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The 'Proscore 24’ MIDI music sequencing and notation package which was to be launched in the near future for the Amiga, following in the footsteps of Big Band, Studio 24 and Track 24 is held up indefinitely. The other packages were issued first on the ST and very rapidly and successfully crossed over to the Amiga. However the French developers, Comus, have run into problems with the high resolution mode on the Amiga which for various reasons won’t support their screen display on the monitors. The future of the Amiga version of 'Proscore 24’ at present looks uncertain and no confirmation could be given if the program would even be issued on Amiga. AMOS DELAYED Mandarin’s forthcoming game-creation program, Amos, has been delayed until January (1990, that is). Mandarin claim this is partly so that they can incorporate some of the suggestions that people have been coming up with since AMOS was announced. They also charitably admit that it’s partially because of the ‘notorious complexities of the Amiga operating system’. Anticipation is certainly high for AMOS’s arrival: we will review it as soon as it’s finished. DRIVES REVIVED Cumana has re-styled, re-designed and re-released two disk drives for the Amiga. The two drives are 3.5 inch and 5.25 inch models, compatible with the A500, A1000 and A2000. The 3.5 inch drive is called the CAX 354, an 80-track doublesided drive with the normal 880K of formatted storage. The 5.25 inch unit is called the 1000S and is compatible with MS-DOS as well as AmigaDOS. It has a daisy chain connector, a data enable disable switch, 40 80 track switching and 360 880K storage.

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Document sans nom ISSUE 5 DECEMBER 1989 £2.95 ART ATTACK!
Prepare to be stunned by
31) Games, Ray-Tracing and Alternative Realities NO AMIGA
' GUESS WHO’S k iigfy to ] WORLD AGAIN IN A 2 v PLAYABLE DEMO GHOSTBUSTERSII 18 GAMES PAGES - Batman, Power Drift, Xenophobe* COM MS • WORD PROCESSORS 3D driving vm Take the wheel of your turbocharged Porsche as you and your partner go in pursuit of dangerous criminals all driving an evil array of souped-up roadsters.
Need to catch up in a hurry? Well, just one press of your Turbo _ Button will leave your eyes the back of your head!
THROUGH THE CITY STREETS, along the roughest of dirt tracks and through busy tunnels - if you can hold the linefThe low life can 11 p n A run, but they can’t hide ...VnAvb flAf* TAITO AMSfRAD SPECTRUM ATARI ST AMIGA COMMODORE SPECTRUM ATARI ST AMIGA Ocean Software Limited 6 Central Street Manchester M2 5NS HIGH SCI SCORE hone: 061 832 6633 Telex: 669977 OCEANS G Fax 061 834 0650 DISTANCE SPEED in REGUARS LETTERS GURU .... GRAPHICS 20 NEWS .... ...7 PREVIEWS . .12 ffSEWQIWS GRAPHICS . .29 BOING MOUSE ... ......69 SCREEN
PLAY .. .37 ABACUS BOOKS ......69 PD UPDATE ...... .91 MASTERTRAX PRO... ....122 WORKBENCH ... ......107
P. A.S.E ..124 GAME BUSTERS......
......115 HARD DRIVE ...... ....133
MUSIC ... ......127 PEN
LTD 4 Queen Street, Bath, BA11EJ, * 0225 446034, FAX us on
0225 446019 FUTURE PUBLISHING 1989 No part ot this magazine
may be reproduced without our permission.
EDITOR Bob Wade PRODUCTION EDITOR Damien Noonan REVIEWS EDITOR Andy Smith TECHNICAL EDITOR Jason Holborn ART EDITOR Trevor Gilham DESIGN ASSISTANT Martin Parfitt DISK EDITOR Richard Monteiro CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Jon Bates (Music), Brian Larkman (Graphics) CONTRIBUTORS Pat McDonald, Graeme Kidd, Mark Smiddy ADVERTISING MANAGER Jennie Evans AD PRODUCTION Louise Cockroft PUBLISHER Greg Ingham. SUBSCRIPTIONS MAIL ORDER The Old Barn, Somerton, Somerset TA11 7PY Teh 0458 74011 PHOTOGRAPHY Ashton James, Bradford-upon-Avon: Tony Spinks, London COLOUR ORIGINATORS Swift Graphics Ltd, Southampton PRINT
QUARTZ ......63 ALTERED BEAST 63 APB ..64 MR HELI ......64 SPECIALS THIRD DIMENSION 19 DESKTOP PUBLISHING ..73 COMMUNICATIONS 99 WORD PROCESSORS ....146 “Pharaoh combines effective graphics and sapcrb sound in a very playable game. From the word go, it offers a wide variety of options and playable subgames. If you fancy something different, take a look.** AMIGA ACTION.
“It’s deep absorbing fan to play.** “The graphics are excellent.** “In an increasingly popular field of interactive strategy, this is a must for fans of this style. ** COMMODORE USER.
“An excellent product... Great in-depth game play.** “Will keep you enthralled for weeks...** “Some very clever and original touches.** THE GAMES MACHINE “The graphics are superb...** ST FORMAT.
On the night of the Pharaoh's death, Amon-Re, the Son God, rescues one young prince from the wrath of Seth, God of the Desert and Evil, bringing him to the fellahs amongst whom he is raised. You are this young Egyptian prince, royal blood flows in your veins and ambition and intelligence move you into trade as a merchant - your opportunity to escape the life of a servant.
However, as your wealth increases and position in society rises, evil jealousy threatens your life, it is then that princely courage protects you against your enemies. The struggle to regain your birthright is a life’s journey of adventure and action.
CBM AMIGA £24.99 ATARI ST £24.99 IBM PC £24.99 Rainbow A Chip production for Rainbow Arts a Arts FROM THE CREATORS OF Rainbow Arts (UK) Ltd., 65 Skctty Close, Brackmills Business Park, Northampton NN4 OPL.
The Personal Computer Show took place at the end of September and we were there to bring you the highlights from it. We also bring news on Commodore’s own show and some exciting news of their plans for the coming year.
COMMODORE COME TO EARLS COURT Commodore’s stand at the PC Show was an impressively large, white walled affair, with plenty going on inside.
There was everything from a games arcade to DTP, graphics to music, even helpful folks from Commodore’s technical support department were on hand.
The Commodore Theatre put on presentations throughout the show that demonstrated the Amiga at its best. Demos included Pen Pal from Brown Wagh (see review on page 138), Music X from Microillusions, Arena from ASAP and Ocean, Domark and Mirrorsoft showing off their latest games.
The Bitmap Brothers, authors of Xenon 2, furthered their careers as international megastars with an autograph-signing appearance: nice bunch of lads but don’t swell their egos too much, will you?
The games arcade had a slightly different angle to it and a very worthwhile one at that. You had to pay to get in, all the money going towards the ‘Help a London Child’ appeal. Seems like an extremely good idea.
DISCOVER BY TOUCH One of the highlights on Commodore’s stand was Discover from Xebec. It’s an interactive information system aimed at providing point of sale information. It consists of a touch sensitive keypad linked to an A2000.
The program can store text, graphics, sound, animations and digitised images to form thousands of pages of information. This can be accessed by key presses on the pad.
Discover is already being used by the National Trust in the New Forest to inform visitors about the flora and fauna there.
Xebec can be contacted on 045 383 5482 for more details on installation and customisation, or write to them at Smith House, 1-2 George Street, Nailsworth, Glos GL6 0AG.
As Commodore launched the Batman Pack on the Wednesday morning of the show, an optimistic sales gentleman announced to the assembled press that the firm hoped to sell 100,000 of the packs over the Christmas period. Somewhere in the audience Steve Franklin, Commodore UK's MD, was blinking furiously and, perhaps, grinning inwardly.
"Well, he's set his own targets now" says Steve later on, chuckling merrily. Steve's own, more realistic estimate is that the Batman pack will sell 60-70,000 Amiga 500s. Still, by any judgement, a massive number.
"I really do believe this is going to be the Amiga's year" says Steve, and it isn't hard to believe. While the Amiga has always been, in his words, "The machine everyone wants", it has kept a niche for itself at the top end of the home computer scene, perhaps an ideal rather than an affordable reality for many people. So though sales were always good, the Amiga has never had a truly massive user base. All that is set to change.
In the year to June 1989, 80-85,000 Amigas were sold. Since then - in just a few months - another 25-30,000 have been bought, bringing the user base up into the region of 150,000 machines: and with the Batman Pack's prospects, the figures can only accelerate. "The Amiga is now the machine to have" says Steve Franklin. And he's right.
But what happens to the Batman Pack after Christmas, when the Batconcept is no longer the "something of the moment" that Steve and his team chose? Well, we have hopes of something exciting for the middle of next year: not just another pack, but something much more fundamental to the Amiga. "New hardware?" We ask.
Steve Franklin is careful to reveal nothing more, but he stresses that Commodore will never produce any upgrade that the basic 500 user will not have access to. Sounds good for the New Year: the year of the Amiga?
MUSICAL YOUTH Microillusions were at the PC Show and highlight of their stand was naturally Music X, their impressive music package. What was even more interesting is the news that a cutdown version is to be released called Music X Junior, at the knockdown price of £99.
The original version costs over £200, so this new option comes as good news to anyone looking for a more affordable program. Naturally some things have been lost in the cutdown, namely: 24 tracks instead of 250, no event editor, no time code support and no patch editors.
Music X Junior is intended for a Christmas release and we will have a review of it just as soon as it arrives.
US GOLD REV-EM-UP US Gold had one of the more entertaining stands at the PC Show. Not only was it packed out with coin-op machines of all the games they have licensed, but it had a Ferrari F40 on it as well. It was to publicise the new game Turbo Out Run - check out the Previews pages for more on that. No-one was allowed to touch the car - fingerprints play hell with the wax job don’t you know - and we were not allowed to have it as a competition prize. To avoid making you as envious as we were, we didn't print a picture of it.
AMIGA TEACHES THE CLASS OF THE‘90S A big anouncement at the PC Show from Commodore was of an education bundle for the A500, in addition to the entertainment-orientated Batman bundle. It’s entitled ‘Class of the 90’s’ and is aimed not only at primary and secondary schools, but also at caring parents.
Priced at £499, the bundle contains an impressive list of goodies: a Midi interface, Deluxe Paint II, Superbase Personal (a database), Publisher’s Choice (a DTP package including the word processor KindWords), Maxiplan 500 (a spreadsheet), Dr T’s Midi Recording Studio, Amiga Logo (the educational programming language), BBC emulator and BBC programs, 10 blank disks, mouse mat, disk wallet and an education file.
The package is such a good one and interest has already been so high that Commodore are also likely to be selling the bundle in quantity to the public as well as education bodies.
The bundle marks a determined push by the firm to make its presence felt in the education market, for so long dominated by the BBC range developed by Acorn. In addition to the bundle a special demonstration team has been established to work with Local Education Authorities, schools and dealers.
Schools that already have an A500 can get the software from the bundle for £150 as an upgrade kit. Other upgrades are also available: Deluxe Paint II to Deluxe Paint III tor £35, Dr T’s MRS to Dr T’s KCS for £165 and an improved BBC emulator free of charge.
The Amiga. It’s called the CM-32L and is a stereo sound module that plugs into the Amiga to enhance its sound capabilities.
The module is based on Roland’s Linear Arithmetic synthesis system which is also used in their synthesisers. It works by mixing sampled sounds and synth tones. Current software that supports it are several of the Sierra On-line adventure games, including Leisure Suit Larry 3. Details from Roland on 01 568 1247.
VIRGIN’S BLITZ Included in the display on the Virgin Mastertronic stand at the PC Show was the new range of budget software on the 16 Blitz label. They are selling them for just £4.99 and the first batch of titles are out now.
The range is a mixture of new titles and re-releases of full price games. The initial line-up for the Amiga is Road Wars, Sorcery Plus, Speedboat Assassins, Pub Pool, Motorbike Madness and Little Computer People.
However, one of the games, Infection, which we reviewed last issue is currently on hold. We don’t know why but we will let you know the reason as soon as Virgin Mastertronic can tell us.
WALL TO WALL OCEAN The most imposing presence of the software houses at the PC Show was that of Ocean. They had installed a giant video wall that constantly ran trailers for all their games. In front of it were two exquisite (or grotesque depending on your point of view) American cars. They came complete with giant fins, garish colours and their own security guard - all genuine collectors’ pieces.
SPACE ACE Remember Dragon’s Lair, the conversion of a laser disc game that came on six disks? Well the follow up in the arcades, Space Ace, is about to become a follow up on the Amiga. Thus far we have only had a demo disk picked up at the show, but the graphics and speech on it are exceptionally good.
The original arcade game certainly looked impressive and so it should because it was produced by Don Bluth, ex-Disney animator and maker of films like The Land Before Time.
ReadySoft have produced the game again - they did Dragon’s Lair - and apparently it will come on less disks than its predecessor but it will cost the princely sum of £44.95. More from Empire on 0268 541126.
Creensl rom version 1 he beast was present in the land and from tower to tower the sorcerers voice called upon him.
s nicht encroached anc ms legions made ready to conceal the tablets kat would see daylight banished forever.
E same last comp raine rom east to west aladin came torth i to do battle against legions of the mgf using all his might skill in this tale c swords an sorcery.
Mirrorsolt Limited Irwin House 118 Southwark Street London Sel OSV Telephone Ol 928 1454 BASIC GFA Basic has been around for about six months now, but the language has never really caught on among Amiga owners. Those in the know have attributed GFA's limited success to two factors: lack of a compiler and more bugs than features! Thankfully, GFA Data Media UK are soon to solve both of these problems with the release of GFA BASIC version 3.041 and the GFA BASIC compiler.
GFA BASIC 3.041 is a major upgrade that removes all known bugs from the previous release. According to Les Player of GFA, he was appalled by the state of the previous release and refused to advertise or sell GFA Amiga until the system was debugged and brought up to the same standard as the Atari version. Like the Atari version, the price has also been dropped by £20 to £49.95. Existing owners of GFA BASIC can upgrade to the new version by sending their original disk back to GFA Data Media.
Also in the pipeline is the GFA BASIC compiler and GFA Assembler system, both of which should be available in early December. As you would expect, the GFA compiler allows you to produce completely stand-alone programs without having to resort to the runtime system bundled with GFA BASIC. GFA Compiler will sell for £29.95 and the GFA Assembler will sell for £49.95. Several books specifically for the Amiga are in various stages of translation. The books are aimed at all programming levels, from the beginner right up to the professional programmer. GFA Data Media can be contacted on
(0734) 794941.
ROYAL SPELLING If you’re reading this issue before the 17th of November, you have still got the chance to attend the Commodore Show at the Novotel, Hammersmith, London. The show runs from 17-19th November and promises many events.
The show is being opened at 10am on the 17th by DJ David Jensen. It costs £5 for entrance, £3 for under-16s and £15 for a family (two adults and up to three under-16s).
Inside there is a Christmas Cave operating on a similar basis to the Commodore arcade at the PC Show. However, this time the 50p entrance money not only goes to the Help a London Child appeal but you get a ticket for a daily prize draw, the prizes consisting of things like a colour TV, watches, T-shirts, joysticks and a football signed by the Chelsea football team.
The show looks like having a much stronger games feel to it this time around because several of the major software houses will be there. Electronic Arts, Mindscape, Ocean, Mirrorsoft and Domark are all due to show. Other exhibitors include Hamley’s, the toy store, and a Pepsi Challenge stand.
Digita International have come up with a novel plug for their typewriter emulator, E-Type. Apparently it is being used at the offices of the Duchy of Cornwall, from which the Prince of Wales derives income. They manage to contrive a link between this and the Princes recent attack on the standard of English teaching. If you want to see what the computers at the Duchy of Cornwall are running.
E-Type costs £39.95: more information from Digita International on 0395 45059.
COMUS HIT PROBLEMS The 'Proscore 24’ MIDI music sequencing and notation package which was to be launched in the near future for the Amiga, following in the footsteps of Big Band, Studio 24 and Track 24 is held up indefinitely. The other packages were issued first on the ST and very rapidly and successfully crossed over to the Amiga. However the French developers, Comus, have run into problems with the high resolution mode on the Amiga which for various reasons won’t support their screen display on the monitors. The future of the Amiga version of 'Proscore 24’ at present looks uncertain and
no confirmation could be given if the program would even be issued on Amiga.
AMOS DELAYED Mandarin’s forthcoming game-creation program, Amos, has been delayed until January (1990, that is). Mandarin claim this is partly so that they can incorporate some of the suggestions that people have been coming up with since AMOS was announced. They also charitably admit that it’s partially because of the ‘notorious complexities of the Amiga operating system’. Anticipation is certainly high for AMOS’s arrival: we will review it as soon as it’s finished.
DRIVES REVIVED Cumana has re-styled, re-designed and re-released two disk drives for the Amiga. The two drives are 3.5 inch and 5.25 inch models, compatible with the A500, A1000 and A2000.
The 3.5 inch drive is called the CAX 354, an 80-track doublesided drive with the normal 880K of formatted storage. The 5.25 inch unit is called the 1000S and is compatible with MS-DOS as well as AmigaDOS. It has a daisy chain connector, a data enable disable switch, 40 80 track switching and 360 880K storage.
The 354 costs £89 and the 1000S costs £134.95. Further details from Cumana on 0483 503121.
STEINBERG The release of the Amiga version of Steinberg's ‘Pro 24' has also been held up owing to problems with the copy protection routines.
In the light of their experience of widespread piracy concerning the ST versions of Steinberg’s programs, there may well be some heavy reworking of protection routines to avoid similar problems with Amiga versions. No date has been given yet for a final version release although version have been seen running at several trade shows.
MAGIC MUSHROOM THE GIFT COLLECTION The Disc Company has released a new compilation of programs, aimed very firmly at Christmas gift buyers. It’s called the Amiga Gift Collection and adds to the Disc Company’s existing duo of compilations, the Starter Kit and Home Office Kit.
The Gift Collection consists of five pieces of software. Who What When! Where! Organizes daily activities like appointments, calendar, clock and address book.
Phasar 3.0 is a home financial management program and Master- Type is a typing tutor. There are also two games, F40 Pursuit and Hole-in-one Miniature Golf, and a joystick. All this for £79.95. ¦ Play from afar: the Challenger.
Have a look at these for an odd pair of joysticks.
There’s the Turbo Flyer, described as a ‘mushroom design’ and the Challenger Remote Control which uses infra-red to give remote control.
The Turbo Flyer looks like a trackball but is in fact microswitch operated: the mushroom design is in the interest of relaxed, ergonomic playing. It has fire buttons on the mushroom and the base, along with a three-speed autofire.
The Challenger is not the first infra-red remote control stick but the makers Euro- max say it has the ‘very latest and reliable’ transceiver. It also has thumb and trigger fire buttons, microswitch action and the three-speed autofire.
The Flyer costs just £7.95 and the Challenger costs £19.95. Details from Euromax on 0262 601006.
As these news pages are going to press we’ve received excellent news that Commodore have confirmed they are going to make the Class of the '90s education bundle available to the public. It will cost £579.99. MORE STOP PRESS Ocean have acquired the rights to Real- time's Carrier Command follow-up, Battle Command, once jealously guarded by now-Microprosed label Rainbird. Such words as "delighted", “superb game", "strongest product" and “best game yet” were being bandied about by Gary Bracey, Ocean supremo. Inside sources suggest that however good work on the game may be so far, Realtime are
planning to start afresh to make it even better.
Gary Bracey is 63.
NewTek, those Kansas based purveyors of high class hardware and software, are soon to release a major upgrade to their popular Digi-View video digitising system.
Digi-View version 4 boasts several very impressive features including the ability to digitise 4096-colour pictures in high resolution. "Not possible!", I hear you techies say. According to Paul Montgomery of NewTek, the system works by using the copper to change the colour registers every line, therefore allowing up to 16 colours per scanline. Unfortunately, pictures produced using this new system will not be useable in existing paint packages (cue DigiPaint 41) although standard screen modes will also be supported. As well as High res HAM, NewTek have also developed a new HAM system that
allows considerably sharper images than are possible with currently available digitiser units.
Also soon to be released from NewTek is the now famous Video Toaster unit which is a professional standard genlock, real-time HAM digitiser and video effects unit for the 2000. Those lucky enough to have seen this fabled piece of hardware are known to have suffered from ‘blow your socks off, jaw dropping' syndrome for weeks after the event. Also up and coming is a 3D animation package from Allen Hastings, creator of the critically acclaimed VideoScape 3D system from Aegis.
We also owe Newtek the courtesy of a brief factual correction. In the last issue's Graphics section it was stated that a Version Two of DigiPaint had existed and implied it had just not reached this country. In fact it never did exist. Apologies to everyone concerned.
Citizen have revamped their bestselling 120D printer, taking it into its fourth year, in which time it has sold 500,000 worldwide.
The latest alterations are a new tractor feed, a sturdier paper guide, an adapted pressure leaf to provide better paper holding and extended platen lanes to accept all European standard paper sizes.
The printer costs £199 and comes with a two-year warranty. More info from Citizen on 0895 72621.
Stop press MODEL CITIZEN As these news pages are going to IVIIbiu u lAlkll Kuma have launched a new comms program called K-Comm 2, at a price of £29.95. It comes with this comprehensive list of features: baud rates from 75 to 9600, send and receive Xmodem files, log files to disk, printer output, Viewdata emulation, Hayes modem support, programmable function keys, autodialling and log-on sequences.
For more on K-Comm 2 and the rest of the comms scene, check out our feature on Page
99. For more info specifically on K-Comm 2, contact Kuma on 0734
THE GAME OF 00104' DP: START 600 HONEY ENER6Y OFF ROOD 8 RAINBOW ARTS COMING ATTRACTIONS Heads up! Here come tomorrow’s games!
Coming soon, from the developers of Joan of Arc, is Day Of The Pharaoh, an action adventure set, surprisingly, in Egypt. Apparently Seth, God of the Desert and Evil has decided to murder all heirs to the Pharaoh’s throne, but luckily one survived: you. Now you have to work your way up the social ladder by becoming a successful merchant and prove to the rest of Egypt that you are indeed worthy to sit on the throne.
0Back up to date, RA are also about to release Rock 'n' Roll, so called because it features more than half a dozen R’n’R tunes to accompany the play. The idea is to guide a ball through 32 levels of puzzles, mazes and baddies. Thankfully you can arm your ball and pick up a plethora of power-ups including bombs, spikes and shields, all of which you'll need when you come up against the dangerous precipices, the awkward ice surfaces and the frustrating valve systems. Ulp!
DINAMIC Spanish software house Dinamic, responsible for such games as Army and Navy Moves, has been beavering away on a motor racing game called Grand Prix Master.
It's a bike game endorsed by Jorge 'Aspar' Martinez, who’s something of a big cheese in the 80cc category, and it features several races to compete in. Look out for it racing onto the shelves of a shop near you soon.
0DOMARK Staying with racing, there will soon be Hard Drivin", the conversion of the Atari coin-op, to get to grips with. The game features both a speed and stunt track and is bound to appeal to those who seek their thrills on four wheels.
In a more lighthearted vein there’s also the conversion of the wacky coin-op Toobln' in the pipeline. Bif and Jet are the stars here and there’s nothing they like more than a trip down the river in their car tyre inner tubes, lobbing empty drink cans at the fishermen (the young scamps!) And avoiding the debris in the water.
It’s wacky action all the way with these chaps.
©On a more serious note, there’s Pictionary, a game where questions are answered by studying the doodles that appear on screen (it’s the odd one out too - why? Because it’s the only one without an apostrophe in the title).
There’s lots of fun and a bit of edji- macation coming from the Domark Twits in the near future: what more can you ask for?
US GOLD The Brummie Big Boys are doing absolutely nothing at the moment. Only joking! There’s loads of goodies due soon, including the long awaited follow-up to OutRun, called wait for it... wait for it... Turbo OutRun.
This time you’re driving a Ferrari F40 in a four-stage race across the USA, battling with the cops and avoiding the bad guys as you drive through cities, deserts and ice-covered mountain passes. Oh, and brakes are for wimps.
Vi2lL0t©T_f£ ©Then there’s Moonwalker, based on Michael Jackson's movie of the same name. It’s a story of good versus evil with Mike as a goodie - blessed with the power of transformation thanks to a shooting star - and Mr Big as the baddie. Do you reckon you can become Michael and rescue your friends from Mr Big’s clutches? You'll have the chance to find out soon.
Or perhaps you fancy rescuing princesses? The valiant knight Arthur does (Arthur translated from the original Japlish ‘Arther’) in Ghouls 'n' Ghosts, the conversion of the Capcom coin-op which is the follow up to the old Ghosts and Goblins game. That translated marvelously to the home computer some three years ago: it looks likely this will too.
ACCOLADE Present Day of the Viper, a futuristic galactic adventure in which players must rescue a critical defence installation which has been seized by a hostile android called Gar and his robotic army. The only hope of salvation comes in the shape of Viper-Five, an exploration droid which you control from a remote position. Infiltrate the base undetected and get to reactivate the defence computer and you may just save the day: fail and the future looks bleak indeed.
On the simulation side Accolade have certainly been busy, what with The Cycles, an International Grand Prix motorcycle racing sim due soon that allows you to race around 15 of the world’s toughest tracks: and Powerboat USA, an Offshore Superboat racing simulation that puts you into the driving seat of a 600HP Superboat. There are three courses to race and a number of hazards to avoid, not least the other racers!
Even more knuckle-whitening action is on offer with Blue Angels, a flight sim based on the heart-stopping antics of the US' Navy Flight Demonstration Team. Fancy being trained to perform the Double Tuck Over Roll? Or even the Knife Edge and the 8-Point Roll? Strap yourself into a F A 18 Hornet and prepare for take off.
®L0G0TR0N Shoot-em-up fans look to be in for a real treat soon with the imminent release of Starblaze, a solid 3D space blast with power-ups, colourful backgrounds and over a hundred alien attack waves. Have you got what it takes to meet the challenge? We will see.
Still in shoot-em-up land, but this time with your feet on Terra Firma is Bad Company: a simultaneous two player blast with hundreds of insectoid enemies to blow away, and then a load more of 'em too!
Stand by for action.
EMPIRE Holy Superheroes! The amazing Spiderman and Captain America join forces and take on the evil Dr Doom in Dr Doom's Revenge. The mad genius is about to explode a nuclear bomb over New York unless you can guide Spidey and the Cap’n safely through Dr Doom’s fortified castle and save the day in this comic-book style adventure, which also features some 30 challenging arcade sequences with varying skill levels.
For the strategists out there, Team Yankee is a 3D tank combat simulation based on Harold Coyle’s best selling book of the same name. The unique feature of Team Yankee is the player’s ability to control four tank units in the team simultaneously. Sounds interesting. And just to keep you bang up to date, on these pages you'll find the first screen shots of earlier reported games... Gazza's Super Soccer and Time: looking good, aren't they?
©© GREMLIN What better to follow the success of the excellent game Deflektor than a sequel? That's what Gremlin reckon too, so they’ve made one. Mindbender puts the player in the role of Professor McDuf- fm trying to transmit spells along magical energy lines, avoiding the annoying witches, elves and gnomes. Once you complete the 50 screens, try making your own using the in-built construction set (then get a friend to try to solve them).
®lf you'd rather get some fresh air out on a BMX bike or a skateboard, there's Skidz, where the aim is to be the 'raddest' kid in town. Earn cash by catching crooks, and respect by pulling off some manic tricks.
If footy is more your sport then watch out for Footballer of the Year 2.
You'll need a good head for tactics, a sound knowledge of the game as well as the all-important ball skills as you aim to become the number one striker in the game. Gooooaaaallllll!!!!
©Prefer your games more in the arcade adventure mould?
Axel’s Magic Hammer could be just what you’re looking for. It’s a Super Mario Bros type game with eight levels, some 200 screens to complete and over 30 different nasties to contend with. Good job you’ve got your Magic Hammer to clobber them with, then.
FTTkNOVAGEN Finally, after over two years of development and ’sneak’ previews, Paul ’Mercenary’ Woakes has almost finished Damocles. It’s a solid 3D game in which the player has to prevent the comet Damocles crashing into the planet Eris by interacting and using objects found in exploration. There are loads of clues, and red herrings, so you’ll have to keep on your toes the whole time.
Stand by for action: fingers and toes crossed, they won’t be demonstrating this again at next year's PC Show.
© EAS More tennis games! Advantages from EAS is a one or two-player game that allows you to pick the player, the surface and the tournament. Practice against the automatic tennis machine before playing for real because every result affects your world ranking.
®Also from EAS will be Far West, a cowboy adventure that allows you to build your own cowboy then decide how to go about making him rich. (Rob a bank?
Build a gold mine? Hunt bears? It's up to you.) It's a wacky game that combines simulation, arcade action and role playing all in one.
©I ; INFOGRAMES SimCity is a city planning simulator, not shown here.
The player is the given the task of Mayor and has to run the city like a business. Factors to consider include: residential and commercial zones, pollution, power plants, parks, police departments and traffic. For those who fancy trying their hand at running Tokyo, San Francisco or Dullsville, keep your ear to the ground: amazing isn’t it, some people think this is fun!
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Marketed and distributed by Activision (UK) Ltd.
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EXPRESS LIMITED DEPARTMENTAMF M1, 5 REDWOOD COURT SALISBURY STREET, NOTTINGHAM NG7 2BQ Telephone:0602 424444 (24 Hour Order Line) GREAT VALUE, THAT'S THE MAGIC OF MERLIN This is a journey into space: the space behind and beyond that Hat computer screen, the extra, imaginary dimension that only the Amiga's graphic power c an .reach... AMIGA FORMAT 19 ¦ The classic Amiga ray-trace: three spheres on a chess board. One is shiny, one is transparent and the third is opaque: each reflects light in a different way.
In the beginning, there was the Big Bang. As the Universe was formed, matter and energy came into being: and at the same time, so did as many as eleven dimensions. Some of these immediately rolled themselves up into little balls and scurried off to account for various weird phenomena, such as electromagnetic radiation, which no-one quite understands. At any rate, there now remain only four dimensions: three of space, and one of time.
When the home computer and the arcade video game arrived, the man in the street caught on to the limitations of a two-dimensional graphic display. People hankered after ‘realism’, a rather subjective concept that basically involved your megawarpdrive spaceship (pure fantasy) appearing to move into or out of the screen as well as up, down and sideways (‘realistic’). The need for the third dimension was there.
Artistic Dimension Many of the tricks of representing a 3D world on a 2D surface had already been explored by artists.
Perspective, for example: objects that are some way away look smaller, so by making something smaller, you could make it look further away. By exaggerating its size, you could make it look disturbingly close.
Moreover, if something was a good way off in the distance it appeared to be fainter, even on a clear day. This became known as 'atmospheric perspective’. Objects lit strongly from one direction cast shadows: put the shadows and shading in properly, and your flat circle began to seem shaped like a sphere. If it happened to be made of something shiny you could even put little highlights in to represent light bouncing off it into the viewer’s eyes and appropriately distorted reflections: then it looked really real.
¦ Late arrival in ray-tracing is the Archimedes. Its 32-bit power beats a basic A500, but can’t compare with an expanded 2000.
Mathematical Dimension At the same time as artists were learning to describe the world, so were scientists and mathematicians. They realised two fundamental concepts that were to make the representation of 3D space on a computer possible.
Firstly, Descartes realised that any position in space could be defined in relation to a point by coordinates. Imagine the corner of a cube, and the three edges that join there. The corner is a point: the edges are lines. By defining how far along each of these lines to travel you can define any point in space. The lines are known as the x, y and z axes.
Secondly, scientists worked out that any object you see is only visible by virtue of the light that is reflected from it. Since light travels in straight lines and its properties are predictable, it shouldn’t be difficult to work out how it behaves in any given situation.
Virtual Reality So we already had artistic and mathematical ways of interpreting the 3D world. But how would computers go about using them? When computers were first created and for a very, very long time afterwards, they were better at crunching numbers than producing pretty pictures. So mathematics was the obvious place to begin.
And this, in a sense, is where the story really starts. Because the major point about 3D computer graphics is this: no matter if the display is only two-dimensional, the action is all in genuine 3D inside the computer. Mathematically, a three-dimensional ‘virtual’ reality is being modelled.
Inside your Amiga, a 3D imaginary world really does exist.
World Views So how is this world constructed?
The starting point is, of course, those co-ordinates. Using these, it is possible to map points anywhere in space. These points can then be joined up with lines to produce a wireframe image of the object. Simple enough so far.
The problems begin when trying to display these objects on the two-dimensional screen. It’s all well and good the computer know- ing where the front and back of, say, a cube are: but how can it show this to you on a two-dimensional screen?
The mismatch between 2D display and 3D model is made up for by the concept of projection: the transformation of 3D objects onto a 3D plane. Projection is actually a relatively straightforward concept, but the maths can be quite complex.
Projection simply involves imagining the object you are looking at to be ‘behind’ the computer screen and a ‘viewpoint’ to be set in front of the screen. Lines can then be constructed from points on the object to the viewpoint, and where these lines pass through the screen (the screen is known as the ‘plane of projection’) the image of the point can be drawn.
THE LIGHTNESS OF BEING This viewpoint idea may seem rather obvious because we are so used to imagining that the 3D world is behind the screen and we are looking at it from outside: but remember that the object isn’t really in there and the viewpoint is completely imaginary. If you move your head from side, your view of an object on the screen won’t change: the imaginary viewpoint hasn’t changed.
Fresh Perspectives The most basic form of 3D projection is isometric. Isometric projections make no attempt to represent distances by anything other than their real lengths: which means they lack a degree of realism by comparison with normal human perception.
This is where those old, artistic principles of perspective start The ultimate in 3D modelling is to actually model the solid surfaces themselves: and this is where the infamous ‘ray- tracing’ appears. Pinching a touch of inspiration from artists’ awareness of light properties and a lot of principles from science, ray-tracing depends on the fact that light travels in straight lines and that we can only actually see objects because light is bouncing back off them.
Surfaces of different compositions reflect different amounts of light: shiny ones reflect nearly all of it straight back, clear ones pass a good deal of it through and reflect some, rough surfaces disperse light in a lot of different directions so wherever you’re standing you don’t get much of it. Fortunately for the Amiga, these various behaviours of light have all been modelled and described in complex equations. With a ray-traced picture, all you have to do is describe the shape of your object, the material from which it is made and the position of light sources. The equations do the
rest: although the number-crunching can take hours, the image will finally be rendered. And it will be a product of the most genuinely realistic 3D modelling system yet devised.
Coming into play. Perspective views imitate real life by making things appear smaller as they get further away. By adding in a few more equations, you can make the far end of large objects appear to diminish in size as they stretch away from the viewpoint.
This is not quite the same principle as flying a whole object off into the distance or making it grow bigger as it appears towards you: this is done simply by scaling the object to make it larger or smaller.
Solid Reality The first step to producing a filled 3D image is to remove ‘hidden’ lines on an object, so you can no longer see right through it. This is relatively easy to achieve with the viewpoint methods used in perspective drawing, and allows solid-looking objects to be constructed by having the visible planes filled in. On-screen, this process is a simple bitplane function working in relation with the actual 2D screen display, so is not a true 3D modelling function.
Perspective is just one way, although very effective, of producing ‘depth awareness’ in the viewer. As soon as the planes on an object are filled in, other methods come into play. In the quest for realism, further depth awareness information can be given by pinching another artistic trick: that of atmospheric perspective. By simply shading an image as it appears to recede into the distance, a much greater impression of depth can be conveyed.
These few basic principles form the basics of the wireframe graphics used in Computer-Aided Design packages and so familiar in games such as Battlezone in those early arcade days or Elite on the 8-bit machines. But 3D wireframes would only remain realistic for a limited time. Before long, people would begin to want genuinely solid-looking objects to appear: and this is where ‘filled’ or ‘solid’ 3D came in.
GAMES WITHOUT FRONTIERS Although 3D techniques are used nowadays in many sophisticated ways, from high-powered design, medical or spaceflight modelling to US Air Force flight simulators, many of the most advanced tricks crop up in games programming. As one expert during this year’s Milcomp (an annual exhibition of the latest military hardware) commented: "The military's only ahead in areas like aiming systems. If you want real time graphics response go down to the arcades: that’s where all the fast sim stuff is happening..." Wire Starglider was one of the early big games on the Amiga and made
a name for author Jez San. It did not create a very convincing world, but it was a classy shoot-em-up. Basically it was nothing you couldn't do Into The Battlezone The first use of 3D in games was in Atari’s coin-op Battlezone, a simple tank sim converted for most machines but never the Amiga.
Vector graphics were pioneered in games by Asteroids, and Battlezone was followed by 3D vector games like Tempest and Gravitar.
On an 8-bit machine: games like Elite and Starstrike proved that.
A better job of achieving the feel of an alternative world was made by Mercenary, despite the fact that it too relied solely on wireframe graphics. Here you could explore the planet Targ on the surface, in the air and even underground. There were objects to interact with - even if they were all in outline only and a bit tough to recognise for what they were. Later games have continued to use vectors even though solid 3D has long Every computer since has had its fair share of vector graphic games and even with the graphic power of the Amiga programmers opted for wireframe images to
start with. The reason was always that filled 3D took too much processing time and slowed things down.
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In the case of Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back it was because the original coin-ops used vectors - no point changing the succesful originals is there? Another vector game, Sky Chase, seemingly used them purely in the interests of speed, and it certainly was fast - but got boring nearly as rapidly.
However, these games were making no progress in developing game worlds and for the most part people were becoming tired of wireframe images - what’s the point of having an Amiga with a 4,096 colour mode if you don’t use any of them? One of the noticeable transformations that highlighted vector inadequacy was that of Elite from a vector game on the 8-bits to solid 3D on the Amiga. Clearly if a game was to impress now it had to be solid.
Bits of Solids Just because filled 3D was the obvious route to take did not mean everything was being developed on the Amiga or ST. Striking Amiga games were actually being converted upwards from the 8-bits, the limited capacity of which had even been stretched to do solid 3D.
Sentinel created a surreal world of energy transfer, where the landscapes were certainly distinctive but simple. A far more convincing contribution are the games created using the ‘Freescape’ graphics system. The first of these was Driller - a world similar to that created in Mercenary, but where everything had a very solid look to it.
Now we are really starting to get places - whole new dimensions where objects look solid, you can explore around and inside them, even bump into them or move them. So far, though, all the pioneering work had been done on the 8-bit machines, the Amiga versions are naturally better but they are still just improvements of established techniques. Where were all the brave new worlds that 16-bit computers promised?
Enter the revolution in 3D games. Given the power of the Amiga, Atari ST and Acorn Archimedes, programmers expanded their horizons to turn dull, colourless screens full of straight white lines into vibrant, multi-coloured worlds inhabited by reassuringly solid objects. All at once everyone who was anyone seemed to be producing a 3D game David Braben, co-author of Elite, wrote Virus; Realtime, authors of 3D Starstrike, wrote Carrier Command; Mike Singleton, famous for the Lords of Midnight trilogy, wrote Whirligig; Jez San’s company Argonaut did a sequel to Starglider; and Mercenary programmer
Paul Woakes produced Backlash.
Catching Virus A truly fantastic world created purely for the purposes of a wild shoot-em-up. The landscape is a patchwork quilt that rises into hills and dips down to sandy beaches by the shore. There are trees and buildings dotted everywhere and flying fish thrust themselves out of the water trailing droplets behind them and re-entering with a splash.
It’s a remarkable piece of programming that was also an incredible game to play.
Invading this picturesque land were aliens, spreading virus spores to mutate the vegetation.
The player hardly had time to notice the stunning scenery as he banked, dived and climbed a very responsive, but difficult to master, hover-plane in deadly combat with seeders, drones, fighters and pests. The aliens all looked different - you could even tell what they were from their shadows as they flew above you off screen.
Here was the sort of variety and believability that gameplayers had been waiting for - and there was more to come. War games had always been about moving hieroglyphic symbols across twodimensional maps until Carrier Command came along: for a war game it most certainly is. How else can you describe a game in which you are asked to conquer an island network using an aircraft carrier, fighter planes and amphibious tanks. Who would have thought a war game could have such stunning graphics and absorbing game- play both at the same time?
In terms of a combat simulation it had tremendous realism and the graphics brought it to life. The best scenes were to be had by hopping into a Manta fighter, blasting off the carrier deck and swooping around islands investigating their defences. You could even take to the water in a Walrus and rumble up onto an island to see things up close. In-depth strategy was now being combined with state-of-the-art visuals to make games that looked good as well as lasted long.
In the Whirligig Enter Whirligig: another game that had a programming technique developed for it - ‘Lightsource 3D'.
It was so called because as your spaceship and other craft wheeled through the depths of the universe, there was a fixed light source casting shadows and changing the lighting effects on them, The effect is delightful to behold and there is plenty of chance to do just that because the game has four billion locations.
Sequels don't usually tend to be that impressive, but Starglider II was in a different league to its predecessor. There wasn’t a wireframe in sight, just a whole planetary system to be explored - from skimming the surface of the sun, where the space whales roam, to entering a planet's atmosphere and diving underground into a complex tunnel system.
What really stood out was the variety of objects, the detail achieved and the gorgeous animation of characters like Pacworms, Egron ducks, stompers and, of course, the space whales. Once again it was not just a graphic extravaganza either, a tough game task involving plenty of exploring of this vast and beautiful game world was required - and that was certainly no chore.
The explosion in 3D has meant it is now the norm rather than the exception - wireframe graphics just don’t cut it any more and have been relegated to the leagues of budget software. Vectors will always be a favourite of many because they have a unique style and feel all their own, but graphics technology has moved inexorably on from them.
Here’s a look at some of the more recent offerings, taking the genre ever further into the realms of the imagination: Voyager: Ocean’s contribution to the scene has a familiar starting point - all the way back to Battle- zone and trundling around in a tank. The similarity doesn’t go much further though because there is a great variety of opponents, weapons and objects. It’s lovely to look at, even if the gameplay ends up being a bit repetitive.
Powerdrome: Here the 3D was used to give a tremendous feeling of speed around a futuristic racing circuit. Solid 3D was so essential because it is not just left and right turns but diving into underground complexes as well. The walls loom with frightening speed and although the tracks lack detail graphically they have all they need to convey an authentic racing feel. Only problem is, it’s a hard game to control.
Interphase: The most recent of the genre is , robably the most surreal so far - plunging the player into the heart of a computer security system. The 3D is some of the fastest ever and, as Andy Smith said in his review last issue, “you're left with the impression that there really is ° 3D world in there."
Sky Chase ¦ Elite ¦ Sentinel ¦ Carrier Command ¦ Starglider II ¦ The state of the art as currently practised: Voyager (main picture), Powerdrome (above left) and Interphase (above right).
Isometricaliy One type of 3D that was never explored much on the Amiga was the isometric 3D beloved of Spectrum arcade adventures. There was Airball and other minor attempts, but isometric 3D seemed to have died out. That is until Populous.
Okay, it may not be the conventional idea of solid 3D, but it sure makes a great job of creating an alternative reality. Forget being part of another world - you are the god of this one. The 3D is not to be sniffed at either, all that landscape altering is not easy to program. Here's a thought for you - Populous with graphics like Virus and a completely free-roaming camera angle not limited to the isometric perspective... Simularifty One of the major areas of 3D research has been in flight simulators. The derivation is clear, from commercial flight sims where the quest for realism
continues unabated. That quest has been matched on the Amiga where the graphics keep on getting better, as does the combat involved.
The big breakthrough was by Interceptor. Anyone who saw the rolling demo of the F-18 taking off from a carrier and flying around the San Francisco Bay knew they it was a classic game, still the yardstick by which others are measured.
These days it has stiff competition from several games like Falcon, F-l 6 Combat Pilot, Gunship, Jet and Battlehawks. They may involve a lot of blue sky watching but what they all achieve is a superb combat atmosphere. You are up there alone and although nothing has much detail until it gets close, when it does it not only looks impressive - it looks dangerous.
Fractically One branch of 3D that has so far been ignored in Amiga games is fractals. These mathematical fascinations can give surfaces a realistic texture unlike anything else - the nearer you get to an object the more detail is revealed about it. We are not talking jerky increases in sprite size here, it’s the smooth revealing of greater detail, the same as zooming in on a Mandelbrot set but in real time.
Lucasfilm produced a series of fractal games on the 8-bit machines - Rescue on Fractalus, The Eidolon and Koronis Rift - but as yet these have not been converted to the Amiga. Perhaps somebody will dig the technique out again and apply it to games like Virus to produce even more interesting landscapes.
The future is as bright and promising for 3D environments as ever at the moment with the quest for greater reality or new worlds continuing apace. Here are just six of the imminent contenders in the field.
Dark Sentry: Flagged as the first game to use ray-traced graphics this could set the trend for the years to come. Ray-tracing eats up memory and time by the megabyte but programmers are getting better with the power at their disposal all the time and it’s only a matter of course for ray-traced games to become standard.
Agressor, Bomber and Retalia- tor: The latest contenders in the flight simulator war are from Argonaut, Vektor Grafix and Ocean respectively. All three are stunning in the visuals department and only time will tell how they fare in terms of atmosphere and gameplay.
Damocles: This long awaited game is from Paul Woakes and you will find more about it on the Previews pages. With Mercenary he established a new genre of 'total environment’ games - can he manage a similar feat with this latest epic?
Starblaze: Forget real environments, Logotron look like trying to go back to shoot-em-up entertainment for this. Will the amazing graphics flatter to deceive or is 3D going to stay firmly in the realm of the hardened blasters?
Drawing Circles Tanks. That’s right, tanks. There are at least five 3D tank warfare games on the way from Spectrum Holobyte, Empire, Realtime, Microprose and EA - there may even be more, so it looks like 1990 is the year of the tank. It seems we have come full circle from Battlezone - the more things change, the more they stay the same. Turrets at dawn: prepare for a shootout! ¦ A590 Hard Drive With 2MB RAM Fitted For The Amazing Price of £599.95 (inc VAT) A590 Hard Drive With 1MB RAM at only £499.95 (inc VAT) J7DIGIPRO Professional Video System O o o o o Amiga 2000 with XT 20MB Hard Drive
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Pro Video Pus £249.95 Video Effects 3D £159.95 Pagestream £199.95 Scribble! Platinum £ 49.95 Hardware Specials SuperPic Frame Grabber £569.00 HP PaintJet £899.95 2MB RAM for A590 Hard Drive £240.
R Easy Payments A500 Starter System From Only £3.77 Per Week inc VAT Written Details on Request Amiga 2000 XT Systems From Only £47.38 Per Month inc VAT
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other orders Please phone for prices outside the U.K. Authorised Commodore Amigi rnal Ordersw a Dealer Dealer, Export, Government, MOD and Educational Ordersl Velcome Hire-purchase and leasing finance available. Digipro are licensed credit brokers.
THE AMIGA 2 v RUBBER PLANT So you bought an Amiga, the kid who flogged it to you on the Tottenham Court Road showed you how to put the plug on and sold you a few software packages in pretty boxes-assuring you that they would “revolutionise” the way your company thinks and operates.
You put the plug on and begin to wade your way through the “technojarg” with helpful step-by-step instructions that make “War and Peace” appear like a Mills and Boon novelette.
You begin to feel that the Amiga was not a good idea after all and maybe a rubber plant would have been a better addition to your company and twice as much fun.
At this time you need someone who can help you, (and it isn’t just The Samaritans).
It doesn’t have to be like this!
With Pageplay’s experience as a Commodore approved Amiga Business Centre, we an get you and your system working at full speed, and once we have started you up we can provide on-site maintenance, training, telephone support and in house programming.
With our individual support and assistance, we an promise that you will never hanker after that rubber plant again.
CALL DAMIAN SMITH AT PAGEPLAY ON 01-387 4040 PAG E P _ AY L M1TED Pageplay are Commodore approved AMIGA 2000 Dealers and Software developers The Sculpt-Animate series God manage it in just six days?
Of 3D modelling and ren- This next tutorial in our DIY dering programs from Byte by series is therefore devoted to Byte has been available in shedding some light (that’s “Rt Britain for just 2 years and is Amiga L” to you Sculpt users) now the most popular 3D in the more obscure depths of system. It has one of the best Sculpt-Animate.
Working interfaces for a 3D program (a bit of bias creeping The Third Dimension in here) and an excellent All of the Sculpt-Animate (SA) manual. With a bit of ingenuity series - Sculpt3D, Animate3D, anything from an insect’s blink Sculpt3DXL, SculptAnimate4D to the origin of the universe Jr, and SculptAnimate4D Procan be created using the fessional - use an identical power tools provided. Interface, the Tri-View, so whichever version you use the Creation modelling steps used in this Nevertheless, just because it IS DIY session will make sense, so powerful at simulating the Some of the tools
on the real world, modelling and ani- menus have changed over mating anything more complex time, however, so with early than a bouncing ball is often a versions you may need to look rather difficult task. How did for alternative methods for some of the transformations, pupated to a simple dragon-fly.
And if you only have Sculpt3D The processes involved in the animation bit will be rather bringing this creation to life difficult, unfortunately! Can be divided broadly into two: modelling and animation.
Insect Life These will be described sepa- The subject chosen for the rately as far as possible but at tutorial is an imaginary insect, times they overlap, which It started life as a sort of again may be a bit confusing if mechanical creature but soon you only have Sculpt.
MODELLING The first insect constructed, and 3154 faces it should do, INSECT1, illustrates a common and it took hours to render, mistake, one I still make The main advantage of using myself: too much complexity. So many edges is that the out- Rendered in Snapshot mode line curves all look smooth, with smoothing applied, it Although Phong smoothing looks rather good: but with will make the junctions of most 1907 vertices, 4768 edges surfaces blend together I without a seam, it can do nothing for profiles. For round-looking objects, lots of edges need to be used, on the principle that a
circle is made up of an infinite number of straight lines. Nevertheless, the limited resolution of the Amiga negates the effect of too many edges, increasing the count of vertices (and hence rendering time) without improving the image.
Less is More The second insect (INSECT2, the main image on this page), is greatly simplified from the first (shown on the previous page), using 669 vertices, 1742 edges, and 1182 faces, yet the final render is barely less effective than the original. The difference is even less apparent when the fly is animated: movement seems to trick the eye so that imperfections are often disguised.
The model could probably have been simplified even further, by perhaps one third the number of vertices, without detracting from the animation. But the stills published here would look awful!
So Cut the Edges What is immediately obvious is that the spherical segments are much more rounded in Insectl.
Each sphere has 120 edges as compared to 48 edges for those in Insect2. The edge count for Insect2 should have been 30 but a few extra edges were added to improve the profile viewed from the side. The effectiveness of this trick is shown in the spheres inset.
Although the object obviously has a six-sided profile from this direction, in the final still the PHONG SMOOTHING A number of similar algorithms exist to create the effect of smooth surfaces where flat facets join together. Phong smoothing calculates the degree of colour dithering neccessary to simulate light reflected from a smoothly curved rather than a faceted surface. To achieve this effect a large range of tones are required so smoothing is only really effective when used in the HAM rendering modes. Snapshot and Photo.
Angles are disguised, and in the animation they are invisible. For a model such as this, with 15 spherical objects, a saving of over 1000 edges has been made.
Other objects can also have a reduced number of sides without impairing the final image. It is rather difficult to make out but careful counting of the edges round the main central body segment shows that Insectl has 10 and Insect2 just 6. Similarly each leg section has a 3- rather than 5- edged cross section.
Or Cut the Lot Just as objects can have their complexity reduced if they are quite small, so also can they be left out altogether. Insectl has eight feet each consisting of one sphere, one main section and six ‘toes’. These are almost invisible in the final rendering, and completely lost in the animation. Chuck them. Other savings include: no antennae (too small to render), reduced number of body sections, and a simpler tail. The combination of all these reductions gives much quicker rendering.
THE SETTING The nature and mood of a scene is controlled by the way the viewer looks at it and by the disposition of light and shade. Viewed from far above and in full light, Insectl looks like just another insignificant bug. Viewed from just below its head, looking up, with one light source throwing large areas of its body into shadow, the insect can look hideous and menacing. As director of this ‘movie’ it is up to Once the objects have been assembled into something looking a bit like the creature you had in mind, with few enough sides to render quickly, it is time to select the position of
the observer, the direction of view and the lighting.
In many ways these are the most important aspect of 3D modelling, as they are in any visual artform - painting, photography, film- making or computer graphics.
INSECT2: DRAGONFLY The whole of this model is made from three basic shapes - a modified division sphere, a six-sided cylinder, and a three-sided cylinder - plus the flat wing shape. The head, eyes, body and leg joints are all 30 edge spheres modified as described above to look more spherical from certain directions. One master sphere was constructed, then each of the others duplicated from it. This is much faster than making and modifying each one afresh. Size changes and distortions were produced using Edit Do Expand.
* fetK : .!
One leg was constructed from a simple three-sided cylinder and a copy of the sphere. The cylinder was tapered by Edit Do Expand (shrinking) one end. Once the leg was constructed at one side of the model, it was duplicated and moved into position, then mirrored or duplicated and rotated repeatedly to make the other legs. The body segments were constructed from six-sided cylinders, sized and distorted in much the same way.
One wing was constructed by hand using the Edge Maker Building Gadget in SA4D. Sculpt3D users can use the Edge Building Gadget to the same effect with only slightly more labour. This single wing was then reflected twice to make the four.
You to control these factors to create the effect that you want.
Points of View The point in the scene that you are looking at is set by the Target.
This should be positioned, to start with, in the centre of the scene. The observer will be looking directly at this target from their Location.
Depending on the subject, the Location should be placed at a suitable distance and slightly above the level of the Target point if you want to dominate the scene, and slightly below it if you want the scene to dominate you, the viewer.
The most important object in the scene should be close to the centre of the frame or ‘looking’ towards the open space and action if it is off-centre.
Lighting The fewer lights used the better is a reasonable rule of thumb because more lights means longer rendering time. For natural-looking lighting, position one light source midway between the Target and Location, but about five times as high as the distance between them.
A second source, much lower and off to one side, can provide fill-in and make the shadows more interesting and realistic. An extra light some way into the distance casting a pool of light onto the ground gives a feeling of depth arid realism. Three lights should almost always be more than enough.
Costs Time and Money If you are animating the scene, movement of Target, Location and Light sources can add a far greater impression of 3D reality but at a cost. As the angle of view or level of lighting changes, virtually every pixel is likely to change from one frame to the next.
Delta Compression operates by recording the changes from frame to frame, so if every pixel changes, no compression can take place and the size and speed of the animation suffer greatly.
Recording to a single frame video recorder overcomes this, but you might resent the limp: it costs an arm and a leg! The only real solution for a budget system is to keep Target, Location and Lighting static and move everything else. I Building the objects and the scene can be difficult enough, but animating them can be a nightmare unless some simple rules are obeyed: 1 For your first few animations choose simple objects and simple motions. Simple objects mean quick rendering so the errors will show up quickly without waiting 36 or 48 hours for a perfect photorealistic animation of an
insect’s wings flapping beautifully six feet ahead of its body.
If you know exactly what you want to happen, make a very simple model of it - cube for body, single triangular face for wing - and experiment. Examine the example scenes and naming hierarchies on the SA data disk. Use the Show Path and Select Named Path requestors to show how things were done in the examples.
2 Don't try to visualise the total motion of an object if it is a part of something else that is also in motion. For example, if your legs are swinging back and forth as you walk along the corridor of a train travelling across the face of the earth spining on its axis and rotating round the sun which is spiralling out from the centre of the milky way galaxy, what is your actual motion through space? Who cares?
You need only consider each object and its own motion relative to its centre of gravity or local origin, then attach it to the next level up the hierarchy. The legs swing, the body moves forward, the train curves along its track round the earth... the universe expands.
3 Just as fine detail in a model is often wasted in an animation, complex, detailed motion is usually lost in a 20-frame, one-second loop.
The objects are moving too fast, so don’t try to articulate every joint of the insect, every fluttering leaf. Rather, choose a simple gesture to add realism: cocking the head to one side momentarily, raising eyebrows, twitching a tail.
A more detailed tutorial on animation will be provided in a future Amiga Doormat, covering Global and Key Frame motion, hierarchies and motion within motion. The animation of the dragon-fly - which may, or may not be on the current Coverdisk - is pure Global. Nevertheless it includes a useful method for making an object rotate around one end, which is good for such things as wings, windscreen- wipers and the pages of books.
Taking Wing Even if the ANIM file ‘INSECT’ is not on the disk, the global scene file should be: so load and examine that, especially the naming hierarchy. The animation is in two parts: the flapping of the wings and the forward motion of the insect. The simplest part is the forward motion.
Use Modify Local Origin to examine the hierarchy. The parent is InsectPath, a 25-point straight line that is the forward motion path. Each point on this line represents an anchor position for the insect in each frame. The program will move the local origin of the insect to each of these points in turn, bringing the restof the insect with it of course, regardless of where you have initially positioned the insect in the scene.
¦ The Dragonfly gains motion in its final, animated form.
ANIMATION Flapping Wings Use Show to take the cross cursor to the various local origins. InsectPath, Body, wingLpath and wingR- path all have local origins set to the centre of Seg2, effectively the centre of the insect. InsectPath is the top of the hierarchy ‘tree’ so it does not matter where its origin is set: it is not in motion. The other local origins are more important.
The Body origin will follow InsectPath, dragging all of its offspring with it like ducklings following mum.
The two wingpaths, L(eft) and R(ight) will also follow, but they are a special case. As paths in their own right, they control the independent motion of the left and right wings, their offspring, ducklings with ducklings of their own.
The actual motion of the wings is a rotation of about 60 degrees around their own local origin.
To see this different origin it is neccessary to zoom in until only seg2 and the base of the wings fills the window. Use ModifyAocal Origin Show to move the cursor to the wing and wingpath origins.
Each wingpath is a six-point circle, squashed horizontally so that the wings move up and down rather than in circles.
The Difficult Bit The flapping motion is provided by modifying the tumble axis at each point on the wingpath. The use of the Tumble Axes Modifier is really beyond the scope of this tutorial and is described in detail in the various manuals. It takes a fair bit of practice to master but it is a vital skill if you want the motion of your objects to look realistic.
Try using very simple mock- ups of your object to try out the various possibilities as suggested in Rule 1 above. It CAN be mastered, but it must be said that this is the most difficult aspect of all the Sculpt-Animate system and could do with being made easier to use and understand.
Well, that is quite enough to be getting on with. In a few months’ time expect the animation tutorial mentioned above: next month it’s Back to Art School with Deluxe Paint. ¦ SIERRA For Mail Order send a cheque P.O. to Hewson Consultants Ltd. Order by credit card by sending your Access Barclaycard number, and enclose a specimen signature.
Dont forget to enclose your name and address.
I Hewson, Milton Park, Milton, Oxon. 0X14 4RX Tel: (0235) 832939 Fax: (0235) 861039 As part of our continuing development of innovative Software we are always happy to evaluate software sent to us with a view to publication.
GARGORE-a land of warring Kingdoms each with their own army, who live in fear of a "Fanatic", a solitary warrior who lives to fight and conquer.
You are one such Fanatic, a magical warrior in search of Victory in the battle scarred land of Gargore.
ATARI ST COMMODORE AMIGA THE BEAST IS AMONG US This is it - A whole new dimension in computer games 50 frames per second arcade quality scroll 350 screens -132 unique monsters 13 levels of parallax scrolling 900K of emotive music 2Mb of graphics compressed in two disks.
SUPERB FREE T SHIRT ENCLOSED IN EVERY GAME ORIGINAL UNIQUE ROGER DEAN DESIGN A TRULY MASSIVE GAME FOR THE AMIGA 500, 1000 & 2000 PSYGNOSIS - GAMES PEOPLE PLAY AMIGA E34.95 ATARI ST COMING SOON Scrv«n Shots from the Amiga version Licences are the theme of this month’s screenplay: whether they’re film translations or coin-op conversions, they’re coming through thick and fast. There’s only one way to tell if the game you’ve been waiting ages for has been worth the wait, and that’s to turn the page and read the definitive review. There’s plenty more than just licenced games in here though, so take
a deep breath and indulge yourself as you wander through the next seventeen fun-filled and action-packed pages.
THE DARK KNI6HT BATMAN as POWERDRIFT 42 DRAGON SPIRIT 52 APB 55 OCEAN £24.99 ¦ Joystick or Keyboard rnn _v ~ _.v liiiriiii’ jrr' jsrr j*t*' r-. fiT* fr-Tfi «»- 5! ' F* BBS BP'MllI *555!
=•¦& r- .*rfSK TELlSBS nri | tspnptm r» wr*'' •• ¦ sws « ss xtgBsssp wr r* p: m . IHf-rrpfi KTT' W?' " arts ; : rrrnaiB “ .* r " t r=i 2 ir-r-Btwir*' jr'' - ?r?naiBv *v »v r rrn ; 1 r r ea m • mj-* ** .
- r? * ?nn*B “ r V * ; SS ; K i SS3SS”'pr F* F* p:
* (*£ jSBKBK* F* F'F* F F- 1
- M r Si - 5 56 1 j ¦ Still in the factory, a henchman called Bob
lobs a hand grenade.
Back in the Batcave, the Joker’s Smilex poison has to be isolated by mixing three objects. There are eight objects to choose from and a limited time to mix them. It’s solved just like the old game Mastermind: select three objects and you are told how many are correct, but not which ones.
Section Four is back to the streets of Gotham, this time in the ¦’rTT rTTTT fff ¦rrrTT-p-fTTTP?! • • jp «ia ¦c-rTTr?rrr!CTr •' r • Meli [0 052 ¦ In the heart of the Axis chemical factory. Above Batman is a gas leak, to the left an acid drop is appearing from a pipe: avoid both.
The first section is tough, but a bit of perseverance reveals the route to Jack and the exit to the next section. The real art becomes getting through it without losing one of the three lives.
Section Two is on the streets of Gotham City in the Batmobile.
It’s a race back to the Batcave before time runs out or the car conks out. As you thunder through the streets the traffic blocks the way and damages the car when it hits them. Roadside objects should also be avoided. A direction arrow points the way home, indicating when the Batmobile needs to take a turn. The only way to turn is to shoot a grapnel round a lamp-post and slingshot round it.
Flowever, if you miss three turnoffs you run straight into a roadblock: and that's the end of your life I'm afraid, Batperson.
