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A500 Batman Pack (Amiga 1.3 500 with Batman, F18 etc) complete with 512K expansion ram, TV Modulator, PC880K second disk drive, Mega games pack, mouse mat, 15 disks plus box and a joystick Monitor CM8833 Stereo with system .£225 Star LC 10 Colour Printer with System .£199 + 10% off our already incredible software prices if purchased with Mega Pack! * certain lines excluded VTPUTING Power House DIRECT! Power House, the direct sales arm of Power Computing Ltd - Leaders in peripherals & software - is the natural choice for the Amiga enthusiast. Highly competitive prices, a wide choice, fast computerised service and the backing of a £2*1+ 5 year old company are Just some of the reasons for tele-shopping at Power, Large stocks, and “if it don't work we are a few more! VIDEON NEW! £249 Videon is a state-of-the-art PAL video digitiser for models of Amiga computer. Videon digitises directly from any still PAL source in any of the Amiga’s screen modes including high res and HAM. Videon is complete and requires no filter wheels or similar devices. Extensive image processing facilities and the high quality of digitisation makes Videon the natural choice for professional or amateur. SOFTWARE & BOOKS Power are the specialists in serious software & books for the Amiga enthusiast at prices that are rarely matched by our competitors. Large stocks of the latest versions and an extensive showroom display avoids disappointment. RED HOT PRICES ART & GRAPHICS Typically 30-40% off rrp Animagic £69 Amiga Clipart

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Document sans nom BRITAIN’S LEADING MAGAZINE FOR AMIGA OWNERS ISSUE 7 FEB 1990 £2.95 GRAPHICS Tricks of the trade from the master art st a,. I • •- !tnVi Mhfn'fiv ~ I'lTMi A-**** ¦*» -5* **»* 4fc»
* «* ***
* **** s****- weW* ' * PROGRAMMING Menace and Blood Money MUSIC
You too can become a author tells all keyboard maestro t from m
tea*: BEGINNERS Indispensable 51| guide for the new afci owner
A GAMES Definitive reviews of all the big games 486004 Take the
wheel of your turbo charged Porsche as you , and your partner
go in pursuit of danger- r ous criminals all driving an
evil Xlj array of ¦Cf lA souped-up 1 r A roadsters.
Need to catch up in a hurry? Well, just one press of yourTurbo Button will leave your eyes in the back of your head!
BARRELLING THROUGH THE CITY STREETS, along the roughest of dirt tracks and through busy tunnels - if you can hold the line! The low life can run, but they can’t hide ... HIGH SCORE SCORE IQIkaft Ocean Software Limited • 6 C Telephone: 061 832 6633 Telex: ioHmnrmfr RESCUE ALL HOSTAGES action sequences put you in control of Elliot Ness's elite squad of crime-busters The Railway Station confrontation and Warehouse bust culminating in the thrilling denouement of a as you re-live the knife edge T J existence of Ness in his struggle against the retribution of Capone!
THE UNTOUCHABLES - LIVE AN AMERIC AN LEGEND "an absolute corker of a game... as "a fine example of how to do the job smooth and polished as you can get, properly...a cracking conversion... animation is top notch ... a brilliant easily one of the most successful film conversion" Games Machiqe licences to date" Sinclair User NOW WITH TWICE THE ACTION, TWICE THE FUN,TWICE THE CHALLENGE The Hi-jack report came from a DC10 leaving Paris for Boston -Arab guerillas were in control of flight 102 and had turned the aircraft towards Africa...The plane lands in hostile territory and the terrorists begin
their demands... or the bulletproof vest, but watch out for Operation Thunderbolt the incredible Taito coin-op conversion brought NOW to your home computer.
Iniminihm treet • Manchester ¦ M2 5NS OCEANS G • Fax: 061 834 0650 REGULARS NEWS 7 PREVIEWS .....12 GRAPHICS .....24 SCREEN PLAY ...31 PD UPDATE ...83 MUSIC ..111 WORKBENCH ..119 GRAPHICS 24 GAME BUSTERS .....131 LETTERS ....139 GURU ..146 REVIEWS TIPSTER .95 NAKSHA MOUSE ......95 TRIP-A-TRON .98 AMIGA LOGO ...101 MARCAM DIGITISER 107 YOU MIGHT HAVE JUST
PUBLISHING 1990 No part of this magazine may be reproduced without our permission. But you can trace the pictures on Page 24.
EDITOR Bob Wade PRODUCTION EDITOR Damien Noonan REVIEWS EDITOR Andy Smith STAFF WRITER Maff Evans TECHNICAL EDITOR Jason Holborn ART EDITOR Trevor Gilham DESIGN ASSISTANT Martin Parfitt DISK EDITOR Richard Monteiro CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Jon Bates (Music), Brian Larkman (Graphics) CONTRIBUTORS Dave Jones, Tim Smith, Steve Jarratt ADVERTISING MANAGER Jennie Evans AD PRODUCTION Fiona Milne AD SERVICES James Leach PUBLISHER Greg Ingham. SUBS MAIL ORDER The Old Barn, Somerton, Somerset TA11 7PY Tel: 0458 74011 PHOTOGRAPHY Ashton James. Bradford-upon-Avon COLOUR ORIGINATORS Swift Graphics Ltd.
Southampton PRINTERS Chase Web Offset, Gillingham DISTRIBUTORS SM Distribution. 6 Leigham Court Road. Streatham. London SW16.
MASTERSOUND Demo of new sound sampler from Software Horizons.
ARGASM ASSEMBLER Coder's most vital tool, from the makers of Starglider 2.
MENACE SOURCE CODE Hardware-hitting code to accompany Dave Jones’ series.
WITH EFFECT FROM 01 JAN 1990 30 Monmouth Street. Bath. BA1 2AP.
* 0225 442244. FAX us on 0225 445019 ? Ultra smooth 8 way
scrolling ? Designed with small fully animated characters from
Garvan Corbett, the artist who brought you the classic hit
Barbarian ? Multi-directional free format weapon usage ? Large
playfield for even more action.
You’re really up against it this time. Those revolting robots have finally upped and turned their horribly powerful weapons on their kind human masters.
Someone’s got to stop it before it all gets out of hand. I mean, you just can’t have bloodthirsty Cyborg assassins roaming the streets of Dome City and expect the citizens to put up with it. Who on earth is going to sort out the mess? You guessed
- you get the job.
Fortunately, you are just a little bit on the special side. You are Stryx, the product of Project Alpha Secure, the meanest fighting, smartest thinking machine ever invented. Half-man, half-robot, you are the business, the only one who can stop those wicked Cyborgs.
You’ll have to work hard, though, blasting hordes of the revolting creatures (such a sad waste of scrap metal) and rescuing the keys to the Lifeforce.
So, Stryx, you’d better get your jet pack on for some high level robot stomping through the immensely complex underground world of the Dome cities. It’s a tough assignment, and time is running out.
PSYGNOSIS FREEPOST LIVERPOOL L3 3AB UNITED KINGDOM Tel: 051-709 5755 PSYGNOSIS GAMES PEOPLE PLAY AMIGA ATARI ST £19.95 Screen Shots from the Atari ST Version SUPER SOFTWARE A timely reminder, for anyone whose New Year resolution was to be more organised, about Precision Software’s range of databases and a spreadsheet They have three databases - Superbase Personal, SP 2 and Superbase Professional Version 3 - while the spreadsheet is called Superplan.
Superbase Personal is the entry-level database costing £59.95, or you could pick it up with the Class of the 90s bundle from Commodore when you buy an A500.
Its facilities include sorting and searching on any field, up to 999 key fields, VCR-style control panel, view data by entry, review or comparison, define and print multi-file reports, and include images and text as external files within the database for cataloguing.
PACKED SHOPPER SHOW The Computer Shopper Show at Alexandra Palace at the end of November attracted a massive 26,658 people over three days.
On several occasions the doors had to be closed and the organisers even had to put out appeals on Capital Radio and LBC for people not to come to the show.
The success of the show is probably little comfort to those that had to be turned away on the Sunday, but news of next years show may be. It is being switched to the Wembley Conference Centre on December 7th to 9th and the organisers are looking into extending the hours and possibly the number of days the show is on to take the capacity to 50,000 visitors.
Version 2 is an enhancement of the original program and is priced at £99.95. Amongst the additions to it are a text editor for document creation, better data handling including batch for quicker data entry, a mail-merge option and even built-in comms software for easy data transfer.
If you want to get the best sound out of an Amiga you need to hook it up to a hi-fi and Sphinx Software have a two-metre-long interface lead that will do just that. It costs £2.99 and you can find out more from Sphinx at Erw Fynydd, Carmel, Llanelli, Dyfed SA14 7SG.
The Professional Version 3 is the top of the range, weighing in at £249.95. It comes with its own programming language of over 250 commands and features like arrays, looping constructs and branching. Using this you can create custom programs and applications including defining your own menus. There’s a report generator and a forms editor that allows you to produce multi- file applications without any programming.
Automatic transaction processing lets you reproduce standard business forms and the comms facilities are programmable.
200,000 AMIGAS If it’s not your data but your finances that need organising then Precision have Superplan, costing £99.95. It can work with Superbase or on its own and has file compatibility with Lotus 1-2-3 and dBase files. It can print wall planning charts, Gantt charts, do critical path analysis, display data graphically, do sideways printing and produce colour output to a range of printers and plotters. Precision Software can be contacted on 01 330 7166 for more details.
S. TM RUNNER Coming in 1990 from Domark will be their con
version of the Atari coin-op that’s taking the arcades by
storm at the moment. This is hardly surprising because Domark
recently picked up the rights to convert all of Atari’s
coin-ops for the next three years. In
S. T.U.N. Runner; the player has to fly a super fast spaceship
through a series of twisting tunnels - it’s exhilarating stuff
and not for the weak of stomach!
DOMARK GET INCENTIVE Combine the innovative programming of Incentive with the masterly marketing of Domark and what do you get? A game called Castle Master that uses 3D solid polygons to create an action adventure.
ACCELERATING MIDGET Incentive are best known for their ‘Freescape’ programming system that created the ‘real’ 3D environments of the games Driller, Dark Side and Total Eclipse. Castle Master sounds like an extension of that system to create a 16th century castle where there is a princess to be rescued and lots of evil spirits to cast out. Incentive’s founder Ian Andrew said of the 3D graphics technique “It’s an ideal medium for this type of scenario as it gives you a real feeling of actually ‘being there’”.
Anyone who has tried doing complicated ray-tracing, 3D animation or computer aided design on the Amiga will know that the processing time can be extremely lengthy. One solution to this is an accelerator board like the new Mega-Midget Racer from Computer System Associates that works with both the A500 and A2000.
The Mega-Midget Racer uses a Motorola 68030 chip as opposed to the 68000 that the Amiga has as standard. The new chip allows the machine to run at 20, 25 or 33 Mhz or any speed in between, and with the addition of an optional 68881 or 68882 maths co- processor it can get up to 40 Mhz. The board also has a slot for the original 68000 and makes it software selectable so you can switch between the two.
There is also an optional 512K, 32-bit SRAM module into which the Amiga ROM kernel can be copied to allow faster screen refreshes, page flipping, scrolling and image processing. Finally a full 32-bit expansion bus enables the use of high speed memory and I O devices in 8, 16 and 32-bit configurations.
The Mega-Midget Racer costs £649.95 with a 20MHz 68030 installed and is distributed in Europe by Advanced Technology Holdings, who can give you more information on 0923 817549.
Domark are headed by the unforgettable Mark Strachan and Dominic Wheatley, famed for their wacky PR photographs and keeping the rest of the software industry entertained... oh, and they produce nice games too. Mark Strachan said of the deal with Incentive for Castle Master “It’s completely brilliant news, I’ve always respected Ian’s innovation in producing original product and I’m delighted to join forces with his company. Just wait and see the results! Hurray!” Which is quite restrained for Mark. The game is due in April and we can’t wait for a PR stunt to launch it: how about it guys?
PRODATA UPGRADE ON THE SHELF Every Amiga needs a place to live and MIV Progress have some furniture that could be a good spot for one. There are terminal and printer tables available at £129 each or £199 for a combined unit.
The units are made from tubular frames with lockable sliding shelves, adjustable legs and interchangeable castors and feet The terminal table is 60cm wide and 50cm deep with a 55cmx40cm keyboard shelf. The printer shelf is 50cmx40cm with a fold-away catch basket at the back. The units are available from Action Computer Supplies on 0800 333333.
Arnor are releasing an improved version of their database, Prodata. Version
1. 1 will be sent as a free upgrade to owners of 1.0 and will
cost £79.95 in the shops.
The program provides data compatibility between the Amiga, Atari ST and PC compatibles. In addition to record filtering, password protection, macros, foreign language compatibility and file management, the following enhancements have been made; multiple line headers and footers, variable height layouts, global totalling of data, use of mouse to speed up layout editing, string search, scrolling of long layouts in display mode, up to 10 indexes, faster filtering, sub-database and optimised use of memory for using longer records on small memory machines. Full details from Arnor on 0733
FULL MEG DEMO Memory Expansion Systems have come up with a novel giveaway for their 1 2 Meg expansion board: it’s a 1 Meg demo written by Eldritch the Cat The demo has the usual collection of scrolling text way out graphics and driving soundtrack.
There is actually three Meg of graphics and seven minutes of music. There are two demos available and if you don’t want to buy the expansion board, you can get a demo on its own for £2.50. Contact Memory Expansion Systems on 051 236 0480.
ReUnbo+t A “The first in a generation of ‘new wave software1... ?n entertainment form developed on the computer, for the computer.” ' JT V. | From tjie farthest reaches of H-tM-- V. Screen shots from Amiga version.
I * Jp 1 outer space, they came to 1 p % r : ____, ?? ,‘gfe. JT inhabit the depths of our J oceans. From their savage j
- : I assaults on a defenceless JklBMtlfflHKI human race, grew a
planet’s last desperate crusade-project Deep Star, the ultimate
underwater war machine. Early encounters ' v' I proved
catastrophically ineffective, however a few kept faith, all .

• ; I the time improving Deep Star, the greatest collection of
man’s ** ** | technical wizardry, committed to the hands of a
lone gladiator for * I I one final attempt at halting the
inevitable-the frantic death throes 2$ f *35 is I of a
civilisation sinking into darkness.
I That gladiator’s battle cry ... take no prisoners, -S a i i =teuuuuu 0 . K give no quarter, make no compromise. 1 isyjisSi n 0 Strategic underwater action. 9 Over 50 simultaneous ‘on screen5 objects.0 48colour graphics. 9 50 pics per second scrolling I 9 8 levels each 160 screens.9 40different aliens. 9 Multi graphics styles incl. Lava, tire, crystal.
9 "Buy and sell” over 25 multi functional extra weapons. 9 Free style configuring of weapons and satellites.
INTERFACE ¦ FIXER SCANNER COMES IN HANDY There’s some brand new software from ASDG that works with Sharp’s JX-100 Handy Colour Scanner to produce colour scans on the Amiga using all 4096 colours. ScanLablOO is the latest of ASDG’s scanning software, other programs are available for the rest of Sharp’s scanners.
The scanners are aimed mostly at the desktop publishing area and can provide very high quality images for use in that field. ScanLablOO has fully variable digital reduction, allowing correction of screen distortions, performance of special effects and conversion of image resolutions. It can also process 24-bit image files from ASDG’s Professional ScanLab colour pre-press software.
There is a new high-res display called A-RES that gives a screen resolution of 768x680 on PAL monitors and 768x480 on NTSC with all 4096 colours at once. The software supports all current Amiga video modes including low-res, hkes, interlaced and non- interlaced - all of which can be in overscan mode as well. The list of features continues impressively to include colour balancing, gamma correction, image cropping and image rotation. It even has six dithering modes allowing the display of 262,144 apparent colours.
The JX-100 scanner can scan areas approximately 4x6 inches at resolutions of up to 200DPI (dots per inch), making images of up to 1280x800 pixels. It can also perform black and white, 3-bit colour, 6-bit grey scafe and 18-bit colour scanning.
ScanLablOO and the JX-100 will work with all Amiga models and are available together from ASDG for £695. For more information on these and ASDG’s other scanning software and hardware contact them on 0923 818079 or in the US on 0101 608 273 6585.
Direct Digital Distribution have come up with an extraordinary new piece of hardware, an erasable optical disk drive. The drive works at the speed of a hard drive and can store 650Mb.
There is of course a drawback: it costs £4,900 and each compact disk it uses costs £375.
However, as DDD point out the cost per megabyte compares very favourably with hard disks. For example the cost per megabyte for the optical drive plus one CD cartridge is £8.16, while for a 40 meg hard disk costing £499 it is £12.47. Throw in another nine Cds and the cost per megabyte drops to under £1.50: even though the whole lot would cost about £8,000.
If you’ve got that sort of money and have a few hundred or thousand meg of data to cope with then contact Direct Digital Distribution on 0708 754704.
OPTICAL DRIVE IS NO ILLUSION PRINT ON THE MOVE COMMODORE ENVI Commodore are to present a new award at the Entertainment Software Industry’s awards dinner. It’s for Enterprise with Vision (hence the abbreviation ENVI) and will be awarded to the company that has, in Commodore’s opinion, designed the best software to take advantage of the Amiga's facilities. £1000 will go to the Royal Variety Club, the charity benefiting from this years dinner, and another £1000 to the programmer or team responsible for the software.
We will report on who received this and the other awards in the next issue.
NEW MARKETING TEAM Commodore has set up an international marketing department to support its subsidiaries throughout Europe. It's composed of high- level executives, but the plans and effects of the new set-up have yet to be seen.
Always on the move? Need a printout while you’re away from the office? Maybe you need the Personal 80 portable printer. It’s a thermal printer with 80 column width, 80 cps (characters per second) and weighs under 1.5kg (31b).
At £182.85 you can get a version that runs off batteries, has a charger and a car cigarette lighter adaptor. For £113.85 you can get the mains only version. The most helpful description of its size is that it is about the size of a lib box of Milk Tray, but presumably not as tasty to eat. Further information from Applied Systems Developments on 0724 280222.
Sidewinder is a new hard disk from Condor Computer Limited that fits neatly onto the end of the Amiga 500. The drive also has the ability to take 2 Meg and 4 Meg RAM expansion cards, and has a through connector which will be able to take an expansion chassis containing extra disk drives and slots for A2000 cards as well as PC bridgeboards and cards.
It’s a SCSI drive that supports both 1.2 and the new Fast File System 1.3 Roms, and autoboots directly to FFS under system 1.3. The cus- tomisable driver supports over 15 SCSI drives and it has no problems with video overscan because it is non DMA.
The 48 Meg hard disk costs £499, while the 2 and 4 Meg Ram expansions cost £399 and £599 respectively. For more details contact Condor Computer on 0734 810066.
STRIKES Two new uninterruptable power supplies are available that can slip neatly underneath a monitor. They come in 400VA and 800VA units costing £550 and £950 respectively and provide a clean source of power and five minutes' power in the event of a complete power failure. They are both available from Action Computer Supplies on 0800 333333.
A NEW NAME There’s a new face on the Amiga Format team and it belongs to Maff Evans who has joined us as a Staff Writer. Previously Maff has worked on our sister maga* zine New Computer Express and before that on Zzap. He is a dedicated Amiga fan and experienced gamesplayer and we would all like to welcome him to the team.
Just in case you missed it last issue we have moved to a new address. All editorial and advertising correspondence should be sent to: Beauford Court, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath BA1 2AP. Our new phone number is 0225 442244 and the Fax number is 0225 446019.
Talk to Alien vessels i_ _ LB T LONG 55H H 51W IMBUE MOUSE TO choose site.
THEN PRESS HNY MDU5E BUTTON Explore Strange new Worlds The Space Port Available on the IBM and Available soon for Amiga, and ST (£24.99) and Commodore 64 disc (£14.99) o ©®©©$ 5$ &S8®iS;8 COMING ATTRACTIONS A brand new decade and some brand new games to feast your eyes upon. Move into 1990 with news of the New Year’s best releases.
INFOGRAMES Combining arcade action with adventuring will be Eagle’s Rider
(1) . Forward in the year 7014, the player assumes the persona of
Steve Jordan, leader of the Earth’s defence forces, and has
to fly around space and finally find and destroy the mother
planet of the Cyborg race. Why? Well, these alien nasties
have conquered most of the Galaxy and are setting about
laying their mitts on Earth herself.
IMPRESSIONS For all those who reckon that games just haven't improved since the early Eighties comes Renaissance. With this compilation of four old-time classics, games players will once more be able to defend the Earth against the original baddies in Invaders (2), or smash the asteroids to dust in Rockstorm, defeat more aliens in Draxians before finally killing off the giant centipedes in Megapede
(3) . We’re all on the edge of our seats here in Amiga Format,
waiting for this one to land on the mat!
PALACE Flushed with the success of Future Wars (admittedly from Delphine) and hoping to go even further with Dragon's Breath (4) are Palace.
This game's essentially in the strategy mould with arcade and trading elements incorporated. Up to three people can play the game which has a heavy fantasy role- playing feel and which also promises to be one of those games that will take a while to get into, but will have you playing for immense periods of time.
MASTERTRONIC The budget kings have loads of planned releases on their 16 Blitz label coming up including Hunter Killer (5), a sim based on American WWII submarines that will send the player on a variety of missions ranging from the glamorous Search and Destroy sorties to nerve-tingling escort duties. If you’re a political animal then perhaps Conflict is more your thing.
Set in 1997, the game gives the player the chance to slip into the caftan of the ruler of a middle eastern country, vying with your neighbours for power and prestige.
Grimblood (6) on the other hand is a Mike Singleton game where the player, as the young Earl Maximus, must find the murderer who’s lurking deep within castle Grimblood. Fail and it looks like curtains for the young lad (aah, poor lamb!)
DOMARK Winners of this month’s ‘Cor!
Look what we’ve gof award are the Domark Twits, whose next batch of releases look as if they’re going to be just as good as the last batch.
Heading up the assault on your wallet is Cyberball (7), a futuristic look at American Football played between teams of massive, powerful and very violent robots.
As the coach, you’ll have over 100 offensive and defensive plays to call, as well as calling time outs and replacing damaged robots.
More robots abound in Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters (8) (I'm sure I saw the film in the Fifties!) On Planet X, a bunch of nasty Reptilons have enslaved the human population and are forcing them to create an evil robot army which will then be used to destroy Earth. The only way to stop them is by taking control of Jake and Duke and fighting your way to the captive Professor Sarah Bellum (Sarah Bellum, Cerebellum, geddit? Oh, just carry on).
The pace doesn’t slow down with Wings of Fury (9), a shoot-em- up set in 1944 that has the player giving air support for a heavily- damaged aircraft carrier. Typhoon Thompson (10) has the player skimming over the ocean on the alien world of Aguar in a one-man jet-sled trying to rescue a baby being held captive by a bunch of sea sprites.
ELITE Strange as it may seem, Elite are about to release Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins
(11) the sequel to which is reviewed in this issue. The knight
Arthur goes on his first adventure to rescue the princess
and must battle heaps of nasties along the way. Grand
National (12) on the other hand, is a game based on that
famous race. Overlander (13), however, certainly is not.
It’s about high-speed driving and involves running missions
through some seriously tough territory.
UBI SOFT Things aren't too wonderful on the planet of Unreal (14). An evil chappie has run off with the placid Isolda and it’ll be down to you - armed with little more than a magic sword - to get her back.
Unfortunately, there will be a whole host of baddies to overcome first, so get those reflexes honed and those muscles toned (perhaps you should put some more clothes on too!) Before taking this one on. ¦ NOW TO AMIGA FORMAT YOUR MAGAZINE DEDICATED TO YOUR MACHINE Only £29.95 for 12 action-packed issues, a saving of £5.00 from the cover price (and we even pay the postage for you!)
Fli Ring 0458 74011 NOW, quoting the order code AM 100 and having your credit card handy or use the order form on Page 129. Why not order some of the latest and cheapest products from The16 Blitz at the same time!
Remember our unique guarantee: we will refund the cost of all unmailed issues, if you are not completely satisfied with our subscription service.
? Hotline Number 0458 74011 ? Order Form on Page 129 ? Be sure you get your copy before the newsagent sells out ? Get our regular quarterly “UPDATE” of extraspecial savings on products that we didn't quite manage to squeeze in the magazine!
OVERSEAS SUBSCRIPTIONS: AIR MAIL EUROPE £55.95 FOR 12 ACTION-PACKED ISSUES SURFACE EUROPE AND REST OF WORLD £40.95 A host of new features in Version 1.05 HiSoft BASIC on the Amiga has already proved its worth for thousands of people because of its speed, its compatibility with AmigaBASIC and QuickBASIC on the PC and its ease of use. Now we’ve added features that make HiSoft BASIC irresistible. Version 1.05 gives you:
• Even more compatibility with AmigaBASIC making it simplicity
itself to compile all your existing programs into super-fast,
stand-alone machine code.
• Linking with assembler and C programs. Now you can use external
functions and sub-programs from either assembly-language or C
programs, giving BASIC a power you will find hard to believe.
• Extended editor for 1M users with automatic upper-casing of
BASIC reserved words as you type them in, making for clear,
easy-to-understand program listings.
Remember that HiSoft BASIC is not just an incredibly fast compiler producing compact, very fast machine code but it is a complete programming environment - you create and edit your programs just like you do with an interpreter but then, when you run your program, it is automatically compiled to give the best of all worlds. One package, one price.
HiSoft BASIC 1.05 still costs only £79.95 inclusive. Upgrades are available to existing registered users at £5.
Invaluable libraries for HiSoft BASIC The Extend package is available at last! The Amiga is a difficult computer to program and AmigaBASIC offers little help in using the gadgets, menus and requesters that the operating system supports. Extend gives you an extensive library of sub-programs and functions that is available from both AmigaBASIC and HiSoft BASIC that fills these gaps.
Extend allows full control over the system gadgets, menus and sub-menus, requesters, windows, IFF-format files and much more, it comes complete with over 50 pages of documentation packed with clear examples of the usage of the library and, of course, the library itself with examples) on disk. AH for £19.95 inclusive.
Now you can extend the power of your BASIC on the Amiga with this brand-new, value-for-money package.
Both Shippiny Also available for the Amiga are: HiSoft Devpac version 2 (£59.95), the most complete and reliable system for assembly language programming on the Amiga and it works on all Amigas (unlike some other assemblers we could argue about!); Lattice C 5.04 (£229), the ultimate C package - very fast with everything you need including a global optimiser and extensive, 2-volume documentation.
All software should be available from your local dealer. In case of difficulty, you can order directly from HiSoft by phone, using your Access or Visa card or by mail, using Access, Visa, a cheque or postal orders. Our prices include VAT and shipping within the UK.
HiSoft, The Old School, Greenfield, Bedford MK45 5DE.
Tel: (0525) 718181, Fax: (0525) 713716 A M S TRAD
• P c A T A R I • S T COM M O D O R E • MIGA The Mouse now plays
a major role in all your applications whether you’re lost in a
world of business software, art and design or presentation
graphics, THREE into ONE an efficient mouse is a must!
Now there is a true upgrade available, the Naksha Mouse, it will connect to all three machines effortlessly. But unlike the standard manufacturer’s mice, the Naksha Mouse offers ultra high 280 Dpi resolution and silk smooth operation... less drag more speed.
100% compatible, no additional drivers required and installation that’s as easy as 1.. .2.. .3, the Naskha Mouse is supplied complete with adaptors, mouse mat, mouse holder and a discount voucher for Electronic Arts software.
Who says three into one won’t go!
The Naksha Mouse only £39.99 plus VAT flak ha Forfurther information including dealer and educational pricing please contact: Naksha (U.K.) Limited, 29 The Wharf, Warrington WA1 2HT.
Tel: 0925 56398 Fax: 0925 574375 All Trade Marks and Registered Trade Marks are acknowledged.
Second step: but just what happens when the disk goes in, and how does the Amiga start up the program?
Finally you are in the hot seat: but how can you make the most of the powerful software that’s around?
The starter’s guide to all aspects of the Amiga.
So, you got your sticky mitts on an Amiga, did you? You may be one of those lucky people who have just received the machine of your dreams as a seasonal gift, or you may well have possessed one for a good while now.
Either way, the aim of this article is to help you make the most of the remarkable powers of your Amiga.
If you are a new owner, then everything you need to get started from the moment you take the machine out of its box will be here. If you’ve owned an Amiga for several years, you’ve probably read in the magazines about a number of interesting uses for your machine - DTP, Video, Music - but have no idea where to start. Concentrating on the basic A500, we hope to help you open up the wonderful world of the Amiga.
1. DON'T plug anything in or unplug anything while the Amiga is
switched on. That means joysticks, mice, disk drives, printers
etc. You may be able to do it safety any number of times, but
there is atways the risk of having a static spark blow one of
the chips.
2. DON'T worry about harming the Amiga by playing around with any
software - software cannot damage hardware.
3. DO switch the power off at the power supply and leave it off
for 10 seconds before booting up a new program.
This prevents the spread of viruses that can damage disks.
4. DO write protect disks wherever possible because this too
reduces the risk from viruses.
5. DON’T leave disks near to strong magnetic sources (monitors,
Tvs, speakers etc) as this may corrupt the disk.
6. DO back-up disks where possible in case the original gets
7. DON’T turn the Amiga off or eject a disk while tt is still
being accessed, signified by the green light on the right of
the keyboard on an A500 and by lights on the drive of the
A2000 and external drives.
The Amiga power supply is, somewhat unusually, in a separate transformer block known bizarrely as the ‘brick’.
This is handy in some ways, because you can leave it on the floor under your worktop, but awkward as well, because the power switch is on it. Power up, and the first thing that will confront you is a white screen with a picture of a hand holding a disk. Fine, the Amiga's working so far!
First thing you'll realise, if you've not used an Amiga before, is that it will now do nothing at all until you put a disk in. All that has happened so far is that the basics of the operating system have been put into use, checking that all systems are working, providing an output to the monitor and preparing the disk drive to receive a disk. All this has been organised by a chip called Kickstart, whose job is to get the Amiga going.
Since the Amiga was introduced, Kickstart has been updated to work with the latest versions of the operating system. Underneath the hand-hold- ing-disk picture is a number: on all new machines, the number will be 1.3, the latest version of Kickstart. If you have an older machine, the number might be 1.2, in which case you can upgrade to the latest version by having a new Kickstart chip fitted. Advice on fitting your own new Kickstart chip appeared in Issue 3 of Amiga Format Now you are ready to put a disk in the disk drive. Be careful to put it in straight and level: a disk jammed in the
drive can be very awkward to fish out!
You have two choices, here: you will either insert a ‘self-booting’ disk or the Workbench disk. The process of loading a piece of software from disk into the machine is known as ‘booting’. The program is loaded into the 512K of RAM (that’s Random Access Memory, the program storage space) that the basic Amiga possesses.
Most games are known as self- booting because when you put the disk in they will load themselves. Supplied
8. DO read Amiga Format every month.
1. If the machine breaks down while still under guarantee then
return it to the dealer you bought it from: you did fill in
the guarantee card, didn t you?
2. If software you have purchased is in any way defective despite
your having followed all of the manufacturer s precautions,
then return it to the manufacturer.
3. If something about the machine is troubling you and the manual
has no explanation, consult your dealer. If you re still
troubled, contact Commodore Technical Support on 0628 770088
4. For more informal helpand advice scour the small ads of the
computer press for the address of your local Amiga User s
Group - they re always willing to do a body a good turn.
On the game disk is something called a ‘boot sector1 or ‘boot block’ which starts the game loading and supplies all the bits of the operating system necessary to actually run the disk. The boot block is often where copy protection is hidden: if you can’t copy the boot block, you can’t load the game. It is also the part of the disk where viruses normally hide themselves.
Most serious software, by contrast, makes use of much more of the Amiga's operating system so the first step is to insert the Workbench disk on which much of the operating system is located. Workbench, like a game, will happily load itself. Remember to wait until the disk drive has stopped whirring away and the green ‘drive being accessed' light has gone out before taking out the Workbench disk.
Having taken out your Workbench disk, you can then put the disk with your software on it into the drive. The disk will appear as an icon (a little picture) with its name underneath.
Generally, if you want to start using a new piece of self-booting software it’s a good idea to switch the machine off, put your new disk in, wait about ten seconds for the RAM to clear out and the switch on again. If, however, you need to start up the same piece of software again you can simply leave the disk in and hold down the two [Amiga] keys and [Ctrl] at the same time. This will perform a ‘warm reboot or ‘restart.
Mono Video Out: This produces a composite vidoo signal (Red, Green and Blue all together) of the type a television uses, but only in black-and-white.
RGB Video Connection: This is where the SC ART lead that supplies the signal to your monitor goes.
The Amiga will only accept digital, rather than analogue, joysticks to play your games with. Suppliers will tell you if the joystick you want is suitable for the Amiga. Easy enough for the game- splayers: just get on with blasting some aliens!
VIRUSES A virus is a program that hides itself on a disk or inside another program and copies itself to other disks. After a certain set of conditions is met, like copying itself 20 times or reaching a certain date, the virus then reveals itself by doing something like wiping the disk dean.
Not all viruses have a terminal effect - some are quite entertaining - cna because of the danger they represent they should be avoided at all costs. They go by many different names and have many effects. There are also virus killers available through the public domain or commercially which can remove certain viruses off a disk. However, new ones keep being developed and the only safe way to avoid them is to follow the tips in the Dos and DONTs section.
PUBLIC DOMAIN SOFTWARE There are two types of software that are available virtually free: shareware and software that is in the public domain (PD). Shareware can be freely copied and distributed but if you like the product and use it then a fee should be paid to the authors.
This is very much a voluntary process, but important if the number of PD and shareware programs are to keep on increasing. By paying the contribution you also get updates of the software automatically.
Public domain software can be freely copied, used and altered in any way you want.
PD programs cover a massive range of subjects from demos to databases, comma programs to games, spreadsheets to utilities. If you need a program there is probably a PD one that will do the job, although generally, of course, they are not the best You'll be amazed at the immense number and variety of PD software.
You can obtain PD and shareware software from various PD libraries detailed in the PD Update pages or in adverts. They charge a duplicating fee, but are usually run on a non-profit basis. Some require you to provide your own disks for copying onto.
To get full details on what software is available you can either keep referring to the PD Update pages or contact the PD libraries for full lists of the software they have.
Those finding their way round Workbench for the first time, however, have more of a task ahead. Though Workbench is vital to get to grips with, it can be a litte confusing because it was put together in a hurry and as a consequence is a little schizophrenic.
That is, it has two different ways of operating.
The first is what is known as a WIMP system: Windows, Icons and ?
CLI CLI So you’ve discovered the Shell icon on the Workbench disk. You double click on it... a small window appears containing a single text prompt.
What do you do know?
UP AND RUNNING The Shell environment is a more direct (and usually faster) way of carrying out disk and basic task maintenance. Most of what is possible can also be achieved from the Workbench, but using the CLI is favoured by those who require a faster way of working that provides more control over the machine. Like other command line based machines (such as the PC compatibles), AmigaDOS has a large collection of commands which are used to carry out individual operations: for example, there’s a command to rename disks, a command to delete a file and so on. Anyway, here’s a quick run
down of a couple of the more important commands.
DIR-The DIR command displays a listing of the contents of a specified directory. For example, if you type DIR SYS: you’ll get a listing of the contents of your boot disk (usually Workbench).
CD- Allows you to travel between disks and directories.
The command allows you to change your current location to any specified directory. For example, try typing CD SYS:DEVS PRINTERS and (after pressing RETURN), view the contents of the directory by typing DIR.
DELETE - No prizes for guessing what this command does. Simply removes a file (or directory) from a given disk.
COPY- The COPY command is used to transfer a file or an entire directory from one location to another. Can be used to copy files between disks.
Syntax is COPY Source Filename TO Destination Filenames TYPE - Displays the contents of a text file. Press the space bar to halt the display and backspace to restart. Type in TYPE S:StartUp-Sequence for a demo.
Pull-down Menus. The WIMP system is controlled by the mouse and is very simple and straightforward to use. We won’t go into detail here but you'll pick up the general idea in no time: move the mouse pointer around the screen, double-click on icons to make thingd happen, or pull down a menu at the top of the screen by holding down a button and then release it to make other things happen. As soon as you’re used to the mouse and the way windows, icons and menus work, you’ll find it a pleasure to use because everything is DESKTOP PUBLISHING Desktop Publishing is best defined in contrast to
word-processing. With word processors all you are concerned about is the words, not what they look like when they are printed out: so the printer uses whatever font or typeface it has available, and the result is rather like a typewritten document. The basic aim of DTP, on the other hand, is to imitate proper type-setting as used in professional magazines like this one.
The basic tenet of DTP, therefore, is WYSIWYG: what you see (on the screen) is what you get (printed out).
DTP packages allow you to set up whatever page size you want - A4, for example - and then lay out your text in a range of different typefaces (or fonts) and sizes wherever you want them to be. What you print out will then be exactly how you want it on the finished page.
Many DTP packages allow you to ‘imporf graphics: in other words, you can pull in scanned or digitised pictures, or graphics drawn with a paint package, and shove then wherever you want them on the page before printing it out. This is useful, but makes far greater demands on the quality of your printer than text alone does.
If you are producing simple posters, newsletters or fanzines, you may get much better results by printing out your ‘typeset’ text and then simply photocopying photographs, cutting them out and sticking them down: this is very like the old ‘cut and paste’ methods that all newspapers and magazines used until computers took over.
You can do quite large ‘print runs' on a photocopier and get remarkably good results this way. The slightly rough-and- ready look of this kind of design work is very trendy, too.
The graphic power of the Amiga makes it ideal even for professional DTP work and many organisations use it as a low-cost alternative to the Apple Macintosh. All you need is a DTP program and a printer. Many programs are available, at prices of £100 and up, while printers can be anything from a simple dot matrix at £150 to a hi-tech represented visually on the screen.
The dark alter ego of Workbench, on the other hand, is the CLI: the Command Line interface. In your Workbench disk window you will see a small blue icon called ‘CLI’ or ‘Shell’.
Double-clicking on this opens up a command window into which you type CLI commands and press [Return] to make them happen. The trouble with this is you have to remember what the commands are, spell them correctly, and get all the words in the proper order.
This can be a real pain in the bum.
Laser printer at several thousand pounds. Most people will be happy with a simple set-up, although a colour printer can improve things considerably. A more professional set-up will require an A2000, hard disk, laser printer, colour scanner, extra memory and an accelerator board.
However, even with an A500 and a dot matrix printer, impressive results can be obtained for producing press releases, newsletters, fanzines, etc. DTP can even be done using art packages, although most are not equipped with sophisticated text handling facilities. Dpaint II, for example, can handle text perfectly well to produce posters and the like.
For more information on getting started in DTP see Issue 2 of Amiga Format where we carried a comparative review of the cheaper DTP programs, or Issue 3 where the more expensive programs that can handle colour were looked at.
SOUND AND MUSIC The Amiga has a very powerful built-in sound chip that can produce impressive stereo music and sound effects. When it is hooked up to an amplifier and speakers the sound can be quite outstanding. There are three main aspects to Amiga sound and music.
Your first encounter with the sound- chip (called, incidentally, Paula) is likely to be through games music. This is a fine example of the first kind of music- making which is known as ‘internal chip programming’ because it consists simply of using the Amiga’s internal sound- chip to produce music. There are plenty of programs available to let you write music using only your Amiga: Music Don’t despair, though: you will get used to using the commands you need most in no time. And some time in 1990 the release of Workbench 1.4 is expected, which will move one step closer to a proper
easy-to-use WIMP system. Until then, make a start with our basic guide to the Workbench and CLI.
So now the Amiga is in your hands. Read on for the Amiga Format guide to good games, how to get started in DTP, Graphics, Video and Music, and heaps of other handy hints.
Good luck, and enjoy!
Studio from Activision or Instant Music from Electronic Arts are good starters.
Another example of using the Amiga’s soundchip on its own is the speech synthesiser on your Workbench
1. 3 Extras disk. With this installed, you can use the command
‘say* from the CLI to make the Amiga speak whatever you type
The second musical capacity involves buying a MIDI interface, a little piece of hardware that costs around £30 and plugs into the back of the Amiga. With one of these, your Amiga can talk ‘MIDI’, a universal language for all electronic instruments, and so can control one or more synthesisers. There are then two kinds of software that can come in handy: ‘patch editors', with which you can mess about with the sounds your synth produces, and ‘sequencers', which allow you to write whole tunes (tunes are just 'sequences’ of notes, you see) and play them back through the synth. Sequencing is
responsible for the sound of much modern pop music: particularly of the Stock, Aitken and Waterman kind.
The third kind of sound manipulation is sampling. Samplers are usually a combination of a piece of hardware that plugs in to the Amiga and some software to control it. Using any sound source, such as a cassette player, a CD, a video recorder or a microphone you play sound into the sampler: the sampler then slices the sound up into digital information and stores it as a file. This sample can then be played back through the Amiga’s soundchip.
Bits of samples can be incorporated into music, the technique that has made Acid House such a success.
A whole sub-culture has sprung up around the Amiga’s power to manipulate sound and graphics, in the form of demos. These combine the best music and graphic effects to make entertaining rolling demos that are circulated on the PD scene.
VIDEO The Amiga is a very talented machine at combining video images with its startlingly good computer graphics. In order to do this there are two CUMANA HAS THE DISK DRIVE TO SUIT YOUR AMIGA, AS WELL AS YOUR POCKET SI • . - : ID1S k DRIVE For tb? Ami£3Wirrocoapalrr . - ¦ festare*iartitr Zr:- The Cumana Pedigree Includes CAX1000S CAX 354 31 2", SLIM 25mm DRIVE UNIT FORMATTED CAPACITY 880K AMIGADOS COMPATIBLE DAISY CHAIN CONNECTOR DATA ENABLE DISABLE SWITCH LOW POWER CONSUMPTION GUIET, HIGH SPEED ACCESS ACTIVE INDICATOR DATA LEAD 51 4", SUM 42mm DRIVE UNIT FORMATTED CAPACITY 360 880K
AMIGADOS & MS-DOS COMPATIBLE DAISY CHAIN CONNECTOR DATA ENABLE DISABLE SWITCH LOW POWER CONSUMPTION GUIET, HIGH SPEED ACCESS ACTIVE INDICATOR DATA LEAD 40 80 TRACK SWITCH Designed and manufactured in the UK to the highest standards, all Cumana disk drives include 12 months warranty and are available from area distributors and a national dealer network.
Look out for the distinctive packaging in your high street, today!
CUMANA LIMITED, THE PINESTRADING ESTATE, BROAD STREET, GUILDFORD, SURREY GU3 3BH TEL: GUILDFORD (0483) 503121 All trademarks are recognised and acknowledged BASIC WORKBENCH OPERATIONS Most of the Workbench operations are hidden away with the Workbench menus. To access these mysterious gems, click the right mouse button and the menu strip will appear containing three menus - Workbench, Disk and Speciai.
The Workbench menu contains six functions: Open, Close, Duplicate, Rename, Info and discard. Most interesting among these is the Duplicate option, which is used to copy disks, Info, which displays all sorts of useful information on disks, files and directories.
The Disk menu contains just two functions - Empty Trash and Initialise. The Empty trash option is used to delete all files that have been placed in the trashcan on the currently active disk. Initialise is a rather grand way of saying ‘Format’, which is used to prepare a disk for use.
Finally, the Special menu contains five functions - Clean Up, Last Error, Redraw, Snapshot, Version. Most interesting among these is the Snapshot option, which is used to permanently fix the position of icons and windows on the Workbench screen.
LEGAL EAGLE Make sure you stay on the right side of the law and don’t get conned by remembering these points.
1. Copying and distributing commercial software, even if it’s
just one copy to a friend, is illegal. Some software is
unprotected and allows you to make back-up copies but those
are purely for personal use.
2. The only software that can be freely distributed is public
domain or shareware: see the section on public domain for more
on this.
3. If you want to copyright a program, all you have to do is put
a copyright message in the code somewhere. However, in order
to prove copyright in a court of law you will need more than
that. The safest method is to leave a copy with a solicitor:
that way you have proof of when you first created the program.
Slightly easier is to post a copy of the program to yourself
recorded delivery and leave it sealed. If in doubt, go with
the solicitor.
4. Most serious software comes with a licensing agreement that
means you can only run it on one machine. In other words, if
you are in an office with several Amigas you can’t make
several back-ups of a word processor, database or whatever,
but have to buy a copy for each machine you are using it on.
) crucial additional items required: a genlock and some titling software.
A genlock is a hardware device that enables the graphics to be overlaid onto video images. The software is a mix of standard art and DTP programs that allow the creation of complicated graphics and text. The software and genlock can be bought for as little as £100 each, but much more expensive and professional options are available.
The idea is to take a raw video - your family holidays, perhaps - and add intro sequences, flashy ccomputer graphics and titles to make it look like a professional TV program. You can also edit together video sources to have a number of different things running onscreen at the same time: great for home-made pop videos.
Even with a basic set up you can produce amazing videos and with top- of-the-range software and genlock the Amiga can produce broadcast quality graphics, and is already used by many companies doing video and television work. For more info on getting started in video watch out for the comparative review of basic software and genlocks, with tutorial, coming soon.
GRAPHICS The most basic form of graphics software is the plain, simple paint package. These work simply by manipulating the 'bitmap', which is the graph in the Amiga's memory that maps out where every pixel is on the screen and GAMES YOU MUST HAVE Now you have the machine, whether you want it to be a business workhorse or an art tool, the time will come when you actually want to play a game. But with so many out there, how do you know which to go for? Simple, read the following guide!
SHOOT-FM-UP - Several to choose from, but for the familiar spaceship type, you could do a lot worse than Denaris from Rainbow Arts or Xenon II from Mirrorsoft.
ADVENTURF - Text adventures are always popular and a fine example of the genre is Fish from Rainbird. But even better and slightly more user friendly is Journey from Infocom.
ARCADE CONVERSION - Some excellent ones here, but most will be covered under other headings. Strider from US Gold is well worth a look at, as is Ghouls W Ghosts, also from US Gold, or New Zealand Story from Ocean.
DRIVING SIMULATION - Power Drift from Activision is a cracking buggy-driving game, and Chase HQ ranks up with the top few. Both of those are arcade conversions, though, so if you’re after an original driving sim, Stunt Car Racer from MicroProse reigns supreme.
FLIGHT SIMULATION - Tipped as the best of the bunch by an RAF pilot on a what colour it is. The leader of the pack by a long way is Deluxe Paint III, with which you can not only paint and draw on screen, but also animate your pictures, moving them about the screen in much the same way as sprites in a game. Also in the straightforward paint category are Photon Paint 2 and DigiPaint 3, both of which work with a weird Amiga feature called HAM to allow 4,096 colours on screen, which means you can achieve very natural non-computer-like tones.
Next step up are the CAD packages, which use vector graphics to produce line-drawings. Big advantage here is that they can be created as 3D images and rotated to view all sides, much like a professional technical designer's kit.
Top of the bunch are the ray-tracing packages, which use complex mathematical techniques to calculate real 3D images and work out the way light is reflected or absorbed by surfaces. These give incredibly realistic recent visit to the Amiga Format offices is Digital Integration’s F-16 Combat Pilot MOTORBIKE SIMULATION - MicroProse’s RVF Honda is a corker of a game, as is Activision’s Super Hang-On.
COMBAT FLIGHT SIM - Digital Integration’s game could easily qualify here, but for less realism and more action, go for Electronic Arts’ Interceptor.
FOOTBALL SIMULATION - Kick Off from Anco is, without a shadow of a doubt, the top of the first division.
Lajy tr x IP® FILM CONVERSION - Robocop or Batman The Movie, both from Ocean, are the best to have appeared in some while.
ROLF-PLAYING GAME - Bard’s Tale III from Electronic Arts is a goody, but if you’ve got a 1 Meg machine, Dungeon Master from Mirrorsoft is head and shoulders above the rest.
Animations: you may have seen the silver spheres bouncing against a chess board image which has ecome almost a cliche of ray-tracing. Highly recommended is Sculpt-Animate 4D.
COMMS First step here is to buy a modem, a piece of hardware that costs only a couple of tenners. One end plugs into your Amiga, the other end into a standard telephone socket. Then get some comms software: much good stuff can be found in the Public Domain libraries, particularly Access! Which was also given away on the Coverdisk of AF Issue 3.
A program like Access! Is also useful for transferring data from one machine to another, but its main purpose is to phone up Bulletin Boards.
Many of these are just computers hooked up to a phone line, but the main ones are large profit-making organisations. Usually you are given a free-of-charge but restricted access untill you join. Most charge a fee to join the board, after which you can read news and information, chat to other board users and even copy programs and graphics onto your computer: all from the comfort of your own armchair! Everything is typed in via your Amiga: even the phone numbers, which the modem dials for you.
A good start to Comms would be to read the introductory feature on the subject in AF Issue 5.
HELICOPTER SIMULATION - Gunship from MicroProse is the best yet to appear.
ARCADE ADVENTURE - Puzzle-solving games, usually joystick controlled. Kult from Infogrames is one of the best of this type.
SPACE GAMES - The epic is Elite from Firebird, combining shoot-em-up with trading skills - an all time classic.
WARGAMES - Top of the heavy, duty league are Waterloo from Mirrorsoft and Red Lightning from US Gold, while Laser Squad from Blade is much more suited to the novice.
OTHERS - Games too unclassifiable but still worth a place in anyone's library include: Sim City from Infogrames, which is a highly enjoyable city building simulation; Balance of Power from Mindscape, which is a very involving study of global politics; Populous from Electronic Arts allows the player to adopt a deity’s persona and cultivate his followers; Nebulus from Hewson is a simple but incredibly playable platform game; and The Sentinel from Firebird is an all-time classic that combines quick reactions with some very tactical thinking. Last, but by no means least, is Virus from Firebird
which is a shoot-em- up needing precise control. ¦ Cleverly written and always favourably reviewed in the press, Digita produces a range of powerful, low cost software for the home and business user.
FINAL ACCOUNTS DGCALC MAILSHOT The fastest and most powerful spreadsheet available in this If you ever need to send out mailings or print labels, you price bracket with 512 rows by 52 columns, giving you up to know how fiddly and timeconsuming it can be making sure 26624 cells. As with all Digita products, the operation of the all the labels are printed correctly. Well now all thats a thing program is clearly thought out Being either menu, mouse or of the past Because Mailshot actually shows you the labels command driven you'll be able to start using itwrthin minutes on screen, you can type
names and addresses inexactly the
- even if you've never used a spreadsheet before. Some of correct
place. But more than that the labels are animated on the
features which make it such good value are the exporting screen
as a continuous sheet allowing you to scroll of ASCII files for
integration with other programs, adjustable backwards and
forwards, to search for particular keywords or column width and
text overflow, programmable function keys to edit entries with
the minimum of fuss. Facilities include (macros), and a unique
windowing facility, so that you can searching, detection of
duplicate labels, sorting (even look at different parts of a
sheet at the same time.__ _ surname!) 9 labels across, 999
copies of any label. This has £39.95 to be tee simplest and
most effective method of creating a mailshot available. . _ _
The program will take information prepared by Cashbook
Controller and produce a complete set of accounts including;
* Trial Balance ' Trading and Profit and Loss Account
* Balance Sheet * Notes to the Accounts
* Full Accounting ratios.
All reports may be produced at any time, with comparative budget figures if required. The facility to produce these documents quickly, accurately, and regularly is of enormous help in running any business, large or small, since one shows the true profitability achieved, and the other the exact strength of the business in terms of assets and liabilities.
CLASSIC INVADERS MAILSHOT PLUS Do you ever have to print names and addresses at awkward places on envelopes, or do you ever need to fill in tricky forms or invoices where the text has to be in exactly the right place? Usually you have to do it by hand, or get your trusty old typewriter out of the cupboard and dust it off. Weil not anymore. The Emulated TYPEwriter transforms your computer and printer into a fully fledged typewriter, supporting bold, underline, italic and other type-styles.
Because it can display and print text INSTANTLY you can line up your form, press Return and Space a few times to move to the correct place, and then start typing. Alternatively you can switch to line-by-line mode, which offers word-wrap, justification and proportional spacing, so that you can edit each line before it's printed. N- Advanced version of Mailshot for the business user with the following extra facilities;
* integration with other software (using ASCII files)
* column tabulated summary (ideal for telephone lists, etc)
* 4 extra memo lines per label (with defaults) * system for
coding, dating and adding messages to each label
* different layouts available for horizontal and vertical
justification. - - CASHBOOK COMBO Money saving combination pack
featuring both Cashbook Controller and Final Accounts-Save
£10.00. _ __ , PERSONAL TAX PLANNER Are you absolutely sure
your taxman is doing his job correctly? Plan your own tax with
ease, this menu-driven program will calculate your income tax
liability (4 tax years included) and provide pertinent facts
about your tax position.
You can perform 'what-if ?' Calculation to discover ways to minimise your tax liability. In fact, the program will advise you on things such as. If you are a married man. Whether it would be advantageous to have your wife's income taxed separately or not At this price who knows, you will probably find that PTP will pay for itself in tax savings tee first time you use it!
• * STOP PRESS ** July '89 - PTP user receives tax refund of over
£39.95 An excellent way to get organised. With it you’ll be reminded of birthdays and other anniversaries, meetings and appointments, phone calls to make and so on. As with all Digita products, inputting information is simplicity itself and, once entered, you can search for keywords or for particular events such as birthdays to see when one is coming up.
Includes month week day planner, automatic reminders for overdue appointments, month and week summary at a glance. For less than £30 this is the ideal way to make sure you never miss that important occasion again! _ __ __ Available to the trade from Digita, GEM, Greyhound, HB Marketing, Lazer, Leisuresoft, R & R, SDL.
HOW T DIGITA INTERNATIONAL "Serious software at a sensible price" All software written in the UK. Prices include VAT & P & P (add £2.00 for export) Unless you have the resources to use expensive slide-making equipment, the one thing that limits the use of computers to make visual art is the output. However good your picture looks on the screen, whatever subtle effects you have used to disguise aliasing and pix- elisation, the printout is very often something of a disappointment.
At home computer prices, printed output is still nowhere near catching up with the improvements in image quality on-screen brought about by cheap 16-bit computers and superb paint programs like Deluxe Paint III and DigiPaint 3.
POINT Of VIEW Karl Torok, with the aid of John Downie, a software designer and lecturer, has managed to break out of this straight-jacket by using a plotter with which to print his images, instead of the usual dot-matrix or ink-jet printer.
Examine the images on these pages. Until about four years ago Karl was making drawings and paintings very similar to these by hand. Working from old photographs and postcards, the picture was built up on the canvas or paper with thousands of dots or dabs of a small range of colours, an incredibly laborious technique known in artistic terms as pointillism. Viewed from a normal distance, the dots merge and blend to create the whole range of hues, similar to the way a complete TV picture is built from only red, green and blue dots.
Each picture took weeks or months to produce, so experimenting with new colours or techniques was a slow process and development of new ideas was greatly inhibited. The discovery of a computer-generated pointillist technique has released Torok from the physical constraints of the method and allowed him to experiment in a way otherwise undreamt of. Initially, he used a BBC and digitiser, combining two or three versions of the picture using several graphic modes to get depth and density into the image.
He now uses an Amiga which gives him greater flexibility and the ability to analyse and transform the image with the superior software available for the Amiga.
The process starts by selecting groups of pictures on a particular theme, sometimes in collaboration with one of a number of poets or on his own. The images might well be taken from his own photographs or, frequently, old postcards of unusual scenes around his home above Todmorden in the Pennines: or, as with some of those shown here, of curious images in Florida and California.
These images are then digitised, almost always with DigMew.
The palette is then reduced to 8 or 32 colours, using Transfer 24 (bundled with DigiPaint3). Some work may be carried out with Deluxe Paint III, Deluxe PhotoLab or DigiPaint3 depending on the nature of the image.
The eight-colour picture is then transfered to John Downie’s program (written in Basic and compiled on an Amiga). When first asked by Karl to write a plotter driver to produce a dotted image, John realised that it would be possible but surely out of the question since it would take hours to dump a single screen. Karl, however was delighted at the prospect of such relatively rapid work.
To avoid the uniformity and unwanted structure that appears while working from the screen, an early addition to the basic program was to use small, random but controllable variations in the As the first in an occasional series featuring artists, animators working tools, BRIAN LARKMAN views the images of Karl Torol 80% black dots, 10% green dots and 10% red dots on the print The pictures shown here are from two different periods in Karl's work. The FLORAL ORGAN and USTER PARK, BRADFORD pictures were both produced using the original BBC program. The American images, FLORIDA and CALIFORNIA
are both produced using an Amiga.
A wider range of dot, square and cross-hatch patterns were used for these later pictures resulting in a clearer and brighter picture.
To some extent the recent images have been overworked with pastels which blurs their underlying ‘dotted* nature, but in any case it is hard to believe that any of these fine works of art have been printed out by a computer. ¦ position of the pen. Control over- the density of the plotting was also provided. This original BBC program forms the basis of the much more powerful (though actually no faster) Amiga version.
As well as variable density and dithering (randomness), the latest version allows scaleable cross- hatching and squares as well as dots to make up the image: scribble and random line versions are on the way.
The colour palette of the original image is linked to the pens used so that each original colour can be simulated in the final image by different proportions of each pen colour. For example, an area filled with a particular green on the palette might be made up of and designers using Amigas as The word is PROTEXT... Britain’s favourite home-grown word processor has now been joined by Prodata, the Arnor database "Protext - the real joy comes only from using it.
I can say without any fear of contradiction it is the best word processor available at the price, in my view; at any price in fact" Am 3 89 "Protext really is the best text processor on the Amiga" ST AMIGA FORMAT 2 89 "Wins hands down as the all round package" STUSER 8 88 "I couldn't be more impressed"... "So a big thanks to Amor for writing a brilliant piece of software" COMPUTER SHOPPER PROTEXT is now Britain’s fastest selling Word Processor on Atari ST and Amiga computers, and is used by many of the leading computer publications and journalists, as well as thousands of businesses.
Protext’s powerful features indude:-
• fast spell checker with 70000 word English dictionary.
• background printing. You can print and type at the same time.
• box manipuation. Columns can be moved around on the screen.
• macro recording. Any key sequence can be assigned to a single
• use of foreign languages • headers, footers and footnotes
• flexible configuration program • comprehensive set of printer
• Wysiwyg (What you see is what you get’) display shows bold,
underlining and italics on the screen.
• two file editing. You can edit two documents at the same time.
• find and replace. Powerful search facility.
• mail merging. The most comprehensive mail merging facilities
available in any program.
• 300 page manual with full index.
• Swedish version also available. French and German coming soon.
