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That are designed to further enhance the Amiga Workbench environment Most important of them is all is AmigaBASIC, a powerful Microsoft BASIC interpreter. AMIGABASIC - Unlike eight bit computers like the Commodore 64, the Amiga’s BASIC language is not built into ROM. Instead, AmigaBASIC has to be loaded from disk every time it is needed. Unlike the seemingly accepted norm, the Amiga’s bundled BASIC is in fact a very powerful and very usable system indeed. AmigaBASIC was developed by the Microsoft Corporation, who are probably better known for their activities within the PC market. Although the interpreter is based around the Macintosh version, AmigaBASIC includes many powerful Amiga specific commands. To help you get the most from your BASIC programming, Extras also contains a drawer that is positively bursting with useful source code. There’s example code for such tasks as loading and saving IFF pictures, using the speech synthesiser and accessing the screen hardware. TOOLS As the Commodore enhancer manual states, ‘the tools drawer contains several utilities that let you 'work' with your Amiga.’ Couldn't have put it better myself! MEMACS - Not quite a word processor, Memacs is an Amiga version of the universally-adopted ‘Emacs’ text editor that can be found running on machines as diverse as Atari Sts and Unix 3B2s. FED - Now this really is the business. FED is a powerful utility written by Dale Luck of Commodore- Amiga which allows you to edit existing fonts, or even create your own from scratch. Similar programs on machines such as the ST and the Mac could set you back a lot of money, but with the Amiga, you get one for free!

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PORTABLE CD, YEAR’S SUPPLY OF GAMES, FERRARI, SNIPER CAMERA, SUPERPIC GAMES GALORE • WORKBENCH SPECIAL • CYBERPUNK • SCANNERS 9 770957 486004 six exciting action sequences put you in control of Elliot Ness's elite squad of mafia-busters.
THE BORDER R7VID The Railway Station confrontation and Warehouse bust culminating in the thrilling denouement of a as you re-live the knife edge existence of Ness in his struggle against the|etribution of Capone THE UNTOUCHABLES LIVE AN AMERICAN LEGEND 'a fine example of how to do the job £ properly... a cracking conversion... ' k easily one of the most successful •= licences to date" t Sinclair User & "an absolute corker of a game... as smooth and polished as you can get, animation is top notch... a brilliant film conversion" iOGOGO TIME m 37 •• 3S ' (•OOOffil f. Your Sinclair "Apart
from the sheer thought apparent in the game design, there are the superb graphics" Games Machine "the film was great... the game is even better. Great atmosphere ...the music is brilliant... a spectacular combat game, an unbelievable package... and utterly superb game."
Cud TM
• CWHHWf.. -y ’ TM & Copyright @1987 by Paramount Pictures
Ail Rights Reserved.
- e 361 832 6633 • Telex: 669977 OCEANS G • Fax: 061 834 0650
FUTURE PUBLISHING LTD 30 Monmouth Street Bath, BA1 2AP. ® 0225
442244. FAX us on 0225 446019 FUTURE PUBLISHING 1990 No part of
this magazine may be reproduced without our permission.
Mathematically, it was so sweet .
EDITOR Bob Wade PRODUCTION EDITOR Damien Noonan REVIEWS EDITOR Andy Smith STAFF WRITER A big 'Hello!' To... Maff Evans TECHNICAL EDITOR Jason Holborn ART EDITOR Trevor Gilham DESIGN ASSISTANT Martin Parfitt DISK EDITOR Richard Monteiro CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Jon Bates (Music), Brian Larkman (Graphics) Graeme Kidd (DTP) CONTRIBUTORS Nick Walkland, John Drake, Steve Jarratt ADVERTISING MANAGER Jennie Evans AD PRODUCTION Fiona Milne PUBLISHER Greg Ingham. SUBS MAIL ORDER The Old Barn, Somerton, Somerset TA11 7PY Tel: 0458 74011 PHOTOGRAPHY Ashton James, Bradford-upon-Avon COLOUR ORIGINATORS
Swift Graphics Ltd, Southampton PRINTERS Chase Web Offset, Gillingham DISTRIBUTORS SM Distribution, 6 Leigham Court Road, Streatham, London SW16.
FORMAT GOLD SIM CITY .....55 STUNT CAR RACER ......45 REVIEWED DOUBLE DRAGON II ......40 MOONWALKER ...41 NINJA WARRIORS ..43 EYE OF HORUS ..44 INFESTATION Psygnosis transport you to a distant planet to clean up an alien breeding ground in our playable demo of this stunning filled-3D mould-breaker.
BACKGROUND MUSIC PLAYER: Digitised sound to accompany whatever you're doing ¦ CLOUD9: Full-colour fractal landscape generator ¦ GAMEBUSTERS TIPS SPECIAL: Hints, maps and pokes to beat those games ¦ PREFERABLE PREFERENCES: Clever Prefs set-up ¦ WORKBENCH HACKS: Three morel Ji ?!
* 0225 442244. FAX us on 0225 446019 TaiTO Darius (c) 1987 Taito
Corporation. Game enhancement and coding
(c) 1989 The EDGE Softek Inti Ltd. All rights reserved.
} THE PUNISHER Copyright (c) 1988 1989, Marvel Entertainment Group Inc. The EDGE, 36 38 SOUTHAMPTON STREET, COVENT GARDEN, LONDON WC2E 7HE Tel: 01-831 1801 A BURDEN SHARED The Nighthawk is a useful new device that allows more than one Amiga to use a printer or plotter without messing about changing cables. It also allows more than one printer to be shared by machines.
The simplest Automatic Printer Switcher (APS) can be configured for 2,4 or 6 users and one peripheral with a parallel port, and costs between £125 and £259. APS-2 units can share two parallel devices and can be set up for four users for £249 and six users for £329.
Top of the range is the SPS Plus which can handle both serial and parallel ports for six users and two peripherals. The SPS Plus comes in three versions: 256K buffer, two serial ports and two parallel ports at £505; 256K buffer, two serial and four parallel at £579: 512K buffer, two serial and two parallel at £575. Full details from Action Computer Supplies on 0800 333333.
POWER TOWER Emerson have launched a new range of uninterruptable power supplies called Accupower. A UPS gets rid of ail those power spikes, surges, sags, line noise and black-outs. In the event of a complete power failure it also provides five minutes’ power in which to finish and save whatever you were working on. There are five models in the Accupower range from 150VA to 1400VA, priced from under £200 for the low-end unit, to under £800 for the top model. For more details phone Emerson Electric on 0793 524141.
F After the enormous success of the June Commodore Show, many expected great things from the Christmas show, now deemed ‘officially’ official since Commodore announced that it would be taking over all the administration-type affairs from the former organisers, Database Exhibitions.
Unfortunately for Commodore, Christmas Commodore Shows have never been a great success, and this year’s was certainly no exception. Although the show seemed to be packed by midmorning on all three days, many stand holders reported that the show was practically devoid of punters by three in the afternoon.
However, Commodore officially heralded the show as a resounding success, with 8,200 loyal Commodore owners taking the trouble to turn up.
16-BIT COMPUTER FAIR There’s another new show on the horizon and this one is aimed specifically at 16-bit owners. It’s called the 16 Bit Computer Fair and takes place at the Royal Horticultural Halls, Victoria, London from January 12-14. The organisers say over 90 companies will be exhibiting and expect 20,000 visitors. To book advance tickets at the discount price of £2, call 0726 68020.
This years show marked the welcome arrival of the leisure software big names to the show. Ocean were there, complete with Batman, Cabal, The Untouchables and other upcoming releases. Electronic Arts showed their popular Deluxe range of products and previewed Star Flight, the Amiga conversion of the highly-acclaimed PC game.
The award for most crowded stand must certainly go to Domark, who were previewing their Amiga conversion of the arcade hit Hard Drivin' to a captivated audience. Other big names to be found displaying their wares included MindScape, MirrorSoft and Anco.
Unlike previous Commodore Shows, Commodore split their stand into three separate sections: a business stand (containing Commodore’s impressive range of Pcs and Amiga 2000-based Workstations), a games arcade (with all 50p admission fees being given to the ‘Children in Need’ fund) and a stand devoted almost entirely to the musical applications of the Amiga (Music-X mainly).
Bargain hunters were in their element, picking up anything from cheap disks to cheap B2000s.
However, very few companies showed new products. Of the few that did, the most interesting were to be found on the Hi-Tension stand. Hi-Tension took the opportunity to launch a number of new products including a SuperPic-chal- lenging Frame Grabber, a new broadcast-quality genlock and The Tipster, a race horse prediction program (see story elsewhere).
Sharped-eyed visitors may have noticed the presence of both
1. 4 Workbench Kickstart and the new Enhanced Chip Set being pre
viewed on the Bytes & Pieces stand (just don’t tell Commodore,
though!) For prospective Hard drive buyers, Frontier showed
their range of Supra drives for both the 500 and 2000, as well
as using the show to launch their A2000 ‘modem on a card’, the
WE’RE ON THE MOVE We re on the move to spanking number, and it’s much easier to new offices at the end of Decern- remember: 0225 442244. The oer - so from the New Year this is Fax number stays the same: 0225 :ne new address for all editorial 446019. The move actually takes and advertising correspondence: place in between Christmas and Beauford Court, 30 Monmouth the New Year, so you probably Street. Bath, Avon BA1 2AP. We won’t be able to contact us for a so have a new telephone that week.
VAMPED UP VIDEO A brand new version of Deluxe Video is about to hit these shores, Number III. It’s the successor to versions 1.0 and 1.2 and Electronic Arts reckon it “sets a new standard for Amiga presentation graphics”.
The new version is available at a special price of £79.99 until the end of February, £99.99 after that.
Owners of 1.0 or 1.2 will also be able to upgrade for £45. To be able to use the program you’ll need 1 Meg of Ram, 2 disk drives or preferably a hard disk, and obviously a genlock.
It supports all the resolution modes and also overscan for borderless graphics on videotape. It can use any IFF picture including brushes as well as standard Anim files, both in any resolution. It also supports SSVX sound files, SMUS music files and is compatible with Deluxe Paint III Anims and Anim- Brushes.
It has plenty of control over other devices too: an Arexx message port to external device or program drivers, MIDI output, genlock control of fades and a single frame VCR control. The software has many more features too, which we’ll go into in a review in a later issue. Meantime, more from Electronic Arts on 0753 49442.
CRIMEWATCH AMIGA Worried about someone stealing your Amiga? Then perhaps you’ll be interested in the Audio and Video Guard, an anti-theft alarm from Home- guard UK. The unit has a strip that senses electromagnetic current and can tell if the computer is switched off, unplugged or the cable cut - resulting in 45 seconds of piercing alarm sound. It’s powered by a single battery and costs £14.95. More from Homeguard on 0327 78874.
CHEAP AND COI Budget software house Codi (asters have joined the 6-bit price war with their own lames at £4.99 and with shunning news of games on compact disc.
£4.99 price matches that of ahs vrivals Virgin Mi tertronic and iw 16 Rtif7 label. The four games initially released are Treasure Island Dizzy, Nitro Boost Challenge, Advanced Rugby Simulator and Pro Ski Simulator.
Even more exciting are their plans to put games on a CD which can be loaded from a standard CD player. The system already works for the Amstrad CPC, Spectrum and Commodore 64: they get 30 games for just £20. There are apparently still hitches with the Amiga version: watch this space for further details.
Through video visors ana 2 "Imagine being able to hunt the press release entases track about their inge to-js Meanwhile. Trac* users a free Postscrc- and they have also ;c* challengers, the loscm Bizarre adjunct to this month's piece o- Cypapur* = he ---cuncement, by Track Computer Systems of Nor rig- p-. Cf 2 ne« Hjoercard-style data orgapieafrOn sysiem m aihatlias cone to he I a* ttiw multi-media mre. Enter the CyberPad7 h7s~T9r9rUHfer'MBy'profnBses to preset paths through data structures n 2 s ~o€ crscr ca ws, as well as offers ing an animated guide characte* ? 2c arc = nocu ar*'* Besides
providing a unique -ee-s way through all kindsoTfldia, CybcrPod w c « z : nC'T-ica s mutt -tasking capabilities to make all combinations c; son : 2 2 -: zxsacr :s possible.
Most extraordinary of aI = l~e p jtw to cresent data structures, TRASH LINED UP Adventure d aying comms fans will be pleased to -tear of a new MUG (Multi-User adventure Game) from Third M ileniurr Systems, the people wno created Snades. The new game s caiec "'asi and apparently wii feature such delights as fire-breath rvg cabbages. Grow ng .txj'-own spaceship and beng ramed on by pink blancmange, ft shoo:d be available in the New fear on Micronet. Preste Telecom Gold and Callstreart More informabon *rom Third Millenium at any o* :nese contact points: tel - 010 33 42 51 57 83.
Prestel mbx Oil 113232. Telecom Gold - 87:SQQ826. CompuServe - 72571,61, or at PO Be * * 15 East Grinstead, Susse* =H*3-FA.
RACK-EM-UP A handy Christmas gift for anyone with tapes, disk boxes or Cds is the Cassette Storage System from Powerplay. It won't take the e g boxes that most Amiga games come in these days - you neec loads of shelf space for them. It costs £5.99 from Powerplay on 0457 871666.
TRACKED DOWN IN CYBERSPACE poR. Is 2 sort of ’Cyberspace’ image, arc «JI your favourite virus" enthuses r-LT- noeed. We hope to be talking to 2 -o owng issue.
Si =cstscript-compatible DTP or WP 1 :-«y are working on the Amiga: i* o» team which hopes to take on 2 cnarity of the winners c~o ce!
The date is the 2nd December 1805.
The place is a few miles east of Brunn in the province of Moldavia. Ranged across the barren Pratzen heights are the forces of the Austro Russian army.
Facing them, between Santon Hill and the River Bosenitz is Napoleon’s Grand Armee. The greatest battle ever to be fought by France’s ‘Little Corporal’ is about to begin.
Using a unique system developed by Dr. Peter Turcan, AUSTERLITZ gives you the opportunity to relive that battle. The battlefield is represented on your screen in incredible 3D graphics.
You can actually observe your troops as they move and fight their way across the terrain.
IpMpi !;I S&ril si vii*.
Your orders are written out for your Corps Commanders, just as they would have been at the actual battle, and then relayed by messenger riders. Of course, orders might be reinterpreted, ignored, or even fail to get to their anticipated destination, and even if they do arrive, it all takes time - exactly the sort of problems faced by Napoleon and the Russian Czar Alexander on that cold winter day.
Play AUSTERLITZ and take up the challenge that gives you the chance to rewrite the history books!
: © 1989 MIRRORSOFT LTD TIPPING THE BALANCE The Tipster is a new program that helps anyone who likes a flutter on the horses make money rather than lose it. In conjunction with a copy of the Racing Post, the program’s database of horses allows you to analyse all the information to evaluate a race.
The theory behind the program is that by sticking to a rigid system of rules the winnings will improve. The claim is that “The Tipster will give you the extra Information required to pick Horses not Zebras.” Zebras?! More information from TAM Marketing on 0392 215485.
Irani mi Mil mm iHifsi Favourite Coi Ell Iemeeisi m Starts 1. TU Total Kins L [¦III Total Placed j| I Course Winner (y n) 1 [Hi Distance Winner (y n) 1 Beaten Fauourite (y n) II Mil Days Since Ran II Prizes (MINS) il IMHlfl Prizes (TOTAL) 1 1 Betting Position (0-3) 1 ¦1 Price (2 1) 1 1 iESlI ran Distance | ||| Distance imiiiHiB SEE HOW IT RUNS There's a new mouse out and about from a new company, Naksha. It’s an ingenious little fellow that will not only work with the Amiga but with the Atari ST and Amstrad PC. It has a resolution of 280 dpi, which is higher than the standard Amiga mouse.
As well as the mouse you get an adaptor, mouse mat, mouse holder and a discount voucher for Electronic Arts software. It costs £39.99 and you can get further details from Naksha on 0925 56398.
FILIAL DISCOUNTS Action Computer Supplies are offering B'trer zrna's a: 'educed prices. The three models are the 122- 172- =rc re 152- The 1224 is a 24-pin machine that has eteaa type styles, variable pitch from 5 to 20 cpi and Epson L2-5-21 e--. 12 :: it can do 162 cps draft and 54 cps letter qua ty. : - :: r: soer £300 The 1724 is a 132-column ray _e r£C ets:: re ::s up to 216 draft and 60 letter quality, and als: : ::mcra ::e: 'g. Built-in tractor feed, dual interface, graphics ¦odes and omdation for Epson LQ1000, IBM ProPrinter and CisL : 55‘ t seis £529.
Fastest of the three is the 152- =r * 1-:: _ machine that can do 327 cps draft and 112 cps er.y : r t~as a itiour option, five resident fonts, 64K buffer, dual aintae aod emulation for the same machines as the 1724 as v.el £3 te Erzrer -K The 182- ::s:s £469, with the colour-ribbon conr: -nit: szri ar sectional £52.51 Additional info from Action CooBdtar Smfies on 0800 333333.
So you’ve all been excitedly reading the various reports and previews of Commodore’s new Enhanced Chip Set. According to Commodore, the ECS upgrade will not officially be made available until at the earliest the end of next year, but if you’ve very recently treated yourself to a nice new Amiga 500, chances are that your machine already contains the new Agnus graphics chip, workhorse of the Enhanced Chip Set (ECS) upgrade.
Although the main advantages of the ECS upgrade will only be available with the fitting of the ECS Denise chip, the new Agnus provides any Amiga with access to a full megabyte of chip RAM. However, due to problems with the A500 only having a half megabyte of RAM, A500s have been deliberately designed not to take advantage of this improved performance.
Only once the machine has been fitted with a 1 Mb RAM expansion and then sent back to Commodore’s maintenance company, Granada, can the upgrade be utilised. Although the company would not name the price for the modification to be carried out, a third-party hardware producer claimed that the cost was approximately £30 - even if the machine is under guarantee.
These new A500s also contain space on the main board for a further 512K of RAM to be fitted. However, when a well-known producer of Amiga hardware questioned Commodore about the possibility of producing an upgrade kit to use this space, the company threatened to instruct Granada to not accept any machines that contained their upgrade, even if the machine was under guarantee and the user was willing to pay for the repair.
TALK TO THE PORTABLES Wonderful though the Amiga is, it isn’t very portable - so wouldn’t it be nice to hook it up to a portable like the Cambridge Computer Z88.
Now you can with the Z88-Amiga link from The Music Suite.
The software can do all of the following things: archive Z88 files on Amiga disks, convert Z88 files to Protext and Scribble word processors or back in the other direction, convert Z88 files for use in Superbase, send Z88 printer output to parallel printers and do French and German language conversions. The software costs £19.95 and the cable to link the two machines is £12.95. More from The Music Suite, Cenarth, Newcastle Emlyn, Dyfed, Wales SA38 9JN.
ENTER THE FINANCIAL ARENA Arena Accounts is a fully-integrated accounting package that can deal with the sales purchase ledger, nominal ledger and invoicing. It’s from Arena Technologies Ltd on 0724 280222 and at Queensway Business Centre, Brigg Road, Scunthorpe, South Humberside DN16 3RT. A support service is offered for £57.50 that provides a technical hotline for one year, free upgrades to the latest version of the software, discounts on training courses and discounts on new modules and products.
TRIP THE LIGHT FANTASTIC Jeff Minter and his software house Llamasoft are one of the computer industry’s great survivors: he's furry, writes freaky games and produces really weird programs like Trip-A-Tron. Said program is about to make its appearance on the Amiga and should be stranger than something that is quite unusual and has a special reason for being odd.
Trip-A-Tron defies classification but is basically a performance tool allowing you to create grapmc demos, sequences. Iigr: snows, whatever you care to call :hem. Its intention is to be used n conjunction with music to create a performance’. Llamasc say t gives its users an interact .e ink oerween the machine and their mag nations.'’ Trip-A-Tron costs £34.95 from Llamasoft or C734 £' ~5 and we should have a re, ew c* it soon.
DIMINUTIVE ENTREPRENEUR New from Hi-Tension Computer Services is Small Business Manager, software for keeping tabs on stock, invoices, statements and VAT. The program runs under Intuition, so it can also run at the same time as other utilities such as a database or spreadsheet. It costs £100 from Hi-Tension - more information from them on 0252 344454 or by writing to Alexander House, Station Road, Aldershot, Hants GU11 1BQ VERRAN DO IT DOWN THE MAINS The Verran AC Datalink is a handy new unit that allows the Amiga to be connected to other peripherals via existing electrical circuits,
without having to have additional cables trailing all over the place.
The unit is basically an intelligent mains plug allowing the transmission of coded data between peripherals down mains cables. It plugs into serial or parallel ports, making possible links to printers, modems and the like. Each unit costs £175 plus VAT from Verran Electronics at Cedar- wood, Chineham Business Park, Basingstoke, Hants RG24 OWD.
BAT-HAPPY Excellent news of the Batman Pack that Commodore put together for the Amiga 500: they’ve shipped the lot. Demand has been so good for the bundle containing an A500, Batman, Interceptor, New Zealand Story and Deluxe Paint II that Commodore now expect to sell 100,000 of them by Christmas.
With 100,000 new Amiga owners it should certainly be a great new year for all of us.
OASIS IN MALE DESERT Oasis is the Organisation Against Sexism In Software and it has just celebrated its first birthday: seems like a good excuse for a press release. It’s dedicated to the eradication of sexism in the software industry, something that is rife, possibly understandably (but not excusably) because it is so male-dominated.
The organisation is run by Sandra Vogel who produces six magazines a year and a list of recommended software, for the price of £3 membership. If you want further details send an SAE to Sandra Vogel, 3 Alden Court, Stanley Road, Wimbledon, London SW19 8RD.
ORTE 23 1S-04-962B 11 ORHRGE
Talk to Alien vessels ?NG 1M
Strange new Worlds ¦mxs’ Space Port Available on the IBM and A
mailable soon for Amiga, and ST (£24.99) and Commodore 64 disc
(£14.99) Don't miss out on an extra special stocking this Cr
nstmas when Santa w be awarding the lucky winners with: £1,000
worth of software of your choice, or an Amiga or ST plus £500
wortl of software of your choice £500 worth of software of
your choice 20 THIRD PRIZES OF £250 worth of software of your
Any one of the six Virgin Games arcade classics mentioned earlier MAKE SURE SANTA VISITS YOU TWICE THIS YEAR!
Virgin Games have decided to become a Santa and hand out £30,000 worth of fabulous goodies. All you have to do to gain from Santa's generosity is to buy any three of these games: SHINOBI DOUBLE DRAGON II GEMINI WING CONTINENTAL CIRCUS SILKWORM NINJA WARRIORS Simply collect three tokens - you'll find one in each game - and send them to Virgin Games. The prize draw will take place on 29th January 1990.
M mm 56 «i isee® c r mamm « r.+*¦** .
• i! A.-,-. :a wi IKDms :¦ '¦ . SVvr r‘-..€£ ¦ , ' .
Masashi, a tough ninja on a mission to clearthe from rebel martial arts :ics. Explore the scrolling
- andscape and beat the out of your opponents, .vatch out for the
• r e level guardians.
Vorth antes.
CONTINENTAL CIRCUS Compete in formula one races in Brazil, America, France, Monaco, Germany, Spain and Japan, Race hard, but watch out for other cars.
Colliding can be fatal. And do visit the pits for fuel and ; repairs. 11 *pSgg2|j SILKWORM I It's not true! Even after months of negotiation with the iii i III ¦'in, if- I Ruskies and despite ii m mmimm n mu i iinr I 3 mass exodus out of Afghanistan, we're still under threat. There's no one left to press the Nuke button so the battle has switched to copters and plane. Non-stop shoot-'em-up arcade action.
• 1 s 4 (Geiuio y;.?;
• • j j oooooc
• w4r
• ' * 000501 GEMINI WING The aliens have had enough. They're
not going to take their brethren being blasted on computer
screen any more. So they've come down in their hordes to blast
the pitiful race of carbon-based life forms called humans. Can
you stop them? Somebody has to do it.
NINJA WARRIORS Can you survive brutal enemy onslaught? Fight with hand, foot and dagger to rid the street of the scum that dare infest your home town. A classic arcade conversion.
- r iiious two-player simultaneous
- 5“si arts mayhem. Evil fiends have : r :*. -ed your girlfriend
- it's up to you Bbdyour brother to rescue her. Don't fail.
* : .gh the town, countryside, mountains arof-ally into the lair.
Use whatever weapons
• »: _ :an find to stay alive.
ALL AVAILABLE ON AMIGA £19.99 ATARI ST £19.99 C64 DISK £14.99 C64 CASS £9.99 SPECTRUM CASS £9.99 SPECTRUM +3 DISK £14.99 AMSTRAD CASS £9.99 AMSTRAD DISK £14.99 O TITUS Biff! Bash! Blam! Bloody noses and swollen lips abound in Wildstreets from Titus. Set on the streets of Long Island in New York, the game places you as a hired hard man out to rescue the chief of the police who’s been nabbed by the Mafia. All you’ve got to help you are your fists. Oh, and a friendly black panther, not afraid to get his claws stuck in during a fight.
COMING MACIIONS Tin hats on and prepare to be hit by the barrage of tomorrow’s games!
0Also from Titus and hailed as the first full ray-traced game is Dark Century (not Dark Sentry as stated in last month’s lead xeature). Four prisoners have escaped and taken control of four lunar assault vehicles: you have six fully program-able armoured vehicles which you can use to hunt down and destroy the fugitives. This one or two-player simultaneous blast s due on a shelf in your local store real soon now.
Certainly is to strategy board game fans. One of their biggest games Full Metal Planet has a massive cult following and soon it’ll be available on computer. It’s a massive Science Fiction adventure with plenty of scope for doing dirty deeds and getting rich quick.
Obut back to the serious business of Rock ‘n’ Roll, or rather the lack of it. Classical Cops and hideous monsters have taken over the world and are systematically destroying any R’n’R they can get their sweaty little mitts on. Only Jumping Jack Son can save the day, not just because he's the son of Jumping Jack Flash but also because he’s the last true Rock and Roller.
©GAINSTAR Travel with us back in time, back to ancient Greece. A land of beauty, myth and unspeakable evil. The Gods are trapped on Mount Olympus having lost the Keystone, their life force, and only Herakle, son of Zeus, can save the land by wandering through Greece and collecting the pieces of the shattered stone in this massive graphical adventure game.
Hours of exploring and adventuring await anyone who reckons he or she can defeat the forces of evil and save the Gods.
©HURIKAN Who? It’s not surprising you’ve never heard of them, because not only are they a brand new software house but they're a French one to boot! Their first game is to be Vaux, a muti-directional scrolling shoot- em-up with lots of trading as well as shooting to be done as you try to amass money on the black market and fend off the pirates and interplanetary INFOGRAMES
- udoeiire nay not be a familiar name to you and me but it
STHTUS jORTE:23.15-QM-MBHQ i i drmrge a* NEW 3-4-3 FqftMftTXON•
7 to 9 to 11 II CRRGD- BH III ENERGV-3R1.H I 1:1: I SHIELDS-
Jli CQHMUHICRTI0H5 _y M n T H H H BRAZIL Hello.He come in perce
IRIS COHTINGEHCV police. Let’s hope Hurikan get off to a good
start and keep your eyes open for the definitive review: coming
O ARCANA After almost a year of being very quiet (don’t mention Mars Cops!), Arcana are back on the scene with Rotor. This thirty-two- colour, eight-way scroller has its roots firmly in the classics Thrust and Oids (and why not? They’re both brilliant games!) And includes six simulator levels and 18 real missions. If you like precise control, have great powers of concentration and can become totally absorbed in a game look out for this one. Welcome back Arcana.
ARTRONIC Soldier 2000 (as first previewed in Issue 4) is coming ng nicely, so here's a screenshot to st your appetite. And staying with shooting theme, there’s also Take i Out which features multiple apons to choose from and innocent itanders to avoid. (Quick question - who is attributed with saying ‘there’s no such thing as an innocent bystander' - if you know, write in and tell us, because we don’t!)
0ANCO Keep holding your breath, it’s almost here! As well as the Kick Off Expansion Disk which enhances the best footy game ever to appear on a computer, there’s Player Manager which uses a modified version of Kick Off within a detailed football management game.
Luvverly Jubbly.
f!v COKTEL VISION 8 A platform and ladders with a smidgeon of beat-em-up is on its way in the shape of No Exit, in which the player has to undergo thirteen tests with little to help him but a hammer in order to escape the black hole he’s fallen into.
If that’s all a bit too violent for you and you’d rather be out in the fresh air on a jet sled then Skidoo may be the one for you. Brrr!
Don’t fall off, that snow looks mighty deep and cold.
©And if that’s all too exciting, then there’s Asterix and the Enchanted Stone to look forward to. Apparently Panoramix the druid (yes, he was called Panoramix in a few adventures of the indomitable Gaul) has been knocked out and as Asterix you’ll have to gather and mix the 20 ingredients that make up the magic potion.
Cartoon fun for all the family, including the pets!
©HEWSON Pogo is back and making his way through the land of Nor in Nebulus II, the sequel to the excellent Nebulus. Sixteen towers await with loads of jumping, shooting and falling monsters to avoid and destroy.
Are you a glutton for punishment?
Reckon you can handle this one? Any idea why Pogo is flying a helicopter?
Finrl nut all thp answers soon.
1. 5 billion locations, 270 star systems and 800 planets are
waiting to be explored in Starflight, the epic role playing
adventure game from EA. Take command of a starship and choose
up to six crew members from five alien races before boldly
going somewhere for the first time, seeking out new things and
new communities of alien life forms co-existing in a
harmonious atmosphere and stopping off for a cuppa tea and a
slice o’ cake.
©MICROPROSE Things are not going great.
Aliens have surrounded all human-controlled colonies in space and have taken over a communications station in First Contact. Only by guiding a three-part maintenance droid around the station and collecting information and useful items can the world be saved. Play this game like a fast and furious shoot- em-up or use some strategy, the fate of Kocfr tA ifh r ll I 3ATMAN in the darkness, as elusive as a dream. High above the seamy streets of GOTHAM, he is a criminals nightmare.
The only hope fora BATMAN. Y Ocean Software Limited • 6 CenfHWBI Telephone: 061 832 6633 • Telex: 669977 O You're at 50,000 feet. Suddenly the AMRAAM hits, snatching the joystick out of your hands, and throwing the plane into a crazy spin... around the sharp left-hander. But in his haste the leader hasthrown his rear end. Broadside on, he blocks the track, you can't miss... the huge Russian T-74 battle tank as it draws into full view. The turret turns towards you - they've locked onto your position, time to press the button... and call it quits for today. Wiping the sweat from your hands, you
slide the disk back into its box.
It may only be a game, but you're PLAYING FOR REAL STEVE JARRATT ventures into the alternate reality of simulations Way back in 1983 my first experience of a ‘simulation’ was with Psion's Flight Simulator for the Spectrum. This amounted to little more than a moving horizon with yellow ground, blue sky and a large blue blob to represent a lake far below. Still, I was amazed: here, in a friend’s living room it was possible (with a little exercising of the imagination) to experience something of what it is like to actually fly a plane.
Since then, the term ‘simulation’ has grown to encompass more than just the yaw, pitch and roll merchants; it has become a breed all of its own, crossing the barriers of several game genres, but always serving the game-playing public’s yearning for fantasy fulfillment. From the multitudinous early flight simulators, it was only a short step to simulating tanks, subs, spaceships: you name it. But considering the ease with which most people can at least take a ride in a car, off-road buggy or on a motorbike, it seems odd that the most popular style of simulations, certainly from
software houses’ point of view, is the two- or four-wheel racing sim.
True, the earlier games were just that - games - but lately racing programs have become so complex and realistic that to classify them simply as games seems a bit harsh. Programs like Honda RVF, Ferrari Formula One, and the latest product to take the Format office by storm, Stunt Car Racer, all present their ‘sport’ in a realistic and believable fashion.
Similarly, flight simulators - specifically the combat-oriented ones - are now incredibly complex.
Indeed Mirrorsoft’s Falcon was modified for use in a sit-down cabinet as a cheap alternative military training simulator. How real do you want it?
One avenue of simulations that remains relatively untapped is that which deals with water-borne hardware. There are only a handful of submarine sims, a couple of warship games and, to my knowledge, only one yachting simulator has ever appeared: Activision’s innovative, if predictably titled, Yachting for the eight-bits.
What Makes you Want to Participate?
In fact the genealogy of the simulation proffers some clue as to why it is so popular in the first place. The relative lack of watersports or marine combat programs pretty much stems from the fact that they are difficult to simulate AND make interesting. From a visual point of view, a seascape isn’t difficult to program, but it’s very dull to watch: there’s no reference of movement. Games like Off-Shore Warrior have to fill the water with solid objects, just so you can tell that you’re moving!
And obviously most military marine hardware doesn't exactly zip along. It’s probably fair to say, then, that a simulation’s popularity stems as much from the realistic impression of speed and or movement generated, as the fact that it purports to represent some high-tech hardware or that it puts you slap bang in the middle of World War III. If the simulation provides a believable sensation of flight at Mach 3, who cares what you’re sitting in, when most people couldn’t differentiate between the flight characteristics of an F-16 and a Phantom, anyway.
But then the lure of high-tech machinery , of wanting to ‘get to grips with it’, isn’t an important factor either. The Harper-Ellenshaw TX500 might be the state-of-the-art in computer controlled lathes, but who the hell is going to buy a lathe simulator?
Similarly, a simulation doesn't have to include any real hands-on technology. Take Microprose’s Kennedy Approach as an example. This aged program plops you behind a radar screen in Kennedy airport's air traffic Bhwa?
MOTORBIKING Although less popular than the four- wheeled racing games, action has consistently held a strong appeal. The tendency for an arcade-style presentation is often outweighed by the swift and realistic representation of the racetrack and the bike’s handling... ' m 45 SCOBE THE TROUBLE WITH SPRITES: Nearly all driving games attempt to give a real impression of speed as you charge round the racetrack by throwing large sprites around the screen very quickly. While this does give the feeling of the road and scenery rushing towards you, it is more suited to the arcade games (bottom
row of pictures). The serious simulations (top row of pictures) have tended to use the same approach with a more elegantly-drawn background: but a new approach has been pioneered by Geoff Crammond in the 3D realism of Stunt Car Racer. Geoff's latest is blessed with all the realism of his top-notch race game Revs.
- Vs control centre. On the face of it, being stuck behind a
green screen directing air traffic for an hour or two doesn’t
really excite to a great extent.
There’s no real hardware or even forward movement involved, but sampled speech and a realistic ATC environment was enough to set the pulse racing as you constantly faced the imminent demise of several aircraft and their occupants. In this case the strength of the simulation was in the experience: catapulted into a high pressure situation there was challenge a-plenty, attempting to avoid the deaths of hundreds of airborne holidaymakers.
But the choice of experience is also important: a couple of years' ago I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity of ‘flying’ one of Heathrow’s pilot training centre 737 simulators, practicing landing procedure. Now, even though this particular model was getting a bit long in the tooth, it was no slouch. And while great pains were made to produce an experience as authentic and believable as possible, it’s not really what you can describe as fun. Given the option of ‘playing’ with one of these beasts, or indulging in some mindless Interceptor dogfighting for an evening, it would be a very
close call. The distinction that can be made between civil and military sims and those on home computers is that the former are for strict instruction purposes, while the latter primarily exist for their entertainment value.
But how does a combat simulator pose as entertainment? Natural human aggression is a strong factor in the enjoyment (?) Gleaned form a good session on a combat-style simulator: how often have you had that strange feeling of euphoria when you’ve just wasted some particularly evasive enemy craft, or successfully creamed a foreign base while under heavy attack?
Of course, a great deal of simulations have no combat whatsoever, but they do offer the next best thing - the chance to win. The sensation of victory is fairly non-specific - the opponent has been vanquished, either by virtue of position or death, it matters not. However, in its most basic form, the combat competition element is present to pose some sort of I Heumbort Arts CBM 64 128 & Amstrad CPC £9.99 tape, £14.99 disk Spectrum £8.99 tap £12.99 disk Atari ST & Amiga - £ 19.99 disk “The first in a generation of ‘new wave software’... an entertainment form developed on the computer, for the
computer.” f m 3 from the farthest reaches of r yyft.lfi1 Mjlh L * t f M outer sPace theY came to ' £ *
- • A* “habit the depths of our ,
• i - - • - - - 1 • oceans. From their savage rtf] [13 “*¦, I
assaults on a defenceless v w human race, grew a planet’s last
desperate crusade-project Deep i ¦ ¦ ~ « Star, the ultimate
underwater war machine. Early encounters V y T’ jfvr-tv V
proved catastrophically ineffective, however a few kept faith,
all 1 ” & f the time improving Deep Star, the greatest
collection of man’s J » -• fez [ technical wizardry, committed
to the hands of a lone gladiator for 1 - «. r one final
attempt at halting the inevitable-the frantic death throes J
?5E, | * * * 5
• 0 a civiiis i011 sinking into darkness. 1 * k That
gladiator’s battle cry ... take no prisoners, |r tirlif 'Av~
'•'' give no quarter, make no compromise. I uu: n I challenge
to the participant. Just how long do you think you would keep
flying your F-16 if there was nothing to do but practise
landing procedure or low level flight, just like the real
thing? The combat element is purely representational, but
provides a continual series of challenges which the
participant can associate with.
Without some sort of task to fulfil, a simulation proffers very little m the way of lasting interest. For instance, in Flight Simulator II, the greatest challenge posed is in earning the correct method of flying the plane and keeping the thing in the air. However, once this has been mastered, there is little else to do apart form watch the scenery go by. Within a few days, you’ve soon switched to the jet and have started making your own danger: buzzing the Statue of Liberty, or flying between the twin towers of the World Trade Centre!
That, then, is another factor: the risk. Very few simulations bother reproducing situations in A hich there is no perceived danger.
Without it, there can be no real excitement: and you gotta get the adrenalin flowing!
Microprose take the right stance with their motto: “The action s simulated, the excitement is real”. It’s all about fulfilling fantasies, and the beauty of simulations is that they can bring to people a chance of trying their hand at something which, in reality, they would never be able to do.
Preferably something exciting, and therefore dangerous. In fact, the more dangerous it is, the-better.
You can also heighten the risk Quadrant Picture Library by raising the stakes: incur some personal loss with failure, and you have an emotional as well as sensational experience. Gunshlp allows you to build up a character, RPG-style, complete with a service history and medals to show for it. But whenever you blow a mission, your prize pilot dies - for good.
With simulators in general, the risk is usually present in the chance of death or a lost race (which to the more competitive amounts to the same thing). Great liberties are taken with the arcade-style simulations, for one crash at high speed is enough to write off any real vehicle. However, the response of someone who has just wrapped their Out Run Ferrari around a tree is enough to show that it Does Matter: that crash, though not fatal or even the slightest bit injurious, often means the difference between qualifying for the next stage - and having to start all over again. And if you could
complete the Out Run course every time without a problem, you wouldn’t play it, even though it continued to simulate a high-speed drive through twisting roadways.
The ultimate extension of this comes in the shape of direct head-to-head competition, offered by an increasing amount of race games, using a datalink between machines. Not only does it emphasise the emotional highs and lows of competition (it’s more fun thrashing your mate than a bunch of dumb pixels), but it also adds the thrill of competing against some (presumably) intelligent opposition, who is sneaky and unpredictable.
Of course, having decided that popular simulations rely on the sensation of speed and movement, and offer challenge and danger, there’s always the annoying exception. The one that springs to mind is Hewson’s Southern Belle - a railway sim which put you on the footplate of the eponymous engine, with little else to do but drive said loco along a specific route. With appalling graphics and an excitement level that makes a damp squib grin with pride, it was a program that your average gamer wouldn’t look at once, let alone twice. But it sold well enough to prompt a sequel, Northern Star.
Still, steam engines are surrounded by a mystique and I
* * PHI" ¦ The original vector graphics of Elite were updated to
filled 3D to produce a remarkably ‘real' experience - but can
it be called a sim?
The Kohal Collection I law all of their own - I wouldn’t be surprised to see a train spotting simulation sell in reasonable amounts... What is a Sim?
The distinction between simulation and strategy, with respect to computer games, can be best described as a matter of scale. Take for example a tank combat simulation which follows the progress of a single tank as a pawn in a bigger game. With a little switching around, the player can also attempt to control a corps of tanks, again within a larger scheme of things. But once the scale escalates beyond the individual or small group of individuals, it ceases to fall into the pigeonhole of ‘simulation’ and begins to encroach upon the well-worn ground of the strategist. The commander of several
tank regiments still effectively has overall control of each vehicle, but is more concerned with the far-reaching aspects of the battle, than with the actions of a single tank.
The distinction becomes blurred, though, with wargaming programs like Borodino and Waterloo, which provide a realistic hilltop view of the battlefield, running in close to real time. Effectively, this fulfills the criteria for a simulation, since the player must think and react as would a general on the battlefield. The experience of being in command of the battle, is as ‘real’ as being in control of a tank.
Generalising, a simulation can be thought of as an individual personal experience: the ‘player’ is still a strategist, but thinks and decides in real time rather than in ‘turns’ or with some alternative time scale.
In its most basic form, a simulation describes a realistic, or potentially realistic situation in a believable environment where the participant is free
- within the constraints of the equipment being simulated - to
alter his or her own fate. Most simulations are therefore based
on real-life possibilities so that you are given some point of
reference - even space epics like Elite and Starglider II
transpose the player into a scenario which is logical and
‘makes sense’.
Realism is the key factor in any simulation. If a simulator feels ‘real’ then its doing its job; and the more realistic it feels - irrespective of how mathematically accurate it actually is - then the more likely you are to be absorbed into the proceedings. A surreal game like Interphase can present its world in such a believable fashion that you have little choice but to accept it.
For any simulation to be successful - with respect its function, rather then in sales terms - it must make the user believe in the experience. And in the case of home computers, with little or no chance of someone marketing a hydraulically-operated plug-in cabinet, it's left to graphics and sound to carry the whole thing off.
Graphics Most, if not all, simulated scenes are shown from a first person perspective. This creates an immediately personal viewpoint which supplants your own field of vision and places you right in the middle of the action - everything happens as if seen as if through your eyes. An external viewpoint might present a more impressive panorama of the action, but you lose some of the urgency from the experience. You merely become a third party, controlling the action but not actually taking part - like flying a radio controlled plane. Imagine playing Virus from inside the ship... Many racing
games place the viewer slightly behind the craft they control, but the overall scene is still pretty much as you would expect to see it from the competitor’s point of view. Use an overhead view of the race, and people just don’t want to know: you totally lose that More High Quality Software Tools from HiSoft... HiSoft BASIC The BASIC language has come a long way since its humble beginnings in the early 1960s and the AmigaBASIC interpreter supplied with your computer is witness to this transformation. However, although AmigaBASIC is good, you can do even better... with HiSoft BASIC.
HiSoft BASIC is a complete, fully up-to-date, integrated BASIC development system with the massive advantage of having a compiler built in so that you can transform your programs to super-fast machine code as easily as running an AmigaBASIC program.
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Modem, structured programming features like: long Ifs, multi-line functions, sub-programs, REPEAT WHILE. DO. CASE etc. No limits: no program size limit and no limits on the size of any variable (except by memory).
Full recursion in both sub-programs and functions with local and global variables, arrays as parameters etc.
• Integrated editor with English error messages.
• Link your BASIC code with C and assembler for total
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Compatible with Microsoft QuickBASIC 3 on the PC.
Manual HiSoft BASIC comes with a professional 350-page ring- bound manual which contains a full tutorial and. For a limited time, we are supplying the Abacus book AmigaBASIC Inside & Out plus its examples disk (a total value of at least £25), absolutely free of charge!.
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Full set of programmer utilities to increase the flexibility of your development environment.
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Including moving calculations out of
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Inc. High Quality Software The Old School • Greenfield Bedford • MK45 5DE Fax (0525) 713716 • Tel (0525) 718181 Quality Software High Quality Software Access & Visa Orders welcome I personal sensation of involve- ment. Let's face it, graphics are the vital visual stimulus that enable you to relate to the situation. And in this respect, the effective portrayal of speed and movement is of paramount importance if the simulation is to succeed. That's why there’s almost always an horizon in a simulation: it’s one of the single most powerful reference points - if the horizon’s moving, you know
that something is seriously wrong!
In much the same way that film of a rollercoaster can have you lurching around in your seat, so the simulated viewpoint should produce some physical response, like that odd bristling sensation when you know that you’re about to hit the deck at several hundred miles an hour... Good examples are Interceptor, Enduro Racer and Stunt Car Racer, which manage to produce that peculiar stomach-churning sensation which other sims seem unable to generate.
To reproduce a realistic visual environment, simulations either have to create an entire world, or reproduce just that part of the scenery that will be visible. The former group is the free-roaming sims that use filled 3D vector graphics to generate the graphics (Starglider II, Stunt Car Racer, flight sims in general) while the latter generally uses sprite frame update to generate fast forward movement (Hang On, Power Drift, Honda RVF etc).
It’s also down to graphics to help generate the right atmosphere.
Smart intermediate screens (like the weapon selection screens from F-16, or the menu sheets from Gunship) can also help the player get into the groove right from the start - if the simulation is taking things seriously, then so should you.
Sound is also hugely important, providing an almost subconscious strengthening of the visuals. Conversely, poor sound effects can ruin the illusion - the naff helicopter sound of Gunship and shrill motorbike effect from Honda RVF are prime examples.
The Amiga is extremely well hung in the sound department, with simultaneous stereo broadcasts accompanying the action. The advent of sampled or synthesised sound effects, dopplerised and in true holographic stereo, can do just as much to put you ‘there’ as can thousands of polygons per second, and the first program to make show real promise in this area was Starglider II, which offered depth-cued stereo sound effects for the first time.
Given that graphics and sound are the simulation’s only voice to the outside world, humans are lucky in having a brain that is easily fooled. The old grey matter works hard to make sense of what it sees and persistence of imagination can do a lot for a simulation. Old C64 owners - myself included - still got a kick out of FI 5 Strike Eagle, even though the graphics were little more than ground sky stick plane, and the frame update, well, didn’t. After a while, you become attuned to the visuals and start filling in the missing parts: the planes become real opponents, that triangle really is
an enemy base, and so on.
Of course, its always nicer to have it all done for you, and at the other end of the spectrum (and somewhat ironically ) Strike Eagle II boasts the most realistic graphics of any flight simulation to date. Available only on PC at the moment, the Amiga version will hopefully include some degree of the depth-cued graphics of the VGA version, which are stunning to say the least.
You don’t need amazing graphics - but they certainly don’t hurt any.
Into the Future The difference between Psion’s Flight Simulator for the Spectrum and ‘state-of-the-art’ programs like Falcon and F-16 isn’t as great as you would imagine. The apparent sophistication of these simulations is all due the hardware available: Speccy owners can still get F-16 for their machine!
R There is a limit to how far simulations can go in their current form, though, and the limiting factor is hardware. Microprose couldn't find a nome computer powerful enough to run the game that they wanted to design, so they started developing their own. It’s probable that the final unit will appear as a coin-op, and the possibility of a fully moving cabinet still hasn’t been completely ruled out.
ARCADE STIMULATIONS But if Microprose - the simulation company - have already progressed past the 16-bit mark, then what can we expect in the future? Certainly the arcade is the place to watch out for major advances in graphics and physical effects. But unfortunately, the days of home-based moveable chairs despite what Konix would have you believe) is still some way off. Also, the cyberpunk wet dream of simstim units which directly stimulate the sensory centres of the brain - as a legal, marketable device - is probably stuff of me next century.
Maybe saviour of the simulation will come with the CD-ROM revolution
- if it ever happens. Photo-realistic views of the outside world,
with true stereo soundtracks and maybe even stereo vision.
Maybe. ¦ It was recently stated that there are very few new
breakthroughs being made on the graphics side of civil
simulations, and if you want to see where the state-of- the-art
is, take a look in the arcades. Most recent coin-ops have
simply been high-powered graphics engines, but the advent of
the hydraulically operated cabinets has thrown a whole new
light on the path forward.
Tor, putting the slightly bemused arcade-goer in the pilot’s seat of an airliner coming in to land.
Within its completely enclosed cabinet the screen display bore a striking resemblance to the ‘real’ BA 737 sim mentioned earlier, but offered little more than simplified landing procedure. No threat, little challenge and grossly expensive
- it found little more than an inquisitive audience.
But the fact that Taito were prepared to try out something as innovative as this can only bode well for the future. Certainly most coin-op producers are at the leading edge of entertainment technology and it looks as if the way forward for many of them is to a full’ simulated experience. ¦ The medium’s two greatest ground breakers, Sega and Atari, prefer to use the two graphic methods described above to provide the necessary visuals: Atari’s Hard Drivin’ boasts some spectacular filled vector graphics to produce views of a race track and surroundings, while Sega take a different
approach, using many Megs of rapidly-drawn sprites to give the impression of forward movement. Not only this, but Sega is very keen on enforcing the effect by moving cabinets plus feedback through a vibrating joystick steering wheel. Sega’s latest product, Super Monaco GP, is about as close as you can get to driving a Formula 1 racing car around the Monaco course without actually doing it.
Continental Circus provided food for thought with its stereo view of the track using LCD glasses. Hopefully, the coin-op was successful enough to warrant further examination of stereo visuals.
The arcades do occasionally throw up some strange products like Taito’s Airline, which really did present itself as a true simula¦ Full handle bar grips give the real feel to Super Hang-On.
F-19 STEALTH FIGHTER Microprose 1989 F-16 COMBAT PILOT Digital Integration = C simulation of the top-secret US Stealth Tipped by an RAF pilot visitor to the Format : 'eject, which second-guessed the USAF. Offices as the most realistic flight sim out.
P O GeflLOCK 9 - - ‘ . -s :-ar.
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Although many readers concepts make up the foun- of Amiga Format are dation of a professional skilled artists - the Amiga has designer’s visual vocabulary, always attracted artists and There is nothing secret or designers - there are many mystical about them but they Amiga users who have little should be understood if good artistic skill, and certainly no computer art is what you formal design training. Want to produce.
For many of these The aim of this new tuto- people, most how-to-do-it rial series is to give the tutorials in computer maga- novice computer graphic zines and books miss the artist a good grounding, basic point: how to START starting at a very basic level, making marks using very but providing plenty of back- basic techniques such as ground information so as to line, shape, form, colour, be interesting to skilled as pattern and texture. These well as unskilled designers. I Rubber it Out The first trick of computer graphics - the one that sets digital drawing apart from all other kinds right
from the word go - is Rubber-Banding. On paper, when a line is drawn, the only way to change it is to rub it out or reach for another sheet and start again.
On screen, each line can be adjusted to your heart’s content by fixing one end and stretching the other to the perfect position, almost exactly like a rubber-band.
A simple process, taken for granted after the first ten minutes at the computer, but immensely powerful for all that. The process does not end there, either. Using Vector Graphics, for example, the position of both ends of the line as well as its thickness, colour and even pattern can be changed at any time to suit your needs.
In this first elementary tutorial we will examine the nature of computer generated LINE: how it is produced, how to improve it and apply it to the greatest advantage, how to take short-cuts: how to really USE it to the full.
Juggling the Jaggies Smooth lines are almost impossible to display on a computer screen.
Because of the way a monitor works, only exactly vertical and horizontal straight lines can be drawn without steps or kinks.
To follow this idea, it might be best if you work alongside the tutorial, drawing the illustrations yourself. (For each of the following descriptions the software used is Deluxe Paint II in Lo-res mode using the default palette as a starting point. But of course you can use any screen-painting system you are familiar with) Boot up the program and set the Background colour to white and the Foreground to black.
Select the single pixel straight line tool and then simply drag a line from top left to bottom right.
Look closely: zoom in if you like. Compare what you got with “THE JAGGIES”. What we intended was a thin straight line with smooth sides, but what we got was a series of horizontal lines of varying length, joined corner to corner. The enlarged view shows that the screen display is obviously a digital mosaic of small square ‘tiles'. The apparent smoothness of any line therefore depends on the size of the tiles or PIXELS and the angle of the line.
In a line drawn exactly horizontally or vertically, the pixels lie side by side, so a line is perfectly smooth: but in one drawn at 45 degrees, they join corner to corner, so except at very low resolution the line looks reasonably smooth. You can see this from the triangle in the corner. (Draw one yourself and magnify that as well.)
At most other angles a greater or lesser degree of ‘stepping’ or ‘staircasing’ takes place giving a jagged line. This stepped effect is known as aliasing and is present to some degree on even the most expensive computer systems. (Try using the freeze-frame of your VCR on the computer-generated opening credits of some TV program and you should see stepping effects, especially on curved edges.)
There are a number of ways in which this problem can be overcome or reduced.
Increased Resolution A normal Amiga monitor (1081 or
1084) can display up to 600 horizontal and perhaps 700 vertical
lines (about 75 dots per inch: 75 dpi). Even at this
maximum, stepping is clearly visible on diagonal or
curved lines. Indeed, even using 1008 x 1008 line monitors
the jaggies are still a problem when a single-colour line
is against a contrasting background.
The power of the human eye to resolve irregularities is so great that a resolution of at least 4000 x 4000 is required to give apparently smooth lines. The price of this resolving power is in the order of tens or even hundreds of thousands of pounds, a bit beyond the average Amiga user.
Another, cheaper method must be found.
Anti-Aliasing Although the human eye can detect very fine surface irregularities, it conversely blends together irregularities of colour, perceiving them as smooth transitions. This blending characteristic - shown in the picture “ANTI- ALIASING” - can be used to hide a jagged surface by averaging the contrasting colours along an edge and placing a pixel of the average colour at the base of each step.
Once again this is best shown if you do the illustration. Using several standard brush sizes and 3 or 4 contrasting colours plus black, draw a series of straight parallel lines from top left to bottom right of the screen. Select the Freehand drawing tool and a mid-grey tone (about four squares up the right- hand column). Move the pointer to the middle of the single pixel black line and press “m” on the keyboard. This area should now be quite visibly magnified.
Place one grey pixel on the corner of each of the two-pixel steps, as shown in the picture. In the normal view it should now be obvious that the stepping effect has almost disappeared - ANTIALIASED by the average grey tone
- but the line seems slightly blurred. If this is not the case
try using a paler or darker grey.
DEFINING TERMS Intro to Techniques Auto Antialiasing Deluxe Paint II provides an automatic anti-aliasing effect called Smoothing. Select the largest standard brush and the straight line tool. Activate the Smoothing mode from the Modes menu and drag a line over part of each of the coloured lines you drew on screen. In most cases the jagged edges are now softer but the lines are all quite blurred. The thinnest lines will probably have either disappeared or become much paler.
Try the same experiment again using the one-pixel brush and dragging the smoothing line along just adjacent to the original ines. This time the edge is smoothed slightly less effectively, out the blurring effect is much less noticable because the band of oixels across which the colour transition takes place is narrower.
Automatic anti-aliasing in Deluxe Paint can be carefully con- :rolled by selecting a brush size r-at is a balance between the amount of blurring you are pre- oared to tolerate and the effectiveness of the smoothing you want.
Thin lines can retain their original :olour by avoiding overlap of the :riginal with the smoothing line.
Palette Problems Another problem can occur if there s not a suitable range of colours in ~e palette. Effective anti-aliasing of an edge or line set against a congesting background colour only takes place if several intermediate tolours are available. The standard 'default' palette illustrates this blending effect perfectly.
Make one of your initial thick lines bright blue (0,0,15).
AMIGA HI-RES SCREEN PIXEL (approx 75 DPI) With the standard colours, smoothing uses purple (8,0,15) for the transition which leaves a bright rim along the edge. If the colour above bright blue in the column is changed to a paler blue (8,8,15), the smoothing is much more effective as can be seen on the lower edge of the wide blue band in our picture.
Again, try it yourself. Careful selection of palettes can make many operations much easier in Deluxe Paint. A tutorial concerned solely with colour will be featured in a future issue of Amiga Format.
Using It Stepping effects can vary greatly depending on the angle and length of a line. Experiment with a series of single-pixel lines drawn so as to radiate from one origin, similar to those in the “MOIRE PATTERNS” picture. It soon becomes obvious that slight adjustments to the lines can result in a complete change in the nature of their stepping. If you are unable to smooth the edges of your pictures for some reason, try to adjust the lines to suit the subject you are working on. Regular, mechanical objects may suit a regular step whereas irregular, organic objects may even be enhanced
with a jagged outline.
If you are working with patterns of regular lines, alias steps on adjacent edges may align to form a secondary pattern. This effect is known as a 'Moire' pattern. It can be exaggerated or produced deliberately by picking up one pattern as a brush and superimposing the copy over the original slightly offset. This technique provides endless scope for experiment as suggested in the picture “MOIRE PATTERNS”.
TUTORIAL Drawing With Line Vectors for Victory Up to this point we have been specifically concerned with the screen display of our artwork. This may be a red herring.
In some ways the bitmapped “screen painting” method is very limited. It is certainly easy to use: colour can be sloshed onto the screen very quickly in almost any pattern and graduation. Areas of the screen can be picked up and transformed in a variety of ways that is only limited by the imagination of the artist and programer.
Nevertheless, if the final product of any painting is to be a printout, it is dependent on the screen display being reproduced exactly, regardless of the resolution capability of the printer. A dramatic comparison of the various dot sizes of printers with a high resolution Amiga pixel is shown in the picture “PRINTER RESOLUTIONS”.
It illustrates the wasted capability of printing a bitmapped picture on a laser printer.
The wide availability of these high resolution printers, and the growing use of pen plotters, has encouraged the development of software optimised for output, using structured rather than bitmap drawing techniques. Using a “vector” based method of drawOn a sophisticated computer like the Amiga, with state-of-the-art software such as Deluxe Paint or DigiPaint, it might seem unecces- sary to use much in the way of line drawing. Transparent graduated fills, tints, texture mapping and wrapping, all these fancy gimmicks hide the fact that when starting from scratch, a well constructed line
drawing is essential.
Often the fancy fills can hide important detail, especially if the drawing is a detailed diagram.
Ing, (see the side box for a full description of vector graphic techniques) the display resolution is irrelevant to the final products because a line is defined by its endpoints and an instruction to “draw a line between these points”. The line is drawn at the maximum resolution available.
If you magnify the screen, each line is still drawn as finely as possible (unless it has a defined thickness). Similarly, when a vector drawn picture is printed or plotted, the instructions are acted upon by the output device at the max resolution it is capable of.
Similarly, if you are working from full colour artwork, it is not always appropriate to use the original picture. There may be problems with copyright or you may only want a two-colour line drawing for DTP purposes.
What all this boils down to is 'Tracing'. Or to use the technical term, 'Cheating'. If you are not very good at drawing with a mouse
- and most of us have problems drawing with an implement that is
about as sensitive as a bar of I To draw a line on screen, some
sort of definition of it must be contained in memory. For a
bitmapped display this might just be a series of pixels set to
the foreground colour, mapped into a total array of pixels in
the background colour.
VECTOR GRAPHICS AND STRUCTURED DRAWING A more versatile and economical method is to define the position of the two endpoints and include some instruction that means "draw a straight line between these points”. If one point is defined as being at a certain distance and direction from the other, the object is Vector Graphics set of objects, each with a similar vector but different ‘instructions’, are shown in the picture “VECTOR GRAPHICS”: I Combining several vectors together other objects can be made. A simple arc is the line swept between two vectors originating at the same centre
If a vector is attached to either end of a line, virtually any curve can be drawn. This is known as a spline or Bezier Curve’.
It can best be visualised as a strip of flexible wood or plastic (like a ruler), held at either end between your forefinger and thumb. By twisting your wrists either way - at points A and B (x1y1 and x2y2), complex double curves can be formed. In effect the initial line is the ruler.
The pressure applied to either end is the magnitude of the other two vectors and the rotation is their direction or angle.
Vector graphic methods are illustrated in the diagrams above but using them directly is really the only way to properly understand them. Most CAD programs - including Xcad and Aegis Draw - use these basic vector techniques, and increasingly, DTP packages - Professional Draw and PageStream for example - are including sophisticated Bezier tools.
* I soap - tracing from photos is an easy shortcut. (Using a
digitiser is even easier but beyond many people’s means.)
Collect together a range of pictures from colour supplements, postcards, magazines or wherever and put together an approximate collage of the final image. Remember that there are lots of tools in Deluxe Paint for scaling, mirroring and distorting the outline drawing so if the pictures are not exactly right you can change them later.
The tracing ‘paper’ needs to be completely transparent. Some form of clear acetate such as overhead projector transparencies are most suitable.
They can usually be obtained from a good model-making or stationery shop. A fine-nibbed waterproof or permanent felt-tip or rollerball pen is also required. Red or green are better than black, so that the lines you draw on screen will show through.
Trace the image carefully, following all ‘limbs’ of the object, not just around the edge: but do not be tempted by too much detail.
If there are definite colour changes consider tracing those too. If colours change gradually try to pick out a line that divides them.
The final tracing should look like ‘painting-by-numbers’.
One great advantage of thin acetate is that it should stick to the monitor screen by static alone. Position the tracing on screen in the correct orientation. If static is not enough use ‘blue-tac’ or masking tape.
The copy is made using rubber-banded lines, or polygons, or for circles and ellipses, the suitable tool. It is usually best to select an off-white screen and a distinctive line colour (different from the tracing pen). Starting at the top and working down follow the shape of the traced lines with short rubber- banded lines. With a little practice it is possible to produce a very good copy, even with quite tight curves. You may find it easier to line things up if you keep one eye closed.
The final copy sftOLud toe- something l*e re lane outfeoe n the pickie TRAOCT above.
¦jurnum v -_i look carefully at the original. A line drawing gains an immense amount of character from the type of line you use - thick thin, tapered, dotted. As it is not going to be filled, the edges can be broken in some places and thicker in others, but it is difficult for the novice to know which should be which.
A simple rule of thumb is to judge the thickness of a line by the contrast between the areas on either side of it on the original.
In other words, if the edge stands out against its background draw it thicker than edges which seem to blend into the background.
This is called a “hierarchy of line”.
The same effect can be achieved on images that ARE going to be filled by using paler and darker shades of the outline colour: three or four different greys for instance.
If you have to use freehand lines - to add missing detail, to redraw an element of the picture that is not quite light to include 2 :: 2 r r no ref- to copy from life - “r even simple : _r.ee ires 13~ egress a lot 2::.' E~e“ 2': *low. An ma z dtz cr a human
• 2: • zonrg re nes of a ::-r re r 2 tree, all re is 2 : _ : 2 22
: aotured _sr x ~ ii -nes ¦ 4J Eb p“ ¦ s «-*- • • C 3 Q jr
' ¦"" cd 1) "O i co U U 4 ' 4 1
• r* £ *3 r 'W cd p P"* o 13 O 15 D “¦ . X *r * P+ H I* o o S-t
J3 Ju cd s »w O !*¦*-.
R"* w
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Tel:0773 836781 Fax:0773 831040 isiS wmmm , | ¦' , 'T Take the controls of a plane that even the USAF's top guns won't see until the next century! Eighteen months of painstaking research into two of the USA's most revolutionary Advanced Tactical Fighters now pays off in this. .the ultimate flight simulation. Choose between the Lockheed F22 and the Grumman F29, an array of battle environments and dozens of various tactical missions.
Aerial combat, strategic bombings, interactive ground based battles, seagoing carriers... the list of features is endless.
Real time cockpit displays - including "true radar" enhance the realistic feel of this Ifc. Visually stunning simulation.
6 Central Street • Manchester • M2 5NS Telephone: 061 832 6633 Telex: 669977 OCEANS G • Fax: 061 834 0650 CRN PAY CHRISTMAS, THEY SAY, IS A TIME FOR GIVING... SO THIS MONTH WE’RE GIVING YOU THE BIGGEST EVER SCREEN PLAY, WITH A WHOLE 26 GAME REVIEWS ON THE 21 ACTION-PACKED PAGES FOLLOWING... Double Dragon ii 40 Moonwalker 41 Ninja Warriors 43 Eye Of Horus 44 Stunt Car Racer 45 Switchblade 46 Keef The Thief 49 Rally Cross Challenge 50 Superleague Soccer 50 simcity 55 Twin World 56 Fighting Soccer 56 Onslaught 59 Indiana Jones: The Adventure Game 61 Rock'n'Roll 64 Magic Marble 64 Future Wars:
Time Travellers 67 Turbo Outrun 68 Swords Of Twilight 70 North And South 70 Ghostbusters II 73 Toobin’ 75 Grand Prix Master 76 Safari Guns 76 Sporting Triangles 76 Stormlord 76 DOUBLE DRAGON I VIRGIN £19.99 ¦ Joystick Billy and Jimmy Lee are tough.
The Black Warriors know they’re tough because they were foolish enough to mess with them a couple of years ago in the classic coin-op Double Dragon.
The Black Warriors had kidnapped Marian, a friend of theirs, and the lads decided to get her back and put the gang out of operation for good. Sadly, they didn’t quite finish off the female leader, who then spent a few years recovering before seeking her revenge.
And what better way to get back at the brothers than to kidnap Marian again? So that's what she did, killing Marian as soon as she got her hands on her. So the brothers Lee are mad as hell and are going after her.
It’s a one or two-player horizontally-scrolling beat-em-up in which the players control the brothers as they work their way through the various levels biffing and bashing the various enemies that come at them from all parts of the screen (some baddies even hide inside things and jump out on the brothers as they pass).
As well as the standard aggressive moves such as punching, kicking and high kicking, the bruwers can also pick up extra weapons like maces and daggers that some of the baddies will drop once you manage to kill them. Be careful, though, because you can drop the weapons if the baddies manage to crack you one and you don’t carry the weapons from one stage to the next. If you don’t have any extra weapons you can always resort to picking up bits of the scenery, like oil barrels and crates, that can then be lobbed at the enemies.
The regular baddies are nasty enough - especially when you have several of them to handle at once - but extra large baddies and ones wielding swords and such like make several appearances throughout the game and generally these need to be hit more often to cause them to disappear.
Bash your way through the levels without losing all your lives and continue credits and then go back and do it all again.
GRAPHICS AND SOUND Large sprites and a full PAL screen: things look good. The perspective is a little odd but very coin-op like. Tunes play throughout that are jaunty and very listenable.
JUDGEMENT A fun beat-em-up thafs a vast improvement on the computer versions of the first game. It's too easy to keep you playing for months, though, and it’s likely you’ll complete it sooner rather than later. Lots of fun in two player mode. Andy Smith GRAPHICS 7 SOUND 6 INTELLECT 2 ADDICTION 6 OVERALL 64% ¦ Left: a mid-level guardian makes his appearance and gets a jolly good sock on the jaw for his trouble.
US GOLD £24.99 ¦ Joystick or Keyboard There have been many games based on films before but here it isn’t so much based on a film as a person: Michael Jackson. His name has hardly ever been out of the papers or the charts during the ‘80s, but can this popular singing star be transformed into a good computer game?
The game is split into four sections, all of which are featured in the film, of course. In the first, Michael is at the film studios being chased by his fans and has to find a disguise and then escape on a motorbike. The disguise is a rabbit suit, the parts of which have to be picked up in the correct order: feet first, head last. There are also four pieces of equipment - a camera, a microphone, a spotlight and a key - to be found.
MJ can walk or run around the studio ‘lot’, which is viewed from overhead and has a scanner showing the fans and objects on it. You can only run for short periods though, so save it for escaping from tight spots. If Mikey gets caught by a fan he loses a platinum disc: no discs and it's game over. There is also a time limit.
The first section is relatively simple once you have learnt the map, so it's quickly on to Stage Two.
Now you're the rabbit on the bike, racing round the city trying to collect orbs and destroy drugs. It’s viewed from above again with a similar collection of fans and troopers chasing Michael about.
There are four lots of orbs to collect, and when the last orb of each set is collected the bike transforms into the Stratos car and you have to leap over a barrier to the next area. In the last of the four areas the bike becomes a jet-bike, grabbing the orbs from the water.
Now it's on to the Club ‘30s nightclub where gunmen appear at the windows and try to shoot you.
A gun and bullets are to be found lying around, so you can fight back. Supplies of bullets have to be continually picked up from the random places around the club where they are left. If MJ can get through this there is a final confrontation with the bad guys, where he turns into a robot to blast guards and a laser cannon.
GRAPHICS AND SOUND At the beginning of the game and inbetween each of the sections, there are some superb animated action screens. The game screens are not as good: the first two levels look very plain, but the last two are more detailed and more interesting. Samples of Michael’s music run throughout the game.
They sound fine but are on the repetitive side: constraints of memory one presumes.
JUDGEMENT None of the four sections stands out particularly as being a great game, but all four are enjoyable.