- • r- f* p . ; XT; ?r* fc fr tfi rrr» ' - The Dark Knight has
returned. The success of Frank Miller’s groundbreaking
graphic novel has revitalised a hero presumed extinct.
Further novels, repeats of the TV series and a new film have followed. Now there's the game of the film, pitting Batman against the Joker in what can only be called a cataclysmic confrontation.
The battle takes place over five sections, related to scenes in the film. Curtain up on the Axis chemical factory which is being attacked by Jack Napier and his cronies. Batman has to find his way through the plant to Jack and deposit him into the acid vat that turns him into the Joker.
The factory is depicted by a 2D, multidirectional scrolling system of rooms and platforms. The place is absolutely crawling with Napier’s henchmen. They patrol the platforms attacking the Bat with guns and grenades. There are also acid and gas leaks which can deplete energy if run into. The trusty Batarang can protect you from the henchpersons, while the Batrope is used to climb up to platforms above.
Batwing. It’s carnival time now and the Joker has lined the streets with deadly gas balloons. They are floating from cakes and all Batty boy has to do is fly through the ropes to release the balloons into the air. Hitting the balloons, cakes or roadside obstacles damages the Batwing and going too slowly introduces the risk of running out of time in which to reach home.
If you can survive all that, the final section is set in Gotham cathedral.
It’s similar to the first section in the factory, with henchmen attacking. There are additional hazards like crumbling floors to complicate the task even more.
At the top of the cathedral the Joker awaits. Defeat him here or he will escape in a helicopter and you will have to do the whole game over again: won't you?
GRAPHICS AND SOUND The 2D sections are competent in terms of graphics - functional rather than stunning. The street scenes are another matter.
Whizzing along Gotham’s darkened streets is much better to look at and extremely Batmospheric. The rolling road and all the objects are fast and well drawn: a definite touch of class. Watch out for those 90 degree turns. Smashing.
JUDGEMENT The five sections hang together well as a game. Each one is tricky and takes some mastering. It's unfortunate that if all lives are lost you have to restart from the chemical factory, but that certainly proves a challenge. It’s edge of the seat excitement that grips you solidly. It’s addictive, certainly, and though it’s also frustrating at times and you could tire of it after a while, Batfans will not be disappointed. Batbob Wade ¦ Taking to the ropes during the final stage in the cathedral.
¦sVt II ... ; .-.Z.L ~~A ¦ A nasty surprise awaits in the cathedral - rats on the loose.
GRAPHICS 8 SOUND 7 INTELLECT 3 ADDICTION 8 OVERALL 90% THE RATINGS EXPLAINED GRAPHICS Good graphics are an important part of any game: if the power is there, it should be used to the full. Both static and moving graphics come under scrutiny in this rating, but remember, graphic wonders alone do not a great game make... SOUND With stereo capabilities the last thing you want to hear are Spectrumesque beeps, right?
Title tunes and effects all add atmosphere to a game and good sound can greatly increase your enjoyment.
INTELLECT How much real thought do you have to put in to play the game?
Just because a game’s mindless doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad, but a game with a high Intellect rating says immediately you'll need to think to gain maximum enjoyment.
ADDICTION How easy is a game to pick up and play? How much sheer fun will you get from it? Will you keep coming back? Important questions, all answered by a look at the Addiction rating.
OVERALL A percentage mark that takes into account all the ratings, plus extras like lasting interest, packaging, documentation... THE TEAM Andy Smith, was with ACE right from Issue One. He wouldn't know an op-code from a hole in the ground, but that's small comfort to the hundreds of games he has mastered. He loves any type of game, be it a shoot-em-up, strategy game, arcade adventure... Bob Wade started reviewing with Personal Computer Games and has worked for Zzap!64, Amstrad Action and ACE. There’s no-one in the business with a better idea of what makes a great game... Pat McDonald has been
Technical Editor on our sister magazine Amstrad Action for years now and an Amiga owner for nearly as long. On the pixel battlefield or during a rollocking bit of roleplaying, Pat is a major force to be reckoned with. ¦ Race on the most tortuous tracks, overjumps and hills, as you attempt to beat your opponents to the finish.
Each terrain totally alters your vehicles handling Race in six completely dillerent vehicles.
Take pari in twelve different competitions. Race in any of six vehicles, including a Jet-Ski for the bonus levels. Pit your speed, skill and endurance against the elements and eight other competitors in a hard fought battle for positions. Races take place on various terrains, affecting each of your vehicles in different ways. So throw caution to the wind and drive for all you're worth to reach your ultimate goal.
Drivin' Force runs in FIFTY FRAMES PER SECOND
- the same speed as the fastest arcade machines
- so go to your local computer shop and ASK FOR A DEMONSTRATION,
better still - BUY IT!
ASK YOUR STORE FOR A DEMONSTRATION ? Six pieces of driving music ? 12 different competitions ? 50 frames per second P 30 different tracks ? No disc swapping (950K on disc) ? 6 different vehicles ? 5 varied terrains ? Practice option ? Choice of country I male or female ? Joystick or mouse control ? 8 opponents AVAILABILITY:AMIGA E24.95 November ’89 ATARI ST £19.95 February '90 Digital Magic Soffuiare 5 MIDWOOD HOUSE • MIDWOOD STREET • WIDNES • CHESHIRE WA8 6BH • TEL. 051-423 5943 There’s no RPG system more famous than the AD&D one and SSI have spent the last couple of years trying to capture
if not the whole system, then at least the feel of it, on computer. Heroes of the Lance was the first to appear and turned out to be more of an arcade adventure than anything else, then Pool of Radiance came out and was much more like the original system. And now Hillsfar, the second in the series to appear on the Amiga.
SSI £24.99 ¦ Joystick or Keyboard The game takes its name from the town around which the game is set and basically it’s a mix of two different game styles: adventuring and arcade action.
The arcade side of things plays a less important role in the game and include such things as combat in the arena against various enemies like lizard men and minotaurs, riding your horse from one location to another, improving your aim on the archery range and running around searching for treasure and other goodies in the various mazes that appear to be in almost every house.
If you’re more interested in the adventuring then you’ll find yourself wandering around trying to complete various quests. Of course before you start you'll have to create a character, deciding what race he she should be (human, elf, dwarf and so on), then the person's occupation (fighter, thief, cleric and so on). Once you've done all that, it's down you to decide just what to do - visiting the guild hall of your chosen occupation is always a good place to start - but whatever you decide to do it’s largely up to you just how you go about it. Whatever path you take, though, it won't be
long before you have to have a go at both sorts of game.
GRAPHICS AND SOUND The screen is split into three for the most part, the major portion being taken up with a plan view of the town with a small window to the left showing the town through your eyes. The remaining window is reserved for cameos of the various people you'll come across and text messages. Overall the graphics are less than impressive, but they serve their purpose well enough. Sound, as well, is disappointing but it doesn't impair your enjoyment of the game.
JUDGEMENT It’s always difficult to produce a good game that's a distinct mix of two very different styles without upsetting the purists. SSI have tried very hard - and succeeded - at doing just that. For arcade fans who fancy a bash at something else in between the action events and for adventurers who fancy a slice of the action then this is just the sort of thing. Andy Smith GRAPHICS SOUND INTELLECT ADDICTION OVERALL 72% Forget the Ferraris and the Porsches: what you really want is a little buggy to sit in. Give it plenty of. Poke in the shape of a rear-mounted engine with a top speed of
244kmh and don’t bother with namby-pamby seat belts and roll cages and you're away.
Welcome to Powerdrift, Activision’s conversion of the popular Sega coin-op. As if you hadn’t already guessed, it’s a driving game! There are a few subtle differences between Powerdrift and other racing coin-op conversions, not least the absence of a time limit. None of this rushing to reach the next checkpoint as the seconds tick away. That doesn’t mean you can just take your own sweet time though: it’s still a race.
Twelve competitors take part in each race, but you start in fourth position. Quite simply, the idea is to finish each race in one of the top three places to qualify for the next stage. Each race is four laps of the track and there are five tracks to each course, with five courses to choose from.
The tracks tend to increase in difficulty as you progress. For example, the first couple of tracks will tend to have fewer and gentler bends while the later tracks will become much more difficult to negotiate and quite a challenge.
As well as bends there are other hazards, including suspended log tracks with no barriers on either side, so it’s very easy to get the £24.99 ¦ Mouse, Joystick or Keyboard ACTIVISION ¦ How can we tell if Powerdrift has the right ‘feel’ if we don't go and try the things out for real? Intrepid (and handsome) reporter Andy 'Outta the way!' Smith gets to grips with a Honda 350cc mm 42 AMIGA FORMAT line seriously wrong on a bend and go plummeting into space. Then there are the jumps that can only be cleared if you’re travelling over a certain speed.
Last but not least, there are the other racers, colliding with any of whom causes you to go into a spin. Not much time is lost as you're almost immediately back in the race, but your speed suffers and it takes a couple of seconds to get back up with the pack.
Fail to qualify and you can use one of your five continue credits to have another bash. Incidentally, GRAPHICS AND SOUND Very fast and very colourful: it's so fast, in fact, that it sometimes gets a little confusing as to where you’re supposed to be going. But after a couple of laps of each course, you’ll know them well enough. The jingles are standard coin-op fare, and the sound effects are fine for the job required.
JUDGEMENT Wonderful stuff. As challenging and as addictive as you’d expect from a hit coin-op but with much more gameplay depth than usual.
A first-class racing game with all the essential ingredients to keep you in the driving seat.
Andy Smith GRAPHICS 9 SOUND 6 INTELLECT 3 ADDICTION 8 OVERALL 92% Tintin On The Moon is based on ‘Destination Moon’ and 'Explorers On The Moon’, two of the kiss- curled reporter’s adventures (did you know that Tintin has failed ever to file a report to the newspaper he works for since the first story?), in which the young chap along with Captain Haddock and Professor Calculus (not forgeting the highly intelligent dog Snowy) are piloting the first manned rocket to the moon.
The game consists of three major parts over six stages. The first part involves the player piloting the rocket - viewed from directly behind - through space, collecting yellow fuel pods and other red pods which, once you've collected enough, advance you through to the first of the game’s six stages. Once you make it to the first stage you're into the second part of the game which sees you controlling Tintin as he rushes around the inside of the ship finding and de-fusing time bombs that have been planted by the evil Colonel Boris.
The number of bombs that need collecting increases during the game - one for stage one, two for stage two and so on - and the amount of time you have to collect INFOGRAMES £24.99 ¦ Joystick the evil Colonel has also decided to light several fires on board which eat up the fuel (well, anything’s possible in cartoon books!), so you also have to rush about extinguishing any fires you come across - once you've found an extinguisher. Find the bombs, put out the fires and release Calculus and Haddock if they happen to get tied up by Boris who’s also running about and then it’s back to piloting the
ship through to the next stage.
OSSI , .5511 i lIL the bombs depends on how many fuel pods you picked up in the previous section. Why does it depend on the number of pods? Because Make it to the sixth stage and the third part of the game has you trying to land the rocket on the surface of the moon to complete the whole game.
GRAPHICS AND SOUND The opening sequence is terrific and the sprites and backgrounds are jolly well drawn. The animation is a bit iffy though and the sound effects are not the world’s greatest. The screen shots show how good the still graphics are, but they’re not necessarily so hot once they’re moving.
JUDGEMENT Despite the fact that the game's literally been years in development, it’s turned out a disappointment.
The gameplay is far too simplistic and shallow to give any satisfaction and after just a short time it becomes very repetitive. Add to that it’s easy to lose one and only life, at which point you have to re-start the whole process, and you’re left with a game that’s more a wasted than a fulfilled opportunity.
Andy Smith EVERYTHING FOR YOUR ST & AMIGA UNDER 1 ROOF 12-13-14 JANUARY 1990 ROYAL HORTICULTURAL HALLS, VICTORIA, LONDON FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: WESTMINSTER EXHIBITION LTC SURREY HOUSE 34 EDEN STREET KINGSTON SURREY KT1 1ER PHONE: 01-549-3444 FAX 01-547-1311 Here’s the World War II flying ace donning his scarf, helmet and goggles ready for another daring raid deep into enemy territory. His Lancaster bomber takes to the skies and faces the might of Nazi air power as it tries to complete progressively harder missions. Or, to put it another way, let’s go hammer the Hun with a trusty
machine gun and a bay full of bombs.
This is not a full-blown flight simulator: it’s an action game in which you play the part of the rear gunner. There are three guys to choose as the character you play, each with different experience in terms of missions flown.
The start of each mission reveals a map of Southern ACTUAL SCREENSHOTS £24.95 ¦ Mouse only attacking dangers of fighters, flak, barrage balloons and searchlights, some of which can be turned off on the initial status screen.
There is a limitless supply of ammo but every time the plane gets hit by the enemy it loses speed and height. If these get too low the aircraft plunges to the ground, leaving the parachutes of the surviving crew drifting behind.
If the plane reaches the target the view changes again to the bomb aimer. As the buildings, tanks, bridges or whatever else is below pass by, you have to drop the bombs onto them. Once the last one is gone it’s back to the map screen for the flight home and possibly more interceptions on the way. As the missions are completed the targets get further away and the interruptions by enemy forces increase.
GRAPHICS AND SOUND The 3D objects are very impressive: plenty of detail and quite fast moving. The rest of the graphics are crude: poorly-drawn map screens and characters. The sound is not too thrilling either, consisting mostly of competent engine noises and machine gun rattles. The bomb noise is particularly whiney, but there is some entertaining speech during and after the missions.
England and North Western Europe. Somewhere in Europe will be a big cross marking the target for the bombing run. Then the plane takes off in an impressive 3D sequence, during which you can't actually do anything at all.
Once the plane is in the air the screen switches to a zoomed in view of the map, where the plane is represented by a roundel which is guided in the direction you want to go, operating in accelerated time to save boredom. Guide it to the target until it makes its final approach run or gets intercepted by enemy aircraft, at which point view switches to the rear gunner.
Using the sight he has to defend the plane against the JUDGEMENT It’s good as far as it goes. The 3D sequence is promising, as is the multiple mission scenario.
However, what lets it down is the fact that there just is not enough variety in the action. It’s just a matter of blasting down plane after plane and bombing the same old things. It really does need that bit more depth in order to keep you interested for long. Bob Wade Horizontally-scrolling shoot-em-ups smart bombs when touched, come and go by the dozen. Equally unsurprising are the flying Nobody, it seems, ever grows aliens and end-of-level guardians tired of them. So we are probably that try to destroy you.
Guaranteed the continued appear- It’s difficult and, like most ance of games like this: perfectly shoot-em-ups, addictive, but well programmed, offering a rea- there’s nothing here to get excited sonable challenge and nothing new about. Bob Wade HEWSON £19.99 ¦ Joystick only in the gameplay department.
If you are familiar with R-Type and Zynaps then this should hold •• no surprises. The screen is bor- - - - dered by scenery that proves fatal when collided with. Attached to it V5 are gun emplacements at regular 19$ rg intervals, blasting bubbly death and laser bolts.
On the route are power-ups that give extra weapons like drones or diagonal firing, or act as GRAPHICS 5 SOUND 4 INTELLECT 1 ADDICTION 6 OVERALL 43% MfWWBB Epyx the company recently closed down in the States, but Epyx the software label lives on. This latest Epyx sporting extravaganza takes eight events from the Summer Olympics, and from several different types of sport.
From athletics there are the hammer throw, pole vault and 400 metre hurdles. From gymnastics there are the parallel bars and the rings. Making up the eight are archery, cycling and diving.
The events are set in Seoul, scene of the ‘88 Olympics, and even though this is a bit out of date, the scene is beautifully presented. There is the usual attention to detail from Epyx: world records in each event, and two player options (simultaneous for cycling and hurdling). The events can be practiced individually or put together into a competitive event comprising one or all.
The most complicated events are the two gymnastic disciplines and the diving. These involve many different manoeuvres rewarded by points scores. This skill element makes these the most difficult events to master. In the rings and parallel bars sequences of moves have to be put together, trying to attain as much difficulty and as little repetition as possible.
The diving has as many different moves, but obviously you can only select and perform one type of dive at a time.
None of the events are out- and-out wagglers but the cycling and hurdles need the most. The cycling takes place around the banked turns of the velodrome against another rider. The riders dawdle around three laps, conserving their energy, and then burn it up on the last lap. You can also slipstream behind the other cyclist in the race to save energy.
The hurdles involve little more than just waggling, punctuated by whacking the fire button to clear the hurdles. The timing is important because getting it wrong results in a fall and being out of the race. The pole vault also involves some waggling but it has to be in rhythm to build up speed.
Then it’s a matter of timing joystick moves to plant the pole and swing your body over the bar.
The hammer throw can provide one of the game's highlights but only when you make a mistake. Mistime the throw and the hammer comes hurtling towards the screen, shattering it spectacularly. The hammer speed is built up by anti-clockwise cycling of the joystick - a bit'tough on keyboard players if there are any.
No surprises in the archery, it’s just a matter of aiming at the target and allowing for the wind level (indicated by a windsock).
There are only six arrows to shoot, but they do have to be loosed off within the time limit.
OVERALL 61% GRAPHICS AND SOUND An excellent job has been made of the graphic presentation in all the events. The character animation is smooth and the scrolling for track events like the cycling and hurdles is also slick. There are lots of pleasant musical accompaniments to the events but not much in the way of sound effects.
JUDGEMENT There is little left to be said about Epyx’s sport simulations: they are always competent and enjoyable.
This one has been well programmed, delightfully presented and has some excellent highlights.
It’s not going to get too many pulses racing though, because there is not much new about it.
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IVUV lliiuiiiili IuIl-uicucucI, Inc. All Ll Ult Letc-iwc H’tV LcyiiUitdi Eclu'icic, luc. All Llcliit Lc-tc-ive-c.
U. S. ecu: LIU., Unlit 'JJZ Ucllcic Vv'ey Ucllcic, Lluulhcliciu
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conquering iti music. LUiicheel his energy end ieleni his
iiisi lilni. Now U.S. ihe home compuifer Him, endoised by Ihe
Supefsi»i hlmsell. , • irf- l:eel ihe ihyihm in Club oU,
iiensioim inio e iuiuiisiic silvei loboi end ihe diug peddling
rnique world ei e gome like Serpent demons are nasty pieces of
work and the one called Zawell is the worst of the lot. Aside
from other generally horrid things, he's kidnapped the
Princess Alicia and is holding her hostage.
M _ • V 1 w Enter your good self, magically transformed into a dragon complete with fiery breath, to rescue the poor maiden in this conversion of the Atari coin-op. There are eight stages to this vertically- scrolling shoot-em-up and nine end-of-level guardians to fight.
The action is all viewed from directly above as you fly over the lands destroying all the flying, crawling and swimming creatures that Zawell sends against you.
Fortunately, you're well stocked up on bombs so destroying the ground targets is not too much of a problem. The flying creatures are quite easily taken out too using your fiery breath, especially if you can collect the power ups which appear when you destroy the blue eggs which occasionally crop up on the ground. Collect a power up and your dragon sprouts another head - thus increasing the fire power - and you can have up to three heads at once, making things decidedly easier.
As well as blue eggs there are orange eggs which release power up symbols that tend to increase the strength of your shots.
Sometimes there are the flying creatures that glow: shoot these and they also release power ups, including ones that shrink the size 8-bit wargamers received something of a gift a few years ago when Firebird released a £1.99 game called Rebelstar.
It became an instant cult hit and fans of the game pestered the author Julian Gollop for more of the same. Laser Squad eventually appeared on the smaller machines and now, after a long wait, it’s finally available on the Amiga.
If you’re unfamiliar with the game, it’s a one or two player tactical wargame played over a set number of turns, viewed in pseudo-3D. Each player controls a bunch of troops - the exact number depending on the scenario - and the idea is to accrue enough victory points, by destroying specific items or numbers of the enemy, or achieving other objectives, such as making it from one side of the game movement, firing, changing map to the other. Each and weapons and other actions, every member of your forces Combat occurs whenever two has a set number of ‘Action enemies spot each other and Points’
which are used up by the screen display changes to allow the attacker to position a cross-hair sight on the target and then choose a variety of shots depending on the weapon and amount of action points left.
For example, a member of the blue team spots a member of the red team and elects to fire at him. Blue then has the option of either automatic fire, a snap-shot or an aimed shot: the more accurate the shot, the greater the cost in action points (the automatic option only appears if the character has a weapon with automatic fire capabilities).
There is also an option called opportunity fire, which occurs whenever a member of the opposite team wanders into ¦ (Left) The Moonbase scenario and the Rebels go rushing in (where angels fear to tread?).
BLADE £19.95 ¦ Joystick or Keyboard LASER SQUAD JUDGEMENT Not just another shoot-em-up, surely? Essentially, yes. It has a nice scenario and a few extra frills, but the speed and excitement of the coin-op do seem to have been lost somewhere in translation. It’s still a good game and will most certainly keep blasting fans happy for a respectable amount of time, but it’s not one of the best of its type and lacks just a touch of depth. Andy Smith GRAPHICS 8 SOUND 5 INTELLECT 2 ADDICTION 8 OVERALL 67% of the dragon making it easier to dodge between the enemy fire.
Take a hit and the first things to go are the extra weapons, swiftly followed by one of your five lives: and starting again with the single head can be a real pain!
Make your way through the stages - the later ones being particularly mean as some of them only allow you to fly over certain parts of the scenery whilst still chucking wave after wave of nasties at you - then destroy the guardians and it’s job done.
GRAPHICS AND SOUND The sound effects are on the disappointing side, simple gun noises and the scream of the dragon as it gets blasted out of the air. The graphics are much better, being colourful, well drawn and well animated. Overall it looks as close to the coin-op as you could wish for, though the sound’s not perfect.
The line of sight of one of your troops who has at least half his action points left. So the whole game revolves around the player trying to achieve his objectives without leaving his forces stretched and quite possibly defenceless.
SiffiM&EL' !5UUp- UB.JLU CURITORftl. &.1] J JDNI.HN HivM I Iv W RRIVHifv All fi HWIJIvR«|3NW;J |*R I VttYlv -Ml b HHRH '& l»R I VttYlv All J DICKSON 4pW £ PR I VttYlv A|] J SYOMIv *?vlJ & 1) fi- PRIVttYlv StIHI.Ivft HNDRUID BHRKIvR ¦ Dishing out the arms at the start of a scenario. Serious credit-juggling skills needed here!
There are five scenarios on the original disk with expansion scenarios planned. The scenarios include The Assassins in which the player has to break into a base and eliminate one Sterner Regnix, and Rescue From The Mines in which the player must rescue some imprisoned comrades.
Obviously, in two player mode one side is always trying to stop his opponent achieving his objectives. The game ends when either the set number of turns expires or one side gains enough victory points.
GRAPHICS AND SOUND The graphics are not exactly state of the art but they are colourful and everything is well drawn: and besides, it doesn’t need outstanding graphics to play well. Sound is limited to either a tune which plays throughout or spot effects, both of which are fine. For a game of its type it’s a heck of a good looker.
JUDGEMENT The game system is simple but very effective and it doesn’t take long to get to grips with.
The seven difficulty levels for most scenarios will keep you playing against the computer - which takes no prisoners - for a long time.
It is even better in two player mode when your human opponent makes some unexpected moves! Laser Squad is a terrific game that is superbly playable and can definitely be recommended as one for the library of any gameplayer.
Andy Smith GRAPHICS 6 SOUND 6 INTELLECT 9 ADDICTION 8 OVERALL 93% ¦ The Strategic Scanner can be called up at any time to give you a complete overview of the playing area. Very useful, tactically.
¦ In Fire Mode. Move the cross-hair over an enemy and then select the type of shot to fire (your choices being snap, aimed and so on).
As well as snails and Sacha Distel, the French are pretty keen on their tennis: hence this simulation of the game from Paris-based Ubi Soft.
Essentially it's a one player game in which the player competes in the four Grand Slam tournaments. There is a two player mode but it’s only used for practising. Should you fancy practising solo, you can step onto the court and bash away at the balls served to you from a machine, which has six pre-set programmes to match your ability, or you can just chuck a few balls in the air and try to improve your serve.
Once you reckon you can handle a computer-controlled opponent, it’s time to enter a tournament (seeded bottom at 64) and gain points by winning through the rounds and eventually grabbing the tournament title if possible (and increasing your seeding along the way).
Tennis (in common with other ball games) has often suffered in the past through lack of control.
Frequently, for instance, the viewing angle has made it very difficult to guess where the ball might land. But in Pro Tennis the control is great. It uses the old favourite view of slightly behind and slightly above the player throughout the game, but for each tournament match your player remains at the front of the display making it much easier to judge where the ball is going to land and where to position your player. On the easy level there's even a cross that appears on the ground indicating roughly where your player should be to return the ball. This cross also appears on the other
side of the net during the serve, to aid accuracy.
Your player is also very adept at switching hands and producing some stunning shots with little prompting from yourself (on the easy level at least, but things get much tougher on the higher levels). That said, it still takes a while to get to grips with the controls especially if you’re playing a two player game and have to play on the far side of the court. Win through the rounds, grab the tournament trophy and increase your world ranking before jetting off to another part of the world and another tournament.
GRAPHICS AND SOUND The viewing angle is just right and contributes greatly to the enjoyment of the game. The animation of the characters is also very good, but possibly even better is the sound which is terrific - especially the line calls. All in all it looks and sounds great.
JUDGEMENT Even if tennis is not your favourite sport you’ll find Pro Tennis Tour a great game to play. It's not a brilliant two-player game, but solo you’ll find it very challenging, especially on the top professional level, and addictive enough to keep you coming back for many matches.
Arguably the best tennis sim to have appeared on any machine, not just the Amiga. Andy Smith GRAPHICS 8 SOUND 8 INTELLECT 3 ADDICTION 8 GREAT GAMES NOW AVAILABLE ON 16 BIT CodeMasters has moved in to 16 Bit!
Superb quality games especially designed for 16 Bit computers.
¦ NITRO BOOST CHALLENGE Amazing playability! A brilliant simulation. Featuring fantastic desert car chases - power speed boat racing
- frantic forest rallying and NITRO BOOST Grand Canyon jumping!
¦ TREASURE ISLAND DIZZY "DIZZY arrives on 16 Bit. Incredible playability, graphics and music - extra rooms. New puzzles and characters - Brilliant!!"
¦ ADVANCED RUGBY SIMULATOR 'The first real simulation of the world- famous game - it's all there ... conversions, touch backs, line outs, drop kicks, real tackling, scrum downs, throw-ins and all the rest!
¦ PRO SKI SIMULATOR "A very sophisticated simulation indeed - realistic ski jumps and competitive two-player action - all enhanced with breathtaking graphics and excellent sampled sound effects."
INTELLIGENT OPPOSITION CUBIC CHAOS Never Mind is a unique combination of arcade action and mind numbing problem solving, and uses a clever blend of computer-generated and handcrafted puzzles. Is your brain up to the most intriguing challenge of the decade? There's only one way to find out . . .
Screen Shots token from the Amiga and PC Versions PSYGNOSIS GAMES PEOPLE PLAY A bit of a shock to the system this: MicroProse, renowned for their simulations (and buying other companies!), have turned their corporate hand to coin-op conversions.
Xenophobe, the Bally Midway coin-op, first appeared way back in 1987 and was one of the first simultaneous three player games to hit the arcades. The MicroProse incarnation can only support two players, but the scenario remains MICROSTYLE £24.99 ¦ Joystick unchanged: Xenos have invaded several space stations and you have to go in there and secure each base in turn before they take complete control.
"Before they take control" means you've got a set number of the ‘orrid little devils to blast away before the crippling time limit expires. Fortunately you’re armed with a hand gun and the previous occupants of the bases left in such a hurry they didn’t have time to clear everything away. There are plenty of more powerful weapons to collect as you walk, crawl and slide your way through the horizontally-scrolling rooms that make up each base.
As well as weapons there are things like floppy disks which, when collected and inserted into an appropriate terminal, can switch on teleports to allow swift movement around the base. Then there are healing potions which can restore your energy when collected: contact with the Xenos, both the big ones and the small squid-like ones, causes your health points to drop rapidly.
As you only have 2,000 points to start with those potions can be a life saver, literally. So, if you can kill the right number of aliens and collect any pieces of extra equipment to use (or trade in for points at the end of each stage), then move on to the next base to face more aliens and blasting action.
GRAPHICS AND SOUND The music playing throughout is good stuff, though you can opt for sound effects as well which are just as good. The graphics are very close to the original and everything is well animated and moves smoothly. No problems in the looks and sounds department.
JUDGEMENT It’s good: not brilliant, but satisfying and different enough to keep you playing. After a while you may start to think it’s all a bit repetitive but start using some of the hardware instead of just hoarding it and you'll discover new areas of the game that will increase the enjoyment. As in most games, the simultaneous two-player option also adds a fair ol’ slice of lasting interest. Andy Smith l GRAPHICS 8 SOUND 7 INTELLECT 4 ADDICTION 8 OVERALL 76° Arnie Schwarzenegger plays lead sprite in this interpretation of one of his better movies. The scenario is this: a nasty alien
type has crash-landed in some jungle or other that Arnie and a bunch of other military pals happen to be working in. This alien geezer keeps killing Arme's mates so you, as Arnie. Have to move through several horizontally-scrolling levels of the game (starting in the jungle) and avoid not only the life-sapping gaze of the alien - represented by a triangle, or a collection of three dots that are not at all hard to outrun - but also a whole bunch of machine-gun-mad rebels and some rather nasty jungle animals.
PREDATOR ACTIVISON £19.99 ¦ Joystick As you move through the levels there are different weapons to pick up (a good job too, because that’s the only way to rearm yourself), which may look different but seem to have the same effect.
Keep running, avoid taking hits - almost impossible - blast anything that moves and hope you make it to the end of the level.
It’s not a brilliant game design to start with, but the awful graphics (when did Arnie have his legs removed and Paddington Bear's grafted on?) Do nothing to help.
Hope ’Orinoco' Schwarzenegger never gets to see it. Andy Smith GRAPHICS 3 SOUND 3 INTELLECT 2 ADDICTION 4 OVERALL 22% sure that she will succeed, if she can find the ingredients for a mighty incantation. The game starts at the home of Bragon the Knight, a retired hero who you can recruit to your cause. It's a good idea, because his axe the Reaper can deal with some of the nastier inhabitants of Akbar.
Their are two other possible recruits to the cause: Bulrog and the Unknown Knight. Each character has their own particular talents, and using the right person for the job is the key to success.
Travelling around Akbar is a doddle. A very pretty map screen is drawn, and a withered old gent (known as the narrator) moves a stick around the various locations.
Point to your destination, click on the mouse button, and off you go!
The lands of Akbar are known as the Marches. Each one has its own flavour, from the domain of the Snufflers to the March of a Thousand Greens. This latter place is not populated by brussel sprouts, but is in fact a forest.
Playing the game is a veritable feast on the old peepers. Each you have to find it is the time limit is a little on the tight side: Roxanna, daughter of the witch Mara, has to keep the god Ramor So, you’ve got to find a Time Bird, huh? Not just any old avian, the Time Bird is able to slow time and and speed it up. The reason why QUEST FOR THE INFOGRAMES £29.95 ¦ Mouse, Joystick or Keyboard MIRRORSOFT £24.99 ¦ Mouse, Joystick or Keyboard The land of Trazere has all but been destroyed by an ancient evil.
In times long past the Bloodwych, a council of powerful mages, was betrayed by the sorcerer Zeridyck.
The Bloodwych stood for all that was good and decent in the world, and were fair and just rulers. Now Zendyck rules unopposed, and Trazere is suffering an age of darkness.
To Zendyck, like all other successful villains, ruling the world is simply not enough. He seeks to reduce Trazere to ‘original matter’, and then to remake it in his own image. To help him he is summoning a Lord of Chaos, the only being that can do the job. Lords of Chaos are reknowned for being untrustworthy, and this one is probably going to do a runner once it has its tentacles round the goodies (ie the original matter).
But the Bloodwych are tougher than Zendyck thinks.
Being reduced to individual atoms only slows them down. Using arcane magicks they have gathered the last sixteen champions in the land, and have transported them into the castle of Treihadwyl.
Which is where you come in... Bloodwych is a fantasy adventure based on a role-playing system. At the heart of this system are highly detailed characters which the players control. The character’s statistics, hit points, magic and possessions are laid out on the left of the screen, while the picture of the character and his buddies are on the right. The system is easy to use and is also nice and clear.
The game is similar to Dungeonmaster or Bard's Tale.
You explore a large complex, bumping off the bad guys while attempting to complete the quest.
In this one you have to find the four magical crystals, and finally destroy Zendyck. The castle is large, and contains all sorts of nasties. It is important to know where you are, so it would be a good idea to draw a map as you explore.
Being in communication is important. You can talk to strangers as well as some of the enemies. You refer to the commu- 'VtiU of ?rot houss ttns On foct, trouble threatens location has a background picture.
Moving the mouse over these will reveal that some of the places are worth visiting (the pointer changes shape, from Roxanna’s pet Furry to four outward arrows). Clicking on these locations will reveal a new place: perhaps a path through some caves, or some people to talk to in a crowded market.
%3 Understand this: the matter is most graue. Your mounts have defiled the purity of our sacred caue. Amends must be made. Vou Know our law.
- Vou refuse to sacrifice your Lop winds.
- Vou agree to the ritual sacrifice of your mounts.
Pressing the left mouse button will overlay a picture of your characters on the scene. Another button press on the relevant character will allow them to converse, charm or charge the person or place of your choice. You can also make the characters eat: you did get Bragon to bring a packed lunch along, didn't you?
¦ Arriving in the Qaping Lands, you are faced with an uncomfortable choice: bow to the local customs and let your mounts be sacrificed, or attempt to flaunt tradition? Either way, I'm afraid, you lose!
There are lots of different places and people to visit.
Sometimes a text box giving a narration will come up, and occasionally this includes a multiple choice response from you. The choice you make decides your future course in the game... GRAPHICS AND SOUND The scenes and people of Akbar are captured very well, with some delicate pastel shading. Some water colour specialist has done very well on the Amiga, spending effort getting everything right. If you get a mount, you’re also treated to a scrolling view of it with the map in the background.
All in all, very pretty indeed. As for sound, a continuous tune plays gently at the background, replaced with more appropiate background noise when you go a specific location. The sound gives that extra storyteller touch which makes Time Bird special.
JUDGEMENT There are similar interactive fiction games available, but What Time Bird has is subtlety. It feels like a story is being read to you, and everything you do has some effect and influence on events.
Using a mouse is too fiddly, and I pity the people who prefer joysticks. Finding all the places to go takes time: why couldn’t they have been made more obvious?
Time Bird won’t keep you engrossed for months, but it’s a quality Amiga game.
Pat McDonald GRAPHICS 9 SOUND 7 INTELLECT 8 ADDICTION 7 OVERALL 82% nications menu and select what you are trying to say. For instance, if you are attempting to recruit someone, you might introduce yourself, ask what the other guy’s name and profession is, and then try to get round him by by making Smalltalk. Talking can be important: some enemies do have useful info.
Remember to commend other members of the party occasionally to keep their spirits up, or they might just take it into their heads to wander off. Don't forget to keep characters fed and watered, or they start taking damage. Eat when you need to, not just when you’ve got food. It is sometimes better to keep a few characters well fed than the whole lot half fed.
Sleep accelerates the rate at which characters heal, and also characters only gain experience and magic while they are sleeping.
Being by a bed and sleeping is better than sleeping in a corridor.
I have no idea how much experience you need in order to advance your characters a level.
During my many games I once managed to get a fighter to second level, but the whole party was greased by a giant crab just as I was about to save the game.
GRAPHICS AND SOUND What I saw of the scenery was nice (and as I never got to the lower levels I can’t offer an opinion on them). The monsters and characters were nicely drawn, but the way they moved was wooden.
Combat involved the bad guys moving their arms up and down, with little messages telling you the damage inflicted or received.
Overall the artwork was nice, but it didn’t test the Amiga’s abilities.
The sound was limited to the occasional ’Ooof and 'Aaargh' during combat, but very little more.
There wasn’t even any background music.
JUDGEMENT If there is one problem with the game, it is that you can develop a perfect plan. I enjoyed Bloodwych immmensely, but then I'm into this sort of thing anyway. It is definitely not a beat-em-up, as that guarantees a deceased party and oblivion for Trazere. Another thing: I ended up hauling round my dead buddies because I couldn't work out how to drop them after they had been killed. Still, great fun for all you role-playing freaks out there, and one that may eventually become a classic. Adie Stewart COKTEL VISION £24.99 ¦ Mouse or Joystick Water and Earth. Each is slightly better
than another, and you transform between them by moving over crystals. Damaging your opponent is performed by spitting fireballs at them. If it sounds confusing, well it is.
GRAPHICS AND SOUND The pictures used in Legend of Djel are quite good, although the quality ranges from good to suspect. Colour strobing is used to indicate that something interesting is going on, which makes you suspect that whoever programmed it wasn't clued up on animation techniques to any extent. The subgames, while competent, don't stretch the Amiga in the least.
After some sampled music at the start, the effects are rather puny by today’s standards.
JUDGEMENT If you want a mouse click adventure game, then Legend of Djel is just what the doctor ordered. In terms of appeal or depth, it really doesn’t have anything to recommend it, but the puzzling may keep you occupied for a few days.
Pat McDonald ¦ Rewards for good gardening... Put three bats in, add a bit of lead and ten gold coins pop out. If Kal gets enough gold, then his people will leave your crops alone.
Another of Hokram's works is a mighty statue of magic. It lets Djel travel wherever he wants, without spending time or cash.
Playing the game is easy. You just move the mouse pointer where you want to go, and click on the button to investigate. Just covering the screen and pressing the button doesn’t help, because the number of clicks available to you outside your den is limited.
Solving some of the puzzles is easy: such as the magician of the Moving Lands. All you have to do is to change the scenery around until it suits him just right. Then you are given some clues so that you can proceed ever onward with your quest: If you're lucky.
Combat in the game comes in two varieties, mental and physical.
Mental is easy enough to understand, because it’s just a simple board game of surround. Physical is a damn sight tougher to get to grips with, because you can be any one of three dragons: Fire.
You are Djel, only son of Hokram the ex-chieftan and Esabelle the witch. On their deathbed, their only wish was to be recognised as people with moral fibre, than the dodgy, troublemaking magic users that everybo assumed they were. Now's your chance to clear the family honour and make a name for yourself.
The underlying storyline is simple enough: something is causing mischief amongst the mightier members of your land. Kal the Pauper has had to steal all the crops from your nation in order to live. Azeulisse, the mistress of the 100 countries, has had her daughter abducted: and until she is returned, no more children will be born. Finally, Theros, a rather rich magician, has caught a vile skin disease. Until he’s rid of it, the plague will spread throughout the length and breadth of the land.
You are not without help, however. Petroy the gnome, faithful companion to Hokram, reckons that he can make a potion for Theros’ disease: if he gets the right ingredients. And a useful heirloom inherited from daddy is the mysterious Great Alambic.
In one player mode the computer is particularly easy to beat, even on hard level, but there’s more fun to be had in two player mode. The graphics have a certain naive quality about them, but they suffice and though the sound effects are dire, they don't get in the way of the gameplay. Simple stuff that’s too limited to challenge or keep you playing for more than a few goes. Andy Smith I CRL £19.99 Mouse, Joystick, Keys The forces of good and evil square armies with the money they earn up to each other once again. This from owning land and march time they're both fighting to cap- towards
the enemy's base: capture the half of a staff that the ture it and you've won. There are a other side owns, in order to gain few extra frills thrown in including complete power. The ability to employ assassins, It's a one or two-player thieves and the occasional dragon, wargame played on a island of 20- all of which can be used to upset odd sectors. Both players buy the other player.
- that leaves all other driving games behind!
P How would you like to test drive a high powered sports car on a stunt course? Have you ever jumped a draw bridge or driven a loop-the-loop? Now’s your chance!
Or maybe high-speed driving is your idea of excitement. Step on the gas and try to keep control while skidding round the corners, weave in and out of the traffic and avoid oncoming cars!
Hard Drivin', available for your home computer, is not just the best game on offer - it's a whole new driving experience.
Take Hard Drivin’ for a test drive today!
IK+ They called International Karate 'the greatest Karate beam 'em up yet' (Commodore User).
And who are we to argue?
But ARCHER MACLEAN has come up with a stunner: A third fighter. An amazing animated background. New moves (including double head-kick and a spectacular backflip).
Re-mixed music by ROB HUBBARD. And balls!
© 1987 Archer Maclean.
© 1987 System 3 Software Ltd.
D. C. Comics' famous super hero Batman breaks onto the micro
screen in a Wham! POW!
Arcade adventure as you engage the forces of evil in Gotham City.
Start in the Batcave and move on through the world of fun and excitement as you face the trickiest customer of all... the Penguin. Save some strength for the battles ahead with the dastardly Joker however, or you'll miss the thrilling climax!
TM (j © DC Comics Inc 1988 All rights reserved VOYAGER In 1977 Voyager II was launched - inviting all life forms in the Universe to visit our planet. Get ready - company's coming. Luke Snayles - returning to Earth after completing a 50 year sentence of "investigative exploration" is not a man you'd wish to meet. After half a century of solitude, he's bored and hungry. On Earth the gate crashers are about to arrive - they are the ROXIZ, but Snayles has got other ideas - no-one but NO-ONE is going to spoil his home-coming party!
© Ocean Software Ltd. 1989.
Deep in the cosmos, the ultimate terror ....The Bydo Empire - evil, horrific, deadly.
In the dark recesses of time and space, its terrifying creatures roam the cosmos, waging war on the Planet Earth.The desperate battle has just begun ....As pilot of the R-9 fighter plane, it is your mission to crush these interstellar monsters using every sophisticated weapon at your disposal. Only your skill and reactions stand between brilliant victory-and the devastation of Mankind .
...At last, the arcade sensation bursts on to your home screen with several stages, terrains and a compelling scroll feature - the ultimate in thrilling gameplay.
R-Type' ©1987 IREM Corporation Licensed to Electric Dreams Ocean Software Limited • 6 Central Street Manchester • M2 5NS Telephone: 061 832 6633 Telex: 669977 OCEANS C • Fax: 061 834 0650 ATARI ST AMIGA £24.99 ni ;K Aliens get absolutely everywhere: will detect your presence in the if they're not out in space destroy- crystal and will drag you off into ing everything they can get their the next stage which is a horizon- tentacles on, they’re usually tally-scrolling blast where waves attacking the Earth. And if they’re of aliens give up neutrinos and not doing that, chances are there are
ground-based objects to they’re running around inside avoid. Reach the end of the sec- lumps of dense crystal at the sub- tion and there’s an end-of-level atomic particle level. Structure to destroy before going Well, they are in Quartz, the back to the relative safety of the latest game from Paul ’Spindizzy' lattice. The other sections of the Shirley. It’s a viewed from above game include a meteorite dodg- (mostly) shoot-em-up split into ing stage and some more blast- several sections. The first and ing, this time of the vertically biggest section (which is not dis- scrolling variety.
FIREBIRD £24.99 ¦ Joystick similar to Asteroids) is set within the lattice structure of a crystal where the player controls a ship and has to blast away at Hydrons (which look like yellow and red pool balls), to split them into quarks which in turn change into neutrinos once shot.
Collect enough neutrinos to fill the three containers on the right of the screen and you can then choose a power-up. Power- ups include things like eight-way firing (only lasts for a limited amount of time) and a RAM save feature which allows you to restart from where you bought the feature rather than having to work all the way through from square one all the time.
Your ship is also able to carry up to three power-ups and the player can choose which one to have active simply by hitting the Space bar. Eventually, the aliens ¦ The first end-oMevel guardian. Mind its satellites and keep blasting away until you get a result.
Though, it tends to get repetitive, GRAPHICS AND SOUND Excellent graphics, though the so it’s not a game that’s going to lurid backgrounds tend to make it keep you playing for months at a ¦ Blast the Hydrons and quarks then collect the neutrinos.
¦ Outside the lattice. Dodge those revolvoing arms to live.
Difficult to see what's going on some times. It's all well drawn and smoothly animated. The title music is jolly and the in-game effects are OK if not outstanding.
JUDGEMENT Very pretty, playable, and jolly tough: work is needed if you wish to do well in this game. Ultimately, time. Andy Smith GRAPHICS 8 SOUND 6 INTELLECT 4 ADDICTION 6 OVERALL 68% Nelf doesn’t want to give his up his prize that easily, so he’s got together a whole army of zombies and other weird and wonderful creatures to keep you at bay. To aid in your quest there are power-ups to collect that can turn ALU BEAST including two bizarre lycanthropes, a werewolf and a weretiger.
It’s a horizontally-scrolling beat-em-up converted from the Sega coin-op with end-of-level guardians and a range of kicks and moves. But that’s about it.
The graphics are not too hot when they’re still, but they’re worse when they’re moving: blocky and very jerky. The gameplay is basic but it’s still very difficult to control your character in the moves needed.
Altered Beast is a below-aver- age game that fans of the original will be sadly disappointed with.
Andy Smith ACTIVISION £24.99 ¦ Joystick you into other unreal creatures The God Zeus has decided to bring you back to life, after many deeds of bravery and a while spent six foot under, so that you can go on a mission to rescue his daughter from the evil clutches of Nelf, the Lord of the Underworld.
Zeus isn’t the only one with the power over life and death and GRAPHICS 4 SOUND 5 INTELLECT 1 ADDICTION 4 OVERALL 33% Life as an American traffic cop is never easy but poor ol' officer Bob seems to be in it up to his neck, what with litter-bugs, dope peddlers and the cantankerous station Sergeant to deal with.
Bob’s average day begins with the Sarge issuing him with a target number of law-breakers to bring in within the time limit. Catching the perps involves recognising their vehicles and then hitting the siren (fire button) as the target just in front of your car (viewed from above) passes over it. The number of times a criminal has to be warned in this fashion depends on just how bad a crime they’ve committed: for example, drunks ¦ Joystick only rather than the usual bunch.
Should you go after these, and catch up with them on the vertically-scrolling highway, you’ll have to bash into them a set number of times (Chase HQ fashion) before you can capture them and return to the station. Get there before the time runs out and you’ll then have to beat a confession out of the subject before the Sarge arrives by waggling the joystick from side to side (very ideologically sound!) Manage it and you’ll need three warnings before they’ll pull over and let you give them a ticket whereas litter-bugs will pull over first time.
Occasionally Bob's day will become even more hectic as the Sarge hands out details of some particularly vicious crims who Bob can concentrate on arresting, gain a massive dollar bonus (for dollars read points) and the congratulations of the Sarge.
¦ On the trail of another danger* ous criminal. Beating a confesion out of the suspect may be fun, but it’s a bit dodgy, isn’t it?
SUSPECT FREDDY FREAK REWARD Sxnnn WANTED FOR: SELLING DRUGS LAST SEEN: SMALL TOWN US RAM SUSPECT OFF ROAD TO t It’s all sounding straightforward so far, but then there are the innocent road users to consider and the roadside obstacles to avoid. Collide with any cars without your siren on or run off the road into the rocks and you’ll crash the car and incur a demerit: collect 10 and it's game over.
There are ways to reduce the number of demerits, primarily by collecting white bags that appear at the roadside occasionally.
Other things to collect are donuts to increase your time allowance fftKE EM TALK , BOB bef rJ?fifSf?eiSnl h?001' and hitch hikers for dollars.
GRAPHICS AND SOUND Both are marvellous. The screen scrolling might have been a little smoother but it suffices and the sprites and backgrounds are all nicely drawn. The sound effects from the siren wails to the music and the deliberately mumbled speech are all very good. APB looks and sounds very much like its coin-op parent.
JUDGEMENT The arcade game was good and so is the conversion. The control is a little tricky to start with and it’s very easy to die, but persevere and you’ll find it becomes a lot more enjoyable, to the point where you’ll be coming back to it a good few times and struggling to make it to the next day. Andy Smith 1'7r00K-S L.LLLLL!_t_l_l_l_l_l_l L. I „fi LiLLLLLLLLLLLLLL, m i .LLULLLLLLLi-LLI IntLLLLLLLLLLL.LLL ¦ • .rEl_l_LL_L-l_L-!_L_l_l L.L» ¦-- i -i i i i i i i i i :ULI_LLLLLl_L_LLL-Ll_l_HlB i Li L LIIO L L l_ I_ L L L L L_ L L_ L mDLil-LX.I-LUi-L-L-Ul-L- l 1 i l_L.l_L.l_L_ LI LLLLLLLI
LLLLLLLI LLLLLLL fcLLLLLLl Sllllll (lLLLLLLI LLLLi OVERALL 81% 'The Muddy’ may not sound like your average baddie but then Mr Heli doesn’t sound like your average hero. Still, anything can happen in coin-op land.
You take control of the aforementioned Mr Heli in this multi-directional scrolling shoot- em-up converted from the Irem coin-op. There are end-of-level guardians to destroy and extra weapons to buy (collect the crystal structures, which act as currency in the game, along the way by shooting the earth blocks in Super Mario Brothers fashion).
Of course, ’The Muddy’ (a fine bit of Japlish!) Has a whole host of minions who are determined to stop you getting to him, so take them out with your front and top- firing machine gun. Take too many hits from the baddies and the W * * . && & .KAf G3 £ 1 ...... ¦ Blast the earth blocks, collect the crystals, kill the aliens... energy bar displayed at the top of the screen takes a dive until you lose one of your five lives and any extra weapons you have bought along the way.
Mr HELI Irem may be famous for R- Type, but unfortunately Mr Heli is just not in the same league. It is a shame, then, that the conversion does nothing to increase its appeal, being jerky and slow. There are similar elements to Blood Money here but the gameplay is not as polished, it is just not as playable and you will be bored' sooner rather than later. Andy Smith FIREBIRD £24.99 ¦ Joystick only GRAPHICS 5 SOUND 5 INTELLECT 2 ADDICTION 5 OVERALL 52%
* V » Neural Cybertank Design and Simulation Cybertank engineers
control the destiny of the Organization for Strategic
Intelligence. They're the heart of the OMEGA Project, a
classified military contract that’s shaping combat’s future.
Employing tomorrow’s technology, OSI cybertank engineers design
the chassis and artificial intelligence (Al) for the next
generation of neural armored warriors and they gauge their
success on a simulated field of battle. Join these elite
ranks, and pit your designs against the world's best.
F tru c mninx l vjr a •'-•WB ssgmgih We create worlds7 Fhr IBM COMPATIBLE VERSION IBM COMPATIBLE VERSION APPLE VERSION Available for: IBM Tandy compatibles, Commodore C-64 128, Apple II series, Atari ST and Amiga. Coming soon for Macintosh and Apple llgs.
MINDSCAPE For further information on Mindscape products and your local Dealer, contact: Mindscape International Limited, PO Box 1019, Lewes, East Sussex BN8 4DW. Tel. (044 486) 545 547.
COMPUTER PRODUCT Takhisis, Queen of Darkness, and her Draconian hordes have overrun much of the homeland of Krynn, even the elven armies of Qualinost, valiant in their resistance to this evil power, struggle on the edge of defeat. It is only the returning Companions of the Lance that can halt this wave of tyranny before Krynn is consumed by evil. Freed from captivity by an elven assault column, the Companions under the guiding direction of the Cleric Goldmoon and bolstered by their success at recovering the mystical Disks ofMishakal, can once again restore a belief in the gods and unify the
inhabitants of Krynn against the power of Takhisis.
The Companions must move swiftly through this wartom land, cautious of strangers but seeking compatriots and ever alert to the rapid advance of the Draconian forces. The courageous elves will finally fall, but there is one last chance to free the loyal slaves held in Pax Tharkas and join together to recover the long-lost sword Wrymslayer in what could be the vital rallying point in rekindling resistance to the plague of darkness sweeping over Krynn.
AVAILABLE ON Atari ST. IBM PC & Compatibles. CBM Amiga ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS, ADM), DRAGONLANCE and the TSR logo arc trademarks owned by TSR, Inc., Lake Geneva, W.I. USA, and used under license from Strategic Simulations, Inc., Sunnyvale, CA. USA.
© 1989 TSR, Inc.© 1989 Strategic Simulations, Inc. All rights reserved.
U. S. Gold Ltd., Units 2 3, Holford Way, Holford.
Birmingham B6 7AX. Tel: 021 625 3388.
Screen shots from various systems.
OFFICIAL w mm urnurtL m Advanced Dungeonsf pragons COMPUTER PRODUCT HILLSFAR', a city in the magical FORGOTTEN REALMS,M game world, rich with quests and challenges.
Every visit to Hillsfar is a different exhilarating experience.
Explore the city, meet its colourful denizens on the streets or in pubs and discover a quest (there are many possible ones).
Transfer your favourite character from the POOL OF RADIANCE or CURSE OF THE AZURE BONDS AD&DP FORGOTTEN REALMS" computer role-playing games, or create one from scratch. Your quest and the options available to you in each game will change to suit your character’s speciality (thief, mage, cleric or fighter).
Your quest will keep you constantly on the move. Fight in the arena against raging minotaurs, ill-tempered ores or other evil opponents. Enter different buddings and your maze- running and lock-picking skills will be required. Archery and equestrian events may also be part of your overall quest.
_ & utility program that enables Dungeon Masters to generate encounters forAD&D® campaigns quickly and easily - over 1000 encounters and 1300 monsters and characters from AD&D% Monster Manuals I & II.
,n the mystical world of Krynn eight brave companions face Draconian monsters, skeletal undead, magic and the ancient dragon Khisanth in seeking the precious Disks of Mishakal.
FORGOTTEfJ REALMS iCTIOfJ ADVENTURE e city of Phlan has been overrun by monsters
- you must discover the identity of the evil force * controling
them and destroy them. The gameplay is exhilarating and the
graphics state-of-the-art: the ultimate breakthrough in fantasy
role- playing computer games.
TSR, Inc. ADVANCED DUNGEONS St DRAGONS, AD&D, FORGOTTEN REALMS , DRAGONLANCE and ihe TSR Logo ut trademark* owned by and u*ed under licence from TSR, Inc.C 1688 TSR.Inc.C 1(88 Strategic Simulation*,Inc. All right* reserved.
V4.2 This must be the most powerful word processor available
for the Amiga.
Excellent speed and wide range of features make it the only WP to buy.
Includes Mail Merge and Spell Checking.
RRPE99.95 .Our Price £64.95 Useable demo disc available - £5.00 SERIOUS SOFTWARE Publishers Choice ...... ......79.95 Digicalc (spreadsheet) ......26.95 K Spread II (spreadsheet) Home Account ... ......49.95 ......20.95 Personal Tax Planner..... K Data (database) ..... ......28.95 ......32.95 OUR TOP TEN GAMES ALL of our top ten have been released prior to going to press.
A. P.B. 14.95 Batman
The Movie ......17.95 Fiendish Freddy Big Top
'o' Fun ...16.95
Paperboy ..13.95 Scape
Ghost .13.95 Shadow Of The
Beast .22.95
Shinobi 14.95 Star
Wars Trilogy .17.95 Wayne Gretski Ice
Hockey 16.95 Xenon
II ....16.95 All printers
listed have a ten-inch (A4) carriage, are Epson compatible and
accept cut sheet or continuous paper.
The relevant printer cable is also included free of charge. Delivery is 7- 10 days from date of cheque credit card clearance. For next day (after clearance) delivery add £5.
CITIZEN 120-D Cheap Epson FX-80 compatible giving a range of text sizes and effects in draft mode, limited sizes and effects in NLO.
£139.95 PANASONIC KXP-1081 Good print and build quality, very reliable. Offers all the draft mode sizes and effects of the FX-80 compatibles in NLO as well. Best Value.
£159.95 STAR LC-10 As well built and reliable as the Panasonic. Four different typefaces all available in the full range of sizes and effects. Well worth the little extra.
£179.95 STAR LC-10 COLOUR All the features of the LC-10 but with the addition of 7 colours in several shades.
Uses the Epson JX-80 printer driver from Workbench or your graphics program.
£234.95 STAR LC-24 10 24 pin version of the LC-10. Has 5 typefaces, all usual sizes and effects, two extra effects (Outline and Shadow) and excellent print quality.
£269.95 Each Fun School has 8 educational games per disc.
Fun School 2 (2-6 years) 13.95 Fun School 2 (6-8 years) 13.95 Fun School 2 (8-12 years) .....13.95 The "Discover" range have 6 games per disc Discover Alphabet (6+ yrs) ....15.95 Discover Numbers (6+ yrs) ....15.95 Discover Maths (10+ yrs) 15.95 GRAPHICS Digi Paint ..41.95 Phantavision .29.95 Photon Paint II .....68.95 Deluxe Paint II .....54.95 Deluxe Paint III ....59.95 VIDI AMIGA Rombo's low price
digitiser as reviewed in Amiga Format last month RRP - £99.95 OUR PRICE-£79.95 SOUND AMAS-Sampler & Interface ....74.95 Aegis Sonix ...44.95 Music Studio .24.95 Trilogic Midi interface ..34.95 (In, Out, Thru, 2x Out Thru Switchable) Trilogic Stereo Audio Digitiser......34.95 (requires software) PHILIPS CM8833 This excellent monitor features stereo sound as well as good definition for text and graphics. Price includes cable and two day (after payment clearance) courier delivery.
£249.95 ACCESSORIES A500 Dust Cover ...3.95 Mouse Mat ..3.95 A500 2000 - Printer Cable 6.95 Quickshot Turbo Joystick 10.95 Competition Pro 5000 J S ......12.95
3. 5" Disk Head Cleaner 5.95 A501 Memory
Expansion .139.95 Kempston
Mouse .29.95 PROGRAMMING K-Seka
(assembler) ....34.95 Hisoft Devpac
V2 .39.95 Hisoft Basic (inc. Book,
Amiga Basic Inside & Out - while stocks last) ...59.95 GFA
Basic 3 ..49.95 BOOKS Amiga For
Beginners ..10.95 Kickstart
Guide ....12.95 AmigaDos
Ref.Guide ..14.95 Amiga Tricks &
Tips ....12.95 Amiga Basic Inside &
Out ......18.95 Elementary Amiga
Basic 14.95 Amiga Dos
(Burgess) .14.95 The C Language (by K&R)
23.95 Pascal Beginners Guide ...6.50 All prices
include Postage, Packing & VAT. Please send Cheques PO's to:
M. J.C. SUPPLIES (AF), 40A Queen Street, Hitchin, Herts SG4 9TS
Tel: (0462) 420847, 421415 or 432897 for enquiries Credit Card
Format ? As above PLUS ? On off switch ? Through Port SPECIAL
PRICE £74.99 ? 5 1 4" Half Height ? Spec as above SPECIAL
PRICE £95.99 ATARI EXTERNAL DRIVES ? 3 1 2" 1 Meg 720k Format
Posta" Orders to: S3 Q 24 H°UR 0RDERLINE 0597 87784 Manor
Court Supplies Ltd Dept AF12, Glen Celyn House, Tel: Penybont,
Llandrindod Wells, 0f597 Powys. LD1 5SY 07 I'd4 EDUCATION AND
Drive Mechanism SPECIAL PRICE £78.99 ? 5 1 4" Half Height ?
Very Quiet ? TEAC Drive Mechanism SPECIAL PRICE £99.99 BENCH
Box . £20.00
40 3 1 2" DS DD 135TPI + 80 Cap Box....
£34.50 50 3 1 2" DS DD 135TPI + 80 Cap.
Box . £40.00
70 3 1 2" DS DD 135TPI + 80 Cap.
Box . £54.00
All disks 100% certified and guaranteed 135TPI All boxes inc.
Lock and Dividers DISK BOXES (Lockable) 3 1 2” 50 Capacity
£5.25 3 1 2" 100 Capacity £6.95 BENCH MARK 3i 2 31 2" DISKS
25. ..£17.80
50. ..£34.80
100. ..£63.25
200. £117.88
400. £223.68
600. £319.13
1000. £503.13 ACCESSORIES 3
1 2" HEAD CLEANER £1.50 Mouse Mat Rigid £4.50 Above Prices
only with other purchases BOOKS FOR BOFFINS JASON HOLBORN
takes a look at Abacus’ latest books The Abacus range of
books now represents the most complete collection of
Amiga-specific documentation currently available. Whether
you’re just starting out in AmigaBASIC, or hitting the
hardware in assembler, chances are that there's an Abacus
book to suite your needs. All are available from HB
Marketing on 0895 444433.
Amiga 3D Graphics Programming In BASIC ¦ £14.95 No prizes for guessing what this book is about. The book guides you through the principles and algorithms behind such complicated subjects as ray tracing, representing 3D objects on a 2D screen and others.
Unlike the vast majority of books dealing in such subjects, every demonstration program is written in bog-standard AmigaBASIC, therefore allowing ever Amiga owner to benefit from the goodies on offer. The book provides an in-depth look at the fundamentals of ray tracing (light sources, reflections, shadings etc) using all the Amiga sceen modes (including HAM!), information about wire frame models, representing the same object within different resolutions and a lot more besides. If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at basic ray tracing, but felt put off by the relitively expensive price of
even the most basic of packages, then Amiga 3D graphics programming could be what you’ve been looking for. As an added bonus, the book even includes a complete ray tracing system consisting of a wire frame editor and final scene rendering program.
Amiga C For Advanced Programmers ¦ £18.95 Even the most hardened techies need a good book to fall back on occasionally. For C programmers, Amiga C for Advanced Programmers may be worth investigating as a worthy companion during those long hours of programming.
The book is aimed fairly and squarely at the more technical among you who program the Amiga in C. Although the book is based around Manx’s Aztec compiler system, Lattice owners should have no problems using the book.
Subjects covered include an in- depth look at how compilers, assemblers and linkers work, designing and implementing user interfaces using the Amiga's Intuition windowing environment, coping with large programming projects (must read that section myself!), using jump tables and dynamic arrays, mixing C with assembler routines etc. As an added extra, the book even includes a complete C listing for a text editor (which will have to be typed in using your text editor!).
If you’re serious about your C programming, then Amiga C for Advanced Programmers provides a good read and can also act as a very useful source of reference.
Amiga Graphics Inside & Out ¦ £18.95 Unless you’re a hardware programmer, the official documentation for the Amiga’s graphics systems software isn’t the lightest read you could subject yourself to, and so a third party alternative is always welcome.
