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This makes us far and away the biggest Amiga magazine «i Britain, but what this doesn’t reflect is that more people are reading the mag all the time: Issue 18. For instance, had over 105.000 readers, making it one of the top ten 'billing' (circulation times cover pncel magazines in the UK. More important, perhaps, is that we are dedcated to pleasing more of the people more of the time. Next issue wel be analysing your questionnaire replies from Issue 19 and •esocndrg to some of your requests. In the meantime, though, thanks very rrvch tor your support: we hope it's nice to know that you are part of a powrg and very active group. With Amiga Format, you're where tfs at Disney keeps the kids happy Disney’s range of educational software based on their ever-popular cartoon characters is set to arrive very soon. The first release will be a fun game for youngsters, with no massive educational mission, based on the recent Disney Duck Tales movie. Following up, Mickey Mouse is set to teach pre-school numbers, while Donald Duck deals with the alphabet and Goofy explores colours and shapes. Reviews are due in next issue's educational special, but it's safe to say now that great attention to both quality and detail is to be expected from a company with Disney's reputation. APRIL CDTV LAUNCH IN CD-bosed mall order catalogues Speculation s rite that British Telecom s CD- based complete UK phone directory containing over 17 rmlion numbers, currently available to business PC users at a cost or over S2.500 might be released n CDTV format The CDTV Is a strange combination ot an Amiga, an aucko CD plavei and o remole control handset it promises to bring a whole new depth to Interactive entertainment. Education and gamesplaying with the large amosxtl ot storage attordeo by CD allowing masses ot detafed graphics stereo sound and text information (see Amiga Format Issue 16.

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Document sans nom ( )V( R DISK Moonshine Racers All lilt Make the run across the border carrying illegal hooch in Millennium s rattling good race game playable demo!
Hyperbook * * Surprise yourself as Gold Disk s innovative multimedia organisation system makes almost anything possible!
H Graphics Special Amiga Format's Animation Special A unique tutorial gives you all the pieces you need to put together your IE22WIIIIQ1I2I own special Deluxe Paint III animation Graphics in Games Documentation Learn how you can get your graphics on page 1 5 into games with our special tutorial masterpieces with our Graphics Special Design Dpaint animations F Pick the right paint program ‘ Get your graphics into games Learn from the experts' secrets
• BIG GAME HUNTING: Deuteros, Moonshine Racers, SWIV, Back to
the Future 3, Super Monaco Grand Prix, Genghis Khan A 12 Pages
of hints, tips and advice Workbench pi 95 Gamebusters pi 05
Beginners p205
• FIRST LOOK: Railroad Tycoon, First Samurai, F-15 II, Demoniak A
• WORD PROCESSING: Excellence!, ProWrite 3 and QuickWrite THE
U. S. Gold Ltd, Units 23 Holford Way, Holford, Birmingham B67AX.
Tel: 021 6253366.
Screen shot from IBM PC Screen shot from CBM Amiga Based in the 1920's, Inspector Raoul Dussentier is aboard a ship in the Mediterranean. But no sooner has the cruise begun when Raoul is summoned to investigate a crime - the murder of his host Niklos Karaboudjan, the Greek shipping magnate. It's up to Raoul to throw some light on this sinister mystery!
A comedy set during the "golden age" of piracy in the Caribbean. The game's twisty plot leads our hero, fresh from the old world, on an hilarious, complex, swashbuckling search for the fabled Secret of Monkey Island.
• Features dazzling 30 graphics, an original reggae sound track
and a point 'n' click no-typing interface.
0 A wide variety of original entertaining puzzles, unravel hidden meanings in hilarious repartee.
0 Proportionally scaled animated characters and cinematic pans and camera angles.
C 1990 Lucas Arts Intertainment Company. All rights reserved.
• Wide range of actions, including the option to question other
characters in true Agatha Christie style.
• PC version features 256 colours. Ad Lib & Roland sonic support.
• Amiga version features 32 colours.
E 1991 DIIPHINI SOFTWARE. All rights reserved. Cinematique is a trademark of Delphine Software.
A powerful crime syndicate has taken over large areas of our major cities, turning them into a vast criminal wasteland. Arson, extortion, drug distribution and now ... terrorist abduction!
Your purpose: Wipe out the criminal organisation and rescue the President's daughter.
0 Afore fhan a "shoot em-up" game. Crimewave contains secret rooms, switches, keycards, different weapons, varying levels of difficulty along with a variety of other strategy elements that provide endless hours of challenge and excitement.
0 4 multitude of brilliant 256 colour scrolling game screens.
0 Incredible digitalised "Motion Graphics" (featuring real actors and models).
© by ACCtSS SOFTWARE, INC. I ISO. All itgMl re'frved._ It's World War II - the naval forces of the world are waging war in fierce and unrelenting sea battles ... You must command the destroyer and succeed in beating naval and air forces in 15 challenging missions.
A. D.S. is a stunning sea battle simulator using 3D technology.
• 40 page manual includes detailed maps of the combat zones
together with historical and technical information.
• Adjustable difficulty level will suit all levels of player.
© 1591 Mura. AH right* rmrved.
Software Incorporated There are now no fewer than five different word publishing pack ages gen but the program that undoubtedly started it all was New Horizon’ ProWrit| ProWnte has been available for a number of years now, during which it has undergone more revisions than a Gulf War peace plan The latest version promises to deliver even ProHrite 3.1.1 - @ 1990 New Horizons Software, Ihrtlti-t i f ¥*i ----------- " Inc. ft r“ H t t t ei i* 19 B M F=t ra era PROWRITE 3 New Horizons Software ProWrite 3 149 Reach new heights of word processing... Quickwrite 151 ...or take a simpler approach.
Excellence! 2 155 .or is this the best for your needs?
Making masterpieces If you've been missing out on the massive graphics power of the Amiga, you want to get in on the act! Our special feature will tell you where to start and where to go in graphics pZ3 EDITOR Damien Noonan ART EDITOR Marcus Dr Dyson REVIEWS EDITOR Tyenton Webb TECHNICAL EDITOR Pat McDonald STAFF WRITER Maff Evans PRODUCTION ASSISTANT Gary Lord DESIGN ASSISTANT Frank Bartucca CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Jon Bates (Music), Brian Larkman (Graphics) CONTRIBUTORS Mark Smiddy, Jason Holborn, Paul Overaa, Sean Masterson, Andy Ide, James Leach, Tim Smith Andy Hutchinson ADVERTISING MANAGER
Jennie Evans SENIOR SALES EXEC Duncan Ferguson AD SALES EXEC Jackie Garford AD PRODUCTION Fiona Milne PUBLISHER Greg Ingham PUBLISHING ASSISTANT Michele Harris AD SERVICES Tamara Ward QUOTE: "When I hear the word "culture", I reach for my gun" PHOTOGRAPHY Ashton James, Bradford-upon-Avon COLOUR ORIGINATORS Swift Graphics Ltd, Southampton, PRINTERS Riverside Press Ltd, St Ives PLC, Gillingham NEWS TRADE DISTRIBUTION UK & WORLDWIDE: MMC Ltd 0483 211222 CIRCULATION DIRECTOR Sue Hartley 0225 442244.
Amiga Format comes to you from the company that publishes Amiga Shopper, Amiga Power. ST Format. Commodore Format. New Computer Express. Amstrad Action, Your Sinclair. Sega Power. PC Plus. 8000 Plus. MacPublishing and Classic CD.
EDITORIAL ADVERTISING 30 Monmouth Street, Bath, BA1 2BW. « 0225 442244 FAX: 0225 446019 SUBSCRIPTIONS AND MAIL ORDER The Old Barn, Somerton, Somerset TA1 1 7PY « 0458 7401 1 We welcome written enquiries, but regret that we cannot offer advice, guidance or information on a personal basis, either by telephone or post. We welcome contributions from readers but unfortunately cannot guarantee to return material submitted to us. Nor can we enter into personal correspondence. We take great care to ensure what we publish is accurate but we cannot accept liability for any mistakes or misprints. No
part of this magazine may be reproduced in any form without our permission.
- Minin c*6*t. N. i j calyx, a (pi. Calyces.* L J r ',vi i ¦ i ;
Ided *o new ues sepals s-Making.
J * enclosing an unopened _I flower-bud.
Cmltir, n. ®YCt ¦ - ut Hyperbook 1 39 S.W.I.V. 48 Deuteros 54 Create your own multimedia presentations Will this be the shoot-em-up of the year? A new Millennium, but is it a classic?
Your complete guide - p23 Contents Artists and their tips - p33 * A A SPECIALS YOU WANNA BE AN ARTIST? ......23 If so, we tell you where to start PORTRAIT OF THE ARTIST ...33 See the work and catch the tips of four experts PUTTING YOU IN THE PICTURE.... 117 Find out how programmers put graphics in games ANIMATION BY NUMBERS ..120 Follow our step-by-step guide to expertise THE FIRST STEPS .....205 New users start here REVIEWS SUPRADRIVE 500-XP .....133 Can this hard drive solve your storage
SUPRADRIVE 2000 ...134 Is this the hard drive your Amiga 2000 needs?
SUPRARAM 2000 ...136 How does this Amiga 2000 expansion perform?
SUPRARAM 500 136 And can this A500 expansion deliver the goods?
HYPERBOOK 139 You’ve seen the demo, now check our opinion PROWRITE 3 .149 Word processing enters a new age QUICKWRITE 151 The word processor for you?
EXCELLENCE! 2 ..155 ...or could this beat ProWrite to the tape?
MASTERING AMIGADOS2 159 Two new books help you master the Amiga MASTERBOARD VB21 ..161 This could be the best digitiser ever REGULARS NEWS ......7 Yes, all Amiga 500s will now be 1 Megabyte!!!
PREVIEWS ...45 First impressions of Firt Samurai: looking good!
GAMEBUSTERS ..105 Another five-page special goes big on Spindizzy MUSIC ......171 Answering your questions about Music X PD UPDATE ...175 We'll guide you to the best in free software WORKBENCH ....195 Get the answers with our techie tip section r * ’.V- SIMPLE SPRITE DEMO BV PAUL OVERAA HIT LEFT FIRE BUTTON TO QUIT Deuteros 68 Getting into games - pi 17 FORMAT GOLD ....48. S.W.I.V. ... REVIEWED 1
AMIGA i 111 11 1 1 o I Super Monaco Grand Prix ...58 Genghis Kahn ...61 Chaos Strikes Back ..62 Back to the Future III .....64 Revelation ....66 The Power ...72 Nam ......74 Hard Driviri II ..77 Moonshine Racers ....82 Ski or Die .....85 Skweek ...86
Warlock ..88 Tower FRA ...93 Emlyn Hughes' Arcade Quiz ......94 Prehistoric Tale ..96 Animation is easy - pi 20 SUBSCRIBE! P. 167 ff you read Amiga Format every month, why not make sure of your copy by getting it delivered straight to your door? Save hassle, save money and get a free game, too! See Page 167 for details! Also, take advantage of our Mail Order bargains in... MAIL ORDER P. 190 Registered Circulation 81, 234 July-Dee 1990 Member of the Audit Bureau of Circulations ABC
MOONSHINE RACERS - Get involved in this highly enjoyable playable demo of Millennium's new hillbilly racing game. Country music, country roads and only the police between you and the profit from your illegal hooch!
COVER DISK HYPERBOOK - One of the most impressive serious demos we've carried, this will introduce you toa whole new scene in multimedia presentation.
TV ANIMATION - If you have Deluxe Paint 3, you can create this nice little animation all for your self using the step-by-step guide on Page 120.
GRAPHICS IN GAMES - If you’ve ever wondered how those amazing graphics get into games, this demo and the feature on Page 1 17 will give you the low-down.
Moonshine Racers Make the run across the border carrying illegal hooch in Millennium s rattling good race game playable demol Hyperbook • Surprise yourself as Gold Disk's innovative multimedia organisation system makes almost anything possible!
Graphics Special] Amiga Format's Animation Special A unique tutorial gives you all the pieces you need to put together your own special Deluxe Paint III animation Graphics in Games Documentation Learn how you can get your graphics on page 1 5 into games with our special tutorial • on *« EVERY CINEMATIC ADVENTURE NEEDS BLOOD AND GUTS - CENTURION'S THE FIRST TO REQUIRE BRAINS AS WELL Up until now, so-called "cinematic adventures" have offered little more than a fair bit of action, a few pretty pictures, a couple of fairly convincing sound effects and a strategic challenge that wouldn't stretch
the intellect of a gnat.
Now, from a new generation of games from "Defender of the Crown" designer, Kellyn Beck, comes "Centurion: Defender of Rome", the first movie game that allies stunning graphics with really challenging game play.
In Centurion, you must choose from an infinite number of ways to conquer the known world.
Fight, bribe and seduce your way to the top: on the battlefield, in the gladiator's arena, on the chariot racetrack, even in Cleopatra's boudoir.
Centurion: Defender of Rome, for all cinema game fans with more between their ears than just their eyes.
IBM I PC and AMIGA £24.99 If you can't find "Centurion" at your favourite store, call our Direct Sales Line: 0753-49442 CTRfNIC ART 5* Electronic Arts I 1 49 Station Road Langley. Berks SL3 8YN Tel: (0753) 49442 Fax: (0753) 46672 New Scanner The launch of a new hand-held scanner. Pandaals DAATAscan Pro. Is expected with some anticipation because of the manufacturers reputation for quality work in this area W ith resolutions of up to tOOdpi and considerable picture-editing features in the software, the specification looks similar to several competitors: a lull test in the next issue of Awigil
Formal w ill tell you more Tel Pandaal 025-t 855666 Pandaal s new hand-held scanner, the DAATAscan Pro, promises great things.
Workbench 2 will come to the A500 With the 1 Mb standard Amiga 500 appearing, the new falter Agnus chip slipping into new machines and the launch of the A500-P an expanded A500. In America, the commitment of Commodore to upgrading the basic machine but retaining compatibility continues The next logical step is, of course, being able to run Workbench Version 2 on an A500 The new Workbench has many improvements in features and in ease of use, with a redesigned mouse-controlled graphic interface, so it would be good news for everyone to have it The drawback is that you will need a new Kickstart 2
ROM chip and the new enhanced chip set to replace Paula, Agnus and Denise As yet, no release dates are set but it is now inevitable that Commodore will start fitting new A500s with the new kit and release an upgrade for current A500 owners Commodore "are work ing on it", says spokesman Andrew Ball A500 will have 1Mb as standard From March 1st, the Screen Gems pack features an Amiga 500 expanded to a full one Megabyte at no extra cost. The addition of Commodore's standard A501 RAM expansion effectively commits Commodore to the principle of a 1Mb machine being the standard minimum from now on:
when asked whether this was a move towards the Amiga 500 having 1 Mb as standard, Commodore's Andrew Ball replied simply “Yes”.
Many games, such as Paradroid '90 or Indy 500, now have extra features if 1Mb of memory is available, while some, like The Immortal or Chaos Strikes Back, have to have 1 Mb to work. More memory also gives you greater power when using graphics and creativity packages like Deluxe Paint III and, again, many need 1Mb minimum to work.
Not only does this put much greater power in the hands of the Amiga owner, it also strengthens the Amiga’s position as the top home computer in the UK. Claims in
• km act ih t ik From March, the Amiga in the Screen Gems pack
will me past mat me be m|ed wi|h an AS01 RAM eipansjon at no
e„,ra Amiga 500 was cost, making the basic Amiga 500 a 1 Mb
Overpriced have been overtaken by growing appreciation of its strengths and this latest move simply confirms its spot as top dog.
The 1 Mb Screen Gems pack will still contain all the soft- ware - Beast II, Days ot Thunder, Nightbreed, Back to the Future II and Deluxe Paint II - and sell for exactly the same price of £399 RRP.
C" Commodore Two new magazines for you, the Amiga owner Future Publishing has announced the launch fj yv of two brand-new magazines for Amiga owners Amiga Shopper, the magazine that’s serious about your Amiga. Is dedicated to bringing buying power to your elbow with up-to-the-minute news, authoritative reviews and comparisons and in-depth tutorials covering all the hardware and senous software around It’ll cost a mere 99p a month, making n an essential purchase Amiga Power, the magazine with attitude’, aims to be the coolest Amiga games magazine ever to hit the streets It'll carry more pages
of game reviews than any other magazine and promises - by contrast to Amiga Shopped - many a page of pure fun The cover price of £2.95 will include a Coverdisk featuring a complete, high-quality. FulFprice game every month Look out for Doth in a newsagent near you in April Amiga Power, 'the magazine with attitude' ” Amiga Shopper, ‘the magazine that’* lariou* about your Amiga' Amiga pushes into schools Confirming their eagerness to see the Amiga used in schools.
Commodore have announced another limited period olTer. On quoting their DES registration number, schools will Ik- able to purchase a 1 Mb Amiga 500 at the bargain basement price of £299 as well as getting a free item of software from the following list: graph tcs software like a Deluxe Prinl DPaiiU 2 bundle. Spritz. Dpairit
3. Fantacision and Photon Point: music programs like Music Mouse
and Dr Ts MRS: educational language Logo with Talking Turtle;
databases Infoflle. Superbase Personal and MaxipUtn 500: w ord
processor ProWrlte 2.5. the BBC Emulator; and Let's Spell at
Backing up the offer, a 1084 monitor and a 1550 NLQ dot matrix printer can each be obtained for £186. Currently, the education market should be up for grabs as the standard BBC machine is very aged and a successor has vet to emerge.
High-end Amiga 3000 UNIX workstation launched to professional market Commodore's AMIGA 3000UX has just been launched and makes its mark as being the first to use the latest version of the Unix operating system, System 5 release 4. Unix is an open' system, which means that mochines of different types and makes can all run under the same operating system, thereby breaking the stranglehold that closed' systems like IBM's MSDOS for the PC have hod in the past.
CD drive for A500 is confirmed Yes t e Amiga 500 will be able to 'un sottwa'e from compart dtsc The CD flrtve is expected to cost abound £350 and ?r.ab‘e Amiga owners to 'un CDTV software ommodores Andrew Baif *11 will be done as Unix is particularly suited to networks, allowing many users access to the same files at the same time AT&T, owners of the copyright, sell only the source code for Unix to other computer manufacturers who then have to write their own useoble version: so for Commodore to beat all other major manufacturers in releasing the latest version is a ma|or achievement Also
included with the A3000UX is the X-Windows graphic user interface which is set to become an industry standard the A3000UX comes as standard with 8 Mb of RAM, a 100 Mb hard drive, a 68030 CPU plus maths co-processor and a ficker- fixed high-res mono monitor.
American magazine Byte, which got a sneak preview, describes the program* and the same data.
A3000UX as "impressive and com- poct" and says: "When you put it beside a NeXT, Macintosh or a 386 workstation, the differences are in favour of the Amiga. It is an obvious choice for a low-end workstation," A1500 cheaper by £150 The Amiga 1500 PHC (Personal Home Computer) is to have its recommended retail price lowered by £150 to £999, a price which includes a monitor, a bundle of high-value creativity software and books including Amiga Format's own Get the Most Out of Your Amiga. Although the A1500 is basically a rebadged Amiga 2000 with two floppy disk drives and no hard drive, it offers
excellent value as an expandable machine for the more seriously inclined home user and the cheaper price can only strengthen Commodore's attempts to get it accepted as the domestiic equivalent of the business PC.
Our Success Continues Issue 18 of Anuga format: over 105.000 readers enjoyed rt. making it one of the top ten magazines in the country.
You may Ike to know that you are now read- ng one of Britain's most popular magazines!
Amiga format is pleased as punch to announce that its circulation averaged
81. 234 copies for the months of July to December 1990, as
confirmed by official overseers the Audit Bureau of
This makes us far and away the biggest Amiga magazine «i Britain, but what this doesn’t reflect is that more people are reading the mag all the time: Issue 18. For instance, had over 105.000 readers, making it one of the top ten 'billing' (circulation times cover pncel magazines in the UK.
More important, perhaps, is that we are dedcated to pleasing more of the people more of the time. Next issue wel be analysing your questionnaire replies from Issue 19 and •esocndrg to some of your requests. In the meantime, though, thanks very rrvch tor your support: we hope it's nice to know that you are part of a powrg and very active group. With Amiga Format, you're where tfs at Disney keeps the kids happy Disney’s range of educational software based on their ever-popular cartoon characters is set to arrive very soon. The first release will be a fun game for youngsters, with no massive
educational mission, based on the recent Disney Duck Tales movie.
Following up, Mickey Mouse is set to teach pre-school numbers, while Donald Duck deals with the alphabet and Goofy explores colours and shapes. Reviews are due in next issue's educational special, but it's safe to say now that great attention to both quality and detail is to be expected from a company with Disney's reputation.
APRIL CDTV LAUNCH IN CD-bosed mall order catalogues Speculation s rite that British Telecom s CD- based complete UK phone directory containing over 17 rmlion numbers, currently available to business PC users at a cost or over S2.500 might be released n CDTV format The CDTV Is a strange combination ot an Amiga, an aucko CD plavei and o remole control handset it promises to bring a whole new depth to Interactive entertainment. Education and gamesplaying with the large amosxtl ot storage attordeo by CD allowing masses ot detafed graphics stereo sound and text information (see Amiga Format
Issue 16. November 1990 tor the most comprehensive study or the CDTV yet mode and News. Issue 20 tor detoss of the US launch) The Irtst tew pre-ptoduction models of Commodore s CDTV Interactive Graphics Plover amved m this country during the middie of February and were placed straight in the hands of software developers to ensure that sufficient high-quality software will be ready and working at the launch ot the mochine In April Traditional titles now set to be ready at launch Include Maxis highly-p'oked city-building game Sim City. Mirrorsoff s shoot-em-up Xenon It. Adventure games like
Herewith the Clues and The Case ot the Cautious Condot and education program Fun School The strength ot CDTV. However, is expected to lie m new concepts like the Guinness Disc ot Records encyclopaedias the World Veto Atlas Digrfos Dr Wetman Family Health Guide and a guide to canng lot your plants - ai of which should be ready at launch Whatevet next?
Among the more stnkng possibilities afforded by CDTV 6 the suggestion that a modem to connect to telephone lines woiid moke home shopping* a reality, along with CDTV s now expected to be w the shops on the high street bv mid-April If a* goes to plan five field iesters appointed bv Amiga Format wk have mochnes very soon tjt aetaits next month Appeal for Edinburgh animation festival sponsorship The annual Edinburgh Animation Festival in September shows off the work of Amiga animators to the public and is always an exciting event.
Organisers Amiga Centre Scotland are keen to take it more towards centre stage, but need sponsors to help them fund their ambitious plans Anyone who would like their name associated with this prestigious occasion should contact Martin Lowe on 031 557 4242.
CHUCK ROCK SLOBS OUT Computer heroes have traditionally been a hunky bunch, or at least cute Chuck Rock, the star of Core Design s current project, looks set to stand this convention on Its head He's a Neanderthal slob who doesn't shave and fights with his beer gut! The fully- fledged adventures of this Fred Flmtstone with a hangover should be ready for review in Issue S3 PGA TOUR TO BEGIN IN APRIL DTP News Although we promised toreview Pages ream 2.1 as a follow-up to last month's DTP heavyweight head-to-head, we took a look at the program and realised that nol much had been changed apart
from a greatly improved manual, so we decided not to review the new version. UK supplier Silica confirmed thal the changes were limited to the depths of the program and that to the user little was different. We can now confirm that Silica Systems arc official UK suppliers for Pageslream 2.1 ai £ 199.95 and also Professional Page 2 at £249.95 (lei 081 309 11111.
• Launched in 1985
• Now over 160 staff
• 12 national newsstand magazines
• Market leader in computer titles
• Exciting launch plans
• Britain's fastest- growing publisher BBD DUST COVERS Future
Publishing Ltd, Beauford Court, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath, BA1
2AP Tel: (0225) 442244 Britain's fastest growing publishing
company is looking for a talented and ambitious writer-cum-
games player to work on an exciting new title.
Future already publishes plenty of successful leisure computer magazines (including Amiga Formal) and now we're w orking on one more. Amiga Power will lie brash, colourful and intelligent. It will also feature a lot of games reviews, w hich is where you might come in.
¦ Do you understand computer games, how they work (and why they sometimes don't?)
¦ Do you enjoy getting stuck into long and involved strategy adventure simulation software as well as the odd quick blast?
¦ Can you write clearly, concisely and in an opinionated, entertaining style?
¦ Do you fancy a good salary, plenty of career opportunities and an excellent working environment here in beautiful Bath?
If you've answered yes to all these questions you might well be the person we re looking for. Send your CV, together with a couple of sample game reviews - one 100 words long, one 600 words long
- to Matt Bieiby at the address below. And hurry!
Games Player Staff Writer IS COMPLETE WITHOUT A DUST COVER Protect your Amiga with a dust cover from the BBD Professional Range.
Made from best quality proofed nylon that has been treated with a flame retardant and an anti-static inhibitor. BBD Dust Covers are tastefully finished with contrasting piping. They never crack, discolour, tear or fade. They can be washed and ironed. So confident are BBD of the quality that they give a noquibble guarantee with every cover.
BBD dust covers are not expensive and all our prices include VAT and P&P Amiga 500, Keyboard only £5.50 Amiga 1000, one piece cover ...£8.50 Amiga 2000, two piece set .....£11.95 In addition to the above BBD offer a wide range of other covers.
These include printer covers from only £6.25 Why not contact us for further details H Telephone: 0257 425839 ext 34 Fax: 0257 423909 Sheer Perfection in Computer Protection Dept. 34, The Standish Centre, Cross Street, Standish, Wigan, WN6 OHQ NO COMPUTER ANNOUNCING THE % °a.
• B5000-25 Faster than the CBM A3000-25 •
• 500-1000% Faster than your Amiga •
• Massive 4-32Mb of superfast memory •
• 100% Software compatibility •
• Plug-in up to a 50 Mhz Maths Co-Pro •
• B5000 has advanced 32-bit Paged-Mode design •
• 32-bit Kickstart five ten times faster •
• Three models A5000-16 B5000-25 B5000-40 •
• THE MACHINES • A5000-16 1667 Mhz Asynchronous MC68020RC 2-3
MIPS 18 MIPS peak) 85000-25 2500 Mhz Asynchronous MC68030RP 5-6
MIPS 02 MIPS peak) B5000-40. 4000 Mhz Asynchronous MC68030RP 8
9 MIPS 08 MIPS peak) FPU 125 Mhz-50 Mhz Asynchronous MC6888'RC
or MC68882RC A5000-16 RAM 4 MeoaBytos ol 32-bit RAM 256 » 4
80ns DRAMs B5000-2S HAM 16 Megabytes ol 32-0.1 FIAM 1024 . 4
80ns DRAMs B5000-40 RAM 32 Megabytes oi 32-O.t RAM 1024 . 4
80ns DRAMs SHADOW ROM Move your Kickstart into 32-0-1
SUPER-FAST-RAM SOFTWARE 68000 Fallback mooe tor 10046 software
compatibility HARDWARE tOOAt Compatible with Amiga 500r2000 ana
aoo-on caros INTERFACE t Plugs into 68000 processor socket
tnstOe your Amiga INTERFACE 2 AIB2000 Co-processor tZorrolll
carO dor B5000-40 only) A5000-16 (Price includes 1Mb RA M)
B5000-25 (Price includes Imb RAM) B5000-40 &1162 (Price
includes 4Mb RAM) (All prices inclusive of VAT) Solid State
Leisure Limited BO FlMKDON ROAD, lATHLINOBODDUOH, Northanti N N
9 5TZ. Telephone: (0933) 650677 International: * 44 933 650677
Join Official Secrets or Join Special Reserve Over 2,000
benefits of Special Reserve plus Our 32 page P monthly magazine
is esse~!a. -eapng tor tnose interested in adventures or role
playing games.
Written by e.perts Confidential has cove-eo everything from How to Host a Mu-der to Which F16 Flight , Simulator’ Our agents, led by the | Master Spy known as "The Boss Upstairs’ seek out the secrets ot RPGs FRP-s MUGs PBM's Leisure Sun Larry The Russians, Elvira.. ¦ Sim City or Corporation.
Choose one tree tor Atari ST A-T.ga p- IBM Please phone it you nave a different machine. 3) Ot Corporation, ACE said: I ¦Probably the most influential I game ot this genre making this • j an essential addition to your 7 collection Zero said: II you liked Dungeon Master you'll lurve this.
Ot Sim City, ACE said: 'Sim City is a politician's - or a gamesplayer's dream comparisons spring immediately lo mind with Populous but Sim City seems to have much more depth....’. CSVG said: "Sim City is utterly lab’ AMIGA and ATARI ST Shockware SUIGi ST 16 BIT iUIGi
• Halp-Llna - to help you solve most gamaa.
Manned weekdays until 8pm and on Sundays (no! An 0898 number)
• Uytti - exclusive to Official Secrets mambara.
Wntien by Magnate Scrolls, authors i ot Wonderland, Mylh is a mini adventure set in Ancient Greece.
In it you'll meet The Ferryman, cheat Death and lace the nine- headed Hydra Myth includes the | famous Magnet* Scrolls parser and graphics and is included in the pnee | of membership.
Amiga Formal said: 'An excellent adventure... witty, cunning and lust plain good lunl II you liked Fishi you'll probably like this, because Ihey're very similar in style: you may even prefer Myth, it's that good1' CU 90%. Amiga Format 87%, TGM 85%, Crash 91% Official Secrets Annual UK Mambarahlp With 6 laauaa ol Conltdsntisl, hfyth, Corporation or Sim cay, HsIfUJns . Membership of Spec* Swerve.
UK £29 99. EEC membership E34 99 WORLD Member Or |om Special Reserve only UK £6.00. EEC E8 00 World E10 00 BATTLE Of Brl SPACE ACE SPACE HARRIER 7 SPACE OUEST i iSiERRA SPACE QUEST ?.SIERRA. SPACE OUEST 3 iSIERRA.
29. 99 f ? FjhAl WHISTLE STORM ;muck SALES LINES 0279 600204
IN BLOCK CAPlTAlSi Name & Address Postcode Tel.
4 *5.257*3 5" Computer Payable to J 0 IAKt Special Reserve or Official Secrets
P. O. Box 847. Harlow, CM21 9PH Existing members please enter P
your Membership No I_ Special Reserve £6 UK. £8 EEC. £10 World
or Official Secrets £29 99 UK £34.99 EEC. £39 99 World
Corporation I I with Sim City I I AMFORM9 and Myth I 1 and
* AlNlW n.
A NO Item Bhi AK(BASKETBALL ARi FORMULA 1 . BATTLE (PSSi PGA GOLF TOUR PHANTASlE 7 (SS PHOTON F'AlNT PIRATES PLANT TFAll iBUl Soltwwo Ptcos includff UK or EEC Postage World soTtwa»o ordtffS please add ET 00 per item For non aoMw.i o items sucn as joysticks o» blank d*sks ofease add 0% EEC o» 25°- World lor carnage Overseas orders must be paid by credit card Credit card issue expiry date 'CHEQUE 'POSTAL ORDER 'ACCESS'VISA zl: SpeciaC “Reserve, THFVN- CVBER2INE iff V jpeeocLCS i -r SPECIAL RESERVE CLUB BENEFITS INCLUDE:
• NRG i Energy magazine) News Reviews and Graphics. Screen shots
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issue. Night City Cybertoon and the kill-or die adventures of
the Cyberpunk NRG street gang • It's Cyber-fantastic!
NRG bi-monthly to all Special Reserve members.
• Release Schedules, sent bi-monthly with updated catalogue
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• Written confirmations (receipts) sent when we receive each
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is there any age requirement With Special Reserve there are no
hidden costs ¦r * 'VMM?
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Special Reserve membership.
Official UK Version. Free Shockware holsters & membership Lynx colour handheld system mains powerpack A California Games
• FREE Special Reserve membership Lynx Software
119. 99 £6.00 ANNUAL UK MEMBERSHIP UK £6.00 EEC £8.00 WORLD
E10.00 Gameboy . Telris. Two player lead.
Stereo headphones and batteries . FREE Special Reserve membership
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MERCENARY Gameboy Software etc. .».-.be soon Commodore Amiga
In slock at time ol publication.
EYWAY . 1599 SOLAR STRIKER 1 5 99 cOONKID .... ..1599 SPIDERMAN 1 5 99 JblE DRAGON . 15.99 SUPER MARIO LAND 1 5 99 SGOYLES QUEST 1599 TENNIS ...... 1 599 .F .15 99 WIZARDS AND G OF THE ZOO 1599 WARRIORS 15 99 RK .. 1599 SHOCKWARE GAMEBOY 1599 HOLSTERS • BELT 799 ENGE OF GATOR .1599 mevttablt some games shown may not rrr be released Inwr Midlilcl Lid. Reg. Office: 2 South Block. The MMUng*.
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Analogue tor IBM PC 12 99 Front Row Competition Pro 5000 Mean
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PLASIC STORAGE BOX. HOLDS TEN 3.5 DISKS .1.30 3 5 SONY HIGH DENSITY DISK (1.4 MB) ..1.39 10 PACK TDK 48 TPI 5.25 DS DD DISKS (360K) .6.49 10 PACK TDK HO 5.25 DISKS (1.4 MB) .....9.99 10 PACK TDK 96 TPI 5.25 DS DD DISKS (720K) .8.99 3 MAXELL CF2 DISK . LABEL FOR PCW ......1.99 3-5" DISK HEAD CLEANER ...2.99 DISK BOX 3.5 (100 CAP) DIVIDERS. LOCKABLE .....10 99 DISK BOX 3.5 (80 CAP) DIVIDERS, LOCKABLE .8 49 DISK BOX 3.5 (40 CAP)
relaxing Sunday morning jaunt.
Instead it is you against 60 top pros on the U.S. PGA TOUR circuit, in real tournament conditions on four of the toughest courses known to man.
PGA TOUR Golf assesses how your rivals, such as Fuzzy Zoeller, Craig Stadler and Paul Azinger would have coped with each hole. Your relative successes or failures are then displayed on a constantly updated leaderboard and relayed to you by a match commentator.
To make things even more difficult, PGA TOUR Golf requires you to take into account both wind conditions and the lie of the ball off the green. Each hole is previewed for you in 3D, TV helicopter style.
So if you thought golf was a game played by kindly uncles in snazzy sweaters, PGA TOUR Golf will help you think again.
IBM PC: £24.99 AMIGA: £24.99 SEGA MEGA DRIVE: £39.99 If you can't find "PGA TOUR GOLF” at your favourite store, call our Direct Sales Line: 0753-49442 MEGA DRIVE features Battery Back-Up saves Games & Stats ‘or up to 22 golfers
- pc tpc k Si-rni tpc * An«t »CA wt*. Pga -0c*. The platers
Tr Kerce- Op** ir* tfstrec trwra.'ti Electronic Arts 11 49 Station Road Langley. Berks SL3 8YN Tel: (0753) 49442 Fax (0753) 46672 ON THE DISK MOONSHINE COVERDISK RACERS P15 A platyable demo of a superb racing game coming soon from Millennium.
Guide your station-wagon around the many obstacles and other cars - and don't knock down the police warning signs or Fat Sam the Sherrif will be on your tail in nothing flat!
HYPERBOOK P16 Gold Disk of California have spent many years perfecting this multimedia authoring system. Even if you've never wanted to design a storyboard or create an interactive encyclopaedia, this cut-down version will give you a taste of the multimedia concept.
GRAPHICS DEMO P17 Ever wondered how the graphics get into games? As part of our Graphics special issue, this very simple demonstration written by Paul Overaa shows how. Get the full story of the code behind it on PI 17.
TV ANIM P17 Using Deluxe Paint III to create fancy animation effects has got to be dead difficult, eh? Wrong! MAFF EVANS tells you how easy it is on P120, and both the screen Parts with all the components and the full TV anim are included on the Coverdisk.
GETTING STARTED Well, there are three different procedures for using this Coverdisk. To play Moonshine Racers, simply insert the Coverdisk into your computer and turn on. To see the graphics demo or get at the Hyperbook demo, you will need to use the Workbench disk supplied with your machine. To see the anim or the picture, you will need a copy of Deluxe Paint III or some other proprietary animation creator viewer.
Two excellent demos this month: the gaming fun's to be had piling down a country road im Moonshine Racers, while a taste of multimedia is offered by Hyperbook. PAT McDONALD has the instructions... MOONSHINE RACERS MILLENNIUM Q MAKING A BACK-UP??
Problems Turn to Page 18 NOW and learn how to use your Coverdisk UP TO £800 UP FOR GRABS!!!
Think you've got what it takes to write for the Amiga Format Coverdisk? Prove what you can do and earn yourself some cash in the process! We're after Workbench hacks, demos, utilities, games... You could earn up to £800!
Turn to P18 for details.
The moonshine trade is full of pitfalls. You’ve spent weeks distilling the stuff in secret, then you have to get it to the customer - and that's what this game is all about.
The object is simple enough to understand. You have to deliver a consignment of moonshine to Tucker's bar. To stop you from doing this there's plenty of other cars on the road, loads of obstacles and a vindictive Lawman called Fat Sam the Sherrif. Various CB messages from the characters are displayed on the screen as you progress.
Running into anything damages your vehicle and slows you down. At the top left of the screen is a temperature gauge - if this is getting close to the top then it's wise to slow down and let your engine cool down a little. If it boils over you break down and have to start again.
Running into police barriers across the road will start the Sherrif chasing after you in nothing flat. Evading him is very tricky indeed - usually you'll be off the road in no time at all.
Should you survive to the end of the short course in the demo, the game will stop and a short message from the game’s characters will be delivered at the top right of the screen.
The full game features 15 courses that are much larger than the one in the demo, a garage section where you can upgrade your MOT failure of a station- wagon and the sound of more outrageously fast Hillbilly music.
GETTING GOING After you've switched on your machine and inserted the Coverdisk, Moonshine Racers will load straight away. It’s a racing game with a few twists. First of all a gallery of the game's characters is displayed: if you've already seen this you can skip past it by pressing the spacebar.
To play the game itself you will need a joystick: it sounds silly to mention it here, but if I had a penny for every time... The controls are: push forward to accelerate; pull left and right to steer left and right.
Switching between high and low gears is done by pressing the fire- button - there's a little icon at the bottom right of the screen which tells you what gear you’re in.
This demo contains over 90% of the full price product, and is probably the most complex Coverdisk program to date. For a full review of the whole product, turn to PI 39. For those keen to go straight in, here goes... GETTING STARTED n iV, In U (U The Hyperbook demo will not run straight from the Coverdisk. To make it fit it has been crunched down by an extreme amount. First thing to do is decide where you want it to go - if you have a hard drive, fine, but if you haven’t then start off by booting Workbench and formatting a floppy disk for the demo to go onto. The instuc- tions here assume
you're installing on a floppy disk called Empty, but if you have a hard drive, replace references to the floppy's icon with you hard drive's (or a partition's) icon.
Next, insert the Coverdisk into any floppy drive. Once the drive light has gone out, double-click on the large Amiga Format disk icon.
This will bring up a window of two more icons: the Arcade Demo and the HyperBook demo drawer.
Double-click on the latter, take out the Coverdisk when the disk light goes out (users with two or more floppy drives will not have to do this) and insert your blank floppy.
Click once on the Install-me icon - it's shaped just like a screwdriver and will highlight once selected. Press either shift key on the keyboard and keep it pressed while double-clicking on the blank floppy’s icon - it will be shaped like a disk with the name Empty.
Let go of the shift key.
There now follows an incredible amount of disk swapping, unless you either have three floppies or one hard drive. A change of disks will be needed every couple of seconds or so at first - a small requester box will appear in the top left hand corner, telling you which disk to insert next (Workbench, the Coverdisk or your Empty disk).
The decompression program is called Zoo, and it opens a window in the middle of the screen.
Once the process has been started, it's automatic - all you have to do is change disks. When you see the words "Zoo - extracted" start to appear, disk swaps become a little less frequent. Once it has finished, the window will close and you will be left where you began: except the Hyperbook demo is installed.
EASY ACCESS To gel to the five menus, you need to move the mouse pointer to the lop of the screen and press the right mouse button. The reason for this is that that button is used for the actual editing onscreen: it brings up the action menu for each ob|ect when you're in edit mode.
Here's a quick rundown of the menus: LOOKING GOOD Now close the window marked HyperBook_Demo and the window marked Coverdisk_2l - to do this, you have to click on the little box at the top left-hand side of the window. Doing this saves some precious memory, and you won't be needing it anymore.
Double-click on the disk icon marked Empty. This will open a window which apparently contains just a Trashcan icon. The Hyperbook demo is out of sight - see the picture on this page to see just where you should click to bring it into sight.
PROJECT MENU: Most of these are pretty self-explanatory, the exceptions being Default, which is for getting the full program to start up the way you want it to, Tiny Window, which puts you back to Workbench but leaves Hyperbook running, and Empty Bin, which quickly gets rid of unwanted objects.
PAGE MENU: These options usually bring down a window for setting up a page. Options include setting the number of colours, clicking Interlace mode on or off and the page effect - that Is, how the page first appears onto the screen. Note that the Load. Save and Merge Page functions have been disabled.
COMMANDS: There are two sets of commands. The first group is for finding specific areas in the Hyperbook. Each object and page has a name (which is usally set to Pagel or Object3. But can Once you see the drawer marked HyperBook_Demo, double-click on it. This will open another window with two icons on it. You should double-click on the "Click me First" icon: this doesn't appear to do anything, but in fact it tells the demo where to find itself.
Congratulations! You are now ready to run the demo itself.
Double-click on the "HyperBook Demo” icon to start it - expect to wait about 30 seconds before you see the demo on the screen.
EASY AS PIE What you see on the screen once the demo has loaded is a sample Hyperbook. This gives an introduction to what the program can do, and explains many of its features.
To navigate your way around this book, rather than turning the page you click with the mouse on a button which explains what you’ll see when you click on it. Easy!
This is the strength of Hypertext. Rather than going to an index for a cross reference or flipping through pages, you can click on an entry and go straight to it. A brilliant idea that you can only do on a computer.
With this demo, you can alter the sample Hyperbook to a certain extent, and see how the creation process works. What you can't do easily be changed). You can do fairly fuzzy searching - if you put in a search for "red", then "red ", "Fred" and even "Bored" would be found. Find again will go from the present location using the same search pattern.
The other set of commands is tor looking at data outside the program. You can view text and graphics from different disks, and you can automatically run your favourite word processor or paint program.
PREFERENCES: If you want to change the way that Hyperbook works, this is the place to look.
You can do things like set a coordinate window up (displays exactly where the mouse pointer is - useful for precise positioning), use interlaced text, and so on. Most of these functions are either on or off. You also tell Hyperbook which word processor or paint program to run when the relevant command is used.
Ri ..... At the top of the screen, you will notice i 'toolbar" which contains a lumber of tools for finding your way around a 'hyperbook". Ordinarily, hyperbook pages will contain nessages like ‘Click here to go to next page'. However, you can read the pages of a hyperbook in any order you wish by using the navigation tools in the toolbar. The tools are: |n Sanabu fublafi |han a stately pleasure borne tom... Expand Toolbar - Goto Previous Page Goto Next Page - Goto First Page Goto Last Page - Return to Page Table of Contents - If 11 He Nort... Telling yo how to use the Hypertools is a job
tor a Hyperbook. This is the toolbox in simple, unexpanded torm - clicking on the button will cause the lull set to appear.
Experiment with the different buttons (but leave the ewand button alone; we will get to that on the next page).
Uhen you feel comfortable with the navigation tools, proceed to the next page using the 'Goto Next Page" tool.
I I M I I I I is save any changes: but then, what do you expect in a demo?
The Load, Save and Merge Page functions have been cut out to limit how far you can go. Finally the Arexx functions have been removed, due to the fact that you need Arexx to use them - it also made the demo smaller.
CREATION All the parts of each Hyperbook page are called objects. There are five different types of object - notes which contain just text, lists which contain lists of different pieces of text, pictures which contain imported graphics, drawings (which are doodles made with Hyperhook) and buttons, which when clicked on do something.
If you’re wondering how you actually get into the Hyperbook to change it, move the mouse to top left of the screen and press the right hand mouse button and menus will appear. These do the big tasks for the program.
At the top right of the screen you will notice a set of five icons. The two rightmost of these will flick to the start and end pages. To the left of these are two more, for flicking forward and back a page.
On the left-hand side is a button, which brings down a set of tools to do the actual changes.
THERE ARE LIMITATIONS... TV ANIMATION You can run the Hyperbook demo program on an Amiga with 512K ot memory, but the included sample Hyperbook will not load. Expect to see a small window appear with "Insuttlcient Memory” on it. You will then go straight into the Hyperbook program Itself. You'll be able to have a bit of tun with It, but you won't be able to import any graphics or text. The reason tor this Is that you'll need a memory expansion to use the full program anyway: who knows, the demo might just convince you to buy one.
If you tind that these help pages are a bit short on hard information, try to understand that the manual for the lull version occupies 148 pages. The full review on P149 should help a lot, but try experimenting as much as you can - you'll tlnd lots more features that I've not even mentioned.
One other problem everybody will encounter is that when trying to cut out a section ot a graphic, you can t see the confirm (tick symbol). It’s on the left hand side at the bottom ot the screen, and is amazingly tricky to tind. Sorry for the minor bug, but It doesn't happen on the full version - honest!
For the many readers lucky enough to own a copy ot Deluxe Paint III. A special tutorial on P120 gives a run-down on creating animations. To use the tiles on the disk, you will tlrst need to boot up with a copy ot Dpaint III.
The idea is that with these basic parts, you can follow Matt's tutorial on Page 120 to create your own version ot the Deluxe Paint III animation and pick up a few tips in the process.
The picture Parts.IFF can be loaded into any paint package, though.
The full animation is also included on the disk - it you have an animation viewer ot your own, load in the file TV.anim and play it.
Please note that neither of these files has an icon. They just won't appear on Workbench at all. Rest assured, though, that they are on the disk - the icons could not be Included due to lack ot space.
GRAPHICS IN GAMES DEMO PAUL OVERAA If you are one ot those new Amiga owners who wonders just what is needed to program ail ot those flashy arcade games, then this might give you an idea. It's not a game, just a simple screen with a sprite on it - a sprite is a game character that can move over backgrounds without disturbing them.
Afjb To run the demo, tirst boot up with your Workbench disk. Once it has finished loading and you have a screen with a couple ot icons on it, insert the Coverdisk and double-click on its unmistakable icon.
SIMPLE SPRITE DEMO BY PAUL OVERAA NIT LETT rIRE BUTTOM TO QUIT A large window will open, with both the Hyperbook demo and the game demo Icons on it. Double-click on the game demo icon - this is the one in the top left ot the screen. The demo will now run.
To whizz the sprite around, simply move the joystick. To quit out ot the demo, press the firebutton. Not the most impressive thing you’ve ever seen. I'm sure you'll agree, but it shows quite nicely how graphics from a paint program are put info a game. If you’re curious as to how much program was needed to create it, then put your Workbench disk back into the disk drive, and open up a CLI or Shell window. Type: After you've put the Coverdisk back in the drive (an extra drive gets rid ot all this swapping, you know) the program code will be displayed. Have a gawp - don't expect to understand
it, just appreciate how much hard work and effort goes into programming. To quit back to Workbench, press the ESC key, then the Q key and Return in sequence. If you're really intrigued - and you jolly well ought to be - read Paul Overaa s article on P117 to learn how it's done.
For more advanced readers, the source code demo.c is in C and will give you an insight into the programming techniques Paul has used.
COVERDISK USEFUL INFO The Coverdisk game. Moonshine Racers, is very easy to load
- all you have to do is switch on your machine and insert the
disk, for the other programs you will need to switch on your
machine and insert the Workbench disk you got with your Amiga.
Full instructions are given in the preceding text, and do
remember that you will need a copy ot Deluxe Paint III to make
the most of Maff’s TV animation.
TYPE Disk SIZE Nunber of Blocks 1758 Nunber Used 1757 Nunber Free 1 Bytes per Block 488 DEFAULT TOOL For those curious as to how much free space was on the disk... Load Workbench and insert the Coverdisk. Click on it once and move the mouse pointer to the top left of the screen and press the right button and keep it pressed. Select Info and after a few disk swaps the above screen will display. The minimum size for any file is two blocks, so the disk really is full to the brim.
If you have a problem with the disk - and you re sure the disk is in full working order - then you may need a little help- We cannot normally give out advice over the telephone - but if you are completely stuck. Pat McDonald may be able to deal with any problems you may encounter. Please remember that giving this sorl of advice is extremely time-consuming and we are very busy people, so only call it you really have to and do be considerate if we can't talk to you at that particular moment It is generally better, it you have a problem, to send it to us in writing stating the model of your
machine and anything you've got attached to (or plugged inside) the computer. It will then be dealt with in the Workbench pages of the magazine Remember, it your disk Is faulty send it to the address on this page, NOT to us. We haven't got any stocks.
EARN U P T O C 8 m Name Address Telephone (ftjytre) Cwnngs) My program name is Approximate total size of files in kilobytes K (we cannot use programs longer than 200K; shorter submissions, under 100K, stand the best chance of publication). It is a: Technical tool Game Art program Educational Other Business utility Music program Novelty BACKING UP YOUR DISK It is important to make a backup of the Coverdisk as soon as possible Copying the disk may sound like a complicated task suitable for technobuffs only, but it is surprisingly simple pro vided you read the
following instructions carefully:
1. First, turn on your machine and load Workbench, Once the
Workbench screen appears and the disk-drive light goes out,
remove your Workbench disk and insert our Coverdisk.
2. Next, dick once on the Coverdisk icon and then press the right
mousebutton and the Workbench menus will appear.
Now, while keeping the right mousebutton depressed, move the mouse pointer over to the ‘Workbench1 heading and a menu will drop down. Move the mouse pointer over the ‘duplicate’ menu option and then press the left mousebutton.
3. After a few seconds’ disk access, the Workbench DiskCopy tool
will be loaded and run. Now |ust follow the onscreen prompts
and your Amiga Format Coverdisk will be copied to a backup
disk. When the machine asks for the destination. Insert your
blank disk into the drive.
Further instructions are in the user’s guide that comes with your Amiga or in the Taking the First Steps article on Page 239 of the January issue (18) of Amiga Format.
Brief description Checklist (please tick): Stamped, addressed envelope for return README.DOC explanation file on disk Printout of README.DOC file (if possible) Name, address, machine type written on label Disk certified virus free IMPORTANT Please sign this declaration: This program is submitted lor publication by Amiga Format. It is wholly my own work and I agree to indemnity Future Publishing against any possible legal action should copyright problems arise.
Signed ...... Date DISK NOT WORKING?
Using Your Coverdisk We duplicate over 100.000 disks every month. Out of all those, obviously a few will be faulty. If the disk or any of the programs will not load or run properly, there may be a problem.
Don't panic!
1. Always write-protect your disk. Move the tab so a hole is
2. Back the Coverdisk up if possible. Instructions are given
3. Read the instructions when using the programs.
First try using the DISK-DOCTOR utility on your Workbench disk to rescue it before sending it off for a replacement. Full details of Disk Doctor can be found in the user's manual that came with your machine.
However, if it transpires that your Coverdisk is faulty, you should send it back INCLUDING AN SAE tor a free replacement within a month ot the cover date to: Amiga Format April Disk TIB PLC TIB House 11 Edward Street Bradford West Yorkshire BD4 7BH Remember to include that stamped, addressed envelope!
We have done our best to check that the programs on the Amiga Format Coverdisk are simple to use. Error- free and have no known viruses.
However, we cannot usually answer telephone queries on the software (see Disk Problems? Box) and we do not accept liability for any consequences of using the programs on the disk. Be particularly careful with virus-checking programs: the disks may give a non-standard bootblock' message, but this does not mean you should install a new bootblock. The disk might no longer work if you do.
COPYRIGHT Unless specifically stated, the programs on the Coverdisk are not in the public domain and the copyright remains with the author. Selling or distributing these programs without the author’s permission is against the laws of copyright.
If you've got any programs which you think other readers would find useful, interesting or amusing, we'd very much like to know about them.
1 Make sure your program is simple and foolproof to use.
2. Create a file called README.DOC on the disk which explains
exactly how to use your program
3. Fill in this form, sign it. And send it without delay to:
Coverdisk Software, Amiga Format. 30 Monmouth Street.
BATH BA1 2AP. You could win a share of up to £800 prize money AMERICA'S TOP SECRET WEAPON Super-charged super-fighters who risk all defending America against the world's deadliest forces.
A combat unit of indomitable strength and courage.
A rescue team of unparalleled skill and daring.
THE BEST OF THE BEST A non-stop, action-pachd arcade stylo thriller based on the heroic missions of the world's most elite, superbly trained commando unit... the U.S. NAVY SEALS.
You have a number of perilous missions to complete. Out- monoeuver the enemy destroy hostile missile sites and rescue the hostages.
You begin with the briefing you may end with a victory., it's the middle ground that hurtsl OCEAN SOFTWARE LIMITED 6 CENTRAL STREET MANCHESTER M2 5NS TEL: 061 832 6633 FAX: 061 834 0650 ORION PICTURES CORP. © COPYRIGHT 1990 The amazing Atari Lynx is the complete portable colour entertainment system. The stunningly powerful 16-bit graphics engine produces outstanding colour, crisp graphics with immense animation, superb sound and an unparalleled depth of gameplay.
The complete entertainment system aojc not oe complete without great software and penoneras the Lynx has both. There are 17 titles available areacr. With many more under development and ut*t es nc*joe -2oags.
Adaptors to run the Lynx off the car battery and cables to connect up to 8 Lynxes for unsirpasseO nxJti cxayer action.
Please send me more details about the Lynx, its peripherals and other Atari products.
NAME_ ADDRESS _ _POSTCODE_ Atari Corp UK Ltd, Atari House, Railway Terrace, Slough SL2 5BZ SCREEN GEMS is the only NEW Official Amiga A500 pack from Commodore !
Amiga A500 Computer Keyboard 512K Random Access Memory Built-in 1 meg double-sided disk drive Superb 4096 Colour Graphics 4 Channel Digital Stereo Sound Speech Synthesis Multi-Tasking Operating System Kickstart 1.3 and Workbench t.3 Three Owners Manuals Extras 1.3 and Tutorial Disk Amiga BASIC Programming Language Notepad Mini Word Processor Commodore Mouse Power Supply Unit with mains plug TV Modulator ..and all connecting cables to get you up and running on your home TV set) Shadow of the Beast II Days of Thunder Back to the Future II Night Breed Deluxe Paint II Art Package Mcroprose Soccer
HVF Honda Kid Gloves Datastarm Cxjngeon Quest Mooswiched Joystick Grand Monster Stem PowBrptey Tower ol Babel ShufllepucK Cate E-Motion Mouse Mat F-19 Stealth Fighter VvlMnleFkttStniBtorgmnetvniMnGimsewutiE)i99!
Total package price includes VAT and Next Day Delivery by Courier* Don't delay-Order new! 24Hou&edtCard Hotihe Telephone (0906)378008 How to Order By Phone - Cal our Credit Card Order Una on (0908) 37B008 and quote your card number and expiry dale along wWi Die dataOs ot the gooda you requlra. We accept ACCESS.
VISA. EUROCAHD, MASTERCARD. AMEX Die new Direct DeOd card* like Barclay* Connect and we also accept Lombard CreditCnarge Card*.
By Moll-Simply write down your requirments and send in your order to ua by post along wtth a personal cheque, bankars draft building society cheque or postal order made payable to "DIGICOM COMPUTER SERVICES LTD si cheques require 7 days ctwranoa before d» ¦patch.
Digicom oiler you Ifia vary best In customer oiler soles support with 12 month werrenly on ell Computer Hardware.
All units ere lull UK speciticotion with 30 day replacement guarenlee on leully items end FREE collodion ol the detective unite within this period. And should you ever need any technical advice our experienced and helplul stall are available on the telephone or In our showroom.
Remember - there are no hidden extras all prices are lully Inclusive ol VAT and nest day courier delivery.
Err**. $ SerrihrM m* mv ravrl M ¦net vm SSOC Ring or write In lor our latest AMIGA catalogue lining hundreds ol products avertable tor this versolile Home Computer. We stock COLOUR PRINTERS. STEREO COLOUR MONITORS. EXTERNAL DISK DRIVES. MEMORY EXPANSIONS. HARD DISK DRIVES.AMIGA BOOKS.FRAME GRABBERS. DIGITISERS. SCANNERS. WORD PROCESSORS. DATABASES. SPREADSHEETS.
ACCESSORIES end ol course hundreds t hundreds ol games end ell el well below recommended retell pricesl 36-37 Wharfside Watling Street Fenny Stratford Milton Keynes MK2 2AZ Telephone .0908 378006 - Fax ,0908) 379700 Showroom Hours - Mon to Sat
9. 00am-530pm an artist?
You know the Amiga's good at graphics. You want to have a go at that computer painting lark yourself. But where the heck do you start?
Maybe you pick up a couple of magazines and the names of a few programs spin past your confused eyes. You flick through a few advertisements, only to discover that there are even more programs for sale and the prices vary immensely. How do you know which one to get?
Perhaps, you think, it'd be a good idea to find out more about the programs on offer. You ask an expert.
"Oh. Yes, this is good," you're told, "it does transverse brush flip rotation and ditherered, graduated, triacetate elephant-gun fills." Technofear sets in.
The answer, of course, is to read this simple guide to painting and animation on the Amiga. We'll tell you what the technical terms mean, what's unusual about computer graphics, which programs are the best to buy and which you should avoid.
DAMIEN NOONAN is the director of operations and DAVE BURKE looks at the programs from a beginner's point of view.
Getting to grips with the features... This is a brief introduction to the terms used in computer painting. Once you've read it, you can refer to it again: it will explain to you the features offered by the various programs.
S Eh 0 m n Ei S Interlace: A cheat by which the Amiga flickers between two slightly offset images. This makes it look as if there is a higher resolution without limiting the number of colours.
EHB: Stands for Extra Half Brite I (American spelling). It’s a cheat by which an extra 32 shades of the original colours can be used, giving a total of 64 colours. Can only be used in low resolution or interlace.
EHAM: Stands for Hold and Modify. It’s a cheat by which all 4,096 colours can be used on-screen at the same time. Instead of the colour of each pixel being defined individually, it works by defining the next pixel as being a certain distance away in the palette from the last one. It can’t jump too far, though, which DISPLAY The screen display is a grid composed of little blocks of colour, each of which is called a ‘pixel’ (short for ‘picture element’).
The amount of pixels on the screen is called the ‘resolution’ - the more pixels there are, the ‘higher’ the resolution.
A higher resolution means that each pixel is smaller, so you can get finer detail into a picture. The Amiga has 4,096 pre-set possible colours programmed into its ‘palette’, but it can normally only display
32. Using higher resolutions often means using less colours.
Low-resolution: 320 by 256, that’s a grid of 300 pixels along the top of the screen and 250 down the side.
Medium resolution: 640 by 256 pixels, but only 16 colours can be used.
High resolution: 640 by 512 pixels and again only 16 colours are possible when using this display mode.
Menu on off: allows you to remove the bars with all the tools on, so you can see the whole of your picture.
Abort: to cancel a drawing operation half-way through if you know you’ll want to undo it.
Airbrush: paints onto the screen with a spray effect.
Shapes: most drawing packages help you to draw perfect circles, rectangles and ovals.
Polygons: you will also be able to draw odd shapes that are joined up.
0 Rubber-banding: normally you would draw curves freehand, but this allows you to draw a line first and stretch it to curve it at will.
(SSI Blends: allow you to blend one colour into another: also covers smears and ranges, which allow you to draw with a whole range of shades.
The tools are the features that allow you to paint and draw on the screen in a way you couldn’t with paint and paper. All graphics programs have an ‘Undo’ tool, for instance, which allows you to take back the last thing you did if you went wrong. These are just some of the more important tools: most programs have many others or many variations on these ones.
Leads to an effect called ‘fringeing’ - this shows up as a thin blur of red and green when you put a block of black on a white background, for example.
Overscan: this means your picture is actually bigger than the screen. It’s useful for video effects.
TOOLS 0 Perspective: lets you move things so they appear to be in perspective: in other words, getting smaller as they get more distant.
? Brush: A brush is a tool that lets you pick up an area of the screen. Usually you can also choose not to pick up the beckground colour behind the brush.
Brush rotate: means you can rotate your brush.
Brush resize: allows you to make brushes bigger and smaller.
Brush shear: lets you twist the brush L T in weird ways.
R-| Computer animation, like Walt Disney |H| cartoons, works by moving a picture slightly from frame to frame to give the impression of action.
Page-flipping: flips from one whole picture to the next slightly different one. This is the standard form of animation and the most common.
Fill - area: fills all pixels of the same colour with the chosen colour.
Fill - boundary: fills all the pixels, no matter what colour they are, until it reaches a certain colour.
? Dithers: rather than having straight lines between two different colours, dithering dots pixels about a bit so the change of colour is smoother.
Brush: just one part of the screen can be animated while the background remaions the same.
Bpath: you pick the object you want to move, decide where it should start and end up - the computer then works out the movement.
A Deluxe Paint This is without doubt the most popular and the most universally liked paint program the Amiga has to otter. Its features are second to none, except that it cannot use the 4096-colour HAM mode: it it did. There is good reason to think that no-one would buy any other paint program!
Deluxe Palnl is more or less the originator ot the idea ot using brushes - parts ot the screen picked up and moved - as foreground characters tor animations. It you are going to start somewhere, this is the ideal place.
Deluxe Paint is easy enough to be approachable, yet the more you explore the more you find - and you could keep exploring tor years.
Beginner's opinion "I started otf by tinkering around with other people's pictures, which gives you a good idea ot what to do. I think Deluxe Paint is excellent tor doing things in great detail, but I actually found it a bit more tricky to do smooth, realistic shades. Still, there seem to be a hell ot a lot of flash computer graphics type things you can do when you get going and you are aware of a progression towards them: it encourages you to find out what bits do. I feel happy with this one: it feels comfortable and solid, sort of reliable.-' ? ??? Photon Paint 2 This and DigiPaint (below)
are the only real contenders in the market for HAM paint programs, ones capable of using the whole 4,096 colours. You will often find that people who own Deluxe Paint for doing 32-coiour stuff also have a copy of one of the two HAM programs. There are a few particularly good reasons for having a HAM paint program: one is that it will allow you to use a much greater range of shades in your pictures, making them look more natural. Two other good ones are that colour video digitisers and 3D graphics programs often save their images in HAM, so it is handy to be able to mess around with those
Conversely, it can be more difficult to paint using HAM because the huge amount of colours puts pressure on to do more realistic stuff.
As a result, HAM painting concentrates on blends ot colour and ranges of different shades. This makes it easy to do very fancy surreal pictures or to produce effects reminiscent of watercolour, chalk, charcoal or other kinds of real-world artistic media. Photon Paint also has animation, although it's of a fairly primitive variety.
Beginner s opinion: "I found that it was very easy to set up ranges ot colour, very subtly shaded, to do the backgrounds. The feature that stood out was the Blend mode, which allows you to set up the directions (top to bottom, left to right) from which the colour appears when you paint. This was great tor doing the sky and clouds in the aeroplane picture. Overall. I thought this program was very sensibly organised and a darn sight easier to use than I had been led to believe a HAM program might be: as well as being more solid, more reliable and quicker than I had been told. I rather liked it,
particularly for the chalk-like qualtiy you could get, and I actually enjoyed it more than Deluxe Paint."
MY PAINT is a simple lirtiTir~ TiiiTTMifi1fiWiIinTTjEjTjfif paint program to introduce younger children to the B delights of computer painting. Tools include drawing thick or thin lines __ from a palette of 1 2 colours, fill, symmetrical drawing, palette cycle and T ’ a rainbow brush. It also has sound effects and pre- ____. , drawn images to be coloured in or revealed as a ‘magic picture’. This is a great little program, highly recommended by Brian Larkman's nippers!
THE TALKING ANIMATOR is a similar idea, but simple page-flipping animation is the theme. You can type in a sentence which is
L. : Jt. .
- Mrr* !? nice touch is that the Jy. A limited to thick and
- j.
!* -¦ rnT4l flexible as My I DigiPaint 3 ? ? ? DSEiieHHiQiiDiinB • Whereas Photon Paint is generally accepted to be the friendlier, more practical ot the two HAM packages. DigiPaint is packed with quirks. It misses out on a couple of what are generally accepted to be the most basic of computer drawing tools, including an airbrush and fills. And yet at the same time it has a couple of extraordinarily powerful and Imaginative ideas implemented in it.
DigiPaint also has a deserved reputation for being quick - and it is definitely faster than its rival. But it has enough oddnesses and clumsiness in the interface and in the operation to define it more as one for the keen expert than for the beginner. Photon Paint 2 wins in measurements against the main yardstick, Deluxe Paint.
Beginner's opinion ' The bit where you say what picture you want to load (it’s called a file requester, Dave - Ed) is very awkward, laying out the information all over the place. I much preferred Photon Paint's, which puts them in a straight stack and is very quick - better than Deluxe Paint's.
The other odd thing about it, which takes some getting used to. Is that the Blend effect operates all the time: so you can switch from transparent which you've been using to blend clouds in to what you think is going to give a solid colour, only to find you have to set the blend effect to solid first. It’s a bit weird.
Still, when you get used to it It's just as good as Photon Paint and can do all the same stuff in actual fact, I preferred some of the results when they appeared on the screen.
The only main hassle was actaully working out how to do it in the first place. It is just weird enough in use to make life awkward."
? ? ? ? Spectracolor ? @ [h] [oj* 00E; 0[i Elinas t This could be the next big thing. It is a new version of Photon Paint which has full animation features very much like those of Deluxe Paint. I've not actually looked at this one in great detail myself, but it seems to be the way forward for HAM animation. On the actual paint side it does not differ greatly from Photon Paint. While its animation is even more powerful than Deluxe Paint, this very power slows It down - HAM images are much more difficult to mess around with In this way. For the majority of aspiring painters, sticking to the
other two would be better advice, which is the only reason it did not get five stars: but this is highly recommended to the experienced.
Beginner's opinion "I found this very much like Photon Paint, except for all the extra animation bits which have controls like a video recorder and were just too much for me to take in."
Express Paint ? ?
It's rather an aged program now, and to tell the truth it shows. Nowadays the standards are set by Deluxe Paint, which has enough flexibility in its approach and its tools as well as enough accessibility to make it simple for beginners to get good results straight away.
Express Paint starts off with an extremely confusing array of tools and really makes you work to get anywhere. It lacks many of the basic functions you might expect. Even though it boats a range of extremely original features which might otherwise give it some value - such as unlimited page size and the very clever ability to use text as a fill for shapes - it is too difficult to get pleasing effects from and I can t really recommend it, though you may pick it up quite cheaply.
Beginner s opinion I found it incredibly difficult to get anyhting out of this. In the end, I opted tor an Impressionistic limited-colour approach, which works within its constraints. The lack of brush-moving facilities and any real ranging or dithering of fills made trying to do realistic stuff impossible. To be honest. I didn't enjoy it at all."
A quick note: There is also another paint program written by the same author as this, published by the same people and so very similar that many people have been lost tor a reason why both exist. It's called Spritz, It's quite widely available and you may get it cheap.
Older versions of several of the top paint programs aro available, most notably Deluxe Paint f and 2 and the original Photon Paint. The latter is given away by several companies with their digitisers and Is still very useful, while Deluxe Paint 2 has been in many ol the recent Amiga 500 packs. If you have the older Deluxe Paint It's worth getting it upgraded: contact Electronic Arts on 0753 49442 for details.
This is a brand-new package and has yet to make its mark, but could do so in a big way. It is very similar to Deluxe Paint for painting pictures, but it’s really aimed at animation and so it has a number of very nice features based on the traditional Disney techniques of hand-drawing. These include an onion skin' effect that allows you to see several frames that precede the one you’re doing and a palette that changes from frame to frame, allowing many more colours in total in an animation than Deluxe Paint would. It also comes with a separate program tor playing your animations back that you
can distribute.
The Disney Animation Studio ? ? ? ?
? B 0*0 0 0U 0 d ? I l!0i!
Beginner s opinion: "It’s fairly easy to use and simple, but you really have to be good at line drawing because that's how it works: you colour the pictures In afterwards. This makes it great for doing cartoons, but it’s hard to see how I could have done the sort of realistic’ pictures you can in Deluxe Paint. One for the cartoonists. I reckon."
Aegis Images ? ?
This is a very aged and creaky package: you'll probably only be able to buy it second-hand.
We've heard that it now comes in a package called the Graphics Starter Kit, which also Includes a simple CAD (Computer Aided Design, a kind of technical drawing) program called Aegis Draw and an anmiation system called Aegis Animator. It was developed by the same firm that made Photon Paint years later and as such does actually share some of the simplicity and cleanliness of approach.
The tools are limited but on the whole not too bad. For a beginner, it's a better option than Express Paint in that the tools and interface are more like those on the modern programs, M 0 [DEE: ©SI 011 ? ¦ so it has more potential to take you on to other things, but it is less powerful.
Beginner s opinion: "I actually found this one quite enjoyable to use and I wish I'd had a bit more time to perfect the picture I drew. The major hassle with it is that you can swap over to work on a second screen, but you don't seem to be able to pick an image up as a brush from the spare screen to use it on the first screen. It seems a bit daft. I'd reckon this would be a better starting point than Express Paint, too.” Fantavision ? ? ?
A strange but Interesting animation system which allows you to draw backgrounds and then define animated objects that move over the top. The interface and the tools are slightly derivative of Deluxe Paint, but also allow you a range of moivng and selecting features that are more reminiscent of a structured eraw- ing package. It's certainly an interesting program and is well worth playing around with for anyone who Is keen on simple animations. It's not really a paint package, though, and I would not recommend it to beginners.
Beginner s opinion: "This one was a bit beyond me.
I'm afraid. The drawing tools which allow you to select and change shapes you've already made are quite interesting, but I was at a bit of a loss on where to start. In the end I opted to change one of the demo animations and put a moving thing of my own in instead of the big bird-like object that was there originally."
? § 0 0 E 0*0 E£ 0 0 011 ? H 0 Zoetrope ? ? ?
Seldom will you see so many features in one place as in this package: but equally, seldom will you find them quite so difficult to understand. Zoetrope is essentially a complex and powerful animation package and it has all the standard drawing tools you might expect implemented in quite clever ways. But it has many faults too: the ways in which it operate can be a total mystery if you do not already understand animation. It's best left to the expert and is not one for the beginner to attempt.
Beginner s opinion: “I was quite flummoxed by this one, too. It seems fairly simple at first to do some of the obvious things with, but then you get hopelessly lost on something else. I did, however, discover a heap of neat little bits to it for messing around with the picture you've drawn. In the end I used thses to manipulate my picture from Express Paint to give quite an interesting effect."
And thereS more If you get at all keen on animation and wish to get more advanced, you may find, as you outgrow Deluxe Paint, that you want to play your animation sequences in a stand-alone demo form, or you want to cut shorter animations together to make longer, more complex ones.
In actual fact there are a great many utilities and prgrams around that will allow you to do just this. The theme amongst these packages is very much picked up from film and video, with the titles of the programs, the way their features are arranged and their descriptions and, in many cases, the features themselves, all defined by the video industry's methods of working. Some knowledge of the lingo helps.
Of all the packages here, perhaps the highest profile is enjoyed by Deluxe Video 3 (Electronic Arts, Silica £69.95) by virtue of being part of the Deluxe family of programs which started with Deluxe Paint. This, like many of the programs below, is essentially an animation sequencing system and it Is now available in version 3. Which was released a year ago.
In the words of our Graphics Editor Brian Larkman: “it goes a long way towards providing the ideal interface for putting together sequences of animation. In combination with Deluxe Paint 3 it's the best there is."
Animagic (Oxxi-Aegis, Silica £79.95) is one of the more simple, giving you the ability to load In IFF pictures and animations and perform special effects on them. Above all. It is intended to enable you to create very long animations by splicing shorter ones together, and it also allows some editing of the sequences. It is now superceding The Director (below) in popularity.
The Director (Right Answers. Amiga Centre Scotland £59.95) is a good deal older but similar in its effect and has been very popular with Out of the Ordinary... This little part has been reserved to look at a couple of drawing and design programs that are essentially completely different from the usual paint packages, but are worth a mention in any graphics round-up.
Professional Draw 2 Unique on the Amiga currently, this is what is known as a structured' program. The big difference with a structured system is that everything it draws is stored mathematically as co-ordinates in much the same way as vector 3D games work. The clever thing about this is that you can take a shape and blow it up to any size without ail the little pixels becoming huge big pixels.
Structured drawing is a very professional approach, typical of Macintosh programs and very often used in conjunction with Desktop Publishing. Indeed, Professional Draw is manufactured by Gold Disk, the makers of the top DTP program Prolessional Page.
Professional Draw itself is a good program, relatively sensible in its approach and easy to use. If you want to make line drawings with a sophisticated look for newsletters, fanzines, posters and the like, this is a very good way to do It.
Recent news coming to our ears is that Professional Draw may not be the only Amiga structured drawing program for much longer. New Horizons are working on a new one under the name of Design Works. More news soon.
Comic Setter and Movie Setter Continuing the Gold Disk theme, these two are design programs that share a name and a philosophy. In each case, they enable you to create a finished product by using clip-art provided by the people who put the whole thing together in the first place. One of them Is intended to produce cartoons like comic-book pages and the other is for animations - I’ll leave you to work out which does what! - but both have the same aim of fun without hassle. They're both quite enjoyable, although Comic Setter probably stands out as more unique.
Image You may well find at some stage that one thing you badly want to do Is to convert a HAM picture to a 32-colour picture There are a good many reasons for this: If you have a full- colour digitiser like the FrameGrabber or SuperPlc. That produces HAM images, and you want to use them in Deluxe Palnl, tor instance; or If you have a HAM paint package like DiglPalnl or Photon Paint and want to use a picture you re particularly pleased with in a Deluxe Paint 3 animation.
There is a way to do this: get hold ot what s called an image processing program. As well as the ability to convert pictures from one Amiga graphics mode to another, these also provide lots ot clever tacilities for mucking around with your pictures in a very technical way and can be fun to try out. Particularly entertaining is the ability to randomly colourise pictures, which gives the same effect as photographic posterising and is shown In a couple ot the illustrations below.
Very often these programs can also be used as specialised tools for use by programmers who want to manipulate the format of a picture for use in a program, and can save and load In different file formats.
(Progressive Peripherals) Is very straightforward and simple to use. Offering most ot Its features on accessible menus, and provides all the facilities you are likely to need with ordinary Amiga pictures.
Provides many of the same capabilities, but is slightly older and less techie' In feel. In a field of highly specialised programs, this F gives quite an accessible impression (Electronic Arts, Is not only an image processing program but also an RGB paint package in its own right. As such, it has the power to deal with 24-bit true colour images and is very impressive (ASOC) Is the most recent ot the image processing programs and allows full use of true colour images. It also offers a very clear method of use and a clean, modern interface.
Some animators. It is based on a text-only 'script' system and allows you to sychronise sounds in with the animations that you are organising.
Page Flipper Plus F X (Mindware, Silica £119.95) Is, as the name might suggest, a system for building animations from separate whole IFF screens, this Is the latest version, which we haven't actually seen, but it now includes a range of special effects.
Photon Video Cel Animator (Microlllusions. Silica £99.95) is another animation-building system, as the name and the manufacturers might suggest, it is part of a system built around Photon Paint, the whole of which was intended to build into a professional-standard animation system. This particular package is a kind of pencil-testing system, offering a small range of drawing tools along with the capacity to view the previous ten frames while you're working on the new one. The idea is that the small sketches can be tried out here then loaded Into Photon Paint to be drawn up properly. It can
store up to 80 frames of sketches on even a basic Amiga 500.
APRIL 1 99 I AMIGA FORMAT 27 Photon Video: Edit Decision List Processor (Microlllusions) and Photon Video: Transport Controller (Microlllusions. HB Marketing £175 plus VAT) make up the rest of the Photon Paint system. The EOLP is a utility used to check the way an animation has been organised, while the Transport Controller will manipulate the recording controls of a professional video recorder for you to make frame-perfect videos.
Simpatica (Artbeat Graphics. £1795) is an extremely high-quality professional tool for doing similar work to the Transport Controller. It can control video recorders as well as allowing you to edit animations, the price is staggering, but it's really for professional use only and shows that the Amiga Is now mixing with the big boys.
Finally. DlgiUate (Mindware, HB Marketing £26 plus VAT) is a simple animation maker that can also change display modes or change animations from one program to be suitable for another. It's really intended for use with DigiPaint. Which has no animation, and as such can automatically provide transitions from one DigiPaint picture to another.
Paint Package News Threre are currently three paint packages which are on sale in America but are not, lor one reason or another, currently available in the UK. Two ol these are actually quite old: The Graphics Studio (Accolade) and Chroma Pa nl (Designing Minds).
The former is a simple, entry-level paint package that allows 32- colour and HAM painting. Accolade s Debbie Minardi expressed an interest, when we spoke to her. Ol finding a UK distributor. Chroma Paint is a quite sophisticated 64-colour paint program which makes use ol the Amiga s EHB mode. We spoke to one ol the programming team, who again expressed an interest in seeing the program disrl- ibuted in the UK.
The Graphics Workshop is the only new package amongst these It's a 64-colour program which, according to an independent review in American magazine Amiga World, provides some still competition lor Deluxe Paint. It seems very likely that this new package will be available this side ol the pood Again, we have contacted the US manufactures and we will certainly be takimng a look at The Graphics Workshop soon, so keep an eye out lotr that. We may well also take a look at the two older programs Irom America as well, to see il we in the UK are missing The Graphic. Studio Irom Accolade is one ol
Qu| Qn (hl o| three paint programs from America which may make an appearance over here.
Ttue Colour paint on the way There has been much talk lately of 24-bit graphics cards for the Amiga, which will allow you to use and display pictures containing an almost unlimited number ol colours Irom a palette ol 16 million. So lar.
Many 3D image generation packages will allow you to create pictures using 24-bit colour and image processing programs like The Art Department will allow you to mess around with them to a degree: but there are no actual paint packages that can handle 24-bit colour.
4 1 ‘ i ?
Jxl This Image was generated in 24-bit colour by Real 3D: but currently there is no paint program that will allow you to tinker with 16-million-colour pictures.
Inevitably all that is set to change and much speculation has been made that 24-bit versions ol Deluxe Paint or Photon Paint may be on the way. Ol that there is no news, but we do know ol at least two RGB paint programs that have already made an appearance in America and are now being prepared in new versions with the specific aim ol covering 24-bit colour.
Macro Paint Irom Lake Forest Logic is one ol these. Their spokesperson John Boulee told Amiga Format that a new Version 1.1 ol the program is on the way and will be PAL compatible, so it will be appropriate lor use on British Amigas. We re expecting to be able to look at a copy soon.
Mega Paint Irom Pseudo Vision is a slightly dilHerenl kettle ol worms.
Like Macro Paint it received some criticism Irom the American press and is now being reworked. It is, however, not to appear as a stand-alone product.
Pseudo Vision's Jim Prudente tells us that the new version is to be a 24-bit real-time paint program, but will be available only as a bundle with hardware Irom an as-yet-unnamed American supplier. We’ll keep an eye on it.
Program SUPPLIERS Manufacturer Supplier Phone Price Dpaint III Electronic Arts Silica 081 309 1 1 1 1 £69.95 Dpaint 1 Electronic Arts No longer generally available Dpaint II Electronic Arts Silica 081 309 1 1 1 1 £44 95 Photon Paint Microllllusions Silica 081 309 1 1 1 1 £62.95 Photon Paint 2 Microlllusions Silica 081 309 1 1 1 1 £79.95 Spectracolor Oxxi-Aegis Silica 081 309 1 1 1 1 TBA DigiPaint 3 Newtek HB Marketing 0753 686000 £75.00 Spritz Par Software Silica 081 309 1 1 II £44 95 Aegis Images Aegis Silica?
081 309 III 1 N A Express Paint Par Software No supplier traced Deluxe Video III Electronic Arts Silica 081 309 1 III £89.95 The Disney Anim Disney Software Ent Int 0268 541 126 £99.95 Fantavision Broderbund Silica 081 309 II II £35 95 Zoetrope Antic Silica 081 309 1 II 1 £89.95 Animagic Oxxi-Aegis Silica 081 309 1 1 1 1 £69 95 Real Things RGB Studios RGB Studios 0825 81 2666 £24 95 The Director Right Answers Silica 081 309 111 1 £50 44 Page Flipper Mmdware Silica 081 309 1 111 £105 00 Photon Video CA Microlllusions Silica 081 309 11 1 1 £89 95 Photon Video TC Microlllusions HB Marketing 0753
686000 £175.00 DigiMate Mindware HB Marketing 0753 686000 £30.00 Simpatica Artbeat Artbeat 0258 289387 £1795 00 Pro Draw 2 Gold Disk Silica 081 309 II11 £1 15.00 Comic Setter Gold Disk Silica 081 309 1 11 1 £44 95 Movie Setter Gold Disk ACS 031 557 4242 £49 95 My Paint Centaur ESP 0702 600557 £34 95 Talking Animator JMH ESP 0702 600557 £34 95 Deluxe Photolab Electronic Arts Silica 081 309 11 11 £62 95 Art Dept ASDG Silica 081 309 1 111 Ask Pixmate Prog Periph Silica 081 309 1 1 1 1 £44.95 Butcher 2 Eagle Tree ACS 031 557 4242 £34 95 SOME PRINTERS CAN BE CHILD'S PLAY... Whatever computer you
use, a toy town printer is going to make your printing look appalling however outstanding the content. To create the right impression and look professional you need a professional’s printer.
NEC. It’s a name that most professionals rely on. Now they introduce two new printers, the Pinwriter P20 and P30, specifically designed for personal use.
The 24-pin printhead technology that NEC pioneered produces type quality of crisp, sharp start of print positioning that personal use demands, allowing fine setting for each paper format.
And there’s a choice of 9 resident fonts from prestigious Prestige Elite to classic Courier, including typeset look proportional spacing.
Both the P20 and the P30 are compatible with virtually any software and both will operate in all major hardware environments from IBM PS 1 and Amstrad 2086 machines through all the 100% PC compatibles to manufacturers ...UNFORTUNATELY. daisy-wheel standard, but at 108 characters per second in high speed letter quality mode and 216 characters per second in draft mode.
And the paper handling is superb. Built in push pull tractors for perfect non-slip printing on continuous stationery; Mow tear off’ for paper conservation and perfect realignment; paper park facility eliminating messy unloading when printing single A4 cut sheets.
They’ve even thought about the variable V- such as Atari and Commodore.
At only £299 recommended retail price for the P20 and £399 for the wide carriage P30, with so many professional office printer features, you might be forgiven for thinking that they would cost at least twice that. But then creating the right impression is what it is all about.
For samples of the Pinwriter P20 and P30 print quality and more ( information on the F * ' ' printers either call us on
(081) 993 9831 or fill in and 0 send the coupon, postage is paid.
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O SORCERORS PACK 2...Exlia Games Spedall DATASTMM, DUNGEON QUEST, -MOTION, GRAND MONSTER SUM, KID MOVES, AfOWtRfUY, RVF HONDA, SHUFfUPUCK CAFE, MICROPROSE SOCCER, TOWER Of MABEL AMIGA |i ,*2 HOME||= = ¦ ..... C O M P U T E R ¦¦ ¦ - THE SUPREME AMIGA PACK EOR GENERATIONS TO COME... CENTRAL PROCESSING UNIT (CPU) PLUS SOME GREAT SOFTWARE™ Ik. K*arf ol yow .omp.l« syst.o ,, THE WORKS: FoRy integrated Word with I Mb .1 RAM. Two 3.5- lk*py P.or.no., SpreatUootTiI Database Th. Iwvt ol yoo« computer system with I Mb ol RAM. Two 3.5" floppy disk dtivos, and 8 expansion dots.
Fully expandable ouepts all Amiga 2000 peripherals.
CBM 1084S COLOUR MONITOR StOfOO, High Resolution monitoi KEYBOARD AND MOUSE Keyboaxd with mimesis pod. 4 torse
k. ys, (omploto with 2 button mouu t DELUXE PAINT III - The New
I THEIR FINEST HOUR - Th. Batll. Of Britain. POPULOUS - Tk. Promised Lands, SIM CITY - I.rroin Editor, and BATTLE CHESS - 30 Animated!
OOOOOO OS0RCER0RS PACK 3-.Top rule Special!
Pwthose my of th. LATEST GAMES TITLES horn oat TOP HIT software HtUs ood pay EVEN LESS oSrAmpxdmidmAmimg, 95t._w * sb-!fWW) 2 button mouse ¦hmdwlMWny Moo Uttlmgtl, add unfit oat. If rogd.
ALL MERLINS PRICES INCLUDE V.A.T. (AND POSTAGE tor smaller items) UK Mainland only.
Whilst every effort is made Io ensure that the mtormation shown in our advertisement is correct, you should ALWAYS confirm an, oners Pnces a .liability etc prior to placing your order We endeavour to supply everything as shown and we will ONLY change anything should it tie torced upon, us by mmdac&Ptn or our suppliers Because our advertising is booked so far in advance. Merlin therefore reserve the nght to alter equipment specit cat'Ons .-. tnd-a.i j-, . -xuC. :“*• :• .pdate prices tand lhat can be either up OR down! Without prior notice PLEASE CHECK Ocf AtcS h® 0® TO OAC'ER'Mj Merlin
guarantee NEVER to supply anything that has Peen subject to change without you the customer berg rtcsmod of and agreeing to that change.
6. HOA ORDERING: Just phone our 24 hour order line using your
Access Visa card. OR send a cheque postal order with your
requirement details. (Cheques need clearance unless issued by
Bank Building Society for you) DELIVERY: Small items will be
despatched by posl FREE Io all UK Mainland adresses Hardware
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WORKING 0AY add £6 Io order. TWO WORKING 0AYS add £5or lor
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060244 1442 Cr SERVICE AN W I Z A R P R I C S M NOT I rrentty advertised ofers supersede »- SM Ml KiA T n T OSQBEBELDDDS m P TttEDO £23” £23” £19” £19” £19” HOLLYWOOD COLLECTION FI9 STEALTH FIGHTER ROBOCOP II DICK TRACY SPEEDBALL 2 DUCK TALES TEENAGE MUTANT HERO TURTLES TEAM SUZUKI LEMMINGS HOME OFFICE KIT DISNEY ANIMATION STUDIO PHOTON PAINT 2 £19” £19” f:o:r tihhowvi Oh no the cute little lemmings are dropping into danger, only you con sow then cute little bves! Huge gome with some totally incredible ahon. Frustrating, omusing end oddirtw1 THE FINAL WORD IN FLIGHT SIMILAT10N One ol out best
selng tides' £19” : re £27” MIG 29 Please note the above title* are advertised now based on the release dates issued by software distributors, [orb title should be available on or before the sale date of this n r t tease dates by software houses or their distributors. We recommend you (berk availability before plocing your order. We will gladly replace faulty s w with the some I, Follow up to the highly successful Robocop! This him bosed gome hcs got All the ochon of its predecessor AND MORE!
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The originol Speedboll bos become a classic .Tty this one lot site' 4 future sport scenario where you hove lo cnaslei the technique ol sconng or else1 You've got lo race across the globe to find your fortune and become The Richest Duck in the World'! A great odvenfuie thot requites ol you sUs ond courage ARE YOU DUCK ENOUGH1 DonoteSo, Mirhoelonoelo. Raphael, leonordo ond oil the usu TuvtSes chorocters allin one action pocked gome1 t vrectoi toeing game on biles thot tecily shih Aid we teclly ore C 1 0.99 talking lost' Choose the inters, pick Itien skids ond bum some rubber1 ' ill ol yout
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- a;ir m *rtf7iao»gawe*'sba «»5&«om*octo»l foa-nosy* t«fc Gov :
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Porkoge, supports IFF ond ANIM formots £ 39” Contoui Surfoce
mopping, shodowmg, stretch, 4096 colouo. , 6; ,,, muhtple swop
poges. Pantograph, tdend. Ovbtush. Ond a host ot other features
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When ii comes to mice and scanners. Naksha clearly lead the way. Naksha build mice and scanners with high precision designs and the very best components.
T he Naksha Upgrade Mouse is silky smooth, operating at a high 280dpi resolution. Supplied with Mouse Mat and Pocket. No Cables No.Fuss. Simply plug in and go.
Naksha Scanners with a switchable resolution between 200 and 400dpi halftones and dual roller tracking, remain straight and true. Naksha Scanners come supplied with interface, "express IT” software and either Degas Elite* or Deluxe Paint II*.
T he Naksha Mouse and Scanner are available for both the Commodore Amiga and the Atari ST range of computers.
For further information call (092s) 56398 OK any of our distributors listed below for your nearest dealer OR visit any Dixons. Harrods. Selfridges. Bentalls or Makro store Degas Htite supplied for Atari. Deluxe Paint II supplied for Amiga Naksha (1 k ) Limited. 29 The Wharf. Warrington WAI 2 NT. Iel 0925 56398 Fax 0925 5“a3-5 GKM (0279 442842)-!BD (021 625 3302ISOI. (081 .300 33'WZCL niii iHKl-' LAZFR (CHIU |6060 I Ili MARK I "IING (0753 686000) GARWOOD UI2|5 .|60“ l.llsl Rl SOFT lOOOl -68"1 11 IJBKKTY (0753 586805 ICOLt'MBI S (0457 8603001 AV MARKFTING '02*9 »52'33' GFNFSIS (051 v*8 5402)
Tratte murks mul Kegislereit Traile hirks arc iicbiuu lettgeil A Portrait of the Artist 1 Martin Evans WINC. NOT DROWNING Waving not DROWNING WAViivJ T DROWNING Waving not drowning Waving not d Waving not DROWNING Waving not DROWNING Wan ' not d rownin G WAV inG not dROWN1N G WAV ING nc M artin is a professional fine artist who uses an Amiga because of its flexibility and ability to mimic many of the conventional tools.
"In my pamt-on-paper work" says Martin, "I rely on overlaying often accidental effects, building up a surface, and the computer is very good at this. I begin sometimes with digitised photographs or objects or simple free-hand drawings. These are then worked up with the various tools available, particularly the brush facilities. I avoid the 'effects’, smoothing etc, as much as possible. I normally work in hi-res where tne Imeg of Chip RAM is invaluable, dropping back to lo-res for more detailed work."
Occasionally he uses HAM mode but his preference is Deluxe Paint III because of its restricted palette. This sort of self-imposed limitation is common in traditional painting. Although only 16 or 32 colours can be used in Dpamt. These can be fine tuned to great effect. As Martin comments: "One of the most significant values of computer drawing is the possibility to alter colour values in a drawing which sometimes provides results one might not uncover on paper."
A major problem for all artists using computers is output. The best colour printers are hugely expensive, especially for freelance artists on a limited budget. Martin Evans uses a HP PaintJet for small prints but finds that screenshots are very versatile.
Nevertheless "...my interest is in having the computer picture accepted as the artwork itself."
DPAINT TIPS FROM THE EXPERTS BLENDING COLOURS: To achieve the kind of Interesting mottled' look that Martin uses, try this. Set the Range of shades in the palette, then draw a solid block of colour using a colour that Is within your range of shades. Pick up a bit of the screen as a brush and select BLEND from the MODE menu. Now scribble' the brush over the rough picture to get your mottled effect.
SMOOTH EDGES: To get an ethereal, blurred effect pick up a solid block as a brush which is as large as the area you want to blur - draw it on the spare screen, pressing J on the keyboard to swap between the main screen and the spare. Select SMOOTH from the MODE menu and simply stamp the brush down on the picture (dick the button once, and don't drag the mouse). Walt and watch while the area you covered becomes misty and blurred.
CHARCOAL EFFECT: Draw with a bold brush In dark grey on a lighter grey background. Set the air-brush size quite small and select SMEAR from the mode menu. Scribble over the drawing, roughly following the edges of the shapes, to get your smeared charcoal effect.