As a package it will take some time to complete and provide a fair deal of entertainment. Its main problem is that there is no particular ‘high’ in gameplay terms.
There’s a lot of good things, but nothing great. Bob Wade Darius from Taito created something of a stir a couple of years ago when it first appeared in the arcades, not because it was a particularly good game, but because it was the first to use a system of three monitors, giving a massive 45” play area.
Then came The Ninja Warriors
- a completely different type of game, but still using the large
play area - and now there's the Amiga version. Will you need
three monitors to get the full effect?
No. To retain the ‘wide screen’ feel of the game the graphics have shrunk into a 1 3 height strip of game area. This is a one or two player hack and slash game fought over six stages.
Your motivation for going through with it? Well, the year is 1993 and the head of not only the military and police forces but also all the underworld criminal elements is a nasty chap called Bangler. To restore some sense of order to things, this chap needs ‘rubbing out', and so Mulk, the leader of the revolutionaries, has invested some considerable time and effort in building two robot assassins. The Ninja Assassins.
This horizontally-scrolling game starts in the slums where the assassins have to work their way left-to-right through the stage chopping and slashing away with their two knives at the enemies that come running on from either side. Obviously, these chaps don’t want to be sent to the great coin- op in the sky so they'll attack you with knives themselves - some are even armed with machine guns and grenade launchers - and every hit taken reduces your energy until you die. Then it’s a case of either re-starting or using up one of your three credits to continue.
The game wouldn't be complete without some mid and end of level guardians to take out, and these include hunchback-like Ground Spiders and large animated tanks manned by a submachine gun touting maniac.
Fortunately, as well as just knives, you are armed with a limited amount of shuriken (throwing stars) which can be lobbed to take out some baddies from a distance.
Make it through the stages and the baddies become more numerous and more aggressive, until the final confrontation with the archfiend Bangler himself.
VIRGIN £19.99 ¦ Joystick and Keyboard THE NINIA GRAPHICS AND SOUND A first class conversion. The animation is great, as are the backgrounds. The sound effects are also superb, although the title music grates after a while. One of the best looking coin-op conversions to date.
JUDGEMENT Fans of the genre are in for a real treat: this one is immensely playable and well put together. The shrunken screen works brilliantly and though it's no fault of the conversion, all the original needed was a bit more variety and it would have achieved the coveted Format Gold award. As it is, it comes just about as close as it could. A great game. Andy Smith Ml GRAPHICS AND SOUND The corridors and hieroglyphics are pleasantly designed but are nothing out of the ordinary. There are plenty of enemy sprites, none of them very large. The scrolling is smooth, except for a little glitch
when the lifts go up and down. Not much in the way of sound effects but the music is good, plonking its way along through title screens and the game itself.
• ho :es3 IT * re BSC Not only are hieroglyphics difficult to
understand, they can prove hazardous to your health. Well,
they can if you are the son of an Egyptian god trapped in a
pyramid. Then again, surely this should prove no trouble for
a guy that can change into a hawk whenever the fancy takes him.
The task is to retrieve the seven pieces of your father's body. Hang on a minute: two arms, two legs, one head and one torso makes six. What’s the other bit? Anyway, these are scattered around the labyrinth of the tomb and, having got all the bits back together, you must confront Set, the loathsome chappy who split them up in the first place.
The pyramid is represented entirely in 2D, with corridors linked by lifts. Horus can use the lifts while he is on foot, but quicker progress can be made along the passages by taking to the air.
However, you need to keep a close watch while flying along because there are many amulets hidden amongst the hieroglyphics on the walls and these can only be picked up by walking past them.
JUDGEMENT It’s a passable arcade adventure with plenty of exploring, lots of objects and a deal of blasting.
What it has not got is anything that makes it stand out from the crowd. You will undoubtedly get enjoyment from it and it will not be easily completed, but the excitement level never gets very high.
Bob Wade jar : ?
• •• -.
EVEttHORUS As well as the amulets there are also keys to be found and these are used to unlock lifts, which allow further exploration of the tomb. This exploration element is the main challenge in the game: trial and error searching to open up all the sections of the tomb.
The amulets have many different uses, all of them will prove useful. There’s one that gives a map showing the explored areas of the tomb, several that destroy the attacking hieroglyphics, energy replenishes, firepower changers and a shield. You can even call on the help of two unearthly friends, Isis and Anubis, to provide gifts to aid Horus in the quest.
There are lots of different hieroglyphs that suddenly animate LOGOTRON £24.99 ¦ Joystick only 9 mamm ( 1 1 out from the walls and try to hit Horus. They behave in many ways but can all be blasted out of the way. You can shoot when walking or flying, but it is much easier taking enemies out from the air.
Who said brain games were the best? Even the author of a classic intelligence tester must fancy a bit of high-speed action from time to time. Which is presumably why Geoff Crammond not only wrote the classic game Sentinel but has also written Stunt Car Racer.
And that’s just what it’s about: the player takes control of a stunt car and has to drive it around eight death-defying tracks. The player’s aim is to become Division One champion in the Stunt Car Racer League, but to do that you’ll have to get to Div 1 first.
Starting in Div 4, you have to race both other drivers in the division on both tracks. Points are awarded to the winner of the race (who gets two points) and the competitor who put in the fastest lap during the race (who earns just one). At the end of the season the competitor with the most points is promoted to the next division, but of course once you get out of the fourth, you always stand a chance of being relegated if you finish the season in last place.
Make it to the top of the first to earn a chance to take part in the Superleague and race against some expert competition in better cars (faster with better brakes).
The action is all viewed from the cockpit and the controls are very simple: push forward on the joystick to accelerate, pull back to brake and move it left-right to steer. What’s not so easy is staying on the elevated tracks which twist and turn, dip and rise the whole way round. Each race consists of three laps of the track and the race is over when either car crosses the finish line or one car becomes a wreck.
Fall off of the track (or even take a jump incorrectly and come down too heavily on the other side) and you’ll incur chassis and structural damage. Too much damage and the car becomes a wreck F RMIGR O r-.
|D ' R M a GOLD and 'race over1. However, before starting a season it is possible to practise the track so you can learn exactly where to use the nitro boost and where to decelerate (it would be far too easy to just blast around the track willy-nilly) before competing for real.
MICROSTYLE £24.95 ¦ Joystick or Keyboard STUNT CAR RACER GRAPHICS AND SOUND Revving engines, crashes, screeches and scrapes - all of which sound great. The graphics are superb: extremely fast, and well animated. Excellent stuff.
JUDGEMENT This is gripping stuff. Action all the way - you really will be holding your breath as you go flying over the jumps and gritting your teeth with determination when you see your opponent go whizzing past.
All it lacks is an instant replay option to allow an out-of-cockpit view of those spectacular crashes.
Andy Smith GRAPHICS 9 SOUND 7 INTELLECT 4 ADDICTION 9 OVERALL 93% SWITCHBLADI GREMLIN £19.99 ¦ Joystick because they won't be displayed until he actually goes in them.
That doesn't sound too difficult until you realise that the majority of rooms are hidden behind ordinary wall blocks. The trouble with this is you only know they’re there if you punch away at a wall and the blocks break up.
This is also how you collect most of the extra weapons which are hidden inside seemingly ordinary blocks. So, there’s lots of exploration to be done in order to find and collect all the pieces: and then the problems really begin.
GRAPHICS AND SOUND It’s all viewed in side-on 2D and all the rooms are well drawn and the sprites well animated. The music in the game is good but you can toggle to effects (good ones too) if you’d rather.
The sprites may be small but they look good and move well (not the best jumping sequence ever seen though). The presentation as a whole manages to stay just the right side of cutesy.
JUDGEMENT It’s the exploring that's the fun, finding new routes that you had no idea were there or seeing a doorway and wondering how on earth you're going to get to it. The combat can be fun too, but get the hang of the meter and it becomes a little easy (thank goodness baddies don't reappear every time you re-enter a certain room).
With only five lives at your disposal this is a toughie, but you’ll have lots of fun all the same. It's certainly blessed with loads of the ‘I wonder where that leads to’ factor making it very addictive. A great arcade adventure that’s well polished and well put together.
Andy Smith 04 r j
- • - •* ...... k,.,.. t - : * ¦ Power-ups can be found by the
simple process of demolishing certain blocks.
GRAPHICS 8 SOUND 8 INTELLECT 4 ADDICTION 8 OVERALL 85% Things had been pretty good on the Cyberworld of Thraxx for the last 10,000 years: the Bladeknights looked after the place well thanks to the power of the Fireblade. Had been good, that is, until the awakening of Havok who then smashed the Fireblade into 16 pieces, ending the Bladeknight’s rule, and topped most of the Bladeknights before taking control of the Undercity.
Hiro is the last of the courageous band and it's up to him to save Thraxx and restore order by finding the pieces of the smashed Fireblade and then reassembling it to use against Havok.
The player takes control of Hiro and has to guide him through five levels of the undercity, picking up the pieces of the Fireblade as he goes. There are, however, complications. First of all, there are loads of Havok’s guards to overcome. Some are stronger than others, but all of them can biff Hiro reducing his energy and once the meter reaches zero he loses one of his five lives.
Fighting back is the answer and as he's got a cyber arm he might as well use it. Holding the fire button down causes a meter at the base of the screen to rise: releasing the button at 1 4 strength causes Hiro to punch, releasing at the 1 2 to 3 4 mark causes him to make a high kick and at full strength he makes a low kick. By using the right move at the right time most opponents can be overcome.
There are power-ups that can be collected to increase the strength of the attack and there are extra weapons that can also be used, including a fire ball shot and darts. Unfortunately, all weapons have a limited ammo supply so they have to be used carefully.
The other main problem is the fact that Hiro doesn’t know where he's going and can only see parts of the Undercity that he’s actually been in. For example, he could be climbing down a ladder going past several rooms without knowing it SIERRA rmaids Is deal adventure character and ready for action.
Keef the Thief is a graphic adventure in the traditional role- playing mould as seemingly favoured by Electronic Arts. The more killing you do, the more experience you gain as a warrior and the same principle applies theft. You can find, buy or steal extra items to help you along on your quest and if you eventually LOOP an old irx» or start ,* NEU m* tol. Pm‘,» 1 on ,t ii ¦ Get used to this picture: you’ll be seeing it often enough.
032' 13S |OPkjftt the robed nanfs hut Icnctl fZfZHJ.
GRAPHICS 8 SOUND 7 INTELLECT 9 ADDICTION 8 OVERALL 89% feiuilsfimi»i nsfcl I 1 1 Ificiliil -1 fTalkirre to fll Handratta Is ‘t that brings you here to talk w i ti |3! L w only sits and r»edi tales? You who ¦ Meet up with your buddy Kung Fu expert.
: _ ANCO £19.95 ¦ Joystick or Keyboard RALLY CROSS CHALLENGE Another of this month’s racing games comes from Anco, who are more famous for their brilliant Kick Off and a considerably less exciting range of strip poker games.
Up to four players can compete simultaneously in the game, which contains six different tracks to race around. Each race lasts for seven (or, ater on, eight) laps of the track and the first three finishers qualify for the next race.
Points are aniarded to the finishers and these points can be traded in at the star of each race for car enhancements such as better traction for mproved road holding and a turbo boost to reduce the amount of tme needed to reach top speed.
Spending ports is a dangerous th ng - espec ally early on in the game when you have few - because should you finish last in a race 10 points are deducted from your score and if you have less than 10, it’s game over and you have to start ail over again.
Make it through a race and you’ll find the quality of the competition improving, making it much harder to qualify for the next race. This is particularly true if you have to drive at night: darkness seriously increases your chances of clipping a hay bale or a railing, causing your car to burst into flames and putting you out of the race for a few valuable seconds. So a pit stop has to be made to get your car fitted with headlamps. Even then, extra caution is needed.
On the plus side though, colliding with the other cars does nothing but slow you down a little and the computer-controlled opponents also go spinning off the road and into a barrier if they misjudge a corner or lose control. One particular hazard is the possibility of hitting one of the mysterious appearing and disappearing oil patches in the road.
GRAPHICS AND SOUND All the action is viewed from above and all the tracks are jolly well drawn. There are several nice touches in the graphics department, including the occasional bird flying across the screen or a car revving up. All very nice, but of course your attention is on the driving, so it’s hard to appreciate these touches. The rewing and honking noises made by the cars are fine and add atmosphere.
JUDGEMENT Comparisons between this and games like BMX Simulator and Super Sprint have to be made, simply because it looks and plays just like them. Your car does tend to handle just as you'd expect a rally car to, what with all that inertia, but even so it's much more of a simple racing game than a driving simulator and as such it has limited lasting appeal: though playing with four people at once can be great fun. Andy Smith GRAPHICS 7 SOUND 6 INTELLECT 2 ADDICTION 8 OVERALL 64% Football games are the hardy annuals of computer titles - hardly a month goes by without a new one. To stand
out in the crowd it has to have something dffferent.
This one claims a revolutionary control system' anc a vast range of player details’.
Sadly, the revolutionary control system is appalling-, drncult to use and you will rape;,, dispense with the match highlights and resort to the strategy side of things. Controlling all eleven players may sound good, but each player has to be selected and then told where to go: at which point they stand around doing nothing until you tell them to run somewhere else. Very tedious.
The strategy is much better mplemented. The player details are comprehensively informative, making the buying, selling and ¦ Playing the match by controlling just one player at a time.
Positioning of each man the most interesting thing.
There are the usual cup competitions, along with the league, and you will also find formation changes, contract negotiations, reserve matches and spying missions need to be seen to.
Football games need more than this one has before they stand out these days. The strategy is competent and absorbing but it has nothing you can’t find in several other games. Bob Wade GRAPHICS 1 SOUND 1 INTELLECT 6 ADDICTION 6 OVERALL 48% PRESSIONS £24.99 Mouse i Superb fast action gameplay featuring real teams from the Football Leagues.
Each team defined with the correct strips.
GAZZA’S SUPER SOCCER - SIMPLY SENSATIONAL © Create your own superleagues, cup competitions and build your strongest squad.
Each player in the team has his own characteristics- skill level, speed and style of play. The skill level of your team can be improved through playing well.
® Realistic ball control allowing you to chip over, curl round or dribble through © the opposition. The unique “Boot-O-Meter” enables you to vary the strength, height and spin of any kick.
@ Full control of corners, free kicks and goal kicks.
® Heading, tackling and fouling.
© Full, realistic control of goalkeepers.
® Superb one or two player action.
® Play in a whole range of league, cup and practice matches or just practice penalties, free kicks and corners.
The Country’s most exciting computer game, endorsed by the country’s most exciting player!
“Don’t forget, buy Gazza’s Super Soccer. It’s the No 1 Computer Game.” Available for Amiga, Atari ST, Spectrum, Amstrad and C64 STEVEMS ROBSOH ¦am 4 THE STANNETTS, LAI NOON, NORTH TRADE CENTRE, BASILDON, ESSEX SS15 6DJ TEL No. (0268) 541126 FAX No. (0268)541125 1942™ Available on: IBM PC • ATARI ST • AMIGA SH Screen shots from v MANIAC MANSION™ Available on: IBM PC • ATARI ST • AMIGA CBM 64 128 Disk ¦ V l-ill J ihHIBOi&B J i 1 i m u i-'iiiQo i a L d I .«-¦¦¦ sama J-UII-III Ml [MWLpiiiiiiala ,td., Units 2 3 IF GHOSTS N’ GOBLINS SCARED YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND ...THIS’LL SCARE YOU OUT OF YOUR SKIN!
Arthur returns! The , fearless knight is back 0 in this stunning sequel to Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins (voted among the top 10 games of 1986).
Three years have passed since the evil ones came to do their dirty work. Now they’re back and they’ve captured Princess Hus, but our valiant knight Arthur is charging ||k to the rescue against a i formidable array Jpv f °* 2ruesome j| f enemies and hairy mMkkA hazards.
AIM i'-.iMu . ___ INFOGRAMES £29.99 ¦ Mouse and or Keyboard AMIGA GOLD to see what percentage of the population think you're doing a good job, and see what their biggest gripes are) and trying to expand until your small village turns into a Megalopolis of a quarter of a million citizens.
If building and running your own city seems like too much hard work then you can always try jumping into a ready-built one, as mentioned earlier. The scenarios are a harder game in many ways, as you are always set specific tasks: restore an earthquake-dev- astated town to its former glory in something like 30 years.
Real masochists, though, will start a town from scratch and build it up until it's doing very nicely thank you, and then invoke a disaster of their own, such as a flood or a major city fire. Whatever you choose, you’re the mayor and it’s the population you answer to.
JUDGEMENT It's the compulsive gameplay that really makes it. It has that certain something that makes you want to keep going, for hours at a stretch: just one game can last you for weeks. It has much more general appeal than something like a football management game, but it has the same 'once you’re into it you can’t get out of it' character.
Terrific stuff. Andy Smith GRAPHICS 6 SOUND 6 INTELLECT 6 ADDICTION 9 OVERALL 92% Who wants to be a city mayor? I do. Just imagine being in the hot seat in San Francisco after the 1908 earthquake; could you cope?
Or how about controlling Tokyo in 57 when Godzilla has just been spotted heading your way?
Sim City is just that: a simulation of a city. Leaving the pre-set scenarios aside for the moment, the idea of the game is to build a cfty from scratch and keep the thing ticking over using the limited fends available.
Every city in the game has three basic ‘blocks': Residential, Commercial and Industrial. A successful city will have the right balance of all three blocks: no point having loads of shops and banks if me populace has no jobs or homes! But it’s not necessarily as easy as all that.
At the start of the game, you’re given a lump sum of money
- the exact amount depending on me skill level - and you then
have to take several things into consideration before
splashing the loot about. For example, the residential zones
will need to be far enough away from the industrial zones to
encourage people to come and ive in them, yet transport routes
between everything have to be good (roads and railways can be
built). There will have to be enough jobs to attract people to
your town and enough commercial zones for them to spend their
wages in... and so it goes on.
Once you’ve set the town up, complete with power stations and police and fire departments, the major headache is keeping people there to nail for their taxes: tax money being the only other source of capital, needed to maintain and expand the town. Set the tax rate too low one year (the game runs in years which take about five minutes of real time) and you'll attract tots of residents but you will generate very little revenue.
An'd once you start losing money, the problems start to occur. The crime rate may be soaring, but if you just can't afford another police station people leave and the community eventually starts falling apart.
It's all a question of balance: juggling the economy, listening to the people’s needs (an evaluation chart can be called up at any time Gane Level: 1 § Easy $ 28888 j |[ Mediuit 510888 if s ... , i Hard $ 5808 jf City | Nane :
- Lk-lLJJU*
- -1 !
¦ Pick the territory, give your town a name and away you go.
I Use Th i s Hap j I (ien Hap The Gaspars were a peaceful and prosperous race, watched over by the magical family Carikens. Sadly, the family neglected their magic and the Kingdom began to fall to pieces. That’s when the evil druid Maldur decided to move in and massacre the family.
Only one child survived and it’s down to him to collect the 23 parts of the magic amulet that have been scattered throughout the land to prevent the family Carikens from rising again.
But we can’t have evil triumphing over good, can we? So, you’ll have to take on the persona of Ulopa, the last of the Carikens, and ensure you collect all the parts thereby defeating Maldur.
It’s an arcade adventure from French programmers Blue Byte with its roots in Super Mario Bros.
The 23 levels each have an upper and lower level (world) and the player can easily get from one world to the other by going through the cavern mouths on the UBISOFT £24.99 ¦ Joystick levels. Getting from one level to the other, though, involves running around and collecting the pieces of amulet and then finding the level exit (identifiable by the symbol above the door).
Maldur is none too keen on the idea of you running about trying to ruin his fun, though, so he’s infested the levels with all manner of flying, walking and crawling nasties that all remove one of your six lives on contact. To combat them you’re armed with three types of ball shots of varying strengths and properties (one of them bounces) which you can fire. Destroying the monsters also causes them to leave behind caches of more ammunition which is jolly handy.
There are other bonuses that come in useful during the game including a parachute which allows you to fall off high platforms without injury and springs which are very helpful for when you want that bit of extra sproing to leap over a particularly high wall. These extras are activated simply by hitting a key. Run about finding the bits of amulet, take on the big monster every fourth level and try to find a way into the treasure rooms for extra points: and there you have it.
GRAPHICS AND SOUND The main sprite is great: neat touches like him skidding when he swiftly changes direction for example all add to the effect. The rest of the graphics are colourful and well drawn and everything is well animated. The in-game tune is fine, as are the effects, but neither of them are outstanding. Altogether a very cute-looking game.
JUDGEMENT Platforms and ladders, running around collecting things, different worlds - they’re all old hat nowadays, but when the game’s as well put together as this one is it’s easy to see why the formula became such a hit. Great fun, highly playable and addictive too.
Andy Smith ¦ The first piece of amulet.
¦ Shooting away at a nasty.
¦ Careful jumping needed here.
GRAPHICS 8 SOUND 6 INTELLECT 4 ADDICTION 8 OVERALL 81% FIGHTING SOCCER V piife ACTIVISION £24.99 ¦ Joystick mm The Japanese ‘keeper had no chance, Brian.
Sion is very slow everything is there. It’s a shame the lack of speed makes it far too easy to win (even on first attempts) because This one or two-player footy game is the conversion of the SNK coin- op machine. The idea’s very simple: it’s Olympic football you’re playing and eleven teams are taking part in a knockout contest. You control one team and have to get through to, and win, the final.
The action is all viewed from above and the player you’re controlling is highlighted. To pass or shoot the ball a big direction arrow is moved and the fire button GRAPHICS 7 SOUND 6 INTELLECT 2 ADDICTION 6 OVERALL 43%
• • v- pressed. At the end of the two-min- utes-a-half match, the
winner goes through to the next round.
SWITCH LOW POWER CONSUMPTION QUIET, HIGH SPEED ACCESS ACTIVE INDICATOR DATA LEAD 40 80 TRACK SWITCH Designed and manufactured in the UK to the highest standards, all Cumana disk drives include 12 months warranty and are available from area distributors and a national dealer network.
Look out for the distinctive packaging in your high street, today!
AMSTRAD CASS AMSTRAD DISK TUS GAME “AS BEEN MANUFACTURED UNDER LICENSE FROM AMERICAN TECHNOS INC You are a Fanatic, an extravagantly or unreasonably zealous person, especially on religious matters.
No, it’s not a game about football supporters: it's about warring kingdoms trying to conquer the land of Gargore. Axes, arrows, bombs, demons, maces and lots of violence... then again, maybe it is about football.
Gargore is a 16x16 grid filled with various types of terrain and many warring tribes. The player starts off with just one location and has to conquer every single enemy site, which is no easy task because there are three different stages to complete at each place.
A different enemy general and war- band inhabit each location and a status screen gives information on the cult they worship, the type of warband, strength of the wizard lord and the kingdom’s population.
HEWSON £24.99 ¦ Joystick or Keyboard The first stage of an attack is the field battle conducted on a horizontally scrolling play area. The Fanatic starts at the far left and has to fight his way to the enemy banner on the right. The enemies that await depend on the type of warband in the kingdom: spear throwers, swordsmen, cannons, exploding monks and lumbering war machines are just some of the dangers. Every hit from one of them lowers the power level, which is most severely affected by treading on mines.
The Fanatic starts with just a mace but can get weapons along the way by killing enemies. The weapons vary in strength and range and include bows, bombs and homing demon blasts. There are also spells to collect that replenish power, destroy all enemies and freeze them as well. All these objects can be picked up into the inventory list and in the heat of battle will be used up very rapidly indeed.
While trying to battle through to the enemy banner you have to watch how many of the enemy you allow past because if too many go off the left of the screen you will have to perform a defending action. This works just like a field battle but if you should lose it an area of territory is irrevocably lost.
If the enemy banner is reached it stops the bad guys appearing, leaving just a few to mop up before moving on to the siege section. This is also just like the field battle, with a banner at the top of the castle on the right. Reach that banner and mop up the enemy and it’s on to the final mind duel with general.
The mind duel is a single screen battle against a four-armed monster in the middle of the display. You control a hand moving around the edge and have to blast the monster with enough homing shots before his hands shoot you.
Succeed and the territory is yours, fail and you are taken right back to the siege stage.
The mind duel also takes place when entering temple locations. While fighting the temple guardian, talismans can be picked up that allow freer movement on the map over forests, swamps, water, mountains, plagues, crusades and rebellions.
Unfortunately it is also all too easy to use a talisman in field combat and not be able to move around so much.
The plagues, crusades and rebellions occur randomly: the first two make conquering a territory harder, while a rebellion takes one of your territories away.
One essential feature is the ability to save the game. It’s essential because it's so hard to stay alive. From the same editing screen the game map can also be altered, allowing you to set up your own game worlds.
GRAPHICS AND SOUND The map screen is basic but functional, while the in-game graphics are very good indeed. Detailed backgrounds, lots of colourful, well animated sprites, levels that extend upwards as well as scrolling horizontally and many a fine explosion. The music is of the ‘atmospheric’ variety and is very appropriate and pleasing.
JUDGEMENT This is not a game to be approached lightly - it is tough.
Conquering just one territory is hard enough and getting control of the whole map is a massive task.
Despite being difficult, it is also addictive: you may beat the table with frustration, but you will also have another go.
Without the save game feature this would be an impossible game to play: with it is just difficult. It’s a lot of fun but has just too high a frustration level to be top class.
Bob Wade GRAPHICS 8 SOUND 7 INTELLECT 3 ADDICTION 7 OVERALL 78% Sjik ARMADA Starting as a great adventure, ending Twa:y in human tragedy, the five days the Spanish Armada gjWflBj v laboured from Plymouth to the Isle of Wight is a classic ¦ | .
® episode in English history. Nhsl kX!
The Armada was a very real invasion threat, and the BlaM f dash of politics, religion, intrigue and misunderstanding MMM vy*; |J£7 was significantly decisive. Take to the helm as Lord Howard and defend this realm against the Spaniards, H8|L B „ or even rewrite history and lead the invasion fleet ¥£‘ against the likes of Howard, Drake and Frobisher.
Unique 3D battle representation. • Revolutionary communication system. One and two player modes.
* BORODINO Take the command from Napoleon and replan the
strategy for one of his most disappointing encounters at
Borodino where 131,000 French met 120,000 Russians, or take the
role of Prince Kutusov and plan the Emperor's downfall. 'Game
of the Week" - Popular Computing Weekly.
ATARI ST * AMIGA - IBM PC £29.95 u've seen the film, now play the game’. I can almost smell the advertising spiel going through rer heads. Anyway, I must con-
* ess that I’m a closet Indy fan: but
• i even that qualification be help- r n playing the game?
Indy (the adventure game) fol- ovs the plot of the film closely, ictfi a couple of extra scenes rmwn in for good measure. For re uninitiated: Indiana's dad has :een kidnapped while searching me holy grail and Indy's gone r *nd them both. He travels to
• ence, Berlin, Iskerderun and '.rerous other places and is
rarmped by thousands of rats, ¦ moved by the Gestapo and :*-sed
by the Luftwaffe.
~ien he must find the grail pace, pass the tests and then rcose the correct cup. All in all, rc s got a lot on his plate.
On to the game. It begins with :* retty basic intro screen, as in Te movie, with Indy leaping over a Irar. But the game proper starts nr ~ you enter your classroom arc noards of screaming students :e~3nd to have their cards sgred. After tactfully dealing with fre situation and escaping, you
* :* the millionaire Donovan and joiYe then free to travel, first
to cm father's wrecked house and re- :o Venice.
Each part of the game leads :* logically. It must be said that r-ee's no set way to play the gane. And you can act in what- aier way you see fit for a surrogate Indiana. This also means you can complete the game and go back and try to do it a different way. You get a score in IQ (Indy Quotient) which not only shows your present score in the current game, but also how you fared in previous attempts.
The graphics are nothing to sing and dance about, nor are the music and sound effects, being sparsely dumped here and there and failing to add anything to the gameplay. The animation is acceptable but due to the overall sense of sluggishness, it gets a tad boring. Frequent disk changes are darned irritating and add to the general frustration that the game manages to create.
It is worth persevering with, though, if only to get to the end.
The mouse interface is accurate despite being awkward in use.
Atmosphere exists in the game but it doesn’t leap out of the game and grab you by the throat saying ‘don't you dare turn me off!’.
IJTLC is an above-average animated graphic adventure, suitable for a younger audience and those who don’t want a particularly challenging game. It isn’t a meaty adventure, but it does have its moments. If you enjoyed the film, you’ll like the game. This time he brought his dad and decided to leave me at home.
Nick Walkland GRAPHICS 7 SOUND 6 INTELLECT 7 ADDICTION 5 OVERALL 71% ¦ (Below) Now, which slab was it that I wanted, again?
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Amiga Software
13. 99 18 99 17 49 12 49 54 99 16 49 19 99 12 99 15 99 Amiga
......12.49 DRAGON NINJA
(NOT 1.3) ......5.99 ELITE .....13.49
...8.49 HYBRIS
2.2 9.99 NEBULUS
......5.99 NIGEL MANSELL’S G PRIX 4.99
MAN 8.49 SHADOWGATE .10.49
9.99 SPACE QUEST 2 (SIERRA) 12.49
6.49 TRIAD VOL1 ...9.49
...13.49 VIXEN .....4.49 VOYAGER
......9.49 WHIRLIGIG
.8.49 79p PHOTON PAINT 6.99 3D
POOL ..... 15 49 APB .....
15 99 F16 COMBAT PILOT ... 15 99 F16 FALCON .... 18 49 F29 RETALIATOR .. 16 49 FAERY TALE .... 13 99 FAST BREAK ......16.49 FED OF FREE TRADERS .....19.49 FIENDISH FRED'S BIG TOP ...17.49 FIFTH GEAR ......15.49 FISH! (M SCROLLS) .13.99 FLASH DRAGON 12.49 FLIGHT SIMULATOR 2 .25.49 FOOTBALLER OF THE YEAR 213.49 FUN SCHOOL 2 (2-6 YRS)......12 49 FUN SCHOOL 2 (6-8 YRS)......12.49 FUN SCHOOL 2 (8+YRS) ......12.49 FUTURE WARS ...16.49 GALDREGON'S DOMAIN
......12 49 GAUNTLET 2 ......16.49 GEMINI WING ...12.99 GETTYSBURG (SSI) .....19.99 GHOSTBUSTERS 2 .15.99 GHOULS 'N' GHOSTS .....16.49 GORE 15.49 GREG NORMAN ULT GOLF . . .16.99 GRIDIRON (U S FOOTBALL) ...15.49 GUNSHIP ..15.99 HARD DRIVIN’ ...12.99 HARLEY DAVIDSON .....15 49 HAWKEYE ..12.99 HEWSON PREMIER VOL1 ......16 99 HEWSON PREMIER VOL2......17.49 HILLSFAR (SSI) ...17 49 HOLLYWOOD HIJINX .....19.99
SCRABBLE DE LUXE 12 99 SEASTALKER (INFOCOM) 19.99 SHADOW OF THE BEAST . 19.99 SHILOH (SSI) ...19.99 SHINOBI .12 99 SHOGUN (INFOCOM) .19.99 SHOOT'EM-UP CONSTR KIT 18 49 SILKWORM ....12.99 SIM CITY ....17.49 SPACE ACE ....27 49 SPACE QUEST 3 (SIERRA) 21 49 Can you afford not to join?
SONY 3.5" DS DD DISK Myth Quotes "An excellent adventure... witty, cunning and just plain good fun! If you liked Fish! You'll probably like this, because they're very similar in style: you may even prefer Myth, it's that good!"
Amiga Format "Myth is destined to become a classic."
Crash Magazine Myth Reviews Crash Smash 91%, CU 90%, Amiga Format 87%, TGM 85% SPELL BOOK (4-6 YEARS) 13 49 SPELL BOOK (7+ YEARS) ......13.49 SPELLBREAKER (INFOCOM) 19.99 SPHERICAL .1299 STAR BLAZE 16 49 STAR COMMAND (SSI) ......19 99 STAR WARS TRILOGY 15 99 STARCROSS (INFOCOM) 19 99 STARGLIDER 2 13 99 STATIONFALL (INFOCOM) 19.99 STEEL ..12.49 STEVE DAVIS SNOOKER ... 12 49 STORMLORD 15 49 STRIDER .....13.49 STRYX ......12 49 STUNT CAR RACER ...15.99 SUPER LEAGUE SOCCER 15 49 SUPER
VIRUS .....12 49 WAR IN MIDDLE EARTH 15 49 WATERLOO ...15 99 WAYNE GRETZKY HOCKEY 15 99 WEIRD DREAMS 15 49 WISHBRINGER (INFOCOM) .19 99 WITNESS (INFOCOM) 19 99 WORKBENCH 1.3......13 49 XENOMORPH .15.49 XENON II. MEGABLAST ......15 49 XYBOTS .....12.99 ZORK ZERO (INFOCOM) .19 99 To order please write, or complete the coupon, or telephone us on 0279 600204. Please note that there is a surcharge of 50p per game for orders placed by telephone.
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Anne MARTENS g(b trr
L) C OS A tf ML&rif* WtrfHr seeing the crumbling estates,
out-dated roads and rusty bridges .our city, how many times
have you said "Put me in charge for : I’ll make this wretched
thing work!"
Sim City, take the destiny of the world’s greatest cities in hand.
:rge of a new evolving and growing city. Become both mayor icnner of a dynamic real-time simulation.
RIO DE JANEIRO 2019 Tokyo flrtary xrses, streets, factories, airports, a stadium, or even nuclear power Oganise urban transport, hire police, firemen, bulldoze entire ."roods. ¦ d collect taxes, balance your budget, manipulate property values.
» s alive. It’s loaded with animation and detailed sound effects.
O:s, cars appears. Lay tracks, trains go. Build an airport, planes fly.
. Noods go upper-class. Areas deteriorate into slums. Small indus- m nto huge factories. Everything is managed and animated in real Oct I»K ? . GcllecM ULURU What you should know about the gai of the year.
120VEMSI Return to Editor time. Every decision instantly influences the life of your town.
In a special mode, you can even cause tornadoes, floods, fires and other disasters at your whim. Save San Francisco from the great earthquake of
1906. Or save Tokyo of pollution and from his famous B-movie
Sim City is an all-absorbing unique game which contains 8 pre-defined scenarios : e.g San Francisco, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro... With it’s exceptional depth of play, it's still simple to play with icons and graphics, without text commands.
A,.i !* «(, S14B3B nrreportfd !M Traffic Design and build the city of your dreams. Sim City gives you the keys. The rest is up to you.
Us* Flo* Pr-w Cwrwt Fwwls INFOWORLD Volume II Issue 20: "People playing Sim City are completely plugged into the world they create, disappearing for hours."
NEW YORK TIMES: "The model is very sophisticated, yet understandable. And just as important, it’s fun, too."
RAINBOW ARTS £19.99 ¦ Mouse Fashion really does move in cycles, and now, all of a sudden, marble and rolling ball games are back in vogue. This one contains 32 levels (or are there more?) To roll your ball around - all of them viewed from above.
It's an old game style, but it’s more sophisticated than the early games of this type. To kick off, the levels are large - very large - and access to certain parts is denied until a key is collected that will open a doorway. Of course, the doorways are all colour-coded, so a blue key won’t get you through a red door. That’s essentially the ¦ Buying some extra floor tiles.
Game. Roll around collecting keys that allow you to move through the level and eventually reach the exit to the next level.
Things, thankfully, are never that easy. The doors can be a problem, but at least they don’t kill you, unlike some of the other hazards on the levels. The most obviously horrid things are the holes that are all to easy to w * 2 * | ¦ Above: still on the bonus level, and this time there are no arrows to help you over the collapsing tiles, so speediness is essential!
And the energy sapping fires and acid pools. Things that are not quite so obviously nasty are the wind machines that blow you off course and the ice patches that send your ball skidding all over the place. Combine a patch of ice with a few holes (or the incredibly nasty, seemingly fine pieces. Of floor that gradually disintegrate as ¦ Above: on the bonus level, mind the fires.
¦ Left: luckily those arrows roll you over the collapsing floor.
Ply a case of guiding Marvin along the suspended roadways from one end to the other before the time limit expires. Because the roadways are suspended, there's a great amount of fine control required to keep Marvin from falling off (which results not in the loss of one of his six lives, but in a This one or two player variation on a theme is also from Germany, and from a relatively unknown (over here anyway) software house that goes by the name Sphinx.
The name of the game leaves you ¦ Rolling around in the game. In the fisrt picture you’ve no bounce so things are really tough. The last frame is the start of Level Two - ulp!
Sphinx £19.95 ¦ Joystick with no doubt as to what it’s all hold of one is going to be tricky, about, but just to provide some One of the marbles is going to motivation here’s the scenario. A have to travel the forbidden lands bunch of marbles are all getting of Wrabis, reach the other side of along quite nicely until they realise Marbleblue, and pick one up.
They need a new Grytzl and getting No, you can’t just sit back and __ watch one of them get on with it.
B A IP!! I You’re going to have to take con- i A m U1A | I tro1 of one and gulde him throush in H Ik Ik I ¦¦ (‘him’ because Marvin the marble | jj §1 Jj 11 v- is the only one brave enough to V 1H| ILILL. Attempt this perilous journey).
There are 10 levels to the game (large levels at that!) And it’s sim- 64 AMIGA FORMAT aaaaaa1 pie, a green key may be the other side of a hole and the only way to get to it is to buy a tile which you can then drop on the hole to get at the key - getting the picture?
Other helpful things include spikes which allow you to manoeuvre with precision over ice, armour plating which allows you to bash through certain weak barriers and bombs which can used to blow holes in walls.
Cope with the problems, roll about collecting the gems for points and complete the level (some levels have to be completed within a time limit) and move on to the next: that's it.
¦ Below: collect the green key to open those green doors and gain access to another part of the level.
J: - stand on them) and you can see there are going to be some serious problems created.
There's only one way to cornea: some of these things, and ra:s to buy yourself some extras rzm the various shops around the fevels (you collect money by rolling ever the coin symbols which can re found lying around). For exam- out the game - which can also be turned off - and as such they’re fine. The spot effects are also all right. The game’s graphics are very impressive, the animation is just right and the backgrounds for each level are varied and colourful.
JUDGEMENT Every level is a challenge and there are plenty of puzzles to keep you on your toes. Having to play your way through each level once you re-start the game is a slight niggle, but once you know your way round it becomes less of a problem. The thing that really makes the game though is the control, which is superb. If you’re a puzzle solver who likes precise control, this is the sort of thing you’re after. Andy Smith GRAPHICS 8 SOUND 7 INTELLECT 7 ADDICTION 8 OVERALL 86% '•ruction of the time available), e lands of Wrabis are not quite straightforward, though.
T. eral hazards await including ¦ liopearing tiles, invisible
walls to Next Level ___.___.._$ 95,- Bricks.
- ...$ 75,- 5 Seconds Flying .... $ 70,-
=sconds Walking,.... „..____.$ 40 - Seconds Bouncing ....
$ 35,- Seconds visible Walls ......$ 30,- trol Han for tills
Level $ 25,- Time $ 15,- tore
Body ..----$ 10,- : Points $ 05,- 1 ¦ In
the extra features shop.
: patches of ice that are impos- :: e to manoeuvre on. To make _e easier you can pick up any of
* 'e nelpful features (a big F on a ¦ f signifies it contains a
feature) : ..ch as legs that enable you to artually walk on the
roadway s:ead of rolling along.
The only other way of gaining e oful extras is by rolling over dollar signs along the way, then stopping on a shop tile to buy :he extras. The first extra you' want is the bounce one which allows you to fall off the path and bounce straight back on.
VOU'ftt HOT: Make it through the first land
- for which you’ll need to purchase several ‘extra time’ features
- and things really start to get tricky.
The path is made precarious by ramps, which always seem to be right next to a very small and thin bit of road, and which you always seem to come across just as your bounce power runs out. Then there are teleports which send you all over the level. Tricky stuff indeed. A nice touch is the password given to you at the end of each level which means you don't have to spend hours (literally) working your way back to where ¦ Go over the F to get a feature.
You got in the last game.
GRAPHICS AND SOUND Although the marble is nicely shaded, there is no impression of roiling, which is a shame. The rest of the .graphics are good - although there are few of them - and everything is well animated.
Sound is left to the minimum.
JUDGEMENT The levels are very large and convoluted and more than just a little tricky so it's going to take you a ¦ Now try crossing that ice!
Long time to play through the whole game. To do that your determination level will have to be very high because to get the most out of this game you’ll have to put some effort in. Andy Smith GRAPHICS 6 SOUND 3 INTELLECT 7 ADDICTION 7 OVERALL 73% j
- -----------------------------J AMIGA FORMAT 65 A REAL 'BA T-BAR
STORY DELUXE PAINT II Inclusive of VAT and Postage!
That's right, straight from Gotham City (or the Commodore warehouse) comes the incredible, the AMAZING, NEW AMIGA BATMAN PACK... Now you can laugh as much as Joker and cash in with some GREAT QUALITY GAMES.
The Batman Pack includes ALL OF THE FOLLOWING... Amiga A500 with Modulator 1 Meg Internal Disk Drive Mouse 512K RAM Kickstart 1.3 All Connecting Leads Two Operation Manuals Workbench 1.3 System Disk Vi; THE SORCEROR'S PACK If you don't think you've got enough to keep you going with the Batman Pack, consider this EXTRA SPECIAL PACK... Let Merlin wave his wand and as well as the Batman Pack above you'll get Ten Great Games worth a staggering £229.50!
1mm III mm :ty.; I The Sorceror's Pack consists of... The Batman Pack as listed above, Amegas, Art of Chess, Barbarian the Ultimate Warrior, Buggy Boy, Ikari Warriors, Insanity Fight, Wizball, Thundercats, Mercenary Compendium and Terrorpods!
ALL OF THIS PQQQ FORJUST... Z.0O3 : . 'j: •*»• ? V. PRINTERS STAR LC10 Mono £169 STAR LC10 Colour„.....£209 STAR LC 2410 ...£249 NEW STAR LC10 MKII..E189 MONITORS PHILIPS CM 8833..CALLFOR CBM 1084 ....PRICES!!
1084S £259 (lXjetoaal8t%ofmortDfS,pricesm DISK DRIVES ...£379 ...£499 .....£89 ....£125 A 590 20Mb Hard Disk.. CUMANA.
CAX354,3.1 CAX1000 5.25" Floppy.
ACCESSORIES A501 A accessories are available Merlin Express at competitive . Just phone to obtain a quote EXPRESS LIMITE DEPARTMENTAMF M1, 5 REDWOOD COUF' SALISBURY STREET, NOTTINGHAM NG7 21 Telephone:0602 424444 (24 Hour Order Lin: 06024244-44 WARRANTY: ALL OUR PRICES INCLUDE V.A.T. AND POSTAGE FOR ADVERTISED PRODUCTS, SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY, E&OE.
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Goods that prove faulty within 30 days will be exchanged for NEW.
After 30 days, but within 12 months, faults will be renaired at our exnense.
GREAT VALUE, THAT'S THE MAGIC OF MERLIN As an everyday, common or garden window cleaner life sure is one big bore - one window after aTotber after another - and when
• ou're working on a skyscraper ~ ngs are at their worst. What's
- eeded is a splash of excitement r your life, to experience the
thrill r the distant future, the pzazz of ancient history and
to return safe and sound after ‘saving the world',
.nfortunately, this voyage of worh z-er is not available from
Thomas Cook, but from Delphine, via 3alace, and their
innovative sys- :em Cinematique.
The basic scenario for Time travellers is this: in the 43rd Century, the Earth is under attack
* rom aliens. They can't get past Tie Earth’s SDI defences so
they Tavel back in time to sabotage the jefences before they’re
built. You discover all this accidentally after you've played a
prank on your boss and you then travel through 'he different
time zones of Medieval, Ancient History and Distant Future.
Your learning and survival dictate the future.
In the graphics department, ruture Wars is the tops, with some of the nicest scenes you're likely to see in an adventure game. But these aren't always perfect, especially with some of the tiny ‘graphically presented' items you are supposed to notice. Animation is quite smooth, which makes a pleasent change. In fact it's of high quality all round: awe inspiring at times.
The music is another good feature of Future Wars and has a distinct continental feel, which makes a nice change from the usual British and American electropop you find in most games. Add to this the good sound effects and you won't be turning the sound down, in case you miss a good grunt, growl or stomp.
It’s an atmospheric game in places but there are times when you aren't sucked into the game as much as you should be.
Possibly it’s the lack of text that sometimes fails to set the imagination on fire: either way it’s not much of a ‘just one more go' game, and the slow save and load routine doesn't do much to help.
The- puzzles are quite innovative in places although they're not incredibly brain straining. Usually a ¦ Below: what every time traveller likes, a well stocked cellar.
Quick scan of your inventory will come up with the obvious solution to your problem. The actual puzzles aren't the toughest part: it's trying to wield the mouse to solve them that causes the problems.
Using the mouse might be expected to simplify things but in Future Wars it often causes grief.
PALACE £24.95 ¦ Mouse FUTURE WARS: TIME TRAVELLERS The game system, ‘Cinematique’, is claimed to be “the system of the 1990s” and it is extremely useful in places although it does tend to bog itself down in others. Action choices are pitifully few and the control is not as smooth as it could be: sometimes you can move just a little too far and the game isn’t tolerant of even the slightest mistake. The main problem however is the objects, or finding them. If your TV is even the slightest bit dodgy, then you may have trouble noticing certain items which are only a pixel or two large.
This potentially excellent game with a decent plot and stunning graphics is let down by the over-picky game system. Even so its a good game and worthy of a close look. The system of the 1990s? It certainly has the potential and, with a little tweaking, could well be. Nick Walkland GRAPHICS 9 SOUND 8 INTELLECT 8 ADDICTION 7 OVERALL 84% ¦ The start of the race. Already you’re winding the machine up to speed and barrelling (groan!) Through the stage with turbo blazing.
One of the best car driving coinops a couple of years ago had to be Sega’s Out Run, a game that boasted superb graphics and terrific playability. US Gold grabbed the rights and put out a not-too-hot conversion of the game which sold surprisingly well considering the poor quality of the translation.
¦ Another state and one in which the local police force (who don’t like speedsters) do their best to stop you reaching the checkpoint.
It cuts out and can't be turned on again until the engine has cooled sufficently. You’ll find you really need the turbo boost just when you can’t have it: for example when you're being chased down the road by the police.
Lots of the original game’s features are also included in the sequel, like the occasional route choice. There are some extra features too like tumbleweed and wooden road barriers to drive through and humps in the road that bounce your car around. The biggest difference, though, is the ability to upgrade your car every four stages: you can have a more powerful engine, super turbo boost and better tyres, but note, you can only have them fitted once. Make it right across the states from New York to Los Angeles and you can go back and do it all over again.
MSSSm~ ¦ Oo-er! You’re too eager, and ¦ Off the road again: and this the car’s gone out of control. Time drifting into the snow.
Sega’s attempt to cash in on the original appeared last year in the shape of Turbo Out Run and once again US Gold have aquired the rights. Two years ago the car of the moment was the Ferrari Testarossa, which was featured in the coin-op: last year it was still a Ferrari, but one of the limited edition F40s (with a price tag of over £600,000 it’s no wonder they didn't make too many of them!)
Drive your F40, viewed from behind and slightly above, through 16 stages of American cities and countryside which continually scroll towards you. The idea is to make it to the end of the stage before the time limit runs out and you lose one of your four credits.
GRAPHICS AND SOUND Typical coin-op tunes and occasional spot effects, both of which are fine. The graphics are fine too, although a little jerky, but there's plenty of detail. There are some nice graphical touches like the blizzards and sand storms that blow across the road in some stages.
Looks good.
JUDGEMENT A vast improvement on the original conversions. Still not a brilliant game because although there's a better impression of speed it’s still lacking. You do seem to be flung around the corners rather erratically, too, and the collision detection is a bit iffy at times. All in all it’s not a bad racing game but it’s not outstanding either.
Andy Smith GRAPHICS 7 SOUND 7 INTELLECT 2 ADDICTION 7 OVERALL 70% This isn’t particularly easy when you consider just how convoluted some of the stages are and the number of other road users there are to avoid. Colliding with them causes your car to lose speed and, consequently, time as you build it back up again.
The road users may be annoying but at least they don’t cause you to go flying through the air and lose vast amounts of time, which is exactly what happens when you collide too heavily with the roadside obstacles such as trees and bill boards. Just clip one, however, and you might only go into a spin which is recoverable from without too much trouble.
To help you through the stages your car’s fitted with a turbo button which can be hit to get that extra bit of boost.
Unfortunately it can’t be activated any old time, because when it's on your engine heats up and as soon as the gauge displayed on the top Every four stages you get the chance to enhance your car.
Right of the screen reaches the top Choose the right power-up at the right time, though (tyres first).
J Design the game of your dreams aMOS - The Game Creator is like nothing you’ve ever seen before on the Amiga.
Developed by the author of the number one, bestselling STOS, AMOS stretches the Amiga to its limits. Now for the very first time you can access the awesome power of your computer with bewildering ease.
Here’s just some of the things you can do: ? Screens
• Define and display up to eight screens each with its own
resolution, size in x and y, position on TV, colour palette,
and even in HAM, half-brite or dual playfield
• Clone a screen's data to another screen to create multiplayer
games with ease
• Scroll a screen simply by changing the screen offset. By
overlapping different screens you can create multi-level
parallax scrolling
• Load an IFF picture to create a screen or overlay it onto an
existing screen ? Sprites
• Create sprites with ease using the feature-packed sprite editor
• Display your creations as either hardware or software (BOB)
• Move up to a staggering 400 sprites at once thanks to AMOS's
intelligent routines. AMOS will even snap together hardware
sprites automatically when the image requires more than four
colours or exceeds 16 pixels in the x-axis
• Animate as many BOBs (Blitter Objects) as memory will allow,
definable to any size and displayed at lightning speeds with
automatic screen buffering
• Use the AMOS Animation Language to create complex sequences for
sprites or screens which compile at runtime and work
• Define sequences using the flexible range of commands or from
the AMAL creator accessory ? Music
• Play Soundtracker or GMC (Games Music Creator) tunes on
• Access the Amiga's sound chip directly
• Edit music with the easy-to-use music accessory ? Miscellaneous
• Modify the copper list using the built-in commands or insert
your own unique list
• Access the Amiga's graphic primitives
• Move screen areas around at blitter speed
• Super-fast window and text routines ? Editor
• Use the sophisticated scrolling editor to create programs with
lockable procedures, no line numbers and multistatement lines
• Choose from more than 400 different commands to produce the
results you want with the minimum of fuss
• Hold up to four programs and 12 accessories in memory at once
• Store music, sprites, IFF picture files and so on in memory
banks which you can load and save independently of your program
• Add new commands with ease (3D routines for example)
• Port STOS programs to your Amiga
• Works on the A500 with a single drive
• Supports hard disc drives ? What you get: AMOS Basic, sprite
editor, sprite grabber, music editor, copper list editor,
example games, Basic manual, Accessories manual, reference
card - all for just £49.95!
R The world of STOS With sales in excess of35,000 units, STOS has to be one of the biggest-selling packages for the Atari ST. Users have written shoot 'em ups, role playing games, adventures, dental databases, financial programs - and scientists in Toronto use STOS to conduct lightning research! In the shops you'll find STOS Compiler, STOS Maestro (for sampled sound), STOS Sprites 600, Games Galore (a collection of four great STOS games)
- and soon ST owners will be able to buy STOS Musician, STOS
Vidi Digitizer, and more.
Again Again's Gilbert - Escape from Drill was written in STOS as was Fun School 2. Three other educational software houses are currently using STOS to create innovative teaching aids.
? Please send me more information about AMOS - The Game Creator ? Please send a demo disc. I enclose a cheque postal order for £2 payable to Mandarin Software.
Name Postcode Address n view, one of the first things to do is try and stop the enemy from receiving more armies, either by occupying North Carolina or by cutting his rail routes (or preferably even both).
Cut the rail route and you enter the first of the game's three arcade sequences where you control a soldier as he rides alongside the train. Jump onto the train and make it to the engine before the gained by primarily occupying territories which form a rail link from one major city to another. This way trains can run between the cities and trade can occur which earns you money in the form of sacks of gold: once you have five sacks, you automatically gain another army.
The only other way of gaining an army is by owning the state of North Carolina, because every five Just another game based on the American Civil War? Not quite. It's an interpretation of the cult French comic Les Tuniques Bleues, which is based on the US Civil War.
It's a simple one or two player wargame in which the ultimate aim is to destroy the opponent's armies. Both sides start with two armies (each made up of six infantry, three cavalry and one artillery unit) and more armies are to recover the Swords of Twilight and thus prevent the Shadow Lords from infecting the land. The characters available include knights (who are always handy to have around just in case there's fighting to be done) and mages (who are the best when it comes to chucking magic spells about).
The game opens at the castle of the Queen of Albion, who asks you to complete a small quest.
Exactly what you decide to do is up to you: the game can be played by simply completing these smaller quests and returning home, or by ignoring the Queen and going off on your own to seek adventure. Bear in mind that, whatever you decide to do, your mates will have to go along with you.
The screen is divided into five sections. The main central display shows your band of adventurers The land of Albion is under threat from the evil Shadow Lords who have managed to bring chaos and other nasty things to the seven other lands in this role-playing game from the people who designed that classic thought provoker, Archon.
Up to three people can play at once, each controlling a character from a choice of over thirty, and the ultimate quest in the game is as they move around inside buildings or around the countryside.
There are two display modes when you're travelling round: normalsized inside buildings and huge when you're moving about the countryside, -the same method used in the Ultima series of games. The four surrounding windows each show a member of your party along with text messages when anyone speaks, though the fourth is reserved for a picture of any other character encountered.
The eight lands are connected by a roadway which is accessed by entering one of the gates in the land. Travel along the road and the worlds pass by in different colours: then all you have to do is hit the fire button to step off when you reach the world that's the colour you want.
T) me limit expires, without being killed by falling off of the
train or oeing hit by the enemy soldiers, and you cut the
route and take the other player's gold.
The other arcade sequences nclude capturing an enemy fort - .vhich is similar to taking the train
- and battles. During a conflict, the player has direct control
over one of three types of unit: control between the units is
simply switched by hitting a key. You must try to wipe out the
enemy, before they do the same to you.
All the arcade sequences can be turned off at the start of the game if you wish to play the strategy game, and the outcome of battles and the rest is decided on the size of the forces and the com- oetence of the leader.
There are several difficulty levels in the game, to suit most players’ abilities: for example, starting r e game in the year 1864 as opposed to the default 1861 gives 7 e south a distinct disadvantage.
You could also have Indian and Mexican intruders who get upset Once your band comes across other characters, the first thing to do is check their attitude: if you think a fight might be on, change your characters’ attitudes to hostile rather than polite. Of course you'll have to use your skill and lodgement when dealing with other folk, because the big point about the game is that all of your actions have consequences and people remember good or bad deeds done to them for a very long time.
The majority of the other commands available are to do with talking to the characters and offering answers. And there you have it: a .vorld in which you can do exactly what you want to do.
GRAPHICS AND SOUND The in-game sound is simply appalling, so turn it off when you start playing. The cameos for each of the characters encountered in the game are great but the rest of the graphics, backgrounds and so on are very basic. The scrolling aid animation are also weak.
JUDGEMENT This sort of game doesn’t need good graphics and sound, but what t does need is a believable game world. Swords of Twilight has one when there is too much commotion coming from their neighbouring territories and so occasionally join in the fray.
GRAPHICS AND SOUND Both are great. The cartoon book feel of the game gives it immense appeal and everything is well drawn and animated. The high- quality sound effects do their bit to complement the action.
JUDGEMENT It's simple stuff, but very enjoyable. The computer opponent is not the world's smartest, so it's not too difficult to beat. Play against a human with the arcade sequences turned on and things become a lot more interesting.
Andy Smith GRAPHICS 8 SOUND 7 INTELLECT 4 ADDICTION 7 OVERALL 74% all right, but there are some very annoying parts to it that severely mar the enjoyment. This is especially true in one player mode, where it can be very tricky to get the other characters to, say, walk r‘ * ¦ Eventually you come out into the open, to find that your characters adopt giant prportions.
Through a door first because they have the key and you don't.
Another annoying factor is the amount of waiting that has to be endured while the computer puts up the face of a computer party.
It's certainly not trash, but it's not up there with the classics either.
Andy Smith GRAPHICS 5 SOUND 1 INTELLECT 6 ADDICTION 7 OVERALL 68% Visit our shop at: 28A Westerham Avenue Edmonton LONDON N9 4BU Mail order to: Amiga Dept 55 Harrow Drive LONDON N9 9EQ Computers AMIGA BATMAN PACK EXPANSION PACK Inc, Batman The Movie, New Zealand Story, Interceptor, Deluxe Paint II plus Modulator, Free hotel accommodation 1 meg Amiga with Batman Pack and Walker Demo plus - choose free game - SPACE ACE or DRAGONS LAIR £ 7£ SPECIAL DEAL: PAY CASH OR CHEQUE ON ABOVE PACKS AND RECEIVE 10 BLANK DISKS AND MOUSE MAT FREE RHONE: 01-803-0893 AMIGA AMIGA Software Expansion Pack Pack As
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ACTIVISION £24.95 ¦ Joystick r .e years later and once again te world is under threat. Evil 5 ~e has been building up under Te city of New York ever since the epid Ghostbusters saved the
• c'ld all those years ago and now,
- ks to Vigo the Carpathian
• re's an evil spirit determined to pit again through the baby of
one rr rie Gbs’ friends, evil looks likely r ourst forth and
have us all wish- rg we'd never been born.
The game is divided into three
- afor parts: the first part has you controlling a GB as he
descends rto the Van Horne airshaft to col- e:: some slime. The
problem is, re shaft is full of nasty ghosts
- =: appear from above and below =r j from out of the walls.
E. eryone knows ghosts can't
- riiy hurt you, but what they can :: is scare you, so as the
chappie Descends, every time he gets hit a ghost he loses a
little ::jrage (displayed to the right of the main display) and
once he gets completely scared he falls off of the cable
holding him and into the river of slime at the bottom, removing
one of his three lives.
He can also fall off by having his cable cut by sawing ghosts.
These customers attack the cable until destroyed by either the Proton beam or a PKR bomb.
Bombs and shields can be collected during the descent by swinging the Ghostbuster from side to side and picking them up: bottles of elixir to restore courage are also collected in this way, as are the three parts of the scoop that are needed to get the slime.
Make it to the bottom and fill the container with slime and you then go into the next section.
Here the Statue of Liberty has come to life and the race is on to make it to the Museum of Art before the New Year arrives. It's a horizontally-scrolling shoot-em-up where the player controls the statue's torch which fires bolts of flame that destroy the flying and walking ghosts and turn them into slime which the people at the statue's feet collect and return to the statue, for it to keep moving.
Make it to the Museum and you're then into the final part of the game in which you control all of the Ghostbusters as they abseil in and try to rescue the baby Oscar and destroy Vigol: for ever?
GRAPHICS AND SOUND There are some nice digitised shots and speech between the levels and the rest of the game looks good and is well animated (especially the little people in the second section). Again, the sound effects and title music are fine.
JUDGEMENT The game is a good translation of the film and a worthy successor to the original game. As a game in its own right it’s not the best ever written, but it is a lot of fun and'll keep you playing for some while.
Andy Smith GRAPHICS 8 SOUND 7 INTELLECT 4 ADDICTION 7 OVERALL 79% ¦ The dudes go over a waterfall - watch out for the rocks to come hurl objects at you. The dudes are armed with cans to throw, that will remove or freeze all the dangers.
However, there is a limited supply of cans and more have to be picked up floating in the river.
As well as the cans there are beach balls, treasure chests and patches to be picked up. Shooting bushes can also reveal these objects or letters to form the word Toobin’. The beach balls enhance control over the tube and the patches are used up every time something punctures it.
One constant threat is the alligator that appears at the top of the screen and pursues the dudes until they go through a points scoring gate or it catches them.
In between river sections there is a section of rapids that carries you automatically through, as do waterfalls that crop up in the middle of stages.
GRAPHICS AND SOUND ft's not overly impressive graphically because everything is small.
However, there are many characters in the stages, all detailed and animated. The tube-dudes themselves are probably the best part The Japanese are renowned for roming up with abstract, off-the-
* 3 game ideas like bubble-blow- rg dinosaurs in Bubble Bobble an
j the brothers Mario in their sur- 'e5! World. The ‘tubular
dudes' are r seeping with the tradition: two iLdes in tyre
inner tubes paddling ~er way down rivers.
The dudes in question are Biff and Jet, supposedly on a hunt for re most outrageous party they find: but it’s more like scenes rom Deliverance than a party. The rvers scroll vertically up the screen while the dudes paddle aoout in their tubes.
The tube control is awkward at ¦'st but a bit of practice makes it a very enjoyable method: paddling left or right spins in that direction, Doth together push the tube sraight forward and you can also raddle backwards.
There you are playfully pad- : ng when all sorts of uncool T ngs start trying to puncture the ubes. Like, totally non-mellow “S' There are different types of
- ver section, each with their own
* 3:ards. The Yukon has icebergs dive-bombing penguins, re'e's
sewage and mines in a city stretch, even deadly skulls on a
'r-c Martian river.
’here are lots of different :: s:acles on all the rivers: bushes, :gs and rocks abound. On the : 2tks there are fishermen, eski- ~:es, sphinxes and punks that TENGEN DOMARK £19.99 ¦ Joystick or Keyboard ¦ The dudes have missed a patch, but points are ahead.
¦ Here’s an imminent sinking from alligator, boulder or bush.
¦ A hippo paddles past while ¦ Grab that ‘N’ and watch out a tin can takes out the bush. For those Martian killers.
About it. Scrolling is smooth and varies in speed with the dudes.
The music is a lot of fun: mostly cheery, happy tunes that bopple along and are in keeping with the game’s atmosphere, with eerie music for the Mars and swamp rivers.
JUDGEMENT It’s tricky to get to grips with the tube controls but their unusual nature and responsiveness is a boon in the long run. Simple game- play makes it a lot of fun to start with, tailing off after a while because there isn’t much depth to it. The two-player game is more fun as the dudes compete for bonuses and bounce around.
Bob Wade GRAPHICS 5 SOUND 8 INTELLECT 2 ADDICTION 7 OVERALL 7 2% Endorsed by Jorge ‘Aspar’ Martinez, something of a big fish in the small pond of 80cc motorcycle racing, is this viewed-from- above bike game that allows you to race around seven world- famous tracks including Suzuka in Japan and Jerez in Portugal.
GRAND PRIX MASTER DINAMIC £19.95 ¦ Joystick There are warm-up laps and a qualifier, because only eight of the 12 competitors actually get to race round the course. Complete the race, win some points and become Champion.
That was the good bit. The bike’s control is not too good and it’s especially annoying to be reduced to a pile of blood and metal every time you have a slight meeting with another rider.
This is not good stuff: the graphics are fine and everything is well animated, but the gameplay is so poor it’s doubtful you’d bother to finish a season. Andy Smith GRAPHICS 7 SOUND 5 INTELLECT 2 ADDICTION 3 OVERALL 24% An ecologically -sound game, this one. There you are in Africa on a ‘big game’ shoot: but the shooting is all done with a camera. The idea is to use up your roll of 24 shots per level and get paid at the end of the stage for the photos. Make enough money (points) and you can go on to the next level. It’s not that easy, though, because each level is swarming with poachers who
take pot-shots at you, removing one of your five lives.
You are armed with a gun so you can shoot them first if you’re quick enough to click the crosshair on the gun icon at the base of the screen. It's a bit like Operation Wolf without any of the inherent violent tendencies. It also lacks the good gameplay unfortunately, so it won’t take you terribly long to get bored with it. All in all, this is a nice game but with a gameplaying lifespan of about five minutes.
Andy Smith INFOGRAMES £19.99 ¦ Mouse GRAPHICS 8 S0UNP 7 1 5 OVERALL 4 2% CDS £19.99 ¦ Keyboard and each contestant is asked questions individually (except for the last, quick fire round) and the idea is for the contestant to shout out the answer and then hit the space bar to reveal the answer and tell the computer whether he was right or not.
One, two or three players can compete in this sports trivia game based on Central TV’s quiz show.
There are several rounds to compete in (the time limit for answering can be user defined) There are twelve specialist sports to choose from at the start of the contest and the questions on each are definitely for the person who knows his onions.
If you like trivia games - and sports ones especially - then you could have a lot of fun, but if you don’t like trivia games and you don't take too much interest in sport then you’d be wasting your time with this. Otherwise, the fairest thing that can be said is that it’s fine if you like this sort of thing. ‘Nuff said. Andy Smith GRAPHICS 6 soy HD 6 INTELLECT 4 ADDICTION 6 OVERALL 6 5% Trouble is up in the land of the faeries: they have all been captured and imprisoned. To save everyone from a terrible fate you have to release them all.
Each level of the game has five faeries to be rescued, merely by touching them. To get to them you have to solve many problems in a plain, old-fashioned arcade adventure style.
There are keys to unlock doors, jars of honey to draw away deadly swarms of bees, umbrellas to protect against killer rain and so on. There is also a neat teleport system where you are carried around by an eagle.
You can jump and shoot, which are very necessary for dealing with flying dragons, walking skeletons and demons that hatch from eggs. There are timing problems too, just to complete the arcade-adventure feel.
HEWSON £24.99 ¦ Joystick The gameplay betrays the game's 8-bit origins but the graphics have been considerably improved. The combination of exploration, puzzle solving and some shooting works well, and there are enough levels to make it a challenge. Bob Wade GRAPHICS 7 SOUND 6 INTELLECT 4 ADDICTION 6 OVERALL 62% R Uho caploined GouentrM lo their successive John | Planer Rugbn Union Cup inns of I773 and I97M?
¦ Grand Prix Master: on the starting grid in pole position.
¦ Safari Guns: a poacher pops up in front of you, so shoot him!
¦ Sporting Triangles: eerrm.
Something of a poser, this one.. ¦ Stormlord: clasped in the grips of the eagle transporter.
* 15’ 380K FORMATTED
- *500 1000 2000 £79.99 .
A500 ..£5.49 42000 - 2 COVERS .. £9.99
3. 5- EXTERNAL DRIVEE4.99 CM8833 8852 MONITOR £699 1084 S MONITOR
£6.99 CITIZEN 120D ... £5.99 STAR LC10 LQ0 COLOURE5.99
Flame retardant antistatic FYC MINIAMP 4 STEREO SPEAKER SYSTEM
Offers more power & louder speakers, with mains pack included.
Separate 4 watt per channel amplifier, speakers headphone
socket + 4' dia twin cone heavy duty speakers.
- 500 2000 MONO DIGITISERE27.99U
SYSTEM ~~e AMIGA has the best stereo sound around - hear it
4- our MINIAMP 2 stereo speaker system. Two neat self ar© red
speakers & built-in stereo amplifier + handy .olume control.
Powered for the AMIGA (mams power rctonal) Complete with all
leads - just plug-in & on.
3. 5" 40 50 DISK BOX £8.49
3. 5" 80 DISK BOX £9.99 _
3. 5” 100 DISK BOX £11.99 1 Lockable, smoked lid, antistatic
BOOKSHELF SPEAKERS in solid alloy enclosure. Separate 5 watt
per che.inel amplifier, speakers headphone socket + Mains
power unit & connecting lead.
ALSO FOR USE WITH ST, ARCHIMEDES & SATELLITE TV RECEIVERS ETC. RHONE FOR LATEST LOW PRICES ON AMIGAS PRINTERS MONITORS MIDI INTERFACES - FREE MIDI LEAD ::-nect any Midi instrument to your A500 or 2000 with our low 3: MIDI INTERFACES. Compatible with all AMIGA MIDI : I AARE. Just plugs-in - no extra software, batteries or power scopes needed.
V : i has IN THRU & OUT sockets. MIDI 2 has IN THRU & I wT sockets + two unique separately switchable out or thru s:*:«ets for added versatility with additional Midi instruments & scund expanders.
SONY DISKS 10 for.. £12.99E 25 for . £28.49 _ 50 for . £55.99 _ 100 for £99.99_
3. 5" Ds dd guaranteed plus FREE labels.
£29.99 HOW TO ORDER To use this ad as an order form tick the box next to the items you wish to order, add any carriage charges (see below), fill in coupon, send in the whole page with payment or quote Access or Visa number & expiry date. A new copy of the ad - our catalogue will be sent with your order.
Or write out your order - name & address on a separate sheet if you wish.
1) Orders under £15 00 oease add 75p p&p.
