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DUAL INTERFACE Cumana have launched a new combined interface that provides an extra 0.5 Mbytes of RAM and an MFM ST506 hard disk interface as well. The unit plugs into the A501 expansion slot underneath the A500 and has a modified expansion slot cover that enables the hard disk cables to come out neatly and allow access to the memory on off switch. The board also has a battery-backed real-time clock, DMA support, fast floppy boot software and supports 40 Mb drives with up to eight heads. Price £159.95 from Cumana. ® 0483 503121 ASSEMBLED DOWN UNDER Software for the Amiga is springing up all over the place these days - the latest is an assembler from DigiSoft in Australia. Macro68 supports all the Motorola M68000 group of processors as well as the Amiga copper. If assemblers are as mystical as water to you then I suggest you skip the next bit where you find out that Macro68 uses the new M68000 assembly language syntax. It has a special structure offset directive to assure maximum compatibility with the Amiga’s interface conventions, full listing control including cross-referencing, a user-accessible file where you can customise directives and run-time messages, an AREXX interface is included and there is also a shared library that allows the use of pre-assembled, resident include files. Well, that's enough techno-wib- ble, what else you need to know is that Macro68 costs $ 195 (Australian) and is available from DigiSoft, 12 Dinmore Street, Moorooka, Brisbane, Queensland, 4105 Australia. EDINBURGH MON RESULTS Joint winners of this year's Animation Competition Exhibition held at the Amiga Centre Scotland were J Gee and E Messina. Nature Calls and Main Video were their respective entries, which were both submitted on video. J Gee won the Real 3D Professional and Image Link packages, while E Messina earned an up grade for their Amiga to an A3000.

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Document sans nom Cations create your own vista can a toud 9 770957 486004 gUKH ¦»; ¦mibmhm m Beast II, Operation nriHarfnl tufn.nBa mr PLUS tofllth Man in Fsv Tim a Marhino an YOU OVERCAME THE GODS?
In Populous, you challenged the gods. Now man is your adversary in the form of three unscrupulous and violent tribal leaders.
Bum FROG £29.99 Be as mean as them and match force with force, or be more cunning, play Mr Nice Guy and win over the local villagers.
By doing so you not only swell your numbers, but also keep your larders stocked, which is essential in ensuring the loyalty of your army.
With the stunning graphics you’ve come to expect from Bullfrog, Powermonger is a living world of mountains, forests and rivers, sun, snows and rain, where inventiveness and strategic skill can triumph over mere brute force.
Powermonger will test you to the limit, but if you still have any energy for adventure left, these other great Bullfrog titles still lie in wait.
Better than Populous”, Peter Molyneux of Bullfrog, Creators of Populous : 5 i i N I C Electronic Arts, 11-49 Station Road, Langley, Berks SL3 8YN. Tel: (0753) 49442. Fax: (0753) 46672 DESIGN 27 Take a tablet to improve your performance iULTIili! A 1 43 COMPETITIONS WIN A DISK DRIVE! 83 Five floppy drives just given away by Electronic Zoo WIN HEAPS OF GOODIES! 150 Fill up a trolley at the Computer Shopper Show WIN SOME COOL KIT! 204 Hi-Tec bags and tracksuits on offer from Challenge Empires, Lycanthropes and Limpets e fear into the heart of t what are these stay clean?
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Si PC EMULAYOU 1 li The PC PowerBoard slotted into an A500 THE .1E1IT IS II€I 60 MR. UNIVERSE 68 Shadow of the Beast II - for better or worse?
Supremacy, one man's fight to rule a galaxy Contents SPECIALS WORKBENCH . ..... 171 The usual selection of the very best hints and tips INFECTION ZONE .... 105 GAMEBUSTmS ... Viruses explained, myths exploded 161 Tips, maps, cheats and guides to busting games WRAP IT UP .. . 31 LETTERS .. * . _ ____ _ _1 _ _ _ _ ___ _ _ _ _ ¦ .... 209 Get to grips with allocation and deallocation Correspondence on many issues R E V 0 E WS GURU ..... The
triumphant climax of the magazine 218 TAKE THE TABLET .. .. 27 The inexpensive Podscat AProDraw graphics tablet SCREENPLAY WROOM WITH A VISTA ...... .. 31 FORMAT GOLD Fractal landscapes with a new realism from Vista OPERATION STEALTH 42 MUSICAL MECHANICS ...... 135 SUPREMACY 68 Audio Engineer, a cracking new sound sampler FORMAT SPAM PIUAL SOLUTION ..... 143 MONTY PYTHON 52 Multimedia applications made easy with Viva mm BLUE HORIZON ... .185 REVIEWED The PC PowerBoard, an A500 PC emulator MAGIC FLY WEHUS 38 41 LETTER
QUALITY .... 201 Til BREAK 44 Outline Fonts bring structure to lettering SYJIPIBL PI m REGULARS CODENAME ICEMAN EJCYASE m 59 HEWS ... 9 SHADOW OF THE BEAST II 60 Everything that's happening in the Amiga world... WEB OF TERROR 62 ZIRIAX 64 COMING ATTRACTIONS ...14 THE COLONEL'S BEQUEST 67 All the newest games previewed WmBEAL 70 GRAPHICS .19 GOLD OF THE AZTECS 72 Speeding up your creations with a fast processor TIHE MACHINE 75 PLOTTING 76 PD UPDATE .. 111 BOMBER MISSION
DISK 76 The latest moves in the world of free software YOLANDA 79 MUSIC .. 129 SIMULCRA 79 How professional studios use the Amiga THUNDERSTRIKE TO SUBSCRIBE! P. 1 25 M you read Amiga Format every month, why not make sure of your copy by getting it delivered straight to your door? Save hassle, save money and get a free game, too! See Page 125 for details!
Klso, take advantage of our Mail Order bargains.
X MAIL ORDER P.206 ABC Memher nf the Audit Rnreau nf Circulations FLIPIT AND MAGNOSE MARTIANS ON A QUEST FOR WATER IN IMAGEWORKS’ PLAYABLE DEMO GET SET GO!: Create your own menu systems ¦ MIDI ANALYSER: A useful utility for monitoring MIDI input and output ¦ VECTACHECK: Suss out your Amiga's darkest secrets ¦ COLOUR WORKBENCH: Adds life to WB GIRL ACTIONS A SHAMEFUL PUN, BUT A GREAT COMPLETE PLAYABLE GAME ZEROVIRUS: Smart and effective virus hunter ¦ CANARY: Create a sacrificial disk to save yourself from viruses ¦ PIC OF THE MONTH: A reader's art We Interrupt this Magazine MAGIC FLY™
Available in September for Amiga Atari ST II You’re a fighter pilot of the future - travelling through a giant asteroid in your vehicle the Magic Fly. Your aim is to destroy key parts of the complex and discover the space fighter codenamed the Moth.
Ass ; '. : : tiroctSing On
• Over 30 different spacecraft to scan and shoot. Feel your skin
creep as you see a Black Widow or Tarantula crawl towards you.
• A vast and complex network of tunnels to explore, providing
hours of gameplay. • Selection of weapons - 3 types of lasers,
missiles and a range of superweapons, like the Cat, Limper and
the Atomic Sledgehammer! • Solid 3D graphics.
ART 5 i=L c: SlBliSll 181!
1 HI §• mu SSL ¦ mmm msm WU&i 888 Bass sbbsb By!
110' MmBmm We’ll use this box to keep you informed about our latest news.
...didyou know there is a Flood demo disk available at your retailers?
...be on the look-out for previews of PowerMongerfrom Bullfrog, the authors of Populous.
CHUCK YEAGER’S ADVANCED FLIGHT TRAINERS 2.0 'Available in September for Amiga Atari ST. Out now for PC!
Was Now FM-Towns oivners a Experience white knuckle flying thrills with the great flight trainer. Now fly any of 18 different aircraft, all with accurate aerodynamics and realistic 3D modelled graphics. Join the US Navy’s Blue Angels or the USAF Thunderbirds in formation, or race 6 courses. Other features include more realistic terrain, unlimited camera angles and night flying. Let General Yeager personally guide you through AFT 2.0, sharing his tips and great flying experiences on the new Flying Insights™ audio tape, included FREE in every package.
X+CTIU r I -i Is I- 0 1 o Electronic Arts 11 49 Station Road Langley, Berks SL3 8YN England Tel: (0753) 49442 & ? Golden Scroll~The Games Machine IswISlIl for some LOOD™ Out Now (and receiving rave reviews) for Amiga Atari ST Colour A platform game with a sense of humour and over 35 addictive levels. Help Quiffy escape from the underground caverns to the Earth’s surface away from such nasties as the Psycho Teddies and the Creeping doom of the Flood.
• Whacky objects like boomerangs, flame throwers, balloons and
spacehoppers • Humorous monsters to destroy from Bulbous Headed
Vongs to Vacuous Gombos. • Passwords - no need to start from
the beginning again! • Watch Quiffy grip to almost anything -
even the ceiling. • Gurgling tunes and splashy sound effects. •
Numerous puzzles to solve. • Secret locations.
It C&VG Hit it Zero Hero ? Gen d'or LMPERIUM™ PROJECTYLE™ Out now! Amiga Atari ST Out Now! Amiga Atari ST Colour Mono "The latest in the splurge of space-trading games is toperium. The objective is to dominate the galaxy by raiding with other planets and colonising new worlds.
With an array of winning options, Imperium may yet :•£ the most engrossing space-trader ever!’ - ST Format Magazine.
Fast and furious multi-player action in the ultimate) future sport.
• Multi-directional scrolling featuring parallax, ‘vector’ and
bas-relief graphics. • Up to 3 players per' game and 8 players
per league. • 8 different pitches, each with its own
characteristics. • Extras such as free kicks, chip shots and
“loony balls!’ ? R (TM) O r~ irm PC 1 5" & 6 25", Commodore 64
(cassette, isk) mstrad cassettc, d"k?Spcc.rurn +3, Spcc.ru*,
48 128 5 B. .n. T„e Spy Who Loved Me company- Mg S 'E te
registered trademarks o. Group Lotus pie 0gm Artwork &
Packaging© 1990 Domark Ltd sW15 1?R Published by Domark Ltd,
Ferry House, 51-57 LacyFU* sT Screensh Tftl; +44(0)81-7802224
TV gome show woits (or C4 OK Computer gaming is set to become a
TV sport, courtesy of mould breaking programme makers Hewland
International. Taking the form of a UK Computer Games
Championship the program could appear as early as next spring
on Channel 4.
The program would consist of 13 episodes running for half an hour every week. Each show would feature three different games - a shoot- em-up, a sports sim and an ‘odd-ball’ - being played on an Amiga 2000.
Contestants would be rank-and-file games players who’d proved themselves ace wagglers, most probably recruited through magazines.
Hewland International are currently waiting on Channel 4’s reactions to a mock-up episode which featured Silkworm, Chase HQ and E-Motion.
Even in the unlikely event that C4 get cold feet it’s rumoured that US TV and Eurosport are eager to run with the format.
Jane Hewland, the production company’s boss, has a good track record of bringing innovative and unusual projects to the screen, Network 7 a prime example of her previous work. With computer leisure reaching radio we could see a similar explosion in ‘Computer Culture’ exposure as was experienced when ‘Youth Culture’ shows like Network 7, DEF II and clones first hit the TV.
RADIO FIVE GETS FORMAT GOLD National radio is to give computers and software regular coverage on the BBC's new Radio Five. The Formula Five show will be presented by Sue Nelson and cover everything from Cds to computer games. To give the program an authoritative computing voice the BBC have chosen none other than Amiga Format’s own Maff Evans to do the talking about new leisure and creativity software in a regular fortnightly slot. To find out more, tune in to Formula Five, Radio Five,
8. 30 - 9.00pm, every Thursday, 693m and 909m on Medium Wave.
CONSOLE YOUR AMIGA Three new ‘console’ keyboard and monitor stands are out for the A500. The View Centre, Control Centre and Control Centre ‘Plus' fit neatly to the machine, giving a flush monitor stand and space for second drives or other hardware.
With custom ports to connect joysticks or mice and made of strong coated steel. Prices range from £24.99 to £49.95. Premier Micros « 0480 300738.
ELVIRA STRIKES BACK Accolade have bought the rights to release the Elvira game from defunct software house Tynesoft.
The schlock horror hostess game actually helped the fall of the house of Tynesoft, with continual delays on coding. Ironically the game was all but finished when Tynesoft went under and will be hitting the shelves soon under its new Accolade banner.
AMIGANUTS COMPETITION Amiganuts United are running a novel competition in November with a camera and 50 PD programs as first prize, 20 programs as second prize and 10 programs for the third place. The novelty is that the questions for the competition will be hidden in the files of Amiganuts’ November catalogue disk, available from the 1st November. Amiganuts United, 169 Dale Valley Road, Hollybrook, Southampton SOI 6QX. 0703 785680.
A 5 9 O 180MB UPGRADE KIT OFFER Upgrades are now available for A590 owners who want to replace their hard drive with a faster and bigger SCSI unit sold by Almathera Systems Ltd. The SCSI drive from Fujitsu has a 25 ms access time compared to the standard Commodore unit which takes 70ms. The SCSI can also transfer data five times quicker than the standard A590 drive.
A standard 20mb A590 can be upgraded to 180mb without the need for any external boxes, extra power supplies or cables.
Prices start at £316 for a 43mb drive kit - for non-DIY'ers Almathera also offer an installation service. For further information contact Almathera Systems Ltd ® 081 668 9605.
The word on the street, the latest in games news Winner of this month's tactless title award goes to Dinamic for Satan.
The game itself is a leap-about and bash-em-up featuring a wizard and sword-wielding nutter, but it’s the presentation that causes some concern. In a nice black box you get your very own demon-proof medallion, pentagram and inside details on all manner of devilish nasties! The full review will be here next month.
Millennium have announced their pre-Christmas line up and the first to appear will be James Pond, Underwater Agent Starring a fish (JP himself) it’s a cutesy adventure where the eponymous cod has to right the wrongs of man, fighting pollution and the destruction of the undersea world.
US Gold are eager to right wrongs too, so they're set to launch Buck Rogers into action fora new roleplay strategy outing.
Based on a TSR board game, it should jog memories of long summer holidays and bad Buster Crabbe acting over breakfast.
Audiogenic have caught the puzzle game bug and will soon be unleashing Loopz. Not a licence tie-up with that new brand of breakfast cereal, it is in fact one of those games that looks simple, plays well and has an addictive hook to shame most non-prescriptive medicines. Following swiftly on comes the re-released Helter Skelter and coin-op conversion of the bug-crushing game Exterminator.
Domark are starting the Autumn with a pair of big compilations (ooer missus!) Heroes features The Running Man, a Bond game, Barbarian from Palace and Star Wars, while TNT is a Tengen Compilation that brings the best of recent Atari coin-ops together in one box. On the original product front, Domark are currently coding their first flight sim, MIG 29 Fulcrum, based on the eye-opening Soviet fighter.
The long awaited F-19 Stealth Fighter just needed some sound tweaking and serious play testing as this issue went to press. AmFo has seen an unfinished version and the results look good - topical too! With the real things flying into Saudi, you’ll be able' to join them in spirit at least as one of the theatres of war is the Persian Gulf!
HOORAY FOR HENRIETTA Scottish software house Scetlander have converted their educational program Hooray for Henrietta to the Amiga. The program provides “fun maths" for 5- 12 year olds but is flexible enough for older students.
The program is based on three characters - Henrietta, Hopeless Henry and John the Parrot. Problems set by the program have to be answered correctly and in time, in order to stop John the Parrot ruining Henrietta and Henry’s wedding. The program also has an assessment system which keeps track of progress and highlights any problem areas. The program costs £24.99 and comes with a John the Parrot badge.
Scetlander ® 041 357 1659 AMIGA FORMAT OCTOBER CHARTS The Gallup Amiga Software Chart will now feature here every month. As well as letting you know what’s top of Amiga owners’ shopping lists, we’ll also try to point out some of the more interesting anomalies, oddities, new entries and products bubbling under - as they say on the Chart Show!
The first notable feature, in this our first chart, is Robocop’s absence. After over a year in the top spot he’s faded out. Other surprising stayers though, are: Stunt Car Racer at 100, Heroes of the Lance at 93, Populous at 72, F-16 Combat Pilot at 48 and Shadow of the Beast at 26! Of last month’s notable releases Lost Patrol, Flood and Red Storm Rising have all charted highly, with the Format Gold Damocles stomping straight in at 8. Neuromancer, however, hasn’t fared so well, only managing 63 at the moment. The most impressive of entries however must be the mighty 33 achieved by Deluxe
Paint and 22 for AMOS. This destroys the myth that serious or creativity software can’t hold its own against the big licences and hype of leisure software.
DELTA 3 A TAKES OFF WITH F-1 9 Voltmage, producers of the Delta 3 analogue joystick, are celebrating the imminent launch of F-19 Stealth Fighter. Analogue joysticks are the best ‘sticks for flight sims, allowing near perfect response to a player’s commands. Although the Amiga has always had the facility to run analogue joysticks few developers had taken advantage of it: until F-19 that is. The Delta 3 retails at £14.95, so for that real flight feeling (and to encourage more developers to exploit the facility) contact your Amiga dealer. Voltmage « 0462 894410.
Upwards. The French Mistress, German Master, Spanish Tutor and Italian Tutor can aid anyone from beginners through GCSE standard to business people brushing up their language skills ready for
1992. Priced at £19.95 their vast vocabularies of nouns,
adjectives, prepositions and verbs conjugated in six
tenses, should even help out advanced students. Kosmos ®
05255 3942.
AMIGA TO GET FRENCH MISTRESS Educational software publisher Kosmos is bringing its range of specialist tutorial programs to the Amiga. Their software is aimed at everybody from the age of six The Gallup All-Price Amiga Software Chart 1 Kick Off II Anco £24.99 2 Turrican Rainbow Arts £19.99 3 Shadow Warriors Ocean £24.99 4 Italia 1990 Code Masters £4.99 5 Midwinter Rainbird £29.99 6 Lost Patrol Ocean £24.99 7 F-29 Retaliator Ocean £24.99 8 Damocles Novagen £24.99 9 Italv 1990 US Gold £24.99 10 Pro Tennis Simulator Code Masters £4.99 11 Emlyn Hughes Int.l Soccer Audiogenic £24.99 12 Imperium
Electronic Arts £24.99 13 World Cup Soccer ‘90 Virgin £24.99 14 Flimbo’s Quest System 3 £24.99 15 Treasure Island Dizzy Code Masters £4.99 16 Red Storm Rising Microprose £29.95 17 Football Manager II Addictive £4.99 18 Manchester United Krisalis £19.99 19 Battle of Britain US Gold £29.99 20 Flood Electronic Arts £24.95 21 International 3D Tennis Palace £24.99 22 23 AMOS Player Manager Database Mandarin Anco _£29.99 £19.99 24 Advanced Ski Simulator Codemasters £4.99 25 Unreal UBI Soft £24.99 26 Shadow of the Beast Psysnosis £34.95 27 Rorke’s Drift Impressions £24.99 28 688 Sub Attack Electronic
Arts £24.99 29 Champions of Krynn US Gold £24.99 30 Bad Comoany Losotron £24.99 This Chart is compiled by Gallup Ltd.
© European Software Publishers Association Ltd 1990.
REWRITABLE OPTICAL STORAGE NEW FOR AMIGA A rewritable optical storage system is available for the Amiga as of September. Combining magneto-optical techniques with fast data access and transferring, plus a 256K buffer, it uses the latest ISO approved to 5.25” optical disk cartridge. This removable cartridge can store 594mb with data retention for 25 years. For full details contact Cumana ® 0483 503121.
ACTION PACKED Digital Integration have unveiled their new budget label Action Sixteen. Kicking off with Targhan, Fast Lane and On Safari the label brings games players recent full- price releases for less than a fiver!
The label’s strong entrance into the budget arena highlights the intense war for the lucrative ‘software under a tenner’ top slot.
A GOOD DEED FROM GOOD DEALERS It’s time to put a face to a few of those names you hear on the other end of the telephone and applaud an act of great generosity by three mail order dealers. This is Giles Harwood of Gordon Harwood Computers on the left, Gary Anderson of Merlin Express and Chris Harvey of Track on the right.
Normally, all you hear of these guys is seeing their companies' ads in Amiga Format every month or, if you're lucky enough to be on the receiving end of their service, a knock on the door from a courier delivering your goodies.
One day, an Amiga Format reader with an unusual concern for his fellow man, a guy by the name of Anthony, called us to tell us about a problem he had. A mate of his had suffered a bit of a nervous breakdown and was facing spending the foreseeable future in mental hospital. Anthony wanted to buy an Amiga for his friend, to help while away the hours. Could we help?
In no time at all, Merlin, Track and Harwoods had leapt to Anthony's aid. And they did more than anyone could have expected, CHILDREN’S ART IN MOTION If you’ve seen Rolf Harris’s latest cartoon programme for children, you may have spotted an Amiga 2000 being used with a frame grabber to produce little black-and-white animation sequences. It’s a flexible technique, but capable of much greater use. One company, Moving Art of Somerset, is using it with children in schools to great effect.
Geoff Schering is the man behind Moving Art. At a recent animation course for kids, at the Watershed in Bristol, Geoff showed us how he works. The system he uses is the Marcam Progressive Peripherals FrameGrabber to digitise in frames of the main animation, which are then coloured and put over a background in Deluxe Paint. Using only an Amiga 500, it’s a cheap, flexible and fun system. The kids certainly seem to enjoy getting to grips with it.
Geoff has a wide range of services to help schools and colleges make the most of Amigas they own already or to introduce them to the machine.
He’s very keen on the Marcam digitiser, too. He can be contacted at 131 Chilton St, Bridgwater, Somerset. Moving Art« 0278 444360 too, sending a Batman pack with a RAM expansion along with a whole heap of software. “We felt this was a great way to achieve something”, said Giles. “In an industry that is very competitive it makes a refreshing change for competitors to involve one another”, replied Chris. And Amiga Format certainly agrees.
Now, remember that these boys haven’t got endless reserves of cash so they can’t do any more requests. However, you can always take advantage of their generous prices - and rest assured, these are guys who can be trusted when it comes to looking after you. Look for their ads in this issue. It's always nice to have something in life you can rely on... GOLDEN MOUSE There’s yet another alternative mouse on the scene for those who have got bored with their original or seen it go to the mouse house in the sky. This one is the Golden Image mouse from GTI in Germany.
It is very similar to the Naksha mouse and is available for £34.95 direct from GTI or for £39.95 from George Thompson Services in the UK. GTI® 010 49 6171 73048 BETTER THAN THE REAL THING If art really does imitate life precisely, then when you use the next Real Things release you’ll be sweating over your Amiga in near- tropical temperatures. Because that's exactly what wildlife artist John Still was doing when he produced the butterfly images for the next Real Things project.
On the hottest day of the year, John was to be seen in the tropical greenhouse of The Butterfly Centre, Eastbourne, slaving away in temperatures up around the 100 degrees Fahrenheit mark.
John is an experienced butterfly and insect artist and his butterfly images will first be seen in Real Things' next release, Real Things - Humans. This will include a number of figures of men and women in motion as well as other creatures and backgrounds, one particular focus being our troubled rainforests: which is where the butterflies come in. It will be available later in the Autumn. Real Things ® 082581 2666 GREAT VALLEY’S GREAT DRIVE Great Valley Products are a very big name in Amiga hardware supplies and they have just launched another impressive, but expensive, device - a 50
Mb removable media hard disk drive. In other words, a hard disk drive with replaceable cartridges, each of which can contain 50 Mb.
The hard drive has been developed by Ricoh with the software and SCSI controller developed by GVP. The cartridges are 5.25 inches in size and the drive is compatible with all Amigas. Having so much storage capacity at one's disposal means the drive is going to be a boon for any memoryintensive applications or areas where large amounts of data need to be accessed, so multimedia, video work, complex graphics and the like could all benefit. Of course this doesn't come cheap and the US price for the drive, one cartridge and a SCSI controller is $ 999. Great Valley Products, 600 Clark Avenue,
King of Prussia, PA 19406, USA. ® 010 1 215 337
DUAL INTERFACE Cumana have launched a new combined interface that provides an extra 0.5 Mbytes of RAM and an MFM ST506 hard disk interface as well. The unit plugs into the A501 expansion slot underneath the A500 and has a modified expansion slot cover that enables the hard disk cables to come out neatly and allow access to the memory on off switch. The board also has a battery-backed real-time clock, DMA support, fast floppy boot software and supports 40 Mb drives with up to eight heads.
Price £159.95 from Cumana. ® 0483 503121 ASSEMBLED DOWN UNDER Software for the Amiga is springing up all over the place these days - the latest is an assembler from DigiSoft in Australia.
Macro68 supports all the Motorola M68000 group of processors as well as the Amiga copper.
If assemblers are as mystical as water to you then I suggest you skip the next bit where you find out that Macro68 uses the new M68000 assembly language syntax. It has a special structure offset directive to assure maximum compatibility with the Amiga’s interface conventions, full listing control including cross-referencing, a user-accessible file where you can customise directives and run-time messages, an AREXX interface is included and there is also a shared library that allows the use of pre-assembled, resident include files.
Well, that's enough techno-wib- ble, what else you need to know is that Macro68 costs $ 195 (Australian) and is available from DigiSoft, 12 Dinmore Street, Moorooka, Brisbane, Queensland, 4105 Australia.
EDINBURGH MON RESULTS Joint winners of this year's Animation Competition Exhibition held at the Amiga Centre Scotland were J Gee and E Messina. Nature Calls and Main Video were their respective entries, which were both submitted on video. J Gee won the Real 3D Professional and Image Link packages, while E Messina earned an up grade for their Amiga to an A3000.
The judges for the competition were Commodore's PR manager Andrew Ball, award winning freelance animator Donald Holwill and one of Scotland’s leading corporate TV producers Leslie Mitchell - whose company now uses Amigas to produce real-time animation.
Other prize winners were S Johnston (Trans State Run - video) and K Karlsson (Information about AIDS - video) who came joint second. C Blackmore (Motorway - disk) took third place while C Banks (Zombie City - Disk), A Gill (Tapestry - disk) and K King (Aqua-Snoopy
- disk) were runners up. Expect to see a full display of the
winning entries in Amiga Format soon.
We've got your act together All you need to make music on your Amiga.
Roland have put the world's leading synthesizer technology into a series of computer peripherals.
Anyone with an Amiga becomes a musical wizard - no need for a concert pianist’s technique, no need to read music.
To get you started, we've packaged the CM-32L LA sound module (the equivalent of an 8-piece band plus drums) with Dr T's Tiger cub sequencer and Copyist || Apprentice score-writer II software, a desktop L accessory disk and all 1 the leads you need to ; A run the system through your hi-fi.
The whole box of tricks costs just £469rrp from your nearest Roland CM dealer.
Roland mm 1-568 j endrV
• k HeatSs of VoUh fnr deta,'f Roland O DRAGON BREED The latest
killing coin-op from Irem, who gave us R-Type, is Dragon Breed.
The aim is to ride four coloured dragons on a mad carnage
charge past hostile mythological beasties. Dragons are tougher
than your average shoot-out ship as their bodies and tails can
act as a shield for the rider or smash incoming enemies.
Publisher ACTIVISION ETA October November ATTRACTIONS Back to the Future of the games scene, Part Fifteen!
0 ATOMIC ROBOKID The cutes are making a comeback with Atomic Robokid leading the charge.
Essentially a shoot-em-up, Robokid would be as much at home on the Rainbow Islands as on the world of Xenon. A trainee combat ‘bot, he flies, kills and collects power-ups.
Huge combat sprites and massive maps mark it out from the crowd.
Publisher ACTIVISION ETA October ©ROGUE TROOPER The clone ranger Rogue Trooper is all set to assault your Amiga screen. You'll be able to join the galactic war as the last of the Gis (the Genetic Infantrymen) in a shoot-em-up and exploration adventure crossover.
Based on one of the greatest ever 2000 AD comic characters, who should provide excellent material for the coders of the game.
Publisher KRISALIS ETA Late September 0XIPHOS Space traders rejoice!
This is a 90s Elite packed with huge star fields and filled-3D craft. It’s also real fast, which is just as well because you play a space trader who wants to make the most out of some major league interplanetary hostilities. By playing both sides against the middle, you do your best to grab the money and RUN!!!
Publisher ELECTRONIC ZOO ETA October ©GREMLINS II Bright light! Pull open the curtains and cut out the midnight snacks, the Gremlins are back! Little info on the game as yet, but if it's half as funny as the film we're in for a treat.
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Publisher US Gold ETA TBA WONDERLAND fij[||1 Alice goes through the looking glass once more in this adventure epic. The game can be tailored to suit any player: running on a series of windows you can control the little lady through icon, text or menu. Maps, inventories and graphics pop up in yet more windows. If you find that you don’t want a window, close it and enlarge the one you use most.
Publisher VIRGIN ETA TBA ©BADLANDS The sort-of sequel to Super Sprint is gearing up at the Kremlin (Domark's coding house, not Gorby’s pad).
Badlands is a three-way driving game where anything goes. The shooting of annoying opponents is positively encouraged and highly effective, as you race about collecting spanners to improve your buggy’s race handling.
Publisher DOMARK ETA September ©CAPTIVE Tony Crowther liked Dungeon Master so much he wrote a bigger, better and bolder game in the same style.
Captive sets players the task of guiding a bunch of robots on a rescue mission. As they wander, they can be adapted and improved either bodily, with armour, or with extra weapons. Even after a successful rescue there are literally thousands of dungeons to explore because Captive is not just big, it's monumentally big.
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Expiry date: Name Address Postcode Send to: Database Direct, FREEPOST, Ellesmere Port, South Wirral L65 3EB.
| Credit card orders: Tel: 051-3571275 Floating Point Unit (no, don’t go!)
16MHz (please, hear me out!)
Maths co-processor, 32-bit 16MHz MC68020 processor accelerator, Nseive, MandelTest, Savage IEEE - yes I know, for the average graphics enthusiast, this is all a bit technical. But even though the Turbo Power Tech-Spec' stuff that always seems to accompany reviews of accelerator cards goes over my head sometimes, the basic principle of speeding up the operation of the Amiga for graphics applications is very important.
Anyone who has watched their reflection on the blank screen visibly age while waiting for a ray-trace to render or for Photon Paint to wrap a brush onto a sphere knows how much it would be worth to speed things up.
But would the expense really be worth it? How do you cut past all the technical crap to see what more speed would mean for you?
As per usual, the Graphics section comes up with some easy to understand but useful answers.
Faster Chips Let’s get all the science fiction stuff out of the way right at the start. A standard Amiga 1000, 500 or 2000 uses a Motorola 68000 chip as its basic workhorse. The 68000 runs at
7. 14 Megahertz, over 7 million cycles per second, which seems
pretty fast until you start to render a reflective object! To
get more speed requires a different processor chip and it is
at this point that the range of options starts to get
Shadows and Floats Even without a full 32-bit Amiga such as the A3000, it is still possible produce an almost 32-bit system by adding 32-bit memory to the accelerator card. Now, most calculations will take place there instead of in the normal 16- bit memory that we usually use.
Further, as many of the Intuition operations that most programs use are controlled by the instructions on the Kickstart ROM, copying this onto Since introducing the 68000, Motorola have released a number of faster chips with various capabilities: a 14MHz 68000, a 68010 that is only a marginal improvement and so is rarely used for the Amiga, a 68020 running at about 16 Mhz, a 68030 that can operate at up to 33MHz (if you like fried chips!) And, almost in Microbot was produced using Sculpt-Animate 4D from Byte By Byte.
The objects all came from the Antic Design Disk library. It is rendered in snapshot mode, non-interlace because most of the Antic models use a large number of faces.
Therefore, even with the new 1Meg Agnes chip, there is not enough chip memory to render in Interlace Photo mode; a great pity. The full-size image represents the fastest accelerated fill. The inset represents the amount of fill that was achieved in a similar time without the accelerator card.
The realms of super-computing, the latest 68040. Usually accelerator boards are equipped with a 68020 or 68030 chip.
There are a number of reasons why these accelerate the Amiga.
Primarily of course they are operating at 2 or 3 or more times the speed of the standard offering, but this is not the whole story.
Internally the basic Amiga passes information along a 16-bit bus. This is rather like the queue for a CES show being 16 deep; 16 people at a time can pass through the doors into Earl’s Court. Both the ‘020 and ‘030 chips use a 32- bit bus; so here the queue is 32 people deep, and therefore internally the data moves approximately twice as fast.
Unfortunately, the fast moving 32-bit queue still has to pass through the 16-bit ‘doorway’ of the main Amiga board so the speed advantage is largely lost. The ‘020 and ‘030 chips do have sophisticated internal tricks such as instruction and data ‘caches' that still give them an advantage over the standard 000, but the 16-bit-wide doorway is a major bottleneck. For real speed improvements all or most of the data ‘pathways’ also need to be 32-bit.
The 32-bit memory will utilise the fast chips even more so. This is called ROM Shadowing.
Some programs - CAD, 3D rendering and animation - are very heavy users of a particular mathematical process called Floating Point Operation. When carried out in software, all of the 68xxx chips are quite slow at these operations, but Motorola produce 68881 and 68882 Floating Point Unit chips (FPUs) that perform the calculations many times faster in hardware. Most accelerator cards have a socket built in so that an FPU or 'maths co-processor’ can be added to them.
What Does it actually Mean?
To understand what all this technical jargon means to you as you are creating your images and animations, let us work through a series of tasks using a variety of software, describing the various configurations and their effects. When it is relevant other, cheaper ways of speeding up operations will be described as well.
The Turn On When you boot up your Amiga from floppy or hard drives, the speed of operation is dependent on the access rate of the device and the way that the data is stored. Hard drives are obviously faster, especially if the Fast File System (FFS) is used. This is not available for floppies yet but should be available with Workbench 2.0. Floppy accelerators like BAD rearrange the data on all sorts of disks to give faster access times. None of these strategies are improved greatly with any accelerator card.
Windows Opening windows is similarly dependent on the data access rate, but once a window is open, using gadgets, resizing, moving icons, and opening multiple windows can all be speeded up with an accelerator.
The bare '020 or ‘030 will make windowing operations slightly smoother, but it takes 32-bit RAM to produce a noticeable difference and copying Kickstart to this faster RAM (ROM Shadowing) will make a tremendous improvement to the overall usability of multiple windows, particularly when more than five or six are open at once. This improvement is obviously just as noticeable when using windows with a specific program. With the 20- Card set up as described below, a speed-up of more than three times was recorded with eleven medium-size windows open.
A Paint Program As a typical 2D paint and animation program, Deluxe Paint III will be hardly affected by all but the most advanced acceleration. A faster chip - ‘020 or ‘030 - will improve everything a little, maybe between 10% - 50%, but most screen transformations and moves are controlled by the Agnes blitter hardware which are strictly 16-bit on all machines other than the A3000.
Nevertheless, much of the general handling of the program is speeded up when 32-bit RAM is added and the Kickstart ROM copied to it. With this configuration, ordinary operations like pattern fills and more sophisticated actions like Brush Wrapping, perspective and animation are all accelerated by about
2. 5 times.
Some of the more complex transformations might be helped by a Maths Co-processor (but this would require a special version of the software which is not available
- so far! Deluxe Paint IV?) An equally great improvement to the
productivity of the program is the replacement of the Agnes
chip with the new Imeg version. This allows longer animations,
larger brushes and objects in all modes and the full use of all
16 colours in hi-res mode. A somewhat cheaper Digitised picture
of an American Indian Mask from the NW Pacific coast. This
image was reduced in size then used as a fill pattern in Deluxe
Paint III. The full-size image represents the fastest accel
erated fill. The inset represents the amount of fill that was
achieved in a similar time without the accelerator card.
Option than acceleration, but then both together would make Deluxe Paint really sing!
A HAM Paint Program Most of the comments made above for Deluxe Paint apply equally well to HAM packages such as Photon Paint and DigiPaint but, certainly in the case of Photon Paint, the need for acceleration is very much greater.
HAM painting has a number of peculiar characteristics that give it its power but can also slow down even very simple operations considerably.
Having 4000 colours to play with means that sophisticated graduated fills, shaded texture mapping and transparent effects are easy to achieve, but the calculations required obviously take some time.
NewTek have written all of DigiPaint 3 in machine code which has successfully speeded up the program even on normal, un-accelerated Amigas, to almost Deluxe Paint speeds without sacrificing any of the power of HAM mode. They have also JerseyCow is a digitised picture that was mapped onto a contour produced by Photon Paint 2. The contour was based on a simple graduated Blend fill with the highlight near the top. This lighter area produced the highest peak of the contour map. The full-size image represents the fastest accelerated fill.
The inset represents the amount of fill that was achieved in a similar time without the accelerator card.
Included routines that take advantage of an ‘020 processor if one is fitted and the timings and general smoothness of the program in use reflect this. The use of an ‘020 and FPU give a 50% improvement and ROM Shadowing increases that to times three, making DigiPaint a very fast paint program by any standards.
Most operations in Photon Paint are improved with the use of an accelerator, usually by about 50% with just an ‘020 and by perhaps three times if ROM Shadowing is used. The operation in Photon Paint that most needs speeding up is the Wrapping of brushes onto geometric shapes, and especially Contours. This last operation involves creating a pseudo contour map (the heights correspond to the brightness of the area mapped) and ‘wrapping’ a bitmapped image to these contours. The 3D effect can be enhanced by setting a light source to cast shadows.
The process of mapping is similar to ray-tracing in the intensity of the calculations required and would greatly benefit from the use of the FPU. Unfortunately the current version of Photon Paint is not optimised for a maths chip so no apparent speed-up is produced if an FPU is present.
Eight times the 68000 equivalent were achieved. This can make an amazing difference to working with 3D models for it encourages experimenting, making tiny versions of pictures (in SA4D) render almost in real time, even with very complex models in Photo mode. Ultimately, this has to be the best reason for investing in an accelerator card.
A 30 Modelling and Rendering Program The real advantages of accelerator boards make themselves felt most when you are working in 3D. Building complex models and rendering them with ray-tracing methods is probably the most memory and speed intensive operation that anyone could undertake on an Amiga.
A 3D computer model is made up of points lines and faces that are stored as a list of coordinates. Each time the model is changed or moved, the list must be updated and the display - usually a wire-frame version of the object - must also be redrawn.
The more complex the model, the longer this process becomes so that eventually the updating process can take several minutes making further work almost impossible. At this point speed rather than memory is the limiting factor to the size of the model.
As with a bitmapped paint program, a bare ‘020 only improves the speed by about 50%, but ROM Shadowing can make a real difference - times three or more performance increases are common. The processes involved in modelling do not seem to use Floating Point Operations; even with an FPU fitted ABB of the experiments undertaken for this article used a 20-Card supplied by Solid State Leisure fitted with 16MHz 68020 and 68881 chips and 4Mb of 32-bit RAM. This board was originally designed to be fitted only to the Amiga A5O0, but fortuitously it will also fit an A2000 or B2000.
The board seems to work faultlessly in the A500, but it must be said that it crashed frequently (perhaps once every 10 to 15 minutes) in both my A and B 2000s. Solid State Leisure have given me every possible help in overcoming this problem, sending me several replacement cards, but to no avail - it still crashes.
The 20-Card is about to be replaced by a Series 3 version called the A5000 - it should be available as you read this. Solid State assure me that the A5000 will work perfectly with the A500 and the Amiga 2000 because this time it has been designed to. The new board has many extra features, including retaining the old 68000 chip on-board for games compatibility, greater efficiency and even more speed, but still at a budget price.
And with optimised software, no significant increases in speed can be detected. This is not the case when rendering the model.
Rendering, especially ray-tracing, is a very maths intensive job and Floating Point operations are used extensively. With an '020, ROM Shadowing and a 68881 FPU chip (20-Card), rendering times almost OUR TEST PROCESSOR • THE 20-CARD Powerful enough for the professional, yet . V.' -¦ -,kY - X ' -’'.v;-' X' jk, : * simple enough for :: the novice, The X'Y : _ X .XxY-YYlv . ” : X , . ' ' v• ' '•%- f Xnliiatipn; ti3|o v gives you the ability to create ; or enhance full- v t, • '•. Vx xx;xf XT $ .." XXY' length animated sequences.
The Animation Studroisthe t only full-featured animation and paint program to utilise state-of- X» ''X X ¦ : XT. . X-X- X X'' the-art cell animation '' X : X‘.. • . V- ' ' 'TYl* j.X ’ v¦¦ -r%' - ’ i techniques that are ? : characteristic of sg Disney-style animation - yf , . Onion Skin: This exclusive Disney feature lets you produce animations by seeing through three previous cells.
Create more than 4096 colours and superimpose on background pictures!
• Basic & Advanced Animation Techniques: Learn techniques jjffj
such as Squash and Stretch, Arc Hi of Motion, Inhetweening and
l|| Path of Action. Learn how to go ft I from rough concept to
finished ¦H animation-complete with colour ¦PI and sound! XI
• Exposure Sh ett This powerful feature allows you to order the
cells any way you want and control the timing of NATHAN For
more information or technical support please call 0268 541 212
Amiga is a j.radcm rk of c6mmodore-AnH*g$ fn?v Yvxy -x Axt x
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by Silent Software. © The WaltDisney Company. ; ;* f. X
Includes:. XXX XX “ ¦- *,
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• Actudhihimatioris taken from I classic Disney "films. ..
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Tthere comes a time when many Amiga owners tire of the rather rudimentary mouse that comes with their machine and start looking in other directions for a way of getting their pointer from A to B (or should that be from to X2,Y2 . Among the many alternatives to the humble standard mouse are: the ‘turbo mouse', a la Naksha mouse or the Boing! Mouse, which is basically the same as the basic mouse but with bells and whistles; the Trackball, as reviewed in Issue 10, which is a big mouse turned on its back; and even the Mousestick, which tries to be both a mouse and a joystick and ends up not really
being either.
But probably the ultimate in pointer drivers is the graphics tablet.
Admittedly it takes up a lot more space on your work-surface than a mouse, but it does look a lot more impressive when you have your friends around for a game of Kick Off.
Ostentation aside, it also has a trick or two up its sleeve that puts it in a territory far beyond the dreams of the basic Amiga mouse.
So why don’t we all have one of these wonderful devices sitting next to our machines, I hear you ask? Well, when you consider that graphics tablets usually cost about as much as an A500 with an extra half-Meg expansion and an additional drive, the answer becomes self-apparent.
So when the Podscat AProDraw package dropped on the Format doormat bearing a price more in line with an A250 (that’s half as much as an A500, before you start writing in) we were intrigued.
Pen in Hand The package consists of a Summigraphics tablet, complete with a ‘cursor’, which is not dissimilar to a mouse, a ‘stylus’, which is a pen-like device, and software to dedicate the otherwise multi-format hardware to the Amiga. Summigraphics make similar tablets for a wide range of machines, so to this end there are various data transfer rates available on the “Set Up” section of the tablet surface, but the software on the disk precludes the need to worry about this since it automatically sets up the tablet to Amiga compatibility when run from the Workbench.
Double-clicking on the AproDraw icon will then switch control of the pointer from the mouse to whichever co-ordinate specifying device you have plugged into the tablet. The software also includes a scaling program which enables you to select the area of the screen or of the tablet which is to be used: the application of this feature will become apparent as we consider the tablet's major uses.
The software also allows you to program the buttons on the cursor and stylus to your own preferences, Graphics tablets offer greater control over precise drawing and more freedom to use natural artistic techniques, but not at a reasonable price until now. A new tablet is road-tested by ADRIAN A CHROME.
Is very nice until you consider that all the nodal points of the object have to be entered into the computer.
Even for a very simple 3D object like a cube, this is eight sets of coordinates: a total of twenty four numbers just to describe the most simple of objects. Can you even begin to imagine the amount of data you would have to type in to define an object like an F-16 jet fighter, or a girl juggling, for that matter? Quite mind-boggling, isn't it?
But the easy way out, if you know what the object that you're trying to turn into a computer-generated image looks like, is to take a technical drawing of the three principal views of the object and, using the graphics tablet, input them directly into the CAD package you are using. This operation can, of course, be done using a mouse, but the big advantage of the cursor on the graphics tablet is that rather than the point you are referring to being somewhere below the large lump of plastic in your hand, it is clearly visible below a crosshair sight etched into a clear plastic circle at the
business end of the pointer.
Although they are set up quite logically enough by default. The cursor also offers a middle mouse button which is supported by Intuition but very rarely used by software, since the regular mouse is devoid of the third button.
Making a Point The intended major use of the tablet is for digitising images for use in computer aided design programs.
These programs take the coordinates of points in 3D space, and using fairly simple mathematical formulae enable one to see a perspective view of the object from any desired angle. All this ABOVE RIGHT: The markings on the surface of the tablet enable it to be set up to support several different machines and software packages.
The icons remove the need to use pull-down menus, subject to software support.
Circle creating, or many other tools of the popular art packages. The two buttons mounted on the body of the stylus equate to pressing the right mouse button or pressing both buttons respectively.
Because the tablet uses an electrical field to detect the position of the cursor or stylus, it works even when the tip is up to half an inch from the surface of the tablet, enabling one to trace material from books, magazines, or other originals: something which is virtually impossible to do with a mouse.
Success Ratio When one first begins to use the tablet a few things become obvious immediately. Firstly, the ratio of cursor-to-pointer movement is very low at the default settings and the natural tendency when using the four- button cursor is to pick it up and back-track just as one would when using an ordinary mouse.
The only problem with this is that as soon as you plonk the thing back down on the tablet surface the pointer jumps to the point on screen that relates to the position on the tablet. This is a mite disconcerting at first, but you quickly get used to it.
If you intend to use the tablet for everyday window-opening operations, it is a simple matter to change the scaling of the tablet to allow the pointer to move further for a shorter physical travel of the cursor. Using the stylus for normal tasks is very simple, especially when used in conjunction with the scaling facility. The stylus really shows its strengths, though, when used in the manner of a brush or pen for freehand drawing, yet it loses none of the abilities of a mouse to operate such functions as fills, polygon drawing and the rest.
This means that accurate entry of data doesn’t require you to pay feverish attention to the pointer coordinate display that most CAD programs feature. But therein lies the crux of the matter: most CAD programs do include information on the position of the pointer, making accurate rendering of the drawing possible (even though the mouse can be a bit on the arbitrary side at times), so why shell out much more for the tablet?
The answer to this has simply got to be the tablet’s speed and accuracy. The fact that you can see what you are doing at all times precludes the need for referring to a numeric indicator, and makes digitising a simple matter. And because the tablet works by electromagnetic induction rather than a rolling ball, each point on the tablet represents a unique point on the screen. Whichever way the cursor is pointing, if you move it away from you the pointer will go towards the top of the screen: try that with your mouse!
One difficulty of tracing using a mouse is that the mouse must stay on the tracesheet at all times, and must remain in the same orientation relative to the plan. Should you have an original that is too big to fit on the surface of the tablet, by using the scaling function that is included in the software you can define the whole area of the tablet to relate to, say, a quarter of the screen, enabling large plans to be digitised.
Natural Advantage Unplugging the cursor and connecting the stylus changes the nature of the tablet completely. From being a data entry device, it becomes a very efficient way of interacting with the Amiga, particularly in art packages such as Dpaint The nature of the tool makes it very easy to use for freehand drawing because essentially it is just a pen which, when it comes down to it, we are all much more happy drawing with than a mouse.
Conclusive So now we come to the bit of the review where I'm supposed to tell you whether you should go out and buy one or not. I have to say that when I first started using the Podscat tablet I was not particularly impressed.
Admittedly it is an excellent digitising device, but your bog-standard mouse is not all that bad when used with good software.
But then I began using the tablet- and-stylus combination with Dpaint and quickly found myself enjoying computer graphics a whole lot more than I had for years. The unit is well constructed and will outlive the average mouse many times over. As a data entry device it is powerful and flexible. So should you buy one? Well, do you want one? I think I do.
I found it particularly useful, since I am left-handed when drawing but use a mouse with my right hand, so I have never been particularly happy with mouse-driven drawing packages.
The secret of the stylus is that its pressure-sensitive tip is equivalent to pressing the left mouse button, so by applying pressure to the tablet’s surface with the tip of the pen one can activate the freehand drawing, or Bard’s Tale Fans, Rejoic The designers of the Bard’s Tale™ Over 60 characters and 65 spells Supports characters from Bard’s Tale 1, II, III Unique auto-mapping, no graph paper needed New combat system Series, Wasteland™ and Battle Chess7 wanted to pool their talents to create the ultimate role-playing fantasy.
Now available for Amiga.
Also on IBM and 64 disk £24.99 Electronic Arts • 11 49 Station Road • Langley, Berks SL3 8YN • Telephone 0753 49442 PA'A CONSUMER SUPPORT! TEL: (0734) 310003 ®)L ORDER: INTERMEDIATES LTDf PO BOX 847 HARLOW C TEL: (0279) 600197 fife!
.• f 'fP Virtual Reality has come to be a bit of a buzz phrase over the last few months. Along with the language of cyberspace and cyberpunk literature, virtual reality is a couple of words that almost any cell phone toting technobore can flip out over dinner without a blink. And yet so few people actually understand what it all means.
Real worlds within the electronic fabric of a computer. Real landscapes that you can create and roam around, all seeming very solid, and yet the mountains and the trees only exist in the computer. No human eye has ever seen these sights before. And, like the synthesiser before it, fractal geometry will allow us to do landscapes what we did to sound, creating a mood or place that wasn’t there before in nature.
A New Vista A few weeks ago I happened across a fractal demo which showed a flight through a mountain range. The ‘camera’ flew through the trees and across the surface of the lakes so smoothly, it seemed like a jet was racing through the Rocky Mountains, and the thing was so real. But you could just about make out the jaggies, the fact that the mountains were made out of triangles. But the effect was amazing, and so it should be with about 300 frames of animation.
At the bottom of the screen the legend said that the program used was a forthcoming product, from a firm called Hypercube Engineering, but I’d forgotten all about it until Vista arrived. This was the forthcoming product mentioned in the demo. With Vista you can create and view fractal landscapes and even make animations moving through your own landscapes.
Looking Around Vista is more than a fractal landscape engine, allowing you to create random landscapes at the touch of a button. Included in the package are files created from US Geological Society Digital Elevation Model files, a digital representation of the various heights in an area of land.
About 40% of the USA and various astronomical bodies have been converted into DEM files, and eventually all of these files will be made available to Vista users. These DEM files are turned into Vista format by Virtual Reality, which means you can load in a real landscape and walk around it. Supplied on the disk are DEM files for:
• El Capitan in the Yosemite Valley, California
• The Half Dome formation, again at Yosemite
• Crater Lake, Oregon
• Mount St Helens, Washington (Before and After) The latest
product from Virtual Reality Labs is Vista, a program to let
you go where no living thing has gone before. Over to our
fractal hacker, PHIL SOUTH.
• Olympus Mons, Mars The files cover some of the most stunning
views in the US and Olympus Mons is a view of the biggest
volcano in the Solar System, on Mars. One very interesting
feature is the view of Mount St Helens, before and after the
famous eruption of 1980. This is a great idea, this packaging
of famous landscapes for the computer, and I hope they get a
few more data disks out a bit sharpish, as I've already used up
the first lot!
Making Mountains After you’ve loaded up all the DEM files, you can start to create your own. All you have to do is either hit the F button at the bottom of the Qrrppn Or vnn ran tvne in a number to make the scape. I tried my birthday, which in numbers is 100360, in case you want to tap it in yourself (or send me a card). This created a nice little atoll which you can see in the accompanying pictures.
Once you have a landscape, you can save the data as a .scape file, or even a file for use in Turbo Silver.
Obviously if you want to save a huge mountain range into Silver and render it, you have to have a large amount of memory available, so watch it.
After you’ve got the mountain you want, you can smooth out the contours for a nice even landscape, or exaggerate them to make it spiky.
You can also change the colour, which in the case of Olympus Mons is red, red, red or red.
For normal scapes you can make the grass and tree lines green, the rocks beige and the snow white, for a natural-looking landscape. But if you're feeling silly, you can colour the scape any range of psychedelic hues you wish. (You sicko). As well as using shades for the earth and sea lakes, the program shades them a little too, to give the impression of reflections in the water and even haze on the horizon.
New Clear Resolutions There are four different resolutions you can render at using the program, lower resolutions with size 8 or 4 polygons, and higher ‘finished’ resolutions with size 2 or 1 polygons. The difference can be seen in the four pictures of my birthdate atoll.
Other neat features are really odd things like the fractal music you can play while rendering. This music is a musical version of the values of the polygons being used to make the picture. These Californians, don’t you just love 'em?
The propellor-heads among you will probably like to know that the program features 4 billion different fractal landscapes for you to discover.
Just tap in all the numbers you can think of and there you have it. When you’ve done that you should be very old indeed. What else?
Although the program displays pictures in 320 x 200 pixel HAM mode, the pictures are defined internally as 24 bit pictures with 16 million colours. There may be some way of getting these high definition images out of the program and onto a 24 bit graphics card, but the documentation or menus don’t say anything about it.
Perhaps this is an additional feature offered by a forthcoming professional version of Vista? Let’s wait and see.
Sunset Over Grand Canyon Well, I’m really very impressed with Vista. It's fast, flexible and fun, the 3 Fs. And best of all it’s currently number one in a field of one. The Brett Casebolt program based on his PD program Scenery is yet to see the light of day, and Genesis from Microlllusions is late too, in spite of being finished some months ago. But in any case I’ve seen both of those programs, and frankly Vista is easier to use, more impressive to look at, and faster too. (And that’s fractals, not franklies.) So if you want to draw fractal mountains, take a gorgeous picture of your very
own birthday island, or just take an imaginary stroll on the surface of Mars, Vista is the only way to fly.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME Here are four pictures rendered at the four different polygon levels, 8, 4, 2, and 1.
The atoll was made using my birthday as a seed value, so it’s called Birthday Atoll.
Any number will do.
You phone number, your age, your credit card number, the length of your... (That’s enough length - Ed).
ATARI ST "What we have here s a BRILLIANTLY ORIGINAL and vitty interpretation of the Python Theme". Zero 89% "One of the tastiest lices of alternative rcade action since Venezuelan Beaver Cheese".
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Name: (BLOCK CAPITALS PLEASE) Address: ... Postcode: . Telephone: I enclose a cheque for £ I wish to pay by Access Visa* W (*please delete as appropriate) lology My credit card number is: Expiry date: ... Signed: ..... If paying by cheque, please enclose payment with this card in a sealed edj! Envelope addressed to: AMIGA FORMAT Book Offer, FREEPOST, Future Publishing Ltd, The Old Barn, Somerton, Somerset TA11 7BR. (No stamp is needed if the letter is posted in the UK.)
¦ No money will be debited from your account and no cheques cashed until GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR AMIGA is printed and awaiting despatch.
Please allow 28 days for delivery.
Each month Amiga FORMAT reviews the latest software and hardware for your Amiga, but what about all those packages you’ve missed? GET THE MOST FROM YOUR AMIGA, written by FORMAT Deputy Editor Damien Noonan, reviews the wealth of software and hardware designed for your Amiga.
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With 27 chapters absolutely packed with information spanning 172 pages, you can be sure there’s something in there for you.
Subjects covered in the book include word processors, desktop publishing, public domain, scanners, monitors, printers, graphics, multi-media, communications, video, education, programming, emulators and more! Each chapter is crammed with useful advice on the best package to buy. For newcomers to the Amiga there's also special section on getting to grips with Workbench and the CLI.
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For newcomers and experienced users alike, GET THE MOST FROM YOUR AMIGA is the essential companion to your Amiga. You can’t afford to miss it. GET THE MOST FROM YOUR AMIGA is available mail order only, so fill in the order coupon today. You won’t regret it - and that’s a promise!
¦ THE AMIGA 500 PC XT IS HERE Run Professional MS DOS Software On Your Amiga 500 At A Price You Can Afford POWl1 Why Did You Buy An Amiga 500?
Of course, because of its superb graphics, music and animation capabilities. However if you want to get serious, you soon realise that it is distinctly lacking in memory and professional software.
Well - They Said It Could Never Happen - But It's Here At Last!
You! In your own home can transform your Amiga 500 into a real IBM compatible with Amiga memory expansion up to one and a half megabytes.
It's simple - No screwdriver, no soldering iron and no technical knowledge required. Just turn your Amiga over, open the cover, slide the Power PC Board into the connector, close the cover and your Amiga PC XT is ready. (In other words, no loss of guarantee) You are now ready to use a wealth of professional MS DOS software at speeds faster than a PC XT (ind. Review), and in colour, with compatibility thanks to Phoenix-Bios.
You can also rely on the correct date and time at any moment in Amiga and MS DOS mode (battery included).
? Available memory: 704KB + 64KB EMS in MS DOS mode, 1 megabyte + 512KB RAM (disk) buffer in Amiga mode ? No extra power supply necessary thanks to the most modern CMOS and ASIC technolo ? OK with TV. No special monitor required ? Price: £320.00 including VAT.
Access and Visa accepted.
? For export price please contact us ? Trade enquiries welcome (UK - Scandinavia - Australia NZ and all English language.)
Compatibility is excellent, but no-one can guarantee every single program available therefore if your purchase depends on a particular program, please ask us first or send in a copy of the program. (With suitable S.A.E if to be returned).
Price subject to change without notice.
Bitcon Devices Ltd.
Tel: (091) 4901919 4901975.
BASILDON ESSEX. SS156DJ. PHONE: (0268) 541126 GRAPHICS Good graphics are an important part of any game; if the power is there, it should be used to the full. Both static and moving graphics come under scrutiny in this rating, but remember, graphic wonders alone do not a great game make... THE RATINGS EXPLAINED SOUND With stereo capabilities the last thing you want to hear are Spectrumesque beeps, right? Title tunes and effects all add to the atmosphere of a game and good sound can greatly increase your enjoyment.
INTELLECT How much real thought do you have to put in to play the game? Just because a game is mindless doesn’t necessarily mean it's bad, but a game with a high intellect rating says immediately that you’ll need to think to gain maximum: enjoyment.. ADDICTION How easy is a game to pick up and play?
How much sheer fun wilt you get from it?
Will you keep coming back? Important questions, ail answered by a quick look at the Addiction rating.
OVERALL A percentage mark that takes into account all the ratings, plus extras like lasting interest, documentation and packaging, THE TEAM There are two main Amiga Format reviewers; Trenton Webb made his mark reviewing CPC games for our sister magazine Amstrad Action. After a year and half among the eight bit boys he's finally made the move to the big stuff. A habitual games player whose personal tastes encompass everything from the board- .
Based Squad Leader to Amiga-based arcade conversions.
Maff Evans joined At after doing sterling service on ZZAP! 64. Recently he’s been splitting his time between us and our sister mag ST Format, but after seeing the light has come out of the cupboard under the stairs and joined us full time. Maff’s a solid all-rounder with a very nifty trigger linger and more than a match for most would-be high score challengers.
S Missile nr n -3 zlciser I Web vWie H atomic hammer ietnam made tunnel rats famous, now Electronic Arts aim to give tunnel flies the same exposure. The fly in question is a Magic Fly, the only craft in the Universe that stands a chance of saving humanity from a fate worse than Vapona.
Deep within a disused mining planet, the Ceti Triad has gathered an army of inconceivable magnitude. It must be destroyed, but first information must be gathered about the spec of the Triad's Moth fighter. No easy task when the mines run for miles and the heavily-armoured Fly guzzles fuel like Oily Reed drinks shandy.
As pilot, you must negotiate the maze of tunnels, scan every enemy craft and neutralise the communications centre, the planet’s reactor, the computer centre and the missile defence system. A simple job in comparison to the task of getting out of the complex once you've triggered nukes to trash the place!
The Magic Fly’s as easy to pilot as it is to crash in the tunnels of planetoid of LB-400-21. ‘Zone flying' the Fly automatically steers away from walls and turns corners without you touching a control.
Manual flying's needed to steer the ship past obstacles or to catch an enemy. The joystick controls the ship's speed and rotation, while mouse-driven HUD systems are employed for steering, shooting and scanning.
The need for power drives the game. Dotted throughout the complex are recharge docking bays which you drop into for a top up - it also serves as a game save point. Unfortunately they're miles apart, so cautious flying is needed to avoid damage and excessive use of the weapons. And as a new Flyer you’ll need plenty of energy to repair all the self-inflicted damage from walls, blocks and craft in the labyrinth.
ELECTRONIC ARTS £24 and Mouse Flying while shooting or scanning is a basic skill fly guys need.
Trolling around on auto’s okay, but is ineffective and boring. True fliers blast along using the HUD cursor to identify or kill opponents, as well as steer.
Web The Fly's big secret is the turbo. Like any good go-faster extra it's fun and potentially lethal.
Hit the button and a countdown flashes. After five seconds you’re hurled down the tunnels at a ridiculous rate, escaping any pursuant but risking massive damage. The turbo not only takes five seconds to activate but needs five to disengage! Not much fun when a door looms, because if you can see it you’ve hit it!
Starting slowly, Magic Fly builds into an absorbing challenge.
Piloting the ship on manual becomes increasingly difficult as the enemies multiply and the tunnels get more complex. It’s like a flight sim played indoors: pilots need patience and courage to choose the right route and survive. Will you blast or scan an opponent? Which way now? Do you run back to a fuel stop or head on, hoping? Questions which will determine the fate of the Fly in one huge web of tunnels that seek to ensnare and kill.
1 Engine power levels, the faster you go the more blocks are highlighted.
2 Cruise turbo indicator.
3 Current weapon available and HUD mode, at this moment in time it's 5 theJWeb. ..w indicator; ; whph blips as you approach a ref pel point.
6 Damage control, highlights l§® |n blue any injured areas.
7 Database of scanned ships, * wiltalso give their spec'.
8 Local man, it also gives f access to a larger 3D version of your entire route. 9 Zone flying indicator, wljich shows whichgsector ofthe , tunnel you’reilyin |bpugh, , either the centre or which side is closest “ 10 Main screen, the window to the world.
11 Power level indicator. I The damage control screen gives you the bad news. Engines 3 and 4 have suffered collision damage and so has the turbo. How are you going to impress the girls without the go faster goodies!
GRAPHICS AND SOUND Wireframe 3D ain’t the hottest concept on the gaming front but it’s never been used so effectively. The 3D map takes masses of getting used to, but it’s an invaluable aid to navigation.
Rotating images of scanned enemy ships gives you the chance of recognising what dangers they hold from a distance.
The variety and flexibility of screens is impressive. They allow pilots to choose between two main flight screens with keypress shortcuts for the information tables. While only wireframe, the smoothness and the speed of the corridors leaves nothing to the imagination, just the way it should be.
It is sonically underwhelming, so good pilots may hear little for hours. Bad pilots, on the other hand, hear the sound of their ship scraping the wails time and time again, an effect which soon induces nervous overreaction as you desperately pull away from collision.
LASTING INTEREST Magic Fly is a lasting game. It has limited instant appeal, it’s awkward to control and builds slowly in pace. Once the library of saved games starts to grow, its appeal grows too. Thousands of different routes demand exploration, the enemy grows in menace the deeper you reach and each enemy is a challenge to scan and shoot. As the arsenal on board the craft grows, then so too does its potential. When the ship is at full power, then and only then will you find the Moth • and complete the mission.
JUDGEMENT Magic Fly has a quiet charm. Its magnitude as a game is only appreciated after you’ve tried' and died a few times. To begin with any pilots are more dangerous to themselves than the Ceti Triad, yet with a little practice the balance shifts. You’ll know when to use the auto pilot and when to fly yourself, and more importantly how to reach the all- important docking bays for a refuel. Then the game switches from being an interesting 3D coding exercise into an immense challenge.
An indoor flight sim, it is never really exciting in the shoot-em-up sense. Instead it supplies tension as you negotiate the twisting tunnels destroying yet more insect-like craft. The Triads will be safe for a long time in their subterranean retreat, but one day their defences will be yours to plunder. It’s a day worth working and waiting for.
Trenton Webb Joystick, Keyboard il I GRAPHICS 8 SOUND 3 INTELLECT 9 ADDICTION 7 OVERALL 88% From the development team :h brought you- F29 Retaliator ATARI ST * CBM AMIGA ibyiwsbuis - n iui icyo .u OCEAN SOFTWARE LIMITED ¦ 6 CENTRAL STREET • MANCFIESTER ¦ M2 5NS - TEL: 061 832 6633 ¦ FAX: 061 834 0650 GRAPHICS AND SOUND Venus Is a well-presented game, featuring attractive colours and sprites throughout. The scrolling and animation is smooth, with very little flicker. Graphic styles change every five stages so there's plenty of variety as you work your way through. Music Is a little twee, but
not unbearable, (It Is possible to switch It off if you don’t like It) and sound effects are competent.
LASTING INTEREST Some of the levels, notably the Creeping Swamp and the Kaverns, contain excellent back* grounds which help to brighten up the hard slog to completion.
Larger, more deadly insects also contribute to the long-term appeal, as do the Giant Cannons which pop up out of the floor.
Insects themselves get ‘tooled up5 in the last few levels, providing many a surprise: the docile- looking slugs you meet on Level One have big brothers with Armalites on Level Ten, The overuse of pesticides and intensive farming has caused a breakdown in the ecosystem, killing off all the insects. To restore balance, the scientists create new breeds of cyber-insects, using hastily-learnt genetic engineering techniques. Predictably, a DNA fault in the creatures causes them to go mad and swarms of killer insects wreak havoc on the planet.
Total disaster can only be prevented by a single, special insect: Venus, The Fly Trap. You guide this insect equivalent of Robocop through the ten areas of the game, which include the Forbidden Forest, Wood World, Death Valley and the Stygian Creek. Your task is to walk Venus along left-scrolling scenery leaping chasms, dodging or killing insects and picking up bonus items. There are many of these, some of which give you multi-fire cannons, R-Type-style beam-up weapons, extra lives or flying power. Although you can just get close to a target and pump the fire button like mad, extra military
potential certainly makes the job quicker and easier. With time-limits imposed on each stage, speed is definitely your greatest need!
Venus would be a simple game but for the cunning pitfalls which are planted here and there.
JUDGEMENT For an ‘original’ game, it really isn’t that original at ail. It has a good plot and competent shoot* em-up programming, but follows the template of most other games In the genre. Fortunately, the right elements have been mixed In the right proportions, and assembled well The end result is an addictive, playable game, with plenty of fun and excitement. At the price, it’s one to have If you enjoy a good ecological bash! Well Jackson GRAPHICS 7 SOUND 6 INTELLECT 4 ADDICTION 8 OVERALL 79% The most obvious are the icons marked on the floor. These make you lose time, bounce you into the
path of gunfire or catapult you onto the ceiling. Fighting inverted is a technique you must master.
Some bonus pods are also not at all helpful. Some flip the joystick direction to cause confusion, others turn into skulls which drain all your life away. Between each level you are thrown into a bonus sub-game. Here you fly across the screen as hordes of insects bear down on you, shooting and dodging like crazy, picking up energy and bonus pods as they're released. Run out of energy and the sub-game is over, so be quick.
The final twist lies with the bonus rooms, hidden in chasms.
To find them you must put your life at risk, because they're invisible. If there’s no entrance in the hole you’ve just dropped into, that's it, Goodnight Sooty! If you are lucky enough to find one, then you get to collect tons of bonus goodies before you come back to the game proper and play on.
GREMLIN GRAPHICS £19.99 ¦ Joystick Stealth bombers, the USAPs infamous invisible war planes, are good. So good in fact, that the airforce itself has lost track of one. Last radio contact with the missing bird was over the banana republic of San Paragua, a dictatorship on bad terms with everybody,- so the CIA are sending :one man to get their jet back. A man named Glames: John Glames.
You are that secret agent, so after a hasty briefing you’re flying down to Rio (or San Paragua, actually). To kick off the mission you’re armed with a briefcase crammed full of espionage goodies and your own native cunning.
Ask the right questions of the right people, look in the right places and use the right gadgets and you'll find that flying machine.
The adventure rolls like a movie from scene to scene, employing different views as the game changes pace. The main action is seen as a 3D adventure where the hero is guided by mouse clicks, with other angles used for the arcade action sequences, as the hero swims and runs for his life. This is Cinematique, an interactive system designed to avoid all that tedious text typing found in ‘normal’ adventures.
’ ’ Glames struts into the airport, unaware and unprepared for the events ahead. To start the (thun- der)ball rolling he must check for messages, steal a suitcase and get a false passport together.
With no background info on the country, it pays to look everywhere and experiment with everything that’s not nailed down - even things that are nailed down can prove useful. A forgotten coin in a vending machine gets you a paper, for example, which proves a source of life-saving clues.
Standing at the airport waiting to be kidnapped gets you nowhere, so actions must start
• speaking louder than words.
Employing the menu functions of use, operate, speak, take, examine and inventory you’re free to move fast. Glames is an active agent and can do almost anything you want.
There’s only one correct solution, so make sure that anything that can be done is done, every item examined, each possibility explored at the first opportunity.
Even airport toilets prove invaluable, providing cover and power for secret devices. As the time ticks away, Glames visits parks, mineshafts and even the sea bed
- not all through choice. Expect the unexpected, be prepared and
plan ahead.
As with all agents of the undercover variety, JG doesn’t uncover plots as much as fall straight into them. In no time at all he’ll receive coded messages, be shot at, attemptedly drowned (twice!), get kidnapped and play at being a magician’s assistant. And as the story gets more outrageous, so the addiction level starts to rise.
Life isn’t all correct decisions and cognitive nonsense, since spies live as much on their wits as by their Iqs. Interspersed throughout the game are arcade sequences that seek to kill you real quick. Escaping from one perilous situation Glames faces some daunting cave-diving, without the aid of an aqualung or safety net!
Once inside the head honcho's mansion he has to dart through a maze of doors avoiding guards in a desperate bid to save his lady.
US GOLD £24.99 ¦ Mouse My' best: regards senor... hotel MANlSUA EXCELSIOR is extremely honoured by ybur The grinning doorman welcomes you to town. After a brief natter with him it's time to stroll and grab the keys to your luxury apartment. To enter just click the mouse on the door and John Glames will go through them. To ask any questions simply use one of the pull down menus and select the speak option, then he says the right thing. Reacting correctly though is the problem!
GRAPHICS AND SOUND Operation Stealth oozes class, Delphlne have tuned their system finely and the result is a truly excellent graphic adventure. The characters are sharp and move with precision, while objects can be examined from a distance. Attention to graphic detail and continuity gives Op Stealth real character.
The animation reveals the intensive research Delphlne have undertaken. They must have sat through hours of Matt Helm and Flint movies to obtain the level of tongue-in-cheek inspiration so obvious in the game. The graphics are humorous but not at the expense of the game, which grows in menace as the plot gets ever more ludicrous.
The cartoon sequences are slightly over indulgent, clever but long, reducing your role to that of a viewer and not a player.
After the great sounds of Future Wars - Delphine’s previous Cinematique project - the music that accompanies the tale is comparatively dull. The single theme is repeated at different tempos with some occasional scene setting music in different locations.
LASTING INTEREST With a single solution and one life per game, Operation Stealth Is a stayer of the first degree. It can he a real pain in the hidden compartments, especially during the arcade sequences where you die quickly and can’t save, so getting to the next savable position becomes the game’s motive force. There’s enough options to keep you guessing, but few enough to give you a chance.
Glames keeps you on the bail at all times, collecting objects that have no,apparent function now hut that may be vital in a later scene. Fiendishly designed, Operation Stealth will take a long time to solve, with countless tantrums along the way, JUDGEMENT Operation stealth is a worthy successor to Future Wars. With the improved Cinematique system, the game flows smoothly, maintaining pace and atmosphere, Once you are familiar with the character and his abilities, Glames is a flexible and friendly hero. Indulging a classic cinema genre that’s readily suited to this style of game,
Operation Stealth breathes life into those Bond fantasies where every woman Is a sex kitten, every belt buckle is a bomb and dinner jackets are standard Issue, Trenton Webb GRAPHICS 9 SOUND 6 INTELLECT 9 ADDICTION 8 OVERALL 90% cally - all you have to do is set the type of shot, along with the power and timing necessary to place the ball where you want in your opponent's court. The type of shot is selected by moving the joystick in a relative direction, the longer you hold the position the more powerful the shot, and by hitting the shot early or date you can control the direction in which
the shot is returned. Holding the fire button down while returning smashes the ball with extra power - which can be very useful for hammering those clever-clever lobbed shots past your hapless, stranded opponent. Haw-haw!
The lush green lawns of the British Open at Wimbledon to the harsh heat and plastic courts of the Davis Cup.
You can opt to play solo or as part of a team of up to sixteen players - any number of which can be computer - controlled. Once you’ve selected the team placings you can choose to play in one of the world’s top tournaments, each with their own type of court and playing* conditions. Then you select the type of racket you prefer and it’s off to the match.
Within the game itself, the computer moves your player into position to play the shot automatiJust picture the scene. The bird song, the smell of fresh-cut grass, the swish of the rackets, the strawberries and the swearing of an angry tennis star. It can only be found within the excitement of a professional tennis tournament.
If you’ve ever wanted to venture out on the court against the world's best players, or even just missed the chance to get a ticket to the Wimbledon final, then here is a chance for you to taste that big-match excitement for yourself thanks to Ocean’s latest sports tie- in. Tie Break pits you as a world class player taking part in a variety of international competitions, from OCEAN £24.99 ¦ Joystick iii Select a racket to suit your build
- the light one if you're a weed!
LASTING INTEREST Getting to grips with the control system is easier than expected, so yon can get into actually play- ing the matches without too much hassle. The wide ranging game options - such as racket type and playing surface - and the long list of opponents means that you have a long way to go before you can consider yourself a master at the game.
JUDGEMENT Right from the superb loading screen and well-drawn presentation pieces, it’s obvious that a lot of work has gone into making Tie Break an impressive-looking and polished tennis simulation.
Couple this with the smooth and realistic gameplay and what do you get? One of the most polished tennis simulations available, The pace and feel of the game perfectly captures that cenfre-court atmosphere and should ham tennis fans throwing their rackets around in typical bolshie tennis star fashion!
Maff Evans GRAPHICS AND SOU® One of Tie Break’s main strengths is the atmosphere evoked by the graphics and sound effects. The appearance is very impressive, with some smooth animation and excellently drawn backdrops to portray the action. The sound consists of realistic bouncing bail and crowd noises, interspersed with some superbly sampled umpire calls.
The intro music (despite a promising start} is a rather silly affair, with some particularly kitsch “Deuce” samples belting out at odd intervals. However, all in all the presentation is some of the best seen in any computerised tennis game yet released.
