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You are now reading the best Amiga magazine there is; and it's not just our opinion. Two facts have recently appeared w hich confirm our position as the leading Amiga maga inc in the country. For starters, our audited circulation (the number of copies sold on average per month, as officially checked by independent body the Audit Bureau of Circulations! Has been announced at I I5.(MM) copies over the January-July period this year. This means we are not only the most popular Amiga magazine in Britain. Europe and possibly the world, it also means that this is Britain's biggest-sclling computer magazine of any kind for the last six years. Just as exciting, for the second year in a row Amiga Formal has been voted the top 'magazine aiding stocking decisions' by computer dealers in the UK. A survey carried out by computer trade magazine CTW revealed that dealers place Amiga Format as far and away the number one computer mag when they are deciding what products they should sell. In other words, the people who sell you the software rely on us to tell them what's good and what's not. All of which simply goes to prove that you can rely on Amiga Format to give you the best.

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Document sans nom ISSUE 27 B OCTOBER 1991 R £2.95 your Reach the ultimate in computer graphics without spending a fortune How 16,773,120 extra colours can change your life!
Amoeba Invaders, Pac-Man 87 Girl Actions, Hcmroids Play four of the oldies but goldics that star in our classic games feature on p23 NO COVERDISK?
ASK FOR ONE FROM YOUR NEWSAGENT Find out how the arcade classics an give you the best value there is in sheer fun and enjoyment GET DEAD with Cruise for a Corpse Q PUT SOME FUN into your Magic Pockets BOUNCE BACK with Nebulus 2 j GET A NEW COMPUTER How an emulator could help you out... SMALL AND JUICY Should you be using an A500 internal hard drive?
PLUS the best in incredibly useful hints, tips and advice Workbench pi 89 Gamebusters pi 19 FROM THE WORLDS GRE!
From tee to green, the Jack Nicklaus Collection of golfing simulations is truly "World Class". With five superb add-on disks developed exclusively for use with Jack Nicklaus' Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship Golf and Jack Nicklaus' Unlimited Golf Screen shots from IBM PC version. Other versions may vary. Licensed from Sculptured Software. The Golden Bear symbol and all Jack Nicklaus titles are trademarks of Golden Bear International, Inc. © 1991 Accolade, Inc. All rights reserved.
All product and corporate names are trademarks of their respective owners.
Accolade Europe Ltd., Bowling House, Point Pleasant, Wandsworth, London SW181PE. Tel: 081-877 0880. Fax: 081-877 3303.
JACK NICKLAUS PRESENTS THE MAJOR CHAMPIONSHIP COURSES OF 1W“ - OAK HILL • ROYAL TROON • KEMPER LAKES - Most of us only dream of playing the "Majors" - but now's your chance to experience first hand what the rest only watch on the T. V. JACK NICKLAUS PRESENTS THE MAJOR CHAMPIONSHIP COURSES OF 1990,M- MEDINAH • SHOAL CREEK
• ST. ANDREWS - Your chance to play the Grand Slam courses of
1990 including the birthplace of golf itself - St. Andrews.
JACK NICKLAUS PRESENTS THE MAJOR CHAMPIONSHIP COURSES OF 1991 ~ - HAZELTINE • ROT AL BIRKDALE • CROOKED STICK - Tackle this year's ultimate tests of golf and match your scores with the best.
JACK NICKLAUS' GREATEST 18 HOLES OF MAJOR CHAMPIONSHIP GOLF,M Tee off on the most challenging 18 holes of championship golf - handpicked by the legend himself.
DS GREATEST rEST GOLFER and Course Design, you'll capture the complete colt experience without even venturing outdoors-a major advantage with 'the great British Summer' as we know it today!
TUSROL - Follow in the footsteps of me all time greats-
Palmer. Hogan. Snead and Nicklaus on three of the most
demanding courses in the U.S.A. rmi nr rV JLUUTUL The best
in entertainment software. ‘ AMIGA FORMAT 27 OCTOBER 1991
EDITORIAL DEPARTMENT EDITOR Damien Noonan Features and general
enquiries SCREENPLAY EDITOR Trenton Webb Games and
entertainment software reviews REVIEWS EDITOR Paul Lyons
Serious hardware and software reviews TECHNICAL EDITOR Pat
McDonald Workbench, Coverdisk and technical enquiries STAFF
WRITER Maff Evans Gamebusters and games enquiries REGULARS
News 9 The latest developments for the Amiga are all in News:
when will Workbench 2 arrive for the A500?
There are exciting developments in the Amiga world.. Gamebusters 119 Indy Jones Adventure solved for you frustrated players PD Update 169 We pick out the best from all the new freebie releases Workbench 189 Read this and learn: your techie questions answered The PD Update section includes some fascinating new demos this month: check it out at once!
Gary Lord PRODUCTION EDITOR Competition enquiries, copy contact ART DEPARTMENT ART EDITOR Marcus Dyson Design, photography and related matters Subscriptions 194 Make it easy for yourself: get your mag delivered!
Frank Bartucca DESIGNER Making the pages look good!
Special Offers 202 Check out a few of the special bargains on offer ADVERTISING DEPARTMENT ADVERTISING MANAGER Jennie Evans SENIOR SALES EXEC Duncan Ferguson AD SALES EXEC Jackie Garford Advertising sales, problems with advertisers ADVERTISING PRODUCTION Fiona Milne Typesetting, ad layout, deadlines, ad film PROMOTIONS MANAGER Michele Harris Coverdisk space Competition arrangement CIRCULATION Sue Hartley Kate Hodges Trade deals and availability problems Amiga Format 30 Monmouth street Bath, AVON, BA1 2BW Letters 207 Poke a nose in the business of other Amiga owners REVIEWS One way of buying a
spare computer for a very low price is with an emulator. If you lust after a Mac, read the review of A-MAX2.
0225 442244 0225 446019 Telephone Facsimile TV Paint 40 It costs £900 but it's probably the most powerful paint package ever to hit the Amiga. Find out why... HAM-E 44 Until now, 24-bit colour looked like being too expensive for most of us: but it just got cheap. Check the results!
SUBSCRIPTIONS DEPARTMENT If you read Amiga Format every month, why not make sure of your copy by getting it delivered straight to your door? See Page 178 of this issue for details!
MAIL ORDER DEPARTMENT I dKC aQVafiinQv Ol Olir OiOvl Unronlflai See the Special Offers details on Page 186!
BACK ISSUES Turn to page 178 to find out how to get 'em!
Scalab Professional 50 If you need to get photographic full-colour images onto the Amiga, you need to scan them in. Here's how!
Amiga Format Subscriptions Mail Order The Old Barn, Somerton, SOMERSET, TA11 7PY A-MAX 2 1 34 Put a new computer inside your Amiga: you can have a Macintosh for a bargain price, or choose another... It's a first for the Amiga 500: this is the first time you've been able to install a tiny hard drive inside your computer.
See the review to find out how well it performs... 0458 74011 0225 446019 Novia A500 internal hard drive 142 They said it couldn't be done, but ICD have proven them wrong with a 30Mb hard drive that fits in your A500.
Telephone Facsimile Prima A500 internal hard drive 143 Better still, if you can afford the price this little beauty will pack a massive 105Mb storage into your A500. Wow!
Novia Snapshot 146 it's been a while since a new digitiser has been released, but this real-time marvel promises much. Can it deliver?
I PUBLISHING We cannot accept liability for any mistakes or misprints. No part of this magazine may be reproduced in any form without our permission.
Quote of the month: T need a vacation."
COMPETITIONS There are three of these fabulous Canon Ion capture Fly with Phillips! Ill cameras to be won!
Your chance to fly a multi-million pound airliner, as Philips celebrate their new monitor bundle.
Catch an image with EAJ 131 Three fabulous Canon Ion image capture cameras to be won in Electronic Arts' Deluxe Paint IV compo Member of the Audit Bureau of Circulations.
Registered Circulation 115,158 Jan - June 1991 ABC SPECIALS Get back to Gameplay 22 Somewhere over the Rainbow 38 DISK pi 7 : c Tvsc re arcade classics are just as exciting today? How 24-bit colour takes the Amiga to the graphic extreme Amoeba Invaders ¦fVi iVL iVL rwi ft ft Girl Actions O o O O -4 O o . 2 Ci O A A :*c , »: A r* y* y* y y?? Ys* 7X 7* TX r* 7* 7*K 7* T* 7K Everyone remebers it as the first arcade game: but can it and its like From photo-realistic images to the very flashiest of computer grafix, still stand up to the games of today? Have some fun finding out... 24-bit colour
is bringing the Amiga the ultimate in graphic power.
AMIGA PacMan 87 core:168 Previews 59 CRUISE FOR A CORPSE An Agatha Christie mystery in the Caribbean.
Delphine 'dunnit1, but who committed the dirty deed?
Follow the clues on Page 78!
What's on the way in games: Rodland and Utopia FORMAT GOLD Hemroids Cruise for a Corpse 78 BLADE WARRIOR A Hack and slasher in silhouette? Can a monochrome arcade adventure cut it? The axe falls on Page 75.
MAGIC POCKETS Three Bitmaps and a baby! The latest Renegade extravaganza gets its first day out. Can they possibly have gone Gold again? Find out on Page 68!
RODLAND Flower-collecting has never been so much fun! Crying sharks, splitting spuds and lethal lobsters stand in your way: try to rescue your mom on Page 92.
REVIEWS Magic Pockets 68 Nebulus 2 72 Blade Warrior 75 Robin Smith's Internat'l Cricket 76 Rise of the Dragon 84 Gauntlet 3 87 The Executioner 88 Rodland 92 Saracon 97 Mediaeval Warriors 98 Robin Hood 100 Hero Quest Data Disk Kid Gloves Impossamole Deadline Sorcerer Cricket The Big Deal Test Drive 2: the collection SPOutro 103 Do you long for the days when arcades were simple things you played rather than watched?
When gameplay ruled the roost and the Amiga wasn't even a twinkle in Commodore's eye?
The Golden Age of Arcades is revisted in the bonus bumper bundle of classic games on the Coverdisk. Dodge and blast the foul Amoeba Invaders back into the void, thrill to swooping aliens in Girl Actions, pack in the Power Pills in PacMan '87 and cure your Hemroids with a the aid of laser cannon!
Or you could just check out the Pic of the Month... The new HAM-supporting DeluxePaint IV will do more than turn a few heads.
It will also turn them inside out, upside down, spin them on an axis, or metamorphosise them into hairy rock stars before you can say "Tutankhamen".
With Hold And Modify (HAM) video mode, DeluxePaint IV offers a staggering 4096 colours. This means gradients that are smoother, more versatile and easier to define.
Not only can you paint in HAM, you can animate in it, too.
Imagine brilliant images, rendered in 4096 colours, moving effortlessly across the screen.
DeluxePaint IV makes animation easy for you.
The special LightTablc feature allows you to review the last frame of animation while previewing the next.
Or choose two different images - say a caterpillar and a butterfly - and DeluxePaint IV will carry out an amazing metamorphosis between them in as many frames as you wish.
All these features are directed from a new video-style Animation Control that makes animating as easy as pressing a button.
So whether painting or animating, you can now achieve smooth, seamless effects of unbelievable subtlety.
But don't take our word for it.
Steve Franklin, Managing Director of Commodore Business Machines, described DeluxePaint IV as "a stunning innovation and probably the best software package for this market".
Available 27th September 1991 £89.99 ELECTRONIC ARTS 11 49 Station Road Langley Berks SL3 8YN, England.
Tel; 0753 549442 Fax; 0753 546672 TO UPGRADE Iron) previous versions of DeluxePaint. Send ihe from cover of your manual with a cheque, postal order or credit card details including expire date to the Direct Sales Department at Electronic Arts Ltd. An upgrade from DeluxePaint I costs L65. From II costs L55 and from III L45. Call 0755 540440 lor details of this and the special videos which will help you make the most ol DeluxePaint
FEBTUrB THE NEXT MILLENIUM Actual 16 Bit Screens It is the end of the 31st Century. Nearly one thousand years ago man colonised the moon, and from there created a range of human mutations which were left to develop other planets. At the same time, life on earth was destroyed by a cataclysmic climatic change.
Now the mutant races are at war with each other, and man has returned to Earth, rebuilt civilisation, and forgotten about past adventures.
Deep in Earth City, plans have been made to explore space again. The race has started to develop Earth's resources, to research new technology, to build for future adventures.
You must control the training, research, resources, production and stores of Earth City in a complex strategic battle to maximise the planet's supplies. You must construct and pilot the hi-tech space shuttles and ships needed for mankind to venture out into the furthest reaches of the war-torn solar system.
Operation Deuteros has begun.
J_ 1 MEGABYTE BASIC AMIGA 500 IS HERE TO STAY IX-'Pitc ihe tact ;tui Commodore have now released two Amiga packs featuring an expanded I Mb miea • originally lhe Screen Gems and now the Cartoon Classics bundle). Hul have slill insisted lhal this certainly did nol mean the end of lhe 512K Amiga.
However, now u appears lhal they are changing their :une. Which can only mean good news lor all
• mure Amiga buyers.
There is. However, one possible problem. Until now she I Mb Amiga packs have included an A50I RAM expansion to provide the extra 512K. But Commodore seem set on replacing that w ith board-mounted chips lo
- ave on cost. The current architecture of the A500 PCB allows
for the extra chips, but if they are fitted the trapdoor slot
underneath the Amiga can no longer be used, which would of
course render such third-party devices as extra-large RAM
expansions and possibly PC emulator cards as useless. The
question is. Why should Commodore worn ?
Amiga owners will get CD after Christmas: price to be £350-400 Despite previous rumours lhal we might see the launch of the Amiga 51 m CD-ROM drive at the forthcoming Amina Formal World of Commodore Show, it now seems very likely that the dev tee will not actually go on sale until immediately before Christmas. "I would hope that we can gel a few in before Christmas, but realistically I'm looking at February of next year." Reports Steve Franklin. Managing Director of Commodore UK.
The CD drive, currently known as the A690 by most people though even the name i not vet confirmed, will give the Amiga 500 owner access to all the CD-based software lhal is available for the CDTV. The new drive is ready for mass production in the Stales, hut the delay to the UK market w ill simply be a question ol supply.
Although a survey conducted jointly between Amina Formal and Commodore revealed that "4 percent of A500 owners would buy a CD-ROM unit if it cost £200-300. Commodore may well not be able to keep the price that low at first. As Steve Franklin, commented in trade magazine CTO . "Cnfortunately. Because it - new technology we can't do it at that price straight away, so you're looking at a £350-400 product.
"Even if that brings the number of buyers down to 30 per cent that's still 200.000 machines." This contrasts starkly with current UK sales of the CDTV. Where only a lew thousand have been sold to date. As wc predicted in Issue 24's CDTV review, it seems that you. The Amiga owner, will determine the success of CD-based software.
- THE LC-10 FOR THE 90S Star's best-selling LC-ltl 9-pm printer
has been revamped and renamed for their push into the I ‘IPOs
The new LC-20 has a lot to live up to . The LC-ltl has sold
over 2 25 million printers worldwide The LC-20. As a is now
called, is a new design that keeps the quality and reliability
of its predecessor but is taster i ISO .p. in draft. 45cps in
NLQ'. Quieter and teaiures (setter paper handling.
Features irxiude a 4K print buffer, tractor and friction feed and a built-in parallel interface. The LC-20 will K: available from mid-September from The pressure's on Star to match the phenomenal soles of their all the usual sources LC-10 printer, with the lounch of its successor: the IC-20. Star Micronic- se‘ [ : ] IS A PORTABLE AMIGA ON THE WAY?
Rumours are abundant in the Amiga world lhal an Amiga portable could (s.- on the way. AmReport. The on-line news magazine on CIX. Has been putting two and two together and getting an interesting sum. For example, the new developers' style guide insists that all new Amiga software should look gixxi and be useable in mono, which suggests use on a black-and-white LCD screen. An Amiga portable developed independently of Commodore by a German firm never made its appearance. Why nol? Did Commodore stamp on it. Or take it up? Wait and sec. .. AL PACINO.IFF!
OCTOBER 1991 Delphinc have released the first screens of the epic Godfather project. The French graphic adventure specialists who put Cruise for ,i Corpse together (see the review on Page ?Si are in the early stages of designing a game that tells the entire Godfather talc. Little is known about how they aim to implement the multiple perspective aspect of the movie, but the early evidence shows great promise.
ADPRO II ADDS JPEG ASDG are adding JPEG compression facilities to the next release of Art Department Professional. JPEG compression is an image compression siandard created by the Joint Photographic Expert Group and is destined to be the new image compression standard across all platforms. This will allow images from Apple Macintoshes and Pcs to be loaded into An Department Professional II and let images created in ADPro also be exported to Macintoshes and Pcs.
The most exciting thing about JPEG is the huge reductions in file si e that the compression gives - ratios as high as SO: I can be achieved with very little change in the quality of the image. What this will mean in practice is that a I Mb image (about the size of an ovcrscanncd 24-bit plane) can be reduced to less than 30K - just imagine over 30Mb of images all fitting on just a single 3.5-inch disk!
Although at high compression ratios there is some loss of quality . ADPro w ill allow you to set the level of compression: higher for smaller files, lower to maintain optimum image quality. A date has not yet been announced tor the release of this now version of Art Department Pro. But it will be available from all the usual sources.
I IB Marketing 0753 686000.
The World of Commodore Show in November, sponsored by Amiga Format, is now certain to be the big event of the year for Amiga owners. Not only have most of the major liK games software houses confirmed that they will attend, but also the major American producers of Earl’s Court 2, venue for the biggest event of hardware and serious software ,he ',eo',or 0,1 Ami9° owne,s!
Will be along too. As well as a cosmopolitan blend of linns from other European countries.
High-prestige American software and hardware manufacturers New Horizons and Supra will definitely have a presence, while Gold Disk.
NcwTek. Oxxi-Aegis and GVP arc- 90 per cent certain to be there.
Among the UK Amiga producers to attend will be New Dimensions.
Microdeal. Rombo and PanDAAL.
Wrhi!e Mandarin and Digita are pretty certain to be showing their latest wares on their own stands loo. Other familiar names from the distribution world include HU Marketing. Precision. Power.
Surface. WTS and Checkmate.
The trade-only day of the show is to be sponsored by the highly-respected computer trade magazine CTW.
After the show goes open to the public you'll tie able to visit and meet representatives of all these top firms, as well as enjoying Commodore's games arcade.
CDTV City and the many seminars and sessions going on over the three days.
All the details of the show, including how to book early and save y ourself some cash, appear in an advertisement on Pages 34-35 of this very issue.
The event is now set to combine the gamesy appeal of the recently-cancelled September CES (normally the best place to gel hands-on experience of the new games releases for Xmas, but it is now a trade-only event!
W ith the Amiga-specific approach of the Commodore Show and the strong productivity creativity leanings of the Anti-Expo events.
Among the top-name games software houses who will be showing off their new releases arc Virgin.
Mirrorsoft. Electronic Arts. Psygnosis. MicroProxe.
Gremlin and Mindscape. While Ocean and Entertainment International w ill confirm soon.
IT rZ L - - $ )* r The Ferrori F-40 is one of several excellent 3D models which you con use.
MODEL PLANES A new series of models for your 3D rendering program is under creation by Leo Capricorn in France. The models will include several WW2 aeroplanes and a couple of very flash sports cars, w hile a series of WWI aircraft and modern helicopters is on the way. Incidentally. Leo Capricorn's first 3D model, the Omega Head, was used to create the cover of Issue 23 of Amiga Format, so we know it's good stuff.
OCTOBER 1991 Leo Capricorn: I Residence de la Tuilerie. 94260 Fresnes.
France 010 42 37 16 44 1 H' | , ,'r 1 * Ci~;v - ** The Kick Off of rugby games? Possibly... DOMARK GO FOR CUP GLORY Rugby w ill gel two bites of the cherry on October 3. W ith the simultaneous kick off of the World Cup and the launch of Domark's Rugby -The World Clip, an action simulation which w ill feature the world's top 16 teams, all rucking for glory in a knockout-stylc tournament.
- ‘We've gone for fluidity and playability as all too often
sports sitns take ages to get into. Rugby's been launched to
coincide with the World Cup and we hope that it will be the
Kirk Off of Rugby" says Clare Edgcley of Domark.
LOTUS POSITIONED Gremlin have unveiled their new supercar. Lotus Turbo Challenge 2. The follow up to the hugely successful and widely acclaimed Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge. There's no track racing in Lotus 2: now there's a trans-American race for up to four players simultaneously with fog.
Snow, rain and night driving to contend with. Early versions were on display during the official launch at the Millbrook car proving ground - where real Lotuses are pul through their paces - and if the finished game can live up to its preview promise, it should leave Lotus I for dead.
MID-WINTER WARMERS MicroProse are sticking to their simulation guns for the winter months.
Midwinter 2 is the leader of the pack, w ith action over a series of islands threatened bv an invasion, fractal-generated landscapes and a polygon sea with waves. Master Golf looks set to threaten the mighty PGA Tour Golf as king of the lees, while a Grand Prix sim is being coded by Geoff Crammond. The man who made Stunt Car Racer. Covert Action tells a tale of espionage and not-nice-ness. While • -117a il l') v.2) and Gunsliip 21)111) are on the way.
NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL.. ALL THE TOP COMPANIES WILL APPEAR AT THE WORLD OF COMMODORE SHOW Wanna buy Amiga game soundtracks on CD. For your listening pleasure? We've heard advance tapes of the Psygnosis compilation (featuring such hit themes as Awesome. Killing Game Show and Shadow of the Beast) and the Gremlin hit factory (Switchblade.
Supercars. Lotus etc) and it's actually a really jolly idea. The Cds w ill be on sale soon at £7.99 each.
Digital Dreams 0602 734991 IMAGINE THAT!
Any avid fans of the 3D modelling program Imagine who are feeling a little left out in the cold might like to join the Imagine Users Group, a elub of enthusiasts who share information and advice on all aspects of the program. They also have a huge object and texture library as well as a colour printing service.
Imagine User Group. 16 Canbridge Road. Newton, Cambridge CB2 5PL TURTLES CRAWL OUT ImagcWorks are showing out Turtles 2 for the Christmas slot and this time it's a conversion of the smash-hit Konami coin-op. The developers. Probe, have already released some 'roughs' to give an idea of how the coding is coming along and the results look pretty accurate to the arcade. Could be one of the major titles of the year.
GOLD DISK SUPPORT Gold Disk have just announced that users of their range of productivity and business software will now be able to get support in the UK from Gordon Harwoods. This is excellent news for anyone who has a problem which they need lo be answered or who is considering buying Gold Disk software.
Gordon Harwoods 0773 836781 NEW LOW COST PRINTER Good news for writers and artists on a tight budget - Silica have introduced a new- 9-pin printer for a mere £99 + VAT. The Seikosha SP-1900AI prints at 192 cps (characters per second). 40 in NLQ (near letter quality). Included in the price is a printer starter pack that includes every thing you need lo start printing immediately: stationary, cables, ink ribbon and printer drivers.
Silica Systems081-309 1111.
NEW PROGRAM DESIGN BOOK Program Design Techniques for the Amiga is written by hard-core programmer and AF contributor Paul Overaa. The book tries to explain not just the mechanics of game programming, but the skills and techniques needed lo successfully program complex 16-bit games.
Kuma Books 0734 844335.
The Society of Software Authors is to hold its third Developers' conference (DEVCON 3) in late November. Details have yet to be confirmed but tickets w ill be on a first-come first-served basis.
Nalin SharmaOSI 50.3 2521 Digi-View 4.0 and Digi-Paint 3 Become One with Ihe ultimate link between digitizer and paint program. With Digi-View 4.0's Digi-Port feature they can both share Ihe same screen so that touching-up your digitized images is easier than ever.
Transfer 768x592, 4096 colour super bitmaps from Digi-View 4.0 to Digi-Paint 3 with a simple menu command, make changes such as combining images or adding titles, and redisplay them as Dynamic HiRes or other resolution images.
4096 Colours in High Resolution... is just the beginning Only Digi-View Gold:
• Digitizes in all Amiga resolution modes Irom 320 x 256 up lo I
768x592 (full HiRes overscan) I
• Includes powerful Digi-Paint 1 software for retouching
digitized I images or creating original artwork i|
• Uses 2 to 4096 colours (including hallbrite) f
• Has exclusive Dynamic modes lor 4096 colours in HiRes *¦__
• Digitizes in 21 bits per pixel (2.1 million colours) lor the
highest quality images possible
• Has advanced dithering routines that give an apparent 100.000
colours on screen simultaneously
• Has a special line art mode lor desktop publishing
• Comes with an icon driven slideshow program lor presentations
using both IFF and Dynamic images
• Has complete software control ol colour saturation, brightness,
sharpness, hue, resolution, and palette
• Digitizes in full overscan with no borders lor use with video
• Offers an unprecedented lifetime warranty If you want Ihe besl
graphics possible lor your Amiga, then gel Ihe besl selling
video digitizer of all time: Digi-View Gold.
Flnllf CUQ QR For a NewTek authorized dealer Ulliy fclHCJ.OU near you contact HB Marketing, inc. VAT Ltd at 0753 686000 Now includes Digi-Paint 1 111 Wl K INCORPORATED ¦Requires standard gender changer lor use wrlh Amiga 1000 Dynamic HiRes requires 2 megs ol RAM Digi-View Gold is a trademark ol NewTek. Inc Orth the all new Digi-View 4.0 software you can do the one thing most people thought was impossible digitize and display all 4096 colours in high resolution! We call this revolutionary new graphics mode Dynamic HiRes Amiga Formal magazine calls it "breathtaking, easily the besl images
ever seen on an Amiga screen" But that's just the start of what makes Digi-View 4.0 a breakthrough. Other new leatures include: Dynamic HAM (fringe free HAM). Noise Reduction (lor the sharpest images ever). Arexx support. Super bitmap digitizing. 24 bit coiour support and dozens ot other new leatures maiang Digi-View Gold the holiest Amiga graphics product ever.
And it's still just as easy to use Simply locus your video camera on any object or picture, and in seconds Digi-View Gold turns it into Amiga graphics that glow with vibrant colour and slunmng clarity. Whether you are creating graphics lor desktop publishing, presentations, video, or just for fun, Digi-View Gold gives you dazzling images with amazing simplicity.
These images were photographed directly Irom an Amiga 1080 monitor and show the new 4096 colour Dynamic HiRes mode available only NewTek s Digi-View 4 0 IA V ADIM That's right naa! A boocfca slfcoj, saraaa r.r17 bodies of is paapla who lbs bare rflM Am ®A fl«laim .ajn m e n t ACCLAIM” AND MASTERS Of THE GAME” ARE TRADEMARKS OF ACCLAIM ENTERTAINMENT INC. THE SIMPSONS” TM ft © 1990 TWENTIETH CENTURY FOX FILM CORP. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED MAH*6Bo€ni OCEAN SOFTWARE LIMITED 6 CENTRAL STREET MANCHESTER • M2 5NS TELEPHONE: 061 832 6633 FAX 061 834 0660 NEWS AMIGA FORMAT IS THE BEST* IT'S A FACT!
You are now reading the best Amiga magazine there is; and it's not just our opinion. Two facts have recently appeared w hich confirm our position as the leading Amiga maga inc in the country .
For starters, our audited circulation (the number of copies sold on average per month, as officially checked by independent body the Audit Bureau of Circulations! Has been announced at I I5.(MM) copies over the January-July period this year. This means we are not only the most popular Amiga magazine in Britain. Europe and possibly the world, it also means that this is Britain's biggest-sclling computer magazine of any kind for the last six years.
Just as exciting, for the second year in a row Amiga Formal has been voted the top 'magazine aiding stocking decisions' by computer dealers in the UK. A survey carried out by computer trade magazine CTW revealed that dealers place Amiga Format as far and away the number one computer mag when they are deciding what products they should sell. In other words, the people who sell you the software rely on us to tell them what's good and what's not.
All of which simply goes to prove that you can rely on Amiga Format to give you the best.
A i THIS IS A 44 MAGNUM... CSA. Makers of the Mega Midget Racer are about to launch their fastest accelerator yet - the 40 4 Magnum - a 6X040-based - stem running at 20MIPS (million instruction per second). Compare that with an A500 which runs at about 0.8 MIPS and you'll realise it's fast. However, the 40 4 Magnum is much more than just a 6X040 chip on a hoard To give a real performance system. CSA have added I Mb of zero wait state 32-bit static RAM. A fast SCSI hard drive controller, a high speed parallel port and two high-speed serial ports - all running within the 20VIIP world of the
68040. I'S price has been set at S3.995 but as yet no L'K price is available.
Computer Sy stem Associates 0101 619 566 95X1.
GOLD DISK, OXXI RAISE UK PROFILE The fact that Centresoft - recently named software distributor of the year by readers of the industry's trade mag. CTU’ - have taken on the distributorships for Gold Disk and Oxxi-Acgis. In addition to announcing their own brand of peripherals, bnngx yet more proof that the Amiga has confirmed its dominance of the UK home-compuler market.
From the Gold Disk range, they will be slocking the DTP program Page setter 2: the desktop video system Shinvmaker: the information storage and management pro- gram. Hyperbook: and the spreadsheet. Advantage. From the Oxxi range, in addition to the established Turbolext. Speelraeolor and Aegis Soundmastcr come three older products. Sonix (£45) is a synthesising sampling package while 1 ideotiller M) and Iideoscape M) (both £X9) are animation programs aimed at the home user.
While established Gold Disk and Oxxi-Acgis suppliers will continue to sell the stuff. Centcrsoft should be able to make it available in your local high-street.
Meanwhile the new Centresoft own-brand label. AddXlra. Will feature small peripherals such as disk drive anti-click devices, mice, joysticks and stereo headphones that plug directly into the Amiga.
OCTOBER 1991 THE SUPER A500 COMETH The next step on for the Amiga 500 is the arrival of the Enhanced Chip Set (ECS) and with it Workbench 2.
Barrs Thurston. Technical Director of Commodore
k. has told Amiga Formal that the ECS should be available by
Christmas. ECS comprises of a new Denise and an Even Fatter
(or Supcrfat) Agnus chip and gives two new high-res
four-colour display modes, while Workbench 2 would involve a
new Kickstart
- hip and the disks.
But here's where the confusion starts. We've heard that there may be a new display mode that gives more
- olours than HAM. Though we've been unable to gel this confirmed
or denied yet. We've also heard that WB2 is now blown onto
ROMs, so the OS would be entirely chip-based and a lot faster.
Could this mean the big new A500 that Commodore are known to be
planning w ould come w ith I Mb, w ith the new ECS and the
Workbench chips all on the board? We ll have to wait and see...
Del llw Most out of your Amiga 1992 is the new.
Revised, updated version of Amiga Format's complete guide to the Amiga. As before.
This 172-page book includes buyers' guides on all aspects of Amiga creativity and productivity software, beginners' guides to all aspects of the Amiga, lots of hardware information, stacks of handy Workbench hints and tips and Gamebusters
- •“'Vf''T-'i lips on a heap of _.w'22-'2recent games. All the w‘
information has been updated with bags of new stuff in there.
This book will also be included w ith the new A15(H) bundle,
details of w hich are to be announced soon. Look out for the
new book, on sale next monthl PROGRESSIVE 040 FROM HB If you
like the idea of 040 speed, but not the weight of the price
tag. The new 040 board from Progressive Peripherals and
Software may be for you. The imaginatively-named Progressive
040 comes in two forms, one for the A2(HH) and another for the
The 040 2000 uses the 16-bit memory on the A2000 motherboard and can have another 32Mb of RAM installed on the board itself. In addition, the 040 2000 comes with DOS 2.0 and the latest version of Kickstart.
W ith w hich y ou replace your existing chips. Motorola claim the processor speed is 19.2 MIPS (million instructions per second) and the manufacturers' benchmark tests look impressive. The prices? £I649+VAT for the 040 2000 with 4Mb of onboard RAM.
I. 1279-N AT lor the 040 .43000 version (no RAM and no DOS 2.0).
Look out for a comprehensive 040 board test in an upcoming
issue of AF.
HB Marketing 0753 686000.
In advance of the official Commodore release of the CDTV keyboard, you can obtain an adaptor to use a B2000 keyboard Irom any Lightwave stockist. You should also be able to obtain a key board if you don't hav e a spare Prices are y et to be confirmed.
Lightwave 051-639 5050 Computerman of Skipton 0756 790554 AND IT'S A GOAL!
Fans of Kick Off might like to contribute to the new Golden Goals disks being out together for PD distribution by an Irish fooly nut. The disks will feature the best and weirdest goals that are submitted and will be available only from PD libraries, but if you want to contribute a disk of your goals write enclosing a 50p piece if you want your disk back. Wild idea!
Derek Doran, 3 Glenaulin Park. Chapelizod.
Dublin 20. Eire.
NEW VERSION OF SCALA Silica Systems have announced a new version of the best-selling Amiga presentation package. Seala. The new version 1.1 adds a number of new features specifically aimed at multimedia and video titling applications. These include real-time anti-aliasing of text, brushes and colour fonts: Arexx support; full support for outline fonts; super impose transition and optimised loading times (over five times faster on an A3(KH)(. The cost of Seala I I is going to be £26X.34 and a free version 1.1 upgrade is available to all current ow ners of Seala.
H Xanaiu bib Jublali |han i stately pirasnrr boat irtrn... Silica Systems OX I 309 MIL CURSE OF AZURE DUNGEON MASTER Corruption (.aFwavi 11« KI KIND WORDS 2 LSR SUIT LARRY 3 MEGATRAVELLER 1 JIRIONII
10. 99 79.99 Amiga Software ;adea BEAST 2 WITH Shirt 12 99 BEAST
captain planet i& 99 CAPTIVE ’6 99 CARDINAL OF ThE KREMliN 16
16 99 'RONCOUEST 2 6 99 (UCK ROCK 15 49 OUD KINGDOMS 6 99 IDE
* .fl CT EUROPE 7 99 jaeoRATiON . MISSION OlSK 9 99 !°° -P7 ON iM
SCROLLSi 3 99 iac-Oown 6 99 ‘ ’MEG) 17 49
1. S£ *CR A CORPSE ’999 i,S*i.5C[ ARBOREA 1699 EXILE 1699 EYE OF
2(1 MEG) 2199 F16 FALCON 12 99 F16 FALCON MISSION DISK 2 9 99
simulator 2 22 49 FRENETIC 13 99 FUN SCHOOL 2(2-6 6-8 8.) 13
99 FUN SCHOOL 3 (2-5 5-7. 7.) 15 49 FUTURE WARS 16 99 GAUNTLET
16 99 METAL MUTANT 16 99
BASE 22 99 MOONSHINE RACERS 16 99 MYSTICAL 8 99 NAM 1965-75 19
49 NAVv SEALS 1699 NESUIUS 2 16 99 NEVERMIND 6 49 NghTShiFT 7
iSSD 19 99 PANG 16 99 PAWN IM SCROLLS) 3 99 PGA GOLF’OUR 16 99
..16 99 PREHISTORY V 16 99 PriNCE OF PERSIA -*EG).. 9 99 PRO
(SSO . .. 6 49 R TYPE 7 99 RTYPE2 V '-“t 16 99 RAILROAD
99 ShlNOBl 6 99 SILENT SERVICE 2 11 MEG) 21 99 SILKWORM „. 6
, 4 99 SPACE HARRIER 2 *99 SPACE OUEST 3 (SiE RA) 12 99
99 SPEED3ALL2 JV ’6F9 ¦SPELLBOUND ... 3 99 4PJNWZZY2 I 8 99
STARFLIGHT i V, 8 99 SIARFUGHT2 .16 99 STAPGL'DER 2 . ..6 99
10.40 TETRiS -J’3 99 THES'UPSONS ... 16 99 THREE STOOGES
THUNDERjAWS ... 16 49 TIMES OF LORE ... 6 99 TOKI 16 99 TOYOTA
13. 99 TOP STAR
No obligation to buy FREE CATALOGUE PHONE 0279 600204 lima
99. 99 Game Gear FREE Mains adaptor FREE Special Reserve
membership 1699 SHINOBI . . .19.99
16 99 19 99 WONDER BOY .. .16.99 1999 MAINS ADAPTOR . .14 99 19 99 CARRYBAG FOR 1699 SEGAGAMEGEAR ... ...10.99 Gameboy Tetris, batteries, two player lead FREE Gamelight OQ QQ FREE Special Reserve membership U % .* % Gameboy Tetris, batteries, two player lead FREE Holsters and Belt FREE Special Reserve membership Gameboy Tetris, batteries, two player lead PLUS choose any game listed at under £20 FREE Gamelight. FREE Holsers and Belt OQ QQ FREE Special Reserve membership O % .* +7 19 49 KWIRK 19 49 NINTENDO V ORlD CUP 24 49 OIX 19 49 RADAR MISSION 19 49 REVENGE Oc GATOR 19 49 SIDE ROCKET
19 49 SOLAR STR'KE= SP’.DERMAN 29 4Q S'JCER MARC lANC 19 4? TEENAGE MUTANT TUR~ Gameboy Tetris. Batteries, two player lead PLUS F1 Race game with tour player adaptor FREE Gamelight and FREE Holster and Belt qq qq FREE Special Reserve membership 17%7. £ * HOLSTERS (2 POUCHES. BELT & CARTRIDGE HOLDER) 9 99 GAMELIGHT (ENABLES USE OF GAMEBOY IN DARK) .. 9 99 AMPLIFIER (GIVES STEREO SOUND) . ”99 RECHARGEABLE BATTERY PACK'AC ADAPTOR 23 49
399. 99 Amiga A500 Cartoon Pack 11 MEG RAM, LEMMINGS. THE
299. 99 costs £9.99 extra but saves you up to £120 Annual
subscription to XS NRG is just £9.99 for Special Reserve
members only. The price includes: 6 demonstration disks ol
pre-release or latest titles.
6 sets ol C20 money-otl coupons, redeemable against top ilems bought Irom Special Reserve.
6 Issues ot XS NRG colour review magazine lor Amiga, ST and PC users. Each issue is packed with reviews ol games and utilities.
|J kVl '[s Please enter XS NRG and pay £9.99 Is*0"" UK only. Special Reserve membership is not included.
Win a CDTV and 2 Game Gears Members only. See catalogue for details.
54. 99 ?
MOUSE AND JOYSTICK) 14.99 ...3.99
each or
21. 99 for 50 AMIGA DUST COVER (CLEAR) ......4.99 I MONITOR DUST
P. O. BOX 847. HARLOW, CM21 9PH j Overseas Orders: EEC sottware
orders - no extra charge Wood sottware orders please add £1.00
per item.
Non-sotlware items please add 10°, EEC or 25°, World.
Oversees orders must be paid by credit card.
WE ONLY SUPPLY MEMBERS BUT YOU CAN ORDER AS YOU JOIN there is a surcharge of sop rer game on telephoned orders AMFORM [Name_ I Address__ (ALL PRICES INCLUDE UK POSTAGE & VAT Postcode_ .Machine type _ i Enter momdership numDer (it appiicaoie) or [ i UK. £8. EEC-110 Worm L Get Serious.
Get To Know Us.
GOLD DISK - Serious Software For The Amiga.
When it comes to productivity software. Gold Disk can provide everything you need. We are the leaders and we got there by providing the most professional products for the job. If you want to unleash some of the real power of your Amiga computer, we can help. If you're ready to get serious, you're ready for Gold Disk.
Professional Page 2.0 the best gets better ¦I Desktop Publishing. For everything from a note to a newsletter to advertisements like this, gi.lJl M Professional Page 2.0 can make your task easier, and your output more professional.
Y ft Outline fonts. Text and graphic rotation. Style tags. Built-in word processor spell checker.
* Pantone and 24-bit colour support. And continual refinement
keeps Professional Page on gtop. "...The best all round
workhorse has got to be Pro Page 2.0. It’s solid and totally
trouble free." - Amiga Format 3 91.
ShowMaker the complete desktop video solution ] Ji ShowMaker makes it easy to create exciting video productions right on the desktop.
fit Whether you simply need to sequence animations, or you need to integrate full motion video with Toaster effects and MIDI, ShowMaker can make you a professional. And it's PAL compatible. "For independent producers, ShowMaker is a big step forward." - Television Broadcast magazine 7 90.
Free-form personal information manager HyperBook is the ultimate Amiga tool for quickly and easily managing information and creating interactive presentations. Simply by pointing and clicking you can create applications like personalized appointment calenders, business presentations with interactive charts and graphs, and free-form educational teaching "books". "Value: Excellent. Nothing else on the market comes close." - Amiga Format 4 91.
Gold Disk Office complete integrated business package ft Ciold Disk Office is everything you need to succeed in business or set up a great h«nx- ft ft office: Powerful Spreadsheet, Graphing program. Database. Word Processor with ft ft English Spell Checker, and Desktop Publishing program. All the programs in (fold ft ft Disk Office are designed to w ork together and take full advantage of the Vmiga's
* ft powerful multitasking. "...A package of five separate and
powerful business ft ftBRs jjE g®!jj5 programs that arc as
easy to use as they are to buy." - Amiga World 2 91.
These are just four of a complete and growing line of professional grade software from Gold Disk. Also look for The Advantage spreadsheet, MediaShow presentation package, PageSetter home publisher, TransWrite high performance word processor, Gold Disk Type outline fonts, and others.
. If your dealer doesn't have the Gold Disk product you need, tell him to contact these authorized distributors: Centresoft IBD 021 625 3388 gfl§g HBM 0753 686000 SDL 081 300 3399 GOLD DISK This document produced with Professional Page 2.0 CoverDisk This month we've taken a step back in time to bring you all your favourite old arcade games. These pages will show you what to do... have fun!
The Menu Master program (by Mark Everingham) easily allows lots of programs lo be run from the same disk.
Getting started If you've never ever used a disk in your whole life, then you'll find this one particularly simple to use. Just turn on your computer, put the disk into the internal disk drive (the right-hand drive for all you A1 500 owners) and then just wait for the menu to load.
Once the menu has appeared on the screen, all you hove to do is press the relevant function key (they are marked FI through to F10 on the keyboard) to choose which option you wont. Alternatively, use the mouse to move the orrow onto the onscreen function keys and click with the left mouse button.
While a program is loading, the menu will disappear temporarily, only to return in a few seconds. Don't moke any further selections - you'll only confuse the computer. Just be patient. Then when you leave o program, the menu will simply reappear once more.
Hemroids James Parsisson PAL NTSC Asteroids was the first popular gome lo feature vector graphics - nice ond simple outlined graphics that could be rotated and rescaled very quickly. The plot is extremely simple - all you hove to do is shoot oil the osteroids and any alien spaceships thol oppeor in order to survive ond get on to the next level.
The original game used buttons rather than o joystick, because it had so many controls - but Hemroids Is played entirely with o joystick. If you wont to try it out, simply press the F5 key. Hemroids loods quickly ond all the information is contained in one fairly small file: a much different approach to Parman87.
Beware the aliens - they are much tougher than the asteroids and so require several hits before they will eventually die.
When you want to leave the game, simply click the left mouse button and you'll go straight back to the main menu.
Pacman87 Steve Jacobs arxj Jim Boyd PAL NTSC Pocmon87 is on updoted version of Pacman, with more variations in the maze and trops to avoid. If you want, you can leave the maze and go on to the others - although this is inodvisable as they gradually get more difficult. The game also saves out the high-score table, so if you're good at it, you must write enable the disk (move the tab so that there's no hole showing).
To load, press F3 on the keyboard (or click on it with the left mouse button). It isn't fast at loading - it takes a minute to get going. If you've only 512K of memory, you should disconnect oil external disk drives before you turn your machine on, as the game is very memory intensive. To leave just click on the exit option with the mouse.
Pic of the Month Luciono Spinosi PAL NTSC Lucky Luciono lies a copy of Imagine, the successor to the Turbo Silver ray-trocing program. The only problem is that he doesn't have an accelerator - so his A500 took over 40 hours to create the picture! To view it, simply press the F9 key from the menu. The picture will load slowly
- it occupies 126K of the tfsk. To return to the menu, press the
left mouse button. Can you do better? We accept all Amiga art
entries. Send yours in to: Pic of the Month, AMIGA Format, 30
Monmouth St, Both BA) 26W.
Amoeba Invaders Chris Halsall and Ewan Edwards: PAL NTSC Yes, the game that started it all is now in your possession. Space Invaders introduced many elements of modern video games - coordination, reflexes, imagination and shooting lots of aliens. It was created by the Toito corporation in the late Seventies and was a smash hit the world over.
The only real difference between this and the original is that the aliens stay the same colour as they move down towards your base - the original used pieces of coloured film attached to the screen.
To lood the game, simply press the FI key from the menu. You will notice a slight pause as the gome loads. Don't hit any other keys, just wait for obout 30 seconds and the game will then be there. To return to the menu, click on the exit option with Ihe left mouse button.
OCTOBER 1991 Girl Actions Andrew Hirst: PAL only It's Galatians: Spore Invaders with randomly moving aliens, for just that extra bit of challenge. To moke it even more difficult there ore no shields to hide behind.
American (ond other NTSC users) please note: Girl Actions will not run on your machines. Unfortunately, it steps outside normal programming boundaries and crashes your computer if you attempt to run it Right, if you have a Europeon PAL Amiga, hit the F7 key from the menu to load the game. To leave the game, you hove to press the fire-button and the right mouse button simultaneously.
Using Your Coverdisk
1. Always write-protect your disk. Move the tab so a hole is
2. Copy the Coverdisk and use the copy, not the original. This
may sound like a complicated task suitable only for techno
buffs, but it's surprisingly simple to do, just follow the
simple instructions for copying the disk which are given
3. Read the instructions when using the programs.
Backing up your Disk Firsi (urn on your machine and load Workbench (one of (he disks everyone gets with (heir Amiga). Once the Workbench screen appears and (lie drive ligln goes out.
Remove your Workbench disk and Hunf 'he Covetdt'k t )nce drive light has gone out your screen should look like this screen.
After the computer has read part of the Coverdisk. It will once again display a requester box asking for the destination disk to be put into dfO:. Put the disk that you want the Coverdisk copied to in the drive. This procedure of swapping disks will continue until all of the disk has been duplicated.
Next, move the mouse pointer to the Coverdisk icon and click once with the left mouse button - the icon will highlight. Press the right mouse button and keep it down. The words ‘Workbench-. 'Disk' and 'Special' will appear at the top left of the screen. Move the pointer to the word 'Workbench', and a menu will drop down. Select the Duplicate' option: you should hav e got this far.
Eventually, you will end up w ith two Coverdisk icons, one has the name 'Copy of Coverdisk 27'. Click once on this with the left mouse button to highlight it. Bring down the 'Workbench' menu again (by holding down the right mouse button and moving the mouse pointer to the top left) but this time select Rename' from the menu. Let go of the right mouse button to select the Rename option.
OCTOBER 1991 The computer will ask you to insert the Workbench disk again - it needs to read the command to copy disks. After you've done this, a boxed message (a requester box) will appear, asking you to insert the source disk. Insen the Coverdisk once again and click on the 'OK' option w ith the left mouse button.
The name of the disk will appear in an elongated box - you don't need to insert Workbench again because the Rename command is built into the machine. Press the 'Del' key (which is next to the 'Help' key) to remove the Copy of part, and press the Return key to make the computer put the new name to copy.
Dislc not working W e duplicate ov er 180.000 disks every month. Out of all those, obviously a few will he faulty If the disk or any of the programs w ill not load or run properly, there may re j problem. Don't panic I First try using the DiskDoclor utility on your Workbench disk to rescue it he:ore sending it off for a replacement. In-full details of DiskDoclor can be found in the wr'- manual that came with your machine.
However, if your Coverdisk is faulty, you should send it back INCLUDING AN S AH for a free replacement within a month of the cover date to: Amiga Format October Disk Disk Copy l.ahs L'nit A. Westmarch London Road Daventry Northants NN11 -ISA Remember to include that stamped, addressed envelope' There Is another way to back up your disk, but oecause It Involves using the typed-ln Instructions ot the CLI or Shell, a lot ot people are wary ot It.
Don't be! Simply follow this step-by-step guide and you can’t go wrong!
The easy Way BE CAREFUL!
We have done our best to check that the programs on the Amiga Format Coverdisk are simple to use and have no known viruses. We cannot usually answer complex telephone queries on the software (see the Disk Problems? Box) and we do not accept liability for any consequences of using the numerous programs that are on the disk.
COPYRIGHT Unless it is specifically stated, the programs on the Coverdisk are not in the public domain and the copyright remains with the author of the program.
Because some of the programs on the coverdisk are not PD. Selling or distributing them without the author's specific permission is against the laws of copyright.
If you've got any programs which you think other readers would find useful, interesting or amusing, we'd very much like to know about them.
1. Make sure your program is simple and fool-proof to use. Test
it for all those bugs which you are sure you fixed: there are
always more
2. Create a file called README DOC on the disk which explains
exactly how to use your program. Try to make it humorous and
informative - a good README DOC gives a program a better
chance of going in.
3 Fill in this form, sign it, and send It. With your disk (and a printout of the README DOC file if possiblel. To Coverdisk Software.
Amiga Format. 30 Monmouth Street, BATH BA I 2AP You could win a share of up to £1,000 in prize money.
Telephone (Daytime)... lEvermgs).. My program name is.
Approximate total size of files in k (we cannot use grams larger than 200K; shorter submissions, under 100K, stand the best chance of publication). It is a: Technical tool Art program Educational Other Game Business utility Music program Novelty Cheddst (please tick): Stamped-addressed envelope for return README.DOC explanation file on disk Printout of README.DOC file (if possible) Name, address, machine type written on label Disk certified virus free IMPORTANT Please sign this declaration: This program is submitted for publication by Amiga Formal. It is wholly my own work and I agree to
indemnify Future Publishing against any possible legal action should copyright problems anse.
If you have a problem with the disk and you're sure the disk is m tull working order - then you may need a little help If you ring us on any Tuesday, and ask to speak to Pat McDonald, he will do his best to help you. Please understand, giving this sort of advice is time-consuming and we are very busy people, so only call if you really have to and do be considerate it we can't talk to you just then. It the problem is particularly complex it is better to send it to us in written detail It will then be dealt with in the Workbench pages of the magazine Earn up to £ 1OOO
Name Brief description.
Address Date.. They’ve nicked his bike.
They’ve whipped his helmet.
This time they’ve gone too damn far... NO ONE MESSES WITH THE BITMAP KID features: stacks of levels • heaps of weapons • swarms of intelligent nasties bonus games • secret rooms • loads and loads of power ups mi'fij i Emm Cl, Metropolitan Wharf, Wapplng Wall, London If 9 11 Starved of the real home entertainment systems, early Britons, it is rumoured, once used this box to conjure arcade-style graphics up on their own TV! It may seem a million miles away from the Amiga but only 10 years separate the systems!
Would you hove reod Binatone Formal?
Ran to a constant set of rules. Player reactions were the only variable in this gameplay equation. The butterfly's wing that threw each level into chaos. Different actions yielded totally different results. Each enemy had to be recognised and its threat analysed, then the anarchy could be farmed to yield maximum points with the least loss of life.
Jeff Minter's Shareware classic IIJamairon only costs a fiver!) Is a joy lo play, to watch or even just listen to. Despite the game's age (in real terms it's about nine-years-old I it feel- fresh and flexible, ready to throw out unci peeled trick- just when you thought you were home free. The basic premise i- undcr-cuvi instinctivelv in the first 2(1 second-, so x'» ONCE YOU BK(ilN to regard classic .oin-ops as the black-and-white movies of .omputing then you lind the similarities are
- tnking. Both Pong and the Jazz Singer
- narked the dawning of an era: both were technological firsts,
though no-one in their
- ight mind would deliberately see play either
- ire of them again? S Hit t- Invaders can be slewed,
cincmalically speaking, as King Kong.
Pie film game that once shook the world may
- ow look dated cffccts-wisc. But they still pro- ode quality
Take the analogy forward further and lit lender becomes the Wizard of Oz. Neither
• r them were the first to use colour, but the mages that they
created were so potent they
- till linger in popular culture today. The . El low brick road
and smart bombs are univcr-
- ally accepted concepts. Just like old movies, many of these old
classics, or at least remakes', are available to view at home,
each racked with at least twice the average adult ,:.iily dose
of gameplay!
Blockbuster new releases are all well and .nod they are what Hollywood is all about but few cut it as videos. How often have you
- IihhI in a video shop faced by hundreds of
- htny new titles, fell uninspired and chosen an Id faithful (hat
you'd been meaning to watch again for years?
Why should folks want lo play old arcade cumes, though, when there's class acts like I raise for a Corpse. Magic I'ockcis amongst ¦tilers are doing the rounds? But the old stuff doesn't have either the colours or the sound to make it in the modern world. Surely, even at their best, all they can offer is a slavish copy ¦I an old idea?
Ml that the first arcade classics really had to ¦iter was playability. Yet even being 'hampered' by two-colour graphics. Space Invaders
- till achieved legendary status. It wasn't the di-play. Though,
but the finely balanced mechanics that had you leaning in the
seat to avoid incoming lire. They were pure games :hat packed
an addictive punch which few of the modem machines could even
Jeff Minter's Ijamairon. Is an ideal case in point. It scored 89 per cent last month (.i ’26l and was only held back from a Format Gold
- talus by a few glitches in the two-player system. It compares
favourably with Jimmy While's Snooker and Mega-lo-Mania (last
month's Format Gold winners) but it is a totallv different
proposition. It’s one for dancer junkies, folks who like lo
put their llama on the line in a test of synaptic speed. Sure
it lacked graphic complexity, but once played, it’s never
forgotten. "It is possible to resurrect an old game design.”
explains Jeff Minter.
Lust take hold of the underlying designs and beef them up!” Ijamairon was designed around the ancient coin-op Robotron Its USP (marketing gibberish for Unique Selling Point) was that you could fire in one direction whilst moving in another. Robotron was also unpredictable in a predictable kind of way? There were always the same number of enemies on each level, the same number of folks to save and every thing "Why is it none of the really old games I used to spend hours playing, like the great Space Invaders and Defender, are available now that I've got myself a sexy, top-of-the- range games
computer? Even if they had been done for the Amiga, though, they would probably be de-listed, priced around £25, or be in the public domain where I'd never ever see them, and if I did get they probably wouldn't work, or just be really duff and thus shatter all my childhood illusions."...and so says Ttenton Webb.
Read on as he pops into an arcade down Memory Lane.
PONG A slightly pointless tennis simulation ol sorts. Graphically limited to black-and-white lines, it broke the computing news to an entire generation.
Played by twisting a button that controlled how far up or down your screen the bat was, all you had to do was keep the bail from going past.
VHDICT * Arcade Availability - Very rare extinct.
Best Free Version - Battle Pong, 17 Bit No. 1056.
Best Budget Version - Buying the entire Binatone Kit from a car boot sale!
Best Full Price - None available.
Future Variants - None planned.
Down at the Arcade?
Instantly accessible lo anyone who knows which way up lo waggle a 'slick.
As a 'pure' game. Uamalron could only exist on silicon. The basic graphics are soon forgollen because they are merely representative of a deeper, more complex, gameplay equation. It's quality arcade entertainment, that doesn't force you to shovel heaps of cash into a machine just lime, effort and thought. It has to hook you hard enough in a single game to instill the bop til ya drop" mentality that's the soul of a good arcade.
In a world stufTcd solid with new titles, each with more glossier effects than the last it's easy to get distracted from the main reason for playing games: fun. For fun in the arcade context read exciting, and the excitement is provided hy means of a test. The test continues to apply pressure until a player's skill is overwhelmed in a hail of alien bullets. Reaction speed, logical thought, hand-eye cixirdination.
Coolness under fire, memory, time-conservation and instinctive guesswork all count in the fight to sav e the earth, again, for the fourteenth time tonight' Modem computer games stress players out in exactly the same fashion as the old arcades, vet their very subtlety and technical sophistication sew the seeds of unfavourable comparison. Populous may be a better game than Pac-Man. But which is more fun for a quick mindless 10 minutes? Railroad Tycoon may have a longer game life than Galuxians.
But with Galatians play doesn't entail four hours of reading material before you start. In fact, the lack of iconised sophistication that non-arcaders have become so used to. Is very much part of the allure. These are naked games, all the strings are obvious, even if w hat happens when you pull them isn't.
OCTOBER 1991 The old classics can stand on their own merits - even today - but a brief analysis of their historical importance underlines their pulling power. If you were there you'll know why. If you weren't, well it might help explain why old wagglcrs wax lyrical about a whole bunch of games with crap graphics and duff sound. The dates are not important, its the impact they had and the rules they established or broke that counted.