2) Orders over £15.00 post free except books
3) Optional express defrvery £1.99 per order
4. Export orders cespa::oec daiiy - add £1.99 extra for surface
mail or £3 99 extra for airmail.
ONLY £89.99 TRILOGIC TV & MONITOR LEADS AU. - AMIGA TO SCART TV OR MONITORS .£10.99 HH mono or stereo, inc Sony, Philips, Toshiba etc. 1 , AL2 - AMIGA TO FERGUSON 7 8PIN DIN ...£10.991 I inc MCOl, MC05. ¦ ¦ AL4 - AMIGA TO HITACHI 7 PIN DIN ...£10.991_I inc Granada with RGB input.
Monitor with 6 pin socket. No audiolead.
ALII - AMIGA TO MULTISYNC MONITOR.....£9.991_I with 9w ‘D’ socket. No audio lead.
MANY OTHER TYPES AVAILABLE. L T0 ORDER All tv monitor leads include audio lead except £4.99 EXTRA where stated, give all 4096 colours & are NY LENGTH approx 1.5m long USEFUL ODDS & ENDS REPLACEMENT MOUSE - FOR , , AMIGA, ST, AND C64 ......£29.991_I MOUSE MAT - A4, NON SLIP, RED 1 , OR BLUE £4.991_I EXTERNAL DRIVE SWITCH FOR DF1 , ,
no more groping round the back, wearing out the mouse port or
risking damage by not powering down before unplugging. With our
Mouse Joystick switch connect both & lust push a button anytime
to select which ever is needed - even when powered up.
MOUSE JOYSTICK r , SWITCH £12.99 U OTHER PERIPHERALS MINIGEN - GENLOCK FOR , , A500 .£109.99 LJ VORTEX 40 MB AUTOBOOT , , HARD DRIVE £499.99 U AMDRIVE 30MB , , HARD DRIVE £399.991 I DIGIVIEW GOLD COLOUR VIDEO DIGITISER..£139.95l_l B W VIDEO CAMERA - HIGH QUALITY BY r , HITACHI ..£239.99 LJ PORT SHARER Our neat PORT SHARER switch has TWO Amiga compatible 25w female ‘D’ sockets for printers, & audio video digitisers. Push-button changeover switch. Amiga cable included. FREE CABLE FOR A500 2000 . . & Sts etc.. £20.99LJ TRILOGIC Dept A.F. Unit 1 253 New
CABLE 1.5m £7.991_I NM2 - A500 - A1000 NUL MODEM . , CABLE 1.5m £7.991_1 ML1 - DEMON & DESIGNER A500 . . MODEM LEAD ....£9.991_I A1000 types also stocked.
A COMPETITION LIKE NO OTHER A Sony Discman, Michael Jackson Cds, copies of Moonwalker, T-shirts and badges. All for you.
Who’s bad? US Gold and Michael Jackson, that’s who. Together they have produced Moonwalker the computer game, based on Michael's film.
It was Jackson’s first feature film, although he had produced the extended video for Thriller and a 3D short for Disney. Many of the songs from the movie have already become hits and now the game is here to do the same.
What better prize for such a musical competition than the state of the art in personal hi-fi, a Sony Discman worth well over £300. Of course you’re going to need something to put in it so there’s a selection of Michael Jackson's Cds to play on it as well. There’s also a Moonwalker T- shirt so that you can look the part too. Last but not least is a copy of the game itself so you can play and listen at the same time. And that’s just the first prize - there are also 25 runner-up packs of the T-shirt, a badge and a copy of the game.
HOW TO ENTER Write the answers to the following three questions on the back of a postcard or stuck-down envelope and send it to: Moonwalker Comp, Amiga Format, 4 Queen Street, Bath BA1 1EJ. The entries should reach us by January 20th and don’t forget to include your name, address and phone number on the postcard.
1. What animal suit does Michael wear in the game and the film?
A) Wombat
b) Pterodactyl
c) Rabbit
2. What is the evil drug baron’s name?
A) Mr Magoo
b) Mr Big
c) Mrs Miggins
3. What does Michael lose in the game when the bad guys catch
A) Money
b) Platinum disks
c) Sequins RULES Employees of Future Publishing and US Gold are
not allowed to enter. The judges’ decision is final.
No correspondence will be entered into.
Business Computer Centre DESKTOP PUBLISHING • ANIMATION DIGITISING • DESIGN SOLUTIONS Wells Street, London W1P 01 637 5666 VIDEOSTUDIO for the AMIGA SPECIAL OFFERS Pacland... £8 99 Adv. Ski Sim .£4.99 Asterix ....£ 19 99 Adv. Rugby Sim ..£4.99 Bad Company ....£19.99 High Steel ...£l 1.99 Wrangler .£l 1.99 Butcher Hill £12.99 £5.99
• Challenger
• Cruncher Factory
• Space Battle •Demolition
• Thai Boxing V-
• Fighter Mission
• Quasimodo • Rocky
• Phalanx 1
• Flight Path 737
• MouseTrap • Frostbyte
• Quantos • Space Station
• Fire Blaster • Eye
• Artificial Dreams
• Las Vegas
• Karting Grand Prix
• Dr. Fruit • Vaders
• Grid Start • Starways
• Brainstorm • Jigsaw Mania
• Ice Hockey • Seconds Out
• Plutos • Suicide Mission
• Jump Jet • War Zone
• Protector • Hotshot Beverly Hills Cop £19.99 Blade
Warrior ....£19.99 Bomber ...£19.99
Jaws .£11.99 Danger
Freak .....£10.99 GolctDragon Domain...£11.99 African
Raiders ...£9.99 Realm of Trolls ..£ 12.99
Scorpion ...£9.99 Deep
Space .£13.99 Spherical .£12.99
Damocles £19.99
Debut ......£19.99
Drakkhen £23.99 Drivin
Force £19.99 Dungeon Quest ..£ 19.99 Dynamic
Debugger...£ 19.99 Eye of Horus £19 99
Savage ....£12.99 Monster
Slam ......£9.99 Ballistix ..£11.99
Andromeda Mission .£10.99 Ablitrator £10.99
Purple Saturn Day £8.99 Deep ..£8.99
LED Storm ...£6.99 First Person Pinball...£ 19.99
Galaxy Force .....£19.99 Ghostbusters II ...£19.99
Gin & Cribbage £19.99 Hard Drivin..7 ....£19.99 Horse
Racing .....£19.99 Hound of Shadow £ 19.99
Infestation..... £19 99 Winter Games ....£10.99 Motor
Massacre £10.99 Dominator £9.99
Legend ......£9.99
Interphase ...£19.99 It Came from Desert .£19.99
Light Force .£19.99 Mega Park II £ 9 99
Quadralien £8.99 Neuromancer £ 19 99 Star
Ray ..£10.99 Mickey Mouse .....£9.99
North & South ...£19.99
Omega .....£19.99 Wanderer 3-D ....£
11.99 »nth.nHv V 1 100 Tiger Road £8.99
Prospector .£9.99 Spitting
Image ...£10.99 Prison ......£12.99
Captain Fizz ......£12.99 BUDGET Fun School 11 6-8yrs...£
14.99 Fun School 11 6 yrs £14.99 Fun School 11 8 yrs £14.99
Discover Numbers £14.99 Discover Letters ...£14.99 P47
Thunderbolt £ 19.99 Powerdrift ...£19.99 Puzzle
Book £14.99 Rainbow Warrior £24.99 Rock 'n'
Roll ......£14.99 Roller Coaster
Rumbler ..£19.99 Joe
Blade ..£4.99 Joe Blade
11 ..£4.99 Extensor ....£4.99 War
Marhinp QQ Word Perfect ......£ 181.99
Superplan ..£76.99 Superbase Professional £ 19
99 Scapeghost ..£14.99 Sim
Caty ..£19.99
Skidu £14.99
* *UI -VlclLlllIIC X.T.77 Eagles
Nest ...£4.99 Gladiators .£4.99
Ameeas .....£4.99 Superbase Personal 11
.£76.99 Superbase Personal V1 049 £76 99 Space
Ace ...£34.99 Spellbook £14.99
Sporting Triangles ....£14.99 Starblaze t'I4 QQ Drum
Studio .£4.99 Hollywood Poker £4.99 Tr. Island
Dizzy ...£4.99 i* a ( r Publisher's Choice £63.99
Protext £76.99 1 affirm V 5 +' 1 XQ OO
.J. 1 7 7 Starflight .£19.99
Stryx £14.99 Stunt
Car .£19.99 itro Boost ...14.99
LiilllLL V.J ...z. 1 oV.77 Super Wonderboy.....£
19.99 Please state an alternative for special offers as stock
subject to availability.
Send Cheque P.O. to: SOFT EXCHANGE LTD (Amiga 1) 101 Clifton Road, South Norwood, SE25 6QA MAIL ORDER ONLY VIDEOSTUDIO is available now for . £96 AMIGA GENLOCK DEVICES Minigen (for the home user) . £115 Rendale A8802 (For the pro semi-pro) + Mode switch box ..CALL G2 VideoCenter professional S-VHS Genlock ... CALL GENLOCKS + SOFTWARE Minigen + Videostudio software ..(save £20) £195
Minigen + Video Generic Maste Titling software ..'.(save £5) £180 (Video Master Software will run on an unexpanded A500) ..... Rendale A8802 + Videostudio + Mode switch box .CALL Rendale A8806 Professional Studio Quality Genlock + Videostudio ..7.CALL AMIGA HARD DISKS A590 20Mb hard disk + 1 Mb ram fitted ......£499 A590 20Mb hard disk + 2Mb ram
fitted ..£599 A590 20Mb hard disk (OK ram fitted) ......£399 All products are genuine manufacturers items.
SPECIAL ? A library of Wipe Fade effects and Border (mask) patterns for use with EFFECTS genlocked video.
TIME * Customisable, station Clock and broadcast style VTR starclock.
FUNCTIONS ? A stopwatch with options such as day-and-date. Frame display etc. TEST ? A suite of standardised test patterns with audio test tones.
FACILITIES Eg. Crosshatch, Testcard, Greyscale etc. TITLING * A main screen titler with multi-colour font operation.
? A scroll titler with smooth vertical and horizontal scrolling.
? A subtitler with colour Logo and text Cut, Fade and Print options.
? 20 high-quality fonts, with Bold, Italic & Underline styles and Outline drop-shadow rendering options.
? Overlay over live video or over background picture files (IFF) generated by a paint package or a video digitiser frame-grabber.
? Importing Exporting of Fonts to from other packages.
VIDEOSTUDIO produces an interlaced output directly compatible with all VCR formats & Tvs and may be used with or without a genlock. It requires an Amiga A500 1000 or 2000 computer with 2 disk drives and 1 Mbyte of memory.
NOW TO AMIGA FORMAT YOUR MAGAZINE DEDICATED TO YOUR MACHINE Only £29.95 for 12 action-packed issues, a saving of £5.00 from the cover price (and we even pay the postage for you!)
Ring 0458 74011 NOW, quoting the order code AM 100 and having your credit card handy or use the order form on Page 191. Why not order some of the latest and cheapest products from The16 Blitz at the same time!
Remember our unique guarantee: we will refund the cost of all unmailed issues, if you are not completely satisfied with our subscription service.
* Hotline Number 0458 74011
* Order Form on Page 191
* Be sure you get your copy before the newsagent sells out » Get
our regular quarterly “UPDATE” of extraspecial savings on
products that we didn't quite manage to squeeze in the
MEGALAND BRANCHES AT SOUTHAMPTON AND OXFORD MEGALAND SOUTHAMPTON 42 - 44 Millbrook Road East Southampton, Hants., S01 OHY TELEPHONE 0703 332225 MEGALAND OXFORD Islip Road, Off Hernes Road Oxford. TEL 0865 512599 OR 0865 512633 OFFICIAL ORDERS Welcomed from Corporates.
Government, Educational, Health, &M.O.D. Establishm ACCOUNTS TERMS 30 Days from date of invoice Phone for further informatior OPEN MONDAY TO SATURDAY 9.00am to 5.30pm 0703 332225 CREDIT CARD MAIL ORDER - PHONE NOW ¦ f :-_AND NOW OFFER THE BEST GAMES PACKS THIS S IE OF THE PLANET. ALSO ALL OUR PACKS CONTAIN ¦GAS WITH THE FOLLOWING STANDARD FEATURES.
* • A500,512K RAM, 1 MB 3.5 DRIVE, MOUSE, THREE I - E:1-1NG
All prices and manufacturers specifications subject to change without notice. All offers subject to availability. Offers subject to change in price without notice Delivery Charges 24 hour Courier Service £10.00 4 Day Courier Service £5.00 Consumables Free Post Overseas Orders Phone HOTLINE RETURNS SERVICE AND TECHNICAL SUPPORT TELEPHONE 0703 330544 RAD YCED EMS rRE U KY ?LE jTjgl igftasaassssssr1 pwct E G A L A N D [gV* gC „ 4590 ?nu°nAMlGA AUT0 SOOTED DISK nICE S0NLY £§75 PANASONIC KXP1081 9 PIN PRINTER PLUS FREE CABLE PRICE £149 INC. VAT ilr PRICE MEGALAND SUPER PACK FOUR PLUS AMIGA A500
(SEE STANDARD FEATURES) BATMAN THE MOVIE (GAME), F18 INTERCEPTOR, NEW ZEALAND STORY, DELUXE PAINT II, QUICK SHOT II JOYSTICK, A501 RAM EXPANSION PLU5t$ &»m £485 INC. VAT To: 42-44 Millbrook Road East, Southampton I wish to order_ READNG I enclose cheque PO for £_ Or charge my Access Visa No.
Inc VAT.
Exp. Date WWCHESTER nts.
Name Address Postcode PRICES CORRECT ON DATE GOING TO PRESS Signature Tel No: inomnTM SAJJSBUF RNGWOOO Bournemouth M2 7 M C. ] j 1ST THE NEW LIGHT FANTASTIC PACK COMMODORE 64 The pack includes C64 computer, power supply, cassette unit, light gun, 3D glasses, Robocop, Rambo III, Platoon, Hypersports, Combat School, Batman thecaped crusader, Mike Reids pop quiz. 3D action pack Army Days. Gangster and Time raveller. Plus arts package, music creator, typing tutor and Shootem Up construction kit.
£149.99 INC. VAT PRICE tM m ¦ Li*.
M DFT GRAPHICS & MUSIC . Videoscape 3D 2.0 (PAL) (lMb)..119 Deluxe Paint II (PAL) ..... Deluxe Paint III (PAL) (1Mb) .55 Digipaint III (PAL) .....59 Digiview Gold (PAL) ...129 Fantavision (PAL) ....34 Minigen Genlock (PAL) .99 Photon Paint (PAL) .3: Photon Paint II (PAL) (1 Mb).. Pro Video Plus ......179 Sculpt 3D XL (PAL) 119 Sculpt 4D Jnr(lMb) 99 Sculpt 4D Animate (1 Mb) 369 Turbo Silver ...... TV Show (PAL)
(1Mb 69 TV Text (PAL) ...65 Aegis Sonix 2.0 .....49- AMAS Digitizer 74 Deluxe Music ...49 Rock 'n' roll Disk Extras .9 Future Sound Digitizer .79 Music X .169 Midi Master Interface ..3' BUSINESS Arena Accounts ....119 Excellence ....159 Home Office Kit ....126 Kindwords II ....38 Pen Pal 98 Protext
V4.2 ....64 Pagesetter V!.2 ......64. Pagestream ..119 Professional Page 1.3 (1 Meg).169 Publishers Choice ...73* Word Perfect 4.1 ..159. HARDWARE UK ONLY.fFREE DELI’ Amiga Pack 1:: 16 DAY FREE HC Amiga A500 Batpack Inc. TV Modulator, Batman, Interceptor, New Zealand Story & Deluxe Paint II and 23 games 369. Amiga Pack 2: As in 1 with 10 EXTRA GAMES.399. Amiga Pack 3: As in 1 with 5 CHOICE GAMES .399 Xj Amiga A500 & Philips montior...609.01 A501 1 2 Meg Expansion Clock
...129 3C| NEW 1 2 Meg Expansion Clock....99 Cumana 3.5" Imeg Drive 95 Star LC10 Printer .1741 Star LC10 Colour Printer ..225 Star 24 Pin Printer 259 D© Branded Disks X 10 Inc. Labels .11 91 LEISURE ....AMIGA Battle Chess ...16.99 Batman Caped Crusader ....16.90 Battle Squadron ......16.90 Cabal ...16.99 Castle Warrior .16.90 Chase HQ ......*16.99 Continental Circus ..14.90
Elite .....16.90 Fiendish Freddy's Big Top ...25.90 Games (Summer Edition) ....16.99 Indiana Jones Last Crusade 14.90 Infestation 16.90 Interphase 16.99 It Came From The Desert 1 Meg *21.50 Ivanhoe 16.99 Laser Squad ...14.90 Light Force l4 Pack) 16.99 Moonwalker ....16.99 Operation Wolf 16.99 Pacmania .13.90
Paperboy .14.90 Powerdrome ...16.99 Pro Tennis Tour 16.99 Silkworm ..14.90 Speedball .16.99 Stryx ..*14.90 Stunt Car Racer ......16.99 Targhan ...16.90 Test Drive II (The Dual) 16.99 Thrilltime platinum 2 (8 Pack) 14.90 Toobin .14.90 Vigilante ...14.90 Xenomorph .....16.90
ADVENTURE & SIMULATION ...AMIGA Dungeon Master (IMeg) .....16.99 Faery Tale Adventure ...14.90 F-16 Combat Pilot ...16.90 F-16 Falcon .....21.50 Falcon Mission Disk 14.90 Flight Sim. II or Jet ..26.90 Japan or Europe Scenery Disk... 14.90 Indiana Jones Adventure .....16.99 Journey ...21.50 Keef The Thief ......*16.99 Kingdom Of England ...16.90 Leaderboard Birdie .16.99 North and South .....16.99 Quest
For The Time Bird ....21.50 Red Lightning ..21.50 Scrabble Deluxe .....14.90 Sim City ...19.90 Swords Of Twilight ..16.99 Universal Military sim ..16.90 BEST SELLERS .AMIGA Altered Beast ..16.90 Barbarian II .....16.99 Batman The Movie ..16.90 Bloodwych ......16.90 Damocles 16.90 Dragon's Lair (1 Meg) .34.90 Driving
Force ...16.90 Dungeon Master (1 Meg) ....16.99 F-16 Combat Pilot ...16.90 Right Sim. II ....26.90 Ghostbusters II 16.99 Hard Driving ....16.99 Hollywood Poker ......8.99 Kick-Off! ...13.90 Lords Of The Rising Sun .....21.50 Music X-Official UK version 169.95 Never Mind .....13.90 New Zealand Story .16.99 Outrun ...8.99
Populous .16.99 Promised Lands data disk 8.99 Robocop ..16.99 RVF Honda ......16.99 Shadow Of The Beast + T-Shirt..24.90 Space Harrier ..13.90 Space Ace ......32.90 Strider .16.99 Super Hang On 16.99 Triad II .16.99 Untouchables ..16.99 Xenon II Megablast .16.90 SPECIAL OFFERS (WHILE STOCKS LAST)
Backlash 8.99 Better Dead Then Alien ......11.99 Bermuda Project ..11.99 Crash Garrett ....8.99 ECO ....11.99 Hellbent .8.99 Heroes Of The Lance ..16.99 Knight Ore 11.99 Major Motion .....8.99 Mercenary ..8.99 Netherworld ......9.99 Pandora ...11.99 Phantom Fighter .....11.99
Platoon 14.99 Powerplay 11.99 Sky Chase .9.99 Zynaps ..9.99 QUALITY JOYSTICKS Cheetah Mach 1 .....13.90 Com Pro 5000 13.90 Comp Pro Extra (clear) 14.90 Super Professional (autofire) 13.50 Sava at aast i0% f D r , on ovat 1S0 aVaila8l[§ SoIKvqna Titles,,, wn-„'°'
* '4 m - 2 in That's right, with every software title you buy
from Track you'll not only save money, but you'll benefit from
our experienced and helpful staff. We try to offer THE SERVICE
We're always pleased to welcome customers to our shop in Derby, or talk you through the jargon of the computer industry and...help you make the right choice with software or hardware purchases O m ft, UJ Mm Q n m m s 0 ill $ £ O m m- 2 0 yJ of Amiga Software, and it s ALL IN STOCK NOW!
TEXT £80.95 TV TEXT PROFESSIONAL £116.95 X-CAD DESIGNER £102.46 Please Send Cheques Postal Orders to: T (DEPT F’ Titles Available on 47 MILL ROAD, Request!
HETHERSETT, NORWICH, orders enquiries NORFOLK NR9 3DS . Tel (0603)812416 Access, Visa, Eurocard & Mastercard Accepted
• = Available on Release Prices all include VAT & 1s Class
Postage in U.K. (Europe please add £2.0C per item) Return of
Post Service or Stock Items COMPUTERWISE BRIGHTON 674626 AMIGA
SPECIALISTS We have hundreds of software titles; many at
discount prices, books and peripherals in stock at all times.
Call in today for yours.
We are licensed credit brokers.
M I mmm IMMI 11 yu cb : S UJ: 5 Keep on tke Rigkt Tvack witk fKis months Feature Products!
Professional video presentations made easy, call in and see our in shop demo & promotional video using these utilities TV TEXT PROFESSIONAL Save money on thi exciting new video text software Take advantage of this special LIMITED OFFER 0N«Y £99!
Open 10 am to 6 pm Monday to Saturday 44 George Street, Kemptown, Brighton Opposite American Express building.
* fi ALL NEW!
SAVE £125 Matrix Hire Makes the Software World Your Oyster !
Cyberpad STATUS; Under Development... Expected release sometime 1990 'Cyberpad' is a hypermedia toolbox. By providing an intuc environment for producing hypermedia 'stacks', Cyberpad will be especially useful in education and training, advert!: and video production.
"4 HI Join the Matrix and enjoy access to our huge library of the most popular titles. For Amiga, Atari ST, Commodore, Spectrum and Amstrad machines.
For full details send large SAE stating your machine to:- Matrix Leisure Club, Dept AM F, 271 Stanstead Road, Bishops Stortford, Herts CM23 2BT.
Free Membership for quick replies.
TRACK COMPUTER SYSTEMS t!f DeptAMF2 Blacksmiths Yard, Sadler Gate, Derby. DEI 3PD.
Tel: (0332) 41817 Fax: (0332) 44110 ALL PRICES INC. VAT & CARRIAGE ?TRACK ARE LICENSED CREDIT BROKERS 4- O, m AMIGA Mb)..119.00
39. 90
59. 90
59. 90 ......129.90
34. 90
99. 90
35. 00
66. 90
179. 00
119. 00
99. 90
369. 00
98. 90
69. 90
69. 90
49. 90
74. 90
49. 90
9. 50
79. 00
169. 95
32. 95 ili mil is...... w:
119. 00
159. 90
126. 90
38. 90
98. 90
64. 90
64. 90
119. 90
g) . 169.90
73. 90
159. 90 DELIVERY) E HOLIDAY I ili SUPERPIC This is currently the
best digitiser for the Amiga - our survey in Issue Four
called it “unbeatable”. It has real-time colour and mono
digitising, a 192K frame buffer expandable to 512K, a
screen display that shrinks to available memory, edge
detection and image manipulation tools, time lapse image
capturing, brightness, contrast, colour and hue controls,
monitor view switchable between Amiga, TV video and frame-
store and a built-in genlock for overlaying graphics on
video. A very impressive list of functions we think you’ll
ACQUISITION Acquisition is a database with a difference - it allows you to use pictures and sounds as well as data. When it was reviewed in Issue 6 of ST Amiga Format these were Just some of the things that were said in its favour - “fully relational structure”, “a powerful programming language”, “flexibility of structure as database evolves”, “is among the most powerful database systems for any of the so-called ‘home’ micros”
- clearly a database to be reckoned with* Win high class softwa
COMPETITION WINNING TRACK Grab a Superpic to grab some pictures
and acquire acquisition to organise your data.
Track Computer Systems have completely lost their minds. What sane person would give away Superpic, the fab digitiser worth £600, and five copies of Acquisition 1.3, the database that can store pictures and sounds as well as data, worth £250 each? Well it’s true - so don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, get entering.
The first prize is Superpic and there are five runners-up prizes of Acquisition 1.3. The winners being the first out of the hat with the right answer to the following questions.
HOW TO ENTER Write the answers to the following three questions on the back of a postcard or stuck-down envelope and send it to: Track Comp, Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath, Avon BA1 2AP. The entries should reach us by January 20th and don’t forget to include your name, address and phone number on the postcard.
1. Who painted the Mona Lisa?
A) John Constable
b) Leonardo Da Vinci
c) Wakelin
2. Who painted the ceiling of the Sistine chapel?
A) Leonardo Da Vinci
b) Michelangelo
c) Steinar Lund
3. Who painted the Campbell’s soup tin?
A) Mr Campbell
b) Leonardo Da Vinci
c) Andy Warhol RULES Employees of Future Publishing, Track
Computer Systems and Lieutenant-General Sir Reginald
Huffington-Puffington, The Old Lodge, 12 Jingo Drive,
Cleethorpes are not allowed to enter. The judges decision is
final. No correspondence will be entered into. (Sorry, Reg.)
E32 g 11 ii £799 PRINTERS IL
AF880 3: Drive .. RF302C 3: Drive CUMANA CAX 354E
A1010 3: Drive ... No MD C30 3: Drive.
.£89 inc .£85 inc .£99 inc .£99 inc .£85 inc COB!
These prices batty!
Well » 0202 292195 OPEN MON-SAT 10-5.30 ALL PRICES EXCLUDE VAT Hot Line Phone 0202 292195 UNIT 6, CLOSE, EBBLAKE IND ESTATE, VERWOOD, DORSET BH21 6DA Citizen 120D ... £108 HP Deskjet+ ...... ..£544* Citizen 180E £126 CP2200 ..... £264 Citizen MSP15E.... £189 NECP8+ £419 Citizen HQP40 £289 NECP7+ .. £538 Citizen HQP45 £299 Panasonic KXP1081 .
• • • • WW ...£126 Epson LX400 .. £142 Panasonic KXP1180..
£156 Epson LX850 £189 Panasonic KXP1124 £256 i ...... Epson
FX1050 £379 1 LAI 1 WvJL 1 1 1 V 1 V l | | L *T ¦ ¦ Star
LC10 £129 ¦ Epson LQ400 £205 Star NX15 £289 Epson LQ550 £272
Star LC2410 .£257 Epson LQ850 £404 Star
XB2410 ...£416 Epson LQ1050 £549 Star XB2415 £545
Epson LQ2550 £847 NECP7+ Colour £823 Epson DFX6000 .....£1078
Star LC10 ¦ • •Aiwmv ..£184 HP
Deskjet ..... £449* Xerox 4020 .. ..£949
Mega Mercenary F18 INTERCEPTOR Paint Package Insanity Fight
Buggy Boy Microblaster Autofire Art of Chess Ikari Warriors
Microswitched Joystick Wizball Barbarian 1 o Blank 3.5" Disks
Thundercats Terrorpods Mouse Mat Dust Cover r. Disk Box W W
20MB hard disk £399 inc AMIGA or MSDOS XT Bridge Board ....£399
+ VAT AT Bridge Board ....£675 + VAT INT Genlock £179 +VAT 5 MB
RAM S with 2 MB RAM 2nd Drive 3 1 2 .£75 + VAT AMIGA
Hard Disk ....£459 + VAT VORTEX
A500 ...£510 inc Hard disk 40MB Triangle 40MB £579 + VAT
Hard Disk Cumana CBA 394 £89 inc Cumana CDA 358...£199 +
VAT NEC 2nd Drive £64 New A500 20MB
A590HQ ..£380 inc CBM 1084S Stereo ...£239 inc
CBM 1901 ...£149 inc PHILIPS CM3852......£260 inc
CBM CGA Compatible Philips 8833 .£229 inc CBM 1900
Mono £129 inc ATAR1124 Mono £129 inc Citizen
HQP40 ...£349 Citizen MSP50 ...£350
Citizen MSP55 ...£400 Hewlett Packard Paint
Jet ..£589*
NECP8+ .£504 Mail Order DELIVERY UK
NEXT WORKING DAY £10 +VAT MONITORS DRIVES A501-512KRAM......£129 inc MOUSE MAT ...£4.95 inc AMIGA DUST COVER .£4.95 inc TV MODULATOR......£21.95 inc STEEL MONITOR.....£15.85 inc STANDARD AMIGA 520ST STEEL DOUBLE £25.95 inc MONITOR STAND AMIGA ST LASER PRINTERS Brother HL-8e .£1409* Epson GQ5000 Hewlett Packard Laser Jet II Star LPB .....£1248*
* inc. 1 year on site maintenance 6 FOREST CLOSE EBBLAKE IND
£63 C64 Hollywood Pack ....£148 inc C64 Home Entertainment Pack
1541 C11 51 4 C54..£145 inc AMIGA ACCESSORIES COMMODORE C64
LIKE A KING World's strongest Cribbage-playing algorithms.
Play Two-handed, Four-handed, or Five-card Crib ge* Seven distinctive computer opponents.
Ask for advice from any computer opponent.
UseSetup Mode to devise scenarios for analysis.
Play "duplicate" Cribbage. Replay later using the same cards.
Special setup allows computer players to compete against each other.
TOGETHER IN ONE GREAT PACKAGE aOYNOVd 1V3HD 3NO NI H3H13001 iaqjo qasa jsuibSb Abjd saijjjBuosjad jajnduioa ajaqM sauiB§ „ abjj jajnduioo,, dn jas
• spjBa amBS aq; qjiAv aajBj ujb§b abi«j •uif „a} ||dn(iM
• sis C|BUB joj souBuaas aiBjnuuoj oj apoj -dn*as asft
• S03U3JU3S |BU0|IBSJ3AU03 ‘ CsB3 UI S!S£|BUB pUB SJUiq a iaaaj
puB aa d jajnduioa aub uiojj aaupB joj qsy
* saii;|Buosjad jajnduioa anbiun uaAas
• uio BuioqBj |0 J0 a10 pJRpuBis £bi j
• suiqiuoSjB 8ui B|d-ujo JsaSuojjs s.pjjo PURPLE PD PUBLIC
DOMAIN SOFTWARE : 39 34 2D 26 IB 0B FD E0 BD B2 Cl E0 FF 00 19
2D : 32 25 1C 19 16 0C 01 F6 El CD CB D1 DA ED 0B 2E : 43 44 35
23 0F FF F4 E7 D7 D1 CC CE E9 08 16 25 : 36 3E 36 23 06 EE E2
DD D3 D3 D2 E5 F4 FE 1C 35 : 35 28 21 23 19 80 F0 EC 7F DA C4
C3 D1 E5 FF 2B : 48 48 22 06 02 13 IF 8C E7 C8 B9 C4 DC EF 04
11 : 16 IF IF 26 2F 35 2C 13 FA DE Cl B5 BB D8 E7 01 : 16 IF 2E
38 3C 3D 35 IE FB E4 DB D5 C9 BF BE CC : E5 05 2B 4E 52 4C 3C
23 07 FC F4 D9 C2 B4 B6 C5 : D4 E7 07 2B 48 55 53 47 33 IF 0A
E6 B5 A1 AA C2 : DB F6 20 3C 48 40 33 2E 20 10 FA D8 B6 AF B7
BF : CF E5 02 2A 4A 56 4B 3C 38 IF 04 DC C0 B5 B2 BD : D2 E6 00
1A 34 58 56 48 3B 7F 2A 14 F3 C6 A9 A9 : B7 CD E2 FD ID 39 4A
51 4A PM. 1C 02 DA B5 A9 B3 : C3 D8 EF 8B 28 3D 49 4E 45 2F 1A
FB D7 Cl Bi AC : BE D7 ED 12 3B 4A 40 2B 23 27 IE 89 FI CC A5
• G17 -Damonoid - arcade.
• G19 - Blitz III - arcade.
• G33 - Doctor Boris and .
Puzzler - TNT
• G38 - MoneySpinner - slot machine.
• G40 - Zenith - arcade.
• G42 - Speculator - simulation.
• G54 - Line of Four - connect.
• G56 - Make a Break - Quiz.
• G58 - Tri-heii - Arcade.
• G60 - Operation Angelica - Battle.
Block Track Sec tor Head Other Half ADJUST COLOURS Hodify IC0NIFY
• A36 - Clip Art 1 - Degas format - mainly animals, sports, Walt
Disney and cars.
• A37 - Clip Art 2 - Degas format - mainly Christmas, animals,
military, Atari, Commodore, flags and Zodiac.
• A65 - Clip Art 3 - Degas format - mainly 1930's trademarks.
• A77 - Clip Art 4 - Degas format - mainly Althabets, Easter,
Christmas, Borders, animals and famous people.
• A78 - Clip Art 5 - Degas format - mainly Pixies, titles,
Halloween, Valentines and Jewish.
• A79 - Clip Art 6 - Degas format - mainly Sports.
• A80 - Clip Art 7 - Degas format - mainly whymsical and cute and
2 good althabets.
• A115 - Clip Art 8 - Degas format - mainly Atari, Walt Disney,
Garfield, pointing hands, robots, hands.
• A116 - Clip Art 9 - Degas format - mainly faces, Christmas,
horses and eyes.
• A117 - Clip Art 10 - Degas format - mainly alphabets.
• A129 - Clip Art 11-42 .GEM pictures.
• A130 - Clip Art 12 - 47 .IMG pictures and 5 .GEM pictures. The
following clip art disks (13 - 25) contain .IMG format files
which can be converted to other formats using disks GR20 and
GR17. Each disk has a slide show program for viewing the
images. All images were scanned at 200 x 200 resolution.
• A140 - Clip Art 13 - decorative scrolls.
• A141 - Clip Art 14 - decorative scrolls.
• A142 - Clip Art 15 - 19th century characters (men).
• A143 - Clip Art 16 - 19th century characters including north
and south American indians.
• A144 - Clip Art 17 - 19th century characters including
Turkish Asian.
• A145 - Clip Art 18 - Statues.
• A146 - Clip Art 19 - Statues.
• A147 - Clip Art 20 - 19th century characters.
• A148 - Clip Art 21 - 19th century characters (men).
• A149 - Clip Art 22 - 19th century characters, scrolls and
• A150 - Clip Art 23 - a variety of comical cartoomst.
• A151 - Clip Art 24 - happy celebrating people.
• A152 - Clip Art 25 - Miscellaneous, photos, cartoon and Roger
• A87 - Electronic Bank Statement the excellent accounts package
from Budgie UK.
• A96 - DOUBLE SIDED DISK. Sheet v2.0. powerful all features
spreadsheet, includes documentation and tutorial.
• A121 - POOLS - Expert Results Predictor v2.0 by
B. Campbell very good. Programmer claims it to be more intel
ligent than the commercial ones.
• W2 - Stwriter 'Elite’ the excellent word processor, that
includes manual and tutorial files.
• W5 - Micro-Emacs editor V3.925 full screen editor includes
tutorial and manual files.
• W13 - DOUBLE SIDED DISK. STWriter Elite V3.0, English, German
and Spanish versions. Includes document files etc.
• MP21 - 4 DOUBLE SIDED DISKS. TEX the document processor and
typesetting system. TEX has its own programming language,
handles equations and diagrams, and has a large set of
typefaces. This is a very powerful piece of software. TEX is
not a wordprocessor. You will need a text editor such as Micro
EMACS (disk W5). Requires 1Mb RAM and comes on 4 double sided
disks with a Mega Pack price of £10.00!
• A125 - DOUBLE SIDED DISK. REQUIRES 1MB. Opus V2.10 of the
spreadsheet and charting program. This package is incredible!
Requires GDOS which is not PD.
• A138 - Double Sentry V0.00 the accounting program by Graham R
Hutcheon. This is a fully working version that does all aspects
of accounts accept VAT, although a VAT version is available.
• A13 - Publishing Partner disk 1. 6 fonts: Hudson, Columbia,
Devoll, Thames, Spokane and Saturn.
• A38 - Publishing Partner disk 2. 6 fonts: Caligrify, Elegance,
Courier, Roman Bookface, Westside and Avant Garde.
• A95 - Publishing Partner disk 3. 6 fonts: Artist, Broadway,
Letter Gothic, Oriental, Ultra Block and Wilkes-Barres.
• 127 - Publishing Partner PageStream disk 4. 1 PP font:
Creative. 5 PS fonts: Futura, HLVB, Lubalin, Script and HAL.
• A110 - Calamus Fonts disk 1. 10 fonts: Cursive, Facade, Fura,
Greeny2, Hebrewy, Manvilly, Math, Peignoy, Silicy and Steely.
• A135 - Font Master GDOS font editor.
• A63 and A64 - FontKit V3.31 Epson, Degas and ST font editor.
• A31 - This disk contains the following 1st Word printer driver
files: SG10STAR, KXP1091C, PR1215, PROWRT, EPHEBREW, ST130,
LQ800, SG10-GPH, EPS-LX80, OKI192, LX80-G, BRO10P, BR012P.
OKI92.ASCII, 1STNX1, SGI0-1 ST, SLMM804, SMM804-G, NEC-P6,
• A40 - Hard Disk disk 1: Directory counter, Gem Soft a 40 folder
fix, Hard Auto, Sbackup, Turtle backup v3.01 and UNTurtle
restore vl.l. DiskX Release 2.0 - By Steve Tibbett ...8 5,. .
.-..8 :4.. ..*NRL «. . .. -»HUSG3 .. HP3.
...«JVK 0 ....4PVH; 9 JO J: .... =INE.
....; J0+ 0ffset:lD9 Value:51 (S33) Type:Data Block Checksun:0K Hit RETURN to Edit... DiskX on disk FAUG67
• A52 - Hard Disk disk 2: FolderXXX allows you to specify upto
999 folders - a 40 folders fix, an excellent directory lister,
Hard Disk Install.
Hard Disk Auto boot, and other HD utilities.
• A41 - Monochrome emulator version 5. Run monochrome programs on
a colour monitor. TOS 1.09 compatible. CMFonts converts
Macintosh fonts to ST GDOS format.
• A51 - This disk is packed full of Comms programs. They have all
been ARChived down to save space. The following is a list of
the ARC files: Gas Term, BMODEM, Solar Term, Terminal, My Term,
Sterm, Con_ST, Star Term, Term_c, Jam Term, GEM Term and XMO
DEM Term. Also on the disk a program to unARC them.
• A88 - Double Click Format v3.03 THE ST disk formatter 9 10
sector, 80 82 tracks, regular fast format. Can format Spectre
128 disks, place MSDOS boot sector, it can write an executable
bootsector to do thngs like bypass HD autoboot, setime time,
run a program that you write and call COMMAND.PRG and loads of
other things. Meg A Minute Elite v2.1, TOS 1.09 compatible 1Mb
a minute HD backup.
• A90 - Superboot v5.5 THE ST Boot program - choose: desktop
accessories. AUTO programs to run, DESKTOP.INF, GDOS
ASSIGN.SYS, display a welcome screen, date time setter, inforce
a password on booting and loads more including even stopping
Super Boot from running with a ‘key hold’ includes a 50K
document file, excellent.
• A97 - Sticker III. THE disk label program full GEM includes
dozens of icon graphics that can be included in label.
Monochrome monitor required.
• A109 - Quick Disk. Quick Find vl.5 is a program developed for
locating files, it allows any number of drives to be searched,
producing output which can be printed to screen, printer or
file. Quick Index vl .5 - the ST System Performance Evaluation
Program, Quick ST v 1.2 the screen accelerator for all Atari ST
computers, Quick View vl.3 excellent document browser. Quick
Inf Vl.3 is a program developed primarily to allow the user to
change the desktop window directory search masks. Quick Label
VI. 1 the label utility. Quick Print.
• Alll - Head Start vl.l allows you to auto-boot any type of
program from your AUTO folder, including GEM programs, you can
choose from among a list of up to auto-boot, using the mouse.
• A124 - ARChiver: ARC V5.21b, ARCShell V2.0 and V2.05 and a
utility to switch back and forth between LHARC and ARC.DAYS2
reads in the computer's time and date, and then presents you
with various alternate versions of that date: The Julian Date,
the Star Date, the Earth Date, the number of days left in the
year, and whether or not this is a leap year.
You will also be shown what time it is in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) in Daylight Savings Time, and in Standard Time.
• STW41 Fselect v3.89. Icone.Acc and Acache. As featured in Issue
41 of ST World.
• A126 - Desk Manager V2.6 will auto select the correct
DESKTOP.INF depending on the resolution and select AUTO
programs, The Little Green Selector VI.6 is another alternative
file selector that includes a FIND option and is excellent.
Pack and UNPack will compress a program file and still make it
executable! Pin Head VI 4 is a program that speeds up file
• A128 - Recover is a program that copies any number of specified
sectors on a disk to a named file on another disk, this is
very useful if you have garbaged you directory or part of your
disk. Bootlnfo allows you to put any text on screen at boot up.
• A134 - Boot Drive Select allows you to select a drive to boot
from when you reset your ST. GrafTool allows you to type in
mathematical functions of one variable and graph them. Chart
Maker allows you to input data and it will draw a graph.
• A136 - The British Telecom Inland Call Calculator vl.02 is a
telephone call cost calculator.
• DA9 - DOSACC V2.6g the desktop accessory that basically it
displays just about everything the user needs to know, and
allows the setting of most ST and printer configurations.
• G18 - Football - speculation game.
• G20 - Othello - board game.
• G36 - Tycoon - Adventure s imulation.
• G39 - Ace Invaders - arcade.
• G41 - MaelStrom - arcade.
• G45 - Zephod and Gold Rush - labyrinth.
• G55 - Word Puzzle generator.
• G57 - Parabellum - platform.
• G59 - Perils of Penfold - Arcade.
• G64 - Bandit - One armed bandit.
Budgie UK P.D. Licenseware games:
• GR3 - MASTER Painter - excellent graphics program works in ALL
res olutions in NEO Degas and Doodle formats. Has multiple
screens 6 on 1 2 Mb, upto 24 if you have enough RAM, animate
between these muh-1 pie screens, all the usual tools plus
rotate to any angle, skivle- horizontall and vertical, zoom,
twist, built in converter, very well laid out and designed-
full GEM this is a truely brilliant program. Fill option is a
bit dodgy.
• GR6 - Degas disk - 155 fills, 10 brushes, 7 fonts, 20 printer
drivers including NECP3 and P6, Epson JX80 colour (you should
be able to use this for STAR LC-10),plus programs to manipulate
Degas Elite.
• GR11 - Disk full of picture utilites: Tiny Stuff v3.4 and Tiny
View v4.21, Pic Switch v0.7, NE02Mono, Convert, Mono2Medium,
NE02Degas, plus 3 screen to disk savers.
• GR15 - JIL2D CAD drafting program from Jesus Is Lord corp.
Looks good and is very complicated. This disk is double sided
and requires 1Mb RAM and monochrome monitor.
• GR17 - Picture convertors. Print Master Degas convertor, NEO
Degas Tiny IFF SPEC512 to NEO Degas IFF convertor. IMG AIM
convertor IMG AIM to Postscript, Mac GIF stripper, Spectrum 512
.SPC .SPU to GIF convertor and Spectrum 512 SPC, SPS and SPU
slide show.
• GR19 - Fractal Zoom V0.7 is the most comprehensive fractal
genera- !
Tion program available on PD.
• GR20 - .IMG utilities. Convert2IMG V0.9 converts any Degas
forma: Tiny, NEOchrome, MACPaint, Spectrum compressed and
uncompressec | to a monochrome IMG format. IMG Quick View an
.IMG file Viewer. The .IMG slide show Vl.l and IMGCAT VI.0 the
.IMG cataloguer and printer
• D122 - DOUBLE SIDED DISK. The Union demo! The best demo yet or.
I the ST. Demos from TEX, TCB, TNT crew. Delta Force, The
Replicants and Level 16. This demo is absolutely brilliant! It
requires a colour screen and a joystick.
• D123 - DOUBLE SIDED DISK. Snow Man demo. Great Digitised sounr
and picture demo of the snowman story. The song 'Walking on the
air' and ditigised pictures telling the whole story. Excellent.
Requires colour screen, and 1Mb RAM.
• D125 - DOUBLE SIDED DISK. The CareBears Cuddly demos. The
CareBears did some demos on the Mega Union demo. Here they have
created the best demos on the ST to date! You must move a jet
propelled man about the screen landing infront on the
entrances to the demos. The quality of the demos is amazing and
we would go as far in saying better than the Union demo! This
is a mega mega demo disk that requires a colour screen.
• D136 and D137. 2 DOUBLE SIDED DISKS. DynaCAD product demo A 2
disk pack of the popular fully featured CAD program. Fully
working demo with save and output taken out. Requires 1Mb RAM
and a monochrome screen.
• M15 - 16 Voice Sequencer. A fully working MIDI sequencer by
Henry Cosh, includes: Multi-Voice recoring using seperate
MIDI channels or programs, split MIDI keyboards and or velocity
ranges. Variable rescl.
Tion Map of 8 Voices on Desktop continuously. Mouse click sampling of any music in the Map. Simple editing using mouse and MIDI keyboard on blocks down to hemi-demi-semi-quavers, with no MIDI event lists!
Sections for naming passages plus setting Time signature, tempo, and local quantization. Variable resolutior.
Metronome on any MIDI channel, program, note, velocity. May be driven by external MIDI clock. Full Voice Blocfj copy, move, quantize, randomize, transpose, velocity update. Filtering of controllers, note ranges and velocity ranges on input, output or by direct manipulation.Undo Redo on all operations that change the music and Through channel specification for each voice. All MIDI notes channels programs may be input from a MIDI keyboard, or typed on the computer keyboard. MIDI channels anc progam numbers base may be selected to be 0 or 1.
• L13 and L14 Modula 2 development system VI.0 from Ana systems.
Consists of the M2 68 compiler, linker, libraries, development shell anc Micro-Emacs editor. Requires minimum 520St with 2 drives OR a 1040ST.This is a 2 disk set. Both disks are needed.
L15 - Sozobon C Compiler. A complete implementation of the C language as defined by Kernighan & Ritchie and prevailing practice. The package includes a compiler, optimizer, assembler, and linker, as well as several other associated utilities. L15 is a double sided disk, Sozobon C is available on 2 single sided disks ?' £3.00 each called L15a and L15b. This disk is NOT for the beginner as it is poorly documented, but n is still an excellent disk.
• G65 - Impulse - shoot 'em up. • G66 - Carrier Attack -
Battleships type.
• G68 - Slippery Sid. • G69 - Psycotic - Shoot 'Em Up.
• G70 - Space Blob - Platform type. • G71 - Scary - Platform
• G72 - Death Camp - • G73 - A Quest for graphic adventure
Galaxia - Shoot 'em up.
• G74 - Sub Hunt and Sea Fisherman - Battleships and a shoot 'em
up BUDGIE1 - Budgie UK's 6800 Assembler library of routines.
NOTE: Only G20 and G18 work in colour and monochrome. All the other Budgie games are colour only. We always have the latest Budgie gam« as soon as they are released.
LANGUAGE DISKS GRAPHICS DISKS MUSIC DISKS DEMO DISKS CHECK DISCS FOR VIRUSES ABOUT ZERO VIRUS Zero Virus vl.3 RESTORE BOOTBLOCXS FROM DISC FILES BACKUR BOOTBLOCKS TO DISC FILES CATALOGUE BACKED-U? BOOTBLOCKS EXIT FROM 2ER0VIRUS Zero Virus on disk PDOM62 Most of the disks in this advert actually contain more files than is listed. The ad also only shows a small portion of our catalogue, we have in stock TBAG, AMUSE,APDC, FAUG, Panorama, Amicus, Slipped Disk, The latest Fred Fish (upto disk 260) and our own PDOM collection, so for details of the service and a free copy of the 48 page bumper
catalogue send a Stamped S.A.E. (If you are ordering you will get the latest catalogue).
Disk Prices: 1 to 5 disks are £3.00 each, 6 to 10 disks are £2.75 each and 11 or more disks are only £2.50 each!
HHH PDOM ACCESSORY SHOP HHH Excellent quality blank disks including labels: 10-E7.00, 50-E33.00, 100-E61.00. Blank disk labels: 100-E3.00, 1000-E10.00. Disk boxes: 10 capacity £1.50, 20 capacity £3.00, and lockables: 50 capacity £4.50, 100 capacity £7.00. Disk and box: 10 £8.00, 20 £16.00, 50 £35.00 and 100 £65.00. Disk cleaning kits -£2.50. All prices are fully inclusive. To order please send a cheque, postal order payable to Purple PD or credit card details to: PURPLE PD, 1 BARTHOLOMEW ROAD, BISHOP’S STORTFORD, HERTFORDSHIRE, CM23 3TP.
TELEPHONE 0279 757692.
Could fill your software collection with some of the finest utilities and demos. RICHARD MONTEIRO looks at the latest collectibles.
Note octave setting, instrument, and also the volume level.
Finally, the player lets you listen to your composition. Full instructions are provided for including your songs into your own programs, but this gets a little heavy: not for the faint of heart.
Create song patterns using samples and listen to the results.
Individual instruments or samples, of which there are 15, can have their length, repeat location, repeat length and volume altered.
Each voice (or sound channel) has a pattern number, sound transpose value and transpose value assigned to it. Up to 341 patterns are permitted, and these provide information on the order in which notes are to be played.
Sound Transpose is a facility used to play all notes in a pattern with an instrument one value higher than the default instrument.
Transpose simply shifts notes higher or lower in half-note steps.
From the pattern editor it is possible to enter the notes you wish played. Up to 16 notes can be played in a pattern. Information set in a pattern includes the FISH 234 GTS MuchMore - another in the vein of More, Less, PG and so on. It scrolls the contents of a text file on screen and provides you with various key controls.
NetWork - another amusing little Workbench screen hack.
Printlt - prints IFF pictures to an Epson 9-pin or compatible.
WBPic - replaces the Workbench screen with an IFF high resolution non-interlaced, two or four-colour SOUND MONITOR 17Bit Disks 478 479 Goodness, the quality of PD pro- grams appearing on the scene is startling! Brian Postmas’ Sound Monitor is one of the very best you’re likely to find, and this is only the first version of his program.
Essentially, Sound Monitor is a simply a new sound editor.
The program is a combination of the C64 Sound Monitor and the Amiga Sound Tracker. You can IMAGE-ED Fish 242 The least expensive and one of the most powerful image editors available. It allows you to draw and edit images of up to 150 by 90 pixels, and in up to 16 colours. Drawing functions include:
• Continuous and broken freehand drawing.
• Empty or filled rectangles, ellipses and triangles.
• Lines, curves and polygons.
• Copy, flip X and flip Y.
• Stretching and condensing.
• Flood fill and complementing.
• Text, including font loading and selection of font style.
• Undo facility.
• Two active drawing screens.
In addition to that lot, Image- Ed allows simple selection of colours, supports left and right mouse buttons for foreground and background drawing respectively, magnified images for easier editing, and selection of bit planes. It also gives the ability to have a CLI window opened within itself.
IFF brushes and their palettes can be loaded, as can icons. If an icon has two images, you can select which image to load. Once an image has been created it can be saved in numerous data formats including AmigaBASIC sprite and BOB, C images, Assembler images, Modula 2 images and icon. All tools can be accessed from the keyboard or in the more accessible form, pull-down menus.
Being free, Image-Ed shows up many commercial equivalents.
If you program in C, Assembler or Modula 2 and are sick of designing images, sprites and BOBs on graph paper, or if you program in AmigaBASIC and think ObjEdit is a joke: or even if you want an icon editor that is light years ahead of IconEd, Image-Ed is made for you.
Picture. Can't imagine why that is.
Xhair - replaces the mouse pointer with a screen wide crosshair, which is rather jolly.
FISH 235 GTS CalcKey - a basic four-function memory-resident pop-up calculator which can send the answer to a calculation back to the program that it was called from.
CT - displays images from a CT scanner and comes with many samples. Very bizarre indeed!
MirrorWars - a two-player game involving laser rays and mirrors.
FISH 236 GTS AmigaBench - optimised Amiga assembly versions of the Dhrystone benchmark.
DiskHandler - file system that reads and writes 1.2 disks.
Heart3D - a program to find the left ventricle outlines of the output of am Imatron CT scanner, and display wireframe animations of the beating heart.
Ls - version 3.1 of the popular Unix-style directory lister.
Proc - example program of how to create a DOS process without needing to call LoadSeg first.
XprZmodem - Zmodem file transfer utility to any XPR-compatible comms program.
SHOWIZ 2 TBAG 31 This utility combines the features of a display program with those of a slideshow program. You can view a single image or a complete disk full of pictures. ShoWiz can display an image in 26 different ways, and it works in all resolutions including HAM and overscan.
ShoWiz can even display text files using your very own choice of background colour, font and shadow. Animations can be played and sound tracks can be synched in to accompany images.
No script files are needed to display a picture disk; the program creates its own script. Of course, you can specify your own type of wipe, length of time the image is displayed and the filename.
TBAG DISK OF THE MONTH 28 GTS MASTER CRUNCHER FAUG 80 Do you find you run out of storage space on your disks far too quickly? By using this useful program you could compress your files by very considerable amounts. Typical savings are are around 50%, but more is possible if the files consist mostly of data.
WRAP TBAG 25 This program simply forces the mouse pointer to wrap around the screen. If, for instance, you hit the left edge of the screen, the pointer will appear at the far right of the screen. Similarly, if you move the pointer to the very top of the screen, the pointer will appear at the bottom of the screen.
NOCLICK2 Fish 231 Put an end to the annoying chomping sound of empty Amiga’s disk drives with this nifty utility. Only works with B2000s and A500s running Kickstart Workbench 1.3. WORM Fish 218 An Amiga implementation of the classic Worms program based on an article in the December 1987 issue of Scientific American. You can specify the size, length and number of worms. Pretty useless really, but it does produce some extremely pretty pictures. Ho hum.
Every now and again the Tampa bay Amiga Group puts together a disk with some of the best programs in its vast collection. Disk 28 is a sample of the latest.
ANSIPAINT How about this: a text-only paint program! Why bother using pixels when block graphics will do?
Hmm... To be fair though, there is a good reason for wanting to do this. Ummm... Ah, yes, for creating graphical headers in readme files, BBS menus and BBS title screens. Of course.
COLOURLAB A program that allows you to study the Amiga’s colour palette and modify the colour scheme of IFF pictures.
SOUND With this one, any file can be sent to the Amiga’s audio device, which in most cases means the monitor speaker. Files containing any form of data can be played, although whether you get anything tuneful is another matter.
Obviously it’s best for playing IFF samples, but if you’re so inclined text files will do.
TETRIS Not the official version, you realise, but a very good freebie.
Get the disk just for this program: it’s excellent. What a classic! And converted so well. The idea in ¦ Although it lacks the pretty background image and zany tune, the PD version of Tetris is just as playable.
Tetris, as if you don’t know, is to slot blocks of various shapes together as they pile up in a heap at the bottom of the screen. So simple, yet so addictive.
WORKJERK It’s another of those totally useless Workbench hacks to add to your collection. The program’s name gives its game away.
EXPLODING WINDOWS Add excitement to you Workbench screen with this little number. Running this utility causes Workbench windows and requestors to open in a more interesting manner than the standard Workbench screen allows. A rectangle grows from nothing to the size of the window or requestor during the opening operation. The opposite occurs during a close.
MACH II Provides you with 30 hot keys which can be activated via function keys, the Amiga key, or by typing the first few letters of the macro. It also comes with facilities for accelerating the mouse, blanking the screen after a predetermined time and activating a window simply by moving the mouse pointer into it.
DISKSALV V1.32 The latest version of the PD disk recovery system. DiskSe'v will basL disk -.volume and to recover all it cal IEWZAP Alter any byte on a disk with thij great utility. You can examii sectors in binary or ASCII, ai irch for sequences of either.. PH istinctly Digita I everly written and always favourably reviewed in the press, I gita produces a range of powerful, low cost software for the home i'd business user.
FINAL ACCOUNTS MAILSHOT DGCALC The program will take information prepared by Cashbook Controller and produce a complete set of accounts including:
* Trial Balance * Trading and Profit and Loss Account
* Balance Sheet * Notes to the Accounts
* Full Accounting ratios.
All reports may be produced at any time, with comparative budget figures if required. The facility to produce these documents quickly, accurately, and regularly is of enormous help in running any business, large or small, since one shows the true profitability achieved, and the other the exact strength of the business in terms of assets and 'iabitmes. £29.95 If you ever need to send out mailings or print labels, you know how fiddly and time-consuming it can be making sure all the labels are printed correctly. Well now all that’s a thing of the past Because Mailshot actually shows you the
labels on screen, you can type names and addresses in exactly the correct place. But more than that, the labels are animated on screen as a continuous sheet, allowing you to scroll backwards and forwards, to search for particular keywords or to edit entries with the minimum of fuss. Facilities include searching, detection of duplicate labels, sorting (even surname!) 9 labels across, 999 copies of any label. This has to be the simplest and most effective method of creating a mailshot available. - “- ? 'astest and most powerful spreadsheet available in this srce bracket, with 512 rows by 52
columns, giving you up to 5E24 cells. As with all Digita products, the operation of the arcgram is clearly thought out. Being either menu, mouse or :: - 'rand driven you'll be able to start using it within minutes
- = ven if you've never used a spreadsheet before Some of
- •e features which make it such good value are the exporting :
-SCII files for integration with other programs, adjustable
a jmn width and text overflow, programmable function keys
- aeros), and a unique windowing facility, so that you can took
at different parts of a sheet at the same time £0g gg CLASSIC
INVADERS E-TYPE Ion5 liye the typewriter MAILSHOT PLUS Escape
from executive stress with the classic space invader 3c you
ever have to print names and addresses at awkward :*aces on
envelopes, or do you ever need to fill in tricky
* crms or invoices where the text has to be in exactly the right
ace? Usually you have to do it by hand, or get your trusty : d
typewriter out of the cupboard and dust it off. Well not
anymore. The Emulated TYPEwriter transforms your computer and
printer into a fully fledged typewriter, supporting bold,
underline, italic and other type-styles.
Because it can display and print text INSTANTLY you can line your form, press Return and Space a few times to move to
- « correct place, and then start typing. Alternatively you can
switch to line-by-line mode, which offers word-wrap,
stification and proportional spacing, so that you can edit
each line before it’s printed. £39 95 r*K Return game.
£14.95 Advanced version of Mailshot for the business user with the following extra facilities:
* integration with other software (using ASCII files)
* column tabulated summary (ideal for telephone lists, etc)
* 4 extra memo lines per label (with defaults) ’ system for
coding, dating and adding messages to each label ' different
layouts available for horizontal and vertical justification.
£ g gg CASHBOOK COMBO Money saving combination pack featuring
both Cashbook Controller and Final Accounts-Save £10.00. MQ
PERSONAL TAX PLANNER Are you absolutely sure your taxman is
doing his job correctly? Plan your own tax with ease, this
menu-driven crogram will calculate your income tax liability (4
tax years nduded) and provide pertinent facts about your tax
You can perform what-if?' Calculation to discover ways to minimise your tax liability. In fact, the program will advise you on things such as, if you are a married man, whether it would be advantageous to have your wife's income taxed separately or not. At this price who knows, you will probably
• nd that PTP will pay for itself in tax savings the first time
you use it!
• * STOP PRESS ** J jly '89 - PTP user receives tax refund of
over £2,000!!
• fltaaa £39.95 DAY-BY-DAY ?e~l| t WSMmux An excellent way to get
organised. With it you'll be reminded of birthdays and other
anniversaries, meetings and appointments, phone calls to make
and so on. As with all Digita products, inputting information
is simplicity tself and.
Once entered, you can search for keywords or for particular events such as birthdays to see when one is com ng up.
Ncludes month week day planner, automatic reminders for overdue appointments, month and week summary at a glance. For less than £30 this is the ideal way to make sure ou never miss that important occasion again1 nc
* na Meets leaai at)le “n £ K£s» Available to the trade from:
Digita, GEM, Greyhound, HB Marketing, Lazer, Leisuresoft, R &
HOW DIGITA CREDIT ES 03 INTERNATIONAL Post Serious software at a sensible price in i ik” Drin c inrh iHo AT A P ft P (add 00fnr exnorO PUBLIC DOMAIN LIBRARIES All supply the same disks - don't they?
___ II We have collected the best from around the world and comp || them into our own collection, so good other libraries sell the- iiii ’ as~is! Now over 400 disks ~ delect from ihe BEST!
A NEW FORCE ON THE AMIGA - UGA Available exclusively from SOFTViLLE Below is a small selection If you want to know more about the BEST Send S.A.E (22p" stamp) and state AMIGA for your FREE 60 page catalogue Access USONl - 11 Sonix songs including DUELLING, ELECTRIC DREAM, WOLF of the DESERT.
USON2 - 5 Sonix songs including NEVERENDING STORY ROBOCO? FEEL THE RYTHM USUD1- 16 mostly high-res pictures arranged in a slideshow. Great tune plays along as they shew!
USL1D4- Slideshow from The Dark Lend’, one of Europes leading fantasy artists, brilliant USLID5- Fabulous slideshow of Destination docklands’ pictures + great tune plays along!.
UMUS3 - 10 great tunes includes SUBURBIA, GAME OVER, FUTURE TRD* POWERFUL UMUS7 - Some of the best Amiga musicians wrote these for this disk, 9 great songs.
UMUS12- Tuture mirror sound isk’, g great tunes included, great graphics. To amaze you!
UINT4 - g great demo’s includes TEARDROPS, ANOTHER, MEGAFKTIURE etc. etc UINT11- 6 great demo’s includes ROGER RABBIT, OVERLOAD, ACID DEMQ COOL UANIM2- 2 animations, STAMP and UGA loga Two of the very best you’ll see on your Amiga.
UANIM5- 3 animations, HAPPY GUY, WINDOW and F15 MIRROR - incredible!
USPEC1- ZOUNDMONITOR plus others, now write your own great songs for your demo’s!
USPEC10 THE MUSIC COMPOSER plus converters etc Plus thwe Thunderbiids dema USPEC11 - GAME MUSIC CREATOR plus others, brilliant program and utilities. Ever wondered where to get those really unusual utilities from?
GUARANTEED Deduct £1 from above prices if sending your own blank disks SO, YOU COLLECT DEMO’S DO YOU?
ISOF214 - DEATSTAR MEGADEMO - Simply the BEST - 2disks - £5 SOF254 - The WALKER demo, brilliant animation - lmeg version SOF255 - The WALKER2 demo, the legend continues - lmeg version.
SOF206 - NORTHSTAR FAIRLIGHT Megademo3 - 2disks - £5 SOF205 - RQBO-COP demo, sampled from the smash hit movie!
SOF260 - MUSIC MODULES for use with GHOSTWRITER (Uspec4) SOF267 - PHALANX BEATBOX - Loads of J.M.Jarre type songs!
1SOF274 - PHOENIX MEGADEMOl - One of the best demo compilat get this for your collection now!
1SOF277 - SARGON MEGADEMO - Fabulous loading screen, love it!
SOF278 - ALCATRAZ MEGADEM03 - Brilliant selection!
SOF308 - MAHONEY KAKTUS music demo disk with over 40! Songs ISOF318 - MADE IN HEAVEN from KYLIE MINOGUE - Very good sample and very popular now - 2disks - £5 jSOF327 * GOLDISK (EMI of Ivory) more great music how do they do SOF347 - QUADLITE MEGADEMO JUKEBOX 64, very different!
ISOF352 - VISION MEGADEMO, some more brilliant graphics music this, their latest demo disk.
ISOF355 - IT WALKMAN MUSIC DISK, one of the very latest, and the very best around.
PLUS we have the largest collection of FRED FISH disks in the cou the latest sent to us monthly from the man himself. WE ALSO STO The F.A.U.G, SLIPPED DISK, PANORAMA, A.PDC collecti and a selection from the AMICUS collection.
So, if you want CHOICE and SERVICE, come to SOFTViLLE, BRITAINS NO-1 DISTRIBUTER SOFTViLLE Unit 5, Stratfield Park, Elettra Ave, Waterlooville, Hants P07 7XN. 24hr Orderline on 0705 266509 y sa Fax 0705 251884 tfuWfWW V“*‘" SPECIAL CHRISTMAS OFFER!!
This month only get 10 disks for just £ 17.50 and free Disk Box.
Order 5 or more Disks for our Free Christmas Disk.
Disks cost £2.25 each MINIMUM ORDER 2 DISKS.
New Disk Catalogue send £1.00 for vour Copv.
PLEASE NOTE: BRACKETS INDIC ATE No DISKS IN SET. ? INDICATES 1 MEG REQUIRED SEN 133 Slideshow Photolile (21 SEN 134 Hytek Slideshow SEN 135 PD Battleships SEN 13b I tils VI SEN 137 FRP Startrek Dock* SEN 13X FRP Roadrunner* SEN 139 FRP L it Virus* SEN 140 Battlechcssdemo SEN 141 Beastilemo SEN 142 Juggler Stonehenge SEN 143 Paint III demo (2*) SEN 144 Sountracker Instr SEN 145 FRP Karnstatack* SEN 14b C'-Source I SEN 147 C-Source II SENI4X ('-Source III SEN 149 Rainbow-Writer SEN150Comms Disk I SEN 151 W'alklikeanEgyptian SEN 152 Fashiondemos SEN 153 Pertectsound SEN 154 A Starr Music SEN 155
Sanix Demos SEN 15b Karis Cartoons SEN 157 Silenttnot
l. 3Roms!)
SENI5X Anims I SEN 159 Anims II SEN IbO Anims III SENIbl Anims IV SENIb2 Expresspaintdemo SEN I b3 Aqt'ile SENIb4 Jeansicons SEN Ib5 Games Music Creator SEN Ibb Hamcu SEN Ib7 Dropcloth SEN IbX TES Electronicslave SEN Ib9 Boot bench V2.0 SEN 170 Demos I SEN 171 Demos II SEN 172 Demos III SEN 173 Demos IV SEN 174 Demos V SEN 175 Craps!
SEN I Starter Pack IIOi SEN2 Startrok (?3) SEN3 Music set (3) SEN4 GFXSet (3) SF.N5 Nib Copier (DFI:roqel) SENb Draco (2) SEN7 Newtek Demo (2*) SENS Nolboingagain* SEN9 Wildeopper SENIO Fantasvpixs I SEN 11 JRComm (contms) SEN 12 SummerHaxs SEN 13 Probe Sequence SEN 14 Maasetlemo SEN 15 FRP Shark* SEN lb Viileoscape demo* SEN 17 WalkerDemo* SEN IS VirusKillers I SEN I9 Trektrivia SEN2 ) Wordwright w p SEN2I Nasa Digipixs SEN22 Docdemos SEN23 Citydesk Demo SEN24 Analyticalc* SEN25 PD Ciantes I SEN2b Dpaint Clipart SEN27 Bank'll program SEN2S Galileo Demo SEN29 Bob Spriteditors SEN30 Digipixs
SEN3I Kt'rens7upcrew SEN32 C- prog utils SEN33 Boingdemo SEN34 PD Games II SEN35 Crocketts Theme SEN36 Pandemo SEN37 Sonix scores I SEN3S Sonixscores II SEN39 Sonixscores III SEN40 Musicutils SEN4I Deathstar SEN42 Roses Flowershop SEN43 Monopoly SEN44 Thames TV Comm SEN44(a) Slideshow X 100 £22 31 2" Disk Labels 100 1000 £3.00 £10 State either coloured or white tractor feed Prices include VAT & Carriage Disks certified 100% Error Free
P. S New low prices in Amigas - Phone WESTONING LTD, Dept AFT, 12
Sanderson Road, Westoning, Bedford, MK45 5JY. Tel: (0836)
IMMEDIATE DESPATCH SEN45 Hit: Player* SENX9 Soundtraekers (2i
SEN4b Cuke Smurl* SEN90 Disk L tils SEN47 Assembler SEN9I
Bootbloeks I SEN4X Miditools SEN92 Bootbloeks II SEN49
Vlt-Terminal SEN93 Sonix Instrs SEN50 Anthrax 2070 SEN94 Mike
Tyson Demo SEN51 Warhammer SEN95 C'aligdemo SEN52 Allalien
SEN9b Vision Elite SF.N53 Sonix Jukebox SEN97 Ipee Elite SEN54
Antas Demo SEN9X Mahoney Kaektus!