Protext was awarded the "Best Buy" accolade in PC Buyers Guide, and was given a bottom line verdict of 5 stars in What Persona! Computer?
"Protext is probably the most powerful word processor on the Atari ST ST USER 4 88 "the best value for money in word processing on the Amiga" Am 9 89 "Protext deserves to be the system by which ail other word processors are judged... Amor has given the market a superb product" YOUR COMPUTER "Amor’s Protext 4 is just about unbeatable ... this realty is an excellent program" PC AMSTRAD Protext... truly the professional’s choice Just some of the features of Prodata:-
• Multiple indexes for accessing data
• Full editing facilities for data
• Comprehensive printing options
• Importing and exporting
• Undo changes facility
• Powerful filtering feature
• Easy to use layout design
• Password protection (5 levels) And of course, Prodata is fully
compatible with Protext.
Amiga owners please note that you need 1 MB to run Prodata - see below for special price for Prodata plus A501 (512K memory + clock expansion) PRODATA "Designing layouts is incredibly easy" YOUR AMIGA unTn vi.08 tc- firncr n: INVOICE (45F) P.ecs: 12 jirectory »rf»uv I Index: 0 15:23:22 INVOICE Select field nane Field 4 : Address 3 Field 5 : Address 4 Field 6 : Address 5 Field 7 : Del Addr 1 Field 8 : Del Addr 2 Field 3 : Del Addr 3 Pi old IP * no! Oririr A Invoice Address Del rieiu is a vci nuor 4 Piold If * hoi flddr P rlClO 11 a Uc1 Huur 3 Field 12 : Telephone CjalJ |7 a Ca« rieiu Id 1 ru
PiolW fi ¦ Pnntart rieiu ip a uunidLi Field 15 : Invoice Hwber BATE Your Ref Field 18 : description 1 Field 15*: Unit Cost 1 1 Tap left = (8,8). Pus = (3,17). Leo th=2a.
Pariahle aam: 88TE_1st ta rove, and *» resize "Totally menu driven, Prodata must rank among the top database systems..." ST USER 12 89 "Prodata is a very sophisticated database package, and at £79.95, it is most certainly worth the money" YOUR AMIGA 12 89 "Amor have a quality product at a very reasonable price" POP COMP WEEKLY 19 10 89 Name Address £99.95 £79.95 £179.95 Protext demo disc Postcode ORDER FORM - Send to: Arnor (AF), 611 Lincoln Road, Peterborough pp-l OUA Please send me (indicate where applicable): PROTEXT v4.2 PRODATA PRODATA + A501 (Amiga) Further information Computer: PC 5W
PC 3VS K Atari ST Amiga I enclose Cheque Postal order for £_, or debit my Access Visa card no._._Exp. Releasing your micro's potential... Arnor (AF . 611 Lincoln ffoad, Peterborough PE1 3HA. Tei: 0733 63909 (24 hr Fax: 0733 67299 All pnces include VAT, postage and packing. Credit card orders will be despatched by return of post. If paying by cheque please allow 10-14 days for delivery.
(Alexandra Palace 7-9 November) COMPUTER GRAPHICS 89 It is a mark of the Amiga’s growing stature in the professional computer graphics world that the Commodore stand at the prestigious annual CG shows seems to grow larger year by year. CG89, in its splendid new setting within the vast temple of Alexandra Palace, was no exception. Commodore’s 'booths’ covered as large a floor area as most other stands at the show, though the overall effect was rather cramped and ‘tacky’ next to the slick industry leaders like Apple and Quantel.
With some notable exceptions, the same thing could be said for the contents of the stand as well.
The third party distributors and developers did their best as usual but the stand lacked the heart that Commodore themselves should have provided. The excitement factor would have been boosted by several all singing, all dancing Amigas with every peripheral and add-on available attached to them.
Add a team of enthusiastic, innovative art and design students - regular Amiga users - as operators, and some original graphics could be generated before the punters' eyes. (I could easily provide some excellent students if you are listening, Commodore!)
AMIGA CENTRE SCOTLAND Over the last three years the Amiga Centre Scotland has gained a reputation for importing new and innovative Amiga products that are unobtainable outside the US or Germany. Martin Lowe, the founder of the company, is constantly on the search for new ideas, hence the 24- bit buffer board. His latest project is the promotion of X-Windows for use on the Amiga.
X11, written by Dale Luck of GfxBase, uses TCP IP over Ethernet for connection to other machines making the Amiga by far the cheapest way to support X11 server and clients. For further information contact Martin Lowe at Amiga Centre Scotland, tel 031 557 4242.
A professionally-produced but ’all-Amiga’ video, showing continuously (at low volume to avoid disturbing the temple-like atmosphere), would help as well, but no such luck. Commodore management seem to have no real understanding of, or enthusiasm for, the remarkable graphic potential of the Amiga. There must by now be thousands of excellent Amiga images available, and hundreds of stunning animated sequences produced wholely on Amigas. Why are they not on show, flaunted at every possible opportunity? And CG89 was certainly an ideal opportunity for flaunting.
But enough of this carping.
What was on display amongst the ‘booths’? One major theme was ‘boosting the Amiga’s colour’ with- everything from 8-bit to 24-bit colour cards and frame buffers plus a cheap and cheerful colour scanner from ASDG capable of up to 18-bit colour.
ACS Frame Buffer The big suprise of the show (though only to be seen on the Commodore stand for one-and-a- half of the three days) was the Amiga Centre Scotland Frame Buffer. 16-million-colour displays have become very popular recently in the Macintosh world but until now only the £6000 Vista’ board, (operating only via a PC bridgeboard in an A2000) could show 24 bits per pixel on an Amiga. (See That Extra Bit of Colour' over the page for an explanation of ‘bits per pixel'.)
Amiga Centre Scotland's fully operational prototype board is driven directly by the Amiga and can display 16 million shades at 900x600resolution - on a standard 1084 monitor!!! The price should be below £1000.
The story of the initial evolution of the board is typical of the enthusiast-driven, rather than ‘mega-corporation finance’ driven world of the Amiga. Three young designers based in Oxford, Jan (he prefers to pronounce it Yan) Jones, Andrew Moss and Alan Tucker, used an Oric Atmos to develop the original version over a period of several years. They built the first running Amiga version in mid-August ‘89 and contacted Martin Lowe at ACS toward the end of September. An enthusiastic Amiga supporter (though hardly a mega-corporation), he has funded the current version.
This has 3 meg of RAM available, allowing full double buffering of images. The board is likely to be relatively cheap because the designers have found a way of using cheap DRAM instead of expensive Video RAM. To use all of this lovely colour, of course, you need software that can generate RGB files. The ‘DigiView’ digitiser from NewTek produces 21-bit RGB files, though this huge range of shades is reduced to suit the chosen Amiga mode internally before an image is displayed. It shouldn’t take much to persuade these RGB files to display 2.2 million colours though.
Byte by Byte’s Sculpt-Animate, Caligari Professional and Optiks all display 24-bit images direct to the ACS board, as the pictures here confirm. The new Sharp JX100 colour scanner could also show 18 bits per pixel colour, perhaps using a modified version of ASDG’s ScanLab 100 software.
(See the box entitled ‘Not So Scantily Coloured’, over.)
Similarly the 8-brl pixel (256 colour) version of Photon Paint that Microillusions are rumoured to be developing could also use the ACS board. These last two are actually more likely to be seen first on the Hi-Tension ‘Amigraphex’ 8-bit colour boards which were also at the show though in a much more finished state than the ACS board.
Considering that the Amigraphex boards are so near to production, their quality of display was rather disappointing, especially next to the ACS prototypes. First impressions can be very misleading, though, and anyway there jolly well ought to be quite a difference between 8- and 24-bit displays.
The support of Commodore and other, third party developers for the Fhi-Tension boards plus the expected arrival of a Commodore 8-bit board are exciting prospects.
Nevertheless the development of Apple’s 32-bit Quick Draw standard and the rapid growth of 16- million-colour Macintosh systems are fast leaving the Amiga’s early colour advantage way behind. The ACS board is a logical next step. It would put the Amiga back up alongside the Mac in display I I capability if Commodore would support it. The disagreement between ACS and Commodore over several ACS staff not wearing suits on the CG89 stand may prevent this. Let’s hope not.
Commodore seem to see the way forward only in terms of ‘making if in a big way. This would be to the advantage of all Amiga users, but the unconventional enthusiast developers must not be jettisoned on the way.
THAT EXTRA BIT OF COLOUR To produce a genuinely realistic image in full colour with a computer it is necessary to have millions of shades available inthe colour palette.
To display this image, each pixel in the bitmap has to have many bits or switches' available.
Imagine the pixel is a lightbulb that is controlled by one switch: it could be either off (black) or on (white). If it were controlled by two sv itches, both could be on. Both off. One on and the other off. And vice-versa, ie four combinations, four colours. Each extra bit (or switch) per pixel doubles the number of colours that it can display.
Therefore 256 colours requires 8 bits (2x2x2x2x2x2x2x2=256 or 2 to the pov er 8). 24-bit displays therefore have more than 16 million colours (2 to the pov er 24 equals 16.777.216 colours).
Naturally enough, all these added colours add greatly to the burdens of the CPU and operating system. A 24-bit picture can be 1.5 megabytes in size so a hard disk is essential. If 24-bit systems are to become standard, a new. Much larger capacity disk system or cheap removable hard disks will have to be developed.
Similarly, with such large files, any form of animation would be very memory and speed dependant, and RAM animations become really huge and unpractical. Expensive single frame controllers are the only realistic means of recording this sort of animation.
Real Things Many of you will have already seen the enigmatic ‘art advertising for Real Things, Horses. Having missed Robin Bilson, the producer of the Real Things series, at the PC Show, it was rewarding to speak to him at CG89.
He was there in his ‘RGB Studios' incarnation to demonstrate the 'instanf animation power of Deluxe Paint III and Real Things, Horses, the first in a line of realistic “animation kits”. The idea of Real Things is to allow non-artists the chance to get to grips with the immense power of Deluxe Paint and at the same time get away from the themes of ‘shoot-em-up’ and horror in so many games. Initially they are aimed at education and are structured as hierarchical tutorials, but the pictures, brushes and animations provided on disk are perfect for artists of any age and skill level.
NOT SO SCANTILY COLOURED ASDG, developers of the Professional Scan Lab interface and software for Canon flatbed colour scanners, can now drive the new Sharp JX100 scanner using their latest ‘ScanLablOO’ software. Uniquely, the hand-held JX100 is placed over the original artwork so that the three passes required for RGB information can be made by the moving scan-bar within. Scans at 18 bits per pixel (262,000 colours) can be made over an area of 4x6 inches at 200dpi.
The software can operate in a number of ways on the RGB information, processing and analysing the image to produce an IFF file in any of the Amiga modes. The JX100 transfers data at 115,000 baud, 10,000 bytes per second via the Amiga serial port. It costs £695 including VAT and software. For more details telephone 0923 817548.
Dan Silva's innovative ‘anim- brushes’ are so simple to use that once an animated sequence has been captured, anyone can paint it onto the screen, constructing detailed choreographies with ease.
“Horses” is based on the work of the late Cecil Trew. Her drawings of animals in motion are ready-made for animation and the kit provides accurate animbrushes of horses walking, cantering, galloping and jumping as well as more conventional pictures and brushes of the sequences that went to make them up. Thoroughly recommended, The Real Things series is available price £24.95 including user guide, anatomy leaflet and subject folio, from RGB Studios, tel. 082 581 2666 or Digipro Ltd, tel. 0703 703030.
Photorealistic Paris What about the rest of the show?
By far the majority of the floorspace was taken up by companies marketing expensive topDf- the-range equipment for the graphics and TV industry. Apple in particular are starting to make a big showing, whereas Atari and Acorn were nowhere to be seen.
For ‘ordinary Pcs, Autodesk were showing their Animator desktop video package. Much as I hate to say it, this looked really good and at £199 it was quite cheap (though it needs a pretty powerfull
- and therefore expensive - 286 or 386 IBM PC or 100% compati
ble, with VGA display to run it).
Elsewhere, most of the images and animations were of the whirling plastic toy genre. One of the animated films on display, however, PARIS 1789, produced by Thomson Digital Images, was of a quite different school.
In the next issue of Amiga Format Jan Kaliciak, a traditional animator and film maker, describes this remarkable film. To make Paris 1789, TDI, in association with Ex Machina and Institute National de I’Audiovisuel, used their state-of-the-art modelling, rendering and animation system EXPLORE 2 running on RISC based IRIS 4D workstations. PARIS 1789 was runner-up at the1989 Computer Graphics Film Festival. It gives a brief foretaste of an entertaining future for us all. ¦ A POWERFUL PACK OF FOUR IK+ They called International Karate ‘the greatest Karate beam 'em up yet' (Commodore User).
And who are we to argue?
But ARCHER MACLEAN has come up with a stunner: A third fighter. An amazing animated background. New moves (including double head-kick and a spectacular backflip).
Re-mixed music by ROB HUBBARD. And balls!
© 1987 Archer Maclean.
© 1987 System 3 Software Ltd.
ATARI ST AMIGA BIO CHALLENGE For centuries mankind has been on the wane. The genes that each generation of humans passes onto the next are becoming weaker The human body will soon become too frail to survive Finally, scientists seem to have the answer They have discovered a revolutionary technique to graft the human brain into the body of a robot The results of these experiments are to be tested in the BIO CHALLENGE-the ultimate ordeal You are a K L I PT - the latest generation of human robot engineering an extremely sophisticated human brain in a highly manoeuvrable precision-engineered
steel body Your only mission is survival for the human race D5LPHIME SOFTWARE VOYAGER Ocean Software Limited • 6 Central Street Manchester • M2 5NS Telephone: 061 832 6633 Telex: 669977 OCEANS G • Fax: 061 834 065C In 1977 Voyager II was launched - inviting all.life iMBfiimik forms in the Universe to visit our planet. Get ready- company's coming. Luke Snayles - returning to Earth after completing a 50 year sentence of "investigative exploration" is not a man you'd wish to meet. After half a century of solitude, he's bored and hungry. On Earth the gate crashers are about to arrive - they are
the ROXIZ. But Snayles has got other ideas - no-one but NO-ONE is going to spoil his home-coming party!
© Ocean Software Ltd. 1989.
Deep in the cosmos, the ultimate terror ....The Bydo Empire - evil, horrific, deadly.
In the dark recesses of time and space, its terrifying creatures roam the cosmos, waging war on the Planet Earth.The desperate battie has just begun .... As .
Pilot of the R-9 fighter plane, it is your mission to crush these interstellar monsters using every sophisticated weapon at your disposal. Only your skill and reactions stand between brilliant victory and the devastation of Mankind .
...At last.the arcade sensation bursts on’ to your home screen with several stages, terrains and a compelling scroll feature - the ultimate in thrilling gamepiay.
R-Type' .1987 IREM Corporation Licensed-to Electric Dreams.
V. rhi A ® 0 V* °C. % '® °o»- * °*k
• v X.
X. . V. X. f,
v. . V X
X. cf X, 6 1 st Right: Aha! A magic chest appears from under
the ground.
2nd Right: After a few blasts a magician emerges... 3rd right: ...to cast a spell on poor old Sir Arthur.
Far right: Oh dear! Our poor hero has become a defenceless waterfowl.
In days of old when knights were bold and the nasty demons ran off with pretty girlies, there lived a brave knight named Arthur. Three years after he succeeded in rescuing his sweetie, the beautiful princess Hus, the nasty creatures of the Netherworld have risen and made off with her a second time.
US GOLD £24.99 ¦ Joystick Unsurprisingly Arthur is more than a little miffed, so armed with a plentiful supply of throwing lances and a sturdy suit of armour, the knight sallies forth into the ghostly regions to save his love.
The actual gameplay of Ghouls 'n' Ghosts is in the same format as its predecessor Ghosts ‘n’ Goblinsi Arthur, under your control, runs along leaping across platforms and blasting various spirits. You begin with an infinite supply of sawn-off lances to hurl at attacking nasties, but you can upgrade weapons along the way by picking up pots dropped by skeletons or by opening chests.
Occasionally, a magician emerges from these chests and turns you into a bow-tie wearing duck, which is surprisingly useful for dodging the odd particularly annoying flying wotsit thingy.
If you open a chest to find a suit of armour, you will be blessed with a megaweapon, such as flares (no, not flared armour trousers), lightning or a “wall of death”, depending on the weapon you currently have. You begin in the graveyard at the edge of the town, as in the first game, but take a different route through the underworld, passing guillotines, swamps, giant skeletons and deserted windmills to name but a few. At the end of each area is a large and fearful guardian creature, which requires quite a number of blasts before it dies. Once it has been despatched to its evil source it
leaves a key for access to the next level of the underworld.
If you manage to fight your way through ail the levels and reach the heart of the spirits’ domain then you can take the Princess back to safety... but for how long this time?
GRAPHICS AND SOUND It’s no good. There's no avoiding the phrase ‘arcade quality1. In fact, it's remarkable how similar the Amiga conversion’s graphics are to its arcade counterpart.
The sprites are wonderfully drawn and the animation is as slick as you could hope for, with not a flicker to be seen as they whizz about the atmospheric backgrounds. Every creature has a separate character and there are plenty of them too!
The sound is of an even higher standard than the graphics. The lack of effects is more than made up for by the stunning music. The ‘power LED off’ trick has been used to get the best quality sound possible from the machine and has enabled sound wizard Tim Follin to produce the most stunning effects.
The tunes range from jolly cartoon ditties to hypnotic Tangerine Dream-style pieces. Let's hope we see (and hear) more from these guys soon.
LASTING INTEREST Arcade conversions are often good fun for a few goes, but the appeal fades after you've spent hours playing and still get absolutely nowhere. Once you start playing Ghouls ‘n’ Ghosts, however, it's hard to drag yourself away. Sure the going is hard, and it will take you a good while to get through, but instead of frustration at not getting off the level, determination sets in, pushing you to beat just one monster more.
Every level has a totally different atmosphere, thanks to the change in graphics and music in each, so that you just keep playing to see the next level and hear F O R M Fi T RMIGfl ? T GOLD another tune. The going is extrememly tough, so it's doubtful you'll finish the game too soon, but just try to stop yourself going back to play until you succeed!
JUDGEMENT These days it’s a good idea to reserve judgement on an arcade conversion until you've played it for yourself. Just going Qn a big name isn’t really enough. Well, I’m happy to say that Ghouls ‘n’ Ghosts is a first-rate conversion worthy of any arcade gamer’s attention. The look and sound could be straight from a coin-op machine: some of the most impressive seen on a licensed conversion for a long time.
The pleasure of Ghouls ‘n’ Ghosts transcends the audio-visual delights on offer, though. The playability of the game will keep the most adept players waggling their joysticks for hours. It's still not that often you see licences of this quality on a home machine, so Ghouls 7T Ghosts is certain to please fans of the original: but whether you’ve played the coin-op or not, you should give it a try. You shouldn't be disappointed.
Maff Evans GRAPHICS 8 SOUND 9 INTELLECT 2 ADDICTION 8 OVERALL 91% THE RATINGS EXPLAINED GRAPHICS Good graphics are an important part of any game: if the power is there, it should be used to the full. Both static and moving graphics come under scrutiny in this rating, but remember, graphic wonders alone do not a great game make... SOUND With stereo capabilities the last thing you want to hear are Spectrumesque beeps, right?
Title tunes and effects all add atmosphere to a game and good sound can greatly increase your enjoyment.
INTELLECT How much real thought do you have to put in to play the game?
Just because a game’s mindless doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad, but a game with a high Intellect rating says immediately you’ll need to think to gain maximum enjoyment.
ADDICTION How easy is a game to pick up and play? How much sheer fun will you get from it? Will you keep coming back? Important questions, all answered by a look at the Addiction rating.
OVERALL A percentage mark that takes into account all the ratings, plus extras like lasting interest, packaging, documentation... THE TEAM Andy Smith, was with ACE right from Issue One. He wouldn't know an op-code from a hole in the ground, but that's small comfort to the hundreds of games he has mastered. He loves any type of game, be it a shoot-em-up, strategy game, arcade adventure... or anything else! Bob Wade started reviewing with Personal Computer Games and has worked for Zzap!64, Amstrad Action and ACE. There’s no-one in the business with a better idea of what makes a great game...
Maff Evans has recently joined us here on Amiga Format, but his background on Zzap! 64 Amiga has given him the kind of experience that makes him one of the most tenacious games experts around. ¦ During the Amusement Trades Exhibition International at London’s Olympia in the Spring of ‘89, one coin-op game was making its world premiere on the Atari stand.
It was billed as “The most realistic simulator ever to hit the arcades" and was stealing the show. Now the Amiga version of Hard Drivin' has arrived.
You’re in control of a popular sports car, driving as fast as possible around two tracks: speed and stunt. Before starting, you must choose the transmission from automatic or manual (beginners should select automatic).
Manual requires the player to shift gear himself either using a joystick as a gear lever or by hitting the right keys on the keyboard.
DOMARK £19.99 ¦ Mouse, Joystick and or Keyboard Then you start driving just before a fork that allows you to choose which track you’d like to take. Assuming you take the speed track, you then have a set amount of time to make it to the checkpoint which is 3 4 of the way round the track and so gain a few extra seconds to make it to the finish (where you get more time to try to do the same again).
On the stunt track the same has to be done, but things are much trickier because there is a bridge to jump, a loop-the-loop to complete and some high banking to negotiate. Speed and steering skills are essential here as it’s all to easy to go flying over a jump and crash through excessive speed, or to lose control of the car as you round the bend just before the loop-the-loop and enter the thing at the wrong angle.
Getting the hang of controlling the car and cornering at 100+ mph is the first priority, because without it you won't stand a chance of completing either track in under two minutes and proceeding to the Championship Lap which is raced on the stunt track. Incidentally, win.
The Champ’ Lap and all successive players are required to race against your ‘phantom’ car.
GRAPHICS AND SOUND When you’re driving, everything is viewed from the driver’s seat and ifs all solid 3D. There’s a nice impression of speed when you're driving and though the other road users look a little basic they serve their purpose (getting in the way, it seems). The instant replay is a nice feature when you crash, giving you a bird’s eye view of the accident, although the masking of sprites over backgrounds is decidedly dodgy.
Hard Drivin' looks as much like its coin-op parent as you could reasonably expect. The sound effects, however, are dire. Domark assure us they’re taken from the arcade machine, but they’re still awful, with weak engine and skidding sounds. Nice intro music.
LASTING INTEREST The first few attempts will have you thinking ‘Corks, this is tough’, but it doesn’t take long to get to grips with handling the car. After that it doesn’t take long to master the tracks and you’ll be qualifying for the Champ' Lap almost every time. Although it is, arguably, more of a simulation than a racing game, it’s too easy to master, which doesn’t do much for the lasting interest.
JUDGEMENT Despite the bugs (for example, crash on one track and the game will occasionally restart you on the other), it’s fun for a while. But take away the best features of the coinop - continuous feedback through the steering wheel and the manual gear-shifting using a clutch - and you’re left with a driving ‘simulation’ that is really nothing very special at all.
Ifs a great conversion and all credit to Domark for that, but this is a classic example of a game that may be great in the arcades, but may not necessarily be great on a computer. Andy Smith GRAPHICS 8 SOUND 4 INTELLECT 3 ADDICTION 6 OVERALL 50% A NEW 3D DUO FROM LOGOTRON ENTERTAINMENT You’ve fallen into Bad Company. In this place there are no good guys, just you, your sidekick and wave upon wave of insectoid enemies who have just one thing in mind - the total destruction of every human they set their nasty little bug eyes on. No quarter is asked and none is given, you know what to do - if
it’s alien, blast it!
Bad Company is programming legend Steve Bak’s latest and greatest masterwork with scrolling of vanishing point perspective surfaces, the latest superfast 3D sprite techniques and featuring: Simultaneous two-player option Unique choice of weaponry, with fire power boosters Choice of eight different combat heroes Uncountable waves of sickening insectoid attack ATARI ST SCREEN SHOT ATARI ST & COMMODORE AMIGA END NOVEMBER 89. PRICE £24.99 StarBlaze is pure solid vector 3D Shoot ‘em Up from the programmers that brought you 16 bit Elite! To qualify as a Tamsinian warrior in an intergalactic war of
unparalied ferocity, you must prove your prowess by taking on scores of fiendish alien attack waves and live to fell the tale. How will you do it? With quick reactions and the fastest trigger finger on the planet!
StarBlaze is a game which draws upon the strongest features of the classic arcade titles to introduce a wholly original style of game to the arcade genre, featuring: Over a hundred different attack patterns Action-packed gameplay in stunning solid 3D Five colourful backdrops (forget boring starfieids) Shield, smart bomb and extra power pickups ATARI ST & COMMODORE AMIGA END OCTOBER 89. PRICE £19.99 ATARI ST SCREEN SHOT The Logotron name and mark are used under license from Logotron Limited.
“Polished until it sparkles, The Lost Patrol features animated screens the like of which we’ve never seen before" The Games Machine 6 Centrai ex: 6699 Believe it or not, one of the most dangerous places to apprehend a suspect in America is around their car. American policemen refer to it as the Kill Zone, because suspects tend to get very itchy trigger fingers just as the police move in to make the arrest.
Fortunately, in Chase HQ, the conversion of the Taito coin-op, no chances are taken. You’re head of the Los Angeles Special Criminal Investigation department and that means the perps you pursue have to be approached with brute force.
OCEAN £24.99 ¦ Joystick A normal day's work involves driving around in your two-gear turbo charged Porsche 928 waiting for the inevitable call from Nancy at Chase HQ outlining the next mission. Then it's a case of foot to the floor and tear along the freeway until the suspect is sighted. Once visual contact is made, the only way to treat these crims is to bash into their car often enough to force them to pull over, then make the arrest. There are five stages to the game, each one chasing a different criminal, and for each stage you have to sight the crim before the time limit runs out
(you'll be in no doubt when you've spotted them because a large arrow with the legend ‘Criminals Here’ appears).
Manage it and your time is increased to allow you to get enough bumps on the car to force it to stop. Once the first hit has been made on the car, a damage meter appears on the left of the screen indicating how many more hits it needs to stop it.
There's more to it than that, though. For a start there are the other road users to avoid as well as roadside obstacles. Colliding with anything causes a loss of speed and consequently a loss of time, so try not to do it eh? Then there are the route choices: a large arrow will appear at a fork in the road and tell you which way to go (often they're shortcuts that will take you across scrubland). Miss the junction and you’ll have to use up the three turbo boosts available for each stage if you’re to stand any chance of catching up with the felon. Are you ready Mr Driver?
GRAPHICS AND SOUND There's a good impression of speed (though not as good as Stunt Car Racer) and the backgrounds and roadside' buildings and so on are all well drawn. There are some nice graphic touches, like the scrubland and tunnel scenes, and though the animation is a little jerky it suffices. The sound effects are great: screeching tyres, the occasional burst of speech and the siren, and the ingame music is all right too (though you can turn it off if it’s all a bit too coin-op for you).
LASTING INTEREST With only two ‘Continue’ options things are not easy. Getting to that fifth stage will take some doing, so it’ll keep you going for a while.
There's a high addiction level, so you’re bound to keep trying.
JUDGEMENT A nice twist on the average driving game, and fun to play. It’s very much like its coin-op parent and so suffers a little for not having enough variation, but it’s well converted and if you fancy a new driving game or are a fan of the coin- op, you won't be disappointed.
Andy Smith GRAPHICS 8 SOUND 8 INTELLECT 2 ADDICTION 8 OVERALL 8 2% Far Le't Powering through the tunnel on Stage One and time’s running short!
OLUME : Nancy gives you details of the next mission.
Far l~:: 5o:tcrr; Back on Stage One and it’s cross country time as you take the short-cut.
N Le" You’re left in no doubt as to which way you’re supposed to go!
’Orr Stage Two and another criminal up ahead.
AMIGA FORMAT 37 Joystick UBISOFTE24.99 and Mouse After fighting all manner of heathens in the Holy Land for the last five years, the last thing a knight wants is to come home and find his father, the king, has been overthrown by his wicked uncle and fear and oppression rule the land.
Iron Lord from UbiSoft, which has taken literally years to complete, puts the player in just that situation. Your wicked uncle has gathered an army of hideous monsters and is reported to be about to mount an offensive against the normally peaceful province you call home. Your only hope is to muster your own army then square up to unc and restore peace.
Like a typical Cinemaware game, Iron Lord is a type of graphic adventure interspersed with arcade games. The adventure side of things has you riding your horse from one location to another, towns to castles to big houses, stopping off at the place and then entering various buildings and interacting with the people encountered. During this phase of the game the screen is divided into three sections, the left side of the shows a picture of the town your in, while the top right gives you an aeriel view of the town and your character is represented by a small animated person viewed from above
which you move around and into buildings (well, stand outside and press fire and you enter). Below this window, pieces of text appear giving you info on what’s going on.
Most of this part of the game involves listening to the characters you meet and doing small jobs for them which will convince them that you're a jolly sound chap and that they really should do their utmost to help you raise an army which you can then lead into battle.
In a distant Galaxy, the villainous Forth Empire has invaded the five planets of the once-beautiful Junos system and generally made a mess of the place. Junos itself has been reduced to ashes and is now a construction site for a huge battle fortress, from which the Empire intends to dominate the Galaxy.
Faced with impending doom, the rest of the Galaxy’s inhabitants call upon the Space Federation to do something about it. The result is Galaxy Force, a one-man attack craft of disturbing potency, with a certain person in the driving seat.
Flying over the surface of each planet, you must penetrate the Forthian defences and destroy each of five outpost fortresses.
Only once these have been wiped out can you take on the giant enemy fortress and rid the Galaxy of the evil-doers once and for all.
The Galaxy Force ship fires lasers which hit anything directly in front of it, and seeker missiles which automatically lock on to enemy targets and home in.
Enemy ships approach from the front and sides firing missiles, and danger is also present in the Left: Bombing and blasting your way through space.
Right: Penetrating the level’s fortress - don’t go too fast, those walls are very, very solid!
Shape of natural obstacles like asteroids, volcanoes, and huge streams of fireballs.
Survive the airborne defences and you enter the planet’s fortress where you fly along a twisting corridor, avoiding the walls and blasting the gun emplacements on floor and ceiling. Reach the end of the tunnel in one piece, and the fortress blows up sending you onto the next level.
The ship's energy level is shown by a countdown timer which constantly ticks away during each mission, and is accelerated by contact with enemy ships, missiles or tunnel walls, once the protecting shields have been depleted.
Once the counter reaches zero, your single ship explodes and the game ends.
GRAPHICS AND SOUND Unlike it’s coin-op parent, Galaxy Force II is a little sparse on the visual side, with some rolling rasters and small moving graphics attempting to emuFate several Megabytes of expandable sprites on the coin-op. The poor frame update and general scarcity of graphics provides little impression of forward movement, and there’s no real atmosphere.
GALAXY FORCE II ACTIVISION £24.99 ¦ Joystick and Keyboard The tunnel sequence is more effective: though somewhat lacking in detail, it succeeds in providing a convincing environment of twisty tunnels.
A reasonable rendition of the unusual coin-op soundtrack clanks away during play, although the explosion spot effects are weak.
By contrast, a nice snippet of sampled speech warns of upcoming bends in the fortress interior, but is only heard when no effects are playing. This is somewhat annoying since it’s useful to have some indication of how to approach the next turning.
What’ll also convice the populace that you’re a worthy knight is doing well in the arcade games.
For example, winning the archery contest or arm wrestling the local champion in the pub will do your reputation a world of good.
When you finally get the army together, you can then take control of them and organise them in battle (fortunatly there’s a game save option, so it’s well worth saving it once you’ve got your army together). Come out the victor and you then have to face the final challenge in an evil labyrinth - ulp!
GRAPHICS AND SOUND The pictures are all well drawn and the small animated window works fine. Some very nice touches include the horse galloping across the screen whenever you move from location to location. Well presented graphically and the sound effects complement it. Very nice.
LASTING INTEREST Once all five scenes have been played a few times, any urge to continue rapidly fades. The ability to select a starting level only serves to dampen the enthusiasm even more: there are no real surprises in store, and presuming the final sixth mission to merely be a longer and more difficult version of the first five, there really isn’t much to look forward to.
JUDGEMENT This is another case of ‘keep moving, blast like crazy and hope you survive’. You don’t need to worry about strategic positioning of the ship, since your homing missiles know what’s going on better than you do, and the rather chaotic graphics means that it’s difficult to follow the action anyway.
Negotiating fortress tunnels is the more entertaining of the two sections, but the ship’s sluggish response means that it's too tricky to be taken at speed, and therefore too slow to get the adrenalin flowing. Its also necessary to regulate your speed so that you don’t smash straight into tunnel walls, but can still reach the end of the level before your energy runs out.
So it's fiddly to have the speed control located on the keyboard.
Galaxy Force is an ambitious project, but in the light of Activision’s success with the equally impressive Power Drift, it really looks like a half-hearted conversion attempt. Short on playability, Galaxy Force has little to recommend it. Steve Jarratt LASTING INTEREST The arcade sub-games are no push over, so it’ll take a while to master them. The overall game task is also large and becomes more convoluted the further you get into the game. This will keep you going for some little while.
JUDGEMENT The arcade bits are tough and add variety while the main quest in the game is well thought out and entertaining. It does tend to get a little repetitive due to the smallness of the game area, but overall its not half bad and can get quite involving. Andy Smith GRAPHICS 4 SOUND 5 INTELLECT 5 ADDICTION 4 OVERALL 47% GRAPHICS 9 SOUND 4 INTELLECT 5 ADDICTION 7 OVERALL 7 7% The Hound of Shadow is set in London in the 1920’s and is rich in the atmosphere of the era. It features Timeline’ a new role-playing system.
Use investigative research to discover the secrets of arcane lore.
Available for ST and Amiga.
Coming soon for PC.
To order direct, send £24.99 to ELECTRONIC ARTS, Dept HOS, 11-49 Station Road, Langley, Berkshire SL3 8YN.
For more information call 0753 40906.
“It's an exciting game that should give you plenty of sleepless nights: when you ¦re not up playing it, it will be on your mind... ” ST Format-Gold “Thegame's storyline is well-researched and absolutely oozes atmosphere ” ST Action IE I.ICTRSNIC ART 5 RAINBOW ARTS £24.99 -ate*- ¦ Joystick The more things change, the more they stay the same. That's certainly true of computer games.
Just as software houses are getting to grips with the power of the Amiga and realise that game concepts unthinkable on smaller machines are possible, out comes a deluge of shoot-em-ups. And why not? Done well, they can be tremendously playable, addictive and enjoyable.
Up there with the best of them have to be Rainbow Arts whose Denaris, despite the legal wrangles, is still one of the best shoot- em-ups about. Now comes X-Out.
Will it steal the crown?
To start with, the game gives the player lots more choices. Right at the start of the game the player enters a shop and is given 12,000 credits to spend as he wishes.
This includes purchasing extra ships with which to fight on once the first ship has been destroyed.
There are four types of ship available, ranging from the smallest and cheapest which can carry three weapons at once, to the largest and most expensive which can carry up to 12 weapons at once. Of course, the weapons the ships carry all cost money, so there’s no points having a ship with the ability to carry maximum weapons if that means you only leave yourself enough credits for one measly weapon.
There’s a wide selection of firepower available from the shop including satellites that circle the ship firing when you do. There’s even a choice of circling patterns available when you decide which satellite to buy. Then there are three way firing pods, smart bombs and flame throwers all of which must be considered.
Whichever you choose you’re going to find the going tough in this left-to-right horizontal blaster which starts underwater and takes you through crystal structures and volcanic scenery. There are flying (or should that be swimming?) Nasties as well as a plethora of ground-based gun turrets and the like that all need destroying.
You must also avoid the jutting out pieces of scenery if you’re hoping to make your way past the mid- and end-of-level guardians and back into the shop to spend the credits you’ve collected along the way and get stuck into the next of the eight levels.
GRAPHICS AND SOUND The tunes playing throughout are the sort of jolly sounds you’d expect to hear in this type of game and the various explosions and other effects are par for the course too. The graphics are good and everything is smoothly animated'although the screen does slow down occasionally when there are lots of sprites on screen.
The backgrounds vary from very nice to a bit dull, but there’s usually enough happening to take your mind off the graphics.
LASTING INTEREST It’s a toughie, so it’ll take you ages to complete: and even if you do manage to finish it, it still has enough variety to come back to if you fancy a blast at any time.
JUDGEMENT Denaris still rules. X-Out is very competent and a good'example of the genre, but what new features it has don’t lift it head and shoulders above a dozen or so other quality shoot-em-ups. If, however, you really need a new (and different) challenge, then it’s well worth checking out. Andy Smith GRAPHICS 8 SOUND 6 INTELLECT 3 ADDICTION 7 OVERALL 78% f That's right, straight from Gotham City (or the Commodore warehouse) comes the incredible, the AMAZING, NEW AMIGA BATMAN PACK... A REAL 'BAT-BARGAIN' AT ONLY... PLUS... BATMAN THE MOVIE F18 INTERCEPTOR NEW ZEALAND STORY DELUXE PAINT II
Now you can laugh as much as Joker and cash in with some GREAT QUALITY GAMES.
The Batman Pack includes ALL OF THE FOLLOWING... Amiga A500 with Modulator 1 Meg Internal Disk Drive Mouse 512K RAM Kickstart 1.3 All Connecting Leads Two Operation Manuals Workbench 1.3 System Disk THE SORCEROR'S PACK If you don't think you've got enough to keep you going with the Batman Pack, consider this EXTRA SPECIAL PACK... Let Merlin wave his wand and as well as the Batman Pack above you'll get Ten Great Games worth a staggering £229.50!
The Sorceror's Pack consists of... The Batman Pack as listed above, Amegas, Art of Chess, Barbarian the Ultimate Warrior, Buggy Boy, Ikari Warriors, Insanity Fight, Wizball, Thundercats, Mercenary Compendium and Terrorpods!
CBM 1084S £259 (DtBfea lab%(fmonfois,pirEsrTW vay.FbasephonefcrtetrlbrTT DISK DRIVES A 590 20Mb Hard Disk £379 VORTEX 40Mb Hard Disk...£499 CUM AN A... CAX354,3.5" Floppy .....£89 CAX1000 5.25" Floppy £125 ACCESSORIES A501 RAMPACK £139 A host of accessories are available from Merlin Express at competitive prices. Just phone to obtain a quote for whatever you need.
ORDERING: Just phone our order line using your Access Visa card, OR, send a cheque postal order with requirement details.
(Cheques need clearance prior to despatch) You choose either, by post at no extra cost, or simply add £5 per large item for next day courier service.
DELIVERY: 060242-4444 WARRANTY: Goods that prove faulty within 30 days will be exchanged for NEW.
After 30 days, but within 12 months, EXPRESS LIMITED DEPARTMENTAMF M1, 5 REDWOOD COURT SALISBURY STREET, NOTTINGHAM NG7 2BQ Telephone:0602 424444 (24 Hour Order Line) F MERLIN All mail order enquiries to:- Gremlto Graphics Software Ltd.
Alpha House, 10 Carver Street.
Sheffield Si 4FS.
Tel: (0742) 753423.
BAM SOUUIFtON Don’t crises come up at just the wrong times? Just as you are enjoying a well-earned rest from defending Earth against alien oppression, an urgent message is sent from Galax Lunar HQ cancelling all leave. It seems that Earth’s saviours against the Barrax Empire didn’t make it home after their mission.
ELECTRONIC ZOO £24.99 ¦ Joystick, Mouse or Keyboard After commanders Mayers and Bergin had devastated the Barrax troops on Urania, the enemy sent an attack cruiser to kidnap and return them to Terrainia where they are even now held hostage. Rather than bend before the aggressors’ demands, Galax Lunar HQ has decided to launch a daring rescue mission. It has been decided that it would be more benificial to send a couple of small attack fighters to sneak behind the alien defences and rescue the heroes, rather than sending a huge battle fleet, which stands the risk of alerting the Barrax
You play the Squadron Commander chosen to head the rescue mission in this follow-up to the frantic Hybris. The basic style of the game is similar to its predecessor, being a vertically-scrolling shoot-em-up with additional weapons, but instead of allowing you simply to zoom up the screen blasting everything in sight until you get to the end, the game presents a scrolling planet surface section with a series of craters leading to various underground caverns. The enemy craft from all these sections have to be taken on before the captured commanders can be freed.
You start off with the basic splat 'em laser weapons and a limited supply of devastating Nova Smart Bombs. These weapons can be replenished and improved as you go on by shooting carrier craft to reveal a coloured weapon pod, the weapon awarded depending on the colour of the pod.
GRAPHICS AND SOUND One of the most impressive things about Battle Squadron is its superb appearance. The graphics are so well designed and smoothly animated that you could easily think that you are looking at a coinop. The sprites and backgrounds have a strong combat atmosphere, with metallic tanks and ships moving around futuristic industrial landscapes on the surface and all manner of weird creatures underground. Sound is of an equally high standard, some parts of the tunes and the odd effect sounding very Japanese and extremely powerful too.
LASTING INTEREST The action is very frantic and compulsive but, as is the way of many shoot-em-ups, once you've managed to smash your way through the alien defences once it’s likely you won’t return for a repeat attack. This is probably the reason for the number of scrolling blasts on the market and their success.
Still, the going is tough, and it’s doubtful that you’ll complete it in that much of a hurry, so it should manage to keep its hold on your trigger finger for a while at least.
JUDGEMENT The genre of vertically-scrolling shoot-em-ups is like formularised pop music: it has to exist, because that’s what the majority of young gameplayers appear to be into. But it's still quite nice to see one that’s as expertly done as Battle Squadron. It looks and sounds attractive, the gameplay is frantic, but when all is said and done there isn't a great deal of depth to the game. Still, this shouldn't put off blast fans, since this is designed specifically for them, and does the job beautifully.
Battle Squadron is an excellent example of how to write a shoot- em-up. Maff Evans GRAPHICS 9 SOUND 8 INTELLECT 3 ADDICTION 7 OVERALL 82% V4(,Jc t«»t r .fa rr* 5C Ojt Simulating mediaeval warfare is this one or two player wargame from new boys ARC. Two feuding princes on a small island have decided to do away with each other, so they’ve both amassed an army (ranging from 45 to 514 men, decided by each player at the start of the game) made up of cavalry and foot soldiers and decided to go after each other.
The objective is simple: kill the other player's prince before he kills yours.
ARC £24.99 ¦ Mouse Once the size of the armies has been decided and the particular island picked from the eight possible, the armies are plonked down and battle begins. There are three levels of visibility - whether you can see the opposing army - from totally visible even though it's on the other side of the island, to only visible when your troops are on screen as well. There are three zoom-in options too: the first shows your army represented by the prince’s banner, the second shows the army represented by regimental commanders, and the third takes it right down to company commander
level, showing each soldier.
The screen displays your army’s initial position on the map.
In magnified mode all the player gets to see is a small area of the map with his troops on, through a small window on the left of the screen. Issuing orders also depends on the level of magnification: regimental orders at level two and company at level three. The orders available vary for the type of troop, but generally include walk, charge and withdraw.
To issue an order, simply select the company or regimental commander, choose the order from the list at the side and then move the silhouetted company or regiment to another part of the small window. The troops then follow the orders (as best they can) and, since everything happens in real time, you can select another commander or issue more orders.
When the two armies meet battle occurs automatically and usually the fight continues until one prince has been killed. At this point no more orders can be issued by either side, but both sides will continue with their last orders until either they’re fulfilled or the other prince is killed, and the battle is called a draw. Then it’s back to the start-up screen and time to fight again.
GRAPHICS AND SOUND The action window has a distinctly Populous-like feel about it. At the most magnified level, the ground and troop detail is great and the impression of a real undulating landscape is strong. Its all very colourful and well animated, though things can get very confused if you don't select the ‘remove corpses’ option. For a wargame it’s a looker. The intro music is also excellent and the ingame effects are very good if a little repetitive.
LASTING INTEREST Playing solo, the game soon runs out of steam unless you pep it up and ‘limit sef yourself by giving your opponent loads more troops.
Playing against a human opponent is much more of a challenge, especially as you can data-link two machines (even Amiga-ST) and play a remote opponent. The lack of options and variety, though, will tend to take the edge off of the game sooner than a more involved game would have.
JUDGEMENT Despite the great presentation there are a few basic parts to the gameplay that let it down. The moving of troops is very annoying as it can be very fiddly to get a particular regiment or company into the place you want: it's all to easy to make a mistake and send them off to the wrong place, only to have to go and do,it all again.
Frustrating, because everything happens in real time.
It's also annoying that the troops give little indication of when they’ve completed an order and are ready for the next. The zoom- in feature and the small play window are nice ideas that just don’t quite come off. Billed as a game that's “ideal for arcaders who want to experience the wargame phenomenon” it falls between the two being far too limited in both areas.
Andy Smith GRAPHICS 7 SOUND 7 INTELLECT 5 ADDICTION 5 OVERALL 54% “Think of what you get in Falcon and double it ... brilliant action and a scenario depth that'll leave you gasping in awe; there are 99 different missions... Retaliator is even better than Falcon, and it’s certainly much bigger... A brand new, and rather brilliant fighter bomber simulation." Zero 94%.
“Utte y mouth-watering graphics and an ‘Astounding just to look at, with the fastest, smoothest, most detailed and realistic 3D graphics seen... but it’s the sheer depth that makes F29 the best combat flight simulation I’ve seen.
The wealth of missions is incredible... giving K ttenofmous lasting 6 Central Street • Manchester • M2 5NS Telephone: 061 832 6633 Telex: 669977 OCEANS G • Fax- 061 834 0650 ATARI ST AMIGA IBM PC YES! Now you can buy high quality 16-Bit games for only £4 99 NITRO BOOST CHALLENGE Amazing playability! A brilliant simulation. Featuring fantastic desert car chases - power speed boat racing
- frantic forest rallying and NITRO BOOST Grand Canyon jumping!
PRO SKI SIMULATOR "A very sophisticated simulation indeed - realistic ski jumps and competitive two-player action - all enhanced with breathtaking graphics and excellent sampled sound effects."
GREAT GAMES NOW AVAILABLE ON 16 BIT CodeMasters has moved in to 16 Bit!
Superb quality games especially designed for 16 Bit computers.
TREASURE ISLAND DIZZY "DIZZY arrives on 16 Bit. Incredible playability, graphics and music - extra rooms. New puzzles and characters - Brilliant!!"
ADVANCED RUGBY SIMULATOR 'The first real simulation of the world- famous game - it's all there ... conversions, touch backs, line outs, drop kicks, real tackling, scrum downs, throw-ins and all the rest!
Cinemaware are a unique bunch of American programmers. Since 1987 they’ve been writing Amiga games to a brief of capturing the ‘feel’ of a film on a computer. In the past that's usually meant excellent graphics and atmospheric soundtracks, that have, sadly, been offset by a lack of gameplay and terribly frustrating amounts of disk swapping.
Recently though, Cinemaware seem to be nearing their goal - Rocket Ranger not only looked great but had some good gameplay - so have they finally got there with ICFTD? Well, things don’t get off to a good start. Unless you IT CAME FROM THE DESERT MIRRORSOFT £29.99 ¦ Joystick have a Meg of memory at your disposal then don’t even bother thinking about it. And it’s also supplied on three disks, so unless you’re also blessed with a second drive you’ll still have to endure frustrating amounts of disk swapping.
The theme of the game is a tribute to the awful-but-great ‘big bug’ B- movies of the Fifties cinema: things like Them!, Tarantula and Black Scorpion. You play the part of an American geologist who’s working in the town of Lizard Breath, in the middle of an American desert, for the last month or so since a meteorite fell on the outskirts of the town.
Being an intelligent chap, (and because you’ve read the game manual) you realise the meteorite has caused a colony of ants to mutate to gigantic proportions and you also realise that in about 15 days time they’ll probably wander into town and have a party, thus ending Lizard Breath as we know it. Unless you can persuade the mayor to call out the National Guard who can then use tanks and jets to go blast the queen ant and destroy her nest.
Soon after starting,- you’ll realise the game is a cross between a graphic adventure and an arcade adventure: you spend most of the time in adventure mode, interacting with the characters in the game and trying to find clues that will pinpoint the whereabouts of the nest, and gather evidence to show to the mayor.
Interacting with characters involves selecting responses from a list when certain situations arise, for example: there’s a knock on the door, which do you choose - shout “Who’s there?”, ignore it, open the door or leave by the back door? Which you choose affects the way the whole game goes from there.
The arcade games include things like knife fights, flying an aeroplane and putting out fires, and though none of them are tough they add variety to the game. It's the outcome of these arcade games that determines whether you're injured and thus have to spend valuable time in hospital recuperating, or get closer to your goal (time really is tight - a minute game time is roughly equal to a second of real time - so there’s even a Gauntlet- ish escape-from-hospital sub- game!) Will the gi-ants destroy Lizard Breath? Well, you're in the director's chair.
GRAPHICS AND SOUND Every location is well drawn and all the arcade games are well animated and excellent looking. The sound is also good, though the tunes do tend to get a little repetitive. It really is almost like being at the movies on a Saturday night.
LASTING INTEREST Winning the game is going to take a while, but once you have it's doubtful you’ll play again. It’s not a game that will keep you satisfied for months.
JUDGEMENT This is the closest Cinemaware have come to producing their interactive movie. The whole feel and atmosphere of the subject W -j : Or » j--, I _ as It * S “ ° i The map of the town.
F ti fifitK un - e» in * »« bfe SS mm i go;:
- -----1 V: * »
- } Select a place to go there.
Material has been caught excellently and, unless you’re playing with one drive, it moves along nicely. The arcade games are simple, but it’s the adventuring side of things that really keeps you at it.
Good stuff, but only if you've got the upgrades. Andy Smith GRAPHICS 9 SOUND 7 INTELLECT 3 ADDICTION 7 OVERALL 80% Power your way through 27 stages of highway horror engaging in mile after mile of motorised combat.
But first visitthe showroom to choose your car. Then stop at the garage to equip it from a huge choice of optional extras - front and rear missiles, side armour, power steering, turbo chargers and anti skid braking. But be selective, your budget is limited.
Then take to the tracks ready to do battle using your skill, determination and powers of endurance to reach the final Supercar Challenge.
Screen shots from Amiga version.
I ¦ GRAPHICS 6 SOUND N A INTELLECT 8 ADDICTION 6 OVERALL 82% Back in 1588, life was a good deal simpler. It was also a lot harder for most people and, to top it all, most nations seemed to be permanently at war with each other.
Back in 1588 England was no different and thanks to a whole series of events that gradually led to poor relations between England and Spain, things were just about ready to erupt again.
Catholic King Phillip II of Spain had just about had enough of the protestant Queen Elizabeth and so assembled an armada of some 130 ships at Lisbon with the intention of sailing to England, then escorting an invading army over from Flanders. The rest, as they say, is history.
Duke Medina Sidonia, the commander of the Spanish, did, however, have secondary orders which he was unable to fulfil. The King (so many observers believe) had told the Duke that if things got a bit tricky then to invade the Isle of Wight which would get right up the Queen’s nose and put pressure on her to concede to some other Spanish demands.
This one or two player wargame based on the great event deviates from history and starts just as the Duke has decided to invade either the Isle of Wight or a prominent sea port located on the English mainland.
There are two main games: the cut-down version of the game allows the player to fight with fewer ships and for only two days, whereas the full-blown game is played over five days with many more ships on both sides.
Whichever you decide to play, the game system is the same. You take on the role of either Lord Howard or Medina Sidonia and issue orders to the rest of your fleet based on what you can see in the four compass directions from your position on the flagship. To get the hang of the game it’s wise to select the option that allows you to view things from other commanders' positions or landmarks.
Orders are issued every half hour of game time (approx five minutes real time) by simply typing them in on the keyboard. The orders are then received by either the squadron commanders (Drake or Hawkins) or a particular ship (Victory or Lion) depending on who they were sent to. The distance the message target ship is away from the flagship has a distinct effect on the amount of time it takes for the ship to receive and act on the orders (ordering a ship that’s out of your line of sight, for example, is tricky).
The sort of orders available are usually basic - attack, patrol or disengage - but also very crucial. Should Drake’s squad go after an enemy squadron using long-range or short-range tactics?
The option picked could be crucial to the whole battle. Once you're happy with the orders sent, the game then moves the squadrons, resolves any combat and updates the screen before the whole process starts again.
GRAPHICS AND SOUND No sound (except the Plymouth one!) The graphics are very basic, too, though the ships are recognisable as ships. Graphics have never been a major consideration in a wargame, as it's better to have functional ones than merely pretty ones, but these are fine (although the update is not the fastest seen).
LASTING INTEREST There’s only the one scenario, which limits things, but that said, the game is complex and will take you a long time to play, and even longer to master. The two player option really does add even more lasting interest.
JUDGEMENT Unless you spend a lot of time with this game, you’re not going to get the best from it. Work needs to be put in during the game and unless you’re a real wargame fan you’re better off looking for something else. If you are a wargamer though, you’ll enjoy the chance to fight a decent sea battle and it’s well worth taking a look at for that reason. It’s not as good as the earlier game Borodino, but it’s a nice change and certainly no disappointment. Andy Smith ARMADA ARC £29.95 ¦ Keyboard and Mouse Red-Sabbath, the evil wizard, has come forth from the mountains in an attempt to
terrorise the peaceful land of Belloth. That’s not all he wants to do, though, because Belloth is the crossroads between five time zones. If Red-Sabbath can gain control of the land he can control the time zones.
To effect his dastardly plot, RS has kidnapped the princess Tanya and the keeper of the land, the Knight of Thunder (this means you!) Must go to fetch her back.
The problem is that the wizard has created five clones, one in each zone, who must be destroyed before the girl can be freed.
The action starts with your good self positioned in front of five stone pillars, each one representing a time zone. Choose which zone to enter and then not only must you defeat the wizard’s clone, but also find seven amulets that are being carried by his minions in different zones. Collecting an amulet in one zone is not always as helpful as it could be because for an amulet to work you need to be in the corresponding time zone: but collect one and you’re immediately put back in front of the pillars so that you can choose the next zone.
So, with monsters - walking, crawling, bouncing and flying - and a sorcerer in each zone to defeat, other hazards like jumps and collapsing floors may seem less of a trouble. Then there’s the time limit to consider. But by far the biggest problem is the nasties, which keep coming at you until you kill them off (although others take their place shortly afterwards) so it’s as well to get to know the eight combat moves and which to use on which enemy. Kill off the clones then walk away from the final battle with Red-Sabbath, and Princess Tanya and the land of Belloth will once more be safe.
GRAPHICS AND SOUND The backgrounds (for the most part) are superb. The sprites are all well drawn and large. The animation is fine on most bits except the aggressive moves and the walking and jumping is not the best ever seen. The sound effects are curious - your character makes a distinct horse trotting sound as he clip-clops across the screen - and there aren’t too many others either.
LASTING INTEREST It will take a while to complete, but you’ll have to be very determined to do so. Stick with it, though, and things begin to improve slightly, but unfortunately not much.
JUDGEMENT Only having one life is a real pain, especially if you’re a little way into the game. The control method used is very awkward and generally you’re left feeling the game has too little substance and too many annoying features to keep you at it. A case of nice sprites and backgrounds, but weak and frustrating gameplay. Andy Smith GRAPHICS 8 SOUND 6 INTELLECT 2 ADDICTION 4 OVERALL 33% Super Joe finally makes it out of the arcades and onto the Amiga in this conversion of the Capcom coin-op that was a hit about four years ago.
It’s a vertically scrolling shoot- em-up viewed from above in which the player takes charge of Joe as he goes charging up the screen and into rebel territory dealing death to anyone that gets in the way of his M60 or hand grenades.
Enemies appear from all parts of the screen and even from foxholes and behind sand bags.
Make it to the end of each stage and there’s a fortress to penetrate before progressing to 0 ELITE £19.99 ¦ Joystick or Keyboard the next stage, where things are invariably going to get tougher.
This always was a good coin- op and it’s nice to see Elite have done a good job with the conversion. It’s a little old, but still heaps of fun and tough and addictive enough to keep you coming back for more. Andy Smith GRAPHICS 7 SOUND 6 INTELLECT 2 ADDICTION 7 OVERALL 71% 50 AMIGA FORMAT FI?
M lAf ft R T R 0 W I C FAST I.ANI: SOI.DIIER 2000 FAKIE-IEM-OUT 1-3 Haywra Crescent, Harrogate, N YorkshireHGl 5BG.
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£85.00 BATMAN PACK AMIGA 500 includes Batman game,
Interceptor, Deluxe Paint II, New Zealand Story game. 6 other
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Units 74 75, Inshops, 68-74 Church Street, Croydon, Surrey, CR0 1RS As an employee of the Organisation for Strategic Intelligence it’s your job to design and test neural cybertanks. Sound easy enough? Well it’s not.
Designing a cybertank breaks down into two main sections: mechanical (chassis, weapons systems and so on) and technical (giving the tank some Artificial Intelligence, or Al).
The mechanical side of things is straightforward enough. You’re given a budget of 1,000 credits (initially) and have to choose a chassis, drive system, fuel and type of weapon. Designing the Al, however, is another matter.
Here you enter what the game calls the CCL module (Cybertank Command Language) and by building up a simple BASIC-like program you instruct the tank what to do once it gets on the battlefield.
If you're completely new to programming of any sort you’ll be glad of the inch-thick' ‘handbook’ that comes with the game and which takes you by the hand to gently lead you through building up a tank’s Al from scratch. This process includes telling it what to do when it ‘sees’ (more accurately, scans) an enemy tank and how to go about looking for these tanks.
As an aid there are also ‘capsules’ - complete Al routines - that can be loaded and incorporated into your design. Once you’re happy with the tank, authorize it (the program simply checks for syntax errors or missing bits of tank) and then test it.
Testing involves picking a battlefield (three pre-designed ones are available) and picking some enemies. Then its a case of sitting back and watching to see if your tank behaves as you hoped. If it doesn’t, you go back to the drawMINDSCAPE £29.99 ¦ Mouse and Keyboard ing board and try again. If it does, you can proceed to evaluation where you have to fight 10 battles against OSI-designed tanks. Win a high percentage of the battles and your security clearance is raised and your budget increased.
GRAPHICS AND SOUND Turn the sound off immediately: the trundling and firing effects are grating rather than satisfying. As for the graphics, well, they’re far from state-of-the-art because they’re very blocky and though they’re colourful they’re very simple. The text side of things is much better, though, with a suitable futuristic typeface in the Al module. Sounds awful but the graphics do their job: just about.
LASTING INTEREST Once you’re in, you’re hooked and will be constantly coming back to the game to try out another idea.
