the creatures are so easily dealt with.
Some of the monsters can only be killed after you've collected an extra weapon and many of the traps will only be avoided by walking straight into them and then remembering where they are on a later try. Just as muchto the point, progress in the game is not always straightforward either.
Sometimes keys have to be found to unlock certain doors, and the keys are always miles away from the door! Things aren't all so black though, there are the extra ories. But it's too late for you to act when it dawns on you that the little old man is in fact your father.
Now you’ve turned against your masters and are determined to destroy the Beast Lord himself.
The game starts with the player controlling the creature: the idea is to guide him through the 350 screens of (mostly) horizontally-scrolling platform action until the final showdown with the Lord, As you might guess, the Lord has discovered your rebellion and has instructed the mages to send all manner of ’orrid creatures against you. Contact with any of these creatures causes you to lose energy (you start with an energy count of 12) until death forces a restart of the game. There are also some nasty traps that tend to sap energy, including huge spikes that come up from the ground and
(later) down from ceilings. To counter the creatures all you need is a well-timed and well-aimed kick or.punch: and to counter the traps As a nipper, it’s not the most pleasant experience in the world to be kidnapped by a bunch of wicked mages and taken away for a life of slavery and misery, serving the evil Beast Lord.
Still, that’s happened to you.
And to ensure faithfulness to the master, the mages have imposed years of hypnosis and brainwashing, As a reward for all those years of service, they have turned you into a powerful, agile and swift half-human creature with few feel- ings and little compassion, especially for the humans who must often be herded together for the ritual sacrifices.
Weapons for a start and there are the occasional bottles of potion that can be picked up to restore either some or all of your energy.
Make it to the Beast Lord and you’ll find that your troubles are only just beginning.
GRAPHICS AND SOUND The animation, the sprites, the backgrounds and the parallax scrolling are all superb. This is the sort of stuff we want! Add some great, atmospheric music and effects and you're left with one of the best-looking and -sounding games to have appeared in recent months. A true audio-visual treat JUDGEMENT What the graphics and sound promise, the gameplay doesn't quite match. It's tough and will take you a long time to complete, but the actual game style is very old and very uninspired. Still, make some progress in the game and you’ll find it gets very addictive, as you struggle
to make it to the next screen or solve the next puzzle.
There are, however, some very annoying features, not least the fact that you've only the one life: which means you have to restart from the very beginning every time. Plus there's the frustrating end and beginning sequences which are inescapable.
Andy Smith BEAUTY AND THE BEAST Psygnosls have been at the forefront of good-looking and sounding Amiga games for well over two years now, ever since Barbarian first appeared and wowed the public, if not ail the reviewers. One of the biggest criticisms of the game was the fact that it was little more than an old 8*bit style platform game with 16-bit graphics. Unfortunately, SOTB still suffers to a greater or lesser degree from the same problems. The game may be massive, it may have fantastic graphics and sound and the puzzles may be more complex, but it's still just building on ideas that are
five or six years old, and not stretching them any further either.
Then there are the simple frustrating features that could so easily have been avoided, like the unavoidable deaths and the tedious end and start of game pauses. More time and effort on the fundamental design would have turned this outrageously good-looking game into one that was an absolute corker to play as well.
As it is, the effects are of such a high standard that they just show up the basic design’s failings. To cap it all, the asking price of £35 is way over the top, even with a ‘free’T shirt.
GRAPHICS SOUND INTELLECT ADDICTION OVERALL 78% RED LIGHTNING™ Face the fearsome power of the Soviet army in the war that as yet has only been talked about - the explosive collision between the forces of NATO and the Warsaw Pact, Painstaking military research and strategic intelligence challenge the avid wargamer to explore the myriad of possible outcomes should World War III erupt.
ATARI STSf IBM PC £29.99 AMIGA £29.99 STELLAR CRUSADE™ Two fanatical groups embark on a mad race to control a small, but vital star cluster.
It is an exciting strategy game of exploration, economic power and military conquest on an interstellar scale. As the leader of one faction your first task is to send out an exploration team to the best planets and colonize them.
IBM PC £34.99 ATARI ST £34.99 STAR COMMAND™ A multicharacter adventure where all your space bom fantasies come alive. Create your select band of eight startroopers and hunt down the infamous Blackbeaxd and his band of intergalactic pirates only to find (should you survive) an entire alien, insectoid race poised to make a blood chilling invasion of your universe.
ATARI ST St AMIGA £29.99 IBM PC £34.99 DEMON'S WINTER™ The demon god Malifon has cast his Demon’s Winter upon the land, in order that his minions - the Kobolds and goblins - may thrive in their task to free him from incarceration. It is only the combined powers of your party of five - be they barbarian and thief, or wizard and scholar - that can uncover the spells to trap Malifon forever and undo his wintry curse.
REBEL CHARGE AT CHICKAMAUGA™ In August 1863 the Federal Army of the Cumberland under Major General William Rosecrans was sent eastward to march against Chattanooga, and against General Braxton Bragg's Army of Tennessee.
So it was that at dawn onSeptember 19, both sides were poised around Chickamauga Creek, prepared to prove its Cherokee name prophetic - ‘River of Death’.
Epgf™ CHICKAMAUGA QUESTRON II™ “The only way to destroy the Evil Book of Magic is to prevent it from ever being created!". And with these words from Mesron, the Great Wizard, you realize the adventure you A r*tH*»y Athtmme Qjwt thought had ended in Question has only just begun. As Mesron begins his mystical incantation, you feel a darkness enveloping you, the air crackling with an unearthly sound.
ATARI ST AMIGA £24 J99 CBM 64 128 DISK £19.99 IBM PC £24.99 ATARI ST Sc AMIGA £24.99 CBM 64 128 DISK £24.99 IBM PC Sc AMIGA £29.99 There’s a world full of opportunities with SSI - the dramas of the past, the mysteries of the future, gathered together ' to form an unrivalled collection of role playing s fantasies and all action simulations that offer a new dimension in computer entertainment.
RI YOU'LL MAKE SOME UNUSUAL FRIENDS AS E ay, Hertford, Birmir ghani B6 2 AX, Tel: 0216253388 IRFPTV.WAP IK! PI iQCi VIRGIN £19.99 ¦ Joystick CONTINENTAL CIR US A game like Continental Circus is really welcome after spending the first part of the morning in traffic jams! Fast, powerful Formula One cars roaring around a famous motor racing circuit. Ah, there’s nothing quite like it to release tension.
In Circus, the player views the car from slightly behind and above, a style which is popular in arcade racing games although it detracts slightly from the realism. Thankfully you don't have to bother about revs or oil pressure in Circus and there are only two gears (fast and very fast!) The only time that engine temperature becomes important is when it starts to catch fire!
Naturally, the first priority is finish the race with your car intact, but to progress to the next track you have to achieve a qualifying position. As well as this, there's a time restriction. At the top of the screen, along with your gear and speed indicator, is the countdown timer which indicates how much time you have to reach the next stage of the track.
Other drivers present something of a problem: they get in the way! (Even when you’re apparently in the lead: yes, I got to first place and there were still other drivers on the road in front.) Normally on racing games, you can manage to leave any overtaking for the straights: not so on Continental Circus! The tight qualification times mean that you have to take every opportunity to overtake, and if that opportunity comes around a corner at 400kph, you have to go for it!
Smashing into other cars either writes off your vehicle completely, or, if it’s a less serious knock, sets the engine on fire, in which case you have to get into the pits pretty quick! After the first level, it starts to rain occasionally; this can really mess up the car’s handling.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to affect the other drivers, so things get really tough.
GRAPHICS AND SOUND There isn’t all that much you can do with a racing game, in terms of graphics: these are fast and smooth, and colour is bright but not overdone. The backgrounds are OK, although the sense of travelling at 390 kph (which is about a kilometre every ten seconds) doesn’t really come over! Sound is a bit poor, the FX are limited and there’s only a few short little tunes to pass for music, but in this sort of addictive, fast game, you don’t really need a symphony.
JUDGEMENT The first phrase that springs to mind is "just another racing game": there aren't any great features or super-slick ideas, but it is simply a good version of a classic game.
For the most part, Circus is challenging, but without being frustrating, although there is a tiny bit of annoyance when the car stops just before the finish line! There's plenty of tracks, the presentation is adequate, and all the playability and lastability which made this type of game such a success in the first place have been preserved perfectly. The game is neatly programmed and, although it could be described as unoriginal, is still well worth a peek! Mike Dunn GRAPHICS • j; SOUND 5 INTELLECT 2 ADDICTION 7 OVERALL 71% Garfield (the world's fattest and laziest cat, as if he needed
any introduction!) Has dozed off in front of the fridge. The cold is having some effect on his sleep, as he begins to dream of Northern Italy, and the Alps. As any glutton knows, Italy is where lasagna comes from, and on the other side of the Alps is Switzerland, where they make chocolate!
Naturally, both of these fat- foods feature in Garfield's dream.
In the first section of the dream, Garfield is skiing down a hill with Odie, because at the bottom of this hill is the lasagna-making factory (a dream of dreams for all self-respecting carbohydrate-con- sumers!) There are logs, trees, stones and all sorts of other things in the way, which the fat cat must avoid or jump, as well as ski-jump ramps which must be negotiated successfully. Right at the bottom of the hill, there's an extra big ramp, which Garf has to fly off to take him to the beginning of the second stage: inside the lasagna factory itself.
Having fallen through the roof of the factory, Garfield now gets a chance to increase his energy level. When he plonks himself down in front of the production line, waggle the joystick like mad to make him eat faster. The more he gobbles, the better he feels!
When Odie stomps in to announce dessert-time, it's off in search of the chocolate factory.
In here are loads of elevators, escalators and poles connecting the platforms. Garfield has to direct the flow of chocolate through the red pipes, so that the pipes dispense chocolate to all the mechanical chickens throughout the factory. The direction of flow though the pipes is shown by the arrows which appear at the pipes' connections. Near to each of these connections is a little red button, which when pressed will change the direction of flow. After all the chickens have been fed, Garfield can enter the control THE EDGE £24.99 ¦ Joystick room, where the mythical chicken that lays the
chocolate eggs lives.
Unfortunately, when he gets there, he discovers that the chicken has escaped.
The lake is frozen over.
Garfield, feet clad firmly in a pair of skates, takes off over the ice to follow the chicken’s chocolate footprints (which, of course, he eats on the way). He must avoid the holes in the ice (watch out for Odie, who has a saw and uses it!)
And collect any bits of food. Once he gets to the other side, it’s into the Swiss Village to find the chicken, at last.
GRAPHICS AND SOUND What can I say? The graphics in Winter's Tail are fantastic: they’re perfectly coloured and amusingly animated, and the characters are much brighter and clearer than they are in the Daily Mail! Sound is good too, with an excellent tune that plays throughout. Absolutely brilliant presentation.
JUDGEMENT Once again though, good presentation is let down by a poor game design. The first section (skiing) is OK: it lacks a lot of content, but it looks good and plays reasonably.
Unfortunately, the Lake and the Chocolate Factory are both awful; the former is unplayable, the latter too boring for words. Fans of Garfield with money to spend on cuddly toys and other stuff of dubious usefulness might find it good value, but any gamesplayer is going to seriously question the importance of buying this. Not recommended to anyone but the most die hard fans. Mike Dunn GRAPHICS 9 SOUND 8 INTELLECT 5 THE WINTER'S TAIL mail-box, breaking windows, riding over flowers, and generally being a nuisance. Kids playing with radio controlled cars get in the way, men digging up the roads,
joggers, car drivers, skateboarders and generally every sort of intelligent (and unintelligent) lifeform is out to make the delivery job more difficult for the deliverer.
The graphics are OK without being brilliant, and the sound is fairly average. Paperboy is a very old game (five years now), and it shows through. An essentially mediocre product, and not the sort of thing we expect to see nowadays. Mike Dunn PAPERBOY ELITE £19.99 ¦ Joystick Remember this being one of the classic machines in the arcade, years ago? And remember the 8- bit conversions, years ago? So why on earth has it taken Elite so long to come up with the Amiga version? You might well ask.
The paperboy of the title must to deliver the "Daily Sun” to all the subscribers in the street. Some houses (the grey ones) don't subscribe, so they shouldn't get a delivery! Extra points can be gained by getting the paper in the II PDIEO 1 V ?
TIME TRAVELLERS * TM CIMEMATIQIE : A Brand New Standard in Computer Games "V ¦* •% % w ¦V V- w v. v- v- t * 'W %.
0 ? Ultra smooth 8 way scrolling ? Designed with small fully animated characters from Garvan Corbett, the artist who brought you the classic hit Barbarian ? Multidirectional free format weapon usage ? Large play field for even more action.
You’re really up against it this time. Those revolting robots have finally upped and turned their horribly powerful weapons on their kind human masters Someone’s got to stop it before it all gets out of hand. I mean, you just can't have bloodthirsty Cyborg assassins roaming the streets of Dome City and expect the citizens to put up with it. Who on earth is going to sort out the mess9 You guessed
- you get the job.
Fortunately, you are just a little bit on the special side. You are Stryx, the product of Project Alpha Secure, the meanest fighting, smartest thinking machine ever invented Half-man, half-robot, you are the business, the only one who can stop those wicked Cyborgs.
You’ll have to work hard, though, blasting hordes of the revolting creatures (such a sad waste of scrap metal) and rescuing the keys to the Lifeforce.
So, Stryx, you’d better get your jet pack on for some high level robot stomping through the immensely complex underground world of the Dome cities. It’s a tough assignment. And time is running out.
PSYGNOSIS FREEPOST LIVERPOOL L3 3AB UNITED KINGDOM Tel: 051-709 5755 PSYGNOSIS GAMES PEOPLE PLAY AMIGA ATARI ST £19.95 Screen Shots from the Atari ST Version Fifty years ago, there was a battleground which lay between two nations. Edelwulf The Great and his army fought it out with their opponents and triumphed, Edelwulf taking the crown and uniting the two countries. Peace and tranquility and all that malarkey reigned and everything was hunkydory.
Eventually, Edelwulf died, and was succeeded by his eldest son, Edelred The Good. He was a pretty decent bloke as well, ruling with a fair hand and not imposing too much tax on the population.
However, not everyone in the country was happy. Zandor, an evil wizard, had been banished to a castle on the farthest part of the bleakest corner of the kingdom. He was a fairly grumpy sort of guy, so he decided to get rid of Edelred and seize the kingdom for himself.
Must be a pretty hot wizard, evil or not, because he managed to get himself inside the castle’s defences and poison the King's food. Things are looking grim. The King is ringing death’s doorbell, and no-one knows of an antidote.
No-one, that is, except Zandor.
Edred The Brave (that’s you!) Has volunteered to find Zandor and force the cure out of him.
There are six levels to hack your way through before you can ?
Ft ¦ The blue monster that guards Zandor near the end of the game.
Get the antidote safely to the King.
The first is the Corridor Of Death leading to Zandor's castle. You must slash your way though a variety of bloodthirsty beasts, including a huge golden snake and a massive green giant (except this one isn’t selling sweetcorn) both of which can only be destroyed by returning their own fireballs. At the end of the tunnel is the Dragon Olisos, who guards the river. This unpleasant character spits fire at you, inbetween attempts to catch you in his wicked, sharp claws.
Next you have to negotiate the underground river. Avoid the rocks and the stalactites which fall on you. At the end of the the river is the Jibba, who is tackled in the same way as the dragon.
Penultimately you have to confront Zandor, who sits on a throne throwing spells. Kill Zandor with the sword and collect the antidote, and then you can set off home to save your father.
GRAPHICS AND SOUND Generally, the graphics in Castle Warrior are fine: the tunnel scrolling is a bit poor, but everything else looks good. The dragons are impressive, the animation is smooth, and colour has been used to great effect. Sound is even better. Edred's footfalls are convincing, the rest of the FX aren’t anything special, but this is made up for by a brilliant tune.
DELPHINE SOFTWARE £24.99 ¦ Joystick JUDGEMENT Unfortunately, good looks and good sounds aren't everything.
Despite the slick presentation, there’s quite a bit missing from the gameplay. The first level moves annoyingly slowly: you find yourself instinctively pushing the joystick forward to move things along faster! The second level looks good, but unfortunately the sheer lack of content makes it very boring after a while and since the fourth level is almost identical in every respect except the graphic, the same applies. This rather lowers the lastability of the game, and as such decreases your value for money considerably. Still, it’s well presented, and if you place importance on high-class
graphics and sound you'll find it more enjoyable than would someone who couldn’t care less as long as it plays well.
Mike Dunn DOMARK £19.99 ¦ Mouse It happens to all of us (well, it happens to me an awful lot!): it's very late at night, and you desperately need to use the 'phone.
Unfortunately, the only ‘phone for miles is in the back of a crowded bar, and the drinkers at the bar don't look too friendly.
Well, thafs the situation you’re in in Shufflepuck. There’s absolutely no way out: you have to use that 'phone. The unpleasant patrons of the establishment will only let you pass if you prove yourself by playing all of them at the old bar game Shufflepuck. For that matter, they’ll only let you live if you prove yourself at Shufflepuck!
Everyone must have seen this game at one time or another. A small disc called a puck is placed on a table, and two pfayers have “paddles" which they use to hit the puck to the oppenent's end of the table. The aim is to whack the puck so fast that the other player misses it and it goes over his side of the table. Simple, you say? Yes, it is.
There are nine players in the bar: eight aliens and an android.
These range from the wimpy, bespectacled “Skip" (no relation, thank you very much; anyone who suggests a similarity between myself and him will regret it!!!!) And the droid DC-3, who are both fairly poor, right up to Biff Raunch, who is, err... a teensy bit fast.
You can control the size of your paddle and the responsiveness of the puck: having a superfast puck is fine when you’re serving, but wait until you have to try and return it!
GRAPHICS AND SOUND Shufflepuck has a great tune, and the bar noises are excellent. In- game EX are very limited, but the graphics are as good as they could be: there’s only your opponent and the game pieces, all of which are fairly adequate.
JUDGEMENT Well, Shufflepuck is a very good game, as far as it goes, but it doesn't go very far. The content is ridiculously limited. OK, so obviously someone has put a lot of time and effort into making this a polished piece of programming, but most people would expect a bit more than this for twenty quid.
Simple and fun, but the simplicity is its downfall. *Skippy’ Dunn GRAPHICS 6 SOUND 6 INTELLECT 1 ADDICTION 5 OVERALL 49% Hmmm Revenge of the Return of the Ninjas Comeback Part 4.
Methinks All the children of the world s leaders have been kidnapped by an evil ninja terrorist group called the Ring Of Five The leaders want their darimg kiddies back safe and sound, so you, the super master god ninja. Must take on the might of the underworld and well, you know the story, we ve done it enough times Shmobi looks very poor The ninja is badly animated (his leet move faster than the floor scrolls, so it looks like he s moonwalkmg') and the colour looks like it was planned out on a Spectrum. Some bits are iintr me iiugc i , UUI the general feeling is of a badly designed,
badly-written game that both plays and looks in a very dated manner Mike Dunn ft) 6 *500 VIRGIN £19.99 ¦ Joystick ¦ The odds are stacked against him, but somehow I suspect our friend the mastergodmegahard ninja might just about prevail!
Do not play this game if you are of anervous disposition Play Life & Death and you will have the responsibility of holding a human life in your hands as you cut into living flesh.
Distributed by In this - the world's first interactive medical movie - you'll enter the tension-filled atmosphere of a busy hospital. Talk with your patient. Read charts. Order X-rays, blood tests and other laboratory reports. And when the time comes.. .you will pick up the knife!
In the operating theatre, your skill will determine whether your patient goes to recovery... or the mortuary.
Available for IBM and compatibles, Apple ll Mackintosh, Amiga and Atari ST. MINDSCAPE For further information on Mindscape Products and your local dealer contact Mindscape International Limited, PO Box 1019, Lewes, East Sussex BN84DW. Tel. (044486) 545 547 GuiiPHENTt .
Pm msBsm .A Amiga Screen Shots AT OVER 90% V V THEY CANT ALL BE WRONG!
ST ACTION "Demands your undivided attention and sets your pulse racing Quite simply the best ST Shoot ’em-up to date Exercise your greed in this supreme arcade experience " GAMES MACHINE STAR PLAYER’ 90% Irridescent, irrepressible and utterly playable In one player mode it’s great, in two it’s incredible fun ZZAP SIZZLER 94% “Blood Money ranks as an all time Zzap Office favourite STAR PLAYER AMIGA FORMAT-TORMAT GOLD’ 92% “This game is so visually brilliant and possesses those classic addictive qualities, that once you’ve picked up your joystick you just won’t want to put it back down again ”
SMASH MAGAZINE GOLD MEDAL AWARD’ “Graphics 10 Sound 10 Motivation 10 Value 10 - Aperfect score!1 PSYGNOSIS FREEPOST LIVERPOOL L3 3AB UNITED KINGDOM Tel: 051-709 5755 PSYGNOSIS GAMES PEOPLE PLAY GOLD AMIGA ATARI ST £24 95 basics, but getting to grips with the deeper tactics is tougher and the computer opponents will always put up a fierce struggle, whatever their skill level.
The grid can also be dotted with blocks which cannot be used, once again presenting new tactical problems. There are a series of pre-defined layouts but you can easily create custom ones.
GRAPHICS AND SOUND The actual grid and blob graphics are very simple, but the way the blobs split and move is satisfyingly gloopy, as is the sound effect for ¦ Early on in a four player game, blue has established a lead but things change so quickly it could change in just a few moves. Meanwhile, green is on the verge of extinction.
16 BLITZ £4.99 (Wow!) ¦ Mouse, Joystick or Keyboard TO PLAY this. The best sounds and graphics are on the title screens. This may seem curious, but the game does not need them and they provide an interesting diversion. You can actually ’play’ the title screen as a sort of psychedelic paint palette where you can create beautiful effects. The soundtrack for this is also atmospheric and decidedly conducive to sitting in a dark room playing with colours.
JUDGEMENT Infection may be simple, but it is also very enjoyable. It's the sort of game you will keep coming back to for another try, every few days for months and years to come. It's good, but the clincher is the price.
At under a fiver it's a real bargain which all gamesplayers should avail themselves of. Bob Wade This game should come with a double virus warning, because it's catching. The whole idea is to spread, reproduce, replicate or, to put it another way, infect a playing grid with your blobs before any of the opposition’s coloured blobs can do the same.
It's perfectly simple. There’s a seven by seven grid with a coloured blob in each corner. The blobs can duplicate into an adjacent square or jump over a square. Thus they can gradually fill in, and move around, the grid.
Every time a blob of one colour fills a square next to a blob of another colour it changes the second blob to the same colour as itself. The aim is to end up with more blobs of your colour than the of other player's. In such a way is a great tactical game born.
One to four players can take part, any or all of which can be computer controlled. They each start with a corner, with one empty for a three player game and two blobs each in a two player game.
Initially it sounds like Othello (Reversi) but the elements of jumping and reproducing adjacently change the game tactics immensely. One soon learns the GRAPHICS .
3 SOUND 6 INTELLECT 6 ADDICTION 8 OVERALL 83% days. Naturally, you’re first: you are Poseidon, the god of the sea (though, incidentally, you can’t swim!), tasked with recovering the Dark Helmet of Hades.
The game starts in front of the gates to the underworld. You carry the barest essentials for the task.
Exits lead... ahem! Graphics in Myth are very good, and the parser is OK, but the real high point of it is the humour. If you liked Fish! You’ll probably like this, because they're very similar in style: you may even prefer this, it's that good! An excellent adventure.
Witty, cunning and just plain good fun! Skippy Dunn Keyboard and Mouse Myth is set in a world of ancient Greek gods, whose existence is threatened by the rise of Christianity. To keep up humanity's faith in the gods, Zeus, the god-in- chief, decides to set them alt heroic tasks, just like the good old INDY™ THE ACTION GAME Available on: CBM 64 128, SPECTRUM 48 128K& AMSTRADTape & Disk IBM PC • ATARI ST • AMIGA eXPLODI MANIAC MANSION™ Available on: IBM PC • ATARI ST • AMIGA CBM 64 128 Disk .td., Units 2 3, B6 7AX.
I Way, Holford, Birmingham 1 6253388.
6 Central Street Manchester M2 5NS Telephone 061 832 6633 Telex 669977 OCEANS G Fax 061 834 0650 I Each player has a variety of units at his disposal. These include special operations, aircraft, airborne troops, and the divisions that make up his armies. The military units are represented on the map by markers: red for Pact, blue NATO and white for neutrals.
The units are divided into a number of different types, including infantry, headquarters- and artillery, and vary in size from regiments to divisions. Unit markers on the map show both the size and type. I found it irritating that stacked units had blank markers, although the unit names are written below the map. This cost me a few headquarters during the game, simply because I forgot where they were!
The detail on units is superb.
Assuming you are examining a division you can find the number of squads, tanks, helicopters and so on within the unit, and the (l Ik I . 11 (w Hall will It jfflfifi is1 Irj il. ,ii “ I! All- Ail Mil I lilrtcriwl I’tilltfy: lrl«l 11»! WlltUkLlLtv: tl Ji Air An mil Cr||lh .-iiilisi; wuuliw: iwtl.ji.iiUf: n 1 OjjjJi MrVwM PUUIm CalrtoMl Arlillfff! Uualllv: Si»vlvuilily:i!r H 145 Cci-Ac AirVnr.f H.ium Ltdulllr: SwvUiWTltflll!
R il} Cwit AlfVoft NvUlM lilrtfWf)
i. 'iillirf: L. thill ir: Sw.lvjiilltfiii. n i V.l Autac* JrlfiAi
Utti»Nk§} v Ml in: uimIiw: WvivihlHtf::!
R 1 i;7 BjfiFif h-inlr (luriart) '.•liliirr: LtttulHp: Survival lilr:*£.
N FjIIk IiivjI Infinity frimJr CniMntf)
t. -itllnv: IriMl ily: 5w»l.ik1lilir: n' -ii i ic.voi ini: V f“
iiH tC tfitlll C-jtrilUui.
¦ Selecting a unit, from the range of troops at your disposal, to deploy during an air strike.
Readiness of each component brigade. While there is no real need for this depth of detail, it does show exactly what sort of casualties you are taking, allowing you to adjust your tactics accordingly.
Each unit is part of a larger command, such as British I Corps or the Soviet 3rd Shock Army.
When a unit is selected, a yellow square lights up on all units in the same command. It is important to keep commands together, as only units in the same command can make simultaneous attacks, thus guaranteeing good odds. It took me a little time to get used to this, and when units got lost it took me ages to find their command again.
When playing the game, you're made very aware of just how important it is to marshal your forces in just the right attack and defence formations. There’s a lot of subtle variations and options: keep a brigade on full alert, or leave some to rest in case you can advance? This is the underlying, huge strength of Red Lightning - the number of tactical variations is staggering.
GRAPHICS AND SOUND A definite disappointment from this angle. Nothing about the game strikes you as Amiga-like at all.
There are some nice touches, in that the plane shapes are displayed, but even then sometimes they bear little relationship to the i i actual true outline. Sound is none- existent, which i|s a crying shame.
I JUDGEMENT If you like shoot-em-ups or arcade action games give this one a miss.
If, however, you like detailed wargames then Red Lightning has been worth the wait While this sort of game dppeals to a much smaller group of people, those who do have an interest will find it well worth the j money. Someone has put a great deal of thought into it, and it really shows: even if there isn’t a nuke option... Adrian Stewart £29.99 Mouse GRAPHICS 5 « V l II' i. SOUND 1MTCI 1 prT N A 0 IN 1 C LLClt 1 ADDICTION j * hC y 7 6 OVERALL 90% CONFLICT PSS present a disturbing tale of the effects tactical nuclear warfare might bring about in mainland Europe, if the big red button is ever
pressed... It’s nice playing God, as Populous players the world over will tell you.
Here’s a similar theme: a wargame where you’re commander-in-chief of either NATO or the Warsaw Pact just after the start of World War III.
The Soviet hordes are sweeping the pitiful western forces before them, and the only balancing factor may prove to be that of battlefield nuclear weapons.
At first, you are presented with a map of western Europe.
The game is played purely at Corps level, which means all the little units like regiments, battalions and divisions are lumped together into one very impressive composite playing piece.
A unit’s statistics are composed of armour, air power (local stuff like helicopters and Harriers, presumably) and supplies. In assault or defence, these will be reduced: and, needless to say, only the US Corps can assault a Pact frontline unit and hope to win.
The Italian Corps is, lrm sorry to say, the standard joke.
The map isn’t hexed: which simplifies play but does mean that travel rates (one square per turn in anything other than mountains) are not very realistic. If NATO doesn’t hold a solid line, then Pact units just bypass them diagonally: and if they can reach the German Dutch border, they’ve won!
Each turn is separated into two days. Every so often you gain reinforcements to assign to units.
These nearly all go to your understrength units, beefing them up for the next struggle, but they can replace battle casualties. If a unit runs out of supplies, with no further ado it is annihilated.
Some function keys call up various information terminals: these contain hints as to how best to proceed. Information includes general war news, reinforcement schedules, population and radiation readouts. An interesting one is the diplomatic screen, where you can issue threats, make ceasefire proposals or just surrender (and forfeit the game).
You receive similar messages, and not just from the enemy: the Swiss premier was most upset when I dropped a few nukes on his precious mountains. Some people don’t realise that there’s a war on!
Orders can be issued through similar displays. Airpower can be set to various missions, air superiority being the overriding factor: whichever side has this chooses to move first Other missions include 'Assault Breaker’ and 'Iron Snake’ (the latter being the destruction of enemy railways, delaying reinforcements).
Then there’s the nuke terminal. Having entered the pass code, you can select various 'response’ fireplans: these differ in multi or single warheads, air or ground burst, and neutron weapons (very effective against armour). Or you can make the first strike, and become what can only be described as a bloodthirsty butcher whose name will live in infamy. Especially if you lose.
The names of these strikes indicate the effectiveness of the strike: from Sharp Stick to Dirty Harry. The Pact fireplans have more suitably Russian names. Of course, using these weapons creates monstrous civilian I I casualties: and then there’s the retaliation. Five different openings are available. The first is a simple line-up, one against the other.
Others include a NATO without the good old USA, both sides being unprepared for war, and also both sides having a Star Wars anti ballistic missile system. It can't be very effective: global thermonuclear war still broke out, ending the game. My own fault for invading Rumania I suppose.
This is the tightrope you must walk, especially if you play NATO.
Sooner or later you’re forced to go nuclear. When you're the Pact, how do you respond? Sometimes the computer makes appalling mis* takes, using conventional rather than nuclear retaliatory strikes.
Most of the time though, it's Mutually Assured Destruction.
There really is no alternative.
GRAPHICS AND SOUND All the graphics and sound in the game are up to Amiga standard, although none of them break new ground. Maybe using HAM pictures for the static screens would have impressed me more. The samples are used effectively, especially for the nuclear strike sequence. Not a straightforward big bang, but a low, threatening rumble.
JUDGEMENT I'm quite fond of the game. There are better computer wargames on eight-bit machines, but the gentle charms of loosing off an atomic barrage are simply irresistible. I doubt that the interest level is enough to keep propeller-heads like me engrossed for very long, but for normal, clinically sane human beings it’s a very pleasant game. Pat McDonald £24.99 Mouse and Keyboard GRAPHICS 7 SOUND 6 INTELLECT 6 ADDICTION 5 OVERALL 65% RT Smith is the most notable programmer in the field. His system of wargames has seen coverage on most popular micros: but how has he used the unique
capabilities of the Amiga in Vulcan, set in the second half of the North African campaign of World War II?
VULCAN Cases Computer Systems in Afrika There's a very nice picture which is used to decorate the front end. You can select a one or two player game, and choose to play the Axis (German and Italians) or Allies (Brits, Yanks and, er, French). For non-participatory fun, make the computer play itself.
The scenario is well chosen.
Tunisia from late 1942 to mid 1943 was the centre of the Axis attempt to cut the Suez Canal, and then capture the precious (but largely untapped) oil wells of the Middle East. There’s ample opportunity for manoeuvre and counterthrust, as well as more static warfare favouring the defender.
In 1942, the Torch landings in French-colonized North Africa opened the way for a back-door attack on Tunis and Bizerta, the main Axis supply depots from Europe. Rommel was busy in a confrontation with Montgomery in Egypt, which ended with a nasty scrap at El Alamein in 1943.
So, the idea is for the Germans to survive (hold either Tunis or Bizerta) and for the Allies to take control.
There are five options avail able in which the history before the battle is subtly different.
There's the seizure of Malta by the Axis, Bone Airfield being occupied by German forces, Rommel being annihilated in Libya (which is what Hitler ordered him to do, fighting in Libya taking more time) and also the French colonies remaining neutral rather than joining the Allies.
B The Axis has great air power, so they air-strike frequently.
A system of icons is used to order the various forces about.
The unit sizes vary from Hqs (typically 300-odd men) to regiments (3,000) up to French divisions which have 6,000 men in. Morale and fighting strength are not overly keen in these formations, but boy are they impressive when they are on the move.
A description of the icons: ’movement' will make a unit spread out and move cautiously (there's an option to keep the enemy movement secret). ’Assault’ is to deliberately attack a position, taking heavier casualties but also handing them out in fair fashion.
‘Travel’ is totally non-combative, sticking to roads and shooting along at speed.
If a unit moves, you can order it to dig in. This takes a whole turn, but the unit suffers less damage from attacks, especially from tanks. If dug in, a unit can fortify its position, and this can be accumulated over several turns to make a static strong point.
You can get a report of the unit, plus a quick look at what terrain it’s on. You can move units onto the same square (although not more than a division can stack together) and also split them off to send them their separate ways.
Units can run out of supplies very easily if you’re not careful: they draw these from their headquarters which in turn must get them via the nearest road. But if stomachs and magazines are full, crashing through massed enemy positions with a front-line tank battalion (maybe 180 tanks strong) is such fun!
Out or taken, Nice touch.
JUDGEMENT All in all it's a creditable effort that will have you waging war on your Amiga for a good few months. The computer opponent is pretty good, but a human opponent is best: if you can avoid looking at each other's moves!
Pat McDonald £19.95 Mouse GRAPHICS AND SOUND The graphics used in the game are not striking, There's a very nice pic on the front end, and that's about it. A more dramatic use of the Amiga is in air strikes, when the hexes around a given target are cratered to the accompaniment of suitable amounts of noise.
GRAPHICS 6 SOUND 6 INTELLECT 9 ADDICTION 8 OVERALL 83% Another use of sound is for ground attack. There’s one sample for each side’s infantry and tank units: the length of the sound is an indication of the damage handed “Brings back the creative curiosity lacking in so many Music Packages!"
Darrin Williamson - MICRO MUSIC 250 TRACK SEQUENCER GRAPHICAL SEQUENCE EDITING _ _ SYNTHES I SEW LIBBA RIAN _ ___6ENERIC EDITOR_ SMPTE COMPATIBLE WITH MICRO 8MPTE™ AVAILABLE NOW FOR THE COMMODORE AMIGA MICRO ILLUSIONS (EUROPE) LTD PHONE: 0480 496497 FAX: 0480 49S60S studying the rules, because they give some useful hints. The playing area covers Europe from France to Poland, and from Denmark in the north to Austria in the south. Actions in Norway and Iceland can affect both NATO and the Pact, so they are included as 'off the board' regions to which you are also capable of assigning troops
should you so wish.