A Portrait of the Artist 2 W home and do it and I don't have to do anything with it at the time ... I can just catalogue things ... I collect things that I think might be handy but they don't have any order, then I just dive in and go for it... I go back and organise it afterwards and chuck away the stuff that was useless."
“I have just started to work on paper again ... using a ColorPic I can draw and grab things ... I have started to put rougher, hand-drawn images in ... I have started to want that sort of quality back again ... the other day I did some lino prints and potato cuts to get a roughness grabbed in. I also like the jagged edges that computers leave ... the idea, the 'visual' is the thing you want ... I only clean things up if I am going to show a piece of work as a print."
Most of Julie's work is animated in Deluxe Paint III but she doesn't think of this as animation, rather as "pictures with moving bits ... animation is something completely different ... a computer has a different aspect of movement with moving brushes ... it's a completely different art form, instead of imitating other artforms on a computer it should exist in a right on its own."
Julie Myers will be working in Liverpool in the spring with Jackdaw, a new animation company. She will be running a series of Amiga workshops at Jackdaw and the end results will be shown as a video installation at a public site in Liverpool as part of Video Positive 91'. Mersyside’s international video festival. For more details see News in this issue.
ABOVE RIGHT: WE RE GOING TO MAKE YOU A STAR During June and July 1990 Julie Myers was ‘Animator in Residence' at the Museum of the Moving Image on London's South Bank. These images are stills from the animation she produced there and should be viewed in that context.
Julie Myers Julie has used many types of medium including traditional painting, as well as film, video and now computer graphics. In fact she came to computers as a way of putting drawn images onto film or video. “I liked the mixture ... I used to do lots of collaging, I was never a straight painter, never a strict video maker, I used to mix my mediums all the time. Computers became an ideal way of logging them all together, like a compiler rather than an actual medium to create on."
"Computers also let you work at a distance with other groups of people and have different effects ... you don't have to do everything at once ... ifs a part of my life, if I see something in the street I think ‘ah, that will look good grabbed in' and I just go DPAINT TIPS FROM THE EXPERTS USING HAM IMAGES: In the Trim to Fit images. Julie has used a HAM paint package in order to retain much of the detail from the digitised images that she has squashed and stretched to create the women's bodies. However, it's always worth knowing that you can process a HAM image into 32 colours or less
using Pixmate. Deluxe Photolab or Butcher 2. Full details on these in the main Graphics round-up feature on Page 23.
DISTORTING IMAGES: The easiest and most versatile way to distort a digitised image, as here, or any other shape. Is to use the WRAP ON facility. Pick the image up as a brush then click with the right-hand button on the FILL tool. Click on FROM BRUSH, click on WRAP and hit OK. Click on the bottom right- hand comer of the FREEHAND DRAW tool (that's the one at top left of the toolbox) with the left button: now when you draw any shape you want. It will wrap the brush to it.
TEXT: Use any PostScript Type 1, PageStream or Compugraphic font!
PageStream creates jaggie-free type on the screen and on paper. Even dot matrix printer users can take advantage of the wide variety of PostScript Type 1 fonts with PageStream!
GRAPHICS: PageStream can import 24 bit IFF, TIFF and GIF pictures and ProDraw, DR2D and Aegis structured drawings. PageStream's drawing tools are so extensive you may never need a drawing program.
PageStre COLOUR: Create millions of colours with standard CMYK definitions. You can even define Pantone colours with a Pantone Process Colour Imaging Guide (sold separately from Pantone, Inc.) PageStream is the professional choice for direct spot and process colour separations.
Only PageStream can deliver hinted PostScript fonts on your Amiga today. Plus you can use any Compugraphic or PageStream outline font.
This unsurpassed variety of type options will not limit your creative freedom.
Most desktop publishers import only a few picture types.
PageStream can import almost every major graphic format for the Amiga.
Mac, PC or Atari, as well as text. Whether you need ProDraw clips, MacPaint pictures, PostScript illustrations or 16 million colour IFF fdes PageStream can handle them.
Soft-Logik does not deny this power to dot matrix users like some programs. PageStream is the only program that supports every printer, including dot matrix, inkjet, laser and imagesetters. If we don 7 have a driver for your printer, we'll make one for you. At Soft-Logik we believe in customer service.
Version 2.1 is available now for your Amiga.
Ask your dealer for PageStream or call us at our
U. S. office 0101-314-894-8608.
Feature Comparison Professional Page 2.0 Saxon Publisher 1.1 PageStream 2.1 PostScript Font Compatible No No Yes even to dot malm privets!
Yes No Yes Professional Draw Import Edit Yes No No No Yes Yes eat ProDra* dips m PageStream!
Outline Fonts on Screen Yes ontyCoamgnchctons No ¦ Yes Draw Bezier Curves No Yes Yes draw Bern curves and Better polygons Soft-Logik Publishing Lid.
A Five Chancery Lane Soft-Logik Publishing Limited -Z-. We give you the tools to dream. Clifford's inn PageStream is a registered trademark of Soft-Logik Publishing Corporation All other product*, are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. London EC4A 1BU the country. More recently he was a runner-up in Blue Peter's Young Animator of the Year competition.
"Chris has subsequently been placed in the top three young cartoonists in the country" says proud father Mike.
Chris also puts his abilities to good use in the Harry Project, a series of cartoon strips starring an unfortunate type called Harry, whose misadventures take him through various nasty experiences in hospital, such as blood tests and stitches.
Children's wards are sent a master copy of each Harry strip which they can give to the children, the idea being to inform the children about what they are going to face, cheering them up and taking much of the fear of the unknown out of the experience.
The whole project has created much excitement in hospitals and received great support in the form of material aid from a number of companies. "I would like to thank everybody who helps and supports us." Says Mike, “the Harry Project wouldn’t function without you." Anyone who is interested in finding out more should phone Mike on 024 024 2559.
RIGHT: GREGPECK, BROADBEAN, WIFFLE, WINDSOR Chris' own original creations are cartoon animals: currently, Wiffle the Mouse’s appearances in the Bucks Free Pre»s make him the youngest newspaper cartoonist in country.
A Portrait of the Artist 3 Chris Blackwell DPAINT TIPS FROM THE EXPERTS USING THE WHOLE SCREEN: Chris claims it's just laziness, but a tew ol his pictures show a little thing that beginners sometimes miss. It you press the function key F10 on the keyboard the menu bars across the top and down the right-hand side of the screen disappear, allowing you to use that extra bit of the screen.
SAVING: Another handy hint for beginners Is the trick of saving pictures to a fresh disk. You should never save pictures onto your Deluxe Paint disk. Instead, go to the SAVE option on the PICTURE menu and a box will appear. Take your Dpaint disk out of the drive, put a blank disk in the drive and click where it says DFO: on the box on screen. This will now let you save onto the new disk.
Chris is nobbut a young ’un at the age of 13, but his cartoon creations are already getting a wide airing in print. Chris started drawing at the age of eight and by the age of ten he had already had a one-man exhibition of his work shown at a Wycombe cinema during a film festival. In the last couple of years he has moved away from pen and paper and onto the Amiga.
Chris works in Deluxe Paint in the simplest of styles, sketching out the cartoons with a thin black brush and then filling in the solid areas of colour with the fill tool. The only trouble with this method of working is that, like Chris, you have to be pretty good at drawing: the computer is used pretty much in the same way as pen and paper. Fine for them as can do it!
Certainly Chris' talents have received some recognition: early last year he appeared on ITV's Roll Hams’ Cartoon Club, which led to him doing a regular newspaper cartoon strip called Wiffle the Mouse, making him the youngest published cartoonist in 5U loCfgh U3 'foP 'msL Si Oj,! C Lf i 7fl nAoS Uq?;& i-;':, ,i aijjjjfe. Us Zvj-rnvtt&zz-tnzzri ujttopil ssis
• rsi: sT*i Hr5-r ?* .: O'r'j. 533 349 r f OUHSFIE e .
GENISOFT brings you a new range of Amiga software. Software to
learn with, to play with, to use in desk top publishing or
artwork - software to help you get more out of your Amiga.
• 7 I Weather J- Watcher ¦v Jl Amiga utilities!
HOME TITLER A simple to use Amiga titling package with smooth page or line scrolling, variable palette, user-specified timing and total control over justification, shadowing, font style and spacing of text, this package represents excellent value for money and an ideal introduction to the world of video productions.
£39.95 inc. VAT (1Mb needed)
* t T & CAME, BET & MATCH A set of educational games designed by
teachers to help young children to leam about, recognise and
match colours.
shapes, numbers and coin values and shapes. It also helps with arithmetic, logical thinking and reaction times.
£19.95 inc. VAT (512k needed) I .
| Designed by teachers to teach children and adults alike ’-J Khrflsit ISLES about the county regions of Great Britain. Guess the names of counties, locate named counties on the map and position counties as a jigsaw to make a complete picture of the UK.
£19.95 inc. VAT (512k needed) hat Lfs it 3|
- 17 here i* it Contact your local dealer for further details
Genisoft products are distributed in the UK by: HB Marketing
Ltd.-(0753 686000 Leisuresoft Ltd.-(0604) 768711 Silica
Distribution Ltd. (081) 300 3399 GENISOFT WEATHER WATCHER Based
on Weather Report on the BBC micro and updated for use on the
Amiga, Weather Watcher allows the user to keep and analyse
weather data. Data can be analysed by month or by the whole
year. Monthly average data tables arc automatically calculated.
Two different graphs can be displayed and analysed
simultaneously. Comparisons of data given dates can be made.
£24.95 inc. VAT (1Mb needed) BBC EMULATOR New version including AmigaDos 2.0 compatibility and direct access to BBC and Archimedes 540k ADFS disks using the Amiga's own drive. It's multi-tasking environment even allows you to run BBC programs at the same time as your favourite YISTA Vista is the most powerful landscape generating package available for the Amiga. The user has full control over the scenes generated, controlling target and 'camera' positioning. Add lakes, rivers, snow, haze, stars or change the position of the sun. Animate scenes and move around the terrain you create. Vista
creates landscapes in 4 resolutions and displays in 4096 colours (HAM mode).
Comes complete with 4 real landscapes.
£59.95 inc VAT (1Mb needed) DISTANT SUN?
'The' astronomy product for the Amiga. 2,200 stars, 450 deep sky objects in an authentic and astronomically correct sky. Choose any place on earth for your observatory from 8.000B.C. to 12.000A.D. (9,100 star expansion disk _ available).
'...it's really beautiful, especially when the lights are off. I'm totally awed by what you have done!" Quote from Arthur C. Clarke, author of 2001: A Space Odyssey. £44.95 inc. VAT (1Mb needed) ERQCL1ES “PRO Qips" is a sot of structured Clip Art that can be used to improve the impact of your documents. The drawings can be used in colour or black U white, and can be resized or stretched to suit your needs without loss of quality. They can be used in any Anfiga software that supports structured artwork, eg. Professional Page, PagesetterlL etc. £24.95 inc. VAT Using large characters, bright
colours and easy to use controls, Kidstype is the ideal starting point for youngsters to both gain confidence in using computers and to create their own stones. Kidstype lets your youngsters add "letter associated" pictures into stories. They can be encouraged to type about the pictures and, if you want to, Kidstype will speak what has been typed. £24.95 inc. VAT (512k needed) £39.95 inc. VAT (1Mb recommended) £7iS IhfIT Suns s A Portrait of the Artist 4 Roger Brittain Roger is a professional illustrator and software writer, who has worked with the Amiga for a number of years producing
illustrations for promotional displays, exhibitions and games.
Recently he has been designing professional CAD systems and working with Renderman on 386 and 486 machines, but he is just in the throes of upgrading to a 3000-based system, so some even more dramatic images should be forthcoming.
The images shown here were - in contrast - all produced on a basic A500 with one Meg using Deluxe Paint II and The Director (from The Right Answers Group). Mostly they were drawn free-hand in black-and- white, then the block colours added, and finally detail was added. As Roger says of his work: "Usually I zoom in onto a section once it has got the basic colours on then develop up the detail in that area then zoom out again and keep adding layer on layer so that it builds up an image with lots of layers ... so you are viewing through the top layer right down to the bottom one. I use smoothing
and blending on some sections and more recently I have been working with reflection and even more realism with digitising."
Having used sophisticated 'industrial’ CAD systems like MicroStation Integraph with Renderman and other very powerful customised 3D modelling running under version 4 of Integraph over networks, Roger still sees some really interesting possibilities on the Amiga with the 3000 series, especially when Renderman is implemented.
You've seen whal some of the artists working on an Amiga can do: now show us what you're capable of! We re keen on hearing not only from professional or trained artists, but also from beginners or keen enthusiasts who would like to show off their best efforts and maybe gain some helpful advice from our Graphics Editor, Brian Larkman. Send a disk with your work on or a print: I’m afraid we can t return any. But disks are dirt cheap nowadays, aren’t they? The address Is: Graphics Entries, Amiga Format. 30 Monmouth Street, Bath, Avon. BA1 2BW.
DPAINT TIPS FROM THE EXPERTS OUTLINE: The Outline method Is a good way ot creating rounded objects or a glowing effect. Create a range of shades and draw a few lines In the palest colour. Now pick the lines up as a brush and step down through the shades, selecting OUTLINE from the EDGE option In the BRUSH menu. You should see a bulld-up of shades around the lines to give them a thicker quality.
MERGE: If you want to create a picture with a border, draw your picture as normal and draw a broad frame around the sides In an unused colour. Now switch to the spare page and draw your border effects around the edges of the screen. You don't need to worry about whether your scribblings reach nearer the middle than the frame you’ve drawn. Go back to the main screen and select the frame colour as your background colour. Now select MERGE IN BACK from the SPARE option in the PICTURE menu. The border effects will now merge in from the spare page to surround your picture.
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1-1 =*£ * • „lsilli 161 JiNief g i*Mzp m §.
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- -S -• £-E, zl%&l ijj!
Ml oS -| jj r; i :s §J Nl gs sis K= n g| iJiS l"5 3 1 II 1111 icnoo SOUND Sound sampling Hardware and SOFTWARE for the AMIGA 1 utec*ured in the WHAT IS MASTER SOUND?
MASTER SOUND is a low cost, high quality sound sampler for the AMIGA range of computers featuring advance? Sumpling Editing Sequencing software. MASTER SOU JD enables you to recorJ sounds J?im devices such as Personal Cassette or Compact Disc players Wo the AMIGA.
When in fheComputer, MASTER SOUND'S unique editor will enable you to e«y the sound in practicallyofiny way you can imagine. Once you have the sample how you wanfTjt, you may incorporate it into your own Demo's or programs or use MASTER SOUND’S owntsBUILT IN sampftfcequencer to plav back the sample along with a number of others too!
T«E °o- I THE MASTER SOUND SEQUENCER* Allows' , u to play back samples in a sequence. Multiple samples can be held in memory at once and sequences are as simple to record as tapping keys on the computer's keyboard. One ©Recorded, the Sequerubcr can save the samples and sequence file out onto disc so that the files can be used in your own demo's.
THE MASTER SOUND DEMO Allows you to play back your own sequenced sounds trom the sequencalvwhile displaying IFF picture files. This is great for creating your own public domain demo dfSCS-Without having to be a computer programmer' 'CRode xl O- MASTER SOUND porates the following facilities: inc
* CUT ?JFADE IN ?'shrink; ? 3-0 AD ? J£COPE The -impressive
realtime Spectrum content and volume with ease and LOOP WIPE
Oscilloscope enable the user to monitor frequency you to
ensure-Tnat the sample quality is at its beg. MASTER SOUND
FORM Master Sound is £39.95 post & packing £1 (all prices inc
V.A.T.) I Address Credit Card Type.
Number . BY PHONE
y. -.V WITH CREDIT CARDS (0726)68020 5 • BY POST: with Cheque
Postal Order or Credit Card Name
Postcode ......Expiry Date Please allow 28 days for
delivery Send to: Microdeal PO Box 68 St Austell Cornwall
England PL25 4YB PREVIEWS The Spring has sprung, the grass has
grown, I wonder where those games things have gone? TRENTON
WEBB checks out what the games are that should begin to bloom
come this spring time.
COMING ATTRACTIONS DEMON IAK SHADOW DANCER ¦ US Oold ETA - Lale March 1991 Palace Pure Fiction ETA - April 1991 This system allows for the complete game world to be simulated with over 50 independent interactive characters. These carry on about their business, until you decide to drop in and take over. You can call on any character at anytime, while the world carries on, but their altered actions may have repercussions for the other 'intelligent1 characters.
This Demoinak chap isn't the sort of person one would invite around to meet Mummsy. First, he claims to be evil incarnate, and then - just in case someone disputes the point - kills a few thousand virgins to prove it. Demoniak, the game, sets you the task of stopping this unsavoury fellow.
A team of Superheroes - Doc Cortex, Johnny Sirius, Madlok, Sondra and Flame - are sent off to the ice planet, known lovingly as Freezeyassov, to stop him.
The game contains a subtle blend of text adventure and simulated reality, a style that will be pioneered by Palace’s new label Pure Fiction.
The concept and off-beat plot for the game carry a weighty pedigree too, as it comes from the imagination of Alan Grant. He's best known for bringing the likes of Batman, Judge Dredd and Strontium Dog comics to the world in his writing capacity.
MEGA-LO-MANIA including evolution itself? Mega-Eo-Maniacs will, when they are given free run of a whole world, its people and time zones. This means that cavemen could end up piloting Spitfires and Roman centurions fighting nuclear weapons!
¦ Mirrorsoft ETA - Early 1991 Everybody wants to rule the world, fair enough, but do you want to totally control everything Backing up the graphics is over 1 Meg of digitised speech recorded by Richard Joseph - one of the foremost computer sound technicians in the biz. What's more the code is being put together by Sensible Software of Wizball, Micro Prose Soccer, 3D Tennis fame.
MLM will be challenging, fighting the forces of nature, plus three computer opponents too!
Alliances and treaties will be feasible, but at the end of the day, there can be only one!
And this years "best of breed' winner in the Ninja Psycho Houid class is Shadow Dancer. Unlike any other mutt n the competition, he wasn't fed on Chum but raw cnm'. Converted from the Sega arcade, this is an eat-em-up sort of beat- em-up, with the canine nmja pooch leaping in to savage any foes his ninja master can't handle.
The plot involves a corrupt city, a band of evil terrorists and the one lone good guy out to save the day, but who needs excuses when the punching action is top notch. And it promises to be because both human martial artist and canine fang specialists can attack simultaneously!
ALCATRAZ ¦ Infogramos ETA - Late March Alcatraz, the semi-sequel to Hostages, has been re-formulated and is set to be released shortly.
It tells the tale of a crack 'SAS style’ unit going in to bust drug kingpin Miguel Tardiez. He's banged up in Alcatraz of all places and the boys in black have to undergo a six stage, multi-style, infiltration mission. It has some interesting gameplay points including interactive sound effects, ie the more noise they make on the stealth sections the harder the game becomes.
The shooting starts this March.
SUPER CARS II ¦ Gremlin Graphics ETA - April 1991 One of Micro Prose’s first smash sims was F-J5 Strike Eagle, based not surprisingly on the plane of that name. Well the Prose peeps have come a long way since then, and all the time they’ve been storing up ideas for a sequel. Now, a totally new game is on the way, boasting a whole new bag of tricks.
F I 5 II will feature no less than six different theatres of war, from Vietnam through to the Northern Cape. The emphasis of the game, unlike Stealth Fighter, is on combat. The strategy is secondary to Sidewinders and Amraams as the shooting starts. It also has the latest 3D flight routines, so it should be one of - if not the
- fastest ever flying games to take off on an Amiga. Packaged
with the regular Micro Prose gloss - ie a vast range of
missions, and difficulty settings - you don’t even have to
land if you don't want to, the game will do it for you!
Love or hate 'em, you’ve just got to carry on playing. That's the strange power of overhead race games. One of the best ever in this style was Supercars (AF8 86%) and now the supercharged sequel Supercars II is in the final stages of readiness.
Created by the authors of Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge. Supercars II really promises to deliver. 10 different cars are going head-tohead over 20 cunning courses crammed full of banked curves, hills, tunnels, crossover roads, ramps, chicanes and vehicle obscuring bridges.
What’s more the landscapes will range from sand to snow, while the tracks will be covered in oil, water, gravel, ice and occasionally tarmac.
All the usual power-ups should make an appearance too, as will bonus cash screens and the option to flog any extras you've picked up but don't want.
M5 II ¦ Micro Prose ETA - May 1991 New York gets the short end of the futuristic stick yet again in Robozone, a new sideways blast from Image Works. NY has fallen into polluted decay, the only decent folks live in boats floating out in the bay. Wolverine robot sentries were posted to keep the low life from enjoying the high life, but now the nasties have worked out how to kill the tin coppers. You control the last Wolverine in the city and the bad guys have to be stopped, with firepower.
A sideways-scrolling shoot-out, the Wolverine has to nip around the subway system, up onto the streets and find the furnace where his metal mates are being melted down. Save the last Wolverine and the city of New York! A tall order even for Weetabix eaters.
SKULL AND CROSSBONES ¦ Domark ETA - TBA Yo, ho, ho. And the like. Next from the Domark Tengen com-op stable is Skull and Crossbones, a pirate slasb-em-up epic. Saving damsels, killing medusas and battling the evil Arch mage, it's more in the Flynn mode than Captain Pugwash. S and C is a two-player arcade conversion set on the high seas, with yourself on the trail of fights, food, drink, and revenge (not necessarily in that order!). So stock up on the bottles of rum, get your ates pieced and parrots at the ready, Roger is on the horizon and he's looking rather jolly.
ROBOZONE ¦ Mirrorsoft ETA - TBA PREVIEWS UPDATE The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry, so to keep you in touch with what’s happening on the development front, as we go to press, here's what is on its way.
FXILL CONTACT Team 17. Still tweaking and testing.
ETA mid-March.
NEVER ENDING STORY II Linel. No fixed release date. ETA probably summer 1991.
CYBERCON III US Gold. Code written, graphics finished, gameplay in for fine tuning. ETA Mid-mar.
HERO QUEST Gremlin Graphics. ETA Easter time as scheduled.
COHORT FIGHTING FOR ROME Impressions. Final stages of testing.
By day he's an angelic baby, but at night he becomes Brat in a strange and twisted dream world. No longer a kid, when in dream-land Brat is a streetwise hombre with a bad attitude, who wanders about the place looking for trouble.
Unfortunately, being a baby he hasn't got a clue where he is or how to get back. You must take control and guide the little devil through Toy Town, the Park and Space city. The kid boasts a huge game map, masses of weird and wonderful things to collect plus what is being termed a ‘unique control system’. The Format reviewing team will be standing around going "cooo, didums, gaga" later this year.
BRAT ¦ Mirrorsoft ETA
- Spring 1991 DGCALC The fastest and most powerful spreadsheet
available m this price bracket, with 512 rows by 52 columns,
giving you up to 26624 cells As with all Dtgita products the
operation of the program is dearly thought out Being either
menu, mouse or command driven you II be able to start using it
within minutes
- even it you ve never used a spreadsneet before Some of the
features which make it such good value are the exporting of
ASCII files for integration with other programs, adjustable
column width and text overflow programmable function keys
(macros), and a unique windowing facility, so that you can look
at different parts of a sheet at the same ttmeM The program
will take information prepared by Cashbook Controller and
produce a complete set of accounts including
• Tnal Balance * Trading and Profit and Loss Accounf
* Balance Sheet * Notes to the Accounts ‘ Full Accounting ratios
All reports may be produced at any time, with
comparative budget figures if required The facility lo produce
these documents quckly. Accurately, and regularly is of
enormous help in running any business. Large or small, smce one
shows the true profitability acfweved. And the other the exact
strength ot the business m terms ot assets and
Advanced vervon of Mailshot for the business user with the
following extra tac*lit»es
• integration with other software (us.ng ASCII files)
• column tabulated summary (ideal for telephone lists, etc)
• 4 extra memo lines per label (with defaults) * system tor codmg
dating and add ng messages to each label
• different layout* available for horizontal and vertical
M. £49.95 CASHBOOK COMBO An excellent way to get organised W.tti
it you It be rem-nded of birthdays and other anniversaries
meetings and appointments, phone calls to make and so on As w
ti an Digita products inputting information is simplicity
tsett and once entered, you can search lor keywords or for
particular events such as birthdays to see when one is coming
up Includes monttv'week day planner, automatic reminders lor
overdue appointments, month and wee* summary at a glance For
less than C30 this is the ideal way to make sure you never
miss that important occasion again1 gg OrTuT'* tof J C*a Ana
ir c"* Availabl Cleverly written and always favourably
reviewed in the press, Digita produces a range of powerful,
low cost software for the home and business user.
Oo you ever have to pnnt names and addresses at awkward places on envelopes, or do you ever need to fitt in tricky torms or invoices where the text has to be in exactly the right place7 Usually you have to do it by hand, or get your trusty old typewriter out ot the cupboard and dust ¦! Off Well not anymore The Emulated TVPEwnter transforms your computer and printer into a fully Hedged typewriter supporting bold, underline, italic and other type-styles Because it can display and print text INSTANTLY you can line up your form press Return and Space a tew times to move to the correct place, and
then start typing Alternatively you can switch to line-by-lme mode, which offers word-wrap lutthcabon and proportional spacing so that you can edit eacM.n. Mlo» il s £jg gg If you ever need to send out mailings or print labels, you know how fiddly and timeconsummg it can be making sure all the labefs are printed correctly Well now all that's a thing of the past Because Mailshot actually shows you the labels on screen, you can type names and addresses m exactly the correct place But more than that, the labels are animated on screen as a continuous sheet, slowing you to scroti backwards and
forwards, lo search for particular keywords or to edit entries with the m.mmum of has facilities indude searching defection of dupt cate labefs sorting (even surname119 labets across 999 copm of any label Ths has to be the simplest and most effective method of creating a £24.95 Are you absolutely sure your taxman is doing hts job correctly7 Plan your own tax with ease this menmJnven program will calculate your income tax liability (4 tax years included) and provide pertinent facts about your tax position You can pertorm what-if7 calculation lo discover ways to minimise your tax liability In
tact, the program will advise you on things such as. It you are a married man. Whether it would be advantageous to have your wile's income taxed separately or not At this price who knows, you w li probably find that PIP will pay tor itself m tax savings the first time you use it' " STOP PRESS " July 89 - PTP user receives tax refund ot over C2.000" PERSONAL TAX PLANNER DAY-BY-DAY MAILSHOT £39.95
* 49.95
* 9.
'95 IGITA INTERNATIONAL 'Serious softivare at a sensible price1 All software written in the UK Prices include VAT & P & P (add £2.00 for export)
• HOW TO ORDER • CREDIT CAR[ 40TLINE 3 0395 270273 Z Post: Digita
International Ltd Black Horse House Exmouth Devon W EX8 1JL
England Fax: 0395 268893 cmm RAILROAD TYCOON Rainbird - ETA
April ICON STRIP Train spotters have enjoyed a bad rep' for
years, and their ‘Pac-a-Mac’ brush has tainted everything
associated with locomotion. This means any game which is about
building a Victorian railway empire sounds terminally flawed in
the interest zone. How wrong this assumption is only becomes
apparent when you realise Railroad Tycoon is a backstabbing,
money grabbing, insider dealing, empire building race to rags
or riches!
Tycoon lets you play a wheeling, dealing, 19th Century entrepreneur with big ideas. He has a plan to build a railroad between all the really wealthy places, before anyone else does, and at the same time earning great wads of cash and retiring.
In your way stand a number of small prob- lemettes. Firstly you have to convince other people to invest in your scheme, then keep the railroad running at a profit, while expanding and buying land for future routes. There are also some rather famous railway building competitors who are set on exactly the same course as you. These have to be out manoeuvred on both the stock exchange and on the level crossing front.
Where in the world?
Railroad Tycoon can be played in four different areas of the world, each of which has its The most important part of the game though, is getting goods and passengers to the station on time. Now this is not the ho-hum sort of job it sounds, because the network spreads you have an increasing number of engines all doing different jobs. They all have to be constantly monitored which makes for a huge logistical puzzle as you switch loads and signals for them all. Throwing a spanner in the works are the special deliveries which carry a heavy bounty for the network which gets the goods there
first, throwing the regular timetables right out of the window.
In concept Tycoon is Sim City with wheels on! Placing limited resources on a game map, fostering them, hoping they'll pay dividends later. Natural disasters can wreck careful plans and bridges and rolling stock can wear out.
Where the big difference lies however is the competition, who seek to do you down. At least you can now blame other guys for failing rather than bad luck or incompetence!
Railroad Tycoon was a massive hit on the PC, because of its powerful habit forming tendencies. However, the game is not all remote strategy. The routes are built ‘iconised- graphics and are full to the brim with Micro Prose style intermediate screens - showing for example bridge building or financial reports.
The Amiga version will be as powerful as its PC cousin gameplaywise because the logic and design have been perfectly copied, but the sound and graphics have been improved too.
Watch out for Tycoon, when it pulls into the review station next month, if you get on board you may never want to get off!
attributes and natural disasters.
You can go wealth hunting in 1830 North Eastern America, 1866 Western North America, 1828 England or 1900 Central Europe. The time differences mean that there are different engines available.
The aim is sbll the same though; to make money! Railway Tycoon is never won in the traditional sense, you simply retire when you’ve done as well as possible, then depending on the cash you've pulled in allots a job for your twilight years. Play badly and you’re an Arctic explorer, play well and you could make Prime Minister!
Ninjas have had their way for quite a while.
Now, Vivid Image are working on an arcade action epic, starring a new kind of hero: the First Samurai. Work began on the project last summer and will be complete this July. It's already looking sharp and with nearly five months of tweaking time before its launch First Samurai has the makings of a real biggie.
Format were so impressed with the early demo that we nipped off to Watford for a closer look.
Developers - Vivid Image. Publisher - Image Works. ETA Mid-Summe THE PLOT First Samurai is a tale of revenge. A demon king has slain your Sensi before he could teach you anything useful. Angered at the killing, and miffed at the termination of your apprenticeship, the First Samurai sets out on the vengeance trail. The demon king has fled into the future, The white blocks seen on screen show where the Samurai can stand, the thin lines show platforms he can jump on. After the level has been drawn this info is overlaid using an editor system. The numbers represent the various block’s attributes.
Where people have forgotten the ancient magic that may restrain him. Learning a time travel spell from the witch-doctor Sami' sets off in hot The Samurai Construction Kit.
“ * *6 € * & : - ---- * * 4 C?
Et & Mu nh M * $ 1 a
a. ¦*-*.
2 £ *
* *¦3 1 *1 ft w ij First Samurai is a smooth moving dude. All the
body components |seen above] are first drawn in Dpaint III then
given to the programmer, who then animates him. All the frames
are loaded into memory and then certain joystick pursuit and
the fun begins in a futuristic, postholocaust, Japan. The
adventure is a homogenisation of the best that arcades have
to offer.
THE GRAPHICS The First Samurai fights in three ways. This demands good animation which melds all three styles together, so they flow from the joystick to screen. Sami' achieves a vast amount of animated moves because he’s not actually a single sprite but a collection of different heads, bodies and limbs. Thus, from a few frames of animation, a great variety is possible.
These frames double as the basis for many of the man-sized foes, so economy is achieved while maintaining maximum effect. The action seen is against a beautifully drawn landscape, that mimics 3D by layering the 2D platform world, giving designers the chance to hide crucial gameplay objects in semi-obscured places.
THE SOUND First Samurai is full of cracking sounds (literally!)
But it is the incidental effects, initiated by a player's actions, that are most memorable.
Each sword stroke is accompanied by a violin riff and collecting a special weapon instigates a choir’s sampled 'hallelujah'. It started as a humorous experiment, but now VI plan a soni- cally excessive one Meg version, crammed with orchestral effects!
THE GAMEPLAY First Samurai is no beat-em-up. It has battling sections where sword speed means survival, but it has multiple styles of play - including a train surfing sub-section.
Sami' has two sources of power, physical and magical. Physical power is your life meter, while mystical power has three different uses.
Commands initiate the correct selection and display. Using different sprites for the various parts of the body allows the widest range of moves with the fewest frames, as the same frame can be used in different animations.
Firstly, it can be converted into a magical sword, which is obviously useful. Secondly, if the physical power starts to wane, the sword can be traded off for extra physical energy.
Mystical energy will also be useful, as it can be employed to buy a better re-start point. If Sami’ stumbles over a ‘re-start pof he can invest power in it. Then, if he dies the game begins from that point. This reinforces the strategic power-mystic energy.
First Samurai is also a cunning platform game requiring exploration and lateral thinking.
The survivable path may not always be obvious.
The way could involve a hidden platform or secret caves and the appearance of special weapons forces continual map research but only when enough magic has been collected.
TECHNICALLY SPEAKING Concept and design - Vivid Image Additional design - Raffaele Cecco Nick Steadman. Dokk, Teoman Irmak.
Amiga coding - Raffaele Cecco Graphics utilities - John Twiddy and Mev Dink.
Recent Vivid image games include - Time Machine and Hammerfist.
R Ul i !
U T L C5 V 'k.
¦ (tj
* Vr.
MiwgT vr l Ysa IV p K ?
¦r* V mi A. ] my lana with her) SBSH CAN SOFTWARE LTD. 6 CENTRAL rREET. MANCHESTER M2 5NS.
061-832 6633. FAX 061-834 0650 No ugly wart-; gonna make a of me! But that s j what that witch has one minute I'm the Toki and the next I'm having breakfast delousing my armpits, walk a step without tripping over my knuckles and, oh, there's an vine - time to swing out sister! But broken heart is going ape. My beloved Miho (I can't wait to share a ban has been kidnapped and somehow I've] got to regain my manhood - until then I m just swingin' in the rain!
The arca yv, sensation by Fabtek In c - A-v is now available 1 * vt for your micro.
• * r Jlfes
if. ¦ ¦ SUPER MONACO ga pa good those from tfO'crowi really
annoy fully expanded main review.
Format will.’ whenever possible only review completely finished software. This means we see the version f that ends up on the shop shelves, the version you buy Waiting for finished games does occassionaliy mean that reviews ol some Amiga products appear in other magazines before Format. Our review, though, will be an authorative statement of what a game is like, not speculation as to what it may be like The reviews team is headed by Trenton Webb and Mat' Evans. Trenton "ad a long history m the world of 8 bit games reviewing on Amstrad Action before moving up into the big eague for AF 14 Ma»f
Evans joined t-e team on AF 7 a'ter a heroic tour o' duty with zZao 6* Tn y are backed uo b» a highly experienced team of spec a st reviewers from Future = sn «g s crop o' ~a'het eadmg GRAND PRIX BACK TO THE FUTURE 3 SWIV Ski or Die BBS ¦ Chaos Strikes Back P.62 ¦ Warlock P.88 ¦ tower FRA P.93 ¦ Hard Drillin' II P.77 ¦ Revelation P.66 ¦ Genghis Kahn B61 ¦ A Prehistoric Tale P.96 ¦ Spoutro P.99 ORBITAL FACTORIES, THE FULL STORY Load pod, choose either supply, tool or cryogenic depending.
Current cargo in supply pod, click on pod to load.
Fuel status.
The plus sign to load, the minus sign to empty.
Item that I* currently in production. When finished the picture Is replaced by a crate icon.
Build command.
Select the item (shown in book) via buttons and the advance time.
Toggle display between manufactured goods and raw material supplies, held in the stores.
Select the item that needs to be built via the button panel and the required minerals are highlighted.
Orbital Factories are at the heart of Deuteros. From this screen all the in-depth information you’ll need is available by clicking on the icon cluster in the lower left-hand corner.
5-• * w SHUTTLE RCTI V EE PRODUCT= Cl ERR! C K Jt M E R C U R V O R B I T R L Pilots that are available to fly IOS ships.
Dismantle IOS ship.
Sends spares to the stores.
Autopilot on off.
Flashes when active.
Dock, descend and ascend controls. Click one then advance time.
Move IOS. Click on the section you want to look at and the view pans along the bay.
Activate pod.
When docked it also allows access to the shuttle bay.
The mineral wealth of each planet is shown, as each seam is mined. The rigs then prospect for more.
The number of rigs operating is shown here. The maximum number per planet is eight.
A thousand years have passed and still a hundred different rumours persist.
Was there ever a moonbase? Did man once span the system or is it a myth? The seven(teen) generation itch has smitten the citizens of Earth City; now they must explore.
Legend has it that Earth City was a mere 'colony' reinstated on the Earth after some catastrophe killed the planet! Now, after years of training and research, Earth City can solve the riddle. A monumental community effort will be needed to organise this space quest, not only for moon- base, but for the exotic minerals that will fuel the conquest of space.
Tinker, tailor, soldier, pilot... First and foremost people have to be trained so they can build, research and fly the craft from Earth. Drafted in small batches they can be assigned a skill; mariner, scientist or artisan. If a job needs to be done, then one of the three 'classes’ will eventually gain the skills. Obviously, a punter pulled straight from Earth City’s streets can't build a star-ship, they need to construct simpler devices to grow in competence.
The ability to design the kit isn't God-given either. Research teams start with simple plans for a mining derrick - to the Earth’s resources - and a rough plan for orbital factories. Assigning them to research the orbital dream, whilst Production build derricks, which gets two tasks running simultaneously. When shuttle craft have been built, pilots are made orbit-to- Earth ferrymen, which earns them the skill to fly the Interplanetary Operation Ships (IOS) that Production will build, as soon as Research have finished designing them.
This is where Deuteros’ time system makes its play. Time only advances when you click the clock icon. This means you can visit as many locations as you own, giving different orders to individuals, then with one click forward in time the jobs are undertaken simultaneously. There is a possibility of having 16 different orbital factories, and the time system means multitasking orders is possible, as is maximising your resources.
THE PREQUEL As your knowledge grows, so does the ability to roam the solar system. Ensuring each orbital factory has the right people, following the right instructions, with the right machines is the first challenge. A mental dexterity test, Deuteros forces players to develop a heavy save game habit - just in case. It is beautifully judged in the pace department though, and just as a job threatens to become a chore, up pops Research who say they've plans for a whizy piece of kit that will do it automatically.
Mine’s a large one Callr sto Ss? I. l DEFOSITS re [RON PLATInum Rl_ IJM EM E IJM £ILVER HVDROCEM £ EL ICA Novel ideal Deuteros plays like a well written novel. Everyone of your minions has a name, and as they spread across the sky, they develop a history. Outrageous behaviour results, such as sending pilots wandering simply so they log the necessary hours to become an Admiral.
Minerals are the key to success In Deuteros, without them nothing can be built and your empire will grind to a halt. Certain devices however, require exotic materials not readily found on Earth, so other planets must be exploited. Using the deposit scanner you can work out which planets hold which minerals.
It's up to you to build the orbital factory, get the shuttle route established and place the rigs on the surtace-mining goodies.
Along the route are real shocks; jolting surprises that no Continued overleaf I Millennium 2.2 - A space empire game that was set in the year of the title. 2.2 posed players the task of avoiding mankind's extinction. Watching from a moonbase workstation, the last terrans saw a huge meteorite destroy Earth. It erased all traces of civilisation, save that of the Lunar Base. Through a marshalling of resources, they had to build outwards, scavenging for raw materials across the solar system.
This brought man into conflict with other beings, and war followed. The challenge was survival, the testing ground was the vacuum of space.
Master Control Screen Orbital Factories Placing the cursor over this shows you its name, click on it to access factory. Red lights show it is building something.
• ?* V* *9 Jilifci Ships This shows the current activity of any
IOS (Interplanetary Operation Ships). Hold the cursor over it
to find the name and position, click on it to enter the bridge.
One IOS docked.
Time Click to advance time by one, useful for fine time adjustments in tricky situations.
1 Advance time: Click to start advance, click again to stop.
2 Stocktaker: This lets you know quickly what’s where and how much of it is available.
3 Planet Surveyor: Lets you examine individual planets with regards to their mineral deposits.
4 Disk Ops: Load, save and be merry.
5 Earth City: Click here at anytime to return to Earth City.
6 Return to Master Screen: Click here on any screen to return to Master screen from any screen in the game.
Amount of planning can prepare you for. To supplement this horror factor are teasers; equipment that requires exotic minerals to build.
These force an immediate change of plan, as you chase the new materials, in order for the new machine to be built, so that you can find out exactly what it does.
The nature of Deuleros means few plot details are given away, otherwise the anticipation and terror of exploring strange new worlds, boldly going where no man has gone before (or have they?), will not have the full effect. The challenge is huge and the plot twists are totally unpredictable.
This taints any feelings of success, when everything starts coming together, with an acute fear of the unknown. The smug feeling of competence when easily manipulating machines that were once unwieldy, balances this tension and increases the enioyment quota.
Try or die Deuteros is a learning experience, and those who want instant fireworks need not apply. Just enough information is given throughout to reward those players brave enough to experiment. Try or die, is the Deuteros motto.
Strategy games need to employ more than the Amiga’s processing power to be great, they must use graphics and sound too.
Deuteros wins through here. Each screen comprises of both easily accessed icons and a theme setting picture, backed up with a particular sound effect. Animated sequences become more frequent and make certain situations real knife-edge affairs, no matter how often they occur.
Deuteros is a massive project.
Its character is supplemented with both idiosyncrasies and superfluous touches - the light switch in Earth City training actually works! It challenges, bemuses and rewards in equal portions. What starts as tentative exploration grows into a personal crusade to colonise the stars; it simply demands to be played to completion. Very few strategy games are actually exciting but Deuteros is gripping. It looks good, sounds great and plays like a dream.
The plot slowly unfolds as a test of nerve, judgment and intuition. As your empire grows so does the game, embroiling you in a struggle for survival and galactic dominance. Deuteros is, as they say, the business. Try it if you dare. Trenton Webb VERDICT ? An awesomely playable space empire strategy game.
? Well paced, with some real shocks.
? Easily accessed icons, atmospheric graphic backdrops and moody sound effects.
? Gripping plot with just the right amount of tension, confusion and reward.
? Staggering stuff! A thousand years better than 2.2!
%£L2BZ yHHgW Featuring a revolutionary system of artifkial intelligence, your opponents react to your actions and interact with the environment.
Award-winning Bitmap graphics and music by Nation 12 make this their most exciting game ever... Perhaps guile will achieve more than brute strengthl Your cunning, as well as skill with the fearsome array of weapons at your disposal, are needed equally to LAP tint O' OO'OO O' OO 'OO O' OO 'OO 1 ?
LAP 10 Monaco means sun, sea, expensive yachts and for one day a year, cars. Not your ordinary, average Porsche or Ferrari but real cars, the FI brigade. There was an incredible coin-op that allowed everyone to race that magical street circuit through the Principality. US Gold have now tried to squeeze this immense beast's racing power and graphics onto a single disk.
The conversion exhibits a different structure to ifs coinop parent. Incredibly, it actually sports more tracks and a longer game.
The plot is simple, starting in France you first qualify, then race.
If you finish high enough you move onto Brazil and go through much the same procedure. Following this is Spain, and if you’re still going when the chequered flag falls there, it's 'Monaco I up’ for a race in the dry and then a final showdown in the rain.
BRAZIL SUPER MONACO US GOLD ¦ £24.99 Mouse or joystick REVS COUNT tnsMESirE j. msaatLi 'SSSEF Sts LAP 9’99 99 LAP Tin, O’SO"82 3 LAPS
o or "72
o oo oo O’ OO ’OO TtZ77 LAP 1 3 jooorm 0_1
O. P. 36.
Drivers have three driving options - automatic, four cog and seven gear machine. Ultimate victory is only feasible however, for drivers who risk the seven-gear nightmare.
Keeping the revs high and the gear low lets your engine brake in corners, gaining enough traction to hold on in even the evilest hairpin.
And hairpins are what Monaco is famous for.
Monte Carlo or bust Qualifying isn’t easy, but racing is where the real game starts. You must weave around the twisting courses, anticipating corners, using the rear-view mirror to out drive the computer cars who want your place. Contact with other cars isn’t fatal but they cost time.
However, if one of the computer drivers nudge you on a corner - or you just screw it up - and a barrier is hit at speed, all your hard qualifying is wrecked as the front strut snaps. Exits of this sort are gutting, but become all too familiar as your racing experience grows. Not all collisions are fatal, slow ones just kill speed and ruin your line, but the faster you drive, the greater the risk.
Senna prod’s Super Monaco GP is fast, wickedly fast, which is a factor that no race game can live without. Roadside objects flash past and corners exhibit a suddenness that is matched only by their tightness.
The computer cars are generous when it comes to overtaking - apart from the Sennaesque nudges from behind - and this makes real racing possible.
Super Monaco is a test of concentration as much as race skill.
Three continuous laps need to be finished if you’re to win through the qualifiers, and this ain't easy even when the track is clear. When you have to calculate how to pass a fast opponent as well, life becomes difficult.
Super Monaco is incredibly frustrating, and not in a particularly fun fashion. With one crash terminating the whole campaign for the Monaco crown, winning demands Power is what SMGP is all about, if you ain't got enough horses, you're dead meat. Your choice of gear-change determines how powerful you car is. This is graphically illustrated in the power chart, knocking around the intro sequence, but it is most obviously on the track.
Auto change is a good way to start but real men (and women) have seven gears to play with. Using the mouse changing up couldn’t be easier, accelerate with the left button and hit the right as the counter peaks. To change down, lay off the gas and when the revs drop, hit the right button and you drop a gear, giving better traction under power.
You haven't gone blind this is the Monaco tunnel. There's a tight twist in the middle and no room tor error so keep the speed down and your eye on the road. Stay Irosty though, one crash here is terminal.
Continuous concentration. This would be fine if the only way you could smash your shiny FI was through a driver error. Yet, even with the advantage of a rearview mirror it is often impossible to avoid a back marker forcing you into a barrier.
With any prang throwing you back to the start of the whole game, mistakes grow irritating as you grow in racing skill.
GRAND PRIX I ever, Super Monaco is a faithful reproduction of the original. The new tracks feel right, with the right blend of straight and vicious bends. The game has all the sundry screens faithfully reproduced to wrap the package neatly.
Even the intro jingle has that authentically jarring arcade ring to it. Yet. For all this accuracy Super Monaco will disappoint anyone but die hard fans of the coin-op. Its relative shortness and difficulty means that good players will see the end of game display quickly, while average drivers will spend many hours spracklmg themselves on a French hairpin.
Super Monaco is a good conversion of an awkward arcade, and even to get a faithful replica of it - let alone an improved version - is something of an achievement.
Achievements however, do not always make for classic computer entertainment. Trenton Webb ? Intensive racing action, which has an arcade edge.
? Its just like the coin-op, but with three extra tracks!
? Strong graphics both on and off the track.
? Terminal crashes quickly become rather irksome.
? Little reward on offer in the early stages.
PULLING PIT STOPS Razor’s edge The gameplay balances on a razor edge, those with quick enough mouse control will reach Monaco without a nick, normal mortals will be cut to pieces by frustration before they reach Spam. The different gear-boxes provide a learning curve which the player can follow while grasping the racing ropes.
Yet, even in France, finishing high enough to qualify for Brazil is nigh on impossible with an automatic gear-shift. The carrot of real racing success is dangled at great distance. With the fragility of the motor, as well as the power deficiency of both auto and four-gear models, Monaco is a game for the very determined or very quick.
The difficulty factor aside howIuIAaaIkay llllmi COURAGE 28 planets and satellites to explore in 8 systems tilled with exciting puzzles, dangerous subplots and interesting characters to Resourcefulness encoun!er Saving the universe costs money: a detailed bartering system lets players earn Impenal credits through m terplanetary trading, with 30 types ot cargo.
THE ZHODANI CONSPIRACY " Heralded The American Computer Role-Playing Game ot the Year!"
BUSED ON MEGRTRHVELLER BT GAME DESIGNERS’ WORKSHOP, THE WORIDS MOST POPULAR SCIENCE FICTION GRMING SYSTEM VERSHTILITY The most sophisticated character generation system ever devised. Live military classes, more than 70 talents and abilities. Allows player to control character development through 5 services Army, Navy. Marines. Merchants and Scouts.
TIKES SCIENCE FICTION HDLE-PLBTING EIGHT YEHRS fgrwhrdi The four legendary Frontier Wars have passed,each started by the Zhodani and each ending in a shaky peace.... lift I!? Y || mm corrupt Imperium officials the Zhodani and the Outward Coalition are planning a fifth.
Smuggling arms to traitorous groups within Imperium borders the Zhodani are planning to strike from within.
IMAGINATION Flexible gaming system supports any playing strategy and allows multiple solutions to problems and obstacles.
72 varied skills to learn and use including medical, piloting, communications, laser weapons, bribery, demolitions and handgun Realistic, combat sequences let you control each ot your characters individually, while still giving general combat orders to the other members ot your party. Utilise more than 30 weapons and skills in this advanced combat system "MegaTraveller 1, a game that truly warrants the highest level ot praise, the attention to detail makes it exceptional!"
"MegaTraveller 1 is one ot the finest role- playing computer games in at least the last three or tour years."
"MegaTraveller 1 is one ot the best science fiction role-playing games ever for the computer."
TAXES F20M DRAGOfJ MA2A22.T U S * QUEST EUSTUS MAGAZINE US Copyngtt C i W Paragon ScfTwa Corporation and Game Designers’ Workshop TRAV71ITS and MZGATSAVELLEJ) are registered trademarks at Game Designers Workshop Licensed to EMPIRE SOFTWARE All nghts reserved EMPIRE SOFTWARE. 4 THE STANNETTS, LAINDON NORTH TRADE CENTRE. BASILDON. ESSEX SS15 6DJ TEL: 0268 541212 Before the game starts proper you get to choose your commanders.
They have a variety of abilities allocated to them, which can be juggled around 'til you're happy. You can send these chaps into battle, and they'll run your provinces for you.
You have three orders per turn. These can be anything from buying and selling goods, through recruiting soldiers, to going to war. In this case a spy is being dispatched to suss out the info on a neighbouring province. (That’s him. On the bottom-right of the screen.)
GENGHIS KHAN INFOGRAMES ¦ £39.99 Mouse and keyboard R 187 After a few turns in the world conquest scenario, the balance of power has changed. Some players have expanded their empires to include neighbouring countries, while others have been wiped off the face of the Earth.
Gold Provisions Soldiers Town Builders Castle Builders Food Producers Specialized Labor Morale Economic Power Defensive Strength Offensive Strength Training ¦ ¦' Richard I m Bisr They liked their wars, did the 12th Century Mongol tribes.
Turn your back for five minutes and some up-and-coming tribesman will have declared war on another province.
The most famous of these was Genghis Khan, who united Mongolia, and controlled a large part of China to boot. Reckon you could do the same, do you? This game puts you in Genghis’ shoes, so you can find out.
Bloody Battles There are actually two games in one. The first, Mongol Conquest, has you as leader of one of many warring factions in a divided country. You have to repeat history and take control of the Mongolia. Game two is the World Conquest. Up to four players can take part as opposed to one. The aim is to control the entire Eurasian continent.
Who is that masked man?
The famous Mongol conqueror was born in 1162, with the name Temujin. After a long struggle, he established himself as leader of all the Mongol tribes by 1206, and assumed the title Chingis. Meaning perfect warrior'.
The Conquest of North China began in 1213. And by 1223 he controlled most of that country He died in 1227. And his empire began to fragment on the death of his grandson.
Kublai Khan in 1279.
Both sections play similarly.
Although it’s a war-game, careful planning is needed before committing your troops to a bloody battle.
There are many variables to take into consideration, and you'll need to build up the strength of your troops and be pretty certain that you'll win. Otherwise you may find it's game-over pretty quickly.
In order to get your army's strength up to the required levels, there are many sub-sections to the game. Your personal characteristics determine a great deal, so it may be an idea to tram yourself in areas where you're lacking.
Trading gives you valuable revenue to finance your conquest, as does buying in useful weaponry to add to your army's arsenal. And it's wise to send a spy to learn another countries strengths and weaknesses before boldly going in.
Some beautiful stylised graphics have gone into the production of the game. These are complemented by the sound effects.
There's no brash sounds to deafen you here, it's more like the incidental music in a film score.
Some like it not At the best part of £40 Genghis Khan isn't exactly a snip. You're going to have to be pretty serious about your war-gaming before splashing out all of that hard earned dosh.
If your idea of a good time is inflicting megadeath on the aliens from the planet Zog, then Genghis Khan is not for you. Plenty of manual reading and trial and error is necessary before you'll be able to play. Even then each game will take many, many hours to play. It won't be a quick five minute blast.
But if you are a war-gaming fan then you'll certainly love this. It's a very deep game with so many levels of strategy, so many variables that effect your decisions, and so much going on that you'll truly be in your element.
Adam Waring im hi ? Graphics and sound combine well to produce a highly-stylised and well-presented game.
? Plenty of depth to keep the strategy buff happy.
? Complicated, but friendly. It'll take time to learn the intricacies, but you can bumble through without knowing too much ? Definitely not everybody’s cup of tea.
You'll have to be a dedicated war-game fan to enjoy it 84% LA' CHAOS STRIKES BACK MIRRORSOFT ¦ £24.99 Mouse This game continues the role- playing adventure that took computer gaming by storm in 1988. Once more, four heroic characters have to confront the Lord of Chaos. Their journey takes them to a multi-dimensional arrangement of rooms and corridors festooned with tricks, traps and monsters.
There is none of the order of the original game as you rarely know where you are or how much you've done. The only measure is how many of the four lumps of cor- bum you've successfully hurled into a vortex. The corbum is the key to Chaos’ power.
Without it him and his hideous dungeon are destroyed. Not surprisingly, you don't get to shift vast quantities of corbum around frequently. The key to surviving, and finishing the game, is to save your game and not give up.
Point and kill The method which you control the proceedings is one of the best of its kind. There's a window into the game and there are empty spaces for objects. You can pick up or drop an object by clicking on it with the pointer. You have a wide field of vision and your choice of actions, exercised by more clicking, is vast and learning how to play Chaos is half the fun.
The interwoven puzzles, physical problems and the ingenuousness needed to solve them is impressive. But it's the showcase model fantasy world they're set in. And which was first explored m DM., that takes hold of people first. But since the release of Chaos Strikes Back on the ST a year ago, rumour about the work the team would be putting into the Amiga version, particularly with regard to graphics and sound effects, had been enthusiastic.
For the sound effects to achieve maximum psychological damage, they should be played loud, on headphones, in stereo, with all the lights off. There’s a phasing effect when you turn around so try and do this frequently, whether or not there's danger in doing so. Dying will sound fantastic. Expect the distant and unaccountable sounds of doors opening and closing, of monsters breathing and slithering.
When you approach a dragon, you'll hear its heart-beat rising menacingly out of the background signal before you see it.
The colour of chaos Improvements haven't been made in the graphics. In every respect, the graphics capabilities of the Amiga have not been exploited.
Perhaps Dungeon Master's praised game system was too intricate to tamper with without starting from scratch again. The graphics are marvellous regardless, considering what they get up to. But over the last year a lot of graphic marvels have emerged on the Amiga that will dilute their impact.
Where treats have been thrown in, they’ve been welcome; the scroll which contains a magical short-range map, animated by some dynamic palette work. This may have been included at the expense of one of the red herrings from the ST version. But that's what makes Chaos Strikes Back a great game. Everybody who claims to have finished it has left something undone. Sean Masterson VERDICT ? One of the most puzzling, challenging and rewarding role-playing adventures available.
? Very easy to use interface. There are usually several ways of doing something.
? Sound effects have rarely been as slimey as this.
? Shame the graphics weren't improved. The screen update is slow.
? It already looks a little long in the tooth.
“«¦ tiiSfiert I wmtsskJm a& must hester M2 5NS TEL: 061 832 6633 FAX 061 834 0650 - Producing games from film licences is usually a pretty dodgy area. Quite often the film doesn't yield the kind of situation that would fit a video game, but software houses can hardly afford to ignore a big film release, since simply the name itself can shift a fair number of units.
One game that tried to capitalise on a film's success was Sack to the Future. The original movie, despite being highly successful, didn't really lend itself to any computer game concept and the game that finally appeared was a rather feeble arcade adventure that caught little of the film's great atmosphere.
Years later saw the release of a Sack to the Future II conversion, which managed to make more of the situations found in the film, but still missed the mark somehow.
Now we have the final film of the trilogy along with its computer game counterpart. So to what BACK TO THE extent have the programmers managed to bring the film to home computers?
IMAGEWORKS ¦ £24.99 Joystick A minute later, a letter appears from the Doc. Dated 1885. He has decided to stay back in the 1880s - an era that has intrigued him for years. The letter tells Marty where to find the De Lorean, so that he can get home before destroying it. However, as the car is being dug out.
Marty finds a gravestone with the Doc's name on it. Dated two days after the letter! Marty decides that he must go back in time to save him from this terrible fate.
Car trouble If you’re unfamiliar with the films... er... well it's a bit difficult to explain, really! The story revolves around the characters of schoolboy Marty McFly and eccentric professor Doctor Emmet Brown, who has invented a time-machine based in - of all things - a De Lorean motor car. Marty manages to get himself tied up in a time-hop- pmg adventure that sent him first of all back to the fifties, then into the future, and back to the fifties once more. Still with me? No? Well you'll just have to see the films to see precisely what's going on - it's very complicated!
The third chapter of the story begins with the Doc disappearing from 1955 leaving Marty stranded.
Horses, trains and automobiles The game itself is split into four different sections: CLARA'S RESCUE This has you playing as the Doc as he rides his horse along, dodging gunfire, picking up dropped lugTHE SHOOTING GALLERY During the town party to unveil the new clock. Marty is invited by Samuel Colt to try his luck on the shooting gallery. He must blast PIE THROWING Buford Tannen and his gang are rather fed up of this interfering kid storming in on their territory and so try to finish him off. Marty must use stacks of Frisbee Pie trays ? Nicely drawn and animated graphics portray each
? Plenty of variety to keep even those with a very short attention span interested.
? Some nice intermission scenes produced with a good sense of humour.
? An enjoyable licensed product which manages to capture the atmosphere of the film pretty well.
The going is a little easy once you get to grips with the controls, which means that experienced players won't find too much trouble In beating it. However, the various sections are fun. Which means that even rf you do finish, you can come back and play your favourite section on its own for a laugh!
This makes for a fun game which has enough variety to make it fun for a while and is worth dragging out for a quick bash even when completed. Maff Evans to take them out before his metal shield is destroyed.
To get the De Lorean to a high enough speed to get back to the future, it must be pushed along by a tram. You must send Marty up to the locomotive to allow the time- iump to take place.
A Stitch in time After a disappointing couple of conversions for the initial games in the FUTURE series, Imageworks have managed to put together some pretty enjoyable little pieces to produce a licence which not only captures the spirit of the film, but is a tun game to boot. The in-between sections which set the scene for the current game look a little dodgy, but this is due to some serious licensing problems, which prohibit the programmers from drawing pictures that look exactly like Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd. Still, you can easily tell who they are supposed to be and the
actual in-game graphics are nicely done. The animation and use of colour go together to make a bright and cheery looking game.
Each of the sections stands up as a lithe game in its own right, except that they are cut to a short enough length to make sure that the player doesn't get too bored.
The only criticism is the fact that At the town party, a certain Samuel Colt gets Ah, a nice piece of pie... but wait! Who's that It's Buford Tannen! He doesn't look as though Marty to try his luck on the shooting range. Rather unsavoury character in the shadows? He's joining in the party spirit... Revelation.1 13 wwv BH , SOOOoC'CO
• 3 §0 ZtlP %W , « When the flashing red circles
meet (top right), the safe s built-in alarm This screen is a
lot trickier than first appearances might lead you to system is
triggered, and every rouer within earshot comes rushing
believe, the chain reactions on both sides of the lock can make
round, night stick in hand. Repairing any mistakes a tortuous
REVELATION Krisalis Software ¦ £19.99 Joystick Keyboard Slippin-rippin-dang-fang-rotten- zarg-a-barg-a-dmg-dong... not the kind of language you would use in front of your maiden aunt, but certainly the kind of language you'll be using within an hour of loading Revelation.
Being a thieving, oily, slippery crim' is not all it’s cracked up to be. It's not just a case of sneaking about in a stripy T-shirt with a big black bag with 'swag' emblazoned proudly across it. Oh no, being a crim' is a lot more demanding than that. Not only do you have to contend with guard dogs, security men, and infra-red burglar alarms, but you also have to deal with your embarrassing professional status and extremely complex safe mechanisms.
These safe mechanisms are both the bane of your criminal life and the primary object of the game. Your task is to crack the safes and pocket the loot you find inside... Smash ’n’ grab The game opens with an impressive animated sequence, where your character sneaks, in silhouette, past the window of some extremely posh-lookmg gaff. Both the music and the opening animation are very similar to the Pink Panther cartoon series that used to be on the telly.
The actual game screen is a puzzle variant, and it is rather original, not to mention initially somewhat confusing. Beautifully drawn on the screen are the tumbler wheels of a safe. Some, or perhaps only one. Of these wheels will have a dial with which it can be turned.
Each dial has four coloured circles on its face, and certain dials stand beside a lock, out of which a small coloured arrow points. In order to complete a screen, you must turn the dials until each arrow points at a circle of a corresponding colour.
I- te © It sounds simple enough, but there is a snag. The tumbler wheels without dials cannot be turned directly, but will move 90 degrees clockwise when another wheel matches coloured circles with it. The combinations of turns that are required to complete a screen within the time limit become very complex, very quickly.
During the game, at random intervals, a small variety of bonus icons will appear. If grabbed quickly, these little power-ups will reward the lucky crim’ with features like extra time, a restart option for when a screen has been messed up completely and, the most valuable of the lot. A pause, which is a lot more useful than it sounds, giving you a chance to stop and think about what to do next.
Crime does pay If your brain is still intact after a quick read of the mind-warping instruction manual, then experimenting with the mechanics of the game soon reduces the initial confusion to a vague numb sensation in your head.
It soon becomes evident that a great deal of fun can be had and the bonus screens between levels contain loot, and additions like extra lives and padlocks (stop correctly-placed wheels turning).
The graphics are nice, if not completely heart-stopping, and the music really suits the game, giving a real sense of urgency. In fact the tension gives this game an edge.
You will find yourself jumping when you inadvertently set off the alarm or accidentally reset a near-completed screen.
Don't be put off if it sounds complex: it's not as difficult as first impressions lead you to believe and patience and persistence reveal this to be one of the better puzzle games available. So put on your special robber trousers and get thieving. Frank O'Connor mu hi ? Confusing manual hides the simple addictive nature of the game.
? The slick sounds and attractive graphics give Revelation more than just the required polish.
? More than 80 levels mean that this one will take some beating.
? It's a fair cop guv, and a fair old game too.
? To complex at times.
GVP Announces a Technological Breakthrough... msERiEsm THE NEXT GENERATION} in SCSI and RAM Controllers for the A2000 GVP's New SERIES IIA2000 SCSI and RAM Expansion Controllers provide the ultimate hard disk and RAM expansion solution for the A2000. Choose from two new models: The Series IIA2000 SCSI “Hard-Disk + RAM-Card”
• State-of-lhe-Art integration packs a high performance SCSI
controller, SMB FAST RAM Expansion and a 3.5" hard disk drive
expansion slot and a peripheral bay!
• Incredible SCSI hard disk performance achieved through GVP's
innovative new custom chip design, which provides DMA
performance and unique direct dual port memory access to FAST
RAM, eliminating typical DMA side effects under heavy graphics
• Easy-lo-install SIMM memory modules allow flexible memory
configurations from ZERO through 8MB. Supports 6MB FAST RAM
configuration for BridgeBoard users.
• NEW F AASTROM" SCSI Driver offers optimum performance and
includes such features as: Supports virtually any SCSI device
including, CD-ROMs, Tape Drives, IOMEGA Bernoulli drives, etc.
v Fully implements SCSI Disconnect Reconnect protocol,
allowing overlapping SCSI commands to be executed.
Hard-Disk-Card Hard-Disk+RAM-Card V Fully implements Commodore's Rigid Disk Block |RDB! Standard as well as the new DIRECT SCSI interface standard.
V Removable media drive support Automatically senses cartridge changes and informs AmigaDOS, ensuring safe and reliable use of removable media SCSI drives.
V Allows Direct AUTOBOOT from Fast File System Partition.
• New INTUITION COMPATIBLE SCSI installation and tuning utility
included, Maior features include: v ICON and gadget based
INTUITION interface.
V Bad Block Remapping of hard drives.
V Auto or manual hard drive partitioning and AmigaDOS formatting.
Read and modify existing RDB parameters on hard disk.
V Simplest and Easiest SCSI installation in the industry.
• Low parts count (through VLSI Integration!
EQUALS: lower power, higher reliability, longer life and ultimate PRICE PERFORMANCE! See TRADE-UP offer.
The Series IIA2000 SCSI “Hard-Disk-Card”
• Same as above but without the 8MB FAST RAM capability.
• Specially designed for those users who don't need memory
expansion but still need maximum hard disk performance at a
budget price.
UNBEATABLE VALUE. See 599 trade-up offer!
GVP's New F aastROM SCSI driver and installation software is also available as an upgrade kit for GVP's original IMPACT SCSI controllers, for ONLY S49.95. Offers major performance increase over previous GVP AUTOBOOT EPROMs.
New Series II48MB Removable media hard disk drive. GVP now also offers the NEXT GENERATION removable media hard disk drive which offers increased capacity (48MB formatted) and major technological advances in cartridge air flow filtering design and robustness. Call for details.
Product line end , u, hl,bolster 1 tidier I rfesllSuuSbtorsbippmf.CSAortyl. j .c.uboui dSe)bv simple . ...... .. ... Thee u" nerr need to cobnut u eertdied For an
o , lr ..ted-up to the new Series 11 can he traded up inc|uJes
the' VIb'faST AM e'P S'°n populated with ZERO RAM.
“Let's Standardize'' S' iC POWER COMPUTINGSRL ITALY VIA DELLEBALEARI, 90 00121 OSTIA LIDO ROMA 2 LINES |06l 5646310 FAX 5646301 .w Storm ¦ £24.99 Joystick Special Weapons Interdiction Vehicle, Silkworm Four, or Silkworm is vertical. The choice of explanation for this strange acronym is entirely up to you, since the craft involved are termed as Interdiction Vehicles, the game scrolls vertically and it could well be considered the sequel to the classic shoot-em-up Silkworm.
The precise name isn't particularly important, as the plot pretty much takes a back seat to the action.
The basic scenario places you and your partner as a search-and- Stuck down on the ground, trundling along at the mercy of mines and missile launchers... it’s a real nightmare!
The vertically-scrolling playing- field gives both the helicopter and the jeep more room to manoeuvre, giving larger scope for enemy targets and the jeep a lot more chance of surviving. The choice of vehicles in SW V is entirely down to personal taste.
So Why Incline Vertically?
The game itself takes place over one, incredibly long, scrolling level, which blends from one area to another. The ghost town, the desert, the lake and Xevious Land are just a few of the areas you will come across. New areas are destroy team. Intelligence agents have sent back information hinting of a large number of enemy troops amassing beyond the frontier. Your job is to confirm the reports, ferreting out enemy installations and blowing them away before they can launch an attack... and that's about it!
The original Silkworm blessed the player with a serious amount of firepower, but who in their right mind would want to play the jeep?
If you destroy a hefty Goosecopter, four icons will appear, which effect your firepower: SPREAD SHOT - sends your shots out m a fan pattern up to five shots wide.
PRECISION CANNON - concentrates all your firepower in one direction.
SHOT ENHANCER - speeds up your rate of fire and allows you to keep more powerful shots when killed.
BONUS - boosts your score and renders you invulnerable for a few seconds.
? Incredibly drawn graphics with a wonderful military feel.
? Superb stereo sound creates an amazing atmosphere.
? Both helicopter and jeep have superb controls and a blistering display of fire-power.
? Simultaneous two- player really sets the fur flying!
? The most frantic shoot- em-up about for quite some time.
VERDICT or Keyboard loaded In from disk as you play, to make a single, virtually seamless mission. For one thing this means that you have to stay on your toes, since there are now inter- level breaks for you to get your breath back!
The game is broken up to a certain extent by the appearance of the odd guardian, which are fairly easy to spot, that is they’re much bigger, meaner mothers than the others! Once you've destroyed it, the screen recommences scrolling.
Seriously Wild Intensely Violent Random Access have come up with some seriously impressive coin-op conversions in the past, from Silkworm, through the Ninja Warriors to Saint Dragon. Despite the high quality of these products, SW V must rate as the most polished so far.
The graphics are, without a doubt, arcade quality, with some superbly drawn sprites and backgrounds to portray the action. The sound too, is excellent, utilising the Amiga's sound capabilities to produce true stereo! If you move to the left the sound comes from the left speaker - move to the right and the sound shifts with you. The effect is superb!
Well presented vertically- scrolling shoot-em-ups are few and far between these days, so SWIV comes as a glorious return to the genre. It looks good, sounds wonderful and contains some of the most frantic action yet seen in a shoot-em-up. So get it and try pumping some lead!
Maff Evans with the buM ol a rhinoceros and the breath ot a dung beetle, packs ot vicious canine yappies, the psychotic clown with an evil sense ot humour - you'll die, but not laughing! Then there's the gas guzzling cadBac Jock - a cool specimen, elbow hanging on the door raH, a serious looking piece in Ids hand and ready to blow you away as he rols down main street leaving you coughing lead. It's not al badl... You've got a chopper to back you up, a mean, shiny street machine, some heavy metal hardware and some pretty neat moves. And what about the Mng phi... did I say he was Mr. Big? No,
he's MR BIG!
Fields! It's TOUGHER - the criminals wield some heavy hardware - but so do you! You can shoot but you must dodge their flak... heavy gunfire, trucks unloading their cargo onto your bonnet... it's the meanest pursuit game to hit the micro screen.
The extra features win leave you gasping Tor extended play weather changes, bodyguard squads, grenade lobbing bikers, gun-choppers... just play it!... we dare you to stop!
The future is a rough place Detroit Is a city...torn apart by the decadent forces of the Old Man and his corrupt (corporation. If you want to die - then walk the streets, If you want to live - then pray for the return of Robocop!
M ij 1 . 1 to Rekatf incorporated, a liidque travel servfc8 spedattdng in fantasies into the minds of those desire to turn their dreams into reality. THE EGO TRIP OF A LIFETIME • Experience the horror as your dreams turn into hideous nightmares. Suddenly your every move Is monitored by would-be assasfcis. You discover the surreal truth - You're not you - you're me.
You must travel to Mars to discover your true identity • your mission is now a Journey of non-stop action, strange mutants, futuristic vehicles and a starting array of weaponry al .
Captured In superbly-executed graphics and a game play that compBments the success of the year's top movie.
• TRobocop 2 has Justice in mind... a kind of Justice C, only he
can deliver! Take on Detroit's evil mastermind and Ids
mega-corporation in some of rnf the most action-packed scenes
ever devised for maximum entertainment value. Detroit is
falling apart - it's time to put it all back together!
TEL: 061 832 6633. FAX: 061 834 0650 One of the most limiting factors in any puzzle game is the number of levels included. To get over this problem. Demonware have included a level editor for you to construct your own puzzles. You can use all the elements found in the game to build screens and you can make them as easy or difficult as you want - it all depends on how much of a git you want to be to your mates!
POWER TOOLS Talk about tenuous game links! Demonware's last offering was Ooops Up!
Which was built around Snap's hit of last year. For their latest game, they have taken the band's first single and created a puzzle game about 'the power of love’. Well if it gets the game a decent soundtrack who are we to complain?
THE POWER DEMONWARE ¦ £24.99 Joystick, mouse or keyboard Will you break my heart again?
The game pits you as Max, a blobby little hero who must make his way through maze-like levels to rescue his girlfriend Mini.
This is more difficult than it sounds, since Max isn't too bright and has trouble finding his way around. Once you set him walking he continues in that direction until he hits an obstacle. Fortunately, there is a set of blocks which can be moved around in the same way as the hero to form barriers. Care must be taken when moving the blocks however because certain colour combinations cause blocks to disappear.
MOVING COLOURS One thing that has to be mastered in The Power is the interrelation of the coloured blocks. They are essential in enabling Max to reach certain areas of the levels, but when they hit each other in a certain order, some blocks are destroyed: RED destroys GREEN - GREEN destroys BLUE - BLUE destroys RED.
The diagram shown above shows the order in which destruction occurs.
You must set up the blocks to allow Max to pick up all the hearts, then guide him to Mini before the time counts to zero.
The game can be played in a number of different ways: ARCADE: This is where one or two players take turns to complete each level. The level is displayed at full size, with you having to scroll the screen to view the whole of the labyrinth.
TACTIC: This is basically the same as Arcade Mode, except the whole level is displayed on screen, so you don’t need to scroll around.
KNOCKOUT: This is where two players battle head-to-head on a split screen display. The first to complete a screen is the winner of that stage.
It’s getting kinda hectic The going starts off pretty sedately, but it soon gets a lot more difficult. Before long, the mazes get bigger and more complicated, requiring you to think pretty feverishly to solve the puzzle before the ever-so-quick timer runs out. Some of the levels will have you tearing your hair out with frustration, but the game is fun enough and has a wonderful cute quality to keep you trying.
With over 100 of the devious little blighters, it will be quite a while before you complete the game, but even if you do there is a level editor which enables you to create a whole new set of puzzles to pass between your friends.
The control method has been seen in a few games before, but the general approach and feel is different enough to allow The Power to be seen as an original enough puzzle game. Couple this with a serious addictiveness and The Power is enough to keep puzzle fans happy through the cold evenings. Maft Evans VERDICT ? Extremely cute graphics portray the action.
? Strange control method is fiddly at first, but soon become easy to handle.
? Masses of levels to complete and the inclusion of an editor allows you to create your own.
? Well programmed ‘remix' of The Power captures the feel of the Snap single.
? A fun ‘n‘ cuddly puzzle game which has an appeal of its own.
R»nP if. Y k .« fa t rdic t& SENLAC SOFTWARE PD 14 OAKLEA CLOSE, OLD ROAR ROAD ST LEONARDS ON SEA, EAST SUSSEX TNB7 7HB rei om 753070 m 0939 755093 MAIL ORDER PUBLIC DOMAIN LIBRARY Personal Callers to our new shop at Unit 6, West Arcade, George Street, ' Hastings.
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’Nam was divided into four, for supposed easier control of troop movements and tactics. The four areas were called Corps (I - IV) and each had its own special features.
I am not going to lose Vietnam.
I am not going to be the President who saw South East Asia go the way of China. These were the words President Lyndon B Johnson used to launch the official US Military campaign in Vietnam.
The Western world has relived that nightmare war ever since by way of film, literature and even current political rhetoric. Now 'Nam gives you the chance to stop SE Asia slipping into the communist morass foretold in the infamous 'Domino Theory'; both on the battlefield and at the ballot box.
The tiger’s back 'Nam is a political war-game, with the battles fought at brigade level over a four-screen map. While the war rages, you, as an elected leader, must ensure the voters support your decisions and return you for 'four more years' at the White House. Every war decision is the President's to make, from military expenditure to overall aims. 'Once on the tiger's back’ though, you are solely responsible for remaining in the saddle or even dismounting as the ferocity grows?
The game is played via political documents or on maps of 'Nam.
Troop movements are clicked onto the map, while numbers are typed in to allocate cash to the Vietnamese government. The game ticks forward day by day, at one of three speeds, through the year.
You have to survive at ten years with moderate public support, and with a chance of giving orders every day, it becomes obvious the President has a vast amount of decisions to take before the nightmare ends.
Alamo simulator 'Nam's political section presupposes that the war is the voter’s primary concern. Working on the principal that troop commitment is unpopular and withdrawal popular, your Presidency faces a ‘no win’ scenario right from the off. As Pres’ you must balance military needs against poll standings, a pertinent factor as elections draw close. Each political decision has a definite, although not always obvious reaction. Advising you is a PR executive who wants to hike your poll ratings up and a Military advisor who is forever screaming for more fire-power. All factors that led
LBJ to announce, "Vietnam is like the Alamo-'.
Spooky understands!
Tables and charts of kill ratios are at your disposal, reflecting the prosecution of the war. Clicking through a Presidential ledger you can allot cash and troops to various parties, corps and causes. The war's profile can be altered too, as you choose to enlist reserves, define the nature of aerial support and the amount of US aid grants.
'Nam is a military simulator first and foremost though. Any DOMARK ¦ £24.95 Mouse and keyboard fighting, or, the result will be stunningly similar to the real thing. “It was startling to find out that we had no military plan to win the war"
- Clark Clifford US Secretary of Defence, 1968.
The four administrative corps that constituted 'Nam are used as the nominal divisions for the war map. Each unit has a 'square' of influence which represents the areas they patrol and will fight to protect. When they overlap with any VC or NVA (North Vietnamese Army) units there are skirmishes.
As the war hots up, morale and numbers are affected as casualties rise. Long-term hostilities will weaken a units effectiveness and must be continually monitored.
BOMB MANOEUVRES Moron Even while concentrating upon the land war, it pays to continually check the Presidential desk for the newspaper reports. They provide early warning of public disquiet and rumours of new VC offensives. The reports can force a change of policy, just when you've started to cope. Beware though, such policy ited but the differences in response to apparently similar levels of troop or financial allocation are profound.
'Nam has massive initial appeal because it is a historical period to which we have been heavily exposed. Vietnam was the first TV war, but 'Nam is not the first com- decisions that Presidents have to, or have the power to, make.
Ironically the accuracy of the simulation makes the game difficult to win and the game easily degrades into a series of excessive experiments. Who ever said art doesn't imitate life! Trenton Webb m j j h i ? Incredibly difficult to win, or even do well!
? No difficulty variants.
? Inventive use of still graphics on the political screens.
? Political problems add spice to a good strategic war-game.
Troops sent for a tour need guidance to be effective. It is here that 'Nam changes from an aloof political sim to a strategic military war-game. Vietnam, as we have been continually reminded by Hollywood, was no ordinary war.
The standard US strategies simply didn't work against a ghostly guerrilla force that refused to stand up and fight. It’s essential to have an overall plan that takes account of the Viet Cong's peculiar way of changes can turn the US military machine into "a moron wandering through a foreign land." - Tim O'Brien, Gl and author.
'Nam scores quickly, even after a short period of play, it becomes apparent the war was a complex puzzle. Ad hoc tactics will not suffice, an overall strategy is needed and the manual readily supplies different theories. The parameters which can be altered to affect your initial powers are lim- puter war and for this reason it has to be more than a war-game. The introduction of political influences does give the game a special flavour, especially if you choose to play one of the pre-set scenarios.
'Nam hits you with accuracy first and depth second. Vietnam is a stupidly shaped country and as such nigh on impossible to defend in a traditional fashion. 'Nam is educational, not just on a violence front, but on the style and range of Nev support 1 | 1128 Popularity
- 921 721 SW Stability
- 267 249 NLF losses 1285 38293 rUA Losses 218 25615
Pacification .
- 1i -73
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Write here Please send me my FREE copy of the Mieronet brochure and show me how to really get 'in touch' Age - Address- Tel No__ Machine type -C AF4 ) Send the coupon now to: MICROSET. PO. Box 1351. Hmdon, XW2 TilZ.
OB pliom FREE on 0500 200 700 for your FREE Mieronet brochure ) Mieronet is I ho place where thousand* of computer enthusiasts got together You ran talk to other members with your computer, hold conferences and send olootronio mail telex and fax."
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From about 2 op per das (plus local phone charges"). This is an offer that shouldn 't be missed - g in touch now for full details.
In touch. Informed. In a word ... MK'RO. i;r ¦ FAX is an optional extra via the INTERLINK gateway. Cheap rate local phone charges are approximately Ip per minute inclusive of VAT The original conversion of Hard Drivin' met with a less than favourable response.
After being initially impressed with its speed, the final version proved to be a great deal slower and laden with bugs.
The sequel is basically the same game, except that a few refinements have been made to the package. To begin with, a few of the bugs have been ironed out, for example the cars react to the background properly instead of appearing and disappearing in the wrong places.
Drive blind If you have not seen the original Hard Drivin’, the game itself places you in control of a rather super, shiny, red sports car driving around a circuit.
One of the main additions of Hard Drivin' II is the track editor. Here you can use a set of track segments and building blocks to build your own circuit. You can choose to edit one of the tracks on the disk or create one from scratch. The track is built up from various segments which must be fitted together to form a closed loop and a separate, alternate route.
Once you have created the circuit, you can embelish it by placing signs around the outside as well as houses, shops and fields. When you have finished designing, a drive-around demo is played, so you can change anything you're not happy with.
D DRIVIN’ Domark ¦ £24.99 Mouse back out to the CLI. Not very polished, to say the least!
Still, if you’re a fan of the coinop, then this version gets closer than it's predecessor and the track editor - despite being very fiddly to use - is a decent addition.
However, the game still falls far short of its potential. Let's wait and see what happens with the Hard Racin' conversion maybe that one will hit the delay in starting after a crash is annoying - especially as the clock still ticks down!
One indication of some of the rough edges is the fact that instead of jumping back to the menu when you hit escape, the game dumps mark.
Matff Evans I HM ? The game is basically the same as the original, with a few bugs removed.
? The ability to be able to link two machines and drive head-to-head is a nice one.
? The track editor boosts the value, but it is not the easiest thing in the world to try get to grips with.
? There are still a few glitches in there!
? An adequate conversion which is a little more advanced than the last version - but not by too many miles.
THE SPEED AND STUNT TRACKS The Speed Track is the main part of the circuit. All that you are required to do is simply whiz around the track as fast as you can while avoiding smashing into the drone cars. If you manage to reach the finish in record time you can enter a challenge race against the Phantom Photon.
The Stunt Track is where the real Hard Drivin' takes place, and is where the challenge race is set. As well as the usual hazard of twisting bends and drone cars, you must overcome a series of obstacles, including open bridges, jumps, ramps and an almighty loop.
Care must be taken on either track, since if you come off the road, a 10 second countdown begins. If the time runs out then if s adios AMIGAs! Crashes are also heavily penalised and to make matters worse, a camera-view replay of your disaster is replayed.
Ringing the changes The original game was plagued with more than its share of problems. The dodgy control, glitchy graphics and unusual features' unsurprisingly put quite a few people off the game. The sequel has managed to iron out some of the wrinkles, but there are still a few odd quirks.
Steering around the loop is pretty dodgy, tending to fly off the left-hand side even when the wheel is jammed hard to the right. The AMIGA DEALS AMIGA 500 STANDARD PACK ? A500 computer ? 512k RAM ? 1Mb disk drive ?
? Mouse ? Modulator ?
? Power supply ? Operation-manuals *
* workbench disks, etc. ?
£314 .95 ? Amiga as in Standard Pack ? The French Mistress ? The German Master ? The Spanish Tutor ? The Italian Tutor Exclusive Amiga Packs from Dowling, as easy as A, B, C. ?aCk A EURO LANGUAGE PACK 1992 All for just £329.95 ROBOCOP AND FRIENDS PACK ? Amiga as in Standard Pack ? Robocop ? Batman The Movie ? Indiana Jones ? Ghostbusters II All for just £329.95 Pack c THE ALL NEW ULTIMATE GAMES LANGUAGE PACK ? Amiga as in Std Pack ? The French Mistress ? The German Master ? The Spanish Tutor ? The Italian Tutor ? RVF Honda ? Microprose Soccer ? Tower of Babel ? Kid Gloves ? Datastorm ? Robocop
? Batman The Movie ? Indiana Jones ? Ghostbusters II ? Powerplay ? E-Storm ? Dungeon Quest ? Grand Monster Slam ? Shufflepack Cate PLUS:- High quality mouse mat, dustcover and joystick.
ALL FOR THE UNBELIEVABLY LOW PRICE OE £369 95 £ & pack i AMIGA PERIPHERAL PACKS pack 2 o TOTAL RRP £79.85 PACK PRICE £39.95 TOTAL RRP £179.75 ...PACK PRICE £99.95 COMPUTERS o UNIT 3, FORGE CLOSE, LITTLE END ROAD, EATON SOCON, CAMBS EURO LANGUAGE DISK DRIVE PACK ? Cumana CAX 354 Disk Drive....RRP £89.95 ? The French Mistress ..RRP £19.95 ? The German Master ..RRP £19.95 ? The Spanish Tutor .RRP £19.95 ? The Italian Tutor ....RRP £19.95 Total RRP £169.75 Special Pack Price £89.95 Megaboard Ram Expansion RRP £49.95 40 capacity lockable
disk box RRP £9.95 20 3.5" DS DD disks with labels ...RRP £19.95 EURO LANGUAGE, MUSIC AND ART SOFTWARE PACK ? Music X Junior .RRP £79.95 ? Photon Paint 2 vl. 1 .RRP £89.95 ? The French Mistress .RRP £19.95 ? The German Master .RRP £19.95 ? The Spanish Tutor ....RRP £19.95 ? The Italian Tutor RRP £19.95 Total RRP £249.70 Special Pack Price £69.95 Cumana CAX 354 disk drive ....RRP £89.95 Megaboard Ram Expansion .....RRP £49.95 40 capacity lockable disk
box ....RRP £9.95 20 3.5' DS DD disks with labels RRP £19.95
3. 5" disk drive cleaner kit ...RRP £9.95 AMIGA l 2
* Uses latest 4 chip design
* Memory on oft switch
* Option ot battery backed clock
* Full 12 month guarantee
* New super low price £29.95 Clock version £34 .95 3 ' 2 HIGH I
QUALITY DISKS Box of 50 .....£19.95 Box of
100 ...£37.95 Box of 250 ...£79.95 I Roll of 1000
labels .£5.99
* 100 % certified
* Individually wrapped
* 'Made in Japan' Media | ? Fully Guaranteed CUMANA CAX |354 DISK
* Latest slimline design
* High speed access
* Acknowledged as 'the best' RRP £89.95 SCOOP PRICE £59.
DOWLING 95 LC-200 FACT FILE | Multi-purpose 9-pin, 80 column dot matrix printer with colour I '(Black and colour ribbons included as standard I .V Electronic dip switches (see LC24-200) | Jt 180 cps draft elite 45 cps near letter quality | High speed draft facility 225 cps at 12 cpi | .V Swivel selectable push or pull tractor I -V Bottom feed IRRP £297.85 OUR PRICE £199.95 STAR LC10 MONO £149.95 STAR LC24-10 £199.95 LC24-200 FACT FILE ¦ IL Versatile 24-pin 80 column dot matrix printer ¦V 200 cps in draft elite 67 cps in letter quality mode .V 10 resident LQ fonts .'( A high speed draft
facility of 222cps at lOcpi .V Swivel selectable push or pull tractor .V Bottom feed .V Advanced paper parking with sheet feeder installed .V The economy of first and last line printing .V 7 K-byte buffer expandable to 39k-bytes RRP £366.85 OUR PRICE £239.95 LC24-200 COLOUR FACT FILE ' Multi-purpose colour version of the 24-pm LC24-200 Jr Seven colour printing - black, purple, orange, green, pink, blue and yellow
- V 30 K-byte buffer expandable to 62 K-bytes .V 10 resident
letter quality fonts: Sanserif, Times Roman, Courier, Prestige.
Script and italic versions Electronic dip switches operable
from the push button front control panel (as the LC24-200 mono
THE NEW 200 SERIES FROM "The best printers just got better!"
Only available when purchased with a printer.
? Parallel printer cable ..RRP £14.95 ? 200 sheets listing paper RRP £6.95 ? Quality tailored dust cover.RRP £12.95 TOTAL RRP £34 .85 PACK PRICE £9 .95 Above pack with printer stand ONLY £14 .95 ESSENTIAL COMPUTER ACCESSORY PACK 1 I * Competition Pro 5000 joystick RRP £16.95 ? High quality solid perspex computer dustcover .....RRP £14.95
* 20 31 2' DS DD disks with
labels RRP £19.95
* 40 capacity lockable disk
box ...RRP £9.95 I ? 31 2“
disk drive cleaner
kit ..RRP £9.95 TOTAL
PACK 2 ? Naksha high quality
powermouse .RRP £34.95 ? High
quality 8mm
mousepad .....RRP £8.95 ?
High quality solid perspex computer dust cover .....RRP
£14.95 ? Twin joystick mouse extension
leads .RRP £9.95 TOTAL RRP £68
80 PACK PRICE £29 .95 THE NEW AMIGA 1500 ONLY £669.95 INC VAT
|Not only does the Amiga 1500 accept all standard Amiga 2000
peripherals but can also be lupgraded to full IBM
compatibility. Just feast your eyes on what you get:- 1-V
Latest Commodore Amiga 1500 computer complete with 1Mb of Ram
(expandable to 9Mb) and 2 x 3.5' 880Kb disk drives.
I .V Platinum Works:- An integrated word processor, database and spreadsheet package.
I- Deluxe Paint III:- Paint Animation package.
I. V Populous & Sim City:- Two great strategy games. This pack
with 1084S I Battlechess:- The most exciting game of chess
you'll ever play. Colour monitor I Their finest hour:-
Battle of Britain brought to life.
|- A-Z of Computer jargon. £929 95 |- 'Get The Most Out Of Your Amiga':-Two introduction books.
I .V Optional 1084S Stereo colour monitor.
AT LAST - THE COMPLETE 5 STAR REPAIR SERVICE I* We will send our courier to pick up your faulty computer, all we ask is that you pack it adequately' I* We will repair and soaktest your Amiga to the highest standard I* We will guarantee the parts replaced for a full 3 months I* We will extend the guarantee to a period of 12 months for a nominal £25 I* We will return your computer speedily via courier |The truly complete service for only £59.95 |N.B Dowling reserve the right to refuse machines in the unlikely event that in our opinion they are beyond reasonable repair.
’ U.K. mainland only.
COMPLETE VIDI-AMIGA SCOOP Another Dowling exclusive giving you a complete system enabling you to connect your Amiga to any standard video i jcorder and star frame grabbing!
Pack includes:- Vidi - Amiga (Pal version),..RRP £114.95 Vidi - RGB Splitter .RRP £69.95 Vidi - RGB Power Supply RRP £9.95 Vidi- Chrome ...RRP £19.95 E180 VHS Video Tape RRP £6.95 TOTAL RRP £221.75 SCOOP PRICE £149.95 NEW: 7000 SQ FT PREMISES, NEW: RETAIL PREMISES, NEW: SOFTWARE DIVISION 2 | TELESALES ORDER LINE (MON-FRI) 0767 681760 (SAT) 0480 403304 SOFTWARE DEPARTMENT We are proud to announce that due to strong customer demand we have now opened our mail-order software department. With the growing concerns over ordering software via mail order you can now put
your faith into one of the country s leading mail-order companies. We have tried to make ordering your software as easy as possible and suggest you use the attached coupon at the bottom of this page. Alternatively you can call into our St. Neots shop during normal working hours for a fast and friendly service. Remember, we have been | established for over 5 years and it is you, the customer, who has made us as | successful as we are today!