Get used to the program and you can get even more involved by including things like teams of tanks and communications between them. There’s even a battlefield designer so you can build your own scenarios. Omega has loads of lasting interest built in.
JUDGEMENT There’s something very obsessive about the game: it’s one you’ll be playing for hours at a stretch and frequently. It’s very cerebral stuff and, even though the game does feature battles, it’s not going to appeal to straight shoot-em-up fans who just want to spend time blasting at anything that moves.
Puzzlers and problem-solvers are going to love it, though. When you’re sat watching your tank in battle, if it suddenly decides it doesn’t want to fire any more and you’ve no idea why, you just have to go back through the Al and hunt down the problem. Which can take hours. Compulsive stuff that’s just slightly let down by the presentation. Andy Smith GRAPHICS 4 SOUND 1 INTELLECT 9 ADDICTION 9 OVERALL 87% T a Dr We1 Sc nH Class: Bent I eh El CeiIs: TOO un i +s i ve Shs + em Fu5i an apan Tmpe: HuHe a n n e r : 50 Hti - HQ CREDITS - MR H ? ? M AXEL’S MAGIC HAMMER GREMLIN GRAPHICS £19.99 ¦
Joystick Isn’t life as a young person wonderful these days? Playing in the sunshine with not a care in the world. What could possibly go wrong? Well, a nasty Dragon King could kidnap your girlfriend... This is what has happened to Axel’s lovely little friend Lucy, and Axel being the brave young thing that he is has decided to set forth to the rescue. Now he may be just a young lad, but he’s not short of the necessary hero-type mettle.
Just a hammer and a ton of courage is enough for him.
Unfortunately, a number of nasty creatures and obstacles lie between him and his girlfriend, such as bubbling lava pits, fluttering bats and deadly wasps.
Fortunately, Axel can give some enemies a swift smack with his hammer to take them out and, if that’s not enough, then broken blocks throughout the game reveal various power-ups, such as throwing hammers and a tough crash helmet which allows him to headbutt his way to Lucy.
You must guide Axel through a series of levels each with an individual style and atmosphere before you can ride off into the sunset with your sweetheart.
GRAPHICS AND SOUND The design is very much in the Japanese arcade adventure mould, complete with platforms to bounce around on, cutesie characters and twee, jangly tunes. This style of graphics is usually dominated by the dedicated game consoles, so it's nice to see that us Amiga users can get a look in.
The animation is clean, the sprites are jolly and the sound is boppy. Not a quantum leap forward in programming, but just right for this kind of game.
LASTING INTEREST At first death comes very easily to poor old Axel, but once you've worked out the locations of the various power-ups things get a little easier. Completing the first zone gives you an incentive to crack the higher levels, just to see what the next area looks like.
The ‘continue play' option means that you don’t easily get bored by having to start from the beginning every time, but it certainly doesn’t make an easy task of reaching the end of the game.
JUDGEMENT The trouble is that all possible variations on the platform game have been tried, so any new release has to be something really special.
Axel’s Magic Hammer is by no means a terrible game - the gameplay is lively, the graphics and sound are jolly and the atmosphere cute - but it doesn’t quite have that spark which raises it above other games in the field.
Maff Evans GRAPHICS 7 SOUND 6 INTELLECT 2 ADDICTION 5 OVERALL 67% Top Left: In the castle, and someone’s left the central heating on.
Top Mddle: Axel Bellamy is back in the undergwowth.
Top Right: Gotta keep up with technology ‘aven’t you? Axel’s in the factory.
Bottom Left: Our little hero searches the Aztec tomb.
Bottom Middle: Oh, fishy, fishy, fish! Don’t slip! Axel can’t swim.
Bottom Right: The diminutive adventurer gets his potholer’s head on for the underground level.
KICK OFF EXTRA TIME ANCO £9.95 ¦ Joystick This must be one of the most keenly-awaited expansion disks of all time. Why? Well, if you haven’t experienced the joys of Kick Off, your Amiga hasn’t been used.
Basically, Brian, the disk allows modifications to be made to the original game (and you will need the original KO disk) including deciding what sort of state the pitch should be in (soggy, hard and so on). There are also some extra playing formations including • r=n -V t* Full strength! Go on! Kick it now!
All-out attack (‘Blitz’) and all-out defence (‘Lockout’). But by far the biggest difference is the inclusion of a strength meter where the player can decide the strength of the kick by hitting the fire button when the small highlight bar at his feet changes colour (black to white: the blacker the line, the stronger the kick.
What a great idea all these variations are. What a shame they're a total waste of time. The strength meter just doesn’t work as an idea, the different pitches have little effect and the new tactics make little difference. It’s almost like you can take all the good bits out of Kick Off and play a very average football game.
Don’t bother with it. Andy Smith GRAPHICS 8 SOUND 6 INTELLECT 4 ADDICTION 4 OVERALL 4 5% 54 AMIGA FORMAT SSE--!
% m- Li 4 'A ¦ !
W '*¦£ -TS m __ 3|jg 35M f pvember 2015 League office disbanded, first completely cybernetic player fielded. Model ST32 gains 382 yards rushing in its first game, but loses an arm in the process.
January 2022 hu a lace-masking vioiat 5" pal" tt» er 20 bionic violation lESa IF?
mm. Jrtai I RUMffifc BRCH H M8ML JfSJI I ?¦Jl Atari ST
Screenshots © 1989 TENGEN INC. All Rights Reserved. Tengen
Inc. Licensed by Domark Ltd Programmed by: Quixel TENGEN
Available on: IBM PC, Atari ST. Amiga. Commodore 64 Cassette
& Disk, Amstrad Cassette & Disk. Spectrum + 3.
Spectrum 48 128 The Name in Coin-Op Conversions, OCEAN £24.99 ¦ Joystick or Mouse OPERATION THUNDERBOLT The man with the machine gun is back and this time he’s bringing his buddy. After rescuing the hostages in Operation Wolf, Roy Adams, trouble shooter, mercenary and general tough guy, is back in action, this time with his good mate Hardy Jones.
The follow-up to the smash hit Op’ Wolf has arrived. Now one or two players can join in the action and rescue some more hostages.
Arab terrorists hijacked a DC 10 flying from Paris to Boston and rerouted the plane to Africa. Only Roy and Hardy can save the day.
Armed with a sub machine gun and a fistful of rockets, the player has to work through eight stages of enemy territory to reach captives and liberate them. All the action is viewed through Roy’s (and Hardy’s) eyes and the basic idea is to shoot anyone that appears on the screen before they get a chance to blast away at you.
Things are never that easy, though: the enemy soldiers have back-up in the shape of helicopters, tanks and jets and your ammunition is limited. Just like in Op Wolf, extra ammo and rockets are acquired by shooting the crates that parachute down from the top of the screen before they hit the bottom.
In these crates can also be found things like power bottles which restore your energy (a meter at the base of the screen runs down as hits are taken), a bulletproof vest which reduces the amount of damage enemy bullets have on your Schwarzenegger-like chest and a laser sight.
Unlike Op Wolf, Op Thunderbolt doesn't give you a sight to start with - you have to make guesses as to precisly where your gun is pointing - so gaining the sight is a massive boon (the rotters ensure you start each new stage minus the sight, though, so you have to keep collecting it).
Also unlike its predecessor, Operation Thunderbolt has more variety in the levels. Some are horizontally scrolling, some have the enemy coming from the back of the screen towards you and so on.
The enemy’s arsenal has changed to include not only the familiar daggers and grenades, but also missiles. Make it to the later stages and you not only have masses of the enemy to kill but you also have to ensure you don't shoot the hostages by mistake. It is indeed a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it.
GRAPHICS AND SOUND The scrolling is a bit jerky at times, but you don't notice it once you get stuck into the action. What you do notice are the excellent sprites and the good backdrops. It looks great and the fine sound effects and bits of speech do their bit to add to the atmosphere.
Super, smart, smashing stuff.
LASTING INTEREST Boy, it’s tough. This is really a two- player game, so unless you've got super-human lightning reactions or are using a cheat mode, you're going to find it tough.
Even in two player mode this game is certainly no pushover and will take you ages to finish. Extra credits help, but not as much as you'd like, because if a player dies on a level the whole level has to be re-done. The difficulty tweaking has been set just right making it very addictive (even more so in two player mode than if you’re playing solo) so there's bags of lasting interest.
JUDGEMENT What a worthy successor to the original. Ocean have done a superb conversion job and captured the gameplay brilliantly. Op Wolf was good, but the variety to the levels and the extra challenge make this even better. Completely mindless and extremely violent, but very addictive and playable nonetheless. Andy Smith GRAPHICS 8 SOUND 8 INTELLECT 1 ADDICTION 8 OVERALL 88% OKAY TENNIS ACI NOW’S YOUR CHANCE TO COMPETE WITH THE BEST Pro Tennis Tour - The Ultimate Tennis Simulation ranks you 64th amongst the best tennis players in the world.
Set your sights on such championships as the Australian Open, Roland Garros, Wimbledon, and the US Open.
Step into center court, tighten your grip and prepare to serve up your best shot - Pro Tennis Tour is about to begin.
Warm up on one of six practice programs containing three levels of increasing difficulty. Put away shots like a Pro !
Master back-hand volleys, passing shots, and other winning tennis strokes.
Rush the net with confidence, knowing you can strategically place your next return.
Feel the excitement build as you challenge your next opponent and make your way to the top !
Screen shots repre Amiga is a register
L. AYER1 2 2 LAYERS- i& ¦ The Hound of Shadow doesn’t just
bite postman: he sends them into the outer darkness, second
One of the more solid of H P Lovecraft's creations, the Hound finds itself called from the Cthullan kennels and dropped in 1920s London. It is your task to defeat him in this text adventure from Eldritch Arts.
ELECTRONIC ARTS £24.99 Mouse and Keyboard You begin your quest to face the unfaceable, destroy the inde- structable, tame the untamable, climb every moutain and ford every stream either by. Selecting one of the ready-made characters or more cosmically by creating yourself. Once you’ve got your sexuality sorted out and have decided whether to be American or British, its time to pick a profession (I'll have a doctor please Bob). When battling unearthly canines with bad attitudes it makes little difference whether you choose to be a Gentleman Adventurer - tall, athletic, thick as two planks -
or a Psychic Investigator - a whizz with the ghouls but crap at fighting - but this section does give you the chance to get into your role.
Above Left: Your character’s abilities must be bought, in time-honoured fashion, from a limited supply of funds granted you at the start of play. Above Right: The seance at which you first meet the hound.
With profession in hand it's time to pick some skills: anything from swimming to occult knowledge. Job done, you save yourself to a User Disk. Tally ho! And into the scenario.
The game really hates to see you get lost. In fact it hates to see you going anywhere other than where it thinks you should be. To this end subsidiary characters crop up from time to time, usually when you’ve taken one turning too many, and helpfully give you directions back to where you should be.
This can lead to ho-ho highly amusing situations where Mr Pleasant Gentleman tells you that you look lost and asks you where you want to go. You say “home” and shazam he points you in the right direction. Spooky eh? Well not really, no.
As a straight-down-the line text adventure you would expect the parser to be something special, but strange things happen: the United Arab Emirates are in the World Cup and it doesn’t make them Brazil, and the parser is about average. Loads of atmosphere-wrenching ‘I beg your pardons’ or Try agains’ litter the screen and there are no Again or Repeat commands. A few of the function keys have been redefined to save you having to type Examine (and gosh you do a hell of a lot of that) but shortcuts are not the norm. This does tend to defeat the purpose of a scenario with should rely on
constant, unbroken tension and latent terror.
The first major scene is a seance. You are whisked away in a cab by your chum John who is not the most talkative cove in the world. At the seance, the game, rather than you, manages to work out that the Adept Karmi and his charming assistant Yasmin are fakes. Only after this revelation does the Adept point the finger, or rather the paw, of the hound at a bookish young man. A dowager faints (before you’ve had the chance to get the brandy out the game tells you that you should help her) and you get to examine a lot of furniture before being lead away by friend John. It’s all a bit too quick and
there’s too much nannying along by half.
GRAPHICS AND SOUND An excellent way to create an atmosphere is by use of music, sound even... well any audio stimuli would have been nice.
Unhappily, this chance to ena- hance the game is missed and you have to make do with a walkman playing old Dr Who soundtracks.
An occasional graphic, such as a staircase, hits your screen in order to ehance the atmosphere.
The problem here is that you can have graphics or text but not graphics and text. The atmosphere is fractured rather than heightened using this technique and the best advice is to toggle the pictures off.
LASTING INTEREST With no sound and graphics which take over the screen, the Hound of Shadow relies on long descriptive passages to hold your attention. To give it its due, these are not half bad. There are none of those painful puns which disrupt other, similar, outings. The downside here is that you think that there must be an awful lot to examine when in fact thfere is very little. Those situations or objects which do require scrutiny are pointed out in no uncertain terms.
JUDGEMENT To make such slight use of the machine’s capabilites seems a great shame. The lack of sound and the rather pallid graphics (the sepia tone of some is, one would suppose, a attempt at recreating the 1920s) only serve to lose concentration. As a tale, the Hound of Shadow has a great deal of potential. If you were really set on exploring London, learning a tiny bit about Lovecraft’s world (try some of his short stories) and finishing it because it’s there, then you might have some fun. On the other hand, the Call of Cthullu board games and a few mates would do just the same job in
not a dissimilar manner. Tim Smith GRAPHICS 5 SOUND N A INTELLECT 8 ADDICTION 4 OVERALL 45% Don't miss out on I Win with ARMALYTEI Watch out for your chance to win great prizes when you buy this stunning action game from Thalamus!
1*1 Two freedom fighters lost in eight sections of a deadly galaxy are a lone force, their own control and determination are the only things standing between them and oblivion.
Featuring eight levels of frantic shoot 'em up game play with stunning and original graphics, animation and superlative music and sound FX - it's an eye and ear shattering experience!
"Eight beautifully defined horizontally-scrolling levels . .. it's a mega-game" zzap: Thalamus, 1 Saturn House, Calleva Park, Aldermaston, Berkshire RG7 4QW S(07356) 77261 ATARI ST and AMIGA £19.99 CBM64 128 & AMSTRAD
TEL: 021 625 3388 CBM64 128 & AMSTRAD
AMIGA, IBM PC-DISK III PC’s, latest 386’s andlaptops networked
Amigas %t y% Scanners, Summagraphics Tablets.
M4 Junction7 special external disk drive + £40 software for £75 512k ram £69.95 ACCESS VISA & credit facilities Why buy mail order when you can visit us and still get a good deal from: SOFTSTORE, 408 410 BATH ROAD, (EVERITT’S CORNER) SLOUGH, BERKS, SL6 1JA A new South Bucks & Berks computer J l|||y store Business systems, y DTP, Music i video graphics & I games Amiga 500 gift pack Hjooks, disks etc + special deals 500, 5 octave kbd, music software& gift ¦" pack tm Roland modules for PC’s, Amiga’s & ST’s.
Amazing sounds for serious midi musicians or Sierra games players Delivery?
They are all important to us !
Ome and visit us or phone on: 0628 668320 Athene Computers 0705 511439 HflHUBRSDFT Dept AF 16 Stoke Road Gosport Hampshire PO!2 1JB BEST SELLERS .AMIGA Altered Beast ..16.99 Barbarian II .....17.90 Batman The Movie ..16.90 Bloodwych ......16.90 Chase HQ 16.99 Dragon's Lair (1 Meg) .34.90 Driving Force ...16.90 Dungeon Master (1 Meg) ....17.90 F-l 6 Combat Pilot ...16.90 Flight Sim.
II ....26.90 Ghostbusters II 16.99 Hard Driving ....16.99 Hollywood Poker ......8.99 Kick-Off 13.90 Lords Of The Rising Sun .....20.95 Music X-Official UK version 169.95 Never Mind .....13.90 Outrun ...8.99 Populous .16.99 Promised Lands data disk ....8.99 Robocop ..16.99 RVF Honda ......16.99 Shadow Of The Beast +
T-Shirt..24.90 Space Ace ......32.90 Strider .16.99 Super Hang On 17.90 Triad II .17.90 Untouchables ..16.99 Xenon II Megablast .16.90 SPECIAL OFFERS (WHILE STOCKS LAST) Backlash 8.99 Better Dead,Then Alien ......11.99 Bermuda Project 1.2 only ...11.99 Crash Garrett ....8.99 ECO 11.99 Hellbent .8.99
Knight Ore 11.99 Major Motion .....8.99 Mercenary ..8.99 Netherworld ......9.99 Pandora ...11.99 Phantom Fighter .....11.99 Sky Chase .9.99 Zynaps ..9.99 QUALITY JOYSTICKS Cheetah Mach 1 .....13.90 Com Pro 5000 13.90 Comp Pro Extra (clear) 14.90 Super Professional (autofire) 13.90 LEISURE AMIGA Battle
Chess ...16.99 Batman Caped Crusader ....16.90 Battle Squadron ......16.90 Cabal ...16.99 Castle Warrior .16.90 Continental Circus ..14.50 Damocles ......*16.90 Elite .....16.90 Fiendish Freddy's Big Top ...17.90 Games (Summer Edition) ....16.99 Indiana Jones Last Crusade 14.50 Infestation 16.90 Interphase 16.99 It Came From The Desert 1 Meg
..20.99 Ivanhoe ..*17.90 Laser Squad ...13.99 Light Force (4 Pack) 16.99 Moonwalker ....16.99 Operation Thunderbolt 16.99 Pacmania .13.90 Paperboy .13.90 Pro Tennis Tour 17.90 Silkworm ..13.99 Speedball .16.99 Stryx ..*13.90 Stunt Car Racer ......16.99
Targhan ...16.90 Test Drive II (The Dual) 16.99 Turbo Outrun ...16.99 Xenomorph .....16.90 ADVENTURE & SIMULATION AMIGA Bomber ...20.99 Dragons of Flame ...17.90 Dungeon Master (1 Meg) .....17.90 Faery Tale Adventure ...13.99 F-l 6 Combat Pilot ...16.90 F-16 Falcon .....20.99 Falcon Mission Disk 13.99 F-29 Retaliator .16.99 Flight Sim.
II ...26.90 Japan or Europe Scenery Disk ...13.90 Future Wars ....17.90 Hound of Shadow ...17.90 Indiana Jones Adventure .....16.99 Journey ...21.50 Keef The Thief .16.99 Leaderboard Birdie .16.99 Red Lightning ..20.99 Scrabble Deluxe .....14.90 Sim City ...19.90 Swords Of Twilight ..16.99 GRAPHICS & MUSIC AMIGA Deluxe Paint II (PAL) 39.90 Deluxe
Paint III (PAL) (1Mb) .59.90 Digipaint III (PAL) .....59.90 Digiview Gold (PAL) ...129.90 Fantavision (PAL) ....34.90 Minigen Genlock (PAL) .99.90 Photon Paint (PAL) .35.00 Photon Paint II (PAL) (1 Mb) 66.90 Pro Video Plus ......179.00 Sculpt 3D XL (PAL) 119.00 Sculpt 4D JMR(lMb) ..99.90 Sculpt4DAnimated Mb) 369.00 Turbo Silver .....98.90 TV Show (PAL) (1Mb 69.90 TV Text (PAL) ...69.90 Aegis Sonix
2.0 .....49.90 AMAS Digitizer 74.90 Deluxe Music ...49.90 Future Sound Digitizer .79.00 Music X .169.95 Midi Master Interface ..32.95 BUSINESS Arena Accounts ....119.00 Excellence ....159.90 Home Office Kit ....126.90 Kindwords II ....38.90 Pen Pal 98.90 Protext V4.2 ....64.90 Pagesetter VI.2 .....64.90
Pagestream ..119.90 Professional Page 1.3 (1 Meg). 169.90 Publishers Choice ...73.90 Word Perfect 4.1 ..159.90 HARDWARE UK ONLYfFREE DELIVERY) Amiga Pack 1 Amiga A500 Batpack Inc. TV Modulator, Batman, Interceptor, New Zealand Story & Deluxe Paint II ....., 375.00 Amiga Pack 2: As in 1 with 10 STAR PACK 399.00 Amiga A500 & STEREO MONITOR ..609.00 A501 1 2 MEG EXPANSION CLOCK .119.90 NEW 1 2 MEG EXPANSION pi nrk qq on cumana 3.5- i meg Dri t
:::::::::95 oo STAR LC10 COLOUR PRINTER ....225.00 STAR 24 PIN PRINTER ..259.00 Branded Disks x 10 inc. labels 11.95 AMIGA PACK 1 Amiga A500 computer mouse, TV mod, WB 1.3 manuals £349 inc AMIGA PACK 2 Amiga Pack 1 with 10 games, (worth over £250) £379 inc AMIGA PACK 3 Amiga A500 with 1084 monitor, and Plinth 5 blank discs £599 inc AMIGA PACK 4 Amiga A500, Philips 8833 monitor, Plinth & 5 blank discs.
Only £579 inc AMIGA BUSINESS PACK A500,1084 or 8833 mon, second 3.5" drive, plinth, Platinum Scribbler software.
STAR LC10 Printer.
BATMAN THE MOVIE £839 inc AMIGA o Commodore £399.99 INC VAT RRP INCLUDES D' PAINT II F18 INTERCEPTOR Please Send Cheques Postal Orders to: HAMMERSOFT, (dept f) Titles Available on Request!
ORDERS ENQUIRIES : TEL (0603) 812416 47 MILL ROAD, HETHERSETT, NORWICH, NORFOLK NR9 3DS Access, Visa, Eurocard & Mastercard Accepted
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MUCH, MUCH MORE CO _CD Cl CO 03 CO 3 o 3 o Q £ 4 ' -1 CD CD
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co 03 TD L E 3 E CD -d Id tj CD CD L_ CD 4 ' Q. 03 3 00 OO Q.
OO TD CD O 03 CD O +- §- F 00 = _ d O d 03 1 CO TD 4 * CD r= E
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CD TD Q d CD aS 03 CO OO 03 t i E o CD -d CD O CO CD CO E CD CJ 2 CD DO d o CD Cl V CD - 4-4 CD 03 to d 3 o TD CJ CD o o Q. E CD CD E« to m E
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- TO O 3 _d O CJ ‘4-4 Id CD $ Cl CD -d 00 d 4-4 E a 4-4 E CD CD
4-4 CO 3 00 O 7= Q. CO Welcome to a series of articles in which
most aspects of games programming will be discussed in depth.
More specifically, and quite naturally, it will be aimed
squarely at Amiga games programming.
Games are made much simpler on the Amiga by the abundance of specific hardware that the machine possesses to handle the kinds of work games require.
Hardware Reference Manual Ganacvfcvr Mefcaex tv.
I will assume some knowledge of 68000 programming. There have been many articles written on this subject, and good books available, for some time now. One book that is pretty essential is the bible of Amiga games programmers, the Hardware Reference Manual.
Source Secrets To try to discuss game programming in general is a little difficult, because there is an unlimited variety of methods & tricks that are employed by different programmers. So, to give us a bit of direction, these articles will be accompanied by the full source code to an Amiga-specific game: namely my first game, Menace.
Source code to games is generally kept hidden away under lock and key, because it is the culmination of many months’ work on the part of the programmers and a fair bit of the source code is usually carried on to other projects. It will be invaluable to this series, and hopefully beyond it, in getting across exactly how a game is designed & written.
Each month a specific part of the game will be documented, accompanied by the source code for that section. Menace should be of some interest as it does make use of a lot of Amiga-specific hardware: hardware sprites, dual play- field, hardware scroll, screen splits and so on (even though the game may look a little old these days!)
Defining our Terms Some terms that are used in games programming may cause a little confusion, so first here is a short-list and description of the main ones used by programmers.
VERTICAL BLANK or FRAME - Essentially l 50th of a second, the time it takes for a TV or monitor to update its display. An important factor for a game is the speed it runs at. The fastest will be 50 frames per second, ie the game runs as fast as the TV or Monitor can update. This leads to the silky- smooth scrolling of some games (like Menace, grin!) Which can only be achieved at this speed. You can scroll slower, say 25 frames per second, but this starts to introduce a slight shimmer to the graphics. It may be a surprise to learn most 3D games only run at about 10 frames per second, which
shows the scope for improvement if we had very fast hardware.
RASTER SCAN LINES - Raster lines are basically the horizontal lines produced by the monitor which are related to the vertical resolution of an Amiga screen.
Most games use 200 or more lines of display. NTSC displays used in the states can display a maximum of about 220 lines. PAL systems such as ours can display about 270 lines. The Amiga is a lot more flexible than other machines as it allows us to define our own screen sizes. The NTSC system is why so many games have a large black border at the bottom of the screen: what fills our screen by two thirds will give a full screen on an NTSC system.
Not many programmers go to the trouble of producing two versions due to the large number of changes needed to the game (myself included) but full marks go the programmers who do (Dino Dini with Kick Off, for example).
TIMINGS - One method often used to judge how fast a piece of code is taking to execute (rather than adding up all of the instruction times: no mean feat!) Is to change the background colour of the display to a certain colour at the start of the piece of code, then reset it back to- the original colour at the end of the code. This gives a visual colour bar fidgeting about on the screen, which is a nice indication of roughly how many raster lines the code is taking. Next time somebody says ‘I can clear the screen in about 100 raster lines' you will know what they mean.
DOUBLE BUFFERING - A technique that entails using two copies of the game screen. While one is being displayed the other is being altered, moving all the aliens about for example, this cuts out all forms of ‘flickering’ caused by changing a screen while we are looking at it.
It is quite hungry on memory due to the two screens, but is fairly essential for smooth animation.
- The Amiga has the facility of displaying hardware sprites
which is a very fast way of putting objects on the screen.
There is no visual way to tell the difference between hard
ware and software sprites: software ones are drawn into the
actual screen memory. Hardware sprites are a little limited on
the Amiga, but can be used for speed.
The main ship in Menace is made up of hardware sprites, but all of the aliens are software sprites.
Many people refer to software sprites on the Amiga as BOBS, short for Blitter ObjectS, as they tend to be drawn using the blitter.
MASKING - When drawing graphics into the screen it is preferable to leave intact the graphics that are already there. This is done by masking, which lets all ‘holes’ in the graphic that we are drawing show the graphics underneath.
The blitter in the Amiga is an expert at doing this for us.
EDITOR - Not a text editor, but a piece of software that allows the editing of game data such as level maps, or alien movement patterns. These are quite time-consuming to write but save a lot of time once completed. Menace has no editors: it was the first game I had written, and all data was typed in by hand. Halfway through the game I thought “Boy, do I need an editor!” but never got round to writing one. Unless you really enjoy a lot of typing, one is strongly recommended. Even one written in another language like BASIC will suffice: but the best ones are usually integrated into the game
allowing you to edit data at the press of a key.
This Month’s Source The source file on the Coverdisk (framework.asm) is a small but invaluable program. Most games tend to ‘bash the metal’ which simply means that the operating THE MENACE WITHIN AMIGA 500 MEMORY UPGRADES 512KB 512KB + CLOCK £69.95 NO CLOCK £59.95 256K X 4 CHIPS!
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GAMES PEOPLE PLAY Screen Shots taken from the Amiga and PC Versions ATARI ST £19.95 AMIGA £19.95 PC £24.95 051 -709 5755 I system is not used - ‘trashed’ - which leaves us with 512K of free memory and full control over all of the hardware. This is required near the end of writing a game when memory may be short, but it means having to reset the machine and reload the assembler and source, each time we test a program.
To get around this when trying out programs we can be nice the operating system by properly allocating some memory, using DOS to load some files, then WHACK, hit it where it hurts and take over the system. Once our program has done what it wants we revive the operating system: it has no idea what happened, so it carries on as usual.
This allows us to test virtually every aspect of a game as if it had complete control of the machine.
Of course if there are bugs in the code being tested which cause a crash, a reset will have to be performed. It is always nicer to work from RAM disk but be sure to save to disk regularly. A recoverable RAM disk is very useful if you have expansion memory. ASDG produce one (VDO:) which is by far the most bomb-proof: Menace was completely written using this, yet it survived 99% of crashes.
Framework uses the minimum of operating system routines to get by. This is the only time in this series that operating system routines will be used, so a quick run- through of their use is in order before we delve into the more meaty hardware.
OpenLibrary CloseLibrary To get access to certain system routines, such as DOS loading, requires us to open an associated library, which simply returns the address of a table containing some variables and addresses of the routines to call. Framework opens the graphics library to find the address of the system cop- perlist (more about this later). It also opens the DOS (Disk Operating System) library to access disk routines.
Move.l MemNeeded,dO properly allocate some chip AllocMem FreeMem Continued on Page 68 An exec library routine (the exec library is always in memory) to ask THAT MENACE SOURCE CODE... Here is a complete listing of the source code included on this month’s Coverdisk. Framework takes over and shuts down the Amiga system so that the game can do what it likes. You can type this listing in using a text editor if you so wish.
* Amiga system takeover framework
* 1988 Dave Jones, DMA Design
* Allows killing of system, allowing changing of all display £
* blitter hardware, restoring to normal after exiting
* Memory must still be properly allocated deallocated upon
* entry exit
* DOS routines for loading must be called BEFORE killing system
* Written using Devpac2 section Framework,code c
* READ ME !!!
* The following block of conditional code is included to provide
* full compatibility with Argonaut's ArgAsm assembler system. The
* include files provided with ArgAsm are different from those on
* the Devpac program disk therefore several extra assignments
* to be made for the code to successfully assemble under ArgAsm.
* - Jason H. ifd _ _ArgAsm incdir"Include:" include
exec funcdef.i _Sys3ase equ $ 04 elseif incdir "include " endc
* END OF CONDITIONAL 3LOCK libraries dos_lib.i exec exec_lib.i
hardware custom.i GraphicsName(pc),al open graphics library
purely to find the system copper open the DOS library to allow
the loading of data before killing the system include include
include Hardware equ SdffOOO MemNeeded equ 32000 SystemCopperl
equ $ 26 SystemCopper2 equ $ 32 - PortA equ $ bfe001 ICRA equ
SbfedOl LeftMouse equ 6 start lea move.1 clr. 1 jsr move.1 lea
clr.l jsr move.1 _SysBase,a6 dO _LVOOpenLibrary(a6)
dO,GraphicsBase DOSName(pc),al dO _LVOOpenLibrary(a6)
dO,DOSBase the system for some free memory is called. Even if
you multitask your assembler there should be around 200K free
for testing.
Framework will simply exit if not enough memory could be allocated. Only CHIP memory (the specialist hardware can only access the first 512K, termed chip memory) is allocated because virtually all data used by a game has to be accessed by the hardware.
DOS Open Read Close There are no DOS routines in framework at the moment as there was no need at this stage. These will appear next month to allow us to load any file into our allocated memory. Files can also be included straight into the source with the INCBIN directive: however, this tends to make assembly time quite long. DOS routines are simple to use so we’ll take this path.
The above is the full extent of the operating system routines used. The rest of Framework basically consists of two routines, TakeSystem & FreeSystem.
TakeSystem saves all the vital information about the system, namely copper list addresses, and DMA and interrupt status. The system is then stopped by disabling all interrupts and DMA channels. This frees us to set up our own values.
Between the TakeSystem & FreeSystem calls is where our code will sit until FreeSystem is called, at which point the system is revived and we will be returned to the CLI.
If you run Framework as it stands just now, not a lot will happen. The screen will blank to the background colour, the mouse pointer will disappear and the usual disk drive clicking will vanish. The system is now dead, waiting for the left mouse button to be pressed.
Press the mouse button and everything will return to normal.
Note that we did not clear the screen in Framework, yet it did disappear. This is because we turned all DMA (Direct Memory Access) off. The Amiga uses DMA extensively when it requires to fetch or move memory. All the custom chips use this feature to fetch the data they need (blitter, sound, sprites etc) and we can selectively * turn on or off their ability to do so. DMA does tend to slow the processor down if it is being used extensively: however, this method of fetching moving data is a lot faster and more efficient than using the processor to do the same job.
Main Game Loops To give an idea of exactly what routines will be covered later, we will look at the 'main game loop’ for Menace. All games should have a main game loop. Through the use of descriptive labels in your source this should show virtually every stage of the game as it is processed. Cue Menace: WaitLine223 vcount(a5) TwoBlanks MainLoop bsr not.b beq bsr Checkplayfield2 Moveship bsr bsr CheckCollision bsr EraseMissiles LevelsCode bsr bsr UpdateMissiles bsr Drawforegrounds PrintScore CheckKeys CheckPath MainLoop bsr bsr bsr bra TwoBlanks bsr Checkplayfieldl bsr FlipBackground bsr
Moveship bsr Restorebackgrounds bsr ProcessAliens bsr SaveAliens bsr DrawAliens bra Mainloop As well as the above routines we will also need extra ones that are not used in the main game. These will be high score, initialise, text printing etc. Each routine should be as independent as possible from each other. By this I mean it should be possible to remove one of the above routines from the main loop, and still run the game: Continued from Page 67 moveq.
1 2,dl memory for screens etc. jsr LVOAllocMem(a6) dl = 2, specifies chip memory tst. 1 dO where screens,samples etc beq MemError must be (bottom 512K) move.1 dO,MemBase move.1 “Hardware,a6 due to constant accessing bsr TakeSystem of the hardware registers * it is better to offset wait btst “LeftMouse,PortA them from a register for bne wait speed & memory saving(A6) bsr FreeSystem move.1 SysBase,a6 move.1 Mem3ase,al move.1 MemNeeded,dO free memory we took jsr _LVOF reeMem(a 6) MemError move.1 GraphicsBase,al jsr LVOCloseLibrary(a 6) move.1 DOSBase,al finally close the jsr LVOCloseLibrary(a6)
libraries clr. 1 dO rts TakeSystem move.w intenar(a6),Systemlnts save system interupts move.w dmaconr(a6),SystemDMA and DMA settings move.w $ 7fff,intena (a6) kill everything!
Move.w $ 7 f f f,dmacon(a 6) move.b %01111111,ICRA _ kill keyboard move.1 $ 68,Level2Vector save interrupt vectors move.1 S6c,Levei3Vector as we will use our own rts keybd & vblank
* routines FreeSystem move.1 Level2Vector,$ 68 restore system
vectors move.1 Level3Vector, $ 6c and interrupts and DMA.
Move.1 GraphicsBase,al and replace the system move.1 SystemCopperl(al),Hardware+copllc copper list move.1 SystemCopper2(al),Hardware+cop21c move. W Systemlnts,dO or. W $ c000,dO move.w dO,intena(a6) move.w SystemDMA,dO or. W $ 8100,dO move.w dO,dmacon(a 6) move.b %10011011,ICRA keyboard etc back on rts Level2Vector
dc. 1 0 Level3Vector
dc. 1 0 Systemlnts
dc. w 0 SystemDMA
dc. W 0 MemBase
dc. 1 0 DOSBase
dc. 1 0 Graphics3ase
dc. 1 0 crap dc .b 0 even GraphicsName
dc. b 'graphics.library' , 0 even DOSName dc .b 'dos.library',0
end Note that the tabulation and the ‘comment’ asterisks may
Obviously with funny effects, but the game should not crash. This greatly helps when debugging a game as it nears completion.
Some of the most obscure bugs are when areas of memory may be being corrupted. With a main game loop constructed of individual routines we would successively remove individual routines until the bug vanished: this way we will at least know in which routine the bug lies. Well, at least 90% of the time!
Data Structures - the essence of a game.
Anybody who has taken courses in programming should have had the concept of data structures hammered home to them. Designing good data structures for your game data CANNOT be over emphasised.
A data structure is simply a definition of exactly what data, and in what order, is needed to describe and control a certain object.
Take for example an alien moving about the screen waiting to be blasted. The information we need on this alien may be X & Y coordinates, number of frames of animation, where it is going, how may hits to kill it, how many hits has it taken, etc etc. To write code to move each alien individually would be very wasteful of time and memory, and be very inefficient.
One or two routines should be written that control every alien by working on a data structure that is common to all aliens.
Most programmers tend to work this way as it is a fairly natural way to do things. Try not to cut down on what data your structures contain in the hope of saving memory. Complete game code, with all the data structures, tends to use about 10%-15% of the available memory, the rest being used for graphics, displays, sound etc. (other games, such as 3D ones, may differ). The ProcessAliens routine from the main game loop simply processes data structures, and nothing else. This will be described in full later.
Next month will see the start of the really juicy programming bits with the source for the dual playfield scroll routine. ¦ m • s* im ZfSSfe. 'Vjl IB -c J t uj| pSS ’Wj j4vSw A AM ST and O amka Sixteen Bit Superdeals from the Sixteen Bit Specialists !
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Skills .
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Force ..... Ghouls and
Ghosts .. Highway
Patrol ..
HiNsfar .... Hard
Driving ......
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Metal ...... Hound of
Shadow .... Hot
Shot . Indiana Jones (Lucas
Films)...... Indiana Jones (US Gold) .....
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Ripper Kult
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II .. Lightforce (compilation)
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Paperboy Pinball
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Premier Collection (compilarion) Personal
nightmare ..
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A twelve game software pack as follows:- Beyond The Ice Palace, Buggy Boy, Ikari Warriors, Xenon, Battleships, Captain Blood, Arkanoid 2, Crazy Cars, Thundercats, Bomb Jack, Space Harrier, Live and Let Die.
Plus a competition Pro 5000 extra joystick ONLY £399.95 HURRY ! ! LIMITED STOCK AVAILABLE
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We sell everything that is computer related. If you are looking for anything, leave a message as to what it is and how much you would expect to pay! We will aim to find it.
ON YOUR DISK ARGASM Fully usable demo of this fabulously speedy assembler development kit as created, and used, by Jez San and his Argonauts. Here’s your chance to see if you've got what it takes to write smash games using the fastest programming environment on the Amiga.
MASTER SOUND Sound Off! Or should I say Sound On! Excititng demo of the capabilities possessed by Microdeal’s superb new sound sampling system. Whatever it is you want to do with samples, you’ll find plenty of features in this package to do the job.
GAME BUSTERS Another bumper selection of cheats to help you get further in games. On this month’s disk you’ll find underhand gameplay- ing methods for Toobin', Power Drift, Switchblade, Commando, and Continental Circus.
PONTOON Play your cards right and you might just be allowed to participate in a very simple but enjoyable game of Pontoon (21). It’s short, sweet and ace can be either high or low.
MED How about this! An excellent stereo sample sequencer that will not only let you compose four-track ditties, but also lets you play them back under interrupt and from within your own programs. Tidy the samples in Master Sound and organise them into something resembling a tune within MED. You’ve never had it so good.
Don’t just sit there! Get your programming tools out and earnyourself some dosh. We’ll accept anything: Workbench hacks, demos, utilities, games, game cheats! Turn to Page 78 to see if you’ve got what it takes to write software for the Amiga Format Coverdisk.
DISK EM The Amiga Format Coverdisk brings you the very best in public domain and reader software. RICHARD MONTEIRO takes you on a guided tour of this month’s collection of binary beauties.
Dependant Normal Disk AH0:TEST ¦¦ ¦ ¦ Opt i fuse Header filename INCDIR path list Cancel Assemble ARGASM PROGRAM: ARGANOUT FILES: ARGASM, ARGASM.DOC, VQMB.S, UDEMO.S It may smack of smut, but in truth ArgAsm (ARGonaut AsseMbler) is a hugely powerful programming development system. It's the very system all at Argonaut use to produce stunning games like Starglider II and the yet-to-be-released Hawk.
ArgAsm is a combination editor and assembler. With it you can write assembler source - MOVE!
D5, 90000 and so on - and then compile the source to produce executable binary programs.
Unfortunately if you’re new to the assembly game you’re going to have difficulty with ArgAsm. Not Timings Symbol listj _ Maximum object size 65536 Macro definition size 16384 Header filename _ Optimise Yes INCDIR path list AH8:INCLUDE § Statistics No ArgAsm’s integrated assembler and text editor makes for very fast developing. It’s possible to edit different sections (or even the same bits) of a text file at the same time using ArgAsm’s handy windowing system.
Object code type Case dependence Debug information List to None Output to Error options List options ,ine;3 Column 122 Size:15 lEHAssembie Preferences: IEJIDF&: §ota c£4, §: Assemble options because it’s unduly complex, but because the package simply isn't aimed at the beginner. ArgAsm is geared for professional users.
The usable demo has all the features of the full version minus the save option. So, as you can imagine, there’s plenty to explore.
You’ll notice seven menu headings in the menu bar when you launch into ArgAsm. All file handling takes place in the Project menu. A requestor will appear when you elect to load a file. You can either type in VQMB.S or UDEMO.S at this stage. These are a couple of demo assembly files for you play with. You’ll probably want to assemble the files: go to the ArgASM menu and click on Assemble. A box packed with compiling options will appear. Unless I Rrsfc. TiRH Heos Assciftler ‘-’ Stftnee Iri.
Waitiflt Settles Beti test*) riists'i) letf ftifisestili* teseialiej, ttrifie -KCcttiMt trie !s WjlTDH « li«S. Fcytes AiKtMfe. Asseitiri 1* t.2S t*ts. !'i*l IrH.
23 swbau, i utri IS* left uck»k*. I5534 sijtcttrie Miff.
LYstii sestfii *srisrwt. I iidfile's) letil tim ms i.32 tke&rzt iitti Lfs.
J Zsrzrs. 8 iiiKiass, ttsities Itleyeriist Crie.
I ret tt tsstisa-S I you have specific needs, it's best to leave everything alone. The Maximum object size and Macro definition size will have to be altered if you've only got a 512K machine. This is done by clicking the arrow within the size gadget and typing in a new value.
From then on it’s pretty much plain sailing. The editor is straightforward to use, and supports full cursor key controls.
Getting started Argasm needs 1Mbyte of memory to be useful. And it must be run from the CLI. Inside the ArgAsm drawer you’ll see an icon called
CLI. Click on this to get going.
When you’re greeted with the 1 prompt type in ARGASM and press the Return key. Nothing will happen if your machine hasn’t got enough memory. If everything goes according to plan you’ll be greeted by a large window calling itself ArgAsm Demo.
You're now inside ArgAsm.
Clicking and holding the right mouse button will allow you access to the menus in the menu bar.
To return to the Workbench you must click on Quit All in the Project menu. Clicking on this option will result in you being sent to the CLI. Don't panic. Simply type in ENDCLI and press Return.
The familiar Workbench screen will glide into view.
PONTOON PROGRAM: RICHARD WILDMAN FILES: PONTOON, PONTOON.DOC No points for guessing what this is all about. When the program has loaded you will see two cards at the top of the screen face down and two at the bottom of the screen face up. Your cards are face up.
The objective of the game - now come on, don’t tell me you don't know - is to make the value of your cards as close to 21. Go over 21 (become bust) and you immediately lose. Court or picture cards all have a value of 10. The ace can be either one or eleven - it’s up to you to decide which value would be most beneficial.
MASTER SOUND PROGRAM: 2-BIT MICRODEAL FILES: Mastersounddemo, Masterpic, Masterseq Sound city! A demonstration of the powers of the software from Microdeal’s forthcoming low-cost sound sampler. While the package is cheap, there’s nothing cheap about Master Sound's stunning editing facilities.
Samples can be subjected to all sorts of punishment: cut and paste, overlay (for echo effects), fade, volume, compression, frequency shifts. But that's just half of it.
Master Sound also comes with a sample sequencer. Up to 18 samples can be held in memory and song patterns may be made up of any of the memory-resident sounds.
Sample the delights of Microdeal’s music software - you won’t be disappointed. Just sit back and listen to a fabulous demo of what this piece of kit can do.
Getting started Inside the Master Sound drawer you’ll find a program called... wait for it... Master Sound. Well there's a surprise. Double-click on the program icon to run the sampling demo.
HOTLINE 0225 765086 Between 4pm and 6pm on weekdays only.
Are you flummoxed by files?
Dumfounded by disks? If you’ve got a problem with the disk - and you’re sure the disk is in full working order - phone 0225 765086 with your query. State the model of your machine and anything you’ve got attached to (or plugged inside) the computer.
Don’t bother telling us the version of Workbench or Kickstart because Jason thinks it is silly and wastes valuable column inches. For problems with disks before Issue Five, phone Amiga Format direct.
Cards can only be picked up and cannot be dropped: you have the option of sticking (not picking up a card) at all times. Your adversary is the computer.
Getting started Double-click on the Pontoon program icon inside the Pontoon drawer. The game of cards will automatically start. Click on Hit Me to pick up another card, Stick to keep with what you’ve got and Play to start again.
- the numerous demos in the public domain boasting four-channel
stereo sampled sound. Have you ever wondered how coders man
age to squeeze such long sampled tracks into the computer? The
trick is that only very small bits of sample are resident in
memory; songs are created by playing great long sequences (or
patterns) of these samples. MED (or Music Editor) is a
composing tool that allows you to order samples and play the
tunes Pontoon by R. Hildmr.
Poataon by R. Hildmn AMIGA AMIGA Cover-!) I;k 187 CovepPisk ‘87 CoverDs 5k Si 74 AMIGA FORMAT Card.trick* My lucky number’s 21.
MI It has taken more than eight calendar years to create Knights of f Legend, the crowning achievement in medieval fantasy and role playing. We've developed the most comprehensive combat system ever, r surrounded by a meticulously crafted world of strategy, action and emotion. The lands are filled with hundreds of unique personalities and dozens of towns and hamlets - and the people are filled with spirit, .yy- ‘V’ conflict and honour. 3§ version Available for: IBM Tandy compatibles, Commodore C For further information on Mindscape ptoductf and your loccd Dealer, contact Mindscape
International Limited, PO Box 1019, Lewes, East Sussex Bltf84DW. Tel. (044 4E as a background task or from within your own programs. The results can be stunning.
MED is a sample sequencer and will use as many samples as will fit in memory at one go. Songs can be composed of some or all of the loaded samples.
GAME BUSTERS In addition to being able to determine the note values of samples, it’s possible to add effects, like slides, volume changes, vibrato, arpeggio and tempo, to the composition. Such is the control you have over your composition, that truly incredible pieces of music can be created. MED isn't far off being a commercially viable product. It's a stunner.
Along with MED you’ll find MEDPIayer (which lets you replay MED compositions), a C source listing for adding sample sequenced songs to your program, and three demo files so that you can hear just what MED is capable of.
Getting started It depends very much on what you want to do. If you want to listen to the song demos provided, double click on the MED Drawer.
Once inside, double-click on the EXAMPLES folder. Double-click on either SONG1, SONG2 or PORI- LAISTEN MARSSI to listen to a tune.
Enter the MED Drawer and then double-click on the MED program icon to run the composing tool. It’s pointless going through all MED's options: there are hundreds and there is a very comprehensive help file on the disk (well, several actually).
DAVE JONES SHOWS YOU HOW Along with a couple of demo assembly source files, you’ll find FRAMEWORK1.S and FRAME- WORK1.DOC inside the ARGASM drawer. These files belong to Dave Jones’ series on how to hit the Amiga hardware and get the best out of the machine.
Frameworkl.s is an assembler source file (compatible with HiSoft’s Devpac and Argonaut ArgAsm) which shows you how to kill the operating system, play around with the blitter and copper, and then return control to the system as though nothing had happened.
Dave Jones was more recently responsible for Blood Money, but this code is straight from his first hit game, Menace: he’ll be revealing plenty of the tips and tricks he uses when programming in the forthcoming months. Be sure not to miss any instalments.
The source file and player program can also be found in the MED Drawer. Both are extremely well documented. ¦ After overwhelming requests for more cheats, we employed the services of mega pokester Justin Garvanovic to come up with some really hot up-to- date hacks. And, boy, has he delivered. Just take a gander at these. All hacks can be found in the GAME BUSTERS drawer.
TOOBIN’ Workbench releaseh SlTTZ re jenory n0!Gan ustersZ= = Read lie nou» Continental Circus cheat FILES: TOOBIN CHEAT Ho, ho, ho! You’ve got the choice of infinite credits, infinite cans and infinite lives. If you can’t complete with that lot there’s something seriously wrong with you. When prompted, answer Y or N to the questions and then insert the original Toobin’ game disk.
Click the left mouse button to begin.
POWER DRIFT FILES: POWER DRIFT CHEAT Now you can finish outside the top three in this wacky racer. That should improve your chances of getting round all the courses. Insert Power Drift Disk A when prompted and click the left mouse button to start.
SWITCHBLADE FILES: SWITCHBLADE CHEAT You’ve got the choice of infinite lives or infinite vitality in this one. Well, you can have both, but it’s not really necessary. Insert the Switchblade disk when asked and click the left mouse button for action.
COMMANDO FILES: COMMANDO CHEAT Infinite grenades and lives will ensure you get through. Just make sure you insert the correct disk when prompted. Click the left mouse button to start.
CONTINENTAL CIRCUS FILES: CONTINENTAL CIRCUS CHEAT There’s only one way in which you can guarantee that you’ll get round the track, and thafs with the timely use of this hack. Insert the Continental Circus disk when you are prompted for it and press the left mouse button to begin playing.
Project Block Samples ft ISC Project Block Set color's Res on! Rmg run song 11 ruw &uxf M Cut track Copy track Paste track Cut block Copy block _ tUK PREVIOUS CONTINUE BLOCK fed CONTINUE JONG 12 PlftY SONG WrA | • 4 FILTI
- 8000 ---
- 0880 --- 2 2008 Dt 2
- 0000 ---
- 0800 --- 0088 E-2 8080 --- 2080 --- 0080 --- 0080 D 2 2008 ---
0888 --- 8880 D-2 8000 --- 2880 --- 0080 0000 3008 8000 0000
- 0080 --- 8080 --- 2 2000 H 1
- 0080 ---
- 0008 ---
- 0000 --- 0008 C-2 0000 --- 2800 --- 0008 --- 0009 A ± 0080 ---
2880 --- 0080 --- 8808 D-3 8808 --- 2880 --- 8800 --- 0008 0000
3000 0000 0000 0808 PREVIOUS N:04 2 58 51 52 53 54 0000 0000
3000 0000 0000 58 59 68 61 62 63 0000 C 2 4000 --- 0000 0000
0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0808 0000 0000 0080
0000 0008 0000 0000 0800 0000 0000 0000 0800 MED, the sample
sequencer, lets you compose four-track ditties from digitised
data. Eleven sorts of effects can be added to the song.
Anlfi* -mujTT €j-;r- r '1:st989 MJYSONG HAY BLOCK STO? HAYING * liUtL NEU not MOVE TO-- | TftEMIOUS NEXT jOMLSlJSsltSl EDIT mniai FIRST I LAST 2* space n:el el B :00 00 s: 1 I CONTINUE BLOCK j*CT i CONTINUE SONG 112 4- UK*SAMPLE* iR Whenever you play a track within MED, a small sprite in the shape of a man jumps to the drum or bass beat. It’s very strange, but novel.
38 --- 31 --- 32 C-2 33 --- 34 --- «= 38 --- 39 --- 40 C-2 41 --- &2 --- 543 --- 8080 --- 0908 0688 8000 8888 -- 0800 -- 0080 -- 8880 8880 -- ) N:82 21 B:01 14 s:i • jgagg ll ¦:T:T:t:WTT«:I:T:T:KBai:l:l:l:’ tjtjtjtj 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 E-2 4000 Sawples Misc BD ©C ©V Renove last block 0000 D-2 4000 aste block 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 A-2 3000 0000 0000 0000 E-2 3000 0000 0000 iiiw E-2 3080 mill] 0000 --- 0000 --- 0000 A-3 0000 --- 0000 --- .HSISE. 76 AMIGA FORMAT COMPOST THE SOUTH'S LEADING COMPUTER BY POST SERVICE E3 CREDIT CARD MAIL ORDER
Paint II - Mega Mercenary F18 INTERCEPTOR Paint Package
Insanity Fight Buggy Boy Microblaster Autofire Art of Chess
Ikari Warriors Microswitched Joystick Wizball Barbarian '10
Blank 3.5" Disks Thundercats Terrorpods Mouse Mat Dust Cover
Disk Box £339 £469 AMIGA A500 1084S MONITOR z o AMIGA B2000
COVER £309 £799 +VAT PRINTERS HP Deskjet+ .£544*
CP2200 ......£264
NECP8+ .....£419 Citizen
120D ...£108 Citizen 180E ...£126
Citizen MSP15E ....£189 Citizen HQP40 £289
Citizen HQP45 £299 Epson LX400 ..£142
Epson LX850 ..£189 Epson FX1050 £379
Epson LQ400 .£205 Epson LQ550 .£272
Epson LQ850 .£404 Epson LQ1050 ......£549
Epson LQ2550 ......£847 Epson DFX6000 ..£1078 HP
Deskjet ...£449* AF880 3: Drive .£89
inc RF302C 3: Drive ......£85 inc CUMANA CAX
354E......£99 inc A1010 3: Drive ..£99 inc No MD
C30 3: Drive £85 inc ?
¦ s tf H C 39 D ¦ £538 £126 £156 £256 £129 £289 £257 £416 £545 £823 £184 £949 NECP7+ . Panasonic KXP1081 Panasonic KXP1180.
Panasonic KXP1124.
Star LC10 ... Star NX15 ... Star LC2410 ...... Star XB2410 ...... Star XB2415 ...... NECP7+ Colour . Star LC10 ... Xerox 4020 . £199 COLOUR PRINTERS Citizen HQP40 ....£349 Citizen MSP50 ....£350 Citizen MSP55 ....£400 Hewlett Packard Paint Jet ..£589* NECP8+ ..... ....£504 LASER PRINTERS Brother HL-8e .£1409* Epson GQ5000 Hewlett Packard Laser Jet II Star LPB .....£1248*
* inc. 1 year on site maintenance ACCESSORIES AMIGA ACCESSORIES
Hard Disk ....£459 + VAT VORTEX
A500 ...£510 inc Hard disk 40MB Triangle 40MB £579 + VAT
Hard Disk Cumana CBA 394 £89 inc Cumana CDA 358...£199 +
VAT 20MB hard disk £399 inc AMIGA or MSDOS XT Bridge Board
....£399 + VAT AT Bridge Board ....£675 + VAT INT Genlock £179
+VAT 5 MB RAM S with 2 MB RAM 2nd Drive 3 1 2 .£75 + VAT
A501-512KRAM......£129 inc MOUSE MAT ...£4.95 inc AMIGA
DUST COVER .£4.95 inc TV MODULATOR......£21.95
£64 COMMODORE C64 0 Z 1 01 w o ¦o Z New A500 20MB
A590HQ ..£380 inc cob'- These prices
* eU C64 Hollywood Pack ....£148 inc C64 Home Entertainment Pack
1541 C11 51 4 C54..E145 inc CHRISTMAS SALE F501 512K RAM
EXPANSION £63 MONITORS CBM 1084S Stereo ...£239 inc CBM
1901 ...£149 inc PHILIPS CM3852......£260 inc CBM
CGA Compatible Philips 8833 .£229 inc CBM 1900
Mono £129 inc ATARI 124 Mono £129 inc « 0202 292195
NEXT WORKING DAY £10 +VAT 6 FOREST CLOSE EBBLAKE IND ESTATES VERWOOD DORSET LOSE, EBBLAKE IND ESTATE, VERWOOD, DORSET BH21 6DA BACKING UP YOUR DISK For a number of reasons, it is rather important to make a backup copy of the Coverdisk as soon as possible. Copying the disk may sound like a complicated task suitable for techno-buffs only, but it is surprisingly simple provided you read the following instructions carefully: USING YOUR FORMAT DISK Before using your Amiga Format disk, you should make a back-up of the master disk as soon as possible.
1. First, turn on your machine and load Workbench. Once the
Workbench screen appears and the disk-drive light goes out,
remove your Workbench disk and insert our Coverdisk.
2. Next, click once on the Coverdisk icon and then press the
right mouse-button and the Workbench menus will appear. Now,
while keeping the right mouse-button depressed (you can cheer
it up afterwards!), move the mouse pointer over to the
'Workbench' heading and a menu will drop down.
Move the mouse pointer over the ‘duplicate’ menu option and then press the left mouse-button.
3. After a few seconds’ disk access, the Workbench DiskCopy tool
will be loaded and run.
Now just follow the on-screen prompts and your Amiga Format Coverdisk will be copied to a backup disk. When the machine asks for the destination, insert your blank disk into the drive. Further instructions can be found in the user’s guide that comes with your Amiga.
USING THE PROGRAMS All the programs on the Amiga Format disk are speEARN YOURSELF £800 Name .... Brief description Address Telephone (Daytime) (Evenings)...... My program name is Approximate total size of files in kilobytes K (we cannot use programs longer than 200K; shorter submissions, under 100K, stand the best chance of publication). It is a: ? Technical tool ? Game Z Business utility Z Music program Z Novelty ? Art program Z Educational ? Other cially set up to make them as easy to use
as possible. If you can use the Amiga’s Workbench then you can use our Coverdisk! If you do have problems with a program, full instructions on loading and using the programs are included in the Disk Pages and these should get you up and running. If you still have problems, you should read the documentation file (.DOC) that is included with every program. To run any of the programs on this month’s Coverdisk, all you have to do is follow a very simple procedure. Unless specified differently within the Disk Pages, just doubleclick on the program’s icon on the Workbench and the program
will load and run. Full details on how to use the programs once they have run are inrcluded with the Disk Pages and also as a documentation (text) file accompanying the program.
To display a documentation file, just double-click on the appropriate .DOC file to be viewed and a window will open containing the file's contents. Pressing the space bar will advance a page at a time.
COPYING THE DISK Unless specifically stated, the programs on the Coverdisk are not in the public domain and the copyright remains with the author. Selling or distributing these programs without the author’s permission is against the laws of copyright.
Checklist (please tick): Z Stamped, addressed envelope for return Z README.DOC explanation file on disk Z Printout of README.DOC file (if possible) Z Name, address, machine type written on label Z Disk certified virus free IMPORTANT Please sign this declaration: This program is submitted for publication by Amiga Format. It is wholly my own work and I agree to indemnify Future Publishing against any possible legal action should copyright problems arise.
We have done our best to check that the programs on the Amiga Format Coverdisk are simple to use, error-free and have no known viruses. However, we cannot normally answer telephone queries on using the software, and we do not accept liability for any consequences of using the programs on the disk.
If your Amiga Format disk is faulty - and out of the tens of thousands duplicated, some are unfortunately bound to be - you should send it back for a free replacement within a month of the cover date to: Amiga Format February Disk Discopy Labs Unit A, West March, London Road, Daventry Northants NN11 4SA.
If your Amiga refuses to accept the disk, try using the DISKDOC- TOR utility on your Commodore Workbench disk to rescue it before sending it off for a replacement. Full details of DiskDoctor can be found in the user’s manual that came with your machine.