Map size is 54 by 50 hexes, with each hex representing an area of land 25 kilometres across.
Hexes contain a specific terrain type, ranging from sea to mountains. The map is easy to read, although national boundaries aren't shown, which would be useful.
The playing window covers an area of fourteen by seven hexes, and can be scrolled along hex rows. When you call up the strategic map it not only shows the military situation, but also allows you to zoom in on the bit of the main map that you want, which saves hours of scrolling around. I AMIGA ?
GOLD li Current Supply Nets LIGHTNING Modern tactical warfare from Strategic Simulations Inc It is the late 1980s, and the unthinkable has finally happened.
The Russians are hammering across the North European plain.
Can NATO stop the red hordes, or is Europe condemned to life under the Soviet iron fist...?
Red Lightning is a highly- detailed, operational-level game set during World War III, focusing on the Central European theatre of operations. You can play the Pact or NATO in one or two player games. There is a comprehensive rule book that even includes a bibliography! I would recommend Sony Brand
3. 5" DS DD 1135)
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labels 4 mdhnduafly sleeved HotbaJl King Of Chicago Krisial
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S. D.C. ORDER FORM Please send me the following titles. BLOCK
capitals please!
Type of computer Title: Amount a Personal Callers Only Total Enclosed £ AMIGA FORMAT, NOVEMBER Name..*. Address.
Postcode Tel. No..... Please Make Cheques and Postal Orders Payable to S.D.C. I VISA | Please add 50p P&P for orders under £5. Over £5 P&P is free Europe please add £1 00 per disc. Elsewhere please add £1.50 exlra per disk IS YOUR LIFE LACKING A CHALLENGE?
OPPOSITION ? CUBIC CHAOS Never Mind is a unique combination of
arcade action and mind numbing problem solving, and uses a
clever blend of computer-generated and handcrafted puzzles.
Is your brain up to the most intriguing challenge of the
decade? There's only one way to find out. . .
Screen Shots taken from the Amiga and PC Versions ATARI ST £19.95 AMIGA £19.95 PC £24.95 051-709 5755 U» W »}**' PSYGNOSIS GAMES PEOPLE PLAY Even if you’re a very skilled graphic artist, you've little chance of producing nearphoto- graphic quality images on your Amiga using conventional graphic techniques. The Amiga's HAM (hold-and-modify) graphic mode means 4096 colours can be displayed simultaneously, and overscan means that a resolution of up to 768 by 480 is possible. While the power to create stunning images is offered by Commodore's machine, the feat is well beyond anything living
(and that even includes you, Jason).
Just try pumelling 368,640 pixels into anything plausible. And then try deciding which hues from the 4096colour palette to use. No chance, pal. Not in your lifetime.
So where do those sensational 4096-colour picture come from? You know the ones - they're life-like, detailed, almost real.
They're the sort of images you could never produce using a traditional art package.
In seconds a device called a video digitiser can snapshot an image from the outside world and convert it into something that can be displayed on the Amiga’s screen. The images produced with a video digitiser or image grabber are known simply as digitised pictures. There’s nothing special about these pictures, if you exclude the fact that they look so realistic: they're no different from other Amiga screen formats.
There's nothing mysterious about the way images are grabbed: a video camera or video recorder does the seeing and sends pictures to the digitising hardware. The hardware converts the incoming signals into something recognisable by the Amiga: that is, numbers. Ultimately these numbers appear as pixels on the screen. Depending on the sophistication of the hardware in use, digitised images may appear in monochrome, grey scales or colour. And the time to generate these images varies from several minutes to tenths of a second.
5= H»* r Once an image is in the Amiga’s memory, all manner of editing can take place. It is, after all, just a screen picture. Most conventional art packages will let you load these pictures and hack about with them. And what next?
You could write demos using digitised screens: many already exist in the public domain. Or you could use these near-perfect graphics in games. The start-up sequence of this month’s most stunning game, Interphase, uses grabbed images.
Yyyyyyy-y 'y ._y-, , . ... .._. .
Tnfothing :5Sr;S e v |®n"you have a vi K nww III im, yy. ..2?T1"I~ " "y yy. - yyy. , ( ~ camera, an image digiUsjBr.: and Amiga. RICHARD MONSlO But enough of this idle chatter!
You want to know what a digitiser can do for you. Read on... everything he can.
fra fejV1 co ”’ * in:,0 t!aPce n-c° „ae&e nV ncfl -.iiKe- „ col' ¦ The main picture shows the basic grabbed image - the portions above showing four of the six different effects (clockwise from top right - threshold, multiple, pixel and negative) which can then be apiied to that image using Videon Don't believe the hype!
Regardless of what the manual and packaging claim, Videon cannot grab colour or monochrome images from any old composite video source. Video camera and still subject: yes. Video recorder: no. Videon is not a real-time digitiser, a picture having to be built up over at least 30 seconds, so there's no way it can grab a recognisable image from a video recorder. Sure, you can hit the VIDEON pause button on the VCR, but unless you've got equipment costing double your Amiga setup, you’re going to get horrible tear lines across the screen.
Videon plugs into the parallel and monitor sockets of the Amiga, but also accepts the monitor socket directly. A 15V power pack provides the gas. A couple of knobs on the grabber’s front panel let you switch the screen display to Amiga output or video output. Three dials allow you to alter the contrast, brightness and colour level of the incoming signal.
All Amiga modes are supported including high resolution, interlace, halfbrite, HAM and overscan. Two digitising speeds are offered: fast and slow scan.
These produce, roughly, passable and good results respectively.
Fast scan takes from 30 to 60 seconds to produce a picture, and is expensive memory-wise.
Slow scan... well, it's slow all right, but no extra memory is required for any of the modes as the image is built up directly on screen.
Six different effects can be applied to a grabbed image: DIGI-VIEW GOLD ¦ Pixel produces a mosaic effect.
Each pixel can be magnified from two to six times.
¦ Solar brightens the picture to produce an over-exposed photograph result. The quantity of overexposure is determined by you.
¦ Multipic fills the screen with a reduced image. The number of tiny pictures allowed ranges from four to thirty-six.
¦ Zoom magnifies a given area of the grabbed image by a pre-deter- mined amount.
¦ Threshold changes the brightness of particular areas. The brightness level is selectable.
¦ Negative changes the picture into, logically enough, its negative.
An excellent feature offered by Videon is surface mapping.
Essentially the software lets you wrap a digitised image around a solid shape. The resulting 3D image can look astounding. Six types of solid, ranging from a pyramid to a cylinder, are offered.
The solid can be roL.d in any of its axes, have its dimensions altered, and be magnified or reduced. Wonderful.
Of all the digitiser software reviewed, Videon's is by far the best. Perhaps not in terms of features, but for easy guruless operation it is superb. There are no awkward requestor boxes and no crashes when memory runs out.
Why can't all Amiga software be this friendly?
Whoever would have thought that NewTek could have fitted all the components of a video digitiser in a box smaller than a cigarette packet? It's extraordinary.
Digi-View is a combination of hardware and software that enables you to transfer high-quality colour or monochrome images from a video camera to your Amiga. Colour images are captured using a colour seperation process. A colour filter wheel (sup- Videon is seriously let down in one area: its manual. The manual really is naff - worse even than SuperPic’s. And that's going some.
There is arguably more information on the packaging than there is in this dismal eight-page affair.
Plied) is mounted in front of a video camera’s lens. Three snaps of the same image must be taken, one through each of the red, green and blue filters. Meanwhile, the subject must be stationary.
Because the process invovled in grabbing an image takes several seconds (stretching into minutes), only inanimate objects or very still subjects are suitable for grabbing.
Naturally, grabbing real-time from a video recorder is out. I I The DigiView hardware slots into the Amiga's parallel port and apart from a Video-In jack is tea tureless. A female-to-female RS- 232 gender bender is needed to use the digitiser with the A1000.
The software comes in two versions: American NTSC and UK PAL. At least 1Mbyte of memory is required to use the PAL software, but even then you won't be able to use high resolution modes.
All Amiga graphics modes are supported including interlace, high resolution, overscan, HAM and even extra halfbrite. The number EXTRA, EXTRA!
Because Newtek is such a caring company - and wants to make even more money out of you - it recommends several items of hardware to make digitising easier and faster, and results even better.
The fist is Digi-Droid. A motorised filter wheel tor attaching to a video camera. The advantage of this is that you don't have to manually move anything attached to the video camera. You can't jolt what you don t touch.
Then there s a copy stand for your video camera and lights. This really is an essential purchase if you re going to use the digitiser seriously. A clamp on the stand secures the video camera and directional lamp holders mean you can position light sources in the best location.
Finally, there s the Base-Band Distribution Amp which lets you plug Digi-Vlew and the camera into the monitor at the same time This means you can monitor what the camera sees on the Amiga s screen before digitising it.
HB Marketing on 0895 444433 distributes Digi-Droid for £69.95 and the copy stand for £59.95. For details of the Amp write to NewTek 1115 West Crane Street. Topeka. KS 66603. USA).
Of colours used in each mode can be determined by you. This is use- ful for saving memory and chang ing the number of bit planes assigned to a picture. Altering the bit planes can be handy, say, for converting a 4096 HAM image to a Deluxe Wdeo ompatible eight- camera, decent lighting and a motionless subject, the images possible are of very high quality.
The software employs dithering techniques to enhance HAM images - the results can be staggering. On the against side, a ridiculous amount of RAM is required for grabbing anything but the lowest resolution images - and it’s all too easy to jolt the camera or subject in the time it takes to digitise a picture.
Colour picture Because image grabbing is a three-pass process as described above, Digi View works with either a monochrome or colour video camera. However, a monochrome camera produces better results.
As long as you have a good and image manipulation tools; time lapse image capturing; brightness, contrast, colour and hue controls; monitor view switchable between Amiga, TV video and framestore; built-in genlock allowing Amiga graphics to be overlaid on video.
SUPERPIC So it costs a lot... it also does one hell of a job and comes with stacks of features. How’s this for starters: real-time colour and mono digitising (that's one frame every 50th of a second or one interlaced frame every 25th of a second); 192K frame buffer expandable to 512K; a screen dis play that automatically shrinks to available memory; edge detection SuperPic has leads which plug into the parallel and monitor ports of the Amiga; a socket on the digi tiser accepts the monitor cable which usually slots into the Amiga’s monitor port. Finally, power is supplied via a 15V power pack
Because SuperPic offers realtime digitising, anything offering 75ohm composite video output can be plugged in: video camera, video recorder or even TV with the appropriate digital output.
The size of screen to be digi tised is determined by the software. You have full control and can grab from a few pixels square to well beyond recognised overscan resolutions. There's little point in going beyond the Amiga monitor display dimensions: it only wastes memory. Colour or monochrome grabs can be made in 16, 32, HAM and HAM plus modes. High resolution and interlace modes are supported, but you can't take fullscreen grabs because the framestore only comes with enough memory to store a non-interlaced colour picture. You can, however, fit extra 32K CMOS static RAMs rated at
Along with standard features, the SuperPic software provides some excellent editing tools for grabbed monochrome images.
The tools .include expanding or contracting the contrast range, adding or subtracting a constant from pixel values, removing extreme high and low pixel values, switching values beyond a certain range to full black and white, reducing the number of bit planes used to store a picture, and redistributing the pixel intensities to occupy the full range.
A multi-capture option in SuperPic lets you take numerous grabs from a static image and produce one picture from the average of all grabbed frames. The reason for this is to remove noise Most irksome is the fact that the software often hangs for no reason - well there is a rea son, and it’s probably related to memory fragmentation. Like too much Amiga software it is possible to side step the problems. But it's really not good enough.
While nothing comes close to SuperPic's abilities, they should sack the author of the manual. Not only does it fail to teach complete novices to the digitising ballgame what the hell is going on, but it also forgets to mention some of the features found in the software Gripe over. All things considered, SuperPic is unbeatable.
L rol.4M.Uv SUPERPIC C603.75 ¦ 1 Mbyte minimum JCL Precision Tel: 01 330 7166 Cleverly written and always favourably reviewed in the press, Digita produces a range of powerful, low cost software for the home and business user.
FINAL ACCOUNTS DGCALC MAILSHOT The fastest and most powerful spreadsheet available in this price bracket, with 512 rows by 52columns, giving you up to 26824 cells. As with all Digrta products, the operation of the program is clearly thought out Being either menu, mouse or command driven you’ll be able to start using it within minutes
- even if you’ve never used a spreadsheet before. Some of the
features which make it such good value are the exporting of
ASCII files for integration with other programs, adjustable
column width and text overflow, programmable function keys
(macros), and a unique windowing facility, so that you can look
at different parts of a sheet at the same time._ tt If you ever
need to send out mailings or print labels, you know how fiddly
and time-consuming it can be making sure all the labels are
printed correctly. Well now all that's a thing of the past
Because Mailshot actually shows you the labels onscreen, you
can type names and addresses in exactly the correct place. But
more than that, the labels are animated on screen as a
continuous sheet allowing you to scroll backwards and forwards,
to search for particular keywords or to edit entries with the
minimum of fuss. Facilities include searching, detection of
duplicate labels, sorting (even surname!) 9 labels across. 999
copies of any label. This has to be the simplest and most
effective method of creating a mailshot available. _ __ £24.95
The program will take information prepared by Cashbook
Controller and produce a complete set of accounts including:
* Trial Balance * Trading and Profit and Loss Account
* Balance Sheet * Notes to the Accounts
* Full Accounting ratios.
AJI reports may be produced at any time, with comparativeybudget figures if required. The facility to produce these documents quickly, accurately, and regularly is of enormous help in running any business, large or small, since one shows the true profitability achieved, and the other the exact strength of the business in terms of assets and liabilities. E29.95 Do you ever have to print names and addresses at awkward places on envelopes, or do you ever need to fill in tricky forms or invoices where the text has to be in exactly the right place? Usually you have to do it by hand, or get your
trusty old typewriter out of the cupboard and dust it off. Well not anymore. The Emulated TYPEwriter transforms your computer and printer Into a fully fledged typewriter, supporting bold, underline, italic and other type-styles.
Because it can display and print text INSTANTLY you can line up your form, press Return and Space a few times to move to the correct place, and then start typing. Alternatively you can switch to line-by-line mode, which offers word-wrap, justification and proportional spacing, so that you can edit each line before it’s printed. £39 95 E TYPE CLASSIC INVADERS B MAILSHOT PLUS Advanced version of Mailshot for the business user with the following extra facilities:
* integration with other software (using ASCII files)
* column tabulated summary (ideal for telephone lists, etc)
* 4 extra memo lines per label (with defaults) ‘system for
coding, dating and adding messages to each label
* different layouts available for horizontal and vertical
CASHBOOK COMBO Escape from executive stress with the classic space invader £14.95 tANNEB Money saving combination pack featuring both Cashbook Controller and Final Accounts -Save £10.00. _ PERSONAL TAX PLANNER £69.96 Are you absolutely sure your taxman is doing his job correctly? Plan your own tax with ease, this menu-driven program will calculate your income tax liability (4 tax years included) and provide pertinent facts about your tax position You can perform what-if ?' Calculation to discover ways to minimise your tax liability. In fact, the program will advise you on things such as, it
you are a married man. Whether it would be advantageous to have your wife's income taxed separately or not At this price who knows, you will probably find that PTP will pay for itself in tax savings the first time you use ill ” STOP PRESS *• July *09 - PTP user receives tax refund of over E2.000ff £39.95 DAY-BY-DAY An excellent way to gel organised. With it you'll be reminded of birthdays and other anniversaries, meetings and appointments, phone calls lo make and so on. As with all Digita products, inputting information is simplicity itself and.
Once entered, you can search tor keywords or lor particular events such as birthdays to see when one is coming up.
Indudes month week day planner, automatic reminders for overdue appointments, month and week summary at a glance. For less than £30 this is the ideal way to make sure you never miss that important occasion again!
£29.95 mm?
Digita, GEM, Greyhound HB Marketing, Lazer, Leisuresoft, R & R, SDL.
HOWT CREDIT C J -- Post: Digi Blac GITA INTERNATIONAL "Serious software at a sensible price All software written in the UK. Prices i Wit ith Micronet you can turn your computer into a communications terminal that will download free software, access up-to-the minute computing information, play exciting multi-user games, talk to other people (and computers) and a lot more.
And if you pay for a year’s subscription in advance we’ll even give you a modem free when you join.
Phict mii?l Free Software On Micronet you can browse through an extensive software library of free programs, select one and then download it.
We now have software for all popular machines, from the Spectrum to PC compatibles, including the Atari ST and the Amiga.
Add to this Prestel’s massive database and you’ll have all the facts at your fingertips.
NTERTAINMENT E Micronet is not just informative, it’s also a lot of fun! As a member you’ll have access to a range of games, including the UK’s most popular multi-user game, Shades, where the action is live and so are your opponents!
Communications AT MlCRONET We’re Really Talking !
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Low Cost A Micronet subscription, which includes Prestel, costs just £23 a quarter, and using Micronet starts at only 50p an hour including telephone charges! Wherever you are, Micronet is just a local phone call away.
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VIDI AMIGA Just a quick summary of Vidi’s features - it was reviewed last issue. Undoubtedly the best value digitiser on the market. And quick too: frames are grabbed in a 50th of a second (real-time) and screen update occurs every quarter of a second. Because it is real-time, a variety of video sources inlcuding camera and recorder can be used.
All available memory is used in the Amiga for multiple frame- stores. A sequence of frames can be grabbed automatically and then animated. For instance, 22 frames are possible on a 1Mb machine.
Brightness and contrast can be altered as the picture is grabbed via controls on the interface. In addition, the brightness The basic Vidi displays grabs using grey scales - and only in 320 by 200 16-colour mode. A PAL Vidi, with a resolution of 320 by 256, is available for £15 and vertical framing of the picture can be controlled from software.
A window can be defined on screen allowing the area within or without the window to be digitised.
GLOSSARY GENLOCK - a device that enables you to mix the output of an Amiga with the output of a video or TV source. - HAIFBRITE - a fudged 64-colour mode whose extra 32 colours are half as bright as the first 32.
HAM - hold-and-modify. Another of the Amiga's fudged screen modes. This one can display 4096 colours on screen at once by giving the processor a hard time.
HAM+ - by using special software dithering effects it is possible to simulate a higher resolution and greater colour detail in HAM mode.
INTERLACE - this doubles the vertical resolution ol a picture by displaying an image in two parts. A special high persistance monitor is necessary because the standard monitor flickers terribly when this mode is used.
NTSC - the standard TV and video system used in the US. It uses fewer horizontal lines than the European system.
OVERSCAN - a technique that removes the borders from an Amiga picture, and makes the image fill the monitor screen.
PAL - the European TV and video standard.
Extra. Full colour images are possible for an additional £20.
The technique for grabbing colour pictures is identical to Digi- View's method of doing things. ¦ CLEAN IT UP BABY Some hints and tips on getting the best out of your digitiser.
CAMERA If you have the choice, always go for a black and white camera for image grabbing. Black and white cameras tend to have a higher resolution than their colour counterparts. And they’re a good deal cheaper. Of the four video digitisers reviewed, only Digi-View and Vidi can be successfully used with a black and white camera. Of course, the others can also be used with a black and white camera, but it seems a waste when they can grab colour pictures from a colour camera.
A good mono camera is the Panasonic WV140, or the slightly more expensive NWV1500. Prices vary from dealer to deale: typical cost £200 and £270 respectively.
LIGHTING The more light the better, although too much can have adverse effects. The best for the job are usually fluorescent lamps as these simulte daylight convincingly. Spot lights are also useful. Three or four shining on the object to be grabbed will produce the best results. If too much light is used, however, you may get Moire patterns appearing in the grab. Conversely, too little light may result in grainy grabs. ¦ Always position the lighting to reduce the effects of glare or reflection on the object to be digitised.
MOTION With Digi-View and Vtdeon it is vital that the camera and object reamin still through the digitising process. Wavy lines or an out of focus look are sure signs that something has moved. If possible, make sure the camera is securely fastened to a tripod or copy stand. A good way to check that nothing is moving in the area between camera and subject is to fill a glass with water and watch carefully for ripples.
CLEANING UP Digitising software often lacks facilities for tidying up pictures or modifying them in any way. As all digitisers produce IFF screen images, almost any art package will suffice. Look out for graphic packages that offer image stretching, shrinking, twisting and mapping. You won’t always want to use pictures the shape or size you grabbed them in.
DigiPaint 3 (£69.95 from Precision on 01-330 7166) is a good choice when rt comes to HAM painting. Features include 3D texture mapping, transparency control, lighten, darken, blur, text rendering, patterned or random dithering, and 68020 support. Other commendable art packages include Deluxe Paint 3 (£79.95 from Electronic Arts on 0753 49442), Photon Paint 2 (£89.95 from Digipro on 0703 703030) and Sprite (£29.95 from Best on 0698 887770).
Vidi and SuperPic are realtime digitisers so it doesn't matter if the subject is moving.
That said, if you need to take pictures of rapidly moving objects learn to track the object with the camera. The object will come out clearly while the background will distort.
COLOUR Some cameras produce grainier pictures than others. Lowering the sharpness control will reduce the grain. This also removes the ‘confetti’ or haze from 4096-colour pictures. When using 32 colours or less, it is a good idea to raise the sharpness level as this increases dithering and smooths out colour bands that sometimes appear.
If you are digitising a picture into 32 colours or less, try to have a plain background behind the subject. A single-colour background will not detract from the main object, and it gives the illusion that more colours are available in the area of interest.
Specialists StarLCIO £155 Star LC10 Colour £199
* New from Power House * Break throughs in design and
construction coupled with a brand new 3.5B drive unit from
Epson - world leaders in peripheral technology - comes the
PC880 manufactured in the UK at a price that smashes those of
our competitors. Each drive is fully guaranteed for 12 months
and comes complete with instructions, through port and
isolating switch.
£299 £499 £649 £16 £12 inc post £899 £699 (RRP £139) This fully switchable
5. 25” 40 80 track drive can be used to read and write PC formats
as well as normal Amiga formats.
3 ” 5.25” MULTIDRIVE £239 A500 HARD DISKS The King of Amiga disk drives with combined
5. 25” and 3.5” units.
Special circuitry allows IBM™ format disks to be recognised and the
5. 25" drive is 40 80 track switchable. Multiple switching means
that this drive can be set up in any configuration of drive
TRIANGLE TURBO 46MB HARD DISK £499 (RRP £549) Based on GVP technology this top of the range autobooting (1.3 KS) hard disk comes with lightning fast 28ms SCSI drive, with built in PSU and fan all in a matching cream case. Easy install software and manual are provided.
512k Expansion with dock £85 (rrp £99)
1. 5MB Spirit board populated 512K £249
1. 5MB Spirit board unpopulated £189 Minigen Genlock £99 (rrp
£115) Processor Acelerator £139 Super Pic £429 JUST IN - G2
Video Centre £649 These drives also include an option to
install 2MB of inexpensive 1 x1 MB fast ram to increase the
Amiga’s memory.
3 disks full of Amiga goodies in this highly professional disk based magazine Fantasic demos, clipart and PD goodies.
To subscribe now, phone 0234 273000 for details
• 2MB Ram Card for above drives add £299 to hard card cost
- Sky quest 44MB Removable Drive & Controller & 2MB Ram £1249
• GVP 68030 card + Memory £1999
• 25mhz Processor card with 4MB auto configured 0 wait state
32bit ram and software (makes Sculpt 4D & similar go like
• Microway Flicker Fixer Power House are the UK Amiga 2000
specialists with most products available at highly competitive
prices and on display in our showroom, including video
digitisers, genlocks, accelerators and emulators.
Phone us now for a complete B2000 system quotation. A500 Systems are also available.
GVP Autobooting Hard Card 46MB (28ms) £499 (rrp £549) GVP Autobooting Hard Card 102MB (11ms) £949 (rrp £999) VI PUT I NO QjflDllinyHi OffiKUnussd 0158 SfSCED KEBO Hu HO COISO UUOJ jr -J! I } TGOCBUH Unusid tout time : o n type P1WM1 tlr.; ?: iimmu Order HOTLINE 0800 581 742 Free Call VIDEON NEW! £249 Videon Is a state-of-the-art PAL video digitiser for all models of Amiga computer. Videon digitises directly from any still PAL source in any of the Amiga’s screen modes including high res and HAM. Videon ? Is comP,ele and requires no filter wheels or similar devices.
WojxsBKj F Extensive image processing facilities and the high quality of r % digitisation makes Videon the natural choice for professional or amateur.
Mm SOFTWARE & BOOKS Power are the specialists in serious software & books for the Amiga enthusiast at prices that are rarely matched by our competitors. Large stocks of the latest versions and an extensive showroom display avoids disappointment ART & GRAPHICS Typically 30-40% off rrp Animagic Amiga Clipart Comic Setter Deluxe Paint 3 Deluxe Photo lab Digipaint 3 Digiview Gold Elan Performer Express Paint 3 Fantavision Interchange Interfont Intro Cad Kara Screen Fonts 1 Kara Screen Fonts 2 Movie Setter Photon Paint 2 Pixmate Pro Video Plus PAL Sculpt 3D Sculpt 3D Animate Sculpt 3D XL Sculpt 4D
- r y Manx Debugger £49 Sculpt 4D Turbo Silver Video Magic
BUSINESS Digicalc Excellence Home Accounts Kind Words Maxlplan
+ Maxiplan 500 Pagestream Pro Draw Pro Draw Clip art Pro Page
1.2 Pro page Templates Pro text Superbase 2 Superbase Pro-
Superplan The Works Platinum Word Perfect Power Windows 2.5 £48
UTILITIES Arexx BAD BBC Emulator CLImate Dos 2 Dos Fine Print
Quarterback RubyCom Transformer WB 1.3 MUSIC Midi Interface £25
C64 Music Keyboard Interface £49 MM5000 Keyboard £79 Dr Ts
Drums £25 Dr Ts Midi Studio £49 KCS level 2 £229 Music X £189
Pro Sound Gold £59 Amiga Music System £149 I enclose a cheque
PO for Name Address Postcode Telephone System owned credit card
no signature I would like to order Make cheques payable to
Power Computing Ltd Please send me the Power House Catalogue
©WtSEtAENTEXritlSESLm R£9.99 £14.99 48 128 @£9.99 + 3@ £14.99
ASS @£9.99 CO CO 00 OP (ft PECTRUM Road - London IV11 2DX u
factored under license from Seqa Enterprises Ltd, Japan, and
IjaLJgrHSEGA“) art trademarks of Seqa Enterprises Ltd "
AMSTRADy Mja Another month passes us by, and another Format
Coverdisk wings its way to your Amiga, packed with the very
best in Amiga software. JASON HOLBORN takes you through this
month’s silicon sizzlers.
THE UNTOUCHABLES THE UNTOUCHABLES It’s tough on the streets! Al Capone and his motley mob have a stranglehold over Chicago and It’s up to you to end their reign of terror in our exclusive playable demo of Ocean's latest. Plug a joystick into your machine and get going!
SURF Producing realistic 3D graphics has always been bit of a complicated affair, but with Surf, all that is set to change. Explore the world of solid 3D modelling without ever having to leave the comfort of your armchair.
DEMOS CORNER Anyone remember the classic ‘Juggler’ demo? This month’s demo was produced for us by Amiga Format reader Ian Cacket using the same package that Eric Graham used to create his classic original. Load it up and remind yourself why the Amiga is such a wonderful machine.
GFXMEM GfxMem is another handy little utility that deserves a place on everyone's Workbench disk. With it, you can see at an instant the state of your machine’s memory without ever having to type a single CL1 command.
PROGRAM: BY OCEAN SOFTWARE FILES: UNTOUCHABLES, UNTOUCHABLES DEMO ART 000% i You are Elliot Ness, leader of the Untouchables, a small band of elite government agents brought together to fight organised crime and to end the gangland bosses’ rein of terror. Head of the perps is Al Capone, the infamous gangland leader, who controls all organised crime on the streets of Chicago.
Your objective is to gain enough evidence against Capone to indict him on charges of tax evasion, thereby ending his grip over the Windy City.
The full game features six exciting screens based closely on the blockbuster film of the same name. Our demo finds Ness fight¦ We must be insane! But it’s true: we want to give you money! All you have to do is write a super-hot program for the Amiga UP FOR GRABS!
And, if we decide to use it on the Amiga Format Coverdisk, you could be living it up in style! SEE PAGE 78 FOR DETAILS.
Ing his way through the warehouse occupied by Capone’s thugs. You must burst in on them in an attempt to break up Capone’s illegal boot-legged liquor operation in its tracks. As luck would have it, Capone's book-keepers are visiting the complex and so you take it ¦ Sure enough, the dude with the brown coat Has evidence.
On one of Capone’s book-keepers.
¦ Somewhere near this loading bay of the warehouse, you may stumble upon yourself to grab their ledgers in order to gather preliminary evidence against Capone. However this isn't as easy as it sounds; these guys are packing heaters and most definitely dangerous!
Evidence is collected by shooting Capone's book keepers (the chaps in the brown raincoats with the sawn-off shotguns!) Who will then drop an item of evidence.
Time is short, however, since you have only two-and-a-half minutes to collect all ten pieces of evidence.
You’ll be pleased to hear that in its final incarnation, the full game will allow you a full ten minutes to carry out this momentous task! I This month’s pictures of pixel perfection were produced by Alastair Hearsum. Any of you think you could do better? If the answer is yes’ then get them sent in and you too could see your works of art displayed on the screens of thousands of Amiga owners!
KEYCLICK Who says public pressure doesn’t have an effect? You lot have been screaming out for it, so here it is: a program to add a keyboard click to your Amiga.
WORKBENCH HACKS This month, we have four of those binary beauties to keep you hack fanatics happy. This month’s hacks are not only fun, but at least two of them have genuine practical uses.
Then see page 78-79, fast!
Getting Going You can load our exclusive demo of The Untouchables by inserting our Coverdisk at the Insert Workbench’ prompt. To play, you'll need a joystick plugged into Control Port Two.
Our demo uses every last byte available on a 512K Amiga and so you may have to switch off you machine, remove all external devices (such as disk drives etc) and then turn the machine back on with our Coverdisk in the internal drive. If you get an Error Code 103 when the game tries to boot, turn the machine off for a minute or so and then try again.
DEMOS CORNER PROGRAM: BY IAN CACKETT FILES: SPHERES, SPHERES.DOC In the early days of the Amiga, the future looked rocky for the machine we have come to know and love. Although the machine boasted an impressive specification, a very modish look and a price to match, very little software existed to really show it off. Then along came Dr Eric Graham and his now famous Juggler demo.
The Juggler's combination of 3D animation and HAM ray-tracing took the Amiga market by storm: nearly every Amiga computer stockist around the country had the Juggler up and running on their display machines. The sound of jaws dropping could be heard for miles!
What's that lot of irrelevent wibble got to do with this month's cover demo? I hear you ask. The answer is simple: Spheres was produced using the very same utility that Eric Graham wrote to create his original and it features the same high-quality ray-traced animation that made Juggler such an all-time Amiga classic.
Getting Going You can load this amazing demo by double-clicking on the Spheres icon from the Workbench. Once you’ve seen enough, you can quit back to the Workbench by clicking the left mouse button. Full instructions are available within the Demos Corner drawer.
GFXMEM PROGRAM: PUBLIC DOMAIN FILES: GFXMEM, GFXMEM.DOC The Workbench memory counter is all very nice, but it can seem very uninformative at times. The system memory counter will provide you with an overall picture of available memory: but wouldn't it be nice to be able to see at an instant how much chip or fast memory has been used and is available?
Now you can, with GfxMem.
GfxMem, as no doubt you I ART PROGRAM: BY ALASTAIR HEARSUM FILES: FATMAN, REFLECTIONS, ART.DOC This month's collection of pixel art was produced for us by Alastair Hearsum, a name which may sound familiar. Some Amiga owners may remember a game called Dick Special that was being produced for Rainbird but unfortunately never appeared. Alastair created the graphics for that ill-fated project.
Think you can do better than Alastair? Then why not send your work in and every month our Graphics Editor. Brian Larkman, will be choosing a selection for publication on our Coverdisk. You too could be famous, up there with the graphic greats such as Andy Warhol, James Sachs and Frederich Bloggs (OK. I admit. I made up the last one!)
Getting Going As well as the picture files, every Coverdisk has a small PD utility called Vilbm that allows you to view any picture that is in IFF format. To display a given picture, just doubleclick on its icon and Vilbm will automatically display it.
ORIGINAL UNIQUE ROGER DEAN DESIGN 1000 & 2000 PSYGNOSIS - GAMES PEOPLE PLAY ENCLOSED IN EVERY GAME This is it - A whole new dimension in computer games 350 screens -132 unique monsters 13 levels of parallax scrolling 900K of emotive music I have already guessed, graphi calfy displays both memory usage and availability of all chip and fast RAM connected to the system.
Whenever a program is loaded or removed from the system, GfxMem will automatically update the display to reflect the new memory state Getting Going You can load GfxMem by doubleclicking on the GfxMem icon on the Workbench. Full instructions are available within the G xMem drawer KEYCLICK PROGRAM: PUBLIC DOMAIN FILES: KEYCLICK KEYCLICK DOC You asked for it, so you’ve got it.
Keychck, as the name seems strangely to suggest, is a program to add a key click to your Amiga keyboard, just like that on machines like the Atari (don’t blame us, you're the people who asked for this utility!)
What Keychck does it to install a custom device handler into the Amiga operating system that inter cepts all key depressions, regard less of what tasks are currently running. The program will only run under Exec, the Amiga operating system and therefore KeyChck will not work with the vast majority of games software Getting Going You can load KeyChck by double clicking on the KeyClick icon from Workbench. Once loaded, the program will display a small window containing two gadgets The proportional gadget controls the click volume while the Boolean gadget turns the click either on or off.
Full instructions, as always, are avail able within the KeyClick drawer.
SCROLL BENCH. PING, FLIP Have we got a bumper collection of display hacks for you this month! We've got not two, not three but four of the little beauties for you to play with. For once, they aren't just fun, but two of them are genuinely useful!
DropShadow - Aged ST Amiga Format readers may remember this one from a past Coverdisk, but we thought it was so good that all our new readers deserved to benefit from its wondrous features (hype ends).
ScrollBench - Commodore's TV modulator doesn't provide the greatest of video displays and so some of you may find this little hack of some use to take undue strain off of the old eyes.
Ping & Flip - These two hacks are completely and utterly useless (and unashamedly so!) However, too much work and no play is definitely a bad thing (that's what my shrink tells me!) And so these little doses of stupidity won’t do any harm.
BEZSURF PROGRAM: PUBLIC DOMAIN FILES: BE SURF BEZSURFDOC Producing 3D solid objects on Amiga is pretty tame stuff these days, but up until now the process has been painfully complicated. For example, if you wanted to produce a plain old cube, you'd be sat fiddling around with unfriendly object editors for hours before something even remotely cubish finally appeared on screen.