Pong was the ground breaker. Pinball and the fruit machines firmly ruled the roost, but they were electronic, not video games. Pong was purely computerised. So what if it was monochrome, the court was a square and your bat little more than a line: a new concept had thus been invented. No joysticks here, just a simple rotating knob that moved the bat up and down the screen. It was very limited, in fact it was pointless and time for the pinball machines lo look to their laurels. A beach head, however, had heen established: the invasion was about to begin The first mass assault was led by
Tailo's Space Invaders - and the crowd went wild. A limited game of sneak, seek and shoot Invaders was simple in concept. Avoid the bullets and blast the bomb-dropping aliens before they march to the bottom of the screen.
But there w as more, much more.
SPACE INVADERS Stop the wave of aliens from reaching the bottom of the screen. Like a typewriter in reverse, every time the wave reaches the side it drops a line. You sit behind shields and blow the intruders away. Method is essential and there's a points bonus hidden in the ship that crosses occasionally. Great noise, limited graphics but it was the first biggie!
VERDICT * * Arcade Availability - Original very rare. Later variants are common.
Best Free Version - Amiga formal Coverdisk 27.
Best Budget Version - None available.
Best Full Price - None available.
Future Variants - Spate Invaders '91 - Available from Domark this Christmas.
SCRAMBLE Swooping across the screen, you must shoot the enemy ships and bomb their bases. You are dragged through a horizontally-scrolling world with the ability to alter both height and distance forward. The first true shoot-em-up. Very basic graphics, but it's a hard little game. It introduced the idea of regular waves of aliens in predictable formations. Very Japanese, the first but far from the best.
VERDICT * Arcade Availability - Very rare.
Best Free Version - None available.
Best Budget Version
- X-out, Hit Squad £3.99. Best Full Price - R-Type II, Activision
£25.99. Future Variants - Necronom, Linel - Available Winter
GALAXIANS Space Invaders played naked (with no shields!) This baby was all about waiting for the alien wave to break up and swoop down before you shoot them - they're worth more points then. Also called for shooting on the move. Excellent stuff, that still gets the pulse up and the swear words flowing.
Infuriatingly there's no end, just infinite waves, like Space Invaders.
VERDICT * * * Arcade Availability
- Originals are quite rare, clones are uncommon.
Best Free Version - Girl Atlians, one of the games on this month's arcade classic Coverdisk.
Best Budget Version - None available.
Best Full Price - None available.
Future Variants - Megapheonix, Dinamics, available in a matter of weeks.
Space Invaders introduced the idea of the secret bonus in the form of a command spaceship. Which flew across the screen at apparently random intervals. Certain combinations of shots would yield higher scores for the boss ship, and as the game continued until you died, score was all important. The problem with pinball was you couldn't prose whose high scores were who's. Space Invaders let you pul your name on the table, alongside your total. With one single stroke two classic conventions were established that are still rigidly adhered to today.
Space Invaders brought colour and noise to the war. Sure there were only two colours on the first machines, but it was one more than Pong. Similarly the Invaders used an array of peculiar chip-based blips that sounded nothing like aliens, just wonderfully weird.
The mould had been broken. All of a sudden. As if by magic, a horde of new coin-ops hit the streets. Some took the Space Invaders motif further. Galaxians being the prime example. This took the top-of-the-screen aliens, added some swooping nasties and took away the shields. It wasn't all up-the-screcn.
Alien-killing, though. All manner of crazier ideas were suddenly acceptable.
Asteroids took space pilots to a vector- traced space place, filled w ith plenty of debris and flying saucers that were easily-irritated . It introduced the concept of spin and shoot.
Space Duel - a head-to-head Asteroids - and Lunar Lander were two notable variants on that theme. These were touch games and you needed to fully grasp the artificial gravity of the situation.
Tempest kept the alien death motif, but pul the player at the end of a tunnel. You had to blast the nasties as they tned to climb towards you. It was fast, fast beyond belief and its weird vector-traced perspective forced whole new ways to thinking about arcade play.
Programmer 7.7JK. the man behind Super Hang On. Power Drift and the Super Monaco GP conversion comments on Tempest: "I liked it because it was the first time that colour vectors were used. Vectors don't look like TV pictures, while raster display games always do.
The earlier vector games all looked like an oscilloscope gone wrong, but Tempest looked totally different".
Pac-Man introduced the action puzzle game to the world. The maze supplied the strategy, but as Pac-Man couldn't shoot his enemies he had to hide and beat them with skill, not brute force. Pac brought us another Commodore- The World at Your Fingertips Willi Commodore's exciting new 1500 puck you get everything you've ever wanted in a home computer - including the software.
AMIGA1500 The Amiga 1500 is the ultimate PC for all the family, bringing the world of computers into your home. Ease of use is designed into all Amiga's award winning technology and to make it even simpler the 1500 comes with its own straightforward guide. 'Get the Most out of your Amiga'.
To help you do just that you also get six software packages encompassing business, design, education and leisure. You can monitor your finances with the Digita Home Accounts' software, or allow your design skills free rein with the sophisticated Deluxe Paint III . And for business, there's The Works! Platinum Edition'
- a fully integrated word processing, spreadsheet and database
For unbeatable entertainment, enter the realms of fantasy with the arcade sensation 'Toki'.
Journey into a land of enchantment in 'Elf. Or risk getting hooked on Puzznic’.
Commodore - a whole new world which doesn’t cost the earth.
Including W Dtgita Home As counts is a trademark . Eht.ra HoJJinfs Limited Delu »r Paint III is a trademark if €ie, rro*u. Ans The Works! Is a trademark of Mu ro S stems are Toil. Elf and Puzznu are trademarks of (X ear Sofrmwe n i i i i COMMODORE - THE WORLD AT YOUR FINGERTIPS Please send me further details.
Name Position Company Address Telephone Postcode Commodore Business Machines (UK) Ltd Commodore House. The Switchback, Gardner Road. Maidenhead, Berks SL6 7XA Tel 0628 779S60 Fax 0628 71456 Telex 846057 CBMUKL G Commodore gameplay gem though: enemies with character. The lour ghosts all had distinctive personalities and clever players could manipulate them to benefit that points score.
Scramble gave the world the concept of horizontally-scrolling shoot-em-ups. Primitive yes. Hut definitely still a touglty. Bombing space stations and shooting ships out of their way made it a waggler's dream. It also saw the emergence of the 'wave theory' of aliens where positional triggers were placed within the game causing the same predictable formations to emerge at specific points. These could he learned and so they tested memory as well as joystick control.
The biggie of all biggies, though, was Defender. Still reckoned by many to he the best arcade game ever created, it had a era y speed-based edge, flashing across a tlark screen the small ship was forced to save stranded people and blast ever-larger swarms of aliens. There were no waves, gist ones to clear. But. And this is a hig but. Il also had small bombs, life-saving little beauts lhal could wipe out everything on screen. They've now become standard fare - Silkworm uses them for instance but nothing will erase the fond memories of the first time you hil the billion and all manner of
monsiers niched into pure points. Defender had a scanner too. Its dual screen style adding lhal exlra touch of strategy to the mayhem.
Ace games guru Jeff Minter explains.
"Defender was a test of control and it was unpredictable: this provided the challenge.
You had to calculate sate routes and continually be aware of what was happening. All the recent machines have been the same, scroll through a level picking up the power-ups until you reach the end of the level. It's a successful formula and they've stuck to it. But they're Continued on Page 27 TKMPIST A weird tunnel blast, where you sit at the top shooting at the rising foes. A stunner of a coin-op, it rivalled Defender at the time of release for the top coin-op slot because it's so smart that it starred in the xombie flick. Night of the Comet and Bob Wade (ex-AF head honcho) actually bought
a machine for home use!
VERDICT ***** Arcade Availability - Very rare extinct.
Best Free Version - None available.
Best Budget Version - None available.
Best Full Price - ST Version available, but no Amiga!
Future Variants - None planned.
PAC-MAN A monsters and maxe game where you dodge the nasties and collect points pills. Power Pill bonuses allow you to temporarily attack the four villainous ghosts.
Requires quick thinking and fast improvisation. The form was so successful that it launched a whole host of imitators How to beat the Invaders, blast the OCTOBER 1991 AMOEBA INVADERS GIRL ACTIONS SC ONI ISO H 1 (»N SCOHI ISO HNSI S ate Pi H H m flMUU da mm The evil oft-worlders will march down the screen, walking from left to right, descending by one line every time they touch the side. Your mission is to kill all the Invaders in each wave before they reach the planet's surface. You can move your ship from left to right with the joystick and fire upwards in an effort to stop them. Between you
at the bottom and them at the top sit four yellow shields, which absorb some of the bombs that the Invaders drop. You can blast a hole through these shields to gain a clear shot if you wish, but these tactics will only hasten their decay.
If you kill an entire wave then your shields are restored and you face the next assault, which starts from a lower screen position. The result is inevitable, the Invaders will win, but you have to inflict maximum damage (and score the most points) in order to slow down their assault.
- You can slow the Invaders by killing the aliens from each side.
As they descend only kill them when they reach the edge of the
screen, the further they have to walk to get there, the more
time you have.
- You can only have one shot In the air at any one time, so aim
before shooting!
- As the wave is killed off, they will actually begin to move
faster. This is most noticeable when there are only one or two
left. Beware, they really do shift!
- The Boss command ships, which fly across the top of the screen
are major points fodder and well worth going for. The points
value varies, so if the right combination of shots-to-hits can
be found then the command ship can be made to enter on your
command! And for max points!
Once you've reached the title screen you will be given these options: starting the game with the preset joystick controls, setting your own keyboard control choice or exiting the game.
These have to be chosen by mouse. Pressing fire will also take you straight into the game.
Once you have loaded the game you are presented with a nice scrolly message and a picture of a pretty young lady - hence the rather punning title. By pressing the fire-button on the joystick you will be taken straight into the game so be ready to start the blasting!
The Invaders' brothers, the Girlactions (!) (pronounced Galaxians). Are battling the armed forces of Earth in the skies. Being the smarter of the two siblings, these guys don't advance down the screen and have devised more complex movement patterns. Once again you are in a ship that sits at the bottom of the screen, able to move left and right with the joystick. Firing launches a missile up towards the Girlaction hordes. The ones that bounce from side to side are apparently no threat. They will, however, peel off suddenly and weave towards you dropping a shower of bombs as they go.
When they complete their attack they loop from the bottom of the screen and reform at the top. You just have to avoid the bombs and blast the wave of invaders to Kingdom come. Clearing one wave ushers in another, with no breathing space.
The way the aliens break formation and come bombing is predictable and the art of the game Is to anticipate their direction. This allows you to dodge their bombs and potentially crack a shot off at them. Kill as many as possible to help save the world, but eventually they will win!
- You can only have one shot in the air at once. The yellow tip
of your ship shows when a rocket is ready, remember this and
don't try shooting prematurely as it leads to disappointment
and death!
- Remain stationary when they are not dive bombing and try to
anticipate where the next threat will come from.
- Panic a lot.
And official variants - Pac-Mania, Pat-Land.
VERDICT **»* Arcade Availability - Original Pat-Man very rare, clones uncommon, Pat-Land common.
Best Free Version - AF Coverdisk 27.
Best Budget Version - Fast Food, Codemasters .
Best Full Price - None available.
Future Variants - None planned.
ASTEROIDS Spin and shoot to dear the screen of the life-threatening debris. A game of planning, flying skill and accurate long- range shooting. Neat alien invaders nip on at odd moments to make life awkward. Simple line graphics make for clear and easily-read action.
VERDICT * * * Arcade Availability - Original Asteroids very rare. Blasteroids machines uncommon.
Best Free Version - AF Coverdisk 27.
Best Budget Version - Blasteroids, Kixx £7.99. Best Full Price - None available.
Future Variants - None planned.
Scream around the screen using a weirdly effective two- joystick system, blasting behind you as you go. Rescue people from endless screens of mutants, robots and assorted nasties. High-paced instinctive action, that's peppered with surprises and secrets throughout. Smash TV, Robotron 2, is in the arcades now, it's no doubt the coin-op of the year!
VERDICT ***** Arcade Availability - Robotron very rare extinct. Smash TV common.
Best Free Version - None available.
Best Budget Version - Llamatron, Llamsoft (Shareware £5).
Best Full Price - None available.
Future Variants - Smash TV will be released by Ocean this Christmas.
QIX Isola n by dashing around laying a trail.
When the trail surrounds an area of the screen, that area is safe. Capture and kill monsters by trapping them with trails to progress. Fast, quick- thinking game, that can become slightly repetitive.
¦ t ¦ | j if It
i. -'¦* ,.
N ¦ -. J The gameform has been revived recently in the form of Taito's Vol ied (Left).
VERDICT * » Arcade Availability - Qix very rare. Volfied rare.
Best Free Version - Trix, 17 Bit, No 841.
Best Budget Version - None available Best Full Price - None available.
Future Variants - Volfied, Empire. Release imminent.
Asteroids and paclc in the power pills!
HAEMORRHOIDS OCTOBER 1991 Are you sitting comfortabty?
Right then I'll begin. After loading you're presented with the instructions and pressing fire starts the game. You find your ship in the middle of an asteroid field and have to blast a route to freedom.
To rotate the ship clockwise and anti-clockwise lean left and right on the stick.
Pushing forward sets the thrusters off and you move in the direction the ship is pointing. Pressing fire launches asteroid-busting missiles. The only other control Is hyperspace, called In by pulling back, which magics you away to a random area of the screen.
Shooting a large asteroid causes It to split into two smaller pieces. Shooting the smaller pieces causes them to split again. A further hit causes these small pieces to disappear. Obviously as the bullets start to fly and the asteroids collide, the screen rapidly becomes littered with small but deadly debris because if any of it hits the ship, you lose a life. If you manage to clear an entire screen of debris then it starts all over again with more debris to clear.
There are a few factors that make this game frustratingly excellent. First there are two alien ships who pop In to make life awkward by shooting at you and at the asteroids, creating some unexpected chaos. Secondly, and most confusing is the wrap-around screen. If you stray off the left-hand edge you'll appear at the corresponding point on the right edge. Go off the top and you enter at the bottom. The same also goes for bullets.
- Shooting the alien isn't always the best bet. They will clear a
path for themselves and can help clear the space.
- Always use hyperspace when you are definitely going to die. It
may get you out of trouble, but If you do die you're no worse
- After using hyperspace the ship is stationary, it's a handy
emergency stop.
PAC-MAN 87 When you arrive In Pac-Land, pressing the flrebutton will take you straight Into the game. Pac will automatically start moving In the direction that he is facing and will stop when he bumps Into a wall. To move Pac all you have to do is pull the stick in the desired direction when there is a viable path immediately adjacent The aim of the game is relatively simple: you have to collect all the points pills that you can from every part of the maze and try to remain alive. Patrolling the maze are four spooky ghosts who hunt Pac in their own peculiar little way. If they touch him then
he's dead, so Pac must dodge his way around the maze collecting and avoiding. There are also square power pills which turn the ghosts temporarily blue. If Pac eats one of these and hits them before they turn fully white again, then he kills them and earns himself a major points bonus.
In this version there are some other twists on the Pac-Man theme. Firstly there are traps, normally fire-plts, spikes or electric fences. If Pac hits them at any time (even while on power pills) he'll die. There is also more than one room to the maze. To finish, all the pills from all of the rooms must have been eaten. Exits to another part of the maze are grey squares with arrows.
- Try to attract the ghosts to Pac before getting a power pill
because the points go in 250, 500, 750 and 1,000 values if you
manage to capture more than one ghost with a single pill.
- Don't keep pressing in one direction once Pac has set off. This
makes redirecting him easier and lessens ‘joystick elbow’.
- Once killed the ghosts run back to their central base and they
can’t come back out until the power pill wears off. This Is the
ideal time to get those tricky leftover points pills.
& u ££3® TffflB PBAG3BUBBP& Oil spills. Air pollution.
Endangered animals. The award-winning TV show Captain Planet & The Planeteers has turned saving the Earth's environment into the ultimate adventure.
And now, it's your turn to go up against the most dangerous enemies our environment has ever faced - Looten Plunder, Duke Nukem, Hoggish Greedly, Dr Blight and more.
The forces of Earth, Fire, Wind, Water and Heart are yours. Put them together and become Captain Planet. Your Eco-copter is waiting.
Coming soon for your computer Also avoiloble on video T ~J A r'l 4 :i:i i 4 .
. ‘ ‘ W k Hawk £25.99. See Spoutro this issue.
Future Variants - International Sports Challenge, Empire. See Previews this issue.
27 OCTOBER 1991 predictable, you could lake an industrial robot and procram it to play through R-Tvpe".
Defender had real style, real colour and amazing sounds. The folks at William's who .rcaled this much-copied monster knew something about atmosphere. Electronic screams echoed in the ether, laser blasts pierced the jark arcade din. Well... you had to he there.
I he classic arcades were pushing back the technological frontiers as much as the R360 and Virtually are today. Yet for all the chip-
• 'j.cd wizardry that's currently doing the
- ounds. The leaps have become progressively
• mailer. S Hice Invaders virtually established arcade video
games single-handed, yet it merely had two colours, spooky
effects, a joy-
• tick and a firc-button to hold it all together.
iierbiirner and Out Run had hydraulic cabinets. Op Wolf had guns and Ninja Warriors
- ported two screens, hut despite this kit none of them make the
rcally-classic grade. "Take Space Harrier." Goes Jon Hare of
Sensible Software "When I sat on the machine and played it I
thought it was quite good. But when you played the computer
conversion you
- ealiscd how little there was to it. It was an embarrassment of
a game!"
Limited by the technology of the time games had to be good, in fact better than good ! They were to beat off the established rivals of pinball and the slots. These strict restraints ensured that games didn't just look good but
• gaily dug their hooks in hard during those tirst few seconds of
As to what made them so addictive, well it was simply the playability. You had the opportunity to play instantly, free of superfluous graphic clutter, players could immediately see w hat was going down and cobble together a makeshift response. Further play, and the
• bsctvalion of others playing, allowed some
- ccrets to be gleaned from the hail of bullets bombs. Soon the
high score motive. You
- ere in for Hips (yes. They used to cost that itllc) by the
pound, for better or for worse!
L. -dem machines, while still totally enjoyable id leasts of
custom hardware running at full hack, seem to have lost touch
with this sim- icily. Many are formula, following uahlished
patterns with belter effects. The mpsoris machine looks and
feels like the ,there's no getting away from it. O-Loe
• • - and plays like a supercharged rburner with a neat panning
effect thrown
- hen missiles lock. But the pure entertainer: value of seeking
out a game's secrets to have slipped dow n designers' lists ot
This is the racing game. No fancy perspective or flashy
graphics, just a plain overhead view of the entire course.
Using rather duff steering wheels you had to guide the cars around the course first. Its multiple player set-up (maximum of four people) was its biggest selling point. The game has been refined and redone many times on the Amiga.
VERDICT * * * * Arcade Availability - Super Sprint uncommon. Clone common.
Best Free Version - Cars, Fish 336.
Best Budget Version - Supercars, GBH £7.99 Best Full Price - Supertars II, Gremlin £25.99. Ironman Stewart's OH Road Racing, Virgin £25.99. trim '90 (coin-op) Stand on a log and beat up someone!
Winning takes you through to another round. A little guy in red pyjamas looks over you both and decides who's the winner. The first in a long line of arcade beat-em-ups. It doesn't scroll, that development came later on but it has all the moves you need for some tense, violent fun.
VERDICT * Arcade Availability - Kung Fu Master uncommon. Other beat-em-ups are very common.
Best Free Version - None available.
Best Budget Version - IK*, Hit Squad £7.99. Full Contact, Team 17 £10.99. Best Full Price - Nothing special.
Future Variants - Pit Fighter, Domark, released Christmas.
The original button buster. Ten athletic events recreated to capture the difficulties and trials of running and jumping. Hit the button at speed to run, hold buttons the time angle and power. Never before have fire buttons taken such a constant pounding and still hung together!
VERDICT * • Arcade Availability - Uncommon.
Best Free Version - None available Best Budget Version - The Games Summer Edition, Kixx £7.99 Best Full Price - International Athletics, This was a real clastic simply because it introduced a whole new bunch of little tricks into the platform game genre. Bubble Bobble was the tale of two bubble-spitting dinosaurs, who killed monsters and earned themselves bonus fruit. It had massive scope for manipulation of bonuses to best suit points potential. Decide what bonus you'll earn by what you'll kill next!
VERDICT * * * * Arcade Availability - Rare.
Best Free Version - None available Best Budget Version - Bubble Bobble, Hit Squad £3.99 Best Full Price - Rainbow Islands Ocean.
And along the same theme Rodland, Storm £25.99 and Magic Pockets, Renegade, £25.99. (see Screenplay Pages 92 and 68 of this issue for the review.)
Future Variants - None planned STAR WARS This was the first simulation to make a mark, even if it was a sim of a film. Wire frame graphics that had speed, a sit-down cabinet and real film samples.
Came in three flavours: The Bmpire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi as parts two and three. Part one was the best by far. It was the first themed arcade to truly capture the feel of the film it mimicked, excellent.
VERDICT ***** Arcade Availability - Common.
Best Free Version - None available.
Best Budget Version - None available.
Best Full Price - Star Wars compilation £29.99 Future Variants - None planned.
DEFENDER This is the arcade game. A serious psychedelic, horixontally-scrolling shoot out. Your job is to hover above a planet trying to defend its populace from a horde of evil alien kidnappers. A William's classic that introduced smart bombs to the world and anarchy to the arcades. Find it and play it!
VERDICT ***** Arcade Availability - Very rare extinct.
Best Free Version - None available Best Budget Version - None available Best Full Price - Defender II (this contains Defender, Defender and Stargate), Arc Games £25.99 Future Variants - Cardiaxx, Electronic Zoo.
Release October.
Priorities. “The graphics have improved but the gameplay hasn't changed. So you're lead to expect more and then you feel let down when it doesn't deliver." Jon Hare.
Can arcades take it any further? Robotron and Space Invaders have both been spruced-up and made ready for another decade. Still, ever-more complex hydraulic cabinets are built, bigger screens are utilised and other gadgets are employed to make you want to play. But the games have reached something of a plateau, stressing either a new twist on an old theme or reviving a currently inactive format. Is there nothing new that the arcade machine designers can offer us?
Virtuality and Virtual Reality systems offer new games systems where different techniques are employed.
This opens up whole new avenues of non-simulation vector games. Players will finally be freed from the restraint of having to stare straight ahead, or turning the entire craft to look elsewhere. Using the sit-down unit and headset, games like VTOL are already forcing players to finally utilise their long suppressed urge to move while playing. You have to scan the skies above and behind to pick up incoming enemy fighters.
New skills, especially being able to manipulate two joysticks simultaneously. Will have to be stressed by designers if the Virtuality isn't just to be another fancy cabinet. It has the potential to be the next wave of coin-op gaming and life could prove very Interesting: ever considered Virtual Invaders, thought about 3D Virtuality, is it the way ahead? A new virtuality centre has just been opened Defender or mused on Pac-Man with in the Trotodero, London, a test bed for new games and virtuality systems. Vector graphics?
OCTOBER 1991 Arcade shots courtesy of: R and K Edwards Co Ltd, 28 James St West, Bath.
17 BIT: PO Box, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, WF1 1XX.
0924 366982 CRAZY JOE'S PD: 0709 829286 There are games which buck this trend and Rainbow Islands is an ideal example Here the formula of three level worlds, guarded by a boss alien, was turned on its head with the inclusion of huge numbers of secret rooms and tricks. You'd need a weighty overdraft to find them all down at the arcade. The only alternative was to grab a copy of the conversion and get stuck in at home. Programmers Graftgold made Rainbow Islands a cracking game and to this day it's hailed as the best of all time!
The classics, when coded well, benefit from conversion and home play. Here you can really get to grips with the foibles of each alien, what your opponent will do next, or how to beat the fastest car on the circuit. The games needn't even look sparse, as long as there's the basic understanding that graphics are trimmings not features, the game has to come first.
"Nowadays it's getting like Stock. Aitkcn and Waterman, they know they can pul machines out there that will sell well, if not brilliantly. There's no incentive to innovate" comments Jon Hare. Modern machines have begun to follow proven formulas, whereas the earlier classics established them. Just because they were first, though, doesn't automatically mean that they were the best, yet for many this is the case The novelty factor has been eroded by time and the modem machines definitely win hands down on hardware. The games themselves, though, can be found at source in the classics and
conversions of them, untainted by the commercial restraints in effect now.
(Jetting these games for the Amiga can prove tricky, nay impossible in the ease ol Tempest, but are worth the trouble, providing hours of simple, yet challenging fun. As either PD. Conversion or adaptation the recommended titles capture the spirit of the classic arcades. They are a pointless points-based challenge, ever evolving into a more mind- twisting reaction test. As games, they are the bedrock on which most modern arcades have been developed and getting to grips w ith them provides ideal training for the new releases.
The classic arcades deserve looking up as pristine examples of good game design. They have a singular purpose: entertainment and nothing more. It is their lack of sophistication that makes them playable. If you've seen the Coverdisk and thought it was disappointing.
"Just old games!" Give it a blast, in five minutes you'll be as hooked. And that's a promise.
They aren't old. They've just been resting.
I was an arcade junky!
Well, I was an average guy with average hobbies. I played a bit ot pinball, did a few slots but nothing outrageous.
Well, one day at school, a bunch ot my mates said they were going down town to play something called Space Invaders. I d never done anything like this before, but I tagged along. Thought it might be a laugh!
The arcade was a strange, mysterious place. It was dark and smoky, like some green neon den. Well. I watched some of the other guys play this strange electronic game. They seemed to enjoy it. But their faces were blank as they stared at the screen and they kept twitching. As if physically moving meant their Base1 would move faster. It came to my turn and they all jeered saying I was chicken if I didn't do at least one game. So I played.
I rolled up my sleeves, got the 10p ready and forced it in. Suddenly time slowed down: the lights and noise became one and I was transported to another world. A menacing world where strange squat creatures were trying to kill me. I was scared, but thrilled too. As we fought high-tech duels to the death. Wham! It was suddenly all over and I was returned back to the arcade, apparently I was dead! Well I felt drained, but strangely exhilarated. I had to have another go. Now!
To start with we only played at weekends: you know for a break, a chance to work off any frustrations. Then, one dark day someone said I should have a shot at Defender. I'd toyed with a few stronger games before. I'd done a bit of Scramble, could handle the occasional spot of Asteroids, hell I could even cope with Tempest, but this baby was real different.
Delender ate my mind and my money.
The first rush was the speed, the second was the fire-power but both were filled with an all-pervading sense of terror. The aliens were coming en masse, my scanner showed me that, and they were after my people! Smart bombs were the simple answer to any problem, worth using just for the colours.
I was hitting Defender twice a day. Just to stay normal. I'd sit at home re-enacting failed techniques in my head, calculating the best time to use a smart bomb. Well the story gets sad here. I went from one William's machine to another: from Defender to Stargate. From Stargate to Robotron. Each was more powerfully addictive than the last. You can't live like that and I degenerated into an alien-slaying fiend, who lived to blast.
That was seven years ago and well, nothing's really improved. My need for neon and splatter weapons has led me to the periphery of society only working in jobs where my horrible addiction wouldn't be noticed. Now I’m a games journo'. Nuff said!
The US Air Force F19 Stealth Fighter.
Invisible to radar, and all ordinary defence systems.
Impossible to miss on a Philips 8833 11 colour monitor.
Buy the monitor, get the game free.
Enjoy the world's No.l flight simulator game on the world's No.l games monitor.
Featuring superb reproduction, stereo sound and hi-definition picture. Suddenly, the best games look even better.
Ask your 8833 11 monitor stockist for details - take off now!
Offer ends 31-12-1991.
Commodore Amiga A500 PRICE CRASH £299.00 inc VAT & Delivery ,Y Includes: Amiga A500 512K Keyboard Built-in 3.5 DS DD 1 Megabyte Disk Drive ,Y Latest UK spec Kickstart 1.3 Machine Y Workbench 1.3, Extras 1.3, Amiga Basic Y 4096 Colours tY Digital Stereo Sound Y Speech Synthesiser JY Notepad Word Processor ,Y Mouse ,Y TV Modulator ) ...and all leads to connect to your TV!
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Amiga A500 Com puter Keyboard Built-in I Meg DS DD disk drive 5I2K A 5 0 I RamExpansion Latest Kickstart and Workbench 1.3 Notepad Mini word- processor All necessary disks. Manuals and cables
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THE FIRST THING lhal hits you is the figures. True Colour means 24 bits per pixel and that means 16.777.216 colours that you can use. Wow! It certainly sounds impressive after 32 colours in a game or 4.096 colours in a HAM painting. But after all those numbers your head begins to swim a bit. Take a deep breath and relax. Now, there arc two obvious questions that these numbers raise. Let's get them answered.
First of all. Why do 24 bits mean 16 million colours? Well, this is what you might call the highly technical part of the affair, so we'll explain that side of things in a minute. Second, why is 16 million colours called True Colour, why not more or less? This is a slightly more esoteric thing, but when we look for the answer to this we'll discover that the Amiga has now reached the ultimate answer in computer graphics: the crock of gold at the end of the rainbow, you might say.
24-bit True Colour' brings the ultimate in graphics to the Amiga. You can create images using a whole spectrum of colours from a palette of millions, bringing photo- graph-like realism or the flashiest of professional-looking computer graphics.
Damien Noonan explains how it works and why it pushes Amiga graphics as far as they will ever go.
Somewhere i the OCTOBER 1991 Every little dot on a computer screen is called a pixel. Any picture that you draw on the Amiga and then save out to disk is simply a map of what colour each pixel should be.
When you decide how many colours you are going to use in a picture, what you are in fact deciding is how many 'bits' (binary Is or Os) will be used to remember each pixel. It works like this.
If you had only one bit to describe each pixel, you would only be able to choose two colours: one for a I and one for a 0. Say, black for a 1 or white for a 0.
If you have two bits, then you immediately double your options. You can have 1 and 1 for black. 0 and 0 for white. 0 and 1 for blue and 1 and 0 for orange. That gives you a two-bit image, like the Workbench screen.
And so it goes on. Three bits lets you have eight colours, four bits lets you have 16 colours and five bits gives you the 32 colours of a standard Deluxe Paint picture or an Amiga game.
So it's easy to see that you can go as far as you want, doubling the amount of colours available each time you add an extra bit of memory for each pixel. The next question is: why do we need all these colours?
Well, computer colours are a little bit weird in that you can't at any stage mix or invent new ones. Every single colour or shade of colour you want to represent has to be preset inside the machine in what's called the palette.
The Amiga has a 12-bit palette, which gives a choice of 4.096 shades of colours. In actual fact, this doesn't mean it has 12-bit colour capability: the maximum it can deal with is 5-bit. Which is why 32 colours is more or less the standard maximum. The 4.096- colour HAM mode is actually a complete cheat, a very tricky bit of programming that really uses 4-bit colour (16 colours on screen) but kind of modifies them. Nuff said.
HAM is actually a very powerful thing: if.
For instance, you were to pause the screen on the average telly you'd find it doesn't look very different from a HAM picture. Try it if you've got a good frcczc-framc on your video.
But if you want your Amiga pictures to be better-looking, if you want them to be as good as photographs or as the best flash computer graphics, you're going to need more than 4096 colours in your palette. Not because there are any more colours around: you've probably already got everything from Lemon Yellow to Violet. But because you need many more subtle shades, to represent the hundreds of shades of green in a balde of grass, for instance.
OK. So we know that you need as many different subtle shades of colour as possible.
We also know that each time you add a bit on.
You double the number of shades you can have. So why stop at 24-bit?
Well, one particular fact makes it sound very strange. An ordinary Amiga low-rcsolu- tion screen has a display resolution of 320 by 256 pixels. That's 81.920 individual pixels. So even if each one was a different colour, you could only have that many colours. Even on a high-rcs screen display of 640 by 512 pixels, you could only fit 327.680 different colours.
So why bother with more?
In Ah' 17 we spoke to Perry Kivlovitz of ASDCi. Who develop leading-edgc 24-bit graphics systems such as The Art Department Professional, reviewed last issue. He explained it this way. If you were to take a camera and point it at the countryside, to represent that you wouldn't need 24 bits of colour. There arc probably only about 300.000 colours there, so you could easily do it in 18 bits.
If. On the other hand, you do a close-up of a human face, you've got many, many subtle gradations, all shades of the same basic colour.
If you want to represent all the different shades of a single colour you'll need eight bits.
256 different shades. Now. Because each colour on a computer screen is made up of three different basic primary colours - red.
Green and blue - to make sure you have those 256 shades of each possible colour you need three times eight bits, which gives you 24 bits.
So in effect, if you have 24-bit colour you arc scientifically assured of being able to represent every colour or shade of colour the human eye can perceive. It is the ultimate in computer graphics. And the Amiga is there... Already there's a vary healthy range o graphics software available that can work with True Colour images, and there's mere on the way all the time. Let's take a quick leek at the options.
24-BIT COLOUR CARDS are the key component of the system, providing the 24- bit palette and the display system. They invariably reqeire the use of an expensive VGA or Multisync monitor, too. Those so far available for the Amiga are somewhat limited in number, but there are many more on the way. Currently the only one available for purchase in the UK as far as we are aware is the Harlequin from Amiga Centre Scotland. See the TV Paint review over the page for more details. The FireCracker card from Impulse bus the highest profile in the States, but is net yet available over here.
More news of 24-bit hardware will follow as soon as we get it.
Joining The 24-bit revolution THE ART DEPARTMENT PROFESSIONAL from ASDG, reviewed Inst issue, is the first real 24-bit image processing system and also allows yon to compose photo-montages with 24-bit images. Flexibility of file storage is likely to be very important for 24-bit work and this provides n number of save and load format options as well as a range of excellent image enhancement features.
SCANLAB PROFESSIONAL is the first 24-bit scanning software for the Amiga. It means that you can use the, for example. Sharp JX- 300 and op range of scanners to produce gorgeous fall-colour scans. While £600 for the package and £3,000 for the scanner might seem expensive, the quality is unrivalled. Look at the review on Page 40 to see exactly why.
RASTERLINK is an excellent graphics file conversion utility which is only available with the Harlequin card. We've found it invaluable for transferring 24-bit Amiga IFFs to our Macintosh DTP system.
DRAW 4D PROFESSIONAL is one of many 3D modelling programs that can output 24-bit files. This one is mainly geared towards producing illustrations for desktop publishing work, where 24-bit colour seems likely te give an excellent low-cost alternative te traditional reprographics.
VISTAPRO which we reviewed last issue produces marvellous 24-bit rendered fractal landscapes, which could be of great use as part of a 24-bit illustration. We think it will inspire some excellent creative work.
DIGIVIEW GOLD from Newtek is well established as eae of the top-quality video digitisers, but its ability to create 21-bit images will give it a new lease of life as an affordable source of photographic images taken from actual photographs.
COLOURPIC from JCL is another video digitiser that will live on in the 24-bit age because of its capability to produce 16-bit photographic images.
REAL 3D is one of several 3D rendering or ray-tracing packages that is capable of producing 24-bit output. The two main tools of the 24-bit revolution are likely to be photographic sources from digitisers or scanners, or computer graphics from 3D rendering. Paint packages are more likely to be used as tools to combine or rework images produced using these techniques.
IMAGINE is another of the new wave of excellent 3D rendering programs which are capable of 24-bit work. As with many of those programs, it was developed slightly in advance of the emergence of a 24-bit file format standard for the Amiga, which emphasises the need for the image processing and file conversion programs.
Imagine'* elder brother Turbo Silver can also produce 24-bit stuff.
3D PROFESSIONAL is one of several 3D modelling programs about to be updated to Indudo 24-bit output. Although the original version had many faults, we are expecting most of these te be cured in the new release and the price to have fallen.
39 SCULPT-ANIMATE is the old favourite of the 3D ray-tracing packages and, though it has boon upstaged by newcomers such as Imagine, is still an excellent program. It too can output 24-bit data.
OCTOBER 1991 TV PAINT is the first of the true 24-bit paint programs to appear for the Amiga. There's no reason why it should be the last because, as the French programmers explained to Brian Larkman, 24-bit is a lot easier to program than HAM. We may see a 24-bit version of Deluxe Paint very soon.
HAM-E is the first really cheap 24-bit system. While it's slightly unsatisfactory in a way, because it is a bit too clever for its own good, it is remarkably inexpensive, works with a standard Amiga monitor and comes complete with a paint package and an excellent image processing program (possibly the best ever wriHen for any computer). HAM-E has also managed to attract sufficient approval to onsure that its own file format will be supported by a number of other key 24-bit programs: already Art Dept Pro can load HAM-E images. Read the review over the page.
THE GRAPHICS WORKSHOP was a 64-colour paint package which could have rivalled Deluxe Paint III had it not arrived a couple of years too late. Instead It's been rewritten to work with HAM-E, and It seems likely to become the standard HAM-E paint program.
We expect to bring you a review very soon.
Other art packages had better bewa A new standard is about to be set wit!
Full true colour' digital paint system tl works with the ACS Harlequin frame bufl BRIAN LARKMAN splashes t paint about inside his telly with.
DENSITY MODI AND AIRBfl II set up corr« Density, can ah used with Tran blending image this case the I ground figures ' rubbed through density to gel transparent lec OCTOBER 1991 most useful when compositing images together, because it allows the parts to blend together without apparent joins. *l*he more conventional way to achieve this is with anti-aliasing and edge transparency for brushes. These should be added eventually but in any case ‘Rub T hru* is a reasonable substitute for now .
A similar 'temporary substitute* is the use of the transparent ‘density* tool to produce gradient fills (the only serious omission from THE HARLEQUIN BOARD The hardware that you'll need to use TV Paint Is the first 24-bit colour framebuffer unit to actually go on sale In this country, the Harlequin card from Amiga Centre Scotland. It's actually a 32-bit system, though only 24 bits are used for colour description: the remainder of the pixel description is used tor various other display functions, such as masking.
This is a card for professionals, offering broadcast-quality output at a price that's beyond the range of the average Amiga owner but compares very favourably with the equivalent kit that video pros currently use. Already it is proving very popular in professional use.
With as many as Amiga Centre Scotland (031-557 4242) can make being snapped up straightaway A game show for BBC Scotland has already used a Harlequin Amiga system tor animations and effects.
The specification and pricing of the system is a little bit too complex to go into here, because there are a number of different options available that atlect cost and you really do want to talk to the people who know belorc considering a purchase, so telephone the Amiga Centre Scotland and have a good talk to them. The basic system starts at around £1.400 while the more advanced options take it up to around £1.800. These include up to 4Mb of video RAM and a full broadcast genlock system.
The Harlequin also comes with a suite of image processing software called AIM, developed by a university team in Holland. This is nominally PD but the manuals are vital and cost money.
Al.l. THE KI SS about 24-bit and Inic colour on the Amiga disguises the fact that, as yet.
There is hardly any software available that uses it to the lull, lake bitmapped paint programs for example - the most basic piece of graphics software on any computer. Several packages claim to be 24-hit. But none of them actually paint with a full 16 million colours in real time or use tools optimised for a full palette.
TV I’tiiiil is about to change all that because the whole system is geared up for the ACS Harlequin graphics hoard. All of the paint operations are carried out in True Colour, and the tools that have been implemented so far certainly make full use of it. The signs are that Tecsofl are producing a real Rolls-Royce of an art package, but with a price tag to match!
Once the dongle is inserted, booting up the software on an Amiga 4000 with 16 Mb of memory is completely painless (surprise, sur- prise'l. The hiss as the 20-inch MicroVitec Autoscan is connected to the Harlequin when it bursts into life is very satisfying, especially when the 4D tool palette appears. The minimum configuration that most of us still cannot manage - is 8Mb with a 68.8X1 'floating point unit*, though 6Mb works OK without the spaa- screen. Plus there's the small matter of a Harlequin Eventually. Though, the software will work with other Nurds Innovative tools are the
life-blood of any digital painting system and V Paint is no exception. At this stage in development the full range of features is not quite implemented, but those available are really classy All of the usual functions are there plus a number of new ones, and even the mundane tools are refined to a degree that is uncommon on the Amiga.
Airbrushing. For example, works like the real thing, no huge dots splattered aNiut. Just an even transparent gradient of colour building up. At present the flow rate cannot he varied, but it is slow enough to be controllable and extremely convincing.
Unlike the real thing, the airbrush can also colour cycle, follow the path of all of the line tools (dots, freehand line, rectangular, elliptical. Curve and bc icr) and *Rub Thru* to the spare screen. 'This last function is perhaps the version 1.0 of the package). In this case the stopgap is of limited use because the procedure is complicated for anything more than the simplest shapes, Tecsofl say that this will he rectified very soon. Nevertheless, the density tool is quite fantastic in its own right. In operation. It resembles the Blend requestor in Photon Paint, but it has a number of
pre-sets and modes of operation that put it in another league altogether.
Ihc upper area of Ihe control panel, above the normal set of tool icons, contains the Modes' and 'Modifiers'. A 'painting mode* button provides Blur. Smooth. Colour. Smear.
Colorize and Shade, as well as the Rub Thru" or Trans mode already discussed. Most of these work as expected, though Blur and Smooth seem virtually identical and Smear is much too severe. Some sort of user control is required here. Below the Mode button are four Modifiers which control all painting and Jrawing operations: RKPEAT: Causes all the rubber-handed line tools to repeatedly draw, eg the straight line produces the familiar radial fan. When used with the airbrush however some startling effects are feasible.
CYCI.E: Makes all tools cycle through the set range of colours. With four 256 colour palettes and four cycle ranges. 16 colour cycles are available. Each can be reversed. Used with Colorize some spectacular metallic and lustrous effects are obtained.
DENSITY: Works much like the Photon Paint Blend requestor, but with four profiles stored in memory and eight presets.
MASKING: Is based completely on a colour stencil rather than a screen area at the moment.
I p to eight colours can be added to the Mask and the numeric definition of these can be made quite 'fuzzy' to include a range of .mnlar shades.
TRANS (RUB THRU) MODE Using TV Point's ‘Rub Thru' mode, several images are blended together without the joins showing. The main image is loaded to the 'foreground' screen, then the secondary images are placed onto the Spare 'background' screen. Flipping between these screens it is possible to judge just where to 'Rub Thru' using the airbrush. The foreground is washed away carefully to reveal just enough of the background. A similar effect could be achieved if the brushes were properly anti-aliased or Edge Transparent.
MODIFIERS AND MODES A wide range of effects is possible using Hie Modifiers and modes, singularly or together. The number of permutations is too great to describe them all, but a small selection is shown hero. 'Ropoat' works with all of the line drawing tools and is especially effective when the airbrush and colour cycling are active as well.
CONTROL PANEL AND MENUS The control panel is relatively simple with a reasonable selection of tools, but it also provides access to the menus that give the system its power.
Clockwise from bottom left these are Palette, Cycle Ranges, Density Control, Stencil Mask and Gamma (Contrast and brightness).
Very few bugs or problems or glitches occurred during the review. Rotating blushes can cause a few' hits of 'swarf at the edges, and occasionally, spurious coloured pixels appear randomly within an image. There are a number of useful tools missing at the moment.
Then: are no patterned or gradient fills, no ellipse, no distortion or perspective functions - as always, the wish-list is longer than the whole of this article.
Nevertheless, in case you think we have started reviewing unfinished software, it must be said that TV Point is available now from ACS or Teesoft and is VERY useable. The system is incomplete compared to Tccsofts plans for it. But then Deluxe Point was incomplete on release compared to Dpoint II or III.
The borderline between 'finishing' and upgrading software is a fine one. Anyone buying now will gel full upgrades of the software and a manual as and when they are finished.
Included with the paint program is Slide .12, an excellent True Colour slide-show system with about 2(1 different wipe effects and a short animation demo that can be used with your own 24-bit animation files - from Sculpt. Imagine or Real Mi. The animation is very fast as long as the pics are not too big - 320x256 is OK.
The competition in the UK (and everywhere else) is limited al Ihe moment. HAM-E from Black Belt Systems is MUCH cheaper and includes a brilliant image-processing program hut only uses 256 colours out of 16 million for painting. (See the review of HAM-E on Page 44.) NewTek's ToasterPaint is nol available over here, i( only works with (he Toaster and works in HAM mode on screen, displaying 24-bit images on the ’lousier monitor. MoeroPoint loads and saves 24-bit images but only works in hi-res HAM internally.
OCTOBER 1991 All in all then 7V Point is well worth buying now if you really want proper paint and compositing in 24-bits and IF you can afford it (but then you did buy a Harlequin!I Nevertheless several other True Colour board paint software combinations will be available shortly. This is certainly a fast growing area so it may be worth waiting - but can you deny yourself this experience! 'I) TV Paint SPEED • • • • The accelerator obviously helps but It still Is as last as Doluxo Paint III- with 16million colours!
DOCUMENTATION • • • Delightfully quirky English. Hand-made' but well printed with reference and tutorial help.
ACCESSIBILITY • • • • • Non-standard interlace, but beautiful, well layed- out control panels with good labelling.
FEATURES • • • Good and getting better every week Could be the one to beat VALUE • • Expensive for the Amiga market, but OK for a system aimed at professionals.
PAMGN ferdict 85% hfiSPtP’ OCTOBER IS A SHADOW SORCERER This new concept in role-ptayng adventure means that in mmutes you will find yourself in the thick ot the action, facing many enemies not the least ol which is I the SHADOW SORCERER himself • 100% 'point n click" icon control 1 (no laborious typing).
1 • 3D isometric play area giving you I more control in the playing I environment.
1 • Control up to 4 characters in a file or death struggle against 1 evil.
1 • Hexagonal grid wilderness map for outdoor I V confrontation J 1 • 3D animated mmatures I Jf represent your cast of I rV I characters in real-time I v combat action. I Aicnloble on. I I Atari ST. Amiga & II Vj( PC (EGA. CGA. I aji VGA.TGA) I I
- -- POOLS OE DARKNESS -- I 1 --First, there was POOL OF
DARKNESS, the conclusion to this AD&D» Computer Game series!
You've come full circle, back to the Moonsea region to fight
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SECRET OF THE SILVER BLADES or create new ones Either way.
You're in for high-level action that’ll end this senes with a
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81 Hgh Shed SheiWd S9 IEN Teb 0742 569060 24-Bit Graphics
Enhancer ¦ £300 Black Belt Systems IT COULD ONLY HAPPEN on the
While all the big boys in Amiga graphics are beavering away producing amazing 24-bit hardware and software for the professional market at professional prices - in other words, hugely expensive - a bunch of innovative enthusiasts have been quietly inventing a new True Colour system that we can all afford.
HAM-E offers 24-hil colour on an Amiga 500 (while other 24-bit systems only work on an Amiga 2000), uses a regular 1084 monitor (rather than an expensive Multisync), is fully compatible with all your existing software and even comes with a good paint program and a brilliant image-processing system thrown in for no extra money. Sounds like a complete bargain for £300. Doesn't it? That’s because it's not actually 24-bit throughout: instead, HAM- E uses an ingenious piece of lateral thinking.
If True Colour is the biggest yet in graphics technology, then this mi be the biggest breakthrough in pric a 24-bit system for the A500 that co: about the same as a 20Mb hard driv BRIAN LARKMAN finds out wheth this can possibly be for real have 256 colours from 16 million. This is the Register or 'Reg' mode. It is also possible to use the information in the 'magic cookie' to set up more registers that allow the extended HAM mode. HAM-E... Normal HAM uses six bits for each pixel.
The first two are for control, the other four contain data that defines either one of the 16 colours in the palette you have chosen or the level of one colour: Red, Green or Blue. Each pixel, therefore, is either a palette colour, or is derived from the previous pixel with its R. G. HAM-E. Like HAM before it. Is a clever trick' that persuades the Amiga to show off many more colours than anyone thought possible even three or four years ago. With a sharp bit of logic and some ingenious hardware HAM-E can display up to 256 colours chosen from 16 million in standard 'Register' mode, or about
256.000 colours in HAM-E mode, an extended version of the ordinary HAM.
THE HAM-E HARDWARE So how does it work? Well. HAM-E is based on a very simple trick. Il uses a hi-res display inside the computer (640x256 non-interlace) bul actually displays each pair of pixels as jusl one pixel, to give an apparently low-resolution screen. On a high resolution screen each pixel has four bits of colour, which gives 16 colours or 'registers' (2x2x2x2). Each pair of pixels therefore has eight bits of colour which is 256 colours (2x2x2x2x2x2x2x21.
The hardware controls the display by examining the first few pixels of the image, over four to eight scanlincs. If it finds the right combination of colours at the top-left comer of the image (a small block called the 'magic cookie'), HAM-E is 'triggered'. If the basic 8-bit registers arc used 'straight', images can or B value changed. HAM-E mode uses a similar trick but with eight bits for each pixel and a 256 colour rather than 16 colour register.
Frankly it is all a bit more complex than this description but in effect HAM-E mode gives a possible 256.000 colours on screen, and 256 basic palette colours from which these arc derived, so there is virtually no 'fringing' (that messy blur of colour sometimes seen on HAM pictures).
A final trick is offered by the optional extra add-on. HAM-E Plus. This version costs £100 more but can separate each pair of pixels in the hi-res display, making every other one the average of those on either side, providing a sort of hardware anti-aliasing.
HAM-E is bundled w ith two pieces of software. A Reg mode paint program - RegPaint - and a 24-bit image-processing system. Inuige Professional. Both programs were still under development until recently, so their manuals are on disk, making learning them doubly difficult. Black Belt have assured us that full manuals will be sent to all registered users of HAM-E this summer.
OK. That's the hype over. Now. How well does it actually work? Let's get one thing straight first: the definition of 'True Colour' depends on who is defining it. To display 16 million colours you would need a 4.000 by 4,000 pixel screen (about 60 times the size of the Amiga's in Hi-Res mode). No current system in the world is this big. True Colour confusing and the drop-shadowed text used for lettering is far too obscure. In several cases two icons are used when surely a double-click or right-button-click on the same icon would do. Like in Deluxe Paint. Fill and Fill tools.
Brush and Brush tools are examples. There is no indication of FG or BG colour or of current range or range type.
If Black Belt had employed a designer with experience of computer painting to redesign the interface, then RcgPaint would he an excellent program.
45 Th« palette is reasonably comprehensive and straightforward considering it supports colour ranges, EFX ranges and Glow ranges. Selecting the range colours and spreads with the left and right buttons means that the FG and BG colours are constantly being changed. Because there is no indication of this on the working screen, mistakes are inevitable. (The boxes at the bottom contain a slice of the colour cube like PholoaPaint or DigiPaint. This seems to be impossible to capture in a screen grab.)
Therefore means having 16 million lo choose from. This allows really smooth gradations of .uhtlc hues - like Ihe colour of skin. Bui il also means every pixel being any one of lhal '[6 million so Ihe 256 colour choice of Register mode is not True Colour, but ihe
256. 000 colours of HAM-E mode are.
Whichever mode you use the system in il is .una .ing. especially with decent software like Image Professional Even RegPaint. Ihe powerful but difficult lo learn Register mode painl program bundled with the system, shows its potential. Using a well thought-out system like Uxxi's SpectraColor, some excellent results
- hould be possible. Eventually many software producers should
include HAM-E support: XSDG’s Art Department Professional
already foes and a new HAM-E version of Holosoft's painl
package The Graphics Workshop is on the way very soon.
In most cases even non-HAM-E software transparent lo ihe system, though loading HAM-E images into Deluxe Painl III causes
• ome colour distortion, as if ii were a HAM program. Mosi viewer
utilities display HAM-E mages perfectly.
I here are some limitations, but none seem that serious unless you have an A3000. When
• ou lirxt get the system il has to he set up. The review version
seemed lo work well straight from the box. So I didn't bother
(I never did Ae manuals). Soon it became obvious lhal part of
the setup was necessary. Using any OCTOBER 1991 THIS IS A
POWERFUL AND comprehensive Reg mode paint program that shows
off the awesome potential of the HAM-E syvicm There is a
problem with it though, it's a real bitch to use!
On booting up the user is presented with an icon tool palette across the bottom of the screen containing most of the usual drawing and painting tools. Several of these bring up further icon palenes or requestors. Many of the common tools wort in a conventional way. It's when you start to use the 'power' tools that should really be utilising the potential of all those colours, that the problems start.
The trouble really stems from using a non-standard interface. Most of the people who arc likely lo buy the HAM-E system are going to be experienced with Amiga graphics. They w ill have cut their computer graphic teeth on Deluxe Paint and then progressed to Photon Paint or DigiPainl All of those paint programs (and almost every other successful paint system) use a combination of simple icons and pull-down menus as a user interface, plus common kcy-press equivalents (ie j for spare screen). It is a tried and tested s stem that works. There is no reason to change unless the new system offers
great advantages of speed and ease of use. TV Paint (reviewed on Page 40) for example has broken away from the convention with some success, using a brilliant icon-only approach that is a joy to use. RexPami on the other hand is no joy.
Why is this? Well the icon palette contains large multicoloured buttons which are too large, the colours Register Paint By abandoning conventional Icon Palette and pull-down menu combination means that the RegPoint tool palette seems rather crowded oad confusing. No Polygon Tool, only single pixel Built-In brush ond no indication of FG and BG colours.
OCTOBER 1991 QUITE THE MOST comprehensive 24-bit image processing tool ever developed for the Amiga - probably even for any micro-computer. The range of features, the degree of user control on all of the possible options, the interconnection of its utilities is so great that the program might have been overwhelming.
Instead, though, it is very approachable and is relatively easy to use. Encouraging an almost addictive desire to experiment.
In contrast to RegPaint. The 'button only' approach works - possibly because text labels rather than obscure icons have been used.
Ironically, the only place where conventional icons might have helped is in the Paint Panel, just because designers would feel more at home with familiar tools. Nevertheless, with a few hours practice, operation is quite intuitive.
The range of processing operations available is huge. To get an idea of the range simply take a look at the control panel. Most of the processes work extremely well and do what you would expect from their description.
Processing can be applied to any area of the screen in any shape, or to the entire screen.
Any number of buffers for other images can be set up (limited by memory). Several pictures can be loaded and clips taken from one or more of them. All buffers are clearly labelled by name and can be composited together and or used to apply other processes. Virtually any transformation can be applied, the only limitation is your imagination and. It must be said. V our patience.
Not surprisingly. 24-bit image processing takes time and memory. Many of the operations available take several minutes - and some take hours! Here is the best case yet for an accelerator and extra memory . The program tries to help however by giving a wide range of display options Most processing operations can take place in grey scale or 256 colour Reg mode giving you an acceptable idea of the results. Later the image can be displayed at its best in 24-bit HQ HAM-E mode.
The vost range of image-processing options ovoi- able are shown from the control poneL Some of theso open to other arrays of options. Although once agoin the conventional icon tool pond pull- down-mcnu combination has been abandoned, in this case the system works very well. The icons and text are very clear and the simple layout encourages experiment. It might have been better if the buttons leading to more tools (RGB, F X etc) had been distinguished with another colour.
Image Professional OCTOBER 1991 palette 0.0.0 was not black but dark blue. This means adjusting the RGB Black level. A bit of a pain to set up - but not beyond anyone who has fitted extra memory to an A500.
The way HAM-E works means that you lose the top few lines of your display for the Magic Cookie. For True Colour it seems a fair exchange. Also it only works in what is. In effect, low resolution, with or without interlace. Nevertheless, all normal Amiga hi-res modes will still work in the normal 16 colours, on top of which larger images can be loaded into the two bundled HAM-E programs and scrolled around, though even with 6Mb of RAM including I Mb of chip RAM. 640x512 pictures caused both programs to crash. 2Mb of chip RAM seems in order.
Black Belt claim that HAM-E will work with ALL Amigas. Nothing, though, is ever that simple. Terry Cox of Leisure Systems.
York pointed out that the Denise chip fitted to all PAL A3000s and other PAL ECS machines (are there any?), has a bug that causes problems when using HAM-E. CheckMatc. The UK distributors of HAM-E. Who isolated the problem. Suggest that an old Denise is used temporarily. Eventually, if Commodore don't fix the chips, some sort of piggy-back board with both sorts of Denise on-board may have to be devised.
The final problem is again no fault of HAM-E. But there was a mention of it in those unread manuals on disk. Bugs in AmigaDOS
1. 3,2 mean that opening several interlace screens at the same
time as a non-interlace screen can cause a system crash. If
your Workbench is set to interlace, like mine, the HAM-E
software will keep crashing with interlace images, like mine.
Three days later I read the manuals.