SEN55 Briekinwall SEN99 Vision Megademo SEN5b Chet Solace SEN MX) Rohoeop Demo SEN57 Slideshow I SENKKII Superbase Demo SEN5X Slideshow 2 SEN 1002 Tennis* SEN59 Slipstream SEN 103 SAE Demos SENbO Wavebcnch SEN I(14 Lai n SENb I Arc Files SEN 105 Bilbobaggins SENb2 Blow fly SEN 1 Ob Death warp SENb3 Viruskillers II SEN 107 Moria* SENb4 Sonix Jukebox II SEN 10X Zeus Bust* SENb5 Led Zepplin t2i SEN 109 FRP Minimovies SENbb Business Pk (b SEN 110 Popmusic SENb7 Fantasypixs II SEN 111 Loadsamoney SENbX Sal'esex SEN 112 Millerlite SENb9 Oh! Obscene I SEN 113 Newtons Cradle SEN70 Oh! Obscene II SEN
114 Luxo Teenager SEN7I Megutils I SEN 115 Disk Deleted SEN72 Rotating women SEN 1 lb Icons II SEN73 Senutils I SEN 117 Board Games SEN74 Iconsi SEN 1IX Dragons Lair* SEN75 Senutils II SEN 119 Music Disk 1 SEN7b Sampledsnds SEN 120 Disk Deleted SEN77 Prof Demoereator SEN 121 Sam Fox Slideshow SF.N7X Le'Copiers SEN 122 Killerdemo* SEN79 Dest Docklands SEN 123 Boingmachine SENXO Michael Jackson SEN 124 Slideshow SF.NX I Raytraeing Photolile SENX2 Hack SEN 125 PD Chess SENX3 Agatron Anims SEN 12b Ghostpool SENX4 Errors Megademo SEN 127 L tils V SENX5 Crusaders' SEN 12X Ron Sculpt) SENXb
Northslar SEN 129 Coyote* Fairlight (*2l SEN 130 Hampix 1 SENX7 Deluxephotolab 12 SEN 131 Charon* SENXX Cardemo* SEN 132 Mymenus Are you paying too much for public domain software on your Amiga?
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CRAZY JOE S PD 145 EFFINGHAM STREET, ROTHERHAM SOUTH YORKSHIRE S65 1BL. TEL: (0709) 829286 3 1 2" DS DD 25 50 100 200 400 600 720K £17 £31 £55 £105 £205 £305 880K £18 £33 £63 £120 £235 £345 Including Labels SAME DAY DESPATCH. NO QUIBBLE GUARANTEE DISK BOXES Hinged Lid Lockable 31 2" or 51 4" Capacity 50 100 £3.75 £6.25 Add £2 P&P if not ordered with disks.
25 50 £8 £12 Including Sleeves & Labels 5 V DS DD Want to see what your Amiga really can do? This is the place u?
¦ £5 1 lion.
FLASCHBIER to find the latest music and graphic demos in the PD scene.
Ec4) dilations it!
Ongs ood y do it?
Usic on id one of 17Bit Disk 492 After a few swift demos you’re into the game proper. And what an entertaining game it is too. You must guide Werner to the beer, but of course things aren't that simple, and more often than not you’re attacked by lots of larger louts and falling boulders.
The game is an unashamed Boulderdash clone: but who cares, it’s playable and fun. The idea is simple: using a joystick you must move Werner round obstacles in search of his favourite food.
Country, ITOCK ections For free this is damn good.
Not that long ago something like this would have been sold as a fu P price 8-bit or even 16-bit game Nice to see some demo-writing talent put into a full game project.
PUGGS IN SPACE 17Bit Disk 515 What a sp endid graphc extravaganza the Donysus Drogrammers have put together. Fs shows the animated adventwes of zjgg. A fnerxfy aier Lancing r America.
Poor jTiSusoeccrg ~_gg not used to the strange gorgs-on of Earth.
Has all sorts of mishaps. He falls out of his space craft, loses fiis arm, gets squashed by a helicopter and goes for a spin in revolving doors. It’s funny, well animated and very watchable. In factp the animation is so good, it could easily pass as a TV cartoon.
Do nothing but sit and watch.
You will not be disappointed by this.
SUPPLIERS The following companies are responsible for the listribution of Amiga Public Domatn~~soft- wtire in this country. For th address check the advertisements in this issue of Amiga Format, or give them a ring on the following numbers.
George Thomson: 0770 82234, 17 Bit Software: 0924 366982, Softville PD: 0705 266509, Amiga PD Library: 0742 588429, Purple PD: 0279 757692, Ray Burt Frost: 0703 785680, Blitsoft PD: 0908 663528, Seniac PD: 0424 753070: Deeper Domain 01 20' 3954, Crazy Joe’s: 07j 829286, EMPDL 0602 GjpOll, PD 0937 63834 DTACK MUSIC COMPILATION 17Bit Disk 526 A while back 17Bit software rar a competition to find the best Am ga musician. This disk is DtacAs entry. And very impressive it is o It contains eight tracks of sample synthesized, music createc the Dutch maestros. Arguable one of the best compositions
on me disk is the Acieed! Cover.
MAGNETIC BEATS 17-Bit Disk 524 This disk will jack you into ob vion MUSICAL MASTERPIECES If you're into hip hop, house or hill-billy, then the following disks are for you: no astounding animations, no frills, just some of the greatest computer-generated house tracks you are ever going to hear. All sampled. All sensational. Even has some tips for any would-be sampling supremos out there.
- several tracks from one of the greatest unsung heros of digital
ditties, Mike Archer (aka the Beatmaster). No whizzy graphics,
17BIT DISK 523 A complete mystery "this one. No credits, no
nothing, ust a blank screen and a sampled version of a '50s
classic. Unfortunately nobody in the office knows the author or
the title of the track. A random selection of five PD disks for
the first person to write in with an answer to the mystery.
Write in to DISK 523, PD Update, Amiga Format, 4 Queen St,
Bath, BA1 1EJ. Answer and winner will (hopefully) be
announced next issue.
Lone ¦ Nothing fancy in the way of animated bits flying around the screen on this demo, but then it’s the music you’re supposed to listen to.
¦ When one of the Amiga’s channels is active a cone will appear - well, it’s more interesting than watching a blank screen.
AMIGA FORMAT 93 A NEW 3D DUO FROM LOGOTRON ENTERTAINMENT You’ve fallen into Bad Company. In this place there are no good guys, just you, your sidekick and wave upon wave of insectoid enemies who have just one thing in mind - the total destruction of every human they set their nasty little bug eyes on. No quarter is asked and none is given, you know what to do - if it’s alien, blast it!
Bad Company is programming legend Steve Bak’s latest and greatest masterwork with scrolling of vanishing point perspective surfaces, the latest superfast 3D sprite techniques and featuring: Simultaneous two-player option Unique choice of weaponry, with fire power boosters Choice of eight different combat heroes Uncountable waves of sickening insectoid attack ATARI ST SCREEN SHOT ATARI ST & COMMODORE AMIGA END NOVEMBER 89. PRICE £24.99 StarBlaze is pure solid vector 3D Shoot 'em Up from the programmers that brought you 16 bit Elite! To qualify as a Tamsinian warrior in an intergalactic war of
unparalled ferocity, you must prove your prowess by taking on scores of fiendish alien attack waves and live to teU the tale. How will you do it? With quick reactions and the fastest trigger finger on the planet!
StarBlaze is a game which draws upon the strongest features of the classic arcade titles to introduce a wholly original style of game to the arcade genre, featuring:
* Over a hundred different attack patterns
* Action-packed gameplay in stunning solid 3D Five colourful
backdrops (forget boring starfields) Shield, smart bomb and
extra power pickups 5'i lKEL IZL MUUUto ATARI ST & COMMODORE
Logotron name and mark are used under license from Logotron
OF AMIGA SOFTWARE WORTH OVER £500 That’s right, those wonderful
folks at Activision aren’t just giving away one game, they're
giving away 22 different titles for you to get stuck into! Six
of them are hot properties that the lucky winner will get next
year as soon as they are completed.
It’s a superb one-off prize that will bring someone a great range of games to keep them occupied all through 1990. Here’s the list of the 16 games already out... Afterburner, Altered Beast, Bomber, Dynamite Dux, Galaxy Force, Ghostbusters II, Music Studio 2.0, Predator, Rampage, Real Ghostbusters, Powerdrift, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, SDI, Super Wonderboy, Timescanner, Fighting Soccer Ninja Spirit, Attomic Robokid, Dragon’s Breed, Hot Rod, Sonic Boom, Bomber2 HOW TO ENTER Write the answers to the following three questions on the back of a postcard or stuck-down envelope and send it to:
Activision Comp, Amiga Format, 4 Queen Street, Bath BA1 1EJ. The entries should reach us by January 20th and don’t forget to include your name, address and phone number on the postcard.
FREE lifetime guarantee GOLD CARD. We are so confident with the unbelievable quality of all our disks that we give a lifetime guarantee GOLD CARD with each purchase of disks. Keep the card in a safe place so that lifetime guarantee support is only a phone call away if you should ever need it LIFETIME REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE, 100% ERROR FREE.
3 V2" unbranded disks manufactured by SONY 5 1 4" unbranded disks manufactured by SENTINEL Bulk Disks 10 25 50 100 150 200 300 500 3 1 2" DS DD
£7.50.....£18.....£34 .£66 ..£96......£124
...£180 ...£290 5 1 4" DS QD
..£3.50......£8......£15 .£28 ..£41 £52
£76 ....£125 3" DS (Maxell)
£23 £57.....£112 £219 £327 .Phone
CORPORATION OF JAPAN Sony Brand 1+ 3+ 5+ 10+ 3 1 2" DS DD
Boxes......£12.00 .£11.50 ......£11.00 ....£10.50
5 1 4" DS QD (96) of
10 £12.00 .£11.50 ......£11.00 ....£10.50
HANDLE. Add £1 P&P if not ordered with disks.
3 1 2" 40 Capacity .£4.50 80 Capacity .£6.50 5 1 4" 60 Capacity .£4.50 100 Capacity ......£6.50 ? Special 5ffersVLatest~COLOURS~~ disk packs"T0 Coiou’edT" "disks"(2~' of red, orange, yellow, green, fog-white) in a clear fronted flip-top case. Only £9.50 MX1 - A500 1 2 Meg Memory expansion. 1 year guarantee ....£79.95 MX2 - Same as MX1 but with battery backed time and date ....£89.95 Amiga sys programmers guide £31.30 Amiga C for beginners......£17.55 Atari ST machine
language £18.00 Atari ST BASIC to C ..£14.20 ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT. P&P FREE (UK ONLY). Orders below £15 in value carry a handling charge of £1. Please phone or write for a FREE price list.
C&M MICROS, 25 MIDDLEFIELD ROAD, BESSACARR, Q DONCASTER, S.YORKS. DN4 7EB mmm CARDNET CREDIT CARD HOTLINE (0302) 539955 512K EXPANSION FOR THE AMIGA A500 £69.00 Inclusive of VAT and p&p Only £75 with real time clock The 512k Expansion board uses the latest 1Mbit DRAMS to provide a low chip count and high reliability, the boards also have a useful memory disable switch Send cheques to: DS & K Designs Ltd DeptiAF, 66 Lime St, Liverpool LI 1JN.
NOW OVER 500 QUALITY AMIGA DISCS If you are seeking the very best in Amiga Public Domain then look no furtner *han 17 Bit.
Backed by good service and a reputation second to none, contact 17 Bit for the very latest and greatest PD software releases. Just try any or all of the follov. Ng PD discs at just £2 per disc inclusive of postage packaging.
DISC 404: Supreme Sounds 1 (Amazing Music) DISC 482: Games Music Creator DISC 430: Golden Fleece Adventure DISC 436: Supreme Sounds II (More Great Music!)
DISC 401: Superb Demos lntrod (Brilliant!!) DISC 456: Animations (4 Top Animations) DISC 490: Amazing Artwork DISC 500: Klein Animations (2 1 Meg Animations) DISC 149: Moira (Superb 1 Meg RPG) DISC 175: Larn (Great 512k RPG) 17 BIT SOFTWARE, PO BOX 97, WAKEFIELD WF1 1XX, ENGLAND CALL 0924 366982 REACH OUT FOR THE POWER OFARC ATARI ST-CBM AMIGA-IBM PC.
REACH OUT FOR THE POWER Actual C.64 Screenshots SYSTEM 3 SOFTWARE, BLENHEIM HOUSE, 1 ASH HILL DRIVE, PINNER, MIDDLESEX HA5 2AG Telephone: 01 866 5692 FAX: 01 866 8584 AVAILABLE ON SPECTRUM AMSTRAD CPC C.64 AMIGA ATARI ST INFESTATION ON YOUR DISK Sensational high-speed filled 3D graphics, scintillating sampled sound and phenomenal playability from the masters of 16-Bit entertainment, Psygnosis. Alien scourge have threatened the galaxy, and it s up to you. Kal Solar, to mash them. Can you survive the playable demo?
GAME BUSTERS SPECIAL HI Boy, have we got some great game cheats. If you can't stand losing, check out the underhand game guides on the disk. There’s a Bards Tale I and II character editor, IFF picture maps of the first seven levels of Dungeon Master, a doctored Faery Tale saved game, a modified Questron II data file and a hacked saved data file for Populous. All will give you the upper hand.
BMP Play sampled sounds in the background while running other programs or using the Workbench. The Background Music Player is fantastic for playing digitised ditties from the startup-sequence or for using in Amiga demos.
CLOUD 9 Discover the beauty of fractal graphic surfaces with this superb terrain simulator.
Generate bird s-eye views of clouds, water, the Earths surface and thermal photographs. Switch on the random and repeat buttons and let it churn out pretty pictures.
Don't just sit there! Get your programming tools out and earn yourself some dosh. We’ll accept anything. Workbench hacks, demos, utilities, games, game cheats! Turn to Page 102 to see if you’ve got what it takes to write software for the Amiga Format Coverdisk.
BACK UP YOUR COVERDISK IMMEDIATELY Don't know how? See Page 102 fast!
WORKBENCH HACKS You must be joking! You're not expecting to discover what delights await you in the Workbench Hacks drawer, are you? Good. But were not that cruel, so here's a hint: big brother, bugs and bounce. Bet that’s confused you.
PREFERABLE PREFERENCES Replace the standard Amiga Preferences (you'll find a copy on your Workbench master disk) with this more efficient, much shorter and more featured-fiiled version.
Change Workbench colours, toggle interlace mode, set mouse speed, determine screen position, select screen size, decide printer settings, customise the pointer icon and much, much more.
DISK EXTRA INFESTATION you are free to look around the surrounding area, or Tactical, in which your pulse rifle is functional. You enter tactical mode by pressing and holding the fire button.
There are several objects to watch out for during your travels: Lifts: in the full game these let you travel between levels. These can be identified by a diamond shape on double sliding door. Pressing FI will open or close the nearest lift door.
Shuttles: these provide fast transport in straight lines between two locations on a level. The shuttle PROGRAM: PSYGNOSIS Time to kick some alien ass! You are Kal Solar, agent for the Interplanetary Federation. Your mission is to eliminate the threat from hostile alien lifeforms. You must travel to Xelos in your cruiser and, once there, land and enter space station Alpha II.
The main objective in the full game is to seek out the incubating alien eggs and destroy them. This is done by sealing them inside their incubating chamber and poisoning them with cyanide gas. Once all the eggs have been destroyed you must progress to the power source at the heart of the complex. From there you must work out how to achieve critical mass and get the hell off the planet before it atomises. We are talking Supernovae, here. This is one fireworks party you do want to miss.
Door can be made to open and close by pressing FI.
Ventilation Tunnels: access to these is hindered by grates.
Pressing FI will remove the nearest one. You will have to crouch in order to move through the tunnels.
Press F10 to crouch, and the same again to stand.
Network Terminals: scattered throughout the complex are special terminals which can be accessed to show the layout of the complex, location of eggs and hostile systems. Access a terminal by standing in front of it and pressing F2.
Blast Doors: special air-tight doors which can be permanently sealed.
Press FI to seal the nearest In this fantastic playable demo you get to explore a small area of the alien complex. Your view of the complex is shown in stunning high-speed solid 3D graphics. You can move around as you wish, but it’s a good idea to map your movements.
Movement is achieved using a joystick in Port 2. Your support system works in one of two possible modes: Reconnaissance, in which There’s a fantastic feast of freebies for you to find on the latest Amiga Format Coverdisk. Games, demos, utilities, graphic goodies, sound programs, Workbench hacks: something for everyone. RICHARD MONTEIRO guides you through the month’s offering... I blast door. Once closed, they can never be opened.
You wear a sophisticated pressurised body suit complete with helmet, oxygen pack, battery pack, pulse rifle and food. Your helmet can be removed by pressing F3, but at the expense of losing vital information displayed on its interior. The helmet displays your oxygen levels, body temperature, radiation level and your bearing relative to the moon's magnetic north. Six other items of information can be called up by pressing the following keys: HOTLINE 0225 765086 Between 4pm and 6pm on weekdays only.
Flummoxed by files? Dumfounded by disks? If you’ve got a problem with the disk - and you’re sure the disk is in full working order - phone 0225 765086 with your query. State the model of your machine and anything you’ve got attached to (or plugged inside) the computer. Don’t bother telling us the version of Workbench or Kickstart because Jason thinks it is silly and wastes valuable column inches. For problems with disks before Issue Five, phone Amiga Format direct.
1. Additional navigational data.
2. Displays current mission status and number of eggs destroyed.
3. Lists the items in your possession.
4. Shows life support status.
5. Brings up your note pad which can have items written on it for
later use.
6. Displays radiation levels and atmospheric status.
Go for it, Kal. Happy hunting.
Getting started To run the playable Infestation demo simply insert the Coverdisk at the Insert Workbench' prompt and, when asked whether or not you want to run the demo, type Y and hit Return. Make sure you’ve got a joystick plugged into Control Port 2.
BMP PROGRAM: PUBLIC DOMAIN FILES: BMP, BMP.DOC, BMP DEMO Pin yer ears back lads and lasses, we’ve got somethin’ well sound for you. The Background Music Player (BMP) can replay digitised sound while the rest of the system - and you - gets on with other tasks. Ah, the joys of multi-tasking. As Jason would say, “Only the Amiga makes it possible.” BMP is perfect for running alongside a slideshow program, animations or other demos. As BMP can be used from the CLI, you can call it from your startup- sequence and have a digitised ditty screech out at you every time you boot the disk. And all that
without slowing down the system.
Sound samples can have icons attached to them and, if certain options are added into the Tool Types in the Info box, will be played back by BMP in specific ways when double clicked on.
For instance, you can determine how many times the sample plays - anything from once to nonstop. A graph displaying the sound sample being played by BMP can be called up. And the background and foreground colours used by the BMP gadget can be selected.
The procedure for making sound samples replayable in the background by BMP is as follows:
• Attach an icon to a sound sample.
• Highlight the sound sample's icon.
• Select the Info option in the Workbench’s menu bar.
• Type in BMP at the Default Tool requestor.
• At the Tool Types prompt enter your selections (read the docu
mentation file and follow BMP DEMO).
Sound samples can be played from the CLI, but in this case you can supply as many files as you wish for playing and each file can have its own string of options supplied.
Do note, when copying BMP you will need ARP.LIBRARY in the LIBS directory of your boot disk.
The Coverdisk comes supplied with ARP.
Getting started You can use BMP in several ways.
The easiest method is simply to double click on the BMP icon inside the BMP drawer. A file selector will appear asking you for the name of a sound sample data file. Supply a filename and BMP will get on with playing the sample.
Samples can also be played by double-clicking on an appropriate sound data file. There’s an example on the disk. Inside the BMP drawer you'll find a file called BMP DEMO; double-click on it. A small gadget will appear on the Workbench screen while the sample plays. You can get on with other things or click on the gadget's close icon to stop the sound.
9. DOC Get into the cloud generation game with Mike Hall’s great
fractal graphics generator. Mike’s program produces
fractal images which are seen from a bird’s-eye view.
Depending on your choice, you can get pictures which look like clouds, Rand McNally-style maps, the ocean or thermal images.
Everything takes place in a low resolution, 320 by 200, screen.
Taking up a quarter of the screen is the control panel; the rest of the screen is devoted to the fractal graphics. From the top of the control panel downwards, these are the features you have to play with: Auto - when set, this option produces fractal landscapes non-stop.
Pause - halts automatic fractal generation and lets you change the palette and other options.
;fs.doc standard is a tad underpow ed - so it with mo e, err... And call referable f references, or ant g£a; somebody ite - it immedi- ld it in to Amiga Coverdisk... Geroff! I Rand - you’ll get the same image produce time after time if this isn't switched on.
Scroll - when this is off, the new image fills in from the top of the screen downwards. When on, the screen is scrolled upwards with the old images disappearing off the top of the screen.
Gen - generates a single new image Re-Do - re-displays the current mage. Useful to see the effects different scalings have on the same image.
0=":: - Unis value determines the smoothness of the resulting fractals.
Log - selects a ogarithmic scaling.
Un-sets a near scaling.
Exp-picks exponential scaling.
Histo- equal area scaling between data and colours.
Re. Erst - * ips the colour palette end for end.
Atmos - the colour palette for cloud-coloured images.
Earr - dusty, rocky palette which simulates the EaUn’s surface.
Water - no points for guessing this one.
Therm-nor this one.
And Tats a there is to it. The program does al the hard work.
You simply dck a button here or add a aiue there. It’s very idiot friendly.
Getting started Easy this one. Simply double click on the CLOUD 9 drawer and then double-click on the CLOUD 9 program icon. Let the program run its course or alter parameters by clicking or re options towards the left of ~e screen. You can exit Cloud 9 by clicking on the close icon n the top left corner of the screen.
PREFERABLE PREFERENCES PROGRAM: JONATHAN Or even a thermal image. By specifying how the fractals are drawn it is possible to create some delightful images.
FileSizt = 62798 S.inplf Raft = 18847 Loops = 8 Stereo ; OFF ¦ A graph of the sample in memory, together with a pointer telling you how much of the sample has been played, can be made to appear when a BMP sound sample file is clicked on.
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. All prices include VAT at 15%. A full warranty is offered on all products. L_ There’s no need for your waffle here, Jason. Get back to your Workbench tips.
Right, Jonathan’s Preferable Preferences (PP) is shorter, more efficient and easier to use than the similar effort supplied with your system. So, go ahead, waste your Amiga Preferences (AP). You'll save 38K in doing so as AP is 56K and PP a mere 18K.
There really are too many features to list in PP, so here are a few brief details on some of the best. For a full rundown of everything included in PP read the documentation file, PPREFS.DOC, by double-clicking on it.
Red, green and blue values of each of the Workbench colours can be altered; keyboard delay and repeat settings can be adjusted; interlace can be toggled on and off; screen position and screen size can be changed, comprehensive serial and parallel settings can be made; the mouse pointer can be edited and the new shape used. There’s plenty more besides.
We have done our best to check that the programs on the Amiga Format Coverdisk are simple to use, error-free and have no known viruses. However, we cannot normally answer telephone queries on using the software, and we do not accept liability for any consequences of using the programs on the disk.
If your Amiga Format disk is faulty - and out of the tens of thousands duplicated, some are unfortunately bound to be - you should send it back for a free replacement within a month of the cover date to: Amiga Format December Disk, Discopy Labs, Unit A, West March, London Road, Daventry, Northants, NN11 4SA.
If your Amiga refuses to accept the disk, try using the DISKDOCTOR utility on your Commodore Workbench disk to rescue it before sending it off for a replacement. Full details of DiskDoctor can be found in the user’s manual that came with your machine.
Getting started Double click on the PPREFS drawer. Once inside, double click on the PPREFS program. After a little disk whirring you’ll be presented with a screen which looks very similar to the Amiga Preferences (that’s so you don’t get confused).
Do what you would do to the standard Preferences program; generally fiddle around. And, if you want you alterations to remain, save them. Clicking on Cancel will get you back to the Workbench.
WORKBENCH HACKS Put life into your Workbench. Use these three excellent hacks to create mayhem, misunderstanding and another word beginning with ‘m’ that’s unprintable. Try them yourself and then dish out the punishment to others.
WATCHER PROGRAM: PUBLIC DOMAIN FILES: WOTCHA, WATCHER Ho, ho; there’s two of them which is twice as nice, but twice the trouble. Open the WB HACKS drawer and double click on the WATCHER folder. Now, double click on WOTCHA. Hey, big brother’s watching you! Double click on WATCHER and big brother’s big sister will watch you too.
AMIBUG PROGRAM: PUBLIC DOMAIN FILES: AMIBUG Enter into the AMIBUG drawer if you dare and double click on the program icon which, would you believe, goes by the name of AMIBUG. So, what happens? Stick around, it's early days yet.
Workbench is never written in a day. Know what I mean, Jason?
WAVEBENCH PROGRAM: PUBLIC DOMAIN FILES: WAVEBENCH, ANOTHER WAVEBENCH But that’s already appeared on Amiga Format Coverdisk 2!
Naarghh, you're wrong ‘cause while these new ones are similar
- that is, they do rude things to your Workbench screen - they
don't do the same rude things as the one that surfaced in issue
Double thump the left mouse button to get inside the WAVEBENCH drawer. Then take your pick: WAVEBENCH or ANOTHER WAVEBENCH. If only all things in life were that simple (all right, that’s enough ad slogans - Ed).
GAME BUSTERS SPECIAL We’ve had a wealth of wonderful game cheats and hacks suitable for the Coverdisk over the months, so we’ve decided to squeeze the best of a brilliant bunch onto this issue’s disk. Just to whet your appetite, there are Dungeon Master Maps, character editors for Bards Tale I and II, and doctored saved games for Populous, Faery Tale and Questron II.
BARDS TALE EDITOR PROGRAM: ALAN BELL FILES: BARDS TALE EDITOR BARDS TALE EDITOR. DOC Alan’s very handy program allows you to edit an existing Bards Tale saved character set or create one from scratch.
Six items in the editor’s menu bar provide you with all the editing tools you’ll ever need. A character’s race, attributes, statistics and magic class are all user definable.
You must have your Bards Tale Character Disk handy if you wish to load or save game data. Don’t attempt to read a file from, or a write a file to, any other disk. You simply can’t do it. So don’t try.
Getting started Read the BARDS TALE EDITOR.DOC file before running the main program. It will tell you in further detail what all the menus do. You can find the help file and the main program inside the BARDS TALE EDITORS drawer.
Double click on the program icon to get going. The Bards Tale editor is a compiled BASIC program; it requires HISOFTBASIC.LIBRARY in the LIBS folder of you boot disk to work. So, when copying the files to another disk, don’t forget the library. If it isn’t copied across, you won’t get the program to run.
’he Coverdisk comes supplied
v. th the appropriate library.
BARDS TALE II EDITOR PROGRAM: ALAN BELL FILES: BARDS TALE II EDITOR You do 't need the same spiel twice. S Tiply substitute the file BARDS TALE II EDITOR for BARDS TALE ED TOR and BARDS TALE II EDITOR.DOC for BARDS TALE EDITOR.DOC. Note, the editor can be found n the BARDS TALE EDITORS drawer.
DUNGEON MASTER MAPS PROGRAM: PUBLIC DOMAIN FILES: MAPI.PIC. MAP2.PIC, MAP3.PIC. MAP4.PIC, MAP5.PIC. MAP6.PIC, MAP7.PIC Provided in picture format are maps of the first seven levels of Mirrorsoft's monster game. Fully labelled with objects, enemies and treasures, the maps will be of enormous use to anyone flounder- r £ on any one of the earlier levels.
Getting started Icjble click on the GAME BUSTERS SPECIAL drawer and "en double click on the DUN- sEON MASTER MAPS drawer.
Inside you will find seven IFF pic-
* -re files of the name format VAP7.PIC. The question mark is a
• 3'ue between one and seven «.nich represents the game level.
S mply double-click on the 'equired picture to get it to appear on screen. The images 5re displayed by a program called . EWILBM which lies in the C drawer of the Coverdisk. Don’t
• 'orget to copy this file along with :ne image files.
USING THE FORMAT DISK Before using your Amiga Format disk, you should make a back-up of the master disk as soon as possible. This is very important!
POPULOUS DATA FILE PROGRAM: W KUSIERZ FILES: EASY.GAM Move all the files from inside the POPULOUS DATA FILE to the root : rectory of your Populous saved game disk. Load the files into
- opulous and you should find you’ve got the upper hand.
QUESTRON II DATA FILE PROGRAM: W KUSIERZ FILES: GO, Gl, G2, G3, WD, NAMES Copy all the files inside the QUESTRON II DATA FILE folder to the mot directory of your Questron II saved game disk. Load the files rto Questron II for an easy time. ¦ WARNING!
The game cheats on this month’s Coverdisk are straightforward to use, but please read the instructions in the magazine, on the disk and on the public inconvenience walls. Just do it! If you screw up your game disks - or indeed, any other disk - because you failed to read any documentation, it’s your fault.
You’re on your own. And you’re getting diddly-squat from Amiga Format. You’ve been warned.
If you’ve got any programs for the Amiga which you think other readers would find useful, interestina kn°" “ them- 1- Make sure your P'-OBram is foolproof to use. 2. Create a file called README.DOC on the disk which explains exactly how to use your program. 3. Fill in this ,! '* W,th°Ut delay *°: CoverDisk Software, Amiga Format, 4 Queen Street, BATH 1EJ You could Wln a share o» £800 prize money for the best programs each month.
EARN YOURSELF £800 Name .... Brief description Backing Up Your Disk For a number of reasons, it is rather important to make a backup copy of the Coverdisk as soon as possible. Copying the disk may sound like a complicated task suitable for techno-buffs only, but it is surprisingly simple provided you read the following instructions carefully:
1. First, turn on your machine and load Workbench. Once the
Workbench screen appears and the disk-drive light goes out,
remove your Workbench disk and insert our Coverdisk.
2. Next, click once on the Coverdisk icon and then press the
right mouse-button and the Workbench menus will appear. Now,
while keeping the right mouse-button depressed (you can cheer
it up afterwards!), move the mouse pointer over to the
‘Workbench’ heading and a menu will drop down.
Move the mouse pointer over the ‘duplicate’ menu option and then press the left mouse-button.
3. After a few seconds’ disk access, the Workbench DiskCopy tool
will be loaded and run.
Now just follow the on-screen prompts and your Amiga Format Coverdisk will be copied to a backup disk. When the machine asks for the destination, insert your blank disk into the drive. Further instructions can be found in the user's guide that comes with your Amiga.
Using the Programs All the programs on the Amiga Format disk are specially set up to make them as easy to use as possible. If you can use the Amiga’s Workbench then you can use our Coverdisk! If you do have problems with a program, full instructions on loading and using the programs are included in the Disk Pages and these should get you up and running. If you still have problems, you should read the documentation file (.DOC) that is included with every program. To run any of the programs on this month's Coverdisk, all you have to do is follow a very simple procedure. Unless specified
differently within the Disk Pages, just doubleclick on the program’s icon on the Workbench and the program will load and run. Full details on how to use the programs once they have run are included with the Disk Pages and also as a documentation (text) file accompanying the program.
To display a documentation file, just double-click on the appropriate .DOC file to be viewed and a window will open containing the file’s contents. Pressing the space bar will advance a page at a time.
COPYING THE DISK Unless specifically stated, the programs on the Coverdisk are not in the public domain and the copyright remains with the author. Selling or distributing these programs without the author s permission is against the laws of copyright.
• VALUABLE ITEM ? Game ? Business utility Music program ?
Novelty ¦ (Left) Looking at you, big eyes.
Approximate total size of files in kilobytes K (we cannot use programs longer than 200K; shorter submissions, under 100K, stand the best chance of publication). It is a: ? Technical tool I Art program 3 Educational ? Other Telephone (Daytime)...... (Evenings) .
My program name is Checklist (please tick): ? Stamped, addressed envelope for return U README.DOC explanation file on disk ? Printout of README.DOC file (if possible) Name, address, machine type written on label _ Disk certified virus free IMPORTANT Please sign this declaration: This program is submitted for publication by Amiga Format. It is wholly my own work and I agree to indemnify Future Publishing against any possible legal action should copyright problems arise.
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Falcon Mission Disk ....12.99 .19.99 F16
Combat Pilot ..15.99 .24.99 Fast
Lane ....12.99 .19.99
Galaxy Force .....15.99 .24.99
Ghostbusters II ..15.99 .24.99
Games Summer Edition 15.99 .24.99 Grand Prix
Circuit .15.99 .29.99 Hard
Drivin 15.99 .24.99 Honda
RVF .19.99 .29.99 Indiana
Jones Last Crusade. 12.99 .19.99
Infestation ...15.99 .24.99
Interphase ...15.99 .24.99
It Came from the Desert 19.99 .29.99
Knightforce 15.99 .24.99
Lightforce ...15.99 .24.99
North & South ...15.99 .24.99
Never Mind 12.99 .19.99
Paperboy .....12.99 .19.99
Paul Gascoigne ..15.99 .24.99
Populous .....15.99 .24.99
Power Drift .15.99 .24.99
Shadow of the Beast .....24.99 .34.99 Space
Ace ...31.49 .44.99
Stryder .15.99 .24.99
Stunt Car ....15.99 .24.99
Stryx 12.99 .24.99
Test Drive II ......12.99 .24.99
Untouchables .....15.99 .24.99
Xenon II .....15.99 .24.99
Weird Dreams ....15.99 .24.99 For
Amiga 500 2000
• Includes original 1.3 Rom
• Allows you to switch between Kickstart 1.2 & 1.3 Easy to use
No soldering RRP £69.99 Members £49.99 Kickstart Card without
Roms ...£29.99 Kickstart 1.2 or 1.3
Rom ...£29.99 30 Mbyte, 28 msec,
Autoboot ...£449.00 40 Mbyte, 24 msec.
Autoboot ...£529.00 60 Mbyte, 18 msec.
Autoboot ...£599.00 20 Mbyte, 40 msec.
Autoboot ...£349.00 30 Mbyte, 28 msec.
Autoboot ...£399.00 40 Mbyte, 24 msec,
Autoboot ...£449.00 60 Mbyte, 18 msec.
Autoboot ...£499.00 TOP 50 PROFESSIONAL
SOFTWARE Member RRP Member RRP Aegis Animagic Animation £59.99
£79.99 Kseka Assembler £37.99 £49.99 Aegis Modeller 3D CAD
£59.99 £79.99 Lattice 5.0 Prog Language £199.99 £249.99 Aegis
Sonix 2.0 Music £52.49 £69.99 Lights, Camera Aegis Audiomaster
II Music Midi £59.99 £79.99 Action Desktop V ideo £52.49 £69.99
Aegis Videotitler Desktop video £82.49 £109.99 Mailshot Plus
Mailmerge £37.49 £49.99 Appetizer 8 Business programs £24.99
£39.99 Movie Setter Desktop Video £52.49
69. 99 Butcher 2.0 Utility £29.99 £39.99 Music X Music £172.49
£229.99 Comic Setter DTP Comic £37.49 £49.99 Pagesetter 2.0
DTP £59.99 £79.99 DOS Toolbox Utility £37.49 £49.99
Professional Page 1.3 DTP £187.49 £249.99 Deluxe Paint III
Graphics Animation £59.99 £79.99 Photon Paint 2.0
Anim Graphics £59.99 £89.99 Deluxe Music Music £52.49 £69.99
Photon Video Desktop Video £69.99 £99.99 Deluxe Video 3D
Videoanimation £52.49 £69.99 Professional Draw CAD Graphics
£99.99 £139.99 Deluxe Photolab Animation-Ham £52.49 £69.99
Quarterback Hardisk Utility £44.99 £59.99 Deluxe Print II
Print Utility £37.49 £49.99 Synthia Music Midi £59.99 £79.99
Digicalc Spreadsheet £29.99 £39.99 Starter Kit List Programs
£54.99 £69.99 DOS to DOS Utility £37.49 £49.99 Superbase
Personal 11 Database £69.99 £99.99 Digipaint 3.0 Graphics
£52.49 £69.99 Superbase Professional Database £174.99 £249.99
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Animation £112.49 £149.99 Design 3D Cad elec technic £59.99
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£119.99 £149.99 Workbench 1.3
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HOW TO ORDER: By phone: 01 977 9596 Visa Access. By Fax 01 977 5354 By post: Club 68000, Wickham House, 2 Upper Teddington Road, Hampton Wick, Kingston, Surrey KT1 4DP POST AND PACKAGING: Software UK + EEC £1, Non EEC £3.
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GET DOWN TO SOME HARD DRIVIN’ WITH A RADIO CONTROLLED FERRARI FROM DOMARK Setting the pace in the arcades lately has been Hard Driving the racing game that puts you behind the wheel of a Ferrari F-40. Wouldn’t it be nice to have one of your own? Well now you can, because Domark are offering 5 radio controlled model F-40s worth £300.
Hard Drivin' made quite an impact on the arcades, with its simulation approach of having a clutch and gearbox, and lived up to the claim that it was The closest thing to driving without actually being there’. Amongst its memorable points is the 360 degree loop: driving on the ceiling, how’s that for excitement?
You will have just as much fun with the radio- controlled versions of the car. They have full-function forward, reverse, left and right turns and stop, two-speed forward running, a speed selector switch, working headlights and a recharging jack for Ni-Cad batteries. To have the chance to get behind the wheel of one of them here’s what to do... HOW TO ENTER Write the answers to the following three questions on the back of a postcard or stuck-down envelope and send it to: Hard Drivin' Comp, Amiga Format, 4 Queen Street, Bath BA1 1EJ. The entries should reach us by January 20th and don’t forget
to include your name, address and phone number on the postcard.
1. Who drove for Ferrari in the last Formula One motor racing
A) Mansell and Berger
b) Senna and Prost
c) Kylie and Jason
2. What two names were used to make up the title Domark?
A) DOMestos and ARKwright
b) ADOrable MARKeting
c) DOMinic Wheatley and MARK Strachan
3. What is the Ferrari symbol?
A) A prancing horse
b) A nodding dog
c) A stilt-walking kangaroo RULES Employees of Future Publishing
and Domark are not allowed to enter. The judges' decision is
No correspondence will be entered into.
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463507 Orders under £8 in value carry a small order charge of
GAMES WORD PROCESSING PROTEXT V4.2 This must be the most
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Excellent speed and wide range of features make it the only WP to buy.
Includes Mail Merge and Spell Checking.
RRPE99.95 .Our Price £64.95 Useable demo disc available - £5.00 SERIOUS SOFTWARE Publishers Choice .
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Kind Words 2 Word Processor Page Setter Desktop Publisher
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printers listed have a ten-inch (A4) carriage, are Epson
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£179.95 STAR LC-10 COLOUR BOOKS „ SOUND Amiga For Beginners ..10.95 Kickstart Guide 12 95 AMAS-Sampler & Interface ....74.95 Aegis Sonix ...44.95 AmiaaDos Ref Guide 14 95 Music Studio ..24 95 Amiga Tricks & Tips ....12.95 Triloaic Midi interface 34 95 Amiga Basic Inside & Out ......18.95 1 1 1 I w VI 1 V 1*11 W I III IS 1 1 U VV ... ... i . w (In, Out, Thru, 2x OutThru Swdchable) Trilogic Stereo Audio D c: ser 34.95 (requires software Elementary Amiga Basic 14.95
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Fun School 2 (2-6 years) *3.35 Fun School 2 (6-8 years) * 3 95 Fun School 2 (8-12 years) ‘3 95 The "Discover" range have 6 ga es per disc Discover Alphabet (6+ yrs) ...‘ 5 95 Discover Numbers (6+ yrs) 15 95 Discover Maths (10+ yrs) * 5 95 GRAPHICS Digi Paint ..41.95 Phantavision .29.95 Photon Paint II .....68.95 Deluxe Paint II .....54.95 Deluxe Paint III ....59.95 VIDI AMIGA Rombo's low price dig tiser as reviewed in Amiga Format las: rr RRP - £99.95
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Afraid you are going to be disappointed; the thought of hours of Jean-Michel Jarre and The Pet Shop Boys plus the added bonus of Kylie Minogue complete with graphic renditions of her in four poses seemed like too much excitement for one issue. If you want a rundown of the second section, the more creative programs, however, read on. I music from commercial records etc. etc. complete with graphics a- go-go, and those that allow you to be creative and write tunes and create sounds. Under this latter heading I have also included those programs that allow you to play custom written tunes or
arrangements by programmers.
If you are after a star rating of the sample playing programs I’m ware as it stands. If I haven’t included your fave piece of software then it’s because either it didn’t arrive or it has emerged since this article was written.
No Kylie In case you aren’t aware, the music utilities on PD are split into two broad sections. There are some that play back sampled it's probably something to do with the fact that I have short arms and low-slung pockets that the concept of Public Domain is rather appeal- ng. Mi Learn’d Friend Jason Holborn has, for a long time, been oinning his way through all the PD utilities he can lay his hands on and so in response to these stimuli what can I do but plough my way nto the state of PD music softIN THE WORLD OF COMPUTER BARGAINS AT SABRE COMPUTER DISCOUNT CENTRE!!!
O THE SOUTH S LEADING COMPUTER EXCHANGE CENTRE We Specialise in New and Used Hardware and Software Phone our Hotline Numbers: 01 760 0274 MAIL ORDER 01 667 0851 SHOP A590 HARD DRIVE for A500 20 Meg AUTOBOOTING
(1. 3 Kickstart required) SOCKETS FOR 2Meti FAST RAM
£89.99 BATMAN PACK AMIGA 500 includes Batman game,
Interceptor, Deluxe Paint II, New Zealand Story game, 6 other
ONLY £365 inc vat PHILIPS 8833 COLOUR MONITOR WITH STEREO SOUND £220 inc VAT MUSIC SOFTWARE RRP SABRE Adrum ..£39.95 .....£32.50 Aegis AudioMaster II ...£69.95 .....£56.50 Aegis Sonix II ...£57.50 .....£46.50 Deluxe Music ....£69.95 .....£56.50 DRT's KCS ..... £199.95 ...£162.50 Dynamic Drums £59.95 .....£42.50 Dynamic
Studio ..£179.00 ...£139.00 Future Sound ....£89.95 .....£84.50 Instant Music ....£24.95 .....£19.99 Music X .....£228.85 ...£189.99 Pro Sound Designer ....£79.95 .....£71.50 Soundscape Pro Midi Studio £139.95 ...£106.50 Synthia £79.95 .....£75.00 Studio Magic .....£69.95 .....£59.95 Music
Public Domain Disks .£3.00 Midi interfaces ....from £24.99 MUSIC HARDWARE ROLAND SABRE CM-64 Multi-Timbral Sound Module .£699.99 CM-32L as above .....£329.99 CM-32P as above .....£399.99 CF-10 Midi Mixing Controller ..£115.99 MA-12C Monitor Speaker (12 Watts) ..£89.99 CM-64 32P Sound Library
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NEW OR OLD TITLES BUSINESS, LEISURE AND UTILITIES WANTED AND ON OFFER... PHONE FOR DETAILS HARDWARE EXCHANGE SERVICES Phone for details on our latest in used hardware: We will also consider part exchanges on new hardware.
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Units 74 75, Inshops, 68-74 Church Street, Croydon, Surrey, CR0 1RS THE NEED TO PLAY It might be an appropriate moment to point out that some PD libraries, Softville for example, offer sets of disks that contain mainly original tunes in Sonix format and each disk is a ‘stand-alone’ containing a player routine. However you couldn’t then have them playing in turn as per the PLAY routine contained on the Purple disk unless you got down to some serious work and crossed them over to work with PLAY.
It is the norm for PD libraries to have one or more player programs followed by a suite of tunes and sounds on ensuing disks.
Sonix is about the most widespread music program but there are others. Their formats are not always compatible and not all programs will allow you to create your own sounds and music.
The description of the software should state what program format the scores have been created in and all is not lost as there are conversion programs about around that convert music files from one player format to another (e.g. Amicus 23).
AEGIS SONIX PLAYER Purple PD Disk Music 00 This is a simple player routine that will play back any scores created on the Aegis Sonix. As there are many disks available with tunes and instruments that are created by this, a player program is essential in order that you can listen to any of them.
Not only can you play the scores but you can also create PLAY scripts that play multiple scores: that is, one following another, sometimes termed as ‘jukebox’ style. This allows you to play continuous music which could be reasonably handy for slide shows and other home-spun graphic entertainments. On the other hand you just might like to bore people out of their skulls! It would certainly be interesting background music.
PLAY has the ability to start a score playing whilst loading up the next one simultaneously. PLAY, like the player program itself, can be used from either Workbench or the CLI. If you have no particular desire to create music but just wish to listen then this is for you.
Thrown in for good measure is an LED routine which switches the audio filter in or out on the 500 and 2000 models.
It comes complete with full documentation on how to run the PLAY routines and a sample of tunes to keep you amused. The program is Shareware and the author would appreciate $ 10 to make you a legal user, as they seem to say on these occasions.
ASSORTED SONIX TUNES Purple Disk Music 1-9 In the wake of the Sonix Player comes a whole string of compatible score files on no less than nine disks from Purple. Most of the tunes are original compositions and the sounds are custom designed for them in many cases.
Even if you don’t like the tunes you can always store the instrument files for your own use later on!
SOUND MONITOR V1.0 17Bit Disk 478 Written by Brian Postmas from Holland, this is a powerful sound editor combined with the tried and tested Amiga Sound Tracker in slightly revamped form. As it stands it requires additional instrument disks to get it under way properly; these are available on 17Bit Disks no 479, 437 and 41, corresponding to sound libraries ST-01, ST-02, ST-03 which may be listed in other libraries.
A second version is under development. This will probably include a file requester and gad- gets. A demo of Version 2 is included on the present disk.
Version 2 uses internally created sounds as opposed to VI which works with sampled sounds entirely. An editor for the waveforms is also added in V2 and the sounds can be edited both numerically and graphically by redrawing the waveform display simply using the Amiga mouse.
The program incorporates a sound editor, preset editor, utilities, demo scores and an assembler routine for use in your own programs. It loads up without Workbench and you get a loading screen with scrolling information.
Oddly enough, it seemed a bit silly that there was not a sound track to accompany this - I thought my monitor had broken!
Anyway, having scratched my head a little, I discovered that to gain access to the program proper you hit the Help button.
This causes the program to boot up and it comes up with a function menu run from the functions keys.
There are also 14 demonstration scores to play with if you didn’t get the accompanying sound disks at the same time.
Building Blocks The main screen is divided into three blocks. The right-hand block shows the instruments used with the active one underlined. A handy counter underneath shows the length of the piece and how far into it the program has got. The top left-hand side of the screen shows the step-editor and the bottom left the pattern editor. In other words, the program creates small patterns which are then chained together to form the piece as a whole. Each pattern can contain up to 16 notes and, like Sound Tracker, the pitch of the note is put in from the qwerty keys which become a piano-like
Every note is assigned an instrument which may or not be the same as the preceding note. As a result, remarkably fast sound toggles are possible therefore.
Each note can have a number of options: arpeggio, volume, Metal for Programmers The results are very good, although decidedly not for the faint-hearted. If you are more biased towards programming than music then it should not present too much of an obstacle.
Once patterns have been created, and it will store up to 341 patterns, they are organised in the step-editor, which corresponds to a ‘chain’ function. Any pattern can be transposed in its entirety and you have to tell each one of the four sound channels what it is doing for each step.
Sound Monitor will hold up to fifteen instruments and can request any four of them to work- simultaneously. The samples or sounds can also be edited in terms of length, volume, start repeat section of the sound and the the repeat length - the latter two give you more sustained sounds from a short sample.
To get a list of songs available press the left Amiga button and N. N and M toggle between the song list and the main screen. Half the songs don’t run on this version but the ones that do require the ST-01 disk to pull the sounds from.
Some of them combine samples to great effect - check out ‘Freddy Mix' for this. Although several of the songs are game themes there are a few interesting compositions using some really quite excellent sounds. I repeat note data, note glide up and down, auto note glide and a choice of six note lengths (incorrectly described in the documentation as Tempo).
A little note of warning though.
The entire program requires all numeric data to be entered in hexadecimal and all editing of songs and sound data is achieved in the form of data stream with no graphic or visual editing at all.
However, finding your way around the program is made quite easy with plenty of help on toggled pages and it makes great use of the function keys to get from section to section.
'-i:aB'g,Sean *sn,.,.(C;i9g9 b Brian Pastoa - milFM Haveforn Wave Osci1 la tor Ham Aht Envelope Generator LFO !• On X
• Off * Oonce S Speed Sync Delay Phase 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 Levels
Rates Speed Depth ¦ The original Aegis Sonix, a soundchip music
programmer used to create so many tunes in the Public Domain.
They can be heard with the Player on Purple PD Music 00.
¦ The main editing screen from Brian Postma’s Sound Monitor program. Currently no song information is loaded: a swift fiddle with the Function keys will provide... ¦ ...a song from the drawerful supplied on the disk. Most of the information for the instruments, arranged down the right-hand side, is in the ST-01 library on Disk 479.
AMIGA FORMAT 111 One good feature was that the program is copiously documented and the each document can be printed out without any trouble.
Besides the assembler utility there are two sound converter programs which convert songs from either Sound Tracker or Zoundmonitor.
There is also a checking routine for these. Although Sound Monitor is not an easy program to get to grips with, it is nevertheless a very powerful program and the final results are excellent: definitely not to be sneezed at.
The author credits Rush, Metallica, Megadeth and Sanctuary for aural stimulation whilst writing the program. Erm... not too sure about this as a recommendation, chaps... MIDI DISK 1 Purple Disk SOFT 010 Working from either CLI or Workbench, the utilities available are a simple MIDI real time sequencer, several CZ- 101 1000 3000 voice librarian programs which work with the Casio synths in the CZ series, an improved MIDI sequencer, and a set of scores that will run on both MIDI and the DeLuxe Music Construction Set It also includes a complete set of instructions plus hi-res circuit diagram
which will enable you, armed with a soldering iron and steady hand, to build your own Amiga MIDI interface. This disk is also available from many other Public Domain libraries.
Sequences and Czs The sequencer, under the heading of MIDI Utility program, will let you record a sequence, play back a sequence and then save load it to or from disk. This is of course very simple and you have no channelization facilities, no editing and no overdub possibilities, but there you are and there you go.
Of slightly more interest are the CZ utilities which run only on the 101 1000 synths. These let you load voice data to or from SOUND PLAYERS There are many other Amiga sound players available. The names that usually crop up are SMUSPLAYER, Concert Craft Songs, Music Studio, Music Craft, Sonix, DMCS, Sound Tracker and the latest at present is the Games Music Creator from 17Bit (Disk 482).
This last was reviewed in Issue 4, November, and works rather in the manner of Sound Monitor reviewed in this section. However, GMC is very versatile, visual and colourful and can load up any sampled sound at any time from any disk to create your masterpiece. It is definitely easier to use with its approach that comes much nearer to the standard MIDI sequencer environment.
Speaking of MIDI, GMC also records via MIDI.
Watch out for Musical Enlightenment due for release about now from 17Bit. Although not strictly PD it is a superior version of the above mentioned programs. Naturally it will be reviewed in these hallowed pages just as soon as the lads send us a working version complete with instructions (said he, mysteriously).
Synth and disk either in banks or individually.
Using it is unbelievably simple.
Each command has a prefix letter.
Enter that and that's all there is to it. To list the voice files available you exit the main program and load up the files document. The Utilities program itself is listed and parts of it could be incorporated in your own work.
Lots more CZ voices are available in a separate CZ program and included on the disk is a CZL program which makes a far better job of the voice librarian and sound editing functions than the Utilities program. CZL makes it easier to select instruments, stores the instruments individually or in banks and finally provides an easy method to examine, enter and modify the instrument parameters.
All instruments sounds are displayed on screen and can be selected with the mouse. Any instrument you might select on the CZ itself is automatically updated on the program and similarly any instrument or bank or instruments when downloaded to the Amiga from disk is automatically loaded into the synth. Any parameter changes to the sounds are also automatically transferred either way from synth to Amiga.
Alterations that you make to sounds can be compared with the original voice as it stores all edits in a temporary buffer. There is also a useful ‘cut and paste’ routine which stores selected data from one voice and enables you to paste it into another, saving lots of tedious work setting up sound envelopes.
A ‘play scale’ function is also included. It does exactly what the name suggests and lets you test out the new voice straight away - handy if the synth is the other side of the room.
CZL works with all CZ’s and not just the 101 - it was originally run in on the much larger CZ3000.
To get the program up and running therefore you will need to configure it to work with your CZ, giving it such salient pieces of information as the number of voices the library can expect to receive and deliver in one go and the names you assign to each voice - Casio saw fit not to include the voice name transfer as an intrinsic part of their MIDI set-up.
It comes with vast quantities of documentation and generally seems to be a happy and versatile program to work with. The only upgrades I could think of would be the inclusion of a ‘randomize’ function to create new voices and maybe a graphic display of the envelope waveforms to enable waveform editing visually with the mouse rather than numerically.
Andrew Lloyd Who?
The DMCS Music MIDI files are not exactly a scintillating collection; a piece of Bach plus Lionel Richie and Andrew Lloyd Webber (poor old JSB to enjoy such company!)
However the documentation does go some way to explaining how to hook up a Yamaha FB01 tone module to get the best out of the tunes although I really could have done without the boring heart-to- heart explanation of why the Bach piece had been programmed in the first place - we are talking about music and software, not running an agony column self-help therapy group.
There is a follow up disk SOFT 011 from Purple (confusingly labelled MIDI 1 also) which contains more MIDI files, CZ instruments and DMCS files.
AMICUS 23 Purple Disk AM23 This contains a pot-pourri of items.
No MIDI but some useful converters that convert old versions of Music Craft files to SMUS, SMUS being the IFF standard. The other file converter works on Music Studio files and renders those into SMUS. Apart from these it has a set of SMUS instruments, a set of SMUS songs that are mainly classical in flavour with a long explanation about the fact that they are out of copyright and therefore entirely legal and decent.
There is a full-blown 18 minute version of Tchaikovsky’s 1812 overture compete with cannon effects but you will need at least 1 meg of memory for this epic, and probably sympathetic friends and neighbours. There is a SMUS player on the disk so that you can achieve this minor miracle. ¦ There are many other utilities, especially MIDI utilities, which will need to be covered in a further update on the music aspect of Amiga PD software.
Watch this space for further details. Meanwhile any comments, hints or musical questions that you may have are best directed to this column.
We’ll publish the best together with the answers.
S'? -us sausrssmas Hiufrtr of iwles; *1 uersiont.doc itRsffin s. i F1 - The Sound Honi tot' Version 1 [Shareware} F2 - Preset Editor [Press Help for Info during progranl F3 - The Sound Konitor Version 2 Coeno, see doosl F4 - The Sound Monitor Documents S Key Layouts FS - About the utilities included... Leu fionorr- Max. satwles : FG - General Help and Aduice... F? - The Future, Sound Monitor Version 2 notes... ; U. . Kl UM U. mmnt Nil, ¦ The rather festive and appropriate opening screen for the Preset Editor, an adjunct to Sound Monitor by the Ballcrackers.
¦ The Ballcrackers Preset Editor itself, very professionally-presented indeed. All functions are controlled with the gadgets.
¦ Last, but in actual fact first, is the menu screen of the Sound Monitor. Notice that a demo of Version 2 is already on display.
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Casting the manuals aside, you connect everything up, turn on the power and the Amiga springs to life on the monitor screen. But what’s this? All the machine seems to want to do is to display a picture of a hand holding a blue floppy disk. Why won’t it do something? What do you do now? What use are the ‘Workbench’ and ‘Extras’ disks that you found lying at the bottom of your Amiga box? All will be revealed when you book your seat on the Amiga Format ‘WorkfrftfiehL mvoteKvulpur.
Amiga Overview 'One of the first things that you come to realise is that the Ami n't like anything vQu e-evgrused before: tven iFyoulhave used other ‘WIMP’ based computers, such as Apple’s Macintosh or an Acorn’s Archimedes, you’ll soon begin to find that the Amiga is a different beast altogether.
Unlike the Archimedes and the Atari ST, the Amiga desktop environment, called Workbench, won’t appear unless voujirst insert a disk thah r s-rtnfito memoryWQrk- mch is built on a ROM-based ope 'ating system called Kickstart that contains the ’Intuition’ windowing environment (the WIMP system), Exec (the Amiga multi-tasking manager), AmigaDOS (the disk operating system) and other system libraries that make up the Amiga operating system.
Since the release of th miga wav-kadi in 1985 machine’s operating system has undergone four separate revisions (although A500 and A2000 owners will only have seen two of these). Original AlOOOs were sold with 1.0 of the O S, which was quickly succeeded by 1.1. These O Ss were rather buggy, however, and so version 1.2 was eventually released to make the Amiga a more useable system. Current Amigas come complete with the latest version of the 0 S, version 1.3, which is very similar to
1. 2 apart from a few minor bug fixes and the provision of a hard
drive boot option.
To tell which version of the operating system your Amiga contains, turn on your Amiga without a disk in the internal drive and the familiar ‘hand-holding-disk’ image will be displayed. Underneath the hand will be a number. If it says ‘1.3’ then you have the most recent release I I I _r i i For all you lucky people hoping to receive an Amiga for Christmas, JASON HOLBORN takes you on a guided tour of the Amiga system disks, Workbench and Extras.
J ¦ m J ¦ Hi wM Hhi ¦ ¦ ¦ of the 0 S. This feature is based around version 1.3 of the 0 S, but most of the info will also be of use to users of earlier versions of the 0 S (why haven’t you upgraded yet!)
The Amiga operating system is a rather complicated beast for even the most experienced of users, so we'll forget about some of the more intricate details for the time being.
Back to Basics At its most basic level, Workbench is fairly simple to use and you'll soon find yourself happily using it after a matter of minutes. All the functions of Workbench are controlled using the Amiga mouse and its two mouse buttons.
A complete tutorial on using Workbench would fill this entire feature, so we’ll leave that in the capable hands of Commodore. “You want us to actually read the manuals?”, I hear you ask.
Not at all. You may have already noticed that your Amiga comes with not two, but three diskettes. That elusive extra diskette is actually a rather nice interactive tutorial which will teach you everything to need to know about using Workbench.
The Tour Begins... The aim of this feature is to take you on a guided tour of your Amiga system disks, detailing everything you're likely to encounter. The first thing we must do is to get the Amiga up and running, so insert the disk labelled ‘Workbench’ into the internal disk drive and we’ll begin.
Don’t worry if your machine seems to take an age to actually load the Workbench, it’ll get there eventually!
THE WORKBENCH DISK We’ll start the tour by looking at probably the most important Amiga disk of all; the Workbench disk.
Although the Amiga can quite happily run commercial software without this disk, the Workbench is your ticket to the Amiga’s windowing interface and disk operating system.
Once you double click on the Workbench disk icon, a window will open to display the top (or root) directory of the disk. Most of the items within this directory are merely drawer icons which give access to further subdirectories.
However, the Shell icon will give you access to the Amiga’s powerful Command Line Interface (more on this later).
The more important drawers (System, Prefs, Utils) will be looked at later, but less important to most people is the Expansion drawer. The drawer contains specialist device drivers for add-ons such as touch tablets etc. Unless you intend splashing out on luxuries, chances are you’ll never use this directory.
The Trashcan is bit of a lost soul on the Amiga. On other WIMP systems, the trashcan is completely independent of any disks that are current in the drives, and is used to quickly discard files. The Amiga trashcan, however, is just another directory like any other and is used as a temporary storage area for files that you wish to eventually discard. Unfortunately, like other directories, any files within the trashcan will still take up valuable disk space, therefore making its use rather long winded. Just try asking experienced Amiga owners when they last used the trashcan!
SYSTEM Of all the subdirectories that branch off from the Workbench root directory, the System drawer is without doubt the most important of them all. Here's a rundown of the programs you're likely to find: CLI - The Command Line Interface provides an alternative method of controlling the Amiga. In fact, using the Command Line Interface (CLI from now on) is a little like using a machine such as an IBM PC, where instead of pointing and clicking on icons using the mouse, all commands are issued by typing them in manually using the keyboard.
If you wish to get the very most from your time working with the Amiga, a basic understanding of the CLI is a necessity. Carrying out a task from the CLI is much simpler and quicker than attempting to carry out the same task from the Workbench. In some cases the CLI offers facilities which aren’t even available from the Workbench!
DISKCOPY - With a filename as subtle as a sledge hammer, I'm sure I don’t need to tell you what this command does. Do I?
FORMAT - Before a disk can be used to store data, it must first be initialised. For this task, the Format program is your person.
FASTMEMFIRST - FastMemFirst attempts to force programs into expansion memory, therefore freeing up valuable chip RAM for data such as graphics, sound samples etc. If you only have 512K, then FastMemFirst will have no effect.
SETMAP - Because of language differences, different countries use different keyboard layouts on equipment such as typewriters and computers ($ ’s and £’s etc). The SetMap command is used to change the keyboard configuration to any one of several presets available. For UK Amigas, the keyboard configuration is automatically set to ‘GB’, but this can easily be changed to anything from American (you’ve goMhree different US keyboard layouts to choose from!) To Greek.
INITPRINTER - As the name suggests, InitPrinter is used to initialise your printer. This process basically involves reading the printer driver into memory and setting the printer up ready for use.
NOFASTMEM - If you have a RAM expansion in your machine (ie, you’ve more than 512K of memory), then the NoFastMem command is used to disable this. This is necessary with some very old (or badly written) software that will not function correctly if more than 512K of memory is resident.
MERGEMEM - MergeMem is of use to users who have multiple RAM expansion boards connected to their Amigas. The program attempts to pull all free memory available across RAM boards together in one,, continuous ‘memory pool’. Definitely one best left for the techies.
FIXFONTS - Adding or removing a point size for a particular font isn’t just a case of copying the new font data directly into the Workbench fonts directory: the font’s header file (.font) must be informed of the change. This is where FixFonts comes in. FixFonts will check all available point sizes for all the available fonts, and make any necessary modifications to the font header file.
UTILITIES The Utilities drawer contains a whole host of useful little utilities to make the life of an Amiga user much simpler. Most are new additions to the Amiga Workbench, and are designed to provide greater control over the system for the Workbench user who doesn’t want to resort to using the CLI.
NOTEPAD - What’s the first piece of software you'll be buying for your new Amiga? A Word Processor SPECIAL Systen t SetHap InitPrinter Mei'jfeHe FixFonts Above top, the Workbench drawer, and above, the System drawer.
Perhaps? NotePad is a mini-word processor to keep you going jnti your fully-fledged word processor arrives. NotePad allows multiple fonts onscreen, full cut, paste ar c copy and search and replace MORE - Display the contents o" an.
Text file with More, a powerfi text display utility.
CLOCK - Keep track of time withaft taking your eyes off the scree" CLOCKPTR - Even more convenia* than an onscreen clock, Clotf tr attaches a digital clock display to your mouse pointer.
SAY - You’ve probably already ds- covered the Amiga's powerful speech synthesis capabi ties Say can be used either to read out ex sting text files, or just as a fun tc„. To allow you to experiment with r s powerful facility.
CALCULATOR - In true multi-task "ig style, the Workbench calculator happily run alongside any prograrr that operates from the Workbench.
CMD - CMD is a powerful little tooi that allows you to redirect output to either the serial or parallel port to a designed disk file. This allows you to print things out while your printer is off-line. When you are ready to finally print, the outputted file can then be sent straight to the printer.
GRAPHICDUMP - GraphicDump attempts to dump the frontmost screen to the printer. To give you time to bring the desired screen to the front, GraphicDump will wait 10 seconds before it starts to print.
PRINTFILES - Want to take a hard copy of a text file? If so, then Print- Files is the tool for the job.
NS~ ALLPRINTER - Guess what ttis program does! Surprisingly, the answer isn’t as obvious as it nay seem. What InstallPrinter actualy does is to copy printer drwers on yoir Extras disks across to the Workbench disk. Once copied, you must then use the Workbench Preferences tool to select the driver to be used.
PREFS Although the Prefs drawer appears to contain five separate programs, strictly speaking, only two exist: Preferences and CopyPrefs. The remaining three icons (Pointer, Printer, Serial) merely call separate parts of the main Preferences program. Read on for more...
- ~ErERENCES - The Preferences Digram is one of the most impor-
tant programs on the Workbench as*. Its sole role in life is to
allow you to customise (or ‘configure’, as Commodore would no
doubt prefer) your Workbench to your heart's defight. Once any
changes are made, the new configuration can be stored for
recall whenever the Amiga is rebooted from the Workbench disk.
The program is made up of four separate sections. The first page pops up as soon as the Preferences program is run. From this top page, the general configuration of the Workbench (colours, screen positioning, text size etc) can be changed.
Next up, and probably most important of all the pages, are the printer configuration pages which are used to install your printer onto the Amiga system. Printers may be connected to either the parallel or serial ports, therefore Preferences also includes a serial port setup page.
Baud rates, handshake type, stop bits and other techie things that only comms users understand can be easily be set.
Most fun of all is the mouse pointer editor which, as the name suggests, allows you to change the general appearance and colour of the mouse pointer sprite. The sprite will not take on its new form until you exit back to the main Preferences page.
COPYPREFS - CopyPrefs is used by people who have assigned the logical path where the preferences configuration file is stored, to something other than the standard boot disk. Clicking on CopyPrefs will transfer the configuration file to the ‘DEVS’ directory of the disk currently inserted in the internal drive.
WHAT YOU CANT SEE To the casual Workbench user, the Workbench disk appears to be a just a collection of tools and utilities to carry out such mundane tasks as formatting and managing disks, installing printer drivers, setting screen colours etc. However, hidden deep below the surface of your Workbench disk is a vast array of hidden files that provide you with unparalleled control over your new machine.
These ‘hidden’ files are accessed from the Command Line Interface (see above for more) and allow far greater control over the Amiga.
The most commonly used CLI commands are DIR, which displays a listing of the contents of a particular directory, COPY, which copies a file (or files) to a user specified destination, and CD, which allows you to move 'around, and in between disks. If this taster of the CLI has whetted your appetite, watch out for future articles in Amiga Format on this feature.
The Workbench disk also contains all those important little files that actually make the Workbench work. Most are simply auxiliary files used by the Amiga system, but for the curious among you here’s a list of those hidden extras.
DEVS - Short for devices, the DEVS directory contains O S device drivers for the parallel and serial ports, printer output, the RAM disk, the Amiga speech synthesiser etc. DEVS also contains two sub directories containing the system keymaps used by the SetMap command and the printer drivers.
LIBS - Yep, you’ve guessed it. LIBS is short for libraries. This directory contains complicated operating system libraries. A library is basically a collection of routines that, once opened, link into the operating system to allow control over a particular aspect of the machine. For example, the library diskfont.library is used by programs that wish to take advantage of the Amiga’s I ft m PCCopy ToPCCopp IT- The PC Utilities drawer.
Igligj Hfc.
HA JsTHm se
• CT-Cs SH Of!
IsmEi »-¦- - . PaleH?
LuanHerg? I The Tools drawer.
I powerful font handling capabilities.
FONTS - Doesn’t take a brain the size of a planet to guess what this directory contains. Any program that allows different fonts to be used will always read its fonts from this directory, unless told otherwise (that's got you confused, hasn’t it!)
C - The C directory contains all those lovely CLI commands that I mentioned earlier, all as separate program files.
S - The S directory usually contains AmigaDOS batch files (or sometimes called Script files - hence S for Script). Batch files are ASCII text files containing a list of CLI commands to be run when the batch file is ‘executed’. Don’t worry about batch files for the meantime, we’ll have plenty of fun with these in future articles!
L - The L directory contains device handlers that AmigaDOS uses itself to carry out such tasks as disk validation, RAM and port management etc. THE EXTRAS DISK The Extras disk contains a host of different utilities and auxiliary files EXTRAS’ EXTRAS With the release of 1.3 of the operating system, the Extras disk has very much become an overspill for files that didn't quite fit onto the Workbench disk. You'll find a mass of spare printer drivers (any one of which can be installed onto the Workbench disk using the Install- Printer' utility), a whole host of different keymaps and several new
fonts to brighten up your documents (Helvetica, Times etc).
Also lurking on the Extras disk is a rather strange directory called ‘FD1.3’. Upon examination, the drawer contains a single icon saying ‘IMPORTANT! BASIC FD Files Here!’. What are FD files?' I hear you ask. Put simply, AmigaBASIC (and any other languages) can take advantage of operating system libraries that can contain a number of special routines (See intro for more). For AmigaBASIC to be able to access these routines, it must be told the parameter format of each routine, and which processor registers must be used. This information is contained within these special FD files.
That are designed to further enhance the Amiga Workbench environment Most important of them is all is AmigaBASIC, a powerful Microsoft BASIC interpreter.
AMIGABASIC - Unlike eight bit computers like the Commodore 64, the Amiga’s BASIC language is not built into ROM. Instead, AmigaBASIC has to be loaded from disk every time it is needed.