Amiga Graphics Inside & Out starts off with a nice introduction to the principles behind how the systems software handles the graphics on the Amiga.
Subjects covered include Views, ViewPorts, RastPorts, bitmaps and other brain cell destroyers.
Once the theory is dispensed with, it’s to time to get out your compiler and start programming. The book includes full source code demonstrating how to carry out such wondrous tasks as accessing HAM from BASIC, using fonts, dumping intuition screens to a printer and Amiga animation explained (including a look at the copper and blitter). Although the book is initially rather heavy going, it contains a positive wealth of useful information for advanced BASIC and C programmers. ¦ RODENT RIVALRY Need a new mouse?
JASON HOLBORN checks out a mouse with no balls.
The Amiga mouse is a resilient lit- which the latest is the Boing!
Tie beast, what with having to be mouse from the Amiga Centre, pushed around all day by a hand Unlike the traditional mouse, from the sky which then proceeds Boing! Uses an optical mechanism to clobber it over the head which has a number of advan- every time it wants something tages over the conventional rub- done - it's no wonder the poor thing gives up on life eventually!
Once your mouse has finally kicked the bucket, choosing a replacement was a fairly simple affair - it was Commodore or nothing. But, over the Space of just a ¦ The Boing! Mouse operates with light, couple of months, several third party manufacturers ber coated ball variety. For one, have started selling alternatives of the lack of any moving parts means that the Boing! Mouse does not suffer from clogging of the rollers (sounds painful) or worn parts (sounds even more painful!)
As a result, Boing! Should (in theory) last considerably longer than a conventional mouse.
The only disadvantage of using an optical mechanism is that the mouse will only function when used in conjunction with a special reflective mouse mat (which is, obviously, supplied). Boing! Works by shining a light onto the mat, which is made up of thousands of tiny metal squares which reflect the light back to the mouse.
Another difference between Boing! And every other Amiga mouse is that it offers not two. But three mouse buttons. The two outside buttons function exactly the same as their Commodore equivalents while the centre button is designed for X-W ndows compatibility.
Conclusion £80 does seem rather a lot for a mouse, but chances are that Boing! Will out live Commodore's mouse several times over. While the mouse does seem more responsive at speed, on-screen pointer movement seems a bit shaky when moving the mouse very slowly, which can be a real pain when working in high resolution. But, gripes aside, if you're after a mouse and can face having to part with £80, then Boing! Is worth investigating. ¦ BOING! MOUSE ¦ £79.95 ¦ Amiga Centre Scotland Tel: (031) 557 4242 FORGET THE REST - WE'RE THE BEST ...£64 .£159 ...£84 ...£44 ...£69 .£164 ...£69 ...£69 ...£42
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Make Cheques payable to: W54
• User expandable to 2MB 512KB £145 1MB £172 2MB £345
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CORPlAli RIGHTS Rfs Also available for AMIGA £24.95 and ATARI
ST £19.95 SPECTRUM COMMODORE STRAD _ -J 71, Wadham Road, North.
End, Portsmouth, Hampshire, P02 9ED 0705 670878 COMMODORE AMIGA
SOFTWARE Xenon II Megablast (Image
Works) .£15.45
Batman: The Movie
(Ocean) £15.75
Shadow of the Beast
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It Came From The Desert (Image
Works) ....£19.45 Blade
Warrior (Image
Works) ...£16.45
The Untouchables
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(Ocean) ....£14.95
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Iron Tracker
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A. P.B.
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Barbarian II
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Dragon Spirit
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Action Fighter
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(Ocean) .£15.75
Demon's Tomb (Melbourne
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Never Mind
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Bad Company
(Logotron) ..£16.45
Highway Patrol
(Infogrames) £15.75
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Strider (US
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Matrix Marauders
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Laser Squad
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Shufflepack Cafe
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Super League Soccer
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Horse Racing
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Chicago 90
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Life & Death
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A590 CMOS RAM Chips x8 (1024k 1MB) ..£99.45
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10 DS DD 3.5" Floppy
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HAND HELD GAMES Donkey Kong II... ......Multi
Screen ..... .£22.45 Mario Bros ...
......Multi Screen ..... .£22.45 Safe
Buster Pinball... ......Multi
Screen ..... £22.45 ...£6.25 Bomb
Sweeper... ......Multi Screen .....
.£22.45 Donkey Kong ... ......Multi
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......Wide Screen .... .£17.95 Super
Mario Bros.... .....Wide Screen ....
.£17.95 Plane & Tank ..... Jet
Fighter .. Gold
Cliff ......Multi
Screen ..... £6.25 £8.95 .£22.45
Climber... ....Wide Screen ....
.£17.95 Highway .
Air Combat . Balloon Flight...
....Wide Screen .... £6.25 £6.25
.£17.95 Soccer ....
Volcano .. Space
Fighter ...: Donkey Kong
Junior Space
Warrior ... ......Wide
Screen .... £6.25 £6.25 £8.95 £17.95
products are despatched within 24 hours (subject to
availability) by FIRST CLASS post. All new titles are
despatched when released. All prices shown are fully inclusive
of VAT, postage, packaging and a full guarantee. (Please add
£1.10 per item overseas).
Please make Cheques or Postal Orders payable to "Xenon Technology".
Any less and we'll be giving them away.
"And Why Not?"
I hear you ask.
Because we're not as stupid as the competition looks!
(zen zen'on) a zero-valent element (Xe, atomic number
54) , a heavy gas present in the atmosphere in proportion of 1:17
x 10E7 by volume, (tek'n-o-lo'ji) the practice of any of all
of the applied science that have practical value and or
industrial use: technical method(s) in a particular field of
industry, (zen'on tek'n-o-lo-'ji) the best definition!
Zenon technology xenon technology To order simply write on a piece of paper, your name, postal address, a telephone number (if possible, only used if absolutely necessary), and the software title (with the machine model). Then pop in your payment (cither a Cheque or Postal Order) and then pop it in the post (not forgetting of course our name on the front of the envelope and a stamp.
VAT Registration Number: 543 9020 57 Proprietor: Steve Lowe Note: Xenon Technology is Mail Order ONLY THE AMIGA EVANGELISTS o Trendy mews offices located just off London’s West End: an i ideal base from which to persuade London’s design community that the Amiga is a powerful design tool. GRAEME KIDD talks to the Blues Brothers of Amiga DTP... vli Ian Hegerty, Massimo Pilia and Damian Smith are evangelists for the Amiga, taking it into advertising agencies, design consultancies and video houses. They call themselves Pageplay Ltd, and have set up a Commodore consultancy that specialises in
installing ‘turnkey’ Amiga solutions in creative studios. Three men with A Mission: a mission to spread the word about the Amiga’s capabilites in the professional design field.
‘Hegerty Pilia Smith' could easily be the name of an upmarket advertising agency, the kind of partnership that appears in highly- stylised photographs in the pages of Campaign, alongside such names as Bostock and Pollitt, and Saatchi and Saatchi. Casting all potential ‘meeja’ pretensions aside, the trio call themselves Pageplay and sell Amigas into the cut-throat creative world of advertising and design. A place where the budgets are as big as the clients are demanding.
All three have been involved in the computing world, in varying capacities, for a good few years.
“We’re all interested in computers”, as Massimo Pilia, Pageplay's Technical Director, explains. “Two of us were programming in the Spectrum days when the A500 was a dream machine, and have been involved ever since.” Additional experience gained in the retail distribution trade, where no- one was really selling the Amiga as a serious DTP machine, led the three to set up their own Amiga dealership to promote the kit as a tool for designers. “We set up Pageplay as we felt that nobody was really looking after the Amiga in the creative field," says Damian Smith, Marketing Manager. ‘‘So here we
are, evangelising.” ¦ (Right) Designers Inc used to share studio space with Admap Publications, the people who produce ADMAP, a glossy journal for the ‘heavyweights' of the advertising industry. The publication is only available on a £100-a-year subscription, and it discusses state-of-the-art Advertising, Marketing and Research thinking, geared to the perspective of agency bosses and top-flight creative directors.
The brief was to redesign the magazine to reflect its important image and position in the market. The key objectives were to make it easier to read, easier to lay out on a tight budget and to make it more modern in appearance while still fitting in with its heavyweight, serious, authorative image. As a result of Design Inc and Pageplay’s input, ADMAP is entirely typeset from Amigas. “DTP was ideal for the title’s clear, concise layout
- all they do is run the work through an output bureau and send
it off to the printer,” Laurence explains, "and in the process
they are saving about £1,000 a month. They paid for the Amiga
kit in 3 months."
Pageplay keeps in tune with the design world through a symbiotic relationship that has developed with the company they share premises with - Designers Inc. Designers Inc was set up about eighteen months ago, and Ian sold them an Amiga for DTP work. Last year, Designers Inc doubled in size
- not entirely as a result of using the Amiga - but the wide
range of clients it services and the problems the designers
encounter while using the Amiga in the studio allow Pageplay to
get a good perspective of the Amiga’s performance in a
working professional design environment.
"Sharing premises means that we can swap skills with Designers Inc", Damian says, "we sold them their Amiga and are always on hand to help out with hardware or software problems. In return, they advise us on design matters - for instance, they helped us by designing our business stationery.
It’s very useful having them around." Particularly as Pageplay is working on a showreel to demonstrate the Amiga’s capabilities to Wardour Street video houses and advertising agencies.
As well as being well handy for straightforward DTP applications, the Amiga lends itself well to ani- ¦ Getting the message across to Media Folk. Mews promises shared by a design studio are a good platform, but you need to get out there and preach the message. Taking round a showreel is one approach, but ads in the glossies read by media peeps are all part of Pageplay's marketing mix for the Amiga as a creative tool.
¦ Laurence Lloyd manipulates the mouse while Damian Smith looks on. Those with » keen eyesight will spot that the Designers Inc logo is on the screen - a still frame from the 3D logo sequence that the Pageplay team] created to head up their animatics showreel.
Matics - essentially animated graphics which can be used to demonstrate the 3D effects of packaging artwork as it will appear on the carton. Animated logos or title sequences for video also fall within the animatics field, and having the skills of designers on tap is more than helpful in the showreel project.
Using an Amiga with massive hard drive and other add-ons, including a flicker fixer, Pageplay have worked on logos for House Channel, a TV project initiated by Saatchi and Saatchi. The first step in the journey towards a showreel is a stunning solid 3D implementation of the Pageplay and Designers Inc logos. “The Amiga can very useful in a professional video environment, either for producing video roughs on a low budget, or for producing work that has a ‘computery’ feel”, Damian says.
And when you consider the cost of buying, or even renting time on high-end video graphics systems such as Quantel or Harry, an Amiga set-up can pay for itself on the first couple of jobs.
Sculpt Animate, Professional Page and Professional Draw are the three main packages used by the Pageplay team in their evangelical work. They’ve recently run an advertisement campaign for themselves, taking full page ads that were produced entirely on the Amiga, separated directly and set to film. Headed up ‘Computers for creatives', the copy runs on: ‘Computers have long been the target of derisive remarks within creative fields. Cries of stunted creativity, sterility and poor quality are heard echoing around the corridors of many design, animation and advertising house. At Pageplay we
think different, but then we would!’ The copy continues, evangelising for the Amiga and inviting creatives to discuss the potential with the Pageplay team.
Pageplay is aiming its message at the 80 or 90 per cent of designers who currently don’t have computers, according to Damian - or at people who currently have Amigas. "Quite a lot of RIDDLE ROOMS youR CIIOXCC 0*2-IO*CU «0 0 » 5?5 ' IX- Rock your way around 32 enormous levels of action packed fun and tantalising skill to the lively sounds of the latest rock beats. Show your skill over treacherous precipices, irritating valve systems and tantalising teleport pads. Ii Arm yourself with bombs, spikes, parachutes 11 and shields and let yourself submerge into a y CBM 64 128 & Amstrad Cassette
£9.99, Disk £14.99 Atari ST & CBM Amiga £19.99 Spectrum Cassette £8.99, Disk £12.99 world of fantastic animation and mind blowing sounds... it won't be long before you've.... SOLD YOUR SOUL TO ROCK ‘N’ ROLL Rainbow Arts (UK) Ltd., 65 Sketty Close, BrackmiUs. Business Park, NorthamDton NN4 QPL. Tel Y0604i 76S711 & n VOLUME . . :,5o . ; , use.Beats.* Juijgfe ; "I ; ' v '• ¦ liv s i'- » creative people have an A500, or even an Amiga 2000 at home which they use for playing games on, purely for entertainment. They come in and see us and are mind- blown. Then it’s our job to sell them a system and
offer comprehensive support."
The basic service offered by Pageplay is one of installing ‘turnkey’ systems, which means they specify the complete hardware and software package configured according to the customer’s needs. They set it all up in their client’s studio so that all the new user has to do is plug in, switch on and start working. A bit of handholding is usually needed - designers are not generally computer literate, and there have been one or two horror stories in Page- play’s recent history. Like the fellow who insisted on pulling out memory expansions without switching the machine off first...
Recommendations So what is the basic creative configuration for the Amiga, as recommended by Pageplay? An Amiga 2000 with up to 3 megabytes on board and a 20 meg hard disk, a 1084 monitor with a screen filter, ProPage, ProDraw, Dpaint III and Word Perfect.
On the printer front they would recommend either the QMS PS810, or possibly an AT Bridgeboard and an HP Laserjet. "We tailor our system from this basic configuration," Damian says, "building it up or modifying it depending on what else the client is going to be doing with it." A video camera, flicker fixer, genlock board or scanner could easily form part of a bespoke system assembled for a customer. Full telephone support is included in the service, and of course the Pageplay team can draw on their own Amiga-using experience as well as on the lessons learn by their designer friends in
Designers Inc. The reaction, once a system has been installed, is generally very good, according to Massimo: "Once the software, Professional Page and Professional Draw, gets into the hands of designers, you really see it blossom.” So we turn to Laurence Lloyd, Senior Designer with Designers Inc for an opinion on the Amiga’s creative capabilities.
Computerised Creativity Designers Inc has a solid portfolio of clients, ranging from Shell - for whom they designed the graphics for Helix Oil and produced the Formula Shell branding imagery - through HP (of baked beans fame) to ADMAP, probably the first and possibly the only UK magazine to be professionally produced on an Amiga DTP system.
Laurence doesn’t see the Amiga as a tool for producing the finished artwork for a project. In his view: “the output is still too crude for finished images, but it’s ideal for ‘secondary documents’, things for internal use within an organisation or for limited circula- tion. Documents that are better than typewritten but of lower quality than finished artwork." Which at first hearing doesn't sound too good for the Amiga's prospects.
A Tool and a Half “We use the Amiga largely as a tool - as a means to an end.
Although it’s not what we use to produce final artwork, it helps us cast off type, to see how type is working. For instance, we used it to produce a series of brochures for a customer, producing final roughs for the client which showed how the flavour of the type works in the context of the design. The Amiga is a tool and it has become an invaluable tool in our design house, helping us in the design stage on projects as well as helping us in the concept stage. And of course, it doubles as an administrative workhorse, which isn’t as much fun, but just as invaluable.
For instance, it saves us a fortune in letterheads - we have about thirty types of operational literature, and with the Amiga we can produce everything on one printed letterhead.” Impressive Stuff The more you talk to Laurence, the more your realise just how impressed he is with the Amiga’s capabilities. “To begin with,” he remembers, “I was a Luddite. I though using the Amiga would lead to the destruction of typography - I now know that's not the case at all. It’s typographically good, especially as Commodore and other companies are licensing established typefaces rather than producing
bastardised versions of fonts. We have used output for camera-ready artwork, on jobs where a rapid turnover is needed and when the client doesn’t want to spend a fortune. Record company ads, for instance, where the crudity helps, and can become a design feature."
“The Amiga is ideal for setting up styles, and providing you use it as a means to an end, it can save a lot of time. I didn't think it would at first - I thought it would just take up space." He continues.
“What the Amiga does is pretty damn amazing - if we were more involved in Quantel work, in ani- matics, we would use it much more for images. We're a print design house primarily, so the animation capabilities would be more useful for producing things like a dummy of a pack as part of an animated presentation that shows the client how the concept works."
"The uses for the Amiga are as diverse as your imagination and budget” Laurence concludes. ¦ HARWOODS THAN £400 SAVING J Tutorial Disk
- I TV Modulator (PACK 1 ONLY) Amiga A500 Computer (See std.
INTERCEPTOR Buggy Boy Ikari Warriors ?
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J ?
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? Barbarian ?
J ?
LI anything else for ages!
Thundercats Terrorpods Art of Chess Wizball £399 £599 MONITOR THIS FOR VALUE! Added clarity... fi NEW POWER 7?0 PACK 4 CONSISTS OF.
? Star LC 10 Colour Printer.
? The Works' Integrated Business Software Package.
J Ten 3.5" Blank Disks in a Library Case.
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Amiga A500 Computer.
Philips CM 8833 Colour Monitor.
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If you would prefer an alternative printer from within our range, simply deduct £209.95 and add the price of the printer you require. (Any printer i be chosen) Pack2 contains the Super Powerp ay Packl PLUS a stereo, high resolution, Philips CM 8833 Colour RGB Video Monitor.
Mercenary Compendium Insanity Fight Amegas Deluxe Paint II - Mega Paint Package Microblaster Autofire Microswitched Joystick 10-Blank3.5" Disks Disk Library Case Mouse Mat Tailored Amiga Cover ITEMS ABSOLUTELY FREE! This adds up to MORE wmmmM tere SEE THOSE GAMES, HEAR THOSE GAMES WITH £799 ONLY... can HARWOODS THE NAME YOU CAN TRUST 24 ORDERING MADE EASY - COMPARE OUR SERVICE CREDIT TERMS Gordon Harwood Computers are licensed brokers anc facilities to pay using our Budget Account Scheme ar offered on most items. APR 35.2%. 12-36 month credit sale terms are available to most adultsl simply
phone or write and we will send written details alon with an application form. (Applications are required ir advance).
? Credit terms, with or without a deposit, can be tailored to suit your needs.
ORDER BY PHONE...Phone our 24Hr Hotline using your Access.
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FREE POSTAL DELIVERY goods in UK Mainland (5-7 day delivory) OR COURIER SERVICE...Add E5 per major item lor next working day delivery. UK Mainland. (Orders normally despatched on day of receipt ol payment or cheque clearance).
After you’ve purchased from Harwoods we'll still be here to completely satisfy you should any problems arise.
12 MONTH WARRANTY.. !! Goods prove to be faulty within 30 days of purchase thoy will be roplacod with a NEW UNIT. For the remainder of the Guarantee Period, all warranty repairs will bo mado FREE OF CHARGE!
COLLECTION FACILITY...Any faulty computer or monitor can bo collected from your homo FREE OF CHARGE within tho guarantee period. (UK Mainland Only) FULL TESTING PROCEDURE.AII computers are thorough tested prior to despatch, all items are supplied with mains plugs whero reqd.
DIG IVIEW GOLD Digitisos static Images in FULL COLOUR and all resolutions supported (memory permitting).
Creates IFF and HAM files. Uses B&W, or colour with B&W mode video cameras.
E139.9 j|G| droid Totally automated motorised filter rotator for use with Digiviow Prevonts camera movement between passes £59.95 VIDEO TO RGB SPLITTER Takes standard video signal, separates red, green and blue Enables standard video recorder or colour camera to digitise in colour with Digiviow Gold (requires clear picture pause with recordor). £109.95 RENDALE GENLOCKS 8802 £189.95Semi Pro 8806 £749.00Pro SUPER PIC Real Time Frame Grabber & Genlock Roal time instant colour frame- grabber from moving video.
Capture superb digitised video images in a range of resolutions from standard composite video sourco such as your domestic video recorder or video camera In a 50th of a sec. Includes Genlock to ovorlay Amiga graphics onto moving video.
Only...£499.00 MINIGEN GENLOCK Entry level Genlock for mixing moving video picture with computer graphics, ideal for titling, no monitor required MOVIE MAGIC ...£113.85 HITACHI VIDEO CAMERA Mono. 650 scan lines £249.95 ILLUMINATED COPY STAND 4 Light, adjustable, shake free stand for vioo camera. £89.95 PRINTERS All printers in our range are dot matrix and include the following features... Standard centronics parallel port for direct connection to Amiga, PC's, ST, etc. and come with FREE connector cables.
CITIZEN 120D FULL 2 YEAR WARRANTY Very reliable low cost printer, interchangeable interfaces available for Centronics RS 232 or Serial type for CBM 64 etc £149.95 STAR LC10 £169.95 STAR LC10 MKII Brand new superfast MK II version of this ever popular printer £184.95 MONITORS PHILIPS CM 8833 STEREO Full 14" Stereo High Resolution Colour Monitor, (higher spec, than the CBM 1084S now discontinued, replaced by the CBM 1084) j Twin Speakers, j High Contrast Tube, j SCART Euro-connector fitted as standard, j Green Screen Switch for enhanced text mode, j RGB AI, TTL,Composite Video and stereo audio
inputs.. j Can also be used as a TV with tuner or VCR.
J Supplied withTilting Stand, j Compatible with most micros.
J Multiple font options from front panel, j Excellent paper handling ? Simultaneous, continuous and single sheet stationery.
STARLC10COLOUR Colour version of the LC10 £209.95 j Allows full colour dumps from Amiga.
? Superb text quality.
J Can use black LC 10 ribbons, j Our most popular colour printerl STAR LC 2410 24 Pin version of the Star LC series with exceptional letter print quality £249.95 j FREE lead for computer of your choice, j ONLY FROM HARWOODS... 12 Month replacement warranty for major faults.
£229 All our Slar printers are genuine UK spec, which are specifically manufactured (or sale in the UK ONLY.
ALL THIS FOR JUST... Please be aware that European spec, versions are being unofficially imported against the wishes ol Slar Micronics UK.
These printers DO NOT carry a Star UK warranty, and WILL COMMODORE 1084 Full 14" High Resolution Colour Monitor j RGB AI, TTL, composite video and audio inputs.
J Supplied with cables for A500, CGA PC, C16-64-128.
J Can also be used as a TV with tuner or VCR.
NOT be serviced by them should the need arise.
UK specification printers may be recognised by their 3-pin UK £209 ACCESSORIES GREAT VALUE AT ONLY... FREE DUST COVERS WITH ALL MONITORS!
COMMODORE A 501 RAM PACK New Low Price...£119.95 Genuine CBM ram pack with real time battery backed clock...This add on DOES NOT invalidate Commodore's warranty.
A 500 POWER SUPPLY £49.95 GRAPHICS HARDWARl Genuine CBM power supply, also fits CBM 128 A 520 TV MODULATOR £19.95 Supplied with all the necessary cables.
QUALITY ACCESSORIES REPLACEMENT MOUSE Microswitched mouse buttons,high resolution mechanism. Great Feel only...£29.95 FLOPPY DISKETTES Genuine Commodore Disks Ten 3.5" Commodore quality at only...£14.95 Quality certified 3.5" bulk disks supplied with labels 10, with a library case £9.49 10, uncased £8.49 100, uncased £69.00 100, with lockable storage case £74.95 PHONE FOR LARGER QUANTITY DISCOUNTS!
MICROBLASTER JOYSTICK Fully microswitched, arcade quality ZIPSTICK SUPERPftO Professional quality, perfect feel £12.95 £15.95 STORAGE DEVICES HARD DRIVES COMMODORE A590 20Mb HARD DISK FOR AMIGA A500's Commodore's own Hard Drive for the A500 j Autoboot with Kickstart 1.3 _j Sockets (or upto 2Mb RAM expansion, j Can be expanded in 512K blocks, j DMA Access.
J External SCSI port. (Call for Kickstart 1.3 Super Low Price...U99 upgrade prices) INCLUDING FREE A590 RAM UPGRADE!
A590 HARD DISK 512K UPGRADE j Onboard, fit up to 4, in stages.
Giving 2 Mb Total. Ocf| OK j Up to 3Mb when fitted with A501 OnlyjLOU . JO 30 & 50Mb AMDRIVE HARD DISK FOR THE A500 j 41ms Fast access drive, j True SCSI upto 500 kb sec on standard A500.
J Built in power supply, j 12 month replacement warranty included, j 2 Year warranty available.
30 Mb Version...Only £399 50 Mb Version...Only £475 40 Mb VORTEX HARD DRIVE FOR BOTH AMIGA A500 AND A1000 j For both A500 and A1000 as supplied, j Autoboots on any Amiga, j Throughport and connector (or 2nd hard drive.
Great value at only... £499 FLOPPY DRIVES CUMANA DISK DRIVES The drives below have the following features: j Enable disable switch, j Throughport.
J LED Access Light, super quiet, j Suitable for A500, A1000. A2000 and CBM PC1.
NEW CAX 354 3.5" SECOND DRIVE j 25mm Super slimline 3.5” drive.
A real bargain at only... £89.95 CAX 1000S 5.25” SECOND DRIVE j Amiga DOS and MS DOS compatible.
Save more than ever... £129.95 AMIGA SOFTWARE THE WORKS £79.95 Integrated word processor with spelling checker, spreadsheet with graphics and database X-CAD DESIGNER £99.95 Perfect choice in Computer Aided Design (1Mb required).
PUBLISHERS CHOICE £89.95 Complete solution for D.T.P needs, contains Kind Words V2 W.P. package. Pagesotter VI.2 with Artists Choice clip art and Headliner font pack.
MUSJC-X £199.95 The most powerful music mldi sequoncing package evailablo, foatures up to 250 tracks.
FANTA VISION £39.95 Popular animation and sound package.
DOS TO DOS £49.95 Transter any PC MS-DOS or ST GEM file to your Amiga GORDON HARWOOD
Tel:0773 836781 Fax:0773 831040 jiAtiAjiAjcAhAjiAicAji OFFICIAL COMMODC COMPUTERS (ONLY UK MODELS) B2000 + 1084 + XT BRIDGEBOARD + 20Mb PC HARD DRIVE £1399.00 B2000+ 1084 +AT BRIDGEBOARD + 20Mb AUTOBOOT AMIGA DRIVE ......£2299.00 B2000 + 1084 + AT BRIDGEBOARD + 40Mb AUTOBOOT AMIGA DRIVE £2599 00 )RE AMIGA DEALER DISK DRIVES AMDRIVE 30MB External Disk Drive for A500 ...£399.00 Amiga A590 Autoboot 20Mb Drive (RAM expandable) ..£395.00 20Mb Disk Drive for PC A2000 inc Controller ..£180.00 20Mb SCSI
Disk Drive for A2000 ...£359.00 Amiga B2000 only ....phone Amiga B2000 + Colour Monitor ..phone Amiga B2000 * XT Bridge * 20Mb PC Drive £1249 00 Internal 3.5" Disk Drive for A2000 .....£69.95 Microbotics A2000 Autoboot 32Mb Drive .£499.95 Amiga B2000 + Colour Monitor + XTBridqe .....£1319.00 Microbotics A2000 Autoboot 48Mb Drive ....£619.95 Amiga B2000 * XT Bridge £1169.00 Amiga 2088 PC XT Bridgeboard + 5.25" Drive inc MS-DOS £249.00 Amiga 2088 Bridge + 5.25" Drive + 20Mb Drive
inc MS-DOS £429.00 Amiga 2286 PC AT Bridgeboard + 5.25" Drive ....£679.00 External 3.5" Disk Drive for A500 with disable switch ....£79.95 Cumana 3.5" Disk Drive for A500 with disable & pass thru ...£85.00 MISCELLANEOUS RAM Clock 512K Exp tor A500 ..£99.95 A2000 RAM 8Mb Populated with 2Mb .....£399.00 Amiga 500 BATMAN PACK Interceptor Batman DPaint II NZ Storv £359 00 miniGEN low cost Genlock £109.00 Amiga 500 BATMAN PACK + Philips 8833 Stereo Colour Monitor £589.00 PRINTERS Citizen 120D Parallel ..£129.95 Star LC-10
Parallel .£159.00 Star LC-10 Colour Parallel £205.00 Star LC24-10 24 pin Multi-font 170 57 cps £239.00 All OKI 20 consumables normally in stock ...phone MONITORS Commodore1084 Colour Monitor inc lead £199.00 Philips 8833 Stereo Colour Monitor inc lead .....£239.00 Surge Protector 13A Plug 3-Way Adaptor ..£ 12.95 £19.95 Surge Protector 4-Way Distrib Unit ..£15.95 SOFTWARE Deluxe Paint
III ..£79.95 Pro Video Plus .£189.00 Digiview Gold ...£119.95 Kindwords 2 £45.00 Home Office Kit: Kindwords 2.
PageSetter 1.2, Maxiplan 1.9. InfoFile.
CaleFonts & Artists Choice £129.95 PageStream DTP ....£119.95 X-CAD Designer £79.95 Video Effects 3D £99.00 Philips 7502 Green Screen Music X .£175.00 Monitor ....£75.00 Midi Interlace tor above L34.9a ? All prices are inclusive of VAT at 15% ? Carriage £5 (Express £10). Software and small items FREE ? Prices subject to change without notice. E. & O. E. (Delta Li Sc iftzuare Ltd rraHaiiiiii AjcAjiAjcAicAhAhAiiA 01-803 0893 Computers Mail Orders
to:- Amiga Dept, 55 Harrow Drive, London N9 9EQ AMIGA AMIGA Batman Pack A500 + free modulator + Batman + £100 worth of software £Best Price Software Pack As Batman Pack + £230 software + Photon Paint £Best Price Expansion Pack As Batman Pack + 1 2 Meg RAM + Dragons Lair £479.99 Music Pack As Batman Pack + Music X + Midi Interface £534.99 ALL OUR AMIGAS INCLUDE: P&R Mouse' power supply' Workbench 1 3- plus 16 days free hotel accommodation.
100% Quality 3 ,y2M DS DD
10. .....£7 95 50 £32 99 100 £60 99 ,y2 Meg Ram (with clock) * 1
Meg Demo ...£99.99 Mimgen (Genlock) .
Software ..£96 99 NB All disks are
boxed in 10's (not bulk packed) Monitors. Printers
etc .£phone Competition
Pro 5000 ..£10.99 Konix Speedking
(Auto) .£8.99 Konix
Navigator £10.50 Medusa
Computer Pack:- £17.99 10 DS DD disks, storage box. Disk
drive cleaner, mouse mat, mouse holder 3-D
Pool ...15.79 Falcon-Misson ..12 79
Microprose Soccer .15.79 Millenium 2.2 ....16.79 Mr
Heli .15.79 Soccer 15 79 Adidas Golden Shoe
15 79 A PB ..12.79 Fire Brigade ......19
F. O.F.T ...19 99 Star Wars Trilogy 15 79
Slrider 13 79 Action Fighter 15.79 Barbarian II
.....15.79 Forgotten Worlds 13 79
Fusion ....16 79 New Zealand Story .15.79
Nevermind .12.99 STRYX ...12 79
Qfunt Par 1 7Q Batman (The Movie) 15.79 Battlehawks 1942. 16
79 Beach Volley .....15.79 Blood Money .....15.79
Bloodwych .15.79 Future Wars .15 99
F29 Retaliator ...15 99 Galdregons Domain ,12 79 Gemini
Wings ...12 79 Ghostbuslers II 16 79 Operation
Thunderbolt 15 99 Operation Wolf 15.79
Outrun ..7 99 Outrun Europa 10.99
Paladin ...15 79 OlUMl Uul .IJ
J Super Quinlet ..15 79 Super Wonder Boy 16 79 Sword
of Sodan 16.79 Swords of Twilight . .16 79 Tesl Drive
II 16.79 The Lost Patrol 15.79 Triad
II ...15.79 Bomber .16 79
Cabal .....15 99 Grand MonsIerSlam 15.79
Grand Prix Circuit... 16.79 Passing Shot ...15 79 Paul
Gascoigne Soccer15.79 Carrier Command.. . 15 79 Chicargo
90 .....12.79 Oha ;« HO 1S QQ Gunship ...15
79 Highway Patrol 15 79 Iron TrnrWpr 1? 7Q Populus 16 79
Populus Promise Land 7 99 Powerdrome 1679
Powerdnfi 16.79 Precious Metal 15.79 Rainbow
Island .15.79 The Untouchables 15 99 Vigilante 10 99 V *
I|1jD 1 1V . ...1 J J J Conflict Europe 15.79
Continental Circus. 12 99 Day Ot the Viper 16 79 iiuii iidLACi
...ic j Indiana Jones 13.79
Intestation .15 99
Interceptor .16.79 War In Mid Earth 15 79 World
Class Leaderboard .7.99 Xenon II .15.79
Demons Tomb ..12.79 Denaris ..13.79
Interphase ..19 99
Ivanhoe ..15.79 Rainbow Warrior......15.79
Red Heat ....15 79 Xybots ...12 79 MISC
Deluxe Paint III 62.99 Devpac V2 .42 99 Kindwords
V2 ...39.99 Music X .. 174.99 Photon Paint
II ..66 99 Protext ..69.99 Double
Dragon II 15.99 Dr Plummet 12.79 Kees The
Thief .16.79 Kick OH .....12 79 Red
Lightning ...20 50 Rick Dangerous 15 79 Robocop 15
79 Dragon's Lair ...29 99
Kull .15 79 Dragon Ninja .....15
79 Dragon Spirit .....12.79 Dungeon Master 15 79
Dynamite Dux ...16.79 Elite ...15 79
Lancaster ..12 79 Last Nmja 2 16 79
Leisure Suit Larry 2 16 79 Licence to Kill 12 79 Lite and
Death ..18.99 Running Man ...15.79
R. VF ...15.79 Run the Gauntlet 15.79 Shadow of the
Beast21 99 Shinobi ...12.79 F16 Combat Pilot.
15 79 Falcon .18 90 Light
Force .15 79 Lords ot Rising Sun 18 90 Shoot'em
up Kit. .. 18 99 Silkworm ..12 79 Publishers
choice . 69 99 Superbase Personal 2 69.99 All prices are tor
Mail Order and are subject to change without notice - ESOE Not
all Software titles released at time ot going to press - new
products sent on day of release Hardware available at above
prices, software up to 30% otl RRP on production ot advert at
.- 28A Westerham Avenue, Edmonton, London, N9 4BU.
THE COMPUTER STORE Batman Pack now in stock £399 3 1 2" ONLY 75n 3 1 2" DSDD I wp EACH DSDD Next Day Courier Delivery to UK Mainland Only £5 Cumana Second Drive for A500 .....£99.95 Quiet A500 Internal Drive ...£74.95 Commodore A50l Ram Expansion ....£129.95 t 2 meg Ram expansion (With Clock) ...£99.95 1 2 meg Ram Expansion (Without Clock) ...... £89.95 We can supply almost any computer book Amiga Basic Inside
and Out .(Abacus) .....£18.95 Amiga C For Beginners .....(Abacus) .....£18.45 Amiga DOS Inside and Out ..(Abacus) .....£18.45 Amiga DOS Quick Reference .....(Abacus) .....£13.95 Amiga Disk Drives Inside and Out......(Abacus) .....£27.95 Amiga Systems Programmers Guide.(Abacus) .....£32.95 Discs for Abacus Books ...£13.95 Advanced Amiga
Basic ...(Compute!) .£18.95 Amiga DOS Reference Guide .....(Compute!) .£14.95 Amiga Machine Language Guide....(Compute!) .£21.95 Amiga DOS Manual (2nd Ed.) .....(Bantam Commodore) £22.95 C Programming Lang. 2nd Ed .....(Kernigan Richie) ..£24.95 Caspell s Ribbon Refresh Re-Ink your Fabric Printer Ribbon. 160ml Can ..£7.95 This will Re-Ink around 30 Ribbons Save Pounds!
Best Quality Guaranteed Disks New LOWER Prices 3 1 2' DSDD with 1 for 1 guarantee (each) .75p 3 1 2' DSDD with 1 for 1 guarantee (50) ...£37.00 3 1 2" DSDD with 1 for 1 guarantee (100) .£72.00 3 1 2' DSDD Branded with 2 for 1 Guarantee (10) ....£12.95 3 1 2' DSHD Branded with 2 for 1 Guarantee (10) ....£24.95 Disc Box Holds 40 x 3 1 2' Discs £4.99 Disc Box (Lockable) Holds 80 x 3 1 2'
Discs £7.99 Disc Box (Lockable) Holds 100 x 3 1 2' Discs ..£8.99 Star LC10 (Mono) £159.00 Star LC 10 (Colour) .....£199.00 Hard Drive Chips Commodore A590 20MEG HARD DRIVE £399.00 A590 Drive Fitted with 1 meg memory ...£529.00 A590 Drive Fitted with 2 meg memory ...£629.00 1 Meg of Memory
for A590 ..£139.95 2 Meg of Memory for A590 ..£249.95 256 x 4 CMOS DRAM 120ns ...£25.00 The Computer Store Tel: Unit 82 In Shops, 021 -770“0468 2-8 Greenwood Way Chelmsley Wood Shopping Centre, Birmingham B37 5TL Who ya gonna? Ghost Busters!
Yep, you got it. They're back. To coincide with the first UK showing of the film, Activision has put together Ghost Busters II the computer game. And what a scorcher it’s set to be.
Just to give you a taster of what’s to come, Activision has produced this superb playable demo of the game. There’s almost a complete section of the game - free - for you to try out.
Ghost Buster when it comes to slime time. But when too much slime hits your face, you begin to wonder. You have doubts... is this what life’s all about... is it worth living? The terror builds up inside you with each passing ghost. You lose your grip on reality. Ya know, you’re gonna take a mighty slide if you don’t hold on and keep that You’re in the Vanhorne Shaft, which is jammed with ghouls and ghosts intent on sliming you - and the only way is down. Hold tight to your rope, don’t swing too wildly and don’t let anything gnaw at your life-line. Why, one wrong swing and a guy could end up
with snot all over him.
You’ve got your trusty Slimer for a shooter and a handful of PKR Bombs. There are also shields to collect, but you’ve gotta swing real good to get them. You’ve also got an attitude problem. Not so much of a problem to begin with because you're a cocky son of a Don’t just sit there like a goon. Get your programming tools out and earn yourself some dosh. We'll accept anything, but that doesn't mean we’ll use it! Turn to Page 88 to see if you’ve got what it takes to write software for the Amiga Format Coverdisk.
II mean attitude. Waste before being wasted. Slime before being slimed. It's simple enough, but that’s the name of the game.
FILES: GHOSTBUSTERS.DEMO Hit the space bar or take a jab at your Slimer to start. To swing on your rope move left or right; to climb or descend move the stick up or down. Hit the fire button to unleash a bolt from the currently active weapon (it’ll be your Slimer when you first start).
Select your weapon by hitting the space bar. You’ll toggle between your Slimer, PKR bombs and shields. There’s only so much a guy can carry, so don't be wasteful. There are replenishments on the way down, but once you’ve used them you're on your own.
PKR bombs are activated by pressing the fire button and moving the joystick up or down in the direction you wish to throw.
Release the fire button when you wish to detonate the device. If you need a break from the action press
P. Press ESC to quit the game.
Getting started To run the Ghost Busters II demo simply insert the Coverdisk at the Insert Workbench’ prompt.
Make sure you’ve got a joystick plugged into Control Port 2, and hit the space bar or fire button to begin play once the demo has loaded. Remember, slime before being slimed. ON THIS MONTH’S DISK GHOST BUSTERS II Whatever your preferences - games, demos, utilities, graphics, sound or Workbench hacks - there’s something for you on this month’s Coverdisk. RICHARD MONTEIRO guides you through the disk’s stunning offerings.
A spectacular playable demo of Activision's spoof game about spooks and spectres. Dare you take the challenge?
Sampled sounds, detailed graphics, fun gameplay... get to it!
ICONIZER Build up a massive library of your favourite mouse pointers and simply select the desired one by clicking on its icon. You can have one pointer for the morning, another for midday, and a very special one for the evening.
ACID DEMO Just one of the Pseudo-Ops' many demos.
This one shows what can be squeezed in under 30K: thrusting sampled Acid beat and some whizzy Smiley sprites.
GHOSTBUSTERS PROGRAM: BY ACTIVISION BRUSHCON You're writing a machine code program and need to import graphic data into the source. You're stuck. But not for long: this useful program converts Dpaint brushes into assembly source complete with part of the Intuition structure.
MEMGAUGE So what if the Workbench menu bar displays the amount of memory left for data storage? Who ever looks up there? It doesn’t exactly stand out. You need a real memory indicator, one that will display graphically how much memory is left.
WORD COUNT Too few word processors come with word counts. And who's heard of a text editor with a word count? Enter WC. It does the job, and can tell you how many characters there are in the file at the same time.
INSECT LIFE XCOLOUR A nifty utility that lets you change the number of bitplanes and colours on the Workbench screen.
WORKBENCH HACKS You don't seriously expect to be told what to expect, do you? Well go away then! Find out for yourself. Oh, all right. Just one clue: lefties, you'll discover something handy.
See Page 88, fast!
ACID DEMO PROGRAM: PSEUDO-OPS FILES: PSEUDO-OPS ACID DEMO A collection of Smiley sprites zoom around the screen while a pulsating Acid House beat plays.
What more do you need to know?
Getting started You don’t need any instructions on how to use this one. And you're certainly not going to get a description of how to look and listen. Just double-click on the Smiley icon from the Workbench and enjoy. Hit the left mouse button when you’ve had enough.
INSECT LIFE PROGRAM: BRIAN LARKMAN FILES: INSECT2.19, INSECT2.13 You'll find two stunning 320 by 512 interlaced pictures created by Brian Larkman for the Graphics feature on Page 29, and the public domain screen slide show program Vilbm.
These pictures are just two of the frames from Brian’s animation of a dragonfly in flight created specially using Sculpt-Animate 4D to illustrate this month's Graphics section.
Vilbm, of course, is the excellent slide show program which enables you to view the wonderful pixel portraits.
Getting started Double-click on the ART drawer.
Once inside, double-click on the ICONIZER PROGRAM: PUBLIC DOMAIN . FILES: ICONIZER, ICONIZER.DOC, ARROW, BALL, OPUS Not to be confused with Iconiser given away on Issue 7 of ST Amiga Format. Both programs do similar jobs: that is, they do things with icons. Iconiser tags all files with an icon while Iconizer lets you change the mouse pointer icon.
Iconizer lets you build a library of pointers and then pick the one you want to use from the Workbench or CLI. During even hours of the day you could use a standard pointer while during odd hours you could use a penguin icon. That’s for you to decide.
Getting started You must create a drawer to store all your pointers. Double-click on ICONIZER from the Workbench to start. You will be prompted for a filename to save the currently active pointer. An icon, representing the current pointer, with the name you supplied will be created. Close the drawer and reopen it to see the pointer iconified.
Create another icon with the Preferences tool and repeat the process. When you’ve finished with the iconifications, double-click on the icon you wish to use as the pointer.
Insect Life drawer. There are several ways of viewing the images, but only the simplest method will be described here; just doubleclick on the icon of the image you wish to see. In this case, it’s either INSECT2.19 or INSECT2.13. Hit the left mouse button when you’ve had enough of the picture. Doubleclicking on Vilbm will result in a help file. Read it if you wish to discover the inner secrets of this useful PD program.
WORD COUNT PROGRAM: PUBLIC DOMAIN FILES: WC, WORD COUNT.DOC Word Count (WC) counts lines, words and characters in a text files. Boring... yawn... zzzzz. Not at all. Few word processors and even fewer text editors come with any form of word count facility. It’s an incredibly useful facility to have when you need to write to length.
WC can only be run from the CLI (see Getting started to find out how to get there). It has the format ‘wc -flags files’ where flags is one or more of: I - count lines only w - count words only c - count characters only More than one flag can be specified at a time, for instance, wc -Iw will count both lines and words. Entering nothing assumes everything must be counted.
WC can accept one or more filenames. If more than one file- INFESTATION Are you ready for a new level of realism in computer games? Are you prepared for an atmospheric experience you will never forget? Can you cope with superfast solid 3D vector graphics? Will you venture into the unknown, alone, and armed only with a single pulse rifle? Can you overcome the INFESTATION?
Lrveli 02
UNITED KINGDOM Tel: 051-709 5755 INFESTATION takes computer
games to a new level of realism. It creates a complete
environment stunningly rendered in super-fast solid 3D vector
You are completely free to move within the game world, examining and manipulating objects just as you would in a real world. And, as in reality, you are not alone. Only, unlike those on Earth, the other occupants of Infestation's world are not very friendly at all... Your task as Kal Solar, Agent of the Interplanetary Federation, is to travel to Alpha II, investigate and end the alien threat. Your mission will not be an easy one. As well as the mother alien and its eggs, you will have to deal with hostile droids and computer systems, radioactive areas, and things unknown.
INFESTATION is a truly atmospheric experience. Don’t play this game when you’re alone ... it may well be your last!
Screen Shots from the Atari ST version AMIGA ATARI ST £24.95 PSYGNOSIS - GAMES PEOPLE PLAY COMPUTING TREBLE AMIGA SOFTWARE Battlechess ..... .£16.50 Blood Money ... .£16.50 Falcon .. .£19.50 Falcon Mission Disk ... .£13.50 Gunship .£16.50 Kick Off .£13.50 Kult . .£16.50 Quest for the Time Bird ..... .£16.50 Microprose
Soccer . .£16.50 Robocop ... .£13.50 RVF Honda ...... .£16.50 Waterloo ... .£16.50 3D Pool . .£16.50 Wayne Gretzky Hockey ..... .£16.50 Lords of the Rising Sun ...... .£20.99 Bloodwych . .£16.50 Passing Shot .... .£13.50 F16 Combat Pilot .... .£16.50 Hawkeye ... .£13.50
Targhan . .£16.50 Xenophobe .£16.50 Vigilante .£13.50 Shufflepuck Cafe ..... .£13.50 Shinobi .. .£13.50 Risk . .£13.50 Rainbow Island .£16.50 North & South .. .£16.50 Mr Heli ... .£16.50 Leonardo ... .£13.50 Daily
Double Horse Racing .£13.50 PRINTERS I STAR LC10 mono inc. Cable £179.99 STAR LC10 colour inc. Cable ...£219.99 CITIZEN 120 D inc. Cable ....£139.99 EPSON LX800 ....£189.99 STAR LC24 10 inc. Cable .....£299.99 AMIGA AMIGA 500 + DELUXE PAINT 2 + DELUXE PRINT £399.99 AMIGA 500 Inc. Modulator, Workbench 1.3, Mouse, Manuals + Leads £359.99 AMIGA SPECIAL GIFT PACK Amiga 500 inc. Modulator, Workbench 1.3 and Manuals. 10 Games and Photon Paint or 8 Games, 24 PD Titles & Joystick. Either of
above Plus 80 Capacity Disk Box, 10 x 3.5" Disks, Mouse Mat, Dust Cover. All for only: £399.99 AMIGA 1 MEG Amiga 500 + 1 2 RAM Expansion £489.99 AMIGA 500 + 1084S Med Res Colour Monitor £589.99 AMIGA B2000 Inc. B2000, XT Bridgeboard, A2090 20 mb Hard Drive. + 1084S Monitor £1499.00 A501 1 2 MEG RAM EXPANSION £129.99 AMIGA 500 + MUSIC X £548.99 I ART & ANIMATION I Lights, Camera, Action.... £47 95 1 I Zoetrope £79 95 I I Digiview Gold .. ..£129.99 I I Deluxe Paint ll Deluxe Paint Combo. .. .. .£59 99 I Deluxe Paint III.... £67 99 I Aegis Videoscape 3D....
£109 99 1 Comic Setter 044 OO 1 Movie Setter .. £59 00 1 Minigen (Genlock).... £104 99 1 Deluxe Photo Lab .. ....£59.99 1 Deluxe Video .... ...£59 99 1 Photon Paint II ....£79.99 1 Virien Fffects 3D pmooo 1 Video Wine Master .. PRO 00 1 Aegis Animator .. £79 99 1 Aegis Animagic ..... ....£62.99 1 Aeois Video Tiller .. ....£84.99 1 Comic Setter Clin Art
Disks P10 0S 1 Fantavision ..... ....£36.99 1 Icon Paint . £13.95 1 MUSIC & SOUND I Aegis Sonix V.2 £44.95 Aegis Audiomaster II .....£59.95 [AMAS ....£77.95 Future Sound ...£74.95 Perfect Sound ..£74.95 Pro Sound Designer
Gold .£74.99 DR T's KCS ....£159.95 Eidersoft Midi Interface .£24.95 Datel Midi Interface .£34.95 Dynamic Drums £46.99 Dynamic Studio £59.99 Studio Magic ....£59.99 I Adrum ....£36.95
Deluxemusic .....£59.95 Music X (Out Now!) ....£199.99 Dr T's Midi Recording Studio ....£52.95 MONITORS I Commodore 1084S ....£259.99 Philips 8833 ....£229.99 I A501 RAM Upgrade Workbench 1.3 Enhancer .. .... £129.99 ....£13.50 80 Capacity Disk Box ...... Monitor Covers From ...... .....£6.95 Disk Drive
Cleaner . £4 95 A500 Power Supply £62 50 Mouse Mat (Soft) .... ......£4.50 Modulator.... £24 99 1 A500 Dust Cover .... ......£6.50 B W Handy Scanner.... £209 99 1 Amiga to Scart Lead (Not Sony) ... ......£9.95 Philips AV7300 Tuner for monitors .. £69 99 1 Quickshot II Joystick ... ......£8.50 Modems from.... £89 99 1 50 x 31 2" Disk Labels ......£1.50 DRIVES iCumana 1 Meg 3.5“ with
on off ...£94.99 NEC 1 Meg 3.5“ ...£84.99 Vortex 40 Mb .....£499.99 Amdrive 30 Mb ..£389.99 A590 20 Mb (with optional RAM Upgrade) £389.99 Amdrive 50 Mb ..£489.99 All prices include VAT. Please send Cheques P.O. Made payable to: ‘u’SUfDllB DC DEPT AMF, CROMER HOUSE, CAXTON WAY, STEVENAGE, HERTS. SG1 2DF ? CREDIT CARD HOTLINE: 0438 361738 ?
FAX: 0438 740 794 If you do send cash please send it Registered All Goods are sent First Class Registered.
Please add £3.00 for outside U.K. Large orders ie. Amigas, ST, Monitors etc. are always sent by courier.
Please add £6.00 if you require next day courier delivery on other items.
All prices are correct at time ol going to Press and are subject to change without prior notice.
10. ...... £7.50
PRICES INCLUDE LABELS Add £5.50 for 80 Cap. Disk Box when
ordering Disks or £4.50 when ordering 50 or more Disks name
is supplied, WC will display the total for the supplied
Examples of what you can do are as follows: WORKBENCH HACKS Three excellent hacks for you to tinker with, and try out on other people, this month. Don’t worry; none of them cause any permanent harm to your Workbench.
Wc too - counts lines, words and characters in the file foo.
Wc boo bar - counts lines, words and characters from files boo and bar, and displays the totals.
Wc -w test - counts only the number of words in the file test.
Getting started First you'll need to get a CLI window. Do this by first replacing Coverdisk 5 with your Amiga Workbench boot disk. Click on the Drive icon so that you get a directory window. Double-click on the System drawer and then doubleclick on the CLI icon. Type in ‘CD C’ and press Return. Then type ‘copy cd to ram:’ and hit Return.
Type ‘copy endcli to ram:’ and press Return. Finally, type ‘copy dir to ram:’ and hit Return.
Get rid of any windows on screen and then remove the Workbench disk from the drive. Reinsert the Coverdisk. Click inside the CLI window to activate it. Type ‘cd dfO:’ and press Return. The CLI will now know there’s a disk in the drive. Type ‘cd utilities’ and press HOTLINE 0225 765086 Between 4pm and 6pm on weekdays only Flummoxed by files? Dumfounded by disks? Just plain thick? If you’ve got a problem with the disk
- and you’re sure there is no corrupted data - phone 0225
765086 with your query. State the model of your machine,
version of Workbench Kickstart you’re using, and anything
you’ve got attached to (or plugged inside) the computer. For
problems with disks before Issue 5 phone Amiga Format on 0225
ESUOM PROGRAM: PUBLIC DOMAIN FILES: ESUOM, ESUOM.DOC Open the WB HACKS drawer and double-click on the ESUOM folder.
Finally, double-click on the ESUOM program icon. Have fun with the mouse pointer. Clue: try reading backwards. A close window gadget can be clicked on to stop s’esuoM effects.
MISCHIEF PROGRAM: PUBLIC DOMAIN FILES: MISCHIEF, MISCHIEF.DOC Oha la la, yo noughty little cabbages. What doe yo think yo are doeing? No hanky panky allowed wis zee little Mischief program. Yo know how to run? Double-click un WB HACKS. Du zee zame MISCHIEF wis drawers (ooh, mon dieu
- vous etes terrible). Non! Zee zame wiz MISCHIEF drawer. Ah,
Return. Type ‘cd "Word Count”' and press Return. Now type dir
and press Return. You should see the filenames Word Count.Doc,
Word Count.info, wc and Word Count.Doc.info appear.
Forget about any .info files.
You’re only interested in wc and Word Count.Doc. To count the number of words in Word Count's documentation file enter ‘wc -w "Word Count.Doc’" and press Return. Type ‘endcli’ and press Return when you've finished playing with Word Count.
MEMGAUGE PROGRAM: PUBLIC DOMAIN FILES: MEMGAUGE, MEMGAUGE.DOC While the memory indicator on the Workbench menu bar is accurate and to the point, it’s also boring.
Who’s interested in a bunch of bon. Zen double-click un zee MISCHIEF icon. Toute suite. Un to ztop zee fun double-click un MISCHIEF again.
LEFTYMOUSE PROGRAM: PUBLIC DOMAIN FILES: LEFTYMOUSE, LEFTYMOUSE.DOC Are you a lefty who’s tired of being discriminated against - even by your own computer? This program will force the Amiga's mouse to be ambidextrous. Leftymouse will make your mouse work for left- handed people by swapping the functions of the left and right mouse buttons. Your left index finger can be used for selection and your left middle finger can be used to select menus, just like your right-handed pals. Run the program a second time to restore the mouse buttons for right-handed use.
Numbers congregating at the top of the screen?
Big deal, you know how many bytes you’ve got free in your machine. Do you really know what that means? Do you care? Of course not. That's why there's Memgauge. It displays pictorially how much room there’s left in the machine for running programs.
Memgauge sits on the Workbench screen and does nothing but move an orange bar up or down in accordance to the amount of memory available in the machine.
The closer the orange bar is to the letter F in the gauge, the closer the machine is to being full.
If you’re not happy with Memgauge's size simply stretch it or squash it. Click and hold the left mouse button at the bottom of the gauge and simply move up or down the screen to taste.
Getting started From the Workbench, double-click on the UTILITIES drawer. Once inside, double-click on the MEMGAUGE drawer. Finally, doubleclick on MEMGAUGE. A tool with a dynamic graphic display will appear somewhere on the Workbench screen.
XCOLOUR PROGRAM: PUBLIC DOMAIN FILES: XCOLOUR, XCOLOUR.DOC With Xcolour you can change the colours of any screen and add and remove bitplanes. Even HAM and enhanced halfbrite screens can be manipulated. It’s not, of course, possible to change the number of bitplanes in a HAM picture.
Selecting Xcolour causes a window to appear. Colours are selected by clicking on one of the colour gadgets towards the top of the window. Under the palette you’ll see three slider gadgets - moving these alters the R, G and B values of the selected colour.
Icons down the side of the Xcolour window allow you to add bitplanes, subtract bitplanes, turn the colours to black and white, progressively darken the selected palette, copy colours from one part of the palette to another, exchange two colours in a palette and spread the palette’s shades between two colours.
If you get into trouble - that is, can't see what the hell you’re doing - press ESC to restore the previous colour selection.
Getting started Double-click on the ART drawer.
Once inside, double-click on the XCOLOUR drawer. Finally, doubleclick on the XCOLOUR icon. A window will appear with all Xcolour's options inside. Simply use the left mouse button to select items from within the window. Simple enough.
F Doc File E HenGaufre HewGauge.Doc AMIGA CoverDisk 885 - Doc s File BrushCon BrushCon.Doc
- J!
BrushCon is a useful utitlity to use Dpaint brushes in assembler.
RAH DISK laia SSica ,-53£L« f99.95c'tw ¦ w J * owest PR11- _ £¦70.95‘ssysipsgr Ci2 --saSSfAR' ¦5%" 7«? 3'V?1-2S Disc Drives for my hick box) Atari STFM PCI 31 2" Drive £89.95 ?
Atari STFM only 51 4" Drive £119.95 ?
(Overseas orders add £10.00 post charges).
COPYRIGHT VIDEOVAULT LTD. 982030 i ts* iSSS%&000 ¦ Meets aufeui erv long oaw 200q standards* miga quiet ¦ co ? « ?2 Montn warrant ¦ mecnanlsrn Kss«S“s“,sr THCtO 0*5 'NCLUD1N0 VAT + P&P |S8i«
* ~r9%Ceei'e« Sl z° 3'l 2" _ drive.
- - lf o c t 7 PRWg.
¦eSgssfe a® T_"ii. I% 95 '5“°S Amiga 31 2" Drive £79.95 ?
Amiga 5W Drive £99.95 ?
All above prices include P+P and VAT. ____________ Payment can be made by cheoue, Access Visa or postal order.
NAME ADDRESS authorise you to charge my Access Visa card no. Signature: Send your order today to:
- videovault Ltd, i Old Kingsmoor School, Railway street,
Hadfield, Cheshire SK14 8AA, uiu Muysmuui : uiuui, Kaiiway
street, Haotieid, cnesnire SK14 8AA, Please supply me with visa
MAIN REGISTERED DEALER STAR LCD © B W = £1S4.0® LC10 COL = £197.00 LC24-10 = £235.00 RRP £549.74 SAVING £190.74 2 METRE 'EASY-PULL’ PRINTER CABLES .£4.95 RRP £849.64 SAVING £471.64 RRP £349.73 SAVING £250.73 RRP £1124.68 SAVING £508.68 FREE!! Utilities and Tools Pack with every ST purchase software Blitter, ST Diagnostics, Disk Editor Custom Formatter, Disk Boot Construction Set, Alarm Clock, Quick Formatter, Calculator, Custom Format Disk Duplicator, Printer Customiser Tool, Desktop games, ARC Construction Set, System Selector, 50 60 HZ Switcher and Synchronizer, Snapshot
Dumper, RAM PRINT Spooler, Word Processor and much, much more!!!
DEDUCT 2% FOR CASH, CHEQUE OR POSTAL ORDER PAYMENT £79.00 COMPUTER HOUSE UK TEL: 01-731-1276 14 Romily Court, Landridge Road, Fulham, LONDON SW6 4LL (AMIGA jN NEW! A500 BAT-PACK includes: Batman the Movie, New Zealand Story, F18 Interceptor,
• D' Paint II, Workbench 1.2, Kickstart 1.2, Amiga Basic, Desktop
Utilities New Tutorial Pack, TV Modulator f C379.00 I with
Tenstar Pack , £399.99 STEREO COLOUR | MONITOR |?
V | ONLY C218~[ J The No.1 Racing Simulation only AM £13.95 ST FAST LANE 10 3.5" DS DD PHILIPS 8833 £7.90 f ( ATABlt i 520STFM Power Pack £347.00 520STFM Explorer Pack £269.00 ST MEGA_1 Business Pack £519.00 MEGA 1 PACK” with SM124 monitor £609.00 " “Sf MEGA 2 Laser printer SM124 monitor £1639.00 sample printout on request A500 PACK 1-£359.00 Amiga 500 computer with Kickstart, Workbench and Extras 1.3, The Very first tutorial disk with a TV modulator, Deluxe Paint II, Batman, Interceptor and the New Zealand Story A50Q PACK 2-£378,00 Includes Pack 1 plus: Photon Paint and the Ten Star pack,
Amegas, Art of Chess, Barbarian, Buggy Boy, Ikari Warriors, Insanity Flight, Mercenary Compendium, Terrorpods, Thundercats and Wizball.
A50Q PACK 3-£59?,QQ Includes Pack 1, excluding the TV modulator. Comes with the Commodore 1084 matt colour monitor A5P0 PACK 4 - £616,M Includes Pack 2, excluding the TV modulator. Comes with the Commodore 1084 matt colour monitor.
A&flO-.PACKi..--£mgQ Includes Pack 2, plus ten 3.5" blank disks with labels in Rrp £379 54 a library case, five of our very best Public Domain SAVING £480 54 disks unique to our library, Quickshot II joystick and a mouse mat.
512K memory upgrade including a battery backup update time date clock and an ON OFF switch As well as a guaranteed 10 day turn around on all goods, we offer a comprehensive technical support help line. Call our technical experts or sales team Monday to Wednesday 4.00pm - 6.30pm Top quality 3.5" external disk drive with through port and ON OFF switch We're a respectable Amiga dealer offering respectable prices £99.00 3 Stonechat Close, Meadow Court, Petersfield, Hampshire. Phone (0730) 69273 VISA PUCES EXC.
• XT BRIDGE BOARD • 20Mb HARD DISK t* 1 Z9U LC24-10 £199 AMIGA
EXTERNAL DRIVES Cumana Cax 354E .....£79
AF880 .£59
RF302C ....£74 Supra 20mb
H disk ...£299 ? All drives 1mb + on off
switch ?