The competition is limited. The closest at the price is a similar system called DCTV from Digital Creations, but that is unavailable in this country. Full 24-bit frame buffers arc in a different league altogether, both in price and in the additional hardware and software they need. So if you want a taste of the True Colour action, but at low resolution and a low price, then HAM-E is the only way to go. 'Zl DOCUMENTATION • • On disk at the moment so difficult to use. 156 pages to print! Good reference but no tutorials ACCESSIBILITY • • • The hardware Is fairly simple. RegPaint poor.
Image Pro good. Lots more support coming.
FEATURES • • • • 24-blt colour on an A500 with brilliant image processing and useable painting. Great.
VALUE • • • • • Ten extra useable colours per penny. This has lo be the bargain ot the year Wank*, iferdic) 90%
• is alone behind enemy lines. Witt k, and the expertise to
complete di accomplices are the weapons, ve) I universe; his
objective: to attack SEEK TO DESTROY.
Versatility to make best use of a wide range of £ms missions, the Hunter is a breed apart teed structures found in his amazing three- ¦BrvTve.The Hunter has the will to win. Do you?
Available in September on Amiga & Anri ST 24-BIT SCANNING IN THE LAST issue we looked al Art Department Professional - one of Ihe first image processing programs that let you manipulate 24-bit images on your Amiga. But. I hear you ask, how do you gel those images into your Amiga in the first place? You could of course use a digitiser, but few of the ones that are currently available grab pictures in true 24- bit colour. The way that professional colour imaging systems work is by using a colour flatbed scanner to feed images into the system.
In the past these have been expensive and hard to interface to the Amiga, but with the ever increasing interest in 24-bit colour, prices arc susequently dropping... 16 million colours means you can now have images on your Amiga screen that look as good as the best photographs.
But how do you get them there?
Paul Lyons looks at a new product that puts the power of the Sharp range of scanners under your control.
All the images on these pages were scanned using Professional Scan Lab II on on A2000 with 7Mb of RAM. The largest scans were saved directly to disk.
Although this tokes more time it allows users with less memory to creole large scans.
The standard interfaces on the Amiga are too slow for the vast amount of data that makes up a 24-bit image (a 4Mb scan takes over an hour to feed through the serial port at 96(1(1 baudl so Professional Scan Lab II uses its own board which plugs into an expansion socket in an A2(MM) or A3000. The board is Regular readers ol Amiga Forms! Will know that we re big Ians ot Sharp’s range ot colour scanners. Back In AF 22 we gave live stars to the Sharp JX-IOOScan Lab 100 package. OK. So It only scans up lo 200dpl and In 16- not 24-blt, but at C545»VAT it's considerably cheaper than the Pro Scan Lab
II sottwareboard combination - and lhat's without a scanner.
SHARP SCANNING Alter the JX-100. Comes the JX-300. This is a 300dpl lull 24-blt, lull A4 flatbed scanner that gives amazingly lab results like, er, well like the ones on these pages which were all done using an Amiga A2000 and a JX-300. At £1,320. VAT It's not cheap, per se. But It's very cheap lor a lull-colour scanner of this quality. Next In the range comes the JX-450, an A3 version ot the JX-
300. Which also scans al 300dpi. There’s slso an optional
attachment that allows you lo scan transparencies st 300
dpi, but It has to be said It’s not up to the standard set
by the rest of the scanner. For high-quality slides you
really need Ihe big brother ol the range, the JX-600. This
Is a 600 x 600dpi. Lull-colour scanner that comes complete
with an additional overhead light source designed
specifically lor scanning trannies. The price? Weil II you
need lo ask you can't altord it. But since you ask it’s
£11.995.VAT... OCTOBER 1991 actually a General Purpose
Interface Board iGPIB - an industry standard) front National
Instruments and can be used to power a wide range of devices
from scanners and printers to industrial machinery.
Along with the internal card, the package includes the software, a heavy-duty lead and a pair of paniphlet-likc manuals. Installation is pretty simple: open the case and plug the board into the first available slot and. Cr. Pul the case back on.
The manuals arc a bit pathetic really. The "User's Manual" is just two sheets of A4 folded into an A5 booklet. Out of this only half a page or so is of any use and that only tells you how to slot the board into your machine. The other manual is titled "Scanner Controller for Art Department Professionur.
Which isn't exactly true as the software is a stand-alone application which can produce 24-hit scans for use in any program that can take them. However, clicking the right button allows you to run Pro ScanLab II from within 4 Before clicking scan add the desired level of edge enhancement.
This is a form of image sharpening tool and works well but not on all images. When you start to get the hang of scanning you will begin to recognise what type of images will be improved by which amount of correction .
5 Set the scan type to 24-bit and the resolution to the desired level. To work out the right resolution take the line screen you will be printing at and multiply it by two (see AF 25 for more about line screens). The higher the line screen the better quality the picture, assuming that your printer can cope with the higher resolution. As a guide, newspaper pictures have a 70-85 line screen, AF's sister weekly magazine New Computer Express uses a 11 5 line screen, we use a 1 33 line screen while glossy fashion mags use a 1 50 line screen or greater.
3 Put the picture on the glass and do a low- reselution preview scan. This allows you to see a rough of the picture. Crop the image as tightly as possible either by typing in the offset numbers on the control panel, or picking up the handles at the corners of the preview boz and dragging them to the right position. Making the scanning area as small as possible keeps the file size down and makes all operations quicker.
6 Click the Accept button and when the save dialog comos up name the scan and save. When saving the scan out remember to check that you have enough disk space to hold the scan, 24-bit scans can be very large, the picture of the girl on the palm tree above was 4 Mb.
SIX EASY STAGES TO PERFECT SCANS 1 Choose your pictures with care. Even the best colour scanner can't make a good image out of a poor photograph. Good photographs are bright, have good contrast and lots of detail in the highlights and shadows. Try to avoid pictures cut out of magazines and books, because of the way in which pictures are 'screened' for printing, scanned images often have strange moire patterns across them.
2 Keep the glass of your scanner clean. Never ever touch the glass with your fingers, use a soft cloth and a good glass cleaner.
Art Department Professional, as if i( was a pan of die main program.
Scanning ilsclf is prelty simple, but there are a few things you have to decide before clicking the button (see Six Easy Stages to Perfect Scans). Once you've decided how big and at what resolution to scan your image a pre-scan will allow you to crop the image after which you can set the resolution, brightness and bit depth (I-bit. 8-bit, 24-bit, etc) before performing the final scan. In addition. Pro Scan Lab II lets you add one of four levels of edge enhancement (dull. None, medium or strong) and a strange measure called Gamma (a similar measure to contrast, but implemented in the hardware
of the Sharp scanner - it helps to hold difficult highlight and shadow detail).
A couple of niggles here: firstly Gamma can only be on or off, but in reality it has its own scale of measurement with an absolute maximum of around 4.00 (imaging a TV with a brightness controlk that is only on or off and you'll sec what I mean). Also, the package uses two separate, but similar control panels for preview and final scans, which is a bit unnecessary and initially confusing.
Professional Scan Lab II manages to be both impressive and disappointing at the same time. On the plus side, the quality of the images on these pages speak for themselves.
On the negative side it's expensive (almost half as much again as the actual scanner) the good-looking interface isn't actually all that clear, and supplying manuals of this quality with a £600+ package is clearly taking the Michael, However, if you can justify the large cash outlay then Professional Scan Lab II will give you the best 24-bit scans ever to be seen on the Amiga.
24-bit imaging is becoming big business and you can expect to see many new scanner software packages appearing over the next few months. Who knows, even the price of Scan Lab Pro II may come down. If you're looking for something a little more cost effective now. Then you can get the Sharp JX-100 whole scanner and software package for less than the cost of Pro Scan Lab II on its own. It may not give true 24 bit colour, but on price v performance it's in a class of its own. O WEEP_••• Scanning la not too bad. But randarlng screen changes can be slow.
DOCUMENTATION • • The content Is acceptable, but the presentation is poor, very poor.
ACCESSIBILITY • • • The Interface looks good, but some of the operations are a bit contusing af first... FEATURES • •• • ...however, it's well-endowed with features including cropping and selective colour control.
VALUE • • Unfortunately, at over E700 only the rich or impatient are likely to buy now rather than wait 4 WGk__ Met 72% 8 C D II J * o. 15 -e S Q e-g a I
- 11 I s _ 0) O cc O jz Of 111 CC g 111 c H- Si in ** £ * CO °
O to
- 2 5 ° CD o
o e a E 0
o = O
• s a ¦c c - - - o 5 bm 3 o o o c o o CO Q- O CC ise cq co 2 oO
s s I “ 4 ± 5 s it O O
- -c S ¦§ s o « CC LU a. co s wO © - It 5 s ¦8 ir CC r5 CC £2 =
co o H- O -O 8 e s ¦o a s|s s|| §££ § I .2!
C16-64-128 o
o o LU LU a; a: o 55 s 1 1 $ $ sf£ Sjo o.
5. £ _ £8 m 8 8 2 ag*'" *1 3 2 £ 8 I_ w h- JX
* - OJ If u aj 03 3 5 ™ 03 nS
o u:
* -1 £ ir 3 k- o Lf a CD CC § CD cn
o ?
H- .
O _ ¦ z -S CO CM CM 04 CC 2 Z3 = Ol O o i in CC Id - z
o o Is if) UJ UJ -J §1 CC 3 ¦ 11 CC I- o £ B -O
- . V. IS sP A O'- o *¦ m 1 If ill ||l! Fl pliifil S - * 5.1 ||
3 -1111 11 s : f ii i Ss||lS||i Iplllill lllllllll 12 x £ n X c I o I 2taI 3|gi S-T % SI
- sifijiii els'!Ilf ON Qjf&i '+* SD s° CD CD CD CD T rt CM CO
CO 04 04 04 U- o £ in s £ IT) o OJ CO CO CO CO r 1 a a GJ
OJ C-J As an 6lite member of 'MERLIN' you will be employed
specifically to defuse crisis situations around the world
without provoking full scale war.
Control Thunderhawk in what is proclaimed to be “The fastest 3D graphic system to appear on any home computer”.
Available on ATARI ST. COMMODORB AMIGA and P C Suite C. Tradewinds House. 69 71a Ashbourne Road. Derby DE3 3FS Telephone I0332I 297797. Facsimile I0332I 381511 Delphine's latest tj e ujtfpaate ' detectiugfripr ar iijjgjy dead ¦n the watefc? P. 78 It you «inl the low down on nil the latest Amiga games. Then look no further!
Screenplay is Ihe definitive monthly guide lo good gaming. If a game's finished and ready lo hil Ihe shops then you'll find an in-depth review here, w ilh clear, concise commenls. We won't reslew unfinished gumes. So sou can be guaranteed lhal Ihe pictures on Ihe page are whal you'll see w hen you play Ihe game.
Sjo cute it'll make Jje ready with aJaucl The reviews are written by Amiga Formal staffers and seasoned professionals from Future 1‘uhlishing's crop of market-leading titles. This month's reviewers are: Trenton Webb. Muff Evans, Paul l.yons. Janies Leach.
Neil West and Andy Hutchinson.
Gauntlet 3 P.87 ¦ Robin Smith's Int. Cricket P.76 ¦ Blade Warrior
P. 75 ¦ Sarakon P.97 ¦ The Executioner P.88 ¦ The Charts P.107
Coming tttAttractions The technicoloured Trenton Webb is
racing to the winner's Flag to tell you the latest coding news
and what's going to be big this Autumn.
Flag Publisher Gremlin Graphics Release Early 1992 OCTOBER 1991 Gremlin Graphics Release October 1991 Bored with regimented progression through predictable platform levels?
Then how does a romp across a Daliesque. Surrealist world sound to you?
That's what Harlequin, our multicoloured hero, is up to: negotiating his way round huge clock faces, gigantic kiddies' toys and monstrous jugglers.
Throughout the levels different worlds will open up. Offering different routes and their maze-like interconnections will stress exploration and hopefully add a more personal feel and freshness to what has become a somewhat well-worn genre.
It seems recently that games w ith a strategic element have been competing to see who can gel the most icons on screen and produce the heaviest manual. Finally, though, there's a strategy game on the way that you can pick up and play as quickly and easily as a shoot-cm-up! Flag attempts to cut through the red tape by. Almost instantly, throwing you into a two-village medieval battle.
Flag is different, because instead of layering masses of different options upon players, it deliberately offers only a few icon controls and makes the computer do all the leg work. The result, it's hoped, is a game where tactical decisions matter more than any icon-juggling skills.
The designers are keen to point out. Though, that fewer controls do not automatically limit the depth of a game. "Take chess as an example, although the pieces, moves and board are rigidly defined, its strategic ramifications have managed to fascinate man for centuries" Twilight 2000 claims to be a role-playing game (RPG) that packs a vicious combat system. In reality, though, it's more of a che Guevara, will it be a combat system, with an RPG thrown in to gaming revolution?
Fill the gaps between battles. The aim is simply to survive, by ensuring that other folks don't! Empire, who will publish Twilight arc also working on another RPG: the sequel to their successful MegaTraveller. And it’s spookily entitled MegaTraveller 2.
Hopefully it will be unleashing more of the original's potential.
Demonware could be accused of being * Sli- lists'. Why? Well they are trying to out do the long-standing king of space-trading games: Elite - cue thousands of Right On Commanders' turning in their games. The Earth exodus motif rears its head again, and you have to lead refugees to safety across the stars. Starlight Voyage mixes management with scat-of-the-pants simulation. It will have a tough time toppling Elite, mainly because of the nostalgia factor, but beating it could reap rich rewards.
Continued overleaf Che Guevara, who was once every student's revolutionary superstar, is soon to star in his own game. CCS’ Che Guerilla in Bolivia draws heavily on Che's own diary. Whether it really will be a question of The Secret Diary of a Revolutionary Aged 2.1 3 4 or Guerrillas in the Mist, will be answered later this year when the armed struggle begins.
Short stuff The pressure is on for coders Eldritch the Cat. They're working their programming socks off because Under Pressure will be the first of three current projects to come off the production line. The plot follows a Star Wars-stylc walker that's out for a stroll in a nasty forest. Eldritch are best known for Projectyle. So they can cope with high-speed blasting. Let's hope they can transfer the same feel to a horizontal scroller.
Celtic Legends Publisher UBI Soft Release October 1991 Ancient British history seems a strange setting for a French god strategy game. You are chief wizard in charge of a horde of Celtic soldiers.
Magic is used to create warriors or strike down opponents. The aim is to dominate the islands by killing the other teams. It’s going to be in a comic Frcnch-cartoon style, focusing on individual troops, thus giving it a 'chess-like' feel.
Necronom Publisher Linel Release To be announced The Swiss are famous for neutrality, not shoot- em-ups! Linel are trying to buck the trend though, working on a new horizontal blast in the R-Type mould. The demo boasts over 100 different aliens and lots of those all-important bullets. Shoot-em-ups rely on well-judged toughness, possibly more than any other game, a factor that can only be assessed by playing.
So far. Though. Necronom looks good.
Do you feci depressed aboul Ihe whole world sliding inlo war and destruclion and being too powerless to do anything about it?
Well don’t be. Because Universal Military Simulator II will soon have a Vianet Editor.
Which will enable you to design any land mass, assign weapons and establish fragile treaties between warring folk without using the UN. It will also be possible to act out any war you care to simulate, as well as toy with the Pacific Campaign of World War II and SE Asia 1946-64! Get ahead of the wars BEFORE they happen.
With Mm UMS II Planet Editor around. I* thoro any chanco of peace In our time?
OCTOBER 1991 Sports sims are like buses: they always come in threes! No sooner do Hawk and Kixx release their athletics simulations than Empire announce a new all-jumping, all-running, all-swimming spectacular.
International Sports Challenge lets you compete in everything from dressage to pistol shooting in a bid to win an overall athletics title. ISC offers large sprites and vectors to draw folks through the turnstiles as well as its six different disciplines - which encompass 21 different events. Let's just hope Ihe marathon isn't a waggling test!
Previews update Chinto's Revenge Millennium: Still brooding.
ThunderfaMrs - Domark: Hasn’t bitten yet.
Mad TV - Rainbow Arts: In rehearsal.
Dragon Fighter - Idea: Winging its way from Italy right now!
Alcatraz - Infogrames: Still no sign of parole.
Final Blow Storm: Remains in training camp.
Mindpossessing Aliens from Hyperspace Publisher Demonware Release Late 1991 Demonware. The arcade specialists, are working hard at their first attempt at a graphic adventure! They have chosen to spoof a 1960s’ sci-fi thriller aboul a bunch of space weirdos who kidnap an evil scientist. Using strange palettes. Mindpossessing has a distinctive artistic style and a surreal feel to it.
• •••••••••••••••• Mega Twins Publisher US Cold Release November
1991 Arcade games always benefit from two-player action because
there’s always a race to scoop the best power-ups. The Twins
know this and bring their talents to bear in a six-level,
monster-bashing contest. Tw ilight are the programming team
handling this conversion of a Capcom coin-op. Which features
the original arcade sprites, copied direct onto the Amiga
Suspicious Cargo Publisher Gremlin Graphics Release October
1991 Text adventures haven't fared too well recently:
Wonderland was disappointing and Demoniac offered little new.
Gremlin, though, have faith in the format by introducing a game
with the flexibility of a text adventure but with good graphics
to flesh out the display. Like Wonderland, windows and icons
arc used, but here they are combined into a single screen for
ease of use.
• •••••••••••••••• Mercenary III Publisher Novagen Release Autumn
1991 After a two year delay for Damocles (effectively
Mercenary II) fans of Ihe system could be forgiven for
scepticism over how ’imminent’ the launch of the next
installment is likely to be. Novagen are confident everything
should go to plan, now that the actual Mercenary engine is up
and running.
"WE APOLOGIZE" “7 f our past ads, we compared Page Stream 2.1 to Professional Page 2.0 in six key areas. We said that Pro- Page could not draw Bezier curves. Well, that was wrong.
Sorry Gold Disk.
We have prepared a more extensive comparison of PageStream and Professional Page. I think users should judge for themselves which Amiga desktop publisher is now the 4king of the hill.' Our first ads were rather lenient ” Deron Kazmaier Soft-Logik President ART IMPORT ProPoge PogeStreom IFF (24 bit) Y Y TIFF N Y GIF !¦¦¦ N ¦¦¦¦ EPS Y Y EPS - view TIFF preview N Y ProDraw _______ Y Y -Editable’ Aegis Draw Y Y - Editable’ GEM N Y - Editable’ imgBHHHH N ¦¦H MacPaint N Y TEXT IMPORT WordPerieci Y Y Excellence!
N Y Scribble Y N ProWrite N Y ASCII lexi Y Y COLOUR CMYK Y Y RGB Y Y WKKtM N Y HSV ______ N Y Pantone Colours Y N UCFVGCR Variable Fixed 1 FONTS ProPoge PogeStreom 1 PostScript Type 1 N Y PostScript Type 3 N Y Compugraphic Y Y Outvies on Screen Y Y
* 0c me Fonts Included 2 18 Typographic Precision 1 point
0. 01 points Mai For S-ze (any type) 720 points 183.000 points
INTERFACE Framed Text Y Y 'No Frames' Text N Y
* of Open Documents 1 Unlimited Lmked Text Processor Y N Font
Caching Manual Automatic View Magnifications 7 fixed User
Scalable Zoom View N 15-1500% Templates Y Y Master Pages N Y
Measurement Systems 3 ¦¦ Maxxnum Page Size 22x22 in.
1200x1200 ft.
Standard XCV Edung N HHHHI naragrapr agging Y Y And the Winner Is.
Price S395.00 S299.95 “It’s a wonderful but also somewhat sobering thought that the brilliance of your final page is limited by your own creativity and imagination, and not the capabilities of the software you are using. At the end of the introduction in the main manual, Soft-Logik have included a rather poignant message -'We give you the tools to dream ’. I think, with PageStream V2.I, they might be right. ” Jonathan Living Amiga User International "The new Amiga desktop publishing king of the hill." AmigaWorld, February 1991 "the new heavyweight champion among Amiga desktop
publishing programs." Amiga User International, April 1991 Soft-Logik Publishing Limited ZL We give you the tools to dream.
PjgcSircam is a registered trademark and “Wc give you the tools to dream" i% a trademark of Sol't-l-ugik Publishing Corporation. PostScript is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems Inc. Compugraphic is a registered trademark of AcifA Compugraphic. Panlonc is a registered trademark of Pantone Ins Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore Business Machines PageStream 2.1 is a free upgrade from PageStream 2.0. Features compared in this and other Soll-la gik advertisements have been confirmed by customer service reprs*senlalises from listed firms hexes per turn. Play follows a strict
sequence, which places limitations on your actions.
Namely if a squad moves, they can’t initiate combat on that round. Tactics therefore, depend as much on an understanding of the sequence of events, as an understanding of each group's capabilities.
What sets Battle Isles apart from the computer war-game mainstream is its joystick control method and some smart tricks with the fortunes of its lighting units. The stick control system ensures simplicity: no reading masses of rules here. Just waggle the highlight to the hex you want and press fire. Leaning left or right with the button pressed, gives you information or command potential. The simplicity of this control system allows brain power to be devoted to tactics.
The units are where the game's real strength should lay. Based on futuristic - although not unrealistic - weapons and vehicles, the lights arc enacted at the end of each player's turn. When you move the other guy attacks, when he moves you attack - much like the 'defensive lire' common in Avalon Hill board-gamcs. But. As a unit lights, they gain battle experience and become veterans. When their numbers reach a critical minimum these vets can then be relumed to base and re-armed. If they make it back and successfully regroup, they retain their skill.
Fresh armour and experience obviously bolster any general's chances so the re arming option adds an extra depth to the battles, because you are forced to draw troops away from the front line, while the battle still rages. A classic short-term loss for long-term game dilemma.
War ain't pretty!
Battle Isles also, surprisingly, brings arcade- style graphics to war-gaming. Sure, there aren't X6 layers of parallax, but normally war- games treat troop counters as little more than icons. These sprites all look the part, scrambling around the map. This may put some of the more traditional strategy folk off. Simply because it's too pretty to be a war-game. But that isn't the case, the tactics are there, but this time they're couched in graphics that befit a 16-bit machine!
The core code of Battle Isles is now ready and the final weeks are being spent on tweaking the computer's strategy, so it gives you a hard but fair fight on all levels of difficulty.
Once this is done, lights should be going out all over Europe!
OCTOBER 1991 Contact 02S2 860299 Battle Isles Publisher UBI Soft Release September 1991 The tanks, troopers and war planes of Battle Isles are mobilising.
Can a tactical war-game make the break into the mainstream?
War games have suffered on computer. There arc masses of titles hut most of them stress historical accuracy above playablily. The potential is vast, with a fast processor wading through the thousands of rule h x ks that normally clutter the table top and numb the brain. But. A good- looking. Fast and entertaining table-top style war-game has yet to happen. Battle Isles aims to make this breakthrough.
On a basic level - when they deal with small squads rather than whole brigades - they have a sharp tactical edge, filling the game with tense turns: will they attack, have they spotted that sneaky withdrawal, will your bluff be called? And because it employs small squads, instead of faceless armies, folks can become heroes.
Until now the best war-games have been the likes of Waterloo and Austerlitz. These grand historical recreations are good but impersonal. Battle Isles, though, takes a new approach and finally introduces a low-level style to the computer arena. It borrows the set up from board-gaming tradition but adds some proper computer flourishes.
No hex please we're... Battle Isles is played on a map that is constructed of hexagons, the usual unit of area for war-games, and uses small squads of tanks, planes and troops to do its fighting. Each vehicle or squad has its own allotment of movement points and can travel that many Use your planning skills and put them into quick action, as you fight j through 16 levels of challenging gameplay crammed with masses of enemies, special and hidden bonuses.
Pick up extra powers like lasers, power-ups and time stops and face the ever changing massive "Boss Alien".
until he had avenged his master's death with the aid of the wizard.
I'M* .
71 v:s 14*4 Fa* 071 5*5 5494 Ti 11 * 9512151917 MS G At teen on TV. This it how the bloodthirsty world at large tees your exploits, on-the-box.
The more entertaining you are, the more viewers, the more doth you earn!
- t* Tvirc« bottlenosc i i go about their dolphlny business.
Their different positions all IIIkH different shades and
patterns thanks to the lightsourced shading.
Within the « huge gates allow pilots to transport themselves around the 'zone' quickly.
The large doughnutshaped object is one such gate.
Imagine gigantic whales floating silently overhead, shoals of fish rushing past and bottlenosc dolphins playing in zero G!
These wonders will be on display in this space-trading cum bounty-hunting spectacular that is set around the planet Jupiter.
Publisher Empire Release Late 1991 This game isn't intended to be specifically 'green', in fact it uses these fantastic creatures simply to embellish its 3D polygon world.
Gamewisc there's a camera from your ship constantly beaming back pictures to a blood- hungry public. To entertain them you can either seek out the bounty hunters who hang out in the storm, go hunting wildlife, or even have a go at saving it!
Natural hazards Two whales and a plant got to know each other. The animal* aren't the only living things around, the vegetation Is active too. In the finished game these seaweed-style plants will animate too.
The ecosystem represented in Eye of the Storm is a fascinatingly detailed study. Il provides Ihe stage on which this space opera is to he played out and influences styles of play, even occasionally directly affecting player pilots.
The game could be based against a background of stars and moons, but ihe ecosystem underlines the game's attempt to simulate an entire environment.
All the creatures in this simulated food chain live, breath and eat (generally each other). Being animals they have instincts which they instantly follow when they perceive a threat or even dinner! Fish schools split and dive for cover, whales swim away, while sharks don't take kindly to anything!
Getting such an epic project up and running is no easy task. First the designer sketched out the game's overall shape, with regard to the geography, zoology and gameplay mechanics and then found programmer to put it all together Then, it was redesigned as the programmer introduced constraints or found areas that could be expanded.
Pro-creative The next step was recreating creatures that looked natural in a 3D environment: where they moved correctly and were the correct size. Firstly, the creatures that would occupy the world were roughed out as polygons on paper. Simple shapes, some of the smaller ¦fish', were just slightly altered standard shapes - triangles, squares etc - hut the most complex animals needed I OS different intersecting points.
Secondly, the polygon models were established on paper and then they were transferred onto computer. But after being built, the models had to be encouraged lo move. The simpler the creature the easier the animation, three frames were enough for a flicked tail on a flat fish, but the whales and bigger fish take up lo 26 different movements to swim smoothly. Animation frames were chosen in favour of continually-generated images, for the sake of processor time.
The Storm An intergalactic bounty hunt in an active ecosystem? Polygons go native as life gets hectic on Jupiter!
Whale meat again?
Animated polygons are fine, but to add that extra edge of realism a range of display options are offered: either plain Filled, light- sourced shaded or Gourad shaded polygons.
The regular filled polygons las seen in most flight sinis) will be the fastest processor wise, but they look ordinary in comparison to the others. The 'lightsourced look' adds realism by illustrating the skin tones of each animal or OCTOBER 1991 ship, but it is slightly slower. The best looking and slowest option is Gourad shading. This not only accounts for where the light is coming from, but reflects shades for the overall shape not the individual planes it is composed of. In effect this smooths the shape out. Erasing the angular joins and providing an overall shade, which then varies with
the lightsource.
When the detail of the shapes, the animation and shading are combined the results are stunning. Fager pilots who want to take their ships through this zoological wonderland need only to wait a little longer. If the game can match the power of its graphics, then it should he a storming, eye opener of an adventure!
FORMULA ONE Haveyouever wondered what it would be like to be one of those 26 drivers, rewing on the grid, waiting for the Green light to start you off on a mayhem of crashing gears, smoke, roanng engines and burning rubber as the Grand Prix season races off into another year? Well, now you can strap on your seat belt! MicroProse and Geoff Crammond. The author of 'Revs' and 'Stunt Car Racer1, have teamed up to engineer the only complete Formula One Grand Prix simulation.
What will MicroProse Grand Prix is crammed full of features: 16 undulating 3D circuits from the street tracks of Phoenix and Adelaide to the glamorous Monaco harbourside and the choice of 26 independently controlled cars out of the current teams: from Jordan and Brabham to Williams and Ferrari.
Study the circuit in practice, adjust your car to achieve peak performance, then roar away for your fastest qualifying lap time to put you ahead of your rivals on the starting grid. Overtake the other cars by slipstreaming or outbraking them into corners, then watch them in your wing mirrors as they try to catch you. Be careful, you might have to avoid a shunt that's just happened around the next bend. It's tough, it's challenging, it's exciting, it's the most realistic Grand Prix simulation ever.
Authentic cockpit controls with radio and adjustable wing mirrors.
Realistic tyre and brake wear; judge when to make that vital pit stop.
View the racing action from television cameras located all over every track and replay your greatest triumphs and worst disasters.
Unpredictable weather patterns: the race may start dry but a sudden cloud burst may force you to change your tyres and style of driving.
Four levels of difficulty, from novice to potential Champion, make this a challenge to all drivers.
• From the back of the starling grid to World Champion.
MicroProse Formula One Grand Prix. It's all there bar the shouting!
Formula One Grand Prix will be thundering into all good software stores soon for your Commodore Amiga, Atari ST and IBM PC & Compatibles.
Computer owners who like golf have been fortunate to have a wide range of games to choose from. Now. With MicroProse Golf, they've also got the definitive simulation. If you've been playing around, stop: and start playing a proper round.
MicroProse Golf accurately recreates the fairways and greens of each hole using stunning 3-dimensional technology which allows you to travel anywhere around the course. You can even follow the ball as it flies through the air and watch from numerous selectable TV viewing positions.
Accurately modelled club and ball dynamics take account of club selection, ball and foot position and swing, with varying course conditions adding to the huge range of effects that you can witness at first hand. MicroProse Golf is so true to life that it will actually improve your own golf game!
• Realistic 3-D landscape allows you free movement around the
whole course.
• Animated "Televisual" presentation and camera positions,
including a unique follow-the-ball option.
• Six challenging courses, each in a different style, including
'links’, 'woodland' and 'water' courses.
• Options to change stance, swing, tee and ball positions and see
their effects on your shots before, during and after each
• Varying ground and atmospheric conditions.
Player profiles which change over time, including a full handicap system
• A dozen game types including strokeplay, matchplay, best ball,
skms and a full tournament option for 1 to 4 human players.
• Customizable computer opponents and replay facilities.
• Statistical and graphical hole- by-hole analysis of your
• Easy to learn tutorial and 150 page manual packed with hints
and tips to help your own game.
MicroProse Golf will be leeing- off soon at all good software stores for your Commodore Amiga.
Atari ST and IBM PC & Compatibles.
AiiCRQ PROSE Simulation . Software not properly dressed without it.
The Bitmap Kid is here. He fought his way on to TV's Motormouth and even muscled Dpainl IV aside to star on an Amiga Formal Coverdisk (Last issue - Ed).
Now he wants to come and stay at your house.
How long for is up to you. But there are a lew things you need to know about this little scamp before you let him through the door.
The - oh he's so cute, what a little angel, look at his chubby checks - Bitmap Kid has lost four toys in his magic pockets. Naturally, he drops himself into these magic strides in a bid to gel these toys back. Inside, he finds four whole worlds of trouble. Worlds guarded by fearsome bcaslics. But offering ferocious rewards if he survives. Thai's where you come in. Playing his conscience and guiding him through 30 stages of leaping and trapping, dodging and running.
Pocke In the pocket The inside story of Pockets is a strange one.
Rather than the bits of string and fluff that arc commonly found in young 'uns pockets, these ones arc filled with caves, monsters, mountains. Lakes, bats, jungles and masses of sweets. Bitmap’s mission is to charge into this world, recover his toys and collect enough sweets to make the trip worthwhile.
On world four, and the lad gets to throw snowballs. He can't spin using these but they can be rolled ahead to give a little protection from incoming bad guys!
OCTOBER 1991 Monster Mash!
SNAILS - Shy little thangs. They are easily killed (one or two shots) but are invulnerable when hidden in their shells.
J0 SNAILS - Shi (on* or two Hidden In thi
* i SLIMERS - R . _ , they .tart of » - e .pitting hon 'u BATS -
Tons Hit. So don’t SLIMERS - Really disgusting blobs of green
stuff, they start off as easy meat but soon turn into spitting
Tough as old boots, these boys drop when lon't stand underneath one!
How can a young kid survive such a hostile environment? Well, shoving his hand deep inlo his pockets, the Bitmap Boy can conjure up shots to hurl at incoming baddies. They come in four different strengths which arc increased by holding the firc-bulton down.
With a flick of the stick these can be thrown looping up. Straight down or ahead.
The style of the attack from the Bit Kid's pockets varies from world to world. On world one (caves) he gets a whirlwind, which can throw him into a deadly spinning attack - but he must keep spinning. Level two uses clouds, which help create platforms by bursting over plants and making ihem grow. Level three works with ice cubes that make the lake world freeze over and provide safe platforms. World four features snowballs which can be rolled ahead of the lad to protect him from incoming monsters in the mountains. Each one stresses different skills and so significantly alters the game's focus.
But there's more. The largest shot also gives the kid trapping power. Hurling a full- power shot out gives him a chance to capture a bad guy. If it lands on them. Once caught. BK only has to walk into the whirlwind cloud cubc snowball to generate a bonus, which is either a sweet or a power-up. And every time he hits full boost, both his life indicators and power bar change to show what bonus is on offer next.
Magic Have the Bitmap Brothers got the Midas touch? Does everything they touch turn to Format Gold?
FROCS - Tough, ugly and with a deadly long tongue. Stand too close and they'll lick your lives ROCK MEN - These gruesome little tykes throw rocks, so klH them from afar or on the run!
. If you hit them, they home in for a final sting.
VENUS FLY TRAPS - The toughest veg in towi They may not get in the Green Giant Country i but they don't seem to care.
SNAKES - Familiar trlmd. To Cod. PUyor*. T1 . , aro In. Na.ty but twk. A. unart.
MONKE VS - Whon thoy boat thoir chosts. Run! They leap after you, regardless of the hits it costs them and they will get you!
Pick 'n' Mix Evory wnO has value, but knowing what that nut bonus will yield is a vital part of a successful Pockets campaign.
Omoa rf S 5 , in world three the | |,c htnuis system is lied dircclly in the score.
Hitmap Kid throws out ic« cubes. These Each time you kill a monster without trapping.
Can freeze up the bonus cycle moves on a slep. So if you the lake and make a keep a careful eye on Ihe indicators, the kill path.across count and the score, you can create every thing watery world. ' ' f from extra lives to super porky shots on demand. With a fresh power-up every 5.(XX) points, the world is your bonus oyster.
Battlezone Waddling through a level, the Bitmap Kid gets a fair look ahead. You have to keep your eyes peeled to spot destructible blocks and monsters. When the heat s turned up and the foes start to flow , you need a cool head and sharp stick control. Will a nasty die from one shot or is it going to take more? Is the bonus counter The Bitmap Kid's a chubby, bouncy kind of guy. Bedecked in T-shirt, shades and baseball cap, he's a child of the Nineties.
OCTOBER 1991 showing something worth trapping for? Is discretion the better part of valour? Hast blasting abounds and things get a little tense while you're waiting for a full power shot and the beastics are crawling ever closer Combat is the driving force behind the whole show. There are manipulative puzzles involving the landscape: blocks that can be blasted away, platform plants that can be grown and lakes frozen over, but these are functional. You have to complete these tasks or you won't reach the exit. It is the battles that provide the challenge, although finding Continued overleaf
600 ?*T0q ?§» *D A _f and using the correct technique to kill with that nastily-grouped, group of nasties without loss of life isn’t always easy.
Bonus builder?
The very bonuses that arc supposed to help BK along, though, often hinder play. Sure it's conceivable that some bonuses can be red herrings, but with the Bitmap Boy's lack of leaping mobility it's often impossible to dodge them. This is particularly annoying if you’re in combat and tred upon a sweet. Your next shot will be sweets, which cams you points, but doesn't help destroy the monster currently on your case.
The bonuses also provide the key to warping levels, but their inclusion means that there's no save game or passwords facility.
Gods was a task and a half with three saved game points over 12 levels. Pockets is 30 levels long and to jump through you'll need to play early levels again, and play really well.
The Bitmap gloss?
The backdrops and sprites are immediately familiar to anyone who's played a Brothers game before. They have a texturcd feel that Mark Coleman always seems to manage to wring from 16 colours, with some neat new tweaks. The monsters are of the large, distinctly beefy, variety. They arc well animated and are oozing with personality: yes they've that kind of personality!
The Bitmap Kid's a chubby, bouncy kind of guy. Bedecked in T-shirt, shades and baseball cap. He's a true child of the Nineties.
He doesn't so much walk as waddle and takes strange looping leaps to avoid bad guys and reach higher platforms. He blows gum into bubbles and uses his toys with slick animation.
The big graphic stumbling block, and stumbling is the ideal description, is the scroll.
It works, no quibbles there, it lags behind just the way it should when the boy goes into super jump. However, as the kid waddles forward so docs the screen. It's not massively irritating but it is noticeable and impairs the game's otherwise excellent graphic gloss.
Soundwise. Pockets digs deep. With a cracking Betty Boo tune (OK. So it's as good as any Boo tune can be) at the intro and renditions of it throughout: the music is memorable and for all the right reasons. The sampled bonus "wows" have a childlike authenticity as do the "oofs" when BK collides with a Bitmap Boy can't swim! So when he's in the lakelands keep him out of the water. Otherwise his mum will whinge and ask a load of awkward questions about where he's been, what he's been up to and why he always keeps one hand in his pocket!
Teleport helmets are immensely good value point's wise.
Pop one on, pull down on the stick and you're transported to a room like this, full of goodies. Be warned you’ve very little time to grab them I creature. The other spot effects of monster mashing and general mayhem are crisp too.
Well integrated with the game, providing clues about the off-screen action.
Parental guidance Magic Pockets has a lot to live up to.
Following on in the shoes of Gods and Speedball 2, it makes a hefty attempt at the grade with a solid, semi-secret bonus system, gamcplay twists with changing weapons, all backed up with strong graphics and excellent sound. Putting its scrolling foibles aside though, what it does, it does very well.
What Magic Pockets docs lack, though, is any real sense of pace. The length of each world (five. Six. Seven and eight levels per world respectively), means that the backgrounds and monsters get repetitive even when design doesn't. There's little excitement and nothing to drag you back in the game when the continues run out. It's not terminally boring, far from it. But it lacks that real hook.
A slick package. Magic Pockets works hard but doesn't have that cutting edge. The bonus system is excellent once you've mastered it. And there are some neat traps and humorous sprites. The elements are all there but some how the chemistry fails, the gamcplay reaction just doesn't happen. Magic Pockets is good, but only good.
Trenton Webb G
• A huge platform game: 26 levels and four bonus rounds!
• t sual excellent Bitmap's graphics but hampered by a judders
• It somewhat lacks the pace and sisual variety to hook you.
• Ins enlist- and flexible bonus system for points and power-ups.
Pockets e ¦ £25.99 r wr. V ftr.vvr. vvr. V V W.
Towur Critical! Pogo Is on his way down this tlmo repairing the damaged towers. It's a simple job.
All he has to do is stroll across 80 per cent of the platforms and the whole structure will be rendered safe. If you can call a place littered with traps.
- mw..... ----- LIVES - » ¦ IBS-13311 w M m 00
suspicious-looking ooze safe!
Much like its predecessor Ihis is a platform game where you, once again, take control of Pogo (the hero) hopping from platform to platform, in a mission to save the galaxy from The Evil Uncle (and you can assume he's not the hero) who has taken control of the mighty Towers of Life. These colossal constructions arc built on various planets and they extract oxygen front the ocean and pump it into the atmosphere, so that life itself can flourish. Unfortunately, the evil Uncle is blackmailing the inhabitants into paying him extortionate amounts of money to perform this process.
Mission control With 16 levels to plough through. Pogo must recapture and reconstruct all eight of the towers. Options are available to play only the towers which need capturing or those which simply need repairing. In a normal game you take turns to do both. Just to put the pressure ?vtj * d, LttXTy VTJjT, VT lT. TXTcPjTy VxiXiTl VtfTjT.VTiXiT. VT iX. T tOfiTJJLTJ L, VtiT.T; VtcTrTZ y MVTT.TATlT.TV VtcTiT t Nebulus 2 Pogo-a-go-go The first Nebulus was a success thanks to a new graphics system revamping an old game style. Have 21st Century done it again?
On. Though, each level has a lime limit tutd running out of time causes you to die! Losing a life just as you are about to complete a level has to be the most painful experience in gaming history, it would be acceptable if the levels were a reasonable size and you knew how far there was to the end of each tower, but in Nebulus 2 they're too big and you are never sure how far up the tower you really are.
OCTOBER 1991 Pogo. After being transported to the lowest level of the first tower, must use the various lifts and platforms to rise to the top. As he does so the screen scrolls vertically, bringing more of the tower into view. Walking left or right, rotates the building, thus bringing the other side into view. Scrolling is smooth and the tower spins around solidly. As in ihc predecessor. Tunnels run through the centre of each construction which, when entered, can Havu a heart. If Pogo Isn't careful the hearts will get him and the poor world will suffocate as the towers stop pumping out air.
Onwards and upwards my dear frog, for the sake of us at 11 Mow what does that switch control? There's only one way to find out, but that Involves a daring raid, across the silver splkey things, over the platformy things and past the terrifying green ooae.
¥,~ .¦ , y vxjjTy vTct.ry jTy .TtliTV VT tljfy r tX« UlsTJiJ VTJjTJ VTXTV VTJ ry VTLTiT.AtXiTy VTVTtf-VTiIjT-VT iliTATjiTAT iTjT f’TjJ T :i vtiXjT transport Pogo around the lower, the difference in ihe sequel is lhal some of the lunnels arc locked and so Pogo requires a key to unlock the door. (Wow!)
If you reach the later levels Pogo's task is to repair the damaged towers. He achieves this by walking on at least 80 per cent of the platforms as he travels back dow n towards the sea.
What's confusing, though, is that gravity has now been reversed, so when he's hit he falls upwards! To a higher platform, or even worse falls from the planet.
Collect and conquer It's a good job for Pogo that sprinkled around the towers are some helpful parcels. Collecting one of these allows him to select an assortment of strap-on ulensils. Keys, magnets and rockets can be selected from the menu and stored away for later use. The bools arc the most useful, granting him the ability to execute a single high jump: used with care this can often free him from countless traps. Pulling down on Ihe joystick, while on a platform, activates an inventory menu, allowing Pogo to use equipment already collected. Once an item is chosen, it is only a matter of
pushing up on the joystick to use it. Some of the features are almost useless, the all-seeing eye (which allows Pogo to see the rest of the level) is simply a waste of time.
Inbetween levels you get the chance to play one of the three bonus games on land, sea or air. The most playable of the three is the land level where Pogo rides an alien donkey.
Transporters which help Pogo along his way.
Glue and slippery plulforms. Though, affect your control of the hero, often causing repeated death on the trickier stages of the level. A tower is only captured when Pogo enters the highest doorway. Once this is done.
Pogo simply presses the self-destruct button and Hies off to safety.
Huge, slow and hard... In a fit of pique Pogo trashes a tower, as If to show his disdain for its inhabitants and thoir futile traps. This bullish attituda soon evaporates when he gets to the next tower! Wonder why that is?
The most annoying part in Nehulus 2 is the loading system. It is much too slow and because of the length and difficulty of each level, you will be constantly wailing for the disk drive to stop, it will also try your patience "Nebulus contains some neat little touches: the characters are cute and well defined and the scrolling is smooth."
Indestructible and have to be avoided at all costs by cither walking under or jumping over them. When Rogov hit by a monster lie falls down the tower until he can grab hold of another platform. If this happens near the bottom of the lower then Pogo lakes an unfortunate dip in the sea. Causing a loss of one of his four lives. This happens all to often and forces him. Painfully lo start the level all over again Towers also contain some special platforms. Which come in the form of lifts and
T. lt W VT.T-T m
r. T
- ¦ ‘ TO
* 'T,T,T.VT,T,T ' ®
T. T
• sT.TT fj};* T VT.T.T V~ VT.T.T T.T.T'T 1) I HI | PTBTH .
OCTOBER 1991 Referee! In a bid to hurry you along, a flying lizard comes after you.
Still If you can avoid him and get to those pressies... Alas poor Yorick, I know him Horatio.
Tharo's no timr lor |okas with a bouncing skull floating ovorhoad and a purple tendril dangling in a life threatening way.
Collecting time-awarding parcels whilst dodging rocks, bombs and killer beetles. Any bonus time that is gained here is added on to the next level and so improving the chances of your success.
Spin those spheres The demons that plague you take various forms. On the first lower they are bouncing skulls, beating hearts and rotating spheres.
Fortunately, many of these can be taken out by simply pressing fire and letting rip with a lethal plasma-bolt. Although this destroys some of them, the majority of monsters arc VT -A T T;T,T:AT7 a tTiXTATJ.T VtiTiT? . VtrTiTr VT .T,Tr VTXTy 'VTvT.TV VTTiTAT.T.Ty t V1*T,TJ VtiXTy U*J • VtiXT VTJATX.VTJCJ?
VT*V,TCT,X,r r-38' Thanks for the lift, but no thanks. The skulls should be easy meat though, a few quick shots to the head (what else could it be) should see them off.
Severely. It does, though, contain some neat little touches: the characters are very cute and well defined and the vertical scrolling is nice and smooth. The sound effects, while Pogo bounces along, arc good. The music on the other hand will soon have you reaching for the volume control to turn it dow n. Sadly it could easily have been an excellent game, if the loading system had been faster and the game- play less frustrating. As it stands. Nehulus 2 Pogo-a-xo-go is a fairly average little game, which will appeal only lo the real die-hard platform freaks.
Graham Clarke 'If DYNAMITE PLUNGERS. And just for you, here is the friendly chap. Pressing fire while over a plunger activates the fireworks.
PARCELS. Each tower contains several parcels which Pogo can turn into one of six power-ups.
SWITCHES. Flick the switch and something wonderful will happen, such as a parcel appearing!
POGO. The main man in this little platform-based adventure. You'll find Pogo has the capacity to walk, operate weapons and do anything except swim.
EASY TO PLAY - HARD TO MASTER Published by AHCO AMIGA Sereensnot'j imes 8 Millside Industrie! Estate, Lowson Rood, Dartford, Kent, DAI 5BH Tel: 0322 292513 8 Fax: 0322 293422 Borrowing a wizard's dragon for a quick nip home is one of tho easiest ways to get about.
Collide with one of the other birds, however, and you crash to the ground.
Try not to land on anything sharp!
Journey back in lime lo ihe days of Ihe black-and-white movie - dial's ihe graphics - then journey back further lo ihe days of warriors, wizards and wilchcraft - that's the game scenario. A fantasy hack-n- slay adventure in a twilight, silhouette world of a once peaceful land under siege. The evil Murk rules the land, humanity's only hope lies with the sword-swinging, spell-binding knight named Blade Warrior.
Seven shattered pieces of an ancient tablet lie scattered across the land. Piece them all together, and maybe - just maybe - the evil curse can be lifted. It is known that a sorcerer will trade the completed tablet for a spell that will enchant your sword. With this power, the evil Murk can be defeated. But first you must find the fragments. The playing area is dis- Warrior there! Try and save your position fairly regularly and leam which paths arc safe and which require a heavy payload of spells to ensure a mortal exit.
Black-and-white and red all over The graphics are simple, but murderously effective. Evidently the designers behind Blade Warrior cut their teeth in the world of film animation. It shows - just wait until Ihe skies turn red as you cross paths with the evil Murk himself. The silhouette display is an ingenious solution to the dctail-vcrsus-aclion compromise that dogs so many games. A haunting graphical atmosphere is complemented by chilling effects. The sword-fodder sprites look fantastic and our hero cuts his swathe with a real sense of action, although too much action on-screen slows the
marching pace to a crawl.
The hack-n-slash gameplay tires quickly, but the sense of adventure and the rewarding implementation of spells keeps you going.
Blade Warrior comes highly recommended lo Ihe adventure novice - hardened hackers will find themselves wanting just a little more.
Neil West 75 OCTOBER 1991 of IS. ‘ingredients' (rats and frogs - barf city) lying around and you can start to mix yourself some spells. Keep a good few in reserve, you never know when they'll come In handy.
Hinged of people, and some of these guys will let a valuable tablet fragment go for all sorts of unlikely barter. The wizards also run a keen line in public transport. Borrowing a flying dragon for a shoot-em-up dash back to your own tower is perfectly par for the course, and also provides an aggro-free (ish) trip home.
Some paths arc decidedly more dangerous to go along than others and so any chance to avoid them should be grabbed at all costs- there are some seriously dodgy characters out played on a map. A series of paths interspersed with the towers of the wizards. Large gates mark the entrance to new paths, allowing our two dimensional hero to interact within a spooky 3D landscape.
Delia Smith's Cookery Curse Along the way. You find artifacts that can be used as the ingredients of magical spells. Take these back to your tower, and it's time to double. Double, toil and trouble. Blade Warrior comes complete with a foundation course in magic. He doesn't know many spells, but trade some of your ingredients with some of the other wizards and you'll find it's amazing what you can learn.
Back out in the field, spells "you prepared earlier' can be quaffed to imbibe our hero with qualities that the marketing men at Lucozade would kill for. Restore your health, strike down your enemy - 10 different acts of Paul Danicls-stylc trickery arc just a function key away-just like that.
Trading with the other wizards is the key to success. There are a total of 14 artifacts found lying around. By all means use some of them for your own spells, but keep the remainder safe. Wizards are never the most securely Blade The makers ol the game refer to this as the ‘Balcony’ view. It shows quite clearly what's going on. But as is evident. The players are a bit too small to be seen in any sort of detail.
Robin Smith's International There haven't been too many cricket games for the Amiga and it's not hard to see why. Actually. It's a quiet, contemplative game best suited to the village green, and thus doesn't lend itself to constant, high-speed, joystick-blasting action. But Challenge Software, true to their name, have grasped the gauntlet firmly and plunged ahead with a game endorsed by one of the most consistent England players. Mr Robin Smith.
First you must select which country and squad members you wish to play. As with many team games, the players' names included are out-of-date almost as soon as they've been added, but at the time of writing, the seven international teams included scent to be pretty accurate (except for the deplorable absence of Vis Richards from the West Indian Cricket side). Each player has a rating which rises and falls during the game. This indicates how lie's currently performing. You'll need to watch this when changing your bowlers during the match because they get tired or damage the various tiny muscles
in their toes or groins or somewhere. For the batsmen, it doesn't seem to matter though.
Bowled over?
You can decide whether to play a one-day game or go for a full test. If you go for the full test match, you're going to have to miss a couple of days work because it doesn't exactly go quickly. You'll also need to select the duration of the match in overs, and then the scene switches to a view of an anonymous cricket pitch, w ith data on the weather, the baiting and the bowling displayed below it.
Graphics, unable to contribute anything except the odd swear-word when one of your vital batsman bow led or caught out.
Cricket lovers will be disappointed. Even for them, there isn't enough to do. You can't change batting orders, train your players or otherwise make the leant better than it starts off. People who don't start off as great fans of the real game won t get hooked (as has happened with games like Kick Off). In fact, they'll be bored senseless. It's a pity. Bu( Robin Smith doesn't come off. Which means (he world is still waiting for playable cricket on (he Amiga.
James Leach CD OCTOBER 1991 Robin Smith's Cricket Challenge ¦ £25.99 His reflexes flash and he smacks the ball past the fielders towards the outfield. It's a four! Once again, the West Indians make a mockery of the best bowlers England have.
Select your team from 16 eligible members. Each has a rating from one to three, indicating his fitness and ability.
Co for all the threes first, then choose the twos. Oh. And make sure Robin is included.
Here's ihe problem. The game lakes over and you watch from the commentary box as ball after ball is played, run after run is accumulated and wicket after wicket falls. You simply play very little part in the proceedings. If you're bowling you can swap the bowlers after each over, but that’s about it. If you're batting, you can change your style between defensive and attacking at the end of every over, but again, that's about all you get to dol Short square legs The pixelly. Blocky bowler trots up. An over- large ball is hurled towards the batsman, who always seems to play the same shot, then
the ball zips off in a random direction. Any nearby fielder chugs across to retrieve it whilst the batsmen rush up and down, piling on the runs.
Meanwhile, you watch the unimpressive
• The whole ground Is shown, so the players are tiny white specks
that scoot about. The ball flies around parallel lo the ground
and you really can't see what's going on.
• There's no sound whatsoever.
• A pack of blank score cards included with the game won't go far
to mollifying disgruntled crickcl funs.
• Match details are accurate hut the tiny figures don't behave
much like they're playing cricket at international level.
• A game lakes over half-an-hour to play, and you don't actually
du anything.
M 35% The mystery role-playing adventure, combining History and classic science fiction, based on the world famous role- playing game by Came Designers' Workshop.
Space 1889: Discover a recreated solar system as envisioned by the scientific theories of the 19th Century and in the imaginations of such classic writers as |ules Verne, A. Conan Doyle and
H. C. Wells. Written by the same team as the critically acclaimed
• Visit the canals of Mars and deal with warring Martians;
explore treacherous swamps on Venus; travel through the
mysterious underground caverns of the Moon ... Even Earth is
ripe for exploration and rife with intrigue ...
• Planets and stars are accurately represented in Space. Actually
navigate by the constellations themselves!
• Overcome corrupt German conspirators, a radical Startian
religious cult and the awesome intelligence of an advanced
alien society that has escaped notice for thousands of years.
• Historic 19th Century weapons include 30 guns.
4 throwing weapons and 9 close combat weapons.
Ranging from bolt-action rifles and singlebarrel revolvers to swords and daggers.
• Create five characters, male or female, from among six
attributes and 24 skills, including Fisticuffs, Crime,
Theatrics and Engineering. Control character development
through a wide variety of careers.
• Over 100 locations to explore on Earth alone - all depicted
with historical accuracy and fascinating details.
Including London, New York, San Francisco, the Ear East and the Valley of the Kings.
• Realistic combat sequences let you control each character
individually, while still giving general orders to the others.
IlffiAWHIWl Based on MegaTraveller by Came Designer's Workshop, the most popular science fiction gaming system and now the critic's choice as the Number One Computer Game!
• Meet and interact with over 500 unique characters, each with
distinct personalities.
AMIGA COMPUTING Brilliantly balanced between complexity and playability - MegaTraveller 1's gameplav is a miracle..."The best RPG Adventure game of the year."
CU AMIGA A fantastic RPG with loads of puzzles.
AMIGA FORMAT I can't think of any role-playing game which has the depth and richness of what's going on.
GAMESMAN This game is truly, uncategorically "Mega!"
ACE A quantum leap for sci-fi RPG's.
AMIGA COMPUTING "A triumph of intelligent game design."
THE ONE No other computerised RPG comes as close to being an accurate conversion as MegaTraveller 1.
GEN 4 MegaTraveller 1 is THE Game of Today... AMIGA POWER "Terrifying depth, friendly and helpful controls, great atmosphere, excellent balance of strategy and action.
A wonderful piece of role playing software that everyone should play."
ISiTo ’rr-ri AVAILABLE ON: CBM AMIGA, IBM PC & COMPATIBLES AND ATARI ST EMPIRE SOFTWARE, 4 THE STANNETTS, LAINDON NORTH TRADE CENTRE. BASILDON. ESSEX SS1S 6D|. Tel:0268 '.41212. Cruise for a Corpse Now this long-awaited graphic adventure has arrived, does it actually transport you to the world of Hercule Poirot, or is it as dull as the local cop-shop's paperwork stack?
OCTOBER 1991 A rather serious letter hints that one of the guests is not all that he appears to be.
Cent vessel the Karahoudjan III. Unfortunately, just as you arrive on the craft. Hector, the host's butler rushes into your cabin carrying terrible news. It appears that Karahoudjan has been the v ictim of a vicious attack!
You follow Hector to find the body lying on the floor of his office with a knife protruding from his back. Before you can take any action however, a shadowy figure renders you both unconscious. When you finally regain consciousness the next day. The body has disappeared! Hector makes off to w ant the guests leaving you to start your investigation.
You must now search the ship for clues to the identity of the murderer, hunting out various pieces of evidence and questioning the guests to find out further information.
New boots and interface Originally. Delphine were planning to construct the game around the 'Cinemalique' system they used for Operation Stealth.
However, it soon became apparent that this just wasn't going to be enough! This is one of the reasons that the game has taken so long to put together, since a new 'engine' had to be designed from scratch.
The w hole system has been changed, with both a new graphics system and a different player interface. The graphics are a strange There's no-doubi dial period detective dramas are extremely popular. Just look at all the successful books, films and TV series that have been made based on Agatha Christie characters. Well now you have the chance to take part in one of these adventures for yourself thanks to the partnership of Delphine and L'S Gold.