Unlike the seemingly accepted norm, the Amiga’s bundled BASIC is in fact a very powerful and very usable system indeed. AmigaBASIC was developed by the Microsoft Corporation, who are probably better known for their activities within the PC market. Although the interpreter is based around the Macintosh version, AmigaBASIC includes many powerful Amiga specific commands.
To help you get the most from your BASIC programming, Extras also contains a drawer that is positively bursting with useful source code. There’s example code for such tasks as loading and saving IFF pictures, using the speech synthesiser and accessing the screen hardware.
TOOLS As the Commodore enhancer manual states, ‘the tools drawer contains several utilities that let you 'work' with your Amiga.’ Couldn't have put it better myself!
MEMACS - Not quite a word processor, Memacs is an Amiga version of the universally-adopted ‘Emacs’ text editor that can be found running on machines as diverse as Atari Sts and Unix 3B2s.
FED - Now this really is the business. FED is a powerful utility written by Dale Luck of Commodore- Amiga which allows you to edit existing fonts, or even create your own from scratch. Similar programs on machines such as the ST and the Mac could set you back a lot of money, but with the Amiga, you get one for free!
FREEMAP - FreeMap displays the amount of free ‘chip’ RAM available in a graphical form.
Each pixel in the map area represents a 64 byte block of free memory. If any bytes within this 64 byte block are not free, then the pixel remains unfilled.
PERFMON- PerfMon, short for Performance Monitor, dynAMIGAlly displays the amount of free chip and fast ram, and the performance of the 68000 central processor. While the program isn’t really of much use to most users, it’s quite interesting to watch.
KEYT0Y2000 - Mac users will feel instantly at home with Keytoy2000. Keytoy is an Amiga version of the Macintosh ‘KeyCaps’ accessory that allows you to view the current keymap setting when various qualifier keys are depressed (Alt, Shift, Control etc). Although the filename sounds like the program was designed for the 2000, 500 users can benefit.
PALETTE - Palette is a simple utility that allows you to change the colour palette of any standard Intuition screen that is currently open.
ICONED - IconEd lets you edit the appearance of Workbench icons using a paint package-like editing system. Just load the icon that you wish to edit into IconEd, make the necessary changes, resave, and your new Icon will be installed.
ICONMERGE - Icons on the Amiga can be a lot of fun. Not only can you create your own using the IconEd utility, but you can also breathe life into your creations using IconMerge. Put simply, Icon- Merge will let you animate an icon by attaching an extra icon image that will be displayed when the icon is selected. Although this approach is rather simple, some impressive results are possible.
PCUTIL The PCUtils drawer provides you with the necessary tools to allow the use of a 5 1 4 inch PC disk drive with the Amiga. With the addition of a 5 1 4 inch drive, you can copy files between PC format disks and the Amiga.
PCCOPY - PC Copy allows you to copy files from a 5 1 4 PC disk to a standard Amiga 3 1 2 disk.
PCFORMAT - As the name implies, PCFormat will let you format a 5 1 4 disk to the PC disk format, for use with both PCCopy and ToPCCopy.
TOPCCOPY - ToPCCopy will basically carry out the reverse process of PCCopy, namely copy files from an Amiga format 3 1 2 disk to a PC format 5 1 4 drive. ¦ _ COMPUTING THE AMIGA 2000 SPECIALISTS 2 0 0 0 6 8 0 3 0 Power Computing and GVP, leaders in Amiga technology bring you the state-of-the-art Power 2000 for a similar price to other supplier's basic 2000 models. The Power 2000 features B2000 with 1MB Chip Ram (latest revision), a 16Mhz Impact 68030 processor board with optional 68882 co-processor socket, a super fast AT hard disk interface (Access 11ms average, DT 706K second!) And up
to 8MB of 32 bit 0 wait state dram! The package also includes the highly respected (68882 compatible) Hisoft Basic, Phillips CM8833 Stereo Colour Monitor. 2nd internal 3.5" drive, mouse, keyboard, 2000 system manual (English!) Hi-tech mouse mat, all cables and 30 DS diskettes in a box. Price includes full 12 month warranty!
Using the same technology as the GVP hard- card this SCSI board has sockets for an optional 2MB of fast dram to expand your Amiga's memory. Specifications are the same as for the hard card but the hard disk must be fitted in one of the 2000's peripheral bays. Full instructions, installation software and cables are provided. See hard disk and memory prices below.
This state-of-the-art 44MB 25ms removable cartridge based hard disk unit and GVP SCSI controller fits in the 5.25 bay and comes complete with 1 cartridge. Additional cartridges cost only £99 each, giving an impressive £2.25 per megabyte of storage! The controller has space for an additional 2MB of fast ram and features a special autoboot feature that allows cartridge swaps. Ideal for secure or shared environments.
These GVP autobooting* hardcards are the easiest way to add a fast iFFS, DMA) SCSI hard disk to your Amiga 2000. Each card comes with super easy installation software, a Mac pinout compatible SCS: port, internal SCSI bus and 12 months warranty from Power. GVP hardcards are one of the best selling hard disk units in the US and have an excellent pedigree of trouble free service.
They are available in a range cf s zes.
POWER This SCSI 150MB tape streamer will work in conjunction with all GVP controllers and hardcards. It features advanced backup and restore software and has an impressive data transfer rate of 5-7MB per minute. The software features wildcards and selective backups as well as future support for unix environments. The unit is also available as a boxed unit with PSU for bridgeboard users. The streamer uses standard DC6150 tapes and comes supplied with one tape.
Microway Flicker Fixer Seagate ST 125N 20MB 28ms.. Seagate ST 157N 46MB 28ms.. Seagate ST1096N 90MB 28ms Quantum Prodrive 40S 11ms Quantum Prodrive 105S 11ms £329 call Memory (each) dram 1mbit 256*4 80ns ...... ....£12.95 ....£12.95 £3.75 call £149 dram 1mbit 1MB*1 80ns .... dram 256*1 100-150ns .. i6Mhz 68000 processor card ... 2 *RS232 port card ... SMB Memory card OK installed WE ALSO STOCK BOTH XT £199! AND AT £799! BRIDGEBOARDS Power Computing Ltd • 44A Stanley Street • Bedford • MK41 7RW. Tel: 0234 273000. Orders only 0800-581-742.
Fax: 0234 270133. Technical Support: 0234 267537 Mon-Fri 4-6pm Showroom & Telephone Sales open Mon-Sat 9.30am - 6.00pm and to 8pm Thursday & Fridays ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT & DELIVERY. PLEASE USE THE COUPON ON THE NEXT PAGE.
Vidtech Scanlock Broadcast PAL S-VHS Genlock A500 2000 This broadcast specification PAL & S-VHS genlock is aggressively priced for the video market. Attractively housed in a unit that sits under the monitor it features separate fade controls for both reference and Amiga videos, one touch select keys, remote operation and key out for video mixing decks.
A must for the serious amateur and S-VHS professional POWER C A selection of special deals only available fro POWER COMPUTING PRINTERS We are the Star LG 10 Star LC10 Colour £199 Star LC 24-10 £299 Star XB 24-10 £499 Star XB-24 -15 £649 Star +Pack extra ribbon + 1000 sheets of microperf paper and Amiga cable £16 Microperf Paper 1000 sheets £12 inc HP Paintjet Colour HP Desk Jet + £699 (We stock HP consumables!)
HP Laserjet 2 Compatible £1699 Qume LCS Cyrstal Laser (LCD) £2899 (Postscript compatible ideal for Pro Page)
* New from Power House * Break throughs in design and
construction coupled with a brand new 3.5” drive unit from
Epson - world leaders in peripheral technology - comes the
PC880 manufactured in the UK at a price that smashes those of
our competitors. Each drive is fully guaranteed for 12 months
and comes complete with instructions, through'port and
isolating switch.
5. 25” IBM™ FORMAT COMPATIBLE DRIVE (RRP £139) This fully
5. 25” 40 80 track drive can be used to read and write PC formats
as well as normal Amiga formats.
CHIPS & THINGS A590 compatible 256* 4 drams .. £12.95! Each Turbo 3 compatible 1mbit drams £12.95! Each 256K * 1 drams suitable for A500 memory expansion or spirit board £3.75! Each DISKETTES!!! NEW LOWER PRICES!
All disks are lifetime guaranteed & fully certified DS Bulk DS Disks 50 ..... Bulk DS Disks 100 ... 50 Disk Box .... 100 Disk Box ..... A500 HARD DISKS TRIANGLE TURBO 46MB HARD DISK £499 (RRP £549) Based on GVP technology this top of the range autobooting (1.3 KS) hard disk comes with lightning fast 28ms SCSI drive, with built in PSU and fan all in a matching cream case. Easy install software and manual are provided.
These drives also include an option to install 2MB of inexpensive 1x1 MB fast ram to increase the Amiga’s memory.
1. 5MB Spirit board populated 512K £249
1. 5MB Spirit board unpopulated £189 Minigen Genlock £99 (rrp
£115) Processor Acelerator £139 Super Pic £429 3 disks full of
Amiga goodies in this highly COMMODORE A590 20MB HARD DISK
£379 (RRP £399) Matching autobooting (1.3KS) Amiga 20MB 60ms
XT drive with the ability to expand the Amiga’s memory
internally using 4*256 drams in 512k (4), 1MB(8) and 2MB
steps(16) Fantasic demos, clipart and PD goodies.
To subscribe now, phone 0234 273000 for details AVAILABLE FROM NOW UNTIL CHRISTMAS WHILE STOCKS LAST £499!!!
A500 Batman Pack (Amiga 1.3 500 with Batman, F18 etc) complete with 512K expansion ram, TV Modulator, Mega games pack, mouse mat, 15 disks plus box and a joystick Monitor CM8833 Stereo with system .£225 Star LC 10 Colour Printer with + 10% off our already incredible software prices if purchased with Mega Pack!
* certain lines excluded I DIGITAL GROUP PLOTTER AGENTS WE ARE
9. 30am - 6.00pm Thursday & Friday 8.00pm Power Computing Ltd,
Power House, 44A Stanley Street, Bedford MK41 7RW Orders Only
0800 581 742 Free Call General Enquiries & Orders 0234 273000
(5 lines) Fax 0234 270133 Technical Support (Mon-Fri 3pm - 5pm
only) 0234 267537 SOFTWARE & BOOKS Power are the specialists
in serious software & books for the Amiga enthusiast at prices
that are rarely matched by our competitors Large stocks of the
latest versions and an extensive showroom display avoids
RED HOT PRICES ART & GRAPHICS Typically 30-40% off rrp Animagic £69 Amiga Clipart £29 Comic Setter £35 Deluxe Paint 3 £59 Deluxe Photolab £48 Digipaint 3 £49 Digiview Gold £99 Elan Performer £39 Express Paint 3 £69 Fantavision £28 Interchange £49 Interfont £79 Intro Cad . £39 Kara Screen Fonts 1 £49 .
Kara Screen Fonts 2. £49 Movie Setter £48 Photon Paint 2 £69 Pixmate £35 Pro Video Plus PAL £169 Sculpt 3D £69 Sculpt 3D Animate £99 Sculpt 3D XL £99 Sculpt 4D Junior £149 Amiga Music System with MM5000 keyboard and Pro Sound Gold only £149 LANGUAGES ETC Sonix £45 Sonix Sound Trax 1 £25 Sonix Sound Trax 2 £25 Devpac Hisoft Basic Lattice C v5 Lattice C++ Manx C Dev £38 £55 £160 £250 £163 Please send me the Power House Catalogue Sculpt 4D £329 Manx Debugger £49 a Turbo Silver £99 Power Windows 2.5 £48 1 Video Magic £79 §i: Video Page £99 UTILITIES 1; XCAD Designer £79 Arexx £39
• 1 XCAD Pro £325 BAD £35 I BBC Emulator £39 mMi WORD PROCESSING,
CLImate £20 j| DTP & BUSINESS Dos 2 Dos £29 Digicalc £29 Fine
Print £39 i Excellence £129 Quarterback £34 ’ ij Home Accounts
£20 RubyCom £69 • Kind Words £35 Transformer £29 Maxiplan + £99
WB 1.3 £15 « : 1 Maxiplan 500 £59 1 Pagestream £120 MUSIC m MM
Pro Draw £100 Midi Interface £25 1* Pro Draw Clip art £39 C64
Music Keyboard
• § Pro Page 1.3 £179 Interface £49 | Pro page Templates £39
MM5000 Keyboard £79
* |1 Pro text £63 Dr T’s Drums £25 P Superbase 2 £62 Dr T’s Midi
Studio £49 * Superbase Pro £160 KCS level 2 £229 ill Superplan
£62 Music X £189 Tne Works Platinum £149 Pro Sound Gold £59 ¦ :
Word Perfect £164 Amiga Music System £149 !
XENOMORPH ATARI ST £24.99 AMIGA £24.99 DEBUT £24.99 £24.99 ATARI ST AMIGA OUTLANDS ATARI ST £19.99 AMIGA £19.99 OUT NOW ATARI ST JASON ‘Go On, Ask Me A Question’ HOLBORN answers more of your problems and presents another bumper selection of tips to help you get the very best out of your Amiga.
TO B OR NOT TO B I am considering upgrading to an Amiga 2000, but Commodore seem to produce two different versions, the A2000 and the B2000.
What is the difference between these two machines and will they still run software for the A500?
M Wright N Ireland The Amiga 2000 has undergone several major upgrades since its original release. The latest version you can buy is the B2000 Revision 6 that includes the new ECS Agnus, giving access to a full megabyte of chip RAM.
The original release of theu 2000, the A2000, has been discontinued and so isn’t worth even considering if you want to keep up to date. The difference between this original A’ machine and the current model B's (Sorry Acorn!) Is that he A2000 had no composite output, the second 512K of RAM was on add-on card and the machine used the old rectangular Agnus (therefore making it incompatible with the soon (eventually?) To be released ECS upgrade).
BACK FROM THE DEAD I have been experiencing a phenomenon called Lazarus.
There are occasionally bad disks from PD suppliers that require the Workbench DiskDoctor treatment. On re-formatting the disk, it often displays the message ‘All Data on LAZARUS will be lost, do you want to continue?’. Could you please tell me what the hell is Lazarus? It is seldom that that the DiskDoctor is able to fix these disks anyway and having to return disks continuously is becoming a real pain.
P Black Stevenage, Herts Who hasn’t been reading their Bible recently, then? Lazarus was the chappie that Jesus supposedly brought back from the dead.
‘What has this got to do with the Amiga?" I hear you ask. Well, when the Diskdoctor utility rescues a corrupt disk, it automatically renames the disk to Lazarus.
Think about it for a while and you’ll soon realise that this is another classic example of what is commonly known in the trade as a ‘programmer’s joke’.
1. I have been playing around with some IFF file viewing
utilities and have encountered a few strange results. The one
that you use on your Amiga Format coverdisk, VILBM, works fine
from floppy and hard disks, but when it is used from the RAM
disk, it displays the file and immediately exits back to the
Workbench. Is this a bug?
2. Do you know of any utilities (preferably PD) that will convert
HAM pictures to non-HAM format for use within paint packages
such as Deluxe Paint etc?
3. Anyone know how to use icons produced using the PD program
‘IconMeister’ with the BitPlanes utility on Fish 213?
R Musson Edinburgh
1. The VILBM program does indeed seem to have a little buggette
(or ‘undocumented feature' as programmers prefer!)
The solution (which isn’t a particularly good solution), is to copy the files onto either a floppy or hard disk.
2. During my long travels through the PD libraries, I certainly
haven’t seen a PD program that will do the job. You could,
however, treat yourself to either Butcher II, Pix- mate or
Deluxe PhotoLab, which are three programs that will do the job
rather nicely (we use Pix- mate and PhotoLab extensively
ourselves). Contact Precision I I on 01 330 7166 for Butcher
and Pixmate, and Electronic Arts on 0753 49442 for PhotoLab.
3. Haven't played around with the BitPlanes program myself, but
I'm sure some helpful reader will come to your assistance
(come on, readers!)
READERS’ ADVICE BUREAU If you have a problem, and you can find a stamp, maybe you can find the answer to your problems... with the Workbench helpline. OK, tacky introduction over: if you have a particular query about life, the universe and the Amiga, then the Workbench helpline is for you.
Obviously we can’t enter into personal correspondence (so save your stamps, matey!), but we ll try our utmost to answer your questions within these pages. Send your letters to: Workbench Helpline Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath, BA1 xxx GATHERING INFORMATION I have just bought an Amiga 500 for my son. Before this, he owned a Commodore 64 with disk drive and a Commodore MPS 801 printer. Is it possible to use the printer with the Amiga?
I also have a large aviary that I wish to ‘computerise’. I wish to store details of each bird, its ring number, colours etc. What software do I need?
J Roderick Address Indecipherable Trilogic produce a suitable interface to allow you to connect an MPS 803, and could probably help you out with your 801. Try Trilogic on 0274 691115.
The software that you require is a database. One of the best ranges of Amiga database is the SuperBase series from Precision.
The basic system, SuperBase Personal, is a fully WIMP-based relational database system that is available from Precision software on 01 330 7166. If it's true power computing you want, Precision also produce SuperBase Professional 3 which is a fully programmable database management system that gives such business heavyweights as dBASE 111+ a run for their money.
1. On the November coverdisk, you published the PD program
BezSurf. The author wrote into it the ability to save the
first and next screens, therefore allowing you to create
animations using these saved screens. I have looked through
some past magazines and have found two programs that I
think will let me load in some IFF screens and save them out
as an IFF ANIM animation file. The two programs in question
are C-Light and The Director. Are these a good choice?
2. I have been trying to use the Workbench DISKCOPY operation but
cannot get it to actually work. I have done precisely what the
manual says but all that happens is that a blank window
appears and the disk drive hangs. What’s going on?
1. Of the two programs that you have suggested, The Director is
probably the best choice.
However, a better bet would be either Aegis' AniMagic or even Deluxe Paint III. For my money, I would personally go for Dpaint 3.
2. Yes, quite a few users have been experiencing this Hweohe-
nomenon rec£jtftf~The lpri inj e me virus called Lamer
Exterminator which can easily be Removed with a good virus
kilter (fV iL UGA PD jjliliPr isk VUTILty wmcn is available
from Software PD on 0705 266509.
This little chappy will also explain the read write errors you have been suffering from.)
Protecting important data on a floppy disk from accidental erasure is a simple process: just flick the write protect tab to the correct position and your data is (fairly) safe. But what do you do when you have a hard disk? Try as hard as you might, you’ll never find a write protect tab on your hard drive!
Luckily, if your hard drive is formatted under the new Fast File System that was introduced under Version 1.3 of the operating system, then you’ll be glad to leam that there is a way of protecting your valuable data. Any Fast File System drive or partition may be temporarily protected against deletion using the Workbench 1.3 Lock command.
The lock command allows you to set the write protection status of drive or partition, which will remain locked until the system is rebooted or you turn the lock off yourself. Optionally, you can even assign a four character password to the locked partition so that only you can then unlock it The syntax of the Lock command is LOCK FFS DRIVE PARTITION [ON OFF] PASSWORD For example, f you wanted to lock your ard drive without a password, you would simply enter Lock DHC: ON. To unlock the drive aga- .ust enter Lock DHO: OFF. If you wanted to lock your drive with a password, you PROBLEMS WITH
THE PUBLISHER I arr relatively new to the Amiga scene :hree months) and so far ave purchased two packages, Photon Paint and Publisher's Choice, nave collected together a few questions that I hope you can answer:
1. Is there a Public Domain program .'.hich w I print out disk
2. .There can I buy a cheap collection of clip art images to be
used with PageSetter 1.2 (included as part of the Publisher’s
Choice package), and can any of these images be purchased
through Public Domain?
Would enter Lock DHO: ON FRED, where ‘FRED’ is the password to be used. To unlock the drive, you would then have to enter Lock DHO: OFF FRED.
Trying to enter just Lock DHO: OFF on a password protected drive will not work.
Y) )U 3S te is le ir g :o iy n d - u s II s 1 1 j K T Ralph
Broadstone, Dorset HOT WATER BOTTLE CORNER Are you having
problems removing labels from your disks? Do they tear,
leaving a almost unremoveable layer of paper and glue? You
need a hot water bottle, matey!
Seriously, though. If you have problems removing disk labels, try laying the disk on a table (label side up) and then place a steaming hot water bottle on top of it for about 30 seconds. After that time, you should be able to easily peel the label off with your fingers.
P Sims Victoria, Australia I QUIT!
Unlike most packages, when you select the QUIT option in Dpaint, the program will not give you the option of cancelling the operation.
However, if you have made changes to your art since it was last saved, then Dpaint will give the option of saving your artwork before exiting. But what do you do if you accidentally select Quit and want to get back to Dpaint?
Although Dpaint doesn’t actually have a Cancel Quit option, there is a way around this.
When you select Quit, Dpaint will display a requester allowing you either to drop straight out, or to save your work and then quit. If you select Save, Dpaint will display a file requester. Now just select ‘Cancel’ on the file requester and the entire quit operation will be aborted.
J Taylor Gainsborough, Humberside DOSSING ABOUT WITH BASIC OK, you AmigaBASICopgwmmai how would you like to be able to execute DOS e mm nds from witRirt o r BASIC programs? For example, if yo re writing a game in BASIC yoiK uld add music to your creationby calling a DOS command to play Sound Tracker module in the background. You've got to agree, this could be genuinely useful!
The ollowing snippet of BASIC code (or ‘stub’ as ptagramm- mers prefer) calls the ROM Kernel routine ExecuteO, which s used to launah an external program as a separate task. To be able touse it, yoJ’ll need to copy the file dos.bmap from the Basic Demo I drawer on your Extras disk to your boot diskjs LIBS directory. If the program fails to work, check to make sure that C directory of your boot disk contains the AmigaDOS RUN c mmand.
Enouth wibbling, here’s the code: LIBRARY "dos . Library" DECLARE FUNCTION Execut 'O LIBRARY Commana$ sc IN£J fCHR$ (0 ) CALL Execute(SADD(Command$ ),0,0) R Anderton Macclesfield, Cheshire THE WHICH WAY You probably already know that AmigaDOS allows you to set up ‘Search Paths' that it uses to find programs. When you enter a command at the CLI (DIR for example), AmigaDOS has a list of directories that it will search to find the command that you wish to be executed. As default, these directories are set to the C directory and the current directory. Once you start adding your own search
paths, it can easily become almost impossible to keep track of where your commands are stored.
As always, AmigaDOS has a solution to this problem in the shape of the Workbench 1.3 command WHICH. The Which command searches the resident list (created by NEWCON:), the current directory and the AmigaDOS command search paths for a user-specified file. If the file is found, Which will then display the complete pathname where the file is to be found.
To use the command, just type WHICH Filename , where ‘Filename’ is your command.
S Peterson St Ives, Cornwall WORKBENCH NEEDS YOU!
Our poor old technical editor has quite a tough time compiling four pages of the very latest and best tips for the Amiga. Why not help him out by sending in your tips and tricks. “Why should I?”, I hear you ask. Well matey, not only will you get your name in print but, if your tip is the best of the month, you could win yourself FIFTY GOLDEN COINS for your troubles!
This month’s lucky Workbench winner is ANDREW RIDG- WICK of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne for his amazing Blitter programming tips. It’s Andrew’s round I think. Mine's a large one!
3. 1 have recently seen an advert for a product called Zuma
Fonts: please could you tell me precisely what this is, and
whether it will work with PageSetter?
4. Please, from your own experiences, which are the most
reliable public domain companies?
5. 1 am considering entering the world of MIDI and therefore I
need a package which is easy to use, yet versatile. Are there
any you could recommend that are under eighty pounds?
B Willcocks Bournemouth
1. Although PD disk label utilities exist, none are particular
good (any PD suppliers can correct me by sending me a copy of
the program in question). Instead, why not use PageSetter?
2. As it ‘appens guv, Photofile produce a rather nice
collection of seven disks for just £35. Give them a bell on
0602 261498.
3. Zuma Fonts is actually a collection of fonts for use within
any package that will accept standard Amiga fonts (such as
those on your Workbench disk). A better bet would be to
contact your local PD supplier who is bound to have a large
collection of PD fonts.
4. Put me on the spot, would you?
Any PD companies that advertise with Amiga Format will be more than capable of helping you out.
5. The best Amiga MIDI package is Microlllusions’ Music-X that we
reviewed in Issue 3 of AF. Unfortunately, Music-X will set you
back £225. However, those nice chaps at Microlllusions have
produced a cut-down version called Music-X Jnr, whic sells for
the bargain basement price of only £99. “That’s still not
under £80 though, matey!’’, I hear you shout. Well, check out
our Mail Order pages (Pages 190-191) and you’ll find Music-X
Jnr for the amazing price of only £73.95!!!
(a saving of over £25!)
Plug ends.
Anyone who has tried to program the b' Amiga’s Blitter from the hardware level may be under the impression that its sole pur- 7X pose in life is to copy data from one area of memory to another. Not so. By using different Blitter minterms, £ it is possible to carry out some quite complicated data manipulations on as many as three separate source channels and have the results combined into one output channel. Below is a run down of the most common minterms that you’re likely to need during your Blitter programming sessions.
Name : Memory Transfer Function : A = D Minterm Byte : 11110000 This minterm should be familiar to most of you as it is the most common. All it does is to copy the source data from A directly to the destination D without carrying out any form of manipulation.
Name : lnverse Memory Transfer Function : A = D Minterm Byte : 00001 111 This operation is similar to the first except that the source data is inverted when transferred to destination D. Name : Image Mapping Function : A + B = D Minterm Byte : 11111100 This operation is used mostly when dealing with graphics. The source data from channel A is logically OR’ed with the source data from channel B (which is normally the screen memory in which the resulting image is to appear) and the result is stored in the destination area D. This is one way of creating software sprites using the Blitter, where
the data for the sprite is read from source A, the screen backdrop is szf K read from source B and the f'nal result is fffs written to destination D. In case you’re wonder- x ing, it is the OR’ing that ei m nates the blank areas of the sprite from erasing the background data c* (apprentice games programmers take note!)
Name : Inverse nage Mapping Function : A + B = D Minterm Byte : 11001111 As the above operation, except that the sprrte data (read from source channel A) is inverted.
Name : Double Image Mapping Function : A + B + C = D Minterm Byte : 11111100 Same as the standard image mapping operation, except that three source channels are used, thus two images can be OR ec "to the screen memory.
Name : Cross image Result Function : A . B = D Minterm Byte : 11000000 The resulting image from this operation show only the places where the two source areas overlap.
Name : Cross Image Mapping Function : (A . B) + C = D Minterm Byte : 11101010 As you may have guessed, this operation n-apS cross image result of source channels A and B onto the data reac from channel C and writes the results to destination D. For further information on the E ~er arc ne At ga hardware in general, check out either Addison Weste s Hardware Reference Manual (Pages 171 through to 177) or Abacus' ga System Programmers Guide (both are fine books!) Arer't m Ter~s *jr ¦ AMIGA A500 With | ¦* FREE BAT PACK of software COMPUTER MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL OVR WESTERN AVENUE m UXBRIDGE
HOAD AMIGA A500 With Mouse, TV Modulator, Workbench, Manuals, and BASIC.
£289.00 A1084S Colour Monitor - Stereo Sound. £249.21 A1010 External 880K Disk Drive 3.5". £93.21 A590 External 20Mb Hard Disk For A500 £326.25 Philips 8833 Colour Monitor with Stereo Sound. £199.99 A500 Half Meg Memory Expanion. £79.95 A500 Half Meg Memory Expansion with Clock. £89.95 A500 2Mb Memory Expansion. £399.00 Amiga Mini Genlock £94.90 External 20Mb Hard Disk with SCSI Interface. £499.00 Control Centre for A500 £43.43 AMIGA HARDWARE AMIGA 2000 B2000 Amiga 2000 with Keyboard and Mouse (Also full range of Amiga 2000 accessories available). £1295.00 Amiga B2000 with 1084 Colour Monitor,
PC-XT Bridgeboard,
5. 25" Disk Drive, 20Mb MS-DOS Amiga Hard Disk. £1379.00 AMIGA
SOFTWARE Workbench 1.3 for A500 - A Must For All Amiga Owners.
£13.03 Animagic £69.52 ComicSetter - A Complete Comic Design
System. £99.95 Deluxe Paint III - Graphics and Simple
Animation. £69.56 Design 3D - For Quick Results And Animation.
£69.52 DigiviewGold £130.39 Doctor T's Midi Recording Studio.
£52.13 MusicX - Serious Music for the Budget Conscious.
£199.00 PASE - Professional Animator Sequence Editor. £65.22
Photon Paint II £78.22 Pro Video Plus - Video Graphics for PAL
£217.35 The Works TV Text £78.22 PRINTERS Star LC-10 - THE
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Money. £289.00 ACCESSORIES Full range of Amiga accessories
Amiga 500, Midi Interface, D Paint II, Superbase, Publisher's Choice, Dr T's Midi Recording Studio, BBC Emulator and BBC Programs, Mavjplgn ftOO-plus lQts of cc eoenes* 476.25 CLASS OF THE 90's EDUCATION BUNDLE cnv. HEATHROW AIRPORT Ave, Hayes, Middlesex. (JB4 8BX. ® 01-841 8744 85 Washway Road (A56), Sale, Manchester. M33 1TQ. S 061-962 0780 AIRPORT 1046 Coventry Road (A45), Haymiils, Birmingham. B25 8DP. ® 021-772 5212 Town Centre ,, fl PRICES EXCLUDED VAT AND DELIVERY. All goods guaranteed.
Caxton Centre, Porters Wood, St Albans, Herts. AL3 6XT. S 0727-37451 47774 SPECIAL OFFER 'Next Day Delivery Service on most popular lines. All prices subject to change; without notice. Official purchase orders accepted from Government, Local,; Authorities, Universities and PLCs. Prices Specifications subject to change without .notice. All special offers are subject to availability. Credit Cards not debited 3es'FaTch'.“" cm 0727 37451 47774 HEAD OFFICE: COMPUTER EXPRESS LTD rl CAXTON CENTRE • PORTERS WOOD • ST ALBANS Ealwrn HERTS • AL3 6XT • (0727) 37451 • FAX 0727 50819 STAR LC-10 LI Our
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3. 5" DS-DD 135 TPI 100% error free top quality discs 100 DS DD
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250 sequences in memory, compression quantise with intelligent time variation and multiple control sequence playback with I ms offset.
Music-X accepts and enhances standard IFF files, and can transfer them to score writing packages such as Dr T's Copyist.
Music-X also includes extras which other packages would require as expensive extras. They are 1) 8- bit. 16 sample. 4 voice sampler (IFF format): 2 16x16 MIDI patehbay for redefining MIDI channel status; 3) 4 editor librarians and 4) Keyboard mapping editor and MIDI monitor display.
All this in glorious colour with many more features than described here. A colour brochure is obtainable from us on request. Music-X requires a Commodore Amiga w ith at least I mb of memory. Micro Music- summed Music-X up with "Music-X is without doubt the best piece of MIDI software to dale. Buy it!"
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SPEAKERS THE AMPLIFIER This small unit has been designed and built in the U.K. specifically for use with the Amiga. It uses the latest microchip technology to produce a hefty 2 watt per channel of high quality sound, Twin volume controls allow both volume and balance to be set and a LED indicates that the unit is in operation. The amplifier connects to the AMIGA via the two phono sockets at the rear of the computer.
Measurements:- 10cm x 7cm x 2cm.
The speakers that come complete with me SOUNDBLASTER are 20 watt 3 way speakers and are contained in an attractive -“Tec er'oc$ ure ~ne speakers sound as superb as they look thanks to a powerful 3 inch woofe 'ey al me low tones, a 2 inch mid-range speaker for all the middle notes ana atr, rc~ Tweeter to reproduce all the top of the scale tones. The speaker connects *o me ampifier via 2.5 metres of cable for each of the two speakers. Spea*e- measurements:- 19cm x 10cm x 13cm.
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Payment is accepted over the telephone with VISA and ACCESS cards or through the post by cheque, postal order, eurocheque. Bank drafts etc. Send payment to:- SIREN SOFTWARE, 84-86 PRINCESS ST., MANCHESTER, M16NG. TEL: 061 228 1831 Specification and appearance subject to change wittxxU not cartor £179.95 tiina vo e 120.00 Me lor AHA 4- IATRIX £59.95 £99.00 .£89.00 »le for 10 £39.95 £39.99 £49.99 £22.95
159. 99 £74.99 £34.99
369. 00
445. 00
785. 00 ision your cat or your mum. In effect, a video camera
providing input to a digitising board is a scanner, and such
a set-up is ideal both for producing short animated
sequences and for capturing images from three-dimensional
objects, which may or may not be stationary, with obvious
attendant problems.
A solid tripod or copy stand plus suitable lighting isn’t likely to fit too comfortably on the desktop, but the video route allows you to leave the Amiga behind when you go in search of of images to capture - just take your trusty camcorder along, video everything that moves and then grab the frames you want once you’v arrived back at base.
And the Camcorder need not be the only input device. The still video camera (SVC), which is about to reach these shores, captures a single frame of video each time the shutter is released, storing it as analogue data on a small floppy disk.
If location work’ is to be the source of most of the images you want to move onto the computer, then video could be worth considering as an alternative to capturing pictures on photographic emulsion, developing it and bringing a print or transparency to a desktop scanner for input.
However, there is bound to be degradation of the image information when it is saved to a magnetic medium, SVC disk or videotape, and then read back to be converted from analogue to digital form by digitising hardware.
The trade-off between the cost of a video camera and digitiser board and the resolution which the set-up can offer can mean that more traditional scanning equipment in combination A scanner is an input device, a peripheral used to convert an image from the real world into a form that can be stored and manipulated on the Amiga. As with most peripherals, it’s wise to consider why you are buying a scanner and what you intend to use it for before poring over the advertisements and getting ready to spend money.
Scanners for the Amiga can cost from a little over a hundred to many thousands of pounds, but price and manufacturers claims are not necessarily the best guides to use in making a buying decision. First, you need to identify what you intend to do with your digital device and how you are going to use the scans it produces.
There are four main considerations to bear in mind: what kind of images do you want to scan in; what do you intend to do with the scanned images once they are in the computer; how will they be output or displayed; and, finally, would another route to achieving the same thing be more effective or less expensive?
The Nature Of The Image As far as scanners are concerned, the real world consists of two kinds of objects - two-dimensional and three-dimensional. Two- dimensional objects are either made up of continuous tones - like photographs, formed from an infinite range or greys or colours
- or they can be black and white images such as line drawings or
pages of text.
Three-dimensional objects usually contain colour, and can be stationary, like an apple placed on a copystand under a camera, or moving, like a football match, SHOPPING FOR SCANNERS - THE AMIGA OPTIONS Assuming you have not invested in a PC Bridge-' board, which gives access to the wide world of scanners that can be hung off the back of an IBM PC or compatible, there is a remarkable range of scanning devices tailored for connection to the Amiga.
There’s no shortage of choice available - scanners exist that will fulfil the needs of the high-end professional publisher looking to do full colour separation work, while inexpensive ‘fun’ units are available for the dabbler, the artist, or tfie techno-junkie who just wants another peripheral to connect to the computer and have fun with.
In future issues, this column will review the hardware and software available for scanning images on the Amiga. The techniques for using scanning equipment creatively will also be covered. Meanwhile, here’s an overview of the Amiga scanner market.
Present have no firm plans to introduce it to the UK market.
Essentially a bundle of software, interface and the Canon 1X12 monochrome sheet-fed scanner, ProScan can save scans as black and white images in IFF format at 75, 150, 200 or 300 dots per The ScanJet from Hewlett-Packard inch. Photographs can be scanned in and halftoned in software which emulates 32 levels of grey, from what is apparently a 16 grey-scale scanner. Graphics may be precoded for automatic scaling within Professional Page.
In America, the interface, software and Canon scanner bundle sells for $ 1,095. Dial 0101 416 828 0913 if you simply can t wait for the package to arrive on these shores or the review to appear on these pages... Hewlett Packard Compatibility Readers who just happen to have a HP Scanjet or HP Scanjet Plus in the back room gathering dust tor want of PC or Macintosh to connect it to might like to give Alan Potter of AT Computer Products a ring. He’s the man who is dealing with American Inset Systems’ interface to the HP Scanjet flatbed scanners. According to s assistant, the software and
interface cost a little under £125, and providing you have got an Amiga 500 or 2000, expect to get up to 16 grey scales in images that can be previewed, cropped, manipulated or dithered in four patterns then saved to IFF, EPS, PCL or FAX files.
Further details on 0483 722837.
SunRfle Industries' Remaps the most cunnir Sevice of them all for the [Amiga is the IMG Scan (which sells in the States torj
149. 99, which is likely to translate to around £12(1 according
to the people at ?
The scans for - they might be combined with text in a DTP document and either output as a part of the final page, or imported as positional visuals only, used to give ari impression of the appearance of the final document but replaced by photographically- produced black and white halftones or full-colour separation sets before the page goes to be printed. The quality of the work you need to produce should be the governing factor in selecting a scanner: most expensive is not necessarily the best or the most practical.
If your scans are going to form part of finished pages, then bear in mind the type of output device that the pages are going to be produced on before splashing out bn the most powerful equipment available.
While a scanner may be able to capture images at a resolution of 400, 600 or even 800 dots per inch, and even if it can differentiate between 256 different levels of grey or between millions of different colours, nearly all the extra power of the scanner will be wasted if the final page is produced on a dot matrix or 300 dots per inch laser printer, particularly if you are dealing with contones rather than line art.
And the size of the files your high-end beast will start feeding into the Amiga will rapidly get out of control: a black and white photograph measuring 2cms square, scanned at 200 dots per inch resolution by a device that can differentiate between 256 levels of grey can take up as much as half a megabyte of memory or disk space. An A4 photograph scanned in the same way could well look for over 3.5 Mb to I with traditional photography provides higher resolution for a smaller outlay.
Using Scans Whether images are to be scanned in full colour or in black and white is the next breakpoint.
Colour scanners are considerably more expensive than devices that deal only with tones of grey.
Eight bit scanners, which can discriminate between 256 levels of grey are in turn more expensive than simplistic devices than can manage only a few levels of grey, or just black and white. The potential quality of a scanned image is also affected by the resolution of the scanning device, measured in dots per inch.
After giving consideration to the colour monochrome question, decide what it is that you intend to do with a scanned image once it is in the computer.
Optically Recognising Characters If you want to scan in pages of text and then use optical character recognition (OCR) software to convert the image into an ASCII file, thereby avoiding tedious keyboarding, then don’t expect too much in terms of accuracy, forget completely about scanning in anything but the cleanest typewritten or printed text, and don’t waste money on a colour scanner. As a reasonable alternative to Amiga OCR, forget about buying a scanner and teach yourself (or someone close to you) to type.
Pretty Pictures On The Page If you want to scan in continuous tone images (contones), then work out what you’re going to use Amiga Centre Scotland who are currently setting up an import deal.
Rather like the Thunder- Scan for the Macintosh and other budget devices available for some 8-bit machines, IMG Scan sits on the print head transport mechanism of your dotmatrix printer and uses the mechanics of your printer to scan in artwork that is advanced past the moving scan head by the paper roller.
Don’t be put oft by the apparent crudity of this approach, and don’t let the| low price deter you, either.
Credible results can be achieved in up to 256 levels of grey with a resolution of up to 300 dots per inch. Files may be saved in IFF or RAW format. As we went to press details of UK availability could not be civ ned from the Texans beh nd S-nR ze... Watch these oages for a firm update or try calling them on 0101 409 846 1311. Or Amiga Centre Scotland on 031 557 4242.
Cameron Goes For Colour Cameron’s Handy scanner is available sipffS'-the budget Type 2?
ith a fixed 200 dots per inchi resolution and 64mm scan width offers black and white scans only - no real or dithered grey tones on offer, so it’s best for text or line art but good results can still be achieved for around £230* Mo trrg-44p4he Qam$ range a tad, the Type 10 offers three scan resolutions
- 200, 300 and 400 dots per ner is can be beefed up with three
pieces of software for the Amiga: Handy Reader; Handy Painter
and Handy Sc Sase. Hand R ader is m Optical Character R pg-
nition package that can .‘learn’ character sets and produce
ASCII files from shagged text; Handv tffter is an art reWUCHIng
package that allows scanned images to be manipulated, retouched
and embellished before they are saved as TIFF files, while the
soon-to-be-released Handy Scan Base is a database package that
allows graphics to be incorporated with text in records, and
is due to feature a full report generator along with dBase
Handy Painter, and Handy Reader are currently free in Cameron boxes, and call home, while you’ll probably need over 60Mb to stash that A4 photograph if it’s scanned same- size in 256 levels of grey at 800 dots per inch.
It gets even more mind-boggling if you are dealing with full colour scans of contones that you intend to separate into Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black film for printing in colour. Invest in an accelerator board, lots of RAM and a hard disk, and remember to make sure that the software that drives the scanner can use space on the hard disk as virtual memory.
- BADGE ENGINEERING It is not always terribly clear exactly what
it is you are buying with a scanner - one manufacturer’s
scanning engine can be offered for sale in many guises by other
scanner makers. The same basic engine may either installed in a
different casing and be bundled with different software, or
might appear in the same box with a different name on the
This is by no means a ‘con’ - just standard practice in the computer peripherals world where OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) assemble products from component units provided by large, specialist manufacturers. Different software packages can affect the apparent performance of such badged’ engines, but the basic physical capabilities of the scanning unit cannot be improved. The price, however, can vary significantly and may reflect the OEM's investment in driving software - or desire for profit... For instance, at one time or another, Silver Reed’s 200 dots per inch engine (SP11)
could be bought from Datel, Cameron, Bureau- care and HB Marketing in slightly different packages, The golden rule has to be: decide what you want in terms of performance then go shopping for price. Check out what incentives or bundled software are on offer a scanner that is apparently more expensive may come with all the software you need, while another scanner, or the same unit sold by another supplier may involve you in extra software expense.
If you want to achieve professional results, producing mono halftones or full colour contone separations onto the page using your Amiga and a scanner, you had better be serious, have serious work to do and serious money to spend. Alternatively consider using scans as positional visuals only, in which case a cheap and cheerful device will serve you well.
Printing Greys On A Black And White Printer Less demanding DTP work involving contones, perhaps to be output on a dot matrix or laser printer, doesn’t call for an expensive scanner that offers 256 grey levels. In order to simulate the effect of many levels of grey in output produced on a device that can only print in black and white, the image has to be ‘halftoned’ - or broken up into patterns of different-sized dots - before it is printed. In this way, black ink can be placed on the page in such as way as to fool the eye to seeing grey tones.
Using photographic methods, the contone is re-photographed through a screen to produce a halftone, which is made up of from dots which can be of infinitely variable size. The screen ruling governs the number of halftone dots that make up an area of the halftoned image. If a very fine screen is used, say of 130 lines per inch, a sharply- defined image that deceives the eye into seeing many shades of grey will be produced. Conversely, a coarse screen will produce a halftone that is less well- defined and apparently contains fewer shades of grey.
In a halftone produced digitally and output on a printer that has a print resolution of less than 2000 dots per inch, the finer the halftone screen, the fewer the levels of grey that appear in the printed halftone. A 300 dots per inch laser printer can only emulate 4 levels of grey in a halftone screened at 150 lines per inch, and if a very coarse screen of 50 lines per inch is applied digitally, the same laser printer can only produce a halftone that appears to contain 36 levels of grey.
Line Art Scanners really come into their own when you’re dealing with line art - material that is composed of black and white and no greys.
Scan file sizes are much more manageable than those produced from contones, and while higher resolution scanners tend to produce better results, offering smoother edges to curves, line art can be input very successfully on even the most basic scanning devices, especially if you’re prepared to titivate the results with a bit of pixel editing.
Paste up can be avoided if you scan in logos or illustrations and output them as part of a DTP page, and even the most artistically illiterate can scan in a drawing, import it into a paint package and use the scan as the base for an embellished illustration. With a little creativity, some very neat effects can be generated from a scan produced on a basic hand-held device.
Next issue, the DTP column will be taking a break, but in two month’s time it will be-back with a head-to-head review of two budget scanners for the Amiga - Datel’s hand-held Geniscan and the SunRize IMG Scan - along with some tips and hints for using them to best advantage. ¦ As mentioned below, AMIGA Times is a Canadian Amiga publication produced entirely on Amiga DTP systems and making considerable use of Sharp professional scanning equipment, plus various image manipulation and output devices, provided by UK firm ASDG. The full story behind the production of AMIGA Times is scheduled for a
future issue of Amiga Format.
Information handlers will no doubt be happy to learn that Handy Scan Base will soon be included as a freebie.
For those in search of colour images, Cameron offer the Type 6 Handy Scanner, a 90 dots per inch unit with a 64mm scan width that is capable of recognising 4,096 colours. Files created with the Type 6 colour unit can be titivated in colour in Handy Painter, or incorporated into Handy Scan Base, which allows for colour optimisation and palette adjustment. £575 is the cost of the Cameron colour unit, and Silica Shop or Amiga Centre Scotland are tne people to talk to. Make sure you have 1 Mb of memory if you want to get Cameron scanning... Datel’s Digital Device The Geniscan GS4500 offers
100, 200, 300 and 400 dots per inch resolution with a scan width of 105mm. Bundled with Photon Paint for an all-in price of £169.99, the unit arrives with its own Scan Edit software for retouching and offers three dither settings for capturing continuous tone images as well as a line art or text mode. Datel can supply further details on 0782 744707, or wait for our review in the issue after next. Those of you who have spotted Datel’s flatbed scanner in the advertisements may like to know that it has been temporarily withdrawn - there isn’t a problem with the hardware or software, it’s
just that the instructions are not in English!
Going For Full Colour Perhaps the most competent full-colour Amiga system currently available in the UK is offered by ASDG. Based on the Professional ScanLab software and board that works with three Sharp scanners, it is the system used to produce Canadian magazine AMIGA Times - one of the few full-colour magazines in the world produced entirely on an Amiga DTP front-end.
Sharp's JX100 handheld colour scanner can be used with its own software in conjunction with the Amiga to scan in colour images up to 100mm x 160 mm at a resolution equivalent to 200 dots per inch, although 400 dots per inch input is theoretically possible. You pay around £700. Place the JX100 on an image and leave it alone to do the scanning rather than drag it around the desktop as is the case with other ‘hand scanners’.
For higher end work, the Sharp A4 flatbed scanner, the JX300, offers colour or 256 grey level scans of A4 images and is bundled with Professional Scan Lab by ASDG for around £3000. Its bigger brother, the JX450, forms part of what is possibly the ultimate Amiga colour scanning system - capable of scanning A3 images in 1.6 million colours or 256 levels of grey it is offered by ASDG complete with Professional ScanLab for £7500.
"Trip LIGHT SYNTHESISER , rf I 1 Sphfeifa.-. I 1 I TRIP-A-TRON S converts your AMIGA ¦% into an instrument on which you m (and your mouse) can produce flowing % patterns of light and iridescent colour, and match » the display to any music.
THE RESULT is fascinating - pleasure enhanced by knowing that your sequences can be saved and enjoyed again or used as performance art at a disco or by a group.
AMIGA TRIP-A-TRON with graphics effects allocated to most keys, is instantly useable. It also has its own programming language, KML, and beautifully designed pop-up screens helpina you create an infinity of unique effects.
TRIP-A-TRON comes with a comprehensive 145 page manual in an attractive A5 ring binder.
WITAllMQglKlfl Price - £29.95
* *S» **; V *-V'v~l *¦ « v '*** '-'•y -ikk *•**' ** • , - 'f- -
±' » • *.• * v ', » t- V~y. •- W'rC. T " V .?»&&.* .''ft '*
"-Ai • Sy ' U ¦ * '' *• *» I ¦ ¦ ¦ Vj&V K : LLAMASOFT 49 MOUNT
6UC O til Stuck for gift ideas for the Amiga in your life?
JASON HOLBORN takes a look at a range of budget priced widgets.
Nt ii avail* ailVffUINNBV I'lmii KtIJmilff
I. FIREPOWER All Amigas ¦ £17.99 (+2 free PD games) Rapid fire
switches are handy things for those of us not blessed with the
natural zapping talent of an Amiga Format games reviewer.
However, how many of you bought joysticks without these
blessed devices built into them? Come on, own up: you’ve
regretted not buying a rapid fire joystick ever since!
But, like everything in life, some clever chap has seen a gap in the market, and FirePower is the result. The unit is simply an adjustable rapid fire mechanism that sits between your joystick and the Amiga joystick ports and allows you to switch between normal and rapid fire. The potentiometer (knob to you) allows you to adjust the rate of fire from a slow trickle to a deadly, constant stream.
All Amigas ¦ £19.99 (+2 free PD Games) Anyone remember the 'Slowmo’ device that appeared on the Commodore 64 a few years back? Break! Is a device that will let you carry out a similar task on your Amiga.
Although the name is a bit deceptive, Break! Is a simple little widget that will allow you to slow down virtually all games software, therefore making life that bit easier. Like Slowmo, the speed can be adjusted using a potentiometer.
If cheating isn’t your style, a flick of a switch disables the device.
The Break! Unit consists of a single chip holder which sits between the 68000 and its chip holder. Hanging off the unit are two sets of leads ending in a switch and a potentiometer, which must be trailed across the PCB to any available gaps in the case (making them accessible once the Amiga is finally reassembled).
3. COUNTER DISPLAY Amiga 2000 Only ¦ £34.99 External drives with
LED track displays are all the rage at the moment, and so for
trendy 2000 owners, Counter Display could be the ideal gift.
This particular display device consists of a replacement for
the 2000’s front panel (the one that holds the power and hard
drive activity LEDs) which contains a row of four LEDS to dis
play the track position for both the Amiga 2000 internal
drives (the second two LEDs are unused if you only have a
single drive). The heart of the device is a small(ish) plug-in
card that sits between the 2000 Printed Circuit Board and the
disk drive ribbon cable.
A word of warning for those of you with internal MIDI interfaces. Most internal MIDI interfaces connect to the internal serial connector: however, this connector is also used by the Track Display card to draw its power. To be able to use both, you may have to make alterations (such as fitting a switch) so that both can share Amiga system. Without it, your Amiga will be about as much use as the Hardware Reference Manual is to Andy Zap em’ Smith. Put simply, booting a disk from drive DFO: is your only way of getting the Amiga up and running. But what happens if the internal drive gives up on
life? You need Boot Selector of course!
Boot Selector, as the name implies, allows you to change the system boot-up drive to either Drive Zero (the default) or Drive One at the flick of a switch (while the machine is turned off, of course!) The unit is just a single chip holder with a switch attached via a connecting cable (allowing you to control the selector once the case is closed up again).
Installing the new Change Kickstart 'jj board is simplicity a itself, although it f does involve open- a ing up your Amiga j (which will invalidate your warranty on the Amiga 500). All you have to do is to remove the Kickstart chip that’s presently installed and replace with the Change Kickstart Board. The old Kickstart chip must then be moved onto the board together with Like the Change Kickstart board, the connector.
4. MIDI GOLD Amiga 2000 Only ¦ £59.99 The Amiga 2000 was one of
the few good ideas that the designers at Commodore came up
with. Instead of having all addons hanging off the machine,
like the other Amiga models, everything could be contained
within one (fairly) portable box.
Never again would you have to wade through masses of connecting leads every time you ventured around the back of your Amiga: everything was neatly out of sight inside the machine.
For all you space-conscious 2000 owners, MIDI Gold is an internal MIDI interface that provides one MIDI IN, one MIDI THRU and two MIDI OUT connections. The unit includes a serial port pass-thru connector (the 2000’s connector is switched out) and a MIDI disable switch to allow you to use serial printers and modems.
5. BOOT SELECTOR All Amigas ¦ £9.99 Unless you have an
autobooting hard- drive and Kickstart 1.3, the Amiga inter
nal drive is an all-important part of the you’ll have to open
up your Amiga to actually install the Boot Selector. The board
sits between the Even CIA chip and its holder, so making the
installation is a fairly simple process.
6. CHANGE KICKSTART Amiga 500 2000 ¦ £29.99 (£55 with either the
1.2 or 1.3 ROM) With the release of Kickstart 1.3, quite a few
commercial games suddenly stopped working. Although most have
now been re-released to work with all models of Amiga, a few
still remain out of reach of those of us with newer Amigas.
So how do you protect your software investment? You could replace the 1.3 Kickstart with the older 1.2 version: but what happens if you also wish to take advantage of 1.3’s hard drive boot facility?
The answer is simple. You’re stuck, matey!
However, to the rescue is the Change Kickstart board. The board contains of two separate chip holders that are used to hold both the 1.2 and 1.3 Kickstart chips inside the machine at the same time.
Swapping between the two is simply a matter of flicking the Change Kickstart switch (while the machine is turned off!)
The additional alternative Kickstart chip.
The changes made in the operating system between versions 1.2 and 1.3 of Kickstart are miniscule compared to the difference between 1.3 and 1.4. When 1.4 does finally arrive, be prepared to see software failing all around you as the new O S breaks all those badly-written games.
When this does happen, Change Kickstart will be the one sure way of protecting your investment.
7. CMI MIDI 1 All Amigas ¦ £29.99 ¦ Third Coast Technologies
(0257 426464) George Thomson don’t produce a version of their
A2000 MIDI Gold interface, but for those of us who can’t
afford the luxury of an Amiga 2000, Third Coast Technolo
gies’ CMI MID11 unit is the best there is.
The unit features one MIDI IN, one SYNC OUT (for connecting to older drum machines) and three MIDI OUTs. For sensing MIDI activity, Third Coast’s interface features two coloured LEDs which show the stream of MIDI data in and out of the unit. For surviving even the most hectic of gigs, the unit is made completely from robust metal. If you’re after an A500 MIDI interface, the Third Coast unit is not only one of the cheapest available, but also one of the best-equiped.
8. TWIN-IT All Amigas ¦ £11.99 So you’ve bought two disk drives,
but you’ve only got one port to plug them into. The Commodore
manual says to daisy chain them, but neither of the drives
includes a pass-thru connector. What are you going to do? You
should treat yourself to Twin-lt, of course! ¦ SUPPLIERS All
Items (except the External MIDI Interface) Are Available From
George Thomson Services on 077082 234. Third Coast
Technologies can be contacted on 0257 424442.
ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT & P&P. UK & BFPO ORDERS ONLY Cheques and Postal Orders to: 1 VISA 24 HOUR ORDERLINE 0597 87784 Manor Court Supplies Ltd DISK DRIVES AMIGA EXTERNAL DRIVES ? 3 1 2" 1 Meg 880k Format ? As above PLUS ? On off switch ? Through Port SPECIAL PRICE £74.99 ? 5 1 4" Half Height ? Spec as above SPECIAL PRICE £95.99 ATARI EXTERNAL DRIVES ? 3 1 2" 1 Meg 720k Format ? Super Slim ? Very Quiet ? TEAC Drive Mechanism SPECIAL PRICE £78.99 ? 5 1 4" Half Height ? Very Quiet ? TEAC Drive Mechanism SPECIAL PRICE £99.99 20 3 3 2" DS DD 135TPI + 80 Cap.
Box ..£20.00 40 3 1 2" DS DD 135TPI + 80 Cap. Box ..£34.50 50 3 1 2" DS DD 135TPI + 80 Cap. Box ..£40.00 70 3 1 2" DS DD 135TPI + 80 Cap. Box ..£54.00 All disks 100% certified and guaranteed 135TPI All boxes inc. Lock and Dividers DISK BOXES (Lockable) 3 V 50 Capacity £5.25 3 1 2" 100 Capacity £6.95 BENCH MARK DISKS AND BOX OFFER
25. ..£17.80
50. ..£34.80
100. ..£63.25
200. £117.88
400. £223.68
600. £319.13
1000. £503.13 ACCESSORIES
Mouse Mat Rigid £4.50 Mouse Pocket £2.50 Above Prices only
with other purchases BENCH MARK DISKS DS DD 135TPI 1
TURBOSOFT Dept (Amiga Format) 41 South Street Leighton
II £15.99 Batman
The Movie £16.99
Bloodwych ..£15.99 Stunt
Car Racer ....£16.99 F-16 Combat
Pilot .£15.99 Continental
Circus .£13.99 Gazzas
Soccer ......£14.99 Shadow Of The
Beast £24 99 Please make Cheques & Postal Orders payable
P&P in UK FREE Beds. LU78NT MAIL ORDER ONLY Tel: 0525 377974 Fax: 0525 852278 Robocop .....£15.99 Strider ...£13 99 New Zealand Story £15.99 Kenny Dalgleish II .£13 99 Lords of the Rising Sun £20.99 Sim City.. .. £19 99 Laser Squad ...£13.99 CentreFold Squares .....£13.99 Populous ....£16.99 Interphase ..£19.99 ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ * m ¦ ¦ R mm mm
elsewhere please add £2.00 per item.
N. B. Please state make of computer when ordering NEW RELEASES
Retaliator ..£16.99 ropuious
i ew vvorias ....t .yy Space
Ace ...... £25 99 F-16
Falcon £20.99 Altered
Beast ..£16.99 Falcon Mission
Disk .. £13 99 Beach Vollev £16 99 CLASSIC
COLLECTION Dungeon Master (1 Meg) £15 99
Bomber ...£19.99
Double Dragon II ......£13.99
A. M.O.S * £32.99
European Superleague ...£13.99
Shinobi .£13.99 Super
Wonderboy .£16.99 Power
Drift .£16.99
A.PB ....£13 99 Shoot
'em ud Construction ......£20.99 Fiendish Frpdriv pi a
99 Dungeon Master Editor .....£7.99
Battlechess ...£16.99 3D
Pool ...£13.99
Colossus Chess X ..£15.99 Pool of
Radiance ......£19.99 Steve Davis
Snooker ......£13.99 Dragons of
Flame ....£16.99
Hillsfar .....£16.99
Operation Thunderbolt ....£16.99 Adidas
Golden Shoe £16.99 HITS DISC 1 ONLY
£9.99 Gold Runner, Slaygon, Jupiter Probe, Karate Kid H TRIAD
II ONLY £15.99 Menace, Tetris, Baal King's Quest Triple
Pack .£17.99 Hollywood Poker
Pro ......£14.99 Flight Simulator
II .....£26.99 Lombard R.A.C.
Rally .....£15.99 N4inrn Qonncr pi c nn
U. M.S. II ...£15.99
Damocles £16.99
Myth .£16.99
Untouchables ... £16 99 COMPUTER HITS II ONLY £8.99
Tetris, Black Shadow, PREMIER COLLECTION ONLY £12.99 Exolon,
Nebulus, iviicro
ooccyr .Lio.yy Dragon
Ninia .£15.99 Operation
Wolf ..£15.99 Scenery Disk 7, 9
or 11 ...£13.99 Blade
Warrior £16.99
Commando £13 99 Golden Path, Joe Blade
Netherworld, Zynaps Scenery Disk Japan or
Europe ....£13.99 War in Middle
Earth .£13.99
Nevermind .....£15.99
Onslaught £15.99
PRECIOUS METAL ONLY £15.99 Captain Blood, Xenon, Arkanoid II,
Crazy Cars LIGHT FORCE ONLY £16.99 Airborne
Ranger ......£15.99 Double
Dragon .£13.99
Waterloo .£15.99 Iron
Lord ..£19.99 Chase
H.Q ....£15.99 Chaos
Strikes Back ..£13.99 Bio Challenge,
lk+ R - Type, Voyager.
Bismark ...£15.99 Archipelagos .£16.99 Battletech £16 Q9 Dragon Spirit .£13.99 Drakkhen .£15.99 Fast Lane £15.99 SPECIAL OFFERS • SPECIAL OFFERS • Wayne Gretzky's Hockey £15.99 Deluxe Paint 3 ..£54.99 DpIiixp Rrrahhlp pitqq Ghostbusters II ..£16.99 Hard Drivin' ...£13.99 Last Ninja
II ...£16.99 Rainbow Islands £13.99 Manhunter in San Francisco ......£20.99 uuirun Lb.99 Football Manager II £7.99 Leaderboard .....£6.99 Emmanuelle £9 99 Rocket Ranger .....£12.99 Teenage Queen £8 99 Marble Madness .....£7.50 Speedball ......
£1199 Strip Poker II + .£6.99 Dark Castle .....£6 99 Bards Tale I ......£7.50 Infection . £4 99 l oiuac vJDI auuic ......L 1 Dragon's Lair (1 Meg) ......£24.99 Bard’s Tale II .£16.99 Ferrari Formula 1 .....£16.99 Grand Prix Circuit ....£16.99 Kingdom of England £16.99 Dr Dooms
Revenge .£14.99 Renegade 3 ..£15.99 Cabal £15.99 Wild Streets ...£14.99 Warlocks Quest £2.99 Flintstones .... £6 99 Billiards ......£4.99 Hunt for Red October ...... £9 99 Arctic Fox ..£7.50 Espionage .£3.99
T. V. Sports Football ..... £12 99 Pacland Pfi
qq Paperboy £14.99
Trivial Pursuits ..£13.99 Sword
of Sodan £16.99 Ultima
IV .£16.99 TinTin on
the Moon ..£15.99 World Tour
Golf £7.50 Pacmania
£8 99 Zak McKraken ..£16.99
Tusker...... £16 99 Alternate
Reality .....£5 99 Peter
Beardslevs Socrpr £6 qq
Goldrush .£16.99
Verminator .....£15.99
MidWinter .....£16.99
Barbarian II P16 QQ Casino
Roulette £3.99
Running Man . £9 99
Brian Clough's Football .....£6.99
Thunderbirds .. £9 99 Crazy Cars
II ..£14.99
Bismark..... £8 99 Manhunter in New
York ..£16.99 Forgotten
Worlds .....£13.99 Blood
Money .£15.99 1 “Ol UUI
IC4II II yi OVUI luolo 1 ..L J . J J
Ivanhoe ...£15.99
Neuromancer £16.99 It Came
from the Desert (1 Meg) £19.99 Lost
Patrol .....£15.99
Eliminator ..£5.99
Murder in Venice . £7 99
Zynaps ......£5.99
Prison .... £6 99
Trivial Pursuit New Begin ..£6.99
ShadowGate . £8 99 Saint &
Greavsie ....£7.99
Tetris ..... £7 99 Test Drive
II ..£16.99
Gunship ..£15.99
Millenuim 2.2 ...£16.99
Balance Of Power 1990 ..£19.99 Swords of
Twilight ....£16.99
Risk ..£13.99
Infestation .....£15.99 ¦
mm ¦ «i ¦ wmm m m rnmmm m mmmn ¦ hbb ¦ hhm Please Note: Some
Titles may not be released.
? These will be despatched within 24 hours of release, subject to availability.
Rick Dangerous £15.99
R. V.F. Honda .£16.99 Indy
Jones The Adventure ..£16.99 Kick
Off ...£12.99 GFA
Basic 3.0 Interpreter Now available for the Amiga 3fa has SOLD
over 100,000 GFA Basic systems on the Atari ST, and now expect
to achieve a similar success on the Amiga.
GFA Basic 3.0 Interpreter is the first release of an entire range of GFA products being produced for the Amiga. Soon to be released products: GFA Basic 3.0 Compiler GFA Assembler The First GFA Basic 3.0 Book Training for Advanced Programmers Book The quickest way to learn about any machine is to sit down and write programs for it.
The use of an interpreter will improve your learning curve, not requiring the agonising .vaits endured by Basic compilers. The GFA range of products will provide you with tutorials and documented examples. First class software backed up by superb documentation and books to cover most subjects. This is why GFA Basic has been a success on the Atari ST, and why it will be a success on the Amiga.
Programming environment editor Structured programming support Auto indent Procedure folding Variable types: Boolean Byte Word Integer Float String 400 page User Manual Over 300 Commands supported System Routines supported: Exec Library Graphics Library Workbench Library Intuition Library Disk Font Library Layers Library DOS Library GFA Basic Interpreter is now at release 3.041. Existing users should send original GFA Basic Disk to GFA, in suitable stamped addressed envelope for FREE update.
Available from your Amiga Dealer, and most software stockists or in case of difficulty by mail order: GFA Data Media (UK) Ltd, Box 121, Wokingham, Berkshire, RG11 9LP.
Credit card or cheque postal orders payable to GFA Data Media (UK) Ltd accepted.
GFA Data Media UK GFA Basic 3.0 for the Amiga £49.95 Expiry Date Signature MasterCard Order Date: Name (on card) IU_ I Address GFA Data Media Box 121 Wokingham Berkshire, RG11 9LP Tel: (0734) 794941 2 §L Postcode AMOS £34.95 MAIL ORDE 6 BOND STREET, IPSWICH SUFFOLK IP4 1JB 36A OSBORNE STREET, COLCHESTER, ESSEX (RETAIL) MAIL ORDER 24hr MAIL ORDER PURCHASE LINE (0473) 257158 (0473) 210605 FAX: 0473 213457 HARDWARE ALL OUR HARDWARE INCLUDES VAT AND FREE DELIVERY. UK MAINLAND ONLY. NEXT DAY DELIVERY BY ARRANGEMENT MOST WORKING DAYS.
PC ENGINE PLUS 16 bit games machine PAL version £199.95 SEGA MEGA DRIVE 16 bit games machine £199.95 A3000s and Sts in stock AMIGA 500 BATMAN PACK Batman (The Movie) Interceptor, NZ Story, Deluxe Paint II, mouse, modulator, and manuals.
£369.95 AMIGA 500 + 1084S As above with Batman pack and 1084S colour monitor £599.95 A590 HARD DRIVE 20 meg hard drive £369.95 AMIGA 500 CLASS OF 90 PACK Deluxe Paint II, Superbase Personal, Maxiplan A500, Doctor Midi recording studio, Datel Midi interface, BBC emulator, Interceptor, Amiga logo, 10 3.5" discs, mouse mat, disc box and education support file from Commodore.
£529.95 VIDI Video digitiser £99.95 MINI-GEN Merge computer graphics with live video £113.85 C1900 Monochrome monitor £99.95 PUBLISHERS CHOICE DTP package including Pagesetter and Kindwords £34.95 1084S Colour monitor £249.95 DATEL MIDI INTERFACE Midi interface £34.95 512K EXPANSION + Clock Card £99.95 MUSIC X The music package!
£199.95 • EXTERNAL DRIVE Powerdrive 1 meg £79.95 AEGIS SONIX Composition and MIDI control.
£49.95 PC ENGINE PLUS 16 bit games machine scart version £199.95 JOYSTICKS Cheetah 125 .....£6.99 Cheetah Starprobe .....£11.99 Pro 5000 extra glo green ..£13.99 Pro 5000 extra glo red ......£13.99 ..." QS Turbo ..... .£7.99 Euromax Racemaker.... ......£24.99 Euromax prof 9000 .. ......£11.99 Konix Navigator
......£11.99 DISC BOXES
3. 5 40 holder
lockable ..£5.99
5. 25 50 holder
lockable £4 99
3. 5 80 holder
lockable ..£7.99
5. 25 120 holder
lockable .....£6.99
3. 5 40 holder lockable with 10 3.5 DSDD discs ...£12.99
3. 5 40 holder lockable with 20 3.5 DSDD discs ...£19.99
3. 5 40 holder lockable with 40 3.5 DSDD discs ...£33.99
3. 5 80 holder lockable with 10 3.5 DSDD discs ...£15.99
3. 5 80 holder lockable with 40 3.5 DSDD discs ...£35.99
3. 5 80 holder lockable with 80 3.5 DSDD discs ...£55.99
3. 5 DSDD ....