GRAPHICS 8 SOUND 7 INTELLECT 5 ADDICTION ¦ 7 £ 'i v*; OVERALL 84% ,V j,; Set in the world of international espionage.
Operation Stealth plunges yon headlong into a brand-new Cinematique™ Interactive adventure . :¦' game.
WINNER OF THE ‘IN DIN AWARD FOR THE BEST OVERSEAS Gmtf£ m - Ttfirrm Operation Stealth is the second gameto feature the exclusive Ciitiematlque™ orienting. System, which has been considerably fefi| nd developed since the release of Future Wars.
S. Gold Ltd- Units 213, Holford Way ¦ Ho-lford Birmingham B6 7AX,
Telephone: Q2 t'625-3388.
Entirely mouse-controlled. ' k. Easy-to• use poi 111 - and • c 1 ic k interface.
Fully compatible with Ad-Lib arid Roland Sound Cards (PC Version).
PC version features 256 colours (VGA).
Superb music produced in Delphlne's in-house recording studio.
AMIGA DEALS V2 MEG UPGRADE BOARD Clock Version AMIGA 500 STANDARD PACK ? A500 computer ? 512k RAM ? 1Mb disk drive ?
? Mouse ? Modulator ? I ? Power supply ? Operation-manuals ? | ? Workbench disks, etc. ? 1 3 '2 HIGH QUALITY DISKS ONLY SCREEN plus "GEMS" PACK ? Amiga as in standard pack ? Days of Thunder ? Shadow of the Beast II ? Back to the Future Part II ? Knightbreed ? Deluxe Paint II ? Megablaster joystick ? Dust cover ? High quality mouse mat ? Wicked ten game pack Inc. Invaders, Pacman, Bouncer.
FLIGHT OF PLUS FANTASY PACK ? Amiga as in standard pack ? F29 Retaliator ? Rainbow Islands ? Escape from Planet of Robot Monster ? Deluxe Paint II ? Megablaster joystick ? Dust cover ? High quality mouse mat ? Wicked ten game pack Inc. Invaders, Pacman, Bouncer.
CUMANA CAX 354 DISK DRIVE TNEwtL ULTIMATE GAMES PACK Choose any of the above three packs and add the following: EXCLUSIVE Dowling Mega Ten Game Pack comprising: RVF Honda, Datastorm, Dungeon Quest, E-Storm, Grand Monster Slam, Kid Gloves, Powerplay, Shufflepuck Cafe, Microprose Soccer, Tower of Babel.
PLUS The Classic Tenstar Pack comprising: Ikari Warriors, Buggy Boy, Wizball, Terrorpods, Barbarian, Thundercats, Art of Chess, Amegas, Insanity Flight, Mercenary.
TOTAL RRP OVER £450 ¦C QQ ALL THIS FOR THE UNBEATABLE PRICE OF: oUO 57 57.95 At last a complete system enabling you to connect your Amiga computer to any standard video recorder and start frame grabbing!
Features include: ? Perfect freeze frame from any video ? Utility to incorporate real life objects into your favourite design ? Dynamic cut and paste ? Ability to take snapshots in 16 shades live from video ? Multiple frame store ? Plus lots, lots more!!!
What you get.. VIDI-AMIGA (PAL version) Hardware interface plus software ..rrp £114.'
VIDI-CHROME Upgrade kit enabling you to digitise stunning full colour pictures in seconds rrP *19.'
E180 VHS BETA High quality video tape to get you going rrp £6.
ALL THIS FOR THE INCREDIBLE PRICE OF oqq Box of 50 *1 y Box of 100 .....£37 Roll of 1000 labels .£5 ? 100% certified ? Individually wrapped ? "Made in Japan" media ? Fully guaranteed VIDI-AMIGA SCOOP !£ ? Uses latest 4 chip design ? Memory on off switch ? Option of battery backed clock ? Full 12 month guarantee ? New super low price ? Latest slimline design ? Quiet, high precision head positioning ? High speed access ? Acknowleged as "the best' ? Stereo colour monitor ? Can be used as T.V.
with tuner ? Includes cables COMMODORE 1084S OR PHILIPS 8833 OUR PRICE SUBJECT TITLE ? Official Commodore hard drive ? Sockets for 2Mb RAM ? Complete with free software pack ? Built-in
P. S.U. cooling fan A590 HARD DRIVE Deluxe Paint II Photon Paint
II Kindwords II WORD PROCESSORS Protext vers. 5 Word Perfect
T. V. TUNER ? Converts your 1084S 8833 into a colour T.V. ?
Complete with aerial and plug ? Free 1 years on-site
maintenance n A Superbase Personal 2 Prodata DATABASE
Superbase Professional Maxiplan Superplan VIP Professional
SPREADSHEET AMIGA MOUSE ? Replacement mouse by contriver ?
Free mousemat rrp ? Free mousehouse ? Full 1 year guarantee O
'I ( OUR PRICE X 1 , nin) nil.. UNITS 48-50 TYNE ROAD, SANDY,
BEDS, SG19 ISA Being Star registered dealers we only sell]
official UK machines which come with a full 1 year guarantee.
Beware of inferior imported] products.
OUR PRICE RRP £229.95 £149.95 £263.35 £169.95 £297.85 £189.95 £343.85 £229.95 £573.85 £389.95 £527.85 £369.95 £688.85 £459.95 £688.85 £459.95 £907.35 £599.95 £2172.35 £1399.95 £74.75 £59.95 £5.95 £3.95 £7.95 £5.95 £7.95 £5.95 £7.95 £5.95 X NEW MIDI INTERFACE Our own beautifully designed product, colour co-ordinated and designed to sit on your Amiga.
Features: 1 x in, 1 x thru, 2 x out.
Comes complete with midi lead (extras: £2.99) RRP £29.95 OUR PRICE £19.95 X NEW X MUSIC-X JUNIOR "provides everything that the average amateur musician could possibly require" AMIGA FORMAT
N. B. Fully compatible with Music X RRP £79.95 OUR PRICE £49.95 I
DESCRIPTION TITLE ...£29.95 ...£59.95 ...£49.95 ...£79.95 ...£59.95 ...£19.95 .£149.95 ...£19.95 .£229.95 £8.95 .£149.95 ...£69.95 ...£29.95 ...£29.95 DESK TOP MUSIC STARTER PACKAGE FOR AMIGA Save £153 and become a record producer into the bargain _ j 'ry T T7 T T T7 T7 Techno-fear takes some strange forms, none stranger than the fear of asking a shop assistant what Roland ¦ V* JL JL ij .fc connecting cables are needed and how to hook them up. This starter package puts paid to that one Inside the box is everything you need to make music on your computer: A Roland CM-32L sound module - your
orchestra Dr T's Tiger Cub sequencer software - your composer Dr T's Copyist Apprentice software - your scorewriter and most importantly it includes all the cables required to get the system working and easy instructions on getting started. Package value: £547 rrp. Package Price: £469 rrp.
V DESK TOP MUSIC SYSTEM Roland fv DESK I top . MUSIC SYSTEM Roland | DfoKP, MUSIC SYSTEM tJ TP ¦mm Star LC10 Mono 144 36 cps Star LC10 II 25% faster version Star LC10 colour, 7 colours Star LC24-10 - 24 pin multifont Star LC24-15 wide carriage version of LC24-10 ? Star FRIO 300 76 cps, 31K buffer, 16 NLQ fonts ? Star FR15 wide carriage version of FRIO ? Star XB24-10 professional 24 pin series, 27K buffer ? Star XB24-15 wide carriage version of the above with 41K buffer ? Star LS08 LASER PRINTER 1Mb Ram, 300 x 300 dpi Star LC10 sheet feeder (auto) Star LC10 mono ribbons Star LC10 colour
ribbons Star LC24-10 ribbons Star LC10 quality dust cover ?12 months on-site maintenance _____ r TlUSIC DIVISION ~ TIGER CUB COPYIST APPRENTICE SOFTWARE .
Tiger Cub turns your computer into a recording studio, complete with 12-channel mixing desk, ttOiana effects routing and editing suite. Simple and logical screens and menus make it easy to use for the complete beginner; powerful control features make it ideal for the professional. Copyist Apprentice lets you print out and edit your music - even down to altering individual drumbeats - and alternative icon screens mean you don't even have to read music. 4 port miai interface. RRP £29.95. Price £178 rrp Package value: £752 rrp. Dowling package price: , If you've got the ideas to make you the next
Jazzy-B or the next Jon Bon Jovi, the Roland Desk Top Music System can turn your dreams into hits.
TELESALES ORDER LINE 0767 681760 (8 lines) A Drum Digitised drum sampler package using 4 stereo tracks, as well as echo & pan effects......£39.95. Aegis Audiomaster II......A digital sampling and editing system - effects including "echo” and backward masking.....£79.95. Aegis Sonix V2.0 ....Produce music scores using MIDI-patching or score notation - will required two drives......£64.95. AMAS ..Full feature 8-bit stereo audio digitiser with MIDI interface - accepts mono stereo inputs ...£99.95. Deluxe Music Con. Set ...Create scores in full
notation - inc is MIDI in out & over 10 digitised instruments .£69.95. Instant Music ...Paint your 4 voice score on screen using veritable orchestra of digitised instruments £24.95. KCS .....Keyboard control sequencer, music sequencing package designed for the Amiga ....£199.95. Music Studio 2.0 ....Use internal or MIDI sound output, to create your own tunes, with lyrics too if required £24.95. Pro 24 Amiga V3 ....Pro studio quality 24 track MIDI rec seq, real step time and quantise - requires 1Mb......£250.00. Rock 'n'
Roll Rock the house down with this data disk for Instant Music or Deluxe Music Con. Set ...£9.95. Soundscape Pro Midi Professional MIDI system features inc: sequencing & patching - has facility for routing....£185.00. Synthia A musical digital synth package allowing you to create & modify digital & .IFF sounds £79.95. Ultimate Sound Tracker..with 127 different instruments, an ideal program for amateurs and professionals alike £39.95. Master Sound ..Low cost, high quality sound sampler - saves .IFF
files ...£39.95. PC-200 MIDI CONTROLLER A compact 49-note keyboard to suit your computer music setup. Touch- sensitive keys, pitchbend modulation (vibrato) lever and MIDI control features like 16 transmit channels, 128 program changes and a date entry slider for adjusting volume and stereo imaging. And if you need a few more keys to complete your latest hit, a shift function effectively turns the PC-200 into a six octave keyboard. Price: £175 rrp.
CM-32L - AN ORCHESTRA AT YOUR FINGERTIPS 128 fantastic sounds to choose from, including guitars, pianos, strings, brass, synthesizers and effects plus drums. Using the CM-32L with a sequencer (le tapeless recorder) like Tiger Cub you can have up to eight different sounds plus drums playing at the same time - it’s like having your own personal recording studio. Price: £369 rrp.
- X NEW-* MUSIC-X Enhanced 1.1 Version Widely acknowledged as
the best music package available. Now with even more
enhancements it cannot be beaten
N. B. Be wary of older versions being sold cheaper RRP £149.95
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DOWLING HOWTO ORDER The year is 3001 and a war of the worlds that once seemed impossible is a terrible reality.
Earth stands alone in a universe crawling with unpleasant life forms: humanoid insects, the Cephalhydra, are threatening to extinguish the few remaining members of mankind. Your aim is to locate the Queen of the insect race, Genolyn, and prevent her from breeding further.
Taking on the role of a mercenary you are to pilot the ship ‘Starblade' through space, visiting varied and interesting locations en route. On board the Starblade it's possible to walk around and visit the stores, the engine room or even the airlocks, to be sure your spaceship's ready for action. From within the cockpit you have complete control of the spacecraft with five control panels to access all of the Starblade's facilities.
There's communications to send distress signals or receive messages, navigational controls to select destination and speed (Hyperspace or Conventional).
There’s a big-screen view of what’s out there for the battle station, used to blow any offending space trash into the next galaxy. While to check up on the old engines and circuits you simply need to glance at the status board.
Once you’ve explored the Starblade set your destination by picking a planet, leave the airlock in the shuttlecraft Allta and fly automatically to a planetary landing. Pressing the spacebar allows the viewing and selecting of various weapons that you’ve picked up along the way. Remember, there’s aliens out there and they ain’t always pleased to see you.
Starting with a laser sword and a few grenades you’ll desperately want better weapons, more food and some oxygen, as well as extra components for spacecraft repair. This requires a bit of trading. Your limited credits are used to purchase items from passers-by or at trading posts.
Some planets can only be explored if you’ve enough oxygen in your suit, so make sure you read the planet info before touchdown. The energy bar shoots down if you’re hacked by aliens or if you can’t breath, so take care - space can damage your health!
GRAPHICS AND SOUND Starblade’s presentation is polished. The ship and the backdrops are during play and the mid-50s bfortunatefy the sprite i backgrounds is .of all is the tithe nth and is excellent. The science-fiction theme b animation can’t com pretty but the slow fade caily a| limitedlt fcfllpiS JUDGEMENT The concept’s original and is sure to appeal to many. The options take time to get to grips with, but even the first few attempts lead to new occurrences and adventures each time. The overall prettiness plays a big role in creating a special atmosphere of space exploration, an effect
that’s only marred by the arcade section’s clumsy feel. Mark Hill GRAPHICS 6 s once there s a lot of tacts- i long time. The es start to SOUND 2 INTELLECT 6 ADDICTION 7 OVERALL 67% become familiar - a real drag, as the tantalising backgrounds are always different.
Spies like us enjoy the occasional break. Nothing’s nicer than sitting on the beach of some sunwashed isle sipping Mai Tais with the ladyfolk. So Commander Westland, the eponymous Iceman, is more than miffed to have his holidays spoiled by a breakdown in detente, critical hostage situation and threatened nuclear war.
Things that only the Iceman can sort out, naturally.
This latest offering from the American adventure specialists is a tale of international intrigue beside, on and under the high seas. Westland is a CIA spook and his actions are the focus for the operation bearing the codename Iceman. The job involves the wandering and collecting that's standard fare for Sierra adventures with the added bonus of a submarine sim.
The story begins with the secret agent man relaxing on said tropical isle, where he must uncover the background plot from newspapers, phone calls and a particularly forward young lady who insists on calling him ‘big boy’. After gathering such vital life- saving kit as an ID card and flowery shirt, it’s off to Pearl Harbour, via the Pentagon.
After a lot of saluting he takes control of USS Blackhawk and the real game begins, mixing simulation with more traditional adventure modes. The sub's controlled via key commands or mouse clicks on screen, as the Iceman tries guide his baby around the oceans, sorting out the evil terrorists and cooling the cold war down.
With mouse commands for movement and text to communicate, the game exhibits a high degree of interaction between Westland and the people he stumbles across. It’s flexible, but there’s only one solution and many pitfalls along the way. Get drunk and the world goes up in smoke while he's giving it the technicolour yawn. Forget to check that he has the right documentation and he’ll never set foot aboard the Blackhawk.
LASTING INTEREST Packed onto five disks - not one, or three, but five - Iceman instantly looks the kind of game that should have you slaving away for months. But this is due more to the aeons spent accessing disks rather than the vast complexity of the game. It is deviously designed, fair enough, but all the Intrigue is destroyed by the game’s sluggishness. Even the rolling score at the top of the screen fasts to inspire, because points are awarded for seemingly 'pointless’ tasks such as playing volleyball and saluting the flag.
Never mind saving the planet: protocol and etiquette, It appears, comes first JUDGEMENT Codename iceman is a variation on a theme for Sierra who stray outside their traditional preserve with the introduction of the submarine simulator. Fans of painstaking detective adventures and, of course, disk manufacturers) will love it. Yet there’s so much disk swapping, fiddly hero manoeuvring and acres of time spent loading that even saints would curse at the frustration of it. A first-class adventure In design, Codename Iceman is eventually crushed by it’s five- disk size and snail biting speed.
Trenton Webb GRAPHICS AND SOUND Pace is not something that the iceman exudes, shuffling about the walking scenes even in high speed mode. The plccies are cute though, with some neat preset animation sequences; Westland staggering around whacked out of his brain on cocktails, for example. The sub itself comes with the standard In the cockpit’ view and looks complicated, but if is reasonably easy to drive around the ocean, ft’s flexible and clear enough to keep adventurers happy, even if true simulator freaks would find it lacking.
The humour that pervades the game is also present in the music, which opens with a Formbyesque ukelele solo to set the scene in Tahiti. In-game, though, sound is sadly limited to the occasional Intermittent spot effect and yet more mood music to introduce new scenes.
§s®s Incorporating state of the art super fast 3D graphics, XIPHOS displays space conflict in more detail than ever before.
Mm® ELIEICITHNIIC Cruise around and watch life and death epic space battles - join in if you dare!!
Fly through space fields, talk to aliens, meet strange creatures and explore six massive universes attempting to confront the super intelligent XIPHOS.
§ XIPHOS is not for the meek, pregnant; those of weak constitution or those suffering from back or heart complaints.
AVAILABLE FOR AMIGA, STAND IBM PC COMPATIBLES AT£24.99 MAIL ORDER AVAILABLE DIRECT FROM: ELECTRONIC ZOO; VISA tuc a ai i rn r.ADniTM uvnp rwAi FHRn QTROlin HI OS Gl 6 8N7 0453 887008 ry PYTHONS ¦ CIRCUS-H VIRGIN MASTERTRONIC £19.99 ¦ Joystick .'SI whill not biii thees recorrd, eet ees scretched.” No, no... this is a game review.
“Aaah! I whill not biii thees game review, eet ees scretched!” Err... pardon me?
“Drop yoor pantees, Sir Whilliam, I Cannot whait teel lunchteim...” Err... yes... and now I think it’s time for something completely different.
After years of reciting the scripts over the odd pint in the pub, Monty Python fans can now get hold of another piece of Python memorabilia in addition to the various videos, records, books and tapes. Monty Python the game places you in the rather ungainly shoes of gentleman, wit, Casanova and connoisseur - DP Gumby, he of the stunningly beautiful flower arrangements.
Poor old Gumby has suffered quite a traumatic experience. The four sections of his brain, fed up of the badly-cramped conditions inside Gumby’s head, which is rarely used except for breaking of bricks, have decided to make a break for freedom. Finding life in the big wide world more fulfilling than being pounded by pieces of multi-purpose masonry, the pieces of brain don’t want to return, so Gumby sets out on a trek to retrieve them.
Armed with little more than a knotted hankie, a plan from Mrs Gumby which involves eating copious amounts of Spam and a handful of fish (wherever did that fishy go?) Gumby sets off into the wilderness. After dodging falling weights, and being pursued by a beleafed Mr. Johnson (who is learning the art of not being seen), Gumby has his body removed and the anatomy of a fish attached.
From here he must swim through the pipes, collecting Spam as he goes, or he can choose between sausage, Spam and beans or Spam, egg and beans or Spam, Spam, egg, Spam, sausage, Spam, Spam, beans and Spam.
After battling the deadly keep-left signs and defeating the Spanish Inquisition (I bet you didn’t expect the Spanish Inquisition... NOBODY expects the Spanish Inquisition!)
At the end of the level... oh, forget it. I never wanted to be a reviewer, all I wanted to do is sing... NO! We're not having any of that in this magazine! Oh, all right then... At the end of the level (I keep getting this funny feeling of deja vu), Gumby retrieves his body in time for an argument with the Minister of Contradiction.
No he doesn’t.
Yes he does.
No he doesn’t.
Yes he does.
And now...a sketch about a man who has his head ripped off by a machine, called the Head Ripped' Off Sketch. Over there...over there... Once the argument is over it's back home to Mrs. Gumby, who uses the Spam he's collected to try and tempt back one of the pieces of brain. Then he goes back to another strange land to find some more of that lovely tinned food... Spam (Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spammity- Spaaaaam, Wonderful Spaaam!)
SHUT UP! Bloody Vikings.
And now...Number one... the Larch... theee Larch.
Hold on, this is ( rather futile! Gumby I came in here for a I decent argument.
No he didn't he j I came in for an argu- J Bffl®"*"ment. J No he didn't. J 1 Yes he did.
| No it didn't! |gj ®|fj| Yes he did! 1 GRAPHICS AND I SOUND I It’sss... I ...surprising how much the game’s graphics look like |j one of Terry Gilliam’s cartoon j sequences. The use of colour 1 and shading perfectly captures the feel of the opening M credits of an episode of the TV show, from the hunchshouldered Gumby stomping around the levels to the MB large show- fljjjl stopping $ foot when | you lose a jp life. The Jjj JPII sound jj| effects §lil|t I (sampled pS %j - j directly from K || the series) E fl enhance the f atmosphere fey ___ -¦ , .
Even further, from John Cleese’s dulcet tones in the argument to Terry Jones reciting the food that Gumby has collected. Unfortunately, the Sousa march intro music is a mite on the grating side (rather like grating cheese, but this isn’t a cheese shop). “I’d just like to say that this is the first time I’ve been quoted in a game review.” I’m sorry we haven’t got time for that right now.
Sense of humour... that’s two, two reasons... the puzzles, the sheer humour and the urge to see what the next level's like... that’s three, three reasons to... all right! Start again!
Amongst the reasons to keep you returning to the game are the devilish puzzles, the sheer sense of wacky humour and the urge to check out the next level. Once all the levels have been completed, it’s still quite possible that you will return to check out the jokes again - after ail, people watch the TV shows again and again, don’t II they?
JUDGEMENT It would have been all to easy to just bang out a bog-standard platform game with a few || Python-related characters bouncing about and rely on the name to shift units. Core have done a surprisingly good |[ job in translating the feel of the Python gang’s humour to the Amiga, from the superb graphics to the occasional intermissions, where an obscure off-the-wall gag appears. Behind the impressive appearance, the game itself is also rather playable, which means that those unfamiliar with Python humour can get into the gameplay. In fact there’s only one thing wrong with the game... you
don’t get wafers with This game review is dead. It has ceased to be. It is an ex-review.
Stop that! It’s silly.
And a bit suspect too, I think.
A hamster! You can't stop this kind of terror with a munchy bit of lettuce, so let him have it before you burst your brain!
Gumby a la poisson comes under atfacck from one - no two, two members of the Spanish Inquisition.
Gumby regurgitates his loot for Mrs. Gumby. Well, I have to say one thing, I... HOPE... SHE...IS... EN... JOY... ING... THIS!
Gumby stomps through the weights, which fall on poor Mr. Johnson. He hasn't remembered how not to be seen. Stand still!
LASTING INTEREST The gameplay is quite simplistic, but the puzzles involved give you one reason to come back to the game - the puzzles and sheer aft Evans INTELLECT SPAM ADDICTION OVERALL SPAM o o - o
• » LXJ o£ a& os Ss 1x1 XJ
o =
o t » o si BJU O CD w g !s£ Z w = S to to £ t " a o 2 s
CD Ull K Irt ? QS l V) G =3 CL s o u UI OC LXJ § o S t-»
LXJ I Ul Ul sE os Q_ fi- O** OS
- 2 z ® h S3 § 1 o*« ¦ +s®+2g+ w =; CO £S to LXJ QS O to to IXI
W v- o to to to LXJ z to So to * O 52 to O Q- VJ to CD CD
- *-? Cr x CD 00 CD u 1 I CD OO = U-l i S CD CD r 2;
C £ ©£= S-S?
tn w _i to to I B I 03 u a eo o «o Ul to O I O £“ 1x1 ui S 3= O 1 UL z52 2 £!£ - OJ LXJ o I o z t gMm.
ToO =1- “ C iM Q_ =3 U) * msmmrnmm ».
¦¦¦¦¦ill Ch.. uKf ILJIInli ¦IIP111
• %o r Cll.. s %;;.;: '. ,.«.WSi' ' -xvxco t O- v?r w 0 0 1 »S2i
r © Om £ = « S CO Dei lj j 5 CD ¥2 O c-3 00 Z S ¦ Q
S CO £ £ l l 00 «=r - 00 2 CO , to 1 qXLO ;±- S }=f
O LU _ aC LXJ -ci: c ? Dca os: Q- a* X CD 00 to cr 00 c .5 tu
Ou £=C is ¦|gll»l« Ui.ll mm mm asszmtemmmmgs £= O 03 0 03 *E X
"E *o "03 CD
- =i 0 “O uT 0 0 . P 03
- z- =S _ _S£ 0 03 03 O 03 C 03
* U3 1 O C2_ a_ to f O ¦ O 03 x_ y *| O U 0 ‘E CD to 0 ? to e 0
E c= 03 03 s 03 L U Csl 03 to to §®S 0 - ; £ 1 to' “¦ 1*1 li,
2*-§ 5* Cl to ""113 £= “O a 03 Si'I E-S - 0 O. *s 1 c r -~ •
a: to "5 03 u oc 03 0 0 I U» u 1Er ¦ ‘i X UUI
- O as _a 0 O LXJ _o 0 =3 O 03 Q-*- -.
F n w 1 ¦ e§-5 E= CD .92 1 t
• E c£ CO JO Zmt IXI t =c a- «* Q£ PRINTER ACCESSORIXf WMW f
IP® mine... PRINTER RIBBONS SINGLE 6 PACK All printers in our
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parallel port ________ unless otherwise stated for direct i 7 '
n MPrinter you yet connection to Amiga, PC's, ST etc. ...
cvitk ever Vot-flaw ? , I and come with a... | Jg tailored
dust comer free.
FREE CONNECTOR LEAD AND... STAR LclO-Up to 120 25 5ps - XB24-1 w-*-... t r **'¦' 1 .... Our most popular Mono Dot-Matrix printer and at a super low price ? Multiple font options easily accessible J Simultaneous, continuous and single from front panel sheet stationery 3 Excellent paper handling facilities 3 240 x 240 dpi Graphics £159.95 STAR LC10 Mkll - Up to 150 30 cps - Brand new superfast Mkll version of the ever popular LC10 printer.
STAR LC10 MAGNIFICANT FULL COLOUR - Up to 120 25 cps Colour version of the LC10 3 Same font & pper handling as LC10 LC1 Oil 3 240 x 240 dpi Graphics 3 Allows full colour dumps from Amiga 3 Can use black LC10 ribbons 3 Superb text quality „j Our most popular colour printer!
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Only a brief selection is shown above please phone for anything not listed STARSCRIPT - 8ppm POSTSCRIPT LASER Up to the minute technology Laser Printer £1995.00 ? 300 DPI, 2Mb. Upgradable to 5Mb. _ r ? Emulations inc: HP Series ij, Ejjson ? Inc. 12mth on site warranty (UK Mainland) ? Serial Parallel printer interface built-in .... , -r~.. ? Inc. 12mth on site warranty (UK EX800, IBM Proprinter & Diablo 630 ? Every desktop publishers dream CITIZEN SWIFT 24 PIN COLOUR - Up to 160 50 cps £339.95 Most competitive 24 Pin Colour Printer available Today!!! _
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MASTERSOUND ------ -------------- High quality 'Mono' Sampler. Mono samples are better than stereo when sampling instruments for your own music with soundfracker etc. PERFECT SOUND V.3------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ?
£33.95 ORDER BY POST: Make cheques, bankers-building society drafts or postal orders '00D COMPUTERS. (Personal or business t ?
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One of our latest advertisements before posting (phone if you require confirmation).
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3 ...£14.25
Days of
Thunder ..£17.99
Defenders of the Earth ..£11.99
Force ......£17.99
Breath ...£17.99
Dragons Lair (1MB) ..... £28.99
Dragons of
Flame £17.95 Dungeon
Master (1 MB) .£16.99 Dynasty
Wars £16.99
E-Motion £16.99
Escape From the Planet of the Robot
Monsters ...£14.99 Escape
From Singes Castle .£28.99 F16-Combat
Pilot .....£17.75 F19 -
Stealth Fighter ..£18.99
F29 -
Retaliator ....£17.25
Falcon £19.99
Falcon Mission
Disk ...£14.99 Falcon
Mission Disk 2 £15.99
Falcon Plus Mission Disk ......£29.99
Ferrari Formula
One ..£16.99 Final
Battle ....£17.99
Fire and
Brimstone ....£17.25 Flight
of the Intruder ..£18.99
Quest .....£16.99
Flood ..£17.50
Basketball .£16.99
Wars ..£17.50
2 ....£16.99 Ghosts
and Goblins ...£16.99
Goblins and
Ghouls ...£16.99 Gold of
the Americas .£17.99 Grand
National ....£16.99
Gravity ...£13.99
Gunship .£15.99
Hammerfist ...£16.99
Drivin ...£11.95
Davidson ..£17.50
Metal ..£16.99
Heroes ...£16.99
Quest ......£22.99
Hillsfar £16.99
Rod .£17.50
Imperium ......£17.50
Indy Jones
Action £13.99 Indy
Jones Adventure ...£16.99
Infestation .....£17.95
Interphase ......£8.99
Lord £17.25
It Came from the Desert (iMeg) ..£15.99 Italy
1990 ......£15.99
Italy 1990 Winners Edition ....£16.99
Ivanhoe ..£16.99
Nicklaus ......£17.25
Courses ..£10.99 Jumping Jack
Son .....£16.99 Keef The
Thief .....£16.99
Khalaan .£16.99
Off ..£11.99
Kick Off Extra
Time £8.25 Kick Off 2
(World Cup 90) ....£13.95 Kid
Gloves ....£10.99
Killing Game
Show ....£16.99 Kings Quest
IV .....£21.99 Kings
Quest Triple Pack £26.99
Klax ....£15.99
Force .£17.25
Knights of
Crystaliion .£21.99 Knights
of Legend .....£19.99
Krystal £13.99
Kult ....£16.99
Squad .£12.99
Last Ninja
2 ...£17.25
Legend of
Faerghail ..£17.25
Leisuresuit Larry
2 .....£20.99 Leisuresuit
Larry 3 .....£22.99 Life
and Death .....£19.99
Force ...£16.99
Lords of the Rising Sun .£14.95
Lost Dutchmans Mine £17.99
Patrol .....£17.99
4 ....£19.99
United ....£17.25 Manhunter
New York .£21.99 Manhunter
San Francisco ....£22.99 Matrix
Marauders £16.99
Microprose World Cup Soccer ....£16.99
Resistance ..£17.99
Midwinter ......£17.99
Might and Magic
2 ....£21.99 Millenium
2.2 £11.99
Neuromancer £17.25
Spirit ....£16.95
Warriors ......£16.99
Nitro ...£17.99
North and
South ..£17.25
War ..£17.99
Operation Thunderbolt ..£17.75
Thunderbolt ..£17.25
90 .£16.99
Pipemania .....£16.95
Pirates £16.50
Police Quest
2 .....£20.99
Powerdrift .....£10.99
Projectyle ......£17.50
Islands ..£16.99
Reach for the
Stars ....£16.99 Red Storm
Rising .£16.99
101 .....£16.99
Risk ....£13.99
Robocop £17.50
Ranger .....£13.99
Drift ...£16.99
Rotox .£16.99
Honda ...£16.99
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Shadow of the Beast .£17.99
Shadow of the Beast 2 ..£24.99
Warriors .£17.50
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City .£19.99
Sim City
Editor .....£11.99
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Spy ...£16.99
Strike ...£16.99
Ace ....£28.99
Rogue £20.99
Space Quest
3..' ...£24.99
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2 ..£16.99
Star Trek
V .....£21.99
Steel .....£7.99
Strider .£16.99
Stunt Car
Racer ....£17.25
Subbuteo £14.99
Cars ..., £15.99
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Blade .£14.99
Swords of
Twilight £17.50 Test
2 ...£16.99
TD2-Supercars .....£10.99
TD2-Musclecars ...£10.99
TD2-California ......£10.99
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles £17.99 The
Colonels Bequest £22.99 The
Cycles ....£13.99
Keep £16.99
Plague ....£16.99
Their Finest
Hour ..£19.99 Theme
Park Mystery ..£13.99
Thunderstrike £16.99
Machine £17.99
Toobin .£11.99
Recall ....£16.99
Tower of
Babel .....£10.99
Triad Vol
2 ......£13.99
Triad Vol
3 ......£19.99
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V ..£19.99
II £16.99
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Venus Fly
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Wings .£19.99
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World Cup Soccer Italia 90 ...£16.99
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2 ..£11.99
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2 ..£59.99
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Word Perfect
V4.1 ....£159.00
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(Amiga or ST) £4.50 Dust Cover
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Philips CM8833 Colour Monitor .£253.00 Philips
TV Tuner for CM8833 .£39.00 Printer
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Printer £159.99 Star
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To order send postal order or cheque to: State Of The Art 39 Hereford St, Off The Moor, SHEFFIELD, S1 4RR French games have a reputation for weirdness, but now they've upped the strangeness stakes to ridiculous heights. Never in the field of Amiga gaming have so many been so whacked out by so few. Extase is king of the odd people, but as with most eccentrics it exudes an undefinable charm.
Extase is a deactivated android that’s been discovered in an alien system. To reactivate the droid various mental conditions must be repaired individually, starting with her Dream State. Each is revived by rebuilding a circuit before the other player.
Floating above the circuit as a bubble you dive in and hit the wires when the mouse button is clicked. To bring the circuits to life a number of tasks must be performed simultaneously. The wires must be recharged so energy pulses can travel to the brain and switches must be turned to ensure they go the right way. Transistors have to be created (by diverting energy pulses through a generator) to bridge gaps in the wires and then lifted into position.
VIRGIN £19.99 ¦ Mouse, Keyboard or Joystick If you’ve picked up a newly- created transistor and flown down to plug a gap, the second you touch a cable a spark appears. No ordinary spark, this one hunts down transistors and burns them out. Sparks, unfortunately, can also be caused by touching down on a spark generator. It’s pretty daft to set these little geeks loose on your own wires but if the other guy’s ahead then, well, that’s another story.
Extase forces players to behave with complete selfishness.
Opponents who are getting too far ahead can be stopped in four ways. Transistors can be blagged from the enemy’s wires, switches can be set the wrong way, sparks can be sent out to wreak havoc and best of all the other bubble can be muscled out of the way.
Timing is the essence of Extase, using the game-winning pulses to create components at the right rate, fending off the sparks, activating switches at vital moments and sabotaging circuits, all of which comes together in one frenzied game. Extase is viciously competitive, mind-numbingly hectic and therefore it is a sheer joy to play.
GRAPHICS AND SOUND Play Extase and your ears will love you for ever. Starting with an ethereal Arabic yodel, you are lured into a false serenity. When the game begins there’s a strange silence with only your actions causing an occasional violin riff. The music slowly builds into a crescendo that matches hectic moves you are forced to make for victory. Each level has a totally different tune that echoes the theme of that stage and even the spot effects blend brilliantly.
The huge head that dominates each level is striking and immediate. As each reactivation nears fruition the face animates, again in keeping with the level’s theme. Madness sees the lady roll her eyes and loll her green tongue. Vision Control sees her brows crease with her eyes rolling uncontrollably. The wires and the circuits themselves are standard fare, just so many lines, but they off set the stark head perfectly. The graphical simplicity of the game counterpoints the music to create a feeling of alien, yet non-hostile, worlds.
LASTING INTEREST Extase is at its best against the computer. You can be as evil as you wish and, depending on the level, all it tries to do is mirror your steps. Playing against a friend invokes too much malice.
The three levels of difficulty do not alter the circuits - they could be no harder - but the opponent’s more aggressive and the number of the destructive sparks increases, causing even more brainache.
Each level gets more complex, requiring greater trickery to complete. There’s massive scope for skill development and the increasing lunacy of circuit design makes each level a personal affront. Extase’s addictiveness is staggering, but its simple concept calls staying power into question, ft’s not exactly the sort of thing you dig out after a hard day at the office - unless it’s to soak up the.soundtrack. JUDGEMENT Extase is a musical masterpiece and a graphic extravaganza.
There are too many massively wild elements for it to be ignored, and many will fall for its charms. It will leave some gamers cold, though: it’s just too outrageously strange.
Diametrically opposed to the big licences, Extase will be enjoyed by those who relish original puzzles, mental multitasking and tests of mouse dexterity. Extase is a game only for the brave, but to them will go the curious spoils of the most original product this year. Trenton Webb GRAPHICS 8 SOUND 10 INTELLECT 5 ADDICTION 9 OVERALL 86% In the strange and distant land of Kara-Moon, the lightning of a fierce storm crackles around a tall, forbidding tower. Within the tower, Zelek the Beast Mage is reflecting on his position.
After Zelek’s defeat by the warrior messenger, Maletoth the Beast Lord expressed bitter disappointment and ordered Zeleth to find another child suitable to be turned into a new warrior messenger. So far the search has been fruitless, but on this dark, stormy night one of his cowering minions enters the tower and tells the Beast Mage that a suitable girl- child has been found. Without further ado, Zelek hurls himself through the window into the night, transforming into his bestial form of a large, fearsome bird, and sets off to find the child.
Eventually he arrives at a high ridge above a small cottage, where the sound of a baby crying can clearly be heard. Slowly, realisation of where he is creeps into Zelek’s brain. This was the home of the previous warrior messenger
- so the child must be his sister!
At last, a chance for revenge.
Zelek holds aloft his staff, catching the streams of electricity from the storm, and once more shifts into his beast form, to swoop down and take the child to his tower.
You, of course, are the previous warrior messenger, returned to human form after defeating Zelek and escaping from the Beast Lord.
You must fight your way through the realm of Kara-Moon, braving the dangers of vicious monsters, deadly warriors and perilous terrain. You begin armed with a limited supply of life potion, which you drink whenever you take a hit, and a ball and chain. Additional weapons can be found on your quest, however, along with extra vials of energy potion to top up your flagging supply.
By no means all of the creatures you come across are intent on your destruction, although a large creature lunging towards you with an giant axe isn’t likely to buy you a pint and a packet of peanuts.
Some creatures can be conversed with to uncover clues or gain equipment to help you on your quest. Certain replies to questions that you might ask give hints to the next question, thus building conversations. Some of these little chats will lead to extra quests, whereas others will tell you where vital clues can be found.
It is up to you to save your young sister from the clutches of the evil Beast Lord and so spare her the agony that you have already been through.
LASTING INTEREST Right from the start the game is incredibly tough: having only one life isn’t really conducive to lengthy quests! With time it does become possible to battle through... once you’ve spent quite a few games learning the positions of the monsters.
Having said that, it will still take some considerable time before the final objective is reached.
Just too late you realise what you should have done at a particular point and find yourself bashing the button to start a new game!
JUDGEMENT Most people’s anxieties about how much gameplay Beast II would have can be assuaged by the promise that there is quite a bit more! The regimental lines of enemies have gone, giving the game a much more frantic and random feel. So instead of sitting in the same place, picking off the nasties as they advance towards you (very boring), you have to be sharp enough to battle attacks from every angle.
The game has a Sot more depth than the original, with a series of mini-puzzles to complete along the way before the necessary clues are available to you. It still has a few annoying quirks, such as the lengthy loading times and the fact that you can lose your one and only life far too easily, but there is enough gameplay this time around to back up the pretty graphics and atmospheric music and make it all worthwhile. Oh, and don’t forget the free Roger Dean T-shirt! Maff Evans GRAPHICS AND SOUND Anyone who has played the original Shadow of the Beast knows what to expect from Beast II. The
sound is very much in the same vein as the first in the series, with mournful panpipes playing over a sombre orchestral backing. The new Game Over screen contains a new piece of music with an incredibly effective wailing guitar solo, which is very reminiscent of Hendrix (Albert Hendrix from Cleethorpes, that is, No, only joking!)
The graphics tack the multilevel parallax scrolling from Beast I, but the use of animation, colour and shading means that the overall appearance is more atmospheric. Each different type of enemy appears in its own surroundings, so there isn’t so much of slapdash feel to the positioning of the monsters. For example the pygmies are in the forest, the water drips are in the caves and the giant fish are in the river. All in all, the loss of technical wizardry in the presentation is more than made up for in feel and atmosphere.
GRAPHICS AND SOUND A tune that would riot be out of place accompanying a Snoopy cartoon plays throughout. It's enough to have you reaching for the volume control before you become a gibbering wreck. The graphics aren't bad exactly, but they’re not stunning either. The spiders are nicely drawn and well animated but the blokes are tiny, they’re little more than stick men. The web is very angular and doesn't really look like a web at all. Mice, but there’s precious little variation either colour-wise or graphically.
SN* V*,.V* What strikes terror into the hearts of grown men more than anything? Small eight-legged creatures with mandibles, that's what! Bit silly really, considering they’re harmless and their only interests in life are weaving webs and eating flies.
I frawMiftiWBwBwMHgffij:%aisa&SB£afe &fe& ;.w»® cef®fi I.lll IIMIIIPIDIIIIHllllllMlllilillllWIIMIIIIIMIHIMimMmiMMiSK "W IMPRESSIONS £19.99 ¦ Joystick Mind you, magnify their size to ten times the size of a house and give them an appetite for human flesh and it's a different story.
Especially when a spaceship full of passengers happens to crash-land bang into the middle of the biggest arachnid-infested web that you've ever seen.
And that's exactly what has happened. A starliner is stuck in the sticky strands, and the passengers have scarpered. Their lives are in your hands. You have just about enough power to move along the web itself. It's their only hope of escape.
Your mission is to free the fleeing passengers. Some are roaming around the web, while others have had the misfortune to be cocooned by the oversized people- eating beasties. Your craft can only carry four at a time, so you need to act fast. Somewhere on the web there’s a teleport. Take the freed folk to that and they’re safe. Also hidden on the web are power pods. Take your ship over one and your flagging energy is restored, as is your limited supply of ammo.
Mmi ss i Movement is strictly along the lines of the web. You can go left, right and diagonally in four directions. Your little ship has inertia, so if you're pelting along at full speed and see a spider, chances are you’re about to end up dead. Each creepy creature takes several hits and, besides, contact with a spider
- even in its dying throes - results in doom.
So a cautious approach is called for. You have to sneak around the web, but don't take it too easy - there’s a rapidly decreasing time limit and the captives go through the stages of being cocooned, then eaten alive at an alarming rate.
Locating the imprisoned peeps is made fairly easy by the radar at the foot of the screen. It only shows free-moving people, though, so you need to keep a careful eye on it. When a dot disappears then someone’s been cocooned. You have to move really fast then because the next time a spider comes across the trapped people it's feeding time!
LASTING INTEREST There are reputed to be 125 levels to play. If the first few are anything to go' by, there isn’t an awful lot of difference between them. Mo number of levels can disguise what is essentially a doll game. After the first few goes, it’ll remain on the shelf and rarely see the insides of your disk drive.
JUDGEMENT The constraints of web travel take away the freedom of movement that is normally enjoyed in shoot-em-ups, In fact it's down- right annoying! The control system is jerky. You have to hit the diagonals precisely to move off the horizontal sections of web.
It’s ail too easy to miss a vital turn-off that would save you from being devoured. Web of Terror is a quirky game, frustrating to play and there's just not enough there to keep you going.
Mam Waring Whoops! I seem to have been devoured. Oh dear.
GRAPHICS - 'ft* Afa soiM!© '*v * 6 INTELLECT 2 ADDICTf 3 OVERALL These two new programmes bring a dimension of reality seldom achieved in a computer game. The screen display and controls are very close to real ATC operations, and commands and responses are both displayed through your PC’s internal speaker.
Ilsi im ftaiMs mmmmm a mm- Rapcon is an out and out Military Air Traffic Control simulator. You handle the movements of F14 and F16 fighters, and B52 and B1 bombers amongst others, each flown by a hot-dog pilot who thinks he is the ultimate Top Gun. You have to vector and separate each onto final approach whilst the weather deteriorates, aircraft lose engines and nuclear laden bombers swing off course. Can you handle it?
Available for IBM PC or compatible with 512K memory. Options: Microsoft compatible mouse.
Tracon is a Simulator based on Civil Aircraft movements. You’ll handle traffic on a ‘real’ ATC radar scope and cope with wildly fluctuating traffic loads from the relative calm of midnight to ‘peak time’ travel. Stormy weather and pilot errors test your skills to the limit. You get a realistic traffic mix in a choice of sectors including a European control zone.
Available for IBM PC or compatible with 256K memory. Options: Microsoft compatible Mouse. Audio cassette tape player.
For further information on Mindscape Products and your local Dealer, contact: e International Limited, PO Box 1019, Lewes, East Sussex BN8 4DW. Tel. (044 486) 545 547 First effort from a brand new programming team known as Whiz Zidz, this is a horizontally- scrolling shoot-em-up with more action than you can throw a guided missile at. The format is familiar: fly along as dexterously as possible, kill or avoid baddies, pick up special weapons pods and take on the big guy at the end of the level. Put him out of his misery and zoom on to the next level.
The aliens are all fair game, just take your pick. There are pincers, invincible metallic pods that erupt with fireballs, animated towers that pump out death in your direction and pulse-laser pods. From the centre of the screen come caterpillar flying saucers and more metallic stuff that releases more fireballs.
Meanwhile, attached to the fabric are a number of misleadingly attractive crystal balls. Shoot one and you don't get a chance to apologise. As if that’s not enough, lurking at the back are the spinning silver ballcocks of death. This is just on Level One.
The end-of-level baddie is the kind of problem estate agents often describe as “mature foliage”, a whole bunch of overgrown flowers which cling to the roof, wall and floor of the fabric tunnel and spit white-hot fireballs. However there are a couple of (relatively) safe spots and once you’ve found these the ostentatious alien is much easier to cope with.
Level Two brings a new colour scheme, fresh backgrounds and even more adversaries, including A the ground-launched armoured homing missiles and a type of alien that I can only attempt to describe as the bad bouncing bastards, because they are. And so on ad infinitum, apparently.
To reduce your chances of being blown into oblivion, so that this fate is something slightly short of inevitable, weapons pods appear along your way, spinning and bobbing and daring you to fly out of the least deadly flight path in order to collect them. The more you collect, the better the special weapon you are given.
These extras include the usual shields, homing missiles, rear- firing weapons and side-mounted weapons, all of which are then represented by icons running along the top of the screen.
GRAPHICS AND SOUIB The graphics are very polished.
Chunky sprites fling themselves all over the screen above five im els of parallax scrolling back- ground which takes the form of an esoteric bio-mass littered witl rocks against a star background It’s possible to collide with some of this, but it’s impossible t© tell the safe scenery from the deadly The mood is set by a truly creamy opening sequence, an atmospheric title screen, some tension-building animation and a fairly adept rendering of zoomin; through more parallax star back grounds. On-screen text varies from unoriginal but readable to Roger Dean with rivets. As for th sound, it hasn’t
suffered for the sake of the graphics. Explosions and gun rocket fire are catered for adequately but there’s some malevolent background music, especially in the title sequence.
LASTING INTEREST You play with credits, getting a number of lives per credit. Lives are instantly replaced when lost and the programmers have thrown in a moment or two’s worth of invulnerability for good measure (the whole affair would amount to sheer carnage otherwise) but credits are offered during a ten-second countdown.
Lose a life, by the way, and you lose any special weapons.
JUDGEMENT It would have been a corker if only something more original ha been the end result of all this work. The fact that it’s well trodden territory has to leave you a little jaded, despite some of the wonderful finishing work. Other quibbles include questionable collision detection (though Pm assured the sprites themselves are “quite clever”) and two apparently useless special weapons. But on top of it all, Ziriax is just too difficult. Only those who completed Xenon II stand a chance of seeing past Level Two and that’s not just a shame, it’s a mistake.
Sean Masterson GRAPHICS 7 SOUND 7 INTELLECT 3 ADDICTION 6 0VER1LL ©S% mv u;tw$ QfUH'.
N i*ro wciKi on imams m tam. Nu tm
* n»!n.
Rf-» « ;rg | Witi fcXfTca-.
TJ-.LJ-i.TtI_ UU«* I » Iwff U'i-i'UTvax HffiJUi. U-J-I-iXIYiUUi: uxnrtaj hm* raj uja-or .. bi-t rrL •pmra.-j h* i t-rt-J Jxi. TB-ILi.
Ajvrbnfcs.* %••. Trrwa* V? » unr.. mdamti C»so» w* » WU ram* own.
In FLIP-IT & MAGNOSE, two players can compete head-to-head on their mission across six action packed levels thanks to an innovative split-screen display.
THE PLANET MARS IS RUNNI ONLY YOU OUT OF WATER In a last ditch CAN SAVE IT attempt to save the drough two top stricken anet agents, FLIP-IT & MAGNOSE, have mm si wim k been sent to Earth to collect enough water to save their planet.
Sounds simple? Don’t you believe it!
118 Southwark Street London SE1 OSW Tel: 071 -928 1454 © 1990 Mirrorsoft Ltd Oh Sierra, you say, an adventure. Well hold it right there Mr (or Ms) Cocky Know-all. This is not an adventure, it is an interactive story. It is a play in eight acts.
It is an animated version of Cluedo cunningly disguised as a remake of The Cat and the Canary, but this time without Bob Hope.
You play Laura Bow, a sweet southern belle with a penchant for snooping around places and saying things like “Tell the Colonel about Polly.” or “Ask Ethel Prune about Fifi.” Wadda gal.
As a change from studying journalism at University you decide to take a trip with your bosom buddy Lillian Prune to visit Lil's darling uncle Colonel Henri Dijon. (Get it? Dijon... Mustard!) The old duffer reads his will and upsets everybody in sight. Once the will has been read, boredom sets in and you decide to explore the house and grounds.
There is a mess of exploration to be done, so off you set around the mansion. To stroll around you could try using your mouse to move the animated character.
Personally I found that using the cursor keys to move Laura was far more effective than boshing her into walls and tripping down stairs by way of the mouse.
Along the way you overhear dodgy conversations, attempt to communicate with Polly the parrot and pat Beauregard the dog on the head. You also get to change five disks and tear your hair out as, yet again, nothing happens.
This is what it must be like for a real-life 20-year-old journalism student in a spooky mansion out on the bayou.
In order to gain information you use the right-hand mouse button, click on objects or people and read the description. This can throw up some interesting snippets or merely tell you that “There are many interesting artifacts in the room.” The parsing here is not what you would normally expect from a Sierra game; it slips up irritatingly on occasions with only a very few standby phrases when you wander outside the game's vocabulary.
Without doubt there is plenty to be seen and loads of notes to take. You really do need to keep your stubby old reporter's crayon to hand at all times as you never know when you're going to walk into a room and find yourself ear- wigging a juicy conversation. In fact, walking into rooms uninvited produces more of interest than searching or looking. Keep your eyes on the good-looking fella with the bad attitude.
SIERRA £34.95 ¦ Mouse and Keyboard LASTING INTEREST Pure bloody-mindedness after the first few fruitless plays should keep the avid adventurer coming back to crack the game and find something of interest. Mames such as Dr Wilbur C Feels, Gloria Swansong and Jeeves the butler do give the whole thing a rather tacky feel but forget it and keep plugging away. Probably the most useful piece of kit to have with you while playing the game is a younger sibling who can be bribed with a Cadbury's Cream Egg to change disks white you nip off to the foo.
JUDGEMENT pen, then The Colonel’s Bequest could be for you. An immense amount of thought has obviously gone into the game and it does If you enjoy Cluedo and don’t mind a few hours in which three things (zip, nada and zero) hap- GRAPHICS AND SOUND Sound? Well, yes, there is some.
A nice ticking clock and a pleasant ‘Bong, Bong, Bong’ of the timing clock which appears every so often. A few doors creak, when you go outside there's birdsong. Generally it's run of the
mill. Graphically, it's no treat either. Obviously a PC port
over, the colours make the word garish seem pallid and the
word pallid seem insipid. All those moans noted, the
backgrounds are atmospheric, the details are well worked
and the parrot swings with great elan.
Have a kind of frustrating charm about it. Unfortunately this cannot save it from being plain dull.
Laura Bow refuses to look into bags, shelves, closets or people because they don't belong to her or contain nothing of interest.
How can a game tell you what is of interest to you? Generally, it’s a “Oh what a nice present, auntie Mick” rather than a “Look what I just bought, cousin Neil.” kind of game. Tim Smith room boys develop new star drives and fruitful crops, while comets smash planets and radiation storms erase civilisations.
Via icon-filled screens you monitor the whole process and so control your chattels. The main display outlines the status of each planet, while special screens give more in-depth detail on the economic, military, production and cargo facilities available. All are interlinked to promote speedy access between related stages.
As the colonies spread your brain is gradually stretched to snapping point trying to keep track of shuttling ships, supplies and troops between stars.
Thoroughness is demanded but is impossible to achieve. Ships are left sitting in the docking bays of starving planets, holds groaning with food. Battleships are sent racing towards new war zones entirely bereft of troops, as your mind locks up trying to cope with too much too fast.
When the shooting starts, you know the race for supremacy is in the final straight. Are the troops well enough trained? Do they have the kit to see off the invaders? Or will an earlier saving on weapons haunt you? This is the challenge of Supremacy. Total power is yours for the taking and that’s a powerful hook indeed.
:¦ • • jk » ' .* 0 • «¦ * • * Each planet has its own monitoring screen. Here you have to power each production station and the all-important docking bay facilities.
Mouse ations have always fought for a place in the sun and, equally, for the 'glory of empire’.
Unfortunately, these imperialistic tendencies are not limited to man: inhabitants of other star systems, supposedly more advanced, also crave the soil of other races and galactic supremacy.
Now you can take the reins of a newly-founded stellar civilisation and turn it from a one-planet backwater into an empire where the sun never sets (because you’ll own the star, too). Four systems are yours for the taking consisting of 8, 16, 32 or (again) 32 planets.
In each region you face up to a different opponent whose own colonial management skill grows with the number of worlds he, she or it controls. As you start from the same position, but at the far end of the system, it’s an even- money race for Supremacy.
Total power means concentrating on fifteen different tasks at once. Populations must be fed and taxed, but how little or how much is up to you. Ships and factories must be built and moved, carrying and producing the resources that fuel your drive for empire. Armies have to be trained, equipped and positioned, a process that erodes more of your wealth as the inevitable war looms. Messages must be monitored, as they contain vital information about your enemy’s actions and fate - back VIRGIN £29.95 By accessing the ‘gold bars’ icon on any screen you get the chance to buy some nifty new
hardware. ABOVE LEFT is a battleship, vital for troop carrying. ABOVE RIGHT is a mineral production plant useful for things like minerals and fuel. Other goodies on offer include farming platforms, atmosphere processors, solar power collectors a:id cargo carriers. All play their part and each leaves a huge hole in the budget.
TOP LEFT and ABOVE LEFT are two examples of the kit on offer for your soldier boys, while BELOW is the one every fighting man wants, a nuke-proof suit! The other four charmers ABOVE and RIGHT are the men you are trying to beat in the race for galactic supremacy. On the right in red is Rorn, a fearsome opponent indeed.
GRAPHICS AND SOUND Essentially a management game, Supremacy should not, by tradition, look good. Yet while the gameplay is conducted via icons, the peripheral graphics give the game bite. The ships are glorious, the background screens informative and small windows around the screens feature animations which continually catch the eye. Backed up with a mystical intro and a gruesome outro, Supremacy has real style. Background sounds are there but add little, mainly supporting the peripheral graphics, and so cannot be expected to excel. When combined, though, they make this management
challenge of galactic proportions easily understandable.
LASTING INTEREST The four opponents increase in cunning and make life real hard.
The first is little more than a trainer and is summarily seen off after a few wars. Number two and three are expert imperialists who really stomp the terra. The fourth is the ‘man’ to shoot for: resplendent in devilish scarlet, he knows and uses every trick in the book to gain control of ‘his’ 32-planet system. He’s hard to beat with sneak attacks, forcing players to learn more devious economic tricks, just to survive.
JUDGEMENT The scope of Supremacy combined with its easily accessible format make this one a must for megalomaniacs. The strategy’s strong enough to engross even ardent armchair generals, but is instantly playable enough to win over arcade freaks too.
Focussing on the few basics of life it makes ruling the stars a simple concept to grasp yet is hard enough to be real challenge. A classic science fiction dream you have the resources to fulfil: but have you got the power? Trenton Webb GRAPHICS 8 SOUND 3 INTELLECT 9 ADDICTION 9 OVERALL 90% ack, slash, slaughter, slay. In this ever-changing world, if there's one thing you can rely on it is an endless stream of sword- wielding arcade fantasies. Unreal is one such outing, but with the promise of eight levels, both 2D and 3D graphics and interactive music it could be a cut above your average
First, though, the plot. Your name is Artaban, and you live in peace with your beloved, Isolde, your people and a friendly copper dragon called Dracus. Then one day Isolde is captured by the Master of Darkness, Polymorph, and whisked off to his castle lair, where he insists that she marries him. News of the wedding gets out, Dracus is horrified, tells Artaban, and the two zoom off to rescue the fair maiden.
The game’s eight levels divide into three 2D ones and five 3D ones. Now the promise of 3D action sounds good and, indeed, the first level is one of the 3D ones. It’s basically a prehistoric Afterburner, with the dragon sprite flying into a screen populated by trees, prehistoric monsters and rock outcrops, which sap your shield's energy, and power-up crystals, which give you extra weapons or short-term invulnerability. Play for a minute and you’ll think even the first level's impossible: play for ten and you’ll be defeating it every time with your joystick on autofire and your feet up.
Level Two is where it starts to get interesting. It might only be 2D but it’s infinitely better than Level One. Here you embark on a sideways-scrolling hack-em-up with lots of puzzles to sort out and some truly dazzling graphics. The same general principle applies - you have a shield which absorbs hits ck for just so long. When its energy gets to zero you’re dead and it’s game over time again.
UBISOFT £24.99 ¦ Joysti UbiSoft have wisely built in a Save Game option, but loading a game actually dumps you into a special training mode where you can progress through the game but don’t actually amass any points. The very same training mode is offered when you lose your one and only life, so you can get to see what you’ve missed, but if you want to properly complete the game you have to do it all in one sitting. Grrr... After Level Two it’s back to a 3D dragon-borne blast and then another 2D plod, this time through an arctic wasteland. Then it’s back to the dragon... and so on. If it's all
starting to sound a bit thin, its made up for by the sheer size of the thing and the range of opponents and puzzles along the way.
GRAPHICS AND SOUND In the dragon-borne stages the graphics are not good, but in the hacking stages they are frequently stunning. The attacking beasties aren’t always as convincingly-animated as they might be, but the landscape detail and effects are very good.
The sound is a real mixed bag.
Owners of half-meg machines just get a series of soundtracks which, apart from a rather nice title tune, are a cross between Jean Michel Jarre on a bad day and Stock Aitken Waterman on a worse one. If you have a 1Mb machine, though, you get sound effects too. On the dragon stages these are naff, on the hacking stages they are quite superb.
LASTING INTEREST It’s all a bit frustrating, what with tedious dragon-piloting to get through and only one life between you and a complete restart, but the graphics, sound effects (if you’ve got the hardware) and puzzles on the hacking stages will keep you piaying.
You’ll rescue Isolde even if it takes you every night for a month (and it probably will).
JUDGEMENT You don’t often get a game showing such a variety of standards in its different sections. The 3D dragon-flying parts make up five of the eight stages, but about one per cent of the game’s fun factor. The real game is in the hack-em-up stages, but even here it takes a 1Mb machine to handle the sound effects. Players with more between their ears than the average psychotic will find the puzzles a welcome relief from the charnel-house style of most haek-@rrs-ups. All in all, a game of two halves. The dragon stages are graphically grim, tedious and undemanding. The hacking stages are
often graphically breathtaking, challenging and addictive. This is one you’ll both love and hate. Rod Lawton GRAPHICS 4 8 SOUND 6 9 INTELLECT 6 ADDICTION 8 OVERALL 74% GRAPHICS AND SOUND Let's face it, Brad has an incredibly silly walk. Not content with just putting one foot in front of another he has to go and put his whole body into the act. The animation has inspired moments of silliness which owe more to Mr Benn or Crystal Tips than Disney or Bluth.
Amusing and annoying simultaneously, the graphics don't cause many giggles as Brad falls to his death for the 13th time in the same place. His movement exhibits a few massively annoying factors that have no other purpose than to peeve. He also has a tendency to move unexpected ways, as joystick commands have to be perfect: not close enough, not virtually precise, but perfect.
LASTING INTEREST If you like the hard stuff and dying billions of times then get stuck in. If you have low frustration tolerance then steer well clear or your monitor will have a fist-sized hole in it. Once into the game, though, the effort you've already put in commits you to continued play. You have to get some return on your investment of man-hours spent playing the damn thing.
US GOLD £24.99 ¦ Joystick or Keyboard Down and out in Mexico and Tijauna. That's the fate of war hero Bret Conrad. Penniless, he’s forced to hang around his Uncle’s pad soaking up the sun. But when the old buffer kicks the bucket, Brad does as any devoted nephew would: he ransacks the place, nicks the ancient Aztec treasure map and throws a party.
The morning after he jets down to the South American jungle aiming to steal the Aztec gold.
That’s where you take over. Armed with the 400-year-old map, a machete and an automatic pistol, Brad’s yours to guide through an adventure that makes the Last Crusade look like a trip to Tesco’s.
In his way stand angry Aztecs, garish ghosties, terrifying traps and more alliterative antagonists than it's safe to say. Essentially an arcade adventure, Gold of the Aztecs boasts bigness and clever coding. However, what they don't tell you in the blurb is that it’s unfeasibly tough.
After cutting Brad loose from his snagged 'chute the danger’s obvious, namely little head hunters and huge elephants. Hot on the heels of these come spitting vipers, man-eating plants, nut- throwing monkeys and collapsing bridges. Not a good start.
Needless to say, life gets ever more hazardous for the all- American grave robber as he progresses through the levels and nears the temple complex. There are remote crossbows set to shoot thieves, man-eating locusts, falling boulders and enough poisoned spikes to make a grown man weep.
Each screen of this flick-scroll adventure has its own distinct peril. The gold of the Aztecs has lain undisturbed for nearly half a millennium and only a fool or a courageous hero would dare to disturb them now. So which do you want to be?
There’s one major problem with Brad’s quest for Level Five and the gold of those pesky Aztecs: Brad himself. His movements are strange, a feature that gives the game a bit of personality, but they’re also extremely hard to control with any degree of accuracy. Which makes negotiating the virtually pixel perfect traps a pain in Port Two. You know just where it’s safe for the lad to stand, you know exactly how to get the boy there. Can it be done? Can it heck!
Only with luck and not with judgement, especially when he’s trying to grab ropes, ladders and other lifesaving accoutrements.
JUDGEMENT Gold is a great game - there’s masses of traps to avoid, loads of puzzles to solve - yet its appeal is distinctly limited. Only those who like their games with a mean streak a foot wide should contemplate taking it on. The graphics are distinctive and deceptively approachable, but don’t be sucked in. The Gold of the Aztecs is as safe as houses that have been encased in concrete and hidden rather cunningly in the deepest vault of Fort Knox.
Hand Held. _ SV. 401-SG Fighter For Sega 6 Microswitches Autofire
L. E.D.Function Indicators.
SELLING RANGE SV.125-SUPERBOARD 10 Microswitches Digital Stopwatch Autofire £17-95 SV.127-TOPSTAR Steel Shaft Microswitches Autofire.
£23-95 SV.126JETFIGHTER 6 Microswitches.
New Pilot Grip.
£13-95 SV.128-MEGABOARD 8 Microswitches Stopwatch & Countdown Timer Autofire.
£24*95 SV.119 JUNIOR Twin Fire Buttons SV.124TURBO 6 Microswitches.
If m * I ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ «*S2 ¦ * SU 202 3 _ QUICKJOY JOYSTICKS, Leading in design. Technology and choice.
Check out the range and features. Buy with confidence.
BOOTS • ty* WH SMITH Subject to Availability i - Software_ plus ... and all good computer dealers Unit 27 Northf ield Industrial Estate,Beresford Avenue,Wembley, Middlesex HA01NU England.
Telephone:081-900 0024 Facimile: 081-903 6625
• AMIGA 500, - 1000, AND - 2000, • ATARI ST AND ATARI STE, • IBM
WEST - GRID 1 9 0 8 5 2 - CONTINUING OVER" Capt. Sean Bannon
snapped his head to the left. There was only one place where
the Russians could be, and that was on the hill 2200 metres
away. All the training, planning and preparations were over.
Team Yankee was about to learn if the team’s seventy nine men
and twenty five million dollars worth of equipment could do
what they were supposed to do.
Team Yankee is designed to test your leadership and tactical skills to the quick. You can display- in either “quadrant mode" where all four platoons may be controlled at once.
IBJll or ¦ Full-screen Mode where the display homes in on just one platoon. Engine smoke will prove ver) useful in confi your enemy if find yourself ii tight corner.
MACHINE GUN - which is always available to the player and has an 'infinite' number of rounds.
SMOKE - a smoke grenade which allows enemy Rotation compass To the right of the compasses are five icons which represent the various types of weaponry available vision to be obscured HEAT - a high explosive anti-tank round SABOT - an armor-piercing tungsten shell TOW - a high-range anti-tank missile to the unit. - The major capability on the quadrant map screen is to alter the movement and formation of any platoon. The whole of the map may be viewed afLL-j once, or you may zoom into any portion of the battlefield using the icons to the right of the map.
SIGHTING MIRROR 105mm GUN Team Y»nVee@Piesidio Press, 1987,
Software 1990 Oxford Digital Enterprises, All rights reserved
IBM is a trademark of International Business Machines Inc.
Atari is a trademark of Commodore Electronic Inc. Atari and ST
are trademarks of Atari coip.
Team Yankee, The Novel was written by Harold Coyle. Made in the U-K.
Crew: Four Main Gun Ammo: 55 Rounds Armor Chohham (steal, ceramics, plastic) Combat Weight: 54.5 metric tons The Professor drops a teleport pod by the cave. He still needs transport to another screen though, so maybe that nice passing pterodactyl can lend a hand, or a beak, or a claw or something.
ACTIVISION £24.99 ¦ Joystick and keyboard The central paradox of Time Machine stems from the fact that even when something's fixed, it’s not. At any time it can revert to the old state, which threatens any future dependent on this earlier time for existence. Using an onscreen zone indicator Prof Potts has a view of all the 25 areas he controls. If something goes awry he has to leap time and fix it. As more of the future opens up to Potts, like a plate spinner, he must try to keep the earlier ones safe.
The professor has three lives and little energy. His life force is sapped by standing in puddles of ice water or being blatted by a volcanic fire and is refreshed by eating any fresh fruit he finds. The only time limit is that of time itself.
Confused? You will be.
Ruled the earth, the Ice Age and the Middle Ages. In each he must alter the status quo so that evolution takes its course. Successful completion opens up a time lane forward to the next stage.
Each task involves giving mother nature a nudge in the right direction. In the prehistoric zone the job is to ensure mankind actually happens in the first place, while the resultant cavemen need a little advice on the tech spec of the wheel. To lend a hand the Prof has to teleport and then move objects into new places so the inhabitants get the idea. Move the right ones and the zone indicator flashes from red to green. What’s more, when the majority of the current level has been correctly altered the next age is accessible.
Professor Potts has a little problemette. While he was working on his time machine terrorists attacked, smashing his temporal moped and whisking him down the time lanes into prehistory, to a time so long ago he'd have to wait 10 million years just for Racquel Welch to get her fur bikini out.
Luckily he’d tucked five teleporters and a stun gun in his pocket before the attack, with which he must find his way back to the present. The solution is not so much revolutionary as evolutionary: by guiding the lifeforms he encounters, he can open the right time corridor and get himself home before he left!
The five zones include 1 million years BC, when the dinosaurs The stun gun helps to disuade any unwelcome followers. Be careful though, it may overheat.
GRAPHICS 8 SOUND 4 INTELLECT 7 : ADDICTION 9 OVERALL 85% LASTING INTEREST The puzzles which free up each respective temporal zone are reasonably obvious, but it’s the changing and keeping them that way which is really hard. It’s all too common to be virtually home and have a hundred thousand years of hard toil spoiled in seconds. It’s a chronological balancing act and that challenge remains, regardless of previous success. A real hair-tearer, Time Machine is relatively finishable in theory, but we ail know what a complex theory relativity is.
JUDGEMENT Time Machine is not a big game but a clever one, packed with playability and originality. It will have you chasing over hill and dale madly plugging holes in the temporal stream, but there’s actually too much time to cover and not enough Professors. It gets under the skin by appearing feasible, even easy, then proving to be exactly the opposite.
Nothing, not even the most advanced technology, staves off the ravages of time.
Trenton Webb GRAPHICS AND SOUND Time Machine is a cartoon adventure packed with cute creatures, caricature people and x comic historical backgrounds. The godlike Prof moves in a * | .. slightly mysterious way an|f takes some joystick practice to control, but does everything required with a quick waggle.
The limit of only five Screens per time zone is no drawback, because you see it five times over the millennia. The 25- screen indicator makes every zone easily monitored, if not controlled. The tune’s a cute overture that demands shutdown after a few minutes, or changing to the effects option at the first opportunity.
Zzzr. 'z._____
I. I I U yJrgj * OCEAN £TBA ¦ Joystick clattered through the pile
killing blocks it matches, it is replaced by the block behind
the last one destroyed. This new block is thrown back to the
Amsha ready for the next attack.
The pile can be tackled directly from the side or by bouncing off pipes and pieces of masonry so that the blocks fall into the top of the stack, thus giving you a number of attack options. If there is no way that you can hit the required target block, then a miss is chalked up and you are given a ‘magic’ block which acts as a wild-card, allowing you to destroy blocks of any type. If you run out of the precious magic blocks, which acts as lives, the game comes to an end.
Puzzle games seem to staging rather a comeback, what with Welltris and Block Out last month and the surreal Extase this month. Things are definitely veering towards the cerebral.
Ocean’s foray into the scene appears in the form of Plotting.
You play a small, brown, blobby creature called an Amsha. The game is played in a series of ornately-patterned rooms with blocks stacked in the corner.
The idea is to eliminate the blocks until there’s only a specific number left. This is done by throwing a block into the pile, but only blocks displaying the same design and colour as the one you are throwing can be destroyed. Once the block you have thrown has GRAPHICS AND SOUND Puzzle games generally tend to go for one of two themes - either as a surreal experience with psychedelic graphics and ambient sound or with a cute appearance and a jolly soundtrack.
Plotting goes for the latter, with the player controlling a blobby little blokey strutting his stuff across some well-drawn, colourful backgrounds to a cutesy, jangling backing track. Fortunately the music can be turned off, as even the most jolly game player can only stand a certain amount of plinkity-plinkity-plonk tunes.
Hi Hi K*M-' X m l : I X i . PV - 'J ¦ mm Sjmmm mmm mmmf Player one (left) has found themself with no legitimate move and uses up one their three lives with a miss. Player two however gets a bonus for clearing three tiles in one go. Cue childish boasting etc. LASTING INTEREST Despite the compulsive action, the levels don’t change too significantly from one to the next.
The gameplay remains pretty simple and repetitive throughout and after playing for about half an hour will probably seem a tad boring. But leave the game alone for an hour or two and you soon find yourself booting it up again for a quick block-flinging session!
Even if you do manage to steam through the levels, there’s a construction kit for you to build your own screens - and designing devilishly difficult puzzles is almost as complicated as actually solving them!
JUDGEMENT Despite the rather daft title and overly cute appearance, Plotting is actually an intriguing and compulsive little puzzle game. The concept is simple enough to get into, but you still have to keep your eyes open and your mind on every move to complete the levels successfully. Getting complacent on even the easier levels is a sure way to a quick defeat!
These days it’s difficult to come up with new computer puzzle ideas, but Plotting is certainly original and highly playable to boot! Maff Evans GRAPHICS 0 BOUND " 4 INTELLECT S IbilCIIOi 7 OVERALL 81% FIGHTER BOMBER Mmmm&Zm MISSION DISK Joystick and ACTIVISION£1 4.99 Keyboard Budding Curtis Le May psychos out there who’ve flown their Fighter Bombers into the ground (figuratively and literally) can take to the skies once more with the Advanced Mission Disk. You need the original game - Fighter Bomber - as all missions and no planes makes Jack a dull boy. Even if they are 16 of the most
ridiculously hard combat sorties every devised.
The new features include improved land furniture with in- depth shots of parked jets and radar towers. What’s more, many missions don’t allow a rearm refuel stop-over so you must overcome a missile to enemy ratio of 1:2 or worse!
You even have to guess which enemy are mission targets and which ones are cannon fodder.
The graphic improvements aren’t that stunning but the insane difficultly levels are. It’s a supplement disk only for those with a distinct liking for pranging jets or who are budding Chuck Yeagers. It would be better if you could fly the missions in any order, but they follow sequentially, so many will never get their money’s worth. But if you enjoy raining death from the skies, though, scramble! Trenton Webb I* Sf&ECT THRGJIT .s'' . EtJR,Wiro: :-f- pISSrC ; HOG I}H 0BSOS FT B4JQ «CTS Trying to complete the monumentally tough missions (see inset) often proves impossible, so a little light
relief in the form of low level, high speed ‘divine wind’ tactics come into play. If you can’t manage to get the radar base with guns, bombs or missiles then ram it!
? Faster than the Commodore A3000 (
• 600% Faster than your Amiga • i Massive 4Mb of superfast memory
( 100% Software Compatibility Plug-in upto a 50 Mhz Maths
Co-Pro Advanced 32-bit design I 32-bit Kickstart - Six
times Faster i m Three models - 16.67 20 25 Mhz t
y. :; ¦ .;: ¦¦: :
- . . .. .
¦ :VV .- ¦ . V.': ; -".'A ¦ ' v; • V . ... .... ' ’ ' ; . . . • V - ‘ , - . . . . . ( - W-T-) ' ': •••:UK ¦!; nUk ' '• KkK U , .7 v 7" imi CPU: 16.67 Mhz Asynchronous MC68020RC16 2-3 MIPS 8 MIPS peak) FPU: 12.5 Mhz - 50 Mhz Asynchronous MC68881RC or MC68882RC of 32-bit zero-wait-state 2bB x 4 80ns DRAMs Move your Kickstart into 32-bit SUPER-FAST-RAM 68000 Fallback- mode for 100% software compatibility : 100% compatible with Amiga 500 2000 and add-on cards INTERFACE: Plugs into 68000 processor socket inside your Amiga 68881 - £99 1 Mb RAM - £69 £399 8iiW ’li (INC VAT & DELIVERY) BASIC MODEL
- 68020 (16 Mhz) + 1 Mb RAM Solid State Leisure Limited Telephone: (0933) 650677 International: + 4-4 933 650677 J=tn CiNc-nnM P?n a n. Ibthi iNRnnlPrii irh. NnbthAntr N N9 5TZ STARS IN THE MOVIE.