AMIGA ACCESSORIES A501-512k RAM £109 TV Modulator £22 Mouse Mat £4.39 Amiga dust-cover ....£6.89
3. 5 135TPI DS DD ..£9.99 A2000 HARDWARE A2000 +
1mb RAM .. £869 A2000 + 1084(s) monitor + bridge
BD + 20mb H disk A2000 + 1084(s) ...£1369 ...£1049 20mb hard
disk £299 XT bridge BD £299
A500 A2000 MONITORS 1084(s) High res monitor .....£209
Philips CM8833 High res .....£199 1901
C64-colour .Call 1900
C64-Mono .£119 PRINTERS Star LC10 (P)
130CDS .£139 Star LC10
colour ......£179 Star LC24-10 (24
pin) ...£199 Citizen
120D ......£105 Commodore MPS
1230 £119 Panasonic KXP1124 (24
pin) ...£249 Panasonic KXP1081 £149
Epson LX800 .....£158 Epson
LQ500 ....£250 Epson
FX850 ....£409 Epson
FX1050 ..£382 Epson
EX800 ....£369 Epson
EX1000 ..£419 COLOUR PRINTERS Citizen
HQ40 .....£352 Epson EX
1000 ..£543 Hewlett Packard Desk Jet
£499 NEC P6+ £469 NEC
P7+ £589 Star
LC10 ...£194 Xerox
4020 .£949 LASERS Citizen
Overture .....£1299 HP Laserjet
II ..£1825 BUSINESS S'WARE Sale £
AEGIS Sonix £39 Animated Images
3D ..£99 City
Desk ..£69 Deluxe
Video £49 Deluxe
Music £49 Deluxe
Paint .£49 Digiview
Gold ....£109 Home
Accounts ...£19 Mailshot
Plus £39 Maxiplan
A500 ....£69 Music
Studio .£23 Organiser
II ..£49 Page
Setter ..£89 Page Flipper
Plus £24 Photon
Paint .£49 Photon
Video .....Ring BATMAN SALE » BATMAN
II Hugely successful 9 pin printer, the Star LC10 provides 4
NLQ fonts (with 96 print combinations) at 36cps and 144cps
draft. Has a large 4K buffer and IBM parallel interface built
in. Includes a comprehensive front panel operation and
features paper parking, allowing single sheets to be used
without removing tractor paper.
Inc VAT.
Exp. Date Name Address Postcode CREDIT CARD MAILORDER AND EXPORT HOTLINE (0202)24927 OPEN MON-SAT 9am-5.30pm All prices and manufacturer’s specifications subject to change without notice.
Please call before ordering ALL PRICES EXCLUDE VAT To: First Micro, 13 Lansdowne Rd, Bournemouth, Dorset BH1 1RZ I wish to order - My computer is- I enclose cheque PO for £ _ Or charge my Access Visa No.
Signature Tel No: USING THE DISK Before using your Amiga Format disk, you should make a back-up of the master This is very important!
Disk as soon as possible.
BACKING UP YOUR DISK For a number of reasons, it is rather important to make a backup copy of the Coverdisk as soon as possible. Copying the disk may sound like a complicated task suitable for techno-buffs only, but it is surprisingly simple provided you read the following instructions carefully:
1. First, turn on your machine and load Workbench.
Once the Workbench screen appears and the disk-drive light goes out, remove your Workbench disk and insert our Coverdisk.
We have done our best to check that the programs on the Amiga Format Coverdisk are simple to use, error-free and have no known viruses. However, we cannot normally answer telephone queries on using the software, and we do not accept liability for any consequences of using the programs on the disk.
If your Amiga Format disk is faulty - and out of the tens of thousands duplicated, some are unfortunately bound to be - you should send it back for a free replacement within a month of the cover date to: Amiga Format December Disk, Discopy Labs, Unit A, West March, London Road, Daventry, Northants, NN11 4SA.
If your Amiga refuses to accept the disk, try using the DISKDOC- TOR utility on your Commodore Workbench disk to rescue it before sending it off for a replacement. Full details of DiskDoctor can be found in the user's manual that came with your machine.
2. Next, click once on the Coverdisk icon and then press the
right mouse-button and the Workbench menus will appear.
Now, while keeping the right mouse-button depressed (you can cheer it up afterwards!), move the mouse pointer over to the ‘Workbench’ heading and a menu will drop down. Move the mouse pointer over the ‘duplicate’ menu option and then press the left mouse-button.
3. After a few seconds’ disk access, the Workbench DiskCopy tool
will be loaded and run. Now just follow the on-screen prompts
and your Amiga Format Coverdisk will be copied to a backup
disk. When the machine asks for the destination, insert your
blank disk into the drive.
Further instructions can be found in the user’s guide that comes with your Amiga.
USING THE PROGRAMS All the programs on the Amiga Format disk are specially set up COPYING THE DISK Unless specifically stated, the programs on the Coverdisk are not in the public domain and the copyright remains with the author. Selling or distributing these programs without the author’s permission is against the laws of copyright.
To make them as easy to use as possible. If you can use the Amiga’s Workbench then you can use our Coverdisk! If you do have problems with a program, full instructions on loading and using the programs are included in the Disk Pages and these should get you up and running. If you still have problems, you should read the documentation file (.DOC) that is included with every program. To run any of the programs on this month’s Coverdisk, all you have to do is follow a very simple procedure. Unless specified differently within the Disk Pages, just double-click on the program’s icon on the
Workbench and the program will load and run. Full details on how to use the programs once they have run are included with the Disk Pages and also as a documentation (text) file accompanying the program.
To display a documentation file, just double-click on the appropriate .DOC file to be viewed and a window will open containing the file’s contents.
Pressing the space bar will advance a page at a time.
Name ... Address Telephone (Daytimej ... (Evenings) .. My program name is . Approximate total size of files in kilobytes K (we cannot use programs longer than 200K; shorter submissions, under 100K, stand the best chance of publication). It is a: Game ?
Technical tool Business utility ? Art program Music program ?Educational Novelty ? Other BRIEF DESCRIPTION CHECKLIST (please tick): Stamped, addressed envelope for return README.DOC explanation file on disk Printout of README.DOC file (if possible) Name, address, machine type written on label Disk certified virus free IMPORTANT Please sign this declaration: This program is submitted for publication by Amiga Format. It is wholly my own work and I agree to indemnify Future Publishing against any possible legal action should copyright problems arise.
Signed Date If you’ve got any programs for the Amiga which you think other readers would find useful, interesting or amusing, we’d like to know about them.
1. Make sure your program is foolproof to use.
2. Create a file called README.DOC on the disk which explains
exactly how to use your program.
3. Fill in this form, sign it, and send it without delay to:
CoverDisk Software, Amiga Format, 4 Queen Street, BATH BA1 1EJ
You could win a share of £800 prize money for the best
programs each month.
More High Quality Software Tools from HiSoft... HiSoft BASIC The BASIC language has come a long way since its humble beginnings in the early 1960s and the AmigaBASIC interpreter supplied with your computer is witness to this transformation. However, although AmigaBASIC is good, you can do even better... with HiSoft BASIC.
HiSoft BASIC is a complete, fully up-to-date, integrated BASIC development system with the massive advantage of having a compiler built in so that you can transform your programs to super-fast machine code as easily as running an AmigaBASIC program.
• Fully AmigaBASIC compatible so that you can use all the
programs you have already written and all the publicly
available ones ... immediately.
• Modern, structured programming features like: long Ifs,
multi-line functions, sub-programs, REPEAT, WHILE, DO, CASE
• No limits: no program size limit and no limits on the size of
any variable (except by memory).
• Full recursion in both sub-programs and functions with local
and global variables, arrays as parameters etc.
• Integrated editor with English error messages.
• Link your BASIC code with C and assembler for total
flexibility, speed and power.
Compatible with Microsoft QuickBASIC 3 on the PC.
Manual HiSoft BASIC comes with a proferssional 350-page ring- bound manual which contains a full tutorial and, for a limited time, we are supplying the Abacus book AmigaBASIC Inside & Out plus its examples disk (a total value of at least £25), absolutely free of charge!.
Price HiSoft BASIC Amiga £79.95 inc. Lattice C ver 5 We are delighted to be handling the best range of C programming tools currently available on the Amiga.
Lattice C 5 and Lattice C++ are now widely regarded as the ultimate C compilers - no others give you faster, more efficient programs ... and no other product gives you a more complete programming environment or a more impressive set of features: Features Fully standard Amiga Compiler, with many ANSI features, including ANSI preprocessor, const and volatile keywords and function prototypes.
Powerful source level debugger to speed up debugging, without slowing you down, with access to all of your variables and full control over your program's execution.
Support for all 68000 series processors including the 68030 and 68882.
• High performance global optimiser using state of the art
techniques not previously seen on the Amiga, including moving
calculations out of loops, automatic assignment of variables to
registers, elimination of unused code and variables.
Full set of programmer utilities to increase the flexibility of your development environment.
Blink overlay linker, the standard Amiga linker.
Pre-compiled header files give increased speed by eliminating repetetive analysis.
• Many built in functions to allow generation of inline code
increasing the speed of your programs yet further.
• Fully re-entrant and multi-tasking compiler, plus facilities to
build resident modules.
• Comprehensive two volume manual with many examples and sample
• Lattice C 5 runs on the A500 up but will certainly benefit from
1 Meg of RAM and, for large programs, a hard disk.
• Lttice C++ needs 1,5Mb memory and a hard disk.
Price Lattice C 5.02 £229 inc.. Lattice C++ £299 inc. HiSoft Devpac ver 2 We've said enough in this ad, let's hear what the press have to say about Devpac Amiga: Editing, assembling, debugging and even program execution from the same place - not fantasy but something offered by Devpac. Fast assembly speed, powerful directives for optimising code, extensive conditional options, symbolic debugging ... Devpac has it all plus a lot more. It's packed with features and has everything machine code program developers could want.
ST Amiga Format 12 88 With release 2 of Devpac Amiga, HiSoft has greatly enhanced its already excellent 68000 development system, making it quite indispensable for the serious programmer.
Transactor 5 89 Price: Devpac Amiga 2 £59.95 inc. High Quality Software The Old School • Greenfield Bedford • MK45 5DE Fax (0525) 713716 • Tel (0525) 718181 Access & Visa Orders welcome PURPLE PD PUBLIC DOMAIN & SHAREWARE SOFTWARE SEE US ON STAND H6 ©DQ®[p[p[l® Alexandra Palace, London November 24-26,1989 MEGAPACKS
* Amega Packs 1 to 10 oach consist ol 3 disks1
* Amega Packs 1 to 10 cost £7.50 each fully Inclusive *
• AMP 1 Home Business Pack 1. RIM the relational database.
Uedit the brilliant word piocessor, spell checkers, VisiCalc and VC spreadsheets
• AMP 2 Communications Pack 1. Aterm V1 3. Star Term V2 0 Argo
Term. Kermit Term loaded with features: Xmodem, Wxmodem.
Autodial. 300-9600 baud rate, macros and many more1 Also a list ol BBSs around the world
• AMP 3: Graphics Pack 1. CAD Design. Ray Tracer generator, fully
fealured drawing programs. Amiga MCAD, loads ot picture format
converters,and other utilities
• AMP 4 Animation Pack 1. Stunning graphic animation demos
including Archimedes Cradle, F-1 5. Rocker. Clown, Lockon.
Marilyn, Sunglasses, TBAG 3D, Elgato the walking cat. Red Baron
and others.
• AMP 5 Picture Pack 1. Packed full ol the best Amiga pictures
• AMP 6 : Demo Pack 1. Thames TV demo. The Juggler, loads ol
bouncing Boing demos. Jungle Command
• AMP 7 Amiga Basic Pack 1. Games, utilnes. Demos, loads ot
excellent programs
• AMP 8 Game Pack 1. Empire. Gravity Wars. Othello. Pacman.
Clue. Cribbage, Back Gammon. Yahtzee. Missile Command. 3D Break out and many more
• AMP 9 : Picture Pack 2, packed lull of the best Amiga including
some NASA digitised pictures.
• AMP 10 Demo Pack 2. Excellent graphics & sounds New Order Blue
Monday digitised sound demo, Ian n Mick and the DOC demo
* Amoga Packs 11 to 20 each consist ol 5 disks *
• Amega Packs 11 to 20 cost C12.S0 each fully Inclusive *
• AMP 11 Somx Music Pack. Includes the PD player lor Aegis Somx
music program and 4 disks lull ol music scores
• AMP 12 Miami Vice sampled sound demo ol the Miami Vice theme
Excellent graphics and sound
• AMP 13 Demo Pack 3. Einstein. Bruce & Bongos. Anti Trax
Digi Tech and Share & En|oy demo disks.
• AMP 14 Demo Pack 4. Sanx, Sanxim. Mark II. Action1 and TECHtech
demo disks
• AMP 15 Demo Pack 5. Needs two disk drives. New Tek. Pophits
• sampled sounds ot Pet Shop Boys. Madonna and other pop groups,
disk ol sampled sounds including Star Wars. Mr Spock etc. and
Beatles music over great graphics • Killer Demo
• AMP 16 Abasic Pack. Games. Utilities, demos etc includes Abasic
Note ABAsic is not Amiga Basic
• I AMP 17 Utility Pack 1. Printer Driver Generator. Fonts and
Font Editor. Floppy disk utilities, disk copiers, clocks,
calendar, directory lister, Virus Checker and other utility
• AMP 18 PD Experience1, a mixed bag ol public domain utilties.
Graphics, demos etc. all disks from the Tampa Bay Amiga Group all auto loading and very easy lo use1 Simply place disk in your Amiga and turn on' Excellent APPLICATION DISKS
• AMP 19 Utility Pack 2. Icon utilities. Mouse pointers, printer
drivers and tonts. SCReen Image to PnntER. PopCLI and loads ot
brilliant utilities
• AMP 20 Picture Pack 3. Needs Iwo disk drives. 5 disks ol
brilliant HAM and low resolution pictures All auto loading
• FFISH 189 • Uedit V2.4g the excellent word processor
• FFISH 176 AnalytiCalC V23 2a ol the large and powerful
spreadsheet Requires 1Mb RAM and 2 drives UTILITY DISKS drive
clicking il there is no disk in the drive PassWord V1.21p you
speedy the password lor your system security Pcopy V2.0 the
excellent disk copier SimGen adds a 2 or 4 colour picture to
your WB screen. Warp VI. 11. UNWarp VI.0 and WarpSplit VI I -
WARP reads raw lilesystems and archives them into a normal tile
• FFISH 213 Bitplanes the 8 colour icon user and 300 8 colour
program icons'
• FFISH 188- Boot Intro V1 0 displays a scrolling and a still
message ot your choice at boot up DitlDir VI.0 compares 2
directories FracGen V1.23 fractal generator a real fully
fealured fractal program
• FFISH 168 and FFISH 169 The Malt Dillion disk special includes
loads ot utilities and source: Config VI 0. Clock V1 0. DME VI
31. Dmouse VI 1. Backup V2 01. SUPLIB. LIBREF, DRES VI 0.
DASM V2 11. FILES VI 2, SHELL V2.1. FINDIT V1 0. LIBS VI 0, SCAT VI.0. ADDCR VI 0. REMCR V1 0 and CMP V1.0 You will need both disks @ £3 00 each.
• FAUG 41 - Rain Bench. Amiga Arc V0 2 compatible wilh ARC V5 0
• Virus X V3.2. The virus killer that sits in memory and checks
disks as they are entered
• AMICUS 22 - Printer Driver Generator V2 3. Show Print II 3 IFF
screen dump
• FFISH 158- DiskX is a sector based disk editor. MemBoardTest V2
4. MSDOS V0 1 lists tiles c written in standard MSDOS or ST
format, then copies them to RAM then rewrites to disk in
AmigaDOS lormat, PCBTool V2 6 is an early version ot PC Board
layout program that does not support printers. ScreenX is a
small clock memory counter, TaskX V2.0 is a realtime task
• FFISH 157 • Xlcon V2 01 allows you to call up scripts
containing CLI commands Irom an icon.60 or 80 toggles 60 80
column text, BootBack is a disk boot block save rewrite and
copy program. ECPM is a CP M emulator
• FFISH 1 45 - Dmouse VI .06 is a versalile program that includes
screen mouse blanker, auto window activator, mouse accelerator,
popcli, pop window to Iront. Push to back etc.
• FFISH 131 - DFC is a disk copier that multi-tasks. Hyperbaso V1
6 is a database management system, Mackie is a PopCLI
replacement, Micro Emacs Vmgtb the text editor
• FFISH 1 30 - DirMaster Vi. 1 is a disk cataloguer. Hp V1 0 a
nice RPN calculator which supports calculations with binary,
decimal, hex float & complex numbers. Mach Vl.6a the mouse
• FFISH 129 • DosKwik a pair ot progs which allow you to save
files or groups of files to one or more disks tor quick
MRBackup V2.0 and V2.1 a hard disk back up utility
• FFISH 69 - Spool V1.2 a queue manage, printer driver and SPOOL
requester and Wc a file word counter Asm68K VI 0.3 fully
fealured macro Assembler, Blitlab a blitter exploring program
in C Conman V0 9 a sort ol CLI shell, Dk decays the screen bit
by bit.
Frags displays memory fragmentation by listing the size ol Iree memory blocks. Icontype changes the icon type. MonProc monitors processes tor packet activity. MouseClock turns mouse pointer into a digital clock. Spew generates News ot The World type headlines, Sb a sytem browser.
• FFISH 65 - Sunmouse VI 0 automatically clicks in windows when
the mouse is moved over them. RunBack starts programs from CLI
allowing CLI window to close
• FFIsh 55 ASDG rrd a RAM disk that survives reset. BigView
displays any size IFF picture. Egraph creates graphs trom X.Y
pair text files Hyperbase VI .5 a neaf database management
MemClear Zero tills Iree memory. NewZap V3 0 disk sector editor Rainbow makes Workbench background a rainbow. 2 Smusplayers to Boot Block Champion on FFISH 244 rid RT-Iools : BootElock Chuvion 3.1 by Roger Fuehlin 8 1989 DE8 : BootBlock 1.2 1.3 (Sun: OK L0A»“ ( SAVE f Sutus: OK Ty?r: BOS COMPARE T IMS’ DEMO DISKS lunction key. Use CLI from a menu, a disk cataloguer Lightning Logger
VI. 2.
• APDC 18 ¦ Floppy Disk Utils Quick Copy V1 0. Disk Mapper. Disk
Salvage. Virus check. System Utils Blitz V1.0 text editor.
This stunning picture is from FFISH 196 Acalc calculator Amiga Monitor V1.1. MeM Grab last memory grabber DirectoryMaster V1 1
• APDC 1 5 - Icon utilities lull of icon tiles and creators Some
animated' Brilliant disk tor icon manipulation
• AMICUS 24 - Sectorama disk sector utility. Iconize V1 0 reduce
a lull screen pic to an icon. Bmon system browser. Virus Check
v2 21 checks disk & memory. Boing Machine
• FFISH 1 98 - CHARON requires 1 Mb RAM It an animated version ot
the 1915 book by Lord Dunsany Absolutely stunning graphics
• FFISH 196 - Stunning digitised HAM pictures Excellent'The
quality is astounding
• PDOM 01 The Walker Demo I is a mega animation demo that
requires 1 Mb RAM
• PDOM 02 The Walker Demo II the mega mega animation demo that
requires ' Mb RAM
• PDOM 06 The Mahoney and Haktus sounds of the knome music disk
II, greal graphics and mega sounds. With a bouncy mouse pointer
GAME DISKS and things Hying evrywhere A really good demo wilh
loads going on
• PDOM 40 Northstar Fair Light mega demo III a 2 disk set ot
incredible demos' Needs PDOM40 and PDOM41 Including Mahoney and
Kaktus with Blue
• PDOM 41 • See PDOM 40 for details
• PDOM 42 DealhSlar Blasting II Enlightmen! Demo a 2 disk sel of
mega mega good demos Needs disk PDOM 43
• PDOM 43 See PDOM 42 for details
• PDOM 44 - The Walker demo This is the original 2Mb RAM. 2 Disk
version If is absolutely stunning' The 1Mb RAM version is on
PDOMI Also needs PDOM 45
• PDOM 45 See PDOM 44 lor details Moria V3 0 the single player
dungeon simulation Requires 1 Mb RAM
• FFISH 194 adventure game
• FFISH 205 simulated battle
• SOFT 042
• SOFT 068 Cribbge
• SOFT 078
• SOFT 117 Bally the arcade game. Battle Force V3.01 between 2
robots Chess V2.0. Chinese Checkers excellent version Clue asm
Cluedo. Olhello. Klondike, Cantieid and Pac Man Greal
implementation ol the classic game ¦ Empire. Gravity Wars.
Hanoi, Hockey. Bikoft.
• FFISH 143 RIM V5 0 is a Relational Information Manager, a fully
relational DBMS that is suitable lor very large databases using
B-Tree data storage. Versions ol RIM run on a variety ol micro
systems both small and large, and produce compatible databases.
Play SMUS IFF music tiles. View a liny IFF picture viewor. WB to JX-80 screen dump
• FFISH 244 BBChampion V3 1 the Boot Block Champion load, save
and analyze boot blocks Bootlntro VI 2 you speedy The headline
text ot upto 44 characters and the scrolling text ol upto 300
FMC V1 2 is a no last memory program SizeChecker VI 0 uses a
list ot tile sizes to check unexpected tile changes TextDisplay
V1 52 the great text display that handles all screen tormats
Xcolour VI 2 the screen colour setter
• FAUG 67 ¦ Disk X V2.0 the sector editor. Hand Shake V1 06b a
VT100 terminal emulator. Pack It a whole disk compressor
• FAUG 62 Access' V2 6 very powerful lelecommunications package
Hide II allows you to turn off and on your RAM expansion Cron -
runs a table ot background tasks. Add Icon VI.0 adds icons lo
tiles without icons. IFF Mirrors is an ILBM slide show with X
and Y mirroring. Fformat Vt a last tormattor.
• FAUG 50 ¦ Dir Util V VI the disk manager. Roll Back VI 0 rolls
back text that has rolled off the top ot the screen, Short Cut
allows you lo detine text lo a single key stroke thus CLI
commands are simplar lo lype
• FAUG 47 • FunKoy assign any text string to a lunction key
• PAN 25A Disk Wipe very quick disk contents wiper. SELECT allows
you to select in your Startup-Sequence trom a number of
scripts. Virus Check VI 1
• PAN 19D ZOO V1 42a a very good tile compressor. Con Man V0 99b
provides line editing and command line histories. Distinguish
type ot files with File Type. Pipe Handler, Pop CLI V3 0
• PAN 17B AmiGazer 1573 stars to view any time, date or lattitude
CLI only. Date Book the diary, bind any text string to a
GRAPHICS DISKS Jackland, Olhello Master,Pacman, all brilliant
PD games
• SOFT 118 Amoeba Attack. Lander, Gravity Attack, World text
adventure and Bullrun a battle simulation
• PAN 29B Amoeba space invaders. CosmoRoids. Slone Age a Boulder
Dash type. Back Gammon. Chain Reaction. Master Mind.
Reversi. Black Jack. Crazy Eights. Klondike. Jig Saw, Keno. YachtC, Daleks and Ratmaze
• SOFT 042 Chinese Checkers excellent version
• SOFT 11 7 Empire, Gravity Wars. Hanoi. Hockey Bikolt.
Jackland. Olhello Masler. Pacman, all brilliant PD games
• SOFT 069 Backgammon. Yahzee. Tvision. Missle Command.
Cosmo 2 and 3D Breakout
• S D 21 Monopoly LANGUAGE DISKS
• FAUG 42 DBW Render a very good Ray Tracing utility
• SOFT 123 Amiga MCAD VI 2.2 excellent Computer Aided Design
• SOFT 022 Disk Full of graphic utilities Clip IP clip any part
of the screen and save to disk. Filter Pics manipulate pictures
with enhancers, edge definition, colour and size shifters, plus
loads ot excellent packages
• SOFT 013 Mandelbrot Explorer Excellent lull features mandelbrot
• APDC 13 VdrawVl 19 brilliant painting program. Ray Tracer
Generator. MCAD V1.2 an ob|ect orientated drawing package. IFF
to pieces jigsaw program. ROT 3D drawing program
• FFISH 171 • Sobozon C a port ot the Atari ST version ot this
lull K&R C compiler, assembler and linker. It has been tested
on an A2000 and appears to work well Not tor the beginner due
to lack ol disk info
• FFISH 1 93 ¦ Zc VI 01 modified version ot the Sobozon c
compiler Irom disk Ffish 171 It now generates code compatible
with A68k assembler and has a front end to allow easier useage
Most ol the disks in this advert actually contain more tiles
than is listed.The ad also only shows a small portion ot our
catalogue, we have in stock TBAG, AMUSE.
APDC, FAUG, Panorama, Amicus, Slipped Disk and ALL Fred Fish and our own PDOM collection. So for details ot the service and a tree copy ot the 44 page bumper catalogue send a Stamped S.A.E. (If you are ordering you will get the latest catalogue). ALL individual disks are £3.00 each for 1 to 5, £2.75 each (or 6 to 10 and only £2.50 each for 11 or more!
* *PDOM ACCESSORY SHOP * * Public Dominator T-Shirts - £6.00.
Public Dominator mouse mats - £3.50. Excellent quality blank
disks including labels: 10-E7.00, 50-E33.00, 100-E61.00. Blank
disk labels: 100-E3.00, 1 000-E10.00. Disk boxes: 10 capacity
£1.50, 20 capacity E3.00, and lockables: 50 capacity £4.50, 100
capacity £7.00. Disk and box: 10 £8.00, 20 £16.00, 50 £35.00
and 100 £65.00. Disk cleaning kits - £2.50. All prices are
fully inclusive. To order please send a cheque, postal order
payable to Purple PD or credit card details to: PURPLE PD, i
i-s n i ¦ i ¦ i v ivi u vv ¦¦ w j n i o i i a n ’ o a t a
Computers have often been the subject of comic strips so it
seems only fair that a comic strip should appear on a computer.
Nemesis Prologue is the title of the comic and it stars a semi- human killer. There are 12 ‘pages' to the comic and each is made up of several frames of the strip. The pictures are in all in high resolution interlace mode and accompanied by a musical soundtrack.
Once you’ve read the strip it's of no use to you, but then the same is true of most comics. In years to come, however, it could become a collectors’ item like some of the old Marvel comics. Or perhaps not.
SIMGEN Fish 243 Very nice! SimGen displays a two or four-colour IFF picture in place of the standard single-coloured Workbench screen. If the IFF image is digitised, it looks like a genlocked display; hence the name SimGen (SIMulated GENIock).
SimGen adds one or two bit- planes to your Workbench screen and loads the specified picture into the unused bitplanes. Colours are set to finish off the effect.
Any Workbench screen configuration will work, including interlaced and overscan resolutions.
The Amiga certainly isn’t short of its fair share of quality PD software.
Make sure you order yours today.
It’s more or less free. And there’s plenty of it to choose from.
RICHARD MONTEIRO checks out the best public domain software.
SimGen is running, Workbench will be fooled into thinking it still only has four to play with.
Workbench hacks like DropCloth and DropShadow won’t work. Nor will 8- or 16-colour Workbenches.
Although there will be more than four colours on screen when SimGen certainly brightens up the dreary Workbench screen.
COLOUR WINDOW Fish 238 Using Colour Window you can control the colour assignments of any of Intuition's custom screens. CW achieves this by opening a control window (or colour window) on the currently active screen. The colour window can be opened on any Intuition screen which is either low or high resolution; laced or interlaced; one, two, three, four or five bit planes.
The control window contains a colour gadget for each colour register used by the screen. The gadgets are located at the top of the window. One of these is always active and is recognisable by a larger gadget image.
Three proportional sliders adjust the red, green and blue content of each colour. If you care for the unexpected, a random colour selector will keep you happy.
3D EXTRAVAGANZA GTS It's time to fish out those 3D glasses again or hunt for a couple of pieces of coloured plastic. 3D Extravaganza uses the age-old technique of two images, one blue and one red, to create the illusion of 3D. It worked in the cinema, so why not on the Amiga?
The disk contains two games and a picture. The picture portrays a hawk glaring out of the screen with its beak poised to tear your eyes out. Peer at it without the glasses and it looks like a picture taken by a drunken photographer with an empty beer bottle lens.
A 3D variation of Breakout is the first of the games. Rather than just moving the bat from left to right, you move it in and out of I the screen as well. Bizarre! The blocks you have to destroy are positioned on three of the walls and the ceiling. Like normal Breakout you lose a life if the ball passes your bat.
Orbit 3D is the second game.
Here you’re in orbit around a black hole with your mothership nearby.
Your objective is to survive for as long as possible by destroying objects heading for the mothership. Naturally you have to steer well clear of the hole.
Both games fall far short of Format Golds, but the novelty value of playing in three dimensions makes them worthy additions to your collection.
TBAG 29 GTS Another offering from the Tampa Bay Amiga Group. This one provides you with an assortment of puzzle games and utilities.
There are five games to tax your mental prowess: Black Box, Concentration, Tower of Hanoi, Poker and Sliding Block. Black Box is a simple game in which you have to track down atoms in a grid, by clicking on squares. If there's an atom inside it’s revealed for all to see and if it there isn’t you carry on trying.
Concentration is a memory testing game in which you have to click on blocks to reveal pictures.
The images remain on screen for a few seconds before disappearing. If you find the matching symbol with the second choice then the blocks vanish to show you part of a word. Ultimately you have to guess the hidden word in as few goes as possible.
The Tower of Hanoi must be one of the oldest puzzles around.
You have a pyramid made from six progressively smaller rings. The rings are all on the left pole of a set of three, and your aim is to move them to the right-hand pole.
Sounds simple, but you can only move one ring at a time and can’t place a large ring on top of a smaller ring. Confused?
Poker is a version of the classic card game. Surprisingly enough it's not strip poker (sorry Jason, not one for your collection).
Finally, there’s the age-old sliding block puzzle. You have to rearrange the 15 numbers in the four by four grid so that they read correctly from 1 to 15.
Among the utilities you’ll find yet another virus killer and a chemical periodic table. The periodic table is an invaluable aid to any chemistry student. Not only does it show the table in full, but it also stores lots of information on each element. Just click on an element’s chemical symbol and you’re told its name, atomic weight, electronic configuration, density, melting point, boiling point, oxidation states and much more. No Amiga- owning chemistry student should be without it.
TBAG DISK OF THE MONTH 21 GTS POSTCARD FAUG 76 Here's a neat little toy, and a useful one too. Amiga Postcard is Tim Holloway's answer to Apple's HyperCard. It’s called Postcard because it operates on single cards and doesn't support stacks.
But don’t be put off; it’s surprising what can be done with one card.
You build one or more cards using a program called MakeCard.
Postcard creates a screen containing the background image over- layed with various gadgets.
Actions can be associated to each of these gadgets (in this case, text strings). Clicking on the assigned gadget carries out the action. It’s that simple!
SACC 23 GTS Mouse pointers are funny old things to begin with, but you soon yawn at the sight of them.
Wouldn’t it be good if you could have an animated pointer of, say, a fish, or perhaps even an erupting volcano? It just so happens that SACC 23 can help you out with your pointer problems.
Pointer conversion is achieved with a nifty program supplied on the disk. The animated pointer operates just like a normal pointer, but is much more fun to watch.
There are a couple of games too and some fun graphics demos, but the best program is definitely the one allowing you to mess with the mouse pointer.
Gimme the fish any day!
Tiles is a subtle strategy game, loosely based on Shanghai.
TOP TEN PD GTS Title 1 FISH 215 2 MEGA GAMES PACK II 3 TBAG 26 4 STAR TREK 5 TBAG 29 6 HOME BUSINESS PACK 7 TBAG 16 8 TBAG 31 9 FISH 196 10 DESIGN FACTORY Every now and again the Tampa Bay Amiga Group puts together a disk with some of the best programs in its vast collection. Disk 21 happens to be one of them.
And it's crammed with goodies.
BIGSCREEN Fancy being able to specify the size of the viewable Workbench screen? With an Amiga 1080 monitor in NTSC mode the maximum you can see is an extraordinary 704 by 240. Yes, wow! A combination of screwdriver buffoonery and software drollery will get you a super high resolution screen.
HERMES’ CONTURA This is a beautiful graphics program that creates the contours of 3D functions of the type Z=F(X,Y). It is of interest to scientists and engineers as well as painters and designers. Contura can be used to produce abstract paintings and design patterns.
HERMES' CYCLER IFF-ILBM pictures can be displayed and colour cycled with this one. Resolutions with eight, 16 or 32 colours can be used.
Pictures with less than eight colours, or more than 32, cannot be cycled.
JSHOW Yet another picture slide show utility. This one is rather neat as it bounces the image from top to bottom of the screen until finally coming to rest. Simple things... tioned before, so why haven’t you got it? And why are you reading this if you have got it?
Tiles is similar to Activision’s Shanghai except much simpler and much prettier. A board filled with tiles presents itself: the object is to find matching pairs of tiles and get rid of them by clicking on them both.
PEEL Here’s a program which takes a 320 by 200 IFF picture and peels the image off the screen. The effect is breathtaking. Imagine removing a transparent sticker from something and being able to see the image on the reverse of the sticker and you get the something of the idea.
SHOWFONT Trying to discover what all the characters in a font look like can be a tedious task when you've got the likes of FontEd or (cough!) NotePad. ShowFont lets you see quickly and painlessly all 256 characters in a font.
TEXTED Countless words have been spent on TextED, and rightly so: it's a damn good text editor for a freebie. MKSoft TextED is based on the powerful Unix text editor called EMACS. So many of the keyboard commands are very much the same.
VSCREEN This one allows you to have screens larger than the actual display area of your monitor. The larger, virtual, screen scrolls when you move the mouse off the visible section of the screen.
Very useful indeed.
A SMALL SELECTION FROM OUR WAREHOUSE Hardware & Peripherals (Offers while stocks last) RRP WAVE Good at magic, are you ?
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Out .32.45......25.96 D Abacus Books Amiga DOS Quick Reference 13.95 11.16 F Abacus Disc for the Book (Slate Vol No. Req) ......13.95 .8 37 F Compute! Books Amiga Machine Language Programming Guide ...19.95......15.96 D Compute! Books Advanced Amiga Basic ......16.95......13.56 D Compute! Books Kids & The
Amiga ....14.95 11.96 D Verbatim 3.5“ DS DD 135tpi Bulk Discs C W Labels ...Pkl 10......25.00 .8.75 E YU-DS80L D. B. Lockable Storage Box Holds 80 3.5" ...23.77 7.13 D DO YOU WANT TO SAVE MONEY, THEN SEND FOR OUR TRADE PRICE LIST (State for which products and enclose 3 x 20p stamps) CAPTAIN CAVEMAN BBS NOW ON LINE 24 HRS MON-SAT 0229-473609 Eng Mainland post & ms.: (A) £5.75 (B) £4.60 (C) £3 45 (D) £2 30 (E) £1.15 (F) 58p (ANC) 3 Day £10.35 Next Day £13 80. COD* £230. Max UK
post chg £6 90 per 20kg £500 All Prices Include VAT. All sales sub ect lo our Trade Terms ol Trading
W. A.V.E. (Trade Dept. AF 1289) Walney Audio Visual & Electrical
Distribution 1 Buccleuch Street, Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria,
LA14 1SR Tel: 0229-870000 (6 lines) Hours: Mon - Fri
10.00-5.00 Then meet Artie. If you can turn this page into an
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Get the first of the animation series, RealThings - HORSES.
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We currently stock: O FISH 1-236 O AMICUS 1-26 O SLIPPED DISK 1-40 O FAUG HOTMIX 1-75 O PANORAMA 1-71 O AUGE 1-25 O T-BAG 1-31 All the above are £3 each + 1 FREE when you order 10 2 catalogue disks available at £5 which give details of the above collections Our own special selection £4.00 each ) APDL 6 CLI HELP Confused by CLI? This one's for you ) APDL 7 LANGUAGES Lisp, Prolog. Logo, Forth ) APDL 8 AMIGA DISK DOCTOR Life saving programs!
) APDL 14 BEST ARCADE GAMES O APDL 15 BEST BOARD GAMES Backgammon, Othello, Yahlzee elc.
O APDL 17 BUSINESS COLLECTION Editor. Spreadsheet & Database } APDL 41 DATABASES Keep track ot your data ) APDL 42 ADVENTURES Vol 2 Castle: A graphic adventure & several text adventures APDL 43 COMPILER ASSEMBLER AND LINKER APDL 44 WORD PROCESSOR Word Processor & Spellchecker APDL 45 PUZZLE & STRATEGY GAMES APDL 48 MAGNIFICENT FORCE II 20 Great tunes APDL 52 FRACTAL GENERATORS APDL 53 UNKNOWN 5 DEMOS Superb eye-popping demos with great music ) APDL 57 JUNGLE COMMAND Musical Invasion 3 ) APDL 58 CHET SOLACE SHAREWARE EXTRAVAGANZA. Some ol the best shareware programmes on easy-to-use
menu driven disc.
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A NEW FORCE ON THE AMIGA - UGA Available exclusively from SOFTViLLE Below is a small selection 11 Sonix wngs including DUELLING, ELECTRIC DREAM, WOLF rf the DESERT.
Slideshow from The Dark Lord’, one of Europes leading fantasy artists, brilliant Eahukus slideshow of ’Destination docklands’ pictures + great tune plays along!.
10 great tunes include* SUBURBIA, GAME OVER, FUTURE TRI? POWERFUL Some of the best Amiga musicians wrote these for this disk, 9 great songs.
’Rjture mirror soundisk’, 8 great tunes included, great graphics, to amaze you!
8 great demo’s includes TEARDROPS, ANOTHER, MEGA PICTURE etc. etc. 6 great demo’s includes ROGER RABBIT, OVERLOAD, ACID DEMQ COOL 2 animations, STAMP and UGA loga Tvo of the very best you’ll see an your Amiga.
3 animations, HAPPY GUY, WINDOW and FI5 MIRROR - incredible!
ZOUNDMONITOR plus others, now write your own great songs for your demo’s!
THE MUSIC COMPOSER plus converters etc. Phis thwe Thunderbitds demo.
GAME MUSIC CREATOR phis others, brilliant program and utilities.
Wondered where to get those really unusual utilities from?
SOF214 - DEATSTAR MEGADEMO - Simply the BEST - 2disks - £5 SOF254 - The WALKER demo, brilliant animation - lmeg version SOF255 - The WALKER2 demo, the legend continues - lmeg version.
ISOF206 - NORTHSTAR FAIRLIGHT Megademo3 - 2disks - £5 SOF205 - RQBO-COP demo, sampled from the smash hit movie!
SOF260 - MUSIC MODULES for use with GHOSTWRITER (Uspec4) SOF267 - PHALANX BEATBOX - Loads of J.M.Jarre type songs!
ISOF274 - PHOENIX MEGADEMOl - One of the best demo compilations get thif. For your collection now!
SOF277 - SARGON MEGADEMO - Fabulous loading screen, love it!
SOF278 - ALCATRAZ MEGADEM03 - Brilliant selection!
SOF308 - MAHONEY KAKTUS music demo disk with over 40! Songs SOF318 - MADE IN HEAVEN from KYLIE MINOGUE - Very good sample and very popular now - 2disks - £5 JSOF327 - GOLDISK (EMI of Ivory) more great music how do they do it?
SOF347 - QUADLITE MEGADEMO JUKEBOX 64, very different!
ISOF352 - VISION MEGADEMO, some more brilliant graphics music on this, their latest demo disk.
1SOF355 - IT WALKMAN MUSIC DISK, one of the very latest, and one of the very best around.
PLUS we have the largest collection of FRED FISH disks in the country, the latest sent to us monthly from the man himself. WE ALSO STOCK TheF.A.U.G, SLIPPED DISK, PANORAMA, A.RUC collections and a selection from the AMICUS collection.
So, if you want CHOICE and SERVICE, come to SOFTViLLE, BRITAINS NO.l DISTRIBUTER If you want to know more about the BEST Send S.A.E (22p stamp) and state AMIGA for your FREE 60 page catalogue 1 to 5 disks -£3:00 each 6 to 10 disks - £2:75 each 11 or more disks - £2:50 each Prices include Disk, lstClass Ftl* spare label.
Mail and phone oiden received before noon despatched same day GUARANTEED Deduct £1 from above prices if tending your own blank disks SOFTViLLE Unit 5, Stratfield Park, Elettra Ave, Waterlooville, Hants P07 7XN. 24hr Orderline on 0705 266509 Fax 0705 251884 w Lingua «&2B mmt.
AMK.A LHEUiS ATARI SI Prove to die racing world that you have the guts and determination to become a Formula One Driver. Take the challenge ofthS'CONTINLNTAL CIRCUS, consisting of eight races in eight different countries. YOU MUST NOT FAIL!
CHM64 I2X SB SPIiCTRUM 1HBR avat AMIGA £19.99 ATARI ST £19.99 CB4 CASS £9.99 C64 DISC £14.99 SPECTRUM £9.99 SPECTRUM +3 £14.99 AM ST RAD CASS £9.99 AMSTRAD DISC £14.99 xensed from sTaito'Corp, 1988, export )utS:de Europe and Australasia prohibited '•,1989 Virgin Mastertromc Ltd ’reduced by The Sales Curve for Virgin Mastertronic ?-4 Vernon Yard, 119 Portobello Rd. London V 11 2DX AMSTRAD DEMOS CORNER RED SECTOR MEGA DEMO 1 17Bit 503 504 This bumper bundle of demos, which range from unsavoury worms to dynamic balls, comes on two disks. In all there are six demos. The worm is real cute: he
slithers onto the screen making cute noises. Unfortunately he makes a rather rude and loud noise when he gets to the middle of the screen, and hurriedly departs to leave the smell behind.
By far the most impressive of the demos is the last one which features a mass of balls moving around the screen and forming all sorts of strange patterns. They range from abstract shapes to animals, helicopters and of course people. If only the people that code the demos could get together with some games designers, there would be some truly spectacular games on the shelves.
HAMMMM2 Fish 239 What was Phil Burk on when he created this demo? HAMmmm2 is an update of HAMmmm. And is very strange. HAMmmm displays lines or boxes whose end points bounce around the screen. The screen is a double-buffered HAM affair. The Y positions of the points are continuously copied into an audio waveform that is played across all four Amiga sound channels. The pitch of a just-intoned chord is derived from the average X position of these points. The result? Weird... SUPPLIERS The following companies are responsible for the distribution of Amiga Public Domain software in this country.
For their full address, check the advertisements in this issue of Amiga Format, or give them a ring.
George Thomson: 077082 234, 17 Bit Software: 0924 366982, Softville PD: 0705 266509, Amiga PD Library: 0742 588429, Purple PD: 0279 757692, Ray Burt Frost: 0703 785680, Senlac PD: 0424 753070, Deeper Domain 01 204 3954, Crazy Joe's 0709 829286 17BIT ARTWORK 17Bit Disk 490 At last, an excuse to print some pretty pictures. The images you see below are from 17Bit's first disk in a series of stills produced by graphic artists. Tree Frog and Dusky Mouse (16-colour pictures) are by Dutchman Henk Van Der Graaf while Rico Holmes is responsible for the Joker and Mariano Fortuny. Presentation is very
slick with a tune accompanying the slide show.
MUSIC MAESTRO If you’re into a bit of hip hop, house or rock on your Amiga, then the following disks are for you.
POWER SURGE 17Bit Disk 506 A collection of 14 music tracks put together by Mik and Bilbo.
Pump up the volume and let it run.
MOVIE 17Bit Disk 513 Sit back and watch the computer play Sculpt-Animate 3D animations. Why bother with gymnastics when your Amiga can do them so much better? And, at what cost to you? A few mouse clicks. Just look at the perfect movements, delicate balancing, sweaty armpits... A handful of mean and moody demos to show off your Amiga's capabilities.
THE AMIGA CHART III 17Bit Disk 507 Superb sampled music from Queen (Invisible Man) and Black Box (Ride on Time). Impressive.
RAF MEGADEMO 17Bit Disk 510 A great selection of tunes on two disks showing what the Amiga’s sound chip can do. The Ghost Busters II track is very good.
• TV MODULATOR £ 269 AMIGA A500 £469 1084S MONITOR AMIGA B2000
KXP1081 Panasonic KXP1180.
Panasonic KXP1124.
Star LC10 ... Star NX15 ... Star LC2410 ...... Star XB2410 ...... Star XB2415 ...... NECP7+ Colour . Star LC10 ... Xerox 4020 . £538 £126 £156 £256 £129 £289 £257 £416 £545 £823 £184 £949 ACCESSORIES A2000 ACCESSORIES AF880 3 1 2 Drive ...£89 inc RF302C 3 1 2 Drive .£85 inc CUMANA CAX 354E......£99 inc A1010 3 1 2 Drive ....£99 inc No MD C30 3 1 2 Drive..£85 inc COR’- « 0202 292195 OPEN MON-SAT 10-5.30 ALL PRICES EXCLUDE VAT Hot Line Phone 0202 292195 UNIT 6, FOREST CLOSE, EBBLAKE IND ESTATE, VERWOOD,
DORSET BH21 6DA Citizen 120D ... £108 Citizen 180E ... £126 Citizen MSP15E.... £189 Citizen HQP40...... £289 Citizen HQP45 £299 Epson LX400 £142 Epson LX850 .. £189 Epson FX1050 £379 Epson LQ400 . £205 Epson LQ550 . £272 Epson LQ850 . £404 Epson LQ1050 ...... £549 Epson LQ2550 ...... £847 Epson DFX6000..... £1078 HP Deskjet ..... £449* HP Deskjet+ .£544* CP2200 ......£264 NECP8+ .....£419 20MB hard disk £399 inc AMIGA or MSDOS XT Bridge Board ....£399 + VAT AT Bridge Board ....£675 + VAT
INT Genlock £179 +VAT 5 MB RAM S with 2 MB RAM 2nd Drive 3 1 2 .£75 + VAT AMIGA EXTERNAL DRIVE prices Triangle 20MB Hard Disk ....£459 + VAT VORTEX A500 ...£510 inc Hard disk 40MB Triangle 40MB £579 + VAT Hard Disk Cumana CBA 394 £89 inc Cumana CDA 358...£199 + VAT Cumana 1MB 5 1 4 ....£115 + VAT External 2nd drives from £85 inc New A500 20MB A590HQ ..£380 inc COLOUR PRINTERS Citizen HQP40 ...£349 Citizen MSP50 ...£350 Citizen MSP55 ...£400 Hewlett Packard Paint
Jet ..£589* NECP8+ .£504 CBM 1084S Stereo ...£239 inc CBM 1901 ...£149 inc PHILIPS CM3852......£260 inc CBM CGA Compatible Philips 8833 .£229 inc CBM 1900 Mono £129 inc ATARI 124 Mono £129 inc ATARI SC 1224 ..£259 inc Mail Order DELIVERY UK MAINLAND SAME DAY DELIVERY CALL FOR DETAILS CONSUMABLES £2 + VAT HARDWARE 4 WORKING DAYS £5 + VAT.
NEXT WORKING DAY £10 -VAT MONITORS DRIVES A501-512KRAM......£129 inc MOUSE MAT ...£4.95 inc AMIGA DUST COVER .£4.95 inc TV MODULATOR......£21.95 inc STEEL MONITOR.....£15.85 inc STANDARD AMIGA 520ST STEEL DOUBLE £25.95 inc MONITOR STAND AMIGA ST LASER PRINTERS Brother HL-8e .£1409* Epson GQ5000 Hewlett Packard Laser Jet II Star LPB .....£1248* ‘inc. 1 year on site maintenance C64 Hollywood Pack ....£148 inc C64 Home Entertainment PscK 1541 C11 51 4 C54..£145 inc drive 1581 31 2 800k .£129 inc C64 Drive Oceanic 41 4 C64....£125
inc drive 6 FOREST CLOSE EBBLAKE IND ESTATES VERWOOD DORSET AMIGA ACCESSORIES COMMODORE C64 Announcing PRODATA - the Arnor database Software for the 1990s Amor, the makers of PROTEXT, are pleased to announce the arrival of our complementary database program, PRODATA.
This is the program that our customers have been requesting for years. Prodata is an ideal companion to Protext - it uses the same key strokes and many of the same concepts, so Protext users will immediately feel comfortable. Prodata offers the same standards of ease of use and flexibility as Protext.
Prodata Is exceptionally versafa'le:- You can keep data files which are automatically sorted as you add Information. The type of data can be very varied, ranging from simple names and addresses to inventories and catalogues and even invoices and records of transactions.
You can keep the data sorted in several different ways, e.g. by name, number, date. Almost Instantly find information using any of these sort keys.
You can design different ways of presenting the data, e.g. straight list, address labels, tabulated data.
Field 4 Field 5 Field 6 Field 7 Field 3 Field 5 Field 10 Field 11 Field 12 Field 13 Field 14 Field 15 Invoice Address Del DATE ?????77?77????777??7 Your Ref Gangster IBH PC RT Pretext Reg 7312 Bate Psrtbased 13 8 85 Pretfata Reg 4447 Bate PvtbasH 3 2 50 Bates Variable length fields, up to 300 fields per record. Data files automatically extended as data is entered. Extra fields may be edded at any time.
Indexed files may have up to S Indexes, which may use supplementary sort fields. Instantly switch Indexes to change sorting method.
Flexible layout design includes fioid, text and variable Kerns, line drawing mode for boxes, layouts wider and longer than screen sizes wHh automatic scrolling, formatting of Hems (decimal places, justify, centring), printer attributes (bold, Kallc etc) both global and on each Hem, special 'attach' attributes to join Hems. Duplicate layout facility. Up to 100 different layouts.
Printing. Comprehensive set of printer drivers, full use of printer control codes, options to set all margin sizes, headers and footers, microspacing used to give correct output In proportional fonts, background printing, print to printer or to a disc file.
Rltering of data using any expression, FIHsrs stored wHh descriptions, selectable from menu. You can Instantly switch between displaying all records, those selected, or others. Individual records may be deselected after flHerlng.
Importing and exporting of data in different formats suitable for other software Including Protext.
Selective Importing allowing data to be checked and aKered as H Is Imported.
But you do not need Protext to use Prodata - It is a powerful database manager in its own right, ideal for all your filing applications. The program uses a simple set qf menus which may be used with the keyboard or a mouse, as required.
Prodata is being launched simultaneously for the IBM PC and compatibles, Commodore Amiga and Atari ST, at a special introductory price of £55, available only until 30th November 1989. The recommended price will then become £79.95. fan Hr G B Snlth fcUress 34 Mulberry Hay Loser Thrashley Hlttan-under-the-Hlll Hlttonshlre HI12 50T Tel Is PRODATA vl.00 (c) Arnor 1585 Printer (Pll EPSON Directory E: PR0D Open: INVOICE (45F) Rees: 12 Sel: ALL Layout: 1 Index: 0 15:23:22 [Eldit [Flind [AIdd (Clopy EDI c 1 etc (Plrint c IX) port [Dndex [Llayout [•J] Back [ ] Next tA0] First tA l Last [Ulnselect
EESC1 Ouit. 0pt- PRODATA vl.00 (cl Arnor 1835 Printer (PI) EPSON Directory E: PR0D Open: ARNOR (16FI P.ecs: 3621 Sel: ALL Layout: 2 Index: 1 15:55:04 Top left = (0,0). Pas = (3,17). Lcngth=2B.
Variable nane: DATE Use to nove, and Ac to resize Address 3 Address 4 Address 5 Del Addr 1 Del Addr 2 Del Addr 3 Del Addr 4 Del Addr 5 Telephone Fax Contact Invoice Nunbcr aHHMUBZm Field 17*: Duantlty 1 Field 18 : description 1 Field 15»: Unit Cost 1 EF)icId ET)ext (V)ariable ELI Inc draw [Alttrs [Dlel lEldit [TAB) next: Displaying and entering data Designing a new layout Select field nanc INVOICE Undo Changes. The most recent data changes deletions Insertions are logged and may be reversed to allow you to correct mistakes easily.
Password protection. 5 levels, ability to protect Individual layouts to restrict access to sensitive data.
Rie management screen wHh directory map, rename, erase, copy, type, attribute display and aHeration.
Powerful expression evaluator provides date calculations, substrings, condHlonal expressions, rounding. The resuH of an expression can be assigned to a field throughout the database.
Data entry verification. Fields may be required to be integer, number or date thln a given range, or a string subject to a maximum length and mask.
Data editing wHh ability to duplicate an existing record, Insert and overwrite mode, Insert and delete line that automatically move fields up or down, swap characters, convert to upper or lower case, change layout or Index from display mode, finds Individual record almost Instantly.
International compatibility includes full use of accented characters Including correct sorting, keyboard configurable to 10 different national layouts, printer drivers supplied to print special characters.
Menu driven. Simple, easy to use system of menus and pop up windows. Keyboard or mouse may be used.
Plus macro record mode, batch delete facility, configuration program, example data files, on screen Indication of bold, underlining, italics, comprehensive manual.
Using Prodata is simplicity itself All facilities are accessed from a few simple to use menus. To set up a new database file you merely need to enter names for each data field - you need not concern yourself with the size of fields or the type of data to be stored or even the total number of fields.
Special Introductory Offer - Open until 30th November 1989 Save £25 on PRODATA Save £55 on PRODATA +PROTEXT Prodata is available NOW at the introductory price of just £55 Or, buy Protext (our renowned word processor) at the same time and save even more - the combined price is just £125 Credit card orders will be despatched by return of post. If paying by cheque please allow 10-14 days for delivery.
ORDER FORM - Send to address below Please send me (indicate where applicable): PRODATA_£55.00 (reduced from £79.95) PRODATA+PROTEXT_£125.00 (reduced from £179.90) Computer: PC Atari ST Amiga Disc size: 5W 3V6" Payment by: Access Visa Cheque Postal order Expires _ PC PLUS 11 89 Name Address Postcode Credit card no.
Ffe easZ fffyoi r n crospotent a .. Arnor Ltd (A M 12 89), 611 Lincoln Road, Peterborough PE1 3HA. Tel: 0733 68909 (24 hr) Fax: 0733 67299 Perhaps one ot the most common feelings r V* v expressed by modem users is that of loneliness. The O long hours spent tapping away at a an impersonal keyboard, O the importance of finding that last little bug, the tedium of slaving SK over a hot VDU... Don't believe a word of it: they are having a whale of a time. And here’s how. At the end of your telephone is a whole new world just waiting to be discovered. But enough C* cliches: you want to know how to
get in on the act. Communications is a subject which can quite easily fill several books. Hugo Cornwall's bank manager will testify to that. Nevertheless, there are a number of things which even this short primer must tell you before you launch yourself on i the communications sea.
For instance, the first thing you will need to add to your Amiga is the necessary hardware, this being a modem and a telephone - or at least access to a telephone point. The number of modems available for the home user has increased dramatically over the last few years, and as such the choice has never been wider.
This does however, bring about the age old problem of which one to buy! Browsing through the classifieds in the computer press will often bear witness to that.
DEPECHE MODEM You must remember though, the modem you eventually choose will largely dictate which computer systems you can access. All the same, the larger systems do support the more common speeds and therefore, most modems. So what is available?
Restrictions, which are mainly due to Telecom's archaic telephone network, dictate four standard data transmission speeds for use in the UK. These are referred to by the codes V21, V22, V22bis and V23: just to complicate matters further, these numbers bear no relation whatever to the actual speeds involved. What’s more, other V codes refer to entirely different topics. V24 for instance is more usually called RS232 - it’s the non-standard standard for serial data connections! Gp In English, the V codes applying to modems for general purpose use and the speeds they indicate - transmission (TX)
first, then reception (RX) - are as follows: V21 is 300 300 baud; V22 is 1200 1200 baud; V22bis is 2400 2400 baud; and V23 is 1200 75 baud. The faster the baud rate, the faster the data is transferred from your Amiga to the host and back again.
The reason modems are limited to these speeds is the quality of the phone lines; the odd pop is annoying to the ear but -vO fatal to data. Much higher speeds are possi- ble on special, leased lines % -V t e3sy guide to tu = A FAIR COP!
Hacking, as it's commonly known, is the practice of gaining unauthorised access into a computer for any reason.
Over the years hackers have gained a reputation for being computer criminals - although many do it just for fun.
The law commission have obviously failed to see the funny side, and have just released news of a scheme intended to stop hacking in its tracks.
If the proposals come into effect - which does seem likely - anyone found guilty of entering a computer system without permission could be sent to prison for three months.
For the real criminals, that is those intent on either, modifying data or using information for their own personal gain, could be subjected to a prison term not exceeding five years; and that's no picnic.
These are costly and limited to large, business users.
In the bad old days, there used to be two very distinct types of modem - acoustic and direct connect. Thanks to Telecom’s privatisation, and better technology, all of today’s modems are directly connected to the phone line with a plug: acoustic types, where the phone handset rested on a modem receiver, were rarely any use since they invariably picked up every little sound.
MICRONET c tMicfonet 1 Micro ma News tlashes 3 Communications 4 Xtra Entertainment 5 P res t e 1 6 Telesoftware WHAT'S NEW TODAY? GOTO Full A - 2 Index Key 03 This does mean, however, that in order to connect a modem to your phone your house must be equipped with the new miniature plugs. The outdated "jack” variety will not do. Telecom must do the first conversion for you, but if you have more than one socket it is cheaper and more cost-effective to do the rest yourself. A good specialist telephone shop can change the plug on most telephones for a small charge.
* * NEW-LOOK MICRONET: GOTO 9 t I F 1 -1 x ljl ¦ Logging on to
Micronet, one of Britain’s most popular and largest public
access databases, you may be surprised to see Prestel
Buying the Gear As far as modems are concerned, this standardisation means you can almost buy one off the shelf, so to speak. If only it were that simple! The most basic modems available today are of the single speed (V23) variety usually used for accessing older Viewdata services like The Gnome At Home.
Even so, such modems can still connect to many modern services like Telecom Gold and Istel, who still support this largely outdated standard. The problem with machines such as these is the Amiga's serial port cannot normally work with a split baud rate like 1200 75. This problem can be overcome by clever software. Y2’s Ruby Comm, is claimed to be the only package capable of such a feat - although SuperText (see software) does seem to be able to too.
While observing this point, you should be very careful if you intend buying a second hand modem; probably the cheapest way to get started. Many of the older models in circulation were supplied free by Micronet and are only suitable for use with V23 services.
For a fistful of oncers, you can get access to extra speeds like V21 which will enable you to get onto more or less all of the popular services. The main advantage of V21, although it initially seems slower than V23, is that the upload speed is 4 times faster. This means sending messages you have prepared off-line (to save the telephone bill) can be as much as four times faster.
For a few pounds more, you can get closer to the cream of speeds, V22 and V22bis. Often, too, modems supporting these much higher speeds offer many more features beside the basics.
Most of these expensive modems support at least a subset of the Hayes modem language; some even add extra commands. The advantage of Hayes is its wide acceptance by the software industry. Commands take the form of a two letter command start, AT (attention) followed by a list of what the user wants the modem to do. As an example, the D command tells a Hayes modem to dial a number, ie: ATD 0642 820999.
The Hayes command language is so popular among communications software you should not consider buying a modem which does not support it: if you can afford the extra outlay, that is.
At the top of the heap, the best modems support what is called MNP error correction data compression. MNP is supported at no less than nine different levels (see table) but it is unlikely you will find support beyond level two this side of £500. That said, very few services currently support MNP protocols: until they do, buying such a modem could be a waste of money.
One final word of warning. No matter which modem you get, make sure you get a lead suitable for your Amiga.
Do not make do with a 25-way pin-to-pin IBM type: the Amiga’s serial port is nonstandard and the wrong lead can do serious damage. Also, if you have an Amiga 1000, remember the 25-pin D- connector is MALE, not FEMALE as in the A500 2000.
A BIT OF PARITY Something you are bound to come up against from the day you first try to log on is the problem of protocol; not behaving yourself in public, but the settings used by the computer.
BBSs usually list themselves as telephone number, speeds, and a protocol code i.e: 0642 820999 V22 8N1. The sticky bit is the last three digits which refer to the BBSs comms software setup. If your setup does not match theirs you get screens of useless junk.
Briefly, the codes mean the following: Number of data bits 7 or 8; parity None, Odd, or Even; and number of stop bits. For most purposes, try 8 bits, no parity, 1 stop bit (8N1). If that fails try 7 bits, even parity, 1 stop bit (7E1). These settings are by far the most common and should cover most situations.
The Software If there is one advantage to owning an Amiga it has to be the vast amount of useful software available in the Public Domain, and communications is one area where this is particularly handy. No matter what your needs, it is almost certain there will be a package to suit yours. Among the very best is the colourful shareware package Access!
Supplied with Format 3: some of the many others can be found on 17 Bit’s Comms Utilities Disk 444.
With few exceptions, Amiga PD comms packages share something in common: they cannot support Viewdata screens or the 1200 75 split baud rate necessary for many of these services.
The only PD package supposed to support 1200 75 is the excellent Viewdata offering SuperText. Nevertheless, doubts have been expressed recently as to whether the program is PD or not: 17 Bit software have, therefore, correctly withdrawn the program until the doubts have been resolved.
If you want a complete package supporting both Viewdata and the more normal scrolling terminal on one disk then you must turn to the commercial sector. Currently there are three packages vying for places here: K-Comm II from Kuma, and Ruby Comm I and II from Y2 Computing.
K-Comm at £29.95 is the cheapest, but simplest alternative. Although adequate, it does not support the 1200 75 split baud rate or the downloadable software from Micronet Prestel.
Y2's Ruby Comm series at £69.95 and £99.95 respectively, do support both the split baud and downloadable software, and many other features too, according to Y2.
One other option - although not general purpose terminal software - is Compunet's custom software from Ariadne. The good news is, you only pay the £20 for the software if you decide to join Compunet. When it works, this must be one of the easiest to use since it is geared solely to miga Graphics Inside & Out
- * A comprehensive book for understanding and using Amiga
graphics An advanced guide to programming the Amiga using the C
language WMI 71 nil l KU ¦ Iii III I M ' I 011 OU'HOUiI •
• III HOC EROflHO • siorrpi•* iifr am sfc-tu Abacus limn;!
TDaUBKU'Ikx* Amiga C for Advanced Programmers contains a wealth of information from the pros: how compilers, assemblers and linkers work, designing and programming user friendly interfaces using Intuition, combining assembly language and C code together.
Includes complete source code for a working text editor.
April 1989 about 380pp Amiga Graphics Inside &1 an in depth treatment of the, graphic features and fbnctioni access these graphic feature!
AmigaBASIC or C. Learn grap programming in C with examp lines, rectangles, polygons. C i Contains a complete descriptij graphic system - View. ViewF bitmaps, screens, and windov May 1989 about 450pp jfsuper i how to joints.
(id more, le Amiga sstPort.
Am Inside and Out Abacus Abacus! Iii ADMilKMlM Tricks &Tips - here is a large collection of useful and important programming techniques that makes working with your Amiga friendlier and easier. Presents dozens of tips on accessing libraries from BASIC, making and using custom character sets, using AmigaDOS.
Important 68000 memory locations, and much more.