DOWLING SPECIAL OFFERS • SPECIAL OFFERS • SPECIAL OFFERS 4th and Inches £7.99 Airborne Ranger .....£9.99 Ait Heads £ ?99 Ajsltrutt £9 99 l £4 99 Batarce c* Pcwe' 1ft 9"* Mtstn £4 99 Bazba'ian 7 iPaacel £7 99 Blastemas £4 99 BtoodMcne, £799 Boulderdash Const Kit £4.99 Brian Clough's Football £6.99 Bubble Ghost Plus ..£4.99 CaDtao Blood £4.99 Centrefold Sauares £7.99 Chambers ot Shaoltn ..£6.99 Chicago 90s ...£4.99 Cloud
Kingdoms .....£4.99 Count Duckula £6.99 Daily Double Horse Racing £7.99 Deluxe Strip Poker .£7.99 Double Dragon £7.99 Dragon Spirit ..£4.99 Dragons Breath ......£9.99 Drakken .....£10.99 Eagle Riders £4 99 £499 £9.99 £7 99 £9.99 £7.99 £9.99 Fantasy World ttay .... F ba« Manager II * Exp Kit Football Simulation ...... Full Metal Ptanete . Gauntlet H. ... Gm & Cribbage Grand Prix
Circuit ...£9.99 Gravity £6.99 Gunship .£12.99 Highway Patrol 2 £6.99 Hound ot Shadow ...£7.99 Infestation .....£9.99 Ingrids Back ...£8.99 International 3D Tennis £7.99 Jumping Jackson ...£7.99 Kid Gloves .....£7.99 Klax ....£9.99 Krypton Egg .£6.99 Laser Squad ..£6.99 leaderboard ...£6.99 Lords ot
the Rising Sun £11.99 Manic Mmer ...£7.99 Marble Madness .....£7.99 Menace ...£4.99 Millenium 2.2 ..£6.99 Mr. Hell .£8.99 Ninia Spirit ......£9.99 North and South .....£9.99 P-47 Thunderbolt ..£7 99 Powerdrome ...£7.99 Quest lor the Time Bird £6.99 Rick Dangerous ......£8.99
R. V.F. Honda ...£9.99 Safari
Guns ....£3.99 Shoot Em Up Const. Kit
£9.99 Silent Service ..£9.99
Silkworm .£7.99 Sim
City £14.99 Spy Vs
Spy .....£4.99 Spy Vs Spy
II ..£4.99 Spy Vs Spy
III ..£4.99 Stunt Car
Racer .....£9.99 Swords ot
Twilight ..£7.99 Tank
Attack .....£7.99 The
Cycles .....£8.99 Theme Park
Mystery ...£6.99 Time
Machine .£9.99 Tower ot
Babel £8.99 Treasure Island
Dizzy ..£4.99 Treasure
Trap .£7.99
Tusker .£7.99 Weird
Dreams .£8.99 7any
ONLY £7.99 Tetris. Black Shadow. Golden Path. Joe Blade |
Skychase, Strike Force Harrier.
Lancaster, Skyfox II 1 TEAM YANKEE 1 1 A SNATCH AT 1 £18.99 UMS II A MUST AT £18.99 IDYNASTY1 WARS 1 ONLY £5.99 1 STIR CRAZY - BOBO ONLY £4.99 1 JUMPING ¦ MAGNUM 4 ONLY £19.99 1 JACKSON 1 Afterburner. Double Dragon, Operation Woll. 1 1 ONLY £7.99 1 Batman Caped Crusader EMOTION ONLY £5.99 1 CRACKDOWN 1 1 ONLY £5 99 1 FERRARI FORMULA 1 NOW IN AT £7.99 1 EAGLE RIDER 1 ONLY £4 99 1 PREMIER COLLECTION 2 - ONLY £4.99 1 NAKSHA MOUSE CUMANA EXTERNAL DRIVE FAERY TALE ADVENTURE GNIUS Mercenary. Custodian. Backlash. Eliminator 1 GHOST - ONLY £27.99 ONLY £59.95 ONLY £4.99 ONLY £2.99 KEEP THE THIEF NOW IN
AT £7.99 1 BARDS TALE 2 1 1 NOW IN AT 1 £7.99 LIGHT CORRIDOR ONLY £16.99 JUST IN 1 MYSTICAL 1 ONLY £14 99 SOCCER MANIA ONLY £9.99 ‘ -..... '1 n "Sv’-l'r ¦ 1 | Soccer, iootball Manager World Cup Edition | WELLTRIS ONLY £12.99 CLOUD FULL METAL tavatppc KINGDOMS ONLY £4 99 PLANETE ONLY £9.99 IUYUItto ONLY £4.99 ¦2222 1 MIND GAMES - ONLY £17.99 llftwflBggaalfBgl Austerlit Waterloo Conflict in Europe
T. N.T. - ONLY £19.99 Hard Drivin'. APB, Toobin, Xybots.
Dragon Spirit POWERPACK - ONLY £17.99 Xenon 2. Bloodwych. TV Sports Football.
Lombard Rally PURPLE SATURN DAY ONLY £6.99 WRATH OF THE DEMON ONLY £19.99 TIN TIN ON THE MOON ONLY £3.99 SEGA MASTER MIX ¦ ONLY £17.99 Super Wonderboy, Turbo Outrun, Crackdown, Thunderblade. Dynamite Dux HOLLYWOOD COLLECTION - ONLY £20.99 | Robocop. Ghostbusters 2. Indiana Jones & Last | Crusade, Batman the Movie SUPREMACY ONLY £19.99 JUDGE DREDD ONLY £13.99 I EUROPEAN DREAMSl ONLY £4.99 Stir Crazy - Bobo, Teenage Queen, Action Service, Billiards Sim HIGH ENERGY ONLY £16.99 I Tin Tin on the Moon, Teenage I | Queen, North & South, Fire &| Forget, Hostages F16 Falcon £13.99 Falcon Mission 1
£9.99 Falcon Mission 2 £9.99 OR ALL 3 £29.99 I AMERICAN DRF.AMSl ONLY £4.99 Bubble Ghost, Operation Neptune, Hostages, Super Ski FUTURE DREAMS ONLY £4.99 Warlocks Quest, G-Nius, Spidertromc, Purple Saturn Day SUPER QUINTET ONLY £4.99 Hostages, Bubble Ghost, | Warlocks Quest, Passengers | on the Wind 1 & 2 ACCESSORIES 11 2 Meg Upgrade £34.99 11 2 Meg Upgrade • Clock .. £37.99 12M Joystick Mouse ext lead 140 Lockable Cksk Box 180 Lockable Disk Box ... 194 Bam Stackable Box II60 Posso Stackable Box £189 99 I . £3 99 I £4 991 £27 99 1 £279 99 1 £12 991 £12 99 1 £9 99 I £159
99 1 £219991 £289.99 I £249 99 I 8 991 £24 99 I £19.99 I £19.99 I Golden Image Scanner .. Mouse House ... Mouse Mat 6mm Vaksha Mouse Ptxkps CM8833 Monitor... Pro 5000 ... Qmtkjoy Jethgtlter Ron 1060 Labels 3.5-..... Star LC10 Mono Printer... Star LC200 Colour Pnnter Star LC24-200 Colour Pnnter ..... Star LC24-200 Mono Pnnter Ouick|0y 3 .. Quickjoy Intra Red .. Quickjoy Mega Board .... Quickioy Topstar £6 99 £699 £7 99 £13 99 £1799 £7 99 £4 99 £6 99 I Amiga 4 Player
¦ Amiga SCO Cxjst Cover Armg Box 10 Bulk Disks.
I Box 10 Sony Branded Disks £9.99 Icheetah 125. £? 99 Icommodoie 1084 Monitor .£259 99 (Contriver Mouse ..£22.99 I Disk Cleaning Kit ...£2.99 iGolden Image G1600 Mouse . £24 99 I Golden Image Optical Mouse £49 99 Please charge my Access Visa No: .... Expiry date: .... 10RDERF0RM W’”e”} Please make cheques ¦ w.. v-i jq pay,abie to IPIease supply me with the following for DATE: ... I Dowling
Computers Ltd DATE: ..... NAME: ... ADDRESS: [Computer ililies Credit card orders taken. Orders under £5 add 75p P&P. For First Class add 75p P&P UK only. EEC countries add £2.00 per item. Non EEC countries add £3.00 per item.
Express airmail £4.00 per Item.
All items subject to availability. All prices subject to change without notice. E.& O.E. Price Post Code TEL: AMIGA FORMAT APRIL'91 IfllO Tank Killer ... I Atonic Robokid .... IB A I ...... I Battle Command . I Captive . I Chaos Strikes Back . I Chase H Q. 2 . I Corporation . I Days ot Thunder .... I Dragon Breed I Dragon Wars I Dragons Lair 2 Timewarp .
IE Swat .... IF19 Stealth Fighter ...... I Fina' Whistle ..... I Gazza 2 . I Gokten Axe ..£19.99 £16.99 £19.99 £17.99 £16.99 .£17.99 £17.99 £16.99 .£16 99 £14.99 £17 99 ..£27.99 £17.99 £18.99 £8.99 £1699 ..£16.99 Harpoon (1 Megl Hero s Quest II Megl.. Indiaonapohs 600 Judge Dredd Kick Oft 2 ... Kick Oft 2 II Megl .
Leisuresuit Larry 3 Lotus Turbo Challenge Ml Tank Platoon.
Midnight Resistance N ARC ... Ninja Remix .. Oroitus . Paradroid 90 ... Player Manager .. Powermonger Prince ot Persia .....£18.99 £16.99 £16 99 £16 99 ... £16.99 .....£22.99 Gengis Khan Golaol the A tecs . Hard Drivin 2 .. Knights ol Legend Last Ninja 3 ...... Lemmings ... Meta! Masters ... Midwinter 2..... £22 99 £16.99 £16.99 £1999 .....£16.99 ... £16.99 Sly Spy . Starlight...... Star Trek V .. Street Hockey.. .... Team Suzuki The Keep .
....£16.99 £16 99 ...£16.99 ......£16.99 .....£16.99 ......£1699 .... £15.99 .....£16.99 .. £19.99 The Punisher £16.99 £16 99 Total Recall ... ......£16 99 .... £19.99 Mig 29 Fulcrum .... MUD S £22.99 .....£16.99 Tusker ..... £16.99 . £16.99 Turrican 2 £13.99 £16.99 Myth . £16 99 Ultima V ... ..... £19 99 .....£16.99 Omnicron Conspiracy...... .....£17.99
U. M-S. II .. £18.99 £13 99 Oops
Up1 £12 99 Vendetta ... £17.99 ... £16.99
Pang £16 99 Viz £16 99 £16.99 Plotting
£1699 Wonderland .... £1999 . £13.99 Predator
2 ... £1799 Zinax ..... £16 99 .... £19.99
Saint Dragon £16 99 L Out .... £13 99
EDUCATIONAL SOFTWARE Answer Back Junior Answer Back Senior
...... Better Marhs 112 161 Setter Spelling 1814).....
Dinosaur Discovery Kit.
Scover Chemistry discover Maths ... discover Numbers ..... discover the Alphabet discovery Maths...... discovery Spelling Donald s Alphabet Chase..... :irst Letters & Words. ......
- irst Shapes .. Tench Mistress tun School 2
tunder 6)..... Fuii School 2 16-81 ..... iuii School 2
- un School 3 (under 5) Fun School 316-71 ... Fun School 3
German Master .. Sooty s Railway Express Hooray Henrietta . Italian tutor .... Junior Typist 1610) Kid Talk Lets Spell At Home Lets Spell At Shops Magic Maths (4-8) Mam Taft Maths Mania 1812) .... Mickey S Crossword Maker Mickey s Runaway Zoo My Paint ... Postman Pat Prot Looks at Words...... Prot Makes Sentences..... Prot. Plays a new Game..... Puzzle Book Vol I .. Puzzle Story Book ..... Rhyming Notebook ..... Spanish Tutor Spellbook (4 9) ..... The 3 Bears ..
Things to do with Numbers.. £lt £1 : £13 99 £13 99 £13 99 £14 99 £14 99 £13 99 £1699 £1699 £13 99 £13 99 £13 99 £13 99 £1699 £1699 £1699 £13 99 £1399 £16 99 £1399 £1299 £1699 £14 99 £1499 £16 99 £16 99 £16 99 £13 99 £13 99 £22 99 £6 99 £16 99 £1699 £1999 £14 99 £16 99 £16 99 £13 99 £14 99 £16 99 £1499 LANGUAGE LEARNING PACK-exclusive to Dowling I With 1992 just around the corner, isn't it about time you learned a foreign language that our European counterparts use Here at Dowling we have put together a pack which ensures you learn at least one language m 3 months.
| PACK COMPRISES:- . , The French Mistress RRP £19.95 " The lamous HUGO 3 MONTH CASSETTE Iv tu O IX * nnnr.nnc LANGUAGE COURSE in either French, The German Master......RRP £19.95 German, Spanish or Italian. The course 3 Tho Rnankh Ti rtnr RRP f l Q QA consists of 4 audio tapes and The Spanish lutor .KKR £19.95 comprehensive learning book. RRP V' The Italian Tutor .....RRP £19.95 £29.95 each The total RRP ot this pack is usually £ 109 75. Our Special pack price is £ 4 9.9 5
N. 8. Remember to state which HUGO course you require when
I Additional Hugo courses available at ust £24.95
• NEW RELEASES COMING SOON 1 1 Meg Cricket ....
I Adidas Golden Shoe ...... I Alcatraz .
I Alpha Waves . I A TI 2
.. I Bandit King ot Ancient China I
Barbarian H IpsynosisI ... I Blade
Warrior .... I Blue
Max I Bomber Bob .. I
Chips Challenge .. I Chuck Yeagers AT T. V2 ...... I
Delta Arrnalyte ...... I Deuteros Ittie Next Millenium).
I Dynamic Debugger I! Uropean Superleague I Flight ot the Intruder .
I Aegis Somx £14.99 A MAS .£79.95 AMOS .£32.99 Animation Studio ....£79 99 Can Do ..£69 99 Comic Setter ...£39 99 Deluxe Music Const. Kit ..£49 99 Deluxe Paint 2 .....£9.99 Deluxe Paint
3 ...£59 99 Deluxe Print 2 ...£34 99 Deluxe Video 3 ..£59 99 Devpac 2 ...£44.99 Digicalc £27.99 Digi Paint 3 £59.99 Digiview Gold ..£119.99 HisoH Basic .....£59.99 Home
Accounts ......£22.99 Kmdwords £37.99 Lattice CV5 ....£169.99 Mastersound ....£32.99 Mavis Beacons Typing ....£19.99 Movie Setter £39.99 Music X 1.1 Version .....£89 99 Music X Junior ..£49 99 Pagesetter 2 .£49.99
Pagestream .£99 99 Pen Pal ..£99.99 Photon Paint 2 .....£14 99 Photon Video ...£34.99 Prodata ...£59.99 Protext V4 .....£59.99 Protext Ver 5 ......£109.99 Pro Write 3.0 ..£109 99
Quartet .£34.99 Sculpt 4D £399.99 Sound Express ..£34.99 Superbase Personal 2 ....£24.99 Superplan ..£79.95 Transwrite .£59.99 Virus Killer ...£8.99 Word Pertect ..£179.99 £19 99
Puzznic .... £16.99 £23.99 Rick Dangerous 2 ...£16.99 £16.99 Robocop 2 ....£17.99 £13.99 Satan .£12.99 £12.99 Shadow ol the Beast 2 ..£22.99 £16.99 Shadow Warrior ......£16 99 £26.99 Simulcra ...£16.99 £16.99 Speedbali 2 ...£17 99 £18.99 Spmdizzy 2 £16 99 £16 99 Super Oft Rd Racer ..... £16 99 £16 99 Supremacy ......£19.99 £16.99 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles . £17 99 £22
99 Their Finest Hour ..£19 99 £16.99 Tournament Golt ....£16 99 £12 99 Wings 1 Meg) ...... £19 99 £19 99 Wings ot Fury ...... £16 99 £1699 Wolfpackil Meg) .£1999 THIS MONTHS TOP 50 CHARTBUSTERS TELESALES ORDER LINE (MON-FRI) 0767 681760 (SAT) 0480 403304 UTILITY PACKAGES ?NEW* PLATINUM CARD SERVICE .NEW*
* All ihe benefits of the succesful gold card service (above)
plus the following
- * Extended 2 year guarantee from dale of purchase.
I Peace of nun J for 2 years)
- * I Tee use of loan machine should yours need lo he repaired.
(Aow you never need be 'without your expensive pun base)
- * Free collection and delivery service for the full two years
should a fault occur, just make one simple phone call and leave
the rest to us!)
Exclusive platinum priviledged customer card entitling you to special offers.
- All ot these benefits for the incredible price of just
£3* .95 per item purchased.
N. H. In the unlikely ease of shortages of identical model loan
machines a suitable alternative will be offered DELIVERY i UK
Mainland, most a.. I Please add £6 courier delivery tor orders
over I £100, add £2 p&p for orders under.
? ????????????
* 7 day money back guarantee it not completely satisfied I
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you to special otters
* All this for a nominal £10 per item over £100 HOW TO ORDER BY
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Employing over 20 specialist staff, we are equipped to deal
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computer hardware is tested prior lo despatch, proving Dowlings
commitment to customer care So choose Do wling and put our
reputation to the test!
I ular, Moonshine Racers - an everyday tale of hooctwunning folk and their never-ending battle against the evil customs men.
You've played the demo, hummed the tune; but what is it like as a fully-fledged, foot-to-floor. Game?
Moonshine Racers is a road- race epic where, for a change, you play the villain - in a heroic Robin Hood sort of way. You have to haul a load of 'shine to the next county, but, in your way stand West Virginia's finest (or at least fattest) lawmen. Driving a beaten, but souped-up jalopy you have to negotiate the maze of tracks and country roads to avoid the police.
They however, like a demented Chase HQ crew, will try to ram you off the road, eventually damaging the truck so badly it has to stop.
The point of the exercise is deliverance, of the 'shine kind not Burt Reynolds! Firstly, your aim is to avoid being caught. Secondly, you must make the trip without spilling too much hooch so as to maximise your profit before the truck becomes so undriveably damaged, and time runs out. Finally, the aim is to reach the end of each stage first. You're racing against fellow 'shiners here who are, practised in the art of cutting corners, so the competition is tough.
Jalopys R Us Moonshine Racers uses this different plot well, creating an original theme and structure for the game.
Car based romps have gone to some ridiculous extremes to involve the most powerful scarlet motors around. Moonshine however, takes the opposite tack, by making the mam star a beaten old lalopy. The music supports this with 'duehn' banjo style music.
The appeal of race games comes as much from the speed as from the theme. Moonshine lets you hack through the back roads at a fair, but not stunning, speed.
The two lane blacktop's habit of ducking, diving, bobbing and weaving, somewhat makes up for this, but it is the highway obstacles that make the real difference. Each has a specific effect, which must be either used or dodged. Barrels of 'shine can be collected to top up your bounty, but the road blocks must be avoided or the law will immediately attach themselves to Fat Sam the Sheriff. One mean hombre.
Engine temperature gauge.
When it tops Mk', out you stop. * m SHINE ON HARVEST MOON Gear select display.
Your back fender. Others start to erode the cars performance, while roadworks provide handy ramps that can be used to get airborne in Dukes of Hazzard style.
The Beer Hunters The split motives help to add tension, as you are trying to being fun. It's full of character and is reasonably frantic, employing new motives to get you hacking through the backroads of backwoods America. Drawing on the cultural myth of moonshine runners gives the race game formula new life and a fresh face.
Trenton Webb THE CYCLES Wrap yourself around the chassis of the fastest bikes ever built.
Do battle with the world's greatest racers on the International Grand Prix motorcycle circuit.
Endure the thrills and spills as you strive to be number one.
POWERBOAT U.SA. Offshore Superboat Racing.
They rumble like thunder in the distance • the unmistakable sound of 3200 horsepower ripping apart a calm sea.
Powerboat U.S.A. puts you at the helm of 4 nautical thoroughbreds - remember to buckle your life vest, it's a bumpy ride.
Constantly balance four very different sets of conditions. Only if you finish first, with an undamaged motor and a truck load of booze will you gather enough cash to boost the car at the local shop.
And if you don't uprate the car you ain’t going to finish first on the next stage. To this end you’re given an almost unlimited turbo boost. If you’re behind just pour some moonshine into the tank and you crank up the revs. The problem is that the more you pour into the engine, the less there is to sell at the other end of the course!
RACERS Moonshine combines all the various elements of a standard race game, plus a whole bag more, but it never makes the classic grade. For all the extras the car never gets stunningly fast.
The theme is amusing, and has been used well by the designer, but it doesn’t exactly scream "play me". However, this can’t stop Moonshine (the game not the drink) VERDICT Novel twist on an established theme.
Quick, but not fast, robbers and cops car chase game.
Great themed graphics and music, help create that backwoods feel.
The slowly improving car adds longevity.
Tough, but beatable.
79% JACK NICKLAUS' Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship Golf.
Prepare for the ultimate Grand Slam challenge.
Featuring major courses such as Pebble Beach, St Andrews, Riviera and Royal Lytham, you'll experience the drama and high tension of one of the most comprehensive golf simulations ever created.
' P C (3 ur.i'urf £29.99 Jn 'fira £29.99 C«4 Disk ±£19.99 y JACK NICKLAUS’ Major Championship Courses of 1989.
Fancy an even greater challenge? Then do battle with three of the most demanding courses ever created.
With stunning graphics and many special features, each grand slam course will test your ability to the limit.
rrm v r r~ ONLY £7.99. PMW&PPING ¦HWHf BMI RO. BOX 350 MANCHESTER, OHIYLjm HlfifffflUMBffiH Californian street sass and slang all very well in a game involving skateboarding, but does it fit with skiing? Well Electronic Arts have the answer in the form of Ski or Die.
The game is very similar to their skateboard release Skate or Die, which appeared quite a few years ago, with you taking part in a competition comprising of a number of snow-based events.
Narly Moves, Man!
The game starts with you in Rodney's Ski Shop. Rodney is an overweight, street-talking ski fan, who introduces you into the world of snow sports. In the shop you can opt for a practice run or sign up for a full competition. Once you're ready, it's out to the slopes.
Outside the shop, you are given a number of paths to choose from, which lead to all of the various sections.
Eat Snow, Dude!
The first noticeable thing about Ski or Die is the rather garish colour scheme. The whole game has a kind of PC look about it, with plenty of blue, pink and green graphics around. Many of the events themselves are extremely similar to other games, the Downhill and Halfpipe sections are those that are similar to Skate or Die, the involved are rather perplexing and often have you selecting the wrong move, picking the wrong view or send you piling into a chasm. One glaring error is the fact that when you have more than one player using one joystick, the Innertube Thrash places both racers under
control of the same stick at the same time!
This is a shame, since without these few problems the game could have been quite a laugh. As it is, it's only for those who either love snow, skate-style or old Epyx sports games. Maff Evans SKI OR DIE ELECTRONIC ARTS ¦ £24.99 Joystick Snowball fight is very Operation Wolf and the Innertube Thrash is basically Toobin' on snow.
To begin with, performing stunts and flinging snow around are great fun, but the more you play, the more annoying niggles creep in. The control methods TRULY RIGHTEOUS WINTER, DUDES!
VERDICT SUPER SKWEEK LORICIEL ¦ £24.99 joystick and keyboard What have Van Gogh, Adolf Hitler and Skweek got in common?
They were all painters with a personality problem. Van Gogh went about posting himself to girlfriends, Hitler was a house painter turned genocidal it-V maniac and Skweek simply doesn't know when to quit. After his first eponymous outing and the countless scrapes therein, you would have thought the fur-ball kid i Cute with a silly French edge. Smart!
I but soon i very, very, tough indeed.
? Starts easily I Great graphics set up and support this illogically logical Skweek world.
A few strong improvements over Skweek I, but not many.
Fast paced arcade action, packed with shops, secret rooms and somewhat implausible bonuses.
Would have rebred by now.
Now. Thanks to Super Skweek.
It seems he's been tempted out for one last pink paint extravaganza.
Skweek lives in a world made of bles, which are normally pink. Disaster has struck the Skweek world though, as all the bright cute pink tiles have turned into a dull shade of grey. King Skweek is distraught and sends for the hero of the day: Skweek.
Fade to grey Skweek can turn the grey tiles of each level pink again, just by running over them. Obviously, doing this for over a 100 levels would be as dull as watching pink paint dry; so & each world is crammed with surprises. Firstly there are hordes of monsters after Skweekmg blood, each of which has ITS own personality and attack patterns in the best Pac Man traditions. Secondly there are stacks of special tiles that make life, well, short. Some explode under his little fluffy feet, others transport him around the land, then there's icy floors on which the poor little beggar can't
turn or stop.
WHAT NOT TO STAND ON The worlds are mercifully packed with bonuses to help the Big S paint the world pink. Some uprate Skweek by giving him greater fire-power, and speed his run up and provide a shield. Others affect the world itself - killing beasties, changing ble colours and so forth - or are point bonuses.
Finally, there are the coins left by dead monsters, which can be saved and spent in shops. These offer all the bonuses, at a price.
Rainbow islands The worlds he has to pmkify are separated into five groups of 45 islands. Skweek can work through them sequentially, or in a random fashion, unbl all the levels have been painted the brightest shade of pink imaginable. Skweek, however, is one of those games where the sum total is greater than the component parts.
The game is based on a graphically cute creature and the strange world in which he operates and has a curiously natural logic. It's packed with the kind of childish humour so often overlooked in favour of mega-death. And ironi- A power block may hava many affacts.
Shoot it and see.
I to shop.
I on the square fire.
Fire at these blocks as they flash to earn a points bonus.
© os m pulse between there and not there. Tricky.
A second floor piece.They usually act as normal tiles.
One way squares force you the direction they point.
This disappears as soon as Skweek stands on it.
M cally, for all ifs kiddie trappings, Skweek is one to keep out of the reach of children.
You’ll never get it back otherwise - and they'll beat your high score!
Super Skweek is an improvement over the original but not a great quantum leap. New touches - such as the two tier flooring - add a greater element of craziness. And that is what Skweek thrives upon. Ifs good, manic, charging fun, and as such is an ideal puzzle arcade.
Fans of the original should check it out immediately, as should anyone who likes their games to be franbe affairs with a strong element of silliness thrown in. Trenton Webb Magic, paints all tiles surrounding It pink when stood upon.
M Monster square, where the nasties come from.
M Scatters your shots all around the place in a spread if shot.
Transports you to another sub square when you press fire.
Sit This block is not J always an obstacle, it can be blasted flat.
ProFIIght A Amfa andAtari ST Fuel up, weapons loaded . .let's fly Some comments from ProFlight Customers "The best simulator on the ST by far " “ Very well done, the only Ilight simulator that gets it rightl Thanks " "The sheer range of things to do makes this a winner and with future expansions planned this one could become as popular os the now classic Flight Simulator II."
“A great deal of thought has gone into how the plane handles and the controls are very responsive."
ST Action, Match 1991.
"ProFlight isn't the same as other fighter sims - it really does feel real."
"ProFlight is addictive ... if you Ve got the hang of less realistic simulators, moving on to ProFlight will give many more months of exciting flying Very complex but enjoyable and well worth the clams I" ... change to missiles.. locked on... ... heat-seeking missile launched... HiSoft is delighted to announce the immediate availability of ProFlight for the Atar ST and Amiga.
ProFlight; a supremely occurate simulation of the Ponavia Tomodo military aircraft, a plane that is the fastest aircraft in the world ot ground level |Mach 1,2| and one of the fastest at any level (Mach 2.2) with advanced swing-wing technology that gives it a truly multi-role capability. ProFlight uses complex and exact flight equations that allow you to fly this powerful fighter iust like its pilots Everything is there ... you con fly peaceful reconaissance missions ot roar into full attack with cannons, bombs, heat-seeking Sidewinder and radar-guided Sky Flash missiles.
ProFlight comes complete with a professional 170-page, ring-bound flight manual which details every aspect of flying this exciting aircraft together with a pull-out specification sheet of the Tornado.
ProFlight is available from all good computet stores and costs only £39.95 inclusive (UK onlyl; if you have difficulty locating your copy, please call HiSoft on 0525 718181 and ask to speak to Julie.
Target destroyed.. back to base HiSoft High Quality Software The Old School, Greenfield, Bedford MK45 5DE UK.
Tel: +44 525 718181 Fax: +44 525 713716 more to it than just rushing around the place destroying things. And even if the controls are a little sticky to start off with, it only takes a few minutes to get used to them.
In sickness or, in sickness You have to make use of various spells, remembering which routes are safe, and take care of your failing health. The reason your health is in decline is because there’s no let up from the barrage of ghosts, wraiths, ralacks, beetles, snakes, slimes and skeletons which are out to make your life a misery. All they have to do is come near you and nasties get to breed more freely without your prophylactic wand to stop them.
Boy do they breed.
There is no hanging around here. They pop up in front of you, behind you, and even on top of you if you're not quick enough.
There is simply no let-up in your quest to get to the lower levels of the castle and do damage to Acamantor himself. Aside from the demons, there are ponds, pools and traps which will keep you on your coasters for a few hours at least. Tim Smith The wimpiest of magi' will tell you, a castle of demons is a castle which needs clearing out. In the land of Belorn four demon princes have been summoned by the despicable Acamantor, thus disrupting the equilibrium of a once cool and laid- back magic land. The princes keep the castle as a bastion against all things daisy-age. Wonderful and good. Your
task is to barrel in there and hoike them out.
WARLOCK - THE AVENGER MILLENNIUM ¦ £24.99 Joystick and keyboard SPELL CHECKING TIME Whilst on your many travels you will have to make use of four spells. Here is a quick run down of what they do.
1 2 3 You’re a powerful fellow so it shouldn’t be a problem. Frankly, you look like a dwarf in a Captain Birdseye beard who goes around the place on coasters but don’t let that worry you.
Gardening at night The game begins in the gardens atop the demons' tower. They look like pleasantly hedged fields, full of trees and flowers, but they are in fact mazes populated with vile creatures of the night. You can only move in certain directions in your attempts to collect spells from treasure chests, blast demons with said spells, and move on to the next level. Once you have collected one type of spell from a chest, the evil guiding force comes along and blasts it out of existence, so it is important to make sure you choose the right spell for your point in the game.
One of the off-putting things about Warlock is it feels much like Pac Man at the outset. But there’s you can feel your vital juices draining away like some Del Monte passion fruit-juice from a holed sty- roform cup. There are two ways of restoring health; either find and cast the Chaos spell, or locate a pentagram and stand in it for a while. Obviously standing still anywhere simply means that the VERDICT It's a simple idea which doesn't become too tedious after a few plays Sound is a bit on the dull side. More blatts and squidges than atmosphere Horrible loading. You only get one life, so
the first few plays make you all too familiar with the loading screen.
Mapping is required, as are speedy reflexes and the correct use of spells. It's not just a blast-em-up.
Graphically it’s jumpy with a few strange perspectives.
Dm Vietnam was a costly disaster for the United States.... :r- 4 H Could you - using the same resources - rewrite history and win the war America lost.... ?
As President, you must balance your military objectives against public opinion back home. The decision to be a hawk or a dove is yours.... Your aim: to achieve what the Americans failed to do - prevent South Vietnam falling to the Viet Cong guerillas .... Cham ’Nam is the result of four years extensive research by Matthew Stibbe, the author of the highly acclaimed Imperium.... noffi snft Iron Triangle Warn is incredibly accurate... (and) definitely rates ns: (t one of the hest ufnrynmes in years" CU Amiga Screens tar 90%
• i n Programmed and designed by: Matthew Slibbe 199! Domark
Software Lid 1991 Artwork & Packaging Domark Software Ltd
Published by Domark Software Ltd, Ferry House, 51-57 Lacy Road.
London SW15 1PR Tel 081-780 2724 r T Available on: Amiga, Atari
ST. IBM PC 3.5" & 5.25" & Apple Macintosh Amiga Screenshots
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A590 Had dive .....(269 AMIGA 590 Hard drive. Extra 2MB (329 Q at O 10 blank discs 100% guaranteed with PIN no in box (6.99 50 blank discs 100% guoronleed with PIN no . (17.99i KCS 500Power booidinc 512Kexp. MS DOS,Shell, 640K ......(279 A5000 68020 Actekrotonnr IBM MM ... (219 Rendaie 8802 Genlak (179 G2 Gwndod. For 2000 1500 ( 649 A2300 ntemoi geniod lot 700C 1500 .. (99 A2088 XT Bridge Boad. 640K MS DOS 3.3 ? 52? Drivt lor 2000 1500 (199 A2286 At Bridge Boord. IMS MS DOS 4.01 .STS'
drive lor 2000 1500 (599 A2058 8448 RAM exp boord popdoted to 2MB lor 2000 ) 500 (199 SUP SMB RAM exp boad, pop to 8M8 la 2000 1500 (349 A2630 68030 tad, populoted to 2MB la 2000 1500 . (999 A2630 68030 cord, populoted to 4MB la 2000 1500 (1299 A2090A 2092 20M8 Autoboot Hold Drive la 2000 1500 (299 A2O91 2094 40MB SCSI Auioboot Hard Orrve for 2000 1500 (499 A7320 Display Enhancer «ir J (Flkker Fixer) lor 2000 1500 (249 iiiiii At950 high ces colon moata lor 2000 1500 with A2320 ond 3000 (459 1MB static RAM for A3000 -[199 A500 1500 modutotor .. (28 Kghr* Gold v4 kc
Dtgipoint IMBI ..~ Disney AnmvohonStaio I IMS leg) ..(95 COMMODORE PREMIER DEALER Hobbyte proudly onnounio ibii highest C2M oicolade avoided to only ike top few dozen (BM deoleis oilonng ilia best in eApeMtse ond suppoil 1 ANCHES b. A dominant races In the N€W WomftTfa. Latest phtSeof tta North South war has been going on for over IO years, with a stalemate eventually develops - a Standoff between armies.masse«|pPSffong dug-in batttefront. Sutfi are yfc defensive capabilities of each side, full scale attacks are suicidal, kb any J offensive
moves are by necessity, smkll "behind the lines' actions performed by 1 elite troops In specially designed vehicles. The Mauler Is the latest; such machine
- capable of being lifted in and out of hostile territory by fast
stealth choppers - and armed with the most advanced weaponry
the Northern scientists can Apise Ocean Software Limited '6
Central Street Manchester M2 5NS Telephone: 061 632 6633 Telex:
669977 OCEANS C fax: 061 834 0650 Air-traffic control is not a
'glamour' job, just necessary and highly taxing.
Controllers are not only responsible for the safety of billions of dollars worth of aircraft, but the lives of thousands, every single working day.
Tower FRA is a simulation, neatly segmented into four chunks, of air-traffic control in Germany.
You take on the role of a controller in charge of either the Radar, Departure, Arrival or Tower duties.
It's essential that each job be carried out correctly and quickly, if the planes are to make it in one piece.
It’s a screen!
Your tools are a radar screen, a flight list and tracking computer.
As planes approach they must be identified and guided via mouse commands. The duties vary depending on which part of the sim you’re in. The difficulty level and airport stress the same skills throughout; knowing what to do next, knowing how to do it and doing it in time. The job appears easy on 'Holiday' level (where you begin) but gets tough when you take on bigger airports, with more runways, traffic and emergencies.
Tower FRA is a sim and it accurately reflects the job. It’s rarely exciting, but it is always demanding. Each level is timed and the more experienced your controller becomes (successes are saved to disk) the longer each portion of the sim lasts. The palms get sweaty as the clock ticks through the last few seconds of a section, especially if you've made no mistakes.
Functional not sexy The screen design for a tower game cannot be sexy. Functional yes, but multi-layer scrolling parallax no! You sit in front of a large circular radar. The screen’s larger than the monitor display and to see its extremities you roll the cursor to the edge, which causes the rest to flick into view. The visual display is composed purely of numbers and lines, which again isn’t pretty, just accurate.
Acting out another job may not sound the sort of challenge you want to take on after a hard day doing one for real. With little scope for flashy effects to fire the imagination Tower FRA sounds terminally flawed in the interest stakes. However, it is curiously compulsive once the procedural hurdles have been overcome and you begin to climb the air control kudos level.
To be really effective though, the limited range of mechanical complex enough to challenge but friendly enough to use. The voices still jar, but they can be tolerated.
It’s satisfying to have coped, even excelled, at the task especially after struggling with the manual.
Trenton Webb EhiMhl ? Voices are annoyingly mechanical.
? A good range of difficulty and situation options.
? Manual is far too confused to be really useful.
? Limited in its appeal, but worth struggling with if you find the subject interesting.
? Odd game theme that shouldn't be fun but is!
Umtam hh«|0 I 2 ji | ¦( “9“ BBS "E u*m 7 4-" -- u rTj ¦ ¦¦¦ 7 mu ibrnia ¦¦¦ L"*“_ V 1 Direction control 2 Direction Indicator 3 Height control 4 Velocity control 5 Turn command 6 Sand command 7 Taxiway indicator 8 Take-off landing indicator 9 Flight Identification 10 Radio Beacon 11 Take-off landing control 12 Handover control TOWER FRA THALION ¦ £24.99 mouse, one Meg only effects allowed by the nature of the simulation have to be spot on.
Here, Tower FRA hits an unsettling effects air pocket. The speech which acknowledges each command is fragmented and grates on the ear. It's obvious what has been said, but the pilots have all taken the Robby the Robot elocution course; probably by post!
Flight 723 has been delayed... Tower FRA's other mam flaw, lies in the manual. Few of us know the intricacies of air control and the desire to find out is one of the major reasons to play. The manual though, is patchy and doesn’t tell you what to do in each role clearly enough. All the information is there, it’s just damned hard to find quickly. Which is exactly what you need when an air disaster is imminent. The walk through intro, for example, happily burbles command jargon that is only explained much later in the manual. This isn't exactly what your first time air-traffic controller
needs and could be avoided with a comprehensive glossary (all found in one place) or at least an index.
Once the first few suspensions from duty - the penalty for messing up a mission - have been endured Tower FRA grows into a strong low-level control sim; that is Uho composed "Rhapsody in Blue"?
I Ira Gershwin Georye Gershwin Emlyn's face-splitting smile is a little rhapsodical. Your counter is on a yellow question-mark, indicating a music question. Ahead is a 10p cash prize. Never let it be said that Emlyn is stingy with his moolah.
From humble obscurity as a footballer with Liverpool FC to Colossus of the entertainment world. Emlyn Hughes is a man you can't ignore. Especially not when his beaming face turns up on your Amiga, as well as various sport-related programmes on at least three TV channels. Exactly what Emlyn's connections are with the seedy, twilight world of pub trivia machines, however, is somewhat unclear. The words 'contractual obligation' spring unbidden to mind.
Levels you still have enough time to collect the coins.
These don’t effect the game- play at all. Except that you can amass about 30p during one game, and you get asked whether you want to plough it back into the game, or keep it and start again.
How you are going to cash in your winnings isn't immediately obvious, so you'll probably have to blow it on another bout with Emlyn and his relentless questions.
AUDIOGENIC ¦ £24.99 Joystick Er...it’s a fella Every so often you'll come across a quick-fire section. It comprises of one question. You only have a second or two to select the answer, again from a choice of three. Get it right and the game continues pretty much as before. Get it wrong and you’re dumped right back at the beginning.
There is quite a range of questions, and they are all certainly up (or down) to Trivial Pursuit standard. What makes things more complicated is the inclusion of inverters. When your counter goes over one of these, Emlyn's thumb, up until now raised cheerfully, turns downwards. You must then answer all the questions incorrectly.
Although you have a 66 per cent chance of doing this just by selecting at random, it's much harder than you expect. Your immediate instinct is to scream out the correct answer and click on it without thinking first.
Options. Get it right and you may proceed. Get it wrong and you'll be asked another.
Whilst you are attempting to make your way across to the right of the screen, it is doing the opposite and scrolling slowly to the left, thus imposing a time limit and adding a bit of urgency to the proceedings. If you are dragged back to the left margin, you've lost. But it moves slowly, so on the earlier Questions, always questions... Meanwhile a graphic representation of Em' watches over all this with a face-aching smile. The only time you don’t see it is when you answer incorrectly. His hand then whips up and bashfully covers that cheesecake grin.
Emlyn Hughes Arcade Quiz is a bit of a non-starter. What it tries to do it doesn't pull off with any conviction. True, it does have a lot of questions, but it attempts to adhere too closely to the pub- machine format. It includes dire little tunes at the beginning of each round and even includes phrases like "Insert Com to Play" and rolls coins across the screen whenever you make another 20p.
What good is a pub quiz at home? It's lacking the only feature which makes it fun - a multi-player competitive element. It also lacks any incentive to keep you playing.
Sure, you can win about 50 computer pence. But what good is electric money? James Leach VERDICT ? Graphics are pretty rudimentary.
? There are a lot of questions covering a wide variety of topics.
? Sound simulates pub machine jangling far too accurately.
? Better keep the dosh, go to your local and spend it there (on Trivia Machines not beer, obviously).
On the fruity What you must do in his Arcade Quiz is move a counter along paths made up of blocks, from one side of the screen to the other. Some of the blocks are empty, others contain coloured question-marks, fruit-machine symbols or money.
Land on a question-mark and you'll be asked some typical colour- coded trivia query. You have three The difficulty of the questions varies tremendously in all games of this genre.
Emlyn Hughes Arcade Quiz is no exception. You might well be asked Who wrote the Pastorale Symphony?'
Answer - Beethoven, as anyone knows. Or you might be asked rally driver Pentti Arikkala's nationality. Or when Queen Victoria died. Or what the largest land mammal is. Or even why Emlyn left A Question of Sport.
Fortunately there don't seem to be too many of those annoying What was Band X's last album called?'
Questions, which are out of date about quarter of an hour after they're written.
When Little Lucy is stolen bv the terhble ACHACHA her two friends BIN and PIN really get angry! When thev land a punch KERPOW! No one stands up.
OVNAMIII DUS'" AND SK.Aii. ARI TRAD!MARKS Ol SIC.A INIIHPHIsfs III) MANUFAC 1IJRID UNDIK IK INC 1 (ROM SfCA INT1RPRISIS III) |A)‘AN . '((.A 198BW90 p'i A IIVIMON (UK: HD EN|OY FRANTIC oriental action in this Nin|a beat-em-up. Search tor kidnapped children and dispose ot marauding thugs with blows from feel, lists and shuriken stars. Classic Sega coin-op thrills!
1 lW SjR.
You are MULK, pal... and as THE totally wicked revolutionary your gonna build 2 assassination machines The Nm|a Warriors and attempt to chill out the evil master-greek, BANGLER IICINCIO IROM lo IAIKI ( OKI- IRB8 IN*€i I*U(MM «II»1 RANDOA COPVRIC.HI 1 Ml SAItM C RM IRBR'R) DISTRIBUTID B) VIRGIN MAMIRIRI The Double Dragons, Billy and jimmy, seek lo avenge the death of Marian and might even be able to bring her back to life it they can only penetrate the secret lair ot the Shadow Boss.
I*MIVIK(,IN MASTtRIROMC III) ' M ~ Available for:- "J % ,mj 11
1b PORTLAND ROAD LONDON W11 41A Boing!... catch the egg*...
Boing!... as they roll down the... Boing!... dinosaur's back
and... Boing!... into the air... Boing!... One of the three
‘bonus levels’ that appear after each tenth round.
Barrel chested, our hunky hero surveys the scene and things are looking good. Eggs hang from beneath the platforms, some hidden behind boulders, and his time-machine wobbles reassuringly In the corner.
TALE life one million years BC armed with only a champion cleavage. Our hero, Cronos Warchild, comes prepared with a time-machine. It is with this more practical - though decidedly less aesthetically-pleas- quite bland. Where A Prehistoric Tale does pick up points, however, is in the music department - the soundtracks are excellent.
Unfortunately, this just isn’t enough to raise it to a position above the common herd - there isn't enough depth to the gameplay. It is most definitely fun to play (especially in the simultaneous two- player mode - you can drop boulders on your buddy), and it isn't as straight-forward as it first appears, but then again don't expect anything wonderful.
For prehistoric fun, time- machines are all very well, but I think I would rather stick to Raquel’s cleavage. Neil West wmmM ? Original game idea, requiring a basic amount of foresight and planning ? Functional graphics, but with only a few 'nice touches ? Basic platform and ladder scenario offering little extra than the basic format ? 80 rather monotonous levels of egg- collecting action.
Along, long time ago dinosaurs ruled the earth.
Huge, lumbering beasts - nothing dared stand in their way.
Well, nothing that could be eaten.
Their power was awesome, particularly Dinosauros Allosaursu whose supremacy within the food chain is comparable only to the infamous Bernardarus Mathewus of today. It certainly was no place for mere humans to try and survive.
Unfortunately, it is into this inhospitable world that we must venture in order to save the human race of the future... Raquel Welch Seismic activity threatens to destroy the dinosaurs.
Earthquakes, volcanoes and tremors are decimating the scaly inhabitants of prehistoric Earth. No bad thing? Maybe. Unfortunately, the insignificant, furry warmblooded mammals that also occupy this hazardous land are our future. 'Man' has yet to evolve. If the dinosaurs die out, then our future generations go with them, Raquel Welch took on the trials of ing piece of hardware, that Cronos must attempt to try and transport the eggs and the dinosaurs' offspring to safer ground, and hence save the world.
Each level of A Prehistoric Tale offers a new platform and ladder scenario. The idea of the game is to venture from the safety of your time-machine, collect as many eggs as you can possibly carry and then return them to the safety of your capsule.
Obviously, this isn't as straightforward as it sounds. Firstly, you can only carry three eggs at a time. Secondly, before too long some of the eggs start to hatch.
Your prey, now worryingly mobile, have to be caged - simply picking them up is not enough. There are also baddies. Spiders, carnivorous plants. Creepy-crawlies and spikes also adorn the screens and must be avoided or destroyed. Every now and then a swarm of parent dinosaurs - mis- A PREHISTORIC THALION ¦ £24.99 Joystick guidedly thinking that your 'fiddling' with their offspring isn't healthy and will have ghastly effects upon their future toilet habits - will fly across the screen in an attempt to halt your progress.
You must however keep collecting eggs, caging babies and avoiding baddies until your energy level 'egg-spires' and you become 'egg-stinct'. It's the usual routine - returning to the capsule restores your fragile energy reserves, colliding with baddies sends the scale plummeting towards the big zero.
Of mice and marijuana Power-ups can be collected along the way. These come in the form of bonus points, mice, batteries to enable you to carry more than three eggs at a time, marijuana leaves which reverse the joystick polarity and other useful (well, less hallucinogenic) goodies. Collecting and then dropping a mouse on a platform will render it baddy-free for the rest of the level (or until the mouse dies). Mice are killed by dropping boulders on them.
Apart from the theological implications of this incestuous- infanticide in reverse (that mouse could’ve been your great-great-etc grandmother), this also means that the creepy-crawlies can return in a renewed attempt to poo on your parade.
Cronos must progress through 80 levels of action before his mission is complete. After each tenth level, one of three styles of bonus rounds will appear. These do well in breaking up the monotony of the gameplay but don't add to the adventure itself. The graphics are functional - the sprites are well detailed and move well - but really WE'VE GOT THE POWER!
FOLD MAIL ORDER 61 Gainsborough Rd, Finchley, London, N12 8AA ASTRA PACK: Data storm. Dungeon Quest. E- Motion. Grand Monster Slam, Kid Gloves, Powerplay. KVF Honda.
ShulHepuck Cafe, Mi- ropro.se Soccer. Tower of Halx-I +*H OWER PRICE only £399.99 POWER PACK 1 screen Gems Games Astra Pack (worth over £230) Mutant Ninja. F19 Stealth Fighter (or other chart game) ji.vsiick PLI'S Nighihrccd RRI’ £24.99
I) um cover oays ,,f Thunder RRI' i 19 99 Mouse mat shadow of ihe
Beast II RRI' 12-1 99 FREE TV Back lo Ihe Future II RRP £19.99
MODULATOR Deluxe Faint II RRI' 119 99 POWER PACK 2 Pack I plus
Philips 8833 Mkll monitor i including cable) nM* POWER PRICE
only £629.99 inc. VAT Pack 1 plus pack 2 plus Citizen Swift 9
pnnter (including colour-kit) or Star 1.C200 colour pnnter
• Please note we recommend Citizen printers. They come with a 2
YEAR WARRANTY and the Swift 9 is an excellent robust model
im*PQWtR PRICE only £849.99 inc. VAT POWER PACK 4 CLASS OF THE
90'S FIRST STIRS • Amiga 00. TV Modulator. A Sol (: meg with
cl«xk Ham Expansion, mouse, mouse nut. Power supply. 10 blank
disks. Deluxe Paint II. Pro-write 2 S Infofile (tor word
prrx'essing). Music mouse (leach yourself AND your kids the
magic of music on your micro!). Lets spell at I Home (great
pktonal spelling package), Amiga logo with Talking Turtle - and
to use all those programmers from school a BBC Emulator. For
you. ..vour children, and your children's children!
MZZ' POWER PRICE only £519.99 inc. VAT POWER PACK 5 Pack I * Citizen Swtfl 9 colour pnnter POWER PRICE only £739.99 int. VAT mi* POWER PACK 6 AMIGA 1500 - It's got the power! - latest Commodore Amiga 1500 comes will
l. Mb of Ram (possible expansion to 9Mb) and 2x5 5" 880Kb
internal drives, detachable keyboard and mouse. Accepts AIJ.
Amiga 2000 peripherals and is t PtiRADEARIE to full IBM
COMPATIBILITY! The Works Platinum Edition • integrated word
pnxessor. Database and spreadsheet it's all you need -
Populous + Promised lands, (two real lassies worthy of any
software collection) Sim City ? Terrain Editor Battlechess the
Grand Master Classic. • Their Finest Hours - Battle of
Britain, Fighter Pilot are having a hard lime, now your turn.
A-Z of Computer Jargons two introduction lxK ks "Get the most
out of your Amiga".and official manual THE ULTIMATE PACK POWER
PRICE inc VAT Without monitor only £649.99 with Philips
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colour monitor O' Kn characters x 25 lines Stereo sound output
[~3f Amiga compatible Earphone headphone socket O' Free leads
Q* RRP £300.00 THE COMMODORE MAGIC at the IhfrSeoopf POWER
PRICE of only £249.99 PHILIPS 8833 MK11 Featuring: 11" screen
Q 80 column display I Stereo G*? Amiga compatible 1 (»on 285
pixels O' Free lead O RGB A1 TTL comp ido stereo audio
inputs 31 Retractable foot Tw in speakers O 1 Earphone jack
soc ket ¦ Free dust cover O FREE 1 year on site maintenance O
RRP £310.48 +*t*Scoop POWER PRICE only £239.99 PRINTER POWER
All On t-n printers earn, 2 YF:AR WARRANTY Citizen I2III) 9
pin, I20q». NLQ, 89 col .SPECIAL PRICE
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includes colour kit £229.0C Citizen Swift 2a pin, colour, up
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Commodore MPS1230. 9 pin. I2lkps.
NI.Q ......£I49.0( I
Swift 9 and Swift 2 l printer colour kits - well worth it
only ...£34,991 | star LC200 Colour
drive U)W PRICE XH-i9 05 I .15 *9.99 I .£59 95 I I Plus extra
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the brilliant CAPTIVE. r Dragons Lair I. Dragons l-iir II or
Space Ace.
Or Singe s Castile £59.99 1 2 Meg upgrade no software with clock ......£3" 99 w ithout clock ....£55 99 Golden Image optical mouse - so smooth .....£44 99 ¦ Replacement mouse for Amiga (includes mouse house- and adhesives)....£24 99 ¦ Qnickioy TOPSTAR - (for pr ifessionals microswitches, autofire THE BEST £19.99 ¦Quickjoy JETFIGHTF.R (» microswiuhcs. Autofire. Speed control, smooth., a 15 99 1 Astra Pack 10 great
games) ..£29.99 151 2" DS DD unbranded discs pac k of 50 ...£2 ) 99 iTilt iN swivel monitor stand the control centre -TUP BEST .....£18 99 Control Centre for keyboard and monitor ......£4-1.99 nXeve got the pow er to give you the performance Tailor made service for ANY cables CD TV POWER PRICE only £519.99 DISNEY POWER - Animation Studio
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Name ( Mr. Mrs. Ms) • Announcing PRODATA - the Arnor database Software for the 1990s Prodata is exceptionally versatile:- You can keep data files which are automatically sorted as you add information. The type of data can be very varied, ranging from simple names and addresses to inventories and catalogues and even invoices and records of transactions.
You can keep the data sorted in several different ways, e.g. by name, number, date. Almost instantly find information using any of these sort keys.
You can design different ways of presenting the data, e.g. straight list, address labels, tabulated data.
Using Prodata is simplicity itself All facilities are accessed from a few simple to use menus. To set up a new database file you merely need to enter names for each data field - you need not concern yourself with the size of fields or the type of data to be stored or even the total number of fields.
Designing a new layout PRODATA vl.00 (c) Arnor. 1183 Printer CPU EPSOH Directory E: PR0D Open: ARNOR (16F) Rees: 3621 Sel: ALL Layout: 2 Index: 1 15:55:64 Canputrr IBH PC AT Prstrxt Rpf 7312
• str NrclMsrt 13 8 81 Prodata Rrt 4447 Dal r Poriha-.rd 3 2 10
¦otrs 1mr Hr 0 B jSnith Mrm 34 Hulberry Uay loner Thrash ley
Mitton-under-the-Hill U11 tonshire Mil? 56T Tel lo lEldlt [Mind
[PIdd [Clopy Cdlelete Cplrlnt etXlport [Ilndex [Llayout [oj
Back IM Next tA$ ] First IA 1 Last lUlnselect [ESC! Oult. Opt-
Displaying and entering data Arnor, the makers of PROTEXT, are
pleased to announce the arrival of our complementary database
program, PRODATA.
This is the program that our customers have been requesting for years. Prodata is an ideal companion to Protext - it uses the same key strokes and many of the same concepts, so Protext users will immediately feel comfortable. Prodata offers the same standards of ease of use and flexibility as Protext.
But you do not need Protext to use Prodata - it is a powerful database manager in its own right, ideal for all' your filing applications. The program uses a simple set of menus which may be used with the keyboard or a mouse, as required.
Prodata is available now for the IBM PC and compatibles, Atari ST and Commodore Amiga computers.
Amiga owners please note that you need 1 MB to run Prodata - see below for special price for Prodata plus A501 (512K memory + clock expansion).
Variable length fields, up to 300 fields per record. Fields up to 999 characters per field. (Multi- line fields have word-wrap and justification.) Data files automatically extended as data is entered.
Extra fields may be added at any time.
Indexed files may have up to 10 Indexes, which may use supplementary sort fields. Instantly switch indexes to change sorting method.
Flexible layout design inciudas field, text and variable items, line drawing mode for boxes, layouts wider and longer than screen sizes with automatic scrolling, formatting of items (decimal places, justify, centring), printer attributes (bold, italic etc) both global and on each item, special ’attach’ attributes to join items. Duplicate layout facility. Up to 100 different layouts.
Pnnting. Comprehensive set of printer drivers, full use of printer control codes, options to set all margin sizes, multi-line headers and footers, microspacing used to give correct output in proportional fonts, background printing, print to printer or to a disc file.
Filtering of data using any expression. Filters stored with descriptions, selectable from menu.
Individual records may be de selected after filtering.
Importing and exporting ot data in different formats suitable (or other software Including Protext.
Selective Importing allowing data to be checked and altered as it Is imported.
Undo changes. The most recent data changes deletions insertions are logged and may be reversed to allow you to correct mistakes easily Password protection 5 levels, ability to protect individual layouts to restrict access to sensitive data.
File management screen wHh directory map.
Rename, erase, copy, type, attribute alteration.
Powerful expression evaluator provides date calculations. Substrings, conditional expressions and rounding, using field contents and variables (incl. Running totals). The result of an expression can be assigned to a field throughout the database, or to another variable.
Data entry verification. Fields may be required to be integer, number or date within a given range, or a string subject lo a maximum length and mask.
Data editing with ability to duplicate an existing record, insert and overwrite mode, insert and delete line that automatically move fields up or down, swap characters, convert to upper or lower case, change layout or index from display mode, finds individual record almost instantly.
International compatibility include* full use of accented characters including correct sorting, keyboard configurable to 10 different national layouts, printer drivers supplied to print special characters.
Menu driven. Simple, easy to use system of menus and pop up windows. Keyboard or mouse may be used.
Plus macro record mode, create sub-database, batch delete facility, configuration program, example data files, on screen indication of bold, underlining, italics, comprehensive 190 page illustrated manual.
"Totally menu driven, Prodata must rank among the top database systems..." sr user 12 89 "Prodata is a very sophisticated database package, and at £79.95, it is most certainly worth the money" YOUR AMIGA 12 89 "A high performance to price ratio" AMIGA COMPUTING 3 90 Name Address Postcode He easing your micro’spotenfrai... ~7 ORDER FORM - Send to: Amor Ltd (AF), 611 Lincoln Road, Peterborough Please send me (indicate where applicable): PE1 3HA PROTEXT v4,2 @ £99.95 PRODATA v 1.1 @ £79.95 PRODATA + A501 (Amiga) @ £179.95 Computer: PC 5V4" PC 334" I Atari ST Amiga I enclose Cheque Postal
order for £_, or debit my Access Visa card no._ Exp.. Arnor Ltd (AF), 611 Lincoln Road, Peterborough PE1 3HA. Tel: 0733 66909 f24 hrj Fax: 0733 67299 All prices include VAT, postage and packing. Credit card orders will be despatched by return of post. If paying by cheque please allow 10-14 days for delivery.
If Page 47 was Screenplay Intro, this must be SP Outro!
Sreen Play 'outro' (SPOutro) is the little bit of Format where all those irritating loose ends are neatly tied together - or at least that's the theory! So all those games that came in too late for a full review this ish', or were too awful to merit a page, get the treatment here.
So we say a game's the bestest thing since Mother's Pride bought a slicing machine! What does this mean? Should you immediately sell the dog for medical experiments and buy the game with the proceeds? No.
It’s a recommendation, a statement that this game is enjoyable, playable, well presented and is worth, in our opinion, investing hard-earned pennies in.
DRILLER dKM ..• 'vi. y'Jec1 m er dicf A The score a game gets is a shorthand method of relaying information. The text contains a much more accurate guide to the reviewer's opinion of a game. In an effort to ensure each game gets a balanced review the reviews team are forever looking over each others shoulders, expressing opinions and laughing at pitifully low scores and the like.
The score and the review however are still an opinion.
They should be viewed as an objective assessment of that games relative merit, both in terms of the initial financial outlay and lasting value.
• .
065 IJ I AN AQC As a team we try to iron out any personal prejudices, but this still doesn't make our word gospel. Take the instance where a game has a limited general appeal, but is particularly well executed and so deserves a high grade.
Most players would not find the game thrilling, even though it's the best ever in its particular field. Conversely, if a game scores badly it may still appeal to certain players, but we are warning of the limitations of the program.
¦ 1 6 Blitz Plus E7.99 Yeah! Kill power! A jeep and a helicopter (doesn't that sound familiar) go for it, spraying laser death across a horizontally-scrolling landscape. Working in unison they fight Goose Choppers (de ja vu!) Who assemble in mid-air, and take on huge end-of-level choppers. It's fast, sounds brilliant and is simple to play. One of the best shoot outs ever and it retails for just a meagre £8!
¦ Kixx £7.99 Freescape stomps in at only £8 a shot! It's a classic polygon 3D adventure set on a decaying mining world. A real mind bender, this game manages to combine joystick dexterity with clever graphics and stunning puzzles. All merged in a classic blend of science fiction meets adventure, this one will have you right on the edge of your keyboard. Fly a spaceship and probe through 16 different zones in a race against time to stop the planet - as well as yourself - from being blown into various subatomic particles.
Advanced Destroyer Simulator allows you to re-enact famous naval engagements of WWII in four different theatres of operations.
You get the chance to be captain, gunner, chief cook and bottle washer on an armoured version of the Marie Celeste. On the boat you have to point the pointy bit (bow) in the right direction to blast the torpedoes at enemy shipping. A competent simulation, it gets dull on the longer journeys, but as they say. Worse things happen at sea.
The fighting is a tad limited by 'quantum' update, with ships suddenly appearing on the sky line.
ADS falls between the two stools of true sim and action arcade, but still remains a fun, if limited diversion.
SP OUTRO The Amiga Full Price Chart Budgetary Guard There are more budget labels by the day! Who is selling what, what's next? Format brings you a quick guide to everything you need to know to make an informed choice, when you splash that tenner.
Label Price Next biggie Action 16 £7 99 Sherman M4 Atlantis £6.99 Snowball in Hell Byteback £6 99 Radio Control Simulator Codemasters £6 99 O s Elephant Adventure Encore £9 99 Paperboy Hi Tech £6 99 7 99 Top Cat Hit Squad £7 99 Operation Wolf Infocom Mastertronic £9 99 Zork II Kixx 16 £7 99 Forgotten Worlds Micro Value £6 99-E9 99 Circus Games Mirror Image £9 99 Speedbali Sizzlers £7 99-9 99 Blood Money 16 Blitz £4.99 Space Salvage 16 Blitz Plus £7 99 Continental Circus Star Performers £9.99 TBA Zeppelin Platinum £7 99 Kenny Dalglish Soccer Manager |!)
1 (3) Robocop 2 Ocean £24.99 80% 2 (1) Powermonger Electronic Arts £29 99 FG94% 3 (7) SCI Ocean £24.95 76% 4 (2) Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles Mirrorsoft £24.99 35% 5 (8| Hollywood Collection Ocean £24.99 Compilation 6 (4| F-19 Stealth Fighter Microprose £29.99 FG91 % 7 H Tournament Golf Elite £24.99 70% 8 (6) Toyota Celica Rally Gremlin Graphics £24.99 70% 9 (9) Indianapolis 500 Electronic Arts £24.99 FG92% 10 (10) Narc Ocean £24.99 63% 11 H Platinum US Gold £24.99 Compilation 12 (15) Total Recall Ocean £24.99 77% 13 (11) Power Pack Beau Jolly £24.99 Compilation 14 (5) Lotus Turbo Challenge
Gremlin Graphics £24.99 89% 15 (-) Sega Master Mix US Gold £24.99 Compilation 16 |16) Wheels of Fire Domark £29.99 Compilation 17 (-) Harpoon Mirrorsoft £29.99 See below 18 (29) St Dragon Storm £24.99 82% 19 (-) Manchester United Krisalis £24.99 62% 20 (22) Strider II US Gold £24.99 77% 21 (-) Interceptor Electronic Arts £24.99 See below 22 (14) Golden Axe Virgin £24.99 80% 23 (-) Super Off Road Virgin £24.99 80% 24 (21) Ml Tank Platoon Microprose £24.99 71% 25 (-) Full Blast UBI Soft £24.99 Compilation 26 (-) AMOS Database Mandarin £49.99 N A 27 (-) Fun School 3 (5-7) Database Mandarin £24.99
N A 28 (-1 Fun School 3 (Under 5) Database Mandarin £24.99 N A 29 (-) Team Yankee Empire £29.99 81% 30 (-) World Championship Soccer Elite £24.99 60% Chart compiled by Gallup Ltd © 1991 European Software Publishers Association ROBOCOP 2 has made it!
Following in the footsteps of its record breaking forbearer (Robocop) it looked likely to suffer at the hands of Powermonger.
Turtles and Kick Oft II. Metal Murphy s top spot now leads an Ocean chart attack with five games in the top 12!
LEMMINGS aren't here! Oh No! Well, not yet anyway, expect the folks to storm the chart next month. Word on the shelves is that the exploding dungaree brigade are all ready building bridges straight to the number one slot.
BELOW Harpoon not reviewed when released A thorough modern naval warfare sim.
Charts and maps galore, but lacks pace AFV 71 % Interceptor - So old AF wasn’t even born when it was released! Pretty sharp arcade flight sim crossbreed AFV 83% FACT Six compilations make the chart this month, showing the pulling power bundles have over single games. The leader of the bunch is Hollywood Collection, which contains four of the biggest movie licences ever seen on the Amiga.
For only a fiver more than a 'new' title it makes the wait seem almost worth it!
MAGAZINE TICKET HOTLINE 051-3571736 Please send me | | Adult tickets at £4.50 (save £1.50) 2 Under 16's ticket at £3 00 (save £1 00) 2] Family tickets - admits up to 2 adults and 2 children - £13 (save £5) I expect to attend the Show on: COMPUTER SHOPPER SHOW A PARADISE FOR COST CONSCIOUS BUYERS I Friday 0 Saturday 0 Sunday I would like to pay by: I Cheque payable to Blenheim Database Exhibitions Q Visa 0 Access i I I i 11 I I I 11 l l l 11 I I i Expiry Date Signature I am interested in: I Acorn 0 Amstrad [ ] Atari 0 Commodore 0 IBM I I Other _ VISITORS TO THE LAST COMPUTER SHOPPER SHOW SAVED
Name_ Address_ _Postcode _ Please return your completed order and full payment to: The Computer Shopper Show Ticket Office. Blenheim Database Exhibitions Limited
P. O. Box 2. Ellesmere Port. South Wirrall. L65 3EA. AF4 REASONS
TO BE C Simply irresistible! Not one but tw Amiga Power -100%
dedicated to Amiga games « !?e 7,ev jBSfcSa*.
Say « .
AMIGA POWER me day all magazines will be this Know your rights!
• You have the right to reviews of every Amiga game released each
month - and that's not the eight to 12 you get in most
magazines, it's 30 to 40 new games per issue!
• You have the right to read more about the really important
games. In Amiga Power you'll get four or five pages on each of
the month's best titles, packed with tips, interviews and
oodles (and oodles) of screenshots!
• You have the right to full colour. That's right • there won't
be a single black & white page in Amiga Power.
• You have the right to fine software. Every issue will carry the
highest quality complete game on a cover mounted disk. Many are
from the All-Time Top 100 games and each'll be backed by a
complete playing guide by Gary Penn.
Sounds good? Then know this too!
• Amiga Power is larger than a normal magazine, so there's more
room for screenshots.
• It will carry extensive guides to older games.
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• And better news and previews too.
• And it's brought to you by a hand-picked team of experts led by
Matt Bielby & Gary Penn!
Amiga Shopper - 100% serious, packed with bargains Serious about your Amiga?
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In short, you want Amiga Shopper. It's packed with expert advice on what to buy and where to buy it. Our painstakingly detailed comparisons will help you chose from the vast array of Amiga hardware and software available, our Amiga Answers section will help solve every problem you could possibly encounter and our advertisers will be determined to offer you the most incredible bargains. In fact, if you want to save time and money you know just where to come.
Over 75,000 words for just 99p
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AMIGA SHOPPER You want our advice? Buy it!
TAD ACTION • YOUR SINCLAIR • SEGA POWER • NEW COMPUTER EXPRESS 3Kobht 3Hocrh Computers AMIGA Standard Amiga A500 includes mouse, modulator, power supply workbench & books, etc. ONLY £329.95 A500 Screengems Pack ONLY £369.95 Robin Hood Computers Dept. Amiga Starter Pack includes Standard Amiga & 0.5 Meg Upgrade & Cumana CAX 354 External Disk Drive ONLY £399.95 Units 34 36 West End Arcade off Upper Parliament Street NOTTINGHAM NG1 6JZ order hotline • (0602) 502255 FAX. •(0602)508980 Accessories 3 V Discs DS DD 135 Tpi £19.50 (or 50 £38.00 for 100 (100% Error Free - Bulk Buyers ring for quantity
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Angel Row Mousemat 6mm Neoprene boxed Printer Cable £7.95 Amiga Dustcover £3.99 4 megabyte baseboard as reviewed £99.95 £6.95 £9.95 Quickshot Starfighter I £34.95 infra red remote control £3.75 Star LC10 Printer £169.95 Star LC24 200 Printer £284.95 Star LC24 200 Colour £309.95 Cumana CAX 354 External Drive £69.95 Golden Image 3 2 External Drive with Track Display £89.95 Meg Upgrade “Cortex" £29.95 - £34-95 (won dock) Bitcon KCS Powerboard PC Emulator £279.95 A590 Hard Drive £279.95 As the harsh winter turns into spring and the last of the frost melts off our codlings, the time comes when
all young gamers are looking for a little excitement. So off they all go to the software shop to purchase the latest smash hit, only to find that the old difficulty level is set on Bleedin' Impossible'.
This looks like a job for secret tips expert MAFF EVANS... WINNERS BOX Some hefty tips here, so there are some... er... hefty winners? No that can't be right. Never mind, the people in question are The Madeiran Brothers for the Dragon's Lair II solution, Mich Hoyos lor the Robocop 2 diagrams and finally Alas Churchill tor rescuing those poor little Lemmings. Vouchers will be on the way to you soon!
If you think that you can do better than these tips, then get them in to QAMEBUSTERS, Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Straet, Bath BA1 2BW. Oh, and please keep those DoluKoPaint maps and diagrams coming in! They're much more useful (not to mention much prettier) than simple pencil and graph paper sketches!
LEMMINGS COVER DEMO ROBOCOP 2 Right, you had the codes last month, so now it’s time to let you know how to complete all 3 levels, yes! The third level IS possible alter all!
LEVEL 1 This should be a doddle.
To begin with, turn the second lemming that drops out into a blocker to stop the rush. When the first lemming is about to fall into the gap. Turn him into a builder and keep building until he gets to the other side of the gap. Wait until he is about to hit the block and turn him into a basher. Now go back and make the blocker into a bomber to let the other lemmings free. They should now all walk to the exit.
LEVEL 2 Watch out! There's traps about!
Let each of the first lemmings out of each door walk a few steps, then turn them into blockers.
Make the second lemming out of the left-hand door a floater and the second out of the right-hand door a blocker just before he reaches the wafer. This should stop any of them dropping into the drink!
You should now have one lemming at the bottom. When he gets to the big block on the left, make him a basher to smash through it.
Turn him into a builder when he gets through to make a bridge over the trap. Once he is past the trap, turn him into a builder again to bridge the gap to the exit.
Remember to keep building until he’s all the way over!
Now you need to get the lemmings left at the top down safely.
To start with, make one of the lemmings on the right a miner (the one with the pickaxe) when he’s facing right. Once he’s digging, whop the release rate up to top whack. When they're all out of the doors, turn one of the lemmings on the left into a digger when he is above the grey, spongy rock at the bottom. The lemmings should all hang around in the shaft that the digger is making and drop safely onto the rock. To get the lemmings on the right free, just turn one into a basher when he gets to the grey rock to smash through. Now you’ll have to turn the blockers at the top into bombers, but you
should still get 96% (hopefully)!
LEVEL 3 One way to freedom.
This is the tricky one! It’s a bit tough to explain, so refer to the diagram for help.
F" a.- "nnnB - a .
- ...T » Let the first lemming walk a few steps, then make him a
builder and keep him building until he hits the wall. When you
see a lemming facing left at the top of the ramp, make him a
builder and when he runs out of bricks, make him a builder
Referring to the diagram, turn a lemming at point A into a bomber. It you hit one right, he should walk up to point B before PUZZLE NUMBER TWO Continued on Page107» Another one ol those sen! In by so many people...’ hints, this one.
II you did send It In. Thanks anyway. It's better to have hundreds than none at all!
If you're having trouble beating the gangs, then simply type in SERIALINTERFACE on the title- screen to access the cheat mode.
Hip a m a M _ H-gjS J=_ |Mi now you can restore your energy by pressing F9 and skip levels with F10. THAT hard, eh?
Even with a mega-hard Robocop, the puzzles may be difficult to beat, so here are the routes that you should follow.
Maps sent in by Mick Heyes,Nelson, Lancs SPA E L PIRACY IS THEFT ¦ IEISU* SOF*SSOQ*1 FOR INFORMATION LEADING TO A PROSECUTION & CONVICTION this campaign is organised by ANY INFORMATION ON PIRACY SHOULD BE PASSED TO F.A.S.T. (THE FEDERATION AGAINST SOFTWARE THEFT) TELEPHONE 0386 833501 blowing up, preventing all the lemmings from trolling up the ramps. As soon as you have done this, make another builder at point C and keep him building until he has ramps zigzagging to the top of the one-way block. As soon as he gets there, turn him into a floater so that he drops off the end safely.
When he’s just about to reach the fire pit, make him a builder again, clicking on him once more when he runs out of bricks. He should have built two bridges over the pit, allowing him to drop safely on the other side. You don’t want him to go into the exit yet, so make him a builder to build a bridge over the steps up to the wall. When he turns around and starts to walk the other way, wait until he is two floor-blocks to the right of the end of the bridge he built over the fire pit and make him a builder. The timing is tricky
- so be careful! Make him build twice so that he meets the top of
the ramp and walks down the other side.
Let him walk to the one-way block and turn him into a basher to smash through it. Now you should (hopefully) have enough time to get all the lemmings to the exit. Make the first one there bash through the bridge at point D and they should all escape.
Alex Churchill, Bournemouth, Dorset DRAGON’S LAIR II - TIME WARP Another overpriced 'interactive cartoon’ which isn't really all that interactive. Still, there are a lot of people out there who did actually buy it, so here it is - that solution in full!
SCREEN 1 When Dirk's mother-in-law starts to swing her rolling pin, push left.
SCREEN 2 Press down when the screen appears, then right when Dirk is on the drawbridge to escape the tentacle’s clutches.
SCREEN 3 When the snake's head appears, press fire then move right.
SCREEN 4 Pull DOWN as soon as the screen appears then left to dodge the snake.
SCREEN S As soon as the Dirk appears move LEFT to dodge the mother-in-law then UP to |ump on the snake.
SCREEN 6 Push UP to jump to the next ledge.
SCREEN 7 Whe the rock starts to shake from side to side, pull DOWN to make Dirk jump off the ledge, then pull DOWN again before he lumps into the hole.
SCREEN 8 When Dirk is sitting on the time-machine press FIRE, then push UP.
SCREEN 9 When the monster appears, press FIRE to make him retreat again.
SCREEN 10 When the screen appears, push UP to make Dirk climb onto the time- machine, then quickly push RIGHT to make him jump towards the skeleton.
SCREEN 11 When the serpent appears push LEFT then hit FIRE. Next push LEFT again to jump safely out of the ribcage.
SCREEN 12 Quickly pull DOWN when Dirk appears to make him land on the time- machine. When he gets there, press FIRE to hit the snake.
SCREEN 13 When Dirk lies down, press FIRE to swipe at the serpent underneath.
Next, quickly push LEFT to make Dirk hold onto the machine and then LEFT again to pull himself onto if.
Lastly, press FIRE to hit the last snake.
SCREEN 14 As soon as the screen appears, press FIRE straight away to destroy the serpent, then quickly push RIGHT. When Dirk places the sword on the time-machine then press FIRE to send Dirk right back to the prehistoric era.
SCREEN 15 When Dirk arrives, push UP to make him face the flying dinosaur quickly followed by FIRE. When the second dinosaur appears, then press FIRE once again.
SCREEN 16 Just before Dirk and the Pterodactyl reach Mordroc the Wizard, push UP to avoid his staff.
SCREEN 17 When the Pterodactyls reach the right-hand side of the screen, press FIRE to swipe at it and then push UP to drop down to the Pterodactyl beneath you.
SCREEN 18 When Dirk gets near the rocky ledge, push RIGHT to break free and jump onto the ledge.
SCREEN 19 When the screen appears, pull DOWN to make Dirk roll on his back, then press FIRE to hit the Pterodactyl. As soon as the next scene appears, pull DOWN, then you must immediately press FIRE. When the third scene appears, push LEFT and then quickly RIGHT to put on the wings, then push UP as Dirk starts to run to make him take off.
SCREEN 20 As soon as you start to see Daphne falling, pull DOWN to make Dirk swoop down and catch her.
Continued overleaf I SCREEN 21 Pull DOWN to make Dirk dive in the mud, then push RIGHT to collect the sword. Finally push UP to get back to the time-machine.
ST DRAGON SCREEN 22 On this screen, Dirk will climb the vine without you doing anything!
SCREEN 23 When the angel appears, pull DOWN then push UP to avoid the wand and continue climbing.
TREASURE ISLAND DIZZY SCREEN 24 When Dirk appears through the clouds, pull DOWN to avoid the wand then push LEFT.
SCREEN 25 Push UP twice to escape from the angel and the babies (!) And climb over the wall.
SCREEN 26 When Dirk appears, push LEFT then DOWN to land on the branch, then push UP then RIGHT to escape.
SCREEN 27 When Dirk confronts the snake, press FIRE to swipe at it, then hit FIRE again to make it drop Dirk. Finally, press FIRE once again to defend yourself, SCREEN 28 Push RIGHT when Dirk starts to swing to the right then push UP.
SCREEN 29 Pull DOWN when Dirk is being carried up by the snake, then push RIGHT when he drops to the floor.
SCREEN 43 When the Pterodactyl appears, press FIRE to swipe at it and when it comes around again, press FIRE to hit it.
SCREEN 37 When Mordroc is just about to fire the enegry bolt, push UP, quickly followed by FIRE to throw the Death Ring.
SCREEN 38 The Death Ring falls on Mordroc's finger.
SCREEN 39 As soon as the screen appears pull DOWN to retrieve the sword.
SCREEN 40 Pull DOWN to leap from the rock and press FIRE to destroy the gas bag.
SCREEN 41 Before the rocks above start to crumble, pull DOWN to jump to the floor, then push LEFT and immediately after push UP to reach Daphne.
SCREEN 42 When Dirk starts to bend over, pull DOWN to avoid the flying Pterodactyl, then press FIRE. When the second Pterodactyl comes along, press FIRE again.
SCREEN 31 Press FIRE as soon as the screen appears to activate the time-machine.
SCREEN 32 Push UP to make Dirk jump onto the rock and press FIRE to throw the sword through the Wizard's arm.
SCREEN 33 The scene cotinues... SCREEN 46 The big finale. Daphne falls into Dirk's arms and they embrace passionately... that seems strangely familiar!
The Madeiran Bros, London Continued on Page 110 I NEXT MONTH’S TIPS SCREEN 34 After slugging it out to produce a bestselling tips book as well as this marvelous section every month. Maff has decided to farm some of his GAMEBUSTERS out to his slaves. They have been working away fo put together some pretty extensive Captive tips, which we will try to start bringing to you next issue. Also impending are Prince ol Persia and maps. For these and other pieces, keep watching this space!
Mordroc expresses his apparent distress at getting pierced by a sword.
SCREEN 35 . When the screen appears, push UP, then LEFT, then DOWN and finally RIGHT to escape.
SCREEN 36 Push UP to make Dirk jump on the rock, then push RIGHT and hit FIRE to retrieve the Death Ring. Finally, push LEFT to escape.
ARCADE PLAY cniijufi BLASTER QUALITY STEREO SOUND The SOUNDBLASTER is a 5 watt per channel stereo amplifier that comes complete with high quality 50 watt 3 way speakers, power supply and leads and instructions to allow it to be quickly & easily connected to your computer.
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...... POSTCODE SIREN SOFTWARE, 84-86 PRINCESS STREET, MANCHESTER, M1 6NG, ENGLAND. TELEPHONE: 061 228 1831 Lavalite Split Up Follow the yellow line for the best route around the first two Lavalite levels. It isn't necessary to collect all the jewels on the first level in order to complete it, but you have to get the lot on level two.
This is the first level to confront you with trampolines. The most important thing is to start your run-up in the correct position, and the jump will take care of itself. If you follow the route marked on the map at left, the first jump should be started in the middle of the square with the red arrows surrounding it, the second from right against the wall, and the third from the back of the second square of the "Diving board" all jumps run-ups should be done using the fire button for extra speed.
Of this other wise simple is to use the green square switch, and then the green round switch, to put all the lifts In motion. Then travel across the lifts using timing to avoid taking any drops that are too largo.
Worlds Gargoyle Make the black lift raise by activating the red switch, when it is level with the cross ramp stop it with the blue switch. After collecting the jewels, use the lift as a ramp to jump over the black switch. Start at the very back of the lift platform, and accelerate using the joystick button for extra speed. You should now find the next gargoyle door open for you.
« ' Collect the four fuel sSj1 _ balls at the corner of theplatform.it doesn’t matter at this point whether you touch the green switches or not. Then activate one of the brown switches to make the gargoyle door raise. Now you must not touch the green switches or the door will fall again before you can exit this room, so follow the path through the switches and under the door.
After collecting the fuel, stand 011 the blue switch, as near to the gargoyle door as possible, and wait for the door to raise to its full extent. Once the door is fully up accelerate towards it using the fire button for speed. As soon as you touch the red switches the door will begin to fall, but you will have just enough time to make it underneath. Now just collect all the fuel on the ramps to open the door to the exit.
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simple lesson in how to get your pictures into games... graphics objects, couldn't be simpler. Nowadays almost all graphics design work starts with programs like Deluxe Paint. These programs are not just for artists and 'doodlers' - they are also brilliant development tools. You can use them for everything from creating static displays to designing gadgets, menus and anything else you might need.
To save pictures, almost all Amiga graphics packages use a standard devised by Electronic Arts and adopted by Commodore called the Interchange File Format, or IFF.
One option for reading graphics into your program is to use IFF pictures and brushes directly. Electronic Arts and Commodore have released a substantial amount of information for those wishing to produce programs that read and write IFF data and this includes public domain utility software to help. Anyone doing a lot of IFF programming will find this useful, even though it is heavy going to start with.
Displaying a Picture Picture data is stored as a series of data items representing the video 'scanlines'. Each scanline consists of the data from each of the bitplanes, possibly followed by an additional 'pseudo-plane', defining the masking.
The 'interleaved' approach ensures that all of the data needed to produce a given scanline is kept together - this is often convenient.
Providing you understand this programming you can use uncompressed data simply by reading (and de-mterleaving) the rows of pixel data and pushing them into the appropriate bitplane memory locations of your application program's display.
Unfortunately, there is usually a minor snag. Most programs that produce IFF picture files compress each row of their BODY chunk data using a scheme that is known as 'ByteRunl' compression. Before you can use this data it has to be decompressed, so that's another problem to be solved.
The public domain decompression routine, called UnPacker, was written by Jerry Morrison and Steve Shaw of Electronic Arts and you'll find it listed in Addison Wesley's Includes and Autodocs manual.
The Bitmaps Pictures are stored using an IFF form called an interleaved bitmap (ILBM).
This is actually quite a simple concept if you think about it carefully. Each pixel (little dot of colour) on the screen is represented by a 'bit' of digital information (a 0 or a 1 in binary).
The bits are laid out in a 'map' that shows the position of the pixel on screen: so the top-left bit in the bitmap represents the top-left pixel on the screen.
FIGURE 1 The colour o( the lop- left pixel on the screen, like every other pixel, is defined by one or more bits in memory. These bits are organised in 'bit* planes' which make up the bitmap'. This maens that each pixel has its bits read through from back to front of the bitmap.
The more bitplanes there are, the greater the number of colours possible: 2, 4, 8, 16 or 32 with 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 bitplanes respectively.
The bitmap is actually composed of a number of layers, each of which is called a 'bitplane'. In the simplest case, if you are only using two colours on the screen, one bitplane would suffice: so each bit could be set to either 1 or 0 to represent black or white, say.
If you want more colours on the screen, you simply lay a second bit- plane on top of the first. The colour of our top-left pixel is then read by taking the top-left bit from both bitplane.
Two binary digits mean you can have four colours. The more colours you want, the more bitplanes you add: three bitplanes give eight possible colours, four bitplanes give 16 and five bitplanes makes the maximum 32 colours. See Figure 1 to get a better idea of this.
The data itself is a 'contiguous' (ie uninterrupted) block of memory which represents the one-bit-per-pixel rectangular bitplanes. To display a 'real' pixel, as you probably already know, the hardware grabs the respective pixel bit from each bitplane and uses that data to identify not the colour of the pixel but the number of a colour register which is to define the colour of the pixel (a technique known as colour indirection). This is why a four-colour display can be any four colours, not merely a pre-set and unchangeable four colours.
Here's an Image... Bitplane data in this final form is very useful. It can actually be blitted into and around the display area very easily. More importantly, the format corresponds very closely to a high level Intuition object known as an Image. Why is this of interest? Well, it’s because Intuition offers routines for displaying Images which are extremely easy to use. One of the simplest functions, a routine called Drawlmage, has these parameters... Drawlmage rastport_poir.ter. image_pointer, lef’_o£fset, The imagejjomter parameter is NOT a pointer to the bitplane data - it is a pointer
to a block of information called an Image structure. It is this latter item (definition shown below) which holds a pointer to the real bit- plane data... SHORT LeftEdge. TopEdge; left pixel • SHORT Width, Height. Depth;
* width, height, ar.c bttplar.e deptr.
Of Image • USHORT ’ImageData; ¦* this points to the bitplane data • GBYTE PlanePick, PlaneOnOff;
* see RKM manuals for details • struct Image * ,'extImage;
* allows link to another image * Continued overleaf I IN GAMES
These type of structures act as 'Image descriptors', they give
the system the location and size of the bitplane data, and
indicate where and how it should be displayed.
Good News, Bad News So, the bad news is that it is necessary to do quite a lot of complex manipulation in order to get an IFF picture into a form where some simple graphics calls could display it.
The good news is that there are a lot of IFF-to-lmage converter utilities floating around in the public domain, and there are also a number of commercial packages, such as PowerWindows, which also have IFF- to-lmage conversion facilities built in.
This means that nowadays the programmer does not even need to know how the IFF-to-lmage conversion is done, unless of course they are particularly interested. It is possible to draw a picture using Dpaint, save it as an IFF file (using brushes for storing small pictures) and then use a pre-written utility to convert the IFF file to that all-important Image definition. Once the graphics are in this latter form the DrawlmageO routine makes the rest easy.
Programming in C Be warned - the C type definitions are MUCH larger than the data blocks you are attempting to build. It's not hard to see why... two bytes, written as a sixteen-bit C hex number, eg OxFFFF, takes three times as much space. A five-bitplane low-resolution 30K compressed IFF picture can easily decompress to 50K and so end up as over 150K in final C source code.
Depending on the utilities used (and the amount of memory available) you may therefore find it necessary to split full screen backgrounds into a number of sections and compile them individually. Often if the background has a repetitive theme (eg space scenes containing loads of stars) you can use small brushes and duplicate the resulting images as many times as is necessary.
This month's demo picture was created using Dpaint III and the resulting IFF files converted using PowerWindows. PowerWindows, incidentally, was also used to create the colour maps. The result? Ready-made Image definitions containing all the necessary data and looking something like the listing in Figure 2... This type of material can be read directly into the program's source code or compiled separately. Bitplane data, incidentally, has to be accessible to the custom chips, so it needs to be placed in chip memory.
Sprites Amiga graphics elements (GELS) come in several forms although essentially they are all based on combinations of virtual sprites and blitter objects (Bobs). Virtual sprites are sprite definitions which the Amiga GEL system's sprite manager jams into harware sprites as and when they are needed. In other words the system is able to re-use the hardware sprites for different purposes at different positions on the display.
Outside of the graphics system proper come the real sprites, ie hardware sprites, and it is one of these objects (known as a Simple Sprite) that I've used in the demo.
To use a hardware sprite several things need to be done. First, a SimpleSpritestructure needs to be set up. The first word in the SimpleSprite structure is a pointer to the sprite data. As you’ll see from the spriteimage structure comments in the demo code on the Coverdisk, sprite images do not use the conventional bitplane layout. Nor do they use the normal colour register arrangement. Hardware sprites function in pairs, and when used mdivdually, can have three colours plus a transparent 0 (zero) colour.
Once a sprite definition has been set up, a hardware sprite can be obtained, initialized, and moved around using these standard graphics library calls... GetSpriteO allocate a sprite for exclsive use ChangeSpriteO modify a sprite's appearance FIGURE 2: IMAGE DATA USHORT chip ay rum image data [J - OxOOOO.OxOOOO,0x0000.OxOOOO,OxOOOO.OxOOOO.0x0000.OxOOOO. AA V lot* of data AAAAAAA 0x0000.0x0000.0x0000.0x0000,0x0000,0x0000,0x0000.0x0000 I
• tmct Imag* my..name_image = 0,0, • XY origin relative to
container TopLeft •
273. 27, • Image width and height in pixel* • 4, • number of
bitplane* in Image • my name image_data, • pointer to
ImageData • OxOOOF,0x0000, • PlanePick and PlaneOnOff •
NULL • next Image etructure • 1 MoveSpriteO change the
sprite's position FreeSpriteO return sprite to the system
The calls themselves are very straightforward and you'll
find examples of all four in the source code for the demo.
The Gameport Device This manages access to the Amiga joystick and mouse port connections at the operating system level. There are actually two units, unit 0 and unit
1. With the former dedicated to mouse input whilst Intuition and
the Input device are functioning. The gameport device is
extremely flexible and it is impossible to do it any real
justice in the space available.
Like all Amiga devices the gameport device uses a set of standard Exec type device calls OpenDemceO. CloseDeviceO, DolOO, SendlOO. And AbortlOO. Commands are available for clearing, interrogating, setting uo. And reading from the device. A» of this has to be set up before the device can be used and, because such operations can fail (eg the gameport raght already be in use by another program), quite a few checks need to be performed. My approach, is based on the resource vector' technique that I talked about in Issue 17 of Amiga Format.
The program uses my standard routines to perform all of die allocation and setting up operations. If something farfs then the routines automatically execute the necessary deallocatiocvshutdown code Some Last Words The joystick messages coming into my program are of class IECLASS_RAWMOUS£ and contain, amongst other tfwigs. The x y movement information.Withn the example program I use a loop to monitor this joystick movement and then move the sprite accordingly The Coverdisk contains source code named demo.c. You will also find, under the name, demo.h two header Wes... a general header which
contains ftndudes defmes and some global variables, and a demo header wtvch contans screen window definitions and some graphics data. The masi background image sections were compried separately and are not on disk simply because of their size. One image, a smaller text orientated fragment, was kept in the demo header ftte so that there was at least one real Image structure to look at the source code.
Wefl. That's about it for this month. Tve had to skimp on detailed explanations of things such as the gameport, but at least you now know where to look for extra details.
ALL TITLES AVAILABLE ON AMIGA £7.99 ATARI ST £7.99 C64 cass £2.99 SPECcass £2.99 AMS cass £2.99 ALSO AVAILABLE FOR PC DOUBLE DRAGON IBM PC • £7.99 XENON IBM PC-£7.99 MRTROMW VIRGIN MASTERTRONIC LTD 16 PORTLAND ROAD LONDON W11 ANIMATION Following our popular series of Deluxe Paint animation tutorials for experts, IVIAFF EVANS shows beginners how easy it is. Simply use the Coverdisk files along with these step-by-step instructions to produce your own TV cartoon.
Deluxe Paint 3 for Animation Num Ithe beginning of the animation ¦ portrays a TV being turned on, so we need to first make it appear to be switched off. Hit J to go to the scratch page and pick up the power button (to the left of the mam TV) as a brush, then go back to the anim and advance a frame by hitting 2 on the keyboard. Now place the brush over the power button on the second frame. Once you have done that, select a normal brush and draw a black line down the right-hand side to form a shadow and blank out the little red LEDs. Now use FILL to fill the yellow screen with black. Repeat
this for frames three and four.
Jj Go back to the scratch pad and pick up the white bar. Go to frame 11 of the amm (making sure the stencil is still on) and press F2 to select COLOR mode. Select black from the palette and place the bar at the top of the screen. Now select MOVE from the anim window, enter the settings shown, and hit draw.
Repeat this whole process for frames 15 to 18.
Once the picture has loaded, press J on the keyboard to swap screens.
Now go to the FRAMES in the ANIM menu and select SET. Set the number of animation frames to 60 and click on OK. Next, go to the CONTROL option of the animation menu and set the RATE to 10.
Now press J to swap to the scratch page and pick the TV up as a brush. Swap back to the first animation frame and place it in the middle of the screen. This forms the basis of the animation and therefore should be copied to all the other frames. To do this, select COPY TO ALL option from FRAMES (once again, in the ANIM menu).
Now, believe it or not, you should click on CLR and select CURRENT FRAME to blank the frame. I know In recent issues of Amiga Format, Dean Agar has provided some tutorials on producing some rather strange rolls, wipes and fades on Deluxe Paint. This time, we've come up with a somewhat different piece for you to construct.
Instead of using Dpamt to produce a standard animation effect, this tutorial shows you how to produce a short cartoon-like piece.
Unfortunately you'll need at least one Meg to create animations, so all you budding Rolf Harrises without a half Meg expansion or more. Sorry!
To get started, simply boot up Dpaint III and load the picture file PARTS from the Coverdisk. You will be asked if you want to change to the format of the picture, so click on YES to load it.