....£7.99 ...£14.99 ..£34.99 .....£59.99
....£11.99 .£22.99 ..£54.99 .....£99.99
PERIPHERALS Replacement mouse + mouse holder + mouse
mat...£29.95 Four player
Adaptor .....£5.95
Mouse Mat £4.95 Joystick
Extender . £5.95 Dust
Cover .£4.95
(0473) 257158 (0473) 210605 FAX: 0473 213457 Grand Monster
Slam ....£13.99 Grim
Blood .£13.99
II ......£16.99
Gunship ......£15.99
Games Summer
Edition .....£13.99
Greenpeace ...£15.99
Gary Linnekar's S
Skills .....£13.99
Gore ....£16.99
Force ..£16.99
Ghouls and
Ghosts ......£16.99
Patrol ......£15.99
Hillsfar .£16.99
Driving ...£13.99
A.T.E £13.99
Metal ...£16.99
Hound of
Shadow .....,...£16.99
Shot .....£13.99
Indiana Jones (Lucas
Films) ..£16.99 Indiana Jones
(US Gold) ....£13.99
Ivanhoe ......£16.99
Infection ......£12.99
Tracker £12.99
Infestation ...£16.99
Interphase ..£15.99
Atheletics .£12.99 It
Came from the
Desert .....£19.99
Impossible Mission
II ....£16.99 Jack
Boot ...£16.99
Jack The
Ripper ....£12.99
Kult ......£15.99
Off £12.99
Kick Off Extra
Time .£9.99
Krystal .£19.99
Keef the
Thief .£16.99
Killing Game
Show £13.99
Knightforce .£15.99
Squad ...£12.99
Licence To
Kill £13.99
Leisure Suit Larry
II ......£19.99
(compilation) £16.99
Lombard R.A.C
Rally ...£16.99 Lords
of the Rising
Sun £19-99 Last Ninja
II £16.99
Patrol ..£16.99
Liverpool .....£15.99
Stuntman £12.99
Legend of
Djel £16.99
Mansion ......£16.99
Soccer £15.99
Heli .£15.99
Johnson £12.99
Murder in
Venice ...£15.99
Marauders ..£16.99
Moonwalker £16.99
Warrior ..£13.99
New Zealand
Story £16.99
North and
South ....£15.99
Neuromancer .£16.99
Nevermind ..£13.99
Thunderbolt .£16.99
Europa £10.99
Oriental £15.99
Onslaught ...£13.99
Ooze ....£15.99
Paperboy ....£12.99
Majic ...£16.99
Police Quest
II £16.99
Pools of
Radiance .£16.99
Populous ....£16.99
Populous Data
Disks ......£9.99
Powerdrome ...£16.99
Precious Metal
(Compilation) .£16.99 Premier
Collection (compilarion) ...£19.99
Knightmare ....£19.99
Predator .....£16.99
Manager .....£12.99
P47 ......£15.99
Powerdrift £16.99 Passing
Shot ..£16.99
Gear £13.99
Pool .£15.99
Addidas Golden
Shoe ...£16.99 Altered
Beast ....£16.99
Astaroth .£16.99
P.B .....£13-99
Fighter ...£15.99
Action 1 or 2
(compilation) £19.99
Aquaventura .....£24.99
Axels Majic
Hammer .....£13.99 Balance
of Power 1990 .£15.99
Barbarian II
(Palace) .....£16.99
Barbarian II
(Psygnosis) £16.99 Bankok
Knights ... £16.99
Battlechess £16.99
Batman (the
movie) .£16.99
Bismarck ...£16.99
Bloodwych .£16.99
Money ....£16.99
Bloodwych Data
Disks ..£12.99 Beach
Volley ....£16.99
Battlevalley £13.99
Warrior ...£15.99
Company ..£15.99
Battle of
Australitz ...£15.99
Bobo ......£12.99
HQ .£16.99
Chaos Strikes
Back .£13.99 Castle
Warrior ..£16.99
Games ....£13.99
Cabal .....£16.99
Europe .£16.99
Circuit ...£13.99
Chariots of
Wrath ....£16.99
Carthage ...£15.99
Corvette .£19.99
90 £12.99
Commando £12.99
Chambers of
Shaolin .....£15.99
2000 ..£15.99
Darkside £16.99
Ninja ....£16.99
Master ......£16.99
Dungeon Master
Editor ...£9.99
Dreadnought ....£13.99
Tomb ..£13.99
Spirit ....£13.99
Fusion ......£13.99
Drakken .£19.99
Dux ...£16.99
Double Dragon
II .....£13.99 Dogs
War .....£12.99
Dragons of
Flame ....£16.99
Debugger £12.99 Die
Hard £16.99
Day of the
Pharoah .£16.99
Elite £15.99
Epoch ....£15.99
Eye of
Hercules £16.99
Eye of
Horus ....£15.99
Dragon ....£15.99
Retaliator ...£16.99
F19 Stealth
Fighter ..£15.99 F16
Combat Fighter £15.99
F16 Combat
Pilot ....£15.99
Falcon ...£19.99
Falcon Mission Disks
...£13.99 Ferrari Formula
One £16.99 Forgotten
Worlds .....£13.99
Lane ..£12.99
Frankenstein ....£12.99
Wars ......£16.99
Soccer £16.99
Freddy ......£19.99
Bomber £19.99
Footballer of The
Year ...£13.99 Gemini
Wing .....£13.99
(compilation) £19.99
Domain £12.99 £13.99
£13.99 £19.99 £13.99 £13.99 £16.99 £13.99 £13.99 £19.99 £16.99
£12.99 £12.99 £12.99 £15.99 £13.99 £13.99 £12.99 £16.99 £16.99
£13.99 £13.99 £16.99 £19.99 £15.99 £12.99 £13.99 £13.99 £24.99
£13.99 £13.99 £19.99 ......£13.99
..£15.99 ......£19.99
Switchblade ...... Super
Cars Triad II
(compilation) Test Drive
II . TV Sports Football .£12.99
.£12.99 .£15.99 .£12.99 .£15.99 .£16.99 .£16.99 .£16.99
.£13.99 .£16.99 Have you ordered from us before? YES NO
Cheques & Postal Orders payable to SOFTSELLERS. Post & Packing
Free in U.K.Overseas £1.50 per item Subject to availability
and price change without notice. Not all titles released at
time of going to press.
Shop prices may vary, but personal callers can claim advertised discounts on production of cut off slip.
DELUXE MUSIC £49.95 :luxeI )EO Hi
59. 951 MUSIC X £199.95 MAIL ORDER Address: Tel No: Name VISA
Thrill Time Platinum (comp) ...
Terry's Big Adventure .....
Trivia ....
Attack ...
Outrun ..
Golf ..
Untouchables .
II .£15.99
III .£12.99
V ......£15.99
Vigilante ......£10.99
War in Middle
Earth ......£13.99
Waterloo .....£15.99
W. E.C Le
Mans .....£16.99
Warp ....£12.99
Winners (compilation
Xenophobe .£15.99
II ......£16.99
Xybots .£13.99
Pictionary ...£16.99
Station £13.99
Quartz. £15.99
Quarterback ...£13.99
Quest for T-e B 'C
..£19.99 Red
Heat ....£16.99
Renegade ...£16.99
Rick Dangerous £15.99
Robocop £16.99
Rocket Ranger .... £19.99 Run The Gaj del
R. V.F Honda £15.99 Red Storm Rising .
....£15.99 Rainbow Islands ...... £15.99
Risk ...... £13.99 Rally Cross ...... £12.99
Shadow of the Beast .... Star
Blaze .. Super
Quintet ... Sim
City . Saint and
Greavsie Seven Gates of Jambaia.
Star Command . Stellar Crusade Skidz ...£13.99 Roadwars Rock and Roll
S. E.U.C.K ..... Space Savage ..
Stryx .
Silkworm ..... Skweek ......
Space Quest III ....
Speedball ..... Steve Davis Snooker .
Story So Far 1 (corrp a: Story So Far 3 (comp abor Stunt Car ... Shinobi .. Street Fighting Man Scroll . Sword of Twilight . Starwars Compilation Shufflepuck Cafe . Super Scramble Simulator Super Wonderboy ... Silpheed Sleeping Gods Lie ... Soldier 2000 . Slayer : Stormlord ...... .....£13.99 ...£13.99
....£16.99 .....£16.99 .....£19.99 Trivial Pursuit (family edition ....£16.99 Take em Out.
Tintin ...... 2 Williams Clowes Street Burslerr Stoke on Trent ST6 3AP |Q NOW TAKEN Tel: 0782 575043 Softwa re COME TO THE PROFESSIONALS !!!
AMIGA AMIGA SPECIAL OFFERS SPECIAL OFFERS Street Fighter £5.99 Tusker ..... £15q= Road Blasters £5.99 outrun .. r;q= 1°e gade - £4.99 space Quest 2 .777::::::;: ..... Joe Blade 2 ...£4.99 Lancaster .... £13 95 Eagles Nest
..£4.99 Swords of Twylight .. £16 95 Karting Grand Pnx £3.99 Quartz a . .. Phri Qtart y £3" Centre Fold Squares £15 99 Gnd Start ...£3 99 Paper Boy . ? 3 qq Qeh«oym-c ..£9" pnx circuit ..777.7 .£ gf Sub Battle
Sim .....£9.99 Ivan Hoe ..7777.7 .....£599 Nebulus .....£5.99 Ghostbusters 2 ...... £16 99 Custodian ...£5.99 The Untouchables ..£16 99 Netherworld ..... £5.99 Light Force ... .£ 6 go Cup (Plus Car) ..£7.99 BloodWych
......£ 5 99 Flight Path 737....., ....£3.99 Xenon 2 .. 5 4 qq Jinxter .£9.99 Beach Volley . .£ 6 95 purruphon ..£9.95 Batman the Movie ......£16 95 LE.D. Storm ..£5.99 Operation Thunderbolt ...£16 95 Strip Poker
2-t ......£5.99 Galaxy Force ...... 77777777......£16 95 n £4,99 Rally Cross Challenge ... £14 95 Rocket Ranger .....£9.99 Player Manager ..... .? 4 95 The Flintstones . £4.99 Fa|con a ..| .as Padand .....£6.99 Falcon Mission Disk ..£13 95
'K+ ......£7.99 Populous ..69s a*» E6 £8.99 Populous Scenery Disk ....£7 95 Afterburner ...... £8.99 Pictionary .777777! " 7E-5 95 Millenium 2.2 £9.99 Shufflepuck Cafe ..£13 95 |i,B - • ..£9.99 Dragon Spirit 3 95 Roger Rabbit
.£7.99 Bubble Bobble 2 .. .£ 5 95 Peter Beardsley Soccer ....£6.99 Robocop .. ......esq?
Time Scanner £7.99 New Zealand Story... ..£15 95 Fire Power .£4.99 Targhan ... ...£ 5 95 Craps Academy ....£4.99 stunt Car ... .£ 5 93 Bismark ..... £8.99 Honda RVF .£ 5 95 Romantic Encounters ..£4.99 F16
Combat Pilot ...£ 5 95 Foundations Waste .....£4.99 Rre Brigade (1 Meg) ......£21 gs Space Quest .£9.99 Dungeon Master (1 Meg) ... £15 95 GFL Football £2.99 Chaos Street Race . ....£ 3 95 Norcland Bert £4.99 Deluxe Paint III (1 Meg) ......£5495 Leather
Goddess ..£4.99 Dominator . ... .. £5 95 Sherlock ....£4.99 Phantasm . £3 99 Bureaucracy ......£4.99 Hyperdrome .... £399 Phantom Fighter ...£4 99 Solitaire Royale .£4 99 Police Quest .. £9.99 GB Air
Rally .....77777777 .....£499 (a i1 laTr V ....£1 99 Manhunter in New York ... £9 99 Warlocks Quest ....£4.99 Qoldrush ..... ..pe gq Arctura £4.99 Space Quest 3 ..... £19 99
• v-v- ..£2.99 Police
Quest2 ...... .....£19 99 World Class
Leaderboard ..£7.99 Leisure
Suit Larry 2 .....pi q qq
Zynaps ......£4.99
Outrun . £799 Ranted.
Bards Tale .
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Light .....£7.95
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O yberpunk is an awkward genre to get to grips with and tricky to define. Yes, there are ‘Cyberpunk’ books, movies, comics, even computer games and board games: but generally little is known about Cyberpunk except that it exists and that its fans adamantly proclaim it to be the big thing.
Cyberpunk was originated as a style of science fiction writing by William Gibson, who wrote short stories in OMNI.
Unlike most sci fi, Gibson’s tales were not about imperialist spaceships or unicorn fantasies. Instead they presented a bleak, dark vision of the future, dominated by corporate empires, huge computers, vast expanses of data-networks and protagonists who were generally hackers. His stories continued appearing and gathering interest until he wrote his first novel, Neuromancer, winning all the major awards within the sci fi community: the Hugo, Nebula, and Philip K Dick awards. His Matrix series has just recently concluded with Mona Lisa Overdrive. I MM
mm. .:-,*I JOHN DRAKE takes a trip through the fact and HE FUTURE
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......r..Z.J..ZZ.l .....£7.50
j,00 .....
PRICES INCLUDE LABELS Add £5.50 for 80 Cap. Disk Box when
ordering Disks or £4.50 when ordering 50 or more Disks People
jumped on the bandwagon, writing books and short stories
with a similar feel and characterisation, set in a
nightmare world of the future. It wasn’t long before the
media picked up on the idea and started churning out arti
cles and theses on the subject, most notably in the States
where the Mississippi Literary review dedicated an entire
issue to Cyberpunk.
But there was also one group of people who read the Gibson books and not only liked the fiction, but could also see how the Cyberpunk vision of the future came about. For these people, the Cyberpunk hacker ethic was an extension of their own lifestyle. It was also the logical conclusion of the current state of the world combined with the technical progress that the near future would bring.
Creating the Net We are rapidly moving towards an age of post-industrialisation in which computers and robots will do most of the work, while we humans will exist just to add chaos to the system.
A distinguishing mark of Cyberpunk novels is the function of the Net or Cyberspace, a worldwide computer network which the Cyberpunk connects into by jacking electrodes directly into his brain. All commerce and media is based in the Net. While many people say this is an unrealistic model even of a completely fictional system, and that this kind of network could never exist in the real world, it is obvious that it already does: in the form of the Stock Exchange.
The figures moving back and forth around the globe generally deal not with a physical reality, but a consensual hallucination over market values linked to nothing tangible or stable. Imagine: millions of pounds are rushed this way and that on an electronic figment of the imagination.
But to understand the way the current real-world situation compares to a global network encompassing all trade, industry and entertainment, populated by Cyberspace cowboys, you have to go back to the invention of the first computer system and the hackers that grew up with it... Did you say ‘Telephones’?
Yes, telephones. You may not think the telephone is a computer, but in many ways the humble phone was the first analogue computer with the largest connections in the world. Its origins were simple and humble: a mouthpiece and a receiver joined by two parallel wires strung between Alexander Graham Bell and his assistant.
‘Hello?’ It worked, and the modern- day equivalent is now for the most part digital and will usually get you further than just across the room.
In the mid Sixties, a group of people started to learn more about the telephone than they were supposed to know. They started by looking in Bell technical manuals to find out how the phone system really worked. One of the first prizes was a set of frequencies, musical notes that, when played back into the phone in a certain way, liberated the line from the operators.
By using these musical notes they could direct themselves anywhere in the phone system, popping out at any telephone in the US with the interesting side effect of a free call in the process.
More sophistication was developed by the early researchers and they found the coding to bridge the international barriers. They could also find themselves in different companies' phone systems, as well as the US military phone network.
A popular demonstration carried out by these ‘Phone Phreaks’ was to place a ca in a room with two lines arc two telephones.
Starting on ore ch one the phreak would tape n the musical notes, repeating the muse for a few minutes. The audience watching spellbound as -is fngers flashed over the blue box's array of keys.
Minutes later re other phone would ring and ne’d as* someone to pick it up. Tney woud -ear a faint and distant voice: the voice of the phreak. Wh ch -3d jst circumnavigated the earth by telephone. A couple of trie people who would give these demos were called Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.
By the early seventies more people were nto phone phreaking, general learn ng Ma Bell’s system better thar am one person in Bell itself. Then ar article was written in Esqrre about the pursuit, a well written p.ece, chronicling the activities of these technological masters. Bjsts followed and it became quite illicit. One of the egends in the field, John Drapper, was put into prison for his activities (where he wrote a wordprocessing package for the IBM PC).
Enter the Computer At the same time another revolution of sorts was happening: the personal computer, as created by those two former phone phreaks, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.
After the initial introduction of the personal computer a new device AATARI ST and O amiga Sixteen Bit Superdeals from the Sixteen Bit Specialists !
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Disk ... New! Commodore A590 20 meg hard disk..... A590 Hard Disk + Memory Upgrade installed FEATURES: ? Amiga A500 + TV Modulator ? Midi Interface + Software ? Kind Words II word processor ? Page Setter DTP ? Super Base Personal Database EXTERNAL DISK DRIVES I could be added that allowed the personal computers to connect up to other, bigger computers. Modem communications caught on: a special modem rumoured to be designed by John Drapper and called the Apple Cat was a breakthrough for Apple users.
Not only did it do a form of 1200 baud, which was unheard of at the time, but it also had a very unique feature of programmable two-channel tone generation (hey, this was the late Seventies) which was what you really needed to generate tones to trick Ma Bell into thinking that you were one of her operators. Great, so the rush was back on: shared information on Bulletin Boards (BBs) about computers, communications, software cracking and a revised interest in phone phreaking. No secrets anywhere, and the birth of the hacker ethic.
Then a movie came out that gave a glimpse of what the the computer underground was like.
Called Wargames, it gave a dramatic view of a hacker creaking into a computer to start World War Three by accident. Pretty sensational stuff. Kids all wanted modems for Christmas, so they could all do the same thing. Since the hacker ethic had freedom of information at its core, material relating to hacking and phone phreaking was generally available on various boards. Havoc ensued, with hackers running amok through as many systems as they could. The authorities were slow to react, and when they did, they generally acted in fascistic and draconian ways.
¦ The Running Man: the big gameshow hunters can be beaten with a smart piece of hacking.
(© 1987 Taft Entertainment Pictures Keith Barish Productions).
The Sting By now the Eighties were half-way over and hackers were getting more organised. Publications appeared to keep hackers update, but they always lagged behind the live, on-line Bbs, the main meeting places for hackers to trade information. Bell and large companies started to take notice of illegal entries into their computers, and began prosecuting.
Earlier morning raids were commonplace and intimidation by the secret service was a standard tool. After police arrived at the crack of dawn and produced a search warrant to the offender’s loving mother, the hacker’s room would be cleared of anything that looked as if it was remotely connected to the use of computers.
Diskette boxs, magazines, audio tapes, anything on computer paper and the CPU were all loaded into a van and held until the family settled the damages against the phone or computer company.
Sting Bbs became all the rage and entire computer systems were set up and run for the sole purpose of passing illicit information back and forth. By this time hackers were beginning to wise up to the reality of their situation, seeing their friends being busted right, left and centre.
At the same time, Gibson’s short stories and books were gathering interest in the sci-fi community and thus in the computer community. People started getting heavily into the characters developed in the books. Gone were the days of long-haired, greasy late night hacking, piles of coke and old pizza heaped next to the keyboard: being replaced by streetwise Cyberpunks.
Bbs were set up to pass information, keep on the edge of new technology, the values and generally get into character. If you weren't operating in realtime online then you would read the magazines Reality Hackers, Mondo 2000, WORM, 2600 or Science Fiction Eye to keep up with what was going on. The outlaw hacker has evolved from his predecessor: he has a potentially radical philosophy, a vision of the information age that beckons and rational anarchist politics. The new hacker is a Cyberpunk.
The ethic must be spread’ says Michael Synergy, writer for Mondo 2000, ‘so that the new hacker will learn to judge the fine line between executing a truly elegant hack and being wanted by the FBI, NSA and the secret service.’ The Mondo 2000 credo tells more about the new hacker: ‘Cyberpunks are the gatekeepers and guardians of individual liberties. They are 20,000 strong and have access to everything. Big Brother knows this and Big Brother wants them quashed.’ Popular Cyberpunk Movies and video especially are the best places to tap in to the Cyberpunk view of the world.
William Gibson was reported as walking out of Blade Runner (based on ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?' A book by Philip K Dick) because it translated his vision of the future to celluloid. Another great window into Cyberpunk is the American version of Max Headroom which picked up from the pilot film and carried it a further twenty minutes into the future.
Other movies that have the Cyberpunk view include Tron, Aliens, The Running Man, Robo Cop, Leviathan, Gun Head, Akira (the new film of the Japanese comic-book) and The Terminator, with more on the way in the forsee- able future. Gibson and a group of Cyberpunk writers are currently working on a movie called Macro Chip which is set in the same future. He has also written the screenplay for Aliens III, which will soon be in production.
While the Cyberpunk movement is growing, the media has not failed to take notice. Most recently the 2nd issue of 20 20 made a report from the US about the new hackers called ‘Terminal Madness’.
People Magazine ran a page on the famed Internet Worm virus featuring cult hacker Robert Morris Jr, declaring he was a Cyberpunk. It’s been reported that young hackers have photographs of him taped to their computers for inspiration.
And as for the Amiga? Well, apart from the conversions of various films, there’s more than a couple of games with Cyberpunk influence. Since the Electronic Arts adventure version of Neuromancer, several games have appeared with a strong Cyberpunk element: most notably Adrian Stephen’s recent Interphase for Mirrorsoft, in which the player enters the Cyberspace of the computer’s circuits. And for the future? Well, who can tell... ¦ CYBERPUNK BOOKS BRUNNER, John Shock Wave Rider CADIGAN, Pat Mindplayers Bantam, 87 DICK, Philip K Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep EFFINGER, George When
Gravity Fails Fire in the Sun FARREN, Mike Vickers The Long Orbit GIBSON, William Neuromancer Count Zero Burning Chrome Mona Lisa Overdrive HAWKE, Simon Psychodrome Ace, 87 Psychodrome 2: The Shapechanger Scenario JETER, K.W. Dr. Adder The Glass Hammer QUICK, W. T. Dreams of Flesh and Sand Dreams of Gods and Men RUCKER, Rudy Software Wetware SHIRLEY,John Eclipse Eclipse Penumbra SPINRAD, Norman Little Heroes Bantam, 87 VINGE, Vernor True Names... and Other Dangers WILLIAMS, Walter Jon Hardwired Voice of the Whirlwind Cyberpunk Magazines 2600 The Quarterly Journal of the American Hacker
P. O. Box 752 Middle Island, New York USA 11953-0752
Subscriptions $ 30, back issues for 84- 88 at $ 30 per year.
Reality Hackers MONDO 2000
P. O. Box 40271 Berkeley, California USA 94704 Single Issues $ 7
Also: ¦ Cyber Punk International ¦ Science Fiction Eye ¦ Edge
Detector ¦ Datenschleuder Comics: ¦ Cyberpunk ¦ Neuromancer
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Commodore A501 512k 0.5MB RAM
Expansion .....£98.45
Minigen ...£99.45
COMMODORE AMIGA PERIPHERALS Konix Navigator Joystick (Auto
Fire) ..£9.20
Sureshot Zipstick (Auto Fire) . £9.95 Konix
Speedking (Auto
Fire) ...£8.45
Mat £2.45
Cover ......£3.45
10 DS DD 3.5" Floppy
Disks ...£6.50
Donkey Kong II .Multi
Screen £22.45 Mario
Bros ....Multi
Screen £22.45 Safe
Buster ..Multi
Screen £22.45
Pinball ...£6.25
Bomb Sweeper .Multi
Screen £22.45 Donkey
Kong Multi
Screen £22.45 Snoopy
Tennis ..Wide
Screen ......£17.95 Super Mario
Bros .....Wide
Screen ......£17.95 Plane &
Tank £6.25
Fighter ....£8.95
Gold Cliff .Multi
Screen £22.45
Climber ...Wide
Screen ......£17.95
Highway £6.25
Combat : .£6.25
Balloon Flight Wide
Screen ......£17.95
Soccer ...£6.25
Volcano . ...£6.25
Fighter ......£8.95
Donkey Kong Junior Wide
Screen ......£17.95 Space
Warrior .....£8.95
HAMPSHIRE, P029ED TELEPHONE: 0705 670878 All products are
despatched within 24 hours (subject to availability) by FIRST
CLASS post. All new titles are despatched when released. All
prices shown are fully inclusive of VAT, postage, packaging
and a full guarantee. (Please add £1.10 per item overseas).
Please make Cheques or Postal Orders payable to "Xenon Technology".
Any less and we'll be giving them away.
"And Why Not?"
I hear you ask.
Because we're not as stupid as thej|i competition looks!
(zen zen'on) a zero-valent element (Xe, atomic number
54) , a heavy gas present in the atmosphere in proportion of 1:17
x 10E7 by volume, (tek'n-o-lo'ji) the practice of any of all
of the applied science that have practical value and or
industrial use: technical method(s) in a particular field of
industry, (zen'on tek'n-o-lo-'ji) the best definition!
Zenon technology xenon technology To order simply write on a piece of paper, your name, postal address, a telephone number (if possible, only used if absolutely necessary), and the software title (with the machine model). Then pop in your payment (either a Cheque or Postal Order) and then pop it in the post (not forgetting of course our name on the front of the envelope and a stamp.
VAT Registration Number: 543 9020 57 Proprietor: Steve Lowe Note: Xenon Technology is Mail Order ONLY Good at magic, are you ?
Ql commodore Amiga A500 complete, now only £349 Amiga A500MM with 1900M £429 high-res mono monitor Amiga A500M with.A1084s £615 hi-res colour stereo monitor Amiga B2000 with 1.3 Roms £949 & software & 1MB chip-RAM (UK version) I Amiga B2000 As above, plus £1425 A1084, XT bridge board, 20MB hard disk [¦MM32DM A 3rldge ¦ 3$ " DS DD diskettes, per 10 ¦ A501 plug-in RAM clock 512K ¦ C1010 NEC 3i" haH-height drive ¦ A590 20MB autoboot hard disk ¦ RAM lor A590, per MB ... ¦ Amdrlve 20MB SCSI hard disk ¦ Amdrlve 50MB SCSI hard disk ¦ 1900M high-res mono monitor ¦ MPS 1230 120 cps draft, 30 NLQ ¦ Star
LC10 Multifont Printer ¦ Star LC10C colour, 120 cps. NLQ £229 ¦ HP DeskJet* 300 dpi inkjet, B W £695 ¦ HP PaintJet colour inkjet 180 dpi ¦ DXY1200 A3 8 pen plotter ¦ Trackball Marconi RB2 £10 £119 £79 £375 £125 £339 £425 £95 £149 £179 PERIPHERALS mtBGA ¦ A2620 68020 Accelerator Card £ 1295 ¦ A2286 PC-AT board & sj" drive £745 ¦ A2088 PC-XT board & 5$ " drive £ 249 ¦ C2058 8MB Board, 2MB installed £395 ¦ RAM for above, per 2MB ... £250 ¦ 20MB Am»ga MS-Dos hard disks £229 ¦ 20MB autoboot hard disks from ... £449 ¦ 40MB autoboot hard disks from ... £745 ¦ Flicker Fixer Multiscan Adaptor £375 ¦
C2010 NEC 3$ " internal drive £79 Then meet Artie. If you can turn this page into an Amiga, you can hit key 4 and he'll come alive before your very eyes.
Not that good ? Never mind.
Get the first of the animation series, RealThings - HORSES.
That's magic !!
£889 £1159 £59 Why not enjoy the free Teletext databases with the MicroText Teletext adaptor... Fully programmable, with Fastext facility, instant access to last 16 pages, double page view, telesoftware loader, auto-start background operation... Pages can spoken, printed as ASCII or graphics, saved as ASCII or IFF flies... And it turns your 1081 1084 8833 monitor into a digital TV! Available now for only £1391 TELETEXT [ SUPERBASE II half-price special offer, while stocks last.. £49.95!
RealThings Animation Series runs in Deluxe Paint III, by Electronic Arts, and requires Amiga with 1 Megmin.
Lattice C v5 Dos-2-Dos PC Emulator vl.1 C64 Emulator v2 BBC Emulator vl.2 Workbench vl.3 Enhancer Relational database power, without programming!
As above, plus text, mail merge, batch entry etc. With Forms Editor and DML programming language Pro Spreadsheet with business graphics, time planner Ultimate Amiga spreadsheet, ? Text graphics speech High performance desktop WP, now with HQ fonts WP with graphics, thesaurus, dictionary etc. Includes WP, Desktop, colour separations, CAD Sales, Purchase and Nominal Ledgers plus invoicing UK Income Tax computation program, from Digita By Absoft. Compiles Amiga Basic... FAST!
Backs up 20MB in 20 minutes, any Amiga hard drive Speeds disk access up to 500%, WorkBench or CU £79.95 ¦ System Programmer's Guide
79. 95 ¦ Amiga Basic Inside & Out
18. 45 ¦ AmlgaDos Inside & Out £179.95
34. 95
24. 95
39. 95
44. 95
14. 95
39. 95
49. 95
154. 95
49. 95
59. 95
69. 95
129. 95
189. 95
168. 95
39. 95
149. 95
37. 95
34. 95
32. 95
18. 95
18. 45
14. 95 ¦ SuperBase Personal ¦ SuperBase Personal 2 ¦ ""
Professional v3 ¦ SuperPian ¦ Maxlplan 500 ¦ VizaWrtte
Desktop v2 ¦ Excellence!
¦ Professional Page v1.3 ¦ Arena Accounts ¦ Personal Tax Planner ¦ A C Basic vl.3 ¦ SuperBack ¦ B.A.D. Disk Optimizer ¦ Publisher's Choice ¦ ProText v4 ¦ Amiga C for Beginners
A. D.S MAIL ORDER 1 78 Marsh Lane, Mill Hill, r- MEM London.
NW7 4NX Tel: 01 - 906 - 357* - A500 Bat Pack £375.00 C64C
Light Fantastic Pack £145.00 A500 Class Of The 90’s Pack
£515.00 XXX Amiga C Advanced Programmers 24.95 ¦ Amiga Tricks
& Tips A500 Bat Pack + Software Pack
1. Eliminator 2. No Excuses 3. Power Play 4. Mercenary AAAA 5.
Quadralien 6. Backlash 7. Interceptor V SnU AMIV 8. D Paint 2
9. New Zealand tJUv00 ONLY story 0 1 SUPERPLAN half-price
special offer, while stocks last.. £49.95!
Anlmaglc Dlglpalnt 3 Design 3D DlglWorks De Luxe Paint 3 Photon Paint 2 £64.95
59. 95
69. 95
89. 95
62. 95
69. 95 CREATIVITY Graphics Starter Kit Muslc-X Sculpt-Anlmate 4D
Sculpt-Anlmate 4D Jr.
Sculpt 3D XL Pro-Video PAL Plus SummaSketch Plus PAL Rendaie Rro MlnlGen DlglVlew Gold X-Cad Designer X-Cad Professional Aegis Images Aegis Animator Aegis Draw Aegis Artpak 69.95 "Without doubt the best piece of MIDI software to date” 199.95 3D graphics and animation for the professional user 369.95 As Sculpt 4D above, without HAM ray-tracing 109.95 Much faster than Scuplt 3D, with 24-bit plane option 129.95 Professional video titter with fonts, extra fonts available 189.95 12x12 Graphics Tablet with fast driver software Broadcast quality genlock for the professional user ¦ I Commodore 1084S
Monitor - .....£249 Philips CM8833 Monitor - ....£223
1. Eliminator 2. No Excuses 3. Power Play
4. Mercenary 5. Quadralien 6.Backlash_ onr AA Any Amiga Packs can
be made up at the £35.00 Best Prices Amiga Software Pack
425. 00
625. 00
114. 95
179. 95
34. 95
79. 95 £94.95 ¦ Professional Draw
94. 95 ¦ Aegis Draw 2000
69. 95 ¦ Fantavlslon
399. 95 ¦ PageFUpper ? F X If you do not see what you require
then please phone us on our 24HR Credit Card Hotline. We
will try to Beat Any Prices Quoted Anywhere Else. Prices
include V.A.T. and Courier. Any software listed Elsewhere is
available from us at THE BEST PRICES! A.D.S - Dealers in
Computers, Telephone Systems, Fax Machines and Mobile
We sell everything that is computer related. If you are looking for anything, leave a message as to what it is and how much you would expect to pay! We will aim to find it.
ATARI 520 ST Power Pack £345.00 D 1 IF YOU WANT IT TOMORROW... CALL US TODAYI ON 01 -546-7256 Prices are POST FREE & Include VAT.
Order by phone with your credit card, or send cheque PO or your credit card number. Official orders welcome. We despatch same day by FIRST CLASS post. Please allow 5 days for delivery of hardware orders. Prices are quoted subject to availability. Nass 520 ST Explorer Pack £269.00 ST Mega 1 Business Pack £515.00 LAKESIDE HOUSE, KINGSTON HILL, SURREY, KT2 70T. TEL 01-645-72M AMIGA HARDWARE SOFTWARE DeskTop Publishing Utiliites Word Processing Excellence ... £136.95 Kind Words 2.... ..£36.35 Protext ..... ..£69.95 Protext Filer .
..£18.75 Protext Office ...... ..£24.95 Pro Write 2 ... ..£70.60 Transcript . ..£32.50 Word Perfect £177.40 Scribble Platinum...... ..£41.40 K-Spread 2 £43.20 Maxiplan A500 ....RING Maxiplan Plus .£133.55 Superplan ..£68.50 A-Max ..... .£134.95 A-Max with Roms ..... .£249.95 Amikit ..... ...£28.65 Ashas Caligrafonts ... ...£47.75 BAD . ...£32.50
BBC Emulator . ...£39.95 Butcher 2 ...£28.65 CLImate ...£32.50 Cygnus Ed Professional.. ...£70.60 Disk 2 Disk .... ...£39.95 Dos 2 Dos ..... ...£39.95 Diskmaster .. ...£39.95 Enhancer (WB 1.3) ... ...£13.85 Face II £24 85 Fancy 3D Fonts . ...£39.95 Gomf V3 0... ...£28.65 Grabbit ...£24.85 Hisoft Extend ...£15.75 Interchanae £39 95 Interchange Objects 1 .... ...£17.25 I change Mod V3D FinF .
...£17.25 I change Mod V3D Turbo ...£17.25 Kara Fonts .... ...£55.35 K-Gadget ...... ...£21.95 K-Roget . ...£35.50 Lions Fonts.. ...£47.75 Mailshot Plus .,£35.50 Newsletter Fonts ..... ...£24.85 Power Windows V2.5..... ...£55.35 Project D .. ...£32.50 Quarterback .. ...£47.75 Studio Fonts . ...£24.85 Superback .... ...£41.95 Text Ed Plus .. ...£55.35 The Calligrapher ...... ...£70.60 Transformer £26 35 X-Copy
V2 .... ...£16.90 City Desk Pagesetter ..... Professional Page Shakespeare .. Home Office Kit £116.65 ...£83.20 RING .£193.50 ..£119.70 CAD Graphics Animation Databases Acquisition 1.3 £192.80 K-Data £35.50 Microfiche Filer .£62.95 Microfiche Filer Plus ..£123.95 Superbase Personal ....£41.35 Superbase Personal 2 .£68.50 Superbase Professional ...£166.95 Spreadsheets Please ring for prices availability on any hardware software peripherals not listed. (Full price list
on request) Please make cheques postal orders payable to SOFTMACHINE. All prices are inclusive of V.A.T. All prices subject to change without notice. All items subject to availability. E. & O.E. SOFTMACHINE Dept. AMF 1, 36 Guernsey Road, Sunderland SR4 9RR. Telephone: 091 385 7928 Mouse Mat Mouse Bracket 10 TDK MF2DD Disks 80 Capacity Disk Storage Box
3. 5" Head Cleaner A500 Dust Cover ONLY £25*
• When purchased with any Amiga computer...offer limited to 1
starter pack per Amiga purchased A500 BAT PACK Amiga 500(1.3
ROM) Mouse + P.S.U. Modulator + Leads Workbench 1.3 Basic 1.3 +
Extras The Very First Tutorial Introduction to the A500 WB1.3
Supplement Amiga Basic Batman, Interceptor New Zealand Story
Deluxe Paint II £372.99 A500 PACK + Pack 1 plus the following:
Ikari Warriors + Insanity Fight Mercenary 1 + Art of Chess
Terrorpods + Thundercats Barbarian + Buggy Boy Amegas + Wizball
Photon Paint £379.99 See our advertisement in next or last
month's Amiga Format for Peripherals Accessories Books ALL
Courier Overseas rates on request Amiga 500
+A1084S £624.99 A590 20Mb Hard Drive £372.99 A501 Ram
Expansion Clock...£134.99 A520
Modulator £24.99 MPS”230 Printer”."..”."
.£142.99 A1084S Colour Monitor ....£251.99 A1900M Mono Monitor
£99.99 A1010 Disk Drive ..£91.99 A1352
Mouse ...£33.99 A2000™.”. ”.”. ” ”.”.”.”. RO.
A. A2000 + A1084S ...P.O. A. A2024 HiRes Mono
Monitor.P.O.A. A2010 Internal Drive P.O.A. A2090 20Mb Hard
Drive P.O.A. A2093 20Mb A boot Drive....P.O.A. A2095 40Mb
A boot Drive....P.O.A. A2092 20Mb MS-DOS DriveP.O.A. A2088
PC-XT Bridgeboard..P.O.A. A2286 PC-AT Bridgeboard ..P.O.A.
A2058 Ram Expansion P.O.A. A2620 68020 68881 P.O.A. A2621 Unix
Card ...P.O.A. A2300
Genlock ..P.O.A. A2350 Prof Video
Adaptor...P.O.A. A2032 PAL Comp Vid Card .P.O.A. A2000 SYSTEM
2 Amiga 2000 A1084S Monitor A2088 PC-XT Bridgeboard A2092 20Mb
MS-DOS Hard Drive PHONE - While stocks last!
A2000 SYSTEM 1 Amiga 2000 A1084S Monitor A2090 20Mb Hard Drive PHONE - While stocks last!
Languages Compilers Etc APL 68000 £99 95 A-Rexx .. ....£36.30 Aztec C Developer . ..£137.15 Aztec C Professional..... ....£99.65 Axtec C scd . ....£61.25 Benchmark Modula 2 .... ...£132.50 Benchmark C Libraries.. .....£70.60 Devpac 2 ..... .....£43.60 GFA Basic V3 .. .....£47.55 Hisoft Basic . .....£57.35 K-Seka Assembler .. .....£34.80 Lattice C V5 . ...£174.75 Animagic ....£62.95 Animate 3D £97.35 Animator Images Draw £55.00
'Architectural Design ...£23.20 C-Light £39.95 Comic Setter .....£39.95 Comic Setter Clip Art ...£17.25 Deluxe Paint III .£60.50 Deluxe Photolab ...£53.15 Deluxe Print II ...£38.55 Deluxe Productions £104.35 Deluxe Video ....£53.15 Design 3D ..£62.95 Digi Paint 3 £55.35 Digiworks ...£78.75 Draw 2000 ......£172.95 Fantavision £32.30 Forms in Flight
2 .RING 'Future Design .£23.20 'Human Design £23.20 Icon Paint .....£18.20 Impact .£55.35 'Interior Design .£23.20 IntroCAD ....£47.75 Lights Camera Action! £51.55 'Microbot Design ..£23.20 Modeler 3D £62.95 Movie Setter .....£39.95 Page Flipper + F X ......£93.50 Photon Paint 2 ..£60.95 PIXmate ....£39.3 Professional Draw .....£108 : Pro Video
Plus ...£193. Sculpt 3D ...£66 Sculpt 4D .£367. Sculpt 4D Junior .£103. The Director .....£47. S The Director’s Toolkit ...£28 3 Turbo Silver ....£108 : TV Show ....£70.5: TV Text ......£70.51 Video Effects 3D £123. Video Generic Master £55 Video Titler £86 Video Wipe Master ......£55 Vidoescape 3D ...£123 X-CAD Designer ...£89 X-CAD Professional ..£352 i
Zoetrope ....£86 i 'state Sculpt or Videoscape A Drum ... ...£32 5; Audiomaster 2 ... ...£62 = = Deluxe Music ..... ...£53 -5] DrT's KCS . .£154 : Dynamic Drums ...£4~ ~ Dynamic Studio . .£116 Instant Music... ...£20 25 Music X .. .£184 '5 Opus 1 ... ...£79 95* Pro Midi Studio .. ..£111 2:: Sonix ..... ...£5' 3 Sound Oasis ..... ...£62 95 Studio Magic .....
...£69 E£ Synthia .. ...£74 ~Z Track 24 . ...£74 95 Arena Accounts ..£14! 9: Desk Top Budget ..£32 5: Home Accounts £2‘ 3 Personal Accounts Plus £24 55 Small Business Accounts R M3 Communications Accounts Music A Talk III .....£70 BBS PC .....£93 Ruby Comm .....£54 Ruby Comm Plus F ' LIVE IN LEEDS ?
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We specialise in DTP, CAD, MIDI, Graphics, and Business applications.
Together with the full range of Amiga and Atari Computers, Star Printers, Genlocks Digitizers, Interfaces, Second Drives and more.
So for a better service, product range and the keenest prices call
P. S. Selected games software now in stock.
Miditech MIDITECH, THE COLOSSEUM, COOKRIDGE STREET, LEEDS LS2 3AW 0532 446520 Access & Visa Welcome MAIL ORDER AND TRAINING PACKAGES AVAILABLE Amiga Amiga Amiga Amiga Amiga Amiga The U.% Amiga Users Qroup is the Largest Amiga otiCy user qroup in the zoorCd. We are nozv in our fourth year and are the most estabdshed and experienced Amiga user group in the U.% fuw* over 1,500 members and are abCe to offer an unrivaCCed CeveC of support. Our members receive a 60a- page bi-monthdy nezvsCetter packed zvith articfes of interest at aCC Cevefs, zoe have a massive dbrary of pubdc domain softzvare and
run an Amiga only buftetin board. We offer our members superb discounts on aft hardzvare,softzvare and books. The U.%A.rU.Q. is the group to beCotig to regardfess of your age or leveb of experience, our aim being to provide support and encouragement to everyone. Why not join us and start to appreciate zvhat Amiga computing is aft about "I ij- **V-n3rl SreP u ,o533 6 nua* c£s o°e REVIEW SONIC BOOM BOY JASON HOLBORN ‘samples’ Omega Projects’ Sound Trap 3, a budget priced Sound Sampler with a full price specification.
So what can I say about an Amiga sound sampler that hasn’t already been said before? It’ll digitise sound from most sound sources? Nope, said that. It offers variable sampling rates?
No, nothing new there. So what could another Amiga sound sampler possibly offer that isn't already available with countless other units? How about a price tag half that of most of its competitors, but a specification to give even the best a run for their money!
How Big?
Size has traditionally been attributed to power (many say that the only reason that the original IBM PC sold so well was because it looked powerful), but looks certainly are deceptive with Omega Projects’ Sound Trap III sampler.
To describe it as small would be an understatement. Tiny would be far more applicable!
Omega’s unit, like the vast majority of other Amiga samplers, plugs into the parallel port of any Amiga.
However, unlike most of the competition, Sound Trap will happily work with all Amiga models, including the A1000. This is achieved by making the Sound Trap hardware reversable - just choose between a male or female connector, depending on your machine model. The spare connector then becomes a parallel port pass-thru connector, therefore allowing you to run a printer without having to unplug the Sound Trap first. Omega certainly get top marks for a well thought-out design!
Sampling Trap The Sound Trap software comes on a single floppy disk, complete with an adequate manual covering both operation and a description of the sampling basics.
Using the Sound Trap software is simplicity itself. All the sampler operations are controlled by clicking on onscreen icons. Operations include all the standard functions that you’d expect to find: Record, Play, Zoom (in and out), Cut, Copy, Paste etc. Rather strangely, Sound Trap doesn’t support pull-down menus at all. The gadgets you see are the functions you get.
Sound is fed into the Sound Trap hardware through a single jack connector.
Unlike most of the competition, Sound Trap does not support stereo sampling.
However, as many musicians will tell you, stereo sampling is a vastly overrated feature that rarely has a use within real world applications. Sure, it’s fun to grab a sound on two separate channels, but stereo sampling instantly cuts the maximum sampling rate in half, which can be a real disadvantage when it’s audio quality you’re after.
Samples can be grabbed at a variable sampling rate from 6 Khz, right up to a wacking 34KHz. Rather strangely, although the software appears to allow sampling at this impressive rate, the sample is actually grabbed at a far more diminutive 29KHz.
Once you’ve grabbed your sample, you can carry out all the standard editing functions such as cut, paste and copy by highlighting the area to be effected with the mouse. This is, unfortunately, as far as Sound Trap’s software goes - if it’s advanced features such as echoes, fades etc, that you’re after then you’ll feel held back. For those of you wishing to use just about any Amiga sampler seriously, you’d be well advised to instantly rush out and invest in a copy of Aegis’ AudioMaster 2 (available from HB Marketing on 0895 444433) which is a software based sampling package designed for
use with most samplers (including Sound Trap).
Sound Choice?
Cheap samplers have been available for quite a while now from companies such as Trilogic, but none offer even the kind of sampling quality of Sound Trap.
Although there are many much better quality samplers available (FutureSound 500 being about the best there is), the price and well thought out design are the two factors that really make Omega’s product shine. At just under £38, there really is nothing to touch Sound Trap III. ¦ SOUND TRAP III £37.50 ¦ All Amigas ¦ Bytes and Pieces Tel:0253 734218 ( _ ,w Jk ; • '- ) ’ 7 © : ' ,* NEWI-. Andavaiabh now!
...Access to a selection of hundreds of low cost, simple, plug-in expansion boards for your Amiga 500 or 1000!
Here is a list of typical, easy to install, plug-in boards with the technology that AX-S is designed to use: Single serial port 17 2 serial port ... 48 4 serial port .. 79 Parallel port ... 29 Floppy disk controller . 29 Personal telephone dialer manager . 29 8-bit hard drive controller, MFM RLL . 55 62 16-bit hard drive controller, MFM RLL
95 110 SCSI hard drive controller .. 98 1200 baud modem (internal) ...... 50 2400 baud modem (internal) ..... 99 EPROM programmer .125 Digital voltmeter .....150 Handscanner .171 A D D A converters . 199 260 2400 baud FAX 219 9600 baud FAX 389 CD data
cartridge drive 350 Data acquisition cards (various) ....375 8 meg RAM memory, expandable from OK ...199 40 meg tape backup .299 20 meg hard drive, complete system 229 40 meg hard drive, complete system .....359 80 meg hard drive, complete system 575 Imagine the possibilities with access to hundreds of plug-in boards for your Amiga. For example, your AX-S chassis could have one 80 Meg 5.25" hard drive, two 40 Meg 3.5"
hard drives, one 40 Meg tape backup, two 3.5" floppy drives, a FAX card, a modem, a multiple serial port and a scanner... all accessible from your Amiga.
AX-S connects from Amiga’s 86-pin expansion port to a hi-tech chassis with a heavy duty -- 200w power supply, ventilation fan, 7 plug-in expansion slots including XT AT bus and multiple peripheral drive bays.
Driver software for some plug-in accessories is supplied. Also included is the AX-S proprietary Resource Library Software to allow Amiga owners to write their own drivers for expansion boards.
The AX-S Resource Library will be available on PD networks. Look for the Spirit *AXS.Library" on CompuServe, People Link and Genie.
AX-S..."access ’ak-ses n... the freedom or ability to obtain or make use of"... the most marvelous accessory - ever - for Amiga... BELIEVE IT!
"X-COPY V 2.6" LATEST VERSION £ 17.50 POST FREE Hardware add-on available to registered users UPERI0R EXPANSION HARDWAi Spirit Technology is in its third year of producing fine professior Amiga hardware. Tens of thousands of Spirit RAM expansion boi use throughout the world. Spirit is committed to continued devel only superior Amiga peripherals.
For B2000 or for the NEW AX-S expansion system or.
A500 and A1000 plug-in low profile external chassis with power Expandable from OK with 1 Meg x 1 DRAMS.
Full autoconfig. Software support disk includes RAM test pro 2 megs, for A500 A1000 £ 399.00 for B2000 £ 375.00 urn "INTBUOIC™ VIDEO GENLOCK for all Amigss A mid-priced, professional quality genlock and encoder with ei needed to produce simple or elaborate production or post-productic- Some features: 2, RS 170A video outputs (BNC).
Key out (BNC).
Filtered RGB drives out (BNC).
Locks to studio sync or VCR.
23-pin socket for Amiga color monitor.
Remote fader panel with 0 to 100% overlay control. P.O.A. INTERNAL 1.5MB RAM EXPANSION aiooo Battery backed clock calendar.(Optional A500) Expandable from OK with 256K x 1 DRAMS.
Can autoconfig. Software support disk includes RAM test prc (Zero K board available). Fully populated £ 240.00 INTBtNAL 2MB RAM EXPANSION for A500 Expandable from OK with 256K x 4 DRAMS.
Plug-in - no jumpers. Full autoconfig.
Software support disk includes RAM test program Multi layed board, buffered and a snip at £ 335.00. for 2 megs 5I2K (A 501 a ONE) RAM EXPANSION Easy plug-in installation into the "trapdoor" expansion slot.
Includes battery backed clock calendar.
Available with 256Kx4 low power CMOS chips.
No Clock £ 69.00 With clock £ 74.00 HARD DRIVE ADAPTORS for A500 and A1000.
Amiga matching metal chassis with passthru*.
Optional autoboot kit.
Full Driver Software and ready formatted on full system under FFS Kit form or complete VERY FAST _hard drive system from 40 megs 300 megs with the option of a second drive to double the capacity As supplied to Universities, Local Authority. Police etc.. Full syster prices start at £ 499.00 for 40 megs £ 825.00 for 105megs ¦SLOT MatHW"'* HARD CARD for B2000.
Autoboot and Driver Software included.
Plug-In installation.
Hard drive installs as HARD CARD or into the drive bay.
Available with or without drive.
As for A500 A1000 complete 40 meg hard card £ 450.00 Sizes up to 300 megs available card mount drive bay external.. "SOUND TRAP 3” fits all AMIGA machines for superior sound sampling and with FREE software Exclusively from us at only £ 37.50 AMIGA USER INT "...REMARKABLE PERFORMANCE... * MICROMART "...9 OUT OF 10 WITH EXTRA POINT FOR THE PASS-THRU..... NEW FATTER AGNUS CHIP " available now ex-sa BYTES & PIECES - "ALWAYS FIRST!"
Please note we have a return bf authourity policy ACCESS & VISA Callers by appointment please. Open 11am-6pm Mon-Fri. Prices include VAT 37 CECIL STREET, LYTHAM, LANCASHIRE, FY8 5NN. UK Tel 0253-734218 Fax 0253-714 4 Three pounds Reg Post memory boards. Hard drive systems are Eleven pounds courier. Overseas call for carriage.
See us at the SIXTEEN BIT Show, Stand 60 on 12th 13th & 14th January, 1990 Royal Horticultural Halls, London.
“Brilliant” 90% ZERO Magazine TIME TRAVELLERS ) A50G “Set to become a timeless classic” 90% stem egs THE ONE Magazine An excellent icon driven adventure... well worth buying” 82% AMIGA ACTION Magazine “One hell of a game” 87% ST FORMAT GOLD AWARD ST FORMAT Magazine “Go out and get this” 83% STA I AWARD ST ACTION Magazine MARKETED BY “Nice one” 93% M4141 AMIGA COMPUTING EXCELLENCE AWARD AMIGA COMPUTING Magazine pal* ( INEMATIOIT : A Brand New Standard in Computer Games MicroBotics means Amiga-Power!
Whichever Amiga you own - or plan to buy - we have theexpansion you need For the Vamiga 2000... HardF rame 2000 ] DMA SCSI Interface If your application calls for super- I speed uninterrupted access to your hard disk, HardFrame 2000 is your I answer. This is a high end, no holds barrred SCSI interface that operates at | bus speeds. One HardFrame 2000 can support up to seven devices. Word- | length data transfer, FIFO buffering, TRUE DMA, mounted on a metal I frame suitable for all standard 3.5" SCSI drives (or, if you prefer, connected to a bay mounted or external I disk). Available now.
List Price: £199.00 + VAT PLEASE CALL 8-UP! FastRAM Maximum memory in One Slot! | The FastRAM card that every | Amiga owner will eventually come to - why limit yourself to j only two megabytes per slot? 8-1 UP! Will take you all the way to the top of the auto-configuration | memory space of EIGHT | MEGABYTES! 8-UP! Is avail-1 able in two versions, the stan-1 dard DIP model accepts 2,4,6 or I 8 megabytes of 1 meg DRAMS. I For maximum flexibility there is I the SIMM version which lets I you custom configure with I mixed 256K and 1 meg SIMM I modules, including MicroBotics I exclusive
PopSIMMs. 8-UP! Is a power-efficient, zero wait state, autoconfiguring design.. "The latest and greatest" (Amiga .
World, Jan. 1989). 8-UP! Is J available now with 2MB.
List Price £249.00 + VAT PLEASE CALL I________ |MouseTime [The easiest to use, most cost-effective implementation of a battery backed I clock for the A1000. Passes the port [through for joysticks or other devices.
Complete with WorkBench software.
I Available now.
List Price: £22.95 + VAT PLEASE CALL For the Amiga 500... M501 Memory and Clock Half a Meg at a Great Price!
As we are all coming to realise, a one megabyte Amiga (at least) is a necessity not an option. When you add the inboard 512K memory and clock module to your A500 makes sure it's a MicroBotics M501. Note that just like the Commodore and unlike some third party expansions, we use a long live rechargeable NiCad battery - which you'll never have to replace.
Set the MicroBotics clock using the same WorkBench software as you would use for the Commodore clock.
What's the difference? You get to keep £25 compared to the Commodore version. The M501 is available now.
List Price: £99.95 inc VAT PLEASE CALL StarBoard2 500 Two Megs PLUS a Choice of Modules.
The premier memory expansion for the A1000 is now available on the A500. In its own case with an independent power supply strong enough to handle StarBoard2 and a second A1000 style StarBoard2, all the power and flexibility of this great expansion device is available to you. Up to 2 megabytes of auto configuring, zerowaitstate FastRAM, MultiFunc- tion or SCSI module capability for math chip or fast SCSI hard disk interfacing. StarBoard2 also has an LED diagnostic confidence light to indicate the power-up state of your Amiga and expansion. An A1000 style StarBoard2 can be connected to the bus
pass-up for a total of FOUR megs and two modules. "The best..'* (Amiga World Jan 88) List Price: £199.00 + VAT PLEASE CALL For the Amiga 1000... StarBoard 2 The Expansion of Choice The superb memory expansion for the Amiga 1000, still going strong! Up to 2 megabytes of autoconfiguring, zero wait state, FastRAM in a sleek, all steel Amiga coloured case plus the capability to accept either of the two daughterboard modules, the original MultiFunction Module or the new SCSI Module. StarBoard2 is powered by the bus (up to two StarBoard2's can be supported by the A1000) and passes it on.
List Price: £199.00 + VAT PLEASE CALL MultiFunction Module High Tech at Low Cost This daughterboard installs on any StarBoard2. If features a socket and software for the 68881 Math Chip as an I O device (MicroBotics pioneered this approach on the Amiga-now directly supported in the maths libraries of AmigaDOS 1.3). StickyDisk gives you the most "bullet-proof' rebootable RAM disk - its hardware protection turns it into a solid state, superfast disk. Parity checking of StarBoard2 RAM can be enabled when extra parity ram is installed. Finally, the MultiFunction Module carries an easy to use
battery- backed clock to set the system time on startup.
List Price: £55.00 + VAT PLEASE CALL StarDrive SCSI Module Fast, Low Cost SCSI Module When installed in any model StarBoard2, StarDrive offers you cost effective, pseudo-DMA access to SCSI hard drives and other devices.
Fast, easy to install including driver software and disk diagnostics.
StarDrive also includes a battery backed clock to set system time on startup.
List Price £75.00 + VAT PLEASE CALL Tell your dealer he can order direct - no minimum quantity - show him this ad!
In Europe: Oasis Services Ltd, 17 Andrews Place, London SE9 2SJ. TEL: (01) 859 4936 In U.S.A: MicroBotics Inc, 811 Alpha Drive, Richardson TX 75081. TEL (214) 437 5330 JASON HOLBORN takes a look at Elan Performer, a package that puts Amiga graphics and animations at your fingertips.
Desktop Presentation is big business on the Ar ga Whether you just enjoy tinkering with animation and pa nt packages, or you’re a video professional using the Amiga to produce broadcast quality video ejects and titles, you’re sure to *ncs a package to suit your needs Elan Performer is the atest arrival on the scene to be a ~ec at both the home user and re . Aeo professional. The system works in conjunction with existing paint and animation programs to provde a quick and simple method of presenting graphics and animations of different formats.
For animation, Performer supports both IFF ANIM and -F forms used by packages sue" as VideoScape 3D and Scl pt Animate respectively. Irrespectwe of which paint system you use.
Performer will happily accept graphics in anything from r.c to 4096 colours in both normal arc overscanned display modes Key to Success Previous desktop presents: on packages have earned themse .es the unenviable reputation of being almost unusable becajse c* poor user interfaces. Thankfulr, the designers of Elan Performer have clearly put a great oeal of time and effort into the design of Performer's user inteface.
Making the program a positive joy to use.
Performer’s main, and or,, work screen consists of a grap- c representation of an Amiga keyboard (the Amiga A1000 keyboard, to be precise). Just by clicking on the various gadgets with the mouse, simple presentations can be produced in a matter of seconds.
Building a presentation is simplicity itself. Performer works by 2 owing you to assign any image or animation to keys on the Amiga keyboard. To assign a particular graphic event to a key (an event being either an image or animation), all you have to do is to double-click on the filename of the file to oe used from the onscreen file mc ester, and then click on the key that the event is to be ass gned to. Depending on the t pe of event, Performer will then s low you to change particular atm outes that dictate how the event is to be displayed.
For pictures, you can dictate now long the image is to be dis- p ayed m terms of minutes, seconds and frames, and whether the mage's colours are to be cycled.
If you load an animation, you can change both the playback speed and the number of times the animation is to be looped (if any).
Once you’ve set up your presentation, you may either leave it to do its stuff automatically or manually advance to any event by pressing its associated key on the keyboard. Whole sequences can easily be linked, therefore allowing you to build complex presentations running into hundreds of events.
So what use is a package such as Elan Performer to the average user? The program is suited to a wide number of different applications, but I can see it being particularly useful for building a sequence of credits for the front end of a home video, or even for shop window displays and educational use. The manual details a selection of varying applications ranging from a simple shop window display to a full-blown interactive information system. As always with a program such as this, your imagination and ability to use the program are the key elements.
Conclusion Elan Performer certainly isn’t a do it all, jack of all trades type of package like many of its competitors. For starters, you’ll need both paint and animation packages to produce files for Performer to work with, so don’t buy Performer thinking that it’s the only package you’re going to need.
Flowever, the combination of a package such as Deluxe Paint 3 (which can be used to produce both artwork and animations) and Eian Performer makes for one of the most cost-effective presentation systems available.
For home use, it would have been nice if Performer had supported not only graphics but sampled sounds and music as well.
This facility would be particular useful as you could easily combine music and sound effects to further enhance your presentations. Oh well, let’s hope Elan are listening and will add these capcities to a future release.
Performer’s simplicity and easy of use are its greatest assets. If you need to be able to ‘knock up’ a professional looking presentation quickly and with a minimal amount of hassle, Elan Performer could be the package you’ve been looking for. ¦ ELAN PERFORMER £49.95 ¦ All 1 Mb Amigas ¦ HB Marketing (0895) 444433
S. D.C., 60 Boston Road, London W7 3TR Other branches at: 309
Goldhawk Road, London W12 8EZ 18 Market Square, Leighton
Buzzard, Beds.
? Unit 33-34 Rumford Shopping Hall, Market Place, Romford Essex ? 675 Holloway Road, Archway, London, N19 ? Pitsea Market Stand B13,1-2 every Sat. BATMAN THE MOVIE OR CAPED CRUSADER ONLY E14.99 PRICE PROMISE BUY BY PHONE RING -01-741 1222 01-995 3652 0525 371884 If you wish to purchase any product from our list and find that you can buy the same product cheaper from another mail order company, simply enclose the lower amount, stating the name of the other company and where you saw the advert (it must be a current issue). Price Promise does not apply to other companies "Special Offers".
I ENQUIRIES RING 01-567 7621 Office hours only Warn ¦ 6pm OUR PRICE SAVING OUR PRICE SAVING Strider
14. 99
5. 00 Action Service
3. 99
16. 00 Stunt Cars
15. 99
9. 00 Alien Syndrome
7. 99
12. 00 Star Trek V
15. 99
9. 00 Archipelagos
9. 99
15. 00 Super Wonderboy 17,99
7. 00 Backlash
4. 99
15. 00 Targhan
15. 99
9. 00 Billiards
4. 99
15. 00 Terry's Big Adventure
10. 99
4. 00 Bio Challenge
12. 99
12. 00 Test Drive II (The Duel)
17. 99
7. 00 Black Magic
3. 99
16. 00 Toobin'
12. 99
7. 00 Captain Blood
5. 99
19. 00 Trivial Pursuits Genus
12. 99
7. 00 Corruption
7. 99
17. 00 Turbo Outrun
17. 99
7. 00 Crazy Cars II
15. 99
9. 00 Vindicator
12. 99
7. 00 Deluxe Paint II
19. 99
20. 00 Weird Dreams
15. 99
9. 00 Dungeon Master
15. 99
9. 00 Wrangler
12. 99
7. 00 Empire Strikes Back
8. 99
11. 00 Xenophobe
15. 99
9. 00 Espionage
4. 99
15. 00
A. P.B.
12. 99
7. 00 Arthur
15. 99
9. 00 Barbarian II
15. 99
9. 00 Beach Volley
14. 99
10. 00 Beam
12. 99
7. 00 Blood Money
15. 99
9. 00 Bomber
17. 99
7. 00 Cabal
14. 99
10. 00 Castle Warrior
15. 99
9. 00 Chariots Of Wrath
15. 99
9. 00 Continental Circus
15. 99
9. 00 Dominator
14. 99
5. 00 Double Dragon IV
15. 99
9. 00 Dragon Spirit
12. 99
7. 00 Dragons of Flame
17. 99
7. 00 Dynamite Dux
17. 99
7. 00 F-29 Retaliator
14. 99
10. 00 F16 Combat Pilot
15. 99
9. 00 Falcon
21. 99
8. 00 Falcon Mission Disk
12. 99
7. 00 Grand Prix Circuit
17. 99
7. 00 Ghostbusters II 17,99
7. 00 Ghouls ’n' Ghost
17. 99
7. 00 Hardball
17. 99
7. 00 Hard Drivin
12. 99
7. 00 Honda R.V. F. 750
15. 99
9. 00 Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade
14. 99
5. 00 Jack Nicklaus
17. 99
7. 00 Journey
21. 99
8. 00 Knight Force
15. 99
9. 00 Laser Squad
12. 99
7. 00 Last Ninja II
17. 99
7. 00 Last Patrol 14,99
10. 00 Leisure Suit Larry 2
21. 99
8. 00 Licence To Kill
12. 99
7. 00 Monopoly Deluxe
12. 99
7. 00 Moonwalker
17. 99
7. 00 Operation Thunderbolt 14,99
10. 00 Paperboy
12. 99
7. 00 Populous: Promised Lands
7. 99
2. 00 Powerdrome
17. 99
7. 00 Powerdrift
17. 99
7. 00 Preditor
17. 99
9. 00 Rainbow Island
15. 99
9. 00 Rainbow Warrior
15. 99
9. 00 Rally Cross
12. 99
7. 00 Rick Dangerous
15. 99
9. 00 Robo Cop
14. 99
10. 00 Saint + Greavsie
12. 99
7. 00 Shadow of the Beast
27. 99
7. 00 Shufflepuck Cafe
12. 99
7. 00 Sim City
21. 99
8. 00 Sleeping Dogs Lie
14. 99
10. 00 Soccer
14. 99
10. 00 Space Quest III
17. 99
7. 00 Spherical
14. 99
5. 00 Star Wars Trilogy
15. 99
9. 00 ¦BHHH Battle
Chess ..17.99
Battletech ......14.50
Bloodwych .....15.99
Carrier Command 15.99 Champ
(The) .15.99 Dragon
Ninja .14.99
O.F.T ....21.99
Fire Brigade ...21.99
Forgotten Worlds .14.99
Foundations Waste 6.99
Footballer of the Year IV .12.99
Garfield Winters Tale ......15.99
Gemini Wing ..12.99
Gunship ..15.99
Off ...11.99
Kult ..15.99
Microprose Soccer ..15.99
Millenium 2 ....16.99
Myth .17.99
Navy Moves ...17.99
STORY SO FAR I ONLY £15.99 Beyond The Ice Palace + Ikari
Warriors + Buggy Boy + Battleships PRECIOUS METAL ONLY £13.99
Captain Blood + Arkanoid II + Xenon + Crazy Cars LIGHT FORCE
ONLY £14.99 IK+ + Batman + Voyager + R-Type New Zealand
Story ..14.99 Ninja
Warriors 15.99
Outrun ......6.99
Populous 17.99
RAC Lombard Rally .14.99
Rampage 14.99
Red Heat 14.99
Renegade III ..14.99
Rocket Ranger ....17.99
Rock 'n'
Roll ...14.99 Run The
Gauntlet 14.99
Shinobi ...12.99
Stormlord .: ....12.99
Talk To The Animals 15.99
Thunderbirds .10.99
Time Scanner 17.99
Trained Assassin .15.99
Vigilante ..10.99
Xenon II - Megablast ......15.99
Xybots ....12.99
STORY SO FAR 3 ONLY £15.99 Thunderbirds + Bomb Jack + Space
Harrier + Live & Let Die COMPUTER HITS TWO ONLY £9.99 Tetris +
Golden Path + Black Shadow + Joe Blade TRIAD II ONLY £15.99
Menace + Tetris + Baal PRICE SAVING Flintstones
4. 99
15. 00 F18 Interceptor
9. 99
15. 00 Games Winter
5. 99
19. 00 Galactic Invasion
3. 99
16. 00 Hellbent
4. 99
15. 00 HKM
5. 99
19. 00 Hotball
6. 99
13. 00 Kristal
7. 99
22. 00 Kullt
12. 99
7. 00 Lords Of The Rising Sun
12. 99
12. 00 Manhunter In New York
20. 99
14. 00 Mafdet
3. 99
16. 00 Operation Neptune
12. 99
12. 00 Peter Beardsleys
9. 99
10. 00 Int. Soccer
7. 99
12. 00 Pioneer Plague ;
4. 99
20. 00 Purple Saturn Days
8. 99
16. 00 Prison 4,99
15. 00 Return Of The Jedi
8. 99
11. 00 Running Man
9. 99
15. 00 Soldier Of Light
7. 99
12. 00 Spidertronic
2. 99
17. 00 Space Quest
9. 99
20. 00 Star Wars
8. 99
11. 00 3 Stooges
6. 99
13. 00
T. V, Sports Football
19. 99
10. 00 Teenage Queen
8. 99
11. 00 Wanted
4. 99
15. 00 War In Middle Earth
12. 99
12. 00 Warlocks Quest
3. 99
16. 00
3. 5" DISC 2 for 1 Lifetime Guarantee 10 3.5" DSDD
Discs .7.99 20 3.5"
DSDD Discs .....14.99 50
3.5" DS DD Discs + Free Storage Box ..37.50 100 3.5" DS
DD Discs + Free Storage Box 69.99 200 3.5" DS DD Discs +
Free Storage Box.....129.99 500 3.5" DS DD Discs + Free
Storage Box.....304.99 All discs offered are supplied with
labels + individually sleeved TRIAD ONLY £12.99 Starglider +
Barbarian (Psygnosis) + Defender Of The Crown
S. D.C. ORDER FORM Please send me the following titles. BLOCK
capitals please!
Type of computer_ Title: Amount « ? Personal Callers Only Total Enclosed £ AMIGA FORMAT, JANUARY.
Name.... Address.
Tel. No..... Please Make Cheques and Postal Orders Payable to S.D.C. These are mail order prices only, shop prices may vary.
Please add 50p P&P for orders under £5. Over £5 P&P is free. Europe please add £1.00 per disc. Elsewhere please add £1.50 extra per disk.
What's going on ? Or off ?