What is really incredible is the size - they're TINY! This wouldn’t be too bad if the positioning required wasn’t so precise, since the miniscule Yolanda can all too easily miss a spindly vine by inches and plummet to her death in the fire pit below. How frustrating? The soundtrack is racy enough, though, with some pretty powerful instruments being used, but it still seems a tad out of place with the mythical background to the game.
Anyone who falls in love with her will die within a week. Unless Yolanda manages to repeat her father's prodigious effort of solving twelve great tasks.
In the game, each task must be completed by negotiating a series of platform-filled screens in an attempt to reach a goal.
Various hazards block the way, such as venomous spiders, deadly crabs, combustible platforms and precarious vines. If the goal of one screen is reached, the next screen of that task appears. If, on the other hand, Yolanda falls foul of the terrible dangers involved, then she is given a chance at one of the other labours.
About half a decade ago, a strange platform game appeared on the 8-bit machines.
This game looked crude and sounded dire but managed to pick up a strong following. It pitted the player as the mighty doer of mighty deeds, Hercules. Years later, the game has been moved to the Amiga.
You play Yolanda, daughter of Hercules and general gorgeous blonde, who has been cursed by the evil goddess Hera. Hera is extremely envious of Yolanda’s lithe body, flowing blonde hair and curvaceous... (that's quite enough of that, thank you!) And has placed a curse on her, which decrees that Yolanda starts off by being an incredibly difficult game, and proceeds to get harder. Only those with a plethora of platform game completions under their belts will manage to get any distance with the game, whereas the part-time player will more than likely destroy her or his computer, joystick or
monitor (delete as they collapse) before abandoning the game completely as just too frustrating and too dated in Its concept JUDGEMENT Platform games do need to have a considerable amount of challenge, but when the game is as frustratingly hard as Yolanda then things are going too far. The appearance is a little on the dodgy side, with tiny sprites and bland backgrounds, which makes playing the game extremely difficult. Even If you’re a hardened platform fan, Yolanda may still be too much to handle, making the air turn blue as you stretch the old rude-word glands to insult the game for
the umpteenth time. Classic or not, Hercules is an outdated and over-plagiarised game. Maff Evans SIMULCRA MICROSTYLE £24.99* Joystick or Keyboard At any time you can switch between plane and tank, just unfurl the wings and you can fly above the battle zone reaching the unreachable power-up pods that result from the aliens’ deaths. The floor hangs in space, with small platforms floating in nothingness all about the game area. You race around the current area looking for generators and collecting extra firepower.
You want action? You want high-speed 3D blasting? You want huge mazes filled to busting with tanks, aircraft and gun towers? You want Simulcral You drive a half-plane halftank around a battle matrix enclosed with a force shield.
You can’t cross the barriers until you’ve destroyed the generators that control it. Then the force wall collapses and you can get to the next section.
GRAPHICS 9 The tank takes to the air with its wings unfurled and tries to pick up the pod ahead that was left behind after blasting an alien.
Again on the giant grid, where you win with trigger speed, deft movement and firepower.
Load up those fire and forgets, boys, lock on that HUD it’s time to access the battle matrix.
Trenton Webb The joy of Simulcra is the speed and confusion. Using the tank as centre point for the 3D landscape, the whole game’s exceptionally quick. So fast that seconds after staring at the map you’ll be totally lost SOUND 5 INTELLECT 7 ADDICTION 8 OVERALL 80% AMIGA FORMAT 79 Smile, you’re on candid camera - 23rd Century style.
Live and unedited from the Thunderstrike arena comes the greatest show in space. Here pilots face death and destruction to entertain the eager millions who lust for action, thrills and spills.
Thunderstrike is a TV combat show where heroes fly fighters for fun and profit against drone ships that kill for real. As a pilot, protecting your own power installations and destroying the drone generators is the aim of the game in a fifty-stage dogfight to the finish.
The battlefield is composed of gullies, pools and hills over which you hunt the dreaded drones.
Their generators are easily spotted, huge chequered pyramids rising out of the floor. Until blasted they churn out nasties, each of which has a special way of terminating your TV contract. Some try to shoot you, others ram, while the worst of the bunch sit above your own installations sucking power until they collapse.
Each area is played ten times, with the generators and installations in different positions. At all times the position and status of the installations are available on the HUD, with lock indicators flipping up when a drone falls within range - vital information that is complemented by a map that shows where the enemy is hanging out.
When you’ve blasted, blatted and blown yourself to victory, your performance is judged. As Thunderstrike is a game-show, you need to have done the biz, pulling in the viewers with a high kill ratio.
Fight well and your craft is uprated for the next round, defend badly and it's downgraded. Add this to the bundle of power-ups that fall from drones during battle and in no time you can be porky enough, fast enough and agile enough to rule the ratings roost.
LASTING INTEREST Thunderstrike is a 3D shoot-em- up with a neat twist in the attack and defence strategy. Flying any of the ships takes some getting used to, especially the quick turners, but after a few games the whole thing is second nature.
The other controls take a little familiarisation too, but the correct strategies soon become apparent. As the levels progress the generators get more numerous while the installations are spread further afield. Abilities such as track locking - which allows high speed travel around the arena - must be used to make the gra$ e. Thunderstrike, however, remains an Into-the- screen blaster battle with twiddly bits. Great fun in the short run but only for the massively vicious and star struck amongst us in the long term.
MILLENNIUM £24.99 ¦ Mouse or Keyboard GRAPHICS AND SOUND Thunderstrike looks well weird.
Following the TV theme you only see you ship from behind and it’s tracked by a remote camera.
When things get seriously heavy, it’s common to lose sight of yourself as the camera struggles to keep up with the action. The playing area is a 3D polygon world, with colours changing for each arena. Occasional glitches momentarily surprise, with drones appearing in walls, but when the palms sweat and battle is joined there’s no time to care.
Sounds are limited to a tacky Cap’n Nemo theme that screams to be turned off in favour of the far superior effects the picosecond the game hits the screen.
JUDGEMENT Thunderstrike is fun: swooping low, flying fast and firing first.
The TV concept adds solidity to the game, giving you a reason for this excursion into the death zone. The 3D is quick and convincing, the ship handles well and there’s enough action to keep pilots busy well into the night.
The addictive factor fades after a few rounds as there are only so many ways to win, so many chances to take, in the same arena. The development of the ship adds staying power, but the improvements aren’t that noticeable as the increase in performance is only gradual. Despite this lack of longevity, Thunderstrike is still worth watching. Trenton Webb ANCO SOFTWARE, UNIT 10, BURNHAM TRADING ESTATE, LAWSON ROAD, DARTFORD, KENT.
ROTOSCAPE combines the colourful detail of large sprites with the complete freedom to move around a background of polygon constructed landscapes.
Watch in amazement as this detailed , background zooms, scrolls and rotates Sl through 360° around you, giving an fj§ incredibly lifelike feel to the game.
Operation Harrier © 1990 PU.S. GOLD LTD Creative Materials Ltd.
P All rights reserved, j? ROTOSCAPE © 1990 L- Creative Materials Ltd ™ All rights reserved.
Unauthorised copying, lending or resale by any means strictly prohibited.
U. S. Gold Ltd, Units 2 3 Holford Way, Holford, Birmingham B6
Tel: 021 625 3388 Screen shots are only intended to be illustrative of the game pltiy and not the screen graphics which vai considerably between different formats in quality and appearance and are subject to the computers specifications.
Win one of five second disk drives from Electronic Zoo. Over £500 worth of disk drives up for grabs.
Lectronic Zoo are best known for their games like Battle Squadron and Treasure Trap, but they also produce a corking 3.5” external disk drive for the Amiga, complete with five games as well. Ordinarily this bumper bundle would set you back well over 100 notes, but we’ve got five of the packages to give away for nothing.
These sleek second drives are fully compatible with the Amiga 1010 drive but smaller. It has a nice long interface cable, a connector for additional drives, it’s powered by the Amiga’s own power supply and has its own on off switch. The five games that accompany it are: Impact, an addictive Breakout game; Exolon, a colourful arcade blast-em-up; Super Huey, a classy helicopter simulator; Goldrunner, the oldie, speedy shoot-em-up; Leatherneck, hectic four player blasting action.
All you have to do to stand a chance of winning one of these five drives is to answer the zoo-related questions below. So get cracking and get those cards in to us.
ZOO GAMES Look out for a veritable torrent of games from Electronic Zoo this fall. First off the blocks is Xiphos, a space trading game with a distinctive combat edge. Following this is the most original football game ever because Electronic Zoo have the rights to produce the Subbuteo game, bringing all those childhood memories flooding back - and aching fingers to boot.
Towards the end of the year they will be publishing an epic space adventure entitled Eco Phantoms. With Jules Verne style graphics and thought-provoking plot it looks to be a biggie. With Prophecy 1 - the Viking Child and the Future Classics compilation which are already available, Electronic Zoo look set to establish themselves as one of the young contenders on the Amiga games scene.
HOW TO ENTER Write the answers to the following three questions on the back of a postcard or stuck-down envelope and send it to: Electronic Zoo Comp, Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath BA1 2BW. The entries should reach us by October 17th and don’t forget to include your name, address and phone number on the postcard.
1. What sort of animal is a ‘bush baby’?
A) Rhino
b) Lemur
c) Lizard
2. What is special about the chameleon?
A) It has no sense of style
b) It can re-grow its tail in six hours
c) It changes colour to fit its surroundings
3. Who directed the film ‘A Zed and Two Noughts’?
A) Johnny Morris
b) James Herriot
c) Peter Greenaway RULES Employees of Future Publishing and
Electronic Zoo are not allowed to enter. The judges’ decision
is final. No correspondence will be entered into.
TWFN CAME CORTE A200Q tMg CW A rebellion!
1. A500 A1000 8Mb Expansion (2, 4, or 8Mb). Fully implemented
autoconfigure. Fully operational through port for
compatability with other autoconfiguring hardware (e.g. CBM
A590). Complete with its own power supply (U.K., U.S. or
Euro). (2Mb FITTED). TZT7
2. As above, but with the cover removed.
3. A2000 A2500 B2000 8Mb Expansion (2, 4, 6 or 8Mb).
Fully implemented autoconfigure. Uses 1M x 8 bit or 1M x 9 bit SIMM's. (2Mb FITTED).
4. A500 VfcMb Expansion. The essential A500 upgrade. A high
quality A501 equivalent using low-power 1 Mbit DRAM's. The
unit has a "enable disable" switch and is available with or
without NiCad battery-backed clock calendar module.
5. External 3.5" Floppy Drive (not pictured). High-quality silent
mechanism, Extra drive port and "enable disable' switch. SW
Hard disks. Systems available for all Amiga variants call for
details and pricing.
CHIP UPGRADES "Fatter Agnus" chip (8372A) for A500 A2000. Enables up to 1Mb of Chip RAM. Fitting requires some skill and will invalidate your warranty.
£60 £33 , 2Mb £120
1. 3 Kickstart ROM. Upgrade for A500 A2000 £34, mb £62 A590
Upgrade chips: V2Mb SIMM's. All types available. Call for
A3000 4 Mbit Static Column Dram call for pricing.
All prices include VAT and postage & packaging. Prices may be subject to change without notice. All products carry a 12 month guarantee.
Dealer enquiries are welcome.
CORTEX products are marketed in the U.K. by Memory Expansion Systems Ltd. Britannia Buildings, 46 Fenwick Street, Liverpool L2 7NB. Tel. (051) 236 0480.
Fax: (051) 227 2482. Make cheques payable to M.E.S. Ltd.
It's big! It's loud!
It's the Commodore Christmas Show!
Look out London, the seventh Commodore Christmas Show is in town from the 16th-18th November!
Stacks of new products and over 100 exhibitors adds up to the most exciting Commodore Christmas Show ever.
All the major software houses will be there to preview their new releases for Christmas - great new Commodore games, leisure and music software for you to take away on the day!
And that’s not all! The Christmas Show is your chance to experience stunning new technologies seen here for the first time.
So save yourself £1 a ticket and call the Ticket Hotline on 051-357 1275 or mail the coupon from this ad today!
The Commodore Christmas Show Friday 16th Nov 10am-5.30pm Saturday 17 th Nov 10am-5.30pm Sunday 18th Nov 10am-4.30pm
• Only Commodore specific show before Christmas IS Over 100
exhibitors - ‘000s of new products!
@ Commodore Theatre and Games Arcade - masses of exciting new product launches!
Admission Prices Adults £4 in advance, £5 on the door Children £2 in advance, £3 on the door Yes! Fve just got to get along to the the Commodore Christmas Show. Please rush me Adult @£5 £4 Under-16 @£3 £2
* 1 am sending a cheque for £-
* Please charge £ to my *Access *Visa Card number _ - Expiring
Name Address Postcode Commodore Commodore Christmas Show,
Database Direct, FREEPOST, Ellesmere Port, South Wirral, L65
3EB. 051-357 1275 Telephone - Please send your application
form and cheque or credit card details to - Commodore Christmas
Show, Database Direct, FREEPOST, Ellesmere Port, South Wirral,
L65 3EB.
* Please delete as appropriate POWER'S FULL HOUSE OF TOP QUALITY
SOFTWARE Our extensiv liga software curre ies AVAILABLE NOW
THE AMAZING AMIGA 3000 Art and Graphics Animagic .... Comic Setter .. Deluxe Photolab ... Digipaint3 ...... Elan Performer..... Fanatvision .... Interfont ... Kara Screen Fonts Pro Video Plus PAL Pro Draw 2.0 .. Sculpt 4D Junior .. Turbo Silver ... XCAD Professional Deluxe Paints Deluxe Video S ...... DigiviewGold4.... Express Paint 3 ..... Languages Etc Devpac Amiga . Lattice C v5 Manx C Dev ..... Power Windows 2,5 Hisoft Basic ... Lattice C++ ..... Manx Debugger ..... Utilities Arexx ......
BBC Emulator DOS 2 DOS ... Fine Print Transformer.. BAD Cross DOS..... Quarterback .. WB 1.3 .. We are proud to present Commodore's new workstation which has now arrived and comes with a full range of exciting features.
All Amiga 3000 machines come with 2MB of RAM, a built in hard disk and the high speed Workbench v2-0. Ideal for the serious user or professional.
Features include; ¦ 16 & 25MHz Processor Speeds & Business Excellence .. Kind Words...... Pen Pal . Superbase Pro ., The Works Platinum Home Accounts Pagestream Pro Page 1.3 ...... Pro Text ...... Superbase 2 ...... Superplan .. Word Perfect..... Pro Write 3.0 ..... 40 or 100MB Hard Disk as standard ¦ Workbench v2-0 included!
¦ 2MB RAM expandible on-board to 6MB!
68030 Processor with coprocessor Amiga 3000 16MHz 40MB £2495 Amiga 3000 25MHz 40MB £2995 Amiga 3000 25MHz 100MB £3195 The prices include VAT and 24 hour delivery* Music Midi Interface £25 DrT's Drums £25 KCS Level 2..... £229 Pro Sound Gold .. £45 Sort f oca ¦¦¦«¦¦¦« am m £45 MM5000 Keyboard ... £55 DrT's Midi Studio £49 Music X ... £199 Amiga Music System £99 COMMODORE Call us now for more informatic showroom for a demonstration
* If stocks allow Power Computing Ltd • 44a Stanley Street ‘
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16MHz, 28MHz, 33MHz ¦ Accelerate your Amiga up to 10 times
normal speed!
POWER HOUSE 40MB QUANTUM HARD CARD AT THE INCREDIBLE PRICE OF INC. VAT LIMITED OFFER ONLY EASYL 2000 £299 Pressure Sensitive Drawing ¦ l l Tablet Draw directly on your 9i £239 computer screen £419 4MB £355 Usin9 ordinary Pen or Pencil ¦ £799 8MB £575 1024x1024 pixel ¦ drawing area Works with all popular ¦ software packages iwer Computing Ltd • 44a Stanley Street • Bedford • MK41 7RW Telephone 0234 273000 • Fax 0234 270133 Orders and dealers enquiries welcome by Telephone or Fax ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT AND 24 HOUR DELIVERY • PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE AUTUMN!
Bare 46MB 100MB VIDTECH SCANLOCK STATE OF THE ART AMIGA GENLOCK ¦ Broadcast quality video output ¦ PAL, NTSC, SVHS Compatible ¦ Handles all Amiga Graphics modes ¦ Completely Eliminates video dot crawl UNBEATABLE PRICES!
¦ Plug in & Go! Installation ¦ 20-100 MB ¦ Sockets for 2MB Simm RAM ¦ Autoboot feature 68030 POWER FOR YOUR AMIGA 2000 50MHz Now available!!
"nibble" RAM.
¦ On-board AT interface for lightning fast hard disk access ¦ Optional 68882 Coprocessor 20MB £399 46MB £499 60MB £599 80MB £699 100MB Quantum £899 2MB RAM Upgrade £149 £1195 ¦ Amiga B2000 Rev 6.2 ¦ 1MB RAM ¦ 20MB Hard Disk 8MB EXPANSION BOARDS with Hard Disk Controller Expand up to 8MB with H on-board SIMMS All necessary connections ¦ for SCSI Hard Disk Drive 2MB £439 4MB £579 & 8MB £869 HARD DRIVES 46MB Seagate £329 60MB Seagate £489 84MB Seagate £568 100MB Quantum £799 16MHz £599 28MHz £799 68030 WITH 4MB 32BIT RAM 16MHz £1595 28MHz £1795 33MHz £2579 50MHz £2975 AT HARD DRIVE for 68030 CARD
40MB £399 80MB £799 Phone for other combinations Amiga B2000 Extra internal floppy 8MB RAM Board with 2MB RAM 2MB UPGRADE FOR THIS SYSTEM £ The Famous PC880 Power Drive! £55 ¦ Special NEW circuitry to prevent that annoying click when the drive is empty NEW IN!
The dual 3.5" drive with power supply ¦ Isolating on-off switch ¦ Thru' port for daisy chaining ¦ 880K formatted!
¦ Comes with free utility disk I ¦ 12 Month warranty We also stock fully guaranteed Verbatim disks and a range of boxes, including: The A500 Internal drive kit External 5.25" drive 40 Disks with lockable storage box - ONLY£29.95 15 Disks with storage box, for an unbeatable £9.95!
The A500 Clock Card We are proud to present an offer you'll be proud to accept!
Glorious Colour Kit!
A half megabyte RAM expansion with battery backed up clock and a free disk packed with useful software £45 ¦ LC10 Colour model LC10 Colour £221 LC24 10 £25!
¦ Parallel Cable OR! With a new release game! £59 XB 10-24 Colour £49!
¦ 200 sheets paper The 1.5MB Expansion Board HP PaintJet Colour £79!
¦ 200 address labels Plugs easily into your Amiga (Kickstart 1.3 & above) to give you the memory you need. Simple internal fitting ¦ Delivery and VAT HP PaintJet Colour XL A3 flS Expand up to 4MB with our latest board £299 Expand up to 6MB with our latest board £489 LC10 Colour Fabric Printing Kit Dnllf24.9S RAM chips for the upgrade specialist!
256 x 4 RAMS 1x1MbitRAMS Also in stock, an impressive range of automatic shs Kickstart 1.3 ROM £39 GARY ROM £49 feeders, replacement ribbons and printer stands.
ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT AND ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE Power House is the fast expanding direct sales arm of Power Computing Ltd. With competitive prices, backed by large stocks and a trained sales and technical department. Our high speed computerised service makes Power the first stop for the Amiga enthusiast.
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COMMODORE A590 20MB Hard Disk £379 ADDITIONAL 2MB RAM £149 Address ith SIMMS fora huge 4MB extra RAM!
The Phillips 8833 Postcode Telephone PR0DUCT System owned £459 £559 £749 £899 £999 £1149 £1149 £1299 H 20MB ¦ 45MB ¦ 80MB ¦ 100MB TheiicMultisync -ONLY £649!
The ultimate high performance device supporting mono and colour formats Signature The finishing touch I would like to order Keep it covered! With this new hard wearing dust cover specially designed to fit snuggly over the Amiga Make Cheques Payable to Power Computing Ltd I enclose a cheque PO for Replacement 2 button mouse £20 siaksha Mouse £35 V s Dptical mouse with pad Anti-click' board foryour internal or 3xternal drive - introductory offer £19.95 Power technical helpline Monday - Friday 3pm - 5pm 0234 273248 TRACK COMPUTER SYSTEMS Department AMF FP1 Blacksmiths Yard Sadler Gate Derby
DEI 3RD % Telephone; (0332) 41817 FAX No: (0332) 44001 c o i i puter COMPUTER TRACK PRICE MATCH POLICY Mss We promise to match any GENUINE PRICEjN&jjaj in this magazine subject to verification (Based on like for like, UK Spec Equipment) e name e name e name SS Ouf is our is our PHILIPS GMSS33 COLOUR MONITOR 145S Stares High Resolution Colour Monitor with FREE Connecting Leads tn four Amiga at a Remarkably LOW PRIGS!I!
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Allows full colour e Tra&d Zadae, atondu,... screen dumps and super text quality.
Can use colour or black ribbons... Truly Versatile CSJMANl CAM 354 3,5s" DISK DRIVE 1 Mb. AMIGA A500 FLIGHT OF FANTASY STD AMIGA A500 FLIGHT OF FANTASY s&aasBEsss . Track’s Standard Amiga A500 Flight of Fantasy Pack As listed left) fiasco* Trad....
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vary, Phone tor details) gap&e f a&tfiat0tidy'... Pius some
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ESCAPE FROM THE PLANET OF THE ROBOT MONSTERS RAINBOW ISLAND F29 RETALIATOR DELUXE PAINT II Standard Amiga A500... 512K RAM, 1Mb Drive, 4096 Colours, Mouse, Multi-Tasking, Built in Speech Synthesis, Workbench 1.3 System Disks, Kickstart 1.3, All leads to connect up.
Yf 'fla.d UpC'C'tadat ottlcf.,. £2 INC VAT A500 FLIGHT OF FANTASY TRACKPAK Standard Amiga A500 Flight of Fantasy plus our Trackpak (Amiga A500 F.O.F. as listed above) Plus only fcom Traol... , TOTAL AMIGA DIGITISING PACKAGE Everything you need to Digitise pictures on yoor Amiga in ONE VALUE PACKED PACK!
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S* Goods advertised are subject to mmy ¦ m r. tf!
Availability. E&OE. Vyf , 31 OVER A YEAR IN THE CHARTS ...OVER 100,000 SOLD!
The 8-bit soccer game of the 80’s becomes the 16-bit sensation of the 90’s with the release of the long-awaited Atari ST and Amiga versions.
When EMLYN HUGHES INTERNATIONAL SOCCER was released for C64, Spectrum and Amstrad, reviewers were amazed. It rated 90% in ZZAP, 91 % in Sinclair User, 88% in Games Machine, 91 % in Amstrad Computer User, 94% in Computer & Video Games, 887 in ACE, Game of the Year in CCI - we could go on for ever!
Now, with the release of the Atari and Amiga versions reviewers are reaching for their dictionaries to find new superlatives. ZERO described the game as ‘totally excellent’, the sound as ‘absolutely brilliant’ 89%; Your Amiga rated it ‘the best soccer simulation to date-95%’; YC World Cup Winner 97%.
Forget the rest - there’s only one EMLYN HUGHES INTERNATIONAL SOCCER!
~ AUDIOGENIC SOFTWARE LTD Winchester House, Canning Rd, Wealdstone, Harrow, Middlesex HA3 7SJ. Tel: 081-861-1166 FLIPIT AND MAGNOSE creatures from Mars set out on a st for water: but the inhabitants of let Earth must be placated or ded in this playable level of geworks’ forthcoming platform avaganza.
It to set up a menu that’s graphically ising and also idiot-proof? Get Set Go!
Set one up to your specifications and gn: we've even used it for this ith’s Coverdisk.
- eh cor blimey missus, another dou- entendre that features
harmless fun ting aliens from somewhere else!
K to where they came from.
The disk is packed with the usual diverse collection of useful utilites and fun and games. All you need to know is how to use it. PAT MCDONALD explains.
PIC OF THE MONTH i section on the disk, this. Rather i use up huge amounts of disk space lots of pictures by Amiga Format lers, we’re including just the best - time from Dr S A Hill.
MIDI ANALYSER do you test something that’s sup- ed to be sending MIDI data? By using program from Paul Overaa, you can litor any MIDI information being out- from a source to your computer.
ZERO VIRUS another Virus killer? In conjunction Mark Smiddy’s article on Page 105, include Jonathan Potter’s program 3 Virus. Comprehensive and simple to , it does a thorough job.
VECTACHECK handy little utility from Tony :hett. It will check your Amiga’s mem- vectors, tell you if a fatter Agnus chip tted and even let you turn on 60Hz ;en mode!
COLOUR WORKBENCH 5 up your Workbench with colour- s-. Harmless but easy on the eyes.
FLIP-IT AND MAGNOSE PROGRAM: IMAGEWORKS FILES: FLIPITNMAGNOSE The planet Mars has a severe lack of water, as anyone who has been there will tell you. Two natives, Flip-lt and Magnose, have won a prize draw to travel to the planet Earth and collect a few drops of water (a couple of million gallons should do) to save their dying civilisation. The prize for completion of this arduous task is two Gargoids which, so I’m told, ensure a life of pleasure and ease.
So, in this one or two player joystick-controlled demo you play Fliplt and Magnose in one level of the game. You can leap about the scenery, pick up and drop things, and hopefully get some water back to the teleport pad. Mind you, there’s a distinct lack of water in the game area, and your Martian Overlords didn’t even give you a bucket!
Dotted around are various creatures that can help or hinder you in your quest. There’s no such thing as a free lunch, though, so you will have to use your brain to work out how to bribe these earthlings. Some of them are quite nasty, and will bite you or knock you off your platform if you don’t give them what they want.
Here are a few clues: the big male monkey wants some nuts, but can’t crack the shells, the baby monkey wants something to play with, and both the snake and the frog need feeding.
Getting Started After turning your computer on, insert the Coverdisk into your disk drive. After a few moments a menu will appear, and by pressing function key FI the game will load.
Flip-lt (the Martian on the left) is controlled with a joystick plugged into Port 2, whereas Magnose responds to Port 1. If you leave your mouse plugged into here, then Magnose will leap into the arms of a monstrous bird.
Which doesn't really matter if you just want a one player game.
Leaping and jumping are easy enough, but to sucessfully pick up, drop and offer things, you have to do weird and wonderful things with your joystick. Here’s a diagram to help you out: THE ONE - Ultimate soccer simulation. 96%.
THE ACE - Brilliant. Buy, Boy, Buy. 930.
AMIGA FORMAT - Best footy game to have appeared on any m, 94%.
ST FORMAT - What a game! Gem to play. Magic. 90%.
C & VG - Championship winning material. 95%.
GAMES MACHINE - Probably the best sports game ever. 92%.
COMMODORE USER - No other footie game can touch it. 90%.
AMIGA ACTION - Surpasses all other football games. 93%.
POPULAR COMPUTING WEEKLY - Nothing short of brilliant.
NEW COMPUTER EXPRESS - Computer football event of the year AMIGA & ATARI ST ... fcia.aa IBM .•'_______ T.B.A. CBM 64, SPECTRUM & AMSTRAD .. £ 9 99 Cas.
Telephone No.: 0322 92513 92518. Fax No.: 0322 93422.
TineCode | NoteOn i SPFointer j PolvAT i SongSelect 1 ContChange i Undefined I ProgChange j Undefined j ChannelAT | | TuneRequest.j FitchBend i EndOfSysex !
ResetCtrls !
TiHingClock !
LocalCtri 1 Undefined I AUNotesOff S Start. I OnniModeOff i Continue 1 GuniModeOn !
Stop . I PolyModeOff1 Undefined 1_ PolyModeOn } ActSensing 1 READ ERROR j SystenResei 1 1 ZERO VIRUS SYSTEM CHANNEL MESSAGES MESSAGES RECEIVED MIDI DATA - CHANNEL INDICATOR BOARD 01 92 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Lovely program this. It displays whatever Midi data is going into your Amiga. Check out that your synth's Midi signals are OK!
PROGRAM: JONATHAN POTTER FILES: ZEROVIRUS, ZEROVIRUS.BRAINfiLE, BRAINRUN, ZEROVIRUS.PALETTE Jonathan Potter’s virus killer must be one of the easiest to use. It has icons, it has pull down menus, but what it doesn't have is documentation on the disk. So pay attention!
The main feature of the program is that it can learn. A brainfile is used to remember all known viruses, and it can be updated to look for new viruses. It doesn’t automatically destroy any suspect programs, but will warn you and give you the option.
First, the program checks your Amiga's memory to make sure that no virus is present. It also displays some of the memory vectors which viruses alter.
By clicking on the left mouse button, you can enter the main menu. The three top options are a bootblock checker, a file checker and finally the brainfile. To get out of these options, use the standard Intuition method: that is, move the mouse pointer to the top left of the screen and press the right- hand button to bring down a menu. Keeping the button pressed, move the pointer down and select Main Menu.
With ZeroVirus you can check the bootblocks of disks in any floppy drive. Viruses beware!
Bootblock Checker: You can check disk bootblocks, (where viruses commonly hide). If you have extra floppy disk drives attached then you can check those disks too.
File Checker: You can select a particular directory to search, and also get Zero Virus to check all the subdirectories it encounters. If you want, it will delete any virus it comes across automatically.
Brainfile: A scrollable list of all the viruses that the program knows about is displayed. You can load in a new brainfile (when it becomes available: updated brainfiles will appear on future disks) or edit the old one. Note that some of the so called Viruses’ are in fact obscure bootblock loaders, which you may want to retain.
Also, some of the suspect programs ‘may or may not be’ viruses: they are in the brainfile just in case they turn out to be.
GIRL ACTIONS Leave: Before you leave Zero Virus, you can iconify the program.
This means that the program will stay enabled on the front of Workbench and will check all disks put in the disk drive for suspect bootblocks.
Getting Started Turn your Amiga on, insert the Coverdisk, and select option four from the menu. Alternatively, boot up with your Workbench disk.
When the disk drive has stopped, insert the Coverdisk and doubleclick on its icon. Next, double click on the ZeroVirus directory and finally do a double-click on the ZeroVirus icon.
O O O O O O O 3 O O O 3 hi o o A* ik . Dfe sfe i l. ¦ H 1 L ==iV»I =3-11 =2 =1 bind jT ¦% JT- % Jt % X' % .4-1. 1 T sl JT • % .H. «. T • fe'n'si ¦=-»-» B r t • r t ¦ 1 i-t J. 1 Ji « =311 ») i sl ==-* “J jf - % 'jf jf t L »11 Jd J -%
• S9-*-I =i JT % x % V •_ .VS ¦« i = =11 .r % jt - _ ¦ 3? ¦ %
• -% i5 ss= n a£ .f • t. • . • . • ¦ Swooping, swirling aliens
with your destruction on their tiny minds - Girl-Actions, now
viewing on your coverdisk.
MIDI ANALYSER PROGRAM: PAUL OVERAA FILES: MIDIANALYSER, README A petite program that will provide a graphical display of MIDI data flowing into your Amiga. Paul Overaa contributed this piece, from a much larger musical blockbuster that he's currently writing.
A few words of caution. Make sure that your MIDI equipment is connected before you start running the program, as connection and disconnection can confuse it somewhat. Also be aware of the fact that it doesn’t run at Fairlight speed, so don't pump volumes of MIDI data to it, because it won’t be able to cope.
Getting Started First, start up your Amiga and load Workbench. Then insert the Coverdisk in any drive, double-click PROGRAM:ANDREW HIRST FILES: GIRL_ACTIONS Old fashioned, antiquated and very, very addictive: that’s the ingredients of this classic shoot-em-up clone. The aim of the game is to annihilate as many of the swooping aliens as you can without them ramming or shooting you. Simple, huh?
Getting Started Start up your Amiga, insert the Coverdisk and after a few secon the Coverdisk icon, and doubleclick on the MidiAnalyser directory.
To get out of Midi Analyser, just hit the left mouse button. That’s all there is to it.
A novel system from Mark Smiddy, to complement his article on Page
105. It gives you the abilty to check whether a virus is
operating on your machine, rather than checking a disk. To
put it simply, Canary! Is bait for viruses. They can’t
resist it. Once they’ve had onds a menu will appear. Press
function key F3 and the program will load and run. Control
of your ship is by a joystick plugged into Port 2. Happy
Blasting! % mZ I
05. 5 G.u. : 515G5 55S i:i 5-»J 55 iP'55S- 51.
The opening screen of some dodgy Software? Naaaaaaah.
Their wicked way with a Canary!
Disk, then you can check the disk and KNOW that there is a virus on your machine.
First, the limitations. You can’t use this program on a hard drive and it requires the IconX program to be present in the C directory - don’t worry, you can just run it off the Coverdisk. You must also use Workbench 1.3 or later.
The program can make two slightly different varieties of virus bait. Canary! Disks contain just a few files of fixed length, and is mostly empty. If a virus tries to copy itself onto the disk, then the program Check Canary! Will notice the changes.
The other variety are Turkey!
Disks. Turkeys are bootable disks that contain a Workbench and not a lot else. If a virus copies itself onto the boot sector (as many of them do) then the program Check Turkey! Will alert you to the change.
Getting Started First, start up your Amiga and load Workbench. Then insert the Coverdisk in any drive, double- PROGRAM: MARK EVERINGHAM FILES: GET_SET_GO!, DOCUMENTATION, AFMENU This is a menu creation program. Finished menus can be changed to look very different, and you can use both the function keys and the mouse to select options. It’s so good we 15: $ 8.
Lii *V"I
- •?.« ••»?.*%• .
1. 1 .
Wtrw r if -*!A*. V**, •
T«i im i'CIv'Civy! V. Get Set Got : ' HitUAnalysep canary | Fantastic set of programs on the disk. To see Get Set Go! Running in demo mode, just click on the icon. No problem!
Click on the Coverdisk icon and then do a double-click on the Canary! Directory.
There’s quite a few files here, but the first one to select is the readme icon. This explains the operation in more detail, and how to make Canary! And Turkey! Disks.
You only really need one of each.
Next time you suspect a virus is operating inside your computer, put these disks through it and then check them with the Check Canary! Or Check Turkey! Programs which you will find in the same place as the 'read me’ file.
On its own, Canary! Isn't as good as a virus killer (like Zero Virus - see above) but used in conjunction with a virus killer it will give a more definite answer to the question “do I have a virus?".
COLOUR WORKBENCH DIRECTORY: MIDIANALYSER FILES: COLOURWB Ultra-simple one, this. It just turns on a colourful copper display behind your Workbench screen.
Getting Started Boot from your Workbench disk, insert the Coverdisk, open up the MidiAnalyser and double-click on the ColourWB icon. Double-click on it again to turn the effect off.
Used it for the menu on the Coverdisk.
Get Set Gol can be changed to your particular requirements by writing a short options list. Ours is called AFMENU, and provides an example of just what you can do.
Editing this can be done with ED, the line editor included on every Amiga mm Documentation PauLOveraa SeroVirus i-T D-3*b MAIN PROGRAM :PAUL OVERAA FILES: MAIN.C, MAIN, READMEPO Budding Amiga programmers will be pleased that Paul Overaa has contributed both the Lattice C source code and the finished program to the disk (see Page 193 for his informative article).
However, as the ‘read me’ file states, it will not run straight from the Coverdisk... The reason for that is that Main is an exercise in programming and people interested in seeing it in action will have to do a little bit of work.
Incidentally, all the program does is set up an Intuition screen and print a message on the screen in an obscure font called Bocklin.
All you can do after that is exit back to the Workbench by selecting the quit option from the pulldown menu at the top left.
Not much? Well, if one person reads the article, looks at the source code and installs the Main program on their Workbench disk, it will definitely have been worth the exercise.
Getting Started Please note that the following is not for the novice or somebody who ‘wants to have a look'. It’s for people who are serious about pro- Workbench disk, but personally I’d recommend using a word processor like Protext for the job.
Getting Started To see what the program can do, turn your Amiga on and insert the Coverdisk. The menu you’ll get was created with Get Set Go!. If you want to use the program to make up your own menus, here’s a rough idea of the way to go about it.
Boot up Workbench, insert the Coverdisk and double-click on the documentation icon.
Have a good read and when you’ve finished take a look at AFMENU script file with ED or a wordprocessor. Once you have a rough idea of all the commands, copy Get Set Go!
Onto a workdisk with a script file. Edit the startup-sequence in the s directory so that the last thing it does is: Run “Get_Set_Go!” your script- name. Finally, remember to Install the disk you are running a new menu on.
Gramming their Amiga, and such people should be able to follow these steps... Take a look at the fonts directory on the disk. The contents (bocklin.font and also the bocklin directory contents) must be copied onto a bootable Workbench disk, as must the Main program.
If Main can't find that font in the fonts directory of the disk which booted it, then it won't work.
So, that’s why you have to copy the font onto the Workbench boot- disk - unless it's already there.
VECTACH ECK PROGRAM: TONY WITCHETT FILES: VECTACHECK Ever wondered if your Agnus is overweight? Here's a translation for non-techies - do you have an enhanced chip set Agnus that permits programmers to do even more amazing things with graphics on the Amiga? This programette will tell you.
Not only that, but if you have a Fatter Agnus, you can flip between 50Hz and 60Hz (normal or vertically stretched screen). It will check the CoolCapture vectors to see if a nasty virus has installed itself, and will also tell you what processor is installed, if there is any extra RAM present and also all the disk drives that are presently connected.
Getting Started Switch on and insert the Coverdisk, then select function key F9 from the menu. The program’s display of just what is going on inside your Amiga will appear for 30 seconds before control is returned to the menu.
PIC OF THE MONTH PROGRAM: DR S A HILL FILES: THING.HAM Here’s a challenge for all the artistically talented readers out there.
Every month, ONE picture - the best we get - will be put onto the disk for all our readers to appreciate. This month, Dr S A Hill has won the coveted position with his ray-traced caterpillar. Will your picture be next?
IM SpilS ¦ AT tiBllIilllSlI ill wm 'im CBM AMI ARI ST mm ERO?
HESTER • M2 5NS * TEL: 061 832 6633 • FAX: 061 834 0650 mi It’s a sad fact of life that only the fortunate few will ever get to experience Will Harvey’s masterwork - The Immortal.
Still, those of you who are lucky enough to possess I mb equipment or a monstrously generous maiden aunt and a birthday coming up, you’re in for a rare treat.
Using a uniquely realistic three quarter angle, you are lead through eight levels of labyrinth in a quest to find your long lost teacher Mordimar. In a world of intrigue and betrayal, mystery and blood curdling violence, you are pitted against the most ghoulishly lifelike opponents you’d never want to meet.
All in all, this is one dungeon challenge that no true enthusiast can afford to miss - no matter what the cost.
Electronic Arts, 11-49 Station Road, Langley, Nr. Slough, Berks SL3 8YN. Tel: (0753) 49442. Fax: (0753) 4 BACKING UP YOUR DISK USING YOUR FORMAT DISK IMPORTANT! Before using the Amiga Format disk, you should back-up the master as soon as possible.
For many reasons, it is important to make a backup of the Coverdisk as soon as possible. Copying the disk may sound like a complicated task suitable for techno-buffs only, but it is surprisingly simple provided you read the following instructions carefully:
1. First, turn on your machine and load Workbench. Once the
Workbench screen appears and the disk-drive light goes out,
remove your Workbench disk and insert our Coverdisk.
2. Next, click once on the Coverdisk icon and then press the
right mouse-button and the Workbench menus will appear.
Now, while keeping the right mouse-button depressed, move the mouse pointer over to the 'Workbench' heading and a menu will drop down. Move the mouse pointer over the ‘duplicate’ menu option and then press the left mouse-button.
3. After a few seconds’ disk access, the Workbench DiskCopy tool
will be loaded and run. Now just follow the onscreen prompts
and your Amiga Format Coverdisk will be copied to a backup
disk. When the machine asks for the destination, insert your
blank disk into the drive. Further instructions are in the
user’s guide that comes with your Amiga.
USING THE PROGRAMS All programs on the Amiga Format disk are specially set up to make them as easy to use as possible. If you can use the Amiga’s Workbench then you can use our Coverdisk! If you do have problems with a program, full instructions on loading and using the programs are included in Disk Extra and these should get you up and running. If you still have problems, you should read the documentation file (.DOC) that is included with every program. To run any of the programs on this month’s Coverdisk, follow a simple procedure: unless specified differently within Disk Extra, just
double-click on the program’s icon on the Workbench and it will load and run. Full details on how to use the programs once they have loaded 7W; J UP TO ¦ 3 Brief description Name Address .. Telephone (Daytime) ..... (Evenings) .... My program name is ...
Approximate total size of files in kilobytes K (we cannot use programs longer than 200K; shorter submissions, under 100K, stand the best chance of publication). It is a: ? Game ? Technical tool ? Business utility ? Art program ? Music program ? Educational ? Novelty ? Other are included as a documentation (text) file with the program.
To display a documentation file, just double-click on the appropriate .DOC file and a window will open containing the file’s contents. Pressing the space bar will advance the text a page at a time.
COPYRIGHT NOTICE Unless specifically stated, the programs on the Coverdisk are not in the public domain and the copyright remains with the author. Selling or distributing these programs without the author’s permission is against the laws of copyright.
Flummoxed by files? Dumbfounded by disks?
Paranoid about programs? If you have a problem with the disk - and you’re sure the disk is in full working order. Then what you need is the disk help page. From now on there will be a page devoted to any problems you may encounter with the disk.
Sadly, we cannot deal with enquiries by telephone as it is just too time consuming, if you have a problem then send it to us in writing stating the model of your machine and anything you’ve got attached to (or plugged inside) the computer. It will then be dealt with on the help page in the magazine.
NB the previous disk hotline number is no longer in operation and any problems should be sent in writing to our Bath offices at the usual address. However, if you have a faulty disk then please follow the instructions on this page for its return because we do not have replacements at our Bath office, they have to be obtained from the disk duplicators Checklist (please tick): ? Stamped, addressed envelope for return ? README.DOC explanation file on disk ? Printout of README.DOC file (if possible) ? Name, address, machine type written on label ? Disk certified virus free IMPORTANT Please sign
this declaration: This program is submitted for publication by Amiga Format. It is wholly my own work and i agree to indemnify Future Publishing against any possible legal action should copyright problems arise.
ir cr s? C£ ' C- Signed Date m IS K EXTRA IS YOUR DISK FAU LTY?
We have done our best to check that the programs on the Amiga Format Coverdisk are simple to use, error- free and have no known viruses.
However, we cannot answer telephone queries on using the software, and we do not accept liability for any consequences of using the programs on the disk.
If your Amiga Format disk is faulty - and out of the tens of thousands duplicated, some are unfortunately bound to be - you should send it back for a free replacement within a month of the cover date to: Amiga Format October Disk Discopy Labs Unit A, West March London Road Daventry Northants NN11 4SA If your Amiga refuses to accept the disk, try using the DISK-DOCTOR utility on your Workbench disk to rescue it before sending it off for a replacement. Full details of DiskDoctor can be found in the user’s manual that came with your machine.
WE WANT YOUR PROGRAM If you’ve got any programs for the Amiga which you think other readers would find useful, interesting or amusing, we’d very much like to know about them.
1. Make sure your program is foolproof to use. 2. Create a file
called README.DOC on the disk which explains exactly how to
use your program. 3. Fill in this form, sign it, and send it
without delay to: Coverdisk Software, Amiga Format, 30 2 A P.
- . V; , . - . . J,y-; r:; Z yzZZ'ZZ 7 s.:'-'"; . "S' - S Uz
techniques enable upto 3 programs to fit on one disk. Unique
FDOS power means that the programs reload at upto 4 TIMES
FASTER than Amiga Dos - even independantly of the cartridge; ¦
UNIQUE INFINITE LIFE TRAINER MODE Allows you to generate more
and even infinite lives, fuel, ammo etc. Perfect as a trainer
mpde to get you past that '’impossible" level. Very easy to
¦ SPRITE EDITOR The full sprite editor allows you to view modify the whole sprite set including any attached' sprites.
¦ VIRUS DETECTION Comprehensive virus detection and removal features to protect your software investment. Works with all presently known viruses. I ¦ SAVE PICTURES AND MUSIC TO DISK Pictures and sound samples can be saved to disk. Files are IFF format suitable for use with all the major graphic and music packages.
¦ SLOW MOTION MODE Now you can slow down the action to your own pace. Easily adjustable from full speed to 20% speed. Ideal to help you through the tricky parts! ¦ RESTART THE PROGRAM Simply press a key and the program will continue where you left off.
¦ FULL STATUS REPORTING At the press of a key now you can view the machine status.
Including Fast Ram,Chip Ram, Ramdisk,Drive status,etc.
PLUS THE MOST POWERFUL MACHINE CODE FREEZER MONITOR MORE FEATURE THAN YOU ICEED. HERE ARE JUST SOME; .. FuH M680OO Asserribler Disass rf|r Full screen editor Load .Save block Write string If) Memory .Jump to specific address Show Ram as text Show Frozen picture Play resident sample.
Show and edit all CPU registers andfeags Calculator Help command Full search feature Unique Cutom Chip Editor allows you to see and modify all chip registers-even fyrite only registers Notepad Disk handling - show actual track. Disk Sync pattern Flic. Dynamic Breakpoint handling j| ; Show memory as HEX, ASCII, Assembler,Decimal Copper Assemble Disassemble. Mi REMEMBER AT ALL TIMES YOU ARE INTERROGATING THE PROGRAM IN IT S "FROZEN" STATE WITH ALL MEMORY AND REGISTERS INTACT.-INVALUABLE FOR THE DE BUGGER OR JUST THE INQUISATIVE!
- ----------------------------- STEREO + DATEL JAMMER SAMPLING
• A top quality stereo sampling system at a realistic price.
• The NEW Sampler II software has been completely re-written in
100% Machine Code and incorporates faster routines, bigger
displays and a host of new editing features such as Cut, Copy,
Insert, Replace, Mix, Erase, etc. Seperate zoom windows and
controls for left and right channels.
Q Multi-bank facilities for 1 Meg users. • Stereo lock control for ease of use.
Adjustable trig record level and sound monitor.
• Seperate buffer for editing waveforms and improved wave-editor
with instant update. • Save files in Raw or single,
multi-octave IFF format.
• Envelope control panel for ramping up and down re-scale
amplitude, noise filter and scan waveform. • On screen display
of filenames sample rate, length, etc.
• Inputs for microphone or line 1 4" jack and DIN connections
ONLY £79.99 PLEASE STATE A500 1000 2000
• If you can obtain your own Ram chips, we can supply the card.
• An easy to handle Handy Scanner featuring 105 mm scanning width
and 400 dpi resolution enables you to reproduce graphics and
• Adjustable switches for brightness contrast levels. Printout
for Epson compatibles.
• Powerful partner for DTP that allows for cut and paste editing
of images etc.
• Geniscan gives you the ability to easily scan images, text and
• Save images in suitable format for most leading packages
• Package includes GS4500 scanner, Interface and Scan Edit
• Unmatched range of edit capture facilities simply not offered
by other scanners at this unbeatable price.
• Accepts 16 x 41256 D Rams.
• Available with without clock option.
• Switch disable feature.
• High quality direct replacement for mouse on the Amiga.
• Teflon glides for smoother movement.
• Rubber coated ball for minimum slip.
• Optical system counting - 500 mm.
Special offer - free mouse mat + mouse house (worth £7.99) ONLY £29.99 COMPLETE 1 • Top quality fully I compatible drive | mechanism.
• Throughport allows daisy-chaining other drives.
| • 1 meg unformatted | capacity.
Lj • Good length cable for positioning on your desk etc.
• Comes complete with its own On Off switch.
• Plugs into Amiga Disk Drive Port.
• Protects both internal and all external drives from virus
• Switch to enable disable protection.
• Can be left permanently installed.
• Works to with all known Boot Block Viruses.
• Start to protect your software investment now.
ONLY £14.99
• Full Midi Interface for A500 1000 2000 (please state model). •
Midi In - Midi Out x3 - Midi Thru.
• Compatible with all leading Midi packages .
• Fully Opto isolated.
0782 744707 FAX 0782 744292 TECHNICAL CUSTOMER SERVICE 0782
FASTMEM CHIPMEM OPTION* ¦ -: §t ,s ••• L ;..V 1 £ - Rta. ¦
- oBSN
• Simply plug into your Amiga A500 and upgrade to a full 1 Meg in
• Features the latest 1 Meg Drams. Low chip count means very low
power consumption.
• Top quality high grade PCB and connector to give unmatched
• Switch to enable disable plus "ChipMem" option*.
• Now you can run ALL Amiga Imeg programs.
• Also available with clock calendar option.
• Easily fitted into the slot under your A500 - does not affect
• Adds an extra 1.5 Megs to your A500 (giving a total free memory
of 2 Megs).
• Uses the latest 1 Meg Drams resulting in extra low power
• Switch to enable disable.
• Complete with onboard clock calendar.
• Top quality connections used throughout.
• High grade PCB.
• Easily fitted into the slot under your A500 - requires no
soldering (the cover of your A500 must be removed for fitting
"plug in" connector ) ONLY £129.99 WITH 1.5 MEGS OF RAM ONLY
• Yes, if your Amiga was bought in the last 12 months and has
KICKSTART 1.3 then it probably has the 'fatter' 1 Meg AGNUS
Chip. Even though this was not publicised by Commodore, those
machines with the '02' AGNUS, have 1 Meg Chip Ram ability.
Both the PRORAM PLUS™ board can be configured to give 512K of extra Chip Memory instead of Fast Memory at the flick of a switch.
• With 1 Meg of Chip Memory you can do lots of things previously
only available on the A2000 - more HiRes screens, multitasking
graphics programs, CAD, DTP, larger sound samples, etc., etc.
• Remember, no other cards offer this unique feature.
* One simple soldering job is required to enable the "ChipMem"
Opening your A500 may invalidate your warranty.
Syncro Express requires a second drive & works by controlling it as a slave device & ignoring the ST or Amiga disk drive controller chip wheteby high speeds & great data accuracy are achieved. * Menu driven selection for Start Track End Track - up to 80 tracks. 1 side, 2 sides Very simple to use, requires no user knowledge Also duplicates other formats such as IBM, MAC etc Ideal for jlubs, user groups or just for your own disks No more waiting around for your disks to copy Probably the only duplication system you will ever need!
CHIP TECHNOLOGY By using an on-board Custom LSI Chip, Syncro Express has the power to transfer an MFM image of the original disk directly to your blank disk - quickly, simply and without any user knowledge. One external disk drive is required*.
SYNCRO EXPRESS IS AVAILABLE FOR BOTH THE ST AND AMIGA SYSTEMS PLEASE STATE WHICH REQUIRED WHEN ORDERING WARNING 1988 COPYRIGHT ACT WARNING Datel Electronics Ltd., neither condones nor authorises the use of it's products for the reproduction of copyright material.
The backup facilities of this product are designed to reproduce only software such as Public Domain material, the users own programs or software where permission to make a backup has been clearly given.
It is illegal to make copies, even for your own use, of copyright material, without the express permission of the copyright owner, or the licencee thereof.
ORDERS NORMALLY DESPATCHED WITHIN 48 Hrs. ALL CHEQUES POSTAL ORDERS MADE PAYABLE TO... : ' ¦I ** DA~EL EleClllbpiCSr LTO w -..- mm GOVAN ROAD, FENTON INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, FENTON, STOKE-ON-TRENT, ST4 2RS, ENGLAND TECHNICAL CUSTOMER SERVICE 0782 744324 X-COPY II v2.9 X-COPY II is the ultimate disc duplication system for your Amiga Designed specifically for your Amiga... ???The most comprehensive back-up facility ???Mouse controlled Also backs up ST, IBM etc Adapts itself to any configuration Checks discs for errors 4 Formats discs in 36 seconds Optimises data, re-organises files for faster
loading Full update serviced AVAILABLE NOW ONLY £29.99 + £1.00 POSTAGE & PACKING.
X-COPY II is a hardware & software package. Although it will work happily on a single drive system, superior results can be achieved with an external disc drive.
X-COPY II IS THE BEST, GUARANTEED OUR GUARANTEE:- At time of purchase, if you can find a program that is more powerful than X-COPY II, we will refund your money.
Ordering x-copy II 0 NAME VISA Access Visa orders can be placed by telephoning 061 228 1831. For mail order, fill in the order form below and send with a cheque or postal order to:- Siren Software, 84-86 Princess St. Manchester Ml 6NG. England.
ADDRESS I et me tell you a story. Once upon a time, on a computer far away, L there lived a bear. A great big bear with black eyes, yellowing, hungry teeth and breath so foul it could knock out a charging Rhino at fifty paces. The bear lived in the great RAM cavern, between port Eye-Oh and the city of See-Pea-You. Every so often it would enter the great forest of Disks in search of easy prey.
The Files (who lived in Disk forest) existed in such fear of the bear they posted a guard on Mount VeeDeeYoo.
When the guard set eyes on the bear, he would cry out to the great god, Operator: "Please, feed the bear!” But - sometimes the great Operator was angered with the files and he ignored their pleas. Thus the bear would see its hunger fulfilled and the guard would vociferate “The bear was hungry, and now it’s eaten one of your files!” diet Serieysl This is in truth something of an apocryphal tale, but describes in prosaic form one particular virus rumoured to have “infected” an early computer system. In this language, it sounds childish enough to be a harmless prank. Childish certainly, but
dangerous enough nonetheless to wipe a computer system clean before the culprit is eliminated.
In this example The Bear could be satiated by entering a keyword at the “Feed the Bear” prompt. If the keyword (or phrase) was known, the menace went away - for a while.
All this may seem light years away from the Amiga but, as many have discovered to their dismay, viruses crop up everywhere: often on pirate disks (serves them right?) And in the Public Domain. Until recently, the only software guaranteed clear of the problem was commercial offerings, but now even this last line of defence has come under attack.
What Is a Wlras?
The word virus derives from the 16th Century Latin for slime or poisonous liquid. In modern terms, it belongs to any members of a vast group of sub- microscopic DNA nuclei dressed in a protein coat. These simple organisms are one of the most basic forms of life, only capable of living and reproducing within the cells of animals and plants. Many are pathogenic, creating symptoms ranging from mild discomfort to death.
Computer viruses ape their protein- coated namesakes very closely. So closely, in fact, that some pundits have speculated that they constitute a simple form of life. However, that is a philosophical avenue best explored during a late- night discussion over several glasses of some intoxicating liquor or another.
Going back to the real world: in a nutshell, a computer virus is a (usually small) program capable of duplicating itself. The effects of the virus on the system depend on the actions of the program: precluding bugs in the code, effects designed by a person or persons unknown. This article describes the effects of known viruses but avoids the technical information needed to create them.
This might have been of interest, but it is not the author’s intention to aid would-be virus writers.
DELIVERY SERVICE BYTEBACK and the keenest prices Ring us now! 0636-79097 we're programmed to help FIND OUT WHY MOST AMIGA USERS PREFER BYTEBACK!
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AG.13 Adventure game solutions - Over 100 including: Sierra, Infocom, Rainbird, Ultima, Dungeon Master, Future Wars ...(2 disks: £4.90) AW.03 Icons; 100's including: the amusing Naughty Icons, Ram icons, Music icons....plus Icon utilities.
All prices include VAT and FIRST CLASS POST!
BYTEBACK Cheque, postal orders or credit card facilities are available Cl ml VISA rA llillilBIIBlilrt DEPT AF, 6 MUMBY CLOSE, NEWARK, NOTTS NG24 1JE Count on Dracula There are several distinct “strains” of computer virus - variants of the way the infection (replication) code is written - and each has a name. As can be seen from this, viruses are ostensibly simple to write, which is why there are so many around.
Limpet: Often called the boot- block or boot sector virus. The term Limpet derives from the way the virus ‘adheres' to the bootblock of infected disks. These are the simplest viruses of them all and are usually the easiest to catch. They were also the first viruses to appear on the Amiga.
The very first Limpet came courtesy of Swiss Crackers Association or SCA: no prizes for guessing, a bunch of pirates. Bootblock viruses consist of a small section of code which loads a disk's boot sectors when the computer is booted from an infected disk. Every time a new (write-enabled) disk is inserted the virus writes itself back to the new disk thus infecting it.
The exact way depends on the type of Limpet: some write themselves back during soft resets, others to every uninfected disk inserted.
Doppelganger: This type works by replacing the code of an original program completely with its own.
Next it moves the code of the original program somewhere else on the same disk and gives it a blank name.
When the original program is called, the virus runs (doing its dirty work) then exits by launching the real program. Sounds complex? Not at all.
Three simple AmigaDOS calls can be used to do this.
BSG9 was an early example of this type and can be identified by the tell-tale ‘blank' file it leaves in the DEVS directory of the infected disk.
The AmigaDOS’s LIST command shows it up - DIR does not. If found, BSG9 is usually the first command in S:Startup-Sequence and has a byte- size of 2608 when listed.
Trojan Horse: Sometimes just called a Trojan, this type has yet to crop up on the Amiga in any large numbers for reasons which will shortly be revealed. Trojans get their name from the Greek fable of the Trojan (or wooden) horse.
As the story goes, the Greeks bluffed the Trojans by leaving a wooden horse outside the gates of Troy. The Trojans dragged the horse inside, and at nightfall the Greeks hidden inside the beast crept in under cover of darkness and murdered the Trojans in their beds.
In the same way a Trojan virus is a computer program, usually placed in the Public Domain (though not by Greeks!), with a very sharp sting in its belly. The reason why real Trojans are rare is because they take some skill to implement. The only way they will spread is if the program hiding the stinger is useful enough for lots of people to use. And once the Trojan is uncovered, everyone stops using it.
For this reason Trojans use a time- bomb technique whereby they only activate after they have been used a set number of times or, sometimes, on a certain date. Most Amiga Trojans are genuine programs infected by a Parasite - see below.
Parasite or Linkvirus: Also called Worm, Zombie, Lycanthrope, and Vampire (names better used to describe the idiots that devise them) these bloodsuckers are the scourge of utility software and generally a real pain in the Startup-sequence. Like Myth: “Viruses can spread to write-protected floppy disks.” Fact: Only hard disks are at risk since they cannot be physically write protected. No virus can pass the write-protect on floppies.
Myth: “Viruses can hurt humans.” Fact: They can’t hurt people: they can only inflict psychological damage by destroying your files and creating a nuisance.
Myth: “Some viruses live in battery-backed clock memory.” Fact: There is not enough RAM, and even if there were the RAM is never executed. Sonta viruses key on the date or time, however.
Myth: “Viruses can damage the machine.” Fact: Virtually impossible. Damage is caused by inexperienced humans fiddling with the hardware, thinking that it’s at fault when a virus is the real culprit.
Myth: “All viruses come from BBSs.” Fact: Only Trojans and Parasites can do this, by hiding in other programs - this is, however, unlikely since the HUMAN culprit would be too easy to catch.
Myth: “I only ever boot from hard disk - I must be safe!” Fact: Trojans, and Parasites, and Doppelgangers only need to be executed (from the CLI or the Workbench) to start spreading to a hard disk, so hard disk users should be especially careful.
Myth: “I will never catch a virus.” Fact: You might. Take that attitude and you probably will.
‘real' vampires they duplicate by attaching themselves to real programs and sucking out their lifeblood.
The problem with parasites is that they turn genuine software into ‘Trojans' by locking onto the code and transferring themselves across onto all and sundry. Like Trojans, parasites are tricky to implement so there are less around. Unlike the Limpets, they multiply between disks and across directories at an alarming rate. Also they’re very tricky to catch without software specifically designed for the purpose - Peter Cushing never had it this tough in the Hammer movies!
Signs of infection There are two mainstream effects of virus infection: destructive effects and nuisance. Neither is very pleasant and some viruses exhibit both.
Nuisance Effects Silly messages: “Software piracy is theft...”, “AmigaDOS presents: The IRQ Virus”, “Something wonderful has happened” and so on. The only wonderful thing that could happen to the persons responsible for these gems would be the spontaneous combustion of their Amigas.
Reversed keys: The two Amiga keys, for example, or mouse buttons, suddenly become transposed.
Lock outs: The whole machine stops accepting keyboard or mouse input, but everything else appears to be working normally.
Obscene mouse pointers: I kid you not - is nothing sacred?
Nasty effects Random trashing of files: Has the effect of causing programs to suddenly crash without warning, corrupts data in pictures, music and text. Lamer Exterminator is known to have this effect.
Random trashing of disk block checksums: Difficult one to pin down to a virus because it can also happen through wear and tear, badly-stored disks and a whole host of other things. Likely to be a sign of a virus if it starts happening suddenly.
Random crashes: As above, this can happen through poorly-written software so might happen quite innocently. It is quite possible to guru AmigaDOS at the drop of a hat.
Protecting Against Them It only takes one slip to catch a virus because once the little beggars get onto a disk, they spread VERY quickly. This checklist covers the most important points.
No known virus can get past the write protection notch on a floppy. NEVER insert a write enabled disk unless something has to write to it. Better still, keep DATA disks separate from PROGRAM disks. If a virus gets into memory it can then only spread to disks which are either (a) never booted anyway or (b) don’t contain any executable files.
The author would like l@ express thanks to the following peoples Steve Tibbet for the 1flrusX series* Jim dower for assistance* Also ail those unnamed seels who cede feverishly lot© the night protecting innocent punters from the ravage of the childish virus vandals* Keep a “Canary disk”. This is a freshly-formatted disk with a couple of commands and a Startup-Sequence.
If a Limpet tries to attach itself this disk will suddenly become bootable. A suite of programs to make Canary disks (and a lot more) is included on this month’s Coverdisk. See the Disk Extra pages for more details.
Get a disk of Virus killers from your friendly PD library and check every file and bootblock of every disk you get BEFORE attempting to boot them or run any of the programs contained therein. Nearly all of the PD libraries advertising in this issue should be able to furnish you with something suitable.
NEVER, EVER, use pirated software. This includes games, utilities and applications - it’s a sure-fire way to catch a virus.
When is a virus not a virus?
Long time virus-hunter Steve Tibbet, released several versions of his VirusX utility with protection against other virus killers, because some of these well-meaning programs would write over legitimate bootblocks.
However the same was true of Steve’s own VirusX utility - it too identified several genuine bootblocks as the SCA Limpet.
This is one of the hazards of virus hunter programs. Users unsure of the problem could often destroy a legitimate bootblock. The trick lies in determining what is a Limpet virus and what isn’t. The best way is to copy the suspected disk, trash the suspect bootblock and reboot the new copy. If the disk still works, then a virus was responsible, if it does not then one of two things has happened: ® The virus killer has destroyed a genuine bootblock. So the original disk was OK. Remember, if a Limpet attaches to a disk with a legitimate bootblock loader, the disk will stop working anyway.
S The software protection has worked correctly, defeating the copier.
Under UK law, it is not legal to duplicate a disk WITHOUT the copyright owner’s permission, for any reason. This is more like severely no signs of going away. Even though the law is moving ponderously toward outlawing the perpetrators of these crimes, the problem of tracing the culprit still remains. The virus is seen by many as the perfect crime.
In the end, though, the only protection anyone has against viruses is common sense. They are becoming like the common cold: cliched and easy to catch. But the remedies are out there for the taking and all it actually takes is vigilance.
Bending the law. It is, however, wise to check first and get an answer in writing before proceeding. State the intention is to use the copy as a “Canary” for a suspected virus.
Chances are, the software company concerned will check the disk for you or, more likely, confirm that the bootblock loader is correct. Note that neither the author nor Future Publishing condones the use of copying equipment without the written permission of the copyright holder.
€®ra©Sygi©n Computer viruses are here, they have been for a long time and are showing Further reading: The Computer Virus Handbook, Price Waterhouse WHO WRITES VIRUSES?
Any computer virus is a computer program; and programs do not write themselves. Even though there are “virus creation kits” there is no getting away from the fact that behind a program there must be some pathetic individual with nothing better to do somewhere along the line. They would probably regard themselves as programmers but programmers produce something productive, not destructive.
Despite what some may think, viruses are VERY easy to write - just about any fool with an assembler or even a BASIC compiler could do it. So who are the culprits?
The common name for these people is “pirates”, or sometimes “hackers”.
The latter is a perversion of the erstwhile term for sensible computer experts, stolen by the pirates in sick tradition. Pirates, remember, are the people responsible for producing disks of copied software, for removing the protection and distributing copies all over the world. Put another way, threatening the very livelihood of thousands of people.
At the risk of sounding too much like a FAST advert, think about this: pirates only serve their own needs. Sick little viruses endanger computing at every level. If the software houses can’t make a living, they will stop producing games, leaving the pirates on a sticky wicket with nothing left to copy. The computer companies will go out of business because no one will buy a product with little or no support: remember the MTX512, SVISX, Oric, Enterprise?
Eventually, even the magazines will have nothing to write about... and the whole house of cards will come tumbling down* US AT THE EMAP SHOW.....STAND B4 COME 1 k ARE YOU
U. K. NO. 1 .
Computer Football Association dedicated to promote execellence in soccer simulation on home computers has selected ANCO’S KICK OFF, voted the OF THE YEAR and OFF 2, as the games for: 1990 C. F. A. CHALLENGE CUP PRIZES The Winner - 1990 challenge Cup & £ 1000 . The Runner Up - 1990 Runner Up Cup & £500 .. Last 16 - Medals & £ 100 each . CONDITIONS under C.F.A. rules. A copy of it is available on request from rounds will use KICK OFF on the Amiga or ST and will be played at National All games will below. Preliminary The last sixteen competitor's will play
using KICK OFF 2 on Amiga or ST at the International All matches will be played on a knock out basis.
VENUE There will be a number of venues for preliminary rounds. Exact locations will be selected of application.
Last 16 matches, Quarter Finals, Semi Finals and Finals will be played on the Computer Shopper Show at Wembley. Prizes will be presented at the show.
HOW TO ENTER THE COMPETITION For immediate membership of the C.F.A., entry fee & full set of rules. Please send, an
S. A.E., A cheque or postal order for £5.00 to address below.
Please make cheque payable to the C.F.A. In return you will recieve the C.F.A. and entry to the competition.
Last date of application is 17th October 1990.
The first round of competition will start on 3rd November 1990.
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Crusaders Bacteria Demo Popeye Meets the Beachboys The Run (*)
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AF92 SID V1.6 - Very useful directory utility - U gotta hove it AF93 North C compiler - For all you budding C maniacs AF94 C Manual - Learn to code in C full manual (3 Discs) AF95 Beach boys meet Popeye - Errrv... yeah .... well AF96 Stcrtup Sequence Oct 90 - Our all new Disk Catalogue !
All PD disks are still 99p per disk (Just cos so many of you want it that way) Please add 50p to cover post and packing Then just write you name, address and order on a piece of anything and send it along with your cheque or postal order to our address, which is: Start Computer Systems, Dept.AF 15, Barbican House, Bonnersfield. Sunderland, SR6 0AA and we wilt process your order and send it out to you by first class post. Or, if you like call our Hotline with your ACCESS or VISA card and get your disks within 48 Hours I Thanx go out to all our customers and all you Amiga freaks worldwide !
COMPUTER SYSTEMS © 1990 ADAM • M Start Computer Systems More new releases and old gems from the world of free software, this time in the company of PAT MCDONALD.
DC GAMES 22 Capricorn Disk 336 This one has quite a good selection of PD games, and should prove very popular with Tetris fans. Some of the games have appeared before on other disks, so to avoid somebody buying what they've already got here’s a full list of the contents.
• ' ’ • • ’ ; ‘ -r ... ' - ..... ..- ... ..... - This is
a full version of the ancient Chinese game of Mah Jong. It’s
quite pretty and can play quite a mean game as well. It’s
originally a Fish disk offering which we’ve mentioned before,
so I’ll say no more.
• 7 ¦...... r- Spin those blocks, move them around and try to
find a place to slot them in. That's the rivetting action in
MECHAMOID Asteroids! Will I never be free of the tumbling boulders suspended within the vacuum of space? If you’ve never played the game before, the idea is simplicity itself.
You control a spaceship which is trapped within an asteroid field.
The ship is equipped with a laser to blast them away, but only the smallest asteroids can be dealt with with one shot. The ship can be rotated and its engine works fine: in dire emergencies reach for the hyperspace button to escape the manic boulders.
This version doesn’t use rocks, but has strange interlaced faces instead. The sampled sound effects are of the schoolboy humour variety. Mechamoid is a great way to break the monotony of a working day.
BREAKER Breakout (yawn) is such an easy game to do on computer that these days companies have to release versions of it which have features from horizon to horizon.
M sp atL. Tr r-r ® . _c .J m %r Mechamoid gives you the chance to blast those faces.
! Level; One I I I Speed; One j Score! 1888 jj | .Lines; 2 s ¦ J ¦fl sSS r ¦¦ ; :.:Y 1 r; I HOUMD 1 ¦ ' I J
- ? ., r • 1 ' 1 ¦ .
.a | 6 Lines left i 1 ( • ¦ .
S ¦¦¦ Hiscore 10800 | a I . .
Ma mm I i m m mm ¦ i'.O OS MEXT : § ¦¦ HWSBJS f ¦ mmmmmmm I ¦ % m mmm m- %¦: ¦¦ nsea s ¦ UHRIifl 1 ¦ ¦Hi nan n I .
VJ ¦¦¦ sasa : i 1 fi :Si i Score 1267 Quattro is yet another Tetris variant, but a good one.
Anyway, Breaker’s no exception to the rule, with editing features to create your own screens: I found the included screens quite tough enough but at least that makes it a challenge. For Public Domain standards it is a reasonable offering, but Breaker will never set the world on fire.
QUATTRO Tetris lives again. The scenario of obliterating lines of bricks by slowly building a wall should be familiar to you, but if not, here is everything you need to know to get to grips with it.
Strange-shaped bricks slowly tumble down the screen. You can manoeuvre them to a certain extent, but you must take care that you are not left with an unfillable gap. Every time you complete a row of bricks then it vanishes into thin air: but if the pile reaches the top of the screen, game over.
WELLTRIX My fave game on the disk. It’s very similar to Tetris, but uses a three dimensional playing area. You must guide the bricks down the edges of a well, and if it fills up then that's the end of the game.
By sliding the bricks around the edges of the well you can fill gaps in the other side. Not forgetting that the shapes slide across the bottom of the well as far as they can go.
If you should have bricks creeping up the sides of the well, then that side is blocked off for several turns, making it difficult to get blocks where you want them.
Tetris fans, this game is brilliant.
Don't leave home without it.
P U B LI C DOMAIN M O B E D EMPDL 472 Designing 32-colour sprites is not easily done on graph paper (personally, my felt tip collection isn’t big enough). If you want to design a movable object - be it sprite or BOB - then this program is for you. Hence the name: Movable Object Editor.
It was written by a guy called Martin Jones, and his efforts are not just apparent in the program: the documentation for this design utility is comprehensive and quite easy to pick up.
The size of object that you can edit is preset and cannot be altered: nonetheless the area should be quite big enough for most designs. Tools available include colour cycling and animation testing.
Dot Line Circle Cycle Mag+ Ha You can save out finished movable objects as raw binary data, which makes it very handy for games writers. Not only can it be used to create sprites and blitter objects, but also the font used by Mobed was knocked up by the author using the program.
JEOPARD (1 Meg) Senlac Disk 4 1 0 Fans of the great boardgame Risk will recognise this instantly. In fact, it could well be too good a clone for Parker Games’ liking.
For those who’ve never heard of it, Risk is a game of world domination set in the Napoleonic era.
You command vast armies across continents and the simple aim is to wipe out every other player. By taking control of whole continents, your armies receive a recruiting boost. So once you start winning, you tend to keep winning. It is also a classic game for making and breaking alliances with other players. One move you'll be team- Scrolly text? Copper bars? We’ve scene ’em and we’ve slung ’em out to keep the really good stuff in. Check it out... Goto Clear- Lead mm Anil Am Mobed is a very useful utility that allows you to design 32 colour sprites - no trouble. You can even colour cycle and
animate them.
LIGHT CYCLE DEMO PD-Soft Disks 586 and 587 This two-disk piece of animation isn’t the most technically stunning thing you’ve ever seen, but the programmers have managed to use images created with Dpaint3, Sculpt 3D and Fantavision along with samples from the film to capture the atmosphere of that computer classic Tron perfectly.
Appropriate it into your collection now. End of line.
STEALTHY II Senlac P D Another witty little animation from Senlac, providing a humourous view of the super-duper, ‘invisible’ F-19 Stealth Fighter. Stealthy creeps up on the enemy and plays a little cat and mouse before sending the confused jet swirling away to his doom. Aww!
REBELS MEGABLAST 17 Bit Software Disk 6 3 6 Another collection of music from the wizards who brought you the Coma Demo. This collection includes Coma along with a number of other slabs of heavy electronic dance mayhem. Kraftwerk samples, Acid riffs and Speak and Spell voices are thrown into the pot to provide some wicked floor-rippers.
PK IP SHS&M t 'A I if xMM MF mmmS: Pdom PD Amiga Public Domain & Shareware Software PDOM 212 - Red Sea: CEBIT ’90 demo.
Another excellent den:cj from RSI!
PDOM 213 - Rebels Coma demo an absolu:± brilliant non stop dem: totally different, and vs PDOM 211 - NorthC the latest all features excellent C compiler.
Suitable for beginners and the knowledgable alike.
Fully comprehensive.
FFISH 337 - Cmanual Vl.O is a complete C manual for the Amiga which describes how to open and work with screens, windows, graphics, gadgets, requesters, alerts, menus, IDCMP, sprites, etc. Includes huge manual file and over 70 fully executable examples with source code. When unpacked fills up 3 disks.
FFISH 314 - A68k v2.61 the 68000 macro assembler. Excellent.
FFISH 339 - PCQ Vl.lcis a freely redistributable, self compiling, Pascal compiler. The only major feature of Pascal that is not implemented is sets.
FFISH 349 - MED V2.0 is a music editor much like SoundTracker with MIDI sequencing.
AMP11 - 5 disks full of Sonix files with the PD Sonix player. £12.50!
AMP23 - 5 disks full of Soundtracker files includes Sound Tracker versions 1,2,3 and 4. £12.50!
PDOM 285 - Game Music Creator. Supports MIDI, can handle all types of samples -IFF with loops, Raw etc., both contignous and pattern recording, Note half stepup down function, 64 patterns in memory, can load both Soundtracker & SoundFX songs (converted with GMC conv.), Replay routine brutally much faster than Soundtrackers, Includes Pattern break, Position jump etc etc... AMP1 - Home Business Pack : Uedit word processor, Visicalc spreadsheet, RIM and Hyperbase databases and spell checkers etc. 3 disks only £7.50!