That seems strange, but this will give you a clean start to the cartoon when the animation is played back. Now thafs set up, we can properly start to produce our cartoon! Just follow the steps printed below (using the scratch pad - also called the spare screen - to pick up the parts) to construct your filmette.
2 For frames five and six, simply ¦ fill the yellow area on the screen with black. But you must remember to leave the white reflection lines alone, otherwise the screen will look rather flat.
3 Press J to get back to the ¦ scratch pad and pick up the grey speckled rectangle as a brush.
You want to pick up as much as possible, so hit F10 to turn off the menu bars down the top and side. Go back to the amm and select STENCIL-MAKE from the EFFECTS menu. Click on the yellow square, then hit INVERT and MAKE to mask all the colours except yellow. Now just put the speckled pattern over the screen on frame seven so that it completely covers the yellow and place it down. On frames eight, nine and ten, do the same, only move the block into a new position on the screen, making sure that it still covers the yellow.
5 You should now be on frame ¦ 19. Put the bar at the top (in black once again) and select MOVE, changing the settings to the ones lies ANIMATION »eginners by bers shown, then hit DRAW. Select the stencil-make again and hit MAKE to refresh the mask. Now repeat step three for frames 11-28 (hit 1 on the keyboard to skip a frame at a time).
6 For good measure, place the ¦ block on the screen of frame 29 as well!
9 You should now be on frame ¦ 40. Go to the scratch pad and pick up the second version of the message. Line it up with the message on frame 39 and move to frame 40 before stamping it down.
W. ; M Go back to the scratch I and pick up the third version
of the message. Line it up with the message on frame 40 and
stamp it down on frame 41. Pick up the first version from the
scratch pad again, line it up and stamp it down on frame
42. Select MOVE, set the count to four and hit DRAW. Skip past
the next four frames to get to frame 50.
M 9 Call up the MOVE I i9a requester and enter the values as shown, then hit DRAW. Now go back and fill the spare yellow bits (NOT the letters!) With black.
M You should now be on I "Wm frame 55. Hit the BRUSH tool with the right-hand button to return the Format logo to its normal size. Go to frame 60 and stamp it down in the middle of the screen.
X Dta«: bMRtm ¦ r i l ¦¦ T»~T-t iCIawl ¦ . - 1 Oul : E »¦•-In : US Sgl Rrr ffSi .rrmsj I • w] Trfi Igl lr i i 11 |pr»«l 11 rt-i't i m e Cal1 up ,he M0VE I w9u requester once more and enter the values shown. Make sure that you select the MOVE TO button (the one with an arrow pointing TOWARDS a dot) before hitting DRAW. Now go back and once again fill the spare yellow bits with black (watch those letters).
By now you should be on frame 30. This part is easy!
Just fill the yellow with black up to and including frame 49, then go back to frame 35 and hit the button below the Escape key to turn off the stencil.
8 Switch to the scratch page ¦ and pick up the little ‘DUP1 message on the left. Now place it in the corner of the screen on frame 35 as shown. Select MOVE from the ANIM menu and set all the X, Y and Z values to zero. Set the COUNT to five and hit DRAW.
I|l| Go to the scratch pad and I I ¦ select white as the background colour by clicking on it in the palette with the right button. Now pick up the Amiga Format logo at about the size shown.
M Go to the amm (which I should be on frame 50) and switch the stencil back on. Now go to the brush menu and select DOUBLE from the SIZE option, then place it at the side of the screen as shown.
Thank you, ladies and gentlemen!
Right! Your animation is now complete! If you've followed the diagrams and the instrucbons properly, you should now be able to hit 5 on the keyboard to see your cartoon TV come to life in your very own animation. If it doesn't quite look right, then load up TV.amm from the Coverdisk
- use LOAD from the ANIM menu, not from the picture menu - to see
how it should look, then try again!
This is just a basic animation to show some of the cartoon effects which can be created quickly and simply - even by those with very little artistic bent. Try creating a few original frames and experiment with the move requester. Some very nice rotations and slides are possible with similar techniques. Just boot up the program, sketch a quick picture and mess around with some numbers.
You could soon be coming up with your own special effects!
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Spreadsheet. Custom Label Printer, fonts & chp art 10 asks.
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GAMES Space Blob ...£3.00 Mr Dig ......£3.00 Computer Conflict £3.00 Q-Boid £3.00 The authors of all the above disks receive a royalty from Lorenzo s for each disk sold BUDGET GAMES Drum Studio .... i* M Fantasy Wo d Dizzy i* 5C Treasure island Dzzy i* 50 Advanced Frut Macnr* Sf i* 50 itafc 1990.. .. Grmolood . Nitro Boost Oia*erge Pro Terns ...... Pro PowerDoat Sruaw Treasure island Dzry Roadwars ..- MotorbiKe Madness Pub Pool ......
K. ckstart 2 ... i*M i*M £*50 i* 50 1*50 £*50 i* 50 i* 50
1*50 1* 50 Tins is only a smai sanpe S as our range is
continuous jpcatec £15 99 i jrrr tttles MISCELLANEOUS
HARDWARE Blank Disks with sleeves 4 labels .....0.49p
Contriver Mouse lw«n mat) ..£24.99 Techno
Sound Digibser H W 4 S W £29.99 Midi Interface -
Software ....£24.99 10 disks Library
Cases ..£1.49 40 Capacity Lockable
Disk Bo*es ....£5.95 80 Capacity Lockable Disk
Bo»es ...£6.95 Mouse Mats £3.45 Oust Covers £4.95
3. 5’ Disk Cleaning Kits ...£3.95 IBM
Printer Cables £5.95 Datalmk
Cables £5.95
0. 5 MEG Memory Upgrade .£34.95
0. 5 MEG Meomory Upgrade with Clock. £39 95
1. 5 MEG Memory Upgrade £129.95 E*temal Disk
Drive .....£69.95 30 Colquhoun Square,
Helensburgh G84-8AQ Payment by Cheque, Credit Card or P.O
LORENZO'S PLEDGE Since our beginnings in the PD scene it has
been our aim to oiler the FASTEST and FRIENDLIEST service
around Ve now believe we have the MOST COMPLETE AMIGA RANGE
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PRICES Dont just take our uvrd lor it though, clip the
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Receive our latest MEGA CATALOGUE DISK FREE M ft Disk contains lists, descriptions, prices, pictures, music, t a PD Game and a whole lot more FREE DRAW COMPETITION Thanks to cverybodv who entered the winners names will be yrja Amiga Format For deuJs d voum have to check ex* ( Chp the coupon and trad far’i MEGA CATALOGUE 4 IS OUT NOW rAPRIL ORDERS ONLY PLEASE MAIL Sr TELEPHONE THE INDISPENSABLE GUIDE TO GAMES ON THE AMIGA SCREEN PLAY THE BOOK SCREEN PLAY has 162 pages packed with all this and more... came under the close scrutiny of the Amiga Format reviewing team?
What happens when you can’t beat that classic old game even after months of trying? What can you do if you've missed part two of that essenbal solubon to Shadow of the Beast? And just what DID happen to your issue with the Infestation maps? Now you can put all these worries behind you, with the Amiga Format Screen Play book.
• Reviews of over 100 games.
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Corporation, Neuromancer, Xenomorph and many more.
Whether you’re into shoot-em-ups, simulations, adventures or puzzle games, Amiga Format always brings you definitive coverage for games. Game Busters compiles bps to aid the struggling gamer and Screen Play covers the big names and top releases to watch out for every month.
But what about the games that slipped through the net and never Screen Play, the book, contains reviews of over 100 games, with the most comprehensive cok lecbon of bps, maps and cheats ever compiled in one place. The book also includes exclusive hints for top games specially put together for this book. It's been lovingly put together by Amiga Format's dedicated staff writer Maff Evans, who's got more experience playing, cursing at and then beabng games than it s sane to have. All of his many years experbse has gone into creabng this book, which costs just £9.95. If you play games, how can
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Name: (BLOCK CAPITALS PLEASE) Address: Postcode: Telephone: I wish to pay by Access Visa" I'please delete as appropriate) I enclose a cheque for £_ My credit card number is: Expiry date: Signed: PRIORITY ORDER FORM Yes, I would like to order copy copies of SCREEN PLAY at the recommended price of £8.95. Iplease add £1.45 per copy to cover p&p.)
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Future Publishing Ltd.
The Old Barn, Somerton, Somerset TA11 7BR.
(No stamp is needed if the letter is posted in the UK.)
No money will be debited from your account and no cheques cashed unbl SCREEN PLAY is printed and awaibng dispatch.
Please allow 28 days for delivery.
UNIT 8, ARMLEY PARK COURT, OFF CECIL ST, ARMLEY. LEEDS LS12 2AE ZYDEC 3.5" 1 MEG EXTERNAL DRIVE High quality Citizen anti click mechanism £59.99 NAKSHA MOUSE The superior Hi-res mouse inc quality mat and holder £29.99 2 yr Guarantee CUMANA CAX 354 3.5" 1meg drive ONLY £69.99 AMIGA A500 PACK Inc Workbench 1.3. Amiga Basic.
Mouse. TV Modulator. Leads. Extras Disk. Manuals & Tutorial New Low Price £319.99 SCREEN GEMS PACK A500 PACK AS STD PLUS Back To The Future II, Days ot Thunder, Knightbreed, Shadow Of and Deluxe Paint II nigh II II £369.00 ASTRA PACK 10 INCREDIBLE TITLES ONLY £24.99 !
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A500 Pack plus KinOworOS 2 0 Pageselter. Artists Croce MeaO Line Fonts Pack. Am a Logo.
SuperBase Personal. BBC Emulator.
Deluxe Paint II. Manpian Spread Sheet, or Dr Ts MO Recortkng Studio, Midi Interlace. Mousema; 10 disks and Diskette Storage Waiet £539.99 NEW IN STOCK -First Steps Pack" similar to Class ot the 90 s Pack But aimed at a younger age group AMIGA 1500 ONE OF THE BEST VALUE AMIGA PACKAGES YOU CAN BUY
* Commodore 1084 S Stereo monitor
* Dual dnves as standard ' Separate quality keyboard ’ Platinum
Works integrated business package me wordprocessor.
Database and spreadsheet ' Deluxe Paint II graphics package ’ Battle Chess 3D chess simulation ' Their Finest Hour flight simulator
* Sim City + Terrain Editor ’ Populous ? Promised Lands ONLY
£949.00 £200 TRADE IN ON YOUR OLD AMIGA 500!
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£289.99 Swift 9 or 24 Colour Upgrade £34.99 MEG
HARD DRIVE The Commodore A590 has a built in unpopulated Ram
Board so you can easily upgrade your Amiga memory by up to 2
megs without invalidating your warranty (autoboots from
Kickstart 1.3 only) £289.99 AMIGA A590 POPULATED Complete with
2 meg of Ram £349.99 CMOS 256K * 4 DRAMS LOW POWER CONSUMPTION
FAST ACCESS DRAMS £4.69 ea Ideal for populating
£4.39 ea your A590 or extra
116-*- .....£4.19ea ram board FANTAVISION OR COMIC SETTER
J COMMODORE 1084 SD Stereo Sound 1 640 ' 256 resolution 1 anti
glare screen ¦ green screen facility £259.00 NEW! PHILIPS
CM8833 MK II Stereo Sound 640 ' 200 resolution green screen
facility FREE 1 yr on site warranty £239.99 MAIL ORDER REMEMBER
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Interface Minigen Genlock .. Rombo RGB
Splitter... Rombo Vidi Amiga Rombo Vidi Chrome... Amiga Control
Station ..£22.99 ..£99.00 ..£67.99 ..£99.99 ..£18.99 ..£43.99
MODEMS Linnet . .£149.99 Linnet
1200 ... .£229.99 Linnet 2400 ...
£359.99 myttttt SONY MITSUE 100% error free, Lifetime Guara
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10. ...... 3ISHI 35 TPI ntee as the ve
is £5.99
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Dbase, Spreadsheet Package now only ..£64.99
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VISTA landscape generator £49.99 PAGESETTER VERSION
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1.1 ....£114 99 Digiview Gold Version
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Accounts s* .£89.99 Scnbble w p platinum edition
£39.99 Publishers Choice .£74.99 RAM
EXPANSION ASHCOM 1.8 MEG EXPANSION Take your Amiga A500 up to
2.3 Megs total with this easy to fit board. Uses existing
expansion slot. This board can be supplied partly or fully
populated Unpopulated £34.99 512K Populated £49.99 1 Meg
Populated £82.99
1. 5 Meg Populated £99.99 Fully (1.8 Megs) £114.99
• Additional "Gary" board suppltad with 1 Meg configurations or
above ' 1 MEG UPGRADE Top quality memory expansions inc.
Battery backed Real Time Clock and convenient on-off switch 12
month guarantee £37.99 1 OPEN MON-SAT 1 SUNDAY OPENING 1 ’
THURSDAY NIGHT I Goo?-- image I Hand Scanner plus excellent I
touch up software £189.99 iGokJen image I Optcai Mouse £42 99 I
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software £159 99 Hitachi Video cameras now m stock fern Amiga
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an a n a n AnAnAHAnAnAn ahAn n ESEEETBgagggg i j» agg ¦ mbsba
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subject to change without notice E. & O E a *Delta Vi Sofav&ie
” 8 Ruswarp Lane. WHITBY, N Yorks Y021 1ND TEL FAX: 0947
600065 (9am - 7pm) Amiga 1500: B2000 * 1084SD • Twin Floppies
» Tbe Works! Plat Dpaint 31 Battle Chess Sim City Populus.
Their Finest Hour .£928.00 as above without monitor £619.00 WHY NOT ENHANCE YOUR At 500 WITH ONE OR MORE OF THE FOLLOWING: Supra 46 80 Mb Autoboot Drive Card £319 1399 SUPRA DRIVES INCLUDE EXPRESS COPY BACKUP S CLIMATE SzW XT AT Bndgeboards . 5.25' Drive PHONE Supra 8Mb RAM Board Pop 2Mb £219.00 Supra 8Mb RAM Board Pop 4 6 8Mb ...£339 £449,£549 Hi-Res Video Card (Flicker Fixer) £289 00 A500 FIRST STEPS Education Pack ....£539.00 A500 SCREEN GEMS Pack
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Multi-Scan ..£329.00 DISK DRIVES A590 Autobool 20Mb . S W ..£279 00 A2000 Internal 3.5-...p&p £2 ...£69.95 A500 Replacement Internal 3.5" p&p £2 ...£69 95 High quality Amiga Ext. 3 5" Metal Cased . .p&p £2 ...£59.95 MISCELLANEOUS A500 RAM'CIOCk 512Kb with Disable Sw tree p&p......£39.00 RAM Chips tor A590 2091 per 512Kb ...tree p&p .£22.50 A500 Compatible Power Supply ..tree p&p ..£49.00 Kickstart VI.3 ROM tor A500 2000 tree p&p .£28.00 1 Mb Fat Agnus 8372A tree p&p .... £69.00 CIA Chip 8520 tree
p&p ..£15.00 VkJi-Amiga PAL Frame Grabber inc. Filters tree p&p £129 00 RGB Composite Video Splitter .tree p&p £69 95 Surge Protector 4-Way Block 3-Way Adaptor.... p&p £2 E1595T1995 : The MasterBoard is a full 24-bit resolution add-on graphics system for Commodore 2000 3000 series Amiga computers.
MasterBoard VD2001 VD2001 has a real-time 24-bit frame- grab and display facility and can key graphics over the input video.
Price £1750.00 exc. VAT MasterBoard FB2001 FB2001 is a video output only version of the above board for use as a frame buffer to display 24-bit graphic material.
Price £1350.00 exc. VAT Distributed in the UK by G2 SYSTEMS, 5 Mead Lane, Farnham, Surrey GU9 7DY Phone:0252737151 Fax:0252737147 a n An AnAnAFiAriAnAnAnAnAnA MATRIX SOFTWARE CLUB NO RISKS No need to risk buying titles and being disappointed - review from the Matrix library first. Hundreds of titles for Atari ST, Amiga, Amstrad & IBM PC (3 1 2” disks) systems to review without obligation.
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To find out more about the fabulous prizes on otter this month, how to win them and the benefits Matrix has to offer.
Telephone the Matrix Prizeline, 0836 403807* now (a pen & paper may be useful), or simply send for Matrix membership information enclosing a large S.A.E. and stating your machine to:- Matrix Leisure Services, Dept AMF4. Unit 10, Mill Studio Business Centre, Crane Mead, Ware. Herts, SG12 9PY. Tel: 0920 444224.
• Prizeline calls cost 33p min, cheap, 44p min, other times
(obtain permission of the phone owner).
MATRIX - WORKING FOR MEMBERS gj CfrCOSC (CCZOl !®U!|4°H *®PS gjnj 'i|6 ioJoqj»|ad 'Ass9|u;i|M '®*V PP«o*S 11 ¦aouejeap sAep i MO||e asea|d anbaip Aq 6u;Aed )|
* ONIXOVd » BOVlSOd ‘1VA 3QmONI SBOIUd 11V * 56 £3 J3AOJ Jbl !(J
56313 .jaAO njLji 3dXi ,n, |P3S 56
£33 MlUj|d joiiuow 56 73 ......pe3"|
J3TJOdS |3HSAor 56 73 pP3"| 1X3 TpllS Of 56 73 pP3"| S3UJP0
J3AP|d t7 5 ra 13 |DOd asnow 5633
....lew asnow 56813
...3snow iu3LU33e|d3y eSiiuy 66'£13
.. pu3Aew lOMS Dino 66 63
uoqiAd lOMSTfDino 56313 xog |sia xueg de3 08 »5'£ 56 5 L3 xog
isia 3|qe |3eis de3 09 »5 £ 05 53 "xoa |Sia 3|qe |Do-| de 08
„5 £ 05 3 xog |sia 3|qe |30-i de3 07 „5'£ 56 13
..J3UP3Q jsia 56 03
.S|3qen |Sia 05 08
03 s isia aH iing „ge 78
03 s |Sia ling „5 £
| isnvi33ds BiavwnsNoo aaindwoo OH3IW 1HVH WORLDWIDE SOFTWARE
LDWIDE 106A Chilwell Road, Beeston, Nottingham, NG9 1ES
• SOFT WA R E ¦ WORLDWIDE SOFTWARE 106A Chilwell Road, Beeston,
Nottingham, NG9 1ES FREE Catalogue Disk (Plus latest demos
when available) with every order over £10.00 All orders
despatched by 1 st class post Quality products at keenest
prices 7 day 24 hour ordering Credit card accounts debited
only on despatch of goods
• Complete customer satisfaction is our aim Order by Telephone:
Credit card order telephone lines 0602 252113 0602 225368 by
Fax: Fax your order with credit card details 0602 430477 by
Mail: Send payment with order Please give your name, address,
telephone no., software title, price advertised and computer
Worldwide Pack 3 Worldwide Pack 2 Worldwide Pack 1 Amiga Second Drive + Any three software titles with our advertised price of £17.95 or less ONLY £109.99 Amiga Second Drive + Any two software titles with our advertised price of £1 7.95 or less ONLY £99.99 Amiga 1 2 meg upgrade + Any two software titles with our advertised price of £22.95 or less ONLY £89.99 AMIGA SOFTWARE 4 Player Adaptor .....5.95 4D Sport Boxing .. 17.95 4D Sport Driving ..22.95 688 Sub Attack .....17.95 9 Lives .. 17 95
AlOTank Killer .....28.95 Accolade in Action 22 95 Action Stations (1 Meg) 22 95 Advanced Tactical Fighter 2......17.95 AMOS . 39 99 Ancient Battles ......17.95 Animation Studio ...79.99 Armour Geddon ....17.95 Atomic Robokid .....17 95
A. D.S .17.95 A WE S O M
E ....28.95 Back to Future
3 ....17.95 Badlands
Pete ......14.95 Bards Tale
2 ....9.99 Battle
Command ....17.95 Battlescape Twin
Pack 22.95
Battlestorm ....17.95
BAT .26.95
Betrayal ......22.95 Better Spelling
(9-14 years) 17.95 Billy the
Kid ...17.95 Blade
Warrior 17 95 Blitzkreig Battle at
Ardennes 22.95 Blifzkreig May 1940 ..17.95 Blue
Max 26 95 Bomber
Bob ...17.95
Brat ...17 95 Breach 2 (1
Meg) .17.95 Bridge Player
2150 ...22.95 Buck
Rogers ...26.95
Budokan ......17.95
Cadaver 17.95
Captive .17.95
Carthage ......17.95
Car-Vup ..17.95 Challengers
Compilation ...22.95 Champions of Krynn (1 Meg) .22.95
Champions of the Raj .17.95 Chaos Strikes Back (I
Meg)......17.95 Chase HQ 2 ..17.95
Chessmaster 2100 22.95 Chessmaster 2175
22.95 Chips Challenge ..17.95 Chronicles of
Omega .....14 95
Cohort ...17.95
Combat ..17 95 Corporation
Mission Disk ..12 99
Corporation ...17.95 Curse of the
Azure Bonds (1 Meg) .22 .95 Dos
Boot 26.95 De luxe
Scrabble ..14.95 Defender
2 ....14 95
Deuteros .17.95 Distant
Armies 17 95 Donaids Alphabet Chase
(2-5 yrs) 17.95 Dragon Breed ......17.95
Dragon Flight .22.95 Dragon Force (1
Meg) ......22.95 Dragon
Wars 22.95 Dragons Breath 22.95
Dragons Lair 2 ......36.95 Duck
Tales ....17.95 Dungeon Master
Editor ...7 99 Dungeon Master (1 Meg) ..17.95
Eagles Riders .17.95 ECO
Phantoms ......17.95
Elite ...17.95 AMIGA
SOFTWARE Elvira Mistress of the Dark 22.95
Enterprise ......14 95
Epic ...17.95 Escape from
Colditz ...22.95
ESWAT ...17 95
Exterminator ...17.95 Eye of the Beholder
..22 .95 Fl 5 Strike Eagle 2 24
95 F16 Combat Pilot ....17.95 F16
Falcon ....22 95 F19 Stealth Fighter
......22.95 F29 Retaliator ......17
95 Ferrari Formulo 1 ....9.99 Feudal
Lords ..17 95 Final Battie
.....17.95 Final
Command ....17.95 Final
Conflict ..22.95 Final Whistle (Kick
Off 2) 9 99 Fire Brigade (1 Meg) 22.95 Fists of Fury
Compilation ...22.95 Flight of the Infruaer
.....24.95 Flight Sim 2 Hawaii Scenery 11 99 Flight Sim
2 Scenery 11 ..14.95 Flight Sim 2 Scenery
7 .....14.95 Flight Sim 2 Scenery 9 14.95 Flight Sim 2
West Europe Scenery 14 95
28. 95 17 95
17. 95 17 95 22 95 14 95 14 95 Flight Sim 2 Flood . Fools
Errand Frontline..... Full Blast Com Fun School 2 Fun School
2 Fun School 2 Fun School 3 Fun School 3 Fun School 3
Gauntlet 3..... Gazzas 2...... Genghis Khan Gods .....
Golden Axe Dilation 6-8 yrs).
Over 8 yrs) Under 6 yrs) 14.95 5-7 yrs) 17 95 Over 7 yrs).
Under 5 yrs) 17 95
17. 95 17 95 17 95
32. 95 2495 ... 17.95 Goofys Railway Express (2-5 yrs). 17.95
Greg Normons Ultimate Golf . ..17.95 Gremlins 2 14 95
17. 95 17 95 17 95 22 95
14. 95 Gunboat ...... Gunship ... Hard Drivm 2
Harpoon (1 Meg) Helter Skelter...... Hit Machine Compilation
22 95 ..... “ ' 22.95 Hollywood Collection .
Horror Zombies Hunt for Red October Hunter .17.95 jrium dianapolis 500
17. 95 .17.95 .1795 1795 Indy Lost Crusode ? Zok
Mcxrocken .22.95 Insects in Space
17.95 International 3D Tennis ......17.95 International
Soccer Challenge .17.95 Ishido Way of the Stones 17 95 It
Came From The Desert (1 Meg) 22.95
J. Nicklaus Unlimited Gdf (1 Meg) .22 95 James Pond Underwater
Agent .17 95 17 95 17 95 1495 9 99 Jupiters Masterdrive Kick
Off 2 Expanded (1 Kick Off 2 . Kick Off 2 Final
Whistle Killing Cloud .. Killing Game Show......
17. 95 17 95 AMIGA SOFTWARE Knights of
Crystallion .22.95 Lost Ninja 3
......17 95 Legend of Foerghail 22.95
Leisuresuit Larry 2 ..29.99 leisuresu.t
Larry 3 (1 Meg) 29 99 Leisuresuit Lorry 22 95 Lemmings
.. 17 95 Life arKTDeafh .....22.95
bne of Fire ....17 95 links
Loom .22.95 lost Patrol
17.95 Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge . . .17 95 Ml Tank Platoon
22.95 Mog*c Fly ......17.95 Mogic
Maths ....17 95 Manchester United
17.95 Master
Blazer 17.95 Maths Mama
17 95 Matrix Marauders
14.95 Mean Streets 17.95
Megotrovefler Zhodon Consp.rocy. 24.95 Meglomama
.17.95 Merchonf Colony
17.96 Mickeys Runaway Zoo (2-5 yrs) 17.95 Midnight
Resistance ...17.95 Midwinter 2
22.95 Midwinter
...22.95 Mig 29
Fulcrum ....26.95 Mighty Bombjock . 1
7 95 Mmdgames Strategy Comp 17.95 Moonshine
Rocers 17.95 Mortvilie Manor . 14 95 Multi
Player Soccer Manoger .17.95 Murders in Space 17 95
Murder ...17.95 Mugicion (Muse
Pockage] .22 95 Myshcol ....17.95
MUDS .17 95 Nam
28 95 Narco Police ..17 95
NARC ..17 95 Navy
Seals 17 95
Necronom . 17 95 New York
Warriors 14 95 Night
Breed ....17 95 Night
Shift 17 95 Ninja
Remix ..17.95
Nitro 17 95 No
Exit ..17 95
Obitus 26.95 Omnicron
Conspirocy ......17 95 Operation
Spruonce ..17 95 Operation Steolth
......17 95 Oriental Games ....17.95
Overrun .22 95
Pong .17 95 Paradro.d
90 .17 95
Pirates ..17 95 Platinum
Compilation .17.95
Plotting ......17 95 Police Quest 2 (1 Meg)
29.99 Pools of Radiance ..22 95 Populous New
Worlds ......7 99 Populous ..17.95 Power
Pock Compilation 17.95 Power
monger 22.95 Predator
2 ......17 95 Prince of
Persia .....17.95 Pro Tennis Tour
2 ...17.95
Puzznic ..17.95 Roilrood
Tycoon 24.95 AMIGA SOFTWARE Rainbow Islands 17 95 Revelation
Rick Dangerous 2 17 95 Riders of Kohon 22 95 Robocop
2 ... Robozone Roddy and Mostico (3-7
yrs) ' 4 95 Rogue Trooper .... Second Front 22 95 Sega Master
Mix ......17 95 Shodow Dancer 17 95 Shadow of the Beast 2 28
95 Shodow of the Beast 17 95 Shodow Warriors ...
17 95 ShockWave ....17 95
Simukro 17 95 Sly Spy Secret
Agent Soccer Mania Compilation 17 95 Spoce Quest 3 29 99
Space Shuttle Simulator .32 95 Speed ball 2
17 95 Spmdizzy Worlds ....17
95 Sporting Gold .22 95 Sporting
Winners 14 95 Spy Who Loved Me St
Dragon ...... 17 95 Star Command 22 95 Star
Control .....17 95 Starfiight
..17 95 Storm Across Europe 22.95
Stormovik ...... .22 95 Strider
2 ...17 95 Stun
Runner .... 14 95 Super Monaco Grand Prix 17
95 Super Off Rood Racing 17 95 Supremacy 22 95
Switchblade 2 .... 17 95
SW1V ..... 17 95 Team
Suzuki ... 17 95 Team Yonkee 22 95 Teencge
Mutant Hero Turtles 19 99 The Finol Conflict 17 95 The
Immortal .. The Lost Starship 17 95 The Ul.tmate Ride
17 95 Their Finest Hour Battle Britain 22 95 Things to do
w-th Words (5-12 yrs) 14 95 TNT Compilation .22 95
Toki ..17 95 Torvak the
Warrior Total Recall ..... 17 95 Tournament
Golf .....17 95 Toyota Celko GT Rally 17 95 Turrican
2 ... 17.95 TV Sports Baseball 22 95 Typhoon of
Stee; (1 Meg) ' 4 95 Ultima 5 22 95 UN
Squadron ..17 95 U M.S. 2 22 95
Vaxine .
Voodoo Nightrra'e Warqame Construction 5 j) 22 95 Warlock the Avenge' 17 95 Wheels ofF.re 22 95 White Death 22 95 Win a Billion 17 95 Wings (1 Meg) 22 95 Wings (512K) . . 22 95 Wnning Tochcs (Kick Oft 2) 6 99 Wolfpock (1 Meg) 22 95 Wonderionc . 22 95 World Championship Soccer 17 95 AMIGA SOFTWARE Wylds of War .17 95 Wrath of the Demon .22 95 Kiphos .....17.95 Zorathrussc 17.95 Zina* 14.95 Z-Out ..17.95 BUDGET TITLES Ac.c-.cea Fruit Mochme Sim 6.99 Aterourner ...7.99 Ancnoa Re. Of
DOH .....7.99 Bcrbcr-ar 2 . 7.99 5asr-’or. Ccoea C'usoder 7.99 Bosiero-as .7.99 Coorooo 7.99 Douoie ogoo .....7.99 FaMr Ange ...7.99 Fantasy Woriq D zzy ...6.99 Food Chzzy 6.99 Forado One Grand Pr.x .....4.99 Fa • Moch -* 6.99 FC Mcroger Go.'derZ
6. 99
7. 99 Gft Focfcc 6.99 Gfl Gdf 6.99 H*h cers Guide
- tosoaes ......7.99 Lest N -a 2 7.99 l*a*wr Goooess 9.99 Ourun
7.99 Picnerc ......999 pos rc- Far 7.99
* Toe 7.99 Rooc B*cs*ers 7.99 Roc* S*r Ate My
Hamster ...4.99 S kworm 7.99 Corfrnensc
Circus ..7.99 Super s« Chc enqe 4.99 S
D i 7.99 Thvnoert*ooe .....7 99 ’-ecsure tsjond D zzy
4 .99 fa o*e ......7.99 Wshdrnger 9.99 Mazzac
......7.99 Wfcrka Coss eooertoard Golf....7.99 Yog s G*ec*
Escape .....6.99 Zor* .9 99 CITIZEN PRINTERS C*zer 1200
Pks 139.99 C-zer Sw -Q .230.00 C -zer Wt 24 320.00 1 ndjOes bee
connecting coble) LOCKABLE DISK STORAGE BOXES 40 D u Storage
Box 7.95 30 Chs* Storage Bo* ..8 95 100 Dis*
Storage Bo* .9.95 JOYSTICKS Cu ser (Block. B*ue or
multicol) . 8.99 Qudtshot 3 Turbo ...9.95 Zip
Stick Au*ohre .14.95 Competition P'o 12.95
Comoetifcoo Pfo Gear ......13.95 Competition Pro Extra
..14.95 Comoehtion Pro Gio (Green) ....17.49 Competition
Pro Glo (Pink) .17.49 Cheetoh 125
Plus ....7.49 Qukk|Oy Jetfighter
...12.99 Rocemak er [new model Zoomer)32.95 Speeding
Autofire 10.99 Europe lolher than UK) shipping
costs are: £1.50 per disc lor normal airmail £2.50 per disc lor
express airmail Please make cheques or postal orders payable to
WORLDWIDE SOFTWARE All prices include postage and packing in
the UK Not all titles released at time of going to press.
Titles and prices subject lo change FAX ffo: 0602 430477
Outside Europe shipping costs are: £2.00 per disc for normal
airmail £3.00 per disc tor express airmail S' The Supra
Corporation has a reputation for producing very serious
expansions indeed.
Surface UK are now importing some of these desirable products.
This offering is a metal-cased unit that plugs into the left-hand side of an A500. Contained within are three elements: a hard drive cartridge, a small (more on this later) RAM expansion area and a SCSI port for attaching SCSI peripherals.
An important point when talking about hard drives is who really needs them. If you use your computer for just one job - word processing, for instance - then you don't usually need to swap lots of floppies as part of your working routine.
On the other hand, if you need to have lots of different programs ready to hand, then a hard drive offers an Supradrive 500XP 40Mb A500 Hard Drive ¦ £489 ¦ Surface UK 08 I 566 6677 ideal solution. Putting all of your programs onto one big disk (a good definition of a hard drive) makes life a lot easier. Plus you've usually got lots of space left for data files - pictures, text, sound samples, whatever.
Another advantage of a hard drive is that you can set them up to automatically boot up to Workbench.
If you want to use the CLI or Shell, format a floppy, or the hundred and one other mundane tasks that Workbench takes care of, you don’t need to go back to a floppy disk.
Please note, though, that only Kickstart 1.3 Amigas can do this. If your machine displays a hand holding a disk with the message "VI.2" when you reset it, then you can't get any hard disk to autoboot. You can still attach and use them - but you will have to boot up from a floppy first.
Advancing technology Hard drives are getting cheaper in real terms. A few years ago this sort of expansion would have cost more than £1000 - the hard drives available then were slower, smaller and had less expansion potential.
What does it offer then? The SupraDrive XP is housed in a colour- matched metal case. The connector is offset, which means that the unit sits back from the A500: it looks a little odd. It has an autoboot on off switch to disconnect the drive if you want to play a game from floppy, a set of DIP switches for changing the SCSI ID code and a through-port to connect other peripherals.
Inside there are eight chip sockets to plug extra computer RAM into.
You can either plug in 256K X 4 DRAMs, which gives up to 2 Mb of extra memory or 1 Mb X 4 to give the full 8 Mb. The only snag is that 1 Mb chips are very difficult to obtain and are expensive. As standard it is fitted with 0.5 Mb of extra RAM.
Personally I wish that the unit would take SIMM (Single Inline Memory Module) units. These are little cards which plug into expansion units with the minimum of fuss. Still, if you track down a supplier for the right memory chips they'll probably cost about the same.
One thing that you don’t get is a power supply. The drive worked fine without one on a standard A500, but it would have been good to have had the option - many A500 power supplies do not spare much electricity for this sort of expansion. Anything which can power a Commodore A590 hard drive will fit into the unit, but the manual doesn’t give any indication of how these are wired for the enthusiast who wants to make his own.
Gripping stuff Once you plug the drive in and sit down, you really appreciate the manual. It contains lots of detail and explanation on how the SupraDnve works, as well as the included software - SupraBoot. SupraToois and ExpressCopy.
I'll be talking in more detail about these on the following page dealing with the A2000 version of the SupraDnve, but they really are excellent quality utilities. A bonus is that the documentation talks about them in a simple, uncluttered manner.
At the same time, it doesn't miss anything at all.
ABOVE: The 500XP is an A500 hard drive sculpted to fit with the lines of the Amiga, though it does sit back from the front of the computer slightly.
* Supra products are aimed at everybody and assume nothing.
As hardware, the SupraDrive 500XP is nothing very special »*' if oc on onri-Afi uui UJ ui I uUUvl i that everyday human beings can get on with and even explore, it's very good indeed * This is the real strength of this particular make of hard drive. The Supra Corporation products are aimed at everybody and assume nothing.
Partitioning and setting up the drive is a painless affair, thanks to the software. Splitting hard drives into different areas makes them easier to use and stops the problem of one partition affecting the whole drive.
You can choose which partition the drive boots up from, which are mounted to the Amiga standard, and which are left alone. This means that PC and Macintosh emulators can access partitions set up in the format that they need. If you have problems setting up your drive, Supra's Tech Support line will help.
As hardware, the SupraDnve 500XP is nothing very special - but as an add-on that everyday human beings can get on with and even explore, it’s very good indeed.
VERDICT Hard disk drive expansion lor the A500.
SPEED: VERY QOOD Never keeps you hanging around and supports the last tiling system lor the best working speed.
DOCUMENTATION! EXCELLENT Lots ol Information, good Index, plenty ol help with troubleshooting, ACCESSIBILITY: EXCELLENT The Included sottware lets you set up the system to exactly what you want.
VALUE: ___AVERAGE Not the cheapest hard drive, not the most expensive. You pay lor quality.
FEATURES:___VERY POOP The only real let-down is the tiddly RAM expansion - and even that is better than many other hard drives.
For really expert users, a special utility called SupraEdit is included. This lets you delve and change things even more. Changing the priority of a drive, selecting what type of memory the drive buffer uses (Fast, Chip, or Chip if no Fast is available), making an automatic mount list, DMA memory masking for 32-bit accelerator cards or changing DOS ID number - it can do anything. Wisely such power is kept in a separate program, to save the system from careless cock-ups.
Cake icing Finally, supplied with all this is yet another utility called Express Copy.
This is an archival back-up utility, to make copies of your hard drive in case it goes wrong and needs to be reformatted. Selective back-ups can be made - for instance, all the files Supradrive 40Mb A2000 Hard Drive ¦ £399 ¦ Surface UK 081 56£ This is the 'Zorro 2' version of the SupraDrive, which means it can be connected internally to both the A1500 and A2000 (the difference between these being cosmetic) as well as the A3000.
It consists, as such peripherals always do. Of a card with a hard drive unit at one end. The only distinguishing feature is that this unit is of the "half height” variety, which means that when the card is fitted it doesn't hang over the expansion immediately to its right.
Rather than give the background information to hard drives or endlessly extolling the physical virtues and vices of such an unremarkable looking expansion, I'll be concentrating on the software and manuals which come with all SupraDrives.
Starting out First point of contact is, of course, the manual. In eight chapters with three appendices and a full index, it begins by telling you exactly how to install your particular hard drive with some illustrations to help you along.
Then it gives a low-down on booting up, using and turning off the drive.
A special park program is included to park the drive heads when you switch the machine off - this saves wear and tear when moving the unit around.
An in-depth look at another utility, CUMate. Follows. CUMate is a handy gadget for system management. It can display the contents of two different devices at once (for instance, a floppy and a hard disk partition).
Various functions it can do include making new directories, copying individual files or batches of files ABOVE: The Zorro 2 version ol the Supradrive is an Amiga 2000 card. It features a half-height drive unit (the grey metal box) which is convenient in its compactness.
* The SupraDrive cuts across the user techie boundary - simple
enough tor the person who wants a lot of disk space, complex
enough to build a SCSI system with multiple file formats"
between these devices, display and print files out to a
printer, and display IFF pictures: it will even cycle the
colours of these if you want it to.
After this comes a bit on the CLI or Shell, for tasks which CUMate cannot do. This is a little short, and could do with a bit more raw information, but then again full low-downs on this subiect can occupy whole books.
Setting up From there on the manual delves into using the hard drive initialization software, SupraFormat. This looks pretty standard but includes a few special options on top of the standard partitioning and formatting options:
a) Drive partitions can be remapped. This will go through every
sector that the partition occupies and check it to see if it
has developed an error. It wipes all the files from the
partition, so wisely it defaults to off.
B) One partition must be the boot partition. The others can
either be automatically mounted or set to skip, for mounting
with custom format systems like MS-DOS.
C) Amiga partitions can be set to use the old filing system, so
software which doesn’t like the FFS can be placed in a special
D) Partitions can be zeroed individually. This means that you can
decide to clean out just one partition (say it's full of old
data that you don't want to keep) and leave others intact.
SupraFormat is not only easy to use but also to a large extent intelligent: that is, it will calculate free space left on a hard drive automatically. It will also cope with extra SCSI drives hooked on the back.
That have been altered since a certain date, or matched with a particular filename. It can be used either from Workbench (in which case it displays a screen with all the options on it) or quickly run from the CLI or Shell if you're happy typing in obscure commands with a keyboard.
There's a couple of things about the SupraDrive that I'm not happy with. You can’t put extra memory on it a! All and the SCSI identity number cannot be changed (unlike the 500XP version reviewed overleaf).
But. As with the 500XP, the SupraDnve provides a lot more documentation and utilities than other hard drive designs. It cuts across the userAechie boundary - managing to be simple enough for the person who wants a lot of disk space, complex enough to build a SCSI system with multiple file formats for an Amiga with a couple of emulators.
VERDICT PURPOSE: Hard disk drive expansion for the A1500 2000 3000.
VERY GOOD Can be sel lo -blind read write" data for extreme speed access.
DOCUMENTATION: EXCELLENT The same manual covers both the 2000 and A500 models superbly.
ACCESSIBILITY: EXCELLENT Bundled software really sets up your system for good.
FEATURES:__VERY GOOD A500 peripherals tend to be more expensive than this sort of equivalent.
FEATURES:_AVERAGE When all is said and done, this is just one hard drive amongst many.
DELIVERY SERVICE ....and the keenest prices BYTEBACK ’ ' ; Ring us now! 0636-79097 we're programmed to help FIND OUT WHY MOST AMIGA USERS PREFER BYTEBACK!
GAMES | MEGA DEALS! | ACCESSORIES | PUBLIC DOMAIN AmiRAM 1000 Memory Expansion - FREE Four 1 Mb demo disks 500k RAM Expansion!.
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TESTBENCH LEFT: The SupraRAM 2000 expansion can take your Amiga up to the maximum 8 Mb of RAM. Many of the components are mounted in sockets, which is a more reliable system.
BELOW: The expansion for the A500 is the SupraRAM 500. A compact unit and well made, but not cheap.
SupraRAM 2000 A2000 RAM expansion ¦ £ I I 9 unpopulated ¦ Surface UK 08 I 566 6677 2 Mb. Which will cost about £100 - of course, if you’re buying all the chips that the board can handle 18 Mb of memory) they'll cost less per chip.
The only advantage of buying in bulk.
As with the SupraDrive. This memory expansion will fit into any Amiga that isn't an A1000 or A500. The above price is for an empty board, without any RAM chips fitted at all. The board takes standard 256 X 4 DRAM chips, which are fairly easy to get hold of. The board must be populated in steps of If you're not happy about handling chips yourself, then ready-populated boards can be obtained from the supplier, but you pay extra for this: VERDICT PURPOSE: Full (up lo 8 Mb) RAM expansion board lor A1500 A200Q A3000.
SPEED: AVERAGE Works al the standard 100 nS speed ol expansion RAM.
DOCUMENTATION: AVERAGE Nothing special on this one. Although it covers all the necessary points.
ACCESSIBILITY: VERY GOOD Doesn't really mean much when it comes down to it VALUE: AVERAGE No better or worse than many other memory expansions.
FEATURES:___AVERAGE It's good to see that it has a decent test diagnostic, although the tiddly memory settings are not that special.
A 2 Mb SupraRAM 2000 will set you back £249.95. Larger set-ups progressively cost more.
The board is manufactured to a high standard, uses sockets for most components and is very slim, so it doesn't cover up other expansion slots in the machine. Installing it is both simple and complex. Putting the board in is the easy bit. But telling the board how much memory it's got involves a complex system of coded lumpers, then a jumper has to be set on the board and a program run to make Sure everything is hunky-dory. It gives you as much memory as you can ever attach to an Amiga, and after that it's down to you to use it.
SupraltAM 500 A500 0.5Mb trapdoor expansion ¦ £69 ¦ Surface UK 08 I 566 667 7 If you have an A500 and only ever buy one extra, chances are that the extra will be 0.5 Mb of memory that fits into the underside of your computer. Such expansions are myriad, and range in price from the official Commodore A501 at £100 down to ultra-cheap £30 boards.
The SupraRAM 500 is a very well manufactured board which comes boxed with a help sheet. Included on the design is a real-time clock - a standard feature of many similar expansions. Fitting is easy enough, as is usual with such boards. The manufacturing quality is very good, although there the praise ends, I'm sorry to say.
For a start, the board has no disable switch. This means that if you want to load software which doesn't like extra memory (some games, for example) you have to unplug it. This makes for extra wear and tear that wouldn't be necessary with a switch.
Another point is that the all the chips are soldered directly onto the board, rather than being mounted in sockets.
Although this makes for cheaper manufacturing costs, it also makes it much more difficult to replace faulty components On top of this the clock chip cannot be grounded to make it forget a silly time and date (some software does set the date strangely for no apparent reason).
I'm sorry, I just can't quite recommend this board. So many others do all that it can do and more for (proportionately) much less money.
What's wrong with being cheap?
VERDICT PURPOSE:_ A500 0.5 Mb RAM RAM expansion that fits in the trapdoor slot SPEED: VERY aOOD As good as the internal memory speed.
Some boards are not so fast.
DOCUMENTATION: AVERAGE Contains useful information but nothing on upgrading chip memory.
ACCESSIBILITY: POOR Socketed chips are tricky lo get repaired.
VALUE:_POOR Plenty ot UK firms make better boards than, and this one cheaper.
FEATURES: EXCELLENT No disable switch Is fitted, and there Is no chip memory option. A pity.
Amiga A500 with TV Modulator: MJC PRICE £299.95 ipnce includes VAT S delivery) COMMODORE AMIGA A500 SCREEN GEMS PACK Includes Deluxe Paint 2 and 4 lop games OUR PRICE £359.95 with 'n meg expansion, add £30 with Cumana 2nd drive add £60 prices include VAT and insured delivery, add C5 lor express courier COMMODORE A590 HARD DRIVE autobooting Irom WB 1.3 OUR PRICE £279.95 with 1 meg titled 319.95 with 2 meg fitted 349.95 GRAPHICS & VIDEO Disney Animation Studio Latest graphics package from the world famous Disney Corporation RRP £99.95 MJC PRICE £74.95 Pagesetter
2 ...49.95 Deluxe Paint III ......59.95 TV Show, by Zuma 55.95 TV Text Professional, Zuma.A 19.95 Deluxe Video III .....79.95 Pixmate ...39.95 ZVP VIDEO STUDIO Great video production package requires min. 1 meg & 2 drives £89.95 RENDALE 8802 GENLOCK £169.95 8802 Mode Switch Box £31.95 Rombo RGB Splitter see "Specials" VIDI-Amiga see "Specials" Digiview Gold v4 .109.95 SOUND MASTERSOUND - SAMPLER MJC PRICE £29.95 QUARTET MJC PRICE £34.95
U.K. Education, Local Authority and Government orders
Overseas customers also welcome, please call or write for quotations.
All goods subject to availability, all prices subject to change without notice. E&OE.
CALLERS WELCOME 9.30 TO 5.00 (6 days)
M. J.C. SUPPLIES (AF) 2 The Arches, Icknield Way, Letchworth,
Herts, SG61UJ Telephone orders and enquiries: Letchworth
(0462) 481166 (6 lines) Fax: (0462) 670301 NEW!! PROTEXT
version 5 A very fast, command based package, now benefits
from pulldown menus and better mouse control, holds up to 36
documents in memory, newspaper style columns.
New Collins dictionary, new file selector. Still the best wp tor using your printers fonts and effects 1Mb required RRP C149.95 our price C99.95 NEW!! PROTEXT version 4.3 For 512k machines, now benefits from the pull-down menus and some other features of version 5.
Still only £64.95 PRODATA Amor's database has excellent data layout facilities, including a wide range ot printer effects. 10 indexes per data tile, and uses many of Protext's editing commands.
RRP £79.95 our price £55.95 MJC PRO-PACKS!!
Protext v5 & Prodata ..£149.95 Protext v4.3 8 Prodata £114.95 DEMO DISKS For Protext V5. V4 or Prodata £5 each (cost deductable on purchase ol appropriate program) MEMORY EXPANSIONS t 2 Meg internal expansions for A500's. Real time clock and disable switch included. Will not invalidate warranty.
£31.95 CUMANA CAX354 DISC DRIVES Quality brand-name 3.5" drives including thru port, disable switch and no hassle one year guarantee INCLUDES FREE VIRUS-X UTILITY £61.95 DEVPAC version 2 £39.95 AMOS vl .2 MJC PRICE JUST £32.95 Naksha Upgrade Mouse 280 DPI MJC Price £27.95 PERSONAL FINANCE MANAGER MJC PRICE £21.95 VIDI-AMIGA The best value video digitiser available lor the Amiga. Grabs 16 shade mono images from any domestic VCR (with composite video output) to be saved as IFF tiles.
NTSC VERSION £75.00 320 x 200 RESOLUTION PAL VERSION £85.00 320 x 256 RESOLUTION VIDI-CHROME Colour software upgrade tor VIDI.
Uses mono video camera and red.
Green and blue filters (supplied) or takes still colour source if used with RGB Splitter.
RRP £19.95 our price £15.95 ROMBO RGB SPLITTER Takes still colour video signal and extracts red. Green and blue tor Vidichrome or Digiview MJC PRICE C59.95 Power supply tor above £4.95 MJC VIDI-PACK It Vidi Amiga (pal) * Vidichrome ?
Photon Paint - MJC PRICE £99.95 MJC VIDI-PACK 2: As Vidi-Pack 1 * RGB Splitter MJC PRICE £149.00 NEW!! - EXPANDABLE UPGRADES RAM expansion boards upgradeable to 1.8meg (giving a total 2.3 meg).
Plugs into normal expansion slot with no soldering, and includes disable switch and battery backed clock POPULATED WITH 0.5 MEG 49.95 POPULATED WITH 1 MEG 69.95 POPULATED WITH 1.8 MEG 109.95 NOTE When expanding Dy more than 0 5 meg. An internal connection is required (connector not included).
Invalidating your warranty.
INTERNAL CONNECTOR 14.95 PHILIPS S833 MK 2 MONITOR includes Cable and delivery £249.95 DATABASES SPREADSHEETS Mailshot (label printing)...... ntoflle . Superbase Personal ....
18. 95 37.95 29.95 Superbase Personal 2 .
69.95 Maxiplan Plus ... 54.95
Superplan .. 69.95 Superbase 2
provides up to 30% more power to cope with add-ons. £39.95
Proprietor: MJ Cooper Fun School 2, 2-6
years 12.95 Fun School 2. 6-8
years 12.95 Fun School 2.8-12 years. 12.95 Pun
SchW 3 - 5 programs ptr disc Fun School 3.2-5
years 15.95 Fun School 3,5-7
years 15.95 Fun School 3.7-12 years 15.95
Answerback Junior Quiz 6-11 ..14.95 Answerback Senior Quiz
12*... 14.95 French Mistress (12-adult) 14.95 German Master
(12-adult) 14.95 Spanish Tutor (12-adult) 14.95
Mavis Beacon Typing, 12* ...19.95 LCL Educational
Software: Primary Maths Course (3-12) ...19.95 Micro English
(8-GCSE) 19.95 Micro Maths
(8-GCSE) ..19.95 Micro French (8-GCSE) 19.95
Learn to Read with Prof.. bv Prisma Builds a complete reading
course tor 4 to 9 year okts. Assumes no Initial reading
1. Prof Plays a New Game .....19.95 includes audio tape, and 5
2. Prof Looks at Words ......19.95 hree great new
educational titles from me Disney Studios Mickey's Runaway Zoo
(2-5) ....19.95 Donald's Alphabet Chase (2-5) 19.95 Goofy's
Railway Express (2-5) .19.95 PRINTER RIBBONS Panasonic
KXP-1080 1081 ....6.95 Panasonic
KXP-1124 ..7.95 Star LC-10
Mono ..4.95 Star
LC24-10 .5.95 Star LC-10
Colour 5.95 Star LC-200
Mono 5.50 Star LC24-200
Mono ...4 95 Star LC24-200 Long Life Mono
7.50 Star LC-200 Colour ...10.95 Star
LC24-200 Colour ...11.95 Heat Transfer Ribbons
produces iron-on transfers Citizen
120-D .....10.95 Panasonic
KXP-1081 10.95 Star LC-10
Mono 10.95 Star LC-10
Colour .....16.95
3. 5” BULK UNBRANDED 10 FOR £6.95 20 FOR £13.00 50 FOR £29.95 10
FOR £9 95 20 FOR £18.95 AT LAST!!
31 2” DISKS STORAGE BOXES Large or small users - we have the prices for you!
SONY D S D D 135 tpl 50 S ...42p each...... £21.00 100's .. 41p each...... £41.00 400's . 39o each...... £156.00 800's .. £288.00 1200's ..35d each...... £420.00 MITSUBISHI 50 s ,.37o £18.50 100s . ..36b £3600 400's ..
- 33b £132.00 800 s .. 1200
- 30p .
- 29b ...... £240.00 £348.00 All disks are PIN numbered and
carry a 100% quality control no quibble guarantee. Disk labels
supplied 31 2" (10 capacity box)
‘Slimpak' ...... 31 2’ (10 capacity
box) see through "Vision 10" ... 31 2' (40 capacity box)
lockable disk storage box 31 2' (50 capacity box)
lockable disk storage box...... 31 2" (80 capacity box)
lockable disk storage box...... 31 2' (100 capacity box)
lockable disk storage box.... 31 2' (120 capacity box) lockable
disk storage box.... 31 2' "POSSO" stackable box (holds
150) . 31 2' BANX' lockable stackable (holds
90) .. £0.95 each £1.00 each £3.50 each £3.95 each
£4.30 each £4.95 each £6.50 each £15.95 £9.95 All disks boxes
are antistatic. Amiga beige, contain keys, dividers and rubber
feet (with the exception of 10's) _ PRINTER RIBBONS -
ACCESSORIES QTY1 £2 90 QTY5 £2.60...... QTY10 ......£2.20 £3 90
£3.50 £3.60 £3.20 £3.20 £3.00 £2 90 £2 50 £3.90 £2 90 £2 60
£2.30 £3.60 £2.70 £2.20 £2.15 £3.20 £2.40 £2 90 £2 70 £2.40 £3
60 £3.40 £3.10 £2 90 £2.70 £2.30 £3 90 £2 90 £3.70 £2.70 £3.20
£2.40 £5 90 £5 30 £5.00 Amstrad DMP 2000 3000. .. Amstrad DMP
4000 ..... Amstrad PCW 8256 8512..... Amstrad PCW 9512.
£6.50 £9.95 £9.95 £4 95 £15.95 £4.95 £7.90 £2.95 £1.95 £1.95 £3.95 £1.95 Amiga Dust Covers £2.95 Amiga Screen Filters ......£12.95 Roll of 1000 3 1 2' labels £6.95 1000 Tractor feed labels ..£9.95 Mouse Joystick Switches manual ......£15.95 Mouse Joystick Switches
Auto ..£19.95 Printer Stands (80 col) .... Printer Stand with tray .... Tilt n turn monitor stands for Amiga.
Four Player Adaptor.. Data Switches (2-way serial or parallel) Mouse Joystick Extension.. A4 Desk Top Holder . Mousemats (deluxe) red, blue.. Mousemats 5mm packaged. .. Mousebrackets.
Brother HR 15 20 25 35
• M1009 1109.... Brother f Citizen 1200ASP10.
Epson MX FX80 85 800 ... Epson FX100 105 1000 ... Epson LX80 86 ...... Panasonic KXP 1080 81 82.... Star LC10 Star LC10 4 colour . PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS JUST A SMALL SELECTION OF OUR LARGE RANGE.
R. R.P £679 A saving of £214.00 1 2 meg upgrade (without
clock)....£29.85 1 2 meg upgrade (with clock) £34.85 1 t 2 meg
upgrade (with clock). £89.95 Features include: ON OFF memory
switch, auto-recharge battery backed clock, 4 low power
Screen Gems .... Basic Amiga including Modulator and mouse AMIGAS £349.94 £329.99 Star LC200 Colour Printer .....£259.95 Star LC24-200 Colour Printer £279.95 Philips Colour Monitor £249.95 (ref. CM8833} 11 x 91 2 S.P plain 70 GSM Micro per paper Pack 100 ..£2.50 Pack 250 ..£3.95 Pack 500 ..£5.95 Pack 1000 £8.95 Pack 2000 ..£16.95 diskettes
OMC All inclusive 1 (40 cap) lockable storage box price Of l mousemat £465.00 inc. VAT 1 mouse 1 mouse bracket 1 joystick 1 Amiga dustcover PLUS the usual 4 great software titles PHONE FOR DETAILS ON CLASS Of 90 * PACK COMPRISES: Screengems 1 2 meg additional RAM upgrade 3 1 2' external disk drive 10 3 1 2' D S D D 135 tp.
- H POWER SUPPLY h Fully compatible replacement Power Supply for
Amiga 500 ONLY £38.95
LE6 2LA 1 inVQTIPKQ bn JUTullV KD Quickshot II
Turbo ....£7.95 Quickshot III
Turbo ...... Competition Pro
Colour ... £8.95 ....£9.95 Quickioy Jet
Fighter .... ..£12.95 Quickjoy Super
Board . ..£14.95 Quickjoy III Super
Charger ...... Quickjoy
Topstar .. £7.95 ..£23.95 DISK DRIVES
31 2' External disk dnve for Amiga, Slimline design colour
coordinated throughport connector. 1 year guarantee ONLY £58.00
MICE Amiga mouse, two button fully compatible as
replacement .. £19.95 Atari
ST mouse, two button fully compatible
Naksha .
Gemscan GS4000 Scanner ... "OMC MOUSE DEAL"
Replacement mouse + mouse bracket + mousemat ONLY £22.95
SOUNDBLASTER | Twin stereo amplified speaker system for the
Pack includes cables, power supply, speakers and easy fitbng instructions Also includes two sonically sensational games (Corporation RRP £24.99 and Jumping Jackson RRP £19 99) and a playable demo of lemmings Only £49.99 inc. VAT -C TO ORDER CHEQUES AND P.O. S PAYABLE TO OMC LTD AND SEND | TO ADDRESS BELOW.
CREDIT CARDS SIMPLY TELEPHONE YOUR ORDER ON 0530 813591 (8 LINES) or 0860 922436 (mobile) FAX 0530 813595 FOR OUR IMMEDIATE ATTENTION EL 0530 813591(6 lines) or 0860 922436 (mobile) FAX: 0530 81359 Trade a cs welcome. All prices include VAT. Corporate, education orders welcome. Personal callers welcome h, DEAL DIRECT ®; DEAL DIRECT ° There's never been a simple tool for creating works and publications just for display on a computer. Somewhere down the line people assume that you will want to take the information out of the computer and into the real world.
For techies, this is an intuitive freeform multimedia application generator with Arexx support, DOS support and a stand-alone feature.
Happy? The best description I can give of HyperBook is that it can create totally electronic books. The first thing to understand is that it works At the top right is a set of four tools for flicking through the pages and a large blue button. The curious will naturally press this, which brings down the full set of tools for creating a HyperBook - they're described in full on this page.
How do you actually change things? The program has four modes of working. Normally it's in reader mode, so you can't change anything, but edit mode lets you make changes. Say you wanted to create the list mentioned above. You would click on the edit tool, click on the cre- Nuts and Bolts HyperBook opens up a whole new area in Amiga computing. Now anybody can write applications without having to learn a specific system - it's so freeform that you can set-up your own HyperBooks to do whatever you want - and you can distribute or sell your applications.
There is just one thing I'm not happy with. The program is slow at editing, meaning you have to be patient. The actual HyperBooks, once created, run at a perfectly acceptable speed: I'm just impatient!
Keeping up with the latest advances in video and graphics, we look at a new 'true colour' framebuffer and image grabber. PAT MCDONALD reports.
Hyperbook Application Generator (I Mbyte) ¦ £99 ¦ Gold Disk HB 0753 686000 much the same as a normal book.
You have to create a page, which can have four, eight or 16 colours in high resolution, and always has a name, which defaults to "Pagel", “Page2" and so on, but can be easily changed to something more meaningful.
On each page are objects. These can be boxes of text, sections cut out of IFF pictures, hand drawings made with the in-built drawings editor, lists of different subjects, or buttons. Each object has a separate action: that is, something happens when it is clicked on with the mouse pointer.
Actions can be of eight different types. An object when clicked on can; do nothing, go to a different page, show a picture, show or hide an object, display some text, run a DOS command (such as running ShowAnim to display an animation), perform a standard Arexx command or run a predefined Arexx macro.
Say you were creating a HyperBook dealing with your software collection. On the front you would have a large list with each piece of software listed - when you clicked on these a different page with a full description and perhaps a picture of the program running. If you can't fit all of your collection in a list on the front page, you could have a front page with an A-Z index of the list on it.
Down to Earth If you can use Workbench, that is point and click with a mouse, you can get on with HyperBook within a few hours. All features use the standard WIMP system on Workbench - a drag bar at the top of a window, sliders at the sides, and two front and back icons at the top right. It's so simple that it's a real effort to describe it.
Ate list icon, and cut out a box on the box. Further editing on this box is done by moving the mouse pointer to it and pressing the left mouse button
- this surronds the object with a ghost window. If you keep the
button pressed, you can move it precisely to where you want it.
Want to get inside an object and edit the action? Press the right mouse button. This brings up a separate action menu, where you click on the particular action required (go to a page, for example).
When you've finished your editing, the program automatically jumps back to reader mode, which can be a nuisance during a big editing job.
THE INTERFACE AND HOW IT WORKS... READER TOOL: This is what the program is usually set to. It allows you to browse and read through the HyperBook currently loaded.
BIN TOOL: The Bin area is used to transfer data between pages. Think of it as a marshalling depot.
REWIND: Goes to the previous page in the page list.
FIRST PAGE: Goes to the start page.
BACKSPACE: Takes you to the last page viewed. HyperBook remembers the last 50 pages viewed.
CREATE NOTE: Lets you define a bos and put text into it.
SlLsslO CREATE DRAWING: Brings up a small window with some simple drawing tools like line, box. Circle and brush six*.
CREATE LIST: For making a list of different words. Each word in the list can do something different when clicked ML - ¦ ¦ VERDICT PURPOSE Versatile Information display generator SPEED:____AVERAGE Can take a few seconds for HyperBook to pick up objects - otherwise fine.
DOCUMENTATION: VERY GOOD Thorough introduction, with a separate booklet listing possible uses.
ACCESSIBILITY; EXCELLENT Superbly easy to get on with once you know what everything does.
EXCELLENT VALUE: Nothing else on the market comes close.
VERY GOOD FEATURES; Simplicity is the key - HAM picture cutouts look terrible.
EDIT TOOL: For altering and changing what is on the present page. Clicking on this will highlight the edit icon and let you change all the text and graphics on a page.
GROUP TOOL: By taking several different areas and grouping them into one big object, you can manipulate much larger areas simulataneously.
FORWARD: Goes to the next page in the page list.
LAST PAGE: Jumps to the last page in the HyperBook.
CONTENTS: Displays a list of everything in the HyperBook CREATE BUTTON: For creating just action buttons CUT PIC: Brings up a requester box to load in pictures from a seperate disk.
CREATE PAGE: Sets up a new page.
This option can also be selected from the overhead menus.
Star LC24- 200 Colour on- 2K 222 cps 5 Reetoent LQ fcnte Accept* font car tndgee Bottom feed Pleh or «J tractor teed Paper pertong C249.99 24Pnpmtoi 222 cps 6 Fteadent LO lent* Accept* tent car tnlpee Bottom feed PlMior prJ tractor teed Paper perk** Al Ster Pmtera carry 2 monfa cn sto werTentytMentand UKJ Al psitera nctudB BW Centroncs capte I'xne fcr nbbans paper and pnntar stand* 64K btifer 3 input switti C2999 25BK btifer 3 rput awiKJi CA9.99 C20999 C189990 06999 C3I999
039. 99 xl ad broke Computing , International I Ur LC-20P
C219.99 7 Cctar cmXr Cdon * mrortticr w pted 226 cps 6
RewJwiI 7*X) tont» Bottom lead Prahorpxl tractor teed Peper
portong Star LC24 10 Star Laser 806. 2kfc RAM Star LC-10
Citizen Swift 24 pin Citizen t200* Phone for details of Star
FR and XB ranges.
512K Board £34.99 With clock £39.99 ¦it Memory enable disable switch
• it Compact, low power design r Optional battery backed clock
rjm 11 1 Bulk Sony or Kao 1 Sony Brand Quantity Loose Boxed
Boxed in 10's 10 £ 5."
- QQ Inttelc* rio 4- K Kyfbnl hlxck cte VS 9 pUmxc box £ 9.49 40 £ 20."
£ 26."£~r £ 34."
100 £ 48."
£ S7 99ex*"0 Jtef w • diac box £ 84."
150 £ 66."
£ OV9-" £, OJ. Suck.Hr diac box £ 125."
¦B 4 UtORO V UI I ; Ull u IWI «« wvn mwtn.ro S'"' ¦ 8Op P&P for each 10 disks or E3.00 for 100 and above.
200 DPI scanner, thermal printer, and photocopier ? Upto 16 grey scales or B W mode.
Compatible with Amiga and ST ?
Data enable disable switch Daisy chain "through" connector Low power consumption Only £64.99 Please add £3 PAP irF.mtr-jr- mUdtbiiidmkti A500 Batman Pack£369.99 A500 Screen Gems Pack£369.99 Any of above packs ? Tenstar games, joystick, mouse mat£399.99 Amax+Rom’s £224.99 Macintosh emulator including 128K Macintosh ROM’s.
Trak Ball £24.99 Trak ball converted to work as mouse on the Amiga.
A500 d cvr £3.99 Mastersound £34.99 Only £449.99 iuiJlillAcMddm.
U Philips 8833 MKII Colour. Stereo monitor E 249.99 Cmdr 1084S Colour monitor * limited offer * E 269.99 Philips 15" FST TV E 269.99 The pfiips 15’ FST Tv includes remote control Scarf input 60 tiner presets, sleep timer and Fastext. Al displays include Scarf cable.
Deduct £10 from Monitors only, if bought with computer. The Philips 8833 comes with fiil 12 months on site warranty.
Phone for other cables and Switch boxes etc. AT 12Mhz Desktop £449.99 AT 12Mhz VGA Mini tower 40Mb £799.99 AT 16Mhz Desktop £499 99 AT 16k»iz VGA Mini tower 40Mb £849.99 386SX Mini tower £699.99 386SX VGA Big tower CK66 40Mb £1099.99 386SX-20 VGA Mm lower 40Mb £1129.99 386-25 VGA Mini tower £1194.50 386-25 VGA Big tower CX66 40Mb £1599.99 386-33 VGA Big tower CK590 40Mb £1699.99 486-25 VGA Big tower CK590 210Mb EPOA Mono Monitor £99.99 VGA Colour Monitor £299.99 P-C-Emulalor ATOnce, AT Emulator £199.99 How to Pay You can phone your Access or Visa card 4 details or send a cheque postal orders
made payable lo Ladbroke dl Computing International Please Bp*™ lafow sufficient clearance time lor cheques (0712) 203166 Fax 561071 Shop & Mai order premises. 33 Ormskirk Road. Preston Lancashire PR12QP Open Monday to Saturday 9COam to SOOptn Dealer enquiries welcome Ladbroke Computing International is a tracing name of Walton Marketing Limited Al trade marks recognised AMIGA REPAIRS & SPARES AMIGA ATARI & PC SOFTWARE The Tipster This HORSE RACING software was used to select the 100 1 NORTONS COIN outsider in this years GOLD CUP. Data for this program requires the RACING POST. An
INTERNATIONAL version is available for AMIGA & ATARI computers using the DAILY MIRROR for data on UK races.
S Lei you have used you a ix-t tncludec 'he Puntc compuler WIN THE POOLS lor you wilh our latest softv the same sums lhai the TIPSTER proves can beai the o er chance with on anv pools coupon The AUSTRALIAN on the disk which also coniains the LATEST ENGLISH m T vare. We ids to give version is leagues.
1= ] £34.95 ESI GA and NG POST use. Tills The Do =; This GREYHOUND RACING program Is available on the AMI ATARI ST. Using data from either the DAILY MIRROR or RAC you can rale races over HURDLES and the FLAT Very easy to program will rate 5 races in under I 2 an hour.
1= j £34.95 HI
* ** SPECIAL OFFER *** Purchase any two products for £60.00 TAM
Marketing 7 GD UNITS. Marsh Barton Trading Estate. Exeter.
Devon SALES: 0392 427186 ENQUIRIES: 0392 215485 AFTER HOURS:
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00 41256 RAM £4 00 A 1000 Rom Odd £25 00 LF347 £2 50 A 1000 Rom
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£9 00 Many other spares available ACCESSORIES A500 Internal
Drive .....£75.00 Amiga 500 Screen Gems Pack £370.00 512K RAM
Plus Clock £45 00 Cumana CAX35* 3.5- £80.00 A500 PSU .
£50.00 Extemal Dnve 3.5" ... £70 00 Amiga Mouse ..£35.00
All pnees include postage ana packing Fixed Price Amiga 500
Repairs 6*0 00 (Does not cover keyboarO or Onve faults) 3
months warranty 1 week turnaround ACE Repairs, Dept AF, Outways
Farm. Pelynt, Looe, au-'iia Cornwall PL13 2NW ffj (0503) 20282
of software titles; many are now discounted, books and
peripherals in stock at all times.
Up to £1,000 instant credit with Lombard Tricity. Finance subject to acceptance.
Full written details upon request Open 10 am to 5.30pm Monday to Saturday 44 George Street, Kemptown, Brighton _ George Street is opposite American Express building.
PROTON SOFTWARE 0 Tel: 0462 686977 24 Hour- FAX 0462 673227_ Manchester Utd AMIGA .....£12.99 Corporation ...... £12.99 Golden Axe ...... £16.99 Lemmings .. £16.99 Chase HQ II ..... £16.99 Supremacy £18.99 Lotus Esprit ...... £16.99 Speedball II £19.99 Kick Off II £13 99 Powermonger ... £19.99 Mig 29 .. £19.99 Team Yankee .... £19.99 F19 Stealth .....£19.99 Rogue Trooper . £12.99 Carv Up £15.99 Robocop II .
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Dynamite Du*.
Turbo Outrun.
Enduro Racer SPORTING GOLD AMIGA £19.99 Caltorman Games.
The Games Winter Edition. The Games Summer Edition MIND GAMES AMIGA £14.99 Waterloo. Conflici Europe Final Frontier ’ PC version. Final Frontier replaces Conflict Europe CHALLENGERS AMIGA £19.99 Bomber Stunt Car Race' Pro Tennis Tour Super Ski Kckofi * Kickofl not available on PC vensons FULL BLAST AMIGA £19.99 Ferrari Formula One P*7.
Earner Command.
Rick Dangerous POWERPACK AMIGA £14.99 Xenon II TV Sports FoolbaN.
BkjoOwych RAC Rally. PC verson Defenders o' Crown replace Boodwycr WHEELS OF FIRE AMIGA £16.99 Haro Dnvm Turbo Outrun Cnase HQ Powerdrtfl HOLLYWOOD COLLECTION AMIGA £19.99 Batman The Movie.
Robocop II, Indiana Jones Last Crusade.
Ghostbusters II
T. N.T. AMIGA £18.99 Harfl Omen XybOtS APB Tourm 0-agon So-nt
HERO'S AMIGA £18.99 Lcence To Kin Running Man.
Barbanan II.
Starwars PLATINUM AMIGA £18.99 Stnder. Black Tiger.
Forgotten Worlds.
Ghouls S Ghosts MAGNUM 4 AMIGA £16.99 Operation Woll.
Afterburner. Double Dragon. Batman Caped Crusader PRODUCT Senfl 10: PROTON SOFTWARE ENTERPRISE HOUSE.
LETCHWORTH. HERTS SG6 1HL Tel (0*621 686977 Fa* (0*621673227 NAME ADDRESS.
PO Cheques MyatHe to PROTON SOFTWARE Net* releases sent on oay ot release JC AMIGA UTILITIES & BUSINESS THE NATIONS TOP 50 TITLES THE ULTIMATE COLLECTION logit Soon 1999 Pen Pal (Pal I MB) 96 90 A Ma- (Mac Emulator) 109 99 Prodata 54 00 A Ma. With 128K ROMS 209 99 Prote.t 4 2 (imb) OavPac ii 44 99 Recommended 64 90 OigcaK 27 99 Hiaofl Basic 59 99 ART A SOUNO kvvJwonJs 37 99 AMOS_______ 32 99 lattice C V 4 164 99 Can Do 69 99 Mavta Baacona Typing 1999 deiu.e p axn 1 999 agesener 89 99 Dekj.ePamt ill 59 99 Prow-1 V 4 59 99 Deluxe Paint it______ 34 99 Svoartkaao Pa*so»v»» 2 21 99 Dekae Musx Cons
Set 49 99 Deluxe Vdeo 111 59 99 GRAPHICS A VIDEO Fanvtsron 24 99 AagaVOao T-1Wr 82 75 Uaswrscund 32 99 0*0" T .i Sooner 20 90 Proton Pant 11... 1499 Dpami 1” (Pal Irro* 57 50 Ouanei 34 99 Rea* fvnga Beds 20 90 StudoMeg* 52 99 Dlu« voeo iii|Paiimb 67 75 Accountant V3 3 121 90 Dgoaim 3 0 (Pah 56 90 Derpac ST V2 0 41 90 Photon P*-n (Pah 12 50 First Words Plus 55 90 Photon Paxn ii (P«i imb) 21 50 Fleet Street Publisher 87 90 ProWss-onai Draw 2 Hrsoft Basic 55 90 • mb) ... 158 50 HisoftC 34 90 Pro VkJao Plua 177 90 K-data 34 90 Scmpt 3DXLIPH imb) 11200 Kgraph 2 29 90 Inp- AT ton 21 75
K-spread 1..... 16 75 Turbo Silver 97 50 K-spread 2 .
41 90 V Snow 2 2 (Pal imb) 57 00 K-Word 2 29 90 TV Toil Pro P«I 98 50 LaticeC 104 90 Video Frame Grabber Maifshoi Plus 34 90 Pal B.Wt 98 75 Prodata .... 55 90 v«Joo Colour upgrade 16 25 Protaxl V4.2 69 90 XC ad Designer 79 50 Purchase Ledger 34 90 MUSIC APPLICATION Sales Ledger SwiftcaC 34 90 29 90 De*u-e Music 50 25 Timeworks DTP 69 90 Mu ax X |UK Versxmi 94 50 WORDPROCESSORS Master Sound DiQiliXer 34 90
E. cadence 2 129 95 Future Sound Dgilixer 77 90 Kxidwords 2 34 96
M« matter interlace Penpal 99 82 5 pons) 31 90 Prote*' 64 86
May lead 300 ProWrW 3 99 82 ScrbOW Plaftrnum 4’ 86 BUSINESS A
EDUCATION Transcrpt 32 89 Advantage 77 50 Wordpenect 164 91
Arena n Accounts i ’ h«|l15 00 LwacardPius 69 92 D4coverUamt
Vrus rtection Pr« 34 96 Discover Numbers X Copy Backup Edfo
1794 Discover Annabel each £13 90 Vbur FanWy Tree 2 Fun School
2 Under 6 s VIDEO Fun School 2 6 «S Credit Te-i Scroae’ 29 90
Fun School 2 aver 6 Si each) Detu.e Vdeo 3_____ 69 92 C1250
Dpi Vww God 11983 Robot Readers 3 Bea-s 22 90 FrameGrabber 569
94 Soe*BOdA 4 6 or 7.(each) 18 50 Gold Dts* Type Vdeo 34 96
HiaoW Baa-c 56 00 Hitachi Camara A 16mm 199 87 Home Accounts
20 75 Kars Headline Fonts 2 54 97 Home Office *01 97 50
Minigen Geolock 99 82 Krndwordf 2 0 1MB ProiectD 31 97
Recommended 38 75 The Director 47 84 Maws Beacon Tvpng Tutor’9
75 The Director Tool 27 83 Micro GCSE Maths Tide Page 139 84
Micro GCSE French TV Text Professional 99 82 Micro OCSE
English Vdeo Tiller..... 84 8 7 (Each) 19.25 Vdi Amiga PAL
Digitiser 94 99 Mxrolai Word Processor 19 25 Vdi Chrome 19 76
Mcrobaso Database 1925 Zoetrope Imb 79 81 MICROSMART
All Inc UOQrade 8nd clock Go d of Realm 39 99 Soace Ace 59 99 Dragons Lair 2 59 99 Dragon Master 49 99 jN-cnoia* 49 99 • Ock O’ 2 42 99 3 5" disks with mice box high quality. Unbranded 100% tested . Certified 50 1900 100 37 00 200 65 00 1 7 Mog Ukjrado 5 T A M 44% Hit* Laser Said ST 12% AM 12% AdOdas Foorca" ’3S9 ’6 99 leoderooa'd 8.-01* 11M i«% 688 A’’* Sub
- 6% leisure Su« Larry 2 '• ’
• i N AMOS 3499 Leisure Su* Larry 3 26% 26 % AuslsrtiU ’$ 99 ’6%
ixance To KJI 12% 12%
A. 611 Ujg*C Mmm* 1399
• 399 Life S Deaf’ 19% 19% BAT- 699
• 6 99 I pH Force 16% ’«% Bac* To The Future 2 6 99
• 6 99 Lombard RAC R*N ’4 % 14% Beanca 0 Pcww ’699 ’6 99 Loom
’»% 16%
8. -OB !*• ’ or 2 599 699 ion* C» The Reng Six’ ’-•% Hr* Boc*
Bart* Tale ’6% loot Patroi ’3% 14% 8*mar. Coped Ca how’2 99
Mjgrjr- 4 ’•% 6% Bjs-.*- T«e Uov* ’399 ’6% Uonchetw- Llmted
’6% ’6% Bxa Command ’699 ’699 Ur n* Nn o* ’699 ’6% Base CX D
1999 ’999 Uamun** Hi Hrr boo*6 % 6% BeseChes* ’699 ’6%
VU-nwrew SF.enoaa 2* % Ben* Mast* ’699 ’6% MariarUrvor ’6% ’6%
Beach Voaey ’399
• 6% Mat-* Uaraxf**’ ’3%
• J% B*»» fektf 1699 ’699 Ucrscrose Soccer ’4 99 ’«% Sac* T«e
1399 16% U1 lens Platoon* 2’ % 2’ 96 Biad* Wror ’699 16%
• 9% ’9% Bood Ur*| ’699 16% ’3%
• 6% Bood-ych Dau D»» 999 999 Mm. 0"ce Cemms ’699 Bomoe* 21 99 2’
99 Un. Ofce G-M ucs 16% Bo-ng Manager 13% 13% Mm, C"ce Soread
16% BSS Jar* Seymour 16 99 16% Murder' ’6% ’6% 16% he* Zealand
Skwy 13% ’6% Cattai 13M 16% NgrrrBweo* ’3% liM Carrvei Command
14 99 14 99 Nn« Son* 13%
• 6% Cosiie Masie' 1699 16% Ninta Warriors 13% 13% Cavadar* 1699
1699 NtPo- 1699 Chaos Sirikvt Back 16 99 North & South 1699 ’6%
Chio. Veaoer* 1699 16% Operation Slearth 16% 10% Chase HO 1399
16% Oremai Gam** 16% 16 90 Colorado 1699 16 99 Operation
Thundn-Bo’ 1399 ’« M Comoo Race* 1399 13% Operation Hamer’ 16%
• 6% Corporation 16% 16% Operation Wo" 12%
• * M Commando 13% 13% Overlandoi o% Commando War 16% 1699 P47
15% 15% Corho f jrooe 16% 1699 Pao* Boy 12 m 12 99 Cokmwi
Bacuest (1 mt 1 -__ 26% Pp* mania 13% ’6% Comjc«r Ci rwkX I’mO)
26% P rales 15% 15% ConbJ*fOT ’6% ’6% Player Managw 12% c aa
Comnenui Ciftus 1399 ’3% Ptonng’ 13% ’6% Crack»* ’3% 13% Po *
Quest 16% ’6% Crsxy Can 2 it % ’4% Ponce Ouesi ’ 2 Hr* 8k A %
4% Cybwtwi ’3 99 ’3% Ponce Ouasi 2 16% ’6% DemooM ’3 991399
POPMM 16% ’6% 0* Dare J
• :• % ’3% Popoaa Promeed Lam f M
• % Dar* Cenkiry
• 6% ’6% Power Drome 16% 16% Oeys O'Thvnow ’9% ’9% Power Cwt 16%
• 6% Degas Em* ’7% Power Monger 16% i«% Oexiie Muse Con « 6999
Fheoous Uka 15% ’5% Oeki-e Par* 3 59 99 Pro Tennw To Ii W ’*%
Oes-.* Pnoec-ae 59 % Rar«ow ikands ’3%
• e % Dekue Prrr 2 Dwu.a Prooua*- «M % 99 Red Storm Resasoton «0i
15% 16%
• 6% Dwu tfbeo "9 % Ror*es Or* ’6%
• 6% Dck Tracy* ’6 99 ’6 % Ro Oargwous ’5% ’6% D* Doom.
* 6 % Rc» dangerous T ’6% ’»% t agon» Lor 2 26 % Rw»
• 3% ’J W D-agonSpm ’2 99 '2% Rooocoo ’2% ’5% Dragons Breair.
2' 99 2’ % Rooocce 2
• i N ’6% D-agons Lar(lew) 26 % Rock** Ra-g*r 2 16% 17% Dragons
Ol Flam* 16 99 ’6 99 Rosa.
’6% ’«» Darkken 21 99 2i 99 Run The Gau"le1 ’2% II 99 Dungeon itatW' 16% ’6 99 Rr» Honoa 14% 14% Djngeo" Uasr« Eow 799 799 S Oue* ’ 2 3 H.-* Bk 6% 6 99 Dungeon Maslar Minis 999 9% Shadow Warnors 13% 16% 16 W 16 99 Sacn* O Money land ’9 99 ’9 99 Shadow 0* fa Baaii 72 99 Shadow C* tha Baatl 2 24 99 5horm*nM4 16 99 16 99 Shnofr 12 99 ’2 99 Shot am up Comlrixlion Kil Dynamite Debugg*' Dynasty Wan EdMn On- EM* 14 99 1499 Emlyn Huge* 13 99 1)99 Emlyn Hug« Quix’ . 13 99 '399 Escape From RoOol Monster* 1399 1399 F 16 Combat Pnot 16 99 16 99 f 19 St*alth Fghtor 19 99 ’9% F29 Retehalc* 16 99 6 99
Falcon 16 99 16 99 Fantavson »99 Falcon Miss on De» 13 99 - 3 99 Faiccn lAsfcor Den 2 ’ 3 99 ’3 99 Far*y Adrtntx. ’1 99 Farmn Fonjla ' '6 99 '6 99 ig«ng5oc»r ’3 99 '*99 Final Bata*- ’6 99 FifaOel* ’6 99 * 6 99
F. r* Ana Brvnafcr* ‘6 99 ’6 99 F * and Forg* 2* ’699 Fkgr* S 2
26 99 26 99
- 6 99 ’6 99 F* De* 7 or ” ’3 99 * 3 99 F» Os. T-rc *»- ’3 99
’399 FxDwkjapa- ’3 99 ’399 Foocws Oracor 2 -299 ’2 99 Fittaf
Manage- 2 G« pk’2 99 ’2 99 Frba*a« tVrw rw2 ’3 99 ’399 Ful M-ta
W ’6 99 ’6 99 Fun Sc*oe*2 1199 ”99 FunScnooZ 0-W6I ”99 ”99 Fiai
Scf-ooi 2 jno* 6! 11 99 ”99 Futui* Wan ’$ 99 16 99 Gross* *!**
2 ’6 99 16 99 G«OtlAGob»n* ’3 99 13 99 Ghou* A Gnosis ’3 99 16
99 G»d ol tha Amancar* 16 99 Gdfl Ol f* Artec* 16 99 16 99
Go* MnSroa* 19 99 ’9 99 Smanl Sar, to Sdaorrr IV’ S*mC*y Stf"
City Tarran
S. ' Prod Sdeshow Swworm S*ae* o- Dw' SojrOEiDK 1499 ’6 99 16 99
16 99 Si*r*o Sampwr 34 99 Sw*c ngGod*U* 14 % 14 rt S»Spy» 13%
16% SrowStrfc*’ 16% 16% Soac* Ac* 26% .- r, So*jbOu*« 3 26% 26
% Soac* H*m*r 3 ’3% 13% Sc ek'd lovwd U-
• 3% ’3% SurTr*kV ia n ’6% Star Wan T-sogy ’*% ’6 % SurFig.
• tse Star Fkghl Hv* Bk 5% Su-Gtow 2
• 4% 14% S»s 19% S*os Comoo** use Stot G»m** G*Ur* ’«% S«OsM**»vo
’6% St*. Spr*» 600 ” % SM* ’3% ’6% Stunt Car Rw*r 15% ’5% Slur.
Rixm*r ’6% 13% Svdbuwo 12% 12% S*» C*r» 13%
• | „ Swo*ds o» Tw*ght 16 99 16% Swoids Ol TwMightHnt Book 5% 5%
Teanjga Mulanl Turtles teat Dnv* 2 Tl t iv* 2 Cam C’aM Teal
Dnva 2 fckiscW Cara Teal Duva 2 SopeCau tha Jatsona Th*Pi*gj*
161 ThunOarstrAa 131 Tha Cycle* Thame Pair Myalar* 16 ’ the
Knatai 191 Tuna EDUCATIONAL Answer Back
Junior .... Answer Back Senior
... 13 99 . 1399 Dmosaur
Discovery Kit ...... . 14
99 Discover Chemistry . 1399 Discovery
Maths .. ...... 1499
Discovery Words .....
... 14 99 First Letter And Words
.. 1499 First
...14 99 French Mistress
.. . 399 Fun
School 2(under 16) .....
......1299 Fun School 2 6-8
.. .....1299 German
Master ...
.....1399 Italian Tutor
. ..13 99
Kd Talk 1499 Math Talk
1499 My
Paint . .... 22 99 PuzzieStory Book
.. . 14 99 Rhymmg
Notebook 1499 Spanish Tutor .... 1399
1399 1699 1399 16 99 1699 1699 13 99 13 99 14 99 14 99 13 99 13
99 13 99 16 99 19 99 19 99 16 99 16 99 16 99 16 99 ’6 99 16 99
’6 99 16 99 13 99 13 99 fa, jona* Actor 1399 ’399 ¦no, jonaa
Ai**ntura ’6 99 ’6 99 may 3ona» ktj Bco*. 5 99 5 99 Grano
Natona Gtano Pn. Ci-cufl G»avily Oamur* r Gun»n« Hard Dnvan’
Haa»* Maui H*oro* Hgr-wa. Paeoi Naksha Mouse .
Contriver Mouse 5in 1.... Power Drive ST Amiga .. QS 2
Turbo .. OS 3 Turbo .. Pro
5000 ...... 40 Lockable Disk Disk ... 80
Lockable Disk Box Mouse Mat ... Mouse
House ... Amiga 4 player Adaptor.
Amiga 500 Dust Cover.
Disk Cleaning Kit .... Box 10 Bulk disks ... Branded Sony (Box 10).
.26 00 .18.00 59 99 .999 .9 99 .12 99 5 99 ....799 .3 99
1. 99 ....7.99 4 99 . ...3.99 ...699 ...9.99 ft Champ Wr**rg 6
99 na Soccw Chaoapa’ -6 99 ’6 99 ?on lore ’6 99 ’6 99 Xaiy
’990 16 99 ’6 99 ¦ Came From Tha Oaten IMB) 19 99 » Came f
*om T«e Desert Data 599
• vanhoa 13 99 16 99 J NciauaEiraCoura 999 J NoiauaGoK 16 99 16
99 j Nck.a-s U"»r«wo Go* 19 99 19 99 Jumpng Jww" 16 99 16 99 K
Ouaal 1 2.3 4 Han BK 6 99 6 99 KaaHhaTna* 16 99 Keel Tha Thief
Hire Book 5 99 Kennedy Apptoch 14 99 14 99 k * On ”99 ”99 K«a
Ok 2 K*k O" f*ira Tim* Kid Gloves Kmo Word* 2 Kings Ouaal 4
Kings Ouaal Trip* Killirg Game Show* VanHtnalo* Vort*.
W*m*ad Wbkar* Waianoo Wayn* Gtetry Hock*y 14 99 1499 Ww*od D'oam* 15 90 15 00 WHO Sheels 16 00 16 00 Wings 19 90 Wings of F iky 1399 1399 World Cup Soccai 90 16 99 16 99 X nomo«ph 16 99 16 99 Xenon 2 MogaOlMi 16 00 16 90 Zak Mckran»e« 16 90 '6 99 Zom& 16 99 16 09 1299 1291 16 99 16 99 34 99 21 99 21 99 26 99 26 99 16 99 1699 1309 1399 Kngtit ol ma Cry*uiiion2’ 99 2 1 99 KultHntBock 14 99 14 99 Budokan ..... ST..... AM .16.99 Leisure Suit Larry 3 .. Lost Patrol .... "Tt ...13.99.... A M .26.99 Castle Master
13. 99... .1499 26 99 ...16.99 Chase HQ .....13.99... ...16.99
Manchester United ...1399 ...1499 Chess Championships 2175
1899 Man Hunter In San Francisco Codename Iceman
23. 99 (1 MB) .. .1399 . 14 99 Colonels Bequest 26 99
Midnight Resistance 1399 1699 Conquest of Camelot Corporation
26 99 Midwinter...... 1399 18 99 ...1699 Neuromancer.....
1899 1699 Damocles .. .... 16 99...
...14 99 Operation Thunderbolt Pipe Mania
.... 1699 Dragons Breath .....21 99
...18.99 1399 11 99 Dynasty Wars .....13 99 ...16.99 Player
Manager 1399 ... 11 99 Emlyn Hughes Soccer Escape From Singes
Castle Escape Planet or Robot Mon .....1399 ...1299 26 99
Projectyle Rambow Islands
. 1299 ...1699 .1699 sters 13.99. .1399 Red
storm Rising 1399 1699 F-29 Retailiator .... 1699 .. 16 99
Shadow Warrior .... ...1599 ...16 99 Fire and Brimstone
.....16.99... .16.99 Space Ace .....
26 99 26 99 Flood.
.1699 Space Quest 2 (1 mb) 22 99 Hero's Quest (1 mb)..... 23 99 Super Cars (Gremlins) ..... Their Finest Hour ...... ...1399 .1699 Imperium . ......16 99... .16.99 ...1899 ...19.99 International 3D Tennis .. .14.99 The Plague ...... ...16.99 ...1499 Iron I orri ...... ......16.99. .16.99 Turrican ... ...13.99... ...1399 1 It Came From The Desert (1 MB) .. ..16.99 T V Sporls Basketball ...1499... ...1499 Kick Off 2 . World Cup
13. 99... ..15.99 Ultimate Golf ..
...1699 Kings Quest 4 .
21. 99. .22.99 Unreal .
...16.99... ...16.99 Last Ninja 11 .