The game cheats on this month’s Coverdisk are straightfprward to use, but please read the instructions in the magazine, on the disk and on the public inconvenience walls. Just do it! If you screw up your game disks - or indeed, any other disk - because you failed to read any documentation, it’s your fault. You’re on your own. And you’re getting did- dly-squat from Amiga Format.
You’ve been warned.
WE WANT YOUR PROGRAM If you’ve got any programs for the Amiga which you think other readers would find useful, interesting or amusing, we’d like to know about them.
1. Make sure your program is foolproof to use. 2. Create a file
called README.DOC on the disk which explains exactly how to
use your program. 3. Fill in this form, sign it, and send it
without delay to: CoverDisk Software, Amiga Format, 30
Monmouth Street, BATH BA1 2AR You could win a share of £800
prize money for the best programs each month.
Everyone knows that the Amiga has the best sound capabilities available on any popular computer today. Unfortunately, until now, unless you could connect your Amiga to your stereo system you could not fully appreciate the quality of the sound.
The Amiga SOUNDBLASTER is a small stereo amplifier that comes complete with 2 high quality 20 watt 3 way speakers. It is easily connected to your Amiga and adds a new dimension to all your games.
THE AMPLIFIER | SPEAKERS This small unit has been designed and built in the U.K. specifically for use with the ¦ The speakers that come complete with the SOUNDBLASTER are 20 watt 3 way speakers Amiga. It uses the latest microchip technology to produce a hefty 2 watt per channel ' and are contained in an attractive hi-tec enclosure. The speakers sound as superb as of high quality sound. Twin volume controls allow both volume and balance to be set | they look thanks to a powerful 3 inch woofer for all the low tones, a 2 inch mid-range and a LED indicates that the unit is in operation. The
amplifier connects to the AMIGA j speaker for all the middle notes and a tiny 1 inch tweeter to reproduce all the top of via the two phono sockets at the rear of the computer. • the scale tones. The speaker connects to the amplifier via 2.5 metres of cable for each Measurements:- 10cm x 7cm x 2cm. I of the two speakers. Speaker measurements:- 19cm x 10cm x 13cm.
The SOUNDBLASTER package is completed with a mains adaptor to power the amplifier and full instructions.
FREE STEREO HEADPHONES FOR A LIMITED PERIOD ONLY We are giving away a pair of stereo headphones free with every AMIGA SOUNDBLASTER for a limited period. These headphones plug into the SOUNDBLASTER allowing you to listen in stereo without disturbing the neighbours.
AVAILABLE NOW ONLY.£44.99 + £2.00 for postage.
Payment is accepted over the telephone with VISA and ACCESS cards or through the post by cheque, postal order, eurocheque, bank drafts etc. Send payment to:- SIREN SOFTWARE, 84-86 PRINCESS ST., MANCHESTER, M16NG. TEL: 061 228 1831 Specification and appearance subject to change without notification.
PH ONE 9.00am to 9.00pm FOR FAST FRIENDLY SERVICE £14.39 £12.49 £15.39 £14.39 .£20.99 .£22.99 .£22.99 .£14.39 .£17.95 .£21.95 .£29.99 £16 29 £16.29 ..£17.49 .£16.29 ..£14.39 .£16.29 ..£19.99 ..£13.39 ..£15.39 ..£22.99 ..£17.95 .£17.49 .£14.95 .£14.95 Puzzle Book ... Spell Book ..... Things to do w ith Numbers..... Things to do with Words . BBC Emulator ...... .£10.95 ..£12.95 ....£8.99 ..£13.95 ..£10.79 ....£5.99 ....£5.99 ..£19.99 ..£22.99 £3.99 ..£19.99 £4.99 £2.99 .....£4.95 £9.99 £5.99 £5.99 ...£22.99 ...£15.99 £5.99
..£15.99 ..£17.99 ..£17.49 ..£10.49 ..£17.49 ..£30.99 ..£17.49 ...£25.99 ..£17.49 ...£21.99 ...£12.99 Fun School 2-6-8 years Fun School 2-8 and over Discover Chemistry 10vrs+.... Discover Maths 10 yrs+ ... Discover Numbers 6 yrs+ . Discover the Alphabet 6 yrs+.
All prices INCLUDE VAT and DELIVERY - All items despatched within 24 hours of cleared payment subject to availability.
Rina for details of Next Day Deliverv Service. Rina or write for prices and details of any item not listed.
AUDITION COMPACT SERVICES, 15 Timbergate, Ketton, Stamford, Lines PE9 3SW Telephone 0780 720531 all as PACK ONE PLUS TEN MORE TOP SOFTWARE TITLES and PHOTON Paint - Prof. An Package £69.95 TOTAL VALUE OF SOFTWARE £299
LC10 ....£159.99
STAR LC10 COLOUR ...£209.99 STAR
LC10 2 NEW MODEL ...£189.99 STAR LC24 10 24
PIN ..£259.99 STAR
LC15 ....£327.99
STAR LC 24-15 24 PIN .£389.99
CITIZEN 120D ....£149.99
KXP 1180 .£189.99 PANASONIC KXP 1124
24 PIN £289.99 All our printers are UK Specification not
convened grey impons. Fully guaranteed by the Manufacturers
and include lead, cable and plug.
EXPAND YOUR AMIGA WITH GENUINE COMMODORE PERIPHERALS A501 512K RAM Pack with Clock ...£109.99 AMIGA 1010 External Disk Drive .....£85.99 ROM Version 1.3 Kickstan ROM with Fitting Instructions ....£28.99 ENHANCER - Consists of Workbench
1. 3 and Extras 1.3 ...£13.99
512K RAM Computer - Built-in 1Mb Disk Drive.
Mouse. A520 TV Modulator. Deluxe Paint II An.
New Zealand Story Game. Interceptor Flight Simulator and BATMAN - the Movie. 059.99 5I2K RAM Computer. Built-in 1MB Disk Drive.
Mouse. A520 TV Modulator. Power Supply.
Workbench 1.3. Basic 1.3. Tutorial and Manuals £335.99 AMIGA Am - BATMAN PACK 1 AMIGA A500 BASIC PACK 1MB - 3.5” DISK DRIVES AMIGA A500 PACK 2 SPECIALS CUMANA CAX354 Disk Drive ..£89.99 ACTIONSOFT Slimline Disk Drive ...£76.99 HARD DISK DRIVES AMIGA A590 20Mb Plug In Drive £359.99 MIDI EQUIPMENT DATEL Midi Master Interface .£28.79 MONITORS COMMODORE I084S 14" Stereo Col....£267.99 PHILIPS CM8833 14" Stereo Col £249.99 Monitors inlcude all leads etc. DISKS - FULLY GUARANTEED BULK DISKS with LABELS.
3. 5" DSDD Disks Pack of 20 ...£12.99 Pack of
50 ...£29.99 Bulk 3.5" DSHD 2Mb
10 ...£21.99 Spare Labels Asstd. Cols
RAM Pack Plus FREE Dungeon Master 1 Meg game. Game worth
£24.99 and all packed in a Library Case together making a
great package.
SPECIAL PRICE ...£89.99 AMIGA Monitor Dust Cover AMIGA 500 Keyboard Dust Cover.... 12" Mon. Anti Glare Screen Cover.... 14" Mon. Anti Glare Screen Cover.... Aerial Computer Switch Box ...... Monitor Tilt & Swivel Stand Mouse Mat Mouse Bracket (to Hold Mouse) . Joystick Ext. Lead 2.5 Metres ..... Printer Cable AMIGA to Printer . Twin Joystick Mouse Ext 6" Lead.....
3. 5" Disk Drive Cleaning Kits ..... Perspex Printer
Stand Copyholders A4 Document
Holder.... 40 Disk Holder Lockable . 90 Disk
Hold Lockable. Stackable..... Advanced Amiga
Basic ..... 3D Graphics Programming in Basic
... Amiga Assembly Language Program .
Amiga Basic - Inside and Out ...... Amiga C for Advanced Programmers.
Amiga C for Beginners ..... Amiga Disk Drives - Inside and Out... Amiga DOS - Inside and Out Amiga DOS Manual 1.2 - 2nd Ed Amiga DOS Quick Reference Guide.. AMIGA BOOKS ACCESSORIES QU1CKSHOT 2 Turbo .. KONIX Speedkina . CHF.ETAH 125+ ZIPSTICK Super Pro .... COMPETITION PRO 5000.
JOYSTICKS KEMPSTON 2 Button Mouse ..£26.49 AMIGA 1352 Mouse .£32.49 MARCONI RB2 PC9 Trackball ...£51.99 MOUSE TRACKBALL Loco Spell Guid ...£14.95 GFA Basic Training ....£14.95 GFA Programmers Guide ......£22.95 GFA Reference Card ....£3.95 Dungeon Master Hints .£4.99 Quest for Clues .....£12.95 Hills
Far £7.99 Gold Rush .£6.99 Kings Quest I ..£8.99 Kings Quest 1 to 4 £12.99 Kings Quest 2 .£8.99 Kings Quest 3 ..£8.99 Kings Quest 4 ..£6.99 Leisuresuit Lam 1 .£8.99 Leisuresuit Larry
2 .£8.99 Manhunter New York ...£8.99 Police Quest 2 .£8.99 Police Quest Hints .£8.99 Space Quest I Hints .....£8.99 Space Quest 2 Hints .....£8.99 Space Quest 3 Hints .....£8.99 ABZoo ...£10.99 Fun School 2 - Under 6 ..£ 13.49 Amiga DOS
Reference Guide ... Amiga for Beginners ...... Amiga Handbook ... Amiga Machine Language - New Ed Amiga Machine Lang. Program Guide Amiga Programmers Handbook .... Amiga Prpgrammers Handbook Vol. 2 Amiga Tricks and Tips Amiga Users Guide ..... Amiga DOS Manual .... Amiga DOS Express & Disk .. Computes First Book of the Amiga .... Computes Amiga Programmers Guide Amiga Programmers Guide ... Beginners Guide to the Amiga .....
Ele'mentarv Amiga Basic ... Inside Amiga Graphics ...... Inside the Amiga with C - 2nd Ed Kickstan Guide to the Amiga ...... Kids and the Amiga -Kids 8 to 80 Programmers Guide to the Amiga Using Deluxe Paint II Becoming an Amiga Anist Loco Mail Guide . Loco Script Guide ...... EDUCATIONAL & CHILDRENS PROGRAM HINT BOOKS ..£13.49 ..£13.49 ...£15.49 ...£15.49 ...£15.49 ...£15.49 Kind Words V2.0 ....£34.99
Protext £69.99 Word Perfect 4.1 ...£159.99 Word Perfect Librarv ..£84.99 K-Data £34.99 MI-Amiga - File .....£35.99 Superbase Personal .£43.99 Superbase Personal 2 ..£73.99 Superbase Professional .£172.99 K-Spread 2 ....£41.99
Disicalc ..£27.99 MaxiPlan A500 ....£72.99 Superplan £69.99 VIP Professional ...£69.99 Home Accounts ....£20.99 Cashbook £35.99 Personal Accounts Plus ..£21.95 Personal Tax Planner ..£27.99 Small Business
Accounts ......£55.99 On Line ...£35.99 Page Setter .....£79.99 Publishers Choice .£72.99 Starter Kit ......£49.99 Home OfTtce Kit .£1(W.99 Assem. Pro ....£49.99 Aztec C - 68K Professional ...£89.99 Aztec C - 68K Developer ....£129.99 BBC
Emulator ......£39.99 GFA Basic 3 ..£45.99 HiSoft Basic Amiaa ...£55.99 Lattice CV5.0 ....£169.99 Metacomco Shell ...4 £37.99 DeLuxe Paint II ....£35.99 DeLuxe Paint III ...£59.99 DeLuxe Print II ....£37.99 DeLuxe Productions ...£99.99
Director. The .£40.99 Movie Setter ..£51.99 Photon Paint 2.0 ..£64.99 Ph 'on Video Cell Animation ......£69.99 Pixmate ...£35.99 Print Master Plus ..£35.99 Adrum £27.99 Aeeis Audiomaster II .£49.99
KCS ..£145.99 Disc 2 Disc ....£24.99 Disk Master ...£29.99 DOS 2 DOS ...£29.99 SERIOUS SOFTWARE ..£15.99 ..£15.99 ..£15.99 ..£15.99 ..£39.99 Asterix £16.25 Bad Company ...£ 16.25 Batman - the Movie ...£16.25 Battle of
Austerlitz .£16.25 Battle Squadron £ 16.25 Battletech ...£16.25 Beach Volley .....£16.25 Beverley Hills Cop .£16.25 B lade Warrior ...£ 16.25 Bloodwych £16.25 Bloodwych Data Disk ..£8.49 Bomber ......£19.99 Continental
Circus ..£12.99 DeLuxe Strip Poker £12.99 Deluxe Scrabble .....£12.99 Drivin Force .....£16.25 Eye of Horus .....£ 16.25 F-16 Combat Pilot ..£ 16.25 F-16 Falcon ......£19.25 Future Wars ......£ 16.25 Galaxy Force ....£16.25 Ghostbusters
II .£16.25 Hard Drivin •- ...£16.25 Hollywood Poker Pro ...£8.49 Horse Racing ....£16.25 Hound of Shadow ...£16.25 Infestation ..£16.25 Interphase ..£16.25 Joan of Arc ..£8.49 Kenny Dalglish Soccer Manager ..£ 12.99 Leisure Suit
Larry ...£19.99 Light Force (Compilation) £16.25 Lombard RAC Rally ..£16.25 Lost Patrol .£16.25 Megapack II ......£16.25 Moonwalker .....£ 13.99 Mystery of the Mummy .....£16.25 Neuromancer ....£ 16.25 P47 Thunderbolt .....£16.25
Populous ....£ 16.25 Populous New Worlds ..£9.99 Powerdrift ..£16.99 Puzzlebook £12.25 Rainbow Warrior ....£16.25 Red Storm Rising ...£16.25 Scapeghost .£12.99 Sim City .....£19.99 Skidu ...£12.99
Strider .... £16.25 Stunt Car Racer £ 16.25 Sw ord of Sodan £ 16.25 Time £20.25 Toobin' £16.25 Untouchables ....£ 16.25 Xenon 2 Me5ablast .£16.25 Hundreds more games stocked - just ring LEISURE SOFTWARE SPECIAL SHADOW OF THE BEAST GAME With FREE Tee
Shin ..£20.99 Just In - PEN PAL Word Processor See Review Amisa Format - Dec .£99.99 STOP PRESS RWOODS Mercenary Compendium Insanity Fight Amegas Deluxe Paint II - Mega Paint Package Microblaster Autofire Microswitched Joystick 10 - Blank 3.5" Disks Disk Library Case Mouse Mat Tailored Amiga Cover ? Tutorial Disk ? TV Modulator (PACK 1 ONLY) SEE WHAT WE MEAN ABOUT COMPLETE!
You won't need to buy anything else for ages!
£399 512K RAM 1Mb Disk Drive 4096 Colours Multi-Tasking Built-in Speech Synthesis ?
J J ?
111 J~; 0 ill Kfl D £599
Rr 05 NEW POWER PRO PACK 4 CONSISTS OF... J Amiga A500 Computer.
? Philips CM 8833 Colour Monitor.
J Star LC 10 Colour Printer.
? The Works' integrated Business Software Package.
? Ten 3.5" Blank Disks in a Library Case.
J Mouse Mat. ? Dust Cover.
Yes, Gordon Harwood Computers have yet again improved the value
of their legendary offers with the launch of the all new
Power 7 ay packs which now include mega releases such as BATMAN
THE MOVIE, NEW ZEALAND STORY etc. etc. And, when you look at
the full list of over 20 extra items IT'S GOT TO BE THE BEST
_J Mouse ? 3 Operation Manuals ? Workbench 1.3 System Disks J Kickstart 1.3 J All Connecting Cables ALL OUR PRICES INCLUDE VAT AND STANDARD DELIVERY SERVICE THE COMPLETE AMIGA GAMES PACK RIGHT NOW!
j£l NEW AMIGA AND COLOUR PRINTER PACK Take our Powerplay Pack 2, and add Star's fantastic LC 10 COLOUR PRINTER, to give you the ultimate colour home entertainment computer system!!!
If you would prefer an alternative printer from within our range, simply deduct £209.95 and add the price of the printer you require. (Any printer can be chosen).
• SEE IT IN PRINT1 FOR JUST..f y QQ Pack2 contains the Super
Powerplay Packl PLUS a stereo, high resolution, Philips CM 8833
Colour RGB Video Monitor.
SEE THOSE GAMES, HEAR THOSE GAMES WITH ? Amiga A500 Computer (See std. Features list) ? BATMAN THE MOVIE ? NEW ZEALAND STORY O F18 INTERCEPTOR ? Buggy Boy ? Ikari Warriors ? Barbarian ? Thundercats ? Terrorpods ? Art of Chess ? Wizball MONITOR THIS FOR VALUE! Added clarity... ONLY... ns d: HARWOODS THE NAME YOU CAN TRUST ORDERING MADE EASY- COMPARE OUR SERVICE CREDIT TERMS Gordon Harwood Computers are licensed brokers anc facilities to pay using our Budget Account Scheme ar€ offered on most items. APR 35.2%. 12-36 month credit sale terms are available to most adultsl simply phone or write and
we will send written details alone with an application form. (Applications are required ir advance).
Q Credit terms, with or without a deposit, can be tailored to suit your needs.
ORDER BY PHONE...Phone our 24Hr Hotline using your Access, Visa or Lombard Charge Card quoting number and expiry date.
ORDER BY POST...Make cheques, bankers-building society drafts or postal orders payable to GORDON HARWOOD COMPUTERS (N.B. Personal or business cheques require 7 days ciearance from date of receipt before despatch).
IM PAY AT YOUR BANK...ff you wish to pay by Credit Giro Transfer at your own bank, phone for details.
FREE POSTAL DELIVERY goods in UK Mainland 5-7 day delivery) OR COURIER SERVICE...Add £5 per major item for next working day delivery, UK Mainland. (Orders normally despatched on day of receipt of payment or cheque ciearance).
After you’ve purchased from Harwoods we’ll still be here to completely satisfy you should any problems arise.
12 MONTH WARRANTY..J goods prove to be faulty within 30 days of purchase they will be replaced with a NEW UNIT. For the remainder of the Guarantee Period, ali warranty repairs will be made FREE OF CHARGE!
COLLECTION FACILITY...Any faulty computer or monitor can be collected from your home FREE OF CHARGE within the guarantee period. (UK Mainland Only) FULL TESTING PROCEDURE...AII computers are thoroughly tested prior to despatch, all items are supplied with mains plugs where reqd.
MONITORS PHILIPS CM 8833 STEREO Full 14" Stereo High Resolution Colour Monitor, (higher spec, than the CBM 1084S now discontinued, replaced by the CBM 1084) ? Twin Speakers.
J High Contrast Tube, j SCART Euro-connector fitted as standard, j Green Screen Switch for enhanced text mode.
? RGB Ai, TTL,Composite Video and stereo audio inputs.
? Can also be used as a TV with tuner or VCR.
? Supplied withTilting Stand.
J Compatible with most micros.
? FREE lead for computer of your choice, j ONLY FROM HARWOODS...12 Month replacement warranty for major faults.
£229 ALL THIS FOR JUST... COMMODORE 1084 Full 14" High Resolution Colour Monitor ? RGB AI, TTL, composite video and audio inputs.
? Supplied with cables for A500, CGA PC, C16-64-128.
? Can also be used as a TV with tuner or VCR.
GRAPHICS HARDWARi DIGIVIEW GOLD Digitises static images in FULL COLOUR and ali resoiutions supported memory permitting).
Creates IFF and HAM files. Uses B&W, or colour with B&W mode video cameras.
£139.95d|GJDR0|D Totally automated motorised filter rotator for use with Digiview.
Prevents camera movement between passes. £59.95 VIDEO TO RGB SPLITTER Takes standard video signal, separates red. Green and blue.
Enables standard video recorder or colour camera to digitise in colour with Digiview Gold (requires clear picture pause with recorder}. £109.95 RENDALE GENLOCKS 8802 £189.95 Semi Pro 8806 £749.00 Pro SUPER PIC Real Time Frame Grabbers Genlock Real time instant colour frame- grabber from moving video.
Capture superb digitised video images in a range of resolutions from standard composite video source such as your domestic video recorder or video camera in a 50th of a sec. Includes Genlock to overlay Amiga graphics onto moving video.
Only...£499.00 MINIGEN GENLOCK Entry level Genlock for mixing moving video picture with computer graphics, ideal for titling, no monitor required.
MOVIE MAGIC ...£113.85 HITACHI VIDEO CAMERA Mono, 650 scan lines £249.95 ILLUMINATED COPY STAND 4 Light, adjustable, shake free stand for vieo camera. £89.95 PRINTERS All printers in our range are dot matrix and include the following features... Standard centronics parallel port for direct connection to Amiga, PC's, ST, etc. and come with FREE connector cables.
CITIZEN 120D FULL 2 YEAR WARRANTY Very reliable low cost printer, interchangeable interfaces available for Centronics RS 232 or Serial type for CBM 64 etc £149.95 STAR LC10 £169.95 STAR LC10 MKII Brand new superfast MK II version of this ever popular printer £184.95 ? Multiple font options from front panel.
? Excellent paper handling ? Simultaneous, continuous and single sheet stationery.
STAR LC10 COLOUR Colour version of the LC10 £209.95 ? Allows full colour dumps from Amiga.
? Superb text quality.
? Can use black LC 10 ribbons.
? Our most popular colour printer!
STAR LC 2410 24 Pin version of the Star LC series with exceptional letter print quality £249.95 All our Star printers are genuine UK spec, which are specifically manufactured for sale in the UK ONLY.
Please he aware that European spec, versions are being unofficially imported against the wishes of Star Micronics UK.
These printers DO NOT carry a Star UK warranty, and WILL NOT be serviced by them should the need arise.
UK specification printers may be recognised by their 3-pin UK ACCESSORIES COMMODORE A 501 RAM PACK New Low Price...£119.95 Genuine CBM ram pack with real time battery backed clock...This add on DOES NOT invalidate Commodore's warranty.
A 500 POWER SUPPLY £49.95 Genuine CBM power supply, also fits CBM 128 A 520 TV MODULATOR £19.95 Supplied with all the necessary cables.
QUALITY ACCESSORIES REPLACEMENT MOUSE Microswitched mouse buttons,high resolution mechanism. Great Feel only...£29.95 FLOPPY DISKETTES Genuine Commodore Disks Ten 3.5" Commodore quality at only...£14.95 Quality certified 3.5" bulk disks supplied with labels 10, with a library case £9.49 10, uncased £8.49 100, uncased £69.00 100, with lockable storage case £74.95 PHONE FOR LARGER QUANTITY DISCOUNTS!
MICROBLASTER JOYSTICK Fully microswitched, arcade quality £12.95 ZIPSTICK SUPERPRO Professional quality, perfect feel £15.95 A590 HARD DISK 512K UPGRADE ? Onboard, fit up to 4, in stages, giving 2 Mb Total. C £ Q OR J Up to 3Mb when fitted with A501 0nlyZ.DU.U3 30 & 50Mb AMDRIVE HARD DISK FOR THE A500 J 41ms Fast access drive.
? True SCSI upto 500 kb sec on standard A500.
? Built in power supply.
? 12 month replacement warranty included.
_i 2 Year warranty available.
30 Mb Version...Only £399 50 Mb Version...Only £475 40 Mb VORTEX HARD DRIVE FOR BOTH AMIGA A500 AND A1000 J For both A500 and A1000 as supplied.
? Autoboots on any Amiga.
? Throughport and connector for 2nd hard drive.
Great value at only... £499 FLOPPY DRIVES CUMANA DISK DRIVES The drives below have the following features: ? Enable disable switch.
? Throughport.
J LED Access Light, super quiet, j Suitable for A500, A1000, A2000 and CBM PC1.
NEW CAX 354 3.5" SECOND DRIVE ? 25mm Super slimline 3.5" drive.
Areal bargain at only... £89.95 CAX 1000S 5.25” SECOND DRIVE ? Amiga DOS and MS DOS compatible.
Save more than ever... £129.95 AMIGA SOFTWARE THE WORKS £79.95 integrated word processor with spelling checker, spreadsheet with graphics and database.
X-CAD DESIGNER £99.95 Perfect choice in Computer Aided Design 1Mb required).
PUBLISHERS CHOICE £89.95 Complete solution for D.T.P. needs, contains Kind Words V2 W.P. package, Pagesetter VI.2 with Artists Choice clip art and Headiiner font pack.
MUSIC-X £199.95 The most powerful music midi sequencing package available, features up to 250 tracks.
FANTA VISION £39.95 Popular animation and sound package.
DOS TO DOS £49.95 Transfer any PC MS-DOS or ST GEM file to your Amiga.
STORAGE DEVICES HARD DRIVES COMMODORE A590 20Mb HARD DISK FOR AMIGA A500's Commodore's own Hard Drive for the A500 j Autoboot with Kickstart 1.3 J Sockets for upto 2Mb RAM expansion, j Can be expanded in 512K blocks.
? DMA Access.
J External SCSI port. (Call for Kickstart 1.3 Super Low Price...UUO upgrade prices) INCLUDING FREE A590 RAM UPGRADE!
Please call to see us where our full range of advertised
products AND MORE is on sale. Come and see for yourself the
amazing Amiga and a whole host of peripherals, software and
REMEMBER WE ARE ME JUST ANOTHER MAIL ORDER COMPANY All listed prices are what YOU PAY, and there are NO HIDDEN EXTRAS. VAT and Postage are included and prices are correct at time of going to press. E. & O. E. Offers subject to availability and are currently advertised prices.
Tel:0773 836781 Fax:0773 831040 . . . • PURPLE PD PUBLIC DOMAIN SOFTWARE
• FFISH 244 ¦ BBChampion V3.1 the Boot Block Champion load, save
and analyze boot blocks. Bootlntro VI.2 you specify The
headline text of upto 44 characters and the scrolling text of
upto 300 FMC VI .2 is a no fast memory program SizeChecker VI
.0 uses a list of file sizes to check unexpected file changes
TextDisplay VI.52 the great text display that handles all
screen formats Xcolour VI.2 the screen colour setter
• FAUG 67 - Disk X V2.0 the sector editor. Hand Shake VI ,06b a
VT100 terminal emulator, Pack It a whole disk compressor
• FAUG 62 - Access1 V2.6 very powerful telecommunications package
Hide II allows you to turn off and on your RAM expansion Cron -
runs a table of background tasks. Add Icon VI .0 adds icons to
files without icons, IFF Mirrors is an ILBM slide show with X
and Y mirroring. Fformat
VI. a fast formattor.
• FAUG 50 - Dir Util V VI the disk manager. Roll Back V1.0 rolls
back text that has rolled off the top of the screen. Short Cut
allows you to define text to a single key stroke, thus CLI
commands are simplar to type
• FAUG 47 - FunKey assign any text string to a function key.
• PAN 25A - Disk Wipe very quick disk contents wiper, SELECT
allows you to select in your Startup-Sequence from a number of
scripts. Virus Check Vl.l.
• PAN 19D - ZOO VI.42a a very good file compressor, Con Man
V0.99b provides line editing and command line histories.
Distinguish type of files with File Type, Pipe Handler, Pop CLI
• PAN 17B - AmiGazer 1573 stars to view any time, date or
lattitude CLI only, Date Book the diary, bind any text string
to a function key. Use CLI from a menu, a disk cataloguer
Lightning Logger VI 2.
• APDC 18 - Floppy Disk Utils: Quick Copy VI.0, Disk Mapper, Disk
Salvage, Virus check. System Utils. Blitz VI.0 text editor.
TimeSet. Acalc calculator Amiga Monitor Vl.l, MeM Grab fast
memory grabber Director yMaster Vl.l
• APDC 15 - Icon utilities: full of icon files and creators Some
Brilliant disk for icon manipulation.
• AMICUS 24 - Sectorama - disk sector utility, Iconize V1.0
reduce a full screen pic to an icon, Bmon system browser. Virus
Check v2.21 checks disk & memory. Bo mg Machine.
FAUG 42 - DBW Render a very good Ray Tracing utility, i SOFT 123 - Amiga MCAD VI.2.2 excellent Computer Aided Design package.
• SOFT 022 - Disk Full of graphic utilities: Clip It! Clip any
part of the screen and save to disk. Filter Pics manipulate
pictures with enhancers, edge definition, colour and size
shifters, plus loads of excellent packages
• SOFT 013 - Mandelbrot Explorer. Excellent full features
mandelbrot designer.
• APDC 13 - Vdraw VI. 19 brilliant painting program, Ray Tracer
Generator, MCAD VI.2 an object-orientated drawing package, IFF
to pieces jigsaw program. ROT 3D drawing program.
• AMP 3: Graphics Pack: 3 disks SOF123, SOF22 and APDC13. A 3
disk pack for only £7.50!
• PDOM82 - Batman Remix demo. Sampled sounds of Prince's BAT
• PDOM83 - Space ACE Demo an excellent demo of the game with
fabulous animation and incredible sampled sounds!
• PDOM 65 - Red Sector Mega Demo. THE best demo on the Amiga1 A
mega good demo that requires disk PDOM 66, but you only need 1
Amazing graphics, fabulous sounds, astounding vector graphics!!!!!!!!!!
• PDOM 66 - See PDOM 65 for details.
• FFISH 196 - Stunning digitised HAM pictures. Excellent! The
quality is astounding.
• PDOM 01 - The Walker Demo I is a mega animation demo that
requires 1Mb RAM.
• PDOM 02 - The Walker Demo n the mega mega animation demo that
requires 1Mb RAM.
• PDOM 06 - The Mahoney and Haktus sounds of the knome music disk
n, great graphics and mega sounds. With a bouncy mouse pointer
and things flying evrywhere. A really good demo with loads
going on.
• PDOM 40 - Northstar Fair Light mega demo HI a 2 disk set of
incredible demos! Needs PDOM40 and PDOM41. Including Mahoney
and Kaktus with Blue.
• PDOM 41 - See PDOM 40 for details.
• PDOM 42 - DeathStar Blasting n - Enlightment demo a 2 disk set
of mega mega good demos. Needs disk PDOM 43.
• PDOM 43 - See PDOM 42 for details.
• PDOM 44 - The Walker demo. This is the original 2Mb RAM, 2 Disk
version. It is absolutely stunning! The 1Mb RAM version is on
Also needs PDOM 45.
• PDOM 45 - See PDOM 44 for details.
• PDOM 67 - IPEC UK demo Disk 10 includes: Nice Scroller,
• PDOM 62 - The Public Dominator Anti Virus Disk: Virus X V3.2b.
Vcheck VI.2 (for memory). Vcheck VI.9 (for disk drives). Zero
Virus VI.3 the fully integrated virus detector and killer. Also
Boot Block Champion the utility.
• PDOM 59 - Amateur Radio Disk: StarTerm V3.0. P81 and P1027 2
packet terminal programs, TA Term V5.0.a HAM Database for the
Amiga Amateur Radio Group, Morse Code, Satellite Tracking and
loads of HAM utilities. A real must for the serious HAM user.
• FFISH 243 - Fraglt V2.0 is a dynamic memory thrasher! ImageLab
V2.2 is an IFF pictures manipulator. LPE V1.0 is Latex Picture
Editor for the LATEX system. NoClick V3.5 stops the disk drive
clicking if there is no disk in the drive. Password V1.21p you
specify the password for your system security. Pcopy V2.0 the
excellent disk copier. SimGen adds a 2 or 4 colour picture to
your WB screen. Warp VI.11, UNWarpVl.O and WarpSplit Vl.l -
WARP reads raw filesystems and archives them into a normal
• FFISH 213 - Bitplanes the 8 colour icon user and 300 8 colour
program icons!
• FFISH 188 - Boot Intro V1.0 displays a scrolling and a still
message of your choice at boot up. DiffDir VI.0 compares 2
directories. FracGen
VI. 23 fractal generator a real fully featured fractal program.
• FFISH 168 and FFISH 169 - The Matt Dillion disk special
includes loads of utilities and source: Config V1.0, Clock
VI.0, DME VI.31, Dmouse Vl.l. Backup V2.01, SUPLIB, LIBREF,
VI. 0. REMCR V1.0 and CMP V1.0. You will need both disks @£3.00
• FAUG 41 - Rain Bench. Amiga Arc V0.2 compatible with ARC V5.0.
• AMICUS 22 - Printer Driver Generator V2.3, Show Print n.3 IFF
screen dump.
• FFISH 158 - DiskX is a sector based disk editor, MemBoardTest
V2.4. MSDOS V0.1 lists files written in stan dard MSDOS or ST
format, then copies them to RAM then rewrites to disk in Amiga
DOS format, PCBTool V2.6 is an early version of PC Board layout
program that does not support printers. ScreenX is a small
clock memory counter, TaskX V2.0 is a 'realtime' task editor,.
• FFISH 157 - Xlcon V2.01 allows you to call up scripts K
containing CLI commands from an icon. . . 60or80 toggles 60 80
column text, BootBack is a disk boot I block save rewrite
and copy program, ECPM is a CP M | _ emulator.
• FFISH 145 - Dmouse VI.06 is a versatile program that includes
screen mouse blanker, auto window activator, mouse accelerator,
popcli, pop window to front, push to back etc.
• FFISH 131 - DFC is a disk copier that multi-tasks, Hyperbase
VI.6 is a database system. Mackie is a PopCLI replacement,
Micro Emacs Vmglb the text editor.
• FFISH 130 - DirMaster Vl.l is a disk cataloguer, Hp VI.0 a mce
RPN calculator which supports calculations with binary, dec
imal. Hex float & complex numbers. Mach VI.6a the mouse acceler
• FFISH 129 - DosKwik a pair of progs which allow you to save
files groups of files to one or more disks for quick loading,
MRBackup V2.
And V2.1 a hard disk back up utility.
• FFISH 69 - Spool VI.2 : a queue manage, printer driver and
SPOOL requester and Wc a file word counter. Asm68K Vl.0.3 fully
featured macro Assembler, Blitlab a blitter exploring program
in C Conman V0.9 a sort of CLI shell. Dk decays the screen bit
by bit, Frags displays memory fragmentation by listing the size
of free memory blocks, Icontype changes the icon type, MonProc
monitors processes for packet activity.
MouseClock turns mouse pointer into a digital clock, Spew generates News of The World type headlines, Sb a sytem browser.
• FFISH 65 - Sunmouse VI.0 automatically clicks in windows when
the mouse is moved over them, RunBack starts programs from CLI
allowing CLI window to close.
• FFISH 55 - ASDG-rrd a RAM disk that survives reset, BigView
displays any size IFF picture, Egraph creates graphs from X.Y
pair text files.
Hyperbase VI.5 a neat database management system. MemClear Zero fills free memory. NewZap V3.0 disk sector editor, Rainbow makes Workbench background a rainbow, 2 Smusplayers to play SMUS IFF music files. View a tiny IFF picture viewer, WB to JX-80 screen dump.
DiskX Release 2.8 - By Steve Iibbett 186 39 34 2D 26 IB 8B FD E8 BD B2 Cl E8 FF 8C 19 2D 94-6 ....- 118 32 25 1C 19 16 8C 81 F6 El CD CB D1 DA ED 8B 2E
27. 128 43 44 35 23 8F FF F4 E7 D7 D1 CC CE E9 88
16 25 CD5» ....' . 138 36 3E 36 23 86 EE E2 DD D8 D3 D2
E5 F4 FE 1C 35 6 6 ....5 148 35 28 21 23 19 88 F8 EC
7F DA C4 C3 D1 E5 FF 2B 5 1»....»......?
158 48 48 22 86 82 13 IF 8C E7 C8 B9 C4 DC EF 84 11 HB“ ...... 168 16 IF IF 26 2F 35 2C 13 FA DE Cl B5 BB D8 E7, 81 ...6 5 ... 178 16 IF 2E 38 3C 3D 35 IE FB E4 DB D5 C9 BF BE CC ...8 :$ .. 188 E5 85 2B 4E 52 4C 3C 23 87 FC F4 D9 C2 B4 B6 C5 ..?NRL . 198 D4 E7 87 2B 48 55 53 47 33 IF 8A E6 B5 A1 AA C2 ...?HUS63 1A8 DB F6 28 3C 48 48 33 2E 28 18 FA D8 B6 AF B7 Br .. HP3...... 1B8 CF E5 82 2A 4A 56 4B 3C 38 IF 84 DC C8 B5 B2 BD ...*JVK 8 1C 8 D2 E6 88 1A 34 58 56 48 3B 7F 2A 14 F3 C6 A9 A9 . ...4PVH;J»..... 1D8 B7 CD E2 FD ID 39 4A 51 4A & 1C 82 DA B5 A9
B3 .....9J0ji...... 1E8 C3 D8 EF 8B 28 3D 49 4E 45 2F 1A FB D7 Cl B1 AC .... =INE ...... 1F8 BE D7 ED 12 3B 4A 48 2B 23 27 IE 89 FI CC A5 A5 ....;JPdT...... Other Half Hodify Shou Type Off set:1D9 Value:51 (S33) Iype:Data Block Checksu»:0K
• FFISH 189 - Uedit V2.4g the excellent word processor.
• FFISH 176 - AnalytiCalc V23.2a of the large and powerful
Requires 1Mb RAM and 2 drives.
• FFISH 143 - RIM V5.0 is a Relational Information Manager, a
fully relational DBMS that is suitable for very large
databases using B-Tree data storage. Versions of RIM run on a
variety of micro systems both small and large, and produce
compatible databases. Includes a built in HELP database and a
programming language.
• AMP 1: Home Business Pack 1, RIM the relational database. Uedit
the brilliant word processor, spell checkers. VisiCalc and VC
A 3 disk pack for only £7.50!
• PDOM79, PDOM80 and PDOM81 the StarTrek game! An amazing 3
disk fully working amazing graphics game!
• FFISH 194 - Moria V3.0 the single player dungeon simulation
adventure game. Requires 1Mb RAM.
• FFISH 205 - Bally the arcade game. Battle Force V3.01 simulated
battle between 2 robots. Chess V2.0.
• SOFT 042 - Chinese Checkers excellent version.
• SOFT 068 - Clue as in Cluedo, Othello, Klondike, Canfield and
• SOFT 069 - Backgammon, Yahzee, Tvision. Missle Command. Cosmo 2
and 3D Breakout.
• SOFT 117 - Empire, Gravity Wars, Hanoi, Hockey, Bikoff,
Jackland, Othello Master. Pacman, all brilliant PD games.
• SD 21 - Monopoly.
• SOFT 078 - Pac Man. Great implementation of the classic game.
• SOFT 118 - Amoeba Attack, Lander. Gravity Attack, World text
adventure and Bullrun a battle simulation.
• PAN 29B - Amoeba space invaders, CosmoRoids. Stone Age a
Boulder Dash type, BackGammon, Chain Reaction. Master Mind.
Reversi. Black Jack, Crazy Eights. Klondike, Jig Saw. Keno.
YachtC, Daleks and Ratmaze.
• SOFT 042 - Chinese Checkers excellent version.
• SOFT 117 - Empire. Gravity Wars, Hanoi, Hockey, Bikoff,
Othello Master. Pacman, all brilliant PD games.
• FFISH 259 - Escape From Jovi a fast action mega graphics games
with stereo sound, hi res scrolling etc.
• AMP 8: Game Pack: 3 disks SOF68, SOF69 and SOF117. A 3 disk
pack for only £7.50!
• FFISH 171 - Sobozon C a port of the Atari ST version of this
full K&R C compiler, assembler and linker. If has been tested
on an A2000 and appears to work well. Not for the beginner due
to lack of disk info.
• FFISH 193 - Zc VI.01 modified version of.the Sobozon c com
piler from disk Ffish 171. It now generates code compatible
with A68k assembler and has a front end to allow easier
• FFISH 140 - Stoney Brook PROLOG v2.3.2. This disk contains the
executables & libraries. In addition to providing a compiler
SB-Prolog also offers advanced features such as dynamic
loading, mixing of compiled and interpreted code, macros,
extension tables & a debugging facility.
The Source for SB prolog is contained on FFISH 140, but this is not needed to operate FFISH 140. SB PROLOG requires 1Mb of RAM.
• FFISH 91 - The Adventure Definition Language (ADL).
• FFISH 201 and Ffish 77 - Draco VI.2 is a compiled - structured
language reminiscent of both C 8c Pascal. A full interface to
AmigaDOS 8c Intuition is supplied. Be sure to get both Ffish
201 AND Ffish 77 @ £3.00.
• APDC 25 - Logo. Xlisp, Modular 2. MVP Forth.
• PDOM 60 - Modula n compiler. Apparently fully working, complete
and ready to use version with on disk documentation and
178 Bobluni and others.
• PDOM 68 - Rebels Mega Competition demo includes: Pirazy, Nabob.
Subway, Smiley. Aloha and Sin o'Delic.
• PDOM 69 - HighClass UK compilation: Triangle, New BS1, Zoom
W. O.W., RAF First. Spreadpoint. Subway TNT and others.
• PDOM 70 - Rebels demo: Nabob, Clones Demtro. Sunriders.
Bloodsuckers. Flash and Vision Factory.
• PDOM 73 - AGAtron Special disk 10: Star Trek Dry Dock Demo.
Excellent! Mega! Brilliant! Prefers 1Mb RAM, but you will get part of the demo on a l 2Mb RAM.
• PDOM 74 - Star Trek the Starship Enterprise flying around in a
• PDOM 76 - Agatron Animation 14: Star Trek Shuttle landing on
the SS Enterprise. Prefers 1Mb RAM, but you'll get part of it
on l 2Mb RAM.
• AMP 11: Sonix Music Pack. Includes the PD player for Aegis
Sonix music program and 4 disks full of music scores. A 5 disk
pack for only £12.50!
Most of the disks in this advert actually contain more files than is listed. The ad also only shows a small portion of our catalogue, we have in stock TBAG. AMUSE.APDC, FAUG, Panorama, Amicus, Slipped Disk.
The latest Fred Fish (upto disk 260) and our own PDOM collection, so for details of the service and a free copy of the 48 page bumper catalogue send a Stamped S.A.E. (If you are ordering you will get the latest catalogue).
Disk Prices: 1 to 5 disks are £3.00 each. 6 to 10 disks are £2.75 each and 11 or more disks are only £2.50 each!
All prices are fully inclusive. To order please send a cheque, postal order payable to PUBLIC DOMINATOR or credit card details to: PUBLIC DOMINATOR PD AMIGA, 1 BARTHOLOMEW ROAD, 0 BISHOP’S STORTFORD, "I HERTFORDSHIRE, CM23 3TP.
1 TELEPHONE 0279 757692.
TOP TEN PD TOP TEN DEMOS GTS Titles 17Bit Disk Numbers 1 HOME BUSINESS PACK 1 SPACE ACD DEMO (514) 2 FOX VALLEY 38 2 RED SECTOR DEMO (503 504) 3 MEGA GAMES II 3 PUGGS IN SPACE (515) 4 HAM RADIO SPECIAL 4 JOE SLIDESHOW (502) 5 FISH 215 5 WALKMAN MUSIC (499) 6 FISH 183 6 GMC (482) 7 STAR TREK 7 TV SPORTS BASKET BALL (530) 8 BLIZZARD 8 SHOWERING GIRLS (474) 9 TV GRAPHICS 9 BILBO MUSIC (506) 10 TENNIS 10 ENEMIES MUSIC (473) For little more than the price of a disk, you can fill your software collection with some of the finest utilities and demos from the Public Domain, as RICHARD MONTEIRO finds...
BLIZZARD GTS PD games have come a long, long way since the early Amiga days.
Blizzard is good enough to be released as a budget 16-bit game.
It’s a very fast vertically-scrolling shoot-em-up. You won’t be able to put your joystick down.
PD SPECTACULAR 1 GTS You’ll find 44 of the very best PD and shareware programs on this disk. Because there are so many wonderful items on the disk, only a selection will be mentioned here: BROWSER - An alternative to the standard Amiga Workbench and CLI which lets you run, move, adding fancy copper lists to your boot disks, if you want umpteen shades on screen then look no further than this.
SWEEP - The Amiga tends to use memory and not give it back. This utility makes quite sure that any RAM no longer being used is returned to the system.
WB DEPTH - This program simply changes the number of bitplanes allowed on the WB. This means you can make use of more than the standard four colours on the Workbench screen display.
WBSHADOW Fish Disk 253 Completely useless, but a fun Workbench hack nonetheless.
WBShadow creates a shadow for everything displayed on the Workbench screen. You name it - windows, icons, gadgets, menus, text - and WBShadow will happily put a shadow behind it.
TENNIS GTS Yet another good PD game worth getting hold of. Tennis, as if you couldn’t guess, is much like Passing Shot: that is, it’s a tennis simulator. There are two play modes: training (versus the computer) and two player (against another joystick jockey).
Moving the joystick moves your player and pressing fire when a ball approaches allows you to swipe with the racquet. Several shots are catered for including slice, overhead and volley. It's a I saved to a path specified by you.
JAM EDITOR - Most text editors require you to learn a complex set of keyboard controls. Not JED: it is totally user-configurable.
Features include backup file creation, macros, cut and paste, and even an on-line help facility.
STRIPES - A very handy utility for copy, delete or rename any program on an Amiga disk.
DIR - Not the AmigaDOS version, but an improved version that takes up less space on disk and is substantially faster. Files aren't sorted, but drawers are shown in a different colour.
HERMES’ HERMIT - With this you can save and cycle the screen by using hot keys. Even overscan screens can be grabbed. Files are I very playable game... provided you’ve got 1Mbyte of memory.
Otherwise you get nothing at all.
R TBAG DISK OF THE MONTH 33 GTS Here's one of the latest disks to filter across from the Tampa Bay Amiga Group in the States. And, as ever, it's packed with goodies.
MYMENU - Allows you to create menus within Workbench and run sequences of commands. You can execute both Workbench and CLI commands from within the program. Until Workbench 1.4 comes along, MyMenu is the easiest and best way of running complex sets of Workbench commands.
ICONMEISTER - As featured on Amiga Format's second Coverdisk.
Iconmeister replaces IconEd, letting you design icons of all types, sizes and colours. You can even create interlaced and eight-colour icons. Twice the features of IconEd in the same space.
SYSCHECK - Checks that you’ve got the latest systems files on your boot disk. In your rush to update from 1.2 to 1.3 you may have missed something. There's no harm in playing safe.
SETPATCH - Commodore's bug fix for RAD disk in AmigaDOS.
DSD - Disk Storage Deluxe will open its own window and display all currently mounted devices. It also shows how much of the devices storage medium is used up and how much is left.
ABORT COMMAND - You can regain control of runaway programs and even recover from those fearful software errors with this extremely handy utility.
DITHER DEMO - Dithering is a technique used to fool the eye into thinking that it’s seeing more colours than are actually present.
This demo simply shows how nine seemingly different colours can be produced from just two bit planes.
SMALL ALARM - A better clock than the effort supplied on your Amiga system disk. This one lets enables you to set an alarm for several different times in the day.
BREAKOUT CONSTRUCTION GTS No prizes for guessing what this is all about. Along with a 50-level clone of Breakout, Arkanoid, Giganoid or what you will, you get a terrific level editor. You can edit any of the supplied levels or create your own from scratch.
The game is obvious enough: destroy bricks by hitting a ball with a bat. Special bricks are present which conspire to make the game even more interesting.
• Jumper bricks transport the ball to another location.
• Slow bricks, surprisingly enough, retard the ball's speed.
• Twin bats give you two bats, one on top of the other, to play
• Dropper bricks grab the ball and send it hurtling to the bottom
of the screen. Very nasty.
• Invisible bricks can’t be seen.
• Grabber bricks pinch the ball and make it stick to the bat.
• X2 bricks double the score for every subsequent brick hit.
• Destroyer bricks make your ball ram straight though lines of
bricks. Powerful stuff, huh?
FISH DISK 260 Three superb solitaire-like card games for you to while away the hours with. In Accordian the object is to condense all the cards into one pile. The cards are dealt face up, one at a time, from left to right. Piles are built by moving a card or pile from the left onto a card or pile to the right.
In Calculation, the second of the card games, it’s necessary to stack the cards into four ordered piles. The first pile only accepts cards in jumps of one; the second pile accepts cards in steps of two; the third pile accepts cards in jumps of three; the fourth pile accepts cards in leaps of four.
Finally, Sea Heaven requires you to separate the deck into its four suits. Each suit must be ordered from ace to king.
All games are very slick graphically and gameplay-wise. The games, as they stand, are pretty tough, so you’ll be pleased to know that you can bend the rules to suit your level of play.
AMIZIP Fox Valley Disk 38 A new file archiving method called Zip. It’s far superior to other file archivers, and looks set to become the new standard.
RETURN TO EARTH GTS Long ago humans and robots left Earth in their droves to colonise new planets and explore the Universe. After setting up a galactic empire, which lasted some 20,000 years, envy brought the mighty empire crashing down.
Some 500 years later you, Golan Trevize, leader of a small planet called Terminus, decide to look for mankind's cradle: the planet Earth. By this time Earth is no more than a legend. It's on Terminus that you collect your gear and prepare your karma in readiness for the epic journey.
If you've played apd enjoyed Elite, you’re going to go crazy for this. There's the whole Universe to explore and countless numbers of aliens - some friendly and some not - to trade with or destroy.
Are you paying too much for public domain software on your Amiga?
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CRAZY JOE S PD 145 EFFINGHAM STREET, ROTHERHAM SOUTH YORKSHIRE S65 1BL. TEL: (0709) 829286 FREE® PD CATALOGUE ON DISK (please state Atari ST or Amiga) When you send a blank disk and S.A.E. to: RIVERDENE PDL 63 Wintringham Way, Purley on Thames, Reading, Berkshire RG8 8BH Telephone: (0734) 428492 Fax: (0734)451239 We supply the best at the best prices!
JTS P.D. £2.00 LESS w©' ;qu postal orders payable to JTS P.D. Foreign orders please add 10% for the extra postage.
Enquiries: Tel. 0937-63834 (outside office hours) Here are just a few of our disks from our wide range of P.D. software...... JTS Introduction disk: games, music, utilities, animations, demos, virus killer ....£1.25 JTS Ultils Disk 1: Cruncher, virus killer, file editor. NIB copier (parameters) £1.75 Puggs in Space Demo: brilliant demo as featured in January issue, very' cute!......£1.75 Titan Trax 1: Brilliant House music with loads of digitised samples ..£1.75 Batdance Remix: An excellent remix of Batdance by Beatmaster. Fabulous! ...£1.75 Magnetic Beats: Again by
the Beatmaster. Brilliant music - loads of samples .£l. 5 Space Ace demo: Incredible Animation and digitised soundtrack very good £1.75 Showering Girls demo: Brilliant digitised animation (requires 1MEG oi RAM) £1.75 Red Sector MegaDemo: 2 disks full of brilliant demos, all are stunning ..£1.75 Walker Demos 1 & 2: These are the classic 1 Meg Animations on the Amiga £3.50 Star Trek: Needs 1 Meg & 2 drives. Comes on 3 disks! Cool sound and GFX.only £4.50 OR! Buy 10 disks for £12.50! OR! Buy 10 blank 3.5" DS DD disks for only £7.00!
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Prices Start at £0000 NOVA, 30 Parsons St, Bartxiry, Oran 0X16
supply the same disks - don't they?
If™ SOFTViLLE COLLECTION ...... H We have collected the best from around the world and compiled H them into our own collection, so good other libraries sell them as-is! Now over 400 disks - select ffrom'the BEST!
SOF214 - DE ATS TAR MEGADEMO - Simply the BEST - 2disks - £5 SOF254 - The WALKER demo, brilliant animation - lmeg version SOF255 - The WALKER2 demo, the legend continues - lmeg version.
SOF206 - NORTHST R FAIRLKjHT Megademo3 - 2disks - £5 SOF205 - ROTO-COP demo, sampled from the smash hit movie!
SOF260 - MUSIC MODULES for use with GHOSTWRITER (Uspec4) |||SOF267 - PHALANX BEATBOX - Loads of J.M.Jarre type songs!
§SOF274 - PHOENIX MEGADEMOl - One of the best demo compilations A NEW FORCE ON THE AMIGA - UGA Available exclusively from SOFTVLLE a small selection sample and very popular now - 2disks - £5 SOF327 - GOLDISK (EMI of Ivor$ more great music how do they do it?
SOF347 - QUADLITE MEGADEMO JUKEBOX 64, very different!
SOF352 - VISION MEGADEMO, some more brilliant graphics music on USPEC10 THE MUSIC COMPOSER plus converters etc. Plus tftwe Thunderbitds demo.
USPLai-GAME MUSIC CREATOR plus others, brilliant program and utffltjea.
Kvcr wondered where to set those really unusual utilities from?
UANIM2- 2 animations, STAMP and UGA loga Tvo af the very best yaull see on your Amiga. LllcrtrT _ TT WAT KUAM MTTSTP DISK nne nf the verv latest and one of UANIM5- 3 animations, HAPPY GUY, WINDOW and F15 MIRROR -.incrtdilie! M u WALJ M IN MUML ’ J USPEC1- ZOUNDMONTTOR phis others, now write your own greatsongs for your demo’s! | the Very best around.
PLUS we have the largest collection of FRED FISH disks in the country, the latest sent to us monthly from the man himself. WE ALSO STOCK The F.A.U.G, SLIPPED DISK, PANORAMA, A.PDC collections and a selection from the AMICUS collection.
So, if you want CHOICE and SERVICE, come to SOFTViLLE, BRITAINS NO.l DISTRIBUTER get this for your collection now!
SOF277 - SARGON MEGADEMO - Fabulous loading screen, love it!
USON1 - 11 Sonix aon? Including duelling, electric dream, wolf of the desert. G| SOF278 - ALCATRAZ MEGADEM03 - Brilliant selection!
U!°N2- 5 Sonix »arig« including never ngstt robo feel the 11SOF308 - MAHONEY KAKTUS music demo disk with over 40! Songs USUD1 16 moctly high-fee pictures arranged in a slideshow. Great tune plays along as they shew! Cnni © i a txt i_rp AVPW fmm WT TP MTIsiTGT TP - Vprv orwl USL1D4- SI kies hew from The Dark Lord’, one of Europes leading fiuitajy artiste, bnllunt HI SOF318 - MADE IN HEAVEN from K.YL1E MINOLjUe, Very gOOQ US LID 5- ftbulaus si kies how of Destination docklands’ pictures + great tune plays along!.
UMUS3 - 10 great tunes includes SUBURBIA, GAME OVER, FUTURE TRIIJ POWERFUL UMUS7 - Some of the beat Amiga musicians wrote these for this disk, 9 great songs.
UMUS12- Tuture mirror soundisk’, 8 great tunes included, great graphics, to amaze you!
UINT4- 8 great demo’s includes TEARDROPS, ANOTHER, MEGAPKTURE etc. etc. juiNTll- 6 great demo’s includes ROGER RABBIT, CVERLOAD, ACID DEMQ COOL If you want to know more about the BEST Send S.A.E. (28p stamp) and state AMIGA for your FREE 60 page catalogue DISK PRICES 1 to 5 disks - £3.00 each 6 to 9 disks • £2.75 each 10 or more disks - £2-50 each Prices include Disk, 1st Class P&P, spare label.
Mall and phone orders received before noon despatched same day, GUARANTEED Deduct £1 from above prices If sending your own blank disks SOFTViLLE Unit 5, Stratfield Park, Elettra Ave, Waterlooville, Hants P07 7XN. 24hr Orderline on 0705 266509 Fax 0705 251884 Want to see what your Amiga is really capable of?
FORGOTTEN REALMS SLIDESHOW Deeper Domain 86 Fraxion have put together a spectacular collection of HAM digitised pictures from the Forgotten Worlds fantasy art book. The images do look absolutely stunning, and the music that plays in the background is remarkably good too.
: PK1:S1 N I S inf hip-mop husk: dfmo disk hi DD COMPILATION 1 Deeper Domain 87 F L : HiP-MOUSF V2 ' LK I UAI.
F : FFK-NA F4 : FUNKY HID F5: PICK Ul‘ FG: kFBFL A Zee parades his own musical explorations.
Gary Fenton of the Deeper Domain has put together a compilation of some of the best Amiga demos available. Included on the disk are the Gate Megademo Part 5, Kefrens, Mafia Demo, Phenomena Lets Go, Phenomena Playfields, Red Sector Intro and Vector IV.
And for good measure you'll find the Pseudo-Ops Virus Killer V2.
GATE MEGADEMO - Multiple-line scroller with fantastic flute music playing in the background.
KEFRENS - Multi-plane scrolling starfields, rotating balls and supporting background tune.
MAFIA DEMO - A couple of evil- looking smiley faces twist around the screen to a driving beat.
LET’S GO - Without doubt this is one of the best demos you’ll ever see. Huge lettering, containing fantasy action sequences and making up the word Phenomena, scrolls from left to right while objects and messages dance around the screen. A haunting tune plays in the background. Get this demo!
PLAYFIELDS - You won’t believe the size of the helicopter being moved around the screen. It’s absolutely phenomenal.
RED SECTOR INTRO - There are copper lists and there are copper lists. This one is totally outrageous. Waves of colour jump up and down the screen and all the while a great tune sounds out.
VECTOR IV - Fast-moving display of solid 3D vector graphics.
BLIT DEMONS Fish Disk 256 This program is based on cellular automation (known as demons) described in the August 1989 edition of Scientific American.
The algorithm for demons, in case you missed the article (cough), is as follows. Each pixel on the screen represents a cell. A cell may have any one of 16 values (colours). At the start each cell is set to a random value. For each generation, if a cell has a value that is one less than any of its four orthogonal neighbours, the cell is set to the value of its neighbour.
The values wrap round so that value 0 is considered to be one more than the value 15.
There are four distinct generation phases. The first stage is the debris phase and is characterised by the random garbage present at the start. The second phase is the droplet phase in which waves of colour wash back and forth across droplets. The third stage is the defect stage. It is characterised by a few isolated spirals. The spirals that survive are called demons, and they inhibit the final steady-state phase.
So much for the theory, seeing the final image being built up is actually quite fascinating.
FISH DISK 268 This disk contains three entries to the 1989 BADGE Killer demo contest. Doctor A is Marvin Landis’ entry. It’s an animation sequence in which Amiguy takes to the basketball court with the BoingBall.
Designed and rendered in Sculpt 4D, the demo looks superb.
Next comes Klide, a line art demo.
It impressively generates complex patterns at the rate of 15,000 lines per second. Wow! Only the blitter makes it possible. Finally there’s Rob Peck's entry, Only Amiga. Sampled sounds, pretty pictures and bouncing balls - what more could you want?