APDC 17-2 Micro Emac editors: Micro GnuEmacs MicroEmacs.
FFISH 144 - Analyticalc V22.3D is a large & powerful spreadsheet program requires 1MB RAM and one floppy.
AMICUS 17 - Communications: COMM vl.33, Aterm V7.2, VT-100 V2.6, Vtek V2.3.1, Amiga Host V0.9 for CompuServe.
FFISH 327 - Msh handles MSDOS ST formatted disks. You can use files on such disks in almost exactly the same way as you use files on native AmigaDOS disks.
This is a fully functional, read write version.
PDOM 62 - The Public Dominator Anti Virus Disk contains all you need in the fight against viruses.
FFISH 342-IE V1.0 is an icon editor up to 640x200 pixels in size also dual render. Fully featured.
FFISH 244 - Boot Block Champion V3.1 load, save and analyze boot blocks. Bootlntro
VI. 2 you specify The headline text of upto 44 characters and the
scrolling text of upto 300.
PDOM 277 - Dark Star Virus and Crunchers 2: BS9 KillerX, Kill’Em, Lamer Destroyer, Pseudo Ops, Killer and Seek & Destroy virus killers. Byte Killer, Crunch Master, Data Cruncher, Defjam Cruncher, Crunch IFF Pics with shower, Dpaint Unpack, DragPack, Flash Packer, HQC, ISC, Master Crunch, Mega Crunch, Power Pack, RSI Cruncher and Super Cruncher.
PDOM 278 - LHARCa V0.99a the file compressor 100% compatible with MSDOS LHARC VI. 13c.
PDOM 279 - European Software Agency Utilityl: Amiga Tool VI.5, Boot Intro V1.0, BootGenerator
VI. 5, BootLeg V2.1, Character Editor V1.0, Dcopyll, Deluxe
Presed V2.0, Block VI.3, Font Ripper, Guru Maker V1.0, ISC
Amiga vl.5, memory Searcher VI.0, Power Packer V2.3a and many
more all on this one disk!
AMP8 - Game Pack 1 - Clue as in Cluedo, Othello, Klondike, Canfield, Cribbge, ackgammon, Yahzee, Tvision, Missle ommand, Cosmo 2, 3D Breakout, Empire, Gravity Wars, Hanoi, Hockey, ikoff, Jackland, Othello Master, Pacman, all rilliant PD games. 3 disks only £7.50!
AMP22 - Games Pack 2
- Amoeba space invaders, CosmoRoids, Stone Age a Boulder Dash
type, Back Gammon, Chain Reaction, Master Mind, Reversi, Black
Jack, Crazy Eights , Klondike, Jig Saw, Keno, YachtC, Daleks,
Ratmaze, Monopoly and Escape From Jovi the excellent game.
PDOM 90 - Tennis! The best shareware game on the Amiga. Excellent!
Requires 1Mb of RAM.
PDOM 79, PDOM 80 & PDOM 81 - Star Trek 3 disk game. Amazing graphics! Fully working.
Brilliant! Requires 1MB RAM.
PDOM 215, PDOM 216
- Star Trek 2 disk game.
Totally different, and even better excellent game!
PDOM 233 - The Holy Grail Adventure Requires 1MB RAM. Excellent adventure!
PDOM 234 - The Golden Fleece Adventure.
PDOM 283 - Callisto, Daleks, Pontoon, Puzz, World text adventure, Zerg fantasy role-playing game AMP3 - Graphics Pack 1 Clip It! Clip any part of the screen and save to disk, Filter Pics manipulate pictures with enhancers, edge definition, colour and size shifters, Amiga MCAD excellent CAD package. IFF to pieces jigsaw program, ROT 3D drawing prog, Vdraw
VI. 19 brilliant painting program, Ray Tracer Generator.
AMP21 - Graphics Pack 2 - DBW Render a very good Ray Tracing utility, Mandelbrot Explorer.
Excellent full features mandelbrot designer, ST2IFF convert Atari ST pictures to Amiga IFF format. FI AM Editor drawing program. HAM to IFF convertor.
FFISH 295 - Mandel Mountains Vl.l. Mandel Brot Generator.
FFISH 334 - FBM is an image manipulator and convertor : Sun, GIF, IFF, PCX, PBM bitmaps, Can input raw images, and output PostScript & Diablo. Also does rectangular extraction, density and contrast changes, rotation, quantization, halftone grayscaling etc. etc. etc. original!
PDOM 214 - Fractal Flight. Created by HyperCube Engineeruaj fractal landscape general Requires 1MB RAM BRILLIANT!
PDOM 148 - Escape from Singes Castle another amazing animation demo of the interactive game. Excelk follow up to Space Ace!
PDOM 1 - The Walkd Demo I is a mega animation demo that requires 1Mb RAM.
PDOM 2 - The WalkeJ II the mega mega animation demo that requires 1Mb RAM.
FFISH 196 - Stunni digitised HAM pictures.
Excellent! The quality i astounding.
PDOM 27 - Alcatraz Mega Demo II. Mega!!
PDOM 65 & PDOM I Red Sector Mega Demo.
THE best demo on the Amiga! Amazing grapU: fabulous sounds, astoun ing vector graphics!
PDOM 73 - Star Trek Enterprise Leaves Dock.
PDOM 74 - Star Trek the Starship Enterprise flying around in a circle.
PDOM 76 - Star Trek Shuttle landing on the Sa Enterprise.
PDOM 83-SpaceAct demo. Excellent aniamtion with excellent sampled sound!.
We’ve always got the latest Music ai Graphic demos, Our DiskCat has a fast search opti for the best!
PDOM Clip It! Voll.
Nearly 3Mb of clip art in standard IFF format.
Subjects covered are varied but are mainly: sports, flags, animals, cartoons, humorous, Christmas, Jewish, borders, Halloween, Valentines, horses, eyes, alphabets, hands, 1930’s trade marks, zodiac, cars and many more. All compatible with Dpaint II. All in black and white. 5 disks full.
R- PDOM 1MB RAM Utility Stop Press!
We have loads of excellent utility disk compilations, containing dozens of excellent utilities.
Our DiskCat has a fast search option for the best!
UPGRADE Upgrade to 1Mb RAM, amazing price : without clock £46.50 With clock £49.00 All you have to do is plug it in!
Full details of all our disks are disk based catalogue To order, simply quote the disk code number given in bold.
Prices: 1 to 5 disks are £3.00 each, 6 to 10 £2.75 each, 11 or more £2.50 each.
All orders sent by first class post.
All prices are fully inclusive. To order please send cheque or postal order payable to Pdom PD Amig: or Access & Visa credit card details to: Pdom PD Amiga AF, P O Box 801, Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire, CM23 3TZ.
Tel 0279 757692.
With something worth checking out - if you’re into that kind of, sort of, type of ‘thing’, like, ish.j Er... shall I start again? Naaah!
Fans of Acid and House may; feel like having a blast of even!
More tracks by the Beatmaster.
Magnetic Beats 2 and 3 from 17 Bit Software contain Club influences ranging from 808 State to!
Kraftwerk. Or there’s the Cartoon; Music Demo on Crazy Joe's Disk!
777, which has some rather!
Naughty language and silly pic-!
Tures to go with the tunes.
If smooth ray-traced animations are the bag you're into, then have a shuftie at FRP Productions’ Flypast from Senlac or the Shark Demo from Crazy Joe's (Disk 773) for some pretty pictures with which you can amaze friends and bore to death!
People who hate computers.; Others of note are TDRS and!
Radio from Senlac for atmo-j spheric anims, or At the Movies: for a much more jocular cartoon that will have you rolling in the aisles with mirth.
Remember the good old C64? Well, for a bit of nostalgia check out the Matin Galway song disk from Crazy Joe’s (disk 835) and relive the sounds of the SID chip with every single jingle and tune from the game Rambo.
Aaah! Takes me back... Fractals? Fings of the future,!
Ain’t they? Nova PD have got a| nice demo with some nice fractals backed by a piece of pretty music. Chill out... er... man.
More music abounds in the form of Nic Cusworth’s latest via!
17 Bit (Disk 537) for that heavy Tackhead Gary Clail beat. On-U Sound in the Area! If that’s a bit too heavy for you then the superb representation of Zoolook on Disk 242 in the Public Dominator series may be your cup of tea.
PUBLIC DOMAIN ing up with one of the players to stomp on the current strongest player and the next they've ganged up on you to stop you getting the upper hand. Great fun for backstabbers everywhere.
Jeopard runs in interlace mode and uses some rather small text, so I wouldn't recommend it if you are using a TV rather than a monitor. It also does not have the option for a computer player, which is a pity. You can only play it with a friend or seven.
NORTH C Amiganuts 645 One of the few computer languages available in the Public Domain, North C is now available from a number of sources. The above is the best implementation for its update number (VI. 1), ease of installation and price.
Think of the most famous part of Raiders of the Lost Ark. No, not the big stone ball, the other one.
You know, the bit where there’s!
The bloke with the sword and he’s!
Got his whip and... Oh, watch this!
Piece of digitised animation, then; you’ll remember!
Included within it are Blink (the C linker which supplanted Alink, Commodore's original C linker) and the PD A68K 68000 assembler programmer written by Charlie Gibbs. North C is a real enthusiast's language, with many different points of origin.
As well as some copious documentation on the disk, Amiganuts also offer disks 649A and 639 B and C. These three contain a full C tutorial written by Amiga enthusiast Anders Bjerin.
If you want to try your hand at C programming, this set of disks is the one to go for. Anders Bjerin has even set up an international C programming club to provide an exchange for help and also the promotion of new ideas.
DIRECT ACTION (1 Meg) Senlac 670 This must be one of the worst programs I've yet seen in the PD libraries from the user friendly point of view. There's no documentation available without going to Not much to look at here, but the superbly humourous sampled sound more than makes up for it.
Here the spinach-eater himself croons along with those surf- swingers - if they can keep Bluto and Bowie away, that is!
P U B LI C D O M A IN the CLI, and if you didn't already know it was an animation movie package it would take no small while to find out.
All the options are displayed on one window, and there’s precious little explanation of them.
The best way to discover how to use Direct Action is to muck about with it.
Getting to grips with it isn’t so bad, as an example animated sequence is included on the disk.
Called Tut-Tut, it features King Tutankhamen’s death mask undergoing various contortions when a fly lands on it.
Direct Action also has the ability to play samples along with moving graphic images. If you want to make some movies on your Amiga without buying an expensive package, give it a look.
TOP TEN PD TOP TEN DEMOS Senlac Top 10 PD Premier PD Top 10 Demos
1. Soundtracker version 4.0 1. Puggs in Space
3. All New Star Trek 3. Walker Demo II (1 meg) ur. JS r'. -, rT.
Tp!Tjr*»«•!'* i t w -H rH l i ‘ M 9 H! H" I '4 1 % ”s'' ¦:
¦¦ V ; ¦' y.. I g m .wC®*- i .-«¦
5. Moria V3.0 5. Exodus real 3D
7. Direct Action 7. Digital Concert II
9. Sid 9. Gymnast Animation (1 meg) m w" irtfciwitwaB w A novel
array of utilities, most of which are only occasionally
If you don’t have any utilities at all, though, it makes a good bargain bucket (there are 35 utilities in all).
Even someone who has owned their Amiga for years would find something of use here.
There are programs on here to write startup-sequences, to kill viruses, to copy disks, to create strange bootblocks, and so it goes on. Incidentally, ESA stands for European Software Agency, a few Swedish enthusiasts who got together and knocked out some simple but useful programs.
There are quite a number of similar PD disks around crammed with utilities, but this is definitely one of the better ones. It's so easy to select the programs by scrolling down the list: much easier than using Workbench icons, directories and so on. The utilities vary from Noisetracker to Font Ripper. No matter how long you've had your Amiga, there's something on here that's useful.
Before you write this one off as pointless, how long does it take you to get to Workbench and the CLI to do things like DISKDOCTOR faulty disks? All you have to do using this disk is reboot with it and select an option. It can make quite a difference to how fast you can do things, especially if you only have one disk drive.
Mm im ri.i litr n * i hums n« i gpggp gg f KK, f gg£4iy§ r v, I BiSP¥1f nmm FFSrgg rg(i pgggR in (§ Ftrg m mm n.i ri.n KEEP H.E Flt| ppijpg Mfffbiw tn§,§ rrgPng n t F- & ifpp n * ® gMsn? Mi 'Sfegy* ME r- flHMI mntf FI r § mu Rsrai ishm® Pi»5 mmMma «e wFims rtgyg Mm fi,p Kgg® fp m SUPPLIERS The following companies all contribute to the distribution of Amiga public domain software in this country.
For their full addresses check the advertisements in Amiga Format or give them a ring on the numbers listed here.
George Thomson Services: 0770 82234, Amiga PD Library: 0742 750623, Capricorn Computers: 021 7070381, Seven Seas PD: 60 Canary Rd, Dungannon, County Tyrone, N Ireland, Magnetic Media: 0827 59566, EMPDL: 0602 630071, Blitterchips: 0535 667469, Kad- soft UK: 0249 817174, Amiganuts: 0703 785680, Purple PD: 0279 757692, Crazy Joe’s: 0709 829286, Nova: 0295 262029, NBS: 0983 529594, Softville PD: 0705 266509, Sector 16: 0865 774472, Senlac Software: 0424 753070, Premier PD: 15 Croxteth Rd, Rainford, WCA 0792 772745, New Image PD: 40 Appleby Gardens, Dunstable, Bedfordshire, Beat This Amiga PD: 5
Fullarton Drive, Troon, Ayrshire, EPROM Services: Freepost, Leeds LS27 8YA, Scorpion Systems: 5 Lower Raven Lane, Ludlow, Shropshire, SY8 1BL, Sagittarian PD: 081 520 3858, Arakis PD: 20 Ashwood House, Victoria Road, Hendon, London NW4 2BD, Recoil PD: 1A Bern Close, Woodcote Side, Epsom, Surrey, KT18 7HU, Start Computer Systems: 091 564 1400 ext 206, Supervision: 0983 812867, Power Domain: 21 Sylvanus, Roman Wood, Bracknell, RG12 4XX, Deeper Domain: 081 204 3954. A Bit on the Side PD: 0302 887332, Lorenzo’s Domain, 30 Colquhoun, Helensborough, Scotland, G84 8AQ, JTS PD: 0937 83834, Recoil:
0372 721939, Bed-Rock PD: 061 652 1366, ICPUG: 081 346 0050, Premier S W: 0101 415 593 3207, PD Soft: 0702 600557 Fife: m MM 3m Police: sum m mm 3 UK ft ansi t: ' Sii?
Mm e mx Cash I m Fmis $ 44?
$ 5,i6S (meat Ms S5,447 i | 5s Hitfi Ifcese Figsws ' j i r. Build houses, streets, factories, airports, a stadium, or even nuclear power plants. Organise urban transport, hire police, firemen, bulldoze entire neighbourhoods.
Raise and collect taxes, balance your budget, manipulate property values.
Sim City is alive. It’s loaded with animation and detailed sound effects.
Build roads, cars appears. Lay tracks, trains go. Build an airport, planes fly.
Neighbourhoods go upper-class. Areas deteriorate into slums. Small industries grow into huge factories. Everything is managed and animated in real |rj lax Rate V, g Li Collected 5?W On seeing the crumbling estates, out-dated roads and rusty bridges of your city, how many times have you said "Put me in charge for a day and I’ll make this wretched thing work!"
Now, with Sim City, take the destiny of the world’s greatest cities in hand.
Or take charge of a new evolving and growing city. Become both mayor What you should know about the game of the year.
Time. Every decision instantly influences the life of your town.
In a special mode, you can even cause tornadoes, floods, fires and other disasters at your whim. Save San Francisco from the great earthquake of
1906. Or save Tokyo of pollution and from his famous B-movie
Sim City is an all-absorbing unique game which contains 8 pre-defined scenarios .- e.g San Francisco, Tokyo; Rio de Janeiro... With it’s exceptional' depth of play, it’s still simple to play with icons and graphics, without text commands.
17 Bit Software That Bit Better Than The Rest!!
PO Box 97, Wakefield WF11XX, England. (£ 0924 366982 The UK's Largest Amiga Only PD User Group, over 1000 Top Quality Public Domain Disks and over 15,800 members in our friendly club PD a Upgrade your Amiga 500 to 1 Meg of Memory with the Zydec 512K Expansion. Fitting neatly into your Amiga this compact unit comes complete with a One Year Guarantee and an On Off switch.
ONLY £32.95!!
Ram Expansion + PD Pack The Zydec Ram Expansion is also available with a special 5 Disk One Meg Demo Pack, comprising of The famous Walker Demos, Star Trek Dry Dock, Space Sphere and the Busy Bee!
ONLY £39.95!
All packs contain 7 top quality PD disks and are available for only £11.00. All the packs from our previous adverts are still available as well as this months additions: UTILITY PACK - 7 disks full of handy programs, there's File Copiers, Disk Checkers, Virus Killers, A Word Processor, A Bank Account Manager and Much More!
ONE MEG PACK 2 - Another collection of amazing demos for One Megabyte Machines only, demos here include the amazing RUN animation, Ghost Pool, Star Wars and 4 other awesome disks!
DEMO PACK 2 - A great collection of intros, demos and Megademos - some of the best Graphics and Music you'll find!
GRAPHICS PACK 2 - Another set of more than 90 Screens of great Amiga art, Digitised Pics, Hand Drawn, Fantasy Art, Horror Pics and more!!
Please note we also sell Adult Packs and Disks, but we’re not allowed to advertise them!! Pleased phone the office for more info!
PD PRICES GO DOWN, DOWN, DOWN!! 17 Bit are pleased to announce the reduction in price of their PD range, oil 17Bit disks are now £2.00 each, ten disks for £18.00 17 Bit's Library now up to 700 disks - we also stock the entire Fred Fish collection of 360 disks.
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Please send me th i | RAM EXPANSION I UTILITY PACK I MEGADOS DEMO PACK 2 | QUICKSTART PLUS PACK ONE MEG PACK 2 i I Already a 17 Bit member? Please quote your membership number I I I here.
Name: I Address: I I- I- I Total money enclosed: £- , „ | Don't forget to enclose your Cheque Postal Order or Credit Card Details!! Visa Access orders welcome over . The phone. Telephones manned until 8 pm Monday to Friday.
Method of payment:.
Rlif CdrH npfoilell Visa Arrpss n MEGADOS Megados is an AMIGADOS Manual- on-Disk designed to be an easy to use Self Help reference and tutorial for understanding the CLI and the WORKBENCH, and the background to AMIGADOS.
Following goods (tick the packs you require): RAM EXPANSION + PD PACK Q GRAPHICS PACK 2 [f] ?
A SAMPLE.... Jazzbench MessyDOS Nudge Nudge Demo (2 disks) Viz Slideshow Newtek Reel 3 (1 Meg) (2 disks) Sozobon C - Full version 8 Channel Soundtracker BASIC Compiler AGATron Star Trek (2 disks) RIM. Database CeBit Demo Spaceship Anim Mental Hangover Sere Slidesnow NorthC Bacteria Music All the above are £2 per disk.
Eg. PHOTON PAINT 2 £29.99 SONIX £24.99 .
DIGIVIEW GOLD V4 inc. DIGIPAINT £119.99 Prices Start at £0000 NEW Amiga BBS (0295) 275045 (24hrs) Cheques POs Payable to NOVA NOVA (AF8), 30 Parsons St, Banbury, Oxon 0X16 8LY ® (0295)262029 . "C C &
* 1-4 Disks £1.75 * 5 - 9 Disks £1.70 6Y 10 - 24 Disks £1.60 9?
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e. g. Home Business Pack (8 disks) only £12.99 6Y Star Trek
demos and game pack -1 meg (6 disks) £9.50 I Prices include 1
st Class P&P. Orders nearly always despatched the Same Day.
Send a S.A.E. for a copy of our PD software lists. Make Cheques Payable to: Beat This Amiga PD
* NEW* AMIGA A500 512K RAM EXPANSION *NEW*' I ncludes clock,
on off switch plus 1Mb Walker demo pack (5 disks) plus 5 blank
disks with labels. All for only £43.99 ANY OF OUR PD DISKS FOR
ONLY £1.75 Beat This Amiga P.D. 5 Fullarton Drive, Troon
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you - NO EXTRA CHARGE NO EXTRA FEES - Write for overseas
postage ALL Libraries available (Fish, TBAG, AGATron etc.)
Latest demos, animations etc. Discount Hardware Software Disks
etc, Amiga P.D. Software only £1.50 ST Amiga Fanzine £1.20 +
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for the ST Amiga £2.50 per disk (10 samples) Picture Digitizing
for the Amiga £4.50 per disk (6 pictures) For details contact
us at:- Sector 16 160 Hollow Way Cowley Oxford Tel: 0865 777146
Please make Cheques P.O.'s payable to ANDREW HAMILTON and
SIMON GLEED PREMIER P.D. Dept AF, 15 CroxtetH Drive, Rainford,
Merseyside, WA11 8JZ MSC JAMS. Mouse Joystick Switch £12.99!!
W i nnber One For P.D. ? Starter Pack 1.embership Catalogue Disfc~$ &EE P.D. PRICES; 1-5 = £1.50 6-10 = £1.25 11+ = £1.00 All prices Per Disk Subtract 50p per disk if you send your own blank disks ONLY p®!!
? Starter Pack 2:As}:Pack 1 with New StarTrek, NewsflashSSLag, Space Ace.
? Starter Pack;v3-As)Pack 1 with NewTRun, Slideshow. ‘ONLY £5.00!!
? Starter P 4£As Pack 1 with P.D. Speetabcd ; WordWright, TV GraphicS gNLY, £5.00!!
TEL: 0424 753070 FAX 0424 755093 SEN LAC SOFTWARE PD LIBRARY 14 OAKLEA CLOSE. OLD ROAR RD. ST LEONARDS ON SEA, EAST SUSSEX, TN37 7HB Take any five or more disks for only 99p each + 50p P&Packing! But offer does not apply to Senlacware or Newsflash disks...Closes 1.11.90 and open to UK residents only.
GRAPHICS - ART Fantasy Pixs I Fantasy Pixs II Fantasy Pixs III Fantasy Pixs IV Fantasy Pixs V Fantasy Pixs VI Roger Dean Pixs Joe Slideshow II Forgotten Realm Photofile I Photofile II (2) Digipixs I Digipixs II Ham Pixs IFF Pixs I IFF Pixs II IFF Pixs III IFF Convertor Atari-Amiga Convertor NASA Digipixs Space Visions Paradise Slideshow Photomontage I Photomontage II Photomontage III GAMES DISKS ¦ Retaliator Pacman Flaschbier Autobahn 3000 Casino Craps PDChess Tetris II Monopoly Cluedo Battleforce V3.6 Noria V3.0 * Larn Hack All New Startrek (2) Startrek *ED (3) Startrek V2.0 * ED (2) Empire
Risk * Cribbage Ciystal Caverns Zerg Eatmine II Eatmine III Startrek VI.55 Model Train Construction Set ANIMATION Science 451 Ghostwriter Direct Action Software Dexion Mega Demo SID Stealthy II * HCC Toksteith Demo * NIB Backup Ed At The Movies l1 2 Meg!
BSS Jokes Anims Dcopy (De-Mob) Vaux Killer 2 Meg! (2) Highclass UK Demos Copiers I Sentinel 3 Meg!!! (2) Rebels Mega Demo Video Progs (2) N otboingagain* Many Many More! Call!
Graphics Progs (2) Probe Sequence MUSIC TV GFX Fonts (2) Walker I Soundtrackers (2) Bootblock Progs (2) Walker II Soundtracker V4.0 LC-10 Custom Driver Cokenam-Smurf Noisetrackers Okimate 20 Custom Driver Knight Animation I Future Composer Raytracing Knight Animation II (HAM) Games Music Creator Sprite Machine Car Demo * Instruments ST-02 LANGUAGES PROGRAMMING Lotus Car Demo Instruments ST-03 Cross-DOS (Read only!)
Zeus Bust 1.2Meg!
Instruments ST-04 MessyDOS Dragons Lair * Instruments ST-05 Draco Compiler (2 Disks) Singes Castle A* Instruments ST-06 Draco Update Disk Singes Castle B (3 Meg) Hi-Fi Player * Sobozan C Compiler Killer Demo Boingmachine* Compact Disk Player Pascal Compiler Ghostpool * RIP Eruptions C Utilities Disk Luxo Teenager * Rob Hubbard Music Many More Call Now!
Radio II * Accid Music SENLACWARE DISKS Rotating Ship * Flash Team Music FRP Rotatingwomen Bowl Anim * Crusaders Freeked Out FRP Rotatingwomen II Jugette & Others Crusaders Audio X * FRP Karns Attack Busybee Anim 8 Channel Soundtracker FRP Paula VI Congaman Octalyser FRP Roadrunner Applecus Perfectsound FRP Flypast * Walk3 Anim Audiomaster Demo FRP Fantasy Flight * Gymnast * Midi Tools Kit Elsoft Database Wavesailing * (2) BUSINESS & FINANCE Creator 4D Demos Stationatkhern 2 Meg (2) Word wright Amigasp ell Zedsongs (Strackers) Many Many More!! Call!!
Coma Analyticalc 3D * NEWSFLASH! THE DISK MAG!
Red Sector Cebit Database (Good) Disks are £2.75 each Red Sector (2) RIM Newsflash 7A 7B (2 Disks) Space Ace Spread Newsflash 8A 8B (2 Disks) Puggs in Space Inventory Memopad Newsflash 9A 9B (2 Disks) Universal I & II Qbase Visicalc * Newsflash 10A 10B (2 Disks) De-Mob I Clerk (Good) Newsflash 11A 1 IB (2 Disks) De-Mob II UTILITIES Newsflash 12A 12B (2 Disks) Vision Mega Demo TV Virus X 4.0 NFS 1 - Make A Break * Vice Workbench Hacks Virus X 4.1 NEW!!!
NFS2- Best of Nflash 1-5 Vangelis Demo* Disksalv 1.42 NFS3- Best of Lentfert Newtek [*ED (2)] ESA Utilities NFS4- Best of Brimble Newtek [II *ED (2)] Fullforce III [101 Utils] NFS5- Best of Dr Awesome Send us £1.00 for new updated catalogue refunded with your first order.
All orders will receive catalogue free of charge!
Bargain basement.
3 ! 2 External Drives Thru port switch OUR PRICE £54.95! B 1 2Meg RAM Upgrades no clock £45.99A ! 2Meg RAM Upgrades clock .....£49.99A Contriver Mouse ......£19.99A Mouse Mat .....£3.35A Joystick Extensions ..£3.95A Dust Covers Amiga ....£2.95A 50 Capacity Disk Boxes....£5.95B Disk Cleaning Kits .....£3.25A A:Add 50p postage packing B:Add £1.50 postage packing FREE raffle! All orders received are entered into our raffle!!
1st Prize 31 2 External Drive + Memory 2nd Prize .....1 2Meg Memory 3rd Prize 10 PD Disks your choice 10 runner up prizes Mouse Mat
* Requires expanded memory ED= External Drive reqd Bracketed
Figures indicate disk set and number of disks in set.
Prices are per disk not set Disks normally cost ...£1.75 each Order 10 or more £1.50 each Order 25 and over......£1.25 each Add Europe £1.00 postage Rest of world add 50p per disk postage. All sent airmail Use our sound graphics digitising service £3.00 per disk.
Max 6 pixs.
66: The Perfect Sound Editor. A very useful utility 70: Packed with IFF pictures for use with Dpaint etc. 73: COSMO V2. The Amiga spell checking program 74: ALF. An amusing song from this interplanetary visitor 230: The Ultimate Music Disk! This has 44 scores on it.
243: J.M. JARRE Nothing Will Stop Us Now. By the HOC team 263: The Adams Family. Great music and pic disk. (1 MEG) 265: How I Caught & Destroyed A Virus. Fun pic animation (1 Meg) 334: Education of a Cool Cougar (Animation, with sound) (1 Meg) 277: Robert the Mercenary game demo disk. By End Of Century.
378: The Well Known ARP VI.3 from Microsmiths 409: 5 excellent progs from Thomas Lansdpurg, inc: The Famous POUPCH 539: JAZZBENCH A marvellous replacement for yoi ’ ' BLITTERCHIPS
P. O. BOX 64, KEIGHLEY. BD21 4NB TEL FAX: (0535) 667469 10am -
7pm Monday to Friday 9am - 4pm Saturdays AMIGANUTS, UNITED 6
Kaktus And Mahoney 79 Educating Cougar Animated Demo 7 North
Star Demo 2 89 Darkstar Music Disk 4 12 Bootbench V2.0 Demo
Creator 94 Deathstar Mega Demo (2 disks) 13 Lam The Adventure
Game 95 Dexion Mega Demo (Great) 14 SAE Scoopex Demo 36 102
Horror Show (Exploding Head Ect.)
15 SAE Scoopex Demo 40 103 Darkstar Silents Acid Music 16 Luxo Teenager (Ray Traced 1 Meg) 106 Mighty Druids March 90 Demo 18 SAE Scoopex Demo 35 111 Exodus Scrolly Pic. Show (1 Meg) 19 Arcadia Mega Demo 1 113 Animate Window Pack 1 20 Forgotten Realms Slideshow 121 Scoopex Mental Hangover (Superb) 21 Black Monks Picture Show 122 Mayhem Demo Disk 22 Kefrens Demo 123 Anarchy Demo Disk 23 Outsider Acid Music Demo 124 Sun Slide Show 2 25 Fresh Cola Music (2 disks) 125
T. H.R. Demo Disk 11 27 Sunrise Volume 8 Demo 131 Magnetic Fields
Demo 36 28 Pendle Europa Disk 53 132 Dragons Mega Demo (Good)
29 SAE Scoopex Demo 25 133 Cult Mega Demo (Good) 32 PCS House
Music 134
A. E.C. Demo 2 (Good) Public Domain
N. B.S. 132 Gunville Road, Newport, Isle Of Wight PO30 5LH Tel:
Se ven $ eas Go STAR TREK crazy STAR TREK GAME ONE Brilliant space trading game as reviewed in Amiga Format.
2 Disks only £3.50 PD Soft.
1 Bryant Avenue, Southend-on-sea,Essex SSI 2YD.
(0702)612259 fWt Zeus Animation Van Gells Demo (1MB) Cinemaware (Slideshow) Digimovie Number One Digiview (slide show) Mayhem 1990 Subbuteo (preview) Dead demo Pack Demo collection disk Demo collection disk Demo collection disk Demo disk Stag Kefrens Demo Collection TFA Music sample disk Scoopex demo collection No 58 Scoopex demo collection 63 Scoopex demo collection 66 Scoopex demo collection 67 PC Boyz Music disk 1 Martin Galnay music show Wonderland (Arcade Game) Scare crows story Rotox (Preview) Playable Flood (Preview) Playable Light Cycle disk (A) Light Cycle disk (B) Flash Mega Demo
Disk (A) Flash Mega Demo Disk (B) Punisher (Preview) Playable Blood sports II Miami Vice Theme Crocketts Theme Fantasy Art slide Show Demo disk collection Vision Bom To be cool Erotica Pictures disk No 1 Demo collection disk Abel Mega demo Disk Pan demo III Bacteria demo Get to the safe House Tread Mega demo Disk (A) Treacl mega demo Disk (B) Trcacl mega demo Disk (C) Scoopex Collection disk 70 Psychedelia Demo ByRasor 1911 Deadly Pursuits 42 Powerlords Power Musix II Sound FX Sample disk 1.1 Vangeiis Demo Monty Pythons Nudge Nudge PRICES I-5 Disks £2.50 6-10 Disks £2.25 II-20 Disks £2.00 21+
Disks £1.75 Inclusive prices UK LICENCEWARE £3.00 MR DIG (1 meg) or SPACE BLOB SERIOUS SOFTWARE Cando! £89.95 (RRP £149.95) Digiview 4 £99.95 (RRP £149.95) FRED FISH BOOKLET Ever wanted a complete description of all the Fred Fish disks on Paper?
Well, the entire list is now ONLY available from PD Soft. 60+ pages revealing everything about every program in this range. Only £1.50 FISH 23 - Lattice C v3.03 with include files.
SAGIDEM 17 - CEBIT '90 Demo, Coma Demo, Vectory Demo FISH 337 - C Manual SAGIDEM 23 - Silents Megademo FISH 344 - ROM Kernal reference manual companion SAGIDEM 20 - Fraxion Horrorshow SAGIUTL 25 - TV graphics (2 disks) CATALOGUE DISK Tired of boring catalogue d isk 1 ists ?
Get the Unique, Easy To Use PD SOFT Database Catalogue Disk. It contains details of over 1000 disks.
A multitude of facilities including Search & Print. Only £1.50 More disks arriving all the time.
Phone or send a SAE for your free complete demo list on paper.
Monty pythons mega demo (B) DebbieGibson, Electric Youth A Debbie Gibson, Electric Youth B Ipeceve Music Ace Compact disk 5 Powerlords power Music One Sunriders, Ripping yarns Laurel and Hardy show real (A) Laurel and hardy show real (B) PD SOFT Simply The Best PD Library In The UK 464 - Silents MegaDemo AF Issue 14 561 477 - Fractal Flight as seen in AF Issue 12 562 500 - Mental Hangover By Scoopcx 563 501 - Playboy Slideshow (a) 564 502 - Playboy Slideshow (b) 565 503 - World Cup 1990 Soccer (preview) 566 504 - Vocal Attack II, Get It Up 567 505 - Music Maestro VI, Duke Box Musi 568 508 - It
Mega Demo Disk 569 509 - Demo Disk Collection 571 510 - Darkness Mega Demo Disk 573 511 - Brainstorm Mega Demo Disk (a) 573 512 - Brainstorm Mega Demo Disk (b) 574 513 - Mean Break Machine Music Disk II 575 514 - Synth Sounds Demo Disk 576 515 - Digitech Tech., Italian Bad Boys 577 516 - Vision Mega Demo Disk 578 517- Home &. Away Picture - Sample Disk 579 518 - Atomix (preview) 580 519 - Animation Collection Disk 581 520 - Predators Mega Demo Disk (a) 582 521 - Predators Mega Demo Disk (b) 583 522 - Jumping Jackson (preview) 584 523 - Gymnast Animation 585 524 - Gas Guzzler (preview) 586 525
- Escape From Singes Castle (pre) 587 526 - Twisted Dreams VIII. XXX 588 527 - Mad Pom Animation 589 528 - Securitante Music Disk 590 529 - Crytobumers Mega Demo II 591 530 - Time Circle Music Disk 592 531 - Revolution Music Disk 593 532 - Highlander Sword Animation 594 533 - Trackball Animation 595 534 - Projectile (Preview) 596 535 - Alcatraz Tv Movie 597 536 - Alcatraz Mega Demo IV Disk II 598 537 - Alcatraz Mega Demo IV Disk III 599 538 - Resolution 101 (Production Preview) 600 539 - Alcatraz Demo compact 1 601 540 - The killing Game Show 602 541 - Alactraz Demo Collection II 603 542 -
Puggs in space 604 544 • Final Ecstasy Issue 01 89 605 545 - The best of Escort May Edition 1989 606 546 - Paradise Slideshow 607 547 - The Addams Family 608 548 - The Neigboughs Slide Show 609 549 - Dragons Mega demo 610 550 - Dragons Long sample Disk 611 551 - 2010, The year we made contact 612 552 - Ham Picture disk Mega demo 553 - The dual crew Presents 613 554 - Turrican (Preview) Playable 614 555 - The Run Animation Disk 615 556 - Catacombs (preview) 616 557 - Yyvyan tumb 617 558 - Divine Visions disk (A) 618 559 - Divine Vision disk (B) 619 560 - Badge Killer demo Contest 620 W inners
Collection 621 tHii 359 360 Star Trek 443 Coma Demo 358 Mahoney & Kaktus Music 376 Puggs In Space * 1 meg only 388 Vangeiis Demo 445 Magnetic Fields Music 444 Dope Intro Maker 441 Not Boing Again * 1 meg only 435 Real Things "Horses" Preview 436 Real Things "Birds" Preview
SATURDAY 09.30 -17.00, WEDNESDAY 09.30 - 13.00 SEND A LARGE
NOW ONLY £1.80 each or £16.50 10 Sagittarian PD FOR THE AMIGA - 99P PER DISK UNTIL OCTOBER 5 (50p P&P per order) SAE FOR FREE PRINTED CATALOGUE - CATALOGUE ON DISK 70P DEMOS - UTILITIES - GAMES - LANGUAGES MAGNETIC MEDIA Prioes includE vat VICTORIA ARCADE, ALDERGATE 1 St CLASS POST IN UK TAMWORTH STAFFS B79 7DL (Airmail Postage: Europe Scandinavia £3.50 10 TEL: 0827 59566 0ther countries £6.50 10) Sound Sampling Service Available Send Details Of Your Requirements Please Address Mail To: Paul Brown, (AF2) 104 Wood Street,London, E17 3HX Cheques P.O.'s payable to P.A. Brown Tel: 081 520 3858
SAGIUTL 26 - Video applications (2 disks) SAGIGRA 5 - Agatron slideshow 6 SAGIUTL29 - TBAG40 (2 disks) SAGIGAM 5 - Our translation of The All New Star Trek's German instructions
* PAB series unavailable elsewhere* PAB1 - HAM cartoon style
slide show PAB2 - Sampled English speech phonemes PAB3 -
portraits of various people DISKS SUPERVISION PD Unit 2, Zille
Industrial Estate, Monkton Street, Ryde, Isle of Wight, P033
1LW TELEPHONE: (0983) 812867 (24 hour service) FAX: (0983)
811514 _ 1-5 ......£1.50 6-10
..£1.25 11 plus ...£1.00 TOP 10
GLAMOUR GIRLS Playboy Slides Sabrina Sam Fox Sam Fox Slides
Utopia Kim Wilde Slide Show Naughty Niceties Tina Small Mayfair
Bodytalk A+B (2 disks) Calendar Girls 1990 Please state that
you are over 18 with Glamour disks TOP 10 FINANCIAL BUSINESS
Wordwrite Amiga Spell Bank-n Analytical Rim Database
Qbase Visicalc Clerk Spread-Spreadsheet Inventory Journal Nag
TOP 10 PD GAMES Retaliator Pacman Flaschbire Autobahn 3005
Casino Craps PD Chess Tetris II Monopoly Cluedo All new Star
Trek (2 disks) Star Trek Space = 1 meg (3 disks) Star Trek: 1
meg (2 disks) Cribbage Blank Disks ....55p each i 2 meg
upgrade ..£49.95 Nordic Action Cart.....£67.50 Mouse with
mat ..£20.25 Disk labels .1p each 50
Capacity Storage Box 3.5" Disks ......£5.20 CHINON DISK
DRIVE on off switch through port £64.80 Please add £1.00 P&P on
l-C-P-U-G the Independent Commodore Products Users Group is the
largest and most friendly computer club in the country ? Over
650 disks of Amiga Public Domain Software entirely free to
members - you supply blank disks and pay only for postage.
? Superb 100-page magazine published every two months- keep up to date with latest Amiga hints and tips Get the news from America first!
? Meet other Amiga users at one of our many local groups which meet regularly all over the country.
? Help and advice services - hardware or software problems can be quickly resolved.
? Discount scheme makes purchases easierl Save money on hardware add-ons and software.
? Subscription for 1990 only £17.00 including £1 joining fee ? Before requesting any software, please wait for your membership details to be sent to you.
? Overseas prices on application.
? Want to have a look before committing yourself? Back issues of the magazine from 1989 to all at £2 each.
? We support ALL Commodore machines with extensive software libraries and help services If you are seriously interested in using or programming your Amiga, or indeed any Commodore Computer, then joining ICPUG is a must!
For full details send a stamped addressed envelope to: ICPUG Membership Secretary, Jack F. Cohen, PO BOX 1309, LONDON N3 2UT Telephone 081 -346 0050 after 6.00pm
E. M.P.D.L Amiga ST P.D. Library. Open 7 Days 9am - 9pm
E. M.P.D.L. STARTER PACK. A 3 disk collection of the most useful
utilities inc. Database, Word Processors, Spreadsheet,
Spelling Checker etc. STAR TREK. The 2 disk game reviewed by
Amiga Format.
FISH GAMES. A 5 disk collection of the latest games from Fred Fish.
TBAG GAMES. 1 disk with eight of the best games from the latest TBAG disks.
THE GOLDEN FLEECE. Excellent text adventure.
THE HOLY GRAIL. Another excellent text adventure.
T. V. GRAPHICS. A 2 disk set of backgrounds and fonts for video
VIDEO APPLICATIONS. A 2 disk set of video utilities to accompany T.V. Graphics.
GRAPHICS MANAGEMENT. 2 disk set of graphics utilities.
ZC. A "C" compiler based on the ST Sozobon C compiler. Fully functional complete with linker, assembler etc. DEVILS KEY. A 3 disk megademo to end all demos. The very best.
BLACK BOX. Ride on time demo.
AMIGA EDUCATION SET. A 5 disk collection of Educational programs.
Including Evolution. World Geography, Languages, Metric Conversion, Weather Forecast etc. KYLIE MINOGUE. 2 disk demo DEBBIE GIBSON. 2 disk demo.
MICHAEL JACKSON. Bad demo. VANGELIS. 1 Meg Demo LEARN AND PLAY. 2 disk set of programs for the children. Includes: Simple maths, Word Puzzles, a simple painting program etc. MUSIC SET. A 5 disk music set containing 72 very good tracks.
SOUNDTRACKER INSTRUMENTS. 8 disk set of instruments for the Soundtracker program UTILITY DISK SET. 10 disk set of the most useful utilities. Over 200 most having full documentation.
All our disks are virus free and despatched by first class post on day of receipt at the inclusive price of £2.50 per disk.
Write or phone now for our latest catalogue containing over 1100 disks.
Please state CLEARLY the make of your computer.
] Cheques & P.O.'s payable to: i
Please state Amiga when ordering FREE PD CATALOGUE ON DISK Access (please state Atari ST or Amiga) r~ when you send a blank disk and EZE SAE to RIVERDENE PDL L JTS PD NOW ONLY £1.50 PER DISK!
HERE IS A SMALL SAMPLE OF OUR SOFTWARE: Alcatraz Megademo 4: Superb effects and music in the best MegaDemo so far!
(5) Fractal Flight Demo: Fly through Fractal scenery with this
great disk Best Demos of 1990: Rebels COMA demo, Red Sector
CeBit '90 and more.
Fraxion Horror Video: Your worst nightmares come true on your Amiga It's Obscene 5: Listen to these very abusive phone calls, have a chuckle!
Digital Concert 5: The newest and best digi-music from Flash Production.
Club Mix 2: Brilliant house music in one long mix from the Beatmaster.
D-Mob Music 4: The tradition of great music continues from this cool group Utils Disk 66: This disk contains 202 utilities, compiled by Pendle Europa!
All New Star Trek Game: Very good playability, and it's a challenge... Home Business Pack: Spreadsheet, wordprocessor & database, with help files.
JTS Soundtracker Set: Various versions of Soundtracker, plus 4 instruments disks. Great value!
SEND A BLANK DISK OR SAE FOR OUR FREE CATALOGUE To order: Please make cheques or postal orders payable to JTS PD and then send your order to: 2 ASHFIELD, WETHER BY, LS22 4TF.
P. D packs.
Starter pack. 10 disks )emos pack 10 disks aims pack usic pack tilities pack rt pack game pack 10 disks 10 disks 5 disks 10 disks 5 disks PER DISK p+p 20P tO DOWNSIDE EPSOM SURREY KT185EX IQ172J 721919 Amazing membership deal.
Blanks only 50p each.
All disks £1.00 each Phone for list.
MEMBERS When you join the fastest growing library,you receive
A) Blank disks for 35p.
B) 1 years worth of catalogue disks.
D) 35p off every P.D disk.
E) Trade prices on hardware.
F) loads more.
For all this and more,send £10.00 with your name, address,etc and we’ll send you our members pack.
HOBBYTE BUSBYTE COMPUTER CENTRE .Mfl 6 THE GALL.ERY ARNDALE CENTRE LUTON, BEDS LU1 2PG TEL (0582) 457195 411281 O £29 £569 £349 £569 £389 £595 £389 £609 £195 O' s SORRY SOLD OUT!
ISSUES 1-7 £495 ISSUE 9 A special on the late; buzzword in ISSUE 8 A wild shoot-em-up, The essential guide to using the Amiga in video inside - you too can be a video star.
Multimedia, and how the Amiga is ideal for it. Pipe Mania provide an extremely addictk disk demo.
ISSUE 11 Disk and mag combi to take you on a guided tour of fracta and chaos theory.
ISSUE 10 TWO playable demos on the disk - graphics special and getting down to some serious stuff with a feature on databases.
Demo of the stunning Tower of Babe I, whic is just one of four Format Golds inside.
ISSUE 13 The glamorous storj of how movies become games, plu: programming languages, AMOS in full and ProDraw 2.
The Bitmaps' Cadav is a playable demo the disk.
ISSUE 12 Massive Music special featuring a step-by- step guide on how to write your own tunes, plus free music tape.
Dan Dare III on Disk along with useable demo of new music program Quartet.
CoflSA MonoVGA Co 599 599 689 639 649 739 709 719 805 789 819 899 959 989 969 999 1099 ega in o o o in sr a Is- 52 ¦¦a ORDERING To place your order: send cheque, postal order or offical order, plus £10 per box - (software free) for next day courier delivery and VAT to Dept AF Hobbyte Computers Ltd, 10 Market Place, St. Albans, Herts AL3 5DG, or call in with a copy of this ad at our branches in St. Albans and Luton.
You may also phone your order to our sales desk on St. Albans (0727) 56005.
Access Visa and official orders from government, education, medical authorities BATMAN the Movie, Interceptor, New Zealand Story, Deluxe Paint II Batman upgrade - software as above, without computer Abo with 1084S monitor FLIGHT OF FANTASY PACK F29 Retallator, Rainbow bland, Deluxe Paint It, Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters Abo with 1084S monitor BATMAN or FLIGHT OF FANTASY PACK PLUS BATMAN OR FLIGHT OF FANTASY software as above, PLUS 10 Great Games, Joystick, Mouse Mat, Disc Box, 10 Blank discs, Dust Cover Abo with 1084S monitor NEW!! SHADOWANDSOUNDS PACK Drum Studio, Sonbc Music
Package, Photon Paint, Shadow of the Beast, T Shirt AISO with 1084S Monitor Shadow and Sounds upgrade pack for A500 users A500 "CLASS OF THE 90s" PACK Midi Interface, Dpalnt IL Superbase Personal, Publishers Choice, Maxlplan £00 spreadsheet, Dr. Ts Midi Recording Studio, Amiga LOGO, BBC Emulator, 5 BBC programmes, 10 Blank Dbcs, Mouse Mat, Disc Wallet Class of 90s upgrade pack for A500 users What Micro, October 1989 rates PC20 top big-name PC. Based on value and performance. The PC40 was voted best buy in Which Computer, March and is one of the only AT machines which can be fitted internally
with both a 5.25" and 3.5" floppy.
• Secretary Bird Word Processor, Spreadsheet, Database
• Free one year on-slte maintenance
• MS DOS and GW Basic
• OPTIONAL MOUSE AT ONLY £29.90 Mono PCI0 5,25" single drive 459
PCI 0 5.25" Double drive 519 PCI 0 5.25" and 720K 3.5" drive
569 PC20 5.25" with 20MB hard disc 669 PC20 5.25", 20MB hard
disc + 720K 3,5 39 PC 30 AT com pat 3.5" 919 20 x 3.5“ blank
dbci In 10 cates with labels, 100% guarantee £13.80 100 blank
dUcs as abov® £63.25 8-UP 8MB Ram Expansion, populated To 2 MB,
for 2000 £289.95 Extra chips for above, for each 2MB, fitted If
required £159.95 Commodore A501 RAM expansion for A5C0 £108.99
ebek battery for A5C0 £79.99 2MB RAM Expansion (Internal) for
A5C0 £339.95 Renda to 8802 Genlock £199.99 Neriki, Rendale or
Bauch Broadcast Quality Genlock available poa £529 JX100
colour scanner A5 18 Bit plane £1649 JX300 colour scanner A4 24
bit plane £749 Interface and software for JX300 PLEASE QUOTE
WHERE AD SEEN WHEN ORDERING. All prices, except where stated
ate ex VAT and offers are subject to availability. Prices and
specifications are correct at time of going to press, but are
subject to change without notice. Purchase orders accepted from
PLCs and Government bodies on 30 day terms. Goods die subject
to our standard conditions of sale, dvaibble on request.. E &
OE £119 CITIZEN 120D £277 STAR LC 15 wide carriage TBA CITIZEN
SWIFT24 £335 STAR LC 24-15 wide 24-10 £133 STAR LC10 £189
AMSTRAD3250 di £169 STAR LC10 COLOUR £229 AMSTRAD LQ 3500 24
PIN £199 STAR LC 24-10 24 PIN £199 PANASONIC 1180 £219 EPSON
COMMITMENT TO CUSTOMER CARE We believe our customers have less
problems than those who deal with some of our competitors.
However if you do have any grievances, please contact Linda in
our Customer Services Department who will do everything
possible to help.
TEST ON REQUEST Equipment is generally reliable and all items are batch-tested before despatch. However, please state if your purchase is to be given as a present, so that we can fully test, just in case.
All A500s are full UK 1.3 versions, with 30 day replacement warranty plus 12 Months guarantee and include all standard items me Modulator (not with monitor).
AMIGA ACCESSORIES inc vat 10 MARKET PLACE ST. ALBANS HERTS AL1 3DG TEL (0727) 56005 41396 C COLOUR SCANNERS COMMODORE Pcs A2000 PACKS PRINTERS P U T I N G In stock from July, 68030 coprocessor inbuilt 32 bit processing, up to 25MHz, prices start under £2500.
- get your copies while they last!
All issues only £3.45*, Coverdisk and full postage included DOW MISS 001 mc* issue sana ISSUE 14 Public Domain special issue: what it is, and how to make the most of free software. Plus Yolanda demo and a complete PD game on the disk, programming tools, genlocks and more in the mag.
* UK price only Overseas prices: Europe £5 Rest of World £7 To
order your back issues use the subscriptions order form
Or, if you re a bit hard up this month... 6 ISSUES FOR JUST £17.95 (but sadly no free game) Simply complete the coupon below and return it to us ASAP CANT WAIT? Then phone our CREDIT CARD HOTLINE on 0458 74011 and ask for Trevor Witt for a fast and friendly service.
• Please begin renew my subscription to Amiga Format My choice
of game is (Only applies to 12 Issues - tick one only) ? DAY BY
DAY ? RESOLUTION 101 ? PIPE MANIA Please enter my subscription
to Amiga Format (tick as appropriate) ? UK (12
issues) ..£34.95 ? UK (6
issues) ....£17.95 ? Europe (12
issues) ...£59.55 ? Rest of World (12 issues) ....£84.55
You guarantee yourself a regular copy of Britain’s leading
magazine for the Amiga, absolutely jam-packed with all the
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You make sure you get the tremendous Coverdisk every month, bursting with exciting programs, utilities and playable demos.
To ensure you get the best possible service all overseas subscriptions are sent Air Mail Please also send me the following back issues (see opposite page) 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 (please circle) PLUS YES!
YOUR NO RISK GUARANTEE My method of payment is (tick your choice You can cancel your subscription at any time and we will refund you for all unmailed issues.
Name Address Post Code Total payment ? Cheque (make payable to Future Publishing Ltd) ? Visa ? Access Expiry date Card No Enclose this coupon (together with your cheque if applicable) in an envelope to: Amiga Format Subscriptions, FREEPOST, Somerton, TA11 7BR GAMESLINE 982*2389 Dragon's Breath Deathstar Mega Juggler Demo Nightmare On Elm Street Northstar Mega PD Spectacular Probe Sequence Puggs In Space T083 Dragons Megademo T081 Scoopex Mental Hangover T009 Red Sector Mega (2 disks) G002 Return To Earth (game) T705 Puggs In Space Anim.
T005 Kefrens Megademo 8 (2 disks) T003 Robocop Demo T011 "Freddy" Demo T350 Technotronic Remixes T960 Tetra Copier Send Cheque P.O. to: Rob Cameron TORNADO PD 26 GAINSBOROUGH GARDENS BATH AVON BA1 4AJ Prices: 1-5 £1.50 6-10 = £1.25 11+ = £1.00 including disk D 3 mins of min nSlowing entertainment Prtfrtettr B.Everiss.M.Bcx FI. Kinetwi,Warwick,CVS5 BXA.
Calls charged at 25p per minute cheap rate and 38p per minute at al other times (Ask whoever pays phone bW) 1 1,111 100; Expressions Music demo Time Circle JlorettZrO s Cdomairt Amiga P.D. only £1.75 per disk A small selection from the collection. No membership: send for your free catalogue today 101: Jarre Docklands demo 102: Lorenzo's music utility disk 103: Digital Concert No. 4 104: Lorenzo's musical delight 105: Future Composer 106: Noise Tracker Collection (3 disks) 107: Beatmasters Magnetic Beats 3 200: 5 great demos by The Culprits, No Limits, Scoopex, Magnetic Fields etc. 201:
5 cool demos by Complex, B.S.S., Alpha Flight, Silents, Psycos.
202: 5 more demos by Phenomena, Razor 1911, Cyrus, Impact & Fairlight.
203: 5 intros by Celtic, Cryptic, Deathstar, Avalanche & Spreadpoint.
204: 7 radical demos by Abandon, Cave, Dual Crew, Kefrens, Mahem, Vision etc. 205: The Dexion Megademo: Coooool stuff baby.
206: 5 major demos inc: The Revenge of Babbnassen, Cebit90 by Red Sector 207: 6 of the best including: Follow Me by Red Sector, Celtic, T.P.L. etc.. Send your order with a cheque or P.O. and 50p towards P&P to... LORENZO’S DOMAIN. 30 Colauhoun Square. Helensburgh. G84 8A 208: The CryptoBurners: Megademo 2 209: Scoopex: Mental Hangover 210: Alcatraz: Megademo 4: (3 disks) 211: Outsiders: Acid Demo 212: The Kefrens: Megademo 8: (2 disks) 213: The Dragons Megademo 214: The Silens Megademo 215: The Predators Megademo: (2 disks) 216: Another Lorenzo Compilation pack: Hooopey Dooo its that good.
217: Yet another Lorenzo Special Collection: What can 1 say... Wow... 218: The Silents: Fantasy: (2 disks) 219: Bacteria: The Crusaders.
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Please note that all products that require repair under warranty will be repaired within 5 working days if customers have taken out our extended warranty plan. Please phone for further details on to keep the bands amused while they wait to do bits in the studio.
ABOVE: Hard at work at the Monumental studios in Kent. The Amiga, just visible beside the keyboard on the right, is used mainly for sequencing, in combination with Music X. The computer has also shared duties as diverse as keeping bands amused and sampling sounds from games for use in a novelty record by ‘The Curry Crew’!
Format: How do you work bands who are anti-computer?
With Andy: What usually happens is that we will get them to lay down the drums and bass along with an SMPTE code. The keyboards we record from the MIDI out directly into the Amiga and as long as the band are playing in time, all is OK. This means that we have a large scope to play with on the keyboards, we can check out parts, try it with different sounds, add extra bits and remove them if they don’t work, all before we commit it to tape.
At present there are still not many recording studios that use the Amiga as their main machine.
There is no great reason for this, other than that the software for other computers - such as the ST, the PC and the Macintosh - has been around longer and is better established.
However, since sales of the Amiga are now outstripping these other machines, it seems logical that people making music at home are going to use the Amiga. When they take the plunge and go into a studio to make a demo they will tend to choose a studio that has an Amiga.
I picked two studios which are already using the Amiga, to visit and check out their ways of forking. It was interesting that neither of them had the expensive paraphernalia of hard disks or super expanded chip memory - just a good old A500, probably just like the one that sits on your desk at home.
Blane: A lot of bands are surprised because they look at the computer and they don’t really know if it is a drum machine or not. When we show them what it does many of them are surprised that it doesn’t sound like a computer, simply because they are unaware as to what the Amiga can do. The Medway [which is the area of Kent where Monumental are based] is very much a 60s and 70s psychedelic musical area and always has been, with jangly guitars and loose-sounding drums.
Format: Do you think that many people have been 'brainwashed’ into thinking that all sequenced music sounds like a Stock, Waterman and Aitken production?
TAKE ONE Monumental Music is situated in a small modern factory unit down in the Garden of England, Kent, at Gillingham. Started at the beginning of the year, it is a 16 track studio used by bands for either demo or in some cases full blown productions for release. The software is Music X and AMAS. The studio’s main men are Andy Moss and Blane Turner.
Format: The idea of using the Amiga and Music X with a rock band must seem a bit strange to the band.
Professional recording studios are now using the Amiga as their main machine, so JON BATES went to visit a couple.
Andy: I have used that, especially for drums, and also the velocity levels and of course the quantise option on Music X for smoothing it out.
But bearing in mind that a lot of our stuff is coming from the sampler [which is a rackmount Casio FZ10] how we tend to work is to do a pre-production run on the YS50 [a Yamaha multi-timbral keyboard] and then reassign the sounds to the Casio and then record it, using the SMPTE lock in with auto-locate... There’s a lot more to Music X than we use at the moment.
[A quick explanation, here. Their main recorder is a Fostex E16 16-track machine. One track is ‘striped’ with SMPTE code. This is fed to a Fostex 4050 synchronizer which converts it to MIDI Time Code, which is fed into Music X. Music X will line up and run at exactly the same speed as the tape; any rewinding will cause Music X to rewind also to the same point.
The first version of Music X they had failed to do this and they contacted Microillusions in the States direct, who sent a corrected version.] Blane: Yeah, that’s how they see sequencing and computer music. The musicians don’t realise that it can actually be used creatively for live music. I use samplers, sequencers, whatever, to enhance whatever they are doing. I use it when I'm recording my own stuff all the time - they get lost in the fact that it is a computer.
Andy: We've even thought of using our other Amiga just to play games Format: How exactly has the Amiga helped you?
Blane: It’s speeded up the production side immensely because you can put in passages - sections on keyboards
- and try out different sounds very quickly and when you are
mixing you get a much better sound quality because you are
mastering direct from the keyboards rather than from tape.
Format: What about the voice programming aspect?
Andy: Yeah. I’ve used that with my Casio CZ3000. I saved all the patches on the librarian. The librarian on the new version, though, doesn’t seem to work. The old version does. If I load the sound dumping protocols some of the command lines compared with the old version are actually different.
All I did was write down the old program data and copy it into the new version and it worked. But I can’t understand why they’ve altered it. It had totally different sound dumping protocols in the pre-release version to either of these. Every version is different. The stupid thing is that if you save a sound dump file from one version, it won't load into another.
Blane: One of the limiting factors with studios is that you get all this mega sequencing stuff but you can't afford all the multi-timbral hardware to use it all. The Casio will do eight [channels] and we’ve got a TX81Z that will do eight and that is your 16 channels used up.
Having said that, the Casio is not particularly a user-friendly sampler and we often end up dumping the sounds separately on to tape. It’s got the same sound quality as an Akai (S950) but as far as the editing and using the damn thing goes it’s difficult. But there again you’re paying a lot more for the Akai. In fact a lot of people are buying two Casios instead of one Akai.
Format: The Casio sampler will do MIDI sample dump. Had you thought about getting a sample editor like 'Sound Wrench’ [not available in this country yet] and editing the sounds up on screen?
Andy: The Amiga is only expanded to 1 meg and to be quite honest that’s all I need at present. But that’s a good idea. We could expand the memory to about 4 meg quite easily, have a hard drive and then swop from what you are doing on Music X to editing MIDI sample dumps of the Casio. The Casio sounds would then be on hard drive and so loading them would be virtually instantaneous. All the sounds for the other modules could be held on disk as well and run from Music X. Blane: The part I don’t like on Music X is the event editor. As someone who is essentially a musician and sound engineer and a
non-computer person, I find it hard to cope with.
I mean I've got used to using the program now and most of it I find quite easy but maybe the layout should be more friendly for an an engineer - even more like a mixing desk and recorder.
Andy: Commodore should push more into studios and they should include MIDI interface as standard on their
* We did a spoof record by a put-together band called The Curry
Crew’, actually using the soundtrack from a game called North
and South which has got swords, horses and cannon effects, It
got played on the local radio » new models. It’s a terrible
omission and they could have sold an awful lot of machines into
studios if they had done that. I think that as programs that
were designed for the ST and Mac become more widely available
on the Amiga, the Amiga will take over and become more of an
industry standard.
Format: What about records made here using Music X?
Andy: One of the records that was done here was a spoof record by a put-together band called ‘The Curry Crew'. For that we actually used the soundtrack of a civil war game, North and South from Infra Games, which has got swords, horses and canon effects which we actually used on the record. It got played on the local radio and we were interviewed as well. We had 22 people in here doing that track, they had a lot of fun.
Blane: They tried to do a Pump up the Bitter’ type of record about a curry house. The idea was very good and so was the basic track but the result was not as funny as it should have been.
Andy: We had sampled burps and we even sampled the toilet as well.
Blane: The whole thing was run from Music X, all the samples were triggered off from it and we even sampled all the vocals and triggered them off from the Amiga as well.
Each vocal line of the rap was sampled and then dropped in back in all in time, moving the start point for each line about on the edit page until it fitted the backing track.
Andy: We used the facility on Music X for internal samples and took the war game samples directly from the game and copied the data files into Music X. As well as records we also do voiceovers for local radio and Djs' jingles with the backing all done on Music X with the Casio sampler. Some of them use Blane on guitar with the backing on Music X. Blane used to do some of the Steve Wright jingles for Radio 1.
Format: The sound desk you’ve got is an Allan and Heath Saber. Does it have any MIDI facilities on it?
Andy: Yes it does and we use them.
It will mute any channel via MIDI and Music X and it works well. We take up
a. channel on the sequencer to do this and it helps in the
mixdown stage. If we record the mutes in real time then on
playback the channels are switched on and off exactly on time
- we can always edit and quantise this to get it spot on. All
our outboard equipment - the effects units - has MIDI on it as
well so we can switch them in and out. It would be nice to
have some memory dump routines for these on Music X. Format:
Have you considered linking both Amigas and maybe doing
combined music and graphics?
Andy: One of our partners is quite a talented artist and the other is into serious computer programming.
I guess that if there is a market for that sort of thing we could do it. If we start getting into advertising as we want to then there may be. But unless we’re going to make money out of it there’s not a lot of point. There are markets around here that we have stretched to reach. We're thinking of using it for a label printing facility as well for tapes which could include designing logos etc. It’s quite easy to set up. I do all the studio newsletters and information on the Amiga using Pen Pal. I also use it for the accounts.
Out-take Really what we have here is just a blown-up version of a home studio.
Anyone with a four-track and an Amiga can get good sounds from it, it just depends how far you want to take it. The Amiga means that you can not only sequence MIDI gear but also use the internal voices, in some cases with your own samples. Since you are recording direct to tape at mixdown the quality is very good.
You can always improvise recording methods - record the vocals in the bathroom. In Blane’s last studio his reverb unit consisted of a sheet of steel with two record cartridges at the one end, housed in a sort of Cindy Doll cabinet. At the end of the day it is not merely the quality of the equipment, though, it is the experience of the guy using it. It’s a blown-up hobby that has spread into a being a business.
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Credit card or cheque postal orders payable to GFA Data Media (UK) Ltd accepted.
MasterCard Card No: . ¦ Signature Expiry Date Postcode TAKE TWO Our other Studio is in Cardiff. Housed in part of a refurbished Victorian warehouse, AudioMatrix shares its premises with an advertising agency and is not a million miles from the HTV studios. Steve Perry is the man in the hot seat.
Steve: I'm basically a drummer turned guitarist who built his own studio as it was the best way to record my own stuff. I was in a band, left the band, bought a four-track and starting writing songs for myself. The first piece of equipment I got was a drum machine, because the neighbours complained when I started miking up the drum kit (!) And I built up from there.
Format: Why an Amiga?
Steve: Mainly because there was a good deal going from Commodore, the education package, which included the Dr T's MRS sequencing package. The studio has been running for about two years but it hasn't been computerised for that long. I used to have an ST with Steinberg Pro 24 but really the Amiga does all that I want at the moment. Obviously in terms of sequencing power I’ve gone down from 24 to 8 tracks at the moment but the long-term possibilities seem greater as it has so many facilities. I use Paintbox' a lot for graphics and designing as well and I think it was the combination of graphics
as well as music that sold it to me.
I use it for my own work more than with bands. I don’t use MRS as much as I’d like because with live bands in the studio it tends to be time-consuming; it is a rather long- winded way to go about it.
Format: What equipment do you make use of generally?
Steve: Roland MT32 sound module, PR100 sequencer, Yamaha DX100 and RX17 drum machine. If I need to sample stuff I will tend to hire one in for the duration like an E-Max, which I find very easy to use, although a lot of studios prefer the Akai SI000. So far the demands on the studio haven’t warranted me spending lots of money on new synths. If a piece of kit is vital then I’ll hire it in.
Format: Have you used the internal sampling, or sampling software on the Amiga at all?
* I do quite a lot of work for cabaret acts who want.
Backing tracks, They tell me what songs they want to do and I write them on the Amiga, Then it's very easy to alter it, It's a bit
- consuming, but it pays* Steve: No not really. I’ve never tried
them out. I’m thinking of trading in MRS and getting another Dr
T program, maybe Tiger Cub. MRS is quite limited and a bit
long-winded and I hate the editing which is all numbers.
Another problem with MRS is that you can’t take an output from
another sequencer, say the PR100, record it into the program
and then de-scramble it into separate channels to edit and work
on them. I mean I’ve got 40 or 50 songs on the PR100 which I
can’t work on at the moment because of this. I think it was a
very good program to get started but I feel that I have now
exhausted it, outgrown it, you might say.
Format: Do you ever get musicians who have an Amiga at home?
Steve: Yeah, I’ve had bands who basically walk through the door with a disk in their hands Format: Apart from bands what other kinds of work have you used the Amiga for?
Steve: I do quite a lot of work for cabaret acts who want backing tracks. They tell me what songs they want to do and I write them on the Amiga. Then if it isn’t quite right, it’s in the wrong key or something, it’s very easy to alter it. It’s a bit time- consuming but it pays.
Local radio is a bit of a closed shop around here and difficult to break into doing adverts, so is S4C (the Welsh Channel 4) as they nearly always use one particular studio in Cardiff. Recently, though, I have done some work for HTV with a composer called Mike Christie. They're doing a series on building different instruments, I don't know the title of it, and the soundtrack for it is being done here. For that he brought in his copy of Music X. He works on the tracks at home with his Amiga and brings the disks in here to record them properly along with his Korg Ml (synth).
Format: How do you set up to work with the sequencer and multi-track?
Steve: I’ve got an XRI SMPTE unit which I use in conjunction with the R8 (Fostex 8 track recorder). I ‘stripe’ one track with time code and then use that to generate MIDI timing clocks which I feed into the Amiga.
The pain with MRS is that it doesn’t have any Song Position Pointer or Midi Time Code facilities.
This means I have to go back to the beginning of the track each time when I’m running the Amiga and multitrack together.
A friend of mine has Music X and I think I might well get that from what I have seen of it. It might save me having to re-patch all my equipment when I want to do something. In fact working with Music X on the HTV series has pretty well sold it to me. It's so much better than what I’ve got at the moment and it's easy to edit on it.
I do lot of stuff with live drums and guitar and use the SMPTE facility to sync up what is on tape with the Amiga sequencer. I mix directly from the Amiga to the master [tape] without going onto the 8 track. It gives me 8 more tracks to use doing it that way. Sometimes I put the drums on 7 tracks of the R8 and use the Amiga for everything else. [One track on the recorder is needed for the SMPTE.] Format: Apart from upgrading and adding to the software, have you any plans to move into graphics or something like that?
Steve: The next stage is to link up a video with the Amiga to do video sound tracks which is something I will need to do for more TV work, using one track of the stereo video as a time code. I will need a sync box for the R8 which is a bit pricey. It will be great, though, because I will be able to sync up the multi-track and the Amiga to the video.
The trouble with this sort of business is that you’re always broke.
The hardware becomes obsolescent quite quickly and you have to update all the time. I bought the MT32 when it first came out and a few months later Roland brought out the D110 which is much better.
It would be useful to have an editor for the MT32 and if I expand the Amiga’s memory I think I could get one to run along with the sequencer. I’d get a lot more from the MT32 and it would take a lot less time to set up. I don’t know a lot about computers though - I tend to do what the program tells me. ¦ Zolo, an apprentice to the Master of the Guild of Magicians, is young, talented and wise beyond his years. Though he has another 400 years of apprenticeship to serve, Zolo has given glimpses of brilliance. His reward is a chance to enter the Guild provided he can cross the bewitched and
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9. 99 - DISC 14.99 Please send me copy s of A-Max II A-Max II +
ROMs. Isame_ I enclose a Cheque-Tostal Order made payable to
Entertainment Address.
C" Commodore warn wmm ¦y. , .. .
CREDIT CARD HOTLINE 09AR SAWlf International for £ I n the early 1980s an Australian company came up with a machine I that has revolutionised the music industry. The machine allowed musicians to record real sounds into a computer and replay them at various pitches on a keyboard. The machine was called the CMI (Computer Musical Instrument), but is more widely known by the company name - the Fairlight.
Innovations such as this invariably come with a suitably high price-tag, and the Fairlight's ran into five or six figures. As other companies latched onto the musical potential of sampling sounds digitally the technology became cheaper, but for the most part the prices of today’s samplers are still well out of reach for the average amateur musician.
Now we have high-power 16-bit computers in the home, sampling is no longer the sole property of the rich studio-owners. The same technology is available to the home user (albeit in a cut-down form) at a considerably more reasonable cost.
One, Two, Three - Hit It!
A number of samplers are available for the Amiga, offering various advantages such as high-quality sampling, built-in sequencers or even innovative editing systems, but one series of samplers has managed to gain more acclaim than any other - the Audiomaster series from Aegis.
Audiomaster II is widely recognised as the standard Amiga sampling system, due to its high quality and simplicity of use. For some time, rumours of an updated version in the form of Audiomaster III have been keeping Amiga music fans waiting with bated breath. Now all those bluefaced sample freaks can breath a sigh of relief, since the all-new, all-singing and all-stuttering sampling system has arrived.
Genetic Engineering Audiomaster designer Peter Norman wasn’t too happy in his dealings with Aegis, so Australian company Ramscan have stepped in to publish the new package under the name Audio Engineer. To confuse things even further, the system will still be available through Aegis distributor Oxxi in the States under the expected name of Audiomaster III. In its native Australia the system is available in two versions: either as a complete hardware-and-software system, or as a software-only package for those who already have sampling hardware.
In the UK, by contrast, only the complete package is available, containing the software along with a high-quality piece of sampling hardware produced by Gsoft, which is capable of sampling up to 56,000 samples per second. The hardware itself is a solid, well-designed six-inch box which connects to the Amiga’s How many of you music buffs have drooled over the samplers advertised in the music technology magazines, wishing you could afford the £2000 asking price? MAFF EVANS checks out a less expensive option and lets the drummer get wicked.
Parallel port via a ribbon cable. The hardware has facilities for either mic or line inputs, so that a microphone or stereo system can be connected with ease, and two input-level dials have been mounted on the front of the sampler to allow the input gain to be quickly and easily adjusted. This latter facility means that you can concentrate on getting to grips with sounds, rather than having to fiddle around at the back of your machine with a screwdriver set.
ABOVE: The Gsoft sampling hardware gives superb quality sound recording to provide you with crystal-clear samples.
LEFT: Along with the editing software, the Audio Engineer disk also contains a set of bonus programs, used to manipulate sounds further.
Doctoring the Disk As well as the sampling program, the Audio Engineer disk contains a series of bonus programs and tools for manipulating samples.
The Year 2014 - New York is lost to organised crime.
Only a valiantfew remain loyal to law and order
- They are THE WARRIORS.
You, as THE WARRIOR' have to fight your way through the streets to save New York using an awesome array of devastating CTrh weapons. If you fail, New York '-- will be destroyed by a nuclear device planted in the World You cannot, you must not, fail! Ym ITALIANO DEUTSCH ENGLISH FRANCAIS GAMES By calling up the CLI, commands can be used to play up to 20 samples under interrupt, merge two mono samples into a stereo sound and turn IFF files into raw data.
The other tools can be called up directly from the Workbench. These include a program to merge two IFF files together and a tool for creating multi-voice sounds for use in programs such as Sonix or Electronic Arts’ Deluxe Music Construction Set Also on the disk is a simple oscilloscope program, which allows you to calibrate your sampling hardware, so that the best possible recording is achieved. So now we've looked at the various tools, what about the Engineer itself?
Looping the Loop On first sight, the sampling software looks similar to Audiomaster II and, sure enough, the editing system works in much the same manner. The main area of the screen is taken up by the waveform window, where a graphic representation of the sample is displayed. Below this is a series of buttons, which control the display, loop settings and sample playback.
Editing is controlled by dragging a cursor across the display to highlight an area of the sample, which is referred to as a ‘range’. This range can be manipulated by way of options in a series of pull-down menus.
As well as the usual cut, copy and paste options, the sample can be blanked to zero, have its volume increased or decreased, be flipped or reversed and even have echo added.
By selecting ‘Freehand Edit’ the mouse can be used on the waveform directly, to smooth out clicks and buzzes without having to clip out portions of the sample.
One function which is new to Audio Engineer is the Multiple Loop Sequencer, which allows you to create the illusion of having an entire song in memory, even though this would need an awful lot of chip space!
In actual fact, the song is constructed entirely from a single, very much smaller sample. This is achieved by setting up a sequence of loops at various points in a sample and setting a point at which the sequence begins to fade. Since most modern music consists of a series of phrases repeated in a set pattern, a short section of a track can be sampled, and loops set to mark the intro, the verse and the chorus. By copying and repeating loops in the right places, a simple modern ‘intro-verse-chorus- verse-chorus' track can easily be constructed, even down to the fade at the end of the song!
Another useful feature of Audio Engineer is that it makes use of all available RAM, including expansions, so that large samples can be tackled with ease. An example of the use of this is quoted by the producers: one person has sampled entire 78 RPM records into an Amiga fitted with a nine Megabyte expansion, using the freehand edit function to remove clicks, setting up loop sequences to skip past the jumps and recording them to digital tape, thus creating a high-quality recording of a previously unlistenable track.