......1399. ...16.99
X-Out ... .12 99 ...1399
tt rrr ST.. AM ST TJT Airbou'n* Rang* 999 Golden Axe
’ 16 9916 99 Secrets o» the lufrwafie * 19
9919 99 Ant Hoods 799 Gunboat ’ ___________________ 16 9916
99 Sega Mast* Mu ’ 19 9919 99 ATF 2 * 16 9916 99 Grand Prix
C*Cu t ..... 9 99 9 99 Shadow Sort* o' * 19 9919 99 Aw«som« ’
24 99 Hard Dover 8 99 8 99 Sound Express 29 99 Austo*''U* 999
Hoitywood Poker Pro 799 799 Shufhepack Cafe 499 499 Baa* 499
499 Hottywood Cotseacn 19 9919 99 S4©r*t Senree 9 99 9 99
4 99 4 99 moanapofas 500- 1699 StrxJer 2'..... 16 9916 99 Ba'tia' a- 2 ipaiac*) 799 799 infestabon ... 999 S-T’Cuy 14 9914 99 Basterod* 499 499 IngrxJs Back 899 Spy V» Spy 4 99 4 99 Bood Money 9 99 9 99 mterPhase 799 799 Soy Vs Spy 11 499 499 BdOdwych 9 99 9 99 Judge Dredo * ... 13991399 Soy Vs Spy 111 499 499 Boud*daV Con” Kit 499 499 Knstai ... 9 99 9 99 Sup* Hang On 899 899 Bnan Cloughs Footbai: 699 699 Kick Off (’ Megi 14 99 Tank Attack 799 799 Buck Rogen * 1999 Lase* Squad 6 99 6 99 Teenage Mutant Turtles ' 19 99 19 99 Captain Blood 799 799
Laserooa-'d 6 99 6 99 TNT- 19 99 19 99 Captive • 16 9916 99 Line o* Fire* 16 9916 99 Toumameni Go*" 16 99 16 99 Carthage1 16 99 16 99 Lombard RAC Ralfy 9 99 9 99 Toyota Ceiica * 16991699 Commando 499 499 Lords 0» The Rising Sun .11 99 11.99 The Cycles .. 8 99 8 99 Confld In Europe 799 799 Mane Mm* ... 799 Toobn ... 499 499 CytMKbaH Cur*© ot tho Axure Bonds * rv.il.. rVn. .hjA Uai*a QvtnA 499 499 Marble Madness . 799 799 Tower ot baboi 8 99 8 99 19 99 19 99 99 9 9 99 499 499 Mence ..... Narc * 4 99 4 99 1 l on 1 c
rm Treasure Oixxy Island 4 99 4 99 n lift n tv uaiiy uoiDio norso facing Dix y Dice Netherworld ... ¦otAfiotra . 499 499 TrivialPursults .. TV Sports Football 9 99 9 99 12 99 12 99 Dynamilo Dux E Swat ‘ 7 99 7 99 North & South . .9 99 9 99 Wond D'oams 899 899 16991699 Platinum * ... .19 9919 99 Wort Pack • 1999 Epc • .. 16 99 16 99 Passing Shot . 4 99 4 99 Wonderland * 19991999 1 FT Ball Manager ” .Exp K4. ... 12.99 Rocket Ranger. ____________ 6 99 6 99 World Champ Soccer • 16 99 16 99 1 1299 1 Gauntlet 11
7 99 7 99 Reach lor the Skies * Running Man .
16. 9916 99 4 99 4 99 Wrath of the Demon " 16 99 16 99 ST AM ST
AM 40 Boxing 1699 16 99 Mig 29" 1999 1999 Botes 1399 . .16 99
Muse X Jnr 49 99 Betrayal t399 16 99 Navy Sea** .
1699 16 99 B*fiy the k j 1399 ...16 99 Nght Sh ft 1399 1699 Cnm« Wave 1699 1699 Pool of Radiance 1999 Death Trap • 1699 1699 Predator 2* 1699 1699 Deluxe Pami 39 99 Puzzroc * . 1699 1699 Oaon Str«e • 1999 Rocky Horror Show " 1699 . 1699 Dust* " 1699 1699 Rocket ranger 2 1399 1699 Eko Phantoms 1999 . .19.99 Rogue Troooe' * 1699 1699 Eye of the BehokJ* * 19 99 Rotator" 1699 1699 F«e and Forget" 1699 .. .16 99 Search tor the King 1999 1999 Fhp and Mag nose * 1699 1699 Spellbound " 1699 1699 Hrti Street Blues 1399 16 99 Stratego" 1699 1699 John Matlen American Football 16 99 .
... 16 99 Swiv 1399 1699 Mean Streets" 1699 16 99 The Killing Cloud 1999 1999 Midwmt* 2 1999 19 99 Vaxme - 1699 16 99 Mighty Bombjack 1399
16. 99 Wildfire * .. 19 99 1999 NEW Fun Scrw 3
Under 5 17 99 NEW Fun ScnoO 3 5 7
years .. 17 99 NEW Fun School 3 7
and over_____________________ 17 99 Jun-yTytxst 18 99 kfccro
English (GCSE) 17 99 kfccro Maths (GCSEl
---------------------------------------17 99 Micro French
(GCSE) 17 99 Mega Mains
(GCSEl ...... 17 99
Things to do wth numbers 15 99 Things to do with words
. 15 99 A0 Zoo
99 Spell Book 4 9 13 99 Lets spell at home
......13 99 Lets
spell at the shops 13 99 Puzzle Book VO
2 13-99
Amiga Logo
99 Mavis Beacon Teaches
Typing . 18 49 Answer Back
Junior ......13.99
Answer Senior
...... 13 99
THE YOUNGER YEARS ACCESSORIES [Ml Q fl U © 1 0908 564369 Amiga A500 Screen Gems Pack £379 inc VAT & Next day Courier Screen Gems Pack includes: Amiga 500 512K keyboard with built in 1 Meg disk drive • Free TV Modulator worth £24.99 allowing you to use the Amiga with a normal TV e Joystick, mouse mat + 10 blank disks, mouse + mains plug e Amiga basic, Amiga extra’s 13 workbench 13 PLUS Amiga step by step tutorial e With a further four new releases e Shadow Beast II, Back to the Future II, Nightbreed and Days of Thunder AMIGA A500 CLASS OF THE 1990’s BUSINESS + EDUCATIONAL PACK £499.00 inc VAT
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If paying by cheque, please enclose payment with this card in a sealed envelope addressed to: AMIGA FORMAT Book Otter, FREEPOST, Future Publishing Ltd, The Old Barn, Somerton, Somerset TA11 7BR. (No stamp is needed if the letter is posted in the UK I Please allow up to 28 days lor delivery.
Ra-renrnn rrmro 3 2" EXTERNAL FLOPPY DRIVES ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT AND DELIVERY Express Courier Delivery £5.00 Extra BUY WITH CONFIDENCE Irom one ol the longest established companies in their held, with a reputation lor good service and prices. We have invested heavily in a computer system to enable our Telesales stall to provide up-to-the-minulo stock inlormation coupled with highly efficient order processing Our fully equipped Workshop enables us to carry out almost any repair on out premises We feel sure that you wont be disappointed if you choose Evesham Micros HOW TO OROEB
• Very quiet
• Slimline design
• Suits any Amiga
• Cooling Vents
• Sleek, high quality metal casing
• Quality Citizen Drive Mechanism
• On Oft switch on rear of drive
• Full 880K Formatted Capacity
• Long reach connection cable AMAZING LOW PRICE!
£54.95 including VAT & delivery RAM CLOCK UPGRADE & Government, Education & PLC orders welcome Same day despatch whenever possible Express Courier delivery £5.00 extra Please note that 5 working days must be allowed lor personal cheque clearance.
Unit 9, St Richards Rd. Evesham, Worcs WRIT 6XJ All our Showroom outlets hold large slocks ol most items and also supply trom a lar wider product range than advertised. Please do not hesitate to ring any ol our showrooms and discuss your requirements with a member ol our highly trained start.
Call us now on 0386 765500 Unit 9 St Richards Road, Evesham Worcestershire WR11 6XJ B 0386 765180 fax: 0386 765354 Open Moo-Sat.. 9.00 - 5.30 Send Cheque. Postal Order or ACCESS VISA card details to: Lines open Monday-Saturday, 9 00am - 5 30pm RETAIL SHOWROOMS Mall Order Fax: 0386-765354 ACCESS VISA Cards Welcome 512K RAM CLOCK EXPANSION FEATURES : it Direct replacement lor the A501 expansion it Convenient On Off Memory Switch ¦it Auto-recharglng battery backed Real-Time Clock it Compact Unit Size : Ultra-neat design A Only 4 low power consumption FASTRAMs 512K RAM Expansion also
available without clock for only £27.95 Unpopulated RAM board with clock_____________________________£ 39.95 RAM Board as above, with 512K FASTRAM Installed------------£ 59.95 RAM Board as above, with 1MB FASTRAM Installed___________£ 74.95 RAM Board as above, with 15Mb FASTRAM Installed--------£ 89.95 it Fully populated board Increases total RAM In A500 to 2MB !
Pluga Into the trapdoor expansion, and contracts to GARY chip
* Includes Auto-recharglng battery-backed Real-Time Clock ¦h
Socketed FASTRAM Ica tor accommodating up to 1.5MB RAM AMIGA
A500 SOLDERLESS RAM UPGRADES ONLY £32.95 including VAT and
N. B.: The expansion Doan] requires Kicks tan 1 3 to operate -
Kicks tan t 3 upgrade available from us for £ 29.95 512K 5
Glisson Rd, Cambridge CB1 2HA B 0223 323898 fax : 0223 322883
Open Mon-Frf, 9.30 - 6.00 and Sat.. 9.00 - 5.30 IBM dealer 6
Corporate Specialist 1762 Perthore Road, Cotteridge Birmingham
B30 3BH 0 021 458 4564 fax: 021 433 3825 Open Mon-Sat , 9 00 -
Commodore Hard Disk unit nOudmg its one PSU and Dull-si cooing
tar Features sockets lor ip to 2Mb ol onboard FASTRAM
expansion (see bekxr) 80ms Access ome. With t*) to 2 4Mbsec
transfer rale Autobools when used wtth Kickstan 13.
Commodore A590 Hard Drive ( 20Mb Hard Disk )-----£ 279.00 A590 RAM UPGRADES A590 RAM Upgrades are fitted tree of charge when bought with art A590. »* Upgrade _.t»3S We currently support specially upgraded versions ol the A590 Incorporating NEC high capacity, fully autoparking SCSI drives (25ms access time). SCSI interfaced hard drives oiler a substantial performance increase over conventional units.
We are also ottering the NEC mecharxsms separately, either cased tor those who wish to 'chain on' an additional hard disk to their A590. Or on their own tor internally replacing their existing A590 20Mb mectiamsm.
AMIGA 1500 2000 UPGRADES HARP DRIVE RAM UPGRADE BOARD KIT Kxs compose ol tul sue hard disk controller cards ncorporatng unpopulated SIMMS RAM expansion sockets lor accommodating up to 8Mb RAM; PLUS high speed, last access NEC SCSI hard disks.
40MB HARD DRIVE & INTERFACE RAM CARD ... £ 399.00 100MB HARD DRIVE & INTERFACE RAM CARD _. £ 599.00 PLEASE NOTE: These are urpopUatad RAM sockets - Add C119.00 per 2M0 ol RAM requxed DISNEY ANIMATION STUDIO B 0386-40303 Monday to Friday. 9.30 - 5.30 12 MONTHS WARRANTY ON ALL PRODUCTS All details correct al lime ol press All goods subject to availability. E. S O.E. A590 upgraded with fast 40Mb NEC SCSI Disk--£
479. 00
669. 00 A590 upgraded with fast 100Mb NEC SCSI Disk -£ A590 wtth
40Mb NEC SCSI Disk, PLUS 2MB RAM FASTRAM fitted-----£ 559.00
NEC 40Mb SCSI Drive cased wtth PSU to directly add-on to the
Commodore A590 .
_ £ 349.00 .. £ 549.00 £ 249.00 NEC Drive cased with PSU as above, 100Mb version .
NEC 40Mb SCSI Drive mechanism on Its own-------- NEC 100Mb SCSI Drive mechanism on Its own-------------£ 449.00 The onfy tutHeatured animatiorvpaint program to utilise • tat*-of the an techniques that are characteristic of Disney style animation. Special features let you superimpose your animations on background pictures Sample animations, plus sound oft eel library included In the package, from which you can add to your creation. Supports IFF. Anlm graphics formats and SONIX, SMUS and INSTR sound formats. Great price I Normal RRP: £ 99.95 EVESHAM MICROS SPECIAL PRICE... £69.95 ACCESSORIES
Your Amiga produces fine quality hi-fi stereo sound.
Enjoy quality stereo sound reproduction fo the lull with this specially designed, great new twin speaker system I Features rellex ported speaker design with 3 separate drivers in each unit, and incorporates a built-in amplifier with adjustable volume control. Runs from PSU (supplied) or from batteries (not included).
AMIGA 500 COMPUTER Features a Genuine UK version 512K Commodore Amiga 500 computer with 1 Mb Internal Drive. TV Modulator. Mouse. Power Supply. KickStart 1.3. etc. Amiga 500 package as above . £ 329.99 A500 Pack as above, with 512K RAM Clock Upgrade fitted ----- E 359.99 A500 Pack with external 3’ 2" Drive £ 379.99 A500 Pack with external 372" Drive and 512K RAM Clock Upgrade fitted----------E 405.00 AMIGA 500 SCREEN GEMS PACK Top-selling A500 package includes Night Breed'.
• The Beast 2". Back to the Future 2".
'Days of Thunder-. 'Deluxe Paint II' and TV modulator.
A500 SCREEN GEMS PACKAGE ________________E 379.00 SPECIAL) A500 Screen Gems Package inc. 512K RAM Clock Upgrade ..E 399.00 A500 Screen Gems Package PLUS 3• ," Drive A500 Screen Gems Package including 512K RAM Clock Upgrade AND 3V Drive____ . E 430.00 . £ 450.00 I" THESE FABULOUS GAMES; ~j ] Tracksuit Manager 90 Jaws Traasura Tnp I ] Block Alanche LotfNIiue 1 Dlscman Tank Battle I I Battle Squadron Diet Riot | Nigel Mansell SubOuteo [_ PLUS I A word processor and spreadsheet J AMIGA 500 CLASS OF THE 90 S PACK Includes A501 512K RAM Upgrade.
TV Modulator. 8 Software Titles. 10 Disks, Mouse Mat. Video Tape and more CLASS OF THE 90 s Package £549.00 Class of the 90 s Pack plus 15' Drive .. E 600.00 AMIGA 1500 STARTER PACK Includes A1500 computer (1Mb RAM. 2 x 372" Drives. 8 expansion slots). Commodoro HI- Resolution Colour Monitor, plus Software Including: Deluxe Paint III. Battle Chess'. Sim City' and 'The Works' (business software) A1500 STARTER PACKAGE £ 949.00 ONLY £39.95 INCLUDING VAT AND DELIVERY VIDI-AM1GA VIDI-CHROME AMIGA VIDI-AMIGA Wdety regarded as the best * Is category. VlDl Amga vxteo 0
• nabtes you to
• Hava period tr**z* Iram* trom any video, in up to 16 shades
• Grab real time 3-D mages
• Si of* & repUy actcn sequences
• Healrsa Desktop V«3eo
• and nuch. Rruch more VlDl Amiga is compattote with al video
standards. Eg .colour. B W.
VMS. Bela. PAL. NTSC elc Cotour l fame grattoeg upgrade enaCAng producton of Red. Gre*n and Btoe etemerts when usng a Nackwfw* camera, by use erf Men (Colour camera'vwJec recorder useri
- see below) VIDI-RGB AutomalcaJfy separates Red Green and Blue
colour sgnal trom «deo recorder or camera, enabkng easy
production of cotour pctures VlDl Amiga : £ 95.00 g£"""-......i
llll | MINIGEN Genlock Adapter £
9S-Qo| TRUEMOUSE WE GUARANTEE the! Thtt U the jmoothest. Most
rwporuive enO
• ecunu replacement mouss you can buy lor the Amiga. Excellent
partormanca, amailng low pnea !
Our compact Virus Protector flu easily to the Port ol the last disk drive In your Amiga system, protecting all Internal and aitemal drives trom boot block viruses. Incorporates a switch to anable or disable me protection facility. Top value f ONLY £9.95 REPLACEMENT A500 PSU Genuine Commodore Amiga A500 type replacement Power Supply Unit Good quality switch mode type. Super low price!
Ou luty compatfcte hgh qualfy MfDf rtertace connects drecify w«h the Amga sen* port and pn*d« W. OUT & THRU ports tor gctM ffeifctry FeaAxes LED ndcakxs on each port tor diagnose purposes Scperb compad desgn ONLY £19.95 CITIZEN PRODOT-24 MAZING SPECIAL OFFER PROFESSIONAL COLOUR PRINTER
‘'The ProDOT 24 is a highly vorsabfe 24 pm ' letter quality printer, with levels of speod and reliability enablng rt to handle sustained high levels of output with ease, it features an amazing array of facilities normally found on tar more expensive models, yet are scpremeiy oasy to use LI 200 cps draft 66 cps Letter Quality mode (5 LQ fonts) LI 7 Colour output: Graphics resolution up to 360 x 360dpi Ll Excellent compatibility, with Epson. IBM and NEC emulation LI FuU control over printer from easy to use front panel LI Fast set up. With Parallel and Serial interfaces as standard U Complete
with cable and 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty Citizen ProDOT 24 Normal RRP: £ 746.35 Inc.VAT Evesham Micros ONLY £269.00 Special Offer Price .vat, Deitv.ry & cable
- Cut Sheet Feeder available lor only C B9.95 - STEREO SOUND
SAMPLER nnI KITPDC Phces include VAT.
• rCII'l I CAD delivery and cable GOLDEN IMAGE OPTICAL MOUSE
excellent travel S accuracy 13735 disk sampling with containing
sound £159.00 Muse X 1 1 AMOS HiSoft Lane* c GFA BASIC V3 GFA
BASIC Compter Devpac 2 15 Roger Rabb* £ 110 00 £37 50 £ 179 00
£39 95 £34 95 £44 95 £ 995 C 399.00 C 29 95 £ 495 Philips
CM8833 Mk.ll including cable £ 239.00 Outstanding quality.
E«ce*en value for money M package mouses a l00-400dp scamer
wtfi Other options, plus re amazngty powerful TOUCH-UP software
package whch dnves the scanner tVectfy Scanner mOudes newmg
wvdow & badugn for accurate scars every w* Scan e«ther m*- art
or grey mages jo » *00dp Many mage enhancer-er* A speoal e-ect»
iraUM from esrw Touch Up A senUHe rvsswt tor Desktop Pjtwsrsng
THIS I Offering M conpabtxfery wth atnosf any Ansga auJo
dgffier package, our Sound Sampler leaiures e»ceier« crcuiry.
Y*ld*ig professorial resuls The maxi AT) converter gives a
dgfcsog resotobon of t© to SOKHz. W«h a Iasi stew rale Two
phono sockets are provded for stereo line W plus an otfxm lor
mcrophone Ajyustatfe gaxi s acrteved w«h buto cortroi krob
CompM* public domain AT-Onca Hardware PC Emufeior featuring CGA
and Hercules emulation, sipport lor hard disks and extended
memory No soidonng needed kx inattMon KCS Powertooerd Hardware
PC EmuUlor with its own i Mb of F*AM onboard. 512K useable o
Amga mode _ KicksUrt 1J Upgrade ----------------------------
Amiga 500 Duel Covwr------------------------------- Very ngr.
Gjafcty traooas drecty corpacoe to try A-*ga. ST or C8Mt4. js
many cm Ctoeretes "orr rw muse or cysw* port, anc toa as
se ectacae aag coneoi a_r-v e ojrtr «y wruHHy and C*» acxr Lert
or rgh! Rand use wm w one nanoed conrof Top quairy consrucaor
and opto
- wnaxa oesgn oewertng hgh speed and accuracy every re Ho Onver
sotfwa-e needed KRAFT TRACKBALL ONLY £29.95 ONLY £44.95 Star LC
200 9-Pin Colour. 4 fonts, 180 4Scps .... £ 209.00 Star LC
24-10 24-Pin. 4 fonts. 180 60cps ....E 215.00 Star LC
24-200 24-Pin, 5 fonts. 200 67cps ..E 249,00 Star LC
24-200C 7 colour version of above .£ 289.00 Get the
latest taster version tor just Price Inc. VAT. Delivery, cable
4 I Year On-SMe Warranty HP De*k|et 500 3 pages'minute. 300 DPI
lnk|M pnnter ... 1459.00 Olivetti DMIOOS 30000 cps 9-p*n. Inc
12 months O SrM C115.00 Panasonic KXP1123 new 24-pin sucxessof
10 KXP1124 t 235.00 For j limited time, we are offering the
Star LC-10 Mk.ll at the same price of an LC-101 EVESHAM MICROS
SPECIAL OFFER I All STAB Printers include 12 months On-Site
Maintenance K«j Words 2 ____________ £ 37 50 FroMxlV5 £119 95
Oq«a Home Accounts £18 95 Detoae Part 3 £ 59 95 DeU.e Vdeo 3 £
59 95 software X-COPY PROFESSIONAL The essential package for
all your BACK-UP needs!
¦h( H T
* The most comprehensive back up utility includes floppy disc
backup, hard disc backup and file backup. *Also backs up ST,
IBM etc discs. *Checks discs for errors. Optimises data for
faster loading. *Fast formatting. *Copies up to 4 discs in 48
seconds. *Full update service available.
X-COPY PROFESSIONAL caters for all your needs, included in the package is a small hardware interface that plugs into the external disc drive port at the rear of the Amiga and your external disc drive (if you have one) plugs into the back of the interface. This allows the DIGITAL BIT IMAGE COPY MODE to use the ADAPTIVE PULSE WIDTH MODULATION routines to backup virtually all known discs.
AVAILABLE NOW ONLY £39.99 PLUS £1.00 POSTAGE AND PACKING 1988 COPYRIGHT ACT Siren Software neither condones nor authorises the use of its software for the reproduction ot copyrighted software. The facilities offered by X-Copy Pro are intended to back up users own software, PD Software & other such programs where permission had been given. It is illegal to make copies of copyrighted material without the permission of the copyright holder.
X-COPY PROFESSIONAL IS THE BEST, GUARANTEED OUR GUARANTEE:- At time of purchase, if your can find a program that is more powerful than X-COPY PRO we will refund your money.
Ordering X-COPY PROFESSIONAL Name Access Visa orders con be ploced by telephoning 061 228 1831. For moil order, fill in the Address order form ond send with a cheque or postal .... order to:- Siren Software, 84-86 Princess St. Manchester Ml 6NG. England. [TJSTj This latest version promises to deliver even greater levels of word processing power without sacrificing anything in the speed department. It boasts both spell checking and thesaurus facilities, plus the usual multi-font and graphic import facilities you’d expect Like all word publishing programs, previous releases of
ProWnte suffered terribly from the speed problems that are associated with using multiple fonts. But with the release of ProWrite 3, things have definitely changed. Even if you're working on a huge document crammed full of different font styles and pictures, ProWrite's text rendering continues at then ProWnte will actually write your text under the picture. If the picture was produced in Dpaint, ProWrite will treat colour 0 as transparent, allowing you to flow text around the shape of your graphic with some clever use of margin settings.
ProWrite doesn't support structured clip art, which is an omission which I just can't understand. After all.
The quality of illustrations once printed out would be immeasurably better than that of bitmapped graphics. For Postscript users in particular, such an option would make a big difference.
Who knows, perhaps after reading these reviews, both New Honzons and MSS might respond.
PROWRITE} New Horizons Software The latest version of New Horizons' acclaimed word publishing system is the first of three new word processors. JASON HOLBORN tries... ProWrite 3.1 Word Publisher ¦ £1 29.95 ¦ I Mb New Horizons Silica 08 I 309 a blisteringly fast pace - at last it seems someone has worked out how to use fonts other than the standard Topaz without slowing things down to an unbearable crawl.
You've got a fair bit of control over the format of your document. In true DTP style, you can split the page into up to four linked columns, which makes either program an ideal choice for anyone who wants to produce a fanzine or newsletter without having to learn the technicalities of a dedicated desktop publishing program.
Although you can alter the column’s gutter (the space between columns), ProWrite does not seem to display the change in column size on-screen, which is hardly true WYSIWYG.
Text processing tools are pretty comprehensive. There's the usual cutting, copying and pasting of blocks, left, right and flush justification and centring of text, plus full search and replace facilities. In fact, just about every word processing tool you're ever likely to need is in there.
Getting Graphic ProWrite and Excellence! (see Page
155) are very similar in many respects, but the similarities end
when it comes to importing graphics.
Unlike Excellence!, ProWrite treats graphics separately from text. As a result, you can move a picture around the page and paste it down just about anywhere you want, which is a considerably more flexible approach.
Text can also be run around a picture simply by altering margins. If you leave the margins as they are.
crosshead Both proyaws are very 3IBH in nany respects, but the simlarities end vhen it cones to importing graphics. Unlike Excellence!
? ?Page 1 ¦ =' For the illiterate amongst you, ProWrite offers both spell checking and thesaurus facilities. Neither are quite as powerful or even quite as big as those of Excellence!, but they are still pretty impressive. ProWrite offers a 100,000-word spell checker, and 300,000-word thesaurus.
Paper Play ProWrite will also output to Postscript devices, although you'll need to invest in a separate ProScript Postscript module to take advantage of this. I’m quite surprised that New Horizons didn’t build ProScript into ProWrite.
This would have made both products almost identical in their capacities.
ProWrite does a pretty good job of printing to Preference-supported printers. It’ll print your document as a straight graphic dump or as a mixture of both text and graphics. The quality of output is on a par with Excellence!, so apart from the lack of built-in Postscript, there’s little difference.
ABOVE: As this picture shows, text can easily be flowed around imported pictures.
Simlarities !* el, Prolk-ite a ' «"»ti Conclusion Where ProWrite really scores is in the speed department. Word publishing programs have never really been the ideal choice for anything other than short letters, but ProWrite breaks that rule. Indeed, its speed is so great that it actually rivals many conventional text processors.
There's no doubting the fact that ProWrite is a very able word publisher and processor and there really is very s little to separate it from mam rival Excellence!. Features wise, neither has anything that the other doesn't - but in particular. Excellence!'s spell checker and especially its thesaurus are a cut above the rest. Then again, ProWrite's graphics handling stands out as superior. Your choice!
VERDICT A wort processor with graphic Import and multiple loot capabilities EXCELLENT Text rendering speed Is second to none - It even runs rings around some dedicated text processors!
DOCUMENTATION: POOP Some sections are a little vague, but on the whole things are handled pretty well.
ACCESSIBILITY: EXCELLENT II you ve already used a wort publisher, then you'll have no problems getting to grips with ProWrite 3.
VALUE:_POOP A shade more than Excellence! But users ot v2..5 can upgrade tor £49.95. FEATURES: _ EXCELLENT Spell checker and Thesaurus are not quite up to the standards of Exctlbnctt.
But It’s still pretty well endowed.
ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT AND NEXT DAV DELIVERY TO VOUR DOOR This Months Software Specials Select any 3 games titles valued at £7.99 or less and you pay only £20!
7. 99 9 99
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54. 99
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39. 99
109. 99
399. 99 199 99
54. 99
199. 99
34. 99 49 99 719 99
99. 99 74 99
79. 99 each) 3D Pool Anorchy Borbofion (Ptygnom) Bionic Commondo
Blood Money Captain Ru Carrier Command Colossus Chen X Cosmic
Pirate Crossbow Datoftorm Deluxe Strip Poker Double Dragon
Drogom Breath Dungeon Master (1Mb) Dungeon Quest E-Motion
Elite F-l 8 Interceptor Foery Tde Adventure Fantosy World
Dirxy Fast Food Fast lone Fernander Must Die Ferrari Formulo
One Fighter Bomber Finol Whistle (Kick OH 2 Data) Garrison 1
& 2 Gountlet II Gin & Cribboge King Grand Prix Circuit
Guordon Angel Homme rfist Hard Dn*n" Hitchhikers Guide to the
Galaxy Hong Kong Phooey Hostoges Hot Rod Hound of the Shodow
Hunt for Red October International 3D Tennis It Came From the
Desert Jumpin' Jockson Keef the Thief Kick OH Kick OH II
(1Mb) Kid Gloves Killing Gome Show lost Ninja 2 leather
Godesses of Phobos A500 Screen Gems £359 Philips 8833-11
Colour Monitor £239 inc Lead
3. 5" External Disk Drive £59 Amiga 500s From only £319 Naksha
Mouse £29 512k RAM Expansion only £25 Monic Miner Moriol Xmol
Box Menace Microproie Soccer Ninja Spin!
Obliterator Over loader Plonetfall Ployer Monoger Pcntmon Pol Powerdrome Powerploy Pub Trivia Roadb loiter* Rick Dangerou* RVE Hondo Rolf 'n' Ready Slxjfflepudr Cafe Shodow of the Beoil Srleni Service Sfcworm Skate of the Art Spellfire The Sorceror Starglider 7 Stunt Car Racer Super Scromble Simulator Sword & the Rore Sword* of Twilight Torghon Terrorpod* Thjnderblode Time* of Lore Toobin' Tower of Bobel Trock*uit Monoger Treaiure Itland Dizzy Typhoon Thomion Viglante Vinc6c *or* Wocfcy Dart* Wllow Wierd Dream* Wi*hbrirrger Wodd Clo** leaderboard X-Out Xenon Xenon II Yogi’* Greal E*cape Zony
Golf Zorfc HP Paintjet Colour Inkjet Printer £825 Star LC200 Colour Printer £209 Podscat Graphics Tablet.. £169 A590 Hard Disk £279 Panasonic Laser Printer £899 Scribble Platinum Penpal Excellence 7.00 Protext 4.00 Protex! 5.00 Maioplon Advantage Infofile Superba*e Perxonal II Superba*e Profeieonal The Work* Platinum Gold Diik Office Pageteiter II Prof.Poge 7.00 Prof.Draw 7.00 Outkne Font* Gold Did; Font* 1-4 Structured Clip Art Eckp* ProCkp* Comicterier X-CAD Detigner X-CAD Profettronol Home Account* Dehtxe Point III Photon Point Detuxe Photolob Fontavition Movretetter Sculpt 3D XI Sculpt 4D
Imo ne Dehixe Video III Broodcott Titler 7 AMOS Devpoc 7 latrce C MuticX Mutrc X Jnr TigecCub We can supply all serious and games software currently available.... Just Ask!
30% OFF You Name It.... We do It.... Just Phone and We'll Quote... We are Fast and Cheaper!
Cheques PO. Orders to Post Haste, 12 St.Lawrence Road, Canterbury, Kent. CT1 3EY Please allow four working days for cheques to clear. Overseas orders add £2.00 postage.
Telephone Hotline 0227-764204 9.30am to 7.00pm Answerphone Service outside normal hours VISA and MASTERCARD orders welcom e There's no doubting that both Excellence! And ProWrite are powerful products, but they both have one major problem - you need at least a megabyte and a couple of drives to run them. OK, but what happens if you only have a 512K machine with just a single drive? You buy QuickWrite, that's what.
QuickWrite is a budget-priced high-performance word processor that has been specifically designed with the basic Amiga in mind. With such minimal requirements, you'd be right not to expect too much in the way of fancy features, but you'd probably be very hard pushed to find a word processor that offers so much for so little RIGHT: All of QuickWrite’s functions are accessed via pulldown menus.
VXEdit Docunent Edit Header Edit Footer crosshead Project Edit Search Fornat ?IQuiekHriteRevieu.DOC ZZ Where basic uord processing tools are concerned, QuickWrite has got the lot. Fls gou'd expect, gou can nark blocks of text and then cut, copg and paste then either uithin the sane docunent or even to another docunent entirelu. QuickWrite's speed reallu The second word processor this month is adapted ProWrite to give entry-level users a chance. JASON HOLBORN bottoms out with... QuickWrite Word Processor ¦ $ 75 (UK price soon) ¦ New Horizons Silica 081 309 I In truth, though, QuickWrite isn't
actually a new program. Instead, New Horizons have simply adapted ProWrite to run on a standard A500.
Obviously something had to go, so it comes as no great surprise that many of the memory-hungry features that categorised ProWrite as a 'word publisher' have been chopped.
As a result, it's no longer possible to use either multiple fonts or graphics within your documents.
Gone too is ProWrite's thesaurus (which is something of a shame) and QuickWrite's spell checker dictionary has been reduced in size from 100,000 words to a just 50,000 - how will you cope!
Screen Scene What remains is still one hell of a program. Because QuickWrite no longer has to mess around with all those different fonts, screen update is very rapid. As it stands, QuickWrite is probably the fastest word processor yet produced for the Amiga.
It can be run in both medium and high resolution with a maximum of eight colours. Surprisingly, you can't actually change the screen set-up from within QuickWrite. Instead, you have to alter the program’s 'ToolTypes' using the Workbench Info menu option. You have to exit the program, make the necessary changes and then reload the program again.
Where basic word processing tools are concerned, QuickWrite has got the lot. As you'd expect, you can mark blocks of text and then cut, copy and paste them either within the bli MOT 0 .....IQ......2ft..... 30 40 50 w ir 1 11 scr PTC q • : t a * a = a n same document or even to another document. QuickWrite's speed really comes into its own when you start editing an existing block of text.
Unlike most word processors, QuickWrite boasts automatic text reformatting, which means that even as you type, your text is reformatted before you very eyes for every character you add or delete.
ABOVE: Text can be copied from one document and pasted down into another.
As mentioned earlier, QuickWrite does have a spell checker which, although useful, is hardly worth writing home about. Thesaurus wise, I'm surprised that New Horizons didn't at least leave in a scaled-down version of ProWrite's thesaurus, which would have given QuickWrite a major advantage over its competitors - even Protext doesn't have a thesaurus. As it is. If you want a thesaurus then you'll have to invest in something like Kuma's K-Roget (or you could just buy a book - it's cheaper!)
One very nice feature is QuickWrite's compatibility with Gold Disk's Professional Page. QuickWrite will allow you to both load and save ProPage text files, complete with style codes. With ProPage 2.0, this feature has become somewhat redundant - it has a built-in 'Article Editor' - but it'll be of use to anyone who has yet to upgrade. You can also load ProWrite files, although QuickWrite ignores font or graphic information.
Conclusion QuickWrite isn't the ultimate in word processing, but it's about as close as you're likely to get on a basic Amiga
500. It includes just about every word processing tool you're
likely to need and. Most importantly, it's fast and
unobtrusive to the creative flow. If you can live without
graphics, QuickWrite is definitely worth a look.
VERDICT Hlgh-spsed word processor with spell checking facilities OulckWrlle Is quite simply the fastest word processor you’re likely to find.
DOCUMENTATION! OOOD In concordance with the ease-of-use philosophy. It's clear and simple.
ACCESSIBILITY: EXCELLENT QuickWrite Is fully Iniulllon-based, so you'll suss It out in no lime.
VALUBt EXCELLENT Coming In at Just £75. QuickWrite compares very well with the competition.
FEATUBESi__OOOD It would have been nice it the thesaurus had stayed in, but on the whole QuickWrite Is a powerful program which should satisfy even the most demanding of word processing needs.
£16.99 £16.99 £1699 .£19.6 . ..£19.99 . ..£22.99 £13.99 .
£19.99 £17.99 £10.99 £8.99 £16.99 £19.99 £1799 £19 99 ..£26.99
£1299 £16.99 £26.99 £12 99 £26 99 £16.99 £7 99 £16 99 £27.99
£1699 £8.99 . £16.99 ..£16.99 . £24.99 £17.99 . £17.99 £16.99 .
£16.99 £1799 .. £17.99 £16.99 . . £13.99 £9 99 £9.99 £20.99 . .
£9.99 £5.99 £20.99 £20.99 £19.99 £26 99 £17 99 £16.99 £17.99 £8
99 £16.99 £19.99 £20.99 . £14 99 £17.99 . £8.99 £16.99 £1799
£16.99 £14.99 £16 99 £24.99 £20.99 £16.99 £7.99 £1699 £1699 £17
99 £1999 £1699 £1699 £9 99 £11.99 £11.99 £16.99 £27.99 £20.99
£9.99 £8.99 £19.99 £16.99 £14.99 . £14.99 . £16.99 £16.99
£20.99 03 99 £22.99 £16.99 £13.99 £1699 ..£1999 £16 99 £1999
£1799 ..£16.99 £16.99 £17.99 £1799 . £16 99 £1499 £1799 £27.99
..£1899 £8 99 ..£16.99 £16 99 £1699 ..£1999 £23 99 £1699 £1399
£1299 ..£1699 £16 99 £16 99 £ 1699 £22 99 ..£16 99 £12 99
£22.99 £16.99 £12.99 £19 99 £16.99 £16-99 £17.99 £1699 £22 99
£1699 £1799 £16 99 £1699 £19 99 £1699 £1799 £1999 £1699 £16 99
£1999 £1999 £1999 A10 Tank Killer Atomic Robokid BAT Battle
Command Bomber Bob Captive .... Chaos
Stnkes Back Chase HQ 2 Corporation Dragon
Breed Dragon Wars ..... Dragons Lae 2 Timewarp F19 Stealth
Fighter Final Whistle Gazza2 . Golden
Axe Hard Onvm 2 Harpoon (1 Meg) Hero's Quest (l Meg)
Indiannapolis 500 Judge Dredd Kick OH 2 ...... Kick OH 2
(1 Meg) Lemmings ..... Lotus Turbo Challenge
M1 Tank Platoon ..£22.99 ..£16.99 ..£16.99 ..£16.99 £17.99
£16.99 £16.99 £22.99 £15.99 £16.99 £16.99 £19.99 £16.99 £16.99
£16-99 £13.99 £16.99 £16.99 £13.99 £19.99 £22.99 £16.99 £19.99
Disci .
I Last Ninja 3 . 1 Metal Masters ..... ......tto.ss .....£16.99 1 Midwinter ? £19 99 _
M. U.D.S £16.99 1
Myth ... NAM £16.99 1 £24 99 1 Navy
Seals ...... Omnicron
Conspiracy .. £16 99 ¦
£17.99 f Pano . ......£16.99 1
Plottina .....£16.99 1 Predator ?
. £16 99 L 1 Secret ot Monkey Island ...£16 99 1 Itadbghi £16.99 £1699 Street Hockey The Keep The Punisher ... £16.99 ......£1699 £16.99 Tumcan 2 £13 99 Viz ..... £16.99 Wonderland ......£19 99 Z-Out £1399 COMPUTER HITS II • ONLY £7.99 Tetris. Black Shadow. Golden Path. Joe Blade PLATINUM COLLECTION - ONLY £17.99 Ghouls N Ghosts. Smew. Forgotten Worlds. Black Tiger SUPREME CHALLENGE FUGMT COMMAND • ONLY £1499 Sfcycnas* StrM For* Hamer Sky*» ¦ WHEELS OF FIRE -ONLY £19-99 Chase HO. Turbo
Outrun. Powerdnft.
Hard Offerin'
T. N.T. - ONLY £19.99 Hard Drivin', APB. Toobin. Xybols.
Dragon Spiril MIND GAMES - ONLY £17.99 Austerlltz. Waterioo.ConflicI in Europe HOLLYWOOD COLLECTION - ONLY £20.!
Robocop. Ghostbusters 2, Indiana Jones 6 Lasi Crusade. Batman the Movie £34.99 £37.99 £6.99 £5.99 £7.99 . £13.99 £17.99 £7 99 £4.99 £6.99 £999 .. £7 99 £259.99 £22.99 £2.99 £24.99 . £49 99 £189 99 £3.99 £4 99 . . £27.99 .£279.99 £12.99 . .£12.99 £9 99 ...£159.99 ...£219.99 ..£289.99 ...£249.99 £8.99 £24.99 £19.99 £19.99 £9 99 £7 99 £7 99 £6 99 £8 99 £9 99 £3 99 £9 99 £9 99 £7 99 £14 99 £4 99 £4 99 £4 99 £9 99 £7 99 £7 99 £8 99 £6 99 £9.99 £899 £4 99 £7 99 £7 99 £1299 £8 99 £7 99 t 99 £7 99 £9 99 £7 99 £9 99 £4 99 £8 99 £4 99 £7 99 £4 99 £7 99 £4 99 £6 99 £4 99 £4 99 £7 99 £6 99 £4 99 £499
£1299 £6 99 £7 99 £7 99 £7 99 £4 99 £9 99 urakken ... Eagle Riders Fantasy Work! Dizzy
F. bail Manager II * Exp Kit .. Football
Simulation.... Fun Metal Planete..... Gauntlet
II Gm & Crbbage ... Grand Prix
Circutt...... Gravity ....
Gunship ... Highway Patrol 2 Hound ot
Snadow Infestation tngnds Back 4th and
Inches . Airborne Ranger Ant Heads .. Austertnz
Baal Balance ol Power Balbstn Barbarian 2 (Palacei Blasterokts
Blood Money Boukterdash Const Kit Brian Clough's Football
Bubble Ghost Plus Captain Blood Centrefold Squares Chambers ol
Chicago 90s .. Cloud Kingdoms ... Corporation Count Duckula ..... Dally Double Horse Racing Deluxe Stnp Poker Double Dragon Dragon Spirit Dragons Breath £9 99 £7.99 £9 99 £7 99 £9 99 £9 99 £6 99 £12 99 £6 99 £7 99 £9 99 £8 99 International 3D Tennis £7 99 Jumping Jackson .....£7.99 Kid Gloves ....£7.99 Klax .£9 99 Krypton Egg ..£6.99 User Squad .£6.99 Leaderboard ...£6.99 Lords ol the Rising Sun.£11.99 Manic Miner .£7.99
Menace ..£4 99 Ninja Spirit ....£9.99 Please note that the ma onty ot the forthcoming attractions are not released at tme ot going to press These will be despatched within 24 hours ot release sub ect lo availability ACCESSORIES
1. 2 Meg Upgrade 12 Meg Upgrade *
Clock 2M Joystick Mouse exl.
Lead 40 Lockable Disc Box .....
80 Lockable Oise Box ..... 94 Banx Stackable
Box ...... 150 Posso Stackable Box Amiga 4 Player
Adaptor Amiga 500 Dust Cover Box 10 Bulk Discs
. 8ox 10 Sony Branded Discs Cheetah
125- . Commodore 1064 Monitor
Contriver Mouse Disc Cleaning Kit ... Golden
Image GI600 Mouse Golden Image Optical Mouse Golden Image
Scanner Mouse House ... Mouse Mat
6mm Naksha Mouse Philips CM8833 Monitor Pro
5000 . Quickioy
Jetlighter Roll 1000 labels
3.5" . Star LC10 Mono Printer ... Star
LC200 Colour Printer Star LC24-200 Colour Printer Star
LC24-200 Mono Printer Quickioy
3 ...... Quickjoy Inla
Red .. Quk*|oy Mega Board .... Quickioy
Topstar .. Action Stations (1 Meg) ..
Adidas Golden Shoe Alcatraz .....
Alpha Waves Armour Geddon .. A TF
2 Back lo Future
3 .. Bandit King ot Ancient China...
Barbarian II (Psynosis) ... Billy the
Kid ... Blade Warrior
.. Blue Max .... Champion ot the Rat
Chips Challenge . Chuck Yeagers A F T V2 Delta
Armalyte .... Deuteros (The Next Millenium)
Dynamic Debugger European Superteague Right ot the
Intruder ...... Gengis Khan ..
Gold ot the Aztecs Knights ot Legend FORTHCOMING ATTRACTIONS 1
Meg Cricket .£18.99
4D Boxing ..£16.99 MIG 29
Fulcrum N ARC . Ooops
Up Ottxtus
...... Paradroid 90 . Player Manager
Powermonger Pnnce ol Persia Rick
Dangerous 2 Robocop 2 ...... Saint
Dragon ...... Shadow ol the Beast 2 Shadow
Wamor .... Speedbaii
2 .... Spmdizzy
2 .... Super 06 Rd Racer Supremacy
... Team Suzuki Teenage Mutant Ninja
Turtles Their Finest Hour Total Recall
.... Tournament
Got .... Ultimate
V Wings (1 Woltpack (1 North
And South ... P-47 Thunderbolt Powerdrome Ouest
for the Time Bird Rick Dangerous R V F Honda .... Satan
Guns ... Shoot Em Up Const Kit Silent Service
Silkworm .... Sim City ..... Spy Vs
Spy ... Spy Vs Spy II . Spy Vs Spy
III Stunt Car Racer Swords ot Twilight .
Tank Attack .. The Cycles .
Theme Park Mystery ... Time Machine ..... Tower ol
Babel ...... Treasure Island Dizzy.
Treasure Trap . Tusker . TV Sports Football Weird Dreams .... Zany Golf ...
Afterburner. Double Dragon. Operation Woft Batman Caped
Crusader _ SEGA MASTER MIX - ONLY £17.99 Super Wonderboy. Turbo
Crackdown. Thunderbalde, Dynamite Dux.
WORLD CUP COMPILATION - ONLY £1499 Tracksuit Manager. Kick OH. International Soccer POWERPACK - ONLY £17.99 Xenon 2. Btoodwych. TV Sports Football.
Lombard Rally_ PREMIER COLLECTION 2 ONLY £4 99 Merccr-ary Cus*x*«n Efcrvwor TOP 50 CHART TRIAD 3 • ONLY £14.99 Rocket Ranger. Speedbaii Blood Money SOCCER MANIA ONLY £9.99 FooiMt Uamgv 2 Uooctom Socc*' Gauas Socc*- CooOAii MA'TAQV' World Cjq Edfton Emfyn Hughes Soccer.
Escape From Singes Castle E-Swat ...... European Challenge (T.D. II) ...... F-i6 Combat Pilot ..... F29 Retaiiator .. Flight Simulator II Flood .. Future Wars ..... Heroes of the Unce ... Hinsfar .. Immortal (1 Meg) . Impenum .... Indy Jones The
Adventure ..... It Came From the Desert ... Jack Nckfaus Courses vol t jack Nckiaus Int Courses uack Ngkiaus Unlimited Golf 11 Meg).
Kick Of . Kkk Oft Extra Time Kmgs Ouest 4 Krghts o' Ciystalkon Lesuresut Larry I Lescresu-t Larry 3 I ’ Meg) Los: Patro.
Marac Mansons ...... Mean Soeets ...... Mcrcprose Soccer ... Morigrit Resistance ..... Might S Mage 2 Mtk-r Pytror Muroer ... Muscle Cars (TD II Disc) .. Nmia Rem.i Operator Swann ... Operscr ThurxJertxW . Ppemara Prates PoiceQues2 t Megi PooBor Radarxe - Meg.
Pcojcos Populous Prcxn-sec Lards Puzznc Rareiow Bianc Rec Lghtrxng Rec Sajrm Fusing Roeoccc Satan Scenery Ds»7. 9 or It ... Scenery Dak japan or Eumoe SlMBI- Space Ace SoawOuest2 Steve Dens Snooker Super Cars TO II Dbo Team Yankee Test Drve n Tumcan TV Sports BasketM JfcmalV Ultmate Golf Unreal .. War m Mose Earth.
White Deam • Meg Wngs :X Fjry X-Out________ Zak WcKrawn 668 Attack Sub.
Battlechess ..... Battlehawks 1942 ...... Battlemasler ... Balance ol Power 1990.... Blitzkrieg 1 Meg . Bomber Mission Disk BriOge Player 2150 .... Budokhan Carrier Command ...... California Challenge (T.D. Castle Master Champions ot Krynn .. Chase H.Q ...... Chess Champ«)n2t 75 .
Codename Iceman .... Colossus Chess X .... Conqueror .. Conquest of Camelot . Damocles Dragons La* (t Megl .
Dungeon Master (1 Meg).
Dungeon Master Editor Please charge my Access Visa No: ... Expiry date:.
ORDER FORM Please supply me with the following for Computer ... Titles Price Please make cheques & PO payable to T urbosoft Customer Number DATE: . NAME: ADDRESS: .Post Code.
TEL: AMIGA FORMAT APRIL'91 Credit card orders taken, payment cashed only on despatch. Orders under £5 add 75p P&P per Item. For First Class add 75p P&P per item UK only. EEC countries add £2.00 per item. Non EEC countries add £3.00 per item. Express airmail £4.00 per item.. All items subject to aeatlabtllty.
Alt prices subject to change without notice. E. & O. E. Please note: Mail Order companies may take up to 28 days to de icer goods from receipt oj order. Ptease allow Jor cheque clearance 7TT- “ F19 STEALTH FIGHTER IN STOCK NOW £ v ! ,ONLY £18.9 v' .1« DISNEY * • ORAGONFLIGHtj- . JUST IN ONLY f STUDIO 1 MEG , £18 99 , - REC. ALL THIS !-Vw" S 'iRS 9* 0 turbosoft LEISURESUIT ' LARRY 3 BACK -V ¦2, IN STOCK NOW .• .•.ONLY L ' ¦VvvV SPRING SAVERS • SPRING SAVERS • SPRING SAVERS EDUCATIONAL UTILITIES Answer Back Junior ......£13.99 Answer Back Senior .....£13.99 Better Maths
(12-16) ...£16.99 Better Spelling (8-14) ...£16.99 Dinosaur Discovery Kit .£16.99 Discover Chemistry .....£13.99 Discover Maths ..£13.99 Discover Numbers .£13.99 Discover the Alphabet ..£13 99 Discovery Maths £14.99 Discovery Spelling .£14 99 Donald's Alphabet Chase .. . £13.99 First letters 8 Words ....£16.99 First Shapes ......£16 99 French Mistress .£13.99 Fun School 2 (under 6) .£13.99 Fun School 2 (6-8) £13.99 Fun School 2
(8*) .£13.99 Fun School 3 (under 5) .£16 99 Fun School 3 (5-7) £16.99 Fun School 3 (7.) ..£16 99 German Master .£13 99 Goofy's Railway Express £13 99 Hooray Henrietta ...£16 99 Italian Tutor .£13.99 Junior Typist (5-10) £12 99 Kid Talk £16.99 Lets Spell At Home ..£14.99 Lets Spell At Shops .....£14 99 " lie Maths (4-8) ....£16.99 Math Talk ...£16 99 Maths Mama (8-12) .....£16.99 Mickey's Crossword Maker
£13.99 Mickey's Runaway Zoo .£13.99 My Paint .....£22.99 Postman Pat .£6.99 Prot. Looks at Words ....£16.99 Prot. Makes Sentences £16.99 Prot. Plays a new Game......£19.99 Puzzle Book Vol 1 .£14.99 Puzzle Story Book .£16.99 Rhyming Notebook £16.99 Spanish Tutor ....£13.99 Spellbook (4-9) ..£14.99 The 3 Bears £16.99 Things to do with Numbers..£14.99 Things to do with Words......£14.99 SIM CITY ONLY £14.99 UMS II A MUST AT £18.99
Back to the Future 2, Deluxe Paint 2, Shadow of the Beast 2 All for only £375.00 inc. VAT & courier delivery Featuring:- Everything in pack 1 PLUS 10 blank discs with labels, mouse mat, dust cover, 40 lockable box. Wicked 10 games pack, disc cleaning kit All for only £389.99 inc. VAT & courier delivery Aegis Sonix ......£14.99 A MAS .....£79 95 AMOS ....£32 99 Animation Studio ..£79.99 Can Do ...£69 99 Comic Setter ....£39.99 Deluxe Music Const. Kit £49 99 Deluxe Paint
3 .£59.99 Deluxe Print 2 ..£34.99 Deluxe Video 3 .£59 99 Devpac 2 ...£44 99 Digicalc .....£27 99 Digi Paint 3 ......£59.99 Digiview Gold .£119.99 Hisott Basic ......£59 99 Home Accounts ...£22 99 Kindwords £37 99 Lattice C V5 ...£169 99 Mastersound ...£32 99 Mavis Beacons Typing £19 99 Movie Setter £39 99 Musix X 1 1 Version £89 99 Music X Junior .£49.99 Pagesetter
2 ....£49.99 Pagestream .....£99.99 Pen Pal .....£99 99 Photon Paint 2 .£14.99 Photon Video ...£34.99 P'Odata .....£59 99 Professional Page V2.00 £149 99 Protext Ver 5 .£109.99 Pro Write 3.0 ..£109.99 Quartet ......£34 99 Sculpt 4D ......£399.99 Sound Express £34.99 Superbase Personal 2 £29.99 Superbase Professional...£149.99 Superplan .£79.95
Transwrite .£59.99 Virus Killer ...£8.99 Word Perfect ..£179.99 ADVENTURE PACK ONLY £12.99 AMERICAN DREAMS ONLY £6.99 Bubble Ghosf Operation Neptune Hostages Super Ski African Raiders, Emmanuelle, Freedom,
ONLY £16.99 DREAMS ONLY £6.99 ONLY £6.99 Tin Tin on the Moon
Sfir Crazy - Bobo Teenage Queen Warlocks Quest Teenage Queen
North & South G-Nius Action Service Fire & Forget
Spidertronic Billiards Sim Hostages Purple Saturn Day SUPER
QUINTET ONLY £6.99 Hostages Bubble Ghost Warlocks Quest
Passengers on the Wind 1 8 2 (Personal callers welcome) HOW
TO FIND US...... Maps showing direct routes from the motorway
and A5 Turbosoft Unit 6 & 7 Acacia Close Chenycourt Way
Industrial Estate Stanbridge Road Leighton Buzzard Beds. LU7
8gE Opening hours are Monday to Friday
9. 00am to 5.00pm Saturdays
10. 00am to 4.00pm All prices include VAT Independent Stockist.
Riomhaire Software.
Dublin Bazzaar, Unit 34 Thomas St, Dublin 8 Eire. Shop prices will vary. Personal callers only Tel: (0525) 377974 Fax: (0525) 852278 0) c z m DO US O • c 00 r z r H ¦ r • Z 2 H 3 73 Z H O O r* m ) m z 0 m CO 0 0 1 0 3 cn ?
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C= n !„§ nl|S xjissi SONY Disk Offer 1 ¦ r” tj w 3 D l- a CO I"!
O W X -- 73 z 9? W O CT Q3 0 CO CO CO r-+- t ¥ r OOO 0 0 0 CQ CQ CQ 0 0 0 CD CD CD OOO XXX Q. CD 3 $ CD O O 3 CD CQ 0 00 (0 00 0) - o c £ » m o m o * m z H CD DO 0 to r ro
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- £ • CO rv ro CO CO rv no CO CO 1 CO CO CO CO CO CO CD on cn
cn cn cn cn cn Spelling it Out Excellence! Comes with a
140,000- word spell checker that includes legal, technical,
medical, scientific, geographical and even biological sup
plements. This is without doubt the largest spell checker
you're likely to find within any Amiga word processor (I think
Word Perfect is about the only program that even comes close).
Even larger still is the thesaurus - it contains no fewer than 1.4 million words! Like all thesauruses, you can use it to obtain a list of alternatives for a given word. OK. Nothing special so far - but it will display a dictionary Third up is Microsystems Softwares new version of a highly-respected word publisher JASON HOLBORN makes a journey in pursuit of.
Excellence! 2.0 HB Marketing 0753 686000 Word Publisher ¦ £99.95 Mbyte icroSystems was responsible for the Amiga's very first word processor in the shape of Scribble!, a text-based system that is as popular today as it was when it was originally released over five years ago. For those with more demanding needs, Excellence! Offers full graphic import facilities, multiple fonts with full WYSIWYG display, plus powerful spell checking, thesaurus, mail merge, indexing and even grammatical analysis.
M Excellence! Is one of a new breed of word processing programs that offers the speed and ease of use of a conventional text processor with the kind of layout control previously found only within dedicated desktop publishing programs. Like all Word publishers'. Excellence! Allows you to use standard Amiga bitmapped fonts within your documents. These can be both fixed and proportional in up to any point size, so you're not just limited to the standard Topaz font and those offered by your printer text - when you import a picture, it is treated like one large character. It can therefore be
cut, copied and pasted using the same tools as you would for your text.
Unfortunately, because of this approach, text cannot be run around a picture in the same way as it can within ProWrite. This often results in large amounts of white space.
You can of course resize a picture to reduce white space, simply by dragging out any one of its four corners. The text that follows the picture will then be automatically reformatted to take into consideration the picture's new size.
Unlike ProWrite, Excellence! Does not support HAM pictures, so you’re restricted to a maximum of 32 colours. I would personally have also liked to have seen support for graphic elements other than bitmapped graphics - for example, the ability to import structured clips from ProDraw, and perhaps even a selection of structured tools built into the program for drawing such things as lines and boxes (like PenPal).
Slow Down!
Screen update speed can sometimes suffer within a word publishing system but Excellence! Copes admirably.
It can slow down somewhat when inserting into a block of text, especially if a large amount of text follows the text you wish to insert. Matters deteriorate still further if you try to delete a large amount of text with the delete key - so iifs often better to mark the text with the mouse and delete it with the 'cut' tool.
You can also import bitmapped graphics. Excellence! Treats graphics in the same way as it treats normal „ sco,LfcNCE2.q .
ABOVE: In Irue DTP stylo, you can even view your document layout as it will apear once printed.
Definition of the word. An interesting feature is a grammar checker that will also assess the readability of your work, which can be handy for assessing the appropriateness of your writing for a given audience.
Excellence! Is the very first Amiga word processor to directly support printing to Postscript devices such as laser printers. You can still print to Preference-supported printers either as standard text or graphically. If you print graphically, your document retains the fonts which you used on the screen, although quality is not quite so good.
Conclusion Iwhile it is undoubtedly not quite as fast as ProWrite its power is just too great to resist. In all, Excellence! Is... er... quite excellent!
VERDICT PURPOSE___ Word processor with multiple font end graphic Import facilities.
SPEED! _OOOO Screen rendering can slow down at times, but on the whole things run at an Impressive pace.
DOCUMENTATION: EXCELLENT There's a tutorial to get you started, plus comprehensive coverage of all the program's functions once you've got the basics sussed.
ACCESSIBILITY: EXCELLENT Easy to find your way around the system.
_EXCELLENT VALUE!_ We've Just heard that the price will be C99.95, which Is great news.
FEATUREEI__0990 It would have been nice to be able to run text around graphics more fluldly. But then you can't have it all.
SOFT EXCHANGE Offers you the best in Quality, Service and Prices If you can buy the same products anywhere in this issue we will not only match it but beat it by 10%.
Offer closes April 30th 1991.
Probably the best unbranded disks available in the UK.
31 2" DSDD 100% certfied error free 10 disks £4,49 200 disks £64.99 20 disks £7.99 300 disks.. .....£92.99 30 disks ..£1 1.49 400 disks .. ...£1 19.99 40 disks ..£14.49 500 disks .. ...£144.99 50 disks ..£18.49 lOOO disks IOO disks £33.99 2000 disks ...£269.99 ...£529.99 LOCKABLE STORAGE BOXES 40 capacit ..... £6.99 80 capacity ..... £7.99 1OO capacity ... £8.99 Mouse mats .... £3.99 10 disks
.. .Mow available. Genuine Sony bulk disks at unbeatable prices .£4.99 200 disks .. ....£69.99 20 disks .. ......£8.99 300 disks.... ...£104.99 30 disks.. ......£12.99 400 disks .. ...£ 1 32.99 40 disks .. ......£16.99 500 disks . ...£162.99 50 disks .. ......£19.99 1000 disks...... ...£.31 1.99 1 00 disks £37.99 2000 disks £599 99 DISK LABELS
50. . ..£1.50
100. ...... ..£2.50 200
..£3.99 To place an order
please send your name, address and the requirement with
cheque PO made payable to: SOFT EXCHANGE 101 Clifton Road,
South Norwood, London SE25 6QA Tel: 081 653 9094 (24 hrs
order line) All above offers close 30.04.91 i s+, PD DIRECT
3. 5" DSHD 65p
5. 25" DSDD....19p
5. 25" DSHD....36p ANIMATION GAMES We olso stock: Fish, Amicus,
AMOS All PD Disks ore lot AMIGA only £1 20 each £1 00 per disk
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64. 95 Send SA[ lor an up-to-date catalogue. Some day despatch.
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clock Amiga Atari External Drive .. 200 3.5" DSDD DISKS + 2x100 CAP BOXES MOD 71 Red 5eciot MDD 72 Red 5eciot 4 M0D7S 5 oopex Demos MDD 76 koopex Megodemo MDD 77 Scoopei Mental hongover MDD 79 Storm UK Demo* 7 MDD 93 TWI Demo & V«ui Killer Ofik MDD 94 Vortex Megodemo MDD 99 Semtex Megodemo MDD 113 Kongot00 Ugly Mug Demo MDD S5 Kelrem Megodemo
V. Ill (2 disks) MDD 114 Kelrem Forever MDU 10 Wotdptoxesstng ond
dotobosmg MDU 34 fsh r*164 Disk Sofv C functions MDU 38 Fish
185 Otfiool (BM IFF desk MDU 46 ftsh 213 Icons 300 Icom in 8
colours MDU 68 Home Business Pock (8 disks) MDD 11S MognetK
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MDD 16 Robocop Demo MDD 51 Hocktrri Advene 1 ‘Arsewipe’ MDD 52
Hock trek Advert*?
¦knoshmg Doy 0tf* MDD 70 Rebels Megooemc MDU 71 W1 Hocks L Jokes MDU 72 kd VI 06 Pie llhimcle Disk Utility MDU 82 Scolc Woid-nghi MDU 101 Mem Moke- MDU 102 labe» Des ne MDU 103 Icon Maxer MDU 105 Crossword Creolor MDU 168 Vacua Booster VanotfS Virus Ulers A’ olfl Sdiwortenegget Pock (8 disks .Me only | MDA 14 Puggs m Spoce MDA 8 Potodn* SlxJesho* Fontosy Art MO* 10 Knight Animation MDA I? Agotron Slor Irek Anims 2 MDA 13 Agotror. Kor Irek Amms 17 MDA 87 Agotror koi Irek Amms 1?
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MDA 18 Millei hie Advert MDA 47 Hohten Pits Advert MDA S6 Newtek Demoieel I (2 disks I meg) MDA S7 Newtek Demoreel 3 (2 disks 1 meg) MOM 2 Jungle (ommond ‘Muw Invasion I*
• MOM 3 Jungle Command ‘Music Invasion T MDM 4 Jungle Command
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III MOM 33 Helloween 'Folio* the 5«gn’ I? Disks) MOM 35 I trunk
we re olone now Tiffony MDM 36 lond ol Confusion Genesis MOM 71
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HARPOON Battleset 2 "North Atlantic Convoys" and a Scenario Editor :light Simulations - Strategy - Sports Simulations Role Playing - Wargames - Adventures LATEST U.S.A. RELEASES VISIT our SHOP in Hampton Hill or send £2.50 for our Extensive CATALOGUE.
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Phone 081 977 8088 Fax 081 977 4822 28 D&E The Courtyard. High Street, Hampton Hill. Middx. TW12 1PD The Most AUTHENTIC MULTI-MANAGER Football Game Has Finally Arrived Alter 2 Years Research & Development The Ultimate Game Is Ready And Waiting To Test Your Skills FEATURES INCLUDE - SCREEN GEMS - £365 A1500 Pack - £1099 A3000 - Big Discounts!
L 2Mb Ram - £39 Ext Drive - £59 AT ONCE - £199 A590 - £289 PRICES INCLUDE VAT AND (UK) DELIVERY Multi-Manager Game tor 1 to 4 Players Full UK and European Cup itinary including FA. League, Zemlh Data, Leyland Daf.
European, Cup Winners and UEFA Cups All Cup matches are played to the precise rules eg 2 Leg Ties, Extra Time. Away Goal Rule. Seeded Draws. Penalties, etc Complete league line up with 201 st division teams and 24 in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th.
End ot season Play-offs with expulsions.
All learn surnames are the real ones lor all 92 clubs (CURRENT 89 90 SEASON) Historic Records are maintained for 6 seasons with the ability to call up all previous results against your next opponent.
A Lively Transfer Market to Buy and Sell Players wilh an end ol season deadline.
Player Loans. Free Transfers with Approach & Offers on players or trainees Managers can be sacked or offered jobs al belter teams All screens are updated very quickly and displayed in a pleasant formal, which is easy lo use and comfortable to read High quality PRINTER facilities also exist.
Complete Instructions, for the beginner, are provided in a 16 page booklet ...and would you believe it doesn't slop there1 We have included many olher fine details which are just impossible to list in this space They include all the regular features you would expect like loading & saving your game, player injuries plus much, much more. The mosl genuine implementation of a Football Managers heclic season awaits you for only £19 95 ST USER Review May 1990 Ratings (Out of 10) Playability 8, Value For Money 9 & Overall 8 Take Your Team To The Top And Win The Double.Or Are You Good Enough To
Win The Quadruple Crown. Never Yet Achieved By A League Team Manager.
Available for the Amiga & All Atari Sts.
PC Version Coming Soon.
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Subjects include ... French, German, Spanish, Italian, English History, Geography, Science, General Knowledge, Football, First Aid, Sport, England, Scotland, Natural History, Junior Spelling and Arithmetic Available for most popular home & business computers Kosmos are specialist producers of Educational Software designed to help you enjoy learning from your computer. Our programs even allow you to add your _own lesson material._ Write or telephone for a FREE 20-page BROCHURE of our Educational & Leisure software Please state your computer type Kosmos Software Ltd, FREEPOST (no stamp needed)
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RIGHT: Volume 1 ol the two-book set was actually the second to be released. It introduces the tricky bits, so it's really lor beginners.
Volume 1 Starting from first principles (the way that files, directories and paths are used), information on the subiect is built up gradually. Early on, the touchy subiect of the CLI (Command Line Interface) is introduced, and the book explains just why you need it.
That is, to gain some real power over the operating system, rather than being a slave to Workbench Once you're over that hurdle - that is, you really do need to use the keyboard - each subject is dealt with in the same friendly, explanatory manner. Disk formatting, wildcards, the Shell, Ram disk. Ed - the first section gives a thorough grounding for the complete novice.
From this start the book goes on to cover every different feature of AmigaDOS and how to get the most out of it. The style is amusing without being cute, and everyday example are used as much as possible. If you re a complete beginner or unsure of a few areas, this book is an amazingly informative read.
If you are familiar with computers then you will appreciate one thing that they all have in common: they all have an operating system.
The operating system performs all of the input and output functions for the computer, and is what really gives a computer its look and feel.
The Amiga's particular operating system is called AmigaDOS - how s that for originality?
Mastering AmigaDOS 2 sets out to teach the Amiga owner how to get on with their computer - how to explore all the many everyday functions that you just don't notice from the Workbench.
Desktop Guide One fact that strikes you at once about this particular set of tomes is that it's not just about AmigaDOS 2, the new version incorporated in the latest A3000 machines. It does contain information about that, as well as the forerunners 1.2 and 1.3, with the specific differences explained.
Two new books released this month promise to guide the novice and expert around the Amiga's operating system. PAT McDONALD reads up on it all... Mastering AmigaDOS2 AmigaDOS Guides ¦ Vol I £2 ! .95 Vol 2 £ I 7.95 ¦ Bruce Volume 2 There's more Once you've ploughed your way through all these fascinating descriptions of commands, you run straight into the five appendices (six if you include the adverts for other books in the series).
These appendices do contain some useful information. First there s a full listing of all the error codes (not the Gurus) that you can encounter when working with the Amiga.
Other subjects include a quick look at how IFF files are made up.
Viruses and how to avoid them, a full listing of just what is one each Workbench disk ever and also an explanation of of the mountlist, used for mounting weird and wonderful hardware. The index is good as well.
If you need to know how every single AmigaDOS command works, get this book. It s not as fnendly as Volume 1 but it is a definitive reference. Both books can be bought by mail order from Computer Manuals of Birmingham, phone 021 706 6000.
RIGHT: The second volume in the series is a complete guide to AmigaDOS commands.
These books are planned to be the start ot a new series of Amiga manuals.
If Volume 1 is so good, what is the point of having a Volume 2? Volume 1 is a tutorial, it teaches you how to use AmigaDOS. Volume 2 is more of a manual - the first thing it does is list all 101 AmigaDOS commands.
It does this very well though.
Each command has at least one page devoted to it - many commands have two or three. If there's a changed usage for a different version of AmigaDOS then that's clearly listed.
The book therefore assumes that you already have a working knowledge of the CLI and want to really get into the commands under your own guidance. Each command explantion is clear and to the point - few words are wasted.
As a reference book its very useful, especially if you want to know about AmigaDOS 2 and the A3000.
So far as I know there isn't any similar book that includes AmigaDOS 2.0 specific areas, or can compare for explaining as simply as possible what each command does.
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To order send postal order or cheque to State Of The Art 39 Hereford St, Off The Moor, SHEFFIELD, S1 4RR 24 BIT DIGITISER LEFT: This beats the hell out of any Sculpt scene - that Audi looks like it's parked in a showroom. Or perhaps it was. This is simply a digitised image.
TOP RIGHT: If you just want to view 24-bit image files then this board will do that.
BOTTOM RIGHT: Roland Kohler, the designer of the VD2001, grabbed by his own creation - which probably explains his expression. This isn't a photograph, but a computer-digitised image.
Keeping up with the latest advances in video and graphics, we look at a new 'true colour' framebuffer and image grabber. PAT MCDONALD reports.
MasterBoavd VB1 24 Bit Graphics System ¦ £ 1 750 ex VAT ¦ G2 0252 737 I 5 1 Keeping pace with advances in technology, many companies are now producing 24-bit image buffers to give true colour ability to the Amiga owner.
“What’s a 24-bit image buffer?" I hear some new readers cry. Put simply, it’s a card which can store and display true colour' pictures.
24 bits of video information gives over 16 million different colours on the screen: all the colours that you could ever possibly need to display any picture true to life, no matter how many shades or tones it contained.
There's More The VB1 comes from Austria and two versions are available - the FB2001, which is a simple 24-bit display card, and the VD2001, which we looked at.
As well as displaying 24-bit images, the VD2001 can also digitise them from an external video source.
Using this feature is a snap. You select the 'Live' option from a menu and the monitor starts displaying the live video image. Pressing ‘Grab’ will snapshot the video image into a 24- bit computer masterpiece.
Manipulations Simple editing features include 'sampling' of areas (that is, the computer remembers the colour pattern and that pattern can be wiped from the picture). Areas can also be cut and pasted (as per the brush funcbon found in many paint packages) and also resized. It’s very easy to build up montages of images, but the main software should not be considered as a 24-bit paint program.
Have ready a 'simple' 24-bit paint program, to allow more editing features, such as masking, polygon drawing and fills.
World First The main strength of the VD2001 is that not only can you see 24-bit ray- traced pictures, you can actually edit them and use them on video. Plus you can digitise pictures and mix the two styles and overlay graphics over video - the VD2001 has a broadcast specification for output.
Drawbacks? Well, the size of the images is enormous - so much so in fact that you will need to save them onto a hard disk every time. Because the computer is dealing with such large amounts of data, a normal Amiga is reduced to slug speed, so lots of memory and an accelerator are highly desirable. Plus, you'll need two monitors: one for the digitiser images and one for the software's control panels.
What it can do very well is prepare 24-bit images for use in video.
Colours can be keyed, so that with a genlock, another video image will play in that particular area. The features available are not stunning, but they do allow some simple editing of 24-bit pictures - enough for most purposes.
In a few months time G2 hope to INCOMPATIBLE There has been a positive explosion ol 24-bit display systems In the past 18 months. More and more are being released all the lime - and you might think that's good news. The problem is that the software needed to process and tinker with 24-bit image systems has been slowed down dramatically as programmers have to rewrite new drivers lor new cards.
The good news is that this situation is gradually getting better. Artbeat Computer Graphics are working on a driver lor Sympatica which is compatible with the VD2001. This will mean that Amiga 24-blt Sculpt images can be saved down onto video tape at professional recording levels, frame perfect, automatically - which will establish a new standard in video animation.
So hopefully the Amiga will be used more in the actual creation ol new TV and cinema productions, rather than being regarded as a cute games machine with some titling potential.
24 Bit Graphics Systam lor tha Amiga.
_POOH Not surprising really, but you can live with It DOCUMENTATION!_N A Nona available at tha time ol writing.
Vary sorry.
ACCESSIBILITY: OOOD Easy to find your way around tha systam.
VALUE! AVERAGE Does a lot but costs a lot as wall.
FEATURES!__OOOD Not only can you see amazing graphics, you can adit them too!
AMIGAS & ACCESSORIES Amiga 500 ...£310 Jclfighter ......£12 Mouse Mai £2.50 Screen Gems ...£355 Cheetah Star Pro .....£10 Mouse House £7.50 Class of the 90 s £510 cheetah 125+ £7.50 Mouse Bracket .....£2.80 First Steps £510 |000 Labels ..£7.50 Printer Stand ..£9 Screen Gems + Cumana Drive .£6.3 Monitor Stand ..£18 rw!frwr £5 0 5 Me* Upgrade ....£29 Joystick ext lead £5 ....fn 0.5 Meg + Clock .....£35 4
Play adaptor £5 Call or Send cheques Postal Orders to BCS LTD, 349 Ditching Road, Brighton E.Sussex BN I 6JJ Tel 0273 506269 or 0831 279084 Superb colour graphics dumps.
Select area you wish to print.
Select size you wish to print.
Drives a wide range of colour printers, including Star LC10, LC200. LC200 24. Citizen Swift. NEC OKI 20 and more' ONLY £39.95 T-SHIRT PRINTING RIBBONS PRINT ON NORMAL RAPER IRON ON T-SHIRT 4 Colour for Star LC10 Colour . £.17.25 4 Colour for Citizen Swift l9 or 24 pin) .....£.34.50 Black for the following printers: Epson FX80 FX100 L.X80. Panasonic 1080 81,1180 Star LC10 NL10, Citizen 120D AT ....£.11.50 Heat transfer colour pens set of 5
large ......£.17.25 Heat transfer colour pens set of 5 small ....£13.80 PLEASE STATE TYPE WHEN ORDERING How to order: Enclose cheques PO made payable to: CARE ELECTRONICS or use Access Visa.
Please add carriage at £1 38 CARE ELECTRONICS 800 St Albans Road. Garston. Watford, Herts, WD2 6NL.
Increases computer memory from normal ' 1 megabyte to 1 megabyte Includes disable switch incorporates high quality silver coated pin connector
• 16 bit technology § Fit in minutes Direct replacement of
Commodore A501 expansion f Includes "CHIPMEM OPTION" - Phone
for details
• 12 month warranty
• In stock now!
Price includes VAT and post andp°dm3 vji g W Tel: 0582 491949 BRITISH MADE Send order with payment to: WTS ELECTRONICS LTD, Chaul End Lane, Luton, Beds LU4 8EZ JL AMIGA 1500 § £799 i 1MB Ram, 2 i 3.52 drive, expandable to MSDOS, Database, Word Processor, Deluxe Paint III, Spreadsheet, Sim City Populous, Their Finest Hour, Battle Chess M Above prices only when purchased together with any monitor and printer. Add 5% when purchased with printer or monitor, on its own add 10%. All prices include VAT.
0. 5Mb no dock .
0 5Mb with dock £34.99 ..£39.99 SOFTWARE Photon Paint I.. KinOworOs 2 Protext 4.2..... K Data K Spread 2 Music X £9.99 £39.99 £69.95 £37.99 ..£44.99 ..£169.99 PSU for Amiga . £39 99 Mouse £25 00 MegaboarO Joystick £19 99 20 Oisks 3.5 DSDD £9 99 MANY GAMES IN STOCK STARTER PACK I PRINTER PACK Spare black ribbon, dust cover. 200 sheets of computer paper. 100 labels.
£10 fwilh pnnter) WEST LONDON SHOWROOM Ealing Computer Centre, 19 Queens Parade, Ealing, London. W5 3HU. Tel: 081-991 0928 &OE • V
• ns Drive i Courier delivery of set £10 • All offers subiect 10
availability • E&OE • Visa ' ortn Circular) and Queen e Access
• Corner of Hangar Lane (North Circular) and e Nearest Tube
North Ealing • Easy Parking YOU MUST QUOTE THIS AD AT TIME OF
ORDER FOR THESE LOW PRICES AMIGA 1MB § £4991 Class ot the 90 s,
First Steps, Deluxe Paint II, Deluxe Print II, Pro write 2J,
Into File, Music Master, Let s Spell, Amiga Logo, Talking
Turtle, BBC Emulator, Mouse, Modulator, Mouse Mat, 10 Blank
Disks Philips 8833 II ....£249.99 3.5 |nlemal Cumana £59 99
Commodore 1084SDE269.99 3 5 External Cumana £64.99 Amiga 20Mb
HD.C369 99 Mouse Mai. Dust Cover. Megablasier Joystick. 10
disks in library case £15.
(with Amiga) Citizen 120D......£144.99 Star LC10 £159.99 Panasonic 1180 £179.99 Star LC200 Col £219.99 Panasonic 1124 £259.99 PRINTERS CABLE MISCELLANEOUS MONITORS We Have Over 70 Top Class Educational Programs For The Amiga & Atari ST. All Ages Covered From 3 To Adult.
Contact Us Now For Your Free Catalogue Designasarus - Fun With Dinosaurs!
Print, Create, & Survive like the dinosaurs in their own ecosystem.
Highlyrecommended Ages5+£29 95 The Talking Animator - Let the kids have some fun creating animations using this simple but highly stimulating program Some features require 1MB Age6+. £34.95 EXCLUSIVE RANGE9.
ESP Software has just released its own rangeof high quality Educational titles.
More details with catalogue.
PROFESSIONAL SECTION EDUCATIONAL SECTION % COURSEWINNER 7K3 P'JNTsX'S -3.CC-3AK V4 with Artificial Intelligence Advantage ...74.95 Arena Accounts 119.95 B Graphics ...99.95 Gold Disk Office 129.95 Maxiplan Plus ......99.95 Microfiche Filer Plus. 109.95 Securities Analyst 49 95 Service Ind. Accs . 239.95 Superbase Prof 3 ... 169.95 Intro CAD ...39.95 Intro CAD Plus......79.95 Ultra Design ....219.95 X CAD Designer 2*-77.00 X CAD Prof. 3D' Call 30 Professional .269.95 Animate 3D ..92.95 Cando Inovatools 39.95 Disney Anim Studio. .79.95 Elan
Performer 2 89.95 Fletcher Fonts 15.00 Headlines II (fonts)' . 49.95 imagine
199. 95 . .59.95 .77 95 ...64.95 .89 95
83. 95 .299.95
23. 95 .94.95 ...109.95
- 49.95 Modeller 3D .... Pagereader3D ...... Pixel
3D Sculpt 3DXL .... Sculpt 40
Jr .... Sculpt Animate 4D' Sculpt 30 Designs Turbo
Silver ... Vdeoscape 30'.... Vista Outline
Fonts ......94.95 PageStream Fonts 27.95 Pagestream
V2' 139.95 Pro Draw V2 ..89.95 Pro Page
Templates . 33.95 Pro Page Ultraforms .24.95 Pro Page
V2'-----------179.95 Audiomaster III 69.95 Bars & Pipes .174.95
Copyist Professional .174 95 KCSV3 .....139.95 Future
Sound Call Synthia I 69 95 Amiga Vision 69.95
Diskmaster .34.95 Disk Mechanic 44.95 Power
Windows V2.5 .49.95 XCOPY Professional 34.95 Art Department 69
95 Broadcast Titter V2 .189.95 Frame Grabber 256' .569.95 P'0
Fils ....28 95 Pro Video Fonts 79.95 Pro Video Plus Post
.219.95 TV Show Professional 54 95 TV Text Professional 89.95
Title Page ...124.95 Video E*fects 3D 114.95
Video Titler 3D 74.95 Vnra' . 179.95 Pen
Pal ....79.00 Pro Wnie V3.1 ......99.95
Word Perfect 4.1 159.95 Word Perfect Library ...84.95
Incredible Unpopulated 512K Populated Imb Populated
1. 5Mb Popdated 2Lfc Popdated
2. 5Mb Popdated 3Mb Popdated
3. 5Mb Popdated 4Mi Popdated Prices £89 95 £115 95 £141 95 £167
95 £193 95 £219 95 £245 95 £271 95 £297 95 Poolswmner with Fix
gen. £28.30 Ai programs A vono&e tor IBM POOLSWINNER II THE
• MASSIVE DATABASE Poolswmner is a sophisticated Pools prediction
aid. Complete with 22000 match database over 10 years
based on many factors - recent form, the massive database,
league standing, goal scoring rates, and draw averages.
• SUCCESSFUL Selec guarantee that Poolswmner performs signifi
cantly better than chance.
• LEAGUE AND NON-LEAGUE matches are covered.
• FULL LEAGUE TABLES are automatically generated.
• AUTOMATIC FIXTURE GENERATION Futures for English and Scottish
League matches are generated automatically by Pools winner’s
sister program FIX GEN W91_
• PACKAGE CONTAINS disc, detailed instruction booklet and support
literature, all you need to start forecasts immediately.
Selec Software - Ftl! 62 Altrincham Rd, Gatlev, Cheadle, Cheshire SK8 4DP Tel 061-428-7425 (send lor lull tmolou. ll.ur] or FAX 24 lm AMIGA .... ATARI ST .... AMSTRAD PCM (0702) 600557 esp software 24 Hour Service 328 Southchurch Road Access & Visa Accepted Southend-on-Sea FAX |0702) 613747 Essex SSI 2ND.
The above list of Professional Software is only a selection of the range available Please phone for a full price list or individual quotes.
All prices are inclusive VAT & UK Post E.&O.E. *=lMb+ Educational & Serious Program Specialists BaseBoard 4.0 fits in the A501 slot.
Increases A500 memory to 4.5Mb in steps of 512K. NO SOLDERING. Full 1 year Warranty. Clock Included.
ICD2080 ADRAM BOARD for 1500 or 2000 range. Add 2Mb to 8Mb. Prices from £229 to £499
* 4Mb * 4Mb * 4Mb * 4Mb * 4Mb * 4Mb * 4Mb * AMIGA 512K MEMORY
* Brings your Amiga up to 1 Meg in seconds.
* RELIABLE, fast, high quality chips on a robust through plated
P.C.B. Do not confuse with cheaper, inferior products.
* Disable switch ONLY £34.99 +£2 Postage OR WITH CLOCK CALENDAR
ONLY £39.9 +£2 Postage WORTH
399. 99
29. 99
224. 50
39. 99
4. 99
4. 99
3. 99
9. 99
14. 99
20. 00 TOTAL £753.42 EVERYTHING you could possibly need for your
AMIGA Blank Disks We sell only the highest quality blank
media 100% certified and made in Japan. Each disk is
guaranteed for life.
50. ......£19.99 lOO .....£37.99 10 with box (40)
..£9.99 10 with box (80)
£12.99 Add £2 puM.igr per order CUMANA the
BEST NAME in Disk Drives Legendary Quality Great Styling
Total Compatibility Fully Guaranteed m m Outstanding Spec ¦
99 Carriage & insurance £2.00 NOW Only £64 MEGADRIVE + 2
Great Games - STRIPER & E-SWAT Latest titles : ie Mickey
Mouse £29.99 £179.99 Carriage FREE YOUR ONE STOP SHOP MORE
MORE HARDWARE THAN YOU CAN nneRo AMIGA MEGAPACK the 1 MEG pack Exclusive to Softcmzne Sufien&t&ie Datastorm £19.95 1 Dungeon Quest £24.95 E-Motion £19.95 Grand Monster Slam £19.95 Kid Gloves £24 95 Powerplay £19.95 RVF Honda £24.95 Shufflepuck Cafe £19.95 Soccer £24.95 Tower of Babel £24.95 TOTAL RETAIL VALUE £224.50 ? Amiga A500 line workbench, mouse. PSU & manualsI ? TV Modulator ? Astra Pack Software ? 1 Meg Memory upgrade + clock ? Drive Head Cleaner ? De-Luxe Dust Cover ? Mouse mat ? Lockable disk box (80) ? Zip Stik Auto fire Joystick ? 10 disks full of Amazing 1 meg Demos ? Free Holiday
accommodation Amazing ASTRA PACK Ten superb games - all received rave reviews - from 70% - 95% with FREE Imeg AMIGA Limited Offer £399 ©Gap LC200 I I Only £219.99 ©Gat? LC24 ¦ 200 Only £329.99 ©Gao3 LC10 "Best Buy" budget printer Only £169.99 ©GaP LC24 ¦ 200 Only £259.99 PRINTERS All Printers Carriage FREE New Colour Printers DRIVES I Order HOTLINE (0782)204639 MAIL ORDER Unit 7a Oldham St Hanley Stoke on Trent ST1 3EY STOKE-ON-TRENT 11 Market Square Arcade.
Hanley. Stour, on Trent Manager: Adrian Tel: 0782 268620 Orr.h 6 days I SHEFFIELD ST HELENS STOCKPORT WARRINGTON 6 Waingatt.. 27 Balusin Street.
6 Mealhouse Bros .
The Courtyard I Manai.ik: Mark Manager: Adrian (Orr Little Underbank).
50 HORSEMARKET St I Tel: 0742 721906 Tel: 0744 27941 Manager: Rav Tel: 061 480 2693 Tel: 0925 232047 1 Ort' 6 days Closed Thursday Opt' 6 Days OrtN 6 Days THE COMPUTER SHOPPER SHOW TREASURE TRAIL Win over £1000 worth of professional software and take a free trip to the Computer Shopper Show in this exciting fun-to-enter competition i-» r-]~t y | zJ i Sponsored by Precision Software to ij Precision Sot tware celebrate the launch of Superbase 4 B[nsi®[n SUPERBA8E -S OFTWARE Bolton Shipgates Shopping Centre 8 Now to Yorkshire, where the many ancient buildings include Fountains, Rievaulx and
Bolton. What type of buildings (plural!) Are they? (6 letters) Iln the wilds ol Scotland, Caithness is home to the UK Atomic Energy Authority's prototype fast breeder reactor, opened in
1975. By what name is the site known? (8 letters) r".
s. . 2 This village In the north-west corner of Northamptonshire
was the scene ot a decisive [ Cromwellian victory in the
English Civil War on June 14th, 1645. (6 letters) 7 Further
north on the Isle of Man we find the largest water wheel ever
built in Britain.
Where? (5 letters) I East to the fenlands Z, I of Cambridgeshire, now, where this great cathedral towers above the dikes. (3 letters) 6 Over now to the Welsh )uM«i borders, where King liy*,,, Offa of Mercia was responsible for this impressive earthwork. What kind of structure is it? (4 letters) 4 East again to the coast, where in the 15th Century Sir John Fastolt built Caister Castle with his spoils , of war. What county is it in?
C (7 letters) 5 Now to Wiltshire and a religious site of the early Bronze Age which gives England its most outstanding stone circle. (10 letters) We're giving away a first prize of the brand-new Superbase 4 as well as Professional Page 2 (worth £650), a second prize of Pro Page 2 (worth £250) and a third prize of Pro Video Plus (worth £200). All this amazing software has been offered by Precision, who will be at Stand G21 of the Computer Shopper Show on May 10th-12th. Over 120 other exhibitors will also be showing off their goodies.
Three prize winners will be whisked off on an all-expenses paid trip to London to attend the show, where they will compete for first, second and third prize In another enjoyable treasure hunt. What's more, ten runners-up will also receive a free pair of tickets for entry to the Show.
HOW TO ENTER The clues above should each guide you to the name of a well- known landmark in Britain.
Simply write down the first letter of each place-name and you will be left with an eight-letter anagram of another very familiar tourist spot in Britain Sotve the anagram, write this final place-name down on the back of a postcard or stuck- down envelope and send it to: Computer Shopper Show Compo, Amiga Format, JO Monmouth Street, BATH BA1 SOW Don't forget to include your name, address and telephone number All entnes must reach us by April 11th.
Employees of Future Publishing, Dennis Publishing, Blenheim Exhibitions and Precision Software are not allowed to enter.
The judges' decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
M Public Domoin speciol issue: what it is, ond how to make the most of free software. Plus Yolanda demo ond o complete PO game on risk.
) Mossive Music speciol . Feoturing o step-by tep guide on how to write your own tunes, plus free musk lope. Don Dote III on Coverdisk.
AaffC on 1 T Fbpit ond Mognose mokes o I J brilliant ployoble demo from Imogewotks. How to protect yourself from viruses. AMIGAs ond professional studios.
SAVE MONEY ORDER NOW A - 10 Tank Killer ......19.99 Colossus Chess 4 17 99 M 1 Tank Plaioon ......19.99 Mic - 29 ....19.99 Eagles Riders ..17.99 Eco Phantoms .17,99 Nebulus 2 16.99 North and South .16.90 Eliminator ..4.99 Pang ..17.99 Epic ...16.99 F - 16 Falcon ...21.99 Predator 2 16.99 Powermonger .19.70 F - 19 Stealth ..18.95 Pro
Tennis Tour ..16.99 F - 29 Retaliator ..17.99 Feud 4.99 Flight Command .. ...21,99 Risk ...15.99 Rick Dangerous 2 ......16.99 Robocop 2 ......16.70 Future Tank ......4.99 Sherman M4 ....16.90 Gladiators ..4.99 Speedbaii 2 .....16.75 Golden Axe ....16.90 Strider 2 ...16.90 Gold Of The Aztecs ..16.99 Horror Zombies ..16 99 Italia
1990 ..1.99 Karate Kid 2 .....A.99 Super Off Road 16.85 Teenage Turtles ..18.99 Tennis Cup .....16.99 Total Recall .16.99 Keep The Theef 8.99 Kick Off 2 15.99 Kings Quest III pack .25.99 I isi Ninja 2 ....17.90 Tournament Golf 16 99 Turrican 2 16.99 Tower of Babel .1" 99 I N Squadron ..16.99 Line of Fire .....16.99 War Machine .....4.99 This is just a
selection. Please, ask for more details.
P&P inc. UK on orders over £5-00. Europe add £2.00 per item.
Please send Cheque PO to: MHK PRODUCTIONS 3 FURLONG ROAD, LONDON N7 8LA Tel: 071-607 0882 DELTA 3A ANALOGUE JOYSTICK NOW FOR DOMARK'S MIG - 29 FULCRUM The list of programs ihal will run analogue joysticks, grows at an increasing pace: Flighi Sim II. F19 and now DO MARK MIG-29 FULCRUM and even PD software AIRWARS. Coming soon F15 II from MICROPROSE. Several other major software companies have Analogue Joysticks in Ihclr arsenals ready for future inclusion in software. Now that Analogue Joystick owners are numbered in their thousands no-one can afford to leave out routines in relevant software.
Delta 3A Joystick (Analogue) £14.95 Deltabasc a Yoke Joystick (Analogue) ..£29.95 Zoomer Analogue Yoke Joystick ...£57.95 Delta 3S switch joystick (hand held) ..£14.95 Ami-Cat mouse eliminator Joystick ....£29.95 F19 Stealth Fighter £29.95 MIG 29 Fulcrum £31.95 Flight Sim II (Sub
Logic) ...£29.95 Scenery Discs (Western European. Hawaiian Odessy etc) ......£14.95 Add-on disc 3.5' disc drive (through port & disable) ...£59.95 Guaranteed 3.5' discs £4.00 for 5, £6.00 lor 10 Inc P&P.
Printer Ribbons re-inked £1.50 each. Alrwars PD disc £1.50 Della 3A Joysticks are available through your local dealer or can be purchased direct from us. All prices are fully inclusive VOLTMACE. UNIT 9. BONDOR BUSINESS CENTRE.
Jik TEL 0462 894410 FAX 0462 894460 TST VOLTMACE MHK PRODUCTIONS Each issue just £3.45*(issue 18 £4.45) Cover Disk and full postage included.
* UK price only, overseas prices add: Europe £1.55, Rest of World
£3.55 each.
To order your back issues use the subscriptions order form opposite.
ISSUES Ml SOLD OUT BACK ISSUES IQ If you're buying o new I 7 AMIGA, new software or new hordwore our 'know you fights' feature helps you oral fie pitfalls. Champai of ie Rai n demo.
FREE SOFTWARE WHETHER YOU'RE IN BUSINESS OR A GAMESTER, SUBSCRIBE TO AMIGA FORMAT AND RECEIVE ONE OF THESE TOP TITLES FREE Get your copy delivered every month and guarantee yourself a regular supply of Britain's leading magazine for the Amiga, absolutely jam-packed with all the information you need to get the most out of your machine.
OR 6 ISSUES FOR JUST £19.95 (but alas no free software) RESOLUTION 101 Crock crime os you roce around a futuristic city in your high- powered, heavily ormed ground skimmer dealing deolh to the locol drug borons. From Millennium DISTANT ARMIES This Formot Gold chess classic from Exocet lets you try your hond ot no less thon 10 historic forms of the great gome1. Eoch gome has its own board, pieces, rules and tutor options.
HOME ACCOUNTS This home accounting package will help you plan and keep track ol all your finances, you'll wonder how you ever monaged without it.