Wouldn’t it be nice if you could produce really complicated 3D objects without having to study advanced maths and engi neermg? Enter Be Surf, a easiest 3D solid object modelling pack age in existance, BezSurf is a program for producing bezier surfaces of revolu Backing Up Your Disk USING THE DISK For a number of reasons, it is rather important to make a backup copy of the Coverdisk as soon as possible Copying the disk may sound like a complicated task suitable for techno buffs only, but it is surprisingly simple provided you read the following instructions carefully:
1. First, turn on your machine and load Workbench. Once the
Workbench screen appears and the diskdrive light goes out,
remove your Workbench disk and insert our cover disk.
Before using your Amiga Format disk, you should make a back-up of the master disk as soon as possible.
This is very important!
2 Next, click once on the Coverdisk icon and then press the right mouse-button and the Workbench menus will appear.
Now, while keeping the right mouse-button depressed (you can cheer it up afterwards!), move the mouse pointer over to the 'Workbench’ heading and a menu will drop down. Move the mouse pointer over the ‘duplicate’ menu option and then press the left mouse-button.
3. After a few seconds’ disk access, the Workbench DiskCopy tool
will be loaded and run. Now just follow the on-screen prompts
and your Amiga Format Coverdisk will be copied to a backup
When the machine asks for the destination, insert your blank disk into the drive Further instructions can be found in the user's guide that comes with your Amiga.
Using the Programs All the programs on the Amiga Format disk are specially set up to make them as easy to use as possible. If you can use the Amiga’s Workbench then you can use our Coverdisk! If you do have problems with a program, full instructions on loading and using the programs are included in the Disk Pages and these should get you up and running. If you still have problems, you should read the documentation file ( DOC) that is included with every program.
To run any of the programs on this month’s Coverdisk, all you have to do is follow a very simple procedure. Unless specified differently within the Disk Pages, just double-click on the program’s icon on the Workbench and the program will load and run. Full details on how to use the programs once they have run are included with the Disk Pages and also as a documentation (text) file accompanying the program.
To display a documentation file, just double-click on the appropriate .DOC file to be viewed and a window will open containing the file’s contents.
Pressing the space bar will advance a page at a time.
Is Your Disk Faulty?
We have done our best to check that the programs on the Amiga Format Coverdisk are simple to use, error-free and have no known viruses. However, we cannot normally answer telephone queries on using the soft ware, and we do not accept habil tion: that’s what the documentation says, anyway! With just a minimal amount of effort, some quite astounding results can be produced. As well as producing plain 3D objects, BezSurf can also map any IFF picture file onto an object.
Very impressive!
To produce an object, all you have to do is to draw a series of connected lines, then just select either 'Wire', ‘Shade’ or ‘Map’ to see your lines tranformed into a solid object. Optionally, any of the points that make up the backbone of your object can be pulled out to produce bezier curves, therefore producing more subtle curves in the final object.
Getting Going You can load Surf by double-clicking on the Surf icon from Workbench. The first time you select either ‘Wire’ or ‘Shade’, the display may switch back to the Workbench screen and a requester will ask for Workbench to be inserted.
Insert the Workbench disk you booted from and then press deft Amiga N to switch back to the Surf screen. Full instructions are available within the Surf drawer. ¦ ity for any consequences of using the programs on the disk.
EARN YOURSELF £800 If your Amiga Format disk is faulty - and out of the tens of thousands duplicated, some are unfortunately bound to be - you should send it back for a free replacement within a month of the cover date to: Amiga Format November Disk, Discopy Labs, Unit A, West March, London Road, Daventry, Northants, NN11 4SA.
If your Amiga refuses to accept the disk, try using the DISKDOCTOR utility on your Commodore Workbench disk to rescue it before sending it off for a replacement. Full details of DiskDoctor can be found in the user's manual that came with your machine.
Copying the Disk Unless specifically stated, the programs on the Coverdisk are not in the public domain and the copyright remains with the author. Selling or distributing these programs without the author's permission is against the laws of copyright.
It you've get any programs for the Amiga which you think other readers would find useful, interesting or amusing, we'd like to know about them.
1. Make sure your program is foolproof to use. 2. Create a file
called README.DOC on the disk which explains exactly how to
use your program.
3. Fill in this form, sign rt, and send it without delay to:
CoverDisk Software, Amiga Format, 4 Queen Street, BATH BA11EJ
You could win a share of £800 prize money for the best
programs each month.
Name Address.
Telephone (Daytime) (Evenings)...... My program name is.
Approximate total size of files in kilobytes K (we cannot use programs longer than 200K; shorter submissions, under 100K, stand the best chance of publication). It is a: LI Technical tool C 1 Art program [ ! Educational ? Other ? Game I I Business utility [ I Music program [ I Novelty BRIEF DESCRIPTION CHECKLIST (please tick): U Stamped, addressed envelope for return ? README.DOC explanation file on disk ? Printout of README.DOC file (if possible) ? Name, address, machine type written on label L ] Disk certified virus free IMPORTANT Please sign this declaration: This program
is submitted for publication by Amiga Format. It is wholly my own work and I agree to indemnify Future Publishing against any possible legal action should copyright problems arise.
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* Denotes Programs that require 1 Meg Memory !
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Collection Sen5 NIB Backup (2 Drivesl Sen6 Draco Compiler 2
* Sen7 Newtek Demo ? Disks Sen9 Wildcopper Demo 2 25 Sen 10
Fanlasypixs I 2 25 Sen11 JRComm Comms Program 2 25 Sen 12
Summertime Amigahaxs 2 25 Sen 13 Probe Sequence 2 25 Sen 14
Maase Demo & Others 2 25 SEX ! !!
Good, now we have your attention we have an ofler that you Just won't be able to refuse!!!
|Take any TEN or more Disks from our Seleelion and Pay only £1.99 each Disk otherwise Disks eosl £2.25 each.
Sen73 Megaulils II Sen03 Agairon Amms Sen62 Blowfly Sen63 Virus Ulils Sen64 Sonix Jukebox Sen65 Ledzeppltn (1) Sen66 Ledzepplm (2) Sen67 Fanlasypixsn Sen68 Sale Sex Sen69 Obscene I Sen 70 Obscene II Sen7t Mega Ulils I Sen 72 Rolatmgwomen II Sen74 Icons Sen84 Errors Megademo Sen75 Sen Ulils III SenBS Crusaders SenB6 Norlhslar Flighl Megademo (2 Disks) Sen87 Phololab Demo 12 Disksi SenBB Soundlrackers (2 Disks) SenB9 Car Demo Sen90 Disk Ulils Sen76 Sampledsounds Sen77 Proldemocrealor Sen78 Le'Copiers Ser79 Jan Michel Jarre Destination Docklands SenBO Smooth Criminal SenB1 Raytracing Sen92 Hack
* ¦ •: Exclusive lo Scnlac Animation Disks featuring Shark Demo
ik Slarirek Enterprise requires I meg Two
Disks only L3.99 * *
* v .Join our Senlae Club now L3 00 membership Inc ludes Club
Disk * * Cgjomgdri Ik Hardwire ...., ....Call now If Item
required not shown As A500 with 10 games pack & A500
BasicAAouse WBench Manuals Pholonpaint 375 95 A590 20 meg Hard
Drive 399 00 Soundsampler ? Sottware 36 99 Cables lor
Pnnler Modem 12 95 10 3 5 DD DS 135lpi Disks 1195 Modulaior 34
7 95 Cumana Cax 354 E'Drive 95 00 Linnet 1200 1200 Modem 211 95
Citizen 120D Printer 159 99 Joysticks from 7 99
* * * Commercial Software Compllallona * * * Amiga Gold Hils 1 18
95 Computer Hits Vol H 15 95 Hils Disk Vol 1 18 95 Mega Pack 15
95 Super Six 15 95 Triad 2195 Our Amiga Bulletin Board La now
open to all running V21 V23 midnight to
08. 00am daily FREE Software to download Call Ua Nowl ( all t's
Now willi uour ('nrlti Ctirrl lot ImmnHalf fVspofi h Cheques
ft Postal Orders to 14 Oaklea Close, Old Roar Road. St.
Leonards On Sea, Bast Sussex TN37 7HB Tel: 0424 753070
DISCMAGAZEVES... !7Bit produce whal is regarded as the besl
value for money disc magazines available, and at just £1 50
per issue you can see why! Subscribe lo 8 issues now and gel
free membership for just £10. Truly remarkable value for
money! Watch oul for NEWSFLASH! The new European disc
magazine coming very shortly to Lhe UK via 17I3it of course!
NOTES: Ail PD parks an* guaranteed free ol any viruses (killer Inc luded wllli Hie parks) and will work on 1.2 1.3 Amigas In 5I2K A full catalogue of ALL lhe 17blf PD discs is available an request lor )usl JI2 (On disc). The range ol PD discs Is open lo members only You can order by posl with a cheque postal ordcr credll card or over llu* phone wllli Arress Vlsa (24 hours Answrrplinnr alier 5.30) Seventeen Rit Software PO BOX 97 1st Floor 2-8 Market Street, Wakefield WF1 1XX Telephone 0924 366982 Access (24 Hours) '______i introduction to this most fascinating area of computer creativity.
GAME MUSIC CREATOR 17Bit Disk 482 Writing music scores for computer games has always been a bit of a problem unless you’re blessed with musical talent, or have access to a decent freelance
- -- CUT ELQCH i
- --p CD PV E LOCK '
- --- " - ¦ v PASTE ELQCH (
- ___, IU D D O CUT PflTTEBrt
- -- CDPV - PflTTEBrl
- -- pprte TTEBri REC5VNC: B-2 00 9 " 0 ’ _____ _ “l 1 C U 1
ol G-2 J 000 000
- -0900 r=OTB® 0000 80 0 0 00 0 0
- -- ¦ Creating music of a reasonable standard for your programs
has never been so easy as it is now with the Games Music
ROT Fish Disk 71 Hands up who has been playing with the Surf program on this month’s Coverdisk? Fun, isn't it!
Although creating three-dimensional images is one thing, with Rot your 3D objects can enter the fourth dimension.
Rot is a program designed to generate, display and animate solid 3D objects. It is made up of two separate sections; an object editor and an action editor. The first is used to create your 3D objects using a system similar to that of commercial 3D modelling programs such as Byte-By-Byte's Sculpt series. The action editor allows you to breathe life into your creations by changing aspects of the object within a series of frames, therefore creating animation. You can change aspects such as the object's position or orientation to create c:-Ti [ mww mx 1 stop lCi““ n Kit 1 . 1 t oil k: x ;ih
. Yuia V, H Jf.lfi 1 1 i urn.: x h V «H
V. H ¦ Once you’ve created your object, it’s time to bring it to
life with the Rot action editor.
The Amiga certainly isn’t short of its fair share of quality PD software. For the price of a disk, you could fill your collection with some of the finest PD programs available.
Are you getting yours? JASON HOLBORN certainly is!
Position ? T PAT TERN 1 PATTERN ? ?
PLAV i- [ii [ LENGTH ? T STOP AVI SAMPLE A T EDIT SAMPLEVOL A r REC | REC.C !. F AT iA [instrument : | C 0 © 0
- - J 8 8 0 ™™0000 0GG0 08G0 0000 animation effects such as the
usual tumbling and spinning.
Rot is quite a complex program and will undoubtedly take many hours to master, but the end results are very impressive. If you’re willing to sit down and give Rot a chance to prove itself, then you’ll have a great deal of fun with this excellent utility. If you're considering playing around with 3D animation, then Rot is an ideal musician. Even if you have the know-how, how are you going to get the music in your head into a form for use within your own programs? Simple: you need a program like the Game Music Creator from Seventeen Bit Software.
The Game Music Creator is a powerful music composition tool designed specifically with the assembler programmer in mind.
The program employs the same system of composition as that employed by the infamous Sound Tracker, used by numerous games programmers and demo coders.
Anyone who has used either a drum machine or Sound Tracker will feel instantly at home with the program. If you haven't used either of the above, GMC uses a pattern- based system of splitting up the score into distinct sections (known as patterns). Each of these sections contain four channels’ worth of music data which can play up to four sampled instruments simultaneously from a choice of sixteen.
Nothing special so far, I hear you say. Well, unlike Sound Tracker and similar programs (where's SoundFX when I need it!), GMC is MIDI compatible. The benefit of this will be immediately obvious to those of you who own MIDI equipment: because this basically turns GMC into a simple real time sequencer. Instead of having to manually key in each note, you can choose real-time recording and then play whatever iti is you wish to be recorded, on your MIDI- compatible keyboard.
GMC is very much built upon the complaints that surrounded the original Sound Tracker. For starters, the instruments that could be used by Sound Tracker had to be declared using a separate ’Preset List1 editor that I I produced a list of available instruments and was automatically pulled into Sound Tracker when the program first loaded.
Thankfully, this has been fixed and now any sampled sound, regardless of format, can be loaded in at any time, from any disk.
Once you've created your masterpiece, you’ll want to use it within your own programs. Well, the programmers of GMC have thought of this also, so they’ve included all the necessary source code to allow you to play your GMC tunes from within your assembler programs. The GMC play routine runs under interrupt and therefore your program can continue running while the music plays in the background.
For games programmers and demo writers, the Games Music Creator is an absolute must. The inclusion of assembler source code takes the burden of music creation away from the program- mer, therefore allowing him to concentrate on the more important subject of games design and implementation.
RECORD-REPLAY Fish Disk 95 As the owner of a machine as powerful as an Amiga, you have no doubt had to sit through the endless process of demonstrating its wondrous capabilities to everyone from your best friend to Granny Gertie. While it can be quite enjoyable watching their jaws strike the ground every time you load your latest demo disks, it soon becomes tedious when you have to demonstrate a piece of serious software such as Deluxe Paint over and over again.
Wouldn’t it be nice if the Amiga could handle the demonstration itself while you sat back and read the latest issue of Amiga Format?
Record-Replay, as you may already have guessed, is a pair of neat little programs that will allow you to do just that. To use them, what you do first is to run the Record program, and then perform the operations you wish to demonstrate. Record then monitors what you are doing and stores all mouse and keyboard operations in a separate file. All you now do is to feed the output file from Record into a separate program called Replay, which then repeats your actions right down to the slightest mouse click.
It can be quite an strange experience to watch your Amiga working without your participation.
As well as the obvious fun aspect of this set of programs, something like Record-Replay would make software houses' lives a good deal simpler, since it could be used to produce truly interactive tutorials for serious programs such as word processors and databases.
Are any software houses listening?
TOP TEN PD GTS Title 1 FISH 215 2 MEGA GAMES PACK II 3 TBAG 26 4 STAR TREK 5 TBAG 29 6 HOME BUSINESS PACK 7 TBAG 16 8 TBAG 31 9 FISH 196 10 DESIGN FACTORY COOL COUGAR 17Bit Disk 485 Weird, but cute! That’s all you can say about this latest demo. The full name of the demo is The Education of Cool Cougar and it was produced using the Director utility from American software house The Right Answers Group.
The demo is a short animated story based around two lovable (?)
Cartoon characters called Buckey Rabbit (oh, the little bunny wab- bits!) And the star of the show, none other than Cool Cougar (who?)
Now, as the rules of nature dictate, Cool Cougar wants to invite little Buckey isn't this cute!) To dinner, with the young rabbit as the main course. As the story unfolds This month’s selection from the very best of PD Demos concentrates on a number of quite, quite remarkable animations. Over to JASON.
On your screen, you'll be able to see how young Buckey thwarts Cool Cougar’s evil plans.
INTROS 14 17Bit Disk 280 Demo disks usually come in one of two categories. The category that includes the rest of the demos in this month’s PD Update is a single disk, containing just one major The Education of Cool Cougar just oozes cuteness and is a worthy addition to any demo collector's disk box. Get it, and it's a good bet you won’t regret it!
Demo that usually fills the entire disk. The second category, which Intros 14 falls neatly into, is a disk containing a selection of small demos, or ‘Intros’ as the programmers prefer to call them. Intros Disk 14 contains six different intros, as follows: CASCADE: Run of the mill copper and blitter extravaganza with scrolling text and a pretty average Sound Tracker tune to accompany the whole shebang. Includes plenty of cliched copper tricks for you to spot, such as parallax starfields and multi-coloured bars.
MIRAGE: Another copper blitter overkill with some very nice music.
ROGER RABBIT: Definitely one of the best on the disk. Based I INFESTATION Are you ready for a new level of realism in computer games? Are you prepared for an atmospheric experience you will never forget? Can you cope with superfast solid 3D vector graphics? Will you venture into the unknown, alone, and armed only with a single pulse rifle? Can you overcome the INFESTATION?
PSYGNOSIS FREEPOST LIVERPOOL L3 3AB UNITED KINGDOM Tel: 051-709 5755 INFESTATION takes computer games to a new level of realism. It creates a complete environment stunningly rendered in super-fast solid 3D vector graphics.
You are completely free to move within the game world, exammrng and manipulating objects just as you would in a real world. And, as in reality, you are not alone Only, unlike those on Earth, the other occupants of Infestation’s world are not very fnendly at all.. .
Your task as Kal Solar, Agent of the Interplanetary Federation, is to travel to Alpha II, investigate and end the alien threat Your mission will not be an easy one As well as the mother alien and its eggs, you will have to deal with hostile droids and computer systems, radioactive areas, and things unknown INFESTATION is a truly atmospheric experience. Don't play this game when you’re alone it may well be your last!
Screen Shots from the Atari ST version AMIGA ATARI ST £24.95 PSYGNOSIS - GAMES PEOPLE PLAY I around last year's hit film 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit?’ and including an excellent sound track complete with samples from the film.
Listen hard and you can hear Roger saying things like We're running out of time!'. Very nice.
IT: Another very weird demo that shows four animated cartoon characters who perform certain actions (such as pulling faces and throwing up) in time to the music. Its weirdness makes it worth acquiring.
PAN: Surely no one can fail to have heard of the famous PAN series of demos? We recently looked at the follow-up to this demo, PAN W, but PAN I can still hold its head up high as one of the best Intros on the Amiga. Although visually there's not a great deal to get excited about, PAN includes some frighteningly atmospheric pan-pipe music.
GHOST POOL 17Bit Disk 463 Like the Ship+Sphere animation, Ghost Pool was produced using Byte-By-Byte’s popular Sculpt- Animate 30. This rather unusual demo is an animation of an unseen but obviously hip spirit taking time out to have a quick game of pool.
Also on the disk is a second Sculpt-Ammate animation of water dripping into a plant pot which, although this may sound about as tedious as playing Classic Invaders, is still quite impressive.
SHIP+SPHERE ANIMATION 17Bit Disk 464 (1 Meg Only) SUPPLIERS The following companies are responsible for the distribution of Amiga Public Domain software in this country. For their full address, check the advertisements in this issue of Amiga Format, or give them a ring.
It's been a long time since some quality ray-traced animations have appeared within the Public Domain.
Following in the foot steps of the daddy of them all, the Juggler, comes the Ship+Sphere animation, which is sure to make just as much impact on Amiga owners as the Eric Graham original. The animation was produced using Byte-by- Byte’s Sculpt-Animate 3D package, which combines the power of ray tracing with animation to allow the creation of some spectacular results. The demo portrays a small space craft orbiting a glass sphere that in turn contains another glass sphere. As you would expect from a ray-traced animation, the most impressive aspect of the demo is not the actual mechanics, but
the life-like realism of the whole affair. ¦ TOP TEN DEMOS 17Bit Disk Nos throughout 1 (412) TITANICS ACID HOUSE 2 (426) KAKTUS MAHONEY 3 (353) GHOSTWRITER DEMO CREATOR 4 (404) SUPREME SOUNDS 1 5 (401) INTROS 19 6 (329) STAR TREK DRY DOCK ANIM (1 Meg) 7 (482) GAME MUSIC CREATOR 8 (436) SUPREME SOUNDS 9 (148) THE KNIGHT ANIM (1 Meg) 10 (255) WALKER DEMO 2 (1 Meg) PURPLE PD PUBLIC DOMAIN & SHAREWARE SOFTWARE SEE US ON STAND H6 SlnJSJW gjfjg) Alexandra Palace, London November 24-26,1989 and things !h loads going on
3. 2 Hy nove is 1)215 Nodes Sec = 155 Notl«s= i By now ts b5c5
Illegal now - f2H Iilegal now • e4j2 Illegal none - |2g2 Nodes
Sec - Nodes: 42 fiy wove is e3g3 Coifuler mil soon nste!
Coif lifer nates11 your Amiga and lurn on1 Excellent loads ol brilliant utilities Utility Pack ? Icon utilities. Mouse pointers rinler drivers and lonls, SCReen Image lo PrinlER. PopCll and
• SOFT Cribbge
• SOFT Jackiand
• SOFT APPLICATION DISKS Havers W0 io play SMUS IFF music tiles
View a liny IFF picture viewer
* 3 Mega Packs 1 lo 10 each consists ol 3 disks* * lor C7.501
fully Inclusive
• Mega Pack 1 llome Business Pack I RIM the rnlnlional database
Uedil 1h* brilliant word processor spell checkers VisiCalc and
VC spreadsheets
• Mega Pack 2: Com mum calions Pack 1 Alarm VI 3 Star Term V? 0
Argo Term Kernel Term loaded with features Xmodem Wxmodnm
autodial 300 9600 baud rale macros and many more' Also a list
ol BBSs around Ihe world
• Mega Pack 3 Graphics Pack 1 CAD Dirsign Ray tracer generator
fully lealured drawing programs Amiga MCAD loads ol picture
lormal conveners and other utilities
• Mega Pack 4 Animation Pack I. stunning graphic animation demos
including Archimedes Cradle F 15 Rocker. Clown Lockon Marilyn
Sunglasses TBAG 3D Elgnio Ihe walking cal Rad Baron and others
• Mega Pack 5 Picture Puck t. packed lull ol Ihe best Amiga
• Mega Pack 6 Demo Pack t Thumes TV demo Tho Juggler loads ol
bouncing Bomg demos. Jungle Command
• Mega Peck 7 Amiga Basic Pack 1 games ullltles demos loads ol
excellent programs
• Mega Pack a Game Pack I Empire, Gravity Wars. Othello Pacmun
Clue Cnbbage Back Gammon Yahtzee, Missile Command 3D Break out
and many more
• Mega Pack 9 Picture Pack 2 packed full ol the best Amiga
including some NASA digitised pictures
• Mega Pack 10: Demo Pack ? Excellent graphics * sounds New Order
Blue Monday digilised sound demo Ian n Mick and Ihe DOC demo
* * Mega Packs 11 lo 20 each conslsl ol 5 disks * * lor U 2 50
fully Incluslvel A Mega Pack I I Sonix Music Pack Includes ihe
PD player lai Aoais Soni* music program and 4 disks lull ol
music scores
• Mega Pack 12 Miami Vice sampled sound dome of Ihe Miami Vice
theme Excellent graphics and sound
• Mega Pack 13: Demo Pack 3 Emsieiri Bruce A Bongos Anli Ira*
?0i0 Diai Tech and Share & En|oy demo disks
• Mega Pack 14 Demo Pack 4 Sanx Sanxim Mark II Action1 and
rrCJIIech demo disks
• Mega Pack 1S Oemo Pack b Needs two disk drives New I ok Pophiis
sampled sounds ol Pei Shop Boys Madonna and oiher pop groups
disk ol sampled sounds including Slar Wars Mr Spock elc and
Beatles music over great graphics Killer Demo
• Mega Pack 16 Aoasic Pack Games Ulililies demos etc includes A
Basic Noie A Basic is not Amiga Basic
• Mega Pack 1 7 . Ulilily Pack 1 Punier Driver Generator Fonts
and Toni Edilor Floppy disk utilities disk copiers clocks
calendar directory lister Virus Checker and other utility
• FFISH 2 13 program icons'
• FFISH 1 BB Bool Intro VI 0 displays a scrolling and a slill
message ol your cnoice al bool up DillDir Vt 0 compares 2
directories I racGen VI 23 fractal generator a real lully
leutured (racial program
• FFISH 168 and FFISH 169 I he Mall Dillion disk special includes
loads ol utilities and source Conlig VI 0 Clock VI 0 DME VI 31
Dmqush VI i Backup V?0 UPl IB 1 IBI3F- F DDES Vt 0 Mega Pack
10 PD Experience' a nixed bug ol public domain graphics demos
elc all disks from ihe lampa Bay Amiga Group all aulo loading
and very easy to use1 Simply place disk in na ar
• Mega Pack 19 firinler ? Ads c
• Meg Ol brilliant HAM and low resolution pictures All auto
loading Qilplanes ihe B colour icon use' and 300 B colour
UTIUTY DISKS MEGAPACKS ige systems holh small and large and
produce compatible dalabases Include*, a buill m IIFI P
database and a programming language spreadsheet Requires 1Mb
13AM and 2 drives
• FFISH 1 43 RIM vs 0 is a Relolional Information Manager, a
lully relational DBMS that is suitable tor very lurgu databases
using B Tree data storage Versions ol RIM run on a variety ol
micro FFISH 189 Uedit v2.4g The Word Processor FFISH 189 Uedil
V2 4g the excellent word processor FFISH 1 76 AnalyliCalc V23
2a ol Ihe large and powerful
• AMICUS 22 Pnnlur Driver Generator V2 3 Show Print li 3 IFF
screen dump
• FFISH ISB DiskX is a sector bused disk editor MemBoardlest V2 4
MSDOS V0 I Hsis liles written in standard MSDOS or ST lormal
then copies them lo RAM Ihen rewrites to disk in AmigaDOS
lormal PCBTool V? G is an early version o PC Board layout
program lhat does nol support printers ScreenX is a small
clock memory counter TaskX V2 0 is a reallime task editor
• FFISH 1 57 Xlcon V2 Qt allows you lo call up scripts containing
CLI communds Irom an icon 60 orBO toggles 60 80 column texl
BoolBuck is a disk bool block save rewrite and copy program
FCPM is a CP'M emulator
• FFISH 145 Omouse Vt 06 is a versatile program thal includes
Screen mouse blanker aulo window activator mouse accelerator
popcli pop window lo Iront push to back eic
• FFISH 1 31 DFC IS a disk copier thal mulli tasks Hyperbase VI 6
is a database management system Mackie is a PopCll replacement
Micro Emucs Vmgtb Ihe text editor
• FFISH 130 DirMuslor VI 1 is a disk calaloguur Hp V I 0 a nice
RPN calculator which supports calculations with binary decimal
hex float & complex numbers Much VI 6a Ihe mouse accelerator
• FFISH 129 DosKwik a pair of progs which allow you lo save liles
or groups ol flies lo one or more disks lot quick loading
MRBackup V2 0 and V2 I a hard disk back up utility
• FFISH 69 Spool VI 2 a queue manuge printer dnvei and SPOOL
requester and Wc a tile word counter Asm6BK VI 0 3 lully
featured macro Assembler Blillab a blilter exploring program in
f Conrnun V0 9 a sort ol CLI Shell Dk decays Ihe screen btl by
bit Frags displays memory fragmentation by lisling Ihe size ol
tree memory blocks Iconiypo changes Ihe icon type MonProc
monitors processes tor puckol activity MouseClock turns mouse
pointer mio a digital clock Spew generates News ol The World
type headlines Sb a Sjrlom browser
• FFISH 65 Sunmouse Vt 0 automatically clicks in windows when the
mouse is moved over them RunOack starts programs Irom Cl I
allowing CLI window lo close
• FFISH 55 ASDG rrd a RAM disk lhal survives reset BigView
displays any size IFF picture Egraph creates graphs trom X Y
pair taxi tiles Hypurbuse VI 5 a neat database munugument
sysiom MomCluur Zero hits hew memory NewZap V3 0 disk sector
editor Rainbow makes Workbench background a rainbow 2
Smusplayers to play SMUS IFF mus JX 80 screen dump
• FAUG 67 Disk X V2 0 Ihe sector editor Hand Shake Vt 06b a VT
100 lormtnol emulator Pack II a whole disk compressor
• FAUG 62 Access' V2 6 very powerlul telecommunications package
Hide II allows you 10 lurn off and on your RAM expansion Cron
runs a table ol background tasks Add Icon VI 0 adds icons lo
liles without icons IFF Mirrors is an ILDM slide show with X
and Y mirroring Fformal VI a last formatlor
• FAUG SO Dir Uhi V VI Ihe disk manager Roll Back Vt 0 rolls back
lexl lhal has rolled Oh the lop al Ihe screen Short Cut allows
you lo doline lexl lo a single key siroke thus CLI communds are
simpler to type
• FAUG 4 7 FunKey assign any lext string lo a function key
• FAUG 37 Slai Chari VI O 600 siars, galaxies elc AM Cal the disk
cataloguer.Macpainl picture viewer Vt 2
• PAN 25 A Disk Wipe very quick disk contents wiper SELECI allows
you to select m your Startup Sequence Irom a number ol scripts
Virus Chuck VI 1
• PAN 190 ZOO Vt 42a a very good Hie compressor Con Man V0 99b
provides line editing and command line histories Distinguish
type at liles wilh File Type Pipe Handler Pop CLI V3 0
• PAN 17B AmiGazer 1573 slars lo view any lime dale oi latliludu
CLI only Dele Book Ihe diary pind any ihxI siring lo a lunclion
key use Cl I hom a menu a disk caiaioguer I .ghtnmQ Logger VI 2
• SOFT 01 S Chp An * Disklull ol low and high resolution clip art
• APOC 18 Floppy Disk Ulils Quick Copy VI 0 Disk Mapper Disk
Salvage Virus check System Utils Bltll VI 0 text editor timeSel
Acalc calculator Amiga Monitor VI t MhM Grab Iasi memory
grabber OirectoryMasier VI f
• APDC 15 Icon utilities lull ol icon liles and creators Some
animated1 Briltianl disk lo« icon manipulation
• AMICUS 24 Seciorama disk sector utility Iconize VI 0 reduce a
lull screen pic to an icon Bmon system browser Virus Check v?
21 ChuCkS disk & memory Boing Machine |E]|ViruJt IB W Stew
liUeHtolcT Disks 4 &nkf Inmlitd: 1 ViHUM frond: KA : • tv 1*
Isndtt : f N«Hk SlJF : 1 tv U Marise : 1 Rfvfngf ! • Ofctllil :
1 IRQ : I frnuita Circle : 1
I. CI ; 1 PllkDot : 1 Griff Ml : 1 If lit Cri* 11 FtiMtMnw*lf : 1
Oil NarthiHf : I UllTtfSk : I Lwer Ekiirniniior : • taelbencfi
V1 0 SCAf VI 0 ADDCR VI 0 REMCR VI 0 and CMP VI 0 You will
need both disks @ £3 00 each
• FAUG 41 Ram Bench Amiga Arc V0 2 compatible wilh ARC V5 0
• Virus X V3.2 The virus killer lhal sits m memory and criecks
disks as thuy are enlerud
• FFISH 171 Sobozon C a port o the Atari ST version ol this lull
KAR C compiler assembler and linker It has been tested on an
A2000 and appears to work well Nol lor the beginner due to lack
ol disk into
• FFISH 193 ZcVtOt modified version ol ihH SoDozon c compiler
Irom disk Ffrsh 171 t| now generates code compatible with A6Bk
assemble! And has a Irom end to allow easier useaae
• FFISH 1 40 and Ffish 141 Sloney Brook PROLOG v2 3 ?
This disk contains Ihe executables & libraries In addition to providing a compiler SB Prolog also otters advanced features such as dynamic loading mixing o' compiled and interpreted code macros extension tables & a debugging facility This IS a 2 disk set that requires Ffish 14 t (a) C3 00 a disk
• FFISH 9 1 The Adventure Dulmilion Language (ADL)
• FFISH 201 and FFIah 77 Draco Vt 2 is a compiled structured
language reminiscent ol both C & Pascal A lull interlace lo
AmiguDOS & Intuition is supplied Be sure lo gul both Ffish 201
AND F r .St. 77 c& fl 00
• APDC 2 5 1 oqo XI isp Modular 2 MVP F or IH
• FFISH 196 CHARON requires I Mb RAM it an animated version of
the 1915 book by Lord Dunsany Absolutely stunning graphics
• FFISH 200 NolOoingAgain requires iMb RAM an excellsni
interlaced HAM animation with sampled sound The scene is a user
who puls a disk inlo an A1000 a Doing Ball demo loads up and
Ihe Amiga disk drive opening turns into a moulh and says Oh No.
Nol again1 and spils the disk out* Excellent Tank the simulated
iish lani.
• FFISH 196 Slunnmg digilisad LIAM pictures Excellent1 Ihe
quality is astounding
• PDOM 01 The Walker Demo I is a mega animation demo lhal
requites iMb RAM
• PDOM 02 The Walker Demo II the mega mega animation demo Uial
requires 1Mb RAM
• PDOM 06 The Mahoney and Hakius sounds ol llte knomH music disk
ll great graphics and mequ sounds With a bouncy mouse pomisr id
things Hying evrywhere A really good demo wilh ic PDOM 10
Sfuire and En|oy ol Scoopux demos Scoopex
• FAUG 42 DBW Runner a very good Ray Tracing utility
• SOFT 123 AMIGA MCAD Vt ? ? Excellent Computer Aided Design
• SOFT 022 Disk Full ol graphic utilities Chp II' clip any pari
ol Ihe screen and save lo disk Filler Pics manipulate piclures
with enhancers edge definition colour and size shiliers plus
loads Ol excellent packages
• SOFT 013 Mandelbrot Explorer E xcellenl lull features
mandelbrol designer
• APDC 13 VdrawVt 19 brilnani painting program Ray IracHr
Generator MCAD vt 2 an ob|eci orientated drawing package IFF lo
pieces jigsaw program ROT 3D arawing program 1 1 8 Amoeba
Attack Lander Gravity Attack adventure and Bullrun a ballle
• PAN 29 0 Amoeba space invaders CosmoRoid:. Slone Age a Boulder
Dash type Back Gammon Chain Reaction Master Mind Reversr Black
Jack Crazy E ignis Klondike Jig Saw Keno YachlC Da lens and
Ralma e
• SOFT 042 Chinese Checkers excellent version
• SOFT 117 Empire Gravity Wars Hanoi Hockey Bikoll Jackiand
Olhello Master Pacman all brilliant PD games
• SOFT 069 Backgammon Yahzee Tvision Missle Command Cosmo 2 and
3D Breakout
• SD 21 Monopoly FFISH 205 CHESS V2.0 04 2 Chinese Checkers
excellent version 06B Clue as in ClUedo Othello Klondike
Canfield and 0 78 Pac Man Great implementation ol the classic
game Tt7 Empire Gravity Wars Hanoi Hockey Bikoll Olhello Maslei
Pacman all brilliant PD games Gravity At DjO.es: 1 s 2.1 ¦ ¦ ¦
R i ?
• FFISH 194 Moria V3 0 Ihe single player dungeon simulation
ddvenlure game Requires Imb RAM
• FFISH 205 Bally Ihe arcade game Batlle Force V3 0l simulated
ballle between ? Robots Chess V2 0 Copyright c 1515 AJ.M.
IzuTrunn GAME DISKS Hypnosis Druids Blank Monk I and II
(excellent) AIX 306 and SAE Sine miro Brilliant demos"
• PDOM 27 Alcatraz Mega Demo II MEGA MEGA MEGA...... Most ol me
disks in this advert actually contain more files than is listed
The ad also only shows a small portion of our catalogue we have
to slock TBAG AMUSE APOC PDOM FAUG. Panorama, Amicus Slipped
Disk and ALL Fred Fish so lor details of ihe service and a free
copy ol the catalogue send a Stamped SAE ilf you are ordering
you will gel the latest catalogue) ALL individual disks are £3
00 for 1 lo 5. £2 75 for 6 lo 10 and only £2 50 for 11 or more1
All prices are lully inclusive To order please send a cheque,
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TELEPHONE 0279 757692.