Cruise fur a Corpse places you as Twenties detective Raoul Dusentier. An Herculc Poirot type character, as he sets off on a well-deserved holiday. One spring morning, you receive a telegram from wealthy businessman Nikkis Karahoudjan inviting you to join him and his guests for a cruise on his magnifi- I haw r«e«*d sone «rg offensw rf (ovation *wt y«i combination of bitmapped images, sprites and polygons (yes. Polygons). The main backgrounds are lull-colour bitmapped images, with sprites being overlaid for foreground images and some of the characters. The main characters (such as Raoul
Dusentier himself) are constructed from polygons, which allows them to be smoothly animated across the screen as well as giving them the ability to move in and out of the screen without appearing all bloeky. The effects of this new system are pretty stunning!
The user interface has been improved as well.
Moving the cursor around the screen allows you to select items of interest and the cursor changes shape to tell you when there is an object or character with which you can interact. Clicking on an object brings up a menu of commands, front which you select the required option. This will then carry out an action on the object or character.
A major part of the investigation is taken up with questioning the guests on the cruise.
Bv clicking on a character and selecting Going on a Summer Holiday Cruise for a Corpse begins with a classify-produced, cinemastyte opening to pro do to the right atmosphere. The plot enfolds as The scene is set - beginning with Detective Inspector Raoul Dusentier receiving a mysterious telegram from wealthy businessman Nlhlos Karahoudjan Inviting him on a cruise aboard his yacht.
But why has Karahoudjan invited him? Is H Just a harmless holiday offer, or Is there a more nefarious side to the trip? The rooghiy scribbled envelope ¦¦sms to ghre the Impression of a man in fear for his life. How cao a hardy detective not Investigate?
If you're wondering why I've assembled you here... After months of waiting for Delphine to unveil their new adventure system, it would be quite a shame if it turned out to be a dead duck.
Fortunately the system is an absolute beauty.
The graphical capability of the new engine is immediately apparent. From the cinematic opening sequence to the detailed backgrounds and characters, the appearance is incredible. The polygon system for Raoul's movement works superbly, with the detective moving smoothly around the screen in three dimensions. One problem that other graphic OCTOBER 1991 SPEAK from the menu, you arc then taken to yet another section. This displays both yourself and the person you are interview ing, along w ith a list of subjects you w ish to talk about.
The first screen is a list of characters, and clicking on a name allows you to ask more about that person. There is one drawback, however, and that is that you can only ask about people you've actually metl Asking certain questions may reveal information about another character, so you must find out as much as possible from as many people as possible and cross-question all the characters to get the lull story There is also a 'various' question heading, which allows you to ask about objects you've found and situations you come across. This in turn gives you more information about certain
people in the game. This may all sound rather complex, hut the menu systems are laid out in a simple way which is easy to understand.
Even when you start getting floods of information. The questioning is still easy to carry out - even though there are a lot of options!
Adv entures of this type have is when a character moves in or out of the screen. With bitmapped images they often cause horrendous pixelisation or dodgy cuts where the character moves behind a piece of scenery while he changes si e! Cruise for a Corpse suffers no The carefully observed period plot unfolds in much the same way as a detective-thriller film.
Such ailment. Since the main character is constructed from polygons, he can move into the back of the screen or out past the viewer without becoming so blocky that it looks like a Continued overleaf Welcome to the Karaboudjan III Father Fabian sits in his cabin awaiting questions from the eminent Dick.
C=- J -t Speaking to a mermaid? Sounds pretty surreal, but anything's worth a try.
Careful with that tap, Raoul! You may be washing away some vital evidence!
The deserted dining room may seem spooky, but clues have to be found!
After waking in Niklos Karaboudjan's office after being knocked unconscious, it's time to start searching for clues.
In addition to walking around the Karaboudjan III. You can move Raoul between locations by way of a map. Careful planning is needed to find the right clues in the right places.
Fiddling with the machinery, eh? Are you sure you know what you're doing?
Badly-made Lego model. The new control system works a treat too. Instead of having to scroll through loads of options to find out which ones are relevant to a certain situation, you are only given the commands you need at that particular point This saves time and a whole lot of frustration!
OCTOBER 199) This doesn't mean that the game is simplistic though. Operating options often causes a chain of events more complex than it would first appear. This lies into the game extremely well, allowing you to get the old grcy-cells working as the carefully observed period plot unfolds in much the same way as a deleclivc- thriller film. When a character lets slip a piece of juicy information, you can't help yourself shouting out: "Aha! The plot thickens!" (well I can't help it. Anyway)!
Delphine have spent a lot of time getting the atmosphere in Cruise for a Corpse spot on.
And this care definitely shows. The w hole feel of the game is very much in the style of Christie's Poirot stones. However, even if you're not a fan of these classic tales, the game will prove a challenging and engrossing adventure for any games fan.
A $ 3,000 Kartier bracelet hidden In a desk? Now why would someone want to do that? The plot thickens... Maff Evans O Cruise for a Corpse US Cold ¦ £25.99
• Marvellous presentation abounds with film-like opening
sequences and amazingly atmospheric flashback scenes.
• Superb graphics system perfectly capture the feel of u I'I’Os'
detective story.
• Kasy-to-use operating system allows you to start investigating
with no trouble at all.
• Devious puzzles and complex plot twists w ill keep you plotting
and delecting for quite some time.
Available on: AMIGA - ATARI SI 9M PC (VGA 256 C EGA, Tandy 16 Col Commodore (Disk and Cass) Capacity 20 MB -160 MB.
On-board-RAM Option up to 8 MB.
1 year replacement warranty.
2 years for Hard Disks with Cache.
Flexible capacity for professionals.
Made in Germany.
Request for further information at protar Ltd. • Park House • Greenhill Crescent Watford Business Park • Watford Herts WD1 8QU Tel. 092 354 133 24 23 07 • Fax 092 321 20 46 Amiga is a registered trademark ol Commodore Amiga. Inc Vortex Atonce-Amiga THE ULTIMATE PC AT EMULATOR FOR YOUR AMIGA £199,- Manufacturer s Suggested Retail Price VORTEX GATE ARRAY The vortex CMOS Gate the Atonce Chip-Level Emulation and Atonce AT-BIOS give the emulator a very high degree of AT compatibility.
MOTOROLA 68000 CPU Each vortex Atonce-Amiga comes complete with a high quality original Motorola 68000 CPU.
80286 CPU vortex Atonce-Amiga is based on the standard AT microprocessor.
VORTEXATONCE THE 286 EMULATOR vortex Atonce-Amiga is the ultimate PC AT emulator for your Amiga 500 or Amiga 2000 computer. It is developed and produced in Germany by vortex Computersysteme GmbH, vortex Atonce-Amiga gives your Amiga a complete AT emulation, that includes an AT compatible BIOS, emulation of the parallel and serial ports, sound, colour graphics and hard disk support, yet while running as a task within AmigaDos!
Thanks to the use of the vortex Gate Array and SMT technology the Atonce board is incredibly compact and easy to fit. Vortex Atonce-Amiga plugs directly into the Amiga. No soldering is required. Fitting is a 10 minute operation and full installation instructions are included in the user manual.
Each vortex Atonce-Amiga is supplied with a high quality low power Motorola 68000 CPU, saving you time with the installation and providing a high degree of reliability, vortex Atonce-Amiga does not affect the normal operation of your Amiga and is totally transparent when not in use.
• Low Power 16 Bit 80286 CPU High quality Motorola 68000 CPU
7. 2Mhz clock speed
• SMT (Surface Mount Technology) compact circuit board with low
power comsumption and highly integrated CMOS Gate-Array
• Norton SI rating: 6.1 MIPS Test: 10%
• Atonce-Amiga runs unrestrictedly as a task on the Amiga
• Atonce-Amiga will work with autoconfiguring autobootable
Commodore compatible hard disk systems that use an AmigaDos
compatible hard disk driver
• Full 640KB of DOS memory available on 1 MB Amiga.
All memory above 1 MB (e.g. with internal external RAM expansions! Can be used as Extended or Expanded Memory.
The Protected Mode is fully integrated.
• With Atonce-Amiga the following video emulations are available:
EGA- VGA-monochrome-graphics (as far as this is possible with
an Amiga), CGA, Hercules*, Olivetti* and Toshiba3100* (* these
modes use interlace) ACCESS TO 1000's OF MSDOSPROGRAMS Complete
integration of the internal 3.5" disk drive as a 720 KB MSDOS
drive. External 3.5" and 5.25" disk drives are fully supported
The Amiga mouse can be used as a serial Microsoft mouse. It can
operate at COM1 as well as COM2 The parallel interface can be
used as LPT1 under MSDOS Atonce-Amiga supports sound, RTC and
CMOS RAM All MSDOS versions from 3.2 up to 4.01 and DR-DOS 5.0
have been tested successfully 1 Atonce-Amiga plugs directly
into the socket of the 68000 CPU (Amiga 500). In the Amiga 2000
it is plugged onto the adapter which is fitted in one of the
Amiga slots ’ Atonce-Amiga is delivered with a detailed user
manual. A 3.5" Amiga disk that contains the installation and
emulation software is included.
DOS and the adapter are not parts of the delivery 1 For further information or the update-service, please contact your local Amiga dealer or call CompuServe Box 100015,330 vortex Computersysteme GmbH - FalterstraBe 51-53 - D-7101 Flein - Tel +49-7131-59720 - Fax +49-7131-55063 SDL - Unit 10, Ruxley Corner Ind. Estate - Sidcup. Kent, DA14 5SS - GB - Tel 081-309 5000 - Fax 081-300 5440 All company or product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. Atonce is the registered German trademark of vortex Computersysteme GmbH.
Welcome to the Pleasure Dome. This low life hangout is a great source of information for any budding detective.
You have to leave your gun at the door, so persuasion rather than force will be needed if you are to get the answers you want.
To ask folks questions just click on them as part of the background and a portrait appears.
Rise of the Dragon Stunning pictures and moody atmospheric music abound in this new Dynamix adventure, but is it a game or a slide show?
OCTOBER 1991 So this Is why th*y call it a Pleasure Dome! The young lady doing aerobics Is Just a decoy. You need to find somo answers and find them real fast. Try that respectable looking gent In the silk hat and matching eye patch.
Lost in a strange town? This is Blade’s Em-Way map. Just click on a destination and let the tube train take the strain.
The options offered by the system aren't really options, they are more logical extensions of the cursor. To swing open a cupboard dixir y ou need to hav e the cursor at the correct side and click. To get an item to interact with another just drag it over the lop of the other one and let go of the button. To exit left or right simply move the cursor to the far side of the screen. It's not revolutionary, but it's slickly done and glitch free. Sort of a downtown Dungeon Mnsier.
To talk to a suspect just click when the speech bubble 'hot spot' appears on them and an inset portrait appears. You can relate to these pics: the bad guys look evil. Blade's girlfriend looks helpful and decay ing drug riddled corpses look just as you'd imagine drug riddled corpses to look. Speech boxes convey their statements, while your potential questions and replies are offered in multiple-choice style. Talking' limited to three or four responses, hut they cover all the possible reac- The city is a futuristic Los Angeles, full of high-tech hardware and low-life street scum from an
assortment of cultures. One man is try ing to keep this city clean and his name is Blade Hunter. He's a private eye from the Marlowe school of charm: tough and methodical, he always solves his cases and he always stands his girlfriend up.
The game opens with a message on the vid-phone. It's the mayor, his daughter's been killed by a mysterious narcotic and he wants an answer, but no publicity - it's election year after all! Blade has been hired, now he must try to unravel this twisted tale.
Person to person Rise ot the Dragon uses a first person perspective and an intuitive mouse interlace for the majority of its scenes. You see what Blade sees and rolling the mouse cursor across the screen reveals the various hotspots: active areas he can manipulate to further the quest.
Lions anyone could have to a bouncer packing an automatic rille. Rise of the Dragon also uses an Op HV» -style shoot out and 'Meanwhile' screens. The first allows for blasting action, while the plot interludes reveal the dark secrets of the criminals. The change of perspective frees up the game, allowing the graphics to use an exaggerated form.
The only irritation of the keyboard-free style of play is that it fosters the introduction of limed sections. In certain situations a whole bunch of actions have to be taken quickly. The music is often the only clue to this, so the results first time round are predictable and frustrating. One or two areas like this would be tolerable, but they are overdone and overtly long. It doesn't ruin the game, but provides a stumbling block to the continuity because you can go no further until you're certain what has to be done, in w hat order and at what speed.
Too pretty!
Rise of the Dragon simply looks too pretty to he a game of any depth. Dynamix have lavished obvious time and effort to make their screens glow on the Amiga. They carefully build a Ridley Scott atmosphere, of a city decaying in its own decadence. It is state-of the- art comic book stuff; exaggeration spiced with dark threat.
The graphic threat is underpinned by the music. Each area of the game has a theme.
Which varies according to the actions required.
In the timed sections the music ups the tempo, prov iding an audible clue of a need for speed.
In other cases its style clues you up as to the nature of your next encounter.
The effective mouse system, great pictures and continually changing background tune creates a movie-like atmosphere. The folks you meet and the world they inhabit are drawn and behave in a slightly exaggerated fashion. It's like exploring an animated cartoon film. Judge Dredd is alive and well and living next door to Blade Hunter.
It's not without its problems though, but they arc problems that emanate from the game's ambition. Played from floppy it's you r® nisiory. Mi slow, not crushingly so. Bul still slow. The least the death game really deserves to be played from hard screens are varied disk. It will, however, probably be remem- and Pr*n»1 bered for its cracking graphics and great use of sound, bul il musi not be forgotten that there's a toughish adventure here too. The clues are clear enough to be found yet devious enough to cause confusion. The environment is friendly, changing both viewpoint and style regularly
enough to keep all but the most impatient player happy. The stress on time proves irritating, forcing you to keep trying the same situation. But. If Rise of llie Dragon is an indication of the direction Sierra is taking. The road ahead looks exciting indeed.
Trenton Webb O Rise of the Dragon Sierra On Line ¦ £39.99
• Truly brilliant mixture of atmospheric screens and animations.
• Timed nature of some of the sections proves irritating.
• You need either a hard drive or patience: there's a lot of
• The music changes and evolves right the way through the game.
TM and © 1991 Paramount Pictures. All rights reserved. The GODFATHER is a trademark of Paramount Pictures. U.S. Gold Authorised User.
Four aces for the AMIGA i *T k o' 0 * ® Ao
* M0 W' Distributed in the UK by Centresoft, Gem, Proton and
W|p & - Oops. Big mistake. Someone's let the Lord Of Decay escape from his secure hospice. And now he's done a runner to the quiet island of Capra, and is currently hiding there, making life miserable for the residents.
What's this got to do with you? Well, you're a swash-buckling hero, you've survived two other Gauntlet games and now you're back in glorious 3D. So it's your job to pack your weapon and take the next ferry to Capra, w here you'll be asked to chop up the minions of Mr Decay before tracing him to his lair and slipping him some cold steel. It's a frightening prospect (for both of you).
W*G •caan.
Awtc docji, ¦i-Wpt. -hi- Ghosts ar* swarming all over you. It's at times like these that you can't really see what the hell is going on. So you end up just holding down on the fire-button and waiting.
Messages appear at ripe points in the game.
II you're heading off in a stupid direction, or keep blasting away at your food you'll be gently reminded not to be so dim.
Gauntlet 3 No more heroes After choosing your character, you start off in the middle of a forest. You've got eight-wav scrolling, but it's made pretty clear which direction you're supposed to head off in.
Making things much more interesting are the marauding aliens. These take the form of ghosts, but once you get further into the game you run up against guards which patrol ttt strict patterns. These come in many forms, hut the humanoid orc-lookalikes are the most common (and the worst).
To progress, it's necessary to destroy the centres from which the ghosts spring. This doesn't take much, as both baddies and generators take only a hit or two. In fact the only thing that keeps the combat playable is the sheer number of attackers, but it gets confusing when your characters disappear underneath a seething mass of them. Once you've cleared each level you're free to wander around it collecting pick-ups such as food and treasure which add to your strength and wealth Exploring the levels isn't quite as exciting as it should be Wherever you travel, you'll have to eventually go
along the same route programmed into the game, so short-cuts are impossible.
There isn't a vast amount of variation in what you see. And the overall playing area is larger than it scents Iideally this should be reversed). What is noteworthy is the music.
The Hall of Heroes It's atmospheric, it's gtx d to listen to and it's well written by Tim Follin (writer of rather good pop-tunes as well as the Ghouls V Ghosts soundtrack). But heroic though it is. It doesn’t rescue Gauntlet 3. Which is certainly playable, mappable and big. But could have been a really special game with the addition of more exciting (and colourful) graphics and slicker gameplay.
OCTOBER 1991 James Leach O Gauntlet 3 US Gold ¦ £24.99
• Doesn't (|uitc cut it. It isn't smooth enough to be reull)
• l.ike the previous Gauntlets, it's much better in two -player
• The music is excellent and really adds a lot to the game.
• The 31) movement gets niggly when you can't see clearly what's
The planet Ritula has a rich and varied array of lifeforms.
However each and everyone of them has the sole desire of blowing your brains out. Here a pterodactyl's decided that you need terminating.
The Executioner Somehow you just know that a game with the title 'Executioner' isn't going to be a very cheery game. However if you're expecting to be in control of a medieval head chopper, rolling heads into a hand-crafted wicker basket in the late eighteenth century, then you're in for a surprise.
Gravity of the situation In fact it is a kind of warped space-trading game. The idea is to zip down to unfriendly planets, destroy installations, scoop up prisoners and then nip down to your local slave trader for a bit of human bartering. However mindless death and destruction isn't the only aim of the game. Dear me no. There are four pieces of an electronic key to collect with which you can catch an enemy leader.
OCTOBER 1991 The game is controlled by the mouse.
Thus on static screens when you've got some bartering or torture to carry out. The mouse joystick simply moves to highlight choices.
These static screens comprise of a shop, a bar.
A map and a torture questioning screen.
Once you've decided which portion of the galaxy to search for the key segments, you can then launch your ship down to the planet. At this point the game switches to a thrust-type game. You have an allocation of fighter droids which you can send down to destroy installations. Capture prisoners and extra fuel.
The planet combat sections of the game arc reminiscent of games such as Gravity and the recent Zarathruster. Here the main problem isn't the attacking spacecrafts or the ground-based installations, it's the problems of controlling a craft which is affected by gravity.
A Question Of Ethics
* ing i which torture Is presented as a fun way to deal with
Wo are concerned that Impressionable young people will, through this game, accept that torture Is an acceptable practice. Torture Is a fact of life In more than 100 countries, as the dossiers and photos In our files Illustrate. Perhaps those who design, manufacture, market and distribute games such as The Executioner would care »they would then not be inclined have I t they de to link it with i AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL It's very easy to get your orientation wrong with the droids, sending them plummeting down to earth. This isn't the fault of the programmers. In fact to their credit, they've
decided to make life a little harder for all you hardened shoot-cm-up players out there.
If you spot something interesting on the surface then you can zip down and hover above it. Pulling back on the joystick initiates the tractor beam and you scoop-up prisoners or extra supplies of fuel. The exit from these planet levels is hidden until you find a transmitter pod. Pick this up and an exit portal appears on your inadequate radar screen.
Talk you evil Gargaroth If you manage !o make il off a plancl with a couple of droids to spare, you can head for home and torture the prisoners for information about the location of the key.
There's nothing terribly graphic about the torture sections. You have only four methods the said sounding distinctly sick). You can physically attack the prisoner, stretch them told but effective), use electrodes, or offer them incentives (ciggies, chocolate, their life).
If you over do things in this portion of the game, the prisoner will die. So it's wise to keep an eye on the lifeforce indicator which registers exactly the kind of shape that the poor sod's in. If it all sounds a bit gratuitous and sick, then you're not far from the truth.
Being a space agent isn't all work. Work, work. If you fancy a spot of relaxation you can go to the bar. Entering this screen shows you a graphic of the bar and crmm. That's it. Some absolutely moronic piano music floats around while you prop up the bar. Dire indeed.
Should you save up enough money from selling prisoners you can buy add-ons for your ship. Four-way guns, extra droids or high- powered weapons are all stocked by the shopkeeper, who looks like a cross between Darth Vadar and Mr Benn in his spacesuit.
Here's a game that offers little. All you've got is a game pretending to be a "combination of tense arcade action and mind-stretching strategic quest". The only good portions of the game are the planet sequences and even these are absolutely derivative. If it is "hugely addictive." Then I must have the wrong version.
Andy Hutchinson The Executioner Hawk ¦ £25.99
• Bland, derivative graphics which convey all the excitement of a
rainy Sunday afternoon in f ast Grinstead.
• Gratuitous and completely crass torture screens which serve
little purpose other than creating a hit of hype.
• Mish-mash of different game sty les w hich owes much more to
the public domain school of programming.
Alive and Killing!
“Put simply, AMNIOS is the best shoot-'em-up that has been released for a long time”.
- Amiga Action - 93% Penetrate the living hell that is Amnios.
Counter your comparatively diminutive ship against the merciless might of ten living, breathing planets in an audacious endeavour to rescue imprisoned members of your own persuasion.
Pick up indigenous DNA and utilise it to fabricate enhanced weaponry to abet your pestilential quest.
Aw, forget the Bull! Just get in there and save the World!
0898 404607 alls cost 34p (cheap rate) and 45p (at all other times) per minute incl VAT. For details of winners send SAE to: Populuxe, PO Box 2065, London, W12 9JH. Average length of call is 5.5 minutes. 0898 calls are more expensive than normal cails so please ask permission to call if you don't pay the bill.
BARBARIAN II PSYGNOSIS FREEPOST LIVERPOOL L3 3AB UNITED KINGDOM Tel: 051-709 5755 Necron's back in town and he wants revenge. Only you - in the guise of Hegor the Barbarian - have the courage, strength and stupidity to face the challenge: It's time once again to don your dented helmet, tie your sweaty breechcloth, sharpen your rusting sword and move your big feet in the direction of danger.
Forests, caves, dungeons, castles and temples await your barbaric exploration, each is infested with deadly inhabitants and devious traps ready to terminate your lowbrow activities.
Featuring 2,000 frames of sprite animation, 32 colours on-screen, parallax scrolling, 6 levels of continuous arcade.adventure action, over 1 megabyte of fully-animated sprites, 50 divergent enemies, Magic & Health Potions to help you on your quest and a plethora of unique weapons to find and use Barbarian II is: The ultimate in loincloth entertainment.
Screen Shots from the Amiga version SEEING IS BELIEVING The killer baked potatoes in toupees are attacking. They have deadly killer tears that fly up the screen. Luckily they are quite visible, huge blue blobs, but it keeps young Tam on her toes while exploring the hazardous platform world of Rodland.
Ha, take that creature features! Tam uses a balloon to reach the top flower bed while the monsters are stuck on the floor. Clearing out the flowers will take the game into extra mode and then there's a chance of some bonus lives.
Rodland It's the attack of the cuteness as Storm try and break their arcade mould and go all soft with fairies, flowers and pretty colours... OCTOBER 1991 Thl* whale’s the second big boss.
He's hard to take seriously but spend too much time laughing and he’ll kill you quick. He spits out baby whales which have to be blasted as well as the big guy.
Tam and Ril. The two hero fairies, have lo dash around each game screen killing monsters and running over flowers lo collect them. Al iheir disposal are two magic skills, the first is the ability lo conjure up a ladder lo reach higher or lower platforms. This allows them lo avoid the monster filled ladders lhal the screen provides and create a personal route to the bonus flowers. The two little tykes can also kill monsters by trapping them, then swinging them overhead and bouncing their bonce on the lloor Bash an enemy three times and they disappear in a shower of bonuses and points. Of
course, the fairy folk have to stand still while they kill and that makes them vulnerable to attack Chirp and cheerful It's the graphics that hit you first. They're cheerful to an almost painful degree. Each monster has a cute ‘stunned* animation and a downright daft walk. The heroes are no better, wobbling across the screen and winking during loads. The graphics, though, disguise the game, dressing it up as a comic affair, which it most definitely isn't.
Hilling you like a 10 ion Tonka truck speeding oul of Toy Town. Il's garishly brighi. Silly lo ihe core and playable in ihe extreme. It's also ihe firxi non shoot-em-up lhai Slorm have attempted and they seem as well adapted lo coding ovcrpow - ering culeness as they are unstoppable firepower. Based on ihe Jaleco coin-op il's a platform cum ma e spectacular, pulling you in fast and pulling you through Ihe gameplay wringer oxer 44 levels of joystick twisting chaos. Il's a tale of fairies, flowers and fearsome foes, but that's not important right now I The ladders and monster bashing take
some skill to use without endangering the life of the little fairy. You have to time jumps to miss sharks' tears. Trap and bash creatures only when their friends can't sneak up behind and bite you in the head. Profitable play is a matter of priorities, do you want to collect flowers and try for a lives bonus or go for all-out slaughter? If you don't clear a level fast enough the monsters hit Blue Meanie mode, becoming quicker than ever.
Cartoontime Each level has its own tricks, a refinement of the standard techniques that suit lhal particular layout. The levels become easier once you know where to run and where to hide, but it is never easy . Remember, these are creatures of the cartoon kind and do the most improbable things just you when need it least. This makes new levels even more hazardous than ever, because you have to suss the safe spots out w hile the screen scrolls up.
Each of the 44 levels get progressively tougher and you move sequentially through them all in a bid to rescue your kidnapped Mom. Every tenth screen is filled with a hugely comic and plain huge guardian which has to be defeated. These spit tiny effigies of themselves out. Which have to be killed along w ith the major nasty. These guardians look too comical to be dangerous, but prove deadly.
There are no passwords or continues and so the game forces you to try for the bonuses unless you're very good or very lucky. If all the flowers from a level are collected then the game goes into extra mode, where slain monsters yield the letters "E. X. T. R and A", If you can nab a whole set the level ends and a boss lady fairy gives you bonus points and an extra life. As Tam and Ril only have the life they 're using with two spares tucked away on the score table, long-term play has to feature in these extra bonuses. 44 screens may not sound a lot. But the tight gameplay make it feel more
like a 1.0001 Bubble pac Storm have obviously slaved over Rodland.
The machine itself was pretty and used some classic gameplay concepts because it is similar in style to Bubble Bubble and even Pac Man.
You have to operate in a small environment, dodging beasties and collecting bonuses that gives you power over them. The arcade was slow though, and featured only 30 odd levels.
The coders have not only replicated the original in look and spirit, but they've speeded it up and designed some levels of their own to add to the game's life Rodland still retains that arcade heritage, it is best played in short insistent bursts. It's no rambling epic, it has one clear objective that will take much waggling skill and memorising of levels to beat This either weighs in its favour or not. Depending on how you like your games. If you're a coin-op pro you'll love it. But probably finish ralher quickly. If you're an occasional arcader it'll take longer to conquer but the hook
won't be as strong.
Mow wouldn't those little babes look nicely boiled and served with curry and coconut a la lobster kurma? How do you cook It? First trap yourself a lobster, using a magic wand and bash them senseless on the floor... Rodland delivers. Full colour cuteness in overdrive, great game design and a real sense of fun I With the two fairies working to clear a level, but competing for the extra bonuses it's a hectic brand of chaos that pays dividends.
The 44 levels do prove to be a little short, but if you're after crispy cutesy coin-op entertainment. Then look no further.
Trenton Webb O Rodland Storm ¦ £25.99
• They're quite right, it is so cute that it'll make you puke!
• The tightness of the gameplay makes for maximum tension.
• Maybe too short for arcade experts.
• Excellent rendition of the coin-op. They've even added
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5 Coot Envelopes. 100 Cert Address Labels. 1 Pinner Drow 0«k I Cat*r tor Amiga FREE'" 9 Pm Dot Matrix, 240 x 240 dpi. 160 40cps SWIFT 9 COLOUR Kfw lower priii £219 9 Pm Dol Matrix. 240 x 240 dpi. 12Q 25cps SWIFT 24 MONO £289 24 Pm Do! Matrix. 240 x 240 dpi. 12075cps SWIFT 24 COLOUR » w LOWER PFUci £309 24 Pm Do! Matrix. 240 x 240 dpi. 12075cps ALL Merlin Prices Include VAT @ 17.5% CHECK OUT OUR GREAT NEW CHRISTMAS PACKS. THEY'RE 50 NEW WE HADN'T TIME TO INCLUDE FULL DETAILS ON THIS ADVERT!!!
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Jail telephone aar 24 Haar Or«ar Halltaa aiui| yoar Aectti Vui Card ar. Tend a eheqie pestci irlir will yaar requirement attain (cheques ant daaraaca aalaai issued If a •a«k leildin| Society
• a yaar behalf) (¦all llaai are despatched by pail ERE! La all
UK Malalaal addresses Hardware It despatched ay caarlar aarvlea
(ay la 2SKg) ai lollowi NEXT WORKING OAV ill C7 SI lo oriar.
£12 (Goods art aarmallr lupatthad samt day at order.
Aalaai otdarwlsa disc ossa a al Ida lima I ¦¦oncEifc i inmi Hardware pro.mg laelly within )• dayi will be escbsnged for NEW Alter 30 dayi aad within 12 aealbi Irea purchase faalli *111 be redilled by Ibe relevaat aaoitadarera' repair igsni aad ralaratd It yea by coorlor. Software and aaall llaai carry tarloaa Marllo Eiptett Haittd art ptedemioaotly a atil ardar coayaiy b«i *t *alcaaa cadaatrs la oar Irada callocllaa caaalor *ba ¦lib lo pick n» |oodi Iroa oi Wby aol aoy oi a visit. *o aro
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AyllUgl witr my ArrriQlw hum purchaM horn Men* Morlla art happy lo (apply BFPO aad aiparl aprkali lar which VA1 Ip aeraally doduclabls Oallvary chugai vary Iroa UK ralai aad.
Ai prodvctt carry UK *arraallti only laally llaai art lo kt ralaratd le Mtrlla ly Ikt catlaaar aad re-delivery charges *111
• Mil areHML.JriMMWhrt Cm fi i mop ouautt thick nnn Pnc. An
ImahMWOnghho fi pkiktir oust cover V U(J"9 AMIGA 1500 (As
detailed) + CM8833 II iSOdSHtnSOFUrlSPlAlN K 01 UhlWFtSAl !P«RT
GODS Tlw 9-rmic Bros Al men best' Greek Goes bktw againsl monslecs'"(E25 S3xrp) TOKI GieAl Pwhorn Xrceoe Game 300 screens m twiushc cartoon sW |C2A99rrp| EYE OF THE BEHOLDER Durvpeon Master style game Great graphics! (£30 99erp PGA GOLF TOUR o™ o' Ihe most realistic soil Simulations aioimO' (E2S.99rrpl TEENAGE MUTANT HERO TURTLES A iavowtle wtlh every yoongsleil |t2S53npi DUCK TALES Become The Richest buck in the WorlO in a global race! |E25 S3irp) R0B0C0P II BaseO on rne him ol ihe same name with ihe same action' F19 STEALTH FIGHTER forge! Me rest THIS IS THE SIMULATOR" HOLLYWOOD COLLECTION
4 GAMES IN ONE' Batman. RoDocop SERIOUS SOFTWARE FUN SCHOOL 3 Cnoos* under 5 s. 5-7 s o» 7 A over fduaboftai fur SUPERBASE PERSONAL 2 Keep records tr*t easy to use A powerful Database DISNEY ANIMATION STUDIO Outsandmg an.mat*n toe your An*ga ,f99 99rrp PHOTON PAINT II P*nt prog Iff ANIM formats 4096 cotours, eic (£«9 95rrp PEN PAL Word processor wttn database built-in and graphics handhng ,£99 95,,p IC25 53irp) |t2S99rrp) C29 99rrp, Gnosipusters il. Indiana Jones Pen.?al fi (£24 99rr5) £244" COMMODORE 1084S 14'Stereo Med Res £259.99 Univ.Monitor Stand£12.95 Monitor Dust Cover £5.95 AV7300 TV
Tuner £79.95 Tilt Swivel Stand £14.95 (Only (its Philips CM8833 MkMM) SORCERORS PACK 2 a'AS'MI M* US’ !«•«
M. I»T S.* SXFFJPXI CAR CO RMS W«A* » iOCA ucxKossraiircwscFwii,
PHILIPS CM 8833 11 14- Stereo Medum Resolution Cotoui Morwtot
wttn Green Screen Switch AND TREE if AD fcsMmCMPST (SrvlSMJH
UK enimriiim ¦ a i «» d u. iXMift l COMMODORE 1011 3 S' 2nd
DRIVE For all Am as 500.1000 £79 95 150020CC. 880K Formatted
No external power supply required CUMANA } 5’ CAX 354 DRIV£64.95 EnabioDtsable switch. Throughport, MERLIN 3.5- DISK DRIVE £59.95 3 5' Second Disk Drive. Enable Disable Switch. Slim Design. 880K Formatted Capacity. No external power supply is needed. Throughport THIS IS ONE OF OUR BEST SELLERS S GREAT VALUE' COMMODORE A590 HARO DISK DRIVE 20MD Std Unpopulated £279 20M0 Populated to 1Mb. £329 20Mb Populated lo 2Mb. £369 COMMODORE 1352 MOUSE £39.95 Commodores Own!!!
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COMMODORE AS01 O.SMb £49.95 OFFICIAL AMIGA RAM UPGRADE MIDI-MASTER INTERFACE £29.95 I Through Port. I In & 3 Out RENDALE 8802 GENLOCK £189.95 Semi prolessional Genlock device. Now you can mix both video and computer sources. Ideal titling to high standards.
NAKSHA A500 HAND HELD SCANNER Coming soon' Look out (or this one'!'
C19 99 £19.99 CM 99 £19 99 Ell 99 CM 99 CM 99 £23 99 C23 99 £19 99 C29 99 C81 99 E29 99 C79 95 Whilst every effort ¦» made to entart information in tbit advert i« correct, you shoa d af*ays confirm any offers, pnees. Amiability
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Shown and will ONLY change details should il be made necessary
by our suppliers etc As our advertising is booked so far in
advanca Merlin therefore reserve the nghi lo alter product
specifications, withdraw any product off r *ervica or gpdata
prices (and lhat can be up OR down), without prior nonce Merlin
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change without you. The customer, being mlormed of and agreeing
to that change Please ALWAYS confirm details PRIOR to placing
Every new civilisation needs a God to oversee them, and this is your once in a lifetime opportunity to achieve supreme power and immortality.
The arena is a vast glass orb at the top of the universe in which all new planets are conceived and nurtured and it is your task to steer your race through a fierce and bloody evolutionary war, to gain complete control of the planet. The game they play is a curious one, it is a game they call... IMAGE WORKS, IRWIN HOUSE, 118 SOUTHWARK STREET, LONDON SE1 OSW TELEPHONE: 071 928 1454 FAX: 071 583 3494 Sarakon Mah-Jong seems lo be one of those Oriental games lhal everybody knows aboul but nobody seems quite sure how lo actually play. Nobody. Lhal is, except a billion Chinese people. Shanghai is a
sort of Mah-Jong. And Sarakon is basically a version of Shanghai. And the idea behind it is a simple one.
Dozens of tiles, each with a little symbol on it are piled up into stacks on the gridded board. Your job is to select pairs and remove them from the board (and to keep doing this until ii is empty). What makes things a little more interesting is the rule where you can only select pairs that are either next to each other or that can be linked by straight lines with no more than two right angles in them. It sounds a little bit complicated but once you have started playing then it soon becomes second OCTOBER 1991 nature.
There arc two levels of difficulty. The easy level allows you to pair up tiles which are on different layers on the board and the hard level, er. Doesn't. Having said all that, neither level is that easy, and it's all made much harder by the addition of a really evil time limit. This gives you large amounts of panic and frustration as you try and clear the screen before it runs out. And it takes what would have been a rather boring game of elimination and turns it into a game of quick thinking and good mouse control.
Que sara, sara Every level has a different starting pattern of tiles and as you get further into the game many more tile designs arc used. To break up the stressful levels there are bonus screens where all you do is amass lots of points by clicking Unfortunately the time limits iboth on the normal levels and the bonus screens) seem to get exponentially harder so it's virtually impossible to beat all 40 levels. In fact this is a real problem with the game: it gets too hard too quickly. So it isn't just the game's addictivc- ncss that keeps you playing, it's a bloody-mindedness because you
can't progress beyond level 10.
Sarakon is nicely programmed, however, with detailed stonc-look tablets and a few inscrutable Oriental touches here and there.
It's as fast, smooth and idiot-proof as it needs to be and has a simplicity that you don't often see nowadays.
The bottom line is how much you like cunning puzzle games, and whether you wish to spend a considerable amount on one which doesn't offer a massive amount of variety and which you can gel hold of in other guises in the Public Domain.
The choice is up to you.
James Leach h Barbarian is a slow moving, all-in-one mean machine. Robin Locksley can move quickly and propel an arrow unusually far. But soon succumbs 10 repealed enemy attacks. Who is where and when is the difference between winning and losing The method for forming an attack is erratic. First you click on a weapon, then you have to click on a direction (similar to a compass rose) and the weapon speeds off.
Supposing that there's an enemy in range and there are no obstacles, you'll hit him.
The whole system is let down because you can't scroll the screen, make a player move off the view screen or check off-screen for obstacles blocking the line of sight. This makes long-range hiking up or down the screen impossible and long-range shooting a joke.
Look 'n feel The graphics are quite jolly, with animation sequences for movement, using a weapon, getting hit and dying. There is also a small swordfight sequence, although whoever was attacked always loses. The sound, just composed of spot effects, fils the game nicely.
The nature of the game makes it difficult for humans to play well and so the computer excels. Each weapon does the same damage (depending on who uses io and each soldier has a certain number of hit points. The computer will happily leave a target for you to hit because it knows you can't kill it that turn, even if every available soldier gangs up.
The game isn't random, which makes it a point-and-click puzzle that is best played against a friend: Medieval Warriors is too simplistic. Frustrating when you make a mistake and dull w hen you work out the correct tactics.
Give me Laser Squad every time.
Pat McDonald 1 OCTOBER 1991 on-screen. Humans cannot sec out-of-sight enemies, w hile the all-seeing computer know s what's going on everywhere.
Medieval Warriors Merit Soundware ¦ £25.99
• The iew angle makes muring soliders somewhat tricks.
• The armies are alwass the same.
• Very eas to pla . With a time limit for each turn to add some
• Not enough fun or sariation.
• Sould hase been much bigger.
Ml 63% Medieval ¦a Warriors Taking command of either the Red or Blue army, both sides are composed of 12 individual foot soldiers, each taking turns until one side or the other is w iped out. Each warrior receives his orders through the mouse, and subsequently carries them out.
But you only gel a limited amount of time to give your orders which adds some pace!
Rather than playing against the computer (which is an excellent opponent, even on the dumbest level) you can play against a friend, cither on the same computer or through a modem serial link.
There are four different battlefields scenarios for you to play on: King's Bridge.
Frontier Outpost. Village Wall and Castle Keep The are composed of a very small grid (22 by 15 squares i and each square can be occupied by a soldier, obstacle or a dead body.
To help play the game, the map is always Taking command Above the game panel is a magnified view of the battlefield. Movement is easy: click on a soldier and his destination. A soldier might not make it though, because the terrain (hills, carls and tables) slows down movement.
Each soldier can attack once per turn.
There is an option to let each one attack, then move and attack again: this makes for a faster, nastier game. Four weapons are available: bow, knife, axe and sword. The first three are missile weapons (they can be thrown some distance) and are in limited supply. The sword can only be used when adjacent to an enemy.
Each soldier has their own name and speciality. For example. Bangor Hatchett the Simply the Best
* Advanced GRAVISh SWITCH JOYSTICK The highly acclaimed Canadian
joystick range, Gravis, which is now available in Britain, is
the epitome of class.
The features are all very impressive but the real quality comes in the way the Gravis looks and how it responds to touch, in much the same way that the doors of an expensive car sort of click shut and the engine purrs into life, leaving the impression of controlled but v|H pun or. - GRAVIS JOYSTICK 8-Ptmtion Icnsion Control
* Microswitch Fire-Buttons
* independent Function Fire-Buttons
* fuam-Paddyd Grip!
* Six-Foot Connector Cable
* Black or Clear versions available
* Models available: Analog versions for IBM PC and Compatibles.
Apple 2 Switch versions for Amiga C 64 and Atari 6 1 Sejji,
* External Potentiometer Adjuster (operate up to 33 Mhz)
* fnclu-Jes 'Gravtest'Toy sirck' Calibration Disk
* Dual Joystick Ports
* Available for IBM PC and Compatibles
* PS2 (MCA) wrsTon aTso available j SPECTRAVIDEO UNIT 27
TELEPHONE 081 900 0024 FACSIMILE 081 903 6625 i J SALES HOTLINE: 081 902 2211 !
Is there anyone in the country who hasn't heard of Robin Hood? Folk hero, defender of the good and archer extraordinaire - a man not afraid to wear green tights and swash his buckle in public. By using Robin as the main person of a game the difficult job of creating a central character that people like and can relate to. Has already been done and (hopefully) more time can be spent on getting the gameplay right rather than just setting the scene.
Despite the timing, this new game is nothing to do with the recent Hollywood epic Robin Hood - Prim e of Thief s HI. This Robin owes more to the Harold Lloyd school of slapstick than the Kevin Costner school of acting.
I shot the Sheriff The scene is set by a short demo sequence showing Robin being thrown out of his own castle by the newly-arrived Sheriff of Nottingham (the game takes more than a few liberties with the traditional stories of Robin Hood). So there Robin sits, depressed and alone outside his own castle with only a sword and long-bow for company.
To win in the conventional sense of the word means getting the Sheriff out of the castle and to reassume your rightful place as.
The prime winning position involves getting the castle, the girl and the adoration of the people. Achieving this is not too difficult, once you begin to understand the mechanics of the world and the motivation of the people. It docs owe a lot to being in the right place at the right time - let the wrong person hang and not only will the people turn against you. But you could lose a valuable ally.
Seed, hoc the land and harvest the grain as the year progresses. To get full enjoyment from the game you should lake time off from trying to ‘win' and wander around the countryside: have a pint in the local pub: stay and watch the monks burying the dead (and (he accompanying funeral service): even watch the village women bathing nude in the holy spring!
The playing area is only eight screen pieces square, but because the characters arc quite small, a lot of detail is packed into the playing area. There's a town complete with castle, a monastery and church, two outlying villages, a 'secret' hideaway island, a hermit, an archery range, a dragon's lair (complete with dragon), an inn and. Of course, the galOCTOBER 1991 However in this version of the folk tale, winning is only half the objective. Talking to people, following them and (occasionally) relieving them of their gold are a major part of the game. The most enjoyable part is the inter
action with the other characters and the exploration of the countryside.
Almost every person in the land has his or her own characteristics and lifestyle. So you can follow and interact with each character.
Follow the poachers as they stalk, shoot, cook and eat the deer: watch the farmers sow the Although the plot tokos a number of liberties with the legends of Robin Hood, some of the more memorable incidents have been preserved. Who is the tall stranger that refuses to let our hero cross the bridge? One thing for certain, he's not a little man.
Or is he?
Robin Hood Robin Hood fever is still gripping the nation. But in his latest incarnation on the Amiga, can our hero swash his buckle with the best?
Lows outside the castle gate. The characters arc small to the point of functionality and occasionally get lost in the landscape. Having said that the animation is pretty good and its easy to tell characters apart such as a fat. Middle- aged monk from the rest of his brothers.
Atmosphere is piled on by the excellent early music soundtrack by the inimitable Richard Joseph (of Mega Lo Mania. Cadaver and Magic Pockets fame).
Unlike most adventure exploration games, you don't actually control Robin all the time.
Or rather y ou do. But he is apt lo have ideas of his own and wander off to do something else.
This can be useful as he often seems lo know what's about to happen next before you do. It Sir- hy noH« is Hal ion, dausFtfcer' of tFis Sfreliff. I nit _f 1 otter-cd tig bh'i conniHtnts._ To regain his ancestral seat and title. Robin must devote time building up relationships with the other characters. Fortunately this does have its compensations. Unfortunately this Is the 15th Century and the nearest Jar of Cold Blend is 400 years away... OCTOBER 1991 engine'. Now ihat ihe system has been developed and there's more time to be spent on the plot line we should look forward to seeing a range
of games with real depth and gameplay that arc as successful and popular as Incentive's Freescape system.
Paul Lyons 1) Setting the scene in style Robin Hood Millennium ¦ £25.99 can be a pain in the bull when you've carefully positioned him to intercept somebody and lie wanders off in the wrong direction. In addition to suggesting a direction for Robin to walk, there are a number of other other actions you can ask our hero to perform.
But not the Deputy Shooting his bow. Drawing his sword and attacking another character, robbing, giving and speaking arc all pan of Robin's repertoire.
You suggest Robin to do these things, because in many ways our hero has a life of his own.
You can ask him to talk to somebody, but you cannot control what he says, ask him to fight, but not influence the outcome once Robin has throw n himself into the fray.
Along the way. It is possible for Robin to acquire new objects and skills by doing certain things at the right time. All are useful and some almost indispensable in the fight against the Sheriff and his men. Some are easy to acquire, others involve an incredibly cryptic scries of actions. For example if you manage to persuade a certain portly friar into joining you. He will give you a monk's habit which is an excellent way of wandering around the town without attracting undue attentions from the guards. I'm not going to tell you what they all are as half the fun is the acquisition of new
objects, but if you look for unusual happenings and talk to everyone, you should do well.
Hollyweird Hijinks Robin Hood is fun - an enjoyable legend- assisted romp through the Greenwood with as motley a cast of supporting players as you would find in many a Hollywood matinee Unlike most adventure games, you don't actually control Robin. Or rather you do, but he's apt to have ideas of his own.
Movie. Despite the richness of gameplay. It falls short of being a classic game. Millennium have spent time developing this new style of game and. Unfortunately the plot doesn't have a depth and complexity equal to the game system. Determined players will 'win' in two or three weeks of determined play, although there are enough options and incidents lo keep curious players interested for a while after lhat.
Millennium are rumoured to be planning more games based on the same ' game
• Interesting and highl) pla able new perspective on the
adventure genre.
• Exploring the atmospheric world is just as much fun as playing
to win.
• Excellent Early Music soundtrack.
• Characters are a bit small and tend to get lost in the
• Plot line could do with a little more com- plexit) and
T. .
Me) 80% 4 & % J ' • ) OCEAN SOFTWARE LIMITED • 6 C NTRAL'STREETT „ TELEPHONE; 834 This is the bit where Uncle Spoutro gets together all those games we never had room for in the other bit, because they came in too late, weren't good enough to merit a page or... Spoutroltt Magical History Score Hawk €25.99 Millennium Accolade Domark GBH Infocom Accolade GBH Infocom Soundware 21st Century Image Works D&H Sierra On Line US Gold Hawk Storm Virgin Soundware 80* 69% 69% 61% 60% 58% 56% 42% 30% 63% 74% 35% 86% 63% 40% 88% 60% 53% OCTOBER 1991 16 events are yours to try in the classic "Summer
Games” style. A mixture of waggling and touch play, you have the chance to compete against a world class field in 100m. 200m. 400m. 110m Hurdles. 400m Hurdles. 800m. 1500m. 5000m. Steeplechase. High Jump. Long Jump. Triple Jump. Pole Vault. Discuss. Javelin and Shot. You cycle through the events, competing in each, racking up medals for your country as you go. In between events a mutant announcer and strangely similar crowd cheer your success or failure.
Good waggling games are fun when played in a group, but average ones played alone are dull. International Athletics falls into the distinctly dull camp, with average pics and some strange controls. The long-distance races are particularly confusing and henceforth hard to win.
International Championship Athletics Robin Hood The Big Deal Grandstand Kid Gloves Sorcerer Test Drive II Cloud Kingdoms Deadline Cricket Nebulus 2 Blade Warrior Robin Smith's Cricket Rise of the Dragon Gauntlet 3 Executioner Rodland Sarakon Medieval Warriors This Month's Scores Cruise for a Corpse US Gold Magic Pockets Renegade Cloud Last Month's Scores Mega-lo-Mania Image Works Jimmy White’s Snooker Virgin GBH €7.99 A mad-eyed ball has to try and negotiate a series of mazes that hang in space. The search is for jewels and keys, plus an assortment of bonuses and bad guys. This is a solid
looking game but Cloud Kingdoms proves to be annoying with a strangely remote joystick response, which makes a tough design harder to play than it really should be.
90‘7, 89% 85% 80% 76% 72% 67% 65% 60% 59% 59% 58% 57% 53% 51% 45% 104 OCTOBER 1991 Laser Squad Blade 93% Powerdrift Activision 92% Batman the Movie Ocean 90% Pro Tennis Tour UBI Soft 87% Tintin on the Moon Infogramcs 83% Quest for the Time Bird Infogramcs 82% APB Domark 81% Blood why ch Image Works 79% Xenophobe Micro Style 76% Hillsfar US Gold 72% Quartz Firebird 68% Dragon Spirit Domark 67% Lancaster Actual Screenshots 61% Legend of Djel Coktel Vision 59% Legend CRL 52% Mr Heli Firebird 52% Slayer Hewson 43% Altered Beast Activision 33% Predator Activision 22% Carnes Summer Edition Epyx 61%
Thunderhawk Core Design Llamatron Llamasoft Hero Quest Data Disk Gremlin Stack Up Zeppelin Battle Chess 2 Electronic Arts Atomino Psygnosis Frenetic Core Design Navy Seals Ocean Sliders Palace Cardinal of the Kremlin Accolade Swap Palace Billards II Simulator Infogramcs Arcade Trivia Quiz Zeppelin Striker Manager D&H Aramlyte Thalamus Challenge Coif On Line Two Years Ago Kid Gloves GBH £7.99 A platform game with quite a surprising reputation under its belt and it's a scrcen-by-screcn scroller. Try to solve all the puzzles on one screen before transferring onto the next. Neal puzzles and
light joystick control should make it jolly, but the graphics unfortunately let the side down. Flat and uninspired it just doesn't look appealing. Although it plays well it lacks that real hook: Kid Gloves is big enough to last but may not have the entertainment legs for the course.
Test Drive 2 - The Collection Accolade £29.99 This should be hot rodders dream uniting four supplementary disks and the original program.
You are offered the chance to drive sportscars.
Supercars and muscle cars over Ihe original course with California and Europe thrown in for good measure. All are presented slickly, with good graphics and good engine sounds.
Yet the feel of speed just isn't there. 200mph feels more like a conservative 40!
Cricket Soundware £25.99 Not so much world class cricket, more a minor counties second team training match. Just select the angle and pow er of your shot bow I and sit back. The jittery animation is laughable and blank screens are used with alarming frequency. Soundw isc the game's backed by what sounds like Darth Vadcr working at a sonar screen. Even the Richie Benaude samples can't save it. Jason Hales, you were right!
• •••••••••••••••• Sorcerer Infocom Mastertronic £9.99 Pan two of
the Enchanter series, this game uses the Zorkian magical mythos
and is well suited to the rather bland text-only world. The
images that are offered are drawn from the dark comers, dank
dungeons and deadly w orld of magic. Your mission is to uncover
the sordid trail of the murderers of your guild, using only
your imagination. The Sorcerer is really rather well set up. It
manages to give you real fright right at the stan of the
Deadline Infocom Mastertronic £9.99 From the vaults of Virgin comes one the early Infocom outings, telling the tale of a detective who must solve a murder case in twelve hours.
This Deadline anchors the game, as you wander around one of infocom's less exciting worlds. The ordinary nature of the surroundings. If not the case, don't fire the imagination
- a vital factor in any text based adventure.
Feels tired and obviously looks terrible.
• •••••(••••••I*** This compilation brings together Cliessmaster
20111). Cribbage King - Gin King and Trump Castle. The chess is
played well and offers a wide variety of options, but insists
on using the “say" driver for speech. The Kings bring the
subtlety of cards to the fore in two classic game-forms. But
are presented with no life.
Trump Castle is a casino simulator which suffers Ihe logical limitation that you can't actually win anything. All appear staid but play their respective games well.
The Big Deal Accolade £29.99 For your local dealer, contact: Mindscape International Ltd, The Coach House, Hooklands Estate, Scaynes Hill,, West Sussex RH1 7 7NC Tel: 0444 831 761 Dupre ' ¦ kom no BLM£LiLLL i& AT LAST!
The Ultima saga continues on the Amiga and Atari ST. Available soon, priced £30.99. Over ONE MILLION Ultima adventurers world-wide can't be wrong!
For all the latest product information coll 0898 234214. Calls charged at 34p per minute off-peak and 4Sp per minute at peak times.
ORIGIN Mfe create worlds.
THE AMIGA FULL PRICE CHART 1(2) A Manchester United Europe Krisalis £25.99 80% 2(5) A PCA Tour Golf Electronic Arts £25.99 FC90% 3(3) ¦ Monkey Island US Cold £29.99 FG92% 4(1) ?
F-15 Strike Eagle II Micro Prose £29.99 FO 90% 5(4) ?
Eye of the Beholder US Cold £30.99 FG92% 6 -) New Rainbow Collection Ocean £29.99 Compilation 7(6) ?
Lemmings Psy gnosis £25.55 FG92% 8(13) A Armour-Geddon Py sgnosis £25.99 85% 9(11) A Toki ()cean £24.99 78% 10(10) ¦ Gods Renegade £25.53 FG90% 11(14) A Life and Death Mindscapc £25.53 70% 12(7) ?
Hero Quest Cremlin £25.99 85% 13(9) ?
Switchblade 2 Cremlin £25.99 70% 14(8) ?
Kick Off - Winning Tactics Anco £12.99 See Below 15(16) A Chuck Rock Core Design £25.54 80% 16(12) T Railroad Tycoon MicroProse £34.99 FC92% 17(-) New European Superleague CDS £24.99 74% 18(20) A Supercars 2 Cremlin £19.99 80% 19() New Final Whistle Anco £12.99 See Below 20() New Zak McKraken US Cold £24.95 See Below 21() New Power Up Ocean £29.99 Compilation 22(15) ?
Speed ball 2 Image Works £24.99 FC94% 23(-) New Battle Chess 2 Electronic Arts £24.99 76% 24(-) New Secret of the Silver Blades US Cold £29.99 See Below 25(28) A Spirit of Excalibur Virgin £29.99 62% 26(0 New Centurion Electronic Arts £25.99 79% 27(24) V 3D Construction Kit Domark £49.99 91% 28(25) ?
Sim City Populous Infograntes £29.99 Compilation 29(0 New Predator 2 Image Works £25.99 81% 30(17) ?
Cricket Soundware International £25.99 30% New Superleague!
With ihe footie season up and running it's interesting to note that Manchester United Europe has stormed straight into the top spot.
An obviously well chosen licence that is backed-up by strong soccer management sim.
It seems that now that soccer is back, peeps prefer real teams to play because the mighty Kick Off 2 has slipped out of the survey.
Rainbow Bobble Story Is this simply the best compilation ever?
Rainbow Islands. New Zealand Story and Bubble Bobble leant up for a massively playable threc-scl arcade masterpiece. It's obvious that there have been hordes waiting for the arrival of package. They may be old.
There may only be three in the pack, but they are some of the best arcade conversions ever made. Well played Bub. Bob and that Kiw i-type thing.
OCTOBER 1991 Sequel Equals Eight Sequels! Yes. There's no less than eight second-time arounders doing the rounds in the chart this month. Manchester Untied Europe.
Predator 2. F-15 2. Switchblade 2. Kick Off- Winning Tactics. Final Whistle, Supercars 2 and Battlecliess 2 all have managed to make the Top 30 grade. Why is this? Have we all become Hollywood movie moguls or something? Or maybe it is just because they all take good original games that little bit further.
BUDGET CHART 1(1) Full Contact Team 17 £9.99 2(-) TV Sports Football Mirror Image £9.99 3(5) Fantasy World Dizzy Code Masters £6.99 4() Pro Boxing Code Masters £7.99 5(3) Lombard RAC Rally Hit Squad £7.99 6(3) Xenon 2 Mirror Image £9.99 7(4) North and South Action 16 £7.99 8(10) Little Puff Code Masters £7.99 9() Ninja Rabbits Micro Value £6.99 10(6) Defender of the Crown Mirror Image £9.99 BELOW It’s apology why certain ally got any was before Supplement ercd them.
Off so what time again! Where we explain games in the chart haven't actu- scores. Well Zak McKraken. He our lime. As for the Kick Off disks, well we just never cov- (Ooops!) But they are for Kick more information's needed?
