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This board can give you up to 11 times performance gain over a standard Amiga. Wait state selectable RAM gives faster throughput. Rendering an animation in Scupt 4D that took 18 hours in 68000 mode took just 32 minutes in 68030 mode. Faster than Commodore's 68030 board. Unlimited upgrade capability-expand as your needs and wallet allows.. LOWEST priced 68030 accelerator for any Amiga The same board for the A500 fits in the B2000 so your upgrade path is secure. You can start with the bare board then add the co-processor, 32bit SftAM, then the 32 bit memory board, later put a 33 Mhz 68030 in and upgrade the 68882 to 50 Mhz. Technical support available. 25 Mhz 68882 £230 33 Mhz board £835 33 Mhz 68882 £290 50 Mhz 68882 £499 512Kof 32 bit SRAM £299 32bit ram board available July, 1990 Send for full specification, details& prices. This advert was done with this 68030 board & Pagestream V2.0 in a traction ot the time it would have taken with a standard Amiga and output to a Postscript Laser. If you order your 68030 RACER before 1 st July, 1990 GET B3000 POWER IN YOUR AMIGA! B2000 COMPUTER Revision 6.2 with Fatter Agnus and UK warranty £799 when you trade in your A500 for £300 and buy the computer and one other peripheral of your choice from us.

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Document sans nom SMASH the sound barrier with our complete guide to starting out in music JULY 1990 ¦ £ Get a KICK out of our World Cup special NO COVERDISK?
There's eewhere te hide rom..."SLY SPY" His calling card is your invitation to dance with danger!
Experience the explosive existence of the secret agent in this arcade action thriller that will leave you gasping for breath!
I* Wtt* 1 [ From the Island of Doh to Monster Island you will encounter Doh himself, stinging insects, hideous toy creotures, lethal combat mochines, mechanical assailonts, the formidable beings of legend and folklore and finally you will enter the world of darkness and its inhabitants!
Featuring all 7 islands and faithfully reproducing the fun and excitement ol this monster arcade hit.
TAJ TO ¦ ns riwiHi. Mvpi innihhinw, 3D DRIVING GAME YET!
Take thevrheel of your turbo-charged Porsche os you and your partner ao in pursuit ol dongerous criminals all driving an evil array of souped-up roadsters.
Need to catch up in a huriy? Well, just one press of your Torbo Button will leave your eyes'in the bock of your head!
SHADOW WARRIORS, the latest, greatest and most ambitious martial arts coin-op game now rages onto your computer featuring interactive scenic backdrops) The secrets of the Ninjitsu assassination techniques have been handed down since the Mediaevol wars .now they live on in the jungle of the Americon metropolis.
A thousand years of the Ninjitsu secrets ot your fingertips. . The Phoenix Bockflip,Triple Blow Combination, Flying Neck Throw, Hong Kick and more, give you a formidable amoury of stunning moves.
Take your techniques to the streets SHADOW WARRIOR... I the hero of the nineties.
Ocean Software Limited 6 Central Street Manchester M2 5NS Telephone 061 832 6633 Telex 669977 OCEANS C Fax 061 834 0650 mer y mouth-watering graphics and an amazing depth of play ... the best flight simulation I have ever seen (and there's nothing on the visible horizon that looks set to come close).
It's not a simulation, it's an a experience ... Ocean's first flight sim is the best out!" Zzap 97%.
Ora nl ?d L Cm cel StJt»n»nt : Ihess*8» !
Cim:: BARS & PIPES 2 FOO ACCOU NTS 145 ALL 81 D EDITOR Bob Wade PRODUCTION EDITOR Damien Noonan REVIEWS EDITOR Andy Smith STAFF WRITER Maff Evans ART EDITOR Angela Neal DESIGN ASSISTANT Marcus Dyson DISK EDITOR Richard Monteiro CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Jon Bates (Music), Brian Larkman (Graphics) CONTRIBUTORS Phil South, Mark Smiddy, Dave Jones, Paul Andreas Overaa, Adrian A Chrome, Colin Campbell, Tim Smith, Steve Jarratt, Trenton Webb ADVERTISING MANAGER Jennie Evans AD SALES EXECUTIVE Paul Steer AD PRODUCTION Fiona Milne AD SERVICES James Leach PUBLISHER Greg Ingham ASSISTANT PUBLISHER Jane
JULY 19 9 0 PHOTOGRAPHY Ashton James, Bradford-upon-Avon COLOUR ORIGINATORS Swift Graphics Ltd, Southampton, PRINTERS Riverside Press Ltd, St Ives PLC, Gillingham DISTRIBUTORS SM Distribution, 6 Leigham Court Road, Streatham, London SW16.
Ft I PUB © FUTURE PUBLISHING 1990. Amiga Formal comes to you from the company that uiure publishes ST Formal, New Computer Express, Amslrad Action, Your Sinclair, pvBLismnc S-The SEGA mag. PC Plus, 8000 Plus, UacPublishing, Classic CD and no 64 mags.
EDITORIAL ADVERTISING 30 Monmouth Street, Bath, BA12AP. * 0225 442244 FAX: 0225 446019 SUBSCRIPTIONS MAIL ORDER The Old Bam, Somerton, Somerset TA11 7PY « 0458 74011 COVERDISK HOTLINE ® 0225 765086 between 2pm and 6pm weekdays only We welcome written enquiries, but regret that we cannot offer advice, guidance or information on a personal basis, either by telephone or post. We welcome contributions from readers but unfortunately cannot guarantee to return material submitted to us, nor can we enter into personal correspondence.
We take great care to ensure what we publish is accurate but we cannot accept liability for any mistakes or misprints. No part of this magazine may be reproduced in any form without our permission.
GAMEBUSTERS: Cheats for loads of the latest games ¦ XTRABENCH:
Make lots of little Workbenches ¦ ROCKET: Intercontinental
ballistic hack SUBSCRIBE NOW If you read Amiga Format every
month, why not make sure of your copy by getting it delivered
straight to your door? Save hassle, save money and get a free
game, too!
See Page 91 for details!
QUARTET FULL USEABLE DEMO OF MICRODEAL S NEW MUSIC-MAKER GONZO: Quartet tune for our Music Special ¦ INTUITRACKER: Plays Soundtracker music file ¦ FORMATUNE: MIDI files for our Music Special ABC Member of the Audit Bureau of Circulations 40,371 Jul-Dec 1989
• New standards of realism. 3D graphics and excitement
• Command a billion dollar US Los Angeles class submarine, or a
top secret Soviet Alfa in some ot the World’s most notorious
• 10 different scenarios with infinite play possibilities For a
FREE brochure, please write to the ' below address, stating
machine type (Amiga or IBM only) and the magazine in which you
= saw this ad. The first 100 applicants will also | receive an
exciting 688 mobile!
I AMIGA £24.99 IBM £29.99 I IBM & AMIGA only.
Dept. 688.
Electronic Arts.
11 49 Station Road, Langley. Nr. Slough, Berks SL38YN Tel: 0753 49442 Screenshots represent IBM vereor IE I. ICTR MIC ARTS mm MULTIMEDIA
Fine, so Commodore have released the new all-powerful A3000 (see News, last issue), which is endowed with vast processing power and pioneers the new easy-to-use wimpbased Workbench Version 2. But if this is
- as Commodore claim - the ultimate multimedia machine, where's
the multimedia software?
Just launched in the States and expected to find its way to these shores soon is a brand new multimedia authoring system from Gold Disk. And you don't need an A3000 to use it, though A500 owners will be denied the pleasure. Showmaker organises sequences of video, graphics and sound into massive multimedia productions limited only by storage space, not by the Amiga’s memory. With control over video sources, genlocks, computer animation and MIDI music systems as well as internal titling, storyboard and preview functions, the program offers an alHrvone way of creating complete shows which can
be run in real time.
The possibilities are endless for anyone who’s ever dreamt of making their own television programs, as well as for more serious uses in creating commercial presentations or for public information.
Showmaker should reach these shores around Juty or August and will be available from HB Marketing at a price of about £400.
JOBS IN THE ART DEPT If all this talk of powerful structured graphics and DTP has given you aspirations to publish high- quality fulkolour glossy magazines using your Amiga - and it is easily possible to do a magazine like this on your machine - then a new product from ASDG in the States may be of interest.
SHAM, Dynamic HAM, ARES and Dynamic Hi-Res formats.
And, because of its 24-bit input capabilities, The Art Department may also prove a boon to graphics and video artists using 3D modelling software - it is claimed to be able convert an image to displayable form quicker than any rendering system currently available. Price in the US is $ 89.95 and though no UK distributor is currently known to us, more information can be gleaned from ASDG on (US) 0608 273 6585.
The Art Department is an image-processing system that can take pictures of the very highest quality and produce magazine- quality separations for use in DTP.
It includes a wealth of fools for colouring, enhancing and sizing images far too vast to mention here and comes with not one, but two loader modules that allow input from 21-bit DigiView and any kind of IFF - EHB, HAM, AHAM, Technical Editor
• Launched in 1985
• Now over 125 staff
• 10 national newsstand magazines
• Market leader in computer titles
• Exciting launch plans
• Britain's fastest- growing publisher Britain's best-selling
Amiga magazine needs a tet hnical writer to join a vibrant and
dynamic team We re looking for someone with excellent technical
knowledge of die Amiga, its software and the Amiga world
Journalistic experience Is not essential. Ixit you should l e
aMe to: ¦ write in an informative anti entertaining style.
¦ work as pan of a tight knit team, ¦ cope with a w ide variety of tasks.
¦ work to strict deadlines Salary depends on ability and experience. If you lit the bill, then write enclosing a CV anti a sample review (300 words on any technically related Amiga subject) to Bob Wade. Editor, Amiga Format at the address below by July 1st.
Future Publishing Ltd. 30 Monmouth Street. Bath BA1 2AP Tel: (0225) 442244 DRAWING THE CROWDS Considerable attention will no doubt be attracted by the imminent arrival of Gold Disk's updated structured drawing package, Professional Draw 2.
The new version offers a five-fold speed increase over the old, as well as being able to write text along curves and display 1,000 apparent colours thanks to a colour drthering system.
A new wave of creativity software arrives from the States The American Revolution The strength of ProDraw is that it is vector-based, so images can be blown up to any size without losing sharpness or showing lagged edges. Capping this off nicety, a new Autotrace feature in Version 2 will make it possible to convert bitmapped images into a vector- defined object. ProDraw 2 is out soon from HB Marketing at a price in the £300 region - expect a review in next month's Af.
Apart from its own two fonts, ProDraw will also be able to use the new Outline Fonts from Gold Disk. This is a collection of over thirty-five professional-quality Compugraphic fonts which - again because they are structured - can be blown up to any size and will print at near laser quality on any graphics printer. Outline Fonts won’t come cheap, however - it should cost something like £200.
GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY A special offer from Gold Disk and HB Marketing will allow anyone who owns the original -Amiga desktop publishing package, Pagesetter, to upgrade to the new version Pagesetter 2 for only £39.95. Pagesetter is an excellent basic DTP package aimed at users who aren't quite ready for the power of Gold Disk's own higher- priced Professional Page.
The new version, reviewed in Amiga Format Issue 8, is a total rewrite that pinches much of the sophisticated workings from its big brother, ending up as an extremely strong product.
PUMP UP THE JAM If these guys are right, the classy world of the music video is going to be well within reach of Joe Public in the very near future.
Hardwire is a collaborative project involving Coldcut Djs Matt Black and Jonathon More - the first UK Djs to make a cut-up record, way back in 1987, and since responsible for hits by such acts as Lisa Stansfield, Yazz, James Brown and Mark E Smith - and computer artists Miles Visman and Robert Pepperell.
These guys firmly believe that just as home computers undercut the expensive hardware when digtal music technology first appeared
- many people now use a 16-bit computer rather than a hugely
costly dedicated sampler or sequencer - the future for video
lies in the kids doing it for themselves. The Amiga can become
a real tool for cheap, but still wickedly creative, music
Taking the pioneering first steps. Hardwire have produced video sequences to accompany all the tracks on Coldcufs forthcoming new album ‘Some Like It Cold'. These mix live video footage with such computer trickery as 3D ray-traced models, fractals and frame- grabbed images - ail quite familiar to our sophisticated reader, of course. The whole project cost only a fraction of what it would have with conventional video techniques, and has to be a good thing for the machine we all know and love, as well as for the money-mad music industry. Look out for the video soon!
Duo arrive, they find some reviewers from other mags have dropped out, so Clare is persuaded to compete.
And Clare wins.
Not just one game, but the whole competition. She beats leading reviewers, famous names from those computer games mags you read. One in the eye for the big boys, I think! And it goes to show that even people who hang out with the Amiga Format team are world-beaters!
R You may already have noticed, as you pick this hefty tome up from the shelves in the newsagent’s and wiegh it in your hands, that Amiga Format is a big magazine. And we’re getting bigger all the time.
Being big, though, doesn't just mean producing a mag packed with 196 pages of action. The magazine is also being bought by more and more people all the time. Already, many people find that getting hold of a copy is difficult - and we’re doing our best to help by printing as many copies as we possibly can.
But the best way to make quite sure you don't miss out on your copy every month is simply to subscribe. Just think - Amiga Format will drop on your doormat every month, regular as clockwork, without you having to brave the rain outside. And you will very often get the magazine before it's even available in the shops!
If you subscribe now, you can have a completely free full-priced game as well! Just turn to Page 91 of this issue to find out all about it.
You know it makes sense!
BBC EMULATOR RECEIVES TRANSFER HELP Anyone who owns and uses the Commodore BBC Emulator will know that it can be a pain copying disks over from BBC format to the Amiga. This is why Track have released Transfer, a combination of a transfer program software and a BBC-to-Amiga cable that offers everything you need to copy programs, machine code and data files across to the Amiga. Transfer costs £14.99 and is available from Track on 0332 41817.
MOUSE SQUEAKS You may already know that Simpson Electronics of Derby can convert your mouse to microswitching. What you may not know is whether or not your mouse needs converting. Paul Simpson has very kindly written to us explaining that if your mouse has a slipr ad at each corner - on the bottom, that is! - then it is an old type, and could well use having microswitches fitted. If, on the other hand, it has pads at each corner at one end, and a long strip at the other, then it was factory- fitted with microswitches, so you should be OK - though they may be worn and need renewing.
Simpson are now doing a conversion kit which you can use to convert your mouse for yourself. The kit costs £10.00 including full instructions and recorded delivery.
Simpson are on 0332 760353 MOUSE IN THE HOUSE Talk about Tom and Jerry! The connection in may people’s minds between the word 'mouse' and images of those lovable cartoon rogues has just been made even more concrete by Britain’s most prolific producer of mouse products, Contriver of Buckingham.
The reason for this is a special deal in which Contriver’s new mice, the 820 and 830, are to be bundled with a copy of Fantavision, the art and animation package. These two new mice are similar in workings but look quite different. Both have a resolution of 200 dpi, which makes them very accurate to control, and come complete with free mouse mat and storage pocket.
Both mice come at a price of £29.99 without Fantavision, but can be bought in the bundle with the animating art package for a mere £54.99. More details on this offer can be obtained from Contriver on 0280 822805.
AVAILABLE FOR - C.64. AMSTRAD CPC, SPECTRUM. (CASSETTE 9*99 DIS1H-f4.9tf AMIGA. ATARIJU«4.99) Sflfm 3 Sofhuu W„ BliihtiN Hmm, 1 Art Hill Mm. Pluar. MI44* HA5 2A£.T«I: 081-866 3692 Ftt: 081-866 8384 COMPETITION CORNER PD LIBRARY OFFERS SHARED PROfiTS AND FREE DISKS!
Premier PD, Merseyside’s flourishing PD library, have announced a competition to find the best piece of new PD software. The rules are simple. All you have to do is write a PD program of any kind - music, animabon, utility, whatever - and send it to Premier. The author of the best piece of original work submitted by the deadline of October 1st will receive 50 free PD disks of his or her choice. Only condition is that you must be a member of the PD library, which will set you back a measly quid.
Premier have also announced a scheme whereby if they make any profit, it will be shared back amongst members in the form of free PD software. The exact amount will depend on how much the member has spent over the year - members will be told how much they can claim back and will then have a free choice of what they want to receive. A glowing example of true PD ethics! Write to Premier at 15 Croxteth Drive, Rainford, Merseyside, WA11 8DX for details of membership or of the competibon.
It may already be too late, but if your chemistry teacher is a whizz at computer games as well as at Avogadro’s Constant, you could both win. The first Cherny teacher to complete 20 levels of Atomix, the molecule-building game from Thalion Grandslam, will win an Amiga for his school and £100 for the pupil who nominates him.
The form is simple - all you have to do is send a letter on school headed notepaper signed by the headmaster or deputy head of the school, confirming your teacher's achievement. Write to Grandslam at 56 Leslie Park Rd, Croydon CRO 6TP - the first letter received wins the prize. Atomix is out now, priced £19.99. TENNIS CHALLENGE Never mind Wimbledon - if tennis is your game, then a prize play-off of UbiSoffs Pro Tennis Tour at the Virgin's Marble Arch Megastore on Oxford Street is for you. The contest takes place on June 30th, starting at opening bme and ending when the store closes. You
can win tennis gear, copies of the game, T-shirts and posters!
Dave and Peter, those nice boys at Intrinsic Technology, are suffering under the strain of prolonged curry-eabng. Their company produces a range of carefully-targeted music products: MixIT, a handy four-intoone passive mixer price £35; CablelT, a complete range of audio and MIDI cables from £3; and Test IT, a MIDI tesbng utility that comes complete with cables for only £10. Get more details on 081 761 0178.
Anyway, Dave and Pete are dying to give away a £50 voucher for their products to the first 'correct1 entry drawn out of the hat.
Their quesbons are:
1. What does IT in MixIT stand for?
2. How many Indian meals have Dave and Pete had since they formed
the company?
3. What would you consider the most useful musical accessory that
you do NOT own?
Send your entries to Dept WinIT (Amiga Format), Intrinsic Technology Limited, 4 Auckland Court, London SE27 9PE.
16-bit Computer Fair is looking good Last year saw the arrival of a brand new computer show, the 16- bit Computer Fair, which hoped to provide an interesting and enjoyable day out for your modern, sophisticated computer user. It was a great success, so organisers Westminster are promising us an even bigger and better fair this bme around.
Already, with a final line-up far from confirmed, the show promises 120 exhibitors with major software houses, the likes of US Gold, expected to be making an appearance. The main event takes place over three days, from Friday June 29th to Sunday July 1st, with a special tradonly day on Thursday June 28th.
Over 22,000 members of the public are expected to attend over the weekend. Westminster point out that the show's unusual venue, the Royal Horticultural Halls in Victoria, London, is easy to reach, which certainly takes a lot of hassle out of what can be a tiring day of enjoying yourself!
As a special offer to readers of Amiga Format, Westminster have provided the bcket on the left-hand side of this page which you can cut out and take along to receive £1 off the entry fee. Have a good day out!
'T GUTCOAT ST. VICTORIA. LONDON “U (NEAREST TUMAIAINUNE VICTORIA) OTCNINC TM5 *4 LACH DAT (Cbn f» Sa~tir) oACAHtgn n iiiT nu mmow m wwi AGE An impressive spread here, all the way from the under 16s to the 35- 44 year-olds. 22% are under 16, 31% are 16-24, 18% are 25-34 and 21% are 3544.
It’s nice to see that there's also a further 8% who are over 45.
SALARY Brace yourselves for a shock - 62% of you are in full time employment and 34% earn over £10,000 per year. Amongst that 34%, there are 9% earning £15,000-20,000 and 6% actually receive over £20,000 - no wonder the Amiga market is doing so well.
HARDWARE OWNERSHIP AND INTENTIONS TO BUY Some staggering figures on hardware ownership and intentions to buy - 57% have a printer and another 27% intend to buy one, 56% have a second drive and 30% intend getting one. The figures for memory upgrades - 50% own, 38% intend to buy - and monitors
- 48% own, 17% intend - are equally impressive.
SOFTWARE OWNERSHIP AND INTENTIONS TO BUY Just about everybody, 94%, has games and a whopping 80% have an art program. Good figures are also recorded for word processors
- 58%, music - 45%, database - 36%, spreadsheet - 33%, assem
bler - 20% and a programming language - 20%.
Intentions to buy vary quite a bit and are much more evenly spread between all types of software. Top of the pile again is games but there's a close contest between music, DTP, programming languages, sound sampler and art for the next few places.
LARGEST MACHINE USE 51% for games, 35% for creativity and 14% for business - clearly everybody likes having fun in one form or another. But remember this is what people mainly do - even those 51% of gamesplayers do a lot more besides.
SECTION RATINGS The most popular section of the mag came as no surprise; it’s the disk, averaging over 8 out of 10.
At over 7.5 come hardware reviews, serious reviews Workbench and Graphics, while at over 7 are Letters, News, PD Update, Screenplay and Previews.
The least popular section?
Guru’s Meditations. Having said that, it still managed to get an average mark over 5 which isn't that bad. By the time of the next questionnaire we expect to get that down to about 3.
NEW REGULAR Of the list of possible new regular sections there were two clear favourites - DIV hardware projects and an assembly language tutorial. Both of these will now happen. They may not be monthly and they won’t appear tor a couple of months, but we are getting them sorted out.
OTHER HIGHLIGHTS Who do you think you are?
Issue 7 seems like a long time ago, but so many of you responded to our questionnaire (a big thank you to all of you) that it’s taken a while to get the results together. So, here come the selected highlights that reveal who (or what) an Amiga owner is.
• Only 4% of you are female - which is not too good.
• No A1000 owners at all replied to the survey.
• The favourite cover out of the first seven issues was Art
Attack on Issue 5.
• The least popular cover was the first one.
• 65% had read all seven issues.
• 68% used PD libraries either 'often' or ‘occasionally’.
Fascinating stuff, isn’t it? From now on we will also be getting even more feedback on a monthly basis to find out what you want.
Every month we are sending out a number of Freepost reply cards asking for your opinions. If you are lucky enough to get one of these cards with the mag, please fill it in, because that way we can get instant feedback on what you do or don't like. It’s your magazine.
First you brought HORSES to life, they said. Well, here's BIRDS.
Over a dozen species, in faithful detail.
The energy and beauty of flight. Action and colour with the authority of a bird artist.
BIRDS 1 &2 DOUBLE PACK £29.95 Birds 1&2 More than forty animbrushes free of background and ready to run (or fly, swim, hop !). Lots of scenery parts, some animated! All the instructions you need.
| RealThings BIRDS 1&2 You pay RealThings PAL Special price 111131.7.90 £23.95 To run in WITH ORDER cheque or postal order lo address below.
Deluxe Paint III.
Correa money cmly. Price includes VAT and PAP in UJC.
Overseas order*, pieaae add £3.00 per unit for postage.
O Flood coming arnm You know the score by now - this is where you find all that’s new, rocking and raunchy.
Since the storming success of Populous, we've all been holding our breath in antic ipation of the next game from programmers Bullfrog, via Electronic Arts. And this is it! Flood is in a dif ferent vein, an arcade game in which our hero, Quiffy, must escape 36 levels of underground caverns full of psychotic baddie creatures and rapidly filling with
* ater Expect good, clean, acces noie arcade platform fun with
~eaos of atmospheric sound e“ects and cartoon graphics.
0 Scavenger Hewson hit the high spots this month with
* releases. First up is ?' A horizontal scroller in v player must
• ne zones gathering : i'~*acts and returning rightful era. Only
fa* me inhabitants and :• ~e bme zones may ?¦ r Te way...
©Nebulus 2 Follow-up to the smash- hit platform game in which
Pogo made his way up towers. Again from Flewson, this newie
gives our big schnozzed hero a helicopter and heaps of extra
goodies with which to make his way through 16 levels of towers,
slides, ropes and teleports. Confidently expected to be as
good as, if not better than, the two-year-old original.
Future Basketball o The Hewson cybernoids are at it again, playing out present-day sports in a violent and dangerous form to please blood-thirsty future crowds. This is basically a basketball sim with a full management system, six skill levels and two league divisions to win. Only difference is, full bodily contact and extremely large weapons are encouraged... ©Wonderland With a programming team like Magnetic Scrolls - dedicated lor long years to the highest standards of adventuring - an all-new adventure environment and over 100 higfvquality illustrations. This could be one of the bset
adventure games ever to hit your screen. And that's not even consid ering the brilliance of the Alice books on which it is based. Chat lenging puzzles and gripping gameplay should convey the atmosphere of the original story in an excellent way. Expected soon, after two years of development, from Virgin Mastertromc.
©Saint Dragon One of the best coinops of recent years, this should really hit the high spots as a conversion. Hop in your dragon- r «i .
Head fighter and blast your way through six levels ot stunning graphics, guarding the ship with your armoured tail. Converted by Random Access, the boys behind S kworm, this Sales Curve release on the Storm label could bring new life to the shoot-em-up scene.
Orod-land We’ve had New Zealand Story, we've had Rainbow Islands - both excellent games.
Hands up who wants more cutesy platform action! All of you? Well, look out for another Storm coirvop conversion, this time of the Jaleco game Ro&land.
This is cute with a hard edge, as heroes Tam and Rit, a pair of fairies with Spock-tike pointy ears, stomp around wielding their magic rods and collecting flowers. The fairies murder innocent seals, sharks and bunny wabbits by stunning them with their rods, then bashing them on the floor. All the usual 'collect the bitties for extra lives' type of intricacy is here.
©Big Run LICENSED TO PROGRAM... Yes, it’s the big run to the sun in the third this month from Storm. Jump behind the wheel of a super-tough rally car and blast through the Sahara in the desert stages of the Paris- Dakar (What? Again!) On the way you’ll find the scenery takes its toll, but your car is tough enough to survive - it’s just those precious seconds that are wasted as you battle against a tough time limit.
Can you wait till next year for this?
A quick run-down of the all-action licences that you can expect to see spawning yer actual games in the near future... ©!
Palace offer us more French genius in the form of Starblade, an epic space-opera set in the year 3001. Flying in Starblade, the most advanced ship in the galaxy, you must track down the diskettes scattered on various planets which contain details of the secret location of the mutant queen, Genolyn. Of the insect aliens. If Genolyn breeds, her mutant offspring will finally wipe out humanity. Can you save us?
Starblade OQ8 Team Ford Rally Thalamus have earned the right to produce a rally sim based around the exploits of the quicker than quick Q8 boys in their Team Ford Sierra RS Cosworth 4x4 Turbo rally mean machines. Three stages of road and forest driving should ensue, with the odd excursion into the scenery and Police hassle if you speed on public roads. As Penti Arrikala once said when a policeman asked him why he was doing 130 on the Ml: " Well, the car wouldn't go any faster”!
0 England Footy fever rages and Grandslam pick up the official rights to the England team name: smart move, boys. The game will include complete details and digitised images of a 22- strong England squad from which the player can pick his team. Not out till after the World Cup, but if they lose you can always put the score right at home! As'Bill Shankly once said, “Football's not a matter of life and death - its more important than thatf 0Hunt for Red October Yes, it’s been a computer game for ages - but with those Hollywood film boys finally catching up on the action, Grandslam are
re-releasing the simulation at a special price of £14.99 - and they are 'developing' the game further to bring max satisfaction. Expect a release in the late summer. As the Russian Navy once said, “Where's that bloody submarine goner HARWOODS P0S YOUR FIRST CHOICE FOR AMIGA fC HARWOODS LEGENDARY PQ WERPLfiT PACK!
AND NOW... You gelo Great Mystery Software Title FREE too!!!
Dhru l Ym won't »eed to rAL.IV I buy oeything else I JT* B lor oges and you'll be able to start to use your Amiga the _ moment it’s out ol Dust Cover!
PACK 1 the box!
* AMIGA A500 PIUS PiAMms Cwct (DTP-hcWts Kmwords Vm. 3). Mitf-
Suporbase Pmoxd D Base, Amp Up, Fit htcfceptor.
Ten Blank 3.S* Disks with Disk Walet, A F A An PLUS OUR'BRILLIANT I. 5 PACK 5 BONUS BUNDLE1 FREE! LmiJnf HARWOODS THE NAME YOU CAN TRUST 'ME OUR SERVICE FINANCE FA DU Vt 60JGHT m HWW00R, V.Tli Sn'JLSE H'PI Moiio MONITORS PHILIPS CM 8833 STEREO FuH 14’ Stereo High Resolution Colour Monitor _) SCART Euro-connedor fitted os stondord ? RGB AI.TTL, Comp. Video & stereo oudio inputs j Can also be used as a TV with tuner or VCR ? Features fold down tilt-stand ? Twin Speakers j FREE lead for computer of your choice ? FREE FROM HARWOODS... 12 Month on site service worronty.
£24 COMMODORE 1084 S Fall 14* Stereo High Resolution Colour Monitor _j RGB At, TIL Composite Video t Audio Inputs J Con oko be used os o TV T .; j with o tuner or VCR [ , * ‘ " ' ‘ .
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Brooklands, New Road, St. Ives, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire PEI
7 4BG Telephone: (0480) 496497 Making music with an Amiga can
be quick, simple and highly successful even for absolute
beginners. Resident composer JOHAN SEBASTIAN BATES shows how
easy it all is... The music pages this month become a veritable
monster of a section. First of all, you can't have failed to
notice the audio cassette on the front cover.
On this is a stepby-step guide to putting a tune together.
All you have to do is follow the text along with the cassette and away you go - a bit like those magazines that build into an encyclopedia in 52 weekly parts, except much more informed and considerably cheaper.
The other side of the tape contains the full race whizzo version of the tune with all the trimmings.
Not content with this, your fun- loving music editor has bust several guts to put the necessary files onto the Coverdisk for both music sequencers and this month's demo program, Quartet. (Jon will accept flowers, bottles of Southern Comfort and the like to aid his recovery.) And on top of all this, we offer a review of the very latest American software to be washed up on our shores, namely Bars and Pipes. We first heard of this way back at Christmas and the Stateside reports were glowing, so this could be a serious contender for the music program of the year award.
Does m'leamed friend Maff Evans agree? Find out on Page 25.
A Track 1 On the A side of the tape there are, faithfully recorded for your delectation, the various stages that went into putting the piece together. The B side is the full production of the completed song.
To help you to follow how it was done, listen to the A side while reading the track list below and looking at the screen shots. The pictures are taken using Music X. Although it would have been really nice to have the same piece of music on lots of different sequencers the length of the article would have started to resemble a decent sized book.
THI A 5IOS MUSIC-X Perf: amgafornl.perf SEQUENCER MIC BEGIN END CUEI CUE2 CUE3 CUE4 SEI II PAUSE 44 ? PLAY H RECORD 1 11KJ Clack: OO01.01. OOO $ $ STORE 00:00:00.00 DU Bar Seq Bar Seq 17(11 E facts II r ¦O Sm Bars Ouan* Ml 112 1 1 M2 11(2 4 1( M3 1M2 S 1( IM 1112 4 1( MS - - - W - - - £ : O Ml - -- - s Cst lint tifMCt Rant Oct « » t Bel netrmne Sequence Dll -Mtl C- 1*1 kit Eil - C- k*l hats hi Off C- Rel hatsZ txl This is where it all starts: the basic drum pattern, split into kit and hi-hats, is put in against the metronome and quantized to make sure that the foundation of the song is rock
solid. What you hear is a four-bar drum pattern, which was later shortened by looping to save memory. It has already been quantized. If you look at the picture above, you will see that a previous attempt at a high hat has been turned off. You can hear it is slower than the final version.
HUSIC-X Prof: anigaforn2.| erf SEQUENCER BEGIN END CIIE1 CUE2 CUE3 CUM SEI II PAUSE 44 ? PLAY H RECORD 1 Ill'll Ddl 3PH DM* 1 Hetronone Se 2 kit 2 hats2 Clock: 0002. 03. 047 $ v STORE 00:00:04.02 $ $ EDII r rcn-1 a; deete Henory: 18B35 Events 4* PREVIEW C- Seq hen Bars Channels CSI line Sequenci ? Nane Out « » ON i. TAPE ? Track 2 Now shortened, the pattern is looped and put back to the proper speed. Music X notes the number of bars and amount of memory used (below).
TRACK 1 • 10.00 - 11.00am All fired up and ready to go. The creative juices are flowing and everything is set for a good music- making day ahead. First job is to get the rhythm sorted by laying down the drum patterns.
First of all, you need a metronome - something that is going to keep you in time when you start putting down the basic rhythms and bass patterns. Music X automatically loads one when it boots up - for Quartet I put in a hi-hat played pretty loud on the beat. Other sequencers have a built-in click, or can play a note on your MIDI instrument. Having picked a suitable speed I started messing around with drum patterns.
The basic pattern is a typical rap bass and snare drum rhythm. This went down first and was quantized - rounded up - so that it felt solid and not out of time. I only put down four bars because the next stage is to put in a number of repeats which saves both time and valuable memory space. Since Music X is a large program in itself and I am only running on a weedy 500 memory is of the utmost importance if we are to get a decent piece out of it. At one point it kept telling me that there was not enough room to record anything at all. I solved this by turning off the background workbench, a
technique you can use with several sequencers.
TRACK 2 • 11 - 11.30 am First problem is encountered when the drums threaten to take up too much space. There is a solution... Even four bars of drums only left me with 2,555 events left - the drums had taken up 225 events and I had only done four bars' worth. So back to the think-tank and I decided to go with just two bars of kit and one of hi-hat. Most sequencers will let you repeat short sections of each track; Music X will automatically do this when you start to join sections together.
The final tempo that you hear things at is. Of course, not necessarily the speed at which events were recorded. The drum kit itself was recorded at about 93 beats per minute but the hi-hats were done much slower. The pattern for the hi- hats needed some careful quantization - there are lots of them to the bar - and technically the pattern I used is an extremely fast swing bme, which means you can't try to line the notes up to your average 16th or even 32nd notes. It has to be 24 or 48 notes - that's triplet semi quavers.
• 11.30 am - 12.15pm The morning's gone well, despite re-jigging
the drums, and the bass line feels good. But - damn! A quick
trip to the kitchen for a cuppa and a snack and not enough care
with those tangled leads on the way back. That's an hour's
unsaved work down the drain.
The same space-saving idea used on the drums was used for the main bass riff; two bars, again, looped round. The bass riff was invented in the same way as the drum rhythm; mess around over the existing pattern until something feels about right. In this case I recorded several ideas and then picked the one I liked best.
The bass line was corrected by hand - the first time I played it in I was so far out on the first note, but the rest was OK, so rather than re-doing it. It was actually better to fix up the first note by moving it into position. Quantization could well have pushed it into the wrong place and maybe lost the feel of the rest of the track.
TECHNICAL C O tJ = ;i COMPUTER KIT The tape was put together using an Amiga 500 running Music X and also Quartet. The MIDI interface was the AMAS one that comes with the sampler software of the same name from Microdeal.
Theoretically any MIDI interface will do, but after five hours of complete MIDI lunacy, instruments playing anything but the right notes and Amiga 500s crashing or having longterm sulks, I settled on this interface as the most reliable.
Expect an article on the aerodynamic properties of MIDI interfaces soon!
KEYBOARDS AND MODULES The main keyboard and sound source was the brand new super-duper sticky swisher. The SY77 from Yamaha. This was in multi-timbral mode and the keyboard was in 'local off mode, so that in effect it was a separate MIDI keyboard and tone module. The other modules used were the Phm from Kawai and a Casio CSM1, which was used mainly for the percussive effects. Incidently, both the latter multi-timbral modules cost less than £200 each unlike the SY77 which will set you back in the region Of £1999. The Disklavier from Yamaha.
EFFECTS All reverb and other effects come from two sources: the SY77 itself, which has two digital reverbs and two effects units built in, and an old Proverb 200 Mkl which has 200 reverb and effects presets switchable via MIDI - handy for wacking in fast effects and changing back quickly. This is also now available at silly prices.
MIXING All the mixing was done by Music X itself. By putting in volume controls for each track where necessary I got the balance of instruments just how I wanted it - there are plans for future versions of the software to have a volume slider page mimicking the configuration of a mixing desk.
RECORDING AND MASTERING The finished version was recorded onto a DAT. For the uninitiated, a DAT machine is a Digital Audio Tape-recorder, which gives out better quality than a CD and, of course, can both record and play back. The cassettes look like tiny weeny VHS video tapes and play for the usual 60, 90 or 120 minutes and, like video tapes, they play one way only.
DAT will soon be available for the domestic market, but only when they have sorted out a foolproof method to discourage CD copying in a big way. The problem is not that people will copy the audio signal - that’s being done every minute with double tape decks - but rather that they can copy digital data.
If you connect the digital data output of a CD to the digital data input of a DAT, you can make an absolutely perfect copy of the original - just like copying disks - with no loss of quality.
DAT has been around for a couple of years now in professional studios, but maybe this Christmas it will hit the high street. DAT player recorders are seriously stunning in quality.
Track 4 The unusual keyboard riff.
Unusual’ because it is a singlebar pattern but extended by two empty bars to make a three-bar pattern that will not occur in the same place every time when the track is looped. Figure 3 shows the Bar Editor page, where the riff occurs at the beginning - the dark grey upright bars are the velocity and the red oblongs are the notes. After that there is 2 bars of nothing right up to the upright yellow dotted line which signifies the end of the pattern, with the REP:16 command which loops it round again.
Track 5 Still a little bit slower than the final version, the main rhythm, bass and keyboards sound OK together - with no nasty bumps and lumps which might mean that one part is out of time with another.
Track 6 Now the backing has a tune put over the top of it. Recorded at a comfortable speed to make life easy it has eaten it's way through about twice as much memory as all the backing tracks put together because it uses aftertouch and pitchbend.
ON T iJ b) TAPE ? Track 7 The picture below shows how all these small sections are grouped together to form the intro. In effect they are little sub routines scooped up together and running simultaneously.
Music X uses a separate track to control these and calls the command PSEQ, which stands for play sequence. However you have to get the durations and start times correct to the letter otherwise lunacy sets in.
Track 8 A very slow stab as it was originally written, it did actually change rhythm slightly when it was quantized and fine tuned by hand. It is not yet corrected and therefore the instruments don't sound quite together. The fast drum fill has not yet been tagged onto it.
The golden rule is IF IT FEELS GOOD
- LEAVE IT. Another golden rule is Save regularly, like about
every 10 or 15 minutes. If you don't, then as soon you trip
over that dodgy lead that you meant to fix a week or three ago
you can bet that the last four hours' work is disappearing into
inner space. I can tell you from personal experience.
TRACK 4 • 12.15 - 1 Oopm Time for a weird piano riff.
I decided to record only one bar of the piano riff in the background. So as not to make it too tedious I put two blank bars after it to make up a three-bar phrase - a contrast to most music which is in even-numbered phrase lengths. By repeating the three-bar phrase over the other two and four-bar patterns it made for an interesting combination.
TRACK 5 • Grab some lunch and see how it sounds so far.
; 6 • 3.00 - 5.00pm The first main tune is improvised until something catchy pops up.
Time for some clever pitch-bending.
The first main tune, which I've called simply First Bit, was just improvised over the backing until I got something that sounded a bit catchy - notice the use of a quick bit of pitchbend on a couple ot notes.
Things like pitchbend, modulation and aftertouch are very greedy when it comes to memory, so when you only have a few 'K' to go at, think before you use them.
Another space-saving tip is to use a filter. Most sequencers have some sort of filtering facility to thin out the data as it comes in to the software. If you can decide in advance that you would need - say - a touch sensitive effect on a voice, then filter that information out before it clogs up the memory with unwanted and unused data.
Ting those sections to fit together.
Frustration doesn’t come into it - that monitor’s about to hit the street!
When it came to assembling the piece I used the play sequences in Music X. Many other sequencers have a similar concept where small sections are then assembled into a complete song. Usually you can run more than one track at the same time and cut from one part to another. Again it saves on memory and time.
The way I did this in Music X was to 'nest' various sequences under sub-headings like Intro, Verse, etc. and sequence them off from a Master track. If you have used Somx or Soundtracker they employ a similar concept, although of course they are working with numbers arranged in tables and are consequently much harder to get to grips with.
Until now, I have not heard the various sections that make up the song played together, although I think I know what they will sound like. To get them to play one after another I created a control track that pulls all the other sub-sequences together to form a whole piece. This is sequence number 15 and called Master.
After some head-scratching caused by myself not getting the sequences to nest correctly, we get the first part of the song up to bar 35 running all together and they don't sound too bad. The problem I had was that Music X needs a little gap at the end of each sequence to get to the next one. If you don't do that, it repeats the same sequence again whilst also running forwards and playing the next sequence. Result: chaos and another monitor dropped out of the window into the street.
TRACKS 8, 9 & 10
• 7.30 - 10.15pm Back in the mood now. Adding a stab to cheer up
the second verse, completing it with a drum fill and listening
to the first run-through of the tune so far.
The verse is a copy of the intro, but adding the First Bit tune into the tickets, blow outs and plain dumb decisions could leave you eating dirt instead of burning rubber. There ore five gomes with varying difficulty levels. The ore great and the sounds ________*L_ £ •__Jit__ WM wmmt For further information on Mindscape products and your local Dealer, contact: Mindscape Internotional Limited, PO Box 1019, Lewes, East Sussex BN8 4DW. Tel. (044 486) 545 547.
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stocks last playing order. This became Verse 1.
The second verse I felt needed to change at the end so. Taking a copy of Verse 1, I then made up what I have called the 'stab', the bit that has everything playing sort of boom boom boom-di-boom' if you will excuse the Basil Brushism.
This was done first of all part by part, sequences 9 to 14, and checking that they all were heavily quantized to occur exactly on the beat.
They were played in slowly, as was the electro drum fill straight after. All these parts were then tacked onto the verse sequence, but cutting in on bar eight and glued together under the title Verse 2.
11* 10.15 - 11.30pm It’s getting late, but all is going well at the moment. Now's the time to add the chorus.
Time to set up the next section.
Copying the same drum pattern from the verse all it needed was a tweak on the bass secbon to alter the harmony and then to have some chords dropped on top. This secbon is built up and nested as a subroutine under the heading of Chorus and is on track
24. I tend, if I have a sequencer with a large number of tracks,
to use them in blocks of 20 or so to allow for inserts after.
Im - 12.15 It’s gone Midnight and we're getting towards the end of a busy but successful day. The hard work is basically over: shuffle it together into instant Stock Aitken Waterman and you're away. The tune now begins to take on a life of its own, so a late couple of hours spent on the transposition and the solo should produce a final result.
Now we have an Intro, Verse 1, Verse 2, and a Chorus. Once you’ve bdied each section up the hard work is basically over. The mam thing now is to string the whole thing together. After working with a piece of music for a few hours you tend to get the feeling for the way that sections are going to follow one another. The usual process is to have something like this: INTRO 1ST SECTION (which may be a verse).
2ND SECTION (probably another verse).
3RD SECTION This is probably the chorus or'hook’ line and is more interesting than the verse.
4TH SECTION Another verse and maybe a solo halfway through.
5TH SECTION Another chorus.
6TH SECTION Another chorus this time with the key shifted up.
7TH SECTION Repeat chorus until fade out.
There you are - instant Stock, Aitken, Waterman. This pattern is also the format for most popular songs, not only in the 20th century but also in several previous centuries - which includes 'classical' music as well.
13 • 12.15pm - 2.00am It’s all there, so the composite parts of the song now need to be glued together to give a finished product, all ready for mixing.
What I do now is ‘glue' the secbons I've created into a pattern, which is not too far removed from the one above. Thanks to the sequencer, the key change is made easy. You just make the Master track transpose that particular entry, making sure that it doesn't transpose the drums. If you ? Track 9 Now it has the drum fill. To get the fast notes it was recorded at this snail s pace. Figure 5 shows you how the fill looks in the bar editor, the red notes are the drums, three strokes on each one. You can see how they fit into just over one beat from just before .3 to just after .4 .
Track 10 The first version of the tune, with no chorus, but the speed is about right. Notice how the stab and drum fill is still a little bit messy and will need tidying up.
There is also a slight problem in that one drum track is playing throughout the stabs and shouldn't be.
Track 11 Here is the chorus, but at a leisurely tempo. The actual melody line gets altered slightly later on for the final version although the chords remain in place as they are here.
I. I ? Track 12 The picture below is the visual representation of
the order of sequences in the tune. As you can hear, no Chorus
has been added as yet, but it does demonstrate how Music X
creates a control track that controls other sequences - a
routine commanding other sub routines.
Track 13 The final track on this side of the tape is the nearly complete version. Details like transposition have not been worked on yet and the solo is missing, but the balance of instruments is about right.
Don’t do this really silly things happen.
Each drum is allotted a note number, whether in a drum machine or multi- bmbral module synth. If you transpose (shift the pitch) up then all the program will do is play the next drum up, whatever it may be. You could be faced with a drum track that has magically changed from a heavy bass and snare drum to triangle and hand clap if you don't remember to stop the drum track from being transposed.
From now on the song starts to take on a life of its own. Usually the solo, if one is needed, is dropped on quite near the end of the process and with a bit of luck you won’t want to quantize this as it will tend to take the live’ feel away from it.
ON j: u a TAPE THE B SIDE Now turn the cassette over for the full version. This has had extra instruments added in. Not too many and in fact you would not really notice them if you hadn't heard the original.
The is a very slight amount of room echo added from the Pro Verb to give an 'alive' feel to the whole piece. I have not used any super advanced techniques like changing synth sounds in the middle of the piece or speeding up and slowing down.
Hope you enjoy listening to it. Oh and by the way, if you enjoy it so much that you fancy 'borrowing' it and trying to earn money from it, sorry, but the piece is copyrighted.
When the whole thing is finally woven together, it’s time to see if you can add little bits in just to spice up each section then mix the lot down.
Most sequencers can accept MIDI volume control and this saves on a mixing desk although if, like me, you have more than one multi-timbral module, you will need some sort of simple mixing device to join the signals together before you get them to the tape recorder and amplifier.
The next day, 3.00 pm Final mixdown. A late night last night, but the final mixing was left until today to avoid Threshold shift', the loss of high frequency perception in tired ears.
The final mix is finished, the master tape is ready and before you know it the record will be on the radio and shooting towards the top of the charts. Or maybe not. Well, we can at least dream... The final stage is to commit it to tape with the balance just as you want it.
My favourite way of working is to try and leave the mixdown stage until another day, if possible, as usually your ears have taken quite a bending, especially if you have been listening on headphones. You get what is known as 'threshold shift" - in other words things seem to be quieter - and in fact you lose your perception of high frequencies.
For this reason you should leave the mixing to the following day if you can. Things always sound fresher anyway. On the B side of the cassette I just added one or two small sounds and some overall reverb to give the piece a little bit of air and space.
Finished at last! ¦ Next month we look at the best buys for cheap sound making, secondhand synths and keyboards included. Don't miss out!
ON TH£ C O V I R SISK Not only do you get a cassette but also an all talking, singing and dancing version of the song on the Coverdisk. It works like this.
Contained on the disk are three files. The Demo version of Quartet, the cassette tune in a specially done version for Quartet and a MIDI file of the tune.
THE QUARTET VERSION Full instructions on using Quartet can be gleaned from the Disk Extra pages and from the ‘read me' file on the Coverdisk, but if you load up Quartet you can then load in the demo set of sounds followed by the cassette music file.
Flip to the Music editor page, press play and your Amiga should spring into life. You might like to try putting your own tune in and using some of the techniques used in putting together the cover cassette. You won’t need a synth, of course, because all the sounds in Quartet are straight from the Amiga. If you don’t like the sounds then you can alter them by using the sample editor or by loading in IFF files of your own.
THE MIDI FILES If you have a MIDI sequencer running on the Amiga you might like to load in these files.
What you will get is actually the sections as individual parts. Since no two sequencers use exactly the same format for sticking parts together to form a whole song it seemed the best way to get the nuts and bolts of the song to you. You can load them in, convert them to the file format for your sequencer and then stick them together in any order you like. The files are labelled, Chorus, Versel and Verse2. The essential and crucial MIDI information is: Channel 1 is the Bass part.
Channel 3 is the Lead part.
Channel 4 is the keyboard piano part.
Channel 16 is drums.
As you will doubtless realise, you will need to get sounds that approximate to these to get it to work on your synth set up. As I mentioned earlier, there is no set standard for the drums, what note plays what drum etc. However the drums on the files are set up as follows: Kick drum is A - number 45 Snare drum is E - number 52 Hi-Hat is A - number 57 The odd drums for the fill in are A and D and C (numbers78, 39. 37). Depending on the system you are using you will have to change either the notes in the program or the drums on whatever module keyboard you are using. Have fun.
If you produce a spectacular tape from it then send it without delay to the Amiga Format office. You never know, we might just give you a mention Available for your PC, Atari ST & Amiga at all leading computer shops or by mail order.
- The Creator is like nothing you've ever seen before on the
Amiga. Developed by the author of the best-selling STOS, the
number one game creation tool for the Atari ST, AMOS stretches
the Amiga to its limits. Now for the very first time you can
access the awesome power of your computer with bewildering
AMOS Basic is a sophisticated development language with more than 500 different commands to produce the results you want with the minimum of effort.
Whether you want to create arcade games, adventure games, demos, educational programs - or even serious applications like graphical databases or video titling sequences will turn your dreams into reality.
It's no wonder that Amiga Format has described AMOS as the most eagerly awaited Amiga utility ever ', and Amiga Computing said in its May 1990 four-page preview: 'Whoosh! By far the fastest Basic interpreter on the Amiga. Runs like the wind... Nobody will ever top it... Cheap at twice the price... Overall 9496.'
Don't delay, send for your copy of AMOS today - and you'll also receive, absolutely free of charge, AMOS Sprites 600 - a fabulous collection of more than 600 animated sprites for use in your games (not available separately).
We re so convinced about AMOS that we re even offering a money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied.
WHAT YOU GET: AMOS Basic, sprite editor, Magic Forest and Amoster- oids arcade games, Castle Amos graphical adventure, Number Leap educational game, 300-page manual with more than 80 example programs on disc, sample tunes, sprite files, AMOS Club Newsletter and registration card.
• Define and animate hardware and software sprites with lightning
• Display up to eight screens on your TV at once - each with its
own colour palette and resolution (including HAM, half-brite
and dual playfield modes)
• Scroll a screen with ease. Create multi-level parallax
scrolling by overlapping different screens - perfect for
scrolling shoot-'em-ups
• Use the unique AMOS Animation Language to create complex
animation sequences for sprites, bobs or screens which work on
• Play Soundtracker, Sonix or GMC (Games Music Creator) tunes or
IFF samples on interrupt to bring your programs vividly to life
• Use commands like RAINBOW and COPPER MOVE to create fabulous
colour bars like the very best demos
• Transfer STOS programs to your Amiga and quickly get them
working like the original
• Use AMOS on any Amiga from an A500 with a single drive to the
very latest model with hard disc (Tease send me AMOS - The
Creator I and my free copy of AMOS Sprites 600 ? I enclose a
cheque payable to Mandarin Software for £49.99 Add £2 per
program for Europe & Eire £5 Overseas) ? Please debit my
Access Visa Connect card number: Send to: Database Direct,
FREEPOST, Ellesmere Port. South Wirral L65 3EB.
[_Credit card orders: Tel: 051-3j 7 1275J Expiry date: [ Name Postcode Address These days, a lengthy discourse on how computers have put music within everyone's reach is a little redundant - anyone remotely interested in producing music must have seen the power and flexibility ottered by sequencers, and the effect that they have had on modern music.
What is becoming increasingly important is how easily this technology can be accessed by the novice without losing the power required by the professional musician.
Systems such as Music X and the classic Pro 24 provide the functions necessary to produce high-quality music with little or no technical ability, but even these require a fair amount of knowledge of sequencer technology along with some idea about the ins and outs of MIDI in general. This can be a daunting prospect for those who wouldn't know a MIDI route-path from tnbe of Amazonian Indians.
What is needed is a way to make the transition into the world of MIDI as painless as possible, by making everything as clear as crystal for the beginner, while retaining the ability to expand once the basic ideas have been grasped. The first major step along this path has been taken by American company Blue Ribbon Bakery with their unusual music package Bars and Pipes.
We’re Laying a Pipeline Bars and Pipes is a multi-track MIDI music package which allows all the functions required of a standard MIDI sequencer, but with a rather unorthodox system of presenting information.
Instead of setting out MIDI path information in systems of tables and options as in most programs, Bars and Pipes utilises a far more original method. To understand this we’d better take a look at the main sequencer screen, which is shown in the picture just to the nght.
The top of the screen displays standard transporf funcbons found on most sequencing packages - used to record and play back music in the same way as a tape recorder - along with other more specific funcbons, which will be dealt with later.
The most interesting section is the lower section of the screen. This is where the sequencer’s track information is displayed. In the middle is the display showing the recorded information and to either side is a system of 'pipes', much the same as a house’s plumbing system.
This, believe it or not, is the MIDI input and output information. Bars and Pipes uses the analogy of musical information running through pipes like water: by affecbng that flow, manipulations of the musical data can be carried out.
For example, if you wanted to play a tune on the keyboard and record it onto two backs of your M l:.'*-- . I 3*-- ! I II 3*-- II II 3* II II 3*-- II I : 3*- III 3*- i I I I 3*-- II II 3*-- ;ic:]c=H»rac=a ABOVE: The main screen, showing all the track information, along with the MIDI muting and tape- recorder type transport’ controls.
The Editor Once the music has been recorded, it’s time to iron out the glitches by entering the Editor Screen. This is done by simply double-clicking on the sbip corresponding to the back you want to edit on the sequencer page.
The display shown in the picture below will then confront you.
Want to learn to use a MIDI sequencer without any of the usual hassle? MAFF EVANS looks at a new American program that might just help.
Tools' - allow the user to affect the data being recorded and played back m other ways, such as quantisabon, harmony generation or perhaps note bansposition. By giving the user a separate pipeline both before and after the sequencer stage, MIDI data can be worked on at both input and output stages.
By placing systems of tools and joints along the pipeline, complex manipulations and roubngs can be carried out fairly easily. This leaves the musician free to concenbate on the music instead of having to wade through complex 'roubng tables' found on many packages.
Sequencer, you simply connect a second ‘pipe' to the main input, so that the data splits to flow along them both, ending up on two individual tracks. Simple, eh?
All the systems that control the passing of MIDI information use the pipeline. Effects such as soloing and grouping are carried out by simply turning taps on the output pipeline on and off, and other systems - called I V The top ot the display is taken up by the editing options, including track information, edit data (writing notes, velocity info and so on), change data, grab and move, erase and mark area.
Below this is a musical staff, display ing the recorded notes. For those who can't read music, a 'piano roll' display is also included, so the exact key positions can be seen.
From here the user can shift notes around, add and erase notes and even change such parameters as note velocity, modulation and pitch bending. To begin with, only the note information is displayed, so as not to confuse newcomers to sequencing.
For those who want a little more information, a menu can be pulled down allowing the user to display more information in the editing window. These include the usual items such as pitch-bend and aftertouch info, program changes and time signatures. Extra items such as key scales and rhythm data can be also be displayed - there's even an option to display lyrics! This is useful if you want to print out the information later for archive or study purposes.
All options must be taken one step at a time by selecting the appropriate command from the strip at the top, with the various functions having their own effect on the parameters to be edited. All the usual functions may be carried out on data for each track, or functions may be carried out on a number of tracks from the main sequencer page.
To begin with, using the editor can seem a fiddly and laborious prc cess, since each command must be carefully carried out by using the correct options in the right places. For a beginner that hasn't fallen into the 'short cuf habit which may be used in higher-level packages, the system shouldn't prove too difficult to get to grips with, but those already familiar with sequence editing may get a little frustrated at times.
Unfortunately, this means that once you've passed out of the 'beginner' stage, you could find yourself outgrowing the editor system, which
- to be honest - seems to be written for either the total
numbskull or young children. Having said that, the lump between
note-by note editing and the manipulation of other data is
rather a hefty one and still requires some knowledge of the
workings of MIDI instruments before any effective results can
be gained.
II l| reate-A-Too 1 Tool Nane: Gi'itnse Wobbler Get Yer Tools Out!
The real power of Bars and Pipes revolves around the PipeTool system.
The Toolbox' contains myriad options that can be placed in the input and or output sections of the sequencer to alter the performance.
As well as systems of pipes that can be used to pass data between RIGHT: The Toolbox contains all the MIDI effects you could wish for, all ready to put in the data pipeline.
BELOW: But if you want a specialised effect, you can design your own 'Macrotools'.
Tracks, other options can be used to change the data directly, either at the input stage, which affects information as it is recorded, or at the output stage, which leaves the recorded data untouched but affects the way the music is played. Effects such as echo and delay can be installed at either end of the pipeline, whereas other functions - like auto accompaniment - can only be used to change the recording of notes.
The basic tools on offer include all the basic building blocks needed to process MIDI data, such as quantising, articulation, note delays, chord inversion and keyboard spliiting. By interconnecting these tools almost any effect can be produced.
Even if there isn't a tool in the toolbox that quite does the job you want, you can construct your own Macro Tools by connecting the standard pieces together to form your own system, which can be saved to disk for use at a later date. You can even design an icon for your tools to use in the pipeline.
For example: say you wanted to produce a tool to split the keyboard, quantise the notes being recorded and add a harmony. All you do is enter the Create-a-Tool window, place an input marker on the left followed by a split keyboard tool. Branch this SI [?| Bmie ±d off to a lower track containing a chord inverter and follow the keyboard splitter with a quantise tool and a counterpoint tool.
Now round it all off by sticking the appropriate output markers on the end and designing an icon for it.
And there you have it! A Split- Quantise-Counterpomt tool with full chord inversion ready for you to stick in the pipeline! What could be simpler?
Flowing Nectar?
For a novice embarking on a voyage of discovery in the land of MIDI, Bars and Pipes proves an excellent survival kit. The manual leads the user through step by step, outlining all the features in a clear concise manner.
MIDI |argon is kept to a minimum, so as to aid comprehension, but doesn’t descend into patromsation. This means that those with some knowledge of sequencers can get a fair amount of satisfaction from the program without feeling that the writers are looking down on them.
The program itself has a wide and useful range of features, with perhaps the simplest method of routing MIDI signals yet devised. This should cut down on the aggravation usually encountered when your carefully-composed masterpiece won't play because it's not connected to the right synthesiser channel!
Experienced musicians should note that the sequencer section has been specifically written with the beginner in mind and although learners will welcome the careful, step-by-step method of working, the editor could prove a shade laborious for those who know how to deal with writing on a sequencer.
So if you've just got that nice keyboard and would like to dabble in MIDI, but are a little wary of spending the high asking price of a higtvend system like Music X due to the flaber- gasting array of controls, Bars and Pipes could be well be an alternative.
1ER PHONE 031-549-3444 FAX. 081-547-1311 E3 US 2 £- M6 SUMMER
purchase before 17th June REGULAR TICKET PRICE £4 PRE PURCHASE
Please send me FAST LANE TICKETS at £2 each Cheque PO enclosed
NAME: or phone 0726 68020 with your credit card number Please make cheques payable to THE 16 BIT FAIR t-sassss PSSEWE5S-1 °nSe«* rWiaBS.
AMIGA A500 with MoCwCtot. Mog*e. 1 Meg Internal Dish Drive, 5I2KRAM, AS Connecting leods. Kkkiicrt 14, 4096 Colours, Built-in Speech Synthesis. Multi Toskmg, Workbench 14 System Dish. A Operation Monuoi*.
Ft* FOUR GREAT SOFTWARE TITLES F29 RetoCotor, Rainbow Island. - Escape from the Plane! Of the Robo! Monslets, Deluxe Poinl II H COMMODORE 1084S wom «orn.w 14" Stereo High Res. Colour l0W" M'“ COMMODORE 1084P ic £225 Mono Sound Version of 1084S PHILIPS CM8833 E249 14” Medium Res. Colour ChfC, (08 Twin speakers, Green screen tArfsi micis t switch, with tliting stand. Au monitors FREE 17 Ron Ik* m it« Maintenance with CMM33 » AMIGA A500 with Modulator, Mouse, 1 Meg Internal Disk Drive, 512KRAM. All Coanerting leads, Krkstort 14, 4096 Colours, Buih-in Speerh Synthesis, Multi Tasking, Workbench 14
System Disk, I Operation Manuols.
Pt+I FOUR GREAT SOFTWARE TITLES Balman, FI8 Interceptor, New Zealand Story and Deluxe Paint II CM8833 TILT SWIVEL STAND £9.95 VORTEX 40Mb Hard Disk £499 CUMANA CAX 354 £89 1 MEG. 3.5" Single CUMANA CAX 1000 £129 1 Meg. 5.25” Single CHOOSE ONE OF OUR 3 SORCERORS PACKS!
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Class of the 90's Pack £529 AMIGA Comp. Pack + CM8833 £608
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listed above)... llndmdud Sorrerors Ms Ik without tie 45001
we ovodoMe Id on our stocks, phone or prices and further it
tab quoting die re Inclusive ol VAT and Postage!
ALL OUR PRICES INCLUDE V.A.T. AND POSTAGE (UK Mainland) iiniana) rMKUN 060242-44-44 6 °7-l LIMITED GREAT VALUE, THAT'S THE MAGIC E&OE Whilst every ettort is made to ensure that the information shown on out advertisements is correct you should ALWAYS confirm any Otters, Prices. AvaMaitthty etc prior to ptaong orders Because our advertising is hooked so tar vt advance, hlerhn reserve the ngfit to ahet equipment specifications, withdraw any product otter or update pnces (either up OR down), without pnor notice ALWAYS CHECK DETAILS PRIOR TO 0R0ER Mertm will NOT supply anything that has been
sutyect to change without _ the customers pnot permission OROERINC Jest phone our 24 hoar order tern using your Access.Visa card OR ut Ichtgods need clearance pnor to despatch) DELIVERY You choose either. 6y post at no extra cost, or simply add £S per large item lor nesl wotting day courier service (UK Mainland) WARRANTY Goods that prove lautty within 3d days will he exchanged tor NEW Ahet 30 days. A within 12 months, taults repaired al out expense DEPARTMENT AMF T5, UNIT D9. THE ROPE WALK INDUSTRIAL CENTRE, OFF STATION ROAD, ILKESTON, DERBYSHIRE, DE7 5HX. TELEPHONE 0602 44144 s»d oHerist
EXPRESS GRAPHICS Capturing the essence of the natural world is the aim of the Real Things series.
BRIAN LARKMAN flies with the Birds.
The way things move in nature is, at the same time, very easy and very hard to understand. Everyone knows that a bird flies by flapping its wings and a wave moves towards the shore although the water stays in near enough the same place, bobbing up and down. Yet if you devote any time to observing such dynamic processes in detail you realise that in fact they represent a complex interplay of forces that can produce an almost infinite variety of movement patterns.
Real Things - Birds comes close to making these forces understandable by bringing them into your Amiga and encouraging you to experiment with them for yourself.
Perhaps the best way to gain a real and intutive understanding of natural dynamics is to draw them.
Only by the trial and error of drawing - exact observation combined with a spontaneous expression of thought and eye on paper - only by this gradual evolution of skill can you make real for yourself the spirit and atmosphere of a birds wing in flight or the curl of a wave.
The movements and gestures that you are forced to make to capture these natural shapes onto paper are themselves very like those actions in miniature, so by the act of drawing you are ‘going through the motions' of flapping a wing or curling a wave.
No Natural Talent?
So how could someone with little artistic skill experience even a small part of this personal way of seeing and understanding - and at the same time convey their vision to others?
Well, as an amateur artist you may have conjured a pleasing shape for yourself that might nevertheless look like a crude scrawl to an observer, conveying nothing of the natural flow.
A skilled artist can express the spirit of motion with a flowing line or a splash of colour drawn from an inner comprehension, but even that can only be conveyed to others as a frozen moment, to be viewed as an illustration in a book or a picture on a wall.
Film or video, or even traditional animation, can show the movement, but these are not available to most artists and cannot easily be examined (manipulated, edited, frozen or accelerated). In any case a still photograph, or even a film or video, is perversely too static, too rigid for the observer or the artist to become really involved. So what can be made of the new medium, computer animation?
¦i ABOVE: SANTORINI STORKS The undeniably static nature ol magazine illustrations makes it very difficult to convey the quality of a moving animation. Amiga Format has a bit of an edge, however, with its Coverdisk. Two months ago we featured the Storks in this picture so, if you bought Issue 10, you may know what these must like flapping.
Here they are shown in hi-res with a version of one of the pictures from the digitising tutorial from Issue 11. We are true believers in recycling, as you can see! The conversion from 32 colours has reduced the quality of the foreground buildings but otherwise the Real Things brushes look very good.
All the processes involved in changing from lo- to hires have been described in some detail in the graphics tutorials of the last few months.
THE ARTIST AND HIS WORK Although most of the backgrounds, scenery brushes and ammbrushes and all of the astonishing evocations of moving water were produced by Robin Bilson. The main bird illustrabons have been created by the prominent wildlife illustrator Peter Partington.