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I YES! PLEASE ENTER RENEW MY SUBSCRIPTION TO AMIGA FORMAT (TICK AS APPROPRIATE) I 12 ISSUES UK £39.95 EUROPE £64.55 REST OF WORLD £89.55 6 ISSUES UK ONLY £19.95 To ensure you recieve your magazine and disk quickly and undamaged, all overseas subscriptions are sent Air Mail MY CHOICE OF FREE SOFTWARE IS (only applies to 12 ssits - tick cm Omn PLEASE ALSO SEND ME THE FOLLOWING BACK ISSUES (SEE OPPOSITE PAGE) TOTAL PAYMENT £_ Name MY METHOD OF PAYMENT IS (TICK YOUR CHOICE) VISA Z ACCESS EXPIRY DATE CARD NO Address RESOLUTION 101 DISTANT ARMIES HOME ACCOUNTANT 11 12 13 14 15 li 17 18 (£4.45) 19 20
IPLEASE CIRCLE) CHEQUE (MAKE PAYABLE TO FUTURE PUBLISHING LTD) Enclose this coupon Itogether with your cheque if applicableI in an envelope and send to: AMIGA FORMAT SUBSCRIPTIONS, FREEPOST, SOMERTON, TAI1 7BR Post Code AF SP 0491 O FT WARE Unit 4, B.D.C., 21 Temple Street, Wolverhampton WV2 4AN Tel: 0902 25304 MULTI-PLAYER SOCCER MANAGER £16.99 A 1-8 player multi decision football management game. Multi-Player Soccer Manager includes the following features:
• Up to 8 participating players • Over 100 teams & 1250 players •
• Complete team 8 player name editor •
• 5 divisions • Icon controlled • European Cup • EUFA Cup •
Association Cup • League Cup • Buy sell players • Team tactics
• Training • Season tickets • View any team • Scouts • Coach •
Physio • Injuries • Retirements • Grants Fines • Promotion •
Play offs • Relegation • Named Scorers • Managers' honours •
Ground capacity Safety • Weekly paper • Crowd violence •
Manager's talk • Wages • Load save game + much more
• Transfer requests • 2-3 Points for a win • See all cup rounds •
Non leagues • Cup fixture list • 3 Scouts extra time • 7 youth
players • Contract length • Wages P W • Signing on fee's •
Chanae club • Players ages • Goalscorers league • Change
players Pos • European offers • Bonus pay • Insurance Formation
• Build stands • Alter ticket prices • Attendance • Team shirts
• Loan players • Transfer list • Club lottery • Police bills •
Directors • Tax rebate • See all tour div's • History page •
Repay bank • Team morale • Sack players • See postponements •
Manager of the month • Pools panel • VAT returns • Vote of
confidence • Injury time • Staff retirement • Four leagues • 20
teams each • 38 game season • Home & away • Played • Coach
physio • 3 Levels fixture list • PW L.D F A pts • Cup winners
cup • 2 Legs • Penalties • Aggregate • Players morale • Skill •
Field position • Scored conceded • FA League cups • Replays •
Injuries • European Cup • U.E.F.A cup • Extra training •
Substitutions • Sending off • Midweek games • Free transfers
• Sell & buy shares • Retirements • Internationals • Euro tours •
Manager rating • Printer option • 8 reserves • Promotion •
Relegation • Weekly news • Borrowing • Mortgage • Save game •
InterestTax • Sponsors • Sackings • Full results • Season
tickets • T V. cameras • Crowd violence • Approaches •
Testimonials • Weeks profits • Name • Team editor • L.M TG
counter • League titles CRICKET CAPTAIN £16.99 FEATURES
• Full arcade graphics • Choose tour • Edit names • Fitness •
Power • Morale • Over 500 players • Fielding skill • Bowling
skill • Batting skill • Wage • Bonus • Pause option • Contract
• Declare • Bowlers • Leadership • Auto play option • Play,
watch or see • History page • Sackings • Wicket conditions •
Weather conditions • Outfield conditions • Height line pitch
spin indicators • 26 adjustable fielding positions • Full
practice options • Full scoreboard • Sixes fours extras 8 wides
• Running commentary • LBW bowled run-out caught 8 stumped •
Pace bowlers • Medium bowlers • Spin bowlers • Wicket keepers •
Buying players • Selling players • 15 minor counties • 8
national teams • Be national manager • International results •
International test series • Pick international squad • Match
results • 17 counties • CA league • JP league • Ageing •
Injuries • CA cup • Age
• JP cup • Fixture lists • BSH cup • Training • Captains • Scouts
• Physio • Bank • Coach • Retirements • Youth team • Save game
• View cups • Umpires • One day series • Sound effects •
Current form ITY 11 II
- a, Call us on: 24 Hour Credit Card Hotline 0902 25304 AMIGA
Sub ..16.99 A
10 Tank Keller
...24.99 A M.O.S The
Creator ...... .34.99 Afterburner
..... 7 99 Amazing Sptoerman 16 99 Ancient
Battles ..... ’6 99 Ant Heads ill
Came From Desert Add-On) .9 99 Kindwords 2 (Word Processor)
Last Nm,a 2 Leather Goddesses Legend
of Faerghaii ___ ...... Lersuresmt Larry 3 ..
- .....34 99 .. 7.99 ,..-v ...6 99
1999 .29 99 New 16.99 .... 19 99 Speoai Oder 14 99 16 99
________________16 99 1999 ____________ 1699 .. 16 99
Speoai Offer 7.99 .16 99
.....1999 ______1399 New Pnce 7 99
...... 9 99 New 16 99 New 24 99
- -------- 16 99 16 99 .. 1699
.....1699 .16 99
.17 99 24 99 Special Otter 6
99 .. 16 99 ...1699 ...1699 New Pnce 799
-...... 1699 699 1399 .. 1699 2499
- -------------------19 99 1699 699 .. 1999
..-.1699 .. 4 99 ___________ 16
99 Speoai Offer 999 _________ 1699 .. 1799 Speoai Oder 9 99 ...
1699 New Pnce 799 ..... 16 99 _________ 6 99 __________ 1699
Now Pnce 799 ...... 6 99 New Pnce 7 99
* ________ 1699 ... 16 99 Speoai Offer 9 99 24 99
- ------- 1699 ....- ..16 99 _______________ 19 99
- --------7.99
- ---------19 99 ....9-99 _____- .-24.99
_____-...... 16.99 ..... 16 99 __________________1399 Speoai
Otter 9 99 __________ 1999 ... 4 99 New Pnce 799 ___________16
99 ___________1999 _______ 1999 ______________499 ______New 16
99 ...19 99 1699 New Pnce 7 99 1699
1699 1699 _799 1399 1399 Speoai Oder 699 1999
.1999 New 1999 16 99 1999 1399 1699 New 19 99 _____16 99
_____1999 __1999 ______16 99 _______6.99 New Pnce 7 99
- ------------1999
- ---------------19.99 ...-......1699 New Pnce 7 99 New 16
99 New 13.99 .....629 .6.99
SPORTING WINNERS Daily Double Horse Racing. Steve Davit Snooker
6 Brian Clough's Football Fortunes. £16.99 PLATINUM Strider.
Black Tiger. Forgotten Worlds & Ghouls and Ghosts. £19.99 SEGA
MASTER MIX Superwonderboy. Dynamite Dux, Crackdown. Turbo
Outrun & Enduro Racer £19.99 Loom Lord of the Rrstf g
Slxi--------- Lost Patrol ------------------- Lotus Espnt Turbo
Challenge Mi Tank Platoon Man Unfled ------- Master Blazer
-------- Menace --------- Midnight Resistance Midwinter HIGH
ENERGY Hostages. North and South. Fire and Forget. Teenage
Queen & Tin Tin.
£19.99 Arkaroid Revenge of Doh Atomic Roboiud BAT Back to the Future 2 Bar Games ..... Barbarian 2 Batman The Caped Crusader Battle Chess ... Battle of Britain (Their Finest Hour) Betrayal Ne* Pnce 799 ’6 99 Hew 1999 Special Offer 9 99 ...16.99 New Pnce 7.99 .....7.99 ...1699 21 99 New 1999 MINDGAMES Waterloo, Conflict in Europe & Austerlltz £16.99 PULL BLAST Ferrari Formula One. Carrier Command.
Rick Dangerous. P47 Thunderbolt.
Highway Patrol & Chicago 90. £19.99 Monty Python Moonwalker MAGNUM FOUR Operation Wolf, Afterburner, Double Dragon & Batman The Caped Crusader.
£19.99 New Pnce 7 99 . 699 ..... 699 ...1399 19 99 _________1699 .24 99 _______________1699 ....------ 1699 .....16.99 Special Offer 12.99 .....9.99
- ..19 99 ...1699 1999 New 19 99
...27.99 New Pnce 7 99 New Pnce 799
...16.99 .....9.99
19. 99
9. 99 .13.99 9 99 39 99 Biasterotds Bimky's Scary
School Blood Money Bo«mg Manager----- 2150_ Mr Do Run
Run ... MUDS--- M*29 .
Mufli Player Soccer Manager Murder Mysbcal - N ARC
.. Nc»|a Remix
Nuclear War Obitus ---------------------------- Ommcron
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ACCESS AND VISA WELCOME I usic X is undoubtedly one of the
finest music utilities I for the Amiga and is now released in
version 1.1. However there are one or two areas which were
targeted as ‘growth areas' when the original version was
released that have not really come up to the mark.
We were promised that there were to be plenty of editors and voice library facilities in forthcoming upgrades. The unfortunate thing is that on the present version there is not a new library or editor in sight and in actual fact one of the original faults is still present.
The Amiga Format phone has also received your queries and problems regarding this area so if you have also been puzzled and ripped the manual to shreds in search of elucidation, worry no more. This is what does, or rather does not, happen.
Hearing Voices Apart from sequencing, sound- creating and generally being very clever with MIDI keyboards, Music X also has a voice library page. The concept is quite simple although the execution is difficult. You can talk directly to any synth, pull the voices from it in data form and store it on your disk.
No more hunting around for the correct sound: you simple load up the voice library, play the sequence and away you go with the correct sounds in the right place.
Well that's the theory and for the most part it works. In order to do this Music X uses what is termed as a Protocol: that is to say a template of coded instructions that talks directly to the heart of the synth’s memory banks and transfers voice data backwards and forwards to the Amiga.
Each make and model of synth requires a different Protocol and with version 1.0 there was a promising but incomplete set that we were assured would be added to.
If you have just the Protocol, you can pull in voices from the synth and display them on the library pages and store them as separate files. Two synths, the Roland D-50 and Yamaha DX-100, had been singled out for special treatment as there were excellent graphic editors for them.
This was a brilliant bonus. No more precious pennies forked out on separate voicing software as this utility was all part and parcel of the Music X suite. The sad fact is, however, that there are no new Protocols in the latest version and no additional synth editors.
No Editor Although there are plans to release two or three new Protocols to enable you to store voices there are no plans to make any new editors available.
I. for one, would be quite willing to M aid HUStC-X Entry:
Untitled S*st»n Exclusive Cats rile C2-1888.Sounds,Libr
Least!: 8128 Haw: High Tension . I 1 2 3 4 5 i 7 8 9 A B C D E
F 82 88 28 88 18 88 88 81 85 C8 88 81 81 II 81 21 111! : II II
II M 17 77 IT K 88 X 88 X H X H K .....»...(. ¦(. 1121
:IIXIIICIII7 7rrrC4N44N44N44N . .8.8.1). 1131 : 44 II
44 II C4 II 17 41 81 41 II 41 II 41 II 41 8.8... .
1848 : II 41 II 41 II Cl II 81 II II II II II 17 77 IT
.8.8 ...v. MSI i BC II X II X II X II X II X II 8C II 87
7T ..... 8888 : rr C4 88 44 88 44 88 44 88 44 88 44 88 C4 88
17 ...D.D.S.D.D____
• 178 : 41 88 41 II 48 88 41 II 48 88 48 88 41 88 Cl II
8.I. Questions At one time, Music X promised to be
a complete and final solution for Amiga musicians: but it
hasn't happened.
JON BATES asks hard questions about the reasons.
THE X-CLUSIVE CLUB Meanwhile the guys at Monumental Music have spotted a gap in the market and have launched Club Sequence, a monthly newsletter written with owners of Music X in mind. Each issue contains articles and tips, not only on MIDI and sequencing, but also on other related and useful topics such as copyright law. Recording techniques and sampling.
Each issue comes with a cover-mounted disk with useful utilities plus examples and some will even have a demo cassette as well. They are also running up new Protocols as fast as they can and are planning to cover the Korg M1. Yamaha SY series and Kawai synths to start with. Other goodies on offer are over 500 song sequences, an hour-long Instruction cassette for newcomers to Music X and a MIDI-tile-to-cassette service.
For a yet-to-be-agreed fee you send In your song either in Music X or MIDI file format and they will realise It in their 16 track studio and send you the finished and mixed product. The instruction cassette costs a reasonable E9.99 and to join the club cost only £25 for one year. Members will get the benefits of an on-line help service and other special offers. Can you afford not to Join?
CONTACT: Club Sequence: 0634 280680 stump up a reasonable consideration for such a useful facility and judging from your phone calls and my enquiries there are plenty more who would be willing to do so.
The niggling error that occurred in version 1.0 is still present too. If you try to load in the Yamaha TX81Z editor an error message, 'Old Music X Format’, appears. This means that this editor was created in a prerelease version and has not been adapted for the final version.
The UK end of Microlllusions is handled by The Software Business.
They are making some new protocols available for the Roland's D- 110 and U-220 tone modules but they are still looking for new ones. If you have been beavering industriously away creating your own, then why not get in touch with them?
CONTACT: The Software Business: 0480 496497 X Rated LEFT: Music X: The library pages with sounds lined up. It s here that the problems lie... BELOW: Another problem is the not- so-easy to create Protocol page.
Ia.e.*.a.u.rtp mwr.« i» »», •nr».n MUSIC SO HOW DOES A PROTOCOL WORK, EXACTLY?
Part ot the MIDI code Is an area known as Systems Exclusive or SysEx tor short. When an Instrument first receives the FOH (In hex) code It waits to see what follows as this means that some exclusive data is Imminent. What will follow is a series ot codes that define the make, type and model. Only If the Instrument agrees with all this will communication be possible; thus making It Impossible for voices to be transferred from, say, a Yamaha to a Korg synth.
This is the first hurdle in creating a Protocol. You then need to know what the codes are to get the instrument to agree to dump or receive voice data into its memory and this will have to be gleaned from those heavily-detailed pages found at the back of most manuals that map out the synths' memory codes and addresses.
Usually you can ask tor voices to be sent separately or in a block, known as a Bulk Dump. It is quite common tor the synth and computer to quiz one another during the course of the Initial exchange, known as ‘handshaking’, and at the end ot a dump a check procedure is carried out to ensure that al the data has been sent (Checksum). As you can imagine, protocol writing is not tor the taint hearted.
MUSIC X: THE GOOD NEWS Whilst talking to Microlllusions in California, despite the rather bleak outlook for new Protocols and editors, they did let us know about some new modules about to be made available for Music X. These modules will load up into your version and add to its capabilities. They are Print Event.
Deflam. Flexevenl and Scatter.
Print Event' does just what it says and gives you a hard copy ot all the list of notes and MIDI events in a sequence so that any errors can be pinpointed without the sometimes laborious process of scrolling up and down a long list of numbers.
'Deflam' removes all notes under a specified length and will come in handy to remove those annoying short notes that you didn't mean to hit.
Flexevenl' Is a module that allows the feel ot a sequence, velocity, timing etc., to be imitated throughout based on a logical criteria", and 'Scatter' Injects a degree ot human feel Into a mechanical track, but more controllably than the present Random feature.
These are hopefully going to be available soon although there Is no sign as yet of the long-promised notation scoring and editing module.
The news ot these imminent releases will provide some welcome relief to users of Music X. Meanwhile, there Is some talk ot an all-new version 2 of the program being worked on. Which will perhaps extend the current tacilities to cover the criticisms made overleaf.
Play in any stylee UK music software producers Gajits, who have recently moved to new premises in Manchester, seem to be expanding their operations considerably at the moment. The first hint of things to come m the future is the announcement ot a new 'music composition system' to make the process of writing songs quicker and easier.
Going by the name of The Hit Kit!, the system is intended for use alongside your existing sequencer and will be released in a number of different versions to be compatible with the various popular sequencers.
The idea of the kit is to help you to create parts for different instruments in a variety of musical styles: drum tracks bass lines, arpeggios and even complete songs in styles from ballads, blues and disco music to house and reggae.
Although a price was not available at time of going to press, The Hit Kit! Is going to be given away free with every copy of Gajits' Sequencer One program for the Amiga - which is apparently intended to compensate Amiga owners for the fact that the sequencer was realeased in Atari ST format first!
CONTACT: Gajits Music Software: 061 236 2515 MIDI Music Show Gajits are also among the exhibitors for the MIDI Music Show, which takes place at the Novotel in Hammersmith, London on the 26th-28th April. The MIDI Music Show is, perhaps unsurprisingly, the only show dedicated purely to the MIDI musician and as such should be well worth a look for any avid Amiga music fans.
Classical rocks on With all the news of chart hits being released in MIDI form on disk for you to tinker with (see ‘New era for interactive music', right), we've now heard about a new firm who intend to release classical compositions arranged as MIDI files.
Digital Music Archives was set up by famous classical rock musician Francis Monkman (Curved Air and supergroup Sky) along with Richard Gonski, an orchestral conductor and currently the Music Director of the Electric Symphony Orchestra, and George Chkiantz, a top recording engineer and electronic music expert.
Each disk will contain a complete classical music score, in a format suitable for use by Bars and Pipes or as pure MIDI data.
To play the pieces back, you will need a multi-timbral synth or sound module. Expect high compositional standards.
CONTACT: Digital Music Archives: 071 624 8774 NEW ERA FOR INTERACTIVE MUSIC The latest news about the release ol top chart hits in the form of MIDI and Music X formats (first reported in Amiga Format Issue 19. Page 133) is that a new company has taken over the distribution rights.
Financial troubles for the original distributor have led to the takeover of the product range by Courtney and Walker, a long-established firm ot musical instument retailers in Portsmouth. The firm is also an Amiga main dealer and now concentrates a major portion of its efforts on Amiga music.
Chart hits by such major artists as Madonna. Staus Quo. Kylie Minogue, Neil Diamond, Bill Ocean. Lionel Ritchie. Michael Jackson, The Communards and Wings will be available at a price ot £19.95 per disk; each disk including at least four songs. Classical arrangements are also expected to be released, but only two pieces ot music will tit on a floppy.
Songs will be released complete with lyrics under a proper licensing arrangement, and quite apart from the obvious potential (or Karaoke evenings in the homes of Amiga owners, they will otter musicians the chance to learn from and utilise the styles ol playing and arrangement popularised by successful bands.
Along with the recent announcement by Warner Brothers (News, Issue
20) that MIDI code will be included on may of their Cds from now
on. This seems to usher in a new era of interactivity in
popular music. Speculation is also being made that users ot
the new CDTV, which comes fitted as standard with MIDI
connections and can play audio Cds, will be at the forefront
ot the interactive revolution.
CONTACT: Courtney and Walker: 0705 822036 m BUTTERCHIPS THIS MONTH WE BRING YOU MUSIC FOR PLEASURE ONLY EACH ALL THE DISKS LISTED BELOW ARE MUSIC DISKS, ALL g%rnmm. Ni K WILL WORK ON A STANDARD 1 2 MEG AMIGA V MUSIC DISKS I MUSIC DISKS | MUSIC DISKS 220 234 235 245 242 350 404 416 425 434 436 440 507 513 514 538 545 567 574 576 578 579 618 620 626 662 703 115 135 546 660 661 664 687 627 628 629 630 518 619 575 528 529 530 521 455 526 448 347 218 406 410 36 51 17 77 89 104 105 144 150 Sound Splash 3 RAF Mega Mix Music For you 3 CkMob Music 1 Mindblasting 3 Beyond 2000 Synth Music 1 Synth Music
2 Synth Music 3 Rave by Hatrick Revolution Song Rips 1 Rebels Megablast Amiga Chart 3 Bilbo Mix Commando Remix Kefrens Jukebox Dmob Music 3 Teutonics CD4 Ode to Ramon Sonic House 1 Depeche Mode Time Circle 64 Mechanical Minds Enemies Music 3 Clapping World Dexion Music Darkstar Music 4 The Yellow Mix Pace Music Music Maestro 6 Sonic House 2 NOW OVER 900 TITUS IN STOCK, FULL DETMLS ON OUR CATALOGUE DISK. AVAILABLE NOW ONLY £1, OR SENT FREE WITH YOUR FIRST ORDER T-BAG DISKS 1 TO 46 IN STOCK FRED FISH DISKS WE HAVE FROM 160 TO 430 IN STOCK.
PLEASE NOTE MINIMUM ORDER ON CREDIT CARDS 3 DISKS VAT REGISTRATION NO 181290862 _ 183 Alt 2 Mix 237 Sonic House 3 238 Bat Dance Remix 239 Club Mix 2 353 Pendie Europa 1 376 Reflections 1 378 Reflections 2 393 Miami Vice Music 395 Dmob Music 2 243 Nigel Sasmith 322 Glideascope 2 252 Magnetic Beats 253 Magnetic Beats 2 254 Magnetic Beats 3 294 Deadly Jammm 2 295 Somx Jukebox 12 301 Darkstar Music 9 302 Darkstar Music 8 311 Darkstar Music 7 319 Darkstar Music 6 323 Digital Concert 3 332 Darkstar Music 5 333 Digit* Concert 4 315 Subway Dream Team 217 Digital Concert 2 8 Byterapers Muzzax 6 23
Outsider Acid Music 65 Cryptoburners Music 143 Internal Vendetta 184 Freeked Out Music 204 Random Access Music Chaotic Sounds 1 IKS Music Disk 1 Vision Music Master Crusaders Bactena Human League Music Technotronics Music Securitates Music 1 Deflnative Jarre Now That s Music 1 Special Brothers Chaos Slipstream 3 Elite Maior Music Sounds ol Gnome 2 Digital Concert 5 Digital Concert 6 Locomotion Ikylie) Future Synthetu Spanky by Madonna l ve Got The Power Newtrons Music Box D J Disco Leifs 2 Sound of S4ents Ray Nocish Disk 4 Sec untate Muzzak 1 Crusaders Audio X Captured Imagination 808 State
Remixes Rebellion Music 4 Powerlords Music 2 Our own PDExtra Library now up to Disk 92 and includes some great compilations for games players.
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Hundreds of disks and files.
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Full range of Fred Fish available GAMES SERIOUS MI SC Pipeline Empire New StarTrek (X2) Drip StarTrek (X3.1M 2 drives) Monopoly Holy Grail Adv.
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Software, 3 Rhodes Close. Dudley, West Midlands, DY3 3BZ THE
AMIGA MUSIC MATRIX A disk magazine for the Amiga Musician.
Issue One has Sampled Sounds from the Korg M1 in IFF Formal and 8 Trak Soundtracker Software Issue Two with original sequences and samples for MUSIC X and OKTALYZER MIDI System Exclusive Dumps for the D10 D20 D1 to - 256 new voices for all these instruments Also each issue has tutorials on MIDI. Music and using Amiga Basic for music playing teaching Both issues available now price £10 each or you may subscnDe for four issues for only £35 New 500 voices for Korg Ml £30 New PD Catalogue disk now available only £2 NEW: 500. Voices foi KAWAI: *1 r m only £30 Bulk blank disks guaranteed D S C6.00
for 10 Phone for further details 0592 714887 or write to: THE MUSIC MATRIX 14 MAIN STREET, I VISA EAST WEMYSS KY1 4RU (MONUMENTAL MUSIC T Unit 30, Pier Road Industrial Estate, Gillingham, Kent ME7 1RZ. 0634 280680 AMIGA PRICES: Amiga 500 - 'Screen Gems Pack'____________________________________ Amiga 1500 with Monitor _____________ 1 2 meg upgrade - including clock + switch- Low Price' 35' External Drive______________________________________________________ m MUSIC PRICES: ¦ Musk X VI l - including tutorial cassette Audio Engineer ) - Amazing Sampler capts 40 compamc n Roiand Keyboard Editor
Amas Sampler • Midi hardware sampler Monumental Samples - vol I-60 drum samples iIFF) Monumental Samples • 4 more volumes Call Club Sequence membership - full 12 months 12 issues on disk cassette • more" Xcol from monumental • Protocols for Music X-------------- wMusic X Tutorial - one hour cassette, learn with Pros C APRIL SPECIALS:
A) Amiga 500 - lncl modulator, power, mouse etc Bi Amiga 500 -
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The prize this month is 'MIG 29 Fulcrum' 17 BIT SOFTWARE PO Box 97 Wakefield West Yorkshire WFI 1XX Tel: (0924) 366982 Fax: (0924) 366982 Question: Why are we the best?
Answer: Experience Quality Service Price 17 Bit Software are one of the longest established Public Domain suppliers. Over the veal's we have received literally thousands of Public Domain disks from all over the world. Our experience in this field has led to probably the largest collection of quality Public Domain that is available, our disks are full of quality PD because only the best is placed in our library. Because of the success we enjoy we now employ five full-time Amiga enthusiasts to ensure that the 17 Bit library remains the best. Add to this two dedicated telephonists to take your
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THAT BIT BETTER THAN THE REST If the combination of Experience. Quality and Service is not what you are looking for, but PRICE is, then consider the following packs:- EACH PACK INCLUDES FREE MEMBERSHIP Fantasy Art Contains 10 disks tilled with breathtaking fantasy slides in the Dungeons & Dragons tradition.
Due to the nature of these disks however, some pictures may be a little risque.
Contains some of the best digitised graphics and sound demos to be found. Includes hits such as Phil Collins' Genesis and the song Stay from Dirty Dancing. Also included is some fantastic rav traced an.
Each Pack Equivalent to just Disk Animation Pack (1 Meg Only) ection of 10 disks that A collection of 10 disks that really show off the outstanding graphics capabilities ot the Amiga. This pack includes the superb ray traced magician animation and 3 brand new stealthy demos. A definite for 1 Meg Arnica owners.
Intros Pack This outstanding pack delivers the goods that you would expect from 17 Bit. 10 disks bursting with all the latest and greatest demos from some of the more well known groups in the world. One to impress vour friends!!!!
THE DISKS IN THESE PACKS HAVE NOT APPEARED IN PREVIOUS 17 BIT PACKS Each ten disk pack costs just £7.90. l paying by cheque please make cheques payable to 17 Bit Software. A payment by Access Visa or Switch can be made via the telephone number above or by letter quoting the card number valid from and expity dates, and in the case of Switch cards the issue number.
Another adventurous journey of exploration into the universe of free software.
PAT MCDONALD is your guide to taking a walk on the serious side, while MAFF EVANS dons hip street-attitude clothes and checks out the Demos.
CHEAP ’N CHEERFUL GAMES AMIGANUTS 924 MANDELBROT V1.85 AMIGANUTS 932 Five games for £2.50 - you can’t really complain at that, now, can you? These come from various different PD disks but have all been slapped on to one for the bargain basement crowd.
There’s a SEUCK game on this (Shoot-em-up-Construction-Kit) from Steve Perkins. It's based loosely on the Star Trek genre.
Quite fun for a while but soon pales, as most SEUCK games do
- left, right, fire... If you're into fish then Shark!
From Jim Webster might be more your style. You control a shark and must try and eat as many perch as possible. Jim Webster has written a number of features into it
- there's different levels of difficulty and so on. He also
gives a few insights into how the game was written, which makes
for some interesting reading.
Gerbils uses a similar bestial theme but is much more simple.
You control a gunsight with the mouse, and must shoot the rabid gerbils but not the tame ones.
Plain graphics but it’s very difficult indeed - I’ve yet to get off the first level, as the rabid gerbils really shift around the screen. Well done Charles Massey.
There are two other two- player games on the disk. The first is a bram game called Dominion. Set in a boring text- looking galaxy, it requires you to carve out a stellar empire and then take on your opponent.
Cleverly programmed by Mike Bryant, but a little dull.
The other is called Boomerang, and is a fast arcade maze game. The two players each control a sprite with a joystick, and have a boomerang to hurl at the opposition. Only problem is, if you miss you have to go and pick it up! Not an easy game, and it leads to some fierce competition.
Just when you think every single fractal generator has been done, along comes another one. It was written in AMOS by G Shilvock and M Norman and boasts a very nice front end indeed.
If you want to change the colours or resolution (it doesn't support overscan, alas) this is a snap to achieve at the click ol a mouse. I'm not sure why. But for some reason the Mandelbrot sets produced by the program have a sharper, more colourful look to them - possibly because it was written in AMOS or perhaps It's just down lo good programming.
One definite side-etfect of AMOS is that the program is pretty slow, but there's a handy preview option which quickly generates a smaller version of the full output. Saves a lot of time wasting.
I think that this is an ideal introduction to the subiect. Mainly due to its user-friendliness and bright, colourful output. Maybe not for serious maths-heads. But the results are so good!
PRICE PER DISK 1 - 9 disks = El 50 each 10 - 19 disks = £1 25 each 20 or more = £1.00 each including postage in U.K. Europe add £1 50 to order Rest ot World add £2.50 SEND STAMPED ADDRESSED ENVELOPE (9m X 6') FOR FREE CATALOGUE DISK TELEPHONE ORDERS (0709) 829286 O
Demo 085 Red Sector Megademo (2) 089 Gymnast Animation * 103
Wild Copper Demo 107 RAF Megademo (2) 157 Cool Cougar
Animation * 161 Kylie Mmogue Demo (2) 240 Puggs in Space
Cartoon 288 The AMOS Demo 298 Umcyde Animation • 447 Micro Mix
Demo 483 Elvira Demo 568 Wings Animation 574 Laurel 4 Hardy
(2) 646 Predators Megademo (2) 744 Red Sector Cebit Demo 747
Popeye Meets Beachboys 756 Scanners Animation (X)(2) * 762 The
Run Animation “ 771 Congaman Animation * 773 Shark Animation *
821 Popeye Demo Game 825 Budbrain Megademo (X)(2) 853 Dragons
Lair Demo * 854 Bread Home 4 Away Demo 865 Coma Demo 887
Passion Animations * 895 Trip To Mars 897 Scoopex Mental
Hangover 903 Beast 2 Demo 906 Madonna Cartoon • 913 Elvira
Activities Disk * 932 Pain Is Just The Beginning 933 Cartoon
Show 936 Not 9 O Clock News 1 (2) 944 Magnetic Fields CD Demo
946 Subway: Clapping World 947 Mars Flight Animation * 954
Teenage Turtles Demo 964 Operation Vakl 966 Bloodsport 2 971
Not 9 0 Clock News 2 (2) 1001 Station at Khern “ (3) 1033 At
the Movies ** 1034 Stealthy * 1053 Not 9 O Clock News 3 (2)
1070 Pussy Demos 99 * 1072 Ftebels Tutte Fruitie Pak II 1076
Rare Demos * 1088 Epic Demo* 1089 Not 9 O Clock News 4 (2) *
1092 Pharaoh Animaton * 1093 Dpamtlll Demo (2) * 1105 Cnomcs
Neverwhere Demo 1110 Fractal Right 1188 Fillet The Fish 1190
Pussy : Innership 1191 Clothes Peg Animation * 1200 Raiders ot
Lost Ark Amm * 1214 Anarchy: Scratch Pack 44 1226 Wizzcat
Trashcan Demo 1229 Budbrain 2 1231 Awesome Game Demo 1235
Kckboxer Demo 1236 Rebels Tutb Fruitie VII 1238 Evil Dead Demo
(X) • 1246 LSD: Comix Disk 1 1249 I Like Traffic Lights* 1256
Killing Game Show Demo 1271 Legend ot Billy The Kid * 1275
Penguin Animations 1 1280 Horizon: Sleeping Bag 1287 Wrath ol
the Demon Demo 022 Sound Atax 024 Mahoney 4 Kaktus 2 033 Acid
in Ihe House 044 Batdance Remix 052 Awesome Sounds 053 Supreme
Sounds 1 061 J M Jarre ¦ Definitive 109 Am gaCbar13 166
Vangelis* 187 Crusaders Audio X 216 Red Sector Music Modules
237 Zee s Hip Hop Music Disk 266 Sam Fox Super Sound Disk 267
Miami Vice Remix 285 Godbrain s House Disk 313 Relaxation Disk
335 Gris Need Love 364 Magnetic Beats 398 Powerlords: Power
Musa 1 407 CD Player • 409 Crusaders: Freakd Out!
418 Electric Youth (2) 424 Made in Heaven (2) 426 Ripping Yarns 480 D-Mob Batmix 497 Amiga Chart 5 518 Bopus Poiupus 534 Vision Music Masters 551 Genesis: Land of Confusion 552 Musk: Invasion 3 (2) 650 MAD. Nuls for Ever 654 Powerlords Power Musa 2 713 Flash! - Queen (2) 722 Beatmaster Club Mix 724 Technotronic Remix 746 Crusaders Bacteria 824 Digital Concert V 833 DJ Disco Leif 2 857 900 Oxygene Flema * 866 Pan III Music Disk 870 Bruno s Musk: Box 2 910 Darklmg Lords Music Disk 914 Special Brothers Musk: 2 922 Phalanx Beatbox 924 Game Boy Music Disk * 930 Rebellion 935 Madonna: Hanky Panky
941 Soundtracker Jukebox 959 Scorpions : Eargasm II 969 100 C64 Games Tunes 970 The Comic Stnp Remix 976 Scoopex: Beast Son a 982 EiL Get Up!
986 Amaze : Revolutions 993 PSA Muse Demodsk 1 1026 Digital Concert VI 1061 Captured Imagination 1068 Exile Chipshop 1077 Superior Sounds V1 1 1080 D-Mob Music Disk 4 (2) 1107 Stop Right Now! * 1224 Zarch: Ninja Rema Muse 1227 RAF Beat Thiz III 1243 Chip Muse Festival 1244 Cryptobumers: Gadiator 1248 LSD: Supreme Muse 1 1259 Cycron: Musical Massacre 1261 Questor: Perfect Songs 15 1262 Game Boy Muse Disk 2 1276 Burning Independence 2 1282 Tnumph Music Disk 9 1284 Cave: Synthetic Power 1292 Crusaders Does Genesis 078 Valley Fantasy An (2) 082 Ray.traced Pictures 163 NASA Slideshow 167 Dignnew
Slideshow 171 Patrick Nagel Petures 185 Escher Sideshow 238 TV Sports Basketball 282 Forgotten Ftealms 617 Neighbours Slideshow 716 Robocop Sideshow 725 Diggy Piggys Sideshow (2) 742 Madonna Slideshow 758 Evil Dead 2 * (2) 767 Gnemaware Sideshow 768 Action!
814 Viz Sideshow 831 Utepia Cartoon Sideshow 863 Scream Queens (2) 891 Creepshow 899 Madonna Sideshow 2 (2) • 942 Garf eld Sideshow 968 Gorezone Sideshow (X) 1044 Desen Island Slideshow 2 1051 Total Recall Slideshow 1062 Golems Gate Slideshow 1073 Eraxion Fantasy Sideshow 1082 Annie Jones Sideshow 1085 Come Sideshow (X) 1103 Gris ot Sports Illustrated 1112 Fractal Factery 3 1210 Turtles Sideshow 1211 Fractal Fantasy 1242 Back To The Future 1272 Nemesis: Comic On A Disk 1277 Fraxion: Divine Visions (2) * 1279 Forgotten Realms 90 GAMES 034 Hack RPG 037 Mona RPG* 038 Paranoid 045 Golden Reece
Adventure 068 Adventures Dsk 1 117 Monopoly 121 Stone Age 135 Classic Board Card Games 151 Chinese Chequers * 172 Raschbler Game 195 Electric Tram Set 219 Tennis* 251 Sizzard 314 Breakout Construction Set 315 Return to Earfe 496 Holy Gail Adventure * 498 Wanderer Game 500 Star Reet 543 Track Record Race Game 567 Turrican Playable Demo 648 Star Trek (USA) (2) • 660 Learn i Play (2) 689 Eat Mine 690 Marathon Mine 3 727 Star Trek (Renter) (2) 754 CC Games 13 766 Treasure Hunt (Age 6-10) 823 Pseudo Cop Game 904 CC Games 22 (Welltnx) 938 Computer Conflict 957 Pipeline 962 Drip!
987 Snakepit 991 Jeopard (Flsk-type) • 1004 Games D sk 9 S E U C K Games Entropy 1084 1091 1113 1230 1245 1283 1408 1411 1434 1445 Wet Beaver Games Dragon Cave Rings of Zbn * Sob Culture APD59: Super Gjiz APD62 Arcadia APD85: Reversi Snakes AP096 Pair-11 REALLY USEFUL 006 Dpaint Fonts 1 007 Dpaint Fonts 2 014 Games Muse Creator 035 Spacewnter 051 Visicalc Spreacs-eet 081 Uedit Word Processor 110 Disk mimes 111 Gafix Utilities 1 118 Gafix Utilities 2 119 Amiga MCAD 152 Virus Killers Disk 180 Pagesetter Clip An 181 Perfect Sound Sampler 182 Mandlebrot Explorer 210 Icons!
259 Ultimate Bootblock Set (2) 329 Pseudo-Ops Virus Klter 2 1 343 Intro Ma er 346 TV Gaphics (2) 353 ShoWiz 2 0 380 PD Spectacular 410 Dpaint Cartoon Brushes 442 Dpaint Fonts (4 disks) 456 Chet Solace Extravaganza 458 HAM Radio (5 disks) 495 CiickDOS 516 A68k Assembier C Compiler 542 Awesome Utilities 546 Iconmania!
571 Jazzbench 580 Dope Intro Maker 591 Business Card Maker 595 Amateur Radio Disk 632 Messy DOS 633 Analytical 642 C Manual 643 SID v1 06 645 North C 661 Programming Disk 682 Sound Applications (2) 684 Video Applications (2) 697 Gaphics Management (2) 709 ANC Utilises 20 712 Slipstream Virus Kifers 718 Hasten Utilises 2 729 8 Track Soundtracker 752 APD6: STOS to AMOS 834 Nightffyer s Utility Disk 1 901 THE Comms Disk 902 QED Text Editor 950 Mercenary Virus Killers 1022 AMOS Upda* 1 21 1023 Future Composer 1058 Zero Virus 3 0 1071 Noise Player v3 0 1078 Prophecy: Fraclalscape 1079 Prophecy :
Coder Mag 1 1086 MED v2 13 1095 Catalogue Workshop (2) 1097 DTP Clip Art (2) 1099 Video Gaphics (4 disks) 1109 Nightftyer’s Utility Disk 2 1117 Geneaology • 1198 Soundtracker v4 0 1222 Picture Formal Convertors 1225 Hardware Protects Mag 1228 ST Emulator 1234 Tetra-Copy 1252 (Bed Devil Utilities 4 1253 Fled Devil Utilities 5 1254 Cryptic Utilities 16 1255 Opti Utilities 1 1260 Bowl! V2 0 (2 drives) 1265 Cryptic Utilities 17 1266 House Samples (3 disks) 1269 SpectraPamt 1270 Cryptic Uwites 14 1273 C-Ught 1274 Star Trekker 1 2 Music Prog 1286 Mandlebro! Generator * 1293 ProTrackervI la 1294
Chaos & Fractal Programs 1346 MandelMountains (Fish 383) 1360 DKBTrace (Fish 397) 1366 ExDisk (Fish 403) 1383 MenuWriter (Fish 420) 1385 Art o1 Virus Killing 1432 A3D83 AMOS Paint WE ALSO CARRY FRED FISH AMOS PD &
3. 5" BLANK DISKS 10 FOR C4.99 WITH DISK BOX £5 99 50 FOR £22.50
WITH DISK BOX £26.50 100 FOR £39.99 WITH DISK BOX £49 99 FULLY
capacity £4 99 50 capacity £6 99 80 capacity £7 99 100
capacity £9 99 Mouse Mat £2 99 Keyboard Cover £3 99 Monitor
Cover £5 99 Mouse House £1 99 Drive Cleaning Kit...£2 99
Pnnter Cable £6 99 Stereo Audio Leals £2 99
1. 000 disk labols £12 50 1,000 3 5" Tractor Feed Labels ..£15 00
VHS Ubrary Cases £6 99 tor 10 DEMOS PACK A great oollection ot
demos : Wild Copper. Cebit 90. Coma Elvira. Mental Hangover.
Rebels MD2, Anlhrox "Pain", and Popeye Meets the Beachboys!
8 Disk Set £10.00 SOUNDTRACKER SPECIAL The great PD music creator, plus nppers. Songs, instruments, modules and module players Great pack for beginners 8 Disk Set £10 00 GAMES PACK 37 Titles on 8 disks including Asteroids. Tiles. 3a y 2, YachtC.
Invaders. Fruit Machine, H-Ball.
Block Off. Sys. Pool, Shoot Out.
Peter's Quest and many more!
8 Disk Set £10 00 HOME BUSINESS PACK Nag. Bank n. Journal. Qsase Spread. Wordwright.
AmigaSpeil. Inventory.
MemoPad. Plus more 8 Disk Set £10 00 "CRAZY JOE S" LOGO T-SHIRTS (M L XL) £3.99 each SWEAT SHIRTS (M L XL) £8.99 each (PLEASE STATE SIZE) AM. PD.
SHAREWARE and PUBLIC DOMAIN (far C ommndorr Amiga) up to 5 d»ki - £V00 each 6 to 9 disks - £2.75 eadi 10 or mrrt - £2.SO each *-«o*be» FRPF if huy-nq K)) Overaeaa add 10% to trtal for poaUgt ifJol SmrvTf nkr ANY RVF.dkks. five Nanki and a library ewe -£1&S0 '*»j arc emnW Sfcanwn ¦ nr a
* fay hefow yna buy’ baaa and ynj rtgwrr rf yaj TOP SELECTED P.D.
LIBRARY Send VI.do t -d.iy lor our super list, with over ntl
disks to choose from (updated once a month).
We have also a w ide range of Fish Disks.
XI. 00 per Disk + Sop per order.
Make i lK’(|Ui's * I* ()'s payable in:- A. Freeman .mil post In:- 17 Eyani Close, Oaktree Lane Estate, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire NG18 3QS SOFTVil IJ- ¦ a member al
* te AaBKtMxr at Send £1 for 110 page catalogue (refundable) or
free with order 3rd BASE PD The Lowest £ Pd Library in the UK.
This is available for MEMBERS ONLY.
For the first 500, membership only £10.00, thereafter £15.00 You will receive a membership card; calalogue info disk 32 USEFUL utilities; special hotline number with the latest pd information and special offers; plus a demo.
Disks Only 65p OPENS 31 MARCH 1991 SOFTViLLE COMPUTER SUPPLIES Unit 5, Stratfield Park, Elettra Avenue, Waterlooville.
Hants P07 7XN Tel: 0705 266509 Fax: 0705 251884 YfSA Callers Welcome CRAZY COMPETITIONS Catalogue Disk only 75p or free with orders of 2 disks or more.
“lease add 50o P&P to total. Hundreds of disks in stock, please make all cheques payable 10
P. A Cannon. Send all orders to: Ultimate PD.
_44 FestinioB Road. Gabalta. Cardiff CF4 2QS_ DEMOS D001 Walker 1 (t megl D002 Walker 2 11 meg) D003 Walker 3 (1 meg) 0004 Cool Cougar (1 meg) DO 12 Rebel Megademo DO 14 Space Ace Demo D023 Stealthy 2 Amm II meg) D028 BudDram Megademo (2 disks) D047 RAF Megademo (2 disks) D045 Arse Wipe Advert IXXX) D059 Red Sector Megademo (2 disks) D062 Red Sector Cebit 90 D077 Good Morning Vietnam D088 Silents Megademo 0095 Outsiders Acid demo 0115 Vision Megademo 4 D127 Chubby 8rown (XXX) D134 Garfield Demo D147 Neighbours Slideshow D148 Viz Slideshow D151 Robocop 2 Slideshow 0153 EPIC Game Demo (1 megl
D158 Operation Vark 0160 Exodus Real 3D (1 meg) 0163 Probe Sequence 3164 Slycalh Comp D168 Horizon Megademo 0169 Budbrain Megademo 2 0176 Jasper Carret Demo D184 Dragons Lair 2 Demo (1 meg) D185 Wrath Ot The Demon Demo (1 meg) D186 Team Suzuki Demo D187 Batman The Movie Demo (1 meg) D188 Demoniac Demo MUSIC ’1001 Seriously Good Music 1 M002 Seriously Good Music 2 M003 Seriously Good Music 3 M011 D-Mob Music 2 M012 D-Mob Music 4 (2 disks) M014 Rebel Megablast Your first stop for QUALITY and LOW prices M016 Micromix 2 M022 Amiga Charts Mix 3 M023 Titan Trax 1 M026 Amiga Charts Mix 5 M029 D-Mob
Music 3 M034 Arme Swarzeneggar Total Remix (2 disks) M035 Digital Concert 2 M036 Digital Concert 3 M037 Digital Concert 4 M038 Digital Concert 5 M039 Digital Concert 6 M040 RAF Megamix 1 M042 Bat Dance Remix M049 Ben Elton (XXX) M057 D-Mob 1 M081 Flash (2 disks) Ml02 Debbie Gibson s Electric Youth 12 disks) Ml 14 Betty Boo... Doing the Do!
M121 Band Aid II (2 disks) M122 R A F. BeatThiz 1 M123 RAF. BeatThiz 2 Ml24RAF. BeatThiz 3 Ml25 RAF. Megamix 2 (2 disks) Ml26 Amiga Charts Mix 2 Ml27 Amiga Charts Mix 6 Ml34 Miami Vice Theme 14 disks) Ml36 Laurel & Hardy (2 disks!
GAMES G001 Star Trek 3 (2 disks) G006 Breakout Construction Kit G008 Boardgames (Monopoly etc) G014 Buck Rogers G015 Star Trek (3 disks. 1 meg) UTILITIES U012 Mega Utils 17E Utils) U024 S I D CLI Utility U039 AmibaseV3 76 U042 Fonts Disk U043 R I M. Database U059 Clip Art U062 Ultimate P.O. Copiers & Virus Killers Disk... ONLY 99p EACH AMIGA ONLY Send Cheques. Costal Orders payable to: 3rd Base PD.
41 Harlequin House. Kale Road. Erith, Kent DAI8 4BB Those are bnof desenphons. Daks may contain much more GAMES UGAUEI - COSMARODS. ROLL BIBALL.
ORBIT 30 S LADYBUO UGAKP2 - FLASCHBER XO Itanbc levels' UGAKE3 -1 HOO BAILYHGHT WORKS SOF6B - CLASSC card Boerd games SOT78 - PACMAH the at bme dassrc SOFIT7 - EUPPE GRAI WARS. HANOI ale SOFim - GRAAAI TACK BU IFKN. WORLD SOF396 - TbttS. Shareware vers tkhegl SOF5CI - Imitr C5ISIARTREK brikanl TO vers on Ikneg Zdivesl SOF530 - Skyfghl Bleed (not vl37) FF357 - EUPPE new leraon mUtrptoyer game Keyboard or modem FF347 - DRParcade style game Good FT320 - AMOUEGA sentar lo Hack FF3I2 ¦ CHNACHAUENQE. Shanghai game.
UOONBASF lunar lender FF259 - Escape From Jon Iasi action game.
Nuft-levels PICTURES SOEX - NASA OohVtW shies H pros SOF79 - SAKI FOX SLDESHOWn her usual stefe ol dress1 SOF90 - Bone Vatengo S FANTASY PCS 3 SOFtOe - PAGE3 PICTURES Selection ol good dgiksed pres Sof 147 - FANTASY pretties, these are the BEST you I seel SOT 149 - TIE AEA7ENTURE CONTNOES sideshow cY the SpaceShuttfe SOF 197 - BARBARIAN Indres. Tabdousty drawn pictures FFI96 - tie absolute BEST scanned pro's you't ever seel LANGUAGES FF35I - POC. Pubtdy dstnbutaUe C. complete system FF347 - CURSOR. Spass AMIGABASIC coupler FF3AO - NOR IHC. C envronment based on SozobonC FF339 - PCQ. Sell
comping PASCAL compter FF337 - CMANUAL. Complete C manual a 70 sorrce examples FF3H - A68K. Assembler 7C. C coupler complete FF247 - ASSENT OOIS 140 roubnos lor POWERPACKER PROFESSIONAL The commercial (and only legal) version of this fabulous compression utility from UGA. Faster more efficient and better than ever and available ONLY from us!
£7:99 • ci psp Idealer enquiries wck:omc) osombtoy programmer* FFI40 - StormyGrook PROLOG - needs both disks tbetcMd FF141 - Dck two of atxwe SOF 184 - K40LHI AP con iet complete with documentation SOF549 - ARP 13. Cony ele with hJ documentation APOC25 - FORTH ktOOJLAP LISP A LOGO MUSIC a MIDI SOFIO - UVCtl kM)e. PAN 12 CztOl CZL • DUCS Ultt songs SOFIt - tkmckeds ol new mtruments lor CZ syntha SOFX2 - 2rksks - Noee Soundtracker set FF349 - MED VZ Mxecaf eotfor - very good CLASSIC DEMONS TRATIONS SOF3 - Fred the Baker Hones Flower Shop SOF7 - THE PROBE shown on TV!
SOF34 ¦ ROCKER KAINANLAS. BUTSSIK SOF7D ¦ BOHOL SfROHQL JUGGLER TLT SOUSA - EL GATO. RED BARON, tlmegl Sof PR - 3 dak Zmeg verstcn ot tie WALKER demo IC5I Sof PSA - knag version WALKER demo SOFZS6 - kneg version ol WALKERZ Sof 414 - PUGGS H Sf*CE. Cute arwnabon very weA done SCMS46 - FRACTAL FLIGHT Iknegl SOF46 Z - NEWTEK demo teeO. New production IzdsksJdivea. Kneg £51 UTILITIES « TEXT HANDLERS FF375 - TEXTPLUS word processor FF3Z6 - AHALYTtCALC tor mmencnl analyse, nctudea spreadsheet etc SOFSOO - 7dak set ol CLP ART ICISI FT315 - AAMGAFOK tent processor wit, graptsc htcdkea FF22B -
JAZZBENCH nAh-taskMig wbench FFZK) - CALC, aaentikc progratrmet calc AFVCZ3 - Word processor 2 spet checkers. 4 dtdabosea SOF 15 - CLP ART DISK lor papesotler Sof 17 - Ray Traang Corat ruction Set SOF21 - CLP ART DISK lor Pf asefler PAN4S - WORLAAIRIQHI word processor SOFI23 ¦ UCAD amga CAD program SOI Ize - UEDfl manaxJate yos Bee n Sof 169 - Coamopottan FONTS lor Dpamt SOFIX - FANCY FONTS as above SOF 171 - PUBLtSIERS FONTS m above SOF 172 - VARIOUS FONTS as above SOF191 - ARENDER v3. Ray trace package SOF240 - OPT SOLACE DISK X uHihes Hi* we have 12 daks ol UGA uHbee. Kj ot al those hard lo
get utthea PLUS we stock the FULL RANGE of FRED FISH disks (currently to 420). A.PD.C. Slipped Disk. FAUG. Tbag collections and are EXCLUSIVE distributors oi the famous United Graphic Artists collection Crazy price must end soon NEW AMIGA OWNERS START HERE WHAT IS PUBLIC DOMAIN SOFTWARE?
Public domain software comes from 2 main sources The first is where someone has written a useful little utility, which is of use to the writer and hence almost certainly of use to other Amiga users, but has no commercial value The second is from enthusiastic Amiga owners who just love to show off their coding prowess, possibly to impress their mates to prove to a software house their ability to code graphics, or just give pleasure to thousands of other Amiga enthusiasts In the earty days, much of the PO left a lot to be desired, but these da.s there are many fantastic utilities, games and
demos which, at a nominal cost can bring many hours of pleasure, and there is now a veritable army of PO collectors All true PO is without copyright and can be freely copied and used as you want, providing you adhere to any conditions stated on the disk PO dhtributors should not make a profit on the disk, but charge on the service they provide nBS provides one of the best and most helpful services available today, but please don't take my word for it, try us! If you have just acquired your Amiga, we recommend the following disks which will either amaze, amuse, or be very useful NBS disks are
divided into the following groups D = Demos, M = Music, P = Requires 2 meg or more, G = Games, U = Utilities, E = Educational RSI mEGaDEmO One of the best ever demo disks (2 DISKS) D 146 D 153 D 180 D 186 D 190 D 033 D 091 D 315 X 110 M 005 M 030 M 070 M 170 G 107 PUGGS IN SPACE A brilliant cartoon demo, yet to be bettered NBS SCOOPEX MENTAL HANGOVER Brill Musk: and graphics COMA DEMO Flashy acid demo, together with more great demos * GROWING RSI CEBIT DEMO Terrific demo, with the best ever music • TOMSOFT TRIP TO MARS Vector graphics with a theme * BIGGER FILLET THE FISH Similar to PUGGS, but
not as good, still bnll UNREAL DEMO A game demo to show off some great graphics DV FRAXION HORROR Great cartoon graphic demo of nasty stuff MAHONEY & KAKTUS Bnlliant music disk RFING DIGITAL CONCERT 2: Over 12 mms of mixed house music CRUSADERS BACTERIA Stunning sound and graphics RFTTFRI NEWTRONS MUSIC DISK 'HEADBANGER' You will not believe this!! 1 1 STAR TREK GAME Good graphic adventure, Best with 1 meg (2 disks) G 109 BUZZARD Good horizontal Shoot 'em Up G 133 PD GAMES ComPO Good selection me Welitru ana Breakout G 136 DRIP Very tricky painter type game Almost commercial quality' G 137 THE
TURN and TRICKY A couple of good puzzle games by Peter Handel G 138 MARBLE SUDE A cross between Pipemania and sudmg blocks Great" U 220 SID A good utility to take the hard work out of CU U 222 NBS SPEEDBENCH A faster loading workbench, ptus some handy utilities U 225 AMIBASE A good database Start a disk catalogue now U 226 RAZOR TOOLDISK A comprehensive set of mixed utilities me Virus Killers, copier, disc fixers Not all for novices!
D 034 BUDBRAIN MEGADEMO. Our No1 title' Fantastic and funny, but contains some X-rated cartoons....may offend! (2 disks)
* Compilation disks which contain other demos requiring 1 Meg of
WE ALSO SUPPLY THE FOLLOWING 0 215 SCOOPEX CHROMIUM - Brill O«mo from ont ot th« t*il pkn 5 more 0 216 PUSSY INNERSHIP ¦ unusual demo Great GFX plus puzzle and gam«r 0 219 PAH'SIMPLE STUFF VOL 1 nBS Compilation 5 demos includng Trc© al Sunset and Coke 0 220 PAH' SIMPLE STUFF VOL 2 - nBS Demo compo me crusaders oncfcx.
Yeat 0 221 PAH! SIMPLE STUFF 3 Dra9ons La», TeneWarp demo and more 0 222 CROUCS TOTAL DESTRUCTION (1 MEG) Some great effects 0 223 BUCeRAJN mEGADEmO 2 Very popular at the recent iho*» 0 225 HORIZON mEGaOEmO (1 m£G) Includes Oest '*» traced anim ever’ 0 236 GotDFIRE ULTIMATE FX Tfw group cononues to *npro*e 0 238 ANARCHY PRESENTS DEWOn PARTy DEMOS 1 Recent good demos D 239 ANARCHY SMOKER COMPRADON And some more' 0 240 CRUSADERS EUROCHART - JAN 91 now needs a Osk to Use» 0 241 anGELS mEGaDEmO Good Out not mega 0 242 3-0 DEMOS Get out yor 3-D glasses and CHECK THESE OUT' 0 243 kefrens - THE wail
Great ntfC Good grafFo. Then so so D 377 NEWTEK DYNAMIC Hl-RES SUDE SHOW ; i MEG) p cys from the ads 0 380 A00AMS FAMILY SLIDESHOW Collection from the cult scnes 0 381 FRAXJON FANTASY SUDE SHOW Great presentation, great PKCys 0 3889 BETTY BOO Domg The Do (2 dak set) 0 386 BLOODSPORT SUDE SHOW For oriental sports fans' 0 390 IM CORRUPDON-NAPALM DEATH SUDESHOW Heavy* 0 3934 5 DEFNATTVE MADONNA SUDESHOW (3 desks) 1 meg & 2 drives D 545 JET FIGHTER ANIM Similar to The Run, but far far better 1 MEG) D 546 AGATRON anim 10- Enterprise leaving dock Superb (1 MEG) 0547 STEVE'S anim No 1... Some super
little anims Have a took D 548 STEVE S ANIM No 2 More cute little anims I love cm D 549 AGATRON ANIM FLEET MANOEUVRE (1 MEG) Tobias best yet Very impressive D 555 BATMAN THE MOVIE ANIMATION (1 MEG) Good funny cartoon movie' D 559 MAGICIAN AND JOGGER ANIMATIONS (1 MEG) Ray traced anims D 560 CAR 6 UNICYCLE ANIMATION 1 MEG) Brill anim, a must for fans' D 561 STEVE S ANIMS 3 (1 MEG) More of these cute lltte anims 0 562 STEVE S ANIMS 4 (1 MEG). From Steve Packer (as featured 0 563 STEVE'S ANIMS 5 (1 MEG) last month.)
0 564 EVR. DEAD DEMO (1 MEG) Get the goulles, before they get yours 0 565 RGB 4 FOCUS (1 MEG) The famous 'stretching nose animation' D 570 1 TRON ANIMATION (1 MEG 2 DISKS) Great anim based upon the film 0 572 FRANKLYN THE FLY (1 MEG) Simple but effective and funny Good 0 573 TOO much 30 (1 MEG) The spacesnp fl s out of the screen' 0 574 CLOTHES PEG ANIMATION (1 MEG) Bouncy, bouncy again average anim POWIR PIWOS 1AH fltmta in thfl accnor rcaarc lo«h at mcmt P 001 2 WALKER DEMO 1 (2 MEG 2 DISKS) P 0014 WALKER DEMO 2 (2 MEG 2 DISKS) P00S67 LOST IN SPACE (2MEG3DISKS: P 0089 THE SENTKAL (3 MEG 2
DISKS' P 01920 VAUX KILLER (2 5 MEG 2 DISKS' OK but not bnK arum P 021-026 UPGRADE (1 5 MEG 2 DRIVES 6 yes 6 daks'" i mu» part a P01O11 HEADKKKANiM (2 m£G 2 DISKS plus HARD-ORPfE) P 012.'!4 STATION AT KHERN (2 MEG 3 DISKS) MUSIC M 197 GROOVE IS IN THE HEART Good re-mlx of chart hit M 20019 SAE AMAZING TUNES 2 (3 OtSKS 1 MEG) Superb’ Showstoppcr M 212 MAG FIELDS CHIP FESTIVAL Another huge collection M 216 7 RAF MEGA MIX 2 (2 DISK SET). Good quality muse mu M 226 DYNAMITE BEATS 4 Another very classy muvc disk from MAX m 230 DCXJON PARTY MUSK AND P1CCY5 A good disk as always M 231 CRUSADERS DOES
GENESIS (1 MEG) Bnll, fab. Great. GET IT"''* M 232 ALCATRAZ MUZK Classy presentabon 3 good tracks'" UTILITIES U 103 ULTIMATE VIRUS KILLER Updated now knows 105 «*uses U 220 SlD-TME ULTIMATE CU UTRJTY That'S what R Mys’ U 262 A GENE (FAMAY TREE) 11 MEG) Trace you history U 266 C-LIGHT (1 MEG) Recently prased ray tracing ubl (why pay more?)
U 26? ElECTROCAD DEMO (1 MEG) OrcuR diagram des ntooi no save m demo U 280 LABEL PRINTER Helps pmt your custom labeh U 283 SUDESHOW CONSTRUCTION KIT Put your *? P-ccy n a slideshow U 289 BIORHYTHMS (i mEG) Do you feel 3ood today’ This will tefl you' U 306-U312CUp Art Collection of dp art for DTP etc U 505 to U508 SOUNOTRACKER SAMPLE DISKS Instrument disks U 509 SOUNDTRACKER SAMPLE DISK (BEATS BREAKS) Great for house tracks' GAMES G 141 MAYHEM Game FROM EnSkGnia Spaceship m caverns, tricky but addictive G 142 PD GAMES COMPO 3 Great Pacman plus 2 others G 143 JEOPARDY (1 MEG). Version of the
board game Risk' G 152 PD GAMES COMPO 9 Battlemech, Bullrun (Battle Sim) and more G 154 BATTLEFORCE 1 m£G) Strategy battle game G 155 SUBCULTURE GAME DemO 'Privateware' Level 1 of a good horizontal silky smooth, machine coded, scrolling shoot em up If you like the game, buy from author' G 159 ANTEP (1 MEG) RPG also SLOTS, a good car chase game STARTERS PACK 1 Games, demos, utils 11 disks ? Free box £9 99 STARTERS PACK 2 11 cksks selection of PD games . Free box £9 99 EDUCATION E 006 7 LEARN anO PLAY Games plus maths and words (kids aged 5*) E 006 TALKING COLOURING BOOK Draw the p tures then
colour them FISH, T-BAG, AND AMOS DISKS now has RI stock FISH Disks 1 to 410. T-BAG Disks 1 to 46. AMOS UCENCEWAJtE (£3 50 per cfck) and selected AMOS PO (£1 50 per Osk with so many disks m our library t is mpossible to i*t them an here We ha* many new cksks conwig n every day, so R you see a Osfc featured r these pages, and we dont list R, gr»e us a can tOO cap Lockable Storage Boxes .....£7 95 10 cap Library Cases £125 Star LC10 printer Riboons Black £3 30.
Star LC24.10 Pnnter Riboons Black £4 95 Citizen Swift 24 1200 Pmter Ribbon Black £4 95 Naksha replacement mouse £29 95 Amiga 3 5* External Dnves £64 95 512K Ram Upgrades £35 00 Mouse mats (soft. Bo ed £2 65 Disk Labeh .wrap round 30 for £100 200 for £5 00 100 for £5 00 £2 25 £9 95 £12 99 1000for £1500 Exdusrve Night at Pictxxe iaoeH 15 for £100 Amiga Dus* covers ... Competition Pro jOVST« ...... As above with Auto-ftre ...... Sony unbranded drsns offtoaRy imported by Sony UK) 100 for £45 00 Pnce me odes labels
Unbranded Dnks (various manufacture) 49p each, 100 for £40.00 AM pnees ncJudr ya T Please remember 6Op postage per order LARGE SELECTION OF COMMERCIAL ANO IU0GET SOFTWARE NOW IN STOCK WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN I Great Competitions in Update 4 Magazine Prizes offer ore:, A colour monitor, S half mef upgrades, A years subscription to a leading Amiga magazine.
See elsewhere in this advert for details of how to obtain your copy.
TELEPHONE (0983) 329594 FAX (0983) 821399 Or it you have a Credit card you can phone or fax your order to us Please remember to include 60p towards postage and packing to total order Ail orders (up to 3kg) despatched by first class post, please add 3Op for recorded delivery fwr l All used postage stamps donated to rm Guide Dogs for the Blind WE LOVE INTERNATIONAL ORDERS Ail orders sent by Air Mail For European orders please add 2Sp per disk World Orders add Sop per disk International payments by Credit Card, Bntish Postal Orders, Eurocheque, any cheque with a UK cashing address, or even cash
(Registered letter) NEED MORE DETAILS: NBS PD UPDATE 6 IS NOW AVAILABLE! To obtain your copy, please send a stamped seff-addressed envelope (mn size 9* x 6'‘and 50p Pah' you say, why should I send Sop’ Because its more than just a list Each new cksk m the library has been given a full review, plus the magazine part of the catalogue contains hints and tips, articles, win a colour monitor and 5 memory upgrades, and much more We wanted to stop it, but our customers said NO1 DO NOT JUST ORDER FROM US! ORDER SOME PD FROM OTHER COMPANIES TOO (WHETHER £3.00 or down to FREE?) WE BELIEVE WE W1U
PD UPDATE BADBIRD ANIMATION Demos Corner Takin’ on the world of the PD zone, A difficult place to make on yo’ own.
Lookin’ for some graphics that’ll blitz yo’ screen, Or some music to crank up which sounds real mean.
Check out the guide which will help you find The best PD demos that’ll blow yo’ mind!
Huh! Yeah! Kick it! (Get on with it!)
Uh... okay.
AMIGANUTS UNITED DISK 922 This is a pretty little anim from the mysteriously named Dr Gandalph. Created with Sculpt Animate 4D, the clip features a colourful Big Bird-type character who ‘gets down’ in true jazz style.
Not technically stunning, but amusing enough anyway!
BUDBRAIN II AMIGANUTS UNITED DISK 966 The intro to this set of demos is a bit of a dig at other coders.
The scene consists of the Madonna cartoon recently seen in the Crionics Megademo being stabbed Psycho-style in the shower. However, the culprit is brought to justice in the end! The disk also contains a superb acid show called Africa. The demo features some rather colourful psychedelic patterns and cartoon images and is backed with an absolutely kicking dance groove.
Some of these guys should get together and release an album!
SIMPLE STUFF ULTIMATE PD DISK D189 This is, as it says, a disk full of simple demos. Most of them feature either scrolly effects or rotating vector shapes, but the real interest is the swirling, Tangerine Dream inspired music. Have a listen and trip out man.
3D DEMOS AMIGANUTS UNITED DISK 967 Not just your simple filled vector 3D this. Oh no. All the demos that are featured on this disk are of the stereo 3D type, using the red-and-blue filter system. To view the demos I’m afraid you'll need to get hold of a pair of red
- and-blue or red-and-green 3D glasses. Try to find some if you
can, the effect in the jet demo alone is worth it!
FRED FISH 444 SOFTVILLE You can't really go wrong with buying one of the later (180 plus) Fish disks - there's always something of interest to anyone. This one is especially good, with a couple of good games and a few utilities.
The much-copied China Challenge by Dirk Hoffman makes an appearance, only this is a new version with a few changes and fixes. If you’ve never heard of it before, China Challenge II is a Mahjong game which was designed in China many centuries ago and remains popular around the world (Mahjong, that is - I don't think the ancient Chinese were up to Amiga technology).
That old veteran Missile Command has yet another incarnation. This one from Max Bithead is beerware, which means if you like it and you meet him in the pub you should buy him a drink. I think it's a fair exchange - the game runs in Interlace mode, is very colourful and has some excellent graphics and sound effects. You really do feel nauseous when one of your cities is enveloped by a mushroom cloud.
Ever wondered about setting up your own bulletin board? The Elite BBS is also on the disk. You can attach any modem to it, even the ultra speedy 19200 types.
The documentation is on the whole pretty good and there’s a couple of test facilities. Elite BBS was written by Nick Smith.
If you've got a few drives and lots of disks to format, then UltraF4 is for you. You can stack up lots of disks and format them all at the same time.
Finally, for those who want something useful and heavyweight, there’s RegExpLib. What?
Sorry, that's Regular Expression Library. Written by Stephen Moehle, it’s an incomplete implementation of the expression handling used by Unix. For serious C programmers only.
PD 80p Minimum purchase only 5 disks.
Write for free detailed catalogue which is updated every month with all the latest PD.
1. -1i. 1 EVERY 1 -10 I 20 = 2 30 FRED FISH 300 TO 350 AVAILABLE
WORKBENCH P.O. iBuccluech Street Barrow-in-Furness Cumbria
LA14 1SR Tel (02291 473609 Price suBject lo chan Offers while
s All prices incl All sales subjeci to Iradin DEPT AF910.4 We
can only take phone calls TUE &THR afier 7.30pm1 ge without
Ocks last!
Uding VAT.
Ur trade terms dl 9 GDI00 All New Star Trek GD101 American Star Trek GD102 Drip!
GO 103 Blizzard!
GDI04 Pseudo Cop GDI05 Flaschbier GO 106 Larn Skyfight GDI07 Crystal Caverns Kap-Othello Jackland ATC Mirror Wars Bouncer Bluemoon Dominoes Obsess-O-Matic Welltrix Wordsearch Kings Korner Solitaire 10 DISKS 20 GAMES ONLY £11.50 INC P&P (OVERSEAS ADO £2.50) Please make cheques PO's payable to: GAMES DOMAIN P.D. Send order to: Games Domain P.D. 22, Broadwater Crescent, Stevenage, Hertfordshire SG2 8EQ DEMOS D45 Fun* C'oc MegaOemo 043 B uce tee Den c D42 Puggs in Space 069 Photomontage ill 070 Batman The Movm* Demo 068 Showbiz Animation D59 Mike Tyson Animation 049 Monty Python Demo D78 Bat Dance
Demc 079 Walker Demo 2 Disk. 2 Meg i 062 Ac»d Force Compilation AMOS LICENSEWARE (£3.50 EACH) 2L1 Colouring Book ZL2 Arc Angels Maths ZL4 Thinaima|ig ZL5 Jungle Bungle (1 Meg ZL8 Work & Play (1 Meg i ZL9 Amos Assembler req Amos ZltO The Word Factory ZLH Go Getter Game (1 Meg ADULT XI Kathy Loyd Slides (t Meg X2 Best 0» Escort April 89 X3 Madonna The Early Days X4 Troma SiKJeshow X5 Best ot Escort May 89 X6 Aduit Picture Puzzles X7 Turbo Mark Disk 9 X8 Chubby B'own Demo XtO Perverse Slides Xtt Party Games XXX X’2 Adult Graphics Hi Res X ’ 3 Playboy S'"3eshows 1 X14 Playboy Slideshows 2 X15
Ba'banan Ladies Xt6 Porno Frims 4 X17 Compact Pervi NEWS IRAQ Iraq v s USA Demo D*sk UTILITIES U28 Sounotracker V4 0 U31 Copers 1 U2t NBS Speedbencn U32 Ciight i 4 2 U34 Amiga M CAD VI 2 5 U29 Protracker U24 Now Amiga Sample Player U23 MEDV2 01 Music Eon Uli NASA backup disc U18 P Copy 3 U26 Midi utility disk U39 New 8 track sounotracker U37 Sound noise stadra (2 disk) U27 Video progs (2 disks) U38 Soni* instruments U40 Noisetracker Vt 1.
U22 Visicalc Spreadsheet MUSIC M68 Miami Vice M5~ The Winkers song (2 disks) M56 At* 2 mu MS3 Team « Terra Tunes MS8 Red Sector music 12 disks i M66 h F i player M6~ Compact disk player M48 C apping world demo M4S Power Ot ove i2 disksi M35 We wan* some pussy rap M3C Beveney M34 Song R JS • ART A3C Fantasy vi A29 Dii-e, • P tu'es 4 A14 Police Car Animation GAMES G1 Amoed Asterro»dS Cosmor G2 Reversi Othello Backgammon G5 Lingo Bally Networks G6 Packman 87 G8 Startreck 3 i Meg i2 d*sksi GiO Startreck 2 1 Meg i3 disksi G12 Breakout con kit G14 Emerald Mine 3 G21 Paranoid (ArkanoiO Cionei G22
Puzzle pro 4 puzzle make G23 Trainset WORD PROCESSOR W1 Word wnght W3 Uedit with Amigaspe" SUPPLIES 3 5* discs Pkt 10 4 25.1 15 Deluxe Pami 3 51 97.3 45 Deluxe Print 2 33 47.3 45 3 5' Second drive .59 95*3 45 512K Ram expansion 39 50.3 45 Kindwords V2
R. R.P. £49.95 Special £32.47+3.45 SUPERBASE 2 PERSONAL WITH FREE
Game cheats & tips G025 Adventure cheats & tips G027 Monopoly
G039 Star Trek - The Next Generation G040 The Next Generation.
Trivia Quiz (2) G029 Games Pack 2 G030 Eat Mine G031 Flashbier G032 Return to Earth G033 Quiz Master 2 G035 Mayheim G036 O.C.P.D. Comp G024 Property Market Game G013 Mechforce G001 Learn and Play G016 Marble Slide G021 P.D. Chess G003 Pipeline G011 Castle of Doom G007 Ten Game Compilation UTILITIES U001 Ultimate Boot Blockers
(2) U050 Red Sector Demo Maker' U051 Video TV Graphics (4) U053 8
Track Soundtracker U059 Sound Tracker Mega System U061
Geneaology' U062 Boot Bench U017 Razor Toolkit U029 Scotia
P.D. Comp U035 O.C.P.D. Comp U009 M - C.A.D. U031 Direct
Action U034 Optimist Utilities U036 Icons U039 Catalogue
Workshop (2) U040 Comms Disk U041 Digitised Samples Player
U047 Ghostwriter U048 C-Light U063 R.O.T. Designer Halt Meg
Upgrade with Clock £32.95 Second Drives with 5 P.D. disks
£65.00 ANIMATION AND DEMOS D029 Budbrain 2 D030 Hanky Panky
D031 I’ve Got The Power D027 Good Morning Vietnam D033
Intuition Acid Boss M009 Acid Force D039 Banging Raves D040
Groove Is In The Heart D041 Crionics Total Destruction D042
Goldfire Megademo D044 R.A.F. 2 (2) S008 Bloodsport Slideshow
D048 Batman Animation D049 Amazing Tunes 2 (3) S007 Reichter
Slideshow (2) D050 Attic P.D. Comp M012 Technotronic M013
Amigadevs M014 Bagpipe Music M015 Blues Brothers (3) M016
Aliens (2)
1-9... £1.50 10-19 .£1.25 20+ £ 1.00 Inc P&P TEL: 0236 737901
This is only a small selection of the hundreds of titles
available from our constantly expanding library. Free disk
catalogue sent with all orders. You can Access also call into
our showroom and pick-up your software. Payment by Access Visa
or make your cheques or P.O. 's payable to Office Choice:-
Suite 14, Avon House, Town Centre, Cumbernauld G67 1EJ Sector
16 160 Hollow Way Cowley Oxford Tel: 0865 774472 64102 Credit
Card Hotlines (0702) 466933 612259 VXDS AmgaFox word Process
program F 2 7 3 PennyWae CashBook Program Good f 239 T&xtra tum
you* amga mo aWp F210 Colc rkGfy (tone spreadsheet F’63
Bcnkn Compiae checkbook system F143 ftm SuiioWe for c targe
D base FI 3' Hypertase Data mcragemer* systm '098
Cease rroltase management u« !0S3 vc S" «Sc'ea2shee»caiC‘jOof
vO?' Wcvd Processrg'Vey pop V0?9 The Moustfoto inventory dfSX
V056 DakMaste V3 0 AF Dec -ewewed F379 Th4A64Poc*oge
VI CorpreNrsve THE GAMES COLLECTION, CBM 64 emulator also
FieEnctypi prg 081 The Utimate Star Trek Game (2) F382
CrossDOVReod and wnte MS-DOS 1083 MechFight The Roto playing
gome F383 MandelMountain* Upoe’ed version F3?4 Te*ns Ctone toS
& response Pcopy Updded version high sped copy
fl73T8*fc od fc** gome cf speed F3M NodhC VMActost upctted «er
0847 Heytns Vay hard but exce F3I7 MandMm MancWbroi Animator &
v042 Trxns The Best Tars clone MoxWftifz toMordeforapWa
0688Bakto»»filw3flotfbla F390 PwynaMosJerrrJh, »abase prg 0850
Tumor I iaawt* NEW FRED FSH,(U» with Workbench)
F351PDC Complete C compkjon syst F3S7 Empire Mutiiplayer
economics gm F359 DCF inlergrotedC Envirormenl Afi’toge soWior.
Lo AnimS ncorpcfib F36' BrusMO Convert images 2 sculpt '362
impenum Poman-jm FJSK style gcr '371 FroctotsAratol
gerertJorthal gene*?® dfotnt pescrf '37? Mf 7 Poges creoe
fcc x a ds* posed mag nc & g-ajno F376 The Arec C
compMa.versenS 0 Strathclyde F I).
DskMasha.GnuAwk,GnuGrep.ModBlantf!r 0168 NASA Pcs Actual space ptdues VC28 WordWngN AR comes Arr gaSpe« V039 5 or Trekxer Muse Prog-om FLETCHER FONTS PACK 1 to 4 : 6 disks per pack, each disk has 7 to 15 different colour fonts, various sizes but no repeats Instructions to load the 16 colour fonts into DPAiNT as fonts. Help. Advice & Support available from PD Soft.
PACK A or B: Black & White pocks of fonts as above but 10 to 20 fonts per disk £15.00 Per Pack. IDEAL FOR VIDEO & ARTISTIC WORK UCENCEWARE GAMES £3.00 each Ll - SPACE BLOB Cross between Bomb Jack & Manic Miner L2 - MR DIG (1Mb) The famous Dig Dug on the Amiga L3 - Q-BOID : The Coin-up Game Vulcan. Tetris Variant.
L4 - COMPUTER CONFUCTS : An excellent Shoot 'em up
* Over 700 disks ol Amiga Public Domain Software entirely Iree to
members - you supply blank disks and pay only tor postage.
* Superb 100-page magazine published every two months - keep up
to date with latest Amiga hints and tips. Get the news from
America first!
* Meet other Amiga users at one of our many local groups which
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* Help and advice services - hardware or software problems can be
quickly resolved.
* Discount scheme makes purchases easier! Save money on hardware
add-ons and software.
* Subscription for 1991 only £17.00 including £1 joining fee
* Before requesting any software, please wait for your membership
details to be sent to you.
* Overseas prices on application.
* Want to have a look before committing yourself? Back issues of
the magazine from 1990 to all at £2 each.
* We support ALL Commodore machines with extensive software
libraries and help services.
The Independent Commodore Products Users Group is the largest and most friendly computer club in the country ICPUG 23 Timmons Terrace, Chapelhall, AirdiTe, ML6 8L'T Cheques & PO's payable to Strathclyde P.D. F408 Post An PostScrip* intapraer VARIOUS (8 Previous Fi* D«ks) F350 TrockUtifs 'Copy.vety usdul '347 Cvsor 3 Pass A Base compfcr F339 Pascal compievl 'c se* comp '337 The compwde Cmanud fcy Angc F327 MflBociup V3 4 Hord Dsk '319 AHDM10 A Hard da* meru system F312 Tracbdvfc eemoe those Dugs F30S Spactog dCatxie including ail mon related spoce rmssons 'ntresled '300 TffleGen VI 6 Vdeo
production '270 AmtgoPunl Nyse preddon PrgA '269 Cotendar.ChessTutorSomPonla '240 DungeonMosJerMaps au 14 levets F074 Mccto obtect dawir Very Good '041 Arygov«rturawr*e yax wrUJ« F031 Vdow Dra r.ng Dosed orfaa) o* V00? Cl© art 18 (fetalito 00 pat VC16 The F6h Tank SimjWor.
F391 (roadLab tpe koOdS F393 'omConved tont corwerscr prg PrinfSpool Anoiher easy *oy to print F394 Some animated pomiers Dpart P s Pnntimogo eosy to prM noges F396 Pcoienda. Pesideni A tec C utls Poad&x iG T’p panne* ptogrcm Turbo ’ooa speed program Ike Fostfonts F397 DKBTrae a compide ray trapre F401 HQDpySor created usng M£DV? 1 ’402 Aooc Tutoroty prgAPrf pr-nang
m. The IcMtf PnrlSkxJo New VT 2 F403 New fads* program. CowaJdto-
mdi based nvsc synihesw program' '404 NGTC Trvc game Dcsed on
Sto Trek The Next Generaon series (21 F406 ATCopy Hard dsk
users DrWork V086 The Video Appkdons Pock (21 V090 Taro
copy.pcture npper.sound Iraker nppw.sltdeshow maka D-Copy,
COPIERS, $ o« Now fitfi for olhon) F165 Itomcopy copy a ds*
irto romCI F139 Turt)o6ockup fOSWfS* dup'cator F035 Qxk
Copy copy some producton VC83 A-Copy One of ne Best Copers
VIM TarWus Acxd Processor progrir' VI08 Am aso Rte do*at ase prog*am F328 AnoVCak Complex Spretos -«a fm
* ZT 0286 KylteManogje Picture Musc 12) 027? 'redJy K ugar ns a
nghtmare 059? Mfomv Vice & Crockas Theme (21 0612 Menfy
Pythons The Gongs boc«2l 0614 Defit* Goson Eiectnc YouW2i 0635
1000ngo 64 Ties Cesses 0860 Teerv e NeyJ T rtes Pcturo 0797
h©n*y Porky Moctonnas rrvsc dsk 0838 Ttw Star Wors Mure Disk
0854 Kyfae’s Made m Heoon 12) 1047 Robaop Dgi Move productions
SOUNDTRACKER & MUSIC PROGRAMS 0931 Soundtracker Intecton
0965 Soundraker Mods (61 0917 Soun* of Frrpdi 8 10(2) 1062 WortdconsOgta sounds 1 V032 ST mstrvnervs 161 Onh from 15 VO! ST instruments !4] some more V097 The Muse Composer Progrom V031 SoundTrtker 2 4IST-0C 0913 Breottt Corwucton Sa & gor« 0914 The All New Stor Trek Game f2T 0920 Breaker and Cards The Games 1060 Star Trek The Next Generation the mega New storTrek Follow up gome F345 Crobots Simulor to Meek warrior F336 MinWosf. Sys iPongol end Car F320 Am Omega Simiiar to Hock rogue but s much more complex. AMD style '205 Both Bdtlefcvce & Chess geme F194 Mao'Dungeon snJdo game H9?
PakM r87 wPi new teases nso DdOAnsnmerv fight sm Prg
* 12? Aster ods Btost ’hoseasterods F062 lorn and Hock (21 AMD
sye gomes GOLDNCXSKS.
0111 Wok* Derros Sioie lor 2Mb* 121 V047 JamTrocka VI0 Program V088 instruments tor Perf«1 Sound VI07 Future composer Music program V116 ST-07 House muse instruments Vlll Aperaomtes Cosmc sounds V112 Drum Sarrp« sounds (2) THE HOUSE MUSIC SELECTION, 0575 Wheres the Base O-e d tie oesr 0689 The Tahonrcs Semw Dak 0883 008 State remaes A NEW Mk 0879 Magnac Bed 31886 367 0880 Out M»IBedmaslerll2L 887 PD Soft. (AF) l Bryant Avenue, Southend-on-Sea Essex SSI 2YD.
088? HowseSomples I t3L8BV88S MS? Aiders owvofcmev 097? Betty Boo Mus* Sample disk IC0S Son House Mus* Number 5 ANIMATIONS f ALL 1Mb) 0099 Drogons tar the ongcl d $ k 0477 Froctd flgW rwiewed m AF 0SS5 The Poke car chcses reviewed 0674 E pc oceans arwrcMd spoce c*v 0791 Space Snu*ie Wow »»jme, 0988 Asemds The new anfmakr 0733 PMC Froctoi Renewed AF ion 0734 Clothes Peg Res-tewed Af ion 0849 Drogom loir I The Time Worp 0856 FilW the FsWranetwd AF let) 0891 Slealthy Maoeuves il reviev ed 1021 USA vi koq ExceJent sequence '035 Batman tho mowo Seviewed AF THE MEGA OEMO SELECTION 0349 RAF Grea?
Ghostbusfers sect (21 050C Scxpei Vek? Hongaver sTunrvng 0662 Cron s Modomo demo AClQSVC 0664 Budb'on ~e cxgd No one I?)
0667 Crorxs Never A’herWModonna $ 07?4 ntuky Exce4er" vectors Gm 0739 PossesseoA ery good.Qufte torge 0799 Goms Ths wtB nor end (21 0817 Frest coia the sem coders (21 0827 War Folcons Masterfuli vectors 0892 GotfSre 1990 Th retrewed AF 0948 Maxrrxjm Owtove Lxceilenf ,21 0957 The Prme 90 Megj Demo, v Good 0960 D-Mob House Mu« r*x-Per 4 (21 1002 BlOBRAN MEGA DEMO ¦ THE BUCTS ARE BACK N TOWN 1003 Hortton Anotar wcelem Dsk 004 Treod Piesea' iher Cesi MD 1008 Sharo ft Enjoy Amanng Turm2(3) 1016 Crionia Tolal Oestrucliogs 1019 Tochnoflighf What a geat week 1044 Kofronj Presents The Wall ‘.065
HowkrsAatest megc demc dsk THE NEW DEMO DISK SELECTION 0730 Scocpex co4edcr 84 Sevew« 0702 Choles Dance Hous fevewed 0704 Awesere Pr»rew loo»s very good 071S Evd Deo31 S»rplaMur«(2l 0723 Depeche Mode Mus .l013 (21 079? Aliens Mega long Sample (?)
0797 Madonna Hanky Ponky rrx M dsk 0803 Journey Mo Scwnd Pevewed 0804 jean Mcheol Jane Equnaxe 0814 prre's Ultrxle Dodands ll 08 76 The Commodore 64 Fvture Show 0899 Bangng Bcves Isf wwnd AF 0905 Zootook ieon Were jcne 0908 Ghostbusiers Og rru« dsk 0910 war c me Wonos Meg: nx« 0926 The Who Megc Scxnds Numper' 0933 Amos Demo number 2 more Amos 0937 Mom V e Serna dsk Very Good 0956 The Evil Deoa Mego Demo dak 0959 1990The5es'oemosofthey Df 0962 Fomosk A" '2;.3eviewa2 AF 0989 Wroth of the oemcr, r«,5 dak 0991 Th* Chp Mus Festvoi X720 O.aodas Mrtc concecft 1022 Scomers (2) 3*Ves 4 $ crz*s
027. j®er . vewedAF‘«c 04? Brxe.ee veg: *5e s-cw ds* 049
Toto»ecd!tne«rod!sk 050 Bac* to the future l demo 05? ’he
fkgr rxye sideshow (2) OS4 The Biues Bothers PresentS3) All
Orders Dispatched Wiftiin 48 HOURS. A£AP£OR*cso»*r W =
Nurr*«ro(0nlu ¦ 1MB Maroy «nj j tc Overseas Orders Welcome
WE ARE OPEN SATURDAY’S If you are seriously interested in
using or programming your Amiga or indeed any Commodore
Computer, then joining ICPUG is a must!
CATALOGUE DISK I FRED FISH PAPER I PRICES PER DISK For lull details send a stamped addressed envelope lo: icfil Ufg ICPUG Membership Secretary, Jack F. Cohen, PO BOX 1309, LONDON N3 2UT Telephone 081 -346 0050 after 6.00pm Tired of boring catalogue disks’ Get the unique, easy to use PO Son Database Catalogue Cteks They contains details of over 1800 disks available directfy from slock trom as A multitude of options including Search & print 2 Disks Onfy £1 SO free Updates Ever wanted a complete description of ait the Fred Fish disks on Paper’ ' veil, the entire hst is now ONLY available from PD
SOFT Approx 60 Pages revealing everything oboui every progrom in this range as described by fredfish Only Ft SO I-5 Disks £2 50 6-10 Disks £2 25 II-20 Disks £2 00 21+ Disks £175 With exception to Itcencewore and Special Packs XX please ask for list and state that you are over 18 PD UPDATE PEOPLETREE AMIGANUTS 923 Back m AF18, I listed a little program for genealogists called A- Gene. Unfortunately, that particular version had several major bugs and proved to be fairly unfriendly.
So Amiganuts withdrew it and temporarily introduced this program by M 0 Vahle.
PeopleTree doesn't have the massive specification of A-Gene.
Only supporting 500 entries.
However it does have the advantage of being able to have large comments inserted about everyone in it. Ft’s slightly less ambitious than the new A-Gene (mentioned below) but is simpler and more suited to smaller family trees with more detail for each individual.
A64 EMULATOR AMIGANUTS 918 Hands up everybody who has ever asked for a Commodore 64 emulator! This is the software half of the solution, and does indeed seem to turn an Amiga into that venerable dinosaur, a C64. It was written by Cliff Dugan - he helped on one of the commercial C64 emulators, Go-64!
There are two important points to consider before buying this program. On its own, it can't load 64 programs or data - you will need to order a piece of hardware from the States in order to be able to plug in 64 disk drives and printers (this is fairly cheap, about $ 25). The other thing to remember is that tape loading is not supported: I suspect this is because very few people in the USA ever used the C64 with a tape unit. Ho hum.
Still, if you've got a lot of C64 kit and want to make use of it on your Amiga then this is the only solution that I currently know of.
TBAG 49 AMIGANUTS The Tampa Bay Amiga Group continues to make monthly disks. I've not seen one for some time, but you can rest assured that they are still out there. As usual, all the programs and documentation run from a menu program, rather than from Workbench.
The utilities are, in no apparent order: Amo, which is a loan repayments calculator by James Manmon: Fastpal, a PAL NTSC mode switching program for machines with a Super Fatter Thicker Agnus chip (no doubt handy for Americans wishing to use European software, but pretty redundant in this neck of the woods): FixDisk by Werner Guenther and Formatter by Olaf Barthel, two disk correction formatting programs: and New RAM disk, a rewrite of the ever-popular RAD: utility. This will make a new RAM disk which behaves exactly like a floppy disk. It can be booted from and survives a reset.
Two games are also in there: Tbet. Which is a Tetris clone (The Tetrix - I understand that it had to be renamed after somebody made some noise over the name) and also Xfire. Which is a bit like Pacman except that you are armed and dangerous. Quite fun but nothing special.
U-EDIT ELECTHIX AU001 A shareware product from the hands of Rick Stiles. Its a cut version of the full program as per usual, but what you get is quite impressive. Ever wanted a word processor that could edit 100 different files simultaneously? I'm sure you haven't, but that's the main strength of this program at any rate - handling multiple files and jumping around.
For myself I found it finicky to use, but it does work and I'm sure with a bit more practice I could even get to like it. Horrible default colours though.
A-GENE V3.00 (1 MB) AMIGANUTS 933 This is the rewritten family tree program. It's a shareware release, which means that it doesn't have all the features of the full version - the main feature of shareware is that you can try before you buy.
One important point is that the data created with the old A-Gene is not compatible with the new version. The author, T M Simpson, will upgrade data for registered users only, which is fairly good of him considering how much effort this will take.
Apart from being cleaner and less prone to crashing, the new A- Gene has much the same features
- 600 people with 300 marriages, and a variety of data types:
date of baptism, marriage, death and so on. There are no
separate Mormon and Anglican versions, different religions
being catered for with the same program.
As set up, it will work with any printer (necessary for this sort of Continued on Page 186 » Demos Corner EVIL DEAD DEMO the Static composed acid track is equally head-scrambling. Well worth checking out.
AMIGANUTS UNITED DISK 950 This demo is here because I'm one of those people that is a great fan of director Sam Raimi, so anything with the Evil Dead in can't be bad! The demo features the room in the shack where most of the action takes place and a few of the demonic characters pop up along with a sample from the film. Use the cursor to blast them when they appear.
If s gruesome!
MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE SOFTVILLE PD DISK 719 (2 DISKS) Most of the demo is pretty much a standard set of filled vectors whizzing impressively around the screen. That's nothing new, but the Star Wars style intro is more interesting, featuring a space dogfight backed with a sample from Life is Life by those fun Yugoslavians, Laibach.
UNITED FORCES PD This is just the thing for those of you who like wild images and acid music. The pictures utilise the copper chip to produce some eye-straining effects and CALL OUR CREDIT CARD O R D E R L I N E I DEPT AF20 BARBICAN HOUSE BONNERSFIELD SUNDERLAND S R 6 0 A A 0 9 1 5 6 4 14 0 0 AND GE T YOUR ORDER FAST 0 0 1 5 6 A I A 0 0 10 0 5 STARTS MAIL ORDER MADE EASY ¦ SIMPLY WRITE OUT YOUR NAME, ADDRESS AND ORDER DETAILS ON A SHEET OF PAPER
(AND YOU GET FREE SWEETS) MOUSE MATS £ 19 9 AS 0 0 DUST COVERS £2 99 3 5 CLEANING KITS £2 99 RAINBOW LABELS SO lor 99 p 10 CAP. LIBRARY CASE 99p 80 CAP LOCKING CASE£5 95 10x3.5- D S D D 1 3 ST PI £ S SO 20x3 S' D S D D 1 3 ST P 1 £ 9 9 S 30x3.5 D S D D 13STPI £ 1 4 5 0 4 0x3 5 OS D D 1 3 S T P 1 £ 9 0 0 50x3.5- OS D D 1 3 S T P 1 £23 SO 10 0 3 Call 4 Discount
- 1 j Guaranteed, c w labels i 598 BA LEFCftCE Super strategy
game i 156 157 ALL NEW STARTREK Get tha One !