SPREADSHEETS DGCac________29.90 5GC_______74 98 ......68.77 c rnai ! ¦¦¦ ...69 92 inXJHES
- - : 5 rc» 37.95
- - • r: E-: -= 23 90 Mibu Language 34.96 5 1 :
I _ se- ...31.97 EE : E-_ 2::- . 33.79 2a crsref Font Designer
...64.86 Z»s»'Master Housekeeper ....37.95 ICS 2 DCS F e
Transfer 29.90 Mrnwr 13 S W Upgrade.. 14.72 = 2:: : : r• : =
:-e 23 92 _s: E 3_-_ -terceptor 27.83 MAC 2 DOS Fite Transfer
59.80 Mastetpece Fonts 129.95 U=ioes- Wo'kbench
Utils....56.12 = -: er D Backup Editor 30.82 Suoerbacfc H D
Backup 39.79 . Ts "'ectjon Protection 34.96
* '• yc-oerfect Library 88.09 K Copy 2 Backup Editor
- ar- iy Tree Genealogy 34.96 WORDPROCESSORS
- -OAC-CS 2 37.95
• Aero Text ....17.94 Out ne ideas
Organiser 29.90 3enPal (NEW) ..109.94
Pretext ..64.86 Scnbble
(Platinum) .41.86
Transcript .....32.89
WordPerfect ......159.85 The Dnd«- Tubo Spw
-a- T-a Voec Ssjdc Zoerooe Anr-gicr ACCOUNTS Arena Integrated
Acc. 1MB......129.95 Cashbook Combination 59.80
Cashbook Controller 39.79 Desk Top
Budget ......34.96 Home
Accounts .23.92 Panmead Accounts
Modules 39.79 Personal Tax Planner ...34.96 Small
Business Xtra 1MB ....99.82 Small Business Cash
3 ..59.80 BBS
PC ..88.78 K Comm
2 ..23.92 Ruby Comm
(View+Term) ...68.77 COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN Design 3D 1
MB .57.96 Draw
2000 149.96 Professional Draw
1MB 99.82 X Cad Designer 1MB ...79.8'
X Cad Professional 1.5MB 339.94 DATABASE MANAGERS
Aquisition ..159.85 Data
Retrieve Professional 179.86 Mailshot
Plus .....37.95 Micro
Base .17.94 Microfiche
Filer ..58.88 Microfiche Filer
Plus ...117.76
Prodata ...54.97 Race Horse
Form Master ....39.79 Superbase
Personal .44.85 Superbase Personal
2 ..66.93 Superbase Professional ....169.9
Who What When Where .....29.9C DESKTOP PUBLISHERS
Pagesetter ..59.80 Pagestream
1MB Query Professional Page 1.5MB ..174. = : EDITORS
CygnusEd Professional 59 SO WE £~ 5»_osrpa~
1. 3 Kossar -QM -or 3 5* Dre S-rtnr i 512K A500 =-MI A Mai Eruacr
A. MAS 5a-oer A59C 20ME -at Dai Case V~ 2AC Mci * e rxsrz Ve»3oe
______________ W-ger Senoo* RAM C?ncs DMCS Vrt A-ICS =¦*. Do
PACKAGES Aegs Graemes Her"e Offcs Kt P_oisn=rs Ooce - The
5*3~ '25=6 SX Si So you've done it, have you ?
Ve..ry clev..er ! Fact is, Artie's just fed up waiting. So to see a lot more of him and his friends you'll just have to get RealThings - HORSES.
That is magic !!
X- 36 53:
- 4 3C 28 I*=v==c2- Hear Base Ccrroe t ar.ee C 5 Vfcxua 2 Sancarr
SOUMJ DeL_*5 Mlsc 2or k-sa-r Mjsc____ tJLsc X J* *er Srjbc
Maoc- 4B31 22 ~7 ~ XSS’ Richard Howe & Angela Hammett Applied
Research Kernel Core FsBbme. Cwe Green, Ventnor, P038 2LA, U.K.
GRAPHICS Animagic Effects 1 MB ..59.80 C Light Ray
Tracing ..44 85 Comic Setter 1
MB ....39 ~9 Deluxe Paint 3 1
MB .59 &: Deluxe
Video .....49.9* Digi Paint
3 .49.91 Elan
Performer ..44.85 Movie
Setter ......51.9c Photon Paint 2 1
MB .57 96 Pixmate Image
Manipulator 38.8- Sculpt
3D 62.75 Sculpt 4D Animate
Junior ....89 S3 Sculpt 4D Professional 1MB .. .319.93 =
2 5" • -1: _-;ce £4 item, World £10 item OffQUFS London Storing
payable to A.R.K. please EXPORT* BFPO Remove U.K. V.A.T.
(=price 1.15) YJLT. Races ndude U.K. V.A.T. at 15% =*-0*«E
V:ncE. To Saturday 9am to 7pm DESPATCH Usually within 48 hours
PfttCES Are suoject to change DUC* ACCESS TO OVER 1500 AMIGA
PRODUCTS RealThings Animation Series runs in Deluxe Paint III,
by Electronic Arts, and requires Amiga with 1 Megmin.
(0727) 56005 41396 N VJ 8833 MONITORS £209.95 OR £199.95
including cable when bought with computer.
Also available, a few ex-demo 8833's in excellent condition only £149.99 inc VAT.
WAR GAMES, ADVENTURE GAMES SIMULATORS & SPORTS STRATEGIC PLUS SOFTWARE Strategic Plus Software Dept. AF PO Box 8, Hampton, Middx TW12 3XA Telephone 01 941 6163 See Our Main Advert on Page 169 Send £2.50 tor Extensive Catalogue.
Prop S. Harper
* 1. i I AMIGA i Old Kingsmoor School, Railway Street, Hadfield,
Cheshire SK14 8AA.
Tel: 04574 66555 67761 69499 Fax NO.: 04574 68946.
Head Office and Access & Visa orders, queries.
How to order your Disc Drive Please supply me with Disc Drives for my (tick box) Amiga 31 2" Drive £79.95 ? Atari STFM PCI 31 2" Drive £89.95 ?
Amiga 5W Drive £99.95 ? Atari STFM only 51 4" Drive £119.95 ?
Ail above prices include P+P and VAT. (Overseas orders add £10.00 post charges).
Payment can be made by cheaue, Access Visa or postal order.
SSPlSa Sifiten © COPYRIGHT VIDEOVAULT LTD. 982030 NAME_____ ADDRESS____ I authorise you to charge my Access Visa card no. Signature: ¦ Send your order today to: ¦ Videovault Ltd, Old Kingsmoor School, Railway street, Hadfield, Cheshire SK14 8AA 512K RAM Expansion with Clock for Amiga 500 ASHCOM RAM EXPANSION without Clock only £69.95 Information has a great deal to answer for within modern society. Its effective use can make you a million or leave you bankrupt, get you to work on time or leave you stuck in a traffic jam: it can even be the spark that starts a war and then brings eventual
peace. Either way, your effectiveness at gathering and using information can be all-important.
Two of the greatest sources of information are the Teletext information systems run by both the BBC (Ceefax) and ITV (Oracle).
Whatever your interest, chances are that Teletext systems contain sections (called ‘Pages’) to cater for your needs. In general, both services contain up-to-the-minute local and international news, in- depth financial coverage, and I Keeping track of day-to-day happenings on planet Earth is a truly monumental task.
JASON HOLBORN makes the task a little simpler.
AMIGA FORMAT 161 3D Pool ......11-99 Afterburner 16.99 Airball .11-99 Airborne Ranger 14.99 Altered Beast .....16.99 A-Max ......134.95 A-Max with Rom ..249.95 Alien Legion ......16.99 ?Amos .19.99 APB .12.99 Archipelagos .....16.99 Arkanoid 2 Revenge ......14.99 Baal 14.99 Bal of Power
1990 .16.99 Ballistix ......11.99 Barbarian 2 Pal .14.99 Barbarian Pal ......7.99 Bard's Tale 1 or 2 Hint Book .5.99 Bards Tale 2 ......17.99 Batman Caped Crusader 15.99 Batman The Movie 16.99 Battlehawks 1942 .16.99 Beach Volley ......16.99 Bionic Commando ...7.99 Blasteroids .14.99 Blood Money .....16.99 Bloodwych .16.99 Bombuzal ...14.99
?Cabal .16.99 California Games ..16.99 Capone ......19.99 Captain Blood .....7.99 Carrier Command .14.99 Centrefold Squares 12.99 ?Chase HQ .16.99 Chessmaster 2000 16.99 Chronoquest .....18.99 Chuckie Egg 2 ...13.99 Colossus Chess X ..15.99 Conflict Europe .16.99 Continental Circus 13.99 Cosmic Pirate ....14.99 Crazy Cars 2 .....14.99
Cybernoid 2 ......11.99 Daley Thompson 88 .....14.99 Dominator ..13.99 Double Dragon ..11 99 Double Dragon 2 ...13.99 Dragon Ninja .....15.99 Dragon Spirit ....12.99 Dragonslair 1 meg (1 Meg)...29.99 Dungeon Master 15.99 Elite 14.99 Emmanuelle ......11.99 Empire ..7-99 Empire Strikes Back ....11.99 Espionage ..11.99 FI6 Combat Pilot ..16.99
?F29 Retalitator .16.99 Falcon F16 .19.99 Falcon Mission Disc 1 ..13.99 Fantavision 29.99 Fed of Free Traders ......19.99 Fighting Soccer .16.99 Fish 14-99 Flight Sim 2 ......26.99 Fit Disc 7 or 11 .13.99 Fit Disc European .13.99 Fit Disc Japan ...13.99 Flying Shark .....14.99 Foot Man 2 Exp Kit .8.99 Football Director 2 11.99 Football Manager
2 ......11.99 Foundations Waste ..7.99 Fun School 2 (6-8) .11.99 Fun School 2 (over 8) ...11.99 Fun School 2 (under 6) .11.99 Fusion ..7.99 Galactic Conqueror ......14.99 Galdregons Domain ......12.99 Garfield 9.99 Garfield Winter ..12.99 Ghostbusters 2 .16.99 Gilbert Escape Drill ......11.99 I ?Golden Shoe ....16.99 Gold Rush .N ... 16.99 ?Guerilla War 4 99
Gunship .....14. Hard Drivin 13.99 Hawkeye ....12.99 Helter Skelter ......9.99 Heroes of the Lance ......16.99 Highway Hawks .11.99 Hollywood Poker Pro .....16.99 Hostages ....14.99 Hot Football .9.99 Hunt for Red October ...14.99 Hybris .19.99 Indy Jones Action ..13.99 Indy Jones Adventure ...16.99 Int Karate + 16.99
* It Came from Desert (1 Meg) 19.99
Jaws ...12.99 J Nicklau's
Golf .15.99
Jet ..26.99 Joan of
Arc .16.99 Joe Blade
2 ..9.99 Kennedy
Approach 14.99 Kick
Off ......11.99 Kick Off X-tra
Time .7.99 Kind Words 2 ....34.99
King's Quest 1,2.3 or 4 Hint Books 6.99
King's Quest 4 ...21.99 King’s Quest
Triple 26.99
Knightforce 14.99
Kristal .17.99
Kult 16.99 Leaderboard
Birdie 16.99
Lancelot .....12.99 Laser
Squad ......12.99 ?Lost
Patrol 16.99 Led
Storm ..13.99 Legend of
Djel ...16.99 Legend of
Sword 14.99 Leisure Suit
Larry .16.99 Leisure Suit Larry Hint Book.6.99
Leisure Suit Larry 2 .....19.99 Licence to
Kill ....12.99 ?Light
Force ......16.99 Lombard RAC
Rally ......14.99 Lords of Rising Sun ......19.99
Manhatton Dealer .14.99 Manhunter New
York ....21.99 Manhunter N.Y. Hint Book ....6.99 ?Maniac
Mansion ..16.99
Menace ......12.99 Microprose
Soccer .14.99 Millenium
2.2 ....16.99 Mr
Heli 15.99
Nebulus .....17.99
Netherworld ......17.99 New Zealand
Story 16.99 ?Ninja
Warriors .13.99 Operation
Neptune 14.99 ?Operation Thunderbolt 16.99
Operation Wolf ..14.99
Outrun ..7.99
POW 19.99
Pacland .9.99
Pacmania .....9.99
Paperboy ....12.99 Passing
Shot .....13.99 Peter
Beardsley .12.99 Phantom
Fighter ...13.99
Phobia .14.99 Pioneer
Plague ...14.99
Platoon 14.99 Police
Quest ......16.99 ?Police Quest
2 ..16.99 Police Quest Hint Book 6.99 ?Pool of
Radiance ..19.99
Powerdrift ..16.99 Precious
Metal ...15.99 Premier
Collection .18.99
Prison ...9.99 Purple Saturn
Day 14.99 R
Type .16.99
Raider .11.99 ?Rainbow
Islands ..15.99 Reach For The
Heat ....15.99 Renegade 1 or
3 15.99 _R»p,T-n 0f ipe .Tedi- Return to
Genesis .11.99 Rick
Dangerous .15.99 Road
Blasters ....13.99
Robocop .....15.99 Rocket
Ranger ...14.99 Run the
Gauntlet ..15.99 Running
Man ....14.99 RVF
Honda 14.99 Sargon 3
Chess .14.99
Savage 14.99 Scrabble
Deluxe 13.99
Shadowgate 14.99 Shadow of the
Beast .....22.99
Shinobi ......12.99 Shoot em up Con
Kit ....19.99 Silent Service ....14.99
Silkworm ...12.99 Skate or
Die ......17.99 Sleeping Gods
Lie ..14.99 Space
Ace ...29.99 ?Space Harrier
2 16.99 Space Quest 1 or 2 16.99
Space Quest 1 or 2 Hint Book..6.99
Speedball ...11 -99
Stag 14.99 Star Wars
Trilogy ..16.99 Star fleet
1 ....7.99 Starglider
2 14.99 Stealth
Fighter ..16.99 Steve Davis World Snooker..
12.99 Storm Trooper ...14.99 Street
Fighter ......7.99
Strider 13.99 Strike Force
Harrier 9.99 Strip Poker
2+ .....9.99 Stunt Car
Racer 15.99 Super
Hangon ...16.99 ?Super
Wonderboy .16.99 Superbase
Personal ......59.95
Superman ..14.99
?Talespin ....17.99
Tech 13-99
Technocop ..13.99 Teenage
Queen ..11.99 Test Drive 2 The
Duel ...21.99 Thargan .....15.99
Thunderbirds ....16.99
Thunderblade ....16.99 Tiger
Road ..17.99 Time and
Magik 12.99 Times of
Lore ....14.99
Titan ...14.99
Toobin .13.99
Tracers ......16.99 Tracksuit
Manager 11.99
Triad ...H-99 Triv Pursuit New
Begin 12.99 TV Sports Football .17.99 ?Typhoon
Thompson ....11.99 Ultima
4 .....14.99 ?UMS
2 ......15.99 ?UMS Scenario
1 .8.99 ?UMS Scenario 2 .8.99
Univ Military Sim ..14.99
Untouchables ....16.99
Verminator .14.99 Victory
Road ......14.99
Vigilante .....10.99 Vindicators
(Domark) .....9.99
Virus ...12.99 Virus
Killer ...8.99
Voyager ......15.99 W C
Leaderboard .8.99 W Gretzky
Hockey .14.99 War in Middle Earth .....14.99
Waterloo .....16.99 Weird
Dreams ...14.99 Xenon 2
Megablast 15.99
?Xenomorph ......16.99
Xybots .12.99 Zak
McKracken .16.99 Zany
Golf ...16.99 SPECIAL OFFERS AT £3.99
Strike ......3.99
Challenger 3.99 City
Defence .....3.99 Fortress
Underground .3.99 Jump
Jet ..3.99 Mike The
Dragon .....3.99 Phalanx
2 ..3.99
AT £7.99 EACH NAME PRICE Armageddon
Man .....7.99 Alien
Syndrome .7.99 Blackjack
Academy ..7.99 3ermuda
Project ......7.99
3ombjack ...7.99 Craps
Academy .7.99 Crazy
Cars .7.99 Dark
Castle 7.99 Deja
Vu ..7.99 rernandez Must
Die .7.99 Galactic
Invasion .....7.99 Gee Bee Air
Rally .....7.99 Gold
Runner .....7.99 Hacker
2 7.99 Hellfire
Attack ...7.99 Insanity
Flight ...7.99 Incredible Shrinking
Sphere 7.99 Manix ....7.99
Mindfighter 7.99 Nigel Mansell
GP ......7.99 Nord And
Bert ...7.99 Romantic
Encounters ...7.99
Skychase ...7.99 Sea
Stalker 7.99 Seconds
Out .....7.99 Soldier of
Light ..7.99
Spellbreaker ......7. 9S Stock
Market ....7.9£ Strike Force
Harrier .7.9£ Tetra
Quest 7.99
Tetris .....7.99
Thexder ..7.9£ Three
Stooges ...7.9£
Tracers ..7.9£
Tvphoon .7.99
Vixen .....7.99 Winter
Olympiad 88 .7.99
Zynaps ...7.99 ELECTRONIC
Collection ....8.99 Arctic
Fox ..8.99 Bards Tale
1 .....8.99
Battlechess .....16.99 Deluxe Music Con
Kit 69.99 Deluxe Paint
3 59.99 Deluxe
Photolab ....59.99 Deluxe Print
2 59.99 Deluxe
Production .89.99 Deluxe
Video ..59.99 Ferrari Formula
1 ..16.99
Fusion .16.99
Interceptor ......16.99 Marble
Madness ......8.99
Populous .16.99 Populous
Promised Lands 8.99
Powerdrome ....16.99 Skvfox
2 8.99 World Tour
Golf 8.99 Title narked"* are not yet
available and will be sent on day of release.
Please send Cheque PO Access Visa No. And expiry date to: DeDt AF01 Trybridge Ltd, 8 Buckwins Square, Burnt Mills, Basildon, Essex. SSI3 1BJ Please state make and model of computer when ordering. P&P inc. UK on orders over £5.00. Less than £5.00 and Europe add £1.00 per item. Elsewhere please add £2.00 per item for airmail.
These offers are available Mail Order only.
Tel. Orders: 0268 590766.
REVIEW P100 COTAS ICO Fri 27 Oct 00:28 31 F101 CEEFAX 101 Fn 27 Oct 00:28 31 IraHlUlM EEB Headlines Tfxr uuu Reshuffle after Lawson resips 103 BBC 1 BBC 2 Governnent shalten lie crisis,..103 203 Lauson out after Halters mu..-104 204 Tory reaction renains mted...105 205 Thatcher ¦unfit" - Kinnacl:....106 203 Econonic guru Halters nuts... 107 20?
Itajoi' and Hurd in reshuffle.., 108 203 Cabinet 103 203 Pound si ides.129 EBC1 The nan uho toppled Lauson....190 BBC1 RAT CORPORAL AND HIS BABY SHOT MAD Hi 11ings in H Genian car park.110 210 AMBULANCE Pay talks falter....Ill 211 POORER FRI2E Hin for Islusuro.115 215 WHAT'S ON ., COMMUNITY.., TV PLUS ADVERTISING RECRUITMENT.
TV OH I PL ..... A-Z 170 210 INDEX
- ON CHANNEL 4 : ---------------------- «5f.ev Reviews City
Holidays Racing Kids Diversions Buzz gimt MOME ft HQIQR
- s Snort N» uc W e athei' Ti avel win Both the BBC and the
ITV Teletext services are accessible.
Even the racing form for the
3. 15 at Chepstow. Teletext is transmitted over the airwaves in
the same way as television pictures, and is therefore
available to anyone with the right equipment.
Aerial View A basic Amiga won’t receive and display Teletext pages without the addition of an adaptor.
MicroText’s adaptor is a si t ne unit that plugs into the para el port of the Amiga and provides not only access to Teletext services, but also the added benefits of a TV tuner. For MicroText to receive Teletext signals, a standard tension aerial must be p.jggeti nto the adaptor unit.
Before you can start rece mg Teletext, Microtext must be tuned in to the four available Teletext channels. Luckily, this isn’t 3S dr cult as it sounds, as the vast majority of the work is carried out for you by the MicroText sc~-.5re all you have to do is to press the Return key each time a Teletext channel is found. In fact setting up MicroText is so simple that you don’t even have to tel tne system which channel it has *ound: MicroText will automatically recognise each channel itself Once all four channels are found, re frequency settings are then saved to cisk and then referred to
every time the software is reloaded in the future.
Page By Page Us ng Microtext is simplicity itself.
* you’ve ever used a Teletext- equipped TV, then you can dive
straight in and use most of the package’s features without ever
having to refer to the manual.
However, for those of you who naven’t used a Teletext system before, each page is identified by a three-digit number. Moving around a Teletext system is just a matter of entering the number for the page you wish to view, and within seconds the required page will be displayed. Page numbers can be entered using either the keyboard, or alternatively, by simply pointing and clicking on the onscreen number when a teletext menu is displayed.
As you continue to use Microtext, the software buffers the last sixteen displayed pages using a FIFO technique (first in, first out).
These sixteen pages can then be rapidly flicked through using the ‘Review’ option, without having to wait for the pages to be rereceived by the adaptor.
Being able to store Teletext pages is one advantage that a computer-based Teletext has over its TV-based counterpart.
Microtext allows pages to be saved either as compact Teletext files, or in standard IFF format for loading into most Amiga paint packages. However, pages saved in Teletext format can only be reloaded using the Microtext software, but their very small file size (960 bytes!) Allows over 800 pages be be stored on one disk.
Pages can also be printed, either as screendumps (colour and mono) or, for faster results, as straight text using the printer’s built-in fonts.
MicroText is also fully programmable. Using the system’s ‘Auto Run’ facility, any sequence of pages can automatically be called up and then either printed, spoken using the Amiga Narrator device or saved out to disk. The practical possibilities for this feature are endless. For example, you could easily get MicroText to automatically print you out a daily TV schedule!
Conclusion Although £144 may sound like rather a lot to pay for the privilege of being able to access Teletext, the convenience of having up-to- date information at your fingertips, 24 hours a day makes Microtext one of the most useful add-ons could could possibly buy for your Amiga. The software is well designed, powerful and very easy to use and will even happily multitask from Workbench. To cap it all, you even get a free TV tuner to allow you to watch ‘Neighbours’ without ever having to leave your Amiga! Overall, MicroText is an essential purchase. ¦ A world of information at your
fingertips TELETEXT 31, PILTON PLACE (AF6) KING AND QUEEN STREET, WALWORTH, LONDON SE17 1DR j Now you can keep it informed with the latest weather, financial news, sports results current I affairs and much more from Ceefax or Oracle. But unlike a Teletext TV all this valuable information isn't trapped behind glass. Now you can ..... | Save to disc. Pages may be saved in Compact (over 800 pages per disc) or IFF format.
Print. You can print as just text (for a fast result) or as a screendump.
Review. Instant access to the last 16 pages which have been received.
Speak. Thanks to the Amiga's speech capability, it will even read the news to you.
Multiple display. It can display and update two pages on screen simultaneously!
FastText. True FastText - gets pages in advance and reduces the waiting time.
Tuning. Just connect an aerial - it tunes itself ini Althouah the prime function is to receive | Teletext, it also will convert a 1081 or 1084 monitor to a colour TV.
Programmable. The system can be programmed to get a series of pages and then save or print them. Your own programs can access the data on Teletext.
Only a Microtext adaptor can provide all these facilities, it's easy to use and connects to the parallel port, a printer can be reconnected to the adaptor. Everything is supplied, all you need is your Amiga and a normal TV aerial.
At just £124.80 + VAT inc p p for an advanced Teletext TV it's excellent value for money.
Make sure you're always up to date, and get yours now from:- e MICROTEXT a Dept AF, 7 Birdlip Close, Horndean, Hants P08 9PW Telephone: 0705 595694 Fax: 0705 593988 FULLY QUALIFIED ENGINEERS ON SITE TO UNDERTAKE REPAIRS OF, COMPUTERS, DISC-DRIVES, ( 1 PRINTERS AND MONITORS. I ALL WORK GUARANTEED FOR 3 MONTHS. FREE ESTIMATES.
Tel: MARK OR MARTIN (0527 85) 3374 (fjjjli® BUSINESS HOURS Mon-Sat 9am to 8pm AMPCWERcFsSJ VIDEO & COMPUTERS 15a ALCESTER ROAD. STUDLEY, WARKS B80 7AG Yes making money with your Amiga becomes incidental when you know how. Your micro is, if only you knew it, a gold mine. The size and make is irrelevant. Make the initial effort NOW by starting your own HOME BASED BUSINESS This may be the most important move you will ever make!
REMEMBER: You'll never get rich by digging someone else*s "ditch". Anyone in the country, including YOU, can become very rich in a relatively short period of time just by doing a few basic things! It's more rewarding than playing games. The benefits are many and varied. Full or part time. For FREE details send S.A.E. to: MAKE YOUR A i'jJ J C1j .
5 EARN WORLDWIDE WORLDWIDE SOFTWARE 106A Chilwell Road, Beeston Nottingham NG9 1ES WORLDWIDE SOFTWARE 1 Bridge Street Galashiels TD1 1SW BARCLAVCARD Access
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Special Overseas Service By Air Mail Worldwide.
Credit Card Orders Accepted by Phone Or Mail.
Overseas tel no: Nottingham 225368 Credit Card Order Telephone Lines £14 95 £16 95 £14 95 £16 95 £16 95 £16 95 £28 95 £14 95 £22 95 £16 95 £14 95 £21 95 £•4 95 £•4 95 £•4 95 £32 95 £17 95 £’795 £26 95 £22 95 £17 95 £14 95 £17 95 £1795 £17 95 . £14 95 £16 95 £22 95 £17 95 £17 95 £14 95 ..£16.95 £14 95 £14 95 £17 95 £1795 £14 95 £17 95 £14 95 £16 95 £16 95 £21 95 £16 95 £1 95 Commodore Amiga Software 5th Gear . A P B Afterburner Altered Beast Asterix Austerlitz Axels Magic Hammer Bad Company Balance of Power 1990 Barbarian 2 (Psygnosis) Batman the Movie Battle
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N. Ireland 0896 57004 (24 hours) Commodore Amiga Software Indy
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Interphase ... Iron Lord Iron
Tracker it Came from the Desert (1 meg) J Lowes Ultimate Darts
Jack Nicklaus Golf Jig Saw Keef the Thief Kenny Dalglish
Soccer Match K ck Off Kick Off Extra Time Killing Game Show
Kingdom of England Kings Quest 4 Kngs Quest Trip e Pack
Kmghtforce Lancaster Laser
Squad ...... I eaderDoard Cot ection
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Lords of the Rising Sun .
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* • O 1 1 J 1 i Trivial Pursuit 2 £14 95 Trivial Pursuit Genius
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£17 95 T usker £1795 TV Sports Football £21 95 UMS 2 £16 95
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* *****************
* **** 10 X 3.5" DS DD Hi Qual Disk £9.95 Commodore Amiga
Software Europe (other than UK) shipping costs are: £1.50 per
disc for normal airmail £2.50 per disc for express airmail
Please make cheques or postal orders payable to WORLDWIDE
SOFTWARE All prices include postage and packing in the UK.
ADVERTISED PRICES ARE FOR MAIL AND TELEPHONE ORDERS Outside Europe shipping costs are: £2.00 per disc for normal airmail £3.00 per disc for express airmail REVIEW ELECTRONIC So you’ve bought ¦ H I I I I yourself an Amiga and I I L I I played the III I II ¦¦ games, but III time your Amiga earnt its keep? JASON HOLBORN puts his Amiga to work.
Pen Pal (see review in last issue of AF). The program is a fairly simple card file-type system that allows you to create databases containing not just text, but IFF graphics and even sampled sounds! To help you get your database up and running, InfoFile includes 10 separate database ‘templates’.
The Disc Company certainly can’t be accused of bundling naff software, as Oxxi’s MaxiPlan is one of the most popular and powerful spreadsheets on the Amiga. The inclusion of MaxiPlan seems to have been a late addition to the bundle, as the program is included separately with its own manual. All the rest of the programs are documented in one bumper manual.
MaxiPlan is a powerful spreadsheet that can be used for a whole host of different applications including straight spreadsheet analysis, database management, D Isn’t it time you discovered your Amiga’s potential as a serious business computer? Like all computers, the Amiga has a natural ability to be a powerful business tool. Whether you want it to manage your financial affairs, produce beautifully-presented letters, or keep track of all your clients, you'll find the Amiga to be more than qualified. All you need is the right software, and you’re in business!
Buying serious software (or 'productivity software’ as some prefer to call it), such as Databases, Spreadsheets, Word Processors and Desktop Publishers, has traditionally always been an expensive affair. Even on the Amiga, those five basic programs could end up costing you well over £400, practically the same price as the Amiga itself!
Could it be possible that you can build a complete Amiga-based home office for less than the price of six games? It is now, matey!
Enter the Home Office Kit.
The Home Office Kit is a collection of five applications programs (spreadsheet, database, DTP package and Word Processor) and two extra disks bursting with IFF clip art and extra fonts. Most were previously sold separately for considerably more than their current asking price.
Indeed, just a year ago you would pay £150 for PageSetter alone!
Bundling Bonanza!
PageSetter was one of the original desktop publishing programs to arrive on the scene. While the program may look rather long in the tooth when compared to todays DTP offerings, the program is immediately usable and can produce some quite astounding results. Although the basic PageSetter program is limited to business graphics and project management. The program uses the familiar Intuition user interface and as such, is one of the simplest to use spreadsheets available. Any range of data can be highlighted and then graphed in upto 10 different styles, including 2D and 3D pie charts, bar
charts, line charts etc. Office Solution?
Although most of the packages are far from being classed as ‘heavy weighf business programs (with the exception of Maxiplan), all work well together and will no doubt fulfil the needs of small companies and individual users. At the price, the Home Office Kit is one of the few real bargains available for the Amiga. Buy it now! ¦ HOME OFFICE KIT £150 ¦ All Amigas ¦ The Disc Company (331) 4553 1053 dot matrix output, the kit also includes LaserScript, a Postscript interpreter that adds the power of Postscript to PageSetter.
For your word processing needs, the pack includes the highly-regarded Kind Words 2, probably one of the best-selling Amiga word processors ever.
You’ve probably read the spec for Kind Words a thousand times before, but for those of you who have been living in Siberia for the last year, here's a quick run down of what the program offers. For starters, the program features a 100,000+ word spell checker, 470,000+ word thesaurus, importation of IFF graphics, high resolution ‘SuperFonts’ and others.
Although all the programs are fairly simple to use, the friendliest of them all is without doubt InfoFile from Softwood, producers of that king of the Amiga word processors, YOUR ONE STOP SHOP MORE SOFTWARE THAN YOU CAN HANDLE!
A590 20 mb HARD DISK with space for 2mb extra RAM to turn your AMIGA into a 3 Meg machine. Essential for advanced graphics etc. only £399.99
per 1 2mb Complete with 2mb extra Ram fitted WE STOCK MOST
etc. BITS - N -
• (subject to status) Wrltton datails on re* quest.
PRINTER STAR LC24 - 10 24 Pin quality at a price you can
8 Fonts, 3 print variations, paper parking, 170 CPS draft, 57 CPS LQ PRINTERS STAR LC10 Acclaimed "Best Buy" budget printer.
Now massively under-priced at just £169 .99 •OR £8 MONTHLY £259.99
• OR £10 MONTHLY FREE Cable with every Printer
R. R.P.
A500 ....£399.99
II ...49 99
R.R.P ..£784.44 LESS
* OR £15 MONTHLY 1 meg AMIGA as above plus half meg upgrade,
mouse, mat, mouse holder, dust cover and 10 disks Carriage at
PACK ALMOST HALF PRICE STAR LC10 Colour The perfect printer for
every Amiga.
Colour output from all the better art packages - or just slot in a black ribbon for word processing. Cheap to run too Very affordable £229.99
• OR £9 MONTHLY STOKE-ON-TRENT ll Market Square Arcade.
Hanley Stoke-on-Trent Manager. Wayne Tel: 0782 268620 Open 6 Days SHEFFIELD 6 Waingate. Sheffield Manager: Tony Tel: 0742 721906 Open 6 days ST HELENS 27 Baldwin Street.
St Helens Manager: Adrian Tel: 0744 27941 Closed Thursday STOCKPORT 6 Mealhouse Brow.
(Off Little Underbank).
Stockport Manager: Ray Tel 061 480 2693 Closed Thursday Not enough energy to beat that end of level nasty? Never fear, Gamebusters is here, to lead you away from the path of despair and into the glorious light of revelation.
PACLAND A few tips for this simple but fun arcade conversion.
LEVEL 1 In one player mode, run to the right, and when you get to the third fire hydrant, jump over it and push it to the left. This will give you a blue hard hat which protects you from falling ghosts.
LEVEL 2 On this level, go right, and when you've jumped over the third cactus, push it to the left as you did with the fire hydrant in Level One.
This will make you invincible for the rest of the level.
LEVEL 3 At the end of this level you will be given a pair of magic boots. On the way back, push the cactus on the edge of the lake to make a big yellow Pacman appear, then collect it for an extra life.
OTHER POINTS Jump on the roof of the approaching ghosts' cars to escape.
Only collect power pills when ghosts are in range, otherwise it's a waste of time.
When you are approaching the Breaktime sign, jump about two and a half centimetres away fom it to receive the maximum bonus.
Howard Ford Steyning, West Sussex POWERDROME For all you hovering speed freaks who can’t quite get into the swing of your marvellous racing machine, here are a few tips to steer you in the right direction.
TUNING UP THE SHIP After a while, you will come to learn your own requirements for the trim of the ship, but here are a few recommendations.
Fuel Selection There are three types of fuel;
1. Nitra-mono premium: Use this on the easier tracks, not on the
more difficult bendy tracks, and be prepared for frequent fuel
2. Mono standard: This is the midrange fuel, and doesnt offer
many advantages at all.
3. Economy Special: This is the best fuel to use on the more
difficult tracks. At full thrust (without afterburners) it
provides the perfect speed at which to go through tunnels.
Other fuels are less economical in these conditions, and can
cause crashes due to the excessive speed.
FILTERS Always watch the conditions and make quite certain that you fit the correct filters for protection.
TUNING SET-UPS If you have found a formula that works for you then stick with it. If, on the other hand, you can’t work out your ideal settings then these may be useful: use the largest aerofoil, the largest brake and move the roll pitch bias 2-4 clicks left of centre.
CENTERING FIELD The recommended setting for this is around three. If you press A to recentre, then remember to turn the recentering field back on.
QUALIFICATION As soon as you achieve the fastest time, quit the qualifying session and get into a race. If you don’t get the fastest time, don’t worry too much, because you can soon get to the front of the pack.
STARTING A RACE Set the centering field as soon as the start screen appears. At the start of the race, get ready by having one hand poised over E on the keyboard and the other over the accelerator button. As soon as the lights change, press E quickly followed by the accelerator. Don’t use the afterburners for two seconds or you’ll definitely stall the ship’s engine.
RACING One general piece of advice: don’t panic! If you whizz off at ridiculous speeds and panic whilst trying to overtake, it’s very likely that you’ll overuse the afterburners and lose an engine.
Try to keep a constant speed throughout the race. If your terminal informs you that you are 200 seconds behind, just stay calm.
Don't rush things. You’ll soon catch up.
PITSTOPS To enter the pit, switch off the centering field until the very last second, and remember to turn it on when you go down the pit lane.
Make as few pitstops as you possibly can. If an engine goes then go in and replace it straight away, but if a wing or nose section gets damaged wait until you go in to stock up your fuel supplies.
Only go in to replace these sections if control gets a bit on the difficult side, otherwise hang on.
While in the pits, press the NEXT task whilst a part is being replaced, otherwise it may be replaced twice.
Stephen Bishop Bromyard, Herefordshire PASSING SHOT To serve an ace every time, follow this advice... As the ball is coming down on the serve, make sure you can see part of the circle around the ball when you hit it. If you are serving from left to right use a slice, and if you are serving right to left use a lob.
This technique can be difficult to begin with, but it can be successful with a little practice.
Lee Henson, Kidderminster, Worcestershire SWORD OF SODAN Type in NANCY on the higr score table to get infinite lives a d re ability to skip levels b pressing RETURN. To finish the game, ge: to Level 11 and press RE IFN see the end result.
LU iV tecr Wroct. Dcrcasze HOBBY 3D POOL Here are the correct settings for a few of the trick shots: Trick Shot 10 - 0948 091 63 20 Trick Shot 13-0006 043 39 10 Trick Shot 19-0617 100 57 06 Gordon Keenan, Mayhill, Glasgow TITAN Here are the codes for all the levels:
22. 4P4192
64. 4F039H
23. 40RSHP
44. HC6TS8
65. U0M05V
3. 4492LI
24. E4DBQP
45. 7K4703
66. C01FHT
46. 900PNO
67. 0S4500
5. 2401T0
26. 1H9615
68. 2U4B05
6. 01L038
48. H0010K
69. CF6B71
7. 04KJOB
28. B9HH22
49. 1S4LOF
70. 88H102
8. 198075
29. RN4RH9
50. D80N6D
71. H844C3
9. OU7R70
30. BG6W61
51. 3010LH
72. 005H0R
10. H67JR1
31. 1W1FF0
52. K470MT
73. N0T0N8
11. 04JBR8
32. 044080
53. 09UPW9
74. 0D8U01
12. RDL89G
33. E396U3
54. 0UE032
75. AH3HD8
13. B8JLJ4
34. 740330
55. L29RHL
76. TID012
14. DNBE08
35. 2L41H1
56. 60RR0R
77. 43L6TU
15. TMU281
36. 3GOWOO
57. H9SLHT
78. 8HHOH3
16. L09U3H
37. 4QH093
58. ISLOU8
79. 1D1S78
17. 9JHTQN
38. FU5HJ9
59. E0R0C4
18. UKUTB8
39. OGU9P1
60. 9LQHUU
40. 294JBH
61. HC932F Adam Quinn,
20. 1R7DCG
41. B60850
62. 117938
21. U30906
42. P810B9
63. 6048HG Bromley, Kent ¦ MARKET PI :* ALBANS
- ERTS AL1 3[ “.(0727) 5€ All Replai incluo 32000..... 320001 J?U
SHADOW OF THE BEAST 32000,8£ Board,. Si As above Paid 35 quid
for this nicely-presented arcade adventure? Annoyed that you
can’t get anywhere at all?
Well never fear, Gamebusters is here, with the solution to the underworld section for your monster-dodging pleasure.
B2000 , 8 HD and A Personal At above A a above Any.jp.acl A2058 s 2 Mb £279 0 360 Kb A2286 i
1. 2MB I
* SPEC PC AMI A2090A A2090 Spt Oh CLE All A5C- Warn Wt Moo Arc a
1 0 indiv BATMA Story, t Also wi 20MB H Also wi Midi In'
Publist Dr. Ts Emulat Mouse Also w FROM THE START TO THE KEY...
From the start, go left. Watch for the rocks, bats and spikes
in the floor and enter the tree.
Go right and jump the fireball from behind. Go down the ladder then left, punching out the yellow wasp. Go down the next ladder and then right: crouch punching the large green insects and then go down the next ladder.
Go left and down the ladder.
Go left across the bridge and watch for the tree roots from above. Go down the ladder then right, punching out the purple ogres as you go.
Go down the next ladder and then down the ladder on the right.
Go down the bamboo ladder then left and down the next bamboo ladder. When you’re halfway down the ladder go left. Watch for the deadly drips from above and punch the ogres. Don’t worry too much about energy, since there is more soon. Keep going left and jump the gap to the key: careful not to fall!
TO THE BIG MONSTER Pick up the key and go right, falling into the gap. Go right and pick up the energy refresh.
Continue right watching for the snakes, then go up the bamboo ladder. Go up the next bamboo ladder, up the wooden ladder and then left. Go down the next ladder then left, watching for the ogres until you get to the big fire breathing monster. Duck the fire and keep punching the ball until it disintegrates. Go back to the right and enter the teleport.
Go up the wooden ladder and then go right. The disk will access and a big monster will appear.
Blast it with your weapon until it explodes, but don’t let it touch you, whatever you do.
TO SOME MORE ENERGY Go right, over the bridge, and watch for the green ogres and the ceiling spikes. Go up the first ladder you come to then go left, where you will find even more green ogres. Punch the switch on the wall, which turns off a force- field further down.
Go back to the right and up the ladder. Go left, punching the red bats and dodging the bouncing eyes, and pick up the key. Go back to the right past the eyes and bats, past the ladder to the oil drum. Punch the drum and pick up the bottle for four energy points.
Go back to the right, down the ladder, right, down the next ladder, right and up the next ladder - watch out for the snail. Go all the way down the ladder on the right and then left. Stop just after the hanging rock and crouch.
Watch your timing to get past the bouncing blue demons and the fire breathing dragon heads, since you can’t destroy them.
Carry on left until you get to the bouncing Psygnosis signs.
Punch out the first two bats and then run straight through under the signs. Go down the next ladder, watching for the slug. Jump right over the slug and drop off the end of the ledge. Go right and watch your timing with the skulls and wasps - they’re nasty! Carry on right and finally pick up the energy refresh.
AND OUT OF THE WELL Go down the ladder to your left and then right, jumping over the slinky creature. Go down the next ladder and left past the statue. Watch the flames that scoot along the floor and the giant bomb-dropping wasps.
Go down the next ladder and left. Hit the spider off the roof and go down the next ladder. Go left, up the next ladder, left and down.
Go left and punch the ghost. Go up the ladder and right. The switch you hit before should have turned off the electric field, allowing you to pick up the Power Punch.
Go left and all the way down the ladder, watching for the ghost halfway down. Go right, watching for the ghost and be careful with your timing getting past the jet engines. Keep going right past the ladder, punching out the ghosts and serpents.
Dodge the spikes and rapidly crouch-punch the fire breathing monster until it explodes. Now go through the door and climb the ladder out of the well.
The solution to the rest of the game will be in a future issue.
Martin de Ronde, Brielle, the Netherlands From Hobbiton, direct Frodo to Buckland. Tell Merry to follow Frodo and go west to Tom Bombadil’s house. From there, wait until all the Nazgul have gone west then go to the small country town of Bree.
Now follow Aragorn and direct him south below the path.
Walk west parallel to the path until you come to the forest. Walk through the rivers avoiding the forest, travelling around it to Rivendell instead.
Once there, join Gandalf and direct him south alongside the mountains until the company come to a clear path leading through. I WAR IN MIDDLE EARTH Seems as though it’s the month for complete solutions, so why not have one for this Tolkein-based adventure.
PRIN BAR* Phillips or WITH Citizen * LclOPr LC10 C LC24-1C Call for COMM ¦ The first big monster in the underworld. Punch the ball for a power blaster, but watch out for his fiery breath.
¦ This nasty mother appears about halfway through the cavern.
Keep blasting at it until it explodes, but don’t let it touch you. Run away if you must, but watch the statue; that kills you as well.
168 AMIGA FORMAT ¦ If you see this power field on, it means that you’ve forgotten to hit the switch. Go and do it or you’ll be fried!
Oelieve c r those w '¦oetitors E ances, siomer S E-ything i ST ON Rl . Pment t oatch-ti Ease state resent, s Be and ei r~ ng dis sWtIe QOMPUTER CENTRE HOBBYTE BU These three make magic together !
A THE GALL ERY ARNDALE CENTRE LUTON, BEDS LU1 2PG TEL. (0582) 457195 411281 The Brilliant... Deluxe Paint III The LIVING... £769 O' I True animation is about the living .
RT is the series that brings you action-art of real living things.
Collect RT animation software and you'll have real creatures, people, active environment, all for you to bring to life on your Amiga. Make your pictures LIVE.
Start now with HORSES. That's magic !!
32000 plus 8833 monitor, inc lead £969 32000, 8833, 3.5" and 5.25" Drives, XT Bridge 3oard, Superbaae Personal £1045 As above, plus Amiga PC DOS 20 MB HD £1155 32000 , 8833, 3.5" and 5.25" 1.2 Mb Drives, 20mb HD and AT (80286) Bridge Board, Superbaae Personal £1599 As abovet but with 20MB Autoboot HD £1795 As above, but with 40MB Autoboot HD £1995 Any packi with Publishers Choice + £69 Accessories (phone For full List) A2058 8 Mb Ram Expansion, Populated To 2 Mb £449 £279 Off -a2088 Xt Bridgeboard With 5.25" 360 Kb Drive £250 A2286 AT BRIDGEBOARD WITH 5.25"
1. 2MB DRIVE £559
* SPECIAL* - A5060 2092 20 MB PC AMIGA DOS HARD DISC £249
A2090A 2092 20 MB AUTO BOOT HDISC £479 A2090A 2094 40 MB AUTO
BOOT HDISC £750 32000 All B2000s are full UK 1.3 Versions, with
30 day Replacement Warranty plus 12 Months Guarantee and
include Mouse, Workbench, Basic, Utilities, Manuals, Tutorial.
- ERTS AL1 3DG (0727) 56005 41396 C O M P U T AMIGA 2000 N G The
CLEANER, DUST CoifER OfiL Y £2511 AMIGA 500 RealThings
Animation Series runs in Deluxe Paint III, by Electronic Arts,
and requires Amiga with 1 Megmin.
All A500s are full UK 1.3 Versions, with 30 day Replacement Warranty plus 12 Months Guarantee and include Mouse, Workbench, Basic, Utilities, Manuals, Tutorial Sind Modulatorinot with monitor), 24 games on 4 discs: Arcsde, Adventure, Board and Shoot-em-up games.
_Prices INC VAT___ GAMES PACK 10 individually boxed games, joystick £355 BATMAN PACK BATMAN the Movie, Interceptor, New Zealand Story, Deluxe Paint II Also with 8833 monitor and leads HARD DISC PACK 20MB HARD DISC DRIVE and DELUXE PAINT III £689 Also with 8833 monitor and leads £899 A500 "CLASS OF THE 90s" PACK Midi Interface, Dpaint II, Superbase Personal, Publishers Choice, Maxiplan 500 spreadsheet, Dr. Ts Midi Recording Studio, Amiga LOGO, BBC Emulator, 5 BBC programmea, 10 Blank Discs, Mouse Mat, Disc Wallet £549 Also with 8833 monitor £749 DATAPLEX 10 Petersfield Avenue, Slough, Berkshire
SL2 5DN Tel 0753 35557 All prices excluding VAT and delivery $ bl rtf LIMITED OFFER: We have a few ex-demo 8833 monitors, in good condition, some boxed at only £149.99 INC VAT in o o CD in s a 52 is COMMITMENT TO CUSTOMER CARE ilieve our customers have less problems those who deal with some of our jtitors. However if you do have any .ances, please contact Linda in our 'omer Services Department who will do thing possible to help.
ON REQUEST )ment is generally reliable and all items i ratch-tested before despatch. However, state if your purchase is to be given as sent, so that we can fully test, just in and ensure that we have no Christmas ng disappointments.
PRINTER MONITOR BARGAINS (ex VAT) Phillips CM8833 £179.99 or WITH COMPUTER £173.91 Citizen 120D £129.95 LC10 Printer £129.00
- C10 Colour £169.95 LC24-10 £199.00 Call for others. Prices ex
VAT ORDERING To place your order: send cheque, postal order or
offical order, plus £8 per box - (software free) for next day
courier delivery and VAT to Dept Hobbyte Computers Ltd. 10
Market Place, St. Albans, Herts AL3 5DG, or call in with a copy
of this ad at our branches in St. Albans and Luton.
You may also phone your order to our sales desk on St. Albans (0727) 56005.
Access Visa and official orders from government, education, medical authorities and PLCs are accepted.
ACCESSORIES Second external drive A500 £79.00 25 BLANK DISCS (wilM any AMIGA pack) £14.95 MOUSE MAT £3.50 WORKBENCH 1.3 PACK £12.99 BBC EMULATOR £34.95 A500 MOOULATOR £19.95 A501 RAM EXPANSION £108.99 A590 Drive £359.99 MINIGEN £112.95 DIGITISING PACK with £319.95 Camera. Digivtew Gold 3.0, cables PRO SOUND DESIGNER GOLD £69.95 SUPERPIC £459.99 G2 £689 99 Prices inc. VAT AMIGA HARDWARE A500 complete ...279.00 A500 + TV Modulator 289.00 New Amiga Batman Pack £317.00 Includes: Dpaint II Batman The Movie FI8 Interceptor New
Zealand Story TV Modulator and a free mystery gift.
New Amiga Batman Plus lO GamesPack Plus Photon Paint ....£345.00 AMIGA ACCESSORIES A501 - 512K Ram + clock .99.00 TV' Modulator ..10.00 Mouse Mat ...... 4.00 Amiga 10 Philips Lead , ..8.00 Amiga 10 Printer Lead 10.00 Quickshot J Stick .7.00 DATAPLEX DRIVES 1MB 3.5' External Drive ....68.00 1MB 3.5 Internal Drive .....63.00 1MB 5.25” External Floppy Drive 95.00 DATAPLEX HARD DRIVES 20MB drive A500
1000 ...478.00 30MB drive A500 1000 ...529.00 60MB drive A500 1000 ...910.00 Please ring for other capacity drives.
PHILIPS MONITORS CM8833 14" RGB CVBS mon .....199.00 PRINTERS Amstrad LQ3500 Di ..195.00 Amstrad DMP4000 ...195.00 Amstrad LQ5000 DI ..310.00 Brother HR20 Daisywheel 380.00 Brother HR40 Daisywheel 688.00 DOT MATRIX RANGE Citizen 120D .115.00 Citizen 180E ..127.00 New 24pin swift 24 ...255.00 Colour upgrade for swift ....42.00 All Citizen printers come with 2 year warranty
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1540 ..404.00 NEW MANXES MANN TALLY LAUNCH OFFER t MT81 (dot matrix) .....115.00 Sheet feeder 62.00 Serial I F ..35.00 RIBBONS KXP1081 1090 1 2 .....4.00 DMP 2000 3000 3160 .2.80 DMP 4000 . 4.40 PCW 8256 LQ3500 ......4.50 Panasonic 3131 MP26 .4.40 FX800 RX MX FX80 ...3.15 FX 1000 FX
RX100 ......4.40 NL 10 ...4.40 LQ500 800 850 4.40 LC 10 ....4.40 NEC .....5.00 Professional Repairs Carried Out.
1-7 COLLEGE STREET NORTHAMPTON NN1 2SZ Y So D EE SERVICE5M6MS FAX: 0604 24664 90 Cabal ..P.O.A......P.O.A. 91 F29 Retaliator P.O.A......P.O.A. 92 Ivanhoe ..P.O.A......P.O.A. 93 Untouchables P.O.A......P.O.A. 94 It Came from the Desert P.O.A......P.O.A. 95 Space Ace .....£31.49 ....£31.49 96 Keef the Thief £17.50.....P.O.A. 97 North and South ..£17.50....£17.50 98 Nigel Mansell .£6.99......£6.99
99 Barbarian I ....£6.99......£6.99 100 Dungeon Master Editor £6.99......£6.99 101 Light Force ..£17.50 ....£17.50 102 Balance of Power £17.50 ....£17.50 103 Chaos Strikes Back P.O.A......P.O.A. 104 Faery Tale ...£13.99.....P.O.A. 105 Fusion ..£6.99 106 Battle Squadron .£17.50...... 107 Tintin ...£17.50 ....£17.50 108 Sim City ......£20.99...... 109 Hard
Drivin' £13.99 ....£13.99 110 Prince ..£17.50 ....£17.50
P. O.A. = Phone on Availability TOP 110 AMIGA ST DISCS
* * * *
* * * *
10x3.5" ....£6.00
50x3.5" ..£30.00
* » 6
100x3.5" £57.50
01 Arehon Collection ..£6.99 ... 02 Artie
Fox .£6.99 ... 03
A.P.B .£13.99... 04 Blood
Money £17.50... 05
Bloodwych ....£17.50... 06 Bards Tale
1 ...£6.99... 07 Bards Tale
2 .£17.50 ... 08 Battle
Chess .£17.50... 09 Bionic
Commandos ...£6.99... 10 Beach
Volley .£17.50... 11 Batman the
Movie ...£17.50... 12 Dungeon
Master ..£17.50... 13 Dragon
Ninja £17.50... 14 Demons
Winter ....£17.50... 15 Double
Dragon ....£13.99... 16 Dynamite
Dux .....£17.50... 17 Deluxe Paint
III ...£55.00 ... 18
Elite ..£17.50... 19 F16
Combat Pilot .£17.50... 20 Falcon
(Mirrorsoft) ...£20.99... 21 Falcon Mission
Disk £13.99... 22 Forgotten
Worlds .£13.99... 23 Foundations
Waste £6.99... 24
F.O.F.T ..£20.99... 25 Flight
Simulator 2 ...£24.50... 26 Fiendish
Freddy's £20.99... 27
Gunship £17.50... 28 Indiana
Jones (Arcade) £13.99... 29
Journey .£20.99... 30
Jet ....£24.50... 31 Kick
Off .£13.99... 32
Kult ...£17.50... 33 Kings
Quest Triple Pack £24.50... 34 Knight
Force .£17.50 .. 35 Lords of the Rising
Sun £20.99 .. 36 Millenium 2.2 ......£17.50...
37 Microprose Soccer ...£17.50... 38 Marble
Madness ....£6.99... 39 New Zealand
Story ...£17.50... 40 Out
Run ..£6.99... 41
Paperboy ......£13.99 .. 42 Populous
New Worlds £6.99... 43
Populous ......£17.50... 44 Quest For
the Time Bird £20.99... 45 Rainbow
Islands ...P.O.A. .. 46 Real
Ghostbusters ...£17.50... 47 Rick
Dangerous ...£17.50... 48
Robocop £17.50... 49 RVF
Honda ...£17.50... 50 Rocket
Ranger .....£20.99.. 51 Running
Man ......£17.50... 52
Shinobi .£13.99.. 53
Strider ...£13.99.. 54 Super
Wonderboy .P.O.A.... 55 Street
Fighter .£6.99.. 56 Sky Fox
2 £6.99.. 57 Story So Far Vol
1 £13.99.. 58 Story So Far Vol
2 £13.99 .. 59
Spherical ......£13.99.. 60
Speedball .....£17.50.. 61
Silkworm ......£13.99.. 62 Star Wars
Trilogy .£17.50.. 63 Shadow of the
Beast £24.50.. 64 Triad
2 ..£17.50.. 65
Targhan £17.50.. 66 3D
Pool .£13.99.. 67 Time and
Magick .£ 13.99.. 68 TV Sports
Football ...£20.99 .. 69
Vigilante £10.50 .. 70 War In
Middle Earth £13.99 .. 71 Weird
Dreams ......P.O.A.... 72 Worldclass
Leaderboard ....£6.99.. 73 Xenon
II £17.50.. 74 Captain
Blood £6.99.. 75 Fun School 2 Under
6 ....£13.99.. 76 Fun School 2
6-8 .£13.99.. 77 Fun School 2
8+ ..£13.99.. 78 Operation
Thunderbolt ....P.O.A. .. 79 Continental
Circus ..£13.99. .
80 F A 18 Interceptor ..£17.50 .. 81 Leisuresuit Larry 2 . ... 82 Police Quest .£13.99 .. 83 Police Quest 2 .....£13.99.. 84 Space Quest 3 .... 85 TNT ... 86 Solomon's Key . ... 87 Centrefold Sources ..£13.99 .. 88 Interphase ....£17.50.. 89 Power Drift ....£17.50. £13.99 £17.50 £17.50 ..£6.99 LABELS
* * * *
* * * * 10
Labels ....0.20
Labels ..£1.00
Labels £1.75
Labels £4.00
* * * * STORAGE BOX * * * * 10
DDL ......£2.00
DDL ......£6.00
DDL ......£8.00
* * * * BITS AND BOBS * * * * Mouse
Mats .....£3.00 Mouse
Houses £1.99 Phone for
more goodies £17.50 ..£6.99 £13.99 £13.99 £17.50 £13.99 £17.50
£13.99 .£13.99 £17.50 £17.50 £17.50 £13.99 £13.99 ..£6.99
£20.99 ,£24.50 .£20.99 .£17.50 .£13.99 .£24.50 .£13.99 .£17.50
.£24.50 .£17.50 .£17.50 .£17.50 ...£6.99 .£13.99 ...£6.99
.£13.99 ...£6.99 .£17.50 .£20.99 ..P.O.A. .£17.50 .£17.50
.£13.99 .£17.50 .£17.50 .£17.50 .£13.99 .£13.99 ..P.O.A
...£6.99 ...£6.99 .£13.99 .£13.99 .£13.99 .£17.50 .£13.99
.£17.50 ..P.O.A. .£17.50 .£17.50 .£13.99 .£13.99 .£17.50
.£10.50 .£13.99 .£17.50 ...£6.99 .£17.50 ...£6.99 .£13.99
.£13.99 .£13.99 ...P.O.A. ..£13.99 1 Meg Amiga Upgrade + on off
switch, no internal clock + FREE Dungeon Master ONLY £84.99
* * * * POCKET MONEY *
X .£4.00.. ...£4.00
Kickstart II .£4.00..
Little Computer People .. .£4.00.. ...£4.00
Motorbike Madness ... .£4.00.. ...£4.00 Pub
Pool .. .£4.00.. ...£4.00
Roadwars . .£4.00.. ...£4.00
Sorcery + . .£4.00..
...£4.00 Speedboat Assassins .£4.00..
Amiga, Mouse, PSU, 3 Start-up Discs 3
Manuals ...£399.99
T. V. Modulator ..£24.99 Batman
the Movie ..£24.99 New Zealand
Story .£24.99 FA 18
Interceptor ....£24.99 Deluxe Paint
2 ..£49.99 Amegas, Art of
Chess, Barbarian, Buggy Boy, Ikari Warriors, Insanity Fight,
Mercenary 1+2, Terrorpods, Thundercats,
Wizball ..£230.00 Photon
Paint £69.99
Slayer .....£24.99
Battle Valley .£24.99
Zynaps ....£19.99
Exolon ....£19.99
Cybernoid 2 .£24.99
Joystick ....£6.99
Retail Rec. Price ...£971.87 Speedy
Service Price ..£399.99 Next Day Delivery
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switch, no internal clock, + FREE Dungeon Master ONLY £84.99
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ALL PRICES INC. VAT + Subject to Availability + Post &
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Book of Amiga £16.95 Amiga Machine Lang. Guide £21.95 ____ We
STATIONERY. Please Ring For Details!
All prices are inclusive of VAT. Goods are despatched within 24 hours of cleared transaction. Personal Callers welcome. Please send your cheque Postal orders to: QUADSOFT COMPUTERS Unit 306, 203 213 Mare Street, London E8 3QE.
Telephone: 01-533 5116 0860 564231 The series that brings you action-art of real living things Drses Horses Horserrlors Requires Amiga 500,2000 or 1000 (1 Meg rrinman) A DeLuxe Paint III FROM YOUR DEALER Or Phone: 0703 703030 Produced by RGB STUDIOS - Distributed by DIGIPRO LTD BEST PRICES!
* 9 Pin Dot Matrix
* Parallel Centronics Interlace
* 159 op* high speed printing
* 130 cpm draft printing
* 26 cpa MLQ printing
* Epeon Bft compatible
* Tractor Single ahaat faad
* Paper Parking
* include* cable 1 Year On Site Warranty £129.95 me eat * deHvery
STAR B W - £1 LC10 COL = £197.00 LC24-10 = £229.00 2 METRE
250 track, multi tasking, midi workstation. The Professional
Music Sequencing Program for the A500 for only £29.99 U1C
RIBBONS 1 m Black £320 5 x Black £1525 10 x Black C32.95 1 x
Colour £520 5 x Colour £24.95 10 x Colour £47.95 LCIO COLOUR
include* printer cable and 1 year on aha warranty FREE!
£229.95 inc vat FREE!! Utilities and Tools Pack with every ST purchase software Blitter, ST Diagnostics, Disk Editor Custom Formatter, Disk Boot Construction Set, Alarm Clock, Quick Formatter, Calculator, Custom Format Disk Duplicator, Printer Customiser Tool, Desktop games, ARC Construction Set, System Selector, 50 60 HZ Switcher and Synchronizer, Snapshot Dumper, RAM PRINT Spooler, Word Processor and much, much more!!!
DEDUCT 2% FOR CASH, CHEQUE OR POSTAL ORDER PAYMENT COMPUTERHOUSE UK TEL: 01-731-1276 £6.85 £12.99 £18.99 £29.99 £56.99 £108.99 £264.99 £529.99 EURO CARD VISA AMIGA jmssmmmmmmmtmim NEW! A500 BAT-PACK includes: Batman the Movie, New Zealand Story, F18 Interceptor, 'D' Paint II, Workbench 1.2, Kickstart 1.2, Amiga Basic, Desktop Utilities New Tutorial Pack, TV Modulator £369.001 with Tenstar Pack £395.00 The No.1 Racing Simulation only AM £13.95 ST 520STFM Power Pack £347.00 520STFM Explorer Pack £269.00_ ST MEGA“1 Business Pack £519.00____ "mega 1 “pack" with SM124 monitor £609.00 ST MEGA 2
Laser printer SM124 monitor £1639.00 sample printout on request AMIGA GAMES SOFTWARE Space Ac* C28.95 p 47 £15.99 Chambers of ShaoMa £19.99 Fighting Soccor £19.99 : ttridar £19.99 Kenny DatglMi £12.99 Ajtarad Baast £16.99 Damocles £19.99 Power Drift £16.99 Corvette £20.99 BLANK DISKS Our disks are unbranded double sided doubie density (1 meg) 3.5' disks with labels.
LCIO MONO in chi dee printer cable and 1 year on mite warranty FREE!
£109.00 inc vat Quantity x 10 Quantity x 20 Quantity x 30 Quantity x 50 Quantity x 100 Quantity x 200 Quantity x 500 Quantity x 1000 BEST PRICES (Dept A FI, Unit A, Grafton Place, Worthing, West Sussex. BM111QX Tel: 10903) 700714 ¦M 24 hour answering AH prieoa include VAT A delivery Goods usually despatched same day ¦¦ Prices are subject to change without notice and goods are subject to availability Mail order only - no callers please Panasonic kx-piosi
* 9 Pin Dot matrix Printer
* Parallel Cent rente* Interface
* 120 character* per eecend draft
* 24 charactere per aecond M.O
* EpmcnlBM compatible
* Tractor feed
* Single Sheet feed
* Include* cable
* 1 Year On Site Warranty £159.95 iacvat* deHvery TEN STAR PACK
Amagaa, Art of Che , Barbarian, Bum Boy, kari Warriors,
Insanity Fight, Mercenary Compendium, Terrorpoda, Thunde rente,
Wizball and Photon Paint LEADS... Pair of 22 metre coiled Mkti
lead* £6.95 Parallel Cable for ST Amiga or PC £3.99 £172.95
Amiga, Z88, Psion, r J Amstrad 464, IBM or Compatible, BBC
Model B and Spectrum.
HUSH PRINTER ty0-- Video Vaultl FAST - Bidirectional text printing at a quick 80 characters per second.
QUIET - less than 56DB noise (in case you need to hear a pin drop).
VERSATILE - Under control from you computer print line can be set for double size characters at 40 per line or half size characters at 160 per line, linespacing can be programmed to 4.5,6 or 9 line to the inch.
Standard unit less than three pounds in weight including 100ft of paper roll.
ECONOMICAL - Uses low cost thermal paper, sharp tear bar permits economy tear off paper lengths - use only what you need no ribbons to run out or replace.
RELIABLE - A full 12 months warranty.
Manual controls - power on off, linefeed.
Print modes text - bidirectional, graphics - unidirectional.
Print characteristics - alphanumeric. 80 characters per line. 40 characters per line in Expanded Mode. 160 characters per line in Condensed Mode. Graphic - dot addressable.
4800 dots per square inch (60 vertical by 80 horizontal) Self test build in standard, activated by holding down linefeed switch with power off and then turning power on.
ONLV- CONTACT UGHTNING business TO businesson ni-965 9292
• TRADE ONLY) AT LONG LAST due to customer demand the Videovault
have a fantastic printer at an amazing low price, of only
£99.95 INCLUDING VAT& P+P I I Old Kingsmoor School, Railway
Street, Hadfield, Cheshire SK14 8AA.
Tel: 04574 66555 67761 69499 Fax NO.: 04574 68946.
Head Office and Access & Visa orders, queries.
Send your order today with cheque, postal order, Access Visa to:- VideoVault Ltd. Old Kingsmoor School, Railway Street, Hadfield, Cheshire SK14 8AA.
Or Telephone: 04574 66555 67761 69499 Fax NO.: 04574 68946.
COPYRIGHT VIDEOVAULT LIMITED 983061 PHONE 9.00 am to 9.00pm FOR FAST FRIENDLY SERVICE Fun School 2 X and over £13 40 £16 99 . £16.99 II 3 .99 £16.90 £16 00 £ 16.99 £20.25 £ 16.99 £2.3.49 £16.99
* 16 00 £16 00 £16 00
• just ask Starllight Stndei Stryv Stunt Cat Super
Wonderhoy Sword ot Sod.m
Time ... Tt
Trip-a-Tron ... Untouchables......
Weird Dreams ...... Xenomorph ..
Xenon 2 Mcgablasi Hundreds inure games stocked £15 49 £15.49 .
11 5 49 . .£15 49 ,.£ I 5.99 £15 99 ..£15.99 £15 99 £49.99 £19
99 £29 99 £39 99 £29 99 Discover Chemistry lOyrs* Discover
Maths 1(1 yrs+ Discover Numbers 6 yrs* Discover the Alphabet 6
yr-.+ Puzzle Bix»k Spell B x k I lungs to do w nil Numbers
Dungs io do w Mb Words Gallileo Intelhtype Planetarium. The BBC
UPGRADES| Bulk 3.5" DSDD Disks ..20 for £12.99
Bulk 3.5" DSHD 2 Mb Disks 10 for £21.99 12 Disk Plastic
Cases ...£1.25 40 Disk Holder
Lockable ....£5.99 90 Disk Hold.
Lockable. Stackable ..£15.99 Arnica A50I 512K RAM
and Clock £ 128.99 Actionsoft 5I2K RAM and
Clock £99.99 Actionsoft 2Mb RAM and
Clock ......£549.99 Amiga A520TV
Modulator .....£21.99 5I2K RAM Computer.
Built-in I MB Disk Drive.
Mouse. A520 TV Modulator. Power Supply.
Workbench 1.3. Basic 1.3. Tutorial and Manuals £345.99 [AMIGA A50O - BATMAN PACK LEISURE SOFTWARE ~| MIDI EQUIPMENT 5I2K RAM Computer - Built-in I Mb Disk Drive.
Mouse. A520TV Modulator. Deluxe Paint II Art Package. New Zealand Story Arcade Game.
Interceptor Flight Simulator and BATMAN - the Movie. Plus lb Nights FREE Holiday Accommodation for TWO _£369.99_ | AMIGA A500 PACK 2 ] all as PACK ONE PLUS TEN MORE TOP SOFTWARE TITLES Bugay Boy £24.95. Art of Chess £24.95. Barbarian £19.95. Amegas £14.95. Ikari Warriors £24.95. Wi ball £24.95. Mercenary Compendium £19 95. Terrorpods £24.95. Thundercals £24.95. Insanity Fliuht £24.95. PHOTON Paint - Prof. Art Package £69.95. TOTAL VALUE OF SOFTWARE £299 Plus 16 Nights FREE Holiday Accomodation lor TWO £389.99 EIDERSOFT Midi Interface MM3OO0 £20.49 DATEL Midi Master
Interface .£28.79 £ 16 99 £16 99 116 99 £16 99 116 99 £16 99 , 116 9V £16,99 £16 90 £20 25 £16 00 £ I i OO £16 00 £ 16 00 £16.99 £X 49 £16 99 £16 99 £2 i 25 £16.90 £16 00 . £20 25 £16 00
116. 09 £8 19 £16 00 £16 00 11 3.00 IX 40 £16 00 £16 00 £16.00 tl
too £ I 3 00 £4 40 £16 00
116. 90 £16 00 LI 3.99 £16 99 116 99 £ 16.99
116. 99 113 99 £ I 3.99 £2(1 25 £13.99 £29 99 £13.99 Aston x Bad
Company Barbanan II Batman - the Mov ic.
Battle ol Austerht Battletev h Beach Volley Beast Beverley Hills Cop Bomber Cabal Continental Ciuus Dnvin Force Dungeon Quest Dynamic Debugger Extra Time Eye ol Horns I -16 Combat Pilot F 16 Falcon (ialaxy Force Ghostbusters II Gin & Cribbage Hard Drivin .