Most of his normal illustrative work has been in watercolour, a medium which allows the "jizz" or character of a bird to be expressed quickly and easily as a calligraphic' stroke reminiscent of Japanese written characters. Transferring this style to a computer seems to have worked well, for the broken edges of 'stepped' computer marks are in some ways similar to the accidental imperfections that give a natu ral strength to watercolour strokes. A computer is obviously much less spontaneous than watercolour, but the animations and animbrushes produced by Peter Partington for Real Things -
Birds still convey the spirit and atmosphere of living birds in their natural setting rather than the exact scientific positions of every feather that more technical illustrations might contain.
ABOVE: LAKESIDE Movement in nature is not confined to animal motion, as a moment spent on a riverbank or seashore will prove. Like the activity ol birds, water has a limited repertoire of basic movements that can be varied and combined into an infinitely-changing spectacle.
To accompany the Birds - which are predominantly, though not wholly, water species - Robin Bilson has provided several animbrushes, with instructions on how to use them, that allow an astonishingly vivid and accurate portrayal of water in motion.
A r In this illustration, gentle up and down ripples give the water a convincing liquid quality. The birds also are frozen in flight, but something of their quality can still be picked up.
Naturally Dynamic The Real Things series is so far the only product available tor the Amiga - or any other computer, as far as we know - that will allow anyone to examine and experiment with the dynamics ot natural movement. The really difficult job - that of capturing the detailed motion patterns of nature, horses, birds and water so far - has been taken care of by the RGB Studios artists. Nevertheless, plenty of the work has been left up to you, so that in creating a particular scene you gam a degree of intuitive understanding.
Natural Structure Like Real Things - Horses before it, RT - Birds is structured hierarchically, providing simple tutorials and basic outline animbrushes to get started with, and more complex advanced material for those with more skill. The most important dynamic process - 'How Flight Works’ - is also graphically explained in an animated illustration. If all this seems too 'educational', do not be put off, for Birds is real fun to play with whatever your skill level.
Although following the general pattern set by Horses, by contrast Birds provides a lot more material and seems more polished and even more 'real'.
There are animbrushes of 12 species, about 40 in all, plus both static and animated backgrounds and foregrounds. All the images are generated by professional artists directly on the Amiga without using digitising.
The main reason for this is to eliminate the detail “twittering" and edge wobble that is always present with digitised animbrushes (caused by variations from frame to frame). The animbrushes are also “pixel simple": in other words, wherever possible flat colour is used rather than dithering.
This gives you more frames for your memory and therefore larger anims and smoother acbon.
Everything is rendered in lo-res, but if you have a fat Agnus chip and some extra memory all the animbrushes work in hi-res. Where they look superb despite the reduction in the number of colours available. Most of the illustrations shown here were produced in this way and give a flavour ot wrtat is possioie witn a bit ot paiette- swappmg and remapping.
Nevertheless the software was designed to be used in lores and it is here that the full colour shows off the artist's work to greatest advantage.
Naturally, It’s Different If this review seems quite different from others that have appeared in the Graphics Section it is because Real Things is itself quite different. It is one of the few examples of leisure software that does not treat the Amiga as if it were a prop for some past view of the future, but rather uses it as a means of doing something NOW that no other artistic medium can achieve.
The computer becomes transparenf in the light of 'what it can do'. In many ways it is a product that will appeal to a very different type of Amiga user; possibly it will lure a whole new, maybe older, generation of people into using a computer and more women, too.
Syncro Express requires a second drive & works by controlling it as a slave device & ignoring the ST or Amiga disk drive controller chip whdteby hicfh speeds & great data accuracy are achieved. * Menu driven selection for Start Track End Track - up to 80 tracks. 1 side, 2 sides.
Very simple to use, requires no user knowledge.
Ideal for qlubs, user groups or just for your own disks.
Probably the only duplication system you will ever need!
Also duplicates other formats such as IBM, MAC etc. No more waiting around for your disks to copy.
By using an on-board Custom LSI Chip, Syncro Express has the power to transfer an MFM image of the original disk directly to your blank disk - quickly, simply and without any user knowledge. One external disk drive is required*.
Tempo A Beat controls.
£ Mixer Controls on Instruments.
0 Load A Save sequence.
Works on standard IFF file sounds.
MIDIMASTER MICRO MIDI VIDEO DIGITISER M Full Midi Interface for A500 1000 2000 (please state model).
M Compatible with most leading Midi packages (including D Music).
Midi In Midi Out x3 - Midi Thru.
Fully Opto isolated.
ONLY £34.99 256 x 256 display with 16 grey levels.
Realtime frame grab l 50th second.
Takes standard composite Video input from camera or Video recorder.
Screen update 1 frame per second, single, continuous or buffered display.
Load. Save facilities including IFF Save.
Edit picture, cut. Copy, paste and undo.
Special effects, reverse, negative, mirror, compress, etc. Increase the width of the display to 320 x 256 automatically or manually.
Plugs into the parallel port of your Amiga 1000 500 2000.
Comes complete with its own power pack.
Package includes GS4500 scanner. Interface A Scan Edit software.
GENISCAN GS4500 AMIGA V Unmatched range of edit capture facilities simply not offered by other scanners at this unbeatable price.
M Slimline extra low profile unit very quiet!
Top quality fully compatible drive mechanism, y Throughport allows daisy chaining other drives, y A superbly styled case finished In Amiga colours.
EXTERNAL 3.5" DISK DRIVE NEW LOW PRICE ONLY £74.99 1 meg unformatted capacity.
Good length cable for poaitioning on your desk etc. 9 Comes complete with It's own On Off switch.
A 590 UPGRADES If you own an A590 Hard Drive, then you can upgrade it to give up to an extra 2 Megs of Ram to your Plugs straight into your computer.
S All the features of the best selling ftuicksbot II plus: 9 kflicroawitch action for even longer life.
9 Extra rugged construction. Superb styUng ONLY £9.99 complete ONLY £69.99 for S12K io.s meg) ONLY £134.99 for i meg ONLY £259.99 for 2 megs ACCESSORIES ICON PAINT AMIGA CENTRONICS PRINTER LEAD C6.99
3. 5" DISK HEAD CLEANER ...£3.99 A B C
STORAGE BOX ...£8.99 25 x 3.5* O.S.D.D. DISKS
..ONLY £19.99 512K RAM EXTENSION CARD If you can
obtain your own Rar chips, we can supply the card.
Accepts 16 x 41256 D Rams.
Available with without clock ¥ Switch disaable feature.
¥ Simply plugs into Ram expansion slot.
V Pitted in only minutes no user knowledge required ONLY £19.99_ ONLY £34.99 FOR VERSION WITH CLOCK CALENDAR IB. THESE PRICES DO ROT IRC HIDE RAM CHIPS ICON PAINT A unique product to edit and produce your own individual icons.
Allows for multi-colour (up to 16) extra large Icons for use wben matnmlslng workbench, disk.
Icons, tools, programs, etc. 9 Advanced editing facilities make for fast and easy design.
ONLY £12.99 9 High quality direct replacement for mouse on the Amiga.
Teflon glides for smoother Rubber coated ball for minimum slip.
Optical system counting - 500 mm.
Special offer • free mouse met ? Mouse house (worth C7.99). I ONLY £29.99 Now with this superb 512K Expansion unit tyou can simply plug in more memory. Bring your Amiga up to 1 Meg Ram in seconds!!
Featuring the latest 1 Meg Fast Ram chips.
Comes complete with disaable switch (not offered by some others, including A501 unit).
Available with arithout clock calendar feature. Clock version has high capacity NiCad battery never needs replacing!
Low chip count means extra low consumption.
High grade PCB with quality connector.
Buy direct from the manufacturer and SAVE!
Simply plugs into internal Ram extension slot no knowledge at all required.
TECHNICAL ONLY 0782 744324 SALES ONLY 0782 744707 THE WORLD S MOST POWERFUL FREEZER-UTILITY CARTRIDGE IS HERE ¦ SAVE THE ENTIRE PROGRAM IN MEMORY TO DISK ¦ SAVE PICTURES AND MUSIC TO DISK Pictures and sound samples can be saved to disk. Files are IFF format suitable for use with all the major graphic and music packages.
Special compacting techniques enable upto 3 programs to fit on one disk. Unique FDOS power means that the programs reload at upto 4 TIMES FASTER than .Amiga Dos - even independantly of the cartridge.
¦ SLOW MOTION MODE Now you can slow down the action to your own pace. Easily adjustable from full speed to 20 o speed. Ideal to help you through the tricky parts!
¦ RESTART THE PROGRAM Simply press a key and the program will continue where you left off.
¦ FULL STATUS REPORTING At the press of a key now you can view the machine status.
Including Fast Ram.Chip Ram. Ramdisk.Drive status.etc. ¦ UnigUE INFINITE LIFE TRAINER MODE .Allows you to generate more and even infinite lives, fuel, ammo etc. Perfect as a trainer mode to get you past that impossible level. Very easy to use.
¦ SPRITE EDITOR The full sprite editor allows you to Mew modify the whole sprite set including any attached sprites.
¦ VIRUS DETECTION Comprehensive virus detection and remov al features to protect your software investment. Works with all presently known viruses.
PLUS THE MOST POWERFUL MACHINE CODE FREEZER MONITOR MORE FEATURE THAN YOU COULD'SVER NEED. HERE ARE JUST SOME: Full M68000 Assembler Disassembler Full screen editor Load Save block Write string to Memory Jump to specific address Shov* Ram as text Show Frozen picture Play resident sample Show and edit all CPU registers and nlags Calculator Help command 7 Full search feature Unique Cutom Chip Editor allows you to see and modify all chip registers-even write only registers Notepad Disk handling - show actual track. Disk Sync pattern Etc. Dynamic Breakpoint handling Show memory as HEX. ASCII.
Assembler.Decimal Copper Assemble Disassemble.
The 8-bit soccer game of the 80’s becomes the 16-bit sensation of the 90’s with the release of the long-awaited Atari ST and Amiga versions.
When EMLYN HUGHES INTERNATIONAL SOCCER was released for C64, Spectrum and Amstrad, reviewers were amazed. It rated 90% in ZZAP, 91 % in Sinclair User, 88% in Games Machine, 91 % in Amstrad Computer User, 94% in Computer & Video Games, 887 in ACE, Game of the Year in CCI - we could go on for ever!
Now, with the release of the Atari and Amiga versions reviewers are reaching for their dictionaries to find new superlatives. ZERO described the game as ‘totally excellent’, the sound as ’absolutely brilliant' 89%; Your Amiga rated it ‘the best soccer simulation to date - 95%’; YC World Cup Winner 97%.
VORSPRUNG DURCH DAS COMPUTERGAMENSPIELENZ GRAPHICS Good graphics are an mportar* part ol any game: il the power is there, it should be used to the M Both static and movmg graphics come under scruhny it this rat ng. But remember, graphic wonders alone do not a great game make.. SOUND With stereo capabilities the last thug you want to hear are Spectrumesque beeps, right? Title tunes and effects al add to the atmosphere ol a game and good sound can greatly increase your eryoyment.
OLD S ICE Midwinter P.40 INTELLECT How much real thought do you have to put «i to play die game? Just because a game is mmdtess doesn't necessarily mean it's bad. But a game with a lugh mtetlect rating says immediately that you! Need to thmk to gam maxmum eryoyment Skidz boards? P.43 ADDICTION How easy is a game to pick up and play?
How much sheer lun wil you get horn »?
Wi you keep commg back? Important questions, al answered by a quick look al Hie Addiction rating 101 to all THE TEAM there are two mam Amga format review ers Andy Smith is an ex Spectrum owner who's been playmg computer games for many years now and wntmg about them lor almost as long, cuttng Ins teeth on ACT before moving onto Amiga format.
Andy kkes any type ol game, trom shoot emup to strategy game, from adventure to arcade conversion Malt Evans pmed Al alter domg ster kng service tor rap? 64, and he spits Ins hme between playmg games and wntmg reviews tor us and our sister magarme ST format He's another sold a* rounder who's not averse to giving Andy the odd high score contest on the best games More than just a thump? P.68 Park Mystery Wierdness or what? P.44 Dan Dare III the universe be safe in the hands of a vegetarian super-hero? P.72 IMPOSSAMOLE P.58 ¦ IVANHOE P.75 ¦ NINJA SPIRIT P.46 The year is 2099 AD. The world was
devastated some 60 years previously when a strike from a massive meteorite affected the global climate and sent the world into a new Ice Age.
Continents collapsed, millions died and it was clear things would never be the same again.
Some thirty years ago a bunch of people discovered an ice- covered island and started settling the place. Life was far from easy, but by sinking heat mines it became bearable and the inhabitants of what became known as Midwinter Isle struggled on.
It soon became apparent that Midwinter was, the last habitable place on Earth and the leaders of the isle got together and formed the Free Villages Peace Force (FVPF), to ensure things stayed free and safe. New settlers who through luck or careful planning managed to find their way to Midwinter were welcomed and integrated into the island’s system.
In the last few years, though, some of the newer members have become disgruntled with their lot.
The leader of the FVPF, Captain John Stark, decided to let things ride... and disaster struck.
A rebel army, led by General Masters, is now on the march and intent on taking over the whole island. You, as John Stark, must rally your forces and prepare to defend the island... Midwinter is a one-player strategy game featuring light- sourced 30 graphics and a game area of 160,000 scale square miles. There is a total of 32 characters in the game who can be rallied to your cause. To find out where these people are and where General Masters’ armies are, a map can be called up at any time. Then the only problem to deal with is getting to them.
There are four methods of transport on the island: travelling from two fixed points in the cable car, hang-gliding from the top of high ground or - the two most common methods - in snowmobiles or on skis. Snowmobiles can only be picked up from settlements with a garage but you can ski anywhere. There are dangers to all methods of transport and it’s highly likely you'll take a tumble, but this is less serious when you’re skiing than when you’re hang- gliding or driving a snowmobile.
After a hard |Ourney. Taking breaks to restore energy when necessary, you make it to your destination and put your case to anyone who’ll listen. If you’re lucky you’ll gain a recruit. This is by no means guararv teed because, like any community. There are some people who will do favours for others and • some who won’t. • All those you do manage to recruit need to be controlled by you, though, and as the V game is time based there are two watches to keep your eye. There’s a team watch and a personal watch. You don’t want to see 10 people sitting around doing nothing while you concentrate on
one person, so every character has two hours of game time in which to act before watches need to be synchronised with the team watch and every one’s twohour period starts again.
For example, you send person A to a particular milage to meet person B. Person C, meanwhile, goes to meet person D. You control A on his mission for two hours, then switch control to C for two hours. In effect you have controlled both, sxnuttaneousty.
For the same twohour period.
After these two hours. A and C wi be back on the same bme, so watches can be synchronised and you can start agaai.
When the enemy are drscov ered they should be engaged. If you're traveling somewhere you can enter snpe mode when skiing or chuck some missiles at them from your snowmoMe. At any rate, try to destroy as many of ns them as you can, but always remember that the enemy forces will be shooting back!
Rally your troops, destroy the enemy and when you're ready launch a counter-attack on the enemy HQ. Succeed and Midwinter Isle wi once more be safe: take too long, though, or let the heat mines faB into enemy hands, and ifs curtains for you and your people. Andy Smith GRAPHICS 8 SOUND 6 INTELLECT 7 ADDICTION 9 OVERALL 92% LASTING INTEREST This will take you absolutely ages to play: fortunately there's a game save option. Just trying to get started is tough, so you'll really need to concentrate and use your resources to their best advantage to gain a victory. It's compulsive stuff, so once you
start you'll enjoy every minute.
GRAPHICS AND SOUND The sound effects are good, as are the graphics. Everything is well drawn and the 3D moves swiftly, although it can be difficult on occasion to judge the landscape when you're skiing or driving. Generally, the audio and visual effects are of a satisfy- ingly high standard.
L*T -Th*r» yaur prottea. Not ah*.- JUDGEMENT Well, it's finally made it. Lords Of Midnight, the greatest ever game by Mike Singleton, author of Midwinter, has arrived on the Amiga, albeit under a different name and with a whole host of improvements and updates. Midwinter is the ‘90s LOM. A sugar- coated wargame with the pace set at just the right level for the player not to realise he’s playing such a complex strategy game. Midwinter is a superb game to play and a must for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in a thoroughly believable game world. Playing property, ie allowing the enemy to
have mortars and bombers, you'll find this an excellent game: but note, there is one way to complete the game extremely quickly. The quick route is a lot like cheating, so bear that in mind, but if you're prepared to play the game property and win convincingly you’ll enjoy it immensely.
Tai|wy and provides Cap’n Stare with a diancw to catch hte breath.
’ fORmi 41 AMIGA AATARrST andO AMIGA Sixteen Bit Superdeals from the Sixteen Bit Specialists!
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LASTING INTEREST The first lewd is easy enough to complete, getting you nicety into the fed of the game, but from the park onwards things tend to get a lot tougher. You can choose to pick up the game from the start of the last levd if you wish, which is a handy little facility and is bound to be well used.
The superb graphics of each lewd will keep you playing "just to see what the next levd is hkeT The choice of control methods is another nice touch, allowing you to find out which manner of play suits you best so you can choose to play in that mode.
GRAPHICS AND SOUND Skidz's graphics perfectly capture the mood of riding and skating around the streets, even down to the skateboarder's way-out clothes.
The sprites have a marvellous cartoon-like appearance, especially on some of the characters around town - the mad workman with the pneumatic drill is wdl worth looking out fori The background graphics have an individual atmosphere on each levd, from the cobbled streets and canvas huts of Chinatown to the muddy wastes and heaps of bricks found in a building site - everything is loaded with atmosphere. The sound is rather jolly too. Consisting of an up-beat hip-hop tune backed up with lively vocal samples and solid effects, but I can't hdp thinking that a mad guitar thrash track would have
fitted better!
GREMLIN £19.99 ¦ Controls Noone likes to live in a town strewn with litter, but just try rounding people up to do some- tfwig about it. This is the situation n Gremlin's Skidz.
Your local townsfolk are an extremely messy lot, dropping cans, bottles and pieces ot paper all over the place. Despite concerted efforts nobody will get down and clear it up, so you must take to the streets and clear them up for yourself.
You can ride either your skate board or BMX bike through the town to carry out the task you
• SUI »n . • h PM LgJ Are you really ready foe a race?
Well, go for H anyway!
Have set yourself, which is to pick up at least 75% of the litter in each of the town's messiest sec bons. Ten pieces of rubbish can be picked up before your arms are full, at which point you must deposit the bits in a trashcan before any more can be collected.
Throughout the town, evidence of neglect can be seen, such as potholes, broken walls and dicarded boxes. All these obstacles must be avoided, since falling off your mount depletes your energy supply. Extra energy can be gained by picking up useful items around the town, or by spending money in the Ride 'n' Skate shop (which doesn't seem to sell any trendy clothes, unforfo nately for you hip skaters).
Money is gained by performing stunts off the ramps or by picking up dosh dropped by parhc ularty negligent townsfolk. Don't hang about though, as there is a clock counting down, which heralds the appearance of the scrap spirit, who whizzes around you draining all your energy in an attempt to keep the mess he likes gatherered around him.
Bonus points are awarded for completing set tasks on each level. For example, finding and delivering a parcel, feeding the fish in the park or delivering the paper to the workmen on the build ing site. This is the only time that the town's inhabitants are cooper ative, as for the rest of the time they just hang around getting in the way. Awkward bast... er... awkward people! Maff Evans GRAPHICS 9 SOUND 7 INTELLECT 3 ADDICTION 8 OVERALL 86% JUDGEMENT It’s been a while since such a straightforward Tun' game has appeared on the Amiga; especially one that looks and sounds as good as Skidz. The
appeal of the game is bound to spread beyond the die-hard skateboard and BMX fans, since the game has obviously been written with a sense of humour, especially when from a gate reading "Beware - Beast1' wanders a little brown mongrel! If this is in tune with your sense of humour and po-faced shoot-em-ups seem a little dull these days, then get your most colourful shorts on and have a bash at Skidz.
Theme Parks are generally seen to be happy places.
Places to which families can go together and spend a day having tun, forgetting all their worries.
Your grandfather can tell quite a different story.
Magic Canyon was one of the most successful Parks in the coun try, until something happened there to send your grandfather completely mad. You must find out what happened so that the memo ries of your family can be put to rest and the park can be ro opened. Otherwise the park and the land will have to be sold off, losing everything that your grand father worked for.
As soon as you arrive at the park, it becomes clear that some thing is not quite right. A strange presence can be felt as you enter the first of the Park's three sections, Yesterdayland. For one, what happened to your clothes?
The old-fashioned costume isn’t what you were wearing when you arrived - things are going to be weird!
This is where your adventure begins. To begin with you must work out how to use the fortune telling machine, the home of Zoltan. He will tell you what you have to do to to return the park to normality - namely return eight runaway demons to him.
The demons are well hidden within the four areas of the park - Yesterdayland, Dragonland, Futureland and Dreamland each of which has its own specific task that needs to be completed before the game can be finished. To enter the different areas an item must be picked up and used, but finding them isn't as easy as it sounds. All possible clues must be taken note of, as well as applying a substarv hal amount of brain power to solve the puzzles and win the challenges placed in your way by the mischievous demons. Maff Evans CH-CH-CHANGES c. Zoltan s magic gives you a new form as you travel to
each section ot the game.
MYSTERY IMAGEWORKS MIRRORSOFT £24.99 ¦ Mouse and Joystick GRAPHICS AND SOUND Theme Park Mystery’s strength most definitely lies in its polished appearance. A lot of care has been taken to ensure that the feel leans well towards the ethereal adventure side of things (even though many of the sections are definitely arcade based) with lots of objects to use and graphic puzzles to overcome. Each park has its own distinct atmosphere, from the rustic colours of Yesterdayland, via the medieval catacombs of Dragonland to the surreal suroundings of Dreamland.
Sound is sparse, consisting of a few sampled effects and tunes, but it is still effective where it is used - particularly the jolly bandstand music from the grabbing game and the mysterious theme tune (if only it was a bit longer).
LASTING INTEREST As you'd expect from adventure game, it's extremely unlikely that you’H complete Theme Park Mystery in any great hurry. The arcade sections fit into the game well, but rather than returning for another ‘bash’ their challenge will only last until you’ve managed to carry out the task required to complete them. Still there's enough to get through before the game has been won, so adventure fans will probably sit glued to their screens until the challenge has been overcome.
JUDGEMENT Adventures that are entirely graphics based are quite often simply arcade games with a few obligatory puzzles thrown in.
Theme Park Mystery manages to avoid this trap, mainly due to the fact that the game was designed by a well-established adventure writer. With a great deal of thought, all the puzzles can be worked out logically but. Even when you know what to do, there is still a lot of playing to be done before the final goal can be reached. Theme Park Mystery may be just the game to bridge the gap between pure adventure games and the adrenaline-fired world of shoot-em-ups or platform games, creating the perfect opportunity for fans of either to cross over and discover the delights of the other.
GRAPHICS 8 SOUND 6 INTELLECT 7 ADDICTION 7 OVERALL 8 2% C '990 MIMOUOFT LTD C 1989 UCSI AmBi.r, IMAGE WORKS, inn Imu III SulMn tt(*I LmmSI u» M 0 1-928 Mil SCREENSHOTS: WORKS GRAPHICS AND SOUND The days when ninjas followed the Henry Ford dress code (any colour as long as it’s black) are long gone. These boys wear every colour under the sun and when mixed with Buddhas and bonsais they create a stylised Japan that never was. But should have been. The end-of level guardians, too, are big, bad and beautiful. Lend an ear to the soundtrack while slaying and the picture is complete.
NINJA SPIRIT ACTIVISION £24.99 ¦ Joystick LASTING INTEREST NS is a straight arcade charge into single-handed genocide. No subtie gameplay, no vast array of controls - just swords and spears, blood and guts. The first couple of levels are easy enough for any shogun assassin to carve up real quick. The major difficulty comes from finger fabgue as foes fling themselves forward incessantly.
There's an instant magic but no real development in the style of opponent, so life soon gets a little bit dull. Enough is missing to bore the ’intelligent’ gamer to tears in ten seconds flat, while any accomplished coin-op killer will rip through all seven levels in no bme.
What's all this Ninja Spirit?
Well, it allows the summoning of long-dead ancestors to see off present-day foes. Dealing with ancient magic, though, requires balls! Childish innuendo aside, the spheres in question are ‘spirit balls’ that give the living warrior power-ups on his sword, shunken, rice scythes and ’lasson ropes’ - a bit of string with a blender on.
All very handy, as from the word go Ninjutsu’s most unpopular man is set upon by horde after horde of bkxxfcrazed nutters. The guy’s task is to fight his way through seven levels of death, destruction and other distractions for no good reason whatsoever.
The arenas vary, but the song remains the same, a horizontally- scrolling cutem-up, with the small ’0101 leaping around the place waving various deattvdealing devices. Bad guys appear in trees, hop on screen, charge headlong at him and even burrow under the floorboards, trying for a bot shot.
On the plus side Ninja can collect spirit balls, select the flashing weapon (the best one for that section) and then something magical happens. It’s called megaheath!
Swords throw out huge rings of destructive energy killing anything they touch, death stars triple in volume and various other deadly side«ffects ensue.
The true Nm a Spirit shows when you collect a spirit ball and find that you’ve grown a solid shadow. This is one of your ancient friends back from the grave. They mirror every move, striking with the same power-ups as you. Your companion is invulnerable and hangs around until you croak, which can be a mighty long time with the spirit doubling your kill power. Sickening violence on a grand scale is the result, but now it’s in your favour! Trenton Webb VERDICT Ninja Spirit was a great arcade machine game, the double- acbon blades of the ninja and his spirit shadow putting Gillette's corporate
output to shame.
But what was fun for a ten- minute massacre drags as a home conversion. The extra power weaponry helps in the beginning, as does the double ninja bonus, but after that, all that’s left are the end-of-level guardians - and they're good, but not that good.
• m attack sue .!
AHARCMY ... t ‘+LAMCXD ..... !
‘ kGAMMON prof v ANCE OF POWER 1990
• AflDS TALE 1.. _ .
- 'Tl£ HAWKS 1942
- -'OGE PLAYER 2150 18 49
- OOKAN 16 49 vlGMT (3 D ANIMATION 'RAWING) ...3149
• AMBERS Of SHAOUN 14 99 hASEHQ 1599 XSS CHAMPION 2175 18 49
• RONOOUEST2 18 49
- OUO KNGOOMS ......_.. . 15 99 klOSUS CHESS X 15 49 OLONY (1
MEG) 17 49 AORADO . 1599 NOUEROR ____________
• BERBALL 1299
12 49 EJA VU 15 49 EJAVU2 .... 15 49
• hAGONS LAIR (1 MEG) 28 49
• NAMIC DEBUGGER 16 49 TEH-07 ....- 12 99
MOTION ________________ 16 99 ."RA MISTRESS Of TX DARK 1949
PLANETE 1549 FUN SCHOOL 2 (28) 1249 FUN SCHOOL 2 (6-8) 1249 FUN
DISK (1 MEG) 10 49 ITALY 1990 16 49 IVAN HOC 15 99 JACK NICK LA
12 49 KEEF THE TKF 1749 KICK OFF 12 49 KICK OFF 2 .1249 KICK
16 49 KNO WORDS 2 0 (WP) 29 99 KNGS QUEST 12*3 21 49 KINGS
18 99 PHOTON PANT 20(1 MEG* 54 99 PIPE MANIA 15 49 PIRATES 15
(INFOCOM) 19 49 WORKBENCH I 3 13 49 WORLD BOXING MANAGE R 12 99 WORLD CUP SOCCER ITALIA 90 12 99 X-OUT 13 49 XENOMORPH 15 49 ZOMBi 16 49 ZORK 1 (NFOCOM) 16 49 ZORK TRILOGY (NFOCOM) 29 99 All the benefits of Special Reserve plus: Bi monthly Buyer's Guides, each with reviews ot 40 games and more.
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• Myth. Wntten by Magnetic Scrols. Authors ol The Pawn,
exclusively for nine-headed Hydia 7 1 Scrolls parser and ri
r." In-1- graphics and is HIV i.r-xVwL i'I ih-'M-u.¦; i. E
included in the pnce o! Membership.
Amiga Format said: "An excellent adventure witty, curving and iust plain good tuni It you Used Fish1 you'll probably Use das. Because they're very similar in style you may even prefer Myth. It's that good'' Uytti Ratings Crash 91V CU 90V Aimge Format *7V TGM *5% ¦ S m City or Drakkhen (rrp 29.99) OIDrakkhen. ST Action said: ‘Drakkhen really impressed me For me. The game iTJjBj was a subtle cross between my all time %Jr £i£tM ~ttA tavounte, Dungeon Master, and the SSI CtSIV-vafr.
Fantasy role playing games The graphcs are superb Overall. Drakkhen Is an excellent RPG. One that will take quite some time to beat" and Zero said O' S-m City ACE said ‘Sim City is a pkyfiS politician s or a gamesptayer's ¦ dream comparisons spring immediately D mnd with Populous but San City seems to have much more depth - and CAVC said: -SanCrtyis utterly tab’
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Name & Address Reg Ofice: 2 South Block. The Mailings Sawbndgewodh, Hens CM21 9PG. VATreg no 424 8532 51 BEAST. SHIRT 12.99 TEENAGE QUEEN 8.49 POWERDRIFT 4.99 SWOROOf sooan 7.99 XENON II 6.99 Amiga Mega-Savers_A ADVENTURE CONSTRUCTION KfT...11.99 LASER SQUAD .-.7.49 ALTERED BEAST ..6.99 LEATHER GOOOESSES (NFOCOM) 12.99 ARCHIPELAGOS ..6.99 LEATHERNECKS .-5 99 AUSTERLITZ (BATTLE Of) ________1199 LOMBARD RAC RALLY .. 10.99 BAAL ...659 LORDS Of
...9.49 XENON ¦. MEGABLAST ......„.....659 Post Code-Tel. Computer _ *5.257-3.5-
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ORDER-ACCESS’VISA On every corner, in euery street, a quiet
revolution draws the generations of a new age into a
spellbinding challenge against that icon of modern living...
the computer.
If onlxj the driving forces behind this revolution in entertainment could recognise with the same fervent enthusiasm the needs and desires of their devoted public.
However, amongst those pioneers of computer games software stands one company, alone, a shining colossus in the art of computer entertainment.
'There is no other com pan y that has displaced such enthusiasm. No other company that can demonstrate an unequalled track record and no other company that has recorded so marnj milestones in technical innovation, sophistication and breadth of product interest, brom arcade action. Through graphic adventure to strategic simulation there is onlg one company that has taken of the best to ensure the user enjoys nothing but the best.
In a world in which so much is disguised behind darkness and mystique, there is one company that has been proud to set the standards fc V which others must be judged that standard is gold... US Gold .... it’s what jour computer has been ivaiting to discover.
Universal Military Simulator the definitive battle, strategy v ’•* -V- . Si 1 i''* --v game.
• ¦- ** ¦'- ' iz'- - " 'I r* ' . Y Where it led others tried
, J". ? V T' f t* j f ' • * • y gj
- to follow. ~ UMS II - NATIONS AT WAR.
MASTERS OF STRATEGY ULTIMATE GOLF GRAPHICS AND SOUND The landscape has been drawn in a squarial style which, while not always appropriate, manages to give you a good picture ot terrain. On the whole the affair is pretty and bright although sometimes a tad fuzzy.
The worst aspect of this game is the sound which you would do well to dispense with. Clearly golf is not a noisy affair, but audio simulations of balls dropping into holes or magnificent one wood swings are. On this occasion, awful.
LASTING INTEREST For one player or four there is plenty to do and the more you get the swing of it the more youH enjoy this game. It's excellent fun. Gremlin have provided only two courses but we are promised extra fairways, lawns and greens in the near future.
JUDGEMENT Despite the number of options available this isn’t an excessively fancy game. It’s accurate, intelligent and challenging and will prove to be one of the most popular sports sims of the year.
GREMLIN £24.95 ¦ Joystick, Mouse and Keyboard Choow your club c*M will ho Ip, bearing In mind I tha caddy. You Detractors of the game claim that golf isn't so much a sport as an insult to lawns. So if you’re the kind of person who, adding injury to insult, can turn the local pocket of greenery into something resembling The Somme, playing from home could well be the perfect solution.
Gremlin have come suddenly to the fore with what is claimed to be "The most accurate Golf simulation’ to date. With the help of the (still) World Number One- ranked Greg Norman and a posse of Sheffield programmers the firm have conjured up what is set to be undoubtedly the most ntngung golf simulation since the who*y magnificent Leaderboard.
H care. Tha If* worth ha Is onty For the first time you are required not simply to make a few mathematical calculations, aim and fire but to master and utilise the variety of tncks wtvch make the likes of Norman such a marvel.
Gremlin have provided the player with a mynad of usefii options designed to aid the wee bafs progress from tee to hole.
Fortunately for those of us who like a challenge this can have the opposite effect. For one you can change the angle of spn to a finite degree This can result in a shot whch wVI turn your pitching pals green with envy or can make you look Ike a complete berk.
There's the chance to give your ball detailed top and spin which can make the dimpled object of frustration stop dead as soon as it hits the ground. This brand of jiggery-pokery could take you months to perfect.
Ensuring accuracy of stroke is no breeze either. The Gremlins have designed an extremely fast swingometer which will surely test your nerve. If you don't hit your button at the crucial moment the result will be somewhere between the lack-lustre and the diabolical.
There are rakes of playing options. You can take a stroll around one of two courses on your own or with some opposition and you can play Fourball, Foursome, Greenball or Skins. At every turn there pretty windows offer extra options to give you a clear picture of variables such as weather, wind speed and turf.
Each individual club head is pictured in one window so you make the best choice. The usual map is also to hand, but you have the option to view the hole from any part of the course. And there are many fiendish obstacles as well as putting greens which will make your blood boil.
f Gremlin have taken a small eternity to get this game out, but it's turned out to be an corker. Colin Campbell GRAPHICS 8 SOUND 2 INTELLECT 6 ADDICTION 9 OVERALL 88% ¦r-.-J USA J
* mans- ¦» tt d'J.-X 1 r"A,t aa.‘u yj-j s map and Millar tha
Ara lama fierce ebataclaa.
AMIGA FORMAT 51 ITALY 1990 US GOLD £24.99 ¦ Joystick chosen a team to represent, the playing formation and team list is set up, then it’s off to the game!
The form of the competition closely follows the World Cup itself. That is, three qualifying matches have to be played, with the top two teams from each group going through to the second round. From then on the game is played as a straight knockout.
Matf Evans If things carry on as they have been with everyone and his cat releasing World Cup games, then no one will be able to get away from their machines long enough to watch the actual event! The latest game to arrive is from US Gold (don't mention World Cup Carnival) and comes in the usual 'view from almost above' mode of play.
You can choose to play any of the teams taking part in the competition, with all teams adhering to a seeding system. The difficulty of the game depends on how strong your selected team is. For example, selecbng a team such as Italy or Brazil will make your job of reaching the final and claiming the cup pretty easy, whereas picking someone like Egypt makes things a little tougher! Once you have GRAPHICS AND SOUND Italy 1990 is very well presented.
The intro screens are colourful and nicely drawn, and there are some nifty touches such as the TV presenter outlining the forthcoming action. The graphics in the game itself are of a similarly high standard. The sprites move effectively around the smooth- scrolling pitch, and extras such as the animated scoreboard and touchline-view goal-kicks add to the atmosphere. The music is jolly enough, but the in-game effects don't consist of much more than a few thuds and whistles. Where's the joyous Italian crowd? Gone home, it seems.
LASTING INTEREST Romping through the competition to take the cup is rather easy if you play as one of the top seed teams, but just try taking the United Arab Emirates into the final and you'll find that it's a totally different ball game! The other teams will not hesitate to stomp all over you. This kind of challenge will have you plugging away until at least after the World Cup final’s been televised.
GRAPHICS 8 SOUND 5 INTELLECT 4 ADDICTION 7 OVERALL 80% JUDGEMENT Anyone who remembers US Gold's last 'official' World Cup release may be a little dubious about Italy 1990. However this hesitation is unfounded, since US Gold have put their footy troubles behind them and have come up trumps with an amusing, well- presented and superbly playable footy game. The wealth of teams and players gives the game a healthy amount of variety to keep players interested, and even if you do get bored, you can always keep yourself occupied with the World Cup Trivia book included in the package until the next
game's on telly!
Isometric 3D, popular in the intent on destruction and man- mid-Eighties. Is now making a made hazards. As in all games comeback. The advantage of of this type you can jump and this technique is that each pick things up - the two essen- location in a game can contain tial abilities for solving the a great deal of graphic detail, problems in each room.
The setting here is a sunken The gold bars are some- ship containing gold which you times in easy reach but more are trying to recover. Often are hidden away or The ship is composed of perched in awkward places.
100 rooms, most containing Getting them involves pushing gold bars, aquatic lifeforms objects around, using lifts, GRAPHICS 7 SOUND 6 INTELLE making smaller creatures go There's plenty of ship to where you can't and generally explore and it looks good too.
Outwitting the beasties. Many Excellent title music rounds off things can whisk away one of the feel nicely. However, the your lives - and your air supply puzzles in each room are fairly must constantly be replenished simple and that means the by collecting oxygen tanks. Lasting interest dips once Helpful objects include you've explored the ship, which keys and smart' fish which act should only take a few days, like a smart bomb, swimming It's fun, but although the map round and killing off all the is complicated enough, the dangers in a room. Rooms are not. Bob Wade T 5 ADDICTION 7
OVERALL 68% When they locked you up they threw away the key.
Now, with the passing of Resolution 101 you are offered the chance to regain your freedom. You must become a bounty hunter earning your liberty by the assassination of the evil criminals who now threaten to overrun the city.
Resolution 101 - a fast-moving futuristic vehicle simulation... a challenge for the true enthusiast. Advanced 3D vectors produce superb graphics of a living, working city. Combined with exceptional 3D sprite artwork and wicked gameplay algorithms - this is the ultimate in track-'em-down playability!
Millennium, Chancery House 107 St Pauls Road, London N1 2NA Video-comms link - actually see your victims sneer and grimace as you close in deadly combat!
R MILLENNIUM Available from the end of May 1990 for the Atari ST, Commodore Amiga (£24.99) and the IBM PC (EGA VGA) (£29.99) Natural and responsive player movement and ¦ with me most simple of [1 W k V one-touch joystick W f I M, J control ensures exciting l 1 action. Realistic close-ball At micro's constant "flow of Y to make this the easiest yet Y most rewarding soccei game v ever devised for the home computer.
TAKE ON THE %: yj WORLD! Choose your opponents from the 24 World . A Championship teams - each , . Vou will delight at the on-screen w A, v action, realistically flowing . ; , wtf animation, automatic team m -JjBlE response and the easy to follow icon-generated action choices.
This game is the choice of all football - _____ players, those who love playing the game instead of wrestling with the joystick... V m adidas CHAMPIONSHIP FOOTBALL YOU MAKE THE PLAY! L.jg Pin 'em to the base line, attack the net and volley « the winner! You might have taken this match but that' M was on grass - can you play as well on clay or on the WL indoor courts?... with TIE-BREAK you'll soon find out!
And the play selection doesn't end there - play singles or doubles, select to play in all the major tournaments such w as Wimbledon, Davis Cup, French Open and many more. 1 You can then make a racquet selection -and that could win vou the match!Featuring all the shots in the book, breathtaking animation and amazingly realistic speech and sound effects in T.V. style presentation make TIE-BREAK the out and out winner on any micro.
AVAILABLE FOR SPECTRUM, AMSTRAD, _ _ L"1 COMMODORE, ATARI ST, 1 AND AMIGA. M MST jfc- 6 Central Street • Manchester M2 5NS Tel: 061 832 6633 Fax: 061 8340650 ashL A'" The Drastic Response Assault Group Operations Network are in town and they mean business. These boys are a crack group of commandos 14 strong working for all the good nations of the world in a bid to stamp out terrorism. Guess what - you’re in charge of the whole bunch.
DMG.0.N. FORCE INTERSTEL £29.99 ¦ Mouse This is a single-player tactical skirmish wargame featuring some dozen missions that can be played in any order. For any mission only seven of the bunch can be selected, so the first thing to do is get the mission briefing. Pick carefully to get the best men, because they are all specialists in different areas including demolition work, handling nasty great machine guns and close combat.
Once you know what must be done and you’ve picked the people to do it, the next task is to select weaponry for each soldier. Each one of the squad has several characteristic ratings such as awareness, intensity and strength, the strength rating determining how much of a load the soldier can take into battle.
Then it’s time to do the |ob.
Your group is airlifted to the game area and you then have a fixed time to complete the task before reassembling your men at the extraction site where a helicopter will come in and get you out - the helicopter can be called m before the specified time if you finish the job early or get into a tight spot.
The game is played m rounds.
Up to five orders can be given to each man who will endeavour to carry them out. Once you've issued orders (they’re small and qurte specific orders, none of this 'go over there and shoot anyone who moves’ stuff) you can then advance the game. You have two options: 'go until event’, which means the game continues until something happens (ie forces exchange fire) or 'go until inter rupf, which means things carry on unaided until you break in and dish out some more orders.
At the end of each mission you're given a de-brief which tells you if any of your squad have had their attributes upgraded, whether you lost any of the team (which you'll know anyway) and whether you gained any medals.
Missions can be practised any number of times but can only be done lor real' once. When a mission is completed you won't get the chance to do the thing again - although it's worth noting that there are ways to cheat so that you can. Andy Smith GRAPHICS AND SOUND Everything is viewed from above with the characters drawn as little stick men. The background graphics are much better, though, and the sound effects are good as well. You'll know by now that great graphics don't necessarily make a great game and the same applies in reverse: naff graphics don’t have to mean a naff game.
LASTING INTEREST More would have been nice.
There are only the dozen missions and there are no skill levels. Although you can cheat and redo missions to improve your performance there's little point. Novices will find it tricky to start with, but others will find the missions slightly too easy.
JUDGEMENT DF has been nicely done: it has a laser Squad feel to it and, though it's not as good, it will keep you playing for some while.
More missions and various skill levels would have beefed it up and improved the game but, that apart, it still works very well and is fun to play.
512 K £49.50 £46.95
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* Disable Switch
* Made in U.K. Mat Trade enquiries wel-
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99 Grant J Nat renal £16 99 RiS* Li4 r. AquanaJ £1 95 Gravity
£1 r. Hi4*xtH, £1 50 Bail
1. 9 99 Gurtshtp £1 r %* ftrt Hangr-i £1695 Bad Compaq M V*»
i lammetlrj £1 5 Iftigrr ItaMxt U3 9 J BdMKcO'tk T 1990
£1 95
• lard l rvm £14 95 W1 IV..M £16 99 Barbanan 91 Psygnose. I H699
iWAvy Metai £1 5 Seven (rfrs CX iarrewfcj £1099 Baras Tale £8
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are the ‘in thing’ as far as games are concerned. After a
series of Rattle one look-alikes being released, US Gold
have come up with a game that simulates not one. Not two,
but three armoured transport systems.
Heavy Metal places you as a cadet in the US Officer Training School, where you will learn how to control an M1A1 Abrams Main Battle Tank (MBT), an Air Defence Anti-Tank (ADAT) and a Fast Attack Vehicle (FAV) as well as tactical forces in a battle scenario.
Only Second Lieutenants and above can enter the tactical stage, so your first step on the ladder is to qualify for promotion by proving your worth in combat simulations using all three vehicles.
HEAVY METAL US GOLD £24.99 ¦ Mouse and Joystick Once you have been promoted you can select the tactical section, where you have the three units under your control as well as a fourth support unit, which can be any of the vehicles.
You must deploy your forces and engage enemy troops in an attempt to stop them reaching your HQ. Once all your forces have been defeated or immobilised you are taken to the debriefing room, where the General gives an appraisal of your performance.
New recruits usually find themselves receiving the hard edge of his tongue, but eventually you may be promoted to Five-Star General and outrank him, which should soften the General's approach! Maff Evans Steering carefully through the enemy munitions dump in your speedy Fast Attack Vehicle.
GRAPHICS AND SOUND The presentation of Heavy Metal is very good, with an effective animated introduction and some extemely tough-looking intermission screens. However, the actual in-game graphics vary from good to all right. The ADAT screen is the most impressive, with a well-drawn display and smooth scrolling and animation, but the MBT section has a rather simplistic look, with simple wire frame graphics used to portray the surrounding proceedings.
There is a solid option, but this only works for the scenery, not for enemy vehicles. The sound doesn't really make much use of the Amiga's capabilities, sounding more like that old 8-bit warhorse the Commodore 64 LASTING INTEREST The three simulators are in essence three different games, requiring a completely individual approach and use of tactics.
Even if you manage to beat the three individual sections there is the tactical game which takes more thought and planning before you can overcome the odds and beat the enemy forces, no matter how skilful your driving and shooting may be.
GRAPHICS 6 SOUND 4 INTELLECT 5 ADDICTION 7 OVERALL 77% JUDGEMENT Despite some rough edges in the audio-visual department and some annoying delays while playing the game, Heavy Metal isn't a bad combat simulation.
The three sections are tough to master and present a fair challenge when combined in the strategic element of the game, especially when you're outnumbered almost two to one!
The feel is more ‘arcade’ like than straight wargaming, making the game easier to get into than some of the more complex simulations available - a fact that may repel strategists but will be welcomed by blast fans. But both these groups may find Heavy Metal a bit of light relief from their usual games.
THE VEHICLES Air Defence Anti-Tank This high-tech monster is armed w*h automatic laser-trackng missiles to take out planes and a 30mm cannon for blasting jets and tanks. The mssdes are about 90% effective, but the enemy attacks in waves and the missde can only pick out one target at a tone. Also, the missiles are only capable of GroundtoAir flight so be ready with your cannon!
Main Battle Tank In this section you control the tank from both the Gunner’s and the Driver’s positions. The automatic Laser Targettng System picks out enemy positions and gives you the nformabon you need to home in and blast them. Be ready to use a smokescreen, as the enemy has a sdniar targeting system.
Fast Attack Vehicle Lookmg rather Ike a beach buggy with guns, this vehicle is designed to penetrate enemy defence areas very qwckfy to inflict as much damage as possiile on their vehicles and equipment in a short space of tone. Watch out for tanks and Guistops, as the FAV isn’t very heavily armoured.
GRAPHICS AND SOUND Graphically, Impossamole does its duty with no real quibbles to be had. It is certainly not up to the 'Criwens look at that for some mind bending imagery!" Standard, but who needs their minds bent when you've got small bear-chested chappies with attitudes bearing down on you? The backgrounds themselves are fine: nothing to complain about or to get overty excited about, for that matter. There are the occasional perspective changes in the form of trees and spears going behind then in front of you - jolly stuff but nothing to get agitated over. Monty himself is drawn with what
an art critic might say was a "sympathetically cartoonesque style" - in other words he's cute as a box of two-week-old kittens in soft focus.
The soundtrack changes from an introductory drum machine, scratch and stiff blast to a weirdly lilting game tune. Of course, if it's not your bag there's always the Walkman. Monty's death throes, it must be said, sound less like the passing of a hero and more like the final moans of a prima-ballerina.
The animal with the vision problems is back and this time he's brought an extra eight bits with him. Monty Mole has finally found his way over to the big boys Although the game itself has not been out on the Amiga, the feel certainly has. You have to horizontally scroll your way through four scenes - the Klondike, the Orient, the Amazon and Ice World - before qualifying for the final level. The main obstacles in your path are beasties who you may be forced to duff up.
With a lot of the beasties - the grey birds in the Klondike (they might be bats) or the puffins in Iceworld (!) - there's little pomt in attempting to ruck them unless you’ve picked up some additional weaponry along the way. Your best bet is to spread your cape (they've given Monty a cape) and attempt to |ump, fall or fly over attackers.
Jumping and falling, you ask?
There’s a glut of it. Most of your hme is spent off ground, mainty because many of the surfaces 'pon which you might land are treacherous m the extreme: mox ing rocks, sinking rocks, nasty oozey chemicaHooking gunge and spears which do to a mole that which was done to Perkin Warbeck (he was lowered onto a red hot poker so that... you get the idea).
Oce you've sorted out the then you’ve got plenty of btsnhoCs to pick up along the ¦ay Because you play the game
• C- one Me but are capable of tanng sever a h*s. You should keep
your eyes out for some life- sustaining food. This comes in the
form of worms, ice creams and other nosh (now normally opening
a can of worms is the last thing you’d want to do but there you
have it... a funny old game). Also be on the lookout for
jewels, lumps of gold, coins and anything else dosWike which
might come in handy if you have occasion to meet a shopkeeper
along the way.
GREMLIN £19.99 ¦ Joystick After making your way through the initial four scenes and biffing the endof-level guardians you get a crack at the Bermuda Triangle - to win this you have to smg it better than Barry Mamlow. No, seriously, if you have the patience to achieve the feat then it is Bermuda ahoy, Tim Smith LASTING INTEREST How do I put this? Not very much, really. Although the game- play is standard stuff it lacks the thought required by something like Rick Dangerous. After a while you will find yourself blasting through creatures purely to get to the end of the screen and not really
caring whether or not you make it just as long as you can say that you've seen the end.
This stream of impatience is added to by the fact that the death of the mole finds you twiddling your thumbs or making three cups of coffee while the game gets itself together once again. This does nothing whatsoever for the concentration and peps up the irritancy factor eleventy-ftve per cent. The loading screens are blank, grey areas with nothing to keep you amused.
JUDGEMENT All in all, a game for the young at heart and patient of nature.
There’s lots to do and little thought required to do it. It doesn't take too long to suss out who can and who cannot be beaten to a pulp with ease The additional weaponry which you chance upon every so often seems to have a life-span close to that of a mayfly at a frogs' convention. One of those games which you might play from time to time just to see. But not one which you would rummage through your collection for. A nice effort, a cute character and some passable gameplay.
GRAPHICS 5 SOUND 4 INTELLECT 4 ADDICTION 4 OVERALL 60% fls many R« Pt*cc £69.99 ONLY CI4.W Rcc Pnce £99 99 ONLY £29 99 Rfx Prxr CJ4 99 ONLY C6.W |R«
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Set a thief to catch a thief: that’s the current rule in crime-busting. Resolution 101 was passed in January 2038 and it instantly allowed criminals held in state prisons the chance to gam themselves amnesty and freedom by helping the state. In etfect.
That means sending them out on a mission to terminate an even more dastardly criminal than they are themselves.
You are one such criminal m search of a pardon, so with your licence to kill m one hand and the keys to your Theta 4000 ground skimmer m the other you head oft to prove you are worthy to reioin society. Your mission, then, is to track down and terminate four drug barons operating in the small southern city of Los Envegas.
Each baron controls a certain sector of the city and dealing with them involves destroying their henchmen and drug runners and collecting the red capsules of drugs they drop. Once you’ve collected a set number of the capsules you can go after the baron - destroy his ship and you can move on to the next sector.
The baron won’t be defeated, though, because he’s got his vehi cle covered by insurance which means he can be destroyed on three separate occasions before he finally lies down and dies. This effectively makes the game a twelve-level affair, with each baron being ‘killed’ three times.
Your vehicle is also insured, but you can be destroyed four times. You can up your insurance rating (gam another life) by collect ing the yellow capsules which are dropped occasionally by the barf dies (four for a life).
The game is viewed from the cockpit of your skimmer, which is divided into a large window through which you watch all the action thafs happening around you, and below that an insfrumenf panel containing your radar (which can be set on enemy or shop mode, more about the shops later) Another baddie bites the dust. Pick up enough of these red pods and then locate the white dot on your radar which represents the baron - then you can blast him.
THE FOUR EVIL DRUG BARONS JAKE JOUKOWSKI 60 AMIGA F0RMA1 and several other bits and pieces designed to make your vigilante life a bit easier.
Initially you’re armed with a front-firing machine gun. Which is OK to start with, but once a baron has gone down hell start rebuild ing his forces and equipping them with more destructive firepower.
To compete you'll have to start thinking about visiting the shops and buying yourself some upgrades: missiles, cannons and speed booster pods. These all cost money, of course, so ifs fortunate that enemy skimmers carry wads of dosh - if they’re not carrying pods - which you can collect and spend.
As well as returning your fire, the enemy skimmers drop bad pods which can cause severe damage to your skimmer if you’re foolish enough to pick them up.
Then there’s the time limit - enough drug pods have to be collected before the baron completes his current drugs run, because if he makes it you lose one of your lives.
Shoot around the place taking on anything that moves, collect the pods and money and go for the baron. Make it to the end of Level 12 and you’ll have earned your freedom. Andy Smith GRAPHICS AND SOUND We must point out the version we reviewed had no music or effects, but Millennium assure us both will up to the standard of the graphics - which are very good indeed. The filled 3D moves around extremely quickly and though the enemy ships are a little basic they are well animated. A very fast, very good- looking game.
The baron makes a fleeting appearance. Got all the dropped drug cannisters? Then keep on his tail and let him have it!
LASTING INTEREST Lose a life on a level and the whole thing has to be started again, which makes life difficult.
There is the option to save the game at the end of every level, though, to balance things out.
Considering the vast numbers of enemy ships that must be destroyed and the length of time it takes to earn enough money to buy upgrades, this is going to keep you skimming around and blasting for some bme.
JUDGEMENT Very good graphics, the game plays very well and ifs a fun blast-em-up. Things start to get a bit repetitive, though, and ifs not until you start exploring the world of when to go for money rather than drugs that things pick up again.
It hasn't got the legs to make it into the Format Gold league, simply because it needs more variety. But it has a damn good try.
DIRECTION FINDER Pomts towards the nearest drug runner or shop VENGEAN MM** In the 22nd Century our alien enemies are becoming pretty sophisticated, so we're having to alter our thinking to keep up with them. That’s why the Cyborg Research Facility was set up - and this time they've got something special up their sleeve.
Lieutenant Kowalski, a trooper in the elite marines, has been badly injured in a battle on Titan.
Rather than just patch him up and send him back out, the boys at the research facility have decide to re-build him as a computer- assisted fighting machine.
US GOLD £24.99 ¦ Joystick Extensive tests need to be made on Kowalski, re-named RemOTe Offworld Xenoprobe (ROTOX), before he goes back mto service: so he’s been shipped off to Neptune to the new testing complex. Which, naturally, is where you come in.
Rotox is a singleplayer puzzle shoot-em-up and is, as they say, viewed from above. You have direct control over Rotox. Who is centred in the screen, and you must battle through ten levels each made up of nine sectors.
1) ©- There's a bonus weapon in the middle of all those guns, so
close your eyes and get in there.
Greeted by a wave of aliens a gun emplacement, it's at time to test your weapons.
Complete a set of nine sectors and you then move onto another level and another nine sectors. On each sector there is a specific number of enemies to destroy, including flying aliens in waves and gun emplacements. Destroy them all and the screen flashes to let you know the job’s done Then you can move on to the next.
This is where things tend to get much trickier because moving between the sectors is far from easy. There are thm walkways to negotiate (if you're lucky) as well as revolving, sliding and disappearing platforms to cross.
Destroying the aliens and moving from sector to sector can be made easier if you manage to pick up extras such as missile lauichers and jet-packs. These aren't always enough, though, because the aliens come thick and fast at times and contact with them reduces your energy, as does falling off the platforms. You have three lives per credit and five credits so getting some way into the game shouldn't be too much trouble. Once you start hitting the higher levels you'll wish you had a lot more! Andy Smith GRAPHICS 7 SOUND 3 INTELLECT 5 ADDICTION 7 OVERALL 84% JUDGEMENT The puzzle shootmg mix works
very well, the graphics work well and the whole game hangs together excellently More and slightly different puzzles would have made things better, but even so it's a good game that requires a good bit of hand-to- eye coordination One you'll enjoy working through.
LASTING INTEREST The gameplay starts easily enough, to get you into the feel of things, but soon gets hard enough to challenge the most dedicated puzzle fans.
Passwords save the tedium for impatient players, allowing you to concentrate on the more difficult screens - but they have to be earned! The 16 levels get progressively more difficult, making you learn new tactics.
Even when all 16 levels have been completed, there is a totally new set to keep you busy for another couple of weeks.
Hands up who likes rock music! That many, huh? Well imagine a place where there is no more rock and only classical music remains. Sounds pretty dull, doesn't it? This is the situation in Infogrames’ latest 'jolly' offering - remember Bubble Ghost? Creaky old conductors rule the world of music with their dusty horns and creaky oboes, keeping lovers of rock music in a state of despair.
But there is a solution... One solitary copy of the King’s (Elvis Presley’s, dim-wit) first recording still exists, guarded by the classical tyrants. If it could be liberated and brought to the masses, then the world would be a happier, if not noisier, place. Who is the man for the job? Who else but a descendent of Jumping Jack Flash - the one that made it all right (in fact he made it a gas) in the Rolling Stones' classic hit.
Jumping Jack Son must travel through the strange dimension where the recording is kept, revealing and playing any other rock recordings he can find before the classical instruments destroy them. This isn't as easy as it sounds, since the records are all hidden in zones built up of square platforms. Certain sechons of the zones have to be turned to the same colour, by leaping on them, which makes a record appear.
Jack can then pick it up and take it to the correspondingly-coloured record deck in order to set it playing, building up the tune with drums, bassline and harmony.
Once all the records have been placed on the decks, Jack can go on to the next level. Spirits sent out by the classical tyrants wander around the zones trying to stop him from completing his quest, giving Jack a good biffing if they can catch him.
Jack can drop a limited supply of cassettes in front of his enemies to hold them at bay for a while, as well as picking up items along the way to help him. These include sleeping pills to put the instruments to bed, harcknan rock shades to scare them off or coloured Walkmen for magic powers such as invisibility.
At various stages throughout the game challenge' stages appear. On these Jack must find a route through the level to enlarge glass orbs, but each square can only be crossed once. If this task is completed, then a password to higher levels is given. If Jack fails then he gets nowt! Maff Evans GRAPHICS AND SOUND Bouncy platform games really need to have bright, colourful graphics and bop-along sound to work. Fortunately Jumping Jack Son has both in abundance. The levels are colourful and sprites have a jolly and humorous look.
Jack himself is a fine figure of a bubble, with cool shades and a multi-coloured floppy haircut.
The overhead platform view is reminiscent of the superb puzzle game Bombuzal, but with its own definite character. The 'raunchy' rock music pushes the gameplay along nicely, being more Rolling Stones than Guns 'n' Roses, with a boppy, Tun' feel to it.
GRAPHICS 7 SOUND 7 INTELLECT 6 ADDICTION 8 OVERALL 81% JUDGEMENT INFOGRAMES £19.99 ¦ Joystick It's always fun to play jolly puzzle games and when they’re as well put-together as this it is a real treat. The format is basically a reworking of an old theme, dating to the days of Q-Bert, but with enough twists to turn it into an original product. It's not the best puzzle game ever, but the fun presentation and compulsive gameplay make it one well worth checking out. Now. I wonder if anyone can do the same sort of thing for indie music... NO CHANCE TO VISIT THE WORLD CUP 1990 IN ITALY?
Then gel ready lor the world's most exciting Sports spectacular With WORLD CUP 90 we give you the chance to challenge the worlds best teams.
UNIQUE PLAYING FEATURES (Taken from Amiga Version - others may vary) ? Player vs Player option * Up to 4 Players can build two teams and same time (Joystick interlace required) * Multidirectional scro| flg| mode * Replay motion * 3D penalty kick * Therr a gameplay vou can to- use slide kicks_ov M fl many mo'“ ?
A nutshe phostbusten* )££ a- i doubtedly monster hit."
ST Action.
°ecenibei I I C t the action is out, tne by ?hCrCe°emneatierendl- th the film's t0 Play" ==*¦£5 CKVG, December "A great license which puts the movie's action sequences to very good use in three varied and playable levels."
CsfVG, December a_j hbb hi. Mail order: INTERMEDIATES LTD PO BOX 847 HARLOW CM21 9PH Tel: 0279 600197 CONSUMER ENQUIRIES TECHNICAL SUPPORT Tel: 0734 310003 "Scenes from t film, some of th.
Rather adventuroi have been ing piously interpret.
* nto very origin arcade gameplay... ST Action, December GH Older
game players may remember the game Tron, based on the film, in
which two players rode along on light cycles that left a trail,
the idea of the game being to force your opponent into one of
the trails. Well, that's the basic idea behind Wipe Out. Of
course, there’s a lot more to it than that.
For a start, the one or two player game is played on Hoverboards, which are like skateboards that float on air. Bouts are contested in an arena, each bout consisting of three sets, each set of three legs. The first player to win two legs wins the set and two sets win the match.
Every match you play alters your position in the league (the number of players in the league depends which planet you happen to be on) and you gain or lose points depending on the outcome.
As well as points, money can also be won and lost on the outcome of matches and it's the acquisition of money that eventually allows you buy better boards and travel to other solar systems.
0 ¦¦¦ ¦ J3 y ol +0002056 021 jjsgj +0001748 O jfr 155 +0001719 | J82| +0001701 ljJ-481+0001686 New, improved boards generally have better top speeds, can turn tighter corners and some can even jump trails, which is especially handy when you're in a tight spot. When you start coming up against the better opponents you'll want to give yourself every advantage and have a decent board.
You'll also want to pick up extras from the arena if there are any available - they appear at random.
These extras allow you to go through trails and even remove a player's trail, but activating them can be a bit tricky, especially if done using only the joystick.
Mahoon's doing very well at the top of the league with 91 matches played (not all in one season!) And only 19 lost.
Notoriety with I Frankenstein Jr Their ¦*¦ greats as *' “ ir, was much t ...cu o..v got what it I to see if they can keep up I
- ---- - Hockey ‘ ° WIPE OUT Each season lasts 15 matches and at
the end you are awarded a medal if you win the league. To
challenge for a higher star rating (star ratings run from 0 to
8) you'll have to jump to a higher-rated solar system in the
galaxy and take on their bottom league player.
GONZO GAMES £19.99 ¦ Joystick or Keyboard The game will only allow you to travel to another system if you have more game points than that planet's lowest-rated player, so progress takes some time. To keep things exciting in the meantime you can always jump to another planet in your own solar system, and battle it out on two new arenas. Andy Smith GRAPHICS AND SOUND There are only a tew sound effects which can best be described as all nght, but there's also music which plays throughout which is much better. The graphics are not brilliant and they don't move too smoothly giving the game a
primitrve look This doesn't spoil your enjoyment ot the game, however.
LASTING INTEREST Absolutely loads of it. Working your way up through the ratings will take weeks of play, and just when you think you're getting to grips with an arena and can take on all comers, along comes a better computer player and you have to rethink your tactics all over again. And if you're playing with another human in your league things can really hot up.
GRAPHICS 6 SOUND 5 INTELLECT 6 ADDICTION 8 OVERALL 85% ¦mu'nmrn PH ¦¦PlESI A ffiuTS i aj. I. x‘.r» H H» Tricky one, this: you are both playing inside that vertical strip with nowhere else to go.
JUDGEMENT It's a very tactical game. Not only will you have to have a quick joystick hand for those tight turns, but you'll need your wits about you constantly if you're to win because this is not a game for cowards. Chances have to be taken and you have to go out there and force your opponent into making mistakes, rather than just waiting and hoping he messes up. A good game and a great start for Gonzo - let’s hope they keep it up.
Big bad company Centro Holographs has taken two human subiects, turned them into holograms (fairly solid holograms, but we'll put that down to artistic licence) and for the sake of economy put them both into one body.
This has obviously irritated Hammerfist, the tall, dark, violent male, as well as Metalisis, the tall, blond, violent female who, by the way, has a kick like a Thai boxer on steroids. They decide to steam into Centro, do the business and leave the place looking like Bournemouth beach after a friendly footy match.
HAMMERFIST ACTIVISION £24.99 ¦ Joystick Unhappily the company feels it has a right to stop secondary fighting. They decide to lob in a few guards, the occasional zipping robot, a few traps, the odd giant ant and some militant vegetables in order to protect their property.
Both Hammy and Metty play their own roles in the game. The former is skilled in firing laser bolts from his... er, hammer-like fist - you will need to keep picking up the red power-ups with the Ls in the middle in order for this weapon to function. Failing this, he can use a hammer-action fist. This latter weapon is handier than you might think - some of the stooping, white-overalled guards will duck laser fire.
Metalisis is no slouch herself.
While Ham-the-man is beefy, he is no good at all at leaping onto higher levels or moving at any speed. Metalisis is highly reminiscent of Daryl Hanna's high-kicking, flick-flacking android from Blade Runner. She also comes armed with side kicks and a pretty neat line in ducking and jumping.
Moving between characters is simple enough, you |ust push the joystick up and shazam! Each of the characters then has their own moves and weapon manipulation - a handy little ID card fills you in on this lot. Once you’ve got the moves sorted out it’s time to get into the fray. Each screen you meet comprises a number a enemies, maybe a puzzle or two and some computer screens to head butt. Once certain of the screens have been busted and a few droids wasted, the security on the room will have been breached and it’s time to move on to the next.