597 JEPARDY The gome on the Am ga 596 COLOSSAL ADVENTURE ana World 595 ARCADE BOARO 8 CARD GAMES 594 MONOPOLY Play if on your Amiga 571 TREASURE :SLAND Great for Kias 1 567 FRANTIC FREDD'E The old 64 Gome i 561 CC GAMES Collection of Games 472 ED-209 Shoot Turtles Batman . More 448 PACMAN 87 *he old Classic 447 RECREATION GAMES Otherllc etc 446 BIONIX Great PD Shoot Em Ud 283 PSEUDO COP Shoot Em up 282 POPEYE LCD GAME v©s. We* Ermm 280 MECHFORCE Strategy War gome 276 HOLY GRAIL ADVENTURE Te«t Only 593 BANKIN Hardies your accounts 592 WOROWRIGhI AmiGASPElL WordCXO 591 QBASE & SPREAD datoDase
590 CLERK A Clerk program 7 I donf Know 589 JOURNAL Keep ’rock Ot you-* Ban* ' 496 VISICALC Great so'eoashee’1 495 RIM DATABASE Powerful PD Da’opose [ 358 UEDIT WORDPROCESSOR ana more 434 A Mi BASE A s*mpie 8 field Dotaoase 179 FLEXIBASE Simple ddtaCase 178 ANVLYTtCALC Good Sbfeodshee* 602 ElECTROCAD DEMO PCB Desgre- 600 C-LIGHT - PD version o» ray-troce C'Cg 505 MAC CUP ART Great for DTP etc 494 ARP l 3 AmgaDos Replacement c-cg 466 467 468 Counfoch Chp Art - Mpre DTP 464 Sozooon C • With ZC A68K Asm 460 ICONMANIA Brilliant Icon Utils disk 378 379 380 C MANUAL (CIO JuSt Superp 377 NORTH C -
Compiler for the Amga 356 MESSIDOS PC file reod Write to disks 354 SiD 1 6 The best Directory Utility GET IT 345 346 VIDEO APPL Fonts.utils and more 340 JAZZBENCH Flashy Workbench III 127 128 Tv GRAFFix Fonts ana Backdrops 114 INTROMAKER creates scroiiy demos 118 NOISETRACKER 2 0 latest version MIDI 119 120 ST-01.ST-02 Sompies disks 122 123 ST-90.ST-91 New Samples dsks 117 FUTURE COMPOSER chip music maker 459 JAMCRACKER Great Seauencer 485 STARTREKKER 8 Channels " with MlDi 490 GAMES MUSIC CREATOR ’•26 FISH 300 Real time pitch converter 570 NIK WILLIAMS BROADCAST Superb It I 520 TOTAL RECALL
SKJes from «¦* Nm.
I 493 VAX PICTURE SHOW Great I 49‘ SPACE CS Nee Door* ocNses I 488 TRAVELLER SLOESHCV* very ga=a I 484 COLOR CYCLES Grec* Doan’ sn t I 463 COUNTACH II Fantasy An snow I 462 COUNTACH I Fantasy A * Show I 46’ RJNTSTONES Vwmo ana Fred I 454 NGHT3REED Spook. S»aes from fiim 205 AGATRON 8 SuDES 5- i spocee iaes 200 ROGER DEAN SLOES Ogitised -AM I ’01 FORGOTTon REALMS Nee Fantasy 183 NAGEL PICTURE ShOW m-9es A-ty 158 AGATRON 6 5LIDES Tcta y Br*ant.
I 139 REA. 3D SuD=S Tr* a Superb 137 ’ 38 SHENT5 SLOESHOW BrBont1 134 135 DMNE ViSONS More fon’osy 578'579 58C STATON AT K «?NE (2 MEG 575 576 577 LOST in SPACE C2 MEG) I 557 TMEWARP Demc t?om Drogons iar * fC8 BUSY Bet Foe rcy-troce Ohim * I 474 SPACE CHASE G'eo* leaped arum * 458 STAR TREK FiE£T MAN The BEST * 457 TRON SPACESH-P More by T Rente- * 456 steal twv 2 Cutsev Jet * gr‘e- Anm • 455 LcruS-'.tT.'POCL T Richter 5' 2* 4- ms 452 ENT LEAVING DCO Am-r Cass-: • I 212 STAR TREK G,ea* 5’2K anims b. *- j 196 the RUN The P*us -a- :'ase * J 192 WALKER a Het-cosc’er 4~ac*i Aofce-* I 398
Public Domain Software is simply software that is allowed to be
coined freely, since fhe authors have decided lo share their
programs wilh all users For this reason software can be grouped
together on disks which are sold at an equal price depending on
how many you buy When you buy any of fhe disks on tt»s page you
may copy and give them lo anyone1 Each disk has a code number
which is denoted with this symbol • what foiows the code number
is a brief discretion ot what is on the tksk A1 the programs
are luAy working and most come with documenafen on the disk We
will also £ve as much support as is reasonable I APPLICATION I
Public Dominator - PD mi h-.i-i:- w : •» I a a replacement
WB menu bar SuMmnal Message Inducer VI0 What IS PUDIIC
Domain._lsoeak9asc-.ptntheback yc«x«J FlamKey wJ cut a* keyboad
• • AMP! - Home Business Pack Uedit fhe easy to use wordprocessor
Visicalc and VC 2 spreadsheets RIM and Jbase databases and
Amiga Spell the spell checker etc 3 disks only C7501
• FftSH t95 Micro Emacs V310 fhe text editor wtxch is very
• FFISH 254 - Uedit v2 5a the wordprocessor
• FFISH 143 RIM V5 0 IS a tuily relational database
• FftSH 328 AnalytiCalc V24 01a is a hit featured system tor
numerical analysis and reporting (a spreadsheet!
• FFISH 93 Dme VI27 and MicroEmacs V3 8i the text editors
• SOFT 43 - Amiga Spell checker I TELECOMMUNICATIONS I
• AMICUS 17 COMM vl33. Aterm V72. VT-100 V26 Vtek V2 31 Amiga
Host VO 9 lor CompuServe
• AMUSE 39 Ahost. Aterm V61. Star Term and Wombat
• APDC2I Comm V134 Wombat V301 Handshake VI20aC Kermit
• SO 7 Star Term. Wombat Chat'. Aterm and Argo Term
• SO 29 BBS Amiga Vtl
• SO 31 Star Term V3 0 fuA features terminal trog VT100 V2 0 Comm
V! 3 Ahost VO 9
• FAUG 62 Access V26 commspackage
• FAUG 99 TAG the BBS
• FFISH 356 Ncomm VI9 comnxxxcalions cxogram I NEW AMIGA USERS I
• • A MP4 - Starler Utility Pack This pack was compied with the
new Amiga user in mind, to enable them to get lust about alt
the utilities that you may ever need plus a wordprocessor and a
database' Each disk in the pack automatically lakes you into
the friendly Work Bench enviroment. All the programs are icon
driven and have any necessary documentation The pack includes
The lour main tile compressors used on the Amiga ¦ ARC LHARC
Zoo and Povrer Packer Dir Work the friendly envtromen! That
allows many of the CLI commands to be executed al the click ot
your mouse. Text Reader allows you lo execute lexl on screen as
a CLI command using your mouse DFC2 Ihe multi tasking disk
copier All the AmigaDOS Replacement Protect commands. Virus X
Ihe virus detector and destroyer. Icon Master the excellent
icon editor Comm the communications package. Machll the mouse
Disk Storage Deluxe displays information about disk drives Disk Salv attempts to salvage data from damaged disks New Zap the sector editor Sale Boot the boot sector database and others Also Uedit the wordprocessor Amiga Spelt the spelt checker and Jbase the excellent database All this is available on 3 disks only from Pubkc Dommator lor Ihe mega price ol €750' I UTILITY I NOTE We have chosen the best dsks with the latest versions of utilities to teatire m this advert however many more ties and utkties are featured m these and other disks but are not detaAed here FULL details are to be found on
our Disk Cat tor t100 Our DiskCat has a fast search option for ease of use
• FFISH 366 PnntStudc V12 pml any text file in many styles print
part of or a whole picture, screen or window also control
printer and much more
• FFISH 362 ArchEdge VI5 a shell setup lor ARC ZOO LHARC
• TBAG 3 Disk Cat the disk cataloguer
• TBAG 4 DirUtil 5 the disk manager
• TBAG 6 Biorhythms the life cydes program Bttz Fonts speeds up
• TBAG 9 FastMem toggles on olf Expansion. FuncKey assign text to
Ft-F 10 Word Count the number of words in a tile
• TBAG 10 AutoPic2 shows all (PIC HAMI m directory
• TBAG 13 StepRate change step rate of disk drive
• TBAG 16 - CU Wizard Vt 2 mouse operated CU Introducer DIY demo
with your own picture, text and sound1 Planet will wrap a ttat
IFF picture into a sphere
• TBAG 17 Database Wizard Vtl name 8 address database tor 400
• TBAG 18 BIG is a screen magnfer DoTI V3 4 the Orectory utility
• TBAG 19 Pyro a screen blanker shows a treworks cksptay
• TBAG 20 Brush2lcon turns a brush or pctixe nto an con
• TBAG 21 - Vscreeen allow screens to be larger than the physical
one. Also lots of window uUs Wsze Wmove Wmax
• TBAG 23 - Crunch2 arctxve a program but sti executable Hermit
saves screen at keystroke using hot keys Pcxnter Animator 15
colours animated pointers ScreenX V22
• TBAG 24 CickDOS V204 directory lister Qvew V10 text file viewer
• TBAG 26 - Daisy Wheel IFF picture tile printer
• TBAG 29 - ShowFont V3 3 shows all 256 characters in a given
lont Read V2 0 Text Browser DFC2 Disk Format and Copy DosKwik
V2 0 will save large file say a 2MB onto several disks
• TBAG 30 MyMenu create your own menu on WB to rub any commands
Icon Meister Vt 4 THE Icon editor Disk Storage Deluxe Vt 10
shows details of ALL mounted devices
• TBAG 33 Background Muse Player V20 Menu Runner V20 and mouse
input until further notice Disk View grapbcaly shows a disk
• TBAG 35 Ruler a borderless window with a ruter rit LeftyMouse
make the mouse amtxdextrous
• TBAG 37 MegaWB makes your Work Bench screen as large as you
fckei Pop Up Menu VI38 peps up a menu MuchMore V25 the power
tii text fie viewer
• TBAG 38 MadSzer alows you to size a wrbow trom any comer
Display V329 an anxn ospiayer for ANM 3 4 and 5 Hash and FF al
n any resototoru
• FFISH 342 £ VtO is an con eOtor wtxch can create and rrvodty
cons uoto 640x200 puuets
• POOM278 LHARCa VO 99a data compresscxi program that ¦s 1001
compatbie with MSOOS LHARCV113c
• PDOM 279 European Software Agency Utkty t Anvga TootV15 Boot
Dbtro VtO BootGenerator V15 BootLeg V21 Character Erltor Vt 0
Coder Board V4 0 Cosaque Vt V Dcopyt Deluxe Presed V2 0 BlockVt
3 Font Roper Guru Maker Vt 0 ISCArnga v!5 Memory Searcher VtO
Menu Maker vIO NotSetracker VtO Power Ulity V20 PowerPacker
V23a PPMoreVI2 Pseudo Ops Save IFF Scanner V20 Scroll Maker 2
Seek Destroy VtO Seka Source Rescuer StartupCoder VtO.
Structure HunterVIO Time Cruncher V11 TVField'Writer V11 Vector Check VtO. View Boot VtOI. Vrus Expert V14 Virus Slayer VtO VrusKiAer V310
• PDOM 280 The Champions Total Ut4es Vo11 Boot Generator Boot Gn
Bootmaker BootWriter. Character Editor. Demo Maker DiskX v22.
Flash Ripper Font Roper Guru Maker Guru Master ton Master Make
A Menu NrxseTracker. Power Packer V2 3b PPMore PPShow.Sceneray.
Graphics Searcher SetKey Side Show Maker Tme Set Trustar Vrus
Kaer and TxED
• FFISH *3 MacM V2 4c features configurable your hep screen mouse
accelerator PopCU. Screen Blanker Mouse OFF SinMouse t
activates a wndow by placng mouse II Csck To Front (trng window
to front by clckng on it). Cycle (move a wndow cr screen to
back with left then ncpt mouse button ckckl Wndow and Screen
Stuffier. Clock Alarm Beeper etc
• FftSH 186 SxnCPM V2 3 a CPM emuiator
• FFISH 217 tnstal Beep Vt t wi play a sampled sound nstead ol
the usual screen Hash Snp It' V12 wi alow you to dp text from
any wndow
• PAN 28A Dcat dsk cataloguer compart* with Sccerbase
• FAUG 47 Fur-Key assign any text strng to a furcton key
• FAUG 50 Short Cut alows you to alocate text to a sngle key
stroke thus CU commands are easier to type
• POOM I4t ICONS Draw Icons Tool Icons and Disk xxns Includes
software to er»t
• POOM 276 Anwtsicn Unity Disk 4 Vrus X4 Zero Vrus KJ Da V«js3
Pcopy Vcheck Sectorama Fformat vt t Pseudo Vrus Killer 2 Boot
• POOM 300 The Master Vrus Kiler Vt 9 Recognises 105 viruses a
luJ 1st is on cxr DiskCat
• POOM 277 Dark Star Vrus and Crunchers 2 BS9 KiHerX M Em Lamer
Destroyer Pseudo Ops Mer and Seek 8 Destroy vrujs kiers Byte
Kiler Crunch Master Data Cruncher. DetJam Cruncher Crunch FF
Pcs with shower Dpant Unpack DragPack Flash Packer HOC ISC
Master Crunch Mega Crunch Power Pack RSI Cruncher and Super
• FftSH 67 AmCat a dek cataloguer Anvga Spel V2 0 speAng checker
RSLQock V13 a merxbar clock
• TBAG 31 ShoWiz V2 0 show ANY pctuxe with or without a scrbt t
pctixe cr several asks tul also play a muse fie n the
backgrouxxf Also show text ties n any cotoux* . POOM 59 Ameteix
Raoo Disk Star Term V30 P8t and PKJ272 packet temxnal programs
TA Term V5 0 a HAM Database for the Anxga Amaleux Radc Group
Morse Code SateAte Trading and loads ot HAM utAtes A must fa
senous HAM user
• FftSH 105 Recad Replay V2 0 alows you to recad and play back
mouse and keyboard sequences
• PDOM 62 The Pubic Domnata Anti Vrus Disk Vrus X V4 1 Vcheck V12
(la memory) Vcheck V19 (fa dsk dnves) ZeroVrus Vt 3 the fully
integrated vrus detecta and kiler Also BootBixk Champm the
utity and ntormation on boot blocks
• PDOM 93 ARP vl3 The AnxgaDOS Replacement Protect includes text
manual ties
• FFISH 228 Jazz Bench VO 8 is a multitasking WB replacement
• FFISH 229 Alaming Clock
• FFISH 246 NoCickV3 6 stops drives cickmgwhen no disk entered
LabetPrmt v2 50 disk label printer f Why Public Dominator for
your PD software supply?
T We have been tracing in the field for 5 years so (urtke the majority of PO foraries) we know what s what when it comes to PO. This is proven with reguiar orders from every comer of the globe 2 Huge selection from over 1300 risks1 3 Al risks Vrus free1 4 Al risks copied with verify flag on 5 Order by telephone or post with same day dispatch 6 Pay by Visa Mastercard. Cheque. PO or Cash 7 Government orders welcome.
8 Expert advice Got a question about our software?
Telephone and ask for the Technical department For a reliable, fast and friendly V expert service try us!
The Seal of Reliability
• FFISH 251 DiskSalv v142 DiskSpeed vt 0 test disk speed
• FFISH 286 FaslOisk a disk Optnxser
• FFISH 290 - Xlcon execute CU commands from a script by cickng
an con
• FFISH 338 SID V106 is a very comprehensive directory utility
• POOM 53 Fonts' 12 fonts Black Shadow White Shadow Avant Garde.
Palo Alco Basel Monaco. Pieiyiot Aldous. Celtc. Geneva and
Rangers Al ready to use Dpaint compatible loots
• POOM 54 - Fonts' 14 fonts Lneal. Bubbles Ham Coiner Vancouver.
SanFran Future. Premere. Hollywood. Broadway Cameiot Slenci
Park Avenue and Los Angeles Dpant compatbie
• POOM 55 Fonts 14 tonts Santiago Mcrosoft Sacon Swansong
Helvetca Mahattan. BookmanAkastx Tmes Tny.
Bo.e Long) Andover and Pea Dpant compatbie
• POOM 304 MessyDOS handles MSOOS formatted disks exactly the
same way as you use files on native AnxgaDOS disks FuAy
tinctorial read write version
• FFISH 325 Batchman V11 is a program that allows the user to
execute CLI programs and batch tiles simply by clckng on a
• FFISH 304 - Verity V12 Walks a drectory hierarchy reading all
lies reporting any ties that can’t be entirety read
• FFISH 243 ImageLab V2 2 is an IFF pictures marxpuJator NoChck
V3 5 stops the disk dove clcking it there is no diskin thedrive
Password V12!p you specify the password tor your systemsecunty
Pcopy V2 0 the excellent disk copier SimGen adds a 2 or 4
colour pctixe to youx WB screen
• FFISH 360 UUCP Vt 060 An implementation of uucp for the Anxga
including mail and news
• FFISH 244 BBChampon V31 load, save and analyze bootbiocks
Bootlntro VI2 you specify The headline text ol upto 44
characters and the scroling text of upto 300
• FftSH 279 MRBackuo v3 3d the hard disk backup utiity
• FFISH 300 TitleGen v!6excefient script language that creates
scroAng text on screen n any font and upto 500 ines tongi
• FFISH 213 ¦ 300 8 cotoux program cons'
• FftSH 168 & • FFISH 169 Matt D*on risk special xebdes loads of
Utaties and soixce Config VIO Clock V10 DME V13!DMouse Vt 1
• FAUG 41 ARC V02 compatbie with MSOOS ARC V50
• AMCUS 22 Printer Driver Generator V2 3
• FFISH 258 Dmouse vt 2 is a versatile program that xxaudesscreen
mouse blanker, auto window activator, mouse acceleratorpopci
pop window to front, push to back etc
• FFISH 131 - DFC is a disk copier thal muiti-lasks
• APDC 15 ton utiities fuA ol icon files and creators Some
• APDC 18 Floppy Disk Utils Quick Copy VI0. Disk Mapper
DiskSalvage Virus check System Ulils Bmz VIO text editor
TimeSet Acalc catulalor Amiga Monitor V11. MeM Grab fast
memorygrabber Directory Master Vll
• FFISH 164 DiskSalv V13 excellent He recoverer and undelete ut
Aty New Zap V318 the great tile sector editor Zoo V2 0 the
great tile archiver
• FFISH 106 - Fuxickey a function key editor I EDUCATION I
• • AMP5 - Suitable tor 8 s and over fealuxes 2 excellent map
drawing programs choose Ihe Earth coordxiates 8 it wi draw the
map altowxug you to enter text and print or save Evo (oAows the
Evobtxb of ile with skuis and maps etc Chemistry element penodc
table sxnply cick on the chenxcal and a window appears showxug
every detai on that chenxcal including a pxcture ot the crystal
structuxe Urxt conversion is a program that alows you to choose
al types ol urxt le length, time, weight speed etc and then do
conversions and comparisons wittxn them e g Feet to nxlmetres a
very comprehensive program German Language wit teach the bases
ot the German langauge Tutor is a speak and spel tutor Also
includes Study Aid Card. Hermes Formula. Cloud.
The Weather GEO Time. Gravity Simulator. Func2D. Gravity Well.
Ax Foi Wave Maker and others A 5 disk pack for C12 50' I MUSIC GAMES and Shareware Software Both our games packs are auto booting menu driven very easy to use disk packs
• • AMPS - Game Pack t Clue as in Cluedo Othello. Klondike
Canfield and Cribbage Backgammon Yachtc Tvision MtssleCommand
Cosmo 2 and 3D Breakout Empire Gravity Wars.Hanoi Hockey
Blockotl Jacktand Othello Master and Pacman A 3 disk pack tor f
• • AMP22 - Game Pack 2 Amoeba space invaders.
CosmoRoids. Stone Age a Boulder Dash type Back Gammon Chain Reaction. Master Mind. Reversi. Black Jack CrazyEights. Klondike Jig Saw. Keno Daleks and Ratmaze.Monopoly and Escape From Jovi V3.0 3 disks tor C7S0'
• PDOM 283 Callisto tOI Very lough space strategy game Daleks 030
Pontoon Pun 10 and World and Zeig 2 adventures
• PSU Space BloO a brilliant platform cavern game
• PSL2 Mr Dig help Mr Dig colect the apples and kin the monsters
Requires IMB
• PSL3 Q Bod shoot blocks at the various random shapes depending
on you a Tetns variant
• Pst.4 Computer Confkct exceiont speech and graphics e ttis al
action arcade game1
• AMUSE 13 Bui Run an Anencan civil war strategy game and Gravity
Attack a very good arcade game
• AMUSE 14 Battle Mech a strategy war game between robots
• AMUSE 15 Rocket a Lunar Lander type game Shiva the game of Ufe
Cycles £ a Tron light cycles type game
• AMUSE 16 Gravity Wars a space battle game with bnlkanl
graphics, and Larn the adventure
• AMUSE 17 Cosmoroids an asleroids game. Tunnel Vision a
graphical maze game soen from wilhin the maze Triclop invasion
and 3D breakout thal requires 30 glasses
• AMUSE t9 Conquest the interstellar exploration game. The game
of LIFE Mile Slone the board game. Monopoly, and Trek 3 a Star
Trek battle simulator
• APDC 3 Monopoly BackGammon Brckout. Klondike
• APDC 4 Tunnel Vision Othello CanfxHd Dogstar
• APDC 8 Shanghai Light cycles Othello Life3 Conquest
• FAUG 18 Tunnel Vision the great maze game
• FAUG 27 Kkmdfce the card game and Triclops the 30 planet defend
• FAUG 30 Hack the adventixe VI 0€
• FFISH 194 Mona V3 0 the single player dungeon
simulationadventure game IMB
• FFISH 273 BattleForce v361 game
• FFISH 336 Car V2 0 is a racing game
• FFISH 357 Empire V2 Iw is a multiplayer game of exploration
economics and war
• FFISH 62 HACK Ihe adventure
• FFISH 63 LARN Ihe advonlure
• PDOM 77 Paranoid the breakout lype game
• PDOM 90 Tennis' IMB
• PDOM 79 & • POOM 80 & • PDOM 8! Star Trek 3 disk game by
Twisted Images IMB External Drive Required
• PDOM 215 8 • PDOM 216 Tne Slar Trek 2 disk game by AGATRON
Excellent animated grapf«c game
• PDOM 233 - The Holy Graf Adventure 1MB
• PDOM 234 The Golden Fleece Adventure GRAPHICS Both our graphic
packs are auto booting Work Bench driven very easy to use disk
• • AMP3 Graphics Pack I Rot 3D a 3D drawing package Vdraw a good
painting program RayTracer MCAD the Computer Aided Design
package that works in high resolution plus utilities convert
PnntShop io IFFCIipIl clip any part ol the screen and save as
an IFF picture. HAMEdit a HAM picture editor Window Print tl
will print any selected window. Show Print II wilt Show and or
print any IFF picture.
Ushow and Autopic are 2 picture slide showers. Icon utilities Iconize la window!. IFF2lcon and Brush2tcon converters IFF2PCS will take an IFF picture and make it a puzzle. Filter Pix the image processing program lor use with Digi View lores B'W pictures A 3 disk pack for C750
• • AMP2I Graphics Pack 2 MSE the Mandel Brot Explorer DBW render
the ray tracing utility FBM the image manipulation library tsee
disk FFISH 334 below tor detailsI ST2IFF converts Atari ST
pictures to IFFNGI allows you to read view and retormat ILBM
pictures Pop Colours charge to colour pattette on the go Dpshde
SeelLBM Show.
ShowHAM the picture showers MACView display and convert MAC pictures to IFFHAMEditor !FF2Exec makes an IFF picture showable by a double click ot the mouse Some picture printers and icon utilities Bruch2C and Brush2lcon convertors Also some light synthesizers Viz Polygon and Kal A 3 disk pack tor f 750
• FFISH 359 Abndge An interim solution to Anim 5 incompalatxlity
problems Identifies Ihe origin of an Amm-5 tie and modifies it
to facilitate easy exchange between AniMagic.
Videoscapo. Animation Station Dpaint III. Edilorlvl 111 The Director. SA4D. Movie2 0. Photon Paint 2.0 and Cel Animator
• AMUSE 5 ACO Face Maker create faces in IFF format using Deluxe
Paint and the supplied Face Ed V20
• AMUSE 34 39 different pointers All absolutely excellent'
• FFISH 334 FBM VO 9 image Manipulation library Compatible with
Sun. GIF IFF PCX. PBM bitmaps Can input raw images and output
Postscrpt and Diablo Also does rectangular extraction density
and contrast changes rotation quantization halftone grey scatng
• PDOM 112 Graph5: utiles Ctp It1 ShowPmt ¦ Snatch HamEdt
Dissolve AutoPics Zaptcoo. ImageToots. FilterPix IconMaker
Startle IFF to Icon
• FFISH 295 Mandel Mountains V11 a Mandei Bret generator
[PROGRAMMING languages
• PDOM 211 NORTHC vl2 Steve Hawtcns C compiler Featurescompiler
linker, disassembler, examples and tools An excellentCcompiler
lor the knowledgeable and beginner alike
• FAUG 102 Ghost Script Interepreter VI2 similar to Postscript
and Forth programming languages IMB
• FFISH 171 Sobozon C compiler
• FFISH 193 ZC VtOI C compiler
• FFISH 341 P2C V113 is a tool for translating Pascal programs
into C
• FFISH 351 P0CV3 33
• APDC 25 Logo. Xlisp. Modular 2. MVP Forth
• FFISH 140 Stoney Brook PROLOG v232
• FFISH 141 Contains the source code tor PROLOG FFISH 140
• FFISH 181 AM XUSPV2Oof the Xlisp eterprelor
• FFISH 201 Draco VI2 the exceient f ogramrrxng anguage by Chris
Gray Docunentation on FFISH 77
• FFISH 37 Little Smaltalk
• FFISH 91 The Adventure Definition Language IADLI
• FFISH 337 Cmanual VtO is a COMPLETE C manual for theAmiga
Includes 70 fully executable examples
• FFISH 339 PCO VI tc Pascal compiler
• FFISH 347 Cursor V10 Amiga BASIC Compiler
• PDOM 60 Modula II compiler
• FFISH 314 A68k v261 ot the 68000 macro Assembler DEMOS r Clip
Art The lotowog 4 packs ol ctp art are risks that are fled
with ' black and wNte images that vwxid be suitable wtth al
graph*; and desktop pubtshmg packages The tnages are complete
and copyright free Clip It! Volume 1. C12.90!
Hundreds ot clip art images on 5 disks all It IFF format suitable tor Dpaint and PageSettor ate Subiects covered: sports flags, animals, cartoons, humorous.
Xmas. Jewish, borders. Halloween. Valentines, horses, eyes, alphabets, hands. 1930 s trademarks, zodiac, cars & more.
Here are some examples: Clip It! Volume 2. £12.50!
Hundreds ol clip art images on 5 disks ail m IFF format suitable tor Dpaint and Pagesetter etc Sub ects covered: men. Women. Hummatod A to Z. arrows, stars, explosions, humorous, cartoons, pointing hands, tood & lots more.
Here are some examples: Clip It! Volume 3. £12.50!
Hundreds ot clip art images on S disks all in IFF formal suitable for Dpaint and Pagesetter etc. Subiects covered Fruit. Herbs. Meat. Arrows. Special Ocasskms. Vegetables. Kitchen Utenots. Cups and Glasses Art Deco and Breakfasts Here are some examples Fun indoplh details ol I al our 1300 disks are in our disk based catalogue only £1.00 Credit Card Hotline 0279 757 692 Mon-Sat 9am~5pm To order, simply quote the disk code number Disk prices: all disks are priced equally depending on how many you buy: 1 to 5 are £3.00 each, 6 to 10 are £2.75 each 11 or more are £2.50 each All prices are fully
Please send a cheque or postal order payable to Public Dominator Amiga P O Box 801, Bishop's Stortford. Herts.
England. CM23 3TZ.
Foreign Orders: All foreign orders must add 10% (minimum £1.001. Non EEC countries & Spain. Greece, Portugal, Eire & Italy MUST also add £1.75 for registered post.
Send an SAE with a 1 22p stamp for a FREE copy of our printed catalogue Shows concise details of the top disks.
Clip It! Volume 4. £12.50!
Hundreds of ctp art images on 5 disks all in IFF tormat suitable tor Dpaint and Pagesetter etc Sub ects covered: More Art Deco. Babies Boys and Girls.
Lots ot humourous. Illuminated A to Z. Scrolls. More: a ocassions and Calligraphic Ornaments Here are some examples: work) although you can customise it with a special printer driver: you could use the InstallPnnter utility on Coverdisk 20 if you want to use a particular model.
Although it’s a much improved program, ifs probably worth getting the full version from the author (this costs £15). The full version has the capacity for 2000 people and 600 marriages. It's a good example of shareware in that although this PD program can be used for the purpose, ambitious serious geneologists will want the full blown product.
DEMO CREATOR V1.2 AMIGANUTS 920 “Hack Magic Digital Concert Demo Creator VI.2", to give this its full title. Written in AMOS by M Bush, it allows the totally untaF ented to put together their own demos with a background picture, ongoing music and scrolled greetings messages. In other words, the sort of thing that Maff puts straight in the 'rejected' pile.
MASTER VIRUS KILLER V2.0 AMIGANUTS 971 Xavier LeClerq keeps on updating his virus killer. This new offering recognises 105 different viruses, as well as 47 non-standard boot- blocks (harmless little loaders that are often mistaken for viruses).
What can I say about it that hasn’t been said before? How about getting a copy before a virus that's more up to date than your present killer manages to trash some disks.
Seriously, this is the most up- to-date killer yet. It runs from a user-friendly front end where all you do is point and click with the mouse. The only thing that I don't like about it is that you can’t icomfy it on your Workbench, to keep track of all disks inserted.
It’s very good for checking your disk collection but is a bind to use to check new disks, because you have to load it manually first.
Perhaps M LeClerq will put this in a future version, but for the minute this is the best killer you can get. Excellent documentation, too, and the author is always on the lookout for new viruses for the program to look for.
PROTRACKER V1.1B AMIGANUTS 928 The long, long saga of the SoundTracker music writer continues with this updated release of a rewrite from the Amiga Freelances of Norway. There's not much difference, except for a lot of bug fixes and slightly faster operation.
The only major changes are that the MIDI screen has been taken out. It didn’t work before, so rather than attempt a rewrite to get it right (and no doubt make yet more updates necessary) the programmers just hacked it out. This version will still - apparently - accept MIDI in, so that you can use the Amiga as an instrument.
The other new bit is a sampler submenu, for playing about with samples and cutting them to the exact size and format required. It's a very useful function indeed, although precisionists will probably There’s also a sample editor built into the program now, enabling you to cut and paste sections of samples and add echoes. Not quite as good as dedicated sampler software but as it’s built into the program I don't think it matters that much.
Finally, MED V3.0 is now totally compatible with machines upgraded to Kickstart 2, so in theory it should work on all Amigas including the A3000. Thumbs up on this one - blows SoundTracker onto the scrap-heap.
FRED FISH 441 SOFTVILLE One problem that many PD programs have is that they often need a copy of ARP libraries on the Workbench disk to work. Two out of the three programs on this disk have this problem, but Fred has thoughtfully put an icon on each one to copy these needed files to the Workbench disk.
In alphabetical order, we have Deksid, a hexadecimal disk and file editor from Christian Warren Insert a Disk Master Virus Killer is updated very quickly - in three months or so If you want a very cheap MIDI music sequencer then MED is your about 40 viruses have been added to its destruct list. Best bet. Here is the new sampling sub-menu - lots of options but not quite as good as some dedicated software.
Public Dominator mmSim
3. Master Virus Killer V2.0 ¦DEI
5. North CV1.3 EMEU
7. Show Wiz (TBAG 31) BEEESK
9. ESA Utilities 1 m SUPPLIERS GUIDE Amiganuts: 0703 785680.
Electrix PD: 68 Donald Drive, Chadwell Heath, Romford, Essex
RM6 5DU. Softville PD 0705 266509. Ultimate PD: 44 Festimog
Rd, Gabalfa, Cardiff CF4 2QS United Forces PLK. B38 338B
W-3320, Salzgitter 31. Germany.
1. Flash Danish Know How
3. Dragon Megademo ademo 1
5. Budbrain Megademo 2 EXE
7. Stealthy Animation
9. Timecode’s Total Recall want to use the sampler software
supplied with their sound sampler.
MED V3.00 AMIGANUTS 973 At last, a full update on my favourite PD music program. MED has just one person behind it, Teijo Kinnunen - as opposed to the hordes behind the SoundTracker, Noisetracker, StarTrakker and ProTracker series.
Apart from the module-writing bits, there’s several new features.
MIDI routines are now fully operational, with MIDMn working properly now. If you don't like appreciating songs as a series of numbers, there's now a toggle switch to display something resembling standard musical stave notation.
And Marc Dione. It's quite interesting and useful to see what data actually looks like on a disk.
Then there's an updated DiskPrint program, V2.3.5e - it's for printing labels out to stick on
3. 5 inch disks. Jan Geisser has done a thorough job in laying
out the screen so that most disks can be labelled without
touching the keyboard at all. Very easy to use.
The last is another update, this time to DME, yet another text editor by Matt Dillon. It’s now up to
VI. 42. If you've never come across it before, DME is a WYSIWYG
text editor. It lacks the layout and printing capabilities of
a full word processor but is nevertheless very handy for
editing text files (startup-sequences being the number one
UTILITIES Art of Vrus King Essential Jus 1 RW Database Notsetrac*e» etc Quck Base I»1---* L«L_Lt fvcku mign, Uhima'e Uws Le Coc*ers 202 JhhOes 57 Jwtes 1043 MVKV2 0 336 FiM Force Jws 342 ACU JUS 22 333 voces 1078 Essential Jus 2 1099 Pro Trac«er 1 1 1083 Anaf c*c 1146 tan Mag : 1150 AfeC 1159 Red Deri Jus 6 1158 Red Dev* Jus 7 1157 Exorcist KiAers 1151 C-Light 1156 Drrver Generator TOP TEN 1096 Ama ng T es 2 (3 *s*s. 1 meg) 1C78 Essenna Uws ?
1079 Mi A Mote 1161 1099 Protracker 1 la 659 Essential Uws 1 1117 Budbrain 2 1081 Kcksouadfe.
1079 To M A Mo*e 1161 920 100 C64 Tunes 898 Groove In Heart MUSIC 1081 Kcfc Sooad I msg 1087 GkJescope ¦ 1099 Soon Systems « 1093 Harfcy Par*, 1094 Wiabon Frtand 1125 Sound of Saeots 1154 TMN Turtles H56 Crusaders 1174 Jakes Music 1181 True Energy 1 MEG PD STARTER PACK Oct GREAT NEW Starter Pack includes all 19 disks from the too 10 lot, and our Catalogue All 13 Disks, Only C10.00 inc MASTER VIRUS KILLER V7 Can detect over 100 different types of virus, easy to use Its wfiaf we use.
AMAZING TUNES 2 An EXCELLENT 3 dofc, 1 PROTRACKER COLLECTION includes Protracker vi 1a and 9 great instrument daks 10 disks, only £7.95 inc with any other purchase fOI JUST £1 00 YOU CAN RECEIVE OUR HIGHLY PRAISED CATALOGUE CMS*. GMNG DETAILS Of OVER 1000 PUBLIC DOMA* DISKS OR ORDER 3 OR *OR£ Of THE ABOVE AN0 RECEIVE IT f*££ Of CHARGE Sand riiaqu* or Postal Order to: VIRUS FREE PD (Deal AF) 23 ELB0R0UCH RD, M0RED0N, SWINDON, WILTS, SN2 2LS. ENGLAND TIL: 0793 512321 FAX: 0793 512075 68 Safe Sex Demo (A Classic) 413 Alcatraz Music Disk 196 Nasa Space Pictures 433 Total Recall Demo 200 Classical
Music 434 Budbrain Megademo 2 315 Virus Killers 435 Noisetrack V2.0 347 The Golden Fleece Game 440 Demo Maina 4 366 Learn And Play (2 Disks) 443 Last Ninja 64-Remix Music Full range of T.B.A.G. disks in stock.
Free PD Catalogue Disk when you send blank disk & S.A.E. (or send £1.50) Prices: £2.00 per disk. Ask about our special packs.
Colm Byrne (AF3), 25 Kilbarron Drive, Coolock, Dublin 5.
Phone 483743 AMIGA PUBLIC DOMAIN £1.50 1 disk, £4 for 3 and £1 each thereafter Plus DON'T FORGET! COMPUTER LYNX - THE Amiga Disk Mag: £1.50 News Reviews Demos Utils Interviews & more! EXCLUSIVE TO US!
Subscribe to Computer LYNX tor 12 issues a get 2 extra tree, plus PD trom only 75p a disk, tree news updates & morel ALL FOR £20' (The price ol just ONE game) REMEMBER! We download PD trom the USA S Europe! So it's always the latest’ MANY OTHER GOODS AVAILABLEi DON'T MISS OUT! CALL US AND ASK!
REPLACEMENT MICE for Amiga STAmstrad PC .£22.99 PRINTER STANDS (with paper holder) ...£9.99 UNIVERSAL PRINTER STANDS .£7.99
MATS ..£2.99
COVERS ....£4.50 80
These are some examples, call tor prices on disk drives, mem
expansions etc. Please add £1 to all orders under £10 and
£1.50 for all orders above P&P Cheques Postal Orders payable
- Value for money!
IRELAND'S Nal PD Depl AF4,187 Perrystield Road. Cheshunl, Herts. EN8 0TL. (0992) 465366 VIRUS FREE PD Amiga Public Domain Software OVIK 1100 M DISKS AVAILABLE SOFTWARE HELPLINE OVER 1000 SATISFIED CUSTOMERS OVER IN DISKS ADDED EVERT MONTH MOST ORDERS SENT WITHIN *4 HOURS ALL DISKS DISTRIBUTED VIRUS FREE NOT MAIL ORDER ONLY Minimum order of 3 Disks OVERSEAS ORDERS welcome but please send Euro cheque or Bankers draft with order.
Please add £3.00 towards P&P.
All prices include P&P in UK.
ADULT GAMES AVAILABLE OVER 1t's ONLY GAMES 843 fetagai*;!* lJm*5 1064 irttrn (Great) 1020 Master of Town 936 Auto Barr 3000.
849 The Hofy Grari 850 BreakoutCcnM 830 Q Mi-taster 670 fence* 595 C*ePtxner 592 The lotf Occrest 832 Asafnx Games 531 Btoare 530 Pacman 525 Vim 1 meg 509 Paraeoa 507 Err«r*Jl* e 505 C«P 255 Fiasch w 116 lam PPG 117 feria PPG 154 Track Record 1 MEG 534 Games Os* 1 1179 Chess etc 1184 Mastemvic etc Catalogue Disk Available at C1.00 tent FREE with all orders NOW AVAILABLE: CLIP AKT Vol. 1 3 DISKS ONLY C5.99 Vally PD Just a small selection of hundreds of titles in stock, send for catalogue disk for fuller list of PD, only 75p inc P&I" All disks are only 95p, please add 45p P&P if less than 10
disks. If you order 10 or more disks you get a FREE disk & FREE post! Please make cheque Pos payable to'Vallv PD' or phone in your Access or Visa number lonlv 5 disks or over) for the quickest, cheapest high quality service possible! Why pay more?
PO Box 15, Peterlee, Co Durham.
SRS 1NZ. Tel: 091 5871195.
Greatest Demos: 007 8 Kefrens Megademo VIII Fab 015 Cronies demos inc Madonna1 017 Suntrackers II Heavy rock stuff 019 Rebels CancMand II Nice Dock.'
091 Dragcos Megademo great1 095 Crusaders Audo X mega 096 Crusaders Bacterium Fabulous' 031 Crusaders Freeked cut Great' 039 Technotromc demo Amazing 041 Pcoeye meets Beachboys Fi i» 049 Scientists Megademo 451 063 64 Kyle Mynogue demo (9) 065 Intuition Megademo good 066Warfalcons purple quite good' 091 Puggs m Space Quite amusing' 098Cryptobumers II megademo 103 104 Budbrain Megademo great' 119 Digital Concert VI Excellent' 197 Upfrcnt coQ fridge Unique' MSEcstacy 15 me Coma demo etc' 167 Danish knew hew good disk.'
173 174 Dmob 4 great 9 disk set' 177Boo Crazy loads of bob demos 179 Fraxon Horror macabre' 903 Slipstream demos me follow me 965 IT Megademo Qute n e 314Cr onicsNeverv*ere great' 351 Avenger Megademo good 359 353 Crusaders Bustman pack 9 487 488 Monty Python Lumberjack 1 519 Kartharsis Megademo nice 518 Crusaders Space delena & more 545 Mag Fields pack: 7 demos, great 557 558 No Bram no pain 2 disk set 586 Newtrons music box Crazy4 594 PMC demos pure metal coders 607 Tcxal Recall demo Good1 614 Budbram 2 New, excellent' Demos & Animations 001 Juggler 4 Walking cat S classics 003 Probe demo
Been on TV 004 Vargelis demo Superb demo'* 005 Enterprise (eaves dock Great' * 036 Gymnast demo Excellent1 • 011 Newtons cradle A 2 more Bnil' 012 The Rlxi Amm Fab car chase* 033 Knignt emerges from boo* * 034 Coo cougar demo Great * 050 wafker demo 1 Great * 051 walker demo 2 Excellent1 * 052 CX1 Fab ray Traced an.mi • 058 GhostpoO A Drip Excellent1 * 059Mag ian A Jogger Good' * 061 Adams family Of 60s TV seres 087 Indiana Jones demo fab Film clip 089 Juggette Good 64 colour anim1 115 Skulpt arums Window man ?
199 30 Starwars x fighters good' * 138 Corrtach anims Beer tm etc* 193 Skulpt amms Wa targ egsetc1 901 Exploding head amm A f'W 947 Real thngs Hcrses Doer* an«m 394 uAo Teenager arnos ar*rH • 365 The ugfy rrxjg A mere A-xjsng 370 Cofou cyclmg Nee skjt 380 Brd arums Dene n Sculpt 30 409Fractal flignt Superb Tmg • 411 Busy bee arwn Bnil ray traced * 457 Deluxe video anims good1 499 Basketball Bo«ng etc good* 493 Agatron arwns FI5, Star trek' 568-570 lost n Space 3 disks 9mg' 573-575 Staton at Kheme (3) 2mg 606 Dragons la*r n (Tmewarp) Fob 690 Fillet the Fish Great litte amm 680 Clothes Peg
Anan Very good'* 699 Miner Amm Good i«tt)e AmnV* Music & Music Utils: 037Mus maestro 7 Bnlliant muse 060100 64 tines Bnil disk, a must1 110 111 Quet not oemo Fab guitar' 113Genes»s land of Confus*cn' 124 Zarch muse Great rrvee disk4 147 Pan ui Great muse A arum1 156Sotndtracker Se-erai Arsens1 157 158 loads of Tracker samples1 2 170 Rcfoocoo denp P A nxjse' ITSTitams rruse HouseARap 190 Games muse Creator Good 944 Deluxe muse data me rrudi1 245 MoiQs* uxs of svnth progs 246 Fish 393 Case CZ editor* 948 Amiga chart ill Black Box etc 967 Dancemm Sampled muse1 317 Fish 300 Realtime pitch corv
399 Perfectsound sampler A samples 395 Enemies muse III Cts of tines 39T Digital Derpr. Nee muse car* 40C Beatmaster c'ucmtx T7 mrs* 498 TSR muse 5 Tecmxrcre r.pe 483 fejse sr a progs A mo* 510Bi nrg iroeoeroence 2 ftrtf 513 Depecne wooe mvae Good 521 Kerens *e oca Very good 534 Dmob 3 Amazng c«ear samples 538 Zarcn muse 2 2nd great disks1 540 Bang ng w*«s mvse good 546 Cyncn Muse Nee. 8 tracks1 5630jcstor Megamo. 90 Beat of 90 567 War faeens muse Nee pack 587 Amrgadeus Mozart cn Amiga* 599 Aude Mage Ail the Trackers' C02 Siients muse Some Fab tracks' 671 Med 2 13 latest -ersen A m ji 687
Madcraa Harry Parity Good 705 Crusaders p»y Genes-’S Bnil' Business & Serious: 057 Chet Space 26 utiis on thrs disk 117-20 TV grachcs * disks fot 3 50 153 aziPerch Altematrve w bench 154 icckvnatva Great to make icons' 228 Dcoe intromakc Ma»e intros' 251 Forxa ex Dig fonts 4 ramarage: 271 Ban DataOasa Gooo Datacasa 272hawt asa Easy to use datao-sa 273 Homa uhK 'Xiordna.gh; - -era 274 Xnavtcak: Sc'eaosheet • 276 Dmasta- Bar. - Bos-ess sajff 278Uaoit 'Xkyocaocasscr caog m 279-281 Dansta* uMs 2-4. 3 dsas 286 D6W Great ray tracer 4 D s' 293 Fish 286 Samoa coraarter etc 294 Amigeh 'Aaxdckocesscr
orog 295 Fish 327 wassydos, PC-Amiga1 297 Fish 334 FBM GfacFvcs ccnyart 3012 Ciioart 2 disks UI of clipart1 303-305 Seamed cioan good1 3 3C8 Nath C Comptier C compilaF' 309-tl C Marsjai cn 3 disks 2 85 315a d vi 3 Aitamataa ccanrTsands 316Sd»l 6 &iHant daudtffV 448 9pnarpackar 2 3b: Excel lent' 489G«aphics disk, many useful cross 544 Docoy Good copy uhiity disk 560 Boot block utiis Useful routines 600 A64 Commodcke 64 Emulator' 601 Clanc Acccx its type ptogram - 615Cixsorvl 0 Basic cpmpileh 6!6Pascalcompiler self ccrrolmg!
617Mcad Cad design program' 618 Rot 3d drawmg package' 636Cligtt Excellent my traceh 677 xmatecr Radio Ham radio disk* 694 Bcrythyms. Starchart etc Good' 720 Electrocad PCS demo Good' Games & Leisure: 043 Holy Grail Text adrenture • 268 Computet conflict Sheet em up 367 Epic prenew Amazing' 3689 Star Trek Brill 2 disk gam«i 2 4245 yearn 4 play Fixi for kids! 2 426 Amgaman games pack. 10' 443-5 Star Trex 3 disk version * 451 Tennis game Good shareware1 • 458 Games Car. Mirubiast 4 Sys!
481 Othello Cnbbage Klondike etc' 5T4Tieas*xe tsiand Fi ifcrkxJs' 555 Amigaman 2 Dnp, Chess etc 556 Elvra oemo Excellent!
581 Colossal Adv 4 World Adv 582 Castle of Doom. Adv game' 583 fiashbiet More than 200 levels!
584 Frantic Freddie 'Platform game' 595 Games Welltnx Quatro etc 612Monopoly4 Cluedo good!
625 Blizzard Shoot em up!
626-30 Education pack 5 disks 4 .50 683 Paranoid Good breakout game1 721 Battieforce Strategy game' Slideshows: 0l8Nighttyeea slide Fab quality4 044 Super Ham Cars Stunning' 045 Rogo Dean Great pics A music 067 Dynamite hires Unbelievable' 078 9 Agatron 6*8 Ray traced, fab' 134 5 Channel 49 ? Silents, bnil pics!
141 9 Countach fantasy slides' 9 149 Boris Vaiiego fantasy art. Brill!
576 Iron Maiden slide Nice pics!
606 Agatron 9 Latest Tobias slide' 610 Nik Williams slide Stummg!
665 Sun slidesncw II Greatpcs1 ‘ Denotes 1 mg Comp-U-Save Dr. Oxide Sav«- «»••»»•.. rl«-v« »w« RIVERDENE PDL 30a School Road, Tilehurst, Reading, Berkshire RG3 5AN.
Tel: (0734) 452416 Fax: (0734) 451239 | Comp-U-Save Public Domain Library America s biggest public domain librar has come to England with over 1.500 disks available !« r AMIGA owners You can now get an public domain shareware title Irom our collection at a verv reavmable cost USA COLLECTION Story of toe Amiga Amuse: Simpsounds
A. U.G.K G 131: Twilight Anim
A. U.G.K.G 157: KBC Anim Amateur Radio 5 Disks Amiga Diagnostic
Disk Breaking the law by Judas Priest Digital Sample Disks (7)
Q. C.U.G 14: Nibble Copier ARP 1.3 - Ready lo use Pointerlib:
Many new pointers J LANGUAGES LAN 15 68000 ASSEM LAN 112 PCQ
Mersey Away day Fighters of the 80's(2 disks of digitized Top
Guns) Amiga Revenge (Jack's reward) Miami Vice Theme (4 disk
sel) Blit Animalion Mandelbrot Sel Generator Milk-Run
animation by Dr Gandalf (free with upgrade) Zeolrope Demos
Dpaint Demo (2 disk • 1Mb) Dunng March we shall be at (he
Amiga • Expo in New York - home ol Comp-U-Save and Dr Oxide.
On our return we shall have a mountain ot new PD.
Lor you and a new style Catdisk.
Orders sent during our absence will be subject To delay - we apologize and will include an extra Iree disk ol our choice lor every 10 disks ordered!
We are the OFFICIAL P.O. Library LICENCED by Dr. Gandall lo sell his amazing UPGRADE - requires 5Mb memory • hard disk & New Fal Agnus.
WE ALSO STOCK THE COMPLETE AMOS PD LIBRARY S LICENCEWARE DISKS CHOOSE ANY 3 DISKS FOR ONLY £5.50 ALL PRICES INCLUDE FIRST CLASS POSTAGE & PACKING FREE CATALOGUE ON DISK WITH ALL ORDERS Disk Prices: Casual buyers pa a MAXIMUM l £2.50 Club members pav a maximum ol £2.00 Every 10 disks purchased - another tree Discounts for large orders Special offers for club members. The more vou buy - The less ii cost- Cheques Postal orders payable in: FREE PD CATALOGUE ON DISK (please state Atari ST or Amiga) when you send a blank disk and SAE to RIVERDENE PDL r n ACCESS AND VISA welcome I WHY NOT VISIT
For a small tee, you can join our EXCLUSIVE CLUB Imagine gelling The newest disks Irom the Slates before most P.D. companies even get their disks!
P. J. GRAHAM For further details on our catalogue disk, send
£1.00 to: COMP-U-SAVE
P. O. Box 157, Hayes UB3 4SR Middlesex A new angle in PD software
III Now you can buy ALL YOUR PD at one place. All the latest
up to date releases at some of the most competitive prices
9 5 ANIMATION COLLECTION: A Bridge. The Bun. Pngs in Space.
StartreL Manoeuvres. Agatnm Nn.14 BUSINESS COLLECTION: KIM tRelational Database I. Clerk.
Analytical*' * Spreadsheet, Wont Processor. 4 More Ootahases. 2 Spell Checkers. MCAD tAmiga CAD) VIDEO PACK: Catalogue Ividral Record* Cos scars CD's). Printer Utilities tLogging Yislet Cassrttcsl. Label Print. Databases els ADULTS SET I 5 Disks full of "Animations", "XXX' ADULTS ORLY ADULTS SET 2 J Disks full of "Shdeshosss". XY.V 18 AND OVER ONLY PROGRAMERS PACK: Forth. Modulo 2. Lisp. Logo. Pass at, AtsHk Assr. North C * Manual Disk AMOS PD PACK: AMOS Listings I JL 2.2 Disks FL U of AMOS Programes HARD DISK PACK: SID VIA. HD lllililies. Easy BasLup.
Passss ord. View ht) PUZZLES PACK: Pu::le Pro I Jigsaw type game).
Word Search BEGINNERS PACK: a Cli Tutorial. Quick Copy. I irus X. 8 Disk Master VJ.O ™ ARTISTS PACK: DBW Ray Trai t. Arender SO.
Chpu. DeluxeDraw. ShowPnnt 11.
FilterPix. Graphics Utilities Disk I CLIPART & FONTS PACK 1: Clipart Disk ( or Pagesener). Fancy Ft mis. Publisher Fonts. Various Fonts' Disk. Image Lab 2.2 CLIPART & FONTS PACK 2: Countach Clipart 12 AS, F-mts Disk 2. Cosmopolitan Foots Disk MUSIC COLLECTION: Beatles. Somis Player Junes. Games Musa Creator. Tracker. Ouahzei SAMPLE FILES FOR ABOVE: Sample Disks to 14. All different and FL U of Sounds ADV ENTURE PACK: Holy Grail. Golden Fleece. Castle of Doom. Return to Earth. World. Y Colossal. Adventure Writer C ARD & BOARD GAMES: Cludo, Crihbage. Monopoly, Mastermind KIDDIES PACK: Tram
Set Igame). Busy Bee it Tree Frog Animation Gaines ASTRONOMY PACK: Ami gazer Sc Starchart GAMES COLLECTION I: Blizzard. China Challenge. Moon Base. Drip. Escape from Jovi. Paranoid CLASSIC GAMES COLLECTION: Packman. Space Invaders. Slot Cars.
Flaschiber (Boulderdash Clone I. ( J) Mission Command DEMO PACK I: Juggeite. Juggler. Unicycle. Crypto kj Burners. Roger Dean Slulesho* DEMO PACK 2: ;Anarch . Awesome Pre tew. Cool Fridge. CryptoBumers 2. Hypnosis UTILITIES PACK I: Chet Solace Disk - 26 Utilities. Disk S Master VJ.O. DarkStar Utils 2J & 4 K X UTILITIES PACK 2: Opti Utilities. Up t Running. JJ Disk Label Printer. Vi hat E ver Next, Rastan Utilities 2 UTILITIES PACK 3: iC DiskMapper+More. MSDOS Sc J ST Lister. Printer Driver Generator '2J. My Menu. Syscheck.
DFC (M Tasking Copier) PHONE FOR FULL PI) LISTINGS AND NEW RELEASES PUBLIC o 9 9 oS O 9 ANGLIA PUBLIC DOMAIN LIBRARY Angua Mouse 115 Raneiagn Road Felixstowe Suffolk IP11 ?hu _ 283 Dl 494 * ) Software listed tihove is supplied on various quantities of disks (as shown below Prices arc as listed and PI R SET hut please remember to add ft()p p&p per order.
9vs£1"9:-se2- .¦ Simply plume your order through or send a cheque or postal order. Please add 6Op lo cover post and packing
L. DISK 00.97Q 5 “ACK £4‘95 MIXED CM 95 R wp xSL t EACH DISK
£ j. 4 iusk £3 96 New image 16 DISKS OF TOP QUALITY CLIP-ART
Each of these disks can be purchased on their own for £1
including post + packing or as a complete set for £15. All the
art is suitable for DTP and is in 2 colours.
337 - Fancy fonts, flags, signs etc 345 - Christmas clip-art 346 - Office and Sports 347 - Comic, cartoon clip-art 348 - Cartoon clip-art 349 - Vii cartoon clip-art 350 - Office equipment etc 351 - People, jobs etc. 352 - Fancy headlines, Xmas etc 338 - Borders, USA, people etc 339 - Maps, headlines, halloween 340 - Cowboys, v alentine etc 341 - Transport, flowers etc 342 - Lots and lots of food 343 - More food clip-art 344 - Cartoon animals, children There is much more art on each disk than is listed above.
See the catalogues for detailed descriptions.
CATALOGUE DISK: £1 or send SAE for printed catalogue CHEQUES or PO's payable to: NEW IMAGE SOFTWARE, 40 Appleby Gardens, Dunstable, Bedfordshire, LU6 3DB QAC ?
The Questions and Answers Club Got an Amiga? Then you've got questions.
Why not join us? We are much more than just a
P. D. Library.
For details send a S.A.E. to: SAME DAY DESPATCH. ALL DISKS £2.00 EACH, INC P&P.
Q. A.C. Deal Cottage, Bridges, Luxulyam, Cornwall, PL30 5EF v 0
H0A1 A three disk collection, includes Word Processor,
Database. Spell Checker and other utilities useful for serious work £5 00 for the suite HOME BANKING a home finance package, and HomeHelp a shopping list creator and advisor H0A10 SCALC good workhorse of a spreadsheet H0A11 RIM a superbly capablo relational database FF314 A68K, a 68000 assembler K & R *C".
H0A9 a C compiler FF315 AMIGAFOX text processor with graphics capabilities CLA1 & 2 TWO DISKS of dip ad for insertion in DTP etc £4 00 pack BGA2 BACKGAMMON. YAHT2EE.
MISSILE COMMAND. Excellent BGA4 CRIBBAGE, OTHELLO. CLUEDO, and card patience games GGA25 PAC MAN This is excellent Better than the original GGA8 BLIZZARD excellent shoot em up Good as £25 games GGA10 11 STAR TREK. Oh this is beautiful superb game Two disks £4 00 GGA30 Lovely version of the Boulderdash Arcade Classic FF336 CAR. Superb scrolling car racing game similar fo Super Sprint but better ATA3 DELUXE DRAW. Ov*y paint program SPRITE MASTER very good EDA PACK1 EDUCATION PACK of 5 *S*S covers Evolution Wono Geog'aphy Languages. Metric Conversion.
Elements. Weather Forecasting £8 00 pack EDA PACK 2 LEARN & PLAY. Two disk pack, covers simple maths, painting programs. Word puzzles etc £4 00 pack ADA1 THE GOLDEN FLEECE amazing text adventure. This is brand new and very deep Superb FF254 SLOT CARS, one and two player arcade action UEDIT. The standard best text editor processor UTA1 ICONS for you to use. Including NAUGHTY ICONS UTA3 DEMO CREATOR c-eat your own auto loading demo s UTA4 SIO. The versatile WorkBench replacement.
UTA5 The best of the PO COPIERS but needs two drives UTAI8 TUTORIAL DISK for CLI users Learn ail about it UTA20 QUICKCOPY auto loading disk copter UTA25 VIRUS X. the latest and best virus killer PC A3 These are really beautiful pictures, by Boris Vallengo DMA4 REAL THINGS Buds, lovely animated pictures of birds In flight DMA14 15 TWO DISK DEMO the very best Deathstar mega demo Runs fine on 500 £4 00 DMA21 THE PROBE iovefy demonstration of Amiga's abilities AMIGANUTS UNITED 169, DALE VALLEY ROAD, HOLLYBROOK, SOUTHAMPTON, SOI 6QX 0703 785680 Official UK distributors of the great T.BAG disks from
U. S.A. T.BAG disks are always available from us first!!
E. M.P.D.L. Amiga ST P.D. Library. Open 7 Days 9am - 9pm EMPDL.
STARTER PACK. A 3 disk collection ol the most useful utilities
inc. Woid Processor. Tent Editor, Database Spreadsheet, etc.
EMPDL. BUSINESS PACK, A 4 disk collection ol utilities with
the small business user in mind. Includes Accounts Slock
Control Etc. TV GRAPHICS A 2 disk set ol backgrounds and lonts
for video enthusiasts VIDEO APPLICATIONS. A 2 disk set ol
video utilities to accompany TV Graphics SMOVIE. A utility tp
display a text file on video in many ways FLEXI BASE. The most
versatile database around DADDYKINS 7. Disk salvage DFO-DF1.
Plus virus checkers and bool utilities.
DADDYKINS 8. Probably the only word processor disk you will ever need.
SPELL CHECKERS. A 2 disk collection ol spelling checkers.
ZC. A ”C compiler based on Ihe ST Sozobon C compiler. Fully functional.
"C" MANUAL. A 3 disk complete "C" manual. Over 200 pages plus 70 examples AMIGA EDUCATION SET. A 5 disk collection ol educational programs for the 14* LEARN AND PLAY. A 2 disk set lor the younger members ot the family STAR TREK. TOBIAS RICHTER VERSION. The very best version available AMERICAN STAR TREK. Excellent but needs 1Meg and 2 drives.
THE HOLY GRAIL. Excellent text adventure THE GOLDEN FLEECE. Anolber excellent text adventure DRAGONS CAVE. A brilliant 1 2 Meg game using the "Dungeon Master" graphics FISH GAMES SET. A 5 disk collection ot the best games trom Fred Fish TBAG GAMES. 1 disk with 8 ot the best games trom the TBAG collection LAUREL AND HARDY. An excellent 2 disk demo (needs 1 Meg and 2 drives).
JERRY LEE LEWIS. Great balls ol fire demo KYLIE MINOGUE. A 2 disk demo of Kylie s best liked records.
STUDIO MUSIC. A 2 disk set 28 tracks including "I should be so lucky" THRASH DEMO. A very good demo for all the Thrash fans.
Cheques & P.O.’s payable to: r
0602 630071 MAIL ORDER SWIV 9 Description SWIV MOONSHINE N RACERS Milennium Help Ike and Billy-Joe to deliver the moonshine to old man Tucker, but on the way you'll have to shake off Fat Sam the Sheriff in this cross-country chase. See Coverdisk 21 Description Price Order No Moonshine £17.99 AM188 Description Price Order No One binder £4.95 AM108 Two binders £9.00 AM109 Keep your issues together in this high quality binder with the Amiga Form al logo printed on the front and spine.
AMIGA BINDER Storm Be amazed by the superb graphics and stereo sound as you play as a helicopter or jeep m this slick, two-player military shoot 'em up. A well deserved Format Gold winner Price Order No £17.99 AM189 MIG 29-FULCRUM Bdomark Take the pilots seat in Domark's first ever flight simulation. Once trained to fly the world's finest fighter plane you'll be ready to loin missions which will take you from the Baltic to the Persian Guit and even over the Soviet-Chinese Border.
1 1 R Mindscape Take to your motorbike in this superb racing game.
See Coverdisk Issue 17.
Tumcan won 8 awards and Turncan 2 promises to be even better. An action spectacular without equal, it contains 12 levels which run to over 150 screens of unadulterated car- nage. Action extravagence like you've never seen before!
THE best language for your Amiga with the added bonus of Extend The usual complete package should cost £79.95. j Save £30! See Coverdisk 17.
Price Order No £19.99 AM182 Description Tumcan 2 Price Order No £17.99 AM186 Description AMOS Price Order No £35.95 AM168 Description Price
P. Basic & Extend £49.95 Order No AM181 Description Ultimate Ride
MAIL ORDER QUARTET Microdeal BACK ISSUES n See Coverdisk 12.
Then buy this package to create your own music. 'A music
package with a difference' - AF Pnce £37.95 Order No AM165
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magazine? Back issues come complete with disks - prices
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AMIGA FORMAT ISSUE PRICE 0R0ERN0 ISSUE 1 -10 SOLD OUT SORRY ISSUE 11 £3.45 AMF11 ISSUE 12 £345 AMF12 ISSUE 13 £3.45 AMF13 ISSUE 14 £3.45 AMF14 ISSUE 15 £345 AMF15 ISSUE 16 £345 AMF16 ISSUE 17 £345 AMF17 ISSUE 18 £4 45 AMF18 ISSUE 19 £3 45 AMF19 ISSUE 20 £345 AMF20 PERSONAL FINANCE TECHNOSOUND 9 MANAGER Microdeal Your finances will never again be a worry with this easy-touse home-accounts package ¦ New Dimensions ¦ 'ecmoso-nd 13" eas»h ..se ¦ samid sampa-g s»s»~ gcod sound Quality ter cotn beginners and professionals It I | comes with an audio tutorial cas- L J sette to help get you started.
Description Price Order No Description Price Order No Pers Finance Mgr £22.95 AM180 Technosound £24.99 AM184 Description Quartet MAIL ORDER FUN SCHOOL 3 Database Bumper packages of educabonal Jka ¦ software for infant and primary- JP school age children. The L complete suite of six programs.
Teddy Bear Under 5's I Frog 5 -7 Years I Robot Over 7 Years Description Price Order No TEDDY DISK £17.99 AM177 TOTAL ORDER FROG DISK £17.99 AM178 ROBOT DISK £17.99 AM179 AMIGA FORMAT MAIL ORDER Name _ Description Address Postcode Phone number Method of payment (please circle) Access • Visa • Cheque • PO Credit Card No _ ___ Expiry date Please make all cheques payable to Future Publishing Limited Order No Price AMIGA PACKS FROM £319.99 (INCl) Alcatraz .. Awesome HAT .. Atomic Rotokiil.
Amiga A500 only £320.00 incl Barbarian II tPSYGt ..il DM lI'V) .11 IW ir.w ..il DM .11 I. w .11".w ...IB.99 .11 “ 99 .11 1.99 ..11 1.99 Cadaver .11 1.99 Captive ...ill.99 Champions of Raj ..11“ 99 Chase HQ ...ill 99 Chaos Strikes Back .11 i 99 Amiga 1500 £699.99 inc VAT.
Battle of Britain...... Battle Command ... Battle Master .. Betrayal ... Bills the Kid ... Blue Max .. Blood Money . Buck Rogers ... Budakhan . Back to the f uture Amiga A500 Screen Gems £359-99 (incl) .Ext Drive £49-99 + a Games £59-99 A 500 1 meg Upgrade + free game £34.99 Spin Dizzy Worlds Hunter .. Prince of Persa Fxterminator Team Suzuki 108hS Colour Stereo Monitor £249.99 FUTURESOFT HUNDREDS MORE SOFTWARE TITLES AVAILABLE!
...tl i.W .121 W .11“ W li t W .11 i 99 .11 1.99 .11 1.99 .11 i 99 .11 1.99 Cheese Simulator .....ill 99 F19 Stealth Fighter .,i 1 “99 Ml Tank Platoon £ 1“ 99 Combo Raeer .i 1 1.99 F16 Combat Pilot.... .£14.99 Montv Pvthon .. £1-1.99 Conqueror .... Corvette .....il t 99 Falcon .... .£ 1 “99 Mig 29 ... £21 99 .....it t 99 Fists of Fun ..... .£1-1.99 Midnight Resistance £1-1.99 Corporation .....il I 99 Finale ..... ..il t.99 Midwinter .. Jl- 1 ".99 Crimewave .. .....il 1.99 Flight of Intruders...
...£4.99 Nitro ...... £1 t.99 Dragon Breed...... ...ii 1.99 Flood .... £1 1.99 Power Monger . ..il" .99 1 lavs ol Thunder.. .....id t.99 Football Sim ..... .£1 1.99 NAM ...... .£14.99 Defenders of the 1 arth IS. 99 Gods Kic k Dangerous i tit 9* Gold of the Aztecs.
..ill.99 Robo Cop 11 .£1 t.99 Dragons Breath. .. .....£17.99 Golden Axe ..... ..£17.99 Sitnulcra £1 t.99 1 iu k T ales .... .....i 1-1.99 Hard Driveing 2..... ..£14.99 Sly Spy ... .£14.99 Dragon Strike .....11“ 99 Immortal ... ..£1 t.99 Supremacy .£17.99 Dragons flight..... .....t-17.99 Indv 500 ... ..£14.99 Shadow Warriors .... £1 t.99 Dungeon Master Ed.....SS.99 Interceptor ...... ..£17.99 Stud Beast 2 ..... £20.99 1 )unge m Master .....1.1 t.99 Ivanhoe ..£1-1.99
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Shop prices may vary. Personal Culler may claim discount on production of this advertisement. Cheques. Postal Orders made payable to: Futuresoft, Unit 12, Great Yarmouth Business Park, Suffolk Road, Great Yarmouth NR31 OER ( P & P £1.50) SHOWROOM op«n: Mon - Fri
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Packard Deskjet
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129 Bath Road. 19 High Street Slough, Swindon.
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P. D. disks are inclusive of p&p HANDY DISKS PRIZE Work WINNER If
you have lots of disks scattered over your A500, there’s a
very simple way to store them. Simply put them into the slots
on the back edge of the computer - each one is just wide
enough for the disk to stick without being damaged. Up to 76
disks can be stored ready to hand, and it's a lot cheaper than
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Bench Pete Winnard, Technical Thread Software Helpful hints, queries answered, puzzles pondered, fears confirmed, easy fixes, hard fixes, soft fixes, opinions challenged... yes, it's another busy month at the Workbench with PAT MCDONALD.
Err... thanks tor the tip.
NO NIALL I'm having a couple of problems with Niall (Coverdisk 18). When I type in: CD DFO:Prefs Back comes the error message: "Can't Find DF0:Prefs" My setup consists of an A500, Kickstart 1.3, Workbench
1. 2, A501 RAM expansion. Star LC-10 printer and a Cuman CAX 354
second disk drive. Please reply in plain English only.
C Millar, Dumfries I regret to say that it's because you're Workbench isn't up-to-date enough. It works fine with 1.3, but
1. 2 had a different layout. Try to beg, borrow or steal a copy
of Workbench 1.3 from a fellow Amiga owner.
WOE GENLOCK I decided to go and do a bit of window shopping at the packed 16 Bit Computer Fair and, fighting through the crowds, in a flash of flamboyance, I bought a MiniGen genlock. Eager to impress my family and friends with home movie video titling I rushed home to try it out. Ever since I've been removing large chunks of hair... No matter how far I get using a paint or video titling program, the machine crashes. It never happens at quite the same time I might add. The programs work fine when running without the genlock but become very temperamental when It is attached. Is this due to
the fact that I bought a cheap genlock or is my 1 MB A500 not powerful enough memory wise?
I've been using Dpaint and some other video titling software.
Do you plan to run a series of articles on the basics of genlocking and desktop video?
Neil Burton, Tidworth ART SCRIBBLER I few 1 f
4. :Jf + a. 'I',: . L. l' Is Probably the problem is that the
genlock is consuming more power than your power supply can
safely provide. Some A500 power packs are very miserly when it
comes to supplying expansion hardware as well as the computer
- and genlocks do tend to take a fair amount ot electricity.
It happened to me when using a genlock and an A500. Although
my problems were not as severe as yours apparently are.
The many replacement power supply units which give double the amount of power available to a standard A500 power pack - more in some cases.
As for a series on DTV, we are not planning one at the moment but then again you can never tell - one problem though, is our lack of video equipment.
(We“are, however, planning a feature which will tell you how to make your own video, so that should help - Ed.)
So if I were you, I'd get one of I recently purchased an A500 and have been experimenting with Scribble and Deluxe Paint II. I've just about mastered the basic word-processing side ot Scribble!, and my son enjoys Dpalnt II.
Is it possible, thinking about preparation ot school assignments lor example, to move pictures prepared from Dpalnt II across to Scribble and then print the whole peice out?
Alan M Jewell, Guernsey Not with Scribble!. Some word processors do have the teature to load IFF pictures Isuch as those produced with Dpalnt) and include them on a printed page. Kindwords 2, Pen Pal and ProWrite can all do this
- I suggest you peruse the word processor comparison teature In
AF17 tor more detailed intormatlon.
NAME THAT CODE I'm having a problem with error messages and their codes. If an error happens on my Workbench disk, I’m told exactly what the problem is. For example "Attempted Rename Across Devices". If I do a similar thing with my own CLI disks, I get an equivalent error code ie 215,103.
Is there an error message database somewhere on my Workbench that I can copy onto Continued on Page 197 » UNIVERSAL OVERNIGHT DISTRIBUTION LTD TEL: 0228 512131 (24 Hour order line) Fox: 514484 Unit 26, Enterprise Centre, James Street, Carlisle, Cumbria, CA2 5BB ~7~ Personal Callers Welcome A A a a a Z HIGH SPECIFICATION 3.5" DISKS Our Brand SONY 50 DSDD ..42p each ....49p 100 DSDD ..36p each ....44p 250 DSDD ..34p each ....41 p 500 DSDD ..33p each ....38p Individually
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stands .£6.95 Extra disk labels (3.5") per
100 .£0.95 z z :z: z z DON'T RISK STORING
monitor stand enables you to swivel your monitor in nearly any
1 + £12.50 - unbeatable High quality 14" Universal monitor stand takes any monitor from 12" to 16" Z AMIGA P.D.-£1.25 A DISK A A 217 Demo Compilation 417 Lotus (1 Meg) 403 Agatron Slideshow 130 Rebels Megablast 111 Rave Demo (1 Meg) 206 Demo Compilation 114 HCC Music Disk Drip Word Processor Dmob Music 3 Nightbreed Show Digital Concert Space Ace (1 Meg) Scoopex Mental Hangover WHY BUY DISKS FROM US?
1. All disks exceed ANSI standards.
2. We supply shops, PD libraries and educational establishments
on a regular basis.
- VISA To order via telephone simply quote credit card number and
expiry date To order via mail make cheque or PO payable to:
spot prices. Bulk buyers - we have great prices.
Overnight courier (get your goods tomorrow!) £7.99. Min order value £10 SETPATCH PATCH If your Amiga crashes on Dpaint II when you load a program and then try to edit the palette, there is a way of stopping this happening. The problem seems to be caused by a known bug in Kickstart versions 1.2 and 1.3. It is fixed by running a command called SetPatch. This is in the c directory on Workbench and runs automatically - but Deluxe Paint II does not do this.
To copy It (preferably onto a back-up of your Dpaint II disk) load Workbench and double-click on the CLI or Shell. For a single-drive machine, use this method. Don't forget to press the Return key after every line: copy c copy to ram: copy c setpatch to ram: copy c ed to ram: Then insert the Dpaint II disk and type: ram:copy ram:setpatch to df0:c Now to get the startup-sequence to run the setpatch fix. You have to edit the startup-sequence. Then |ust type in: After a few moments of disk activity, the Dpaint II startup-sequence will appear. Type: SetPatch NIL: The NIL: part of it takes the
message that Setpatch prints and hides it - many commands in the startup- sequence use this to prevent lots of pointless text appearing. To resave the new startup-sequence.
Press ESC. Let it go. Press X and then hit Return. The new version will be saved onto the Dpaint II disk.
For two or more floppy users. Ihe solution is simpler. Insert your Workbench disk in the Internal drive and your Dpaint II disk in the external drive.
Boot up and double-click on the CU or Shell. Type: copy c setpatch to dfl: ed dflrc startup-sequence Again, the startup-sequece will appear, and you should enter: SetPatch NIL: Again, press ESC. Let go. Press X and then Return. If you prefer, after copying the SetPatch command you could alter the startup-sequence with a word processor - the file is in the s directory.
Peter Dobson. Crickhowell PRIZE WINNER Thanks for taking the bme to work it out.
Ram:ed df0:s startup-sequence The 103 is an example: insert the number the message gave you instead of the 103. The meaning of the error code is then printed - this happens automatically with Shell on Workbench 1.3. but not with the CLI.
VISUAL INSPECTION I was recently using a disk which normally boots using a custom UtilBoot V6.1 boot loader on it.
The normal message didn't appear, so I got a bit suspicious.
VirusX 4.1 let it through, but I decided to print the bootblock by using the 0 option. I was greeted with 'Revenge Bootloader'.
If you become suspicious, use Zero Virus or a similar virus killer that automatically displays the bootblock. Always check new disks and old ones regularly.
Adam Chapman.
Middlesborough my own disks. I've checked in the obvious places such as the Libs and System directories but have found nothing. I have a 1 MB A500 with Kickstart 1.2. Do you know of any PD linkers that will link assembly language object files?
Sean Eaton. Surbiton Erm, again this is a problem with the outdated Workbench 1.2. If you’re in Shell or the CLI and an error happens, you can type: Excellent advice - never take VirusX's word for it that there's no virus on a disk.
REDUNDANT UPGRADE I own an A500 revision 6a and I would like to populate the four empty memory chip slots to give me a total of 1.5 MB (I already own an A501 memory expansion).
There are a few things I am not quite sure of: I What type of chips should I use?
(The existing ones are labelled D424256C-10.)
$ What type of 1C protectors are required - should It be one per chip?
3 If I buy a fatter Agnus will I have to make any modifications to get it to work with internal memory?
Who do you recommend I purchase the chips from and what sort of prices are involved?
I also think it would be a good idea to print a tutorial on how to fit the extra half MB yourself.
Mark Humphrey. Basildon I really don't recommend you to do it. If you already have an A501 or equivalent half MB expansion, putting extra chips on the motherboard is going to get you nowhere
- put simply, you can upgrade that area by putting in an A501, or
four extra memory chips, but not both!
However, for those interested in invalidating any existing warranty and possibly damaging their machines (it’s not an easy jobi here goes: X The new chips must be the same as the existing ones, D424256C-10. They should have a maximum delay of 80 nano seconds (the speed of a RAM chip is just as important as the specification).
2 You also need four 20-pin OIL sockets - standard chip holders that are wide y available from electronics suppliers.
S If you want the new RAM to be usable by the custom chips as well as the processor then your motherboard will need some tweaking - see AF18 for the full story.
? This is the real stinker. Buying chips m small amounts is not cheap - expect to pay between £7 and £10 per chip. Add the expense of the DIL sockets plus the four decoupling capacitors (the small 10 nanofarad capacitors that are fitted above the RAM chips to clean up the power used by the RAM) and you could be paying between £30 and £50 - more than the cost of the cheaper half MB RAM expansion boards. As for where you get them. ACE Repairs (0503 20282) seem to stock the best range of Amiga spares.
HELP NEEDED I am lucky enough to own an A500. A1010 second floppy drive.
A501 RAM expansion and an A590 hard drive with another 1 MB of memory. I'm very happy with this lot of goodies but there's always something else. I have a chance of buying a cheap 40 MB hard drive to replace the 20 MB one in the A590.
It doesn't work. When I swap the two drives, the Hard Disk Toolbox announced that no drives were attached to the system. The hard drives are almost identical: both are made by Western Digital, the connecting blocks are the same, the only difference is the model number. The 20 MB is a WD93028-A and the 40MB is a WD93048-X-A.
On the 20 MB drive there is a little connector across two of three pins on a seperate connecting block - naturally I connected the 40 MB drive in the same way, but with no results. Could this be the problem, or is it that the disk was originally formatted with MS- DOS, which has probably killed it?
Darren F Walton, Newcastle If the hard drive software (Hard Drive Toolbox) can't see the drive, then the problem is with the connections. It's likely that a slightly different cable is needed to mount a 40 MB drive inside the A590, rather than using the old cable.
On the other hand, the drive could be simply incompatible. This is the most likely solution, as PC drives rarely work with Amigas - it's all very well saying the connectors are the same, but that doesn't really mean much. Just because they're made by the same company and they look similar doesn’t mean that they are not wired m a totally different manner.
If any readers know any different. Then please wnte in to Workbench with the complete solution, as I must admit that I am very unfamiliar with A590s (Commodore help us as much as they help you - very little).
SIMPLE SOLUTION I've owned an Amiga for nine months now and I feel that at last I'm starting to understand how to use the CLI (I've only got one drive). But I do have a little problem that I need help with.
When I copy a utility onto my Workbench disk and include any readme files (for documentation - I always stick more or Ppmore on as well) I get error messages when I double- click on the icon for the readme files. Please help as I'm not going to let something simple like that beat me.
Would it be possible to buy old Coverdisks and maybe photostats from old issues? I do realise Continued on Page198 I the enormity of this request but I thought it was well worth a try, don't you think?
Dave J Langley, Birmingham Easy one this (I had trouble myself when starting out). You need to select the icon by clicking on it once, and then going to the top menus on Workbench and selecting info from the leftmost menu.
After a quick disk swap, an in formation screen will be displayed about the icon. Click on the default tool box, and put in exactly where and what you're using to display the text. For instance, if you're using ppmore which is in the c directory of the utility disk, then type: Then click on save to save the new information back onto the disk. Sometimes a bit of trial and error is needed (files are not always where you think they are).
It's a good idea to put the name of the disk in as well - for instance: As for the bit about old Coverdisks and photostats, all I can say is don't hold your breath. But you never know... NOTHING HAPPENED I would welcome your comments on a problem I have interfacing a 1 MB A500 with a MIDI keyboard (a Yamaha PSR 48). The software I am using is Aegis Somx, and I recently acquired a Microdeal MIDI interface. Despite exhaustive efforts, I can neither drive the Amiga from the keyboard or vice- versa, having tried every combination of setting from both keyboard and the software manuals, and serial
port parameters such as baud rate.
I have tested the interface and keyboard in both directions, using a multimeter and high impedance earphone, and signals are present. In discussion with both the keyboard and computer dealers the view is that the system should work, although neither is familiar with this particular combination.
I am coming to the conclusion that Somx is not entirely compatible with all MIDI instruments, despite claims, although the PSR 48 has no unusual features. As a final test I tried the MidiAnalyser program on AF15's Coverdisk.
This too indicated no data, but I don't know if this pre-release version was faulty.
I would welcome any guidance that you could possibly give me.
Or that of your readers, who may have some experience of using Somx with MIDI Instruments.
C J Knight, Billericay Usually, no data at all means either that the computer can't talk to the MIDI device or the MIDI device is not listening. It could be a fault with the Amiga, the MIDI interface, the cable or the keyboard. One thing that I can tell you is that it proably isn’t Somx.
Admitedly anything connected to your Amiga can hang occasionally, but the fact that you're not getting a dicky bird suggests a hardware problem to me.
Standard MIDI question: You are sending data out and receiving on the same MIDI channel?
I am thinking about buying a digitiser and would like to know which would be the best for my needs. I have heard that DigiView Gold 4.0 is a pretty good buy. I would like to know if it is best to buy a monochrome video camera with red, green and blue filters or a colour camera for input to my digitiser? What's the difference between a video camera and a camcorder?
Would it be worth going into digitising at all, or would you recommend some other topic like music or comms? I would be very grateful if you could answer these questions as I live in the depths of Norfolk where most of the people are still getting used to the idea of electricity, let alone computers!
Marcos Martin Scriven, Norwich Hmm. DigiView produces excellent quality results, but does take its time to produce them. Vidi Amiga is a black-and-white only digitiser that is much more fun for messing about with - and with the VidiChrome software you can grab colour as well. There's not a lot of difference between them: if I wanted the best quality I'd go for DigiView Gold 4.0, but for producing quick, acceptable results I would prefer VidiAmiga.
Oh yes, if you want to use a colour camera then you will need an RGB splitter as well to seperate the red, green and blue component signals. If you have a video recorder with rock-steady freeze frame then you could grab from that with an RGB splitter plus digitiser as well.
The difference between a video camera and a camcorder is that a camcorder can always record onto a built-in tape of some kind. Strictly speaking all a video camera does is take images and Continued on Page 200 t CHOICE OF TWO I am now considering buying a 68030 accelerator board (or my B2000 (expanded to 3 MB). The choice I have 19 between the GVP running at 28 Mhz and the CSA at 25 Mhz. The GVP costs about £599 and the CSA is £699 (although an advert in an Issue of Afsays that Checkmate Digital sell the CSA tor £375).
My main use ot the extra processing power will be for ray-tracing. I would be gratetul It you could shed some light on my following questions:
3) Will any ray-tracing package (or any other graphics package
for that matter) speed up due to the accelerators? I'm
thinking o( Sculpt 40, Turbo Silver or even DBW Render (PD).
® Will I need the full 4 MB of 32-bit RAM for ROM shadowing or can I use less?
I What relative speed difference does the 68882 maths co-processor have over the 68881 ?
® Do both accelerators have a 68000 fall-back mode?
I Finally, could you tell me which ot the two in your opinion is better. Considering price and performance? Thanks for your help.
Aman Ali, Ilford ninuuTiuurutf iiiiifimiiiiiiliiiuiii fruitful m m la •)!•!!.Ilf* Ill’ll' CHOICE OF TWO: CSA's Mega Midget Racer goes straight into the processor socket, rather than being a standard plug in card.
$ Unless a program has been specifically written fo Ignore accelerators It will run taster to some extent or other. Sculpt 40 makes full use of maths-coprocessors as well as faster processors - and I'm pretty sure that Turbo Silver does too. Ray-tracing Is an Ideal use tor an accelerator.
® No. The 1.2 and 1.3 Kickstart ROMs are 2S6K In size - Kickstart 2 uses S12K. Extra memory is usually assigned to the memory pool, so although more than S12K la useful it’s not necessary tor ROM shadowing.
I The 68881 is designed to work with the 68020 processor, whereas the 68882 works best with the 68030. Having said that. II Is possible lo reverse the usage, although not tremendously practical. A 68882 can also run at higher clock speeds than a 68881, Just as a 68030 can run taster than a 68020.
So tar as I am aware - that Is, I'm guessing - the 68882 contains a few extra commands and can transfer data from and lo Ihe processor much faster. In general, a program written for a 68881 and 68020 will work with a 68882 and 68030 - but It does not always work In reverse.
® Yes.
$ It depends on where you want Ihe board lo go. The GVP one occupies a slot In your machine. The CSA model slta In the processor slot, giving more expansion potential. There's not really a tot else to choose between them.
PREMIER MAIL ORDER Titles marked " are not yet available and will be sent on day of release.
Please send cheque PO Access Visa No. And expiry date to: Dept AF4, Trybridge Ltd., 8 Buckwins Sq., Burnt Mills, Basildon, Essex. SSI 3 1BJ Please state make and model of computer when ordering. P&P inc. UK on orders over £5.00. Less than £5.00 and Europe add £1.00 per item. Elsewhere please add £2.00 per item for Airmail. These offers are available Mail Order only. Telephone orders: Mon-Fri 9am-7pm. Saturday 10am-4pm. Fax orders: 0268 590076. Tel orders: 0268 590766 ..16 99 ..16 99 .16.99 .16.99 14 99 9 99 .16.99 .19.99 19 99 7 99 19 99
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9 99 16 99 5 99 1699 9 99 799 16 99 16 99 16 99 4 99 16 99 16
99 16 99 9 99 16 99 19 99 19 99 Imperium .....
ianapolis 500 Interceptor ... It Came From Desert (1 ,
It Came From Desert t Jack Nickbus Extra Courses.. Jack
Nicklaus Goll . Jack Nickbus Unlimited Golf (I
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Torvak The Warrior... Total Recall Tournament
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Fury Wizball 16 99 49 99 .19.99 .16 99 ...16 99 ...1699 1699
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Wolf Pock (1 Meg) ...19.99 Wonderbbd
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Clock . 44.99 3D Construction Kit
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Bock to the Future 2 16 99 Bock to the Future 3 * 16 99
Badlands .13 99 Bords Tale 1
or 2 Hint Book 5 99 Bards Tale
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Crusoder ...5 99 Battle Chess 2
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Cup ...9.99 ord Q8 Rally
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Sky * ....
K. O 2 - Final Whistle .8.99
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City 19 99 Sim City
Terrain 13.99 Skull and
Crossbones ' ..16.99 Sly
Spy ..16.99 Soccer
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Ace ..26 99 Speedball
2 .16.99
Spellbound ..16 99 Spider
man ......16.99 Spy who loved me
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‘ .16.99 Stralego
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• 16.99
Supremacy ...19 99
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• .16.99 Swords of
Twilight ......7.99 Swords of Twilight
Hint Book .5.99 Team
Suzuki .16 99 Team
Yankee 19.99 Teenage Mutant
Turtles ...16.99 Test Drive
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Cars ...9.99 Test Drive 2 Super
Cars .....9.99 Test Drive
3* ...16 99 The Immortal (1
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Hour ......19.99 Tip OH
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Powerpock ... Predator 2 *
Prince of Pershia ......
Projectyie .... Puzznic ...... Quattro
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Search for the Ki Secret of Monki BLANK DISKS Unbranded 10 x
3.5" DSDD - £5.99 20x3.5" DSDD-£10.99 50x3.5" DSDD £23.99
100x3.5" DSDD-£49.99 Branded - TDK
3. 5" DSDD-£1.25 Each
Zany Golf, Bards Tale 2, Powerdrome, Ferrari Formula 1, Interceptor, Hounds of Shadow, Keef the Thief, Swords of Twilight AMIGA A500 SCREEN GEMS PACK Nightbreed, Days of Thunder, Back to the Future 2, Deluxe Paint 2, Shadow of the Beast 2 ONLY £369.99 JOYSTICKS Cheetah 125 + - £6.99 Cheetah Mach 1 - £9.99 Quickjoy 2 Turbo - £9.99 Quickshot 3 Turbo - £9.99 Quickjoy Jetfighter - £ 10.99 UPGRADE YOUR AMIGA TO 1 MEG 1 2 Meg Upgrade - £39.99 1 2 Meg Upgrade + clock • £44.99 DRAGONS BREATH NOW ONLY £12.99 TRIAD VOL 3 Now Only £9.99 SPECIAL OFFERS squirt them down a video camera
- it doesn't necessarily have a built-in tape unit for recording.
Is it worthwhile? Depends on your idea of worth. There's no
money at all in it - professional digitising services were
set up years ago. And they use expensive equipment to grab
pictures from the real world in the highest possible quality.
On the other hand, it's fun grabbing an image and then messing about with it using a paint package like Deluxe Paint or Photon Paint. You can also produce animations with them by grabbing an image that slowly changes - VidiAmiga scores highly in this department, although the results are always monochrome.
There's a lot you can do with a digitiser if you have some imagination and want to do some exploring. Or you could be boring and do what most people do with them, le produce still slideshows.
DRIVE DISASTER I have an IPL Microproducts 20 MB hard drive attached to my A500. It's gone drastically wrong. When I put the boot up disk in DFO: it seems to be working until a system request comes up Error val- On clicking cancel the CLI opens on: From here all I have Is the CLI window and nothing I do to edit the startup-sequence (anyway, no matter what, nothing doing) will get my hard drive to work. I have tried to copy fonts trom DF1: to DHO: and all I get back is: When using Diskdoctor every track shows a failure. The last time I used the hard drive I discarded a couple ol things from it
both of which were deletable according to the info menu option. They didn't seem to delete fully - could this have contributed to the fault?
S W Sommerville, Stockport Oh dear. Your hard drive is in a very bad stale indeed. In this sort ot situation, all you can do is reformat it and put all the programs back onto it afterwards. It's a horrible, tedious, finicky process, but it Is the only way to start using your hard drive again.
The sad fact is that hard drives are not tree from having the occasional error made when AmigaDOS is writing to them. Because hard drives have a large capacity, one small error anywhere on them often causes the whole lot to become unusable. Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings, but after a good reformat to make the whole thing usable such faults are very rare.
As for music, it really depends on whether you're musically talented or not. Personally I'm not, but there's a large range of software to create new music or simply type in existing scores and listen to it.
Comms? I love it. Looking around bulletin boards, playing online games, chatting to people, uploading and downloading software and data - it's fun for a hobby but can be more expensive than buying public domain programs on disk. On the other hand, there's a lot more PD on bulletin boards than exists in any single PD disk library. Try com ms at the peril of your grip on reality and your wallet. (Pat's a bit of a weirdie Comms freak ¦ I prefer digitising! - Ed.I QUICKIES I have a few questions which I am sure you could answer for me, thanks for any help given.
1 Where can I get hold of the latest version of Nico Francois' Powerpacker Professional? I would prefer a dealer in this country but any information will help.
® I think I have a virus called the CCCP virus, have you heard of it?
Can you suggest any virus killers which could kill it? I am not totally stupid because I could kill it by installing a new bootblock: but I don't know whether it is just a bootblock virus or a combined link and bootblock virus which goes off when the bootblock is reinstalled. The disk is a PD utility disk which I received recently.