Samples can be saved out in a number of formats, including mono and stereo IFF, five-octave Sonix files or RAW data, so that samples can be set up to use in virtually any application you can think of.
My Hello to a Good Wave Buy!
The superb quality of Audiomaster II gave sample freaks high expectations of the updated version. Now that it has appeared, it is safe to say that those expectations have not only been fulfilled, but have also been surpassed. The full package includes one of the best pieces of sampling hardware available for the Amiga. The construction of the Gsoft device is solid, the controls and ports are easy to use and, perhaps most importantly, the quality of sample recording is extremely impressive.
The software itself provides the perfect companion to the sampling hardware - in other words, it’s excellent! The clear design, the simple layout and incredible ease of use found in Audiomaster II has been retained, but with the addition of some very powerful editing facilities.
Despite sounding rather ‘gadgetty’, the freehand curve editing and loop sequencing not only give an impressive show of the software’s power, they also come in particularly useful for producing complicated loops to use in various applications.
The asking price for the whole package may seem high, but the quality of the program and the hardware more than justify the money. If you’re remotely interested in producing music on your Amiga, then get hold of Audio Engineer as soon as possible. It is without doubt the best Amiga sampling package yet produced.
AUDIO ENGINEER PLUS All Amigas (Requires at least 1 Mb of RAM and Kickstart 1.2 or higher) ¦ £199 ¦ HB Marketing 0753 686000 Titles marked * are not yet available and will be sent on day of release. Please state make and model of computer when ordering P&Plnc. UK on orders over £5.
Less than £5 and Europe add £1 per item. Elsewhere please add £2 per item for airmail. These offers are available mail order only.
Tel orders: 0908 564369 (24 hrs) if BLOOD MONEY + INFESTATION PACK £14.99 * * AMIGA 512K RAM + CLOCK £44.99! * SHADOW OF THE BEAST II £24.99 GAME 1 2 Meg Upgrade with clock ...49.99 Addidas Football .16.99 688 Attack Sub ...16.99 AMOS 32.99 Anarchy ..13.99 Assault on Alcatraz' 16.99 Austerlitz 16 99 A T.*
......16.99 Back To The Future 2* ...16.99 Back To The Future 3* .....18.99 Balance of Power 90 .....16.99 Bards Tele2 ...16.99 Bards Tale 3* ...16.99 Batman The Movie ..16 99 Battle Of Britain ....16 99 Battlechess .....18.99 Battle Command* ...16.99
Bahlemaster* .16.99 Beach Volley ..16.99 Betrayal' ..19.99 Billy "he Kid* ...16.99 B'ade Warrior' 16.99 Blcodwych Date Disk 9.99 Bomber ....21.99 Boxing Manager ..13.99 BSS Jane Seymour* ....16.99
Budokan .16.99 Cabal .....16.99 Carrier Command .14.99 Castle Master 16.99 Cavadar' ......16 99 Chase HQ ......16.99 Chase HQ 2' ..16.99 Chuck Yeager* ....16.99 Combo Racer 13.99 Codename Ice Man (1 Meg) ..29.99 Colonels
3equest (1 Meg) ...29.99 Commando War' 18.99 Conquest Camelot (1 Meg) 26.99 Conqueror .....16.99 Continental Circus .13.99 Corporation ..16.99 Crackdown ...16.99 Crazy Cars 2 .14.99 Cyberball ......13.99 Damocles ......16.99 Dan Dare
3 ....13.99 Dark Century .16.99 Days Of Thunder* ...19.99 Deluxe Music Con Kit ...69.99 Deluxe Paint 3 59.99 Deluxe Phofolab ..59.99 Deluxe Print 2 .69.99 Deluxe Production ..89.99 Deluxe Video 3 ...79.99 Dick Tracy* ....16.99 Dr
Doom ..16.99 Dragons Lair 2 .....26.99 Dragon Ninja 15.99 Dragon Spirit .12.99 Dragons 3recth ...21.99 Dragons Lair (1 Meg) .....26.99 Dragons Of Flame ...16.99 Drakken ...21.99 Dungeon Master .16 99 Dungeon Master Editor ...7.99 Dungeon
Master Hint Bock ....9.99 Dynamite Debugger* ....16.99 Dynasty Wars .16.99 Edition One ....16.99 Elite 14.99 Emlyn Hughes 13.99 Emlyn Hughes Quiz* 13.99 Escape From Robot Monsters .13.99 F-16 Combat Pilot 16.99 F-19 Stealth Fighter ..19.99 F-29
Retaliator 16.99 Falcon ......19.99 Falcon Mission Disk ..13.99 Falcon Missoin Disk 2* ....13.99 Farey Tale Adventure .....13.99 Ferrari Formula 1 ..16.99 Fighting Soccer ....16.99 Final Battle* ....16.99 Fireball* ....16.99 Fire And Forget
2' 16.99 Fire And Brimstone* .16.99 Flight Simulator 2 ..26.99 Flight Of The Intrucer* ....19.99 Fit Disk 7 or 11 .13.99 Fit Disk European .13.99 Fit Disk Japan .13.99 Football Director 2 ...12.99 Football Manager 2 Gift Pk ..12.99 Fooballer Of The Year 2 .13.99 Full Metal
Planete 16.99 Fun School 2 (6-8) 11.99 Fun School 2 (over 8) .....11.99 Fun School 2 (under 6) ...11.99 Future Wars .....16.99 Ghostbusters 2 .....16.99 Ghosts and Goblins .13.99 Ghouls and Ghosts ..16.99 Golden Shoe* 16.99 Grand Prix Circuit 16.99
Gravity .....16.99 Gremlins 2* .....13.99 Gunship ...14.99 Hard Drivin ......13.99 Heavy Metal ..16.99 Heroes* ....16.99 Highway Patrol 2 .16.99 Hillsfar 16.99 Hounds Of Shadow .16.99
Imperium* 16,99 Impossamole .13.99 Indy Jones Action 13.99 Indy Jones Adventure ....16.99 Interphase ......16.99 Int Champ Wrestling ......16.99 Int Soccer Challenge* ...16.99 Iron Lord ...16.99 Italy 1990* 16.99 It Came From The Desert (1 Meg) 17.99 It Came From The
Desert Data* 8.99 Ivanhoe ...16.99 Jack Nichlaus Extra Courses ..8.99 Jack Nichlaus Golf ..16.99 Jack Nichlaus Unlimited Golf...., ......19,99 Jumping Jackson 16.99 K Quest 1, 2, 3,4, Hint Book ....5.99 Keef The Thief .16.99 Kennedy Approach 14.99 Kick Off ....11.99 Kick Off
2 .12.99 Kick Off Extra Time .7.99 Kid Gloves ......16.99 Killing Game Show* .16.99 Kind Words 2 ..34.99 Kings Quest 4 .21.99 Kings Quest Triple .26.99 Klaxx ..13.99 Knight Of The Crystallion ......21.99 Kult Hint
Book .14.99 Leaderboard Birdie .18.99 Leisure Suit Larry 2 26.99 Leisure Suit Larry 3 26.99 Licence To Kill .12.99 Life And Death* ...19.99 Light Force .....16.99 Lombard RAC Rally .14.99 Loom .16.99 Lords Of
Chaos* ..16,99 Lost Patrol 18.99 Magnum 4 ......16.99 Manchester Utd ...16.99 Manhunter In New York .21.99 Manhunter Hint Book 6.99 Manhunter In San Francisco 21.99 Maniac Mansion .16.99 Matrix Marauders* ...13.99 Microprose Soccer ..14.99 Ml Tank
Platoon* 21.99 Midnight Resistance 16.99 Mid Winter ......19.99 Murder* ....16.99 New Zealand Story ..16.99 Nightbreed* ...16.99 Ninja Spirit 16.99 Ninja Warriors .13.99 Nitro* .16.99 North and
South ..16.99 Off Road Racer* ..13.99 Operation Harrier* ...16.99 Operation Stealth* ..19.99 Oriental Games* .16.99 Operation Harrier* ...16.99 Operation Thunderbolt ..16.99 Operation Wolf ....14,99 Pang* 16.99 Paradroid 90* .16.99
Paperboy 12.99 Pipemania ......16.99 Pirates ......15.99 Player Manager ...12.99 Ploting* ....16.99 Police Quest ...16.99 Police Quest 1,2 Hint Book ....6,99 AMIGA Police Quest 2 16.99 Populous ..16.99 Populous Promised
Land .7.99 Powerdrome ..16.99 Powerdrift 16.99 Powermonger* ....16.99 Precious Metal .....15.99 Pro Tennis Tour 16.99 Rainbow Islands ...16.99 Red Storm Rising ..16.99 Resolution 101 16.99 Rorkes Drift .....16.99 Rick
Dangerous ...15.99 Rick Dangerous 2* ...16.99 Risk.., 13.99 Robocop .15.99 Robocop 2* . 16.99 Rocket Ranger 2 ..17.99 Rotox* ......18.99 Run The Gauntlet 15.99 RVF Honda .....14.99 S Quest 1, 2, 3, Hint Book .6.99 Secret Of Monkey
Island* .....19.99 Shadow Warriors ..16.99 Shadow Of The Beast ....24.99 Shadow Of The Beast 2 .24.99 Sherman M4 ...18.99 Shinobi .....12.99 Shoot 'em Up Con Kit .....19.99 Silkworm IV* ....13.99 Sim City ....19.99 Sim City Terrain .....13.99
Silkworm ...16.99 Skate or Die* ..16.99 Sleeping Gods Lie ...14.99 Sly Spy* ....16.99 Sound Express Stereo Sampler .34.99 Snowstrike* .....16.99 Space Ace .....26.99 Space Quest 3 .....26.99 Space Harrier 2 ....13.99 Spy Who Loved
Me* ......13.99 Star Wars Trilogy ...16.99 Star Flight .16.99 Star Flight Hint Book ...5.99 Star Glider 2 14.99 Strider 16.99 Stunt Car Racer ...15.99 Stun Runner* .....'...13.99 Subbuteo 12.99 Supemacy* ....19.99
Supercars 13.99 Swords Of Twilight 16.99 Swords Of Twilight Hint Book ..5.99 Teenage Muntant Turtles ......24.99 Test Drive 2 .....18.99 Test Drive 2 California Chall ...9.99 Test Drive 2 Muscle Cars ..9.99 Test Drive 2 Supercars ......9.99 The Cycles ......16.99 The Jetsons .....16.99 The
Plague .....16.99 Theme Park Mystery* .....16.99 The Krista 1 ...9.99 The Plague .....16,99 Thunderstrike ..16,99 Time Machine 16,99 Toki* ...16,99 Total Recall* ...16.99 Tracksuit Manager ...12.99 Trained
Assassin ...13.99 Triad Vol3 19.99 Turbo Outrun ..16.99 TV Sports Baseball ...19.99 TV Sports Basketball 19.99 Twin World ......16.99 UN Squadron* 16.99 UMS ...14.99 UMS 2* ......15.99 UMS Scenario
1 .... 11.99 UMS Scenario 2 ....11.99 Unreal* ... 16.99 Untouchables 18.99 Verminator .....13.99 Vortex 13.99 Walker* ....16.99 Warhead .16.99 Waterloo ..16.99 Wayne Gretzky Hockey .14.99 Wild
Streets .....16.99 Wings* ......19.99 Wings Of Fury* 13.99 World Cup soccer 90* ....18.99 Xenomorph ....16.99 Xenon 2 Megablast 16.99 Zombi 16.99 MICROSMART MEGA DEALS!!
Half Meg Upgrades 512K Upgrade inc. clock with It Came From The Desert - £54.99 512K Upgrade inc clock with Gold Of The Realm - £49.99 512K Upgrade inc clock with Dragons Lair - £69.99 512K Upgrade inc clock with Space Ace - £69.99 512K Upgrade inc clock with Dungeon Master - £69.99 512K Upgrade inc clock with Manhunter 2 - £69.99 Naksha Mouse inc mouse mat, mouse house and Deluxe Paint - £26.00 Contriver Replacement Mouse inc Deluxe Paint - £19.99 Quality Second Disk Drive - £59.99 Blank Disks Sony Unbranded with labels 69p Each.
KAO Unbranded with labels 60p Each.
Blood Money... - .. ...9.99 Never Mind ..... 7.99 Infestation ..... 9.99 Chronoquest 1 ... 9.99 Chronoquest 2 ..... 9.99 Leaderboard . - .-6.99 Rocket Ranger 9.99 Marble Madness . 7.50 Bards Tale 1 . .....7.50 TV Sports Football . ...12.99 Galaxy Force 4.99 Brian Cloughs Football ... 8.99 F-18 Interceptor..... ...... - 9.99 Eliminator .. 4.99 Fish ......
7.99 Trivial Pursuits New Beginning ... ..8.99 Saint and Greavsie ..7.99 Kristal ...... - 9.99 Emmanuelle . 7.991 Lords Of The Rising Sun .11.99 j Batman The Movie ... 9.99 j Fernandez Must Die .. 6.99 Hunt For Red October .9.99 j Pacland .: 6.99 Pacmania .... 8.99 Starglider2 7.99 Conflict In Europe ... 7.99, Joan Of Arc .....7.991 Trivial
Pursuit .....9.99 Nebulus .. -...... 4.99; Cybernoid 2 4.99; Hollywood Poker Pro 7.99: Gold Of The Realm 1 Meg) 9.99 Baal .....-7.99 j Menace ...... 7.99 Ballistix 7.99; Shadow Of The Beast .. 16.99 Laser Squad . ...8.99 Passing Shot .. 4.99 3 Stooges . 9.99 Tank Attack f. .. 9.99 Seven Gates Of
Jambata 4.99 Chambers Of Shoalin . 7.99 Bloodwych ..... .....9.99 Interphase ..9.99 Gauntlet 11 ..- .....7.99 Spy v Spy ......- .4.99 Spy v Spy 2..... -4.99 Spy v Spy 3 4.99 Centrefold Squares ..- ..7.99 Phobia .. 4.99 Italia 90 .. .. 4.99 SAS Combat... .... .....4.99 Captain Blood . 4.99 Barbarian Psygnosis ....6.99 Drum Studio
..... .....4.99 Sidewinder 2 .. ...4.99 SOUND EXPRESS STEREO SAMPLER £34.99 Please send orders and cheque PO Access Visa No. And expiry date to: Microsmart, 125 High Street, Stony Stratford, Milton Keynes MK11 1AT.
M i""' ------------ „ AMIGA MEGA DEALS!!! FREE HOLIDAY ACCOMMODATION For two people Voucher with every Machine Purchase.
Resorts available are Florida, Majorca, Malta, and Southern Spain.
K Modulator Power Supply Unit Work Bench 1.3 Amiga Basic Mouse -k k k k AMIGA A500 BAT GAMES PACK £399 inc VAT & next day courier BAT Games Pack Includes:
* Amiga A500 512K Keyboard with built in 1 Megabyte Disk Drive
* Free TV Modulator worth £24.99 allowing you to use the Amiga
with a normal TV.
- k FREE only just released BATMAN - THE MOVIE games software
* NEW ZEALAND STORY arcade games software.
FI6 INTERCEPTOR - amazing 3D flight simulator software.
* 1C "RFF games inc. Wizball. Buggy Boy. Menace. Barbarian.
* AMIGA BASIC Amiga EXTRAS 1.3 Workbench 1.3 PI US the Amiga Step
by Step tutorial.
* All leads manuals PI US MOUSE and Mainsplug! _ FLIGHT OF
FANTASY PACK A500 £369 Inc VAT and Next day courier Includes:
* F29 Retaliator Rainbow Islands Deluxe Paint II Escape From The
Planet Of The Robot Monsters MICROSMART SOUND & VISION A500
PACK £399 INCLUDING: Amiga A500 512K keyboard with 1 Megabyte
disk drive. Free TV modulator worth £24.99 allowing you to use
the AMIGA with o normal TV. Deluxe Paint II graphics package.
Fantavision - animation package. Sound Express - state of the
art stereo sampling, includes free software and hardware.
Batman The Movie - games software.
New Zealand Story - arcade games software, F-16 Interceptor - amazing flight simulator. Free joystick mouse mat, and 10 blank disks. Amiga Basic, Amiga extras, Workbench 1.3, plus Amiga Step By Step tutorial. All leads and manuals plus mouse and mains plug. Plus 5 FREE games.
Have you ordered from us before? YES NO Name.. Address Tel No:.
AMIGA A500 CLASS OF THE 1990'S BUSINESS + EDUCATIONAL PACK £499 inc VAT & next day courier FEATURES: k Amiga A500 - TV Modulator J Maxplan 500 Spreadsheet Midi Interface - Software ™ Amiga Logo BBC Emulator Kind Words 11 word processor Deluxe Paint II ¦ Page Setter DTP Mouse Mat 10 Blank Disks Super Base Personal and disk wallet Database ACCESSORIES Quickshot II Turbo Joystick ..9.99 Quickshot III Turbo Joystick .9.99 Competition PRO Extra
Joystick .12.99 Speed King Autofire Joystick ..9.99 i Mouse Mats ..3.99 Contriver Replacement Mouse ..19.99 (Inc Deluxe Paint, Mouse Mat & Mouse House) i Naksha Upgrade Mouse ..26.00 (Inc Deluxe Paint, Mouse House, Mouse Mat) Half Meg Upgrade inc
clock ......44.99 i Disk Boxes 3.5' holds 40 6.99 Disk Boxes 3.51 holds 80 8.99 MONITORS Commodore Amiga A1084 Stereo Monitor Inc lead ......£269.00 Phillips CM8833 stereo colour monitor inc lead for ST or Amiga ..£259.00 PRINTERS Star LC24 1024 Pin incl lead
ST Amiga .249.00 !
Star LC10 including lead for ST Amiga 169.00 Star LC 10 colour including interface lead ; for ST Amiga ..219.00 MICROSMART + A500 PSYGNOSIS PROMOTIONAL PACK £419.00 Blood Money, Infestation, Menace, Baal, Chronoquest, Never !
Mind+ everything in the A500 Batgames Pack.
AMIGA 1 MEG BAT GAME PACK £499 Inc VAT and next day courier 1 Meg Bat Games Pack Includes:
* Fitted 1 Megabyte Memory Expansion + Real Time Clock Card
* Everything listed for the A500 Bat Game Pack
- .. ... - •• : - - ; .. . , • ¦ :¦¦¦¦•¦ - * - 7 ..
77, . . , , .. .. ¦¦ :• ¦¦ ¦ . '• ¦ ' - ; mi mi mi Mi mmm n¦ m
amm Mi mmm mi mmm m m m Mi Mi mm mmm Mil !
TITLE COMP PRICE TOTAL COST £: MAIL ORDER SOFTWARE SPECIALIST 24 90 . 24 90 . 26 90 .17 50 .17 50 . 17 50 . 24.90 , 17 50 .16 90
• ‘9 99 C Please Send Cheques Postal Orders to: HAMMERSOFT, (DEPT
Visa, Euro card & Mastercard Accepted. Cheques Subject to
* = Available on Release Prices all include VAT & 1st Class'
Postage in U,K.(Europe please add £2.00 per item)Return of Post
Service on Stock Items Titles Available on Request!
ORDERS ENQUIRIES: TEL (0603) 812416 Mother Goose - Childrens adventure game that helps to develop reading skills. Free colour map of Mother Goose Land, save facility. Ages 4+ £22.95 Designasarus - Fun With Dinosaurs! Print, Create, & Survive like the dinosaurs in their own ecosystem. Highly recommended PROGRAM. Ages 5+ £29.95 We Have Over 70 Top Class Educational Programs For The Amiga & Atari ST. All Ages Covered From 3 To Adult.
(Free delivery) (Courier £5.00) AMIGA PACK 1: Amiga A500 Batpack Inc. TV modulator, Batman, Interceptor, New Zealand Story, Deluxe Paint II, 23 PD Games ...375.00 AMIGA PACK 2: Amiga Flight Of Fantasy inc TV mod, F29 Robot Monsters, Rainbow Islands, 23 P.D Games etc .375.00 AMIGA PACK 3: As in 1or 2 with 10 Games 399.00 ATARI LYNX Portable Game Console 159.90 Amiga A500 & Stereo Monitor..619.00 Philips 8833 Stereo Monitor...249.90 Commodore 1084S Monitor...249.00 A590 Hard Drive ..369.00 1 2 Meg Expansion Clock 59.00
Cumana 3.5" Drive, Port+Switch82.00 Olivetti colour printer 210.00 ATONCE PC Emulator *199.99 SPECIAL OFFERS (while stocks last) Amegas (Arkanoid clone) 5.99 Art or Chess ......5.99 Barbarian (palace) ...5.99 Bermuda Project 1.2 only 11.99 Heroes of the Lance ...1.2 only 11.99 Ikari Warriors .....5.99 Netherworld ......8.99 Phantom Fighter ......9.99 Terrorpods ..5.99 Wizball ...5.99
Zynaps ...8.99 LEISURE AMOS Game Creator 34.90 Altered Beast ..15.50 BATTLE CHESS ....16.99 Beast II .24.90 Castle Master ..16.50 Corporation .....17.50 DAMOCLES ....15.99 Dynasty Wars ..16.99 Emlyn Hughes Soccer 16.90 Escape From Robot Monsters. 14.50 Fire & Brimstone ...16.90 Flood ....16.99 Heroes
Compilation ...20.99 Interphase 15.50 Italy 1990 u.s. gold .16.99 It Came From The Desert (1 meg) 19.99 Kick Off II + World Cup '90 15.99 Killing Game Show 17.50 Lost Patrol .....*17.50 Magic Fly .17.50 MIDWINTER ...19.90 Monty Python ..14.50 Moonwalker ....15.00 Populous ..16.99 Promised Lands 8.99
Projectyle .16.99 Rainbow Islands ....16.99 Side Arms ..8.99 Space Harrier II ......12.90 Speedball .15.50 Starblade .17.50 TEENAGE MUTANT TURTLES .21.99 THREE STOOGES 17.90 Time Machine .17.50 Time Soldier ....15.50 Triad II ..15.99 Triad III .19.50 Unreal ..20.99
Untouchables ..16.50 Venus Fly Trap 14.50 ADVENTURE RPG & SIM. AMIGA Battle Master .*20.99 BLOODWYCH 14.90 Codename Iceman 26.90 Conquest of Camelot .27.90 Drakkhen .19.90 DUNGEON MASTER (1 MEG) 17.50 F-16 COMBAT PILOT 16.90 F-19 Stealth Fighter * F-29 RETALIATOR 16.90 Final Battle ......17.50 Finest Hour ...(1MEG) 19.99 Flight Sim
II .....26.90 Southern UK Europe Scenery .13.90 Hawaiian Odyssey .13.90 Heroes Quest (1 Meg) ......24.90 K ng’s Ques: IV t eisu-e Su t l.a-'y Leisu'e Suit Larry Might anc Magic I Mu-e'er .. Ooeratioc Stea'fh .
Poi-ce Quest ii Yeacers Flight T'amer Rt’d Storrr Rising ULTIMA V . . .
XENOMORPH! . -6 50 GRAPHICS & VIDEO AMIGA 3D Pro ...’ Aegis Video Titler ...84.90 Credit Text Scroller 22.90 DELUXE PAINT III ..(PAL) (1 MB) 57.90 REAL THINGS BIRDS 1 +2......21.90 DELUXE VIDEO III .(PAL) (1 MB) 64.90 Digipaint III (PAL) 59.90 DIGIVIEW 4.+ Digipaint (PAL) ....119.50 PHOTON PAINT...(PAL) ...13.99 PHOTON PAINT II..(PAL) (1 MB)22.99 Professional Draw 2 (1 Mb)...139.90 Pro Video Plus .....179.00 SCULPT 3D XL....(PAL) .119.00 Trip-a-Tron ......22.90
Turbo Silver .....98.90 TV SHOW 2 (PAL) (1 MB)58.90 TV TEXT PRO (PAL) 109.90 VIDI frame grabber (PAL) (B&W) ...99.00 Vidi Colour Upgrade ..17.50 X CAD Designer ..£79.50 MUSIC APPLICATIONS Aegis Sonix 2.0 ......39.90 Mastersound Digitizer 35.90 Deluxe Music ..50.90 FutureSound Digitizer 79.90 MUSIC X U.K version! 159.95 Midi Master Interface 5 ports ...32.95 Midi Lead ...2.99 BUSINESS & EDUCATION Advantage ......79.50
Arena Int. Accounts (1MB)..119.50 Discover: Maths, Numbers.
Chemistry or Alphabet (each) .13.99 Fun School 2 Under 6's, 6-8's or over 8's .13.90 Fun School 3 (5, 5-7, over 7) ..16.99 Robot Readers: 3 Bears 24.00 Spellbook 4-6 or 7+ 19.90 Hisoft Basic .....56.00 Home Accounts .....20.99 Home Office Kit ......99.50 Kindwords 2 ....39.90 Mavis Beacon Typing Tutor 20.99 Micro GCSE: Maths, French or English 19.90 MicroText Word Processor 19.90 MicroBase Database .19.90 PEN PAL (PAL)(1 MB) 98.90
Prodata 56.00 PROTEXT V4.2....(rec.1 MB) ..65.90 Pagesetter II ..(PAL)(1 MB) 69.90 Professional Page 1.3 (1MB).159.90 PUBLISHERS CHOICE 68.50 Starter Kit .52.00 System 3 ..44.50 Transcript .32.90 Word Perfect 4.1 Current Ver 159.90 WORKS PLATINUM ..99.50 Workbench 1.3 Software Manual.. 14.90 QUALITY JOYSTICKS & ACCESSORIES Comp Pro 5000 ......13.90 Comp Pro Extra....(clear auto).14.90 Super Professional (autofire)... 13.90 Micro
Blaster (autofire)....13.90 A500 Control Centre ..44.00 A500 Dust Cover .....4.95 Mouse Mat .5.95 80 capacity lockable disk box ...9.50 10 x 3.5" DSDD disks + labels...7.95
T. D.K. AUDIO & VIDEO TAPES AD90 (x5)..6.75 E240-HS (x2)...8.99
AR90 (x5)..7.45 E180-Hi Grade 4.99 SA90 (x5)..8.99 E240-Hi
Grade5.99 SAX90 (x3) 6.49 E180-HiFi 5.99 MA90(x3) ..8.55
E240-HiFi 6.99 MP90-8mm 7.99 BUNDLES The following is only a
selection of professional & serious software available for the
Amiga, please call us for a price on anything you do not see
here. All prices are inclusive. E. & o.E.
Advantage ..£70.95 Home Office
Kit .....£99.95 Publisher's Choice £69.95 BUSINESS
Arena Accounts ..£116.95
B-graphics ..£91.95 Cashbook
Combo .£49.95 Day-By-Day ...£26.95 Deluxe
Print 2 £36.95 DG
Calc .....£32.95
E-Type £32.95 Final
Accounts ......£26.95 Home Accounts ....£26.95
Mailshot Plus .£38.95 Maxiplan
Plus .....£121.95 Personal Tax planner... £34.95 Small
Biz. Accounts Call Superbase Pro. 3 £168.95
Superplan ..£68.95 System
3 ....£38.95 Vip
professional ....£68.95
C. A.D. Draw 2000 ...£146.95 Dynamic CAD v2.3
....£333.95 Intro CAD ...£44.95 Intro CAD
plus ......£84.95 Ultra Design .£219.95
SPECIAL OFFERS Pen Pal £79.95 Pro Page vl.3 £159.95 Pro Draw
v2.0 £89.95 Digiview 4.0 £99.95 Scuplt 3DXL £89.95 X-CAD
Designer £77.95 X CAD Professional... £334.95
D. T.P. Pagesetter2 ..£71.95 Pagestream
Fonts £27.95 Pagestream v1.8 £119.95 Pro Page Clip
Art ..£36.95 Pro Page Templates ....£36.95 GRAPHICS 3D
Professional ..£280.95
Animagic ....£59.95 Animate
3D £91.95 Can
Do £99.95 Comic
Setter ..£39.95 Deluxe Paint
III .....£58.95 Deluxe Photolab ...£52.95 Deluxe
Video III ....£60.95 Design 3D ..£59.95
Digimate 3 ..£30.95 Digipaint
3 ..£52.95 Digiworks3D ..£71.95
Director ......£46.95 Elan
Performer ......£39.95 Fancy 3D Fonts ....£41.95
Fantavision £33.95
Imagine ....£199.95 Modeller 3D ......£59.95
Movie Setter ...£43.95 Pagerender
3D .....£98.95 Photon Paint 2 ......£67.95 Photon
Video Cell Ani.. £68.95 Pixmate ......£38.95
Scene Generator ..£33.95 Scuplt 4D
Jr ...£79.95 Scuplt animate 4D £319.95
Spritz ...£38.95 The Animation Studio
..Call TV Show £52.95 TELETEfriT Videoscape
3D......£109.95 VIDEO Art Department .£52.95 Deluxe
Productions £102.95 Deluxe Video ....£54.95 Digi-droid
Wheel £61.95 Genlock 8802 .£179.95 Genlock 8806
.£699.95 Minigen ..£96.95 Pro Video
Plus £179.95 Start up ..£24.95
Superpic ..£498.95 Title
Page £117.95 TV Text Prof ...£104.95 Video
Effects ..£117.95 Video Titler V2 ..£81.95 Now you
can keep it informed with the latest weather, financial news,
sports results, current affairs and much more from Ceefax or
Oracle. But unlike a Teletext TV all this valuable infor
mation isn't trapped behind glass. Now you can .....
Save to disc. Pages may be saved in Compact (over 800 pages
per disc) or IFF format.
Print. You can print as just text (for a fast result) or as a screendump.
Review. Instant access to the last 16 pages which have been received.
Speak. Thanks to the Amiga's speech capability, it will even read the news to you.
Multiple display. It can display and update two pages on screen simultaneously!
FastText. True FastText - gets pages in advance and reduces the waiting time.
Tuning. Just connect an aerial - it tunes itself ini Although the prime function is to receive Teletext, it also will convert a 1081 or 1084 monitor to a colour Tv.
Programmable. The system can be programmed to get a series of pages and then save or print them. Your own programs can access the data on Teletext.
Only a Microtext adaptor can provide all these facilities, it's easy to use and connects to the parallel port, a printer can be reconnected to the adaptor. Everything is supplied, all you need is your Amiga and a normal TV aerial.
At just £129.50 + VAT (=148.93) for an advanced Teletext TV its excellent value for money. VHF UHF version for use outside the UK £169.50 Make sure you're always up to date and qet yours now from Microtext Viva ......£209.95 WORD PROCESSORS Becker Text ......£64.95 Excellence! .....£129.95 Pro Write v3.0 ...£99.95 Scribble ..£41.95 Works Platinum.....£109.95 Transcript ...£33.95 Word Perfect 4.1.... £159.95 Word Perfect Lfc......£80.95 A world of information at your fingertips s (0702) 600557 ESP SOFTWARE 24 Hour Service 32B
Southchurch Road Access & Visa Accepted Southend-on-Sea FAX (0702) 613747 Essex SSI 2ND Dept AF, 7 Birdlip Close, Horndean, Hants P08 9PW
i. i iniiia ¦ v w ui vv Fax: 0705 593988 Telephone: 0705 595694
CHI?S WITH eveKYTHIMC CMOS 256 x 4 80 nanosecs for A590 each
512K £28 256 x lmeg drams (B2000 ram chips) £119 for 2 megs
256 x 4 ZIP STATIC COLUMN 80 nanosecs for A3000 £65 for 1 meg
1 meg x 4 ZIP STATIC COLUMN for A3000 £299 for 4 megs SUPER
FATER AGNUS CHIPS £55 (with instructions) PAULA DENISE chips
£39 68010 CPU £24 68020 CPUs 16 Mhz £49 20 Mhz £79 68030 CPU s
25 Mhz £195 33Mhz £299 Math Co s 68881 12 Mhz £49 16 Mhz £54
68882 25 Mhz £129 33 Mhz £149 50 Mhz £399 (all post free)
THANKS TOK TH£ A)£A}OKY All the below expansions are from
SPIRIT TECHNOLOGY one of the leaders in this field and for
whom we are proud to be their exclusive UK Distributor A500
501C 512K no clock £29.95 with clock £34.95 (post free)
* SIN500 internal board zero K to 2 meg. £185 for 2 meg
• FAT TRAPPER with clock fits in the underside trap door zero K
to 4 meg (extra 2 meg module soon to be available taking it to
6 megs!)) Zero K £99 1 meg £149 2 meg £199 4 meg £299 X-RAM
(A500 A1000) 8 meg board external as 2 megs £279 8 megs £529
• OCTABYTE 8 up board for B2000 2 megs £249 8 megs £499 (Postage
on memory boards is £3 - 512K is post free) TO ALL SOY KAC6KS
QV K 50 We are over the moon to be selling what is probably the
best 68030 card and it is from a market leader CS.A.-that's
right we are the exclusive distributors for them as well
• All boards fit inside the A500 or B2000 and depending on the
board you fit will actually give you lots more processing power
than the new Amiga 3000!
25 Mhz 68030 card with 68882 £699 33 Mhz version £850 33 Mhz with 50Mhz 68882 £1,100 Also available is 32 bit Static ram to shadow the operating system into 32 bit ram for blazing fast execution 32 bit Dram board 2 meg or 8 meg (depending on chips used) 1 meg £199 2 meg £250 There just isn't enough room to tell you everything.I.e.you can drop back into 68000 mode So send for full specification in our brochure which is FREE!
(Post on Accelerator cards £3) PKIVe A HAKD 8AKGAIN B2000 hard cards are auto-boot and formatted. 44 megs £425 66 meg £460 124 megs £699 A500 A1000 systems have external case so Just add £75 - Really FAST!!
(Carrage on Hard Cards £9 On A500 A1000 systems £12) TOK A SOFT C( NT K£AP ON PAGESTREAM V2.0 possibly the best DTP, we don't think ProPage comes near to it now and at £129.95 with support is a steal.
MUSIC-X full Pal version (few left) at £75 MIDI's, SAMPLERS etc X-COPY V2.9 software & hardware with printed manual £19.95 (post free) BEEFY BOY 150 watt fan cooled power supply for A500 £69 All prices include VAT & 12 months warranty, see notations for postage charges.
All items marked with • indicate the Amiga case has to be opened.
SHOW YKICeS WITHOUT THE SHOW FKOA) BYTES fc ?!6C£S 37 Cecil Street, Lytham, Lancs, FY8 5NN Tel 0253-734218 Fax 0253-736035 11am to 6pm Mon thro' Friday callers welcome by appointment.
• [ i" ? Paracfroid 9xn£ Graftgold Limited 19c Hevvson
Consultants Limited, Hewson House, 56B Milton Park, Milton,
Abingdon, Oxon 0X14 4RX. Tel:(0235) 8329: AMIGA SCREEN SHOT
wOWN A quiet litlie a raniValled Viva can
tirn-' jfe efeci-upv A500 m|jjl| ah all Ringing) and dancing
prestSftaljprt fee : workslation. In a world gone mad over
Multimedia. PAT MCDONALD manages to stay sane.
[e have all come across slideshow creators, programs which can create displays of pictures.
There are sound and video digitizers, to read in images and sounds from the real world. There are video titling and display enhancement programs.
Now comes Viva (Visual Interface Video Authoring), a program which can tie the whole lot together and produce interactive video programs that can be used by anybody with an A500, a meg of RAM and two floppy disk drives. I suppose a TV or monitor would be quite useful too.
Mind you, to use Viva to create these programs you’ll need more impressive hardware. Manufacturers Michtron Inc of the USA (0101 313 377 8998) recommend an A or B2000 with at least 3 megs of RAM and a hard disk drive. A genlock device, sound sampler, a video digitizer, video recorder and video camera plus a laserdisk would come in handy too. A CD player would be a distinct advantage as would (for the feeelthy rich) a read write CD configured as a hard drive.
Interactive video systems are television programmes which can be interacted with, rather than being a set sequence. The computer could display a picture of, say, a wild bird, and ask you to identify it, telling you whether your answer was correct or not. Computer games work like this already, the somewhat cosmetic difference being that interactive video uses moving pictures from the real world, rather than computer-generated ones.
The main use for this is in teaching people about the real world. Big corparations, like banks, use interactive applications for teaching staff how to deal with the public, for instance. Such systems in education can also impartially judge pupils' performance and so are in some ways superior to conventional teaching methods using human teachers and books.
Where interactive education falls down is in stimulating the creative abilities of pupils. To teach somebody how to bring out their own innate talent is, I fear, a task beyond interactive video in its present form.
However, just because little has yet appeared that can do this doesn't mean that the next Picasso won’t use Dpaint III and have learnt all his artistic techniques from a Viva demonstration... Over the Top Of course, what you could do with Viva is design applications that use resources like video laserdisks et al and sell complete systems. Or you could use it to write programs for the aforementioned ‘humble’ A500 owner by digitizing all the video and sound information first. Really it’s a question
* Who can say that the next Picasso won't use Deluxe Paint and
have learnt all his artistic technique from a Viva of the sound
and picture quality that the application demands. Though, as we
know so well, the qualities of the Amiga in these areas are
Is there a market for selling interactive video programs? According to the National Interactive Video Centre (071 387 2233) over a hundred companies are now selling them.
Fifteen months ago less than half of those companies were in business, so it’s a rapidly expanding area. It’s not as if the customers are small fry, either: the technology involved is so expensive that so far only major industry has been buying the stuff.
With Viva, all that could change.
For a start, it would - according to the authors - be possible to use the program to write programs for the new CDTV. Of course, that would be a major operation - you’re talking about filling a compact disk, more than 500 megabytes of space. But the market potential for the CDTV can only be described as immense.
Then again, there’s also the aforementioned A500 owner, who would probably be blown away by the sort of applications that Viva can easily cope with. You could produce point-of- sale or information terminal programs for public places. Translation: those oh-so-nice machines in museums and art galleries that can be questioned about what is on display and where.
TELLING A STORY: USING VIVA The fundamental idea behind using Viva is that you don’t have to enter commands on a keyboard to create a program. It's all fully icon-driven. First, you’re presented with the Viva mainframe. To create the steps of a program, you click on the relevant icon and drag it onto the storyboard, which is the screen shown below in all its glory. That’s why programs created with Viva aren’t called programs: they’re called stories!
The story (really a multimedia application) which is being edited in this case is intended to help the user make an informed choice of wine. The storyboard occupies the upper half of the screen, each individual icon representative of a single step or event in the story. This event may be the display of a graphic, a text display, or a decision or logic operation of some kind, or it may be an input prompted for or accepted from the user.
The operation of the different elements is controlled when programming by the icons that appear at the bottom of the screen, as explained below.
VIVA! Visual Interfaced Video Authoring fron MichTron PSC!
Used (of course, they must always be on the Workbench disk that you booted from) and multiple screens of text can be printed out. Viva also supports the Amiga's ability to speak text messages.
Genlocked to Amiga graphics by the usual method (video will come through on any black areas).
Laserdisk sequences can also be played on the screen while the computer is busy doing something else.
The interactive section. This is used to get information in from the user.
Both the keyboard and the mouse are supported, as is a timer, lact can also be used to branch to another part of the Viva story depending on what the end user has input.
VID: The Laserdisk controller. Any type of laserdisk pictures can be There are 10 icons on the mainframe that deal with the various programming commands. To create a program step, you select an icon, select an option off of the pop-down menu that appears, and enter a filename or value of some kind. The step is then added to the sequence which builds up on the mainframe. Most of the icons are for getting information into the computer or sending it out again: these are abbreviated to lact, Vid, Aud, Grph, Txt and Comm. Here’s a brief description of these programming areas.
I ACT: GRPH: The pretty bits.
Along with the simple load, play and then discard options there are six built-in video effects. These are fade, blind, dissolve, push, tile and wipe. Both IFF and ANIM files are supported (see below).
TXT: Putting written messages to the screen or printer. Different fonts can be AUD: Noisy bits. Only IFF samples are used - they can be loaded, then played and then finally discarded from memory once they’re not needed anymore.
Master the Machine Four icons are used to for the actual programming process. These are Evnt, Lgc, Math and Sys:- EVENT: Clever decision making branching section. Viva supports commands like IF, ELSE, WHILE, DO, UNTIL, LABEL, GOTO (which can also do GOSUB), RETURN, END, BREAK and MASTER- LOOP. All of these commands should COMM: One for modem lovers. Data can be read to and from the serial port, and the protocol can also be changed (that’s the rate of communication, the Baud rate, plus various other bits).
OOP OOOQOfl 60000 r k % * AMIGA 500 FLIGHT OF FANTASY Includes: Deluxe Paint II F-29 Retaliator Rainbow Islands Escape from the Plenet of the Robot Monsters!
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& A3000'S Amiga B2000 + 1084S Monitor .£1250 Amiga B2000 +
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£359.99 FREE F29 Retaliator, Rainbow Islands and Robot Monsters OR BRAND NEW BACK TO THE FUTURE II PACK FREE- Shadow of the Beast II, Days of Thunder and Knight Breed STATE WHICH FREE PACK REQUIRED ACCESSORIES VALUE PACK Joystick, Tailored Antistatic Dustcover, Mouse Mat, 10 Blank Disks, 40 Lockable Disk Box, Mouse Holder if purchased with Computer or with any order over £100 in value £17.99 PRINTERS Star LC10 ... £159.99 £199.99 £259.99 £137.99 £329.99 Ribbon, Star LC10 Colour ... Panasonic KXP1124 24 Pin ......
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ROM Version 1.3 Kickstart ROM with fitting instructions ...£29.99 ENHANCER Consists of Workbench 1.3 and Extras 1.3 £13.99 I 1Mb - 3.5" DISK DRIVES | CUMANA CAX354 Disk Drive ......£69.99 AMIGA A1010 Disk Drive £59.99
A. C.S. Slimline, Switch and Thru Port (Chinon
Drives) .£59.99 A SPECIAL & ?
AMIGA External Drive plus Shadow Of The Beast + Kick Off + RVF Honda + Battle Squadron .....£109.99 HARD DISK DRIVES AMIGA A590 20Mb Plug In Drive ....£369.99 Upgrade Chips per Megabyte £59.99 RAM EXPANSIONS 512K RAM Expansion, Clock and Switch with FREE 1Mb Demo ......£49.99 Amiga A501 - 512K RAM Expansion and Clock - Made by Commodore ....£89.99 MIDI EQUIPMENT DATEL Midi Master Interface ......£29.99 Midi Leads ... per pair ......£5.98 JOYSTICKS KONIX Speedking ... .£9.99 £13.99 £10.99 £15.99 .£8.99 £18.99 £12.99 £34.99
AMIGA Keyboard Dust Cover £4.99 AMIGA Monitor Dust Cover ..£4.99 STAR Printer Dust Cover ....£4.99 Quality Soft Boxed Mouse Mat ....£4.99 Mouse Bracket (to hold mouse) ..£1.99
3. 5" Disk Drive Head Clean Kits ....£3.99 PREMIER CONTROL
CENTRE - Sits over Amiga as Monitor Stand & Second Disk Drive
Holder ....£45.99
CONTRIVER Trackball £34.99 DISKS -
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Top Disk Holder ....£0.89 40 Disk Holder
Lockable Top Quality..£3.99 80 Disk Holder Lockable Top
Quality..£5.99 Spare Labels, asstd. Colours 60 for £1.00 EXTRA
CHILDRENS Fun School 2 - Under 6 ..£12.49 Fun
School 2 - 6-8 years .£12.49 Fun School 2 - 8
and over ..£12.49 Junior
Typist .£12.99 Micro
English (GCSE) ......£17.99 Micro Maths
(GCSE) .£17.99 Micro French
(GCSE) ......£17.99 Mega Maths
(GCSE) .£17.99 Things to do with
Numbers £15.99 Things to do with
Words .£15.99 AB
Zoo .. . .£3.99 Spell
Book 4-6 or 7+ ......£14.79 Amiga
Logo ..£39.99 Mavis Beacon
Teaches Typing £18.49 SERIOUS SOFTWARE Kind Words
V2.0 .....£30.99 Scribble
Platinum ....£33.99 Pen
Pal ...£94.99 Protext
V4.2 .£64.99 Superbase
Superbase Personal 2 ....£64.99 K-Spread 2 ..£37.99 Digicalc ..£24.49 The Works - Platinum Edition £99.99 Home Accounts ......£19.99 Digita System 3 £31.99 Personal Accounts Plus ..£21.99 Small Business Accounts £55.99 Small Business Accounts Extra £79.99 Personal Tax Planner ......£25.99 Page Setter V2 .£64.99 Publishers Choice ...£65.99
Starter Kit ....£45.99 Home Office Kit ......£94.99 HiSoft Basic ..£55.99 HiSoft Basic Extend .£14.95 Lattice C V5.0 .£159.99 AMOS the Game Creator ...£33.99 Trip-A-Tron ...£19.99 Deluxe Paint III .£55.99 Deluxe Video III £55.99 Spritz High Quality Paint Pack ...£29.95 Movie Setter £39.99 Comic
Setter £29.99 Deluxe Music Construction Set £47.99 Dr T's Midi Recording Studio £38.99 DOS 2 DOS ..£26.99 LEISURE SOFTWARE Castle Master £16.25 Colonels Bequest ....£26.99 Combo Racer ...£16.49 Damocles .....£16.25 Dragon Force ...£19.99 East V West ...£16.25 Escape From Planet of Robot Monsters..£12.99 F19 Stealth
Fighter ..£19.49 Flimbo's Quest .£16.25 Front Line .....£16.25 Hardball 2 ....£16.25 Harley Davidson ......£19.49 Heroes (Compilation) ....£19.99 Heroes Quest ...£22.79 Indiana Jones ...£13.99 Imperium £16.25 Kick Off 2 & World Cup 90 .£16.25 Lost Patrol ....£16.25 Manhunter San
Francisco ...£19.49 Midwinter ....£16.25 Red Storm Rising .....£16.25 Resolution 101 .£16.25 Rotox .....£16.25 Shadow of the Beast II with T Shirt...£28.99 Storm Across Europe .....£21.99 Their Finest Hour .....£19.99 Thunderstrike ...£16.25 Turricane £12.75 Ultima V ..£19.50
Unreal . £19.99 Venus Fly Trap ...£12.99 PLEASE ASK FOR DETAILS OF ANY GAME NOT LISTED AMIGA BOOK SPECIALS Advanced Amiga Basic .....£16.49 3D Graphics Programming in Basic...£16.99 Amiga Applications £14.49 Amiga Assembly Language Program £11.49 Amiga Basic - Inside and Out £17.99 Amiga C for Beginners ...£14.49 Amiga C for Advanced Programmers..£27.99 Amiga Disk Drives - Inside and Out..£24.99 Amiga DOS - A Dab Hand Guide £13.99 Amiga DOS Quick Reference Guide ..£8.99 Amiga for
Beginners ......£11.99 Amiga Graphics Inside & Out £25.99 Amiga Hardware Reference Manual £20.99 Amiga Machine Language ..£12.49 Amiga Programmers Handbook £22.99 Amiga ROM Kernel Libraries & Devs .£27.99 Amiga System Programmers Guide...£28.99 Amiga Advanced Systems Prog Guide £25.49 Amiga Tricks and Tips .....£13.99 Amiga More Tricks and Tips £16.49 Computes First Book Of The Amiga..£13.99 Computes Amiga Programmers Guide.£15.99 Beginners Guide to the Amiga £13.99 Elementary Amiga Basic .£12.49 Inside Amiga
Graphics ...£14.49 Kids and the Amiga-Kids 8 to 80......£13.49 Programmers Guide to the Amiga....£22.49 Using Deluxe Paint 2nd Edition £17.49 Amiga Desktop Video Guide £15.99 Kickstart Guide to the Amiga £13.99 Learning C - Programming Graphics..£16.99 Inside the Amiga with C .£18.99 Becoming An Amiga Artist .£15.99 be quite familiar to Basic programmers everywhere, with the exception of the last one, used to make the story restart.
LOGIC: | Testing condi- , » * tions for tough uyn H programs. AND, _j QR N0T' X0R- wmmimmmam equal, less, LESS EQUAL, GREATER and GREAT EQUAL situations can all be tested by Viva quite happily.
MATH: Probably the weakest part of Viva, but then again it’s not supposed to do number crunching. CONSTANTS and VARIABLES can be used, and various operations can be performed on them: ADD, SUBTRACT, MULTIPLY, DIVIDE, SQUARE, INC, DEC, MODULUS. RANDOM numbers are also availabl, which could come in handy.
Setting up the story. Different COLORS (the USA makes its presence felt, doesn’t it?) Can be chosen, and NEWSCREEN can select different picture configurations. Finally, the powerful CHAIN command can be used. This clears the present Viva story out of memory, and loads and runs a new one. Which means (in theory) that, by using different modules and making sure there’s a path between them - which is what interactive multi hyper media is all about - Viva stories can be as big as you want. No limits folks?
Limitations Not many of these at all. The well worn route of Amiga animation routines (.ANIM files) are supported, but the manual only tells you how to go to an animation creator, not how to include ANIM files in your story. I was relieved to find the feature there.
Overlaying computer animation on top of real world moving images is a powerful facility indeed, and for a while I thought I'd have to moan.
Also, some of the Input Output routines work too slowly when you’re using computer graphics with lots of colours. Speech is especially limited, with a maximum of 8 onscreen colours available to retain the feature.
The style that the 263-page manual was written in is a little heavy.
Who would say “It is said that when teaching concepts, you should always use graphics?” Human beings say “A picture tells a thousand words”.
Apart from the excessive price of £299.95, that's all I've got to say about the program that's bad.
Good Points Something else to remember is that programming with icons is different to actually physically writing programs using script. It takes time to learn but if you're used to it then it’s much faster. Viva supports keys for selecting icons, which does speed up the process some more.
For program debugging, you can print out a simple script version of the program. A program is much easier to debug from a text desciption than ploughing through hundreds of icons pasted onto a storyboard.
Therefore from the programming point of view Viva can quickly lay out your ideas and get something visible, but getting all the bugs out is just as tedious a job as ever. Development time is still speeded up though, and by having a graphical (maybe iconical is a better word) view of the program debugging is perhaps a little easier.
The manual is extremely thorough in its approach. It really does teach you how to use the program step by step. If you've never programmed you’ll find it slow at first, but anybody with a passing familiarity to the ideas (start, process, make decision, action, finish) will be able to use Viva within a short time.
As well as being thorough, the manual does contain a lot of relevant information for the Viva user. Names and addresses of companies and products are listed (those who supply video digitizers, sound samplers and so on). They’re all American though, so it would be worthwhile to see if the same or similar products are available over on this side of the pond.
The glossary is pretty informative too: interactive media is laced with jargon like CAV, CBT, CLV and ADPCM are a few of the strange concepts explained in English.
Verdict If you are serious about programming interactive video on your Amiga and are in a position to spend lots of dosh, splash some on this. It really is easy to use. Mixing graphics, sound and getting user participation is exactly what Viva thrives on.
If and when CDTV finally becomes available, I can see a lot of people going for Viva to develop laserware for it. It needs a lot of hardware, software and effort to get really spectacular effects, but the potential of this program is vast.
LEFT: Another Viva application, this time intended to help the user browse satellite images. The graphic interface makes the choice of information much, much easier.
VIVA All Amigas, 2Mb and hard drive required ¦ £299.95 ¦ Microdeal Ltd 0726 68020 VIVA PROFESSIONAL There will also be an updated version of Viva, going by the name of Viva Professional. As well as all the features mentioned here, it will also have file keeping (for swapping variables between different stories) and a built in expert system text data handler. Expect to see it around Christmas, as Michtron are pretty confident that it will be finished by then.
A. D Ski Sim ....4.99 After The
War ...13.90 Airborne Ranger ......16.90
American Dreams ...16.90 AMIGA SECOND DRIVE with The
Beast RVF Honda Kick Off Battle Squadron ONLY £99.00 Adidas
Ch. Football 16.90 Ant Heads (1 meg) ..11.99
Aquanaut .....16.90
Armada .19.90 Alladins Magic
Lamp 8.99 Bad Company ..16.90 Budokan
..16.90 BMX Simulator ...4.99
Balance Of Power 90.....16.90 Lords Rising Sun ..
...19.90 Lost Patrol ....16.90 Manchester
United.... ...16.90 Tusker ....16.90
Mechanicus . .....8.99 Microprose Soccer....
....16.90 Midwinter ....19.90 Matrix
Marauders ....13.90 Nervermind ..
....13.90 Nuclear War . ...16.90 North &
South ..... ...16.90 Oil Imperium ...... ...16.90
Op.Thunderbolt . ...16.90 P47 Thunderbolt .
...16.90 Phantasie 3 ... ...16.90 Pinball
Magic ...... ...16.90 Postman Pat ..
.....8.99 Prince ...16.90 Pro. Tennis
Tour ... ...16.90 Puffys Saga ... ...16.90
Rainbow Island ... ...16.90 Reach For The Stars....
...16.90 Realm Of Trolls .... .....8.99 Red
Lightning ...... ...19.90 Renaissance ..
...13.90 Future Bike .....6.99 Robocop
.. ...16.90 Turbo Cup .
.....4.99 Safari Guns ...13.90
Sarcophaser .. .....8.99 Sherman
M4 .. ...16.90 Silent Setvice
...16.90 Sim City ..... ...19.90
Skidz .. ...13.90 Space Harrier
2 .... ...13.90 Starblade .. ...16.90
Streetfighter .. .....8.99
Stryx ... ...13.90 Super League
Soccer.. ...16.90 Operation Stealth...... ...16.90 Sword Of
Sodan . ...16.90 Beast 2 phone
Beyond Dark Castle .19.90 Black
Tiger ....16.90
Boradino ......19.90
Klax 13.90
L. Suit Larry 3 26.90 Life &
Death .16.90 Last Ninja
2 ...19.90 Dragons of Flame ....16.90
Carrier Command ....16.90 Champions Of Krynn.....19.90
Captain Blood 4.99
Conqueror ...16.90 Cloud
Kingdoms .....16.90 Damocles .....16.90
Demons Tomb .16.90 Demons
Winter 16.90 Double Dragon 2 ....13.90
Dragon Scape ..13.90 Dragons
Breath .19.90
Drakken .19.90 Dungeon Master (1
D. Master Editor ..8.99
D. Master Hint Book ...8.99 Dyter
07 13.90 East v
West ...16.90 Eagles
Nest ....4.99 Singes
Castle 35.99 F29
Retaliator 16.90 F16
Falcon ....19.90 Falcon
Miss.Disc .....13.90 F19 Stealth Fighter ...19.90
F. Ball Manager 2 ......13.90 Future
Wars ..16.90 Gold Of Americas ..16.90
Heavy Metal .16.90
Infestation ....16.90 Midnight
Resistance 16.90 Italia
90 ...4.99 Jack Nicklaus
Golf ...16.90
J. Nicklaus Course 1 ..9.99 Kick Off
2 ....13.90 Red Storm Rising 16.90 Krypton
Egg .13.90 Karate Kid
2 ....3.99 Their Finest Hour ... 10 90
Unreal .. 19 90
Turrican ...... 13 90 Ultimate
Golf .. 16 90 Vulcan . 13
90 Warhead .... 16 90
Wanted ...... 8 99
Waterloo .... 16 90
W. Gretzky Ice Hockey.
.16.90 Windwalker 19 90 World Boxing Manager .13.90 World Tour Golf .... 8 99 X-Out .. 13 90 Xenon 2 ..... 16 90 Bomber Mission Disc... 11 90 Cyberball ... 13 90 Fright Night 3 99 Treasure Trap .. 16 90 Pirates .. 16 90 World Cup Soccer 16 90 Turn-lt .. 13 90 Theme Park Mystery..... 16 90 Shadow Warriors .. 16 90 Sly Spy 16 90 Screaming Wings .. 8 99 Ultima 5 ...... 19 90
Revolution 101 ...... 16 90 Player Manager ...... 13 90 Manic Miner ... 8 99 Treasure 1.Dizzy ... 4 99 Outlaw 4 99 Colorado ..... 16 90 Dan Dare 3 .. 13 90 Jumping Jackson ... 13 90 Harley Davidson .... 19 90 MAIL ORDER PRICES ONLY SHOP PRICES VARY Defenders of Earth.... ....13.90 Impossamole ..... ....13.90 Venus Fly Trap .... ....13.90 Tennis Cup .. ....16.90 Persian Gulf Inf ... ....16.90 Xenomorph ....16.90 E-Motion . ....16.90
Hammerfist . ....16.90 Time Soldier ....16.90 Hot Rod .. ....16.90 Stella Crusade .... ....28.99 It Came F.T. Desert...... ....19.90 Super Cars ... ....13.90 Ivanhoe ... ....16.90 Joan of Arc . ......8.99 TV Sport Basketball... ....19.90
UPGRADES DOWN IN PRICE Without Clock..49.95 With Clock 57.95 With D.Master..69.95 Cfock D.Master79.95 With Dr.Lair .....79.95 Clock Dr.Lair ...89.95 NEW WITH KICK OFF 2 PHONE PLEASE ADD £1.00 P&P TO ALL ORDERS BUSINESS SOFTWARE Protext V4.2 ... 64 95 Prodata 57 95 Publishers Choice . 79 95 Amas Midi Int & S . 74 95 Digicalc ...... 96 95 Cashbook Controller.... 35 99 DevPac 2 .... 49 95 X-Cad Designer ..... 99 99 Pagesetter 2 ... 79 95 AMIGA A500 FLIGHTS OF FANTASY INC. 10 BLANK DISCS
£379.00 ALSO FITTED 1 UPGRADE & DUNGEON MASTER JOYSTICKS Cheetah 125+ 7.95 Pro 5000 13.95 Konix Speedking 9.95 Speedking Auto .....11.95 Navigator .....13.95 Cruiser .....9.50 Cruiser Auto .12.50 Jetfighter ......14.95 Cheetah Mach 1 ......10.50 Data 1 ......7.95 Mr Crystal .....15.99 Comp. Pro Extra ......15.95 Ergostik .17.99 Superboard .19.99 ACCESSORIES Contriver
Mouse .....27.95 Naksha Mouse ..39.95 Power Supplies 47.95 Mouse J. Stick Split ..7.99 Mono Digitiser .27.95 Stereo Digitiser 39.95 Mini Amp. & Speakers...44.95 Seal & Type ..12.50 Printer Lead - ..5.99 Joystick Ext. Lds .5.99 4 Player Adaptor 5.99 Scart Lead ....12.99 Star LC 10 Printer ...179.00 Dust Cover .....4.99 Disc Box (80-100) .....9.99 Stackable Disc Box .12.50
3. 5" Drive Cleaner .....4.95 Ribbon
Re-Fresh .7.99 Ribbons From 3.25
60g Cont. Paper2000.....16.50 80g Cont. Paper2000.....24.50
Vidi (Pal Version) ....99.00 Mono
Digitiser .24,99 Stereo
Digitiser 34.95 Midi Interface
2 ......34.95 Screen Filter .15,99
Mouse House 3.99 Philips CM8833 Colour Stereo
Monitor ......255.00
5. 25 Ext. Drive 129.00 Printer
Stand 10.99 T&T Monitor Stand ..18,99
Address Labels 1000 5.99 Mouse
Mats ...4,99 Cleaning
29046 FAX 0695 50673 ifl 24 HOURS Lor Access The New Way To
Buy Amiga Hardware & Software Call Now For Free Catalogue.
Best Prices - Expert Advice ¦ UK Spec Stock Athene Computers, 16 Stoke Road, Gosport, Hants P012 1JB Tel 0705 511439 Fax 0705 511646 VISA A500, B2000,3000 Now On Display Full Range Star Printers Load up a trolley of goodies at the Computer Shopper Show Last year a lucky reader got the chance to load up a trolley full of goodies at the Computer Shopper Show. It was so popular that we’ve decided to do it again this year, so that another winner can charge round the show grabbing-gear off loads of stands and piling it up high in a shopping trolley.
The winner will have five minutes to race around getting a couple of items off the stand of each participating exhibitor. Three runners-up will also receive a pair of tickets to the show. Once again we want you to demonstrate your bargain hunting ability by looking through the pages of this issue of Amiga Format to track down the best prices on the following list of products:
1. 10 blank 3.5” disks
2. 1084 monitor
3. A1010 second disk drive Once you’ve found them, write the
prices and where in the magazine you found them on the back of
a postcard or stuck-down envelope and send it to: Shopper
Comp, Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath BA1 2BW. The
entries should reach us by October 17th and don't forget to
include your name, address and phone number on the postcard.
THE COMPUTER SHOPPER SHOW The show takes place at the Wembley Conference Centre, Wembley, London HA9 ODN from 6-9th December. Admission prices are £5 for adults, £3.50 for under 16s, £1 off for advance tickets and £12 for prepaid family tickets (2 adults, 2 children). The show is open 10am-6pm on Thursday and Friday, 9am-6pm on Saturday and 10am-5pm on Sunday.
THE PRIZES Exhibitors at the show who will be providing prizes are as follows: A&S Distribution, Advantage, Bits *n’ Bytes, Blackstuff, CDS Software, Care Electronics, Caspell Computer Services, Computer Manuals, Database Software, Digita International, Dowling Computers, Evesham Micros, GFA Data Media, HiSoft, MD Office Supplies, Media Direct, Media Value, Mediaware, Miles Better Software, Mutant Software, NASA Promotions, Proton Software, Public Dominator, Riverdene PDL, SDL, The Software Squad, Turbosoft, Westoning.
RULES Employees of Future Publishing and participating companies are not allowed to enter. The judges' decision is final. No correspondence will be entered into. Entries written on wet fish will still not be accepted.
MINIAMP 4 LESS SPEAKERS.... £29.99 4m.
• VERY HIGH SAMPLE RATES 500KHz (Amiga & software dependent)
• EASILY ADJUSTED INPUT LEVEL CONTROL (no screwdriver required)
Perfect Sound, Future Sound, Prosound, Quasar Sound, etc etc
printer lead is connected to the sampler via our low cost
AUTOMATIC PRINTER ADAPTOR, then whenever you want io print just
switch the printer on-line. Switch it off-line to use the
sampler - what could be simpler.
COST £84.99 £99.99 £79.99 ALSO AVAILABLE... CUMANA CAX354 QTEC
HOW TO ORDEB BY POST: Make cheques POs payable to TRILOGIC,
adding 75p post & packing if your order total is less than
£15.00 BY PHONE: on 0274 - 691115. Phone your order before 2pm,
quoting your Access or Visa number & we'll despatch it the same
day (unless the item is out of stock). (You’re not charged
until your order is despatched.)
BY FAX: on 0274 600150. Quote your card number & full order & delivery details. (You’re not charged until your order is despatched.)
EXPORTS A SPECIALITY By post Send payment in sterling made payable to TRILOGIC, adding £1.99 for surface mail or £3.99 for airmail.
Or by phone using Mastercard or Visa.
CALLERS ARE WELCOME please phone first to check availability.
TRILOGIC, Dept. A.F., Unit 1, 253 New Works Road, Bradford, BD12 OQP • Tel 0274 691115 Fax 0274 600150 1 Explore Virtual Reality!
ALTERNATIVE IMAGE Step into the picture with Vista’s camera What you set is what you get.
HAVE YOUR OWN AMIGA GRAPHICS OR ANIMATIONS OUTPUTTED ONTO 35MM SLIDE FILM OR VIDEOTAPE BUREAU SERVICE Have your own Amiga graphics outputted onto 35mm slide AH resolutions except overscan and halfbrite - send for disk with safe areas and examples.
UNMOUNTED PRICE 1 .... £5.00 Please ring 2-10 . £4.00 to 11 -20 ...... £3.00 Discuss 20+ ... £2.00 Requirements Prices inc. VAT & 1st class postage in UK.
(Glass mounts 30p extra per slide) ANIMATIONS DIRECT ONTO VIDEOTAPE Also IFF to BVU SP VIDEOTAPE Have your animations outputted, via broadcast quality equipment, onto most formats of videotape.
We can run your animation files directly onto tape.
MINIMUM CHARGE - £10 (INCLUDES VAT, POSTAGE, VHS TAPE ONLY) Crater Lake National Park ""*• 4 Billion Imaginary Fractal Landscapes Creates Frames for Animation ""*• Intuitive Interface Landscape Featuring Control Yosemite Crater Lake Mt. St. Flelens ""*¦ Mons Olympus (Mars) For the professional approach we can render IFF fifes frame-by-frame onto tape for true 25 frames per second animation, using specialy designed Hardware and Software.
50p PER FRAME (+ VAI, POSTAGE, TAPE) 1 meg required • 2.0 compatible • List price $ 99.95 VirtuaC ‘Hgatiky Laboratories, Inc. 2341 Ganador Court, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 805 545-8515 Reality prime will never look the same again!
PLEASE RING TO DISCUSS YOUR REQUIREMENTS MANY EXTRAS ON REQUEST MONEY WITH ORDER Allow 1 week for processing and delivery We accept cheques postal orders made payable to: ALTERNATIVE IMAGE PRODUCTIONS 6 LOTH AIR ROAD, AYLESTONE LEICESTER LE2 7QB (0533) 440041 FAX (0533) 440650 The Amiga to video - professional animation system Unattended single frame rendering of Amiga images and animations.
Image based edit system with cut, copy and paste.
Powerful on-line help system.
Video utilities toolbox including clock, colour bars.
.... .
Video tagging HeS!
Preview modes On screen deck control with time code support.
No modification to video deck necessary.
SCREEN SHOT OF SIMPATICA MULTI TASKING WITH DELUXE PAINT HI For further details contact Stan Hearle on Tel: (0268) 289384 Fax: (0268) 534069 ARTBEAT COMPUTER GRAPHICS LTD, 2 WICKHAM PLACE, BASILDON, ESSEX, SS16 5UN An Artbeat Computer Graphics Ltd Digigraphics Ltd Product.
Ail Prices inc VAT Please add £2.96 P&P per Order Next Day delivery £10.00
U. K. ORDERS ONLY ES QUALITY GUARANTEE All our products carry our
full replacement no quibble guarantee REMEMBER !!!
We only supply Quality Beware of cheap imitations TELESALES HOTLINES 0782 208228 Access STACKABLE STORAGE BOXES BANXBOX holds 90 3.5“disks can be stacked horizontally and vertically 1 off ......£9.00 each 3+ ..£8.50 each 5+ ..£8.00 each THE AMAZING POSSO BOX holds 150 3.5" disks & can be stacked horizontally or vertically only £15.95 AMAZING OFFERS ON
3. 5" DSDD DISKS 25 DSDD 135 tpi ....£10.95 50
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pq-l qr 2x100 CAP. BOXES AMIGA 512K (0.5 meg.)
RAM EXPANSION only £35.00 (including battery backed clock & disable switch) KICKSTART CARD £19.95 VIRUS PROTECTOR...£19.95 BOOT SELECTOR £14.93 DATEL ACTION REPLAY (The ultimate cartridge) only £57.95 LIMITED OFFER ONLY BRANDED DISKS SONY or VERBATIM 100 3.5" DSDD only £69.95 100 5.25" DSDD only £59.95 SWTTCHES AND CABLES 2 WAY DATA SWITCHES:- SERIAL £12.95 PARALLEL £12.95 PAR. PRN CABLES...£7.95 **
3. 5" HIGH DENSTTY DISKS All disks 100% cert. & error free
10. .£9.95
25. ...£24.45
50. ...£47.50
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100. ...£89.95 inc. Labels
5. 25- DSDD DISKS All disks 100% cert. & error free
50. .....£12.95
100. .....£23.95
150. .....£35.25
200. .....£45.95 Labels &Envelopes supplied
5. 25- DSHD DISKS All disks 100% cert. & error free
50. .....£22.45
100. .....£43.95
150. .....£62.95
200. .....£79.95 Labels &Envelopes supplied
3. 5'DSDD
25. ..£13.25
50. ..£24.45
75. ..£36.95
100. ..£46.95
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500. £199.95
1000. ...£369.95 RAINBOW PACK DISKS (Red, Green,
Blue, Yellow, Orange & White)
3. 5" DSDD (100% error free) 25 DSDD 135tpi £15.45
50 DSDD 135tpi £29.45 75 DSDD 135
tpi ......£42.95 100 DSDD 135 tpi ....£55.95
5. 25 DSDD (100% error free) 25
DSDD £10.45 50
DSDD £18.95 75
DSDD £27.95 100
3. 5" 100 CAPACITY £5.50
3. 5- 50 CAPACITY £5.00
5. 25-100 CAP AC ITY.... £5.50 All the above have lock & dividers
3. 5" 10 CAPACITY £0.95 or 10 for .£7.50 AMIIGA
3.5“ EXTERNAL DRIVE Slimline and very quiet only £59.95 FOR
3. 5" DSDD 135tpi DISKS
500. ... £187.50
750. .£269.95
1000. ......£330.00 ATARI 3.5“ EXTERNAL
DRIVE Slimline and very quiet (Requires no external power
supply) only £59.95 £1:00 off
* * Standard 50 or 100 capacity boxes when purchased with disks
POCKETS . .....£1.50
3. 5“ CLEANING KIT ......£1.8C
5. 25“ CLEANING KIT ..... ......£1.8C AMIGA DUST
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PC SOFTWARE The Tipster This HORSE RACING software was used to
select the 100 1 NORTONS COIN outsider in this years GOLD CUP.
Data for this program requires the RACING POST. An
INTERNATIONAL version is available for AMIGA & ATARI computers
using the DAILY MIRROR for data on UK races.
£39.99 A520 Modulator .. £17.99 Genuine Commodore 1 Year Warranty Prices include VAT & P&P.
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Tel: (0332) 291219 £29.95 The punter Let your computer WIN THE POOLS for you with our latest software. We have used the same sums that the TIPSTER proves can beat the odds to give you a better chance with on any pools coupon. The AUSTRALIAN version is included on the disk which also contains the LATEST ENGLISH leagues.
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Save £5.00 if you buy both THE TIPSTER and THE PUNTER at the same time.
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Type through cover which fits over the keyboard and protects it from spillages, dust, etc, giving your keyboard all the protection it needs.
Doesn't affect typing. Moulded to fit over every key.
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AMIGA RRP 688 Attack Sub ...24.99. Aadides CV p F 6ai 24 99 AMOS Ibe Oe.'TOf 49 99 Ars'chy 19 99 Apprentice 19 99 A'Tioiite 19 99 Acr-o My -e Coipi 2-1 95 3cC to me -ut.,re 2 24 99 Battlernas'er 25 99 Beast 2 34 99 Blace Wa- or 24 99 Bloekou 24 99 Bomber Mission Disk(1Mb)...14.99. Combo Racer ......24.99. Corporation .24.99. Cyberball .....19.99. Damocles .....24.99. Days of Thunder .34.99. Escape Robot Monsters 19.99. Escapolosy ..24.99. F19
Stealth Fishter ..29.99. F29 Retaliator ......24.99. Falcon Mission Disk II .....19.99. Fishter Bomber..., ...29.99. Final Battle ....24.99. Final Command ...24.99. Flimbo's Quest ...24.99. Flood 24.99. OUR AMIGA .16.10 Future Basketball .16.10 Ghosts 'n1 Goblins(1 MB)... .34.95 Harley Davidson .13.10 Heroes Quest .... .13.10 Heroes (Compilation) ... .13.10 Imperium .... .16.10 Internat. 3D
Tennis . .16 10 -araai ,19 35 ic Q“ 2 .2295 Klf-x ,16 10 Knight of I egenc .16 10 Last N -,3 I .10 25 I eger.c of Faerg ,16 10 Mar Chester United 16 1C Mach;.n:er 2 ,13 10 Mai: x Ma'auaers .16 10 M d' ght Res stance .52 95 Mdwinter .'3*0 NeC'Onom 16 10 On era Games ,19 35 Pirates 16 10 Ra ' bow Islands 16 10 Rorke's Drift 19 35 S dcow Warriors 16 10 Sly Spy 16 10 Star Blade
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16. 10 Thunderstrike ...... RRP .24.99 .19.99
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29. 99.
24. 99. OUR ..16.10 ..13.10
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inclusive of postage THE OUR PRIORITY : GAMEPLAY "From my point
of view, the game has kept me sitting up at nights and through
holidays ana weekends for up to 12 hours at a ATARI stretch,
with minuscule breaks for food and other necessities. USER It
is a game I have no hesitation in recommending to REVIEW anyone
with even the slightest interest in American Football.
IBM PC: Hercules, CGA, EGA, VGA 5V*" or 3V2" disk £29.95 ATARI ST: All Sts, TV Mono Colour monitors £19.95 AMIGA: Release date 21st September. £19.95 HEADCOACH V.3 THE GAME Headcoach is the complete American Football simulation. You take charge of the latest recruit to the National Football League, and through skillful design of gameplans and the use of the college draft, build up a 45 man squad to keep your fans happy and win the Superbowl.
Unlimited seasons, and aging players, produce a realistic game of fluctuating fortunes.
THE MATCH The match is a game in itself taking about 40 minutes to complete. With 26 offensive plays and 21 defensive plays, there is ample scope to match your gameplan to the skills of your squad, and exploit the weaknesses of your opposition. It's here where the strengths and weaknesses of your own players are highlighted.
European orders: add £1.50 for airmail delivery.
TRAINING CAMP Here is an opportunity to assess your players before they take the field. The appropriate coach will give you his view of the current form of any of the players and how they are performing in training. The current sharpness of any player can be assessed from their time in the 40 yard dash. Wide receivers, cornerbacks, running backs and linebackers are all positions where speed off the mark is crucial.
Available direct from: The Midnight Oil, Dept AF1, 18 Hazelmere Road, Stevenage, 0438 Herts SG2 8RX 721 936 COLLEGE DRAFT During the 16 match season, plus whatever playoff matches you achieve, you will find yourself praying for a second classy running" back or wide receiver, or need to beef up your offensive line (too many sacks). There can be many weaknesses. The college draft should be used to find those stars of the future and make sure that they're playing for you.
STATISTICS The statistics section will encapsulate your team's, and your player's, season. Total yards, rushing yards, passing yards, kick-off returns, punt returns (and averages for all these), interceptions, sacks all these are kept for each match, the whole season, for the team, and for each player. MVP votes are accumulatedforthe season. American Football is a game of stats and this simulation sustains that.
The mogmine you con listen lo In Classic CD you don't just read about the best new classical music recordings - you listen to them too.
Every issue comes with a full-length compact disc featuring the pick of the latest releases: 70 minutes of outstanding music from the world's best performers.
It adds up to a remarkable package which will enrich your enjoyment of classical music and help you make the right choices as you build your CD collection.