Each guard, droid, terminal or vegetable destroyed provides power-ups, energy or weapons but beware, the Master is also watching you. Occasionally, when his (or it might be a her] energy is built up, each of the power-ups becomes a deadly skull-faced antimatter blob. Avoid these at all costs. You should also be aware of the re-charging stations along the way. Plugging into these follows the same routine as terminal bashing. Again watch out, you may well send too much charge up your central circuits and end up by frazzing yourself - game over!
With all this going on you might think that death would come quickly, but far from it.
Hammerfist has the luxurious edge in that it allows you to play and play for hours on end. Every time you look like dying, you head back to the recharging point, find yourself a strategic spot and stand there blasting the foe. Relax for a while in a secluded storeroom and catch your breath. Once you've rested up, it's back to the fray with a vengeance. Playing with a little thought and some skill you could keep going for days Tim Smith GRAPHICS AND SOUND Nice bit of scrolling here. All very smooth with no jagged edges which suddenly make you realise that you're not in fact there but are in a
small bedsit in East Moisey. The flick-flacks of Metalisis are particularly joyful to watch as are the exploding backgrounds. Nothing appears static for too long which gives a pleasantly manic feel to the whole thing. The soundtrack is fairly work-a-day, nothing to write to Smash Hits about. The effects are also passable with the odd explosion and rather emasculated laser burst.
LASTING INTEREST Tons and tonnes of it. Because you can keep playing for hours, you can really explore those rooms and work out some tactics. This latter point, tactics, raises Hammerfist from a basic horizontal scrolling hack'n'slash to a different level of gameplay.
When the Master becomes active, there is no point in blasting for power-ups, you have to think a little. Each screen provides its own difficulties, each puzzle it own solutions.
Great stuff.
JUDGEMENT At first sight you could be fooled into thinking that Hammerfist was merely another bish, bash, bosher. It is possible to play it like that. But don't be fooled.
Reflexes are taxed to the limit and brain cells are not left to atrophy. Reaching the end of this outing is certainly not the easiest task in the world and for once you really do want to reach it.
One problem did crop up in the 'Room of the pumping screws' - if you fall off one of the platforms there’s there's no way of getting back - you don't die, but you're not on screen either.
Aside from this, Hammerfist is definitely a game to keep you busy for a very long time.
GRAPHICS 8 SOUND 5 INTELLECT 8 ADDICTION 9 OVERALL 89% BLISTERING PACE - PIXEL PERFECT PASSING - SUPERB TACTICAL GAME PLAY KICK OFF 2 greatly enhances the game play of KICK OFF, winner of THE GAME OF THE YEAR award in U.K. and similar awards right across Europe. A host of new features have been added to the ones that enthralled the players the world over.
Full size multi directional scrolling pitch with the players, markings etc. in correct proportion.
1 to 4 players (Amiga & ST only) option.
2 players TEAM option against the computer or 2 other players.
Hundreds of players, each with a unique combination of attributes (Stamina-Pace etc.) and skills (Passing, Shooting and Tackling etc.) Instinctive Kick Off joystick controls to c AMIGA & ST £19.95 IBM (AT & XT Turbo - CGA, EGA & VGA) £24.95 CBM 64 - SPECTRUM - AMSTRAD £9.95 £l4.95 SAM COUPE-£10.99 £14.99 shoot, head or chip a ball and do sliding tackles or scissor kicks.
After Touch controls to bend or dip the ball.
Set Piece Free kicks including dummies to chip the ball or bend the ball round a defensive wall.
9 types of corner kicks with full control of shot power. Long and short Throw In.
Tearn selection from a squad of 16 with substitution and choice of tactics.
League and Cup competitions with extra time, injury time and sudden death penalty shoot out.
Facility to view, edit and save the action replays and create Golden Shots disc.
Kit design - 6 styles and 32 colours. (Amiga & ST only) Facility to load Player Manager teams for a single game or league game.
Load your own designed Tactics from Player Manager.
Red & Yellow cards, 16 different referees. Injury time and host of features to create the atmosphere for a game which is a real fun to play.
Special Events provision to load Data Discs or Cassettes for events like World Cup, European Cup etc... Restncsed features on IBM and 8 tut machines ANCO SOFTWARE UNIT 10 BURNHAM TRADING ESTATE. LAWSON ROAO DARTFORO KENT TELEPHONE No 0322 9251192518 FAX No 0322 93*22 Latest in a long line of SSI games to reach these shores from the States is this one, two or three-player wargame simulating the war in Europe from 193945.
Wargamers will instantly realise the scale of such a simulation and be wondering if it is not, perhaps, a little too ambitious.
Players take on the responsibilities of commanding either the German, Allied or Russian armies, navies and airforces and also must concern themselves to a lesser extent with managing their home country’s economy and production. In one-player mode, the player must automatically take control of Germany, The game is played in turns, with several phases making up each turn. The issuing of orders is usually on a very grand scale, very often involving selecting and issuing orders to whole divisions at once. The game world is divided into 37 countries and sub-divided into 224 strategic areas.
Each turn lasts 3 months of game time and the amount of orders you’re allowed to issue during any one turn depends on the season - less orders during the winter in some parts of the world. Orders include attacking a neighbouring sector or country, transferring divisions to different areas, sending subs and battleships (among others) out on patrols or raids, organising air strikes against enemy installations or enemy armies and creating or removing armies.
Generally everything you wish to do for that turn has to be done and then ’Combat’ selected, which moves the game onto the combat phase and hopefully your armies go goose-stepping all over the place. Then it’s the next player's turn, so he attempts to do the same and stomp all over you.
Players can be knocked out of the game if they allow certain sectors to be captured by the enemy, at which point the conquering army takes control of all the vanquished player’s land. The game continues until only one player is left or summer 1945 comes round and Germany’s position is |udged. Andy Smith GRAPHICS AND SOUND There’s a definite C64, Apple II and PC look to most of SSI’s games and this is no different. It's very simplistic and unimaginative-looking, but the graphics do their job and the sound effects are not too bad.
LASTING INTEREST As you might expect, it takes a while to get to grips with and once you have found your feet it takes a while to play each game. There is a multitude of options that can be altered before play to make things easier or harder for yourself, so if you're into this sort of thing you'll have plenty to busy yourself with.
1*1115 d 'STtr’l }- i -I 1 ;»¦! ; lj,,| ii
• ' ,7* | 71 Select an army first, but only issue orders after
considering the statistics you are given.
The army confirms receipt of the orders which you directed at it.
Warsaw, here we come!
JUDGEMENT The scale of the game is too large, which doesn't mean it’s bad: in fact it's very good and very enjoyable once you get into it. But don't expect it to be as deep as some earlier releases.
K. *,. or « t « tin- r «•»»«'«¦ ¦l* + Gern.-ui C AS »».« 1 t y
H**l» oi »% Tall 1939 L nri c iu»i* en t yen* total d e H :U
3*1 rr i 6 1 3 1 3 z 2 2 a_ 8 8 0 Naval cui*i*en t y eai*
total 0*" 8 8 8 H H H 0 8 M 8 H~ 8 8 m Aii* Pi*ri ciu*i*en t
yeai* total M 0 H e 8 H 0 At the end of the combat phase each
side’s I (which helps you keep track of costly theatres).
Lisplayed Activision proudly presents the eagerly awaited Fighter Bomber Advanced Mission Disc For those who have taken on the original challenges in Fighter Bomber, there are now sixteen more exciting and demanding missions, with new enemies and tougher artillery.
AMIGA SCREEN et meeting of terrorist leaders is taking place aboarda submarine surrounded i heavy SAM defences - with quick wits and sharp reactions you must wipe out the enemy and destroy the whole flotilla without rearming or refueling... ...A civil airport is surrounded by enemy tanks. APCs and troops, with enemy reinforcements approaching from the North. It is likely to be over-run shortly unless swift action is taken. But with only one load of weapons will you be up to it?
Special features: Extra stunning graphics - submarines, radar towers, parked jets, windmills, trucks, mobile SAM launchers.
This one mission disc doubles the enjoyment and thrill of the original Fighter Bomber ACTIVISION!
SIMULATION SOFTWAR PCVGA SCREEN 3EI Computer Game Vektor Grafix 1990 AJ Rights Reserved ¦’“'i Mail Order Intermediates Ltd.. P.O. Box 847. Harlow CM21 9PH Tel: 0279 Consumer Technical Enquiries: 0734 310003 OUR fTlASTER WILL BE (TiOST PLEASED!
Yikes! Dan is grabbed by the Treens.
VIRGIN MASTERTRONIC £ The 18th of April saw the Eagle comic celebrating its 40th Anniversary, featuring the most famous space adventure pilot in history, Dan Dare. To celebrate this event, Virgin have released a third Dan Dare game.
The first game was very much a ‘search and find’ adventure, featuring a comic-style windowing system using many of the characters from the original strip. Digby was there, along with Dan's pet dog and the Treens led by the evil Mekon. The second made a departure from this format and plumped for the more standard scrolling shoot-em-up, with Dan flying around a maze-like Treen complex.
Dan Dare III follows the style set by the second game, being a multi-directional scrolling blast with a fair amount of searching to be done. The game starts with Dan being held by the Treens and about to be tortured with all manner of dastardly implements. Dan manages to free his bonds and give the Treens a good biff in the face to make a dash for it. After finding a |et-pack and a plazma rifle, he heads off to the hangar to find a ship to make good hil escape. Unfortunately the onl ship in the dock has no fuel, s| Dan must search the Tree complex, find enough fuel to fill1 the tank and
blast off.
DAREMANIA The 40th Anniversary of Dan Dare has sparked off a lot of interest among the Science Fiction community. The Eagle has relaunched the character in the new-look Eagle comic. Gone are the days of the peak-capped, pipe-smoking hero and in comes the new high- tech, weapon-loaded, green, non-smoking, vegetarian soldier. Fans can visit the Dan Dare Exhibition in Southport, home of Dan's creator Frank Hampson, and take a look at how the character has developed. Even a radio series has been broadcast by the BBC. If you missed it, don't worry - the stories are available on cassette.
This is where you come in.
You take control of Dan as he starts his quest in the Treen stores. You must fly around collecting additional weapons to take on the mutant forces the Mekon has sent out, which include bouncing bombs, homing missiles, energy shields and even nuclear devices. The end of the stage has a large guardian, either a giant Treen or a gun emplacement, which when shot gives you a pod to gam access to higher levels via the large transporter in the main cavern of each level.
On the higher levels the guardians sit in front of fuel canms- ters, each of which contains 10 pounds of rocket fuel. If you manage to collect 50 pounds of fuel, then you can refuel the ship, return to the stores and start up the blast-off sequence. But hurry! Dan has an appointment and it wouldn’t do to be late! Maff Evans GRAPHICS AND SOUND Dan Dare's loading sequence starts with a series of colourful and well-drawn comic frames detailing the capture and subsequent escape of our hero along with some well-sampled pieces of speech. The feel is very much that of the original comic, down to
the style of the scenery.
Unfortunately, this atmosphere isn’t carried into the game.
The sound is pretty standard, with blasting effects and a bouncy background tune, and the graphics are nothing to shout about. The sprites are small and rather flat-looking and lack the animation quality needed to bring a comic strip to life. Dan skates around the blocky scenery rather than running in a macho manner as he should. The appearance is, in all.
Dull rather than as exciting and vivid as the original strip.
Quickly and the Treen forces take a lot of shots before they die. Progress is rather slow and frustrating - many players will give up in exasperation before the final objective is reached.
JUDGEMENT The intro sequence is full of character and gives the impression that you are about to embark on an involved interpretation of the comic strip.
Unfortunately the game is just a standard hunt-and-blast episode, with very little to justify the Dan Dare link other than the Mekon sprites at the end of the levels. If shoot-em-up maze games are your thing' then you may find some enjoyment in Dan Dare III, but if you just enjoy the comic strip character then stick to buying the Eagle.
68030 Monitors Multi-Sync, 1084 0705 511439 Tlic only source ..... coll us last!
Hard Drives SCSI
20. .,300Mb Star Printers LC10... XB24-15 A500 Bat Pack + much
more Athene Computers, 16 Stoke Rd, Gosport, Star Gold
DELUXE VIDEO HI |PAL) MB: 74 9C Diaipairt ill iPAL) 5990 DtGiVIEW 4 8 • Doipa-m i Pat • ” 9 5C PHOTON PAINT i PAL l '4 99 PHOTON PAINT iPAuit M9*9 99 Professional Draw 2 !PAL -99 9C Pro Video Pius • 79 0C SCULPT 3D XL (PALI ”9 00 Tnp-a T»on 22 9C Turbo Silver 98 9 Z TV SHOW 2 I PAL' ’ MB 58 9C TV TEXT PRO (PAL) '0990 VlDi kame grabber (PAL) B4VY 99 X V Ji Colour Upgrade • 7 5C X CAD Designer i'S K MUSIC APPLICATIONS Aeg.$ Som* 2 0 4fi K Mastersouryj Ogt Z& 35 9C De*u«e Muse SC' 9C MUSIC X U K vervon '69 95 Md' Masfe’ interface 5 ports 32 95 M d' Lead 2 99 BUSINESS & EDUCATION Advantage 'S 9C
Arena Accounts 'M9'28 3C Fun Schod 2 Under 6 S 6 8 S or Over 8 s • 4 9C Home Accounts 20 99 Home Ofice K.t '26 9C Kindwords 2 35 3C Mavis Beacon Tyo-'C "utor 2' 95 PENPAL (PAL 'M9 96 9C PROTEXT V4 2 i-ec ' Mg 65 X Pagesetter V2 i pal ¦ • MS "9 9C Professional Page '3 ' Mec * ~3 9C PUBLISHERS CHOICE *4 9C Starter Kit 59 0C Transcnpt 32 50 Word Perfect 4 t cur*er? ««r ' 59 9C WORKS PLATINUM ' 29 90 QUALITY JOYSTICKS & ACCESSORIES Comp Pro 5000 * 3 90 Comp Pro Extra oear uc Super Profession* autcAr* • 3 90 Micro Blaster ' 3 90 A500 Control Ce * 45 X A500 Dust Cove' 4 55 Mouse Mat 5 95 10x35' DSDO
dv«s • aowi 9 95 TD K. AUDIO I VIDEO TAPES AD90 (*5| 6 75E24CHS *2 8 99 AR90 ( 5) 7 45 E'»H *oe4 55 SA90 1x5) 8 99 E24C-*n ao* 5 99 SAX90 (x3l 6 49 E-eC-*** 5 99 MA90(x3» 8 55 E2 -*F 599 Ninja spirit Outrun Player Manager Populous !Fr« 1390 1699 8 99 1699 1750 ’490 T Shirt 22 90 1699 (Courier £5 AMIGA PACK t Amiga A500 Batpack Inc Tv Promised Lands modulator. Batman Interceptor New Ra'nbow islands Zealand Story Deiu»e Pa.nt il 23 PD Robocop Games 375 00 **" AMIGA PACK 2 Asm 1 win to Sta- Pack 399 00 AmiGA PACK 3 Am ga Fl nt Of Fantasy 375 00 ATARI LYNX sonaoe Game Console i 74 90 A-oa A5O0 &
Stereo Monno 6’9 00 °n, ips 8833 Ste*eo Monitor 255 00 A590 Hard D»?ve 379 00
* 2 Meg E«p*ns*x Clock 79 00 Cumana 3 5’ Drve Port.Sw*ch85 00
Oiveni colour printer 2’0 00 Star IC10 Colour Printer 225 00
Sc abde Deluxe Snaoow o’ the Beast Shadow War- or S Je Arms
Space Ace Space Hamer II Speedba" thSeestooges Tennis Cup Tower
O* Babe' Triad II Triad hi Turbo Outrun TV Soons BasMetbaT
Untouchades Wameaa World Bo«:ng Manager World Cup Soccer XENON
Bioodwycn Data D sk BOMBER CONQUEROR 11 90 34 90 1290 1650 1290
’790 1750 ’690 ’699 20 99 ’699 ’999 ’650 ’750 1399 1399 ’6 90
AMIGA 1750 ’490 n 99 1750 1750 20 99 ’990 FROM AS LITTLE AS
LEISURE Altered Beast Ater The War Art Heads Data Dis* Batman
tne Move BATTLE CHESS 3iac* T oer Casce Master CHASE HQ Colony
(The) Count DuCfcula CyDerpall Cycles (The) Damocles Doude
Dragon u aaonnm|a Elite ’6 50 M4 50 ’0 99 ’6 99 ’6 99 ’750 ’699
’699 ’990 899 ’4 50 ’6 99 ’690 1399 ’6 99 ’690 Drakkhen OUNGEON
MASTER (’ MEG) 17 50 Faery Tale Adventure ’3 90 F 16 COMBAT
PILOT COMMODORE V i" 10 £9.99 50 £39.99 100 £69.99 Escape
From Robot Monsters ’4 50 ESCAPE FROM SINGE S CASTLE34 90 F 16
FALCON 20 99 ’6 90 20 99 27 90 17 50 DOUBLE SIDED HIGH QUALITY
Extra Time Garrison II Gauntlet H hoi Rod impossamoie INFESTATION mterphase Italy -90 . it Came From The Desen 11 ivanhoe Jack Nickiaus Golf K-ckOfl Knights 0« Ihe Crystaltion Lost Patrol Magnum 4 |4 pack) Manchester United MIDWINTER Moorrwalker 799 899 899 1750 1390 16 90 16 50 1750 meg) 20 99 16 99 16 90 1390 16 99 ’17 50 20 99 1690 1990 16 50 FUTURE WARS Southern UKEurope Scenery 13 Hawuan Odyssey 13 90 Heroes Quest 24 90 INDIANA JONES ADVENTURE 17 50 Journey Leisure Suit Larry II leisure Suit Larry III Pirates ULTIMA V Ultimate GoH XENOMORPH' GRAPHICS & VIDEO Aegis Video
T.ti r 21 50 23 90 26 90 16 90 20 99 16 99 16 50 AMIGA 84 90 24HR ORDER HOTLINE-0509 610444 Cnmpumart free deliveTy DELUXE PAINT III |PAi t Mbi 59 90 '95 Please Send Cheques. Postal Orders to * s Avadat HAMMERSOFT. IDEPTF) Tllw«»»!**°" P..ce. .11 .ncj* SffiSTfW*. “sS;rs' 's'"rs!
NORFOLK NR9 3DS - Access. Visa. Eurocard A Mastercard Accepted Cheques Subject to clear.
Prices all include VAT A 1st Class Postage inUK (E«aep* please add 2 00 per itemAr* * oI Pom Service COMPUMART, DEPT. AFM, JUBILEE DRIVE, LOUGHBOROUGH. LEICESTERSHIRE LE1I OXS.
R All prices include V.A.T. hhm
• %C&VG HIT Screenshots various systems new 30 real time
animation system, e One or two player games.
Four player ability levels-amateur, semi-pro, pro and Ace.
View the game from any one of ten “camera" angles - Infinite on ST and Amiga.
To play topspln and backspin balls, e True control over the direction of your shots, e T.V. tennis theme tunes, e Any-tlme save option.
E 04 dMferent computer opponents, with 16 skill levels.
E 72 tournaments to play in all based on real events with genuine court conditions and prize monies.
• 4 court surfaces - grass, clay, carpet and cement - each
affecting game piay.
• Digitised pictures (ST and Amiga)
• Digitised voice of real Wimbledon umpire (ST and Amiga).
• Choose which 22 tournaments to play in a full tennis season,
against world class competition and aim to earn a million
C64 • C64 DISK • SPECTRUM • AMSTRAD • AMSTRAD DISK • ST • AMIGA SCREENPLAY The nefarious King John was a bit of a rogue in the Middle Ages when good King Richard was away crusading, spreading the good word and killing anyone who wouldn’t listen. It was a time of legends and of legendary heroes - Robin Hood, the Three Musketeers and the star of this game, Ivanhoe.
As the knight in shining, ifs your |ob to travel to Austria and rescue Richard the Lionheart from his imprisonment in a castle. That means travelling through five horizontally-scrolling areas taking on all sorts of nasty types who are in league with King John.
Armed with just a shield and a sword it’s tough work making your way through the stages, fighting off the magicians who lob fireballs at you, the archers who hide in trees and the thugs who come at you with anything they can get their hands on.
As in most hack 'n' slash games, you can use a series of aggressive moves and non-aggressive moves, depending on whether you have the fire button depressed or not. There are also extra weapons to collect by killing certain yobs (like the ones in trees) including a bigger shield and a triple shot which has the strange effect of turning you into three Ivanhoes so you can attack front, back and overhead all at once.
J UN Unfortunately, all the extra weapons have a limited lifespan and you lose any extras once you lose one of your five lives.
Should you make it to the end of a level you are rewarded with the chance of a bonus fight against a large enemy, which gives you an extra life if you manage to slay him Andy Smith OCEAN £24.99 ¦ Joystick GRAPHICS AND SOUND There’s been a lot of noise made about the graphics of the game because some of the people who did the cartoon movie Asterix have worked on them. It shows, too, because the sprites and backgrounds are very impressive. Less impressive, however, is the animation, which is slightly jerky. The sound effects and music are somewhat less than awe inspiring.
LASTING INTEREST This game is murderously tough, so it will take you a while to complete it. Unfortunately all but the most determined players will give up the attempt long before the final screen.
JUDGEMENT Looks great, plays mediocre.
The gameplay is lacking in variety despite the quantity of different areas, so boredom sets in quickly. Sadly, Ivanhoe is not up to the high standard we have come to expect from Ocean.
GRAPHICS 8 SOUND 4 INTELLECT 2 ADDICTION 5 OVERALL 52% The US Army fly boy heroes train at Fort Rucker, a school where good pilots get better and bad pilots get dead!
Training's a head-to-head duel against another pilot. The screen's horizontally split with one chopper on either section, each with an Alrwo f-style base hidden in a volcano in which to re-arm and re-fuel.
16 BLITZ MASTERTRONIC £4.99 ¦ Joystick The aim is to collect the constituent parts of a bomb scattered around the playing area, drop them one by one back at base, then use the bomb to blast the other guy's base back into the desert. With both helicopters competing for one set of bomb parts everything's bound to end in tears.
The small chopper sprites suit the split screen well but are tricky to control. The scenery is just desert and rocks, but all extremely solid. And is complemented by the mandatory 'phut, phut' sound effects occasionally interrupted by a wimpy cannon-fire effect.
PROTECTOR As a solo game Protector replaces interest and excitement with frustration. The computer's an annoyingly predictable but irritatingly good pilot. As a two-player game it has its moments, but there just aren't enough of these to make for an enjoyable game.
It can't be considered a bad deal - everything works and there's a small element of strategy involved. This, however, can't disguise the lack of real gameplay and regardless of the price that has to be the bottom line for leisure software. Trenton Webb GRAPHICS 6 SOUND 2 INTELLECT 5 ADDICTION 4 OVERALL 52% Ready formatted and auto-booting for the 2000. Can be a card, bay mounted or in seperate case-Your Choice. We fit the OMTI rapid caching controller for really FAST mass storage The 24 Millsec Toshiba drives we use are so quiet you cannot hear them run and a 44 meg system will cost
you a LOW £450 and 66 meg at RIDICULOUS £550 A hundred ' (COMMODORE'S OWN 40 MEG RETAILS AT pounds cheaper than elsewhere WORKS IN THE NEW B3000 ONLY FROM SPIRIT-FIRST YET AGAIN £700.000) You provide the ST506 drive and we sell you an A500 A1000 B2000 interface, controller, cables (extra long 36") and fan cooled power supply in a stylish drive case that holds a full height drive or two half height. (The system supports 2 drives) The full kit costs £299 (RLL) or £289 (MFM) Or buy a complete A500 A1000 system 44 megs for £499 ©©TJHDW!
STAND 80 16 BIT SHOW London on the 28th, 29th, 30th June& 1st July, For the B2000. From SP F? 7"The very latest type of technology using a ram controller chip to avoid the wait state on the CPU (as with other boards).
Continguous memory NOT fragmented.
8 meg board with graphics software support disk and utilities.
2 megs a LOW £275 8 megs £699 As for the OCTABYTE but this one is for the A500 and A1000 and plugs into the expansion slot. The beauty of this one is that you can plug it into your 2000 when you upgrade so your investment is NOT wasted. In a very stylish low height chassis 2 megs a LOW £325 BOTH BOARDS WILL ALSO WORK IN THE NEW B3000 All our ram boards go with a utilities disk to turn ram on off. No need now for silly switches. Also with the latest virus checkers £39 no clock £45 + clock 37 CECIL STREET, LYTHAM, LANCS, FY8 5NN Tel 0253-734218 Fax 0253-736035 Callers by appointment please. Open
llam-6pm Mon-Friday ON-LINE support number available. PRICES INCLUDE VAT We are the Official Northern European SPIRIT TECHNOLOGY;
C. SA.; LEADMAN ELEC distributors. Dealers welcome MUSIC X Full
Version at a ridiCUlOUS £89 rrp £224! Or £99 with a midi
SOUND TRAP III the best sampler & AUDIOMASTER the best software at a silly £49.95 rrp £97 SONIX and MIDI £33 rrp £79 SUPERBASE 2 £25 rrp £99 KINDWORDS 2 £25 rrp £54 MAXIPLAN 500 £25 rrp £99 (all 3 above for £65.00 save loadsamoney) F29 RETALIATOR £15 IT CAME FROM THE DESERT £15 ? 1I TrT mm ASSIktFiATQfi
C. S.A. r&? AS mwd vbwbmavmlaiui Upgrade your A500 or B2000 to
more power. Asynchronous design, surface mount technology
provides blazing fast CPU performance at 25 and 33 Mhz.
Switches to 68000 mode when required. Optional math
co-processor can run up to 50 Mhz for racing through
rendering, ray-tracing. 32BIT wide SRAM for putting Kickstart
into RAM for blazing fast operations. Uses your existing 16
bit wide ram or use the optional 1 -8 meg 32 bit ram board,
double socketted for 4 meg Drams taking it up to 32 meg!!
This board can give you up to 11 times performance gain over a standard Amiga. Wait state selectable RAM gives faster throughput. Rendering an animation in Scupt 4D that took 18 hours in 68000 mode took just 32 minutes in 68030 mode. Faster than Commodore's 68030 board. Unlimited upgrade capability-expand as your needs and wallet allows.. LOWEST priced 68030 accelerator for any Amiga The same board for the A500 fits in the B2000 so your upgrade path is secure. You can start with the bare board then add the co-processor, 32bit SftAM, then the 32 bit memory board, later put a 33 Mhz 68030 in and
upgrade the 68882 to 50 Mhz. Technical support available.
25 Mhz 68882 £230 33 Mhz board £835 33 Mhz 68882 £290 50 Mhz 68882 £499 512Kof 32 bit SRAM £299 32bit ram board available July, 1990 Send for full specification, details& prices.
This advert was done with this 68030 board & Pagestream V2.0 in a traction ot the time it would have taken with a standard Amiga and output to a Postscript Laser.
If you order your 68030 RACER before 1 st July, 1990 GET B3000 POWER IN YOUR AMIGA!
B2000 COMPUTER Revision 6.2 with Fatter Agnus and UK warranty £799 when you trade in your A500 for £300 and buy the computer and one other peripheral of your choice from us.
Computer onlv £899 A500 owners need have no more power problems with our fan cooled 150watt 20 amp power supply.
Attach as many peripherals as you want £69 m m h; p.ans)Q)'J A1000 memory board with clock, can autoconfigure as512K, 1meg, 1.5 meg. Software ram test disk
1. 5 megs £250 SPIRIT'S INTERLOCK GENLOCK is a professional
quality design, and yet mid-priced to enable excellent,
affordable technical video production or post-production. Send
for full specification.
£399 Soon to come are some special effects hardware and software so look out for our adverts.
IJMlf'JTSftftUPTASiLl P.3JJ. What happens if you are working on the computer and the power goes? So does your data. Not any more. We now sell an uninterruptable power unit that will support four devises at 300 watts for 15 minutes after a power failure. £199 FAT TRAPPER IS A 4 MEG RAM BOARD THAT FITS IN THE TRAPDOOR SLOT UNDER THE A500!
Only the market leaders in this field, SPIRIT could bring you such a lovely piece of kit. Forget your
1. 5‘s, your 1,8's and even the 2 meg boards just out. Make a
quantum leap to new technology.
Populate it as 512k. 1 meg, 1.5 meg 2 meg & 4 meg. Works with 512k chip ram and 1 meg chip ram-switchable. (Fatter Agnus) Dip switch contro Ifor 5 position selection to Enable disable the autoconfig- the addmem- Fat Agnus Fatter Agnus- various start and end memory addresses.
NO leads to the GARY chip thus eliminating potential damage to this expensive chip.This board can be configured to any situation or use with software support disk.
Zero K board £99 4 megs £399 on the 4 meg board if ordered before 1,7 90 PHONE ANYTIME FOR FAST FRIENDLY SERVICE LEISURE SOFTWARE t maw 1 lb 49 110 49 I 11)99 119 99 116 49 Ith 49 116 49 II 2 99 16 49 £12 99 116 49 1H99 I I 2 99 112 99 116 49 1 16 49 I .2 99 116 49 t 1999 116 49 116 49 £1299 116 49 II I 99 116 49 11999 116 4V 116 49 1129V
16. 99 11 I 99 116 49 £19.99 11999 116 49 11999 116 49 116 49 116
49 116 49 116 49 16 99 116 4V £16 49 116 49 116 49 12*99 119
99 119 99 119 09 116 49 11999 JOYSTICKS KONIX Spcedking £12
9* KONIX Navigator CHEETAH 12 V 111 95 18 99 IPSTICK Super
Pro 113 95 CHEETAH Math £1099 Ql l( KB 3 :2* Superrxurd 11*99
QUCKJOS 126 Jet Fighter £1399 Ql'ICKJOy Infrared £36.99
ACCESSORIES AMIGA Kes hoard Dud Cover 14 99 AMIGA Monitor
Dust cover t4 99 STAR Printer Uni Cover £4 99 14 Mem Anti
Glare Screen Cover 119.99 Monitor Till A Swivel Star*! 119.99
Mouse Mai £4.99 Mouse Brac ket «u hold mouse ¦ l2.99
3. 5' Disk Drive Head Clean Kits £5 99 Capvhnlders A4 Document
Holder 115 99 PREMIER CONTROL CENTRI sits over Amiga as
monitor und & second disk dnsc holder £45 9* PA1T l.mnri
Mtakm i 15999 PACT Linnet 1200 Modem £219.99 CON 1KI I R :
Button Mouse £26 49 AMIGA I "2 Mouse £32 49 MARC Al RH2 PO
Trackball VIDI AMIGA Mono Digitiser Coiour upgrade tor
VIDI-AMKiA RENDALE Genk*kHgo: 40 Disk Hotder Local Me T.* Qua
I W Disk Mo*dei L.xkaNe Top Qual DINKS Disks DISKS Disks
Pack ol 10 Pack of III in Plastic Case Pack of 20 Pack of Vi Pxk 4 2t m our up ijuahrs kxkabte 4© Disk Holder £18.59 a Time t*l 99 £ 8)95 119 9 £ I 79 99 £5 99 £1099 Spare labelv assorted colours 60 for (I 00 EDI CATION AL «: CHILDRENS Fun Sshooi 1 I nder n Fun School 2 6-x sears FunSshi«4 2 Xjrd.ner Micro English ifiCSEi All pnccs INCLUDE VAT and DELIVERY - All items despatched within 24 hours of cleared payment subject to availability. Ring lor details of Nexi Day Delivery Service. King or write lor prices and details of anv item not listed AUDITION COMPACT SERVICES, a Shop at: 9A St.
Peters Street, Stamford, Lines, PE9 zPQ. PMUR Come and browse or send cheques payable to A.C.S. Telephone 0780 SS88S Shop Hours • 0780 7XQS31 Out of Houri.
1) 2 99 112 99 I I 6 49 ..£I55W £199.99 £189 99 £259 99 £|59 W
£289 W Iglo Enable Disable Sw itch Thru Pon Power c* Amiga
.....£69 W ACS 512K RAM Expansion for A500 • Ball
Backed Clock and Memory Switch to Lock Oul 512K on Board
Expansion can he titled A: tested Tree if ordered at same time
as computer 512KRAM Computet Built - in I Mb Disk I tivc.
Workbench I V Mouse. A520TV Mixlulator. Speech Synthesis.
Deluxe Paint II An Package. F29 Rctallntof. Rainbow Islands,
Escape From The Planet o( Robot Monsters.
Basic I 3 Disk. Extras and Tutorial Disk.
Introduction to the A500 All leads and manuals even a I 'A Plug' £379.99 Consists ol A5G0 Computet. MidiMastct Interface.
TV Modulator. Mouse. Mouse Mat. 10 Blank disks. Deluxe Pami II Publishers Choice.
Masiplan 500. Supethase Personal Dr I s Midi Kes Studio. Amiga Logo and BBC Emulator for use with BBC Mkto Programs IOIAI RRPOf H5RHWARF & SOTTWAHF
(1. 002.00 .... £529.99
* I 2K RAM Computer Built-in I Mb Disk Dme Workbench I 3. M *,«
A52 TV Modulator Speech Synthesis Deluir Paint II An Package
Nfw Zealand Story Game Interceptor Right Sim A Batman the Mnvie
Basic I * Disk, Exiras and Tutorial Disk Introduction In the
A500. All leads and manual' even a I *A plug'
059. 99 Misros*itched Joystick Tailored AntiStatis Duvtcover.
Mouse Mat. 10 Blank Disks. 40 Lockable Disk Box. Mouse
Holder il purchased vsith Computer or with ans order over
IHKI in value. £24.99 STAR LC10 .. STAR
I.CI0 Colour . STAR LCI0 2 New M.hIcI STAR
» Kickstan ROM wiih fitting
instructions ... 129 99 ENHANCER • Consists
of Workbench I t and Extras I 3 £13 99
K. f .S. POWER Pf FMILAIOR Fils easily into RAM Ltpansion Slot
under AMIGA Goes ImbRAM and excellent ft Emulation Does nrn
invalidate computer warrants 1*200(1 LCI0 Black Branded LC 10
Coloured Bfunded CASPELL Ribhon Refresh Ink in an Acrosoi -
Simpte to t «e THERMAL RIBBt IN Prints sour d paper then iron
on T Stiifl etc LC 10 Black LC 10 Colour Gening the Mod from
sour Printer b Babam - M pages . Printer Cable AMIKA
to Printer Free w ith Printer i ...... Ct'MANA CAX "4 Ihsk
Drive i*9 99 AMIGA Aimoihsi Dr.se I** 99 AC S Slimline S«»iuh
and Thru Pon iNEC or TEAC Drives i 169 99 All complete with
FREE lead, ribbon, connecting cable and plug All our printers
arc l:K Specification, not convened grey imports ACS 512k R AM
EXPANSION Balt Hacked Clock and Switch I'9 99 AMIGA A501 * I
2K R AM Expansion and Clock Made b t ommodore i K9 99 Imb •
pgradc Chips Per Megabyte £0.99 £7 99 11 2 99 Kind Wdfdx V’0
tt4 99 SctihMe Putmum ttx vu Pen Pal 194 99 Advantage 1*2 99 K
Data 1 4 99 Superhaxc Personal t 5 w Superhuve Personal 2
154 99 Superhase Professional 11M 9*r K Spread 2 xl* 99 Digwak
i26 i9 The Worts Platinum Edition IP Prolessional 169 'ft
Home Accounts 1211 49 Cashbook lor the Small Business 1'599
Ihgiia System ' Pervmol Accounts Plus i2; 9* Small Bu .new
Accounts 1 *9 99 Small Bu'ine" Accounts Extra £»4 ft Perueial
Tax Plaanet 126 49 Page Setter s 2 £741* Publishers Choice.
16* ft Siartcr Kil £49 * Home Office Kir..... 19999 Asscm l*to £54 99 BB1 fcmularof .. .... 1*9 ft Transtiemcr PC Errulai** £24 '* HiSoh Hasu £5*99 HiSoft BasK Extend £14 9* Laitue C V’3 Ii .1169 * A M( )S ihe Game Crealm .£37 W Trip A-Trim .. ..122 Del use Paint III 15*99 Del uxe Prim II £U99 Del uxe Video III ... .1*9 19 Max * Setter 149 99 Comic Setter £ 4 * Photon Paint 2.0.. .£35 99 Afgi» AudiiMnasler II 149 99 Instant Music ..... ......Ilf 99 Deluxe Music Construe lion Set .....£47 99 Dt I s Midi Recording StudH 119 99 Musk
£16*99 Disk 2 Disk £2* « Df IS 2 IM3S £26 99 SERIOLS SOFTWARE £24 99 124 N . I* 99 N18 AlUCk Sub Black Tiger Bloodwych .
Bloodw vch Data Disk Bomber Cabal .
Castle Master Conqueror Csherball Cycles Daily Double Horse Racing Damocles Dan Dare 3 ..... Deluxe Scrabble ...... Escape FT Planeit Robot Monsters F29 Retalutor FlimboS Quest Football Manager 2 Full Metal Planer Gin and Cnbbage Gravity Hammcrfid Hard Dnv in Hot Rod Impowinvole Infestation From The Ivvert, Ita I van hoe Kuk on Kick Off Ex Kick Oft 2.. Kid Gloves Kmghts of ihe Crystal liun Magnum 4 Marie hcster I nited Mid winter Ne» Zealand Sues Oil Impcnum Pipe Mama ... Pirates Populous.
Populous New Worlds Purrs Saga Rainbow Islands Sherman M4 Some Boom Space Ace Space Rogue TV Spons Basketball TV Sports Football Tennis Cup Their Finest Hour Theme Park Ms virrv Tower of Bat*l I Itimate Military Simulator Warhead World Boxing Manager X-Our..... Xenomorph Meg.
Sorry! The World Is Our Limit!
4 1 p
0. 67 840 4 15 73 100-490
1. 09 40p
0. 64 805
3. 95 70 500+
1. 05 39p
0. 62 780
3. 80 68 IN BOXES OF 50 WITHOUT LABELS 50-450
1. 05 39 p
0. 62 780
3. 80 68 500+
1. 00 37p
0. 59 740
3. 60 64 POSTAGE Ipei Older)
10. 00
3. 60
6. 00 7400
36. 00 640 Outside Europe please add 20% to cover shipping costs.
Payments accepted in other currencies at current exchange rate against DM.
Please note: These prices do not include any local taxes (eg V.A.T.) Prices subject to variation following changes in exchange rates etc._ To: GTI International Amiga Service, Zimmersmuhlenweg 73, 6370 Oberursel, West Germany.
Telephone (49) 6171 73048 Fax (49) 6171 8302 Please send me 3.5 " DS DI) Discs in boxes of 10 50.
Method of payment: Eurocheque enclosed.
N xsiE ... Address .
Cash enclosed 'please use registered mail!).
Access'Visa Eurocard Mastercard Amcx Diners (Credit Card Xumber_Expiry_) Cash-On-Delivery Only available in Austria, Belgium, Denmark. Finland. France Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spam,Sue den, Switzerland & U.K.). Phone or write now for full price lists AMIGA PACK 1 A500 Computet Bat Pack £349.99 AMIGA PACK 4 B2000 computer with 2090A 2092 20 meg hard drive (autoboot) & 1084D colour monitor £1475.00 COMING SOON A500 CONVERSION KIT G'ves you a separate keyboard, CPU unit and many extras For mere information, send a S A E to us now Basic unit under £100 ex MICROTEK MEGA PACK
.caos of software ‘O' only £14 W Send 5*: '» "X e -e-j :s ~C*t SUMDUS GAMES PRO SOTTWARE PHONE Not only do wc digitise your pictures (up to A4 size) in any Amiga format or resolution, we send your pictures back to you as an auto-booting slideshow!
Over 1000 satisfied customers - including Psygnosis (Shadow of the Beast) and RGB Studios (Real Things).
CLIP Digitising costs - £1.75 per colour picture and £1.25 per b&w, picture. HAM. Halfbrite. Lo-res. High-res.
Interlace or Overscan if required.
Please add £3.00 per order for setup, Kodak disk and P&P.
Send £3.00 for our demo disk of digitised images or an SAE for our advice and information sheet.
Please make eheques P.Os payable to Photofile.
PO Box 49, North PDO. Nottingham. NG5 6SR Phone (0602) 261498 for enquiries or Access Visa orders.
Almost 2000 mono IFF line art pictures on 7 disks! Ideal for DTP, Deluxe Paint. Photon Paint. Pen Friend, animations etc. Hundreds of subjects covered! Available only from Photofile for just £35.00 ST & Amiga Digitising Service PHCTOFILE 3 BELL CLOSE, OLD HEATH, COLCHESTER, ESSEX C02 8EP.
All prices are subject to availability and change without notice. Prices Include VAT.
All software and small hardware Items are post FREE, please add £3.00 for Amiga Packs and large hardware Items and £10 00 for courier service. Please make cheques A postal orders payable to Microtek: AMIGA AMIGA PACK 2 PACK 3 A500 BatPack A500 BatPack with 1 2 meg with 1 2 me3 Expansion Expansion & 3.5" Cumana Disk Drive £395.00 £469.99 1 2 Meg Expansion £50.00 A590 Hard Drive £359.99 AS90 ? 1 Meg Ram £434.99 A590 ? 2 Meg Ram .. £507.99 Cumana Disk Drive £78.99 Commodore 1010 Drive £89.99 Master Sound Dtgituer ..£35.99 40 Meg Hard Dnve £419.99 Graphics House. Styles Hivul. Arnold. Nottingham
NG5 6RE MERCENARY II BY PAUL WOAKES AND FINALLY US OUT now: CjTIAM B13 XHS 021-449 9516 FOR ATARI ST & COMMODORE Copyright © 1990 Novagen Software Lid 142 ALCESTER THE OFFICIAL Everton F.C Intelligensia Available for: Amiga £19.99 Amstrad Cassette £9.99 Atari ST £19.99 Commodore 64 £9.99 Spectrum Cassette £9.99 Published by Amfas Computer Software Ltd Lonsdale House, Woodland Park, Colwyn Bay, Clwyd LL29 7HA Tel: 0492 531965 Fax: 0492 533612 Good evening, and what a packed evening's soccer we've got for you tonight, haven’t we Greavsie? "Wuh? Oh yus, we certainly have, Phil Boy. Pass the
ginger beer, will your There you go, Greavsie. Anyway, as I was saying, in a packed show tonight we'll be looking at all the very best in Amiga soccer action, and some of the lighter moments too, won't we Greavsie? “Yep. You can bet your right boll..." Ha ha ha, always the joker, Greavsie. Ha ha.
Anyway, without much further ado it's over to John Motson with a peg on his nose for the quick nonsensical round-up of what we can look forward to in tonight's game. Hello John!
How’s the weather doing down there in Southampton?
It’s A Game Of Two Halves “Errr, I duddo, Phil. I'm in Birbmghamb, but what a brilliand day for some first class foodball." Do you mind if we interview each other for a bit to cover for the fact we haven't any celebrity guests? "Nod ad all Phil, in fact all by words are in the scripd.
So fire away." Ha ha ha. Okay John, take the stupid peg off your nose and tell us who are the front runners in tonight’s exciting competition?
“Phew, that's better..." The extra-special Snout’n’Greavsie roundup of footy games past and present. Back to you in the studio. PHIL SOUTH... fCue the outrageous house music almost smothering John's manic voice-over, while the game graphics twirl, told and wibble to the music) Yes viewers, it's a close-run thing, with the favourites being: THE LINE UP WORLD CUP SOCCER
- ITALIA 90 (Virgin Games) This is the only official one in the
pack today, Phil, and looks to be one of the better games this
THE PLAY-OFF Thank you John, er, Motson lor that concise and really very exciting report, eh Greavsie? Greavsie? Er, whafs that you’re reading? "Did you know, Snout, that Sir Matt Busby had such exquisite diction that he was down on his passport as a professional fruit boiler?"
Nnnnnno, I didn't know that, but what do you think of the report?
“Oh yes, that. I wasn’t listening, but I tell you what, Snout. I don't art like this World Cup File Of Facts you get free with Italy 1990, listen to this: Only 13 nations entered the first World Cup in 1930, and seven of those were South American Teams. Fascinating stuff.' Er.
So anyway, Greavsie, it's a interesting “So from me, John Motson, wearing a tasteless sheepskin jacket in an empty stadium in Birmingham (and minus the peg on my nose), it’s back to Snout'N'Greavsie in the studio.” BIBLIOGRAPHY My Soccer Lite by Sir Bobby Charlton It’* A Funny Old Game (Greavsie's Autobiography Part 3) by Jimmy Greaves INTERNATIONAL SOCCER CHALLENGE (MicroStyle) Although they aren’t launching a World Cup game as such, MicroStyle are staying with the pack doing a follow- up to their famous MicroPro se Soccer, truly a game and a half.
Sorry, two halves.
International field out there tonight, with some really good tips for the top. All the game feature a lull tournament, and things like free kicks, penalties, corners etc. so we won't bother with those. What we want to know is are they any cop?
Let's look in detail at the games and their chances... (cue the silly house music again) WORLD CUP SOCCER - ITALIA 90 A very strong contender for the top, this one. Virgin's Andrew Wright is quoted as saying "It's the only official World Cup game, it’s dead good and all the others are crap!” Although ITALY 1990 (US Gold) An unrepentantly unofficial game (of an undisclosed number of halves) here, from US Gold. Including a free guide to the World Cup.
That's a matter of opinion, I'm sure.
Featuring two versions on the Amiga; one for 512K and one for 1 Megabyte. The megabyte versions have extra features like digitised sound and "super sexy speech effects". The game is viewed from above, and play is similar to Kick Off, as the game is seen from above and scrolls vertically from goal to goal.
The general quality of the game is good, and although the controls are a bit stiff, the game done good.
INTERNATIONAL SOCCER CHALLENGE (MicroStyle) MicroStyle, in their former MicroProse incarnation, produced a creditable There have, in the Chequered History of Soccer Computing, been some corkingly good games. Unfortunately so few of them have been about football. But myself and Greavsie got together before the match to bring you this roundup of the very best in soccer gaming. Greavsie?
In politics, then for Ron Atkinson's Man United the last seven days have been an equinox.' I think that says it all.” So do I, Jim. So do I. TRACKSUIT MANAGER (Goliath Games) M AT C H D A Y MATCHDAY AND 2 (Ocean) “Ta. Until the now-famous Kick Off came along there was nothing to touch this baby for playability, eh Snout?” No indeed. "And it in fact stayed in the charts for some 56 weeks after being released, what about that?" Phenomenal, Greavsie. Superb. Over the moon.
2. FOOTBALL DIRECTOR 1 and 2 (D&H) Like Ronnie Rosenthal has done
for the Anfield squad, this game brought a fresh footballing
brain to the game. "Yes. And they kicked the ball with their
feet sometimes, too.” No, Greavsie, these were football
managment games, and the best ever made. They topped the
charts for centuries, despite being written in Basic! K just
goes to show that even if you sow the seeds, you can't always
expect to reap the whirlwind.
“Yus, that's exactly it."
3. MANCHESTER UNITED (Krisalis) A recent player in the league,
this one. But finding a firm following in the strategy gamers.
Jim? “Quite right. As my old mate Stuart Hall once said, ‘If a
week is long time At the time they said that a Tracksuit
Manager was a real Player Manager, someone who knows the
nuts and bolts of playing the game, and yet can throw a
spanner in the works when it comes to managing the club. "A
stretched metaphor and a bit of a backhanded compliment there.
Snout, but wise words nevertheless." This game benefits from
hindsight, as do we all.
5 . KICK OFF (Anco) Everyone's favourite football game this one, and something of a fluke success for Fourth Division Anco. I think. What about that then.
Greavsie? "Yeah, I think Souness gave Fleck a second chance, there, and he grabbed it with both feet." Very sound advice.
FOOTBALL MANAGER: WORLD CUP EDITION 1990 (Addictive) This best-selling game returns in this special World Cup edition. Written by Kevin Toms, the self-styled “man who bought Billy Connolly's beard".
KICK OFF 2 (Anco) The world's most famous footy game on the Amiga gets another outing with improved playability (if that's possible) and a lot more besides.
Tooty sim with MicroProse Soccer.
Now they swapped their footy skills for programming skill, with this epic 3D programming exersize. Filled polygons are the order of the day, as you look at the field from any angle to see players running around looking like glorious three-dimensional filled polygons. It's a sort of Stunt Car Racer with footballs, really. Lots to recommend it, especially playability, thanks to MicroProse’s usual rigorous playtesting no doubt. A classy game, but lacking the real instant appeal of Kick Off 2 and Italy 90.
ITALY 1990 (US Gold) Nicely designed and playable game from US Gold. Follows the tradition of Kick Off, with lots of added features like team and player selection.
You have the control to specify any players in any role, so you can even have Peter Shilton playing striker if you really wanted to. Good sound and fast action make this a touch better than most, and although not as slickly presented as the Virgin team, plays a touch better. Lots of nice tunes and graphics.
FOOTBALL MANAGER: WORLD CUP EDITION 1990 (Addictive) Old timers Addictive go for a comeback with a special edition of their famous 1982 vintage footy manager game. It extends the game format used in Footy Managers 1 and 2 into a full World Cup scenario. Not only do you get a corking footy manager game, but also a free World Cup Wall Chart and entry to a great World Cup Competition!
Nice effort there, Addicitive, but FM drops a couple of points in the league here, mostly due to the silly picture of Kevin Toms which appears a few times on the box, on the adverts, and even on the flippm’ Wall
- :_AVBS flUWKl * n WORLD CUP 90 COMPILATION (Entertainment
International) And a completely brilliant compilation here for
the tight of pocket, with the original Kick Off (Anco).
Tracksuit Manager (Goliath Games).
International Soccer (Microdeal).
Chart. As if to add insult to injury, one of the top prizes in the competition is to have your picture taken with Kevin for the packaging of Footy Manager 3! Knockout.
KICK OFF 2 (Anco) Anco are looking for a hat-trick with the updated version of their top- scoring footy game. This is the standard by which other footy games will be judged. The original game was so fast and playable that it was awarded the UK Game Of The Year Award. K02 looks to be just as good.
It features a full-sized multidirectional scrolling pitch, which is the proper size in proportion to the players. Others features include player attributes, aftertouch controls to curve the ball, and a selection of set- piece free kicks. The best feature is the ability to store 10 goals as action replays to give a selection of Golden Goals to choose from! And the graphics are so good, the grass is even worn away in the goalmouth, just like on a real pitch. Outstanding WORLD CUP 90 COMPILATION (Entertainment International) A positive treeful of old chestnuts just waiting to be played.
Star feature here is the original Kick Off from Anco, which in case you missed it must be the best and most playable footy game of all time.
Next you have Goliath's Tracksuit Manager, which is not a textile factory simulator, but a footy manager game with an interesting title Nice if you like manager games but crap if you don’t.
And finally in this Village Idiots’ Dozen, you have International Soccer from Microdeal Not so good this one, especially m the light of having Kick Off m the same bundle, but bundlers can't be choosers.
World Cup Predictions Right then, it's time for some predictions from the Amiga Format team, but before we get into that, who do you fancy, Greavsie? “Well there's that young lady in the producer's office, with the tight black skirt and the big baz..." Ha ha ha. No, Greavsie, the World Cup, me old son. Ha ha ha.
GREAT SOCCER GAME DISASTERS So, there's been some rather good games, what really trashy ones have there been in Soccer Computing's Chamber Of Horrors?
“Oh right, yes. Sorry Snout. I reckon old Italy will get it, bein' the home team, like, but a little bird told me that West Germany stand more chance, on account of having the DDR on their side as well. 22 against 11, that's my kind of odds, Snout."
Ha ha ha. Very good, Greavsie. Little bit of politics there.
"I think basically I agree with Terry Venables when he said that ‘If history is going to repeat itself I should think we can expect the same thing again.’ How about you Snout?" I quite fancy the girl in the skirt... Bob: I fancy Scotland to beat Brazil 2-1, with goals from Johnstone (32) and McCoist (57). Gascoigne will be on the subs bench for England against Holland and will come on after 72 minutes.
Maff: I think United Arab Emirates will spark off a major conflict in the Middle East when they cripple Maradona causing war between the two nations... Paul: The Republic of Ireland, needing a last-minute goal against Holland to qualify, bring on player-manager Jackie Charlton who scores dramatically - but Rl are disqualified when Charlton is found to be English... Marcus: I fancy Pirmm Zurbriggen for the downhill... Jennie: Gary Linneker injures his hind leg dramatically when jumping on John Barnes for a good snog after Barnes scores the winning goal for England against Holland.
THE ONES THAT GOT AWAY Hmm, okay. What about the obvious hordes of football games that never quite made it? How about these exclusive secret plans we've had leaked to us from a top UK software house: Andy Smith: “Mine's a large one!"
Ange: I can predict that I won't be watching it... James: Flushed with the heady wine of new-found freedom, all the Eastern Bloc countries qualify for the final and, in an orgy of democracy, agree to come joint first... Damien: Swedish forward Mats "I’ve started, so I'll finish' Magnusson is disappointed when his equaliser against Scotland fails to bring victory
- Sweden have passed more times man the opposition.
Thank you team. So that’s all from us m ttie studio. We'll be back next week with more soccer highlights and few words from myself and of course Greavsie Have you enioyed tonight’s game, Jim’ "Can't grumble, Snout.
But I still fancy the girl with the big..." 1 . PETE SHILTONS HANDBALL MARADONA (Grand slam) This really was a terrible game. Greavsie, wasn't it? And such a stupid name too! “As my old chum Kev Keegan once said. 'I don't think there's anyone bigger or smaller than Maradona.' I think we can all learn from that."
I asked Peter Shilton how he rated England's chances, and he said 'You've got to believe that you're going to win, and I believe that we'll win the World Cup until the final whistle blows and we're knocked out.'
(Atlantis) Who remembers this old turkey? Greavsie?
“Yes. I'd put my foot down with a firm hand on that one.’ Still at £3 or so, what can you expoct? ‘Fifty pence change?’ Exactly.
3. ROY ROVERS (Gremlin) Not so much a game of two halves, more
like a game of two minutes, what do you reckon. Jim?
“Well, personally I thought thore was too much walking around and not much actual football.
4. WORLD CUP CARNIVAL (US Gold) From back in 1986, this absolute
load of piffle was actually a revamped older game, which was
just as bad the first time around.
5. FA CUP FOOTBALL (Virgin) I don’t even remember this one,
Greavsie, do you? ‘Yes.’ Well, I really think they gambled
their eggs on that one.
GEORGE BEST’S DRINKING SOCCER (A game of about 16 halves and four or five shorts, followed by a couple of birds in mini skirts and a night in the cells.)
JACKIE CHARLTON’S IRISH ASHING SOCCER A possible follow-up to Ossie Ardiles' Unexpected Falkland Islands Holiday Soccer) PAUL MCSTAY’S M I D A E L D GENERALS (Football role-playing game set in the 21st Century, starring Scotland's hard-working little dynamo in the title role, with Peter Beardsley as wise old Obi Wan)
6. GARY LINEKERS HOT SHOTS (Gremlin) A Gary Lineker game from
Gremlin. One of many, I seem to recall, Greavsie? "Oh yus,
Snouty. There was...’
7. GARY LINEKER S SUPERSTAR SOCCER (Gremlin) “...which was
advertised as ‘every bit as exciting as Gary Lineker'. Which
i think says it all, in a nutshell, to coin a phrase. ‘And...*
8. GARY LINEKERS SUPER SKILLS (Gremlin) ’...which wasn't even a
flippin' football game!"
No indeed, in fact this was more of a sort of Daley Thompson's work out in the gym game.
9. FOOTBALLER OF THE YEAR (Gremlin) Although this one wasn't too
bad, it was a trifle superficial and lacking in design, wasn't
it Greavsie? ’Yes." (silence) That’s it Greavsie, fill up the
expensive air time with good conversation and witty insights
into the game, won't you?
(Ocean) Although they produced the BEST soccer games with the Match Day duo, in 1987 Ocean came out with this real stinker. “They certainly did. Bobby Charlton drove all the way to Peterborough just to spit on this game, and you know what a nice man he is. Snout?’ Yeah, what a lovely bloke old Sir Bob is. “Yers, he shows you can still cry and be a man.’ BOBBY CHARLTONS HAIRCUT CHALLENOE (“Can YOU keep it in place?’) JIMMY HILL’S CHIN UP CHALLENGE (Out-chin the famous commentator, with that exclusive 'beard on off mode) PETER SHILTON AND DEIGO MARADONNA SING GEORGE GERSHWIN (Plus a couple of
stonking Oonny and Marie Osmond numbers) PETER BEARDSLEY'S RESERVE BENCH HERO (90 minutes of superb armchair football) "The most disturbing aspect of this conflict is that we do not know our enemy. We do not know their reasons for attacking us. We do not know who they are".
It is the middle of the 21st Century and Earth has been violently attacked by an insect-like alien nation, from a near star system, killing billions of humans, swiftly wiping out countries and collapsing world states, throwing the Planet into the merciless hands of a nuclear winter.
“We intend to turn the tables. We intend to protect ourselves by fighting back. At least we have a weapon: the FOE-57 spacecraft..." Atari ST screens shown As the remaining humans turn to each other for combined strength and support, the Fist of the Earth world government turn to you to lead the ultimate battle.
“The safety of the peoples of Earth rests in your hands WARHEAD A most challenging space simulator combining strategy and arcade action Over 30 hours of solid play 39 missions of space adventure 'A hero is coming from the south who will conquer the four kings of this sorely troubled laud. And amidst the bloodshed and magic, the clash of shield and the glint of steel, the seeds of j’eacc will be sown. ITTten the battle is over a new age begins.
For as long as anyone can remember orc. Elf .man and dwarf has WILDERNESS REEKING OE DEATH AND DECAY BUT THE WaTCHER HAS FROTH OF THE FOUR FEUDING KINGS ARE '.SON A: BATTLEMASTER fakes the fantasy arcade adventure into a t WITH FEROCIOUS MONSTERS. NEGOTIATE TO BUILD UP YOUR OSS N FERSC Featuring highly detailed maps, packed with puzzles dragon ant « LOCKED IN TERRIBLE COMBAT THE LAND IS A DESOLATE th at the Age of Conflict will end when thecrowns ought to the Tower l ness dimension Survive hair-raising encounters Rv.Y AND BECOME A MASTER OF THE MAGIC ARTIFACT DNS AND INCORPORATING UNIQUE
LATE CHALLENGE BATTLEMASTER: ffersthe War creates many heroes, but there is only one BATTLEMASTER.
Where there are games, there will be game cracking. MAFF EVANS probes inside the Amiga with two new cartridge systems that are just about to hit the street.
When the eight-bit machines were at their height, cracking cartridges were an essential piece of kit for almost every computer user in the land. Riding shotgun with controversy due to their capabilities at copying commercial software, the devices allowed digital whizz kids to hack into games and mess around with the coding directly
- cheating the games and puling out music and graphics.
Now we have the advanced power of the Amiga, a screen grab- bin’ sound stealin’ code monitorin’ lip smackin' cartridge is bound to cause a storm. Two companies have decided to capitalise on this by releasing what they call an action cartridge. Both cartridges do much the same tasks, so it seems a sensible idea to take a look how both cartridges perform at various tasks.
NORDIC POWER ACTION CARTRIDGE The Nordic Power device is a rectangular brick-like affair that plugs into the side expansion port of the A500.
Mounted on the rear of the cartridge is a 'freeze' button and a Slow Motion knob. The freeze button is the widget that stops the program in its tracks and switches into the cartridge's operating mode, while the Slow Motion Button... er... well, slows the program down, really.
The operating system is in the form of a series of menus, which allow access into the works of the grabbed program All options are caried out using the cursor keys, so there is no need for the user to learn a new operating language.
DATEL AMIGA ACTION REPLAY The Datel system is a sleek, flat device, with a freezer button and Slow Motion knob, which (unlike its competitor) can be completely switched out so as not to interfere with the program in memory.
The operating system is via simple one or two-letter typed-m commands. Before you run off screaming "Oh no! Not typing!" All the commands are are quick and easy to use and a press of the Help key prints up a list for you to peruse. Datel have developed FDOS - a new disk format to allow twice as many files to be saved on a disk than in the usual AmigaDos format. The package comes supplied with a utility disk to convert FDOS files to IFF or AmigaDOS, ready for you to load into other environments.
THE FREEZER A 'Freezer' stops a program and slings the entire contents of memory out to a disk, ready for you to load in at a later time.
The Datel Cartridge is extremely simple to use in this department. Just load up the program, hit the freeze button and enter the Save All command to save the file out to disk.
The Nordic cartridge is a mite more fiddly. After powering up the machine the freeze button has to be pressed to initialise the system and instead of a straightforward save memory option, the freezer offers you a whole range of methods of saving the file. Care has to be taken to ensure that the right method is chosen corresponding to the memory configuration of your machine and the memory usage of the program itself.
ACTION REPLAY 8 10 - Effective m most cases and easy to use.
NORDIC POWER 6 10 - Fairly effective, but generally takes a lot of experimenting before good results are finally obtained.
SCREEN GRABBING One of the most useful sections in a freezer cartridge is the ability to display and save out screens from games and other programs.
'Grabbed' screens can then be loaded up into art programs or DTP packages, eliminating the need to mess around with cameras and dropcloths to get a picture of Amiga graphics.
Nordic Power has a whole host of options available to the user, such as shifting individual bitplanes, jumping to different RAM banks and altering the DOF Start and Stop registers.
Despite this wealth of tools, the Datel cartridge manages to succesfully capture considerably more pictures than Nordic Power.
The only problem with the Datel grabber is that after you’ve frozen and saved all the screens you want, they each have to be converted into IFF format using the utility disk before they can be imported into any other program - a point which near enough balances the difference between the two systems.
SOUND TRAPPING It can be a pain trying to put sound effects into a program, so a sound trapper could be especially useful, since you can 'steal' sounds.
Nordic Power’s sound section consists of a waveform player which puts the entire contents of memory out through the speakers.
Unsurprisingly, this creates a hell of a row most of the time, but in the middle of the noise, the sound effects emerge. By moving the start and end BELOW: This screen showing the Mekon caught in a reflective moment shows what can be done with the screen grabbing facilities offered by an action cartridge.
THE MONITOR This is the section that will have most hacking, cracking and packing fiends fair vibrating with delight. The Monitor allows the user to break into the actual program code and change things at their whim. Extra irves. Level skipping and various other cheats can be found via this method Although the Nordc cartridge has a wide range of options a.a abie via simple single letter commands, the Action Replay cartridge manages to provide quite a few more tools with which to tinker nside the programs Nordic Power's capacities are based around normal monitorng and assembling functions,
with a few extra devices such as memory printing and ASCu dumpng but even this pales next to the Datei cartridge's power.
Action Replay allows you to scan the code usng a Tramer', which finds values that have been changed by a specified amount. This is useful for finding the register that holds the lives counter m a game, so all you have to do is stick a new number in... ACTION REPLAY 9 10 - Speedy, powerful and fair bursting with commands, definitely comes out top.
NORDIC POWER 7 10 - Contains all you'd expect from a decent monitor, but not much more.
Pointers and altering the playback frequency, a single effect can be trapped and saved out in IFF format.
The Datel cartridge uses a totally different system. By freezing the program just after the required effect is played, the cartridge can play back the last sound heard on each channel.
Once the correct sound is heard, it can be whammed out onto FDOS disk ready for conversion into IFF format.
IN CONCLUSION... Now we know what both these devices do. Which one should separate you from your hard-earned cash?
Nordic Power prides itself on being the first Amiga action cartridge, but has a few annoying quirks that could cause brainache to dedicated crackers. To begin with, the writer of the manual obviously didn’t have a full grasp of English, with some remarkable statements such as "The Amiga musics exists from samples (samples means monsters)”.
Once you're past this hurdle, the fact that the cartridge needs to be initialised on power-up is most irksome.
A lot of patience is needed when using other parts of the system, such as the graphics section. You know that the picture you want is in there somewhere, but it's still difficult to find the perfect frame.
Datel's Action Replay is a mite more friendly, despite the system booting up with the German keyboard configuration. The cartridge itself works extremely well, finding the correct screens and sound effects from games with startling accuracy. The power of Datel's cartridge also stands out, enabling the user to carry out more manipulations than the Nordic device, especially where sprites and copper are concerned.
In all Action Replay appears to be the one to go for. The power, speed and ease of use are noticeably superior to the Nordic cartridge. Oh... and it looks better!
AMIGA ACTION REPLAY £59.99 ¦ A500 only ¦ Datel Electronics, Fenton Industrial Estate, Govan Road, Fenton, Stoke on Trent, ST4 2RS. 0782 744324.
NORDIC POWER £TBA ¦ A500 only ¦ Venlo BV, Postbus 3119, NL-5902, RC Venlo.
DISCLAIMER Amiga Format would like to point out that it in no way endorses the use of either these or any other devices for infringing copyright in any form. Commercially available programs, their code, sound and graphics are protected by law. Reproducing them without express written permission is strictly ILLEGAL.