AmigaDOS Inside & Out - covers AmigaDOS in depth so that you can use many of its advanced capabilities for practical applications. Includes complete reference section detailing all of the DOS commands, information on using the DOS editors - ED and EDIT, creating and using script files and taking advantage of the Amiga’s multitasking features.
280pp Amiga C for Beginners an introduction to learning the language of choice among Amiga programmers. Unlike other books, the examples here are specifically geared to the Amiga. Explains the language elements ofthis popular language so that you'll be eble to use the C library routines, learn how the compiler works, more.
280pp Amiga System Programmer's Guide - an in-depth volume to what goes on inside the Amiga.
Includes “nitty gritty" Infbrmntlon on both tho hardware and software aspects of the Amiga. Covers the EXEC and its structure, handling I O requests and the interrupts, managing the Amiga’s resources and multitasking functions, more.
Considered by many to be a standard reference for all Amiga programmers.
30 LINCOLN RD, OLTON, BIRMINGHAM B27 6PA CALL021 7061188 FOR YOUR NEAREST STOCKIST AmigaBASIC Inside & Out isTHE definitive step-by-step guide to programming the Amiga in BASIC. Each BASIC command is flrlly described and detailed. Some of the topics covered include files and file handling, using pulldown menus, sensing the mouse, handling windows, drawing charts and using the speech commands.
Techniques for advanced BASIC programmers.
554pp ; programming and is a practical guide fbr j to program the Amiga Covers 68000 microprocessor architecture and addressing modes, making speech and sound from machine language and more. This book is also a perfect companion to our AssemPro machine language development software.
264pp Abacus Amiga Machine Language - is a thorough introduction to Abacus!
4 D*« Hoc* Abacus
* r*M Accessories 3 1 2" Cleaning Kit ....
...£4.95 Amiga 500 Dust Coverr ...£4.95 Amiga
1000 Dust Cover ...... ...£4.95 Mouse Mat
(AF) 23, Hampstead House, Town Centre, Basingstoke, Hants.,
RG21 1LG Lockable Disk Boxes 50 x 3 1 2.....
£5.95 100x3 1 2 £7.95
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¦ » 500
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70gsm Micro-Perf all edges £8.50 £12.95 £23.95 True A4 90gsm
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£16.95 £31.95
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£4.75 £8.50 £15.95 Credit Card Hotline (0256) 463507 Faxline
(0256) 841018 BARCLAYCARD VISA Orders under £8 in value carry
a small order charge of £2 TURBOSOFT THE CHART TOP 30 MOVERS
Xenon II ... ..£15.99
Batman The Movie ..... .£16.99
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Beast... ..£22.99
A. PB .
.£13.99 Shoot 'em up Construction ... ..£20.99 Fiendish Freddy ... £15.99 HITS DISC 1 ONLY £9.99 Gold Runner, Slaygon, Jupiter Probe, Karate Kid II TRIAD II ONLY £15.99 Menace, Tetris, Baal Dept (Amiga Format) 41 South Street Leighton Buzzard Beds. LU78NT MAIL ORDER ONLY Tel: 0525 377974 Fax: 0525 852278 NEW RELEASES HOT NEWS F 29 Retaliator ..£16.99 Bomber ...£19.99 Double Dragon II ......£13.99 AMOS' £32.99 European
Superleague ...£13.99 Pool ol Radiance ......£19.99 Dragons ol Flame ....£16.99 Hillsfar .....£16.99 Operation Thunderbolt ....£16.99 Adidas Golden Shoe £16.99
U. M.S.II ...£15.99
Damocles £16.99
Myth .£16.99
Untouchables £16.99 Blade
Warrior £16.99
Commando ...£13.99
Nevermind .....£15.99
Onslaught £15.99 Iron
Lord ..£19 99 Chase
H.Q ....£15.99 Chaos
Strikes Back ..£13.99 Dragon
Spirit .£13.99 SPECIAL
Drakkhen .£15.99 Fast
Lane £15.99
Ghostbusters II ..£16.99 Hard
Drivin' ...£13.99 Last
Ninja II ...£16.99 Laser
Squad ..£15.99 Manhunter in
San Francisco £20.99 Power
Drift ....£15.99 Renegade
3 ..£15.99
Cabal £15.99
Stunt Car Racer £15.99 TinTin
on the Moon ..£15.99
Tusker .....£16.99
Verminator .....£15.99
Quest for the Time Bird ...£19.99 Barbarian
II (Psygnosis) ..£15.99
Ivanhoe ...£15.99
Neuromancer £16.99 Paul
Gascoine Soccer ....£14.99 Lost
Patrol .....£15.99 Swords
ol Twilight ....£16.99
Risk ..£13.99
Please Note: Some Titles may not be released.
* These will be despatched within 24 hours of release, subject to
Infestation .....£15.99 COMPUTER HITS II ONLY £8.99 Tetris, Black Shadow, Golden Path, Joe Blade PRECIOUS METAL ONLY £15.99 Captain Blood, Xenon, Arkanoid II. Crazy Cars Outrun £6.99 Leaderboard .....£6.99 Skyfox II ....£7.50 Marble Madness .....£7.50 Strip Poker II + .£6.99 Baras Tale I ......£7.50
Warlocks Quest £2.99 Billiards ......£4.99 Arctic Fox ..£7.50 Sidewinder £6 99 World Tour Golf £7.50 Alternate Reality .....£5.99 Casino Roulette £3.99 Brian Clough’s Football .....£6.99 Crazy Cars II ..£14.99
Eliminator ..£5.99 Zynaps ......£5.99 Trivial Pursuit New Begin ..£6.99 Garfield ......£7.99 Kristal ......£12.99 PREMIER COLLECTION ONLY £12.99 Exolon, Nebulus, Netherworld, Zynaps LIGHT FORCE ONLY £16.99 Batman Caped Crusader, lk+ R - Type, Voyager.
Football Manager II £7.99 Emmanuelle .....£9.99 Teenage Queen £8.99 Speedball £11.99 Dark Castle ......£6.99 Infection .....£4.99 Xenon .£4.99 Hunt for Red October .£9.99 Espionage .£3.99
Pacland .....£8.99 Pacmania ..£8.99 Peter Beardsleys Soccer ...£5.99 Running Man ....£9.99 Thunde'rbirds ....£9.99 Bismark .....£8.99 Corruption .£6 99 Prison .£6.99 ShadowGate ....£8.99
Tetris ...£7.99 Karate Kid II .....£5.99 Please make Cheques & Postal Orders payable to: TURBOSOFT.
P&P in UK FREE elsewhere please add £2.00 per item.
N. B. Please state make of computer when ordering CLASSIC
COLLECTION Dungeon Master (JMeg) .£15.99
Dungeon Master Editor .....£7.99
Battlechess ...£16.99 3D
Pool ...£13.99
Colossus Chess X ...£15.99 Steve Davis
Snooker ......£13.99 King's Quest Triple
Pack .£17.99 Hollywood Poker
Pro ......£14.99 Flight Simulator
II .....£26.99 Lombard R A C.
Rally .....£15.99 Micro
Soccer .£15.99 Dragon
Ninja .£15.99 Operation
Wolf ..£15.99 Scenery Disk 7, 9
or 11 ...£13.99 Scenery Disk Japan or Europe
£13.99 War in Middle Earth .£13.99
Airborne Ranger ......£15.99 Double
Dragon .£13.99
Waterloo .£15.99
Bismark ...£15.99
Archipelagos .£16.99
Battletech £16.99
Darkside .£16.99
Deluxe Paint 3 ..£54.99 Deluxe
Scrabble ......£13.99 Dragon's Lair (1
Meg) ......£24.99 Bard's Tale
II .£16.99 Ferrari Formula
1 .....£16.99 Grand Prix
Circuit ....£16.99 Kingdom of
England £16.99 Rocket
Ranger ..£20.99 Trivial
Pursuits ..£13.99 Sword of
Sodan £16.99 Ultima
IV .£16.99 Zak
McKraken ..£16.99
Goldrush .£16.99
Manhunter in New York ..£16.99 Forgotten
Worlds .....£13.99 Blood
Money .£15.99 Test Drive
II ...£16.99
Gunship ..£15.99
Millenuim 2.2 ...£16.99
Balance Of Power 1990 ..£19.99 Rick
Dangerous £15.99
Kult ..£15.99
Indy Jones The Adventure ..£16.99 Kick
Off ...£12.99 aid
Current fra»e cl cl Conpunet - online Cumnt Dim toy m a « e b
L-8-i-f IXI PRICE iXIXI jxixim T T T2 T2 T2 T4 TG T5
FEDDER FED PLAYERS 441894 MAPS 441129 fiimr"" 441148 CASTILLO
441146 MOON SELINA 441149 UENUS CARGON 441153 MERCURY 441289
] Goto | | Dnld | fupT | Next | | Last I | Hm? J | AH | | Send
] On-line games courtesy of Compunet. Although they cost
extra, playing against real people is fascinating.
The Compunet service. All you need to do is tell it which modem you have and select Connect. An autodialling modem does the rest for you.
The Services Micronet: started in 1982 to coexist with Telecom’s Prestel service, and is the largest of the Viewdata databases with over 250,000 pages of information at your fingertips and over 80,000 users nationwide including Prestel.
Historically, it was only possible to access Micronet at 1200 75, but due no doubt to popular demand it is now possible to access the system at 300 and 1200 baud full duplex - like the rest of the civilised comms world.
Prestel and Micronet are a delight to use because they are largely intended for non-computer literate people - travel agents and so on. They work on a system of pages. To access any page all you have to do is enter a followed the page number, and end with a *. For instance, o* takes you directly to Page 0 which is the main index.
The * character substitutes for the numeric keypad's Enter key which is not fitted to custom Viewdata terminals.
This allows you to use the Return key while entering information into forms while on-line.
Apart from the obvious computer based aspects of Micronet - which are not too good for the Amiga at present - you also have access to the vast range of facilities afforded by Prestel, such as Teleshopping, British Rail timetables, theatre bookings and so on. Micronet subscribers also have the cheapest access to the excellent multi-user game Shades.
It plays very much like MUD, the original on-line game; of which it is said "You haven’t lived until you’ve died in MUD."
MicroLink: is the largest and most businesslike of all the public access bulletin boards. It was started several years ago by Manchester-based Database publications, and therefore received an awful lot of publicity in some of the computer press: Database's own! For this reason, Microlink is probably the fastest growing BBS in the UK. Unlike Micronet et al, Microlink is based on a simple monochrome scrolling terminal, 80 columns wide.
Nrymm - Qmint Mat )ir«ct»y = coinplineE coropjtef met i mcM JpIF kik, isa turan mi® Mint JSJ IKK U Ij-fCl-M ¦ Compunet, the largest Commodore- specific multi-access database.
The facilities offered by Microlink are so numerous there is not room to mention them all here. They do include many services vital to today's business and serious home computer. They include FAX, e-Mail and Telex, as well as a translation service of English to any language, and even financial and business news.
At the time of writing, Microlink have just taken a giant step and left their faithful carrier Telecom Gold, to run off with Istel’s Infotrac. In classic style, the move to Istel has been surrounded by enough hype to launch a large battleship. Sadly, initial reports from the fledgling service do not look too promising.
Compunet: is the largest Commodore-specific, multi-access database system. What makes Compunet special is its purpose-written software, which - although making the system appear like almost Viewdata initially - is just the gateway to an extremely powerful system. Unlike Viewdata, Compunet uses a high-resolu- tion screen with 16 colours, the effect of which is, well, stunning. Of the boards discussed here, Compunet are proud to be the most controversial too
- as a glance at any late-night Partyline conference will prove.
For this reason, they call themselves "The Live One. .."
Initially, Compunet is the toughest of the three systems to get
to know since it uses a system of pages (or frames) which,
unlike Prestel, are accessed rather like a directory. The
screen is split into two windows: one is used to control your
movements around the database, the other displays information
contained in each page. Once Compunet enters interactive mode -
for the Partyline conferencing or multi-user games - other
windows appear allowing you to edit and send messages on-line.
At present, the Amiga's Compunet software suffers from a few serious flaws which tend to detract from this otherwise excellent system. Not least, the software has a nasty habit of dropping into the land of Gurus at the slightest provocation, usually in the middle of some crucial chit-chat. Even so, Compunet's facilities - and thoughtful design - put it at the top of the pile for the Amiga owner. I VIRUS WARNING!
The new ruling on computer hacking (described on the previous page) even applies to the current wave of idiots writing computer viruses. Unlike bootblock viruses (SCA and Byte Bandit, for instance) some newer strains, like IRQ can be transmitted via a modem
- unknown to either party.
Once loose in a computer system viruses can wreak havoc as we all know. If this law comes in, the MicroBotics means Amiga-Power!
Whichever Amiga you own - or plan to buy - we have the expansion you need For the Amiga 2000... Hard Fra me 2000 DMA SCSI Interface If your application calls for superspeed uninterrupted access to your hard disk, HardFrame 2000 is your answer. This is a high end, no holds barrred SCSI interface that operates at bus speeds. One HardFrame 2000 can support up to seven devices. Word- length data transfer, FIFO buffering, TRUE DMA, mounted on a metal frame suitable for all standard 3.5" SCSI drives (or, if you prefer, connected to a bay mounted or external disk). Available now.
List Price: £199.00 + VAT S-UP! FastRAM I Maximum memory in One Slot! | The FastRAM card that every Amiga owner will eventually | come to - why limit yourself to | only two megabytes per slot? 8-1 UP! Will take you all the way to I the top of the auto-configuration I memory space of EIGHT MEGABYTES! 8-UP! Is available in two versions, the stan- j dard DIP model accepts 2,4,6 or j 8 megabytes of 1 meg DRAMS. | For maximum flexibility there is | the SIMM version which lets I you custom configure with I mixed 256K and 1 meg SIMM I modules, including MicroBotics exclusive PopSIMMs. 8-UP! Is a
power-efficient, zero wait j state, autoconfiguring design, j "The latest and greatest" (Amiga | World, Jan. 1989). 8-UP! Is | available now with 2MB. I List Price £249.00 + VAT I ouseTime The easiest to use, most cost-effective implementation of a battery backed clock for the A1000. Passes the port through for joysticks or other devices.
Complete with WorkBench software.
Available now.
MicroBotics,Inc List Price: £22.95 + VAT For the Amiga 500... M501 Memory and Clock Half a Meg at a Great Price!
As we are all coming to realise, a one megabyte Amiga (at least) is a necessity not an option. When you add the inboard 512K memory and clock module to your A500 makes sure it's a MicroBotics M501. Note that just like the Commodore and unlike some third party expansions, we use a long live rechargeable NiCad battery - which you'll never have to replace.
Set the MicroBotics clock using the same WorkBench software as you would use for the Commodore clock.
What's the difference? You get to keep £25 compared to the Commodore version. The M501 is available now.
List Price: £99.95 inc VAT StarBoard2 500 Two Megs PLUS a Choice of Modules.
The premier memory expansion for the A1000 is now available on the A500. In its own case with an independent power supply strong enough to handle StarBoard2 and a second A1000 style StarBoard2, all the power and flexibility of this great expansion device is available to you. Up to 2 megabytes of auto configuring, zerowaitstate FastRAM, MultiFunc- tion or SCSI module capability for math chip or fast SCSI hard disk interfacing. StarBoard2 also has an LED diagnostic confidence light to indicate the power-up state of your Amiga and expansion. An A1000 style StarBoard2 can be connected to the bus
pass-up for a total of FOUR megs and two modules. "The best.." (Amiga World Jan 88) List Price: £199.00 + VAT For the Amiga 1000... StarBoard 2 The Expansion of Choice The superb memory expansion for the Amiga 1000, still going strong! Up to 2 megabytes of autoconfiguring, zero wait state, FastRAM in a sleek, all steel Amiga coloured case plus the capability to accept either of the two daughterboard modules, the original MultiFunction Module or the new SCSI Module. StarBoard2 is powered by the bus (up to two StarBoard2's can be supported by the A1000) and passes it on.
List Price: £199.00 + VAT MultiFunction Module High Tech at Low Cost This daughterboard installs on any StarBoard2. If features a socket and software for the 68881 Math Chip as an I O device (MicroBotics pioneered this approach on the Amiga-now directly supported in the maths libraries of AmigaDOS 1.3). StickyDisk gives you the most "bullet-proof rebootable RAM disk - its hardware protection turns it into a solid state, superfast disk. Parity checking of StarBoard2 RAM can be enabled when extra parity ram is installed. Finally, the MultiFunction Module carries an easy to use battery- backed
clock to set the system time on startup.
List Price: £55.00 + VAT StarDrive SCSI Module Fast, Low Cost SCSI Module When installed in any model StarBoard2, StarDrive offers you cost effective, pseudo-DMA access to SCSI hard drives and other devices.
Fast, easy to install including driver software and disk diagnostics.
StarDrive also includes a battery backed clock to set system time on startup.
List Price £75.00 + VAT Tell your dealer he can order direct - no minimum quantity - show him this ad!
In Europe: Oasis Services Ltd, 17 Andrews Place, London SE9 2SJ. TEL: (01) 859 4936 In U.S.A: MicroBotics Inc, 811 Alpha Drive, Richardson TX 75081. TEL (214) 437 5330 Conpunet___ Cur Receive nin ion: | [P Scrol lb ack Parly Line costs 100p hour) Please Wait...Users in PartyLine: ¦ e •s a a (HU12) LOBBY LOBBY Imtt HEDUSA 4EDUSA: xxxxxxx CENSORED xxxxxx natt; look.. .1 better go hedusa: ok Hatt seee you ? The sleeping bag on Saturday 4EDUSA: nite dearxxx It takes then nonths to repair as they have to get replacenent nodi tied parts fron Gernanv. They have had ny nonitor since 23rd June (!)
And have only just got hold of the parts.
It is DANGEROUS as it nay catch fire as (tine nearly did. As the nonitor was on a desk near a nylon curtain it could have brought the house down - literally so BE CAREFUL. Mine lasted about 7 nths before it went. If you have a choice, get the Philips equivalent as I don't think they have any problemts.
As aid ny thS
- tolci Send window: you have a choice, divalent as I don't y
LATEST NETFAX-I EDERATIOH NEWS I Gotya folks* You never know just who's listening!
Rm rwi rm imiafiiai | All | Send | Done E Dir I Back I Got Dor.e Up Down ¦ A handy facility of the bulletin board is the exchange of information, though how far to rely on it is debatable.
¦ Compunet has a reputation for being "The live one": its party chat lines can encourage lively intercourse... What’s a BBS?
The idea behind Bulletin Board Systems (BBSs) came from America (doesn’t everything?) And dates back to the 1970s. Like all the best ideas, this one is simple: a central computer, accessed by modem, is used to store messages for people to read, just like a notice board.
Since the early days, the idea of the BBS has been transformed from a simple messaging service to a fully interactive computer system. With improved software and technology, it is possible for users to either “post" messages on the board for everyone to read, or just send messages to each other. This latter is called e-Mail (electronic mail) and has seen the adoption of the term "mailbox" used for individual user’s identity codes: you place e-Mail in people's mailboxes.
From this basic idea, systems have been developed to enable you to send mail and receive mail through the international Telex system. Surprisingly perhaps, it is cheaper to buy a complete Amiga system, modem and subscription to Telecom Gold or Microlink, than it is to buy a custom-built telex machine! It is even possible to send a FAX in much the same way. However, as the current system stands it is only possible to FAX pure ASCII text. Of course all these services - except e-Mail - cost money.
Downloadable Software One of the most popular area of all BBSs are the libraries of downloadable software. Apart from some Viewdata systems, like Micronet which has its own system, most systems use one of several standard methods for transferring software.
The most efficient method in common use is Xmodem: it is fast and reasonably safe because all data is subjected to rigorous checksums. By definition, Xmodem is designed to transfer binary (8 bit byte) files, and some systems - like Telecom Gold and Micronet
- cannot support it because they only transmit 7-bit bytes.
To get around the 7-bit trap, some systems have resorted to expanded ASCII. This involves coding every byte into a two-byte hex number, thus sending twice as much, in effect. The file can be converted to binary later by a simple BASIC program.
Advanced systems like those used by the new Microlink do transmit the full 8-bit byte, and therefore support Xmodem. Some even support other file transfer protocols. Vmodem batch and Kermit are typical examples, but in addition to supporting binary transfers, both these can transfer filenames as well.
This way you can download 20 or more files with one simple command: the transfer does the rest. Similarly, the new system used by Micronet can build all the necessary sub-directories automatically: you will need Ruby View access Micronet's telesoftware though.
Games On-Line The history behind on-line games is a little cloudy (or should that be MUDDY?)
The first proper multi-access game was the Multi-User Dungeon or MUD and lived on Essex University’s mainframe.
By today’s standards, though, MUD looks a little crude, although it still maintains its appeal largely because it was first. If you want to play MUD now you will have to wait, because the version which was on Compunet has vanished for the time being.
But worry not, because where there's a will... everyone jumps on the bandwagon! Today all of the major BBSs have some form of on-line game.
Micronet was the first to start with Shades, their answer to MUD.
Compunet on the other hand supply the option of Federation II (a space trading adventure) or - by the time you read this - Realm. Not to be outdone, even Microlink have Bloodstone (and a version of Federation II).
A lot can be said about these games, but they do have a few things in common. First, they cost extra to play.
Prices vary greatly but are typically around £1.50 to £2.00 per hour connected. Second, these games are very addictive: it is not unknown for users to spend hours on the ‘phone with predictable results when the bill arrives.
Lastly, although most on-line games are adventures of one sort or another, you are playing against REAL people, as well as “mobiles," the characters supplied by the computer. Fans of Dungeons and Dragons are invited to try Realm which, according to its author, "is the closest thing to true role playing yet."
The Last Word Whichever system you choose, the comms bug will get you in the end - that much is inevitable. Whether you use your Amiga for playing the latest in games or for writing your latest novel, there is a BBS out there with something for you. As the comms revolution quietly sneaks in and overcomes us, it is not surprising the pundits are suggesting we will lead an increasingly sedentary lifestyle. Whatever happens, the modem and the BBS are here to stay: if you can’t beat ’em... ¦ THE MNP STANDARD Level 1: Error correction only. Modem speed drops to 70% of normal.
Level 2: As Level 1.
Modem operates at 84% of normal speed.
Level 3: As Level 2: data compression increases effective speed to 108% normal.
Level 4: Speed depends on line quality up to around an effective 120% normal.
Level 5: As Level 4 with better compression.
Increases effective speed to 200% normal.
Level 6: As Level 5 but can link to any speed of modem.
Level 7: As Level 6 but better compression increases speed to 300% normal.
Level 8: A special standard used by Microcom modems Level 9: Used by the V32 standard.
WHAT IT COSTS, AT A GLANCE Joining fee Quarterly subscription Peak use per min Off peak per min Micronet £147.95* £23
8. 05p
1. 15p Microlink £17.25 £24.15
5. 75p Free** Compunet 1 £20*** £12
6. 66p
1. 33p Compunet 2 £20*** £29.50
6. 66p Free
* Optional Micronet starter pack includes 1 years subscription,
Ruby View and Datachat 1223 modem.
* * Microlink make an additional charge of 4.6p per block of 500
chars during peak periods reducing to 1.15p during off-peak.
The first block is free.
Charge for custom (shareware) software only All prices stated included VAT at 15% but do not allow for telephone charges which are variable anyway.
Where to find them: Compunet: 01-997 2591, Mercury Communications: 0800 424913, Micronet Telecom Gold: 01-208 0722, MicroLink lstel: 0527 28515 Ext 2697 AMIGA COMPUTERS I TAPE BACK-UP NOW AVAILABLE FOR ALL AMIGA'S THIRD COAST AMIGA HARD DRIVES & TAPE BACK-UP DEVICES TAPE « BACK-UP NOW AVAILABLE FOR ALL AMIGA'S 1 Amiga A500 + A520 TV Modulator (Basic Pack) £295.00 Amiga 500 + A520 TV Modulator + Tenstar option ..£349.00 Amiga 500 + A520 TV Modulator + Air Miles pack + Tenstar option .£459.00 Amiga 500 + A520 TV Modulator + A501 RAM
Expansion + Dragons Lair + Tenstar option £599.00 Amiga 500 Computer + Commodore 1048S Stereo Medium Resolution Colour Monitor + Tenstar option £649.00 Amiga 2000 - Computers Amiga B2000 v. 1.3 Rev 6 ...£685.00 Amiga 2000 Computer + keyboard + Tenstar games .£999.99 Amiga 2000 Computer + 1048S Medium Resolution Stereo Monitor + Tenstar Games option .£1299.00
PROCESSOR ACCELERATOR 16Mhz Chip with support of MCG881. Will offer 65-100% more performance on your A500 A1000 A2000. Complete with 8k Data Cache. Available in kit form or can be installed by Third Coast Technologies £149.
MONITORS Commodore 1084S Stereo Colour Monitor ...£235.00 Philips 8833 £219.00 Philips 8852 £255.00 Philips BM 5702 12" High Res Monitor ....£99.99 Star LC10 Mono £189.00 Star LC 10 Colour ..£239.00 Syquest
45 Megabyte removable cartridge includes 2' 45 Megabyte cartridges.
Full utilities included with pass through and AutoBoot Roms included A500 or A2000 ....£949.00 Numeric Maths Co-processor MC68881 ...£149.99 60 Megabyte Steaming Cassette A500 A1000 External ....£599.00 155 Megabyte Tape Cassette A500 A1000 External ..£699.00 60 Megabyte Internal tape A2000 ..£499.00 155 Megabyte internal A2000
(tape) ..£599.00 Commodore A590 Auto Boot 22 Megabyte £365.00 Commodore A590 with 2 Megs Ram ..£549.00 Ivs 32 Megabyte Auto Park 25 milli headlock A500 Drive .£449.00 Ivs 22 Megabyte Auto Park 25 milli headlock A500 Drive .£399.00 Ivs 50 Megabyte Auto Park 25 milli headlock A500 Drive .£539.00 Ivs 65 Megabyte Auto Park 25 milli headlock A500
Drive .£749.00 Ivs 96 Megabyte Auto Park 25 milli headlock A500 Drive .£699.00 Vortex 45 Megabyte Auto Park head lock A500 Auto ..£489.00 Amdrive 32 Megabyte Auto Park head lock A500 ....£389.00 Auto Boot Roms additional on Amdrive only Amdrive 50 Megabyte Auto Park head lock A500 ...£489.00 XETEC Drives are 42% faster than anything else on market FACT!!!
Xetec 22 Megabyte Auto park head lock A500 38 milli .....£449.00 Xctec 32 Megabyte Auto park head lock A500 25 milli .....£499.00 Xetec 45 Megabyte Auto park Head lock A500 25 milli .....£599.00 Xetec 65 Megabyte Auto park head lock 25 milli ...£649.00 Xetec 45 Megabyte 11 Milli 64 K Byte Cache Head Park £799.00 Xetec 85 Megabyte 11 Milli 64 K Bytc Cache Head Lock £989.00 Xctec 96 Megabyte 25 Milli Head Park with Head Lock
...£749.00 Xetec 150 Megabyte 16 Milli Head Lock Auto Park .£1495.00 Choose from Teac the best name in the Industry Replacement 1 M Byte Drive requires minor adjustment to Amiga .....£58.99 External 1 M Byte Floppy Amiga with PSU 3.5 ..£74.99 External Triangle with Track Counter 3.5 £94.99 External 5.25 Drive with PSU ..£119.00 External with PC-Ditto
5.25 .£179.99 THIRD COAST DIY KITS ( Everything to build your own drive ) ToolBox for Amiga A500. Allows expansion for A500 user. Offers support of any A2000 product ie Hard Drive. 8 Megabyte Board. This box with two slots ensures any A2000 product will work with your Amiga £299.00 Hard drive Kits so that you can interface drive to vour Amiga A500 A1000 A2000 A500 A1000 Kits Tnimpcard includes power supply, enclosure. SCSI cables. Auto Boot Rom. Full utilities.
Power connector. Just plug in an embedded SCSI drive and away you go!! .....£189.00 Xctec Host adapter with 3 feet double ended SCSI cable. This is die fastest controller on the market ....£179.00 Connecting ST506 Drives no Problem Kit required above with Either OMTI 3520. 3527 up to two IBM type drives connected ..£98.00 Choose between RLLand MFM.
Kits for the Amiga 2000 Tnimpcard for Amiga 2000. Allows connection of drive in landing bay includes full utils.
Auto Boot Roms . £149.00 Xetec Controller will take drive on controller 3.25 inch full SCSI.
Or will control one in landing bay. Full utils with auto boot Rom.....£149.00 THIRD COAST RAM UPGRADES FOR AMIGA RANGE RAM Expansions for Amiga A500 A500 Ram Expansion with clock and switch ..£94.99 Midi Interface £29.99 A500 1.8 Megabyte Unpopulated internal board for A500 ..£145.00 A500 1.8 Megabyte Populated internal board as above £349.00 Microbiotics 8 Megabyte board for A2000 Unpopulated .£139.99 8 Megabytes populated with 2
Megabytes ....,£379.99 8 Megabytes populated with 4 Megabytes ....£599.00 For all details on populated 8 Megabyte Board .CALL Hurricane 68020 Accelerator Board for A2000 .CALL Hurricane 68030 Accelerator Board for A2000 .CALL Eprom Programmer .£94.99 jd PRINTERS [Mannesman Tally 130cps .....£159.00 inc lead
ADDITIONAL PERIPHERALS Kcmpston Data Scan for Amiga Range. Features 200DP1. 105mm wide .£259.00 Trackball for Amiga .,£23.99 Replacement Amiga Mouse (2 Button) ......£24.99 Kempston Data Mouse for Amiga ......£26.49 Kempston Data Fax ... £27.95 Video Digitizer for Amiga (Inc Colour Soft) £89.99 Professional Video Digitizer (Inc Colour
Soft) £149.00 RGB Colour Splitter for Colour Cameras ..£99.99 Videotext Teletext Adaptor ....£99.99 Scanner 200 DPI (Copier, Scanner. Printer) ..£449.00 Scanner 300 DPI 64 Grey Inc Paint Soft £999.00 Scanner 300 DPI OCR Reading Soft £249.00 Professional Genlock All Amigas .....£499.00 Mouse
Time Clock for A500 A1000 A2000 ...,£24.99 Video Adaptors for Amiga allows Video taping with RF .....£79.99 Minigen Genlock for Amiga A500 ......£89.00 X-Specs 3-D Glasses excellent for Cad Cam Liquid Crystal Shuttering effect gives a whole new outlook on your Amiga ...£149.99 Rendalc Genlock A500 .....’ . £189.99 Rendale Genlock A2000 £189.99 1084S High Res
Monitor ......£235.00 Philips High Res 8833 ..£225.00 Commodore 1084S Stereo Monitor Colour ...£215.00 Commodore XT Bridge Board ..£259.00 Future Sound 500 ...£74.99 Liquidated Stock on all Printer Ribbons For one Month Only A-Max Macintosh Emulator with 2 Mac Roms ..£245.00
Synchro Express Duplication System ......£33.99 Full one year warranty. ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT!
Trade and University enquiries welcome.
THIRD COAST TECHNOLOGIES Unit 8, Bradley Hall Trading Estate, Standish, Wigan WN6 OXQ 3 0257 420404 3 acc,„ FAX: 0257 420577 r We accept Bank Drafts , Company and Personal Cheques and also Access and Visa Cards.
All prices include VAT at 15%. A full warranty is offered on all products.
If you have a problem that needs solving, or a question that needs answering, where do you go? WORKBENCH of course!
The infamous JASON HOLBORN answers more of your Amiga-related queries.
ICON PROBLEMS I have noticed on a number of PD disks that they have edited the RAM disk icon. I have been using a number of icon utilities but keep getting the message 'Cannot access the Icon’. How can I edit the RAM disk icon? It does not seem to allow a ‘RAM DISK.info' or ‘RAM.info’ icon to be even loaded.
AS Lewis Upton, Wirral There are actually two sides to this problem. Firstly, how to actually load, edit and save the RAM disk icon and then how to actually display the new icon In all its glory.
Loading the RAM disk icon is fairly straightforward. When your icon editor asks for the filename of the icon to be edited, enter the filename ‘RAM DISK:disk.lnfo'. Once you've altered the RAM disk icon, you'll want to actually view It. Simply saving the modified icon straight back to the RAM disk won't work - the Amiga will continue to display the old RAM disk icon. The answer is to save your modified RAM disk icon to your boot disk (Workbench in most cases) under a different filename ('SYS:RAMDISK. ICON' Is a good filename).
Next, you must major a quick change to your startup-sequence so that the icon is copied across to the RAM disk. Firstly, load the StartUp-Sequence file into a text editor and locate the line that reads ‘LoadWB’. Once you've found the line, insert the line ‘COPY SYS:RAMDISK.ICON RAM :disk.inf o' immediately before it and then resave the StartUp- Sequence under the same filename.
Now when you reboot your Amiga, the RAM disk icon will always display your icon instead of the rather dull default icon, when Workbench finally appears.
ADVENTUROUS BASIC i am writing a text-based adventure game in AmigaBASIC and would appreciate your advice on the following points:
1. I have set up a separate boot disk containing AmigaBASIC, a
large sequential data file and the game program itself.
Despite following the listing you printed in Issue 3 of
Amiga Format, I am still unable to use any fonts other than
the standard Topaz font. What am I doing wrong?
2. I would like to include a ‘READ.ME’ text file detailing the
game’s scenario, instructions and various credits. Could I use
Memacs to create this file? And how would I attach an icon to
it so that the player could open and display it from
3. I would also like to incorporate an IFF picture from Photon
Paint as a loading screen. Can you explain how to do this?
AJ Lock Dyfed, Wales
1. For our listing to work, two extra files have also to be on
your BASIC boot disk. Firstly, you will need to create a
'LIBS' directory and then copy the files 'diskfont.library'
and 'diskfont.bmap' into this newly-created directory.
You'll also have to create a ‘FONTS' directory and then copy
the fonts that you intend using within your game into that
2. The easiest way of doing this would be to copy one of the text
files from our Coverdisk across to your disk and then rename
it to what ever you require (copy it by dragging the icon and
you'll copy both the text file itself and its associated icon
file). You'll also have to copy our text display program
called ‘MORE' that can be found within the root directory of
every Coverdisk. Finally, just edit the text file to suit your
3. Photon Paint produces HAM pictures which can be a real pain to
use from AmigaBASIC. A better solution is to produce your
picture within a non-HAM package such as Deluxe Paint and then
use the 'LoadlLBM' source code on your Extras disk (to be
found within the Basicdemos drawer) to actually display it.
MIND YOUR LANGUAGE I've been writing games on my Amiga using the bundled BASIC, but I feel I've taken the language as far as it will possibly go. I am therefore seriously considering buying an alternative language to allow me to produce more professional results. So far the options are C, Modula2 or Assembler.
Which to you recommend?
Could you also recommend a couple of good books to help me get to grips with the new language? Thanks.
Neil Pie Bristol In your particular case, there are two options. The first is to wait until December and check out Mandarin's AMOS, which is a BASIC-like programming language designed specifically for the creation of games software. The package also includes a complete sprite editor, map designer, music composer and other tools to aid the creation of games. In its them as you would standard Amiga devices. Unfortunately, Precision tell us that the device only works on the A1000 and so unless you're lucky enough to own that machine then you won’t be able to benefit from this.
The other alternative to to treat yourself to ReadySoft's C64 emulator which includes an optional adaptor to allow you to plug in your C64 drive.
I’ve noticed when looking through your recent issues that you’ve stopped using screen shots like other magazines and instead, have started using what looks like screendumps. What package do you use to lay out your pages?
Professional Page perhaps?
Secondly, how do you actually grab screens for use within ProPage?
I’ve seen the Workbench Grabscreen program but your mystery program seems to grab screens from just about everything!
W Smithson Dundee While we still use screenshots on games pages, we do indeed use screendumps whenever we feel they are required. For games, it's There are three different ways you could transfer your program.
The first method would be to connect a serial cable between the C64 and the Amiga and uses Comms software on both to transfer the file that way. Another solution would have been a little widget marketed in this country called Precision called Access 64 that allows you to connect C64 peripherals to your Amiga and use the parallel port on my Amiga but I just can’t seem to get the two to talk to each other. Help!
A Dudman Swindon, Wiltshire Just plugging peices of hardware into your Amiga because you've got a lead that seems to fit both is a dangerous thing to do: you could do serious damage to both the Amiga and your C64 disk drive!
There's no need to suffer those sleepless nights of worry. Wipe away those worry lines by sending your worried words to the Amiga Format Workbench helpline. Obviously we can’t enter into personal correspondence, but if you have any questions, then we'll try our utmost to answer them as fully as possible within these pages.
Send your troubled words to: Workbench Helpline, Amiga Format, 4 Queen Street, BATH, BA1 1EJ Mdl Open graphics library IHIWyJUHMHWIHMM----------= DFF096 Hex: 0005C7E8 Decinal; 378856 Octal: 00001343750 Binary: 0000000000000101II000IIUII01000 always best to stick to screenshots (or 'tranmes' as the art people call them) as the pictures are more natural. Trannies can be blown up to quite a large size without any loss of quality whereas screendumps can end up being rather blocky. However, when reviewing a product such as Music-X, where detail is all important, screendumps give the best
possible resolution.
We must admit, we don't actually use Amigas to lay out our pages. Instead, we use powerful Macintosh II computers running a Mac DTP package called Quark Xpress. However, the Amiga is used extensively for image processing of screendumps to Choose sone nice colours Find out where the bitplanes are ST incarnation, the utility has been used to create some quite stunning arcade games that have even been sold commercially.
If raw speed is what you're after, then assembly language is your only choice. Contrary to what some compiler manufacturers will tell you, no other language can even start to compete with the raw power and speed of assembly language. If assembly language sounds like your cup of tea, check out Argonaut's 'ArgAsm' assembly language development system (we reviewed it in last month's issue).
Books wise, If you wish to learn assembler programming on the Amiga then there are three books you should be seriously considering. The first is Abacus' 'Amiga Assembly Language Programming' which should teach you assembler and the final two are Addison Wesley's ‘Amiga Hardware Reference Manual' and Abacus’ (again) ‘Amiga System Programmers Guide' which are both indespensible reference books for all good games programmers.
I wonder if you could help me. My problem is that I've got a large BASIC program that I’ve written on a Commodore 64 and I would like to transfer it to my Amiga
500. I don’t want to have to type it all out again.
I have a Commodore 1541 disk drive and I’ve bought a cable which connects the disk drive to LEA nscreen,A0 CALLINT OpenScreen HOVE.L D0,screen MOVEA.L screen,A0 MOVEQ 00,D0 CALLINT ShowTitle MOVEA.L screen,A0 CALLINT ScreenfoBack LEA screen,A0 MOVEA.L (A0).A0 LEA 44(A0).A0 LEA cnap.Al MOVEQ 016,1)0 CALLGRAF LoadRGB4 LEA screen,A0 MOVEA.L 00(A0),A0 LEA 84(A0),A0 69 1 2820 LEA grfnane,Al MOVEQ 00,D0 CALLEXEC OpenLibrary MOVE.L D0,_GfxBase Nothing can touch the speed and power of assembler langauge.
CALLEXEC OpenLibrary MOVE.L D8,_IntumonBase |E]|df2:vwb,s GFA Basic 3.0 Interpreter Now available for the Amiga gfa has SOLD over 100,000 GFA Basic systems on the Atari ST, and now expect to achieve a similar success on the Amiga.
GFA Basic 3.0 Interpreter is the first release of an entire range of GFA products being produced for the Amiga. Soon to be released products: GFA Basic 3.0 Compiler GFA Assembler The First GFA Basic 3.0 Book Training for Advanced Programmers Book The quickest way to learn about any machine is to sit down and write programs for it.
The use of an interpreter will improve your learning curve, not requiring the agonising waits endured by Basic compilers. The GFA range of products will provide you with tutorials and documented examples. First class software backed up by superb documentation and books to cover most subjects. This is why GFA Basic has been a success on the Atari ST, and why it will be a success on the Amiga.
Programming environment editor Structured programming support Auto indent Procedure folding Variable types: Boolean Byte Word Integer Float String 400 page User Manual Over 300 Commands supported System Routines supported: Exec Library Graphics Library Workbench Library Intuition Library Disk Font Library Layers Library DOS Library GFA Basic Interpreter is now at release 3.041. Existing users should send original GFA Basic Disk to GFA, in suitable stamped addressed envelope for FREE update.
Available from your Amiga Dealer, and most software stockists or in case of difficulty by mail order: GFA Data Media (UK) Ltd, Box 121, Wokingham, Berkshire, RG11 9LP.
Credit card or cheque postal orders payable to GFA Data Media (UK) Ltd accepted.
| I wish to pay for the GFA Basic 3.0 Interpreter Amiga by Visa Mastercard; please charge ! £49.95 to my account. My card number is: GFA Data Media UK GFA Basic 3.0 for the Amiga £49.95 Expiry Date Signature MasterCard Order Date: Name (on card) GFA Data Media Box 121 Wokingham Berkshire, RG11 9LP Tel: (0734) 794941 CAX354 31 2", SLIM 25mm DRIVE UNIT FORMATTED CAPACITY 880K AMIGADOS COMPATIBLE DAISY CHAIN CONNECTOR DATA ENABLE DISABLE SWITCH LOW POWER CONSUMPTION QUIET, HIGH SPEED ACCESS ACTIVE INDICATOR DATA LEAD 5Va", SLIM 42mm DRIVE UNIT FORMATTED CAPACITY 360 880K AMIGADOS & MS-DOS
COMPATIBLE DAISY CHAIN CONNECTOR DATA ENABLE DISABLE SWITCH LOW POWER CONSUMPTION quiet; high speed access ACTIVE INDICATOR DATA LEAD 40 80 TRACK SWITCH Designed and manufactured in the UK to the highest standards, all Cumana disk drives include 12 months warranty and are available from area distributors and a national dealer network.
Look out for the distinctive packaging in your high street, today!
LUMAHA 7The best name in memory CUMANA LIMITED, THE PINESTRADING ESTATE, BROAD STREET, GUILDFORD, SURREY GU3 3BH TEL: GUILDFORD (0483) 503121 All trademarks are recognised and acknowledged give the best possible results when the screendump is finally colour separated.
The screendump utility we use is a PD program called ‘Snapshot’ which is available within the Fish collection of PD disks. Snapshot works using ‘hot keys' and this therefore not dependent on the Workbench screen being available.
However, Snapshot will not grab screens from games (we have a little in-house device to do that!)
I have recently bought an Amiga B2000 from Lan Computers.
When I purchased the machine I was informed by the sales person that the machine was fitted with the new fatter Agnus chip that gives 1 Mb of Chip RAM.
How do I tell if my machine does indeed include the new ECS Agnus? What applications should benefit from the extra chip RAM available? Also, will software houses take advantage of it?
You have a 1 Mb Agnus is to enter the CLI and type Avail. If the amount of chip RAM available is greater than 500K then you have an ECS Agnus (make sure no other programs are running when you do this, though, as they could swallow up Chip RAM).
Any programs that are graphi- P Redmond Walthamstow The easiest way to test whether LOCK ON!
Writing applications software in AmigaBASIC is a fairly straightforward affair until it comes to the task of making programs foolproof (Reviews Editor proof?) While your program may be the most powerful thing this side of a Cray, it is often the silly little error-trapping problems that give a program a bad name. For example, how many times have you used a program written in AmigaBASIC that asks for a filename, tries to load it from disk and then crashes out because it cannot find the file? Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?
The solution is to use the DOS library routines LockO and UnLockO which test whether a specified file or directory exists. If the file does exist, AmigaDOS will successfully lock onto the file and return a filing system handle. If the file or directory doesn’t exist, the Lock returns a value of zero. Once the file has been locked successfully, you can then unlock it and open it as you would normally.
Enough wibbling, here’s a small demonstration program which should help you get the general idea: LIBRARY "dos.library" DECLARE FUNCTION Lock& LIBRARY INPUT "Enter Filename : ",Filename$ Founds = Locks(SADD(Filename$ +CHR$ (0)), -2) UnLock(Founds) IF Founds = 0 THEN PRINT "File does not exist" ELSE PRINT "Yep, the file exists matey" END IF LIBRARY CLOSE For the program to work, you’ll have to use the ConvertFD utility on your Extras disk to create a .bmap file for the dos.library (consult your AmigaBASIC manual for details on how to do this) and save it to your LIBS: directory. * .
B Daniels Liverpool cally or sonically intensive will benefit from the new Agnus. For example, your sound sampler will be able to capture considerably longer samples and you'll be able to run programs such as Deluxe Paint in high resolution mode while also running a program such as Professional Page.
If software is written to abide by Commodore’s guidelines then the increase in Chip RAM will be transparent to the application. In theory, all applications programs should automatically take advantage of any extra chip RAM available without the need for modification. Many applications, particularly something like Professional Page, will be made considerably more useable by the presence of 1 Mb of chip RAM.
BACKUP WARNING A word of warning to all Memacs users. The version of Memacs released with the Workbench 1.3 enhancer software does not alter the archive bit on the file just edited. This means that if you backup your hard disk incrementally, any files edited using Memacs will not get backed up until you do the next full backup. Anyway, that’s what happened to me!
Twood London FAST, FAST, CHIP, CHIP, FAST Writing assembler programs that make extensive use of the Amiga custom chips which will run correctly on an unexpanded Amiga is a doddle - you never have to worry about your program crashing out because of the wrong type of memory being used.
However, problems start to occur when you try to run a program on an expanded Amiga that addresses the custom chips.
Unless you’ve told your assembler or linker that you wish custom chip data to be loaded into chip memory, most assemblers will produce code that automatically writes its data into fast memory.
There are a number of ways of ensuring that your custom chip data will always be loaded into chip memory. The first, and probably the simplest way is to try and get your hands on the PD program FixHunk on Fish Disk No 197 (Developers can of course use the Atom utility). Once you’ve linked your program, all you have to do is to enter either Atom MyProg
- CC or FixHunk MyProg and all data hunks will be pushed into
chip ram. The second method is to tell the linker to push data
into chip ram by using the Blink ‘CHIP’ option.
For Devpac 2 and ArgAsm users, these assemblers include a very powerful ‘SECTION’ directive that allows you to split your source code into multiple sections and specify both the hunk type and the type of memory that is used for each. For example, if you had a slice of code containing some sprite definitions and screen data, you would insert a line such as SECTIONMySprite&ScreenData.DA TA_C immediately before the data.
For further details of the SECTION directive, consult your Devpac or ArgAsm manuals.
One of the most common complaints of users of AmigaBASIC is the lack of control over Intuition windows. However, if you’re lucky enough to own HiSoft’s BASIC then you'll be happy to learn that clever Mr.Pennel at HiSoft has extended the language to allow more precise control than was ever thought possible from BASIC.
The syntax of the WINDOW command is WINDOW OPEN id, THREE into ONE
Mouse now plays a major role in all your applications whether
you’re lost in a world of business software, art and design or
presentation graphics, cm efficient mouse is a must!
Now there is a true upgrade available, the Naksha Mouse, it will connect to all three machines effortlessly. But unlike the standard manufacturer’s mice, the Naksha Mouse offers ultra high 280 Dpi resolution and silk smooth operation... less drag, more speed.
100% compatible, no additional drivers required and installation that’s as easy as 1...2...3, the Naskha Mouse is supplied complete with adaptors, mouse mat, mouse holder and a discount voucher for Electronic Arts software.
Who says three into one won’t go!
The Naksha Mouse only £39.99 plus VAT ncik hci Forfurther information including dealer and educational pricing please contact: Naksha (U.K.) Limited, 29 The Wharf, Warrington WA1 2HT.
Tel: 0925 56398 Fax: 0925 574375 All Trade Marks and Registered Trade Marks are acknowledged.
Title, (xl,yl)-(x2,y2), type, Screen id. The parameter ‘type’ defines the attributes of the window to be opened, and it is this parameter that has been extended within HiSoft BASIC. The type parameter is a number that is made up by adding the different components together (see table below).
Within the current release of AmigaBASIC, the window attributes consist of five window options that can be put ogether in any combination. For example, if you wanted to open a backdrop window that had smart refresh (the window is automatically redrawn if a window that covers it is removed) and includes both a sizing gadget and a drag bar, then the type parameter would have to be 83(1+2+16+64).
Unlike AmigaBASIC, HiSoft’s ‘WINDOW’ command has been extended to allow more flexible handling of windows. HiSoft BASIC includes four extra attributes that can be assigned to a window such as non-GIMMEZEROZERO, backdrop, borderless and absolute winBID THIS IS A DEMONSTRATION OF HISOFT BASIC'S IMPRESSIVE WINDOW HANDLING CAPABILITIES.
THIS IS A BACKDROP + BORDERLESS WINDOW (64 + 128) SET UP IN FRONT OF A MEDIUM RESOLUTION, 16 COLOUR CUSTOM SCREEN Although Workbench 1.3 has been with us for some time now, many people are still unaware of the power locked away within the new, improved CLI commands, The 1.3 CLI command set includes several new commands and many that are extended far above their 1.2 counterparts. One particular command that has enhanced beyond belief is the little-used ‘List’ command.
Among the extra options added to List is the ‘LFORMAT’ option that will be particularly useful to those of you who enjoy fiddling with batch files. The option is very similar to AmigaBASIC's PRINT USING Workbench Screen AmgaDOS Connand Shell: CD FILES: DIR .info KINDWORDS.IFF ProWrite.IFF Transcript.IFF MB.WINDOWS.IFF Protext.IFF Scribble.IFF WB.Arg.IFF WordPerfect.IFF ) DIR WB. ?.IFF HB.Arg.IFF MB. WINDOWS.IFF LIST RAM:SCRIPT FILES:MB. ?.IFF LFORMAT “VILBM XsZs" TYPE RAM:SCRIPT VILBH FILES:MB.WINDOWS.IFF VILBM FILES:MB.Arg.IFF EXECUTE RAM:SCRIPT LIST RAM:SCRIPT FILES:PRO ?.IFF LFORMAT
Command, since it allows you to modify the output from LIST to automatically create script files.
For example, if you had a command such as ‘VILBM’ that doesn’t support wildcards, but you wanted to view all files that ended in ‘.IFF’ within a directory called ‘PICS’, how would you do it short of typing every filename? Simple: you use LFORMAT!
LFORMAT is used to change the output format from LIST by using what Commodore call an ‘Output Format Specification’ string. When LIST starts, it inserts the filenames from the specified directory into your format string which can then Me be redirected into a separate text file. Once the output text file has been created, all that remains is to run it using the Execute command.
The format of the output string is LFORMAT ‘‘string". To include the output of LIST within this string, you use %s to indicate where the filename is to be inserted.
Going back to our Vilbm example, all you would type to solve this problem would be LIST RAM:MYSCRIPT PICS 2.IFF LFORMAT “VILBM %s%s" and then once this has finished, you would then execute the script file by typing EXECUTE RAM:MYSCRIPT. What the first command would do is to search the directory ‘PICS' for any commands ending in ‘.IFF’ and the output the results to a file called ‘RAM:MYSCRIPT’ in the format VILBM filename .
The number of occurences of %S dictates how the filenames are inserted into the format string. If there is only one %s, then only the filename is inserted, two ‘%s’s inserts the path and filename, three inserts the path, filename and path again and four inserts the path, filename, path and filename.
D Oikman Manchester dow sizing. Here’s a complete listing of all the window options and their values (options 32 through to 256 are HiSoft BASIC specific and cannot therefore be used from AmigaBASIC).
K McDonald Southampton Value Meaning 1 Sizing gadget 2 Drag Bar 4 Depth gadget 8 Close Gadget 16 Smart Refresh 32 Turn off 'GIMMEZEROZERO' 64 Backdrop Window 128 Borderless Window 256 Absolute Window co ords WOW! FIFTY BIG ONES!
Everyone knows what a complicated beast the Amiga can be at times, which makes a section such as Workbench a real life saver. If you have any cool little tips that you think would be of use to your fellow Amiga owners, then why not scribble them down and send them into Workbench - you could win yourself £50 for your troubles.
This month’s lucky tipster is Derek Clyne in Liverpool for his ingenious BASIC code.
Send your tips to: Workbench Helpline, Amiga Format, 4 Queen Street, BATH, BA1 1EJ £50 IS WAITING FOR YOU!
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• ¦ • • • £12.95
- • • • • £12.95
* • • • .
£12.95 .»
- *• , £12.95 r*
* • • • • £12.95
- • • • • £14.95 . • £14.95
• i » • • • • £14.95 O .... £14.95
• ••• £14.95 . * £14.95 £14.95 £16.95 » .... £16.95 . *
• » .... £16.95
- •
• .... £16.95 _* '* .... £16.95 . •
• .... £17.95 £17.95 £17.95 . • £17.95
- * » .... £18.95 £18 95
* .... £19.95 1 * £22 95 £22.95 . .... £24.95 . £24 95 . ....
• •
• .... £24.95 £24,95 £29 95
* .... . * .... £29.95 I3 .£29.95 COQ QA 1 1 FORMERLY 16
* A500 BAT PACK 4 fMMI A500, TV Modulator, Joystick, Deluxe Paint
Q. lec 1 MEG 3.5" EXT. DRIVE, Low Power, Throughport, Slimline,
Only £79.95 Books Marked (D) have a Disk Available,
£9.95...Disk may be purchased separately.
RAMSOFT EXTRAS ACCESS VISA & STYLE WELCOME RAM Expansion - 512k Cartridge:- With Clock £89.00 BULK 3.5" DISKS X10 + LABELS. ONLY ! £7.99 -100 CAP DISK BOX £9.00 SOFTWARE SPECIALS JOYSTICKS... KONIX NAVIGATOR E12.95....QUICKSHOT II TURBO £9.99 A500 BAT PACK + This Pack as above Plus Ten Star Pack.
1: Amegas, 2: Art ol Chess, 3: Barbarian, 4: Buggy Boy 5: Ikari Warriors 6: Insanity Flight, 7: Mercenary Comp, 8: Terrorpods, 9: Thundercats, 10: Wizball.
All Monitors Include Leads!
PRINTERS $ £ * * afe BASIC PACK As Above Minus Bat Pack. Only a Few left at this price £339.00 Buy any Pack & we will offer a Philips CM8833 for only £210.00 inc. lead.
Rom Upgrade Upgrade your 1.2 Kickstart New 1.3 Roms now available.
UNIT 1 DRAKE HOUSE 160 DRAKE STREET ROCHDALE LANCS OL16 IPX TEL: 0706 43519 Amiga DOS Quick Reference (Abacus) Motorola 68000 Programmers Ref Man (Motorola) ...... 1001 Things To Do With Your Amiga (Tab) . Amiga for Beginners (Abacus) Kickstart Guide to the Amiga (Ariadne) . Kids and the Amiga (Compute!) ..... Elementary Amiga BASIC (Compute!)
(D) .. Amiga Machine Language (Abacus) (D) ..... Amiga Programmers Guide (Compute!) ..... Amiga DOS Reference Guide (Compute!) ..... Amiga Tricks and Tips (Abacus) (D) ..... Inside Amiga Graphics (Compute!) (D) . Amiga C for Beginners (Abacus) (D) .... Amiga Applications (Compute!) (D) ...... First Book of the
Amiga (Compute!) (D) Amiga DOS - Inside & Out (Abacus) (D) ..... Advanced Amiga BASIC (Compute!) (D) .... Computer Viruses - A High Tech Disease (Abacus - NEW!) .... O Amiga Users Guide to Graphics. Sound, Telecom (Bantam) ... r: Becoming an Amiga Artist (Scott-Foresman - NEW!) ... Amiga 3D Graphics Programming in BASIC (Abacus - NEW!) (D) : Amiga Machine Lang Programming Guide (Compute!) (D) ..... :¦ Using Deluxe Paint II
(Compute!) ..
• : Learning C - Graphics on Amiga & Atari ST (Compute!)
(D) ... Amiga BASIC - Inside & Out (Abacus)
(D) .. Amiga Microsoft
BASIC Programmers Guide (Scott-Foresman).... Inside the Amiga
with C
(Sams) .....
Amiga DOS Manual
Programming the 68000
(Sybex) ...
Amiga Disk Drives - Inside & Out (Abacus)
(D) ..... : Programmers Guide to the
Amiga (Sybex) .
* : Amiga Programmers Handbook
(Sybex) ....
* : Amiga Programmers Handbook. Vol 2
(Sybex) ..... Amiga ROM Kernel Ref.
Man.: Includes & Autodocs (A.W. NEW!)
Amiga C for Advanced Programmers (Abacus - NEW!) ...
• : Amiga System Programmers Guide (Abacus)
(D) . «: Amiga Graphics Inside & Out
(Abacus - NEW) (D) Please note, all
our prices Include VAT & Courier Delivery. All items despatched
within 24 hrs. dependant on availability & cheque clearance,
prices subject to change without prior notice at any lime. E &
You have to get up pretty early in the morning to beat these games nowadays: so thank goodness some of you are staying up all night to do just that! And here’s the results... SAVAGE To have all three lives at the start of Level Two type in this seven-letter password: SABATTA Ali Nasir, London W6 RAIDER Having trouble making it through the game? Try starting on a higher level! And here are the codes: RICK DANGEROUS Handy hints and helpful tips.
SHOT DYKE HIGH LINK PEAR KILN BAND John Warland, Eastbourne Use the gun and dynamite wisely.
Very often the guards can be left alone or dodged so Rick can get past without having to resort to violence. When a guard does need killing, try poking him with the stick to freeze him first, then drop a stick of dynamite. This is a good way to save on valuable bullets.
ENEMIES There are several types of enemy ranging from guard dogs to barrels, but the most common are the guards which come in four types: Intelligent: These bright sparks will try to follow you but when they find you are out of reach will look for another way of getting to you.
Annoying: These wander around in random patterns and can be a real pain to get past.
Predictable: As the name suggests, they move in set patterns (usually back and forth, back and forth), so they’re not too much of a problem.
Spectrum users: (a little bit of politics, my name’s Stephen - goodnight!) Incredibly dumb, these ones. They just come straight for you and can easily be coaxed into walking into spikes, spear traps or anything else that's likely to kill them. They are none too bright.
TRAPS Spear traps. Watch out for these, they look like faces on the first level and snakes on Level Two.
Not all spear traps work and the ones that do only work when you’re at a certain range. All spear traps can be avoided by crawling under the spears.
Ladders are all right for getting around, but if you see a hand-hold use that instead. On Level One, the hand-holds look like random marks on the wall. On Level Two they are the tiles with two long and two short vertical lines.
There are four types: Dynamite blocks: these are moved by placing a stick of dynamite next to them, but beware! Some shoot towards you so be prepared to jump to save your precious skin.
Bullet blocks: as the name suggests, they are moved by shooting at them.
Switch blocks: surprise, surprise, activated by switches (these tend to move to pre-determined positions when operated).
Dented blocks: activated by poking your stick into the dent.
OTHER THINGS Some floor spikes have grey shadows which mean there is some way of turning them off (long spikes are often switches). When you land on a bouncing floor, pushing up will make you bounce higher. Beware of the bats on Level One, the mummies, Ark of the Covenant and the Gem on Level Two and the guard dogs and barrels on Level Three.
Leaving the best until last: enter ‘POOKY’ on the high score table and any level completed can then be skipped by means of a handy level-select screen.
Stephen Fifield Plumstead PART I ¦ Start game. Enter store. Esher look around. Praxix examine map.
Praxix reply. Tag buy map. Tag sell map. Exit store. Proceed.
¦ Enter tavern. Esher look around.
Exit. Accept Minar. Proceed.
¦ Minar scout. Go right. Minar scout. Praxix examine bodies.
¦ Minar scout. Follow smoke.
Knock. Tell truth. Minar look around. Exit. Praxix examine bag.
¦ Esher examine stream. Find gold. Find gold. Praxix cast elevation at Tag. Proceed.
¦ Enter cave. Praxix cast glow at staff. Proceed.
¦ Enter pool. Leave tube. Hide.
Examine Minar. Wide path. Left.
Pick up torch. Back. Right. Pick up blue amulet. Proceed.
¦ Pick up cover. Drop blue amulet. Junction. Smelly pool.
¦ Dive. Pick up blue amulet.
Surface. Back. Back to cave.
¦ Upstream. Upstream. Build raft.
Launch raft. Cross. Cross. Cross.
Cross. Praxix cast glow on map.
Praxix examine map.
PART II ¦ Minar scout. Tag get help.
Enter. Proceed. Proceed. Proceed.
¦ Parley. Tell truth. Accept.
¦ Up. Left. Cast elevation at Hurth. Cast wind. Leave Bergon.
Up. Hurth look around. Tag pick up spyglass. Down. Down. Proceed.
Proceed. Proceed. Proceed.
¦ Back. Cast tremor. Proceed.
¦ Hurth examine runes. Enter. Left or right. Proceed.
¦ Cast flare. Cast elevation at Hurth. Left. Right. Fight. Hurth flank. Praxix cast mud. Combat.
Combat. Combat.
¦ Return. Back. Up. Right. Exit.
Split up. Bergon return. Praxix return. Cast blaze (or tremor or lightning at stump). Down. Back.
¦ Stream path. Approach.
Approach. Talk to elf. Speak elfish.
Tag say ‘AGRITH-B’RAN’. Praxix route. Down. Back. Esher examine walls. Praxix examine walls.
¦ Left. Left. Left. Up. Elf home.
Follow elves. Cast rain.
PART III ¦ North route. Enter. Confront.
Down. Down. This level. Hurth scout. Around Ores. Right. Praxix examine runes.
¦ Speak. Praxix says ‘LOREM’.
Back. Past Ores. Cast tremor.
Cast elevation at himself. Proceed.
¦ Cast tremor. Combat. Combat.
Mix reagent with water essence.
Use mix on Bergon. Proceed.
¦ Enter tunnel. Left. Old mine.
Praxix examine walls. Back. New mine.
It’s not often we print complete solutions to an adventure, but we’ve had so many requests for this we’ve decided to go ahead. Be warned: if it might spoil your enjoyment, don’t read it all!
¦ Enter cleft. Hurth examine walls.
Back. Enter cleft. Hurth examine walls. Ask miner about mine. Ask miner about mine. Tag pick up red rock. Back. Back. Right.
¦ Crude path. Hurth examine crack. Down. Hurth. Jump. Look around. Praxix examine key. Climb up. Back.