Classic CD The new approach to classical music OVER 70 l W RECORDINGS REVIEWED l D Ryli'.D A full length CD with every Issue 14 MAJOR RELEASES: FELL DETAILS ON PAGE 58 Sir Georg Solti hk'“The more Bl ou conduct ; mi he more H've vaut in, dvr;. ¦ Nigel Kennedy Four Seasons The most Imaginative recording of the past few years + CD onr 12.15!
We also have cheats, tips and hints for 100's of arcade games for all computers and consoles!
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Over 1000 satisfied customers - including Psygnosis (Shadow of the Beast) and RGB Studios (Real Things).
CLIP ART Almost 2000 mono IFF line art pictures on 7 disks! Ideal for DTP, Deluxe Paint, Photon Paint, Pen Friend, animations etc. Hundreds of subjects covered! Available only from Photofile for just £35.00 Digitising costs - £1.75 per colour picture and £1.25 per b&w, picture, HAM, Halfbrite, Lo-res, High-res.
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Send £3.00 for our demo disk of digitised images or an SAE for our advice and information sheet.
Please make cheques P.Os payable to Photofile, PO Box 503, Headington, Oxford, OX3 8TL Phone (0865) 742182 for enquiries or Access Visa orders.
Graphics House. 3-6 Collinwood Road, Headington Oxford.
ST & Amiga Digitising Service PHOTOFILE Greater London Computers AMIGA 3000 16 Mhz 40Mb £2499.00 25 Mhz 40Mb £2999.00 25 Mhz lOOMb £3299.00 (Prices exclude VAT) Special Introductory Offers FREE 15" Multisync Monitor; or other packs available, call for details.
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For information on any of these call Mike on our Sales Line Star Printers: LC-10 LC-10 Colour LC-24 10 £179.95 £219.95 £249.95 AMIGA Software PageSetter II £ 79.95 Professional Page £ 229.95 Outline Fonts £ 149.95 (for PageSetter & Pro Page) Comic Setter £ 39.95 Transcript £ 39.95 Deluxe Paint III £ 69.95 Deluxe Video III £ 69.95 Music X £ 129.95 Sonix £ 29.95 (Limited Stocks) Publishers Choice f 99.95 Lattice C v5.0 £ 199.95 EZ-Grade £ 49.95 (Database & Spreadsheet for Teachers) Plus many others.
AMIGA Hardware A-Max £ 249.95 (Mac Emulator + ROMs) X-Copy II £ 19.95 (With Hardware) 512 Kb RAM Packs No Clock £ 39.95 Clock £ 49.95 CBM A501 £ 89.95 Disk Drives CBMA1011 £ 99.95 CBMA1010 £ 84.95 Greater London Computers 481 Hale End Road, Highams Park, Chingford, London. E4 9PT Delivery is free on all orders, Credit Card orders can be phoned to our Sales line on.
081-527-0405 or Faxed to us on 081-503-2341 For further information on Mindscape products and your local dealer; contact: The Coach House, Hooklands Estate, Scaynes Hill, West Sussex RH17 7NG:Tel (044 486) 761 The quest for freedom!
When you can't remember who you are, where you are and even what year it is, then you know trouble cannot be too far away... Held Captive for two hundred years in an orbiting space prison for a crime you didn't commit, you are from your electronic gaol.
Armed only with a briefcase computer found in the comer of your cell, you start sending out electronic SOS calls to the battling world outside.
Eventually you find a : : motley crew of four droids ready to help bring about your escape.. ..so begins your quest for freedom!
INTERNATIONAL Some of you may be reading your copy of Amiga Format at the CES. So you’ve wandered around buying a veritable fistful of games and are looking forward to playing them to death. But you won’t be able to get anywhere without MAFF EVANS and his amazing dancing clothes horse. No, no I mean Gamebusters. Yeah, that’s it.
DAMOCLES Chaos! Mayhem! Destruction!
Death! Wuuaaarrgh! Hold on... calm down a bit... that’s better.
Anyone out there attempting to save Eris from destruction by the mighty comet Damocles, fear not!
Just have a shuftie at these nice tips to help you through.
Whatever mission you decide to follow, there are some things you absolutely have to do to begin with to get anywhere.
Once you have landed on Eris, head for the Spaceport building and go in to pick up the key to the VIP Limo. Follow the instructions that Benson gives you until you reach the State President’s humble abode. Take the lift to the second floor and go through the red door at the end of the corridor into the State President’s office.
At first he will offer you
100. 000-00 IGCs to destroy the comet, but if you hold out for
long enough he will push his offer up to
250. 000-00. Accept this amount when asked then go back to the
lift and head for the basement.
Take the key to the Eagle 9SE and go back out to your limo. Take the road opposite to the Morby School of Flying. Once there leave the limo, dumping its key, and board the Eagle craft.
Fly to the Eris Post Office on Snow Island, which is found at coordinates 007-507, 03-00. Enter the building and go through the door on the right. There you will find a cupboard, which is actually Nova Trigger 2. Pick it up and leave the building, flying your ship back to Capital City.
THE NOVA Find the elevator at coordinates (017-281, 09-02) and go down to the basement to pick up the Anti-Grav. Get back to your ship and fly to another elevator in sector 11-08. Once there, leave your ship and pick it up (no, I’m not crazy... that’s what the Anti- Grav is for).
Go down the lift to the basement where you will find Transporter 5. Step through to warp to Transporter 3. Once there, take the lift down to the ground floor and go outside. Drop your ship and board it quickly, otherwise you will suffocate. Now you will be on Metis (Eris’ red moon).
Fly to the Nixon Interstellar Court of Justice at sector 05-06 and and land as close the doors as you possibly can. Leave your ship and quickly walk through the doors. Once inside walk towards the table. As you reach the table, the wall behind it should start to open to reveal a secret room.
Enter the room to find a washbasin, which is in fact Nova Trigger 4. Collect it, leave the building and board your ship.
Fly west back to 05-06 and land. Pick up your ship and enter the elevator, taking it up to the ninth floor. Use the Transporter to get to Transporter 0. Leave the room you are in and go through the door on the left. Here there should be a sideboard, which is Nova Trigger 1. Pick it up, leave the room and make your way back to the Transporter.
Now warp to Transporter 6 which should get you to Gaea (coordinates 064-439, 08-08).
Enter the lift and go down to the ground floor. Once you are outside, drop your ship and fly it to sector 05-06 and enter the building. Once inside, take the elevator to the ground floor and go through the doors in front of you. Take the bar of gold found there and leave the building.
Board your ship and fly to the Trading Post at coordinates 04-
06. Sell the gold for 45,000-00 then fly your ship to Mega
Trading at 05-06. Enter the building and follow the doors
round to the trading room, where you will find Nova Trigger
3 disguised as a Hi-Fi.
Pick up the Hi-Fi and get back to your ship.
Fly to UR City (the green island) and head for coordinates 264-326, 09-02. Land by the ele- THE ¦YU.
• • yi
- ¦ ; ’¦ml fsifvg
Original, Unique Roger Dean Design THE CONFLICT CONTINUES .
Painful memory. You try to forget the anguish of the past by concentrating on your prize for success in the bloody battle: the return of your humanoid body.
But as you slowly adjust to your newly-won physique, the pain you thought gone is about to return .. . The Beast Mage has kidnapped your sister! She must be rescued before she falls foul of his dark arts. You journey to a hostile alien world to face the malevolent hosts of the Beast Mage and interact with more friendly characters to learn of your unfamiliar surroundings.
You must fight your way through many enemy-infested levels collecting and using weapons and objects to aid your crusade towards confict with the Beast Mage... before he makes your sister his own!
Screen Shots from the Amiga version SEEING IS BELIEVING -- vator in that sector and go down to the basement. There should be a black and white thing there. This is the Nova Bomb itself. Pick it up and get back to your ship.
Take off, flying away from the planet's surface, and stop a second or two after you’ve left the atmosphere. Turn around so that Dalais is in the centre of your screen. If you look closely, you should be able to spot the planet Icarus to the left of Dalais. Fly straight towards it and land on the surface. If, at this point, you have less than one hour and 30 minutes left, then you must fly and land on Damocles before it hits Eris, if you have longer then stay on the surface of Icarus.
TRANSPORTERS Travelling through space in the normal way gobbles up your time rapidly (have a chat to Albert Einstein about this one), so use of the transporters is essential. Here is where to find those magic boxes: FLOOR TRANSPORTER PLANET OR MOON ISLAND OR BASE PLANET OR MOON COORDS CITY COORDS Fl 0 Gaea UR City 125-687 07-01 amm 1 Eris Bare Island 750-375 06-02 G 2 Dion Birmingham Island 793-574 03-14 1 3 Metis 616-511 00-06 9 4 Vesta Politburo City 264-326 04-06 B 5 Eris Capital City 017-283 11-08 B 6 Gaea Chaldea Metropolis 064-439 08-08 1 7 Logos 316-896 04-02 4 8 Bacchus Bacchus
Waystation 405-638 02-08 9 Mentor Mentor Waystation 689-316 09-07 Drop the Nova Bomb and fly away so that either Icarus or Damocles takes up about a third of the screen. Go through your inventory, switching the Nova Triggers on. This is done by hitting ‘enter’ when the trigger is in the inventory window, then pressing V to turn them on. When the last trigger is powered up, either Icarus will explode, sending the comet spinning away safely, or Damocles itself will be destroyed - depending on where the bomb was planted.
KEY PLANET OR MOON ISLAND OR BASE B C D E F Eris Bare Island Metis Dion Dion East Dion Birmingham Island Eris Capital City KEY FOR PLANET OR MOON ISLAND OR BASE If you’re having trouble finding the door keys that you need, then just follow this simple advice. All you need is some explosive and a timed detonator (get a grown-up to help you out with this one, kids - you know dangerous these explo- sivey things are). Set the timer to about 20 seconds and the power to three. Now stand in front of the door, select the explosive and press Drop the explosive and run away quick. You shouldn't need to
fly too far, but it’s better to be safe than sorry, as Karl Marx would say.
DOORS PLANET OR CITY MOON COORDS 750-375 617-510 810-566 793-571 018-284 VEHICLES PLANET OR MOON COORDS That’s all for you Damocles fans for now, but just watch out!
There will be more instalments to this thrilling story soon in a future issue of the one and only Gamebusters! Stay tuned for this word - you have been warned.
Stuart Nicholls, Fareham, Hampshire There were far too many letters sent in with Damocles tips to mention all the individual names, but a big thanks to everyone who bothered to send them!
COORDS FLOOR B G 9 2 06-05 01-03 06-00 03-14 15-12 CITY COORDS FLOOR FLOOD Poor old Quiffy. Gets out of one scrape into another only to get splatted by a psycho-teddy. Well now you cn relieve that headache tension with new improved Flood codes! No need to scrabble around looking for those question marks, here they are, ready sussed for you: 99 Chevy Eris Bare Island 750-375 22 CV Gaea Chaldea Metropolis 063-439 Best cup... Eris Capital City 017-284 Bullet Pan Pan Hades Labour Camp 103-689 Concord III Mentor Mentor Waystation 689-316 Eagle 9SE Eris Capital City 017-283 Targ Tourer
Vesta Politburo City 264-326 VIP Limo Vesta Politburo City 016-283 06-02 08-08 08-14 04-01 09-07 09-08 04-06 07-08 1 1 B 1 Some vehicles are at the same place as the keys, but most are to be found in locations other than those of the relevant keys: CITY COORDS FLOOR 07-01 06-03 02-08 09-08 03-14 07-07 99 Chevy Gaea UR City Bullet Thalia Thalia Base Camp Concord III Bacchus Bacchus Waystation Eagle 9SE Eris Capital City Targ Tourer Dion Birmingham Island VIP Limo Eris Capital City VEHICLE PLANET OR MOON ISLAND OR BASE PLANET OR MOON COORDS 125-687 489-044 405-638 017-283 793-574 017-283 LEVEL
PLANET OF THE ROBOT MONSTERS Having trouble with that big metal
b. .. er... horrid, nasty thing at the end of the level? Well
here is a method I really like: running away quickly without
fighting it! Here’s how to do it.
Choose a one player game (the cheat will not work in two player mode) and play the level as you usually would. When you reach the Reptillon, run past the robot to get to the doors and stand at the position marked X on the diagram that follows.
Once you are here, press the bomb key and waggle the joystick left and right. Keep dropping bombs and pushing against the door in this fashion and you will squeeze through the thin gap. This will work for all the Reptillon stages. Ah... follow that great old Monty Python and the Holy Grail adage... RUN AWAAAY!
ADDITIONAL TIPS BG1066 is the code which will get you past the security system at the Gemeinschaft bank, Comlink 6.0 can be downloaded from Yakuza.
The account number to siphon funds out of Gemeinschaft is 646328356481.
The fund number for Bank of Berne is 121519831200.
The ROM Construct code is 0467839.
Richard Jenkins, Great Barr, Birmingham Life is tough when you’re down on your luck in Chiba City. No money, no Cyberdeck and no ROM Constructs to help you. Well here’s a friend to guide you through the city’s perils: First up, go to Shin’s to pick up your UXB deck (dodgy as it is), then go to the Gentleman Loser and hack into Cheap Hotel’s database. Edit the bill so that you don’t owe them any money and order the caviar from room service. Now edit the bill again to cancel the cost.
Pick up your order from the; Cheap Hotel itself and then make; your way to Crazy Edo’s. Give him the caviar and he will give you LINK CODE CHEAPO REGFELLOW CONSUMEREV ASANOCOMP WORLDCHESS CHAOS BOZOBANK HOSAKACORP SOFTEN FUJI KEISATSU HITACHIBIO MUSABORIND LOSER EASTSEABO D BANKGEMEIN VOYAGER YAKUZA As soon as you get chance, hack into Hosaka and put yourself on the payroll, then go and pick: your check up from the building in the high-tech zone.
Open an account with the Bank of Zurich, then use the link code to hack into Bank Gemeinschaft and transfer the $ 30,000 to your Zurich account.
Buy yourself a Cyberspace; deck (a Shogun is pretty nifty little number). Going into Crazy Edo’s: and calling him a gnat’s eyeball is: a way of getting it cheap.
Get Larry Moe arrested by editing a Tactical Police warrant (you can get his BAMA ID number from FUJI). You can now go past where Larry used to be and buy a Sense Net Pass from Lupus. Now go to Sense Net, use the pass and enter the ROM Construct code to get the Construct Go to see Emperor Norton at; the Matrix Restaurant (Shiva at the Gentleman Loser will give you the pass you need to get in) and; buy all his skills and upgrades.
Go to the Cheap Hotel and jack into Cyberspace to practice ICE Breaking (always use the ICE Breaking chip first). Various breaking software is available from Finn, but Blowtorch, Drill and: Probe are essential. If you can,: use a variety of software, as it is: much more effective against ICE.
The best software to use overall is definitely Depthcharge, Concrete and Logicbomb.
To complete the game, you need to destroy all the Als. This gets a bit complex when you get to Greystoke, as you need: Hemlock 1.0 to destroy him.
One very useful point to: remember is that Kuang Eleven Ben Davis, Dranfield, Sheffield PASSWORD COCKROACH VISITOR REVIEW VENDOR MEMBER MAINLINE Can only be accessed with Sequencer 1.0 FUNGEKI PERMAFROST UCHIKATSU SUPERTAC BIOTECH SUBARU LOSER LONG ISLAND VERBOTEN APOLLO YAK ON E AMIGA CLUB NUMB £ R ATTENTION ALL AMIGA OWNERS Join the Number One Amiga club today, and you can save hundreds of pounds off recommended retail prices.
Our special offer this month. STOP! Every new member who joins we will send you “FREE” Pioneer Plague (Mandarin Software. RRP £14.95). ONE YEARS MEMBERSHIP ONLY E7. THAT’S IT! NO COMMITMENTS LIKE OTHER CLUBS Join now. We promise you will not be disappointed Direct from West-Germany the N° I branded selling disk on the market ‘Edixa’ Top top quality, and every Edixa disk carries our lifetime warranty.
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Price per box 10
3. 5 inch DS DD lmeg ...'....£649 £4.99
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ACCESSORIES MEMBERS RRP MARAUDER II (INC. VAT The number one back-up program, already sold over 100.(XX) .... ..£14.99 £39.99 A500 512K RAM CARD + battery backed clock + On off switch. Uses low power 1 Meg Dram ... .£49.99 £79.99 VIDI AMIGA The Rombo Vidi Amiga is a low cost, high performance video frame grabber system which will interface to any video source camera, video-recorder etc .£99.95 £149.95 VIDI CHROME Vidi chrome is a powerful software package which utilises the
Vidi-Amiga hardware to digitalise stunning FULL COLOUR pictures in seconds from a static video source ...... £24.95 £39.95 JOYSTICKS MEMBERS RRP Competition Pro Extra (autofire) .... .....£12.99 £16.99 Competition Pro 5000 (black) .. £9.99 £14.99 Konix Speed King ...... £7.45 £9.99 Cheetah 125+ .... £6.99 £8.99 SPECIAL OFFERS GRAPHICS STARTER PACK 4 Fantastic graphics packs, ideal for beginners at a price you just can't refuse: AEGIS ANIMATOR: The classic animation software programme that
gives you the ability to control both the colour and the speed of the animation.
AEGIS IMAGES: Similar to Deluxe Paint. A great start for the person wanting to get into paints programme AEGIS DRAW: A computer aided design programme for creating scaled drawings.
AEGIS ARTPACK: This programme is for use with Animator and Images. Essential pictures for people that draw.
All this as one special offer for all club members.
R. R.P. £99.00 OUR MEMBERS PRICE: £29.99 BRAND NEW IN UK You can
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an Amiga A2000. Very easy to fit, you don’t need to be an
electrician or computer dealer to use it. It comes with clear
instructions and demonstration disk with full details.
MEMBERS PRICE £229.95 (inc VAT) GS 4500 An easy to handle handy scanner with 400 Dpi resolution enables you to reproduce graphic & text. You can now save images on a suitable format for most leading packages. The package includes a scanner, GS 4500, interface & scan edit software.
SPECIAL OFFER FOR COMPANY MEMBERS ONLY £149.95 (inc VAT) TOP AMIGA GAMES all price, include VAT r- 71 PRICE BUSTERS Action Fighter ...... ...6.99 Hcllfire Attack .... ....4.95 Starglider .....5.99
B. C. Football Fortunes .
...6.95 Lombard RAC Rally ... ....9.95 Star Wars Trilogy .....9.95 Baal .. ...7.45 Mindbreakcr ...... ....4.99 Technocop .. .....6.95 Bangkok Knights ... ...9.95 MrHeli .. ....5.95 Tcrrorpods .. .....7.99 Ballistix .... ...7.45
N. Mansel Grand Prix .. ....5.49 The 7 Cities Gold
....8.99 Battle Valley . ...7.95 Purple Saturn
Day ...... ....6.49 Tower of Babel ... ....8.95
Chronoquest II ..... ...9.45 Quartz
... ....5.95 Tracksuit Manager......
....9.95 Dragon Spirit . ...6.99 Return of the
Jcdi ....4.99 Time and Magic ..... ....6.45 First
Contact . ...1.99 Rocket Attack ....
....6.99 Virus ... ....6.99 Galaxy
Force . ..8.99 Savage ...
....5.95 Weird Dreams .... ....7.99 Global Commander
...... ..7.99 Shoot em-up Cons Kit .
.. 10.99 Wicked .. ....4.95 inc VAT E3 LF Tel. No J 688 attack sub .. members ..16.95 rrp
29. 95 Balance of Power 1990 .... ..16.95
29. 95 Battle Chess ..15.95
24. 95 Bomber ..... ..18.95
39. 99 Battle of Britain ... ..16.49
24. 99 Bridge Player 2150 .. ..18.45
29. 99 Budokan .... .. 15.95
24. 99 Chase HQ .. .. 15.99
34. 99 Chess Player 2150 ... .. 15.95
24. 95 Chess Champion 2175 ..... .. 17.95
24. 99 Cyberball ... ..12.95
19. 99 Collossus Chess X ... ..14.99
24. 99 Die Hard .... .. 15.95
24. 99 Double Dragon 2 .... .. 15.95
24. 99 Drakkhen ... ..19.95
39. 99 FI 6 Combat Pilot .... .. 15.95
24. 99 F29 Retaliator . ..15.49
24. 95 FI6 Falcon ..
29. 99 Flood ...... .. 16.95
24. 99 Flight Simulator 2 ... ..19.95
29. 95 Future Wars .. 15.95
24. 95 Grand Prix Circuit ... .. 15.95
24. 99 Iceman ...... .. 18.95
29. 99 Imperium .... .. 16.95
24. 99 Italia 1990 ... .. 15.95
24. 95 Kick Off 2 ... .. 13.95
19. 99 J. i MANY, Kings Quest 1, 2, 3 members ....
20.95 rrp
34. 99 Kings Quest 4 .... 20.95
34. 99 Leisure Suit Larry 2 ...... .... 21.95
34. 99 Leisure Suit Larry 3 ...... ....22.95
34. 99 Manhuntcr2 . .... 17.99
29. 95 Midwinter ... .... 17.99
29. 95 Ml Tank Platoon .. ....27.95
39. 99 Ninja Warriors .... .... 15.95
24. 99 Police Quest 2 ...... ....19.49
34. 95 Populous .. .... 15.95
24. 95 Pro Tennis Tour .. .... 15.95
24. 99 Pipemania .... 15.99
24. 99 Rainbow Island .... ....15.45
24. 95 Rotox ...... .... 16.99
24. 99 Shadow of Beast ... ....14.99
24. 99 Space Quest 2 ....19.99
34. 95 Space Quest 3 ...... .... 19.99
34. 99 Starflight 2 .... 15.95
24. 95 Test Drive 2 ... .... 15.95
24. 99 Thunderstrike ... 16.95
24. 99 Triad Comp Vol 3 .. ... 18.99
29. 99 Turbo Outrun ...... ... 15.99
24. 95 Ultima 5
29. 95 Untouchables . ... 15.99
24. 95 Warhead .. ...15.49
24. 95 Windwalker ... ... 16.95
29. 95 MANY MORE!
QUANTITY DESCRIPTION PRICE CU3 DELIVERY MEMBERSHIP TOTAL I enclose cheque PO for £_ or charge my Access Visa No: Exp. Date_ DELIVERY CHARGES Software: UK £1.00 EEC £2.00
C. Service hardware: UK £5.00 EEC £10.00 Normal delivery 1-4
working days.
All prices and supplies subject to change without notification.
Trading division of Nortek Computers Ltd.
Send to: Number One Amiga Club, Trafalgar House, Grenville Place, Mill Hill, NW7 3SA CALL FREE f 0800-898219 V Name_ Signature Address Postcode WITH A GOOD TRACK RECORD?
BYTE NUMBERVALUE ACTION MISSIONS BYTE NUMBER VALUE ACTION A3 01 rOl Find and destroy Constrictor r02 Find Thargoid Documents r03 Rescue Refugees r04 Destroy Cougar r05 Destroy Thargoid Station 12 OO-FF Create New Galaxy 13 OO-FF Create New Galaxy 18 FF Credits IF 46 7 Light years Fuel 23 02 Large Cargo Bay 24 01 ECM 26 01 Pulse Laser 2C 01 Escape Pod 2F 01 Energy Bomb 32 01 Docking Computer 34 03 Galactic Hyperdrive 36 01 Mining Laser 38 01 Military Laser 3F 01 Cloaking Device 40 01 Food 47 01 Textile 49 01 Radioactive Materials 4C 01 Slaves 50 01 Wine 54 01 Drugs 5C 01 Computers 63 01
Machinery 67 01 Alloys 69 01 Weapons 6C 01 Furs 72 01 Minerals 75 01 Gold 79 01 Platinum 88 01 Refugees 8C 01 Thargoid Documents 97 00 Clean Status 97 08 Elite Status Patrick Putteman, Brussels, Belgium ELITE Charlie’s in the light! Get those Claymores up! Incoming! Aaargh!
Sorry. I seem to be getting a bit carried away today. Ahem.
Keeping up your men’s strength and morale is vital. Giving your men 50 minutes’ rest at night, or during the day when it’s too dark to carry on, will slam your energy and morale levels to maximum. Even if you don’t have much food, you don’t need to worry, as your men will not eat it.
On reaching the first village (the first white cross on the map), search the area to find a hole in the ground where the villagers appear to be hiding. You then have two options: ENTER TUNNEL or USE GRENADES. Gomez is useful at this point, but if he is dead, go for the USE GRENADES option.
Start off questioning the villages normally, by asking them “Where VC?” Once you have an answer, start the hard questioning by saying “Get food”. Don’t spend too much time with questioning, or a village boy will get hold of a gun and shoot one of your men.
Got to go...the pick-up chopper’s arrived.
Mark Pearce, Pitsea, Essex An old game, I know, but it’s still a classic and people have been clamouring desperately down the phone for the cheat codes, so by popular request here they are.
To get into the hack screen, enter the name SARA when you are asked for the code from the book. You will then be told that this is wrong and will be asked to enter another code. Do so and get into the game.
Now pressing the * key will present you with the cheat screen, on which you can change values to have a dramatic effect on the game: The Final Tower iO 5 BLOODWYCH This is what we like to see - some nice maps drawn in Deluxe Paint. Sorry, but there just isn’t enough room to print them all, so we’ll just go for the biggy... the final tower! Da-da- daaa (dramatic music) SOME GENERAL HINTS If you are still unable to get to the last level, then you may need a few tips to get you started off, so here goes... If you’re patient enough, then a good way of starting is to recruit your way through all of
the Bloodwych characters taking their belongings, then dismissing them.
You can now sell all the weapons you don’t want, to end up with about 200 coinage. You will also have a plentiful supply of food and keys, so remember to have only one character carrying the keys to save on backpack space.
Usually, the best combination of characters is to have two fighters at the front and two wizards at the back. It’s difficult to say which colours are the best, since they all have spells which come in useful fairly often. The yellow Vivify spell is probably the best, but red spells such as Vitalise, Fireball and Firebath tend to be the most frequently used. Note that the first time you use the Vivify spell, you will need about 70 or 80 spell points if the character casting the spell isn’t yellow.
Any items you come across can be sold to any creature, so long as they’re not one of the characters you robbed at the beginning of the game. You can quite easily reach and maintain the maximum of 99 coinage this way.
As far as fighting goes, make sure you don’t get trapped while using the 'hack and step back' method, only to realise that you haven’t saved the game for some time. Occasionally it is possible to worm your way out of this situation by using the Confuse and Terror spells and talking to the creature. Keep boasting to it about how great you are and then threaten it. Every now and then the creature will turn and run, but unfortunately this is quite rare.
A tip which is used by quite a large number of Bloodwych players is the old ‘hiding behind the door’ technique. Stand to one side of a wooden door with a creature on the other side and keep clicking on the fight icon until the creature opens the door. Sometimes it is possible to get a hit in from both of your front characters and close the door before the creature hits you. If the creature then opens the door straight away, you won’t need to click on the fight icon door open if you use a key. With the door locked you can give your characters a rest, allowing them to recuperate and be
ready for the next fight.
Again.If, however, there is a delay, then you’ll probably have to keep hitting it. If you’re worried that one of your characters is going to die, then lock the door using Magelock, as it's quite easy to make the mistake of locking the Timothy Bridle, Fleet, Hampshire.
FEATURES: ? Real Time clock calendar with high capacity Nicad battery backup ? Memory disable switch ? Low power consumption ? Buffered Data Bus (Essential for high capacity Ram boards) ? Plugs in as A501 NO SOLDERING!!
? 12 Months warranty ? Configures to 1 Mb chip ram when FATTER AGNUS is enabled ASHCOM 512K RAM EXPANSION WITH REAL TIME CLOCK CALENDAR AND DISABLE SWITCH ONLY £39.50 WITHOUT CLOCK £34.50 Gives 1 Mb chip RAM with Fatter Agnus All prices include VAT and delivery Rams only £30 per 512K Trade enquiries welcome.
British made.
Please make cheques payable to Ashcom ONLY £59.95 for 512K version.
Expander Board £15.95. Expanded to 1Mb £99.95 Expanded to 1.5Mb £128.95 Fully expanded to 1.8Mb only £154.95 0530 411485 E3 0530 411485 YOU NEED 51 2K NOW HOW MUCH WILL YOU NEED TOMORROW?
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Only from ASHCOM, 10 The Green, Ashby-De-La-Zouch, Leicestershire, LE6 5JU
• am errai 7 MON - FRI
9. 30 - 5.30 SAT 9.30 - 4.00 Telephone: (0530) 411485 Fax: (0530)
414433 Tel: 0462 686977 24 Hour.
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PRODUCT FORMAT COST n u PO Cheques payable to: PROTON SOFTWARE. New releases sent on day of release.
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Evesham Micros AMIGA C SPECIAL DEALS %l Wordwright (w processor) Nigel Mansell s Grand Prix Better Dead than Alien Super Huey Goldrunner Jaws Leatherneck Defcon 5 Karate Kid II High Steel Battle Squadron Night Walk All our A500 Packages include the following : Amiga 500 512K Batpack includes 4 software titles and TV modulator ..£379.00 Amiga 500 1Mb Batpack includes our 1 Mb RAM Upgrade with Clock fitted ..£415.00 Amiga 500 Batpack with Drive includes our 3.5" External Drive ..£435.00 Amiga 500 fMb
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5. 25" External Floppy Drive 40 80 track switchable (360 720K)
with throughport... £99.00 Contriver Hi-Res Mouse Package
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Naksha Mouse Package (also compatible with Atari ST and
Amstrad PC) ...£28.95 Roland CM32L Sound
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modules .. £160.00 Amiga Replacement Power Supply Unit
(Genuine Commodore Amiga Type) ..£39.95 Amiga A500 Dust
Cover ..£ 4.95 ONLY £39.95
including VAT & delivery 512K RAM CLOCK UNIT FEATURES : ft
Direct replacement for the A501 expansion 1 also available
without I ft Convenient On Off Memory Switch | clock for
only I ft Auto-recharging battery backed real-time Clock |
ft Compact unit size : Ultra-neat design | y « v ft Only 4
lOW power consumption FASTRAMS ft Fully populated board
increases total RAM to 2MB !
Ft Plugs into the trapdoor expansion (as with 512K unit) ft Auto-recharging Battery Backed Real-Time Clock ft Socketed FASTRAM Ics for accommodation up to 1.5 MB NEW!
1. 5MB RAM BOARD Unpopulated RAM Expansion Board with
Clock £39.95 RAM Board with Clock,
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1 Mb FASTRAM installed £94.95 RAM Board with
Clock, with full 1.5 Mb FASTRAM installed .. £119.95 Amiga
BASIC - Inside and Out £18.95 Amiga
for Beginners .....£12.95
AMIGA A500 SOLDERLESS RAM UPGRADES Tricks and Tips for the
Amiga ..£16.95 More Tricks and Tips
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laser £1595.00 f £269.00 I Includes VAT, delivery I and computer connection lead COMMODORE A590 HARD DRIVE PHILIPS 15" FST TV MONITOR (MODEL 2530) Good quality Commodore Hard Disk unit, including its own PSU and built-in cooling fan.
Features sockets for up to 2Mb of on-board FASTRAM expansion (see below). 80ms Access time, with up to 2.4Mb sec transfer rate. Autoboots when used with Kickstart 1.3. With its dedicated monitor input, this model combines the advantages of a high quality medium resolution monitor with the convenience of remote control Teletext TV - at an excellent low price !
? Suits ST or Amiga (cable supplied) ? Fastext Teletext; on screen graphics ? Full Infra-red remote control ? SCART Input Output Connector ? Audio Composite Video inputs ? 60 TV tuner presets ? Headphone private listening Jack ? External aerial input (loop supplied) A590 Hard drive (20Mb) ..£379.00 NEW! - 40Mb A590 Specially upgraded model for only.. £499.00 A590 Raii Upgrades Upgrade kit comprising of D-RAM FASTRAM IC’s. We will fit the upgrade free of charge when bought with an A590.
A590 512K RAM Upgrade kit......£36.00 A590 1Mb RAM Upgrade kit .£70.00 A590 2Mb RAM Upgrade kit £135.00 .. £69.95 .. £39.95 .. £18.95 .. £39.95 .. £23.95 .. £55.95 .. £62.95 .. £89.95 £179.00 £59.95 £59.95 .. £84.95 £110.00 including VAT and delivery
5. 25" External 40 80 Track Drive also available, only £99.
AMOS Game Creator ...£37.50 AMOS Sprites ....£11.95 HiSoft Lattice ‘C’ .....£179.00 GFA BASIC Version 3 ..£39.95 GFA BASIC Compiler ...£34.95 Hisoft Devpac 2 ..£44.95 Battle Squadron .£16.95 Damocles .... £18.95 Emlyn Hughes ....£18.95 F-19 Stealth
Fighter .£22.50 F-29 Retaliator ...£18.95 Kick Off 2 .....£18.95 Sideshow .....£14.93 Treasure Trap ....£16.95 Super-Plan Spreadsheet .....£74.95 Superbase Personal Version 2 ..£69.00 Digita DG-Calc ...£31.95 AMIGA SOFTWARE WORDPROCESSING Digita Home Accounts . Digita Cashbook Controller Digita
Final Accounts .. Digita Cashbook Combo .... SBA Cash .. SB A Extra .. SBA Plus ... Protext ...... Kind Words Version 2 PROGRAMMING Dr.T Tiger Cub Music-X .... ACCOUNTING GRAPHICS MUSIC Deluxe Paint 3 .. Deluxe Video 3 .
• Slimline design
• Suits any Amiga
• Very quiet; does not 1
• Quality Citizen drive mechanism
• On Off switch on rear of drive
• 880K Formatted capacity
• Throughport connector
• Long connection cable for location either side of computer e
Fully guaranteed for 12 months New Products Spec ‘TESSA’ twin
ergonomic stereo speakers, amplified HEAR THAT STEREO!
Your Amiga produces excellent quality hi-fi stereo sound. Enjoy stereo sound reproduction to the full with this great new twin speaker system! Incorporates a specially designed, good quality amplifier with adjustable volume control, to obtain the best sound.
Our new fully compatible, high quality MIDI interface connects directly with the Amiga serial port and provides IN, OUT and THRU ports for good flexibility.
Features LED indicators on each port to assist ease of use and also for diagnostic purposes. Superb compact design.
Very high quality trackball, directly compatible to any Amiga, ST or CBM'64, plus many others. Operates from the mouse or joystick port, and features selectable drag control autofire button for versatility and better action.
Left or right hand use, with total one handed control.
Top quality construction and opto-mechanical design, delivering high speed and accuracy every time. No driver software required!
Offering full compatibility with almost any Amiga audio digitiser software, our Sound Sampler features excellent circuitry, yielding professional resuits. The main A D converter gives a digitising resolution of up to 50 Khz, with a fast slew rate. Two phono sockets are provided for stereo line input, plus an option for microphone. Adjustable gain is achieved with built-in control knob. Complete with public domain disk containing sound sampling applications utilities.
ONLY £29.951 RETAIL SHOWROOMS 63 Bridge Street Evesham Worcs WR11 4SF 0386-765180 fax:0386-49761 Open Mon-Sat, 9.00 - 5.30J Specialist Education Centrey T762 PershoreRoad Cotteridge Birmingham B30 3BH 021 -458 4564 fax: 021-433 3825 Open Mon-Sat, 9.00 - 5.30 Unit 9 ‘ EZS
- MAIL ORDER DEPARTMENT- t Richards Rd, Evesham, Worcs WF Call us
now on © 0386 - 765500 8 lines, Open Mon-Sat, 9.00-5.30.
Fax:0386-765354 Technical support open Mon-Fri, 9.30-5.30):
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The little rn " book PRISMA SOFTWARE
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Prof the colourful cartoon character makes learning to read exciting and fun.
Never before have children found it so easy to learn to read.
"10 out of 10 for educational value. 'Prof plays a new game' is a substantial, well designed product I would strongly recommend it." ST FORMAT You can give your child the ability to read and share in that vital first step of your child's education with 'Prof plays a new game'.
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3 ..£34.95 DODGY DISPLAYS We have recently come across a serious problem associated with a certain make of monitor. There are presently around 15,000 of them in circulation. They are Electrohome 38_D04502 and 38_D04501 monitors, from VI to V3. Note that only the RGB types are affected, not the composite input variety.
Most of them have been 'converted' to operate as direct drive analog RGB monitors, but from a number of repairs we have carried out (and after consulting with the original manufacturer) we feel users ought to be aware of the following problem.
In the AF office, the Workbench letters pile is stirred by PAT MCDONALD. He climbs out of it and dons the techies’ cap, the symbol of those who try to sort out those irritating little Amiga problems... No protection is present at all should the tube ‘flash over’, the signals from the computer being fed directly to it. Three Amiga’s, two Sts and a Beeb have come in to us with either faulty video buffers or associated circuitry.
If it will help at all, we will on receipt of a SAE send the details of an adequate protection circuit which we now use as standard.
There is no charge for this information, the circuit being simple to construct.
N Campbell Creetown Electronics, Bridgeview, The Hollow, Creetown, Newton Stewart, DG8 7HZ.
COMMODORE CLASH I have an A500, A501 memory upgrade and two external drives.
Should my power supply be able to cope with that lot? I am thinking of buying the A590 with 40 meg hard drive and 2 megs of RAM.
Will it clash with my A501? Is there an official Commodore offering which gives more memory than the A501? Why did Commodore close their user helpline?
P Ebbans Walsall Yes, your power supply should be able to cope. The A590 should go fine with the A501. No there isn't an official Commodore offering yet, but there are plenty of very good alternatives. I presume that they closed their helpline because they weren’t that bothered about answering questions on their products. Especially the difficult ones, which I'm sure they would much prefer to leave for us to answer for you.
PORT QUERY I’ve recently started a GCSE Technology project and have decided to make a computer interface. This interface will be able to control the power supply of various electrical devices by using COMMODORE CLASH: The A-590 Hard Drive - A501 compatible?
Relays to turn them on or off. The operating software shall change the value of the memory locations at which the pins of the port are situated. I have a few questions to help sort me out:
1) Which port is the best one to use (I’m only outputting data).
2) What are the memory locations of all the pins for the
aforementioned port?
3) I am considering using Amos for the operating software, is
this a good idea?
Seth Yates Basildon FINAL CUT: Diskdoctor just loves sorting out your corrupted disks, whether they're just playing up or totally wrecked.
As you just want to output data, I'd recommend that you use the printer port. The pin outs for this are in your Amiga manual on page F7. Don't bother with memory locations: just send out regular to the printer, ie in AmigaBASIC use LPRINT. As for Amos, I really wouldn't bother using it for this purpose because AmigaBasic is well up to the task and examiners aren't really interested in pretty solutions to projects.
FINAL CUT I was commissioned to do an Air Project for my school work. I had written the last word and saved it when a prompter came up, telling me my file had a Read Write error.
After ten weeks of work I was thoroughly P****d Off! My file won’t load so I can’t print it out. What is a Read Write error? How can I get rid of it? Can I get my file back?
Joe Pietroni London Read Write errors occur when a disk becomes partly corrupted.
This can happen for various reasons: too much heat, stray magnetic fields, close lightning strikes or just plain old Act of God. There is an easy way to fix it. Boot up your Workbench disk, go into the CLI and type DISKDOCTOR. Bung in your corrupted disk when requested, and press RETURN.
The program will try and sort out your disk as best it can, and for your problem it should cope OK.
After it's finished, it will recommend that you copy all the files to another disk. If you keep getting Read Write errors with tha particular disk, then it's a permanent problem and after copying as much as you can onto another disk, I suggest you throw the disk in the bin.
My disk drive doesn’t work very well on some games, notably Cyberball. I’ve tried lots of different copies (originals that is) and it still won’t load. Also, when using a qualified technician or gifted hobbyist. Amiga Format magazine and myself (Andy James) disclaim any responsibility for damage caused by performing this modification.
1) Run the Vectacheck program on this month’s coverdisk to make
sure that you do indeed have a fatter Agnus chip with an
Enhanced Chip Set (ECS).
2) Unscrew the two halves of your A500. Remove the top cover, and
the keyboard. Unscrew the metal shield and remove it
3) Check that the chip in socket U2 is P N 318069-02.
4) Cut the track between the bottom two solder pads of jumper
JP7A. Ih s is situated bottom right, next to the memory expan
sion bus.
Port LF0 Wave Vol 2nd 3rd HarM Amt Phase 2 3 4 Levels 2 3 Rates I have recently purchased the Master Sound system and Aegis Sonix V2.0. Unfortunately I am unable to load any samples from Master Sound or samples of my own into Sonix. I have read the Sonix manual on samples and the readme file but they are both unhelpful.
I’ve formatted a blank disk and created two directories, Scores and Instruments. I then save my samples in the Instruments directory. When I try to load them into coverdisk from another magazine it comes up with: Systems Request Error Validating Disk Key 970 already set.
What does it mean? Is it curable?
Richard Cameron Bath We recently had an Amiga with floppy drive problems and I took it down to Software Plus, the local computer shop. They sorted it out in about ten minutes. The problem could well be related to a protection system that tries to push the floppy drive beyond its specifications (used to be a fairly common problem).
If anybody elsewhere has similar problems, use the Yellow Pages and call round your local computer shops asking for help.
Make sure when you phone that they can do it on the spot, rather than sending it away.
As for a coverdisk not working from another magazine, I'm afraid we couldn't tell you what's wrong without knowing a lot more about the problem and I suggest you take it up with the magazine concerned.
SOUND COMMENT Two brief questions: can Deluxe Music import samples from outside sources, like those on the AF 12 coverdisk? Also, one of the Abacus books says that by putting random values to Paula, it can produce white noise. When I try it all I get are some very rich tones, why is this?
Tim Stevens Basingstoke Yes it can cope with multi-octave samples. As for creating the sound of static (why? They never tell me why) you need to keep out- putting random values to Paula to get white noise: white noise has no set value and therefore is a series of random sounds, switched very quickly.
PRICE OF POWER After buying all the necessary upgrades I am considering getting a hard disk. The prices of the things, why are they so expensive?
Could you tell me how to make an interface for one of the readily available (and cheap) PC hard drives? I know it's a bit much, but if it’s possible I'd be only too glad to knock it together myself. Also, is there a thru port adaptor for the A500 which will let me use my Datel Action Replay Cartridge with a hard drive?
Craig Smith Camberley Off hand, no. Maybe there are some bits and bobs available from a source - I must admit I haven't heard of anything that makes hard drives any cheaper.
But, this is a good point to announce a forthcoming feature to Amiga Format. All you hardware freaks, start sending in your projects for DIY hard drives, samplers, digitizers, widgets and gadgets to me, and I'll try to tell the world how to make their own hardware. Which is the cheapest way to do anything in the computer world.
I have an Amstrad DMP1 printer connected to my Amiga. It can’t produce graphics at all well. Can you recommend a good driver for it? Also, how do I get 1 meg of chip RAM?
D Lewis Maidstone Ermm, the DMP1 printer must be one of the naffest about for printing graphics. I honestly haven't got a clue where you're going to get a printer driver for it: can any readers help?
You want one meg of chip RAM? Read on... My Amiga A500 is fitted with the new fatter Agnus. I have 2 megs of memory and I would like to know how to get more chip memory, I understand that it’s a simple matter of a bit of soldering inside the computer.
Dennis Trowbridge Gloucester Read on... HOW TO GET 1 MEG OF CHIP RAM A few notes first. For a start, all this does is to make 1 meg of RAM available to the Agnus, Paula, Denise and Gary chips. Programs like Deluxe Paint III and the Sonix sound sampler can both make use of this.
Of course, you must have at least 1 meg of RAM available on your A500. Right, now the disclaimer and on to the procedure... WARNING: Following this installation will void any warranty on your computer. The modification should only be carried out by a
5) Cut the track between the bottom two solder pads of jumper
JP2. This is sited at the top left corner of the Kickstart ROM
chip next to the 68000 CPU chip.
6) Now solder the top two solder pads with a solder bridge of
jumper JP2.
7) Replace the shield and keyboard, put the top cover back on
and screw it together.
8) Power up and off you go!
Andrew James Gosport A2000? B2000?
It would seem that although the A2000 is a discontinued model, the title “A2000” is not, and Commodore continue to call present production “A2000 model b”, or A2000 for short. Anyone who Sonix, it doesn’t show any samples on the disk. Why not?
K Graham Ellesmere Port The only thing that I can think of is that you haven’t included the suffic .IFF when naming your samples, ie SAMPLENAME.IFF. Try it and see if that works. Also, Sonix only works with multi-octave samples, so if you’re trying to load single octave samples then it just won’t work.
Sonix: one of the best ways to learn about the Amiga's sound capabilities is to just play about with it.
Freq EG LF0 m
• On
• Off Oonce Speed Sync Delay SON IX N O - G O Speed Depth Freq
PSYGNOSIS FREEPOST LIVERPOOL L3 3AB UNITED KINGDOM Tel: 051-709 5755 Suited in limited-protection, armour you’re the unwilling contestant on THE KILLING GAME SHOW. In front of a TV audience of millions you must battle your way to the top of 16 Pits of Death infested with Hostile Artificial Life Forms specially created by THE KILLING GAME SHOW’S manic scientists to give you a hard time.
But. . . Don’t forget the rising fluid or it’s “next contestant time”.
You must give the viewers their value for money collect the awesome weapons and tools if you can!
First prize is your life Don’t waste it!
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(NO HIDDEN CHARGES FOR POSTAGE) But & 0 ewooL “Devpac has it all plus a lot more99 ¦ st Format, Dec as Consistently acclaimed as the best assembler development system for the Amiga, Devpac Version 2 is a complete package including: Powerful, extremely fast assembler with macros, conditional assembly, include, optimisations, local labels, multiple hunks, producing executable or linkable o p.
Advanced, multi-window symbolic debugger with single-step, dynamic conditional breakpoints, full expression evaluator, disassembly to disk etc. Integrated, fast and easy-to-use editor so that you can create, assemble, debug, edit, assemble etc. all without leaving the editor. CLI versions are also included for those who have strong editor preferences.
Fast Linker, standard 1.3 Include files and full documentation.
With full technical support and constant improvement, Devpac has no rivals - most of the top software houses who develop on the Amiga use Devpac - why don't you?
A very professional package99 - Transactor May 89 Quite simply, Lattice C 5 is the best C development system you can buy for your Amiga.
Having sold more than 12,000 copies worldwide, the package is used by professionals and hackers alike - just look at what you get: Powerful, enhanced C compiler with full 68020 68030 68881 68882 support plus screen editor, linker, assembler, librarian, code profiler, disassembler and more.
Y Advanced global optimiser which gives your programs performance improvements of up to 40%. You can optimise for execution speed or program size.
Y The CodeProbe source level debugger with 4 separate windows, allowing you to single-step through source code, set source line breakpoints, examine, modify and continuously monitor your C variables and much, much more - invaluable.
Y Comprehensive two volume, ring-bound documentation in a quality package.
Lattice C 5 has improved ANSI compliance, function prorotyping, is multi-tasking and reentrant, has nearly 300 library functions and comes complete with full technical support.
“HiSoft BASIC is an excellent choice99 - ST Amiga Format March 89 HiSoft BASIC is the answer to your programming prayers, an extremely fast, interactive, standard and easy-to-use system, used by many top software houses all over the world.
Modern, structured programming with long Ifs, multi-line functions, subprograms, REPEAT, DO, CASE, full recursion, local & global variables etc. No limits to your program size and no limits on the size of any variable, memory permitting, plus the ability to link easily with C and assembler programs.
Totally interactive system with easy-to-use Intuition editor allowing mistakes to be corrected simply and quickly, substantially reducing development time.
Y Extremely close compatibility with AmigaBASIC and Microsoft PC QuickBASIC 3.
Complementing HiSoft BASIC, HiSoft Extend is a comprehensive set of library routines for IFF files, gadgets, menus, sub-menus, sound, HAM mode and more.
Normally costing £19.95, we are including this package, free of charge, until 1 September 1990, if you use the order form below.
SpecialO f fw to Aftdya FomatReaders Use the order form below to order any HiSoft products and we will send you, totally free of charge, an Amiga Starter Pack consisting of: a mouse mat with the Amiga ASCII character set, a stylish disk wallet holding up to 8 disks and 4 quality double-sided diskettes; a package worth over £14 if bought elsewhere!
Pleas® rush me the following software together with my free starter pack, (ait prices include 15% VAT and postage and packing within UK Please phone fot export details) Name Address High Quality Software mmm basic; SDES IL ¦ I® (0523) 713718 wsh to pay by; 3 Chegu& P0$ Li Access wants to know whether their machine is a model A or B should look at the rear of the case. If there is a mono video port then the machine is B2000 since the original A2000 didn’t have it.
If like me you are really suspicious you should take their machine apart and take a look at their fat Agnus. It should be an 8372 or higher.
Steve Love Tankerton With all this discussion about fatter Agnus, it should perhaps be pointed out that Commodore will be releasing an even fatter Agnus in the A3000 which can look at 2 megabytes of chip RAM.
BUZZIN’ NUISANCE After an hour or so of use, my power supply begins to buzz loudly. It’s just a nuisance, but I would like to know why and how it’s cured.
G M Dibley London The longer a power supply is plugged in, the warmer it gets.
They work by changing the AC (changing electricity supply of the mains) to the DC supply that your Amiga needs. So, you have a box which gets fairly warm and resonates. Any loosely connected components get looser due to the heat and they will resonate in time with the AC power supply. And that's why it hums.
I was really disappointed when I found my Amiga A500 didn’t have a joystick in the box. I tried using my Sega control pad and it works just as well. It saved me a trip to the shops to buy a joystick, and I bet there’s plenty of other people who own Sega machines and who can’t wait to have a play on their new Amiga.
Giles Dawe Bristol CHIP BRANDS At the moment my A500 has 1 meg of memory. I would like to expand it to 2 or 2.5 meg, so I have been looking around at the expansion boards available.
There’s an awful lot of them, especially ones that are empty or only partly populated with memory chips. Is it possible to use the chips from my first .5 meg expansion in these sort of boards?
CG Newby Beagleston Yes, although it's not always as easy as that. Have a chat with the various suppliers, tell them what your expansion is at the moment and listen to what they say. Use caution though: try and get it in writing that you will be able to plug your old memory chips into the new board before you actually go ahead and buy it.
MORE VERSIONS PLEASE In the hope of creating the ultimate music compilation disk, I have taken it upon myself to contact you and ask if any readers have some tracking programs which I could include. I am particularly keen on early versions of SoundTracker. At present I have
2. 0, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 3.1 and
4. 0 but I am looking for more. I would be very grateful if
anybody who has other versions of SoundTracker could get in
Kris King 41 Paddock Green, Westlands, Droitwich, Worcs WR9 9HW AMIGA FORMAT WRONG!
With Regard to Amiga PC emulation (page 147 AF 13), your Workbench Guru stated that a Bitcon XT board could be fitted for £320 which would enable the buyer to have the pleasure of running Next Base’s Autoroute. You and my fellow readers may be interested to know that I have had the PC version of Autoroute up and running on my Amiga for some time, utilising the software based Transformer, priced (when it was available) at a hefty £25.
Some difference.
I can guarantee that the reply to any query in any mag in respect of PC emulation will briefly mention Transformer, but will inevitably slag it off as being next to useless. Your man Keith Pomfret, true to form, announced that Transformer, at best, was pretty bad.
I think that it's time the record was put straight. I think that Transformer is bloody marvellous.
Here’s the pros and cons of it: It cannot handle PC graphics, and on very large database programs (such as Autoroute) it does run slowly.
If you really want the graphical part of Autoroute then splash out £320. Me, I’m in no rush. Anyway, if I wanted PC graphics I would go and get a PC, but who the heck wants to do that when they already own an Amiga?
So what about the good parts of Transformer: it boots in 15 seconds, and can be preconfigured in respect of screen colours and which of the two drives - if another one is present - you wish to nominate as drive A. You then put in your copy of MSDOS (Not a pirated copy, I hope - ed) and voila, you have a fully fledged PC system up and ready to roll. It will run any text based PC programs and has never hung, crashed, wobbled or faltered since I bought it.
All of a sudden, it doesn’t sound too bad, does it?
Tony Melling 3 Woodfield Avenue, Hyde, Cheshire, SK14 5BB No it doesn’t. Thanks for the opinion and info which showed us up for a bunch of PC hating Amiga fans who would prefer in all honesty to see an Amiga version of Autoroute. Not that I'm biased, you understand.
Seriously though, you’ve made a fair comment and Keith was a bit hasty to write off Transformer. For this application (ie Autoroute) it can do the job, as you’ve pointed out.
MIDB GRIPES I could hardly wait to produce my own spectacular tape from the Midi files contained on the AF 12 cover disk. Who scrambled all the tracks up? There’s only one parallel file, and I defy Jon Bates or whoever to try and separate the six chords that play at once! I’ve been using Music-X professionally for almost a year now and it’s beyond me.
What a disappointment. Why didn’t Dan Dare III get the elbow this time? I’m sure there’s a lot of Midi orientated AF readers who would agree with this idea.
On another tack, I read in Amiga Format some months ago that readers should ‘avoid revision 6’ of the B2000 series because of a ‘timing error’. I note that Commodore is currently producing revision 6.2. I am using a revision 6 B2000 in a Video Graphics Midi music studio with a great deal of success. Can you explain just what the problem is and how to solve it?
I’ve noticed that Music-X frequently displays a ‘Not enough memory’ message with well over a meg free on the Workbench. I just save my sequences, re-boot and the trouble doesn’t happen again that session. I’ve always suspected a bug in Music-X.
Bob Saunders imiga Desi Video Gui Let’s put it this way: the coverdisk is a huge conglomerate of programs aimed at a wide variety of people, and it would be terribly unfair to bias it at games players or Midi users or whoever. I try to support as many different areas as possible, and please rest assured that AF 12 isn’t the end of the road as far as Midi related material is concerned - note the Midi Analyser program on this month’s disk.
As for revision 6 being dodgy in some way: no, I'm not familiar with it all. I’ll say this though: for a product to be released with any sort of problem points the finger at bad testing procedures.
However, my own opinion is that it doesn’t make a lot of difference. If you have a revision 6 board and are worried about it then talk to either the dealer you bought it off or Commodore themselves about getting a more up to date B2000.
FASTER DIRECTORIES I have devised a handy tip for users of the SHELL, which can save them a lot of time when working with the Amiga’s rather slow filing system.
Use ED or a similar program to edit the shell-startup script in the S: directory, and somewhere in it type a line which reads: ALIAS D TYPE RAM:qwe ... and resave the shell-startup (ESC-X from ED). Now instead of waiting ages for a disk with lots of files on it to catalogue, just type something like: DIR RAM:qwe DF1: This redirects the catalogue of DF1: to a small file in RAM: which can be quickly displayed on the screen by typing D (RETURN key).
This tip could well be common knowledge but I have certainly found it to be very useful.
Alex Harvey Southampton DESKTOP V-V-V-VIDEO I am interested in producing videos of such things as weddings and local events. I own a one meg Amiga 500, a second disk drive, a Pye monitor and a Star LC10 printer. I also have a Sony SLV- 270 video recorder.
I want to overlay simple animations over filmed material. What do I need? Could you also recommend a good video camera and some good reading material?
Robert Hart Langley Mill If you want to overlay computer graphics over video images, you will need a genlock device. I suggest you get hold of a copy of The Amiga Desktop Video Guide by Guy Wright, published by Abacus, ISBN 1-55755-057-3. Cost is £15.99. It explains pretty much everything you need to know about the subject and a whole lot more besides.
RAW AND THE COOKED After following Dave Jones brilliant games’ programming series my first game is well under way, but I have a problem.
I am using a good object editor to design my 16*16 graphic blocks, but it saves out the data as DC.W statements. So far I’ve been inserting them directly into my source code, but the graphic data is getting too big to handle.
I would like to use Devpac’s INCBIN directive instead. How do I convert a file of DC.W statements into raw binary format? Is there a PD program that will do this, or an object editor that saves its data in raw binary format?
Gary Betts North Lancing Take a look at the PD Update pages this month, especially at the program Mobed which can indeed edit sprites and save them as binary data.
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• NEVER out of date - Both N. Hunt & Flat - Fast Data Entry
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c du a I you* bets r: arty iu-roe- o' acoi.nis Keeo a eorrp ete
'ecorc of your oett -g cmoare COJRSL.vaSIFR af»ainst yoi.r
tavou- te • cuter
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betting yystem
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uge wr s ' om small sta es Try t; : can pay foi ‘self many
times over on f? Hr;t nay1
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can simply create your own, using the unique perm editor.
• -AS! And SMPLF to use
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eu t f.e X s
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ons • Available as for POOLSMASTER @ £17.95 inc P&P + VAT £
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business ideas whin ;an easi y oe usee by anyone wr a-y micro
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octanec, oerferaply ¦ n -cn re ma.r menu cf fie program you wil oe prorrpteu a-d guiced to exam -? Eac L. de‘a . Of tre sampe You w I ren be ta en tnroi.g" c:eepe- any ceeoer sets of sub mem.s, all o-ympttng yc.. fcv reeva-t details cf ‘.tie wr ting, and te po-ts tc; watch to-, and ado to ‘.he ; e f apple ao!e Uoor CO P C* or you ve le't wf a disk ' Is uc to 15 pages 'ong ((;ecenc;ng or.
T-e cjeotr- O' oetal you choose), :-s ile cat trer. Be enter! Witter you- wed prcxtessc- to prcocce a C -epef. Fc- the wnter ,-,.l y expe- erc.ec G-apnolcgists can c"0'ge aimost w-at t-ey I ke ;o- a iu I analysis, so t- s could p-cve a ve-y lue-ative business ve- t..re for yo.. We must -cweve* st-ess, f of j- ess vCa r? Expenerced - g’ap-iology, fieri we con o no way gua-aniee te a: curacy of me information that f e p-og-am P'ovices ' you ere an entr-us asx amat-u- or j..s: c-r:c-S. Tne" tr s progia -.
Could provide hours of e-te'tai-’ment. Wr-i s: tea: fmg yc.. the tner at of fis 'dsc mating Subject the -ext w lor HI: C-RAPI-OLCC S' was r?$ e v.-"?c ard wr tter oy c too London g-aphoogist c.-iri --ologis*. Ja-ies Woodward Tre so'tware was wi-t;e- oy Martir rv«jr$ ou' eo-'sultant software wr tc-r @ £49.95 inc P&P + VAT CASHMASTER Master your ow.n '.ranees H ere ;s ' ow -o need tc be fnglttenec o accountancy software. CASHAAASTER provides you with the easiest method yet invented to keep track of all your finances. Be you a business or professional nd vidi.a , you ve :»..-e to r eec :o -.row
were your -icr ey n go mg
f. Agt-v-A.g ’ -r w- a icw you to input a I the neressa-y
n*c"i»at c pe- tt«w.s K t on m one s mete cperaf cn, whilst a
low rg you to exfact tr e aoso ute rax m.. - f-om t o ! Again
w r an array of stcieme- is arc -eports
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etc; Weekly, 'ortnight y. Mc-tNy, 0..arter y. t -alt Year y or
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• A I fcir-.ctrC' S a d operations a» :i able ‘rom -rta n
prcgrar- screen
• Mos* fu-K t ons operate from a smg e key oress
• Sea- tr-c..gb the ecige- a ir e, or page -at a t me r redi. en
• Spi t ana -"erge i e
• Ciass a-d Accou' t coc:e de?cr.pt ons vis ble at a d ¦ es Sr-;
I tnroug*- cages o' cooes witti one ey: ;-es=
• -Rtr. Teoe'ate r n- - g total cak •• ate: for adding up tncse
C’cq-.es, usef.. 'or those yj ck s rrs WE A :Ol OG Sf ’O al_
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@ £29.95 inc P&P + VAT INTRASET LTD, (DEPT AF) FREEPOST No 10 WOODSIDE AVENUE, CLAYTON-LE WOODS, CHORLEY, LANCASHIRE PR6 7QF Tel. 0490 3284 9dm - 6pm or 02572 76800 24hr ordering Order by fax 025 72 74753 n o IhntTs Club rnrernatiunal* FORTHCOMING ATTRACTIONS [Adidas Golden Shoe £16.99 TOP 50 CHART
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Quest £69.99 11 2 Meg + It Came From
the Desert......£69.99 11 2 Meg + Lost Dutchmans
Mines ..£54.99 [ NB. If any of the above games are
required [_ with 1 2 plus clock, please add £3.00 j ART &
A. M.O.S .. .£32.99 Deluxe Video III
....£59.99 Can Do ... .£69.99
Fanavision... . £24 99 Deluxe Paint II...... ...£9.99
Mastersound..... ....£32.99 Deluxe Paint III.....
.£59.99 Photon Paint II.. . ..£14 99 Deluxe Print
II .£34.99 Quartet ...... ....£34.99
Deluxe Music Cons.Set..£49.99 Studio Magik.....
....£52.99 Please note that not all forthcoming
attractions are released at the scheduled time.
These will be despatched within 24 hours of release, subject to availability.
TEL: 0525 377974 FAX: 0525 852278 Bomber Mission Disc ..£13.99 Budokan .....£16.99 Castle Master ....£14.99 Chase HQ ..£16.99 Chess Champion 2175 ......£18.99 Codename Iceman ..£23.99 Colonels Bequest ....£26.99 Conquest of Camelot ..£26.99 Corporation £16.99
Damocles ...£14.99 Dragons Breath .£18.99 Dynasty Wars ....£16.99 Emlyn Hughes Soccer £12.99 Escape from Singes Castle £26.99 Escape Planet of Robot Monsters £13.99 F-29 Retaliator ..£16.99 Fire And Brimstone .£16.99 Flood ...£16.99 Hero's Quest (1
Meg) ..£23.99 Imperium ....£16.99 International 3D Tennis ......£14.99 Iron Lord ....£16.99 It Came From The Desert (1 Meg) £16.99 Kick Off 2 + World Cup ......£15.99 Kings Quest 4 ...£22.99 Klax ...£9.99 STAR WARS TRILOGY - ONLY £9.99 Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi COMPUTER HITS II - ONLY
£8.99 Tetris, Black Shadow, Golden Path, Joe Blade PREMIER COLLECTION II - ONLY £9.99 Mercenary, Custodian, Eliminator, Backlash SUPREME CHALLENGE FLIGHT COMMAND - ONLY £14.99 Eliminator, Skychase, Strike Force Harrier, _Lancaster, Skyfox II HEROES-ONLY £17.99 Barbarian II, Running Man, Licence to Kill, Return of the Jedi
II £16.99
Leisure Suit Larry 3 .£26.99
Patrol ..£16.99
Manchester United ..£14.99
Manhunter In San Francisco (1 Meg) £19.99 Midnight
Resistance £16.99
Midwinter ....£18.99
Neuromancer ....£16.99
Operation Thunderbolt £16.99
Mania .£14.99
Player Manager .£11.99
Projectyle ...£16.99
Rainbow Islands £16.99
Red Storm Rising ....£16.99
Shadow Warrior £16.99
Ace ..£26.99
Space Quest II (1 Meg) ......£22.99
Super Cars (Gremlin) ..£16.99
Their Finest Hour ....£19.99
Plague .£14.99
Turrican ......£13.99
T. V. Sports Basketball .£14.99
Golf .....£16.99
Unreal .£16.99
X-Out ...£13.99
MAGNUM 4 - ONLY £19.99 Afterburner, Double Dragon, Operation
Wolf, Batman The Caped Crusader WORLD CUP COMPILATION - ONLY
£14.99 Tracksuit Manager, Kick Off, International Soccer
HOYLES BOOK OF GAMES - ONLY £14.99 Solitaire, Old Maid, Gin
Rummey, _Cribbage, Crazy 8's, Hearts TRIAD 3-ONLY £19.99
Rocket Ranger, Speedball, Blood Money WICKED GAMES PACK - ONLY
£7.99 Bouncer, Paccie, Backgammon, Invaders, Ball Raider
Swooper, Spaceballer, Diablo, Zitrax, Othello
Pacland ..£7.99
Pacmania ......£7.99
Paperboy ......£6.99 Passing
Shot £4.99 Question of Sport .....£3.99
Rocket Ranger ..£6.99 Running
man £4.99 Shufflepuck Cafe .....£4.99
Silent Service £9.99 Sim
City ......£14.99 Spy Vs
Spy ...£4.99 Spy Vs Spy
II £4.99 Spy Vs Spy III ...£4.99
Super Hang On .£8.99 Tank
Attack ...£7.99 The
Cycles ....£8.99
Toobin ....£4.99 Tower of
Babel ..£8.99 Treasure Island Dizzy.....£4.99
Trivial Pursuits ..£9.99 Trivial Pursuit New
T. V. Sports Football £12.99
U. M.S .....£9.99 Weird
Dreams ...£8.99
Kindwords ...£37.99 Lattice C
V.4 ..£164.99 Mavis Beacons Typing ..£19.99
Pagesetter ...£89.99 Protext
V.4 ...£59.99 Superbase Personnel II.£21.99
Pool ..£13.99
688 Attack
Sub .....£16.99 Ant
Heads Data Disc ..£10.99
Austerlitz £16.99 Bards Tale
II ..£16.99
Battlechess ...£16.99
1942 .£16.99 Balance
of Power 1990 ..£19.99
Bomber ..£19.99
Borodino .£19.99
Bridge Player
2150 ....£19.99 Carrier
Command £10.99
California Challenge (T.D. II Disc) ..£8.99
Colorado £16.99
Colossus Chess
X £12.99
Conqueror .....£16.99
Scrabble ...£13.99
Tomb ......£12.99
Dragons Lair (1
Meg) .£26.99 Dungeon Master
(1 Meg) ......£16.99 Dungeon Master
Editor £7.99
Elite ....£14.99
European Challenge (T.D. II) ..£8.99
European Space Shuttle £24.99
F-16 Combat
Pilot £16.99
Falcon £19.99
Falcon Mission
Disc ...£13.99 Ferrari
Formula 1 .£16.99
Fiendish Freddy's Big Top Fun ....£16.99
Flight Simulator
II .£24.99 Forgotten
Worlds .£13.99 Front
Line ......£16.99
Ghosts And
Goblins ...£13.99
Gunship ..£12.99
Heroes of the
Lance ...£16.99
Hillsfar £16.99
Racing £16.99
Hound Of
Shadow £16.99 Indy
Jones The Adventure ....£16.99
Ivanhoe ..£16.99
Jackson .£13.99 Keef
The Thief .....£16.99
Off £9.99
Kick Off Extra
Time £5.99 Kings
Quest Triple Pack £24.99
Knights of
Crystallion .£20.99
Leisuresuit Larry
I £16.99 Leisuresuit
Larry II .....£19.99
Manhunter in New York ..£19.99
Mansions .£16.99
Soccer .£8.99 Muscle
Cars (T.D. II Disc) £8.99
Pictionary ......£16.99
Pirates £16.99
Populous £16.99
Populous Promised Lands ......£7.99
Pat ...£6.99
Pro Tennis
Tour ....£16.99 Red
Lightning £19.99
Risk ....£13.99
Robocop .£16.99
R. V.F.
Honda .£16.99
Scenery Disk 7, 9 or
11 ..£11.99 Scenery Disk Japan
or Europe ....£11.99 Sherman
M4 .£16.99
Shoot 'em Up Construction Kit .....£19.99
Rogue £18.99
Steve Davis
Snooker ...£9.99 Super Cars
(T.D. II Disc) ..£8.99 Test
II ...£16.99
Times of
Lore £16.99
Outrun .£12.99
It .£12.99
IV £16.99
Warhead £16.99
War in Middle
Earth ...£13.99
Waterloo .£15.99
World Tour Golf ... £7.99
II ..£12.99
McKraken ......£16.99
EDUCATIONAL Fun School II 6-8 ...£12.99 Fun
School II 8+ ....£12.99 German
Master .....£13.99 Italian
Tutor ....£13.99 Kid
Talk £14.99 Math
Talk .£14.99 My
Paint ..£22.99 Puzzle
Storybook ..£14.99 Rhyming
Notebook £14.99 Spanish
Tutor .£13.99 Answer Back
Junior ..£13.99 Answer Back
Senior ..£13.99 Dinosaur Discovery
Kit .....£14.99 Discover
Chemistry ...£13.99 Discovery
Maths ....£14.99 Discovery
Words ...£14.99 First Letters &
Words .£14.99 First
Shapes ...£14.99 French
Mistress .....£13.99 Fun School II (under
6) ....£12.99 Access ORDER FORM visa Please supply me
with the following for
Computer ... Titles
Post Code TEL: Please make cheques & PO payable to Turbosoft
Orders under £5 please add 50p per item. Over £5 p&p FREE in
Elsewhere please add £1.50 per item.
N. B. Please state clearly mode of computer & also cassette or
disc when ordering rnvrfc, £329.00 £429.00 £499.00 £1199.00
8Mb £675.00 £599.00 £699.00 £2999.00 Amiga B2000
v6.0 ....£725.00 Philips
CM8533 .£159.00 CSA 68020 68881
....£299.00 Golem 2Mb for 1000
£199.00 Pace Linnet
Modem ...£89.00 Commodore
128D ....£175.00 Commodore
MPS803 .£69.00 Commodore
64 C2N ..£79.00 Psion Organiser
COMPUTERS LTD Unit 11 Kingdom Close, Segensworth East, Hants
P015 5TJ TEL: 0489 885911 FAX: 0489 885651 Printer Prices
Include Cable : Prices Subject To Change NEW Amiga Screen Gems
Pack: £312.00 Games: Back to the Future 2, Days of Thunder,
Shadow of the Beast 2, Knightbreed, D Paint 2 Amiga Batpack
£312.00 Amiga Flight Fantasy £312.00 Amiga Class of 90's
£460.00 Citizen 120D + £112.00 Star LC24-10 24 Pin £195.00
Panasonic KXP1180 £139.00 Citizen Swift 24 £265.00 Intergrex
Colourjet £540.00 Panasonic KXP1124 £229.00 Star LC10 Mono
H. P. Deskjet £521.00 Epson LX 400 £139.00 Star LC10 Colour
£169.00 Panasonic KXP1081 £119.00 Epson LQ400 £215.00 PRINTER
RIBBONS Citizen 120D ..£4.00 Star LC10 Sheet feeder
£51.30 Swift 24 Colour U G £31.30 Star LC10 bla ..£4.00
Star LC10 col. £6.00 Star LC2410 £5.00 Panasonic
1180.....£8.65 Panasonic 1124.....£8.65 Deskjet
Cart ..£14.05 Epson LQ 400 £8.65 Swift 24 Sheet
feeder £60.00 Microbotic 1 2 meg £42.60 CBM 501 U G £60.00 PRO
5000 Joystick £11.26 Philips CM8833 £204.00 PC Emulator
9am-5.30pm And on SATURDAY From 9am-1pm. 12 Month Warranty
¦SSh SECURICOR £7 POST: £1 or £3 larger items Great Valiev
Products (These prices include VAT)!!!
GVP announce a 50Mhz 68030 Accelerator Board for the Amiga 2000 Current pricing starts at £1995 for 50Mhz 68030 68882 with 4Mb RAM 70ns The same combination with 80Mb Quantum AT drive (19ms) only £2395.00 Other GVP 68030 Accelerator Cards from only £599 for the 28Mhz version.
Other new products this month: GVP Hard Card II Vanilla with new Faaast ROM™ SCSI DRIVER 20Mb Miniscribe on Hard Card II 40Mb Quantum 19 11ms on Hard Card II GVP Hard Card II + RAM (8Mb Capacity) 40Mb Quantum 19 11ms on card with 8Mb RAM (0k) 200Mb Maxstor on card with 8Mb RAM (0k fitted) 1 Mbx8 SIMM (2Mb) £179.00 4Mb £349 50Mb Removable Hard Drive GVP RICOII R5500 50 25ms SCSI Complete with SCSI controller 600Mb Rewriteable Magneto Optical Drive M09200E 600 GVP RICOH SCSI (These are of necessity just a few of the GVP product range, many other Hard Drive capacities available. A500 Hard Disk +
4Mb RAM Subsystem. Bare Quantum drives etc.) AMIGA 3000 (Check for latest pricing) X-Copv Professional By the time you read this the Greatest Amiga Back-up Utility will be greater!
Due for delivery Mid-September is the latest incarnation of X-Copy. The Best just got better!
Projected price is in the region of £39.95 to include lots of Hard Disk utilities.
Please ring for details of this, and for upgrade pricing if you already have X-Copy.
Profex CM14S plus A superb Monitor for all Amigas. Made in the E.E.C. The Profex CM 14s plus has a Scart socket, stereo sound a Tit & Swivel base and comes complete with cable for only £199.95 SECONDHAND Amiga B2000 v4.2 ...£650.00 PC Bridgeboard XT for 2000 .....£195.00 GVP 45Mb Hard Card .£350.00 Spirit 1.5Mb for 1000 ...£145.00 Amiga 1010 Disc Drive ..£59.00 Commodore SX64 Executive ....£175.00 Commodore 1901
Monitor ...£99.00 Seikosha SP180VC for CBM ......£79.00 Commodore 1541-2 Disc Drive ...£89.00 PLEASE NOTE All the above prices (New & Secondhand) include VAT at 15% Carriage is extra. Courier delivery available, please ring for carriage quote.
Prices of GVP & Profex products are liable to fluctuation (up or down) due to exchange rates.
Please ring to confirm current pricing.
ONCE BYTTEN 39 Marling Way Gravesend Kent DA12 4DW Tel: 0474 567964 Fax: 0474 537172 Mon-Sat 10am-8pm Callers by Appointment 50Mhz 68030 68882...For B2000H MIDLAND COMPUTER REPAIR SERVICES Unit 1, The Old Dairy, North Street, Melton Mowbray, Leics LE13 1NL (0664) 410148 11 f f t f 1111 r i n 11 FOR AMIGA ATARI ST BBC A Desktop Universal Stand »* , immensely strong, unit.
T and Brown Beige for the The stand is a high qualf ft*..:* ....,... Colours are Grey for the Amiga 500 BBC models, is completely scratch proof. The The unit is completely scratch proof. The supports are square metal tube design with oven baked enamel paint and has non-slip rubber pads. The platform is of high density chipboard coated in scratch proof material. The computer sits nicely underneath, with all round air ventilation, with the monitor or TV on top. The unit comes in flat pack form with all screws and tools. Assembly takes no more than 10 minutes. Twelve months warranty is given and
if you are not delighted with the commercial quality of this unit we will pay the leturn carriage should you decide not to keep itl Dimensions: 559mm W, 326mm D, 122mm H. £21.95 (plus £1.50 p&p) AMIGA A500 COMPATIBLE POWER SUPPLY UNIT This unit is produced for us, under contract, by a specialist international power supply manufacturer.