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RAWMAP Fish Disk 315 GTS: 0770 82234 As its title implies, this is simply a program for drawing representations of the Earth's surface. It can generate flat maps, mercator maps, globe views and orbital views. This is Version 2.0, an update to Version 1.0 on Disk 229. Enhancements include drop-shadows, user text entry and placement, improved event processing and better- looking mouse pointers. There must be a use for it, unfortunately I can't think of one at the moment.
FISH DISK 314 GTS: 0770 82234 Programmers, Fish 314 is for you: A68K - You may well be familiar with this 68000 assembler. After ail. It was originally written in Modula-2 during 1985 and converted m 1987 to C. This is version 2.61, an update to the version on Disk 186 A68K has been converted to accept Metacomco- compabbSe assembler source code and to generate Amiga objects Includes source.
ZC - A ful K and R C compiler based on a port of the Atari ST version of SozoborvC. Includes the C compiief main pass written by Johann Ruegg with fixes and enhancements by Joe Montgomery and Jeff Lydiatt, a cc front end written by Fred Fish with enhancements by Jeff Lydiatt and Ralph Babel, an optimizer written by Tony Andrews, an assembler written by Brian Anderson and Charlie Gibb, a linker written by the Software Distillery, generic nckide files and a C runtime library written by Dale Schumacher, and port work by Jeff Lydiatt. Sheesh, who hasn't had a finger in ZC?
P C Q Fish Disk 339 GTS: 0770 82234 Believe it or not, PCQ stands for Pascal Compiler... err, Q. The Q doesn't actually mean anything.
The fact that author Patrick Quaid shares the same initials is irrelevant. Honest, he says so himself.
PCQ is a modest Pascal sub-set compiler that’s capable of producing assembly code. On the minus side, the PCQ compiler is slow and doesn’t support sets, and code isn’t m the least bit optimised.
However, on the plus side: it works for the most part; the compiler supports include files; it allows external references, although you have to do the checking (it isn't Modula-2, after all); records, enumerated types, pointers, arrays, and strings are supported; type conversion a la Modula-2 is offered: you can have as many const, var, type, procedure and function blocks as you want; and ifs free.
FISH DISK 327 GTS: 0770 82234 ARTM - Amiga Real Time Monitor displays and controls system activity such as tasks, windows, libraries, devices, resources, ports, residents, interrupts, vectors, memory, mounts, assigns, fonts and hardware.
MM - An implementation of the game Mastermind. In this game you must try to guess a colour combination which the Amiga sets via a random generator. There are six colours which can be set in any combination.
MRBACKUP - A hard disk backup utility that does a file by file copy to standard AmigaDOS floppy disks. Includes an Intuition interface and file compression.
MSH - This program alone makes Fish 327 an essential purchase. Msh enables the Amiga to read and write MS-DOS formatted AMIGA PUBLIC DOMAIN LOOK!!
CCPD51 52 CCPD58 CCPD64 CCPD73 CCPD82.03 CCPD84 CCPD90 CCPD114 CCPD118 CCPD121 CCPD128 CCPD132 CCPD133 CCPD2C Pack A Delirious 1.2.3 & 4 (XXX) 4 discs) £6.50 Pack F Titamcs, Crusaders. Trash & TTB Music (3 discs) £5 00 Pack I Vorlex. Anli Tran. North Star. Mega Demos (3 discs) £5.00 Pack O Maylair. Body Talk A8B. Calendar Girls 1990 (XXX) (4 discs) £6.50 Pack L Every inch a woman. Sam Fox & Sabrina (3 discs) £5.00 Pack M Tiffany. Kylie. Debbie Gibson Demos (3 discs) £5 00 CCP03?
CCP050 CCPD56 CCPD98 CCP01O3 CCPD130 CCPD'37 CCPOI40 CCP0141 CCP0158 CCP0I6I CCP0I9I CCP0I96 CCPD2II MANY MORE OFFERS & STARTER PACKS SEND SAE FOR FULL LIST PLEASE MAKE CHEQUES POSTAL ORDERS PAYABLE TO MAGNETIC MEDIA VICTORIA ARCADE AlDERGATE 1 St CLASS POST IN UK TAMWORTH STAFFS B79 7DL (Airmail Postage Europe Scandinavia £3 50 10 TEL 0827 59566 Other countries £6 50 10) CCPD144 CCPD148 CCPD151 CCPD166 CCPD180 CCPD187 Seven Seas PD PD FOR FREE This is only a small selection of our disks, we also have the best in Music, Utilities, Adult, Animations etc. with more disks arriving every day!
DISKS ONLY CS.50. OR C1.J0 IF YOU SUPPLY YOUR OWN RLANKS UK POSTAGI AND PACKING INCLUDED. OVERSEAS ORDERS ADD CS.00 (AIRMAIL) Please make Cheques POT payable to Capricorn Computers. And send to: CAPRICORN COMPUTERS 35 Warwick Road, . . . » .
Olton, Solihull, West Midlands. B92 7HS Tel. (021) 707-0381 Or call in at our shop at the above address whcr the best in Software A Hardware tor the Amija.
Seven Seas PD, 60 Canary Road, Dungannon BT71 6SU Phone(08687) 84540 Over 500 disks all Virus FREE Disk Prices 1-10 = £1.75 11 + = £1.35 The very best in Demos, U tilities, Gaines etc.
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for FREE Catalogue GAMES AmoeOa invaoers Ac.e'Ve Egyptian Run
Gravity Wars Cycles '-ccos Tic . Lac Toe Conquest Hockey lam
Omeiio •’egtoam AmgaMaae Chess G'avArack Teo Gravny Wars. Go
Moku Hack (tile) CCPD94 95 2 Siai Trek 11 Meg . 2 Unves I
CCPD97 Flaschbier Wanderer Cosmic ConQuest VachtC Four In A Row
Tetri* Black Bo* Reiakaloi Sony PacMan8" Ballyil Baniesh®1
Chess SYS Raccer Mona 11 Megi Tennis (I Mmy Ca* Escape irom
Joyi Taes' ladyBug Ortxl 30 D«lomacy SYS Asteroids Biadyack
Hearts Mmaast Pun Zerg Wont Daiens Caiksto Pontoon AmgaMaae
laOynntn ii Monopoly Poure Purales Sky Fghi Cards 0 Rama.
Jackiand RuOk S*nschBg DEMOS Northstar Mega Demo ill Miller
Lite Walker Demo II (1 Meg Fashionatmg Oeathsiar Megademo
Dexion Mega Demo Vortex 42 Mega Demo 2(12 KS Shell Shocked
Rebels Mega Competition Demo 3D Net Analyzer Demo Phenomena
Mega Demo Vision Megademo II Errors Megademo 1 2 KS) CCPD138
139 Deiu«e Phoioiad Demo 11 Meg*2 drives CCPD142 Alcatraz Mega
Demo 3 Robocop Demo Triangle Giga Demo 3 Space Ace Demo Puggs m
Space Demo Mad Monks Mega Demo Walker Demo (t Meg) CCP023' 232
Predators Megademc CCPD238 Rebels Megademo II CCP0249 250
NewTek Demo Reel 3 (t Meg.2 drives) We have one ol the largest
collections ol PD software lor the Amiga in the UK.
We currently stock: ) FISH 1 320 ) AMICUS 1-26 ) SLIPPED DISK 1 40 ) FAUG HOTMIX 1 102 ) PANORAMA 1 -71 ) AUGE 1 25 ) T BAG 1 35 All Ihe above are £3 each . 1 FREE when you order 10 2 catalogue disks available at £5 which give details of the above collections Our own special selection £4.00 each ) *°Dl 6 CLI HELP Confused by CL I9 This one s for you ) APDL *7 LANGUAGES Lisp Prolog. Logo Forth APDL *8 AMIGA DISK DOCTOR Life saving programs' ) APDL *14 BEST ARCADE GAMES ) APDL *15 BEST BOARD GAMES Backgammon Othello Yaht ee etc ) APDL *17 BUSINESS COLLECTION Editor Spreadsheet & Database ) APDL
*41 DATABASES Keep track of your data ) APDL *4? ADVENTURES Vol 2 Castle A graph*c adventure & several text adventures ) APCH. M3 COMPILER ASSEMBLER AND UNKER ) APDL *44 WORD PROCESSOR Word Processor A Spellchecker ) APDL *45 PUZZLE A STRATEGY GAMES ) APDL *48 MAGNIFICENT FORCE II 20 Great tunes APDL *52 FRACTAL GENERATORS ) APDL *53 UNKNOWN 5 DEMOS Superb eye popping demos with great music ) APDL *57 JUNGLE COMMAND Musical Invasion 3 ) APDL *58 CHET SOLACE SHAREWARE EXTRAVAGANZA Some ot the best shareware programmes on easy to use menu driven disc SPECIAL Stanrek 11 MB) Superb PD game tor
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only £1.50 ST Amiga Fanzine £1.00 + 20p P&P ISSUE 7 with FREE
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disk (6 pictures) _For details contact us at:- Sector 16 160
Hollow Way Cowley Oxford Tel: 0865 777146 Please make Cheques
LIBRARY Dept. AF7, 72 Glencoe Road, Sheffield, S2 2SR PD
Hotline 0742 750623 INTROS Amiganuts Disk 554 Amiganuts: 0703
785680 UNICYCLE BOB - Well, Phenomena prove once more that BOBs
really are beautiful. But there’s more to the demo than BOBs:
an animated umcycle juggling... you guessed it, BOBs.
EQUALOGO II - Stunning.
Slipstream have surpassed themselves. While the bouncing balls, scrolling message and digitised picture of Dirty Harry aren’t anything to get excited about, the sampled music track is fantastic.
Snippets of speech from Graham Want to see what your Amiga can really do? Well this is the place... Chapman, Clint Eastwood and others accompanies a lively beat.
You're treated to such phrases as "This is a 44 magnum, this is a 44 magnum, this is a 44 magnum... and it could blow your head clean off. Do you feel Senlac are currently trying to promote the nobon of license- ware. And have consequently set up a label entitled Senlacware.
Authors who participate in the scheme receive a royalty each quarter on all titles that are sold. Sound idea - come on Pdists, support it!
FRP Productions are just one of a bunch of benevolent developers currently embroiled in the scheme. FRP specialise in animation, and as you can see lucky?”, “This is for your benefit.
Would you kindly wake up!", and "Stop that. Ifs silly. And a bit suspect I think.” The track is really excellent - and refreshingly original. One you simply are gonna have to hear for yourself.
SEXY - The title suggests tibllation, but n truth there’s nothing to tease, let alone tickle, your fancy. The only sexy thing in HCC's demo is a sampled voice that insists on screeching "Sexy!"
From bme to bme.
COMA - Oh. Wow' The blows everything else out of the disk drive. The combnation of acid house beat and halucrogenc screen effects make Coma the most mpresswe demo to date Seriously, ifs an auOovtsual extravaganza you musnt mos.
Like the great Juggler demo that appeared at the begrmg of the Amiga’s ife. Coma is gang to become a classic.
Disks. You can use files on such disks in almost exactly the same way as you use files on native AmigaDOS disks. This is a fully functional, read write version that supports 8, 9, or 10 sector disks of 40 or 80 tracks. It will even work with hard drives containing 12 or 16 bit FATs (file allocation tables). Invaluable.
SOFTFONT - Converts portrait soft fonts for HP LaserJet compatible laser printers to landscape format.
C C GAMES 1 3 Capricorn Disk 191 Capricorn Computers 021 7070381 After a hard perusal of PD software what better way to relax than by playing PD games? Capricorn’s disk comes with five very different games to suit almost all tastes: CALLISTO - You're in charge of a mining base on Jupiter's moon Callisto. The moon contains nothing more than ice and dirt, but valuable minerals can be obtained from Jupiter by robot miners.
Your job is to collect the ore which is produced and bring it to the moon using short-range nuclear-drive spacecraft.
From Callisto the ore can be collected by long-range ion drive ships for your employers, the Interplanetary Mining Corporation.
You will be paid for the ore and must use this money to buy various items of equipment and plutonium fuel.
From this scenario you might deduce the game to be a sophisticated shoot-em-up, but this couldn't be further from the truth.
The game is a tough text-only strategy game. A bit of a yawner unless you're into sleepless nights trying to suss the impossible.
DALEKS - This version of Daleks runs on an Amiga and benefits from the machine's speed and colour capabilities. Essentially, DflLEKS NUDGE NUDGE Nova Disks 150 151 Nova: 0295 262029 Evening squire. Is your wife a goer? Know what I mean? Nudge, nudge. Say no more, say no more. A nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat. Say no more, eh?
The sound was sampled using Mastersound via a Sony audio tape player and the images grabbed using Digiview 4 plugged into a Ferguson Videostar. Well, at least the sketch isn't boring.
Is your wife a sport? I bet she is.
Has she been around. I bet she has. Say no more. Is your wife interested in photography, eh?.
Snap snap, grin, grin, wink wink.
Say no more, say no more.
Well from that outburst you might have guessed that Nudge Nudge is a sketch from the outrageously funny Monty Python team. There’s little to say about it apart from repeating the above.
Digitised images of the team accompany the sampled sound track. For Python fans only.
CEBIT ‘90 Deeper Domain Disk 134 Deeper Domain: 01 204 3954 Red Sector have produced yet another phenomenal piece of coding. Their latest, Cebit ‘90 (or Revenge of Babbnaaseu), is a solid 3D animation extravaganza.
A whole range of objects appear. Many look as though they should be part of Elite II. Red Sector have managed to combine a beautifully rendered moving juggler enclosed in a rotating 3D box. The effect is breathtaking.
Numerous other animations - like a volcano spraying multicoloured, multi-sized BOBs, a gift box unraveling to reveal several BOB shapes, and a BOB starfield
- all combine to make a very watchable demo.
The full Fractal Flight demo takes up an astonishing 25Mbytes naturally the demo on the PD disk has been much reduced.
ABOVE: Cebit ‘90 features speedy solid 3D animations to make Jez San and his Arganouts turn pale.
FRACTAL FLIGHT PD Soft Disk 477 PD Soft: 0702 612259 You've doubtless dabbled with countless other fractal-producing programs - Mandelbrot generators, Julia set plotters, fractal landscape creators - and are justifiably sick of the subject.
Fractal Flight is guaranteed to restore your faith in the astounding chaotic beauty of fractals.
The program on PD-Soft's disk is just a demo of Hypercube Engineering's commercial fractal generation and animation package. Hence you only get to see a pretty polygon world rush towards you, but even so, the sight is fabulous and moves at unbelievable speeds.
The 200 HAM frames were rendered in around 16 hours using Hypercube's proprietary 40MHz ‘030 Amiga accelerator card. The landscape consists of some 750,000 polygons. The animation replay routine allows the fractal landscape to be displayed at 60 fields a second.
Little wonder it’s so good.
VIZ SLIDESHOW Nova Disk 166 Nova: 0295 262029 Pdom PD Amiga Software Pdom PD Amiga Software AMP3 Graphics Pack 1 - Amiga MCAD excellent CAD package. Vdraw brilliant painting program. Rav Tracer Generator.
An object -orientated drawing package.
IFF to pieces jigsaw program. Rol 31) drawing program, loads ot utilities.
A 3 disk pack for only £7.30!
V Graphics AM PI: Home Business Pack. RIM the relational database and HyperBase database, L'F.dit the word processor which includes builtin help and tutorials, spell . Heckers, and VisiCalc the excellent 'preadsheet. All auto loading.
A 3 disk pack for only £7.30!
APDC 15 - Icon Games Pdom Cliplt! Voll APDC 18 - Floppy 5 disks full of clip art Disk Utils: Quick FFISH 243 - No Click stops the disk drive clicking it no disk present. Pass Word you specify the password tor your system security.
Pcopy V2.C the excellent disk copier.
PDOM 62 - The Public Dominator Anti Virus Disk: Virus X V4.0. Vcheck
VI. 2 (lor memory), Vcheck VI .9 (tor disk drives). Zero Virus
VI.3 the fully integrated virus detector and killer. Also
Boot Block Champion the utility.
Demos Utility FFISH253- Plemcnts a display of the periodic table.
FFISH258 BACKUP allows you to backup any hard disk path utilities: lull ot icon tiles and creators.
AMICUS 22 - Printer Driver l icnerator V2.3. A all in .IFF format.
3Mb of clip an.
3 disks tor only £15.00!. FFISH 158 DiskX SectorFdit, MSDOS Reads MSDOS or ST format into RAM:.
Copy. Disk Mapper.
Disk Salvage, Virus Check. System Utils: Blit text editor.
TimeSet. Acalc a calculator. Amiga Monitor. Nle.M Grab last memory grabber.
Directors Master.
A must get disk tor your Amiga P.I), collection! Fxcellent.
FFISH 244 - Boot Intro you speedy The headline text ot upto 44 characters and the scrolling text t upto 3CC.
Application FAUG 41 - Amiga Arc VC.2 compatible with ARC V5.C PDOM93 - ARP
VI. 3 Amiga IX)*' Replacement Project.
FFISH 58 - ASDG a RAM disk that survives reset.
Big View displays anv size IFF picture.
Hgraph creates graphs from X.Y pair text files. New Zap disk sector editor.
FFISH 188 - Bo.* Intro Vl.w displays a scrolling and a still message of vour choice at bo * up.
PDOM 86 - The Memory Expansions demo Nol.
PDOM 87 - The Memory Expansions demo 2. Both Require 1MB RAM.
PDOM 73. 74 and 76 The Star Trek Drv Dock Demo, FAUG 50 - Dir L til VI ihe disk manager.
PDOM 59 - Ameteur Radio I )lsk: disk lull ot HAM utilities.
FFISH 157 - Xlcon 2.0 1 allows you to call up scripts commands trom an icon.
AMP21 Graphics Pack 2 - Mandelbrot Explorer. DBW Render a Ray Tracing utility.
ST 211 I picture convener. 1IAM2IIT picture converter.
Excellent value!
A 3 disk pack tor onlv f7.3C. PDOM 83 Space AC F I )emo an excellent demo ot the game with labulous animation and incredible sampled sounds!
AMP8 - Games Pack I - Cluedo, Klondike. Cantield, Cribbge, Backgammon. Yah ee. Missle Command. 3D Breakout. Fmpire.
Gravity Wars. 1 lanoi.
I lockev. Jackland, Othello Master. Pac- man. Plus loads ot other brilliant games.
Amazing value!
A 3 disk pack £7.50!
AMP22 - Games Pack 2 Escape I mm Jovi V3, Monopoly.
Amoeba Space Invaders, Cosmo Roids. Stone Age.
Back Gammon.
Mastermind. Rcvcrsi, Black Jack. Yacht(!.
I )aleks plus loads ot other brilliant games.
Amazing Value!
3 disks lor £7.50!
PDOM90 - Tennis!
Excellent tennis action game, fully working.
PDOM79. 80 + 81 the SiarTrck game!
Abrilliant three disk graphics game!
Requires 1MB RAM.
Most of the disks in this advert actually contain more than is listed, for full details of all the disks, send for our disk catalogue, which costs only 70p fully inclusive! And allows fast and easy searching for items!
PD Disk Prices: 1 to 5 disks are £3.00 each, 6 to 10 disks are £2.75 each and 11 or more disks are £2.50 each!
Blank disks: 10-£7.00, 50-£33.00. Disk cleaning kits - £2.50. All prices are fully inclusive. To order please send a cheque or postal order payable to Pdom PD Amiga or Access & Visa credit card details to: Pdom PD Amiga, P O Box 801 Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire, CM23 3TZ.
Telephone 0279 757692.
TOP TEN DEMOS 17Bit Disk Numbers 17 Bit Software: 0924 366982 1 NEWTEK DEMO 3 (559 560) 2 PREDATORS MEGADEMO (588 589) 3 THE RUN (591) 4 RUBADUBDUB (604) 5 THE NEW STAR TREK (595 596) 6 KEFRENS MEGADEMO (616 617) 7 FANTASY SLIDE SHOW (622 623) 8 TECHNOTRONIC REMIXES (608) 9 ELVIRA (594) 10 INTROS 31 (587) PUZZ - Times are hard: it’s a strain trying to come up with a new name for the tired sliding tile puzzle game. Martin Round may have problems with names, but his versions - for there are many - of tiles are very playable and polished.
You're Dr Who and must defeat the Daleks by making them bump into each other or by blasting them from close range with your sonic screwdriver. It's just a simple game, but highly addictive.
PONTOON - Nothing clever, nothing sophisticated - simply a neat graphical version of the card game Twenty-One.
You get dealt two cards and can only play the computer (who cheats badly). The idea is simply to continue picking up cards until the value of all the cards in your hand is as close to 21 as you're likely to get it without exceeding
21. All the usual rules apply.
TOP TEN P D GTS Titles George Thompson: 0770 82234 1 SPACE TRILOGY 2 THE ALL-NEW STAR TREK 3 TV GRAPHICS 4 VIDEO APPLICATIONS 5 LEARN AND PLAY PART 1 6 HOME BUSINESS PACK 7 PD SPECTACULAR 8 TBAG28 9 SACC 10 EDUCATION WITH THE AMIGA SUPPLIERS The following companies contribute to the distribution of Amiga public domain software in this country. For their full addresses check the advertisements in this issue of Amiga Format, or give them a ring.
George Thomson: 0770 82234, Amiga PD Library: 0742 750623, Capricorn Computers: 021 7070381, Seven Seas PD: 60 Canary Rd. Dungannon, County Tyrone, N Ireland, Demon Software: 0279 842675, Magnetic Media: 0827 59566, EMPDL: 0602 630071, Blitterchips: 0535 667469, Kad-soft UK: 0249 817174, Amiganuts: 0703 785680, Purple PD: 0279 757692, Crazy Joe’s: 0709 829286, Nova: 0295 262029, PD Soft: 0702 612259, Softville PD: 0705 266509, Sector 16: 0865 774472, Senlac Software: 0424 753070, Premier PD: 15 Croxteth Rd. Rainford, WCA 0792 772745.
Three different puzzle games are included on the Capricorn game disk. All have a different graphical image to order and a different number of tiles to slide. There's one tile puzzle that doesn't even follow the conventional square format. Excellent.
WORLD - The game is in the flavour of text-only adventures like Adventure of Zork, and is about as large. It has, however, a sct-fi slant which makes it similar to Infocom's Planetfatl and Starcross.
A good parser means all manner of actions are possible and a save restore feature lets you halt the action any time and return to where you left off at a later date.
Adventure fiends will love it.
ZERG - This is, of course, the latest revision of Mike Shapiro’s ever-developing fantasy role- playing game. Mike makes no bones of the fact that Zerg is a blatant Ultima rip-off.
You assemble a stalwart band of adventurers comprising... well, yourself and nobody else. You get to explore a mythical world full of sorcery, horrific monsters and fabulous treasure. In short, the typical fantasy role-playing scenario.
Even though the ideas present in Zerg aren't entirely original, the game is excellent. And for free you really can't complain. ¦ mm wim m 14 OAKLEA CLOSE OLD Nil Nil SI LEONARDS ON SU EAST SUSSEX TN37 7MB TEL: 0424 753070 SOLE DISTRIBUTOR fN TJJ. PRODUCTIONS I SENUCiARE LIFE MEMBERSHIP LIBRARY AND FREE P.D. ONLY £1 PRICES; 1-5 = £1.50 6-10 = £1.25 11+ = £1.00 per disk GRAPHICS ANIMATION DISKS MISCELLANEOUS IFF PlXS IFF PlXS ii IFF PlXS Hi IFF PlXS IV IFF PlXS V JOE II SLIDESHOW MAM PlXS Old PlXS DlGi PlXS ii PHOTOFILE PixS i PHOTOFiLE PiXS n ROGER DEAN PlXS ROD MATTHEWS PlXS FANTASY PIXS '
ISFVfN 'OWE RS NUDGf NUOG6 DEMO 2 D-v D-o Se p-e MG' 00 Ove«s as E u'Ope Ar-~a c-a'geo «v o' wo-ti WORDWRIGHTAMIC.ASPELL BANK'N ANALYTICALC * RIM DATABASE QBASE VlSlCALC CLERK RIM DATABASE |HARO"| SPRF AD SPRF ADShF f T ¦NV£N H.-T I N V. O moo»ij!-«y' D-SK *y trvs amaz-ng HyperCard % NOW avaao* for' SFNIAC ONLY 3 00 CANDO RETAILS AT 148 95 OUR PRICE 121 99 SENLAC DISK PRICES Disks- i ?5 Each 4 Disks- i 50 Each Mo's - i 25 Each Mywnum Order 2 Osks CANDO CANIX) CANDO »»»»» Soaix Songs, player graphic screen IJSON1 Duelling, Electric Dream, Wonderful + USON10 Human Power; Mindbreaker, R oboe op
+ )»»»»» Slideshows with background music USLID1 ’Heroes’ tune + 16 hi res pictures USLID4 Fantasy pictures by The Dark Lord »»»»»» Music at it's best, with graphix UMUS1 Ten original tunes, brilliant!
UMUSI3 Metromania, Sahara, Lonely + 3 others »»»»»» Intro's and Demo’s, the best UINT1 OGD, PARTY!, EUROPE + 7 others UINT4 TEARDROPS, MAGIC FIELD + 5 others UINT14 COMBINATION, SUBWAY, WEAPON + 4 »»»»»» Great GAMES to play at home!
11GAM1 COSMOROIDS, ROLLERBALL, LADYB UGAM2 FLASCHIBER - The game, brilliant IJGAM3 LINGO, BALLY, N1GHTWORKS & YOUP1 »»»»»» Some of the best ANIMATIONS UANIM1 SPACE animation - needs lmeg RAM UANIM2 UGA and STAMP animations, good!
UANIM3 RUNNING MAN, TURNING MAN, UGA 1IANIM5 HAPPY GUY, WINDOW, F15 MIRROR »»»»»» SPECIAL disks - a special collection USPECI ZOUNDMONITOR, like ST but better USPEC4 GHOSTWRITER, make your own screens USPECI I GAME MUSIC CREATOR, brilliant!
USPECI3 QL EMULATOR, just what it says!
Plus 2 support disks available »»»»»» Utilities you can’t get elsewhere UUTIL1 SinusCreatot; BootcontroL CLIWizard, Icon lab, CRLoad, Mandlevroom, Bootune UUTIL3 Tel repack, Showfont, Boothack, Disksalv, TrackerX, Iconizet, SceneryMaker etc. etc UUTIL9 K ickSaver, Terrain sculpt, StarEditoc, Bootext, Sonixpeek, Flow ripper, Linkiller etc etc. »»»»»» We stock over 90 of these fabulous UGA disks, all easy to use, menu driven and exclusive to us!
Britahis PLUS we have the complete FRED FISH collection. Currently over 290 disks, with more added monthly PLUS the A.P.DjC collection PLUS the PANORAMA collection PLUS the AMICUS collection PLUS the SUPPED DISK collection PLUS the T.RAG collection And of course our own ’SOF’ collection of Utilities and the very BEST demo disks, now numbering well over 450 in all!
Official t k distributor for the range of quality disks UGA NEWSFLASH Produced by NUK and UGA This disk magazine is distributed around the world and is acknowledged as the BEST Packed with information, these great disks, along with the SITPORT DISKS, are now available monthly from Softville. We carry the full range and Issues start at No6, phone for the very latest version.
£2:99 each or £5:50 a set.
STARTER PACK Choose any S disks, get S blank disks + labels & a Library case for only £18:50 VIRUS KILLER DISK loads of killers inc VIRUSX v4.0 ONLY £1:50 each (state Amiga) Send an A5 size envelope (28p stamp) for a FREE copy of our 80 page catalogue State CLEARLY the make of your computer Over 1000 disks FULL of great programs 1-5 disks - £3 each 6-9 disks - £2:75 each 10 and over - £2:50 each Buy 10 - get another FREE all price* inc. of Di«k, Port A. peck ing L VAT SOFTViLLE Unit 5, Stratfield Park, Elettra Ave, Wateriooville, Hants P07 7XN Ring for advice or to order 24hrs on 0705 266509
Fax 0705 251884 Callers 57 Who's That Girl (XXX) 481 Party Games (XXX) 81 UEDIT Word Processor 496 Holy Grail Adventure (1 Meg) 113 Maria Whittaker Slideshow (X) 517 Twisted Dreams (XXX) 152 Virus Killers 530 Morelove (XXX) 282 Forgotten Realms Slideshow 580 Dope Intro Maker 283 Mega Maid (XXX) 581 Jack The Nipper (XXX) 312 Bedroom Olypiad (XXX) 597 Fish 300 314 Breakout Construction Set 608 Fish 311 315 Return To Earth Game 646 647 Predators Megademo 399 400 Newtek Demo 3 656 NBS Animations Disk ft SEND C1 FOR CATALOGUE DISK OR S-A-E. FOR LIST ft ft YOU MUST STATE YOU ARE OVER 18 WHEN
S. Yorkshire S65 1BL Telephone: (0709) 829286 KA1 The Business
Collection Spreadsheet Database & Wordprocessor 2 disks KA2
The Wordprocessor for the Amga KA3 ¦ C-Compiler Assembler &
Linker KA4 The brilliant RIMS database programme KA5 Disk
Doctor Collection KA6 - CLI Help Worried by CLP Th.s one will
make everything clear KA7 - A Collection of brilliant arcade
games KA8 - Predators Mega Demo Brilliant twin disk demo KA9 -
Break out construction set KA10 Nightmare on Elm Street Demo
Kati - North Star and Silent Demo KA12 Star Trek Modulator 2
Game Kai 3 - A collection of instruments for the original
programme KA14 Magnetic FiekJs Demo The Ultimate Bobs & Spntes
Demo KA15 - Robocop Demo Brilliant KA16 • Star Trek The Next
Generation The brilliant 3 disk game KA17 Space Ace demo KA18
* The North Star Mega Demo Kai9 Coot Cougar Demo Cartoon _
quality KA20 Virus Killer All KA21 The Anti ST Demo Disk KA22
• The Miami Vice demo Digitized sounds KA23 Kylie Minogue Demo
disk 1 KA24 Kylie Minogue Demo disk 2 Needs KA23 to run KA25
Larn version 12 Brilliant Dungeons and Dragons game KA26
Shanghai Playable demo of great game KA27 Utilities collection
1 Quick copy. P copy.
Dir Master. Funckery Blitz, Virus X KA28 Games Collection t. Cribbage Tiles.
Bullrun. Tic Tac Toe KA29 Games Collection 2. Amoeba. Yelp Rock Slide, Egyption Run KA30 Bankn. Home Help. Home Finance Packages KA31 • Elvira, brilliant demo KA32 RAF mega demo Brilliant 2 disk demo KA33 QL emulator KA34 North Star and Fairiight mega demo 3 Brilliant 3-disk demo KA35 Death Star mega demo Yet another twin-disk demo ditct - C2 SO Inc PftP Ring tor FREE Catalogue DEMON SOFT ‘WARE The cheapest AMIGA demo library in existence POSTAGE AND PACKING ARE FREE Demos are 75p each if blank disks are supplied by the customer or £1 45 if we do.
For our free list disk which includes graphics music and demos send an SAE and a blank disk to us.
THAT BIT BETTER TH DEMON SOFTWARE HARBLEDOWN WESTLAND GREEN LITTLE HADHAM HERTS SG112AQ KN THE BEST OF THE REST -S DISKS 3 5" 135 Ipi DD OS Disks Unbranded (KAO. Sony) 100% error tree. Certified very high quality will formal io 880k easily.
10 20 50 1 00 £6.40 £1250 £28.50 £54 50 All price include PSP. Labels No quibble Money Back Guaranlee Amiga Batman Pack £375 inc VAT plus 10 PD disks Send Cheques & P O's payable to: KAD-SOFT, 2 EBOR PADDOCK, i CALNE, WILTS, SN11 OJY J TEL: 0249 817174 ACCESSORIES Disk Boxes 80 cap £5 50 120 cap £7 50 Mouse Mals £3 50 Mouse Holders £3 50 Amiga Dust Covers • £4 50 A complete range of commercial software available, both business and home, al very competitive prices We stock the complete range of Fish, Amicus, Slip Disk, T-Bag and Panorama Disk Collections.
E. M.P.D.L Amiga Public Domain Library. Open 7 Days 9am - CHIPS
KAKTUS AND MAHONEY (music brilliant) NORTH STAR DEMO I music
graphics) GYMNAST DEMO (ray traced animation 1 Meg) STOCKS OF
A 3 disk collection ol the most useful utilities Including Wordprocessors. Spelling Checkers. Database, File Manager etc. STAR TREK.
The 2 disk game reviewed by Amiga Format.
A 3 disk collection of the latest games from Fred Fish.
2 disk set of backgrounds and fonts for video enthusiasts.
2 disk set of video utilities to accompany T V. Graphics.
2 disks of the best graphics utilities for the Amiga ZC. A "C" compiler based on the ST. Sozobon C compiler. Fully functional, complete with Linker. Assembler etc. DEBBIE GIBSON.
"Electric Youth" demo on 2 disks.
"Ride on time” demo.
2 disk demo.
We are also authorised distributors lor NEWSFLASH" The very best European disk magazine lor the Amiga.
CHIPS 199: BED SECTOB MEG* DEMO (2 disksI CHIPS 149 MADNESS DEMO Imusic. Graphics) CHIPS 43: pugs in space (animated demo, great) CHIPS 95: dexion megademo Igreat) CHIPS 22: KEFBENS DEMO (excellent) CHIPS 94 DEATHSTAB MEGA DEMO 12 disks) CHIPS 201 BSI MEGA OEMO (brilliant 2 disks) CHIPS 65 CBYTOBUBNEBS (music disk) CHIPS 44 TRILOGY MEGA DEMO (2 disks) CHIPS 45: KEFRENS MEGA DEMO 8 CHIPS 46 PENDLE EUROPA 50 (brill crusaders music) NOW IS THE TIME TO INCREASE YOUR FROM DISK 257 THROUGH TO DISK 316 An our disks are virus free and despatched by first class post on day of receipt at the inclusive
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Amiganuts is the official U.K distributor of the T.Bag disk of the mouth series from Tampa Bav U.S.A. Each auto-bootlng disk Is packed with games utlls graphics music. The very latest always available at £1.50 each HECKMATE JIGITAL IMITED I OF PROGS AVAILABLE HEBE ISAS 378 (1) The excellent ARP V1.3 ( utllitvl 389 (I) The hilarious PUGGS IN SPACE (animation) 392 (1) Klaschblcr (game with full level editor) 417 (2) The RAF megademo 472 (2) Predators megademo (includes 2 games) 489 (1) Vision megndrmo 507 (1) 30 useful virus killers 515 (2) Newterh demo reel 3(1 MEG) 525 (1) Star Trek (I MEG) 1
disk. NO SAVE VERSION 528 (1) The holy grail (I MEG GAME) 528 (1) Animated sprite designer (utility) 540 (1) MSH reads writes PC720 (utility) 542 (1) Bootblock champion HI
11) Amlopoly (game I English version
(2) The Xmas song (x rated)
1) Turbobarkup (excellent PD copier)
1) Polyscope slideshow (Electronic Arts) 66 (1) The perfect sound
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Note: (•) 40 (excellent utility)
• (Nudge T
(2) Laurel and Hardv (Lon
(2) Fython music (Nud Nudge) mesome Plncl Indicate* number of
disk* In *et.
DISK 571: MED V2.0le The best music plaver edllor available lo dale, It will load mosl soundlracker modules and II also supports Midi sequencing, (this Is an update lo V2. That Is on Fred Fish 349. However, this one has all hugs fixed).
DISK 576: A special Education disk, packed with progs lor the children.
DISK 577: Eight extremely helpful utilities for the hard drive user.
DISK 284: Picture nuzzle game. 16 aduli pictures lhal vou have lo compile.
DISK 581 SID updated version 1.6 by Timm Martin, this dir utility Is ifie besi thing since sliced bread. IPIease send Timm the requested shareware feel Ple**e note that Dt*ka 571 576 577 284 A 581 *re £2.00 each Inc. PAP LATEST CATALOGUE DISK AVAILABLE AT £1.50 (INCLUDES POST A PACKING) j Make cheques Postal Orders payable to: AMIGANUTS UNITED
0703 785680 k PliAM XOTl Somr do*no* contain language lhal
ma» bo on*ldciod oflr naive A1500 Expansion Unit for the
Amiga A500 For further details prices ring Telephone
071-923 0658 CheckMate Digital Limited, 80 Mildmay Park,
London N1 4PR Fax: 071-254 1655 TO B OR NOT TO B I am
considering upgrading to an Amiga 000. But Commodore seem
to produce two different versions, the A2000 and the
What is the difference between these two machines and will they still run software for the A500?
M Wright N Ireland The Amiga 2000 has undergone several major upgrades since its original release. The latest version you can buy is the B2000 Revision 6 that includes I he new ECS Agnus, giving access to a full megabyte of chip RAM.
In a special edition this month, we pick out some of the most useful hints and tips from past issues just in case you missed out... The original release of the 2000, the A2000, has been discontinued and so isn't worth even considering if you want to keep up to date.
The difference between this original A' machine and the current model Bs (sorry, Acorn!) Is that the A2000 had no composite output, the second 512K of RAM was on add-on card and the machine used the old rectangular Agnus (therefore making it incompatible with the soon (or eventually?) To be released Enhanced Chip Set upgrade).
BACK FROM THE DEAD I have been experiencing a phenomenon called Lazarus.
There are occasionally bad disks from PD suppliers that require the Workbench DiskDoctor treatment. On re-formatting the disk, it often displays the message 'All Data on LAZARUS will be lost, do you want to continue?'. Could you please tell me what the hell is Lazarus? It is seldom that that the DiskDoctor is able to fix these disks anyway and having to return disks continuously is becoming a real pain.
P Black Stevenage, Herts Who hasn't been reading their Bible recently, then? Lazarus was Mopkbmch Scrrrn i Cli Win Hountfd disks: Unit Size Used Free Full Errs Status Nane mu: 38M 15624 45846 257. 8 Read Urite Mdrive RAM: IK 2 i 1UIX 8 Read Urite DF8: 888K 1745 13 997. 8 Read Only Extras 1.3 Volunes available: Extras 1.3 (Mounted!
AmHi'Ivo (Nounted) RMDriveBoot 2) 2)
2) INFO 7 DEVICE: AM8: Mounted disks: Unit Size Used Free Full
Errs Status Nane «8: 38M 15624 45846 25x 8 Read Urite AMDrive
Need to know how much space is free? See 'Give Me Some Info!'
The chappie that Jesus supposedly brought back from the dead.
“What has this got to do with the Amiga?" I hear you ask. Well, when the Diskdoctor utility rescues a corrupt disk, it automatically renames the disk to Lazarus.
Think about it for a while and you'll soon realise that this is another classic example of what is commonly known in the trade as a ‘programmer's joke’.
Mosaic 81 I 81 I R«si»«i8328|8256i Reduce 32 I Bstf.it Sanple 1 Resize S.-1 HiLol S Real Undo HAM is easy: see Ham, Chips and Ham'.
When using my Amiga for programming, I often find that I need to know how much disk space is available on a particular disk in my drive. At the moment I have to load up the RSCIock program that was on the Coverdisk of ST Amiga Formats second issue.
Unfortunately, I don't want to have to load this program every time I want such a mundane piece of information. Is it possible to write a machine code program (I have DevPac 2) that would tell me what I need to know?
P Stevenson Bishops Stortford You're making life very difficult for yourself. All Amiga Workbench disks feature a little CLI command called 'INFO' which will tell you =HIc everything you need to know. To use it. Just type UFO and press return. The command wifi then tell you the amount of space used and available on all drives, hard or floppy, that are currently connected to the system.
Protecting important data on a floppy disk from accidental erasure is a simple process: just flick the write protect tab to the correct position and your data is (fairly) safe. But what do you do when you have a hard disk? Try as hard as you might, you'll never find a write protect tab on your hard drive!
Luckily, if your hard drive is formatted under the new Fast File System that was introduced under Version 1.3 of the operating system, then you'll be glad to learn that there is a way of protecting your valuable data. Any Fast File System drive or partition may be temporarily protected against deletion using the Workbench 1.3 Lock command.
The lock command allows you to set the write protection status of drive or partition, which will remain locked until the system is rebooted or you turn the lock off yourself. Optionally, you can even assign a four character password to the locked partition so that only you can then unlock it. The syntax of the Lock command is LOCK FFS DRIVE PARTITION [ON OFF] PASSWORD .
For example, if you wanted to lock your hard drive without a password, you would simply enter Lock DHO: ON. To unlock the drive again, just enter Lock DHO: OFF. If you wanted to lock your drive with a password, you would enter Lock DHO: ON FRED, where 'FRED' is the password to be used. To unlock the drive, you would then have to enter Lock DHO: OFF FRED.
Trying to enter just Lock DHO: OFF on a password protected drive will not work.
T Ralph Broadstone, Dorset HAM, CHIPS AND HAM Do you know of any utilities (preferably Public Domain) that will be of use in converting HAM pictures to non-HAM format for use within paint packages such as Deluxe Paint etc?
GAMES AMAS ... Audiomaster 2 . Deluxe Music Con Set Instant Music Mastersound .84.90
59. 90 . 49.90
18. 90
29. 90 19 90 1390 1890 18 90 21 90 15 90 15 90 18 90 15 90
Bomber Boxing Manager..... Budckan Castle
Master Chrono Quest 2 Chuckie Egg (' or 2) CyberOaii Damocles
Datastorm AMIGA A500 .359 90 Phillips
CM8833 monitor ... 259.00 512K RAM expansion 74 90 A501 RAM
CLOCK 89.90 STAR LC10 Printer (Mono).
Plus Lead (Colour) . .179.00 .219.00 MUSIC - X 149.90 Pro Sound Designer 59.90 Sontx 49.90 Cumana 3.5" Disk Drive 99.00 Senator 3.5" Disk Drive 89 00 Mono Video Camera . Lens .229 90 Bootselector 14.90 Hardware Virus protector ... 19 90 Nordic Action Cartridge ...69 90 SALE * SALE * SALE
* SALE * Battle Squadron 9 90 Blood Money 9 90 Bloodwych 9 90 Kid
Gloves 9 90 Chessmaster 2000 9.90 Colossus Chess X
9 90 Pacman a . 9.90 Shadow of the Beast
18. 90 ACCESSORIES Locking Disk Box (40*) .7.90
Locking Disk Box (80*) .9.90 Media Box (150
stackable) ..22.90 FURRY MOUSE COVER!... (with eyes,
ears and nose1) TV
Text ..52.50 TV Show
(NEW) 69.90 Comic or Movie
Setter 59 90 Deluxe Paint 2 .49 90 Dragons
Breath 18.90 Dragons Lair II 29.90 Drakkhen 18 90 E Motion 18
90 Escape From Robot Monsters ...15.90 Falcon
.18 90 Mouse Mat 5 90 Keyboard or
Monitor Cover 5 90 Monitor Stand .14.95 Copy Holder 5.90
Naksha Mouse . .....34 90 Midi Master 34.90 DELUXE PAINT
3 .....59.90 34 90
49. 90
Pick Irom PD list opposite!
HIT DISKS (Vol.1) ......9.90 Goldrunner. Karate Kid II. Jupiter Probe. Slaygon HIT DISKS (Vol. 2) .....9.90 Mapr Motion. Time Bandit.
Leatherneck. Tanglewood Joystick 8 Mouse extension 4 90 Joystick lead 3 metres' 4.90 Quickshot Deluxe ..9.90 Quickjoy II Turbo .9 90 Quickjoy III Supercharger .....9 90 Ouickjoy Jetfightor ...12.90 Cruiser (CLEAR) ..13.90 Competition Pro Extra . 15 90 Arcade Joystick ..16 90 18 90
17. 90
17. 90 13 90 18 90 15 90 18 90 15 90 18 90 29 90
18. 90 16 90 F-16 Combat Pilot F 29 Retaliator .. Ghouls
and Ghosts Grand National Gravity Herewith the Clues Hound ot
Shadow Impossamole Infestation Leisure Suit Larry 3 Lost
Patrol Midwinter CHILDRENS ONLY!
9. 50
13. 90 13 90 1390 1990 19 90 19 90 8 90
18. 90 .18.90 18 90 AB Zoo (Alphabet tutor) Fun School 2 (Under
6) Fun School 2 (6 to 8) Fun School 2 (Over 8) Three Little
Pigs Three Bears The Ugly Duckling Postman Pat Micro English
(GCSE).... Micro Maths (GCSE).
Micro French (GCSE) AU.01 Jazzbench Superb Workbench replacement, tully multitasking' AU.03 The amazing OL Emulator AG.01 Star Trek Amazing game with mega graphics' (3 Disks £6 90) AG.02 Pacman. Gravity wars. Hanoi Jackland. Othello. Empire, etc AG.03 Star Trek (Agatron) Superb strategy game, see May issue of Amiga Format! (2 Disks £4 90) AD.01 Walker demo 1. Animation of Star Wars Walker (need 1MB) AD.03 Superb animation of Star Trek shuttle landing on the Enterprise1 PAN.29 Lots of games Cosmoroids.
Amoeba Invaders Stone Age Jigsaw.
Backgammon. Ratmaze. Reversi etc SD.21 Monopoly full working version of this family board game' TBAG.34 QED (vO 19 Text editor) XIV 8 XIP (Slideshow utilities) Diskopti (file access optimiseri FISH 251 Deoug (symbolic debugger).
Disksalv idisk recovery program).
Monopoly. Diskspeed Fish Tank.. FISH 254 UEDIT editor with teach mode online help, mouse control, user definable commands, etc FISH 259 Escape from Jovi Arcade action' Stereo * hi res graphics' FISH 295 Mandelmountams produces amazmg 3D Mandelbrot images' Deluxe Strip Poker Centrefold Squares ...... Romantic Encounters .. 9 90 9 90 . 9.90 Nmja Spirit.....
18. 90 Pinball Magic
18. 90 Pipe Mama.
..... 18 90 Pirates . 15.90 Player Manager .....13.90 Red Storm Rising 1790 Risk ..... 1590 Sim City ... 18 90 Scrabble Deluxe 15 90 Shoot em up Construction 18 90 STOP PRESS: JUST ARRIVED | INFOCOM ADVENTURES Phone... | Space Quest ill .....24.90 Teenage M utant Ninja .22 90 Their Finest Hour .2290 Tower of Babel ...... .15.90 Treasure Trap ... ......15.90 TV Sports Football ... ......18 90 Ultimate Goll 1890 Warhead ... 18.90 Wonq Cup Soccer ......15 90 688 Attack Sub 18 90 Disks for above books
ROM Kernal manual Hardware Reference manual Bulk 100% Guaranteed' 10 = 7 90 50 = 34 90 100 = 64 90 SONY Boxed 100% Guaranteed' 10= 12 90 50 = 59 90 100 99 90 DISKS (DS DD 3-5") ONLY!
BOOKS (Abacus) ONLY!
Amiga lor Beginners 12 90 Amiga Basic Inside and Out .18 90 Machine Language 14.90 Tricks and Tips 14 90 More Tricks and Tips 14.90 System programs .....32.90 Amiga DOS Inside and Out 18.90 Disk Drives Inside and Out 27.90 KING S QUEST TRIPLE PACK ...24.90 King's Quest I. II 8 III 13 90 28 90 19 90 DIGIVIEW GOLD (v.4) ... .....129.90 Fantavision ... Modeler 3D Pixmate...... .. Professional Draw 2990 59.90 37.90 109 90 GRAPHICS STARTER KIT .39.99 Aegis Animator Images Aegis Draw . Artpak 1 plus Arazoks Tomb Graphic Adventure' Sculpt 3D (PAL) Sculpt
4D Junior Vidi Amiga X-Cad Designer .59.90 .99.90 .109.90 8990 AmigaDOS Toolbox .. 3BC Emulator ... Cashbook controller ...... Devpac 2 DigiCalc ...... .....39.95 39.90 54.90
44. 90 29.90 PURI ISHFRS CHOICE ......79.90 I
Includes Page Setter 1.2. Kind Words 2. Headline Fonts.
Artists Choice Artpack Home Accounts Logo Pagesetter (2) Pen pal Personal Tax Planner 2290 42 90 69 90 99 90 29 90 1 X-COPY 2 (* harriwareO 34 90 I | The BEST Backup utility!
Professional Page (t 3) Scribble Platinum Virus Killer Workbench 1 3 Works Platinum 179 90 42 90 9 90 14 90 11990 PUBLIC DOMAIN 1 - £3.00 4 = £9.90 10 = £19.90 MEGAPACK .15.90 Plutos. Mouse Trap. Seconds Out.
Winter Olympiad. Suicide Mission MEGAPACK II .....15.90 Elt. Circus games. Summer Olympiad.
Formula 1 OP. Man Irom Council LIGHT FORCE ....18.90 Bio Challenge. Voyager. R Type. Int Karate Plus STAR WARS TRILOGY ..18.90 Star Wars. Empier Strikes Back.
Revenge of the Jedi PRECIOUS METAL ....18.90 Xenon. Capt Blood. Crazy Cars.
Arkanoid II THRILL TIME (8 GAMES!) 15.90 Buggy Boy Live & Let Die. Space Harner Thundercats. Battleships Ikati Warriors.
Beyond the Ice Palace Bombiack Deluxe Print 2 Deluxe PhotoLab Design 3D Director (The) ' Director Toolkit AMERICAN OREAMS 15.90 Super Ski. Bubble Ghost. Operation Neptune. Hostages RENAISSANCE ...13.90 Invaders. Megapede. Draxians.
Rockstorm All prices include VAT and FIRST CLASS POST!
BYTEBACK Cheque, postal orders or credit card facilities are available r DEPTAF, 6 MUMBY CLOSE, NEWARK, NOTTS NG24 1JE .
During my long travels through the PD libraries, I certainly haven't seen a PD program that will do the lob. You could, however, treat yourself to either Butcher II, Pixmate or Deluxe PhotoLab.
Which are three programs that will do the ob rather nicely (we use Pixmate and PhotoLab extensively ourselves). Contact Precision on 081 330 7166 for Butcher and Pixmate, and Electronic Arts on 0753 49442 for PhotoLab.
NEW MODE OF WORKING Converting a HAM picture to 32 colours with Pixmate is simplicity itself. Firstly, load in your HAM picture and then press the right mouse button to bring up the menu strip. Now just enter the 'Color' menu and select the 'HAM to 32' option. After a few seconds, your picture will be converted before your very eyes.
Achieving the same results with Deluxe PhotoLab is a bit more involved. Firstly, run the 'Colors' program on your PhotoLab program disk and then load in your HAM picture. Next, bung up the menu strip and select 'Sort On - Population’ from the 'Color' menu.
This will sort the 16 HAM colour registers according to which are used most. Next, select 'Set To
- 320x256' from the View Modes menu if your HAM picture is
non-interlaced, or ‘Set To ¦ 320x512' if your picture should
happen to be interlaced.
After checking to make sure that the operation you have selected is really what you want.
PhotoLab will ask you the sensitivity of the colour reducbon algorithm: for best results, you should select 'High'.
MEMORY AND MONITORS Having recently bought an Amiga 500 and second drive. I've realised that the machine needs at least a megabyte for serious use. I am therefore considering buying a RAM expansion. Looking through the adverts in Amiga Format. I have noticed quite a few companies advertising 1.8 Mb internal RAM expansions for the 500 Firstly, is it safe to use such a high-capacity board with the 500? Is a version with, a battery- backed clock worth buying’ Finally, do these 18 Mo booias bring your machine up to 1.8 Mb total or 2.3 Mb’ My second problem concerns monitors. There seem to be so
many different types on the market, all offering different features. What are the differences between the Phillips CM8833 and the CM8852? Is the CM8852 capable of accepting stereo input from the Amiga’ Which monitor do you recommend’ S Lawson UlVERSION, Cumbria CABLE CRISIS What exactly is a datalink null modem cable? I have seen them mentioned in reviews of some of the more recent games (such as Stunt Car Racer, FI 6 Combat Pilot etc). How much do these little devices cost?
James Brown Doncaster A null modem or data ink cable is simply a serial cable that provides unbuffered communication between two machines Iregardless of model or make) that support the RS-232 connector. Quite a lew companies offer them for about £15. But you could make one yourself for a lot less than this and without too much trouble.
All you need are two 25-pin connectors lot appropriate gender) and a length of cable containing at least three separate lines.Now just solder up the three lines as shown in the diagram below. Note that two of the lines actually cross Ipm 2 on connector A goes to pm 3 on connector B and pm 3 on connector A goes to pm 2 on connector B).
Don't worry, the extra large RAM boards are perfectly safe and will do no harm to your machine. A battery-backed-up clock can be very handy but you'll probably stop using it once the ntiai novelty has worn off. As for the RAM board's capacity, a 18 Me boar a should knock your memory up to 2.3 Mb 2 3 1 °o? 0 0 0 * O O O O O O "o' 0 0
o o o o o o 1 1 ' 2 - THANSMIT 3 - RECEIVE 7 - GROUND 2 3 V o
G 0 0 0 O O O O O O The difference between the CM8833 and the
8852 is that the latter provides a higher display resolution
than the 8833. If you can afford the extra cash, then go for
the 8852 m preference to the 8833 The 8852 is indeed stereo.
We in the Amiga Format offices have a combination ot different monitors. The Amiga 500s use the 1084D and the mono (mono sound, not monochrome) 1084 respectively, while our Amiga 2000 uses a very posh Taxan 770 multi-sync monitor. If you can afford it (the cheapest multi-sync is about double the price of a 10841). A multi-sync is worth buying just so that you can take advantage of the new ECS screen modes (when the ECS is finally released). If you can't afford a multhSync. Then the CM8852 is a very good second choice. Look out for a monitor round-up in a future issue of Amiga Format.
Oooooooooooo COLOURFUL CRASHES Many of you will have noticed that when the Amiga is first turned on, the screen cycles through shades of grey before the 'Insert Workbench' prompt finally appears and the Caps Lock light flashes.
This rather strange process is called a "self-diagnostic' and is basically the Amiga testing all its various bits and pieces to make sure they are all working. Owners of the A1000 (if there are any out there!) Even have an extra diagnostic when the machine is first turned on: the computer actually plays a little tune before booting Kickstart from disk!
If your computer is OK. The sequence of colours will be dark grey, light grey, white and then the 'Insert Workbench’ prompt appears. If something goes wrong, the screen will turn to a certain colour to indicate a particular fault. Here's a brief run-down of what the colours are and what they actually mean: Green - Chip RAM failure Yellow - 68000 trapped before Guru initialised Blue - Error in PAD (custom chip error) Red - ROM failure Patrick Downes, Pontypridd, S Wales MY MONITOR'S A TELLY!
So you've got yourself an Amiga, a monitor and a video recorder; how would you like a free TV thrown in into the bargain? Read on!
All you’ll need to display pictures from the video on your monitor is a pair of leads with phono connectors on one end. On the other end of the leads you will need to have the appropriate connectors to plug in to the 'Video Out' and 'Audio Out’ sockets on your VCR.
First of all. Connect a lead between the video out and the 'CVBSA' connector on your 1084 monitor. Then connect the VCR's audio out to the connector labelled 'Audio' on the monitor. Once everything is connected up simply pull don the front panel on the monitor and press in the little button labelled 'CVBS RGB'.
Now when you play a tape on your VCR, the picture will be displayed on your Amiga monitor, tf the video display seems to become corrupt when you turn on the Amiga, try unplugging the SCART lead that connects the Amiga to the monitor.
If you also have an aerial lead connected to the VCR, while a tape is not running you’ll be able to watch live telly prohrams on your monitor - but remember, you will need to pay your licence fee!
0 Abbott Bristol I QUIT!
Unlike most packages, when you select the QUIT option in Dpaint, the program will not give you the option of cancelling the operation.
However, it you have made changes to your art since it was last saved, then Dpaint will give the option of saving your artwork before exiting. But what do you do if you accidentally select Quit and want to get back to Dpaint?
Although Dpaint doesn't actually have a Cancel Quit option, there is a way around this.
When you select Quit, Dpaint will display a requester allowing you either to drop straight out, or to save your work and then quit. If you select Save, Dpaint will display a file requester. Now just select 'Cancel' on the file requester and the entire quit operation will be aborted.
J Taylor Gainsborough. Humberside FREE RANGE KEYBOARD Amiga 2000 owners! Rather than be limited by the length of your keyboard cable, type at any range with this simple tip!
A2000 and B2000 keyboards are connected to the machine by a standard ftve-ipn DIN connector.
So all you need to do is pop down the local shop and buy any standard audio or video lead that is as long as you want and has a male five-pin DIN on one end and a female five-pin DIN plug on the other end - and plug that in instead. Simple, eh?
Are you having problems removing labels from your disks? Do they tear, leaving a almost unremoveable layer of paper and glue? You need a hot water bottle, matey!
Seriously, though. It you have problems removing disk labels, try laying the disk on a table (label side up) and then place a steaming hot water bottle on top of it for about 30 seconds. After that time, you should be able to easily peel the label off with your fingers.
P Sims Victoria, Australia FREE VIRUS KILLER!
You may not know it yet, but you may already have a free virus killer! Yes, if you own Workbench
1. 3, hidden away somewhere is a freebie virus checker and
It isn't really surprising that you haven't already found this little gem because the manual writers at Commodore seem to have done their best to hide it by using the smallest possible font size that their typesetter could manage.
The virus killer is actually built in to the CLI 'install' command, the command that is used to construct bootblocks on floppy disks.
To use it. You must first enter the CLI and then just type INSTALL DFO: CHECK The 'check' option tells AmigaDOS to compare the boot- block of the disk that is currently in the internal drive with a standard, 'clean' bootblock. If the disk's bootblock appears suspect, then Install will return ‘MAY NOT BE STANDARD V1.2 V13 BOOTBLOCK' Otherwise it will return 'APPEARS TO BE STANDARD V 1.2 V1.3' if everything seems to be clean and healthy.
If Install thinks that the bootblock is suspect, all you have to do is type 'INSTALL DEO:' and the potential virus will be sent to live on the great floppy disk in the sky.
C Cannon Romford, Essex A WHOLE HOST OF QUESTIONS I am relatively new to the Amiga scene (three months) and so far I have purchased two packages.
Photon Paint and Publisher's Choice. I have collected together a few questions that I hope you can answer:
1. Is there a Public Domain program which will print out disk
2. Where can I buy a cheap collection of clip art images to be
used with PageSetter 1.2 (included as part ot the Publisher's
Choice package), and can any of these images be purchased
through Public Domain?
3. 1 have recently seen an advert for a product called Zuma
Fonts: please could you tell me precisely what this is, and
whether it will work with PageSetter?
4. Please, from your own experiences, which are the most
reliable public domain companies?
5. 1 am considering entering the world of MIDI and therefore I
need a package which is easy to use, yet versatile. Are there
any you could recommend that are under eighty pounds?
B Willcocks Bournemouth
1. Although PD disk label utilities exist, none are particular
good (any PD suppliers can correct me by sending me a copy
ot the program in question).
Instead, why not use PageSetter?
2. As it appens guv, Phototile produce a rather nice collection
of seven disks for ust £35. Give them a bell on 0602 261498.
3. Zuma Fonts is actually a collection ot fonts tor use within
any package that will accept standard Amiga fonts Isuch as
those on your Workbench disk). A better bet would be lo
contact your local PD supplier who is bound to have a large
collection of PD fonts.
4. Put me on the spot, would you?
Any PD companies that advertise with Amiga Format will be more than capable ot helping you out.
5. The best Amiga MIDI package is Microlllusions' Music X that we
«• V Improve your documents with some Clip Art.
Reviewed in Issue 3 of AF.
Unfortunately, Music X will set you back £225. However, those nice chaps at Microlllusions have produced a cut-down version called Music X Jnr, whic sells lor the bargain basement price of only £99.
"That's still not under £80 though, matey!". I hear you shout. Well, check out our Mail Order pages (Pages 190-191) and you might find Music X Jnr for the amazing price of only £73.95”! La saving of over £25!) Plug ends POWER COMPUTING THE AMIGA 2000 SPECIALISTS UK SOLE DISTRIBUTOR FOR GVP 6 8 0 3 0 ACCELERATOR BOARD ¦ 16 Mhz, 28 Mhz, 33 Mhz ¦ Expandable to 8 MB ¦ Easy to install ¦ 12 month warranty ¦ Selectable 68000 fall back mode for full floppy based game compatibility ¦ 68030 design allows high clock rates and Genlock compatibility HARD DISK CARD Up to 33 Mhz 8 MB EXPANSION BOARD & SCSI
HARD DISK CONTROLLER Iupto8MBramusing1 Mbx8SIMMS modules I Supports 6 MB fast ram expansion for PC Bridgeboard users I Includes flat 50-pin ribbon cable for connecting internal SCSI Hard Drive I Easy to install 112 month warranty I Available in a range of sizes 12 MB of fast ram expansion using easy to install, state-of-the-art SIMMS I External SCSI connector for attaching additional external SCSI devices I Easy to install 112 month warranty COMMODORE MK41 7RW Other GVP products include SCSI CARD HARD CARD TAPESTORE -150 MB Tape Streamer SYQUEST 44 MB - Removable Hard Disk PHONE 0234 273000
Dealer Enquiries 0234 273248 Power Computing Ltd • 44a Stanley Street • Bedford Tel 0234 273000 Fax 0234 270133 Technical Support 0234 273248 Mon-Fri 3-5 pm Showroom & Telephone Sales open Mon-Sat 9-30 am 6-00 pm and to 8 pm Thursdays & Fridays PC POWER CC A selection of special deals only av ALL PRICES ON THESE PAGES INCLUDE VAT AND DELIVERY NOW ANTI CLICK!
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1. 5MB EXPANSION ¦ Now with anti-dick that stops that annoying
drive dick when no disk are present I -jkii y ¦ Fully
compatible with A500,880K formatted ¦ Isolating on-off switch
_ _ ¦ Through port for daisy chaining ¦ Colour matched and
styled to Amiga 7 7 ¦ Free utility diskette INC. VAT •' 2
month warranty INCLUDING BATTERY BACKED CLOCK A500 Expansion
ram PC501 PC502 40 Disks* and lockable Ifc 15 Disks* and ¦
A500 Expansion Ram using low power 1 Mb chips storage box
Storage Box ¦ Two Models available 512K 1.5MB „ ” „ _ ¦
Complete with clock and lithium battery 4 7‘7 i ¦ Fits in A500
expansion underneath computer 7 ¦ Comes complete with extra
ram switch off software inc. vat inc yat ¦ 1.5MB model only
requires simple cable to be fitted inside Amiga Verbatim media
- fully certified and guaranteed for lifel ¦ 12 month warranty
Now using SIMMS for a massive 4MB extra ram!
SE«ternsl SCSI connector a Dedicated power supply unit
• 12 month werrenty 2MB £749.00 £999.00 £1149.00 45MB 80MB 100MB
BASIC PACK as above £399 SUPER PACK with PC880 drive £459 ULTRA
PACK with PC880 + 512K £499 MEGA PACK with PC880 + 1,5MB £599
HYPER PACK as Mega with A590 Hard Dr. £949 Class of the 90’s
and other packs available Commodore A590 20MB Hard Disk £379
Power House DIRECT!
Star LC10 Colour Complete Kit £21900 £219 £499 £799 £2500 £99 Amiga Music System (mmsooo + Pro Sound Gold) GO COLOUR AMIGA!
Includes ¦ LC10 Colour UK Model ¦ Parallel Cable ¦ 200 sheets microperf paper ¦ 200 address labels ¦ LC10 colour WB driver ¦ Delivery and vat Star LC10 Colour Star XB10-24 Colour HP Paintjet Colour HP Paintjet XL A3 Colour LCIO Colour Fabric £2495 Power House, the direct sales arm of Power Computing Ltd Leaders in peripherals & software is the natural choice for the Amiga enthusiast. Highly competitive prices, a wide choice, fast computerised service and the backing of a C2M + 5 year old company are just some of the reasons for tele-shopping at Power. Large stocks, friendly reception and
*if it don't work we give you a new one" are a few morel ’The Extensive Power House Bedford Showroom* open Monday to Saturday 9.30am - 6.00pm Thursday & Friday 7.00pm Power Computing Ltd, Power House, 44A Stanley Street, Bedford MK41 7RW VIDTECH SCANLOCK £899 £49 Orders Only 0800 581742 Free Call General Enquiries & Orders 0234 273000 (5 lines) Full details available BAD BBC Emulator Cumate Dos 2 Dos Cross Dos fine Print Quarterback Transformer WB 1.3 £35 €39 €20 €29 €29 £39 €34 €29 €15 €29.95 £49 €79 €39 Excellence Home Accounts Kind Words Maxiplan + Maxiplan 500 Pagestream Pro Draw Pro Page
1.3 Kara Screen Fonts 1 €49 Kara Screen Fonts 2 £49 Movie Setter €48 Photon Paint 2 C79.95 Animagic Amiga Clipart Comic Setter Deluxe Paint 3 Deluxe Photolab Deluxe Video 3 Digipaint 3 Pro Text Pen Pal Superbase 2 Superbase Pro Superplan The Works Platinum €149 Word Perfect €164 v ! I PI M n 411 Elan Performer Express Paint 3 £39 €69 MUSIC LANGUAGES ETC Midi Interface €25 Devpac Amiga £45 C64 Music Keyboard Pro Video Plus PAL £169 Hisoft Basic €55 Interface €49 Sculpt 3D XL €99 Lattice C v5 €160 MM5000 Keyboard €55 Sculpt 4D Junior €149 Lattice C+ + €299 Dr Ts Drums €25 Sculpt 4D €329 Manx
C Dev £163 Dr "Ts Midi Studio £49 Turbo Silver €99 Manx Debugger C49 KCS level 2 €229 Video Magic + P.A.S.E. C49 Power Windows 2.5 £48 Music X €199 Video Page €99 UTILITIES Pro Sound Gold £39 XCAD Designer €87.96 Amiga Music System £99 XCAD Pro €325 Arexx €39 Sonix €45 Need Help' Power Technicel Helpline Mon-Fn 3pm-6pm 023*773248 Cuelomers ontyl For Mies information call our Mias lineal All pneet are subject to change I Multi media presentation system I Supports all IFF picture files I Supports P.A.S.E. Animations I Auto scripting I Sound effects by using Prosound Designer I Controllable from
joystick Port 2 I Many more features The One Stop Software Shop!