¦ Ornate path. Praxix examine door. Open door. Mix reagent with fire essence. Use mix on vault.
Praxix examine coffin. Praxix examine white stone. Back. Back.
Proceed. Proceed. Proceed.
¦ Cast flare. Proceed. Ask tree about paths. Ask tree about locations. Road to ruin. Cross.
¦ Tower. Up. Accept. Down. Mix reagent with fire essence. Use mix on stones. Back. Courtyard. Cast flare or rain or lightning. Proceed.
¦ Hide. Follow Ores. Inventory.
Use red rock. Run for it. Praxix examine mechanism. Cast glow on staff. Down.
¦ Explore inside mill - go to control room and examine dials. Move dials and press button and wait until axe appears in shallow pit.
Enter pit.
¦ Pick up axe. Mine rock. Go back to control room and turn dials.
Press button.
¦ Go back to pits and enter shallow pit - Praxix should be at an exit. Follow light to escape.
¦ The dials are different with each game you play so the only THUNDERBIRDS MISSION Alan - take torch and grease gun.
Brains - take lamp and any other item.
Complete Brains' part of the mission first or he'll drown while Alan does his. First drop the useless item (not the lamp) as it isn’t needed. Then go to the room with the spanner and pick it up. Then go to the room with the hammer and pick that up. Then take the lamp, spanner and hammer to the room with the lift. Use the hammer to fix the lift.
At the top, go right into the next room and use the spanner to fix the water pump. Drop the spanner and go to the room next to the lift and get the dynamite plunger. Go all the way to the room with the blockage and drop the plunger.
Retrace your steps to the room with the fuse and take it. Go back to the plunger, drop the lamp and pick up the plunger. Go as far left as possible then use the fuse, walk right as far as possible without pulling out the fuse and use the plunger. Return to the blockage room and you should find it has disappeared. Go to the trapped miners’ room and transfer to Alan.
As Alan, go to the room with the ladder and pick it up. Then go to the room on the right and use the ladder to cover the hole.
Return for the object you dropped and then go to room with the cart.
Use the grease gun to oil the wheels of the cart and push it three rooms to the left where it will cover a hole. Return to the room with the pneumatic drill and take it. Go to the room with the power point and drop the torch.
Go into the next room and get the compact cable before returning to the last room.
Go as far right as possible and use the drill to drill through the wall. Go through and meet up with Brains and the miners.
Control will now be transferred back to Brains who should go all the way back to the mole with the lamp. Once he gets there, you’ll be given a congratulatory message and told the password to level two which is RECOVERY.
The other two codes are: ALOYSIUS and ANDERSON Joseph Clare Cheam 6 Central lex: 6699 for people who want more £22.00 Official Secrets Confidential VALUE £12.00 VALUE £19.95 VALUE £5.00 VALUE £5.00 Gnome Ranger is an award-winning 3-part adventure by Level 9. "Go out and buy Gnome Ranger pronto" said Atari ST User. Or tick the box for Surprise Alternative.
Myth A mini-adventure by Magnetic Scrolls, authors of The Pawn VALUE £1 5.00 Written exclusively for members of Official Secrets and, amazingly enough, included in the price of membership. Set in Ancient Greece, you play the part of a young god striving to prove himself worthy of immortality. You'll meet the Ferryman, have a chance to cheat Death, and do battle against the nineheaded Hydra guarding the gates to the Underworld. Myth includes the state-of-the-art Magnetic Scrolls parser and those incredible graphics. For most computers - disk only. Only to members of Official Secrets.
Advice and hints to help you solve most adventure games.
Join Official Secrets for a year. Membership includes 6 issues of Confidential, Gnome Ranger, Myth and Special Reserve, worth a total of £56.95. And you can save much more on the games you buy. All for just £22 Confidential is written for people who take their fun seriously. If you are into Adventure, Strategy, FRPs, MUGs, PBMs, D&Ds, or if you would simply like to see more from behind the scenes then Confidential is essential reading. Regular features include Personnel File, Dead Letters, The Man in Black, Feature Articles, Brain Teasers, Diary, News, Competitions, and The Boss Upstairs. Club
participation is welcomed.
All the features and benefits of Special Reserve membership. See below.
Help-Line Manned each week-day and Sundays Special Reserve Included in the membership fee Gnome Ranger or a surprise alternative!
32-page A4 bi-monthly glossy magazine MYTH WAS AWARDED 87% BY AMIGA FORMAT. 90% BY COMMODORE USER, 91% BY CRASH AND 85% BY THE GAMES MACHINE SpeciaC Reserve best games at best prices £5.00 All club members benefit from our low prices and: Best service Club Privileges All the best games, carefully selected and available to members only at truly extraordinary prices. We're miles cheaper than elsewhere. Below are a selection of offers at prices you might not believe. You can buy games at the same time as joining - or join now and select from our catalogue of over 1000 products.
There is no obligation to buy anything. All items advertised are only available to members and are subject to availability.
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Each game sent individually by 1st class post. Most will fit through your letter-box.
7-day sales hotline, open until 8pm weekdays, 10 to 5.30 Saturdays. 11 to 5 Sundays.
Written notification and instant refunds on request in the event of unexpected delays.
No commitment, no obligation to buy anything and no "minimum purchase”.
18 49 DM EDITOR .
PAINT 10 99 PHOTON PAINT 2.0 (NEEDS1 MEG) .54.99 PRO SOUND GOLD (INCL HARDWARE) ..51 45 PROTEXT WORD PROCESSOR ...64.99 PUBLISHERS CHOICE (NEEDS 1 MEG) 66 49 SHOOT 'EM UP CONSTRUCTION KIT......18 49 TALESPIN ADVENTURE CREATOR ...18 49 WORKBENCH 1.3 ......13 49 SONY 3.5” DS DD DISKS 79p To order please write, or complete the coupon, or telephone us on 0279 600204. Please note that there is a surcharge of 50p per game for orders placed by telephone.
Order Form Non-members please add the membership fee Special Reserve membership £5 UK, £6 EEC or £7 World or Official Secrets membership £22 UK, £25 EEC or £30 World with Gnome Ranger and Myth | or with Surprise Alternative and AFORM Item Name Address Post Code Computer.
Phone No..
* 5.257*3.57*3.0'7‘TAPE Payable to: Special Reserve or Official
P. O. Box 847, Harlow, CM21 9PH Special Reserve and Official
Secrets are trading names of Inter-Mediates Ltd.
Reg. Office: 2 South Block. The Mattings, Sawbridgeworth, Herts CM21 9PG.
Registered in England Number 2054713. VAT reg. No. 424 8532 51 Item Credit card expiry date _ ’CHEQUE ’POSTAL ORDER ’ACCESS ’VISA (Including Connect, Mastercard and Eurocard) ' Delete where applicable TOTAL Overseas orders must be paid by credit card Prices include UK Postage and Packing EEC orders please add 70p per item World orders please add £1.50 per item GAMEBUSTERS I solution is to experiment until you get the correct combination of dials.
BATTLETECH Everything you need to know to get you off to a good start in this hi-tech adventure... PART IV ¦ Hurth examine shadow. Hide.
Mix air essence and water essence. Proceed.
¦ Stay. Ask Umber about Mudwargs. Get advice. Examine Umber’s sack. Mix black reagent with fire essence. Use mix on staff. Leave. Curio shop. Look around. Reply. Buy grey stone.
Trade spyglass. Proceed.
¦ Tavern. Esher examine other table. Cast invisibility. Eavesdrop.
Eavesdrop. Eavesdrop.
¦ At this point, make note of captain’s name as it changes with each game, thus it will be different each time. Exit.
¦ Inn. Check in. Accept. Exit.
¦ Wharf. Yes. Bergon say (name of captain you found in tavern). Zephyr.
Tell truth. Accept. Camp out.
¦ Mix grey reagent with fire essence. Call sheriff. Cast tremor.
Use mix on sheriff. Relax.
¦ Climb mast. Cast elevation at Tag. Cast wind. Pick up Praxix pouch. Mix fine yellow with course red and add pinch of course white.
Cast mixture.
¦ End of game and you've won!
Now read the musings... CpI G. Moffat BMH Hannover CITADEL You start here with nothing but a 35 C-Bill. In order to survive you need to learn a lot of different skills and that needs money. The best way to earn money is to invest all your money in the BakPhar company. The profit is very high (100%+) and so is the risk: so always save the game after getting out of Comstar station (where you invest your money).
The trading occurs every time you receive a 15 C-Bill from your family, so check your investments every time you receive some more pocket money. If you lose money, simply go back to the last saved game and try again. If things have gone well, reinvest the money again and save the game as early as possible.
The trading continues until you have more than 2000 C-Bill (including those you carry) so don’t hesitate to spend your money on skills (including combat skills like bow and blade and technical) which can be learned from Citadel and Mechit-Lube. You should also buy a weapon - missile launcher and inferno are the best - and armour (lightweight armour). Bear in mind that you can only hold one weapon and one armour at any one time.
Between trading you will have enough time to go to the mech training grounds in the south-east corner of the city to learn how to use a mech. After each session you need to wait a while before the next session, so it’s an ideal time to go and check your investments.
Keep alternating between trading and training until you’ve completed the sixth training session in which you fight against two Locusts. Now use the main menu to inspect your character and see if the gunnery and piloting ratings are 'amateur'. If the gunnery is still ‘unskilled’ go back to the last saved game and do it again because gunnery determines how accurate you are during battles and is very important if you are going to use a ‘mech for the rest of the game. These are the training sessions:
1. To answer the quiz, use the diagram on P. 13 of the
instruction manual. Choose a locust since it runs a lot faster
than the rest of the mechs.
2. Choose a Wasp or a Chameleon because they have the hands you
need to pick up the rubber.
3. This training includes you destroying a dummy Locust and it
really doesn't matter which mechl Want some infinite energy?
To obtain infinite energy from one Master Xybot to the next, simply get to Level Eight then stand one player as close to the exit hole as possible. Get the second player behind the first so that he can shoot Player One.
Player Two shoots Player One until his energy is less than 6%. On a count of 1-2-3 move Player One into the exit hole and at the same time press Fire for Player Two. The bullet should hit player one just as he disappears into the hole.
On the next level the player who went into the hole first should have an energy reading of zero. He can now get shot as often as he likes.
The only minor (!) Drawback is that the players can’t zap so it's best to use this trick when playing a two-player game.
DEALER ENQUIRIES WELCOME - SPECIAL DISCOUNTS Distributor enquiries welcome 1;Far from Edengarh.n is the castle of the evil f ' ‘ ; one. L' ‘ Far from your village, a lord keeps the secret, such a powerful lord that he cannot be human, a i .....j creature floating a world that dies and grows again . . .
Targhan is probably the most stunning game you'll ever play.
Look for reviews in Commodore User, Popular, The One, C&VG, Ace, ZAP, The j; Games Machine and Amiga User International soon!
Targhan is an adventure-action game with more than 120 landscapes and 40 different characters. The game is playable on either keyboard or joystick.
The game offers digitised sound and outstanding graphics, s, A It will be released on Amiga, Atari and PC H H 1 © (EGA, VGA and CGA) by the end of May. The Br jj jj Xtl1 ]1 jl ©3 game will run on both colour and mono screens.
GAINSTAR SOFTWARE LTD, AVON HOUSE, ALBANY PARK INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, CAMBERLEY, SURREY GU15 2PI TEL (0276) 20226 20144 FAX: (0276) -296-90 S I C M U you choose, although the Chameleon is the most powerful.
4. Destroy a bunch of androids.
5. This is a one-to-one fight against a Locust and it’s best to
use a Chameleon from now on.
Always stay in the forest or in water because it's a lot more difficult to be hit. Water has the added advantage that it cools down your ‘mech to prevent a shut-down, which can occur if you're using your weapons a lot, especially the large laser. After this session you should go to the lounge to meet Rick and get the device you need in order to get into the Star Port later in the game.
6. Same as the last session but with two Locusts to destroy.
Don’t go back for any more mech training until you are
excellent in all the combat skills and amateur in all
mechanical and technical skills.
Before going out for the seventh training session get all the money out of the Comstar building and you should have almost 4,000 C- Bills.
66. 80 HI The position of the inventors hut © The position of the
Starleague Cache
7. In this session, it’s 99% certain you’ll have to fight against
Draconis invaders and your chances of survival are approxi
mately 0% so don’t bother trying to take them on. Just stay
near the west barrier until the city is destroyed and the
electrical barrier goes off. Now’s the time to make a run
for it. Save the game after getting out of the city.
2. STAR PORT Head northwest after leaving Citadel to Star Port.
The entrance is at the west wall. Get some clothes from the
clothes shop so that you can travel about without being
recognised. Go to the northeast corner of the city and find
the Comstar station.
Repeat what you did in Citadel (don’t forget to save the game after leaving the station) and as soon as you can, buy a Mapper and Holodisk player. Keep making money until you have about 30,000 C-Bills (switch investments to DefHes for small but steady profits as the other company starts to lose you money once you get about 20,000).
Go to the southeast corner and find the hospital: now learn some first aid techniques. You should be able to find the hotel next to the hospital in which you will find Rex who will accompany you for the rest of the journey.
Don’t be stingy - buy him the same weapons and armour you have because he’ll need them.
You could now go to the arena to do some battling and earn 500 C-Bills for every victory, but my advice is to not bother because there are easier ways to earn money without running the risk of destroying your mech. Take whatever money you need from your account to get your mech repaired after the escape and then go exploring the land.
3. PACIFICA You should find quite a few cities scattered about
the land. You should also find a prison in one of the cities
north from Star Port in which you should find a friend of Rex.
Don’t enter the prison without saving the game first because
there is a chance that the Phoenix Hawk you find in there is a
double agent, or it may turn out that you can't steal another
mech from the prison. You'll find out if he's a double agent
as soon as you put him into a mech!
If he is a traitor go back to the saved game because you're going to need all the mechs and pilots you can muster. Go to any city, find the hospital and attend a medical seminar. A doctor will ask to join you: get him to attend another seminar so that his rating becomes excellent and accept him. Then go and buy a field surgical kit. Go to the hospital again if the doctor turns out to be a double agent and recruit another doctor. Buy the two new members weapons and armour and then head back to Star Port.
Apart from Star Port there is another city which contains a Comstar station but no Mechit- Lube nearby. Go to the Comstar station and get your money out (you should have loads if you’ve been out exploring). Go to the Mechit- Lube and have all your mechs modified twice (it’ll cost about 25,000 each).
By this time a mechanic will join you, completing the party.
Make the mechanic ask for training and get his mechanical skill raised to excellent. If you haven't come across a double agent yet, then this will be your man, so test him out by putting him in a mech.
If he is a double agent then go back and get another mechanic once he's been killed.
Note: after the modifications, your mechs are so powerful that nothing can stand one round of attack from all three of your mechs (this is the maximum number of mechs allowed in your party).
5. DR TELLHAM Now head northwest to find the inventor's hut which
is very close to one of the cities. Before you can get to see
the doctor you have to answer three questions, and as your
party are all experts there should be no problem.
Head southeast to find the cave after having your Holodisk fixed. If you didn't buy a Holodisk player you could always take a look at the disk back at the barracks in Citadel or in the mayor’s house in one of the cities southwest of Star Port.
6. THE CAVE The cave is located in one of the islands southeast
of the inventor’s hut. You will find the underground chamber
there and will need to open 11 doors with 11 different
combinations of red, blue and yellow codes listed below: 1.
RED 15 BLUE 14 YELLOW 11 4.
RED 13 BLUE 31 YELLOW 4 5.
RED 25 BLUE 33 YELLOW 10 6.
RED 29 BLUE 12 YELLOW 6 7.
RED 20 BLUE 27 YELLOW 22 8.
RED 28 BLUE 24 YELLOW 16 9.
RED30 BLUE 23 YELLOW 32 I’ll let you find out for yourself which combination has to be used for which door! Don’t forget to turn the generator on after opening one of the doors. Go down to the cache to have a look. Go down another set of stairs to the map room and use the map in the manual to touch the planets Pesht, Benjamin, Skye, Ryerson, Kathil and Achernar in the shaded area in that order and then go to the machine near the stairs to get the white code. Now go to the signal room at the northwest corner and send a message to Katrina to finish the game.
Raymond Lam Acton Have you got anything to sing and dance about? Raymond Lam, Joseph Clare and G. Moffat have: they've each won themselves £50 of software! All for the price of a stamp and a bit of effort. Don’t be lazy, you could be doing yourself out of £50. Any contributions should be sent to: GAME BUSTERS, AMIGA FORMAT, 4, QUEEN ST BATH, BA1 1EJ MUSICAL MASTERY After the release of Microlllu- sions' highly-acclaimed Music-X the Amiga music market has positively exploded, with a wealth of new products on release or in the pipeline. Many big music industry names such as Steinberg,
Intelligent Music, and now California's Passport Designs Inc, have turned their attentions to the Amiga.
JASON HOLBORN checks out Passport’s first Amiga offering, Master Tracks Pro.
While Passport is a new name in the Amiga market, their sequencer system Master Tracks Professional has been available for a number of years on the Macintosh and Atari ST and is favoured by many top musicians. Now in its third revision (Version 3.5 to be precise), MasterTracks' enviable reputation is sure to win it followers against its main rival, Music-X, which has now become the yardstick by which other Amiga music software must be measured.
Mac Meets Amiga Master Tracks was originally released on the Macintosh and, although Amiga Intuition is used extensively, the user interface still retains a very Macintosh-like feel.
This isn’t neccessarily a bad thing, but unfortunately screen update is more than a tad slow at times, which can be annoying when you’re trying to get on with the serious business of being creative.
Master Tracks is split up into several distinct sections, all of which inhabit their own separate windows. For example, all 64 tracks are displayed within a Track Sheet’ window which can display a maximum 15 of 64 available tracks at any one time.
The program allows a certain amount of customising: you can arrange the windows on the screen and have their positions saved to a ‘preferences’ file. When Master Tracks is next loaded, the windows will instantly move to their new positions. This kind of customising is quite common on the Mac, but it’s the first time I’ve seen it within an Amiga program.
In Control Like nearly every other computer- based sequencing system under the sun, Master Tracks uses the now-familiar tape transport controls to control the more common aspects of the sequencer. All the standard controls are there - Play, Record, Pause, Stop and Rewind Fast Forward - plus a few extra: Key, Auto, Thru, Count In, Click, Int Sync and Punch.
Most of the extra controls are fairly self-explanatory, but here’s a quick run-down of the less obvious ones. Firstly, the ‘Key’ option, once selected, will make MasterTracks wait for MIDI note activity (either from your MIDI keyboard or from another sequencer) before recording. ‘Auto’ is simply an ‘auto rewind’ function that automatically sets the counter back to the point where recording commenced.
‘Click’ produces an audible metronome which is played through either the Amiga monitor speaker or MIDI. ‘Thru’ channels MIDI data received back out through the ‘MIDI Out’ output, which is all-important when using a mother keyboard to control rackmounted sound modules.
Hidden away in the corner of the Transport window is the ‘Int Sync’ option which allows you to set the type of synchronising signal used by the sequencer.
Three types are available: internal sync (the default setting), external sync or MIDI time code. Master Tracks will happily synchronise itself with SMPTE time code formats including 24, 25, 30 frame and 30 drop frame (SMPTE is simply a time code used within the Film industry to sync music to film). As such, time is displayed in terms of both beats and measure (Mastertracks is precise to 240 ticks per quarternote) and as SMPTE ‘real’ time.
Record Factory Recording a sequence is simplicity itself: just select the track that the sequence is to be recorded into, click on the ‘Record’ button and you’re away. Once you stop recording, your new sequence is then automatically stored into the previously selected track. You can then set both the MIDI output channel and the default program (sound patch number) to be used by that particular track.
MIDI data can either be recorded on a single MIDI channel, or on all channels. The ability to record on multiple MIDI channels is particularly useful when transfering a performance from one incompatible sequencer to another, since all tracks should remain in time with one other (this is not always the case, as notes do tend to wander when playing a particularly complex arrangement).
Close To The Edit Any one of the 64 tracks can be edited using MasterTracks' powerful Step Editor. The editor combines the ease of use of a Music-X- like bar editor and the precise control of an event editor, all within one window. Using the graphic representation of your sequence, notes can be dragged around the grid, quickly and easily altering both the start position and pitch of any note. Whole groups of notes can be cut, copied and pasted down by simply highlighting them with the mouse. New notes can also easily be inserted, and existing ones removed.
Double-clicking on a single note brings up the event editor window that numerically displays the MIDI event data for that particular note. From within this window, trt flu I I ?
• TR Inl: ¦ bliml u M XttmirUt |_ tiliml 8 fran ta L «OI In Mr 8
M rran ln L 8 ham to-lMf llnl I In «»n ¦!« I- flat !? £?(?(?
Rm Hum li I8 fin |_ 81 Min !• kQ]} ¦ 81 ill limit. Lit! I l_ a an la H l» it ml nil L a an untilr Im (QD •• ED L AM ft 111 ill Hint I 2S_ C*mt III*
• MUM C«rrtflt Tim IMMM Most interesting of all is a Human- iser
option which attempts to make sequences sound less rigid by
randomly shifting the start time, duration and the velocity of
each note. The degree of randomising for each of the three
note attributes can be set by designating how many clock
ticks the particular attribute can vary.
Conclusion MasterTracks is undoubtedly a powerful, professional sequencer system that deserves to do well.
In terms of features, MasterTracks stands up very well against its main rival, Music-X. However, where MasterTracks really scores is in song arrangement, due to Music-X's lack of a dedicated song arrangement page. Unfortunately, MasterTracks also fails to offer any form of score editing, which is an unforgiveable omission from a package of this price.
The program did seem rather buggy at times. For example, if you touch your MIDI keyboard while MasterTracks is loading, the program gurus every time. Also, when memory starts to get tight, MasterTracks often refuses point blank to take any notice of any menu selections and, most worrying of all, MasterTracks can often even refuse to save your work.
Some form of low-memory warning is definitely needed!
I'm quite sure that professional musicians will love MasterTracks but for the average home user Music-X is both friendlier and a lot cheaper. When two such programs are so closely matched on features, price really is the deciding factor. If you can afford the extra cash for MasterTracks, and you're prepared to put in the extra time to master it, then you’re sure to find the program a powerful addition to your MIDI setup: otherwise Music-X still has it. ¦ you can easily change the start time, pitch, note on and off velocity, duration and channel of any single note. It would have
been nice to have had the option to display event data for the entire sequence, instead of just a single note... Oh well, can’t have it all!
As you would expect, groups of notes can be quantized to realign their start times to a specified time ‘grid’. As well as the bog standard quantization options, MasterTracks also lets you to shift the start times of notes slighty back or forward to allow you to create sequences that are slightly ahead or behind the beat.
Getting Graphical Notes aren’t the only MIDI events that can be edited within Master Tracks. In fact, if you can think of a particular MIDI event, chances are that MasterTracks provides an editor for it! For such events, MasterTracks provides what it calls MIDI Data Windows, which are basically graphs that map continuous MIDI data of a particular type.
For example, pitch bend, modulation, channel and key pressure are handled within their own separate MIDI Data Windows. Editing such events is simple: just draw a curve using the mouse and the resulting MIDI data is automatically created.
Composers’ Corner One of the main complaints levelled at Music-X was the lack of a dedicated Song Editor (or ‘arrange page’ if you’re a Steinberg fan).
Thankfully, MasterTracks does include such an editor which should keep even the most demanding of composers happy.
Like the Track Sheet window, the Song Editor displays a table of tracks in which each track is listed on a separate row. However, unlike the Track Sheet’s alphanumeric display, the Song Editor displays each track as a series of horizontal blocks. Each block represents a single measure and as such, sequence segments can be moved, copied, pasted and whole new sequences created by using segments from other sequences.
Unfortunately, the smallest unit available for editing changes is the measure, which is rather restricting at times as sequences can only be placed on measure- aligned boundaries. Although this ibei ISEI mm File Edit Change Windows Layout Goodies m 0 Song Editor i 12 16 20 24 28 32 36 ¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦a ¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦a ?????????????BBBBBaBBBBBaBBaBBBBaaBBB ¦ ¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦BBHHBBBBHHHBMHBHBBHHBMHHBBHBBHHHB ¦ The song editor represents a series of sequences as consecutive blocks, so that they can be rearranged wherever appropriate.
Seems restrictive, any restrictions can easily be worked around by using the Song Editor in close conjunction with the Step Editor.
Goodies As an added bonus, MasterTracks includes several ‘extras’ not normally found within an Amiga sequencer. The first is a System Exclusive filer that allows you to use your Amiga to store system exclusive data such as synth patches, drum machine patterns etc. The filer is deliberately simple and will therefore only accept SysEx bulk dumps without handshaking signals.
MasterTracks also includes an intriguing 'Fit Time’ option that lets you stretch or squeeze a section of music so that it fits exactly into a particular amount of time. This is achieved by scaling all tempo settings proportionally, therefore preserving the ‘feel’ of the sequence.
• Colli I III!
Iftii» tolm tin H feu to to NwM B Bin B CuMllm B flic* M B Bmilia B (limtl f»nm B !"»¦ Uim» B Mivto.li tot Fnim
L. Bit m Hum I (O i_ «uiii» fin l. fmmjn iMltto Min M to rm toil
11 Ito toll.
Ignat lc*Mcn 1 r MOVE IT!
BRIAN LARKMAN checks out an editor for animation sequences.
With a name like Professional Animation Sequence Editor, P:A:S:E from Pure Graphics almost reviews itself. Now that would be taking ‘ease of use’ a little too far, so perhaps we ought to do a bit more than just say that it edits animation sequences professionally!
• With the recent proliferation of animation packages, the need
for a single, flexible means of editing the sequences
produced by these many programs is obvious.
Deluxe Paint III, Photon Paint 2, Sculpt Animate 3 and 4D, VideoScape, C-Light, Design 3D and most other 2 and 3D animation packages are designed to produce sequences of frames, delta-compressed into some form of Anim format.
Once they are squashed, editing the sequence becomes quite difficult.
The playing speed and direction (loop or ping-pong) can be altered later in some ‘animplayers’, and reloading the anim or its original IFF frames back into DPIII or PP2 allows some laborious re-shuffling, but true editing of groups of sequences is almost impossible.
P:A:S:E to the Rescue!
P:A:S:E allows any sequence of IFF files in ANY resolution or mode to be loaded and delta compressed into its own very flexible form of anim file, known as a DAF (Difference Algorithm File). Once loaded and compressed, the frames can be cut, copied and pasted freely and repeatedly to choreograph a much longer and more complex sequence.
The time that each frame is displayed - known as its 'dwell time’ - can be set for each individual frame or group of frames. The overall playback speed can be varied, any one group of frames can be looped repeatedly a fixed number of times at a different speed and the pre- and post-loop speeds can also be set (differently). All these features are controlled through an attractive and intuitive mouse-only interface that is quickly mastered.
More often than not, however, it is necessary to tweak an almost-finished sequence while it is playing. P:A:S:E provides a ‘step time' editing mode that allows a running animation to be paused and its parameters adjusted via keyboard controls. To assist this process, frame data can be displayed as an overlay at the bottom of the screen.
No Standards Despite several attempts to define a standard, there are at least 5 types of ANIM files currently used on the Amiga.
The latest, ANIM5, has perhaps the best chance of being adopted and it is the one supported by Commodore themselves as well as Electronic Arts for Deluxe Paint III. Even Byte-By-Byte now seem to be using it for SA4D Jr after going it alone for several years with SA3D etc. Unfortunately P:A:S:E uses an entirely different method of compression that allows its DAF files to be altered and accessed later. This is not quite as bad as it sounds for it should be quite easy to exchange between the formats. P:A:S:E has a very open architecture that allows communication with 'Satellite' modules and
these could include several types of conversion.
To produce the DAFs at the moment, a series of IFF pictures is loaded by the Create function and delta compressed. This sequence of originals must be numbered correctly for the process to work and this provides the biggest problem, since different animation systems use different numbering conventions. It should be possible to 'batch rename’ with AmigaDOS: but apparently it is not. Surely someone will come up with a simple utility to convert one pattern of filename to an alternative one using ‘wildcards’. This would save a lot of hassle.
The Last Frame Overall P:A:S:E is a straightforward and useful editor that seems to do its job well. The only competition is from AniMagic (Aegis) which is much fancier and more complex, but can only edit ANIM files. P:A:S:E has the virtue of simplicity yet is still quite powerful. It will probably be used frequently here over the next few months so periodic accounts of its long term performance will be reported in the graphics section of Amiga Format. ¦ P:A:S:E ¦ £75 HAH Amigas ¦ Pure Graphics, London Tel: 01 358 0663 ? Ultra smooth 8 way scrolling ? Designed with small fully animated
characters from Garvan Corbett, the artist who brought you the classic hit Barbarian ? Multi-directional free format weapon usage ? Large playfield for even more action.
You’re really up against it this time. Those revolting robots have finally upped and turned their horribly powerful weapons on their kind human masters.
Someone’s got to stop it before it all gets out of hand. I mean, you just can’t have bloodthirsty Cyborg assassins roaming the streets of Dome City and expect the citizens to put up with it. Who on earth is going to sort out the mess? You guessed
- you get the job.
Fortunately, you are just a little bit on the special side. You are Stryx, the product of Project Alpha Secure, the meanest fighting, smartest thinking machine ever invented. Half-man, half-robot, you are the business, the only one who can stop those wicked Cyborgs.
You’ll have to work hard, though, blasting hordes of the revolting creatures (such a sad waste of scrap metal) and rescuing the keys to the Lifeforce.
So, Stryx, you’d better get your jet pack on for some high level robot stomping through the immensely complex underground world of the Dome cities. It’s a tough assignment, and time is running out.
PSYGNOSIS FREEPOST LIVERPOOL L3 3AB UNITED KINGDOM Tel: 051-709 5755 PSYGNOSIS GAMES PEOPLE PLAY Everyone knows that the Amiga has the best sound capabilities available on any popular computer today. Unfortunately, until now, unless you could connect your Amiga to your stereo system you could not fully appreciate the quality of the sound.
The Amiga SOUNDBLASTER is a small stereo amplifier that comes complete with 2 high quality 20 watt 3 way speakers. It is easily connected to your Amiga and adds a new dimension to all your games.
THE AMPLIFIER | SPEAKERS This small unit has been designed and built in the U.K. specifically for use with the • The speakers that come complete with the SOUNDBLASTER are 20 watt 3 way speakers Amiga. It uses the latest microchip technology to produce a hefty 2 watt per channel ! And are contained in an attractive hi-tec enclosure. The speakers sound as superb as of high quality sound. Twin volume controls allow both volume and balance to be set | they look thanks to a powerful 3 inch woofer for all the low tones, a 2 inch mid-range and a LED indicates that the unit is in operation. The
amplifier connects to the AMIGA j speaker for all the middle notes and a tiny 1 inch tweeter to reproduce all the top of via the two phono sockets at the rear of the computer. . The scale tones. The speaker connects to the amplifier via 2.5 metres of cable for each Measurements:- 10cm x 7cm x 2cm. I of the two speakers. Speaker measurements:- 19cm x 10cm x 13cm.
The SOUNDBLASTER package is completed with a mains adaptor to power the amplifier and full instructions.
FREE STEREO HEADPHONES FOR A LIMITED PERIOD ONLY We are giving away a pair of stereo headphones free with every AMIGA SOUNDBLASTER for a limited period. These headphones plug into the SOUNDBLASTER allowing you to listen in stereo without disturbing the neighbours.
AVAILABLE NOW ONLY £39.99 + £2.00 for postage.
Payment is accepted over the telephone with VISA and ACCESS cards or through the post by cheque, postal order, eurocheque. Bank drafts etc. Send payment to - SIREN SOFTWARE, 84-86 PRINCESS ST., MANCHESTER, M16NG. TEL: 061 228 1831 Specification and appearance subject to change without notification.
¦ music = y, miiwi.ki JEAZE DRIVE, MIDDLELEAZE, SWINDON, SN5 9GL Tel: (0793) 882108 Fax: (0793) 882109
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Alternatively you may quote us your credit card number (VISA ACCESS MASTERCARD EL'ROCARD) over the telephone. Delivery nexl-day for credit card orders, within 4 days for mail order. We are Europe's foremost MIDI product supplier. Amongst our huge range of products are our famous Professional synthcsl cr sounds, data storage cards'carlrldges, complete range of MIDI software for the Atari ST and Ilt.M-I’C and lots of very handy MIDI studio equipment for all your requirements.
CONTACT US NOW FOR OUR FREE CATALOGUE ? MUSIC-X ... .IPhone JTOpf By Microillusions, this 250 track " ™ V professional music sequencing program has put the Commodore Amiga firmly on the map. It features real time graphic and text editing, multiple display of tracks (in different colours for easy identification of MIDI channels), 2S0 sequences in memory, compression quantise with intelligent time variation and multiple control sequence playback with 1ms offset.
Muslc-X accepts and enhances standard IFF files, and can transfer them to score writing packages such as Dr T's Copyist.
Muslc-X also includes extras which other packages would require as expensive extras. They are 1) 8- bit, 16 sample, 4 voice sampler (IFF format); 2) 16x16 MIDI patchbay for redefining MIDI channel status; 3) 4 editor librarians and 4) Keyboard mapping editor and MIDI monitor display.
All this in glorious colour with many more features than described here. A colour brochure is obtainable from us on request. Music-X requires a Commodore Amiga with at least lmb of memory. Micro Music summed Music-X up with "Music-X is without doubt the best piece of MIDI software to date. Buy it!"
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0 1 To even the most undiscerning of louts, the sound capabilities of the Amiga are enhanced greatly by its ability to replay digitised sound. Much of the sound coming from games is sampled anyway, hence the authenticity, and you can buy sequencers that will use sampled sounds as part of their staple diet.
JON BATES cuts up and mixes in the hi-tech world of sampling.
But how do you get the sounds inside the machine in the first place? Simple, you buy a sampling package. As to which one you choose... well, pull up a chair, stuff another log on the fire (OK, stick lOp in the meter) and settle back while we place the sampling packages currently available on the Format test bench.
The packages vying for attention and odious comparison are Pro Sound Designer, A.M.A.S. and Future Sound 500.
‘BUT HOW DOES IT WORK, MISTER?’ Essentially a sampler works much in the way that a CD player does, but in reverse. Whereas a tape recorder uses a continuous magnetic pattern on the tape, a sampler in effect creates a series of individual slices of sound. If you can imagine sound as a tangible object with a shape then the digitiser is like a bacon slicer. It slices the sound up into very thin slices which can then be converted to digital code conveying all the relevant details of volume, pitch and harmonics.
Each slice is given a file number and stored away. Once the sounds are in digital form, the Amiga can sort out and re-order them as pure data. However there are one or two other factors to be taken into consideration. Your ears are not easily deceived by slices of sounds. If you sampled at the same rate that a motion picture works at - usually 34 frames per second - the result would be a very garbled mess. The human ear needs a minimum of 100 times that amount to start being convinced. For quality you will need about 1000 times that rate, a sample rate of 34Khz per second.
A CD player is converting data at
41. 5 Khz per second.
PRO SOUND DESIGNER The reason is that every sound is not merely one pitch but a complex combination of harmonic frequencies reaching up and above the threshold of the human ear (which is about 17Khz).
Now, it happens that to reproduce a frequency it must be sampled at twice the rate - a sound at 15Khz will need a sample rate of 30Khz.
Hence all the number-crunching figures and the large memory and fast manipulation of data.
The sound is stored as a series of slices, but there is a need for some fancy maths to calculate a smooth curve from the peak of one slice to the next (known as quantization). More complex routines are also necessary to remove unwanted inharmonic frequencies that are generated by this process and so you have to have what are known as anti-aliasing filters. Fortunately the Amiga chip is well equipped to convert digitised sound data to the stuff that your ears will accept.
All that is required is the means to create the data in the first place and hence the bolt-on digitising modules. These convert Pro Sound Designer is handled by Eidersoft and is a very comprehensive package. If possible, go for the Gold Edition, which has slightly superior routines. It comes complete with the stereo sampling module which plugs directly into the parallel port (tough if you have a parallel printer!) And comes complete with a gender bender which you will most certainly need for the 500 and 2000.
The copious documentation (which smelt strangely of pineapple!) Informs you that since the parallel port on the 500 is slightly the sound into 8-bit data. State-of- the-art dedicated samplers such as the Akai SI000 work on 16-bit and require large amounts of memory.
For live work on, say, your next headlining tour (!) A hard disk is essential as each sample will take about 40 seconds to load up.
But your Amiga will suffice very nicely thank you very much and at a fraction of the cost. One thing to bear in mind is that although you might be impressed with the rate that the hardware can sample the sound, the Amiga is only capable of playing back to a maximum of 28Khz.
Recessed, so the gender bender was their way of getting around the problem. Although the digitising module does sort of wave around in mid-air a bit, it does nevertheless do the job: I found it best to put a book of suitable thickness under the module to support it.
The software is also compatible with other Amiga digitiser hardware such as Datel and FutureSound. The program itself is not copy-protected but is tied to the manual: it asks you to put in a keyword listed by page, line and number. Very sensible indeed. » WE HAVE MOVEDI TONIC AUDIO.
0222 863906 10 am to 7 pm.
All Prices Inc Carriage & VAT All Goods Subject To Availability 24 Hour Despatch On Stock Items Access & Visa Welcome.
ONLY £75.00 AMIGA MUSIC PACK Digigram Track 24 plus Datel MIDI i f plus 2 MIDI leads Total RRP £115.85 Our Price £94.95 inc. ROLAND CM SERIES OF MIDI SOUND MODULES CM 32L MULTITIMBRAL £369.00 CM-3PP MULTITIMBRAL £445.00 CM 64 MULTITIMBRAL £789.00 CHECK THESE OUT FOR AN ALL IN ONE SOUND SOURCE Wo also slock prinlors, disk drives, monitors.
Iloppy disks, disk boxes, peripherals and moro.
II we haven't got It we can quickly get it lor you.
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Miditech MIDITECH, THE COLOSSEUM, COOKRIDGE STREET, LEEDS LS2 3AW 0532 446520 Access & Visa Welcome MAIL ORDER AND TRAINING PACKAGES AVAILABLE The Advanced Midi Amiga Sampler The Hardware
A. M.A.S. is a full feature 8-BIT STEREO audio digitiser complete
with a full implementation MIDI interface, all built into the
SAME stylish wedge shaped hardware unit which fully
complements the computer, no messy extras are required. The
digitiser accepts mono or stereo inputs via its line input
sockets and is provided with an extra microphone input socket
for direct vocal signal input. The MIDI sockets comprise of
MIDI IN, OUT & THRU. Hardware versions exist for the A1000 and
A500 2000 formats.
The Software THE SAMPLER EDITOR The ultimate graphics mouse user interface. Lett, right or stereo sampling. Sampling rates of up to 28Khz.Dual real time oscilloscopes, (1 for each channel.)Real time spectrum analyser. Auto record trigger on input level. Up to 8 ‘BANKS’ on 2 Meg machines (200-250k req. Per bank) Up to 10 stereo samples per bank. Load & Save samples in RAW or IFF data formats. Filter ON OFF for computers inbuilt filter where applicable.
All editing facilities work in stereo or mono.
THE MIDI SUPPORT Selectable MIDI channel.OMNI POLYPHONIC operation (with up to 4 voice POLY). MIDI controlled sample frequency shift. Each sample in a bank can be assigned to a MIDI note value. Samples can be ‘MAPPED’ across MIDI channel range. Samples may be played from AMIGA keyboard (MONO only).
Plays samples from currently selected sample ‘BANK’. Single BANK load save operation.
Hardware compatible with many other MIDI software packages already available for the AMIGA, no other extras are required.
FROM THE TOP After a jolly intro page with a suitable rewinding noise, the main screen appears. The screen buttons are all familiar icons and not too hard to work out without the manual. Most of these are accessed from the left mouse button: the right-hand button is used where there may be a choice of commands. Any button selected is highlighted and requester menus pop up where appropriate.
The screen is divided up into areas. The functions keys on the top left are where the sampled sounds are stored, and here they can be matched in stereo pairs; four of them in all. You can of course opt for eight separate mono samples or any combination of stereo or mono samples.
The “jolly intro page with suitable rewinding noises”.
Since the Amiga has only four channels of sound the program predetermines which channel they will be issued through and also pairs up the samples so that two are assigned to each channel. You can only play one of the selected pair at a time: so samples FI and F5 are assigned to the same channel so they cannot sound together.
MONITORING In the upper centre is the monitor window. This effectively lets you set the level of sound coming into the program - failure to get this right will result in rubbish samples.
To use this window the controls are set to the right-hand upper side of the screen. In monitor mode a central oscilloscope type of display lets you know whether cm Hzn trnrrxi ccnirrn _ czara nn _ran ECS BTC inn cm cusa rara .IOJ rc= err
• ' .
;» • i y“¦ '-v v vf.-i ainnininnizsinac: r«Inl»flr t I 4 4* rt*i¦ raul ob«4 ¦ The main editing screen.
The signal level is too high or too low to meet requirements.
Unusually, there is also provision for hearing the processed sample before it is recorded. By turning the speaker icon on you effectively hear the digitised sound through the speakers. However it does take up quite a bit of the processor’s time and so the screen turns a jolly shade of green with no wave displays in this mode.
The sampling rate is selectable from 1 to 28 Khz in steps of 1 and it is best to experiment with this in the monitor mode so that you can hear the results before you record. You can store each sample at any rate you like but if stereo is your aim then you are kept to a maximum of 17 Khz which is slightly limiting. All samples can be stored on disk in IFF format and stereo samples are simply stored as two mono pairs.
RECORD AND PLAY Recording the sounds can be achieved by hitting the record buttons, one for mono and another for stereo, which at first glance look identical. On closer inspection there is a difference with two little square icons equaling stereo. The screen turns gold and the sound is heard through the speakers. To start sampling you press the left mouse button - press again to finish, monitoring the sample all the time via the speakers.
Playback has several options.
Hit any key for playback of the whole sample. The play button with the left mouse button will playback between the editing cursors and if Loop is set on it will play continuously. Playback with right mouse button is the same as hitting any key. You could opt for auto record which sets the level at which recording will start. There is also a reasonably useless auto play which sets the sample off when a certain volume is reached on the inputting device; ‘useful for scaring granny’ says the manual.
Hmm. Very good.
LOADING AND EDITING The samples load complete with the last editing cursor positions and the sample rate. The program will let you edit and load samples whilst current samples are playing.
The sampled sound is displayed in the lower half of the screen and like many other sampling programs, all editing hinges around the two red upright lines which you define sections of the sample with.
These can be moved by either small or large amounts by dragging or clicking on the sets of arrows - one of which searches for 0 bytes, excellent for locating loop points.
Once an area of sound is defined it can be reversed, cut out, copied and inserted or replaced and merged over the top of an existing section of sound. By selecting the advanced editing features a new window slides into place and the buttons allow you to increase or decrease the volume of the set area, expand or shrink the sample to fit the memory space and also to save to a temporary buffer.
The area selected for editing can also be magnified for fine editing and you can also alter parts of the sample by drawing them in to smooth over awkward loop points.
Loop and volume are set individually for each sample.
FINALLY A useful feature is the ability to add an overall volume level to the sample and hence reduce the background signal to noise ratio, this is in addition to the hi-fi filter which is designed specifically for use on the A500 and B2000 - it knocks out a filter fitted to the chip on these modules and works on the sound as it is recorded. Pro Sound can also work with expanded memory and you can flip back to the workbench should you so wish.
Generally a well designed and effective package with very few complaints except that the digitising module looked a little unstable and is fitted out with a micro jack socket input which almost certainly means at least one plug adaptor waving about precariously in mid-air. ¦ PRO SOUND DESIGNER GOLD EDITION ¦ £79.95 ¦ Eidersoft, 0234 273000 The Advanced Midi Amiga Sampler from Microdeal comes complete with hardware that is sensibly housed in a separate box connected to the Amiga by ribbon cables, so no wobbly interfaces.
A. M.A.S. The reason for two cables is that the hardware is also
a MIDI interface. This will run with any other standard MIDI
software so you are in effect purchasing two interfaces in
one. The cables connect to both the serial and parallel
ports. The inputs for sampling on it are the same as Pro Sound
Designer: two phono type sockets plus a mini-jack for
microphone input. MIDI is covered by three ports, in, out and
thru (quaintly labelled ‘thrg’).
Full marks for having visible labels for the ports on the top of the interface though. This will put an end to the neck strain that is often encountered when re-plugging synths and interfaces. ¦ A.M.A.S. is blessed with plenty of MIDI capability: but does it make editing those stereo samples as easy as it might?
HHHM 4 QUIT m INFD ±]l =3 ndpi nm §•= IIP" 1 Eui IFF 1 LDRD m 41= Ml, ao -0 llk.ll =o 5BUE | S I c M U HARD STANDARD The hardware is of a similar standard to Designer, although I did take the liberty of comparing the chips and there didn't seem to be any duplications. Certainly the results are no noisier. The features of the software would appear to match up to Designer in that it will record in mono or stereo, record with auto trigger and you can monitor the sound with spectrographs both before sampling and audibly whilst sampling.
The memory used can be up to 8 banks of 10 stereo samples apiece (er...that's 160 mono samples, lads) all of which will gobble up 200K of RAM for each bank: methinks these figures are for an A2000 and the samples are fairly small. It will save in either raw data or IFF format as well. I felt that the main shortcoming of AMAS was ¦ The title page of A.M.A.S. the editing features. The main screen, although brimming with features, was just not as easy to get on with as Designer. Although it displayed both left and right waveforms simultaneously, the actual display size was much smaller and not
so visible. This made features like magnifying the sample for spot-on editing a little more myopia-inducing than was comfortable. Neither could I get to grips with the idea that you could only magnify the centre section of the sample. It meant shuffling the sample back and forth across the screen until you found the section you wanted. Surely it is much easier to have the sample display remain static and then hone in on the section you want with a block cursor.
ADVANTAGES One redeeming feature was the ‘shrink’ option which compressed the data quite successfully without losing too much audio quality: if you shrink the sample by 50% you would need to halve the playback rate.Where AMAS scores mega points is the MIDI capabilities. With the same program you can access the wide range of MIDI playing options. Sensibly you can also monitor the sounds from the qwerty keyboard as you assign samples to relevant key areas (keyboard split) and the required MIDI channel.
You can have either four mono or two stereo samples set up at the same time, which is the maximum that the sound chip can cope with. The are some limitations.
Each sample can only be shifted either one octave down or two up from the external MIDI keyboard.
This is fair enough as most samples sound pretty naff when shifted too far out of range. They are not touch sensitive (that would be pushing your luck) and sadly they don't respond to pitch bend which would have been a nice option. Generally what AMAS lacks in fine detail on the editing department it makes up by having built-in MIDI capabilities. ¦
A. M.A.S. ¦ £89 ¦ Microdeal, 0726 65422 FUTURESOUND 500 Now
here's a funny thing. We now have a sampler whose sonic qual
ity is quite a bit ahead of the rest.
FutureSound 500 was reviewed in Issue One and at the risk of repeating what Rachel ‘Wide Person' Deckard wrote then I will agree that the hardware is definitely far superior.
It is also pretty easy to use: as long as it is just sampling sections. It will only store up to four samples in one go and these are listed underneath the sample display with options to alter the playback rate and volume.
It will record in mono or stereo and each sample can be looped.
Recording is very easy to use and you can monitor the level using the waveform display on the screen.
The big headache is the lack of any sophisticated editing facilities. The basic features are there but they are fairly simple - cut and paste, reverse and magnify. To edit you only have one moveable cursor and the sample moves backwards and forwards across and off the screen as it magnifies up different sections. This is most frustrating as you can quite easily miss the section you want to edit: it falls off the edge of the screen into a hitherto undiscovered and non-astronomical black hole!
For beginners it is not too bad but for anything more grand it is simply not equipped for the job.
FutureSound 500 will save in its own ‘JukeBox’ style, or in the more standard IFF format. ¦ FUTURESOUND 500 ¦ £79.95 ¦ Third coast Tecnologies ¦ 0257 426464 While prices quoted are usually those recommended we quote them only as a guide.
TRI LOGIC SOUND DIGITISER A quick mention for Trilogies’ Audio Digitiser. This is a hardware only module that is compatible with most software available for sampling on the Amiga. The results, to be honest, are only as good as the hardware supplied with the original programs. However it does provide a useful sampling addition to programs such as Audiomaster and Sonix, bearing in mind of course that you will be limited by the editing that the software has to offer.
The Digitiser only has one input socket with adjustable sensitivity and unfortunately has no MIDI ports.
TRILOGIC SOUND DIGITISER ¦ £37.99 ¦ Trilogic, 0274 691115 THE VERDICT Frustration was, I'm afraid, the final result Frustration because what I want is a little bit of each package. Each one has a definite strong point ProSound has very good editing but MIDI is only available with extra hard and software, AMAS has very good MIDI but lacks the fine detail in editing, FutureSound 500 has brilliant sound but very weak editing and no MIDI Just for the record the software for all three is compatible However I leave it up to you as you will have some idea what purposes you will be putting the
package to. If it is merely to have some fun and also put samples into games and your own programs then FutureSound has it But for MIDI AMAS must win For extra fine editing a la Acid House you need Pro Sound Finally ‘a lorra thanks’ to Tony Clarke at Sabretech who robbed one of his customers of their FutureSound for review in this issue: we couldn't find one anywhere within the deadline times He will be only to happy to sell you the above products and more on 01 760 0274 The next Amiga Format will contain a run-down of as much Public Domain as we can lay our sweaty paws on Stay tuned and
write to let us know what you think, or what you need to know AMIGA A500 TROTTER LONG TO OUR SHOWROOMS Only £309.00 AMIGA A500 With Mouse. TV Modulator. Workbench. Manuals, and BASIC.
Special Low Price £309.00 AMIGA HARDWARE A1084S Colour Monitor - Stereo Sound A1010 External 880K Disk Drive 3.5". A590 External 20Mb Hard Disk For A500.
Amiga Mini Genlock External 20Mb Hard Disk with SCSI Interface.
Control Centre for A500 SHOWROOM & PARKING V Caxton Centre. Porters Wood. St Albans. Herts. AL3 6XT S 0727-37451 47774 SPECIAL OFFER STAR LC-10 Our Christmas Special Price £125.95 or with VAT & delivery £152.31 Available 15th Nov to 24th Dec. only.
Vru HEAD OFFICE: COMPUTER EXPRESS LTD CAXTON CENTRE • PORTERS WOOD • ST ALBANS HERTS • AL3 6XT • (0727) 37451 • FAX 0727 50819 Full range of Amiga accessories available.
All goods guaranteed.
Next Day Oetivery Service on most popular lines All prices sublet to change without notice. Official purchase orders accepted from Government. Local Authorities. Universities and PlCs Prices Specifications sublet to change without notice All special offers are subject to availabfbty. Credit Cards not debited until despatch No returns or repairs accepted without our Returns Authorisation number Defective dead-on-arnval merchandise repaired or replaced at our carriage oxpense Carriage on Warranty repairs to be paid by buyer. Non-defective credit return subject to 15% restocking fee CALL FOR
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Data Switches, Printer Buffers P.O.A .D. OFFICE SUPPLIES DATA SWITCHES 2 way 36 pin Cent £14.50 2 way 25 pin D-Type..£12.50 Xover 36 pin Cent £19.22 X-over 25 pin D-type .£18.22 All metal case with rotary switch PRICE & QUALITY GUARANTEE All products offered by M.D. Office Supplies are supplied with our 100% Money back guarantee. In the unlikely event you see a comparable product offered in this magazine at a lower price we will not match it we will BEAT IT I remember the days when the Amiga was young. Such things as hard drives were mere dreams and even if you
could find someone who actually produced one, you could wave goodbye to a grand for just a single 20-Meg drive. Thankfully, those days are long gone and the Amiga market is positively bursting with drives of all types.
The Xetec ‘FastTrack’ range of drives has been available in the States for a number of months now and has gone down rather well.
Now they’re available in this country, courtesy of Third Coast Technologies.
The Hard Facts The FastTrack drives are available in several configurations depending on your machine type and pocket. For 500 owners, there's an external system consisting of a small SCSI adaptor and separate drive enclosure containing a 40 Mb drive, controller card and power supply. On the other hand, 2000 owners can choose between either a bare FastTrack autobooting hard drive controller (and then use their SCSI drive) or a complete 'hard card' consisting of the FastTrack controller and a Rodime 40 Mb drive.
Although the Xetec units look expensive when compared to budget units such as ASAP’s Amdrive, their specification leaves the competition standing. For starters, FastTrack employs custom DMAx hardware to allow data transfer rates of up to 45 times faster than floppies (now that's fast!) For an extra spurt of speed, the 500 drives are also available with an optional 64k ‘lookahead’ RAM cache HARD AND FAST The Amiga certainly isn’t starved of hard drives, so is there really space in the market for another? JASON HOLBORN checks out Xetec’s latest.
Which speeds the drive up from an impressive 25 milliseconds to a mind- blowing 11 ms. Like Commodore's A590, the 500 host adaptor offers expansion space for the addition of a 4 Mb RAM expansion (approx £150 for an unpopulated board) and a maths coprocessor (approx £150 again). Xetec also produce a streaming tape backup subsystem which, like all other Xetec addons, is available from Third Coast, the UK distributors.
Softer Approach Unlike the vast majority of comparable units (including those often retailing for thousands of pounds), the Xetec units come bundled with some of the best hard drive support software you’re likely to encounter. As well as the usual SCSI tools to carry out menial tasks such as formatting, partitioning and archiving, the most impressive feature is that instead of having to tell the system about any new drives you connect, the software automatically detects its presence (bit like autoconfiguring memory) and then allows you to configure it ready for use. Very handy.
Conclusion The Xetec range of drives certainly aren’t the cheapest hard drives you could pick up but, as the old saying goes, ‘You gets what you pays for, matey'. However, the combination of RAM expansion and maths coprocessor options, ultra fast data transfer and some of the best support software available makes the Xetec range worth considering. ¦ MONEY MATTERS The Xetec drives are available in a number of different capacities (22, 32, 50, 72, 88 etc). The basic A500 FastTrack system consisting of a 22 Mb drive (25 Ms access time) and SCSI host adaptor will set you back £449, while the
top-of-the- range system (229 Mb) will cost you £1795. For superior performance, certain capacities are also available with an optional 64K ‘lookahead’ cache which more than doubles the drive’s already impressive access time.
Like the 500 version, the basic 2000 hard card is available for £399 for a 22 Mb drive plus controller card. This drive can either be mounted onto the controller card itself or alternatively onto the 2000’s additional 3 1 2 inch drive slot.
For further pricing, contact Third Coast on 0257 426464.
16 BIT CENTRE ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT AND COURIER SERVICE OPEN MONDAY 9am-6pm, TUE-SAT 9am-8pm SUNDAY llam-5pm CALLERS AND MAIL ORDER WELCOME , , , STAR LC-10 COLOUR PRINTER Including Free Printer Lead ONLY £199.00 n r i i i i COMMODORE A501 Official Ram Expansion With Clock ONLY £115.00 PHILIPS 8833 STEREO MONITOR Including Lead for Amiga ONLY £219.00 i_______________i STAR LC-10 MONO PRINTER Including Free Printer Lead I i i J L ONLY £159.00 HARDWARE A500 XMAS PACK COMMODORE A590, 20Mb Hard Disk, Unpopulated ......£369.00 COMMODORE A590, 20Mb Hard Disk, Populated to 2Meg ..£539.00
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1. 11').'(5 .£69.95 KvIOIKI Casio MT 240
Kc hoard ... Modem Pack AD AA liases v2 l 2. me
Kuh) Presiel Term EM s w cables Prices include
VAT £110.0.5 £240 V) To place your order, send cheque, postal
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call with a copy of this ad at our branches in St Albans and
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Interceptor. New Zealand Story. Deluxe Paint II Also with 8833 monitor HARD DISC PACK inc Modulator. 24 games on 4 discs: Arcade. Adventure. Board and Shoot-em-up games plus: A590 HARD DISC DRIVE and DELUXE PAINT III Also with 8833 monitor A500 "CLASS OF THE 90's" EDUCATIONAL PACK inc. Modulator, 24 games on 4 discs: Arcade. Adventure, Board and Shoot-em-up games, plus: Midi Interface, Dpaint II. Superbasc Personal. Publishers Choice.
Maxiplan 500 spreadsheet. DrTs Midi Recording Studio. Amiga LOGO. BBC Emulator. 5 BBC programmes, 10 Blank Discs. Mouse Mat. Disc Wallet Also with 8833 monitor SCHOOLS ANI) COLLEGES - BUY 20 - GET 1 FREE, 7 DAY GUARANTEED REPAIR TURNAROUND Softw are for serious sports enthusiasts POOLSWINNER n nil l I TIM M l I’OOI S PRI DICTION PKOGK Ml £359.00 £569.99 MASSIVE DATABASE Poolswinner is a sophisticated Tools prediction aid. It comes complete with the largest database available - 22000 matches over 10 years.
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SUCCESSFUL Selec guarantee that Poolswinner performs significantly better than chance.
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AMIGA 500 HARD DISC DRIVES Amdrive SCSI, autoboot upgrade soon available 20MB £325.00 30MB £349.00 50MB £399.00 inc VAT OR £139 Inc VAT III ALL r Works with t|) glasses and Light Cum SECOND DRIVES CAX 3.5" ..£85 C’AX lOOOS ....£129 inc VAT AMIGA SOFTWARE SPECIALS TITLE .. ......RRP...... ....SALE Photon Painl II £70.05 152 05 IX-luve Paint .... t lo OS £10 05 Deluxe Paint III £70.05 £50 05 Studio Maeie ... IS') 00 t to oo Prism Plus ......£47.05 £20.05 Transformer ..... .1.10.05 £10 os X CAD Designer..... ......£00.05 £X2.0(I
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£4')') 1*1
1120. 05 Texicralt .. £47.05 .. £20 05
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Dragons Lair Fiendish Freddie.
Xenon II .... 1(4 05 114 05 144 OS .
.£24.00.. £24 00.. Lid * 5 .£2X00 £20.05 .£10.00 lid dd AMIGA 500 CONTROL CENTRE With monitor stand, shell' lor disk drive etc. joystick and mouse extension ports.
PRO-GENLOCK ONLY £89.99 COMPLETE Genlock Is the latest "buzzword" on the Amiga - It's a device that allows you to mix computer text graphics with live video pictures from either a camera or VCR. "Desk Top Video” as it's become Is probably the fastest growing productivity application for the Amiga.
V With the Datel Pro Genlock, you can do all the things previously only possible with units costing hundreds of pounds! II Perfect for video titling, captions or your own animation productions.
Lock your Amiga to external colour or B W video signal (camera VCR etc) - output is a composite combined picture.
X Plugs into RGB port of A500 1000 2000. Provides composite video output to monitor VCR suitable TV etc. X Switch selectable to view video Input overlay graphic or both (combined signal).
Top quality unit features VLSI Motorola chip as used on commercial devices.
BUT THAT'S NOT ALL... Unique fader control allows overlay to fade In or out. Ideal for fading captions etc. This is a complete hardware solution - no software to load.
Comes complete with necessary leads etc - no more to buy
* Unbeatable price.
W Boost the output of your Amiga In glorious stereo.
X SOW + SOW power amplifier with 5 band graphic equalizer.
X Complete with cables for A500 T A1000 A2000 models.
X Slimline colour matched metal case with built-in mains power unit ft headphones socket.
ONLY£59.99 X Blaster fader* with bar graph display of output levels. Suitable for mono and stereo applications.
X When an ideal mix has been achieved, then the overall "mix" can be saved to disk for re-load as required - just like systems costing thousands !!
Auto zero of faders.
X Top quality analogue and digital circuits give superb results.
Complete hardware software.
X Turn your Amiga Into a sophisticated measuring instrument capable of measuring a wide range of data Inputs.
DIGITAL SCOPE DISPLAY - 2 channel inputs.Manual or contlnuos display.
'Timebase SOOms dlv to 20us dlv- accurate to 5%.
6 bit flash conversion gives 2 million samples sec.
PLOTTER DISPLAY Timebase range 1 sec to lOhrs per plot.
ONLY £99.99 PLEASE STATE A500 1000 2000 X A unique product to edit and produce your own Individual Icons.
X Allows for multi-colour (up to 16) extra large icons for use when customising workbench, disk.
Icons, tools, programs, etc. X Advanced editing facilities make for fast and easy design.
ONLY £12.99 X Now an 8 channel digitally ~ controlled mixer for under £100.00!!
X This system comes in two parts - a 19" rack mounting mixer - and a superb control program. Use your Amiga to give top quality 8 channel “digital” mixing.
X 8 Inputs via 0.25" Jack sockets.
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Connects to Amiga parallel port.
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SALES ONLY 0782 744707 TECHNICAL ONLY 0782 744324 AMG 5 Word Processing and Database Management are central. Like it or not, regardless of how many millions of pixels the Amiga can throw onto the screen in a single frame, without these two basic applications the Amiga doesn't stand a chance up against the business big boys. Unfortunately, setting up even the simplest home office system isn’t a cheap affair and so a package that seems to offer both for less that £130 is always worth investigating.
Pen Pal is the latest arrival on the Amiga word processor scene, from the American software house Brown-Wagh Publishing, that combines the editing power of a word processor and the data management capabilities of a database with the kind of layout control previously only found in expensive desktop publishing systems, all within one simple-to-use program.
A PAL FOR LIFE JASON HOLBORN checks out a Word Processor that has been causing quite a stir Stateside.
Many of our older readers may remember Brown-Wagh’s previous word processor, Softwood’s Write & File system, which scored well in Issue Two of our parent magazine, ST Amiga Format. While Write & File was a indeed a powerful word processor system, it lacked any form of graphics import facilities.
Softwood certainly seemed to have listened to our criticisms, and Pen Pal is the result.
First Impressions The most immediately impressive thing about Pen Pal (in fact Softwood products in general) is the impressive user interface.
Unlike most similar programs, Softwood have gone to great lengths to make Pen Pal not only intuitive, but also so easy to use that even a complete beginner could use the majority of the program’s features without having to refer to the manual. Even if you do encounter difficulties, Pen Pal includes full online help facilities to save time which would have normally been wasted searching through manuals.