ZEE’S HIP HOP DISK 1 17Bit 531 Get down to where the beat’s at.
Yo, are you listenin'. Come on babe this is where the party's at.
Hip-hoppers, take a look at Zee's first music demo disk. It contains the tracks Hip-House, Lethal, Tek- Na, Funky Kid, Pick Up and Rebel.
Zee compiled the disk because he got fed up listening to Soundtracker House mixes. Rather than just whingeing he got down to creating his own mixes. The moral of the story is there’s hope for everyone one presumes.
SUPPLIERS The following companies are responsible for the distribution of Amiga Public Domain software in this country. For their full address check out the advertisements in this issue of Amiga Format, or give them a ring on these numbers.
George Thomson: 0770 82234, 17 Bit Software: 0924 366982, Softville PD: 0705 266509, Amiga PD Library: 0742 588429, Purple PD: 0279 757692, Ray Burt Frost: 0703 785680, Blitsoft PD: No phone number available (apologies for printing a spurious one previously), Senlac PD: 0424 753070: Deeper Domain 01 204 3954, Crazy Joe’s: 0709 829286, EMPDL: 0602 630071, JTS PD 0937 63834.
Just a small selection of the many HAM digitised pictures from the Forgotten World picture book.
E. M.P.D.L. Amiga Public Domain Library. Open 7 Days 9am - 9pm 1
I I 1 1 1 I Latest Edition catalogue, disc, plus lifetime
membership only £2.50 700 discs catalogued.
Updated monthly. Range of accessories.
SENT 36 Utils VI SENT 37 FRP Startrek Dock* SENT 38 FRP Roadrunner* SENT 39 FRP Ult Vims* SENT40 Battlechessdemo SENT 41 Beastdemo SENT 42 Juggler Stonehenge SEN 143 Paint III demo (2*) SEN 144 Sountracker Instr SEN 145 FRP Kamstatack* SEN 146 C-Source I SEN 147 C-Source II SEN 148 C-Source III SENT 49 Rainbow-Writer SEN 150 Comms Disk I SEN 151 WalklikeanEgvptian SENT 52 Fashiondemos SENT 53 Perfectsound SEN 154 A Starr Music SENT 55 Sanix Demos SEN 156 Karis Cartoons SEN 157 Silent(not
1. 3Roms!)
SENT 58 Anims I SENT 59 Anims II SEN 160 Anims III SENT 61 Anims IV SEN 162 Expresspaintdemo SENT 63 Aqfile SEN 164 Jeansicons SENT 65 Games Music Creator SENT 66 Hamcu SENT 67 Dropcloth SEN 168 TES Electronicslave SENT 69 Bootbench V2.0 SENT 70 Demos I SENT 71 Demos II SENT72 Demos III SENT 73 Demos IV SENT 74 Demos V SENT 75 Craps!
SEN92 Bootblocks II SEN93 Sonix Instrs SEN94 Mike Tyson Demo SEN95 Caligdemo SEN96 Vision Elite SEN97 Ipec Elite SEN98 Mahqney Kacktus!
SEN99 Vision Megademo SEN 100 Robocop Demo SEN 1001 Superbase Demo SEN 1002 Tennis* SENT 03 SAE Demos SENT 04 Lam SENT05 Bilbobaggins SEN 106 Deathwarp SENT 07 Moria* SENT08 Zeus Bust* SENT 09 FRP Minimovies SEN 110 Popmusic SEN 111 Loadsamoney SENT 12 Millerlite SEN 113 Newtons Cradle SEN 114 Luxo Teenager SENT 15 Disk Deleted SENT 16 Icons II SEN 117 Board Games SENT 18 Dragons Lair* SEN 119 Music Disk I SENT 20 Disk Deleted SENT 21 Sam Fox Slideshow SENT 22 Killerdemo* SENT 23 Boingmachine SENT 24 Slideshow Photofile SENT 25 PD Chess SEN 126 Ghostpool SENT 27 Utils V SENT 28 Rot(Sculpt)
SENT 29 Coyote* SEN 130 Hampix I SENT 31 Charon* SENT 32 Mymenus SENT 33 Slideshow Photofile (2) SENT 34 Hytek Slideshow SENT 35 PD Battleships SEN 1 Starter Pack (10) SEN2 Startrek (*3) SEN3 Music set (3) SEN4 GFXSet (3) SEN5 Nib Copier (DFlrreqd) SEN6 Draco (2) SEN7 Newtek Demo (2*) SEN8 Notboingagain* SEN9 Wildcopper SEN 10 Fantasypixs I SEN 11 JRComm (comms) SEN 12 SummerHaxs SEN 13 Probe Sequence SEN 14 Maasedemo SENT5 FRP Shark* SEN 16 Videoscape demo* SENT 7 WalkerDemo* SEN 18 VirusKillers I SEN 19 Trektrivia SEN20 Wordwright w p SEN21 Nasa Digipixs SEN22 Docdemos SEN23 Citydesk Demo
SEN24 Analytical* SEN25 PD Games I SEN26 Dpaint Clipart SEN27 Bank'n program SEN28 Galileo Demo SEN29 Bob Spriteditors SEN30 Digipixs SEN31 Kfrens7upcrew SEN32 C- prog utils SEN33 Boinedemo SEN34 PD Games II SEN35 Crocketts Theme SEN36 Pandemo SEN37 Sonixscores I SEN38 Sonixscores II SEN39 Sonixscores III SEN40 Musicutils SEN41 Deathstar SEN42 Roses Flowershop SEN43 Monopoly SEN44 Thames TV Comm SEN44(a) Slideshow X SEN45 Hifi Player* SEN46 Coke Smurf* SEN47 Assembler SEN48 Miditools SEN49 Vlt-Terminal SEN50 Antitrax 2070 SEN51Warhammer SEN52 Alfalien SEN53 Sonix Jukebox SEN54 Amas Demo SEN55
Brickinwall SEN56 Chet Solace SEN57 Slideshow 1 SEN58 Slideshow2 SEN59 Slipstream SEN60 Wavebench SEN61 Arc Files SEN62 Blowfly SEN63 Viruskillers II SEN64 Sonix Jukebox II SEN65 Led Zepplin (2) SEN66 Business Pk (6) SEN67 Fantasypixs II SEN68 Safesex SEN69 Oh! Obscene I SEN70 Oh! Obscene II SEN71 Megutils I SEN72 Rotating women SEN73 Senutils I SEN74 Iconsi SEN75 Senutils II SEN76 Sampledsnds SEN77 Prof Democreator SEN78 Le'Copiers SEN79 Dest Docklands SEN80 Michael Jackson SEN81 Raytracing SEN82 Hack SEN83 Agatron Anims SEN84 Errors Megademo SEN85 Crusaders SEN86 Northstar Fairlight (*2)
SEN87 Deluxephotolab (2) SEN88 Cardemo* SEN89 Soundtrackers (2) SEN90 Disk Utils SEN91 Bootblocks I Cheques & P.O.'s payable to:
E. M.P.D.L. 54 WATNALL ROAD, HUCKNELL, NOTTS 0602 630071 0 0
Cheques Postal Orders payable to: Ray Burt-Frost, 169, DALE VALLEY RD. HOLLYBROOK.
SOUTHAMPTON SOI 6QX PLEASE NOTE: Some PI) disks contain langna»e dial may be considered offensive V CHEQUES POSTAL ORDERS TO: SKNI.AC SOFTWARE PI). 14 OAKI.EA CLOSE.
Our extensive range now includes over 400 quality disks. Always in stock are all disks in the famous Fred Fish range, and exclusively the full TAIFUN auto-boot range.
Our own ever popular BLITDISKS continue to expand each month.
These self-booting subject orientated disks include many topics; Graphics, Sonix, Art, Games, Utility and Demos etc. and are often crunched by us to fit as much as possible on. No more buying 5 disks for 5 programs scattered around. Now YOU can choose a disk on your required subject and if we have yet to make one the chances are we can compile a disk for YOU!! We also exclusively distribute the disk magazine 'Computer Lynx'. Only £1.00 per issue to members.
The most ASTONISHING thing about buying your P.D. from BLITSOFT is: PRICK & SERVICE OPTION 1: ALL disks at £1.25 just send us £5 per quarter (we arrange this) for this offer.
OPTION 2: ALL disks at £2.50, but buy three and choose a free disk
i. e. £7.50 for FOUR disks (£5 life membership fee for option 2)
24 hour despatch, Quality packaging and 1st class post, FREE
cat disks and FREE updates to cat disks!!
SOFTWARE SERVICE We are now able to offer AMIGA commercial software, both entertainment and serious, at extremely competitive prices.
Our pricing is as follows:
R. R.P. £19-95 £24 - 95 £29 - 95 £34 - 95 OUR PRICE £15-00 £18-50
£22 - 00 £24 - 75 For prices not shown above please enquire:
we can offer MAJOR discounts.
Method of ordering
1) From the advertised R.R.P. find our price.
2) Send a GUARANTEED cheque and state if you are prepared to wait
for not-released-yet out-of-stock items.
3) We will despatch all titles in stock within 24 hours of
receipt of your order.
4) If your order has not yet been released or is out of stock we
will return your cheque. If instructed that you will wait then
we’ll send a
P. D. disk of your choice.
HARDWARE MEDIA We can also supply your other computer needs at rock bottom prices: Contact us for ANY requirement.
EXAMPLES 1 2 Meg upgrade ...£68 - 00 10 DS DD unbranded certified 3.5 disks ......£7 - 00 I we Accept 1 2 Meg upgrade + clock ...• ...£75 - 00 A500 Batpack .....£365 - 00 V vouchers' 1Mb 31 2 slimline single disk drive ..£80 - 00 A590 20Mb Hard disk drive £360 - 00 ?i?0- sEnL0Ck .....t
* ** ¦ : ___ •
PRO-GENLOCK ONLY £89.99 COMPLETE ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ Genlock is the latest “buzzword” on the Amiga - it’s a device that allows you to mix computer text graphics with live video pictures from either a camera or VCR. “Desk Top Video” as it’s become is probably the fastest growing productivity application for the Amiga.
W With the Datel Pro Genlock, you can do all the things previously only possible with units costing hundreds of pounds!!!
Perfect for video titling, captions or your own animation productions.
Lock your Amiga to external colour or B W video signal (camera VCR etc) - output is a composite combined picture.
Plugs into RGB port of A500 1000 2000. Provides composite video output to monitor VCR suitable TV etc. Switch selectable to view video input overlay graphic or both (combined ' signal).
Top quality unit features VLSI Motorola chip as used on commercial devices.
BUT THAT'S NOT ALL... Unique fader control allows overlay to fade in or out. Ideal for fading captions X Comes complete with necessary leads etc - no more to buy etc. ?
Y This is a complete hardware solution - no software to load. Unbeatable price.
ONLY £69.99 for512K(0.5MEG) ONLY £134.99 for 1 meg.
ONLY £259.99 for 2 megs Master faders with bar graph display of output levels. Suitable for mono and stereo applications.
When an ideal mix has been achieved, then the overall “mix” can be saved to disk for re-load as required - just like systems costing thousands !!
Auto zero of faders.
S Top quality analogue and digital T circuits give superb results.
Boost the output of your Amiga in glorious stereo.
SOW + 30W power amplifier with 5 band graphic equalizer, w Complete with cables for A500 A1000 A2000 models.
Slimline colour matched metal case with built-in mains power unit & headphones socket.
ONLY£59.99 w A unique product to edit and produce your own individual icons.
& Allows for multi-colour Cup to 16) extra large icons for use when customising workbench, disk, icons, tools, programs, etc. Wr Advanced editing facilities make for fast and easy design.
ONLY £12.99 w High quality miniature 3 way speaker units in die-cast aluminium shelf enclosures.
30 Watts 8 ohm each.
ONLY £39.99 pair MATCHING SPEAKERS ICON PAINT ICON PAINT Turn your Amiga into a sophisticated measuring instrument capable of measuring a wide range of data inputs.
DIGITAL SCOPE DISPLAY - 2 channel inputs.Manual or continuos display.
Timebase 500ms div to 20us div- accurate to 5%.
6 bit flash conversion gives 2 million samples sec.
PLOTTER DISPLAY Timebase range 1 sec to lOhrs per plot.
ONLY £99.99 PLEASE STATE A500 1000 2000 vjr Now an 8 controlled £100.00!!
This system comes in two parts - a 19" rack mounting mixer - and a superb control program. Use your Amiga to give top quality 8 channel "digital'* mixing.
K 8 inputs via 0.25" jack sockets.
Two outputs via 0.25" sockets.
Connects to Amiga parallel port.
Control software gives 8 faders with super-fine increments, digital display of levels on each channel, stereo lock for each pair of faders.
Complete hardware software.
ONLY £99.99 COMPLETE EXTERNAL 3.5" DISK DRIVE Slimline extra low profile unit.
W Top quality fully compatible drive NEW I mechanism.
Y Throughport allows daisy-chaining nQIAC i V other drives. RlllUE 1 y A superbly styled case finished in Amiga colotirs. -'lb JjI 1 meg unformatted capacity. ¦ I y Good length cable for positioning SINGLE I on your desk etc. - ONLY £129.99 twin drive ADD £5 FOR COURIER DELIVERY IF REQUIRED EXTERNAL DRIVE SWITCH j y DF1 & DF2 controlled.
Fits between computer & drivers) Switch in out of external drives Save on memory allocated for drives not currently in use.
512K MEMORY EXPANSION Now with this superb 512K expansion unit you can simply plug in more memory. Bring your Amiga up to Imeg Ram in seconds!!
Featuring the latest 1 Meg fast Ram chips.
Comes complete with dissable switch (not offered by some others, including A501 unit).
Available with without clock calendar feature. Clock version has high capacity NiCad battery - never needs replacing.
Low chip count means extra low consumption.
High grade PCB with quality connector.
Buy direct from the manufacturer and save!
SPECIAL OFFER COMPLETE WITH PHOTON PAINT FOR ONLY £1 69.99 INCLUDING HARDWARE SOFTWARE Simply plugs into internal Ram extension slot - no knowledge at all required, FOR VERSION WITH CLOCK CALENDAR COMPLETE 512K RAM EXTENSION CARD An easy to handle Handy Scanner featuring 105 mm scanning width & 400 dpi resolution enables you to reproduce graphics & text on your computer screen.
Adjustable switches for brightness & contrast.
A powerful partner for Desk Top Publishing.
With Geniscan you have the ability to easily scan images, text & graphics into the AMIGA.
Printout for Epson compatibles.
Powerful software allows for cut & paste editing of images etc. Save images in suitable format for most leading packages including DELUXE PAINT etc. Package includes GS4500 scanner, Interface & Scan Edit software.
Unmatched range of edit capture facilities simply not offered by other scanners at this unbeatable price.
HOWTO UK ORDERS POST FREE EUROPE ADD £1 OVERSEAS ADD £3 Send cheques POs made payable to "Datel Electronics" PRICES AND SPECIFICATIONS CORRECT AT TIME OF PRESS AND SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE If you can obtain your own Ram chips, we can supply the card.
Accepts 16 x 41256 Drams.
Available with without clock option.
Switch dissable feature.
Simply plugs into Ram expansion slot.
Fitted in only minutes - no user knowledge required.
UNLT FOR VERSION WITH CLOCK CALENDAR NB. THESE PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE RAM CHIPS REPLACEMENT MOUSE CALLERS WELCOME - Please reserve goods by telephone prior to visit High quality direct replacement for mouse on the Amiga.
% Teflon glides for smoother ” movement.
Rubber coated ball for minimum slip Optical system counting - 500 mm.
SALES ONLY 0782 744707 TECHNICAL ONLY 0782 744324 LOCH EljULB STEREO SAMPLING TeCWftTIOAJ V AMIGA PRO SAMPLER STUDIO + DATEL JAMMER A top quality stereo sampling system at a realistic price.
100% machine code software for realtime functions.
HiRes sample editing.
Realtime frequency display.
Realtime level meters.
Mixer Controls on Instruments.
Load & Save sequence.
Works on standard IFF file sounds.
- - - v -mrwuz* ’ m Full Midi Interface for A500 1000 2000
(please state model).
Compatible with most leading Midi packages (including D Music).
Iti Midi In - Midi Out x3 - Midi Thru.
Fully Opto isolated.
NLY £34.99 MICRO MIDI A simple low price MIDI Interface for the A500.
All the features found on more expensive units. Fully compatible MIDI In - MIDI Out - MIDI Thru.
Fully Opto isolated.
NLY £24.99 256 x 256 display with 16 grey levels.
Realtime frame grab 1 50th second.
Takes standard composite Video input from camera or Video recorder.
Screen update 1 frame per second, single, continuous or buffered display.
Load, Save facilities including IFF Save: Edit picture, cut, copy, paste and undo.
9 Special effects, reverse, negative, mirror, compress, etc. Increase the width of the display to 320 x 256 automatically or manually.
Plugs into the parallel port of your Amiga 1000 500 2000.
Comes complete with its own power pack.
Top quality brandname.
J 2.5 octave keyboard.
W 25 built-in instrument and rhythm " choices.
Uses FM synthesis.
¥ Full MIDI OUT standard.
ACTIVISION MUSIC STUDIO r A full feature MIDI Recording Studio.
' A multi channel sequencer with realtime input and full editing r facilities.
R Completely menu driven - full Mouse control.
Very simple to use.
MICRO MIDI INTERFACE This unit connects your computer to any MIDI instrument.
Fully Opto isolated - MIDI IN, MIDI OUT, MIDI THRU.
Just plug in and go.
FREE CABLES 3 metre long MIDI Cables - completely FREE!!
(normally £6.99). Lengthen Durations
• 4m Sustain Be lease Octave Test Undo :Copg Done ALLEGRO j:122
Syncro Express requires a second drive & works by controlling it as a slave device & ignoring the AMIGA disk drive controller chip, high speeds & great data accuracy are achieved.
Menu driven selection for Start Track End Track - up to 80 tracks. 1 side, 2 sides.
Very simple to use, requires no user knowledge.
Also duplicates other formats such as IBM, MAC etc. Ideal for clubs, user groups or just for your own disks.
No more waiting around for your disks to copy.
Probably the only duplication system you will ever need!
ONLY £34.99 COMPLETE HARDWARE SOFTWARE WARNING 1988 COPYRIGHT ACT WARNING Dalel Electronics neither condones or authorises the use of it's products for the reproduction of copyright material.
The back-up facilities of this product are designed to reproduce only software such as public domain material, the users own programs or software where permission to make a back-up has been clearly given.
It is illegal to make copies, even for your own use. Of copyright material, without the permission of the copyright owner, or their licencee.
Comes complete with superb software to scan edit pictures.
Very comprehensive software allows for Capture, Writing, Cut Paste, Printing, Load & Save of images.
Up to 16 grey scales or black & white modes - giving you superb scanned images.
Complete - no more to buy.
Save to your favourite graphics DTP package - very easy to use.
Easy to install - connects to the Printer Port - ready to scan in minutes.
A T Ue 200 Dpi flatbed s-cAnn Pi ipTEi BUT THAT'S NOT ALL... Not only does the SP11 scan at 200 Dpi - it is also a superb image printer PLUS - its a Photocopier!! Yes, just press start and it will deliver a superb giving high definition output prints of scanned images, screen dumps etc. photocopy of your original in seconds!
* SPECIAL OFFER ? SPECIAL OFFER * Buy Amiga External Drive for
£35.00 when you buy any of pack B to F. Or receive our FREE
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Pack ....£600.00
PACK F Amiga A500 + Mouse + Modulator + External Disc Drive +
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Pack ....£450.00
Amiga External Disk Drive Drive with throughport disable
switch £69.95 A590 20 Meg Hard
Disk with 2 Meg RAM
Slots £370.00
Bridgeboard .....£679.00
For AMIGA B2000 ring for our Special price.
Increase the speed of your Amiga with our 68010 Processor + full instruction...£30.00 Increase the speed of your XT Bridgeboard with our V20 Upgrade ....£20.00 Upgrade your Amiga 2000 with our 80286 Card From £300.00 AMIGA PUBLIC DOMAIN DISKS We have over 600 PD Disks in our Library which include Fish Disks. Amicus Tbags. APDL Quads. Each PD costs £3.00 inclusive or buy 10 and get 3 free. Disk catalogue costs £5.00 (2 disks). Buy a complete Bible (Old and New Testament) for only £8.50 (3 disks).
100% GUARANTEED ERROR FREE BRANDED SONY UNBRANDED 3’ 2" DSDD ..£9.00 per box of 10 3’ 2m DSDD £19.00 per Qty of 25 SONY 3M VERBATIM 31 2" DSDD ....£12.00 per box of 10 3V2' DSHD ....£30.00 per box of 10 AMIGA BOOKS Compute's 2nd Book of Amiga £16.95 Elementary Amiga Basic £14.95 Inside Amiga Graphics £16.95 Inside the Amiga with C 2nd Ed £20.95 Kickstart Guide to the Amiga £13.95 Kids & the Amiga .....£15.95 More Tips & Tricks for Amiga £18.45 Programmers Guide to Amiga . £23.95
Amiga Basic Inside & Out Disk £13.95 Amiga DOS Express & Diskette £27.45 Amiga DOS Inside & Out Disk...£13.95 Amiga Disk Drives Inside Disk...£13.95 Amiga Machine Language Disk.£13.95 Amiga System Prog'Guide Disk£13.95 Amiga For Beginners ..£12.95 Amiga Machine Language £14.95 Adv. Amiga Basic £18.95 Amiga 3D Graphics Prog Basic . £18.45 Amiga Applications ...£16.95 Amiga Assembly Lang. Prog £10.80 Amiga Basic Inside &-Out £18.95 Amiga C for Beginners ...£18.45 Amiga DOS Inside & Out .....£18.45 Amiga DOS
Manual ..£22.95 Amiga DOS Quick Ref .£8.95 Amiga DOS Ref. Guide ..£14.95 Amiga Disc Drives Inside & Out...£27.95 Amiga GD Graphics Sound Telec £17.45 Amiga Handbook ..... £15.95 Amiga Hardware Ref. Manual £22.95 Amiga Intuition Ref. Manual £22.95 Amiga Microsoft Basic Prog Gd.. £18.45 Amiga Prog Handbook Vol 1 £23.95 Amiga Prog Handbook Vol 2 £23.95 Amiga Programmers Guide £17.45 Amiga Programmers Guide £18.45 Am. Rom Kernel Ref Man Autod £28.95 Am. Rom Kernel Ref Man Exec .£22.95 Am. Rom Kernel Ref Man Lib £32.95 Amiga
Systems Prog. Guide £32.95 Amiga Tricks & Tips ..£14.95 Amiga for Beginners .£12.95 Becoming an Amiga Artist £18.45 Beginners Guide to the Amiga.. £16.95 Compute's 1st Book of Amiga £16.95 Amiga Machine Lang. Guide £21.95 We also stock COMMODORE 64'S and PC COMPATIBLES, PEGASUS SOFTWARE STATIONERY. Please Ring For Details!
All prices are inclusive of VAT. Goods are despatched within 24 hours of cleared transaction. Personal Callers welcome. Please send your cheque Postal orders to: QUADSOFT COMPUTERS Unit 306, 203 213 Mare Street, London E8 3QE.
Telephone: 01-533 5116 0860 564231 Commodore AMIGA software The Tipster £29.95 Price includes VAT & delivery THE TIPSTER is a horse racing program which will give you the information needed to pick HORSES not ZEBRAS.
THE TIPSTER stores horse and race info on a DATABASE to provide a quick and easy method of reviewing a race.
TAM Marketing (S West) 7 GD UNITS Marsh Barton Trading Estate Exeter DEVON Telephone: (0392) 215485 THIRD COAST TECHNOLOGIES LTD Amiga A500 Basic pack (includes A500, TV Modulator, Workbench, Utilities, Manuals, Basic, Tutorial ...£369.00 Amiga A500 + Batpack ..... £369.00 Amiga A500 + Batman Pack + Tenstar Option . £386.00 AMIGA A500 & AMIGA 2000 HARD DRIVES & HARD CARDS Xetec Hard Drives are the fastest hard drives for the A500 &
A2000 Commodore A590 22 Meg ....£365.00 JVS 32 Meg. Full SCSI 25 Milliseconds Head Park ...£449.00 45 Meg. Full SCSI 25 Milliseconds Head Park ...£549.00 65 Meg. Full SCSI 25 Milliseconds Head Park ...£699.00 85 Meg. Full SCSI 25 Milliseconds Head Park ... £799.00 109 Meg. Full SCSI 25 Milliseconds Head Park .£999.00 251 Meg. Full SCSI 25
Milliseconds Head Park ......£1995.00 22 Meg. Full SCSI 25 Milliseconds Head Park ...£399.00 45 Meg. Full SCSI 25 Milliseconds Head Park ...£499.00 50 Meg. Full SCSI 25 Milliseconds Head Park ...£599.00 65 Meg. Full SCSI 25 Milliseconds Head Park ...£649.00 85 Meg. Full SCSI 25 Milliseconds Head Park ...£799.00 109
Meg. Full SCSI 25 Milliseconds Head Park .£949.00 251 Meg. Full SCSI 25 Milliseconds Head Park ......£1899.00 Amiga A500 1 Meg Ram Upgrade (inc clock & switch) ....£79.99 Amiga A500 2 Meg Internal Ram Expansion (populated) ...£339.00 Amiga A500 2 Meg Internal Ram Expansion (unpopulated) ......£149.00 Amiga A500 4.0 Meg Internal Ram Expansion ...£699.00 Amiga A500 8.0 Meg
Internal Ram Expansion .£1099.00 Star LC-10 Mono Printer .£169.99 Star LC-10 Colour Printer £215.00 Star LC-24-10 ...£199.99 Professional Monochrome Digitiser Low Medium and High Res ......£149.99 RGB Splitter for colour cameras allows full colour
digitising ......£99.99 Minigen Amiga A500 & A2000 Genlock ....£95.99 Professional Genlock Overscan, Fader, built in RGB Splitter too many features to list .£499.00 Rendale 8802 Genlock ....£195.00 Microtext Teletext Adaptors built in tuner ...£139.99 X-Specs 3D Glasses, excellent for Cad Cam
Liquid Crystal shuttering gives a whole new outlook on your Amiga .....£149.99 Processor Accelerator!6 Mhz Accelerator will support MC68881. Offers between 45-50% more performance whilst maintaining complete compatability with software 8-16 Mhz switch ...£149.99 Replacement Amiga Mouse A500 & A2000 ..£24.99 A-Max Mac Emulator Roms ..£249.99 AmigaA2000 8 Meg Expansion Board
(Unpopulated)- ....£149.99 Amiga A2000 8 Meg Expansion Populated 2 Megs ..£349.00 Amiga A2000 8 Meg Expansion Populated 4 Megs ..£519.00 Amiga A590 Upgrade Chips ....£11.00
D. I.Y. kits to interface embedded SCSI hard drive or IBM PC
ST506 drive to Amiga A500 or Amiga A2000.
Trumpcard includes power supply, enclosure, software, auto-boot roms. Will accept 3.25 inch embedded SCSI drive any capacity. Simply plugs into side of A500 can draw power from machine or external source. Up to 4 megs of desk cache or system memory can be installed.Offers transfer rates up to twice that of A590. Board can be removed and used in A2000 at a later date offering future expansion .£199.99 ALF MFM drive kit for A500. Offers support of ST506 IBM PC drives. Available with or without power supply and enclosure. Host board and controller
available. Entire kit including Enclosure host board and controller auto boot roms cables and software .£299.99 ALF RLL kit available at the same price for people with RLL IBM ST506 type drives .....£299.99 A500 ALF controller and host board without power supply and enclosure £199.99 A500 ALF host board will accept standard PC hard card full software including enclosure for
host ....£129.99 Toolbox 3 slot or 2 slot box available, allows the A500 user to have A2000 power at A500 prices, the toolbox dips onto the side of the A500 and allows support of A2000 products on the A500. Eg: 8 meg ram board, hard card, 68020 accelerator board.
Features 2 or 3 slots 40 watt supply, on off power ...£299.00 THIRD COAST TECHNOLOGIES Unit 8, Bradley Hall Trading Estate, Standish, Wigan WN6 0XQ Tel: 0257 472444 Fax: 0257 426577 We accept Bank Drafts, Company and Personal Cheques and also Access and Visa Cards All prices indude VAT at 15%. A full warranty is offered on all products.
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• Confidential. Our 32 page bi-monthly magazine is essential
reading for those interested in adventures or role playing
games. Written by experts, Confidential has covered everything
from How to Host a Murder to Which F16 Flight Simulator? Our
agents, led by the Master Spy known as "The Boss Upstairs",
seek out the secrets of RPG's, FRP's, MUG’s, PBM's, Leisure
Suit Larry, The Russians, Elvira.....
• Myth. Written by Magnetic Scrolls, authors of The Pawn,
exclusively for members of Official Secrets. Myth is a small
adventure set in Ancient Greece. In it you'll meet The
Ferryman, cheat Death and face the nineheaded Hydra. Myth
includes the famous Magnetic Scrolls parser and graphics and is
included in the price of membership.
• Help-Line. Manned weekdays until 8pm 2 and Sundays. The
Help-Line can help you f solve most problems on most
• Gnome Ranger. Level 9's brilliant 3-part adventure or a
Surprise Alternative.
£22.00 including six issues of Confidential, Myth, the Help-Line, Gnome Ranger and membership of Special Reserve.
.15.99 BLOOD MONEY 14.49 BLOODWYCH ...15.49 BLOODWYCH DATA DISK ......9.99 BOMBER .....18.49 BRIDGE PLAYER 2000 ..14.49 C-LIGHT .....31.49 CABAL .15.49 CARRIER COMMAND .....16.49 CHAMBERS OF SHAOLIN ......14.99 CHASE H.Q ......15.99 CHESSMASTER 2000 .....15.49 CONFLICT EUROPE .....16.49 CONTINENTAL CIRCUS ..12.99 CORRUPTION (M SCROLLS) 13.99 CUTTHROATS ...16.49 DAMOCLES ......15.49
..25.49 FOOTBALLER OF THE YEAR 2 13.49 FUN SCHOOL 2 (2-6) .....12.49 FUN SCHOOL 2 (6-8) .....12.49 FUN SCHOOL 2 (8+) .....12.49 FUTURE WARS ...16.49 GALDREGON’S DOMAIN ......12.49 GAUNTLET 2 ......16.49 GEMINI WING ...12.99 GETTYSBURG (SSI) .....19.99 GHOSTBUSTERS 2 .15.99 GHOULS 'N' GHOSTS .....16.49 GNOME RANGER (LEVEL 9) ...9.99 GRAND PRIX CIRCUIT ..16.49 GREG NORMAN'S GOLF ......16.99 GRIDIRON (U S FOOTBALL) ...15.49 GUNSHIP ..15.99 HARD DRIVIN'
SHADOW OF THE BEAST ......19.99 SHINOBI .....12.99 SHOOT EM-UP CONSTR'KIT 13.49 SILKWORM ......12.99 SIM CITY .....17.49 SPACE ACE ......27.49 SPACE QUEST 3 (SIERRA) ...21.49 SPELL BOOK (4-6 YEARS) 13.49 SPELL BOOK (7+ YEARS) ......13.49 SPELLBREAKER (INFOCOM) 19.99 STAR BLAZE ......16.49 STAR COMMAND (SSI) ..19.99 STAR WARS TRILOGY ..15.99 STARCROSS (INFOCOM) ......19.99 STATIONFALL (INFOCOM)......19.99 STEVE DAVIS SNOOKER ......12.49 STORMLORD ......15.99
STRIDER ..16.99 STRYX .12.49 STUNT CAR RACER .....15.99 SUPER LEAGUE SOCCER......15.49 SUPER WONDERBOY ..15.99 SWITCHBLADE ...16.99 SWORDS OF TWILIGHT ..16.49 THE LOST PATROL .16.49 TIME .18.99 Can you afford not to join?
SONY 3.5” DS DD DISK Myth Quotes "An excellent adventure... witty, cunning and just plain good fun! If you liked Fish! You'll probably like this, because they're very similar in style: you may even prefer Myth, it's that good!"
Amiga Format "Myth is destined to become a classic."
Crash Magazine Myth Reviews Crash Smash 91%, CLI 90%, Amiga Format 87%, TGM 85% TIME & MAGIK (LEVEL 9) ......13.49 TINTIN ON THE MOON ..12.99 TOWER OF BABEL .16.49 TRIAD VOL2 (MENACE.
(INFOCOM) .....19.99 XENOMORPH ...15.49 XENON II. MEGABLAST ..15.49 ZORK ZERO (INFOCOM) ......19.99 Solution Books BARDS TALE 1 ...3.99 CORRUPTION ...2.50 DUNGN MASTER 2.50 FISH! SOLUTION 2.50 GOLDRUSH ......6.99 GUILD OF THIEVES .2.50 HILLSFAR ..7.99 HITCHIKERS GUIDE .....7.99 JINXTER .....2.50 KINGS QUEST 1,2.3 &4 ..10.99 LEISURE SUIT LARRY 1 ..6.99 LEISURE SUIT LARRY 2 ..6.99 MANHUNTER
NEW YORK ......6.99 PAWN .2.50 POLICE QUEST 1 .. .6.99 POLICE QUEST 2 6.99 SHADOWGATE ...2.50 SPACE QUEST 1 6.99 SPACE QUEST 2 6.99 SPACE QUEST 3 6.99 To order please write, or complete the coupon, or telephone us on 0279 600204. Please note that there is a surcharge of 50p per game for orders placed by telephone.
F}rHar Fnrrn m u . U u- * Special Reserve membership £5 UK, £6 EEC or £7 World UUI lUI III Non-members please add the membership fee r or Official Secrets membership £22 UK, £25 EEC or £30 World
- -with Gnome Ranger and Myth Name or with Surprise Alternative
and Myth AMFORM Address Item Post Code Computer.
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Reg. Office: 2 South Block, The Maltings, Sawbridgeworth, Herts CM21 9PG.
Registered in England Number 2054713. VAT reg. No. 424 8532 51 Item Credit card expiry date TCHEQUE *POSTAL ORDER *ACCESS *VISA (Including Connect, Mastercard and Eurocard) ’ Delete where applicable TOTAL Overseas orders must be paid by credit card Prices include UK Postage and Packing EEC orders please add 70p per item World orders please add £1.50 per item 9999 9999 9999 9999 9999 Hsf H w wo 666 $ & iS mm gggggg x yi yi vi x For everyone who owns an Amiga computer, Club 68000 offers Members, Software & Hardware Accessories at huge savings off Recommended Retail Prices. Your only commitment
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Tel: 01 977 9596 Fax: 01 977 5354 Special Offer on X-COPY 2.0 DISK DRIVES x Hardware & Software X-COPY 2.0 DISK DRIVES A500 512K Ram + Clock + on off switch £69.99 A500 1.8 Mbyte card with 512K Ram ..£129.99 A500 1.8 Mbyte card with 1 Mbyte ..£189.99 A500 1.8 Mbyte card with 1.8 Mbyte ...£299.99 A500 1000 2 Mbyte External .....£319.99 A2000 8 Mbyte card 2 Mbyte Ram ..£329.99 RAM EXPANSIONS AT UNBEATABLE PRICES
3. 5 A2000 Internal .
3. 5 External ..
3. 5" with Digital Track Display ......
5. 25" External 40 80 Tracks
......£84.99 ......£94.99
5. 25" with Digital Track Displav .... ? All drives with
on off switch & Th £109.99 rough Port ?
? NEW Ultimate backup utility
• Copies up to 4 disks in 48 seconds
• Formats disk in 36 seconds
• Speeds up disk loading
• Qued: Superfast Text Editor
• CV Parameter: with toolkit options
• Update service RRP £39.99 Members £29.99 Hardware
only ......£19.99
only .£19.99
Upgrade 1.0 -
2.0 ....£7.50 56?
56 £ £ Checks links virus For disks, files and disks Disk format and information
• For Amiga 500 2000
• Includes original 1.3 Rom
• Allows you to switch between Kickstart 1.2 & 1.3
• Easy to use
• No soldering RRP £69.99 Members £49.99 Kickstart Card without
Roms ...£29.99 Kickstart 1.2 or 1.3
Rom ...£29.99 NEC A500 1000 Hard
Disk Actionware Light Gun + P.O.W £19.99 New US Action Light
Gun Pack
- 2 new games Gateway to Ypsilon and Tin Can Alley + Light Gun
File Cards £34.99 Members RRP Batman the Movie .
..£15.99 ....£24.99 Blade Warrior ....
..£15.99 ....£24.99 Bomber ......
Beverly Hill Cop ... ..£19.99 ..£15.99 .....£29.99
.....£24.99 Beach Volley ..... ..£15.99
....£24.99 Cabal ... ..£15.99
.....£24.99 Chess Player 2150 . ..£15.99
....£24.99 Chaos Strikes Back ...... ..£12.99 ....£19.99
Chase HQ ... ..£15.99 ....£24.99
Continental Circus Double Dragon
II .. ..£12.99 ..£12.99 ....£19.99 ....£19.99
Drivin Force ...... ..£15.99 ....£24.99
Dungeon Master ..£15.99 ....£24.99 Falcon
FI6 . ..£19.99 ....£29.99 Falcon
Mission Disk .... ..£12.99 .....£19.99 F16 Combat
Pilot .. ..£15.99 ....£24.99 Galaxy
Force ..... ..£15.99 ....£24.99 Ghostbusters
II .. ..£15.99 .....£24.99 Ghosts 'n'
Ghouls .. ..£15.99 ....£24.99 Games Summer
Edition...... Grand Prix Circuit . ..£15.99
..£15.99 ....£24.99 ....£24.99 Hard
Drivin ..£15.99 ....£24.99 Honda
RVF Indiana Jones Last Crusade
Infestation .. ..£19.99 ..£12.99
..£15.99 ....£29.99 ....£19.99 ....£24.99
Interphase ... ..£15.99 ....£24.99 It
Came from the Desert ..£19.99 ....£29.99 3
Knightforce ..£15.99 ....£24.99
Leisure Suit Larrv II.. ..£19.99 .....£29.99 Lightforce (4
games)... ..£15.99 .....£24.99
Moonwalker ...... ..£15.99 ....£24.99 North &
South ... ..£15.99 ....£24.99 Never Mind...
..£12.99 .....£19.99 Onslaught ...
..£15.99 ....£24.99 Operation Thunderbolt . ..£15.99
....£24.99 Paul Gascoigne .. ..£15.99 .....£24.99
Populous .... ..£15.99 .....£24.99
Power Drift ..£15.99 .....£24.99 Pro
Tennis Tour... ..£15.99 .....£24.99 Red Storm
Rising .. ..£15.99 .....£24.99 Shadow of the
Beast .... ..£24.99 .....£34.99 Space
Ace .. Stryder.... ..£31.49 ..£15.99
....£44.99 .....£24.99 Stunt Car ....
..£15.99 ....£24.99 Stryx
Test Drive II ...... ..£12.99 ..£15.99
.....£19.99 ....£24.99 Turbo Outrun ....
..£12.99 ....£19.99 Untouchables .
.£15.99 ....£24.99 Wild Street . ..£15.99 ....£24.99 Xenon TT ..... .£15.99 ....£24.99 1-____ ______ ____________ J ONLY £9.99 (While stocks Last) With Hardware £19.99
• Easy to use
• Checks Bootsector
• Repairs Bootsector (Also commercial software) §66666666£ ¦
s8S8* ill 999 VvvvVvvvVvV msmk PRO] FESS ilONAL SOF TWARE
Member RRP Member RRP [ Aegis Animagic Animation £59.99 £79.99
K Seka Assembler £37.99 £49.99 Aegis Modeller 3D CAD £59.99
£79.99 Kind Words II Wordprocessor £37.49 £49.99 Aegis Sonix
2.0 Music £52.49 £69.99 Lattice 5.0 Prog Language £199.99
£249.99 1 Aegis Audiomaster II Music Midi £59.99 £79.99 Lights,
Camera Action Desktop Video £52.49 £69.99 Aegis Videotitler
Desktop video £82.49 £109.99 Mailshot Plus Mailmerge £37.49
£49.99 Appetizer 8 Business programs £24.99 £39.99 Movie Setter
Desktop Video £52.49
69. 99 Butcher 2.0 Utility £29.99 £39.99 Music X Music £172.49
£229.99 Comic Setter DTP Comic £37.49 £49.99 Pagesetter 2.0
DTP £59.99 £79.99 DOS Toolbox Utility £37.49 £49.99
Professional Page 1.3 DTP £187.49 £249.99 Deluxe Paint III
Graphics Animation £59.99 £79.99 Photon Paint 2.0
Anim Graphics £59.99 £89.99 Deluxe Music Music £52.49 £69.99
Photon Video Desktop Video £69.99 £99.99 Deluxe Video 3D
Videoanimation £52.49 £69.99 Professional Draw CAD Graphics
£99.99 £139.99 Deluxe Photolab Animation-Ham £52.49 £69.99
Quarterback Hardisk Utility £44.99 £59.99 Deluxe Print II
Print Utility £37.49 £49.99 Synthia Music Midi £59.99 £79.99
Digicalc Spreadsheet £29.99 £39.99 Starter Kit Kindwords
2. 0 Paint 3 games £49.99 £69.99 DOS to DOS Utility £37.49 £49.99
Superbase Personal II Database £69.99 £99.99 Digipaint 3.0
Graphics £52.49 £69.99 Superbase Professional Database £174.99
£249.99 Director Desktop Video £42.99 £59.99 Sculpt 3D XL 3D
Animation £112.49 £149.99 Design 3D Cad elec technic £59.99
£79.99 Sculpt 4D Junior 4D Animation £89.99 £119.99 Devpac II
Prog.language £44.99 £59.99 Sculpt 4D 4D Animation £374.99
£499.99 Fantavision Animation £37.49 £49.99 Scribble Platinum
Wordprocessor £37.49 £49.99 Funschool 2 Education £12.99
£19.99 Turbo Silver 3D 3D Animation £104.99 £139.99 Home
Accounts Financial £22.49 £29.99 Word Perfect 4.2
Wordprocessor £172.49 £229.99 1 Home Office Kit
Wordp Spread DBase DTP £119.99 £149.99 Workbench 1.3
1. 3 + Manual £12.99 £19.99 iKComm 2.0 Communications £22.49
£29.99 Xcad Designer Cad Cam £84.99 £114.99 j Mini Gen Genlock
A500 ...£99.99
• Rendale Genlock 8802 .....£189.99
• Superpic - Video Digitizer, Genlock,
• Frame Grabber £499.99
• Digiview Gold Video Digitizer ...£109.99
• Golem Professional Stereo Sound Digitizer...£59.99
• Midi Interface A500 2000 or A1000 (including
cable software) .£39.99
• Boot Selector Boot from External Drive ....£12.99
• Amas - Midi Sound Digitizer ...£84.99
• Naksha Mouse ..£34.99
20 Mbyte, 40 msec, Autoboot .....£369.99 30
Mbyte, 28 msec. Autoboot .....£449.00 40
Mbyte. 24 msec. Autoboot .....£519.99 60
Mbyte, 18 msec. Autoboot .....£599.99 20
Mbyte, 40 msec. Autoboot ' ....£349.99 30 Mbyte, 28 msec.
Autoboot .....£399.99 40 Mbyte. 24 msec.
Autoboot .....£449.99 60 Mbyte. 18 msec.
Autoboot .....£548.99 mm Phone for free
catalogue, more than 200 different items.
HOW TQ QRPER; By phone: 01 977 9596 Visa Access. By Fax 01 977 5354 By post: Club 68000, Wickham House, 2 Upper Teddington Road, Hampton Wick, Kingston, Surrey KT1 4DP POST AND PACKAGING: Software UK + EEC £1, Non EEC £3.
HARDWARE: Courier service £6. Prices subject to change without notice GETTING THE NAK JASON HOLBORN takes a look at a mouse that is positively skweeking for some attention.
Reviewing hardware is often a difficult business. When you have to write an original, and above all interesting, review of the umpteenth widget that seems to do precisely the same task as about twenty similar units that you’ve already reviewed, the life of a technical editor doesn’t always seem all ifs cracked up to be.
Latest arrival in the Amiga 'Oh no, what can I possibly -say about another one of these things?’ hardware stakes is the replacement mouse. For one reason or another, the market has suddenly become swamped with the blighters. Is there possibly any room for another? Naksha think so.
You’ve probably seen Naksha's advertisement with this, and past issues of Amiga Format. For those of you who haven’t seen it, the ad shows a picture of Naksha mice being used with the Amiga, an Atari ST and a PC compatible. The reason for this image isn’t that Naksha are too tight to produce separate ads for the three different machines (perish the thought!), but that their mouse will happyly work with all three different machines.
The standard Naksha mouse is actually designed to be used with the PC, but interfacing cables are provided as standard to allow you to connect the mouse to either of the ‘other’ machines. The first thing you’ll notice about Naksha’s mouse is the smoothness of operation. Not only does the mouse itself comfortably glide across the desktop, but you feel as if you have a greater control over the onscreen pointer. The mouse buttons (of which there are the standard two) have a considerably more positive click to them than any of the competition (including Boing! And CBM’s offering).
To further enhance my opinion of this electronic rodent, Naksha even include not only a free mouse mat, but also a handy little ‘mouse house' which is used to store the mouse when not in use. At last, everything you could possibly need to use a mouse is delivered within one package!
The Naksha mouse must surely rate as the number one mouse for the Amiga. Past rival rodents have been either too expensive or just plain lousy to really tempt me away from the official Amiga mouse, but with the arrival of the Naksha’s unit, my Commodore mouse has long been put into retirement.
NAKSHA MOUSE £39.99 plus VAT ¦ All Amigas ¦ Naksha (UK) Ltd (0925) 56398 Let’s face it, everyone enjoys a flutter on the gee-gees occasionally. But, unless you’ve arranged a pact with God, your chances of making it big from studying the racing form are virtually non-existent. When a computer program arrives that promises to substan- THE TIPSTER JASON HOLBORN dons his racing cap and takes a trip to Ascot, with only the Racing Post, Tipster and his Amiga to help him.
Tially improve your chances of hitting the big time from gambling, you'd be a fool to miss it... or would you?
The Tipster is a utility program designed to take the drudgery out of studying the racing form. The program is an advanced statistical Press HELP to continue m n RACE INFORMATION Today's race is the 2.80 at Toucester, for a prize of £ 2320 The GRADE of this course is ( 1 ) the JUMPS DIFFICULTY is ( 2 ) The race is a Handicap Hurdles, the going is confimed to be FF ( 2 ) The race is over a distance of 16 furlongs, with a total of 8 runners.
DATABASE HORSE'S CODE NAME 1 FRIENDLY FELLOW 2 OPERATIC SCORE 3 GOODWYNS LAD 4 MAMAMERE 5 RUN OF HELD 6 FORT HAPPING 7 NORTHERN HALO 8 SLANEY PRINCE BEST BET LAST H C AGE PG P G J CDF FORM POS P G J SCORE 113 5 4 1 1 2 NYN 56 1 3 12 166 115 5 4 1 2 1 NYN 37 3 2 1 2 168 120 5 5 1 2 2 m 25 0 0 1 1 158 119 5 4 1 1 1 NNN 42 4 2 1 2 161 117 6 4 1 1 3 NYN 17 2 3 1 3 165 113 5 7 1 1 1 NNN 23 0 0 1 1 154 117 8 2 1 1 2 YYN 15 0 0 1 f 153 98 9 5 1 1 I NYN 14 0 2 1 2 135 Perhaps the most difficult part is setting up your data for horses.
Analysis program that uses horse and venue data from the Racing Post, such as the horse’s past performance, it’s age, handicap, starting price etc, and then produces a list of horses running and their rating, in the form of a score.
The program works using the principle that if users are consistent in betting habits, they will stand a better chance of winning.
The Tipster helps you to pick out the best races to put your money on, and hopefully pick winners using the output from the program. According to independent sources, Tipster has a success rate of between 50 and 60 percent, which is quite impressive.
Tipster is best suited to races that have 10 runners or less.
When a race is run containing more than this number, the chances of having equally matched horses is substantially increased. Often when the prize money for a single race is greater than £3000-4000, a jockey will push a horse for the higher prize.
If the prize money is less than this amount, the prize is not worth the risk of causing injury to a valuable horse, therefore the jockey will often take things easy. Best results can therefore be gained when less than 10 horses are running in a race which has a £3000+ prize money.
Don’t for one minute think that The Tipster is going to make you a million. It really provides suggestions that should be only taken as a guide. As the manual states, if in doubt, don't bet. However, the results from using The Tipster are very encouraging indeed. During program testing, the programmer (Steve Marriot) managed to notch up £55 from an initial £1 bet.
Similar packages for the Amiga will set you back at least £100, and even then they often fail to deliver the kind of flexibility that The Tipster offers. At the price, no self respecting punter can afford to be without it.
THE TIPSTER £29.95 ¦ All Amigas ¦ TAM Marketing (0395 513558) 1-7 COLLEGE STREET NORTHAMPTON NN1 2SZ Sp Y D EE SERVICE TEL: 0604 33922 FAX: 0604 24664
* * * * DISCS* *
* * 10x3.5" ... ..£6.00
50x3.5" ... £30.00
100x3.5" . £57.50
* * * * LABELS *
* * * 10 Labels . ....0.20 50
Labels . ..£1.00 100
Labels ... ..£1.75 250
Labels ... ..£4.00
* *** STORAGE BOX * *
* * 10 DDL ..... ..£2.00 40
DDL ..... ..£6.00 an nm
_______________________________________ ..£8.00
* * * Mouse Mats . ..£3.00 Mouse
Houses ... ..£1.99 Phone for more
* * * * POCKET MONEY *
X .£4.00.. ...£4.00
Kickstart II .£4.00..
Little Computer People .. .£4.00.. ...£4.00
Motorbike Madness ... .£4.00.. ...£4.00 Pub
Pool .. .£4.00.. ...£4.00
Roadwars . .£4.00.. ...£4.00
Sorcery + . .£4.00..
...£4.00 Speedboat Assassins .£4.00..
...£4.00 I **** AUTHORISED **
LC10 + free cable ..... ..£150.00 (whilst stocks
last) STAR LC10 Colour + free cable + free
ribbon ..... ..£205.00 STAR
LC24 10 + free cable 24 oin LQ DRAFT .....
_________£245.00 STAR LC24 15 + free cable 24 oin 132 col...
.... £399.00 STAR LC10 2 + free cable 1 imitpH
stnrk 5 .. ..£205.00 90
Cabal ..P.O.A......P.O.A. 91
F29 Retaliator P.O.A......P.O.A. 92
Ivanhoe ..P.O.A......P.O.A. 93
Untouchables P.O.A......P.O.A. 94 It
Came from the Desert P.O.A......P.O.A. 95 Space
Ace .....£31.49 ....£31.49 96 Keef the
Thief £17.50.....P.O.A. 97 North and
South ..£17.50....£17.50 98 Nigel
Mansell .£6.99......£6.99 99 Barbarian
I ....£6.99......£6.99 100 Dungeon
Master Editor £6.99......£6.99 101 Light
Force ..£17.50 ....£17.50 102 Balance
of Power £17.50 ....£17.50 103 Chaos Strikes
Back P.O.A......P.O.A. 104 Faery
Tale ...£13.99.....P.O.A. 105
Fusion ..£6.99 106 Battle
Squadron .£17.50...... 107
Tintin ...£17.50 ....£17.50 108
Sim Citv ......£20.99 ...... 109 Hard
Drivin' £13.99 ....£13.99 110
Prince ..£17.50 ....£17.50
P. O.A. = Phone on Availability TOP 110 AMIGA ST 01 Archon
Collection ..£6.99 02 Artie
Fox .£6.99 03
A.P.B .£13.99....£13.99 04
Blood Money £17.50 ....£17.50 05
Bloodwych ....£17.50 ....£17.50 06
Bards Tale 1 ...£6.99......£6.99 07
Bards Tale 2 .£17.50 08 Battle
Chess .£17.50 ....£17.50 09 Bionic
Commandos ...£6.99......£6.99 10 Beach
Volley .£17.50 ....£13.99 11 Batman
the Movie ...£17.50....£13.99 12 Dungeon
Master ..£17.50 ....£17.50 13 Dragon
Ninja £17.50 ....£13.99 14 Demons
Winter ....£17.50 ....£17.50 15 Double
Dragon ....£13.99 ....£13.99 16 Dynamite
Dux .....£17.50 ....£13.99 17 Deluxe Paint
III ...£55.00 18
Elite ..£17.50....£17.50 19
F16 Combat Pilot .£17.50 ....£17.50 20 Falcon
(Mirrorsoft) ...£20.99 ....£17.50 21 Falcon
Mission Disk £13.99 ....£13.99 22 Forgotten
Worlds .£13.99 ....£13.99 23 Foundations
Waste £6.99......£6.99 24
F.O.F.T ..£20.99....£20.99 25
Flight Simulator 2 ...£24.50 ....£24.50 26
Fiendish Freddy's £20.99 ....£20.99 27
Gunship £17.50 ....£17.50 28
Indiana Jones (Arcade) £13.99 ....£13.99 29
Journey .£20.99 30
Jet ....£24.50....£24.50 31
Kick Off .£13.99....£13.99 32
Kult ...£17.50....£17.50 33
Kings Quest Triple Pack .£24.50 ....£24.50 34 Knight
Force .£17.50 ...£17.50 35 Lords of
the Rising Sun ..£20.99 36 Millenium
2.2 ......£17.50 ....£17.50 37 Microprose
Soccer ...£17.50 ....£17.50 38 Marble
Madness ....£6.99......£6.99 39 New Zealand
Story ...£17.50 ....£13.99 40 Out
Run ..£6.99......£6.99 41
Paperboy ......£13.99 ....£13.99 42
Populous New Worlds £6.99......£6.99 43
Populous ......£17.50 ....£17.50 44
Quest For the Time Bird .£20.99 ....£20.99 45 Rainbow
Islands ...P.O.A P.O.A. 46 Real
Ghostbusters ...£17.50 ....£17.50 47 Rick
Dangerous ...£17.50 ....£17.50 48
Robocop £17.50 ....£13.99 49
RVF Honda ...£17.50 ....£17.50 50
Rocket Ranger .....£20.99 ....£17.50 51
Running Man ......£17.50 ....£17.50 52
Shinobi .£13.99 ....£13.99 53
Strider ...£13.99 ....£13.99 54
Super Wonderboy .P.O.A P.O.A 55 Street
Fighter .£6.99......£6.99 56 Sky Fox
2 £6.99......£6.99 57 Story So
Far Vol 1 £13.99 ....£13.99 58 Story So Far
Vol 2 £13.99 ....£13.99 59
Spherical ......£13.99 ....£13.99 60
Speedball .....£17.50....£17.50 61
Silkworm ......£13.99 ....£13.99 62
Star Wars Trilogy .£17.50 ....£17.50 63
Shadow of the Beast £24.50.....P.O.A. 64 Triad
2 ..£17.50 ....£17.50 65
Targhan £17.50 ....£17.50 66 3D
Pool .£13.99....£13.99 67 Time
and Magick .£13.99 ....£13.99 68 TV Sports
Football ...£20.99 ....£17.50 69
Vigilante £10.50 ....£10.50 70
War In Middle Earth £13.99 ....£13.99 71 Weird
Dreams ......P.O.A £17.50 72 Worldclass
Leaderboard ....£6.99......£6.99 73 Xenon
II £17.50 ....£17.50 74 Captain
Blood £6.99......£6.99 75 Fun School 2
Under 6 ....£13.99 ....£13.99 76 Fun School 2
6-8 .£13.99 ....£13.99 77 Fun School 2
8+ ..£13.99 ....£13.99 78 Operation
Thunderbolt ....P.O.A......P.O.A. 79 Continental
Circus ..£13.99. ...£13.99 80 F A 18
Interceptor ..£17.50 81 Leisuresuit Larry
2 . £20.99 82 Police
Quest .£13.99 ....£13.99 83 Police
Quest 2 .....£13.99 ....£17.50 84 Space Quest
3 . £20.99 85
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Low Cost a IHTQ5LIMC »TFUftYlo SLD,":’ KEY 4 Send a letter to the Editor - Key 5 Although Trip-A-Tron is the first product release from Llamasoft for the Amiga, the names of both Jeff Minter and Llamasoft will no doubt be immediately familiar to the majority of Amiga owners. Jeff, renowned for his originality and peculiar taste in companions (sheep and llamas mainly), has inspired an entire subculture of gameplaying llama lovers and armadillo admirers.
Almost all computer users who have upgraded from machines such as the C64, Vic20 and Cl6 will have seen one of Jeff’s creations at one time or another.
Light Source It’s been a long time coming, but Jeff Minter has finally unleashed the Amiga version of the classic Trip-A-Tron. Wearing camel-hair coat and with cup of tea in hand, JASON HOLBORN embarks on the ultimate trip.
Even though Jeff still indulges in the occasional game, Trip-A-Tron has been an ongoing project for the last couple of years. The forerunner of Trip-A-Tron was a program on the Commodore 64 called Psychedelia that eventually evolved into the Colourspace system on the Atari. Not content with Colourspace’s capabilities, Jeff pushed the system still further and Trip-A-Tron was born. Although this brings us up-to-date, the story doesn’t end there as Jeff is still tinkering with Trip-A-Tron, enhancing it and adding new features every time he ‘feels' like it.
Sound To Light Everyone has heard of the sound synthesiser, where basic waveforms are manipulated and combined into ment to be 'played’ in a live situation, allowing the performer to express him or herself through onscreen graphics rather than sound.
Artificial Light Describing the images that you can create with Trip-A-Tron is a difficult task, as there is very little to compare it with, and mere words really do not do it justice. In a similiar way that a review of a music synthesiser cannot even hope to fully convey the sound quality of the instrument, static screen shots fail miserably to show the program’s capabilities.
Trip-A-Tron can create trails of kaleidoscopic pixels, dynamic vidual sections and arranged within the system as separate screens.
These separate menus cover disk accesses, waveform generation, pattern creation, the colour cooker (for designing colour palettes), starfield edit, keyboard assignments and the video sequencer.
Unless you’ve got a megabyte or more of memory, several of Trip-A- Tron’s more complex operations are not available.
The video sequencer is a complex image manipulation system that allows sophisticated effects such as 3D rotations or mosaicing to be carried out on standard 16- colour IFF images. The system works a little like the ‘Move’ option chained together into a continuous loop using Trip-A-Tron’s Internal Event Sequencer. Like a MIDI sequencer, Trip-A-Tron’s sequencer records keystrokes in real time across eight separate channels.