3 When PD programmers ask for $ 20 for their troubles and will send updates and manuals, do they only do this for their home country? For instance if I sent $ 20 Master Virus Killer VI.9. Thanks to Erik Lovendahl Sorenson for this info. The easiest way to say if installing a new boot block kills it is to copy the disk and then try killing the virus on the copy - if that works, then don't worry.
1 Usually they do. Shareware contributions should be paid if you find the program especially useful.
They help to recover the costs of writing the program, rather than making the author lots of money.
It's a good idea to include some to the author of SID would he send me any updates?
P Worral, Aston I Softville Computer Supplies (0705 266509) are the only licensed distributors of Powerpacker Professional. It costs £7.99. ? Depends which CCCP it is - there are three at present.
ZeroVirus III will find one of them, but the only virus killer which will find all of them is Xavier LeClerq's RESET THE CLOCK Following your advice on half MB RAM expansions I bought the Ashcom board with a battery backed-up clock. Initially everything worked fine, but a few days later the computer informed me that the battery backed-up clock was no longer present, but the extra memory was.
PRIZE WINNER I phoned Ashcom who explained this can be caused by certain software crashes and told me how to put it right. If anyone else has this problem, here's what to do: 1 Remove the expansion from the trapdoor.
2 Find the clock chip, and note which way around it is. This is typically a Oki 6242. Mounted at right angles to the four RAM chips (which are all alike). Use a non-magnetic screwdriver and use pressure at either end alternately to lever it up 3 Either leave the chip out ot the board tor half and hour or heat It gently with a hairdryer until it is warm to the touch - I used the latter method.
4 Replace the chip the correct way around and put the memory board back into the computer. Hey presto, everything's back to normal.
Mark Wightman, High Wycombe Incidentally, this should also get rid of the problem of locked up clocks, caused by a nasty virus that resets all the digits on a clock lo nine, so it stops counting!
Extra cash - say $ 25 rather than $ 20 - to cover any extra postage costs, and you should explain this in your letter.
CLEANER KEYBOARDS As my Amiga is over a year old and I have no dust cover for it (big mistake on my part) some of the keys have fluff and dirt in them and their travel is now rough.
Is it possible to remove some of the keys with a screwdriver or must I take the computer apart in order to clean out the clag? I am pretty certain that this is a common problem with older machines.
G Lewis, Portsmouth It is just about possible to lever out the keys without taking the computer apart, but it's very tricky and can damage them. If you take the two halves of the keyboard housing off, then the keyboard can be unplugged - take a note of which colour is on which side on the wires going from the keyboard to the machine - and the keys can easily be removed for cleaning.
Note that each key has a spring underneath, which you should be careful to avoid losing.
Also, make sure that no dust or fluff gets into the holes that the keys plug into - it can take some effort to clean inside these.
Finally, put the keys back on where they should go, plug it back in, screw the case back together and away you go.
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Tel: 0535 274228 Taking the First Steps In the fourth instalment of this essential series for serious beginners, MARK SMIDDY teaches tidiness after toying with your Workbench.
The story so far: The Commodore Amiga is selling in such vast numbers it is possible some of you may have just purchased your Amiga so might have missed earlier instalments of AF's beginners pages - what do you mean, you were too busy playing Revenge Of The Blasterons! To recap for you here is what the first three parts have covered: 1H Backing up Workbench; ¦ renaming disks; general help.
2b Introduction to Printers; the ¦ (fated) InstallPnnter.
3m Snapshotting and discarding ¦ icons; the new auto drawer.
• Your Workbench disk The 'Clean Up' option found under
Workbench’s 'Special' menu is used to automatically arrange
icons into a more organised manner. The problem is, Clean Up
does not work quite as you might expect - that is, you cannot
just select a number of icons (as you would for a Snapshot) and
perform a Clean Up on them. However, Clean Up is easier to
operate than Snapshot. Try the following steps - read them
before you begin.
1: Boot the Workbench disk, 2: Open the Utilities drawer.
3: Click and hold on the drawer's sizer gadget: drag it until you can see most of the icons. As you do this, you will notice the window does not 'refresh' (redraw itself) while you are dragging, so you may have to release the button to discover if all the icons are visible.
4: Drag a few of the icons around.
Make a mess, go on - it doesn't matter. Note: do not try this example willy-nilly with drawers or you might find some of your icons disappear into another directory and get lost... 5: Now select Clean Up from the Special menu.
6: I deliberately chucked a spanner in there to make sure you are paying attention. You will not be able to select Clean Up because the option is shadowed - that is, not available.
7: Select the Utilities drawer in the Workbench disk’s window.
8: Go to the Special menu and - surprise! - Clean Up is now available.
Select the option and watch those icons fly. In order to fix the icons in their new positions, you now have to go round and Snapshot them all.
The Two Golden Rules:
• Snapshot only works on icons that have been selected.
• Clean Up operates on disks and drawers - the relevant icon must
be opened and selected before it works.
LESSON 14: USING INFO You will need:
• Your Workbench disk Now you have a better understanding of how
Workbench works - albeit at a very simple level - it is time
for you to start looking at some of its many hidden features.
1: Open the Workbench disk 2: Select the Utilities drawer 3: Now select Info from the Workbench menu.
After a short pause, a large window will open up and present you with a lot of information about the Utilities drawer. The bar at the top left of the screen is the name of the item you have selected information for - Utilities in this case. Just below that is the type of item: Drawer. If you have experimented with IconED on the Extras disk, you may have noticed there are several icon types: Tool, Project, Disk, Drawer and Garbage.
Each type has a different meaning to Workbench and can store its own snapshot information. It is important to know what these are if you are going to get the best from Workbench. A quick reference is listed in the panel on this page headed Workbench Items at a Glance.
You can get information on any Workbench object simply by selecting it, then selecting Info from the Workbench menu.
The Size Display Projects, Tools and Disks have a size associated with them. Projects and Tools take up a certain amount of disk space; disks have a certain amount of space available. This area displays any relevant information, Continued overleaf I drawers never display size information - but this does not mean they are empty; they still take up room on the Workbench disk.
The Status Flags At the right-hand side of the display is a row of four gadgets used to control what are called the icon's 'protection' or 'status’ flags. Flags are a bit like light switches - they can be on or off.
You can change the state of any of these just by clicking them. Here is a list of the available flags and all their meanings: Archive: is provided for information only and is not used by Workbench.
Setting (to Archived) or resetting (Not Archived) this has no effect.
Read: is not generally used in Workbench 1.3 - but some third-party software will act on it. This flag is best left in its default state: Readable.
Write: like read, is not generally used in Workbench 1.3. Delete: is the usual cause for heartache when trying to discard several icons or empty the trashcan.
Setting this flag (Not Deletable) helps to stop you discarding something by mistake - it means you can’t throw it away or change it. The Snapshot function will not work while this flag is active.
It is important to note that here icons are connected to objects (files) by name. While you remain in Workbench, the protection flags of both the object and the icon which belongs to it are affected by Info.
Once you enter the Shell or CLI you get control over the protection flags of individual objects. This is where it gets confusing and is mentioned here because it can give rise to some peculiar errors with some third-party TYPE Project SIZE in bytes in blocks TYPE Tool SIZE in bytes in blocks TOP: Drawer Info; a drawer is the most basic form of icon.
MIDDLE: Project Info; this info screen for Printer prefs shows how Tool Types work.
BOTTOM: Tool Info; A tool has a default stack and other info.
RIGHT: Disk Info; this hard disk partition is full to overflowing!
(usually PD) software. AmigaDOS will be covered later in the series and in Amiga Format's new sister publication, Amiga Shopper.
The Comment Editor Is reserved for you to add short comments about individual icons and, although the maximum limit is 79 characters, 51 is the practical limit. It is a standard Amiga string gadget - these were discussed in Part One of this series for renaming disks and icons. Briefly, to operate string gadgets you simply click in them and start typing. If the gadget already contains text, you can click anywhere in the text and insert more text.
Pressing Right-Amiga + X clears the gadget.
- .air i ;not archived I I T I 'In 1 iM The Default Tool Editor
Displays the Tool for Project and Disk icons. Remember, a tool
is a program: so for projects (which means files), this is
the name of the program Workbench will set into action when you
double-click on the icon. It also has the path: this means a
description of which directory on the disk the program is in.
this to get the path and file name of the DiskCopy function,
called when you select the Continued on Page 1921 ======|ii iri
NAME FastBench 1.3 TYPE Disk SIZE Nunber of Blocks 26534 Nunber
Used 26486 Nunber Free 48 Bytes per Block 512 DEFAULT TOOL
WORKBENCH ICONS AT A GLANCE TOOLS: are programs, software,
applications - call them what you will.
As In life, we use Tools to create things - music scores, artwork, documents and so on. This analogy tends to get stretched a bit because some Tools do not actually create a finished product as such. MORE (on the Extras 1.3 disk) is a typical example - it is a Tool which allows you to view documents.
Snapshot usage: X and Y relative to window.
Info usage: Size; Status; Stack; Comment; Tool Types.
Example: Preferences.
PROJECTS: are files created by Tools. Well-behaved Tools (such as Dpainf) create a project icon for every drawing or brush you save.
Opainl is a particularly good example because the picture and brush project icons look different.
Snapshot usage: X and Y relative to window.
Info usage: Size; Status; Stack; Comment; Default Tool; Tool Types.
Example: Shell.
DISKS: are displayed automatically when you insert a disk into the machine. Although the standard software supplied with the Amiga does not support it, these icons can get very large. Take the Amiga Formal Coverdisk icon for Instance.
Snapshot usage: X and Y relative to Workbench screen; size and position of first open window; view position (set by scroll bars).
Info usage: Size (disk info); Default Tool; Tool Types; Status (set by disk write protect).
Example: Workbench.
DRAWERS: represent directories in the AmigaDOS hierarchy. Using this analogy, the disk is the filing cabinet and drawers are part of It.
However, drawers can contain drawers, that contain drawers, which also contain drawers and so on.
Snapshot usage: X and Y relative to owners window; size and position of window; view position (set by scroll bars).
Info usage: Status; Comment; Tool Types.
Example: Utilities.
GARBAGE: is a special directory (drawer) used exclusively by the Workbench for the trashcan. For most purposes, the trashcan acts like any other drawer but Workbench knows when it has been selected and activates the Empty Trash menu item. When you operate Empty Trash, Workbench attempts to Discard everything in the drawer.
Snapshot usage: X and Y relative to owners window; size and position of window; view position (set by scroll bars).
Info usage: Status: Comment; Tool Types.
Example: Trashcan.
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PRINTERS SkjlClOwo 516500 SwUIO S39900 SWIC200 (229.00 S»F»I5 MW 00 Sw 1(28-200 (2*500 S»x W24-10 ... 5*96 00 Sw 1(2*200 «*m S 339 00 Soffl?H5 tSWOO AMIGA PACK 3 AS PACK 1 with 1084S 'D' monitor £628.00 AMIGA COMPUTER PERIPHERALS Commodore A501 2nd drw lorAMIGA (65 00 151 ?Xe«immemory! ....(6900 Ivmoduloior (219S Commodore 1084S 0 rvMMi1ar(2S9 00 (one. 2*b e wra n toad 5299 00 P9Wn 8333 1 momro. (239 00 (omrotoe A590 20*16 (im»oCAX3S S2500 r«WdM S299 00 AMIGA PACK 4 os PACK 1 with Stor LC200 colour printer £578.00 THE ATHENE SPECIAL PACK Commodoie's lolesl AMIGA Pa k comes with the
AMIGA A500, IV Modulator, mouse, the latest 1-3 ond Angus (hip. O-Pnint II, Shadow ol the Beast II. Nightbreed, Bod to the Future, Ooys ol Thunder, Aidkpetogos, flmnotor. Ouodroiier, Mercenary, (ybernoid II, BacUosh.
Battleships. CuS'odion, Pioneer Pogue, mouse mat. Dust (over, toystkk, S Mar* disks, 3 putts domorn software £399.00 AMIGA PACK 5 os PACK 1 with oil other packs £885.00 ¦ SAS Lattice C v5 10A £159 ¦ AC Fortran 179.9 ¦ AC Basic vi 3 109 4 ¦ APL 69000 Level II v7 30 299 e ¦ Workbench vl.3 Enhancer 12 9 ¦ Dos-2-Dos 349 Pro spreadsheet wnn buvness graphics. Una planner 39 9 Relational database pow*v without programing* 39.9 The RoUs-Royc* ot Arvji databases' (MCE) 144 9 Fastest Am»ga spreadsheet with WP & Co-Pro support 89 9 Don't throw your C64 software away' 499 Guru stopper disables bad ttsk
blocks and RAM' 34 9 Tune-up. Backup, salvage plus new Cll commands 44 9 Now improved verson Word Perfect w.tn graph**6 129 4 Many major new features .net AgtxAdoo© tonts 139 » Now with WP 24-bit & Par.lone colours & more 174 4 improved verson with auio-tr*:e curved te«t & more 89 9 35 Agta CG tonts tor PtoPage ProDraw 2. Pago Setter 2 89 .
Choice of 4 sets ot 3 Agfa CG tonts per set 39 4 £34 ,• ¦ Page vetter 2 49 , 64 ¦ Professional Page Clip Art 34 .
69 95 ¦ Professional Page Templates 34 3 I AmlgaVlslpn vi 53G £79 9i I Turtro Silver 89 95 I Dlgtvlew Gold v4 0 94 95 I 0* Luxe Paint II 2495 I 0* Lux* Paint III 59 95 I PagoFilpper . F0 29 45 Powerful new vers*on ot popular CAD program 69 »s R©ai broadcast quality tiding with 4-«vel anti-aliasing 174 95 The ultimate in video presentation, titling & oflects 184 95 Cho e of 5 sets of 4 ant.-aiiased fonts per set 89 95 Latest futf-teaturo video titior. Includes Zuma fonts 89 94 Video presentation, special effects & transitions 54 95 Smooth playback, unlirmtod 3D effect combinations 129 95 £54
95 ¦ Dlglpalnt 3 59 95 129 »• ¦ D* Luxe Video 3 89 95 234 95 ¦ Wall Disney Animation Studio 89 95 icon and select Duplicate. It always reads: SYS:System Diskcopy. This is for developers and advanced users, so even though you can change its contents, don't!
The Tool Types Editor The information stored in this gadget is passed to a Tool when it starts.
The contents can vary greatly and are very specific to one program. Many Tools do not use this, but those that do often supply more than one option. IconX (new in release 1.3) is a typical example: it has two options WINDOW and DELAY. If you just want to view the current list, you can use the up and down arrows (left of the gadget). To add a new Tool Type, click add - right of the gadget - and to delete an old one. Click DEL. Tool Types have no effect on Drawers.
Note: If your software’s manual tells you to enter something in the Tool Types array (say, WINDOW=CON: 0 0 640 200 Turtlator) do it exactly like that. Unlike the rest of the Amiga system. Tool Types are sensitive to case - so entering Window= or wlND0W= would not work.
The Stack Editor This is located just below the size display: in the Info for Projects and Tools is the number of bytes allocated to an application's process stack when it is launched as a process by Workbench. I have deliberately made that explanation complex as a warning: DO NOT FIDDLE WITH IT!
IF YOU GET STUCK Readers experiencing problems with any part ol of this series should write to: Mark Smiddy C O Bruce Smith Books, PO Box 382 St. Albans, Hertfordshire, AL2 3DZ.
What does it cost? Nothing - except a self-addressed envelope. Please keep your questions as brief as possible and don't forget to mention what your system consists ol! Your feedback is important because It will mould future Instalments of the series.
LESSON 15: SNAPSHOT - THE UNTOLD STORY This is not so much a lesson as one of those tips you only hear about whispered in dark recesses of local pubs sometime after the last bell has long gone. It may not seem much use to you at the moment, but there may come a time when you’ll find this tip invaluable.
When you open a drawer, Workbench memorises all the icons’ images - as well as all the other relevant information. This means if you happen to be working in the Shell and accidentally erase all the icon (dot-info) files, all you have to do is select all the icons and Snapshot them back. Easy huh?
Note this only works while the window is open - but it is worth knowing, if only for the one-upmanship - because very few 'experts' know this!
LESSON 16: IF SNAPSHOT, TRASHCAN AND DISCARD WILL NOT WORK... One of the most unforgiving features of Workbench is the way it handles unexpected AmigaDOS errors. A typical case is one where you attempt to Snapshot an icon which has been made not-deleteable. In this instance, Workbench responds: "Error while writing XXXX: 222" where XXXX is the name of the icon involved. This problem is a nuisance but it can be got round easily by clearing the not- deleteable flag in the icon's info box.
Much the same rules apply to Empty Trash and Discard from the Workbench menu. Here is what to do to fix this: 1: Select the offending icon.
2: Select Info from the Workbench menu.
3: Click on the not-deleteable flag box (described above) and then make it deleteable.
4: Select save to reconfigure the icon 5: Attempt the Snapshot, Discard or Empty Trash operation again.
6: Repeat stepsl...5 as often as required.
Thus endeth the fourth lesson.
Next: Good results from printers.
Curing Preferences problems, and the 1.3 Graphic 2 options.
The A-Z of Computer Terms Builds up In monthly parts to a complete glossary. Part Three:P-S Pointer or pointing device: An arrowhead [or some similar daslgn] which la moved by the mouse (usually) to “point" at the Icon they wish to work on. See also: Icon, Micon.
Port: Usually an external socket where other expansion is added. The sockets for mouse, joystick, disk drivo, printer, and so on are all ports.
This term is also used in multi-tasking but it will not be covered in this particular sorios.
Process: Those are juat high-level tasks maintained by AmigaDOS.
Unlike tasks, processes can access the DOS library and perform disk access. There Is an upper limit of 20 processes running al once prior fo AmigaDOS 2.
Exceeding this limit gives the confusing error: Task fable full - In fact the process fable Is full, tasks are managed in a lisf. See List, Task.
Project: Workbench term for a file created by a Workbench Tool.
Projects can bo anything from sound samples to pictures.
RAM: Random Access Memory. Programs and data are temporarily stored hero whilst the machine is switched on.
When power is removed however, the contents of RAM are lost. See also: ROM.
Road only: Applied to files or disks this moans tha object cannot be written to. When applied to disks, It also moans tha disk cannot bo formatted.
Requester box: These aro used when a program or the machine either needs confirmation from you, or, needs Information from you.
Roquosfers can be simple: “Please insert Volume Worfcbonchl.3 in any drive” or devilishly complex with dozens of values fo enter. All requesters have (or should have) one thing in common: a confirmation button and a cancel button. The text used can be variable, but usually it'll be along the lines of “OK" or “YES" and “Cancel” or “Ooops, forgot it!”.
ROM: Read Only Memory. Just like RAM, only permanent. ROMs are used to hold the programs which make the machine behave like a computer. See Firmware, Kickstart.
RS232: Another name for the serial port.
SCART: Standard connector on many monitors and even some domestic televisions. The Amiga can be connected directly to this with the help of fhe correct lead.
Screen: The area where windows are displayed.
On fhe Amiga many screens can make up fhe display - each one having ifs own bitmap.
Screens - like windows
- can bo depth arranged and pulled down fo reveal others. See
Window and see also: Device.
SCSI: Small Computer Systems Interface - this is usually applied to peripherals such as hard disks and tape streamers. See also Disk drivo.
Shared routine: A small program written so that many programs can execute it at the same time. Shared routines are the backbone of resident code, all the Amiga libraries are central to multi-tasking. See also: Library.
Shareware: Software which has been placed in the public domain by its author for the purposes of domonstrafion.
Most Shareware titles are complete and fully working, however you are expected fo pay a registration foe fo tha author if you intend to use it on a regular basis.
The licence varies from package fo package.
Shell CLI: Typically an interface to DOS where the user has to enter instructions by hand.
This is much more complex than using a GUI but also more powerful.
Sibling: A child - usually refers fo both processes and tasks. Also applied (raroly though) to directories. See also: Directory, Process.
SIMM SIPPS: Special type of RAM package used in the very latest Amiga systems.
Software: Programs used to drive the hardware. See also: Hardware, Firmware.
Tool: Workbench terminology for a program or software application.
1 I I I I I I I 1 ALL-IN-ONE SOFTWARE | Music, Paint + Word Processor 1 3 Games + Tutorial Video !
ONLY £119.00 i i 1 COMMODORE 1084S STEREO MONITOR Including FREE lead ONLY £229.00 I I I I I I I . J I---------------1 j PHILIPS 8833 MK H j i STEREO MONITOR i i i i i L. NAKSHA UPGRADE MOUSE MAT PLUS HOLDER ONLY £26.50 Including Free Lead ONLY £229.00 Open Monday to Saturday 9am - 6pm Callers and Mail Order welcome AMIGA PACKS r- i I SCREEN GEMS PACK, me. Shadow Beast H, Back Future n. Nightbieed. Days of Thunder, Dpamt n .
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¦ 10 Blank Disks, Dust Cover, Dpamt II, PLUS 14 GREAT GAMES Shadow of the Beast H I Back to the Future n, Nightbreed. Days of Thunder, Star Wars. Toobin. Barbarian IL ¦ Licence to Kill • James Bond Game. Running Man - With Schwarzenegger. APB. Xybots, ! Dragon Spirit, Hard Drivin. Voyager j STILL ONLY £399.00 1 Meg version £429.00 All Amiga A500's supplied with mouse, modulator, manuals, workbench. Basic * Tutorial I i r- AMIGA A500 CREATIVITY PACK
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1.3, Basic. , PAINT An package MUSIC Create music. Full
notation ? Sheet music printing 1 I WRITE Word processor.
Bouncer Shaker Light hearted arcade romp, Sflhouette-brain I
teasing puzzle game. Intngue - Solitaire style game. I Tutonai
Video inc. Setting up, Workbench, Backup etc ONLY £419.00 J
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Emulation (A500) I TARGET MIDI INTERFACE. ImThrough. 3xout
£20900 £32 00 £15900 £23 00 £95 00 0429 00 £145.00 £47.00 £139
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£239 00 £185.00 I £119 00 I £79.00 I £290.00 | .£29.00 | 3D PROFESSIONAL .... AMOS ? EXTRAS DISK ...... BROADCAST TITLER . CROSS-DOS. Multi - format file transfer DIGIVIEW GOLD V4 .. FRAMEGRABBER (PAL) Realtime colour grabber LATTICE CV5.1 .. PAGESETTER V2, DTP Package ..... PAGESTREAM, New Version 2.1 ......
PANASONIC VIDEO CAMERA. Ideal for DigiView PEN PAL. Excellent Word Processor (1 Meg) .... PIXEL 3D ... PROFESSIONAL PAGE New Version 2 0 .. PRO VIDEO POST ..... PRO-WRITE V31 . SCULPT ANIMATE 4D ...... SONY DD DS Disks, Box of ten me. Labels THE WORKS PLATINUM. Integrated package TITLE PAGE .... TV TEXT
PROFESSIONAL ..... VIDEO EFFECTS 3D .. WALT DISNEY ANIMATION STUDIO (1 MEG) X-CAD DESIGNER (1 MEG) . X-COPY PROFESSIONAL inc. Hardware AT ONCE PC Emulation.. GVP 40 MEG SCSI Drive plus 8 Meg Ramboaxd £175.00 £396.00 I :uj £335.00 AMIGA A500, Mouse, Modulator. Workbench. Basic.. PRINTERS 1 £155.00 !
£204 00 I £24900 I £297.00 £279.00 1 £309 00 I £19900 I £13900 £22500 1 ¦ STAR LC-10 MONO PRINTER inc. Lead I STAR LC-200 COLOUR PRINTER me. Lead I STAR LC-24 200 MONO PRINTER me. Lead ; STAR LC-24 200 COLOUR PRINTER inc. Lead 1 CITIZEN SWIFT 24 MONO inc. Lead I CITIZEN SWIFT 24 COLOUR me. Lead I CITIZEN 124D 24 Pin Mono me Lead , CITIZEN 120D Plus, 9 Pin Mono me. Lead I CITIZEN SWIFT 9 COLOUR I__________________ AMIGA MEMORY AMIGA Aisoo , The NEW Al 500 inc. Stereo Monitor, Twin Drive. Dpaint3, The Works , | Plat.. +4 Games, ONLY
£879.00 A500 Upgrade Available - please phone ¦ B2000 Microbotics 8M Ram Board + 2 Meg RAM .£199.00 ¦ , Extra 2 Meg Ram for above board ..£75.00 , ! A500 BaseBoard. Populated to 4 Meg .£249.00 J_A500 TARGET 512K Ram, With Clock + Switch .....£36.00 J DISK DRIVES
- --1 1--- SUPRA BAUD BANDIT 2400 MODEM Disk Drive on off,
through port ......£74.95 Hayes
Compat Auto-dial answer. V21. 22, 22bis HOW TO ORDER: Either
call our number below with your credit card details, or send a
cheque PO or credit card number and expiry date to our address.
Make cheques payable to THE 16 BIT CENTRE Prices subject to
change without notification.
All prices include VAT + Courier Service 16 BIT CENTRE Units 15-17* Lancashire Fittings Science Village Claro Road, Harrogate Hgl 4AF Tel (04X3) S318ZZ 5Z63ZZ EXTENDED WARRANTY AND MAINTENANCE CONTRACTS AVAILABLE ON ALL ITEMS. PLEASE CALL FOR FURTHER DETAILS Q AMIGA REPAIRS JUST £44.95 inc. ? Commodore registered repair centre ? Over 10 years experience with Commodore computers ? 20 qualified technician engineers at your disposal ? We will undertake to repair your Amiga 500 computer for just 144.95 including parts, labour, V'AT and post & packing ? Most computers should be repaired within 24
hours of booking in.
? Prices include full service check, overhaul, soak-test and replacement ol power supply unit it necessary ? Repairs to keyboard and disk drive also included (£25 extra if these units are unrepairable and require complete replacements) ? All repairs covered by a 90 day warranty Upgrade your Amiga from 512K to 1Mb ot memory for just £25.00 SPECIAL EXCLUSIVE OFFER: It you submit your computer to ourselves for repair, enclosing 11s advert along with just an additional £25, we will supply and fi a 512K memory expansion at no extra cost.
How to take advantage ol this exceptional offer: simply send or hand deliver your machine to the workshop address detailed tight, enclosing payment and this advert and we will do the rest. Ilf possible please include a daytime telephone number and fault description).
* II you require 24 hour courier to your door, please add C5 else
your computer will be sent back by contract parcel post.
WTS ELECTRONICS LTD STUDIO MASTER HOUSE CHAUL END LANE LUTON, BEDS, LU4 8EZ Telephone (0582) 491949 - (4 lines) WTS reserve the righl ! • refuse machines that in oui opinion are tampered with, to an extent beyond reasonable repair
E. S.D. East Yorkshire N. Humberside's leading Amiga mail order
39 69 14 91 57 86 '2 96 5'90 125 83 46 82 25 ’5 32 47 29 39 41 43 Phone 79% 38% 184 21 31997 82 85 99 80 57 86 48 76 11787 78 64 Font Phone iTCl Njin Williams Picture..arc PD Demo 90p+50p p&n Send ll (refunded on 1st order), for lull details of Picture..are. an up to date list of the Library sets available, our comprehensive selection of PI) Graphics Utilities, and our PD disks of IX-sk Top Video "backgrounds" created purely front Piclureware.
Our PD disks are just ‘X)p each!
3. 5inch floppies order of 3 disks end of April 1991.
The lilies are as follows, new Each title has two disks, order a two disk set for £9!
Marinas Bouts Edwardian Photos frican Animals Afric Pets Rocky Coastlines Beautiful Sunsets African Pygmies Phone lor prices ot. ICD products. Vortex hard disks Porter range ol hard drives tor the A500 (20 lo 120Mb) Upgrades- Help 8 advice, in tact, anylhmg lo do wilh Ihe Amiga.
Payment. By phone: Quote your access Visa no. & expiry date.
By post: Send Cheque Postal Orders or Access Visa details lo: Enchanter Software Design 8 Dykes Close, Hessle
N. Humberside, HU13 OBW Enquiries Orders Tel: (0482) 644254 (9am
lo 7pm).
Terms: Postage VAT Inc. Most items normally dispatched within 24hrs.
EXPORT BFPO EDUCATION orders welcome. Prices, subject to variation.
1 orders.Order over 5 disks elude Access, Visa. Cheques. PO's Welcome (No cash please VAT No. 4X4 484.1 To: ACCOUNTS A' ra Account! 119 00 Sman Business • 69 47 Sma Busr ssAcc e»t'a '9 8i System 3 39 79 Personal F nance Mg* 24 85 BOOKS Large range p ease o»*one e g Amiga Dos ir -Oul Abacus) 16 6!
Amiga C Beg nners lAb.i 6 61 Am.ga Desk Too Voeo .Ao, 6 6’ Amiga Bas-C in-Oul (Ab) '7 09 Amiga Machine Lang iAb) 14 00 Mappmg the Amiga iCompu) 18 95 Amiga H W Ref Manual lA Wi 19 93 C P-og Lang 2nd ed K8«| 22 97 C AO Aeg.s Draw 2000 156 96 iniro CAD 44 % Boa'dmaste' 72 22 PfO'ess-ooal Draw V2 99 82 X C A D P-o 12 Mbl 338 25 DATABASES & SPREADSHEETS K Data 2 34 95 K Spread 3 66 95 Prodata lArnor 54 97 McroF Che F ier 55 70 DTP & WP Pagesfream V2 145 68 Pageseie- u 49 49 Per Pa 98 92 P'Ote«t V4 3 67 86 Protext V5 99 79 Sc'Dt*e Piatmum i 4180 Professional »aae V2 i 78 79 Trans wnte 34 96
WordPerfect 69 91 GRAPHICS & VIDEO Amm StjdiOlDisneyi Pai. 79 90 The Art Dept 55 97 C L.gf»t 36 97 CAN-DO 95 77 Calligrapher 66 29 HARDWARE 1 2 Mb.OOCh iMicrobOliC i 42 95 t084SO Morii.o'-Leaos 246 98 A59Q H D':ve 267 50 Amiga A500S from 314 00 Am.ga 1500 to 3000'S Phone Futi range o Amga e oans on cards a.a atkei PC EMULATORS AT Once I AT Emulator 172 47 KCS PC Poxve-ooard 278 00 i Large 'ange of PC so*wa’e ava aote?
PROGRAMMING AC Forl'an 217 30 AMOS 36 59 A«g Assembler 43 96 Aziec C Professional 99 33 Devpac Assembler 40 97 Hi Soh Basic 55 97 Lattice C 162 98 Com Setter C Setter chp art each Deluxe Pamt ill Deluxe vk»o m D*g Pa nt 3 D*g*v-ew Goto D-rector (The) D rector Tooth 1 Fantavison Forms m Flight Movie Setter Photon Pa:P.1 V3 Phoion Cell An m Pumate Pro Video Pius Sculpt Animate 4D Sculpt Antmaie 4D Jnr Turpo Silver TV-TexI |Prof £98 79?
Vista Video Effects 3D Zeotrope Des-gn Disks ChpArtd sKs.
Disks, etc Avail PROGRAMMING UTILITIES K Gadget 22 46 AREXX Macro lamp iVi 51) 32 98 CygmnEd Pro V2 49 97 Hi Soh 8as Extend 4 97 Pow Windows 2 5 51 54 UTILITIES Am-ga DOS Express 23 04 BBC Em jiaior iNew verson) 33.74 Cl Mate 29 88 DOS 2 DOS New version| 33 80 GOMF 3 25 75 interchange 39 80 I Change Modules (eachi 6 70 MAC 2 DOS 72 47 X Cooy Pro me H Ware 34 44 EOUCATIONAI SOFTWARE large range available Ptease phone wr te tor separaie price list.
STRATEGY & FLIGHT SIMS BAT 2t 95 Chaos strikes back 19 95 Damocies 7 50 F19 Stealth r gnter 2195 Fligh! S«m ii 24 95 Ooeratcn combat 9 95 Powermonger 2 95 Speedban? *9 95 Lxtima V 22 95 Wargame construct ors set 2 95 Note Large range o'JOyStKTks d'Sk boxes dust covers mouse mats etc avaiabe eg 3: ’ DS DO unbranded clsas £5 Oop tor 10 £22 50 tor 50 Most items ot sotware have a 20 30“.. discount ott the R R P Modems Genlocks, etc ail a discouni prices) Ro ink Ribbon re inking spra- avaiMWo £ £ 11 65 per can PICTUREWARE IS HERE!!! U Pul lite into your DTP. Create a realistic background
lor that animation, give your paint program’a detailed photograph to w ork from, let your creativity run wild... ONL 'A 'AILABLE FROM NIK WILLIAMS BROADCAST COMPUTER PICTURE LIBRARY General Enquiries 0792 470503 Some oj me highest quality ll, M pictures you II see on your Amiga, atul less than one pound each!!!" Run them as they are in any HAM Paint program, or convert them to run in non HAM Programs.
Please add £1 pp to all orders.
VAT 5 15% Included.
A. Tf Nik Williams Broadcast. Aspect House. 21. Brynmill Crescent
Brynmill. Swansea. SA2 0AI."
24 HR Credit Card l*hone Fax Hotline 0792 645946 Please allow 21 -28 da. •• for delivery. And phone for urgent orders On Location Views of Vietnam Children Silverback Gorilla African Famine Art In Photography The Nude FREE OFFER five, fri with every offer close's The disks cost just £4.99 each, w tth five pictures per disk.. releases are weekly:- ¦Ju Bad News I have had an Amiga for some time, but for Christmas I got an Archimedes A3000 and as I got a PC emulator for it I was wondering if there was an Amiga emulator.
Brian McMahon Blantyre As ever, we're keen to hear your views. Address your mailings to Letters, Amiga Format, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath, BA1 2BW. The best letters each month ft will win a prize of a T shirt and binder, so make it good!
I i fm A Pervert Cheap disk storage comes in the unlikely form of the common toast- rack. First, ensure that any crumbs or traces of butter are thoroughly washed off. Then insert your disks just as you would pieces of warm, scrummy toast.
Your desk will be spick and span quicker than you can say "Where’s my bleedin’ rubber gloves and toast-rack, you thievin’ little git!"
Chris Birkenhead A small psychological experiment by opr art editor. What amazes me is that out of over 100,000 readers of that particular issue John is the only one so far to have spotted the message. Does this mean that the rest of you only noticed it subconsciously and have spent the whole of Christmas happily munching your shreddies for breakfast?
Choc machine Take four pounds of cooking chocolate. Melt slowly over a gentle heat, add two spoonfuls of sugar and heat over a low flame (gas mark 2, 80° C) for 3 minutes.
Pour over your Amiga for a great Easter surprise for the kids.
Ivor Flabbybottom Clwyd No there isn’t. For anyone who doesn't know what an Archimedes is, ifs a very sophisticated but rather useless 32-bit machine that has never really caught on. Acorn, the manufacturers, have somewhat dubiously tried to flog it to schools as the natural successor to the BBC micro, which it ain't.
Blood Simple After reading the review of Robocop 2 I decided to splash some of my early Xmas cash on a copy. First point of complaint is that every time you run out of energy you have to start again, but right back at the beginning.
Subliminal Massage AF 18, Page 5, top left-hand corner,., What do I find? “Eat your shorts.” What can this subliminal message mean?
John Trueman Wolverhampton Frog eye Sprite I recently made a killing when I bought a copy of Bullfrog's excellent Powermonger: it was the best game I had got for ages. I couldn't believe my luck that EA were to release two extra disks in February: please could you let me and other Powermonger fans know what we are to expect?
Second point is that as soon as you kill a bad guy, he comes back on screen as you go off. I quote (from your review): "Regenerating villains are monumentally annoying". ANNOYING? I could tell you a swear word or two. Overall, though, a very good game.
Matt Garrett Albourne mtry Answers: Well, more of a question really. Am I ever going to win a competition?
A) I doubt it
b) Yes
c) Bananas J J Smith Billericay A Haddock To use your Amiga as a
PC, don't spend pounds on a hardware emulator: simply remove
the plug.
Ivor Flabbybottom Welsh Wales Pete Molyneux and the Bullfrogs were down the other day, so Trenton should know more: hang on, I'll ask him.
PS Injecting anything into your jugular would create a jet of blood eight feet long.
Quite right. So don’t try it at home, kids!
Satisfied Customer It is high time that we stood up and said no to those software houses that are fobbing us off with poorly-produced, unjustifiably expensive software.
However, all is not lost. Let me be the first (of many, I hope) to recommend some software that I have found to be written with the user in mind instead of just potential profit.
I recently bought Wolfpack by Mirrorsoft and though it allows hard disk installation on the PC, there is no suggestion that this could be done on the Amiga.
Nevertheless, I copied the files onto my hard disk and sure enough it works. It does require the original disk to be inserted, but only as a keydisk.
I can thoroughly recommend this to anyone who is into wargames or submarine sims. It is superb - I can't stop playing! So congratulations to Mirrorsoft!
Steve Carter Chelmsford Yeah, he says the first new disk will bring Powermonger into this century with a World War 1 setting based on a map of Central Europe, plus a completely new set of weapons and the chance to invent technological gadgets like planes and tanks.
The second is a US Civil War scenario: the first time breach- loading rifles, cannon and rockets were used and ‘the first modern war'. Also on the way is a Tips book from EA which will contain play-throughs of lands as well as general hints on game structure and how things inter-relate.
I'm very glad to hear it. We were a bit unpopular with Mirrorsoft Quickies I am using this as an excuse to use my new printer but I may as well ask some questions as I am really starting to go places in the world of the Amiga. Firstly, I would like to plug the Bulletin Board I am a Co-Sysop of. Its called Dayta Computer Systems and it runs from 6 pm until 8 am. It has got hundreds of files just waiting to be downloaded. So call 0482 643898 after 6pm for the best board in Hull, Phew!!! Now I can ask you my quezzies: If piracy is flourishing so much, why do people like Datel Electronics sell
Synchro Express?
They must know that if it says “Copies all disks" on their ads pea pie are going to buy it to make back-ups of protected software which is illegal anyway. I don’t understand how they are allowed to sell them. It doesn’t copy all disks anyway, so it is misleading.
Oh and finally, how can Domark release Stun Runner in the state ifs in? I am not up to date with your magazine, I am still on Issue 16 so I don’t know if you have reviewed it yet, but I had the misfortune of buying it for Christmas and I am disgusted. I know that it would have been impossible to have converted the coin-op perfectly but it seems to me that it had been rushed to get it released before Christmas.
Because we gave their Turtles game a bit of a panning. I hope the fact that we also gave Wolfpack a cracking 83% shows that we rate a game according to its merits, to protect you from that ‘poorly-produced, unjustifiably expensive software' you speak of, but I'd like to hear what readers thought of Turtles. Were we wrong in our judgement?
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SEND SAE FOR FREE SOFTWARE CATALOGUE iiepi LETTERS Jurgen Whatchacalllt programmed the 16-bit versions and after Hard Drivin' I was fairly confident with him making a good conversion on SR. But he has let himself down.
The graphics are terrible (the ship doesn’t even look like its arcade parent) and the speed is soooooo slow you wouldn't think it was running on an Amiga.
Oh well, I have had my say.
Now its over to you. Oh and keep up the good work. My New Year resolution is to buy every future Amiga Format there is 'cos as it is now I certainly don’t mind paying £3 a month.
T Craig Hobden Hull There's an awful lot of controversy over these copying devices, but they do have many legal uses, so you can't really ban them wholesale. The argument I often hear is that just because a knife can kill people doesn't mean you're committing murder by selling carving knives in a kitchen shop. In the end, these devices are merely a symptom of piracy and not the cause of it.
I personally believe that the whole piracy debate will begin to stop meaning anything as magnetic disks become things of the past over the next few years.
Really, the floppy disk is the 78 rpm of the computer industry.
H 1 With 'uncopyable' media like CD and ROM cartridges taking over, I reckon the price of games will drop and the whole self-perpetuating cycle of “I can’t afford a game so I'll copy it and the software houses will make it more expensive" will finally be broken.
Yes, we were a little disappointed with STUN Runner too. We reviewed it in Issue 18 and it got 60-odd percent, but it was much slower than it should have been.
But Jeez, the thing that amazes me is that you're still stuck on Issue 16! What's the problem? I know the issue size is so vast nowadays that it takes a long time to read them properly, but don't you realise what you're missing out on?
Here’s your Answer... Just a quick note to Sir Clive. (In Issue 20's Letters pages we had a chap going by the funny name of Sir Clive Sinclair asking if he could get a Spectrum emulator for his Amiga - Ed.) If you want a Speccy emulator then give Runway A500 BBS a ring on 0293 884117.
They have one in their PD library that actually works. Games are loaded in via a sound sampler and can then be saved to disk. If you ain't got a modem write to: I Runway A500 (PD sales), The Hope, Vicarage Road, Crawley Down, Sussex RH10 4JJ.
Alan Sugar AMS Trading Errm... thanks for the information, Alan. How come the bosses of Amstrad and Sinclair Computers all read Amiga Format? Are there any other welTknown computer company owners out there who are worth millions of pounds? If so, can you lend me a tenner?
Another Answer In reply to Bradley Long's letter 'Talking Computers in Issue 20's Letters pages, I can tell you of a Public Domain sample player that plays sounds when you insert or eject a disk. It's called Interrupt Sample Player and lives on Fish Disk 302. I've also released some samples for use with it into the Public Domain myself: they're on a disk called OJL Sound Effects.
Oliver J low Towcester What Nightmare?
Why did Ocean ever drop their plans to do a game based on A Nightmare on Elm Street? If they can do decent jobs with Robocop 2 and Batman (amongst other) why can’t they convert Krueger to our screens?
Stuart Hardy Sheffield Stuart, why do you write so many letters to Amiga Format? Not that I mind - it's actually rather jolly to hear from you a couple of times a month. Back on the point, we have not heard anyhtmg about plans for Ocean to do a Nightmare game, but we'll phone them up and check for you anyway.
Pagestream Protest 1 must protest about the reviews, in your last issue, of Pagestream 2 and Professional Page 2.
I am a registered owner of both of these programs (Professional Page Version 1.2 and 1.3 only) and have used both for some considerable time, unlike your reviewer, whose ignorance of Pagestream is staggering. I don’t mind a hard-hitting review (in fact it helps me choose my software) but it should be knowledgable and truthful, and Phil South's review of Pagestream 2 is neither. So having the average Englishman's sense of fair play (that dates me a bit!) I must ask you to let me say a word or two in rebuttal.
Poor old Pagestream receives the full brunt of his dislike of interlace mode, and with crashing ignorance he proceeds to inform us that interlaced black-and-white is all you can have. Rubbish! If he reads as far as Page 9 in the manual he will find a detailed list of all the modes (including 16 colours in non-interlace mode). Even the earlier versions were capable of this, so where’s he been all this time?
Soft-Logik, the producers, must be wondering what they have done to be thus kicked in the teeth, especially since they have placed a full page advertisement, showing a full-colour screen produced on Pagestream. In the same issue. It was done using
V. 2.1. but could equally have been done on V.2.0, or even V.1.8.
You may make each word a rainbow on screen if you wish. I
think that a handsome apology is due from Mr South, for the
damage caused to the sales of an excellent program.
He thus wasted a whole paragraph moaning about interlaced mode, and another telling us how you can choose the mode from CLI in Pro Page, when in fact, both programs are similar in this respect, but does not, of course mention Pagestream’s easy rotation of text and graphics, or even text and graphics combined (a feature only recently emulated by other packages).
As for running text around irregular graphics, this is child’s play in Pagestream. Has he tried it on the latest version of Professional Page? One experienced editor recently admitted that it took him an hour to run text around one fairly simple graphic using Professional Page 2. I believe him.
Presumably I received the same manual that Mr South did, and while I agree that the shades of white in the upgrade are slightly different, careful inspection shows that the size of paper is identical - so much for shuffling a pack of cards behind one’s back. Many of us prefer the ring-binding used by Pagestream - it makes for easy updating, and the pages do lie flat when it is open. I found the manual easy to use, and very informative, with good tutorials and plenty of excellent examples.
The interface too, is intuitive, and friendly. Almost every command can also be entered on the keyboard, or typed into macros.
I am at a loss to understand his comments on print quality. I can only assume that he chose low-definition from the print menu.
I use a 24-pin dot matrix printer and a Hewlett Packard Deskjet+ (I used to use a 9-pin Panasonic) and the only comments ever evoked by work I have done for others has been on the excellence of the print.
As for not being able to use Amiga printer drivers, all versions up to 1.8 included a Preferences driver, so that you could choose your own. Why this has not been included in Version.2 I do not know. Presumably their own drivers were so much better.
In any case he has only to write to Soft-Logik and they will write a driver for any printer he cares to name.
% He should also remember that it was Soft-Logik's pioneering of structured font conversion to high resolution bitmaps for printing on dot-matrix printers that forced Gold Disk to do the same with Professional Page. Does he remember the really atrocious output from Pro Page 1.2?
I will agree that Pagestream
2. 0 is far too slow on screen updating. This is, of course, due
to the use of structured screen fonts, but he will find that
2. 1 is faster. In any case, if he is willing to forgo the use of
Compugraphic or Postscript fonts on screen he could use the
earlier version 1.8, which uses bitmapped screen fonts and
is very much faster.
I cannot comment on Professional Page's stability (I could quote the aforementioned editor, who crashed Professional Page several times an hour, but will refrain). I am also told that Fleet Street are prone to curse both Quark Express on the Mac and Aldus Pagemaker on the IBM PC for the frequency of their crashes. I produce a sixteen-page church magazine monthly on Pagestream and have very little bother indeed.
As far as editing within the program is concerned, I have little criticism of either program, using it mainly for last-minute adjustments. I do most of my typing in Protext, check the spelling, then save it as an Ascii file and pour it into a Pagestream template. The text ‘tagging’ in Pagestream is superb. I have sometimes changed the Heading and Body- text fonts in the whole magazine K & M COMPUTERS THE BEST GAMES ? ? ? THE BEST SERVICE Anarchy
13. 90
A. TF II 1690 Back to Future 2...... 1690 Bad Lands
1390 Battle Command 1690 Beast 2 & Teeshirt 26 90
3litzkrieg May '40 1690 Bomber Mission Disc 11 90 Bo'admo 1990
Breach 2 1690 Bridge Player 2150 1990 Buck Rogers 1990 3udokan
1690 Cadaver 1690 Carve Up 1690 Chaos Strikes Back .1690 Chase
HQ 2 1690 Chess Champ. 2175 1990 Codename Iceman 26 90
Conqueror 16 90 Corporation ... 1690 Count Duckula .. 8
90 Damocles . 16 90 Day of the Viper 1690 Days of
Thunder...... 1690 Defender 2 . .13 90 Dick
Tracy 16 90 D Master Editor ... . 8.99
D. Master Clue Book.
8 99 Dragon Strike ... 19 90 East V West 16 90 Elite ... ...1690 Emlyn Hughes Socc.
...1690 FI9 Stealth Fighter...... .19 90 Fantasy Dizzy 6 90 Final Whistle (data).... 11 90 Fire and Forget II . 1690 Flood ... 1690 Fusion .... 890 Future Wars 1690 Gazzas Soccer 1690 Golden Axe 1690 Gravity .
1690 Hard Drivin'2 . .. 1690 Harley Davidson ..... 1990 Harpoon (1 Meg) 1990 immortal (Imeg)..... 1690 Impenum ...... 1690 Indianapolis 500 1690 Infestation 1690 Intercepter F16 890 Ironlord 1690 Jack Nicklaus Golf.. 1690 James Pond (1 Meg) 1690 J Nicklaus Course 3.
990 Jockey Wilson Darts 890 Keef the Thief... . 890 Kick Off 2 .. 13 90 Kick Off 2(1 Mes) .16.90 Killing Game Show ... . 16.90 Lemmings .16.90 Loom ..19.90 Vaxine .. 1690 Vulcan . .1390 Wings (1 Meg) .....• .1990 Wings of Fury . 1690 Wolf Pack (1 Meg) .. 1990 World Ciass Leaderboard 7.90 Z-Out ... 1390 COMING SOON The following games will be sent within 24 hours of reiease Chuck Yeagers 1690 Wonderland 1990 Elvira . 1990 Judge
Dread 13 90 U MS 2 ...... 19 90 Betrayal .. 19 90 Creatures ..
16. 90 Eco Phantoms .... .16 90 Wrath of the Demon .... .19
90 Mighty Bombjack .. .16.90 BUD6.EI & -SPECIAL..QFfERS
AMIGA SECOND DRIVE with The Beast RVF Honda Kick Off Battle
Squadron ONLY £99.00 Lost Patrol 1690 Monty Python 1690 MIG
29 Fulcrum .. 26 90 M Night Resistance .
1690 MUDS .1690 Narc .1690 New York Warriors .... .1390 Nightbreed (inter).... .1690 Ninja Turtles ... 1790 Operation Stealth ..... .1690 Orbitos(inc. T-Shirt).
26 90 Outrun 7 90 Over the Net 16 90 Pirates . 16 90 Powerdrome .. 890 Power monger ... .1990 Prince of Persia..... 16 90 Rainbow Island . 16 90 Red Storm Rising 1690 Rick Dangerous II 16 90 Robocop 2 16 90 Saint Dragon 16 90 Shadow Warriors 16 90 Sherman M4 .. 16 90 Simulcra ... 16 90 Sly Spy 16 90 Speeooai2 ..... . 16 90 Stnder 2 .1690 Stun Runner . 16 90 Super Off Rd Racing .
1690 Supremacy 1990 Team Suzuki 1690 Their Finest Hour 1990 Thunderblade 790 Tie Break 1690 Time Machine 1690 Total Recall ..... 1690 Tournament Golf... 1690 Toyota Ceiica ...... .1690 Turbo Esprit . 1690 Turrican .. .1390 Tusker ... 890 Unreal . 1990 Archipelagos .. ..... 499 Backlash . ..... 499 MAILORDER PRICES ONLY SHOP PRICES VARY Eye of Horus ..... 4 99 Future Bike .... .. 699 Fright Night . ......3.99 Formula 1 Gr Prix .. 499 Goldrunner ..... 399 Gnmblood ...... 499 Joe Blade 2...... 499
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3 99 Tr. Island Dizzy .. 4 99
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In, quite literally, less than a minute, just to see what the effect would be if I used Avant Garde instead of Helvetica for the Headings, or Palaccio instead of Times for the body text.
Drop Caps are fairly easy on Pagestream, once you know how.
Draw a simple box in white where you want the dropped cap, invoking text runaround, and then place the Capital (any size) somewhere in the margin or on the page surround. Drag it out using the sizing squares to the size you want it, then pick it up and move it into the space left by the box.
El I have no connection with Soft-Logik other than as a grateful user. I used Professional Page quite happily until I found Pagestream, which seemed so much more powerful and friendly.
Like any other powerful programs Spreadsheets, Databases, Word Processors - it is the amount of experience of them that counts. I would now hate to have to get to know another DTP program, because familiarity with Pagestream has made the production of all sorts of documents and posters so quick and easy.
As Phil South says, he learned on Professional Page - and how it shows! Let someone else review Pagestream 2.1 next month - even me!
A if.
It D Richardson Buxton It's a very long letter, Mr Richardson, bit I've printed it more or less in full to show that we don't mind criticism of our reviews. In fact, we would positively encourage users who are committed to various products and feel we under-represent them to write and tell other readers what they think. These pages of the magazine should certainly be a forum for the exchange of opinion amongst readers as well as allowing us to express our opinions direct to you.
Your letter contains a great many well-argued and well- balanced points of view, some of which agree with Phil's comments in his review. I am quite happy to let it stand as it is, but I'd like to make a couple of relevant points in Phil's defence.
One: the manual we had was very poorly produced and Phil’s criticism is valid. Two: I really couldn't see how to get a 16- colour low-res display on the screen, though you certainly can use full colour on the output, which is what the Soft-Logik ad shows. However, this would seem to be an error on Phil's part.
Three: Phil’s comment about print-out on dot matrix machines is from experience and quite true.
Apart from this, you are quite right that Pagestream has its advantages and features that Pro Page does not have. In only a page, Phil could not possibly mention all the features of such a heavyweight product, so we asked him to give his impressions. I personally think his view that Pro Page is the superior product is justified.
This does raise a general principle that potential buyers should always bear in mind.
Obviously, if a product costs only £20-£30 pounds we can easily say 'pop out and buy it' and be sure that readers won't be disappointed if they happen not to like it as much as we did. But a product costing £200 is a major investment and you are always best advised to take a careful look at it yourself before you buy.
Disk Requester I am fed up with disk-swopping every time I enter a CLI command etc so I have decided to buy an external drive. Please could you recommend a reasonably-priced and quiet external drive.
Rowland Curtis London i The best thing to do would be look at the supplement attached to this issue. The free promotion copy of our brand new sister magazine, Amiga Shopper, will tell you exactly what you need to know. Look at the comprehensive round-up of disk drives and see what they recommend as being the best quality and the best value in drives, but keep an eye out for the Power Computing drives in there.
Aussie PD With the way Public Domain goes here in Australia it is very difficult to find anybody who caters for the demo freaks here, so I am very interested in starting a PD service which can cater for them.
I'm sure a lot of people would like to send to England for disks but the prices and the waiting stop them from doing it.
I So I was wondering, if I were to purchase disks from a PD library could I use them to start Upgrade your Amiga 500 512K extension with clock
* Top-quality PCB and connector for total reliability
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Also available:
* 512K extension without clock
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guarantee 0734 890588 Credit card hotline 24 - hour service
Virgo Developments Ltd, Sapphire House, Fishponds Road,
Wokingham, Berkshire, RG11 2QJ.
E3 VISA THE AMIGA 500 PC XT IS HERE Run Professional MS DOS Software On Your Amiga 500 At A Price You Can Afford "Screen handling is faster than many 286 AT's...’ Amiga Format Oct '90 "...The PC board is indeed a very highly compatible WE... |» ? Supply MS-DOS 4.01 GW Basic and shell free U I ? Supply extra memory free''WWWW U U U1 ? Do not invalidate your Amiga guarantee ? Are continually improving the product with software upgrades ? Run a helpline just for you ? Leave your 68000 processor freeUm for other useful internal add-ons AUI Dec '90 Povn7 Support of the A590 hard
drive and other improvements now incorporated.
Ring for details.
Why Did You Buy An Amiga 500?
3f course, because ol its superb graphics, music and animation capabilities. However if you .vant to get serious, you soon realise that it is distinctly lacking in memory and professional :oftware.
Well - They Said It Could Never Happen - But It's Here At Last!
• ou! In your own home can transform your Amiga 500 into a real
IBM compatible with Amiga memory expansion up to one and a half
• s simple - No screwdriver, no soldering iron and no technical
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your Amiga PC XT is ready. (In other words, no loss of
• ou are now ready to use a wealth of professional MS DOS
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colour, with compatibility thanks to Phoenix-Bios.
• ou can also rely on the correct date and bme at any moment in
Amiga and MS DOS mode oattery included).
• Video support: monochrome. Hercules and Colour Graphics Adaptor
(CGA) (16 colour dynamics)
* Disk support: internal 3.5' external 3.5' external 51 4' drive.
A590 Hard Drive.
* Available memory: 704KB + 64KB EMS in MS DOS mode. 1 megabyte *
512KB RAM (disk) buffer in Amiga mode
* No extra power supply necessary thanks to the most modern CMOS
and ASIC technology
* OK with TV. No special monitor required ra hi
* For export price please contact us » Trade enquiries welcome
(UK • Scandinavia • Australia NZ and all English language.)
Compatibility is excellent, but no-one can guarantee every single program available therefore if your purchase depends on a particular program, please ask us first or send in a copy of the program. (With suitable S.A.E if to be returned).
Price subject to change without notice.
Bitcon Devices Ltd.
Tel: (091) 4901919 4901975.
Fax: (091) 4901918 BDL HELPLINE (091) 490 0202 _ LC'* X t te I kt Pain in the Ass OK, what is the commonest size of paper used in a laser printer?
Answer, A4. Why then does the only Preferences printer driver for the HP_LaserJet only print to a maximum of 10 inches? I, like the majority of laser printer owners, have to resort to using this driver since both Commodore and Epson are not interested in writing a driver for the Epson I really don't see any problem with you disseminating PD demos in Australia: that is, after all, the idea behind PD. If there are any libraries out there that want to get in touch with Jim, that would be great. In the meantime, Jim, write to 17-bit Software, who are real experts at demo stuff, at this address: PO
Box 97, Wakefield WF1 1XX, England.
My own library here or does that violate any laws? What I am looking for is information about this, so if there is a PD library that could help, please write to me at this address: PO Box 483, Mowbray Heights, Launceston, Tasmania 7248, Australia.
Jim Pike Australia GQ5000, the printer I currently use. This means, folks, that if you are considering buying a laser printer which is not listed in devs printers and have to use HP emulation, then be content with a maximum of 10 inches and forget about how many scalable fonts the printer can produce - you'll not be needing them.
If Commodore wish the Amiga to be taken seriously then they had better think about improving this aspect of the machine. At the moment serious word processing and DTP on the Amiga using a laser printer for output is both a frustrating and a painful process.
Ian Moran Belfast I've always believed that attaching a printer to your Amiga should be no more painful than a simple ‘plug in and away you go' process. Too often, all the flash advances in technology get the investment and the thought in computing and the idea of functional simplicity and peace of mind in use gets no attention at all. Perhaps a simple way of getting printers of any kind to work with the Amiga - some kind of intelligent driver - is more important than the latest advances in the ECS and Workbench 2.
Your problem is reflected by many similar experiences all over the country. Mark Smiddy reports that in the support service he is currently giving to back up his beginners' series he has more enquiries about using printers than on any other topic.
In response to this, we're looking at setting up some kind of forum within the Workbench pages so that readers can swap advice, information and especially drivers for printers. If you have an unusual or helpful driver, please write to Workbench and tell us.
Kids’ Stuff In Issue 19, someone wrote in saying that Kids and the Amiga is a good book to get. Well, I was flicking though your mag and I found that Soft Machine are selling the book for £15.95 and that seems an awful lot for a book.
Are Soft machine trying to rip us off, which I doubt? Is there some kind of mistake? Or do computer books always cost this sort of price, and if so, why?
Richard Chalmers Bracknell Begging Letter Aaaaaaaagh! This is the seventh letter I have written to you and I have not had one single one published! It really cheeses me off when some people get three or even four published in the same issue! All I want to do is advertise my club, AJ's Works.
It is aimed at new users and beginners who need some help. It costs only a pound to join and we have many special offers, so I reckon it's a bargain. Write to 34 Staining Rise, Staining, Blackpool, Lancashire FY3 OBU.
Andrew Beeped off Johnson, Blackpool Yes, computer books do tend to be very expensive, partly because they are packed with an awful lot of very specialised information and partly because in book terms the market for them isn't so big, so they cost a lot more each to produce than Stephen King's latest paperback. I'm not familiar with this book but I wouldn't mind a look at it if it's recommended.
I'll try to get them to send a copy.
There you go, Andrew, hope that helps you a shade. While you're down there, me boots are dirty... NEW LOW PRICES BRANDED DISKS AT BULK PRICES Benchmark brand ALL 3’ 2- DISKS COME WITH LABELS. ALL 5'V DISKS COME WITH LABELS WRITE PROTECTS AND SLEEVES Disk Type Qty 25 50 100 200 500 1000 31 2" DS DD 1Mb £
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Top Ten Amiga Titles All New Star Trek
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SideWise Ltd (Dept AF21), PO Box 4, Totnes, Devon TQ9 7EN Great Expectations COE Just as Commodore seem to have realised, with the 3000 and the 3000UX. That the way forward for them is with the Amiga, the underlying technology is beginning to be pretty stale and out-of-date. While Pcs with VGA graphics, 256 colours from a 24- bit palette and resolutions of up to 1024 by 768 are becoming the norm, the Amiga has ganed... errm... the little-used EH8 mode.
OK, so the ECS gives two new modes, but they're restricted to four colours from a 6-bit palette. The other modes are still restricted to a 12-bit palette, which is nothing special now. A 24-bit palette is needed ASAP.
In a multimedia machine sound is important and at least eight channels should be available (for four stereo events) along with a much higher playback rate and also an exclusive operating- system-only channel to allow for audio feedback of errors and available at any time.
Of vast importance is the resolution of the memory-bandwidth problem, especially if more audio and graphics data is to be pumped out. Can I explain? The Amiga can access memory around 14 million times a second.
Of this, the 68000 needs seven million, leaving the custom chips to use the rest for graphics and audio accessing.
But if a lot of graphics and sound data is being transferred more than the available time is needed and time is stolen from the 68000, slowing down the system. Wasteful, eh? Lots of Fast RAM helps, but I don't think it’s a complete solution.
Commodore should also stop expecting us to use these evil black-scanlined monitors. VGA and multisync monitors are often under £300 nowadays and a VGA port should be part of each and every Amiga, starting with the A500-P and the new, revised C2000. The A3000 has this.
Much improved manuals and system disks are needed, including conversion programs to transfer data from other machines. An extended Trackdisk device should be easy to set up, allowing the user transparent access to Amiga 1Mb and the new 2Mb disks, PC format disks and perhaps even Macintosh disks.
Grellan Larkin Moycullen, Co Galway I reckon that's possibly one of the most imaginative and comprehensive set of suggestions I've heard in a long time. What particularly appeals to me is the idea of perfecting the Amiga as an advanced yet compatible machine. Tied in with the idea of a simple printer set-up and a friendly graphical interface, a solid and strong comprehensive machine for the '90s is only a step away. If the Amiga could do all this, it would make a hell of an impact.
Turtle Appeal I would be grateful if you could tell me whether the arcade version of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles computer game will become available for the Amiga 500 and, if so, when?
RT O'Mahoney Stoneleigh We haven't heard of any possibility of the arcade machine Turtles game being converted to home computers. The arcade game was produced by Konami while the original American Turtles game that Mirrorsoft improved to get their version was by Ultra.
Apparently there is some contractual reason, to do with the licensing of the Turtles name, why the arcade game will not come out. We think this is a great pity since the arcade machine game is very good.
No Disk Blues I went into my local newsagent to buy my favourite, Amiga Format. I quickly picked it up and found that there was no disk attached. I walked over to the newsagent and asked for my disk, but she told me that if there wasn't another copy of the magazine with a disk on, they didn’t have one. I had two choices: put the excellent magazine down and take another one or take it the way it was.
I So I took the magazine, because I buy my mag for its content as well as the Coverdisk.
Unfortunately the Coverdisk (Issue 19) had some very useful LOOK FORGET THE REST, BUY FROM THE BEST AMIGA PACKS SCREEN GEMS PACK: inc Shodow of Beost II, Bock lo the Future II, Nightbreed, Days of Thunder, D Point II Cost - £357.00 I MEG PACK: inc Extra 512K Ram, Shadow of Beast II, Back to the Future II, Days of Thunder, Nightbreed, D Paint II Cost - £386.00 Class of the 90's, First Steps .£525.00 Class of the 90 s ...£525.00 PRAXIS PACK A500 + Gems Pack + 1 2 meg upgrade +Digi Paint 3.0
Pal £445.99 HARDWARE CBMS 1084 Colour Stereo Monitor .....£239.00 Philips 8833 Colour Stereo Monitor .....£237.00 Cumana 1MB Disk Drive ....£76.00 PC RANGE Amiga B2000 AT Bridgeboard ...£1593.99 Amiga B2000 XT-Bridgeboard + 20MBHD £1429.99 Amiga 2000 CPU + Keyboard ..£899.99 Amiga 3000 ..P.O.A Anyone buying an Amiga computer from Praxis will be able to purchase at prices
1 2 Meg Ram with Clock...... £26.99 £29.99 Word Perfect 4.1 Word Processor Amos Games Creator Music X RRP PRAXIS PRICE £228.85 ..£157.99 £49.95 ......£32.00 £228.85 ..£157.00 We sell a comprehensive range of hardware, software, peripherals, books and disks for both personal and business use. Please call for details.
Either call our number with your credit card details or send S LI A ITE Craven House, 14 18 York Road, a cheque PO. To our address Please make cheque payable to Wetherby, West Yorkshire, LS22 4SL.
PRAXIS LTD. Rgn Telephone: (0937) 580597 Fax: (0937) 66043 pnces subiect to change without notice - ¦¦¦» Mon to Fri Open till 8pm Weekends open till 6pm Read what the critics have to say... Achieve incredible sound quality with recording speeds of up to 56k sps Mono and 38k' in Stereo.
"It is without doubt the best Amiga sampling package yet produced."
"In brief, it is a brilliantly conceived, intuitive, and very powerful package."
- Australian Commodore and Amiga Review June '90 "... in some
cases, the quality of samples that I was able to obtain could
easily compete with some 12 and 16-bit samplers..."
- AMIGA COMPUTING NOV '90 RomSCQn Software Pty Ltd. PO Box 267,
Avondale Heights 3034. Melbourne” Australia. Phone Fax 61 3 337
UK residonts. Pl6as@ contact HB Marketing Ltd on 0753 686000 Airug8 it a tzao®’"9 of CoTrmoOoraA niga kne AM NwofiCAMna *ut)|«c! To ctango without When you're serious about sound, Y°un“dan Audio Engineerplus" The High Quality Stereo Digital Sound Sampling and Editing System for the Amiga.
AMIGA SOFTMACHINE AMIGA COMMODORE HARDWARE A50O Options from 314 W A500 Screen Gems 360 00 A500 Flisht ot Fantasy 360 90 A500 Batman 360 00 AMO Class ot 90 s 542 99 A500 First Steps 542 99 At 500 669 99 A2000 ? 40Mb HD 1064 99 A3000 16Mhz * 40Mb HD 2084 09 A3000 25M(17 • 40Mb HD 2499 99 A3000 25Mhz • 105Mb HD 3009 99 At 084S Colour Monitor 254 99 A1950 Multisync 429 99 AS90 20Mb HD 279 99 A59020MbMD* 1Mb Ram 31499 A590 20Mb HD * 2Mb Sam 359 99 A1011 1Mb 3 5' Drive 79 99 A501 Sam ExpansiorVCIocS 54 99 A520IV Modulator 24 99 HARDWARE PERIPHERALS Philips 8833 MS II 244 99 Citizen I20D- 129 90
Citizen I24D 109 90 Citizen Swift 9 189 99 Citizen Swift 24 284 99 Swift 9 24 Colour Kit 32 99 Star LC-10 154 99 Star LC24-10 204 90 Star LC-200 214 99 Star LC24*200 249 99 Star LC24-200 ColOK 294 99 Ciznana 1Mb 3 S’ Drive 64 99 Master 1Mb 3 S’ Dimi 54 99 MS01 s Bam EspansioaClOCS 39 99 ATOnce 178 99 Hitachi Camera 4 tens 224 99 Digrview 8999 Vidi Amiga 99 99 Golden Image Scanner 184 99 Please ring lor prices availability on any hardware software peripherals not listed. (Full price list on request) Type 10 Handr Scanner 134 09 Mirugen 97 99 Please make cheques postal orders payable to
SOFTMACHINE All items subject to availability.
All pnees include V.A.T. & UK Delivery. All prices subfect to change without notice E.&O.E. Eendaie8802 Can Designer Modem 104 99 SOFTMACHINE Dept. AMF 4, 20 Bridge House, Bridge Street, Sunderland SRI 1TE. Tel: 091 510 2666 2777 Fax: 091 564 1960 linnet Modem 154 99 AMAS 69 99 Audo Engineer Plus 164 99 Masterscxno 29 99 BOOKS ' ROM Kernel Man Aut......28.95
• BOM Kernel Man lib 29 95
• System Prog Gde .....32 95 Becoming an • Agist 18 45
Beginners Gde to • ..16 95 Computes 1st Book • 16 95
Computes 2nd Book ’ 16 95 Elementary' Basic .. 14 95
inside ’ Graphics 16 95 Mapping the Amiga 20 95 Prog Gde to
Amiga 23 95 ’ Indicates Amiga in title 68000 Assem Lang Prog
2195 68000 User Guide 895 Programming the 68000 ......23 95
Teach yourself 68030 8 95 40 Great flight Sims 13 95 40
Mere Great flights 14 95 A Flight Sim Odvssey 14 95 F-19
Stealth fighter 13 95 falcon Ar Combat 14 95 Flying Flight Stm
7 95 Gunship Academy 14 95 Jet Fighter School 1195 Jet Fighter
Sctooi n 14 95 learn to Fly Flight Sim 1495 Sub Commander 12 95
Take Off flight Sim .... 15 45 Up 8 Ibzi Flight Sim .. 8 95
EDUCATIONAL Better Maths 12-16 yrs 19 95 Better Seeing Cmrr 8
1995 Fi 1 Schoo 2 Under 6 14 95 Fin School 2 6-8 U95 F'X
School 2 Cxer 8 1495 Fun SchoO 3 Under 5 17 95 Fi i SchoO 3 S-7
. 17 95 Fir SchooJ 3 Over 7 17 95 lets Seen at Home 1595 Lets
See:; at tne Shoes 1595 Mage Maths 4-8
19. 95 Maths Mara 8-12 ts 19 95 M Beacon Teacnes Typing 21 95
Mega Maths A-tevei 19 95 Micro English GCSE 19.95 Micro
French GCSE 19 95 Micro Maths GCSE ..19.95 Play
and Read 19 95 Primary Maths 3-12yrs 19 95 Spell Book
4-9......15 95 The Three Bears 19 95 Things to do with
Numbers 15 95 Things to do with Words .15 95 WORD PROCESSORS
Excellence 2 96 95 Kindwords 2 38 95 Pen Pal 64 95
* otext v5 .. 99 95 Pro Wnte v3 1 99 95 Scribble Platinum
42 95 Transwnte 32 95 WordPerfect .
174 95 K-Data 34 95 Prodata 54 95 Superbase Perscca; 26 95 Su-eerbase Personal 2 64 95 Sjperbase Profess-cmai 159 95 SPREADSHEETS Advantage 74 95 DGCaJc 27 95 K-Soreaa2 42 95 5uperpian 64 95 LANGUAGES COMPILERS ETC AMOS 34 95 A*ex» 32 95 Devpac 2 39 95 GFA Basic v3 5 Compiler 22 95 Pro Video Post 221 95 Scaia 205 9S Title Page 131 95 TV Show v2 54 95 TV Text Professional 99 95 Vdeo Effects 3D 129 95 Video Titier 3D 8295 CAD 3D GRAPHICS GFA Basic v3 5 Interpreter 39 95 Hisoft Basic 54 95 Hisoft Extend 14 95 K-Seka Assembler 34 95 Lattrce C v5 169 95 DESKTOP PUBLISHING Gold Disk Type Cali
Outline Fonts 104 95 Pagesetter II 49 95 Pagestream v2 1 .
13V 95 ProclipS 21 95 Professoral Page v2 184 95 ACCOUNTS Cashbook Combo 47 95 Casnoook Controller 34 95 Final Accounts 2195 Home Accounts 1 95 Personal Fin Manager 21 95 Small Busacc Cash 56 95 Small BusAcc Xtra 79 95 System 3 34 95 UTILITIES BAD 32 95 Cross DOS 21 95 Disxmaster 39 95 GB Route 27 95 Pdw«r Windows v2 5 54 95 Qua'teiback 39 95 X-Ccpy Professional 34 95 Perfect Sound 49 99 Contriver Mouse
21. 99 Na»sha Mouse 29 99 Optical Mouse 39 99 Contriver Trackball
99 99 Marconi Trackbal 49 99 Universal Printer Stand 699
Centronics Printer Cable 499 RS232 Cable 099 Scart Cable 11
99 3 5' 40 Capacity Bo* 499 3 5" 80 Capacity Box 799 10* Sony
Bulk 3 5* .
599 SO * Sony Bulk 3.5* . 24 99 100* Sony Bulk 3 5" ..... 44 99 10 * Sony MFD9DO 3 5' 999 10 x TDK MF2DO 3 5* 9 99 ANIMATION TITLING EFFECTS I PRESENTATION!
Broadcast Titter 205 95 Elan Performer 2 49 95 Heme Titer 33 95 Page Flipper • F x 8295 Pro Titer 124 95 Amiga Vision 108 95 Deluxe Paint ill 59 95 Deluxe Print ll 34 95 Deluxe Video m U 9S Disney Animation Studio 84 9S imagine 189 95 intToCAO Pr us 82 9S Photon Pant 2 29 95 PlXmate 37 95 Professional Dra* VJ 99 95 Vista 49 95 x-CAD Des-gr r 84 95 COMMUNICATIONS BBS PC 89 95 GPTetrr 4795 K CcnvT' 2 34 95 MUSIC AUDIO Ai dicn-asfer in 39 95 Bars 4 Pioes '69 95 Dr T’s Cocvst Ace 74 95 Dr T'S Cccrst DTP '9795 DrT-sXCS 164 95 Dr T'S KCS ir*i II 245 95 Dr T'S V*s 49 95 Dr T'S Tfger Cub 82 95 O-aret
34 95 FLIGHT TANK SIMULATIONS AlOTan.10*- 27 99 F16 Falcon FlQStea*n • gnte* 20 99 F29 8eta-atrcr 1750 fo or M*sor Dtsxs Ca i ‘ T* Smuiatc U Can f Srr Scenery Ca" Gxnsr .
1750 M1 Tar* Piaroor 20 99 Mg 29 Fulcurr 24 50 PrcAr X Can Tearr yar«ee 20 99 18 95 32 4S 18 45 16 95 14 45 18 95 32 45 18 45 1495 18 45 1495 18 45 18 45 27 95 1295 9 95 32 45 2195 21 95 14 95 24 95 23 95 17 45 20 45 LETTERS 0 1 trM _ Ve" programs on it which I desparately needed. So if it would be no trouble, could you send me Coverdisk 19, please?
Chris Rainbow Witney Some newsagents take the Coverdisks off the magazine to prevent them from being pinched, so always do as Chris did and ask for one. On the other hand, many don't: and occasionally, as happened to Chris, you may find that some other little tinker has whipped the Coverdisk off already and that noone else has been willing to buy that particular copy.
No great surprise, really!
Now. Your newsagent is theoretically under an obligation to get you the magazine as it should be, so very often if you ask you will find that they have another few copies stashed away somewhere and can dig you one out.
If newsagents have this problem, they can also send the diskless copy back to the distributors who supply the magazine to them, who will replace it with a proper one. The same goes if they have run out: ask them, and they should be able tio get extra copies from the distributors.
Now, if you should be stuck with a copy of the magazine but no disk, we do now have a system for dealing with this. If you send us a letter and some kind of proof of purchase, we can send you a copy of the Coverdisk from a supply that is sent to us by the disk duplicators every month.
Disk Blues 2 Why do you put the labels on your Coverdisks upside down?
I think it is normal practise to place disks in the diskette file with the metal slider at the bottom so that you can read the disk titles. This seems to be the arrangement used by other software publishers.
If we place your disks with the metal slider to the bottom, the titles are upside-down. If we place them with the titles the right way up, they can not be read because they are then at the bottom of the disk box. I hope you will endeavour to correct this fault. I will be watching in anticipation for future editions of your wonderful magazine.
F Waspe Leeds The fact of the matter is that we usually want the Coverdisk labels to be put on so that with the metal shutter facing down the label reads the right way up, but it doesn't always happen that way. Don't ask me why, it's just a quirk with the guys who stick them on.
However, we've just changed disk duplicators and in actual fact we were on the phone this very day confirming with them which way up we want the label put.
We've also taken extreme steps to ensure that when the Coverdisk is taped to the front of the magazine the label will also be the right way up to read, so from this issue on, we don't think you'll have any problems.
Virus Idea I have an idea that, if taken up by the right people, should be very profitable. The idea is this.
Software and hardware companies should get together to produce the ultimate virus killer: a piece of hardware that dealers can fit and maintain. It would check every disk as it is inserted ' in the drive and if a virus is found, give the option to kill it or not. It should activate as soon as the computer is turned on. I figure that it should retail at around £20 and when new viruses start appearing, new killers should be offered on an update at £5 in return for your old version.
If it's taken up the great, but if not, then too bad. A little food for thought... Gary Rotherham Mexborough It's ust an idea, I relaise, but it is an excellent one. The only minor problem with it that becomes apparent in the way you have expressed it is that if dealers have to fit it in the first place, would you not then have to take your Amiga back to the dealer every time a new version was released in order to get them to replace it?
Nevertheless, the idea of a completely foolproof hardware- based virus killer is a good one, and it would seem to make sense to have it done as a chip or similar that could actually be placed inside the machine on the circuit board rather than dangling off one of the ports and using up valuable facilities. I would be interested to know if anyone has studied the feasibility of a hardware virus hunter-killer.
I Richard & Angela Howe: Applied Research Kernel Corve Farmhouse, Corve Lane, Chale Green, Ventnor, P038 2LA, U.K. Visitors are always welcome by appointment POST UK E0 (1« Recorded). Speoel Delivery £2.99 (cell belore 12 ran). Securicor £6.90 (call before 12 noon).
Registered *» Mall to Europe £5ntem. World £ia*etn. Please can about carnage or heavy dents VJLT. Prices include UK VAT at 15% except lor books Books are »ro rated CHEQUES London Storing payable to A.H.K. please rtgh value ordmary dteques may requee clearance EXPORT A BFPO Remove UK VAT (.PlK®1.151 except on books which are zero rated AVAILABILITY Most items listed are m stock Others can usually be obtained within 48 hours.
DESPATCH Within 24 hours on stock items. 48 hours on non stock but available items.
PRICES May occasionally be sub)ect lo change TEL 0983 79496 K o This is a switchable voice fax line which is open 10am to 7pm. Monday to Saturday 54 97 164 91 64 86 Deluxe Vdeo 3 Dgi Pamt 3 .. FantaVision Animation Icon Pamt Pixmate Image System Real 3D Ray Tracmg Real 3D Professional 3MB Real 30 Turbo (68020) 3MB Scene Generator Sculpt Animate 4D 2MB Sculpt 4D Junior . 69 92 52 90 34 96
14. 95 39 79 89 93 27991 34983 34 96 329 82 .84 87 Publishers
Choce (few).. Starter Kit The
Works Platinum PROGRAMMING AMOS Basic interpreter Benchmark
Moduia 2 ... Devpac 2 Assemble* GFA Basic Compiler GFA
Basic Interpreter Hisott Basic Compiler Lattice C 5 t
Compiler Pascal Compiler (PD Disk) Resource mt Disassembly
RIBBONS & TONER CBM MPS 1230 (6) CBM MPS 1500(6) Citizen
120D MPS 1200) (6) Cihzen Swift 2A124D (6) Epson LX80 (6)
Epson RX FX MX 80 (6) HP LaserJet 2 Toner Cart .....
Panasonic 1174 (61...... Star Lcl 0(6) ..
Star LCIOColOiX (4) Star LC200 (6) Star LC24'10
(6) . Star LC24 200 (3) SOUND
AMAS Stereo Samoter Dekjxe Muse Composer Master Sound Mono
Sampler MIDI Phg Interlace .... Muse X t 1 Sequence'
..... Muse X Junior Sequencer Quartet Composer
.. Sound Trap 3 Mono Sampler Soni. 2 Composer
..... Tger Cub Compose* SPREADSHEETS Advantage
65000x65000 DGCalc 512x52 .. Superplan 2048x1024
68 77 59 80 .7981 UTILITIES Amkit For Beginners Aren Macro
Interpreter Award Maker Pius .. B A D Disk Optimiser
BBC Emulator Version 2 Byte & Back HD Backup CrossDOS File
Transfer Directory Housekeeper Disk Master 1 4
... Doctor Ami Disk Analysis..... DOS 2 DOS
File Transfer.... Enhancer 1.3 ... GB Veh*oe
Route Planner _ Mans Beacon Typing _______ Prmtercept File
Transfer .... Quarterback Hd Disk Tools.. Virus Infection
Protection..... Weather Watcher X Copy Professional CABLES
PrPlug S=Sock t Cross Over Box D2SS . 35 88 D23S-D15P
NEC Msync 2A3D13 80 D23S-OpenEnd Monitor 10 81 D23S-Scart
Monitor CM8833 13 80 D23S2PtvD92Ph (CM88332) 13 80 D25P D25P
9Wire 2M Modem 10 81 D25P-C36P 2Metre Pnnter 6 90 D25P-C36P
3Metre Pnnter 11 96 D25P -C36P 5Metre Pnnter 14 95 D25P-D25P
25Wlre 2Metre 12 88 025P-D25P 25Wire Smetre 2185 D2SP D25S
D25P D25S 2M 25W 23 92 Superpase Personal 2 Superbase
Professional Your Family Tree 2.™ ..... DESKTOP
PUBLISHING Ckp Art PD (7 disks) E C*K Structured C*©s GoC D«k
Type. Decorative Gold Disk Type Video Gold Disk Type Pubksher
Gold Disk Type Desgner Outline Fonts 1 5MB.
PageSetter 2 PageStream 2 i 5MB Pro Ckps Structured Art Professional Page 2 1 5MB Structured Clip An . ACCOUNTS Arena integrated Accounts Cashbook Combination Cashbook Controller . Easy Ledgers Integrated Home Accounts Personal Tax Planner ------- Personal Fmance Manager Service Industry Accounts SBA Xtra ...... System 3 ...... 29 90 .32 89 34 96 32 89 34 96 19 78 28 98 34 96 39 79 .39.79 .29 90 1472 .37 95 24 84 34 96 .59 80 .34 96 24 84 .37 95 .119 83 .4991 .36 80 .149 96 .23 92 34 96 27 83 299 92
79 81 . . .39 79 14 95 69 92 32 89 32 89 32 89 32 89 99 82 4991 134 78 24 84 189 98 3680 36 80 136 85 42 78 24 84 39 79 5681 159 80 2 99 64 96 23 46 28 98 1932 31 74 1656 17 94 7981 26 22 23 46 26 68 35 88 24 84 26 22 HARDWARE (UK parcel post incl) 512K A500 RAM CkockSwitch 29 90 A590 20MB Hard Disk Dnve 279.91 A590 20MB HD with 2MB RAM 349 83 A2091 40MB A2000 HD 11ms 499 79 Amga 500 Screen Gems 512K 369 64 Amga 1500 1MB 1 Drive 599 84 Amga 1500 1MB 2 Drives 629 97 Amga 1500 1MB . SW 679 88 Amga 1500 1MB - SW . Mon 929 89 Amga 3000 16MHz 40MB 1999 85 Amiga 3000 25MHz 100MB 2629 82 Amstrad
FAX Pnnter 9600AT 639 86 Cameron 105mm Scanner 4 SW 149 96 Citizen 120D. 9 Pm 169 97 Citizen 124D 24 Pin (1). 229 77 Citizen Swift 9 Pm (1) ... 199 87 Citizen Swift 24 Pm (1) 289 80 Data Flyer SCSLRAM Card 129.95 Data Flyer with 45MB Dnve 399.97 Sharp JX100 Co*our Scanner 599 84 Star Laserprmter 82 1399.78 D«k Drive 3 5' Externa* 59.80 Disk Dnve 3 5' Internal 59 80 Disk Dnve 5 25’External .129.95 Naksha Mouse 34 96 Podscat 12x12 InchGfnTab.... 199.87 59 80 RAM Chip 256K CMOS (A590) 5 98 BOOKS 1st Book of Amga ...... 16 95 2nd Book of Amga 16 95 68000 Asm lan Programming 19 95 68000 Assembly
Language 24 95 Amiga 3D Gfx Prog in Basic 18 45 Amiga Adv Sys Prog Gu.de .....32 95 Amga Asm Lan Programming 14 95 Amga Base insde & Out 18 95 Amga C For Beginners 18 45 Amga C Adv Programmers . 32 95 Amiga Desktop Video Guide 18 45 Amiga Disk Drive* In 4 Out 27 95 Amiga For Beginners .. .12 95 Amga Graphics in A Out 32 45 Amga Mactvne Language 21 95 Amga Programmers HndOk VI 24 95 Amga System Prgrmrs Gu.de 32 95 Amga Tncks and Tips 14 95 AmgaDOS Reference Guide 14 95 AmgaDOS Inside 4 Out ..18 45 Elementary Amga Bas* 14 95 Hardware Reference Manual .21 95 Incs 4
Docs; ROM Kernel M1 .28 95 Inside Amiga Graphics ..16 95 Kickstart Guide to Amga 14 95 Kids and the Amiga 14 95 Learning C Programming Gfx 16 95 Los 4 Devs: ROM Kernel M1 29 95 Mapping the Amga 22 95 More Tncks and Tips 18 45 Programmers Guide to Amiga 23.95 Programming the 68000 .2195 The Amga Handbook ..24 95 OIN5P-DIN5P MIDI Cable 4 83 Gender Changer D25P ...7 82 Gender Changer. D25S ..... 7 82 Null Modem Cable 10.81 Plug 23 Pm D With Hood 4 83 Plug 25 Pm D With Hood ....3 91 RS232 Mm. Tester 12 88 RS232 Nu*i Modem
8 97 RS232 Patch Bo. 12 88 Socket 25 Prn D With Hood 3 91 Socket 23 Pm D With Hood 4 83 Swilch Box C36S 4 Way . . .39 79 Switch Box D25S 2 Way 24 84 Switch Box D25S 4 Way 36 80 COMMUNICATIONS A Tafc 3 69 92 K Comm 2 24 84 Paragon BBS ...99 82 COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN BoarOMas!**' PCB Desgn 2MB 79 81 DUST COVERS Amiga 108A1084S 8833 Mons Amga 500 Computer Citizen 1200 Pnnter ... Custom Cover Medium Size 1 Epson LX8086 Pnnter .. Panasonic KXP1124 . Star LC24 10 Printer . Star LC10 Printer - .. EDUCATION
Distant Suns Astronomy Fun School 3 (vanousi..... Mega Maths (GCSE A) ..... Micro English (GCSE O) .. M*ro French (GCSE O) Moo Maths (GCSE O) My Pamt ... Primary Maths Course EDITORS CygnusEd Professional 2 GRAPHICS Animation Stutko ......r.... C Lght Come Seller Deluxe Print 2 Posters Deluxe Pamt 3 Deluxe Photolab VIDEO Broadcast Taler . 179 86 Dgi View Gold 4 109.94 Hitachi Camera & 16mm Lens 199.87 Minigen Genlock ...99 82 Pro Video Post SMB .199 87 V«* SokJton & Photon Pnt
119 83 Video Tflof Animator 1MB 84 87 WORDPROCESSORS Excellence 2 ....99 82 KtteType With Speech ...24 84 KmdwordS 2 34 96 Micro Text .. 19 78 PenPai . 89 93 Protext 5 ...99 82 QucfcWnte 44 85 Scnbble Platinum ...4186 TranWnte 34 96 WordPerfect ..169 97 SPECIALS (enquire about condMi Amga 500's SH .....299 92 Deluxe Pamt 3 49 91 Populous ..11 96 Sim City .11 96 Their Fmesl
Hour ...17 94 MANY OTHERS SEND SAE FOR LISTS 49 91 19 78 23 92 23 92 23 92 23 92 19 78 23 92 74 98 52 90 34 96 1978 109 94 64 86 44 85
29. 90 49 91 59 80 Desgr 3D Professional Draw 2 ..... X CAD
Desgner . X CAD Professional 2MB X CAD 3D 2MB
..... DATABASE MANAGERS B4*j Reader ... InfoFiie
.... Mailshot Plus
... Microfiche Filer .
Prodata Superbase Personal 57 96 99 82
7981 339 94 389 85 INTEGRATED PACKAGES AmgaViSion Multimedia
Gold Disk Appetizer Gold Disk Oflce .. Gold
Disk HyperBook .. Giaph-cs Starter Kit Power Works
... 7981 29 90 109 94 ..57 96 54 97 89 93
44 85 44 85 37 95 59 80 54 97 34 96 79 81 39 79 39 79
39. 79 57 96 54 97 .74 98 .29 90 49 91 ADVERTISER S INDEX 130
Datanlpx 19?
KC Video ... 199 Ocean .....19. 51. 63.
Soft Logik .. .35 1 ol Dl IU1GC ..... 1R Rit P.pntrp 209 Datel .... 122-127 Kosmos . 158 Ocean 70-71. 92 Softmachine ..... 222 17 Rit R W 174 Delta PI 131 KYC Disks 215 Office Choice .... 180 Softville .. 177 I Dll O ...... Arrnlarip 83 Dial-A-Disk ..203 ladbroke .. .140 Official Secrets......12-13 Software City.....168-169 App Rpnair*; 141 ninirnm ...22
LCL. ..... 219 Original Media .. 138
Software Superstore. 164 ¦» .. Digita
International ninital Annliratinns 48 Lorenzo's Domain ..
.128 Pazaz .... 157 Solid State Leisure...
.11 am pn 177 .173 Manor Court .... 218 PD
Soft .. 181 Soecial Reserve ....12-13 rvvi
id . Aminam it 188
- --- Domark ...... ...89 Mansfield Corns...... .158 Pdom
PD ...184-185 Start Computers...... 183 Amknft 187
Dowling 78-81 Matrix .... 131 Play to
Win 204 State of the Art . 160 Analnnin 192
Ealing . ..163 MD Office ..154, 210
PLC 156 Strategic Plus ... 157
Annlia PD 188 Electronic Arts..
6. 14 Media Direct .... 194 Post Express .... 215
Strathclyde PD . 181 ARK 223 EMPDL 189
Medusa . 220 Post Hasle .
1. 50 Supply Solutions...... 193 nni ..... 98
Ents Int ...60 Merlin Exoress......30-31 Power Comoutina....
67 SWD PD 180 A ;hrnm 144 ESD Software..
..210 MHK ..... 166 Power Computinq112-115
TAM Marketing . 141 Aqtrnralr 220 ESP Education ..163
Microdeal .. 44 Praxis .... 221
Third Base . 177 207 ESP Software 157
Mirrnnet 76 Premier Mail Order.. 199
Trilogic .202-203 Mil Id lo Axe
Direct ...... .....97 Evesham Micros.
.146-147 Microsmart .142-143 Proton Software .141 Turbosoft ....152-153 B Soft .. ...189 FMG ... ...116 Microtext ... .204 Ramscan ... .222 Ultimate PD ...... 177 BBD Dust Covers.
ROR 9 162 Futuresoft . Games Domain ...192 ...180 Miditech Mindscaoe .170 9 Ramsoft RC Simulations .224 .219 unoeaiaoie rrices i j, zzv Univ. Overnight Dist.193, 196 217 Gponranhics 204 Mirrnrsnft 38. 52 Renegade . 57 Us Gold ...IFC-3 DllUUI I . Rlittprrhin«; 173 G2
• Mt,v« ...131 MJC Supplies .. 137 Riverdene PDL
.188 Vally PD . .187 Rv tphark 134 Hart
Micro..... ...131 Monumental Music.
17. 3 Robin Hood ..... .104 Virgin Games47, 95, 119 216
Harwoods 40-43 MPH ..... 170
Rutland . 144 Virain Games.....226-IBC D
L_lCOU Ul IIOO . ("'.aim 207 Hi Soft ...106 Music
Matrix .... 173 Sector 16 .. .181 Virus
Free PD .. .187 162 Hnhhvtp 91
Naksha . 9?
Selec .... 163 Voltmace ... 166 Daic Dieoi ...... Comm. Format..... r,xmn I 1 Qdi P 90 1 Home Based Bus.
H r orarti P Hpu ...215 ??n NBS ...... NEC ...... ..178 29 Shopper Show . Sidewise ... .101 220 Waterfront Designs.
We Serve .. .207 193 Computer Lynx ..187 Computerwise Brighton 141 Pra7 Irioc 1 7fi Instamec ....192, 220 Intracot 0 New Dimensions.... New Image PD ..170 ..189 Silk Software .....219 Siren S W 109.148 Wizard Software Workbench .203 .180 .IAM ...215 Newtek .. OBC Sirius Software .173 Worldwide Software.. 132 |Datagem . ...158 K & M Computers.
....214 Nik Williams Software210 Soft Exchange . ..156 WTS ...162, 210

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