Hillslar Hollywood Poker Pro Horse Racing Interphase Jig Saw .. Joan ot Aic Light Force (Compilation) Lombard RAC Rally Lost Patrol Moonwalker Never Mind' Nitni Boost Challenge North &. South Omega Operation I'hunderboh Outlands Populous... Powcrdrift Rainbow Warrior Red Storm Rising Roik n Roll Scapeghosi Sim City Soccer Match Space Ace Sporting Triangles MODEMS SERIOUS SOFTWARE AMIGA BOOKS Demon II Modem ...£89.99 Designer ....*98.99 £34 99 £69 99 £ 3s 99 £4399 £73 99 £172.99 £41.99 ..£27.99
£72.99 £69.99 £( 9 99 £20.99 £21.95 £27 99 £55.99 £72.99 ....£79.99 ....£72.99 1001 Things to do w your Amiga £12.29 Advanced Amiga Basic ..£17.90 3D Graphics Programming in Basic £17.49 Amiga Assembly Language Program .....£10.49 Amiga Basic - Inside and Out ......£17.49 Amiga C for Advanced Programmers .....£30.99 Amiga C for Beginners ..£ 17.49 Amiga Disk Drives - Inside and Out £25.99 Arnica DOS - Inside and Out £ 17.49 Amiga DOS
Manual 1.2 - 2nd F.d £21.99 Amiga DOS Quick Reference Guide ......£12.99 Amiga DOS Reference Guide ......£14.39 Amiga for Beginners ..£12.49 Amiga Handbook .£15.39 Amiga Machine L-unguage - New Ed ......£14.39 Amiga M soft Basic Program Guide £17.49 Amiga Programmers Handbook ...£22.99 Amiga Programmers Handbook Vol. 2 ...£22.99 Amiga System Programmers Guide .£30.99 Amiga Tricks and
Tips ...£14.39 Amiga More Tricks and Tips £17.49 Arnica Users Guide ....* 17.95 Arnica DOS Manual ...*21.95 Amiga DOS Express & Disk ... £29.99 Computes First Book of the Amiga .£16.29 Computes Amigu Applications ....£16.29 Computes Amiga Programmers Guide £16.29 Amiga Programmers Guide ...£17.49 Beginners Guide to the Amiga .....£16.29 Elementary Amiga Basic .- .£14.39
Inside Amiga Graphics ...* 15.29 Inside the Amiga w ith C - 2nd Ed £19.99 Kickstart Guide to the Amiga ......£13.39 Kids and the Amiga -Kids 8 to 80 £15.39 Programmers Guide to the Amiga £22.99 Using Deluxe Paint II .£17.95 Becoming an Amiga Artist ....£17.49 , V2.0 Kind Words Protest Ml Arnica File Superbase Personal Superbasc Persoanl 2 Superbdse Professional K-Spread 2 Digicjlc I MaxiPlan A500 Superplan | VIP Professional Home Accounts
Personal Accounts Plus Personal Tax Planner ... Small Business Accounts The Works Page Setter Publishers Choice Asscm Pro *39.99 Aztee C - 68K Professional ...£89.99 Aztec C - 68K Developer ....£ 129.99 BBC Emulator ......*39.99 GFA Basic 3 ..*45.99 HiSoft Basic Amiga ...£55.99 Lattice CV5.0 ....£169.99 Comic
Setter ..*39.99 Del uxe faint II **5.99 DeLuve Paint II Plus Print *49 w Del uxe Paint III *59.99 IX'Luxe Plioilah *49.99 Del.uxe Print II *37.99 Del.uxe Productions .199 99 DeLuxe Video V 1.2 *49 99 Dig) Paint 2 0 - PAL *29.99 Dig. Paint 3 ......*45 99 Movie Setter. £'1.99 Photon Paint £49.99 Photon Paint 2.0 ..£64.99 Photon Video Cell Animation ......£69.99 Pixmate ...*35.99 Print Master
Plus ..*35.99 Pro Video PI us ....£177.99 Prof. Animation Sequence Ed .....£55.99 Adrum £27.99 Aegis Audiomaster II .£49.99 DeLuxe Music Construction Set ..*50.99 KCS ..*145.99 Music Studio 2.0 ..*22.99 Ultimate Sound Tracker .*27.99 Disc 2
Disc .... *24.99 Disk Master ...*29.99 MONITORS Commodore I084S 14" Stereo Col ..£267,99 Philips CM8833 14" Stereo Col .£249.99 Monitors include all leads etc. MOUSE TRACKBALL Kempston 2 Button Mouse £24.49 Arnica 1352 Mouse *30.49 Marconi RB2 PC9 Trackball ....£47.99 CAMERON SCANNERS B&W c w Paint & O C R. S W ..£187.99 Greyscale Paint & O C R. S W ..£282.99 [AMIGA A500 CLASS OF
THE 90’s EDUCATION PACK Consists of A500 Computer. Midi Master Interface. TV Modulator Mouse. Mouse Mat. 10 Blank Disks. Disk Wallet. One Year Subscription to Amiga User PLUS Deluxe Paint II. Publishers Choice. Maxiplan 500. Superbase Personal. Dr. T's Midi Rec. Studio. Amiga Logo.
BBC Emulator TOTAL RRP OF HARDWARE & SOFTWARE = £ 1.002.00 £549.99 JOYSTICKS Quick shot II Plus .....-£7.99 Quickshot II Turbo .£10.49 ACCESSORIES AMIGA Monitor Dust Cover .....£5.99 AMIGA 500 Keyboard Dust Cover ......£5.99 PHILIPS Monitor Dust Cover ....£5.99 12" Mon. Anti Glare Screen Cover .....£19.99 14" Mon. Anti Glare Screen Cover .....£22.99 Aerial Computer Sw itch Box .....£3.99 Monitor Tilt & Swivel Stand ....£19.99 Mouse
Mat ...£4.99 Mouse Bracket ....£2.99 Joystick Ext. Lead 2.5 Metres ....£4.95 Twin Joystick Mouse Ext 6" Lead .£5.99
3. 5" Disk Drive Cleaning Kits ....£5.99
ENHANCER - Consists of Workbench 1.3 and Extras
1.3 ...£13.99
ROM Version 1.3 Kickstart ROM £28.99 PRINTERS
STAR LCIO ....£159.99
IO 2 NEW MODEL ...£189.99 STAR LC24 IO 24
PIN ..£259.99 STAR
LCI5 ....£327.99 STAR
LC 24-15 24 PIN .£389.99 PANASONIC KXP
1081 £159.99 PANASONIC KXP
1180 .£189.99 PANASONIC KXP 1124 24
PIN ......£299.99 All printers are UK Specification not
converted cheap imports and include lead, cable and plug.
EDUCATIONAL & CHILDRENS | ABZoo ...*KW9 Fun School 2 - Under 6 ..*13.49 Fun School 2-6-8 years .....£13.49 Ml prices INCLUDE VAT and DELIVERY - All items despatched within 24 hours of cleared payment subject to availability.
Rjno for details of Next Day Delivery Service. Ring or write for prices and details ot any item not listed.
AUDITION COMPACT SERVICES, 15 Timbergate, Ketton, Stamford, Lines PE9 3SW Telephone 0780 720531 _ 1MB - 3.5” DISK DRIVES Arnica A1010 Disk Drive .*87.99 Cumana CAX354 Disk Drive ..£89.99 Actionsoft Slimline Disk Drive £76.99 HARD DISKDRIVES Arnica A590 20Mb Plug In Drive .....£359.99 Vortex 40Mb Hard Disk Drive ...£499.99 I The path is above some enemy troops. Direct Gandalf through this path to Lorien, then direct him south to Buringdale in Fanghorn Forest. When he gets there, 1,000 Ents will appear and set off to
destroy Isengard.
Go south to Edoras and then direct Gandalf to Minas Tirith (which is at square E7 on the map), and direct all the other flashing troops to Minas Tirith as well.
At this point lots of flashing troops will come pouring out of the two castles just below Edoras.
When over 2,000 troops have assembled at Minas Tirith, direct them east and then south along the edge of the mountains. Cross by the narrow stretch of mountains and continue east.
Head north to Mount Doom where you will encounter 2,000 Ores. You will easily be able to kill them to complete the game.
Barney Brown, Cambridge FERRARI FORMULA ONE An old game, but a rather devious way to adjust the game to your own requirements.
Boot up your Workbench disk and load the 1986.ses file into the editor. You will be able to see the initials SJ (which, incidentally, you can change to your own) followed by eight numbers including 28, the number of your car. The significant numbers are the second and fourth in the string.
The second number depicts the colour of your car (from 0 for black to 7 for white). You can also change the colours of the other cars in the same way.
The fourth number shows the relative speed of your car.
Increasing this number makes your car appear faster by actually slowing the others down, so you won’t get any faster race times.
If you know the effects of the other numbers then get in touch with Gamebusters.
Timothy Bridle, Aldershot, Hampshire LASER SQUAD Having trouble blasting the enemy to bits in this Gold-rated game?
Well here we have yer actual programmer's tips on playing the game from Julian Gollop hisself.
1. The most appropriate type of fire is usually determined by the
distance from the target. Auto Fire is usually best at close
range or when firing at more than one target, whereas Aimed
Fire is best at long distances. Snap Shots can be used at
medium distance or when you want to preserve ammunition at
close range.
2. Always leave some, if not most, of your units with enough
Action Points for Opportunity Fire, unless you are absolutely
sure that there is no enemy nearby.
3. Armour is often a luxury on the higher levels. It’s better to
spend your credits on decent weapons.
4. Give grenades to units with high strength values, as it
determines how far they can be thrown.
5. Give accurate weapons such as Sniper Rifles and Marsec Auto
guns to units with high weapon skills, as they can naturally
make best use of them.
6. You can scavenge weapons and ammunition fror dead bodies.
This is espec aH usefu on h gher levels when you can't afford good weapons, or you re rur g s ort of ammunition.
7. Buy ammjnnon for weapons which are likely to run out before
the end of the game, such as some automatic weapons.
8. Weapons with explosive ammunition (rocket launchers and
autocannons) should not be used in enclosed areas or you may
blow yourself up.
9. If you see an enemy, but are unlikely to be able to kill him
that turn, it may be best to move into cover, otherwise you
will alert other enemy units to your presence.
10. Grenades can be used to kill enemy units you suspect may be
hiding around a corner without triggering their opportunity
11. Be careful when firing near I NEW ZEALAND STORY If you’re
having trouble getting past that little bit in the middle of
Level 2, or you can’t quite beat the Rock Octopus, then you
need new, improved Warps! Just get yourself to the positions
shown in the pictures, and fire repeatedly at the position
of the warp. Your shots should disappear for a while, then
Hey Presto! You should be able to see the whirly warp appear.
The DJ, Lymington, Hampshire AMIGA FORMAT 173 ”The Country’s Leading 16 Bit Specialist” Ladbroke Computing International 33 Ormskirk Rd., Preston, PR1 2QP Open Mon. - Sat. 9:30 am to 5.00 pir.
Dealer enquiries welcome.
JK You Can t Afford to Shop Elsewhere ! All Prices Inc. VAT This LdiiJjuny hjs j;iven yc.ir, of full support to computer users from their premises ;it H Ormskirk koail Preston Now from their Mail Orxler premises they can offer this" second to none "service to users caintry wiileMII Software I lardware is ex slock and fully tested prior to purchase to ensure that returned poods are now a thinp of the past. All hardware is supported by our on site engineers so that quick turn ar.»ind on all repairs is puarantccd. I here are no hidden extras WYSIWYG. All prices include VAT, and delivery on orders
over i‘100 (Mainland UK)(next day delivery • f5). All jirices are correct at time of poinp to press and are subject to chanp.e withuit prior notice Phone for latest prices, information, advice we are always happy to help.
Amiga Drives Peripherals Monitors Vortex 40Mb £ 499.99 Supra 30 Mb £ 674.99 Third Coast 65 Mb £ 659.99 Cumana 1 Mb floppy, disable switch & through port (New slimline low noise model) £ 74.99 A2000 PC-XT bridgeboard A2000 PC-AT bridgeboard Cherry A3 graphics tablet 2Mb RAM expansion for A500 Midi Master 1 in, 1 thru, 3 out AMAX Mac emulator AMAX with 128K Mac ROM’s AMAS Sound sampler Digi-view gold V3.0 Semi-Professional quality genlock Studio quality genlock £ £ £ £ £ £
558. 99
792. 99
581. 99
539. 99
32. 99
124. 99 £ 229.99 £ 91.99
137. 99
275. 99
793. 99 Philips 8833 stereo monitor. A best-selling monitor which
exploits the excellent sound quality of the Amiga. £249.99
Philips 15” FST Remote, Scart input,Teletext Tv with 60
tuner presets. £ 259.99 Philips 14” Remote, Scart input, Tv
with Fastext and 40 tuner presets. £ 234.99 Ladbroke’s 1Mb
floppy as above Disk drive dustcover £ 69.99 £ 2.99 £ £ £ A4
Flat Bed Scanner Price Beaters These A4 Flat bed scanners
can scan at up to 200 dots per inch. The mechanism includes
a thermal printer which can be used in conjunction with the
scanner to photo copy documents or just as a stand alone
thermal printer. The scanner comes complete with scanning
software with basic editing facilities.
£499.99 Limited offer, above scanners ex-demo £349.99 PRO 5000 Joystick. Best-seller £8.99 Joysticks from £4.99 Trak ball converted to work as mouse on Amiga £24.95 A500 Dustcover £3.99 Printer Dustcover £7.99 Monitor Dustcover £4.99
3. 5” disk care kit £5.99 80 100 disk box £9.99 Quality 3.5”
Disks Ujibranded Loose Boxed Sony Based Quantity 10 £6.99
£7.99 £9.99 100 £64.99 £74.99 £89.99 All our disks are top
quality Sony, Maxcell or Kao products. All disks carry an
unconditional lifetime guarantee. Please add 60p p&p for each
pack of ten disks.
Z&i Memory Upgrade Boards Amiga Packs
* Available with or without calendar clock. * Plugs easily into
A500 slot so no soldering. * Switch provided to switch RAM
in out. * Battery backed calendar clock, retains time date on
switch off. * Amazing low price.
512K RAM Extension board £19.99 512K RAM Extension board + clock £29.99 512K RAM Extension board, populated £89.99 512K RAM Extension board + clock, populated £99.99 Our trained technicians can repair all hardware, including Amigas, in minimum time at competitive rates.
Pack 1 - Batman pack, mouse, modulator Pack 2 = Pack 1 + Tenstar pack, mouse mat, joystick Pack 3 = Pack 1 + 512K RAM Extension Pack 3 + clock Pack 4 = Pack 1 + CM8833 Colour Monitor Pack 5 = Pack 3 + CM8833 Colour Monitor Amiga 2000 Pack includes A2000, PC-XT bridgeboard, 5.24” drive, w 20Mb Amiga MS-DOS hard drive, 1084S colour monitor £1585 Phone for other combinations of hardware software.
£369.99 £399.99 £449.99 £459.99 £609.99 £699.99 Quality Low Price and Professional Series Printers Star LC-10 Best-Selling mono 9 pin £
159. 99 * Star FR-10 mono 9 pin, 300 cps draft elite, 16 NLQ
fonts £
399. 99 ?
Star LC-10 2 faster version of LC-10 £
189. 99 ?
Star FR-15 15” carriage version of above £
514. 99 * Star LC-10 Colour 9 pin, 7 colour printer £
199. 99 * Star XB-24 10 24 pin SLQ, LQ, 240cps draft elite £
514. 99 * Star LC-24 10 24 pin mono excellent quality £
239. 99 * Star XB-24 15 15” carriage version of above £
699. 99 * Epson LQ500 24 pin mono printer £
319. 99 * 7 colour upgrade kit for XB-24 10 and XB-24 15 £
39. 99 Citizen 120D 9 pin mono. Lowest price £
134. 99 * Star Laser Printer 8,1 Mb memory, 8 resident fonts,
Atari SLM804 Laser Printer, 90 days on site warranty £
1099. 99 8 pages per min, 300 Dpi £
1599. 99 * Xtta-a-aaaaaaaaaaaax aa-a'aaaaaa'aaaaa-xaaaaaaaaat t
aaaaaaaAaaaaAa All these printers curry a 12 months on site
warranty and come complete with cable f In assist us in
procissini; tour I order please quote this code.
SAMI.5 (0772) 203166 Fax 561071 Ladbroke Computing International is a trading name of Wahon Marketing Limited.
(0202) 24927 EXC. VAT £5 - DELIVERY AMIGA A500 + BATMAN 2 GIVE AWAY!
INCLUDING:- •BATMAN THE MOVIE • NEW ZEALAND INTERCEPTOR • Buggy Boy • Ikari Warriors Thundercats • Terrorpods • Amegas • Deluxe
• Paint Package • Microblaster Autofire • Joystick • 10 blank
3.5" Disks ******** Mercenary • Insanity Flight _ STORY • F18
• Barbarian • Paint II - Mega Microswitched
• Mouse Mat i
• Art of Chess • Wizball • Dust Cover • DiskBox AMIGA A500
• MOUSE • TV MODULATOR £320 A500 A2000 MONITORS 1084(s) High res
monitor .....£209 Philips CM8833 High res .....£199
1901 C64-colour Call 1900
Cumana Cax 354E .....£79
AF880 .£78
RF302C ....£74 Supra 20mb
H disk ...£499 ? All drives 1 mb + on off
switch ?
AMIGA ACCESSORIES A501-512k RAM £109 TV Modulator £22 Mouse Mat £4.39 Amiga dust-cover ....£6.89
3. 5 135TPI DS DD ..£9.99 NEC 3.5" 1MB 2ND DRIVE
HQ40 .....£362 Epson
EX1000 ..£543 Hewlett Packard Desk Jet
£718 NEC P6+ £469 NEC
P7+ £589 Star
LC10 ...£194 Xerox
4020 .£949 Hugely successful 9
pin printer, the Star LC10 provides 4 NLQ fonts (with 96 print
combinations) at 36cps and 144cps draft. Has a large 4K buffer
and IBM parallel interface built in. Includes a comprehensive
front panel operation and features paper parking, allowing
single sheets to be used without removing tractor paper.
2&IL _IE COMPUTER PRINTERS LC10 LC24-10 ?42q £249 4E169 PRINTERS Star LC10 (P) 130CDS .£139 Star LC10 colour ......£189 Star LC24-10 (24 pin) ...£260 Citizen 120D ......£106 Commodore MPS 1230 £119 Panasonic KXP1124 (24 pin) ...£279 Panasonic KXP1081 £148 Epson LX800 .....£158 Epson LQ500 ....£250 Epson FX850 ....£409 Epson FX1050 ..£382 Epson EX800 ....£369 Epson
EX1000 ..£419 LASERS Citizen Overture .....£1299 HP Lazerjet II ..£1825 1 A2000 HARDWARE I A2000 + 1Mb RAM . £869 A2000 + 1084(s) monitor + bridge BD + 20Mb H disk...... A2000 + 1084(s) . ....£1369 ....£1049 20Mb hard disk ... XT bridge BD ...... £299 £299 BATMAN SALE » BATMAN II i THE NEW ZEALAND STORY » F 18 INTERCEPTOR » DELUXE PAINT II CHRISTMAS SALE A501 512K RAM EXPANSION £75 inc VAT + Delivery inc VAT.
Exp. Date 1 flHHHH I VISA ¦ ¦ Name Address Postcode CREDIT CARD MAIL ORDER AND EXPORT HOTLINE (0202)24927 OPEN MON-SAT 9am-5.30pm All prices and manufacturer's specifications subject to change without notice.
Please call before ordering ALL PRICES EXCLUDE VAT To: First Micro, 13 Lansdowne Rd, Bournemouth, Dorset BH1 1RZ I wish to order - My computer is- I enclose cheque PO for £ _ Or charge my Access Visa No.
Signature Tel No: ¦ Nothing but the best in Amiga Format. Below we offer the definitive ¦ To enter the training mode for Denaris, simply press Z after Game playing tips for Interphase, courtesy of Mirrorsoft themselves and Select, plug the mouse in the second joystick port and press the... programmer Adrian Stephens. Erm, well you’ll have to read the tip in full, bottom right.
Oxygen tanks or gas cylinders as they can explode. If you’re not near any cylinders, but enemy units are, then you can fire at the cylinders (as they are a bigger target) to take them out.
12. Don’t carry too much equipment as this will inevitably slow
you down considerably.
SCENARIOS THE ASSASINS: Rocket launchers are very good on this scenario. You can destroy large parts of the house, thereby revealing enemy positions.
Concentrate on finding and killing Sterner Regnix.
MOONBASE ASSAULT: Grenades are very useful for destroying the large clusters of* analysers and data banks in the central area. You can also win by killing all the enemy units.
RESCUE FROM THE MINES: You need explosives to blow open the cell doors and remember to carry extra weapons so that the escaping prisoners can use them.
It’s best to concentrate all your men in one area rather than splitting your forces.
One of the enemy units carries a video key which can be used to reveal all the enemies’ positions.
Sniper rifles are very useful in the long corridors because of their extreme degree of accuracy.
CYBER HORDES: Battle droids can only be destroyed by AP75 grenades, firing at their backs where their armour is weakest, or using an auto-cannon. The AP75 grenades provide the best option for destroying them. In the open casket is a key to unlock all the other caskets, which contain weapons and ammunition.
176 AMIGA FORMAT Move cautiously, because you don’t always have to attack: you can wait and ambush the droids.
Don't expect to be able to stop the droids destroying the first two cores, so don’t waste men trying to protect them.
PARADISE VALLEY: Venomous Splurges will reappear a few turns after being killed, so don’t hang around. It's best to go through underground passages.
There are several entrances up and down between the levels.
There are two on the left hand side, both surrounded by a clump of bushes. You must destroy the bushes and walk onto the space, then you will be transported to the underground level. It is possible to get extra weapons from the storage chests.
INTERPHASE Nothing but the best in Amiga Format. Here are the definitive playing tips for Interphase, courtesy of Mirrorsoft themselves and programmer Adrian Stephens.
1. Always clear the level you are working on of fighters and
alien generators before tackling the puzzles.
2. When attempting to take out specific objects, use a locked
missile. Firing cannons wildly will do more harm than good.
Who says that cheats never prosper? I know of three that have. Martin de Ronde, The DJ and Stephen Bishop all receive £50 worth of software for their tips. If you think you can delve to the deepest reaches of a game and provide some useful hints, then jot them down, stick them in an envelope with a stamp on it and send them to GAMEBUSTERS, AMIGA FORMAT, 4 QUEEN STREET, BATH, BA1 1EJ.
3. When placing tractored objects into their wireframes, check
the alignment from two sides to get proper 3D positioning.
4. If you spot a red arch, remember its level number for future
5. Always attempt to get all your energy back before finishing a
level and entering a tunnel.
6. Save the game when entering a tunnel and again at the end if
you navigate the tunnel successfully.
7. On the blueprint, you may have to deliberately set off robots
in order to clear them from an area the girl will cross later
8. When attempting to destroy fighters which home in on you,
either fly fast and shoot them using REAR VIEW, or fly
backwards very fast.
9. Take a good look at the overall blueprint before starting,
since some puzzles are chained to each other.
10. When playing a level for the first time, make a note of which
items trigger which robots and build up a picture of how the
level is contructed. There are no random elements in the
robot control aspect of the program.
11. If you have to cross an electrified floor, use a nearby
robot to deactivate it first.
12. Use the TURNTABLES to redirect problem robots to other
areas of the building which will benefit you.
13. Don’t be afraid to get the girl to back track: this is
essential for some puzzles.
14. Some cameras and pressure pads are red herrings. Learn the
ones which are relevant to the route you need.
15. Set up areas of the blueprint before you need to. This will
save time flying from one component to another when time
becomes short.
16. Many levels are much simpler than they appear. Try the
obvious first.
17. Beware of loose robots doubling back if you wait too long.
18. Map out the level if it appears complicated and mark the
relationships between objects.
19. When you are experienced, don’t waste too much time reading
KAF-E’s messages: these are generally standard for each
20. On the top floor, neutralise all risks (robots in the
building and fighters in the 3D world) before examining
various vaults.
21. Some of the fighters on later levels are very intelligent:
learn their strategies and develop methods to counteract
them. For example, the blue flying ray knows which
component you are interested in by checking its NAVCOM
status. Either destroy it (carefully) with a missile, or when
you have found the component you need, NAVCOM onto something
else to distract it.
22. The “bird fighter” always circles ahead of you, and can
outrun your missiles. If it proves to be a problem, LOCK and
FIRE a missile at it, then “catch” it with a tractor beam,
allowing the missile to catch it up and destroy it.
DENARIS To enter the training mode, simply press Z after Game Select, plug the mouse in the second joystick port and press the right hand mouse button while the game loads.
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FORMAT lETlHtS All your contributions to the heated debates in these pages are welcomed by BOB WADE. But notice our glamourous new address: 30 Monmouth St, Bath, Avon BA1 2AP.
MODS AND ROMMERS I am writing to endorse the letter published in the December issue from George Blades, please let’s have more technical info for the Amiga. What about some hardware ‘mods’, such as a switch to enable booting from an external drive instead of DFO:, or how about info on fitting 1.2 or 1.3 Kickstart ROM, that are switch selectable.
Something like the sound sampler project in the old ST Amiga Format (Issue 11) would, I’m sure, prove very popular, as there is a large following of electronics enthusiasts reading Amiga Format. (We are not all idiots, you know).
Pete Cunningham Chester Are you saying that anyone who isn’t an electronics enthusiast is an idiot? Tut, tut Mr Cunningham.
There are still plans to do more hardware projects, but as I'm sure you appreciate we cannot knock them up overnight. We have already run a piece on swapping Kickstart 1.2 for 1.3, and if you look at Pages 138-139 you will find details of a device for swapping between the two.
So, what DO we get for that extra quid we pay on the mag that represents the cover disk? Well, to be honest, if one thought about it properly, you would see that with the game demos, the PD utilities, graphic and sound demos, the hacks and cheats, and the fun little hacks for Workbench, you are receiving about £3.00 worth of programs for 50p (if you take off the value of the disk itself).
I know £2.95 is steep for a monthly mag, especially if like me you buy four mags each month, which adds up to quite a few akkers, but two other of those mags give away disks for the same price and I think it’s got to be good to have all these programs at your fingertips.
Personally, my disk box is brimming with cover disks which would, alternatively, have taken a long time to collect through other sources, so it has saved me a lot of bother and effort and ultimately money - in letters, postage, phone calls and club memberships! Keep them coming, I say... P Biancheri London SW20 ...and keep them coming we will.
Our philosophy has always been to provide as much variety as possible on the disk, so that people can use what they want, discard what they don’t, and still have a blank disk at the end of it.
ADS SUBTRACTION I can’t agree with the people who write to complain about 18 or so pages of games reviews. Even though I prefer to use my Amiga creatively, I like to see what new games are like and whether standards are improving. What I do object to is the amount of adverts in the magazine.
December’s issue had 92 pages of them which is 54% of space in the magazine. To pay for a mag with so many adverts is wrong when advertisers are charged so much to display their ads, anyway. Is this going to continue? If it gets any worse the magazine will become unreadable and I, a dedicated reader, shall be forced to spend my £2.95 on other things.
Also, what happened to the hardware projects? This was one of the things that raised Format above the other ‘less intellectual’ magazines on the same shelf. I hope these haven’t been abandoned in favour of more advert space!!
Simon Robbins Spalding, Lines Nothing gets abandoned in favour of adverts. If you count the number of editorial pages in each issue you will notice that they too have been increasing in number.
Adverts serve many useful purposes - they provide us with revenue to produce bigger and better magazines, they can provide good deals on hardware and so ware that you could never find by shopping around the high street they keep you informed on what is coming out for the Amiga and sometimes they look good. Many people actually enjoy the adverts as reader surveys have proved in the past.
Without adverts we could not produce the size, colour or quality of editorial that we do.
NOONAN P.l. (Prize Winner) Your magazine was always a worthwhile buy, and is even more so now that the half containing articles about the ST has been kicked out.
In fact Issue 4 was the most spiritually wholesome and generally ultra-wonderful publication since the Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. It had a good balance of subjects to keep any reasonable user (and any games player) happy.
Anyhow, I digress... The point is that part time undercover detective and mild mannered columnist Damien Noonan has done something that no-one else can: he has seen in “all good book shops” a copy of Addison- Wesley’s “Amiga Hardware Reference Manual”!
Can it be that you have on your staff a nutter?! (What do you mean yes?!). Either the inset (p.20) should have read “No book shops at all” or Mr Noonan is a psychotic hallucinator.
I have looked in all the book shops in the known galaxy (well...), and I’ve come as close to finding this book as Atari have to making a decent computed I ordered this highly recommended oracle of ail knowledge and sat back n eager anticipation of the moment wner I would hear the gentle thud of its arrival on the ‘welcome’ mat... ...Four months (yes, Four Months) ater the book shop informed me that it was being reprinted and would not be available until January 1990.
I then proceeded to telephone a o* the likely outlets who advertised in your magazine to buy iSsHPir- rtvf'icate 01 Education General Secondary subiects tollow'ag results in grade BV GRADE DC GRADE B grade f GRADE GRADE GRADE GRADE GRADE Swun* ECONOMICS GEOGRAPhV H STORV maths pHVStCS Northern narP" ”1 , ,c ocr.'t'”'1’ If you pirate software you are a thief. Thieves will be prosecuted Any information on piracy should be passed to The Federation Against Software Theft.
Softville PD informed me that the release date had been put back even further.
So why is it that such a vastly- selling manual is not obtainable: surely it doesn’t take more than five months just to reprint an updated version?
If you know someone out there who does have a copy of the old edition for sale, could you please inform me of same, or recommend another book which will give me the information I seek (namely how to program the hardware from assembly language).
Tim Harris Lymington, Hants CONSOLED BY THE AMIGA Could you please tell me if you think that games consoles, such as the PC Engine, Megadrive and Konix, are better than the Amiga.
Personally, as an Amiga owner, I think that it is superior, but my friend says that the three consoles are better than the Amiga.
His evidence is that a computer magazine said that they were better. For my peace of mind and other fellow Amiga owners, could you please gut him, by backing me up. Even for the games, the Amiga is, quality wise, more capable and price wise, cheaper.
Paul Kersch Ingatestone, Essex Of course it's superior - don’t take any of this 'my console’s better than your Amiga because it has one good game that yours hasn’t’ drivel. Can those consoles give you such astounding art packages? - nope, have they got brilliant music programs? - nope, have they got hundreds of games available for them? - nope, do they have the massive range of game types the Amiga has? - nope, they sure don’t.
. Admittedly they are cheaper but why pay £150 for a machine that only plays a few games. The Amiga will be around a lot longer, with greater support and variety.
Consoles have a place but are not in the same league as the Amiga.
GOLD DISK Now to the coverdisk. No complaints, only a suggestion. In Amiga Format 1, New Zealand Story was the demo and it also received the Amiga Format Gold Award. Likewise in Amiga Format 3, Xenon 2 was the demo and it also received the Amiga Format Gold Award. Now wouldn’t it be nice to see if the games live up to the coveted award by putting the demo of the Amiga Format Gold Award on the coverdisk.
I think your magazine is excellent, so please do not let your standards slip to the mediocrity of other magazines. Keep up the good work!
Mark Elias Ammainford, Dyfed Because of our tight deadlines it is impossible to wait until after reviewing a game to decide whether to put it on the Coverdisk or not. If we did that there would be no time to get together a demo. We try to get the best game possible for the disk and there have been notable successes, but it’s impossible to get the best rated game of the month on the disk every time.
AMIGAMEDES Here are my serious suggestions
(i. e possible) for Commodore to work towards for the Amiga,
hopefully to be reached by 1992.
I realise you’ve probably been inundated with suggestions but these are believable.
• 640 x 256 resolution with 256 colours.
• 640 x 512 resolution with 16 colours.
• 8-channel polyphonic stereo sound with built-in stereo speak
ers and sockets for output to amplifier.
• Three-button mouse with decent buttons.
• 103 key “enhanced PC” layout keyboard with all buttons working.
• fast 32-bit microprocessor.
• IBM as standard.
• DOS, OS and BASIC in ROM; no switch-on delays.
• True multi-taking system that allows you to run programs in
windows, so that when it crashes you can just close the
window without affecting the operation of other tasks.
• Ability to direct output simply by dragging icon to correct
place; i.e dragging a text file to printer icon to give hard
• A Basic that works to a certain degree of speed and allows
relatively easy use of the windowing system, as well as full
control over the rest of the machine, i.e. sound graphics
multi-tasking icons etc.
• A built in assembler and disassembler.
• Clock and CMOS as standard.
With all these improvements, perhaps Commodore should change the name Amiga to Archimedes.
Geraint Preston Henley-on-Thames, Oxon Bit dodgy that, people might think it was an over-priced, intellectual's computer that was solely pitched at the education market and never reached the wider audience it deserved. Commodore’s much bemoaned and criticised marketing of the Amiga has been a triumph by comparison.
VILE VIRUS I happen to have the misfortune of receiving the treatment of a virus. This virus was in my original that came with the computer! It has struck my Amegas by Pandora, Ikari Warriors by Elite and Terrorpods by Psygnosis.
Now they are corrupted and unplayable. I know that they are not the best of games but I still feel sick!
I wish to know if any of the software companies will replace them if I wrote to them. (Free of charge).
One more thing, please give me some facts on how a virus could strike and spread. I feel so sick I could vomit. (Caused by the
* ****** virus) Don’t ask me the name of the bummer! I don’t
Mr B.C. Llanelli, Dyfed The software houses should replace your disks but they will probably be a covering charge. To eMiinate viruses there are three things to remember:
1) Always leave disks write protected when possible.
2) Before inserting a new disk turn the Amiga off at the power
supply and wait about 15 seconds. X
3) Get a viruswlter like Virus X 3.2 nopVersion 3.3 j because
it is a irus in disguise. J As for the Mls makm vdu sick,
it’s the first known case of catching an illness from a com
puter virus - tell the Guiness Book of Records. I like a
HAPPINESS IS A FORMAT It’s about two o’clock in the morning of a typical Saturday night.
Since I couldn’t sleep, I made myself a cup of coffee and I’ve started writing.
Now you listen good, you are going to print this letter from the next paragraph, or I’ll send my pet armadillo to bring me your skull. Sorry, got a bit carried away. Here we go!
I am proud of you, you’re getting better and better each month, comparing Issue 1 to Issue 4 there is at least an increase of 25% in terms of better value, better reviews and better choices of software on the coverdisk, wouldn’t you lot out there agree?
Hah! It’s always the same arguments, isn’t it. I quote: “you are not allowed to print any more game reviews, because I’m a very important and greedy person and I don’t want to see games in my magazine, if I want to see games I’ll go buy the ACE! If I see any more game reviews I won’t buy your very expensive magazine I sr OES A COLD-SORE INTERNATIONAL PUBLICATION £77.00 £339.oo £379.oo £379.oo 00 £339.00 £519.oo £11.
ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT AND POSTAGE & PACKAGING TRADE INQUIRIES WELCOME A2000 TWO MEG * (MICROBOTICS "8 - UP" CARD) A2000 FOUR MEG * (MICROBOTICS "8 - UP" CARD) A590 UPGRADE CHIPS (£46 PER HALF MEG) Send cheques to: Memory Expansion Systems Ltd. Dept AF Britannia Buildings, 46 Fenwick Street, Liverpool. L2 7NB
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begin experiencing a specialist Amiga service that is second to none SILICA shop: To: Silica Shop Ltd, Dept STFOR 01 90,1-4 The Mews, Hathertey Road. Sidcup. Kent D14 4DX PLEASE SEND ME FREE LITERATURE ON THE AMIGA Mr Mrs Ms: Address: Surname Initials: SIDCUP (& Mail Order) 01-309 1111 1-4 The Mews, Hather ey Road, Sidcup, Kent, DAI4 4DX OPEN: MON-SAT 9am - 5.30pm LATE NIGHT: FRIDAY 9am - 7pm LONDON 01-580 4000 52 Tottenham Court Road, London, VZ1P OBA _OPEN: MON-SAT 9 30am - 6.00pm LATE NIGHT: NONE_ Postcode: LONDON 01-629 1234 ext 3914 Do you already own a computer If so, which one do you
Self ridges (1st floor), Oxford Street, London, W1A TAB l OPEN: MON-SAT 9am - 6.00pm LATE NIGHT: THURSDAY 9am - 8pm comparing to my 35K per month any more.” Here is another example, again I quote: “I think you should have more games reviewed, I mean I don’t care about what you think, you should at least give 95% of your magazine to games. Yes and I don’t want to see no technical, helpful, problem solving, software reviews and news any more!”.
How do you do it? I mean, if people think it’s easy, tell them they can come round and do next month’s magazine: I bet not only would they be two or three months late, but they will lose over half of the readers and the other half wouldn’t even consider buying the magazine, most probably because they can smell them from a mile away.
Now you listen good, you Amiga owners out there: this bit is from me to all you who might fall into the above categories. “I do NOT have one game. But for God’s sake, the mag is “a comprehensive package for the Amiga”. It is NOT just a game magazine. It is NOT just a serious software magazine. It is BOTH.
Which is a lot more than you can say about any other magazine, in any subject. This team is doing a great job, so don’t you complain. No more ‘I want more games’, no more ‘I want more serious software’, give them a chance. And if I hear any one of you complaining about the above I shall send a terrorist round to solve our little problem!
I think having a game demo on each disk is an okay idea, but see if you could fix for more serious software (NOT PD) on the disk, in the coming year. Use a packer if you can.
I’ve said what I wanted to, I guess I’ll leave it up to you, let's see you making it up to The ultimate package for the best computer in the universe: the Amiga’ or maybe the first four words plus the last word!
Kambiz Memarzia Harhills, Leeds Mother, I’ve told you before I'm old enough to take care of myself
- you don't have to keep protecting me. As for that pseudonym,
who's going to believe that, eh?
On the offchance that this letter isn’t from my mum, I wholeheartedly endorse its sentiments (except for the bit about the terrorist - I do my own dirty work witn a trusty Louisville Slugger).
I am glad to see a majority of software houses beginning to port Amiga games over to the ST and other formats, which has been a long time in coming, because I couldn’t see anyone swapping a Cortina engine over into a Rolls Royce just because the Cortina engine was easier to make and produce.
I know the argument is long and boring so I won’t dwell much on it, suffice to say that the Amiga is a better computer because it costs more, simple as that. Anyway, now that companies are starting to understand the situation, maybe we will see some amazing games coming out, only the future will tell... P Biancheri London SW20 Whoa, there. Price is the only criteria? If that were the case all our competing mags could just put up their prices to £3.50 and claim to be better than us. It’s such a brilliant idea I think I’ll phone them up and suggest it - just as soon as I can talk properly
by getting my tongue out of my cheek.
WHEREFORE ART THOU FORMAT I have read all of your Amiga Format issues to date and I think they are very interesting and contain some useful information. Last month when I rushed into my local newsagents, on the second Thursday of the month, I was horrified to see no Amiga Format on the shelf. I then had to go to the newsagents every day for roughly a week before my beloved Amiga Format arrived. I thought to myself that this must have been a one off and left it at that.
This month as I reached the shelves of my local newsagents I saw again that there was no Amiga Format. I explained to the assistant that Amiga Format came in on the second Thursday of every month but she assured me that no AF had arrived. I have continued going in but so far it has failed to appear.
I hope it appears soon and I hope this problem doesn’t arise again.
J Wykes Bridport, Dorset Distribution problems do occur from time to time and when they do we try to sort them out.
Alternatively a subscription will guarantee you get a copy on time.
If you do continue to have problems then notify us of the newsagent concerned (preferably in writing) and we will endeavour to make sure they get properly supplied in the future.
SHURELY SHOME MISHTAKE Is your editor a manic alcoholic?
Does he not know how to “strategically" place the columns of fascinating factual reviewing in the right order? I am referring to your war games review. There I was happily progressing through your brilliant mag, when, shock! A games review with no beginning. I thought it must have been forgotten so I read the review on Page 57 about a war game. Seeing the 90% award I was frantically trying to find its name. The detective work began.
The Contents page was a good place to start and there clearly stated Page 57 Red Lightning. Relief, so I read on and surprise, surprise (thanks Cilia) on Page 61 a bold title and the Red Lightning intro. Very good reading but preferably in the right order.
Nik Horner Sholing, Southampton I am not an alcoholic, you ask anybody that knows me really well - like the bar staff in Hatchetts. The re-arrangement of pages was a one-in-a-million mix-up, couldn't possibly happen again, not in a month of Sundays, no sir-ree Bob, completely impossible, a fluke, a one-off. Anymore cock-ups like that one and it might very well drive me to drink... or murder.
M E-O WWWWWWWWWW I have a question perhaps you can help me with. I recently bought myself a Geniscan from Datel for my Amiga, and eagerly looked around for things to ‘digitise’. My mum’s always wanted a nice picture of her beloved cat so I grabbed the moggy and proceeded to scan it. However, all I got as an image for my Dpaint 2 was a sort of big red blob with white bits in it - not a bit like a ginger puss at all. Not only that but the scanner doesn’t seem to work now and is all sticky.
My question is: did I do something wrong? Like, did I apply enough pressure (I did press quite hard), or do I need a memory expansion perhaps? I hope you can answer my query as I’m hoping to digitise the Orwell Bridge with my Geniscan as I think it would make a nice postcard but I have to work out how to use it properly.
Anyway, I look forward to your reply - oh! I have to go now as I can hear my mum calling!
P. S. Do you know anyone who would be interested in some good
sampled sound effects for their
S. E.U.C.K. games? I have some wonderful screams on disk.
Zoot (an animal lover) Woodbridge, Suffolk And they say satire is dead. If you have a friend or relative that is completely bats-arse and drool- ingly out of their tree, then why not get them to write to us - we like a laugh.
WHOLE-SOME ENTERTAINMENT I appreciate your motives for putting a commercial game demo on your cover disk, but by and large I think it is a waste of space.
One might get 10 minutes use out of it, and it might help one decide whether to buy the game or not, but after that it can go in the trashcan.
Instead, how about a whole game? The Amiga is sufficiently old now that there must be plenty of games knocking around that the publishers have lost all hope of selling any further copies of. In many cases they are perfectly good games, but just a little long in the tooth. I’m sure for a very small consideration they would I r SAVE 50%!
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BASIC + TUTORIAL HOW TO ORDER: Either call our number below
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payable to THE 16 BIT CENTRE 16 BIT CENTRE Access Unit 17,
Lancashire fittings science v mage Claro Road, Harrogate Hgl
4AF VISA Tel (0423) 531822 526322 I agree to let you put them
on a cover disk. I would certainly rather have a complete game
that was not up-to-the- minute state-of- the-art stuff than
half a level of one which was.
Roger Musson Edinburgh Surprisingly there is not that much material for such a scheme. Most software is finding its way onto compilations, budget labels, or was probably not up to much in the first place.
In order to get a reasonably good, complete game on the disk it would also have to eat up nearly all, if not the whole, of the disk - which would make a lot of people very unhappy. We might do whole games infrequently, but only if it's a game really worth sacrificing most of the disk for.
A SERIOUS SUBJECT Piracy - a serious subject! I agree with some but not with other parts e.g. things like XCAD Professional costs over £200. I could understand someone copying something at that price.
Okay, if I was a programmer I would be a bit angry if someone was to copy my program, add their name and charge a few quid for what was mine. I’ve seen demos and things made by pirates. Some can program to commercial standard, yet instead they rip to pieces some bloke’s livelihood.
Hackers I am totally against. I used to admire people in films like War Games breaking into computers via telephone. I used to wish I had a modem and could break into banks etc. (I never did!) But then news came out about people breaking into NASA computers and even worse, confidential files.
I’d hate to think of someone delving into my post. As for jail sentences, go for this, as I think they should be put away for life.
Simon Green Consett, Co. Durham WHAT’S AN ST?
I think that Atari Sts are * * * * and that Ataris should be burnt, because they can do * * * * all that the Amiga can do.
No, seriously, why is there so much conflict between Amiga and ST owners? There’s not that much difference, the Amiga is a tad better and worth the extra wonga, so why don’t the ST owners accept it? In fact, why don’t both sides leave each other alone.
In fact, why am I complaining, I think Sts are **** and the owners are crazy for choosing it over the Amiga.
See, this shows that there will always be conflict, just like between the 64 and Speccy (I was a 64 owner naturellement), but eventually the conflict died down, which is what the ST-Amiga conflict will do.
Paul Kersch Ingatestone, Essex PROTECT AND BE DAMNED (prize winner) I feel I must write to you on the subject of software protection as no one ever mentions it. I think it is generally best not to use it for the reasons given below:
1) It is NOT protecting the software in the long run. This is
because if a disk is protected, crackers will almost certainly
hack the protection out and spread the game worldwide. The
protection will stop the average schoolboy from swapping the
game in the playground, but will lead to far more copies being
made and spread in the hacking circuit. You never see an
unprotected game like Zany Golf on a hacker’s BBS and
although it will be copied locally, (between a group of
friends, say) it will never be as much as a cracked game.
2) The protection normally means the owner of the original can’t
make a backup copy or transfer the game to a hard disk.
This means that although you may have a hard drive, you can’t actually make use of the thing in the way you would like to!
3) Protection often hinders the game. Speedball and Xenon 2, for
example, won’t load in on a machine fitted with Kickstart 1.3
even though the game would work fine if it was unprotected.
Early versions of Populous refused to load in on nearly all computers! Novella protection is not very good either as it is most annoying having to search through a whole pile of books and can be hacked out anyway: thus the game enters the hack circuit.
4) Money spent on protecting games is nearly all wasted. Take
Shadow of the Beast, for example. This has some of the most
advanced protection schemes and yet was cracked and in the
hacking circuit days after it was released. Although the
protection means the game can’t be copied, the cracked version
will be copied hundreds of times and so the protection has
probably led to more copies being made than there would be
If there is going to be protection, I think the best type is the key-disk variety (as used in Powerdrome). This is such that you are allowed to back up a game and then asked to insert the original once the backup has loaded to make sure you haven’t pirated the game. Although this protection suffers from the problems detailed in 1, at least the legitimate user is allowed to make a backup for safety.
I think it is a sad thing that software houses spend money on stopping unscrupulous people from stealing their work.
Roy Weekes Sheerness, Kent It is a sad thing indeed, but the difficulty of combating theft of this sort should not stop us trying to.
It is unfortunate that most protection stops the taking of legitimate back-up copies but I really don't see that the protection acts as an incentive to copy. The toerags that steal software will try to do t whether there is protection or not
- give in to them and we might as well pack up our computers now.
IT’S THAT DISK AGAIN How come the ST Format coverdisk is choc-a-block with good programs? (Excellent, fuliy playable demo of Interphase; extremely fast fractal landscape generator; half-a-dozen Basic programs; 2 games; a dozen pictures; animation demo...). The poor Amiga owners who rightly expect much better get a boring Untouchables demo; a couple of pictures; Surf (Good); Some utilities and finally the good ol' Workbench Hacks.
To this you reply “But we fill the disk up...”. Yes, you do. But with what? Icons for Workbench and .doc files which take up a not- unsmall 10% of the disk!!
You reply “All of that is for the poor idiots who need the user- friendly environment of W B...”. I think that a lot less room would be used if you had a menu available from the CLI. Users could select from the function keys or the numeric key-pad, achieved by simply changing the keymap. The instructions would be printed in the mag.
A solution like this would:
a) Leave more room on the disk.
B) Leave more memory available (since there is no W B);
d) Be just as easy for an amateur user;
e) What happened to c) ?!
Thank you for taking the time to read my letter and I would like to hear your opinions.
Tim Harris Lymington, Hants Comparing individual disks is not really fair, they vary from month to month and I think ours was good value. We pack as much as we can on the disk and I don't thm« the effort to present it well is wasted. Accessible presentation using Workbench and icons is appreciated by most, while documentation files are important. ¦ SNIPPETS MORE METAL Firstly I would like to say that Andrew Hockings is not the only Amiga owning heavy metal fan with a Grade 4 CSE (‘cept mine’s metalwork).
I agree with Roger Barefoot that Falcon is just about right in gameplay, if only it had F-16 Combat Pilot's arming screen!
Simon Robbins Spalding, Lines FINGERTIP LICKING MAG How about a kind of index, at the end of each year maybe, telling one where a feature was. On what page and in what issue rt was, as most problems don’t occur according to the current edition. A lot of backpaging, fingertip licking and fumbling through piles of mags is required, so it would be very helpful, I think, to have that kind of reference as a backup to help matters along.
P Biancheri London SW20 On its way soon.
BOXING MATCH Lastly, to all those software houses reading...WHY. OH WHY do you put disks in those massive cardboard boxes. I've a cupboard full!
Can you not keep them small plastic boxes?
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Please make all cheques payable to Future Publishing Limited SEND THIS FORM TO: Trevor Witt, Amiga Format, The Old Barn, Freepost, Somerton, Somerset, TA11 7PY No stamp required if posted in the UK, Channel Islands or the Isle of Man quality binder with the Amiga rom-3: logo printed on the front and spine.
VIDI AMIGA PAL Tomoo Z zc A video digitiser for under £1 CO cott with brilliant software, ease :* _$ e arc tj SAVE £15 Ie :x:er Prce Order No screen display. See the full review ir ss e : tO Vl£r £99.95 AM1148 SHADOW OF THE BEAST Psygnosis.
SAVE £10 You are out to stop the slaughter of innocent humans. In particular you attempt to kill the Beast Lord himself - not easy with pulsating eyes and other dangers to endure - but the reward is freedom!
Description Pnce Order No Sw of ttie Beast £24.99 AM 120 ©INTERPHASE Imageworks.
Play the game of the future and choose disks to relive your dreams. Excellent sound and graphics from this complex and intriguing game.
RED LIGHTNING us Gold A detailed war game set during World War
III. The whole set is based in Europe and involves NATO and other
strictly “serious" organisations.
©USER SQUAD Blade Soft.
Laser Squad combines strategic skill with the use of grenades and a variety of automatic weapons to defeat your foe.
O XENON 2 Mirrorsoft.
Battle through five vast levels des?: 'g everything and anything that stands r , way in possibly the best shoot 'em up this year AMIGA BINDER Keep your issues together in this ngr £22.99 AM119 £73.95 AM142 SAVE £10 Order No ®THE UNTOUCHABLES Ocean.
Cover Disk of Issue 4 . Play the leader, Elliot Ness, of an elite band of government agents "The Untouchables”, fight the gangland bosses against organised crime.
©BATMAN Ocean.
Patrol Gotham City in the Batmobile. Try to capture the Joker in the Axis Chemical Factory. A brilliant game taken from the superb feature film.
©CONTINENTAL CIRCUS Virgin Mastertronic.
Become a true formula on'e racing driver in this superb challenge of eight races and countries.
O BASEBALL SHIRT Designed in the USA, this black and white shirt is a must for every Amiga owner (Logo on left breast and centre back) Tie Untouchables £18.99 AM116 Is.
OH DEARY, DEARY ME Straight in at Number Three and keeping up a fine tradition on the Previews pages last month were the transposed shots numbers 16 and yo ASW n PD
18. Thankfully they were both shots of Gremlin games, but the
Axel shot was really the Mindbender one and vice versa.
Nothing serious, and we hope it didn't spoil your enjoyment
of this otherwise superb section of the magazine.
Climbing to the number two slot were a bunch of screen shots from the bottom of Page 25. This glorious article all about 3D, Ray Tracing and alternative realities suffered from a small hiccup when the Sky Chase and Starglider II and the Elite and Carrier Command shots were gain) around the wrong way.
Harp eyed readers will of course lave noticed that the Sentinel shot was in just the right place at just the right time, well done the Sentinel.
Top of the chart and a new Number One this month is the Tintin On The Moon review. The corking loo cock-up appeared at the end of the m none too complimentary full page A review which included the immortal
* r U lines '...a game that's more a wasted than a fulfilled
opportunity.' Then 11 Co what happens? The game goes and .p.
gets a cracking rating of 83%!
Obviously, Amiga Format's intelli- fl gent readers would have noticed this should really have been a measly 38%. Tough luck Tintin: in ii* the wrong place at the wrong time.
M. A&A Computers ....178 AB Computer
Supplies .....187 Activision .194-IBC,
47 ADS Mail Order .....151 Amiganuts
United .187 Ampower .... 164
ARK ...159
fAshcom ..160
Atari ...60, 97 'Athene
...177 ...172 ...188 96 ...187
...171 80 ...154 ...151 ...144 ...104 96 ...131 86 ...171
...108 ...129 84 92 57 ...169 28-29 Audition Compact Services.
16 Bit Centre .... 17 Bit Software . BBD Dust Covers ... Best Prices Business Computer Jcentre .
Bytes & Pieces . Calco Software . IbZ Castle Software Club 68000 Ltd . C & M Micros .... Codemasters .... Compost Software . Computer House The Computer Store ...... Computer Express . Computerwise Brighton .
Crazy Joes PD ... Cumana Ltd Dataplex ..... Datel Electronics 26-27, ...absolute rubbish, I spend 17 hours logged onto an Amiga technical support bulletin board and not once did I see any arty pictures of ladies in all their finery, not once, all I got was some chap wibbling on about even CIA's and raster-over-copper-scanning listings or something, so after this fiasco I paid £75 to subscribe to another board with a very dodgy name and spent a further 25 hours reading all the game reviews, articles and generally newsy items
and other helpful bits and did I get to read something rude, no I did not, I even tried downloading some of the stuff but it all came out as perfectly clean funny stories or pictures of the Shropshire countryside with young lads frolicking in the long grass, so when people go on about making SySops pay several thousand pounds to get a licence to run a board, in order to keep the smut off the airwaves, or the wire- waves or whatever they call them nowadays they’re talking absolute drivel and quite frankly I wouldn't mind seeing the occasional picture of a beautiful woman in an art pose who
isn’t ashamed of the fine female form and doesn't mind if other people appreciate it too... CAPTAIN WHINGE REVIEW OF THE YEAR NEXT MONTH Issue 7 of Amiga Format (always a milestone in any magazine s history) will be packed with goodies like Reviews, Workbench, PD Update, and probably a couple more things from Jason Holborn.
You'd be a fool to miss this modern icon, this (that’s enough - Ed).
CHRISTMAS PUZZLE If your parents haven't hidden your presents on the top of the wardrobe in their bedroom, just where have they put them? Find out before Dec 25th, and send us the answer on a postcard or stuck down envelope.
ADVERTISER'S INDEX Delta Pi ..193 Maze Technology ....80 Designer Software 187 Medusa .....- ..-72 Digicom ..148 M D Office Supplies ..130 Digipro Ltd ......30 Megaland .. 82:®2 Digita International 91 Memory Expansion Ltd .....182 DS & K Designs ......96 Merlin Express 66 Electronic Arts .11, 71 Microdeal ......185
E. M.P.D.L ; 116
Micronet .107 Entertainment
International .....51
Microtext 164 Evesham
Micros ....186 Midi
Music .....132 First
Micro .....175
Miditech .152
G. F.A ..141
Mindscape 87
Hammersoft .....84
Mirrorsoft ...... .9 Hardwoods
.36-37 M J C
Supplies ......106 Hi
Soft ..23 Naksha (UK) Ltd
113 Hobbyte ..169
159 Oasis Services Ltd 156 Home Based
Business ......164 Ocean
HSV ....106 Software
..IFC-3,16, 38,48, 74 Incredibly Useful
People ..187
Palace 155
Infogrammes ...63 Photofile
Interceptor ....124 Power
Intermediates ..62
Computing ...121,122-123
j. T.S RD ...92 Premier Mail
Order 162 Ladbroke
Computing .174 Purple PD .. -88
Llamasoft ......137
Quadsoft ....--171 Logotron
..94 Rainbow
Arts ....20,42 Mail
Centre ....178 Ramsoft
...72 Main
Media ....187 RGB.. ... ... ...
Mandarin Software .69
Studios ......151, 159,169, 171 Manor Court
Supplies 140 Rombo
...-35 Matrix Software
Hire ..84 Sabre
16 .110 Well, it started off
pretty good - a bit cold, but okay really, then came the sum
mer which was really good (I went to New York, Portugal and
France for my holidays - where did you go?). All of a sudden
the summer was gone and Autumn came - which was pretty cold
again, but all the trees looked love- ly with all their leaves
turned golden and brown.
Winter was al Iright if you like this sort of thing but it didn't appeal to shoot-em-up fans. Let's hope Mother Nature's next release (due out on Jan 1st) will be just as good.
GRAPHICS About as good as you could expect for the money.
SOUND Very atmospheric, lots of effects.
INTELLECT Lots of thought needed to get through it.
LASTING INTEREST Things picked up as the wall began to come down.
OVERALL Excellent, there's never been a better 1989: and there was even a poem by the Honourable Miss Gillian Margaret McCafferty.
Perhaps we can persuade her to do another one... SDC ....158 Selec Software .....193 Senlac ..92 Serve-u-Computers ...170 Silica Shop ....183 Siren Software ......132 Softek ....6 Soft Exchange .80 Soft Machine .152 Softsellers .....142-143 Softstore 116 Softville PD Services ..92 Software Super
Store 166 Strategic Plus 159 System 3...... 98 TCComputers .116 Thalamus 114 Third Coast Technologies 101 Tonic Audio ...132 Track Computer Systems ...84 Treble H Computing ..146 Trilogic 77 Turbo Software .....140 UKAmiga UserUserup ......152 US Gold IBC, 52-53, 54 Video Vault ...172, 160 Virgin Mastertrcnic .12-13, 58
W. A.V.E ..193 Westoning
Software ..116 Worldwide
Software ..164 Xenon
WHILE STOCKS LAST) RRP WAVE Amiga 500 Inc: Free Modulator.
Workbench 1.3 & Paint s w 499.99 ..339.99 A Amiga 500 Batpack
inc: A500. Modulator & software 399.99.-369.99 A Amiga
500 "Class of the 90's" pack (TV
advertised) ...573.85....529.78 ANC Amiga
1000 + A1050 256k RAM expansion + A1081 HR colour monitor
(veiy limited stocks of this
bargain) .1155.75 ..554.01 ANC Commodore
A1010 3.5" external drive - A500 PC1 ...286.35 ....88.99
C Cumana CAX354 3.5" 80T DS 1 Meg drive -
Amiga .....99.95 ....80.10 C Cumana CAX1000S 5.25"
40 80T external drive - A500 .. 134.95.. 121.45 C PL-2 lead,
printer centronics parallel (round
cable) ....19.95......6.98 E Panasonic 1081 parallel F&T
NLQ printer ......281.75.. 166.23 A PC & PCW
HARDWARE BARGAIN BASEMENT Amstrad PCW8512 computer word
processor 516.35 ..451.81 ANC Amstrad PC1512
double drive colour home office pack....688.85 ..583.22 ANC
Amstrad PC 1640 double drive
mono 688.85 ..582.02 ANC
Bondwell BW34 twin drive 640k green
8088 ..769.35 ..401.70 ANC Bondwell BW36XT
20Mb 640k green 8088 ...1263.85 ..801.23 ANC
Bondwell BW38-3 20Mb 640k green
8088 ....1436.35 ..884.70 ANC BLANK DISCS.
SOFTWARE & BOOKS Abacus Books Vol 1 Amiga For
Beginners .12.95.... 10.36 E Abacus
Books Vol 2 Amiga Basic-Inside &
Out .18.95.... 15.16 E Abacus Books Vol 3
Amiga 3D Graphic Programming In BASIC ... 18.45.... 14.76 D
Abacus Books vol 4 Amiga Machine
Language .14.95.... 11.96 D Abacus Books Vol
5 Amiga Tricks & Tips ..14.95....
11.96 D Abacus Books Vol 6 Amiga System Programmers Guide
32.95 ....26.36 D Abacus Books Vol 8 Amiga DOS Inside &
Out ..18.45.... 14.76 E Abacus Disc For The
Book (State Vol No Req.) ..13.95......8.37 F
Dabs Press AmigaDOS A Dabhand
Guide .14.95....11.96 E Disk Care 3.5"
head cleaner double
sided .--- ....3.16 F Verbatim
3.5" DS DD 135TPI bulk discs c w labels....Pkt 25.....62.50
....20.63 D VU-DS80L D.B. Lockable storage box holds 80
3.5" ....23.77......6.54 D PHOTOFiLF PRODUCTS BY Kodak
ST & Amiga Digitising Service We can digitise your pictures in
these formats: Amiga: HAM, High-res, Lo-res, Halfbrite, with
interlace or overscan if required.
Maximum size A4 minimum size passport photo size.
• Orders dispatched within 24 hours.
• Free slideshow utility on every disk.
We'll panda to all your digitising needs !
Colour £1.75 B&W £1.25 per picture (Software houses, phone for special requirements | Add £2.00 per disk (Kodak) and £1.00 p&p per err Send an SAE for our info sheet or £3.00 for our :
* * 7 disk DTP Clip Art set £35.00 * Mainland post & ins.:
(AW5.75 (B&4.60 (C)£3.45 (D&2.30 (Em. 15 (F)58p ~ Day £10.35
Next Day £13.80, COD + £2.30, Max. UK post chg.
£6.90 per 20kg £500. ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT.
AH sales subject to our Trade Terms of Trading.
I Buccleuch Street. Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria. LA14 1SR.
Tel: 0229-870000 (6 Hues) Hours: Mon-Fri 10.00-5.00. - Using our own custom software we have imported seven disks of rnc.
From DTP computers such as the MAC and the ST. This excellent r___ has never been seen on the Amiga before. Almost 2000 IFF pictures of hundreds Hip Art lip Art Accesj Fantastic value! Available exclusively from Photofiie Plpnca* mnIrp Ghp i?ipc Pde n n inRfn fn DU OT UTT L" iLtfLUytf uiun.tr C1 LtrLfUtr rtJS pdyClDie [O r nU 1 Uf ILL PO Box 49. North PDO, Nottingham, NG5 6SR We regret Photojile cannot accept responsibility for photographs or pictures lost or • _(.jraphus Mouse. Styles (ul. :lrnM .. 5 t-.f-; mdtepast.
71 A A Software for serious sports enthusiasts OFFICIAL COMMODORE AMIGA DEALER POOLSWINNER n COMPUTERS (ONLY UK MODELS) B2000 + 1084 XT BRIDGEBOARD + 20Mb PC HARD DRIVE £1399.00 B2000 + 1084 AT BRIDGEBOARD + 20Mb AUTOBOOT AMIGA DRIVE .£2299.00 B2000 + 1084 AT BRIDGEBOARD + 40Mb AUTOBOOT AMIGA DRIVE .£2599.00 Amiga B2000 only :PHONE Amiga B2000 + Colour Monitor......PHONE Amiga B2000 + XT Bridge + 20Mb PC Drive ....£1249.00 Amiga B2000 + Colour Monitor + XT Bridge ..£1319.00
Amiga B2000 + XT Bridge .....£1169.00 Amiga 2088 PC XT Bridgeboard +
5. 25" Drive inc MS-DOS ..£249.00 Amiga 2088 Bridge
+ 5.25" Drive + 20 Mb Drive inc MS-DOS £429.00
Amiga 2266 PC AT Bridgeboard +
5. 25" Drive .£679.00 Amiga
500 BATMAN PACK Interceptor Batman DPaint ll NZ
Story .....£359.00 Amiga 500 BATMAN PACK + Tenstar
Pack ..£389.00 Amiga 500 BATMAN
PACK + Philips 8833 Stereo Colour Mon ...,£589.0C Amiga 500
CLASS OF THE 90's Education Pack Comprising: Dpaint
ll S'base Maxiplan-Pubi Choice Dr T's Midi BBC Emul
etc PHONE PRINTERS Citizen 120D Parallel
....£ 2 5 r: Star LC-10 Parallel .
£59:: Star LC-10 Colour Parallel ......£?nsra Star
LC24-10 24 pin Multi-font 170 57
cps .CT9m All OKI 20
consumables nor-a .
In stock ..._PHOt MONITORS Commodore1084 Coiour Monitor inc lead ...£199.00 Philips 8833 Stereo Cotou' Mon :cr inc lead .... ££:£:: Philips 7502 Green Scree'- Monitor ....£75 X DISK DRIVES AMDRIVE 20 30 4aMB Externa Os- D've for A500 . £305£335 £399 Amiga A590 Au1000o: 2CWfc I" -e (RAM expancaoe £395 X 20Mb Disk Chve *y A200C -c nil. I I I I MAI I POOLS PRLDICTION PROGR 71 A ControHe'- 20Mb SCSI Drs* £.e for A2000____________________ Internal 3.5' C s- Ir . R 'y £180 00 £355 00 BBB«a Mic
robotics A290C A-rccccc 32Mb Dnve___ 33 £495 55 Microbotes A2Q0C Kjtxxxx 48Mb Owe___ £5*9 55 External 3 5* 3s* Owe xx A50C with swm £~9 95 1 Cumana 3 5" 3s* •« tr A50C 1 1 d'saoe s za=s £85 X 1 MISCELLANEOUS RAMQocx 5*2* E«c xx A50C A290C RAW 3Mt =co a:ec wtr 2Mb_ £59 95 £355 00 ScS o» tcs: 3er oo £109.00 1 S_rge *3A ijgS-Way 1 lArtarxr*- £12 Q*1£1Q Q5 1 Surge zfsacr 4-Way Distrb
- nr £15.9$ SOFTWARE Vena S-sress Accounts Sales se N: - -voce
3et_»e Part III. .. ¦
£149.00 £79.95 Pm Voee Pms ..... Oove*
Gold ...... £189.00 £119.95 Xncwxfls ?
£45 no Hone Offke Kit: 1 Krowcrds 2. Page Setter 1.2. 1 Manptan 1 9. InfoFde. CaleFonts & 1 An sts Choice . £129 95 PageStream DTP . X-CAD Designer .. Muse X ..... £129.95 ...£79.95 .£175.00 Mid -terface for above .. ...£34.99 FIXGKN 89 90 ? All prices are inclusive of VAT at 15% ? Carriage £5 Express £10i. Software and small items FREE ? Prices subject to change without notice. E. & O. E.
• MASSIVE DATABASE Poolswinner is a sophisticated Pools
prediction aid. It comes complete with the largest database
available - 22000 matches over 10 years.
too. Predictions are based on many factors... recent form, the
massive database, current league standing, goal scoring rates,
and draw averages (each factor is independently switchable by
the user).
• SUCCESSFUL Selec guarantee that Poolswinner performs signifi-
cantly better than chance.
• LEAGUE AND NON-LEAGUE matches are covered.
• FULL LEAGUE TABLES are automatically generated as results are
• AUTOMATIC FIXTURE GENERATION : Fixtures for English and
Scottish League matches are generated automatically by
Poolswinner's sister program FIXGEN... FIXGEN : No need to
struggle for hours to get the fixture list into the £28.50
computer - just type in the date, Fixgen contains the complete
Poolswinner fixture list for the whole year's league soccer.
(Published under with Fixgen.
Licence from the Football League, and the Scottish Football League).
• Whether you use a scientific bet, or family birthdays, PPP will
check the performance of any bet over the years, revealing
which weeks it won prizes. Test your theories, or compare
perms' performance. Complete with 5 years coupon results.
• Also you can use Pools Perm Plus to check your perm for winning
£26.00 lines each week: the program comes complete with 20 top
The ORIGINAL, and still the BEST computer punter's aid.
• Coursewinner V3 uses all the most important form pointers (past
form, speed ratings, prize money, course statistics, jockey
form,trainer form etc) to give a detailed assessment of every
runner's chances, not just a tip.
Vital statistics of all British courses (Draw advantage, Top Trainers and Jockeys etc) are included in the database. £26.00
• Includes both FLAT and NATIONAL HUNT versions.
POOLS PERM PLUS SOPHISTICATED FOOTBALL POOLS PLR ANALYSER COURSE WINNER v3 the: pi vters computer program All available for IBM 5.25". 3.5") AMIGA, ATARI ST, Amst PCW Wmum Send cheque PO for return of post service to .... Selec Software (F.sl. 1984) ESS 62 Altrincham Rd, Gatley, Cheadle, Cheshire SK8 4DP Tel 061-428-7425 (send for full lisl of our software) phone 24 hrs 8 Ruswarp Lane. WHITBY, N. Yorks. Y021 1ND Tel: 0947 600065 (9am - 7pm) S I A H PLAYER *.
L. E.D. STORM Hold on to your stomachs, unscramble your brains
for the journey of a lifetime in the most advanced Helicopter
gunship ever conceived.
The road race game of the year, puts you in control of a high powered futuristic vehicle through nine fast, furious and hazardous stages.
IMPOSSIBLE MISSION II BLASTEROIDS INDIANA JONES Battle your way through Sectors and Galaxies riddled with asteroids and deadly enemy ships.
Indy7s quest is to recover the sacred and powerful SANKRA STONE and free the enslaved children of MAYA PORE.
Only you can help him!
One of Epyx's all time greats. The evil Elvin Atombender is back in power. Your mission infiltrate and nutralize his five tower strongholds.
Remptf of do am ¦A JONES & 25 DOOM SUNDER BLADE
names with the greatest games together in one mind-blowing
compilation so you can see why we've called it WINNERS.
U. S. Gold Ltd, Units 2 3 Holford Way, Holford, Birmingham B6
7AX. Tel: 021 625 3388 1 Strategic underwater action. • Over
SO simultaneous ‘on screen ’ objects. • 48 colour graphics. •
50 pics per second scrolling: %81evelseach 160 screens. • 40
different aliens. • Multi graphics styles incl. Lava, fire,
crystal “Buy and sell” over 25 multi functional extra
weapons. Free style configuring of weapons and satellites.
2 1 3 wish to pay for the GFA Basic 3.0 Interpreter Amiga by Visa Mastercard; please charge £49.95 to my account. My card number is:

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