It is some 10mm slimmer than others on the market and is rated at 4.5 amps on the 5 volt line.
This is a higher rating than most units available. A twelve months warranty is given on the unit. The price reflects direct to the end - user sale with no middle man profit! Guaranteed quality product.
£34.95 (plus £1.50 p&p) AMIGA A500 MEMORY UPGRADE BOARDS HALF MEG. Without clock £34.95 HALF MEG. With clock £39.95 ACCESSORIES - AMIGA CONTRIVER MOUSE, mouse mat & house £20.95 AMIGA DUST COVER, high quality, stitched seams £2.50 4 PLAYER ADAPTERS £4.50 EXTERNAL DISK DRIVE 3.5 CUMANA £74.95 COMMODORE EC's £7.95 £24.00 £35.00 £49.95Jy 318072 5719 GARY 252126 8362 DENISE 252127 8364 PAULA 318071 8371 FAT AGNUS COMPUTER REPAIRS C64 £30.00 AMIGAA500 from £40.00 C64C £35.00 ATARI ST from £40.00 C128 £40.00 ATARI PSU REPAIR £39.55 AMIGA & ST INTERNAL DISK DRIVE REPLACEMENT (involves slight
modification to top case on ST) _£79.00 All prices include VAT. Post & packing extra only where stated Cheques or Postal Orders only please. Allow time for cheque to clear before despatch. All products carry no quibble warranty FAX (0664) 67095 3D Pool £13.90 Action Amiga .....£20.90
II. R.SOFTWARE Addidas World Cup
Football £16.90
Adventures .£16.90 After the
War ......£13.90 Air
Support ..£16.90 Airborne
Ranger £16.90 Aladdins Magic
Lamp .....£8.50 Alltime
Favourites ..£19.90 Alien Syndrome
(RAD) ...£8.50 Altered
Beast .....£17.90 American
Dreams ..£16.90 American Ice
Hockey ....£16.90 Amiga Gold
Hits .£17.90
Anarchy ......£16.90 Ancient Art of
War ..£16.90 Anthead Desert Data Set £11.90
Aquanaut ....£16.90 Aquaventura £22
90 Arcron Collection £8 50 Arctic Fox £8.50 A'-nada
..£19 90 Arma yto £ • 3 90 Art of
Chess £8 50 Astaroth Angel Death......£16.90 Astro
Marine Corps £16 90 Ajsterlitz £16 90
Awesome ....£22.90 Axels Magic
Hammer ...£14.90 Balance of Power 1990 £16.90
Balistix .£14.90 Bar
Games .£16.90 Barbarian
2 .£16.90
Basketball ...£16.90 Basketball
College .£11.00 Basketball Side
View ....£13.90 Batman Caped Crusader £17.90 Batman the
Movie ..£16.90
Battlechess .£16.90 Battle
Hawks ......£17.90 Battle
Squadron .£16.90
Battletech ....£16.90 Beach
Volley ......£16.90 Beast
2 £16.90
Beast ...£23.90
Betrayal ......£16.90 Better
Maths ......£16.50 Beverley Hills
Cop .£16.90 Beyond Dark
Castle ......£20.90 Bionic
Commands ...£8.50 Black
Tiger ..£16.90 Blood
Money ......£16.90
Bloodwych ..£16.90 Bloodwych
Data .£11.00 Blue
Angels £16.90
Bobo £13.90
Boradino .....£19.90
Bomber £19.90 Bomber
Mission .£11.00 Boulderdash (Wicked) £8.50
Breach 3 .....£16.90 Brides of
Dracula ...£13.90 Bridge Player
2150 £19.90 Bruce Lee
Lives .£16.90 Bubble
Plus £13.90
Cabal ...£16.90 California
Challenge £9.50
Carthage .....£16.90 Cartoon
Caper ...£13.90 Castle
Master ....£16.90 Centrfold
Squares ..£13.90 Champions of
Krynn .....£19.90 Chase
HW ..£16.90 Chessmaster
2000 £16.90 Chessplayer
2150 ..£16.90 Chicago
90 .£13.90 Chronoquest
2 ...£19.90 Circus
Attractions ..£13.90 Classic
Invaders .£11.00 Cloud
Kingdom ..£16.90 Cluedo Master
Detect ...£13.90 Colonel's
Bequest ..£16.90
Colony .£19.90
Colorado .....£16.90 Colosus
Bridge ..£16.90 Colossus Chess 4
(X) ...£16.90 Commandos ......£16.90
Combo Racer ....£16.90 Compilations
2 ...£19.90 Conflict in
Europe ..£16.90 Continental
Circus .£13.90
Conqueror ...£16.90 Conquest of
Camelot ....£24.90 Count
Duckula .....£8.50
Crackdown ..£16.90 Crazy Cars
2 ......£16.90 Crossbow (William
Tell) £13.90
Cyberball ....£13.90
Cyberworld .£13.90
Cycles .£16.90 Daily D. Horse
Racing ..£13.90 Daley Thompson ...£16.90
Damocles ....£16.90 Dan
Dare ....£13.90 Dan Dare
3 .£13.90 Danger
Freak £8.50
Darius ..£16.90 Dark
Century .....£16.90 Dark
Fusion £14.90
Datastorm ...£13.90 Day of the
Viper .£16.90 Days of the Pharaoh £16.90
Days of Thunder £22.00 Deep Space
(Klassix) .....£8.50 Defenders of the
Earth .£13.90 Deja Vu
2 ....£16.90
Delta ..£8.50 Deluxe Strip
Poker .£13.90 Demons
Tomb ...£16.90 Demons
Winter ..£16.90 Detector
(Budget) £8.50 Dinasaur
Discovery ......£16.90 Dogs of
War £13.90 Double Dragon
2 ...£13.90 Dr Dooms Revenge ......£16.90
Dr Plumet ....£16.90 Dragon
Flight .....£19.90 Dragon
Ninja ......£16.90 Dragon
Scape ....£13.90 Dragon
Spirit ......£13.90 Dragons
Breath .£19.90 Dragons Lair (1
meg) ....£28.90 Dragons of Flame ..£16.90
Drakhen ......£19.90 Drivin
Force £16.90 Dungeon Master (1
meg) .£17.90 Dungeon Master Edition ...£8.50
Dungeon Quest .£16.90 Dynamite
Dux ....£17.90 Dyter
07 ......£13.90
E-Motion .....£16.90 East V
POSTAGE & PACKING ori all U.K orders (Europe add £1 per
item). Please send guaranteed cheque or P.O. to:- H R.
SOFTWARE, Amiga Dept
P. O. Box 1532, Gifford Gds, London, W7 3AX, stating computer
make and model.
____Tel enquiries: 081-575-6598. Mail Order only. No callers please.
Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters .£13.90 Escape from Singles Castle.£28.90 Escapology .£16.90 European Challenge .....£16.90 European Space Shuttle ...£22.90 European Superleague .£13.90 Executioner .£16.90 Extra Time .....£8.90 Eye of Horus ......£17.90 F16 Combat £16.90 F16 Falcon: .£20.90 F19 ...£19.90 F29 Retaliator ....£16.90 Faery Tale Adventure ....£13.90
Falcon ..£19.90 Falcon Mission ...£13.90 Fallen Angel £13.90 Fantavision ..£25.90 Fast Break ...£17.90 Fast Lane ....£13.90 Ferrari Formula 1 ...£16.90 Fiendish Freddy .£16.90 Fifth Gear ....£13.90 Fighting Bomber .£20.90 Final Command ..£16.90 Fire ...£16.90 Firestone .....£16.90 Fire
Brigade £16.90 First Contact £16.90 Flight Simulator 2 ...£22.90 Foft ...£11.00 Football Director 2 ..£13.90 Football Manager 2 Exp Kit....£9.90 Football Man. 2 Comp ...£13.90 Football Manager 2 £13 90 Footballer Of the Year 2 £13.90 Forgotten Worlds ...£14.90 Foundations Waste ..£8.50 Front Line ....£16.90 Full Metal Planet £16.90 Fun School 2 6-8 £13.90 Fun School 2 Over
8 .....£13.90 Fun School 2 Under 6 ...£13.90 Fun School 3 ......£13.90 Fusion £8.50 Future Tank (Budget) ......£8.50 Future Wars £16.90 Galdregon's Domain .....£13.90 Games Galore ....£13.90 Games Summer Edition £16.90 Garry Linekars Hot Shots £8.50 Gazza's Super Soccer ..£16.90 Gemini Wing ......£13.90 Ghostbusters 2 ...£16.90 Ghouls & Ghosts £16.90 Giants ...£20.90 Gin &
Cribbage ..£19.90 Gold of the Americas ....£16.90 Golf of the Realm ...£13.90 Goldrush .....£16.90 Gore .£22.90 Graffiti Man (Budget) £8.50 Grand National ...£13.90 Grand Prix Circuit ...£16.90 Grand Prix Master ..£13.90 Gravity ..£16.90 Gremlin Triple Pack £17.90 Grid Iron ......£16.90 Hard Drivin ..£13.90 Hardball 2 ....£16.90
Hawaiian Scenery Disk ..£11.90 Heavy Metal £16.90 Hell Raider ..£13.90 Hell Raiser ..£13.90 Here with the Clues £16.90 Heroes .£19.90 Heroes of the Lance ......£16.90 Highway Patrol 2 £16.90 Hills Far £16.90 Hole in One .£19.90 Honda RVF .£16.90 Horse Racing .....£16.90 Horse Racing Stable .....£11.00 Hostages .....£16.90 Hot
Rod £16.90 Hound of the Shadow ...£16.90 Hoyes Book of Games ..£22.90 Hunt for Red October ....£16.90 Hunter Killer .. £5 50 Hycer Action . .£16 90 Hyoedorce £11 90 Icerran £16 90 Uan Warriors £8.90
I. Ttpossamole £4 3 90 Inoossiple Mission 2 . . ..£8-50 Indiana
Jones (Adv) £16 90 Indiana Jones
(L.C) £13.90 Infestation - ...£16.90
Infogrames Tri. Pack .....£16.90
Intact £13.90
Intellitype .....£16.90
Interceptor ...£16.90 International
+ ....£16.90 International 3D Tennis £16.90
International Arcade .£9.90 International
Wrestling ..£16.90 Iron
lord .£16.90 It Came From the
Desert (1 meg) £19.90 Italy
1990 ....£16.90 Italy 1990 Winners
Version ..£13.90 Ivanhoe £16.90
J. Nicklaus Course Vol.1 £9.90
J. Nicklaus Golf ..£16.90
J. Nicklaus Int.Courses 2 .£9.90
J. N Ult. Golf & CRS Design .£19.90 Japan Scenery
Disc ......£11.90
Jet ....£22.90 John Lowe's
Darts .£13.90
Journey £19.90 Jumping
Jackson ...£13.90 Junior
Typist £13.00 Keith the
Thief ....£16.90 Kennedy
Approach £16.90 Kenny
Dalglish ...£13.90 Kenny Dalglish
2 £13.90
Khalaan £16.90 Kick
Off £13.90 Kid
Gloves ...£16.90 King
Arthur ..£16.90 Kings Quest Triple
Pack £14.90
Klax ..£13.90 Knight
Force £16.90 Knight of
Legend £19.90 Knights of
Crystallion ....£19.90
Krystal ..£19.90
Lancaster ....£13.90 Laser Squad
(Blade) .....£13.90
Legend .£13.90 Legend of
Fear ...£16.90 Leisure Suit
Larry ...£16.90 Leisuresuit Larry Looks 4
Love £22.90 Leisure Suit Larry
2 £22.90 License to
Kill .....£13.90 Life &
Death £16.90 Light
Force ..£16.90 Limes of
Napoleon .£13.90 Live & Let
Die .....£13.90 Lombard RAC
Rally ......£16.90 Lord of the Rising Sun ..£19.90
Lost Dutchmans Mine ...£16.90 Lost
Patrol ...£16.90 M1 Tank
Platoon £19.90 Magic
Marble .....£16.90 Magnum 4 16 Bit
Compilation ......£19.90
Manhunter ...£19.90 Man
Utd ......£16.90 Maniac
Mansion .£16.90 Marble
Madness ..£8.50 Matrix
Marauder .£16.90 Mavis Beacon's Typing £19.90
Mega Pack 2 ...-...£16.90 Midnight
Resistance ......£16.90
Midwinter .....£16.90 Mind
Bender £13.90
Mindroll .... £19.90
Moonwalker .£16.90 Mr
Heli ..£16.90 Muscle
Cars ..£9.90 Mystery of the Mummy
£16.90 Neruomancer .....£16.90
Nevermind ...£13.90 New York
Warriors .£13.90 New Zealand
Story £16.90 Ninja
Spirit ...£16.90 Ninja
Warrior ......£13.90 North &
South ....£16.90 Oil
Imperium £16.90
Omega .£19.90
Ooze £16.90 Operation
Wolf ...£16.90 Operation Thunderbolt £13.90
Oriental Games ..£16.90 Out
Run ..£8.50
Outlands ......£13.90
P47 ...£16.90
Pacland £13.90
Pacmania ....£13.90
Paperboy .....£13.90 Paris
Dakar .£16.90 Passing
Shot ......£13.90 Persian
Gulf £13.90 Personal Nightmare £19.90
Pha-tasie 3' . £16 90
P. -cton StO'm £‘3 9C Dictionary .£13 90 Prball Vlagic
£16 30 Pipe Mania ..... £16 90 Prates £'6 90 Pague ...
£’6 9C Planet Buste'S .£16 90 Player Manager . .. £13 90
=once Quest 2 . £ 19.90 Pol ce Quest ....£'6 90
Pooulous £16 90 Postman Pat .....£8 50 Power
Up ....£13.90
Powerboat ...£16.90
Powerdrome £16.90 Precious
Metal ...£16.90 Premier
Collection ..£19.90 Premier Collection
2 ......£19.90 Premier Collection 3 ......£19.90
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Gunship, Microprose Soccer, Elite & Carrier Command - RRP
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• Spectrum • C64 • CPC £12.99 £16.99 (tape) (disc) OATABASES
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and BBC A3000 Archimedes
* 74.90 £169.95 . £74.25 .. £34.70 £159.99 ... £37.50 AMAS
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Mastersound -...... Music
X ...
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Amiga Mouse .£24.95 Memory Upgrade 0.5Mb ..£34.95 As Above with Clock .£44.95 Power Supplies ..£39.00 19 Queens Parade, Ealing, London W5 3HU. Tel 081-991 0928 Prices include delivery for software and small items.Courier Delivery of hardware £7.99. UK mainland only -k Above prices for mail order, Shop prices may vary ? All offers subject to availability, E&OE. We are the corner of Hanger Lane (North Circular) & Queens Drive ? Easy parking ? Most models in stock ? VISA AND ACCESS DATABASE
EDUCATIONAL SOFTWARE ONLY DS DD with any purchase.Lowest price in U.K?
3. 5" 10 £4.99 DISKS fiP ... figs* The PC PowerBoard from KCS is
the first ever hardware-based PC emulator available for the
A500 and effectively transforms your Amiga into a
fully-functioning IBM compatible for just under £300. With
1Mbyte of on-board RAM, the compact six-inch by three-inch
card slips neatly into the RAM expansion slot located on the
under side of the A500 and, after a short initialising boot
program, opens the door to MSDOS.
The PowerBoard is effectively a PC XT on a card. At the heart of its hardware is a custom chip which passes all PC data transmitted from the PC chip - an NEC V30 - directly to the Amiga's 68000 for translation and direct writing to output channels.
Thus information sent to the display screen, disk drives, and serial and parallel ports bypasses the usual PC BIOS routines entirely; by this means optimising performance. The main advantage of using this efficient method is that all screen handling is configured as direct screen I O and, as such, PC programs which bypass BIOS to drive screen hardware directly are also fully compatible.
Dutch developers KCS have been working on the card for over eighteen months now and can claim to have turned in something of a programming coup. The PowerBoard utilises the RAM slot (the trapdoor) intended for dynamic memory chips, a method of entry at which Commodore’s own engineers expressed amazement.
How KCS has done it remains to be seen - perhaps there are ingenious interrupts at work in there, perhaps not - but whatever the method, the outcome has been successful.
Started with a Disk To get up and running involves loading a shorj boot routine which configures the video mode, disk drives and attached peripherals the ‘PC' will address. Here it’s worth remembering that you don't have expansion slots for PC peripherals such as scanners and custom mouse cards: but Microsoft mice, joysticks, modems and printers are supported.
First of all you need to specify which disk drives will be used as PC devices. You can nominate the Amiga's own internal drive to act as a double-sided PC drive offering 720K of free disk space, or you can add extra 3.5-inch or 5.25-inch drives to your external disk drive port. But you can’t configure your Amiga drive to read or write PC files while in Amiga mode - you’ll still need Dos-to-Dos or CrossDos to convert them.
You can also partition an attached hard disk so that portions remain Amiga formatted while others become PC areas. Obviously, a hard disk will transform your use of the board, but check the section on hard disks (next page) for full details.
If you’re after a cheap PC, whatever you do don’t rush to buy one. ANDY STORER advises you to look at a KCS PowerBoard instead... Getting the Look exactly the bee’s knees at the best of times. It may be blocky, but it’ll let you run some PC games - though why you’d want to when you already own an Amiga is a different question.
Configuring for video mode also allows you to specify character size, cursor speed and whether you want interlacing on or off. This latter facility is very useful if you ever want to record PC displays to video as Pcs don’t readily offer this facility.
Last Lap The final part of the initialisation process is to assign your communications ports for PC use so you can run serial mice, printers and modems.
Here it’s simply a question of specifying which ports will be PC Comm 1 and 2 and what baud rate you wish to operate at. You can also set up reset proof printer buffers and alter the As far as PC video modes are concerned, the PowerBoard supports the mono MDA and four-colour CGA modes. Interestingly, configuring for CGA lets you use any of the Amiga’s 4096 colours to replace the rather dull black, white, blue and purple colours of PC CGA. Although support for EGA and VGA modes is under consideration, memory is likely to be a problem: the more colours you have on screen, the slower the
refresh rate becomes. As the NEC V30 doesn't have its usual accompanying video chip, the Amiga has to handle all colour information; the result being that to keep speed up to a maximum you would probably need an extra 2 Mbytes of memory.
At present, though, four-colour CGA graphics handle quite well - on their own terms - since CGA isn’t DISCOUNT For The Commodore Amiga AMIGA 500 COMPUTERS PRINTERS SPECIALS BATPACK .£369.95 FLIGHT OF FANTASY PACK ...£369.95 with 1 2 meg expansion, add £35 with Cumana 2nd drive add £60 prices include VAT and insured delivery, add £5 for express courier WORD PROCESSING Words 2 ..34.95 Scribble Platinum .41.95 Protext see 'Specials"... ..64.95 BUSINESS FINANCIAL DG Calc by Digita ...26.95 K-Spread 2 by Kuma...
24.95 Home Accounts by Digita... 20.95 Personal Tax Planner Digita 26.95 System 3, by Digita 35.95 Invoicing, Stock Control and Cashflow Control Cashbook Controller by Digita 35.95 Final Accounts by Digita ...21.95 Adds end of year accounts to Chashbook Controller Cashbook Combo by Digita.....54.95 both Cashbook Controller and Final Accounts GRAPHICS & VIDEO ....49.95 Fantavision. ..... .....29.95 Deluxe Paint III ...... 59.95 TV Show, by Zuma.... .....55.95 TV Text Professional, Zuma.. 129.95 Deluxe Video III. .....79.95 ZVP VIDEO STUDIO
requires min. 1 meg & 2 drives £89.95 RENDALE 8802 GENLOCK £169.95 Rombo RGB Splitter see "Specials" VIDI-Amiga see "Specials" Digiview Gold v4 .119.95 ...... ,...64..95 SOUND Mastersound budget sampler....32.95 Trilogic Stereo Audio Digitiser software not supplied 34.95
A. M.A.S. sampler & Midi interface ..74.95 Tritogic Midi
Interface 34.95 in out thru, 2 x out thru
switched Aegis Sonix. 29.95 Audiomaster
2 59.95 Dr. T's Midi Studio
.....45.95 Quartet...... ------- .34.95 Music X FULL UK
VERSION £79.95 DATABASES MaiIshot (label
printing) ....18.95 K-Data ... .24.95
Prodata see "Specials". .....55.95 PROTEXT V4.2 The Word
Processor for those who want to handle words quickly and
efficiently. No graphic fonts, just speed and a whole host of
features aimed at producing text with the minimum of effort.
Include Spell Checker and very powerful Mail Merge routines.
Our favourite WP program on any machine. Includes manual and
binder RRP £99.95 Our Price £64.95 PROTEXT DEMO DISC £5.00
PRODATA Arnor's new database for 1 meg machines and above.
Features excellent data layout facilities, including a wide
range of printer effects, and uses many Protext editing
RRP £79.95 Our Price £55.95 PRODATA DEMO DISC £5.00 PRO-PACK!
Protext and Prodata £114.95 MEMORY EXPANSIONS 1 2 Meg internal expansions for A500's. Real time clock and disable switch included.
Will not invalidate warranty.
£38.95 CUMANA CAX354 DISC DRIVES Quality brand-name 3.5" drives including thru port, disable switch and no hassle one year guarantee.
INCLUDES FREE VIRUS-X UTILITY £64.95 PROGRAMMING Hisoft Basic ....58.95 Extend for above ....15.95 Devpac version 2 ... 39.95 Lattice C version 5 ......169.95 EDUCATIONAL SOFTWARE Fun School 2,2-6 years 12.95 Fun School 2, 6-8 years ...12.95 Fun School 2, 8-12 years .12.95 Answerback Junior Quiz (6-11) .....14.95 French Mistress (12-Adult) 14.95 German Master (12-Adult) ......14.95 Italian Tutor (12-Adult) 14.95 Spanish Tutor (12-Adult) 14.95 Discover Math, 10 and over..15.95 Discover Numbers,
6+ ......15.95 Discover Alphabet, 6 + .....15.95 Mavis Beacon Typing, 12 + ..19.95 VIDI-AMIGA The best value video digitiser available for the Amiga. Grabs 16 shade mono images from any domestic VCR (with composite video output) to be saved as IFF files .
NTSC VERSION ....£79.95 320 X 200 RESOLUTION PAL VERSION £89.95 320 X 256 RESOLUTION VIDI-CHROME Colour software upgrade for VIDI.
Uses mono video camera and Red, Green and Blue filters (supplied) or takes still colour source if used with RGB splitter.
RRP £19.95 OUR PRICE £15.95 ROMBO RGB SPLITTER Takes still colour video signal and extracts red, green & blue for Vidi- Chrome or Digiview.
MJC PRICE £59.95 Power supply for above, £4.95 HITACHI VIDEO CAMERA Basic black & white CCTV camera ideal for digitising and producing colour images with VIDI-CHROME AND DIGIVIEW.
£219.95 NEW!! - EXPANDABLE UPGRADES RAM expansion boards upgradeable to 1.8meg (giving a total 2.3 meg).
Plugs into normal expansion slot with no soldering, and includes disable switch and battery backed clock.
POPULATED WITH 0.5 MEG .£54.95 POPULATED WITH 1 MEG ....£79.95 POPULATED WITH 1.8 MEG£129.95 NOTE: When expanding by more than 0.5 meg, an internal connection is required (connector not included), invalidating your warranty.
3. 5" disc head cleaner .3.95 A500 2000 printer
lead 6.95 Naksha Mouse .27.95 Neoprene
Mouse Mat 3.95 Quickjoy 2 Turbo Joystick ..9.95 Comp.
Pro 5000 J stick .... 13.95
12. 95 DUST COVERS All nylon fabric, not PVC type A500
keyboard 3.95 Philips CM8833
Monitor .....4.95 Star LC10, Mk1, 2 or colour
......4.95 Star LC24-10 .4.95 Panasonic KXP
1081 ..4.95 Panasonic KXP1124 ......5.95
Citizen 120 D and plus 4.95 All prices include
12 month guarantee, cable, a ribbon, VAT and delivery.
CITIZEN 120D PLUS... 139.95 Cheap 9 pin, with 2 NLQ fonts PANASONIC KXP-1081 159.95 Well built, NLQ in all sizes STAR LC-10 MONO ......169.95 Four NLQ fonts, double height PANASONIC KXP-1180 179.95 Fast, 4 NLQ font printer STAR LC-10 MONO MARK 2 ...189.95 Fast version of the mark 1 STAR LC-10 COLOUR ..219.95 Best value colour printer STAR LC24-10.. ...249.95 Budget 24-pin. 5 fonts PANASONIC KXP-1124 .....259.95 Much better than the 24-10 CITIZEN SWIFT 24 .314.95 Colour Upgrade available, 39.95 RIBBONS COMPATIBLE RIBBONS Star LC-10 Mono Panasonic
KXP-1080 1081 Citizen 120-D Plus Amstrad DMP2000-3250 £3.95 each £7.00 a pair Manufacturers original ribbons Star LC-10 Mono .....4.95 Star LC24-10 ....5.95 Star LC-10 Colour....; 5.95 Heat Transfer Ribbons produce iron-on transfers .,12,95 ..13.95 ..19.95 Citizen120-D ..... Star LC-10 Mono. .. Star LC-10 Colour ... DISCS
3. 5" SONY JVC BULK GUARANTEED 10 for £6.95 20 for £13.00 50 for
£29.95 BRANDED SONY 3.5" MF2DD 10 for £10.95 20 for £20.95
REPLACEMENT POWER SUPPLY Provides up to 30% more power to cope
with add-ons £39.95 Please Note All prices include VAT and
postage in the UK.
We ONLY advertise products actually available at time of going to press. We DO NOT advertise products "Due Shortly" as they rarely Overseas orders welcome - Please write for prices CALLERS WELCOME! MON FRI 9.30am TO 5pm SAT 10am TO 4pm
M. J.C. SUPPLIES (AF) 40a Queen Street, Hitchin, Herts. SG4 9TS
Prop M. J. Cooper Tel: LEFT: bringing your business home.
Now there’s no excuse to stay at the office!
123. UU2 12 123R3.UU2 13 AGENDA.UU2 14 ARC.UU2 15 ASCII.UU2 16 I
The hot knife of the sector editor dissects a foreign PC disk.
Keyboard’s response rate. Once all of the menu configurations have been completed, a small file is written to disk containing all your choices so
* Standard XT AT software runs with no foreseeable problems and
704K at Its disposal, All normal PC function keys are also
emulated, so you can run through all those bewildering Word
Perfect key combinations’* In hardware terms, the board is a
masterpiece. Not only does it provide a mating of two totally
incompatible systems but it does it elegantly. The faster clock
speed of the NECV30 goes some way to make up the speed lost by
using the Amiga’s internals to do the peripheral PC jobs.
To a regular PC user, the PC PowerBoard felt slightly slower than the desktop PC. Bench testing showed that the PC PowerBoard’s perceived speed depended on the screen intensity of the program running.
Some display- and mathematics-intense programs ran more slowly and the way that the board refreshed the screen was decidedly ‘Lego-like’, although this was also a feature of some early Xts. By way of a bonus, most programs seemed to gain speed over their PC counterparts.
Software compatibility wasn’t a problem. The only program that turned up its toes was FUTIL, a utility designed to look in all the nooks and crannies of a PC and report on its findings. The somewhat quirky Autoroute ran happily under PC emulation and various simulations and games made the transition to Amiga-PC without troubles.
Programs that used mouse, comm, and printer ports were able to utilise the equivalent ports on the Amiga and the only noticeable difference was that the Amiga keyboard is closer in design to the IBM AT than the XT.
The clock on the PowerBoard works to the PC standard rather than the Amiga and a software patch is provided to allow the Amiga to access it in Amiga mode.
After installation, you have a machine that is a working PC, (even better with a hard drive), and a one megabyte Amiga. The only qualm is the lack of true PC expansion but a close look at the board's architecture and the Amiga's design confirmed that a PC card expansion frame sharing the same port as the hard drive could be the next surprise for Amiga owners.
INCONE STATEHENT 1389: m Q2 Q3 Net Sales £21,880.00 £26,680.80 £22,480.80 r .
JOperat ing Expenses: Payroll 4,200.00 5,320.88 4,480.00 Ads 1,680.88 2,128.08 1,792.80 COG Sold 7,350.00 9,310.00 7,840.00 lot Op Exp 13,230.80 16,758.80 14,112.08 - Op Income £7,770.00 £9,842.00 £8,288.00 HARD FACTS 8§ii820384iS06B70B098A0B§€8B«!8F! 81 i 1.2131415:1.6171819 i A IB I.C1B UiF 0880 184 gsr,i ft j ; 3 mmzBwm? Bbmmdmmwmmmmm 0000 0020 8Bi00i0i00800i0i0008i00i0000001208i0i@i00100FA3 C08EB08C80I 160? 0020 0040 Bbx 886 C5? IBM 16S 8F* ! B90108FCACi 88 08t 831 8A05AA6AC4E2F1 8048 8868 061Fm 82C787* I FBCM3r g Mi8f 38F74 16! 038&1G! 838601! A3? 8068 ,8080 I A3? I B8 «8FM*!li 8B1E8B1
83C3H F?F38i06? J SB0885A1? ! E89F 8080 0060 88B80JJ2EBB30i:r- 198BFBB98B88BEB63- F3ftfet 8BBB7F SEED- 19BB08F3AS 8060 00C8 1 18BEy E8j 882 E4CD16' 1F8F848FB -82CM9B£€8 EBEBA11.C053 B2F? 88C8 8010 6 §Bt F1C062C I Ai? ! I; BB80i?Ali ! ESI 886118! * 88; Ml S 8818 8180 86C I s 03A0C V- f MM 80X r'C6C 86 I t 8C0186? ! F7§ 011 83D81B 8188 0128 Mft, IS! Mmm 8B1E- i EA0000P 80AC8AC0t 85 S401BB8700CMBEBF2 0128 8148 3 mm 181 FEC20816M 3 B2F76 1ft ! 8816* I A39 I C3B4B28B1&3 ! 0148 8168 MMMmm I I 8BCA8&S98A16FB} 866 * f CM3C38B8AN e $ - 8 y » 0188 8180 t e n i i s I o r i i s i err o r 65861! E -g I
a € e 6181 8160 a » & s t p I k e a a y • Map u h e n p e a & y .0B8A88 8168 sice mm;i a isrt f a i i Mr & m&mi m in' c o eice
Bar, Enter fcu Saleei- Space to S ltcE lisplap. Esc to Exit
liijg Se lectio a Allots File Recovery bp UpI tlnp Selected
Sect ops to a File you may boot directly into PC mode.
Alternatively you can save the choices as a six-sector file that can be attached to the boot sector of all your PC disks so that you can fire them straight up without even seeing your Amiga’s Workbench.
Once in MS-DOS, all the normal PC commands are entered at the CLI and standard XT AT software runs with no foreseeable problems and 704K at its disposal. All normal PC function keys are also emulated, so you can run through all those bewildering Word Perfect key combinations at the speed at which you have mastered them. To quit PC mode you have to soft reset. There’s no facility to multitask between Amiga and PC modes since, as any A2000 Bridgeboard owner will tell you, multitasking in PC mode is painfully slow.
What’s On the Board ?
The PowerBoard comprises a NEC V30 chip, a custom processor, a clock and 1Mbyte of RAM chips. The V30 is a 16-bit 8086 clone: in the PC Power Board it runs at a clock speed of 7.14Mhz. The BIOS used is the world standard for IBM compatibles - Phoenix. The on-board memory chips are intended to supply both PC and Amiga modes with 512K each. If you don't want to use PC emulation you can configure its associated memory as a RAM cache for the Amiga!
Besides a PC emulator which offers you an extra 512K of Amiga memory if you’re not using it, you also get a RAM-resident DOS help program from Phoenix worth £55, PC GWBasic and Microsoft’s MS-DOS v4.01, worth £80. As you add all these up the cost of the £299 emulator comes tumbling down.
Verdict At the price and with the bundle offered, the PowerBoard would be a bargain even if it weren't for the speed at which it delivers. Screen handling is faster than many 286 Ats and PC peripheral hardware performs with no discernable difficulty. Of course, CGA is a drag, but that's hardly the fault of KCS. Most buyers won't be too bothered about graphics modes anyway.
In an Amiga you have ten times the power of even VGA Pcs so why bother? Serious software is the answer: the PC literally has tens of thousands of applications to choose from and the largest collection of PD and shareware. So, if it’s a cheap PC you’re after, don’t buy one. Buy the KCS PowerBoard instead.
KCS PC POWERBOARD Amiga 500 ¦ £299 Bitcon Devices 091 490 1919 FLIGHT OF FANTASY AMIGA REPAIRS & SPARES SPARESs 8367 Agnus 8371 Fat Agnus 8372 Fat Acrus 5719 Cary 8364 Puu a A1000 Rom Ocd At000 Rom tvon MSM 6242 Clock.
Rem VI 2 Rem V1 8 8520 CIA 5 2' Busier .
68000 MPU .
41256 RAM .
LF347 8362 Denise.
£32 00 £32 00 £'6 00 £•6 00 £24 00 £4 00 £2 50 .£29.00 .£34.00 .£49.00 .£62.00 .£17.00 .£40.00 .£25.00 .£25.00 .£12.00 Pack includes Many other spares available ACCESSORIES Batman Pack High* ot Fa-tasy pack .
Cumana CAX354 3 5 FxtC'i'.ai Drive 3 5 C 0 CO £70 00 £55 00 £40 00 A500 Internal Drive.. A2000 Internal Drive A500 PSU ... Amiga Mouse .... £380 00 £380 00 . £80 00 £70 CO Amiga A500, Power Pack, Modulator, Work Bench 1.3, Amiga Basic, First English Version Mouse, F29 Retaliator, Rainbow Islands, Escape From The Planet Of The Robot Monsters, Deluxe Paint II, 5 Blank Discs and Mouse Mat.
PLUS FREE Delivery - No hidden extras The price you see is the price you pay ONLY £379.99 Also available, leads, books, MIDI Interfaces, Disks, Digitisers, Genlocks, Hard Drives, Joysticks etc. All prices include postage and packing.
_Fast Amiga 500 1000 2000 repairs (free estimate) phone._ ACE Repairs, Dept AF, Outways Farm, Pelynt, Looe, Cornwall PL13 2NW @ (0503)20282 1 VISA AMIGA DTP POSTSCRIPT LASER OUTPUT FOR AMIGA USERS!
Simply mail us your Professional Page PageStream DTP files or your word-processor ascii files, on floppy disc for professional quality postscript laser output by return post.
? High-res scanning service also available (IFF format) ? Ring for large order discounts or more information ? Only £1.25 per page. (Minimum order 5 pages.)
(incl. P+P) Belshaw’s Computer Shop 51 Baldertongate, Newark, Notts NG24 1EQ Telephone: (0636) 72503 FROM COMPUVISION 0642-850759 CALLERS WELCOME 2A OXFORD RD, MIDDLESBROUGH, CLEVELAND TS5 5DT COMPUTERWISE BRIGHTON ® (0273) 674626 IT FAX (0273) 684383 AMIGA A500 £369.00 IS Workbench 1.3, Extras 1.3, the very first English version, four software titles, all leads and modulator, included with the above.
We have 100s of software titles in stock at all times, as well as books and peripherals.
Up to £1000 instant credit for personal callers.
Full written details on request. We are your Amiga specialists, so phone or call in today for all your Amiga needs Open 10 am to 5.30pm Monday to Saturday 44 George Street, Kemptown, Brighton George Street is opposite the American Express building. P!J E3 SPECIAL OFFERS*** ? ? ?
A500 BATMAN PACK only £363.99 A500 FLIGHT OF FANTASY only £363.99 A500 SCREEN GEMS only £363.99 CLASS OF THE 90’s only £546.00 Extra discounts available - ask before you order!
COMMODORE PC STARTER PACKS & AMIGA 2000 Prices on application VIDI FRAME GRABBER only £105.99 VIDI FRAME GRABBER COLOUR UPGRADE only £18.95 or BOTH for £120.99 Connection Cables, including Amiga & ST 4 player leads at £5.99 Also specialised cables made to order, full details of the connection you need are required!
Joysticks & Peripherals at bargain prices.
MPS 1230 B W Printer £139.99 MPS 1550 Colour Printer £219.99 MPS 1230. Branded printer ribbons only £9.99 Other printers & ribbons available.
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Send for your FREE Brochure to: ROMIKA Limited, Home Study Centre, Athol Street, Port St. Mary, Isle of Man Omega .19.10 Austerlitz ....16.10 Cabal ...16.10 Conquest of Camelot ...29.99 Damocles ..16.10 Day of the Viper ....16.10 Flimbo's Quest ......16.10 F19 Stealth Fighter ......20.10 Impossimole ..16.10
Infestation ..16.10 Knights of Crystallion ...19.10 Music X 75.00 Rainbow Islands ...16.10 Rotor ....13.10 Rotox ...16.10 Space Ace .26.99 Space Rogue .19.10 Teenage Mutant Turtles ...19.10 Toobin ..13.10 World Cup - Italy 1990 .16.10 Xenon
2 .....16.10 688 Sub Attack .....16.10 While stocks last! Other titles available upon request.
Write or phone for details or price lists of software or hardware to: IMPEX-ILKESTON - MAIL ORDER Tel: 0602 321330 (before 8.00pm) Monday to Saturday.
65 Sudbury Avenue, Ilkeston, Derbys'., DE7 5EA.
All prices inclusive of VAT, P&P free on orders over £10. Cheques to be made payable to IMPEX-ILKESTON.
All items subject to availability, despatched within 24 hours of cleared payment.
(Prices correct at going to press, but subject to change without prior notice.'
WS, !
(IMPEX-ILKESTON are also registered AMSTRAD dealers.)
MAIL ORDER A590 Hard Drive £369.95 MAIL ORDER Amiga 500 Screen Gems Pack £369.95 SOFTSELLERS 6 BOND STREET, IPSWICH, SUFFOLK IP4 1JE 36A OSBORNE STREET, COLCHESTER, ESSEX (RETAIL) 5A DOG'S HEAD STREET, IPSWICH, SUFFOLK (RETAIL) MAIL ORDER PURCHASE LINE (0473) 257158 210605 FAX NO. 0473 213457 688 Attack Sub 16.99 ‘Action Fighter .15.99 ‘Adidas Championship Football .16.99 ‘Adidas Champ Tie Break ..16.99 Anarchy .....13.99 ‘Ancient Art of
War .....16.99 ‘Ancient Art of War At Sea .16.99 Ants Head (Datadisc) ..12.99 ‘Aquaventura ..24.99 ‘Atomics ....13.99 ‘Back to the Future II ..16.99 ‘Bad Blood 19.99 Balance of Power 1990 ......15.99 ‘Barbarian II (Psygnosis) ...16.99 Bankok Knights ...16.99 Battlechess 16.99 Batman (The
Movie) ...16.99 Battle of Britain 19.99 ‘Battle Command 16.99 ‘Battle Master ..16.99 Battle Squadron ...15.99 Betrayal .....15.99 Black Tiger 16.99 ‘Blade Warrior 15.99 Blue Angels .....16.99 Bomber .....19.99
* BSS Jane Seymour ...16.99
Budakhan ..16.99
Cabal .16.99
‘Cadaver ...16.99
‘Carthage ..15.99
Chase HQ .16.99 ‘Chaos
Strikes Back ...16.99 ‘Chess Champion
2175 .16.99 ‘Chuck Jaegers
AFT ..16.99
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Combo Racer ..16.99
Conqueror .16.99
‘Corvette ...19.99
‘Commandos Compilation .15.99
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Damocles ..15.99 Dan
Dare 3 13.99 ‘Days of
Thunder 19.99 Defenders of the
Earth 12.99 Dragons
Breath ...19.99 Dragon
Flight ...19.99 ‘Dragon
War ...16.99 Dungeon
Master ..16.99 Dungeon Master
Editor .9.99
‘Dreadnought ..13.99 Drakken
....19.99 ‘Dynamic
Debugger ...15.99 ‘Dynasty
Wars 16.99 ‘Eagle
Rider ....16.99 ‘Edition 1
(Comp) .. 19.99 Emlyn Hughes International Soccer
E-motion ....16.99
‘Enterprise 13.99
Escape from the Planet of Robot
Monsters .....13.99 ‘Flash
Dragon .13.99 F29
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Die ...16.99
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Space Quest III 19.99 ‘Star
Trek 5 .....24.99 ‘Storm
Across Europe 19.99 ‘Street Fighting
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...16.99 ‘Snow
Strike ....16.99 Star Blaze
.13.99 Super
Cars ...... 13.99 ‘Silver
Blades ..16.99 Sim City
...19.99 ‘Steven Hendry
Championship Snookerl 6.99
‘Subbuteo .16.99
‘Super League Manager ....16.99 Super League
Soccer .16.99 Tennis
Cup 16.99 ‘The
Keep .16.99 ‘The
Plague ....16.99 ‘Thunder
Strike ...16.99 ‘Time
Machine 16.99
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Triad III or IV ....19.99
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Recall ....16.99 ‘Turbo
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* UMS II .....15.99
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& Away .....16.99 Venus Fly
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Cup Soccer '90 .13.99
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Spy . £15.85 Blue Ansel ...£15.70 Shadow Warrior ...£15.85 ?The Punisher ....£15.90 Destiny Warrior ...£15.85 ?Back To The Future II ...£15.65 ?Team Yankee ...£15.85 Escape From The Planet Of The Robot Monsters ...£14.50 F19 Stealth Fighters £21.85 Midwinter ...£17.90 Ivanhoe £15.85 Kickoff 2 ......£15.85 Their Finest Hour £18.99 International 3-D
Tennis .£15.85 Dragon's Breath ..£17.95 Sherman M4 £15.90 Warhead ......£15.85 Please add £1.00 P&P and send Cheques Postal Orders to: YUPPIES COMPUTER CLUB 81 Thurmond Crescent, Stanmore, Winchester, Hampshire, S022 4DH.
A ia Titles not yet released - will be despatched upon release AMIGA Increases computer memory from normal V2 megabyte to 1 megabyte Includes disable switch incorporates high quality silver coated pin connector 16 bit technology Fit in minutes Direct replacement of Commodore A501 expansion Includes "CHIPMEM OPTION" - Phone for details 12 month warranty In stock now!
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grey ..... Mousemats 5mm packaged Mousebrackets Amiga printer leads ..... 31 2" cleaning kits ...... Amiga Dust Covers ...... Amiga Screen Filters ... Roll of 1000
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M. C| .td OMC AMIGA STARTER PACK 1 2 meg upgrade (without
clock) ....£34.95 1 2 meg upgrade
(with clock) ..£39.95 Features
include: ON OFF memory switch, auto-recharge battery backed
clock, 4 low power fastrams.
4 MEG RAM EXPANSION (POPULATED) Gives a total memory of 4.5 Mb 1 year warranty. No cables, soldering etc. Compatible with Fat or Fatter Agnes, fits in A501 slot.
100% compatible with all Amiga software ONLY £299.95 |1 POWER SUPPLY m Fully compatible replacement *f Power Supply for Amiga 500 |j ONLY £38.95 JOYSTICKS Sheetah 125 £7.95 ...£9.95 £11.95 .£13.95 .£14.95 Quickshot III Turbo .... onix Speedking . 3ro 5000 Competition Pro (auto fire), X-Copy II the ultimate diskette copying system (disclaimer on request) NOT for copyright protected software.
£29.95 inc VAT Virus Protector (protects against boot block virus) .....£14.95 Kickstart Card .£19.95 Boot Selector (boot from DFI) .£14.95 'Nordic1 Action cartridge ....£59.95 DISK DRIVES 31 2" External disk drive for Amiga, Slimline design colour co-ordinated throughport connector.
1 year guarantee ONLY £59.95 MICE Amiga mouse, two button fully compatible £19.95 as replacement ... Atari ST mouse, two button fully compatible replacement . £19.95 £39.00 £49.95 Nakshua IBM cordless . ONLY £22.95 COMPRISES: NO NEED TO SHOP AROUND
R. R.P £679 500 Flight of Fantasy Batman 1 2 meg additional RAM
upgrade 3 1 2" external disk drive 10 3 1 2" D S D D 135 tpi
diskettes OMC Ajl inclusive 1 (40 cap) lockable storage box
price of 1 mousemat £489.00 inc. VAT 1 mouse 1 mouse bracket 1
joystick 1 Amiga dustcover A saving of £190.00 PLUS the usual
4 great software titles PHONE FOR DETAILS ON CLASS OF 90 s
PACK SOUNDBLASTER Turns your Amiga into a powerful sound
emitting system, pack includes: 50 watt 3-way speakers 3"
woofer 2" mid range 1" tweeter power supply cab|es £44 QQ jnr
WAT full instructions mv vni TO ORDER CHEQUES AND P.O.'S
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Phone for up to date prices All prices include VAT Delivery, in Mainland UK is free on orders over £100 (add £10 for next day courier delivery). All prices available on Mai; order only. Shop prices may differ.
International ST World ’Best Dealer’ 1989 ? Memory enable disable switch & Compact, tow power design ? Optional battery backed clock 512K Board £39.99 512K Board + clock £44.99 £369.99 £379.99 £389.99 £409.99 512K Batman pack 512K Flight of Fantasy pack 512K Screen Gems (coming soon) 1Mb Batman pack, with RAM board clock 1Mb Flight of Fantasy, with RAM board clock £419.99 1Mb Batman pack plus 1Mb drive £469.99 1Mb Flight of Fantasy plus 1Mb drive £479.99 Monitors & Tv’s Peripherals Quality 3.5” Disks CM 8833 £249.99 Philips stereo, colour monitor.
1084S £269.99 Commodore stereo, colour monitor.(limited offer) 15” FST Tv £269.99 Philips 15-GR-2530105-B, FST, Remote, Scart input, Teletext Tv with 60 tuner presets.
All above include Scart cable Amax+Rom’s £224.99 Macintosh emulator including 128K Macintosh ROM’s.
Trak Ball £24.99 Trak ball converted to work as mouse on the Amiga.
A500 d cvr £3.99 J sticks from £9.99 Mastersound £34.99 Sony Branded Boxed Unbranded Loose Boxed Quantity 10 £6.99 £7.99 £9.99 100 £64.99 £74.99 £89.99 All disks carry an unconditional lifetime guarantea Please add 60p P&P for each pack of ten Cumana CAX 354 Flat bed scanner 'jftp 200 DPI scanner, thermal printer, and photocopier ik Llpto 16 grey scales or B W mode, 'fo Compatible with Amiga, ST and PC.
(Add £30 for PC version.)
Amiga 3.5”, Slim 25mm drive unit Data enable disable switch Daisy chain "through” connector Low power consumption Active indicator data lead Only £449.99 Only £64.99 All Star printers include 12 months on site warranty Star FR-10 mono 9 pin, 300 cps draft elite, 16 NLQ fonts £ 399.99 *
169. 99 *
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Citizen 120D 9 pin mono. Lowest price Atari SLM804 Laser Printer, 90 days on site warranty £ £ £ £ £ £ £ 499.99 * £ 499.99 * £ 649.99 * £ 39.99 £ 1599.99 * Star FR-15 15” carriage version of above Star XB-24 10 24 pin SLQ, LQ, 240cps draft elite Star XB-24 15 15” carriage version of above 7 colour upgrade kit for XB-24 10 and XB-24 15 Star Laser Printer 8,1 Mb memory, 8 resident fonts, 8 pages per min, 300 Dpi £ 1099.99
* All these printers include Amiga to Centronics cable.
(0772) 203166 Fax 561071 How to Pav Vbu can phone your Access or Visa card details or send a cheque postal orders made payable to Ladbroke Computing International. Please allow sufficient clearance time for cheques.
Shop & Mail order premises: 33 Ormskirk Road, Preston, Lancashire, PR1 2QP Open Monday to Saturday 9:00am to 5:00pm. Dealer enquiries welcome. Ladbroke Computing International is a trading name of Walton Marketing Limited. All trade marks recognised.
The Amiga’s operating system is multi-tasking. Many programs can be in memory at the same time and can be in a number of different states... running, waiting for user- input, waiting for a signal from another process, or temporarily stopped as the operating system gives some other program the chance to run.
In this type of multi-program environment the Amiga needs some way of keeping track of how its resources are being used. Programs must therefore ask the operating system for any system facilities they require... and must also tell the system when such facilities are no longer needed.
Ask, And It Shall Be Given... Maybe!
A simple, but effective, scheme for handling program startup and closedown operations is outlined by PAUL OVERAA.
If, for instance, your program has to open a window in an Intuition Screen it must firstly open the Intuition Library and secondly open an Intuition Screen. Only if both these operations are successful can the program attempt to open a window in the screen.
Simple operations like these can, and often do, fail. Your program will not for instance be able to open a screen if some other program has already grabbed all of the available chip memory.
This being so programs must not only ask for the resources they need... they have to check whether such requests were successful or not. As we've mentioned, often the order in which you do things is important and in the case of the well cited beginner's example of opening a window you must adopt this approach... As the program starts you... 1: Open the Intuition Library 2: Open an Intuition Screen 3: Open the Window If everything opened properly you would, as the program finishes... 4: Close the Window 5: Close the Intuition Screen 6: Close the Intuition*Library Operations usually return a
NULL pointer if they fail, so a non-NULL pointer usually indicates that ever- thing has gone smoothly. Most Amiga text-books, as you'll probably already know, seem to invariably suggest closedown schemes based on direct pointer testing.
If, for instance, the statement... window = OpenWindow(screen); was used to open a window then the equivalent shutdown code might be written as... if (window!=NULL) CloseWindow(win- dow); or more simply... if (window) CloseWindow(window); Now, as an isolated example, this sort of approach is fine. But as programs get to more realistic sizes many more of these types of operations are needed. Memory assignment, raster allocation, creating screens and windows, setting up reply ports, device access, setting device parameters etc. It’s not uncommon for a program to need one or maybe two dozen
of these types of ‘resource allocation' operations before it is even up and running!
Experienced Amiga programmers know, and newcomers soon find out, that the Amiga does not tolerate programming sloppiness in these areas.
A few years ago I adopted an approach to this problem that, despite its simplicity, has proved to be very effective. The basic idea is to create a list of the things which need to be opened or set up and then use standardized routines to read this list and carry out the required operations.
If, while carrying out these operations, some error occurs, the allocation routine reads the list backwards starting from the last successfully executed item. At this time however it then executes corresponding pieces of ‘deallocation’ code.
The result? Deallocation always occurs in the correct ‘reverse order’, irrespective of where the error occured. Normal, ie non-error, program shutdown is achieved by reading the whole resource allocation list in reverse order executing the appropriate pieces of deallocation code.
As an approach the idea is obvious enough, but it does nevertheless raise a few questions... How do we define the lists in the first place?
How do we set up the allocation code?
How do we set up the de-allocation code?
How do we pair up segments of ‘allocation code’ with the corresponding deallocation statements?
How do we get the right pieces of code executed at the right times?
* How do we define the lists in the first place?
How do we set up the allocation code?
How do we set up the de-allocation code?
How do we pair up segments of 'allocation code' with the corresponding deallocation statements?
How do we get the right pieces of code executed at the right times?9 Perhaps the best way of answering these questions is to go through the steps I use when setting up this type of code. Here's the approach, based on a skeleton example, which shows how I'd set up the code for a number of routine operations... opening some libraries, allocating some raster memory, setting up reply ports and request blocks, opening and setting up the serial port for reading and writing... and opening screens, windows, and a disk font. Don’t forget - it's the approach that’s important, not the actual
Firstly some defines are set up... define OPEN_INTUITION_LIBRARY 1 define OPEN_GRAPHICS_LIBRARY 2 define RASTER_ALLOCATION 3 define CREATE_REPLY_PORTl 4 define CREATE_REQUEST_BL0CK1 5 define OPEN_SERIAL_DEVICEl 6 define HIGH_SPEED_SERIAL1 7 define CREATE_REPLY_PORT2 8 define CREATE_REQUEST_BLOCK2 9 define OPEN_SERIAL_DEVICE2 10 define HIGH_SPEED_SERIAL2 11 define OPEN_CUSTOM_SCREEN 12 define OPEN_WINDOW 13 define OPEN_DISKFONT_LIBRARY 14 define OPEN_FONT 15 This allows us to create a resource vector (ie a one-dimensional array) which starts with a count of the number of
operations to be carried out, contains the details of what has to be done, and most importantly of all, gives the order in which these operations should occur. We might, for example, build a list like this... UBYTE resource_vector [16] = 15, * count of operation labels to follow * OPEN_INTUITION_LIBRARY, OP EN_GRAP HIC S_LIBRARY, OPEN_DISKFONT_LIBRARY, OPEN_FONT, RASTER_ALLOCATION, CREATE_REPLY_P0RT1, CREATE_REQUEST_BL0CK1, OPEN SERIAL DEVICE1, YOUR ONE STOP SHOP MORE SOFTWARE THAN YOU CAN HANDLE!
AMIGA MEGAPACK the 1 MEG pack Exclusive to Software SufienAto'ie With EVERY Amiga A500 ? SCREEN GEMS ?
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Each disk is guaranteed for life.
Exclusive Connoisseur Software Collection Sony Branded Box 10 .....£14.99 Willi l'KKIv Disk Con ( 10) ? Kick Off ? Barbarian II ? IK+ ? Tetris Unbranded BULK PRICES
50. ......£29.99
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Zealand Story Deluxe Paint II ?
The BEST NAME in Disk Drives NOW Only £69 ©Gap lcio "Best Buy" budget printer.
Only £169 .99 LC10 Colour Only £219.99 ©G®P LC24 - 10 Only £259.99 STOCKPORT 6 Mealhouse Brow.
(Off Little Underbank).
Stockport. Manager: Ray Tel: 061 480 2693 Open 6 Days ST HELENS 27 Baldwin Street.
St Helens Manager: Adrian Tel: 0744 27941 Closed Thursday SHEFFIELD 6 Waingate. Sheffield Manager: Nick Tel: 0742 721906 Open 6 days Software for serious sports enthusiasts POOLSWINNER n THE ULTIMATE POOLS PREDICTION PROGRAM 1IS§1
• MASSIVE DATABASE Poolswinner is a sophisticated Pools
prediction aid. It comes complete with the largest database
available - 22000 matches over 10 years.
too. Predictions are based on many factors... recent form the
massive database, current league standing, goal scoring rates,
and draw averages (each factor is independently switchable by
the user).
• SUCCESSFUL Selec guarantee that Poolswinner performs signifi
cantly better than chance.
• LEAGUE AND NON-LEAGUE matches are covered.
• FULL LEAGUE TABLES are automatically generated as results are
• AUTOMATIC FIXTURE GENERATION : Fixtures for English and
Scottish League matches are generated automatically by
Poolswinner’s sister program FIXGEN... FIXGEN 1990 91 £26.50
Poolswinner with Fixgen.
No need to struggle for hours to get the fixture list into the computer - just type in the date, Fixgen contains the complete fixture list for the whole year's league soccer. (Published under licence from the Football League, and the Scottish Football League).
M&wSelec Software 62 Altrincham Rd, Gatley, Cheadle, Cheshire SK8 4DP Tel 061-428-7425 (send for full list of our software) phone 24 hrs ACCOUNTS art 7 9 4 9 61visa 0 9 8 3 Arena Integrated Accounts....119.83 Cashbook Combination 59.80 Easy Ledgers ......149.96 Home Accounts .....23.92 Personal Accounts Plus 29.90 Service Industry Accounts ....299.92 Small Business Acc Xtra 89.93 System 3 .44.85 BOOKS Large range stocked, please call.
COMMUNICATIONS A Talk 3 ...69.92 K Comm 2 ......24.84 Paragon BBS ......109.94 COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN Design 3D 1MB .....57.96 Professional Draw 2 119.83 X Cad Designer .....79.81 X Cad Professional 1.5MB....339.94 DATABASE MANAGERS Infofile .29.90 Prodata 1MB ..57.96 Superbase Personal .39.79 Superbase Prof. 1MB .....164.91 Superbase Personal 2 1MB....62.79 DESKTOP PUBLISHERS Clip Art
PD .....14.95 PageSetter 2 1MB .59.80 Pagestream 1 MB 129.95 Professional Page 1.5MB.....179.86 EDUCATION GCSE Tutors ..24.84 EDITORS CygnusEd Professional 2 .64.86 GRAPHICS Animation Studio (Disney)......Query Comic Setter 1 MB .39.79 Deluxe Paint 3 1 MB ..57.96 Deluxe Video 3 1 MB .69.92 Digi Paint 3 .....49.91 Pixmate ...38.87 Sculpt 3D XL 1MB .99.82 Sculpt Animate 4D 1.5MB.....329.82 Sculpt
Animate 4D Junior 84.87 Richard & Angela Howe: Applied Research Kernel Corve Farmhouse, Chafe Green, Ventnor, P038 2LA, UK.
POST UK £0. Software 1Kg Europe £5 item, World £ 12 item CHEQUES London Sterling to A.R.K. (may need: clearance) DESPATCH From stock 24 hours, from supplier 48 hours EXPORT & BFPO Remove U.K. V.A.T. (=Price 1.15)
V. A.T Prices include U.K. V.A.T. at 15% PHONE Monday to Saturday
10am to 6.30pm PRICES Are subject to change Visitors are
always welcome by appointment The
Director ...49.91 HARDWARE
1. 3 Kickstart ROM .29.90 512K RAM A500 with
clock.....59.80 A4 Flat Bed Scanner ......459.77 AMAS
Stereo Sampler & MIDI.....77.74 Disk Drive 3.5
External ....59.80 Disk Drive 3.5 Int
A2000 ..54.97 MasterSound Mono Sampler.....34.96 MIDI
Master Interface ......34.96 Podscat Graphics
Tablet 199.87 RAM Chips 256x4 CMOS 34.96 Switch
Box D25S 2 Way ..24.84 PACKAGES Home Office
Kit .....99.82 Publishers
Choice .68.77 The Works
Platinum ..99.82 PROGRAMMING AMOS
Basic ...37.95 Benchmark Modula
2 .....139.84 Devpac
2 .42.78 GFA Basic
Compiler ..28.98 GFA Basic
Interpreter ......39.79 Hisoft Basic
Compiler 57.96 Lattice
C5 .....164.91 SOUND Deluxe
Music .52.90 Instant
Music ..22.77 Music X (Full UK
Quartet 44.85 Tiger
Advantage ......74.98
DGCalc ...31.97 Superplan
1MB .....69.92 UTILITIES Arexx Macro
Interpreter ..34,96
B. A.D. Disk Optimiser ......31.97 BBC
Emulator 34.96 CrossDOS File
Transfer ...29.90 DOS 2 DOS File Transfer 29.90
Mavis Beacon Typing 27.83
Superback2 ...39.79 X Copy
Backup Editor ......17.94 Your Family Tree
Genealogy...34.96 VIDEO Digi View Gold
4 ..119.83 Minigen
Genlock ...99.82 Vidi Amiga PAL Digitiser
99.82 WORDPROCESSORS Kindwords
2 ...35.88
Microtext .19.78
PenPal 99.82
Protext .64.86 Scribble
Platinum ..41.86
Transcript 32.89
WordPerfect ..164.91 SYBIZ
PROFESSIONAL AMIGA ACCOUNTS Simple - Effective - Powerful
20,000 User Base (Mostly PC) We even use it ourselves!
The easiest Amiga accounts yet.
Good manual with simple tutorial.
Mouse driven and Intuition based.
Ring bound ledger books shown on screen with turning pages and even section separators!
Fully integrated ledgers enabling quick access to information and efficient data entry.
Comprehensive reports available with Audit trail, Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Sheet, Histories, Lists, Labels, Chart of Accounts.
Easy Ledgers £149.96 Sales ledger for customers.
Purchase ledger for suppliers.
Inventory ledger for products.
Nominal ledger for all the rest.
Service Industry Accounts £299.92 Specification as for Easy Ledgers plus a full Job Control system This allows the management of each job in progress. Shown on screen graphically as a card box.
Amiga 3C00 CPU + Keyooard (inc free 1084 monitor) .....from £305 CO Amiga 2000 CPU - Keyboard £948 64 Amiga 500 (flight of fancy) ..£357 99 Amiga 500 (batman occk) . . £359 99 Amiga 50C (cipss of the 90s)..... Power Drive 3-.'2’ 'loopy drive ... ..£519 09 ....£69 96 Amiga A590 hard drive £359 99 Linnet Modem .. ..£148 58 1084s 14" monitor ... £2,39 99 Minigen Genlock . £99 05 Amiga A501 1 2 meg + ciock.... £99 74 J3&W Haney Scanner ... £199
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Transformer .£22 46 ' U K
Ail prices are fully inc. of VA! + 1st doss postage. Overseas
(softv ore only) please add £2.00 per item. C.O.D add £1.50.
Ail C O D items require a 20% deposit.
Please send cheques Postal Orders to:- ENCHANTER SOFTWARE DESIGN, (mail order dept), 53 Danes Drive, Hessle, N.Humberside HU 13 0BW.
Plecse allow 10 working days for delivery. Cheques subject to cleoronce.
Enquiries orders. Tel: (0482) 646167 (24 hr) Beyond Dark Castle .....£18.7' Carthage .....£18.71 Dark Castle : ..£18.71 Sorcerors Apprentice .....£14.96 Continental Circus ..£15.46 Ghouls 'n' Ghosts .....£18.71 Rainbow Island .£18.71 Hyper Action .£18.71 Winners ...£22.46 Indiana Jones - The aaventure £18 71 Chessmaster
2000 ...£17.47 Imperium .£18.71 Pirates ......£17.47 Deadline .....£17.47 Ant Heads ..£11 96 Dragons Breath ....£22 46 Dungeon Master ...£18.7' Future Wars ....£18.71 Kings Quest IV ...£26.21 Ultima V ...£20.97 688 Attack Sub .£18.71
Populous ...£18.7' Blue Angels ...£18.71 Damocles ....£17.47 Qlaye- Manager ..£14 96, BOOKS Amiga Hardware 7ef manual (A;w ..£19.76 Am go Dos 'nsde and Cut (Acccos). £16.61 Amiga System Prog. Guide (Abacus; £29.66 Mapping The Amiga (Compute) £20.65 P'cgrorrnmg rhe 68300 (Syoex) £19.76. School problejJIJ1) V Whatever your age, whatever your subject
- let your computer help you learn.
Our range of leisure and educational software is now available for most home and business computers.
Subjects include ... French, German, Spanish, Italian, English History, Geography, Science, General Knowledge, Football, First Aid, Sport, England, Scotland, Natural History, Junior Spelling and Arithmetic Kosmos are specialist producers of Educational Software designed to help you enjoy learning from your computer. Our programs even allow you to add your own lesson material.
Write or telephone for a FREE 20-page BROCHURE of our Educational & Leisure software Please state your computer type Kosmos Software Ltd, FREEPOST (no stamp needed) DUNSTABLE, Beds. LU5 6BR Telephone 05255 3942 or 5406 t:t lit;:1 ««••• ::!****
• ••U. • •• • •• *-••• * ¦ . ZZZmO «; ::: sit.:;; ...:m :::
...xzzz ; :« ::: :::x:r zzzzzz* c ::ss
o r r - w Fuil 'ange of Amiga. ST & C
hardware software perioherals available.
Prices subject to change without no-ice. Correc* at time of press.
All that is needed now is some loop code which will read through the globally defined resource vector and pass the number equivalent of our text definitions to a routine which contains the real allocation anddealloca- tion code. Listing 1 (below) gives a typical routine that could be used for program startup... example of a routine which provides the allocation segments. There are only two entries shown in printed listing 3 but don't forget that you can find another, complete, example on the Coverdisk... SEE LISTING 3 (Right) The equivalent deallocation routine (listing 4) uses the same
define labels, but here of course you specify the corresponding deallocation shutdown code... SEE LISTING 4 (Below right) The benefits? To start with this approach eliminates the mis-ordering problems that can arise as new code is added to the ‘test a pointer and close if non-NULL’ approaches. To add new code just define a new label, add it to the resource vector (in the appropriate place of course), and the modular environment which C can provide. I often place this type of code into a ‘main’ module whose job is to handle program startup and closedown and monitor the higher level user
operations. You will find a complete example, in source code and in runnable form, ready and waiting on the Coverdisk.
Tomti cart Gclfcion i sent BODL aliocaie ledource inner. O fl-bbitsei ) I UBY TE f u n ct i o r _n uiube r; It lillil BOOL e r ro r_ f 1 ag=FALSE ; || switch fcnction_ji.umber|j§T| ???|?:||l||i: 1:1?It: if (intuit lonBase=.(struct i:htnitionB:as« ERSION) ) ==NUi OpenLibrary "in.tu.ition. library", XNTUITXQNfy break; case OPEN GRAPHICS LIBRARY: fSMiHW® if((GfxBase- struct OfxBase *}i The minute that the allocate_resource() routine which I am about to describe returns an error you will get clean deallocation of everything that had previously been successfully opened before the error
condition occured.
Using this list approach, program closedown is a doddle! Listing 2 (below) gives a corresponding routine which reads the resource allocation list backwards... void end block () deallocate resc urce (resource vector[xj}; then use this new label to identify the new pieces of allocation and deallocation code which are to be added to the switch statements.
Remember here that new code can be added ANYWHERE within these switch statements - the error handling will remain safe because it’s the resource vector that controls the order in which the individual pieces of code are carried out.
As a program starts a call to , graphics!
.OpbnL.i br t.y ( gi aphics . 12 error fl jg=TROE;} break; Ii: This routine handles 'error condition' deallocation automatically I BOOL begi n blockO t UEYTE r,j; I BOOL allocate_resource () , error_f1 ag-KAi.SK; i vo; d dec 11 oca be resource ) ; I for- ':=*] ; i = r«sov-‘ro« vector f0] arc dr f ] cKj-n ‘ 1 oca I e r««ou reft r osou rca_vac:f.e p i } ) ; ' r (sic iuc_ flag--i‘KUK)
• : for (j-i-1; } 0; j -) deu 1 1 ocata resouroe (t ree__vector
!.)]) ( 1 -reuou rce _v«sctar 0} +1 ; * force ex is. From '
i' loop * : ' . ' : } return (error flag);1 case OPEN
U3KFONT_t.XBP.ARY: in real life each ol these entries will
contain appropriate code segments?
Case H1GH__S?EED SERIAL-l : case CREATE REPLY PORTS: case CREATS_REQUEST BLOCK2: case OPEN SERIAL DEVICE2: | case HIGH SPEED SERIAL2: I case OPEN CUETOH SCREEN: case OPEN WINDOW: 4; This routine is the deallocation ©cp|ivalent of listing 3.: void deallocatejtesource functionjiuraber) j ? .?|IB YTE; ? Ft t et? I oh__nnmb Ilf||| switch (ftincfcion biiaiber) caseOPEN__lNTUlTlON_LlBRARY: Close Library intuifcionBase) fbreak; Case OPEN__GRAPHIOS_LlBRARlf: CloseLibnry (GfxBase); tueak; case GPEN_DISKtoT_ BRA|1f; All of these entries have 3 nm ila t|l|l| W'iMSWMMMM code sections which tcoritrv
out the appropriate shutdown operations ONT: case RASTER_ALLOCATION: _ « s, % % ; J C cl S?0; CP,IN A:Tan P,E H5 lb Xr . P QBPE| I;??? •?:•' if: ii? 'if :??? ‘if ?'i? 'if, ?Iif 1:1 I ¦?:?A case CREATE PA GEESE BLOCK t.i Y- case Qoen So, what are these two routines actually doing ? They are passing allocation and deallocation requests to one of two routines which I have named allocate_resource() and deallo- cate_resource(). Both of these latter routines are based on giant switch statements which identify the segments of code to be carried out for any given request. Listing 3 is an
begin_block() will attempt to allocate all the resources you need. If it fails it will handle the necessary deallocation and shutdown procedures automatically. If it succeeds then a call to the end_block() routine just before your program terminates will make sure that the appropriate pieces of closedown code are executed.
This approach fits very well into Five years to the month after Protext version 1 was launched Arnor are pleased to present version 5, an enormous leap forward in both ease of use and performance.
The Features Protext 5.0 introduces a completely integrated system of pull down menus and dialogue boxes. The menus are among the many operations that may now be carried out with either the mouse or the keyboard. Protext really does give you the best of both worlds.
Protext 5.0 handles printer fonts flexibly and accurately. You can make full use of any number of proportional printer fonts, mix them freely within any line, centre them in headers, use automatically formatted footnotes. And Protext correctly formats your text as you type it, no matter how many font changes you use, showing you line and page breaks exactly as they will be printed.
Protext 5.0 is still the fastest word processor around. Even though we have made all these major improvements we have taken great care to ensure that text editing is as fast as ever. The menus work smoothly and quickly even with high resolution displays. But of course, you can use Protext's efficient set of commands and keys just as before and 5.0 remains compatible with all earlier versions from 1.0 onwards.
Protext 5.0 is a worthy successor to version 4, which was described as "the best word processor at any price", "the best text processor on the Amiga" and "the most powerful word processor on the Atari ST" (AUI, ST Amiga Format, ST User).
IY Mew fast & easy to use pull down menu system with dialogue boxes and alerts; file selector; mouse dragging to set blocks. Menus complement existing commands and keyboard shortcuts, do not replace them. Menus may be used with mouse or keyboard. Amiga version follows Intuition guidelines.
Y Enhanced printing capabilities supports multiple proportional fonts; mixing of different font sizes on the same line; proportional formatting whilst editing; side margin, headers and footers independent of main text font. Tabs, decimal tabs and centre tabs. Extensive range of printer drivers supplied.
Y Multiple file editing - up to 36 files may be open; split screen editing.
¦ Y Graphics mode support on PC allows use in virtually any text or graphics mode including 132 column or 75 line VGA modes; user defined characters and on-screen bold, italics and underlining now on all versions; use of 14 different accents on any character.
Protext 5.0 heralds a new era of multi-lingual European software, in time for 1992 and the opening up of Eastern Europe. Protext may be used in at least 27 different languages and has 10 different national built in The Introductory Offer Prices Protext 5.0 is available from late August 1990 for the Amiga, ST and PC. These prices are valid until 30 September 1990 only and are only available when ordering direct from Arnor. You can also buy our database, Prodata, for half price if purchased at the same time. All prices fully inclusive. Amiga and ST versions require 1 Mb.
Protext 5.0 Upgrade from v4.2 from earlier versions Extra for Prodata vl.l (Prodata price only if ordered with 5.0 new or upgrade) £125 £49.50 £64.50 £40 £149.95 £60 £75 £79.95 Language support includes Albanian, Basque, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Esperanto, Estonian, Flemish, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Irish, Italian, Latin, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Rumanian, Serbocroatian, Slovak, Spanish, Slovene, Swedish, Welsh. (Recommended printers: Star LC24, HP Laserjet II or later).
Y Index and contents generation. Indexer takes marked words or phrases; contents entries automatically taken from titles wrapped in control codes; many options for style of contents output.
- Y Spelling checker features completely new 120,000 word Collins
dictionary with very fast phonetic lookup. Anagrams and find
word pattern. Foreign language dictionaries (German, Swedish
available now, others to follow).
,Y Many other enhancements including multi-line footnotes and endnotes; automatic timed save; add column or row of figures; indent tabs; find word at cursor; 40 column mode support; sentence operations; inter- paragraph space; much improved expression evaluator; self incrementing variables; Roman numerals; newspoper-style column printing; file sorting utility with special options for names and addresses; revised manual plus new tutorial guide.
- Y And don't forget Protext still includes background printing;
box manipulation; macro recording; exec files; headers and
footers; find and replace; mail merging; undelete; file
conversion utility; configuration program; auto reformatting;
on screen help; time and date; typewriter mode; line drawing;
disc utilities.
Arnor Ltd (AF), 6 J1 Lincoln Road, Peterborough, PE 1 3HA. Tel: 0733 68909 (24 hr), Fax: 0733 67299 | ii BENCHMARK 3 2 DISKS AND BOX OFFER 10 3 1 2" DS DD + 50 Cap. Box...£10.95 20 3 1 2" DS DD + 50 Cap. Box...£18.95 30 3 1 2" DS DD + 50 Cap. Box...£23.95 40 3 1 2" DS DD + 50 Cap. Box...£28.95 50 3 1 2" DS DD + 50 Cap. Box...£33.95 20 3 1 2" DS DD + 100 Cap. Box .£19.95 40 3 1 2" DS DD + 100 Cap. Box .£29.95 50 3 1 2" DS DD + 100 Cap. Box .£34.95 70 3 1 2" DS DD + 100 Cap.Box..£44.95 100 3 1 2" DS DD + 100 Cap. Box.£55.95 DISK BOXES 3 1 2" 50 CAPACITY ...£5.25 3 1 2" 100
25. £15.95
50. £27.95
100. .....£49.95
200. .....£92.95
400. ...£177.95 lnr I
25. £17.95
50. £34.95
100. .....£63.95
200. ...£117.95
400. ...£223.95 Inc.
All Benchmark Disks carry a lifetime warranty. If your data is important then buy Benchmark Brand.
UNBRANDED DS DD 135 TPI All disks 100% cert. & guaranteed
100. ....£41.00
200. ....£74.00
400. ..£139.00
600. ..£200.00
800. ..£256.00
1000. £320.00 Inc. Labels.
DATA SWITCHES AND CABLES 2 way 36 pin Cent .£14.50 2 way 25 pin D-Type ....£12.50 X Over 36 pin Cent ......£19.22 X Over 25 pin D-Type ..£18.22 All lines switched.
Amiga Printer Cable 2 mtr. ...£7.25 36-36 Cent m m 2 mtr ....£8.25 25-25 D-Type m m 2 mtr £7.25 All lines connected.
* FOR AMIGA 500 or 1000
* 1 YEAR WARRANTY OUR PRICE £64.50 EXTRA LABELS 3 1 2 100 3 1 2"
LABELS .....£3.50 500 3 1 2" LABELS ...£10.00 1000
3 1 2" LABELS £15.00 MOUSE AND BITS Replacement Mouse for
Amiga ..£19.99 Rigid Double Sided Mouse
Pad ...£4.50 Mouse
Pocket ......£2.50
Rigid Pad & Pocket together .£6.00
ACCESSORIES ETC. 2 Piece Universal Printer
Stand ...£6.75 14" Tilt & Turn Monitor
Stand .....£14.50 Printer & Monitor Stand
together ...£18.25 ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT & P&P.