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examples of Khartomb's work, you soon will. Of course, there’s that magazine advert for the Sega with a gladiator in the background: but as a Format reader, you’ll soon be familiar with a whole host of inlays for Virgin Mastertronic’s yet- to-bebunched 16-bit budget label, 16 Blitz. Music lovers familiar with the ACE Records label will also have spotted Khartomb's designs.
Increasingly, the creative energy of the Khartomb crew is being channelled through the computer on behalf of clients, and the overall masterplan is to use Amiga and Macintosh kit to produce better GRAEME KIDD talks to Khartomb, a trio of London designers who are using the Amiga as an integral part of their studio system.
Work at a lower cost... Of course, it's early days yet. The Khartomb partnership only came into formal existence at the start of September, but the three people in the company - Alex McLaren, Barry Lines and Mark Easton - have already produced some remarkable work.
There are probably only a few hundred fully-fledged Amiga DTP systems in operation in Britain at the moment, but the number of designers and other 'creative’ people who own an Amiga is high. As Brian Larkman reveals every month, the Amiga’s power-toprice ratio when it comes to creating and manipulating colour images knocks PC and Macintosh systems from the First Division into the Sunday League. Increasingly, designers and illustrators are taking their personal Amiga games machine into the studio, beefing it up with extra RAM and using it as a money-saving creative tool.
Photography TONY SPINKS When Alex McLaren and Mark | Easton joined forces at the start of September to form Khartomb, I KHARTOMB, 204 The Foundry, 156 Blackfrlar* Road, London SE1 8EN 01 721 7146.
taken by Khartomb proves much more economical. They've been
playing around with an Okimate thermal transfer printer that
cost them £140.
These machines are getting rare. "Becoming obsolete’ according the the person at Technitron we asked, so get in quick.
Serial versions are still available from Technitron (0753 31292) for £173 plus VAT. The colour ribbons for kr-'-V * fes I they installed an Amiga 1000 next to their mono Macintosh IICX.
An A2000 with AT Bridgeboard is currently waiting in the wings, ready to run a network and add in a bit of PC compatibility.
The duo first met a few years ago when they were employed by a now-defunct software house to produce artwork for software packaging. In those days, they had traditional paste-up equipment at their disposal. Alex entertained himself with a C64, playing “You get in there and if you see a pixel you mug it" games, and never for a moment considered the computer as a tool for producing artwork. When the Amiga was announced he rapidly changed his mind about the potential for computers in a design environment. "I was amazed", he recalls, “and bought an A1000 - which I still think is the best-
designed machine in the range, with such neat touches as the garage for the keyboard." It is that same A1000, boasting 2Mb of RAM, that now shares space with a 4Mb Macll on Alex’s desk.
Alex's computerised workstation also features a colour monitor for his Amiga, a lightbox, an RCA mono video camera and an Apple NTX laser printer. Two external drives hang off the Amiga: one is standard Commodore issue, while the other is a Macintosh drive that makes transferring files between disk formats less painful. Alex has experimented with the A-Max Macintosh emulator for the Amiga (reviewed in Issue One), but finds it less useful than his own set-up.
The combination of two computers and Mac2Dos allows him to use the best features of both machines, by converting files from Amiga to Mac format and back again. (Alex says that A-Max doesn’t run PageMaker successfully, so he rarely uses it these days.) The final touch is a spot of customisation applied to the Amiga monitor - with the arrival of I ¦ On the original Oki output, seen to the right, horizontal hands are clearly visible on account of the way the Oki melts coloured wax.
Nevertheless, the image is impressive and shows the kind of effect that could be reached by other, more expensive methods. We’ve scanned in the printout using expensive professional repro equipment, so the result on this page could be even better than the original (or possibly worse, which would prove a different point!)
Using the appropriate software, it is possible to use an Amiga or a Macintosh to produce colour separated artwork - the four films that a lithographic printer needs to print the Process Cyan.
Magenta. Yellow and Black images that combine to produce full colour on the page (see last issue).
If you have £20,000 or so to spare, then a colour PostScript printer is within your financial reach, and you can use it to produce proofs of colour separation work before it goes off for printing. Of course, the same printer can make high-quality roughs for clients, or even just produce very expensive pretty pictures on paper. If capital is in short supply, you could always go lo a specialist bureau for the printout. Like The Last Word in London (Of 736 7656), but expect to pay up to a tenner a go for your page printouts.
For producing roughs or experimenting with colour effects, however, the the Okimate are fairly expensive but even so.
Mark reckons it's fine for colour roughs and for producing quick visuals.
Rather than taking process colour information, the Okimate builds up an image in three passes, one each for Red. Yetlow and Blue information culled from the computer driving it.
But there’s more.
According to Mark and Alex the Okimate is artistically useful, especially for work that would sit well in magazines such as The Face.
You get banding across the printed image, but it can be a good way of producing impressive results, especially if you’re working with an amateur snap that doesn't have much artistic value in its own right," Mark explains.
They experimented with the technique for some album covers featuring old soul singers: “The photographs we could source were really bad. So we digitised them in and retouched them before printing them out on the Oki. Sadly, we couldn’t get a good enough printout for the final artwork, largely because the banding wouldn’t have looked good on an album cover, so we did a black and white laserprmt and then added the colour.” In the right place, however, the limitations of such thermal printer output could dearly be turned Into a design feature ...
- y 0705 670878 MEGA '45' PRICES! MEGA '45' PRICES!
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I the latest incarnation of Dpaint, Alex found that little arrows drawn on masking tape and applied to the edge of the screen help him control the scroll!
So what’s the point of this multi-machine system? Wouldn’t it just be easier to go for Macintosh kit and forget the Amiga? Possibly, if your hardware and software budgets were very healthy, but the first major advantage of this set-up is the cost saving, Alex can produce work in colour, without spending a fortune. The video digitiser acts as a peripheral for both machines, and with the Amiga set-up there’s no need to splash out a thousand pounds or more on expensive colour or mono scanners to capture images. "And I prefer working in Dpaint to working in MacPaint I'll do a sketch in Dpaint
save it as a black and white file, and then transfer it to the Macintosh as a MacPaint file. It can then be used as a template in powerful Mac packages like Illustrator or Freehand, and enhanced." Alex is not impressed with with Professional Draw: "Version 3.0 will be useful,” he predicts.
Shuffling greyscale images from Amiga to Macintosh is a little more tricky than passing files that contain black and white information, which partly explains the presence of that A2000. The current version of Mac2Dos can't do what's needed to convert an Amiga IFF file to Macintosh TIFF, so Alex uses an IBM package called Reflection.
From Amiga to PC via a bridge board to Mac: not too much of a pain when you remember that you’ve saved at least £1,000 as a result of the inconvenience.
Computers feature heavily in the production of roughs and finished artwork at Khartomb. For the Virgin Mastertronic 16 Blitz label, for instance, existing logo artwork was scanned into the Amiga via Digiview III and enhanced, “1 use Digiview by preference, as it now has a line art mode,” Alex explains, "and once the image is in the Amiga I use Pixmate to clean up stray pixels that have turned up. It's a lot easier to do on the Amiga than it is in MacPaint. We call it Pixel Mugging: you get in there, and if you see a pixel on its own you mug it. Photolab is our first choice after Digiview, by
the way."
"For the time being we want to get black and white to a high standard," Mark explains, “but we have been researching colour, which has involved experimenting with the output of a £140 Okimate printer and with the output of someone else's £23,000 QMS colour PostScript printer. We’re hoping to get to the stage where we can produce four- colour film sets for our clients and save them a fortune on repro bills.
We'll probably end up producing semi-finished filmsets and then sending them on to a repro house for separations of full-colour pictures to be added."
Apart from the cost saving to the client, there’s another benefit: "Working that way will mean that, as designers, we won’t be inhibited by the repro costs. We'll be able to do as many tints, drop shadows and so on as we like and the client won't have a heart attack about the repro bill," On the purely creative side, the Khartomb team is experimenting with using the computer to add colour to digitised images, and specifically for their work in the music industry, with grabbing video frames and reworking them.
Everyone at Khartomb is impressed with the potential of Alex's Amiga Macintosh system.
For a start it gives everyone more time, and inevitable mistakes and amendments are rendered relatively painless. Mark explains: “All our work is done against a deadline, and we've found that we can get a job up and running very quickly by using computers. We’re then in a position to do many roughs, rather than forcing a client into accepting early work because there simply isn’t time to rework a rough. All the intermediate processes are speeded up using computers, so we have more time within the deadline for creativity.” "In the days of ‘magic marker’ or 'rubdown roughs’, if the
client wanted changes then you came back to the studio and rang your girlfriend to say you'd be in hiding for a week. Even with the Okimate printer we can produce roughs that give the client a good impression of the job, we can produce them much quicker and make changes relatively easily. Our clients get a better service.” And the computerised way of working is likely to allow Khartomb to take on jobs that would previ- “With the Amiga, there’s no need to splash out on expensive colour or mono scanners to capture images" ously have been refused as too time-consuming or uneconomical.
For instance, ACE Records produce an annual two-colour catalogue with some 700 items spread over 50 or more pages. "We’ve turned away work like that in the past,” Mark says, "but with adverts to do for them every month, we’ll be digitising sleeves as we go along. At the end of the year, producing the catalogue will largely be a matter of repaginating the ads. The main body of the work will already have been done and stored on disk where we can get at it. In the future, we'll be able to do that sort of work... although working digitally means there’s a danger to the client in that they
might feel obliged to use us on grounds of economy!” Like the Khartomb partnership itself, the arrival of computer equipment in their studio is still a recent event. "We haven't found the limits of its application,” Alex says enthusiastically, "we’re still looking to see how far we can stretch the equipment." ¦ AMIGA A500 TROTTER LONG TO OUR SHOWROOMS Only £309.00 SHOWROOM & PARKING AMIGA A500 Wilh Mouse, TV Modulator, Workbench, Manuals, and BASIC Special Low Price £309.00 AMIGA HARDWARE A1084S Colour Monitor - Stereo Sound A1010 External 880K Disk Drive 3 5" A590 External 20Mb Hard Disk For
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JON BATES explains.
We all know by now that the Amiga’s capability for creating and reproducing sound is state-of-the art for a home computer. But how do you go about it? What is the difference, for example, between creating sound and just reproducing sound?
Come to think of it. How is sound synthesized anyway? Answers to these and other pertinent questions are yours if you get stuck into this month's Amiga Format music tutorial.
A Spot of History I won’t bore you with the history of the synth, except to say that it was indeed around in 1905 and did really weigh in at around 200 tons. Like all things electronic, the history of sound synthesis mirrors developments in elec tromc components. Just like ancient computers, ye olde synthe was a semi mechanical beast with heaps of valves; but transistor and microchip technology is reflected by quantum leaps in the shrinking of the synth.
Most of the early machines were bizarre and experimental, but truly commercial synths finally came onto the market over 20 years ago. These were what is known as analogue synths. If you have trouble with the difference between analogue and digital, think of watches. An analogue watch is a clockwork one with mechanical hands: its operation is always a concrete, physical real ity. In exactly the same way, the electrical signal which creates the sound in an analogue synth is always a physical phenomenon.
Analogue synths work by bunging out a raw electrical signal which is first shaped into a basic sound wave (using oscillators, if that means anything to you). To give an individual tone and shape to the sound, electricity is then applied directly to it. The amount of electricity applied is directly proportional to the amount the signal alters: and this is where the description 'analogue' comes from, the cause (amount of electricity} and the effect (amount of change in the signal) being directly analogous.
Much later we get digital synthesis, which in some respects is still in the stage of growing up.
Very briefly, digital techniques vary from analogue ones in that the electrical signal does not remain a physical reality: rather, it is sliced up and each slice is described as a number. If you think of the way a graph describes a line by plotting each point in turn, you're getting close.
The analogue equivalent would be to scribble the line with a pencil. I what they are told to think. Basically, the reason for this strange little explanatory preamble is simple. Depending on which software you are running, the Amiga sound chip can actually pretend to be either digital or analogue.
Obviously it has to be a digital sound creator at heart, because it does not have varying amounts of electricity induced into it.
However, it can create sounds in two ways: either by translating a digital sound that is fed into it: or by actually constructing the sound from raw information that is fed into it, after reference to digital wavetables.
The controlling software will determine the extent to which the sound can be shaped. ¦ I There are many paths to creating sound digitally, not merely one, possessing such mind-numbing names as Frequency Modulation, Cross Wave, Linear Arithmetic, Sampled Sound, PCM, PhaseDistortion, Vector Synthesis, DASS, AWM and so on. The list is as endless as the inventive ingenuity of the Research and Design department and the dubious talent of the Marketing copywriters to come up with new acronyms. And totally meaningless without a deep dive into the details of sound physics which, with your
leave, we will avoid for now, Oh, and there are also digital synths that think they are analogue synths. Or at least this is SUBTRACTIVE SYNTHESIS This was almost the universal method of creating sound before the advent of the digital synth.
How it works is this: the waveform starts off being a whole big wodge of noise just blatted out from a sound generator, containing heaps of different tones. It is then put through a filter, which gives it a single, distinctive tone quality.
The resulting single tone is then fed through an ‘envelope', which gives the sound a ‘shape’.
This shape has nothing to do with the pitch or tone: it simply represents the way the volume of the sound changes, when you first hit the key, and when you take your finger off the key. The component parts of the sound envelope are traditionally known as ADSR, standing for, Attack, Decay, Sustain, and Release.
Attack is the time it takes from when you first bang the key for the sound to reach its initial peak; Decay is the amount it falls off after that; Sustain is the level which it will hold as long as the key is held down; and Release is the amount of time it takes for the sound to die away after you have taken your finger off the key. So a sound like this: VOICING SOFTWARE: WHAT IT IS The computer, when used in creating sound, has certain restrictions. The internal sound chip, unless it is very powerful, will take a secondary role to that of will come in quickly , drop down to a quite a low
level, and decay away with only a little bit of sound hanging on after the note has been let go. Such a sound could well be a piano, The idea of a controlling envelope can also be set to work on the filter to affect the tone: which results in sounds that alter in tone as long as a key is held down. Try saying the word wah- wah’ for an instant demonstration of this principle!
The whole process is called 'subtractive' because parts have been taken away from the original wodge of sound and it has then been moulded into the particular shape that is needed.
Not the Whole Story The sound can be altered by many other variations: to start with, the basic sound source before it is filtered or shaped can be changed.
The image and processing chips, since the Amiga is designed to be a multiple-use machine and not a dedicated music computer or instrument. However, dedicated digital instruments have one enormous drawback: they are all a real pain to actually create and tweak up sounds on. Small LCD screens and a whole host of sound peripherals make it one big headache Analogue synths usually offer several different waveforms, each of which has a quite distinctive tone The most usual ones are Sine, Square. Saw Tooth and Ramp.
They can often be mixed together to create a complex sound.
Apart from the sound source, another device found on many synths is an LFO, standing for Low Frequency Oscillator. You pick the waveform of the oscillator, set the frequency of the wave, and decide what aspect of the sound you want it to work on. A sine wave working on the volume of the sound, for instance, will make the ADDITIVE SYNTHESIS The opposite of subtractive synthesis, surprise surprise, is additive synthesis. You start with a very simple waveform and then combine it with another simple wave form. Instead of simply adding them together, though, you use one to affect the other.
The result is a very complex from start to finish. Indeed the number of synths that return back to the factory for repair and contain the factory set sounds far outweigh those returned with new sounds.
Nowadays, the new synth is not many moons out of its box before additional sound cards are tempting the buyer It is actually cheaper and much more efficient sound get louder and quieter; use a square-wave LFO and it will pretty well switch on and off. LFO can usually be set to work on the filter as well. LFO is used often to create ‘vibrato' or 'tremolo' effects, which are rapid alterations in pitch or volume respectively.
One interesting effect is that if you speed the LFO up, at its fastest rate it will start to create a completely new pitch with a new tone. This is the crude basis of Frequency Modulation, which Yamaha developed: and as a result they cleaned up for several years in the synthesizer world. ¦ waveform: far more complex than you could create with such simplicity using analogue synths.
The process is known as Modulation, but since the sound is built up from simple sources and not big full frequency ones, it is called additive. The most widely known use of modulation is the form employed in the Frequency Modulation synths from Yamaha. Interestingly enough, Yamaha picked up the ground work on FM way back in 1974 from an American acoustic scientist, John Chownmg. He had tried to sell the concept to several leading US electronic instrument makers who stared at him blankly Meeting with Yamaha research and design people, he found that they were some way down the paths he had
already trodden. You can guess the rest.
If you can use two wave forms, then why not use four, or even six? Traditionally Yamaha FM uses only sine waves and in different configurations called Algorithms, which describes the way that they mter-react and stack up.
The waveforms are so complex that the close imitation of acoustic instruments is a certainty.
Instead of using sine waves, why not use small samples of real instruments, inter-reacting in much the same way’ Roland LA, Kawai cross-wave and Korg Al synthesis use very much this idea, plus you can also shape up the samples themselves. Now we are getting synths that use combinations of samples and waveforms stacked up in all types of configurations. Rumour has it that Yamaha have a similar system poised for launching in 1990 and it wouldn’t surprise me to find that Casio will come out with a £99 wonder by Christmas 1991. ¦ SOUND RE-CREATION Most Amiga music programs, and games programs for
that matter, use the sound chip to convert sampled sounds from digital to audible analogue. While an in-depth sampling tutorial is still on the cards, this month I'll only cover it as far as voice re-creation goes Sampling is the encapsulation of sounds digitally: the analogue sound-wave is sliced up into digital data at very high speed and then stored. Thanks to the Amiga’s IFF files sounds sampled and stored by any Amiga sampling software can be played back on any other: this common use is possible with any IFF files, of course. The Amiga cannot sample without the addition of extra hardware;
by reading the sample data into the sound chip, the original sample can be played back Its use of digital sampling techniques is what allows the Amiga to produce such life-like instrument sounds. There are also programs that will allow a certain amount of interference with sound samples Future developments for the internal chip?
I must admit that I am waiting for a software house to come up with a program that imitates the way that many of the new synthesizers create sounds Although it has many different names, such as Linear Arithmetic, Cross Wave, Al, RS-PCM, the principle is roughly the same for all. You take little small portions of sampled sounds and mix them together, much in the manner of FM synthesis. The other little gem which I figure should be possible is to actually use the Paula chip to do a simple form of FM, All software houses developing such programs are requested to get on the hot line to me now, c o
the Amiga Format office!
Amiga Format welcomes letters on music and technology, and any problems you have I will be only too pleased to deal with. Perhaps you have views you would like aired, maybe you are not certain which piece of music software to buy. Write in and we’ll make sure that your letter is dealt with ¦ ¦ MusicX is just one example of the kind of program that makes voice editing simpler.
P. t rut I 2 3 4 5 t "M L 2 3 4 5 (, ? I I 2 3 4 5 t f 6 5 I 2 3
4 5 t 7 [ i 1 2 3 4 5 f. 7 1 2 3 4~5 f ' ') IH 11 12 ) 10 IL
12 13 14 15 If jm. On NIV NODE IACPL OH | [ LOCAL M "1 Data
Echo: lil»| MTEPHAL board set-ups. Multiple output settings,
stereo panning and all the bells and whistles you can imagine.
It means far less time spent puzzling your way around the way
in which the synth works.
In fact, I speak from first-hand experience when I say that using voicing software helps you to understand the way in which your instrument works far better than any amount of poring over the manual will. Often you get a set of free voices and many of the voicing programs will randomize sounds: that is, give you sounds at random, but within certain sensibilities so that they can form a basis for sounds you might like to use. Reviews of individual synth voicing programs will follow in future issues of Amiga Format jM_ro®cri ocli ® on cli qd Even! Type- Note Channel After touch r«lv After
touch Proflran Change Control Change Pitch Bend I pwwhenw m j (PfflWHatttorTj I vibrato oh ] C m I I ALL NOTES DFT iflSSET CONI*M.Sl Keyboard Nap: GDCDCEIjDQD SET ALL SONIX Aegis' Sonix is useful to learn soundchip programming with Turning now to consider the act of creating sound, one of the best programs for this is Sonix. Somx does a very fine job of turning the chip into a sound creator, much in the manner of an analogue synth Since it has been around for some time now there are probably many people who have played around with it. Here is an in depth guide to the features of this program
which will maybe act as a user friendfy intro to sound creating mm Aegis SONIX V2.0 - syntlil Wavef opm The screen is laid out into eight sections To the left of centre are the various sound areas. The place to begin is the waveform dis play on the right. From the menu you can pull down a preset waveform. Or if you fancy you can draw your own. Although surprises are in store if you try a square wave as the screen can’t cope with vertical lines.
First step is to ciick on the oscillator and draw a waveform. Then experiment with the Amplitude.
The button to click is Osc’ as this will set your waveform as the basis of the sound Next thing is to make sure that all the sliders in all the sections are set to zero Put the filter frequency slider up. Now go to the top left-hand Amplitude section, click the EG off, and raise the volume That will give you the sound in its raw state with no shape or filtering Switch it to EG on 3nd the result will be large amounts of nothing’ That's because the levels of the envelope generator are set to nought and consequently no sound is getting through. Over to the Envelope generator and set rate 1 and
level 1 The level is the rate to which the Attack will rise and the rate is the speed at which it will do it. A low number 1 rate means that the sound will crawl in slowly As you might expect, 2, 3.
And 4 correspond to Decay. Sustain and Release Anpl l Vol LFO Ok Freq EG LFO Envelope Generator' 1 LFO
• On
• Off O Once Speed Sync Delay 12 3 4 12 3 4 Levels Rates Now add
level 2 and rate 2 The sound should crawl in and tade away A
tip here is to set rate 4 (release) on full rate and level 0
This means tfiat the sound will not carry ori after you have
released the note You will have lo experiment with differing
levels lor these as they are inter reacting; the level and rate
of one will have an effect on another This is shaping the sound
matching the volume to the time it takes lor the sound to play
The envelope generator will also work on the tone and change
that as the sound plays To hear the lull effect go to the
Amplitude section, turn the EG off. Then drop down to the
Filter section and bring the EG slider up This deter mines the
amount of control the EG has over the tone, just as it did on
the volume The filter should still take out cei tarn
frequencies Port LFO Wave 2nd"! I Undo Harw Ant Phase Speed
Depth The lower the slider, the more it is filtering out,
rather like a pair of sunglasses This filtering is done before
the EG has chance to work on what is left Repeat this
experiment, but this time use the LFO section in either the
Amplitude or Filter sections To find out about the LFO
workings, go back to the waveform display and click on LFO
The waveform displayed is for the LFO and you can either redraw
it or pull one down from the menu. You can also apply LFO to
the pitch: the section is called Frequency More LFO equals a
wider wobble to the note Port in this section is short for
Portamento which here means the speed at which one note will
glide to the next one played.
Another feature for you to explore is the Phase section, which is great for thickening up sounds if applied in modicum (if you apply it in strength you can create sci-fi sounds very easily).
Wave actually looks at the wave form and when 2nd is pressed it takes it up an octave 3rd will take it up two octaves All sounds can be stored and with riot too much bother you can emulate very easily a sound synthesizer: it will play from an external MIDI keyboard loo, although you will always be restricted to lour notes at a time. ¦ LFO
• On
• Off O Once Speed Sync Delay More High Quality Software Tools
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(051) 236 0480 VISA
(051) 236 0480 • 24 Hour Sales
(051) 227 2482 • 24 Hour Fax Discover the inner depths of your
Amiga with our feast of tips and tricks to help you get the
most from your machine. Meanwhile, JASON HOLBORN answers
more of your Amiga queries... A THICKET WRITES I bought my
Amiga a couple of months ago and I think it's great.
What most impresses me about the Amiga is its graphics and music and I would therefore like to perhaps delve into a bit of programming myself.
What I would like to be able to do is to produce graphics and music demos, but unfortunately I'm a bit of a thicket. What I need is an easy to use, but powerful programming language that is backed up by several books to help me learn to program graphics and music on my Amiga. I have no background knowledge and therefore it needs to be suited to a beginner such as myself.
I have heard about Commodore bringing out Super Denise and Agnus chips and was hoping you could tell me when these will be available and how much they will cost. Is it true they add an extra 512K of memory to your machine therefore upgrading a 512K Amiga to a full 1 Megabyte?
SIMON GREEN CONSET. CO. DURHAM Instead of looking for a programming package such as Devpac 2 (which really isn’t for the beginnerh have you tried playing around with AmigaBASIC, the BASIC interpreter which comes with your machine. For a beginner, BASIC really is the best start you can get in the world of Amiga programming as it will teach you many concepts which are transferable to many other languages such as C. Because every Amiga owner has AmigaBASIC, there is a vast number of books to choose from which will take you from the very basics of BASIC, to some really advanced
Alternatively, if AmigaBASIC isn't your 'cup of tea', Mandarin Software are soon to release AMOS, a BASIC-like programming language which allows extensive control of the Amiga’s special capabilities. According to Mandarin, AMOS will allow the same level of control of the Amiga as languages such as C and Assemblers (although the techies among you will probably take this with a pinch of salt!)
Commodore are indeed developing a new set of custom chips in the form of the new ECS (Enhanced Chip , Set) upgrade.
According to Commodore Technical Support, the full enhanced chip set (Agnus, Denise, Paula and Gary) is still in development and will therefore be a long time coming (don't expect to see them either this or next year!)
Even if you did get them early, you’d still need Kickstart 1.4 to be able to use them. The ECS will not actually give your machine any extra memory, either. The current custom chips can only access the first 512K of memory (chip memory) but the new ECS allows the custom chips to access a further 512K, therefore raising chip memory to a full megabyte. To take advantage of this, you will have to increase the amount of RAM in your machine by purchasing a RAM expansion (such as Commodore's official product, the A501 512K RAM board).
KERNEL ENQUIRY I, and a few others, would like to be able to use the Amiga ROM Kernel library' routines from AmigaBASIC, but don't know how to. I know the names of the routines and how to call them, but I don't know which, and in what format parameters must be passed to them.
With these routines being such an important part of the Amiga, one would think that Commodore would have documented them a lot better within the AmigaBASIC manuals. I have purchased Ariadne's 'Kickstart Guide To The Amiga' and have found some of the listings very interesting. Can you help?
In an ideal world, Commodore would have completely documented every single routine within the Amiga ROM Kernel, but because of the sheer number and complexity of them, it would have been almost impossible to completely document them without having to resort to issuing the AmigaBASIC manual in volumes.
The official documentation for the Kernel routines is contained within Addison-Wesley’s 'ROM KERNEL MANUAL: Libraries and Devices’ which documents all the ROM routines for version 1.2 of the operating system (a 1.3 version is due eventually). This book costs about £35 but must be seen as invaluable if you're serious about your programming.
MEMORY MATTERS Like many other amateur Amiga owners, I am soon to shell out £100 for a 512K RAM expansion of my Amiga 500. However, after browsing through the adverts within Amiga Format, I feel that a special review of the boards available is needed. Is a RAM disable switch worth investing in and will I invalidate my warranty by fitting a RAM expansion?
IAN KEWLEY ORMKIRK. LANCS Features such as ‘Buyers Guides' are one area which we are currently looking into and which you I I can exoect to see in future issues of Amiga Format Memory expansion is one particular area that is sure to be covered. Some games software is written rather sloppily and therefore doesn't always work if your Amiga has extra RAM. As a result, having a RAM disable switch can be very useful to allow you to use these games without having to resort to removing the board itself. Fitting a RAM expansion to your machine shouldn't invalidate your warranty.
Looking through Issue 1 of Amiga Format, I noticed an advertisement on Page 22 for a Commodore 64 Emulator from USA software house, ReadySoft Inc. I have recently upgraded from a Commodore 64 and as such, I have loads of Commodore 64 games which I used to enjoy playing, Could you please answer the following questions:
1. Firstly, does it actually work?
2. How does it work and do I need some extra hardware to be able
to use it?
1. The simple answer to this question would be ‘yes'.
Unfortunately, it's not that clear cut. Although ReadySoft's
emulator will run the vast majority of software (including
games), it is considerably slower than a real 64. If you
wished to use the emulator to run business software, then it
would be worth the investment, but for games you'd be best
advised to save your money and try and pick up a second hand
2. The 64 emulator is both a hardware and software based emula
tor. The vast majority of the emulation is handled within
software, but an additional hardware add-on allows you to
connect C64 disk drives (including the incredibly speedy
1541!), therefore allowing you to read and write C64 disks
directly from your Amiga.
SOME HARD QUESTIONS After having read a number of interesting articles in Amiga Format and your sister magazine New Computer Express (no plug intended - Ed), I have come to the conclusion that I need a hard drive and I would appreciate it if you would answer a couple of questions.
1. I have decided (rightly or wrongly) to go for the Commodore's
own A590 mainly because of the ability to ‘piggyback’ drives
together. If I add an additional drive at a later date, would
the computer treat the two drives as one single drive, or
would I have problems accessing data from the different units?
2. How do I run commercial software (games mainly) with a hard
drive attached? Most of the programs don’t allow you to back
them up to hard drive, nor will they work from the Workbench.
Would it be safe to operate the computer with the hard drive
switched off therefore allowing the commercial program to
3. To allow me to autoboot from a hard drive I need to upgrade to
Kickstart 1.3. Could I do this easily myself? The computer
is over a year old and therefore the warranty has expired.
1. If you connect additional SCSI drives to the A590, you will
have to set dip switches on both the A590 and the extra drive
so that the Amiga can differentiate between them. Apart from
this, you shouldn’t have any problems.
2. The designers of Kickstart 1.3 were a clever lot and they have
therefore already taken this problem into account. When you
turn on your machine with a hard drive attached, the machine
will first check to see if a bootable disk is in the internal
drive, and if one is found' your Amiga will then boot from
floppy instead of hard drive.
If no disk is found, control is then transfered to the hard drive.
3. Check out last month's issue of Amiga Format, which includes a
complete D.I.Y. tutorial on fitting Kickstart 1.3 to your
You can buy the chip from HRS on 021 789 7575 for about £15.
I was wondering if you had tried out the B.A.D. disk optimiser which claims to speed up the Amiga drives by about a factor of five. The main question is, would it work with commercial software such as games?
P V SEAL DARTFORD. KENT The simple answer is no. Because of the copy protection on games software, the vast majority use custom disk formats that are not true AmigaDOS format. BAD was designed to optimise AmigaDOS format disks and therefore it would probably cause serious damage to the vast majority of protected software. The rule is: if it's copy protected, then using BAD could be bad news. GOT A PROBLEM?
There's no need to suffer those sleepless nights of worry. Wipe away those worry lines by sending your worried words to the Amiga Format Workbench Helpline. Obviously we can't enter into personal correspondence, but if you’Ve got any questions, then we’ll try our utmost to answer them as fully as possible within these pages.
MAN £9.99 MAIL ORDER MAIL RDER . I HVId 'I SCANNER £9.99 ; 6 BOND STREET, IPSWICH, SUFFOLK IP4 1JB 5A DOG S HEAD STREET, IPSWICH, SUFFOLK. (RETAIL) 36A OSBORNE STREET, COLCHESTER, ESSEX. (RETAIL) 24hr MAIL ORDER PURCHASE LINE (0473) 257158 (0473) 210605 ST AMIGA 3D Pool 15 99 15 99 Amos 19 99 Addidas Golden Shoe 13 99 16 99 Altered Beast 13 99 16 99 Aslarcth 16 99 16 99 A PB 13 99 13 99 Action Ftghter 15 99 15 99 Action 1 or 2 (Compilation!
Salman (The Moviei 13 99 13 99 13 99 16 99 Bombor 16 99 19 99 Bankok Knights 13 99 16 99 Balance Ol Power 1990 15 99 15 99 Barbarian 2 16 99 16 99 Barbarian 2 I Psygnosis I 16 99 16 99 Batllechess 17 99 17 99 Beast 24 99 Bisrnark 16 99 16 99 Bloodwvch 16 99 16 99 Blood Money 16 99 16 99 Beach Volley 13 99 16 99 Chase HO 13 99 16 99 Chaos Strikes Back 13 99 13 99 Castle Warrior 16 99 16 99 California Games 13 99 13 99 Cabal 13 99 16 99 Conflict Europe 16 99 16 99 Continental Circuit 13 99 13 99 Chariots 01 Wrath 16 99 16 99 Darkside 16 99 16 99 Deluxe Music 49 99 Deluxe Pami 3 59 99 Deluxe
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21 99 21 99 Goldreqons Domain 12 99 12 99 Grand Monster Slam 13 99 13 99 Grim Blood 13 99 13 99 GhostBusters 2 13 99 16 99 Gun ship 15 99 15 99 Games Summer Edition 13 99 13 99 Greenpeace 15 99 15 99 Highway Patrol 15 99 15 99 Hard Driving 13 99 13 99 HATE 13 99 1399 Hillsfar 17 99 17 99 Hound 01 Shadow 17 99 17 99 Hoi Shot 13 99 13 99 Indiana Jones (Lucas Filmsi 17 99 17 99 Indiana Jones (US Gold) 13 99 13 99 Ivanhoe 13 99 16 99 Inlechon 12 99 12 99 Iron Tracker 12 99 12 99 Infestation 16 99 16 99 Jack Bool 16 99 16 99 Kull 15 99 15 99 Kick OH 12 99 12 99 Krystal 19 99 19 99 Keel The Thiel 17
99 Licence To Kill 13 99 13 99 Leisure Suit Larry 2 19 99 19 99 Lighllorce i Compilation ) Lombard RAC Rally 16 99 16 99 16 99 16 99 Lords Ol The Rising Sun 19 99 Last Ninja 2 16 99 16 99 Lost Patrol 13 99 16 99 HARDWARE ALL OUR HARDWARE INCLUDES VAT AND FREE DELIVERY.
AMIGA 500 WB 1 3. Kickslart 1 3.
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PACKING FREE IN U.K. OVERSEAS £1.50 per Item. Subject lo availability and price change wllhoul nollce No1 all lilies released a1 lime o( going lo press.Shop prices may vary. Bu1 personal callers can claim advertised discounts on produdlon ol cul-olf slip ST AMIGA Liverpool 15 99 15 99 Microprose Soccer 15 99 15 99 Mr Hell 15 99 15 99 Majic Johnson 12 99 12 99 Murder In Venice 15 99 15 99 Malrtx Marauders 16 99 16 99 Nin|a Warrior 13 99 13 99 New Zealand Slory 13 99 1699 North And South 15 99 15 99 Neuromancer 17 99 Nevermind 16 99 1699 Operalion Thunderbolt 13 99 16 99 Outrun Europa 10 99 10
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Address Tel No: TITLE COMP PRICE TOTAL COST £: Pailnnr« M J;imt** and I K Mitchell . Parlour? M J,
* Cheques & Postal Orders payable to SOFTSELLERS. Post & Packing
Free in U.K. V Overseas £1.50 per item. Subject to availability
and price change without notice. Not all titles released at
time of going to press, IK+ £9.99 "7.