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Video Magic + P.A.S.E. Animation Program WORD PROCESSING.
DTP & BUSINESS All tr»dc marks acknowledged €35 Mail Order Dept. Trading Hours MontoFri 9am - lpm (Lunch) 2pm - 5pm ( 1 -2 ) Saturday CLOSED COMPUTERS SADDLER COMMUNICATIONS TELEPHONES:- Ashton-in-Makerfield (0942) 720867 and 711821 FACSIMILE:-(0942) 271226 SADDLER COMPUTER SERVICES LTD, 340 HAYDOCK LANE, HAYDOCK, ST HELENS, LANCASHIRE WA11 9UY [«3 AMIGA A500 range W Software And Utilities BUNDLE INCLUDES SADDIiR PRICE RRP FLIGHT OF FANTASY A500 Computer A52C IV MoOufotot 0 Pamr II £318.00 £346.95 EDUCATIONAL CLASS OF THE 90S PACK HARDWARE A WO Comouler MO Inlerfoce SOFTWARE D Point li
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Cost LC10P 9 80 144 36 129 LC10-11P 9 80 180 45 145 LC10PC 9
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31. 25
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12. 00
14. 95 Unbranded 3.5" discs (x10)
8. 70
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I The People To Do Business With ALL PRICES EXCLUDE VAT AND
CARRIAGE All crices to monetae twers specifications ana
suDject to change without notice OPTIONAL CREDIT + LEASING
HARDWARE £12 pet dox £7 per oox SOFTWARE £8 per order £5 per
DESPATCHED WHEN CHEQUE C-EARS Every now and then, something
goes wrong during a disk operation. From the Workbench the
Amiga will display an error number and a short description of
what went wrong along the Workbench menu script. If you’re a
CLI dabbler, this error report will be written straight
into the CLI window that the task was launched from.
Anyway, to make things a bit clearer, here's a run-down in plain English of what those error codes actually mean.
103 insufficient free store This error occurs when you try to load a program that requires more memory than is presently available. Try shutting down any tasks that are currently running and close down any windows that aren't needed.
105 task table full You're really pushing the Amiga if you manage to get this error. The Amiga can only manage 20 CLI’s at any one time. As soon as you try opening any more, AmigaDOS will complain bitterly and refuse to open any further CLIs.
120 argument line invalid or too long This error appears if a program is unable to make sense of the parameters you have passed to it.
121 file is not an object module You've just tried to load a file that is not a program. Only programs can be run by directly entering their name. If a program that should work fails to work, check to make sure it isn’t a batch file lor it hasn’t become corrupt).
122 invalid resident library during load Something went wrong when the program you have loaded tried to open or load a system library.
202 ob|ect in use To prevent one program from modifying a file that another program is using, AmigaDOS automatically locks the file out of reach of other tasks until the file has been closed by the program that is using it. If you get this error, another task that you are running is using the file.
203 object already exists You've just tried to copy (or rename) a file to a filename that already exists. If you get this error during a copy operaion, then the file that has the same filename as you've tried to use is protected against modification (use the AmigaDOS 'protect' command to unprotect it).
204 directory not found A program (or CLI command) has tried to access a directory that doesn’t as such exist. Check to make sure that you haven't made a typing error. If everything seems OK, check the disk's directory (using DIR) to make sure that the directory does exist.
205 object not found Very similar to error 204. Except that this error applies to both files and directories. Check as above 206 invalid window description A program attempted to either open a window that was too big for the maximum display size (depending on the screen resolution) or by passing window parameters in an incorrect format WRITE FOR WORKBENCH!
We need your words and your ideas! You can earn money, too
- every month the author of the best tip printed wins fifty quid
for his or her troubles. If you're a whizz at a particular
package and could pass on your experience, get writing! If
you've learnt any handy shortcuts or can navigate around
AmigaDOS with your eyes shut, then tell us how! Write to
WORKBENCH at the usual address - 30 Monmouth Street, Bath BA1
209 packet request type unknown If you get this error, then you've got problems - because there’s not a great deal you can do about it. This error only occurs because of programming errors (bogs).
211 invalid object lock Another programming error. A program created an invalid object lock code (just let programmers worry about such things!)
212 obiectnotof required type This error usually occurs when you accidently mistake a file for a directory (or vice-versa) For example, if you try to load a directory into a text editor, or you try to copy multiple files to a file (when it should have been a directory).
213 disk not validated The disk that AmigaDOS is try*ig to access has become corruot.
And the Amiga is unable to either load its disk validator Hound n the Workbench V directory) or validation failed altogether. Try using the DiSkDoctor program from the CLI.
214 disk wnte-protected AmigaDOS tried to alter the disk but was unable to do so because the disk is write protected. No pnzes for guessing what you've got to do to solve this one!
219 seek failure Another programmer problem this.
The program that caused the error paused incorrect parameters to the AmigaDOS Seek!) Function.
Contact the manufacturer and tell them about it immediately!
220 comment too big My, don't we waffle on! The filenote that you have tried to attach to a file is greater than 80 characters long. The solution to this problem is, like most, beautifully simple - just cut down the size of your filenote.
221 disk full Coping Willi Failure!
By very special request, we bring you the complete guide to error codes, first printed in two parts in Issues Seven and Eight.
The disk (Hard or floppy) that you are trying to write to has run out of disk space. If you get this error when trying to copy files to the RAM disk, then you've run out of memory.
222 file is protected from deletion Files can be protected against deletion by setting the relevant flag using the AmigaDOS Protect command. To make the file deletable, enter Protect Filename D and then delete the file using the AmigaDOS Delete command.
223 file is write protected 224 file is read protected If you get either of these error messages, then I'll be very impressed - because they shouldn't appear m the current release of Kickstart. These two error messages are put in for future expansion'.
225 not a valid DOS disk This disk you have just tried to access is either totally corrupted, or it hasn't been formatted (or it's not an Amiga disk at all - are you sure it doesn't belong to your Mac, PC or ST?).
226 no disk in drive There isn’t a disk in the drive that the Amiga can access. Put one in and the Amiga will love you.
232 no more entries in directory No, you haven't tried to write more files to a disk than AmigaDOS can handle (that's practically impossible!). This error is actually caused by a bug in the program you are trying to use.
• And that, as they say. Is your lot.
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500. ..£275.00
1000. £530.00 25 DSDD Disks ......£13.75
? 100 Cap Box .£18.25 50 DSDD
Disks ......£26.50 + 100 Cap Box .£31.00
75 DSDD Disks ......£38 65 + 100 Cap
Box .£43.15 100 DSDD Disks ....£49.95 +
100 Cap Box .£54.45 150 DSDD
Disks ....£73.50 + 100 Cap Box .£78.00
£240.00. 1000 DISKS £465.00 3 1 2" HIGH DENSITY DISKS £1.00
BACKED CLOCK Mouse Mats £2.95 AMIGA 512K EXPANSION 31 2"
Cleaning Kits .£1.80 Mouse Pockets £1.50 £46.50 Labels per
1000.....£7.95 51 4" Cleaning Kits .£1.80 Please add £2.95
P&P per order. Next day £10.00 Cheques PO s to MEDIA DIRECT
universally acclaimed as the best music program currently
available for the Amiga, but it comes with an impressive
price tag too. So what better way to get hold of it than by
winning one of the three copies provided by Bytes & Pieces?
It's too good an offer to miss!
Once you've got your hands on this marvellous program, produced by Microillusions, you will very soon be able to make the sort of music you heard on the cover cassette and a lot more besides. Music X doesn't have any particular favourites - it can turn its bars to rock, acid house, classical, funk, punk - anything you like. All you need is the program and your own creative imagination.
Music X is a sequencer, voice programmer, sampler and MIDI interpreter all rolled into one. Back in Issue Three of AF we gave it the first full review in the UK and Jon Bates concluded that “it is the most comprehensive and competent music package for its price that I have seen anywhere."
Strong words indeed.
UsicX YOUR CHANCE TO WIN THE BEST MUSIC PROGRAM FOR THE AMIGA Bytes & Pieces are the generous providers of the three Music Xt and if you aren't lucky enough to win one of them, it might interest you to know that they've got plenty more - but you'll have to pay for those. Bytes & Pieces are at 37 Cecil Street, Lytham, Lancs FY8 5NN and can be reached on 0253 734218.
HOW TO ENTER Write the answers to the following three questions and tie breaker on the back of a postcard or stuck-down envelope and send it to: Music Comp, Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath BA1 2AP. The entries should reach us by July 18th and don't forget to include your name, address and phono number on the postcard.
1. What Is a crotchet?
A) Half a minim
b) An old man with a bad leg
c) A character in Miami Vice
2. What does PWL stand for?
A) Perfect Waveform Ltd
b) Plonkers With Lambourghinis
c) Pete Waterman Label
3. What football team does violinist Nigel Kennedy support?
A) Aston Villa
b) Fulchester Rovers
c) Accrington Stanley TIE-BREAKER In less than 15 words complete
one of the following sentences.
“Jive Bunny will go down in the annals of history as..." or “Kylie and Jason will be best remembered for..." RULES Employees of Future Publishing and Bytes & Pieces are not allowed to enter. The judges' decision is final. No correspondence will be entered into. Diminutive Australians and irritating rabbits will be ridiculed mercilessly.
Perfect Sound Future Sound, Prosound. Quasar Sound, elc etc
• »M£S EVEN WHEN NOT IN US€ - ' eetvpng pont*! * COF-' CWO K TT*
U4"- «ri .J o« O- -us- AUTOUATlC POINTEB ADAPTOO ir*n
- "le ev r »«X, w*r-110 0"lf (jSI Vwrtl *1 T’w P'-Hte- or G-If
Swefch if l 1 10 -j * f*w VA ptf-
IK tuoerc MONO SAMPLER saaaraiec*-t WC2799
• VERY HIGH SAMPLE RATES 500KHi (Amga i Mltwre deoendenl) t
LEVEL CONTROL (no screwdriver requredi IT'S FAST & IT MAKES ALL
E ctcK as* dmes 4 Minamc * - aoo £5 00 tr IM came datoery on meet atm HOW TO ORDER BY POST: Make cheques Pos oayacAe 10 fcV* TRILOGIC, adding 75c post 1 il your order total s less man £15 00 BY PHONE: on0274-691115 PhoneyojcxderDeAcre 2pm.
Quoting sour Access or Visa nsxreer & «el despatch it the same day ixeeis me *em o out of stodi). (You're not charged j« yox order s despatched) BY FAX: on 0274 600150 Quote fxr card nixnoer & tun order & det«ery detaas You're not charged until votx oraer s oescaemea ; MIDI 1 INTERFACE EXPORTS A SPECIALITY Bioou - Seno payer* r aenrg mane oayatae to TRILOGlC aoore £1 W *x sxtte mar u» LS99R aamaa OD» ofcr* uBTgUenrcaroor Sam CALLERS ARE WELCOME
- 9MV7t7*!rSC?«OlvMC-t r,
i .
Jmtt I N P(ACt (fi 9m U“ '(WS ICK
• IMOMSOCKT •fUl»0"CHCUr»D imx**i.tOuv*«r4c»n’0» CC-XAAa NSTMIATS
i,.WG • r *•- EFKTNtl* JOU%»JI A5t»JO» »ui« MLS*. ICW* tT
SOCKET DflLY 99 TRILOGIC. Dept A.F.. Unit 1. 253 New Works
Road. Bradford, BD12 OQP Tel 0274 691115 Fa* 0274 600150 ALL
XT Bridgeboard, 40MB, 19 Ms Autoboot, Hard disk, 3MB of RAM
ONLY £1899.00 i i i i i i ¦ i ¦ i i i i i PHILIPS 8833 STEREO
MONITOR Including Lead for Amiga ONLY £239.00 STAR LC-10 MONO
PRINTER Including Free Printer Lead ONLY £159.00 STAR LC-10
COLOUR PRINTER Including Free Printer Lead ONLY £199.00 A500
• Includes A500. Mouse, Modulator. Leads, Workbench. Basic,
Tutorial, I I Joystick, Mouse Mat. Disk Bank, 10 Blank Disks.
Amiga Dust Cover. I I Batman, New Zealand Story. F18
Interceptor, Deluxe Paint II, Insanity I I Flight. Star Wars,
Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi. Bubble Ghost, I I
Warlocks Quest, Chamonix Challenge. Passengers on the Wind 1 &
2. I I Zynaps I i ONLY £399.00 I This pack can be purchased
with Flight o( Fantasy soltwaie in place of Batman. New !
I Zealand Story and F18 I I________________________________I COMMODORE A590, 20Mb Hard Disk, Unpopulated COMMODORE A590. 20Mb Hard Disk, Populated to 2Meg COMMODORE official A501 Ram expansion .... COMMODORE 1084 P momtoi ...... PHILIPS AV7300 TV TUNER ... PHILIPS 8833 Stereo Monitor me Lead for Amiga .. TARGET Sound Sampler plus software . SOPHUS S5 Professional Stereo Sound Sampler .. NAKSHA
Mouse .... TARGET Midi Interface, In. Through. 3 x out. LED s signal Data Transfer .. £36900 £489 00 £99 00 £23900 £6900 £23900 £2900 £99 00 £28 50 . £29.00 PRINTERS SOFTWARE AND DISKS ------ i ! STAR LC-10 MONO PRINTER ....£159.00 j STAR LC-10 COLOUR PRINTER .£199.00 I CITIZEN SWIFT 24, 24 Pin Mono Prmter, (Upgradeable to Colour) £299.00 I CITIZEN SWIFT 24, 24 Pin Colour
Printer ..£329.00 I CITIZEN 120D .....£139.00 I CITIZEN SWIFT 9, 9 Pin Colour Printer ......£259.00 I SWIFT 24 Colour upgrade ......£35.00 Epson LQ400 24 Pin Printer .£299.00 | Panasonic KXP1124 24 Pin Printer ...£299.00 I All printers supplied with 1.8M cable.
1 l---- ¦1 I ARENA ACCOUNTS £119.00 !
I 3M DS DD Disks, Box of Ten inc. Labels .....£12.95 I I COMICSETTER ...£39.00 I I SUPERBASE PERSONEL ......£39 00 I | RAINBOW ISLAND ....£14.00 1 PROFESSIONAL PAGE V 1.3 ....£169.00 j XCOPY V2.1, Copier + Text Editor (H W V6.4 £29.00) £19.95 | DIGIVIEW V4 Update disc ...£35.00 I AEGIS Sonix
FANTASY, includes F29 Retaliator, Rainbow Island, Escape Planet Robot Monster, D Paint II .£365.00 I AMIGA BATMAN PACK, Includes A500, Modulator, Mouse, Manuals. Batman, F18 Interceptor. Deluxe Paint II, New Zealand Story £365.00 I AMIGA STARTER PACK Includes A500, Modulator, Mouse, Workbench, Basic, 5 Commercial Games + Joystick....£369.00 I AMIGA 1 MEG PACK Includes A500, Commodore A501 Ram Expansion + Deluxe Paint III ...£499.00 j 1 MEG SPECIAL, Amiga A500, with Fitted 512K Target
Ram .....£415.00 AMIGA B2000. 1084 MONITOR. PC XT Bridgeboard, 30Mb HARD DRIVE, Rom 1.3, Workbench 1.3 .....£1399.00 I AMIGA B2000, 1084 MONITOR, PC AT Bridgeboard, 30Mb HARD DRIVE, Rom 1.3. Workbench 1.3 .....£1995.00 I ALL AMIGA'S SUPPLIED WITH MOUSE. MODULATOR, MANUALS, LEADS, WORKBENCH, BASIC * TUTORIAL I----------------------------------------------------------------1 Warranty on hardware including Commodore.
Please note that all products that require repair under warranty will be repaired within 5 working days if customers have taken out our extended warranty plan. Please phone for further details HOW TO ORDER: Either call our number below with your credit card details, or send a cheque PO or credit card number and expiry date to our address. Make cheques payable to THE 16 BIT CENTRE Price* subject to change without notification 16 BIT CENTRE Unit 17* Lancashire Fittings Science Village Claro Road, Harrogate Hgl 4AF Tel (0423) 531822 526322 ON YOUR DISK OUR ITIHSTEfI Will 86 UIOST RL6RS60I
QUARTET Sound off with Microdeal's sensational
• our-track sample sequencer. You ain’t hoard nothin yet!
XTRABENCH Haver live in tear ol another cluttered Workbench screen. Simply create another, and another, and another... FORMATUNE Recreate the muaic Irom the Amiga Format cover cassette using your Amiga. MIDI sequencer and MIDI inslru- eients with Jon Bales' MIDI file.
QAME BUSTERS Four fantastic pokes from Justin Garvanovic to give you the upper hand In Impossamole, Ninja Spirit, Scramble Spirits and Typhoon Thompson.
INTUITRACKER Play Soundtracker and Noisetracker eight-bit digitised stereo music in a Iriendly multi-tasking manner Irom Workbench with this superb utility.
SMART ROCKET Journey into the unknown. Enter the Workbench hack zone. Have you the ¦Still and stamina to outsmart the SMART Rocket? No chance!
UP TO around the Mekon vessel anc per form all sorts of programming feats. Well, select one of tne items he's carrying, actually Although b'ave and rugged.
Daniel in not superfxmar, He is not mdestrucbc»e Contact with tre Mekon's "aevoient mutants drams Dan 5 tfe face But he has one very powerful weapon that is guaranteed to get him out of any sticky situation, his middle name, MacGregor.
Gc mane mincemeat of them mutant Mexons. Dan Getting Started Reset the computer and put the Coverdisk in drive dfO:. Click the «ff mouse button when the scrolling introductory message appears A prompt will ask whether or not you wish to run Dan Dare III. Press V and hit Return. Dan Dare will load.
Plug a joystick into Port 2 and hit the tire button when requested.
Use directional joystick movement to control Dan.
The fire button unleashes the laser or currently-active weapon, whichever that may be. The longer you hold down the fire button, the more powerful the bolt of laser energy that vomits forth.
Weaponry and fuel can be collected along the way. There’s even a teleport system to take you on your next quest. When near an unusual object try moving the joystick up or down.
Think you’ve got what it takes to write lor the Amiga Format Coverdisk? Get your programming tools out and prove what you can do. And earn yourself some cash in the process. We re alter Workbench hacks, demos, utilities, games, game cheats... You could earn up to £800! Turn to Page 124 lor details.
Where else can you get a magazine and a disk containing almost 900K of programs for under £3?
RICHARD MONTEIRO guides you through the Coverdisk’s stunning offerings.
GET_FAST. NEWPAN.DAT Long-time hero Dan Dare in dastardly Treen death plot - the World's future at stake - desolation, despair. Nonsense, hogwash.
Piffle, rot - colonel Dan's too daring, too dashing, too devious to be detained by the Treens for long Breaking free from the Treen torture table. Dan escapes and hides in a chamber nearby. There he discovers a ]et-pack and sets off to explore the vast satellite on which he has been deposited Tne ever-brave Colonel encounters an escape shuttle powerful enough to get him back to Earth. But *oe '$ he for the fuel tanks are empty Undaunted, debonair Dan fmcs his degree in maths comes in handy tor calculating that 5C pouncs of high-grade rocket fuel are required to complete the ]0urne home
During his forage of the satellite. Dan finds the We*on's armoury. And from the enomrous arsenal chooses a plasma cannon The cannon, Dan discovered, has three shot strengths low, medium and strong, m fact. *nen switched to strong tre cannon unleashes a devastating port of energy that knocks Dan back several feet.
Being a bright hoooeoehoy, and late-night hacker. Dsc can log on to the various terminals dotted QUARTET PROGRAM: MICRODEAL FILES: QUARTET.
QUARTET.DOC. CK. DEMO- MUSIC. DEMOSET. GONZO, QUARTETDATA. TITLES You've read Jason Holborn's rave review of Dan "A Jones" Lennard's sound sample sequencer - now make music with Microdeal's amazing useable demo.
The ability to play high quality sound samples is one of the Amiga’s greatest assets. Quartet makes four-track composing with such samples extremely easy.
Although the staves follow the Treble Clef convention for pitch, you don't need to be able to read music: pitches are shown at the left-hand edge of each stave and Quartet doesn’t use those horrible minims and crotchets.
The complete commercial package comes with 100 high- quality samples from Celtic Harp to Syndrum. You can, of course, add your own by usmg a sampler like AMAS.
Using either the Amiga keyboard or a MIDI instrument you can play the samples polyphom- cally over three octaves and record live onto any track - all this while Quartet plays back the other tracks. This feature is supported in the demo. The program also fully supports MIDI sync START STOP signals and can thus be part of any MIDI set up.
The numeric keys at the left of the Amiga keyboard each play a sample; you can directly record a drum sequence onto a track just by hitting the appropriate sample keys in the desired rhythm.
You can also compose in the conventional manner by inserting and deleting notes on the staves with the mouse. For maximum flexibility, each note has its own volume, there are extensive Copy Cut and Paste options, and such facilities as Slides, Loops, and Selective Key Transpose are all fully supported.
Samples themselves can be manipulated in memory by using Quartet's sample editor.
Getting Started Press F2 from the Coverdisk mam menu. If you have a hard drive attached, Quartet will reclaim the memory used and reboot the machine. You must press F2 a second time to get Quartet to run.
When the disk activity ceases you'll see a file selector showing the files and drawers on disk. Click on the QUARTET drawer. Click on LOAD SET. Click on the file DEMOSET. Click on PROCEED.
Click on LOAD MUS. Click on the file DEMOMUSIC or GONZO (Jon Bates’ cover cassette composition). Click on Proceed.
You can then hear the 16 individual samples by pressing the numeric keys. Click on the long MUSIC EDITOR icon to go into that GAMEBUSTERS Yet more of expert code-cracker Justin Garvanovic's dirty deeds done dirt cheap. Four fabulous pokes to make you invincible in recent smash titles. The pokes can only be run from the Coverdisk pokes menu.
Press F5 from the main menu to get to the poke menu.
WARNING: only use the original game disks.
None of these hacks write to disk, but play safe and keep all disks write-protected when using them.
IMPOSSAMOLE You can only win with infinite lives and credits.
Press F3 from the poke menu.
Follow all screen prompts thereafter.
Infinite cuddly cutt characters in Gremlin's mole and mountains game. Press FI from the Gamebusters poke menu.
TYPHOON THOMPSON Infinite throwing stars, credits, time and energy in this oriental beat-em-up. Just hit F2 from the poke menu to get the goods.
Broderbund's sea and sand spoof gets infinite boats and lives.
Hit key F4 to get the bounty.
Follow all screen prompts.
R The ORIGINAL from Commodore
R. R.P. £149.99 Only .99 WE STOCK MOST dAtel PRODUCTS New!!
AMIGA MEGAPACK The 1 Meg AMIGA pack Exclusive tO So Cuxtie Sukcxjt&icz CUMANA Written details on request for visitors to our shops only.
DRIVES the BEST NAME in Disk Drives Legendary Quality Great Styling Total Compatibility Fully Guaranteed NOW Only £69 MAIL ORDER:- Carriage: Add £5 Tor next working day 24 HOURS ORDER HOTLINE (0782)204639 FAX (0782) 202269 lliam Si. Ilanloy. STOKI-l on I KIM . S I I 3KY .99 Carriage & insurance £2.00 1 YEAR ON-SITE it a IKITCKIAM C MAINIENANCt ONLY £10 EXTRA ON ANY PRINTER POST .it,, nt 7a Oldlinr STAR LC10 Colour The pedec! P’’-:e’ *cr eve'y Amiga Colour output ¦•on- a me better art packages of ...s' s ot n a 0'ack ribbon lor word process 'C Cneap to run too Very a o'dac-e £169 .99 • )K IS
MOM III £219 .99 •ok tv MUM III
• IK I III MON I HI STOKE-ON-TRENT 11 Market Square Arcade.
Hanley Stoke-on-Trent Manager: Adrian Tel: 0782 268620 Open 6 Days SHEFFIELD 6 Wamgate. Sheffield Manager Tony Tel: 0742 721906 Open 6 days ST HELENS 27 Baldwin Street, St Helens Manager: Adrian Tel: 0744 27941 Closed Thursday STOCKPORT 6 Mealhouse Brow, (Off Little Underbank).
Stockport. Manager Ray Tel: 061 480 2693 Closed Thursday J J ALL PRINTERS carriage free AMIGA 512K MEMORY EXPANSION
* Brings your Amiga up to 1 Meg in seconds
* Enable disable switch. Now you can run ALL software.
* Easy to fit - no technical knowledge needed.
* Reliable, fast, high quality chips on a robust through plated
P.C.B. Do not confuse with cheaper, inferior products.
ONLY £49 .99 +£2 Postage ONLY £59.99 +£2 Postage WITH CLOCKSCALENDA STAR LC10 Acclaimed ' Best Buy" budge! Prmier Now massively under priced at just R R P A500 ? RAM Upgrade ..£479.98 TV MODULATOR...... 24.99
...29 99 Galaxy Force..... 24 99 Fighting Soccer
._ ... 24 99 SUPER WONDER BOY 24 99 DYNAMITE DUX 24 99
ALTERED BEAST .... 24 99 Blasteroids .....19.99 TEN STAR
229. 50 Computer care kit ...7 99 10 Blank disks
...9.99 Lockable disk box (40) ...
..9.99 Quickjoy II Joystick .
..8.99 Carriage . .. FREE
TOTALR R P . £1046.33 STAR LC24 -
10 24 Pin quality at a price you can afford 8 Fonts. 3 print
variations, paper parking. 170 CPS draft. 57 CPS LQ
could possibly need for your AMIGA Why pay more tor
immitations when the real thing is this price?
OUR PRICE £499.99 £59
• -£3 Postage THE AMIGA MUSIC MATRIX A disk magazine for the
Amiga Musician.
Issue 0”e nas Sampea Sounds from the Ko'g Mi m IFF Format 6 Trak Soundtracker Software Articles ana tuto'iais on MIDI Music and usmg Amiga Basic ‘or music playing teaching Issue One is available now price £10 01 you may Subscribe lor lou' issues lor only £35 Issue Two - pnone lor details New Release ¦ Amiga Muse PD list on disk Irom the Matrix C2 00 Phone lor further details 0592 714887 or write to THE MUSIC MATRIX 14 MAIN STREET, EAST WEMYSS KY1 4RU GIJNFIGHTEll USE YOUR UOICE TO OUTDRAW THE GUNFIGHTER CASH PRIZES 0898 31 35 94 INFODIAL POBox 36 LSI 4IN Coll charges 25p Pei Min Cheap 38p Per
Min AH Other Times ONCE BYTTEN W Marling Was. Gravesend. Kent DA 12 4DW Tel: 1474 567964 FAX 0474 537172 Mon-Sat lltam-Kpm Callers hv appointment E3 PLEASE NOTE OUR NEW ADDRESS & PHONE NO.
OMPl Itlts Amiga A 51X) Iliini.in Bundle with Modulator. Mouse S Ware Amifj A50O Flights ()| I jukinv Mundk’ i As Batman. New Soltwaici .
T. 69.00 £ 69(X .1959.00 L1450 00 11950.00 L22I5.00 11X59.00
Amik!.i B2CKM) Computer iwtlv Rl 6.2 nr
higher ... Ami]!.» B2POO X I
H Uoard 20MhHDI). IOS4 Monitor .... Ami]!.*
B2 KX» .VI B Hoaid 2HMhHDD 10X4 MonthH Amiga B2(HN» A1
B Hoard 40 hHDD 10X4 Monitor Amiga B2(KX) 6X0 0&6HXX2 2XMh
ll ttfhci r noihitujth •n iji ttt iihlt' Hitn! Ft f nil im•
i n voiii S w DIM l RI FS NEW - Prntcx HD (X) DV|h Autobool
Hard Drive lor A5oo Superb Value 5 Fxtemal Drive with Switch
& through Pon !. C79.IIO
169. 95 £62.50
1129. 00
1299. 00 I 99 00 15 50(10
J. ’X9.00 £779 .(XI t«r99 (X)
1699. 1X1 tXX9tX) £X 9 H) £ 599.1 Hi L275.(H) . £9.5 (H) t
09.(X) .£9.50 . £79.95 £219.1X1 £. 99. HI s Iniemal
Drive 2 NMl IXX)i
5. 25 External Drive 40,W) Seagate NT |5~N I 4xMb 2Hni Bare SCSI
Drive Quantum 4l) lh l‘ I Inis Bare SCSI Drive ...... G P
Hard Card w iih 40inh Quantum I*) I lm 2 Mb RAM 11 )K Filledi
I* Hard Card miiFi X0mh Quantum 19 Unix I* Hard ( ard with
40inh Quantum A. 2Mb R AM G P Hard Card with xomh Quantum .N
2MBR.AM 4D h Quantum l.n 500 A B 4Mb RAM I OK Filled) GVP
40Mh Quantum lor A500 with 4Mh R AM 12Mh F illed).. GVP SQ44
Renmvahle Haul Dim wiih Controller A Carl 44Mb GVP W1 150
la|k- Streamer 150 b SCSI with Can MEMORY GVP A2 MX) X OXMh
RAM Board wnh SCSI HDD Controller.
I Ml* Simiiis lor above (2 lor evcrv 2Mbi .. Microboiics X Ip Xmb RAM Board 2Mb l ined ...... I Mb DIP lor above (I ft lor evcrv 2 Mb.
Commodore A501 Ollicial A5IX) Expansion MONITORS NEW - Prolev CMI4S» 14 Stereo Sound. I AS Base. Green Switch Superb NEW - ACK 14 Mulhscan * 11024 v ?6X. 2XMM DO!
WE Bl C OMIM I ERS FOR ( SH XSWEI.E AS P R IF ( II NC,F Please give a' a ring tor a quote on an computer or peripheral vou want to veil We oiler lop prices and an instant decision We alwaxs have good qualilv used equipment tor vile I or example I sed CSA 6X020 6XXXI 2000 t4‘*5 OO i xed Amiga ItRXi with 2Mb R M l 49.5.00 L scd Amiga Sidecar IBM AD £275.00 I sed I Bndccboard 11 50(H) X-COPX II IMF I III in FOR THE AMIGA ONLY £29.95 IV pAp X-Cop II with the Hardwate Interface is. In our opinion, the best value in Back I p utilities there IS. Buv II on Us own at 129.95 .*r in a bundle
46 CHANTRY MEADOWS. ALPHINGTON. EXETER. DEVON EX2 8FR part of Quarter, which is characterised by four staves (one per track) and an opbon bar along the top of the screen Click on the PLAY icon at the top centre of the new screen to hear the demonstration music.
Click again to stop playing.
You can move through the music in the buffer by clicking on the icons either side of the play icon. Quartet supports 16 samples in blocks of four. Each of the digit pairs on the staves are notes
- 21 is a note played in sample 1 of block 2.
With Quartet you can record five seconds of sound. First, press the appropriate numeric key to select which sample you want to record in. Then click on the REC icon next to the PLAY icon. The top stave will be illuminated in red.
Click on your prefered stave.
Recording starts when you start playing a melody on the Amiga keyboard. Tap the top four numeric keys to record a drum sequence. Click on the PLAY icon to hear your recording.
Other demo features:
• When you click on the SET icon in the file handler part of
Quartet, the window changes to a list of the current 16
• You can toggle any of Quartet’s tracks ON OFF by clicking with
the right mouse button at the left edge of that track's stave.
On staves are gold, off ones black.
• At the left of the staves are two green diamonds which
represent a vertical marker. If these markers are green, play
begins from the start of the music buffer.
• You can turn the Amiga’s internal Low Pass Filter on or off, by
clicking on the LPF icon.
• Finally, after quitting Quartet, hit Return to get to the main
FORMATUNE PROGRAM: JON BATES FILES: FORMATUNE.MIDI. FORMATUNE.DOC You’ve ]ived to Jon Bates' iazzy jingles on the Amiga Format cover cassette - now recreate the raucous rhythms on your MIDI setup.
Assuming you have a MIDI sequencer and at least one MIDI instrument you should be able to manufacture merry melodies on your machine.
The file FORMATUNE.MIDI in the FORMATUNE folder is a standard MIDI sequence file in MIDI file format. Most sequencers will load this file. The file holds all the data necessary for you to play the cover cassette melody on your MIDI instruments. See Page 24 of Jon Bates’ article for more info.
ROCKET.DOC Guaranteed to keep your pointer on the move and you in a panic... it can only mean one thing. The SMART (Seek Mouse and Ravage Techniques) Rocket is about to hit the Workbench. Simply hit F7 from the Coverdisk mam menu and don’t stop moving to look what’s heading your way.
* « | !? | » U ¦A.
The control panel offers the I ol low 109 set of gadgets: increase speed of playback, decrease speed of playback, play previous, rewind, play pause, fast forward, play next, stop, eject.
Keep your pointer undercover., here comes the SMART Rocket.
XTRABENCH.DOC a Ml m ri i a ¦ XtraBanch in action.
Irritated by a lack of Workbench space? Xtrabench will open a new Workbench for your use.
In fact, this wittly little program will actually open as many Workbenches as you want.
Memory permitting, that is. Every Workbench is completely independent from all other Workbenches A highly convenient way to get extra space.
Getting Started You must load Workbench pefore running Xtrabench.
Either insert your Workbench disk at the appropriate prompt or hit F10 from the Coverdisk mam menu. From Workbench double click on XTRABENCH n the XTRABENCH drawer to cal up an additional Workbench.
INTLTTRACKER.DOC Simply, IntuiTracker is a sound track module player. It’s an excellent attempt to bring the world of popular Soundtracker and Noisetracker music into the hands of non-techmcai Amiga users.
IntuiTracker's sole purpose is to play music of your choice in a multitasking, friendly manner. This gives you the opportunity to listen to your favourite Amiga digitised ditties wtme domg other things,like programming, writing, pamtng or downloading No1 You can't use it with Dan Dare ¦.
With IntuiTracker you can have your own collections of songs on either floppy or hard as* Features include.
• Supports Socmdtracker 2.0 to
2. 5 and No setracker 1.0 to 11
• MiiMaskmg
• Control panel for easy control.
• Vokxne control
• Graph* equalizer display.
• Programmable play sequence of selected modules.
• Random play of modules.
• Sounds play m background.
Unfortunately, due to lack of space on the disk, there was no room to include any music. Nearly all songs on demos and most games are made using a Soundtracker program. There are several Soundtrack mpdule-nppers available that will extract these for you.
However, most Public Domain demos contain modules in a format IntuiTracker can read directly.
Getting Started Press F3 from the Coverdisk main menu. IntuiTracker will load automatically. Alternatively load Workbench and doubleclick on the INTUITRACKER file in the INTUITRACKER drawer.
Do the following if you wish to play a song through IntuiTracker.
1 Find a disk which you know has some Soundtracker modules on it. Any Soundtracker disk or a music collection disk that's not crunched and is not a non-DOS disk should do nicely.
2. Click on the IntuiTracker message at the top of the screen
Click the right mouse button so that the menu bar is
Move the mouse pointer over the Tracks heading while still holding the right mouse button. Click on Choose Disc.
3. Delete the default text and enter the name of the disk direc
tory where the module is located.
For instance, DFO:.
4. Examine the Tracks menu once the drive stops whirring. If a
module name has appeared, select it. If no names appear, don't
Do this: select MOD.files ONLY from the Prefs menu. Repeat step 2, 3 and 4 again.
5. The song should now loaded and play.
6. You can select Fqualizer and Control Panel in the Prefs menu
for some interesting effects That should get you going For a
fuller description of all menu items read the extensive
docinentabon supplied on the disk BACKING UP YOUR DISK For
many reasons, it is important to make a backup of the
Coverdisk as soon as possible. Copying the disk may sound like
a complicated task suitable for technobuffs only, but it is
surprisingly simple provided you read the following instruc
tions carefully
1. First, turn on your machine and load Workbench. Once the
Workbench screen appears and the disk-drive light goes out.
Remove your Workbench disk and insert our Coverdisk.
2 Next, click once on the Coverdisk icon and then press the right mouse-button and the Workbench menus will appear.
Now. While keeping the right mouse-button depressed, move the mouse pointer over to the 'Workbench' heading and a menu will drop down. Move the mouse pointer over the 'duplicate' menu option and then press the left mouse-button.
3. After a few seconds' disk access, the Workbench DiskCopy tool
will be loaded and run. Now just follow the onscreen prompts
and your Amiga Formal Coverdisk will be copied to a backup
disk. When the machine asks for the destination, insert your
blank disk into the drive. Further instructions are in the
user's guide that comes with your Amiga.
USING THE PROGRAMS All programs on the Amiga Formal disk are specially set up to make them as easy to use as possible. If you can use the Amiga's Workbench then you can use our Coverdisk! If you do have problems with a program, full instructions on loading and using the programs are included in Disk Extra and these should get you up and running. If you still have problems, you should read the documentation file I.DOC) that is included EARN U P T O £8 m Brief description Name Address Telephone (Daytime timngsl My program name is Approximate total size of files in kilobytes K (we
cannot use programs longer than 200K; shorter submissions. Under 100K, stand the best chance of publication] K is a: Technical tool Art program Educational Other Game Business utility Music program Novelty with every program To run any of the programs on this month's Coverdisk. Follow a simple procedure unless specified differently within Disk Extra, just double-click on the program's icon on the Workbench and it will load and run. Full details on how to use the programs once they have loaded are inc-luded as a documentation (text) file with the program.
To display a documentation file, just double-click on the appropriate DOC file and a window will open containing the file's contents. Pressing the space bar will advance the text a page at a time.
COPYRIGHT NOTICE Unless specifically stated, the programs on the Coverdisk are not in the public domain and the copyright remains with the author. Selling or distributing these programs without the author's permission is against the laws of copyright.
DISK EXTRA HOTLINE 0225 765086 Between 2pm and 6pm on weekdays only Flummoxed by files? Dumfounded by disks?
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Checklist (please tick): Stamped, addressed envelope for return README.DOC explanation file on disk Printout of README.DOC file (if possible) Name, address, machine type written on label Disk certified virus free IMPORTANT Please sign this declaration This program is submitted for publication by Amiga Formal it s wholly my own work and I agree !0 indemnity Future Pubksnmg against any possible legal acton should copyright prooems a-.se Signed Date IS YOUR DISK FAULTY?
We have done our best to check that the programs on the Amiga Format Coverdisk are simple to use. Error- free and have no known viruses However, we cannot normally answer telephone queries on using the soft ware, and we do not accept liability for any consequences of using the programs on the Oisk USING YOUR FORMAT DISK IMPORTANT! Before using your Amiga Format disk, you should make a back-up of the master disk as soon as possible.
If your Amiga Formal disk is faulty - ana out of the tens ol thou sands duplicated, some are unfortunately bound to be - you should send n back lor a free replacement within a month of the cover Oate to.
Amiga Format July Disk Future Publishing 30 Monmouth Street, Bath BA1 2AP.
It your Amiga reluses lo accept the disk, try using the DISK DOCTOR utility on your Workbench disk to rescue it before sending it off for a replacement. Full details ol DiskDoctor can be found in the user's manual lhal came with your machine WARNING!
The game cheats on this month's Coverdisk are straightforward to use, but please read the instructions in the magazine and on the disk Always keep original game Oisks write- protected Future Publishing cannot accept responsibility for damage caused to any disks or data damaged while using the Gambusters hacks.
It you've got any programs for the Amiga which you think other readers would find useful, interesting or amusing, we d very much like to know about them 1 Make sure your program is fool proof to use 2 Create a file called README DOC on the disk which explains exactly how to use your pro gram 3 Fill in this form, sign it, ana seno it without delay to Coverdisk Software Amiga Formal. 30 Monmouth Street. BATH BA1 2AP You couio wm a share of up to £800 prize money for the best programs each month.
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Integrated Slide Show (compile a disk of your favourite graphics and view THEM FROM THE SLIDE SHOW) * MANY MORE FEATURES TOO NUMEROUS TO MENTION * RING FOR DETAILS.
Just a few steps from Blackpool’s seafront and the famous golden mile, the entrepid adventurer can enter a different world. A world where the scenery is shrouded in a dense fog, a world where the atmosphere is heavy with the hum and crackle of electrical discharge, a world where an opponent can come screaming banshee-like from the mist at any moment, dispensing instant destruction from his gun before disappearing once more into the shadows.
This is the world of Phasor Strike, the new craze which Strike Leisure are predicting (and, considering their investment, no doubt hoping) will storm across the country over the next few years. First conceived in the United States and subsequently popularized in both Australia and New Zealand, the game is an extension of the 'paint-ball' concept which has found so many devotees recently.
Although the basic idea is the same, the strategy is very different to paint-balling, where teamwork and cooperation are of the prime importance. In Phasor Strike, where the playfield is dark and obscured by mist, any movement must be treated as a possible act of aggression and it is a case of kill or be killed. One advantage PS has over paint-balling, however, is that after a game one goes home without the bumps and Could Phasor Strike be the ultimate in interactive games for the Amiga? ADRIAN A CHROME dons a uniform and charges... bruises that are so easily sustained whilst playing
paint-ball. Although PS is fast and furious it is a thoroughly non-contact sport and, since all you ever get shot by is a beam of light, it is far less painful than a plastic ball travelling at 5 metres per second.
This all sounds like jolly fun, but what interest is it to you. The reader of Amiga Format? Well the answer to that is simple; all of the many lighting and sound effects that help make the game so exciting to play are controlled by a Commodore Amiga. Or two, to be more accurate, since the current installation in Blackpool has two arenas each with its own Amiga 2000 in charge of running the business end of things.
Kitted for Combat A game of Phasor Strike begins in the entry port, where competitors each don a control pack. These combine an infra-red receiver and score keeper and are bedecked with flashing LEDs which serve to make you all too visible in the Darkness.
Connected to the pack is the phasor weapon, a gun which emits both a beam of infra red and a ray of visible light so that you can tell if your shots are finding their intended targets.
When all the players are kitted up and divided into two teams (Green and Yellow, to avoid any confusion for those of the population who are colour-blind) it is time to enter the arena.
The area of play is a complex maze of ramps and balconys, full of dark corners and obstacles to conceal and confuse the players. Once play starts you find that the darkness and profuse amounts of smoke combine to make recognition of fellow team members almost impossible, so it quickly becomes a case of every man for himself.
The object of the game is to end up with a higher score, both individually and as a team, than your opponents, but points are not gained by making a hit - rather they are lost by sustaining one on yourself. Of the two ways to prevent getting hit, the first is to hole up in some little cranny and hope you are not spotted, which is none too easy when your front and back are flashing away like the Christmas lights on Oxford street.
The other option is to keep moving and try to present as difficult a target as possible to the enemy.
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RRP £34.95. MIDI LEAD 1 metre lead allowing you to set up and get going! RRP £4.99 This total package would normally cost you over £269 & ,95 but we are literally giving them away at the incredible price of: Music-X available separately at £79.95 HURRY - STOCKS LIMITED ON A FIRST COME FIRST SERVED BASIS!
™E MEGABOARD RAM EXPANSION 500 ORDERING MADE EASY £ Add £6.00 courier delivery lor all orders over £100.00 (UK mainland only). Add £2 tor orders under £100.00 Order by phone by calling our Head Office quoting your Access Visa Number Order by Post - make Cheques, Building Society Drafts or Postal Orders payable to Dowling Computers While you are tearing around trying not to be shot, it onfy makes sense to attempt to lower other people's scores by landing a few we - aimed shots on their control packs.
So for around ten to fifteen minutes the best course of action is to make like a cross between Rambo and Buck Rogers, and see what havoc you can wreak A hit on the back will rid you of two points whereas a hit on the front will reduce your points total by three.
Throughout the game the arena is patrolled by a marshal, who makes sure that noone is breaking the non- contact rule. Anyone found contraven- MISSION CONTROL The system at Phasor Strike in Blackpool consists of: 1 Amiga 2000 per arena Both have PC Bridge boards and 20 meg hard drives and are fitted with purpose-built interface cards from expansion slot to connect to a 19-inch back-tray housing all the control equipment for the game. This consists of:
• Game scoring system
• Game control
• Sound effects control
• Lighting control Game scoring system takes the downloaded
information from the control packs and displays it on colour
monitors in the reception area.
Game control consists of timing and supervisory functions, as well as audit systems to record the numbers of players and sessions. A feed from the cash register on site is also monitored allowing a modem to download details of the site's activities to head office overnight.
The system monitors any faults that may have occured and reports on these as well.
Sound effects are produced by the 2000 using the internal digital analogue converters from sampled sound effects files. Sounds are triggered by sensors concealed around the arena; sensors also trigger the Amiga to instruct an Orion lighting controller to initiate pre-programmed lighting sequences.
The entire system is auto-booting in case of interruption in the power supply.
Mg the rule would have their control pack disabled and be eiected from the game. When the game time has elapsed - which it does all too quickly, but time does fly when you’re having fun - the sound system issues the command to go to the exit port.
Scoring the Hits As the players file back into the equipment room the control packs are turned off by an infra red signal and it is just a matter of hanging the packs up and Digging them mto the wall- mounted sockets for downloadvig of the scores.
After the Amiga has done a kttle number-crunching one of two large video screens in the foyer reveals the scores to the teams, giving rxjrviauai points and team totals, and apcxxnt- ing a high-score player for each sxle Of course anyone n the foyer can see what you got. So either your glory or your embarrasment wd be broadcast to the world Remember, if you take your boyfriend, grffnend. Mum or dad along, not to make any outrageous claims about your score unless you are pretty sure you can back them up. If you happen to go along with someone who does not want to play, each arena has a
viewing platform. Entry to which is free.
Although the game is very enjoy- abie. There are one or two niggles which could be sorted out to make it even more fun. Firstly the position of the infrared receiver on the front of the control pack is very obvious, and this means that unscrupulous player can keep it covered with his hands for the duration of the game, thus ensuring they never sustain a front hit.
Obviously only an utter cad would do this, but it would be so easily preventable by mounting the receiver video-style under a smoked plastic frontplate, thus confounding any attempt to cover it.
Secondly, the scoring is done by number, each pack having a unique number by which it is identified on the video screen at the end of the game, but this number is not written on the wall where the packs plug into the download socket, nor is it recorded anywhere on the pack itself, so if you don't pay complete attention when the game marshal tells you your num ber as you are kitting up. It is possible that you will not be able to discover your score at all.
But these things aside Phasor Strike is still a great deal of fun; in fact, whoever said "It is not the winning but the taking part that counts" could well have been speaking about this game. The real pleasure comes not from finding out that you scored your team's high score, but from tearing around in the arena zapping away fiendishly The complex at Blackpool is currently being refitted and two new arenas are being built. The first of the new designs will be a cyberpunk environment straight out of Blade Runner, for those who wish to track down and destroy replicants; the other arena
wiH be a simulated |ungle landscape more suited to players who wish to put the Predator to rest. Both the new interiors are the work of Bryce Walmsley and Richard Sharpies, set designers who have worked in TV and theatre as well as designing backgrounds for rock videos. The work should be complete by the time you read this.
Another innovation that Phasor Strike intends to introduce in the near future is the use of real lasers m the game. As you can imagine safety is a very important factor, and much time has been spent creating a system which is safe to use without requiring players to wear eye protection.
One of the surprising things about the technology used by Phasor Strike is that, with the exception of the Amigas, it is all British. And even then the software in use was developed by Checkmate Digital. So, while the game was originally devised in the States, British innovation has served to create one of the most advanced examples of it anywhere in the world Phasor Strike is just about the most interactive computer game yet.
The ultimate experience for a true shoot-em-up fans, and can be found at Station Road, Blackpool (oooosite the South Pier). ¦ HID =ui, 1 r YUPPIES c OMPUTER C LUB Manchester United .. .....£15.85 Black Money .... £15.50 PinBall Magic ... ...£15.85 Man Hunter New York.... .....£15.50 Conqueror £15.75
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Out ..... .....£16.00 Pipe
Mama £15 85 TV
SoortsFootball ...... £16 50
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Hammerfist £15.50 f Titles not yet
released - will be desoatcned upon release Please add £1.00 P&P
and send Cheques YUPPIES COMPUTER 81 Thurmond Crescent,
Stanmore, Winchester, Postal Orders to: CLUB Hampshire, S022
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change withoul notice 'Some titles may not be released at time
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3. 5" 40 Holder Lockable...... ...£5.99
3. 5" 80 Holder Lockable...... ...£7.99
5. 25" 50 Holder Lockable...... ...£4.99
5. 25" 120 Holder Lockable £6.99 The Amiga has much to recom
mend it as a learning tool for children. In particular because
it has a great capacity to work through attractive, colourful
pictures and to make interesting noises - even to use
synthesised speech - it's one of the few things that can drag
the children of the video age away from the telly.
Plus the fact that computers have a certain credibility and appeal for kids nowadays, anyway.
Since the Amiga is such an outrageously flexible machine, Commodore are particularly keen to see it being bought by parents who have young children: the reasoning being that ma and pa can do their serious work (home accounts, word processing, DTP) and their hobbying (music, computer art or alien-blasting) while the little ‘uns are helped out with their pre-school learning (reading, 'rit- ing, 'rithmetic and the like).
SCHOOL’S To this end, Commodore will soon announce a special bundle of the Amiga 500 aimed at the undereights. A logical move, the company believes, as follow-up to the “Class of the 90’s" pack, which was aimed at a similar combination of parents and slightly older children. And also a recognition, perhaps, of the lack of support currently given to a growing market for pre-school computing.
What do The Kids want?
The Class of the 90’s pack very much reflects the philosophy of secondary schools using computers: they would rather have the children using real, 'adult' applications of the kind they may be using in later life. It contains a spreadsheet, a database, a powerful art package, word processor, DTP, and a music package.
The priorities of pre-school learning and primary school, however, are different. Although teaching 'computer literacy' remains a general aim, basic skills such as logic, maths, reading and spelling are more important. The needs, then, are different.
Until now, Commodore’s only official contribution to this age-group has been Amiga Logo, an excellent version of the programming language used in many schools from the age of five upwards, and the BBC Emulator, intended to make old faithful BBC programs useable. Amiga Logo was reviewed in Amiga Format Issue Seven. They have also tended to emphasise the benefits to even very young children of paint programs such as Electronic Arts' Deluxe Paint.
The programs covered in the following pages are of a very different ilk. They are mostly American in origin, presumably because more parents of young children over there are looking out for this sort of thing. They are nearly all intended for very young users, many for pre-reading or preschool. Most of them make very m The first of an occasional series that tests the mettle of educational programs for the Amiga.
DAMIEN NOONAN is your guide.
Heavy use of the Amiga's graphic power and of synthesised sound, in an attempt to keep a child entertained and absorbed. And, mostly, they try to replace traditional ways of teaching basic skills such as reading and maths Worthy, Worthwhile, Worthless?
It'S worth noting, |USt before WP take a look at the software for this month, that computer programs for young children can suffer from one very obvious pitfall The danger is that a child, plonked down in front of a computer, lacks the interaction with real, live people that is a vital part of its social, as well as intellectual, education. Is rt really a good idea to have a computer reading your child a story? Wouldn't both you and the child miss the sharing and the companionship? Wouldn't it help stunt a kid’s emotional development? Think hard about these we open with a pic of two kids
sitting by the entrance all ready to embark on their day out.
The piccies to be coloured appear as line drawings on a nice, neutral grey background and are accompanied by an appropriate sampled sound effect. Each 'page' is a different animal or scene, starting with a visit to the elephants and carrying on an exhaustive tour via the aardvarks, orang-utan and oryx to end up at the ostriches.
The pencil pointer is used to select a colour from the palette of 24 You may not agree, but one of the biggest arguments against video games is that children, locked m mortal combat with aliens, are usua y locked away from other children Schools' use of computers tends to concentrate on working in grouos SO that problems raised by the machine become a focus for discussion and group problem-solving Well worth bearing in mind. So, with that warning, on to the software.. AT THE ZOO MERIT SOFTWARE £24.95 This is essentially a colouring book on disk. The scenario, as you might have worked out,
is a trip to the zoo. So JroBBI mmar . V' jp mPj& c?° HP -; P myj&t $ »_ ' ; aGVo
* vOV "iSifes p p fc T5 t3 BORCtff »w0°“«dus.
- ¦C°n Pi.
.out of thflWorldl TRADE ENQUIRIES WELCOME TRADE ENQUIRIES WELCOME Send cheques to: Dept AF Memory Expansion Systems Ltd.
Britannia Buildings, 46 Fenwick Street.
Liverpool L2 7NB
(051) 236 0480 (051 ’236 0480 * 24 Hour Sales PRICES ARE SUBJECT
TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE (051* 227 2482 * 24 H°Ur FaX
neques to: Dept AF j HHl y Expansion Systems Ltd. WICA ia
Buildinas. 46 Fenwick Street. mhuhhhw and then point at
the area to be filled, which floods rapidly. Only criticism
here is that some areas are tiny and rather fiddly to point
to. Areas can be re-filled if the chosen colour doesn't
please, an 'oops' button can be clicked to undo mistakes
and an eraser can be used to clear the pic and start again.
The program saves out as you go along, so it is possible to colour the whole 'book' without doing it all in one sitting. When you reioin, your work so far is pencilled in at a rapid rate of knots. You can quit out or print a pic- cie at any time.
Conclusion The sounds are on a separate floppy, so if you don’t have two drives you'll have to do a lot of disk-flipping if you want to hear them. As far as it goes, the program is excellent - but it is just a colouring book. The glowing, saturated colours and the fact that you can't colour over the lines (do you remember how horrific that seemed when you were little?) Should make the colouring book of the 90s a big hit with the little 'uns and the animal recognition has an educational value.
But it seems a shame that the program could not have been a wee bit more ambitious.
DESIGNASAURUS DESIGNWARE £34.95 Dinosaurs seem to be one of the most enduringly popular subjects for children - and why not? This particular program attempts to fill in a few more details about the lumbering lizards, exploring their relationship with their environment, their diets, and their physical make-up.
There are three parts to the program. The first is a game in which the player must control a brontosaurus, stegosaurus or tyrannosaurus rex as it sweeps majestically across the plains and swamps of 170 million years ago. The aim is survival, in pursuit of which finding appropriate food is vital. The learning part is sneaked in nicely, here, with diet, habitat and historical info all of significance but not rammed down the player’s throat.
And there's a reward stimulus - if the dinosaur survives for five whole screens (which is no easy task) a certificate is granted which can be printed out and kept.
The second part is dinosaur construction. The job here is to build a complete skeleton from a head, body and legs, and a tail. Parts of lots of different dinosaurs can be matched and mismatched to your heart's content. Each part is accompanied by a detailed description of the dinosaur it belongs to, so there's a lot to learn here too. The third part of the program is the act of printing out pictures of the dinosaurs. The skeletons from the second part can be printed, as can a large range of line drawings of the creatures as they would have looked. These latter can be coloured in after
printing - get out the crayons!
Pictures can be printed to normal sheet size, expanded over four sheets or - and this is a very clever little extra bonus - printed onto thermal transfer paper to be ironed onto a T-shirt.
Conclusion CON-SOUND-TRATION Great idea! The lasting charm of the old thunder-lizards is not about to fade, but the nice thing about this one is the way it sneaks all the hard facts f in amongst the fun. Take the kids to the Natural History Museum, then give them a copy of this to play around with. Only slight criticism Is that there’s less to the program than might have been possible, but it certainly scores well on sheer appeal.
UNCLE D ’ S CON-SOUND- TRATION ALOHAFONTS £19.95 This is the only real game amongst the software reviewed this month. As the name might suggest, it makes considerable use of the Amiga’s sound capabilities and aims to test the player's powers of concentration and memory.
The basic idea is rather like that quiz show on telly where contestants have to remember what is hidden underneath the various squares on a grid. Instead of one square, however, there are two. The player must chssss a*r - |"C13£ ?
Match a graphic image from one of the squares on the left-hand grid with the appropriate sound from the right- hand grid.
Play follows a simple pattern: the player just clicks somewhere on the left-hand grid, sees what image is displayed, and clicks on the square on the right-hand grid he thinks may conceal the correct noise. If he is right and a match is made, a clown’s face smiles and the pair of squares turns green. If he is wrong, the clown's face grimaces. Either way, play continues until all the squares are correctly matched.
There are options for one or two players, for four different skill levels (the size of the grid varies from two- by-two to five-by-five: naturally five-by- five is much harder) and for three different types of game. The types of game are: alphabetical, where the letters of the alphabet must be matched with their sounds; rMnen- cal. Where numbers are oared up; and pictures, where an elephant must be made to trumpet or a telephone to must be coerced into ringing.
Conclusions All in all, not half a bad little game. It is pleasantly presented and the sampled sounds are admirably clear. It won't task an adult's brain too heavily, but younger children will probably enioy it and the two-player option will get a lot of use. The added bonus of including letters of the alphabet and numbers is obvious, though it couldn’t be used to actually teach these: more to reinforce or introduce them Its only fault may be lack of longevity, because it uses the same pictures and noises every time - though it does hide them at random around the grid, so the chances of
repeat games are slight.
M AT H- A - MAGICIAN THE OTHER GUYS £22.95 The magician is a character who hopes to make the learning of simple sums fun. Hmm. You may argue that he's up against a loser from the start because maths is never fun. Not necessarily true... All this 'game' really does is display a sum in large, friendly letters on the screen, reading it out aloud as it does so, and wait for you to answer it. If your answer is wrong, a voice % The magician grants a score to reward a correct answer, top; then the owl, above, sums up the amount of right and wrong answers that were given.
Encourages you to try again. If you succeed, a whizzy graphic of the magician appears and a fatuous piece of praise along the lines of "You must be a personal friend of Albert Einstein!" Is read out.
The game is backed up by a large grid of the times and addition tables using the numbers one to twelve, which can be explored.
Conclusion The speech is very good, clearly because it is sampled, not synthesised. Sadly this means there is space for few different comments from the magician, so it does get repetitious. Overall, if you want your child to practise a few sums, this program is not a bad way of doing it: but the fact that this is maths is not at all disguised, so it's hard to see it being 'fun' if the child has already been put off by maths. It is always a good idea to disguise the learning process so that chidren think they are just playing. Which just does not happen here.
THE TALKING STORYBOOK “LITTLE RED HEN” DESIGNING MINDS £19.95 Certainly a very clever little proiect, but of how much use? This is, as you may already have guessed, a storybook that talks to you.
In common with many of the educational programs reviewed here, this makes brave, broad steps in the attempt to use the Amiga's sound and graphics power to the full. The pictures are very pretty indeed. The music is really very enchanting. The story - an old children’s favourite - is good. And the synthesised speech is, well - interesting. The robot voices don't really make for the most atmospheric of tale-telling.
Options to turn off the speech and music are available, as are ones to have words highlighted as the story proceeds and to play a little word-finding game. You can read out the story to the kids yourself as the pictures go by. Or you can set it up to play as a film abd sit back and watch.
Conclusions As anyone who has used the speech synth on Workbench 1.3 Extras will know, it's an impressive gadget - but gets nowhere near how you and I speak. Now, if you really want stories read to your kids by flat, toneless robot voices, that's fine - but it doesn't really come off as a learning aid. Apart from anything else, kids are likely to have trouble recognising the words as they are spoken. To be honest, the bond provided by reading your kids a picture book and the chances given for them to ask (perhaps pointless, but still sociable) questions is not worth losing out on.
Buy the collected works of Maurice Sendak. This program might prove a novelty and a diversion, but is by no means an alternative.
I Hake ¦ 1ec t ions 1 OPERATION ADD SKILL BEGINNER NUMBER TYPE UHOLE NUMBERS REPEATING 5 TIMER ON t r i C X C K X A world of information ’ |[L[|[rl at your fingertips Now you can koap « informed with the latest weather, financial news, sports results, current aHairs and much more from Ceefax or Oracle. But unlike a Teletext TV all this valuable information snl trapped behind glass. Now you can ..... Save to disc Pages may be saved in Compact (over 800 page6 per disc) or IFF format.
Print. You can print as just text (for a fast result) or as a screendump.
Review Instant access to the last 16 pages which have been received Speak. Thanks to the Amiga's speech capability, it will even read the news to you.
Multiple display. It can display and update two pages on screen simultaneously1 FastText. True Fast Text - gets pages m advance and reduces the waiting time Tuning. Just connect an aerial - it tunes itself ml Although the prime functon is to receive Teietext. I also will convert a 1081 or 1084 monitor to a colour TV Programmable The system can be programmed to get a serws of pages ano men save or print them. Your own programs can access the data on Teieteit Only a Microtext adaptor can provxJe aH these faculties, it easy to use and connects to the parallel port, a printer can be reconnected to
the adaptor Everything « supp;ed. A you
- eed is your Amga and a normal TV aerial At just Cl24.80 . VAT
me p 'p for an advanced Teletext TV it's e*»l*nt value »or
money Ma*e sure you're abrays up to date, and get yours now
from • MICROTEXT B Dept AF, 7 Birdlip Close, Horndean, Hants
P08 9PW .Telephone: 0705 595694 Fax: 0705 593988 12A Barnards
Wav, Charlton Heights. Wantage, ) on. 0X12 7KB.
A , i harlton Heights. Wantage, f Tel: Wantage (02.157) 60177 AMIGA A500 Amiga A500 Batman Pack £350.00 Amiga A500 Flighi of Fantasy ......£369.00 Amiga A500 Appetizer Pack .£379.00 l Word Processor Paint Program Music Program Game l Amiga A500 inc TV modulator & 2nd disc drive .£439.00 Amiga A500. IMF RAM inc TV modulator & Game £449.00 Amiga AS(K) & Colour Monitor from £579.00 Amiga A500 System
Pack .....£749.00 (A500 Colour Monitor Printer The Works Software I Amiga A500 Class of the 90 s Pack ....£539.00 AMIGA 2000 Amiga 2000 AS(K) Upgrade with 40Mb Hard Disk .....£1099.00 Amiga 2000 CPU Base Unit ..£975.00 Amiga 2000 & Colour Monitor ...£ 1199.00 Amiga 20(10 PC Pack ..£1525.00 (2000 Colour Monitor XT Bridge Board S.2S drive 20Mb HD) Too
much to list please c all for other systems uni! Prices PERIPHERALS TC Amiga Console for the A500 (keep things together) ...£39.00 SI2K RAM Clock expansion .from £59.99 Commodore AS0I RAM Clock expansion ....£129.00 Commodore I0H4S Colour Stereo Monitor ...£259.00 Philips CMKX33 Slcrco Colour Monilor .£249.00 Cumana CAX 354 I Mb Fxiemal Disk Drive (Disable Enable )£89.00 NEC or Citi en I Mb External Disk Drive i Disable Enable &
Through) ....£79.50 Star LC-1080col I44cps Doi Matrix Primer .....£169.00 Slar LC-IO 80 col I44cps Colour Dot Malrix Printer .....£212.00 Software at up to 30*., OFF RRP Phone for prices All prices inc VAT and arc subject to change without notice THE AMIGA ADVANTAGE FAX 0242 226 755 POPULAR PD SOFTWARE IN SPECIAL _3-DISC PACKS_ PRICES INCLUDE VAT & POSTAGE CM -64 CM-32P The CM-12 I A Sound Module provides all :tv I A . Jpahtlitres of ihe CM-64 . Is .‘2
• one polyphonic and M-pan muiit-itmbral 1,1 and likewise has
huill-in digital rcserh The t M 12 PCM Sound Module contains
the I M M s PCM section with itsM pteseis. I»
* 1 voice polyphonic and h-pait mulli- nmtval. Has the same
digital reserh. And is I I If) sound card vornpaiihh' I VISIT
OUR SHOWROOMS I CA-30 Lasi of the modules is the C.A m
Inielligent Arranger Drsigned to he linked »ith ihe CM-64 or CM
‘2 L.thef A Vitsa
s. ht«tKated auto arranger *nh similar lelltgertl ananging
functions as found on Roland s hesi veiling I 2f« Intelligent
Synthesi cr With the CA- W. even complete hcginners can crrale
interesting and convincing s.mg data UK ABOUT OUI SKOAL omit
224340. FAX 0242 226755.
23 compilation packs for AMIGA computers. Each contains three discs full of popular, tried and tested PD programs.