This is particularly useful for synchronising Trip-A-Tron effects with music: for example, Trip-A-Tron strobe effects can be triggered in time with the crash of an orchestral stab. Like most things in Trip-A- Troni, the real power of the system doesn’t really dawn on you until you’ve played with the sequencer for a long period of time.
What would have really made the Trip-A-Tron sequencer of use would have been the inclusion of Three examples of the amazing effects possible with Trip-a-Tron running at full steam ahead.
What eventually reaches your ears.
In many respects, Trip-A-Tron is very similar to a synthesiser, but rather than sounds, on-screen images are created from basic effects such as dot patterns, starfields and geometric shapes. Flowever, unlike a synthesiser, the raw material of Trip-A- Tron’s creativity is light, in the form of screen pixels.
Unlike similar units, Trip-A-Tron isn’t a sound-to-light converter (such as the Visual Aural system available in the States). These fairly simple devices convert an analogue sound signal (from a HiFi, Walkman, CD player etc) into on-screen graphics, but usually entail very little user interaction: just feed in the sound source and the computer does the rest. Trip-A-Tron, on the other hand, is more of a performance instru- starfields, geometric shapes, laser writing and just about any other effect that your creative abilities can conjure.
The number of different combinations of effects within Trip-A-Tron seems almost limitless: just when you think you’ve spotted an effect that you’ve seen previously, the screen metamorphosises into a completely different and unique combination of swirling and pulsating pixels. Most of the effects can be controlled with the mouse. By simply dragging the mouse across the desktop, a stream of cycling pixels trails behind, before eventually decaying into darkness.
Controlling The Elements The effects that can be created within Trip-A-Tron are split into indiin Deluxe Paint 3, where you specify the image to be manipulated, set the number of frames the animation is to be rendered into, set the parameters and leave the program to do the hard work of the rendering. Image manipulation calculations are complex at the best of times, and so generating an animation across a range of frames can take a very long time.
Jean Michel Jarre-like laser effects can easily be created using the rather strangely named SillyScope. Flowever, due to their mathematical complexity, using them extensively does tend to slow down the whole system unbearably: you can actually see everything being drawn when a particularly complex laser is used. Whole lists of KML programs can be MIDI support. By running Trip-A-Tron on its own separate MIDI channel, effects could be synched directly with the music using ‘MIDI note on’ messages. Using dedicated System Exclusive messages, every aspect of the program could be controlled
directly from a MIDI sequencer.
Now that's true creative power!
Light Programming Just like a real synthesiser, any effect can be created in real time by just entering the appropriate menu and altering parameters until the desired effect is achieved.
However, if you wished to use Trip- A-Tron in a live situation, you just won’t have the time to stop the performance, make a few parameter changes and then carry on. What you need is the light synth equiva- lent of the synth patch bank. On most modern synthesisers, it is possible to store up to 128 different sound 'patches' in memory at any one time. Using program change messages, any patch can quickly be called up and used. With Trip-A-Tron, whole sequences of effects can be built up and assigned to any key on the keyboard using KML, the Keyboard Macro Language.
KML is a powerful BASIC-like programming language that allows almost complete control over every aspect of the Trip-A-Tron system.
The language includes many structured commands that you’d expect to find in a programming system such as standard and conditional loops, decision making etc. To help you get to grips with KML, the program disk includes quite a few demo KML programs that are well worth playing with.
0 ? S S El El 0 iz] El El El E! El GD El 0 As with a multi-timbral synthesiser, up to eight different KML programs can be executed concurrently by assigning each to separate channels.
The Ultimate Trip?
The only negative aspect of the program is that it shows its Atari origin and very little effort has been put into the conversion to add the kind of magic that only the Amiga can achieve. High resolution screen modes, an immense colour palette and powerful graphics hardware makes the Amiga the ideal medium for such a program as Trip-A-Tron.
At the very least, it would have been nice to have a full PAL resolution screen: as it is, that dreaded gap at the bottom of the screen limits the program’s usefulness for adding weird effects to your rock videos. In an ideal world, Trip-A-Tron would have operated in both PAL and overscanned screen modes, employing upto 64 colours on-screen with Extra-Half- brite. MIDI support (as discussed earlier) and a little bit of Amiga- ising would have made Trip-A-Tron a formidable package.
Gripes aside, Trip-A-Tron is an immensely powerful system that will fascinate you for hours on end.
For best effect, turn off all lights, put on your favourite CD (Jeff recommends anything from Pink Floyd, but I personally found Depeche Mode’s Music For The Masses ideal jamming material!)
And pump up the volume... oh yeah, and don’t forget that a nice steaming hot cup of tea always helps the creative flow! ¦ m Complex image manipulation is the order of the Now it's time to add depth to your creative day with the Video Sequencer. Exploits with the Star Field editor.
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call our number below with your credit card details, or send a cheque PO or credit card number and expiry date to our address. Make cheques payable to THE 16 BIT CENTRE 16 BIT CENTRE Unit I7y Lancashire Fittings Science Village Claro Road, Harrogate Hgl 4AF Tel (0423) 531822 526322 Some of us never got to grips with learning by rote. It always seemed easier to calculate times tables as you went along, so long as you remembered a few key ones such as the squares. Eight eights? No problem! But to those of us educated in an age when primary school mathematics meant reciting your times tables,
the idea of six- and seven-year-old children learning to program computers seems pretty ambitious. Global variables? Umm... not a clue.
Computers have been in the classroom for more than a decade now, which is long enough to break down old-fashioned ideas of what kids can and can’t do. At the vanguard of the computer revolution has been an educational package called Logo, most widely used on the dear old BBC.
Commodore spotted how important this product has been in education, and realised the need for an Amiga version. So now, as part of their carefully-planned foray into the education market, Commodore themselves have backed the writing of Amiga Logo.
And a good thing they did, too.
What is Logo?
Logo has been described as a simple graphics programming language. The graphic displays which are the output of the programs written by the children are mighty pretty in themselves: but in fact they are almost diagrams for geometrical relationships and for logical processes.
Sounds a shade complicated?
Well, in reality it couldn’t be more simple. The on-screen display consists of two main windows: a graphics window and a text-editing window. In the graphics window sits a small cursor, known in the original 8-bit versions for the sake of Logo's diminutive users as a Turtle. With commands entered in the text window, the Turtle can be made to crawl around the screen.
Basic commands, for instance, are forward or backward (with a distance specified as a number), turn left or turn right (by a number of degrees). Easy enough so far.
Next option is to make the Turtle draw a line wherever he goes. Use the pen down command and he’s ready to scribble. Ask him to move forward 100 steps (the on-screen distance of a ‘step’ is a set but relatively arbitrary distance: top screen to bottom is about three hundred steps). Then ask him to turn right 90 degrees.
Repeat this three times and he’s back where he started, having drawn a square.
Drawing to Programming Next stage is to use the ‘Repeat’ command to do the boring work for you. Define your movement and turning, plonk ‘Repeat 4’ next to it, and you’re away: a square drawn in no time. Suddenly you begin to realise that this little set of instructions is growing into a program. With the command ‘To’, you can define it as such: known in Logo as a procedure.
Give your procedure a title: let's call it ‘Square’. Type ‘To Square’ and the text window enters edit mode: write your program, and exit the edit screen back to the command screen (the ordinary text window). All you have to do now is type ‘Square’ and a square is drawn.
By now, you should be getting a reasonable impression of how Logo works. You can combine individual instructions into a procedure, and name it. You can then call that as a sub-procedure into another: for instance, you might turn the Turtle a little and then draw your square again, and repeat this a number of times. You can even define variables, so that you could turn your Turtle by n degrees and add one to n for each square. Now we’re programming!
LEARNING BY PICTURES Many thanks to Broadstone First School. Dorset, for their cooperation in the making of this article.
DAMIEN NOONAN tries out the flagship of educational packages where it counts: in a real classroom.
Stephen and Alasdair’s experiment. The Octagon procedure is written (Top Left) and run (Top Centre). This procedure is then called in to another (Top Right) to draw the pattern (Bottom Left). The whole screen can be revealed (Bottom Centre). Multiple patterns (Bottom Right) are a simple step.
A Generation of Programmers?
Hopefully, you should have the idea by now that Logo really does teach six-year-olds to program computers. Not just the structure of procedures, sub-procedures and variables: even details like the importance of correct spelling of names and correct syntax are demanded by Logo. But, you may well be thinking, what use is a generation of programmers?
Well, that’s not quite the point.
Quite apart from the benefits of hands-on experience and computer literacy in the last decade of this millennium, Logo is also teaching very basic patterns of thought and logic. The Turtle’s movement involves simple vector graphics, potentially use of Cartesian coordinates, and the concept of degrees in a circle: basic geometry. The rigours of de-bugging, if a procedure doesn’t do what you expect it to, involve some heavy logic and conceptual thought. And the shared experiences of creativity and problem-solving in a group of two are three children encourage cooperation and teamwork.
Oh, and let’s not forget this: it’s also brilliant fun!
First Impressions To road-test the all-new Amiga version, we enlisted the aid of Alasdair Clarke and Stephen Beasley, two lively seven-year-old lads with some months’ experience of the BBC Logo. They were there to test whether the Amiga version could be used by kids who had experience of other versions, and also to tell us if they thought Amiga Logo is even better!
First priority, then, was simply to see how the two got on if they were just plonked down in front of the program and asked to get on with it. They were clearly impressed by the Amiga’s graphic power from the off: the little drawing of a turtle that represents the cursor on the graphics window was greeted with warm approval.
Stephen and Alasdair immediately suggested a clever little procedure they knew off by heart to draw an octagon. So off they went... Very quickly, they had their procedure typed in and run. There appeared to be no problems at all with compatibility: both commands and syntax were familiar, and the procedure worked perfectly.
Getting Sophisticated Next suggestion from the dynamic duo was to run a procedure that a friend of theirs had created, which turned the Turtle through ten degrees before redrawing the octagon a number of times. A little bit of input from myself, to suggest that 36 repetitions would take the Turtle full circle to draw a round shape, and they were away.
The result was so impressive that the teacher immediately had to be called to show it off. Already, creative exploration was being rewarded by a feeling of achievement: and squidged almost invisibly in the middle, these guys were learning something.
Time for something new, something the dear old Beeb hadn’t shown them yet. I pointed out that the colour of the pen could be change to any of 32 preset colours. They learnt the command and started using it. Halfway through our octagon procedure, we changed the pen colour from green to purple. The resulting two-coloured octagon was again greeted with delight.
Better still was what followed.
By simply running our 36-repetition procedure with the new two-colour octagon, we got a rather beautiful two-colour pattern. Marvellous!
More with the Mouse By this stage, Alasdair and Stephen were quite happy to miss their morning playtime. In return, I figured it would only be fair to cut the serious stuff and get down to some heavy messing about. Time to bring the mouse and the menus into operation, and show off the Amiga’s capabilities. Logo provides a demonstration drawing of a car, which the Turtle whizzes about the screen drawing. The outlines are then filled: a handy Amiga Logo option which the kids enjoyed playing with. We pulled down the ‘Modify Colours’ menu and started mucking about with the RGB values of the
various colours, which was great fun.
By the end of a two-hour session, our volunteers were getting to be quite at home with file requesters, pull-down menus and the two-button mouse. They’d also found out that you can pull the whole Logo screen down to reveal the Workbench screen behind, which was actually a bit of a nuisance: but there you-.go. Altogether, the verdict from Alasdair and Stephen was: very good indeed.
Conclusion Couple of very minor gripes: firstly, since the program window could be pulled down, the children ended up managing to load Logo in about three times, which became a little confusing.
Secondly, the BBC version can be used in conjunction with a couple of kinds of remote-control ‘Turtle’ robots, which crawl around a classroom floor and are an excellent visualisation of the movement- control commands for younger kids. Pity this could not have been included in the Amiga version.
Apart from these two things, the program is well conceived, well designed, robust in operation and a very fine product. Although our tests were with younger children, the complexities develop as you learn more about the product so that the language can be used to teach some quite complex programming procedures and to cast light on some heavyweight mathematical concepts.
All in all, this is an excellent educational package. If you wish to use it in the home, you will generally need to be willing to learn its use yourself from the manual and impart the knowledge to your children piece by piece, so it will require some involvement. This in itself is no bad thing.
* The great strength of Logo is that it is explorative in nature,
requires cooperation, and rewards achievement with a feeling of
success. Too many educational packages lack excitement, too
many teach by repetition: the old times tables. Logo stands
head and shoulders above these, and admirably practises the
preachings of modern education. ¦ AMIGA LOGO Separate price
TBA: currently available only with the ‘Class of the 90s’ pack
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v1.3 Enhancer Relational database power, without
As above, plus text, mail merge, batch entry etc. With Forms Editor and DML programming language Pro Spreadsheet with business graphics, time planner Ultimate Amiga spreadsheet, * text graphics speech High performance desktop WP, now with HQ fonts WP with graphics, thesaurus, dictionary etc. Includes WP, Desktop, colour separations, CAD Sales, Purchase and Nominai Ledgers plus invoicing UK Income Tax computation program, from Digita By Absoft. Compiles Amiga Basic... FAST!
Backs up 20MB in 20 minutes, any Amiga hard drive Speeds disk access up to 500%, WorkBench or CLI £79.95 ¦ System Programmer’s Guide
79. 95 ¦ Amiga Basle Inside & Out
18. 45 ¦ AmlgaDos Inside & Out Amiga Format has been in existence
for seven issues now. It's about time we found out who you
are and what you want from Amiga Format.
So don't be shy, this is your magazine and we want to give you the best. Fill in the form and send it to: Amiga Format Questionnaire, Beauford Court, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath BA1 2AP. A photocopy will be fine.
Name ... Address
1. How old are you?
Under 16 ...?
17-24 .?
25-34 .?
45-59 .?
Over 60 .?
2. What sex are you?
Male ..?
Female ...?
3. How much do you earn a year?
Nothing .. ?
£3,000-£6,000 .....?
£6,000-£10,000 ...?
£10,000-£15,000 .?
£15,000-£20,000 .?
Over £20,000 ......?
4. Which computer do you own?
A1000 ...?
A500 .?
A2000 ...?
Other .?
5. What hardware do you (a) own or (b) intend to buy during 1990?
(a) (b) Second disk drive ...? ...?
Hard disk ....? ...?
Video digitiser .....? ...?
Sound sampler ...? ...L Midi interface ......? ...[I Joystick ......? ...?
Modem ? ...?
Memory upgrade ? ...?
Printer .? ...?
Monitor ? ...?
Genlock ......? ...?
Scanner ......? ...?
6. What software do you (a) own or (b) intend to buy during 1990?
(a (b) Games .? ...?
Wordprocessor ...? ...Z Database ....? ...?
Spreadsheet ? ...?
Art ...? ...?
Music ..? ...?
DTP .? ...?
Comms ? ...?
Assembler ...? ...?
Accounts ....? ...?
CAD .? ...?
Programming language ? ...?
Video ...? ...?
Sound sampling ..? ...?
Video digitising ...? ...?
7. What do you use your Amiga for? Give a percentage rating.
Games ...?
Creativity (art, music etc) .?
Business ?
8. On average how much do you spend on software and hardware each
Under £20 .....?
£21-£40 .?
£41-£60 .?
£61-£80 .?
£81-£100 ......?
Over £100 ....?
9. Breakdown your spending last year.
Hardware ...£ Games software ....£ Creative software ...£ Serious software ....£
10. Estimate your spending for next year.
Hardware ...£ Game software ......£ Creative software ..£ Serious software ...£
11. How many games will you buy in 1990 ?
I- 5 .?
6-10 ?
II-2 0 ....?
21-30 ....?
31 - 50 ....?
51+ ..?
12. Which piece of software do you use the most? Name one only,
please .
13. Rate the computer magazines you read.
Amiga Format ..... 10 A0 A0 . A0 A0 A0
14. Rate your interest in our regular sections.
News ... 10 Previews ...... 10 Graphics ...... 10 Screenplay .. 10 Disk .A0 PD Update ... 10 Music ... 10 Workbench .. 10 Gamebusters ...... 10
Letters . 10 DTP .AO Competitions ...... 10 Adverts 10 Hardware reviews 10 Serious software reviews ...... 10 Guru’s meditations ..... 10
15. Choose one of these subjects that you would make a regular
Adventures ....C DIY projects ...?
Assembly language tutorial .....?
American column ..Z European column ..?
C programming tutorial Z Comms ..?
Education ......?
Comment opinion column Z None of the above .?
16. Name the one section you would most like to get rid
of .....
17. What has been your favourite one-off feature in all the
issues of AF you have seen?.....
18. Of the issues you have seen which has been your favourite
cover on Amiga Format?
1. Unleash the Power ..Z
2. Dream Machine ..Z
3. Music Alert! ?
4. Everything you always .Z
5. Art Attack! .Z
6. Head On ....?
7. Secrets Revealed ....?
19. Who is your favourite software or hardware
company? ......
20. Did you read ST Amiga Format before the tides were split into
Yes ....?
No .....?
21. Are you a subscriber
Yes ....?
No .....n Intend to be ......?
21. How many issues of AF have you read?
1 ? 2 ? 3 ? 4 ? 5 06 ? 7D
22. Should the Coverdisk have a playable game demo on it ?
Always ...?
Sometimes ....Z Never .?
23. Do you get software from the Public Domain libraries...?
Often .?
Occasionally ..?
Once only ......Z Never .Z
24. Here’s the bit where you tell us what else we can do to
improve the magazine. We’ve left plenty of space and will be
printing the most constructive interesting controversial
comments in a future Letters page, so let us know what you
feel most strongly about.
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Although digitisers can be a great deal of fun, they can also be immensely useful gadgets. We on Amiga Format use video digitisers extensively for the production of the mag: if we need a picture of a particular person or object, but just can’t wait for slide film from a camera to be processed, then out comes the digitiser and video camera.
Within seconds we have a picture in either colour or grey-scale that can be imported directly onto the page of our Mac-based DTP systems.
. The choice of what digitiser to shell out for is fast becoming one of the most difficult buying decisions that you’re likely to encounter once you’ve bought your Amiga. Since our recent round up of available digitisers (Issue 4 of AF, for those of you who missed it), several new units have appeared on the market that offer high performance at amazing prices. Latest arrival is the imaginatively-named Frame Grabber, from Marcam Ltd.
Frame At Last!
The Marcam Frame Grabber was originally developed by Progressive Peripherals and Software in the States, a company that is probably best known amongst Amiga owners for their excellent image processing program, Pixmate (indeed, the Frame Grabber software was written by the author of that package, Justin McCormick). Those of you who study the American computer press may have seen advertisements for Progressive's unit for almost a year and, after much delay, production versions are finally available. The UK version of the grabber is manufactured in this country by Marcam, and therefore
carries their name-tag.
Marcam’s unit is a real-time colour frame grabber similar to JCL’s SuperPic, a device that received rave reviews from all quarters of the Amiga industry (including Amiga Format).
However, Marcam’s unit not only produces better quality grabs, but it also happens to cost £100 less than its nearest rival. With a specification such as that, can you really afford to ignore it?
Although there are cheaper colour units available (Power Computing’s Videon springs to mind), the difference between Marcam’s Frame Grabber (and indeed SuperPic) and those so called ‘budget’ colour digitisers is that the Frame Grabber is a true real-time colour video digitiser.
Grabbing a colour image with Videon can take up to 30 seconds, during which the image being grabbed must be perfectly still. Even the slightest movement can result in a visible blurring in the resulting image.
Frame Grabber works by storing the incoming video signal within its built-in frame buffer.
When you ask it to grab the image, the digitiser freezes the current frame within its internal memory and then uploads it to the Amiga. For a standard noninterlaced screen, the actual digitising process itself takes a 50th of a second. For interlaced screens, two video fields must be grabbed, reducing the grabbing speed to half that of a non-interlaced display. Before the picture is finally displayed, the software carries out all forms of jiggery- pokery to enhance the grabbed image, such as optimising the colour palette. After a couple of seconds of processsing, the resulting grab is
finally displayed.
The video signal can be fed into the unit from just about any PAL video source. Both the intensity and saturation of the input signal can be altered using I the knobs on the front of the digitiser unit. At any time during your digitising sessions, the monitor display can be flicked between the Amiga and the frame buffer by simply hitting the tab key. Our review model was tested using a standard VHS video recorder, a Panasonic VHS colour video camera and a Hitachi mono video camera. All worked fine and produced some really quite astounding results.
As mentioned earlier, the Frame Grabber can grab live images in colour from either a colour video camera or mono video camera. However, If you do use a mono camera, the picture has to be scanned three times using DigiView-like colour filters, before the final image can be built up. Using this technique, the live image being grabbed must be kept perfectly still. Obviously, for optimum results, a colour video camera is recommended.
Quality Control The quality of grabbed images is just amazing: take a look at the example pics that we grabbed and I’m sure you’ll agree! Although the pictures within this review are only 32-colour, low-resolution images, the Frame Grabber will happily grab images in all Amiga screen resolutions (including Overscan and Extra Half Brite) in two to 4096 colours.
To further enhance the quality of grabbed images, the Frame Grabber software allows you to carry out an average of multiple exposures of the same image.
This helps to sharpen the grab by removing display ‘noise’. Once a frame has been grabbed, the picture's colour palette can be tinkered with using either the ‘colour bias’ or by directly modifying individual colours within the colour palette. For the ultimate in image processing software, Progressive's other product, Pixmate, is a must.
Grabbed Frames can be saved either as standard IFF ILBM picture files (for use within the vast majority of Amiga graphics software) or as 12-bit RAW and IMG8 files (which could be displayed using a Frame Buffer).
Frame By Frame One of the most intriquing aspects of the Frame Grabber software is the ‘Anim’ menu, which allows you to build up massive animations composed of digitised frames.
The animation function works by first opening an animation file on disk at the start of the animation-building process, and as each frame is grabbed, appending the new frame onto the end of the file. Once all frames are successfully grabbed, the animation file is closed and can then be reloaded and played back. The benefit of this system is that the size of the animation on disk is limited only by the size of your storage device: just think what you could do with a 250 Mb Hard drive!
Unfortunately, to be able to play the animation back you must have sufficient RAM within your machine to hold the entire file.
Animations are saved in standard IFF ANIM format, and can therefore be loaded into any package that supports the ANIM file format. Most animation packages such as Ani-Magic, Deluxe Paint 3 and Deluxe Video 3 support the ANIM format, therefore allowing you to cary out refinements to your animations within more aptly qualified packages.
Conclusion Marcam’s Frame Grabber currently represents the state of the art in Amiga video digitising technology. The only other digitiser that puts this unit to shame is NewTek’s Video Toaster, but you can expect that (when it is released) to cost double the price of Marcam’s unit.
Any digitiser with a price tag greater than the cost of the Amiga itself isn’t really aimed at the home user. Although £500 may sound like a lot of money (it is a lot of money!), the Frame Grabber is still exceptional value for what it offers. If you feel you* can justify spending £500 on a video digitiser, then Marcam’s Frame Grabber is definitely the one to go for. If I can talk my bank manager into overlooking a £500 overdraft, I’ll be the first in the queue to buy one! ¦ FRAME GRABBER Price Around £500, To Be Confirmed ¦ Ail Amigas, 1 Mb Recommended ¦ Marcam Ltd (0604) 790466, Direct Sales
A500 HALF MEG internal A500 TWO MEG internal A1000 TWO MEG internal £77.00 £339.oo £379.oo £379.oo (MICROBOTICS STARBOARD 2) A500 TWO MEG (MICROBOTICS STARBOARD 2 WITH POWER SUPPLY UNIT) SCSI HARD DISC CONTROLLER £70.oo (FOR USE ONLY WITH STARBOARD 2 A500 4000) £339.00 £519.00 £11 .oo A2000 TWO MEG * (MICROBOTICS "8 - UP" CARD) A2000 FOUR MEG * (MICROBOTICS "8 - UP" CARD) A590 UPGRADE CHIPS (£46 PER HALF MEG) all prices include vat and postage & packaging trade inquiries welcome Send cheques to: Memory Expansion Systems Ltd. Dept AF Britannia Buildings, 46 Fenwick Street, Liverpool. L2 7NB
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Colour output from all the better art packages - or just slot in a black ribbon for word processing. Cheap to run too. Very affordable ST 2nd DRIVES ALSO AVAILABLE PLEASE ASK FOR DETAILS 1 MEG AMIGA £229.99 SHEFFIELD ST HELENS STOCKPORT 6 Waingate. Sheffield 27 Baldwin Street.
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Manager Tony Tel: 0742 721906 St Helens (Off Little Underbank).
Manager: Adrian Stockport Manager Ray Open 6 days Tel 0744 27941 Tel 061480 2693 Closed Thursday Closed Thursday A ' STOKE-ON-TRENT 11 Market Square Arcade.
Hanley Stoke-on-Trent Manager Wayne Tel . 0782 268620 Open 6 Days If you have ever bought a synth you will doubtless have been impressed with the sounds it produced - otherwise surely you wouldn’t have bought it in the first place! Believe it or not though, most purchasers of synths and tone modules use only the sounds that are in the machine - those very same sounds that they were so impressed with in the shop.
This has always seemed a bit silly to me as I’ve always found that only half the internal sounds are really at all useful.
The current trend is for the manufacturer to sell you extra sounds which are usually contained on a memory card or on a cartridge. This would be fine, except that these usually cost in excess of £40 each and again you are not guaranteed to like all of them. The reason for the above facts is ravingly obvious: synthesizers are awkward to program.
Juggling Eggs Back in the steam age of synthesizers everything was programmed visually, the position of the sliders controlling the sound.
Digital synthesizers replaced the sliders with multi-tasking buttons and a LCD and there is now a very high ‘complexity to button' ratio.
This means that most of the peripherals that make up the sound and set up the instrument are not visible; only a sfew are seen at any one time and usually numerically. Unless you have the abiltiy to perform differential calculus while computing the betting odds for the 3.30 at Newmarket and simultaneously juggling eggs the chances of you coming to grips with producing sounds of any worth are minimal.
Let’s suppose that you overcome these problems and can quite happily program decent sounds from the front panel of your instrument. Where are you going to put them? Why, over the top of some of those grotty sounds of course.
But supposing you fill the memory of the synth to the point where there just aren’t any nasty unwanted sounds in it at all. You have nowhere to put your new creations unless you fork out serious money for some sort of external memory storage device such as a RAM cartridge.
Having created a synthesizer full of wonderful sounds you still may have a problem. 'The sounds that fit into a category of, say, strings, may well be spread throughout the memory allocations. In other words the memory is a bit of a jumbled mess. Sorting it out into some sort of order is going to be the sort of task that you put off until terminal boredom sets in unless you happen to be a Rubik Cube champion.
More Doom and Gloom The gloomy picture of chaos is darkened as the multi-timbral synth module hoves into sight and sound. Not only do you have the joy of sorting out and programming the sounds into their appropriate pigeon holes but you can assemble them into stacks of maybe up to eight simultaneously.
The name for this may change from one manufacturer to another but the principle is identical.
You set up a number of sounds into a particular configuration. Each sound in the configuration may need to have specific instructions given to it: note range, MIDI channel, sensitivity to velocity, after touch, pitch bend, etc etc. There may be more than 60 or so configurations in a single tone module. As you can imagine, this is the stuff that premature baldness and advanced senility is accelerated by. I JON BATES voyages into voicing software and comes up with some advice for those who have a synth but cannot get any more out of it than the sounds that came with it.
Call for Captain Amiga!
No. What is definitely needed is Amiga assistance here. Enter voice programming software.
Voicing software is nothing particularly new - it has been around since the first MIDI synths - but it is the facilities that they offer that have been increased as the demand for voicing software has increased, which in turn is a result of the instruments themselves increasing in complexity.
WHAT TO LOOK FOR IN VOICING SOFTWARE They talk to the instrument at the highest level of MIDI communication, Systems Exclusive, and allow you to directly affect the sound of the synth. Having created the sound you will have to store it somewhere. That ‘somewhere' in the most basic of cases will be the memory of the synth itself, which is really only one rung off the bottom of the ladder. What is required is some sort of database for the sounds to be stored in so that you can dump out the data for each sound onto a separate storage medium, which in this case will, of course, be a disk.
Robbing Banks For greater sophistication, the general way that programming software works is that not only are voices stored on disk, but they are set up into banks of sounds. If, for example, your synth has 64 sounds available at any one time and these are split into two banks of 32 each, then the voicing library will most probably be set up in groups of 32.
Most librarian facilities have an on-screen clipboard that will let you assemble a fresh bank of sounds from existing libraries.
While we are on the subject of sound banks, even the most basic If you are considering buying software to tweak your synth, then take on board these five most basic, essential points.
1) Graphic editing is a must - you should be able to draw the
shape of the sound and see it on-screen.
2) Go for good library facilities - you should be able to assem
ble new libraries of sounds quickly and easily and store
either complete or partial setups with ease.
3) A ‘Randomize Sounds’ is very useful. This sets up a basic
sound for you to tweak up to your hearts content and often
provides inspiration on dull rainy days.
4) Unless you like leaping around of voicing software should let
you send and receive sounds either one at a time or as a bank.
As to the actual editing itself, the approved method is for the sound, or parts that go to create the sound, to be displayed on the screen in the form of a number of graphs. There are usually minute boxes set into the line that forms the shape of the graph and it is into these boxes that you click the mouse cursor and drag the line around, thus changing the sound as you go. It is the norm that there is a compare buffer that stores the sound as it was originally so that if you scramble the sound too successfully you can always return to base camp.
Libraries and Maps With the multi-timbral synths there may well be different sorts of libraries that you can save individually. As well as basic sounds themthe room or have rubber arms you would be well advised to go for software with an ‘audition’ function; you can play the sound on the instrument from the screen, usually via the mouse and at any pitch and velocity.
5) Finally, make enquiries as to whether there have been changes
to the internal memory of the synth since the soft ware was
launched. In the case of the Roland D110, there have been no
less than 10 updates to the internal memory and only certain
editions will run with the majority of voicing software.
Smacked botties for Roland from a host of irate programmers
and users!
Selves and a library of stacked sound configurations there could be a drum map; allocating each drum to a particular note on the keyboard. Although it is preferable to keep the most often used drums Jo the same notes, if you are using more than one instrument in a MIDI set-up then it is quite possible that the factory settings for the drums differ from one to another.
This creates more complications if you have to keep changing the drum notes when you shift from one instrument to another; you may decide that the snare drum on, say, a Roland D110 is preferable for a particular piece to the one contained on the drum machine you are using BUT you want to use the rest of the drum kit. If you are able to quickly change from one to another since the note numbers are the same it will save a lot of time. On the other hand it could be that you need to throw away quite a lot of the drum kit and only use a few of the sounds in combination with another drum kit from
a different module. If you can utilise a customised drum map which you can load up, the time which will be saved is considerable.
Interactive Music Software Since we are looking at music making in a computer magazine then it would be not an unreasonable supposition to make that you would be considering using a sequencer to fire up your pieces.
All encompassing software like Music X (See Issue 3 for complete review) has programming modules built in so that all you need to do is flip from one screen to another and tweak a sound or load in an entirely new set.
But suppose you want to use voicing software at the same time as a sequencer, not an unreasonable demand since often sounds need to be changed as the piece develops and progresses.
For the Amiga, being a multitasking machine, this is not really a problem as you can flip from one to the other provided you have the space in the memory.
However it is now very often the case that sequencing and voicing software from the same stable is interactive - that is to say that you can flip from the sequencer whilst it is running, make alterations to the sounds which are memorized in the voicing software, and flip back to the sequencer. In some cases the sequencer will remember real-time tweaks to the sound so that the sound will actually change while the sequencer is running.
TART SELECT- i102Syn Piano 3 i83 FulloutOrg 4 i84 Moss Organ
- 1 tone edit F2 nult bank F3 perf bank F4 rthn edit F5 tinbr tbl
F6 systen F7 load file F8 save file F9 copy 10 nove 11 swap 12
store 13 load sect 14 send all 15 get all 16 print 17 NewCLI 18
quit INTERNAL MEMORY- 01 TouchPiano 02 Syn Piano 03 FulloutOrg
04 Moss Organ 05 DeepStrngs 06 XnodStrngs 07 Velo-Brass 08 Soft
Brass 09 NativeLoop 10 Nightnare 11 Rich Hood 12 PickGui tar 13
Inner Hood 14 Poly Synth 15 Blow Pipes 16 Clavitroid 17 Harn
Pad 18 PouerSynth 19 Hoi low Pad 20 Old Days 21 Reso Sweep 22
Brass Pad 23 Sawteeth 24 Metal lies 33 Light Bass 34 Slide Bass
35 Tinbass 36 Funk Bass 37 Basssynth 38 Slappin' 39 Fa11 Leaves
40 EG Mute 41 Drop Hit 42 Mild Bell 43 Syn Mallet 44 Good Night
45 Bell Tree 46 Syn Chine 47 ReversBell 48 "Big Ben" lorn Lei
27 Overdrive 28 Voxy Hen 29 Harpsi-Vox 38 Voxy Honen 31
BreathChor 32 Hhistler
- FILE SELECT , wail And so on to this month's reviews.
There is voicing software available for most popular synths and modules; perhaps one of the most widely used is the Caged Artist range from the Stateside software house ‘Dr T More importantly, they also have probably the widest range for the Amiga. We take a look at three closely related editors that cover the Roland range of very popular synths; namely the D-50 and its rackmounted version the D-550, the D-110 tone module plus D-10 20 synths, and the older but very popular MT32. They run on any MIDI interface. The TONE BANK-, 49 Tinbales 58 Conga Set 51 Metal Drun 52 NativePerc 53 Snare
Drun 54 Rich Ride 55 Splash Cyn 56 urun.Sel 57 Space Har 58 'Donnando' 59 Very Busy* 68 ThnarStorn 61 Ironworks 62 Bubble Gun 63 LonelyWolf 64 Seashore,, 5 i05 DeepStrngs 6 i§6 XnodStrngs 7 i07 Velo-Brass 8 i08 Soft Brass MT-32 is a good argument for having voicing software as it has a volatile memory. In other words although you may program away to your hearts content, as soon as you switch the unit off all your work disappears into thin air (an ‘empty 32' anyone?)
Jokebooks All three programs are well and amusingly documented (when was the last time you read a manual that told you one of the goals of I Left: Shuffle sounds around and re-vitalise your D10 with the Caged Artist voice librarian.
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Only from ASHCOM, 10 The Green, Ashby-De-La-Zouch, Leicestershire, LE6 5JU Telephone: (0530) 411485 I the program was to make the manual unnecessary?) And go quite a long way into describing the sometimes confusing terminology. They have many safeguards and highlighted functions throughout that keep you informed as to whether or not the sound or collections of sounds has been edited and not stored or whether it in fact is in the tone list but not in the instrument. All sounds that are currently being used are highlighted.
In this way, coupled with the documentation, you are never left in any doubt to what you are actually working on. These are complex instruments and the compatibility between similar models is pointed out, along with the differences in terminology and some very amusing comments on Roland's incompatibility in some cases: the lack of full multi-timbral access on the D-10 20 is likened to choosing Dan Quayle as VP!
In the Mode As well as setting up the instruments as far as tones, performance set-up and drums go, they also set up, the built-in reverb units in these instruments. The software works in various areas, called modes, each one having its own screen. The System mode is concerned with setting up the basic MIDI channels and what is quite a sophisticated MIDI thru software switch which can be set to filter and alter incoming notes for retransmission. It will also reset the colours for the displayed and set the way in which the mouse can ‘audition’ the sounds. All system configurations are
saved to disk.
On first loading up the software jumps to the Timbre Edit Tone Bank page, which is a listing of all the voices (Timbre = voice number in Rolandspeak) and here is where you can call in the sounds either from disk file or from the instrument itself. The voices can be swopped around in their respective bank positions and will in some cases shuffle themselves around to accommodate for the changes in position.
The D110 has two banks files and you can swop the display between them and make up your own bank of sounds. You can also load in sounds that have been transferred to the synth's memory from the additional memory cards.
Thus it is possible to download the contents of a memory card to the program and hence to a disk file.
So if you have a friend who doesn’t mind you ‘borrowing’ 45 quid’s worth of sounds... freebie sounds to play with! What is termed by Roland as a ‘Patch’ is in fact a set-up of eight separate voices. In this way ‘patch bank’ mode is similar to timbre bank except that you can swop the setups around. A nice extra with the D-110 editor was an extension to the mouse ‘audition’ function which can play a scale of your choice and has the ability to send modulation controls (or indeed any other designated effect: pitchbend, aftertouch, etc, etc.) Creation The nitty gritty of any voicing software
creating the sounds themselves. As you may or may not know, the system that Roland use for this series of synths is called LA, standing for Linear Arithmetic.
In a nutshell it works by combining up to four ‘partials’, short bursts of sampled sounds or waveforms.
Each partial can be shaped up how you like and the format that the combination of them can take is also variable, known within the program as a ‘structure’.
The Caged Artist programmers display the full number of variable parameters for each partial as a separate page complete with a diagram of the partial combination and a graph of its shape for both the filtering and amplitude which can lead to some fairly hectic screen flipping in creating the sounds. Each page can be muted if you wish to work on each partial independently.
You can change the shape of the sound by either altering a parameter numerically or by dragging the corners of the graph about. Further to this, each of the partials can be ‘scaled’; that is, given some bias towards the upper or lower end of the keyboard and to help you with this there is a graph above a keyboard which again you can pull about. It’s all good complex stuff even with the displays and so there are several brain saving features you help you on your way.
You can start from scratch with a ‘randomize’ which will alter the parameters by a specified amount. This is expressed as a percentage so you can vary its overall effect from gentle to manic. To generate slight variations to the tone you have you can mask it’s overall effect by specifying the areas which the random feature will apply to. It is a very well thought through and versatile feature. If you don’t like what you hear at any time you can revert back by hitting the ever-useful undo command.
All the main menu commands are accessible by either clicking them with the mouse or from the function buttons and again the program keeps these on permanent display to save you thumbing through the manual. You can also copy partial set-ups from other tones to create a starting point or to copy forward a sound you have created in order to fatten it up.
Once you have saved your sound you can then move to the Patch edit mode and assign the pitch, fine tuning, stereo position, upper and lower note limits, reverb type and time, pitchbend range and output level. Any changes you make that you don’t like are annulled by the undo button. There is also the possibility to edit individual tones in a similar manner if they are not part of set-up. Drums are mapped
- that is assigned to individual notes and given stereo positions
from another screen.
Good Stuff The general verdict was that these are some of the most user friendly voicing programs that have so far graced the Amiga Format music desk. Even if synthesis is a complete fog for you you don't really need to know too much to get to terms with this. They will certainly make more sense of the instruments than hours of fiddling with the manual in one hand and stabbing at the front panel with the other. Included on the D-110 disk is a converter program to convert MT-32 sounds to D-110 as near as possible. My only small, and it is small, quibble was that it would have been nice to
have the graphs for the sound partials superimposed as I found that flipping from one screen to the next I lost track of what I was doing. If they could somehow be superimposed with the operative graph in solid line and the others in faint then they would come close to being 100% faultless.
There are Caged Artist programs for most popular synths and in future issues we shall consider others in this range along with all the other music software that is fit to review.
With a bit of luck we should looking at a new sequencer for the Amiga next month if we can get it under the microscope in time. If you feel like writing in meanwhile, please take a quick peek at our new address.
DR T’S ‘CAGED ARTIST’ VOICING SOFTWARE For all Amigas ¦ All priced at £85.00 ¦ From MCM 01-258 3454 F1 tone bank F2 tone edit F3 nult ba* F4 nult edit F5 perf bank F6 perf edit F7 tinbr tbl F8 systen F9 load rthn 18 save rthn 11 get rthn 12 undo 13 print 14 quit FI milt ba* F2 tone bank F3 tone edit F4 perf bank F5 perf edit F6 rthn.edit F7 tinbr tbl F8 systen F9 eonpare 18 undo 11 store 12 Id patch 13 sv patch 14 send ptch 15 get patch 16 get parts 17 print 18 quit MENU- F1 tone bank F2 pern edit F3 milt edit F4 rthn edit F5 systen F6 eonpare [F7 undo F8 store |F9 randonize 16 rand nask 11
copy suap 12 load prtl 13 save prtl 14 print 15 quit Below: No problems in accentuating the sounds to follow the pitch of note you are playing - notice that the function menu stays with you all the time.
- PITCH- coarse Icj fine - key-fllu 1 pitch bend on ifo rate 64
Ifo depth 8 Ifo nod 88 TW 1 2 3 4 5 frequency *** tines
*************** resonance « levels ************ freq kf ****
depth:*** bias pt *«* uelo:*** dpth kf:* tine kf:* bias Ivl **
¦m. GefCRATOR-v pen bank I 1 : 28: HiTinbl CfHOI X i „ 1 “Fal
Heaves' env.nd. nomal 1-2 struct.! 9 3-4 struct.! 3 TT" 3-4 TVA
1 2 3 4 5 level 98 tines 8 24 38 48 55 velo 37 levels 188 188
41 8 bias pt £ 6 A!5 tine kf:4 vel- tine:8 bias lvl - 5 - 7
?1T31 bias ¦PtfTIAi- Tamai partialz partial 3 partial 4 Reverb
Type.....5:plate Reverb Tine ....6 Reverb
Level ...2 :nidi iprtl tone :chnl iresv select key fine
shft tune bend assn rvtroutpan mg node s«:iev:pot 1 : 2 : 4 M39
Fal Heaves
- 8:
- 8 12: 1: on. 188 3 2 : 3 : 8 a82 AcouPiano2
- 8
- 8 12: 1 on: 188: 3 3 : 4 8 :b37 Guitar 1 ? 8 ? 8 12: 1 on:
188: 1 4 : 5 : ?
Trunpet 2
- 8: -8 12: 1 on: 188: 1 5 : 6 2 a43 Tronbone 1 ? 8 ? 8 12: 1
on:188: 5) 6 : 7 : 2 :a57 Sax 1
- 8
- 8 12: 1 on: 188: 5 7 : 8 : 8 a59 Sax 3 + 8 ? 8 12: 1: on: 188
7) 8 : 9 8 a35 Strings 3
- 8
- 8 12: 1 on :188 7 R : 18 6
- 9 12: :1W Above: Grab a graph and drag it around - if all else
fails you can always make for the randomize features to create
some brand new D10 sounds for you.
HIT EDIT DEFAULT .MTS nane...| II III II III mu mu ii uni iii ii iiiil Above: Now, shall I put the snare drum in my left ear and the cowbell in my right? These and other vital decisions are made simple on the Rhythm editing page for the D10.
Key tone nA Dut pan nunber select sw lev pot 24 C 1 25 C!1 :r64 OFF off off 188 8 X X 26 D 1 r64 OFF off 8 X 27 Ofl r64 OFF off 8 X 28 E 1 r64 OFF off 8 X 29 F 1 :r64 OFF off 8 X 38 F!1 :rf4 OFF on 8 X 31 G 1 38 HiPitchTT2 on 188 7 32 G!1 34 Hi TonTon3 on 188 (7 33 A 1 :i58 ’Connando’ off 8 X 34 A!1 :r64 OFF off 8 X 35 8 1 :r15 BassOrun 1 off 188 2) 36 C 2 16 BassOrun 2 off 188 2 KEY SELECT PLAY- RAMSOFTS BOOKSHOP 2 r-J i il r f-'-r' 1 UNIT 1 DRAKE HOUSE j-J J- JjJ J-1 J I 160 DRAKE STREET £9 95 ...£9.95 ..... ...£9.95 ..... .£12.95 .....
.£12.95 ..... .£12.95 c ..... .£12.95 ..... .£12.95 ..... .£14.95 ..... .£14.95 ..... .£14.95 c ..... .£14.95 C .... .£14.95 .... .£14.95 ..... .£14.95 C .... .£16.95 .... .£16.95 .... .£16.95 .... .£16.95 C .... .£16.95 .... .£17.95 .... .£17.95 c .... .£17.95 .... .£17.95 .... .£18.95 .... .£18.95 .... .£19.95 .... .£22.95 .... .£22.95 .... .£24.95 .... .£24.95 £24
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Fun School 2 (2-6 years) 13.95 Fun School 2 (6-8 years) 13.95 Fun School 2 (8-12 years) 13.95 The "Discover" range have 6 games per disc Discover Alphabet (6+ yrs) ....15.95 Discover Numbers (6+ yrs) ....15.95 Discover Maths (10+ yrs) 15.95 GRAPHICS Digi Paint ..41.95 Phantavision .29.95 Photon Paint II .....68.95 Deluxe Paint II .....54.95 Deluxe Paint III ....59.95 VIDI AMIGA Rombo's low price digitiser as
reviewed in Amiga Format last month RRP - £99.95 OUR PRICE - £79.95 PAL version - £99.95 SOUND AMAS-Sampler & MIDI Interface ..74.95 Aegis Sonix ...44.95 Master Sound Sampler ...34.95 Trilogic Midi interface ..34.95 (In, Out, Thru, 2x Out Thru Switchable) Trilogic Stereo Audio Digitiser 34.95 (requires software) We stock a range of Amiga Games, available mail order or at our premises at discount prices.
Write or call in for latest lists.
ACCESSORIES A500 Dust Cover ...3.95 Mouse Mat ..3.95 A500 2000 - Printer Cable 6.95 Quickshot Turbo Joystick 10.95 Competition Pro 5000 J S ......12.95
3. 5" Disk Head Cleaner 5.95 Kempston
Mouse..., ....29.95 K-Seka
(assembler) ....34.95 Hisoft Devpac
V2 .39.95 Hisoft Basic (inc. Book,
Amiga Basic Inside & Out - while stocks last) ...59.95 GFA
Basic 3 ..49.95 Amiga For
Beginners ..10.95 Kickstart
Guide ....12.95 AmigaDos
Ref.Guide ..14.95 Amiga Tricks &
Tips ....12.95 Amiga Basic Inside &
Out ......18.95 Elementary Amiga
Basic 14.95 Amiga Dos
(Burgess) .14.95 The C Language (by K&R)
23.95 Pascal- Beginners Guide ...6.50 AH prices
include Postage, Packing & VAT. Piease send Cheques PO’s to:
M. J.C. SUPPLIES (AF), 40A Queen Street, Hitchin, Herts SG4 9TS
Tel: (0462) 420847, 421415 or 432897 for enqulries Credit Card
Orders MicroBotics means Amiga-Power!
Whichever Amiga you own - or plan to buy - we have the expansion you need For the Amiga 2000... HardFrame 2000 DMA SCSI Interface If your application calls for superspeed uninterrupted access to your hard disk, HardFrame 2000 is your answer. This is a high end, no holds barrred SCSI interface that operates at bus speeds. One HardFrame 2000 can support up to seven devices. Word- length data transfer, FIFO buffering, TRUE DMA, mounted on a metal frame suitable for all standard 3.5" SCSI drives (or, if you prefer, connected to a bay mounted or external disk). Available now.
List Price: £199.00 + VAT PLEASE CALL j 8-UP! FastRAM j . Maximum memory in One Slot! « ¦ The FastRAM card that every a ¦ Amiga owner will eventually s I come to - why limit yourself to | | only two megabytes per slot? 8-1
• | UP! Will take you all the way to | | the top of the
auto-configuration | | memory space of EIGHT | I MEGABYTES!
8-UP! Is avail-1 I able in two versions, the stan-1 I dard DIP
model accepts 2,4,6 or I I 8 megabytes of 1 meg DRAMS. I I For
maximum flexibility there is I I the SIMM version which lets I
¦ you custom configure with' I mixed 256K and 1 meg SIMM J [
modules, including MicroBotics J J exclusive PopSIMMs. 8-UP! Is
j ! A power-efficient, zero wait J ¦ state, autoconfiguring
design.. ¦ "The latest and greatest" (Amiga .
J World, Jan. 1989). 8-UP! Is [ ¦ available now with 2MB. I I List Price £249.00 + VAT , I PLEASE CALL | I______________I MouseTime The easiest to use, most cost-effective implementation of a battery backed clock for the A1000. Passes the port through for joysticks or other devices.
Complete with WorkBench software.
Available now.
List Price: £22.95 + VAT PLEASE CALL For the Amiga 500... M501 Memory and Clock Half a Meg at a Great Price!
As we are all coming to realise, a one megabyte Amiga (at least) is a necessity not an option. When you add the inboard 512K memory and clock module to your A500 makes sure it's a MicroBotics M501. Note that just like the Commodore and unlike some third party expansions, we use a long live rechargeable NiCad battery - which you'll never have to replace.
Set the MicroBotics clock using the same WorkBench software as you would use for the Commodore clock.
What's the difference? You get to keep £25 compared to the Commodore version. The M501 is available now.
List Price: £99.95 inc VAT PLEASE CALL StarBoard2 500 Two Megs PLUS a Choice of Modules.
The premier memory expansion for the A1000 is now available on the A500. In its own case with an independent power supply strong enough to handle StarBoard2 and a second A1000 style StarBoard2, all the power and flexibility of this great expansion device is available to you. Up to 2 megabytes" of auto configuring, zerowaitstate FastRAM, MultiFunc- tion or SCSI module capability for math chip or fast SCSI hard disk interfacing. StarBoard2 also has an LED diagnostic confidence light to indicate the power-up state of your Amiga and expansion. An A1000 style StarBoard2 can be connected to the
bus pass-up for a total of FOUR megs and two modules. "The best.." (Amisa World Jan 88) List Price: £199.00 + VAT PLEASE CALL §j MicroBotics,Inc.
For the Amiga 1000... StarBoard 2 The Expansion of Choice The superb memory expansion for the Amiga 1000, still going strong! Up to 2 megabytes of autoconfiguring, zero wait state, FastRAM in a sleek, all steel Amiga coloured case plus the capability to accept either of the two daughterboard modules, the original MultiFunction Module or the new SCSI Module. StarBoard2 is powered by the bus (up to two StarBoard2's can be supported by the A1000) and passes it on.
List Price: £199.00 + VAT PLEASE CALL MultiFunction Module High Tech at Low Cost This daughterboard installs on any StarBoard2. If features a socket and software for the 68881 Math Chip as an I O device (MicroBotics pioneered this approach on the Amiga-now directly supported in the maths libraries of AmigaDOS 1.3). StickyDisk gives you the most "bullet-proof' rebootable RAM disk - its hardware protection turns it into a solid state, superfast disk. Parity checking of StarBoard2 RAM can be enabled when extra parity ram is installed. Finally, the MultiFunction Module carries an easy to use
battery- backed clock to set the system time on startup.
List Price: £55.00 + VAT PLEASE CALL StarDrive SCSI Module Fast, Low Cost SCSI Module When installed in any model StarBoard2, StarDrive offers you cost effective, pseudo-DMA access to SCSI hard drives and other devices.
Fast, easy to install including driver software and disk diagnostics.
StarDrive also includes a battery backed clock to set system time on startup.
List Price £75.00 + VAT PLEASE CALL Tell your dealer he can order direct - no minimum quantity - show him this ad!
In Europe: Oasis Services Ltd, 17 Andrews Place, London SE9 2SJ. TEL: (01) 859 4936 In U.S.A: MicroBotics Inc, 811 Alpha Drive, Richardson TX 75081. TEL (214) 437 5330 Now you can keep it informed with the latest weather, financial news, sports results, current affairs and much more from Ceefax or Oracle. But unlike a Teletext TV all this valuable information isn't trapped behind glass. Now you can ..... A world of information at your fingertips TELETEKT Save to disc. Pages may be saved in Compact (over 800 pages per disc) or IFF format.
Print. You can print as just text (for a fast result) or as a screendump.
Review. Inst in: access io the last 16 pages which have been received.
Speak. Thanks to the Amiga's speech capability, it will even read the news to you.
Multiple display. It can display and update two pages on screen simultaneously!
FastText. True FastText - gets pages in advance and reduces the waiting time.
Tuning. Just connect an aerial - it tunes itself ini Although the prime function is to receive Teletext, it also will convert a 1081 or 1084 monitor to a colour Tv.
Programmable. The system can be programmed to get a series of pages and then save or print them. Your own programs can access the data on Teletext.
Only a Microtext adaptor can provide all these facilities, it's easy to use and connects to the parallel port, a printer can be reconnected to the adaptor. Everything is supplied, all you need is your Amiga and a normal TV aerial.
At iust £124.80 + VAT inc p p for an advanced Teletext TV it's excellent value for money.
Make sure you're always up to date, and get yours now from:* Approved by HEWLETT PACKARD LASERJET SERIES II (and compatibles) SUPER CARTRIDGES PostScript Emulation Cartridge 35 Font Families Requires only 2 Mbytes of memory ONLY £545.00 plus VAT one Fonts from 25 different Cartridges in one. 172 Fonts and 20 complete Symbol Sets Supports Portrait and Landscape printing ONLY £359.00 plus VAT HPGL Plotter CART Full HPGL Plotter Emulation 20 Black pens in user defined sizes of 0.003" to 0.16" Compatible with ALL major CAD CAM software packages Plotting speed up to a 100 times faster ONLY £305.00
plus VAT ALL PRICES INCLUDE DELIVERY HMICROTEXT Dept AF, 7 Birdlip Close, Horndean, Hants P08 9PW Telephone: 0705 595694 Fax: 0705 593988 COMPUTERHOUSE UK TEL: (01) - 731 - 1276 0 14 Romily Court, Landridge Road, FULHAM, London SW6 4LL HSV COMPUTER SERVICES LIMITED (AF) '23, Hampstead House, Town Centre, Basingstoke, Hants., RG2-1 1LG
- Fully Guaranteed 100 250 500 25 69p each 61 peach 59p each 57p
each 500 £8.50 £9.75
1. 000 £9.50 £12.95 £14.95 £31.95 Micro-Perf all edges
9. 5" x 11" 60gsm True A4 70gsm True A4 90gsm True A4 100gsm *
Orders under £8 in value carry a small order charge of £2
1. 000
2. 000
4. 000
3. 5" x 1.5" (1 across) £5.25 £9.50 £17.95
3. 5" x 1.5" (2 across) £5.75 £10.50 £19.95
4. 0"x 1.5" (1 across) £5.75 £10.50 £19.95
4. 0" x 1.5" (2 across) £6.75 £11.95 £22.95
2. 75" x 1.5" (3 across) £4.75 £8.50 £15.95 £16.95 (coloured -
Cream, Blue, Grey or White) Stationery. .. Stationery . . .
Stationery . . .
3 1 2" DS DD Disks Bulk SPECIAL
2. 000 £15.95 £23.95 £27.95 50 63p each Accessories 3 1 2"
Cleaning Kit ...£4.95 Amiga 500 Dust
Coverr £4.95 Amiga 1000 Dust
Cover ......£4.95 Mouse Mat
(Foam) ...£5.95 Lockable Disk Boxes 50x3
1 2 ....£5.95 100x3
1 2 ..£7.95 Order Hotline (0256) 463507 At
Last! The source of ultimate knowledge is finally within your
grasp. Yes, Workbench is back within another bumper collection
of tips to help 1990 go with a bang. Your host for this
journey is JASON HOLBORN.
I am considering purchasing either an Amiga 500 or an Atari STE and I was wondering whether you could answer the following questions to help me decide what computer I should choose.
1. Firstly, are Commodore planning to update the A500 to compete
with the new super Atari ST, the STE? How well do they
2. Besides memory, what are the differences between the 500 and
the 2000. Has the 2000 got extra ports on the back of the
3. Can an A500 be converted into a 2000 by means of a megabyte
RAM expansion and an autoboot- ing hard drive?
4. Are Commodore planning to release any new Amigas? I have heard
rumours of an Amiga 3000.
1. I’m sure every person that has seen Atari’s STE will agree
that it isn’t a case of Commodore enhancing the Amiga to
compete with the Atari, but the other way around. The STE is a
nice machine (I’m sure many people will rush out and buy
one!), but it still fails to bring the ST up to a similar spec
to the Amiga.
For starters, although the STE has a 4096-colour palette, the machine can still only display 16 on screen at one time (although raster tricks can solve this). The STE blitter is a fairly basic beast that is rendered almost useless due to the lack of many basic blitter functions such as barrel shifting etc. The Amiga blitter has many of these operations and more besides.
The other enhancements to the STE are the provision of true hardware scrolling and a new, enhanced sound chip. While hardware scrolling is nice (the Amiga also has it), it is rather memory hungry and therefore most games programmers steer well clear of it anyway, prefering instead to use the blitter for scrolling.
The inclusion of expansion slots inside the machine’s large case.
Most professional add-ons such as transputer cards, Unix boards and high resolution graphics cards usually only appear on the 2000, so if you need access to such devices, then the 2000 is the one to go for.
Other differences between the 2000 and 500 are that the 2000 comes as standard with 1 Mb of RAM, has a battery-backed clock and can accept extra floppies and hard drives within the 2000 system box.
3. Indeed it can! Pacific Peripherals produce a Sub-System for
the 500 that provides the machine with two The STE’s sound
chip is indeed an impressive-sounding beast, but it is
severely limited due to the fact that it will only operate at
fixed sample rates, unlike the Amiga sound chip. This means
that it isn’t a great deal of use for sampled instruments
within music as a single instrument sample cannot be played
at different pitches (apart from the four fixed sample rates).
2. The 2000 is considerably more expandable than the 500 due to 2
3_-_7_ oo 0 00* 0 00000 oioio o o olo o o o o o 2 - TRANSMIT
3 - RECEIVE 7 - GROUND Here it is, the null modem cable in all
its glory. Not a great deal to it really!
2 13 O § O o o o «¦ o o o o o o ODOOOOOOOOOO 100-pin Amiga Bus slots.
Unfortunately, quite a few cards (such as NewTek’s Video Toaster) do not use these slots and therefore you cannot use all 2000 cards. Contact Pacific Peripherals on 01 208 0072.
4. Rumours abound of quite a few new machines on the horizon.
First to arrive will be the new A2500 30 (a 68030-based
A2500), (fairly) closely followed by the much awaited A3000
(’030-based again).
Rumours have also be circulating of an Amiga portable and a handheld Amiga games console. So far, no details are available on these two machines.
I wonder if you could help me by answering a couple of questions.
Firstly, what is a datalink null modem cable? I have seen them mentioned in reviews of some of the more recent games (such as Stunt Car Racer, FI 6 Combat Pilot etc). How much do these little devices cost?
Secondly, what is a Copper List and what does it do? I’m forever hearing Amiga technical people waffling on about them, but they never actually explain what they are talking about.
Anonymous A null modem datalink cable is simply a serial cable that provides unbuffered communication between two machines (regardless of model or make) that support the RS-232 connector. Quite a few companies offer them for about £15, but you could make one yourself for a lot less than this.