REAL GHOST* BUSTERS A-7 £9" S J them as you would standard Amiga devices. Unfortunately, Precision tell us that the device only works on the A WOO and so unless you're lucky enough to own that machine then you won't be able to benefit from this.
The other alternative to to treat yourself to ReadySoft’s C64 emulator which includes an optional adaptor to allow you to plug in your C64 drive.
I’ve noticed when looking through your recent issues that you’ve stopped using screen shots like other magazines and instead, have started using what looks like screendumps. What package do you use to lay out your pages?
Professional Page perhaps?
Secondly, how do you actually grab screens for use within ProPage?
I’ve seen the Workbench Grabscreen program but your mystery program seems to grab screens from just about everything!
W Smithson Dundee While we still use screenshots on games pages, we do indeed use screendumps whenever we feel they are required. For games, it's There are three different ways you could transfer your program.
The first method would be to connect a serial cable between the C64 and the Amiga and uses Comms software on both to transfer the file that way. Another solution would have been a little widget marketed in this country called Precision called Access 64 that allows you to connect C64 peripherals to your Amiga and use the parallel port on my Amiga but I just can’t seem to get the two to talk to each other. Help!
A Dudman Swindon, Wiltshire Just plugging peices of hardware into your Amiga because you've got a lead that seems to fit both is a dangerous thing to do: you could do serious damage to both the Amiga and your C64 disk drive!
There's no need to suffer those sleepless nights of worry. Wipe away those worry lines by sending your worried words to the Amiga Format Workbench helpline. Obviously we can t enter into personal correspondence. But if you have any questions, then we'll try our utmost to answer them as fully as possible within these pages.
Send your troubled words to: Workbench Helpline.
Amiga Format, 4 Queen Street.
BATH. BA1 1 EJ mm |0|df2:vwb,s VWWMWHWWWIWIIWIW Open graphics library ST incarnation, the utility has been used to create some quite stunning arcade games that have even been sold commercially.
If raw speed is what you're after, then assembly language is your only choice. Contrary to what some compiler manufacturers will tell you, no other language can even start to compete with the raw power and speed of assembly language. If assembly language sounds like your cup of tea, check out Argonaut's 'ArgAsm' assembly language development system (we reviewed it in last month's issue).
Books wise, If you wish to learn assembler programming on the Amiga then there are three books you should be seriously considering. The first is Abacus' ‘Amiga Assembly Language Programming' which should teach you assembler and the final two are Addison Wesley’s ‘Amiga Hardware Reference Manual' and Abacus' (again) 'Amiga System Programmers Guide' which are both indespensible reference books for all good games programmers.
I wonder if you could help me. My problem is that I’ve got a large BASIC program that I’ve written on a Commodore 64 and I would like to transfer it to my Amiga
500. I don’t want to have to type it all out again.
I have a Commodore 1541 disk drive and I’ve bought a cable which connects the disk drive to CALLEXEC OpenLibrary KOVE.L D0,_IntuitionBase LEA grfnane,Al MOVEQ 80,D0 CALLEXEC OpenLibrary MOVE.L D0,_GfxBase MIWWWWIWWWIIWWVVWIIWWWWWVWIWWWWWIWWVIIVWWIIWWMWWWVVWW'IWW LEA nscreen,A0 CALLIHT OpenScreen MOVE.L D8,screen MOVEA.L screen,A0 MOVEQ 00,D0 CALLINI Showlitle MOVEA.L screen,A8 CALLINI ScreentoBack LEA screen,A0 MOVEA.L (A0),A9 LEA 44(Ad).A0 LEA chip,Al MOVEQ 016,10 CALLGRAF LoadRGB4 LEA screen,A0 MOVEA.L 00(A0),A0 LEA 84(A0),A0 69 1 2820 ¦ Nothing can touch the speed and power of assembler
DFF896 Hex; 0005C7E8 Decinal: 378856 Octal; 00001343750 Binary: 00000080800001011100011111101000 Choose sone nice colours Find out where the bitplanes are always best to stick to screenshots (or ‘trannies’ as the art people call them) as the pictures are more natural. Trannies can be blown up to quite a large size without any loss of quality whereas screendumps can end up being rather blocky. However, when reviewing a product such as Music-X, where detail is all important,, screendumps give the best possible resolution.
We must admit, we don't actually use Amigas to lay out our pages. Instead, we use powerful Macintosh II computers running a Mac DTP package called Quark Xpress. However, the Amiga is used extensively for image processing of screendumps to COMPUTING AMIGA TREBLE AMIGA 500 + DELUXE PAINT 2 + DELUXE PRINT £399.99 AMIGA 500 * Inc. Modulator. Workbench 13. Mouse Manuals ? Leads £359.99 AMIGA SPECIAL GIFT PACK Amiga 500 inc. Modulator Workbencn 1 3 and Manuals 10 Games and Photon Paint or 8 Games, 24 PD Titles & Joystick Either of aoove Plus 80 Capacity Disk Box 10 x 3 5 ' Disks Mouse Mat, Dust
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1084S Monitor £1499.00 AMIGA SOFTWARE A501 1 2 MEG RAM EXPANSION £129.99 AMIGA 500 + MUSIC X £548.99 Battlechess ..... Blood Money £16.50 .....£16.50 Falcon ...... .....£19,50 Falcon Mission Disk ... £13.50 Gunship £16.50 Kick Off ... £13.50 Kult .... £16.50 Quest for the Time Bird ..... £16.50 Microprose Soccer £16.50 Robocop .. .
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Please add £3.00 for outside ILK, Large orders le Amigas ST Monitors etc. are always sent by courier Please add £6.00 if you require next day courier delivery on other items Ai1 ofif-Hh correct a’ !i™«s at nomQ to n'es: md ae* i.uDiec: lo ‘wne wiihaul pnor noiice TOP QUALITY 3 1 2" DS DD GUARANTEED BULK DISKS „ ? I
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For further details write, enclosing a stamped addressed envelope to; The U.K. Amiga User Group, 66, London Road, Leicester. LE2 OQD.
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1 7 90 DUNGEON MASTER (I MEG).. .1790 Taery Tale
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Test Drive II .... Tuad II ... Untouchables ... hip HEROES Or THE LANCE!!......17 50 INTERCEPTOR ..17 90 Japan or Europe 13 90 JET 26 90 Kell lhe Thief *W9U Kingdom of England I t 50 kNight iota i . Ijii'jRNI.¥¦ I 'i' More Titles Available on Request!
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V4.2 This must be the most powerful word processor available
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RRPE99.95 .Our Price £64.95 Useable demo disc available - £7.00 1 SERIOUS SOFTWARE Digicale (spreadsheet)..... .....26.95 K Spread II (spreadsheet) ......49.95 Home Account . ......20.95 Personal Tax Planner.
......28.95 K Data (database) .32.95 | OUR TOP TEN GAMES ALL of our top ten have been released prior to going to press.
3-D Pool ....12.95 Barbarian II ...17.95 Bloodwych 17.95 Conflict in Europe 17.95 F-16 Combat Pilot ...... 16.95 RVF Honda ...16.95 Indiana Jones Last Crusade 16.95 Shinobi 14.95 Star Wars Trilogy .17.95 Xenon II ...16.95 All printers listed have a ten-inch (A4) carnage, are Epson compatible and accept cut sheet or continuous
The relevant printer cable is also included free of charge. Delivery is 7- 10 days from date of cheque credit card clearance. For next day (after clearance) delivery add £5 CITIZEN 120-D Cheap Epson FX-80 compatible giving a range of text sizes and effects in draft modet limited sizes and effects in NLO.
£139.95 PANASONIC KXP-1081 Good print and build quality, very reliable. Offers all the draft mode sizes and effects of the FX-80 compatibles in NLQ as well. Best Value.
£159.95 STAR LC-10 As well built and reliable as the Panasonic. Four different typefaces all available in the full range of sizes and effects. Well worth the little extra.
£179.95 STAR LC-1D COLOUR All the features of the LC-10 but with the addition of 7 colours in several shades.
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Orders I he beast was present in the land and from tower to
tower the sorcerers voice called upon him.
s niqht encroached anc
• ms legions made ready to conceal the tablets hat would see
daylight banished forever.
Creenshots from Amiga version vmiga, e same last raine compatil rom east to west aladin came forth, i to do battle against legions of the nigf using all his might skill in this tale c swords an sorcery.
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I Workbench, the way to use extra samples on an expanded Amiga is to force the Sonix program into fast memory. But how to do this?
Simple. What you must do is to copy the program 'FASTMEM- FIRST from your Workbench disk across to the Sonix program disk.
Next, edit the Sonix StartUp- Sequence (to be found in the 'S' directory) so that FASTMEMFIRST is always loaded and runs first, before anything else happens. This will then force the Sonix program into Fast Memory.
ANDREW RODDIS LISBURN. CO. ANTRIM HARDWARE HACKING CORNER The addition of a second drive to the Amiga is viewed by many as more of a neccessity than a luxury. Unfortunately, because drives are automatically configured by the operating system, this uses working RAM. What's wrong with autoconfiguring? I hear you ask.
Well, because some aspects of disk reading and writing is handled by the Blitter, adding external drives uses up valuable chip ram.
Each disk drive requires a 30K buffer for file management. While 30K may not sound like a great deal, once it has been allocated, it cannot be released. Fortunately for the adventurous among you, you can avoid the hassle of having to unplug your external drives every time by fitting an on off switch. The switch breaks the line TECHIES CORNER The Blitter Is a complicated (but very powerful) beastie at the best of times, so here’s a short assembler routine to allow you to carry out the simplest of Blitter operations - copying data, unchanged, from one area of memory to another.
The source code is self explanatory: all you do is to firstly tell the Blitter what operation you want (the minterm), give It the source address, the destination address, the modulo source and destination jump offsets and then finally the width and height of the operation.
Writing to BLTSIZE will then start the Blitter.
BLTAMOD EQU SDFF064 BLTSIZE EQU $ DFF058 BLOCK_MOVE: MOVE,W $ Q9F0,BLTCON ; MINTERM D=A MOVE.L fDesiinat ion_Address,BLTDPTH ; DESTINATION MOVE.L Source_Addr ess, BLTAPTH ; SOURCE MOVE.W 00,BLTDMOD ; DEST,MODULO MOVE.W 100,BLTAMOD ; SOURCE MODULO MOVE.W noooooooooooooooo, bltsize ; SIZE & START The register BLT5IZE must contain the width and height of the Blitter operation. Writing to this register will automatically start the Blitter, and should always be the last operation after all other Blitter registers have been set up.
Although BLTSIZE is only a single, 16-bit register, It is split into two separate section that contain the height and width of the operation. The register is split as follows: hhhhhhhhhhwwwwww (hrheight and wzwidth). The height value refers to singie display lines, but the width value refers to words (16-bit values), therefore the maximum blit is 1024 lines by 1024 pixels (still pretty Impressive though!). If this little tipette has whetted your appetite for all things hardware-hitting wise, then check out the Bible of Amiga programmers, The Hardware Reference Manual’ from Addison Wesley.
Alternatively, Abacus’ ’Amiga System Programmer's Guide' is a worthy substitute.
JAMES RICHARDSON HOOK. HANTS that informs that an external drive is connected to the system, therefore the Amiga ignores it.
What you'll need is a singlepole, single-throw switch (SPST if you prefer) and a soldering iron.
Firstly, unplug the drive and open up the connector and locate pin 21 (SEL1) and then cut the wire, leaving enough on each side to connect a switch. Next, solder a switch between the two ends and mount it somewhere nice and safe. Finally, reassemble everything carefully and then you can plug in and go. Simple eh!
BARRY WHITE HOUSE FROME. SOMERSET CALL IT WHAT YOU WILL In AmigaBASIC, you can give a window a name when it is first opened, but it cannot be changed unless it is closed and then reopened. The case is even worse when you try to name a screen: with the current release of AmigaBASIC, you cannot even give it a name when it is first opened!
Fortunately, Intuition includes a routine which will handle this very nicely, thank you. This code will aflow you to rename both the screen and current window title: LIBRARY "intuition.library" WinNameS = "blahblah"+CHR$ (0) ScrName$ = "BlooBloo"+CHR$ (0) CALL SetWindowTitles(WINDOW (7), SADD(WinNameS), SADD(ScrNameS)) MARTIN GORE WARMINSTER, WILTSHIRE I don't know about you, but I just love dabbling about with the CLI.
Consequently, I am always interested in CLI tips and wrinkles, and so, for all you dedicated CLI folk out there, here are a few ideas, some of which I hope will prove to of use to Amiga Format readers.
WORKBENCH EXTRA This month, for one month only, we bring you a special expansion to your Workbench section. TONY MELLING of Hyde in Cheshire writes on the subject of the CLI... CLI CORNUCOPIA CLS FROM COMMAND FILE Most of us will be familiar with the CTRL+L combination that clears the screen as a direct command, but a tricky situation develops if you need to execute a command file that requires, say for the sake of neatness, a blank window. This is one instance where good ol' AmigaDos lets you down, for no command exists that will produce the desired effect, at least not from a command file.
But Hark! Is that the Cavalry I hear just over the hill? The following, if entered as the first line in the file, will rescue the situation: «* ECHO ec A demonstration of this is shown by the next command file tip, over. I Workbench Screen New Cli Hindoo: UL-]
2) mm SYS:c DIR LS
2) LS fl«:JA$ 0N DUHPS . Info 2)
2) RH AH6:TESTTILE1 TEST AH8:testfiIe Deleted AH6:tes t Deleted
2) DEVUSAGE AKB: Hounted disks: Unit Size Used Free Full Errs
Status Kane AH0: 30H 16975 44495 17 . 0 Re ad Mr i te AHDriue
239964 -rwed Future 13:82:31 Z) 2 HV C;PYR0 FIREWORKS i 2)
2 Renaming your commands through CLI to make life simpler.
¦m o LABOUR SAVING DISCKCOPY I protect my often used CLI disk (named QuickWb) with two backup disks, which after copying, I Relabel QuickWbCopy. The amount of keyboard input needed to effect the desired result became some- what tiresome, and so I decided to let the Amiga do the darned job.
Here’s how: Load up ED with the command ED Ezecopy then create a command file with the following lines...... ECHO "*ec" ECHO "ENTERING EZECOPY ROUTINE" ECHO "" CD DFO: System DISKCOPY DFO: TO DF1: ECHO ECHO :RELABELLING COPY" ECHO "" RELABEL DF1: "QuickWbCopy" ECHO "*ec" ECHO "EZECOPY ROUTINE FINISHED" CD SYS: Save the file be entering ESC followed by X: then to see the Amiga earning its com, enter the direct command Execute Ezecopy. You can ignore a bug in the operating system that brings up a Requester saying "Insert volume in any drive." It will continue entirely of its own accord.
Obviously, you should change Line 9 to reflect the title of your own disk and drive status, and also, for single drive owners, Line 5 should be changed to read DISKCOPY DFO: TO DFO: QUICKER CD More often than not, after a bit of rummaging around in far-flung Directories, one needs to return to the Root Dir of DFO, which is normally achieved by the CD DFO: or CD SYS: commands. The command CD : does the same job and saves you three keystrokes!
THAT DARNED STARTUP-SEQUENCE I guess that the most often-typed command line must surely be ED S Startup-sequence: after all, we are always adding something new to that particular file. All you need to do to be forever rid of the chore is this: enter ED Edss which will load up the Editor. Input the following single line: ED SYS:s startup-sequence then Save the file by ESC then X. On future occasions, providing you have followed the advice in the previous tip, you can enjoy the luxury of editing your much-used file by simply typing X Edss. Sheer bliss!
(Well I think so.) Of course, following the example of the previous tip, you could easily Rename the 3 CD AM0:JASON COHMS JRCOMH - 2® I 3 3 DIR .info Conn.Keys jt-beep JRCOHH jileep.doc jrconn.doc JRCOHH.info jrupdate jrupdate.doc 3) 3 ASSIGN hYDIR: AH0:JASON COMMS JRCOHH 3 3 CD AH0: 3 CD AmDi-i ve: 3 3 CD HYDIR: 3 3 CD AmDpive:Jason COMHS JRCOHH
3) DIR .info Conn.Keys ji’beep JRCOHH jrbeep.doc jrconn.doc
JRCOHH,info jrupdate j»» update. Doc 3
Continuing advico on the proper use of the Assign command in
CLI is available below: see "My Kingdom for Assign”.
File Startup-sequence "ss"; and then type ED S ss, but if you happened to be in a non-Root Directory at the time, it just wouldn’t work without firstly issuing a CD DFO: command or typing the line ED DF0:s ss. Either way, X Edss is better.
Cal examples of this follow here: RENAME SYS:c Execute X RENAME SYS:c Dir D RENAME SYS:c DELETE K K:kill) RENAME SYS:c List L RENAME SYS:c Info I After inputting the above, the commands in the C Directory will be saved in their new names, so inputting X Ezecopy would be the same as Execute Ezecopy.
COMMAND SHORTCUTS You can use the RENAME command to create an alias for any often-used command. Some typiASSIGN, ASSIGN, MY KINGDOM FOR A SIGN The Assign command in the C Directory is often wrongly assumed to be only of use in those operations utilised by single-drive owners who shuffle their most-used C commands up into RAM, and then Assign C to RAM. In actual fact, the Assign function is an extremely versatile and powerful command, as the following example will illustrate.
Imagine a situation involving your most-used CLI disk, which for the sake of reference, we'll call Workdisk. On it you have a series of Directories concerned with the types and numbers of screws, nails, bolts etc, that you keep in old jam jars in your garden shed. These Directories are named: Screws, Bolts, Nails, Tacks, and are tested within the first Dir.
You find, for whatever reason, you are constantly accessing the Tacks Directory, either to Edit it, or peruse its contents, and your command fine looks something like this: ED Workdisk:Screws Bolts Nails Tacks Filename A tedious tarra-diddle if ever I saw one. Enter stage left one knight in shining armour, the Assign command. Simply input the following line: ASSIGN Tacks: Workdisk:screws Bolts Nails Tacks The transformation is now complete, and now access to the Tacks Directory is simplicity itself. To read a file named Littletacks in the Tacks Directory enter: Type Tacks:Littletacks.
The reason that the above works is because you have created a new Logical Device named Tacks. If you enter Assign return a list of all the Logical Devices recognised by AmigaDos will be listed, and on it will be details of the Tacks: Device. This ASSIGNment however is lost when the Amiga is switched off, or reset, but could be made permanent by including the instruction in the Startup-sequence file. To remove the newly ASSIGNed device without a reset, enter 'ASSIGN Tacks:’.
Likewise, K filename would Delete filename , and so on.
WORKBENCH 1.3 TRICKS Three undocumented features exist in this update, all of which are quite useful. The first is a pseudo-command named CLEAR, which if entered normally from the keyboard simply clears the screen: but the word CLEAR can be used in a command file to produce a CLS, avoiding the use of the ECHO “ ecn set up. CLEAR is in fact an Alias for the following invlolved line: ECHO "*E[0;OH*E[ J" This is infinitely more fiddly than the method shown in my example which does the same job.
With the SHELL up and running, enter REVERSE to produce an instant window change to blue on white. Entering NORMAL changes you back again. As before, both commands are Aliases for ECHO strings, both of which can be used in Workbench 1.2 as follows: Enter ED Reverse to bring up the Editor; input the following line, and Save it with ESC then X ECHO "* E[0;OH * E[41;30m*E[J" Typing EXECUTE Reverse activates the effect. To utilise the NORMAL command, proceed as before but enter ED Normal and input: ECHO "*E[0;OH*E[-0;31m*E[J" Type EXECUTE Normal to return to white on blue.
Well, that’s all for now. I reckon Jimmy Greaves must have had the CLI in mind when he said "It’s a funny old game, Saint’" ¦ TAKE OUR MONEY!
Everyone knows what a complicated beast the Amiga can be at times, which makes a section such as Workbench a real life saver. If you have any cool little tips that you think would be o! Use to your fellow Amiga owners, then why not scribble them down and send them into Workbench - you could win yourself £50 tor your troubles.
This month's lucky tipster is Mark Pickford for his handy Scribble! Tips.
Send your tips to: WORKBENCH. AMIGA FORMAT.
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New Works Road Bradford BD12 OQP ENQUIRIES 0274 • 678062
III .....£74.99 DELUXE MUSIC - MUSIC +
1.5m E6.99LJ AMP2 - A500
3.0m E9.99LJ NM1-A500-A500 NUL
MODEM r , CABLE 1.5m £7.99 LJ
NM2 - A500 - A1000 NUL MODEM , .
CABLE 1.5m E7.99LJ ML1 - DEMON & DESIGNER A500 r .
MODEM LEAD ....£9.991 I A1000 types elso stocked.
OUR TOP 10 AMIGA BOOKS AMIGA TRICKS & TIPS. ..£14.95 AMIGA DOS INSIDE OUT .£18.45 AMIGA BASIC INSIDE OUTE18.95 ADVANCED AMIGA BASIC£18.95 AMIGA DOS MANUAL ....£22.95L_ AMIGA DISK DRIVES INSIDE THE COMPUTER STORE £99.95 £74.95 £129.95 £99.95 £59.95 £159.00 £199.00 £7.95 We can suddIv almost anv comDuter book Amiga Basic Inside and Out (Abacus) £18.95 Amiga C For Beginners (Abacus) £18.45 Amiga DOS Inside and Out (Abacus) £18.45 Amiga DOS Quick Reference (Abacus) £13.95 Amiga Disk Drives Inside and Out (Abacus) £27.95 Amiga Systems Programmers Guide (Abacus) £32.95 Discs for Abacus Books £13.95
Advanced Amiga Basic (Compute1) £18.95 Amiga DOS Reference Guide (Compute1) £14.95 Amiga Machine Language Guide (Compute1) £21.95 Amiga DOS Manual (2nd Ed ) (Bantam Commodore) £22.95 C Programming Lang 2nd Ed (Kernigan Richie) £24.95 1 1 2 meg Internal Expansion £299 Next Day Courier Delivery to UK Mainland Only £5 Caspeli's Ribbon Refresh Re-Ink your Fabric Printer Ribbon 160mJ Can This will Re Ink around 30 Ribbons Save Pounds!
Commodore A501 Ram Expansion 1 2 meg Ram expansion (With Clock) 1 f2 meg Ram Expansion (Without Clock) Cumana Second Drive for A500 Quiet A50G Internal Drive Best Quality Guaranteed Disks New LOWER Prices 3 1 2 DSDD with I for I guarantee (each) 75p 3 I ? DSDD with 1 for 1 guarantee (50) £37.00 3 1 2 DSDD with 1 for 1 guarantee (100) £72.00 3 l 2 DSDD Branded with 2 tor I Guarantee ()0) £12.95 3 1-2 DSHD Branded with 2 for 1 Guarantee (10) £24.95 Disc Box Holds 40 x 3 1 2 Discs £4.99 Disc Box (Lockable) Holds 80 x 3 l 2' Discs £7.99 Disc Box (Lockable) Holds 100 x 3 1 2' Discs £8.99 Hard
Drive Chips Commodore A590 20MEG HARD DRIVE ..£399.00 A59Q Drive Fitted with 1 meg memory £519.00 A590 Drive Fitted with 2 meg memory £629.00 1 Meg of Memory for A590 £129.95 2 Meg of Memory for A590 £249.95 256 x 4 CMOS DRAM 120ns £25.00 The Computer Store Tel: Unit 82 In Shops, 021-770-0468 2-8 Greenwood Way Chelmsley Wood Shopping Centre, Birmingham B37 5TL 3 1 2" ONLY 75o 3 1 2" DSDD ¦ wp EACH DSDD Star LC 10 (Mono) Star LC 10 (Colour) TURBOSOFT Dept (Amiga Format) 41 South Street Leighton Buzzard Beds. LU78NT MAIL ORDER ONLY Tel: 0525 377974 Fax: 0525 852278 TRIAD ONLY £13.99 Barbarian,
Starglider, Delender of the Crown TRIAD ONLY £15.99 Menace, Tetris, Baal COMPUTER HITS II ONLY £8.99 Tetris, Black Shadow, Golden Path, Joe Blade PREMIER COLLECTION ONLY £12.99 Exolon, Nebulus, Netherworld, Zynaps PRECIOUS METAL ONLY £15.99 Captain Blood. Xenon, Arkanoid II. Crazy Cars STORY SO FAR VOL 3 ONLY £15.99 Thundercats, Bombiack, Space Harrier, Live & Let Die SPECIAL OFFERS § SPECIAL OFFERS • FORTHCOMING ATTRACTIONS Aliered Beasi £16 99 Baiman Ihe Movie £15 99 Beach Volley £15 99 Chase H Q £15 99 Chaos Strikes Back £13 99 Dragon Spinl £13 99 Drakkhen £15 99 Dynamite Dux £1699 Fasl
Lane £15 99 F Freddy s Big Top Fun £15 99 Ghostbuslers II £16 99 Hard Dnvm £13 99 Kmghl Force £15 99 Last Nmia II £16 99 Laser Squad £15 99 Manhunler in San Francisco £20 99 Power Drill £15 99 Rainbow Island £13 99 Renegade 3 £15 99 Cabal £15 99 Slrider £14 99 Slum Car Racer £15 99 Super Wonderboy £16 99 TinTin on Ihe Moon £15 99 Tusker £16 99 Vermmaior C15 99 Xenophobe £15 99 Quest lor the Time Bird £19 99 APB £13 99 Action Fighler £15 99 Barbarian II iPsygnosis) C15 99 Ivanhoe £15 99 Neuromancer £1699 Paul Gascoine Soccer £14 99 Wayne Greizky Hockey £15 99 Losl Palroi £15 99 Swords ol
Twilight £16 99 Risk £13 99 Infeslalion £15 99 Xenon II £15 99 Bloodwych £1599 F 16 Combat Pilot £15 99 Paperboy £15 99 Robocop £15 99 New Zealand Story £15 99 Lords of the Rising Sun £20 99 Kick OH £12 99 Forgotten Worlds £13 99 The Champ £15 99 R V F Honda £15 99 Populous £16 99 Populous New Worlds £7 99
* Rick Dangerous £15 99 Blood Money £15 99 Outrun £6 99 THE CHART
TOP 30 MOVERS Leaderboard £6 99 Skyfox II .... £7.50 Marble
Madness £7 50 Strip Poker II + .£6.99 Bards Tale I £7.50 King
of Chicago £7 99 Three Stooges £7 99 Warlocks Quest £2 99
Billiards £4 99 Arctic Fox £7.50 Sidewinder .... £6.99
World Tour Golf ...£7 50 Alternate
Reality ....£5 99 Targhan £1599 F 16
Falcon £20 99 Falcon Mission Disk £13 99 Test Drive II £16 99
Gunship £15 99 Millenium 2 2 £16 99 Silkworm £13 99 T V Sports
Football £20 99 Shmobi £13 99 Kult £1599 Balance of Power 1990
£18 99 Licence lo Kill £13 99 Shadow of the Beast £22 99
Indiana Jones & The Last Crusaded6.99 Shoot 'em up Construction
£20 99 Casino Roulette £3 99 Brian Clough's Football .....£6 99
Crazy Cars II £14 99 Eliminator .£5 99 Zynaps £5 99 Trivial
Pursuit New Begin £6 99 Flmtstones .£4 99 Garfield .....£7 99
Knstal £12 99 Football Manager II .£7 99 Emmanuelle .£9 99
Backlash ....£3 99 Pioneer Plague . ...£5 99 Teenage
Queen . .£8 99 Please make Cheques &
Postal Orders payable to: TURBOSOFT.
P&P in UK FREE elsewhere please add £2.00 per item.
N. B. Please state make of computer when ordering CLASSIC
COLLECTION Dungeon Master (1 Meg) £15 99 Dungeon Masler Editor
£7 99 Battlechess £16 99 3D Pool £13 99 Colossus Chess X £1599
Sieve Davis Snooker £13 99 King's Quest Triple Pack £1799
Hollywood Poker Pro £14 99 Flight Simulator II £26 99 Lombard
RAC Rally £15 99 Micro Soccer £15 99 Speedball £15 99 Dragon
Ninja Operation Woll £15 99 £15 99 Scenery Disk 7 9 or 11
£1399 Scenery Disk Japan or Europe £1399 War m Middle Earth
£13 99 Airborne Ranger £15 99 Double Dragon £13 99 Waterloo
£15 99 Bismark £15 99 Archipelagos £16 99 Batlletech £16 99
Chariots ol Wrath £1599 Darkside £1699 Deluxe Rami 3 £54 99
Deluxe Scrabble £13 99 Dragon's Lair Mmeg) £24 99 Bard’s Tale
II £16 99 Ferrari Formula 1 £16 99 Grand Pnx Circuit £16 99
Kingdom of England £16 99 Mavis Beacon's Typing £20 99 Rockel
Ranger £20 99 Trivial Pursuits £13 99 Sword of Sedan £16 99
Ultima IV £16.99 Zak McKraken £16 99 Goldrush £16 99 Manhunter
in New York £16 99 Please Note: Some Titles may not be
* These will be despatched within 24 hours of release, subject to
1-7 COLLEGE STREET NORTHAMPTON NN1 2SZ Sp Y D EE SERVICE FAX: 0604 24664 1 MEG UPGRADE Willi Free Game 1 DRAGONS LAIR 2 DUNGEON WASTER 3 BALANCE Ol POWER TOP 85 HARDWARE AMIGA AMIGA SI 01 Archori Collect Ion ...£6.99......£6.99 02 Arllc Fox ..£6.99......£6.99 03 A.P.B ..£13.99....£13.99 04 Astaroth Angel ol Death LI7.50....£1 7.50 05 Blood Money .LI 7.50 ....£1 7.50 06 Hloodwyrh £17.50 .. £1 7.50 07 Bards tale I .....£6.99......£6,99
OH Bards Tale 2 ..LI 7.50 . 09 Battle Chess ..£17.50...XI7.50 10 Bionic Commandos £6.99......£6.99 I I Balls!Ix ...LI 3.99 LI 3.99 12 Beac h Volley .LI 7.50 LI 3.99 13 Batman the Movie LI7 50.....LI3.99 14 Castle Warrior .....£17.50 £13.99 15 Dungeon Master ..£17.50.....LI7.50 16 Dragon Ninja £17.50 ...£13.99 17 Demons Winter .....£17.50 .....LI 7.50 1H Double
Dragon .....£13.99 ....£13.99 19 Dynamite Dux ......Phone Phone 20 Deluxe Paint III ...£49.99 .. 21 Elite ...LI 7.50 LI 7.50 22 FI6 Combat Pilot .£17.50....£17.50 23 Falcon (MIttotsoI'I) £20.99 £17.50 24 Falcon Mission Disk £13.99 ....£13,99 25 Forgotten Worlds .£13.99....£13.99 26 Foundations Waste £6.99......£6.99 27 P.O.FT ..£20,99.....£20.99 2H
Fantavlsion ...£27.99 . 29 Flight Simulator 2 ...£24.50 £24.50 30 Fiendish Freddy's £20,99....£20.99 31 Gemini Wing....' ....£J 3.99 .....LI 3.99 32 Gunshlp .£17.50 £17.50 33 Indiana Jones (Arcade) £13.99 ...XI3.99 34 Journey ..L20.99 . 35 J cl .....; ...£24.50 ... .£24.50 36 Kick Off ..£13 99....£13.99 37 Kull ...£17.50....£17.50 3H Kings Quest Triple
Pack £17.50.....£17.50 39 Knight Force .Phone Phone 40 Lords ol' the Rising Sun £20.99 ....£20.99 4 I Leonardo ......£13.99 ....£13.99 12 Mr Hell ..£ I 7.50 .....LI 7.50 43 Millenium 2.2 ......£17.50 LI7 50 44 Mlcrnprosc Soccr ..£17.50 LI 7 50 45 Marble* Madness ....£6.99 £6.99 46 Manhunter ...£20.99.....£20.99 47 New Zealand Sion' £17,50.....LI3.99 4H Out Run ......' ...L6.99 £6.99 49
Phobia £17.50 £13.99 50 Paperboy ......Phone Phone 5 1 Populous New Worlds £6.99 £6.99 52 Populous LI7.50 LI 7.50 53 Passing Shot £13-99 ....£13.99 54 Quest For the Time Bird .£20.99 £20.99 55 Rainbow Islands ..£17.50 ....£17.50 56 Real Ghoslbuslers ...£17.50.....LI3.99 57 Rick Dangerous ....LI7.50 .....LI 7 50 5H Robocop .£ I 7.50 LI 3.99 59 RVF Honda ...£17.50...XI7.50 60 Roc ket Ranger
......£20.99...XI7.50 61 Running Man LI7.50 LI7,50 62 Shlnobi ...£13.99...XI3.99 63 St rider £13.99. ..XI3 99 64 Super Wonderbov .Phone.....Phone 65 Shadowgale .LI 7.50 LI 7.50 66 Street Fighter .£6.99......£6.99 67 Sky Fox 2 £6.99......£6.99 6H Story So Far Vol 1 £ 13.99 .....LI 3.99 69 Slorv So Far Vol 2 £13.99 ...XI3.99 70 Spherical ......£ 13.99
...XI 3.99 71 Speedball .....£ 1 7.50 ...XI 7.50 72 Silkworm ......£13.99...XI3.99 73 Star Wars Trilogy .£ 17.50...X17.50 74 Shadow of the Beast £24.50.....Phone 75 Triad 2 .. £17.50.....£17.50 76 Targlum £ 17.50 ...XI 7 50 77 3D Pool .£13.99...XI3.99 7H Thunderbirds ......£17.50....£17.50 79 Time and Magtck .£13.99....£13.99 80 TV Sports Football ...£20.99 ...XI7 50 HI
Vigilante .£10.50...XI0.50 H2 Waterloo £17.50 ...XI 7.50 83 War In Middle Earth £13.99...XI 3.99 84 Weird Dreams ......Phone.....£17.50 85 Worldelass Lcadcrboard... £6.99 £6.99 86 Xenon II .£17 50.....£17.50 MAIL ORDER PRICES ONLY A500 + Mod + Mouse + Leads + P.S.U Manuals + 16 Free games LOO £360.