Tmf0 B»i This game's a doddle. Even for the mcxoeneoced player.
Simply track down the thousands of computer games equipment bargains at the Christmas Computer Shopper Show at Wembley.
Select transport option: tram (BR Wembley Central) tube (Wembley Park: Jubilee and Metropolitan lines) bus or car (ample parking).
1 . Arrive at the newly extended Wembley Exhibition Centre between 10.00 hours and 1B.OO hours during the period: Thursday 5th December to Sunday Sth December.
Once inside you'll find yourself in a maze of over 200 stands brimming with bargains.
Now the real task begins: net more than you could ever dream of for your money.
Bonus points: buy your tickets today and save money (up to £5.00) on the admission price and get a time bonus (beat the queues).
You can't lose, but good luck anyway.
THE CHRISTMAS Please return your completed order and full payment to: The Christmas Computer Shopper j Show. BLENHEIM PEL. PO Box 2. Ellesmere Port. South Wirral. L65 3EA Closing dote for ticket application 23th November 1 301 . AF SPONSORED BY COMPUTER BHOPPER MAGAZINE SAMPLERS & SEQUENCERS EXPLAINED SAMPLE A sound that has Been loaded into a compuier. And is represented by numbers (digital) rather than notses (analogue) SAMPLER Usualfy a small cartridge that allows you to lake sounds from a microphone (wih amplification), tape. CD etc and record (digitize) them mto you computers memory
Once n the memory a sample (sound) can be changed using the sampmg software SAMPLING SOFTWARE Aaews you to alter sounds that have been (Xgrtized by the SAMPLER Normal functions with sampbng software odude toadmg and savng a sample to disk altering the sample by cutting speedog updown fad* g Wout fonmg to c*her sampes and much much mere SEQUENCER A sequencer allows you to take samples and play them back in an order (sequence) that you determine For example, if you sampled a piano note, a sequencer would allow you to pay that note back at different pitches and in a sequence you decide Your one
note loaded into a sequencer can become a complete piece of piano music QUARTET A-MA-S* i THE ADVANCED MIDI AMIGA SAMPLER Our top level sampler for the Amiga 5002000 and 1000’ (‘special order) combines top of the range e*edromcs with a sensible poce Our unique wedge shaped cartridge rdufes a but
* MIDI interface (r. Out & fmi) e*nw atng the need to swap
Between samp*' and rrwdi rtertace Other ports rtoude rr*rophcne
npx and phono ieff & nyy r (X scrtware a a 'wmnra p*kage‘ as
deserts By AMIGA WORLD magazne and norporales a state of the
art stereo edftng sute with Modify every feature you'd want to
lay your hands on A separate MIDI contra panel allows
utilisation of the bult-n interface with the posstoikty lo pay
Back up to 10'!' Different samples prtch shifted on your MOI
keyboard Don't Jvnk AMAS is a toy either ou poce pofcey Bongs
high quafcfy products to you al sensPe pnees Used by amateurs
and professionals AMAS was featued By Paula Abdul n her award
«nnng video Cow Hearted The sophstcafed sequencer &ows you to
lake sampes and sequence them rto music imagrw your samples as
a Band with QUARTET as the conductor your Band a composed of !6
nstn nents of which 4 can pay at any one bme QUARTET xmes with
100 nstnments and sounds tor ncfcscn n you aw composeons and
further sounds can Be added usng AMAS MASTER SOUNO or most
other quaWy samplers Music can Be '' npul from the Amigas
keyboard By i. , , mouse or if you have a synthesizer T " " ” ‘
keyboard with a m** out socket by paying .
On the keyboard Control of samples ¦jBSS5Sm3E3S& includes Tempo Volume. Pitch together wrth a bult-n editor for changng samples ¦ * without exiting QUARTET Who knows you could easey Be tommorows 'Adams** or 'Mozart* with this highly acclaimed package Cartridge, software & manual £99.95 Software & manual £49.95 Our mono sampler is tow in pnee but high in features Our stylish cartridge for direct connection to your parallel port'!" Has a buitt-in mono audio m socket suitable for input from the headphone socket on your Walkman, cassette or CD player Full feature editing software includes
cut. Paste, fading, filters, scope, graphic equaliser etc. and MASTER SOUND even has it's own built-in mini sequencer for real Jime recording of your own music sequences ’AMIGA FORMAT' magazine said ’It produced some of the best quality samples I have ever heard' If you are looking for a tow cost sampler that's packed full of features then took no further Cartridge, software & manual £39.95 Our tow cos! MIDI INTERFACE provides lhe easiest way of hooking up your Amiga lo a Midi Music Keyboard Complete with cables that just plug straight into your IN OUT midi ports and a disk of Public Domain
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SURREY The Games Room Unit 1 5. Inshops, Epsom Market Hall.
High Street, Epsom, Surrey KT19 8TX Tel: 0372 74465 Tue-Sat 9am - 5.30pm WEST LONDON Computer Games 309 Goldhawk Road, London W12 8EZ Tel: 081 741 9050 Mon-Sat 10am - 8pm (nearest tube: Stamford Brook] TITLES STOCKED INCLUDE: Manchester United Europe, FI 5 Strike Eagle 2, Monkey Island, Hero Quest, Pro Tennis Tour 2, Lemmings, Eye of the Beholder, Thunder Hawk, Gods, Virtual Worlds, PGA Tour Golf, Mercs, RBI 2, Cruise for a Corpse, and many, many more ESSEX Thatz Entertainment Unit 33, Romford Shopping Hall.
Market Place, Romford RM1 3AB Tel: 0708 744338 Mon-Sat 9am - 5pm 1 2 day Thur. ESSEX Thatz Entertainment Unit 61 9, Pavillion Building, Lakeside Shopping Centre, West Thurrock, Grays.
Tel: 0708 890800 Mon-Sat 9.30am - 8pm EAST LONDON Computer Shopping World 259 High Street, Walthamstow, London E1 7 7BL Tel: 081 503 6633 Mon-Sat 9am - 5pm CAMBS EAST ANGLIA
M. V.L. White Hart Buildings, Nene Parade, March, North Cambs PEI
5 8PH Tel: 0354 56433 Mon-Sat 9am - 1 0pm ESSEX Video Screen
Computer Games 205 St. Marys Lane,, Upminster, Essex RM 1 4
3BU Tel: 0708 640500 Mon-Sat 10am - 6pm Call or Visit these
Local Retailers Now I A FURTHER £1 Discount on Amiga and ST
Games and Peripherals for all personal callers who bring a
copy of this advertisement (Offer lasts until 30th September
1991) MONITOR MADNESS Win a fabulous (and hugely expensive)
day trip to nowhere on the flight deck of Europe most
advanced flight simulator, as well as a Philips CM8833 monitor
and a copy of F-19 Stealth Fighter... OCTOBER 1991 f- 300 MT -
= I. - :r 000- - =F TRRininc | ?
T * 1 RHEHb CRD55EnHR.
T_••_i _i_ dr
vi. ’i.y.s RIR-CR0Un0 THE LOW-DOWN Philips, big cookies in ihe
Amiga monitor world, are celebrating the release of a new
bundle which combines their excellent CM8833 1I monitor with
MicroProsc's masterful flight simulator F-19 Slenlrli
Fighter. We reckon that’s a cracking little combination of
sound, graphics and realism: but an even better combination
awaits our competition winner.
Some lucky person will not only win a superb monitor-and-game pack, but also a wonderful day out to have a go on one of the country's most expensive and advanced flight simulators, the Britannia Airways Boeing 737 simulator. This piece of electronic wizardry is used almost constantly to train pilots, so it's an almost unique chance for a member of Ihe public to have a go at it. Even an hour on the flight sim costs a small fortune, and that's what you'll get!
The winner will be whisked on an all-expcnscs- paid day out to fly the simulator as well as having the monitor and game to remember the day by. But that's not where it ends. Five runners-up will also receive a copy of the Format Gold flight sim. Loo!
Don't delay - enter today!
THE QUESTIONS || Who flew the first aeroplane?
A The Wright brothers, b The Wong sisters, c Arthur Blenkinsop.
Who made the first television?
A Manfred Mittwochs.
B John Logie Baird, c Yogie bear.
3 The tiebreaker, this one. Name a group or band (or 'combo'. I suppose -Ed) that has an aeroplane in the name... THE WAY TO WIN All you have to do to get your chance at winning this fabulous flight-simming day out is write down the answers lo the three easy questions we just asked you on the back of a stuck-down envelope or a postcard along with your name, address and - don't forget this!
- your telephone number. Then stick a stamp on it and whack it in
the post to Philips Phliers Compo.
Amiga Formal. 29 Monmouth Street. Bath BA1 2DL.
All entries must reach us by October IS.
THE RULES Employees of Future Publishing and Philips or their agents are not allowed to enter. The judges' decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. No cash or other alternative lo prizes will be offered.
...and there's 5 copies of F-19 for runners-up, too!
SSD -f 500 -=- 0500 _ -DHM7 I tIRUERICK CUR 0B5D ~T TRC New Showroom 232 Tottenham Court Road London W1 D I A New Showroom 232 Tottenham Court Road London W1 onD COMPUTER SYSTEMS LTD - 1Mb PacK 1Mb COMMODORE CARTOON CLASSIC PACK 1Mb PacK 1Mb CLASS OF 90 s PACK Everything you need for Art * Design + Word Processing AMIGA 500 + AMIGA LOGO. INFOFILE, LETSPELL, MUSIC MOUSE. CBM EMULATOR.
DELUXE PAINT II. D501 1 2 Meg upgrade. Mouse Mat + 10 free disks ONLY £459.00 inc vat 1Mb 1Mb PacK AMIGA 500 MEGA PACK INCORPORATING AMIGA 500 + 512K RAM ¦ Three Manuals I Mb Disk Dnve Operating Syslem 40% Colours ' Built-In Speech Mouse ' T V Modulator AMIGA 500 + Lemmings Captain Planet Ban Simpson, Detu.e Paint II . RAM board only £345.00 only £339.00 WITH 8833 MK II Colour Monitor ONLY £549.00 Extras 10 Man United. Total! Recall. Speed Ball II.
Xenon II. 'unaQi Mutant t*nja Turn**.
Pmal Baltle. Stum Car Racer. Golden Axe.
Cadaver. Super Ott-Road Racer loystick.
Mouse, mousemat. Duslcover.
Len spare disks . Box ONLY £399.00 INC VAT WITH 8833 MK II Colour Momlo only £569.00 new PacK new PacK ONLY WHILE STOCKS LAST AMIGA 500 AXE PACK INCORPORATING
• 512K RAM ' Three Manuals I Mb Disk Drive • Operating Syslem 40%
Colours • Built-in Speech Mouse Synihesis
• T.V Modulator
• 10 GAMES’ Golden Axe. Hard Drivin'. Phobia.
Samt & Greavsie. Silk Worm.
Datastorm.Continental Circus.
Turrican. Ninja Warriors Emotion only £349.00 WITH 8833 MK II Colour Mor ONLY £549.00 PacK THE BEST OF PUBLIC DOMAIN AMIGA 500 SpeedBall PACK INCORPORATING ¦ 512K RAM ’ Three Manuals I Mb Disk Drive Operating System ' 4096 Colours ' Built-in Speech Mouse Synihesis ¦ T V Modulator THE 24 CARAT DIAMOND PD. PACK AMIGA 500 + The best 24 Titles available m P D software including Skill game Word Processing, Ami and Electnfying Art too numerous to
• MEGA PACK ) Ball II. Tola Xenon II. Teenage Final Battle Slum C
Cadaver, Supe United r Golden Axe only £349.00 WITH 8833 MK II
Colour Monitor ONLY£549.00 "The aJventoreS of BUT HIGH ABOM&
MMM . I *PrTrouble ) PovjnTown... in ¦To'T'T&NHAM court Road,
London nni... o ilwLr-t .lIiJ NEXT MOAv'TW: Reverse OF nUe
No. 1 FOR No. 1 FOR Diamond Retail Outlets Around The United Kingdom c* i Dorset 0202 716226 i Bristol 0272 522044 i Manchester 061 257 3999 i Warks 0962 312155
• Southampton © 0703 232777
• Romford Z 081 597 8851
• Edinburgh Z 031 554 3557
• Central London © 071 580 4355 REMEMBER, AT DIAMOND YOU HAVE A
CHOICE Export Hotline Bristol 0272 522044 Richard Brown
Authorised tuil service centre at our Bristol Ottlce.
Now ottering same day repairs. Contact Keith our service manager for details Bristol 0272 522044 - NEW PacK NEW AMIGA 500 SKILL PACK INCORPORATING AMIGA 500 +
• Disk Storage Box ' Three Manuals
• 1Mb Disk Drive ' Operating System
• 4096 Colours * Built-in Speech ' Mouse Synthesis
• TV. Modulator • EXTRA St2k HAM
• Dust Cover • Mouse Mai ¦ 10 3.5" Disks ' Dpalnt II
• DIAMOND MEGA 10 GAMES' Man United. Total I Recall, Speed Ball
II, Xenon II. Teenage Mulam Nmja Turtles Final Battle Slum Car
Racer Golden Axe Cadaver. Super Olt-Road Racer * Joystick only
£369.00 WITH 8833 MK II Colour Monitor ONLY £579.00 PacK AMIGA
Three Manuals t Mb Disk Dnve ' Operating System 4096 Colours •
Built-in Speech Mouse Syn;hesrs TV Modulator • EXTRA 51» RAM
Dust Cover ¦ Mouse Mat 10 3 5'Disks • Dpamt II
- DIAMOND MEGA 10 GAMES' Golden Axe. Hard Drivin'. Phobia. Nodi-A
South Silk Worm. Dalastorrr Continental Circus.
Tu»rcar Emotion. Nmia Warriors » Joystick only £369.00 WITH 8833 MK II Colour Monitor ONLY £579.00 p PA*C K Processor QUAUTV AMIGA 500 4DTP ' 512K RAM board ¦ Philips 8833 Mk II Monitor
• SWIFT 9 Colour
• Connecting Lead PLUS HOME OFFICE The ultimate word
processor DTP pack ’ Intergrated Word Processor
• DTP ' Spreadsheet
COLOUR PACK PLUS HOME OFFICE The ultimate word processor'DTP
pack ' Integrated Wordprocessor
• DTP ' Spreadsheet ' Database PLUS 24 pin SWIFT 24 colour
printer Including colour kit PLUS 512K RAM Board Philips 8832
Mk II Monitor £899.00 PacK A590 20Mb Hard Disk with 2Mb RAM '
20 FREE 3 1 2'disks ¦ 80 Disk Capacity, Disk Box ONLY £339.50
A590 20Mb Hard Disk 0Mb RAM £279.00 512K RAM £299.00 1Mb RAM
£319.00 2Mb RAM £339.00 IVS TRUMPCARD D590 40Mb Hard Disk 0Mb
RAM £399.00 2Mb RAM £499.00 4Mb RAM £622.00 6Mb RAM £739.00 8Mb
RAM £939.00 SteK DIAMOND MUSIC MASTERS PACK Everything you need
to create your own in house musical extravaganza AMIGA 500 ?
MUSIC-X (the complete MIDI sequencer as used in recording
studios by the protessioals) + MIDI interface +512k RAM upgrade
StoRe;* AcRoSS IfifU-K!)
- TVe PoauC. N66D PROTECTION ) ,- From scumbags hk.&younj
captain, how can i eve* C Thank you? If. U+dit fit ui yi from
iu. Von on thou1 ui a bttur prut for ihr .mrjioott from onr
of our U companion thrn 'PIAMCt J urti mai. H iKai prut Tiwn
if our prutj hmw tntrtAttd u* udj Sonour lAr prutt in thu cm
item m iuui *i toyi a Ipw bruif) II uwh IfOU VVSA' VI
• VW C” All IM A DAY'S.
Roc vji.
Rihu ‘fttdfjr applm,mil totiuumen pmdunyi or rtU iru) on tAu oditnumrni brfon iht md of tht month of puUuanon h tort noi appUi to comptuior, prutJ offmd IN .Lviv ***•** cUarvur toitt * RAH! YooL%T HAVEN'T 4EEN), TmE I. ACT OF MC.'. WANT A1500?
GOT A 500?
MR DIAMOND’S PART EXCHANGE CENTRE SWAP IT FOR ONLY £499.00 STEP INTO THE FUTURE WITH THE AMIGA FAMILY OF COMPUTERS AMIGA 500 The ideal first time buy. With superb graphics, there is no better machine on the market with 1000's of Top Software titles from as little as £5.00 at Diamond.
AMIGA 1500 2000 rev B For the more adventurous user, this machine not only offers all that the above does but also has capabilities for the latest in video titling and digitising, high quality animations, most general application software and has the possibility of being easily converted to a compatible PC . XT or AT. Most small to medium sized companies can be easily administered on this machine. NOTE - All of Diamond's press advertising is produced on an Amiga 1500.
AMIGA 3000 The Ultimate machine for the serious user, again as well as offering everything from the other two machines it also runs Commodore's new multi-tasking operating system Workbench 2.0. flicker free graphics on- screen as standard. There is even a Unix option for this machine. It runs at 25MHz on a 32bit processor andl undoubtedly sets the standard for professional use for the 1990's Now You Understand The Machines, Improve Your Social Standing With The Ulimate In Amiga Power DON'T YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF TO DRIVE THE BEST?
Full upgrade paths and trade-ins are available on your Amiga 500 from all our branches.
All you have to do is bring in your computer and any accessories and as long as it is in adequate condition then you can walk away with an Amiga 1500 for only £499.00 P X is available from all of our branches.
Come to DIAMOND and meet the Amiga Experts!
T I I I B revision 48Mb V- HD £995.00 AMIGA A 1500 1Mb RAM.
3. 5" floppy disk drive.
Base machine with 2x 3.5" floppy disks and software pack £699.00 all above + Monitor £899.00 with XT Bridgeboard £999.00 INCREDIBLE PX OFFER visit Mr. Diamond and discover what your A500 is worth in part exchange XT Bridgeboard
5. 25" floppy drive £149.00 AT Bridgeboard with either
3. 5" or 5.25" floppy drive £575.00 2000 If you have reached the
limits of the A500 then take advantage of the Diamond Part
Exchange Upgrade Option. Swap your 1 Mb A500 for an A2000 for
ONLY £349.00 Mr. DIAMOND AMIGA 2000 PACK A2000 Rev. B 48Mb
Autobooting Hard Disk, 28ms average access ONLY £995.00 With
Colour Stereo Monitor ONLY £1195.00 The NEW Commodore AMIGA
AMIGA 3000-25-100 25Mhz, 100Mb hard disk An Incredible
£2395.00 INC Mr Diamond Incredible Offer with 1950 M sync
monitor £2595.00 INC AMIGA 3000 4Mb RAM expansion £349.00 This
machine is a veritable workstation; it comes with Workbench
2.0 • The new Commodore Multi-tasking Operating System - It
can run the normal video monitor or a multisync monitor
without having to Tit a flicker fixer. It can even run under
UNIX. This is the machine to set the standard tor prolessional
use in the 1990 s. A2000 base machine Ex-demo A2000 £469.00
£645.00 PC XT & AT Compatibility for AMIGA XT Bridgeboard
5. 25" floppy drive £149.00 AT Bridgeboard with either
3. 5" or 5.25" floppy drive £575.00 IVS TRUMPCARDS The IVS
Trumpcard is the top selling SCSI hard dnve controller.
Representing the latest in technology directly from the USA.
It is the only controller to support IBM. Amiga and Apple MAC
partitions on one hard disk. This allows you to run software
for the three main hardware platforms on one machine. Only one
computer can do this.
HARD DISK DRIVES PHILIPS MONITOR 8833 Mkll colour monitor inc. dust cover and lead JOYSTICKS Tops tars £23.95 Prof 9000 deluxe £29.99 Zips tick £14.95 Speedking £12.25 Navigator £14.99 Flash Fire £11.95 Apache £9.99 The Arcade Turbo £23.95 Gunshot £5.00 Cheetah 125+ £5.00 Ou.ckjoy £18.99 Poweplay £10.21 Challenger £34.95 only £234.00 MEMORY UPGRADES for your A1500 or A2000 with the Supra 8Mb RAM board Bare Board £81.00 Extra 2Mb populated £75.00 Extra 4Mb populated £149.00 Extra 6Mb populated £223.00 Extra 8Mb populated £295.00 Extra HIGH 1024x768 Multisync EXTERNAL DRIVE
3. 5" external drive £54.95 SOFTWARE Pro Page 2.0 £169.95 Pro
Video Post £149.00 Propage Templates £34.95 Propage ClipArt
£34.95 Pro Write £85.00 Sculpt Animate 4D £279.00 Broadcast
Titler II £179.00 X CAD Designer £69.33 X CAD professional
£229.00 Deluxe Paint III £34.95 Digiview Gold 4 £88.13 Pixmate
£35.00 Vista £49.00 Distant Suns £36.00 Pen Pal £81.00 Cross
DOS £25.00 Devpac Amiga £45.00 Hisoft BASIC £55.00 Lattice C
V5.0 £149.00 Lattice C++ £250.00 Hisoft Pro Flight £34.00 Pro
Draw £81.00 Quarter Back £35.00 Video titler £100.00 Turbo
Silver £100.00 Director 2.0
P. O.A. Photon Paint II £23.50 Bars & Pipes £120.00 Excellence
£89.95 Pagesetter 2.0 £44.95 Pagestream 2.1 £129.95 Pro Write
3.1 £89.95 Quick Write £34.95 Scribble Platinum £34.95
Transwrite £27.95 Platinum Works £69.95 Home Office Kit £69.95
Superbase Pro 4 £116.50 Hyperbook £34.95 Wordworth £85.00
IMPULSE IMP52S LP 52Mb 9ms IMP80S LP 80Mb 9ms IMP105S LP 105Mb
9ms IMP170S 170Mb8ms IMP210S 210Mb8ms SYQUEST FUJITSU £229.0
M2612ESA-MJ £369.00 M2613ESA-MJ £399.0( M2614ESA-MJ £599.00
£659.00 90Mb 19ms £249.00 135Mb 19ms £367.00 180Mb 19ms
£495.00 44Mb 28ms P-O.A removeable cartdridge drive TRUMPCARD
FOR ABOVE add FLICKER FIXER Get those flicker free high res
modes use the Flicker Fixer Video Card £299.0C GVP PRODUCTS
GVP COMBO board. The SCSI hard disk controller with built in
68030 accelerator and RAM expansion capability.
RES . 0.28 dot pitch Monitor £349.00 22MHz Combo with 1 Mb RAM £799.00 33MHz Combo with 41 Mb RAM £1495.00 40 Mb SCSI hard disk £249.00 114 Mb SCSI hard disk £449.00 SPEED UP your 1500, 2000 with a Co-Processor board.
Phone for details GVP Senes 2 RAM Card comes with 2Mb RAM as standard.
2Mb £200.00 4Mb £275.00 8Mb £345.00 GVP Senes 2 RAM Card Bareboard £209.00 40Mb £369.00 52Mb Quantum 11ms £429.00 114Mb NEC 20ms £549.00 ICD Adspeed ICD Flicker Free video £250.00 ICD FFF & VGA Monitor £499.00 KCS PC Power board £235.00 AT-Once £169.00 (2000 version also available) £199.00 ICD 600 Mb Tape Streamer 20Mb Disk FLICKER FIXER Hard Disk
P. O.A. Drive
P. O.A.
P. O.A.
P. O.A. NEXUS COMBO’S High speed Hard Disk Controllers taking up
to 8Mb of on board RAM GENLOCKS Rendale £149.00 G2 £575.00
Bareboard £229.00 40Mb £389.00 52Mb Quantum 11 ms £449.00
114Mb NEC 20ms £559.00 Obviously, when you carry as much stock
as DIAMOND, you can’t advertise all your spares; but contact
your local branch and we guarantee you won’t find the part
that you're looking for at a better price.
So what is C.D.T.V. ? Are you confused by all the hype?
If you are , then why not pop into your local Diamond branch for a full working demonstration of this exciting new medium and have all the answers to all of your questions translated by experts from unneccessary gobledegook into plain easy to understand English.
GREAT PART EXCHANGE QFFERS You will be surprised at just how generous Mr Diamond will be when you trade in your old Amiga 500 for a C.D.T.V.
C. D.T.V. ROM, normally £599.00. only £349.00 when you P X your
old Amiga 500 External Amiga A500 ROM Player ONLY £399.00
ENTERTAINMENT EDUCATION £34. M £34.99 £29.9* £29.99 £34.99
£29.99 £29.9* £29.99 £34.99 £29 99 £29.99 £29.99 £29.99 £34.99
£29 99 £1699 £16.99 £29.99 £44.99 £34.99 £29 99 £24.99 £29 99
29 99 £34.99 £39.99 £34.99 £39.99 £34.99 £34.99 £29.99 £34 99
£34 99 £29.99 £34 99 £34 99 £34 99 All Dogs Go To Heaven.
Electnc Crayon Classic Board Games Psycho Killer Wralh ol me
Demon Case ol me Cautious Condor Battlestorm Sim City Delender
ol the Crown Lemmings Xenon II: MegaOlast Indoor Sports Many
Roads to Murder Snoopy Spirit ol Eacahbur Horse Racing Ninja
Highscfiool Cornu Dinosaurs lor Hire Basketball Battlechess
REFERENCE Barney Bear Goes to School Fun School 3 (lor under 5
si My Pamt A Bun lor Barney Mind Run Thomas s Snowsuit Scary
Poems lor Rotten Kids Paper Bag Pnncess The Tales ot Peter
Rabbit Mud Puddle LTV English Indoor Plants Women In Motion
Animated Colouring Book Advance Military Systems Senes Garden
Plants Trees and Shrubs Fruits . Vegetables and Herbs ART &
LEISURE Hutcbinsons Encydopeadia Time Table ol Science S
Innovation Time Table ol Business Politics Dr Wellman £49.99
£39.99 £39.99 £54.99 £39.99 £54.99 £49.99 £34.99 £34.99 The
New Basics Electric Cook Book World Vista Atlas American
Heritage Dictionary Complete Works ol Shakespeare Illustrated
Holy Bible MUSIC 100’s of Titles coming soon!
Buy a system before the price goes Sky High!
SOFTWARE SUPERSALE EVERY DAY IS SALES DAY WHEN YOU SHOP THE DIAMOND WAY ALL THESE TOP TITLES FOR ONLY A RIDICULOUS £5.00 Man United. Totall Recall, Speed Ball II, Xenon II. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Final Battle, Stunt Car Racer, Cadaver, Super Off Road Racer, Golden Axe, Hard Drivin', Phobia, North & South, Silkworm, Shockwave, Continental Circus, Turrican, X-Out, Ninja Warriors, Table Tennis, Chess Player 2150, Datastorm, E-Motion, Dungeon Quest, Grand Master Slam, Kid Gloves, Mercenary. Rick Dangerous, RVF Honda, Shufflepuck Cafe, Soccer. Menace. Blood Money, Saint & Greavsie,
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£699 As obove witn Al 500 S W pock £799 As obove with 1500 S W pock plus 1084 SOI £999 As obove with 1500 S TV .1950 . Flkker Fixe’ £1299 EXTRAS inc vat Slor 1(700 colour pnnlrr mltl Uadi______________________ £195 £289 £189 £224 £229 £47 ESS £44 £29 £75 £619 £199 £264 £319 £399 £469 £6.99 £16.99 £145 £570 £99 £139 £569 £199 £349 £999 £125 £349 £499 £399 Stor 1(74-700 colour prntor reth kadi______ Gtixtfi Sxrih 9 pin colour prmtor mrh hfldl_____ Gmm Sreifl 74 ;« retort nrtoln «rh koto __________________________ . ___________11084501 or Puto 883314UI Srtno cotox Mmror . Koto Sxond
ixtornd 3 S' tom dor.ycW rhrough poll aad fcobk nrrldl PC 880 ortiekkeit drift_____ ASCI Ihf Official CBM S17K (kMetp ...... 517K MM Expomion. Clock ______________
1. S Ml HAM Board (neetoKS
1.3) ...... GVP A500
SO MB H0-7MB ...
KioncfAIEmuloiortoA500 ------------ _... AS90 70M8 Hord
drive______________________________________ AS90 70MB Hord
drrre - exlro 7148 ...
* 590 S7M8 Hord drift________
* 590 57148 Hord drift • 7M_ lOhbnk tosa 1005 gctoroolftd with
PtH noinbftx______ 50 htoo. Far! OPS oue-o-wd .-to PIN no
.. Into* 880? Gffkxi G? Gtntok lor
7000 1500___________
* 2300 inlernol genlock for
7000 1500_____________________________ 47088 Kt Bridgf Boord.
640K. M5 005 3 3 . 525' torre. To 7000 1500 2786 4T Bridge
Board _______________________________________________ 47058 BUB
LAM exp boord. Populoied lo 2MB to 7000 1500 8UP 8U3 LU4 f p
board, pop to BUS to 7000 1500 .. 47630 68034
(0,d. Popirtod to BUB to 2000 1500_____________ Mrcrowv fkkir
fixer to 7000 1500_____ 47041 52MB QnMmbAutohool HO l»
7000 1500 .
* 2091 I OOUB Ouontun Autohoot HO to 7000 1500__________
41950hgkrtscol rnorxwto2000 1500(nettoRfix.)ond3000 _ COMMODORE
PREMIER DEALER Hobbyte proudly onnounce this highest CBM
accolade, awarded lo only the top few dozen CBM deolers
offering the best in expettise ond support All Araigas full UK
Amiga prices, excep’ when stated ate inc. YA1 [.80 Game Busters Winners Box Another doubling up for the first prize this month. Ross Franklin from Surrey and Matthew Sumner from Wiltshire snap up the two £50 Gamebusters vouchers for their combined hints and maps for Indiana Jones. Well done chapsl Your prizes will be on their way soon.
Unfortunately, there was only one answer letter in Helping Hand this month, so there's a £25 voucher off to Paul Netherton. This month's Helping Hand, though, should give you all plenty to work with, so get those answers in!
If you've got any maps, solutions, hints or cheats, then why not try and win yourself a prize! Send them in to: GAMEBUSTERS Amiga Format 30 Monmouth Street Bath BA I 2BW Ah well. The summer's almost over and the winter evenings are drawing in. Soon you'll be huddled up next to your machine playing the latest games to help keep out the autumn chill. But if you're still stuck on your last game, you'll be needing some help to battle through them. Aha! Maff Evans and his Tipsters! The very chap to sort out all of your gaming problems... OCTOBER 1991 Level 2 3 4 5 6 Code LEVEL2 VISUAL COWBOY
URGENT OOPSUP TOPTEN D14DH7 ASDFGH SOLONG SURFIN RACKET BULLIT QRAZZY 36F6FR UNLINK PIXXEL EUROPE NEWTON FREEZE LAUNCH M7MS49 GALVAN KLOWMK JINGLE JCGGER INSIDE 5P25PS KNIGHT HINCQN NOBODY GOODIE 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 THE POWER After giving you a playable demo of this addictive puzzler - and a pretty favourable review to boot - it seems about time we gave you a set of codes to help you through!
There are more levels to complete after stage 50. But you aren't given any codes to allow you to jump any further.
Simon Westwood.
Newark. Nottinghamshire 0QZAY3 187293 QROWY DOU3LE ROLLER CLOSET SLOWLY 5ISNEZ 124816 TARGET ANZING VOHDOH Z97531 WOODIS Y2X3W5 XUQZOX 49 50 Anyone remember the cheat for Striderl If you do. Then you'll already have the cheat for this budget re-release. What's that? You don't remember the cheat? I suppose I'll have to tell you what it is.
Start the game as normal and pause it by pressing F10 once the intro sequence is over. Now press and hold down Help. Left Shift and I on the keyboard. Press F9 to continue the game and you will be able to use FI to F5 to skip levels. Pressing the number keys I to 5 to jump to various stages within a level.
Anthony Hodge lloughton-le-Spring Tyne and Wear LOGICAL Is this game too mind-taxing for you? Can't work out how that gate is supposed to help y ou solve the screen? Maybe the levels are just getting too dull! Never mind, you can always design yourself some new ones. How? Simple. Just read on... To get to the screen designer you need a code. What is it? Well just enter THE FINAL CUT (including spaces) and you will be able to put together your own puzzles.
Adam Chapman.
Coulby Newham. Middlesbrough LED STORM Indiana Jones S and the Last Crusade M R Z E .-*[111 OCTOBER 1991 Lower Level Of Brunt al d' s Cas 11 e . . .
Servants Uniforn Officers UniforM Hotor Bike THE UNIVERSITY To begin with, go into the University and talk to Marcus Brody. It's worth having a go in the boxing ring because Indy will have to do a lair amount of righting once he gets to Castle Brunwald. Go into the classroom on the right, where there are a lot of students demanding to see you. Talk to the students and you will end up in your office.
Go to the desk and remove the letters, junk mail anil papers until there is only a package left. Open the package to reveal the Grail Diary, then leave through the right-hand window. After going with the men in the car. Go to Henry's House.
AT HENRY'S HOUSE Remove the plant on the left and the table cloth to reveal a locked chest. Go into the bedroom and pick up the crooked picture from the w all This is used later on in Castle Brunwald.
Pull the bookcase until it falls on the floor and use the look option until you find a piece of sticky tape stuck to the back. Pick the tape up. Then climb out of the window and go back to your office. Use the sticky tape w ith the jar of solvent until you find a small key. Go back to Henry 's House and use the key to open the chest, where you will find an old book. Once you've the book it's time to trav el to Venice.
IN VENICE Go out of the library and up to the Piazza. Go up to the blonde couple on the left, look at the wine bottle and pick it up. If you look at the bottle first, the man won't mind you taking it.
Go back to the fountain and fill the bottle with water. Then its back lo the library to look for three books This is where to gel them: Book I - "How to Fly a Biplane" From the library entrance, go down to the lower left stacks. The bixik is on the second shelf up at the left-hand end of the stack.
Book 2 - "Mein kampf' Go to the left and carry on to the lower left stacks. "Mein Kampf is the only book in the entire stack which is leaning.
Book 3 - "Secrets of the Roman C atacombs" Go left once more and down to the lower stacks. The book you want is among those in the right-most section. Look on the second shelf up at the right-hand end of the shelf.
Now go to the right until you reach a room with a cordon barrier in front of the stained-glass window and pick up the red cordon and the metal post. Now you need lo get into the catacombs, so this is how it's done: Open the Grail Diary and make a note of what the window lixiks like (it might be worth making a sketch so that you can recognise il I. Also note down the inscriptions on the pillars lo each side of the window. Open the Diary again to read the vv ords written under the vv m- dow. Left refers to which of the two inscriptions is relevant and first, second or third refers to which
number slab you need.
Use the metal post to break open the correct slab and you will be able to enter the catacombs. Refer to the map and each room that is labelled as you come to it.
IN THE CATACOMBS From the entrance go to room number two and pick up the skeleton's arm to get a hook. Now go to room three and use Ihe wine bottle w ith the torch to loosen the mud. Pull the torch and a trap-door will open, making you fall through the floor. Go to room seven and cross the bridge to enter the next room. Read the inscriptions and note down any useful information. Go back lo room seven and stand to the left of the bridge, use the hixvk with the wooden plug, then use Indy's whip with the wooden plug. This will drain the water from room five above.
Next, go to room six and climb the stairs to get back to the first level. Go to room five (which now has the drained lake) and go through the tunnel lo room eight. Use the red cordon vv ith the machine and turn il on once by using the wheel. Leave the room and go to room nine, where the wooden door and the statues arc.
L. ixvk at the Grail Diary to get the correct statue sequence and
push them in the correct order to open the dixir.
Go to room 10. Where there should be a bridge (if you used the machine in room eight correctly). Cross the ravine and go through room 11 and into room 12. Here you need to play the skulls like a piano in a set sequence, so look at the Grail Diary to find the correct sequence. When you play the right tune, a door will open leading to a passage. Go through the passage to get to a maze. The maze is really trial and error, but you want to be heading to the right as much as poss until you reach the room at the righler-most end of the maze.
You should now be in room 13. Open the casket and look at it. Noting down all the important information. When you've got all you need, leave by opening lhe rusty lock, then open the manhole to get back to the Piazza. Marcus and the blonde girl will be waiting and will take you to Castle Brunwald.
CASTLE BRUNWALD This may seem like a pretty old game to print tips on, but there have been a lot of letters sent in pleading for help on this neat adventure game.
So fret no longer, dear readers! Here is all you'll need to win through to the bitter end!
Go in via the grating and into the castle. Tell the butler that you are Lord Robert McFalfa and that you are there to inspect the tapestries.
Ask the butler whether the castle has tapestries and then punch him.
Go right, onto the next screen, and go down into the storage room (room 8). Get the servant's uniform and go back out of the room. Tell the guard outside that you are there to talk with the prisoner and that you are Dietrich's successor. Say that he is looking for information, then go north.
Upper Level Of Brunwald's Castle.. .
Tell the German at the steps you are selling jackets and that you have already obtained authorisation. Sell him the jacket for 15 marks, then go up the steps and find the room with a chest. Open the chest and pick up the 50 marks found inside. Put on the servant's uniform and after conversing with the first guard on the second floor, give him the painting.
Go east and into the room with a smaller chest (room 18). Look in the chest, pick up the uniform and look at it. Carry on along the hall until you meet another Nazi guard, who you must fight. If y ou're hurt there is a medical kit to the south which you can use Put your normal clothes back on before you go down to the first floor. Where you should make your way back to the front hall.
Find the room with the drunken soldier (room 17 71 = Pass code ' 3' = trophy
12) and accept the stein from him. Then go to the kitchen (room
11) which is nearby. Fill the stein from the keg and walk to
the roasting boar. Tip the ale onto the hot coals and take
the boar once the vapour clears. Refill the stein and go back
to the storage room.
Use the key found in the uniform from the chest to open the clothes lock. Pick up the grey uniform and go up to the third floor. Put on the grey uniform and insult the guard until he lets you through. Walk into Vogel's room (room 33) and give the roast boar to the ravenous dog. Open the drawer and get the pass and the trophy. Go to the kitchen and fill the trophy w ith what's left in the keg.
= Guard = Key in uniforM Q3 = Honey = Safe E 3 =First Aid Kit Middle Level Of Brunwald's Cas 11e. . .
Go down to the second floor and find the alarm room (room 29). Go inside and give the
• 'Mein Kampt" book to the guard. Walk over to the security
system and use the stein on the grating, then leave the room.
Go to the art room and push the painling-by-numbers Mona Lisa.
Open the safe and look closely at the picture - you'll need to
remember it later on.
Go back to the third floor, give Riff the Nazi the trophy, then punch him. Find the room with the blue couch and take the key hanging on the candle holder. Next, you'll need to find the room with wires on top of it.
Go to the cabinet and take the 75 marks in there. If you can't find the money, look in the adjacent rooms. When you leave the room.
Vogel will capture you. So give him the Grail Diary. It's a good idea to save the game here!
Push or pull the chair you are on until you are under the axe. Get the positioning right or it's curtains! Push the suit of armour and if you're in the right place the axe should free you. If you're not. Then reload your position.
Get up from the chair and push the left statue on the fireplace. W alk through the fireplace and get on the motorcycle and sidecar.
OCTOBER 1991 When in Berlin, give Hitler your unsigned pass and get a ticket for the Zeppelin. Get Henry to chat to the man at the airport while Indy steals his ticket. Board the biplane and read the instruction book to find out how to fly it. When you get shot down and land on the farm, use the civilian car to get away (the Nazi one hasn't any fuel). Give the border guards your Hitler-signed pass and save the game!
THE GRAIL TRIALS Once you reach the Grail Temple, go inside.
First Challenge Look in the Grail Diary (the one supplied with the game) and find the picture with an X on it.
Click on the same place on the screen.
Second Challenge Look at the top of the screen and walk on the letters that spell God.
Third Challenge Click on the required point on the other side of the chasm.
The Knight and the Grail Use the clues found earlier on to detect the real Grail, pick it up and fill with Holy Water and use it to save Henry before returning it to the Knight. You will now have won the quest!
Gamebustcrs from: Ross Franklin. Woking. Surrey and Matthew Sumner. Marlborough. Wiltshire eg5 Helping Hand Maff Evans kicks off yet another forum for all those frustrated games players having difficulty with their favourite Amiga past times.
To cheat, or not to cheat?
Neil Millard from Salisbury in Wiltshire and Jim Wingham from Sallburn by the Sea in Cleveland are two of the latest people to get in touch about the Elite cheat. Unfortunately, this is a pretty tricky problem.
The original Amiga version of Elite, which was released about three years ago. Did indeed feature a cheat to allow you to enter a hacking screen. However, now the game has been repackaged and updated to work on new machines and the SARA cheat is no longer present. The cheat will only work if you have one of the old batch of copies, so if you've got the new version of the game, then I'm afraid you're a bit stuck Sorry!
Pot luck I'm having problems with the playing map that you printed on The Secret of Monkey Island. My main difficulty is picking up the pot in the kitchen to use for a helmet in the circus. Every time I try. The pot bums my hand. When I try to turn the stew off it says. "I'd better not do that”.
I think that most readers have probably had this problem, so could you please rectify this and help send me the true way.
122 Anthony Stephens, Berry Hill. Gloucestershire OCTOBER 1991 To tell the truth. I don't actually think that most readers have had this problem. - not according to the phone calls I've had. The problem you've got is that you haven't looked around the kitchen properly!
The stew-pot has nothing to do with the solution at all. So leave it alone. The pot you need is the one with a head cheese in it. Which can be found under the table against the back wall. You'll have to be more obserant in future!
There are a couple of problems that people have found however, which can be corrected right now!
When you want to fight the Swordmoster on Melee Island, you don't really have to search through the forest. You can go to the shop and telI the shopkeeper that you want to see the Swordntaster.
When he leaves the shop, quickly follow him and lie will show you the way.
Another problem readers have come across was in printing the recipe for the magic stew. Instead of using the piece of paper with the pot, use the cereal and the ink with the pot instead. Sorry ! The message got a bit mixed up in the transcription!
Staff shortage I hav e bought Seven Gates of Jambala. Please could somebody help me on the staff, where you can put the several pieces of the magic w and together.
Mark Hopkins.
Wigan, Lancashire Ooh. This is a pretty old game. In fact it s so old that no-one around here can remember how to play it properly! If you ve got lhe solution to this problem, then send it in to Helping Hand and earn yourself some moncv!
Fire in the hold Please could you show me a cheat for Persian Gulf Inferno, because I always scent to run out of ammunition and hits.
Ian Donaldson.
Briglitlingsea. Essex Hmm. Not a game that we've ever seen in the Amiga Format office, because it was a bit before our time.
Does anyone else remember the game? Maybe you've played it enough to put together some tips. If you reckon you've got something useful then send it in to Helping Hand at the usual address. The prize money is here and waiting... Zombie holocaust Well you asked for it and so now y ou're going to get it! What 1 hear you Nightbreed Interactive Movie cheat of ask - the course! Press P to pause the game, then type RISEN FROM THE DEAD for infinite lives.
Paul Netherton.
Deal. Kent At last! A reader reply for the issue! Now that ice Ye published a hint for both versions of Nightbreed everyone should be happy. Phew! What a relief!
On the winning team Recently I purchased Team Yankee and managed to complete scenario one. But I am firmly stuck on scenario tw o. I wonder if you can help or maybe one of your readers can?
I. Ellis.
London EJ m afraid that we haven t any information on how to beat the Team Yankee scenarios at all. Hopefully someone reading this column will be able to help you out with some hints, though. Well, faithful viewers, how about it?
Well, the answers to last issue's questions weren't forthcoming, were they? Only one letter replying to a plea. Still. Paul wins a £25 Helping Hand voucher for his Nightbreed tip. So at least someone's happy.
Now then you lot. There's plenty of fuel for you Gamebusting-type people to get your teeth into, so I shall be expecting some letters in from you soon!
The sequel Fans of Amiga games should keep an eye out! Due to the success of the last Screenplay book, our very own Maff Evans will soon be putting a new one together, containing a whole new set of mini-reviews, hints, tips, cheats maps and solutions. The book will not only cover the latest releases, there will also be a few old classics for you more experienced games players.
Barring hurricanes and alien invasions.
Screenplay 2 should be available towards the end of the year, so serious game freaks should have their cheque-books at the ready!
If you're stuck on a particular game or have a solution to a letter printed in the magazine then write it down and send it in to us at HELPING HAND, AMIGA FORMAT, 30 MONMOUTH STREET, BATH, AVON BA1 2BW.
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Public Domain Software, well over 2000 titles in fact To
receive a catalogue send a first class stamp together with your
name and address if you require a catalogue on disk send three
first class stamps instead of one Here are some of our more
popular packs Pack 1 - Home Business Pack This 8 disk pack
contains ' Spreadsheet Word Processor Amiga Spell Memo Pad
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Bag Palace "Pulling the Trigger" Quartex "Substance Phenomena
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Music Disk £11.00 Pack 4 - Adult Pack , 110 Disk Pack) £11.00
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Let IIAM-E take you away from the Amiga's limited 12 hit graphics and into the professional world of 24 hit images. HA.M-K is the most affordable and yet the most compatible 24 bit graphics enhancement for your Amiga. All the software you need is free, even the upgrades! Hut how can we convince you (o buy it? Well, see for yourself... Hardware Features: True 24 bit RGB colour guns give you a complete palette of
16. 8 million colours, with 8. IS and 24 bit display modes.
256 512 colour register modes.
Displays upto 262.IXKl colours at a resolution of upto 384 x 560. (Standard Version) Hi-Res version features custom maths processor for real time anti-aliasing and resolutions of upto 768x560 pixels.
Full Genlock. PAL Encoder and Modulator support.
HAM-E doesn't take up any processing time.
Treat HAM-E pictures and animations as standard II I- files.
Can display both HAM-E and standard Amiga screen modes on your monitor simultaniously.
Display HAM-E images in Dpaint. AmigaVision. Scala.
AMOS, and of course Cando etc. "Paint" Features: Draw, line, circle, box. Etc. and complete Fill modes, with lull light source shading.
Extensive brush and fill control menus.
Fast brush distortion in any shape.
31) perspective and AREXX control make complicated animations
10 colour cycle glow ranges.
Anti-alias, wash, bright, cycle, etc... draw modes.
Both IP and Paint packages fully support standard Amiga fonts including colour fonts.
Full 24 hit palette control screen, allowing large number of multi coloured ranges.
Third Party Support: Spectracolor from OXXI - Full HAM-E support 262,000 colour animated brushes!
Art Department front ASDG inc. Full HAM-E load and save support.
Vista Pro from Virtual Reality Laboratories - Now includes 24 bit HAM-E rendering.
.ID-Professional from Progressive Peripherals inc - Now renders direct to HAM-E.
HAM-E Workshop from Holosoft inc. - Dedicated 256 Register Paint Package.
Image Professional Features: Very powerful 24 bit processing features, eg. RGB correction, melt, antique, caricature, droop, explode, radial wave, motion blurr. Zoom, etc Everything computed w ith 24 bit accuracy.
Multiple buffer and undo functions.
Display modes include 256 colour, average and luma (h w ), 18 bit and 24 bit colour.
Special mode to import directly from Digiview.
New 24 bit paint and brush functions. Allows full 24 bit painting and brush manipulations, all at full 24 bit resolution, upto 32. XX) pixels square.
HAM-E 24 Bit Graphics System Standard Version ONLY £299.00 Hi-Res Version ONLY £399.00 Both Prices include Vat. Power Supply, all cables Image Professional and Paint packages Disiribuied Exclusively in the UK by Checkmate Digital Lid. SO Mildmay Park. London. Nl 4PR. England. Tel 071-923 0658 Fax 071-254 1655 CAMERA CRAZY Three fabulous Canon Ion digital cameras to be won as Electronic Arts celebrate the release of Deluxe Paint iVr possibly the biggest event in non-games software for the last two years... ...and 10 runners-up will collect the Electronic Arts game of their choice!
OCTOBER 1991 THE LOW-DOWN "Why." You might well be asking yourself, if you were a member of one of those perfect TV families w ho appear in all the advertisements. "Why would they want to give away a fabulous new Canon Ion. The digital electronic camera that captures still framc-grabs just as if they were photographs?' Well, there is one obvious reason: Electronic Arts' excellent updated paint and animation program - the only one. Incidentally, that works not only in the 4.096-colour HAM mode but also in all the Amiga's other screen modes too - can use images grabbed by a Canon Ion and
downloaded to an Amiga. Imagine the fun possibilities: touching up your holiday snaps in Deluxe Paint IV or getting out and about with complete freedom to capture images for your on-screen painting. What larks, eh?
Modestly, we reckon this is an amazing prize. After all. Who'd spend £300 on one of these frivolous items for themselves? Anyway, three lucky first prize winners w ill have a heap of free fun with one of these gadgets, while another 10 will pick the game of their choice from EA's enormous catalogue. (I'd go for PGA Tour Golf if I were you - Ed).
THE QUESTIONS What is an ion?
A Something you flatten clothes with, b Something you keep to watch things, c A charged atomic panicle.
What is a canon?
A The bottom of a ring-pull, b A big gun.
C A religious hod.
Which of the following is 'Deluxe Paint' an anagram of?
A Pixie land tuna b L’npixclated c Tuxedo pile THE WAY TO WIN All you have to do to gel your chance at w inning this fabulous piece of photographic technology is w ork out the answers to the three easy questions we just asked you and write them down on the back of a postcard (if you can't get a postcard a stuck-down envelope w ill be fine) along w ith your name, address and - don't forget this, it's imponant! - your telephone number. Then stick a stamp on it and whack it in the post to 'No. It's not Dulux paint!' Compo. AMIGA Format. 29 Monmouth Street. Bath BA I 2DL. All entries must reach us
by October IS. Or they'll be ignored.
THE RULES Employees of Future Publishing and Electronic Arts (including their agents) are not allowed to enter. Also excluded are people who haven't read this page, those who can't read at all and those who don’t want to win any of the prizes. The judges' decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into, no matter how much you stamp your feet. No cash or other alternative to prizes will be offered - you'll just have to grateful for what you receive.
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EMULATORS 0 BELIEVE IT OR NOT. Your Amiga has a lot in common with Bobbie Davro. It may not quite be able to manage a convincing John Major impression, but it can do some pretty decent impressions of its own. And. Unlike Bobbie Davro. The Amiga doesn't have to practice its impressions over and over again in the mirror. If you get an Emulator, your Amiga can instantly mimic such machines as the Mac. PC. ST. BBC and even the humble Sinclair Spectrum.
So what is an emulator? Put plain and simply. It's a program that allows your Amiga to run software designed for other computers by mimicking the operating system of the machine in question. While the emulator is running, the Amiga behaves almost exactly the same as the machine that is being emulated, thus allowing you to run software that is not available for the Amiga.
But why buy an emulator? Why not just buy the computer itself? Well, it's quite true that you could buy the machine you need and run software on that, but this has a number of Jason Holborn takes a look at a new emulator that manages to turn your Amiga Into a hybrid Apple Macintosh and all for a fraction of the price of a new Mac.
Macintosh Emulator ¦ £1 50 (£250 with ROMs) Readysoft A-Max distinct disadvantages. For starters, emulators are usually considerably cheaper than buying the real thing, so they're Financially a much better bet. But there are also other factors to consider. Can you afford the cost of an extra monitor? Have you got the desk space necessary to hold more than one computer? Have you got enough spare pow er sockets? Can you afford the extra electricity? As you can see then, the real McCoy isn't always the best bet.
The Apple Macintosh may not be a computer that most of us are ever likely to use. But it's a big name within the publishing industry.
Believe it or not. The magazine you are reading right now was produced almost entirely using Macintosh computers running the powerful desktop publishing package Quark Xpress. So.
If you need a machine for desktop publishing, lhe Mac is a real natural.
Thankfully, though, you don’t need to pay the high prices that Apple Macs command.
Instead, all you need is A-Max. A powerful hardware-based emulator that will inject a little of that Mac magic into your humble Amiga, letting you run all those lovely Mac desktop publishing programs with ease. Now.
With the recent release of the new improved .
A-MAX 2 PLUS Despite I ho tact that it should have been released over als months ago.
There's still no sign whatsoever of ReadySott's A-Max II Plus. This card- based Mac emulator connects Internally Inside an Amiga 2000 upwards, giving many ot the advantages of the current A-Max II release.
Enhancements include the ability to directly read and write Macintosh format diskettes from within standard Amiga disk drives, lull MIDI support.
AppleTalk compatibility and lull support tor Mac serial porta. The latest we heard was that the American version would be finished at about the end of August, but you can be rest assured that we ll let you know as soon as the UK PAL version Is released.
134 3 PC Emulators SO , KCS Power PC Board C2I0 Bllcon Devices 091 490 1919 Atonco C2O0 Silica Syitems 081 309 1111 Bridgaboard (XT or AT) Phone for price Commodore 0*28 770088 ST Emulators Medusa Card £!50 Macro Systems 01049 6171 73048 Chameleon £30 George Thompson Services 077082 234 PD ST Emulator £3 Deeper Domain 081-204 3954 N you want an emulator which will allow you to run software designed lor the IBM PC compatible*. Then Amiga owner* are absolutely spoilt lor choice. For the A500, the two contenders tor your cash are Vortex'* Atonce and 8ltcon’s KCS Power PC
The Atonce card Is Installed Internally within the Amiga 500. So you may need an experienced electrician to fit It tor you. Based around the speedy Intel 80286. Atonce is one ol the fastest PC emulators around. Unfortunately, screen update leaves a lot to be desired and PC emulation can sometimes be rather shaky. A new version released soon should solve this.
If you're after a simple plug In and go' emulator, then look no further than Bltcon's excellent KCS Power PC card. The card connects to your Amiga 500 via the RAM expansion port and - as an added bonus - H also doubles up as a 512K RAM expansion, giving your Amiga a full Megabyte of RAM. The KCS card also runs at a very respectable rate, with screen refresh being the fastest of any PC emulator available. For Amiga 2000 owners. Commodore's own PC Bridgaboard emulator* are a good bet. These days they can be picked up relatively cheaply.
Making them an attractive proposition. Available In both AT and the slower XT form, the Bridgeboard emulators consist ot a plug In card and a 5.25-Inch disk drive, both of which connect Internally on the Amiga 2000 and 1500 upwards.
Much like Atonce. The Brtdgeboard's are fully multitasking, allowing you to run both PC and Mac applications simultaneously. If you can. Go for the AT model because the XT model Is very, very slow with a Norton SI rating ot |ust 1.0. For a machine that I* so closely related to the Amiga, It took a surprisingly long time for ST emulators to be released on the Amiga. One of the first was the Medusa Card from German developers Medusa. This £80 package consists ol a program disk and a tiny I O board that must be fitted Inside your Amiga.
Like most emulators, the Medusa card requires you to obtain a copy ot the ST's operating system (TOS) on disk as a binary file. Luckily Medusa do Include a ripper program. So a quick trip around to your friendly ST owner Is all that Is needed. The emulator fully supports all three ST screen modes on a standard Amiga monitor and runs a fair percentage of software.
Another German ST emulator Is Chameleon, a software-only package that bears more than a passing resemblance to the Medusa card. Once egaln Chameleon requires you to obtain TOS on disk, although that all-important ripper tool Is not Included, so things are made somewhat more difficult. Chameleon can do everything that the Medusa card does.
But does it at a traction ot the cost.
A far better bet than either ot these emulators la the PD ST Emulator which Is available from a number ol top PD supp Hers. This emulator actually has a copy ol TOS built into It, so It can be run almost Instantly. It too fully supports all Atari acreen modes, but the standard of emulation is not really as good as the other two.
System beep to some quite complex samples.
Most samples play OK. But longer samples often result in A-Max crashing so it's well worth restricting their use as much as you possibly can. Not only this but they fill up hard disk space and swallow up valuable RAM. So you're much better off without them.
Another new addition that is incorporated in A-Max II is SCSI support, which (as long as you've got an SCSI interface connected to your Amiga) will allow A-Max II to directly access Mac-compatible SCSI devices including (theoretically) scanners and Macintosh hard drives.
The original A-Max was a really great emulator, but A-Max 2 is much, much better.
It's one of the few emulators that I've come across that could truly be used as a genuine alternative lo the real thing. So. If you want to run Mac software, then you need look no further than A-Max II. 1 Quite a few packages work under A-Max.
Even more so under A-Max II. I managed lo get programs like Quark Xpress. MacWriie.
Adobe Illustrator. MieroSoft Word. HyperCard and even Mac Tetris working without any problems. They run at a very healthy speed too. Which is unusual for an emulator.