* AMIGA CLASSICS Space Invaders. PacMan. 30- Breakout. Bally II.
Wanderer. Egyptian Run. Slotcars.
Tunnel Vision. Light Cycles. Conquest
* ARCADE ACTION Asteroids. Trek73. Gravity Wars.
Cosmic. Cosmaroids. Missile Command.
* AMIGA CHALLENGER Chess. Solitaire.
Backgammon. Empire. OXO. Multi-Level Tic l ac Toe.
Picture Puzzle. Othello. Klondike, Tetrix. Monopoly.
Shanghai. Five In A Line. NutHousc.
* AMIGA A I) V ENTIRES featuring Hack. Lam Dungeons & Dragons.
Moira.t Moira needs IM
* F t N WITH G R A PH ICS featuring Animation.
Mandelbrot Pictures. Fractal Landscapes. Graphics.
Ray tracer. Sliding Puzzle. Life 3D.
* STAR IREK Amazing new version of this cult classic.
Needs two drives and I Meg memory Playable demo with great graphics and sound.
* THE Ml SIC PACK A large collection of sound effects, new
instruments lor the CZ synths. MIDI utilities and songs
* SOI NI I R ACKER Make your Amiga more musical with this high
quality program. Includes full instructions, songs and
* SON IX Three disc-fulls of tunes for the commercial Sonix
program SEESEHZS
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* HACKERS TOOLBOX Sector Editors. Archivers. Virus Killers etc.
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* HOME & BUSINESS featuring Database. Spreadsheet.
Home Accounts. Hypertext Shell. Calculator. Home Inventory.
* THE DEVIO PACK 1 The latest lop quality demo programs.
* THE DEMO PACK 2 Popular demo classics.
* THE DEMO PACK 3 A selection of entertaining Music Demos.
* THE DEMO PACK 4 A further set of musical demos
* PIC 11 RE SHOW | High quality slide-show of hi-res pictures.
* PIC 11 RE SHOW »2 More hi res pictures to see for yourself.
ONE PACK ...... .£9.95 | TWO PACKS ... ......£15.95 I TFIREE PACKS £21 95 1 OVER THREE PACKS...... ......£7.50 each | lyi POST your cheque or P.O to 56 Bath Road, Cheltenham I 4 I COLLECT from our showrooms WORLD ATLAS CENTAUR SOFTWARE £34.95 The only one of this bunch really aimed at older children. Putting an atlas of the world on floppy disk is an ambitious idea, but one of which the Amiga is quite capable. This program goes further still, though - as a learning resource, it aims to provide facts, figures and background history on 170
nations of the world.
As a product of US programmers. It inevitably has a certain Stateside bias with a choice between the USA and the rest of the world being one of the key divisions. But it does provide impressively detailed facts and figures on all the countries of the world, too.
Each individual nation is accessed by clicking on a map of the world to decide a continent, then clicking on any country of interest.
That country is first identified then, if you wish to proceed, a detailed information screen appears filling you in on size, poulation, the maior cities and the like. Further info is, disappointingly, only a graph of popultion growth - but by that stage, you don't really need any more. There's bags of facts and figures at your fingertips here. Each country also has a scrolling potted history which borders on the sketchy.
A lovely freehand drawing, right, and a coloured-in drawing of a rocket from the range on disk, below.
35 54 Oxygen 30 54 Iron 15 54 Silicon 13 54 Magnesium 2 54 Sulfur 154 Calcium 154 Aluminium 05 54 Sodwa WORLD ATLAS Choose a continent from the world map, top; then select a nation to study, left.
Other options allow you to get details of international organisations such as NATO or OPEC and to call up lots of different statistics about the Earth, as well as to sort countries out by their size or their language.
Conclusion All in all this is a cracking idea and could provide a good means to stimulate report-writing or special protects within a school environment. There is, however, one big problem: this protect has bitten off more than it can really chew. The national histories are at best sketchy and at worst entirely misleading, featuring some dubious spelling and some rather selective choice of facts: if the whole history of France to 1800 has been summed up in three sentences, is it really important to know that the French sunk the Rainbow Warrior?
World Atlas is better used as a stimulus for research than as a reliable work of reference. And it comes on two disks, which means if you don’t have a second drive you'll be doing an awful lot of disk-swopping.
MYPAINT PRISM COMPUTER PRODUCTS £34.95 Or ‘My First Paint Program', as it might well have been called. This is an excellent little paint program, presented using large, friendly, colourful icons. Basic drawing functions are thin or thick lines from a palette of 12 colours, fill, symmetrical drawing, palette cycle, a rainbow brush, undo and clear screen. Pictures can be saved to disk in IFF format, although the save system is a tad fragile.
A special feature is the host of line drawings that can be loaded in from disk. These can appear as a 'surprise' picture, slowly revealed as the user paints over the screen, or can just be slung on screen ready to be coloured in. Each is accompanied by an excellent sound sample - the song of the whale is particularly impressive to listen to!
Conclusion Paint packages are notoriously good starting-points for kid computerists - they help develop mouse control, disk usage, icon systems and the like in a very friendly way. While having just as much 'fun' appeal as a piece of paper and crayons. MyPamt is an excellent product all round: it manages to be a 'kiddy' program that delivers the ease of use, the interest and the entertainment a kiddy version should have.
The only problem is long-term interest. Once all the piccies have been coloured in, a 12-colour paint package is never quite as flexible as using real paint, or as physically enjoyable as splashing paint around. Still, this is good, clean, creative fun.
All the programs reviewed here are available at the prices quoted from ESP, 32a Southchurch Rd, Southend-on Sea, Essex SSI 2ND. Tel 0702 600557. ESP also produce a catalogue with details of around 50 educational programs that they supply. ¦ FIRST micro HARDWARE & SOFTWARE SPECIALISTS NEW! SHOWROOM 13 LANSDOWNE RD BOURNEMOUTH DORSET, BH1 1RZ EXC. VAT ® (0202) 24927 £5 - DELIVERY AMIGA A500 + FLIGHT OF FANTASY 2 GIVE AWAY!
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129 95
139. 00 |
179. 95 . 79 95 175 00 ...34 95
Excellence1 ..... Professional
Page X CAD Designer ......
Music-X . Midi Interlace lor
Kingdom Close, Segensworth East, Titchfield, Hants P015 5TI
TEL: 0489 885911 FAX: 0489 885651 a n a n a n
AfiAnAfiAnAnAiiA n_A n M Citizen 120D 2 year
warranty ..£104.00
Panasonic KXP
1124 ....£229.00
Panasonic KXP
1180 ....£139.00
Panasonic KXP
1081 ....£119.00
Star LC10
Mono ....£129.00
Star LC10
Colour ...£169.00
Star LC
2410 ..£195.00
Epson LX 400
00 Epson LQ
400 £215.00
Hewlett Packard Desk Jet
Plus £585.00
8833 ....£204.00
RIBBON Citizen 120 D
Ordinal ......£4.00
LC10 .£4.00
Star LC 10
Colour ......£6.00
Star LC
2410 ..£5.00
1124 .£8.65
Cartndse ....£14.05
Disk box 50 x
3.5" .....£5.17
AMIGA FLIGHT OF FANTASY £312.00 packs available with bat
pack below AMIGA BAT PACK (1) £312.00 includes Batman the
movie, New Zealand Story, Interceptor, Workbench v 1.3 and
modulator AMIGA BAT PACK (2) £345.00 As before PLUS: Tenstar
sames pack, Photon Paint V2 and _pro 5000 joystick AMIGA BAT
PACK (3) £549.00 As above but with Philips CM8833 colour
monitor and cable.
AM prices cz V«z «¦ printers include cable and paper; callers welcome prices subject to change without prior notification: many more Items available.
SKUWCOrt £74)0 ? VAT POST: £1.00 + VAT.
«-J , ,|, *-¦* r I UNIT 1 DRAKE HOUSE rj ' I'JI ~J ') r J I 160 DRAKE STREET 1 I ROCHDALE. LANCS OL16 IPX TEL: 0706 43519 AMIGA 8. ST SPECIALISTS A500 FLIGHT OF FANTASY PACK A500-Computer, TV Modulator, P.S.U. K S 1.3 W B 1.3 Mouse, Extras & Tutorial Disks, all leads and manuals.
_ _ R US F29 Retailor Rambow islands. Opamt ll. Escape From The Pianei Of Robot Monsters ONLY £369.00 jiM, A500 BAT PACK Onlv £359.00 + TEN STAR PACK 1 Amegas. 2 An o» Chess. 3 Barbarian 4 Buggy Boy . 5 iKan Warriors 6 Insanity Flight. 7 Mercenary Comp. 8 Terrorpods 9 Thundercats 10 Wtzbaii £379.00 ' ~r' * Class 90 s Now in stock Only £519 MONITOR PACK Buy anv pack & we will offer a Philips CM8833 FOR ONLY £239 inc lead Plus Photon Paint II * Only £389 * COMMODORE 1084S £249.00 PHILIPS CM 8833 ! £249.00 NAKSHA MICE.....OSLT £38.00 CONTRIVER MICE ONLY £26.00 1 PRTNTF.RR _ ' 1 X IVA1. A L 1 X7
STAR LC 10 MONO ONLY £1 59 STAR LC 10 COLOUR......ONLY £199 PANASONIC KXP1124.....ONLY £259 PRINTER RIBBONS ALL MAKES AVAILABLE. LOW PRICE EG: STAR LC-10 MONO £4 49 Col - £7.50 ALL OUR PRINTER PRICES ARE INCLUSIVE OF LEADS RAM Expansion, inc. Clock 8 Switch...£69.95...'..,3.5" External Drive...£75.00 TDK 3.5'' Disks Xl0 . £12.00...V. Posso 150 Cap Disk Box...£18.00 LC10 Dust Cover.. £8.50...'..Monitor Cover...£9.50...'...A500 Cover...£7.00 Please Call for prices on items not listed ACCESS VISA & STYLE Please note, all our prices Include VAT & Courier Delivery All hardware uems despatched
within 48 hrs. dependent on availability & cheque clearance.
Prices subject to change without prior notice at any time. Personal callers welcome.
_We are open from 09.00-17.30 Monday to Sat E & OE RAMSOFTS BOOK SHOP
* • • ****** * * * A~*ja DOS Xo Re«e erce Abacus) ...£9.95
£9.95 .£16.95 . £12.95 £14 95 £1495 £12 95 £14.95 £14.95 £1495
...£1495 ...£14.95 £14.95 £14 95 £16.95 £1695 ...£16.95 £16.95
...£17.95 ...£17.95 ...£17.95 ..£17.95 £18.95 .£1895 £10.00
..£22.95 £22 95 £24 95 £24.95 . £24.95 £24 95 ...£21.95 £29 95
£29 95 £29.95 £29 95 £29 95 Mosooa 68CCC R-ogrs x-wrs Re* Man
Motorola) ..... A-nga Dt9Xc 70GG Suce Abacus-
NEW1 Anga br 3epmers (Abacus: COS arc !!* Ar*)t iCompuie'i
.... E*mercar A BASIC (Compute')
ID) ... K-tqa Uacr.ce j-gagr
(Abacus) (D) .. Anga
P-ograrrvrers Gude (Compute')
... A-vga DOS Re’erence Gude
(Compute') ... Amga Tnos arc
Tgys (Abacus) (D) ..
rs* Am a Graphics (Compute')
(Dl .... Anga C *0* 3egmne*s
(Abacus) (D| .....
A-iga Ape*cations (Compute1) (Dl
..... Fes: Boo- o*
tne Amiga (Compute1!
(D) . A-vga DOS ins*)e
& Out (Abacus) (D)
Ae-arced Miga BASIC (Compute1) (D)
. Compute* Viruses - A High
Tech Disease (Abacus NEW1)...... Amga Users Gude to Graphics.
Sound. Telecom (Bantam) .... Arrsga 3D Graphics
Programming in BASIC (Abacus NEW1) (D) Am-ga Machine Lang
Programming Guide (Computet) (D) ..... using Deluxe
Paint II (Compute1)
...... Learning C -
Gtaphics on Amiga & Atari ST (Computet) (D) .... Amga
BASIC - Inside 8 Out (Abacus)
(D) ... Amiga Microsoft
BASIC Programmers Guide (Scott-Foreman) msde the Amiga
with C (Sams) Special Otlerl .... Amiga
DOS Manual
(Bantam) .
Programming (he 68000
(SyOex) ..... Amiga Disk
Drives - Inside 8 Out (Abacus)
(D) ..... Programmers Guide lo Ihe
Amiga (Sybex) .... Amiga Programmers
Handbook (Sybex) ... Amiga
Programmers Handbook. Vol 2
(Sybex) ...... Amiga Hardware Reterence
Manual ¦ AW. NEW . Amiga ROM Kerne Reterence
Manual. Libs Devs AW NEW ’
Amiga ROM Kernel Ret Man : Includes 8 Autodocs (A W NEW1).
Amiga C lor Advanced Programmers (Abacus • NEW') Amiga System Programmers Guide (Abacus) (0) ...... Books Marked (D) have a Disk Available, £9.95...Disk may be purchased separately.
Addison Wesley Special:- Set of Technical Reference Manuals Only £70.00
* ******* RAMSOFTEXTRAS ******** DiarororciraroiQ!
UPPER PARK STREET, HOLYHEAD, GWYNEDD LL65 1 HA IMMEDIATE DELIVERY OF STOCK ITEMS BY FIRST CLASS POST STATE CASS OR DISC GAMES GAMES GAMES GAMES Toobm C16 75 688 Anack Sub Ct6 75 Escape from Robot Monsters £13 75 Midwinter 919 90 Tower of Babei £16 75 After the War £13 75 Escape from Smges Castle £31 90 Ninja Spirit £16 75 Triad 3 £19 90 Anarchy £16 75 F16 Combat Pilot £1675 Nmja Warriors £13 75 Trivial Pursuit New Begm £13 75 Batman the Movie £16 75 F16 Falcon £1990 North And South £ 16 75 Tumcan £16 75 Battlehawks 1942 £16 75 Falcon Mission Disk £13 75 Oil Impenum £16 75 TV Sports Basketball
£19 90 Battle of Austertitz £16 75 Fi9 Stealth Fighter £16 75 Onslaught £16 75 TV Sports Football £19 90 Banie Squadron £16 75 F29 Retaliator £16 75 Operation Thunderbolt £16 75 Twin World £16 75 Beach volley £16 75 First Contaci £16 75 P47 Thunderbolt £16 75 Ultimate Golf £16 75 Betrayal £16 75 Flimbo's Quest £16 75 Pacmania £16 75 Untouchables £16 75 Beverly Hills Cop £16 75 Football Manager • Exp Kit £13 75 Paperboy £13 75 Vigilante £1095 Black Cauldron £16 75 Football man World Cup Ed £13 75 PiCtionary £16 75 Warhead £16 75 Black Tiger £16 75 Forgotten Worlds £13 75 Pipemania £13 75 War in
Middle Earth £13 75 Bloodwych £16 75 Full Metai Planet £1675 Pirates £16 75 Waterloo £16 75 Bloodwych Data Disk £9 90 Future Wars £16 75 Player Manager £1375 Wayne Gretzky Hockey £1990 Boxing Manager £13 75 Gazza's Super Soccer £16 75 Populous £16 75 Weird dreams £16 75 Bridge Player 2150 £1990 Ghosfbusters 2 £16 75 Populous Promised Lands £6 90 Wild Streets £16 75 Cabal £16 75 Ghouls n’ Ghosts £16.75 Powerboat USA £16 75 World Cup Soccer (Virgin) £13 75 Carrier Command £16 75 Ghosts n- Goblms £13 75 Pro Tennis Tour £16 75 Xenomorph £16 75 Chambers ot Shaotm £16 75 Grand National £13.75
Rainbow islands £16 75 Xenon 2 Megabiasl £16 75 Castle Master £16 75 Gravity £16 75 Red Lightning £1990 Xenophobe £16 75 Chase HQ £16 75 Gridiron £16 75 Rick Dangerous £16 75 X Out £16 75 Chicago 90 £13 75 Gunship £16 75 Rings of Medusa £19 90 Zak McKracken £16 75 Chessmaster 2100 £16 75 Hammerfist £16 75 Risk £13 75 Zombi £16 75 Chrono Quest 2 £1990 Hotrod £16 75 Robocop £16 75 Cloud Kingdoms Colorado £16 75 £16 75 Hard Drivin' Heavy Metai £13 75 £16 75 Run the Gauntlet RVF Honda £16 75 £16 75 COMPILATIONS Colossus Chess 10 £16 75 Heroes ot the Lance £16 75 Scrabble De Luxe ..
£13 75 Combo Racer £16 75 Highway Patrol 2 £16 75 Seven Gates ol Jambala £16 75 AMERICAN DREAM £16.75 Conflict m Europe £16 75 Hillsfar £16 75 Shadow of the Beast £16 75 Hostages. Bubble Ghost Operation Conqueror £16 75 impossamole £13 75 Shadow Warriors ... £16 75 Neptune Super Ski Crackdown £13 75 Infestation £16 75 Sherman M4 £16 75 Cyberball £13 75 Indy Last Crus Adventure £16 75 Shoot 'em up Construction Kit ... .
£1990 EDITION ONE £16.75 Damocles £16 75 Interphase ... £16 75 Sim City .. .. £1990 Double Dragon Xenon. Gemini Wing Dan Dare 3 £13 75 International 3D Tennis £16 75 Sim City Terrain Editor £6 90 Silkworm Danus £13 75 Italy 1990 (U S G ) £16 75 Sleeping Gods Lie .. £16 75 Dark Century £16 75 It Came from the Desen |1 meg only) £19 90 Sly Soy £16 75 GIANTS £19.90 Defenders of the Earth £13 75 1 C F T D Data Disk (Ant Heads) £9 90 Space Ace £31 90 720, Rolling Thunder. Gauntlet 2. Outrun.
Double Dragon 2 £13 75 Ivanhoe £16 75 Space Harrier 2 £16 75 California Games Dragons Breath £19 90 K Dalglish Soccer Match £12 90 Stnder £16 75 Dragon Flight £19 90 Kick Off 1 or 2 £13 75 Stryx £13 75 LIGHTFORCE £16.75 Dragons of Flame £16 75 Kick Ofl Extra Time £6 90 Stunt Car Racer £16 75 R Type. IK.. Voyager. Bio Challenge Dragons Lair £31 90 Kid Gloves £1675 Supercars £1375 Dragon Nmja £16 75 Klax £13 75 Super League Soccer £16 75 MAGNUM 4 £19.90 Drakkhen £19 90 Knightforce £16 75 Super Wonderboy £16 75 Aflerburner Batman Caped Crusader Dr Doom s Revenge £16 75 Knights
of Crystallion £1990 Swords of Twilight £16 75 Operation Wolf Double Dragon Dungeon Master £16 75 Leisure Suit Larry 3 £27 90 Tennis Cup £16 75 Dynamic Debugger £16 75 Liverpool £13 75 Targhan...... £19 90 PRECIOUS METAL £1595 Dynamite Du* £16 75 Lombard RAC Rally £16 75 Test Drive 2 .. £16 75 Crazy Cars Zenon. Arkanoid Revenae of Dynasty Wars £19 90 Lords of the Rising Sun £1990 The Cycles .. £16 75 Doh. Captain Blood Dyter 7 £16 75 Lost Patrol £16 75 Their Finest Hour £1990 Elite £16 75 Mag«: Ma'bies £12 90 Theme Park Mystery £16 75 WORLD CUP YEAR 90 £16 75 Emlyn Hughes
lot Soccer £13 75 Manchester Utd £16 75 Time Soldier £16 75 Kick Off G Lineker's Hotshot. Tracksu't E Motion £16 75 M-croP'OSe Soccer £16.75 Tm Tin on the Moon £13 75 Manager BUSINESS EDUCATIONAL JOYSTICKS DISKS ETC. BLANK DISKS Arena Accounts Oevpac Amiga 2 Hisott Basic Home Oftice Kit K Comm K Data £11990 £41 90 £55 90 £99 90 £20 90 £34 90 Discover Chemistry Discover Mams Discover Numoers Discover the Alphabet £13 75 £13 75 £13.75 £13.75 Cheetab 125 Cbeeiah Mach 1 Aulofire Cheetah Starpfobe Competition Pro 5000 Competition Pro 5000 cleat £7 50 £8 50 £10 95 £10 95 £11 75 DOUBLE SIDED DOUBLE
DENSITY 3 5'Box oltO £7 90 3 5' Box ol 20 £14 90 3 5'Box ol 50 £34 90 3 5” (Sony) Box ol 10 £14 50 'I 4" ifni l £)". 0,10 Cl! CO K Spread 2 £41 90 Fun School 2 under 6 £13 75 Competition Pro Extra £12 50 5 25' Bo» 01 10 £4 90 Lattice C Vers 5 £159 90 Competition Pro Glo iReO or Green) £13 50 5 25' (TDK) Box ol 10 C750 Mailshot £17 50 Fun School 2 6 8 £13 75 Konix Navigator Konix speeding Autolire Quidgoy 2 £10 95 Mailshot Plus Prodata Prote«t £34 90 £55 90 £69 90 Fun School 2 over 8 M Beacon Teaches Typing £13 75 £1990 £8 50 £7 50
3. 5" DISK STORAGE BOXES WITH LOCK 50 Capacity £6 90 Bn O' omrih,
C 7 Publishers Choice SBA Cash £69 90 £55 90 Micro English £12
95 Quickjoy 3 Supercharger Quick joy 5 SuperboarO £9 95 £1495
100 Capacity t JV £8 90 SBA Xtra £79 90 Micro French £12 95
Gu'CKshot 2 Turbo £8 50 Disk Drive Cleaner 3 5' £5 95
Superbase Professional £174 90 Micro Maths £12 95 Sureshot
Clear £8 50 A500 Dust Cover £4 95 Word Perfect £159 90 A1000
EDUCATION m We Have Over 50 Top Class Educational Programs For
The Amiga & Atari 3T_ Mathtalk This talking Maths Tutor is
probably the best program available today to teach and
• test addition, subtraction.
MJtplcation & division Ages 5* £29.95 Contact us now for our latest catalogue which contains details of all the very best educational programs available today.
ESP Educational Software 32B Southchurch Road, Southend-on-sea, Essex SS1 2ND.
A AA PAArr Out of Olfice Hours Answer Phone (0702) 600557 Faxora26’3M7 w www l School Enquires Welcome £&f5* f .
Amiga Amiga Amiga Amiga Amiga Amiga 'The 11 %¦ Amiga Users froup is the Largest Amiga only user group in the world. Tl'e are now in our fourth year and are the most established and experienced Amiga user group in the Zl.% Tvfe have over 1,500 members and are able to offer an unrivalled level of support. Our members receive a 60+ page bi-monthly newsletter pacfed jvith articles of interest at all levels, we have a massive library of public domain software and run an Amiga only bulletin board. Il'e offer our members superb discounts on all hardware,soft ware and bools. The U.‘KA.‘U(j. is the
group to belong to regardless of your age or level oj experience, our aim being to provide support and encouragement to everyone. Tl’hy not join us and start to apprecwte zvhat Amiga computing is all about.
Why not visit the only dedicated Amiga and ST dealer in town?
We specialise in DTP, CAD, MIDI, Graphics, and Business applications.
Together with the full range of Amiga and Atari Computers, Star Printers, Genlocks Digitizers, Interfaces, Second Drives and more.
So for a better service, product range and the keenest prices call
P. S. Selected games software now in stock.
Miditech ADD £2.50 P&rP per disk order. ADD £9 next day AMIGAS Batpack .£358 Flight of Fantasy.....£359 Ram Pack £52 Class of the 90 s......£493 + Clock ....£54 External Drive ....£59 MIDITECH, THE COLOSSEUM, COOKRIDGE STREET, LEEDS LS2 3AW 0532 446520 Access & Visa Welcome MAIL ORDER AND TRAINING PACKAGES AVAILABLE ACCESSORIES Quickshot Li 00 Black Cruiser L800 Mouse Mai 1000 Labels Lll 00 LC-10 B&W Ribbon £385 Colour CALL OR SEND CHEQUES TO B.C.S LTD 349 DITCHLING ROAD. BRIGHTON BM 6|| Htel: 0273 506269?
24 hours.
AMIGA 4 Mb 68020 CARD £349* I** IN it !•' ini VAT 1st»1.
Post.iUf 111 I K i( .lass mounts Jop extra per slide HAVE YOUR OWN AMIGA GRAPHICS OR ANIMATIONS OUTPUTTED ONTO 35MM SLIDE FILM OR VIDEOTAPE BUREAU SERVICE nd haltbrile send for disk with sal
* .was and examples
l. 'VMOl NEED PRICE I I ... ... £5.00 | Please rm« 2 Id £4 (X) lo
n - 20 . £3.00 Discuss 20+ ..... . £2.00 j Requirements
• Enjoy the performance of 5-5 Amigas under the lid of your
• Run graphics packages at lightning speed (upto 40 times faster
with 68882)
• Loads Kickstart into 32-bit SUPER-FAST RAM (software
• Our RAM price is more cost effective than any A501 compatible
(runs faster too!)
• THE 20-CARD is compatible with the A500 and the A2000
• Runs programs 5-6 times faster than a standard Amiga
• THE 20-CARD comes with 1 Mb installed (remaining 3 Mb socketed)
• THE 20-CARD operates at a FULL 16 Mhz (asynchronous design)
• THE 20-CARD has a socket for the 68881 68882 maths coprocessor
(16 Mhz)
• THE 20-CARD uses low price 256x4-100ns DRAMS (has no wait
• THE 20-CARD has a superior DRAM design enabling it to out
perform some 20 Mhz cards
• THE 20-CARD is the ONLY card to auto- sychronise with the Amiga
• THE 20-CARD fits internally into the 68000 socket and is
compact in design (7.75 x 5.3 inches overall dimensions)
ORDER FORM I I enclose a chaqua Postal Order for £349 (Inc. VAT) I payable to:- SOLID STATE LEISURE LIMITED | Signature: I Name: Post Coda: I Sand to I Solid State Leisure Limited, 80 Flnadon Road, ' IrthUngborough, Northants NN8 STZ.
I Tel: 10033) 880877 - Monday to Saturday 9.30-5.30pm ¦ Ptesso allow up to 29 days toi Oattvory ANIMAIK INS DIREC I ONTO VIDEOTAPE I'. K - |||||M1 |.tu- ( lv-l.cm anri calhvtH .uppomtl MINIMI MIIIAKI.I Mil ‘ INCl. L.’Uf S YAL 1*1 STAGt VMS I APE I LYi PI I ASE RIN(i TO DISCUSS YOUR REQUIREMENTS MANY EXTRAS ON REQUEST MONEY WITH ORDER Allim 1 week lor prtK essin and delivers Vi- .11 («*|il t hrqucN posl.il orders nude payable to AllERNATIVE IMAGE PROOLCTION5 b LOTH AIK ROAD AUESTONE LEICESTEK IE.' "QB 03 JJ) 440041 FAX 05Hi 440630 BELL BOOKS Practical MIDI Handbook
5 95 Computers and Music ....7,95 Music through MIDI 17.95 MIDI Sequencing in C .22.95 Amiga DOS Quick Reference .....8 95 Amiga DOS Reference
Guide .....14.95 Amiga DOS Manual ....22.95 Amiga DOS ...14 95 Amiga DOS Inside 8 Out ....18.45 Amiga Tricks 8 Tips ......14 95 More Tips 8 Tricks tor the
Amiga ..'8.45 Amiga Programmers Handbook - Vol 1 23.95 Amiga Programmers Handbook - Vol 2 23.95 Amiga Users Guide Graphics Sound 8 Telecom ....17.45 Amiga 3D Graphics Programming in BASIC .... 18 45 Fundamental 3D Computer Graphics ...19.95 Geometric and Artistic
Graphics ....12.50 Inside Amiga Graphics 16 95 Becoming an Amiga Artist ..18.45 Fractal Programming in C .22.95 Kids 8 me Amiga ....15 95 Beginners Guide lo the
Amiga ......16.95 Amiga lor Beginners .....12.95 Programmers Guide lo me Amiga ....23.95 Amiga Machine Language ...14 95 Programming the 68000 ..21.95 Amiga Assembly Language Programming .....14.45 Amiga System
Programmers Guide 32.95 ' ' ...16.95 Amiga Applications Kickstart Guide lo the Amiga . Amiga Hardware Reference Manual, Revised Amiga BASIC Inside 8 Out ... Amiga Microsoft BASIC Programming Guide.
Elementary Amiga BASIC .
...13.95 ..21 95 ...18.95 ...18.45 .14.95 Advanced Amiga BASIC ....18.95 Compute's 1st Book ol ihe Amiga .16.95 Compule's 2nd Book of ihe Amiga ....16.95 Introduction to Pascal. 2nd
edition 21.95 New Hackers Handbook. 4th edition .. ..9 99 Managing You' Money. 2nd edition .....18 95 Using Computers in Business .....20 95 Hints. Maps 8 Solutions lo Adventure Games 15.45 Viruses. Bugs and Star Wars .....14.95 Prices include poslage Orders with cheque to:-
I For many of us even the word 'accountant' conjures an image of a bespectacled little man working feverishly into the night, sweating over a voluminous, leather-bound ledger. The smoky atmosphere lit by a wilting candle: the silence disturbed only by the scratching of his fine quill upon the vellum.
Bringing this idea more up to date requires the paraphrasing of a recent television commercial: "You surprise me, Arthur. I know you're a wizard with your souffle a T orange - you may even be a genius with your sales protections and cashflow forecasts - but can you cook the books?” A good set of accounts can mean the difference between a Caribbean vacation or a holiday at Her Maiesty’s pleasure. Despite what this may immediately imply, a well-produced set of accounts can save hundreds of pounds in accountancy fees - and thousands in tax. Lastly, modern accountants use biros.
Years ago, the sales pitch for computers included hackneyed phrases like "You can even use it to do your books”, quotations used by people with about as much idea about financial book-keeping as a soya bean has about the Vegetarian Society.
Thankfully, those days are long since gone; salespeople now admit Amigas are pretty good for playing games on.
Accounts? You can leave them to the Pcs. Or can you?
Since all computers rely on software, almost any computer can do the job - just how well depends largely on the quality of the software.
As it turns out the Amiga, although not well served with accountancy packages, still manages to have a few tricks hidden up its disk drive.
SYSTEM 3 Digita £49.95 From those purveyors of low-cost software, Digita, who have had a reputation for producing good quality software at a keen price - on the PCW, that is. Many of their more recent offerings for the 16-bit market, however, have met with severe criticism. Apparently unperturbed by this, Digita continue to produce and support. Telephone support is offered five days per week at a cost of £25 per year - free for the first 60 days Part Three: ccoui In the concluding part of our introduction to business software, MARK SMIDDY looks at accounting and offers timely advice.
ILLUSTAATIOM DANNY JINKINS Systen 3 A C Nunber: Nine Address LEFT: Editing yet another invoice.
Tel No Fax No Credit Lnt.
Connent BUS Sieepy v3 | Add Stock Record Stock Code Description '.'Tinw-l 11 Quantity 110 Unit Stock Price 111MM1 Unit Selling Price .11. ttininun Level 'MB Re-Order Quantity if Supplier
- lal Mur. ¦¦¦:¦ lialnhlalol after purchase. Digita s accounts
package combination, System 3, is better than some previous
offerings in that it does at least operate in a mown This
customer complete Intuition environment. The owe* *°° much!
Idea, and hence the name, is a system offering Sales Invoicing, Cashflow Control and Stock Control all in the one box. It comes on a single disk with 44-page manual. The software itself is split into two WEALTH WARNING Putting too much faith in any computer accounts software can endanger your business. Less true today, perhaps, but when computers were in their infancy many profitable companies had to cease trading altogether - many more barely survived - solely because of computer errors. All too often the problems lay not with the computer system, but with the operators. There is a term
which, although rarely used today, describes this people failure perfectly.
GIGO' - Garbage In, Garbage Out.
The theory goes something like this: just suppose computers cannot make mistakes, a flawed assumption to start with. Operators are human and. Like it or not, humans do make errors, however trivial they may be. Feed the perfect adding machine the WRONG set of figures (Garbage In) and the result will also be wrong (Garbage Out). Therefore, the results of any set of accounts are only as accurate as the data used to compile them.
The sad fact is. While we have an automatic tendency to mistrust the results of our own calculations, we tend to believe the computer s results regardless of how ridiculous they may appear. This often comes to light only when the Inland Revenue or Customs and Excise (who usually check by hand, incidentally) find errors in TAX or VAT returns. But just try explaining that to the magistrate... programs - one intended for the ledgers and the other for invoicing and stock control.
The most notable feature of System 3 is its ease of use. Even though the user interface is far from perfect - what is? - it remains surprisingly good. The only serious criticism is the inability to leave certain forms at any point. This can happen while entering an invoice, say and forgetting what the stock code is for a l 8th" widget needlebearing - it is impossible to leave the form until a correct code is entered. This is a nuisance. That said, all the forms used by the program are remarkably well thought out.
Like most Digita products, System 3 is supplied with a minimal manual and no example data to get the new user going. However, the simplicity of the package should ensure most users get to grips with it very quickly. Some of the features, like the extensive reporting, quite belie its low price and the Digita name. Although capable of handling simple VAT, like the rest of the systems here, System 3 is not geared for most retail outlets.
ABOVE; Working or. Transfers between account* in System 3.
O 0703 332225 0865 CZ3 512599 12 MONTHS GUARANTEE ON ALL HARDWARE M E G A L A ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT • ALL PRODUCTS CARRY UK SPECIFICATION « £148.95 £194 95 £239.95 £448.31 £489.95 £590 51 £4 95 PO A £210 00 £310 00 £ 118 00 £139 00 £124 95 £299 00 £119 00 £138 00 £285 00 PO A £24? 50 £265 00 £ i o 95 0p each Op edv_n £1 95 Lb 95 £4 95 £4 e5 £89 00 £85 00 £79 00 £85 00 £79 00 £120 00 £375 00 £29 95 £34 00 £208 10 £38 95 £10 95 £44 95 £29 95 * .£99 95 * £99 95 « £249 95 » LC10 Mono 9 pin 144cps LC 10 Colour 9 pin 7 colours LC2410 24 pin l Ocps XB24I0 24 pin 240 cps with colour kit XB2415 15"
carriage . Printer RiDOons tor Star Printers Irom Laser Series .. Auto Sheet Eeeders available on orOer Please quote your Access or Visa number and your expiry date A501 RAM Expansion 512 RAM Expansion MDC 30 Ext 3 5" Drive A1010 Ext 3.5" Drive Cumana CAS354 Ext Drive C64 1541 Cl 1 Ext 5 25" A590 20Mo Haro Disk 1352 Mouse IBM Handy Mouse Amiga 2300 Genlock Genius Mouse IBM BpiRe Surge Protector DRIVES AND RAM EXPANSIONS ETC AMIGA A500 BATMAN PACK Featuring The Caped Crusader. Deluxe Paint
II. New Zealand Story, and the amazing FA 18 interceptor OUR
PRICE E369 SAVE C30 ON KXP1081 9 pm 120 Cap NLQ KXP1124 24 pm
120 Cap NLQ KXP1540 wide carriage PANASONIC PRINTERS STAR
PRINTERS Monitor Stanos from
3. 5" Blank CxskS from 5 25" Biann Disks '-Om
3. 5" DiSk Boxes from
5. 25" Disk Boxes from Printer leaos f'om Dustcovers tor pr.nlers
and -Wr.SOrS from Ve stoc* a tua range of fOfsi *s pnces
start trom a tow €J srS Omtgm Qu *s*c Cneetan and Cruisers
it* naw* trte toaommg software offers KinO*orCS E ° * Sprtz
Pamspac* £9 95 Normally c ‘ » Suserova- Scxeacs'ee' £69 95
Normally i R » Superoase Personal II £69 95 Normally l s •
S-oeroase Professona £149 95 Normally I Name Aoaress
Signatu ¦e ...Tel No
Postcooe Prices conecl on
oale going io press ACCESSORIES 1084SD Stereo Coo r 8833
Stereo Colour MONITORS OTHERS Seikosha SP180 Canon PW108C
Citizen 120D Citizen HQP4Q Amstrao DMP3160 EPSON PRINTERS
Epson LX850 9 pm Epson LQ550 24 pm 1 ii BENCHMARK DISKS AND
* BOX OFFER 10 3 112" DS DD ? 50 Cap Box. £10.95 20 3 1 rr DS DD
? 50 Cap Box ...£18.95 30 3 1 2" DS DD . 50 Cap Box ...£23 95
40 3 1 2- DS DD . 50 Cap. Box. £28.95 50 3 1 2" DS DD ? 50 Cap
Box ...£33.95 20 3 1 2’ DS DD ? 100 Cap Box £19.95 40 3 1 2"
DS DD + 100 Cap Box £29.95 50 3 1 2" DS DD ? 100 Cap Box £34 95
70 3 1 2" DS DD* 100 Cap Box £44 95 100 3 1 2" DS DD . 100 Cap
Box.£55.95 DISK BOXES 3 1 2" 50 CAPACITY
...£5.25 3 1 2" 100
25. £15.95 3 V 3
50. £27.95
100. .....£49.95
200. .....£92.95
400. ..£177 95 Inc.
£1795 £34.95 £63.95 £117.95 £223.95
25. .....
50. .....
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Personal Accounls Plus £24 95 Small Business Accounts RING
Syslem 3 ..£34 95 SMALL BUSINESS
MANAGER H i •Te n s i o n £99.95 + VAT Comes from the
Hi-Tension stable - programmed by none other than Steve Marriot
of Tipster tame. Small Business Manager boasts a suite of
programs, from stock control to invoicing and VAT returns.
It is supplied on two disks with an unusually-packaged manual - that is, when opened, the large cover forms a variation on the loose-leaf binder theme. More surprising still, the pages are only printed on one side - with a liberal smattering of "Page Intentionally Blank" messages. This results in an essentially small manual taking up space of almost biblical proportions. Cavils aside, this was the best thought-out manual.
What it lacks is made up for by the tutorials - no less than 13 in all.
The first time SBM is started, it becomes apparent something is slightly odd. This is due to the use of the “Pearl" font to simulate the proper Intuition interface it lacks.
Fundamentally there is nothing wrong with this approach - but it creates a program which looks like Intuition, but isn't! Problems arise when the user makes an error, and wants to go back to the previous box. Under im | 1 *1 'M Al 'M M ',‘11 I3C3I 4"irtl MI*ifk II LEFT: Viewing a stock list in saw LEFT: A stock report.
1:1:1 ksss *"¦ £5. ECX,. _, Intuition this is as simple as a mouse click - no provision has been made for this eventuality in SBM.
The editor, too, is sadly rather crude. Proper menus have been provided but these seem to suffer from 'overzealous user syndrome'. Pushing the right mouse button too soon after a module loads can result in partial or missing menus! This minor irritation is remedied by a little patience.
The most striking feature of SBM is the way each module is a separate entity in its own right: data is shared among the programs as a common set of files. This should allow the system to run on even minimal configurations like an unexpanded Amiga 500. This removes the need for a multitude of menus |ust to get to the required section.
Additionally, inside each of the main modules is a facility to test the printer - a very handy tool. There is even a feature to draw very simple bar charts, but how useful this proves in practice remains to be seen.
Small Business Manager scores on ease of use and has a functionality that allows users to pick it up and start right away. What it lacks is the solid feel which reall ought to be present in any application of this type: something which may eventually prove to be its downfall. It has a lot to recommend it just on specification and price alone. Inevitiably though, tnere remains a lingering doubt that it cotid do the job efficiently.
GLOSSARY OF TERMS Accruals: Expenses which have been incurred but not yet invoiced.
Aged Creditors: List of purchases showing the ages of these accounts.
Aged Debtors: As above for debtors.
Audit The examination of a company's books by an independent person (an accountant or auditor) who then makes a report of his findings. The Inland Revenue are more likely to believe professionally-audited accounts.
Audit Trail: List of individual transactions for an auditor to follow.
Bankrupt: Broke, out of dosh, skint and unable to pay existing debts in full. Big trouble!
Creditor: Someone the company owes money.
Co-operative: A company where a set of people take turns in doing allotted tasks. Where one day a person might be sweeping the floor, the next they could be managing the office. Co-operatives are not common today.
Debtor: Person or company who owes a company Gross Profit: The amount of money made by a company - after deducting material costs.
Insolvent: Being unable to meet debts in full - although money is still owing to the company.
Compare Bankrupt.
Invoice: Often called an account or a M Breakdown of services goods bough: thee cost and the total.
Limited Company: Limited comparaes are most people’s idea of what a company s. Lusted companies are owned by the* shareholders - one or more financially interested parties. The company is run by a set of Directors. Qasscaty. The idea of Limited companies mpbed Vnded kab*ty." This meant if the concern went (to bqudabon for some reason the drectors where not personally financially responsible. Tl»s used to allow company directors to own fabulous houses, boats etc, while the company went quetfy bankrupt. Those days are gone. Compare PLC.
Loss: An expense Raw materials,'" service charges etc. Net Profit: The amount of money a company makes after al taxes and other expenses have been deducted. Compare Gross Protit.
Nominal Ledger: A general purpose ledger for cash and cheque transactions.
Partnership: Two or more people running a company together Most partnerships restrict themselves to two or three people. Often husband and wife or family teams. Compare Sole Trader.
Public Ltd Company (PLC): This is the same, although the company sell "shares" to anyone with money - such stocks are traded in the London Stock Exchange. PLCs are like all limited companies in that their accounts must be audited.
Compare Limited Company.
Purchase Ledger: A ledger for all purchases made on credit.
Sales Ledger: Ledger containing all sales made on credit.
Shareholder: Person with "shares" in a private or public limited company. Shares are a form of investment - companies issue them as an alternative way to raise finance.
Sole Trader: The single man running a company as himself or trading under a banner: Steven's Newsagency, Dave Stevens etc. The important thing to realise is a Sole Trader is personally responsible for all their debts. Unlike limited companies, though, accounts do not have to be audited. Compare Partnership.
Sundry Debtors: The various people who owe your company money.
Turnover: The total amount of money to flow through a company during a set period. Often misunderstood, turnover is not related to profit. See Gross Profit.
VAT: Value Added Tax. Introduced around 1973 to replace the hideously complex purchase tax.
K & M COMPUTERS THE LEADING AMIGA MAIL ORDER SPECIALIST 688 Submarine 19 99 A D S»' Si'" 499 Ate; Ihe War 1599 A rpui'ie fen ger 1999 Aiiien. An I ;iea”», N 19 99 AJ li t; • ¦ tna' 19 99 Ar t -reads I” eg 11 99 Aquar «iut 1999 Anna da 23 99 Aladdin s Magic Lamp 8 9v Bad t. iinpany 1999 Budokan 1999 8MX S n n dlo' 499 3a a- ?t k . e- ¦ '.
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899 X-Out 1599 Xenon 2 1999 Ikan Warriors 899 Cyberball 15 99
Fright Night 399 Treasure Trap 1999 Pirates 1999 World Cup
Soccer 1999 Hotshots 899 Theme Park Mystery 19 99 Shadow
Warriors 19 99 Sly Spy 1999 Screaming Wings 899 Ultima
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Manic Miner 899 Treasure 1 Dizzy 499 Outlaw 499 Colorado 1999
Dan Dare 3 ....
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Disc With every £25 SPENT Defenders Of Earth 1599
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Basketball 23 99
3. 5" DISCS
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South 1999 Oil Imperium 1999 Op Thunderbolt 1999 P47
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1999 Pro. Tennis Tour 1999 Puftys Saga 1999 Rainbow Island 1999 Reach For Tfie Stars 1999 Realm Of Trolls 899 Red Lightning 23 99 Renaissance IS 99 Risk IS 99 Robocop 1999 Rocket Ranger 23 99 Safari Guns 1599 Sarcophaser 899 Sherman M4 1999 Silent Service 1999 Sim City 23 99 Skidz N 15 99 Space Hamer 2 15 99 Starf light 19 99 Streetfighter 899 Stryx 1599 Super league Soccer 19 99 Soccer 399 Sword Of Sudan 1999
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100. .75.00 HALF MEG.
UPGRADES Without Clock..59.95 With Clock 65.95 With D.Master..69.95 Clock D.Master79.95 With Dr.Lalr 89.95 Clock Dr.Lair ...99.95 FUN SCHOOL 2 THREE AGE GROUPS UNDER 6.
6-8 .8+ ONLY £14.95 EACH BUSINESS SOFTWARE Protext V4 2 64 95 Prodata 57 95 Publishers Choice 79 95 Amas Midi Int & S 74 95 Digicalc 26 95 Cashbook Controller 35 99 Devpac 2 42 95 X-Cad Designer 99 99 Pagesetter 2 .79 95 COMPILATIONS Precious Metal 1999 Light Force 1999 Magnum 4 2399 Premier Coll. 2 . 2399 leaderboard Coll ...... .1999 Triad 2 1999 Story So Far 1599 Story So Far 3 ... 1599 JOYSTICKS Cheetah 125+ 7 95 Pro 5000 13 95 Komx Speedkmg..... 9 95 Speedking Auto . 11 95 Navigator 13 95 Cruiser 9 50 Cruiser Auto .
12 50 Jetfighter 1495 Cheetah Mach 1.. 1050 Data 1 . 7 95 Mr Crystal.
1599 Comp Pro Extra 15 95 Ergostik..... 1799 Superboard .19 99 ACCESSORIES Handy Scanner 249 00 Contriver Mouse 27 95 Naksha Mouse 39 95 Power Supplies 4795 Mouse J Stick Switch 14 99 Mono Digitiser 27 95 Stereo Digitiser 39 95 Mini Amp & Speakers 44 95 Seal & Type 12 50 Printer Lead 599 Joystick Ext Ids 599 4 Player Adaptor 599 Scart Lead 1299 Star LC 10 Printer 179 00 Dust Cover 4 99 Disc Box (80-100) 9 99 Stackable Disc Box 1250 3 5" Drive Cleaner 4 95 Ribbon Re-Fresh 799 Ribbons From 3 25 60g Cont. Papei2000 16 50 80g Cont Paper2000 2450 Vidi (Pal Version) 99 00 Hand Held Games From 6 99
Midi Interface 2 34 95 Screen Filter 1599 Mouse House 399 Philips CM8833 Colour Stereo Monitor 255 00 5 25 Ext Drive 129 00 Replacement Internal Drive 59 00 Address Labels 1000 599 Mouse Mats
4. 99 Cleaning Kits 999 N = New Game ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT AND
8LH PHONE 0695 29046 FAX 0695 50673 24 HOURS ARENA ACCOUNTS
ARENA £149.95 + VAT Is the most serious attempt yet to bring
"business-like" software to the Amiga. Developed specifically
with the Amiga in mind - thus boasting by far the best user
interface of this bunch - Arena has the most professional
feel. The most expensive package featured, Arena lacks
features found in the cheaper SBM. However its implementation
is far more professional, justifying the higher cost.
Sadly these first impressions do not extend to the documentation which, although sizable, does not do enough to accommodate the firsttime accounts user. Arena is based on the frightfully complex (but powerful) 'double-entry book-keeping' system, which must be understood before attempting to use the package. Surprisingly, the manual does feature a reasonable introduction to the machine itself. This gives the impression that Arena is aimed directly at accounts-minded people, not Amiga users. This unusual approach is dubious: Amigas are seldom bought specifically for business use, PC
compatibles being first (and obvious) choice.
Comments over the documentation aside, this is the only package which feels as if it means business.
Although the system is very Amiga- specific in implementation it seems to have taken many ideas from PC- based packages. To this end, many of the data entry screens take on the impression of simple (and sometimes not-so-simple) forms.
Like SBM, Arena uses its own line editor - preferring it to the Intuition- supplied gadget. Far more refined than SBM, the system works well and is easy even lor inexperienced users.
The extra feature of copying the line above saves time when entering lists.
Mouse control is available to an extent too. At some prompts the system offers a list of options when required data is omitted. Very helpful.
Unlike SBM, Arena prints to existing stationery. This is a far better system in the long run because it removes the need to reprint a new set of invoices, statements, letterheads and so on, just to aid the computerisation.
In the short term this does mean the package must be customised to meet the peculiarities of the business's existing printed forms.
If criticism has to be made of Arena Accounts it would be of the ‘front end’ menu design. So many of the menus look so similar, it is often difficult to tell at a glance exactly which one is current.
One further objection would be with the odd system of needing to assign images before running the software. Overall, though, if the manual’s tutorial content were improved - and a decent glossary were added - the program would be hard to beat. Unfortunately, Arena Accounts only runs on Amigas with at least 1Mb RAM.
Soft Conclusions When the final arithmetic is done it is difficult to pick a clear winner from the top two packages. Smalt Business Manager has the price advantage, customised stationary and the addition of stock control.
Arena Accounts looks more businesslike. Has far superior input validation - thus reducing the risk of errors - and feels more solid. Neither system can cope with the special VAT schemes for retail outlets, necessitating the final computation be done manually.
This is almost unheard of even n simple PC based packages - but not a major problem, nevertheless At the bottom end, only System 3 is worthy of consideration. It is not geared for a larger small businesses with high turnover of stock, but could be useful for the small manufacturer.
However, it is not a complete accounts package by any means - nor does it pretened to be one.
BELOW: Picking an account code Irom a list in Arena Accounts.
N u ripi Big Enter Account Nan* : Address : Contact : Telephone : Credit Unit : i 1 0,1 i San Coolie m «¦ _ ABOVE LEFT: The options available within Arena Accounts.
FAR LEFT: Adding nominal ledger codes in Arena Accounts.
LEFT: Adding customer accounts UP TO SCRATCH Several other “accounts" packages were submitted for inclusion in this feature, but after some consideration (and much soul-searching) they were omitted because they did not cut the financial mustard.
They shall, of necessity, remain unnamed. Take note: even a low-cost item is expensive if it cannot do its job efficiently.
The software is readily available, but is it strictly necessary? Is it better than a paper office? The following findings are based on true figures and genuine people (some details have been altered to maintain anonymity).
War u Hr , 0 IJ r** W* The Well Cool Blinds Co Proprietor: Paul Hardacre Type of Business: Venetian Blind Distributor Type: Sole Trader Classification: Trade Retail VAT Reg: Yes Paul's new business has been running for a little under eight months, but has generated enough turnover to push it into the VAT bracket. Already the fledgling company has won contracts for installation and maintenance as far afield as London and Glasgow. Something of an entrepreneur, Paul already has another four separate businesses, each with its own set of books.
Should he computerise - and at what cost? Take a closer look at what might seem the perfect case for a computerised accountancy system.
The business employs Paul and one VTS trainee: turnover for the last quarter was just under 10,000. The bookkeeping system started m exercise books but has necessarily outgrown them to the classic Simplex printed sheet system.
Paul's existing accounts system is simple. Invoices are issued to clients at point of sale: Paul retains one copy, the customer keeps the other. Paul inserts the copy invoice into a loose-leaf folder where it remains until paid. This means the invoices are automatically chronologically ordered with the most recent at the back. A quick glance is all that is required to determine whether an unpaid debt is overdue. He maintains a similar system for his creditors.
One week's books can be completed in around 25 minutes and the quarterly VAT return calculated in around one hour.
Conclusion To computerise would only confuse matters. Paul is not computer or accounts minded and would, therefore, have to learn the jargon.
Furthermore, this would entail keeping two records of all transactions - one on computer, one for his existing filing system. This would take time.
0 U1 - ¦w Bob's Burger & Bistro.
Proprietors: Robert and Penny Davidson Type of Business: Cafe Bistro Type: Retail Classification: Partnership VAT Reg: Yes Bob and Penny are partners in their family business, based in a mediumsized town on the North East's Riviera. They specialise in producing charcoal-grilled beefburgers during the day and more specialised bistro- type meals on evenings. This successful enterprise has been established for several years despite stiff competition from a worldwide American Hamburger firm. As well as the partners, the business employs one full-time waitress and several part-time staff.
Trading turnover for this business is projected at 100,000. Although not detailed here, Bob also runs three medium-sized supermarket franchises - this has been included in the analysis, though.
YOU AND THE LAW The law requires any business computerising its accounts system, in part or in full, to register this fact with the appropriate bodies: Customs and Excise for VAT and Inland Revenue for Income Tax. The software must also be approved, because VAT officials want to know the computer is not cheating them! It is believed all the systems reviewed here have been approved - it is the duty of the software companies to do this.
The situation is similar for anyone needing to store customer information on computer file - customer and supplier names and addresses, for example. This comes under the 1984 Data Protection act - see also Amiga Format Issue 10, Page 100 - Databases.
More important is what happens when either the GIGO principle or Murphy's law takes effect - that is to say, if a bug in the software or a simple entry error causes an error on a VAT return. Who is responsible? The official stance is predictable. A spokesman for Customs and Excise told Format: “It is up to every trader to make accurate returns'. In a nutshell, the business (and, therefore, the manager) is solely responsible for the accuracy of computer-processed figures.
When mistakes are spotted it is up to the company to rectify them. If VAT has been underpaid C & E will usually require the amount owing to be repaid, in full, immediately.
If, on the other hand, VAT has been overpaid, getting it back can be a time-consuming business. This sort of error is not uncommon - and often means large amounts of capital being tied up for many months.
SUPPLIERS: Arena Systems: 0724-853481 Digita International: 0395-270273 Micro Retailer Systems Ltd.
0625 615375 Hi-Tension: 0252-344454 THANKS TO THE FOLLOWING:
• George Vyner Ltd: 10484) 685221 - for permission to reprint
extracts trom their Simplex D and Simplex VAT books
• Catharine Gidney and HM Customs and Excise tor advice.
• The small business "guinea pigs” for kindly allowing the author
to pore over their accounts.
Like Paul, Bob runs his accounts through a Simplex system. He keeps two sets of books, one for the supermarkets and one for the bistro: the VAT is noted in one master book as an amalgamation of both businesses' VAT records. For VAT purposes, everything sold by the bistro attracts 15%, except the salad buns sold during the daytime. Since the business only employs one permanent member of staff, the payroll is relatively simple.
CONCLUSION This business deals in a lot of small items prepared from various foodstuffs so there is a case for some kind of computerised stock control.
Bob disagrees. His necessary stock control is a "quick peek” into the three industrial chest freezers where perishable items are kept. Since fresh foodstuffs have a fast turnover, and limited life, this is all that is required.
A trip to the cash-and-carry is a once weekly affair - Bob judges stock levels by experience. Some suppliers even contact him and deliver free.
The accounts are a very simple matter. The week's takings can be balanced in a Simplex book in under an hour. The quarterly VAT return is calculated similarly. Bob would not need an accounts system for the same reasons as Paul. Also, as he states, “A Simplex book costs about £10 per year. An accounts package costs, say, £125. I’d have to sell a lot of burgers to recoup the extra £115!"
O o t r% ASEAN Medical PTE Ltd.
Managing Director: Charles Durning Type of Business: Medical Supplies (Hardware) Type: Limited company Classification: Imports Distribution VAT Reg.: N A ASEAN Medical is a small medium sized company based in Singapore. It imports medical hardware from companies across the world and sells them directly to hospitals, doctors and so on. In addition to the founder, Durning, the business employs three other directors and an accountant - referred to as Financial Director.
Trading turnover for the last financial year approached £500,000.
This company was chosen as an example because it operates on a finely-balanced system of stock control. In fact, ASEAN Medical rarely keeps any stock items except small, quick turnover goods. Most others are sold BEFORE they are actually bought, reducing warehousing costs to a minimum. It also trades in a market excessively sensitive to fluctuations in world exchange rates.
Durnmg's profits are, therefore, reliant on his ability to quote a price in, say.
Singapore dollars and buy equipment from Britain while the pound is weak.
The book-keeping task is split between Durning who completes the daybooks, sales and purchase ledgers - and the accountant who maintains the rest. He keeps up with the ever changing rules in local business tax etc. CONCLUSION This is a company whose sole trading profit relies on the ability of one man's experience to predict the money markets and buy at the right price.
Computerisation would be an advantage if the system could be linked directly to the stock market. This company could foreseeably benefit from an accounts package to simplify the accountant's task and relieve Durning of some of the work. The two could exchange and maintain data more easily using floppies - or, more realistically, a networked system.
Revelations From these examples it is easy to see how a small business can manage perfectly well without a computer doing the accounts and or stock control. Such systems come into their own when the stakes are greater - trading turnover exceeding half-a- million, for instance. It should be noted also, the computer does not necessarily ease the task or relieve one person entirely. It is useful when:
a) A department looks after a company's financial affairs.
B) Several people need to examine and alter the data.
C) The business is primarily mail order of small items.
It is true to say. Many businesses can benefit from this sort of system - but most would be well advised to think very carefully first. Discuss the matter with an accountant and listen to the reply. Many can relate the unfortunate - and all too common - stories where the computer ends up in the bin and the business in bankruptcy court!
Amigas, like all computers, are tools. Used correctly, they can enhance profits and streamline the business. In the small business they are best kept for mailing lists, stock control and forecasting. In the slightly larger business - one employing 10 or more people - they are useful for wages and indeed, accounts, it someone is employed to operate the system. But the small businessman will profit by staying with what he knows best - making money. ¦ THE AMIGA 500 PC XT IS HERE Run Professional MS DOS Software On Your Amiga 500 At A Price You Can Afford o Why Did You Buy An Amiga 500?
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081 653 9094 081 653 9094 All prices include VAT and delivery. Send Cheque P.O. to: SofT EXCHANGE, 101 CLIFTON ROAD, SOUTH NORWOOD, LONDON, SES5 6QA This month sees all of the game coming together - and now being playable! - with the inclusion of the collision detection routines.
There is normally some form of collision detection performed in all games - one ob|ect moving into another ob|ect is a very common occurence that normally has to be detected. Menace required the following collisions to be identified:
• Player ship to aliens
• Player ship to foreground (expert mode and guardian)
• Weapons to aliens These three are really all that is required
in Menace. The first two of the above are very simple thanks to
the Amiga hardware and the way Menace was designed.
Remember that the player's ship is a hardware sprite. The Amiga has the ability to detect collisions between any of the harwdare sprites and any bit plane(s) we specify. In the dual playfield mode that Menace runs in, bit planes 1, 3, & 5 form the back playfield, with the even planes (2,4 &
6) forming the front playfield. The aliens are drawn into the
back playfield (planes 1,3 & 5) so we want the hardware to
detect when the hardware sprites that form the ship collide
with pixels in these planes.
A problem springs up here, though, in that the actual background graphics would register a collision as these completely fill up planes 1 and 3 - being four-colour, they only require two planes. Plane 5 is, however, untouched by the background graphics and will ONLY contain data from the actual aliens. So rather than detect a hardware sprite collision between planes 1, 3 & 5 we will only detect a collision to plane 5.
You may notice a small quirk here in that only checking the third plane in the alien graphic data will not be very effective if the alien used very few colours that have bits in the third plane set. In reality all of the aliens in Menace used mainly the colours that are included in the third plane set (colours 4, 5, 6, & 7) as these were redefinable for each alien. The background colours (0,1,2 & 3) were very rarely used in the aliens themselves.
¦ ¦ ¦ I ¦ 1 k S-- * 1 P F iff ure 1 ¦ Hardware Registering The hardware register that controls the sprite-to-playfield detection is called CLXCON. This lets you select which bit planes to detect, and the value to detect (normally 1 for a set pixel). All that happens is that a mask of the ship is ANDed with the bit plane data. This will only register a collision when two bits overlap, which is indicated in the CLXDAT register.
This is simply a hardware implementation of a commonly-used software routine where an object's mask is ANDed with a screen mask to check for a collision. This type of detection is termed 'pixel perfect' detection as just one pixel of your ship hitting a single pixel of an alien will be detected. Many games use other methods of detection that are sometimes a little crude. How many times have you heard the shout 'No way I was dead, I was miles away from that bullet, stupid game!’.
Ship to Foreground The ship to foreground collision detection was handled simiariy, with a collision between plane 6 and the ship being registered. Initially I registered collisions between planes 2, 4 & 6. All of the foreground planes. This then exhibited a quirk because the ship missiles are drawn into the foreground playfield. If the ship had quite a few speed-ups you could fly over some of your own slower-moving missiles - and then you lost energy!
Obviously not a desired effect, so the solution was to only draw the missiles into planes 2 and 4, and collision detect only to plane 6. This gave quite a lenient feel to the foreground collision detection as colours 0,1,2 & 3 in the foreground graphics would not register a hit. There was many a sprinkling of the other colours in the graphics, though, so the effect was not too noticeable.
As a hint, if you want to see the sort of effect that using only a single plane of some graphics would have in collision detection, load your graphics into Pixmate or Butcher (image processing programs) and switch off the bitplanes you will not be using. This gives you a visual indication of just what is going to register a hit. It also gives you the opportunity to swap a few of the colours around to get the best use from the single plane.
Figure 1: Th* mam sprite from Blood Monoy with its mask for collision detection.
The mask is smaller and has no rotor blades, to encourage the player to squeeze through small gaps.
Being Generous It is usually preferable to make collision detection 'generous'. This simply means that the player can stray into objects by a few pixels before a collision is detected. This is not possible to do if you are using the hardware collision detection, but is quite simple if you are implementing it in software.
Figure 1 shows the main sprite from Level One of Blood Money. Beside it is its collision mask. Rather than use the actual mask of the sprite, a new mask was stored that had a few pixels trimmed off around the edges. The blitter, rather than the hardware method, was used to AND this mask with a plane of the screen.
This allowed certain parts of your helicopter (note in the diagram the blades have been removed) to enter the side walls with safety. This allows a little more skill into the game and eggs players on to have a go at squeezing through tight spots.
This method of collision detection has one maior downfall. Although we may detect we have hit an alien, we do not know which one. For Menace this does not matter as the game was kept nice and simple, with collisions with any alien simply reducing your energy - the only exception being the bonus icon that you shoot and pick up. The bonus icon, though, can only appear on its own on the screen, so if we hit an alien during the bonus routine, it must of course have been the bonus icon.
What hit What?
The last part of the collision detection, missiles to aliens, must be able to determine what particular missile hit what particular alien. This must be implemented using some form of coordinate checking. This is the second main way to perform collision detection.
Coordinate checking can never be pixel perfect unless we checked every pixel coordinate in the missile to every pixel in an alien, which would require HUGE amounts of time and cause a game to crawl along. What normally happens is that a 'box' is defined within the two objects you are checking. A box only needs two coordinates, the top left and bottom right.
If two boxes overlap then we flag a collision. You can see this is quite rough in that not many aliens appear as a box shape.
In Menace the missiles are quite small, so rather than define a box for each missile, only one coordinate at the tip of each missile was checked.
If this coordinate entered the box of any alien then a hit was registered.
Fiffure 2 I made all the alien collision boxes 32 x 24 pixels in size, exactly the same as the alien size. This would appear to cause problems if the alien was quite small in size, not filling the entire box. Have a look at Figure 2.
This shows a small alien with a missile entering its box, flagging a collision. But as you can see we would not want this particular case to flag any collision as the missile is quite far away for the actual alien itself.
One way around this would be to store a collision box size for each alien. The one in Figure 2 for example would suit a box of 24 x 18 better.
This makes the calculation of whether a missile was in a box or not more lengthy, though, as we are not dealing with constant numbers. This may seem being picky but if we have 12 aliens flying around, and as you can have up to 18 different missiles active at once (missiles, laser, canons etc) this would mean checking every missile against every alien = 216 checks. This will be quite time consuming as there is a fair bit of calculation in each check.
Make it Simpler What we need is a quick way to tell if a missile has hit ANY alien; if this happens we can then check for WHICH alien it has hit. Fear not, for this is quite simple to do.
What we need to do is combine the mask detection with the coordinate detection. We cannot use the Amiga's hardware detection for missiles to aliens as this only works with hardware sprites. The blitter can do a quick check for us, though.
The blitter has a bit called BZERO in the DMACONR register. This bit will be set true if the result of the previous blit operation is all zeroes. We therefore get the blitter to perform an AND operation between the mask of the missile, and plane 5, which only contains data from the aliens. If the BZERO bit comes back false, le the result of the blit was NOT zero, then the missile must have collided with some alien data.
NOW we can perform the coordinate detection to find out which alien we hit. This also solves the problem in Figure 2, which would not now flag a collision because the mask detection would not flag a hit, so therefore the coordinate detection would not be then be performed.
When we perform the blit to AND the mask with plane 5 we switch off the blitter Destination channel. We do not want the blitter to draw the result of the blit, so it is pointless to have an area of memory to point the D channel to.
It is quicker and therefore more efficient to switch off the Destination channel for this blit. This is a handy feature of the blitter allowing us to combine a few channels in some way, but only being interested in whether the result was zero or not.
This method of performing the missile-to-alien collision will be considerably faster, even taking into account the blitter operation. On average only three out of the eighteen missiles would actually be hitting aliens. This reduces the coordinate checking to a lower level: only 3x12 = 36 comparisons.