¦ Just as in a supposedly more powerful DTP package, you can view your whole page as a scaled-down representation.
Most features within Pen Pal can be accessed in a number of ways, either through menu selection, on-screen icons or, for those of you who don’t like be pampered by WIMP systems, the old and trusty keyboard short cuts. One particularly nice feature is the use of a ’smart mouse’ system - as soon as the pointer moves over a gadget, it turns into a text box detailing the gadget’s function.
,fehvihd As you would expect from an Amiga word publisher, Pen Pal displays everything in full WYSIWYG BiPenPal iDocuHents DEHOl.HTR I AMKiA K)KMA I (what you see is what you get). At any time while editing your document, you can display a representation of the full page as it will look, just as you could with a DTP package.
The Word Game Many word processors that also try to be desktop publishers make the fatal mistake of neglecting word processing facilities in favour of more cosmetic features. Fortunately, Pen Pal offers all the basic editing functions that you’d expect to find in a word processor, plus a few extra for good measure.
Any text can be cut or copied by highlighting it with the mouse, and then pasted back into either the current document or even another document running in a separate window. Many of these editing features have a very Macintosh-like feel to them. For example, several of the keyboard short cuts, such as [Amiga] + [X] for cut and [Amiga] + [V] for paste, will be familiar to Mac users worldwide as these are the adopted standard for many Mac word processors and DTP packages. Also, Mac-like, you can highlight either a single word or sentence by clicking the mouse button either once or twice
Pen Pal has a powerful spell checker which consists of three separate dictionaries: a 1,500-word common dictionary, 110,000-word main dictionary and an empty user dictionary for storage of your own commonly used jargon. Unlike Write & File, which often encountered problems when spell checking on even a 1 Megabyte machine, Pen Pal will happily spell check most rea- ArmgO-Egrmat 4QM«nSt. • B«th - Avon ¦ 8*11EJ v,r..r-., iTTt ¦ Forms are easy to create with Pen Pal’s powerful line tools.
Sonably-sized documents. Unfortunately, Pen Pal doesn’t feature a Thesaurus, which is a sad omission.
I One particularly interesting feature is the ’Statistics’ option which provides information such as the standard word count, average characters in a word, average words in a sentence, sentences in a paragraph etc. The most impressive aspect is the inclusion of a ‘Reading Level’ option which attempts to rank your writing’s readability by education level. This can be particularly useful when assessing the suitability of your writing for a particular audience.
Graphics Support Unlike most word publishers, Pen Pal goes a lot further than just allowing the importation of IFF clipart graphics as rectangular blocks.
In the current release, Pen Pal allows you to use two different forms of graphics within any of your documents.
Firstly, any IFF graphics can be loaded in (including HAM!) And then sized, cropped and placed anywhere on the page. Although imported pictures are only displayed using eight colours, their colour information is internally stored for use when your document is finally printed.
48Hb:Jason PffiPa] Ufiti tlfd.IglD Our Ref: Reference Cod (Database I tens I 10 a] 1 Leference Code Nane Address ill T] 1 2 3 AF081 AF002 AF003 Roger Tht3 Floner ( Bill FI0145 Bridge Ben Fioin 34 Loner 1 4 AF004 Joe Blogj 78 Hen Ca; 5 AF007 Rachel Dil Silver !
6 AF006 Barry Hh 8 The But 7 AF007 Bill Dan: Bald Strei 8 AF000 Bob Hade 57 Broad !
9 AF009 Andy Sni 45 Flouer 10 AF010 Danien Nj 31 Disk Di ±J H "! ” _________ l- Js Have we sot a deal for you! Yes, you have been picked fron a list containing the nane$ of a Million other toiga owners and as such, you’ve just won yourself our grand priz
- i 5tmer.rn.KlLilieoliat alot of cash! - how will vo Once a
picture has been pulled in, you can define how text is to run
around it. Just as in a DTP package, text can either be run
down an adjacent left or right column or contoured around the
Pen Pal also employs several structured graphic tools to allow you to tastefully use objects such as horizontal and vertical lines, empty and filled boxes etc. Objects can be layered, grouped, depth arranged and locked just as they can within packages such as Professional Draw or X-CAD. Using a combination of the various structured graphic tools, some rather nice-looking forms can be built up with ease (Pen Pal even includes an option to allow you to test out the suitability of the form for actual use by entering test data!).
Database Management Pen Pal's database is a fairly simple ‘card file' type filing system which certainly doesn’t set out to compete with such heavyweights as the SuperBase series.
Setting up a database is a fairly simple affair which simply involves you defining the name of a field, the field type and any extra options that the particular field type may require (Calc fields require an equation, etc). One thing to note is that you cannot define the size of a field - all fields are automatically set to a maximum of 64 characters.
Once you’ve entered all data into your database, all records within your database are displayed at once in table form with each row displaying all the data for a particular record. At this point, any field can be selected and then its contents changed.
Integration is certainly Pen Pal’s strength. Both the Word BlUntitled 4 Processor and Database work well together and moving data between them is a quick and simple process. As you would expect from a word processor database combo, its primary function is mail merging. To carry out a mail merge, you first draw up a standard letter containing the names of the fields where data is to be inserted into the document.
Next you open the database while the standard letter is still open, select the records which are to included within the mail merge (Pen Pal includes comprehensive record filtering functions) and then select the type of mail merge to be carried out.
The Printed Page Pretty onscreen pages are all very nice, but the crucial test of any presentation-based package is the quality of the final printed output. Using standard preference drivers, pages can be printed either as a combination of graphics and the printer’s own built-in fonts (Pen Pal is so far the first package to offer this) or, if you wish to use fancy Amiga fonts, a full graphics dump can be produced.
"But what about quality?" I hear you ask. Well, I can put your mind at rest, as Pen Pal produces some of the best dot matrix print-outs I’ve seen this side of PageStream. It really is a shame that Softwood didn’t include PostScript and colour separation support as this would have made the output from Pen Pal perfect.
Conclusion Pen Pal can be quite a strange experience. When using Pen Pal's page layout options such as multiple fonts or graphics import, it is all too easy to forget that you’re actually using a word processor rather a desktop publisher. I found myself often cursing the program because I couldn’t carry out such rudimentary DTP functions as adjusting the horizontal scale of a headline or changing the leading on a paragraph. Rather than a negative aspect of the program, it is actually a tribute to the power of Pen Pal's page layout options that you do actually forget it is a humble word
Within the short time that Pen Pal has been available in the States, it has already outsold every other Amiga word processor and it’s simple to see why. Apart from the lack of a thesaurus, Pen Pal is the realisation of the dream word processor every Amiga owner has been crying out for. Even though the program sometimes seemed a bit buggy, the combination of comprehensive text editing tools, powerful layout options and an above average database deserves to make Pen Pal the first choice for anyone looking for a decent Amiga word processor. If we had a Format Gold award for serious software,
Pen Pal would have been the first program in the six-month history of AF to receive it! ¦ funvygbdfeh yyewiyfequhd COMMODORE AMIGA A500 MAIL CENTA MEGA PACK Commodore Amiga A500, mouse, workbench 1.3, Workbench extras disk, very first tutorial disk, owners handbook, basic handbook, T.V. modulator, mouse mat. Plus!!
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99. ..£1 Phone for free catalogue, more than 200 different
HOW TO ORDER: By phone: 01 977 9596 Visa Access. By Fax 01 977 5354 By post: Club 68000, Wickham House, 2 Upper Teddington Road, Hampton Wick, Kingston, Surrey KT1 4DF POST AND PACKAGING: Software UK + EEC £1, Non EEC £3.
HARDWARE: Courier service £6. Prices subject to change without notice POWER CO computing selection of special deals only available from WE ARE OFFICIAL Z3 Roland ¦¦I DIGITAL GROUP PLOTTER AGENTS PRINTERS We are the Specialists Star LC10 £155 Star LC10 Colour £199 Star LC 24-10 £299 Star XB 24-10 £499 Star XB-24-15 £649 Star +Pack extra ribbon + 1000 sheets of microperf paper and Amiga cable £16 Microperf Paper 1000 sheets £12 inc post HP Paintjet Colour £899 HP Desk Jet + £699 (We stock HP consumables!)
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5. 25” IBM™ FORMAT COMPATIBLE DRIVE (RRP £139) This fully
5. 25” 40 80 track drive can be used to read and write PC formats
as well as normal Amiga formats.
CHIPS & THINGS A590 compatible 256* 4 drams ..£12.95! Each Turbo 3 compatible 1mbit drams ..£12.95! Each 256K * 1 drams suitable for A500 memory expansion or spirit board £3.75! Each DISKETTES!!! NEW LOWER PRICES!
All disks are lifetime guaranteed & fully Based on GVP technology this top of the range autobooting (1.3 KS) hard disk comes with lightning fast 28ms SCSI drive, with built in PSU and fan all in a matching cream case. Easy install software and manual are provided.
These drives also include an option to install 2MB of inexpensive 1x1 MB fast ram to increase the Amiga's memory.
512k Expansion with clock £79!!!
1. 5MB Spirit board populated 512K £249
1. 5MB Spirit board unpopulated £189 Minigen Genlock £99 (rrp
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Amiga goodies in this highly professional disk based magazine
Fantasic demos, clipart and PD goodies.
To subscribe now, phone 0234 273000 for details A500 1MB MEGA PACK AVAILABLE FROM NOW UNTIL CHRISTMAS WHILE STOCKS LAST £499!!!
A500 Batman Pack (Amiga 1.3 500 with Batman, F18 etc) complete with 512K expansion ram, TV Modulator, PC880K second disk drive, Mega games pack, mouse mat, 15 disks plus box and a joystick Monitor CM8833 Stereo with system ..£199 Star LC 10 Colour Printer with System .£199 + 10% off our already incredible software prices if purchased with Mega Pack!
* certain lines excluded OBJECT TO CHAN OUT NOTICE. Thi RT
Power House, the direct sales arm of Power Computing Ltd - Leaders In peripherals & software - Is the natural choice for the Amiga enthusiast. Highly competitive prices, a wide choice, fast computerised service and the bacidng of a £2M+ 5 year old company are Just some of the reasons for tele-shopping at Power. Large stocks, friendly reception and “if it don’t work we give you a new one” are a few more!
VIDEON NEW! £249 Videon is a state-of-the-art PAL video digitiser for all models of Amiga computer. Videon digitises directly from any still PAL source in any of the Amiga's screen modes including high res and HAM. Videon is complete and requires no filter wheels or similar devices.
Extensive image processing facilities and the high quality of digitisation makes Videon the natural choice for professional or amateur.
Power Computing Ltd, Power House, 44A Stanley Street, Bedford MK41 7RW Orders Only 0800 581 742 Free Call General Enquiries & Orders 0234 273000 (5 lines) Fax 0234 270133 Technical Support (Mon-Fri 3pm - 5pm only) 0234 267537 Sculpt 4D Turbo Silver Video Magic Video Page XCAD Designer XCAD Pro UTILITIES Arexx BAD BBC Emulator CLImate Dos 2 Dos Fine Print Quarterback RubyCom Transformer WB 1.3 £39 £35 £39 £20 £29 £39 £34 £69 £29 £15 WORD PROCESSING, DTP & BUSINESS SOFTWARE & BOOKS Digicalc Excellence Home Accounts Kind Words Maxiplan + Maxiplan 500 Pagestream Pro Draw Pro Draw Clip art Pro Page
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MUSIC RED HOT PRICES Midi Interface C64 Music Keyboard Interface MM5000 Keyboard Dr T's Drums Dr T's Midi Studio KCS level 2 Music X Pro Sound Gold Amiga Music System £25 ART & GRAPHICS £49 £79 £25 £49 £229 £189 £59 £149 Typically 30-40% off rrp Animagic Amiga Clipart Comic Setter Deluxe Paint 3 Deluxe Photolab Digipaint 3 Digiview Gold Elan Performer Express Paint 3 Fantavision Interchange Interfont Intro Cad Kara Screen Fonts 1 Kara Screen Fonts 2 Movie Setter Photon Paint 2 Pixmate Pro Video Plus PAL Sculpt 3D Sculpt 3D Animate Sculpt 3D XL Sculpt 4D Junior £69 £29 £35 £59 £48 £49 £99 £39
£69 £28 £49 £79 £39 £49 £49 £48 £69 £35 £169 £69 £99 £99 £149 Amiga Music System with MM5000 keyboard and Pro Sound Gold.....only £149 LANGUAGES ETC Sonix £45 Sonix Sound Trax 1 £25 Devpac £38 Sonix Sound Trax 2 £25 Hisoft Basic £55 Lattice C v5 £160 A full range of Amiga books is also Lattice C++ £250 available from stock - ask our tele- Manx C Dev £163 sales assistants for details Please send me the Power House Catalogue _ VJ svn JV here would we be without that most wondrous piece of software, the Word Processor?
W Imagine a time when all text had to either be written by hand or punched straight onto paper using a typewriter. Seems fine for a while, but what happens if you make a mistake? You have to start again, of course! You could resort to the old correction fluid, but let’s face it, Tippex isn’t a patch on the trusty ‘Delete’ key!
Word Processing is one of those universal applications where, like it or not, the Amiga has to compete with machines as diverse as 16K Spectrums and the latest '030-based Sun Workstations. For many computer users, a computer without a decent word processor is like a Ferrari without wheels. But what should you be looking for in your ideal partner... er, or should I say word processor?
Don’t be a Wimp Choosing a word processor isn’t as clear cut as it always used to be. The conventional definition of a word processor was merely a program that allowed the on-screen manipulation of text: but these days, machines such as the Amiga have spawned a new breed of word processor, the Word Publisher (that’s what those PR people like to call them, at any rate!)
The Amiga can be a powerful word processing tool, but which package is best for you? JASON HOLBORN surveys the cut of the crop.
This new breed of word processor goes far beyond the conventional definition to include many features previously only to be found within powerful desktop publishing packages. Only with the advent of low-cost WIMP-based systems has the Word Publisher been possible.
While all those rather nice windows and icons supposedly make a package easier to use for the novice, they can often have the reverse effect when applied to basic word processing. Not only that, but the continual process of having to swap between keyboard and mouse can slow down your work rate considerably. Word Processing just seems to be the one exception where the simplicity of a package is often its strength.
4 Before choosing your word processor, the first thing you must decide is whether it’s a straight word processor you’re after or the more presentation- based Word Publisher. If the main use for your Word Processor will be to produce letters to the bank manager, bulk documents etc, then you’re not going to need a package that allows you to drop flowers and other clip-art all over the page. If, on the other hand, presentation is all-important to you, then a Word Publisher may be the one to go for.
What To Look For By the very nature of word processing, word processors are built on a set of standardised tools such as cut, paste and copy blocks, set margins, justify, search and replace, underline and embolden etc. If your chosen word processor doesn’t have these most basic of functions in one form or another, don’t touch it with a barge pole!
One particular area of word processing that is often sadly lack- ing in Amiga word processors is that of screen update speed. While fancy fonts and colourful charts may make a package look powerful, many graphics-based word processors often suffer from extremely slow screen update - If your word processor can’t print the characters as fast as you can type then there’s something seriously wrong!
What basically makes a word processor different from its competitors are those extra features that extend basic word processing to make life even simpler. Here’s a quick run-down of some of the features you should be looking for: Spell Checker For most people, a spell checker is an obvious choice as an add-on. So as not to disrupt your working too much, it is important the the spell checker is built into your word processor - having to leave your word processor every time you wish to carry out a spell check can seriously affect the creative flow!
Spell checking comes in several forms. All should offer the bog standard ‘check document’ option which, as the name suggests, checks every word within your current document by comparing it with those stored within a disk- based dictionary. Also worth checking for is a ‘check word’ option that can save a lot of time when you just wish to check a single word. If the spell checker doesn’t support this, you'll have to sit back and wait while the entire document is checked.
Some spell checkers will also support ‘continuous spell checking' which basically checks every word as you type it, thereby eliminating the need for a full document spell check once you've finished writing.
Although this is theoretically a good idea, it can very often slow down your word processor to an almost unbearable degree.
Thesaurus One feature that is starting to become increasingly popular amongst word processor users is the Thesaurus. Some of the writers among you may use the infamous Roget’s Thesaurus, which can be a great help when trying to impress people with your mastery of the English language. * These three make magic together !
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Backs up 20MB in 20 minutes, any Amiga hard drive Speeds disk access up to 500%, WorkBonch or CLI
79. 95 ¦ System Programmer's Guide
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Beginners ¦ Amiga C Advanced Programmers 24.95 ¦ Amiga Tricks
& Tips
189. 95 168 95
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369.95 As Sculpt 4D above, without HAM ray-tracing 109.95
Much faster than Scuptt 3D. With 24-bit plane option 129.95
Professional video litler wilh lonls, extra fonts available
189.95 12x12 Graphics Tablet with tast driver software 425.00
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£114.95 ¦ Fantavlslon 34.95
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¦ Sculpt 3D XL ¦ Pro-Video PAL Plus ¦ SummaSketch Plus ¦ PAL Rendale Pro ¦ Professional Draw ¦ Aegis Draw 2000 ¦ X-Cad Professional ¦ X-Cad Designer MAKE YOUR EARN Yes making money with your Amiga becomes incidental when you know how. Your micro is. If only you knew it. A gold mine. The size and make is irrelevant. Make the initial effort NOW by starting your own HOME BASED BUSINESS This may be Ihe most important move you will ever make!
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SHEFFIELD ST HELENS STOCKPORT 6 Waingate, Sheffield 27 Baldwin Street.
“6 Mealhouse Brow.
Manager: Tony Tel: 0742 721906 St Helens (Off Little Underbank), Manager. Adrian Stockport Manager: Ray Open 6 days Tel 0744 27941 Tel 061 480 2693 Closed Thursday Closed Thursday A STOKE-ON-TRENT 11 Market Square Arcade.
Hanley Stoke-on-Trent Manager: Wayne Tel.
0782 268620 Open 6 Days ProWrite MR 2.0.4 - @ 1988 New Horizons Software, Inc. Project Node Docunent Print Preferences Q pT Djus' latest book releases.
Now represent the Host complete fie docuHentation currently available, in? Out in AniffaBASIC, or hitting the inoes are that there's an Abacus book to choice of several fdftts, styles (bold, itali ranbjnrtjm), and c lors, you also have the ctures anywh&'e in your document either abc ;ide your text!
Foreground Background Markers Print Setiq File Forna cessors Feature ASSOCIATION OAHE i isn't just a 'knocl word processing too Aniga 30 1 No prizes you throui s new incentive program.
I dead' ganes Machine; it can lut whicn package is best for ir you, JASON HOLB0RN surveys Where would we be without that Host wonderous piece of softw Word Processor?
NlffiffTWSi sales effective inth and include the most is research.
Crotnd yxr pichres Inagine a tine when all text had to either be written by or punched straight onto paper using a typewriter. Seens fin wile, but what happens if you Make a Mistake? You have to s of course! You could of course resort to the old correction let's Face it, tippex isn't a patch on the old trusty 'Delet If only all Amiga word processors were as attractive as ProWrite 21 Scribble! Platinum Edition - not a bad little number at the price.
Project Edit Search Fornat Style Print 1 up. 085.
The Hord Processor?
¦¦Inagine a tine when all text had to eith [hand or punched straight onto paper using a t fine for a while, but i hat happens if you nak have to start a*ain of courser You could of c old correction fluid, but let's face it, Ti the old trusty 'Delete' key?
Ord Processing is one of those universal where, like it or not, the Aniga has to comet diverse as 16k Spectruns and the latest '038 AN Next Record AP Open Prinary AQ Stop Merge AR End of Field AS Open Secondary AT To Printer AU Rewrite Screen Transfer Codes A-F9 A-F9 A-F9 F9 A-F9 A-F9 A-F9 A-F9 Workstations, decent uord pr should you be processor?
WordPerfect 4.1 - Doc 2 - IT ear Bank Manager, , u;„ Give Me sone cash because I haven' loads. If you don't, I'll sell the pics fiver! You have been warned.
That alloued tyours sincerely, ¦ Impress your friends with the king of them all, Word Perfect.
One of the original big business WP packages, this one.
I A Thesaurus will basically offer as many alternatives to a given word as possible, by cross-referencing the meaning of a word against those stored within its dictionary, a bit like a spell checker, really. Although a Thesaurus is genuinely useful, they aren’t always to be trusted implicitly!
Mail Merge If you’re using a word processor to produce mailouts for a club or business, then a mail merge facility is more of a neccesity than a luxury. These handy little add-ons are used for producing personalised copies of a large number of letters without having to make the neccessary changes yourself. All you do is to create a standard letter within the word processor, marking out the parts of the letter that should contain the person- specific data to be inserted. The actual data to be inserted into each letter is then either read from a separate text file or, if the word processor
supports it, straight from a database.
Graphics This is one feature that really sets the word publisher and the word processor apart. The ability to import some form of graphics can be very handy when you wish to illustrate a point without having to resort to reams of text. The obvious applications are within business presentation (graphs, pie charts etc) but subtle use of fancy fonts can enhance just about any document.
Most programs allow the loading of pictures with a large number of colours, although very few will retain more than about eight colours when the document is eventually printed.
ASCII Compatibility Unlike other forms of data such as pictures, sound samples and animation, the Amiga still doesn’t have a standardised file format for text files (EA's FTXT form was about as close as the Amiga ever got!) This basically means that if you’re preparing text for use within another word processor, chances are that it won’t load without alteration.
This, then, is where ASCII compatibility can be a real life saver.
ASCII files are just documents files that have had all layout information such as margin settings, text styles etc stripped out. This makes them usable by other word processors and can even be used to produce source code for your favourite programming language.
What’s The Word?
What follows is a brief round-up of some of the most popular and most interesting word-processing packages for the Amiga.
WORD PERFECT £230 ¦ Sentinel Software (0932 231164) If you ever want to impress your word-processing pals with name dropping, just try saying ‘I use Word Perfect occasionally. Word Perfect is one of the big names within the industry and you'll find nearly every credible business machine running it in one form or another.
Word Perfect Amiga comes on four disks and is bundled with a weighty 500-page manual. As far as straight word processing is concerned, Word Perfect does it all: it has massive dictionaries for the spell checker and thesaurus and is packed with editing features. Although the program supports intuition windows and pulldown menus, the program still retains the same feel as its PC parent. If you use Word Perfect on your PC at work then this’ll be a good thing, otherwise you could end up feeling rather lost.
Word Perfect will undoubtedly fullfil even the most demanding of word processing applications, but the program is rather overpriced for what it offers. I just couldn't help feeling that what you’re really paying for is the ‘Word Perfect’ name!
PLATINUM EDITION £49.95 ¦ HB Marketing (0895 444433) Scribble! Has been around for almost as long as the Amiga itself, but the program still remains one of the most powerful word-pro- cessing systems available.
Past releases of Scribble!
Have defiantly remained text only, but Scribble! Platinum now includes limited graphics support.
The new version also now runs in its own configurable custom screen, leaving the Workbench screen less cluttered.
Where word-processing features are concerned, Scribble! Has them all. The program also provides comprehensive mail merge facilities, a 104,000-word spell checker (including both scientific and technical dictionaries) and a 470,000-word thesaurus. While screen update is generally fast, it can slow down considerably when scrolling through a large document.
Before the arrival of Protext, Scribble! Was my own personal choice for straight word processing due to its simple, no-fuss design and powerful editing facilities. While there are better word processors now available, the relatively low price makes Scribble!
Highly desirable.
PROWRITE 2.5 £89.95 ¦ HB Marketing (0895 444433) ProWrite was one of the original word publishing programs to appear on the Amiga and has since been updated to version
2. 5. Even though it has been available for a couple of years,
the program still stands up well against the competition.
ProWrite is completely integrated into the Amiga windowing t Ladbroke Computing International * 33 Ormskirk Rd.t Preston, PR1 2QP Open Mon. - Sat. 9:30 am to 5.00 pm Dealer enquiries welcome.
You Can t Afford to Shop Elsewhere ! All Prices Inc. VAT This company has gi *n years of full support to computer users from their premises at 33 Ormskiric Road Preston. Now from their Mail Order premises they can offer this" second to none "service to users countrywide. All Software Hardware is ex-stock and fully tested prior to purchase to ensure that returned goods are now a thing of the past. All hardware is supported by our on site engineers so that quick turn around on all repairs is guaranteed. There are no hidden extras WYSIWYG. All prices include VAT, and delivery on orders over £100
(Mainland UKXnext day delivery t£5). All prices are correct at time of going to press and are subject to change withrwt prior notice.Phone for latest prices, information, advice we arc always happy to help.
Amiga Drives Software Monitors Vortex 40Mb £ 4 Supra 30 Mb £ 6 Third Coast 65 Mb £ 6 Cumana 1 Mb floppy, disable switch & through port (New slimline low noise model) £ Disk drive dustcover £2.'
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Philips 8833 stereo monitor. A best-selling monitor which exploits the excellent sound quality of the Amiga. £ 249.99 Philips 15” FST Remote, Scart input, Tv with 40 tuner presets. £ 234.99 Philips 14” Remote, Scart input, Tv with Fastext and 40 tuner presets. £ 234.99 Others phone Quality Disks A4 Flat Bed Scanner Price Beaters Quantity PRO 5000 Joystick. Best-seller £8.99 DCOM Joystick with Auto fire £9.99 Trak ball converted to work as mouse on Amiga £24.9 A500 Dustcover £3.99 Printer Dustcover £7.99 Monitor Dustcover £4.99
3. 5” disk care kit £5.99 These A4 Flat bed scanners can scan at
up to 200 dots per inch. The mechanism includes a thermal
printer which can be used in conjunction with the scanner to
photo copy documents or just as a stand alone thermal printer.
The scanner comes complete with scanning software with basic
editing facilities.
£499.99 Limited offer, above scanners ex-demo £349.99 10 boxed 100 boxed 10 Sony branded 3.5” £10.99 100 Sony branded 3.5” £99 All our disks are top quality Sony, Maxcell or Kao products. All disks carry an unconditional lifetime guarantee. Please add 60p p&p for each pack of ten disks.
80 100 disk box Amiga Packs Memory Upgrade Boards 1 = A500, Tenstar games pack, Photon paint+ mouse £349.99 2 = Pack 1 + 512K RAM Extension £429.99 2 + clock £439.99 2 + Dragons Lair £469.99 2 + clock + Dragons Lair £479.99 3 = Pack 1 + CM8833 Colour Monitor £589.99 4 = Pack 2 + CM8833 Colour Monitor £679.99 4 + clock £689.99 Phone for other packs with or without software.
* Available with or without calendar clock. * Plugs easily into
A500 sic so no soldering. * Switch provided to switch RAM
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switch off. * Amazing low price.
512K RAM Extension board £19.99 512K RAM Extension board + clock £29.99 512K RAM Extension board, populated £89.99 512K RAM Extension board + clock, populated £99.99 Our trained technicians can repair all hardware, including Amigas, in minimum time at competitive rates.
Quality Low Price and Professional Series Printers Star LC-10 Best-Selling mono 9 pin Star LC-10 Colour 9 pin, 7 colour printer Star LC-24 10 24 pin mono excellent quality Epson LQ500 24 pin mono printer Citizen 120D 9 pin mono. Lowest price Atari SLM804 Laser Printer, 6 pages per minute, 300 Dpi, 90 days on site warranty Star FR-10 mono 9 pin, 300 cps draft elite, 16 NLQ fonts £ Star FR-15 15” carriage version of above £ Star XB-24 10 24 pin SLQ, LQ, 240cps draft elite £ Star XB-24 15 15” carriage version of above £ 7 colour upgrade kit for XB-24 10 and XB-24 15 £ Star Laser Printer 8,1 Mb
memory, 8 resident fonts, 8 pages per min, 300 Dpi £
* All these printers carry a 12 months on site warranty and come
complete with cable lb assist us in proetssinp your order
please quote this code.
(0772) 203166 Fax 561071 VISA Access SAM1.2 ladbroke Computing International is a trading name of Walton Marketing Limited.
File Edit Layout Font Style |EI|Ki ndWords - Sanple Docunent Extra Help Find and Replace,.. 0F Check Spelling. .. E3U Thesaurus.,, 0T AutoMa tic Hyphenation BH Screen Options.. , 0D Show P ictiire Colors ®G Close Workbench 0W o ¦ qcd ProxiMity Webster Electronic The and offers 470,000 synonyms, T1 right word by presenting a list synonyMS.
Substantial perfornance inprovenents offered by KindWords 2.0 conprise new font styles including Novell an attractive sans serif type face, Hath, and Greek.
It also now includes Auto and Manual Hyphenation to give your printed docunents an overall better appearance.
Several new nenu connands include Select All, as well as inproved Open and Save requesters. KindWords cones with the official
1. 3 Workbench, including the new enhanced printer drivers,
Specjal Style Hacro ¦ty f4 to view 22:38:11 Welcone to
TrJMcnyt. Before diving into the progran itself, !
It night help if you understand a bit of the philosophy behind
- ""HB conplete Processors feature * anJoneVe j,HE U0RI'
ASSOCTAIIOH GAME' Inoleileni15n', J115' J 'knock-en dead' ganes
nachine; it can also be in ted , powerful word processing tool.
But which package is best for you1 niniltu Tohelp you decide
which is best for you. JagOH HOLBORH surveys the KreiSu,0(
croi,- operating :Where would we be without that nost
uonderous piece of software, the Word Processor1 A Inagine a
tine uhen all text had to either be witten by hand or punched
straight onto paper using a typewriter. Seem fine for a while,
but lAat happens if you nake a Mistake1 You have to start again
of course! Yon could t)( course resort to the old correction
• fluid, bin let’s face it. Lippex isn’t a patch on the old
trusty j ’telete key* f Word Processing is one of those
universal applications uhere, like it or not, the Aniga has to
conpete uilh Machines as diverse as 16k Spectrum and the latest
’030 based Sun Workstations. For nany xProtext H99.95 znt Arnor
(0733 68909) tProtext Ins been iround for nore years _ ,
Machines ranging fron the Anslrad CPC’s Pictionary utilities
such, the urojran has undergone extensive changes since its
release. The Aniga didn’t recieve Protext until version 4, ¦
Illl'PuJfUr the progran has undergone several updates.
JSJlEjSJU While Protext supports Intuition pull doun nenus, t)
j'l’jj has a very PC-like feel to it. Although this nay sound
like IIJ'JLrJiI'.M thing, it actually ail loses considerably
snoother operation. W'-t1'.’*!'* Protext lacks the nore
cosnetic layout features of t Vlil4fjlji such as Pen Pal and
ProWrite (although it does allou you to inru«. Ij r horizontal
and vertical lines), it nore than nakes up for then by
providing one of the nost conprehensive collection oi Word
Processing tools available.
If it’s a straight text processor you're after, then the raw speed and power of Protext nakes it the only choice (incidentally, all of this feature was uritlen using Protext - and there’s no better recoratendation than that').
W Screendunp of Protext znt What Protext lacks in layout features, It nore than nakes up for in editing tools.
Mhhmhhhhmhmht ¦ What Protext lacks in layout features, it more than makes up for in editing tools. Overall, the program has a very PC-like feel to it.
¦ Transcript is a simple but powerful word processor from Gold Disk, the people that brought you Professional Page.
Environment and is without doubt one of the most attractive-looking word processors available (bar Pen Pal of course!). The program boasts a full WYSIWYG display, 95,000-word spell checker and DTP-like control over imported pictures (but no thesaurus).
Any IFF picture can be load in and pasted onto the page (including HAM pictures). Unfortunately, regardless of how many are used within the original, only eight colours are actually displayed.
Once a picture has been pasted down, it can be cropped and resized to suit your needs. Just as in a DTP package, text can also be made to run around a picture.
ProWrlte includes all the standard editing features, but the screen update speed can be rather slow when working on large text files. ProWrite's main competitor is undoubtedly Pen Pal which, although the latter costs about £40 more, still manages to beat ProWrlte in every department.
KINDWORDS 2 £49.95 ¦ The Disc Company (010 331 4553 1053) While KindWords 2 is still relatively new, the program has become one of the most popular Amiga word processors available, due to various bundling deals which have gone down well with Amiga owners. Currently, Kind Words 2 is being sold within two separate bundles, the Amiga Starter Kit (£69.95) and the Amiga Home Office Kit (£149.95). Kind Words is another in the flourishing breed of ‘Word Publishers’ that allow the importation of IFF graphics. Unfortunately, only 16 colours are used regardless of the format of the original and,
rather disappointingly, text cannot be run around a graphic once it has been placed on the page. Unlike all other word publishers, Kind Words employs its own ‘SuperFonts’ system which supposedly provides better quality Project Text Block Line Print Page 5 Lint 20 Col 31 Ho narkers Insert Justify Off Ud-Hrap results when printing, which it probably does. Where word processing features are concerned, Kind Words has a fairly complete selection, although you certainly aren’t spoilt for choice. However, the program does have a
100. 000-word spell checker and
470. 000-word thesaurus. Screen update is a tad slow and the user
interface is a bit quirky, but recent bundling deals make
Kind Words 2 very good value for money.
TRANSCRIPT £39.95 ¦ HB Marketing (0895 444433) Transcript is one of the most recent (and cheapest) additions to the word processing ranks. The program was produced by Gold Disk in Canada, the company that brought you the powerful Professional Page DTP package.
Transcript 1.8
I. Introduction' With a pedigree such as that, you'd be right to
expect a lot from Transcript.
The program is a straight text editor that sacrifices many of the more cosmetic features of the competition in return for raw speed. Unfortunately, this does tend to make the program look rather unprofessional, but as we all know performance is the most important aspect of any program. Transcript boasts a 90,000- word spell checker, a unique auto indexing option and full mail merge facilities.
Many of the standard text processing commands within Transcript, such as justification etc, are carried out using embedded codes. While these codes are powerful, you cannot (in the case of justification) see the results until the document is printed.
======: •in: Simplicity and speed are undoubtedly Transcript’s greatest assets.
If you want to use your word processor to produce very large bulk text files then Transcript is the solution: otherwise, you may feel rather limited.
PROTEXT £99.95 ¦ Arnor (0733 68909) Protext has been around for more years than I dare to remember on machines ranging from the Amstrad CPC to the IBM compatibles. As such, the program has undergone extensive changes since its original release. The Amiga didn't recieve Protext until Version 4, and already the program has undergone several updates.
While Protext supports Intuition pull-down menus, the program has a very PC-like feel to it.
Although this may sound like a bad thing, it actually allows considerably smoother operation.
Protext lacks the more cosmetic layout features of programs such as Pen Pal and ProWrite (although it does allow you to draw horizontal and vertical lines), but it more than makes up for them by providing one of the most comprehensive collection of word processing tools available.
If it's a straight text processor you’re after, then the raw speed and power of Protext make it the only choice (incidentally, all of this feature was written using Protext: and there’s no better recommendation than that!) ¦ MAIL ORDER MAIL ORDER 6 BOND STREET, IPSWICH SUFFOLK IP4 1JB 36A OSBORNE STREET, COLCHESTER, ESSEX (RETAIL) 5A DOG'S HEAD STREET, IPSWICH, SUFFOLK (RETAIL) 24hr MAIL ORDER PURCHASE LINE (0473) 257158 (0473) 210605 FAX: 0473 213457 HARDWARE ALL OUR HARDWARE INCLUDES VAT AND FREE DELIVERY. UK MAINLAND ONLY. NEXT DAY DELIVERY BY ARRANGEMENT MOST WORKING DAYS.
PC ENGINE PLUS 16 bit games machine PAL version £199.95 SEGA MEGA DRIVE 16 bit games machine £199.95 A3000s and Sts in stock AMIGA 500 BATMAN PACK Batman (The Movie) Interceptor, NZ Story, Deluxe Paint II, mouse, modulator, and manuals.
£369.95 AMIGA 500 + 1084S As above with Batman pack and 1084S colour monitor £599.95 A590 HARD DRIVE 20 meg hard drive £369.95 AMIGA 500 CLASS OF 90 PACK Deluxe Paint II, Superbase Personal, Maxiplan A500, Doctor Midi recording studio, Datel Midi interface, BBC emulator + programs, Amiga logo, 10 3.5" discs, mouse mat, disc wallet and education support file from Commodore.
£499.95 DIGIVIEW GOLD Video digitiser and adaptor £149.95 8802 GENLOCK Merge computer graphics with live video £249.95 C1900 Monochrome monitor £99.95 PUBLISHERS CHOICE DTP package including Pagesetter and Kindwords £99.95 1084S Colour monitor £249.95 ECE MIDI 500 2000 Midi interface £49.95 512K EXPANSION + Clock Card £99.95 MUSIC X The music package!
£199.95 EXTERNAL DRIVE Cumana 1 meg £99.95 AEGIS SONIX Composition and MIDI control £49.95 PC ENGINE PLUS 16 bit games machine scart version £199.95 JOYSTICKS Cheetah 125 .....£6.99 Cheetah Starprobe .....£11.99 Pro 5000 glo green ....£12.99 Pro 5000 glo red .£12.99 QS Turbo ...£7.99 Euromax
Racemaker £24.99 Euromax prof 9000 .....£11.99 Konix Navigator ...£11.99 DISC BOXES
3. 5 40 holder
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P 1 on hnlHor lool ohlo ££ QQ
5. 25 50 holder
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o. o i u noiaer
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3. 5 40 holder lockable with 10 3.5 DSDD discs ...£12.99
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DISCS 3 5 DSDD QTY 10 £7.99... QTY 20
.£14.99 ... QTY 50
..£34.99 ... QTY 10O ......£59.99 3
5 n.Rnn rdny £11 99 £22 99 ..£54.99 ...
......£99.99 PERIPHERALS Replacement mouse + mouse
holder + mouse mat...£29.95 Four player
Adaptor .....£5.95
Mat .£4.95
Extender ..£5.95
Cover .£4.95
LINE (0473) 257158 (0473) 210605 FAX: 0473 213457 5th
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Shoe ..£16.99 Altered Beast ....£16.99 Astaroth
....£16.99 APB ......
..£13.99 Action
Fighter ...
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(compilation) . ..£19.99
Aquaventura .
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..£13.99 Balance of Power 1990 ....£15.99
Barbarian II (Palace) ....£16.99 Barbarian II (Psygnosis)....
..£16.99 Bankok Knights ....£16.99
Battlechess ...
..£16.99 Batman (the
movie) . ..£16.99
..£16.99 Bloodwych .....£16.99 Blood
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Disks ... ..£12.99 Beach Volley
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.. ..£15.99 Bad
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Domain ...... ...£12.99 Grand Monster Slam ..... ...£13.99 Grim Blood .. Ghostbusters II ... Gunship ... Games Summer Edition Greenpeace Gary Linnekar's S Skills Gore .. Galaxy Force ...... Ghouls and Ghosts ... Highway Patrol ... Hillsfar .....
Hard Driving
H. A.T.E .... Heavy
Metal Hound of
Shadow ...... Hot
Shot .. Indiana Jones
(Lucas Films) Indiana Jones (US Gold) ......
Ivanhoe ...
Infection ... Iron
Tracker .
Interphase ... International
Atheletics .. It Came from the
Desert Impossible Mission II .
Jack Boot Jack The
Ripper .
Kult .... Kick
Off .... Kick Off Extra
Time ...
Krystal ..... Keef the
Thief ..... Killing Game
Show ....
Knightforce .. Laser
Squad Licence To
Kill .... Leisure Suit Larry
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(compilation) . Lombard R.A.C
Rally Lords of the Rising Sun .
Last Ninja II . Lost
Patrol ...
Liverpool .. Last
Stuntman .... Legend of
Djel .... Manic
Mansion ... Microprose
Soccer .... Mr
Heli ..... Majic
Johnson .... Murder in
Venice Matrix
Marauders ......
Moonwalker . Ninja
Warrior ...... New Zealand
Story .... North and
South .
Neuromancer .....
Nevermind ... Operation
Thunderbolt .. Outrun
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Oriental ....
Ooze ..
Paperboy . Pinball
Majic Police Quest
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Cross ....
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Savage ......
Stryx ...
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Silkworm .
Skweek ... Space Quest
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Snooker Story So Far 1 (compilation) .. Story So
Far 3 (compilation) .. Stunt
Shinobi ... Street Fighting
Man ..
Scroll .. Sword of
Twilight .. Starwars Compilation ......
Shufflepuck Cafe .. Super Scramble
Simulator..... Super Wonderboy
Silpheed . Sleeping Gods
Lie Soldier 2000 ..
Slayer .
Stormlord Shadow of the
Beast Star Blaze ......
Super Quintet Sim
City .. Saint and
Greavsie ... Seven Gates of Jambala . Star
Command ..... Stellar
Crusade ....
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Switchblade ... Super
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(compilation) . Test Drive
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Football ... Trivial Pursuit (family edition)
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Platinum (comp) .. Terry's Big Adventure .....
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Outrun Ultimate
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Darts ......
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UMSII ... Universe
III ... Ultima
V .
Vigilante . War in Middle
Earth . Waterloo
W. E.C Le Mans ...
Warp .. Winners
(compilation) .... Xenophobe ...
Xenon II .
Partners M James and L.K Mitchell TOTAL COST £ Name Address:
Tel No:
...... Have
you ordered from us before? YES NO AF DECEMBER Cheques &
Postal Orders payable to SOFTSELLERS. Post & Packing Free in
U.K.Overseas £1.50 per item.
Subject to availability and price change without notice. Not all titles released at time of going to press.
Shop prices may vary, but personal callers can claim advertised discounts on production of cut off slip.
A590 UPGRADE CHIPS £11 -oo (£46 PER HALF MEG) ..FROM SOMEONE ELSE... WE HAVE all prices include vat and postage & packaging NOT GOT ONE. SEE INSIDE! Trade inquiries welcome Send cheques to: Access Memory Expansion Systems Ltd. Dept AF Britannia Buildings, 46 Fenwick Street, Liverpool. L2 7NB
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(051) 227 2482 • 24 Hour Fax Commodore PC-10 111, SD.
Mono ....£550 Commodore PC-10 111,
DD. Mono ....£699 Commodore PC-20
111. SD 20Mb HD Mono £785 Commodore PC-20 111,
SD 20Mb HD, EGA .....£1099 Commodore PC-30 111. SD.
20Mb HD. Mono (AT) £1130 Commodore PC-40 111, SD, 40Mb HD,
VGA, Mono (AT). £1629 Amiga A500 TV Modulator - Pack
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1Mb Ram + Software.....£489 A500 TV Modulator - 2nd disk
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Software ....£579 Star LC-10
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XB24-15 Mono ...£579 For 1
year on-site warranty on Star Printers add £10 Citizen
180E ....£149
HQP-40 £349
Swift .....£289
Citizen Swift Colour ...£325
Citizen Swift Pro Dot 9 ....£POA
Mannesman Tally MT81 ....£129
T. C.COMPUTERS TEL (02357) 60177 The series that brings you
action-art of real living things you can bring THE LIVING to
your Amiga screen Requires Amiga 500, 2000 or 1000 (1 Meg
minimum) & DeLuxe Paint 31 2 DS DD Disks (1 for 1 guarantee)
10's..£9.00 ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT 31 2 DS DD Disks Sony Boxed
DS DD Disks Commodore in 10's £14.99 CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE
Produced by RGB STUDIOS - Distributed by DIGIPRO LTD
RealThings Animation Series runs in DeLuxe Paint III, by
Electronic Arts, and requires Amiga with 1 Megmin.
(021) 643 9100 YOU KNOW . . .
That Software Express publish the highly successful "Dungeon Master Editor", for the Amiga and Atari ST. YOU MAY NOT KNOW . . .
That we are also the LARGEST Amiga and Atari Specialist in the Midlands and Southwest dealing in PC's, Mega ST's, Amiga Desktop Publishing, Scanners, Lazer, Digitizers, Calamus, Epson Emulators, Databases, Word Processors, and not forgetting Games Late Night Opening Thursday - 7pm MIDLANDS 212-213 Broad Street, BIRMINGHAM, B15 2JP Tel: (021)643 9100 For the best in Service & Support, visit our Regional Branches SOUTH 9 Exeter Street, (The Viaduct), PLYMOUTH, Devon, PL4 9AQ Tel: (0752)265276 SENLAC SOFTWARE PD Catering Solely For Amiga Users Quest For The Time Bird ....21 50 Red
Lightening ......21.50 Scrabble Deluxe .....14.90 Swords Of Twilight .1 7 90 GRAPHICS 4 MUSIC AMIGA Deluxe Paint II (PAL) 49 90 Deluxe Pamt III (PAL) (1Mb) 60 90 Digipamt III (PAL) ....60 90 Digiview Gold (PAL) ...129.00 Photon Paint (PAL) 45 00 Photon Paint II (PAL) .....75 90 Sculpt 3D XL (PAL) ......119 00 Sculpt 3D Animate (PAL) (1Mb) 99 90 Sculpt 4D Jr.r (1 Mb) ...99 90 Sculpt 4D Animate ...399.00 Aegis Video Tiller (PAL) .....84 00 Aegis Somx 2.0 (2
drives) 49.90 Deluxe Music ..51 90 Future Sound Digitizer 79.00 Music X .....169.95 Midi Master Interface ..32 95 BUSINESS Kindwords II ..42.00 Protext ... 66 90 Pagesetter ....65.00 Professional Page (1 Meg) 199 00 Pro Write II ..69.00 Publishers Choice ..79.00 QUALITY JOYSTICKS Cheetah Mach 1 .13 50 Comp Pro 5000 .....13.50 Comp Pro Extra (clear) ......14.90 HARDWARE UK 0NLY.(FREE DELIVERY) Amiga Pack 1
Amiga A500 Batpack Inc. TV Modulator, Batman. Interceptor, New Zealand Story 4 Deluxe Pamt II 379.00 Amiga Pack 2: As in 1 with 5 EXTRA GAMES . 399.00 Amiga Pack 3: As in 1 with TENSTAR PACK 399 00 Amiga A500 & Phillips montior 625.00 A501 1. 2 Meg Expansion Clock 135 00 CEW 1 2 Meg Expansion Clock. 119 00 Cumana 3.5' Imeg Drive 95.00 Star LC 10 Printer 159 00 Star LC10 Colour Printer 209.00 Star 24 Pin Pritner .259 00 Branded Disks X 10 Inc Labels .11 95 BEST SELLERS .AMIGA Al tered Beast .17.50 Barbarian
II .....17.90 Batman The Movie 17.50 Blood Money ... 16 90 Bloodwych 1 7 50 Dragon Ninja .1 7 90 Dragon s Lair (1 Meg) ... 34 90 Dungeon Master .17 90 F 16 Combat Pilot ...1 7.90 Flight Sim II .26.90 Forgotten Worlds ..15 90 Kick Off' .....1 3 90 Lords Of The Rising Sun ....21 50 Millenium 2.2 ....18 50 Music X ...169.95 New Zealand
Story ...1 7.90 Outrun ...9 99 Populous ......1 7 90 Promised Lands ..8.99 Powerdrome ...17.90 Robocop ....1 7 90 RVF Honda ......17 90 Shadow Of The Beast * T-Shirt . 24 90 Batman ......1 7 90 Beach Volley ...17.90 Castle Warrior .....17.90 Continental Circus ......14.90 Denaris ..14 90 Dragon Spirit 14 90
Elite 16.90 Games (Summer Edition) 1 7.90 Ghostbusters II .....• 1 7.90 Gunship ..1 7.90 Indiana Jones Last Crusade 14 90 Infestation ...16 90 It Came From The Desert . *21.50 Ivanhoe ......17 90 Laser Squad ...14 90 Never Mind 14.90 Oil Imperium ....1 7.90 Pacmama .13.90 Paperboy ...14.90 Powerdrift *17.90 Predator .1 7.90 Pro
Tennis ......1 7.90 Rick Dangerous ...1 7.90 R Type 18 90 Robocop .... 17.90 Silkworm 14 90 Speedball ....17.90 Starglider II ..16.90 Stryx ...*14 90 Strider ...14 90 Targhan 1 7 90 Test Drive II (The Dual) 17.90 TinTin 14 90 Untouchables ..1 7 90 Vigilante ......14 90 ADVENTURE
& SIMULATION .. AMIGA Balance 01 Power 1990 17.90 Battle Chess 17 90 Conflict In Europe ...17.90 Dungeon Master (IMeg) 1 7.90 Fairy Tale Adventure ..1 7.90 F 16 Combat Pilot ...16.90 F 16 Falcon ...2150 Falcon Mission Disk 14.90 Flight Sim II or Jet ...26.90 Future Wars .....*17.90 Japan or Europe Scenery Disk .14.90 Interceptor ....1 7.90 Journey ...21.50 Keep The Thief *17 90 Kristal ......19.90
Lancaster ..17 90 Leaderboard Birdie 18.50 Denotes Programs that Sen1 Starter Pack 10 Disks ....19.99 Sen2 Startrek 3 Disks ....7.99 Sen3 Music Collection ...6.99 Sen4 Graphics Collection ..6.99 Sen5 NIB Backup (2 Drives) .....2.99 Sen6 Draco Compiler 2 Disks ...4.99 Sen7 Newtek Demo 2 Disks .....4.99 require 1 Meg Memory !
* Sen8 Notboingagain & Tank Demo..2.25 Sen9 Wildcopper
Demo .2.25 Sen 10 Fantasypixs
I .2.25 Sen11 JRComm Comms Program ..
.2.25 Senl2 Summerlime Amigahaxs 2.25 Sen13 Probe
Sequence ...2.25 Sen 14 Maase Demo & Others
2.25 SEX ! ! !
Good, now we have your attention we have an offer that you just won't be able to refuse!!!
Take any TEN or more Disks from our Selection and Pay only £1.99 each Disk otherwise Disks cost £2.25 each.
Sen91 Bootblock progs 1 Sen92 Bootblock progs 2 Sen93 Sonix Instrs Sen94 Mike Tyson demo Sen95 Calig demo Sen96 Vision Music Sen97 Ipec Elite Sen98 Mahoney and Kacktus Sen99 Vision Megademo Sen 100 Robocop demo Sen101 Superbase demo Sen102 Tennis Sen 103 Sae demos Sen 104 Larn Sen 105 Bilbobaggin Sen 106 Deathwarp Sen107 Moria V1.3 Sen 108 Zeus Bust Sen 109 7RP M, Movie Sen110 Pop Music Sen111 Loadsa Money Sen112 Miller Lite Sen113 Newtons Cradle Sen114 Luxo Teenager Sen115 Utopia (Over 18) Sen116 Icons Sen1l7 Board Games Sen118 Dragons Lair demo Sen119 Music disk Sen120 Megamaid (Over 18)
Sen121 Sam Fox Slide Show Sen 122 Killer demo Sen 123 Boing Machine Shmobi ... Space Harrier .. Super Hang On Triad II ... Xenon II Megablast Xybots ...... SPECIAL OFFERS (WHILE Backlash .. Better Dead Then Alien Bermuda Protect .. Crash Garrett ...... ECO .. Hellbent .. Heroes 01 The Lance... Knight Ore . Ma|or Motion . Manhattan Dealers...... Mercenary . Netherworld . Pandora Phantom Fighter .
Platoon . Powerplay ... Sky Chase Zyriaps 14 90
13. 90 1850
17. 90
17. 90
15. 50 STOCKS LAST) 9 99 11 99 11 99
9. 99 11 99 999 .... 16 99
12. 99 9 99 11 99 9 99 9 99 11 99 12 99 ... 1499
12. 99 999 ......9 99
* * Exclusive to Senlac Animation Disks featuring Shark Demo (V
- -Enterprise requires I meg .Two Disks only
£3.99 if?
Disk Storage boxes, holds 50, lockable £8.99 Join our Senlac Club now £3.00 membership includes Club Disk Commercial & Hardware ...Call now if item required not shown A500 Basic Mouse WBench Manuals As A500 with 10 games pack & Modulator ...... ..347.95 Photonpaint.. .
375 95 Cumana Cax 354 E Drive...... ....95 00 A590 20 meg Hard Drive 399 00 Linnet 1200 1200 Modem..... ..211.95 Soundsampler + software .... .....36.99 Citizen 120D Printer . ..159.99 Cables for Prinler Modem 12 95 Joysticks from ...... ......7 99 VHS Video rfemn shnw 7 99
* * * Commercial Software Compilations * * * Amiaa Gold Hits
1 ....18.95 Comnuter Hits Vol II 15 95
Hits Disk Vol 1 ...... ...18.95 Mega
Pack . .....15.95 Super
Six ...... ...15.95
Triad .. .....21.95
LEISURE .. APB .. Battle Chess..... AMIGA 14 90 .17
90 Please Send Cheques Postal Orders to: HAMMERSOFT. (dept f)
HETHERSETT. NORWICH, NORFOLK NR9 3DS = Available on Release Prices all include VAT & 1st Class Postage in U.K. Our Amiga Bulletin Board is now open to all running V21 V22 V23 midnight to 08.00am daily FREE Software to download Call Us Now!
Call Us Now with i our Credit Card for Immediate Despatch. Cheques &• F’ostal Orders to: 14 Oaklea Close, Old Roar Road, St. Leonards On Sea, East Sussex TN37 7HB Tel: 0424 753070 Titles Available on Request!
ORDERS-ENQUIRIES TEL (0603) 812416 (Europe please add £2 00 per item) Access, Visa, Eurocard & Mastercard Accepted Return ot Post Service on Stock Items r i 1 1 uu MAIN MEDIA Dept AF FREEPOST, ANDOVER, HANTS, SP10 3BR Tel: 0624 333830 (24 hrs) UNBRANDED LIFETIME GUARANTEE PO BOX 55 HASWELL DURHAM DH6 2EU (091)526 2973 (24 HRS) AMIGA IMAGE =.
TITLE RRP AIP APB ..19.99 15.99 Barbarian II .24.99 18.99 Batman ...24.99 18.99 Battlechess ..24.99 18.99 Beach Volley 24.99 18.99 Big Top O' Fun ...24.99 18.99 Bloodwych ...24.99 18.99 F-16 Combat Pilot.....24.95 18.95 Grand Prix Circuit.....24.99 18.99 Gunship ..24.95 18.95 Indiana Jones .....24.99 18.99 It Came From The Desert 24.95 18.95 Kick Off ...19.95 14.95 Kingdom Of
England .24.99 18.99 Lords Of The Rising Sun.,24.99 18.99 Paperboy .24.99 18.99 Passing Shot 19.99 15.99 Phobia .....24.99 18.99 Powerdrome .24.99 18.99 Rainbow Islands .24.99 18.99 Rick Dangerous ..24.99 18.99 RVF Honda ..24.99 18.99 Skweek ....19.99 15.99 Stunt Car Racer .24.99 18.99 The New Zealand Story- ...24.99 18.99 Weird Dreams .....24.99 18.99 Xenon II ..24.99 18.99
QUANTITY 10 31 2" SS DD 135TPI £7.95 31 2" DS DD 135TPI £8.50 20 30 40 £15.50 £22.75 £29.50 £16.50 £23.95 £31.25 50 100 £35.75 £69.95 £37.95 £74.95 COMPUTERS RRP AIP Amiga A500 + Free TV Modulator .399.99 349.95 Amiga A2000 + Free £300 of Software 1491.40 1299.00 RRP AIP PRINTERS BRANDED 3 1 2" DISKS 31 2" SONY DS DD 135 TPI BOX OF 10 ...£14.50 31 2" 3M DS DD 135 TPI BOX OF 10 ...£14.50 31 2" VERBATIM DS DD 135 TPI BOX OF 10 ......£14.50 31 2" DYSAN DS DD 135 TPI BOX OF
10 .£16.50 3 1 2" SONY DS HD 2.0MB BOX OF 10 .....£29.95 All 31 2" Disks come complete with labels and come with our No Quibble Money Back or Replacement Guarantee.
Seikosha SIM BOA! Dot- Matrix Printer ......149.99...
• Scoop* Citizen 120D ..249.99... Amiga MI’S 1230 |NK V)229.99 ..
Epson LX800 .316.99...
- Lead for Printer - Micro 14.95... .129.99 .149.99 .199.99
9. 99 folSC DRIVES RRP AIP AcllonSoft 1Mb 3 1 2"
Drive .99.95 ...
74. 99 Commodore 1 Mb 3 1 2" Drive .99.99.....
.....84.99 Ihard drives RRP AIP Amiga 20Mb (A500 only)399.99
... ...354.99 Vortex 40Mb (A500 1000)573.85.... ...499.99
¦MONITORS RRP AIP 1 Philips CM 8833 14 Colour Stereo269.99..
...229.99 Amiga 1084 s 14‘ Colour Store.. ....299.99....
....254.99 Imodems RRP AIP 1 Linnet Auto Dial Answer Modem
V21 33
174. 80..... ...139.99 |jOYSTICKS RRP AIP | yuickbiiot
it . SnmlkmL* 1 MicroS witch)
....B.y: ..... ..12.95..... b.95 9.95 V
UlklllL, U'llt.l UvJi* III 111 Quickjoy V Supcrboard..
..19.95..... .....13.99 |discs RRP AIP |
3. 5 Disc Cleaner Box of 10 Branded Discs...
....5.95 ..19.99...... .4.95 ......13.99 DISKETTE
STORAGE BOXES Price Each 50 x 31 2" Hinged Lid
Lockable .....£5.50 100 x 31 2" Hinged
Lid Lockable .....£7.50 DISK BOXES
WITH DISKS 50 x 31 2" Hingea Lid Lockable with 20 DS DD 135TPI
£21.50 100x31 2" Hinged Lid Lockable with 50 DS DD 135TPI
£44.95 MEGA DEALS "ARKANOID 2"- £9.99 " TETRAQUEST " - .£8.99
AMIGA A500 & MODUIjYTOR .£349.95 All prices include VAT and
Carriage. All Goods despatched within 24 hours subject to
SP103BR Tel: 0264 333830 (24 hrs) Free quote on all available hardware - Just send S.A.E. Full software catalogue available - £1- (Retundable with 1st purchase). Software - PiP inc. U.K. Europe add £1-, elsewhere £2 per item Hardware ¦ £5- U.K. Mainland, elsewhere ring write tor rates. Cheques P.O. International Money Orders made Payable 10 'AMIGA IMAGE' All post lo our P.O. Box No'. 6 church st FULL NO QUIBBLE' 1 YEAR GUARANTEE WITH ALL PRODUCTS E&OE. Haswetl. Durham Sp Y D EE SERVICE TEL: 0604 33922 1-7 COLLEGE STREET NORTHAMPTON NN1 2SZ FAX: 0604 24664 AMIGA ST 01 Archon
Collection ..£6.99 02 Artie Fox .£6.99......£6.99 03 A.P.U .£13.99....£13.99 04 Astaroth Angel of Death £17.50....£17.50 05 Blood Money £17.50....£17.50 06 Bloodwych ....£17.50 ....£17.50 07 Bards Tale 1 ...£6.99 £6.99 08 Bards Tale 2 .£17.50 09 Battle Chess .£17.50....£17.50 10 Bionic Commandos ...£6.99 £6.99 1 1
Ballistix .£13.99 ....£13.99 12 Beach Vollev .£17.50....£13.99 13 Batman the' Movie ...£17.50....£13.99 14 Castle Warrior .....£17.50....£13.99 15 Dungeon Master ..£17.50 ....£17.50 16 Dragon Ninja £17.50....£13.99 17 Demons Winter ....£17.50 ....£17.50 18 Double Dragon ....£13.99 .....£13.99 19 Dynamite Dux .....£13.99 ....£13.99 20 Deluxe Paint III ...£49.99 21
Elite ..£17.50....£17.50 22 F16 Combat Pilot .£17.50....£17.50 23 Falcon (Mirrorsoft) ...£20.99 ....£17.50 24 Falcon Mission Disk £13.99 ....£13.99 25 Forgotten Worlds .£13.99 ....£13.99 26 Foundations Waste £6.99 £6.99 27 F.O.F.T ..£20.99.....£20.99 28 Fantavision ..£27.99 29 Flight Simulator 2 ...£24.50....£24.50 30 Fiendish Freddy's .£20.99 .....£20.99 31 Gemini
Wing .£13.99.....LI3.99 32 C.unship £ 17.50....£ 17.50 33 Indiana Jones (Arcade) £13.99 ....£13.99 34 Journey ..£20.99 35 Jet ..£24.50....£24.50 36 Kick Off .£13.99....£13.99 37 Knit ...£17.50....£17.50 38 Kings Quest Triple Pack £24.50 ....£24.50 39 Knight Force .P.O.A P.O.A. 40 Lords of the Rising Sun £20.99 4 I Leonardo ......£13.99....£13.99
42 Mr Heli ..£17.50....£17.50 43 Millenium 2.2 ......£17.50....£17.50 44 Microprose Soccer ...£17.50 ....£17.50 45 Marble Madness .....£6.99 £6.99 46 Manhunter ...£20.99.....£20.99 47 New Zealand Storv ...£17.50 ....£13.99 48 Out Run ..£6.99......£6.99 49 Phobia ...£17.50....£13.99 50 Paperboy £13.99.....£13.99 51 Populous New Worlds £6.99......£6.99 52
Populous ......£17.50 ....£ 17.50 53 Passing Shot £13.99 ....£13.99 54 Quest For the Time Bird £20.99 £20.99 55 Rainbow Islands ...P.O.A......P.O.A. 56 Real Ghostbusters ...£17.50....£17.50 57 Riek Dangerous ...£17.50....£17.50 58 Robocop .....£17.50....£13.99 59 RVF Honda ...£17.50....£17.50 60 Rocket Ranger .....£20.99....£17.50 61 Running Man ......£17.50....£17.50 62 Shinobi .£13.99
....£13.99 63 Strider ...£13.99 ....£13.99 64 Super Wonderboy .P.O.A......P.O.A 65 Shadowgate ..£17.50 ....£17.50 66 Street Fighter .£6.99......£6.99 67 Skv Fox 2 £6.99 £6.99 68 Story So Far Vol 1 £13.99.....£13.99 69 Storv So Far Vol 2 £13.99 ....£13.99 70 Spherical ......£ 13.99 .....£ 13.99 71 Speed ball .....£17.50....£17.50 72 Silkworm ......£13.99 ....£
13.99 73 Star Wars Trilogy .£17.50 ....£17.50 74 Shadow of the Beast £24.50.....P.O.A. ALL PRICES INC. VAT + Subject to Availability 75 Triad 2 ..£17.50....£17.50 76 Targhan £17.50 ....£17.50 77 3D Pool .£13.99....£13.99 78 Thundcrbirds ......£17.50.....£17.50 79 Time and Magiek .£13.99 ....£13.99 80 TV Sports Football ...£20.99 ....£1 7.50 81 Vigilante £ 10.50... .£ 10.50 AAAf More Titles
Available [ S of Satisfied Customers “== 24 HR DESPATCH 82 Waterloo £ 17.50... .£ 17.50 83 War In Middle Earth £13.99 .....£13.99 84 Weird Dreams ......P.O.A......£17.50 85 Worldclass Lcadcrboard ....£6.99......£6.99 86 Xenon II £17.50....£17.50 87 Captain Blood .£6.99......£6.99 88 Fun School 2 Under 6 £13.99 .....£13.99 89 Fun School 2 6-8 .£13.99....£13.99 90 Fun School 2 8+ ..£13.99....£13.99 top as 91 Operation
Thunderbolt ....P.O.A......P.O.A. 92 Continental Circus ...P.O.A......P.O.A. 93 F A 18 Interceptor ...£17.50 94 Leisuresuit Larrv 2 ......£20.99 95 Police Quest ..£13.99.....£13.99 96 Police Quest 2 .....£13.99 ....£17.50 97 Space Quest 3 ......£20.99 98 Pheenix ..£6.99 99 Turbo GT .....£6.99 100 TNT ......£6.99 101 Solomon's Key £6.99
102 Centrefold Sources £13.99....£13.99 103 Hard Drivin' .P.O.A......P.O.A. 104 Power Drift ..P.O.A......P.O.A. 105 Cabal P.O.A......P.O.A. 106 F29 Retaliator .....P.O.A......P.O.A. 107 Ivanhoc P.O.A......P.O.A. 108 Untouchables .....P.O.A......P.O.A. 109 II Came from the Desert P.O.A......P.O.A. 1 10 Space Ace ....P.O.A .