All you need are two 25-pin connectors (of appropriate gender) and a length of cable containing at least three separate lines. I I Now just solder up the three lines as shown in the diagram below. Note that two of the lines actually cross (pin 2 on connector A goes to pin 3 on connector B and pin 3 on connector A goes to pin 2 on connector B).
NINTS AND TIPS HAM to 64 32 to HAM Match Palette Copy Palette Swap Palettes Conp1enent Pseudo Co1or PixMate: probably the most useful piece of graphics software after Deluxe Paint 3!
A ‘Copper List’ is a list of instructions that control the operation of the Amiga's Copper graphics co-processor. The Copper is a simple, but very powerful co-pro- cessor that carries out its operations according to the position of the scanline on the monitor. It is this chip that allows the Amiga to display multiple screens with different resolutions and colour palettes.
The Copper has its own programming language which consists of three commands: WAIT (Waits for the scanline to reach a particular part of the screen), MOVE (Moves a 16 bit value into a hardware register) and SKIP (skips the next instruction if the scanline has already reached a particular area of the screen). A Copper List is basically a program built up from these three commands. Although NEW MODE OF WORKING So you’re the proud owner of a large collection of digitised HAM pictures.
Although HAM is all very nice if you want to impress your friends, if you wish to work with HAM pictures seriously within a package such as Deluxe Paint, then you're going to have to convert the pictures into a more usable format.
The best way of converting pictures between HAM and 32 colour mode (and just about every other display mode) with minimal loss of picture quality is to use one of the two big image processing packages available for the Amiga, Pixmate from Progressive Peripherals and Software, and Deluxe PhotoLab, from those nice people at Electronic Arts.
Converting a HAM picture to 32 colours with Pixmate is simplicity itself. Firstly, load in your HAM picture and then press the right mouse button to bring up the menu strip. Now just enter the ‘Color’ menu and select the ‘HAM to 32' option. After a few seconds, your picture will be converted before your very eyes.
Achieving the same results with Deluxe PhotoLab is a bit more involved. Firstly, run the ‘Colors' program on your PhotoLab program disk and then load in your HAM picture. Next, bring up the menu strip and select 'Sort On - Population’ from the ‘Color’ menu. This will sort the 16 HAM colour registers according to which are used most. Next, select ‘Set To - 320x256’ from the View Modes menu if your HAM picture is non-interlaced, or ‘Set To - 320x512’ if your picture is interlaced.
After checking to make sure that the operation you have selected is really what you want, PhotoLab will ask you the sensitivity of the colour reduction algorithm: for best results, select ‘High’.
These three commands seem a little limited, a great deal can be achieved using them. A typical Copper List effect is multi-coloured horizontal banding on the screen.
AMIGA A1250?
While rummaging around inside my Amiga 500, I noticed that both the keyboard and disk drive are self contained units that are attached via snap-on connectors. This means that it would be very easy to house them separately (like the 1000 and 2000). Do you know of anyone who sells a compete remodelling kit for the 500?
M. Pearson Inverkeithing, Fife I too have been trying to locate
such a conversion kit for quite some time. As far as I am
aware, no such kit is presently available in this country
(correct me if I’m wrong!) I’m told that several kits are
available in Germany but these have yet to reach our shores.
With such a glaringly obvious gap in the market, I'm surprised
some enterprising company hasn't come up I ?
POWER _ COMPUTIN THE AMIGA 2000 SPECIALISTS POWER THE POWER 2 0 0 0 6 8 0 3 0 Power Computing and GVP, leaders in Amiga technology bring you the state-of-the-art Power 2000 for a similar price to other supplier's basic 2000 models. The Power 2000 features B2000 with 1MB Chip Ram (latest revision), a 16Mhz Impact 68030 processor board with optional 68882 co-pro- cessor socket, a super fast AT hard disk interface (Access 11 ms average, DT 706K second!) And up to 8MB of 32 bit 0 wait state dram! The package also includes the highly respected (68882 compatible) Hisoft Basic, Phillips CM8833
Stereo Colour Monitor, 2nd internal 3.5" drive, mouse, keyboard, 2000 system manual (English!) Hi-tech mouse mat, all cables and 30 DS diskettes in a box. Price includes full 12 month warranty!
Impact 68030 Technology - Available NOW!
Other Amiga 2000 Systems available at incredible 68030 Card 16Mhz...£699 68882......£199 4MB 32 bit dram..£1199 68030 Card 25 Mhz...£899 68882......£299 4MB 32 bit dram..£1199 Quantum AT 40MB HD .£449 Quantum AT 80MB HD ..£899 Special deals for complete 68030 cards * Further details available Syquest 44 OK £899 Syquest 44 2M £1098 HARDCARD These GVP autobooting* hardcards are the easiest way to add a fast (FFS, DMA) SCSI hard disk to your Amiga 2000. Each card comes with super easy installation software, a Mac pinout compatible SCSI port, internal SCSI bus and 12 months
warranty from Power. GVP hardcards are one of the best selling hard disk units in the US and have an excellent pedigree of trouble free service.
They are available in a range of sizes.
SCSI CARD Using the same technology as the GVP hard- card this SCSI board has sockets for an optional 2MB of fast dram to expand your Amiga's memory. Specifications are the same as for the hard card but the hard disk must be fitted in one of the 2000’s peripheral bays. Full instructions, installation software and cables are provided. See hard disk and memory prices below.
VkAAA SYQUEST 44MB Removable Hard disk This state-of-the-art 44MB 25ms removable cartridge based hard disk unit and GVP SCSI controller fits in the 5.25 bay and comes complete with 1 cartridge. Additional cartridges cost only £99 each, giving an impressive £2.25 per megabyte of storage! The controller has space for an additional 2MB of fast ram and features a special autoboot feature that allows cartridge swaps. Ideal for secure or shared environments.
TAPESTORE 150MB Tape Streamer This SCSI 150MB tape streamer will work in conjunction with all GVP controllers and hardcards. It features advanced backup and restore software and has an impressive data transfer rate of 5-7MB per minute. The software features wildcards and selective backups as well as future support for unix environments. The unit is also available as a boxed unit"with PSU for bridgeboard users. The streamer uses standard DC6150 tapes and comes supplied with one tape.
MEMORY & ACCESSORIES SCSI 3.5" Hard Disks Microway Flicker Fixer ...£299 Seagate ST125N 20MB 28ms ..£249 Seagate ST157N 46MB 28ms ..£329 Seagate ST1096N 90MB 28ms ...call Quantum Prodrive 40S 11ms 40MB £429 Quantum Prodrive 105S 11ms 100MB ...£799 Memory (each) dram 1mbit 256*4 80ns ......£12.95 dram 1 mbit 1 MB*1 80ns ....£12.95 dram 256*1 100-150ns .£3.75 16Mhz 68000 processor card ...£129 2 *RS232 port card call 8MB Memory
card OK installed £149 JUST IN & HOT!!
Vidtech Scanlock Broadcast PAL S-VHS Genlock A500 2000 This broadcast specification PAL & S-VHS genlock is aggressively priced for the video market. Attractively housed in a unit that sits under the monitor it features separate fade controls for both reference and Amiga videos, one touch select keys, remote operation and key out for video mixing decks.
A must for the serious amateur and S-VHS professional WE ALSO STOCK BOTH XT £199! AND AT £799! BRIDGEBOARDS Power Computing Ltd • 44A Stanley Street • Bedford • MK41 7RW. Tel: 0234 273000. Orders only 0800-581-742.
Fax: 0234 270133. Technical Support: 0234 273248 Mon-Fri 3-5pm Showroom & Telephone Sales open Mon-Sat 9.30am - 6.00pm and to 8pm Thursday & Fridays ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT & DELIVERY. PLEASE USE THE COUPON ON THE NEXT PAGE.
POWER CO POWER computing selection of special deals only available from PRINTERS We are the .IL WE ARE OFFICIAL ]Roland I DIGITAL GROUP PLOTTER AGENTS
* New from Power House * Break throughs in design and
construction coupled with a brand new 3.5” drive unit from
Epson - world leaders in peripheral technology - comes the
PC880 manufactured in the UK at a price that smashes those of
our competitors. Each drive is fully guaranteed for 12 months
and comes complete with instructions, through’port and
isolating switch.
£299 £499 £649 £16 Microperf Paper 1000 sheets £12 inc post HP Paintjet Colour £899 HP Desk Jet + £699 (We stock HP consumables!)
HP Laserjet 2 Compatible £1699 Qume LCS Cyrstal Laser (LCD) £2899 (Postscript compatible ideal for Pro Page)
5. 25” IBM™ FORMAT COMPATIBLE DRIVE This fully switchable
5. 25” 40 80 track drive can be used to read and write PC formats
as well as normal Amiga formats.
A500 MEMORY & VIDEO 512k Expansion with clock £79!!!
1. 5MB Spirit board populated 512K £249
1. 5MB Spirit board unpopulated £189 Minigen Genlock £99 (rrp
£115) Processor Acelerator £139 Super Pic £429 Based on GVP
technology this top of the range autobooting (1.3 KS) hard
disk comes with lightning fast 28ms SCSI drive, with built in
PSU and fan all in a matching cream case. Easy install
software and manual are provided.
These drives also include an option to install 2MB of inexpensive 1 x1 MB fast ram to increase the Amiga’s memory.
3 disks full of Amiga goodies in this highly professional disk based magazine Fantasic demos, clipart and PD goodies.
COMMODORE A590 20MB HARD DISK £379 (RRP £399) CHIPS & THINGS A590 compatible 256* 4 drams ..£12.95! Each Turbo 3 compatible 1 mbit drams ..£12.95! Each 256K * 1 drams suitable for A500 memory expansion or spirit board ..£375! Each DISKETTES!!! NEW LOWER PRICES!
All disks are lifetime guaranteed & fully To subscribe now, phone 0234 273000 for details certified DS Bulk DS Disks 50 .....£35!
Bulk DS Disks 100 ...£69!
A500 Batman Pack (Amiga 1.3 500 with Batman, F18 etc) complete with 512K expansion ram, TV Modulator, PC880K second disk drive, Mega games pack, mouse mat, 15 disks plus box and a joystick Monitor CM8833 Stereo with system .£225 Star LC 10 Colour Printer with System .£199 + 10% off our already incredible software prices if purchased with Mega Pack!
* certain lines excluded VTPUTING Power House DIRECT!
Power House, the direct sales arm of Power Computing Ltd - Leaders in peripherals & software - is the natural choice for the Amiga enthusiast. Highly competitive prices, a wide choice, fast computerised service and the backing of a £2*1+ 5 year old company are Just some of the reasons for tele-shopping at Power, Large stocks, and “if it don't work we are a few more!
VIDEON NEW! £249 Videon is a state-of-the-art PAL video digitiser for models of Amiga computer. Videon digitises directly from any still PAL source in any of the Amiga’s screen modes including high res and HAM. Videon is complete and requires no filter wheels or similar devices.
Extensive image processing facilities and the high quality of digitisation makes Videon the natural choice for professional or amateur.
SOFTWARE & BOOKS Power are the specialists in serious software & books for the Amiga enthusiast at prices that are rarely matched by our competitors. Large stocks of the latest versions and an extensive showroom display avoids disappointment.
RED HOT PRICES ART & GRAPHICS Typically 30-40% off rrp Animagic £69 Amiga Clipart £29 Comic Setter £35 Deluxe Paint 3 £59 Deluxe Photolab £48 Digipaint 3 £49 Digiview Gold £99 Elan Performer £39 Express Paint 3 £69 Fantavision £28 Interchange £49 Interfont £79 Intro Cad £39 Kara Screen Fonts 1 £49 .
Kara Screen Fonts 2 £49 Movie Setter £48 Photon Paint 2 £69 Pixmate £35 Pro Video Plus PAL £169 Sculpt 3D £69 Sculpt 3D Animate £99 Sculpt 3D XL £99 Sculpt 4D Junior £149 Amiga Music System with MM5000 keyboard and Pro Sound Gold only £149 LANGUAGES ETC Devpac £38 Hisoft Basic £55 Lattice C v5 £160 Lattice C++ £2j50 Manx C Dev £163 Sculpt 4D £329 Manx Debugger £49 Turbo Silver £99 Power Windows 2.5 £48 Video Magic £79 Video Page £99 UTILITIES XCAD Designer £79 Arexx £39 XCAD Pro £325 BAD £35 BBC Emulator £39 WORD PROCESSING, CLImate £20 DTP & BUSINESS Dos 2 Dos £29 Digicalc £29 Fine Print £39
Excellence £129 Quarterback £34 Home Accounts £20 RubyCom £69 Kind Words £35 - Transformer £29 Maxiplan + £99 WB 1.3 £15 Maxiplan 500 £59 Pagestream £120 MUSIC Pro Draw £100 Midi Interface £25 Pro Draw Clip art £39 C64 Music Keyboard Pro Page 1.3 £179 Interface £49 Pro page Templates £39 MM5000 Keyboard £79 Pro text £63 Dr T’s Drums £25 Superbase 2 £62 Dr T’s Midi Studio £49 Superbase Pro £160 KCS level 2 £229 Superplan £62 Music X £189 The Works Platinum £149 Pro Sound Gold £59 Word Perfect £164 Amiga Music System £149 Sonix £45 Sonix Sound Trax 1 £25 Sonix Sound Trax 2 £25 A full range of
Amiga books is also available from stock - ask our telesales assistants for details “The Extensive Power House Bedford Showroom open Monday to Saturday
9. 30am - 6.00pm Thursday & Friday 8.00pm Power Computing Ltd,
Power House, 44A Stanley Street, Bedford MK41 7RW Orders Only
0800 581 742 Free Call General Enquiries & Orders 0234 273000
(5 lines) Fax 0234 270133 Technical Support (Mon-Fri 3pm - 5pm
only) 0234 267537 Make cheques payable to Power Computing Ltd
I enclose a cheque PO for I would like to order Name expiry
date signature _ credit card no ddress System owned ostcode
Telephone Please send me the Power House Catalogue AMF4 with
the goods (come on you hardware producers, get to work on it
MEMORY AND MONITORS Having recently bought an Amiga 500 and second drive, I’ve realised that the machine needs at least a megabyte for serious use. I am therefore considering buying a RAM expansion. Looking through the adverts in Amiga Format, I have noticed quite a few companies advertising 1.8 Mb internal RAM expansions for the 500.
Firstly, is it safe to use such a high-capacity board with the 500? Is a version with a battery- backed clock worth buying?
Finally, do these 1.8 Mb boards bring your machine up to 1.8 Mb total or 2.3 Mb?
My second problem concerns monitors. There seem to be so many different types on the market, all offering different features. I understand that Commodore have now stopped producing the 1084S and have reverted back to the mono 1084. Is this true?
What are the differences between the Phillips CM8833 and the CM8852? Is the CM8852 capable of accepting stereo input from the Amiga? Which monitor do you recommend?
S Lawson UlVERSION, Cumbria MEMORY MATTERS Quite a few of the more inquisitive among you have asked us to print a memory map of the Amiga. Well, always keen to listen to your requests, here’s the Amiga memory map in all its glory.
CLOCK. 500 and 2000 only DF0000-DFEFFF
500 and 2000 only A LITTLE HELP FROM YOUR FRIENDS So you've got
a problem, and no one else can help... who you gonna call? The
Workbench Helpline of course!
If you have a problem with your Amiga that needs solving, then write it (them) down on a piece of paper and send them into the Workbench Helpline at Amiga Format. Every month we ll be sifting through all your letters and we'll attempt to answer as many as we can (well, Jason is the man with the answers, actually). Maybe you too could finally find enlightenment! We regret that we cannot enter into personal correspondence (we just don t have the time!), so save your stamps. Send your letters to: Don’t worry, the extra large RAM boards are perfectly safe and will do no harm to your machine. A
battery-backed-up clock can be very handy but, if you’re lazy like me, you’ll probably stop using it once the initial novelty has worn off. As for the RAM board’s capacity, a 1.8 Mb board should knock your memory up to 2.3 Mb.
Firstly, Commodore do indeed seem to have stopped shipping the 1084S. When we recently bought some new monitors for use in the Amiga Format offices, we recieved a new type monitor called the 1084D. This new type of monitor is the same as those sold with the Amiga in the States and uses the more standard 9-pin D connector.
The difference between the CM8833 and the 8852 is that the latter provides a higher display resolution than the 8833. If you can afford the extra cash, then go for the 8852 in preference to the
8833. The 8852 is indeed stereo.
Workbench Helpline 30 Monmouth Street Bath BA1 2AP We in the Amiga Format offices have a combination of different monitors. Andy and Maff's Amigas use the 1084D and the mono (mono sound, not monochrome) 1084 respectively, while my Amiga 2000 uses a very posh Taxan 770 multi-sync monitor (which no one is allowed to touch, I might add!) If you can afford it (the cheapest multi-sync is about double the price of a 1084!), a multi-sync is worth buying just so that you can take advantage of the new ECS screen modes (when the ECS is finally released). If you can't afford a multi-sync, then the
CM8852 is a very good second choice. Look out for a monitor round-up in a future issue of Amiga Format.
BY YOUR COMMAND Although Workbench 1.3 offered us average users a whole bunch of new (and often useful) tools to further enhance those long hours spent in front of our Amigas, the usefulness of several of the new utilities were rather more obvious than others.- One such utility that probably ended up being forgotten about was the CMD command. What does this little chappie do, and what use is it?
Read on for the answer.
The CMD command is a little ‘patch’ program that is used to redirect what would normally be send out to a parallel or serial output device (such as a printer), to a separate disk file. This can be particularly useful if you wish to print out several files in the shortest amount of time. Using it, you could load each file into your word processor, print it out, load the next, print it out etc. All these files would then be sent to a disk file that can be taken along to another Amiga and printed out in no time at all, complete with all escape code, the works.
£50 UP FOR GRABS We want your tips! Whether you're a master with the machine code, or an AmigaBASIC dabbler, we want to hear from you. You don't even have to be a programmer to hit with big time with Workbench; if you've found a great tip for using the Amiga or any Amiga software packages, then we need your contribution.
Every month, one lucky tipster could win £50 in cash for their troubles! - just think how many copies of Amiga Format you could buy with that tidy little sum! Send your letters to: Workbench Helpline 30 Monmouth Street Bath BA1 2AP CMD can be run from either the Workbench or from the CLI.
For best results, the command is best suited to the CLI. The Syntax of the command is CMD Device Name cOutput Filename [OPT s m n] (the OPT parameter is, er, optional). The Device name can either be serial or parallel (note that you cannot use PAR: or SER:).
The Output Filename is the filename of the file that the output is to be written to (obvious really).
The ‘s’ option tells CMD to ignore what is called the printer ‘short initial write’, which is basically a reset signal sent by t he printer to inform the printer driver that the device is ready to receive data. This signal isn't needed for text files, so always specify the ‘s’ option.
The ‘m’ option is used if you wish multiple files to be written to the same file, one after another. If this is not specified, CMD will overwrite the last file that was written.
You can break out of this by pressing CTRL + C .
Finally, the ‘n’ option enables notify mode. Notify mode is used to keep you informed of progress during the file transfer.
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AND TIPS COPING WITH FAILURE We all know that AmigaDOS is a
powerful beast, but why does it have to .be so painfully
unfriendly? When things start to go wrong, the Amiga can be
about as friendly as a Khmer Rouge public relations officer.
Every now and then, something goes wrong during a disk operation. From the Workbench, when something goes wrong the Amiga will display an error number and a short description of what went wrong along the Workbench menu script. If you’re a CLI dabbler, then this error report will be written straight into the CLI window that the task was launched from. Anyway, to make things a bit clearer, here’s a rundown in plain english of what those error codes are actually trying to tell you.
103 insufficient free store This error occurs when you try to load a program that requires more memory than is presently available. Try shutting down any tasks that are currently running and closely down any windows that aren't needed.
105 task table full You’re really pushing the Amiga if you manage to get this error. The Amiga can only manage 20 CLI's at any one time. As soon as you try opening any more, AmigaDOS will complain bitterly and refuse to open any further CLIs.
120 argument line invalid or too long This error appears if a program is unable to make sense of the parameters you have passed to it.
121 file is not an object module You’ve just tried to load a file that is not a program. Only programs can be run by directly entering their name. If a program that should work fails to work, check to make sure it isn’t a batch file (or it hasn't become corrupt).
122 invalid resident library during load Something went wrong when the program you have loaded tried to open or load a system library.
202 object in use To prevent one program from modifying a file that another program is using, AmigaDOS automatically locks the file out of reach of other tasks until the file has been closed by the program that is using it. If you get this error, another task that you are running is using the file.
203 object already exists You’ve just tried to copy (or rename) a file to a filename that already exists. If you get this error during a copy operaion, then the file that has the same filename as you’ve tried to use is protected against modification (use the AmigaDOS ‘protect’ command to unprotect it).
204 directory not found A program (or CLI command) has tried to access a directory that doesn’t as such exist.
Check to make sure that you haven’t made a typing error. If everything seems OK, check the disk's directory (using DIR) to make sure that you the directory does exist.
205 object not found Very similar to error 204, except that this error applies to both files and directories. Check errors as above.
206 invalid window description A program attempted to either open a window that was too big for the maximum display size (depending on the screens resolution) or by passing window parameters in an incorrect format.
209 packet request type unknown If you get this error, then you’ve got problems - because there's not a great deal you can do about it. This error only occurs because of programming errors (bugs).
211 invalid object lock Another programming error. A program created an invalid object lock code (don’t worry, just let programmers worry about such things!)
212 object not of required type This error usually occurs when you accidently mistake a file for a directory (or vice-versa). For example, if you try to load a directory into a text editor, or you try to copy multiple files to a file (when it should have been a directory).
213 disk not validated The disk that AmigaDOS is trying to access has become corrupt, and the Amiga is unable to either load its disk validator (found in the Workbench 1’ directory) or the validation failed altogether. Try using the DiskDoctor program from the CLI.
214 disk write-protected AmigaDOS tried to alter the disk but was unable to do so because the disk is write protected. No prizes for guessing what you’ve got to do to solve this one!
215 rename across devices attempted Although the AmigaDOS rename command can also be used as an alternative to the copy command, this operation can only take place with the confines of the source disk. It is perfectly valid to rename a file that is within one directory, giving it both a new filename and path (this is more of a ‘move’ operation than either copy or rename). However, if you try to rename a file giving it both a new path and new device name, this error will be produced.
216 directory not empty AmigaDOS will only allow you to delete a directory if it is empty. If files still exist within it, this error will be produced. If you still wish to delete the directory, try using the command DELETE MyDIR ALL (where MyDIR is the name of the directory to be deleted). This command will delete all files and directories within the directory that you wish to delete before eventually deleting the directory itself.
218 device (or volume) not mounted You’ve tried to access a device that is not presently installed in the system. Check to make sure that you haven't typed the device name incorrectly (SIR: instead of SER: for example). If everything seems OK, refer to the device’s manual about installation procedure.
Well, that’s about as many as we can squeeze into one issue. Check out next month’s Amiga Format for a description of the rest of those infamous AmigaDOS error codes (219 to 232).
Hugo Cornwall's Extensively revised and updated by STEV E GOLD AMIGA The Fast!
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.....£14.95 Dr Dooms Revenge .. ......£16.95 Dragon Spirit..* .. ......£14 95 Dragons of Flame.... ....£17.95 Drakkhen ......£21.95 Drivin Force .....£1695 Commodore Amiga Software Dungeon Master 1 meg £16 95 Dungeon Master Editor £7 99 Dynamic Debugger £17 95 Dynamite Dux £17 95 Elite £16 95 Empire £9 99 European Super League £14 95 Executioner £16 95 EyeofHorus £16 95 F16 Combat Pilot £16 95 F16 Falcon £22 95 F29 Retaiiator £17 95 Falcon Mission Disk £14 95 Fast Lane £14 95 Ferrari
Formula One £1 7 95 Fiendish Freddie Big Top £16 95 Fighting Soccer £17 95 Fire Brigade i meg £22 95 Flight Simulator 2 £28 95 Fit Sim 2 Scenery Disk 9 £11 99 Fit Sim 2 Hawan Scenery £11 99 Fit Sim 2 Scenery Disk 11 ..£14.95 Fit Sim Japan Scenery Disk ......£14.95 Football Director 2 . £14.95 Football Manager 2 exp kit ...£9.99 Football Manager 2 ..£14.95 Footballer of the Year 2 ..£14 95 Fun School 2 (6 to 8 years) £14.95 Fun School 2 (over 8) .....£14.95 Fun School 2 (under
6) ...£14.95 Future Wars ..£17.95 Galaxy Force £17.95 Games Summer Edition .£17 95 Garrison 1 or Garrison 2 .£9 99 Gazzas Super Soccer £ 16 95 Ghostbusters 2 £17 95 Ghouls and Ghosts £17 95 Grand Pnx Circuit £17 95 Gridiron £16 95 Gunship £16 95 Hard Drivm £14 95 Highway Patrol 2 £ 16 95 Hollywood Poker Pro .£9.99 Hound of Shadow ....£17.95 Commodore Amiga Software Indy Jones Last Crusade Action £14.95 Indy Jone Last Crusade
Adv £17.95 Infestation £16 95 Interphase £i 7 95 Iron Lord £22 95 Iron Tracker £14 95 it Came from the Desert (1 meg) £22 95 J Lowes Ultimate Darts £14 95 Jack Nickiaus Golf £ 17 95 Jig Saw £14 95 Keef the Thief £ 17 95 Kenny Dalglish Soccer Match £14 95 Kick Off . £14 95 Kick Off Extra Time £7 99 Killing Game Snow £14 95 Kingdom of England £ 16 95 Kings Quest 4 £22 95 Kings Quest Triple Pack £26 95 Knightforce £16 95 Lancaster £14.95 Laser Squad £14 95 Leaderooard Collection £17 95 Leisuresuit Larry £17 95 Light Force
£17 95 Liverpool £14 95 Lombard RAC Rally £16 95 Lords of the Rising Sun £22 95 Lost Patrol £17 95 Maniac Mansion £17 95 Matrix Marauders £14 95 Microprose Soccer £16 95 Mmdoender £14 95 Moonwa ker £14 95 Myth (system 3) £i 7 95 Neuromancer £17 95 Never Mind £14 95 New Zeafand Story £ 17 95 Ninja Warriors £14 95 North and South £16 95 Oil Imperium £16 95 Omega £21 95 Omni Horse Racmg £16 95 Onslaught .....£17.95 Commodore Amiga Software Ooze £16 95 Operation Thunderbolt ...£17.95 Outlands .. £14 95
P47 ....£16 95 Paoerboy £14 95 Pictionary. £14 95 Pirbaii Magic £17 95 Platinum 2 (Elite) £16 95 Player Manager £14 95 Police Quest £17 95 Poouious £ 18 75 Poouious Promised Lands £7 99 Powerdnft £ 17 95 Powerdrome £ 17 95 Premier Collection £22 95 Pro Tennis Tour £17 95 Quartz £16 95 Rally Cross Challenge £ 14 95 Red Lightning ......£22 95 Red Storm Rising ..£i 6 95 Rick Dangerous ....£17 95 Risk ..£14 95
Robocop £16 95 Rock n Roll ...£14.95 Run The Gauntlet ...£16 95 RVF Honda .....£16.95 Seven Gates of Jambaia .£ 16.95 Shadow of the Beast ......£28.95 Shmobi £14 95 Shoot em up Construction Kit £22 95 Silent Service £ 16 95 Silkworm £14 95 Sim City (1 meg) £2195 Skidu £14 95 Skidz £14 95 Snoopy and Lost Blanket £14 95 Space Ace £32 95 Space Quest 1 £i 7 95 Space Quest 2 £i 7 95 Space Quest 3 £26 95 Star Cpmmand £22 95 Star Wars
Trilogy ....£17 95 Starblaze .... £14 95 Commodore Amiga Software Startrek Final Frontier .£16 95 Stellar Crusade £26 95 Steve Davis Snooker ...£14 95 Stricer .....£17.95 Stryx £14 95 Stunt Car £16 95 Super League Soccer ..£16.95 Super Wonderooy ..£17 95 Switchblade £14 95 Swords of Twilight ..£17 95 Targhan .....£16 95 Test Drive 2 California Challenge £11 20 Test Drive 2
Supercars Disk .....£11.20 Test Drive 2 The Duel ...- ..£17 95 The Krystal ..£22.95 Thunderbirds .£16.95 Time ....£21 95 Times of Lore ......£16.95 Tmtm The Moon .....£14.95 Toobin ..... £14 95 Tower of Babel ..£16.95 Track Attack ......£17 95 Tracksuit Manager ...£14 95 Triad 2 £16 95 Trip a Tron .....£26 95 Trivial Pursuit
2 .....£14.95 Trivial Pursuit Genius Edit £14 95 Turbo £14 95 Turbo Outrun £17 95 Tusker £17 95 TV sports Football £21 95 UMS 2 £16 95 Ultimate Golf £17 95 Untouchables £17 95 Vulcan £14 95 War in MidOle Earth £14 95 Warp £16 95 Waterloo £17 95 Wayne Getszky Hockey £21 95 Weird Dreams £16 95
W. id Streets £16 95 Winners US Gold £22 95 World Champ Boxing
Manager £14 95 X-Out ...£14 95
Xenomorph £16 95 Xenon 2
Megablast .....£17.95
Xenophobe ...£16.95 Zak
McKracken .£17.95
* ********************** 10X3.5' DS DD H. Qual Disk £9 95 Europe
(other than UK) shipping costs are: £1 50 per disc for normal
airmail £2.50 per disc for express airmail Outside Europe
shipping costs are: £2.00 per disc for normal airmail £3.00 per
disc for express airmail Don’t lose your confidence when a game
beats you, just pick yourself up, dust yourself off and turn to
Gamebusters! Here we’re open all hours and ready to serve
hints, tips and pokes with everything. So pile on in and start
THUNDERBIRDS MISSION 2 Got through the first stage thanks to the tips in Issue 5? Can’t get any further? Read on, McDuff!
Gordon needs an aqualung and an American Express (TM) card. Alan needs an aqualung and a bottle of radiation pills.
Take Alan left and up from TB4. When you see the captain take the radiation pills walk to him and he will give you a blue card.
Switch to Gordon and go left, down and right: keep going right until you come to the radiation pills, then take them.
Carry on going right until you can go down. Go down and carry on until you see a room with two computers in it whic are exactly the same, one on the left and one on the right. Go to the one on the left. Now bring Alan to that place and use the American Express (TM) card and the blue card to shut down the reactor.
Take Gordon left until he can go up. Go up, continue going left until you can go down. Go down: you should now be underwater. Go left as far as possible, then go right as far as possible leaving the doors open as you go. Walk left, holding down return as you go, and when the water has gone go down. Then go left (don't worry when you fall down the hole) and keep going left and you will go back up through the hole.
Keep going left until you can go no further and then go right as far as you can, leaving the doors open as you go. Now go left holding return (the sub should surface). Now go up, left and carry on going left until you can go up. Go up, then right until you reach TB4.
Job done!
Simon Hadley Nuneaton STRIDER Having difficulty with this excellent Amiga Format Gold rated game?
We're not at all surprised, so here’s the solution.
You start off by flying in on your futuristic hang glider. When you land, jump up and destroy the flying object above you then walk along and destroy the guard. Walk along a bit more and destroy the flying object which should be above you: it should leave behind a pod which falls to the ground.
Get near to it, strike it, collect it and a robot drone should start to orbit round you.
Walk along and destroy the other guard then walk along a bit further and crouch down to kill the small guard. Keep on walking a bit further, jump the gap in the floor, go up the side of the hill, destroy the two guards then get on the flat part and jump up. You should grab hold of the bottom of the platform which is located above you.
Wait until the orbiting drone gets close to the guard and press fire. Move along until you are just out of range of the laser turrets, wait until the drone gets close to the turrets and press fire again.
Keep doing this until all the turrets are destroyed.
Crawl to the top and destroy the guard then stop just out of range of the next set of laser turrets. Destroy the turrets, then jump onto the'platform opposite you and walk off of the end. Keep walking and fall off the cliff, keep walking and wait under the platform: ignore the man on the platform until you get underneath it.
When the man attacks, crouch down. Keep pressing fire as he rolls toward you and keep this up until he’s dead. Stay under the platform because the roof will collapse in flames. Once they have disappeared jump up on the platform, then onto the next platform above you and then finally onto the one above you once again.
Take out the two guards and the turrets, go up and destroy the guard above you, then carry on and destroy the guard before jumping left onto the platform and collecting the long sword. Jump back right and continue over the hill and down the other side.
Drop off the end and quickly move close to the largest hole in the ground and crouch beside it.
Once the baddie starts to come up through the hole, keep hitting the fire button until it’s destroyed.
Then drop down the smaller hole and as you’re falling press left on the joystick and get ready to destroy the flying nasty.
Destroy the other guard once you land and then go and collect the energy pod. Continue right until you’re under the green platform. Now make sure you use up all your long sword swings before continuing until the screen stops scrolling. When the sickle monster gets close to you jump over it and walk up the side of the wall and onto the platform on the left.. Collect the long sword pod, jump back onto the wall and move back to underneath the platform. When the sickle monster comes round again, keep pressing the fire button and you should get enough hits on it to destroy it.
Level Two Keep walking until you come to the platform with the pod (destroy the three dogs as they come towards you by crouching and timing the press of the fire button) and collect the long sword. Jump off the platform and keep going right.
Just past the green scenery a mechanical gorilla will appear: move back just out of its range, If you needed the tip for Mission One of Thunderbirds in Issue 5, then you may find the advice for Mission Two useful!
Crouch and press fire whenever it comes towards you and continue until it's destroyed.
Continue right until you arrive at the wall and then crawl up it and jump onto the left side. Destroy the crawler on the right side and then jump to the right. Now destroy the crawler on the left and jump back to the left. Keep moving up and ignore the crawler on the right. Kill the guard at the top and jump onto the rotating platform thing.
Go round with it and jump off onto the stationary platform at the top: walk right and crouch when the flying guard comes on and kill him. Walk down the side of the hill, taking care not to trip the mines that are there. Once you get to the bottom, get close to the gap and jump right. Walk right (destroying the dogs) as far as you can and then jump onto the platform that's diagonally up from you: do the same for the next platform.
Destroy the droid, jump onto the platform above you, destroy the droid and jump onto the platform facing you and then onto the next one facing you, walk onto the flat part and jump onto the platform above you and dodge the bombs which fall on you.
Jump onto the next platform above you and go to the far right.
Jump up again and you should be behind a guard: destroy him and walk to the left, destroying the ballet dancers. Keep going left and take out the turrets, then walk right along the platform to the end and you’ll have completed Level Two.
Level Three Walk down the side of the hill and when you get near the bottom jump to the right to avoid the killer fish. Go up and over the hill and then go down a bit and jump onto the platform opposite. Walk along If you don’t mind a good long read, the full solution of Strider on these pages is invaluable!!
And dodge the boomerangs which the Amazon woman is throwing at you, and destroy her.
Climb up the side of the cliff and destroy the woman above you. Walk left and jump onto the platform above you and walk along a bit more and destroy the women and then jump onto the platform above you and kill the other woman. Jump onto the platform above, kill the woman and do the same again then walk along and kill the woman facing you and then jump across the gap and destroy the next four women as you walk along.
Walk down the side of the cliff and jump onto the platform facing you. Destroy the woman at the top, walk along and destroy the next two women and then go to the right and destroy the killer fish.
When you've done that destroy the dinosaurs, walk along and destroy the woman and then walk a bit more and there should be two platforms above you: jump onto the first platform and wait near the diagonal part in the platform. A huge dinosaur will jump out at you.
Move back when it fires lasers at you and then move forward when it moves back. When it jumps at you press the fire button rapidly to destroy it and then get ready for Level Four.
Level Four Destroy the flying object, then the next three laser turrets and then another flying object. Collect the drone and walk along. Destroy the flying object and the laser turret with your sword. Destroy another two turrets and walk along.
Destroy the small flying object with your sword and use the sliding technique to destroy the rest of them.
Kill the flying thing but don’t bother to collect the drone, just drop through the hole in the ground. When you land, destroy the guard and collect the long sword and walk left: jump onto one of the platforms as it passes and almost immediately jump right. Jump the gap in the floor and kill the guard and then walk along until you see another gap in the floor: get very close to the edge and then jump right and you will land just on the edge of the gap.
Collect the energy pod and climb up the side of the wall.
Destroy the guard with your sword and destroy the next two guards as well. Climb to the top and destroy the two robot droids and walk right: climb the wall and destroy the robot droid at the top with your sword.
Walk along and drop down the side of the wall and walk along a bit more: destroy the small flying things using the sliding technique again then destroy the guard and the small flying robot. Destroy another guard, walk along and collect the energy pod. Drop through the gap in the floor and when you land you will start to orbit the huge round object: when you get close to it, strike it with your sword to destroy it.
Drop down the hole, walk along and there will be a man with a hook in his hand: don’t get close or he’ll hit you, but stay out of range and keep hitting him with your sword until he's destroyed.
You’ve completed Level Four.
Level Five Walk right and collect the long sword and then destroy the guard behind you. Jump onto the platform on your right, go to the bottom of it and then jump across onto the wall. Destroy the guard at the top with your sword, destroy the flying object above you and then destroy the guard at the other side of the gap in the floor.
Jump across. Walk along and destroy the flying object, then the two guards and then the flying thing.
Walk up the side of the hill and destroy the guard at the top.
Climb the wall and don’t bother killing the guard: just climb up when he turns left. Do the same thing for the next guard too.
Destroy the guard at the top and walk on. Collect the long sword when it appears and use it to destroy the small flying object on the other side of the gap. Then jump it and climb up the wall.
Destroy the small flying'objects as you move up.
Drop off the edge and use the sword to open the capsule on the other side of the gap: jump over and collect it then drop down the gap. Use the same method to destroy the huge round object that you used on Level Four. If you drop on the left hand side of the gap, jump to the right and drop off the side and you should land on a platform.
Collect the long sword and walk along, then drop off the side of the wall and crouch near the hole. When the object rises out of the ground, use your sword to destroy it. Jump over the gap, kill the guard and collect the energy pod, destroy the next guard and collect the next energy pod, walk along and jump the two gaps in the floor. Walk along and just as you pass a thin blue line in the background a huge gorilla will jump out at you. Stay behind the blue line and keep swiping at the gorilla: .keep it up until you’ve destroyed the gorilla and completed the game!
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L U S PO Box 8, Hampton, Middx TW12 3XA SOFTWARE Telephone
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order and are subject to change without notice E&OE. Not all
software titles released at time of going to press - new
products sent when released. Hardware available at above
prices, software at 25% oft RRP on production ot advert at
shop. NB - we add 50p surcharge per game for orders placed by
WAR GAMES, ADVENTURE GAMES SIMULATORS & SPORTS Send £2.50 for Extensive Catalogue.
Prop S. Harper 3-D Pool .15.79 Adidas Golden Shoe 15.79
A. P.B 12.79 Action
Fighter ....15.79 Barbarian II .15.79
Batman (The Movie).15.79 Battlehawks 1942.....16.79 Beach
Volley .....15.79 Blood Money .....15.79
Bloodwych ..15.79
Bomber ...16.79
Cabal ......15.99 Carrier Command.....15.79
Chicago 90 .12.79 Chase HQ ..15.99
Conflict Europe ..15.79 Continental Circus....12.99 Day
Of the Viper 16.79 Demons Tomb ...12.79
Denaris ...13.79 Double Dragon II......15.99
Comp Pro 5000......10.99 Comp Pro 5000 Extra 12.99 Konix
Speedking......7.99 Speedking (auto)......8.99 Quickshot II
Turbo....8.99 JOYSTICKS Dr Plummet 12.79 Dragon's
Lair ....29.99 Dragon Ninja .....15.79 Dragon
Spirit .....12.79 Dungeon Master......15.79 Dynamite
Dux ...16.79 Elite .15.79 F16
Combat Pilot.....15.79 Falcon ....18.90
Falcon-Misson ..12.79 Fire Brigade ......19.99
F. O.F.T ...19.99 Forgotten Worlds.....13.79
Fusion ....16.79 Future
Wars .15.99 F29 Retaliator .....15.99
Galdregons Domain ..12.79 Gemini Wings ...12.79
Ghostbusters II .16.79 Grand MonsterSlam 15.79 Grand
Prix Circuit ....16.79 Gunship .15.79 Highway
Patrol .15.79 Iron Tracker ......12.79 Indiana
Jones ...13.79 Infestation ..15.99
Interceptor .16.79
Interphase ..19.99
Ivanhoe ..15.79 Kees The Thief .16.79
Kick Off ..12.79
Kult .15.79
Lancaster ...12.79 Last Ninja
2 16.79 Leisure Suit Larry 2 .16.79 Licence to
Kill 12.79 Life and Death 18.99 Light
Force .15.79 Lords of Rising Sun .18.90
Microprose Soccer...15.79 Millenium 2.2 ....16.79 Mr
Heli ...15.79 New Zealand Story ..15.79
Nevermind .12.99 Operation Thunderbolt.. 15.99
Operation Wolf 15.79 Outrun ......7.99 Outrun
Europa ;...10.99 Paladin ...15.79 Passing
Shot 15.79 Paul Gascoigne Soccerl5.79
Populus ......16.79 Popuius: Promise Land
.7.99 Powerdrome ......16.79
Powerdrift ..16.79 Precious Metal 15.79 Rainbow
Island 15.79 Rainbow Warrior 15.79 Red
Heat ...15.79 Red Lightning 20.50 Rick Dangerous
15.79 Robocop 15.79 Running Man 15.79
R. V.F ......15.79 Run the Gauntlet 15.79 Shadow
of the Beast21.99 Shinobi ...12.79 Shoot 'em
up Kit 18.99 Silkworm 12.79
Soccer ...15.79 Star Wars Trilogy 15.79
Strider ! .13.79 STRYX ...12.79
Stunt Car ..15.79 Super Quintet ...15.79
Super Wonder Boy ..16.79 Sword of Sodan 16.79 Swords of
Twilight....16.79 Test Drive II 16.79 The Lost
Patrol 15.79 Triad II ....15.79 The
Untouchables 15.99 Vigilante .....10.99 War
In Mid Earth 15.79 World Class Leaderboard..7.99 Xenon
II .15.79 Xybots ....12.79
Pool ......11.99
Afterburner 16.99
Airball .11.99 Airborne
Ranger 14.99 Altered Beast ....16.99
A-Max ......134.95 A-Max with
Rom ..249.95 Alien
Legion ......16.99
* Amos .34.99
APB .12.99
Archipelagos .....16.99
* Austerlitz ..16.99 Bal of Power
1990 .16.99 Barbarian 2
Pal .14.99 Barbarian
Pal ......7.99 Bard's Tale 1 or 2 Hint Book
.5.99 Bards Tale 2 ......17.99 Batman Caped
Crusader 15.99 Batman The Movie 16.99 Battlehawks
1942 .16.99 Beach
Volley ......16.99 Bionic
Commando ...7.99
Blasteroids .14.99 Blood
Money .....16.99 Bloodwych
Bombuzal ...14.99
* Cabal .16.99 California
Games ..16.99
Capone ......19.99 Captain
Blood .....7.99 Carrier
Command .14.99 Centrefold
Squares 12.99 Chase
HQ ..16.99 Chessmaster 2000
16.99 Chronoquest .....18.99
Colossus Chess X ..15.99 Conflict
Europe .16.99 Continental
Circus 13.99 Cosmic
Pirate ....14.99 Crazy Cars
2 .....14.99 Cybernoid
2 ......11.99
Dominator ..13.99 Double
Dragon ..11.99 Double Dragon
2 ...13.99 Dragon
Ninja .....15.99 Dragon
Spirit ....12.99 Dragonslair 1 meg (1
Meg)...29.99 Drum Studio 4.99 Dungeon
Master 15.99 Eagle's
Nest ..4.99
Elite 14.99
Emmanuelle ......11.99 Empire Strikes
Back ....11.99 Espionage ..11.99
F16 Combat Pilot ..16.99 F29
Retalitator ..16.99 Falcon
F16 .19.99 Falcon Mission Disc 1
..13.99 Fantavision 29.99 Fed of
Free Traders ......19.99 Fighting
Soccer .16.99
Fish 14.99 Flight Sim
2 ......26.99 Fit Disc 7 or
11 .13.99 Fit Disc
European .13.99 Fit Disc
Japan ...13.99 Flying
Shark .....14.99 Foot Man 2 Exp
Kit .8.99 Football Director 2 11.99
Football Manager 2 ......11.99 Foundations
Waste ..7.99 Fun School 2
(6-8) .11.99 Fun School 2 (over 8) ...11.99
Fun School 2 (under 6) .11.99
Fusion ..7.99 Galactic
Conqueror ......14.99 Galdregons Domain ......12.99
Garfield 9.99 Garfield
Winter ..12.99 Ghostbusters
2 .16.99 Ghouls 'n'
Ghosts ..16.99 Gilbert Escape
Drill ......11.99
* Golden Shoe ....16.99 Gold
Rush ..16.99
* Guerilla War ....14.99
Gunship .....14.99 Hard
Drivin 13.99
Hawkeye ....12.99 Helter
Skelter ......9.99 Heroes of the
Lance ......16.99 Hollywood Poker Pro .....16.99
Hostages ....14.99 Hot
Football .9.99 Hunt for Red
October ...14.99
Hybris .19.99 Indy Jones
Action ..13.99 Indy Jones Adventure ...16.99
Interphase ..16.99 Int Karate
+ 16.99
* It Came from Desert (1 Meg) 19.99
Jaws ...12.99 J Nicklau's
Golf .15.99
Jet ..26.99 Joan of
Arc .16.99 Joe Blade
2 ..4.99 Kennedy
Approach 14.99 Kick
Off ......11.99 Kick Off X-tra
Time .7.99 Kind Words 2 ....34.99
King's Quest 1.2.3 or 4 Hint Books 6.99
King's Quest 4 ...21.99 King's Quest
Triple 26.99
Knightforce 14.99
Kristal .17.99
Kult 16.99 Leaderboard
Birdie 16.99
Lancelot .....12.99 Laser
Squad ......12.99
* Lost Patrol 16.99 Legend of
Djel ...16.99 Legend of
Sword 14.99 Leisure Suit
Larry .16.99 Leisure Suit Larry Hint Book.6.99
Leisure Suit Larry 2 .....19.99 Licence to
Kill ....12.99
* Light Force ......16.99 Lombard RAC
Rally ......14.99 Lords of Rising Sun ......19.99
Manhatton Dealer .14.99 Manhunter New
York ....21.99 Manhunter N.Y. Hint Book....6.99
* Maniac Mansion ..16.99
Menace ......12.99 Microprose
Soccer .14.99
* Midwinter .15.99 Millenium
2.2 ....16.99 Mr
Heli 15.99
Nebulus .....17.99
Netherworld ......17.99 New Zealand
Story 16.99 Ninja
Warriors ...13.99 North and
South ...16.99
Onslaught ..16.99 Operation
Neptune 14.99 Operation Thunderbolt 16.99
Operation Wolf ..14.99
Outrun ..7.99
P47 .15.99
POW 19.99
Pacland .9.99
Pacmania .....9.99
Paperboy ....12.99 Passing
Shot .....13.99 Peter
Beardsley .12.99 Phantom
Fighter ...13.99
Phobia .14.99 Pioneer
Plague ...14.99
Platoon 14.99 Police
Quest ......16.99
* Police Quest 2 ..16.99 Police Quest Hint Book
* Pool of Radiance ..19.99
Powerdrift ..16.99 Precious
Metal ...15.99
Prison ...9.99 Purple Saturn
Day 14.99 R
Type .16.99
Raider .11.99
* Rainbow Islands ..15.99 Rally
Cross .12.99 PRICE Reach For The
Stars .....16.99 Red
Heat ....15.99 Return of the
Jedi ...9.99 Return to Genesis .11.99
Rick Dangerous .15.99 Road
Blasters ....13.99
Robocop .....15.99 Rocket
Ranger ...14.99 Rolling
Thunder ..7.99 Run the
Gauntlet ..15.99 Running
Man ....14.99 RVF
Honda 14.99 Sargon 3
Chess .14.99
Savage 14.99 Scrabble
Deluxe 13.99 Sim
City .....16.99
Shadowgate 14.99 Shadow of the
Beast .....22.99
Shinobi ......12.99 Shoot em up Con
Kit ....19.99 Silent Sendee ....14.99
Silkworm ...12.99 Skate or
Die ......17.99 Sleeping Gods
Lie ..14.99 Space
Ace ...29.99
* Space Harrier 2 16.99 Space Quest 1 or
2 16.99 Space Quest 1 or 2 Hint Book..6.99
Speedball ...11.99 Star Wars
Trilogy ..16.99 Starglider
2 14.99 Stealth
Fighter ..16.99 Steve Davis World Snooker..
12.99 Stormlord ......13.99 Storm
Trooper ...14.99 Street
Fighter ......7.99
Strider 16.99 Strike Force
Harrier 9.99 Strip Poker
2+ .....9.99 Stunt Car
Racer 15.99 Super
Hangon ...16.99 Super
Wonderbov ..16.99 Superbase
Personal ......59.95
Superman ..14.99
* Talespin ....17.99
Tech 13.99 Teenage
Queen ..11.99 Test Drive 2 The
Duel ...21.99 Thargan .....15.99
Thunderbirds ....16.99
Thunderblade ....16.99 Tiger
Road ..17.99 Time and
Magik 12.99 Times of
Lore ....14.99
Titan ...14.99
Toobin .13.99
Tracers ......16.99 Tracksuit
Manager 11.99
Triad ...11.99 Triv Pursuit New
Begin 12.99 Turbo Outrun ...16.99 TV Sports
Football .17.99
* Tvphoon Thompson ....11.99
* UMS 2 ......15.99
* UMS Scenario 1 .8.99
* UMS Scenario 2 .8.99 Univ Military
Sim ..14.99
Untouchables ....16.99
Verminator .14.99 Victoiy
Road ......14.99
Vigilante .....10.99 Vindicators
(Domark) .....9.99 Virus
Killer ...8.99
Voyager ......15.99 W C
Leaderboard .8.99 W Gretzky
Hockey .14.99 War in Middle Earth .....14.99
Waterloo .....16.99 Weird Dreams
...14.99 Xenon 2 Megablast 15.99
* Xenomorph ......16.99
Xybots .12.99 Zak
McKracken .16.99 Zany
Golf ...16.99 SPECIAL OFFERS AT £3.99
Strike ......3.99
Challenger 3.99 City
Defence .....3.99 Fortress
Underground .3.99 Jump
Jet ..3.99 Mike The
Dragon .....3.99 Phalanx
2 ..3.99
Quantox 3.99 NAME PRICE
Armageddon Man .....7.99 Alien
Syndrome .7.99 Blackjack
Academy ..7.99 Bermuda
Project ......7.99
Bombjack ...7.99 Craps Academy
..7.99 Crazy
Cars .7.99 Dark
Castle 7.99 Deja
Vu ..7.99 Fernandez Must
Die .7.99 Galactic
Invasion .....7.99 Gee Bee Air
Rally .....7.99 Gold
Runner .....7.99 Hacker
2 7.99 Hellfire
Attack ...7.99 Insanity
Flight ...7.99 Incredible Shrinking
Sphere 7.99 Manix .: ......7.99
Mindfighter 7.99 Nigel Mansell
GP ......7.99 Nord And
Bert ...7.99 Romantic
Encounters ...7.99
Skychase ...7.99 Sea
Stalker 7.99 Seconds
Out .....7.99 Soldier of
Light ..7.99
Spellbreaker ......7.99 Stock
Market ....7.99 Strike Force
Harrier .7.99 Tetra
Quest 7.99
Tetris .....7.99
Thexder 7.99 Three
Stooges ...7.99
Tracers ......, ......7.99
Tvphoon .7.99
Vixen .....7.99 Winter
Olympiad 88 .7.99
Zynaps ...7.99 NAME AMIGA
Archon Collection ....8.99 Arctic
Fox ..8.99 Bards Tale
1 .....8.99
Battlechess .....16.99 Deluxe Music Con
Kit 69.99 Deluxe Paint
3 59.99 Deluxe
Photolab ....59.99 Deluxe Print
2 59.99 Deluxe
Production .89.99 Deluxe
Video ..59.99 Ferrari Formula
1 ..16.99
Fusion .16.99
Interceptor ......16.99 Marble
Madness ......8.99
Populous .16.99 Populous
Promised Lands 8.99
Powerdrome ....16.99 Sky fox
2 8.99 World Tour
Golf 8.99 Titles marked * are not yet
available and will be sent on day of release.
Please send Cheque PO Access Visa No. And expiry date to: Dept AF01, Trybridge Ltd, 8 Buckwins Square, Burnt Mills, Basildon, Essex. SS13 1BJ.
Please state make ana model of computer when ordering. P&P inc. UK on orders over £5.00. Less than £5.00 and Europe add £1.00 per item. Elsewhere please add £2.00 per item for airmail.
These offers are available Mail Order only.
Tel. Orders: 0268 590766.
BATMAN THE MOVIE Here’s a great little cheat for you: On the title screen simply press type JAMMMMM, and the screen will flip over, now when you start the game you’ll have infinite lives and be able to skip levels by pressing F10.
AJ and Motormouth of the Fremen Dublin SHADOW OF THE BEAST Here's the rest of the solution: Out of the Well Climb out of the well and go right: kick the pillars to get extra strength. After another load watch out for the dragons above dropping bombs. When you get to the castle, go past the door and jump up to get the torch, so that you can see inside. Now go back and enter the castle.
Into the Castle Once inside go left, up, right and watch out for spaceships above you dropping bombs and then collect the extra strength. Go down, right, up as far as possible, left, down, left and collect strength.
Watch out for the guys coming out of trap doors in the floor.
Then go up, right to collect all the extra strength and finally the spanner at the far right. Now go as far left as possible then down, right, down, right and fall down, left and cross bridge, down, right and watch out for the giant monkeys, down, left and keep going until you find a chest. Hit it and take the gun.
Now go as far right as possible until there is a force field, Use spanner to go through, then go up, left, down, left, up, right, down, left as far as possible then down, right, and kill the threeheaded dragon.
Door to Blasting To go through the door, you must have a key, and you will now have a mask on. The game is now a shoot-em-up. Keep going right, while hitting pillars on the ground for extra strength, until you get to the giant monster. Hit the pincers above and below the tongue until it blows up.
If you have the 2nd key, go through the door to leave the castle. You will now be outside again.
Keep going right, hitting the pillars for extra strength and then kill the dragon at the end. Now you’ll get the message ‘Congratulations, you have freed yourself from the shadow of the beast'.
Stephen Murphy Bellshill, Lanarkshire GHOSTBUSTERS II Infinite courage on Game One and infinite siime for Game Two can both be yours by using this fisting, which shouid be typed into Amiga Basic and run. You shouid then insert Ghostbusters Disk A into drive 0 and reset the Amiga using CTRL and the two Amiga keys. The game shouid load as per normal but with the above enhancements.
10 DIM CODE%(255) 20 FOR N=0 TO 47 30 READ A$ : A=VAL(“&Hn+A$ ) 40 CODE%(N)=A 50 NEXT N 60 CHEAT=VARPTR CODE%(0)) 65 CALL CHEAT 70 REM TYPE IN THIS LISTING AND SAVE IT FOR FUTURE USE 80 REM THEN RUN IT AND INSERT THE GHOSTBUSTERS II DISK 90 REM AND RESET MACHINE 100 REM GAME WILL LOAD WITH INFINITE COURAGE AND SLIME 110 DATA 2078,0004,41 £8,0022, 43FA,0016,2149,D00C 120 DATA 7200,7017,D258.51C8, FFFC,4641,3081,4E75 130 DATA 202E,FE3A,41 FA.003A, 2080,41 FA.0014,43F8 140 DATA 0300,2D49,FE3A,700F, 2208,51 C8.FFFC.4E75 150 DATA 0CA9,0007,0300,0028, 6614,23FC,6100,FA20 Entrance Full Strength Plus 4
Strength Key Force Field Power Punch Entrance S*¥SS* w :
• $ ss • SS ' TEL: 0983 79496 DISK BOXES Capacity 10 70 110
Capacity 10 50 80 £2.50 £5.25 £6.75 £2.50 £3.75 £6.50 Add £2
P&P if not ordered with disks Prices include VAT & Carriage
Richard Howe & Angela Hammett Applied Research Kernel Corve
Farmhouse, Chate Green, Ventnor, P038 2LA, U.K. POST UK Zero.
Europe £4 1000grams. World £10 1000grams.
CHEQUES London Sterling payable to A.R.K. please EXPORT & BFPO Remove U.K. V.A.T. (=price 1.15) PHONE Monday to Saturday 9.30am to 6.30pm
V. A.T. Prices include U.K. V.A.T. at 15% DESPATCH Usually within
48 hours PRICES Are subject to change Disks certified 100%
Error Free E3
P. S. New low prices in Amigas - Phone COLOUR printout: Now you
can have your Photon Paint + Deluxe Paint pictures printed out
in full colour using a Xerox 4020.
Small 5 " x 8 "£1.50 each Large 7 " x 11" £3.50 each Post and Packing £1.50 TEL; 0823 276 768 (evenings only) Red Computers* P.O Box 222, Taunton, Somerset TA1 1LG 31 2" DISKS 88 OK 2Mb 25 50 £17 £30 £32 £60
- M 100 200 £53 £99 £118 - 400 1000 £169 £399 SAME DAY DESPATCH.