£84.99 Stereo Mon 8833 £285dTO = £230.00 ST AMIGA ATARI ST ATARI STFM + Mouse + £450.00 Games = £360.00 SPECIAL OFFERS Software Available STAR LC10 ......£146*99 STAR LC24 10 .£235*00 STAR LC10 COLOUR ....£230.00 STAR LC 10 2 ..£210.00 PHONE FOR MORE Disks + Storage Boxes 10 Storage Box £2.00 40 Storage Box £7.00 50 Storage Box £8.00 Bulk Bisks
10. ...£6.00
50. .£30.00
100. .....£57.50 PC ENGINE
ROOKS 1 MEG DRIVE £79.99 Amiga Systems Programmers Guide . Amiga Tricks and Tips .... Amiga For Beginners More Tips and Tric ks For Amiga ......Abacus Amiga 3D Graphics Prog Basic Abacus .Abacus Software Abac us Software Abacus Soli ware .£32.95 XI 4.95 XI 2.95 £18.45 £18.45 £18.95 £18.15 XI 8.45 .£22.95 £13.95 £27.95 £1 1.95 Software Software Software Software Soft ware1 Soli ware Software* Amiga Baste Inside and Out Amiga C For Beginners Amiga Dos Inside and Out .. Amiga Dos Manual Amiga Dos
Quick Reference Amiga Disk Drives Inside and Oul ..... Amiga Machine Language ... Abacus .Abacus Abacus Abacus Abacus AMIGA ST Scanners Midi Equipment Digitizers Modems LOWEST PRICES .Abacus Software Abac us Sol! Ware Please make all cheques payable to SPEEDY SERVICE ALL PRICES INC. VAT + Subject to Availability ~B AAAi More Titles Available I S of Satisfied Customers ~ ~ ~ 24 hr DESPATCH PREMIER MAIL ORDER PRICE ¦ TITLE PRICE ¦TITLE PRICE TITLE SPECIAL OFFERS AT £3.99 EACH' 3D Pool ......11.99 4x4 OfT Road Racing .....16.99 Advanced Rugby
Simulator . 11.99 Advanced Ski Simulator 11.99 Afterburner 16.99 Airball .11.99 Airborne Ranger 14.99 A Max ......134.95 A* Max with Rom ..249.95 Alien Legion ......16.99 Amos ...19.99 APB . 12.99 Archipelagos .....16.99 Arkanoid 2 Revenge ......14.99 Armalyte ....11.99 Baal 14.99 Ball of Power 1990 14.99
Balllstlx ......11.99 Barbarian 2 Pal .14.99 Barbarian Pal ....11.99 Bards Tale 2 17.99 Batman Caped Crusader 15.99 Batman The Movie ...16.99 Battlehawks 1942 .16.99 Beach Volley ......16.99 Bionic Commando ...7.99 Blasteroids .14.99 Blood Money ...16.99 Bloodwych ..1699 Bombuzal ..... ...14.99 Cabal ..16.99 California Games ..16.99 Capone
.....19.99 Captain Blood .....7.99 Carrier Command ..14.99 Chase HQ ..16.99 Chessmaster 2000 ..16.99 Chronoquest .....18.99 Chuckle Egg 2 ...13.99 Colossus Chess X ..15.99 Corruption .14.99 Cosmic Pirate ....14.99 Crazy Cars 2 14.99 Cybemoid 2 ......11.99 Daley Thompson 88 .....14.99 Darkside ....15.99 Denaris . 16.99 Dominator .13.99 Double
Dragon ..11.99 Dragon Ntnja ..... 15.99 Dragon Spirit ....12.99 Dragonslair 1 meg .29.99 Driller .14.99 Dungeon Master 15.99 Eliminator .... 13.99 Elite 14.99 Emmanuelle ......11.99 Empire ..7.99 Empire Strikes Back ....11.99 Espionage ..11.99 Euro Space Shuttle ......16.99 F16 Combat Pilot ..16.99 Falcon F16 .19.99 Falcon
Mission Disc 1 ..13.99 Fantavision ...... 29.99 Fed of Free Traders .....19.99 Fish .,..14.99 Right Sim 2 ......26.99 Rt Disc 7 or 11 .13.99 Fit Disc European .13.99 Fit Disc Japan ...13.99 Flying Shark .....14.99 Foot Man 2 Exp Kit .8.99 Football Director 2 ... 11.99 Football Manager 2 ...... 11.99 Foundations Waste ... .....7.99 Fun School 2 (6*8) .11.99 Fun School 2 (over 8) ...11.99 Fun School 2 (under 6) .11.99
Fusion ..7.99 Galactic Conqueror ......14.99 Galdregons Domain ......12.99 Garfield 9.99 Garfield Winter ..12.99 Ghostbusters 2 .16.99 Gilbert Escape Drill .....11.99 Golden Shoe ......16.99 Guerilla War ......14.99 Gunship .....14.99 Hard Drtvin ......13.99 Hawkeye ....12.99 Heller Skelter ......9.99 Heroes of the Lance.. .....16.99 Highway Hawks .11.99
Hollywood Poker Pro .....16.99 Hostages ....14.99 Hot Football .9.99 Hunt for Red October ...14.99 Hybris .19,99 Ikari Warriors ....14.99 Indy Jones Action ..13.99 Indy Jones Adventure ...16.99 Ingrids Back ......11.99 Int Karate + 16.99 It Came from Desert ...19.99 Jaws ...12.99 J Nlcklau s Golf .15.99 Jet ..26.99 Joan of
Arc .16.99 Joe Blade 2 ..9.99 Kennedy Approach 14.99 Kick Off ......11.99 Kind Words 2 ....34.99 Kings Quest 4 ...21.99 Kristal .17.99 Kult 16.99 Leaderboard Birdie 16.99 Lancelot .....12.99 Laser Squad ...... 16.99 Last Duel ... ....10.99 Lost Patrol ... 16.99 Led Storm ..13.99 Legend of
Djel ...16.99 Legend of Sword 14.99 Leisure Suit Larry 2 .....19.99 Licence to Kill ....12.99 Light Force .16.99 Lombard RAC Rally ......14.99 Lords of Rising Sun ......19.99 Manhatton Dealer .14.99 Maria Whittaker ..9.99 Menace ... 12.99 Microprose Soccer .14.99 Millenium 2.2 ....16.99 Mortvtlle Manor .15.99 Mr Hell 15.99 Navy Moves 16.99
Nebulus .....17.99 Netherworld 17.99 New Zealand Story 16.99 Operation Hormuz ...12.99 Operation Neptune 14.99 Operation Thunderbolt 16.99 Operation Wolf ..14.99 Outrun ..7.99 POW .. 19.99 Pacland ...... 11.99 Pacmanla ...11.99 Paperboy ....14.99 Passing Shot ..... 13.99 Peter Beardsley ...12.99 Phantom Fighter ...13,99 Phobia ... 14.99 Pioneer
Plague ...14.99 Platoon ... ...14.99 Police Quest ......16.99 Police Quest 2 ...16.99 Pool of Radiance 16.99 Powerdrift ..16.99 Precious Metal ...15.99 Premier Collection .18.99 Prison ..9.99 Purple Saturn Day 14.99 Rtype .16.99 Rallies .14.99 Raider .11.99 Rainbow Islands 15.99 Reach For The Stars .....16.99
Real Ghostbusters .16.99 Realm of Trolls ..16,99 Red Heat.... ...15.99 Renegade 1 or 3 15.99 Return of the Jedl ...9.99 Return to Genesis .11.99 Rick Dangerous .15.99 Road Blasters ....13.99 Robocop ..... 15.99 Rocket Ranger ...14.99 Run the Gauntlet ..15.99 Running Man ....14.99 RVF Honda 14.99 Sargon 3 Chess . 14.99 Savage 14,99 Scrabble Deluxe
..... 13.99 Sentinel .....11.99 Shadowgate 14.99 Shinobl ......12.99 Shoot em up Con Kit ....19.99 Silent Service ....14.99 Silkworm ...12,99 Skate or Die ... 17.99 Sleeping Gods Lie ..14.99 Space Harrier 2 .. 16.99 Speedball ...11.99 Stag 14.99 Star Wars Trilogy ..16.99 Starfleet 1 ....7.99 Stargllder 2 14.99 Stealth
Fighter ..16.99 Steve Davis World Snooker.. 12.99 Storm Trooper ...14.99 Street Fighter ......7.99 Strider 13.99 Strike Force Harrier 9,99 Strip Poker 2+ 9.99 Stunt Car Racer 15.99 Super Hangon ...16.99 Super Wonaerboy ..16.99 Superbase Personal ......59.95 Superman ..14.99 Sword of Sodan ..14.99 Talespin .....17,99 Tech 13.99
Technocop ... 13.99 Teenage Queen ..11.99 Test Drive 2 The Duel 21.99 Thargan .....15.99 Theatre Europe ...... 14.99 Thunderbirds ....16,99 Thunderblade ....16.99 Tiger Road ..17.99 Time and Magik 12.99 Times of Lore ..... 14,99 Titan .,.14.99 Tracers ..... 16.99 Tracksuit Manager 11.99 Triad ...18.99 Triv Pursuit New Begin 12.99 TV Sports Football .17.99 Typhoon
Thompson ......11.99 Ultima 4 14,99 UMS2 .15,99 UMS Scenario 1 ..8.99 UMS Scenario 2 ..8.99 Univ Military Sim ..14.99 Untouchables ....16.99 Verminator .. 14.99 Victoiy Road ......,,14.99 Vigilante ..... 10,99 Vindicators (Domark) .....9.99 Virus ...12.99 Virus Killer ...8.99 Voyager ......15.99 W C Leaderboard .8,99 W Gretzky Hockey .14.99 Wanderer
3D .....11.99 War in Middle Earth .. 14.99 Waterloo .....14.99 Weird Dreams ...14.99 Xenon .14.99 Xenon 2 Megablast 15.99 Xybots .12.99 Zak McKracken .16.99 Zany Golf ..... 16.99 NAME PRICE Allen Strike ......3.99 Challenger 3.99 City Defence .....3.99 Fortress Underground 3.99 Jump Jet ..3.99 Mike The
Dragon .. 3.99 Phalanx 2..... 3.99 Quantox 3.99 SPECIAL OFFERS AT £7.99 EACH NAME PRICE Armageddon Man ....7.99 Alien Syndrome ... ...7.99 Blackjack Academy . ...7,99 Bermuda Project . ...7.99 Bombjack ..... ....7.99 Craps Academy ... ...7.99 Crazy Cars ... ...7.99 Dark Castle .. ...7.99 Deja Vu . ....7.99 Fernandez Must Die ...7.99 Galactic
Invasion ....7.99 Gee Bee Air Rally ....7.99 Gold Runner ...7.99 Hacker 2 ...... ....7.99 Helifire Attack ..... ....7.99 Insanity Flight ..... Incredible Shrinking Sphere.. ....7.99 ....7.99 Manix ... ....7.99 Mlndfighter .. ....7.99 Nigel Mansell GP . ...7.99 Nord And Bert ...... ....7.99 Romantic Encounters ..... ....7.99 Skychase ..... ....7.99 Sea
Stalker .. ....7.99 Seconds Out ....7.99 Soldier of Light .... ....7.99 Spellbreaker . ....7.99 Stock Market ...... ....7.99 Strike Force Harrier ....7.99 Telra Quest .. ....7.99 Tetris ....7.99 Thexder . ....7.99 Three Stooges ..... ....7.99 T racers . ...7.99 Typhoon ....7.99
Vixen ...7.99 Winter Olympiad 88 ....7.99 Zynaps ..
Collection ... .....7.99 Arctic
Fox .... .....7.99 Bards Tale
1 .....7.99
Battlechess .. ...16.99 Deluxe Music
Con Kit.... ...49.99 Deluxe Paint 3,
...59.99 Deluxe Photolab ..... ...49.99
Deluxe Print 2 . ...49.99 Deluxe
Production .. ...89.99 Deluxe
Video ... ...49.99 Ferrari Formula
1 ... ...16.99 Fusion ..
...16.99 Interceptor ...
...16.99 Marble Madness ..... .....7.99
Ponulous .....
16. 99 1 Populous Promised Lands ...7.99 1
Powerdrome . ...16.99 Skyfox
2 ...... .....7.99 World Tour
Golf ...... .....7.99 Please send
cheque PO Access Visa no and expiry date to:- Dept AF11,
Trybridge Ltd, 8 Buckwins Square, Burnt Mills, Basildon,
Essex SS13 1BJ Please state make and model of computer when
ordering. Postage and packing included in UK on orders over
£5.00. Orders less than £5.00 and Europe add £1.00 per item.
Elsewhere please add £2.00 per item for Airmail.These offers are available mail order only.
New releases sent on day of release, Tel orders: 0268 590766 Another slice, ladles and jellyspoons, of hints, tips and anything else that’ll help you get through to that last screen.
R-TVPE LEVEL 1 Ensure that you shoot and capture the jewel
that appears early on, as without it the level becomes very
difficult. Send the force ahead of you into the machine to
clear a path and keep it there as long as possible. When all
the aliens are destroyed and the jewels captured, send the
force into the revolving circle of rocks and join up with it at
the last moment to avoid being destroyed.
When you emerge on the other side, use the laser to destroy the blue gun that walks along the bottom of the screen.
Call the force back as the man with the gun approaches, and wait in the tunnel until he lifts off the floor. Providing you hit him enough times he’ll be destroyed.
Repeat the procedure with the second man, remembering to collect the jewel that appears at the top of the screen: again this is of great importance.
To get the monster at the end of the level, wait in the middle of the screeq with the force attached to the front of your ship, then send the force forward towards the blue head in the middle and move upwards a little. This should do the trick all right.
LEVEL 2 This level is simply about avoiding aliens and collecting all the jewels that appear. To destroy the monster at the end, bring the ship on, with the force attached to the front, almost to rest on the blue eye that appears from time to IN BRIEF FALCON If you should find yourself running low on ammo, press control and X during the game, and watch those extra 500 cannon rounds and 9 extra sidewinders clock up on the instruments.
LEONARDO The codes for... Level 10= EMMENTALER Level 20= ALPHORN Level 30= MATTERHORN KEITH MAY, ESSEX ROBOCOP For infinite shields simply pause the game and type in BEST KEPT SECRET (including spaces)* MATTHEW & PETER WARNER BASILDON HAWKEYE Having survival problems?
Press “DEL" while playing the game and when you’ve lost all your lives, you’ll find you jump to the next level instead of dying.
Time. When you've hit it enough times, it’ll be destroyed.
LEVEL 3 This is one of the hardest. Collect all the jewels, otherwise things get really hard. Try to destroy all the guns on the bottom and right hand side of the ship alternating the force in front or behind the ship where necessary. Although this is quite difficult to master, it can be done. To destroy the ship, aim the laser at the yellow and orange gun base. When the gun is destroyed, the laser will be reflected off the base and into the heart of the engine.
LEVEL 4 This is probably the most fast and furious of all the levels. Again, it is about getting the force in the right place at the right time and keeping an escape route clear.
Beware the aliens that cross the screen at speed; they’ll catch you out if you don't remember when and where they appear. To destroy the ship at the end of the level, shoot the semi-circular orbs that appear on it from time to time. The ship will then split up into three sections, and as before, enough fire-power will destroy it.
LEVEL 5 The toughest bit of this level is remembering where the yellow snakes come onto the screen; shoot the other aliens, but avoid blasting the yellow snakes, as they split up and just make life more difficult. The other thing to avoid here is the brown fossil-like alien which homes in on you regardless. Collect all the jewels.
To destroy the monster on this level much more quickly, keep the force in its centre.
LEVEL 6 There isn’t a monster at the end of this level, although some serious manoeuvering is required to destroy all the aliens. You can safely avoid the large ships that roam around, but don’t ignore the brown aliens around the edges of the screen; they shoot with remarkable accuracy at the most inopportune moments. Destroy as many of these as possible. At the end of the level, position yourself at the bottom of the last rectangle on the left hand side, and follow the aliens that enter the rectangle, otherwise you’ll be trapped.
LEVEL 7 Again, there's no monster at the end of this level. Get to the bottom of the screen as quickly as possible, and collect the jewels as they appear. Then move to the middle of the screen, where you have the best chance of survival.
At the end of the level, avoid the monsters where possible, shoot the rest of them, and proceed to the next level.
LEVEL 8 Avoid the green aliens and the grey stars that shoot around the screen. Collect the jewels (for a change!) And shoot the middle of the monster a lot... MARK PICKFORD.
Go to The Noose, use Solar Eyes, jump on the left rope, push lever, push eye (under the lever), pass through trap door. Go forward, go forward again, go through left passage, go forward, go forward again. When told ’Don't move’, click on ’accept’. When asked ’Why are you in this mountain of madness' click on 'tell truth’. Use zone scan, lift stone slab, take flask, go through left passage, go forward, go through trap door, go through door into passage, go through passage, go to Saura’s repose.
Go to In the Presence of God.
Go to Placating the Powers, when challenged by first woman, click 'attack'. When challenged by the second woman, click ‘PSI powers' then click ‘bramwarp’ then click ‘give flask to drink'. Pick up sacrificial blade, click ’PSI powers, then ’zone scan'. Push lever. Go back through In the Presence of God, Saura’s Repose, Passage and into Refectory. Click ’PSI powers’ then ’Sticky Fingers’ to get through trap door. Go forward, go forward (you should now be in the cavern with Ash and Norma Jean}, go right, go GEMINI WING forward, go right, go forward, go through trap door, click ’PSI powers’
then ’solar eyes’.
Bolt, pass through bars, use ’sticky fingers' to go through tunnel at top of screen, go up, go through In the Presence of God and into the Threshold of Truth.
Attack woman, put the egg into the opened mouth on the statue. Inspect the lectern, use PSI- shift to get the statuette from the top left of the screen. Go through the passage, go through In the Prescence of God and into Saura's Go to The Master's Orbit (there shouldn't be anybody about), and into The Master’s Eye, inspect the Master of Ordeals, search him, take the whistle and whistle with it.
Look into the deep cavity, take egg, go out, go through passage and into ring, go through passage in outer wall, go left, go left, pull BATMAN Move right, pick up the disk and carry on right to the end of the corridor.
Go down through the door, continue right and collect the key and badge. Move left ‘til you get to the spanner, pick it up, use it and them drop it. Continue left and col* lect the grenade, then go right and up through the door. Go right until you reach the room captioned Insert the disk1 and use the disk. Go up through the door and leave the cave.
Move right until you get to the ladder and climb it, collect the banana which you can eat when your energy is low to restore it all.
Return to street level and go right (show the badge to the policeman and continue right) to collect the Batrope. If you hit the Penguin’s men with your Batarang eight times they will drop a packet of crisps which you can eat to increase your energy.
Go left and collect the sweet (this, like the banana, restores all your energy). Carry on left and climb the ladder, move right ‘til you get to the torch, pick it up and go back right 'til you get to the ladder.
Return to street level and go right, collect the trainers and carry on to the warehouse ladder.
Climb the ladder and go right till you get to the door, use the key and drop it then enter the warehouse. Go left to the end of the corridor and through the door, pick up the magnet and go right and up through the door, go right and then enter through lhe door.
Move right until you get to the room called Shadows everywhere' and go through the door.
Go left and collect the bread, then right till you reach the dead end. Use the grenade to blast the wall and go up through the door. Go right and up through the door, carry on to the end of the corridor and through the door. Continue right till you get to lhe room called Getting you down' and use the Batrope.
Walk left and collect the lift key, now use the trainers.
Move right and up through the door, go right and then down through the door. Go left and down through the door and use the torch.
Go right, up through the door and left, collect the dart and go back to the place where you landed when you dropped in on the Batrope and use the lift key on the lift, drop the key and go through the door and along the corridor until you reach the room called ‘Shadows everywhere1.
. Go through the door and left and throw the dart at the dartboard and pick up the passcard.
Leave the warehouse and go right and return to street level.
Go right and stop at the screen called Clue: pass it on1 and use the passcard to enter. Go left and up through the door, collect the key and leave the room, go right and up through the second door, then go left and through the door. Go left and up the stairs then right to the end of the corridor and through the door, pick up the tape and then go left and through the door. Now go right and through the door using the key. Pick up the disk and go down through the door, head right and through the door, carry on right and collect the trumpet then go left and put the virus disk in the Penguin's
computer. His plan has failed and you'll have won!
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0386-765354 Repose. Put statuette in niche, put monkey into
'the tunnel', go to In the Presence of God, zone scan, go into
passage, push lever. When challenged by Zorq, click Psi pow
ers’ then click ‘extreme violence’, click ‘PSI powers1 then
'bramwarp' then click on Harssk, use PSI-shift to close the
trap door NOT the lever, click 'wait', click ‘possessions’,
click ‘sacrificial blade', click ’throw' and click on Harssk -
now watch and read.
TOBY GADSBEY STAFFORD DEMON’S WINTER And here, ladies and gentlemen, we have a hack for the new SSI game; this little proggy allows you to examine all the text files in the program, which should make solving those oh-so difficult puzzles and problems a little bit easier.
For single-drive users
1. Enter AmigaDOS (CLI) via the CLI icon in the system drawer
from workbench.
2. Type COPY DEMON:DEM_DAT V ?.TXT RAM : (You will be asked to
change disks.
Insert the game disk; backup!)
3. When the copying has finished, re-insert your Workbench disk
and enter the following: COPY C CD RAM: COPY C TYPE RAM: CD
4. Enter TYPE name where name is any one of the following files;
datal.txt data2.txt data3.txt data4.txt datab.txt eregore.txt
t. txt t2c.txt t2d.txt town.txt wm.txt And for double-drive
1. Enter AmigaDOS, as before. Put game disk in dfl:
2. TYPE DEMON:DEM_DATA name Easy, huh? As well as this, all the
pic files in the dem_data directory can be viewed using the
VILBM utility on any of the old coverdisks.
And if that wasn't enough, here's some tips, still for Demon's Winter...
1. Use the icicle to open the doors in the Ice Temple.
2. The God Ancient can still be worshipped after the other gods
have vanished.
3. If you're stuck on a mysterious island with a map room, bell
tower, and a closed portcullis, then try going outside,
following the edge of the mountains all the way round until
you come to a hut with an old woman, Sleep there. Ring the
bell in the watchtower before sunrise and the portcullis
4. The jewel-encrusted "Xeres" sword given to you by a hobgoblin-
blacksmith is very heavily cursed, TVS FOOTBALL Here we go,
here we go... oops, wrong sort of football!
Anyway, here’s the way to make a mega-team In TV Sports Football; POSITION R.K SPEED STRENGTH HANDS ABILITY TOTAL
Q. B 6 5 5 3 6 19 LHB 2 7 1 8 7 23 RHB 3 7 1 7 7 22
F. B 11 4 1 8 1 14 LWR 13 1 1 8 2 12 RWR 12 3 1 8 1 13 LILB 1 6 6
6 6 24 RILB 5 7 1 7 5 20 LOLB 17 5 1 1 1 8 ROLB 18 4 1 1 1 7
LC 7 7 3 2 6 18 RC 4 7 7 2 5 21 LS 8 5 1 8 1 17 RS 10 6 2 1 6
15 PUNTER 9 6 6 2 2 16 KICKER 14 3 3 2 2 11 OFF LINE (r.k.)15
(total)IO DEF LINE (r.k.)16 (total)9 When playing with this
1) When throwing a short pass, throw It to one of the hallbacks;
as they’re fast, they stand a good chance of gaining extra
2) When rushing, also favour the halfbacks.
3) Always use either 4-3 or 6-1
4) Pick Run Outside and use the LILB to stop the pass.
Be a part of the Amiga Format Game Busters give-away! All you have to do is send in your maps, tips and pokes to: Game Busters, Amiga Format, 4, Queen St, Bath, Avon. BA1 1EJ.
This month's winners are: Toby Gadsbey, Mark Pickford and Fanikh Malik. Well done so it’s wiser not to try and equip it.
5. Follow the road from Ynoth to enter the dungeons containing
6. Don’t bother learning POTION or ITEM lore. After playing the
game for a month I haven't used them.
7. Summoned Elementals can cast unbinding spells.
NICK BENAUD' FISHER CORNWALL KING’S QUEST III Fish bone powder, Mandrake root powder, Nightshade juice, Saffron, Toadsplttle, Toadstool powder are on the shelf In the wizard's laboratory.
Acorns are In the big oak tree on the edge of the desert.
Amber stone Is given to you when you visit the oracle.
Bowl Is on the shelf In the kitchen.
Brass key Is on top of the cupboard In the wizard's bedroom.
Bread Is on the table in the kitchen.
Cactus Is In the desert.
Cat hair; grab the cat, then take the hair.
Chicken feather; grab the chicken then take the leather.
Cup Is on a table In the dining room.
Dew Is In the garden of the three bears.
Dog hair; take the hair off the dog In the shop.
Eagle feather can be picked up as the eagle flying about drops It.
Fish oil can be bought from the shop.
Fruit Is on the table In the kitchen.
Knife Is In the kitchen on the cutlery rack.
Lard can be bought from the shop.
Magic map Is In the wizard's bedroom behind the clothes in the cupboard.
Wand Is In the wizard's study, In the cabinet which can be opened with the brass key (see above).
Mirror Is In the cabinet next to the bed In the wizard's bedroom.
Mistletoe Is on the tree west of the three bears house.
Money can be found In the bandit's hideout.
Mutton is on the kitchen table.
Porridge Is on the table In the three bears house.
Pouch can be bought from the shop.
Shovel can be bought from the shop.
Snakeskln Is In the desert.
Spoon Is In the kitchen, In the cutlery rack.
Mud Is on the bank of the river that flows through Llewder.
Thimble Is upstairs In the three bears house.
And a brief guide to making spells; First you must gather all the Ingredients that you can find outside the lab, that you need for the spell. Then get the brass key and use It to get the wand from the study. Go over to the bookshelf. You will notice an Irregularity In the floor pattern where there Is a trap-door. Position yourself between the trap door and the bookshelf and “move book" then “pull lever"; the trap door will open. Go down Into the wizard’s lab.
There, take the remaining Ingredients needed for your spell from the shelf. Then, go over to the book "Sorcery of Old”. You have to open the book at the right page; pages are Indicated by a roman numeral at the bottom. For Instance, for the “flying like an eagle or a fly” spell, enter “open book al page tv”. Type In what It says In the book, word for word (except for the stuff In brackets), otherwise you'll die.
It's a good Idea to save the game before doing a spell, just In case you make a mistake. Once the spell Is made, leave the lab, closing the trapdoor behind you. Replace the wand, and hide the brass key under the bed In your room, as It Is a magical Item (the key, not the bed!) And the wizard will kill you If he finds you In posesslon of It.
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Basic unless stated otherwise I_______________________________________________ l 16 BIT CENTRE Unit 17, Lancashire Fittings Science Village Claro Road, Harrogate Hgl 4AF Tel (0423) 531822 526322 VISA DAMIEN NOONAN reports on a little-known pdlrt ofij the Edinburgh International Arts The first day of September, 1989, and the famous international arts festival in Edinburgh is reaching its grand finale. Up at the castle, the military pomp and circumstance of the tattoo is in full swing; down in the streets, the young and occasionally talented are entertaining each other, vying to be recognised
as this year's rising star. Meanwhile, in a back lane behind a tall row of grey stone houses, a new artform is enjoying its own role in the festival: the art of computer animation as practised on the Commodore Amiga.
This is the second year in which Martin Lowe of the Amiga Centre Scotland has tried to bring hi-tech art to the attention of the festival-going public. For three weeks his shop is transformed into an exhibition room, as many Amigas as he can lay his hands on ranged around the walls. The most famous and impressive animations on the Amiga scene - the Walker demo, ray-traced Newton’s cradle and the jumping Angle-poise lamps
- run all day, entertaining curious visitors. There are even
workshops to give complete novices a basic grounding in the
use of an animated paint package. And all this is provided free
of charge by the Amiga Centre staff.
Climax of the event is the judging of prize winners in the I I FjBtivaJ. The Amiga Centre Scotland's annual AiBaiaiion Festival and Competition.
I Amiga Centre's annual animation competition. Entrants include many professionals, but even more amateurs who spend hours over complex ray-tracings in their own time and their own homes.
Entries, on floppy disk or videotape, vary from short simple sequences to entire video productions, compiled from many sections created with many different paint packages and edited with professional video gear.
The quality, however, varies less than the subject matter. Most of the entries were extremely cohesive and well presented: but their concerns ranged from a smidgeon of sex, to heaps of violence and a little bit of politics.
Suicide and Incest Shock-effect tactics made the video-tape entry from American demo programers Process one of the least forgettable attempts. A series of quite remarkable animation sequences, with resonant sexual and political overtones, built up into a bizarre kind of narrative, climaxing with a disturbing but very well made sequence in which a baby knocks a hand-gun from a drawer and blows its head off accidentally. Unfortunately this was then capped with controversial live footage from an American newscast in which a businessman is seen committing suicide with a gun in his mouth.
A bit strong, very sickening, and quite unnecessary: so despite the quality of the animation, Process came away without a prize.
Another powerful and memorable entry was a good deal more subtle. This video-tape entry, frorh Amsterdam-based animator Greg Lawson, was commissioned by the Dutch government as part of an educational film about incest.
“Incest” was very reminiscent of Raymond Brigg’s work, treating a serious subject through the beautiful, understated and colourful style of a children’s book. The pastel and watercolour-like illustrations were lovely, and the underlying message was subtle: but Greg failed to win a major prize, possibly because his techniques were a shade too traditional.
In Reverse Order... So what about the prize winners?
Well, many were granted prizes, five received commendations, but the main honours went to the top four. The judges, all experienced in professional broadcast animation and computer graphics, were Jack Garrow of video production outfit Inverdeal Productions, Nick Masters, deputy editor of TV Production International, and Len Brown, lecturer in computer graphics at Middlesex Polytechnic. They chose the following four winners, in the traditional reverse order.... In fourth place came "Engine” by John Armstrong. This was a technical-drawing style cut away of a car engine, demonstrating the inner
workings of internal combustion. As the pistons moved up and down the chambers, the valves opened and closed to show the intake-compression-combustion- exhaust cycle, and the crank drove the cam-shaft and so the cam and the valves. The animation was smooth, clean and elegantly drawn, on an expanded 1Mb A500 with Dpaint III.
Third prize winner was Dileep Sharmar, with a combined effort involving another engine illustration, not shown on the day of judging, and a SA3D animation of the Royal Bank of Scotland logo, flying into and out of the screen above a mirrored and chequered landscape. Smooth, fast and very impressive indeed.
Second prize was a surprise choice but a popular one, awarded to nine-year-old Jonathan Grant for his endearing collection of animated mouse pointers. Smartly presented, each with an icon to start, and amusing, they changed from a 'smiley1 face that grinned and grimaced to a whizzing clock, to a small chap pedalling furiously away on a bicycle. Good clean fun.
And finally, the great honour of first place, ladies and gentlemen, went to Mark Wirt, an amateur working at home with a 1Mb A500 and second drive. "Maggie goes Green” was very like Ben Elton in its content: a little bit of politics, a small amount of humour, and huge quantities of animation.
It shows the Iron Lady herself, snapping up the green vote, until confronted by the spirit of green disarmament: at which point she turns into a horned devil and spits fire in the face of her foe. The sequence concludes with her face appearing instead of the Queen's on a pound coin (known up here north of the border as the "Brass Maggie"). A combination of political comment and humour, but above all, beautifully executed.
The frames of animation, rendered with SA3D and Digipaint 3, numbered a full 170. The end result was a worthy winner, even though Mark had said before the judging: "I won’t be winning this year - although PI go down fighting - the subject matter will be popular in Scotland anyway."
All in all, the animation competition was a great success. So was the Amiga Centre's animation festival, within its current limitations, but it deserves better. With more facilities, wider recognition and publicity and a bit of financial support it could become a massive, original and educative part of the Edinburgh Festival arts scene.
As it is, even those who stand to gain most (financially at least), can't be persuaded to offer Martin Lowe some support. With appropriate backing from a certain well- known international computer firm, anything would be possible for the animation festival. A little bit of politics... thank you, goodnight. ¦ commodore t Amiga A500 complete, now only £349 I Amiga A500MM with 1900M £429 high-ros mono monitor I Amiga A500M with A1084S £ 615 hi-ros slotoo colour monitor I Amiga B2000 wilh 1.3 Roms Phone & software & 1MB chip-RAM (UK vorsion) I Amiga S2000M As above, plus Phone A1084S stereo
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Unique facilities:
• Animate up to 48 software sprites and 32 hardware sprites on
screen at once
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map, position on TV, colour palette - in low or high res, ham
mode or dual playfield mode
• Program the copper list with ease
• Play music files on interrupt (supports Sonix and Soundtracker
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• Lockable procedures, no line numbers, multistatement lines,
sophisticated scrolling editor
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results you want with the minimum of fuss
• Hold up to four programs and 12 accessories in memory at once
• Store music, sprites, IFF picture files and so on in memory
banks which you can load and save independently of your program
• Port STOS programs to your Amiga
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• Add new commands with ease (3D routines for example) ? What you
get: AMOS Basic, sprite editor, sprite grabber, music editor,
copper list editor, three complete games, Basic manual,
Accessories manual, reference card and much more - all for just
£49.95. AMOS will be one of the hottest releases in the
Christmas period. For a detailed spec and the latest updates,
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GAMES AND SERIOUS SOFTWARE (Only the best will do) ALL DISCOUNTED Sell Yet again, a few of your many letters manage to escape the Origami treatment. All new offerings are welcomed by BOB WADE at 4 Queen Street, Bath, BA1 1 EJ. Write now!
Meister did not work quite as it should? If so, check out the Workbench pages for news on the correction of a minor bugette.
If you feel like sending the boys round, here's a warning - I know what you're thinking. Did he fire five staff writers or six? Well, to tell you the truth, I'm not sure, but seeing as this is Amiga Format, the most powerful magazine in the world, and could blow your disk drives clean off, you've got to ask yourself a question: do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?
THE ULTIMATE AMIGA I enjoyed very much your Dream Machine article in the September issue in search of the ultimate Amiga, I thought I had to give my views on what the Amiga should look like in the next decade.
The following machine I believe should be a replacement for the A500, or as an intermediate model between new versions of the A500 and A2000.
The Ultimate Amiga
• Separate keyboard and a small sized CPU casing instead of the
bulky A500 case.
• A more reliable mouse with three buttons and micro-switches.
• The ability to plug in a 14" paper white LCD screen as a second
monitor for serious applications.
Together with built in TV modulator.
• Two Megabytes of Chip memory, expandable to four Megabytes
internally and a further 12 Megabytes externally.
• A 68030 central processor and 68882 maths co-processor as
• An improved AmigaDos on ROM and a battery backed up clock.
• Improved custom sound chip with eight channel stereo sound and
better speech synthesis.
• A custom chip designed specifically to handle 3D graphics.
• A high resolution of 1024x1024 pixels with 256 colours onscreen
I t R I I E WINKER ICON HEISTER Scene: A dimly lit room on
Manhattan's east side.
"Ok you guys dis’ is the way it’s gonna be. Icons... Icons, dats where da money is," "Ere whata’ ya' mean boss.,,?” "Hey listen Bugs, ya’ dumb luuker, don’t ya’ see it: all we have to do is to steal all da' disks in all da’ world, an’ sells dem’ back to the dumb clucks who owned dem’ in the first place...but we gonna needs a distributor ” “Does dis’ means we gonna buy a car boss,..?"
"Bugs, you carry on likes dis’ an’ you gonna end up as an Atari salesman...!!!” "Now listen closely Bugs, the scam it works likes dis’, first we gives everybody a copy of Icon Meister, we can use Amiga Format as de’ distributor - they’ve been running dis’(k) racket for years - den’ they sits at home making der’ new icons, den’ whens they come to saves dem' dat’s whens we makes the snatch... dis’ could be de' greatest heist of all time...!!!"
“Aint’ people gonna ask questions Boss....?"
"OK, so we’ll use Mr Bob Patsy Wade, he’s da’ best gobbledygook man in da’ dusiness", “Now listen up Bugs dis’ time next month we'll put out de’ correct Icon Heister, er, I means Icon Meister, program an’ charge 2.95 sterling english to gets der' icons back, an’ I'll tell yer’ what Bugs I’ll even throw in a glossy magazine....” “Yer all heart Boss !"