P. O.A. = Phone on Availability MAIL ORDER PRICES ONLY 1 Meg
Amiga Upgrade + on off switch, no internal clock + FREE
Dungeon Master ONLY £84.99 Amiga + ST 1 Meg external drive ?
Through Port ? On Off switch ? Enable Disable switch £79.99
SPECIAL OFFERS Star LC10 = £146.99 Star LC24 10 - £235.00 Star
LC10 Colour = £230.00 Star LC10 2= £210.00 Phone for More
HARDWARE Amiga A500 Computer + Mod + Mouse + AL + Manuals + 16
Free Games £360.00 ? ? ? BATPACK ? ? ?
Amiga A500 + Mod + Mouse + AL + Manuals + Batman + Interceptor + D Paint 3 + New Zealand Story £360.00 Atari 520 STFM (Power Pack) Word Processor + Spreadsheet + Database + £500 worth of FREE Games £360.00 Explorer Pack - Atari 520 STFM Incl. Mouse + Manuals + Basic + Leads £360.00 Philips 8833 Monitor - £230 Phone on other Availability of Other Monitors ? ? ? Discs ? ? ?
10 3.5 £6.00 50 3.5 .....£30.00 100 3.5 ...£57.50 Please phone for larger or smaller Quantities ? ? ? Storage Boxes ? ? ?
10 DDL-£2.00 40 DDL - £7.00 80 DDL - £8.00 ? ? ? Bits & Bobs ? ? ?
Mouse Mat - £3.99 - 8mm Mouse Mouse - £1.99 Magic Stage - £9.99 Full range of dust covers Amiga: £4.99 Atari: £4.99 LC10: £4.99 Please phone for full list.
SEE PAGE 142 FOR FURTHER DETAILS OR CALL THE HOTLINE NUMBER ON 0458 74011 ORDER CODE AM100 jumvjua TO ORDER PLEASE SEE SUBSCRIPTION OFFER ON PAGE 142 HOTLINE 0458 74011 AMIGA O BASEBALL SHIRT Designed in the USA, this black and white shirt is a must for every Amiga owner (Logo on left breast and centre back) Price Order No Description ORDER Medium £6.50 AM106 Extra Large £6.50 AM107 Description Price Order No One binder £4.95 AM108 Two binders £9.00 AM109 SAVE £15 Description Price Order No ©AMIGA BINDER Keep your issues together in this high quality binder with the Amiga Format logo printed
on the front and spine.
A video digitiser for under £100 complete with brilliant software, ease of use and full screen display. See the full review in issue 3.
£99.95 AM114B Vidi Amiga SAVE £6 Description O XENON 2 Mirrorsoft.
Battle through five vast levels destroying everything and anything that stands in you way in possibly the best shoot 'em up this year Price Order No BACK ISSUES Want to complete your collection of the ultimate Amiga magazine? Why not buy the following issues, complete with their cover disks for the same price as newsstand, we pay the postage!
Become a true formula one racing driver in this superb challenge of eight races and countries.
SAVE £5 Description Price Order No £14.99 AM117 Cont'al Circus SAVE £7 BATMAN Ocean.
Patrol Gotham City in the Batmobile. Try to capture the Joker in the Axis Chemical Factory. A brilliant game taken from the superb feature film.
Laser Squad combines strategic skill with the use of grenades and a variety of automatic weapons to defeat your foe.
Price Order No Laser Squad £12.95 AM141 SAVE £7 ©INTERPHASE Imageworks.
Play the game of the future and choose disks to relive your dreams. Excellent sound and graphics from this complex and intriguing game.
Order No Description Price £22.99 AM119 Interphase SAVE £10 ©SHADOW OF THE BEAST Psygnosis.
You are out to stop the slaughter of innocent humans. In particular you attempt to kill the Beast Lord himself - not easy with pulsating eyes and other dangers to endure - but the reward is freedom!
Order No Price Description S w of the Beast £24.99 AM120 SAVE £10 JN RED LIGHTNING US Gold A detailed war game set during World War
III. The whole set is based in Europe and involves NATO and other
strictly "serious" organisations.
Order No £19.99 AM118 Price Description Red Lightning ®THE UNTOUCHABLES Ocean Cover Disk of Issue 4 . Play the leader, Elliot Ness, of an elite band of government agents “The Untouchables", fight the gangland bosses against organised crime.
SAVE £6 Order No Description Price ISSUE 1-6,9 &10 SOLD OUT ISSUE 7 £2.95 AM207 The Untouchables £18.99 AM116 ISSUE 8 £2.95 AM208 SAVE £25 Description ©MUSIC X JNR Micro Illusions.
A brilliant music package for the Amiga, with 24 tracks this has to be best.
0 ISSUE 12 £2.95 AM212 Price Order No ISSUE 13 £2.95 AM213 £73.95 AM 142 Music X Jnr AMIGA FORMAT MAIL ORDER Name Address Postcode Phone number Credit Card No Expiry date Description Price Order No Visa • Cheque • PO TOTAL ORDER ___i
• For overseas orders call Trevor for prices.
Please make all cheques payable to Future Publishing Limited SEND THIS FORM TO: Trevor Witt, Amiga Format, The Old Barn, Freepost, Somerton, Somerset, TA11 7PY No stamp required if posted in the UK, Channel Islands or the Isle of Man
S. D.C., 60 Boston Road, London W7 3TR Other branches at: 309
Goldhawk Road, London W12 8EZ 18 Market Square, Leighton
Buzzard, Beds. I ? Unit 33-34 Rumford Shopping Hall, Market
Place, Romford EssexN ? 675 Holloway Road, Archway, London,
PHONE RING-01-741 1222 01-995 3652 0525 371884 If you wish to
purchase any product from our list and find that you can buy
the same product cheaper from another mail order company,
simply enclose the lower amount, stating the name of the other
company and where you saw the advert (it must be a current
issue). Price Promise does not apply to other companies
"Special Offers".
ENQUIRIES RING 01-567 7621 Office hours only 10am - 6pm APB 1299 700 Action Fighter 15 99
9. 00 Arthur
15. 99
9. 00 Astaroth 15 99
9. 00 Barbarian 15 99 900 Beach Volley 1499
10. 00 Beam
12. 99
7. 00 Blood Money
15. 99
9. 00 Cabal
14. 99 1000 Castle Warrior
15. 99
9. 00 Chariots Of Wrath
15. 99 900 Continental Circus
15. 99 900 Dommator 1499 500 Dragon Spirit
12. 99 7 00 Dragons of Flame
17. 99 7 00 Dynamite Dux
17. 99 7 00 F-29 Retaliator 1499
10. 00 F16 Combat Pilot
15. 99 9 00 Falcon 21 99 8 00 Falcon Mission Disk
12. 99 7 00 Fast Break Fiendish Freddy's Big
17. 99 7 00 Top o' Fun
17. 99 700 Grand Prix Circuit 17 99
7. 00 Hardball
17. 99 700 Honda R V. F. 750 15 99 9 00 Indiana Jones & The Last
14. 99
5. 00 Jack Nicklaus 17 99
7. 00 Journey 21 99 8 00 Kingdom Of England 1599
9. 00 Knight Force
15. 99 9 00 Laser Squad 1299 700 Last Nin|a II
17. 99 700 Leisure Suit Larry 2 21 99 8 00 Licence To Kill
12. 99
7. 00 Monopoly Deluxe
12. 99 7 00 Moonwalker 17 99 7 00 Mr Heli 1599 9 00 Paperboy 12
99 7 00 Populous Promised Lands
7. 99
2. 00 Powerdrome
17. 99
7. 00 Preditor
17. 99
9. 00 Rainbow Island 15 99
9. 00 Rainbow Warrior
15. 99
9. 00 Rally Cross 12 99 7 00 Rick Dangerous
15. 99
9. 00 Robo Cop
14. 99
10. 00 Saint + Greavsie
12. 99 700 Shadow of the Beast
27. 99 7 00 Shufflepuck Cafe
12. 99 7 00 Sim City 21 99 8 00 Skweek
14. 99 5 00 Sleeping Dogs Lie
14. 99
10. 00 Soccer
14. 99
10. 00 Space Quest III
17. 99 7 00 Spherical 14 99 5 00 OUR PRICE SAVING PRICE SAVING
Star Wars Trilogy 15 99
9. 00 Action Service 399
16. 00 Strider 1499 500 Alien Syndrome
7. 99 1200 Stryx
12. 99 7 00 Archipelagos
9. 99
15. 00 Stunt Cars
15. 99 900 Backlash
4. 99
15. 00 Super Wonderboy
17. 99
7. 00 Billiards
4. 99
15. 00 Targhan
15. 99
9. 00 Bio Challenge
12. 99 1200 Terry's Big Adventure 1099 400 Bismarck
7. 99
17. 00 Test Drive II (The Duel) 17 99
7. 00 Bombuzal
6. 99 1300 Toobm' 1299
7. 00 Captain Blood
5. 99
19. 00 Trivial Pursuits Genus
12. 99
7. 00 Crash Garrett
3. 99
16. 00 Vindicator 1299
7. 00 Crazy Cars II
15. 99
9. 00 Weird Dreams
15. 99 900 D N A Warrior
3. 99 1600 Wrangler 1299
7. 00 Dungeon Master
15. 99 900 Xenophobe
15. 99 900 Empire Strikes Back 899
11. 00 r- l r-* B lib r © he* Tj JfJE ©IS?
Battle Chess .... .17.99 New Zealand Story .... ....14 99 Battletech .
14. 50 Outrun ......
......6.99 Bloodwych .15.99
Populous ..
....17.99 Carrier Command .15.99 RAC Lombard Rally....
...14.99 Champ (The) ... .15.99
Rampage .. ...14.99
Dark Side ..
15. 99 Red Heat .. .
.14.99 Dragon Ninja
14. 99 Renegade III ... .14.99
Escape From Drill 12 99 Rocket
Ranger ..... .. .17.99
F. O.F.T ...... .21.99 Run The Gauntlet
..... .14 99 Fire Brigade.... .21.99
Shinobi ..... ....
12.99 Forgotten Worlds .14 99 Stormlord .
. .12.99 Foundations Waste ..... . .6.99 Talespin .... ...21.99 Garfield Winters Tale. .
15. 99 Talk To The Animals .. ...15.99
Gemini Wing .... .12.99 Temple Of Flying
Saucers ...15 99 Gunship
15. 99 Thunderbirds . ...10.99
Kick Off .11.99 Time
Scanner . ...17.99 Kult 15
99 Trained Assassin ... ...15.99 Microprose
Soccer ..... .15.99
Vigilante ....
...10.99 Millenium 2.... .16.99 Xenon II -
Megablast . ...15 99 Navy Moves. ..
17. 99 Xvbots ......
£15.99 Beyond The Ice Palace + Ikari Warriors + Thunderbirds
+ Bomb Jack + Space Harrier Buggy Boy + Battleships + Live 8
Captain Blood + Arkanoid II + Menace +¦ Tetris + Xenon +
Crazy Cars Baal COMPUTER HITS TWO ONLY £9.99 p&mmm n© ® r r
r-1 el
n) ; xi §) OUR PRICE SAVING C TJ A ij T6) p PI i-j (e XU'S) OUR
Voyager + R-Type Tetris + Golden Path + Black Shadow + Joe
Blade Flintstones
4. 99
15. 00 Hellbent
4. 99 15 00 Hotball
6. 99
13. 00 King Of Chicago
7. 99 22 00 Kristal
12. 99 12 00 Lords Of The Rising Sun
20. 99 14 00 Manhunter In New York
12. 99 12 00 Operation Neptune
9. 99 10 00 Pacmania
7. 99 17 00 Peter Beardsleys Int. Soccer
7. 99 1200 Purple Saturn Days
8. 99 16 00 Return Of The Jedi
8. 99
11. 00 Running Man
9. 99 15 00 Sky Fox
5. 99 19 00 Soldier Of Light
7. 99
12. 00 Sorceror Lord
5. 99 14 00 Space Quest II
12. 99 12 00 Speedball
9. 99 14 99 Spidertronic
2. 99 17 00 Star Wars
8. 99
11. 00 3 Stooges
6. 99 13 00 TV. Sports Football
19. 99
10. 00 Teenage Queen
8. 99 11 00 Tetris
4. 99 15 00 Wanted
4. 99 15 00 War In Middle Earth
12. 99 12 00 Warlocks Quest
3. 99 16 00 Willow
6. 99 18 00
3. 5" DISC 2 for 1 Lifetime Guarantee 10 3 5" OS DD
Discs 7.99 20 3 5' DS
DD Discs .....14 99 50 3.5'
DS DD Discs * Free Storage Box .37 50 100 3 5' DS DD
Discs ? Free Storage Box 69 99 200 3.5" DS DD Discs * Free
Storage Box.....129.99 500 3.5" DS DD Discs * Free Storage
Box.....304 99 All discs offered are supplied with labels *
individually sleeved TRIAD ONLY £12.99 Starglider + Barbarian
(Psygnosis) + Defender Of The Crown
S. D.C. ORDER FORM Please send me the following titles. BLOCK
capitals please!
Type of computer Title: Amount ? Personal Callers Only Total Enclosed £ AMIGA FORMAT, DECEMBER Name..... Address.
Tel. No..... Please Make Cheques and Postal Orders Payable to S.D.C. These are mail order prices only, shop prices may vary.
Please add 50p P&P for orders under £5. Over £5 P&P is free. Europe please add £1.00 per disc. Elsewhere please add £1.50 extra per disk.
LETTERS NnuTines Yet again, a few of your many letters manage to escape the Origami treatment. All new offerings are welcomed by BOB WADE at 4 Queen Street, Bath, BA1 1 EJ. Write now!
COMPLAIN ABOUT COMPLAINTS I demand to complain about the people who complain about Kick Off. Especially Daniel I’ll slag off anything I paid for" Silver.
Okay, so it gets boring after the first 6000 plays in one player mode with its smooth and fast scrolling. But in two player it’s in a class of its own. My friends and I have started a mini league and my Dad has to tell us to keep the volume of the ‘Yeah’, Take that you mother’ and ‘Aaarrrgh’s’ down.
So, Daniel, why don’t you make a friend and find out what it's like to beat the pants off a friend or enemy.
James Coulson Nounsley, Essex FEARS REALISED?
I recieved October’s Amiga Format last week and my initial feeling was one of disappointment; that what I feared from the start is now happening. Format is turning into yet another games review magazine.
My use of an Amiga is for video, graphics, education and business. I originally chose ST Amiga Format over Amiga Computing as not only were games less of a feature, but to someone new to computers, the equipment reviews and articles were very well written, without being superficial. I especially liked the little boxes with explanations of words and devices mentioned in the articles. I also found ST Amiga Format more readable than the ‘international’ magazine.
Now the magazines have split, I have faithfully followed Amiga Format in the hope that what I want from the magazine will be continued. To some extent it has, there are some very good articles, but to my mind there is an indisidious change creeping in. Perhaps presentation has something to do with it. To the magazine has been given over to games.
Open the magazine hoping to see the contents page only to be confronted with Batman was annoying. The articles I wanted are hidden in amongst and sometimes split up by advertisements. It also seems that more of Your ST Amiga Format Questionnaire was interesting, but I hope can be interpreted wisely.
Do the 56% which use the magazine for leisure only play games I WHY DON’T YOU KICK OFF?
I know that it's a wind up and that you'll probably be laughing at me this instant, but I had to write on the off chance that Mr Silver’s letter in the October issue was for real. If that’s the case then I would like the opportunity to answer each of his critisms about Kick Off individually.
1. Is it really that important that there is no option to define
your own name? Does it detract from the game play in any way?
I think not.
Anyway, in the league option you can define your team’s name till your hearts content.
2. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but I was under the assumption that
the letters R-E-F-E-R-E-E spelt referee, and that these
letters appear before each game along with a name next to the
said letters if you win the toss or not. Ah, I understand Mr
Silver, you were playing the game in Dutch!!
3. Maybe some of the referees are strict, but the only time I
have seen all of the computer's players sent off was when I
deliberately tripped over their legs; even then I was skillful
enough to not kick the ball out of play for a throw in by the
4. The arrow does not freeze for a split second, and I personally
have saved dozens of penalties, so they are not impossible to
5. I agree, the scanner does sometimes become redundant on the
international level, and some teams colours are hard to see on
the scanner, but surely the scanner is still useful for set
6. I have never experienced the computer taking control of my
player and doing sliding tackles that were out of my control.
What I think happened Mr Silver was that a computer
controlled player did a sliding tackle, and then as the ball
moved towards that player, that player came under human
control as he was nearest the ball. If your player gets sent
crashing to the ground it is known as a foul and it is the
referee’s prerogative as to whether or not to call that a
foul. I have never experienced great difi- culties in shooting
straight, could it be that you are not the greatest Kick Off
player in the World?
It is the referee's prerog
7. I agree, the sound is awful, but who needs great sound when
you’ve got a game this good.
R * V- AS**
- iMmL I hope that puts the record straight, and all I can say is
keep up the good work Anco and Amiga Format.
Steven Floward Oulton Broad, Suffolk wonder? Do not forget that there are 44% of us that are primarily using our Amigas for other uses.
(I did not vote).
The Amiga deserves and needs to be taken more seriously in art, education and business. If it does grow in these areas, it cannot help but have a spin off for games. There is a new magazine on the stands especially for the Amiga games. Please lets not have another one. Can you afford to lose 44% of us?
Francis Bunker Dyfed, Wales The coverage of games has not been increased until this issue.
There will also be greater games coverage in the next issue - in both cases it is to reflect the fact that Christmas is the biggest time of year for games. This does not mean the 'serious' side is losing out though because the magazine as a whole is expanding in size - you will find there is more in that line as well.
I would like to bring up the subject of the future of CD ROM drives as a replacement for conventional disks.
By using the CD format programs could be expanded without space being a problem, it would also cut out the need for those annoying disk swaps.
The use of these Cds would solve the piracy problems for the software houses: can you imagine pirates splashing out hundreds of thousands of pounds for the equipment needed to produce these disks? You may think the same for software houses, who can afford that equipment. But if you think about it, the amount of money lost through pirates would soon pay for the change of formats.
This format would also deter the casual copier, who gives a copy to all his mates (cost has William Clowes Street Burslem Stoke-on-Trent ST6 3AP Tel 0782 575043 Software AMIGA SPECIAL OFFERS AMIGA SPECIAL OFFERS AMIGA SPECIAL OFFERS Destroyer . ...£12.95 Bloodwych .. .£15.95 Hellfire Attack ...£2.99 Grid Start . .....£4.95 Fiendish Freddies .. .£19.95 Time Scanner . ...£9.99 Ice Hockey .....£4.99 Falcon . .£19.95 Maria's Christmas Box .
...£4.99 Flight Path 737 ... .....£4.95 Falcon Mission Disk..... .£13.95 GFL Golf ..... ...£4.99 Butcher Hill . .....£7.95 Populous .... .£16.95 Foundations Waste ...£5.95 Strip Poker 2+ ..... .....£7.95 Populous Scenery Disk.
...£7.95 Bismarck .... ...£9.99 Corruption ... .....£9.95 ? Fighting Soccer .. .£15.95 Faery Tale Adventure.... ...£8.99 Jinxter ..... .....£9.95 ? Bomber ... .£16.95 Fire Power .. ...£6.99 Turbo Cup .....£7.99 ? Tusker .... .£16.95 Tracers ...£2.99 Street Fighter ...... .....£7.99 ? Manchester United.... .£15.95 Arctura ...... ...£4.99 Karting Grand Prix..... .....£4.95 ? Pictionary ... .£15.95
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Leathernecks .....£6.99 ? Iron Lord .£16.95 Solitaire Royal ...£6.95 Karate Kid II . .....£5.99 ? Chamber of Shaolin .. .£15.95 GB Air Rally ... ...£4.99 The Flintstones ... .....£7.95 ? Future Wars .£19.95 Lombard Rally .£14.99 Nebulus ... .....£6.99 ? Strider .... .£13.95 Armageddon Man .. ...£4.99 Netherworld . .....£6.99 Vigilante ..... ...£9.95 Hyperdrome ... ...£4.99 Gold Runner
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• ..£6.99 Targhan ..... £15.95 All orders under
£6 please add 75p towards postage and packing.
All orders over £6.00, postage and packing free.
? Please confirm availability before ordering.
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3. 5" EXTERNAL DRIVES using Teac Cifizen drive mechanisms A-MAX
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£114, including VAT & delivery Star LC24-10 multifont 24pin printer, amazing new low price .
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• Slimline design
• Very quiet
• Long cable for location either side of computer
• Full 12 months guarantee These high specification units offer
versatile high capacity storage suitable for use with the Amiga
500 or 1000. Autobooting capability, a formatted capacity of
over 42Mb, with an average access time of 45ms. Includes
cables, Amiga interface module, plus utilities software
including hard disk backup.
System 2000 40Mb Hard Disk Package £529.00 vortex system 2000 40 Mb hard disks
3. 5" Disks 10 Bulk packed DS DD 3.5" disks with labels, fully
guaranteed ..£ 9.95 25 bulk disks as
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DS DD 3.5" disks, top quality storage media. Box of
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Lyl Send cheque, Postal Order or ACCESS VISA card details Evesham Micros Ltd 63 BRIDGE STREET EVESHAM WORCS WR11 4SF © 0386-765500 fax 0386-765354 Phone us with your ACCESS or VISA card details on : 0386-765500 Govt., educ. & PLC orders welcome Same day despatch whenever possible All goods subject to availability, E.&O.E. Open to callers 6 days, 9.30-5.30 E3 Retail i762 pCrshore Road, Cotteridge, Birmingham B30 3BH Tel: 021 458 4564 alsoat : 5 Glisson Road, Cambridge CB1 2HA Tel: 0223 323898 LETTERS nothing to do with it - if it can be copied, people will copy it).
The old disk system could be used in tandem with the new system as a data storage medium - just for those who can’t afford hard disk drives.
In terms of cost I am sure that because the hardware is already available, then to adapt it would be very easy (for the Amiga) and I can’t see the price being higher than the present average of about 24 quid, when you consider music CD's only cost 12 quid a throw.
Just think it would kill off the virus problem as well, and no more disks crashing due to it being left on the disk drive. Think about it and let’s hear some more comments from other readers, and possibly from people in the software houses.
Tim Lloyd Hong Kong SPARKS FLY Further to your article in Issue 3 (October’89) by Jason Holborn, ‘DIY Kickstart’. I feel I must write to express my horror on reading this incomplete (so called step by step) instructions on how to fit a
1. 3 Kickstart chip on an Amiga.
Warnings were given informing of impending doom, I admit, but including phrases such as: "holding any metal pipe” as a safety tip, can only be taken as complete incompetence and irresponsibility.
As a highly qualified T.V. and satellite engineer, I can inform you that this is an extremely unsafe thing to do at worst, and very bad practise even if the computer is switched off and isolated.
You do of course realise that you could be responsible for a lot of "blown up" Amigas, and bad feeling towards yourselves.
However if I may be permitted, I would like to go some way to try and avoid some of the impending damage caused by arousal of interest in enthusiastic amateurs.
Please print this letter. Come on don’t shy away from constructive critisism.
1) Unplug and isolate computer and wait 5 minutes.
Keyboard clear.
6) Lift screen can top clear.
7) Wearing polythene bags on your hands, gently lift one end and
then the other of the kickstart chip with the screwdriver
(take your time).
8) Fit Kickstart 1.3, taking care to get it the right way round.
9) Reassemble.
2) Remove 6 screws on under side.
3) Gently prise top cover from computer, using a small screw
driver, at the side of the computer (level with the top of
4) Unscrew and lift flanges on top of metal screen can.
5) Remove keyboard plug and lift PRIZE WINNER FLIGHTS OF FANCY
Whilst wading (no pun intended) through a batch of new
computer mags I was intrigued by the number of new flight
simulators both recently released and ‘in the pipeline’. Being
an ardent flight sim addict, having used everything from Psion
Flight Simulator on the good old Speccy to Sub Logic’s FSII
and Jet on both IBM and Amiga and of course Falcon and it’s
new mission disk, I have decided to put pen to paper, well
printhead to paper actually.
D. K. so flight sims do seem to be getting better but are they
actually giving us, the end user, what we really want?
Do we want to be looking at a plain green yellow blue landscape and constantly splashing Migs that look like shoe boxes on wings, factories that look like shoe boxes without wings and flying over flat terrain that at best has a couple of pyramid mountains?
For my part I would have to say no! It’s fine to take off and find a simulator that goes in for a bit of depth in the actual game strategy, as Falcon Mission Disk 1 does, but I am now getting the distinct feeling that modern computers like the Amiga, ST and Archimedes are capable of so much more and that we the users must ask for it.
Personally I would like to see:
1) More realistic scenery, fractalised perhaps, even if it does
mean five missions instead of ten.
2) Speech used instead of stupid notes at the top of the screen.
3) Weather effects. Imagine doing ground attack in heavy rain or
4) In flight refuelling.
5) A flight ‘tutor’ system with verbal response to actually tell
you what you are doing wrong.
6) A proper ‘ground support' role where bad shooting could hit
your own troops and cause Court Martial.
I can’t see why any or all of these points are beyond the ability of some of the obviously very talented programmers that work on these simulators.
Having heard that Hi-Soft are currently creating a f sim of the Panavia Tornado M.R.C.A. I can only live in hope that their offering will shape up better than anything else to date. How about a training mission through the Pennines or Scottish Highlands, they could throw in a few hang-gliders to avoid as well!
Seriously though I think the gameplay of Falcon is just about right, all it needs is better graphics for the terrain.
Roger Barefoot Glynn, Co. Antrim
10) PRAY - then switch on.
P. S. Take my advice and get it done by a dealer.
RC Bowen Little Berkhamstead, Herts Frankly I don't think accusing us of complete incompetence and irresponsibility can be construed as constructive criticism. Thank you for your additional instructions, the use of an insulating material on the hands is indeed a valid point which we should have made. However, as for being responsible for 'fried' Amigas, the warnings given on the article were ample in my opinion. If anyone who was not familiar with handling computer components chose to ignore them, there is not much we can do about it.
A HEAVY METAL WOODWORKER WRITES... I’m sorry but I just don’t believe that people like Chris Cannon actually exist.
I have never written into a magazine before but felt I had to this time. I am not usually the sort of person who slags people off but this bloke got right up my
* A A * Firstly the 99.99999% of us intelligent readers realise
that you try to produce a magazine that covers all aspects of
the Amiga and, like it or not, games is one of them. I mean
it’s only 18 or so pages (including Gamebusters) of game
reviews out of a total of 130.
Secondly the majority of people that write into Workbench are new to computers and find the Commodore manuals complete and total double dutch ••*****• What right has Cannon got to call these people devoid of conventional education when he can’t even write a simple letter himself.
I don't suppose my letter is anywhere near perfect, but its better than his and I’m a Heavy metal fan with a grade 4 in CSE woodwork.
Amiga Format has got to be the best value Amiga mag around, and you’ve got the balance of news, reviews, letters, humor, etc just right.
Most of us appreciate the effort that goes into producing such a high quality publication, it’s just a shame we have to put up with the occasional stupid Andrew Hockings Harberton, Devon MY MAGAZINE WON’T COME BACK As you may be aware, Amiga Format is not available through local newsagents in Australia. It is LETTERS only availiable through specialist import shops which charge a horrendous Aus$ 16.95 (approx £9) an issue. Despite the price, all copies are sold in a week.
I mention this to illustrate the demand for your magazine here. A demand which is only partly being met by upmarket racketeers.
The Amiga is the second biggest selling personal computer in Australia. While the market may not be as big as the European or American markets, extra sales here can often significantly improve a company.
Computer and Video Games were recieving a healthy 10-15% of sales from the Australasian Pacific region.
Likewise, Commodore US was so impressed with Australian sales that it recruited its Australian manager to promote the computer overseas.
A readily available, good magazine at the right price will sell well in Australasia. Your current magazine fares well in this category. You should think about arranging overseas distribution.
But until you are able to distribute locally, could you please include overseas costs in your advertisements and subscription details for readers who wish to avoid high local mark-ups.
Simon Cobcroft Beecroft, NSW, Australia Our subscription page now carries details on overseas subscriptions - it's £40.95 for your part of the world.
MISSING VITAL COMPONENT Well done to all at the office, Amiga Format is a credit to you all and the Amiga. The layout is very well proportioned, covering almost all areas of interest... except one. Many of us are into electronics, some to a greater degree than others, and it is with this in mind that I suggest some space for the “techies".
I personally would like information on constructing a user- port, maybe by way of the Centronics Interface? And of course some software to control it (In Basic and Assembler). Also, an analogue to digital convertor with a program to display all input output states on screen. As a seasoned BBC model B and Master user I miss these greatly, as I am sure do many Amiga A500 owners who travelled the Acorn road, and for that matter the ex C64 owners.
Another suggestion: what about a series covering Amiga f
v. * ¦ Angry? In pain? Tell us why!
Electronics Faults and their probable causes with pointers as to which components to check or change? My reason for bringing this up is simple: I know of many people who have taken their out- of-warranty machines for repair and paid a small fortune for what might only have been a very minor fault, like a blown Ram chip, a power supply fault or even a blown fuse. Some people are making a fortune ripping off the unwary!
I’m no genius, but when my old Beeb developed a fault, I soon learned how to wield a soldering- iron and track down the fault.
Often it was a hair-line crack in the track needing bridging (a £50 repair job?) Anyway a ‘body-building’ course for the A500 would be a great idea. This, coupled with some Fault Diagnosis info, could save many of us, armed with the most basic electronics gear like a multimeter and soldering iron, an awful lot of bread.
Also where can we buy the components? My old Beeb mags, were littered with adverts selling everything from a plug to a new board and case. Is someone hogging all the Amiga ‘bits’?
And yes, I know the Amiga’s circuitry is complex and electricity is dangerous, but even so there are many of us who would still like to ‘have a go’, before kissing our favourite micro goodbye for a couple of months and then having to pay some con man for the privilege. Keep up the standard.
P. S. I’m not knocking the "Workbench" pages; it’s not bad... but
we do need more electronics buffs!
George Blades Whinhall, Airdrie ARCADES ARE OKAY I feel that Wayne Hansford was spot on when he said that nearly all games being released at the moment are not worth the £25 asking price. Is it just me or are games just not as good on the ol’Amiga as they were on the C64? I used to enjoy playing the majority of games on my 64 but games such as Blood Money, RVF Honda, Archipelagos and Rick Dangerous just don’t interest me for long. Great graphics and sound these games may have, but they lack the gameplay.
For £25 I can pop down the local arcade and have 125 goes on my favorite arcade games. If an average game on an arcade machine lasts 5 minutes then I can spend a good 10 hours playing for my £25 (providing the bouncers don’t chuck me out!)
There are a couple of games worth buying though which I happily forked out for - Balance of Power 1990 and Populous, both of which I’m still playing.
Chris Clifford Neath, West Glamorgan UNSOOTHED SAVAGE BEAST It has been said before that having a wonderful paint program won’t make you an artist. It is equally true that having four- channel stereo sound won’t make you a musician. Coming to the world of the Amiga from the C64, one of the things that strikes me about the games is how frequently the sound is superior to the C64 but the music is worse.
A large number of C64 games had excellent music written for them by two talented musicians, Rob Hubbard and Martin Galway. There doesn’t appear to be anyone of equal calibre writing for the Amiga. The main problem is that programming teams seem to have no conception of appropriate music. A jolly chirpy little tune is entirely in keeping with a game like New Zealand Story; but an epic space shoot-em-up demands a dramatic ‘Star Wars' sort of theme.
Consider a game like Warhawk on the C64, which was enormously enhanced by a stirring, atmospheric sound track SNIPPETS I wonder if you or any of your readers can help me. I am looking for a program which can generate fixture lists and league tables. I have seen such a program for the Amstrad PC and wonder if there is one for the Amiga either commercially or on PD.
Rob Marshall Chorleywood, Herts There is not one that we know of, but if anyone does then let us know because we could do with it as well.
I've noticed for a while now your screenshots of the various games, could you tell me how you get them? I’ve tried Grabbit, Hermit and ScreenX but the program locks the drives. Is there a program I can buy that will do the job? I would like to use some of the screenshots as menus etc. VA Osborne Bargoed, Mid-Glamorgan We don't 'frame-grab' the game screenshots - they are done using a good old-fashioned 35mm SLR camera and colour slide film. We do grab most of the pictures for Workbench, PD and so on, but any program that has protection on it cannot easily be converted into an IFF file.
Checkout Workbench for more details on how we do them.
I have just read Chris Cannon's letter putting Amiga Format down. Well all I can say is he must be blind, as I find the magazine most enjoyable. It is well laid out and very informative with very few errors.
Mr Cannon goes on about how a lot of the tips can be found in the supplied manual, that's great but how many people have read the manual, in depth, and then refer back to it. The tips supplied in the magazine usually outline what you can do in an easy to follow way, which is more than I can say about the manual.
T Lloyd Hong Kong Andy Smith has the best life known to man in my opinion, his eyes getting burnt out by a monitor and one or two hundred games. If you're ever in need of a game reviewer, I'm your man!
Illegible signature Llandeilo, Dyfed (Hubbard). The boppy little tune on Xenon doesn’t compare, and lets down the game as a whole. Xenon 2 is even worse; not only is the music inappropriate, its feeble. Repeating "dum diddle diddle diddle diddle” over and over again at four different pitches does not make a tune. And as for Gemini Wing - it may have lots of sampled instruments in it, but the sound track is so soporific it would be more suitable for a hotel lobby than an action game.
File Edit Layout Font Style |E]| Kind Words - SaMple Dociment Extra Help Proxinity Vlebster Electronic The and offers 470,000 synonyhs. Th right word by presenting a list synonyns, j Find and Replace... OF Check SpelIing... ovl Thesaurus... OT AutoMatic Hyphenation OH Screen Options... QD Show Picture Colors mo Close Workbench OH W 1 Substantial perfornance inprovenents offered by KindHords 2.0 coHprise new font styles including Novell -- an attractive sans serif type face, Math, and Greek.
It also now includes Auto and Hanual Hyphenation to give your printed docunents an overall better appearance.
Several new nenu connands include Select All, as well as inproved Open and Save requesters. KindHords cones with the official
1. 3 Horkbench, including the new enhanced printer drivers.
LETTERS There are some exceptions - Archipelagos, for instance. But a lot of software houses would be well advised to consider their game music a little more carefully, and not just slot in the first off-raking from a Sonix demo they come across.
Roger Musson Edinburgh Personally I would like to see some old tracks re-used, never mind all this Acid house stuff that's flying around. How about The Clash doing 7 fought the law' or 'Police and thieves’ for APB, The Stranglers doing ‘No more heroes’ for Indy Jones, Little Richard doing ‘Tutti Frutti' on the next fruit machine simulator or Pink Floyd doing 'The Wall' for the next Breakout game. Any more suggestions?
SHOCKING DISCOVERIES First of all I have a confession to make and then a couple of questions I hope you can answer.
Firstly the confession, I had, up to 2 months ago, owned an Amstrad 464, and what makes my confession even worse, part of my job involves teaching MSDOS and to do that I use both an OPUS V and an Amstrad 1640, so I really should know what is going on in the computer world, alas not so.
Back to the confession, 2 months ago I was sat at home trying to put together a manual for my students, using WordStar, when all of a sudden, a bottle of Newcastle Brown, that just happened to be next to my computer, fell over of it’s own accord, depositing its valuable contents all over the 464. Approximately 1 micron later, both I and the 464 accelerated across my bedroom at a rate of knots, only to be arrested by a brick wall. A newly decorated brick wall my mother might add.
Phone BooklAcc! .Phone Macro FilelAcc?.keys Color File:Accf.color Upload Dir:AH0: Dnload Dir:AH8: Systen Dir:AM8: Def.Cap ture:RAM:Cap.Txt User Dir i:AM9: User Dir 2:DF9: Shit, says I, and promptly set off up town to buy a 6128, expansion me thinks. On arriving at my local computer shop I asked the owner if I could purchase a 6128, "For what possible reason" says he, and immediatley shoves me into a room where he was giving an exhibition of an Amiga to some kids. “A home computer can't do that" says I, it can, it does, I bought one.
Now, I know that the price of some games on the Amiga are way past the buying capacity of Paul Getty, but some application programs are fairly priced, the opposite to the Amstrad. To complete, in fact to completely revamp the manual, I bought Publishers Choice after reading your article on it. This is where my problems begin, the package is excellent, with two exceptions. When I bought my Amiga I was given Photon Paint with it. Now all my mates have said that some of my artwork looks like some pictures drawn by Rembrandt, ten years after he died, so a simple to use package like that is a
boon to me.
Problem 1 When I transfer a picture from Photon Paint into Page Setter it isn’t as good as I thought it would be. Second problem, I cannot load a Photon Paint picture into Kindwords at all. Am I doing something wrong or is Photon Paint using a funny format?
My questions are - I want to put some photos into my manual so a little scanner, like the one advertised in your mag from Datel, would be ideal: question one, are they alright, and question two, are they compatible with all drawing programs. There is a third problem I have but I don’t think you could help with that, its down there you know. I would be very grateful for any help in any of the areas I have problems with, and don’t worry about sending me a T-shirt, they wouldn’t make them in my size anyhow.
Bill Elliott Lancaster, Lancs I have the same problem with Grolsch bottles - they just won't stay upright after you've had four or five of them will they? There's only one solution, as soon as you've got the top off drink it in one, that way it can't get knocked over and spilt. Then again, perhaps this is why your pictures Set-up String:A Dial Prefix:A Dial Suffix: Hangup String: 1280 Connect:C 2400 Connect:C No Connect i:N No Connect 2:B No Connect 3:V look like they do.
Here's Jason with the answers you needed... The answer to your first question is that Kind Words will not accept HAM pictures - try using a non- HAM package such as Deluxe Paint to produce your Kind Words art work (or alternatively, check out Pen Pal, as reviewed in this issue, that will handle both HAM and non-HAM pictures.)
Most scanners are mono only, and therefore they should work fine in conjunction with both PageSetter and Kindwords. Alternatively, have you considered a Video digitiser?
NewTek's Digi-View Gold will produce images in any number of colours, ranging from as little as 2 colours to a massive 4096.
Digi-View is available from NewTek on 0101 913 354 1146.
My name's Jason Holborn, thankyou and good night.
Ray Burt-Frost angered me in the same issue with his letter about public domain disks. I myself used to distribute public domain disks for £2.50 which at first seems much higher than Mr Burt- Frost’s prices. However, Mr Burt- Frost expects the user to provide his her own disks, padded bags and also to pay for postage so therefore he makes 50p-£l per disk, I, and many other public domain distributors, supply my own disks and also pay postage and packing.
How can Mr Burt-Frost possibly say that charging 50p - £1 per disk isn’t making a profit?
Where does this money go - in his pocket or does he chuck it away? Surely we can’t be expected to believe that it costs Mr Burt-Frost 50p- £1 to stick two disks in his disk drives and to wait a few seconds while the copying takes place then pack the copied disk up and send it away?
Big apologies to those who have ordered PD disks from me and have had their cheques returned - I have recently been ill and have been forced to leave work, etc. I am also in the process of moving home so all those people who answered my Empire query in Format Issue 2, please be patient! I had more than 80 people wanting to join in the game - my postman must be wondering why all my mail is marked ‘Empire Query’ by now!!
Chris Clifford Neath, West Glamorgan C= Commodore FREE! - INSANITY FIGHT - by Microdeal FREE! - AM EGAS - by Players
Novagen FREE! - BUGGY BOY - by Elite timexr LI -'J FREE! -
IKARI WARRIORS - by Elite "Y C-. xm':- pHHj y IHBM Jr. -JJ _
The Amiga 500 is one of a new breed of technologically
advanced computers, which are now emerging as the new standard
for home computing, based around the new Motorola 68000 chip.
The A500 has 512K RAM and a 1Mbyte double sided disk drive
built-in. It can be connected directly to a wide range of
monitors, or to a domestic TV set through a TV modulator.
Designed with the user in mind, the A500 features a user
friendly WIMP environment and comes supplied with a free
mouse. And, when you buy your Amiga from Silica Shop, the UK's
No1 Amiga specialists, you will experience an after sales
service that is second to none, including a technical support
helpline and free newsletters and price lists. Return the
coupon below for our current information pack, which will give
details of the Silica service and the very latest Silica Amiga
offers. E&oe WHY SILICA SHOP?
Belore you decide when lo Duy yout new Commodore Amiga computer, we suggest you consider very carefully WHERE you ouy it There are MANY companies wno can offer you a computer, a lew peripherals and Inc lop fen selling titles There are FEWER companies who can offer a wide range ol products for your computer as well as expert advice and help when you need it There is ONLY ONE company who can provide the largest range ol Amiga related products in the UK. A lull time Amiga specialist technical helpline and m-deptn after sales support, including free newsletters and brochures delivered to your door
lor as long as you require after you purchase your computer Thai one company is Silica Strop We nave been established in the home computer field lor ten years and can now claim to meet our customers requirements with an accuracy and understanding which is second to none Here are |uSI some of the things we can oiler you THE FULL STOCK RANGE: The largest range of Amiga related peripherals, accessories, books and software in the UK AFTER SALES SUPPORT: The staff at Silica Shop are dedicated to help you to get the best from your Amiga FREE NEWSLETTERS: Mailed direct to your home as soon as we
print them, featuring offers and latest releases FREE OVERNIGHT DELIVERY: On all hardware orders shipped to Silica Shop customers within t'he UK mainland PRICE MATCH PROMISE: We will normally match our competitors offers on a same product same price' basis FREE TECHNICAL HELPLINE: Full time team of Amiga technical experts lo help you with your technical queries.
But don't just take our word for it Complete and return the coupon beiow for our latest Amiga literature and begin lo experience the Silica Shop specialist Amiga service IME3M51M1 £399.99 £24.99 £69.95 £229.50 £724.43 £325.43 £399 A500 Computer TV Modulator Photon Paint TenStar Pack TOTAL RRP: LESS DISCOUNT: PACK PRICE INC „ VAT a A500 Computer 1084S Colour Monitor Photon Paint TenStar Pack £399.99 £299.99 £69.95 £229.50 £999.43 £350.43 £649 TOTAL RRP: LESS DISCOUNT: PACK PRICE INC VAT When you buy the Amiga 500 from Silica Shop, you will not only get a high power, value lor money computer, we
will also give you some spectacular free gifts First of all. We are now including a TV modulator with every A500 stand alone keyboard, so you can plug your Amiga straight into your TV at home (the modulator is not ncluded with the A500-A1084S pack as it is not required lor use with monitors) Secondly, we have added a free copy of Photon Paint, an advanced graphics package with an RRP of £69 95 Last (and by no means least1), so that you can De up and running straight away, we are giving away the sensational TENSTAR GAMES PACK with every A500 purchased at Silica Strop Tins pack features ten top
Amiga titles which have a combined RRP of nearly £230' Return the coupon tor details FREE TENSTAR PAC When you buy your Amiga 500 from Silica Shop, we want to make sure you get the best deal possible That is why we are giving away the TENSTAR GAMES PACK worth nearly £230, absolutely FREE with every A500 purchased from us The TenStar Games Pack includes ten titles for the A500, each individually packaged in its own casing with instructions TOTAL RRP: £229.50 Amegas £14.95 Art Of Chess £24.95 Barbarian, Ult Warrior £19.95 Buggy Boy £24.95 Ikari Warriors £24.95 Insanity Fight £24.95 Mercenary
Comp £19.95 Terrorpods £24.95 Thundercats £24.95 Wizball £24.95 £229.50 INC VAT r- us® | f To: Sil | PLE, : Silica Shop Ltd, Dept AMFOR 1289, 1-4 The Mews, Hatherley Road, Sidcup, Kent DA14 4DX : i,;;j: LLL UTEIMUJIE M THE iMIli If you already own an AriYiga computer and would like to be registered on our mailing list as an Amiga user, let us know We will be pleased to send you copies of our price lists and newsletters FREE OF CHARGE as they become available Complete the coupon and return it to our Sidcup branch and begin experiencing a specialist Amiga service that is second to none
Mr Mrs Ms: Surname: Initials: SILICA SHOP: Address: SIDCUP (& Mail Order) 01-309 1111 1-4 The Mews, Hatherley Road, Sidcup. Kent, DA14 4DX OPEN: MON-SAT 9am - 5.30pm LATE NIGHT: FRIDAY 9am - 7pm LONDON 01-580 4000 52 Tottenham Court Road, London, W1P OBA _OPEN: MON-SAT 9.30am - 6.00pm LATE NIGHT: NONE_ LONDON 01-629 1234 ext 3914 Selfridges (1st floor). Oxford Street. London, W1A 1AB . OPEN: MON-SAT 9am - 6 00pm LATE NIGHT: THURSDAY 9am - 8pm Postcode: Do you already own a computer If so, which one do you own9 Amiga Amiga Amiga Amiga Amiga Amiga DATAPLEX 10 Petersfield Avenue, Slough,
Berkshire SL2 5DN Tel 0753 35557 All prices excluding VAT and delivery 7,he 71.%. Amiga Users Qroup is the Largest Amiga otiCij user group in the zvorCd. We are now in our fourth year and are the most estabdshed and experienced Amiga user group in the 11.% We have over 1,500 members and are abCe to offer an unrivaCCed CeveC of support. Our members receive a 60+ page bi-monthdy nezvsCetter packed zvith articCes of interest at ad CeveCs, zve have a massive Cibrary of pubdc domain softzvare and run an Amiga onfy buCCetin board. We offer our members superb discounts on ad hardzvare,softzvare and
books. ‘The CU.%A.(U.Q. is the group to bebong to regardCess of your age or CeveC of experience, our aim being to provide support and encouragement to everyone. Why not join us and start to appreciate zvhat Amiga computing is aCC about.
&ro'JP m&d TTJ»e (©(5&0993 AMIGA HARDWARE A500 complete .....279.00 A500 + IV Modulator ......289.00 New Amiga Batman Pack ..£317.00 Includes: DI’aliK II Haltnati I Ite Movie KIH lulcrccplor New Ze.il.111(1 Storv 'IV McKlulalor and a free mystery gift.
AMIGA ACCESSORIES A501 512K Ram I 13 (H) FREE I'lltlug II bought wllli Amiga 5(H) • TV Modulator ..HUH) Mouse Mat ...1.00 Amiga 10 Philips I .cad ..8(H) Amiga 10 Printer Lead ......10.00 (Juiekshol J Slick ...7 (H) DATAPLEX DRIVES I MU 3.5 External Drive ...(is 00 IMH 3.5 Internal Drive ....(53.00 I MU 5.25" External Floppy
Drive .5)5.00 DATAPLEX HARD DRIVES 20MB drive A500 1000 ...-I7K.OO 30MB drive A500 1000 ...5251.00 BOMB drive A500 1(100 ...5)10.00 Please ring for other capacity drives.
PHILIPS MONITORS OMHK33 I t HC.B CVBS moil ...189.00 All Star, Citizen, Mannesman Tally Printers come with 1 year on-site maintenance.
PRINTERS Amstrad 1-93500 1)1 15)5.00 Amstrad DMIMOOO ..... 15)5.00 Amstrad I.Q5000 Dl ....310.00 Brother IIR20 Dalsvwheel ....380.00 Brother IIR40 Daisywheel ......688.00 DOT MATRIX RANGE Clll en 1201) I 10.00 Cillzen I HOE 127.00 New 2-lpln swill 2-t ..255.(H) Colour upgrade lor swift .PDA All Citizen printers come with 2 year warranty Epson
1X400 .1351.00 Epson I-X850 .IH2.00 Epson FX850 .310.00 Epson EX 10(50 .....-110.00 Epson I.Q400 .2I5.(H)
r. |isnn i.y.nni .... Epson
I.Q550 .... ...Z't u.mi
..255.00 Epson 1-9850.....
..445(H) Eiisoii 1.0860 ..
.525.00 Epson 1.91060
.....654.00 HEWLETT
PACKARD 'I liinkjel
.265.00 Quiet
jet ..313.00
Quieljel* 112.00
+ 535.00
Palnl|el ...665.(H)
Rugged Writer 865.00
All Hewlett Packard printers come with 12 months on site
warranty Slat I.CIO
mono ...135.00 Star I.CIO
Colour .168.00 Star I.C2-1
10 .225.00 Selkosha
SI’IHO ...105.00
5) pin 80 eolnui. IOOcps:F T Selkosha
SIM200 .I 151.00
5) pin 80 eolmn. I20cps: F T Selkosha SI.80 AI
224.(H) 80 eolmn 24 pin
NEC P2200 ....265.00
NEC P565XI ..814.5)5)
NEC P6 • 80 i hanirler ....414.00 NEC
P7 136 character .....534.00 Colour
upgrade kll .80.00
Panasonic KXP 1081 128.00
Panasonic KXP I 124 .235)00
Sheelfeeder ....85)00
Panasonic KXP I 180 165 (H)
Panasonic KXP 155)2 253.00
Panasonic KXP I.55)5 .344.00
Panasonic KXP 1540 ......428.00 NEW
matrixl Sheelfeeder ... Serial l F .....
62. 00 ...35.00 RIBBONS KXP
1081 105)0 1 2 . 4.00
2. 80 ..4.40 ......4.50 ......4.40
3.15 4.40 4.40
4.40 4.40 DMP
2000 3000 3160 . DMP
40(H) ... I’CW
8256 1.93.500 ... Panasonic
3I31 MP26 .. FX800 RX MX
F.X80 ... FXIOOO FX RXKH) .. Nl.
10 .....
I. Q500 800 850
NEC .5.00
Professional Repairs Carried Ont.
COMPUTERWISE BRIGHTON 674626 AMIGA SPECIALISTS We have hundreds of software titles, books and peripherals in stock at all times.
Call in today for yours.
We are licensed credit brokers.
Open 10 am to 6 pm Monday to Saturday 44 George Street, Kemptown, Brighton Opposite American Express building.
COTSWOLD COMPUTERS SPECIAL OFFER Amiga 500 Limited Edition (1 megabyte RAM. TV modulator + Dragons Lair) .....£539.00 Amiga 500 inc modulator and one game £374.00 Amiga 500 inc modulator and 10 star games pack ...£389.00 Amiga 500 + 1084S monitor ......£634.00 CBM PC1 IBM compatible + ABLE 1 software, mono ..£537.00 CBM PC1 IBM compatible + ABLE 1 software, colour .£489.00 CBM PC 40 III single drive + colour VGA + 40 megabyte hard
disk £2137.00 Atari STFM Explorer Pack ..£299.00 (All prices inc VAT) All other computers and peripherals available; also software.
For further details phone or send sae to: COTSWOLD COMPUTERS 22 Polruan Place, Fishermead Milton Keynes MK6 2LH (0908)662331 3V2" Disk Labels 100 1000 £3.00 £10 Slate either coloured or while tractor feed 3 V DS DD 25 £17 £18 50 £31 £33 100 £55 £63 200 £105 £120 400 600 £205 £305 £235 £345 720K 880K Including Labels SAME DAY DESPATCH. NO QUIBBLE GUARANTEE DISK BOXES Hinged Lid Lockable 31 2" or 5’ 4“ Capaciiy 50 100 £3.75 £6.25 Add £2 PSP il not ordered with disks WESTONING LTD, Dept AFT, 12 Sanderson Road, Westoning, Bedford, MK45 5JY. Tel: (0836) 775060 (0525) 718668 25 50 100 £8 £12 £22
Including Sleeves & Labels
P. S New low prices in Amigas - Phone Prices include VAT &
Carriage Disks certified 100% Error Free 5 V’ DS DD Join the
Matrix and enjoy access to our huge library of the most
popular titles. For Amiga. Atari ST, Commodore, Spectrum and
Amstrad machines.
For full details send large SAE stating your machine to:- Matrix Leisure Club, Dept AM F, 271 Stanstead Road, Bishops Stortford, Herts CM23 2BT.
Free Membership for quick replies.
Matrix Hire Makes the Software World Your Oyster !
OH DEARY, DEARY ME Weren't last issue s Previews interesting?
It was, of course, the first in a series of puzzles where you have to fit the correct picture with its story, much more fun than having them worked out for you... you're not buying this are you? Okay, it was a spectacular cock-up on our part. Just for the record here is what should have gone with what.
PICTURE STORY 4 8 5 4 6 7 7 6 8 5 11 12 12 11 Slight error on the Interphase review as well - the Intellect rating should have been 7 not 4. As for the Wargames feature, somehow or other the first page was printed last - it's all there but in the wrong order. It just goes to prove that if all the pages and screenshots in the mag were laid end to end, nobody would be in the least bit surprised. Our apologies.
CONGRATULATIONS Our warm best wishes to Andy Smith and his new arrival - a bonnie baby girl, Molly. Mother and baby are doing fine, as is the proud Dad.
COMPETITION WINNERS ¦ Here are the winners ol the Powerplay competition m Issue 3: Winner (TV and Video) Ben Powell.
Orlingbury, Northants 10 runners-up (Crystal Turbo |oystick) - Scott Cairns, Polmont; A Dyball. Gt Yarmouth; Kwon Wing Chim.
Carditt; A Downes, West Bromwich: Richard Harris, Chulmleigh. B Myers. Douglas; Lee Sherry. New Costessy. Kenneth Walkington, Kingsthorpe; Simon Williams, Cheam: David Fairweather. Saltburn. 10 runners-up (standard Crystal) M Lumley. Morden: Shaun Jackson. New Addington; David Hogg. Douglas; Ian Stator, Hoddesdon; Robert Perkins. Bristol. Mr Chan. Ferndown; Gareth McAlese.
Ballymena, John Pettitt. Benlleet; Ewan Aburrows, Wtrnborne; Richard Mann. Rettord CAPTAIN WHINGE ...never before in the history of mankind has anybody ever seen this before - ever, ever, at all - and why? Because it's an EXCLUSIVE, that's why, which means we got it first and reviewed it 33 seconds before anyone else did, even if it was via the telephone and just based on the sound effects, and everyone knows how important EXCLUSIVEs are because everyone reads the word EXCLUSIVE on the cover and thinks "wow, they must be really on the pulse if they can spell a word with that many letters
in it", so I buy every magazine with the word EXCLUSIVE, particularly if it's an EXCLUSIVE preview of work in progress on a game design that might come out on a machine very similar to yours at some point in the future if the stock market doesn't fall by 22 points within the next 2 hours 13 minutes or Mars aligns itself with Venus while Virgo's cusp is..." NEXT MONTH The January issue will be on sale on Thursday 14th December. On the Coverdisk will be a playable demo of Chase HQ, Ocean's conver- sion of the coin-op cops'n'robbers, race'n'chase car game.
In the bumper Christmas issue you will find more pages of everything than ever before. There is a corking games section so you know what to go for as presents, plus a special look at the sims scene. Lots of other Christmas goodies like competitions, puzzles and a review of the year. Christmas won't be the same without it.
TANKS FOR THE PICTURES Belated ‘thank you' to the Military ' Archive and Research Services in Braceboroimh. Lincolnshire, for the tank pictures used in last month's issue.
FORMAT MUSIC STAR ‘Central Weekend Live’, the Friday night live debate program which is received in many areas, features a live band in the current series. And who is atop the keyboards? Why none other than that well-known Amiga Format music editor Jon Bates. Readers who wish to put a face to the music column can spot him every Friday at 10.30pm. For a small fee Amiga Format staff will provide goodie bags of eggs and tomatoes with which you can pelt the screen on his every appearance. One program that will be of special interest to all readers will be the debate on November 24th which argues
the case for and against computer control of music, with rumours of several rock stars making surprise guest appearances.
The show is presented by Nicky Cambell. (Who he? - Ed) ADVERTISER’S INDEX Activision .IBC, 170, 15, 33 A & A Computors . 140 Amiga Image 156 16 Bit Centre 134 17 Bit Centre ...93 Amiga PD Library .. 94 Amiganuts United ...94 Ami Mail Order 86 Ampower 1 26 Amor ....98 Ashcom ..140 Athone .24 Audition Compact
Services ...70 Calco Software .....147 Castle Software ....162 Codemasters ...55 Computer Bookshops 101 Computer House .....86 Compost Softwaro ..97 Computer Express 131 Computerwise Brighton ...168 Cotswold Computors .168 Crazy Joes PO .94 Cumana Ltd ...109 Datrontcch Ltd . Dataplex Datol Eloctronics .... ..136-137 Delta Pi .
...80 Dosigner Software ... ..126 Digital Magic .... Digicom . Digita International .
Digipro Ltd Domark .
E. M.P.D.L ... ..147 Evesham
Micros ..163 First Micro
G. F.A ...... 110
Hammorsoft 156
H. S.V ..102 . ..34-35
Hi-Soft ... ...89 Hobbyte
Busbyte ..... .135 Home Based Business.....
Intormodiates ... .118 Ladbroko
M. J.C Supplios .. ...68 Mail
Centro ....140 Main
Media ....156
M. D Office Supplies ..132 Manor Court Supplies
.68 Matrix Software Hire 168
Medusa 80 Memory Expansion
Ltd .....154 Merlin Express 18
Microdcal .46, 128
Miditoch .128 Midi
Music .....126
Mirrorsoft ...9
Mindscape 65 Naksha (UK)
Ltd ...112 Ocean Softwaro ...IFC-3, 45,71,62,
117 Oasis Services Ltd 104 Page
Play .28 Power Computing
.....144-145 Psygnosis .36, 56, 83,125 Purple
PD .90 Rainbow
Arts ......76, 6 RGB
Studios ...93,135,147,155
Ramsoft ..114
S. D.C ..160 Selec
Softwaro .....135
Scnlac 1 56
Sorve-U-Computers ...1 57 Silica
Shop ....167 Siren
Software ......126
Softsollers .....152-153 Software
Circus ......49 Softville PD
Servicos ..94 Software Express
.155 Software Superstore .148 T
C Computers ......155 Tonic
Audio ...1 28 Turbo
Softwaro .....102 The UK Amiga User Group 168
Tho Computer Store 80 The Disc Company
.16-17 Third Coast
Technologies .1 06 Treble H
Computors 84 US Gold .....172, 50-51,
66, 67 Virgin Mastertronic 95 Video Vault
W. A.V.E 93 Westoning
Softwaro ..168 Worldwide
Software ..114 Xonon
Technology ..72
- S’ * -v I 'A' * * l -a; ty ¦A‘-'A".? IT ? J V i9A§ ,-v..v: v.9
It's fast... it's furious... it's POWER DRIFT!
Choose from twelve wacky drivers, like Jason the Skinhead or Jeronimo the Mohican and rev your way through 27 stomach churning circuits!
Watch the dust fly and the wheels spin as you screech over a 'roller coaster' track and wave goodbye to your opponents!
Roar over mounds of mud, drive through the desert, slip 'n' slide on snow-covered tarmac and race your way through the night to face the final lap!
CAREFUL! Power Drift is no easy ride!
If you're heading for a collision hold onto your seat and enjoy those 360 degree spins before you bump back down to earth!
Burn some rubber, put your foot to the floor and screafn backto the winning post!! ' f POWER DRIFT" and SEGA« are trademarks of Sega Enterprises Ltd This game has been manufactured under licence from Se Marketed and distributed by Activision (UK) Ltd BE3E Mail Order Postromx Ltd , Nene Enterprise Centre, Freehold Street, Northampton NN2 6EW. Tel. 06; Consumer Enqulries'Techmcal Support Tel 0734 310003 AVAILABLE ON CBM 64 128 CASSETTE ft DISK SPECTRUM CASSETTE AMSTRAD CASSETTE & DISK ATARI ST & AMIGA Screen shots from various formats
U. S. Gold Ltd., Units 2 3 Holford Way. Holford. Birmingham B6
7AX. Tel. 021 625 3388 1 FFISH 243 F rag It V2.0 is a dynamic
memory thrasher1 ImageLab V2.2 is an IFF pictures manipulator
LPE VI 0 is Latex Picture Editor lor the LATEX system NoClick
V3.5 stops the disk 2 JOIN THE CLUB! Interested in joining our
user club? Write or phone for details * 3 Beast:- £24.99 ****
Falcon Mission Disk:- £12.99 •••• Promised Lands:- £7.99
Altered Beast:- £17.99 ***• Knight Ore:- £9.99 “** Black
Magic:- £9.99 4 Please ring for price on other titles...All
Prices are Inclusive of Postage.

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