Road, Westoning, Bedford MK45 5JY Tel: (0836) 775060
(0525)718668 51 4" DISKS 25 50 100 200 DS DD £8 £12 £22 £40
DS HD £14 £25 £48 £90
3. 5"
5. 25" 1000-£10 State either coloured or white tractor feed 31 2m
DISKS LABELS Arena Integrated 1MB ....129.95 Desk Top
Budget ...34.96 Home
Accounts .....23.92 Panmead
Modules 39.79 Personal Accounts
Plus ...29.90 Personal Tax Planner 34.96
Small Business Xtra 1MB .89.93 Small Business Cash
1MB......54.97 BOOKS Please Call COMMUNICATIONS A Talk
3 ...64.86 BBS
PC ...88.78 K Comm
2 ......23.92 Ruby Comm
(View+Term) 68.77 COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN Design 3D 1
MB .....57.96 Draw
2000 ....149.96 Professional Draw
1MB ....99.82 X Cad Designer 1MB .79.81 X
Cad Professional 1.5MB .. .339.94 DATABASE MANAGERS
Acquisition ....159.85 Data Retrieve
Professional....179.86 Mailshot
Plus ..37.95 Micro
Base .....19.78 Microfiche Filer
Plus 117.76 Microfiche
Filer ......49.91
Prodata 54.97 Race Horse
Form Master .39.79 Superbase
Personal ..39.79 Superbase
Professional .159.85 Superbase Personal
2 ......62.79 Who What When Where ...29.90 DESKTOP
PUBLISHERS Pagesetter ......59.80
Pagestream 1MB .129.95 Professional Page
1.5MB......174.80 EDITORS CygnusEd
Professional ....59.80 GRAPHICS Animagic Effects 1
MB ......54.97 C
Light .39.79 Comic Setter 1
MB .39.79 Deluxe Paint 3
1MB ...57.96 Deluxe Video
III ... Query Digi Paint
3 ......54.97 Elan
Performer 44.85 Movie
Setter ....51.98 Photon Paint 2 1
MB ...57.96
Pixmate 38.87 Sculpt 3D
XL ...99.82 Sulpt 4D Professional 1MB
....329.82 Sculpt Animate 4D Junior ..79.81 The
Director ....39.79 Turbo
Silver .....99.82 Video
Studio ....89.93 Zoetrope 1
1. 2 1.3 Kickstart Board 64.86
3. 5" NEC Drive Switch Port 68.77 512K RAM with
Clock Switch...74.98 A Max Mac Emulator No ROMs 119.83 A4 Flat
Bed Scanner 459.77 A590 20MB Hard Disk Drive
A. M.A.S. Sound Sampler 77.74 Casio MT 240 MIDI Keyboard 129.95
Digi View Gold ......119.83 MIDI Master
Interface .34.96 Minigen
Genlock ....99.82 512K Of CMOS RAM Chips
49.91 Vidi Amiga PAL Digitiser 99.82 PACKAGES
Appetizer ..29.90 Graphics
Starter Kit 54.97 Home Office
Kit ....109.94 Publishers
Choice ..68.77 Starter
Kit .59.80 The Works
Platinum .134.78 PROGRAMMING Aztec C
Developer ...139.84 Devpac
2 ..42.78 Hisoft Basic
Compiler .57.96 Lattice C
5 .....169.97 Modula 2 Developers
109.94 SOUND Deluxe Music Constr. Set 52.90 Instant
Music ...22.77 Music X (UK
Ver) ..179.86 Studio
Magic ...49.91 SPREADSHEETS
DGCalc .31.97 Maxiplan
A500 74.98 Superplan
1MB ......67.85 VIP
Professional .....69.92 UTILITIES AmigaDOS
Toolbox 39.79 Amikit For
Beginners ..29.90 Arexx Macro
Interpreter ...34.96
B. A.D. Disk Optimiser 31.97 BBC
Emulator .39.79 Calligrapher Font
Designer......64.86 Disk Master Housekeeper .37.95 DOS 2
DOS File Transfer .29.90 Enhancer 1.3 S W
Upgrade.....14.72 Face 2 Disk Caching System ...23.92 Gomf 3
Guru Interceptor ...29.90 MAC 2 DOS File
Transfer .59.80 Masterpiece
Fonts 129.95 Mavis Beacon
Typing .27.83 Maxidesk Workbench
Utils 56.12 Project D Backup Editor ....31.97
Superback 2 ....39.79 Virus Infection
Protection ..34.96 WordPerfect
Library 88.09 X Copy 2
Backup Editor ....17.94 Your Family Tree
Genealogy....34.96 WORDPROCESSORS Kindwords
2 ....35.88 Micro
Text .19.78 Outline Ideas
Processor ....29.90 PenPal
(NEW) ......109.94
Protext ..64.86 Scribble
(Platinum) .41.86
Transcript .32.89
WordPerfect ...159.85 PERIPHERALS,
CM8833 .£224.99 NEC 14"
Multisync ....£619.99 Quadram 14" MS1422 £454.99 MOUSE
CONTROLLERS Contriver Mouse for Amiga £24.99 PRINTERS - MATRIX
.£327.99 .£369.99 .£227.99 .£277.99 .£135.99 .£166.99 .£217.99
.£268.99 Citizen Swift 24 .... Epson LQ500
Epson LX800 . Seikosha SL-80A1 24 Seikosha
SP180AI...... Star LC-10 . Star LC-10
Colour Star LC24-10 . PRINTERS - INK JET
A. M.A.S .....£74.99
Futuresound .....£79.99 Perfect
Sound ..£68.99 Please ring for
prices availability on any hardware software peripherals not
listed. (Full price list on request) Please make
cheques postal orders payable to SOFTMACHINE. All prices are
inclusive of V.A.T All Prices subject to change without notice
E + OE. All items subject to availability SOFTMACHINE Dept
AMF2, 36 Guernsey Road, Sunderland SR4 9RR. Telephone: 091-385
7928 Mouse Mat Mtpuse Bracket 10 TDK MF2DD Disks 80 Capacity
Disk Storage Box
3. 5" Head Cleaner A500 Dust Cover ONLY £25 * ? When purchased
with any Amiga computer....Offer limited to 1 Starter Pack per
Amiga purchased!
A500 BAT PACK Amiga 500 (1.3 ROM) Mouse + PSU.
Modulator + Leads Workbench 1.3 Basic 1.3 + Extras The Very First Tutorial Introduction to the A500 WB1.3 Supplement Amiga Basic Batman, Interceptor New Zealand Story. Deluxe Paint II £372.99 A500 PACK + Pack 1 plus the following: Ikari Warriors + Insanity Fight, Mercenary 1 + Art of Chess, Terrorpods + Thundercats, Barbarian + Buggy Boy, Amegas + Wizball £387.99 SEE OUR ADVERTISEMENT IN LAST OR NEXT MONTH'S AMIGA FORMAT FOR BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITY SOFTWARE ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT AND DELIVERY (UK ONLY) COURIER OVERSEAS RATES ON REQUEST SOFTMACHINE STARTER PACK Amiga 500 +A1084S £624.99
A590 20Mb Hard Drive.....£372.99 A501 Ram Expansion Clock ......£134.99 A520 Modulator £24.99 MPS 1230 Printer ......£134.99 A1084S Colour Monitor....£279.99 A1900M Mono Monitor......£99.99 A1010 Disk Drive .£91.99 A1352 Mouse ...£33.99 A2000 ..P.O.A. A2000 +A1084S ...P.O.A. A2024 HiRes Mono MonitorP.O.A. A2010 Internal Drive P.O.A. A2090 20 Mb Hard Drive ....P.O.A. A2093 20 Mb A boot Drive..P.O.A. A2095 40 Mb A boot Drive..P.O.A. A2092 20 Mb MS-DOS Drive P.O.A. A2088 PC-XT Bridgeboard
.P.O.A. A2286 PC-AT Bridgeboard .P.O.A. A2058 Ram Expansion P.O.A. A2620 68020 68881 P.O.A. A2621 Unix Card ...P.O.A. A2300 Genlock .P.O.A. A2350 Prof Video Adaptor ..P.O.A. A2032 PAL Comp Vid Card.P.O.A. A2000 SYSTEM 2 Amiga 2000 A1084S Monitor A2088 PC-XT Bridgeboard A2092 20Mb MS-DOS Hard Drive PHONE - While stocks last!
A2000 SYSTEM 1 Amiga 2000 A1084S Monitor A2090 20Mb Hard Drive PHONE - While stocks last!
Digipic ...£182.99 Digiview Gold ......£126.99 Rombo Vidi-Amiga £89.99 Superpic £461.99 GRAPHIC TABLETS Cherry A3 Tablet . ...£508.99 CRP A4 Tablet £359 99 Fasvl A4 Tahlpf £269 99 Summa Sketch 12" x 12"......£398.99 DISK DRIVES - FLOPPY Cumana 1Mb 3.5 ......£88.99 Cumana 1Mb 5.25..... ....£122.99 DISK DRIVES
- HARD Amdrive 30Mb .
....£436.99 Amdrive 50Mb £522 99 Vortex 40Mb . ....£497.99 MIDI EQUIPMENT ECE Midi Interface.... ......£47.99 Midi Master Interface.
......£30.99 Omega Midi Interface ......£29.99 MODEMS Canon PJ1080A .£504.99 HP DeskJet+ ..£699.99 Epson GQ3500 £1497.99 HP LaserJet II ..£1680.99 B&W Handy Scanner £193.99 Grey Scale Handy Scanner ..£289.99 Demon II .£91.99 Designer ..£99.99 Linnet £144.99 Linnet 1200 ..£224.99 Miracom WS3000 £339.99 Miracom WS4000 £224.99 DIGITISERS Hitachi
HV720 ....£193.99 Panasonic WV1500 ....£179.99 8mm Lens ......£44.00 16mm Lens ....£36.00 CAMERAS LENSES Control Centre ..£45.99 Dust Cover A500 £5.99 Dust Cover A1900M ......£5.99 Dust Cover A1084 1084S ....£5.99 Monitor Stand - Philips - RING £13.99 Monitor Stand - Universal...£17.99 Mouse Bracket ...£3.99 Mouse House .....£7.99 Mouse Mat c w Amiga Logo.£5.99 Printer Stand ....£13.99 Cent Printer - Deluxe £9.99 Cent Printer -
Std ...£7.99 Drive Monitor Ext ..£14.99 Four-Way Adaptor ..£5.99 Midi ...£4.99 RS232 M-M M-F F-F Deluxe...£10.99 RS232 M-M M-F F-F Std £8.99 Scart ...£10.99
3. 5" 40 Capacity Box .....£8.99
3. 5" 80 Capacity Box .....£9.99
3. 5" 150 Posso Box .....£14.99
3. 5" Head Cleaner ..£4.99 10 x Sony Bulk Unbranded
£10.99 10 x Sony Branded £13.99 10 x TDK Branded £14.99 DISK
DS DD CABLES Advanced Amiga Basic ...£18.95 Amiga 3D
Graphics Prog .£18.45 Amiga
Applications ...£16.95 Amiga Assembly Lang
Prog.....£10.80 Amiga Basic Inside & Out £18.45 AmigaC
Adv Programmers.....£22.95 Amiga C for
Beginners ....£18.45 Amiga DOS Inside &
Out .£18.45 Amiga DOS Manual ..£22.95 Amiga
DOS Ref Guide ....£14.95 Amiga Drives Inside &
Out.....£27.95 Amiga For Beginners £12.95 Amiga
Handbook ..£15.95 Amiga Mach Lang
Guide .£21.95 Amiga Machine Language......£14.95 Amiga
M S BASIC Prog Guide.....£18.45 Amiga Prog Guide -
Compute .£17.45 Amiga Prog Guide -
Weber ....£18.45 Amiga Tricks & Tips ..£14.95
Beginners Guide to' £16.95 Compute's 1st
Book' ......£16.95 Compute's 2nd
Book* ......£16.95 Elementary Amiga BASIC......£14.95
Hardware Ref Man ...£22.95 Inside Amiga
Graphics ....£16.95 Inside the Amiga with
C ...£20.95 Intuition Ref Manual ......£22.95
Kickstart Guide .....£13.95 Programmers Guide
to’ ..£23.95 Prog Handbook Vol 1 :.....£23.95 Prog
Handbook Vol 2 ......£23.95 Rom Kernal Ref Man -
Autod £28.95 Rom Kernal Ref Man
- Exec .£22.95 Rom Kernal Ref
Man - Lib ..£32.95 System
Prop Guide ..£32.95 68000 Assem Lang
Prog .£19.95 Programming The 68000 .£21.95 40
Great Flight Sims ...£9.95 40 More Great Flight
Sims.....£14.95 Flying Flight Simulator .. ..£7.95
Flying on Instruments .£9.95 Gunship
Academy £14.95 Jet Fighter School
II .£14.95 Learning to
Fly ......£14.95 Sub
Commander ..£12.95 BOOKS (* AMIGA) All prices
inclu VA T and Delivery AMIGA ACCESSORIES MiniGEN Genlock
adapter .£95.00
Omega Projects MIDI Interface, including 30" serial cable
£29.95 Contriver Hi-Res Mouse, includes Mouse Mat &
Pocket ....£22.95 A500 Dust
Cover £4.95
ITT CP3228 16.5" FST TV Monitor inc. rem control & cable ....
£229.00 Philips CM8833 14"colour monitor, suits for Amiga
500 ...£229.00 GFA BASIC Version
3 ....£49.00
Accounts £18.95
Kind Words Version 2 ....
£37.95 Superbase
Personal £69.00
Professional ...£179.00
Super-Plan ....£74.95
Track 24 (MIDI sequencer
package) £60.00 Word
Perfect ...£183.00
AMIGA 500 LOW COST ONLY E69.0C i inc.VAT & ' delivery 512K
RAM CLOCK EXPANSION FEATURES : ft Direct replacement for the
A501 expansion ft Auto-recharging battery backed Real-time
Clock ft On Off switch ft Compact unit size : Ultra-neat
design ft Uses only 4 D-RAMs for High Reliability ft Low power
consumption RAM UPGRADE RAM expansion without clock, only ...
3. 5" EXTERNAL DRIVES using Teac Citizen drive mechanisms A-MAX
£69.95 inc.VAT and delivery Only £169.00 Colour version also available, Only £215.00 Prices include 2 extra black ribbons free of charge.
Low Cost 5.25' External Drive The RF542C is a high quality 5.25" drive compatible to the Amiga. Capable of a number of configurations including 40 80 track switching, 360 720K format, giving full Transformer* compatibility. Colour matched to the Amiga, quiet in operation, and includes a throughport connector.
PYE 15" TV MONITOR (MODEL 2325) ONLY £269.00 price includes VAT, delivery and cable £114.95 including VAT & delivery Star LC24-10 multifont 24pin printer, super low price ...£239.00 Star LC24-15 wide carriage version of LC24-10, 200 67cps .£409.00 Star LC15 wide carriage version of LC10,180 45cps .£329.00 Star LC-10 Mk.ll faster version of LC10, 180 45cps ...£199.00 Olivetti DM100S 9-pin 10" printer 200 30cps inc. 1 year on-site warranty I.... £129.95 Panasonic
KXP1081 reliable + sturdy 9pin 10" printer 120 24 cps £159.00 Panasonic KXP1180 super new feature-packed multifont 9 pin 11" ...£179.00 Panasonic KXP1124 new good specification multifont 24pin 11" ..£269.00 Epson LX400 (was LX800) 10" 180 25 cps .....£179.00 Epson LQ550 good 24pin 150 50 cps ...£299.00 Epson LQ400 new 24 pin 180 60 cps with 8k buffer ....£229.00 Citizen 120D budget 9 pin printer 120
cps .£139.00 An AMIGA COMPUTING Gold Medal winner - allows Amiga users to emulate a Mac Plus in order to run Apple Mac and Mac Plus software.
Mac disks can be read directly in when an external Mac Drive is connected to the cartridge hardware. Runs at least as fast as a Mac Plusl Software compatible with the A-Max indudes MacPaint, MacDraw (V1&2), MacWrite, Pagemaker (V1&2) plus all versions of System.
A-Max without 2 x Mac 128K ROMs ... £129.00 A-Max WITH 2 x Mac 128K ROMs £249.00 High quality medium resolution colour TV monitor now available to suit the Amiga. Features teletext full infra-red remote control, SCART connector, Video Audio input and headphone output connectors, 39 toner presets, external aerial connector and a loop aerial.
Supplied with connection cable.
• Suits Amiga 500 or Amiga 1000
• Teac Citizen drive mechanism
• On Off switch on rear of drive
• Throughport connector
• One megabyte unformatted capacity
• Slimline design
• Very quiet
• Long cable for location either side of computer
• Full 12 months guarantee These high specification units offer
versatile high capacity storage suitable for use with the Amiga
500 or 1000. Autobooting capability, a formatted capacity of
over 42Mb, with an average access time of 45ms. Includes
cables, Amiga interface module, plus utilities software
including hard disk backup.
System 2000 40Mb Hard Disk Package £499.00 vortex system 2000 40 Mb hard disks All prices include VAT and delivery. Express Courier delivery £5.00 extra.
How to order from
3. 5" Disks 10 Bulk packed DS DD 3.5" disks with labels, fully
guaranteed ..£ 9.95 25 bulk disks as
above ......£22.95 10 disks as above with
plastic case £11.95 25 disks as above, with 40 capacity
lockable storage unit ...£29.95 Kodak
DS DD 3.5" disks, top quality storage media Box of
10 ...£17.95 Evesham Micros Phone us with
your ACCESS or VISA card details on : S 0386-765500 1762
Pershore Road, Cotteridge, Birmingham B30 3BH Tel: 021 458
4564 5 Glisson Road, Cambridge CB1 2HA Tel: 0223 323898 fwj
Send cheque, Postal Order or ACCESSfVISA card details Govt.,
educ. & PLC orders welcome Same day despatch whenever possible
All goods subject to availability, E.&O.E. Open to callers 6
days, 930-5.30 Retail outlets also at Evesham Micros Ltd 63
0386-765354 FORMAT IETTERS All your contributions to the
heated debates in these pages are welcomed by the Editor BOB
WADE. But please notice our glamourous new address for all
correspondence: 30 Monmouth St, Bath, Avon BA1 2AP. Keep it
lively and prefer- K Vr ably brief to escape the infamous
Origami treatment... THE GREAT EDUCATOR I have owned an Amiga
500, recently upgraded to 1 Meg, for 18 months. I feel
confident with the machine, enough so to let my children aged
seven, five and three to play and experiment with it (under
Reading your magazine and other Amiga publications there doesn’t appear to be much educational software advertised. Visiting local software shops again usually ends up fruitless. There are programs such as the Fun School range, but I do not feel they utilise the Amiga’s full potential.
I have read that the Amiga is being bundled with the CBM Beebulator and BBC educational programs. Whilst I am considering the Beebulator and BBC programs as an option, I would like to know if a good percentage of BBC educational software will run under the emulator and how I will be able to tell if it will or won’t before buying.
Is there a comprehensive list of educational software available anywhere and what standard is it?
I don’t know what percentage of readers you have are adults with children, looking at this area of software, but I feel sure that a page dedicated to the subject would be a plus for Amiga Format Stephen Yale Middlesbrough, Cleveland Unfortunately, you are quite correct in saying that the current standard of educational software for the Amiga is below par. For starters, there is very little of it available at the moment: secondly, what there is tends to be no great shakes at using the Amiga’s power: and thirdly, it tends to be somewhat unimaginative.
Commodore themselves are making an effort to lead the development of decent educational software, but the process will take a while before the range that the BBC enjoys will be available.
In the meantime, apart from the excellent Amiga version of Logo reviewed on PagelOl of this issue, the best advice is to give the kids a chance to play with ‘proper’ programs. Paint packages in particular should be easy enough for them to get to grips with, and schools very often use adventure games and word processors in the classroom.
The BBC Emulator will only run BASIC programs, which cuts out most of the best packages straight away. Don't expect too much of it. As far as lists of software go, one very good firm who will send you a pretty comprehensive catalogue are Ricketts Educational Media on 0460 57152. Another place to look is in the Amiga Directory, available on the newsagent's shelves.
FREAK-EM-UP I am an arcade freak, and would like you to name me one arcade- perfect beat-em-up on the Amiga.
Nikhil R Sakaria Bolton, Lancs Two possibilities here: there’s Ninja Warriors from Virgin Mastertronic which is an arcade conversion packed with action and has a simultaneous two-player option, or there’s International Karate + from System 3 which involves lots of one-on-one fighting and also has a simultaneous two- player option.
PRICE OF PIRACY On the subject of high-priced games - “Oh no, not that again’’ I hear you cry - the usual excuse for a £20-25 price tag is piracy - “Oh no, not that as well” - but games were this price when the 16-bits first came out and pirates weren’t so well established. The thinking behind the pricing strategy must have been that we were getting over twice the power of 8- bit software so why not twice the price? If the piracy argument was true then software should be increasing in price all the time » because piracy is spreading all the time, presumably taking a bigger slice out of games
house’s profits.
Neil Barnes Kingstanding, Birmingham Pricing was also due to the high initial cost of developing 16-bit software for what was a small market. Now, as the number of users grows and the development of some games like simple shoot- em-ups is easier, we are seeing the arrival of budget software at truly affordable prices. I think the £20-£25 price point will always exist because the cost of developing really top-notch games is always going to be high.
BOOK BIND I wish to complain about an article and advert which appears in your magazine Amiga Format Issue 5, December 1989, Page 69, concerning Jason Holborn’s review of Abacus’s latest books.
Today I went to the local shop Microstore Swansea to buy two books named in Mr Holborn’s article. Amiga 3D Graphics Programming in Basic priced £14.95, was priced in the store at £18.95, and Amiga Graphics Inside and Out at £18.95 was £34.95 in the store. Querying the price I rang HB Marketing and their price was £18.95 for the first book and £32.95 for the second NOT as priced in the article.
Could you give me some explanation as to why you have printed a misleading price?
MD Roderick Tycoch, Swansea Obviously, we do our best to ensure that any prices we print are correct at the time of going I
S. D.C., 60 Boston Road, London W7 3TR Other branches at: 309
Goldhawk Road, London W12 8EZ 18 Market Square, Leighton
Buzzard, Beds.
? Unit 33-34 Rumford Shopping Hall, Market Place, Romford Essex ? 675 Holloway Road, Archway, London, N19 ? Pitsea Market Stand B13,1-2 every Sat. PRICE PROMISE BUY BY PHONE RING -01-741 1222 01-995 3652 0525 371884 If you wish to purchase any product from our list and find that you can buy the same product cheaper from another mail order company, simply enclose the lower amount, stating the name of the other company and where you saw the advert (it must be a current issue). Price Promise does not apply to other companies "Special Offers".
ENQUIRIES "ZT RING 01-567 7621 Office hours only lOam - 6pm OUR PRICE SAVING OUR PRICE SAVING Stunt Cars
15. 99
9. 00 Action Service
3. 99
16. 00 Star Trek V
15. 99
9. 00 Alien Syndrome
7. 99
12. 00 Super Wonderboy
17. 99
7. 00 Archipelagos
9. 99
15. 00 Targhan
15. 99
9. 00 Backlash
4. 99
15. 00 Test Drive II (The Duel)
17. 99
7. 00 Billiards
4. 99
15. 00 Toobin'
12. 99
7. 00 Bio Challenge
12. 99
12. 00 Trivial Pursuits Genus
12. 99
7. 00 Black Magic
3. 99
16. 00 Turbo Outrun
12. 99
7. 00 Captain Blood
5. 99
19. 00 Twin World
17. 99
7. 00 Corruption
7. 99
17. 00 Vindicator
15. 99
9. 00 Crazy Cars II
15. 99
9. 00 Weird Dreams
12. 99
7. 00 Deluxe Paint II
19. 99
20. 00 Wrangler
12. 99
7. 00 Dungeon Master
15. 99
9. 00 Xenophobe
15. 99
9. 00 Empire Strikes Back
8. 99
11. 00 X Out
14. 99
5. 00 Espionage
4. 99
15. 00 SAVING
A. P.B.
12. 99
7. 00 After the War
14. 99
5. 00 Barbarian II
15. 99
9. 00 Battle of Britain
17. 99
7. 00 Beach Volley
14. 99
10. 00 Bet- Rayal
15. 99
9. 00 Blood Money
15. 99
9. 00 Bomber
21. 99
8. 00 Bruce Lee Lives
15. 99
9. 00 Cabal
14. 99
10. 00 Chase HQ
14. 99
10. 00 Continental Circus
15. 99
9. 00 Cycles
17. 99
7. 00 Dominator
14. 99
5. 00 Double Dragon II
15. 99
9. 00 Drakkman
21. 00
8. 00 Dragon Spirit
12. 99
7. 00 Dragons of Flame
17. 99
7. 00 Dynamite Dux
17. 99
7. 00 East V West Berlin 1948
17. 99
7. 00 F-29 Retaliator
14. 99
10. 00 F16 Combat Pilot
15. 99
9. 00 Falcon
21. 99
8. 00 Falcon Mission Disk
12. 99
7. 00 First Contact
15. 99
9. 00 Grand Prix Circuit
17. 99
7. 00 Ghostbusters II
17. 99
7. 00 Ghouls 'n' Ghost
17. 99
7. 00 Hard Drivin
12. 99
7. 00 Honda R.V. F. 750
15. 99
9. 00 Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade
14. 99
5. 00 Jack Nicklaus
17. 99
7. 00 Laser Squad
12. 99
7. 00 Last Ninja II
17. 99
7. 00 Last Patrol
14. 99
10. 00 Leisure Suit Larry 2
21. 99
8. 00 Monopoly Deluxe
17. 99
7. 00 Moonwalker
14. 99
10. 00 Operation Thunderbolt
12. 99
7. 00 Paperboy
7. 99
2. 00 Populous: Promised Lands
17. 99
7. 00 Powerdrome
17. 99
7. 00 Powerdrift
17. 99
9. 00 Preditor
15. 99
9. 00 Rainbow Island
15. 99
9. 00 Rainbow Warrior
12. 99
7. 00 Rally Cross
15. 99
9. 00 Rick Dangerous
14. 99
10. 00 Robo Cop
12. 99
7. 00 Roller Coast Rumbler
12. 99
7. 00 Saint + Greavsie
27. 99
7. 00 Shadow of the Beast
12. 99
7. 00 Shufflepuck Cafe
21. 99
8. 00 Sim City
14. 99
10. 00 Sleeping Dogs Lie
14. 99
10. 00 Soccer
17. 99
7. 00 Space Quest III
14. 99
5. 00 Star Wars Trilogy
14. 99
5. 00 Strider
15. 99
9. 00 Battle
Chess ..17.99
Battletech ......14.50
Beverley Hills Cop ...15.99
Bloodwych .....15.99
Carrier Command 15.99 Dan
Dare III ...12.99
Dragon Ninja .14.99
O.F.T ....21.99
Fire Brigade ...21.99
Forgotten Worlds .14.99
Footballer of the Year II ..12.99.
Garfield Winters Tale ......15.99
Gemini Wing ..12.99
Gunship ..15.99
Off ...11.99
Kult ..15.99
Microprose Soccer ..15.99
Millenium 2 ....16.99
Myth .17.99
Navy Moves ...17.99
STORY SO FAR I ONLY £15.99 Beyond The Ice Palace + Ikari
Warriors + Buggy Boy + Battleships PRECIOUS METAL ONLY £13.99
Captain Blood + Arkanoid II + Xenon + Crazy Cars LIGHT FORCE
ONLY £14.99 IK+ + Bio Challenge+ Voyager + R-Type New Zealand
Story ..14.99 Ninja
Warriors 12.99
Outrun ......6.99
Populous 17.99
RAC Lombard Rally .14.99
Rampage 14.99
Red Heat 14.99
Renegade III ..14.99
Rocket Ranger ....17.99
Rock 'n'
Roll ...14.99 Run The
Gauntlet 14.99
Shinobi ...12.99
Stormlord 12.99
Talk To The Animals 15.99
Thunderbirds .10.99
Trained Assassin .15.99 The
Untouchable .14.99
Vigilante ..10.99
Xenon II - Megablast ......15.99 STORY
SO FAR 3 ONLY £15.99 Thunderbirds + Bomb Jack + Space Harrier
+ Live & Let Die COMPUTER HITS TWO ONLY £9.99 Tetris + Golden
Path + Black Shadow + Joe Blade TRIAD II ONLY £15.99 Menace +
Tetris + Baal Flintstones
4. 99
15. 00 F18 Interceptor
9. 99
15. 00 Games Winter
5. 99
19. 00 Galactic Invasion
3. 99
16. 00 Hellbent
4. 99
15. 00 HKM
5. 99
19. 00 Hotball
6. 99
13. 00 Kristal
7. 99
22. 00 KuHt
12. 99
7. 00 Lords Of The Rising Sun
12. 99
12. 00 Manhunter In New York
20. 99
14. 00 Mafdet
3. 99
16. 00 Operation Neptune
12. 99
12. 00 Peter Beardsleys
9. 99
10. 00 Int. Soccer
7. 99
12. 00 Pioneer Plague
4. 99
20. 00 Purple Saturn Days
8. 99
16. 00 Prison
4. 99
15. 00 Return Of The Jedi
8. 99
11. 00 Running Man
9. 99
15. 00 Soldier Of Light
7. 99
12. 00 Spidertronic
2. 99
17. 00 Space Quest
9. 99
20. 00 Star Wars
8. 99
11. 00 3 Stooges
6. 99
13. 00
T. V. Sports Football
19. 99
10. 00 Teenage Queen
8. 99
11. 00 Wanted
4. 99
15. 00 War In Middle Earth
12. 99
12. 00 Warlocks Quest
3. 99
16. 00
3. 5" DISC 2 for 1 Lifetime Guarantee 10 3.5" DSDD
Discs .7.99 20 3.5"
DS DD Discs .....14.99 50
3.5" DS DD Discs + Free Storage Box ..37.50 100 3.5" DS
DD Discs + Free Storage Box 69.99 200 3.5’ DS DD Discs +
Free Storage Box.....129.99 500 3.5" DS DD Discs + Free
Storage Box 304.99 All discs offered are supplied with labels
+ individually sleeved TRIAD ONLY £12.99 Starglider +
Barbarian (Psygnosis) + Defender Of The Crown
S. D.C. ORDER FORM Please send me the following titles. BLOCK
capitals please!
Type of computer_ Title: Amount AMIGA FORMAT, FEBRUARY.
Name.... Address.
Tel. No..... Total Enclosed £ Please Make Cheques and Postal Orders Payable to S.D.C. These are mail order prices only, shop prices may vary.
Ri VISA | Please add 50p P&P for orders under £5. Over £5 P&P is free. Europe please add £1.00 per disc. Elsewhere please add £1.50 extra per disk.
I to press. Usually, this involves our reviewers actually phoning up the people who sell the product and asking them what the price is.
In this case, Jason phoned up HB Marketing themselves and asked them for a price. Obviously we are all human, and somewhere along the line an incorrect price was quoted.
We apologise for any error, whether it was our fault or not, but in actual fact the prices of these Abacus books do seem to vary with different suppliers. This has confused us too in the past. And unfortunately, when the proverbial hits the fan, the prices we quote must only be taken as a guide and we cannot be liable for any errors.
AD-VERSE PUBLICITY Yes! It’s Christmas again, and what an ideal time to sell the punters computers. Well, Atari thought so, and got off early with a pretty good ad, showing some excellent trick camera work and special effects, making the advertisement work really well for the ST. ‘Ah!’, I thought, ‘You wait until Commodore release their ad for the Amiga'3 Well, when it arrived, to say that I was gob-smacked would have been the understatement of the century - it was absolutely pathetic. It has done for the Amiga what Clive Sinclair did for British transport. It showed none of what the Amiga
is capable of, but portrayed it as just another hum-drum box of tricks for kiddies.
As for the exciting voice-over, I think I last heard him announcing the next symphony on Radio 3.
The Amiga is one of the most exciting computers to hit the scene since the abacus, back in the early days of civilisation.
Personally, I think that Commodore have got to get their act together in a big way, that is if they wish to sell more computers.
Maybe they think that the Amiga can sell itself, and it probably could, given the right software (and probably do it a lot better).
This is the twentieth century, going on the 21st, and as the Amiga is going to take many of us into the new century, why isn’t Commodore showing us our future and not our past?
Roy Jessop Welling, Kent There are an awful lot of people who don’t seem to be worried by the advert or actually were encouraged to buy because of it, because at the moment the Amiga is selling extraordinarily well. I must confess to not having seen the ad, but the descriptions I’ve heard of it haven't sounded too bad. As for the voice-over, that Radio 3 announcer happens to be Stephen Fry (we think!), and he's a jolly funny man and I won’t have a word said against him. He is pink, fluffy, moist, warm and wonderful.
ANSWER THE QUESTION Just what do some readers want?
For a general overall view of the Amiga computing scene, I do not think that Amiga Format can be touched. In common with other magazines, the number of pages has also increased, and not just for the Christmas period.
The fact that the magazine split into two separate entities, from ST Amiga Format, is a sign of. Just how much there is to review, preview, or just plain discuss in the Amiga world. The same being true for the Atari ST. Well, when one magazine used to cover both machines, and now two sell in sufficient quantity, the point is proven surely.
With that increase, it is going to mean an increase in games, probably more so than in any other area. After all, there are not likely to be all that many databases doing mega sales.
I, too, did not complete the questionnaire, but then again I am more than happy with the present contents, and volume of content.
Perhaps Mr Bunker (Letters Issue 5, Page 161) should have sent in a questionnaire, in a bid to influence the future articles. Was that not one of the ideas behind the questionnaire?
Anyway guys, keep up the good work, looking after the majority of us.
Alan Lockly Nuneaton You’re absolutely right about the questionnaire - in order for us to be able to produce the magazine you want, we have to know what it is you want. So if you haven’t already filled in the questionnaire in this issue then turn to Page 104 and get it sent off to us now.
We do take a great deal of notice of them. Let's face it: we want to sell more copies of the magazine and we can only do that by producing the magazine that you want to read. The Amiga scene is currently the most exciting of any home computer, and we hope to reflect that in our pages.
GO FISH My mother thinks I play too many shoot-em-ups, and so has bought me Fish. She says I need to use my brain a bit more! At first I wasn’t too keen, but after three weeks I’m near to completing it. I shall send you my solution for the Gamebusters column as soon as possible. I am now totally addicted to Fish. Don’t you think it is a pity that more text adventures are not written for the Amiga.
AF rarely seem to review text adventures - is this because there are none to review?
I am hoping to be given Journey for Christmas. Maybe you could suggest some more text adventures that I might try.
Peter Jones Worcester There aren’t that many text adventures being produced these days: everybody has been lured by the fantastic graphics of the Amiga to produce more graphically-oriented games. However, using icons and other short-cut systems they are still producing good adventure games. We do review them as they come out: for instance we did Keef the Thief and Indiana Jones the Adventure Game in the last issue and we have The Hound of Shadow in this issue.
Please review Darius by The Edge for the rest of them. I got it at the Commodore Show and I haven’t seen bigger end-of-level guardians on any micro. I’d never heard of it before and I bought it ‘cos it had a nice box!
Neil Barnes Kingstanding, Birmingham We would like to review it but at the time of writing I'm afraid we have not received a copy of the game from The Edge. Hopefully we will receive a copy in the near future and perhaps squeeze it in the next issue. This is always a problem for us: we have so many games to chase up from so many software houses that poor overworked Andy Smith often has to rely on the company that produces a game telling us about it and sending it to us. For precisely that reason, most* software houses employ PR people to bring stuff to our attention.
Anyway, thanks for bringing this omission to our attention and we are very pleased that you enjoyed the game so much.
I know we subscribed at a discount without added P and P, but perhaps for the sake of illiterate Europeans-to-be among us you can include a French tutorial column, if every month the Format comes in a flimsy manila envelope plastered with tape announcing "arrive ouvert ou avarie et remise en etas”!
Dr Stephen Qhiew Enfield, Middlesex Mysterious! When we last looked, I our Subscriptions department was located just down the road in Somerton, Somerset. Perhaps we are the victims of some strange new EC ruling that requires all magazines to be sent via France and inspected for obscene material when it is re-imported.
Who can tell? Could possibly be M 5,1 suppose.
All we can advise is that you ring the Post Office and demand to know what's going on: although I believe that in preparation for 1992 all their switchboard operators now speak Belgian... BOARD ON-LINE Guess what?
A new 8 Meg 68030 Amiga for under 500 pounds has just been released?
What? Something even better?
A new Amiga Bulletin Board System has arrived.
The End Zone’ - Tel: 0524 752245 Any speeds between 300 and 2400 including 1200 75, with MNP levels 4 and 5 85Mb of online storage, just waiting to be used. By YOU.
Give me a call, the BBS is available 24 hours per day, every day. And remember, the more users a BBS has, the better it becomes. Oh, and I nearly forgot, Dear Amiga Format, your mag ain't bad either.
Adam Purnell Lancaster, Lancs This is the end of this public service announcement. If you want to shamelessly plug your bulletin board, why not send us the details and we will print a list of all the boards that are on-line... It will take a couple of months to get it together, but if you want a mention, write and let us know.
MORE SPARKS The contents of the letter ‘Sparks Fly’ from Issue 5 may cause more harm than good.
The wearing of polythene bags on the hands is not the correct handling method when working with integrated circuits.
Polythene is probably the last material you would want in contact with the insides of a computer.
If your readers want to replace the Kickstart Chip, then an antistatic wrist strap should be worn.
These are available from the high street electronic hobbies shops. I hope the above will end the confusion.
Bob Thomson Ayr, Scotland After reading a letter in your Amiga Format (Issue 5) concerning a horrified man who is qualified as a TV Satellite engineer saying that the correct way to remove and fit the 1.3 Kickstart Rom was to wear polythene bags on your hands. I was horrified too!
Does this man who didn’t say he was a computer engineer know that the most dangerous thing you can expose an 1C to is static? If he did he would never have suggested wearing polythene bags on your hands before removing it (the 1C) as polythene is a very good generator of static electricity. Talk about the blind leading the blind!
Static electricity brought into contact with Ics can easily cause arcing internally, breaking down its insulating layer and either destroying or, worse, wounding it.
Wounding an 1C may seem impossible but what actually happens is that again the insulating layer is broken down, but only in a small area. This causes local heating of the damaged area to occur due to the insulator becoming resistive. The heating effect, in turn, causes more insulator breakdown and the area of damage gets larger until destruction of the 1C occurs which may take days, weeks, months or even years to occur.
Speaking as a Tl computer engineer, unless you take all the correct static control precautions I suggest any repair or modifications be carried out by qualified personnel.
Ivan Butler Coseley, West Midlands At this point I think it’s time to call a halt to this long- running series: thanks to those that contributed.
We faithfully promise that any future pieces of this nature will have comprehensive safety instructions.
OPERATION HELP HELP! HELP! HELP! I am being held hostage by Operation Wolf. I have been trying to rescue others since it first came out, unfortunately the tables have been turned on me and now I am the hostage, a slave to the game. I try almost every day and yet I have still not got past the jungle screen. There are four more rounds of mayhem waiting untouched. Why-oh-why does one man have to face 355 armed enemy, 46 choppers boats and 25 armoured cars? Even Arnold Schwarzenegger couldn’t kill that lot on his own.
Is there anyone out there who can help me - there must be a cheat mode out there somewhere
- please, please, please! I would love to see the other four
Austin Sutter Baughurst, Basingstoke Any help and advice for OP Wolf?
ACIDIC COMMENT I am writing to Amiga Format for the first time and I must say that your mag ain’t bad. The Coverdisk is another question, it could be a lot better. I suppose the playable demos have got to stay, more than anything else they provide people with a means of deciding whether or not they’ll fork out the £20 on the full game. In that sense it serves a good purpose... saving people money! If the demo’s rubbish they presumably won't buy the game.
However, the quality of the rest of it could improve drastically, for instance the Acid House Demo in December's issue was way below standard - there are plenty of good demos around including a brilliant acid one by Pseudo Ops themselves. I found the icon for it more entertaining. A few good demos could greatly enhance the disk making them collectible items in their own right.
How about some old full games? I got the full version of Eco from another magazine, it’s a game I wouldn’t have paid £20 for in any circumstances but at least ifs complete and there was still room for other stuff on the disk.
There are quite a few old games that don’t fill up a disk, so couple that with some good demos digi- pics etc. and, hey Tesco, more people buying Amiga Format.
Neil Barnes Kingstanding, Birmingham This month, there is no game demo on the disk: we thought that for a change you might like to see some serious software before making buying decisions. As you quite rightly point out, this is one important function of the disk.
Apart from that, we always aim to provide one really valuable or effective PD utility, as represented this month by MED, a very high-quality music editor. Often this is backed up by other handy utilities that you may have missed.
The rest of the disk is mainly for entertainment, and we often include very good demos. If you missed out on the Swinging Frog animation on Issue One, for instance, try to get it: it is a I comes out of the same offices as Amiga Format, only four times as often?
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upon the software. An audio lead is supplied for connecting to
the headphone socket or line output of a radio, personal
stereo, keyboard etc. Full instructions are included, and the
mono version also has an L.E.D. overload indicator. A public
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TRADE ENQUIRIES WELCOME. Please add 75p part postage packing to orders under £15.00 FREE CATALOGUE WITH ALL ORDERS EXPRESS DELIVERY £1.99 Extra 'mn| TRILOGIC TRILOGIC. * Unit 1. Enquiries *2 0274 • 678062 253 New Works Road, Bradford BD12 OQR --- Tel 0274-691115 Fax 0274 600150 - VISA.
I classic. Sometimes, though, our hands are tied by what is available to us without copyright problems and by space on the disk: remember, we try to fill every byte of the 880K available space.
PD DEFENDER I am writing in defence of Ray Burt- Frost who got a bit of a bashing by Chris Clifford in the December issue. I have been getting all my PD stuff from Ray for about a year and thus feel justified to put the facts straight.
If you do a simple comparison for 10 discs from both people, Mr Clifford works out at £25 all in.
From Ray this would cost £10 plus £3 in postage plus £7 for blank discs (70p per disc) and 80p for a jiffy bag which adds up to total of £20.80. This is an obvious saving if you go through Ray. Also, Ray does a thing whereby after every 5 discs bought, one is copied free.
Thus for an added outlay of £1.40 (for two blank discs) you get an extra £5.00 of software.
I think that Mr Clifford is attacking the wrong person, and I am certainly not putting him down in any way - he seems to have his own band of customers as does Ray, who use no-one else but him.
Surely he should be attacking the impersonal companies who charge £3.00 for a disc which is unusable if you do not have a degree in CLI (Ray’s are all auto-load and moron- proof), who do not check their discs for “virus”, who do not return the discs almost immediately, who do not replace discs without any trouble at all, etc. I hope this puts the record straight. Thanks.
Damion Way Keele, Staffordshire And thank you too, Damion. It is important to remember that the basic tenet of PD ethics is to provide the programs without profit and so very often the only charges made are for copying expenses, disk price and postage.
However, by a professional approach some PD libraries can provide a better service, obtaining software from all over the world that would cost an individual dearly in terms of time and money. Is the price of this service, and of paying staff who are there the whole time to help you, not worthwhile for all concerned?
DOUBLE DUTCH PRICING I thought you would like to hear some honest feedback from your readers, so here it is.
STOP PRESS... NEW FACE... STOP PRESS First, nearly 50% of your magazine consists of pure advertisement which is, in my opinion, pure m . I know it is essential for surviving, but so much of it?
Second, some son of a b is trying to get rich quickly in the Netherlands from your hard work.
The price of your mag here is DFL17.50 which is about £5.31. An increase of 82.48%. This, gentlemen, is daylight robbery. I belong to a fairly large computer club (around 275 members) and I decided, with my friend who owns an Amiga, to buy ONE copy between us and circulate it. We know it is not ideal but it will save us a lot of money and we will not feel like fools when we buy your mag. For your information, Amiga User International costs here DFL10.50, an increase of about 65% on UK price, which is still a lot less than your 82.48%. Please do something about it before we stop buying your
mag altogether.
S Ahmad Holland The more ads we have, the more editorial pages we can squeeze in the magazine so it does work out better for all concerned. Besides, many people find the ads very useful when trying to make a purchase for their Amiga.
As for the cost of the mag abroad, there seems to be nothing we can do. We do not organise overseas distribution or pricing ourselves, so we cannot control the cost to you. Best advice is simply get it direct from us by subscribing, which over a year will save you a lot of money.
PLAY IT AGAIN, NEIL Concerning Roger Musson’s letter in Issue 5 (Why did 8-bit games have better music than today’s sampled offerings?) Then I can add a few things. It is faster, cheaper and easier to sample stuff than to produce an original background tune from your own efforts. I agree with you Rog, the music for Xenon II was awful - but have you heard the music for Hybris? It is also a better game in my opinion, far more playable and faster too, there may not be as many weapons but on Xenon II there's so many you can't see the enemy.
Neil Barnes Kingstanding, Birmingham All we can really say here is that the Xenon II soundtrack was a very good translation of one of the tracks from Bomb The Bass's hit album. As this group is one of the most successful in the Acid We just have time to welcome another new face to Amiga Format: this is Paul Steer, our comrade in the advertising department and right-hand person to Jennie Evans. All complaints should be addressed to The New Staff Complaints Department, care of Jason Holborn, but we think he’ll do very nicely thank you John.
House style, which relies very much on modern computerised techniques such as sampling, it seems like kind of an appropriate choice. You clearly favour the more traditional approach to music writing.
It seems only fair to point out that the Amiga’s eight-channel stereo soundchip should be able to produce some damn fine internally-programmed soundtracks: can anyone out there suggest some good examples, or vote for their personal favourites in Amiga games music?
IMAGINE MY SURPRISE I have always known that Commodore build a superior computer. But to my amazement and joy, I also find that structurally it may be superior to one or two makes of car.
This remarkable discovery came after picking up my A500 from the shop and placing it into my backpack, thus enabling me to ride my motorcycle home. On the way someone drove his car out of a side-road and hit me, cuasing me to be propelled at some speed onto the road. Back first.
Not only did my computer save me from certain serious injury, but it also remained almost intact. There are only two small cracks in the casing and, most importantly, it appears that no damage was done internally whatsoever and it is in perfect working order. My backpack and motorcycle were completely written off.
So I have a simple message to computing motorcyclists everywhere. Wear a Commodore on your back: it could save your life!
M Forster Dipton, Co Durham What an extraordinary story, and surely good news for anyone who owns this indestructible machine!
We phoned up Bob Gleadow, head of Atari UK, to ask him about the safety record of ST computers in potentially fatal road accidents, but a spokesperson told us to go away and stop being so silly. If you own an Amiga, remember: don't leave home without it! ¦ DATAPLEX 10 Petersfield Avenue, Slough, Berkshire SL2 5DN Tel 0753 35557 All prices excluding VAT and delivery EARN MAKE YOUR Yes making money with your Amiga becomes incidental when you know how. Your micro, is, if only you knew it, a gold mine. The size and make is irrelevant. Make the initial effort NOW by starting your own HOME BASED
BUSINESS This may be the most important move you will ever make!
REMEMBER: You'll never get rich by digging someone else's "ditch". Anyone in the country, including YOU, can become very rich in a relatively short period of time just by doing a few basic things! It's more rewarding than playing games. The benefits are many and varied. Full or part time. For FREE details send S.A.E. to: Epson FX850 .310.00 Epson FX1060 ...410.00 Epson LQ400 215.00 Epson LQ500 249.00 Epson LQ550 255.00 Epson
LQ850 445.00 Epson LQ860 . 525.00 Epson LQ1060 ...654.00 HEWLETT PACKARD Thinkjet ...265.00 Quietjet ...343.00 Quietjet+ .412.00 Deskjet ....443.00 Deskjet + .535.00 Paintjet ....665.00 Rugged Writer 865.00 All Hewlett Packard printers
come with 12 months on site warranty Star LC10 mono 135.00 Star LC10 Colour ......168.00 Star LC24-10 .225.00 NEC P2200 ....234.00 NEC P6 + 80 character ....389.00 NEC P7 136 character .....449.00 Colour upgrade kit .....69.00 Panasonic KXP 1081 .128.00 Panasonic KXP1124 ..229.00 Sheetfeeder 89.00 Panasonic KXP
1180 ..144.00 Panasonic KXP 1592 .253.00 Panasonic KXP 1595 ..319.00 Panasonic KXP 1540 ..404.00 NEW MANNESMANN TALLY LAUNCH OFFER MT81 (dot matrix) .....115.00 Sheetfeeder 62.00 Serial I F ..35.00 RIBBONS KXP1081 1090 1 2 .....4.00 DMP 2000 3000 3160 .2.80 DMP 4000 ...4.40 PCW
8256 LQ3500 ......4.50 Panasonic 3131 MP26 .4.40 FX800 RX MX FX80 ...3.15 FX1000 FX RX100 ......4.40 NL 10 ...4.40 LQ500 800 850 4.40 LC 10 ....4.40 NEC .....5.00 Professional Repairs Carried Out.
AMIGA HARDWARE A500 complete ...279.00 A500 + TV Modulator 289.00 New Amiga Batman Pack £317.00 Includes: Dpaint II Batman The Movie FI8 Interceptor New Zealand Story TV Modulator and a free mystery gift.
New Amiga Batman Plus lO GamesPack Plus Photon Paint ....£345.00 ' AMIGA ACCESSORIES A501 - 512K Ram + clock .99.00 TV Modulator ..10.00 Mouse Mat ..4.00 Amiga 2 Philips Lead ..10.00 Amiga 2 Printer Lead ..10.00 Quickshot II Stick ......10.00 DATAPLEX DRIVES 1MB 3.5” External Drive ....68.00 1MB 3.5" Internal Drive .....63.00 1MB 5.25” External Floppy Drive 95.00 NEW AMIGA CLASS
OF 90 S Including: Art & Design feature. Word Processing. DeskTop Publishing. Spreadsheet. Music. Logo and BBC Emulation ..449.00 PHILIPS MONITORS CM8833 14" RGB CVBS mon .....199.00 CM 8833 14" RGB CVBS mon (including cables) ......219.00 PRINTERS Amstrad LQ3500 Dl ..195.00 Amstrad DMP4000 ...195.00 Amstrad LQ5000 Dl ..310.00 Brother HR20 Daisywheel 380.00 Brother HR40 Daisywheel 688.00 DOT MATRIX RANGE Citizen
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Join the Matrix and enjoy access to our huge library of the most popular titles. For Amiga, Atari ST, Commodore, Spectrum and Amstrad machines.
For full details send large SAE stating your machine to:- Matrix Leisure Club, Dept AM F, 271 Stanstead Road, Bishops Stortford, Herts CM23 2BT.
Free Membership for quick replies.
Software for serious sports enthusiasts COMPUTERWISE BRIGHTON 674626 POOLSWINNER n MASSIVE DATABASE Poolswinner is a sophisticated Pools prediction aid. It comes complete with the largest database available - 22000 matches over 10 years.
PREDICTS Not just SCOREDRAWS, but NO-SCORES, AWAYS and HOMES too. Predictions are based on many factors... recent form, the massive database, current league standing, goal scoring rates, and draw averages (each factor is independently switchable by the user).
SUCCESSFUL Selec guarantee that Poolswinner performs significantly better than chance.
LEAGUE AND NON-LEAGUE matches are covered.
FULL LEAGUE TABLES are automatically generated as results are entered.
AUTOMATIC FIXTURE GENERATION : Fixtures for English and Scottish League matches are generated automatically by Poolswinner's sister program FIXGEN
• FIXGEN : No need to struggle for hours to get the fixture list
into the computer - just type in the date, Fixgen contains the
complete fixture list for the whole year's league soccer.
(Published under licence from the Football League, and the
Scottish Football League).
AMIGA SPECIALISTS We have 100's of software titles; many are now discounted, books and peripherals in stock at all times.
Up to £1,000 instant credit with Lombard Tricity. Finance subject to acceptance.
Full written details upon request Open 10 am to 6 pm Monday to Saturday 44 George Street, Kemptown, Brighton Opposite American Express building.
£28.50 Poolswinner with Fixgen.
POOLS PERM PLUS S( JIM IIS I l( Mil) I OOTRAl.L POOLS I’l.RM ANA IA SIR Whether you use a scientific bet, or family birthdays, PPP will check the performance of any bet over the years, revealing which weeks it won prizes. Test your theories, or compare perms' performance. Complete with 5 years coupon results.
Also you can use Pools Perm Plus to check your perm for winning £26.00 lines each week: the program comes complete with 20 top perms. _ COURSE WINNER vs I HI PI VIERS COMIH TI-iR PROGRAM COURSEV-TNNHt
• The ORIGINAL, and still the BEST computer punter’s aid.
• Coursewinner V3 uses all the most important form pointers (past
form, speed ratings, prize money, course statistics, jockey
form,trainer form etc) to give a detailed assessment of every
runner's chances, not just a tip.
• Vital statistics of all British courses (Draw advantage, Top
Trainers and Jockeys etc) are included in the database. £26.00
• Includes both FLAT and NATIONAL HUNT versions.
All available for IBM 15.25". 3 J") AMIGA, ATARI ST, Amst PCW %:drZ7ofZ«™e,o ... Selec Software 62 Altrincham Rd, Gatlev, Cheadle, Cheshire SK8 4DP (send for full list of our software) rel 061-428-7425 phone 24 hrs Incredibly Useful People 1 Midi and Multitrack Studio Consultants Professional Audio Products We specialise in MIDI based recording facilities Amiga Music-X combinations Atari with C-Lab, Steinberg etc. Gear from Roland, Akai, Tascam, TAC, AKG Yamaha.
Call us now on 0836 284369 or 01 923 0226 or Fax us on 01 353 9001 The best deals to be had are here.
Full range of 8 to 24 multitrack systems available Audio for Professionals STOP PRESS * SPECIAL OFFER* AMSTRAD STUDIO 100 4 TRK HOME RECORDING SYSTEM £149.00 ex VAT. Includes Mics Jteadphor OH DEARY, DEARY ME Despite the poor showing on the previews pages, where all the pictures managed to be in the right place at the right time, a cock-up managed to creep in: check out Page 41!
What on Earth is that picture of Toobin' doing on the Moonwalker review page? (The backstroke, I think!) And there you go, the only real mistake in the whole issue - unless, of course, you know better... NEXT MONTH After this month’s corking issue, next month’s is going to have to be pretty damn good to keep up the standard - and it is! Reviews, PD, News, views, tutorials and a whole heap of other useful stuff.
Watch out for a special feature on getting started in Video.
CAPTAIN WHINGE ...absolute rubbish, they’re just like normal people, just like you and me, there’s absolutely nothing special about them at all I mean if I’d bothered when I was younger I could be just as good a programmer as they are instead I prefer not to prostitute my skills for the highest paying software house and have my creativity governed and regulated by some business suited fascist bully boy, a chap writes a game that his friends like and suddenly he has to have a trendy nickname and he’s unapproachable and will only talk to you when he’s got his sunglasses on, people shouldn’t
encourage them because they only end up being swallowed by their own ego and it then takes them 30 years to write their next game because they’re far too busy being important to worry about such trivial matters as getting down to some decent coding, I could have programmed those great games, that teacher didn’t know what he was talking about when he said I wouldn’t know an opcode from a hole in the ground - I’ve fallen into lots of opcodes, no trouble at all, I’m learning binary at the moment - a bit too complicated for most people but I can count up to 0010112345678900 now - I’m working on
this new megagame called “unfriendly beings from another planet try to conquer the earth by shuffling about shooting down at us’’, it’s really original and is bound to be a big hit - now if only I could work out how you turn on this newfangled ZX80 computer... THE INSIDE STORY Welcome to the new regular feature where your good friend Annette Curtain dishes the dirt and gives you the inside story.
Having the office in. Fits just lately has been Terry Tinsel, one of those plastic plants that react to sound, so called because he’s a Christmas tree. Many thanks go to Danielle for that one.
Maff seems to be settling in well - Andy’s given him all the dirty jobs to do - although he does have appal- ing taste in boots, great big .
Black and purple things that, frankly, do nothing for him.
Damien’s been working his little pony tail off despite his incredible inability to wake up before midday.
The flu bug did the rounds and while everyone else got hit, Jason managed to ninja-duck it and keep going anyway (he worries me, that Jason, he’s a very odd fish you know).
Despite initial worries, the Xmas New Year drinks cabinet has swollen in the last couple of weeks thanks to some very generous software houses, so it looks like the team will start the New Year as they mean to go on - sloshed. This is Annette Curtain for Guru’s Meditation signing off: see you soon!
ADVERTISER’S INDEX 1 6 Bit Centre .1 00 17 Bit Centre ...65 AB Computer Supplies .....114 ADS Mail Order 72 ARK ....137 Amiganuts 87 Arnor ....26 Artronics ..51 Ashcom ..114 Athene ...62 Audition Compact Srvs ......79 Blotsoft 87 Business Comp. Centre ....126 C & M
Micros .103 Calco Software .....103 Club 68000 ......94 Codemasters ...46 Compost ...77 Computerhouse ....118 Computerwise Brighton .145 Crazy Joes ... 85 Cumana ...... 21 DS & K Designs ....103 Dataplex .145 Datel .88 - 91 Datrontec .65 Delta PI ..133
Digicom 69 Digita International ...23 Domark 55
E. M.P.D.L ..87 Electronic Arts
.11, 39 Evesham
Micros ....138 First
Micro .....113 Gremlin .. 42, 48
HSV ....118
Hammersoft .....62
Harwoods .80 - 81 Hi-Soft
Hobbyte ..105 Home Based
Business ......145 Incredibly Useful
People 145
Intermediates ..93 JTS
PD .85 Joy of Life
Arts .....114 Ladbroke
Computing .125 Logotron
..35 MD Office Supplies
MJC ....116 Mail
Centa 72 Manor Court
Supplies 130 Matrix
Medusa ...133 Memory
Expansion 109 Merlin Express
Micronet ...97
Microtect 118
Mindscape 75
Naksha .16 Nova
Oasis ..117
Ocean .IFC - 3, 30, 36, 45 Power
Computing ....121 - 123 Premier Mail
Order 134
Psygnosis ....6, 66 Purple
PD .82
Quadsoft ..92 Rainbow
Arts .....9
Ramsoft ..116 Red
Computers .....137 Riverdene
PDL .85
Rombo ..29
SDC ....140 Sabre
16 ...52
Selec ..145
Seniac ..87 Serve - U -
Computers 96 Siren Software
79 Soft
Exchange .72 Soft
Machine .137 Softsellers
......70 - 71 Softstore
Softville ...85 Software
Superstore .110 Strategic
Pius 133 TAM
Marketing 92 TC
Computers .. 72 Thalamus
.59 Third Coast
....92 Track
.105 Trilogic
Turbosoft 1 26 UK Amiga
User .....133 US Gold
..OBC, 60 - 61
Ubisoft .57 Vigin
Mastertronic IBC Westoning ..... 137
Worldwide .....130 VIRGIN GAMES • 2-4
Arthur returns! The . Fearless knight is back Jg in this stunning sequel to Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins (voted among the top 10 games of 1986).
¦ Three years have passed since the evil ones came to do their dirty work. Now they're back and they’ve captured Princess Hus, but our valiant knight L Arthur is charging to the rescue against a formidable array 7 Sruesome 7 enemies and hairy jjflL i hazards.
* * PDOM ACCESSORY SHOP * * * Excellent quality blank disks
including labels: 10-£7.00. 50-£33.00, 100-£61.00. Blank disk
labels: 100-£3.00. 1000-E10.00. Disk boxes: 10 capacity £1.50,
20 capacity £3.00, and lockables: 50 capacity £4.50, 100
capacity £7.00. Disk and box: 10 £8.00, 20 £16.00, 50 £35.00
and 100 £65.00. = Disk cleaning kits -£2.50. 2 Beast:- £24.99
**** Falcon Mission Disk:- £12.99 3 Personal Callers Only

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