Love Missile F-111 That, then, is all the collision required in Menace: ship to aliens, ship to foregrounds, and missiles to aliens. The source code for this month (on next month’s disk) covers all this, along with the drawing of the missiles.
There are four types of missile:
• Normal missile
• Cannon Figure 2: An alien from Menace is struck by a missile.
If a standardsized box is used to define the aliens' colli
sion area, this rather small alien will be hit too easily. A
smaller size of box is needed for smaller aliens.
• Laser
• Outrider All have different ranges and speeds.
They all simply subtract one from an alien's hit number, but lasers are not killed once they have hit an alien - they carry on till the end of the screen - and are therefore more powerful. All other weapons are killed as soon as they hit an alien.
Graphically they are quite small (typically 16x4 pixels) and are just four-colour. The blitter is used to draw them into plane 2 and 4.
Weapons in shoot-em-ups nowadays are getting BIG. If you plan on trying to write one, I would say the bigger the weapons the better for MEGA effects. There should be no difference in the collision detection, only in the extra time taken to draw bigger, badder weapons.
Completing the Code...!
Sadly, there was no space for the code on this month's Coverdisk, but watch out for it next month - the Menace code is now pretty well complete and playable!
All the paths for Level One are there to be blasted, collisions to aliens will reduce your ship energy until zero, at which point you will be returned back to the CLI. When you reach the end of the level the game will also return to the CLI.
This leaves only the guardian to be added, which will be covered next month along with a discussion ot the ancillary stuft such as music twhere does it come from, how much memory should you reserve, how much does it cost! Etc), text routines, disk routines and such like. ¦ MAIL ORDER 6 Bond St., Ipswich, Suffolk. IP4 1JE 5a Dogs Head St., Ipswich, Suffolk, (Retail). 36a Osborne St., Colchester, Essex (Retail).
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Hotline Cryptology, the study of systems for secret
communications, is not a new subject by any means.
People have been writing messages and translating them into secret codes for as long as they have been writing at all. During that bme there's also been an equally enthusiastic bunch of homo sapiens trying their best to decipher such messages.
As well as the obvious military- type practical uses, there has always been quite a strong underlying academic interest in the subject. Part of the reason for this is that the study of encryption techniques and the cracking, ie deciphering, of code systems is much akin to doing crosswords or jigsaw puzzles. And lefs face it... people always like puzzles!
Cryptology can be split into two areas: cryptography, the design of secure communications systems, and cryptanalysis, the study of the ways in which "secure" systems can be compromised. Since no-one studies either of these fields in isolation, encryption and deciphering techniques are, in practise, most conveniently dealt with together.
The advent of the computer has certainly helped the development of more sophisticated encoding schemes, but the main benefit has simply been that the hard work involved in encoding and decoding large amounts of text can now be done automatically.
Encryption Schemes There are a million reasons why an everyday Amiga user might find it advisable to encrypt selected files.
Perhaps it's convenient to keep certain files on a hard disk system which is used by many people: the user wants the files available on the system, but doesn’t want every Tom, Dick or Harry to be able to read them. It’s not just text files that may need some protection - you might have certain programs that are potentially dangerous if used improperly.
Sure, you can keep such programs on floppies and lock them away, but it’s often just as easy to restrict the programs by adding your own encryption or deciphering tricks.
Simpl« Tricks On the Amiga there’s not much available as far as commercial packages go... but surprisingly enough, it is possible in many cases to protect a file from prying eyes by using very simple devices. I kid you not - with some programs, especially where file read write routines are already available, it’s usually perfectly posible to hide the contents of your files by adding just one or two extra lines of code to the program.
Very incl in Budapt Like protection, the “encryption game" has some funny rules. Firstly, most books that talk about secure came in code A Join the MI5. KGB and CIA in keeping your vital information secret. As PAUL ANDREAS OVERAA introduces encryption techniques for the Amiga.
The birds are Hying Sfliutb over moseow tonight ?
• L....._ll___!
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Head Cleaners £69 99 ..£2 99 £2 99 Disc-X-Press 101 Burnham Road. Dartford, Kent DA1 5AZ Tel: 0322 289817 or 0322 287687 AH supplies are subject to availability All prices inclusive of VAT A Delivery UK only and insecure encryption techniques tend to assume that the potential “bad guy", the person who might try to decipher your file, actually has access to the file in the first place. I don’t wish to be unkind but a rather large percentage of potential “bad guys" can be fooled by trivial devices such as putting a blank space at the end of directory and file names.
Try this - open a CLI and type MAKEDIR “ranr.testdirectory ” placing a space after the last y character.
Now try and look into it by typing DIR ramrtestdirectory. Were you told the directory doesn't exist?
You can even go one better than that and do away with directory and filenames completely. Using the double quotes you can create directories and files which a lot of users will never know are there. ED "ram: “ for instance will create a file in the ramdisk whose name is actually a single blank space. By nesting blank directories within blank directories, using files with blank filenames, and then creating a few dummy directories called CONFIDENTIAL_MATERIAL (just to lead the "baddies" astray) you can probably eliminate 99% of casual snoopers without encrypting your datafiles at all.
It’s even possible to go one step further and hide directories from AmigaDOS itself by playing around with the FilelnfoBlock structures (although this is not recommended unless you know what you are doing).
These sort of tricks obviously don’t work against more informed users who can use the CLI to list nested directories, measure file sizes or use program and system utilities to identify such “hidden" files. The solution?
We move on to try out some real serious encryption tricks... Trickier Tricks Let's have a look at the basic problem: We have a file which we wish to make "unrecognisable". What can be done about this?
One of the simplest tricks is to read the file into a buffer, exclusive-or each byte with value known only to us, and then re-write this file back to disk. It’s an old trick and the benefit of this particular technique is that the original file can be retrieved by using exactly the same - the second “exclusive-or" process undoes the effect of the first.
The disadvantage is that it's rather too well known, especially amongst programmers. One of the first things a programmer is liable to do when attempting to decipher such a file would be to use a short loop routine to perform a byte-by-byte exclusive-or translation using all of the numbers from 1 to 255.
Another very old and simple method is known as the “Caeser cipher". It uses a cyclic alphabet-twist whereby the n'th letter of the alphabet is replaced by the (n+k)th letter (using a mod 26 based conversion where necessary). If we use k=l every letter m the file Is replaced by the letter which follows it alphabetically so... the text THIS IS A SECRET FILE would be encrypted as UJIT JT B TFDSFS GJMF The Caeser cipher is not particularly well liked. For serious uses it’s far too easily cracked. Firstly it would only take 26 guesses to find the K value which had been used; secondly spaces in the
file would enable short words (which are easily guessed in any case) to be recognized.
A similar method, known as the Vigenere cipher, uses a separate table to define the K values and this improves the situation somewhat. We can, of course, also improve matters by using a randomly-selected table to define the text substitution, like this... original alphabet: ABCDEFGHIJ KLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ replacement :FHLAGMINBOJR SKPQCTDUXZYWEV Military cryptologist still frown on these techniques... and for a very good reason. These simple substitution ciphers are quite easy to break.
You can find a way into the code by recognising that certain letters within the alphabet, such as E, are used much more than others. Another weak-point is that certain pairs of letters - QU and ER for instance - often occur together, and at the other extreme there are loads of letter combinations, such as QK, which never occur. All of these clues make a cryptanalyst’s job easier.
One solution to this problem is to use more than one table, or to use translation keys which are as long as the text itself. A long key substitution method, known as the Vernam cipher or the “One Time Pad", was reportedly used at times on the Washington- Moscow hotline.
Keeping Things in Perspective Nowadays, cryptology includes text, image and even voice encryption techniques. Since audio signals can be digitized it is, in theory at least, a relatively straightforward matter to encrypt a digitized voice. Doing such tricks in real time is a bit harder, but for our rather more restricted purposes, ie encoding and decoding information stored in computer files, we don’t need to worry too much about such problems.
To start with, we are unlikely to need WashingtorvMoscow Hotline type techniques: firstly we haven’t (hopefully) got the likes of specialist cryptologists from units such as CIA, MI5 or the KGB trying to crack our data-files. Another problem which is unlikely to concern us is that encountered by banks and other large commercial institutions where information has to be transmitted over public networks.
If you weigh up what you are liable to actually need from an encryption decipher system you will, as likely as not, come to these conclusions: simplicity, speed, guaranteed protection against the more-than-aver- age “bad guy" and, of course, the total automation of the encryption and deciphering process as applied to your computer files.
You don't need to pay for that sort of protection - you can do it yourself very easily indeed. Here's some help to get you started.
Practical Techniques Firstly let’s assume that the data-file has N characters in it. Now we are going to replace each character in the file by some encrypted version.
To do that we'll read each character m the file and convert it according to some predetermined rule, using something like this sort of pseudocode loop arrangement.... Initialize I pointer to zero I r.c render.- I pcir.ter, Read the I'tr. Character Change the I'tr. Character to stoethir.g else Now, we don’t want every particular alphabetical character to be converted to the same character all the time because that makes the game far too simple. Instead, we’ll use the character's position in the file to compute a “conversion key". An obvious extension to the exclusive-or technique
mentioned earlier is to use I, the character position being tracked in the loop, to produce a key which can be exclusive-or'ed with the character in question. Since we're dealing with one byte at a time it's necessary to use a modulo 256 equivalent, so the pseudo-code sketch now looks something like this... Initialize A pointer to zero WHILE NOT END OF FILE Increment I pointer Read the I'th character, which we'll call TEXT(I) TEXT(I)=TEXT(I) exclu- sive-or'ed with modulo 256 WEND Let’s suppose you’d like to include a user-definable key; how do you do it?
One obvious way is to get the program to ask for a numerical key value, and then use it within the loop in the fashion over the page... Initialize I pointer to zero WHILE NOT END OF FILE Increment I pointer Read the I'th character, which we'll call TEXT(I) TEXT(I)=TEXT(I) exclusive- or'ea with (I+KEY) modulo 256 WEND Of course the program needs a numerical key value to do its translation work, but there's no reason why the user has to actually enter a numerical value. You could, for example, arrange for the program to accept words or mouse movement, and then do the necessary key conversion
Last Words I've sketched a short BASIC program which uses key position based exclu- sive-or’ing to perform the file encryption. Try it on a text file then run it again on the destination file produced
- the same program will decipher the encrypted version for you.
Don't forget that the example program effectively takes a
MOD 256 function of any key used, so someone with acess to both
the encryption program and your datafiles would only have to
make 256 guesses before they deciphered your file. What can
you do?
Well, if you want more security, but don't want to use a more sophisticated encryption scheme, why not encrypt the file twice using TWO DIFFERENT ENCRYPTION KEYS. To decode your file just decipher it twice
- applying the same decipher keys in any old order.
How many guesses would be needed to decipher the doubly- encrypted file? It's not 65536 (256 times 256) becuase the deciphering can be done using two keys in any order. Actually the double encryption puts the guesswork neede up to 32768 attempts which is a bit more respectable, though far from ideal.
To finish, however, let’s briefly mention a general point which should be of interest to those of you who already know what I've been talking about: text files are essentially just streams of binary numbers and these loop arrangements essentially replace such numbers with other numbers.
The conversion in the above example is a rather simple fixed mathematical function - but there is no reason at all why far more complex functions couldn’t be used, and no reason at all why part of the user's encryption key couldn't be used to modify the encryption function itself. This suggests the general scheme... Initialize I pointer to zero WHILE NOT END OF FILE Increment I pointer Read the I'th character, which we'll call 3YTE(I) BYTE(I)=Some position and If you’re quite happy with these ideas, then have a look at the example program (printed below) and then experiment by changing the
single program line which does the actual character conversion. Depending on the arrangements you choose, you may find that you need separate encoding and decoding programs, but thafd be a small price to pay in most cases. On the whole I think you’ll be quite surprised how effective, and how versatile, these very simple techniques can be! ¦ REM ============ = = ================================== ========= key related function F (BYTE(I)) combined in some way with a function of the chosen encryption KEY WEND Schemes like this mean that anyone attempting to decode the file firstly has to guess
the key value, secondly has to realise that a position-related encoding scheme has been used, and lastly has to be able to actually deduce the exact forms of the various functions involved.
REM File Encryption - A Simple example to give you the general idea REM- REM You can add all the bells and whistles you want, but the basic idea REM is simply this.... REM REM OPEN SOURCE AND DESTINATION REM READ AND PROCESS EACH CHARACTER IN THE SOURCE FILE WRITING EACH MODIFIED CHARACTER TO THE DESTINATION FILE REM CLOSE SOURCE AND DESTINATION FILES REM- REM This particular example is a reversible scheme. If you use it (using the SAME key) on a file REM which has already been encrypted the program will decipher the encrypted file!
REM IMPORTANT: To avoid cluttering the basic ideas I’ve not included input checking, i.e. REM checking user input for sensible filenames and senible key values, and there's no fancy REM screen display.
REM What is worth noting however is that the WHOLE PROGRAM needs just 10 real lines of REM BASIC with the encryption magic being done by this single statement..... REM REM x = x XOR ((key+position) MOD 256) REM REM I wouldn't recommend such a simple function for serious use but as an "easily understood" REM starting point it does serve a useful purpose. Once you understand the overal ideas you can REM experiment with more sophisticated functions.
REM- REM First step is to get the filenames and a “key” value INPUT "Source file ?", SOURCES INPUT "Destination file?", DESTINATIONS INPUT "Encryption file ?", key REM Then open the files and initialize a position counter OPEN Til,SOURCES : OPEN “o",£2,DESTINATIONS : POSITION = 0 REM Now loop, reading the source file byte by byte, carrying out the encryption function on each REM character and writing the encrypted character to the destination file.
WHILE (NOT EOF(l)) CHARACTERS = INPUTS (1,£1): X = ASC (CHARACTERS): position = 1 X = X XOR ((key+position) MOD 256): PRINT£2, CHRS (X);: WEND REM All done so just close the files and quit CLOSE 1 : CLOSE 2 : END REM ====================== = =================================== DISCOUNT SOFTWARE For The Commodore Amiga WORD PROCESSING SPECIALS PRINTERS Kind Words 2 ...£35.95 Protext See "Specials" £64.95 Protext Working Demo Disc...£5.00 Scribble Platinum .£41.95 SPREADSHEETS FINANCIAL DG Calc by Digila £26.95 K-Spread 2 by Kuma ..£49.95
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CENTRE LUTON BEOS LU1 2PG TE( (0582)457195 411261 XETEC A500 HARD DRIVES: Autoboot will take up to 9 Megs of Ram "1 XETEC 45 Meg Full SCSI 25 M seconds Head Park XETEC 50 Meg Full SCSI 25 M ; seconds Head Park XETEC 65 Meg Full SCSI 25 M.i .seconds Head Park XETEC 85 Meg Full SCSI 25 MT.seconds Head Park XETEC ' 09 Meg Full SCSI 25 Milliseconds Head Park XETEC 25' Meg Full SCSI 25 Milliseconds Head Park £599 99 £649 00 £755 00 £849 00 £999 00 £1995.00 £349 99 £299 00 AMIGA 500 - inc vat -best prices!!
All A500$ ara full UK 1 3 var$ *na. I and indue (not with monitor) BATMAN PACK 8A1MAN tne Mo vo, t'twceo'c*. Now oaona S’cry. Dgk»c Port i CX» Boiman uoo’oao k *o'o as ooovo. Wtmou' concx ai E?5 A*owirn l064Smoniio' SZ&?
FLIGHT OF FANTASY PACK F29 Aaialbtcx Rainbow sbna. Dakao Point a Fcodo from ’he pOne’ ot ’ho Robot Mcr»!e-s £349 Abowlth 1Q84S monitor BATMAN Of FLIGHT OF FANTASY PACK PLUS 8AIMAN ORFLGMT Cf FANIAS* rft*ooa» otxM). P’.lS 1C Great Gc-«.
Joystick. Mouse Mot, D«c 9t*. 10 »an« ascs. Dus’ Co** £365 Asowith 1Q64Snxxirto* C«5 PROFESSIONAL PACK SuOODCSO I’. »AjlOOn I00031NW. WOO DOCflK'. OO"* OKJ £445 Asowim 1CB4S P’sonrtO' **** A500 -CLASS OF THE 90s- PACK Moi rrtertoce, 3‘‘ant l SwWOom oicro. PxA-ei Occe. Mcaog'- 50: lO'eoar'ee'. O T» Mo 9Bco*anfl S’ oo, A a LOGO. 39C r'T,-o’cx 5 SBC D OQ'amme*. 10 Ben* Mov$ n Mot. Csc Wfato* €495 Cd« o' 9Ds uofl'odo doc« ky A50C use's £ 95 A2000 PACKS PRICES START AT £749 . VA T PHONE US FIRST FOR BEST ADVICE OR LAST F&l VERY BEST DEALL AMIGA ACCESSORIES inc vat XETEC Hard Drive Kit everything
Da' drive XETEC 2 Meg Hard Drive RAM Expansion XETEC A2000 HARD DRIVES: Autoboot will take up to 9 Megs of Ran XETEC 32 Meg Full SCSI 25 Milliseconds Head Park £399.99 XETEC 45 Meg Full SCSI 25 Milliseconds Head Park £449.99 XETEC 50 Meg Full SCSI 25 Milliseconds Head Park £499 99 XETEC 65 Meg Full SCSI 25 Milliseconds Head Park £649 00 XETEC 85 Meg Full SCSI 25 Milliseconds Head Park £799.00 XETEC 109 Meg Full SCSI 25 Milliseconds Head Park £949 00 XETEC 25t Meg Full SCSI 25 Milliseconds Head Park £1899 00 XETEC A2000 Haro Drive Controller i Au1000OII £149 99 AMIGA A500 & A2000 RAM UPGRADES
Amiga A500 1 Meg Flam upgrade line clock & s*4ch| Amiga A500 2 Meg internal Ram Expansion (populated) Amiga A500 2 Meg internal Ram Expansion (unpopulatedi Amiga A500 4 0 Meg internal Ram Expansion £49 99 £99.99 ..£14900 £599 00 Amiga A50C 8 0 Meg internal Ram Expansion (populated) ..£999 99 Amiga A500 8 Meg internal Ram Expansion (unpopulated) £299.00 Amiga A500 internal 8 Meg Ram Expansion 2 Meg (populated) ....£345 99 An 8 Meg Internal Ram Expansions use standard txt Megabit Rams board will also take 2 Meg optional Maths Co processors MC68891 A50C
External 2 Meg RAM £339.00 A500 External 4 Meg RAM £699.00 A2000 8 Meg with 2 Meg installed .....£285.99 A2000 8 Meg unpopulated .... £149 99 A2000 8 Meg 4 Meg installed £499 99 A200C 8 Meg 8 Meg installed .. £949 00 ADV 2000 Haro Dnve Controller auto boot ROMS taster than any other controller 900KS £125.00
• «4* kab*U. 100% guororS £13® £63 25 £205 95 £150 95 C1CB99
£69 99 £79 99 £339 95 30 i Sony btonk dUci n 10 c 100 b*ank
dbci ot abov« 8-UP 8M8 Rom Exoa'von. Ooooia'oo to 2 Mi 'ot 2CCE
Ejiita cNos to- a bo**, ter each 2M0. *t’ea if ecx-*ec
Commoaoie A5C1 9AM rmporacr *» A!£C M501 05 M3 9AM'at A5CC M501
RAM . Coc* oo”e-y b AMD 2MB RAM E*CO'T»cn fntomoO to AMD
NEW B2000 with 2MB RAM Star 1C 10 Mono Printer star IC-10
Colour printer Star LC 24 10 £159 99 £21599 £239 99 £149 99
£24 9 .£11.00 Simply pkigiirto sWe ol A600 can draw power trom
meps ol desltcactif of System memory can be installed.
459 599 599
• »« ~m 569 519 639 6«9 739 569 709 7’ 9 KS C69 709 6 9 699 739
959 969 959 919 W9 099 (O* £59 99 £69 99 £69 99 £74 99 £58 99
DMP 4000 -a.
AMSTRAO LO 5000 »cn »*w PANASONC 1180 PANA90NC 1124 -- PANASONC 1824 CITIZEN 1200 CITIZEN SWIFT 3* STAR LC10 STAR LC10 COLOUR STAR LC 24-10 n STAR LC 15 STAR LC 24-15 Cl 30 Cl 80 TBA aong io peas, but exe to change "crce P»*cncse o3e« occec'ed ‘cr-* ":CiarxfGc*B~r-&" zxxmcrJZooy'o-* Gaoai c« 8-cec* i cr» P ion. Avoctw cr oaucs: t h tocv W'ooa ccro To ptace your order send cheque, postal order or otficai order pus £10 per bo* - (software tree) tp ne*t day couner detrvery and VAT to Dept AF Hobbyte Computers Ltd 10 Market Ptace Si Albans Herts Al3 5DG. Or call «n with a copy of this ad at
our branches in St Alban* and Luton You may also phone your order to our sales desk on St Albans l0727j 56005 Access. V»sa and ofticai orders from government education m«d'Cal autnont.es and PLCs are accepted All 32CCQt O'O M UK 1 3 «ncr«. Dost oooia rovson. Wun 33 oay opoco rr-’ •co-’N Out 12monft*guatontQoarrJ rcUld MouStt Wcnoorcn. Tasc. IM'CS Mo-votL lutotoi 02000 Ufnro * Pockofja aee mADt IN SAXD. LMBstonaoid HAM pk* lM0«t’a (3AM ftttea ’o«0 ccx’ttater. 35* 600*9 19ms 4C M0 Autaooorrg ?•ora 04C wi'h new A3091 conttO»» tuopo'l 7 SCSi Oevices Ciw £956 SffClAl PtICIS AISO AVAKA01 ION
fftlfMllAlS PvtCMASID At IIMt Of T1AOI •« fadetswfd nr tiaoi m A1CB4S High tes coou mon*ta» (CGA) C?f£ £'W 15* SVGA F5I Mu tsync 0CD * 60C cocx* mor 'cs (neoc* cog] £7« £599 21* SVGA F$ T Muytsync ®D * COC COCXJ rnorvto (neeCi C3C) £2435 £'7S5 voeocaid to* ute w th Miysy c • r*ox. Gve» 6tC* 512 C3*5 009 AZB6JT »oge Sao-d with 525*atve A2266 A! &ooetxw d win 52V 1 2V8 0-*» A2300 r te»no) ponoc* A2620 66C30 co D'ocasso with ?M 3 3? Dt QAM E536 £7C £2 9 C3Cfc £3® £499 £ €6 A'AZeS M3 RAM e*OQr»'on co a. «XX«'od io2M3 A2C6&? MB RAM espanson co a £649 QCC £422 £'95 than those who deal with so«ne ot
ou comDet'tors However it you do have any grievances, please contact L«nda n our Customer Services Department who w ll do everything possible to help TEST ON REQUEST Equipment is generally reliable and all items are batch-iested betore despatch However please slate 1 your purchase is to be given as a present so that we can tuiiy test just n case
• fra a on* y*a» ontrta mafctlsnanc*
• MS DOS vid GW la.*
• OPTKJNAl MOIISf At ONIV £29 90 PC 10 5 26* srge d ve PC 10 5
25’ DouOte d-vo PC 10 5 25* ana 72C* 3 5* 0-*» PC20 5 25* with
2DM9 hoia dsc PCX 5 X*. XM9 hard dsc . 72C 3 V PC 33 A*
compgQy_ fGoMer' ”®'" Dodos on 3D day tom* Gaoai c« cv'so'soo.
believe our cuslotne's frave less D'Ob*e*ns COMMODORE Pcs
Pcs 2863 BELOW INCLUDE:: Cl 19 TBA Cl 33 Cl 00 What Hicro.
Ocfobsr 1000 rata* PCX top big noma PC. Based on valua and
pmrformanca Tho PC40 was •otad beat buy in Whicf) Computar.
Kiarch and $ ono of tho only AT machinaa which can bo fttod
mtornalty with both a 5.2b' and 3 5' floppy Protessional Colour
Digrtiser with built in RGB splitter
..£ 199.99 Semi Protessional
Monochrome Digitiser £99.99 RGB Spinier tor colour cameras
allows tull colour digitising £99.99 Mingen Amiga A500 4 A2000
Genlock .. ...£95.00 Professional
Genlock Overscan Fader, built in RGB Splitter, ioc many
features to list £299 00 RenOale 8802 Genlock .....ur
(I* +1;...... £195.00 Microtext Teletext Adaptors Puil! M tuner
£139.99 X Specs 3D Glasses excellent tor Cad Cam Ujuid Crytla
shpwrmg g ves a whole new outlook tor your Amga _.__ .....£99
99 Processor Accelerator 16 Mhc Accelerator t .ppan MC68MI
Otieis between 45 50% mo-e pertprrjunoevrhiist ~'44iM r4ny
complete compatabii'ty with son*** 8 IfiMHr switch ____
Replacement Amgamcjoe A500 i 42000 .. ~ Amiga A590
UaasdoChiH T . _ _ D I Y kits to imwteoe embeooed SCSI hero
Or.ve cr IBM PC ST506 onve to A~0» A500 cr Am go A2C30.
THIRD COAST TECHNOLOGIES UNIT 8, BRADLEY HALL TRADING ESTATE, STANDISH, WIGAN WN6 OXQ TEL: 0257 472444 FAX: 0257 426577 We accept Bank Drafts Company anc Personal Checjues an j also Access ana Visa Cards pH Al1 prices include VAT at 15% A full warranty is offered on all products Trumpcard embeOOed SC!
Machine or exteinaioounot-Dpio 4 mepi „. ~ . ... .. Otters transfer rales up tolwice tbal o A590. Board can be romoveO ana used in A2000 at a later Oate ttMkig tutwe expansion ®.. .«*... £249 99 ALP MFM drive kit tor A500.OCe-s suopor- 0t ST506 IBM PC Onves Available with or without pcwefSupply and enclosure Ho OOarcJfind controller available Entire kit including Enclosure host board ana conOodOr aulo boot roms cables ana software . £249 99 ALF RLL kit a.eilatwelthesame pnee tor people with RLL IBM ST506 type drives £249.99 A500coOWHer and host OoarC without power supply and enclosure £199
99 A50C ALF host ooarfl will accept stanOarO PC harfl card tull software mOuOng enclosure tor nost £129 99 68030 - MC68882 Accelerator tor A2000 with & without Ram Call tor details (BEST PRICES) t Meg Internal replacement floppy 80 track count (sight case modification).
T Meg Internal replacement tloppy 86 track count External 1 Meg floppy 84 track count i Meg External tloppy 88 track count I Meg External floppy 82 track Virus Hardware Protector Device FLOPPY DRIVES FOR THE AMIGA NEW PRODUCTS era Qrive c ? V S3 (All pnees subiect to change without notice All items subject to availability. E.SO E) y enoonre soMnraro, autb boot roms Will accept 3.25 inch ugovto sMe 0IA6OO DUNGEON MASTER MM* Busters Silence, sea and sky - Ah. What a peaceful thought!
But all you lot are probably looking forward to is thrashing it out noisily against invading alien species. MAFF EVANS is willing to offer some help.
I don’t know, some people, mumble, moan... Last month a list of useful spells was printed, but there are some people out there who don't really think that's enough: so here are some more involved hints.
First up, here are all the remaining spells (as far as anyone round here knows) which you can add to your arsenal.
YA - Stamina potion VI - Healing potion FUL - Light ZO - Opens some doors YA IR - Magical group shield YA BRO - Magical shield VI BRO - Poison cure OH VEN - Cloud of poison FUL IR - Fireball DES VEN - Poisonball DES EW - Weakens non-material beings ZO VEN - Poison potion (Ven bomb) YA BRO ROS - Magic footprints YA BRO DAIN - Wisdom potion YA BRO NETA - Vitality potion OH EW RA Magical sight (X-Ray vision) OH KATH RA Lightning bolt OH EW SAR - Invisibility OH IR RA - Long-lasting light OH BRO ROS - Dexterity potion DES IR SAR - Darkness DES IR RA Long-lasting darkness FUL BRO KU - Strength
potion FUL BRO NETA - Fire shield ZO KATH RA - Magical plasma (for attaching gem to fire staff) ZO BRO RA - Mana potion Not surprisingly, the main problems you will encounter are the creatures of the dungeon, so here is a run-down of the bogie-mon- sters you may come across.
MUMMIES (Levels 2,3 and 8) On Levels 2 and 3, just use weapons as they’re easy to kill. On Level 8 use magic, because it is a good deal faster.
SCREAMERS (Levels 2,3 and 4) Easy enough to kill with axes. Use them as fighting practice and as a useful food source. Near the end of Level 4 there is a regenerating room to be found.
Ctijlxe: guardxan of light CD O B rr B O B rr B rr B TT O -T OGRES (Levels 3 and 4) These blokes can do some serious damage to low-level characters.
They carry clubs which they drop when they're killed.
HERLTH 409 489 STRMINA 283 283 MRNR 187 187 LORD 31.6 31 KG ROCK MONSTERS (Levels 3 and 4) These are hard to destroy, but luckily they move slowly. They poison adventurers, so use poison or fireballs against them.
PURPLE WORMS (Level 4) These are wicked little tykes. They hang around in pairs and are quick to pursue and poison you. Be ready with some high-level fireballs to deal with them.
FOOD W7 TER GHOSTS (Levels 4 and 8) Silent and fast, these can pass through doors Use DES EW spell to destroy them.
GIANT WASPS (Levels 4,5,6 and 11) Quite fast and inject poison into you. Throw fireballs at them and try to avoid hand to hand combat.
Level 11 is rather crowded, so a few high-level fireballs are needed.
Be prepeared to sleep for a while.
SLIME CREATURES (Level 5) These slimey creatures use magic, so do the same in return with a DES EW spell. Slow in pursuit.
UNDERPOWERED COUATLS (FLYING SNAKES) (Level 6) Fast-moving and poisonous, they can be killed with a combination of one high-level fireball and combat.
SKELETONS (Levels 6,8 and 10) Can be fought with straight combat - a good chance to test your skills. They carry falchion swords and wooden shields.
BEHOLDERS (FLOATING EYES) (Levels 6 and 10) These fight using lightning bolts, so reply in kind. The the only creatures capable of opening doors.
STONE GOLEMS (Level 7) Only five of these are on the level and they move slowly, but they take a lot of fireballs before they co-operate.
GIGGLING SODS (DEFORMED PIXIES) (Levels 8 and 10) These don’t do a great deal of damage, just cause a nuisance by All Prices Include VAT & 1st Class Delivery W 081-744 3087 1834 (Mon-Sat 10-6) O S LOOK!
Ribbons AMSTRAD DMP2900 300C Fi E MP3’60 325C ‘ DMP4000 F L03600 if I 103600 Ci L05000 iFi B ROTMER HR 15 ?0 ’0 25 35 i* i HR15 20 ’0 25 35 .C M1009 009 i Ml409 *Fi M1609 K09 ’724 l ¦ CANON A*250 4D API200 'f i PWIO0O PW’*S6 CITIZEN 1200 |F.
180€ iFi Highest Quality Guaranteed * f-Fabric gcarbon multi-strike 14 95 £4 50 CENTRONtC U 3- JUKI 1.
GLP HP8C ’56 F £3 95 £3 50 6100 (Cl £2 95 £2 50 Sprmt 35 1 11 111 F) £4 95 £4 50 COMMODORE 6200 6300 6500 'C.
£3 95 £3 50 Spr-nt 35 1 11 HI (Cl £4 95 £4 50 MPS8D’ c £3 95 £3 50 M TALLY Sprint 79 10 11 14 IvlF) £4 95 £4 50 WF*S832 2022 F. C3 95 £3 50 M180 Spin* if 1 £3 95 £3 50 Spr.nt 7 9 *0 11 14 IvtCt £4 95 £4 50 MPS803 1F1 £3 95 £3 50 MT0O Spirit (C) £3 95 £3 50 SEIKOSMA DIABLO MT88 88 1F1 £5 45 £5 00 CP80 1F1 £3 95 £3 50 hTii -345 1 356 |F.
£3 95 £3 50 NEC CP 100 250X (F| £3 95 £3 50 HTII 3t»C 32t 0 1C1 £3 95 £3 50 P2200(F £4 45 £4 00 SHINWA EPSON PC8023 |F) £4 45 £4 00 CP80 8O8CT11F1 £3 95 £3 50 LX80 86 90 1F1 £3 95 £3 50 Pmwriior P3 P7 £5 95 £5 50 CP80 008 Cti |Cl £3 95 £3 50 1X800 IQ600 800 850'Fi £4 45 14 00 Pmwtiter P5 9XL (F) £5 95 £5 50 STAR MX80 FX80 85 86 90 iF.1 £3 95 £3 50 P6 • P7(F| £5 95 £5 50 LclOlF) £3 95 £3 50 MX'OOFXlOOLXiOOO(F) £4 95 £4 50 PANASONIC IC24 10 |F) £4 45 £4 00 LQ1000 * 050 ERC 20 F;.
£4 95 £4 50 KXP109 108 1124 I59iFi C3 95 £3 50 NB15 24 16 iF| £4 45 £4 00 LQ2500 EX8C0 3X1000 KXP3l3t 3151 F| £3 95 £3 50 NB24 10ND10 NI 10 |F| £4 45 £4 00 113mm| ,.F) £5 45 £5 00 QUEN0ATA TAXANKAGA LQ1500 LP'500 F £5 45 £5 00 OMP310OP8O 100 (Fi £4 50 £4 00 810B15910915IF; £395 £3 50 Dust Covers Keyboard £.3.95 Monitor (PhilipiO.C9.95 CM8833 (Commodore 1084) Commodore Amiga TV Modulator 03.93 Cable & Connectors Mi D23P • N art) I Print m ( abi i I’arai i 11 (D25M ( EN36M) Ni ii Mi “i'm L aw i (D25 mm. Mf. Ff) P23 M or F with Cover 7 Cori Screened Cari i (pirM) ..... S ari
21 Pi i gs Twin Phi ini Plug with Came (IM) £24 95 £22 95 £4 95 Amiga Mouse Amiga Contriver Mm se Mol si Mae tim k rubber External Disk Drive Nr Ti.u ( iii in £6500 Amiga Books Advanced Amiga BASK LI7 Amiga iD Graphics Prog BASK LI7 45 Amiga Applications L15V5 Amiga Assembly 1 ang Prog Ll 3 45 Amiga BASK Inside & Out Ll7 5 Amiga C Advanced Programmers Lil 45 Amiga G For Beginners LI7 45 Amiga DOS LI W5 Amiga DOS Inside6*Out LI7 45 Amiga DOS Manual L2ld5 Amiga DOS Quick Reference L7V5 Amiga DOS Rel Guide Llid5 Amiga DOS Inside cSr Out L17 45 Am iga For Beginners Cl I Vi Amiga Gd Graphics
Sound leleco Lib 45 Amiga Handbook L14d5 Amiga Hardware Rel Manual L2CW5 Amiga Machine Lang Guide L20d5 Amiga Machine Language LI3d5 Amiga Microsoft BASK ProgGdc LI7 45 Amiga Prog Handbook Voi I L22*J5 Amiga Prog Handbook Vbl 2 L22d5 Amiga Programmers Guide Lib 45 Amiga Programmers t.uidc Ll7 45 Amiga ROM Kernel Ref Man AutodC2795 Amiga ROM Kernel Rel Man Lib LM 5 Amiga Systems Programmers Guide Lil 5 Amiga Tricks & Tips L13 5 Becoming an Amiga Artist L17 45 Begin ne rs G uide t o I he A in iga L15 vs Computes 1st Book ol Amiga LI505 Computes 2nd Book ol Amiga L15d5 Elementary Amiga BASIC
Inside Amiga Graphs*. L15d5 Inside the Amiga with I 2nd Id LwdS Kickstart Guide to the Amiga LI2 Vi Kids Ihe Amiga LI4V5 More Tips 6c Triclcs For Amiga L17 45 Programmers Guide to the Amiga L22 5 Amiga Graphics Inside Out_C31 45 Lockable Disc Boxes 3Vj" 50 (UPS* £7 95 3W 80 (caps) £995 3' - 80K.APS. SIAOiABlf iW.lktS TYPO BANS »‘ £995 3V2’ Disc Drive Head Cleaning Kit £3.95 Amiga A501 ram £85.95 Commodore Original Clock fir Calendar £14 95 £7 95 LI495 £395 £2 00 £2 00 £2 00
3. 5" Maxell Sony 3M Dysan Verbatim 100% CERTIFIED (price* lor
pack ol 10 labels and envelopes) DISK bHAr DSDD 720K lUtD DSHD
1 4M bL DSDD 7?0K ILK DSHD 1 4M 10 C10.95 £24.95 £5.95 £13.95
20 £20.95 £44 95 £11 50 £24.95 30 £30.95 £7295 £16.95 £39.95
40 £40.95 £94 95 £22 00 £52.95 50 £50.95 £119 95 £27 00 £64 95
100 £94.95 £229 95 £4995 £119 95 Joysticks Gompe 111 ion Pro
C» Mi*t tiik s Pro Extra L1394) Qi i» k )i* J 11 Ek.hitr
L1295 1 iri ) £.1295 orders to: y SI to Z Computer Services 49
Heath Road, Twickenham, Middlesex TW1 4AZ Fax: 081-891 6260 ’
Prices are for mail order only and subject to change without
' Education. Govt Aulhoriiy Official Orders welcome (mm £50) WORLDWIDE SOFTWARE 106A Chilwell Road. Beeston Nottingham NG9 1ES WORLDWIDE SOFTWARE 106A Chilwell Road, Beeston Nottingham NG9 1ES WORLDWIDE SOFT WA R E £17 95 95 £39 95 £17 95 £22 95 £14 99 £22 95 £17 95 £17 95 £7 25 Cl 7 95 £17 95 £17 95 C1 7 95 £16 95 £17 95 £17 95 £4 99 £22 95 £22 95 £14 95 £17 95 £14 95 £14 95 £17 95 £17 95 £22 95 £17 95 £17 95 £17 95 £17 95 £4 99 £17 95 £9 99 £17 95 £17 95 £16 95 £14 95 £16 95 £14 95 £14 95 £17 95 £14 95 £22 95 £22 95 C2i 95 £17 95 £7 99 £17 95 £22 95 £14 95 £17 95 £*6 95 £17 95 £16 95 £14 95
£32 95 C’695 £1795 £1695 £9 99 £1495 £1795 £16 95 £1795 £14 95 £799 £17 75 £17 95 £17 95 £22 95 £1495 £17 95 £22 95 £14 95 £17 95 £17 95 £1695 Fast Delivery On All Stock Items By 1st Class Mail In UK Special Overseas Service By Air Mail Worldwide Credit Card Orders Accepted by Phone Or Mail Overseas tel no: Nottingham 225368 _Credit Card Order Telephone Lines_ 0602 225368 £28 95 £17 95 £17 95 £4 99 £16 95 £11 99 £21 95 £17 95 £17 95 £17 95 £34 95 £22 95 £4 99 £22 95 £17 95 £16 95 £'6 95 £14 95 22 95 £* 95 £’7 95 £11 20 £” 99 £11 20 £11 20 £17 95 £17 95 £4 99 £1795 £17 95 £16 95 £4 99 £1495 £22
95 £1495 £7 99 £17 95 £26 95 £26 95 £14 95 £29 99 £17 95 £16 95 £*795 £1795 £1795 £14 95 £24 95 £22 95 £1795 £1495 £4 99 £1495 £1495 £1495 £1795 £14 95 £17 95 £14 95 £17 95 £17 95 £4 99 £16 95 £17 95 £1795 £26 95 £16 95 £9 99 £4 99 £9 99 £14 95 £1795 £1695 Commodore Amiga Software 688 SuO Attach AMC AMOS Aooas Chamo Foottwi AH Time Favoo"tes An* Heads Data D-sk Armada Auslertitz Bards Tate 2 Bards Taie Batman the Move Battle Squadron BattlehawKs 94?
Battietech Betrayal Black Tiger 8iade Warrior BMX Simulator 8omoer Borodino Bo ung Manage* Breach ?
Buxxe • Cartoon Caoe*s Casr-e Maste* Cnase mQ Chrono Quest 2 C*OuO K ngooms CoOfado Comoo Race* Conner -n Eu*ope Contict Conque'O' Count DuOjta Crack OOW" Cybedwii Damocles Dan Dare 3 Dark Century De Luxe Scrabble De Luxe Strip Poke* Oe*enows C •*» I a***- Double Dragon 2 Dragon Flight Dragons Breat*- Ckakkher Dungeon Maste* ’ meg Dungeon Mas*e* Ed'to* Dynamic Debugge' 32?*" E Moton East v Wes* Berhn Ed*ton One Ewe Escape Planet o* Robot Monste-s E scape Singes Castte Commodore Amiga Software Em'coea- Space Shuffle F*6 Compar P-Ot f *6 fi-cor Mss-or D s- F*€ Faeon F *9 Steal*- igMe F?9
Reta'-atO' Ferrari Formula One Fire and Brimstone Fire Bngade i meg First Contact I light ol Intrude* Flight Path 737 Flight Simulator 2 Flimbod Quest Fit Sim 2 Scene Osh E u'Ope Fit S*m 2 Scene Disk Hawa Fit s.m 2 Scene Disk Japa*- Fit S*m 2 Scenery D-sk 7 Frt S*m 2 Scenery 0-sk 9 Fit S-m 2 Scenery Osk n Football Director 2 BY PHONE 0602 252113 (24 Hours) Football Manaqe* Wond Cup 90 Footban Manage* Fun School 2 (6 lo 8 years!
Fun Schoo* 2 love* 8) Fun School 2 under 61 Future Wars Ghosts n Gobims Gold o' the Americas Grand National Grand Pnx Circuit Gravity Grimb1000 Gurtsh.p Hammerfist Heavy Meta' Heroes Quest Highway Path* 2 Hotsnots Hunter K'her fcart War* ors tmpossamoie indy Last Crusade A jv Infestation Internal 3D Tenn«s Iron LO*a Island 01 LOS! Hope it Came from the Desert * meg) Summertime Special Offer £1.00 off all Amiga titles Just tell us in which magazine you saw our advert then deduct £1.00 from each title that you order jack N«ck.ajs Go" Jump Jet Jumping JaCfcSOh Ka-se* K k Of* 2 Kit* Off E lira
Time Kid G'oves
K. ngs Quest 4 Kings Quest T»*pie Pack Ktax Le suresuit I aery 3
Le-Suresu't Larry lomoard RAC Rally Lost Patro* Marcneste*
Urwea Man,ac Manso- Matr. Ma*auOe*s M j mtertac* Mdwte M nc
ano Mag-; 2 Mmdro* Q-eoe- N-nya Sp*1 N,nja War* or5 Nitro
Boost Commodore Amiga Software Shadow of the Beast Shadow
Warr.o* Sherman M4 Sidewinder 2 Silent Service S m C»ty Editor
S*m City Sir Fred Sly Spy Secret Agent Sonic Boom Space Ace
Space Rogue Sp*dert on*c Star Command Starfiight Stunt Car
Racer Super League Soccer Supercars (Gremlin) Supreme Fught
Command Swords of Twriignt Tenn«s Cup Test Drive 2 California
Cnanenge Test Drive 2 Europe Cnas Test Dr.ve 2 Muscfecars Test
Dr,ve 2 Supercars Test Dnve 2 The Duel The Cydes Commodore
Amiga Software North and South Operation Thundeftxyt P47
Thunderbolt Pacmania Paperboy Pmbaii MagK Pipe Man,a Pirates
Player Manager Populous Promised lands Populous Pro ionms Tout
Rambow islands Rod Lightning Ronaissance Resolution 101 Rings
of Medusa Risk Robocoo Rorkes bnft Th«. Jetso»n £17 95 Th**r
Finest Hour £22 95 T heme Park Mystery £1795 ThundWStrWe £1795
Tie Break £1795 Tower ol Babe* £1695 Toyotles £14 95 Treasure
island Dij y £4 99 Tnad Voi 3 £22 95 T urncan £17 95 TV Sports
Basketball £22 95 TV Sports Footban £22 95 Twin World £16 95
UMS 2 £1795 Ultima 5 £22 95 Ultimate Golf £17 95 Venus The
Flytrap £1795 Vulcan £1495 Waterloo £1795 Wayne GretSZky
Hockey £17 95 Wmgs of Fufy £1495 Wipe Out £1495 Worvd Cup
Soccer 90 £1795 Wono Socce* £1795 X Out £1495 Xenomorph £1795
Xenon 2 MegatXriSf £1795 Zomb.
£1795 Zoom £9 99 51 ?K Expansion . Dungeon Master £89 99 10 X 3 5* Blank Disk £9 95 20 X 3 5'Blank Disk £17 50 30 X 3 5‘ Blank Disk £24 95 40 X 3 5- Blank Disk £32 95 50 X 3 5' Blank Disk £37 50
• •¦**•**•**••••**•**.•« Lockable Disk Storage Boxes 40 0*sk
Storage Bo« . £7 95 80 0*sk Storage Bo- £8 95 100 D»sk Sto*age
Box £9 95 Joysticks Cryser £8 99 QvXkjOy 2 Turbo £9 95 Qu *fOy
2 Pilot £7 95 Qu kfOy Supercharger £*2 95
CX. *shot Deluxe O'g.tai £9 99 Quckshot Turbo £10 95 Speeding
Auto* re £ 10 99 Z« St * Aulohr £14 95 Competition Pro £12
95 Competition Pro E xtra £ 14 95 Commodore Amiga Software
Europe (other than UK) shipping costs are: £1.50 per disc for
normal airmail £2.50 per disc for express airmail Please make
cheques or postal orders payable to WORLDWIDE SOFTWARE All
prices include postage and packing in the UK ADVERTISED
£2.00 per disc for normal airmail £3.00 per disc for express
airmail stealing whatever is in your characters’ left hands
and running off at great speed. They giggle just as they are
about to steal an item, so loose off a fireball or give them
a quick whack with a melee weapon to take them out. Any items
stolen by these bandits can only be retrieved once they are
GIANT RATS (Level 9) Straight hand-to-hand combat or magic will turn these fellers into chicken drumsticks.
RUST MONSTERS (Level 9) These may look like the AD&D Rust Monsters, but they don’t turn your characters' armour to rust.
They can be killed by striking them with whatever you have. They do their fair share of damage, but luckily there aren't too many of them about.
LITTLE MAGES (Level 9) These look like the Jawas from Star Wars and fling some pretty powerful magic about. They are quite easy to kill, but have the annoying habit of transporting to beside you or behind you when they are hit.
GIANT SCORPIONS (Level 10) Watch for the sting in the tail and dispose of them with a fireball.
They vary in toughness, so watch out for surprises.
WATER ELEMENTALS (level 11) Those frothy puddles aren't as harmless as they seem! They just might sneak up behind you and send you squiffy. They can also wash under doors so dispell them with a DES EW or two.
ETHEREAL TRIFFIDS (Level 12) These fade in and out of existence. Use fireballs when they're solid or DES EW when in their ghostly form.
GIANT FOUR-LEGGED SPIDERS (Level 12) Fireballs and weapons are quite effective enough against these deformed arachnids.
CHAOS KNIGHTS (Level 12) These nasty swines attack in pairs with two swords apiece. In and out attacks through doorways are effective with high-level fireballs.
Don’t worry about cursed armour
- it’s more effective against other knights, so save it for them.
FIRE ELEMENTALS (Level 13) These immobile plates of coals flare up whenever you approach them. Use DES EW spells to burn them out and reduce them to their flat, shiftless state.
LORD CHAOS (Level 13) The boss-man himself. You need the firestaff to get anywhere with him. Start off by throwing flux cages everywhere. If he stands in one, go and fuse him in the cage.
DEMONS (Level 13) These devils are rather nifty with the fireballs so counter attack in the same manner. Be prepared to make a run for it occasionally.
RED DRAGON (Level 14) LEVEL 5 The only things to really watch for on this level are the flying snakes.
A couple of EE (fourth level) fireballs should take care of them.
This is the only creature on the level. It can be avoided, since it is quite slow moving, but it's pretty heavy with the fireballs. If you do take it on. Be prepared to spend quite some time in combat.
Now for some tips on negotiating the levels.
LEVEL 2 Have two or three bashes or chops on ail the wooden doors.
One has a keytioJe. But can be knocked down rsteaa This win leave you with a spare key which can be used on a variety of doors.
LEVEL 3 Trolls breed r the creature cavern.
There is one last door near the stairs gong down, which contains rock monsters Open the door, kill the monsters and sleep. There is a button on the left wall. Click it and get away as quickly as possible, as two very tough blue trolls emerge from the secret door that the button opens. Try to lead them into another room and close the door on them.
LEVEL 4 Almost all the rooms with doors contain breeding purple worms, so beware. Occasionally, there are worms that wait until you reach a certain part of the dungeaon before they breed, so when you go back they'll be waiting. If you're having difficulties, remember that the purple worms are afraid of the Staff of Claws.
The riddle room is the one with only one floating Tentacle-head.
Pull the lever and PUT (don’t throw) something into the transporter.
The door should now open. When the nasty horrible man calls you a coward, go his way last because it is actually a trap.
GENERAL TIPS If you are reaching a critical level due to starvation, it’s a good idea to nip back up to Level 4 and kill some worms for food. “Nobody loves me, everybody hates me, just 'cos I eat worms" © CKSI (Crap kiddy songs Inc.) Behind the door in the place with lots of screamers is their breeding area. They only breed when you pass the room with the green boots. You'll find it’s fairly easy to know when they've bred, because when you go back the path is blocked by a large and very unpleasant-looking rock monster, so ALWAYS remember to close doors behind you and so trap any such nasties
behind it.
Always climb down pits whenever you possibly can. Because there is usually something pretty nice hidden down there - like armour, for instance.
Jason W. Gordon, Wallington, Surrey and James Denyer, Worthing, West Sussex NINJA WARRIORS P I P E M A N I A You know the feeling - you are just about to get a high score on Pipemania and all that running fluid makes you want to go to the toilet. Never mind, here are the pass codes to the higher levels: GRIP, TICK, DOCK, OOZE, BLOB.
For a 4000-point bonus, you must get the flooze to cross itself five times (that is, pass through the same squares a total of five times). The diagram shows a good pattern to lay the pieces in to achieve this. Remember not to be too flash and to wait until the end of the pipe to try it out!
G Pietroni Buckhurst Hill. Essex An addendum to the list of codewords printed a few issues ago. With caps lock on, type KYLIE for an Aussie TV mode. Typing CHEDDAR gives infinite lives, which is more than a bit useful.
Carl Stirland.
Brinsley, Nottinghamshire XENOMORPH Another in the 'alien intestation- genre, but a good one nonetheless, so here are some tips and maps ot all the levels for all you would-be space adventurers.
Don't bother hoarding weapons - there are far too many to hold anyway. Just find the best and stick with them. However it is useful to have a back-up device for when you are stuck in a tight spot. The Super Magnum is the best of the handguns, but ammo is in rather short supply.
Just because two sets of ladders lead downwards, it doesn't necessarily mean that they lead to the same level. Some may go down a long way - perhaps two floors - whereas another may be shorter - perhaps only going down the one level.
Standing your ground and blasting the tougher monsters (such as Blobs and Xenomorphs) is a waste of energy. Try to dodge them or better still find another way to your destination. Many of them seem to have pre-defined paths to follow anyway, and only break oft when they see you. Don't open fire as soon as you see them, try to sneak past them whenever possible - it saves energy! You only have to actually kill one alien, and that's the Master Alien that lives on Level 15, so running around like Rambo does no good at all. (Continues over...) Levels One, Two and Three
- The Ship ? Start 8 Objects or Wall panels
* Cryobeds ¦: Doors Exit to level 4 3 Level Four "GOOD CLEAN FUN
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digitizer etc.) in the sharer & push button to select between them!
Reduces risk of damage to external hardware computer onlS21.99 Level Six - The Ducts Level Seven And now for a major upset. This may come as a bit of a shock to anyone who's spent hours trying to find the chips. Although it may seem to be the whole point of the game, you can actually complete the thing without replacing the CNS chips at all!
As long as you find and use the navigation disks and the antimatter pellets and don't touch the maintenance circuit boards at all.
The computer seems conveniently to forget that the chips have blown and takes off from Atargatis successfully. What a piece of luck!
Mat Broomfield, Basildon, Essex Level Eight - The Infirmary £ Doors 0 Objects Wall Panels H Beds H Exit to level 7 Level Nine - The Labs Level Ten $ Doors A Exit to level 7 A Exit to level 9 B Exit to level 11 0 Objects Wall Panels B Exit to level 10 TIPS WANTED!
There are quite a few good games coming out recently, so we want to lead the way with players guides and exclusive tips. If you have any tips on Their Finest Hour, Tower ot Babel, Gravity or F29 Retaliator, then send them in to GAMEBUSTERS, Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath BA1 2AP. There are three £50 vouchers for the best, so get them in the post tomorrow!
GHOULS ‘ N’ GHOSTS Type in KARENBROADHURST (no spaces) and a ‘cheat on’ message will appear. When you start the game you will now find that the collision detection has been removed. And... er... that’s it.
Jamie Hill, Solihull, Birmingham DRAKKHEN Try this tip if your characters all seem to be Mr Pumverse fodder.
Get into the character generation section and enter the character name as 31415927. All the character values will now be slightly increased.
When you are next asked for your name, enter SUPERVISOR.
Now play the game and press Ctrl when you are standing around outside. A menu will appear giving a list of locations to go to on the left, then a list of numbers followed by three columns of abbreviations. Clicking on a location transports you directly there and clicking on a monster makes it appear.
A Lupini, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire A R K A N O I D If you own a copy of this ageing 'classic', then this tip may be useful. If you don’t then this will go down like a one-legged man at an arse-kicking contest.
Select the level you wish to start on and press space. Now type DSIMAGIC and press space.
A capsule with DS wriiten on it should fall. Pick this up and press one of the following buttons for special effects: WINNERS BOX Rather radical prize awards this month, since Jason W Gordon and James Denyer both sent in excellent tips on the fantasy classic Dungeon Master. It's not really fair to split them, so vouchers are on their way to both of them. The remaining fifty quid goes to Mat Broomfield for his helpful Xenomorph maps. It saves me the bother with graph paper and pen I was having!
D - Disruptor (splits balls in three) L - Lasers S - Slow ball E - Expanded bat B - Breach (sends you to next level) C - Catch ball F - Confront guardian Steven Veal, Canvey Island, Essex MANCHESTER UNITED If you press the left mouse button during the game, then the two player mode will be activated, so that you can beat the trickiest of teams with ease - they just stand around doing nothing. Pretty obvious really, but I thought I’d mention it for any lazy football fans. I don’t know! The impatience of some people! Why they can't play properly is beyond me. Mumble, moan.
Guiseppe Jordaney, West Wickham, Kent NEW ZEALAND STORY Many readers will have received their copy of this cute 'n' fluffy ’n’ cuddly conversion with the Batman Pack. The cheat for the version in the big cardboard box doesn't work on these plastic-enclosed later versions, so here is the correct version - as in the original cheat, press Del and then M, then enter FLUFFYKIWIS to get infinite lives - a +9 should appear at the bottom of the screen accompanied by the sound of the book if the cheat works. Pressing Help should also allow you to skip levels. Yes, much cleaner, that. None of that
filthy language (no matter how it may be spelt).
Another tip that may work on some versions of the game (it doesn’t on ours) is to hold Shift and type PHILLIP on the title screen. This should give our feathery hero mega firepower. Entering the same thing during the game apparently skips levels too. It's news to us, though!
Thanks to eveyone who sent these tips - there are far too many of you to list here!
FIGHTER BOMBER All that 'coming up through the ranks’ dross is for crawly boot-lick- ers. To gam access to any of the missions at the beginning of the game, simply type in 8UCKAR00 as the pilot’s name.
If you're having trouble refuelling, then follow this simple advice: Press U (for Waypoint) to get the fuel-plane's position, then choose Sidewinders as a weapon and press S to lock on (the plane has to be within radar range).
Switch to cannons, otherwise the plane will avoid the lock-on. You will now be able to refuel easily.
Landing isn't that difficult as long as you take your time and follow these instructions. Line up in front of the runway, making sure your horizon is level and steady, drop the gears, put the airbrakes and wheelbrakes on and press G for slow speed. Make sure you don't land on the front gear and switch off the engine as soon as you have touched down.
Steve van Haeht, Antwerp, Belgium F 2 9 RETALIATOR This is one helluva flight combat simulation, but is it ever tough?
This cheat could be useful for flyers having trouble getting to grips with the latest state-of-the-art fighters.
Load up F29 and enter your name as THE DIDY MEN (with spaces) on the enrolment screen.
Click on the Colonel icon and press Return. Select the battle area as per normal and select mission control. Accept a mission (without selecting one) then go back and select a mission. Now start the game and play as normal.
When it becomes time to land, just press Enter on the keypad and the plane will land automatically.
Derek Stracey, Prestwick, Ayrshire AirRlfB E3 Computers (Crawley) Ltd.
Fax 0293 612 039 Phone 0293 565 748 AMIGA A500 FLIGHT AMIGA A500 BATPACK Only!! £399.00 CLASS of THE 90 s Only £549.00 AMIGA 2000 RANGE SUPPLIED PHONE Please PHONE or FAX us for Gold Disk Products, Deluxe Series Products, MSS, Music X, Books, Big Agnus, Ram Boards, etc. Hard Disk A500 B2000, B1500 Case for A500.
If You Take Your Amiga Seriously, Then Contact The Company Which is Serious About Getting The Most From Your Investment.
Please note prices subject to change. Please check when ordering.
All prices include VAT.
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Payment terms cash, Access, Bankers Order, cheques allow 5 days clearance.
Orders from local Authorities and PIC's welcome (Phone for terms).
Unit If, Rutherford Way, Gatwick Road, Crawley, West Sussex, RH10 9AU.
Multi-Manager Game for 1 to 4 Players.
Full UK and European Cup itinaiy including FA, League. Zenith Data, leyland Oaf.
European, Cup Winners and UEFA Cups. All Cup matches are played to the precise rules, eg 2 Leg Ties, Extra Time, Away Goal Rule, Seeded Draws, Penalties, etc Compleie league line up with 201 st division learns and 24 in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th.
End of season Play-offs with expulsions All learn surnames are the real ones for all 92 dubs (CURRENT 89:90 SEASON).
Historic Records are mamiamed lor 6 seasons with the ability to call up all previous results agamst your next opponent.
A Lively Transfer Market to Buy and Sell Players with an end of season deadline Player Loans, Free Transfers with Approach & Offers on players or trainees Managers can be sacked or offered jobs at better teams.
All screens are displayed in a pleasant formal, which is easy to use and comfortable to read. PRINTER facilities also exist.
Complete Instructions, for the beginner, are provided in a 16 page booklet.
...and would you believe it doesnI slop there1 We have included many other fine details which are just imposstle to list in this space. They include all the regular features you would expect like loading & saving your game, player injuries plus much, much more. The most genuine implementation of a Football Managers hectic season awaits you for only £19 95 Amiga Specials Amiga A500 Batman or Flight Of Fantasy Pack .
£359 00 Commodore 1084 Colour Monitor ...... ..£279.00 Philips 8833 Colour Mon .tor . ...£24900 NEC 3 5 External Disk Drive ..£70.00 Star LC 10 Mono Printer . ..£159 00 Star LC 10 Colour Printer ...£220 00 1 2 Meg Internal Expansion with Clock ..... £65 00 2 Meg Board (Will go up to 8Meg) ..£370 00 Contriver Mouse (With Mat * House) .£25 00 Tilt and Turn Monitor Stand ...... £14 50 Sony Bulk
Unbranded 3 5 Disks (Per 10) . 6 50 PLEASE RING FOR PRICES ON ITEMS NOT LISTED HARDWARE PRICES INCLUDE VAT AND COURIER DELIVERY FOR ORDERS BELOW £50.00 PLEASE ADD £2 00 P&P PLEASE SEND CHEQUE-PO TO - DRIVE (A) COMPUTERS SUPPLIES, • Wellington Chambers, Smith St, Rochdale, Lancs, OL16 1TU Telephone (0706) 861104 Callers Welcome Your Guarantee S O F T W I S E Phone Mailorder Will not cnorp.
Pron. Q-qeq - credff Cora customers lor goods until day ot dspatcn we do not erode entro for .. *-.¦ q„c'« crces over tne teieonone pnee «t on request - Orge S A E required Ai SuCOCV Ev. * Mcni'erj £1 3 50 mt 3D Tenrxs £’659 Nev©rMrx3 £13 5e Anarchy £1659 ivannoe £1659 fO So* ' £10 59 Ac jOven 3 £23 X £' 3 50 j fecktousGo* £ 1659 No*«-. 4 Soutr- £1059 8*ooe Anrro it * ‘2t £•©00 .ockscr £13 50 O* Eng :ootcoi £13 58 BlOCk ’O*’ i'l 59 i •; £ 5 09
• J G*oves £!©59 Go f -vjnoertx * £13 5g tTO e i’t*5 K-Ck Off 2
£1358 Onenfcn Games £!0 59 C»xrrc i' } 50 £13 50 Pans Dakar
£’059 2175 it x
• 2 3 5C .ets Su-t 3 £23 55 Ptoernar«o £10 59 CO*OTOOC it * S'jv,
£ i 5C »OS' -atroi £1659 p'ane’ Busters £’0 55 Cy £3 59 X . *o
9 Deatn £15 99 bomroa £1055 Oamoc i i't * vr i ‘ 3 50 v "cr*
pkj* £1* 99 Resolution '01 £10'59 Don Dare m £356 ¦VT' •O' 5 3
3C* £ C 5C «Q**. MorjjO £1*59 Rea ughmng £1959 Dark Center,
£'© 5C £ 3 50 £1999
FROM All pneei onone q. C'Oe' crv, gotxs suCrOC' '0 ovoidOf,
O' 'eeose aa’e Odove prices include VA T ana PA® UK only Vo
OTOV pease nore e'eq e ®0 payable to Softwise - A' rne nan
street Norm rowtpn qevcn EX2C 2nG 0837 82846 Fot Phono Otdets
(On coll 24 hrs a day) Take Your Team To The Top And Win The
Or Are You Good Enough To Win The Quadruple Crown. Never Yet Achieved By A League Team Manager.
MAIL ORDERS Send £19.95, Guaranteed Cheque Postal Order Credit Card Details to: 328 Southchurch Road, Southend-on-sea, Essex SS1 2ND, AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE DISPATCH Orders outside the UK please add £1 .00 extra 2X 0w)f) TELEPHONE ORDERS (0702) 600557 JjFJSSi’SI E3 63 Brfdg« Street Evesham Worcs WR11 4SF
- B* 0386-765180 tax 0386 49761 yopgn Mon - Sat. 9 00 - 5 30J 5
Gllsson Rood Cambridge CB1 2HA IT 0223 -323898 tax 0223-322683
Open Mon Sat. 9 30 • 6 00 Specialist Ectucat'or Centre .
1762 Pershore Road Cotteridae Birmingham 630 3BH IT 021 -458 4564 fax 021-433 3825 Opao Mon - Sai 9 00 - S 30 ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT AND DELIVERY Same day despatch whenever possible Express Courier delivery £5 00 extra.
- MAIL ORDER DEPARTMENT- Unit 9 St Richards Rd, Evesham, Worcs
WR11 6XJ
- RETAIL SHOWROOMS Call us now on © 0386-765500 6 bnes. Open Mon
- Sat. 9 00 • S 30 Fa.: 0386-765354 Technical support (open Mon
- Fn. 9 30 • 5 30): 0386-40303 Government. Education A PLC
order* welcome All product* covered h 12 Month* Warranty All
good* subject to availability. E. A O F Send an Order with
Cheque. Postal Order or ACCESS VISA card details Buy with
confidence from one ol the longest established companies in
their lield. With a reputation lor good service and prices. We
have invested heavily in a compuler system lo enable our
Telesales stall lo provide up-to-the-minute stock information,
coupled with highly efficient order processing. Our fully
equipped Workshop enables us to carry out almost any repair on
our premises. We leel sure lhal you won t be disappointed if
you choose Evesham Micros.
Citizen drive mechanisms inc.VAT & delivery ONLY £49.
t. Y Direct replacement for the A501 expansion
- Ci Convenient On Off Memory Switch
- Ct Auto-recharging battery backed Real-time Clock
- Ci Compact unit size : Ultra-neat design
- Ci Uses only 4 D-RAMs for High Reliability
- Ci Low power consumption RAM expansion without clock, only ...
£43.00 Suits Amiga 500 or Amiga Teac Citizen drive mechanism’
e On Off switch on rear of drive Throughport connector 880K
Formatted capacity Slimline design Very quiet Long cable for
location either side of computer Full 12 months guarantee f
Superb low price!