UK ORDERS ONLY | M pSS OrdSfs t.:SO!4 HOUR °«“r'-INE 87784 C s
Manor Court Supplies Ltd OFFICE 9AM-5.30PM Mon-Fri Telephone:
0597 87 792 Fax No: 0597 87 416 Dept AF10, Glen Celyn
House,Penybont, Llandrindod Wells, Powys, LD1 5SY w EDUCATION
AND GOVERNMENT ORDERS WELCOME Latest uprated high current power
supply 100% extra power for external disc drives Crowbar
cut-out short circuit protection Direct replacement for
existing power pack State of the art switch mode technology 12
month warranty In stock now!
3 1 2" 10 CAPACITY LIBRARY CASE IN PACKS OF 5 .£4.75 Price includes VAT and post and packing Tel: 0582 491949 Send order with payment to: WTS ELECTRONICS LTD, Chaul End Lane, Luton, Beds LU4 8EZ NEW TITLES SENT DAY OF RELEASE 1 UPPER PARK STREET, HOLYHEAD, GWYNEDD LL65 1 HA PRICES INCLUDE VAT AND DELIVERY BY FIRST CLASS POST (UK) GAMES GAMES GAMES GAMES 688 Attack Sub ...... Adidas Championship Football After the War ..
A. M.C ..
Amos ...
Anarchy ... Atomic
Robokid ..... Back to the Future
2 .. Batman the Movie . Battle
Master ... Battle of
Austerlitz .. Battle
Squadron ...... Beach
Volley .... Beverly Hills
Cop .... Black
Cauldron Black
Bloodwych Bloodwych Data
Disk . Boxing Manager .....
Bridge Player 2150 . BSS Jane
Cabal .... Carrier
Command ... Chambers of
Shaolin .. Castle Master ....
Chase HQ . Chess Champion
2175 ...... Chrono Quest 2 ...... Cloud
Kingdoms ..... Colonel’s
Bequest ..
Colorado ... Colossus Chess
10 Combo Racer .,
Crackdown ......
Cyberball ..
Damocles .. Dan Dare
Darius .... Dark
Century .... Days of
Thunder ......
Debut ..... Defenders of
the Earth Double Dragon 2 .....
Dragons Breath Dragon
Flight .... Dragons of
Flame .... Dragons
Lair ..... Dragon
Ninja ....
Drakkhen ... Dr. Doom’s
Revenge ... Dungeon
Master ...... Dynasty
Wars ... Dyter
7 ...
Elite . Emlyn Hughes
Int. Soccer ..
E-Motion Escape from Robot
Monsters £13.7£ I Escape from Singes
Castle ...£31.9( I Everton FC
Intelligensia ....£13.7!
F16 Combat Pilot .£16.75 F16 Falcon £19.9C I Falcon Mission Disk ...£13.75 I F19 Stealth Fighter .....£16.7J F29 Retaliator ..£16.75 Fighter Bomber £16.75 Fighter Bomber Data Disk ...£9.9C Final Battle £16.75 Fire and Brimstone .....£16.75 First Contact ....£16.75 Flimbo's
Quest .£16.75 Flood ..£16.75 Football Manager + Exp. Kit ..£13.75 Football man. World Cup Ed .£13.75 Full Metal Planet ..£16.75 Gazza's Super Soccer £16.75 Ghostbusters 2 £16.75 Ghouls ’n’ Ghosts £16.75 Ghosts ’n' Goblins ......£13.75 Grand National £13.75 I Gravity . £16.75
Gridiron ......£16.75 Gunship .....£16.75 Hammerfist £16.75 Hard Drivin' £13.75 Harley Davidson ..£16.75 Herewith the Clues .....£16.75 Heroes of the Lance ...£16.75 Hero's Quest 1 Meg ...£24.90 Highway Patrol 2 .£16.75 Hillsfar £16.75
imperium ...£16.75 Impossamole ...£13.75 Infestation ..£16.75 Indy Last Crus. Adventure .£16.75 Interphase .£16.75 International 3D Tennis ......£16.75 Italy 1990 (U.S.G.) ......£16.75 It Came from the Desert (1 meg only) .£19.90
I. C.F.T.D. Data Disk (Ant Heads) £9.90
Ivanhoe ......£16.75
Kick Off 1 or 2 ..£13.75
Kick Off Extra Time £6.90 Kid
Gloves .£16.75 Kings
Quest 4 (1 meg) ......£24.90
Klax ....£13.75
Knightforce £16.75
Knights of Crystallion ..£19.90 Last
Ninja 2 .....£16.75 Leisure
Suit Larry 3 ....£27.90 Life and
Death .£19.90 Lombard RAC
Rally ....£16.75 Lost
Patrol .£16.75
Manchester Utd ...£16.75
Manhunter 2 ....£19.90
Microprose Soccer .. Midnight
Midwinter ...... Might and Magic
2 ... Ninja Spirit ....
Ninja Warriors ......
Nitro ... North And
South .. Nuclear
War ..
Onslaught ..... Operation
Stealth Operation Thunderbolt ...
Oriental Games ... P47
Thunderbolt .. Photon
Storm ......
Pipemania ....
Pirates ...
Plague ... Player
Manager ...
Populous ...... Populous Promised
Lands.... Powerboat USA ...
Projectyle Pro Tennis
Tour ....
Pyramax . Rainbow
Islands ... Red Storm
Rising . Resolution
101 ..... Rick Dangerous 1 or 2 .....
Robocop . Rorke's
Drift ...
Rotox .. Run the
Gauntlet .. RVF
Honda .... Seven Gates of
Jambala . Shadow of the Beast Shadow of
the Beast 2 .... Shadow Warriors ..
Sherman M4 .. Shoot 'em up
Construction Kit Sim City ..
Sim City Terrain Editor ..... Sly Spy
: ..
Snowstrike ..... Space
Ace ..... Space Harrier 1 or
2 . Starblade
Strider Stunt Car Racer ...
Supercars ..... Super League
Soccer ..... Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
Tennis Cup .... Test Drive 2 ... The Cycles .... Their Finest Hour .. Theme Park Mystery Thunderstrike .... Time Soldier ...... Tower of Babel ... Treasure Trap .... Treble Champions.... Turbo Outrun ..... Turrican .. TV Sports Basketball TV Sports Football.... Ultimate Golf ...... Ultima V . UMS 2 ... Universe 3.... Unreal .... Untouchables Venom Wing ... Venus Flytrap .
Warhead .. War Jeep . Waterloo .. Wayne Gretzky Hockey.... Web of Terror .. Weird dreams . Wild Streets .... Wipe Out . World Cup Soccer (Virgin) Xenomorph ..... Xenon 2 Megablast ... X-Out COMPILATIONS AMERICAN DREAM ..£16 Hostages, Bubble Ghost, Operation Neptune, Super Ski.
EDITION ONE .£16 Double Dragon, Xenon, Gemini Wing, Silkworm.
GIANTS .....£19 Outrun, Gauntlet 2, 1943, Streetfighter PREMIER COLLECTION 3 ...£19 Archipelagos, Quadralien, Cybernoid 2, Battleships MAGNUM 4 .....£19 Afterburner, Batman - Caped Crusader, Operation Wolf, Double Dragon.
PRECIOUS METAL ...£15 Crazy Cars, Zenon, Arkanoid, Revenge of Doh, Captain Blood.
WORLD CUP YEAR 90 ....£16 Kick Off, G. Lineker's Hotshot, Tracksuit Manager.
TRIAD III ...£19, Speedball, Bloodmoney, Rocket Ranger HEROES ..£19. Licence to Kill, Star Wars, Running Man, Barbarian 2.
Devpac Amiga 2 Hisoft Basic Home Office Kit.
K-Comm ..... K-Data . K-Spread 2 . Lattice C Vers. 5 Mailshot ...... Mailshot Plus ... Prodata Protext .. Publishers Choice .. SBA Cash ... SBA Xtra ..... Superbase Personal 2.. Superbase Professional Superplan .... UK AND BFPO DELIVERY FREE, ELSEWHERE £2.00 GAME FOR EXPRESS AIRMAIL PLEASE MAKE CHEQUE PO PAYABLE TO KEY SOFTWARE Discover Chemistry., ... Discover Maths Discover Numbers ...... Discover the
Alphabet . Fun School 2 under 6 .. Fun School 2 6-8 .. Fun School 2 over 8 .... Fun School 3 under 5 .. Fun School 3 5-7 .. Fun School 3 over 7 ....
M. Beacon Teaches Typing Micro English ... Micro
French .... Micro
Maths ..... Cheetah
125 £7.50 Cheetah
Mach 1 Autofire .....£8.50 Cheetah
Starprobe .....£10.95 Competition Pro
5000 .£10.95 Competition Pro 5000
clear ....£11.75 Competition Pro
Extra £12.50 Competition Pro Glo (Red
or Green)...£13.50 Konix
Navigator ...£10.95 Konix
Speedking Autofire ....£8.50 Quickjoy
2 ....£7.50 Quickjoy
3 Supercharger .....£9.95 Quickjoy 5
Superboard ......£14.95 Quickshot 2 Turbo
...... £8.50 Sureshot
Clear ..£8.50 BLANK DISKS
3. 5" Box of 10 ....£7.9i
3. 5" Box of 20 ..£14.9i
3. 5" Box of 50 ..£34.9l
3. 5" (TDK) Box of 10 ..£14.51
Capacity .£6.9( 80
Capacity .£7.9( Disk
Drive Cleaner 3.5" £5.9!
A500 Dust Cover ...£4.9!
A1000 Dust Cover .£4.9!
Four Player Adaptor .....£5.9!
Contriver Mouse + Mat ......£20.9( Naksha Mouse + Mat + Pocket £34.9!
Mouse Mat (Red or Blue) ....£5.9!
ORDER FORM (PLEASE PRINT) GAME NAME AF 10 90 TOTAL SEND TO: KEY SOFTWARE, 1 UPPER PARK ST., HOLYHEAD, GWYNEDD LL65 1HA Discs from 29p SONY Standard all our discs are 100% certified error free with a no quibble lifetime warranty!!!
39p 38p 35p 32p 29p 50 .42p
100. 41p 500
.40p 1000
.38p 5000
.36p If you can see any other
company advertising discs at a more competitive price we
guarantee to beat that price or you can have the discs
100 Cap. Box ....£4.95 256K x 4 Dram £29.95 per 1 2 meg
1. 3 Rom £29.95 ACCESSORIES
Roll 1000 labels.. 50 Cap. Box . £6.95 £3.95 3x 2 Drive
Slimline £59.95 Amiga's
from £359.00 1 meg Amiga's
from £395.00 x 2 meg upgrade with clock ..
£35.00 £39.95 A500 4MB Ram expansion for under £100!!!
Unpopulated ...£99.95 512K populated ...£124.95 1Mb populated .....£149.95
1. 5Mb populated ..£174.95 2Mb
populated .....£199.95
2. 5Mb populated ..£224.95 3Mb
populated .....£249.95
3. 5Mb populated ..£274.95 4Mb
populated .....£299.95 4 to 6 Megabyte Memory
Board for the A500 The BASEboard is a memory upgrade card for
the Amiga A500. It provides a battery backed clock and allows
you to increase the memory of your Amiga to as much as 4.5
megabytes. If you need more just add the 2 megabyte XRAM
daughter board and expand to a total of 6.5 megabytes. All
without using the expansion bus. The memory can be increased
in 512K increments by adding industry standard low power 256K
X 4 (DIP) DRAM chips in the sockets provided. The BASEboards
unique design allows contiguous memory blocks of 2 megabytes
for the professional video user and dedicated game player. The
BASEboard is fully compatible with both the 512K (Fat) and lmb
(Fatter) versions of the Agnus chip. It supports all versions
of Kickstart and all revisions of the A500 mother board The
Baseboard is eacy to install. It uses a memory board that
installs in the A501 slot and the "Gary" socket. The ultra
quiet multilayer memory board insures data integrity. The
Baseboard upgrade gives you A2000 memory power at A500 prices.
• 4 megabyte increase in memory
• 2 megabyte daughter board increases total to 6 megabytes.
• Memory boards fits in A501 slot in base of A500
• Battery backed up clock
• Multi-layer (4) memory board insures data integrity
• 100% compatible with all Amiga software
• Supports Kickstart 1.2 1.3 and all revisions of the A500
• 100% compatible with Fat and Fatter Agnus chips
• User expandable, fully socketed Ram array
• Industry standard low power 256K X 4 DRAM
• Easy "plug-in" installation without soldering
• One year warranty Any sort of presentation on the Amiga,
whether it be DTP applications, artwork or game screens,
needs to have a polished appearance. Text-styling is a very
important factor in this field, but the standard Amiga fonts
may not be quite adequate. Repeating the same styles time after
time can make screens look tired and another - perhaps more
difficult problem - arises when fonts are resized.
Since the standard fonts are held as a collection of pixels, increasing the size creates a blocky effect known as the ‘jaggies’, whereas shrinking letters down can make them virtually unreadable at times. But what can you do to rectify this other than sitting down for several days with a font editor?
If We Can Outline The Problem... Gold Disk have a solution to both these problems in the shape of Outline Fonts. The 35 fonts included in the five-disk package are held in Compugraphic form, which means that all characters are constructed from line and curve data rather than being bitmapped. This means that the fonts are perfect for use in DTP and CAD programs which need to be able to handle a range of typefaces at a number of different sizes. The fonts can also be downloaded to Postscript format, so that perfect quality output can be gained from virtually any printer, from dot-matrix to
If you want to use the fonts in a much less ‘highbrow’ application, then you can use the included ‘Createfont’ program to generate standard bitmapped fonts ready to use in just about any Amiga application.
Createfont allows you to load in a font, alter the point size, change both the horizontal and vertical DPI settings and save the font out under your own customised font name.
Slick Writing The fonts included on the five disks are of a very high quality and will undoubtedly prove useful in a wide range of situations. The main problem comes in actually installing the fonts.
This is all fine and hunky-dory if you’re lucky enough to own a hard drive, since the disks include automatic installation programs and, of course, you have a great deal of storage space to work with. If on the other hand, you are working with a standard Amiga with a floppy disk and the standard Workbench, then you could run into difficulties.
Since Createfont writes character data directly into the Fonts directory of the workbench, you will undoubtedly hit the message ‘Volume Workbench 1.3 is full’, only to have your newly created font data thrown out by the computer. The only way Are your standard Amiga fonts looking tired and dated? Don’t have the time or patience to design new text styles? MAFF EVANS looks at an attractive text alternative.
TriuMvirate Bold ABCabcHIJhij ITCAvantGarde ABCabcHIJhij old ABCabcHuABCabcHIJhij 1 ABCabcHuABCabcHIJhij Palacio ABCabcHIJhij ABCabcHuABCabcHIJhij Z ap f Cli an c or y Jl(2Ca£c:hlS'ky around this is to set yourself up with a working system that will allow you to write fonts into your own directory on a much emptier disk. Unless you know your startup-sequences and bootblocks, then your are going to find yourself up a certain creek without a certain paddle.
If you reckon you can get around the problem and you need some nice bits of writing for your Amiga, then Outline Fonts is worth checking out.
Just bear in mind that beginners to Amiga designing should tread very lightly indeed.
The quick brown fox NorHal BitMapped Amiga font stretched to size The quick brown fox Outline Font resized with Createfont OUTLINE FONTS All Amigas ¦ (hard drive recommended) The quick brown fov Jumps ov-or1 tI-iu lazy dog.
NorMal BitMapped Amiga font shrunk to size The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
• * :: v , ... .
: v" K .;. |GAMES PACKS 1 NEW!!!
I SCREEN GEMS PACK CLASS OF THE 90 S 1 BUSINESS PACK i MIDI MUSIC PACK BATMAN PACK Amiga A500 Pack plus 3 games and Deluxe Paint II, F-18 Interceptor, Batman The Movie and New Zealand Story £369.00 FLIGHT OF FANTASY PACK Amiga A500 pack plus 3 games and Deluxe Paint II, F-29 Retaliator, Escape From Robot Monsters and Rainbow Islands.
£369.00 A500 PACK AS STD PLUS Back To The Future 1. Days of Tnunder.
Knghtoreed, Shadow O: The Beast li!!
Arc Deluxe Paint II £369.00 XMAS PACK Any Amiga games pack olus Cruiser black joystick, rouse mat. 10 disks, Amiga fitted cover PLUS 3 EXTRA GAMES.
£399.00 A500 pack plus Kindwords 2.0. Pagesetter. Artists Choice. Headline Fonts pack. Amiga Logo. Superbase Pe-scnal. BBC Emulator. Deluxe Pamt II. Maxiplan Spreadsheet, Dr T's Midi Recording Studio. Midi Interface mousemat. 10 disks and diskette storage wallet.
£519.00 1 Meg version highly recommended £562.99 Brought together specifically to meet your midi recording sequencing requirements. Package contains A500 pack, midi interface, midi leads. 1 Meg memory exp., 10 disks. 10 capacity box and Music X (full UK version) inc 250 track sequencer. Patch Editor Library, extensive midi filtering and key mapping. Powerful editing ana much much more!
COMPUTERS AMIGA A500 PACK Inc Workbench 1.3, Amiga Basic, Mouse.
TV Modulator, Leads, Extras Disk, PSU.
Manuals and Tutorial £349.00 PRINTERS STAR LC10 MONO The excellent LC10 is packed with features normally found on much more expensive printers '* 9 Pin print head 144 CPS draft 36 CPS NLQ 4K buffer Multiple built in fonts £159.00 STAR LC10 MKII The same as the MKI version but 25% faster, much easier for long documents.
* 9 Pin print head
* 180 CPS Draft 45 CPS NLQ
* 4K buffer
* Multiple built in fonts £184.00 STAR LC10 COLOUR The best value
for money 9 Pin colour printer available. Can be used with
black ribbons
* 9 Pin print head
* 144 CPS Draft 36 CPS NLQ
* 4K buffer
* 8 resident fonts £209.00 STAR LC24 10 Entry level 24 pin
printer, combining good letter quality and respectable print
* 24 Pin print head
* 180 CPS Draft 45 CPS NLQ
* 7K buffer
* 8 resident fonts £249.00 CITIZEN SWIFT 24 Sjpero quanty 24 pin
* 24 pin print head
* 192 CPS draft 64 CPS NLQ
* 8K buffer expandable to 32K
* Optional colour capability 360 DPI
* Add £34.99 for colour option ‘ 2 yr warranty £299.99 EPSON
* A4 page laser printer
* Multiple built in fonts
* 512K memory
* Expandable to 6Mb
* 300 x 300 DPI graphics
* 6 pages per minute
VERSION The most comprehensive midi sequencing package
available on the Amiga £79.00 PHILIPS CM8833 Stereo Sound 600 ’
286 resolution green screen facility 1 yr on site warranty
£249.00 COMMODORE 1084 SD Stereo Sound 640 * 286 resolution
anti glare screen AMIGA A590 20 MEG The Commodore A590 has a
built in unpopulated Ram board so you can easily upgrade your
Amiga memory by up to 2 megs without invalidating your warranty
(autoboots from Kickstart 1.3 only) £359.99 Add £45.00 for each
1 meg of expansion AMIGA A590 POPULATED with 2 Meg of Ram
£449.99 AMDRIVE AMIGA 50 MEG 40 MS access speed £459.00 with
autoboot capacity £489.00 DRAM chips (256*4) Toshiba, Samsung,
Motorola Minimum qty 4 £5.99 each Quantity discounts on 8+
3. 5 INCH BULK DISCS MITSUBISHI SONY 100% error free, 135 TPI
Lifetime Guarantee I QTY £
10. ...5.99
25. .13.99
50. .25.99
100. ..47.99
200. ..86.99
300. 124.99
400. 163.99
500. 199.99
1000. 375.99 I Disk
Labels .500 ..7.99 (Disk
Labels .1000 .....13.99 INCLUDING ALL
Drive £74.99 DISK DRIVES 3.5" 1 Meg EXT Drive £65.99 Naksha
Mouse £3t Amiga
Mouse ....£2 Minigen
Genlock ...£9$ Amiga Modulator
£1 Primer Sharer (2 way) £1 i Printer Sharer
(3 way) .£2C Amiga Control Station . £4t!
Amiga Scart Leads ..£9. Amiga RGB Leads ..£9. Midi cables 2M .£3. Midi cables 3M ...£4. Midi cables 5M ...£5. Printer cables ......£5. Printer cables ......£8. A500 cover ...£4. LC 10 cover .£4. LC24 10 cover ....£6. Swift 24 cover ......£6. 12" monitor cover £5. 14” monitor cover £6. 14" tilt and swivel monitor stand ....£15. Universal printer
stand ...£9. Mouse mats 8MM high quality anti static .....£4. 100 capacity lockable 3.5" disk box .£7. 50 capacity as above .....£5.
2. 3 MEG UPGRADE Take your Am ga A500 up to 2.3 Megs total with
this easy to fit board. Uses | existing expansion slot. This
board can be supplied partly or fully populated.
Unpopulated £37.99 512K Populated £59.99 1 Meg Populated £99.99
1. 5 Meg Populated £121.99 Fully (1.8 Megs) £144.99
* Additional 'Gary" board supplied with* 1 Meg configuration or
above 4 MEG EXPANSION BOARD Fitting is the same as the 1.8
board memory expansion for the Amiga has never been so auick
and easy 1 Meg Populated £165.99 4 Meg Populated £299.99 Ring
for prices on other configurations not listed 1 MEG UPGRADES
Top quality memory expansions inc battery backed real time
clock and convenient on off switch 12 month guarantee.
£43.99 PHOTON PAINT II Powerful feaure packed ham Pam: program, including animation, contour mapong. Ajto- snadowmg. Cycle draw, stretch, rotate, etc. PHOTON PAINT II ONLY £15.00 WHEN YOU BUY A 1 MEG UPGRADE MAIL ORDER?
REMEMBER WE OFFER FAST Mail order service
• FREE postage UK mainland
• FREE 2-3 day courier service (next day delivery only £3) ALL
• FIRST CHOICE • TEL: 0532 637988 FAX: 0532 637689
9. 00AM-5.30PM
10. 00AM-3.00PM LATE TIL 8.00PM Reach the lop with . .. Self-
COTTMjT, SO‘fr!tWWR£ Find out just why users prefer Cottage
Software PRIMARY MATHS COURSE Leisure Serious Software
available for: Complete course for ages 3-12 years with full
screen colour graphics. 24 programs + 2 books. £24 (Amiga,
CPC & 64 128 Atari ST, IBM, P.C Compatibles, consoles and
other computers catered for.
MEGA MATHS Just ask we are here to help HI THERE, "As we have been customers of Mail Order companies ourselves, we know just how hard it can be for people to obtain good service.
WELL!!!! Look no further. Cottage software is here to change all that and promise a Reliable Friendly and Efficient service, also we offer FREE help and advice to all our customers with Tips, Reviews, Cheats and General Help and Advice whenever possible on any game purchased from us.
We have compiled a database with lots of reviews, tips, cheats and info on past and present games to help you. This service is FREE. It only costs you the price of a S.A.E." Help us to keep up to date and to help others by sending in to us any tips cheats or info that you have.
OR PHONE Complete course taking beginners to GCSE, with real
speech & graphics adventure game, 24 programs + 2 books. £24
(Amiga, BBC) MICRO ENGLISH Complete course taking age 8 years
to GCSE English Language, with real speech. Also for EFL. It
covers punctuation, spelling and much more. 24 programs and 2
books at £24 (Amiga, PCW, CPC, BBC).
Send coupon and cheques PO’s or phone orders or requests for free colour poster catalogue to: We offer a friendly efficient service supplying leisure and serious software. Overseas orders very welcome. Full back up advice service. If we can help we will.
All letters answered A.S.A.P. Please enclose S.A.E. THANKYOU FOUR WAYS TO BUY ADVANTAGi 1 rHE AMIGA ADVANTAGE 51
- . . V in- Mia- ¦ W Bll B J Access or Visa no.
FAX 0242 226 755 POST your cheque or P.O to 56 Bath Road, Cheltenham 51 COLLECT from our showrooms ROLAND S NEW DESK-TOP vAAAAAy jmur COMPUTER RANGE CM-64 LA PCM The CM-64 LA PCM Sound Module gives a maximum of 63-voice polyphony, is 15- part multi-timbral (including rhythm part) for full orchcMfal rep:uduvin iis and provides 64 PCM preset tones and. From the wonderful world of l.A r.thesis. '.
Synthesizer presets. 30 percussion sounds plus .'3 sound effects for the rhstiim part The CM ( 4 also accepts II -110 sound sample library cards and incorporates an on-' I CM -64 CM-32P The CM-32 l.A Sound Moduie provides all the l.A capabilities ot die CM 04 . Is .?; voice polyphonic and V-part mclti-limbral and likewise has hui'i-ir. Digital resef; . I he
C. M-32 PCM Sound Moduie contains (he CM (-4 s PCM section win
:is 04 presets, is 31-voice polyphonic and (,-part main
timbral . Has the same digital reverb, and :s U-l 10
sound-card compatible.
CN-20 ------------ ---- The CN-20 Music Entry Pad facilititates the programming of basic song data on a PC. It offers, for instance, easy editing of data pre-recorded from an external keyboard in real time. Its multi-purpose fader can be assigned to control a variety of MIDI information such as Control Change Bender and Aftertouch over any of the 16 MIDI channels CA-30 Last of the modules is the CA-30 Intelligent Arranger. Designed to be linked with the CM-64 or CM 32-L. The CA-30 is a sophisticated auto arranger with similar intelligent arranging functions as found on Roland's best-selling
E-20 Intelligent Synthesizer. With the CA-30, even complete beginners can create interesting and convincing song data LOW COST AMIGA-PACKS 23 compilation packs for AMIGA computers. Each contains three discs full of popular, tried and tested PD programs.
? AMIGA CLASSICS Space Invaders, PacMan, 3D- Breakout, Bally II, Wanderer, Egyptian Run, Light Cycles, Mirror Wars, Battleships, Lander.
? AMIGA CHALLENGER Chess, Solitaire, Backgammon, Empire, OXO, Multi-Level TicTacToe, Picture Puzzle, Othello, Klondike, Tetrix, Monopoly, Shanghai, Five In A Line, NutHouse, Yahtzee.
? AMIGA ADVENTURES featuring Hack, Lam Dungeons & Dragons, Moira.(Moira needs IM).
? FUN WITH GRAPHICS featuring Animation, Mandelbrot Pictures, CAD, Fractal Landscapes, Graphics, Raytracer, Sliding Puzzle, Life 3D.
? STAR TREK Amazing new version of this cult classic.
Needs two drives and 1 Meg memory. Playable demo with great graphics and sound.
? THE MUSIC PACK A large collection of sound effects, new instruments for the CZ synths, MIDI utilities and songs.
? SOUNDTRACKER Make your Amiga more musical with this high quality program. Includes full instructions, songs and instruments.
? SONIX Three disc-fulls of tunes for the commercial Sonix program.
? KERMIT & FRIENDS A selection of communications programs including Kermit himself.
? UTILITIES TOOLBOX A host of useful utilities for the Amiga user.
? HACKERS TOOLBOX Sector Editors, Archivers, Virus Killers etc. ? LEARNING C A complete C compiler plus loads of tools and source code.
? THE PROGRAMMERS PACK featuring Prolog, Forth, Modula-2, Lisp, Logo.
? SEEING STARS A collection of fascinating Astronomy programs.
? WORD PROCESSING Complete WP system - Spelling Checker and Editor, Printer and Text Utilities ? HOME & BUSINESS featuring Database, Spreadsheet, Home Accounts, Hypertext Shell, Calculator, Home Inventory.
? THE DEMO PACK 1 The latest top quality demo programs.
? THE DEMO PACK 2 Popular demo classics.
? THE DEMO PACK 3 A selection of entertaining Music Demos.
? THE DEMO PACK 4 A further set of musical demos.
? PICTURE SHOW 1 High quality slide-show of hi-res pictures.
? PICTURE SHOW 2 More hi-res pictures to see for yourself.
ONE PACK ...... ..£9.95 I TWO PACKS ... £15.95 THREE PACKS ... £21.95 OVER THREE PACKS ......£7.50 each ADVANTAGE (AF) 56 BATH ROAD CHELTENHAM GL53 7HJ. TEL 0242 224340. FAX 0242 226755.
Kit and The football season is back with us and what better way to celebrate it than by getting your hands on some Hi-Tec sporting gear or Challenge's football strategy game Treble Champions?
We’ve not only got a stylish Hi-Tec tracksuit to give away to a lucky winner, but 10 Hi-Tec sports bags to go Win fabulous Hi-Tec sporting as runners-up prizes and 10 copies of liZ,onsT7 footbaiCstrategy Challenge’s Treble Champions game that lets you go for that elusive treble of League Championship, League Cup and FA Cup. Every football fan will love this comprehensive game, with every aspect of management covered.
So how do you get your hands on this lovely stuff? Simply by answering the three footballing questions below and waiting patiently for the ref to pick the winners.
HOW TO ENTER Write the answers to the following three questions on the back of a postcard or stuck-down-envelope and send it to: Hi-Tec Challenge Comp, Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath BA1 2BW. The entries should reach us by October 17th .and don’t forget to include your name, address and phone number on the postcard.
1. Which record-breaking goalkeeper was in goal for England
during the 1990 World Cup?
A) Sylvester Stallone
b) Peter Shilton
c) Billy the Fish
2. Who scored Arsenal's Championship winning goal against
Liverpool at the end of the 1988-89 season?
A) Mitchell Thomas
b) Danny Thomas
c) Thomas the Tank Engine
3. Which of these pairs of teams won the FA Cup for the first
time in their history during the 1980s?
A) Watford and Tottenham
b) Wimbledon and Coventry
c) Everton and Liverpool RULES Employees of Future Publishing,
Hi- Tec and Challenge are not allowed to enter. The referee’s
decision is final.
No correspondence will be entered into. Entries from members of the Argentine or West German world cup squads will be shown the red card.
Xvi %-k «. V“£5U1 Feature PSYGNOSIS FREEP0S1 LIVERPOOL L3 3AB UNITED KINGDOM Tel: 051-709 5755 As a Carthagian hero you must not only, repel Roman invasion by ever-waning supplies by running the gauntlet on your chariot to deliver much-needed money.
Survey the detailed North African landscape and zoom in on your troops to administer strategy. Decide which of your armies needs a cash injection then grab the reins for a mind-boggling first-person-perspective 3-D chariot race to deliver the money . . .
Of ancient history so real you can almost smell the elephants!
Millennium AMOS Mandarin I Program directly in 68000 assembly language. See the Coverdisk demo on Issue 9 | w ?5ig then buy the product at this EC remarkable price.
I Taken from the blockbuster I movie; see our fabulous game I demo on Coverdisk 12.
Jjnjllj Playing the part of the hero, be 1 113 B sure to conquer the evil Mekon [ and his Treens.
1 As the offspring of the mighty I Hercules Yolanda has to re-enact I the twelve tasks. Fifty randomly (gPKSj selected levels plus a special p j g 11 trainer all together in Steve Bak's ppj ij f J latest platform extravaganza.
I The creator. A Superb I development language for I creating games, educational programs - almost anything!
P I Comes complete with [ j I AMOS Sprites 600.
Description Price Order No Description Price Order No Description Price Order No Description Price Order No Devpac £44.95 AM157 Dan Dare III £14.99 AM164 Yolanda £12.99 AM158 AMOS £35.95 AM168 VIRUS KILLER crl RESOLUTION 101 Millennium QUARTET Microdeal n Be sure your machine, disks and I programs are safe. Detect and I H destroy the viruses leaving your i software safe.
1 Since the passing of Resolution | 101, no criminal is safe. Your objective is to drive around town and pick up these guys before
- 1 ¦ ¦ they pick you off. A super-fast same with amazing
I See Coverdisk 12, then buy this I package to create your own f~? I music. "A music package with a ; §fj§§ difference" - AF Description Price Order No Description Price Order No Description Price Order No Virus Killer £9.95 AM161 Resolution 101 £18*99 AM166 Quartet £37*95 AM165 BACK ISSUES Want to complete your collection of the ultimate Amiga magazine? Back issues come complete with disks - prices include the postage and packing!
ISSUE 8 £3.45 AMF08 ISSUE 9 £3.45 AMF09 ISSUE 10 £3.45 AMF10 ISSUE 11 £3.45 AMF11 ISSUE 12 £3.45 AMF12 ISSUE 13 £3.45 AMF13 ISSUE 14 £3.45 AMF14 BACK ISSUES 7 Or why not grab copies of the very rare original ST Amiga Format?
Hurry, there are limited stocks!
ISSUE 11 £3.45 AM211 ISSUE 12 £3.45 AM212 ISSUE 13 £3.45 AM213 AMIGA FORMAT MAIL ORDER Address DAMOCLES Novagen Damocles takes players to a doomed planet, which only they can save. In a self-contained 3D solar system it's a real time race to head off a comet arid avert certain catastrophe.
Postcode Phone number Description Order No Credit Card No Damocles £17*95 AM169 Expiry date Description Price Order No Visa • Cheque • PO TOTAL ORDER
• For overseas orders call Nikki for prices SEND THIS FORM TO:
Amiga Format, Future Publishing Ltd, Freepost, Somerton,
Somerset, TA11 7BR Please make all cheques payable to Future
Puhlkhina I imiterl No StamD reauired if DOSted in the UK.
Channel Islands nr the Isle nf Man AMIGA DESKTOP - VIDEO FROM
• S-VHS & Composite Video Operation
• Built-in Video Processor colour corrector
• Can be used to convert between S-VHS & composite Video
Available now tor
& Background keying modes Provides Fader Mixer operation Can be
used without incoming Video feed as PAL YC high-quality encoder
BOX ....£40
Control unit for the popular Rendale A8802 genlock. Provides
fore & background, 'Video only' and 'Computer only' operation +
RGB monitor pass thru output._ WHAT VIDEO CAMCORDER USER PCW
PROFESSIONAL RGB SPLITTER .CALL A high quality state-of-the-art
RGB splitter for Digi-View Gold etc ....CALL A520 TV modulator
also has PAL
output £18
FEATURING: ? Comprehensive Titling Facilities, eg, Sub-Titling,
Scrolling, Crawling, Fades and over 20 fonts etc. ?
Video-to-Video wipe patterns ? Station Clock, VTR start Clock &
Stopwatch etc. (1 Megabyte Ram + 2 drives required) RAPHICS
state-of-the-art 30 modelling animation system out performs
Sculpt-4D in both features and speed!
SCULPT 3D XL ...£129 DELUXE PAINT II .£15 DELUXE PAINT IH £65 VISTA 3D LANDSCAPE GENERATOR...£79 IMAGINE CALL New Version of Turbo Silver 3D graphics .CALL THE ANIMATION STUDIO ....CALL The long awaited release from Disney Software - A 3 Disk set with Donald Duck animation demo ELAN PERFORMER V2 (PAL) ..£99 PRO-VIDEO POST (PAL) ....NEW CALL Provides 2 generations of enhancement over PRO-VIDEO PLUS.
Has full overscan support (720 x 576). Real Time Digital Video effects.(DVE), high-res anti-aliased fonts, voice prompts and Amiga workbench compatibility etc. VIDEO GENERIC MASTER ......£70 FANCY 3D FONTS ..£24 PROFESSIONAL FONT COLLECTION ..NEW £175 _ 20 Disks containing 110 Different video fonts and loads of clip art.
ZVP TELEPROMPTER .....£99 AMIGA TRAINING COURSES GENERAL HARDWARE + MISC Regular Amiga Desktop Video courses are available at our premises. Learn how to use the Amiga to:- Produce professional Titling effects overlayed .
Onto video.
- • Design your own logos graphics (eg perspective backdrops
etc) Grab images from video and manipulate them.
- - Generate animated "flying logos" sequences using Deluxe
Paint III RING US ON 081 556 5620 FOR DETAILS AMIGA §1111 1Mb
8372A .....£49 PODSCAT
quality 12" x 12" tablet which may be used alongside your
mouse, comes with stylus as standard HI-SOFT BASIC + EXTEND
LIBRARY ...£69 Latest machine with 2
megabyte ram, 40 meg HD, 68030 at 25MHz, 68882 Maths
co-processor etc + FREE Publishers Choice software.
(PageSetter, Kind Words 2, Artists Choice, fonts etc) NEW Inc
VAT £2999 (save over £600!)
PLEASE SEND ALL MAIL ORDER PO CHEQUES TO:- ZENITH HOUSE, 210 CHURCH ROAD LEYTON E10 7JQ Orders welcome from educational government establishments ALL PRICES INCLUDE UK VAT 081-556-5620 MAZE TECHNOLOGY OOC ¦ M, HECKMATE IGITAL IMITED A1500 SYSTEM FROM ONLY £199.00 A1500 System with A500 fitted [[¦j Plus 12 months warranty .....£520.00 A1500 Silent Power Fan ..£21.50 A590 Fitting Kit for A1500 ......£59.00
3. 5 Floppy Drives .. £64.95 512K Ram
Cards with Clock ...£49.95 A590 20MB Hard
Drive .£346.96 A590 With 2 Megabytes
Ram £433.00 4 Meg Ram
Card ..£99.00 IM Ram for
A590 or other cards, price per Meg ....£60.00 Colour Monitors
1084S .£216.96 Full Midi interface
From ..£34.95 Microway Flicker
Fixer ..£275.00 Flicker Fixer for
A1500 fitted by Checkmate ..£345.00 All prices exclude Vat and
Carriage Remember Checkmate only buy Commodore products from
official Distributors, giving you full UK Machines.
Phone for prices on Professional Expansion for the A1500 System, and any custom configurations you may require. Ask about other kits for different expansion cards.
Checkmate Digital Ltd 80 Mildmay Park London, N1 4PR Tel: 071-923 0658 Fax: 071-254-1655 NO ONE KNOWS THE A500 BETTER THAN CHECKMATE DIGITAL • y Address your communications to BOB WADE care of 30 Monmouth Street, Bath, BA1 2AP. If it’s good enough to be printed and escape the Origami treatment it could win you a T-shirt and binder.
Oldie but format goldie I was interested P B 1 JE to read that your ~ readers questionnaire shows that over 50% of us are over 24! I myself am 100% over 24 and the relief of finding that not all AF readers are apparently between the age of 8 and 17 will probably mean I will tough it out for the next issue, discard my cool and spotty youth disguise and revert to my more comfortable walking stick and slippers to go to the papershop.
This raises the question: why not have a space for the interests of your more mature readers?
Perhaps a replacement for the soon to be strangled Guru Meditations area (anything named after the Amigas least useful and most meaninglessly annoying feature' deserves all it gets).
Any mean little space would do as a haven for us old campaigners, somewhere with a little bit of quiet, away from the clatter of over used joysticks and the desperate hyperbole of your reviewers (who should be ordered to produce yet another FORMAT GOLD!
Review, without being allowed to use the words “greatest", “superb” or “enjoyable”, serve the young whippersnappers right I say).
What’s needed is a place to sit undisturbed for a while with pipe and slippers and chew over some of life’s quirks and great computer users mysteries, like: is it true that the first 3.5” disks were mistakenly sent out with the labels upside down, (perhaps the real answer is that the first 3.5” drives were see-through?), thus leading to an inadvertent standard (sadly the ONLY actual standard in computing), which means anyone with an ounce (sorry, 28 grams) of sense, writes upside down on all their disk labels so they can actually be read without having to do handstands. Or, perhaps you
could use it for some really useful readers inputs like: My most rubbish PD buys (with comments to warn others off!) Perhaps readers could come up with some answers to a series of questions brought about by that Aussie lager Ad on TV.
1. Why is it the brewers are prepared to go to such great
expense to have their product associated with a video game
that looks about as interesting as two monkeys sitting on a
log throwing bananas at each other?
2. Is there such a commercial game available?
3. Is it as appalling as it looks?
4. Why have I never seen it reviewed in AF? And (if I missed it)
did it make FORMAT GOLD?!
Yes, what I’m asking for on behalf of us less overactive majority is a less naive, more experienced view of all things Amiga. The sort of thought provoking area which will give us a gentle chuckle (and more than likely a little coughing fit as we stub out our stogies) a place to philosophise on how the world is, before gently shuffling off to decapitate every monstrous sprite that dares to put its • ugly head over the parapet.
What I’m also asking for is some humour, some balance, some gentle provocation?
Don’t take this as criticism, your is the best Amiga mag out but don’t stand still, improve it.
Maybe instead of a Amiga Format t-shirt, and an A4 binder you could give the alternatives of a comfortable cardigan and a pension book cover (serve me right)?
E A Jones Birkenhead, Merseyside
1. The same reason a tyre company wants to be associated with
some orangutans.
2. No such game exists that I know of.
3. It certainly looks dire.
4. If anyone ever converts it to the Amiga I'll give it full
marks for the name but nada for the gameplay.
Well kicked off!
I am writing to you to warn other readers about Anco’s misleading advertisements. In their ads for Kick Off 2 they clearly state that scissor kicks are possible and the labelled Amiga screen shots contain referees. Neither of these features exist in the Amiga version even though the back of the box clearly states that you can: “....head or chip a ball and do sliding tackles or scissor kicks.” The same screen shots of referees are used as well.
I rang up Anco to complain and they told me that the version available at the moment is Kick Off 2 Plus World Cup ‘90 and this version doesn’t have scissor kicks, referees or any extra features on 1 Mb Sts and Amigas. I was told that Anco would be releasing Kick Off 2 some time in August and this would be complete and have referees on 1 Mb Amigas like mine and scissor kicks.
How can a company say one thing in their adverts, packaging and instructions but mean another thing? I have tried to take my Kick Off 2 Plus World Cup ‘90 back so I can buy the complete game in August but as far as the shop was concerned this was the official and only version and so I would have to keep it.
It is clear that Anco have rushed Dino Dini into producing a version that would coincide with the 1990 World Cup fever and as a consequence it is incomplete.
Kick Off 2 will undoubtedly be an excellent game, it is just a shame that it hasn’t got a publishing company to match!
Richard Green Birkenhead, Merseyside Anco are indeed bringing out a version of Kick Off 2 with referees and scissor kicks in it, but, by their own admission in our sister magazine New Computer Express, it is not an improvement on the version you already have because the additions tend to slow the game down and not add to the gameplay. So, seeing as Kick Off 2 is already a superb game as it is, I would settle for the version you've got and not worry about the other things.
Demo demand To start with I would like to wholeheartedly agree with the brilliant proposal by James Abram, who suggested that the software companies produce cut down demo versions of their software. I would also like to add to his comments regarding the distribution of the demo disks.
A software company produces a pieceof software, say for arguments sake an accounts package, and establishes a very competitive price of £79.99. To advertise it spends a large sum of money in various computer magazines to promote its new creation, as well as sending several review copies out.
The company may then wait to- find out how the package rated, and if it did well, if there were any good reviews or if there were comments that could be incorporated into the package saying how great Amiga Format thinks the Acme Accounts Program is.
The program would then go to various distributors and through them to various shops. Ok it may be a naive scenario but it fits the purpose of this letter.
Going back to the suggestion by James Abram. If this software company were to produce a special cut down version on public domain, where all the features of the package are intact other than the Save facility and say a comprehensive summary of instructions, they could send some of these to the distributors, who, when a shop orders a batch of these programs, will send the demo version with the order.
This could then enable anyone interested in buying an accounts package who is making enquiries at his local computer shop to receive a copy of this and any other demo account packages and AMIGA I AMIGA A500 Batman Pack £ 369.00 AMIGA A500 Flight of Fantasy Pack £ 369.00 AMIGA A500 with 1 MB RAM £ 415.00 AMIGA A500 with 2nd Disk Drive £ 435.00 AMIGA A500 DTP PACK.
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"Why not join us and start to appreciate zvhat Amiga computing
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FIGHTER USE YOUR VOICE TO OUTDRAW THE GUNFIGHTER CASH PRIZES 0898 31 35 99 INFODIAL POBox 36 LSI 4TN Call charges 25p Per Min Cheap 38p Per Min All Other Times FIRST AID FOR TECHNOLOGY REPAIRS Simply send your machine with a £15 diagnostic fee you will be sent a written quotation for the cost of repairing your machine.
0582 491949 (4 LINES) see which he thinks is best suited to
his needs. He could buy a copy of the disk for, say,
£2.00-£3.00 and then when returning to purchase the actual
package, the shopkeeper could offer him a refund for the
return of the demo disk. If he does not wish to purchase,
the user could keep the demo, or delete it and use the disk as
a blank (for whatever package he does buy).
As well as the shops, the demos could also be sold to the PD libraries, who would in turn sell them to the public, thus enabling all interested parties to make a better judged choice in software.
Now, although this is hardly a cure for piracy I think it could stop some pirates who believe that because the serious software costs so much they need to try out the package on pirate copies first- and if they like it they can buy it once they have saved enough money (this usually means never, who wants to buy something he already has). Which is no real justification but I've heard the argument being used once too often and in my opinion just using it once is too often.
It would stop people who might otherwise have shelled out on an expensive piece of software and then find it is not quite what they want, and then after having it for six months the current price for the same package has gone down, which means by selling second-hand they will suffer a loss.
S K Hussain Edmonton Falcon's wings clipped Unfortunately, one of the games I have bought recently appeared not to work (Kristal with four disks!)
And I have returned it to be tested and replaced. Is there a difference between some Amiga 500s which means that some programs won't work on some but do on others? I don’t mean differences in the Kickstart as I know that the commercial companies released new versions compatible with both.
The reason I ask is that a customer in the computer shop, for which I work, bought and brought back Falcon for the Amiga, saying that it would not load. I gave him another copy and took the other back home to test, to find that it worked fine. The following Monday, he brought the other Falcon back and told my boss that it didn't work. By chance I called in on my way to college and found out what was happening, telling the man that I had tested the game he had brought back and that it had worked fine. He still insisted that it would not work on his computer, so I called at his house on my way
back from college to check this out. Neither copy of Falcon loaded on his computer, both got a guru about 30 seconds after he put disk two in the internal drive. He has exactly the same computer as me with Kickstart 1.3, but Falcon loaded on mine and not on his. He has no extra memory or external drive as I have, but this should not affect the loading, should it?
David A (-inacre Chesterfield, Derbyshire There are differences between models of the A500, but these are minor and only occasionally cause incompatibility with a program that 'breaks the rules' that ensure compatibility. The problem with Falcon could be that or it could be a problem with your customers internal disk drive. This is because some loaders are more finicky than others.
Musical heretic About two years ago I wanted a computer that could be used for music applications, such as MIDI sequencing, sampling, etc. On searching for the ideal machine, I narrowed my choice down to the Amiga or the Atari ST, after weighing up cost and performance, I spent months deciding until eventually buying an Amiga B2000 with XT bridgeboard.
The reason for this choice was because of the Amiga out performing the Atari ST incorporating dedicated Ics to improve on the graphics, animation and sound performance. Also, the XT bridgeboard was useful as this would open up a wider choice of hardware and software applications.
When it came to choosing software, I purchased Music-X as it catered for nearly everything I wanted to do with my MIDI set up.
Now, two years later, I think purchasing the Amiga was an expensive mistake. Why? I hear you say. Well, firstly, lets look at the current available music software for the Amiga in comparison to, say, the Atari ST, Macintosh II and the IBM PC. Below is a table that I think illustrates the up-to- date available software for the listed computers.
MIDI Sequencing - Amiga, Atari ST, Macintosh II, IBM PC 8 Bit Sampling - Amiga, Atari ST, Macintosh II, IBM PC 16 Bit Sampling - Atari ST, Macintosh II Direct-to-Disk Recording (16 Bit) - Atari ST, Macintosh II, IBM PC Secondly, Music-X, when it was first released (about a year ago), boasted the excellent facility of being able to edit patches of your synthesisers within the main program, and the program included the patch editor for four synthesisers and many more were to follow.
A year later, still only four patch editors. Alternatively, there was the Generic editor, but come on, who in their right mind edits a synth by altering HEX numbers on a computer screen!
Another annoying thing about patches for synths was when looking at advertisements in MIDI music magazines that were advertising new patches for synths, but only available on ‘self loading Atari ST disks’ or PC format - but not on the Amiga!
It seems to me that when it comes to professional music, the Amiga is left by the way-side.
I have been a regular reader of your magazine and consider the reviews to be well balanced and entertaining. I would therefore appreciate your opinion on this matter, before I possibly make another mistake by selling my Amiga. Maybe you know something I don't, in what is to come in the form of new music hardware and software.
N Atkinson Rossendale, Lancs Well I certainly would not rush out and sell your Amiga because, as you will see from this issue's music pages, there are studios that use the Amiga and there is more software on the way for MIDI users. A new version of Music-X is currently under development and in next months issue you will find another new midi program called Trax being reviewed.
Charitable contribution I read your Public Domain Update column regularly and find it very informative. However, I have now written a game which I feel would do very well as a PD title, but I have no idea as to how to go about marketing it.
Do I just send the game to a PD library and hope for the best?
Furthermore, if I write (for example) a walker demo or perhaps an upgraded defender style game, are there copyright laws which guarantee that-1 must get written permission from the original authors before I churn out my very own version?
The Gamebusters column is very good, as are the hacks placed on the cover disks. I have always been interested in how people actually manage to crack games in this way - looking through an entire listing and trying to find where a cheat mode can be installed must take months!
How about publishing a small feature one issue giving novices (such as myself) hints on how to write cheat modes to various games and where to find them?
The only problem which I can see is that some people may say that this would increase criminal hacking, or at least encourage it.
One of the things which I find disappointing in some games is the death sequences. This is especially true for shoot-em-ups because when the player’s ship is destroyed it just explodes in a ball of flame. Usually, this same death sequence is shown no matter if the ship runs into a bullet, hits an asteroid or is plastered into a brick wall.
Some types of games (such as arcade-adventures) offer more scope for their death sequences.
Some notable examples are Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters, Dragon's Lair and Marble Madness. All have several death sequences which are chosen as appropriate. This is visually appealing and sometimes worth dying for just to see the player meet his her end! I think many companies should spend more time on their death sequences because as well as being attractive, they urge people to have another go at the game, because then they will not feel half so bad about losing.
There have been hundreds of games released over the past year since I purchased my Amiga and a lot of money has changed hands as a result. However, one thing which does not seem to be evident on 16-bit machines when compared with the C64 is the introduction of charity compilations. Some of these compilations on the C64 (my former machine) there were many good, albeit old, games being sold at a reasonable price, with all proceeds going to a worthwhile cause. So how about doing such a charity compilation on the Amiga?
Companies have so many games on their hands these days than they know what to do with and, as a result, have even given some away FREE to magazines for use on coverdisks.
If companies are willing to do this, surely they have a heart and can give away some games for a good cause. If several companies participated, they wouldn't feel a loss in profits, as many elderly games will not sell at their original prices anyway.
The types of games I am talking about are Road Runner, Carrier Command, Impossible Mission 2 and Bubble Bobble, as these games seem to have almost vanished from existence.
So come on all you major companies, clean out your warehouses and find the games with cobwebs on - then organise a charity compilation, okay?
Stuart N Hardy Wales, Sheffield Fired up again Last weekend, a friend of mine brought round a few copies of your publication to show me, specifically two letters, one called 'Cannon’s Broadside’ (Letters, issue 3) the other 'A Free Virus Killer'. (Workbench, issue 3) The reply to 'Broadside' was predictable and expected, only why did you print it in the first place? Was it to discourage those whom I ridiculed, or was it to encourage some feedback from your readership, testing the waters so to speak. Either way, I care less, only if that letter escaped the letter bin, what are the ones you
discard like?
The 'free virus killer' letter I wrote has annoyed me. However, don’t get me wrong, I would help anybody, but you took liberties. In the first place, where did all this dross about small print come from, certainly NOT from me, secondly, the final part of the letter that you printed would lead an inexperienced user to INSTALL his her non-standard disk, commercial games etc, providing the “MAY NOT BE STANDARD
VI. 2 1.3 BOOTBLOCK” message was returned.
Now my original letter only covered it’s use and possible messages it could invoke. You have taken this, added some stupid comments about the manual writers at Commodore, size of fonts, and then incited the less knowledgeable user to quite possibly ruin a disk, then finished it off with MY name.
Not content with that, you then reprint it in July’s issue. As I said, I don’t mind helping anybody, but I draw the line at helping you fill three pages for nothing, especially when the article you put my name to had little resemblance to the original and could have disastrous consequences.
Should you decide to print this letter as a cheapskate way of padding out your publication, perhaps you would print a warning to anyone using the INSTALL CHECK option that it is only a guide and NOT conclusive evidence of a virus! Instead, I’m sure your readers would appreciate some helpful advice instead of one of your dreary little quips that seem to accompany all letters you print.
C W Cannon Romford, Essex You will forgive me Mr Cannon if I take exception to the sort of vitriol that was contained in your letter in issue 3 -1 don't mind criticism but I do object to myself and my team being insulted. My right of reply, like yours, is through the pages of the magazine so I do print critical letters so that I can deal with the issues raised by them.
As for the rewriting and reusing of your virus killer tip - we rewrite most contributions to one extent or another to make them clearer or more entertaining, not jut for the hell of it. As for reusing it, that was because it was such a good tip that it justified putting it into our round-up of the best tips from Workbench.
Thanks for your warning about being careful with the use of the Install command, that is something we should have pointed out.
"And finally Allistair..." "...and finally Sandy, the dreary little quip at the end that accompany's all of the letters we print. Good night.11 Female thunderbolt I am writing in response to the results of the Amiga Format questionnaire - is it really true that only 4% of readers are female? I was quite surprised! However, as a female undergraduate who has spent the last year in the computer science division of a university where the female to male ration was a ridiculous one female computer student: ten+ male computer students it has made me think that this is a sad reflection on the
world of computing as a whole! I have to wonder if it is still the case that computing careers are still not presented attractively to women.
I have been an Amiga addict for over a year and have to disagree with Sara Maidstone, who wrote in Amiga Format issue 12, and who gave me the impression that she thought that the computer industry did not realise female software interests. The current range of software for the Amiga is excellent, with a wide range of interests satisfied by the market from good graphic adventures, business application packages and educational software to stunning shoot-em-ups. I think that male and female interests in leisure software are more or less the same.
Speaking for myself, I like good quality adventure games but also appreciate action games such as Xenon 2 and Gauntlet 2. The software industry should not have to account for female male differences in their software since the market offers a good range of software to interest everyone, and after all everyone has different interests and tastes which are not really attributable to their sex.
Sara asked in her letter why more female readers do not write in? Well lets face it, if the questionnaire results are an accurate reflection on the population there are not too many Amiganesses around - a rare, but ever-increasing (well at least I hope so!)
Species.... it would be very nice to see more women in the software general computing industry.
The coverdisks supplied with your magazine are excellent (well they are light relief after the days of C+VG about eight years ago, (I can remember when I was about ten, typing in the endless pages of games listings into my Atari 400 only to find there were billions of errors in the code which I was too young to correct)).
I would also like to comment on the nature of some of the games on the market today.
Recently I played two games which made both my brother and I think ‘yuk!’. The first was Cortex+ by LSD which made me think that it’s author must be pretty sick and in need of medical help! One of the features of the game was to shoot alien foetuses - a really tasteful objective! The second game is Operation Thunderbolt - after five minutes playtime I began to wonder what was the point of the game and I could see no entertainment value in mindless shooting of people with the occasional cat or dog thrown in for good measure! I am not in favour of game censorship or anything like that (No
Mary Whitehouse supporter here!) But surely there should be limits to everything?
Leona Bull Cardiff »¦ Virus project I have been an owner of an Amiga 500 for about four years and a reader of Amiga Format for about one year, and excellent it is too. I am especially encouraged to read in the July issue that you are going to be doing a run on some hardware projects.
I have a project for you to give some thought to and it could be a godsend in the battle against the DREADED VIRUS that we have all grown to hate and fear. The idea is, as far as I can see, is a very simple one.
Stripping the problem down to its basics. A virus writes a copy of itself out to a disk that has been inserted into the drive (assuming it is not write protected) and sooner or later causes mayhem by varying means.
The solution? Well, if a small LED was fitted to the appropriate innards of the Amiga so that it illuminated each time the drive was WRITTEN to, instead of the green one that only tells you that something is going on with the drive, each time you inserted a disk and the WRITE light came on you would be tipped off that something was amiss!
Admittedly some commercial software writes high scores etc to the disk but this is only at the appropriate time and thus could be ignored. Also, and I stand to be corrected if in error, I believe that the majority if not all viruses write themselves out to a disk almost as soon as it is inserted.
A) Insert Disk
b) LED lights flickers
c) Panic
d) Track down virus and eliminate with extreme prejudice Am I
right? If so, how about a little sketch on how to wire up said
LED. If I am correct why has this not been incorporated into
PC’s ST’s, in fact all personal computers. All I have ever
seen is an LED which, like the Amiga, just tells you the disk
is being accessed. Why don’t manufacturers put two LED’s on
the drives of different colours?
Say, green for when a disk is being read and red for when it's being written to.
Delboy Southend-on-Sea Viruses are still a relatively recent phenomenon that the hardware manufacturers have not had time to respond too - if they intend to that is. As for your project idea, I've passed it onto the tech ed and we'll see what we can do.
However, there are already hardware devices available that can detect viruses.
Just goes to shows, yah?
I wonder if you can help me. In the past four years I have visited the PCW Show in London twice and as I was planning to go to a computer show this year I thought I might go to the same one again. However, I didn't hear anything of the PCW Show last year and so I was wondering if it was still running. I would like to know your opinion on what computer show would be best for someone like me who is interested in the whole personal and home computer scene, rather than just my Amiga alone. I heard that the Computer Shoppers Show was very successful last year but is this really the ‘biggest and
’t by the Warlocks!
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But it's going to ke a tougk task on your own: take a friend along to increase your ckances and doukle tke fun!
Screen Shots from the Atari ST a»9»1|A AJ V 'esS &fei i ilB W- r VHR 1 1 » 1 I M lli Mill sili§i VHW m 1 W K j Mg i _ _Jl§® 1 *: -rBfehfcfc _-9JIBS JH1 U-vj- % JM C's C's ¦ Access VISA E O.E 1 « ds~dd 135rp| 4 ” SPECIAL OFFERS 25 DS DD 135TPI 100% ERROR FREE, PI 11 HfHi ixp Inrkflble forade box £17 50 K11n DS_DD I . JP 4 SPECIAL OFFERS j 25 DS DD 100% ERROR FREE, PLUS deluxe storage box ...£12.50 rLU J VJCH UA _ I VVV_.I CJ wixo JLUIUQ'- .. •* ' 1 • 50 DS DD 135TP1100% ERROR FREE, PLUS deluxe lockable storage
box ....£29.50 75 DS DD 135TP1100% ERROR FREE, PI 119 HfHi iyp Inrkahlo forade box £40 50 50 DSDD 100% ERROR FREE, J PLUS deluxe storage box £18.50 75 DS DD 100% ERROR FREE, PLUS deluxe storage box £24.50 rLLw O UwlUAC | Jk-KUVJIC. OLV 'I U ’o W ... 1 v- • v-y 100 DS DD 135TPI 100% ERROR FREE, PI 11 HfHi ivp Inrkahlp torade box . £54.50 100 DS DD 100% ERROR FREE, PLUS deluxe storage box £29.50 rLU J VsJ'OIUA'O IL UMJUIC JLL I vJq'C-.
Ova . 1 It 175 DS DD 135TP1100% ERROR FREE, PLUS 2 boxes ......£88.50 250 DS DD 135TPI 100% ERROR FREE, PLUS 3 boxes ....£115.50 200 DS DD 100% ERROR FREE, PLUS 2 boxes .....£54.50 300 DS DD 100% ERROR FREE, PLUS 3 boxes .....£74.50
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, 74p 1 SONY BULK 31 2 DS DD ' 15p*. .
3 1 2 DS HD' ’ 80p 1 VAT included ADD £2.85 P&P. ADD £9 next day delivery AMIGAS Batpack .£355 Flieht of Fantasy ....£357 C6 f World Cup ack ...£138 Ram Pack £39 clock ......£43 Class of the 90‘s ......£493 Cumana Ext. Drive ...£66 New Scream Gems Pack ......£356 + ACCESSORIES Black Cruiser £8 1000 Tractor labels £8 Mouse
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Goods despatched cm day of order. These prices are Mall Order only* -- ** As these are obviously very worthwhile events, I would be grateful for any help you can give.
Alexander Kerr Downton, Wiltshire Both the Computer Entertainment Show which replaces the PC Show (Earls Court, 15-16th September) and the Shopper Show (Wembley Conference Centre, 6-9th December) should be worth visiting, as will the Commodore Show in Novemeber - more details on that one next month but for the moment keep your diaries clear for the 16-18th November.
Fourteen and fighting Well, on reading the letters page of issue 11 of Amiga Format, I became slightly perturbed by a letter from David Carver against piracy. If David is reading this, I would like to inform him of a couple of relevant facts concerning 14 year olds.
1. All 14 year olds are not pimply!
2. 14 year olds are renowned for their patience!!
Although being a 14 year old, there is a very slight chance that I may be biased. Maybe David could send us a photograph with his next letter so that we could make fun of his facial blemishes.
Piracy is self-defeating. If you spend 25 quid of your hard earned cash (in my case anyway) on a game and you get home you will spend time getting into the game.
Time after time you will go back to the game for another attempt at completion. But if you get a game from a pirate, then you might have a couple of “goes”, but the pizzaz has gone from the game and it soon ends up at the back of the disk box.
There are two types of pirate which can be thought of as big fish and little fish. The big fish have no reason for cracking a game apart from making their collection bigger. They hardly ever play their games, but a big collection can be shown off to other pirates.
Little fish do it for the games, if a new game comes out that they cannot afford or that they are not sure is worth £25, then they will get it off the local pirate.
Morally piracy is wrong. It is like stealing a wooden chest from a carpenter who has put his heart and soul into his work.
J E Prouten St. Lawrence, Jersey Lame lament What the bloody hell is a lamer?
Is it:
a) Another name for someone with a case of leprosy?
B) An animal that looks like a sheep on stilts? (no, that's a
llama, isn’t it?)
C) Jason's (whoever he is) secret identity?
D) A creature that sleeps on the ceiling all night until morning,
when it mysteriously disappears just as you find something the
right size to kill it with?
Bibble, bobble, bibble!
Ben Ward Teignmouth, Devon Actually, 'lamer' is a name coined by certain Amiga users , to describe someone who doesn't know that much about the Amiga technically. Hence the naming of the 'Lamer II' virus to catch out the unwary. Unfortunately, the folks that coined the phrase seem to consider 99% of Amiga users to be 'lamers1. Ho-hum.
One flew over the cuckoo's nest... Can I call you Bob? Such a lovely name, I always wanted to marry a writer - perhaps you would be kind enough to send me an autographed picture of yourself. I enclose a recent photo for your personal viewing - that’s me on the far right (with the whip). It’s a promo still from my latest film - Dawn of the Amazons*. Of course, I only play a cameo role as one of the warrior Queen’s bodyguards - but I like black leather and the hours are reasonable. Maybe you could ask one of your software houses to do an Amiga version - I’m sure it would sell very well.
Which brings me to my point. I read in a recent issue of your magazine only 2% of your readers are girls like me. I can’t think why, maybe you should have some more feminine features - like “How to turn your man on with an Amiga” or “Beauty tips by computer.” My boyfriend, Urgh (unusual name - but he’s foreign) says “Kamputea ur fir puftas und smirt asses. Urgh keel geeg-cat, monge beeg-gray-wrinkly, kik horny-beast!” This (roughly translated) means “Computers are for sissies and high-brows anyhow. Real men wrestle with Tigers, eat Elephant steaks and play catch with Rhinos.” He’s just a
big playful teddy bear, really.
So, girls, take it from me. If you want a boyfriend who eats Rhino droppings and plays catch with Rotweilers - put on a short mini (you can borrow one of mine, just ask), nip down the town and drink plenty of Vodka. If you’d like a serious boyfriend with some sort of future, then buy an Amiga and read Format.
Sarah Goodswen Redcar, Cleveland
* Sequel to "Dawn, Mistress of the Jungle" What?
Two flew over the cuckoo's nest... Who does this Jason Holborn character think he is? In castigating AmigaBASIC for being slow does he dare to suggest speed is a required attribute? Why, the leading physicians of the day inform me that if the human body travels at speeds in excess of 5mph, it will be unable to breath. And without air, good sirs, we will die.
In reviewing AMOS our learned colleague suggests bypassing of Intuition is a good thing and its lack of support isn’t much of a loss. Behold! The man is a witch and a heretic! This council has decreed: He should be taken from his place of residence, legs broken with a backswing from the ancient sword of the Lictor, dragged through the streets of Bath (to the place of his final execution) for all to see with the sign of the unclean attached to his string vest.
Upon reaching this place he shall be made to lay upon the ground and his four quarters attached by chains to the rear of four horseless carriages. From there the leader of the council shall appear in a flash of blinding light and acrid smoke. Shall take from his belt the ancient fish; and shall slap the heretic about the face with the fish 3 times and ten.
Whereupon the heretic Holborn shall admit his sins to the world and admit that Intuition is a wonderful thing.
This punishment shall be carried out in this, the year of our Lord, 1601.
Ernst Grump Witchfinder Generally to HM Government 1597 - Redcar, Cleveland Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah, I see. If anyone has spotted who the deranged individual is that wrote the last two letters, (a clue - it's a man) then please write to me at the usual address, enclosing a picture of him stark naked and sitting in a bowl of jelly at his twelth birthday party. The prize for this will be the usual Tunnocks' Caramel Wafer (8,000,000 made and sold every Bank Holiday) - the first three correct identifications get one.
NEXT MONTl ini's Mediifn The page that's best loved in Holland.
The November issue will be on sale on Thursday 11th October and it's going to be the best (and probably biggest - again) yet. Are you ready for... CDTV - you've heard about the hardware, but we're going to tell you what software is being worked on because that's the key to any machine's success.
Memory expansions - what are the cheapest, biggest, most expandable, cutest looking expansion boards available? We're going to tell you.
Portables - Amigas are not the easiest things to lug around, so what's the ideal portable companion for them?
Basic - what's the best Basic you can get your hands on out of HiSoft and the new GFA?
Animation - a full report with lots of lovely piccies from the Edinburgh Animation competition.
CES report - all the interesting news from the years' big computer entertainment show.
ST emulating - the details on what you can run using an ST emulator (fair makes ya skin crawl, don't it?)
Flight sims - how do they compare to flying the real thing with the RAF? We find out by doing just that in a Jet Provost.
Games - another packed issue including such gems as F-19 Stealth Fighter, Loom, Vaxxine, Days of Thunder, Captive, Corporation and maybe even those pesky turtle things.
Disk - playable demo of the Mindscape smash Captive, an essential update for all AMOS owners, Kosmos quiz demo and lots more besides.
PLUS: Graphics,-Music, Reviews, Competitions, Gamebusters, PD, Letters, Workbench and most importantly of all - this page (although it will have different words on it.)
OH DEARY, DEARY ME Hands up who spotted the fact that the cyan and yellow films were swapped on last month's contents spread. Now hands up who understands what I just said.
Suffice to say that the hands were not supposed to be that ghostly grey-blue colour - although it did have a certain something to be said for it, bleeeeeuuugh mostly.
Some plonker also forgot to put the phone number for G2 who make the G2 VideoCenter. So if you want to contact them call 0252 737151.
ANDY SMITH - AN APOLOGY We would just like to take this opportunity to apologise for Andy Smith... What?...Oh, I see. What I meant to say was, we would just like to take this opportunity to apologise TO Andy for not bidding him a fond farewell as Reviews Editor in print.
His sterling work on the first 13 issues of AF was a major factor in its success and we would like to thank him for it. He is now off in pastures new, editing our sister magazine S, the Sega mag, and we wish him well.
We would also like to apologise in advance to anybody we've forgotten to thank next issue.
ADVERTISER S INDEX 1 st Choice (Leeds) .. .202 Digicom ...... ..26 Manor Court Supplies .. 198 16 Bit Centre .... .127 Disk-X-Press ..... 214 Matrix .. 154 17 Bit Software . ,.118 Domark ...... ....8 Maze Technology .. 208 A 'Bit' On The Side .. .121 Dowling ...... ..46 - 47
M. D. Office Suoolies ...174. 175 Ace
Repairs ..... .188 Ealing Computer
Centre..... 184 Media Direct ......
153 Activision .....30, 142 Electronic
Arts .IFC - 3, 6 - 7, 98 Memory Expansions .... 84
Advantage . .203 Electronic
Zoo ... ..51 Merlin
Exoress .. 17 Alternative
Image .... .152 Elite
Systems ..... ,...11, 71
Microsmart 138. 139
Amiganuts . .120
E. M.P.D.L ... 123
Microtext .... 140
Ampower ... .210 Ent.
International, 29, 36, 74, 134
Miditech ...... 131
Anco ...8' I, 94 ESD
Software ... 195 Midland Comp. Repair
182 ARK . .195 ESP Educational Software.. 140 Mindscape .. .63, 158 Amor ..... .197 European Peripheral Dist.... 200 Mirrorsoft .... ...66, 92 Artbeat Computer Graphics...... .152 Evesham ...168 -169
M. J.C ... 186
Ashcom . .167
G. F.A ... 131
MPH 180
Athene ... .149 Greater
London Computers 157 Music
Matrix ......
1. 31 Audiogenics ..... ...91 Guiding
Light ..... 156 New Image
PD .. 110 Audition Computer Services.....
.146 Hammersoft ...... 140 Newport
Business Supplies 121
BCS . .216 Hampshire
Micros . 182 Newsflash
UK ... 126 Beat This Amiga
PD .119 Harwoods ...
..54 - 57 Newtek IRC Belshaws
Computer Shop . .188 Hi
Soft . 176
Nortek . 163 Best
Byte ... .154
Hobbyte ...... 124 Nova
PD ..... 119
Bitcon .... ...35 Home
Based Business . 131 Ocean ......OBC, 40,
78, 97, 164 Blitterchips .120
H. R. Software .... 183 Official
Secrets ... 24
- 25 Bruce Everiss ... .126
I. C.P.U.G .... 122 Omnidale
Supplies . 154
Byteback ... .106
Impex-llkeston ... 188 Once
Bytten 182 Bytes &
Pieces . .141
Infogrames . 117 Original
Media .... 191
C. F.A .. .109 Instamec..
..... 210 Pazaz Viewdata Systems..... 126
Calco ..... .183 Interface
Software . 145 Pdom
PD ... 114 Checkmate Digital
208 Intraset.. 180 PD
Soft . 122
Compuchat .156
J. T.S. PD .... 123
Photofile ...... 156 Computerwise
Brighton ...... .188 Key Software .....
199 Power Computing .. 86
- 89 Compuvision .... .188 K & M
Computers .. 148 Power
Domain ... 110 Cottage
Software .... .203
Kosmos ...... 195 Premier
PD . 119 Crazy
Joes .110 Lad
broke .... 192 Premier
Software ... 120
Dataplex .216
L. C.L ... 203 Prisma
Software . 170
Datel .100 - 104 Lorenzo's
Domain . 126 Proton
Software . 167 Delta
Leisure .... .179 Magnetic
Media . 122 Psvanosis ....160.
173. 205. 213 Delta PI .
.120 Mandarin Software .18, 184
Qualsoft 155 Rainbow
Arts ... ..133
Ramsoft .... ..155 Recoil
PD . ..123 Riverdene
PDL ..123 Roland
UK ....13
Romika ..... ..188 Sagittarian
PD . ..122 Sector
16 .. ..119
Selec . ..195
Senlac ...... ..119 Seven Seas
PD ... ..121 Siren
Software ..104 Soft
Machine ... ..170
Softsellers ..189
Softviile .... ..121 Software
Madness ..... ..179 Software Superstore ..
..194 Solid State Leisure ..... ....77
Special Reserve .. ....24-25 Spectra
Video .. ....73 Start Computer
Systems... ..110 State of the Art
....58 Stone Mailsoft . ..184
Supervision ..... ..122 TAM
Marketing ..154 TC
Computers . ..210 Tornado
PD ..... ..126 Track Computer
Systems.. ....90
Trilogic ...... ..151
Turbosoft .. ..181 UK Amiga
User Group...... ..210 Unbeatable Prices ......
..154 US Gold ... .....45, 82
Virgin 33, 65, 113, 128, 136 Virtual Reality
Labs .... ..152
Waxride .... ..216
Whizzcomm .... ..215
Worldwide .... ..146 WTS
Electronics .190, 198, 210 Yuppies Computer Club....
..190 gi-View 4.0 and Digi- :h the ultimate link betwet
ji-View 4.0’s Digi-Port tea' een so that touching-up v nsfer
768x592, 4096 col Digi-Paint 3 with a simple :h as combining
images c namic Hi Res or other reso ily Digi-View Gold:
)igitizes in all Amiga resole '68x592 (full HiRes overs
icludes powerful Digi-Pain nages or creating original Ises 2
to 4096 colours (in' iires standard ge es 2- megs of F Af
Clive Barker's N1GHTBREED TM &-E1990 Morgon Creek Productions
All Rights.Reserved. _ _ I « ! I Ii I 11 it) BF RESPONSIBLE
BY PEI Oql IN ( WXIB M.IM l( I. KI 1 1) ISSSmi MEMBER, AX 1)
5NS TEL: 061 832 6633' FAX: 061 834 0650 1 Video support:
monochrome, Hercules and Colour Graphics Adaptor (CGA) (4 and
8 colours) ? Disk support: internal 3.5" external 3.5"
external 5 V4" drive. (Software-upgrade to H D A590 in
pipeline) ? Including MS DOS 4.01, MS DOS shell and GW Basic
(market value approx £130.00) ? Including English Microsoft
books + KCS manual ? Further exciting software upgrades in the
pipeline 2 Stooges .....£7.99 Airborne
Ranger ......£9.99 Annals of Rome £8.99 Ant
Heads .....£7.99 Art Of
Chess .£4.99
Austerlitz £9.99
Baal £4.99
Ballistix ..£4.99 Barbarian 2 (Palace)
£7.99 Bards Tale I ...£7.99 Beast &
T-Shirt ......£10.99
Blasteroids ....£4.99 Blood
Money .£9.99
Bloodwych ....£9.99 Boulderdash Const
Kit....£4.99 Brian Clough's Football...£6.99 Captain
Blood ...£4.99 Centrefold Squares ..£7.99
Commando ...£4.99 Conflict in
Europe ....£7.99 Cybernoid II ..£4.99
Daily Double Horse Racing ...£9.99
Dizzy Dice .....£4.99 Dragon
Spirit .£4.99
Drakken ......£14.99 Aegis
Sonix .£19.99 A-Max (Mac-Emulator) £109.99
A-Max with 128K ROMS .£209.99 DevPac
II .....£44.99
Digicalc .£27.99 Hisoft
Basic .£59.99

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