If you have a hard disk. A-Max II now allows you to set up a Mac-compatible partition which can be used to store larger programs and data. Macs are terrible for disk- swapping. So it's well worth investing in a hard drive if you intend using A-Max II seriously. Another advantage is that A-Max II can bool from hard disk, so you don't need that boot disk anymore. Not every hard disk is supported. However. The current release supports a pretty comprehensive range of drives including the Commodore 2090A. 2091. A590. GVP and ICD drives, but it is probably well worth checking that your hard
drive is supported before taking the plunge.
Version 2 of A-Max now supports Mac digitised sound. These range from the simple Mac SPEED • • • • • On a basic A500, A-Max hurtles along. On an accelerated Amiga. It leaves a Classic standing!
DOCUMENTATION • • • • A little brief, but everything you really need to know Is there.
ACCESSIBILITY ••• Obtaining Mac ROMs Isn't a problem, bul you'll need access to a real Mac to gel the OS.
FEATURES • • • • It does everything that a real Mac can do! Colour support would have been nice though.
VALUE • • • • Very good, £250 lor a fully-operatlve Mac is a real bargain!
A-Max II £150 (£250 with ROMs) Entertainment International 0268 541126 OCTOBER 1991 85% Spectrum Commodore 64 C64 Emulator 2 0 £50 ReadySott 0101 416 731 4175 A64 £3 Deeper Domain 081-204 3954 With so many C64 owners upgrading to the Amiga, It was obvious that someone would produce an Amiga C64 emulator. The Hut was the ReadySott C64 emulator which sold tor 50 quid. This consisted ot software and a tiny hardware gadget which allowed a C64 1541 disk drive to be connected and used by the Amiga. And It certainly did the |ob, with the vast majority ol 064 games and utilities working
without problems.
Even programs using complex C64 raster graphics worked tine, although the speed ol emulation lett a lot to be desired.
An even better bet though Is the A64, a brilliant PD C64 emulator. Like the ReadySott emulator, the developers can supply you with a little widget which will allow the 1541 to be connected lo the Amiga. The A64 also seems faster than ReadySott's ottering so Is probably the better bet.
Spectrum Emulator £ N A £ g.Maa SRI 01039 02426559 PD Speccy Emulator £3 Deeper Domain 081-204 3954 Emulating the aged Sinclair Spectrum may sound like the kind of task that the Amiga could do with its arms tied behind its beck, but It has taken a surprising amount of time lor a working emulator to arrive.
Available commercially is an emulator from Milan-based DiglMall SRL This has an emulator program itself and a small Interface that leu a Spectrum tape recorder be connected to the Amiga via the parallel port. This allows Speccy games to be loaded from tape and dumped straight out onto Amiga disk.
Another contender Is the PD Spectrum emulator. This dodgy character isn’t |us! Available on its own - we've already seen several PD suppliers selling the thing with commercial Spectrum games built into it. In particular, one supplier was selling the emulator with no fewer than 20 games built in!
Non-biological A-Max II. Ihcrc seems lillle point in shelling cash oul for Ihe real Ihing, The A-Max II package consisis of two disks and a ralher ugly grey box lhal jusl plugs into ihe disk drive port of your Amiga. Before you can gel il lo strut its stuff, however, you must first install a set of I28K Macintosh ROMs inside the cartridge. These can Ire either bought separately or pre-installed from Entertainment International.
You can also continue to use your external drives while the A-Max cartridge is installed thanks to a pass-thru connector at the rear of ihe unit. There's also a rather obscure extra connector which won't be familiar to most Amiga owners. It is. In fact, a connector for a Mac disk drive, which will allow you to directly read and write Macintosh format disks under A-Max control.
Obtaining ROMs isn't the only problem.
Before your hybrid Mac can bool up. You'll need to obtain the Mac operating system files on disk. And. Surprise surprise, these aren't included, so you'll have lo find a very friendly Mac owner who is willing to part with the necessary System and Finder files. They also need lo be on a special A-Max format diskette, so you'll need access to the Mac yourself lo be able to transfer the files.
Once you've finally got your Mac boot disk and ROMs, you're ready to enter the world of Macintosh. So just boot up the A-Max II software. Set the screen resolution you want and click on 'Go Macintosh'. After a lew seconds you will be prompted to insert your Mac bool disk. If everything is fine, the Mac desktop environment will appear.
From now on. Your Amiga works in exactly the same was as a standard Mac Classic. If you've got a Mac disk drive, you can start running Mac software straight away.
BBC Micro The Emulator 2.0 £50 Commodore 0628 770088 Because ot Acorn s dominance ot the educational market.
Commodore developed a BBC emulator for the Amiga. Called ’The Emulator’ and now available In Its second release. It Is one ol the best available In terms of speed and compatibility.
The speed ot BBC emulation is so last that many programs run faster on the Amiga than they do on the relatively nippy 8BC. Particularly affected are programs written In BBC BASIC - these can run up to seven times taster on the Amiga.
The emulator also supports the lull 6502 instruction set, therefore many legally written BBC machine code programs will run without problems.
Version 2 fully supports reading and writing ol BBC and Archimedes format diskettes, making porting software over onto Amiga disk easier. It also has Its own built-in comms software, allowing the Amiga to talk to a BBC via the serial port.
Homn-o r m o is h o m 30 - o r m o 31 2' (10 capacity box) 'Slimpak' see through £0.95 each 31 2' (10 capacity box) 'Slimpak' ..£0.95 each 31 2' (10 capacity box) see through Vision 10' ......£1.00 each 31 2' (40 capacity box) lockable disk storage box ..£3.50 each 31 2' (50 capacity box) lockable disk storage box ..£3.95 each 31 2' (80 capacity box) lockable disk storage box ..£4.30 each 31 2' (100 capacity box)
lockable disk storage box £4.95 each 31 2' (120 capacity box) lockable disk storage box £6.50 each 31 2' (150 capacity box) lockable and stackable storage box £24.95 each 31 2' POSSO stackable box (holds 150) ....£15.95 31 2' BANX lockable stackable (holds 90) ...£7.95 All disks boxes are anti-static, Amiga beige, contain keys, dividers and rubber feet (with the exception of 10‘s) PRINTER RIBBONS Amstrad DMP 2000 3000 ..... QTY1 .£2.90.... QTY5
....£2.60..... QTY10 .£2.20 Amstrad DMP 4000 ... Amstrad PCW 8256 8512 ..... .£3 90 .
.£3.50... ....£3.60..... ....£3.20..... £3.20 £3.00 Amstrad PCW 9512 ... Brother HR15 20 25 35 .£2.90..... .£2.50 .
....£2.60 £2.30 £2.20 £2.15 Brother Ml009 1109 ... £3 90 ....£3.60 £3.20 Citizen 120DASP10 .. £2.90.... £2.70..... £2.40 Epson MX TX80 85 800..... .£2 90 .
£2.70 £2.40 Epson FX100 105 1000 ...... .£3.60 ....£3.40..... £3.10 Epson LX80 86 .. .£2.90 £2 70 £2.30 Panasonic KXP 1080 81 82 .. .£3 90 .£3.70..... ..£3.20 otar LL1U ... Star LC10 4 colour .... ...... .£5 90 .....£5.30 ..£2.40 £5 00 Star LC24 200 Mono . £3.90 £360 £3 20 PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS JUST A SMALL SELECTION OF OUR LARGE RANGE.
TELEPHONE 0530-813591 FOR PRICING ON OTHER RIBBONS NOT LISTED r- SPECIALS 1 2 meg upgrade (without clock)....£26.95 1 2 meg upgrade (with clock) £28.95 1 2 meg upgrade (with clock) £89.95 Features include: ON OFF memory switch, autorecharge battery backed clock.
Star LC200 Colour Printer . .£259.95 Star LC24-200 Colour Printer... .£279.95 Star LC10 Mono Printer ..... .£158.95 Commodore 1084S Monitor...... .£249.95 Philips Colour Monitor .£249.95 [ref. CM8833) 11 x 91 2 S.P plain 70 GSM Micro per paper Pack 100 .. ....£2.50 Pack 250..... ......£3.95 Pack 500 ..... ....£595 Pack 1000 ... ....£8.95 Pack 2000 ... ..£16.95 r DISK DRIVES h r POWER SUPPLY -i ..... Fully compatible
replacement Power Supply for Amiga 500 ONLY £38.95 31 2 External disk drive tor Amiga, Slimline design colour coordinated throughport connector. 1 year guarantee ONLY £55.95 MICE Amiga mouse, two button fully compatible as replacement £17.90 Naksha mouse inc 2 year warranty, mouse mat & mouse bracket .....£26.95 Geniscan GS4000 Amiga Scanner ..£159.95 THE ORIGINAL MEDIA COMPANY LTD pK DEPT AF, MEDIA HOUSE, UNIT 14, ASHBY ROAD, COALVILLE, LEICS LE6 2LA TEL 0530 813591(8 lin*s) or 0860 922436 (mobile) FAX: 0530 8135 Trade a cs welcome. All prices include VAT.
Corporate, education orders welcome.
Printer Stands (80 col) ......£5.50 Printer Stand with tray (80 col & 132 col) ...£6.95 Tilt n' turn monitor stands for Amiga ...£9.95 Four Player Adaptor ...£4.95 Data Switches (2-way serial or parallel) .....£15.95 Mouse Joystick Extension .£4.95 A4 Desk Top
Holder ..£7.90 Mousemats (deluxe) red. Blue ...£2.95 Mousemats 5mm packaged .....£1.95 Mousebrackets .....£1.95 Amiga printer leads ...£3.95 31 2* cleaning kifs £1.95 Amiga Dust
Covers £2.95 Amiga Screen Filters ......£12.95 Roll of 1000 3 1 2' labels £6.95 1000 Tractor feed labels ..£9.95 Mouse Joystick Switches manual .£9.95 Star LC24 200 dust cover £4.95 Large or small users -
we have the prices for you!
SONY D S D D 135 tpi SO'*; 4?n each £21.00 100 s .. 400 s . 41p each . ,.39p each . £41.00 ..£156.00 800's .. ,.36p each . £288.00 1 200'*; 3Sn parh £420.00 MITSUBISHI D S D D 135 tpi SO s 37n ...£18.50 100's . 400's .. 36p .. ,33p .. £36.00 £132.00 800 s .. 30p ... £240 00 1200 s 29p .... £348 00 All disks are PIN numbered and carry a 100% quality control no quibble guarantee. Disk labels supplied H AMIGAS -h Screen Gems
1Mb ...... ... £349.94 Basic Amiga including Modulator and mouse...... £329.99 Quickshot II Turbo .£7.95 Qmckshot III Turbo £8.50 Quickshot III Turbo Microswitch £8.99 Quickshot Maverick ....£ 11.99 Quickshot Maverick Microswitch £12.99 Quickshot Starfighter Infra Red .....£29.99 Quickshot Apache .£6.50 Zipstick Autofire .£10.99 Plus many more stocked RAM EXPANSIONS h ACCESSORIES 31 2” DISKS JOYSTICKS COMPRISES:
NO NEED TO Screengems SHOP AROUND 1 2 meg additional RAM upgrade 3 1 2' external disk drive R.R.P £679 10 3 1 2' D S D D 135 tpi ... .
Diskettes OMC All inclusive 1 (40 cap) lockable storage box price of 1 mousemat £465.00 inc. VAT 1 mouse 1 mouse bracket A saving o) £214.00 1 joystick 1 Amiga dustcover PLUS the usual 4 great software titles PHONE FOR DETAILS ON CLASS OF 90 s PACK CHEQUES AND P.O. S PAYABLE TO OMC LTD AND SEND | TO ADDRESS BELOW.
CREDIT CARDS SIMPLY TELEPHONE YOUR ORDER ON 0530 813591 (8 UNES) or 0860 922436 (mobile) FAX 0530 813595 FOR OUR IMMEDIATE ATTENTION ZYFI Twin stereo amplified speaker system for the Amiga.
Pack includes: cables, built-in power supply, speakers and easy fitting instructions.
Only £39.95 inc. VAT DELIVERY COSTS T 3-5 day TNT £3.95 SOUNDBLASfER | TO ORDER OMC AMIGA STARTER PACK Next day Carrier £8.95 AMIGA » DEAL DIRECT » DEAL DIRECT” Personal callers welcome at same address a a 1 A SaxonScript N When pixel values cannot be reproduced exactly. PostScript renders the affected pixels in the closest darker shade available at the given screen density. Subtle details are inevitably lost as a result. PostScript halftones also tend to have a grainy appearance because of PostScript's inability to produce irregularly shaped halftone cells.
Introducing SaxonScript Professional.the most powerful and sophisticated PostScript Interpreter available on the commercial market. It's like turning your dot matrix, ink-jet or laser printer into a full fledged PostScript printer, with the added flexibility of being able to edit and manipulate individual files! On printers equipped with resolutions of 300 dpi or more, the output quality of SaxonScript Professional actually exceeds that of 300 dpi Adobe PostScript laser printers!
Halftoned areas in particular, are consistently sharper, more detailed and feature better transitions between various levels of grey than comparable images produced by using PostScript.
PostScript's approach to halftoning limits the maximum number of possible greys to a function of both resolution and screen frequency.
At lower resolutions, this gives rise to the creation of very visible bands of grey which degrade the overall quality of printed images.
FONT CONVERSION UTILITIES SaxonScript Professional supports all PostScript downloadable fonts, including Compugraphic and Adobe Ty pe 1 fonts. Custom utilities further allow you to convert PostScript fonts in Amiga Bitmap, Saxon Publisher or Adobe Type I formats for use in a variety of different applications!
IMAGE CONVERSION UTILITIES Convert your PostScript files into IFF. EPS. Or DR2D formats for manipulation in various paint programs and desktop publishers! Or attach IFF headers to your EPS files, effectively allowing you to view EPS files on'screen!
PRINTING UTILITIES Preview linotronic files for potentially costly errors before sending your output to a service bureau. Print PostScript directly to the screen display to obtain Because SaxonScript's algorithms intelligently switch between halftoning and dithering, any pixel value can be accurately reproduced. Notice the greater detail found in this image. SaxonScript's images arc also sharper and crisper than comparable PostScript images because of the program's unique ability to create irregular halftone cells.
Our unique approach to halftoning docs not limit the number of grey levels which can be printed.
Consequently, no banding is visible in areas containing colour gradients.
This permits smoother transitions and enhances the overall quality of printed images.
Accurate colour proofs on screen. Using the included moire testing program, you can also test screen angles and densities for visible artifacts before printing! After verification. SaxonScript’s proprietary compression algorithms can be used to compress your PostScript files into a more compact PostScript format for faster, i.e.. much less expensive output.
SaxonScript Professional is available at your nearest dealer for only £99.95 inc. VAT! A free copy of SaxonScript Professional is also included with every purchase of Saxon Publisher VI.2. SURFACE UK LIMITED 5 ROCKWARE AVENUE.
GREENFORD TEL: 081-566 6677 MIDDX EXT: 204 205 UB6 0AA FAX: 081-566 6678 FEATURES
• True virtual memory for compatibility with low memory Amiga*,
or under conditions of heavy multitasking.
• A powerful PostScript Interpreter featuring the implementation
of all of the standard PostScript operators.
• Support for all Preferences printers.
• A standard set of fonts, matching those most commonly found
in PostScript printers: Avant Garde.
Bookman. Century School- book. Courier. Helvetica.
Palatino. Times. Zapf Chancers and Zapf Dingbats.
• Support for all Postscript downloadable fonts including
Compugraphic. Adobe Type 1 and Adobe Type 3 fonts obtained from
any number of different sources.
Any PostScript font on an Amiga disk can be manipulated within SaxonScript Professional.
• Conversion of PostScript fonts into Saxon Publisher.
Amiga Bitmap, or Adobe Type 1 formats.
• A full colour PostScript screen preview which is 100accurate to
the limitations of the screen display.
• The ability to convert PostScript files into a compressed
PostScript format for faster output at service bureaus.
• The ability to test screen angles and densities for moire
patterns before printing.
• The ability to integrate individual separations into a single
full-colour document for accurate colour proofs on colour
• The conversion of PostScript files into IFF. EPS. EPSF. Or DR2D
formats for editing and manipulations in various applications
• Automatic sensing ot 68881, or 68882.
• Implementation of all standard PostScript operators.
• An open architecture to allow customisation by PD programmers.
• Delayed printing and print to disk options.
MIN REQ: 1 meg.
2 drives.
‘.Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga Inc. ‘All other products mentioned herein are the property of their respective ow ners Knights Of The Sky Dogfights, Duels and Daring During World War I. aerial technology first made it possible lo lake bat lies to die skv. In the dogfigbling machines which flew wilhoul the radar, compmerised defences and lock-on weapons used today.
Il was an age where pilots learnt their cralt the hard way and depended on their skill alone.
Now MicroProse. Creators of modern jet simulators 1-19 Stealth Fighter and I -1 a Strike I'agle, bring the glory days ol llight to your computer.
Super ill) Graphics convey the dogfighting experience like no other game ever has. F.ncmv planes aren't mere specks in the sky several miles away: they're in lull view - totaling, diving, firing - just 2(1 y ards away . Close enough to see the silk sc arf of an enemy pilot Mapping in the wind, and hear the pitched sounds of furious battle in crisp detail.
More than just pretty art and canned missions. Knights of the Sky takes you through the entire duration of the First World War. The aerial advancements of the period developing alongside your skills.
You can llv 20 planes, including every major fighter in W.W.I.. navigating by act match mapped trenches, roads, cities, aerodromes and anti-aircraft guns.
IBM and Amiga screen snots snown Actual snots may vary In the gallant tradition of the ancient knights, von can even challenge an opponent to a direct head-to-head dogfight on connected computers to determine who is truly World War I s Ace ol Aces.
Knights of the Sky will be winging its way into all good software stores soon for your Commodore Amiga, and is already flying high for IBM PC Compatibles.
MICROPROSE MicroProse Ltd. Unit 1, Hampton Road Industrial Estate, Tetbury, Glos. GL8 80A.
If you r letter writing leaves soi thing to be de j s i re d , re ad Amiga Shopper.
Word processors beat typewriters every time, but which program is best? In the biggest ever test of Amiga word processors, we put 11 programs through their paces, and some are found sadly lacking. You need a word processor, but don’t make an expensive mistake
- read Amiga Shopper.
* • w Anfi 800 x* $ «• rt.1 rot-4 A5*0
• n3 • SC$ i «-K -r»w Ore-* - SCS HTIWACE 4 HARO ONM XUSMG ONLT
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1. 88 « to V T’*«B hMH » 0 A **m IU ,» “»•" Dr»"r»' Ma-49 4 iO
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1 Coot* W ' -* »-«• *VX « M XU
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TICKiCUlS (OR 0PAMT ¦« 80 «x*c a'o-mg - . I k imc *o» « ¦ I
- (I7H KtH ’ v- run V-OZN
• V« 111 N
- V- (I7N ASPI AMIGA .. .
75* ». -88 V-88 PRINTER RIBBONS eOMHTWE TYPES STAR lC?*C (AM STAR ICC (4 *i STAA ICC C0UX* riN cmnn axrooo-ia r«*« cmnN koto w cmzf* bravo
UN pamsomc umnw «« AMSTRAD DMP2003 3000 3 C 325C ON SAMPLING
07* C84C84S P1NPS 8833 oh STAR LC?AC lC?00 lC?4 TEX (EH STAR
HIDDEN EXTRAS (•at '7 V: % excluding books) CARRIAGE CARRIAGE
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order or £7.00 tor guaranteed next working day.
(UK mainland, exc Scottish Highlands) wFREE NEXT DAY DELIVERY ON W ORDERS OVER E500 “ EXPORTS a speciality - add £1.99 tor surface mail or £3.99 tor airmail.
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- Prompt Despatch Simply quote your Ward details, name & address
& your order & leave the rest to us Vbu are not charged until
the goods are despatched. Or send cheque or PO (payable to
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SALES *0274 691115 ENQUIRIES PQ274 678062 FAX LINE PQ274 600150 TRI LOGIC Dept. A.F. Unit 1 253 New Works Road Bradford. BD12 0QP toad )QP O rsneO 19M I ao ¦ |JLOGIC | Established 702k TRILOGIC Is awnapm Sfl' OFFICIAL ORDERS FROM GOVERNMENT t EDUCATIONAL' ESTABLISHMENTS WELCOME BASEBOARO *500 MEMORY UPGRADE ' • RAMKJARO a v*. MtrnU V ou» ,
- w- *v upgxO* C*« *w « A BAS* BOARD Tnniit*: KRAM ? MIG A000N
MODULATOR (74 n HCKfR HXIR »0R 6002000 (7HN IUCKIR IttlR I0R
A500 (7HW Sl**A 8 MIG MIMORT CARO »0R AMRjA 1500'2000 nnn WMW
714-4 r-i *-7 48*8 CMOS 256*4 DRAMS 13300 p* 2JRPLXSOMR (7»
* »•* a* 0*'
I. T. me t . »w« bo" 4 •*. Um«e* (10 » BOOT SHICTOR SWITCH ini 4
06* LBRARt CAS * *&-.
C S1ZI 80 SXZI rasa 150 S121 Nr»5 .i« Me '.I* 250SIZI hwtO"»» 60 SIZE BOX . Dw.im,i 0™.
O) S(ZI BOX . 75Kr, D*., On*.
150 Suf BOX • vov tw.. cp».
PRH'Tf R SWITCH h.p-m 3 WAT PRHTIR SWITCH 74. 0 mxw.
4 7 M 2 WAT PRMTIR SWITCH K . V..n. 3 WAT HJMTIR SWITCH wm 4 WAT PRMTIR SWITCH J4- CONTHUOuS6Qy» PaftR n -95* CONTMUOUS 80»r* PAPIR n -95* PAC*S 9 500 SM&I SKITS 44» V PAC*S Of 500 SMGLi SKITS N«».»id(4 03i.
O' uwgi« .-¦ •.-¦ * CONTMUOUS LABI IS 89
• ««attW COPTMOlOCR x.- Cof’T HolOIR 4Mm «*rMWII» I! ' PRMTIR
STANO -».w «.*t* fi] PRMTIR STANO «o* ia-mn n*8«*» UV
• ¦MIDI COMPATIBLE QUARTET- ,* SOM*- tt oiiun wsc- rv StOUENCfR
OM 4 MUSCX.tr rv MUSC * AMOR* (V DR h TIGER CU8 »**•**-
'-8f«Od U- DR ll V9 » (8Kn *C» *0*C M’ *Ol*V OV3 ScwoW 0*f».
I«bln H Owj oi«n C2000 CortN* Kntomt I7UN EASY1 TOUCH SENSITIVE
fra*** Inmomn & RE AO •. 4m« n ._.»»..»¦
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* CS TrV* »77H IRCRCMATKS kvo.i.1. c; n
• PCROMATKS GCU«.|.1. (77 B MCRQ E»WSH OCV 0.1.1. (77K
1*0(77* AMIGA APPETISER S»-8*» *rt».my
* « r 1
• • ~- d»•-» (K» MASTERING CU m« WOROPROCESSORS & DTP kmmqrkT
- AN00 -r'rtN
mk2 STEREO MONITOR + cable & dust cover.
CARTOON CLASSICS + CITIZEN 120D+ PRINTER' 1+ cable & dust cover.
£509.99: I (H' 77 STAR LC10 PRINTER - £519.99) £564.99 FREE TUTORIAL VIDEt CARTOON CLASSICS + CITIZEN SWIFT 9 COLOUI + cable & dust cover.
(Add £210 to include Philips CM88H-2) SCREEN AMIGA 500 KEYBOARD BUILT-IN DISK DRIVE 1MEG MEMORY MOUSE TV MODULATOR flDIO Whilst stocks last)
• - NEC SCSI Dfive A" c £349 99 ho,d drives £369 99 supplied £599
99 formatted & | 6324 w ready to use.
CITIZEN PRINTERS (2YR WARRANTY) I AMIGA Olivet disk included I CITIZEN 120D. £144 99 I CITIZEN 124D (24 pin) £199 99 IciTIZEN SWIFT 9 COLOUR £199 99* I CITIZEN SWIFT 24 COLOUR £299.99* | FREE PRINTER CABLE -t cw FREE Pack ol paper II you collect ¦"“» tow power. LOW COST 1 2 MEG UPGRADES.
PHILIPS CM8833 mil 2* £239.99 COMMODORE I084S* £269.99 INTRA 14‘ hires multisync - flicker fixer compatible. 1024*768 £349.99
• . Sleteo speakers built-in. Htra hat no tpeakers |
• use o ZYFI sleteo syslem - ONLY £39 99 extra FREE CABLE WIIH
ROCTEC RF332C ONLY £54.99 Slimline Med case. - only 0.9' high. Disable switch . I meg (unformatted!. Low power consumption. Thru port STAR PRINTERS STAR LC10 B W £164.99 STAR LC200 colour £209 99 STA R LC24-200 B W £269.99 STA R LC24-20O colour £309 99 STAR LASER4 £1249 99 FREE AMIGA CABLE ? FREE Pock ol poper rf you collecl HARD DRIVES.
AMO 2CV"og . Orrog QAM AM0 20mog . Lmog QAM AMO XV"og . ?meg QAM OA’Af iv£Q 500 56f"og * 0ATA£IV£Q500 iX-rrog* DalAf tv£Q 2000 56mog* DATAf ivfQ 20CO I30r"og* AMO 56mog UPGQACC KIT- AMO 130mog U« GRAC€ KIT* £499 99 £249 99 £429 99 HOWTO ORDER. - NO HIDDEN EXTRAS. Pnc««udt.omi.9»i.Ao.- BY PHONE.: Just coll our soles hoi line 6 ordei using youi Access Maslercoid or Visa lot someday despatch. We don'l charge you uni Ihe goods ore despatched BY MAIL: Sim pi send your order, name 4 address • day lime phone no, & cheque or Pos (mode payable lo TRILOGIC), or enclosed your C Cord no., expiry dale &
signolute CARRIAGE All goods ore senl by return ol post (subject lo ovollobilly) pottoge poid Next working day (le nol sat or tun) delivery. (UK mainland exc Scottish Highlonds) is £7.50 extra Orders over £500 ore sent next day delivery FREE ol charge. (Cheques must cleqr belore goods are despatched) Worldwide exports o speciality 6 OFFICIA L orders from gov I 6 educational establishments welcome CALLERS WELCOME - Hours dam-6pm Mon - Fri. 8om-4pm Sot * but subject lo monulocturers price increases TRILOGIC, Dept AF, UNIT 1, 253 NEW WORKS RD, BRADFORD, BD12 0QP Enquiries: 0274 678062 Fax: 0274
600150 MINI HARD DRIVES THE ICD MENTALITY All of ICD’s products are always to fit inside an A500. Sometimes they work with an A1500 or A2000 but they always work with an A500. Another ICD habit is to pack chips and components into the smallest possible space and to use as few components as possible. This has three main results. First, ICD boards use as little power as possible - neither of the hard disks made the power supply complain, even with extra memory.
Second, ICD boards tend to be cheaper because they use less components and purchase in bulk. Mind you, ICD have no direct competitors: I know of no other internal hard disks or massive internal memory boards.
Thirdly, packed printed circuit boards are difficult to repair. The good news is ICD boards are guaranteed for one year, and they are always willing to repair their old products. The software's an exception: back it up straight away, as after 90 days it will cost you to get it replaced.
NOVIA 30i and PRIMA 105 Available from: Power Computing 0253 734218 disks into the back of them. So you have to disconnect one to use the other.
Internal hard disks like this one don’t have that problem, simply because they don't go on the outside expansion connector. If you have one of these, you don't have lo chop and change. They also have the benefit of not taking up any extra desk space - the A5(X) is quite large enough without putting any extra boxes on the side.
Attaching a Novia hard drive is similar on any Amiga (they work with every model with I Mb of RAM or more, except an A3000).
O 3 CD m 70 THE SOFTWARE With all hard disks comes a floppy disk containing the formatting and preparation programs to configure the hard drive exactly how you want it. ICD Formatter does the job, and does it well. It consists of a single screen, with all the options contained on control buttons - just point and click to change something.
If this is the first hard drive that you’ve ever encountered, then ICD Formatter is slightly complicated - you'll probably need to read the reference section in the manual to get a good idea of how it all works. Still, It's a far cry from the early days, when hard drives were set up by typing obscure CLI commands.
• o vO (IN)COMPATIBILITY One question which people often ask is
"Does the Action Replay II work with an internal hard drive?".
The answer is yes, but not necessarily how you expect it to.
Many people assume that all the software and hardware will work
fine with their new hard drive. Sadly this isn't always the
case - not by a long chalk.
Quite simply, an awful lot of software is written to work with floppy disks only. Many Amiga programmers do not own (and have never come into contact with) hard disks. Some do not even use Amigas. It's not really surprising that products fall over when put onto hard disk.
The problem with the Action Replay cartridge is that the software makes no allowances for hard disks at all. It would be extremely simple In theory to have a program running and snapshot onto hard disk to play later - in practice it Just won't work, because the cartridge cannot communicate directly with hard disk. You have to use floppies as an in between stage.
THE REASON FOR gelling a hard drive escapes many people. They are expensive (compared lo lhe price of an Amiga), they don'l drastically improve programs and apart from being a big. Fast disk, they appear lo be a complex piece of yuppie junk.
It's a very different story when you actually get your hands on one. A hard disk is best imagined as a permanent storage space which isn't affected when the computer is turned off (unlike a computer's memory which vanishes at the flick of a switch). You can put many different programs and lots of data files onto a hard drive, depending on how big it is.
Hard drives come in many sizes, always catergorised by Mb (MegaBytes - 1.024 X
1. 024 or 1.048.576 characters). Usually the smallest size is 20
Mb. And the greatest is about 300Mb. So with even a small hard
disk like the Novia. You can have your favourite word
processor, paint program, sound sampler.
DTP. Extra fonts and so on. And still have lots of space to store your work on. The Novia comes in 20 Mb and 30 Mb sizes.
Add to this the extreme speed of hard disks (typically a quarter or less waiting time than floppies) and you can understand that a hard disk can form the heart of a very flexible computer system. If you're just a games freak, though, then you'll be disappointed to learn that few games will go onto hard disk (generally simulations slratcgy adventure games are usually fine).
The best feature is (so long as you have Kickstart 1,3 fitted, and the majority of Amigas fall into this category) that a hard disk will automatically start working - "autoboot"
- when you turn the machine on. Imagine never having to swap a
floppy disk again. If you don't know your Kickstart number,
it's displayed by the hand icon when you turn the machine on.
The A500 only has one connector on the outside lo connect a hard disk to: it's the long double row of contacts on the left-hand side of the machine. Up until now. That's where all hard disks connected onto the A500.
This has caused a couple of problems. For one thing, that's where very large memory expansion boards plug in. Although nowadays most hard disks can have extra memory for the computer too.
The real hassle is that some expansion units (freezer cartridges like the Action Replay II are the chief culprits) insist on being plugged in there too. And they don't have through ports either - you can't plug hard Do you want an invisible hard disk? PAT McDONALD takes a look at the Novia30i, a hard disk that keeps itself out of sight.
Novia 30i Internal Hard Disk ¦ £399 ¦ ICD First, you have to unscrew the case of the computer - this invalidates the warranty of the .machine, which is worth bearing in mind.
Next, you have to find the 68000 central processor chip, and lever it out of its socket with a flat-bladcd screwdriver or a similar tool. Pop a small circuit board into the socket, plug the chip into a socket on the top. And you're nearly there.
All that's left to do is connect a cable from the board to the hard drive, and position the hard drive (which is the size of a packet of cigarettes) somewhere convenient in the machine. Screw everything back together and you're there.
The manual helps with this procedure, but it suffers a bit because it also includes instructions for the AdSCSI 2000 2080 boards, which arc a totally different kettle of fish. A couple of illustrations would have been very useful too. There is a lot of general information on hard drives though, which is interesting if not immediately helpful.
The most obvious feature of the Novia is that it's extremely quiet. When the Amiga is screwed back together you'll be hard pressed to hear any noise at all. Totally unlike any other hard drive.
The drives are setup at the factory, and generally need few changes. If you want the drive split into more than one area (partition), then you'll have to do that yourself, but the only other modification I needed to do was to change the startup-sequence so that the keyboard was GB rather than USA - which is hardly life threatening.
The drive contained a minimal amount of programs and data - just a little slice of the Workbench disk really. Oddly enough there was no Shell icon on there, but after some copying it soon fitted my needs perfectly.
My needs? I have a real problem w ith my A500. Quite honestly, fitting an external hard drive is tricky, purely because of the lack of desk space. The Novia. With Prolext HARD DRIVE version 5. Is ideal and could easily handle all the copy I write for the next three years or so.
If you don't fancy the Novia, you might like the idea of an internal hard drive that's bolted down. PAT MCDONALD investigates.
Prima 105 Internal Hard Disk ¦ £499 ¦ ICD There arc some disadvantages to the Novia. There is no SCSI port, so you cannot connect more than one hard disk drive to your Amiga (external hard drives nearly always have SCSI connectors on the back). Secondly.
I am unsure of whether it works with accelerator cards or nol: they plug into the processor slot as well, although the ICD AdSpeed works well enough.
Thirdly, the mounting of the hard drive is not rigid - it's mounted on three sticky pads which cling to the main board of the computer.
One severe knock and something could quite easily be damaged.
Then again, who juggles with their computer - it's a remote chance but still possible.
The Novia supplies all the basic features of a hard drive well. So if you do want a large capacity hard drive or possibly two. Then it's not for you. On the other hand, if you just want one hard drive, preferably out of sight.!out of mind?) Then the Novia is well worth considering. '-J THIS HARD DRIVE is really an improved version of the Novia 30i. It comes in two different versions: 42 Mb and 105 Mb for those people who need a hell of a lot of data storage. The actual differences are not so much in the board - this is virtually identical lo the Novia.
The similarity ends at the hard disk itself.
Rather than being a miniaturised Novia. It's a slimline Quantum AT type. If that doesn't mean much, let's just say that Quantum probably make the fastest and most reliable hard drives in the world.
Actually fitting the device is similar to the Novia: unscrew the machine, take out the processor. Plug in a small circuit board, plug in the processor onto the small circuit board and connect it up. The most important difference is where the hard drive goes.
Rather than sticking onto the main Amiga circuit board, you take out the internal floppy disk drive and screw the hard drive into the empty space. A small lead plugs into the power connector used by the internal floppy disk drive.
Put the screws back in and you're there.
There's no chance of this hard drive coming adrift, but of course you now have a surplus internal floppy disk drive. They don't have a high resale value - you'll be lucky lo get £30 for one. There's not a lot else you can do with them, unless you want to get a case. Lead, connector. Soldering iron and wiring details. Then you could make another external disk drive.
There's not a lot I can really say about the Pnma that I haven't said about the Novia. It's faster, noisier and has more space, but you can't easily tell the difference without examining the floppy drive. Well, you can. But only by checking how large the hard disk is and working things out from there.
The manual for the Prima would appear to be a section in the AdSCSI 200(V2080 Novia manual. I can't tell for sure, purely because I have only seen some pre-production photocopies, but they appeared to be additions to the ICD hard disk manual. All the same, it's fairly easy to set the whole thing up - only marginally more difficult than the Novia.
Prima is a good all-round hard drive, but I must say it's an awful lot of effort to go to (and pay for) given the end result: an Amiga with a hard drive. It's fast and does the job.
But I would think that most Amiga owners would like to show off their new expansion, rather than have it under the bonnet.
OCTOBER 1991 However, if you really need a combination of hard drive connected plus something else on the left expansion port, then the Prima is definitely superior to the Novia. Either of them will serve the purpose, but the Novia is slower, smaller and potentially hazardous to the inside of the machine. O ICD Novia 30i SPEED • • • Acceptably fast, but not awe-inspiring when dealing with very long files.
DOCUMENTATION • • • Tells you most things you need to know - and a lot of stufl that you don t. ACCESSIBILITY • • • • Installation software is powerful and uncomplicated, although the manual isn't so good here.
PIATURIS » • • • You can’t add other hard disks but you can use the expansion port.
VALUE _• • • 30 Mb of disk space for the price is not particularly amazing.
WaNK*. _ _ (ferdic) 73% LyanMir SHUFFLEBOARD SOLUTION II the Prlma's hard drive unit replaces the (loppy disk drive, how do you use floppies? ICD supply an ingenious solution with the Prima called the Shuffleboard. This fits In a similar way to the small circuit board.
The Even CIA chip has to be levered out. And the Shuffleboard plugged in. The chip plugs into the top. On the Shuffleboard are two jumper type switches - you move a jumper to set a switch on or off.
The first switch Is the shift function. This puts all the floppy drive numbers down by one. So df1 (the first external disk drive on an A500) becomes dfO, d!2 becomes df1 and so on. That way, you can bootup a disk In an external disk drive.
The other switch will disable all floppy drives except for dfO.
This is only necessary with certain pieces of software that only work on machines with one disk drive like the original Kick Off game. A thoughtful addition nonetheless.
The inclusion of the Shuffleboard is just what the doctor ordered, because the hard drive has to sit somewhere and every Amiga should be able to use floppy disks, even If It Is only to play the Amiga Formal Coverdisk.
Prima 105 speed • • • • • It Is very last and compares very well with any other hard disk.
DOCUMENTATION • • • It looks like It will be an addition to the all-in-one ICO hard disk manual.. ACCESSIBILITY ••• Although the Shuffleboard lets you use lloppies, you need to have an external disk drive.
It does things that no other hard disk can do, like remain discrete.
VALUE • • • Vou‘11 need an external drive as well.
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Personal Cheques WiH Require Clearance Before We Can Despatch Your Goods Afl Prices Coerect At T*ne Of GcMng To Press AM hems Listed In Our Advernsments Are Ex Stock Ready To Ship Unless We Advise Otherwise Computers Are Always Tested Before Despatch E*OE Snapshot P image (that's an interlaced Amiga screen, not an interlaced signal - as the techies will tell you. Composite is always interlaced). If the 'lace' setting is even slightly out. The lace control starts flashing wildly. To put it to rest, just turn the control knob until the lace LED stays on permanently.
The RGB Splitter also has its own sync control. But this is handled automatically by the hardware, so there's little point in even knowing that it's there. What there is. However. Is a big. Chunky colour saturation control which comes into its own when digitising HAM images.
The incoming video signal can be viewed simply by connecting a composite monitor to the digitiser unit. Altering the contrast, brightness and saturation of the image is a little hit-and-miss without some form of monitoring. So it's well worth taking advantage of this feature. I simply connected a lead between the digitiser and my Amiga monitor (the CVBS connection) and switched between the two (Amiga video) whenever I needed to.
The SnapShot software is a very posh little number that is absolutely bursting with features. It's fairly intelligent too - if you try to switch into colour mode, the software checks the hardware to see if the RGB Splitter is connected and then proceeds to tell you where to go if the Splitter isn't present. It can also perform a sort of system check that checks all the polls on the digitiser to see if everything is running OK. This way. If something does go wrong, at least you know exactly what it is.
This is the sort of user-friendliness lhal really has lo be applauded.
The digitiser is controlled via a nice friendly panel that runs in its own medium resolution screen in the foreground. Behind this screen is the actual digitised image itself, which can change in both maximum colour and resolution. SnapShot supports virtually every Amiga screen mode including low. High, medium. HAM. 64 colour Extra Half Brite and even ovcrscanned displays. I'm surprised that it doesn't support the new Enhanced Chip Set (ECS), which is a surprising omission. It may well cater for the masses at the moment, but ECS support will become important as soon as 2000 and 500 owners
get their hands on it.
The one mode, though, that will see the most action has to lie HAM. There's something about this quirky mode that makes people experiment. And w ith 4.096 colours on offer, it produces almost photographic images.
Snapshot Pro fully supports HAM with two grabbing modes dedicated to it. The first is FastHAM which grabs a HAM image in a matter of a second. The results are rather good, but you can improve upon them further using its second HAM mode: HisloHAM. This takes far longer, but the results are much superior.
146 THANKS TO THE Amiga's popularity within the graphics industry , there's no shortage whatsoever of quality video digitisers available. These powerful devices can turn the image you sec on your television screen into a formal that can be used (and abused) on your Amiga. Whether you use your Amiga professionally or just for fun. Video digitisers provide a quick and easy way of pulling high- quality artwork into your machine.
Unfortunately, digitiser manufacturers still haven't really managed to produce a digitiser that quite hits the mark. OK. Those that are available can produce some impressive results, but the simple fact remains that the vast majority of Amiga owners basically want the same thing from a digitiser - that is. They want lo be able to grab full colour images from video tape. Unfortunately, such a digitiser didn't really exist... until now. That is.
SnapShot Pro is a new digitiser from Germany that certainly seems to fit (he bill.
It's a real-time colour video digitiser that excels in grabbing colour images from video tape. It also does a pretty impressive job of grabbing from other video sources, so prepare to be impressed.
The hardware consists of two rather dull looking boxes, each of which boast nothing more than a few knobs and Hashing lights to brighten up what is otherwise boring hardware. The first (and most important) of these is the digitiser itself which connects lo the Amiga via the parallel port. This in itself will happily grab frames, but only in mono. If you want to grab in colour, then that second box is an all-important addition.
As you've probably already guessed, that second box is none other than our old friend the RGB Splitter, although this one is rather more capable (and more expensive) than most.
The colour video signal is fed into the RGB Splitter and then passed through to the digitiser as three separate red. Green and blue signals. As you can probably already start to appreciate, there's a fair old bit of spaghetti hanging out of the back of this thing. Perhaps a ribbon cable would have been a much better bet. But there you have it.
On the front of the digitiser are three controls which allow you lo alter certain aspects of the incoming signal. These include contrast, brightness and an extra 'lace' control which is used to sync in the digitiser to the incoming video signal when digitising an interlaced If you thought all great Amiga products came from America, then think again. Jason Holborn takes a look at an excellent new real-time video digitiser from Germany.
Colour video digitiser ¦ £580 ¦ HB Marketing 0753 686000 The image quality of any mode can be enhanced still further by taking advantage of Snapshot's Fourfold Scan option. When activated. This forces SnapShot to sample the image four times, producing an approximated image from the four exposures. This has the effect of cutting out a lot of signal noise, which can ruin a good digitised image.
READERS DIGITISER CHOICE SnapShot Pro is only one of a vast range of video digitisers that are available for the Amiga. Obviously, it would be impossible to cover them all here, so we've narrowed things down a tad and just covered the more popular units.
When grabbing in mono. SnapShot is a true real-time device, but the same doesn't hold true when you start working with colour.
Because it doesn't have its own built in frame buffer, you must pause the incoming video signal before it can be grabbed. As a result, it's worth getting your hands on a decent VCR as this will affect image quality substantially.
You are not just restricted to producing single digitised images though. Using its powerful animation facilities, you can create animations that call upon images from the real world. This is nothing new. But Snapshot's animation tools are a cut above the rest.
FRAMEGRABBER 256 (£575 Marcam 081 941 6117) - If you're after a digitiser that has every bell and whistle under the sun, the this has to be it. The FrameGrabber is a full real-time colour digitiser that can grab moving frames in real time. Unfortunately, it's got a price to match.
In its most basic form, it can build up an animation by grabbing frames continuously from video with little or no interaction from the user. This is basically the same method used by VidiAmiga which, whilst certainly effective, can result in wasted memory when a large percentage of the frames are duplicated.
SnapShot has some extra features which allow you far more control over how the animation is constructed. The first of these is lime delay, which allows you lo build up an animation by grabbing a single frame every so many seconds, minutes, hours VIDEO DIGITISER 2 (£90 Datel 0782 744707) - It may be cheap, but Datel's unit is certainly a capable performer. Its features are very similar to VidiAmiga, but it also has some very nice software which offers SnapShot-like animation facilities but for what is a fraction of the price.
VIDEON (£250 Power Computing 0234 273000) - This digitiser, of Italian origin, is probably the closest competition to SnapShot Pro, despite the fact that it is over £200 cheaper. It too can grab a paused image in full colour, but the results aren't that special.
Or even days. If you've ever watched a natural history film, then you will have already seen how effective this technique can be for capturing slow moving objects in action (a flower blooming, for example).
The one feature that really makes SnapShot stand out is motion detect, a technique where by the computer analyses incoming frames, comparing each with the former to see if differences exist. If it does find a difference, then the frame is stored in memory ready to be compared w ith any follow ing frames.
DIGIVIEW 4 (£150 HB Marketing 0753 686000) - If image quality is paramount, then DigiView is the best there is. Using a conventional mono video camera and colour filters (it can't grab from a colour signal unless used with an RGB SpliHer), DigiView produces some of the sharpest and most colourful grabs you're ever likely to see on an Amiga screen.
For an extra 50 quid, you can lake the hassle out of controlling your video recorder by letting SnapShot do it for you. Using a little widget it mimics the signals produced by your video remote control, the SnapShot software can then be set up to automatically carry out operations such as single frame advance, pause, play etc. Obviously you need a video that can be controlled through remote, so there's little point buying the controller if your recorder is older than the Queen Mum. In use. The controller does the job. But I wasn't that impressed.
Unless you know exactly what you want, using SnapShot to control your video can be a real pain. Personally. I’d rather play with the little black box that came w ith my VCR.
VIDIAMIGA (£120 Rombo 0506 414631) - Rombo's VidiAmiga is very similar to DigiView apart from the fact that it operates in real time when grabbing black- and-white images. It can grab In colour (using the same technique as DigiView), but the results are far from satisfactory.
SnapShot Pro itself is an absolutely stunning system that combines some well designed hardware with some quite excellent digitising software. It's the kind of digitiser that Amiga owners who own a VCR have been crying out for. Being able to grab very high-quality images from pre-recorded video tape is not only extremely useful, but it can be fun loo.
147 The reservation I have about SnapShot is its price. When you consider the digitiser isn't much cheaper than Marcum's FrameOrabbcr
256. It suddenly doesn't scent such a good proposition. If it
could grab colour images in real time then it would be a
different story.
OCTOBER 1991 In some ways. Snapshot's better than FrameGrabhcr. Though it won't handle realtime colour but it blows the FrameGrabber away when it comes to grabbing from video tape. As an all-round performer. FrameGrabber is probably the better bet. But otherwise I'd strongly advise you to check out SnapShot. O Snapshot Pro speed • • • • Very good Indeed, although higher resolution Images can take a long time to grab.
DOCUMENTATION • • • Fairly comprehensive and easy reference.
ACCESSIBILITY ••••• Forget the manual, just get stuck right In - It really Is that easy to use!
FEATURES • • • • Apart (rom the lack ot real-time colour support.
SnapShot Is a very capable system.
VALUE • • Very expensive. It HB Marketing could knock this one out for £300. Then I would be the first in the queue to buy one!
Wank*. _ ferdid 78% SAVE PICTURES AND MUSIC TO DISK Pictures and sound aamplaa can be savad to disk. Flloa an aavod dboctiy IFF tonnat aultabla lor uao with all tho major graphic and muaic packages. Tamplaa ara dlaplayad aa acraan waveform.
SLOW MOTION MODE Now you can alow down tha action to your own paoa. Easily adjustable from lull apaad to 20% spaed. Ideal to ha Ip you through tho tricky portal RESTART THE PROGRAM Simply proas a key and tho program will continue whore you loft off.
FULL STATUS REPORTING At tho proas of a hay now you can viaw tha Maohhw Status, Including Fast Ram, Chip Ram, Ram PI ah, Drhra Status, ate.
POWERFUL PICTURE EDITOR Now you ean manipulate and search for screens throughout memory. Over 50 commands to odM tho picture plus unique on screen status ’overlay" shows all Action Replay II now has screen colour pralarancaa with menu setup. Customise your screens to suit your taste. Vary simple to ueo.
DISK MONITOR Invaluable disk monitor • displays diak tnfarmatlon In easy to understand format.
Full modify savs options.
DOS COMMANDS Now you have a selection of DOS commando available at all times . DIR, FORMAT, COPY, DEVICE, ate.
DISK COPY Disk Copy at lhe press of a button - faster than Dos Copy. No need to load Workbench - available at all limes.
BOOT SELECTOR Either DFO or DF1 ean be selected aa tha boot drive when working with Amiga Dos disks. Vary useful to bo able to boot from your asternal drive.
Full M68000 Assembler Disassembler Full screen edllor Load Save block Write String lo memory Jump lo speclllc address Show Rsm as text Show frozen picture Play resident sample Show and edit all CPU registers and Hag Calculator Help command Full search feature Unique Custon Chip Editor allows you to see and modify all chip registers - even write only reglslers Notepad Disk handling - show actual track. Disk Sync, pattern etc. Dynamic Breakpoint handling WARNING 1988 COPYRIGHT ACT WARNING lk3 n*liber co'nJararc "or dut’iO’aos It'd uoo Ol (1 POAiCtt 0' tfi* re0fOduCM9fl ’•r.'twi ot P«I» jvoaucl
arc Oos,qr«u ‘a tatucowco only wfhvn'd 0» v' ihA" C«c-3f*mi or sgtrvvjre «f«irit pt fnvu Gn fo rtUna DgcXuDH ’MS t P0'i*«st*ao ol r.n« iOpyKJI’l OwtMtf or trig IC*nCM Vwrgot Show memory as HEX. ASCII, Assembler. Decimal Copper Assemble Disassemble - now with suttix names I • ' • tpll!. • • If-1 • ScectnouiCsi L i m t e d MOW TO GET YOU* OBOE* EA&Tf TELEPHONE [24Hrs] 0782 744707 CREDIT CARD ORDERS ORDERS NORMALLY DISPATCHED WITHIN 48 Hrs. ALL CHEQUES POSTAL ORDERS MADE PAYABLE TO.... Q DATEl EL ECTROMCftSm Q GOVAN ROAD, FENTON INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, FENTON, STOKE-ON-TRENT, ST4 2RS, ENGLAND.
• New design hardware now plugs into expansion socket of A500
completely freeing the parallel port. • Save flies In Raw or
single, multi-octave IFF format.
• Surface mount technology, twin A 1) converters for realtime
stereo sampling.
• Extensive filters for extremely clean and noise-free sampling.
• Through bus allows existing add ons. E.g. hard drive.
• The NEW Sampler II software has been completely re-written In
100% Machine Code and incorporates faster routines, bigger
displays and many new editing features such as Cut. Copy.
Insert. Replace. Mix. Erase, etc. • Stereo lock control.
• Separate zoom windows and controls for left and right channels.
• Multi-bank facilities for 1 Meg users.
• Adjustable trig record level and sound monitor.
• Separate buffer for editing waveforms and Improved wave-edllor
with instant update.
• Envelope control panel for ramping up and down re-scalc
amplitude, noise filter and scan waveform. • On screen display
of filenames sample rate, length, etc.
• Inputs for microphone or line 1 4" Jack and DIN connections at
rear of unit.
• Legendary Cumana quality now at an extremely low price!
• Throughport allows daisy-chaining with other disk drives.
• A full 1 meg of unformatted capacity (880K fully formatted).
• A good length of cable Is provided for convenient positioning
on your desk etc.
• High precision head positioning.
• On Off switch.
• Extremely quiet and click free operation.
• A top quality 8 bit mono sampler complete with Pro Sampler and
Jammer software.
• Also compatible with most other PD Sampler software.
• Inputs for microphone or line
3. 5mm jack and din connections.
• Utilises latest surface mount teehnologv and Incorporates all
the features found on bigger, more expensive samplers.
ONLY £24.99 COMPLETE PLEASE STATE A500 1000 2000 1500
• Easy to use - Just plug in and start sampling!
• If you can obtain your own Ram chips, we can supply the card.
• Accepts 16 x 41256 D Rams.
• Available with without clock option.
• Switch disable feature.
• Fully compatible Midi Interface for A500 2000.
• MIDI In - MIDI Out
- MIDI Thru.
• Fully Opto Isolated.
• Now an internal Interface for the Amiga 2000 and 1500.
• Easily fitted In minutes.
• Leaves serial port free for other uses.
• Midi In, 3 x Midi Out and Midi Thru.
• Fully compatible - Opto Isolated.
• Midi In- 3 x Midi Out & Midi Thru.
• Full Midi Interface for A500 1000 2000 (please state which
model req.).
• Compatible with all leading Midi packages (In D Music).
• Fully Opto isolated.
• High quality direct replacement for mouse on all Amigas.
• Tcfion glides for smoother movement.
• Rubber coated ball for minimum slip.
• Optical system counting - 500 mm.
Special oflar ¦ FREE Mouse Mat * Mouse House (worth £7.99) NOW ONLY £24.99 COMPLETE NOW YOU CAN PRINT OUT YOUR PICTURES IN FULL COLOUR!
• The Star LC200 Colour Printer not only prints In Near Letter
Quality for your regular jobs but also prints out your pictures
in genuine colour!
• No more to buy - Just plug In and print!!
• Comes complete with printer lead.
FAX 0782 744292 TECHNICAL CUSTOMER SERVICE 0782 744324
• Completely newly designed interface that plugs into the
expansion connector of the Amiga 500 or internal connector of
the Amiga 2000.
• Standard phono video input 0.5 to 2.0 volts to take signals
from TV, video or camera.
• Control brightness, contrast and throughport on A500 version.
• Frame grab in 1 50 second, record update up to 3 frames per
• Single or continuous update in 4, 8 or 16 grey levels.
• Play frames backwards or forwards up to 15 frames per second.
• Save Raw, IFF or sequence files.
• Automatically adjust for maximum number of frames according to
memory available.
• Display 256 x 256 pixels, but optional 320 x 256 IFF Save.
Screen editing features Cut, Copy, Brush, Paste and Undo. Effects menu to reverse pos neg, compress, etc.
• Second display editor controls sequence production: Record,
Play, Insert, Clear, Delete Frames.
• Set start and end position number of frames saved, number
frames, step backwards and forwards, loop, etc. Time lapse
feature adjustable in 1 second increments to 1 hour between
each frame.
Ideal for capturing flowers opening, sky movements, special effects, etc.
• Separate player programs included to insert into your own
program disks. Hard disk transfer program.
• Please state A500 or 2000 version when ordering.
• The Splitter unit plugs alongside the Digitiser and a lead is
supplied to couple the two units together.
• Full adjustment of Red. Green and Blue signals together with a
saturation control enabling you to take full control over any
ONLY £79.09 ONLY t 149 .99
• The Splitter is switched in software and comes complete with
Digitiser Colour Software.
• You can select single continuous colour or B W input. Files can
be saved in Raw 4096 colour format, 8 or 32 colour IFF files or
16 shade B W IFF.
• Features include full pallette control editing of frame and
colour retouch calculator.
• Input from camera, camcoder or video recorder (paused). No more
messing with colour filters.
• Simply plug into your Amiga A500 and upgrade to a full 1 Meg in
9 Features the latest 1 Meg Drams. Low chip count means very low power consumption. No bigger than a Credit Card!!
• Top quality high grade PCB and connector to give unmatched
reliability - 12 months guarantee.
• Switch to enable disable plus "ChipMem" option*.
• Now you can run ALL Amiga Imeg programs.
• Also available with clock calendar option.
• Easily fitted into the slot under any A500 - does not affect
• Ye*. If your Amiga was bought in the last 12 months and has
KICKSTART 1.3 then it probably has the 'fatter* 1 Meg AGNUS
Chip. Even though this was not publicised by Commodore, those
machines with the 02 AGNUS, have 1 Meg Chip Ram ability. The
PRORAM PLUS1* board can be configured to give 512K of extra
Chip Memory OR Fast Memory at the flick of a switch.
• With 1 Meg of Chip Memory you can do lots of things previously
only available on the A2000 - more HiRcs screens, multitasking
graphics programs. CAD. DTP. Larger sound samples, etc.. etc.
• Remember, no other cards offer this unique feature.
• One simple soldering job 1* required to enable the 'ChipMem"
• Opening your A5O0 may invslid.tr your warranty.
S Adds an extra 1.5 Megs to your A500 (giving a total free memory of 2 Megs).
• Uses the latest 1 Meg Drams resulting in extra low power
S Ram-Master H needs Kickstart 1.3 onwards.
S Complete with onboard clock calendar.
• Top quality connections used throughout.
• Comes with 12 months guarantee.
• Easily fitted into the slot under your A500 - requires no
soldering (the cover of your A500 must be removed for fitting
"plug in" connector ) NOW ONLY £99.99 WITH 1.5 MEGS OF RAM
MADE PAYABLE TO.... h Uanrc aeensaatescm = GOVAN ROAD, FENTON
FAX 0782 744292 TECHNICAL CUSTOMER SERVICE 0782 744324 I m NOW ONLY £129.99 COMPLETE HARDWARE SOFTWARE AT tpQuatity4QQDPI Handy Scannfer tor the Amiga f at a truly PttofeS!!