£64.95 Including VAT and delivery All Aafin Parkanoc alco Karale Ktd II Jaws Wordwnght (w processor) Super Huey Mil MDUU rac Rages a I SO Leatherneck Ocfcon 5 Nigel Mansells Grand Pnx Goidrunner include the following : Battle Squadron High Steel Belter Dead than Alien Night Walk £379.00 £379.00 £419.00 £439.00 £479.00 £129 00 £249 00 £129 00 £18 95 £259 00 £4 95 AMIGA SPECIAL DEALS A Max Mac Emulator without Mac ROMS A Max Mac Emulator with 2 ¦ 120K ROMS ... Mus*c X •ncrediD’y powerful muse package Home Accounts (D»grta) .. Phi kps CM8833 colour monitor inc cable Am.ga 500
dusi cover ... Amiga 500 512K Flight of Fantasy pack includes 4 software titles and TV modulator Amiga 500 512K Batpack includes 4 software titles and TV modulator Amiga 500 1Mb Batpack (OF? F.O.F. Pack) lealures our 1Mb RAM Upgrade lined...... Amiga 500 Batpack (OR F.O.F. Pack) with Drive includes our 3.5' External Drive Amiga 500 1Mb Batpack (OR F.O.F. Pack) with Drive lealures our 1 Mb Memory Upgrade plus 2nd 3.5' External Drive .... External 5.25“ 40 80 track sw.tchaD»e dnve £ 114 95 Omega Projects MIDI interlace £ 29 95 Vortex System 2000 40Hard Os* C
499 00 Vk*-Amiga including VkJ-Chrome ..... £ 110 00 MmiGEN Genlock Adapter £ 95 00 Contnver H. Res replacement Mouse pacxage £ 22 95 Good quaKy Commodore 20Mb Hard Disk, including its own PSU and built-in coohng tan Features sockets for up to 2Mb of RAM expan&on (see below) 80ms Access time, with up to 2 4Mb sec transfer rate Autoboots when used with Kickstart 1 3 A590 512K RAM Upgrade kit £36.00 A590 1Mb RAM Upgrade kil £70 00 A590 2MB RAM Upgrade kil.....£135.00 RAM upgrades feed tree *t»n txiugnt «nh A590 NEW! Genuine replacement Commodore Amiga P.S.U £39.95 CBM A590 HARD DRIVE only
E379.00 PRINTERS All prices include VAT delivery & cable IL C NORDIC POWER CARTRIDGE ProvxJes the use' with a tremendous cokeaon of easy-fo use fealties whether tot general use or for programming Button-invoked freeze options xiciude a comprehensive machine code monitor, graphics frame grabber with optional prmtoul facility, sound scanner to search. Ed»t and save sound samples, program cruncher to fit more programs on an 80OK os*» program backup. P*us many more Urvt also features a through-BUS and vanaOe slow motion controller knob Nordic Real Action Cartridge .... £69.00
5. 25" External Drive Our high quality 5.25* drive is capable of
a number of configurations including 40 or 80 tracks (360 720K
format). Colour matched to Ihe Amiga, quiet in operation, and
includes a fhroughport connector.
£114.95 lnc«.r Hugely successlul 9 pin printer, the Star LC10 provides 4 NLQ lonts (96 print combinations) at 36cps and 144cps dralt.
Includes 4K buffer and IBM parallel interface. Front panel operation, plus paper parking, allowing single sheets to be used without removing tractor paper Star LC24-10 multifont 24pin printer, super low price .£239 00 Star LC24-15 wide carriage version ol LC24-10, 200 67cps £409 00 Star LC15 wide carnage version ol LC10. 180 45cps £329.00 Star LC-10 Mk II taster version ol LC10. 180 45cps ...£199 00 Olivetti DM100S 9-pin 10‘ printer 200 30cps inc. 1 year on-site
warranty! £129 95 Panasonic KXP1081 reliable . Sturdy 9pin 10" printer 120-24 cps £159.00 Panasonic KXP1180 super new teature-packed multilont 9 pin 11" ...£179.00 Panasonic KXP1124 new good specification multilont 24 pin 11" ..£259.00 Panasonic KXP1624 wide carnage version ol KXP1124 ..£399.00 Epson LX400 (was LX800) 10' 180 25 cps ....£179.00 Epson LQ550 good 24pin 150 50 cps ...£349.00 Epson LQ400 new 24 pin
180 60 cps with 8k butler ..... £229 00 Wf use and recommend Star pr»me because they offer an unbeatable co bination of features, print quality, rdab ity and value When buying, please no we are now offering 12-month on-ti maintenance contracts for £7.95 extra Only £159.00 Colour version also available.
Only £209.00 Prices include 2 extra black ribbons free of charge.
PHILIPS 15" FST TV Monitor (MODEL 2530) With Its dedicated monitor Input, this model combines the advantages of a high quality medium resolution monitor with the convenience ot remote control Teletext TV - at an excellent low price I £269.00 Includes VAT. Delivery and computer connection lead DATAPLEX 10 Petersfield Avenue, Slough.
,_ Berkshire SL2 5DN
* !£"• 1 Tel 0789 98887 1____. „ VAT and delivery I Epson 14)550
......289.00 AMIGA HARDWARE Epson 4)850 .. 445 00 Amiga
Batman Pack £317.00 Epson 14)860 ...525 00 New Amiga
Flight of Fantasy £317 OO Eoson 1.01060 654 00 New Amiga Batman
Plus 5 GameaPack Plua HEWLETT PACKARD imnkjrl 265 UU Quletjct
.343.00 AMIGA ACCESSORIES Quiet Jet* 4 12 (X) A501 512K
Kant • c icx k ...... .85.00 DeskJet
443. 00 TV Modulator
15. 00 DeskJet ?
565 00 Mouse Mai 4 00 PaintJet
729. 00 Amiga to Philips Lead .....
10. 00 Rugged Wntcr 865 00 Amiga lo |*nnter la-ad 10(H) All
Hewlett Packard printers come Quu kshot ll SOek 10 00 U’lin 1
• monins on 5 if warranty DATAPLEX DRIVES Star IX' 10
mono ...
135. 00 1MH35 Kxtrrn.il Drive
68. 00 Slar EC 10 Colour
168. 00 1 Mil 3 5 Internal Drive
63. 00 Slar IX 24 10 21900 I MB 5 25 Kxirrnal Floppy Dnvr .95.00
NEC P2 * .....239(H) NEW AMIGA CLASS OF 90 S NEC 1*6 * 80
eharaeter 389 00 in, 111 1111 NEC P7 136 eharac ler
.... 523 (H) Art A Design Iraturr. Word I’rocevstng.
Colour upgrade kit 69 00 Desk Top Publishing. Spreadsheet.
Panasonic KXP 1081 119 00 Mush-, latgo and HIM' Emulation 439 (H) Panasonk KXP 1124 219 00 Sheet (eerier ......89 00 PHILIPS MONITORS 199 (H) Panasonic KXP 1624 1132 eolumnl 349-00 1 MHH33 14 RGH CVIiS mon PanasoiiH KXP 1 180 144(H) 1 CM 8833 14 KGH CVBS mon Pan.isonlc KXP 1595...... . 31900 1 (including cables) ..... 219 (H) Panasonic KXP 1540 404 00 1 PRINTERS NEW MAN NFS MANN TALLY LAUNCH OFFER Amslrad 14)3500 1)1 |89 H) MTKI |dol matnxl 1 15(H) 1 Anisirad DMI'4000 1 75 (X) Sheet (eerier ......62.00 1 Amslrad I.Q5000 1)1 295 00 Serial l E 35 00 1 DOT MATRIX RANGE
RIBBONS Cm rn 1201) 120 (M) KXPI08I 1090 1 2 4 DO iii cn 1HOK 127 00 DMP 2U00 300U 3I6O 2 si) New 24pin swill 24 255 (H) DMP 4000 Colour upgrade lor swill 42 (H) K W 8256 1.Q35CH) 4 50 Alt Citizen printers come with 2 year Panasonk 3I3I MP26 4 40 warranty EXMOO KX MX EX80 3 15 Epson IA40O 139 OO FXI000 FX RX100
4. 40 Epson LX850 182 00 NL 10
4. 40 Epson FX850 310 (H)
I. Q500 800 850 4 40 Epson EX 1060 4 10.00 LCIO ...
4 40 Epson 14)400 .. 215(H) NEC
... ..500 Epson LQ500
249. 00 Professional Repairs Carried Out.
NO COMPUTER- IS COMPLETE WITHOUT A DUST COVER Protect your Amiga with a dust cover from the BBD Professional Range.
Made from best quality proofed nylon that has been treated with a flame retardant and an anti-static inhibitor. BBD Dust Covers are tastefully finished with contrasting piping. They never crack, discolour, tear or fade. They can be washed and ironed. So confident are BBD of the quality that they give a noquibble guarantee with every cover.
BBD dust covers are not expensive and all our prices include VAT and P&P Amiga 500, Keyboard only £5.00 Amiga 1000, one piece cover ...£8.00 Amiga 2000, two piece set .....£11.00 In addition to the above BBD offer a wide range of other covers.
These include printer covers from only £5.50 Why not contact us for further details R R DUST Centre 'SESO?
D D 3 COVERS standish, Wigan, WN6 OHQ Telephone: 0257 425839 ext 34 VISA Fax: 0257 423909 Sheer Perfection in Computer Protection YOU NEED 51 2K NOW HOW MUCH WILL YOU NEED TOMORROW?
ViAAU viAAUy FEATURES: THE NEW ASHCOM RAM EXPANSION IS EXPANDABLE TO 1.8Mb ONLY £89.95 for 512K version. I Rams only Expander Board £19.95. £40 Fully expanded to 1.8Mb only £225 per512K ? Real Time clock calendar with high capacity Nicad battery backup ? Memory disable switch ? Low power consumption ? Buffered Data Bus (Essential for high capacity Ram boards) ? Plugs in as A501 NO SOLDERING!!
? 12 Months warranty All prices include VAT and delivery.
Trade enquiries welcome. British made.
Please make cheques payable to Ashcom ASHCOM 512K RAM EXPANSION WITH REALTIME CLOCK CALENDAR ONLY £54.95 AND DISABLE SWITCH WITHOUT CLOCK £47.95 VIRUS BLOCKER ONLY £19.95 PREVENTS THE WRITING OF ALL BOOT BLOCK VIRUSES TO DISK. SIMPLY PLUGS INTO EXTERNAL DISK SKT Only from ASHCOM, 10 The Green, Ashby-De*La Zouch, Leicestershire, LE6 5JU Telephone: (0530) 411485 TiJRBOSOFT £1699 £1699 £1999 £1899 £14 99 £14 99 £1699 £11 99 £26 99 £1699 £1699 £1399 £14 99 £1699 £14 99 £26 99 £13 99 £20 99 £11 99 £16 99 £1699 £1699 £1699 £1299 £16 99 TRIPLE PACK - ONLY £16 99 Hostages Purple Saturn Da* KutT MAGNUM
4 • ONLY £19.99 4“--t umer Dou&e D-agor Operator Wof Batman The Capea Ojsaoer COMPUTER HITS II - ONLY £8 99 Terns Black Shadow Gotten Path Joe Biaoe WORLD CUP COMPILATION - ONLY £14.99 Tracksuit Manager Kick Off.
International Soccer PRECIOUS METAL - ONLY £15.99 Captam Bood Xenon Arxanott H Crazy Cars LIGHT FORCE • ONLY £16.99 Bio Challenge Ik . R Type Voyager SUPREME CHALLENGE FLIGHT COMMANO ¦ ONLY £19 99 Ei.mn*tor S*rCh**« Sir»« F yc* Mam** Lancaster S*y*Oi II TRIAD 3 - ONLY £19 99 Rooet Ranger Speedbaii B*ooc Money TIME AND MAGIK - ONLY £7.99 Lords ot Time Red Moon The Price ot Mag* WICKED GAMES PACK - ONLY £9 99 3o-.'ce* p*;c e Ba:«pa~v-x " •’'.aoe's Baa Rao*’ » Soccce ScaceOa.*r Da&c Z ai Omeio
• SPECIAL OFFERS » SPECIAL OFFERS • Leaderboard Rocket Ranger
Marble Madness Bards Tale I ACCESSORIES Mouse Mai 6mm £3 99
Mouse House £3 99 Amiga 500 Dust Cover £4.99 Amiga 4 Player
Adaptor £7 99 Disc Cleaning Kit . £1 99 Naksha Mouse £29 99
Contriver Mouse £22 99 40 Lockable Disc Bo* £5 99 80 Lockable
Disc Bo» £7 99 Bo* 10 Sony Branded Discs £9 99 Bo* 10 Bulk
Discs £6 99 Cheetah 125* £7 99 Quick|Oy Jetfighter £12 99
Navigator with Autofire £1099 Soeedkmg with Autotire £9 99 Pro
5000 £12 99 [”• Meg Upgrade Only £54.99] I * Meg - Dungeon
Master £65 99, 1' Meg • Dragons Lair £79 99, I ’ Meg • Escape
Smoes Castle II Meg • Gold of the Realm £64 991 £59 991 11 Meg
• Space Ace £69 991 11 Meg • Roger Rabbit £59 991 11 Meg . 11
Came From the Desert £74 991 Casmo Roulette North And South £9
99 Seven Gates of Jamoaia £5 99 Padand £7 99 Chambers of
Shaoim £5 99 Pacmania £7 99 Running Man IK. £6 99
Bloodwych Stargiider II ..... £7 99 Interphase Conflict m
Europe £7 99 Treasure Island Dizzy Seconds Out £4 99 Gauntlet
II Roger RabOit £8 99 Spy Vs Spy Joan of Arc £7 99 Spy Vs Spy
II £4 99 £9 99 C9 99 £4 99 £7 99 £4 99 £4 99 £4 99 £4 99 Quest
for the Time Bird £9 99 Spy Vs Spy l Biastero«ds Trivial
Pursuits NeOuluS Cyber nod II Netherwond Hollywood Poker Pro £6
99 £9 99 £4 99 £4 99 £4 99 £7 99 £1299 £4 99 £9 99 £7 99 £4 99
£7 99 £9 99 £4 99 £6 99 £9 99 £4 99 £4 99 God of me Rea'm • Meg
£7 99 Baai £7 99 Menace £7 99 Baftstu £7 99 Shadow of the Beast
£16 99 Laser Squad £8 99 Passing Shot £4 99 3 Stooges £9 99
Tank Attack £7 99 FORTHCOMING ATTRACTIONS Sly Spy £16 99 Blue
Ange s £16 99 European Superleague £13 99 Pool of Radiance £19
99 Shadow Warrior £16 99 Adidas Golden Shoe £ 16 99 UMS II £15
99 Damocles £16 99 Myth £1699 Blade Wamor £16 99 Liverpool The
Game £ 16 99 Turrican £ 16.99 The Punisher £16 99 Chaos Strikes
Back £ 16 99 Dynasty Wars £16 99 Kick Off 2 £12 99 Starflight
£16.99 Last Nmja II £16 99 Manhunter m San Francisco £20 99
Back To The Future 2 £16 99 Escape From The Planet Of The Rooot
Monsters £12 99 Star Trek V £16 99 Tusker £1699 Vermmator £15
99 Tower 01 Babel £14 99 Barbarian II (Psynosist £15 99
Neuromancer £16 99 Lost Patrol £15 99 Delta Armalyte £13 99 Ant
Heads Data Disc £9 99 Bomber Mission Disc £13 99 Dynamic
Debugger E16 99 F19 Stealth Fighter £22 99 Final Battle £16 99
Gm & Cnbbage £20 99 Hammerfist £16 99 Hot Rod £16 99 Red Storm
Rising £16 99 Imperium £16 99 “AMIGA EXTERNAl’dRIVE i * Shadow
of the Beast, Kick Off.
! R.V.F Honda. Battle Squadron.
UNBEATABLE VALUE Xenon II £i 5 99 Kla.
£1299 F 16 Combat Pilot £1599 Gazzas Soccer £14 99 Ninja Warriors £13.99 Gnostbusters H £16 99 Operation Thunderbolt £1699 Chase HQ £1699 Bomber £19 99 Cvberbaii £1299 Iron Lord £1699 Italy 1990 £1699 Mowmter £1899 Hard Dnvino Ghouls n Ghosts £1359 £1699 Stunt Car Racer £1699 Pro Tennis Tour £1699 it Came From The Desen t Meg £19 '99 CkXjd Kingdoms £14 99 Jumping Jackson Turbo Outrun £•699 £1699 K 3 G»oves £ 4 99 Space Ace £26 99 Their Finest Hour £*9 99 ivanhoe £•6 99 Colorado £•6 99 Conqueror F-18 Interceptor £7 99 Eliminator £4 99
F. sh £7 99 Tmnai Pursuit New Beg r £6 99 Super Wonderooy £7 99
Krstai £9 99 Emmanuelie £7 99 Lords Of the R Sing Sun £11 99
Drakke'- £14 99 Batman me Move £7 99 Femanoez Must D*e £3 99
Fi»ntstcnes £4 99 TOP 50 CHART £6 99 £9 99 £7 99 £7 99 £7 99
£7 99 £7 99 £1299 £4 99 £14 99 £2 99 Thunderb*rds F ban
Manager II • E*p Kit Breach Daify Double Horse Racng
Centrefold Squares Bouiderdasn Const K«t Dynamite Du* Blood
Money Captam Blood Barbarian Psynosis Millenium 2 2 Drum Studd
Sdewmder II CLASSIC COLLECTION Dungeon Maste' (1 Meg | £1599
Dungeon Master Editor £7 99 Bairiechess £16 99 3D Pool £1399
Colossus Chess x £1599 Steve Davrs Snooker £1399 Kings Quest
Tnp*e Pack £24 99 Falcon £1999 Flight Simulator II £26 99
Lombard RAC Rally £15 99 Operation Wolf £1599 Scenery Disk 7.
9 or 11 £1399 Scenery Disk Japan or Europe £1399 Wa'm Middle
Earth £1399 Airborne Ranger £1599 Rooocoo £1699 Watedoo £1599
Twin World £1699 Kc* Of E*tra Time £5 99 Batoesech £1699 Wayne
G'etz«» s «oc»ey £1599 De u*e Sc-aooe £1399 Dragons Lair o Meg
£26 99 Bards "are :i £1699 Penan Formula ' £1699 Grano Pn*
C«rcu't £1699 Sword of Sodan £1699 Uftima IV £16 99 Zak
McKraken £1699 Forgotten. Worlds £13 99 Maniac Mansions £16 99
Test Dcve II £16 99 Snoot em Up Construction Kit £19 99
Balance of Power 1990 £19 99 R V F Honda £16 99 indy Jones The
Adven»u-e £’6 99 Kick Off £12 99 Falcon Mission Disc £13 99
Populous £1699 Populous Promised Lands £7 99 Altered Beast £11
99 Super Cars (T D II Disc: £8 99 California Challenge |T D ••
Dsci £8 99 Muscle Cars (TD ll Disc £8 99 Austerfctz £16 99 688
AnackSub £1699 BamenawKs ’94 2 £1699 E«e £1299 Gunsho £1299
Mcroorose Soccer £1299 Camer Command £1299 Fiendisn Freddy's
B»g Top Fur £16 99 Continental Circus £11 99 Dragons of Flame
£1699 Keef The Thiel £1699 Borodmo £1999 Demons Tomb £1299
Hillsfar £1699 Gold of the Americas £16 99 leisuresuit Larry 1
£16 99 Leisuresuit Larry II £19 99 Space Rogue £18 99 Horse
Raong £16 99 Heroes of the Lance £1699 Manhunter in New York
£19 99 Omega £1999 PiCbonary £16 99 Postman Pat £6 99 UMS
£1699 Virus KiUer £7 99 Vutan £16 99 World Tour Go* £7 99 Red
Dghtn.ng £1999 Full Metai Planet £16 99 European Challenge ;T
D "i £8 99 Tracksuit Manage’ £1399 European Space Shuttle £24
99 The Cycles £1699 Bndge Player 2150 £1999 Times of Lore £16
£24 99 £24 99 £24 99 £24 99 Studio Magik Fanavision AMOS
Photon Paint I Deluxe Paint t Deluxe Pnnt tl C52 99 £24 99 £34
99 £22 99 £59 99 £34 99 Deluxe ViOeo ill £59 99 Deluxe Music
Cons Set £49 99 Deluxe Paint II £7 99 Studio 24 £134 99 Track
24 £59 99 Mastersound £32 99 A Ma- .Mac Emuiato'l £109 99
Mavis Beacons Typing £1999 A Ma. ¦* ’28K ROMS £209 99
KinOworOs £37 99 DevPac it £44 99 Protext V 4 £59 99 Digcac
£27 99 Pagesetter £89 99 Misott Basic £59 99 Transport
Controller £149 99 lattice C V 4 £164 99 Draw 2000 £18999
Discover Chemistry £13 99 Fun School II 8- Discover Maths
.£13.99 Kid Talk Discover Numbers £13.99 Math Talk
Discover the Alphabet £13 99 Discovery Maths Fun School It
(unOer 61 £12 99 Drscovery Words Fun School II 6-8 £12 99
Discovery Trivia Please note that not an tortncommg
attractions are released at the scheduled time These mill be
despatched within 24 hours ot release subtect to availability
377974 FAX: 0525 852278 Please make cheques & PO payable to
Turbosoft Orders under £5 please add 50p per item. Over £5 p&p
Elsewhere please add £1.50 per item.
N. B. Please state clearly mode of computer & also cassette or
disc when ordering ORDER FORM E $ $ & Please supply me with the
following for
Computer ... Titles
Price DATE: ..
ADDRESS: ..... Post Code TEL- AMIGA
FORMAT JULY '90 3uwdiscs*
c»GivtwaaD*PvaiSHEflsi o«*wsc-*icNTCRSso coiGTis£BS*vceooGn re*
r ca TEL: 0983 79496 STOCK CLEARANCE (Few only) 3 5- NEC Drive
iSH 49 9i A-tga DOS 1000o* mewi 29 90 B3S pC BcAefen Boa-o 79
81 C Lgn* Ra, Traang SHi 29 90 D*--*e R nr n io* Dund*: ’9 78
Der.ie Pa.rn in spi.t oo* i 49 9’ :r'a-50" **om Dund* 24 64 s
Camera Acuo" me*. 39 79 l*M-4 2 C99 82 s*ece- Fonts mew *9 78
p* e*c Acco_~s -e« 29 90 p-ooct C secorc 29 90 Soanor ~jor 24
64 Kt new 49 5' St 5C M*g 39 *9 '¦* Ay i Piw 99 82 Ay-: *:a
s*%anO 3*96 vwcrv.r-w i 29 5C ACCOUNTS Aran* we ”983 Cas“0oc*
C ro-ator 59 80 Des« Too Budget 34 96 Ho*-* *cox-'*s 23 92
Person* Ta* 34 96 Person* Accounts Pw 29 90 Smal Bcsmess xtra
• MB 89 93 SysJem 3 ireeyateq « 65 BOOKS COMMUNICATIONS ‘ah 3
69 92 K Comm 2 24 84 COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN Des 3D 'MB 57 96
P 3*esSKTA Dra* 'MB 99 82 x Cac Des e' 'MB 79 e• DATABASE
MANAGERS Ma s-C Pius 37 95 49 9’ p*oca:a 57 96 p*o*esvona ’ MB
'64 9* S-ae-tase P*raon» 39 "9 S-se-tas* =e cra 2 • MB 62 *9
AN: A* AV» 29 9C DESKTOP PUBLISHERS P*jes*T*r 2 • MS '4 96
P*gM~w- 1 MB * * 5 83 P*ge ¦ SMS • ~5 66 EDUCATION GCSE Tutors
24 64 U, P»nr 34 96 Hisoft Base Compiler Lattice C 5 SOUND
Deij»e Muse instant Muse Muse X Son.* Studio Mage SPREADSHEETS
Advantage DGCaic Superotan ’MB UTILITIES Ami A'gnm nt Kfl AmiM
F o* Beg-nn -s AR*«* Maco interp-eie- Award Maker P'us BAD
Dis« Ootrmi e- BBC Emulator C-ossDOS F- * T.anst . Dts* Maste-
•*ouse«eepe' DOS 2 DOS F«* D U D E •'Ouse.eeoer E nuance. • 3
S W Upg'aoe MAC 2 DOS 'pe Trans’e- Mafeixec Fonts • *»0*i
Ma»s Beacon TyE °g N gen GenwatOQy P-Oject D Bac«upEo to»
Superpac- 2 HO Bac»uO Vvu» infection P-otectron x Cooy
Bac"uC*E0'tor Vou' Famdy T-* Geneaetgy WORDPROCESSORS
K towo-ds 2 Mcrote.t PenPa: Proteit Scriooe (Plattnumi
TranscrW Wordpertect 64 86 54 97 39 79 57 96 69 92 49 91 44 85
49 91 5' 98 38 87 99 82 329 82 64 8 7 99 62 79 8’ 52 90 22 77
’69 97 39 79 49 91 79 81 31 97 67 85 34 96 29 90 34 96 34 96
31 97 34 96 29 90 39 79 29 90 34 96 4 72 69 92
• 29 95 27 83 59 80 3i 97 39 79 34 96 1794 34 96 35 88 1794 99 82
64 86 '99 8* "983 34 96 99 82 29 90 54 97 99 82 49 9’
• 09 94
• 39 84 4590 HaflO WIVES • ExtECNAE DBMS • EWASSONS (OB *503*
MORDEN SURREY SM4 5DA TEL: 081 542 7662 EDITORS CygnusEo
Ptoleisiona' 2 GRAPHICS Ar»mag*c Editor 'MB Come Sette* 'MB
Dek,«e Pa»nt 3 ’MB Detu.e V.oeo 3 'MB D 9 P*m3 Etar Perform**
impact Presentations Move Setter Pumate Scoot 3D XL -MB Suit*
4D P-o ssona' ’ MB Sc O! Animate 4D Juno* '-'OO S-rver Zc ooe
* 3 A5C0 Koistat «OM
• MB M r V41 A6CC RAM 3 5 NEC Dn SwtcnT 68" 52* A5« RAM
C C*S«*flC* 64 66 A ua Mac Erowy Nc ROMs 129 94 A4 t.r Bea
Sca-rer 449 88 AS9C 2CMB H d D** v* 3*9 96 AMAS So ncSa-toe-
Dg vew Go« 4 MiDi Maste- interface VO Amiga PAL DgWf PACKAGES
Aooetze* G-aones Stane* K-t Home 0"c* Kit Put*4b rs Cnoee
PROGRAMMING AgASM Aswoer System A tec C Pro»essor* Bencnmarv
Modua 2 Devpec 2 Assemoer System 42 78 GfA Base Compter 28 98
GFA Base interpreter 39 79 Applied Research Kernel Richard Howe
& Angela Hammett Corve Farmhouse, Chale Green, Ventnor, P038
2LA, U.K. POST UK Zero Software to Europe £4'ltem WorlO £10.
Item CHEQUES LonOon Sterling payable to A R K please EXPORT A
BFPO Remove U K V A T (.price 1 15) PHONE Monday to Saturday 10
00am to 6.30pm Vjl.T. Prces include U K VAT at 15% DESPATCH
Usually within 48 hours PRICES r - 3.P:t:i •: :--moe
3. 5 Inch Disks + boxes
- SttvHii LgfWk. IlftyawuIl Virtue [Lwljjit Xflys'-suTl Xtniu
!t,vM'.9jiD ©mflHD CH5, Hufte, M3 QSH 24 hr older Hne - lek
0438 840456 SPARES: 68000 MPV .£23-00 8364
Paula... £32.00 8371 Fat Agnus £43-00 8520 ...... £12.50
ROM £21.00 5719 Gary... £15.00 8362 Denise ....£22.00
Sen ice .Manual £22.00 ACCESSORIES: Parallel
lead ..£6.95 Mouse mats (hard) £3.95 KAO hulk
disks £6.50 (for 10) A500 fixed price repair (excluding disk
drive and PSD £40.00 All Datel products available. (Contact for
42. Harcourt Avenue, Meir, Stoke-on-Trent, ST3 5I-X.
Or Telephone: 0-82 323348 .All prices subject to availability SPECIAL OFFERS LIMITED STOCK External drive with FREE Photon Paint - £89.00 Contriver Mouse - £19.00 Music X - £99.00 Amiga Business Pack (Kind Words, K Spread, K Data rrp £169.00) - £59.00 Microtyne Leazes Arcade, Leazes Park Road, Newcastle NE7 4PF Tel: 091 261 4088 EALING COMPUTER CENTRE 1 place for AMIGA COMPUTERS in West London. All prices inc.v.A.T. This Months Special Promotions £134 95 £159 99 £198 99 £209 99 £239 00 £169 99 £269 99 £9 99 £29 99 £29 90 £29 90 £2690 £26 90 £26.90 £24 95 £49 99 £55 99 £39 00 19 Queens Parade,
Ealing, London W5 3HU. Tel 081-991 0928 Pr.ces ifTciuoe oetvery fo* software ana s-man items Cour Driven, o' 'xy aware V W uk maniara onty * ADOve Dttces for mail oraer Snop prices may vary * All offe'S SuDiecr fo avaiOtxiity £SOE We are tf e corner of nagger _ane (No n Circular) & Queers Drive
* Easy paring * Most moaeis STOCK * VISA AND ACCESS_ with any
purchase Lowest price in U K?
10 msKs 3.5t)SDD £4.99 Amiga 500 Batman Pack £375.99 Amiga 500 Flight ol Fantasy £375 99 ALL WITH 4 TITLES. TV MODULATOR. MOUSE.
Philips 8833 Colour Stereo Commodore 1084 Colour Stereo 223(1 6299 99 6239 99 Hr i VON (EXTERNAL) Cumana 1 Mb Drive 3 5"
3. 5" 1Mb Drive (NEC Chinom Amiga 20MB HarO Disk Drive (mcl 3
software titles)..
5. 25" Drive (NEC Chinom 1M6 679 99 663 99 6369 99 6119 99
K-SPREAD 2 £69.99 Amiga Mouse Memoty Upgrade C 5MB As Above
with Clock Power Supplies Hardware
£63.99 Business Collection Kind Words 2. K-Data. K-Spread 2
£69.95 Mannesman Tally MT81 Star IC-10 .
Star LC-10 MKII Star LC-'0 Colour Star LC-24-10 Panasonic KXP1180 Panasonic KXP t!2J [!_• IALL WITH CABLES) i rimers ahukspecifications Photon Paint 2 Sprit: iGrapnc I Tenstar Pack Kmfl Woros 2 SuperOase K-Data ..... K-Spread 2 K-Graph 2..... Software AMIGA SOFTWARE F29 Retaliator ...16.99 SnperCars ....1399 Dragon s Breath ...19.99 Cvberball ......13.99 Gravity.
16. 99 After the War ...13.99 Warhead
...16 ‘HI First Contac t
16. 99 Ninja Spint ..16.99 Tower of H.iIh'I 13
99 Ralt)t ou Island
16. 99 Full Metal Planet 1399 Xcnofiiorph 16 99 Renaissance 13 99
1 Ivpcrac Iicmi ..16.99 Maine Miner 6 99
Fire Brigade ..... 1999 Inli'station
16. 99 Man United ...13 99 Dungeon Quest
16. 99 Pipe Manta 16.99 C’«a cr Soccei
16. 99 Supreme Challenge .. ...19.99 Xenon II
16 99 Spac e Rogue .....
19.99 1 ragon ol Flame.....
.16.99 Third Courier .....
13.99 Supei Wniidcl'bnv ..... 16.99
Cvlxrball ...13.99 Beach Volley .....16.99
r) irnno |iifHi II . ...19.99 Tiirlxi
Outrun ......16.99 Kid Gloves.
. ......16.99 Kennv Dalglish II . .19.99
Budokan. .. .
16. 99 Dragon Spirit 13 99 World 1 foxing Manager 13.99 Fast Line
13. 99 C hess Player 2 ISO
16. 99 Best Man .....16.99 Escape Irom Singes G astle
34.99 New Zealand Slor I63h» IN Sports Basketball
..19.99 Stum Car Racer .16
911 1*47
16. 99 Shadow «*l the lie.is 24 99 Crostslxkw
...13.99 Sim CH 19319 Scrambled Spitu
1399 Ninja Wamois
13. 99 Ki k ...13.99 Ghoslbuslers II
16. 99 Hunler Killer .3.99 Chase 11 Q
16. 99 [?????
1 Amiga Hal Par k phone I Amiga Kill’ll! Ol Fantasy Pack ..
359. 99 |A!x ve with leusiar G allies Pack .
...379 99 IA590 Hard Drive
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Re’e*ence Guide F*fSI Boo" O* Amga £-6 4 THIS IS ONLY A
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L*f*t l, T"* -Jr.
V. Address your communications to BOB WADE at 30 Monmouth Street,
Bath, BA1 2AP. If its good enough to be printed and escape the
Origami treatment it could win you a T-shirt and binder.
But surely, if hackers or crackers can write cheats to make a game easier by providing infinite energy, longer time limits etc, then wouldn't it be fair to say the opposite can be done, to provide lasting challenge to try to beat the game on a harder level?
But why should it be up to the computer users to do these things? I would personally like to request software houses to return to one of their nicer practices in the far gone days of home computer games playing. Would you please include a difficulty level setting which the player could select him herself so that when an easier level has been chosen, a harder one could be used after the easier one was completed? Such a feature could add extra life to games, even shoot-em-ups, that would otherwise be collecting dust on the gameplayer's shelf.
Jonathan McBrien Enniskillen, Fermanagh one because it can far too easily be seen as a copout for the programmers - instead of working on more levels, features, puzzles etc, they will iust opt for stepping up enemy fire rates and so on. Yes, I think more attention should be paid to long term fasting interest (we’re talking months here), but it should be through superior design not toggling difficulty levels.
New Commodore 64, I found that the same fate had taken place (blasted pirates, no doubt).
Anyway I decided to give it one last try and your magazine seemed to provide the perfect opportunity. I rushed out and bought some of the software that you claimed had some Gold Disks enclosed. When I got home and ripped the plastic envelope open only to find a round flexible piece of plastic with a hole and a funny piece of metal on it (which proved to be worthless when I had it valued). What a con. Just goes to show how pointless piracy is, I'll never get nch like this.
The Unsuccessful Pirate Enfield, Middlesex Oh, no!
It's the Pathetic Pirate!
I have been a pirate since the early days, and I have been and still am very disappointed with the state of affairs surrounding the computer industry.
I bought my first computer, a Commodore Vic 20 not soon after it was launched, and started my days of piracy from there, but to no avail - I couldn't find any of these fabled pieces of eight in my 8-bit machine. Assuming someone else had stolen my treasure I decided to try a machine that claimed to have 64 pieces of 8, but when I hacked apart my brand I'm frankly surprised they let you have computers where you are, you might try to electrocute yourself by sticking your tongue in the disk drive.
Cyber Correction Your article on Multimedia stated that AutoDesk had spent millions of dollars developing cyberspace and that they ran on mini systems.
Autodesk in fact demonstrated cyberspace hooked up to a bicycle at the I989 expo at the Anaheim conference centre in California. They announced at the time that the entire research project had cost a mere £26,000, a mere binary digit in computer terms. This is mainly due to the fact that it runs predominantly on existing hardware, top end Pcs and not as was stated mini systems. I have my doubts that cyberspace will ever be available on such low-power machines as currently saturate the home market but with the recent release of the Intel 486 chip and ongoing development of the 586 I
believe it could be a realisbc proposition to The course you suggest for solving the problem is a dangerous What's in a Game?
We all want good games. But what exactly is or are the elements which make a game good?
The game has to be absorbing and addictive, graphics and sound of a high quality do help enhance a game, but are not essential. This was shown by a great game called Laser Squad. Graphics and sound are not exactly breathtaking, but it's an excellent game nonetheless. Too often we are given a game with no gameplay whatsoever, best examples here are Dragon's Lair and Space Ace, both sheep in wolves clothing.
Difficulty level also dictates whether a game is good or bad.
OK, so the game may be enjoyable while it lasts, but do you like paying 25 quid for a game which will only last a few days? Take Robocop as an example here. The graphics serve their purpose, and so does the sound, but the difficulty level is set way too low.
The overall game itself may have benefitted from shorter time limits, fewer rounds of ammo in extra weapons, or more energy taken away from Robocop with every hit.
This may make things a lot harder for someone who is only starting out on playing Robocop and it is easy for a person like myself to say things like this about the game because I completed it, Manual Hassles I have recently purchased the database Acquisition 1.3. This was reviewed in ST Amiga Format, which contained an excellent review and also stated that a free 500 page tutorial would be available free if necessary. After receiving the database, I contacted the suppliers with reference to the tutorial. The reply was that they had never heard of the offer.
After this rebuff I contacted the publishers of the program, Taurus. Their reply was that they no longer supported the database as it was nearly three, years old.
So I have finally decided to write to Amiga Format in the hope you will publish my plea for any kind, database Acquisition 1.3 owner, who would kindly loan me a copy of the free tutorial. This would enable me to start using the above database.
BW Hudson 32 Westmorland St Balby Doncaster Yorkshire DN4 9AD We don't have a copy of the tutorial unfortunately, but if you've got one then why not take the time to help Mr Hudson out?
See cyberspace making a real appearance in the PC world within the next five years.
Darren Plumridge Reigate, Surrey Back UP? Back OFF!
As a programmer I would like to address all those wingeing would be pirates, oh sorry, I mean disk backeruppers, who can’t find a decent backerupper program. IF YOU CAN’T 'DUPLICATE' IT FROM THE WORKBENCH MENU OR 'DISKCOPY- IT FROM CLI, THEN IT IS NOT MEANT TO BE BACKED UP. I suggest that you (would-be backeruppers) write to the software companies in question and ask their permission to backup their software and how to do so.
Melville Carrie Pittenweem, Fife Before anybody else says it, I will
- most games don't have a backup option - this is not a good
thing, particularly in the age ol viruses. It would involve
extra programming to alter protection techniques but surely
it’s worth doing lor the customer's sake.
Big Amiga Offer About a month ago, Commodore had the decency to give my postman a little letter to give to me telling me that my precious Amiga 500 was worth 1200 quid!!
Sounds bloody nice, I thought, what's the catch? Did you get one too? Well, you probably know then, that this is an offer brought to you exclusively from Commodore to try to get you to get rid of your A500 or A1000 and get an A2000 for the lovely price of 1099 zords.
What do Commodore do with these A500s when they get their mitts on them, I wonder? Is this how they can afford to give such big-value bundles such as the Batman Pack, by recycling old A500s? Sorry for sounding so sceptical, Commodore, but it could be done, I suppose.
The option of upgrading to an A2000 for £1099 is quite nice, but I don't have that sort of money at the moment, and I most definitely don't want to give away my A500.
Does Commodore not think that instead of giving unregistered users £1200 for their A500, giving them a free memory upgrade or second disk drive, or even Checkmate's A1500 upgrade would be more useful?
This would enable all Commodore worshippers to keep their machines up to today's demanding specification, it would also be more accessible to registered owners. All the same, I think this was a very generous offer by Commie, but like many other A500 and A1000 owners I am going to say “Thanks but no thanks".
Jonathon McBrien (again!)
Enniskillen, Fermanagh It’s nice to see Commodore ottering what amounts to a discount to existing owners ot Commodore equipment. I also think it would be good to otter a trade-in on 64s and 128s so that owners of them could upgrade to the A500. Brand loyalty was always one of the strong points of Sinclair's computers and Commodore could do a lot worse than to try to encourage the same sort of loyalty in all ot us Commodore owners.
By Special Request Now although there have been requests for some hardware projects after this issue I thought I would write and let you know about the things that I would like to see printed, I thought that a good, but simple start and a build up to something more complex would be a good way of going about it so here are my ideas.
To start I thought we could build a sort of expansion card that would allow 8 megabytes of standard D-RAM chips to be fitted to my Amiga 2000, to simplify this we could make it unpopulated.
Once this had been achieved maybe a simple SCSI type of interface would be in order so we could go onto that, or maybe something really adventurous and combine the interface with the unpopulated expansion card.
Then of course as a virgin SCSI interface is not much use we could make up our very own hard drive say about 40 Gigabytes, nothing too big as we are just beginners at the moment.
With this out the way we could build a small multi-font Laser Printer, that supports some kind of Hewlett and Packard emulation, with full postscript facilities.
Now of course with all this extra hardware some extra RAM may be in order so how about teaching us how to make our own D-RAM chips.
I thought we could then go on by making a 68030 processor with a 68883 maths co-processor and a 24 bit frame buffer, all this along with a 21 bit digitizer would probably satisfy my curiosity enough to learn about electronics.
Perhaps you could even introduce some of the elements of electronics along the course of events, maybe you might be able to explain what a resistor does and why we use capacitors, and how many Ohms you can buy for £5.00, anyway in short nothing too complicated.
S K Hussain Edmonton Hmm. What mystifies me is how anyone ever persuaded you to buy an Amiga - surely you could have knocked one up in the garden shed on your own? Or maybe you did. Anyway, as soon as you have Very Large Scale Integration, the brain-like chip and room-tempera- ture superconductivity, get in touch with me. I woud like to be your agent, and I'll only charge a small percentage fee... What is a Virus?
1) What is a virus (apart from a minute non-cellular particle
which reproduces in living cells)?
2) How do they reproduce?
3) Just how many types are there?
4) My local computer shop owner says that a virus cannot remain
in the computer if it is switched off for 30 seconds - is this
I Smith Peterlee, Co Durham
1) A program that automatically copies itself from one disk to
another, most often with the intention of corrupting in some
way the disks it gets onto.
2) By copying themselves.
3) There are tens ol types and new ones appear all the time.
41 Absolutely true - which makes it the best way to avoid spreading a virus from one disk to another.
My 64 is the Best The fact is that games for the C64 often beat Amiga games hands down for playability. One example of this is Speedball. I have Speedball for both formats, and thoroughly loved it on the C64 but not favoured the Amiga version.
I know I'm not alone with this discontent, and at £25 this makes me even more pissed oft. One reason for our discontent is the inclusion of the mouse in many games.
The user feels in far greater control of the game if he is using the keyboard le Football Director II. ( I played this on an IBM PC).
Mark Dawson Ardbeg. Arquil There are games available and more arriving on the Amiga that are impossible on the 64 - and I'm not just talking about graphics and sound, but gameplay as well.
As for control methods, it's a case of horses for courses: the mouse is good for Virus, Ferrari Formula One or Operation Wolf, joystick for most shoot-em-ups and platform games, and keyboard for isometric 3D, some driving games and many other types.
I'm happiest when offered a choice between the three so I can make my own mind up.
AMIGA REPAIRS & SPARES Qz commodore £23 00 f?7 00 Bo20 CIA oo «owvi2 555 rom vt 3 £15 00 MSM 6242 Clock Many otne, carts available Service Manuals A500 • C38 00 A2000 £22 00 C379 ¦ Amiga u« cad age FROM C349!
¦ Amiga 11000 Mm 4CWB auto- £1099 Bool herd dNk. ApeaM tade-m oner ¦ Amiga MOOO laleat UK modal. £949 wkh 1.] Roma and 1MB cNp-AAM ¦ Amiga (2000 Aa above, plus ,£1495 A22M RC-AT Bridge Board A it d sk B Amlgs 12000 Wllh A22M, plus £1795 A20 0A 2C*2 20MB luiobool hard disk 8371 Fat Agnus 8372A Fat Agnus 5719 Gary AMIGA Prtea* teetude VAT, delivery 4 warranty Pleaae add £11 far avamlght dattvary.
All ayttamt are We lad before deape t ch.
On-aha metoltnewce option¦ available.
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A500 internal drives now in stock. A500-A2000 repairs, phone tor price.
¦ Jj” OMJO diskanat. Per 10 £10 B C1010 NEC 3)’ aflmkne drive £79 B AMI pkjg-ln RAM clock 912K £99 ¦ A10A4S Hres colour stereo monllor£249 ¦ Ajto 20MB auiobooi hwd disk £375 ¦ RAM lor AsdO per MB ... £99 a AmDRIVE 50MB auloBool hd disk £495 B Star LC10 MulWonl Primer £ 179 ¦ Star LC10C colour. 120 cpa. NLO £229 B HP DaakJat* 300 dp, InkJet, B W £695 B HP PaintJet colour InkJetHOdpI £889 B Supra Modem 300-2*00 Baud £179 B Trackball Marconi 882 £59 B ColourPtc Ds ttser Frame Grabbor£475 B Superple Genlock DkkWe. £595 ACE Repairs, Dept AF, Outways Farm, Pelynt, Looe, Cornwall PL13 2NW ®
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D S D D 3.5" Discs (fully guaranteed) Boxed in 50's. ONLY £29 inc P&P.
CATALOGUE ON OTHER PRODUCTS AVAILABLE SEND ORDER TO: DUKES MARKETING (Mail Order), 25 Wyndham St., Bridgend, Mid Glamorgan. South Wales, CF31 4RB Cheques payable to: Dukes Marketing M O Access - Visa - Eurocard No: 0656 - 767153 _"»I Ar« en RE Cop UPERP r rm everj 2000J Why not •''toy me tree T tet*xi databases w** me micfoTbiI t®*®!**! Adaptor Fu»y progremriebW w** tlltiil lecdfy. Inst ant KCWM *3 «•« ’• p*g*S dOuM« page VtoW te*es©*ware leader auV -«tB£t background operaeon Paget can spoke" printed aa ASCII or graphics. Saved aa ASCII or IFF fttea And * xma rour I08i i0d4 t433 monitor
Into a dxjrtal TV' Available now lor onty £1391 ¦ ¦¦ SUPERPLAN hjH-prlca aoadal Offar. WhliB alocka laat .. £49.*s! I ¦ Lattlca C vS 04 £169 5 Do • - 2 - Do a 34 bs PC Emulator v1 2 24 as C§4 Emulator v2 39 as SopBfBack 2 49 «s Workbaneh wl.3 Enhancar 14 95 Relational database powor. Without programming' S9.«s "The RoRs-Royco ol Anwja databases' NCE) 154 ts Pro Spreadshool with business graphics, umo planner 49 95 Fast Amaga spreadsheet with texVgraph.cs speoch 59 95 Comma software inckides Ruby-View and Ruby-Term 69 95 Sales. Purchase and Nomnat Ledgers plus invoicing 159 95 UK Income Tax
computation program horn D«g.ia Can YOU do a without CanDo?
Forma generator with over 100 ready-made lorms WP with graphics, thesaurus, dictionary etc ,f PRODUCTIVITY Amiga- amigaA ibm pc Over 2000 simple diparl pictures compiled into 4 sets. Each set contains over 500 images in PCX format (PC). ILBM (AMIGA) with pnnted picture catalogue. For IBM & PC compatibles and AMIGA.
Sets 1 to 4 £14.99 each Inclusive VAT & 1 st class same day post.
Buy 4 sets with catalogues tor £44.97 save £14 99 For TimeworVs, FSE, Ventura. PageMaker, etc on the PC Pro-Page and CityOesk etc. on the Amiga in ILBM ( IFF ext) FREE! PD 4 Shareware catalogue tor IBM & PC only, just phone.
State PC or Amiga when ordenng diparl. We cannot exchange.
Dept AM, 79-79a Highcroft Ave.
Oadby, Leicester. LE2 5UH _ Tel: (0533) 715160 __open 9-30 to 5-30 Clotea MONDAYS «nd IB 2 »M*l m July 39 95 13995 69 95 129 95 189 95 13995 149 95 79 95 18 45 I Professional Page vt.3 includes WP. Desktop, cotour separa'ons. CAD I CG Outline Fonts I Pageseher 2 I Publisher s Choice I ProText v4 I Pen Pal I VlraWrlte Desktop v2 35 tents tor ProPage. ProDraw. PageScner 2 £79 ts ¦ AC Bask vt.3 79 95 ¦ Mlsofl Basic VI.05 79 95 ¦ Amiga C tor Beginners 99 ¦ Amiga C Advanced Programmers 24 95 69 % ¦ System Programmer’s Guide 32 95 i when oraenng ciipan. We cannot exchange.
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ss latost full-loature video tiller, includes Zuma lonts 139*5 12x12 Graphics Tablet with last driver software 425 00 £845 00 ¦ Dlglvlew Gold V4.0 139*5 199 t ¦ Olglpalnl 3 59 ss 109t» ¦ Professional Draw 114.ss All machines fully MICROWARE COMPUTER SERVICES SKSS supply UK spec AUTHORISED COMMODORE BUSINESS AND EDUCATIONAL DEALERS machines, not imports: Attention School College Polytechnic & University Students.
Phone lor educational discounts on Commodore s PC range. Up to 28% oft RRP!!
Batman Pack Amiga 500 with TV modulator.
Batman Game. Dpaint II.
Interceptor & New Zealand Ston Flight of Fantasy Amiga 500 with TV modulator.
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081-546-7258 Mail Order Made Easy G L Murray with 'Trouble in
the Mail’ (Issue 10 ) could have saved himself trouble and
£17.90 if he had used a credit card. Credit card companies
form part of the transaction and so are just as responsible to
the customer as the salesman. All he needed to do is contact
his card company and they would see that he would not be out
of pocket and they then would go after Megasave. When buying
mail order, especially from dubious magazines such as AF, I
always use credit where my limit allows (but don’t forget to
pay when the statement comes through eh!)
Mike Robinson Southsea, Hants DUBIOUSI Just what, exactly, to be precise, in a nutshell, without beating around the bush or extrapolating the facts to the nth degree of complication is that supposed to mean? Are you casting nasturtiums on our character, or sexuality, or even that it's dubious whether we re a magazine? I'm so devastated I'm going to the pub tor a pint or six.
PS Good advice about the credit card.
On the same subject... Computer Comparisons I've owned a real menagerie of computers over the years. First there was the obligatory ZX81, with the scariest computer game ever - 3D Monster Maze, with Mazogs coming close. Then the old Speccy came (well, four of them to be precise), with the best game ever - Chaos - and those wonderful Cuchulam adventures by Gargoyle games, resulting in the second best game ever - Heavy on the Magick.
Then I got an ST, with the classic Carrier Command and... er... oh! Dungeon Master (how could I forget?) And now, for various reasons, I have an Amiga. Before I go any further, I'd like to point out that this is not a letter bemoaning the state of the software produced today... well, not really. In fact, the last thing I like to read about in a letters page is someone complaining that the latest technological feat (with x man woman years put into it) isn't as addictive as Death Race 2000 on the ‘81. True, I found Zynaps on the Spectrum as addictive as Xenon II, but so what?
I enjoy playing the latter, which is why I bought it.
I think people tend to get so used to technology these days. I mean, when I look at Retaliator. I can think to myself “Wow! The speed of this is the sort of thing you dreamed of when playing Fighter Pilot on the Speccy." And then you realise just how much of an advance 16-bit computers are.
Even so, I still think the ST and Amiga aren't being used as well as they could. Retaliator, for example, is very good in parts, but doesn't live up to the hype - it could have been so much better.
Still, the most eagerly awaited game this year is Lords of Chaos
- for the Spectrum, although the 16-bit versions have the
potential to be far superior.
Undoubtedly, the best 16bit game so far has to be Tower of Babel. Well done Pete Cooke!
Now, this man knows how to write an addictive game. Is someone going to organise a tower designing competition? I have some vicious towers to unleash upon the unsuspecting!
Another highly addictive game is Impossamole, providing that old ideas can still work when executed effectively.
Adam Britton Horbury, West Yorkshire I love a bit of nostalgia too and there were some great games on virtually all the computers there have been. However, it’s dangerous to get too nostalgic because when software houses latch onto an game style as being popular they tend to do it do death - witness beat-errwps, shoot-em-ups, Breakout games etc. It's nice in small doses but let's not stop the boundaries being stretched.
Mail Order Bargains The letter from Mr G Murray was very sensible and thought provoking. He was right to state that some (but thankfully not all) Mail Order Companies seem to rip off their potential customers and really they are only doing self- inflicted harm.
If four people buy a £25 Amiga game each and have to wait two months before receiving it, the company (which certainly never hesitates to bank all received cheques) will gam a fair amount of interest on this £100.
Remember that possibly hundreds of people use Mail Order advertisements and even if they only ever order a single game, a vast sum of money exchanges hands.
One major company (which shall remain nameless to save embarrassment) contained, I counted, over 25 unreleased games in a single advert!
This, however, is not solely the fault of the Mail Order Companies and some blame must fall upon the software houses themselves. It is they, after all, who place game advertisements many months before their release dates and there are sometimes problems in the programming developments, which naturally cause severe delays. Hundreds of eager gamesplayers must wait a couple of months for a game which, even after all the hype and hopes, may be rubbish anyway.
Instead of advertising games which are still halfway through being programmed, companies should save their money and use it to either fund the game or a future release. I know adverts are booked a long time in advance, but there is really no excuse for this type of sloppy behaviour.
Stuart Neil Hardy Wales, Sheffield A Good Idea?
A thought. Just occasionally, instead of putting a demo on your Coverdisk, why not put a complete game? It could either be something from PD, (as you did with Yelp sometime ago), or perhaps something from software houses, albeit an old game. There must be loads of games still around that one or two years ago were big news, but can’t be given away.
Either solution would be better than playing one level of a demo for a while and then trashing it.
Tony Harrison Basildon, Essex We put the occasional full PD game on but disk space means they have to be fairly simple. Most back catalogue games from software houses are not available to us because if they are any good they are more likely to end up on compilations or as budget software. Besides which, I think most people, like myself, would rather keep up to date with what's happening now, rather than games that are a couple of years old.
New Owner Asks I have been the proud owner of a Amiga 500 for two weeks now and I am still totally confused in the work of the Amiga. I have a few questions which I will be very grateful if you could answer.
1) Is it normal for the disk drive to make so much noise when
2) Is it worth upgrading my Amiga to 1 meg and what is the
cheapest one I can buy?
3) What is the difference between High density and double density
disks and which one can I use?
Anoop Sharma Thornton Heath, Surrey II It does make a noise, which varies between machines, and you should not worry about it unless you start having trouble with disks.
2) It's worth getting the upgrade if you need it to run
particular bits of software. As for price, jusf check out all
the ads in this issue because there are lots of different
deals being offered. The cheapest boards will be the ones
without additional expansion slots lor more than the one meg.
31 I'm a bit fuzzy on the difference between high density and double density disks and drives - something to do with magnets, different formats or the price ol crisps in Ipswich. However, what I do know is that you can only use double density disks, high density ones will not work.
What do Women Want?
I am writing in response to Mrs Burns ("Female Format". Issue 9) She asks for more reviews and software for female Amigansl?)
And for manufacturers to take note, but a thought occurred to me. Do they know what we want?
I am not m the slightest bit interested in street fighting games, commando games like Platoon, space fighting games or strategic war games. My games collection consists of:
• Skweek (which I like but has a disastrous disk access - is that
why it's called Skweek?)
• Arkanoid
• New Zealand Story (haven't managed to get out of the whale
• Pacmama (I’ve never got to the fourth level 'cos it's too hard)
• Amegus - CO p A X * h A. ;.°KAN LEISUOE sorrww PU81IS»C*S
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• Nebulus
• Faery Tale Adventures ( I seem to have got out of sync with
this game, cos he always gets tired when he's miles from
anywhere, but when he finally gets to an inn to sleep he's m
the middle of the dayf) and
• Daily Double Horse Racing I also play occasionally on Ferrari
FI, Thundercats and Games Winter Edition. I am very impressed
with the Coverdisk material - will we have more of the
Pontoon tonnect 4 type of thing m the future’ I realty love
playing about with MED. Programs with which you can customize
Icons, and Picpuz - to name only a few. I think it’s a good dea
to have game demos as well - after seeing the Xenon 2 aemo my
brother went straight out and bought it, but other games we
might have considered proved to be not what we thought when we
played the demo.
Dragon's Breath looked interesting - how cute to hatch dragons! - but on reading the review you have to become a tyrant in order to get anywhere (we’ve still bought it though). Other games I've been looking out for are Never Mind, Rainbow Islands, Pinball Magic and Infection, reviewed last year by AF - any further news on what’s happened to it? I would be very interested in a game in which you could run a stable, perhaps for racing or three-day eventing. I would like to be able to chose when to buy horses, what to feed them on, their training and management routines, and have a choice of
different types of grooms to look after and ride them.
I would imagine it would be along the lines of the Football Management type game, with action sequences where you can either watch or control your horse.
The horses could be entered in famous races like the Grand National or the Derby, or perhaps Badminton or the Olympics for eventing. There would have to be good graphics, unlike in Daily Double where the backgrounds are very jerky and the horses are small.
I would also like to see adventure games with really good graphics whereby you DON'T have to lie, cheat, steal or fight all the time.
When I see the ads in the magazine for games like Blood Money or Stryx I always wonder where the various monsters got their "clothes' from.
There must be other females out there using Amigas for various things - do they really not bother to write in? Why don't they write in and SAY what sort of software they want to see instead of just complaining? I would not like to have a “Woman's Page" or anything like that - I always read the whole mag from cover to cover as I find it fascinating how computers have improved over the years, and I like the way you have such a wide range of subjects.
Sara Maidstone Norwich We never intend to aim the magazine more at one sex than at any other, but we welcome female readers and wish that the computing industry was not so male-dominated. Glad to know you don't want a Women's page - it seems a bit silly, almost like saying that women shouldn't be interested in the rest of the mag. Oh, and as for Infection - we're told it is subject to some kind of legal deal or wrangle which has delayed its release. More news as soon as anything happens... Wasted Hardware Thousands of us have invested in second drives and half meg expansions, yet
many programmers are ignoring any extra hardware.
There can be little excuse not to bung as much code as possible into memory on booting up. Disk accessing kills a game, and disk swapping is a chore when it is unnecessary.
Super Hang On shows how to intelligently load all the data in one go to minimise hassle.
Nick Barham Wembley, Middlesex Well our reader survey shows that 56% have a second drive and 50% have a memory upgrade, and that 38% intend to buy a memory upgrade and 30% a second drive.
Now if that isn't a persuasive argument for the software houses catering for two drives and 1 meg memories, I don't know what is.
All software should at least take this into account to eliminate as much disk accessing and swapping as possible.
Where’s Digi-FX?
Quite some time ago, I read in an interview with NewTek that they had a very interesting piece of software in the works.
It was to be called Digi-FX, and was supposed to be a very advanced HAM picture compressor and manipulation program.
This article appeared over a year ago, and I wondered if perhaps you knew what happened to it?
Paul Murgatroyd Bradford, West Yorkshire Digi-FX does not exist as yet, but if you want to find out what NewTek are up to this very minute, you could give them a ring in the USA on 0101 913 354 1146.
Get Protected!
Nigel Stockley (Letters, May 1990) is correct, I'm sure, in maintaining that new and better techniques of disk protection simply increase the enthusiasm of the cracking crews for their piratical work (while making life harder for the rest of us since the products fall over more often as a result.) If they didn't have a challenge, they would stop right? But password protection is no solution - the cracking crews can still have fun knocking that out, either by finding a way of bypassing it altogether or by rigging it so that a return will satisfy the protection routine.
So supposing we take out all protection? I don’t think they would go away yet, since they would still get kudos (amongst themselves) by distributing products before they were available in the shops (by filching review copies, etc.). Who can be first to pass a copy of Damocles? - that sort of challenge. But that could be stopped if software houses stopped this ridiculous practice of announcing new games months or even years before they are ready. It does them no good.
At present, a game may get rave reviews, but when it finally appears in the shops three months later, everyone has forgotten about it and sales suffer as a result. Any retailer will tell you this.
Notice the different attitude in the States - the tendency there is to have non-protected software so that you can mount it onto your hard disk. Too many British software houses seem to be more interested in making life tough for ordinary users than producing a finished product. And would someone tell me what is the point of putting both disk protection and password protection on the same product? If either is effective the other is redundant; if either is redundant, there's no point in having it there! The poor user who has paid for the thing gets hassled both ways.
The only real way to tackle computer piracy is by education.
The present publicity campaign by FAST is excellent. When people feel like criminals for accepting a copy of a friend’s game, that is when the problem will go away.
Roger Musson Edinburgh Hear, hear! We are entirely in support of FAST's campaign, and you may be lucky enough to spot their advertising in this issue of Amiga Format. But, as you say, the problem will only go away when people stop thinking ifs OK for them to copy and use stolen software.
Free Help for Artists I am a budding young artist and I direct my talent through my Amiga with the aid of Deluxe Paint III. My offer is to help out any Amiga user out there who is stuck for quality IFF pictures to incorporate in their games etc. FREE! Yep, absolutely free! What's the catch? I hear you cry...well, no catch except you send me a 3.5 inch with a SAE (some catch, about £1.00 in all with guaranteed return!) With a description of what you require. I can also guarantee all disks returned within a reasonable period depending on your order. If you don't like what you get (which is
extremely unlikely) then it doesn't cost you a penny, but if you do like it (and you can send me some donations if you like) I'll be pleased to be your contact for use in the future.
M McManus Radcliffe, Manchester A very noble and generous offer it seems, too. A much more promising career than wrestling offered.
Well, we’re coming clean at last.
We have to admit - as you may have noticed last month - that this page is consistently the least popular in the whole magazine. Now obviously that comes as no great surprise - it is, after all, just one crummy little black-and-white page tucked away at the back of the mag, so it can't be expected to compete with full-colour glossy exciting pages further forwards in the mag. But, in a radical marketing excercise, we intend to raise the profile of the Guru.
And there is one other problem. When the new version of Workbench - not 1.4 but actually Version 2 - finally appears, it is believed that the Guru will finally have disappeared from the Amiga.
No more of those glorious hip- pyisms dreamt up in the Haight- Astbury district of rad California way back in the swinging sixties when the Amiga was first invented (Are you sure about that? - Ed). So maybe it will be time for the Guru to disappear from these pages once and for all.
Guru’s Meditations Iff this page were on fire nobody would urinate on it!
GURU ‘A New Image For The Nineties' The Plan of Campaign Now, the Conservative Party would employ Saatchi and Saatchi to organise their new image - at a cost of slightly less than £400,000 - and come up with something crappy like a red, white and blue ice cream cone and the slogan "Christ, we want to stay in government". A major international company like ICI is quite happy to pay slightly more than the sum total of all third world debts to have their logo redesigned and doesn't even complain when it's not redesigned, just made slightly curlier. This is the kind of thing that made Britain
NEXT MONTH Next month’s issue of Amiga Format is a bit of a special time for us, because it will be exactly a year since the first ever issue of Amiga Format hit the streets. There's something to celebrate!
So, the First Birthday edition of Amiga Format is going to be a big one tor everyone. Expect such up-to-the minute reviews as Professional Draw 2, the long-awaited games programming package AMOS, a brancknew games music utility, possibly a special preview of Gold Disk’s multimedia package Showmaker, and music program Tiger Cub. The Screenplay section will, as usual, be crammed full of the latest games - such as K ax and Projectyle. The main feature will take you to the wonderful world of the movies and a special feature will check out which of the many programming languages is the best one
for you.
Remember, Amiga Format Issue 13 appears on the newsagent’s shelves on or before July 12th and is in a special numbered limited edition (each copy has the same number - 13) of about 80,000. This is a collector’s item, worth far more than the measly cover price of £2.95. Now obviously, this is exactly what we plan to do for Guru. Only being great advocates of the free market economy, we're not planning to employ a major advertising agency. Instead, we're offering the chance to our readers. We believe that competition encourages excellence, so we're going to run a competition. You can also
tender for the contract to empty our bins, if you happen to feel like it.
ADVERTISERS' INDEX The fee is a slightly reduced rate - rather than the going rate of £250,000, we’re offering three Tunnock's Caramel Wafers ("Five million made and sold every day"), an only slightly used BT Phonecard, and free issues of Amiga Format, posted to you personally by the Deputy Editor, for the next three months. Wow!
All you have to do to win this fabulous prize is to send us your idea for what we should do with this, the last page of the magazine. The best idea wins the prize.
And probably - although we can't absolutely promise this, because all the ideas might be appalling - you’ll see the idea become reality.
All entries should be posted to "Guru - The Kraft durch Frieden competition" at our usual address, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath, BA1 1EJ, to arrive by the closing date of July 9th. Do it now!
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Pieces .76-77
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PACK CONTENTS: Free World Cup wall chart Pbua World Cup Story
1930- 1990 Peuj Amazing facts & figures from all championships
Pem Competition to win:- weeks at theBobbyCharlton School of
Football (to be coached by 1st Division Footballers). Plus a
Football Strip of your own choice.
Videos of the 1990 World Cup Championship.
1 Vector graphics and 3D sprites combined • for a totally realistic game scenario.
• Responsive, intelligent enemies who'll try to 'outsmart' your
every move!
Garage shops - buy extra fittings and equipment for your vehicle, including faster engines, more powerful weapons, navigation systems, napalm mines, decoy flares and more.
2 JOIN THE CLUB! Interested in 3 joining our user club? Write or phone tor details * 4 Video support: monochrome, Hercules and Colour Graphics Adaptor (CGA) (4 and 8 colours)
• Disk support: internal 3.5' external 3,5' external 5 V4' drive.
(Software-upgrade to H D A590 in pipeline)
• Including MS DOS 4.01. MS DOS shell and GW Basic (market value
approx £130.00)
• including English Microsoft books • KCS manual • FREE software
• Further exciting software upgrades in the pipeline

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