(Boss fingers lapels). “...Yeah.” PAUL TAYLOR . STALYBRIDGE, TAMESIDE Proficient though I am at gobbledygook, wibbling and waffling I found this excruciatingly hard to translate. Are you suggesting Icon I from a palette of over 16 million colours.
• Built in MIDI interfaces, to keep the musicians happy.
• Two parallel interfaces to allow for additional peripherals.
• Two expansion buses, to increase expansion of the base machine.
• Three joystick ports, so that two joysticks can be plugged in
at the same time as the mouse.
• Two dual format 3.5" disk drives that accept both normal double
sided and high density disks.
• Optional high capacity 5.25" floppy drive, such as the Qume
Hyperflex drive for the PC, having a 20 Meg capacity for each
The speed and capacity of such a drive could eliminate the need for a hard disk or even 3.5” floppies.
After the routine monthly faffing about copying the Amiga programs from ST Amiga Format disks, what a nice change to have the first offering from Amiga Format. No more running Diskdoctor trying to convince the infernal machine that it wasn't "bad” and that it was a DOS disk.
But what happens? Somebody has to try to be clever and can't leave well alone. Booting up with September's disk to see what the game demo was like, up pops this message telling me “This disk is virus free". Fine! Nice to be reassured. However, when I inserted the disk under Workbench (with VirusX 3.10 in the background) VirusX leapt into action to warn me that there was something iffy about the boot sector. What to do?
Was this all an elaborate trick?
After all, I had never seen VirusX operate in anger before.
I deduced that it was the “virus free" message that was upsetting things, so I let VirusX savage it. Then the Amiga complained that it wasn’t a DOS disk, just like the old days!
How about sticking to a nice, boring DOS disk format with no gimmicks and leave out the virus scares... PLEASE?
ROGER WEST BOURNEMOUTH You had deduced correctly that it was the 'virus free' message causing VirusX to protest. Basically, viruses hide in the bootblock of a disk: but so long as Jason’s ’virus free’ message is there, a virus can't be. Of course, VirusX will recognise the message as a nonstandard bootblock. Just ignore the thing and copy the files as per normal: you won't need Diskdoctor or anything else. Remember, you can safely ignore VirusX as long as the ‘virus free' message appears when booting the Coverdisk. BUT note that since some readers found it a shade confusing, we've returned
to a standard DOS bootblock for this issue’s disk, to let the idea sink in.
BACK TO BAK Does anyone remember the Steve Bak interview in Issue 8 of ST Amiga Format (Feb 1989)?
There was a small bit on Page 16 saying “Bak predicts: Sometime this year at least one publisher will launch a range of 16-bit games, priced at £2.99. Laugh if you like, but watch the news.” So where are they?
TIMO NEWTON-SYMS CHALFONT ST GILES, BUCKS Beats me. I guess Steve's crystal ball was a bit misty that day - maybe it said £299. Then again, take a glance at the price of Infection on Page 53 of this very issue: it's a step in the right direction, after all... PRIZE WINNER SHRIVELLING GAMES The computer games market seems to be drying up, as it were.
Film tie-ins, coin-op conversions, tiring adventure games and old games with slight modifications seem to dominate the shelves of many computer stores. Old and worn themes still appear in even the newest releases. OK, I admit there have been some superb games but their lastibility soon dies over the years, as yet there is no game that has futurity in mind.
Simulations also suffer some series problems. The accompanying bumf takes too long to read, there is no real sense of purpose in these games and it usually results in even the keenest player simply giving up, because it has taken them so long to get into the game. The old adage “too many cooks spoil the broth" could not be truer when it comes to the games market.
Here is a question for your readers. Define the ideal computer game? For me a computer game should be informative, ie provide the player with the necessary principles of the game, eg background and games controls.
Games should demand brainpower as well as “lightning reflexes". The game should be a challenge for the player not an endurance. Most important of all the player must be able to relate to the game, by the game using its sound, graphics and general playability, place the player in the correct atmosphere allowing the player to get a feel for the game - after all the more comfortable you are the better you perform.
Why do computer industries provide those black plastic cassette cases in their packaging when the games are on disk?
In essence what this letter is about is that I feel that computer games are suffering because software houses pay too much attention to their advertising hype rather than to the actual products they are trying to sell. How many games do you know that have suffered in this way?
Isn't it about time all those top programmers produced the ultimate game of life? Yes, that's right, a game that simulates life from the cradle to the grave.
Imagine our day by day actions on a computer placed in an environment so true to life. This would give the user the chance to live their lives before they have in reality. I don’t think people mind paying large amounts of money, not if they directly benefit from it.
TARIQ ASLAM EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND On the whole I agree with you: the standard of gameplay has not developed much in the past five years. There are always the notable exceptions to the rule, but the general standard has hardly improved. I don't think your final idea is the right way to go though: total life simulation sounds awful to me, I like a bit of escapism.
Introducing game elements into real life is far more attractive: smart bombs for use on the M25; Prince Charles using earthquaking from Populous to destroy his least favourite buildings; teleporting so as to avoid having to travel by British Rail; viewing your jet fighter from the outside while flying it; and most importantly of all, a pause mode so you can stop life for a break occasionally.
I’d like an Amiga with a 90%-plus finished Workbench and OS. One that doesn't crash on me every ten minutes. Yes, I know the perfect machine was supposed to be within the bounds of feasibility but we can all dream can't we.
My ideal Amiga would provide an operating environment that was bug-free and memory efficient. It wouldn’t casually swallow huge chunks of RAM for itself, nor would it innocently yield a few hundred I THE Souths leading Computer by post service O P E N CREDIT CARD MAIL ORDER AMIGA A500 Including: • Mouse • Workbench • Utilities
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You Cant Afford to Shop Elsewhere ! All Prices Inc. VAT This company has given yean, of full support Ui computer users from their premises at 11 Ormskirk Hoad Preston. Niav fmm their Mail Order premises they tan iffer this" scu*id to none "service to Umirs uwntrywidc. AH Softwarc I laidware is ex-stock and fully tested prior topurcha.se to ensure that returned goods are now a thing of the past. All hardware is su|iportcd by our on site engineers so that quick turn arnrnd ««i all repairs is guaranteed. There are no hidden extras WYSIWYG, All prices include VAT, and delivery on orders over £100
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A4 Flat bed scanners can scan at up to 200 dots per inch. The
mechanism includes a thermal printer which can be used in
conjunction with the scanner to photo copy documents or just
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£499.99 Limited offer, above scanners ex-demo £399.99 ZZ3XXXXXXXXXXXXX TYT £24.95 £3.99 £7.99 £4.99 £5.99 £9.99 Memory Upgrade Boards
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5I2K RAM Extension board £19.99 512K RAM Extension board + clock £29.99 512K RAM Extension board, populated £89.99 512K RAM Extension board + clock, populated £99.99 Our trained technicians can repair all hardware, including Amigas, in minimum time at competitive rates.
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A twelve game software pack as follows:- Beyond The Ice Palace, Buggy Boy, Ikari Warriors. Xenon, Battleships. Captain Blood. Arkanoid 2, Crazy Cars. Thundercats, Bomb Jack. Space Harrier. Live and Let Die.
Plus a competition Pro 5000 extra joystick ONLY £399.95 HURRY ! ! LIMITED STOCK AVAILABLE IS COMPLETE WITHOUT A DUST COVER Protect your Amiga with a dust cover from the BBD Professional Range.
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BBD dust covers are not expensive and all our prices include VAT and P&P Amiga 500, Keyboard only £5.00 Amiga 1000, one piece cover ...£8.00 Amiga 2000, two piece set .....£11.00 In addition to the above BBD offer a wide range of other covers.
These include printer covers from only £5.50 Why not contact us for further details Bfe. Ni iqt Dept. 34, The Standish RRV] Centre, Cross Street, 1 mm B COVERS standish, Wigan, WN6 OHQ O Telephone: 0257 425839 ext 34 Fax: 0257 423909 mmm Sheer Perfection in Computer Protection COMMODORE AMIGA A500 NEW ! ! THE MOVIE PACK Commodore Amiga A500, Mouse, Workbench 1.3, Workbench Extras Disk, very first tutorial disk, owners handbook, basic handbook, T.V. Modulator, mouse mat, Plus ! ! Deluxe Paint 2. Interceptor, New Zealand Story. Batman.
ONLY £379.95 Cash Bonus:- Pay Cash (or cheque) on any of the two above packs and we will give you ten blank double sided disks PERIPHERALS : PHILIPS * • STAR COMMODORE I PANASONIC : STAR CITIZEN : CM8833 * • LC10 A1010 : KXP1081 : LC24 10 120D
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Speedking Auto .£10.95 Konix Navigator £11.95 Euromax
Professional .£13.95 Euromax Prof. + ....£15.95 Euromax
Elite Pistol ....£10.45 Competition Pro 5000..£12.95
Competition Pro Clear .£13.45 Joysticks Cheetah
125+ ..£6.95 Cheetah Mach 1 ...£10.95
Cheetah Starprobe £11.95 MAIL-CENTA
17. Campbell Street, Belper, Derby DE5 1AP. Tel: 0773 826830 All
Prices include VAT ond delivery however for orders under £5
please add a 50p handling charge Personal callers welcome at
our retail shop Put please bring this advert as prices may
vary Closed Wednesdays Ail items despatched some day whenever
possible, Cheques may require a 7 day clearance period
Proprietor Martin Bridges_ !
D£J &7) '1 O QJ) [ © fr § v,-v 1 v * 1V.. ,«,«i- Everyone knows that the Amiga has the best sound capabilities available on any popular computer today. Unfortunately, until now. Unless you could connect your Amiga to your stereo system you could not fully appreciate the quality of the sound.
The Amiga SOUNDBLASTER is a small stereo amplifier that comes complete with 2 high quality 20 watt 3 way speakers. II is easily connected to your Amiga and adds a new dimension to all your games THE. AMEUF-1ER This small unit has been designed and built in the U.K. specifically for use with the Amiga It uses the latest microchip technology to produce a hefty 2 watt per channel of high quality sound. Twin volume controls allow both volume and balance to be set and a LED indicdtes that the unit is in operation The amplifier connects to the AMIGA via the two phono sockets at the rear of the
computer Measurements:- 10cm x 7cm x 2cm.
SPEAKERS The speakers that come complete with the SOUNDBLASTER are 20 watt 3 way speakers and are contained in an attractive hi-tec enclosure. The speakers sound as superb as they look thanks to a powerful 3 inch woofer for all the low tones, a 2 inch mid-range speaker for all the middle notes and a tiny 1 inch tweeter to reproduce all the top of the scale tones. The speaker connects to the amplifier via 2 5 metres of cable for each of the two speakers. Speaker measurements:- 19cm x 10cm x 13cm The SOUNDBLASTER package is completed with a mains adaptor to power the amplifier and full
instructions FREE STEREO HEADPHONES FOR A LIMITED PERIOD ONLY We are giving away a pair of stereo headphones free with every AMIGA SOUNDBLASTER for a limited period These headphones plug into the SOUNDBLASTER allowing you to listen in stereo without disturbing the neighbours.
AVAILABLE NOW ONLY £39.99 + £2.00 for postage.
Payment is accepted over the telephone with VISA and ACCESS cards or through the post by cheque, postal order, eurocheque, bank drafts etc Send payment to:- SIREN SOFTWARE, 84-86 PRINCESS ST., MANCHESTER, M16NG. TEL: 061 228 1831 Specification and appearance subject to change without notification 0 0 pj
E. M.P.D.L. 1 Amiga Public Domain Library. Open 7 Days 9am - 9pm
1 Immediate Despatch on all orders 1 1 £5 per year
subscription includes 3 Catalogue Disks (regularly updated
I i 1 Range of accessories etc. Write now for details.
1 Cheques St P.O's payable to:
E. M.P.D.L. 54 WATNALL ROAD. HUCKNELL. NOTTS 0602 630071 I i 0 0
Game Price 30 Pool £15 90 AP8 ... £13 90 Acton
Fighler Cl5 90 Adidas Golden Shoe Cl6 90 Altered Beast C17 50
Archipelagos 05 90 Asiarotn 05 90 Baal .. 02 90
Bal ol Power 1990 05 90 Barbarian II 0590 Batman (The Movie)
06 90 Battle hawks 1942 0690 Battle Tech 09 90 Battle Valley
03 90 Beach Volley 06 90 Biochalienge 05 90 Biomc Commando £9
90 Blasteroids 05 90 Blood Money 05 90 Blood wych 05 90 Bomber
Cl7 90 Breach 03 50 Cabal 06 90 Californian Games 06 90 Captam
Blood 05 90 Carrier Command 05 90 Castle Warrior 05 90
Chariots ol Wrath 02 90 Chase HO 06 90 Chicago 90 03 90
Colossus Chess X 05 90 Conflict Europe 05 90 Conti nenla I
Circus C16 90 Cosmic Pirate 05 90 Crazy Cars II 05 90 Daily D
Horse Racing 03 90 Danger Freak 03 90 Darkside 05 90 Datastorm
. ... ... 06 90 Deleon 5 05 90 De]a Vu II 05 90 Demon Tomb 03
90 Demons Winter 05 90 Denans 06 90
DinamiteDu* 0 7 50 Doctor Plummet 03 90 Dommator 03 00 Double
Dragon 02 95 Dragon Ninja 06 90 Dragon CM Flame 07 50 Dragon
Spirit 04 90 Dream Zone 06 90 Drakkhen 09 90 Dungeon Master 04
95 Elite ......04 95 Emperor ol Mines ..
.06.90 EyesolHorus 03 90 F16 Combat Fighter 05 90 Faery Tail
03 90 Falcon Fl6 09 90 Falcon F16 M-Sson D SC 03 90 Fallen
Angel Faniawsion Fast Break Fast Lane Fed ol Free Trading
Ferrari Formula l Fiend sh Fredie Fire Brigade Football
Durector II Football Manage! II Football Man ii exp Forgollen
World Freedom Fnghlmghl Fusion Galaxy Force Gauntlet II Gemini
Wings Ghost Buslers II Grand Prix Sir .. Grea! Courts
Tennis Gunship Hard Driving Hnwkeye Heroes ol Lance HighSleel
Highway Hawk Highway Patrol Hostage ... Indiana
Jones II infestation ..... InlerceplOr ......
Iron Lord Iron Tracker Ivan Hoe Jack Boot Jaws Joan ol Arc
...... Journey .. Journey Cent Earth K
D'Gllsh Soc Man Kayden Garth Kees The Thief . Kickorr
.. Kingdom ol England Knight Force
Kult . Lancaster Laser Squad
... Lasl Nmia 2 .... Leisure Suit Lafry II
Leonardo ...... Licence to Kill Lite and Death Light
Force . Liverpool ... Lombard Rally
Lords ol Rising Sun Manic Mansion Matrix Marauder Mayday Squad
£12 90 Menace £12 90 £29 90 Microprose Soccer £ 15 90 £16 90
Millenuim 2 2 ...... £15 90 £13 90 Mr Hel. £15 90 £19 95 Moon
Walker £17 90 £17 50 Myth .. £17 90 £19 90 Navy
Moves ......£16 90 £19 90 Never Mind £13 90 £1290 Newzeafand
Story £1390 £13 50 Nin(a Warrior £13 90 £8 95 North & South
£15 90 £13 90 Oil impeuum £1690 £12 50 Ooze
£16 90 £12.90 Operation Neptune £15 90 £16 90 Operation
ThunderbollC 16 90 £1790 Operation Wolf £1495 £1690 Outrun
Europa £10 50 £12 90 P Gascoigne Soccer £t5 90 £17 90
Pacmama £11,95 £17 50 Paper Boy .....
£16 90 £16.90 Passing Shot £15 90 £15 90 Personal Nightmare
£19 90 £13 90 Phobia £16 90 £12 90 Ponce Quest II Ci5 90 £16
95 Pool of Radiance £16 95 £12.90
Populus .£16 90 £12 90 Populus (Prom. Land)
£7 40 £15 90 Power Drill £16 90 £14 95 Powerdrome £16 95 £13
90 Precious Metal Ci5 90 £15 90 Pr editor ..£15
90 £16 90 Premier Collection £19 90 £17 90 Prospector £15 90
£13 90 Quanz £15 90 £17 50 OuanerBack £13 90 £1590 RVF £1590
£12 90 Rtype ...£1650 £15 95 Rainbow Island £15 90 £16
90 Rainbow Warrior ....£15 90 £13 50 Rally Cross £13 90 £12 90
Rampage £16 90 £ 13 90 Real Ghostbusters C16 90 £17 50 Red
Heat £16 90 £12.90 Red Lightning . £20.90 £15
90 Rick Dangerous £15 90 £15 90 Ringside £15 90 £15 90 Road
Blaster £13 50 £13 90 Robocop £16 90 £16 95 Rocket Ranger
£19 90 £16.90 Running Man £15 90 £15 90 Run the
Gauntlet £19 95 £12 90 Shadowot Beast £24 90 £13 90 Shinobi
£12 90 £19 90 Shool 'Em Up Kit £19 95 £16 90 Shuffle
Cate ......£14 95 £15.90
Silkworm .£1590 £14 95 Srlpheed
.£19 90 £19 90 Sm City £19 90 £17 90 Skate ol
the Arts £13 90 £13 90 Stayer £t3 90 £12 90
Sleeping Gods be £15 90 Soccer (Ocean) £16 90 Soccer Trivia
Game £13 90 Speed ball ......£14 95 Speed Assassins £13
90 Spherical £12 90 Siar Glider 11 ft4 95 Siar War Trilogy £16
90 Stetgar . £12 90 Steve Davis Snooker £12
90 Street Fight man £13 90 Slnder ..... f t 4 50 Storm
Trooper £15 90 Stryx ...... £14 50 Story So Far Vol I
or III £ 15 90 Slunl Car Racer £15 90 Super Hang On £15 90
Super League Soccer£16 90 Superman ....£14 95 Super
Scramble C12 90 Super Quintet £16 90 Super Wonder Boy £17 90
Sword of Twylight £15 90 T V Sports Football £19 90 Tail Spin
£19 90 Tank Allack ... £15 90
Targhan ..£15 90 Test Drive 2 £16 90 The
Champ £16 90 The Cycles £16 90 The Game (SummeriC 14 90 The
Games (WinterI £14 20 The Knslal . £19 90 The Losl
Patrol £16 90 Thunderbirds £15 90 Thunderbtade £15 90 Tiger
Road £13 90 Time Empire £19 90 Time Scanner £16 90 Tracksuit
Manager £12 90 Trained Assasin £ 15 90 Treble Champions £13 90
Triad H .. £14 50 Turbo ....£13
90 Tusker ....£17 90 UMS.II ..
£1690 Ultimate Goll £13 95 Vigilante £13 90 Vindietors £12 90
Voyager ...... £15 90 W GrelZky Hockey £19 90 War m Mid
Earth £15 90 Wale r loo £16 90 Wierd Dreams £15 90 Wicked
.....£15 90 Wrangler £13 90 Xenon II
.£15 90 Xenophobe £15 90 Xybots
.. £12 90 ZakMakraken £16 90 ZorkO £15 90 MAKE
YOUR EARN Yes making money with your Amiga becomes incidental
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mine. The size and make is irrelevant. Make the initial effort
NOW by starting your own HOME BASED BUSINESS This may be the
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REMEMBER: You’ll never get rich by digging someone else's "ditch". Anyone in the country, including YOU. Can become very rich in a relatively short period of time just by doing a few basic things! It's more rewarding than playing games. The benefits are many and varied. Full or part time. For FREE details send S.A.E. to: Please note, new products will be sent on day of release.
Mail Order Only. Postage included Great Britain. Add 75p per item EEC. Overseas add El.50 per item. Fast service, send cheque PO to: Megasave, Dept AF, 49H Sutherland Street, Victoria, London SW1 V4JX.
VISA | Please send lor FREE list of new releases on Amstrad Alan ST. Amiga, Commodore Spectrum and *3 and PC state which list Future League Ltd 31, PILTON PLACE (AF4) KING AND QUEEN STREET, WALWORTH, LONDON SE17 1DR b~b~b~b ft A :: VS :: :: QQQQC
New Titles 4* Amiga and Atari $ T ALL STOCKS MUST GO RIDICULOUS
PRICES Phone Now on Ol 760 0274 ”I£ in doubt check us out*'...
We are open Mon-Sat - 9.00am to 5*30pm Type of Computer
prices inc. VAT & postage within UK | mainland. J All goods
subject to availability (Prices | correct at time of going to
press). J Cheques and postal orders made | payable to:- i
Sabre Computer Discount I Centre, j Units 74 75, Inshops, i
Address: ...
I 66-74 Church Street, Croydon, i Surrey CRO IRS.
Telephone I K to every puny little program that happened along, without claiming it back afterwards. In fact Commodore wouldn’t be stupid enough to supply it with a pathetic 512K in the first place, and then expect the user to buy their expensive upgrade. 1Mb as standard would be the order of the day.
Finally, the Guru "Software Failure" error message would simply not exist. (Just what the hell is a "Software Failure" anyway, and why is it so common?)
This wonderful concept came to me after spending a few days programming in BASIC on my A500 (or “vicious bastard" as it has become known to me). A few simple file copies and the use of the ’Scroll' command caused the amount of available ‘flush libs’ or ’Clear’ would restore it to its previous reading. Eventually continued use produced an “Out of Heap” error, and the only solution was to re load Workbench. I accept that such tasks require memory, but I would prefer that it could be reclaimed when finished with.
The thought of Workbench
1. 4, demanding further memory loss and with a fresh set of bugs,
makes me sweat at night.
ADRIAN RIXON WARRINGTON, CHESHIRE PS My program is no longer eating memory because a few days ago my Amiga wiped it off the disk, under the pretence of SAVEing an updated version. I hate it.
Listen luwie, I know your relationship is going through a bad patch at the moment, but the key is communication. You've got to start talking and understanding each other's problems, When was the last time you polished her keyboard or bought a new interface?
At this rate she may leave you for a new owner.
WRONG WAY GREY Congratulations on your first two issues of Amiga Format. My interest in the Amiga coincided with Issue One and I found the magazine valuable in helping me to come to a buying decision.
I eventually bought a B2000 Revision 6 1-meg machine imported from Germany. I reasoned that if the Germans could build BMWs then they ought to be able to produce a decent Amiga... and it was £100 cheaper than buying a UK machine. This would no doubt be regarded as a ‘grey’ import by Commodore UK.
However, it does accept 240 volts at 50Hz and seems very nicely put together. The supplier gave a fair written replacement guarantee and it was delivered by courier. The second drive, dfl, turned up two days later in a jiffy bag - no fitting instructions but it looked fairly obvious. The spacers supplied with the NEC drive were too short and a fair bit of fiddling and packing with washers was necessary to get dfl to line up to the same height as dfO. After two hours of frustration but eventual success, there were just two plugs to insert in the back of the drive and we were away. Well, not
quite... When 1 powered up, dfO would not boot and both drive lights remained on. I immediately telephoned the supplier in something of a panic. "Oh", he said, "you’ve got the big plug in dfl the wrong way round... it goes in either way".
"Not really", I said, "there’s a little cut-out and a notch to make sure it only goes in one way". "Yeah", he said, "but you have to force it... it's a bit of a struggle... it's meant to go in the wrong way round". "Of course”, I said, "I should have realised... sorry". Much against my better judgement, I forced the plug into the edge connector; the notch fouled the circuit board but I got it in... spurred on by the words of my knowledgeable supplier... It’s meant to go in the wrong way round”.
On the subject of grey imports, I don't reccommend them as a rule because of the risks concerning warranties and guarantees.
Basically, if you get a grey import you can't expect any help from Commodore if something should happen to go wrong.
Well, it works. Who am I to argue with my AMIGA in Southampton. In fact it works beautifully but there are a couple of baffling problems. I bought the machine to use in a video production studio. It runs most programs but chokes on the odd one here and there for no reason that I can understand.
Taking a simple example... Your CoverDisk 2. Everything runs except Virgin's Gemini Wing demo which blacks out the Amiga. 17- Bit’s PD404 Supreme Sounds refuses to run. 17-Bit sent me a new disk - guaranteed OK, but no joy. The two-disk demo of Dpamt HI, - CRASH! Diskdoctor tells me Hard Error Track 8 Surface 1.. Track 9 ditto. Block 396 DPIII HD Demo info used twice. The two disk 1 meg VideoStudio runs OK as do many highly complex allsinging, all-dancing demos. Do I have a problem? Any ideas? Is the Empire striking back beacuse I bought a ‘grey’ import?
BOB SAUNDERS READING, BERKSHIRE In this instance it is not the fact that it's a Jgrey' import: it's because you have a machine with a 1 Meg Agnus chip. Some software is incompatible with it because the programmers did not 'follow the rules'. Dpaint has now been updated to work with it.
ALL DRESSED UP... My husband owns an Amiga 500 Computer which is his toy. He often tries to get me (a mere female) interested in same.
Now and again on looking through your magazine I notice that there have been complaints that women do not seem to take up computing as a hobby. When I asked my Husband for some SENSIBLE programmes such as dress designing programmes and machine knitting programmes he goes red and dumb because there does not seem to be anything of a practical nature for us poor women.
When you think that machine knitting is an ever expanding hobby and women's periodicals are always giving free dress patterns it shows the great interest there must be there waiting to be tapped.
Come on you male Amiga Programmers and help us poor women take the Amigas away from you and get your floppies working.
PM BRADLEY HANWORTH, MIDDLESEX I am open to suggestions, but somehow I don't think most Amiga owners will go for articles on knitting patterns, romantic novels and whether or not to get one's Fallopians tied: to us mere males, brought up on squodgit high-byte registers, such stuff is as mystical as wafer.
Seriously though, there is not enough software oriented towards a wider, female audience, but there’s only one way to turn the tide and the following letter takes the first step... ...SOMEWHERE TO GO My ‘unusual use’ of the Amiga is using it to make patterns for doll’s clothes (I have a collection of about 45 Sindies - they even have their own Ferrari 328 GTS!). This is done by saving pattern shapes and all the various markings etc as brushed in Deluxe Paint II, so they can later be modified or used again, as thin paper patterns do not last more than a few times.
(Yes, I CAN hear all those smirks behind those alien-wasting, megablasting, shoot-em-up-fans’ fists). I PUBLIC DOMAIN LIBRARIES All supply the same disks - don't they?
SOFTViLLE Unit 5, Stratfield Park, Elettra Ave, Waterlooville, Hants P07 7XN. 24hr Orderline on 0705 266509 Fax 0705 251884 If you want to know more about the BEST Send S.A.E (22p stamp) and state AMIGA for your FREE 60 page catalogue A NEW FORCE ON THE AMIGA - UGA Available exclusively from SOFTVLLE Below is a small selection USON1 - II Sonix tongs including DUELLING, ELECTRIC DREAM, WOLF of the DESERT USON2 - 5 Sonix tongi including NEVERF.NDtNG STORX ROBOCO FEEL THE KYTHM US Li DI - 16 moctly high-re* pictures arranged in a slideshow. Great tune piays along as they ihowt USL1D4- Slideshow
from The Dark Lard’, one of Europe* leading fantasy artists, brilliant USL1D5- Fabulous slideshow of "Destination docklands’ pictures + great tune plays along!.
UMUS3 - 10 great tunes includes SUBURBIA, GAME OVER, FUTURE TRIE POWERFUL UMUS7 - Some of the best Amiga musicians wrote these for this disk, 9 great songs.
UMUS12- Tutune mirror toundi.sk’, 8 great tunes included, great graphics, to amtze you!
ULNT4 - 8 great demo s includes TEARDROPS, ANOTI TER, MEGAHCTURE etc. eta UINTI I- 6 great demo’s includes ROGER RABBIT, OVERLOAD, ACID DEMQ COOL UANIM2- 2 animations, STAMP and UGA logo. Iwo of the very best you’ll see on your Amiga.
UANIM5- 3 animations, HAPPY GUY, WINDOW and F15 MIRROR - incredible!
USPEQ- ZOUNDMONITOR plus others, now write your own great songs for your demo's!
USPEC10 THE MUSIC COMPOSER plus converters etc. Plus thwe Thunderbirds derm USPEC11-GAMR MUSIC CREATOR plus others, brilliant program and utilities, Ever wondered where to get those really unusual utilities from?
1 to 5 disks £3:00 each 6 to 10 disks - £2:75 each 11 or more disks - £2:50 each Prices include Disk, IstClacs R4.I? Spare label.
Mail and phone orden received before noon despatched same day GUARANTEED Deduct £1 from abcne prices if rending your own hlank disks SOF214 - DEATSTAR MEGADEMO - Simply the BEST - 2disks - £5 SOF254 - The WALKER demo, brilliant animation - lmeg version SOF255 - The WALKER2 demo, the legend continues - lmeg version.
SOF206 - hWRTHSTAR FAlRLfGHT Megademo3 - 2disks - £5 SOF205 - ROBO-COP demo, sampled from the smash hit movie!
SOF260 - MUSIC MODULES for use with GHOSTWRITER (Uspec4) SOF267 - PHALANX BEATBOX - Loads of J.M.Jarre type songs!
SOF274 - PHOENIX MEGADEMOI - One of the best demo compilations get this for your collection now!
SOF277 - SARGON MEGADEMO - Fabulous loading screen, love it!
SOF278 - ALCATRAZ MEGADEM03 - Brilliant selection !
SOF308 - MAHONEY KAKTUS music demo disk with over 40! Songs SOF318 - MADE IN HEAVEN from KYLIE MINOGUE - Very good sample and very popular now - 2disks - £5 SOF327 - GOLDISK (EMI of Ivory) more great music how do they do it?
SOF347 - QUADLITE MEGADEMO JUKEBOX 64, very different!
SOF352 - VISION MEGADEMO, some more brilliant graphics music on this, their latest demo disk.
SOF355 - IT WALKMAN MUSIC DISK, one of the very latest, and one of the very best around.
PLUS we have the largest collection of FRED FISH disks in the country, the latest sent to us monthly from the man himself. WE ALSO STOCK The F.A.U.G, SLIPPED DISK, PANORAMA, A.RDC collections and a selection from the AMICUS collection.
So, if you want CHOICE and SERVICE, come to SOFTViLLE, BRITAINS NO.l DISTRIBUTER II We have collected the best from around the world and compiled pi them into our own collection, so good other libraries sell them i as is! Now over 400 disks - select from the BEST!
20 30 40 £15.50 £22.75 £29.50 £16.50 £23.95 £31.25 50 100
£35.75 £69.95 £37.95 £74.95 Free quote on all available
hardware - Just send S.A.E. Full software catalogue
available - El- 1st purchase). Software - P&P Inc. U.K.
Europe add C1-, elsewhere E2per Hem Hardware ¦ £5- U.K.
Mainland, elsewhere ring write for rates. Cheques
P.O. International Money Orders made Payable lo AMIGA
image1 am post to our P.O, Boi No'. S church St FULL NO
19.99 15.99 Barbarian
1! .24.99 18.99
Batman ...24.99 18.99 Bat I lech
ess ..24.99 18.99 Beach
Volley 24.99 18.99 Big Top O
Fun ...24.99 18.99
Bloodwych ...24.99 18.99 F 16 Combat
Pilot .....24.95 18.95 Grand Prtx
Circuit.....24.99 18.99
Gunship ..24.95 18.95 Indiana
Jones .....24.99 18.99 It Came From The Desert
24.95 18.95 Kick
Off ...19.95 14.95 Kingdom Of
England .24.99 18.99 Lords Of The Rising
Sun..24.99 18.99 Paperboy
24.99 18.99 Passing
Shot 19.99 15.99
Phobia .....24.99 18.99
Powerdrome .24.99 18.99 Rainbow
Islands .24.99 18.99 Rick
Dangerous ..24.99 18.99 RVF
Honda ..24.99 18.99
Skwcck ....19 99 15.99 Stunt Car
Racer .24.99 18.99 The New Zealand Story
...24.99 18.99 Weird Dreams .24.99 18.99
Xenon II ..24.99 18.99 MEGA DEALS
"ARKANOID 2 - £9.99 “ TETRAQUEST " - £8.99 AMIGA A500 &
MODULATOR £349.95 (Refundable with 1st 1 COMPUTERS RRP AIP
Amiga A500 + Free TV Mnriiiiator .
399. 99..... ..349.95 Amiga A2000 + Free £300 of
Software .1491.40.....
1299. 00 I PRINTERS RRP AIP Seikosha SP180AI Dot- Matrix
Printer ......149.99.... ‘Scoop* Citizen I20D
.249.99..... Amiga MI’S 1230 (NEW1229.99 .... Epson
LX800 .316.99.....
- Lead for Printer - Micro 14.95..... ..129.99 ..149.99 ..199.99
..269.99 ......9.99 Idisc drives RRP AIP ActionSoft 1 Mb 3 1 2
Drive .. ..99.95..... ....74.99 Commodore 1Mb 3
1 2 Drive ... ..99.99..... ....84.99 Ihard drives
RRP AIP Amiga 20Mb (A500 onlv)399.99 ... Vortex 40Mb
(A500 10001573.85.... ..354.99 ...499.99 ¦monitors RRP AIP 1
Philips CM 8833 14 Colour Strrco269.99.. Amiga 1084s 14
Colour Stcrc......299.99.... .229.99 ...254.99 ¦modems RRP AIP
1 Linnet Auto Dial Answer Modem V21 33 174.80.....
...139.99 [joysticks RRP __id yuicKbnot n
Speed king (MlcroSwitch) Quickjoy V Superboard .....tt.uo.....
9. 95 ...19.95..... .....13.99 ¦discs RRP AIP 1 3 5" Disr Cleaner
.....5.95...... 4.95 Box of 10 Branded Discs..
.19.99...... .....13.99 BRANDED 3 1 2" DISKS 31 2" SONY DS DD
135 Tpl BOX OF 10 ...£14.50
31 2" 3M DS DD 135 Tpl BOX OF
10 ... £14.50 31 2"
10 ......£14.50 31 2" DYSAN DS DD 135
Tpl BOX OF 10 .£16.50 3
10 .....£29.95 All 31 2"
Disks come complete with labels and come with our No Quibble
Money Back or Replacement Guarantee.
DISKETTE STORAGE BOXES Price Each 50 x 31 2" Hinged Lid Lockable .....£5.50 100 x 31 2" Hinged Lid Lockable £7.50 DISK BOXES WITH DISKS 50 x 31 2" Hinged Lid Lockable with 20 DS DD 135TPI £21.50 100 x 31 2" Hinged Lid Lockable with 50 DS DD 135TPI £44.95 All prices include VAT and Carriage, All Goods despatched within 24 hours subject to availability.