• Comes complete with Photon Paint Illustrator Software.
• Huge range of features.
• Top selling graphics package.
• Adjustable switches for brightness contrast levels.
• Powerful partner for DTP that allows for cut and paste editing
of Images etc.
• Geniscan gives you the ability to easily scan images, text and
graphics and even offers 200Dpl Dual Scan Mode.
• Save images in suitable formal for most leading packages
including PHOTON PAINT.
• Package includes GS4500 scanner. Interface.
Power Pack and Scan Edit III software.
NEW FEATURES... IFF Buffer S«ve 1600 i 1024 pixel*, dual buffer and scan matching for 1 Meg users, view Buffer and NEW interlace version of software. Full keyboard control of most functions. Includes hard disk transfer to run under Workbench.
• Unmatched range of edit capture facililics and keyboard control
simply not offered by other scanners at this unbeatable price.
• An easy to handle Handy Scanner featuring 105 mm scanning width
and 400 dpi resolution enables you to scan graphics and text
Into your Amiga.
• Incorporating full optical tracking and counting - no ball so
no problems with clogging, slipping, etc.
• High count output for very line movement.
• Two button microswitch action.
• Direct replacement for all Amigas.
• Comes complete with special "Optical Pad”.
• Superbly styled - supersmooth shape moulded to Hi the hand.
• Comes complete with moulded 9 pin connector.
COMPLETE ONLY £39.99 ; j£i “SdW1--1' ? With the Amiga Genitizer graphics tablet you can streamline the operation of most graphic or CAD programs.
• The Genitizer graphics tablet utilises latest technology to
offer up to 1000 dpi resolution at the tip of a stylus ?
Complete 9" x 6" digitizing area plus super accurate stylus
combine to enable fast, accurate and easy control ? Works by
"mouse emulation" so the Genitizer will work with most packages
where mouse input is the usual method - Deluxe Paint, Photon
Paint, CAD Packages etc. etc. ¦Supplied with template for
Deluxe Paint. ? Full easy to follow instructions.
? This is the input method used on professional systems - now you can add a new dimension to graphics CAD.
• Fast input of drawing by "tracing" is made easy - plus
"absolute reference" means you can move around the screen many
times faster than by a mouse. CJThe Genitizer fits in the
serial port of your Amiga 500 1000 2000 and "co-exists" with
mouse. ¦ Unlike a mouse the Tablet gives absolute co-ordinates
so that tracking and menu selections are possible from the
tablet face. • A pressure sensitive switch built into the
stylus tip activates the Tablet overriding the normal mouse
input. When you are not using the Tablet you have normal mouse
control • Complete system - Graphics Digitizer Tablet, Stylus,
Deluxe Paint Template, Power Adaptor, Test Software, Interface
Unit plus Driver program - no more to buy!
FAX 0782 744292 TECHNICAL CUSTOMER SERVICE 0782 744324 A1500 2000 PERIPHERALS DESKTOP PUBLISHING MJC COMPUTER SUPPLIES Suppliers of Discount Software since 1984 Educational, Local Authority and government orders welcome. Overseas orders please call or write for quotations. All goods subject to availability, pnces subject to change without notice. E & 0 E. Prices include VAT and delivery by post.
Courier delivery available on any item £5.
TO ORDER: Please call the telephone number listed below to place credit card orders (Access Visa) or send cheques POs made out to MJC Supplies to: MJC SUPPLIES (AF) Unit 2 The Arches, Icknield Way, Letchworth, Herts. SG6 1UJ.
Tel: (0462) 481166 (6 lines) PROTAR PRODUCTS Protar are a well known German company who have now opened in the UK They produce a range of quality products for the Amiga at very reasonable prices. All products are backed by an impressive 1 year REPLACEMENT warranty direct from the manufacturers.
NOTE: Protar products due September.
PROTAR A500 HARD DRIVES A range of drives from 20Mb to 200Mb all with an impressive list of features:
• Optional Ram expansion up to 8Mb
• Transfer rate greater than 1 Mb second
• Up to FIVE times faster than A590
• Drive disable switch
• External SCSI interface PROTAR A500 HD 20Mb version C279.00
PROTAR A500 HD 30Mb version C349.00 PROTAR A500 HD 50Mb version
£429.00 FREE Courier delivery on Protar Hard Drives PROTAR
C141M MONITOR Based on the Philips CM8833 the C141M comes with
a variety of inputs and complete with leads.
MJC PRICE C248.00 FREE Courier delivery on Protar Monitors PROTAR t 2 Meg Memory Expansions 1 2 Meg internal (trapdoor) expansion, latest 4 chip design with battery backed clock.
MJC PRICE C27.95 SUPRA SOORX EXPANSIONS New memory expansions for the A500 ¦ plugs directly into the HD expansion port • NO INTERNAL CONNECTOR REQUIRED SUPRA 500 RX EXPANSION 1Mb E119.95 SUPRA 500 RX EXPANSION 2Mb C189.95 GOLDEN IMAGE OPTICAL MOUSE A true optical mouse - no more balls!
Includes special optical mouse pad MJC PRICE C34.95 SUPRARAM add on Ram cards with space for up to 8Meg of extra Ram.
SUPRARAM with OK fitted SUPRARAM with 2Mb fitted SUPRARAM with 4Mb fitted SUPRARAM with 8Mb fitted £84.95 £159.95 £225.00 £349.95 SUPRA HARD DRIVES Using the fast Wordsync 2000 controller and quality Quantum dnve mechanisms.
1A1500 2000) SUPRADRIVE 52Mb (Urns) £389.95 SUPRADRIVE 105Mb (11ms) £529.95 GVP SERIES II HARD DRIVES Quality drives with the ability to add up to 8 Meg of extra Ram on board.
(A1500 2000) 52 Meg (11ms) version £419.95 105 Meg (11ms) version £539.95 GVP Series 2 controller board £199.00 SIMMS Modules - £79.95 per 2 Meg MICROWAY FLICKER FIXER Eliminate interlace flicker from your A1500 2000 • requires Multisync or a 31 Mhz scan monitor, (not PAL overscan) MJC PRICE £139.95 PANASONIC C1381 MULTISYNC MONITOR At last a quality multisync monitor at an affordable price.
Works in ALL Amiga modes ideal for use with the Microway Flicker Fixer. A quality product backed by TWO YEAR on-site maintenance.
MJC PRICE - CALL GOLDEN IMAGE HAND SCANNER Quality 400 dpi scanner with powerful Touch Up enhancement software.
WORDPROCESSORS Kind Words 2 WordWorth £29.95 £84.95 PROTEXT Version 5 A very fast command based package now with 110 000 word Collins Dictionary, Mail Merge and up to 36 files open plus much more - call for details. (1 Meg) MJC PRICE £99.95 PROTEXT V4.3 PRODATA AMIGA £64.95 £55.95 Pagesetter 2 - (Free Clip Art) 4 7.95 Pagestream V2.1 139.95 Pro Page V2.0 169.95 The above programs all require at least 1 Meg and 2 drives Hard recommended VIDEO TITLING PRESENTATION Big Alternative Scroller
42. 95 TV Show - IFF slide show
54. 95 TV Text Pro - quality fonts 79 95 Broadcast Titler II
169. 95 Broadcast Font Pack (10 Fonts)
84. 95 Broadcast Font Enhancer Pack 84 95 ZVP VIDEO STUDIO Great
Video Production package • call for details (requires 1 Meg *
2 drives) MJC PRICE £89.95 RENDALE 8802 GENLOCK Great value
Genlock offering both Foreground and Background modes.
MJC PRICE £159.95 8802 MODE SWITCH BOX - £29.95 GRAPHICS Pixmate
34. 95 Digi Paint 3
44. 95 3D Construction Kit
37. 95 Digiview 4 Gold
89. 95 Deluxe Paint 3
57. 95 Disney Animation Studio
74. 95 DELUXE PAINT 3 VIDEO TUTORIAL Nearly 3 hours of how to
with Dpaint 3 MJC PRICE £17.95 AMOS - The Creator AMOS VI.2 -
The Language £33.95 AMOS COMPILER - now available £21.95 AMOS
3D • now available £24.95 SOUND MUSIC MasterSound Amiga
£29.95 Techno Sound Turbo (Stereo) £29.95 Harmom - Sequencer
£29.95 Alter Audio • Midi Starter Pack £79.95 THE MIDI
CONNECTOR Featuring Midi In, 2 x Midi Out. Midi Thru and
Serial port Thru * 2 cables.
with FREE Mouse House » Mat now also includes free Op Stealth
game MJC PRICE C21.95 Squik - Replacement Mouse Same spec and
design as Naksha mouse MJC PRICE C 14.95 CUMANA CAX 354 DISK
DRIVE Quality Brand name 3.5' second drive includes thru
port, disable switch and No Hassle 1 year guarantee.
INCLUDES FREE VIRUS-X UTILITY MJC PRICE C59.95 Learn to Read With Prof by Prisma, is designed to teach a sight vocabulary of 63 words and is aimed at 4. Years.
The pack includes 5 small reading books and a cassette.
MJC PRICE £19.95 Fun School 2 Fun School 2 under 6 ....12.95 Fun School 2 6 to 8 ......12.95 Fun School 2 over 8 ......12.95 Primary Maths Course ....19.95 Micro Maths GCSE ..19.95 Micro English GCSE 19.95 Micro French GCSE .19.95 Fun School 3 Fun School 3 under 5 ....15.95 Fun School 3 5 to 7 ......15.95 Fun School 3 over 7 ......15.95 Kosmos Software Junior Quiz 6 to 11 14.95 Senior Quiz 14* 14.95 French Mistress ..14.95 German Master ...14.95 VIDI
COLOUR SOLUTION Vidi Colour package • including Vidi Digitiser, Vidichrome and Photon Paint MJC PRICE £95.00 RGB SPLITTER - for use with Vidichrome or Digiview. (includes PSU) MJC PRICE £59.95 COMPLETE COLOUR SOLUTION Package includes Vidi Amiga, Vidichrome and the RGB Splitter for a complete colour digitising outfit. NOTE: For best colour pictures you require a video camera or perfect still frame VCR MJC PRICE £139.95 ZX FIRST NEWS • FIRST REVIEWS • BEST BUYS • YOUR WEEKLY GUIDE NEW COMPUTER EXPRESS
- when even Amiga Format isn’t enough Amiga Format is far and
away the biggest and best Amiga 1 magazine money can buy.
No-one in their right mind argues with that. It wouldn’t sell
130,000 copies a month if it wasn’t.
Yet for some people, even 300 pages-plus and an utterly wonderful cover disk isn’t enough to last quite a whole month.
If that’s you, rejoice! New Computer Express - created by the same company that brings you Amiga Format every month - is just the job for you.
• BECAUSE IT'S PACKED with solid news on all the up-to-the-minute
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• BECAUSE IT NOW FEATURES A COVER DISK on every issue - demos,
shareware, public domain, reader contributions, utilities: if
it’s worth having, we’ll have it How much does all this cost?
Just £1.50, including cover disk every week!
If you’ve ever found yourself waiting for Amiga Format, we created New Computer Exp for you!
You MUST BE CRAZY NOT TO BUY YOUR DISKS AT THESE PRICES EVERY DISKETTE 100% CERTIFIED 100% ERROR FREE DISKETTES 50 DSDD 3.5" ...£24.00 200 DSDD 3.5" .£64.00 100 DSDD 3.5" .£36.00 500 DSDD 3.5"......£155 00 THEMATIC CLIP ART Each disk contains between 120 and 240 original draw ings for use with Amiga art and DTP programmes - Dpaint. Photon Paint. Digipaint etc. Disk l. Pets.
Disk 2. Castles, cottages and churches.
Disk 3. Trees.
£6.99 each. ALL 3 FOR ONLY £18.
5. 25HD Only 40p each
3. 5“ High Density 55p each
5. 25 DSDD Only 25p each Inclusive of 1st class P&P.
Please make cheques PO's payable to ARTWORKS.
STAR OFFER 200 DSDD 3.5" C72 .00 Plus 2 100 capacity boxes
1. Pond View. Wootton. Ulceby. S.Humberside. DN39 6SF ?
Orders normally dispatched within 48hrs or immediately after cheque clearance.
ACCESSORIES 50 capacity lockable box 3.5"....£3.95 Mouse mats £2.95 80 capacity lockable box 3.5"....£4.50 3.5" head cleaner .....£2.95 100 capacity lockable box 3.5" ..£5.50 ONLY IF BOUGHT Banx Stackable box ..£8 95 WITH DISKS TOTAL SATISFACTION OR MONEY BACK ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT & DELIVERY 081-309-5556 DIAL A DISC 6 Walsingham Road, St Pauls Cray, Kent BR5 3BW All offers subject to availability E OE. Personal callers by arrangement.
VOI R AMIGA LIKE THIS FOR ONLY £34.95 including postage & packing.
Cheques and Postal Orders only.
Allow 28 days for delivery.
100's of satisfied customers.
AMIGA CONSOLE UNIT Monitor console and keyboard unit.
Mousehole and second drive space.
Keeps cables tidy.
Non-magnetic aluminium.
High quality texture finish.
Plenty of ventilation.
Easy to clean.
Installed in minutes.
Designed specifically for the A500.
Colour co-ordinated.
Available directly from: KOIYTAX COMPUTERS 11a Waldeck House Waldeck Road Maidenhead, SL6 8BR 0628 773212 156 Virgo Take it up to 2Vi mess OCTOBER 1991 £37.95 £53.96 £70.95 £87.95 £18.59 £104.95 inc VAT P&P Here at last is the memory expansion board you have been waiting for! The V2000 will give you up to 2 megabytes of additional fast RAM.
The V2000 can be expanded in V2 meg stages, from V2 meg to 2 megs, and it represents the best value for money available.
* Compatible with Kickstart 1.2 and 1.3
* Real-time clock calendar
* Top-quality gold-plated connector
* Memory disable facility
* Plugs into slot under your A500 (no soldering required)
* Comes with full instructions
* Helpline available Amiga A500 2 meg expansion Introductory
price for full 2 meg expansion V500 512K extension without
clock £24.61 V501 512K extension with dock £28.61 (chip RAM
configurable with Fatter Agnus) Also available (phone for full
range): Sound Demon (quality stereo from your Amiga) Kickstart
1.3 £28.40 Disks (3.5" & 5.25") 35p each ( + P&P) Full range of
software available.
Phone for details.
Yes. Prices include VAT & delivery RAM chips per V2 meg set (compatible with A590) V2000 board only V2000 + 0.5 meg V2000 + 1.0 meg V2000 + 1.5 meg £44.96 Virgo Developments Ltd, Sapphire House, Fishponds Road, Wokingham, visa Berkshire, RG11 2QJ. Tel: 0734 890588 Fax: 0734 891646 Same day dispatch. 24-month guarantee. Commodore-registered Amiga developer credU Mrd +3 s% FIRST FLOOR OFFICE, 16 LINDEN GARDENS, CHISWICK,LONDON, W4 2EQ Telephone: 081-747 9344 Fox: 081-995 1325 Hours of opening: Mon-Sat 10.00am - 6.00pm LAZER SOFTWARE a Order Form Please charge my Access Visa card no:
--e . Expiry Date: 3D Construction Kit £29 99 3D Golf £23 99 4D Sports Boxing’ ......£16.99 688 Sub Attock ....£16 99 AlOTonk Killer ....£22.99 Adv Destroyer Sim (A.D.S.) .£16.99 Adtdos Golden Shoe ’ ..£15 99 ATF II £16 99 Afriko Korps’ ......£16.99 Agony ......£18.99 Alcatraz* .£16.99 Alpha Waves £16.99 Andit King ol Ancient Chino .£21.99 Armalyte ..£16.99 Armour Goddon £ 16.99 Atomic Robo Kid ..£15.99 A W S O M E ......£18 .99
Bock to the Future III.....£16.99 Borborion II (Psyg] £16.99 Bord Tale III ..£16.99 AT £22.99 Bottle Bound’ ...£16.99 Bottle Command ...£15.99 Battle Chess ..£16.99 Bottle Chess II ......£16.99 Battle Howk 1942......£16.99 Bottle Master .£18 99 Betroyol ..£18.99 Billy The Kid’ ......£15.99 Bbde Warrior ......£16 99 Blue Max .£18.99 Bomber Bob .£16.99 Brain Blaster .£16.99 Brot .£15 99 Buck
Rodgers ......£18.99 Codover £16.99 Cadaver levels Pay OH .£10.99 Codavor Pay OH ..£10.99 Captive .. £15.99 Carve Up .£14.99 Carthage ..£16.99 Celica GT4 Rally ..£15.99 Centurion .£16.99 Chaos Strikes Back......£ 16.99 Chose H Q II ......£15.99 Chuck Rock ..£15.99 Chuck Yeagers A T.F......£16.99 Colditz .....£1899 Corporation £9.99 Crime Wave .£ 16.99 Cruise for the Corpse’ ....£16.99 Cybeccon III ..£16.99 Cyber
Fight ..£15 99 Dorkman ..£15.99 Dos Boot ..£21 99 Dick Trocey ...£15.99 Disc’ £1599 Double Drogon 3’......£16 99 Drogons lair .....£26.99 Dragons loir II (Timeworp) .£26.99 Drogon Wars £16.99 Elf’ .£16.99 Elvira Mistress of the Dork .£21.99 Epic’ £1599 Eswat £16.99 Eye ol the Beholder.....£18.99 FI5 Strike Eagle II £23.99 F16 Combo! Pilot .£16.99 FI9 Stealth Fighter £19.99 F29 Retoliator ......£15 99
F1I7A’ ...£21 99 Feudol Lords .£16 99 Final Conflict £16.99 Final Whistle ...£8.99 Flight ol the Intruder.....£19.99 Formula One" .....£16.99 Future Basketball ..£16.99 Gauntlet III’ ..£16 99 Genghis Khan ......£21.99 Gods £15.99 Golden Axe ..£15.99 Gold ol the Aztecs’.....£15.99 Gun Boat .£16.99 Gunship 2000’ ...£21.99 Hord Drivin II £14.99 Harpoon |lMb| ....£19.99 Heroes Quest (1 Mb) £21 99 Hill Street Blues ....£15.99 I
Play 3D Soccer* .£16.99 Immortals .£15.99 Imperium ..£16.99 Indianapolis 500 ..£16.99 Int. Ice Hockey' £16.99 Iron lord ..£15 99 Ishido £18 99 Ivonboe ....£14 99 James Pond ..£14.99 Jimmy White Snooker’ £18.99 Joe Montano Ftball* ....£16.99 Kick Oil II (hall Mb).....£12.99 Kick OH II11Mb) ..£15.99 Killing Cloud .£15.99 lost Ninja III* ......£15.99 leisure Suit lorry III......£26.99 lemmings .£15.99 line ol Fire ...£16.99
loom £18.99 lost Patrol £14.99 lotus Esprit ...£15.99 Ml Tank Platoon ..£19.99 Mad Prol. Moriarti ......£15.99 Manchester Utd Europe .£ 15.99 Mega Traveller 1 ..£19.99 Metal Master £15.99 Metal Mutant £15.99 Midnight Resistance. ...£14.99 Midwinter .....£19.99 Mig 29 (Fulcrum| ..£21 99 Midwinter II ..£23.99 Moonstone ...£21.99 Moonbase* ..£22.99 Monkey Island .....£16.99 MUDS ...£15.99 Murder .....£16.99
Mystical ...£15.99 Myth .£1599 Nam 1965-1975 .£18 99 Norc .£15.99 Navey Seals .£15.99 Nightbreed (Adv.) £15.99 Nightbreed (Arcade).....£15.99 Nightshift .£16.99 Nitro .£15.99 Obitus ......£21.99 Operation Stealth .£16.99 Op. Thunderbolt ...£15.99 HOLLYWOOD COLLECTIONS Robocop, Ghostbusters 2.
Indiana Jones.
Batman The Movie £10.99 GRANDSTAND Gazza Sujyer Soccer, Pro Tennis Tour, World Class Leaderboard, Continental Circus.
£18.99 PLATINUM Block Tiger, Strider, Forgotten Worlds, Ghouls and Ghosts £16.99 RAINBOW COLLECTION New Zealand Story, Rainbow Island, Bubble Bobble.
£12.99 PRECIOUS METAL Xenon Captoin Blood Crazy Cars, Arkanoid £16.99 FULL BLAST Chicago 90, Rick Dangerous, Highway Patrol 2, P47, Carrier Command, Ferrari Formula I £18.99 POWER PACK Xenon 2, Sports Foolboll, Bloodwych, Lombard Rally £14.99 FINALE Paperboy, Ghosts & Goblins, Overlander, Space Harrier £16.99 CHALLENGERS
• Gdr Off Super Ski, Fighter Bomber Great Courts, Stun tear Rocer
£18.99 MAGNUM 4 Afterburner, Double Drogon, Operation Wolf,
Batman Coped Crusader £17.99 EDITION ONE Double Drogon Xenon,
Gemmi Wing, Silkworm £17.99 COMPUTER HITS VOL 2 Tetris, Joe
Blode, Golden Path, Block Shadow £7.99 MAGNUM RVF Honda, Pro
Tennis, Oriental Games, Solan, Alter the War £16.99 SEGA MASTER
MIX Super Wonderboy, Turbo Outrun, Dynamite, Dux, Thunderblade,
Crackdown £16.99 FLIGHT COMMAND Eliminotor, Strike Force
Harrier, Lancoster, Sky Fox, Sky Chose £12.99 WHEELS OF FIRE
Hard Drivin', Chase HQ, Powerdrift, Turbo Outrun £10.99 SOCCER
MANIA Football Monoger 2, Gazza Soccer, Microprose Soccer £9.99
MIND GAMES Austerlitz, Waterloo, Conflict in Europe £14.99 FIST
OF FURY Dynamite Dux, Shinobi, Ninja Warriors, Double Dragon
£17.99 POWER UP Altered Beast, Rainbow Island, X Out, Chase
H.Q., Turricon £18.99 BIG Captain Blood, Safari Guns, T Tin on
the Moon, Purple Satu Jackson, Bo £11 BOX jenage Queen, Bubble
Plus, Tin n Day, Krypton Egg, Jumping Bo, Hostages £99 ' At the
time of printing these games were not avoilable, but will be
despatched to you on release date.
Outrun Europe* £16 99 Pong ...£1599 Ponzo Kick Boxing......£16.99 PGA Tour Golf .....£16 99 Plotting ....£1599 Populus ? Sim City......£21.99 Powormonger ......£18.99 Predator II £15.99 Prince ol Persio ....£15.99 Puznic ......£15 99 R B I. Baseball II ...£17.99 Railrood Tycoon .....£23.99 Robocop ..£14 99 Robocop II £15.99 R-Typell ...£16.99 Savage Empire ....£19.99 Search For The King £ 19 99 Shadow of the Beast II £15 99 Shadow Dancer ...£16
99 Shadow Warrior ..£15 99 Sim Earth’ £16.99 Simpsons* £15.99 Ski or Die ...£16.99 Skull A Crossbones......£ 15.99 Sly Spy ....£15 99 Space Ace £26 99 Speedboll II .£15 99 Spirit ol Excolibur’......£19.99 Star Control .£16 99 Stor Trek V* ..£16.99 Strider II ...£15.99 Super Cars II .£15.99 Super MonocoC.P......£16.99 Supremocy ...£19 99 Swap £1699 Switch Blade II .....£15.99 Swiv .£16 99 Team
Suzuki .£15.99 Team Yankee £19.99 Terminator II’ £14.99 Test Drive III ..£15.99 TeenogoMut. Heroes......£16.99 Their Finest Hour ..£19.99 The Punisher .£16 99 Toki ..£15 99 Torvok The Worrior......£15 99 Totol Recall ......£15.99 Tournoment Gall ...£16.99 Turncon ......£9 99 Turricon II .£15 99 Ultimo* Ride .£16.99 Ultimate V ...£18.99 UMSII ....£1999 UN Squodron £15 99 USS John Young ...£16.99
Vendena ...£16.99 Viz ...£1699 Worlock The Avenger £14 .99 Wings (hall Mb) ..£18.99 Wings (1 Mb) £18.99 White Death 11Mb) £18.99 Woll Pack .£18.99 Wonderland .£18.99 World at War’ ....£16.99 Wrath of the Demon ....£19.99 Xiphos .....£16.99 Ziltrox ......£1699 Zout £16 99 BUDGET TITLES 3-D Pool .....£8 99 3 Stooges ...£8 99 Alter Burner ...£6.99 Arkanoid II .£6.99 Axel's Mogic
Hommer.....£6.99 Boa' ....£899 Barbarian II ..£6.99 Batman Coped Crusader £6 99 Blasteroid ...£6.99 Blood Money ..£8.99 Centrefold Squares .£6.99 Chuckle Egg 1 £8 99 Chuckle Egg 2 £8.99 Colossus Chess ......£7.99 Continental Circus ..£6 99 Corporation Mission Disk ...£9 99 Crazy Cars .£6.99
D. Dbl Horse Rocing......£6 99
D. Thompson Otym.Choll ..£6.99 Del. Ol the Crown ..£8.99
Deluxe Strip Poker ..£6.99 Double
Drogon .....£6.99 Dragon Ninja .£6.99
Forgotten Worlds ....£6.99 Gauntlet
II ..£6.99 Gremlin II ...£7
99 Hard Drivin' £6 99
H. H.’s Guide to the Galaxy £8.99 Kick Oil • Extro
Time......£6.99 IK* .....£6 99 lost
Ninjo II £6 99 leather Goddess ol Phobos
£8.99 Licence to Kill ..£6.99
M. Jockson Moonwolker ....£6.99 Norths South .£6.99
Toobin .£6.99 Operation
Woll ......£6.99 Outrun ..£6.99
Posting Shot ...£8.99 Phantasy World
Dizzy.....£6.99 Predator ....£6 99 RAC
Lombard Roily £6 99 Rombo 3 ....£6 99
Road Blotter £6 99 R-Type £6 99 Run The
Gauntlet ...£6 99 Shadow ol the Beast £8 99
Silkworm ..£6 99
Speedboll £8.99 Spell Book 4 to 9 yrs.....£6
99 Super Hong On .....£6 99 Super Off Rd Rocing......£9
99 Switchblade £6.99 Sword ol
Sodom ....£8 .99 Table Tennis Sim .....£6.99 TV
Sports Football ..£8.99
Thunderblade ..£6.99 Treasure Island
Dizzy.....£4.99 Vigilante .....£6 99 W C
leaderboard ..£6.99 Wizbaii ......£6 99
Xenon .£8 99 Xenon
2 .....£8 99 AMIGA Format October 91 Computer
Titles Price Total
Name ....Dale
Address ... Post Code .. Tel:, Please make cheques and or postal orders payable to: Lazer Software Credit card orders taken. 75p postage and packing. EEC countries add £2.00 per item. Non EEC countries add £3.00 per item.
All items subject to availability. E. & O. E. Compugraphic Fonts Agfa-Compugraphic ¦ CG Fonts £132.78 ¦ GD Type £40.82 airo V2. H BI99H Gold Disk Tnc . I “GoTfTTTIslT Type- Professional P ~IT~
* f . . 3 ,.; *r . . . »i v: , ,v Video~Series Futura II Bold
Clarendon Dam Casual Decorative Series Cooper Black S£3wa 3
SQ) 3 3 i TO Publisher Series Oa rain ond Antiqua Futura Book
II Antique Olive HB1 BID EH I8S Designer Series Bodoni Book
Ivlio r'oet.yle Extended main formats that outline fonts arc
produced in arc PostScript and Compugraphic.
Gold Disk have a licence to distribute Compugraphic fonts for the Amiga, there are about 150 fonts in their library at the moment, w ith more being added as Agfa-Compugraphic produce them. As a taster of what's available, five different packs of fonts have been produced . Each one based on a particular theme and containing three different fonts. The first pack is the CGFonts pack which contains Compugraphic versions of the 35 standard fonts that are found in most PostScript printers, including specially designed italic and ONE AREA WHERE the Amiga is well known for its capabilities is in
TV and video applications. Now, though, it is also gaining recognition for its capabilities in another type of media: namely desktop publishing. With the advent of powerful applications such as ProPagc and PagcStream. It's fast becoming a very popular option for DTP - indeed Jeff Walker's fan .inc for the serious Amiga-user.
Entitled JAM. Is produced solely on an Amiga system. Magazines are all about conveying information to readers in an interesting and attractive manner, and on pages that should help the reader easily and effortlessly through the publication. Perhaps then the most important area of DTP is typography: the art of laying out text on a page, into a form that is 158 OCTOBER 1991 Discovery Microillusions ¦ £25.99 EDUCATIONAL GAMES ARE one of the hardest types of games to design because they have to appeal to an audience that is very difficult to keep interested. Discovery by Microlllusions didn't
do too well in this area when it was released the first time - but have Microlllusions got that all important mix right easy to read. A large part of this process is deciding which font the text is set in.
There are two types of font technologies.
The Amiga's proprietory font structure is the simple bitmap format. Bitmap fonts are designed mainly for viewing fonts on screen because their resolution is very low: about 72 dpi (dots per inch). When printed out. Though, they have ugly jagged edges. Turning smoothing on doesn't really help much either. The other type of font technology is outline or vector fonts. The advantage with these are that the font information is stored as a mathematical description: as lines and curves, so the font will produce a nice point size at any resolution, which means the printed fonts will have a far
more professional look to them. The two this time? In Discovery you control one of four characters whose task it is to fix broken starships. As you progress through the ship, a computer asks you questions (the difficulty level is selected at the start of the game). The questions range from very easy for the very young to quite hard for older children. The bold versions of standard Roman fonts. The pack is designed for the professional user out- putting to PostScript devices and lets you use the printer's internal fonts. The other four packs (GD Type) contains the designer, publisher, video
and decorative series of fonts.
All the packs come with a utility called CreateFont, allowing you to produce ProDraw.
PostScript or Amiga bitmaps from the Compugraphic outlines at any size, and can be used in most other packages. All the fonts arc useable in any application that accepts Compugraphic fonts. *5 Compugraphic Fonts 80% subjects in this not-so-trivial-pursuit include: maths, spelling, or multiple choice.
The presentation of the game is very good, with attractive colourful graphics and jolly music to keep up the interest level. Exploring the ship is fun. Collecting all the crystals and finding strange harmful creatures lying around the ship. Al certain points you are stopped by computer controlled doors and getting past involves answering a question correctly. The questions arc spoken by a funny little animated face that appears on the little computer terminal screen.
Unfortunately the game suffers somewhat by using the Amiga's speech synthesiser, which often makes it difficult, especially for children, to understand what’s being said - and there is no repeat option, so if you missed it the first time - tough! Ultimately. Discovery is an amusing educational game, very well put together, but not as well implemented as it could have been. O Discovery 65% though, there is help available in the program, but this is limited to key function descriptions.
Installing BAS on a hard drive is not possible because the program is copy protected.
This means that all the work has to be done on floppy disks. Unfortunately the disks it uses are not standard AmigaDOS disks, which means that you cannot write text on a word processor - you have to use BAS every time.
The BAS editor is more a screen writer, you see exactly what will appear on the screen as you type. Sadly what you can actually do is very limited. You are restricted to effects that affect all the text on the screen. You can only use one font, one justification stylc.and you have the option lo shadow all of the text or none of it... the list goes on. The only thing you can change without affecting the rest of the text is the text colour.
Big Alternative Scroller Alternative Image ¦ £51.00 Once all the text has been created, the actual scrolling process begins. The speed is set by pressing a number key. The higher the faster. However, there is no way to program in pauses in the text or anything similar, so the text just keeps on going around looping at the end. The results it produces are good however, it is fast and user-friendly enough, but sadly the lack of features detract from a good valuc- for-moncy package. Only worth a look for those on a very tight budget, or with simple tilling requirements. Zj THIS IS A TITLING
SYSTEM that allows you to create screen titles for overlaying on to video productions, rather like credits at Ihe end of a film TV program. Usually for this you would require a video genlock, but there are other uses for the program, such as a continuously running information system like the kind you find in shop windows.
The package that BAS comes in justifies the lack of a real manual, by the fact that the program is so easy to use that you wouldn't need one. This is more or less true - the program is too simple mainly because there is not a full set of editing functions available. All you get is a small pamphlet describing the basic operation of the program. To be fair Big Alternative Scroller 50% OCTOBER 1991 BAD displays an impressive screen showing various bits of information such as time taken and percentage completed, alongside a graphical representation of the disk as it is being processed. Very
prettyl WHEN THE AMIGA was being developed, the creators gave the machine excellent graphic capabilities. Lovely stereophonic sound and fast data access capability. Sadly they also gave the Amiga a nasty thing called AmigaDOS. This means that although the Amiga has a very fast floppy-drive interface compared to other 16-Bit computers, the actual data access speed is reduced because of the way AmigaDOS stores the data on disk.
The process of saving data onto a disk is the main cause of the problem. When the Amiga is instructed to save a file, instead of Blitz A Disk Centaur Software ¦ Distributed by HB Marketing ¦ £39.95 doing the logical thing and saving it in one continuous block. AmigaDOS. In all its wisdom. Usually decides to put the data wherever il likes. As a disk gets more full, the problem gets worse with files being fragmented all over the place. The data is not lost, just stored on the disk in little chunks. When it comes to reading the data, die Amiga has to look all over the disk to find all the
information for that file. This is one of the reasons why disk drives often make worrying grinding noises.
Blil: A Disk (BAD) was developed to help cure this problem - there is no real prevention.
BAD drive DFG: to drive Dft triti'j (Iju BAD is what is known as a disk optimiser. Its function is lo process a disk, hard or floppy, and unfragment all the files and to then put them in logical places. When in floppy mode, BAD will read the data from the source disk and rewrite all the files as contiguous blocks on the destination disk. The optimisation process can be carried out on a one-drive system, straight back to the source disk, but it's wise to make a back-up before starting: because if the process fails, you will be left with a corrupted disk. The same applies to hard drives -
always make a backup before optimising!
BAD has two modes of operation. The WB mode gives priority to icon files and Workbench configuration files, allowing directories to appear as quickly as possible. The CLI mode sorts out files so that they will load as fast as they can. The first mode is particularly useful for hard drives with nice big icons, which lets the windows open as quickly as possible.
The disks that BAD produces are in fact no different from standard AmigaDOS disks. All that differs is the way the data has been stored onto the disk: the way il should have been written in the first place. BAD considerably improves disk performance, essential for those that compile or produce disks to reduce wear on their drives, and for the advantage of faster file access. Zj Blitz A Disk 75% PREMIER MAIL ORDER Titles marked ’ are not yet available and will be sent on day of release.
Please send cheque PO Access Visa No. And expiry date to: Dept AF10, Trybridge Ltd., 8 Buckwins Sq., Burnt Mills, Basildon, Essex. SSI3 1BJ Please state make and model of computer when ordering. P&P inc. UK on orders over £5.00. Less than £5.00 and Europe add £1.00 per item. Elsewhere please add £2.00 per item for Airmail. These offers are available Mail Order only.
Telephone orders: Mon-Fri 9am-7pm. Saturday 10am-4pm. Fax orders: 0268 590076. Tel orders: 0268 590766
14. 99
16. 99 .6.99
19. 99
16. 99 .9.99 .7.99
14. 99
19. 99 .6.99
16. 99
11. 99
19. 99 .8.99 .9.99 .9.99 .....15.99 |1 Meg) 19.99
16. 99 6 99 6 99 8.99
.....16.99 7.99 11 99 9 99
16. 99 2699 19 99 .....19.99 8.99
7.99 7 99 9.99
5.99 .....16.99 6.99
.....16.99 7.99
16. 99 .....16.99 .....26.99 16 99 .....16
13. 99 6.99 6.99
11. 99 .....19.99 .....16.99 19 99
16. 99
19. 99 16 99
16. 99 .....19.99 .....19.99 19 99 .....1699
.....19.99 .....16 99 6.99
.....14.99 22 99 .....22 99
19. 99 6.99 .....19 99
16. 99 9 99 .....14 99 .....16.99
7.99 .....16.99
6. 99
9. 99
6. 99
16. 99 .16.99
16. 99
19. 99 ..16.99 .6.99
12. 99
19. 99 .26.99
19. 99
8. 99
19. 99 .9.99
14. 99
19. 99
16. 99 .6.99
16. 99
16. 99
19. 99 .8.99 .9.99 ...999 ...6.99
16. 99 .22.99 .16.99 .6.99
19. 99 .16.99 .19.99 .2699 699 2699 .16.99 .16 99 .16 99 1999 .16
7. 99 4 99 16 99 16 99 16 99 6 99
24. 99
16. 99 .1999 .16.99 .19.99 19 99
22. 99
6. 99 1999
19. 99
16. 99 ...7.99
16. 99 2699 7 99 .16.99
12. 99
16. 99
16. 99 699 .6.99 .16.99 ...6.99 .6 99 .16.99 19 99 .. .6.99 1699
.16 99 9 99 8 99 16 99 19 99 .16.99 16 99 .16.99 .16.99 .16
99 .19 99 9 99 19 99 .14.99 .16.99 699 6 99 .12 99 .16.99
.16.99 .16.99 .16 99 .9 99 ..14 99 ...7.99 .19.99 .19 99 .19
99 .6.99 .19.99 .16.99 19 99 .12.99
12. 99
16. 99 .19.99 .19 99 .6 99 .16.99 .1999 .19.99
6. 99 .16.99 .19 99 .16 99 6 99 6 99 .13 99
9. 99 Meg).
6. 99 .7.99 .1699 .16.99 .16 99 6 99 .16 99 .16.99 ..16.99 . 26
6. 99 .16.99 ..19.99 ...8.99 .16.99 999 ...6.99 ..16.99 ..19.99
..16.99 ...7.99 ..16.99 ..16.99 ..16.99 ...6.99 ..16.99
...6.99 9 99 . 4.99 ..16.99 .17.99 .16.99 .16.99 .16.99 .16.99
...6.99 .1999 .19.99 ...7.99 699 54 99 .16.99 .59 99 .19 99
699 .16 99 .19.99 ..12.99
26. 99
26. 99 2699 .16.99 1699 .19.99
19. 99 .19.99 19 99 22 99 .16.99 .19.99 6 99 8 99
16. 99 .16.99 .16.99 22 99
8. 99 .13.99 .16.99 .6.99
6. 99 .16.99 .16.99 .16.99 .19.99 .16.99 .16.99 .19 99 9 99 .16
99 Meg).
160 OCTOBER 1991 Big Game Fishing Big Run * .. Billy the Kid * .. Birds of Prey * . Blazing Thunder...... Blues Brothers * Blue Max .. Budokan ... Cadaver ... Cadaver Data Disk.. Californio Games..... Captain Planet *..... Castles * .. Captive Carrier Command ... Centurion . Chaos Engine *...... Chaos Strikes Back |1 CJ's Elephant Antics.
Commondo War * .. Continental Circus ... Corporation ..... Corporation Data Disk . Creatures * ...... Cricket II Meg) Cricket Captain Crime Doesn't Pay * Cruise For A Corpse Cybercon 3 ..... Daley Thompson Challenge . Das Boot .. Death Knights Of Krynn (I Meg) .
Defender of the Crown . Defenders of the Eorth .. Deluxe Paint 4 * ...... Deuteros * Disney Animation ... Double Double Bill * Double Drogon Double Dragon 3 * . Drogon Strike ... OU V-Uri5IIUl.llUtl Ml ...... 3D Pool .... .....04..TT 7.99 4D Boxing * .... .....16 99 4D Driving * .... .....16.99 688 Attack
Sub .....16 99 Afterburner ...... 6 99 Alien Storm * ... .....16 99 Amos .....29 99 Amos 3D .. .....24 99 Amos Compiler .....19 99 APB .. 6 99 Arachnaphobia * . .....16 99 Arkanoia 2 ...... 6 99 Armour Geddon ... .....16 99 Assault on Alcatraz * ... .....16 99 Awesome ...... ....14
99 Bock to the Future 3 ..... .....16 99 Bards Tale 2 ... ......8 99 Bards Tale 3 Batman Caped Crusader.
Batman the Movie ... Battle Chess 2 .. Battle Command ...... Beastbusters * Beach Volley... i Fishi Run Gunship ... Halls ol Montezuma ..... Hard Drivin Harpoon (I Meg) . Heroquest Heroquest Data * .. Hitchikers Guide Hollywood Collection .... Hunter * ... IK* Indianapolis 500 .. Indy Jones Adv .. Indy Jones - Atlantis Adv " (1
Interceptor Jock Nicklaus Clip Art * Jack Nicklaus Extra Courses.
Jack Nicklaus Golf . Jack Nicklaus Unlimited Golf James Pond Jimmy Whites Snooker “..... Jungle Book ..... Kamikaze ..* . Keef the Thief ... Keys of Maromon * ...... Kick Off .... Kick Off 2 [1 Meg) ...... Kick Off 2 Tz . Killing Cbud .... Kings Quest 4 (1 Meg) . Knighlmore * .... Knights of the Sky * .....
K. O 2 - Final Whistle ...
K. O 2 - Giants of Europe *..
K. O 2 - Return to Europe * ..
K. O 2 - Super league *......
K. O 2 - Winning Tactics...... laser Squad 2 ...
Last Ninja 2 ..... Lost Ninja 3
* .. leather Goddess .. legend
* ... Legend of Billy Boulder *.....
Leisuresuit larry 3 (1 Meg)...
Lemmings . Lemmings Construction Kit *
Lemmings Data Disk * .. Licence To
Kill ... Lombard Rally ..
Loom .. lord of the Rings
* lords of Chaos . Ml Tank
Platoon .. Magic Pockets *
Magnetic Scrolls Coll * Man Utd. Europe ..
Masterbloster Master Golf
* .. Mega Traveller 1 IlMeg) .... Mega
Traveller 2 (1 Meg) *.
Mega Twins * .. Mego-loManio * .. Mercs ...... Miami Chase ... Midwinter . Midwinter 2 * (1 Meg MIG 29 .... Moonstone * ... Moon Walker ... NAM Navy Seols ...... Nigntshift ..... Obitus ...... Off Rood Rocer Omnicron Conspiracy .. Operation Stealth . Operation Wolf ... Oriental Games .
Outrun .
Outrun Europe * PG ? Tour Golf" Pilfighter 2 ' Platinum .
Player Manager.
Pool of Radiance (1 Meg).
Police Quest 2 (1 Meg).
Populous 2 * .. Powerdrome ..... Powermonger . Powermonger Data Disk 1 Powerpock .... Power Up ......
P. P. Hammer ..... Predator .
Predator 2 .....
Prehistorik ...... Prince of Pershia
Projectyle Qualtro
Adventure ..... Shadow Doncer Shodow Sorceror
* .... Shuttle * .. Silent
Service 2 * Silkworm .
Sim City*Populous ..... Sim Eorth
* .... Simpsons * .....
Simulcra .. Smosh TV
* .... Space Ace ......
Speed ball Speed boll
2 .... Storm Ball
Stralego * ...... Striker
Manager .. Strip Poker 2 + Data ...
Subbuteo,, ...... Super Cars
2 .. Super Grand Prix Super
Hang On ... Super Monaco GP ......
Supremacy .....
Switchblade .... Switchblade
2 . swiv ...... Sword
of Sodan .. Swords of Twilight ...... Team
Suzuki .... Team Yankee ...
Teenage Mutant Turtles Teenage Mutant Turtles 2 * .
Terminator 2 * Test Drive 3 * .. The Immortal (1 Meg) .. Their Finest Hour (1 Meg)... Their Finest Missions * Thunderhawk * ... Tip Off * . Toki .. Toobin ..... Top Cat Bev. Hills Total Recall ..... Toyota Celica .. Tracksuit Manager 2 * Turbo Challenge .. Turbo Challenge 2 * ... Turrican 2 TV Sports Basketboll ... TV Sports Football ......
Ultima V. Utopia , 2(1 Meg).
Violator ... Virtual Worlds.
Walker ' Warlords (1 Meg).
War Zone . Wheels of Fire .
Wild Streets ' Winning Team ' wxr.’91- Wizkid *...... Wolf Pack (I Wonderland (1 World Class Leaderboord.
World Wrestling Fed *.
Wroth of the Demon .... Xenomorph 2 * .... Yogi's Great Escape .... Yogi & Greed Monster.
Z-Out Zak McKroken ..... Quattro Sports R-Type ...... ... Race Drivm .. Railroad Tycoon (1 Meg) ... Rainbow Islonds ..... Rambo 3 . R B I. 2 Baseball ..... Reach for the Skies * ... Realms * .. Red Baron * ... Red Heat . Rise of the Dragon * ... Robin Hood * .. Robin Simth's Cricket *
...... Robocop 2 ..... Robocop 3 * ... Robozone * ..... Rocket Ranger . Rock Star Ate My Hamster .. Rod land * ..... Rotator * .. Rifcd Ready Search for the King * .. Secret of Monkey island (1 Meg) Secrets of Luftwaffe * 1 Meg).... STEREO SPEAKERS AMIGA ONLY £29.99 TECHNOSOUND £34.99
3. 5" EXTERNAL DRIVE ONLY £52.99 BLANK DISKS Unbranded 10x3.5"
DSDD - £5.99 20x3.5" DSDD-£10.99 50x3.5" DSDD-£23.99 100x3.5"
DSDD-£44.99 Branded - TDK
3. 5" DSDD-£1.25 Each JOYSTICKS Cheetah 125 + • £6.99 Comp Pro
Extra - £14.99 Quickjoy 2 Turbo - £9.99 Quickshot 3 Turbo -
£9.99 Quickjoy Jetfighter - £ 10.99 UPGRADE YOUR AMIGA TO 1
MEG 1 2 Meg Upgrade - £24.99 1 2 Meg Upgrade + clock - £26.99
SWORD OF SODAN NOW ONLY £9.99 WINGS 1 2 Meg Now Only £11.99
Increases computer memory from normal' ? Megabyte to 1 megabyte i Includes disable switch incorporates high quality silver coated pin connector
• 16 bit technology Fit in minutes t Direct replacement of
Commodore A501 expansion
• Includes "CHIPMEM OPTION" - Phone for details 12 month
• In stock now!
Price includes VAT and post and packing Tel: 0582 491949 Send order with payment to: .. .. WTS ELECTRONICS LTD, Chaul End Lane, Luton, Beds LU4 8EZ rm i i i i i i i COMMODORE 1084S STEREO MONITOR Including FREE lead ONLY £229.00 BATTLE OF BRITAIN THEIR FINEST HOUR ONLY £20.00 i i i i i i i ,CC' . N , , A* J PHILIPS 8833 MK H i STEREO MONITOR AT ONCE AMIGA PC 286 AT EMULATOR FOR THE A500 ONLY £169.00 Open Monday to Saturday 9am -6pm Callers and Mail Order welcome co ' CDTV now in stock Including Free Lead ONLY £229.00 AMIGA PACKS SCREEN GEMS PACK. Inc. Shadow Beast n. Back Future II.
Nightbreed. Days o! Thunder, Dpaint II.. AMIGA A500. Mouse, modulator, power supply. Workbench 1.3. Basic Tutorial and manuals .. .£359.00 .£309.00 .£369.00 .£515.00 .£515.00 .£419.00 I CARTOON CLASSICS inc. 1Mb Ram. Lemmings. Simpsons. Captain Planet, Deluxe Paint 3.
I CLASS OF THE 90'S FIRST STEPS, inc. Extra 512K, Pr-Write, Into File. Dpaint * Dprint II etc .. ¦ CLASS OF THE 90S, inc. Extra 512K. Publishers Choice. MaxiPlan, BBC Emulator. Midi Int. Etc J AMIGA CREATIVITY PACK, with Word Processor. Music & Paint packages, 3 games * Tutorial Video.. I All Amiga A500s supplied with mouse, modulator, manuals, workbench, Basic * Tutorial AMIGA A500 MAX PACK r AMIGA A500 FUN PACK -n ¦ Amiga A500. Mouse, Modulator. Manuals. Basic. Workbench. Tutonai. Joystick. Disk Box. ¦
• 10 Blank Disks. Dust Cover. Dpamt m. PLUS 13 GREAT GAMES
Lemmings. Simpsons. 1 I Captain Planet. Star Wars. Toobin.
Barbarian n. Licence to Kill - James Bond Game, I ¦ Running Man
- With Schwarzenegger. APB. Xybots. Dragon Spint. Hard Dnvin.
Voyager, i : 1 Meg ol Ram | ONLY £399.00 j Amiga A500. Mouse,
Modulator, Manuals. Basic, Workbench. Tutorial, Joystick, Disk
Box. 10 Blank Disks, Dust Cover, Dpamt n, PLUS 10 GREAT GAMES
Star Wars, Toobin, Barbanan II. Licence to Kill - James Bond
Game. Running Man - With Schwarzenegger.
APB. Xybots. Dragon Spint. Hard Dnvin. Voyager ONLY £359.00 1 MEG VERSION £389.00 HARDWARE SOFTWARE AND DISKS £286 00 J £339.00 1 .£449.00 I £186.00 | £169.00 | £49.00 !
£215.00 £57.50 I ..£499.00 | £419.00 I £169.00 i COMMODORE A590 20MB Hard Disk. Unpopulated.. I COMMODORE A590 20mb Hard Disk » 2m RAM I FRAME GRABBER PAL .... | RENDALE 8802 Genlock. A50CbB2000 | AUDIO ENGINEER Sampling hardware software.... £209 00 PIXEL 3D ...£49.00 £32 00 PRO VIDEO POST ...£159.00 £169 00 PRO WRITE V3 1 ..£85.00 £35.00 EXCELLENCE V2 ....£89.00 £95 00 TITLE PAGE ....£109.00 £149 00 PROFESSIONAL PAGE V2 £169.00 £47.00 VIDEO
EFFECTS 3D ..£109.00 PAGESTREAM, New Version 2.1 £129 00 X-CAD DESIGNER (I Meg) .....£69.00 PAGESTREAM FONTS ..£49.00 X-CAD PROFESSIONAL .£129.00 TV TEXT PROFESSIONAL £79.00 WORDWORTH .£85.00 CROSS-DOS. Multi-format file transfer ...£23.00 HITACHI 720 VIDEO CAMERA. Ideal for DigiView .£199.00 PEN PAL, Excellent Word Processor (1 Meg) ......£59.00
IMAGINE 3D Animation & Rendermg software .....£169.00 ART DEPARTMENT PROFESSIONAL .£119.00 ALL IN ONE. Art package. Word Pro * Music package ...£119.00 TV SHOW. Video wipes, titling package ...£55.00 PHOTON PAINT 3. HAM Art * Animation .£25.00 AMOS COMPILER £23.00 THE
WORKS PLATINUM. Integrated package ....£62.00 AMIGA VISION. Authoring software ..£89.00 DOS 2 DOS Multi-format file transfer £33.00 WALT DISNEY ANIMATION STUDIO (1 Meg) .....£69.00 SPECTRA COLOUR ......£55.00
VIDEO EASE . DIGIVIEW GOLD V4...... LATTICE C V5.I ...... PAGESETTER V2. DTP.. SOPHUS S5 Prolessional Stereo Sampler KCS POWERBOARD. PC Emuiauon (A500) with MS DOS I________________________________________ I AMIGA compatible external disk dnve. Switch plus thru port | GVP 52MB SCSI hard dnve & 8M RAM Board lor A500 .... I GVP 52 MEG SCSI Dnve plus 8 Meg Ramboard lot 1500 2000 .. , GOLDEN IMAGE HAND SCANNER with software plus Photon Paint ! NAKSHA CLONE
MOUSE . £19.95 162 PRINTERS I i j STAR LC 10 MONO PRINTER me. Lead ....£159.00 1 STAR LC 200 COLOUR PRINTER me. Lead ......£209.00 1 STAR LC-24 200 MONO PRINTER me Lead ....£249.00 1 STAR LC-24 200 COLOUR PRINTER me Lead £297.00 1
Lead .£279
Lead .....£275.00
I I CITIZEN 124D 24 Pin Mono me.
Lead .£195.00
I I CITIZEN 120D Plus. 9 Pin Mono me.
Lead £139.00 I
Lead £179.00
I I CANON BJ10E bubble jet inc.
Lead £269
00 I I---------------------------------1 OCTOBER 1991 AMIGA
MEMORY AMIGA AlSOO SUPRA RX500 8M Board for A500 me
1M .....£125 00 SUPRA RX500
8M Board for A500 me
2M .....£159.00 B2000
Microbotics 8M Ram Board + 2 Meg
RAM ....£159.00 Extra 2 Meg Ram for
board £75.00
LA500 TARGET 512K Ram, With Clock +
Switch .£29.00 j The A1500 inc.
Philips 8833 or CBM 1084S monitor, Twin Drive.
Dpamt3, The Works Plat., *4 Games, ONLY £859.00 AMIGA A500 part exchange available - please phone SUPRA BAUD BANDIT Z400 MODEM ¦1 I I . J Hayes Compat Auto-dial answer, V21, 22, 22bis £124.00 Supra 2400 Plus, MNP5 + V42 Bis (speeds up to 9600) £189.00 As above but includes MNP5 error correction £159.00 New Supra 9600 Modem (speeds up to 38000) £399.00 HOW TO ORDER: Either call our number below with your credit card details, or send a cheque PO or credit card number and expiry date to our address. Make cheques payable to THE 16 BIT CENTRE Prices subject to change without notification.
All prices include VAT + Courier Service 16 BIT CENTRE Units 15-17, Lancashire Fittings Science Village Claro Road, Harrogate Hgl 4AF Tel (0423) 531822 526322 EXTENDED WARRANTY AND MAINTENANCE CONTRACTS AVAILABLE ON ALL ITEMS. PLEASE CALL FOR FURTHER DETAILS Access GREAT SOFTWARE CAN BE YOURS FOR AS LITTLE AS ABSOLUTELY, TOTALLY, DEFINITELY, VERY NEARLY, JUST ABOUT NOTHING AT ALL. (HONEST) Owning an Amiga, PC or ST now means that you can buy incredibly good software for little more than the price of a disk. Stunning games, utilities, demos, graphics, word processors and more can be found in
Public Domain and Shareware software.
But (but! But!!) Where do you start? How do you know which programs are completely wonderful and which ones should be re-formatted instantly?
What's the best way to buy PD? And - whilst we're at it - just what is PD anyway?
For these answers and a whole trainload more, you'll need a new magazine called PUBLIC DOMAIN.
V) H«6 •’ ao 'mein*10*" *t* sSt* * PUBLIC DOMAIN comes to you
from the company that brings you AMIGA Formot, PC Format, ST
Formot, Amiga Shopper, PC Plus, Commodore Formot, Your
Sinclair, New Computer Express, Amiga Power, Amstrad Action,
PC Answers, Sega Power and 8000 Plus; markets leaders all.
• And every edition of PUBLIC DOMAIN is backed by the full
editorial resources of Europe's most successful news-stand
computer magazine company, Future Publishing.
• Every copy of PUBLIC DOMAIN comes with an incredible
program-packed coverdisk - so you can get the very best PD for
your machine every time.
* Every issue is packed full of reviews - PD programs assessed
for the Amiga, PC and ST. 1 Every page is in glorious full
colour, so you'll have unrivalled quality.
First issue on sale October 3rd at £2.95 Every review is screenshotted. You can see exactly what you'll be buying.