SP10 3 BR Tel: 0264 333830 (24 hrs) QUANTITY 10 31 rSS DD 135TPI £7.95 31 2" DS DD 135TPI £8.50 WORLDWIDE WORLDWIDE SOFTWARE 106A Chilwell Road, Beeston Nottingham NG9 1ES WORLDWIDE SOFTWARE 1 Bridge Street Galashiels TD1 1SW GARCLAVCARD Access SOFT WA R E I Commodore Amiga Software Commodore Amiga Software Commodore Amiga Software Commodore Amiga Software Commodore Amiga Software 3D Pool ...£16.95 APB £14 95 Ac:«on Fighter ...£16 95 Adidas Golden
Shoe £17.95 African Raiders ......£14 95 Afterburner . ....£17 95 Airborne Ranger ......£16 95 Alien Legion ... ,.,£16.95 Altered Beast £17 95 Amiga Gold Hits £17 95 Archipelagos £16.95 Astarolh ...£17 95 Balance of Power 1990 ..£17 95 Barbarian II £17 95 Baiman The Movie ..£i 7 95 Batile
Chess .£17.95 Battle Valley .. £14 95 Battlehawks 1942 ....£17 95 Beach Volley .£17 95 Bio Challenge ..£16.95 Blood Money .£16 95 BlOOdwyCh ...£17 95 Bridge Player 2000 £14 95 Bridge Player 2150 Galactica £22 95 North, Scotland, Fast Delivery On All Stock Items By 1st Class Mail In UK.
Special Overseas Service By Air Mail Worldwide.
South, Midlands,
N. Ireland Credit Card Orders Accepted by Phone Or Mail.
Wales 0896 57004 (24 hours) Overseas tel no: Nottingham 225368 0602 252113 Credit Card Order Telephone Lines Commodore Amiga Software Commodore Amiga Software Commodore Amiga Software Cabal ......£17 95 Capone ...£21 95 Carrier Command ....£16 95 Castle Warrior ..£16 95 Chariots o1 Wrath .,£16.95 Chase HO ....£17 95 Chess Player 2150 ..£16 95 Chessmaster 2000 . £17 95
Chicago 90 ...£14 95 Colossus Chess X ...£ 16 95 Contlict in Europe ...£17 95 Cosmic Pirate .. £ 16 95 Crazy Cars 2 £16 95 Daily Double Horse Racing £14 95 Daley Thomson Oiymp Challenge....£14 95 Datastorm ...... £16.95 De Luxe Music Const. Set .£58.95 De Luxe Paint 2 ......,£38.95 De Luxe Photo Lab .£58 95 De Luxe Print 2 .£58 95 De Luxe
Productions ....£119.95 De Luxe Scrabble ...£14 95 De Luxe Video ... .....£58 95 Deia Vu2 £17.95 Demons Tomb . £14 95 Demons Wtnter .....£17.95 Double Dragon .£14.95 Dr Plummet ..... .....£14 95 Dragon Ninja £16 95 Dragon Spirit ... £14 95 Dragons Lair 1 meg £35.95 Dragons Of Flame ..... £17.95 Dungeon Master 1 meg .£ 16-95 Dungeon Master Editor
...£7.99 Dynamite Dux ... £17.95 Elite £16.95 Emperor ot the Mines ..£16.95 Empire . £17.95 Eye Of Horus .£16 95
F. O.F.T ....£22.95 FI6
Combat Pilot ....£16.95 FI6
Falcon ....£22.95 Faery
Tale £14.95 Falcon Mission
Disk .£14.95 Ferrari Formula
One £ 17.95 Fiendish Freddie Big
Top £17.95 Fire Brigade 1 meg
£22.95 Flight Simulator
2 .....£28 95 Fit. Sim. 2 Scenery Disk
9 ...£11.99 Fit. Sim. 2 Scenery Disk it .....£14
95 Fit. Sim. 2 Scenery Disk 7 ..£16-95 Fit. Sim.
Japan Scenery Disk ....£14.95 Football Director
2 ......£14 95 Footbafl Manager 2 Exp Kit
£9.99 Football Manager 2 ..£14 95
Forgotten Worlds £14 95 Fun School 2 (6 to 8
yrs) £14 95 Fun School 2 (over 8) ....
£14.95 Fun School 2 (under 6) ...£14.95
Fusion ... ...,.£17.95 Games Summer
Edition .£17.95 Gauntlet 2 ... £17.95
Gemini Wing .£14.95 Gilbert
Escape Drill ..£14.95 Gin and Cribbage
...£22.95 Goldrush
. £17.95 Grand Prix
Circuit ..£17 95 Greenpeace ..
Gridiron ...£16.95
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Desert..,.. £22.95
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Death ..£22 95 Light Force
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York ......£22 95 Matrix Marauders..,
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Venice ......£16 95
Neuromancer £17.95 Never
Mind £14 95 New Zealand
Story ...,£17 95 Nonh and South
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operation Thunderbolt ....£17 95 Operation
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Em Up Const Kit .....,£22.95 Shuttlepuck Cafe
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* ********************* 10 x 3 5' DS OD Hi Qua! Disk £9.95 Europe
(other than UK) shipping costs are: £1.50 per disc for normal
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include postage and packing in the UK ADVERTISED PRICES ARE FOR
MAIL AND TELEPHONE ORDERS Outside Europe shipping costs are:
£2.00 per disc for normal airmail £3.00 per disc for express
• : .£9.95
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......£2995 ? Pif, f mm. Uo In VICTORY PACK 2:- AS PACK
1: Insanity Flight, 2: Mercenary Compendium, 3: Amegas, 4: Art of Chess, 5: Wizball 6: Barbarian, 7: Terrorpods, 8: Buggy Boy, 9: Ikari Warriors, 10: Thundercats.
O Ufl PtiJ CE VAT.
Amiga DOS Quick Reference (Abacus) . Motorola 68000 Programmers Ref Man (Motorola) 1001 Things To Do With Your Amiga (Tab) .. Amiga for Beginners (Abacus) . Kickstart Guide to the Amiga (Ariadne) .. Kids and the Amiga (Compute!) ...... Elementary Amiga BASIC (Compute!) (D) ... Amiga Machine Language (Abacus)
(D) Amiga Programmers Guide (Compute!) Amiga DOS Reference Guide (Compute!) ... Amiga Tricks and Tips (Abacus) (D) ...... Inside Amiga Graphics (Compute!) (D) .. Amiga C for Beginners (Abacus) (D) ..... Amiga Applications (Compute!) (D) First Book of the Amiga (Compute!)
(D) . Amiga DOS - Inside & Out (Abacus) (D) Advanced Amiga BASIC (Compute!) (D) ..... Computer Viruses - A High Tech Disease (Abacus - NEW!) ..... Amiga Users Guide to Graphics. Sound. Telecom (Bantam) .... Becoming an Amiga Artist (Scott-Foreman - NEW!) ...... Amiga 3D Graphics Programming in BASIC (Abacus - NEW!) (D), Amiga Machine Lang Programming Guide (Compute!) (D) ...... Using Deluxe Paint II
(Compute!) ... Learning C - Graphics on Amiga & Atari ST (Compute!) (D) .... Amiga BASIC - Inside & Out (Abacus) (D) ... Amiga Microsoft BASIC Programmers Guide (Scott-Foreman) . Inside the Amiga with C (Sams) .. Amiga DOS Manual (Bantam) . Programming the 68000 (Sybex) .... Amiga Disk Drives - Inside & Out (Abacus) (D) ......
Programmers Guide to the Amiga (Sybex) .. Amiga Programmers Handbook (Sybex) ..... Amiga Programmers Handbook, Vol 2 (Sybex) ...... Amiga ROM Kernel Ref. Man.: Includes & Autodocs (A.W. NEW1).
Amiga C lor Advanced Programmers (Abacus - NEW!) Amiga System Programmers Guide (Abacus) (D) .. Amiga Graphics Inside & Out (Abacus - NEW) (D) . RAMSOFTS - BOOKSHOP
* * * Why not call into our barracks, where
helpful staff will cater for all your needs.
RAMSOFT EXTRAS We also stock software & a large selection of books, specially for the Amiga.
Books can be purchased separately, disks available tor ail books marked with (D) £9.95. All prices shown include VAT, please add £5.00 for 24 hour courier service, subject to availability & cheque clearance.
Postage on books included in price stated (UK only). Overseas Allies, please add £5,00.
Please note all our machines come with a 12 month warranty.
All machines supplied by official UK Distributors.
" All enquiries to:- RAMSOFT, Unit 1, Drake House, 160 Drake St, Rochdale, Lancs. OL16 1PX.
War Office No: 0708-43519 24hour. Logging Device.
_Barracks open Mon-Sat, 09.00-17.30._ RAM EXPANSION 512K CARTRIDGE INCLUDING CLOCK ®1 ,r BULK 3.5" DISKS. £7.99 x 10 INCLUDING LABELS.
INC. INDEX LABELS £8-99 I We had a lot of interest from all sorts of people at the last Commodore show - designers, students, artists, children and a man who does handicrafts with disabled people. There was even one man with his family who said to his wife “See, it WAS worth coming after all!". I gave away lots of copies of patterns to fathers who wanted them for wives and daughters, as a way of getting them interested in their computer.
There was a lady who was soon going to be starting a job working with computers - she didn't know how they worked and said she was very grateful to us for explaining things to her, as everyone else was out to sell their product, and she wanted something her children could take an interest in as well as use for word processing.
Several people thought that the idea could be scaled up using a plotter or something to be used as full-sized patterns. I had people wanting to know if the patterns were available as a PD disk, or it they could buy a copy of the program, which I explained was Deluxe Paint II.
SARA MAIDSTONE NORWICH And I hear that Newcastle Polytechnic use the Amiga to help students learn dress design, too... MORE GAMES Why is it that almost everyone who writes in to your magazine is against having too many games reviews? Personally I would like more. With more games articles and reviews you would appeal to more than just the computer programming side of the market. Why not have a quarterly games supplement giving news of the latest releases and of games not yet available?
At present, whether or not I buy AF depends mainly on your cover disk, but by including more games items your magazine would appeal to the whole of the Amiga owning public.
Apart from that your magazine is great, especially the disk, most of the demos are good (exluding Wicked and Purple Saturn Day, of course) and the recent idea of the Workbench Hacks and the art pictures is fantastic.
One more thing. Why is it that the only letters sent in that receive prizes are long letters including m- depth descriptions of complicated, boring things that are not really of any interest to most people - well not to me anyway?
LEVI PAY BASILDON. ESSEX Prizes are given for letters that stimulate thought, entertain or in any other way take my fancy.
IF THE PRICE IS RIGHT Since the early days of the C64 and Spectrum, there has been a common practice carried out by software houses: Computer Apartheid. This is the practice where a game's price is governed by the computer format it is sold on (I know it’s an old argument, but it hasn’t been raised in Amiga Format before). For example a Commodore 64 game would sell for £9.99 and the Spectrum version would sell for £8.99. The same discrimination is happening on the Amiga ST software front, whereby an Amiga game will sell for £5 more that an ST game.
I have had many thoughts on the reason for this difference, Could it be because the ST has sold more than the Amiga? (not for long I hope!). I discarded this argument, by looking back at the C64 and Spectrum example. Everybody knows that the C64 is the largest selling home computer of all time, yet its games are more expensive than the Spectrum. This is the exact opposite of the Amiga ST trend.
Could it be because the Amiga is a more complex machine and needs more programming skill than the ST. No (well, the Amiga is technically, miles ahead of the ST!!
(bitchy!)). A well known, and moaned about fact, is that a large majority of Amiga games are ported over from the ST (although, at long last, this habit is dying). So even though code is the same, there is still a large price difference.
So what is the reason for the £5 difference? Greed? It wouldn’t surprise me. Wouldn't it be fair if the price for the two formats were the same? I think that the price of software is too high anyway. If the cost of full price games were lowered to £15 the sales of software would increase considerably. I know I would buy more software, than at the current prices.
I would also like to know how mail-order companies can sell software for up to £10 pounds less than the shops. They must still make a profit.
I am interested to hear what the other readers of Amiga Format think about software prices. Are we being conned?
MARK HUMPHREY BASILDON, ESSEX Your C64 argument, it has to be said, is somewhat flawed.
Although it may have been the world's best selling computer, the Spectrum easily outsold it in Britain and software here was priced in respect of that.
The disparity between ST and Amiga prices has been justified on the same grounds. However, Amiga sales have been rocketing and the imbalance ought to be rec- iified - it will only happen piecemeal, mind. Note the comments on this topic from Commodore's Rahman Haleem in Issue One, Some software houses already have price parity, the rest should follow suit: the question is when?
SOME PEOPLE LIKE SOME THINGS You say you pay out £800 each month to disk contributors.
Rubbish, Let's look at the rest of the disk (excluding the game demo). Icon Meister - nice, but PD; Spreadsheet - nice, but PD; Dropcloth, nice but PD, Workbench Hacks, nice but PD.
In fact, the only thing you might possibly have had to pay for is the Sexy Robot picture.
You realise, I hope, that the only reason people buy your magazine is to get software that is not PD (they can get this from anybody), but I can see, our money is wasted. I am (as are many others) waiting for Issue 4, when you print this letter and answer some of the the criticisms in an adult fashion (NOT, some people like some things, others...). May I suggest you look at the Amiga Computing coverdisk, a demo with source code, well I've sent you a demo with source now, so you have no excuse not to publish it.
JAMES RICHARDSON HOOK, HAMPSHIRE There is £800 available every month and we will be delighted to pay it out. It is dependant on the software being good enough to put on the disk. I suspect you would moan even more if we put sub standard software on the disk.
As for PD software being a waste on the disk, there are a lot of people that don’t have the time and energy to hunt through the thousands of available PD disks.
We can look for the best programs and distribute them to the wider audience they deserve. Much PD stuff costs the same price or more as our mag plus a disk, a Commodore Microdeal FREE! - ART OF CHESS - by SPA FREE! - MERCENARY COMP - by Novagen FREE! - BARBARIAN, ULT WARRIOR - by Palace FREE!- TERRORPQDS - by Psygnosis FREE! - BUGGY BOY - by Elite FREE! - THUNDERCATS - by Elite FREE! - IKARI WARRIORS - by Elite .95 + VAT= £399 INCLUDES FREE UK DELIVERY The Amiga 500 is one of a new breed of technologically advanced computers, which are now emerging as the new standard for home computing, based
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Step into center court, tighten your grip and prepare to serve up your best shot - Pro Tennis Tour is about to begin.
¦ IBM : ¦ AMIGA ¦ ATARI ST ¦ C 64 TO COME SOON Warm up on one of six practice programs containing three levels of increasing difficulty. Put away shots like a Pro !
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I shots tppiesenl Amiga voisions. Other* may vary Is a registered trademark ol Commodore Amiga, Inc Entertainment Software AmiMail Order: The Ultimate UK Dealer PRINTER MONITOR BARGAINS 8333 With Lead £189.00 LC10 Printer £139.95 LC10 Colour £169.95 Citizen 12QD
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Commodore Business Centre, Principle Education Dealer and Approved Amiga 2000 Centre A GREAT DISK DRIVE FOR YOUR AMIGA COMPUTER Daisy Chainable, NEC mechanism, Has front door flap, 1 year guarantee, Includes cables, Colour matches Amiga, True half height si2e
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* Free' demo disk from our own PD library AMIGA ACCESSORIES BBC
EMULATOR £39 95 C64 EMULATOR £29.95 A500 MODULATOR £19.95 A501
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A500 "CLASS OF THE 90s" EDUCATIONAL PACK inc. Modulator, 24 games on 4 discs: Arcade, Adventure, Board and Shoot-em-up games, plus: Midi Interface, Dpaint II, Superbase Personal, Publishers Choice, Maxiplan 500 spreadsheet, Dr. Ts Midi Recording Studio, Amiga LOGO, BBC Emulator, 5 BBC programmes, 10 Blank Discs, Mouse Mat, Disc Wallet £549.99 Also with 8833 monitor £759.99 SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES - BUY 20 - GET 1 FREE, 7 DAY GUARANTEED REPAIR TURNAROUND A500 PACK PRICES INC VAT BATMAN PACK inc. Modulator, 24 games on 4 discs: Arcade, Adventure, Board and Shoot-em-up games, plus: BATMAN the Caped
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PHILIPS MONITORS CMH833 14“ RGB CVBS mon 189.00 All Star, Citizen, Mannesman Tally Printers come with 1 year on-site maintenance.
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P565X1 ...814.99 NEC 1*6 80 character ....414.00 NEC P7 136 character .....534.00 Colour upgrade kil .80.00 Panasonic KXP 1081 128.00 Panasonic KXP1 124 .239.00 Shcetfeeder ..89.00 Panasonic KXP I 180 .165.00 Panasonic KXP 1592 253.00 Panasonic KXP 1595 .... 344.00 Panasonic KXP
1540 ... 428.00 NEW MANNESMANN TALLY LAUNCH OFFER MT8I (dot matrix) 110.00 Shectlecder .... 62.00 Serial l F .35.00 RIBBONS KXP1081 1090 1 2 4.00 DMP 2000 3000 3160 2.80 DMP 4000 ...4.40 PCW 8256 LQ3500 ..4.50 Panasonic 313I MI*26 .4.40 FX800 RX MX KX80 ..3.15
FX1000 FX RX100 4.40 NL 10 .. 4.40 LQ500 800 850 ...4.40 LC 10 . 4.40 NEC ....; ......5.00 Professional Repairs Carried Out.
Thlnkjel . Quletjel...., .... Quletjet+ Deskjel .. DeskJet + ...... PaintJet .. Rugged Writer ..... All Hewlett Packard printers come u ith 12 months on site warranty THE NEED FOR SPEED Assemblers are rarely things to get excited about, but that was before the arrival of ArgAsm. JASON
HOLBORN checks out what promises to be the fastest assembler ever.
There was a time when Commodore would have pref- ered that programmers steered clear of programming the Amiga in assembler: C programming was about as low-level as they would recommend. While C is still the choice for the majority of American programmers, the language has never really caught on in Europe, and assembler is without doubt the number one programming language for the vast majority of professional European Amiga programmers.
However, while this statement may be true, the most surprising aspect of this is that the majority of games programmers don't even write their wares on an Amiga, prefering instead the PC-based PDS system. Why should this be so when the Amiga offers such a friendly working environment? The answer is simple: speed (or lack of it where Amiga assemblers are concerned!).
The lack of speed of current Amiga assemblers was very much the driving force behind the development of ArgAsm. Argonaut Software, who are best known for their StarGlider games, previously used HiSoffs Devpac 2 system running on the Amiga to develop all their ST and Amiga games software. However, even the relatively fast Devpac seemed painfully slow when handling source code amounting to megabytes rather than kilobytes.
Close To The Edit ArgAsm consists of a suite of tools that, together, allow the creation of assembler programs. The system consists of two independent versions of the package: the first, Arg, is a CLI-b'ased assembler, while ArgEd is a Devpac-like integrated editor assembler based around a nice friendly Intuition front end. Unlike Devpac, ArgAsm does not include any form of monitor debugger and so if you require one, this will have to be purchased separately.
Before you can produce a program, you're going to need to enter your source code using some form of text editor or word processor. Like its mam rival, Devpac, ArgAsm includes a powerful text editor as standard.
However, unlike the Devpac editor ArgEd is a multiple-window affair that allows you to work on as many different source files at the same time as memory allows. One particularly nice feature is the ability to open multiple windows that can display different parts of the same source file in memory. When you edit any part of the source file, every window learns about the edit immediately and the screen is then updated accordingly.
ArgEd is fully configurable, so you can change attributes such as tab sizes, text buffer size, file backups, auto indenting and numerous others from with the preference menu. Once everything is set up to your satisfaction, your preference setting can then be saved and they are then loaded automatically everytime ArgEd is loaded.
ArgEd also includes several extra options such as a complete number base converter-cum-pro grammers calculator and a IttJP OT ArgAsn hard at work yun yuas, g m* sourer.)
AraAsn 68080 Macro Assembler v0.53. c)1989 Argonaut Software Ltd, (Multiple Section Beta rest*) (Jason's) Keep Confidential* Assenbling, Writing executeable code to AH8:TEST4 66 lines. 8133 bytes objectcode, Assembled in 0.26 secs, 15880 LPM.
23 svnbols, 0 used 16384 left in nacrospace, 65536 objectcode buffer.
153033 general workspace, 8 Jiskfile(s).
Total assembly tine was 0.32 seconds, throughput was 12880 LPM, 8 Errors, 8 Warnings, Position Independant Code.
Press a key to continue.
¦ ArgAsm in action. Here we’re in the process of assembling a small previously-written program from within ArgEd.
Snapshot facility. It's quite surprising to think that such a simple, but so very useful, feature hasn't been incorporated other editors of this type. Never again will you have to hunt through masses of printout trying to locate your trusty calculator!
Multiple ArgAsms Two separate versions of the assembler are included. The first, as mentioned earlier, is built into ArgEd, while the second is designed to be run from the Command Line Interface.
Most assemblers, including Devpac, are two-pass: which means that the assembler parses the source file twice, ignoring any errors due to forward referencing on the first pass, and then filling in all the gaps on the second.
ArgAsm, on the other hand, is a single-pass assembler. This basically means that ArgAsm assembles the source code directly into an object code buffer, keeping track of any forward referencing as it goes along. Once the pass is complete, ArgAsm then resolves any forward referencing by inserting the correct addresses directly into the object code buffer. The advantage of this technique is a significant improvement in performance.
Source Of Confusion So as to minimalise the hassle of changing from one assembler system to another, ArgAsm is source compatible with several of its mam competitors. These include HiSoft’s Devpac (1 & 2).
Inovatronic's CAPE (a little-known assembler that is popular among American assembler programmers) and Metacomco’s ASSEM.
Unfortunately, ArgAsm isn’t directly compatible with Kuma’s K-SEKA, mainly due to SEKA's non-standard code format. However, a conversion utility is a fairly simple thing to write.
The implication of providing compatibility with several different assemblers is basically that I I ArgAsm doesn't lack its fair share of assembler directives. (An assembler directive is simply an instruction that controls the assembler during assembly and can be used to carry out such tasks as pulling binary data (such as graphic data) directly into your program; only assembling defined sections of code when a particular conditional is true; changing memory load type for different sections of code (eg. Screen data into chip memory, program into fast memory) and others).
Life In The Fast Lane When you select the assemble option from within ArgEd, the program brings up an assembly options menu that allows you to tell the assembler how to operate.
As well as the usual things such as output type, listing and program output filenames etc, the assembler also provides optional optimization, display of each instruction's cycle time and other additional information to aid program development.
One sad ommision is the ability to assemble your code to memory and then run your program from within the editor (a la Devpac). With ArgAsm, the only way of running your code is to either exit back to the CLI or open another separate command line window.
ARGASM FOR PROS Argonaut intend to constantly upgrade ArgAsm by providing enhancement upgrades that range from straight bug fixes right up to the addition of major new features to further enhance an already impressive development system. According to Argonaut, upgrades will be available to registered users for about C10-15, according to the amount of work that was involved in the upgrade.
Also on the books is a more powerful version of ArgAsm, provisionally called ArgAsm Professional, that will provide direct support for the 68030 (possibly even the 68040), 68881 68882 and many other sophistication enhancements.
From your very first use, ArgAsm’s astounding operational speed will become more than evident. Depending on the complexity of your code, speed increases of over seven times that of the Devpac, ArgAsm's fastest competitor, are easily achieved (stick an ‘030 board and fast hard drive into your Amiga and things will really start to cook!) Once you start using ArgAsm, you'll never want to go back to any other Amiga assembler.
Conclusion If you’re not particularly keen on the idea of having to produce all your source code using ArgEd, ArgAsm will also work fine with source code produced using other editors (including Devpac's!) You could either read source code produced using another editor directly into ArgEd and then assemble it from within there. Alternatively, you could scrap ArgEd all together and use the CLI-based Arg assembler in conjunction with your favourite text editor. Either way, you'll find ArgAsm to be a very flexible friend indeed.
Speed is undoubtedly ArgAsm’s main selling point, but the inclusion of compatibility with such big names as Devpac and Cape is sure to earn ArgAsm many friends. Unlike the seemingly accepted norm, there's no reason to scrap all your old source code just because you're using a different development system; just run it through ArgAsm and, if it is compatible with one of the three named assemblers, chances are it’ll assemble without modification.
|0|»r»:Sourcrt.S ItUlAssehble Preferences Object code type Executable Case dependance Dependant Debus infornation Nornal List to None Output to Disk AM0:TEST Error options Optinise List options Tininss Synbol list Maxi nun object size 6553b Macro definition size 16384 Header filename Optinise Yes INCDIR path list AM0: INCLUDE Statistics No Assenble options Cancel Assenble If you're an Amiga assembler programmer, you really cannot afford to ignore ArgAsm. The combination of compatibility with existing assemblers and an operational speed that even puts PDS systems to shame, deserves to make
ArgAsm the Amiga industry standard. ¦ ¦ ArgAsm’s assembler options menu allows you to control every aspect of the assembler.
£59.95 ¦ All Amiga*, 1 Mb Recommended I Argonaut Software, 7 Millway, Millhill, London Status line Sinter bar Tine delay between saves 15 nornal tab setting ¦ The ArgAsm preference menu allows you to tailor your working environment to suite your own personal needs.
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Issue 2.
RRP £19.99 16 Blitz Price £13.99. UJJJJi. COVERDISK BARGAINS
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the ' Format Coverdisk at the cheapest prices in town vI DI the
untouchables ?LLE from Ocean Issue 4. RRP £24.99 16 Blitz
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Issue 1-7 ¦ Sold Out, Sorry!!
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If you’re a new reader to the “Format” titles, we feel sure that you’ll be anxious to catch up on some of the very rare earlier issues of ST Amiga Format magazine, each with its own cover disc but also full to the brim of great reviews, articles and news.
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Also, see the special on desktop publishing, to packages are put to the test.
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ADAPTABLE Probabilities are given on every fixture - choose as many selections as you need for your bet. The precise prediction formula can be set by the user - you can develop and test your own unique method.
SIMPLE DATA ENTRY AD team names are m the program. Simply type in the reference numbers from the screen. Or use FDCGENto produce fixture list automatically (see below).
LEAGUE AND NON-LEAGUE AD English and Scottish League teams are supported, and also the non-league sides often used on pools coupons.
PRINTER SUPPORT Full hard copy printout of data if you have a printer.
PRICE £24.00 (all inclusive) SPECIAL OFFER Amiga 500 Limited Edition (1 megabyte RAM, TV modulator + Dragons Lair) .....£539.00 Amiga 500 inc modulator and one game £374.00 Amiga 500 inc modulator and 10 star games pack ...£389.00 Amiga 500 -t- 1084S monitor ......£634.00 CBM PC1 IBM compatible + ABLE 1 software, mono ..£537.00 CBM PC1 IBM compatible + ABLE 1 software, colour .£489.00 CBM PC 40 III single drive + colour VGA + 40
megabyte hard disk £2137.00 Atari STFM Explorer Pack ......£299.00 (All prices inc VAT) All other computers and peripherals available; also software.
For further details phone or send sae to: COTSWOLD COMPUTERS 22 Polruan Place, Fishermead Milton Keynes MK6 2LH • (0908) 662331_ NOT JUST A TIPSTER PROGRAM, Course winner __. V3 can be used by experts THE PUNTERS COMPUTER PROGRAM and occasional punters alike.
You can develop and test your own unique winning system by adjusting the analysis formula, or use the program in simple mode. Course winner V3 uses statistical analysis of major factors including past form, speed ratings, course statistics, prize money, weight, going, trainer and jockey form etc, etc. It outputs most likely winners, good long odds bets, forecasts, tricasts etc. The database includes vital course statistics for aU British courses. You can update the database - never goes out of date. FULL PRINTER SUPPORT PRICE £24.00 (all inclusive) Include* rut AND National Hut Tenlons.
Amstrad cpcs amstrad pcw Please state tape or disc BBCs IBM Format ______ _ COMMODORE 64 128 COMMODORE AMIGA (add £2.00 for di&C).
SPECTRUM ATARI ST Send Cheque& POs for return of post service to SOI'TWAkH phone 24 hrs 62 ALTRINCHAM RD, GATLEY, CHEADLE, CHESHIRE SK8 4DP. S 061-428 7425 . I Send for full lut of our software) OH DEARY, DEARY ME Coupla cock-ups on last month’s Coverdisk, for which we smite our foreheads in abject exasperation. First up was the fact that because the Dpaint clip-art was crunched, compressed, compacted and generally fiddled about with by Dpaint III, it will only work with the latter versions (II and III) and not with the original. Sorry!
The second thing was a bit less noticeable: we gave you an extra piccy by accident. It was of the Xenon 2 logo, grabbed to use for the icon. Guess who got his botty smacked for those two.
COMPETITION WINNERS ¦ Here are the winners of the GEMINI WING compo in Issue 2 Winner - S Mitchell. Cippenham. 10 Runners-up
• Duncan Houston, Stockton on-Tees, N Delaney, London SW20; David
Rom, London NW11; Stephen Peters. West Derby; B Myers. Douglas,
Christopher Young. Seaton Ross; JD Fagg. Tonbridge; N Lee,
Edenpridge, Darren Abbott. Beauchief; Tim Laybourn, Hatheid 25
other prizes
• Kathleen Chisnall. Hornchurch; Ben Powell. Ortingbury; Peter
Badger, Bessacarr; Andrew A Adams. Headmgiey; Eddie Curtis.
Coggeshatl; GS Roberts. Pudsey; Frazer Drew, Church Gresley; AH
Foster. Bassett; Mark Hilton. Heston; MJ Humphrey. Langdon
Hills; S Hobdell, MildenhaH; Joshua Howlell. Isleham; Steven
Mellon, Knowle; Paul Minshull, Emmer Green; Brian Wise.
Salisbury; Derek P Robbins; JA Wheeler. Cheltenham. AC
Anderson, Newbiggm by Sea, Tom Chapman, Earls Barton; Ross
Hendricks. Peterculter; Sara Maidstone. Norwich, John Gilligan.
Glasgow Huw Gill. Moulton; Peter Jones, Worcester; Stephen
Lodge, Horbury CAPTAIN WHINGE they’re all wimps the lot of
them, everyone knows it’s really cool to program the Amiga
hardware directly, infact, it’s so cool that I’m getting a
T-shirt printed just to let everyone know that I’m man enough
to program the Amiga hardware directly, anyway, using the
operating system routines is just quite simply wimping out, I
really enjoy having to write reams and reams of assembler code
just to make the machine realise that I've pressed a key on the
keyboard, and one thing’s for sure, I’ve got the best keyboard
scanning routine ever devised, it’ll play the yellow rose of
texas every time you press the ’A* key whilst you’ve got your
finger in your ear, and all this is only 400k...... NEXT MONTH
The December issue will be on sale on Thursday 9th November. On
the Coverdisk will be a playable demo of Chostbusters II, set
to be a smash hit film and game.
Barring Acts of God and busted deadlines (which of course we never, ever, ever, ever do) we will have a look at the best in 3D graphics, a round-up of sound samplers, the lowdown on the comms scene and a bumper games section as the Christmas boom approaches. Hang onto your fish.
PC SHOW ITINERARY As we close the Issue the PC Show is about to take place. Here’s the itinerary for one of the Afteam - no names, no pack-drill.
10. 00 arrive: check show map for the bars.
10. 02 snorter at the Long bar.
12. 00 walk around show trying to find someone to buy me a drink.
13. 00 sit on stand pretending to be selling something.
15. 00 go up to people handing out leaflets and turn away just as
they go to give you one.
17. 30 give up for the day.
10. 00 Ocean
11. 00 US Gold
11. 30 Ocean again
12. 00 Mirrorsofl
12. 30 US Gold again
13. 00 Activision
13. 30 Mirrorsoft again
14. 00 Domark
14. 30 Activision again
15. 00 Psygnosis
15. 30 Domark again
16. 00 Virgin
16. 30 Psygnosis again
17. 00 Mindscape
17. 30 Virgin again
18. 00 Entertainment International
18. 30 go home in ambulance FRIDAY Recover from Thursday by
visiting all the bars twice.
10. 00-18.30 rush around with eight carrier bags collecting every
poster, badge, leaflet, bit of blank paper, polystyrene
packing and carpet fluff to be found.
10. 00-16.00 go to every stand In the show and tell the head
honcho you thought their stand was much better last year.
16. 00-17.00 take pictures of stands being dismantled by gangs of
12-year- olds and sell them to national newspapers as
evidence of Inner-city rioting.
E. M.P.D.L ..136 EVESHAM
COMPUTERS..... ....00-81 HI-SOFT ...
.. 1 48
..... ..40 MAIL
CENTA .... 135 MAIN
LTD.. 104
LTD .....60 MICRONET .. 70
MIRRORSOFT ......111, 9 MJC
OCEAN .128, IFC, 3, 35, 56 PALACE
PSYGNOSIS ..77, 48, 62, 64, 85 PURPLE PD ..... 87
SABRE 16 ..62, 136
S. D.C .....63 SELEC
.....31 TREBLE H COMPUTERS .....109
OROUP ....110 US OOLD .OBC, 44, 54-55 VIDEO VAULT
...,...,102 VIRGIN MASTERTRONIC 16, 74
SOFTWARE ....139
..91 Zeus has called upon you! Only a brave and
fearless warrior can save his beloved daughter Athena, from
the cunning clutches of Nelf, evil Lord of the Underworld.
Risen from the grave, you are presented with Supernatural powers beyond this world. Collect the mystical' spirit balls and transform into an awesome array of creatures - as Strongman, punch and kick harder than ever before, as WereWtdf and Werc-Tiger rip the flesh of the demons of hell and as Bear, knock out your enemies with one bad breath!
You hear the distant cries of the beautiful , Athena and as the terrors of the Underworld IH tighten their grasp, the beast within HHI you rises to face the final battle!!
AcTi sioK Al Tf.RIT) MAST'" «nd MliA.k r* i»*drtnjri. l SU.A ENTERPRISES LTT .
Rhi% umi hj» brrn m*nul«« lurrd undci lunn Sc** laifipntf lid.. Iipaa ¦ fSEC.A I*** |W Wjiknrd jnd di*mhuird h* AimiMon il'M l.id. Hi Miil Order: PtHiinnii Lid.. Nrnr Entcrpmr (rnitr. Frrrhald Sirrri, Nurihjmpii n NN2*EW. Trl: 0*04 7f T| Quote Rrlfreoce ACT U Coiuumrr EnquirirvTrchnic.il Support: Tel: 07M 110001_ Tim C+VG CLASSIC HIT!
Available on: CBM 64 128 & AMSTRAD Cassette & Disk SPECTRUM 48 128K Cassette ATARI ST, CBM AMIGA & IBM PC & COMPATIBLES (g 1989 CAPCOM CO., LTD Mannfactnrod under license from CAPCOM CO., LTD. JAPAN STRIDER"* end Cipcom~ an trademarks of Capcom Co., Ltd.
Mannfactnrod and distributed under license by U S Cold Ltd., Units 2 3 Holford Way, Holford. Birmingham B6 7AX. Tel 021 62S 3388.
1 1 .Motorola 6800 2 No commitment, no obligation to buy anything and no "minimum purchase".
* PDOM ACCESSORY SHOP * * Public Dominalor T-Shirts - £6 00
Public Domtnalor mouse mats - £3 50 Excellent quallly blank
disks including labels 10-E7 00 50-E33 00 100-C61 00 Blank disk
labels 100-E300 1000-C100Q Disk boxes 10 capacity £1 50. 20
capacity £3 00 and lockabies 50 capacity £4 50. 100 capacity £7
00 Disk and box 10 £B 00 20 £ 1 6 00 50 £35 00 and 100 £65.00.
Disk cleaning kits • £2 50.
4 2P EACH *

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