CORTEX 8Mb RAM EXPANSION for the Commodore Amiga A500 A1000 External fitting. Warranty remains intact Fully implemented auto-configure Fully operational through-bus Uses standard 1M x 8bit or 1M x 9bit SIMMs Complete with its own power supply unit (UK, US or EURO) Designed with A1000 compatibility in mind Zero wait-states RAM test software • mmm lesi sonware the next best thing 2Mb-£269 4Mb-£349 8Mb-£5i9 A Brain rl
• Essential A500 upgrade -1 Mb Amiga is now standard
• Functional equivalent of CBM A501 £27.95 (£31.95 with clock)
• Lower power 1 Mbit DRAM
• Latest technology high-quality components
• "Fatter" Agnus compatible for 1 Mb CHIP RAM
• Lower profile enable disable switch
• Available with or without battery-backed clock calendar module
• Xetec FastTrak hard disk system for A500 (A 1000 version avail
able to order) 8Mb FastRAM card (optional) Super-fast (9ms)
auto head-park Quantum 52Mb Pro-Drive £4gg
• Xetec FastCard Plus hard disk system (for A1500 A2000) featur
ing Seagate 48Mb auto head-park drive space for 8Mb Fast FtAM
on board (using SIMMs) £449
* Fully implemented auto-configure
* Zero wait-states
* Uses standard 1M x 8bit or 1M x 9bit SIMMs » 2.4,6 or 8Mb
configurations possible 2Mb€199 4Mb-£2896Mb-£3698Mb-£449 CORTEX
8Mb RAM EXPANSION for the Commodore Amiga A1500 A2000 AMIGA
FLOPPY DRIVE High-quality silent mechanism Through port
Enable disable switch 1 Mb Agnus Chip 8372A -1 inr,r ,
- 'hs ructionssuppiied0 ,ec n'ca*®WH to fit| £60
* R0M Upgrade Version 1 3 p upgrade lor trard-disk use- ' S? Al
tire FastFile System featuring £35
s,a,io„.,NSTOC“o°v;,h9A3000»«-l 4Mb- £269 'MxSbit SIMMS (lor
Cortex Smh _
- rjas--1 -ss 2Mb-£90,4Mb. £175,6Mb £260
0. 5Mb - £25. 1Mb - £49, 2Mb - £95 sa™asl Tbr20°0CardS) All
prices include VAT and Postage & Packaging. Trade enquiries
welcome Send cheques to: FREE 5 DISKS OF THE LATEST PD
• 24 HOUR SALES 051-236 0480 • 24 HOUR FAX 051-227 2482
* Free software is limited lo one set per order and is supplied
without warranty Richard & Angela Howe: Applied Research Kernel
Corve Farmhouse, Corve Lane, Chale Green, Ventnor, PO30 2LA,
U.K. Visitors are always welcome by appointment POST UK £0 (1st
Recorded). Soeoal DelMKy £0 29 (cel Delote '2 noor). Securest
£9.87 (cel before )2 noon) Registered A» Mail to Europe tSltem.
World £l2Stem. Please call about carnage on heavy items
V. A.T. Prices include UK VAT at 17 5% except lor books Books are
zero rated.
CHEQUES London Sterling payable to A R K please High value ordinary cheques may require clearance EXPORT & BFPO Remove UK VAT (.Preed 175) except on books which are zero rated.
AVAILABILITY Most items listed are m stock Others can usually be obtained within 48 hours.
DESPATCH Within 24 hours on stock Hems, 48 hours on non stock but available Items PRICES May occasionally be subtect to change MEMORY Assume t Mb unless stated or ic O TEL 0983 79496 BE This is a switchable voice fax line which is open 10am to 7pfn, Monday to Saturday 44 65 56 40 37 60 Query 59 69 54 05 35 72 179 54 39 95 119 85 329 94 3572 99 64 86 95 337 23 64 86 122 67 49 82 37 60 153 46 24 44 25 85 306 68 81 78 39 95 89 77 30 55 56 40 99 64 51 23 79 90 95 88 54 99 16 95 1695 24 95 21 95 1845 32 95 14 95 18 95 32 95 18 45 18 45 27 95 1295 32 45 1495 24 95 32 95 18 45 1495 1495 .21.95 28 95
16 95 1495 14 95 16 95 29 95 20 95 18 45 23 95 23 95 39 95 24 95 37 60
27. 73 987
42. 77 23 97 39 95 .57 81 163 56 2 82 30 55 54 69 59 69 133 01 29
61 459 66 286 23 327 12 357 67 379 76 643 90 694 66 949 87
799 15 98 10 34 10 34 10 34 10 34 10 34 1034 9 87 799 1034 25
38 36 66 .31.02 19 74 25 38 3D Construct©n Kit Design 3D Pro
Net Board PCB Design Professional Draw 2 X CAD 3D 2Mb X CAD
Designer X CAD Professional 2Mb DATABASE MANAGERS B-bie
Reade* image Fmder Hot Key System imoFae MaishotPius Mc'Ohche
Fuer Organise Prodata Supetwse Personal .. Supe»base
Personal 2 49 82 .21996 55 93 31 96 25 38 109 98 .66.27 79 90
...52.17 30 55 109 98 69 56
51. 23 18 33 24 44 23 97 23 97 23 97 24 91 24 44 84 60 29 61 75
67 30 55 ACCOUNTS Ar«n* Integrated Accounts CastibooA
Com&naton Cashbook Control EasyLwJQ*'* moated Accounts
Personal Finance Mar age* Service Industry Accounts Small
Business Accounts Xtra System 3 integrated BOOKS 34 Lines
Stocked 1$ t Boo* Ol Amiga 2nd Book ol Amiga 68000,Assembly
Language 68000 Asm tan Programming Amiga 30 Gin P'Og in 8asic
Amiga Adv Sys P'og Guide Amiga Asm lan Programming Amiga Bas©
Inside & Out Amiga C For Adv Programmers Amiga C For
Beginners Amiga Desktop Vdeo Gmde Amiga D sfc Drive* In ft
Out Amqa For Beg«nners Amiga Graph** inside & Out Amga
Macfvne Language Amiga Programmer* Hndbk V1 Amiga System
Prgrmrs Gu«Je Amiga DOS inside & Out AmigaDOS Reference Gu©e
Elementary Amiga Bas c Hardwaro Reierence Manual Incs A Docs.
ROM Kernel Mnl inside Amiga Graphics Kickstart Guide to Amiga
Kids and the Amiga learning C Program Grapn.es Libraries A
Devices ROM Mnl Mapping the Amiga More TncKs and Tips
Programmers Gude to Amiga Programming The 68000 Techncal Re*
Mr* A500 A2000 The Amga Handbook CABLES 100 Lines Stocked
D23S D15P NEC Msync 3D 14 10 D23S 2Phono Scan Monitor 14 10
D25PD25S D25P 025S 25W 2M 24 44 D25P D25P 25 W.r 5 Metre 22
56 D25P-C36P 2Metre Printer 6 58 D25P D25P 25Wire 2Metre 13
16 D23S OpenEnd Moonor 1128 D25P C36P 3 Metre Printer 12 22
D25P C36P 5 Metre Prater 15 51 D23S D9P Old NEC MmMync 14 10
D23S D9P Am*a BM Monitors 12 22 D25° D25P 25Wire 3Meue 19 27
D25S D25P 9Wir* ?Meve Modem 11 28 D25P D25P 9W» 2Met*e Modem
11 28 D23S?Ph D9P ?Ph CM8833 2 14 10 DIN5P DIN5P MIDI 517
Null Modem Cable 12 22 Cross Over Bo* D25S 36 66 Gender
Changer D25S D25S 7 99 Plug D25P With Hood 4 23 Para"ei Frfe
Transfer System 35 72 RS232 Mm. Tester 13 16 RS232 Nu" Modem
9 40 RS232 Palch Bo. 13 16 Socket D25S With Hood 4 23 Socket
D23S Wnh Hood 5 17 Switch Bo* D25S 2 Way 25 38 Switch Bo
D25S 4 Way 37 60 Swtch Bo. C36S 4 Way 40 89 COMMUNICATIONS A
Ta* 3 69 56 COMPUTER AIDEO DESIGN 44 65 59 22 139 59 99 64
398 56 79 90 34 7 33 46 06 49 82 46 06 39 01 54 99 19 74 55
93 27 73 59 69 Superbase Professional 3 159 80 Suoerbase
Professional 4 249 57 DESKTOP PUBLISHING AmqaTe* Typesetting
HI 39 Am©aTe» Drivers (each) 52 64 Am.gaTe. Demo D*k 2 82 Ct©
Art POPSOskii 29 62 E 0©s Structured Art 71 44 Gold Dts* Type
Decor HD 31 96 God Disk Type Video HD 31 96 God D«k Type
Publisher HD 3196 God Disk Type Des©ner HD 3196 Outline
Fonts. 99 64 PageSetter 2 47 00 PageSiream 2 XX 139 59 Pro
Dips Structured Art 23 97 Professional Page 2 XX 2 Mb 179 54
Saxon Publisher Query Structured Cf© Art 37 60 DUST COVERS
(Deluxe Bufl.
Amiga 2000 (AT) Keydoa'd Amga 2000 System & Monitor Ctaen Swift 24 Star IC10 Star LC200 Epson LX8096 Star LC24 10 Panason© KXP1124 Mongo'S 1084 1084S8633 Amiga 500 Crtizen 120D EDUCATION Distant Suns Fun SchoP 3 (Under 5* Mega Maths A Level Micro English (GCSE) M©ro French 1 GCSE ) McroMath* GCSE My Pamt Pnmary UiTu Co v EDITORS CygnusEd GRAPHICS Animator Stud© (D«»ney) C Light Ray Tracmg Amiga 2000 & 40Mb Quantum HD 1099 80 Amiga 3000 16MM;40Mb 1999 85 Amiga 3000 25MHz 100MB 2629 65 Citizen Swift 24 Pnnter 289 99 Citizen 124D 24 Pm Pnnter 199 75 Fatter Agnus ....
6110 GVP 2 A500 52MB 0 8MB RAM 519 82 GVP 2 A500 105MB C 8MB RAM 669 96 GVP 2 A2000 SCSI interface 139 59 GVP 2 A2000 SCSI If • 0 8MB 189 88 GVP 2 A2000 52MB Quantum 369 89 GVP2A2000 105MB Ouantum 559 77 Cameron Handy Scanner Type 10 199 75 Naksha Mouse 4 Game 29 61 RAM Ch© 256K CMOS 6 11 SCSI Hard Drrve Ca*e 4 PSU 109 96 Sharp Colour Scanner 4 SW 599 72 SupraRAM A2000 0 8Mb 119 85 SupraRAM A500 2 8Mb 189 88 Com© Setter ... Deluxe Phoioab Deluxe Pnnt 2 Deiu.e Pamt 4 ..... Deiu.e Vdeo 3 ..... D©‘ Pamt 3__________ FantaVis©n Animator Imagine 3D Mode«*ng Arvm
Pt.mate image System Real 3D Beginner* t 3 Real 3D Turbo 2Mb Scene Generator Landscapes Sculpt 3D XL Sculpt Animate 4D Junior Sculpt Animate 4D 2Mb SpectraCodr HARDWARE 1 3 Kickstart ROM 3 5' External Disk Drrve 3 5’ Internal 2000 Drve 5 25- External Disk Drive 512K A500 RAM CkXkSwrtch A1950 14* M-jft-scan Monitor A590 20Mb Hard D«k Dnve A590 2C4* Dmre W*h1Mb Ran AS90 20»* Dnve W * 2Mb Ram Am©a 500 Cartoon Class©* Amiga 1500 W«h Two Drive* Amiga 1500 With Software Amiga 1500 & Monitor & SW SupraRAM A500 0 5-8MB PACKAGES A1500 Software Pack Appetzer WordproMuS© Graphics Starter K«t Off©* By
Go© Cksk Starter (Kmdeords 2 4 Game*) The Works Piawxmi ... MULTIMEDIA Am*gaViS©n (Commodore) Hyperbook (God D*k) ...... PROGRAMMING AMOS Bas© .. AMOS Compiler . C PD (5 Disks) ..... Devpac 2 Macro Assembler GFA Bas© Compiler GFA Bas© Interpreter ...... Misoft Bas© Compiler ..... Latt©eC 5.1 Compiler Pascal Compeer (PD) RIBBONS 6 CBM MPS1230 .. 3 CBM MPS1500C Colouf 6 CBM MPSl 500 1550 6 Citizen 1200 (MPS1200) .
6 Star LC24 XB24-10'15 200 SOUND Aud©master 3 Software ... Bars 4 Pipes Professional Deluxe Mus© Construction Master Sound Sampler MO* Plug Interface Mus© X 1.1__________________ Mus© X Junior . Sequencer One .. Somx 2________________ Sound Trap 3 Sampler ..... Sound Master .... Tiger Cub. . SPREADSHEETS Advantage 32000x32000 DGCalc 512x52 .... Super plan 2048x1024 .49 82 UTILITIES Aren ..33 84 Aren Tools.. _____________ 49 82 B A D D«k Opomcser _______________31 96 BBC
EmvMator ... 35 72 Byte V Back HO Backup 20 45 CrossOOS F4e Transfer _____ 24 91 Dvaciory Manager ... 35 72 Disk Master 2 Housekeeper 49 82 Doctor Ami Diagnostics ...... 40 89 DOS 2 OOS File Transfer ......30 55 Enhancer 1 3 ..... 1504 GB Route Planner ......33 84 MAC 2 OOS Fde Transfer .....81 78 Mavis Beacon Teaches Typng 27.73 Quarterback HD Backup ......39 95 Quarterback Hard Disk Toots 61.10 VIDEO D©I View God 4 dqitiser 109 98 HrtacN HV720 Camera 4 Lens 204 45 Home Titter ... 34 78 Mrvgan
Gentock...... 101 99 Scata Presenubons . 18988 Vdeo Tittsr ------ 84 60 V© Compete Codur SokJbon. 159 80 WORDPROCESSORS Excellence 2 ... 94.94 KmdwordS 2 ...... 35 72 PenPai 1.3 ...79 90 Protexi 4 3 .. .74.73 Prote.1 5 ...101 99 ProWnte 3* .. 99 64 QuiCkWnte . 39 95 Scribble Platinum ......42 77 TransWnte .. 3290 WordPerfect .189 88 Wordworth .
99 64 SPECIALS (please phone condition) Battteches*------------ 15 51 Pagesiream 1A --------79 90 Profe**©nai Page 12 99 64 The* Fine*! Hour Fight S.m 18 33 PLEASE SEND SAE FOR SECOND HAND LIST M A STER YOUR FINANCES PROFIT FROM YOUR MICRO £14.95 Comprehensive step-by-step 60 page guide Recession? What recession? Make your micro earn
• Whatever the make of your micro, you can use it to make a good
income even with only a couple of hours spare each week. Ideal
for those at home unemployed.
• NOT pie in the sky, make a million belore breakfast nonsense
but a true report of exactly the sort of steps we took
ourselves at Intraset.
• Easy, sensible business ideas which can easily be used by
anyone with any micro. Part or full-time.
• No computer expertise required. Earn £££ from home doing what
you enjoy - using your computer.
• Very little capital outlay needed - you probably have
everything you need to start earning
• Learn how to find hundreds of potential customers in your area
who will gladly pay for your services.
• Full step-by-step 60 page book Phone or Fax for lightning
Send cheques or postal orders to INTRASET LTD FREEPOST, 10 Woodside Avenue, Clayton-Le-Woods, Chorley, Lancashire. PR6 7BR.
TEL 025 72 76800 Main office & 24 hr order line Fax 025 72 74753 Helpdesk 0490 3284 Weekdays 3-4pm All major credit cards accepted All prices include P&P and VAT ' Overseas orders add £5.00 Intraset Ltd CASHMASTER Home ond business occoonts £39.95 Cashmaster is the easiest to use, most versatile accounts program yet written for both small business accounts or home finance. We wrote CASHMASTER for our own use, out of sheer frustration with other 'easy to use' packages.
Just look at Cashmaster's main features:
• Easy, natural data entry - just like a handwritten ledger
• Full vat analysis if needed
• VAT inclusive, exclusive or zero-rated entries
• Unlimited no. Of ledgers at one time - limited only by disc
• Span any time period - no set period or 1 year limit
• 1000 User-definable class and 1000 accounts codes
• Detailed statements by selected Classes and Accounts
• Profit and loss-type statement
• Tagging of entries for selective reports
• Automatic repeat of entries - standing orders etc (Yearly,
Half-Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly, Fortnightly, or Weekly)
• Automatic date-sorting of entries - entries can be inserted
anywhere in ledger
• Output reports to screen, printer or disc file
• Reference field for each entry - Invoice or Cheque no.
• Split and merge ledgers at any time
• All functions available from main program screen - Class and
Account codes visible at all times
• Pop-up running-total calculator with one key press.
The most user-friendly, powerful and versatile accounts package yet - you won't be disappointed.
CASHMASTER INVOICING & STOCK CONTROL Companion to Cashmaster or standalone program £39.95
• Full Customer Data file - easy to find account records
• Full Stock Data file, Price Lists, Re-order lists
• Full invoicing with user-defined messages
• Full invoice editing, Invoice To & Deliver To fields
• Settlement, No-Return and Line discounts A standalone, or
integrates with Cashmaster for a fully featured
accounts invoicing package costing less than a quarter the
price of its rivals.
SPECIAL OFFER - both programmes £69.95 Saving £9.95 THE GRAPHOLOGIST Handwriting analysis program £49.95 ’Uncannily accurate' 8000 Plus Magazine 'Recommended highly hr the novice and the professional' Micromart From the beginner to the expert, use The Graphologist to analyse your handwriting, your partners, friends, business associates, prospective employees.
With a sample of handwriting, answer tfi on-screen questions and follow the instructions. Anything from a signature analysis to a full 15 page complete character report, including career ambition and health through to sexual preferences and megalomania. Edit this report using your word processor for a professional presentation.
The Graphologist is a valuable business tool as well as entertaining and fun. Comes complete with comprehensive manual of graphology.
4 STAR Swift Microcomputers Ltd 84 High Street North, Dunstable, Bedfordshire, LU6 3HP.
Tele: (0582) 476257 Fax: (0582)476258 SONY DS DD BULK
50. ..£21 100 £38
250. £95 500.....£180 1 A 500 Computer 1Mb Ram Extra
Drive £369 2 A500 COMPUTER 1Mb RAM WITH PHILIPS CM8833 MK2
£529 LC 10 £145.00 LC24 -
10 .....£210.00 LC
200 ..£209.00 | LC 24 -
200 ..£289.001 CANON I
BJ10e ...£239.001 COMMODORE
1. 5 Meg RAM ....£85 AMIGA
MOUSE £14 A590
RIBBON .....£3 COLOUR ....£6
10 3.6 BRANDED £6 10 3.5
11 x 9.5 PAPER 60gsm 500 SHEETS £9
0. 5 Meg Ram £20.99 (Add £4 for clock) PHILIPS CM8833 Mk2 £219
HOW TO ORDER Visit our showroom with easy parking or send
cheque or postal order to the above address.
Access and Visa accepted.
K. G. Leisure...?
We make it easy for you!
All prices include VAT. All orders sent by 1 st class post Telephone Orders Enquiries 0443 862127 I ¦ ¦ Mon-Sat £-"-1 Carnes Marked * = New release: sent when available 1943 (Budget) ...£6.99 3D Construction set .....£3 1.99 3D Pool ..£7.99 3 Stooges (Budget) .£7.99
* 4D Boxing ..£20.49 Advanced
Fruit machine Sim (Budget).£6.99 Afterburner
(Budget) .....£6.99
* Amnios .£17.99 AMOS
Icames Creator) ...£34.99 AMOS
3D ....£24.99 .APB
(Budget) ...£6.99
* Aquaventura ...£17.99
* Aracnophobia- ......£17.49 Arkanoid 2
(Revenge of Doh) Budget £6.99
Armalyte .....£17.49 Armour
Ceddon .£17.99 Arnhem---------------------
£14.99 Atomino______________________________ £17.49
* Barbarian 2 .....- ....£17.99
Barbarian-Ultimate Warrior (Budget) I. ....£7.99 Bards
TXIe 3 £16.99 Bards Tale 2
(Budget) ....£7.99
* Battlebound ...£16.99 Battle
Chess ...£17.49 Battle Chess II
- £17.49
* Beast Busters .£17.49
* Big Deal (Gamblingcompilation).£20.99 Bill & Ted's Exc.
Adventure ....£17.49 Billiards
II ..£17.49 Bionic Commando
(Budget) ....£7.99 Blade
Warrior .£17.49
Brat ......£17.49
Cadaver £17.49 Cadaver
Levels - The Pay Off ..£11.99 California Games
(Budget) £6.99 Cardinal of the
Kremlin ..£17.49 Carrier Command
(Budget) .....£7.99
* Casino £17 49 » Castles £17 99 Centunon £17 49 Champion of the
Raj £1699 Chans m Andromeda £ 17 49 Chaos Strikes Back
(IMeg) ....£17.49 Charge of the Light
Brigade ...£20.49 Chuck
Rock £16.99 Cloud Kingdoms
(Budget) £6.99 Coin Op Hits
2 ......£20.49
* Conflict - Europe (Budget) £7.99 Cricket
Captain .....£17.49 Cricket
(IMeg) .....£19.99
* Crimewave .£17.49 Crime
Doesn't Pay £17.49
* Cruise for a Corpse .Phone Crystals of
Arborea ......£16.99 Cybercon
3 .£17.49 Damocles
Compendium ..£17.49
Darkman ....£17.49 Deadline
(Budget) ...£7.99 Death Knights of
Krynn ..£20.99 Defender Of The Crown (Budget)
...£7.99 Deluxe Strip Poker .£7.99
* Deuteros £19 99
* Double Double Bill £24 19 Draguns Spirit I Budget I £6 99
Dungeon Master (IMegi £1719 . ELF £1719 Elite ----------- £17
49 Emlyn Hughes Soccer £1719 Enchanter (Budget) £6 49 Escape
From CnMiU £20 49
* Exile £17 49 Eye Of The Beholder £19 99 F15-Strike Eagle II (1
Meg) ....£23.99 F19 Stealth
Fighter .....£21.49 Fantasy World Dizzy
(Budget) .£6.99 Fists of Fury
(Compilation) ....£17.49 £20.49 PP Hammer & Pneumatic
* Flight of the Intruder.. Flight Simulator 2 ..
Flood (Budget) . Football Director
2 . Footballer of the Year (Budget) Forgotten
Worlds (Budget)......
* Formula 1 (3D)
Frenetic . Full Contact
(Budget) . Cauntlet 2 (Budget)
Geisha ...
Co ....
CODS .... Golden
Axe Grand Stand
* Halls of Montezuma ... Hard Drivin
(Budget) . Hero
* Hero Quest - Return of the
Witchlord .. ..£10.99 ..£19.99
..£20.49 ....£6.99 ....£6.99 ..£17.49 ..£17.49 ..£16.99
Hollywood Collection (Compilation) .
* Hunter ... IK* (Budget) (see
Premier Collection) ...... Impossible
Mission 2 (Budget).
Indianapolis 500 ..... International Championship Athletics I Play 3D Soccer ...... Jack Nicklaus 91 Champ Course 5X10.99 Jack Nicklaus Clip Art .£10.99 Jack Nicklaus Unlimited Golf (IMeg) ..£19.99
* Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker £16.99 Kick Off
2 ...£13.49 Kick Off 2
(IMeg) ..£15.99 Kick Off 2 Final
Whistle £8.99 Kick Off Winning
Tactics ..£6.99 Kick Off * Extra Time (Budget)
£6.99 Kid Gloves (Budget) ......£6.99 Kings
Bounty .£20.99
* Kings Quest 5 £29.99 League
Challenge (Budget) ......£6.99 Leisure Suit Larry (Triple
Lemmings ..£17.99
* Lemmings Data Disk 1 £10.99 Life and
Death £17.99
Logical ..£14.99
Lombard RAC Rally (Budget) ...£6.99 Lotus Esprit
Turbo ......£17.49
* Magic Story Book .£20.49
Magnum .....£17.99 Man. Utd
- Europe Edition .....£17.49 Maupiti
Island £17.99
* Mega-Lo-Mama .....£20.49
Mercs ....£17.49 Metal
Mutant .£17.49 Miami Chase
(Budgetl ...£6.99 Mindgames
(Compilation! ......£17.49 Monopoly
Deluxe ..£14.99
Moonbase ...£23.99
Murder ..-..... £17.49
* Myth .....£17.99
* Napoleon 1 ...... £20.99
* Nebulus 2 ...£17.49 Ninja
Remix ...£16.99 North and South
(Budget) £6.99 Oriental
Games .....£17.49 Panza Kick
Boxing £17.49 Passing Shot
(Budget) ...£7.99 PGA Tour
Coif £17.49 Platinum
(Compilation) ..£17.49 Player Manager
- .£14.49
Populous ....£16.99 Populous
Promised Lands .£8.99 Postman Pat
(Budget) ...£6.99
Powermonger £19.99
* Powermonger Data Disk 1 ......£11.49 Power Up
(Compilation) ..£20.49 ....the largest room!....
The Games Room Predator
2 ..£16.99
Prehistorik .£17.49 ..£24.99
....£8.99 ..£14.99 ....£6.99 ....£6.99 ..£17.49 ..£17.49
....£7.99 ....£6.99 ..£17.99 ..£17.49 ..£16.99 ..£16.99
..£20.49 ..£17.49 ....£6.99 ..£17.99 Premier Collection
(Compilation) £17.99 Prince of
Persia .....£17.49 Pro Boxing
(Budgetl ......£6.99 Pro Flight
(Hi-Soft) .....£32.99 Pro Tennis Tour
2 .£17.49 Railroad Tycoon (1 Meg)
.£24.99 Rainbow Collection (Rainbow Islands.
Bubble Bobble. New Zealand Story)X14.99 RBI II Baseball .....£20.49
* Rodland £17.99
* Rolling Ronny £17.99
* R-Type2 .....£17.49
Sarakon £14.99 Secret
of Monkey Island ..£17.49 Secret of the Silver
Blades (IMeg)£20.49 Shadow
Dancer .....£16.99 Shapes & Colours
(Educational) £6.99 Shinobi
(Budget) ....£6.99 Shoot ‘Em up
Construction Kit ....£20.49 ShufflePack Cafe (Budget) £6.99
Silkworm (Budget) .£6.99 Sim City
Architecture 1 (Future)..£11.99 Sim City Architecture 2
(Ancient) £11.99 Sim City Populous (Twin Pack)..£19.99
* Simpsons - Bart Vs The Space
Mutants £16.99
* Sinbad (Budgetl .£7.99 Skidz
(Budget) .£6.99 Skychase
(Budgetl £7.99
Sliders ..£17.49
Sorcerer (Budget) ...£8.49 Speedball 1
(Budget) .....£7.99 Speedball
2 .£16.99 Spirit of
Excalibur (1 Meg) .....£20.49
* Spot ..£14.99 Stack-Up
(Budget) ..£6.99
Stormball ...£17.49 »
Striker Manager ....£17.49 Strip Poker
II + Data Disk 1 .....£6.99 Summer Edition
(Budget) £6.99 Super Cars
2 .,£16,99 Super League Soccer
(Budget) £6.99 Super Monaco Grand Prix ......£16.99
* Swap .....£17.49
Switchblade 2 .£17.49
SWIV ....£17.49 Table
Tennis Simulator (Budget)....£6.99
* Tsngram .....£17.49 Tennis
Cup (Budget) ......£6.99 Test Drive II
(Compilation) ....£20.49 The
Executioner ...£17.49
* Thunder Hawk ......£20.99
* Thunder Jaws .£17.49
TOKI .....£16.99
Treasure Island Dizzy (Budget) £4.99 Trivial
Pursuit £14.49 Turrican
2 ..£16.99 TV Sports (US)
Football (Budget) ...£7.99 Typhoon Thompson
(Budget) ..£6.99 Virtual
Reality £24.99 Virtual Worlds
(Compilation) .£20.49
VIZ .£14.49
Wargames Construction Set ..£20.49
Warlords .....£17.99
Warzone .....£14.99 Waterloo
(Budget) ..£7.99 White
Sharks .£16.99 Wings of Fury
(Budget) .£6.99 Wizball
(Budget) ....£6.99 Worlds at
War £16.99
* Worldclass Cricket £19.99 Worldclass
Leaderboard (Budget)...£6.99 Wrath of the Demon
Wreckers ....£17.49 Xenon 2
(Budget) ..... Xybots (Budget) .
.£7.99 .£6.99 ? Zone
Warrior . ......£17.49 Zork 3
(Budget) . .£7.99 The Study
....serious work going on in here!.... 3D Construction Kit plus
FREE Video £31.99 Aztec C
Professional ...£109.99
.Aztec C Developer -£159.99 L&Y1
Complete Colour Solution (Rombo) ...£164.99 Deluxe Music Const.
Set ......£49.99 Devpac
V2.0 ..£44.99
Excellence V2.0 £119.99
Lattice SAS
C £169.99
Professional Page
V2 ..£179.99 Scribble
(Platinum) .....£39.99
....lots of books on the shelves!.... Amiga Assembly Language
Programming......£13.49 Amiga Basic Inside and
Out ...£17.99 Amiga C for
Beginners .£17.49 Amiga C
for Advanced Users ...£29.99 The C
Programming Language (2nd Edition) (KemigarVRitchie)
‘Excellent* ...£24.99 |H| .Amiga Disk Drives inside -
out £25.99 | Amiga DOS Reference
Guide £13.99 .Amiga For
Beginners .....£11.99 .Amiga Graphics
inside •* out £29.99 Amiga Hardware Ref.
Manual .£23.99 Amiga Machine
Language ......£13.99 Amiga Printers
Inside & Out -* Disk .£31.99 Mastering AmigaDOS
Vol. 1 ...£19.99 Mastering AmigaDOS
Vol. 2 ...£17.49 167 ROM Kernal
(Includes + AutoDocs) ..£29.99 ROM Kernal (Ref
Libs + Devices) ..£29.99 Amiga System
Programmers Guide ..£29.99 OCTOBER 1991 The Office
....useful programs for busy people!.... Cashbook
Controller ....£44.99
Cashbook Combo (Cashbook Controller + Final Accounts
combined) ......£59.99 Day by
Day £23.99
Calc £29.99
Final Accounts ....£29.99
Gold Disk Office £104.99
Home Accounts I .£24.99 Home
Accounts II ...£39.99 ” Mailshot
Plus .£39.99 Personal
Tax Planner ...£39.99
V5 ......£109.99
Write .....£49.99
3 ...£44.99
System 3E (Extended version of above) £59.99 Wordworth
(Excellent word processor, package) ....£94.99 The Post
Room Please make Cheques PO's payable to "K.G. Leisure". And
remember to add £1 for post & packaging (U.K.). You can order
using your credit card, by telephone or sending the following
details to us at the address below. '%s.
Card No ...Exp. Date Name (on card) .... Address ...... Signature ...Amount ....10 91 The All items subject to availability. Credit Card orders debited only on day of despatch.
Please allow sufficient time for cheque clearance.
Above prices apply to Amiga Format only and are subject to variation. E & O.E (Dept AF), 2 Hengoed Hall Drive, Cefn Hengoed, Hengoed Mid Glamorgan, CF8 7JW.
The Storage Room ....space for everyone here!.... TDK Sony Verbatim Branded high quality 3.5" DSDD disks (boxes of 10 including labels) .per box £8.99 S| Unbranded Disks 3.5” DSDD including labels each 49p Null Modem lead; used for 2 player mode in games like Populous & Powermonger etc ..only £9.99 I 1 2 Meg RAM Expansions with clock I (16 Chip version) ..£24.95 I (4 Chip version) ....£34.95
3. 50 Hnglia PD 168 OCTOBER 1991 NEW! - ANGLIA "PLUS" PACKS. The
ultimate in PD software giving you the convenience of a
commercial package at a PD price. Each "PLUS" pack includes
the highest quality PD programs together with full printed
instructions presented in an impressive folder. The first
"PLUS" pack lo he released is The Business "PLUS" Pack which
contains 5 disks covering a complete range of business
software and over thirty pages of instructions.
The complete package costs just £7.95...More ’’PLUS" packs to be released soon, phone for details.
NEW! GAMES GALORE PACK 5 DISKS £4.95 Over 30 Games on $ disks' Includes great games such as Sky Fight, Dad. Trek Trivia. Fue-m Lme. Diplomacy, Chess, Monopoly, Othello. Space Age. Air Trqfjic Control, and loads more' UTILITIES PACKS 1.2.3 ? 4 5 DISKS £4.95 4 different packs with alI the utils vou will ever need' Pack contains Chet Solace disk 126 utils). Disimatter v3I . Darkxtar Utilities 2.3 A 4.
BUSINESS PACK 5 DISKS C4.9S T'V-riki r2.:£ (Huntpro). 4 Uuru&urr .acfe*** KIM.
Clerk (accounts), Spreadsheet. MCAD (graphicsI. ? 2 Spellcheckers DESKTOP VIDEO PACK 4 DISKS £3.96 Outstanding collection or video producers. Includes Rolling Credits. Slideshow. Video Backgrounds. Special Effects. Pattern Generator and more!!!
PROGRAMMERS PACK 5 DISKS £4.95 Fceth. Modulo 2. Lisp. Logo. Pascal. North C*IJ + C U46I Cryptic utils (inc. Diskmasten GAMES G620 Pipeline (commercial quality I G659 Turn ? Tricky G632 Tennis G602 Megaball (The best breakout gome) G673 Tnuken (Run your own company ¦ 2 disks) G672 Air Warrior (Good flight um) G607 T Richter Star Trek (2 disks) GUI Star Trek (3 disks) G624 Buaard (Superb shoot-em up) 667 Menial Images (9HO 3 great games) 665 Eat Mine G6S2 Dynamite Dick G670 Zeus (Very addictive) 6663 Sealante (great sub simulator I G662 Bomg the Game (2) G635 Crossword Creator GbfO Woediquarr
Solver G668 Fruit Machine G674W,zsyt- Quest CHILDRENS C70I Learn * Play (2 disks) C702 Train Set CTOS Talking Colouring Book C704 Simon SaytfSpace Maths CTOS Treasure Island C706 Snakes * Ladders C707 Pair It (Plav it with the kids') C70H Cross Fire (Fun A addictive) C709 Pair Kingdom (2 Asks) C7II Wacko in Wonderland (Like Dtzsy!)
GRAPHIC'S 9 Trace (Ray store) GR803 Slide Show Construction Kit ADULTS PACK I 5 DISKS £4.95 S disks full cf'animations’ 18 and over only.
ADULTS PACK 2,3 ? 4 5 DISKS £4.95 i different packs of five disks full iff ’slideshows" 18 and over only.
EDUCATION PACK 1 5 DISKS £4.95 German. Globe. Geonme. Drawmap. Evolution. Clouds.
Formula. Airfoil. Gravity Sim. Weather. Wave Maker.
World Data Bank and more!! (Thu pack is one of our best sellers and is incredible aluefor money).
PtfMf note: all pack disks ma be bought singU at 99p!
BUSINESS B30I H.mkn (Home Accounts) B303 Flexibase (Database) B304 Woedwright (Word processor I B305 Vltkak • Spreadsheet) B306 Veda (Great word processor) B307 Journal tGood home accounts) B322 600 Busmen Letters (All ready to go) B323 Database Master l1?
UTILITIES U40I Power Packer 2JB (Superb Cruncher) U402 Mailer Vina Killer v2 l (A must) U458 Freud (Take the test'i U404 A-Gene v3 125 (Latest Family Dee) U405 ST ? C64 Emulators * MeuyDOS U406 Jastbench (upgraded Workbench) U4Q7 WB2 (Workbench v2.0 lookohkci U47IX Copy III iThe uhonau copier) U4I3 Sid vI 61makes vou a master cfCU, U438 Spot rum Emulator 9H0 Amiga Shopper) U465 Antiflicker teases high-rrs flicker) U476 Golf Performance (Record golf stats) U472 Comms disk (total modem control) NEW! HOME MANAGEMENT PACK 3 DISKS Calender. Mortgage, Spreadsheet. Grammar. Mileage.
World Tune. Biulget. Chequebook. Database. Tvping Tutor, Typewriter. Grocery, List Maker. Home Banking.
BEGINNERS PACK 4 DISKS £3.96 CU Tutorial. Quick Copy. ESA Utilities. Disk Master v30 CLIPART PACKS 1,2 ? 3 5 DISKS £4.95 different pacts af 5 disks, all full of the very best clipart for Dpaint etc FONTS PACK 1,2*3 5 DISKS £4.95 S different packs of 3 disks, pack I contains Publisher fonts, various fonts, fonts disk 2. Cosmopolitan fonts, large fonts (loads of great fonts for Dpatnt etc.) NEW! ANGLIA COLOURFONTS 5 DISKS £4.95 Contains 5 disks full of original coUmrfants produced hen at Anglia, ideal fire captions, titles, etc Use with Dpaint III.
ADVENTURE PACKS I ? 2 5 DISKS £4.95 Pack I; Holy GroU. Golden Fleece. Castle of Doom.
Return to Earth. World, Colossal. Adi'enturr Writer Pack 2: Dragon Caw. Moria, Rings of Ion, Impenum Romanian, Lam vl .2. CARD & BOARD GAMES 4 DISKS £3.96 Ctuedo. Cabbage. Mrmopotr ( Mastermind and much more!
ULTRA GAMES PACK 5 DISKS £4.95 Seven Tiles, Balloonacy. Mayhem. Battlejorxr. Arcadia (All af these games have received rave reviews fnitn Amiga magazine i) PUBLIC!!
ANGLIA PUBLIC DOMAIN LIBRARY Anga House uSRareagr ftoaa PctxsiMe Su%* Hi THU GR80I C-Light (Ray ft GRK02DKB Truce (Ri TELE 0394 283 494 GR805 Mandelbrot Generator v GR82I Spectrapaint (serious Dpaint mol) GR807 Graphics Utilities Disk GR828 Hamlab (Great Picture Processor) MUSIC M90I Med v3D M902 Sound Tracker Pro M903 14 Sample disks for above M9I9 Kefrtns Jukebai M920 Future Composer ccS Os Deja Vu Licenceware (3.50) LPD1 Colouring Boo* IPD2 Aic Angel Maths IPD3 Gaileom IPD4 Thmgamajig IPOS Jungle Bungle IPD6 Pukada & Sorites IPD7 four Way Lynx. IPD8 Work S Play IPD9 Amos Assembler LPD10 The
Word factory LPOl I Go-getter LP01S Hycnote Lands LPD13 Jigmania LPD14 Play it sate LPOl 5 Arc Angels Shapes LP016 Severs: II LPD17 Dogfight II LPD18 Touchstones LPD19 X-it-50 IPD20 Wordy IPD21 Qumgo LPD22 LclO fonts IPD23 ESP LPD24 Shining way of Kung fu (5 50. 2 disks) LPD2S The Mission LPD26 Cyad LPD27 flower Power LPD98 Buddbase LPD29 Big too fun LP030 Shymer LPD31 Cli cxinter dump LPD32 Hard drive menu LP033 Creatne Adventure toolkit LPD34 Invoice or.nter LPD35 T Teedraw IPD36 fracgen II 'Most reouire Img mcmcryi) VISA 2 DISKS FREE!
With every 10 ordered.
Just a small selection of thousands of titles in stock. Please remember to add 50p pjfep to total order! Please make cheques POs payable to "Vally PD" or phone in your Access or Visa number (only 3 disks or over) for speedy delivery by 1st class post or BRANDED disks' Now over 2400 disks in stock' Cat dusk only 75p inc pAp PD Disks------------------------------125 Amos PD..~ . 1.50 European orders please add 25p per disk.
Worldwide please add 40p per disk! We also stock Fish 1-520, Tbag 1-34, AMIGAs, Snag, Slipped disk. Panorama, Taifun, Amicus & Amos 1-264' Why not send vour catalogue disk back with a 22p stamp lor a FREE update’ Vally PD PO Box 15, Peterlee, Co Durham, SR8 1NZ. Tel: 091 5871195.
ALL DISKS STILL ONLY 99p KACH Deja Vu Licencewarc.. DEMOS & ANIMATIONS: 003 Probe demo Great anim. Been on TV 004 Vaogei* demo Superb demo & mus*1* 011 Newtons cradle Fab ray traced demo1 012 The runanim Tab car chase demo'• 015 Cnon*s mega inc Madonna animation1 026 Crusaders Bactena Fabulous!
032 Technotronc demo Amazing music' 041 Poocye meets Beachboys Fumy' 047 Wrath of the Demon demo Fab!
052 CXI demo Great ray traced soaceshib* 056 Scoopex mental hangover Still superb1 091 Puggs m space Quite amusing demo' 112 Digital Concert VI Excellent music disk' 203 Slipstream demos me follow me*Impact 367 Epic preview Fab game preview 409 Fractal flight Super, ffy through canyon* 492 Basketball Bomg etc Good an m pack1* 518 Crusaders Space delera & much mere1 SS6 Emra demo Excellent demo of game' 607 Total Recall demo good Am* demo1 614 Budbram2 New. Excellent disk!
624 Batman anim V good need 1 mgi 654 Evil dead demo This is weird' 716 Unrrealdemo Very impressrve preview' 764 System Violator from Anarchy* 765 Hysteresis demo Excellent demo1 8301 Monty P thons Policemans ball (2) 864 Pherxynena interspace Brilliant, a must' 865 Beatmaster 808 state 4 tracks' 879 Frankfyn fly anim Brilliant animation'* 890 Sleeping bag demo Great megademb 891 Chaos Rock. Superb fractals demb 887 Good Morning Vietnam demo good' 940 Phenomena Enigma Fantastic demo' 999 Bartman remix Quite good this one' 1000 Siients Global Trash Superb demb 1016 Hip hop pack 33 V Good' 1020
Technoflight Megademo Fabulous' 1043 Aurora megademo Another good one' 1044 Light Megademo nice multipart demo 1045 Coyote II Brill roadrunner needs 1 5mg 1055 6 Laurel A Hardy animations Great1 * 1065 6 Star Drek Takes the mtcky of Strk' 2 1093 Piasmutex An excellent plasma demo' 1105Pendie8l Simpsons Decay & More1* 1118 Pixeiated Pleasures Very nice demb 1119 Tomsoft Virtual World An eptc. Get «t' 1120 PMC Ajpha Omega Amazing1 1122 3 Antilemmms Fab but needs 2mgi (2) 1127 Silents ice demo Fab demo 1143 Wings animation Super preview diski* 1144 Quart ex Substance Really good demo' 1163
Shuttlecock anim Another funny anim* 11767 KGB megademo Great 2 disk demo' 1178 Alarm megademo Good me acid part' 1186 Pulling the Trigger Nice demo pack' 1187 Magician 2 Better than the 1st one'* Music & Music Utils: OSS Flash music Dance mus* disk' 060 100 64 tunes Boll disk, a must' 062 Walk ms way Good sound' 1089 Helloween demo Superb'(2 110 11 Quiet Riot demo Great guitar' (2) 156 Soundtracker Several versions' 157 158 loads of Tracker samples' 2 disks 190 Games music Creator Good' 245 M didrsk Lots of synth progs' 246 Frsh 323 Casio CZ patch editor* 248 Amiga chart III Black Bo* &
Queen' 317 Fish 300 Realtime pitch convertor* 322 Perfect sound sampler 4 samples 428 TSR mus* 5 Technotromc type mus»c' 483 Music several progs & midi' 510 Burning Independence 2 Bn 11 ant' 513 Depeche Mode mus* Good disk' 534 Dmob 3 Oer 4 m.nutes dance music1 562 Dead dance thrash Metal mus* 4 p*s' 587 Amrgadcus Mozart on Amiga' 588 Classrx 1 Great classes from Mr Baxter' 589 Classtx 2 Bach, Handel etc Excellent' 590*1 Pictures at an exhibition Full syphony* 599 Audio Mag* All the soundtrackers' 705 Crusaders play Genesis Brilliant disk!* 763 Zarch mus* 3 Another goodun1 769 Prologue mus* 5
good mus* tracks' 001 Get wKkedOxygene remixes' 803 Groove m the heart' Dancemus*' 854 Digital Debussy Clair de lune etc Fab 863 Special Brothers mus*3 Disco 4 thrash' 886 Bomb the Base Some v good tracks here 894 Digital Debussy II Arabesque etc( 870 Med V3 11b Latest version me midi' 869 Partners in cnme mus* 2 Lots of tunes' 888 PMC II Screaming guitar mus* Fab 896 Bad boyz London beat remix' 941 2 Silents hues house Great(2) 960 Patricks mus* Some great tunes here' 961 Patricks mus* II Some more great tunes 964 Axrs mus* Excellent mus* disk' 971 2 Goldfne celebral delights' Fab' 2 disks
097 8 Vivaldi 4 seasons Great Ctass*s! (2) 1026-8 House mus* samples 3 disks full' 1029 30 -Made m Heaven Good' (2) 1063 Talk to the trees mus* Hilarious' 1116 Patr*k mus* ill More superb times' 1129 Scraper mus* 2 Good mus* disk1 1140 Beanes mus* lots of Sonix tunes!
1154 Prodigy music Very nice mus* disk' 1179 Amega Party 4 stunning pieces" 1100 Al Peps mus* Nice mix of mus* types 1181 Art of Med Lots of med mus**grafix' Fish 356 Algorythms, rmdi program' Frsh 403 Kawai K4 editor * more' Fish 481 Kawai K1 editor * more' Fish 488 MKJrtObS - Other programs' Business & Serious: 057 Chet Solace 96 ifllities on ths dsk 117-20 TV graphics 4 d.sks lex C3 SO 153 Jazzbench Alternative Workbench' 154 Iconmana Gieat to make icons!
998 Doee Intromaker MaLe your own :ntros!
271 Rim Database Good Database prog!
279 f exibase Easy to use database 273 Home utils Wcrdwtight Lebeiptmt etc 274 Anahbcalc Spreadsheet1 * 276 Dvmaster & Benkin Business programs 278 uedit Wordorocessor program' 286 DBW Ray tracing program S pics'- 301 2 Clipart: 2 disks full of clipart' 303-305 Scanned opart good stuff' 3 316 Sidvl 6 Excellent directory utility4 448 Powerpacket 2 3b The best crunchen 465 Quekbase XspeB S Text editor disk' 489 Graphics drsk many useful progs here' 544 Dcopy Good copy utility disk' 600 A64 Commodore 64 Errxjiatcr - pxogs' 601 Clerk Acccx Xstype program ? Leopard 615 Ci scx base compiler program'
616 Pascal compiler self compiling' 617 Mead Cad desgn program uses Hires'- 636 Clght Excellent ray tracer program' 669 Master virus killer Detects 124 viruses' 694 Bortrythms, Starchart etc Good' 698 Exile fonts Great colccxed fonts' 699 Dmanvte fonts Mere fab fonts' 720 Electrocad PCB demo Good'- 771 Ultimate icon disk Iconmeister & more1 805 Ncrth C vt 3 Latest C Compiler* 808-814 7 disks of clipart only £6 50' 860 Agene Genealogy program' • 861 ST emulator & utilities disk' 862 Spectn n emulator i i ilities1 871 Qbase database S Spread spreadsheet1 926-8 DeskbervchlconVbases 3 disks 957
Spectrapaot V3 Fab art program'- 987 Vxitlers Bootx. Zero virus & more' 991 Hard dnve utilities Great programs' 992-5 Holy Bible Packed on 4 disks' 1000 Tarot An Astrology program 77 1007 Messydos - Sd Easy PC-Amiga' 1009 Hamlab VGA p s-Amiga ham. Fab1 1071 PC ErtxjWor At as! CGA graphics'- 1102 Assassins label pnr-te- an on 1 disk!
1132 600 Business er.ers Easy letter maker' 1147Amibase Nxte relational database' 1199 Dynamite fonts II More great fonts' 1200 Desktop publishers Ves but in German5 1209-12NewCmanual«2 on4d.sks' Fish 465 Textplus 2 2£ Wbrdprocessor1 APD 132 Family history database1 • APO 176 Database vaster Database prog' • APO 205 R Draw Mew pa -t program'- Amgos (WO Antiflicker & mere Games & Leisure: 043 Ho r Grad Text adventure * 368*7 Star Trek Brill 2 drs* Great1 424 5 leam & play ri*i for lods'2 426 Armgaman games pock 10' 451 Tennis game Good shareware' * 481 Cabbage Kicnd-ke Canfield Othello etc1 SSS
Am»gaman2 Dnp. Chess etc 592 Eiectr* tr*n ccyistnjct*n set' 625 Buzzard henzcrtai shoot em up game* 582 Castle of Doorr act* game 583 Fiaschbier Mxe than 200 levels' 584 Frecw* Platform gamei 613 Pacman 87 Retaiiatcr & Sorry* 626-30 Efixation pack 5 disks for 4 50' 684 wraithedone N*e quiz game1 686 Peters Quest. Shootout & more' 700 Retu n to earth Soace adventure game1 721 Bathefcxce Strate game1 KO *eio A rxe little pa nter type game1 905 7 Tiles Super futuresport game' 909 WizzysQuest Aroade adventure 969 Zeus Great block puzzle game' 1011 Megaban The oest breakout game1* 1014 Tan*
AMIGAKJs Roiierpede etc1 10CO Hohwood Trrvia Excellent qmz game 1106 Serene shoot em up A great blast1 1lC6Ra d Shoot em up wrth planes' Il09uamatrcr Fab jeff Mrnter game' 1155 Mental image Gror ner invaders etc 1156 Go Lobby Cute shoot cm up game1 1221 Downhill skier Great little ski game1 1226 Jumper Gomoku Cracker Jumpy etc' 1227 CiAxAs Great rutxk cube style game' APO 85 Revem • Snakes & Ladders' APO *76 P*r it Mate*- the cards'* AP0110 Cross Fire Great kx3s game APO * 15 Baiiocoacy Good little game'* AP0135 Simon says S Space maths APO180 1 Cxngeon Detver 2 drsks AP0182 3 Px«e Kingdom (2
disks) AP0930 Amos Asteroids 4 vers torts'* Slideshows: D44 Super ham cars Srunrxng ptcti c' 067 Dmamic hvts UnbCievable ouaiity* 07S9 Agattaon 6-8 Ray traced pics, tab (2) 775 N Winams Drnamrc hees awdroppeh 914 Agatron 12 ancxher great Slideshow1 920 Bom to be free Fab wildlife pictures' 1003 Pentagon & Drifters: B-w hires fantasy 1005 6 Sci-fitantasyp.es Great pics (2) 10! 3 Toftoen sideshow Nice fantasy pics' 1101 German ray traced pics Superb pres' 1146 irvisible wcxid =leas. Bedbugs etc555 1172 Comic slides Sammy shreik etc' 1174 wws wrestlers Full cokxr sides' 1942 Gnrsei si.de 7 German
fanasy pks1 Simply phone your order through or send a chequelpostal order. Please add 6Op lo cover post and packing.
PUBLIC DOMAIN Intvr-effic* iwno Do not (rwat) DO Wl II sc I oft tkit this mk Conalco should it Bikini; in lnlMULJUiiAut The Public Domain offers you a cheap and vast supply of information and enjoyment, entertainment and information. Discover what's worth splashing your cash on with Pat McDonald.
THE ADVENTURES OF NORRIS VIRUS FREE PO orarolai OftJS j j ?a HF-LF .fir UP H£ TRE.E .... Ppi- ) __ ® 1C P 1 ’ & t * ¦ * Everything in Norris is simple but demanding. Actually making it up the tree is an achievement - getting back down on your first attempt is virtually impossible.
This game had me swearing furiously and returning for more each time. It's fairly simple to play - just movement and fire to jump around the platforms to collect the keys. The problem is that your timing has to be spot-on every time.
Norris is a dwarf who has to escape from a castle.
Dotted around the playing area are various objects to help him progress. Getting to them is a matter of judging the distance and hoping you make the jump.
Falling too far will kill Norris, as will contact w ith any of the bcasties w ho move along their predictable paths.
You get 10 lives to start with, and you'll need them. Often you go through five or six try ing lo get past one obstacle - but once you've worked out the right moves, you can progress to the next problem.
Jolyon Myers and Glenn Cleary have done a thorough job on the playability, look and feel of Norris.
I really enjoy this game. I hated it when I first saw it. But after a few attempts it's got a hold on me. Please note that it's licensed exclusively to Virus Free PD. But for £3 that hardly matters. If you w ant a tough platform game and you have a responsive joystick, get this.
NO MIAN'S LAND VIRUS FREE PD 1 747 This is from Sweden, it's two-player only and is great played against a friend. Simple plot - whoever's alive wins, w hoever dies doesn't. You just run around any of ihe 10 levels, picking up weapon containers and letting rip with items like bazookas, grenades, homing missiles and so on. You can also use proximity mines and bombs too Bear in mind that you need two joysticks. The graphics are small (to give you a better chance of avoiding firci and naturally it's very competitive.
Oxygen - the team responsible - have some good ideas on games - let's hope the next one can deliver a bit more in one package.
BIG TOP FUN DEJA VU (AMOS PD) LPD29 More Big Top Fun. Hmm. What else could 'skid' spell?
'Disk', perhaps?
Roll up! Roll up! Sparx (Len and Anne Tuckerl really arc churning out the educational titles. Personally. I think this situation is great - you need plenty of choice to keep children's interest, and if the choice eomcs from the PD then so much the better.
The whole idea is that you arc at a circus, and must help the performers to get their acts right. There arc four acts on the disk - selection is up to the usual Sparx 'easy as pie' standard. The first, is Word Balance. A unicyclist rides onto the screen holding a picture of an object. You have to choose the word which matches the object to get it right.
Malchplay is a simple 'find the pairs' game, while Seal-A-Grams is an excellent way of introducing children to anagrams. A clown throws a set of balls to some seals and on each ball there is a letter, but the word they make up is scrambled. Click on the seals' heads to swap the balls - even randomly - until you find the right combination letters. A very innovative (and fun I idea.
Completing the list is Balloon Burst. A clown walks back and forth across the screen, with a lot of balloons floating above him. Pressing the mouse button makes the clown shoot upwards - the idea is lo shoot the balloons with the correct letter on them.
There's an on-screen clue which describes the word.
But if you just shoot all the balloons you'll get there anyway.
Tile graphics are bright and colourful, everything moves smoothly and you don’t get stuck. If you want you can sw itch the speech on (so the Amiga tells you what's going on. Albeit in a robotic voice). Each act has three difficulty levels too - it's great.
FRACGEN II DEJA VU (AMOS PD) LPD36 169 O O O' LU CO S O r *• .* j?
V V-e * 1 ' • A Getting a Julia set is fairly easy with the system - this took about an hour to do and colour-cydes quite beautifully with Dpaint III.
Bored of Julia’s? Sick of the sight of Mandelbrot's?
Want to see some different fractals on your Amiga screen? Look no further.
Fractals are those oh-so-pretty graphics that you often see on Channel Four programs about computers.
The easy way to think about them is as a graph. Yes.
They have lots more colours and shapes than a standard mathematical graph, but the principle behind them is much the same. This can draw lots of different kinds of fractal, including Julia and Mandelbrot sets, but also includes many other weird kinds of fractals. Although very easy to use. Because the programs arc all written in AMOS BASIC the images are a tad slow to appear.
Still, it's nice to see some people doing some different things w ith fractals.
UTILITIES PACK 17 BIT 1211 Now this is good. If you're starling to explore the mysteries of the Shell or CLI. And you are a bit stuck as to how to write startup-sequences. Then this disk will give you a few clues. It's got a beginners' section with documents on using the standard Workbench commands like CD. Type. Copy and so on. Then it goes on to including oddball PD commands like Ppmore.
Showpic and so on.
The disk is very well-documented and very easy to use (which is saying a lot. Considering it uses the CLI exclusively). It introduces ideas like Workbench hacks Continued on Page 175 AMIGA PACKS AT THEIR VERY BEST TO ORDER YOURS JUST CALL MANDY, CAROL OR MELANIE
1. CARTOON CLASSICS PACK I ? A500 Computer Pack ? 1Mb Memory ?
Super Joystick ? De-Luxe Paint III ? Lemmings ? The Simpsons |
? Captain Planet Pack Price lOD J7.95
4. BEGINNERS PACK I ? A500 Computer Pack ? Wicked 9 game pack ?
Quality Mousemat ? Pack of 10 disks I ? Super Joystick o 1 A
Pack Price OlU.95
2. ULTIMATE GAMES PACK ? A500 Computer Pack ? 10 Fantastic games
? Disk Box ? 10 Disks ? Mouse Mat ? Dust Cover ? 512K Ram
upgrade (fitted) ? Super Joystick r o £ n Pack Price &oO;7.95
5. HEROES PACK ? A500 Computer Pack ? Indiana Jones ? Robocop ?
Batman The Movie ? Ghostbusters II £01 ft Pack Price dCO X
3. PUBLISHERS PACK ? A500 Computer Pack ? Kindwords 2.0 ?
Pagesetter 1.2 ? Headline Font Pack ? Tutorial ? Artists
Choice Art Pack ? Disk Box ? 10 Disks f OCQ Pack Price XOO .95
6. STANDARD PACK ? A500 Computer Pack ? TV Modulator ? 1Mb Disk
Drive ? Mouse ? Speech Synthesis ? Manual & Work Disks ? All
Leads ? Joystick Pack Price £299 .95 For extra 512K memory on
packs 4, 5, 6 (fitted) add only £24.95 (£28.95 with clock) ?
NEW ? AMIGA ADDED VALUE OUTFIT PACKS All packs come with the
Amiga Value Pack of your choice (choose from above) STEREO
Amiga Value Pack ? Amiga Value Pack (Your choice of 3) (Your
choice of 3) ? LC10 Mono ? LC200 ? All connecting cables ? All
connecting cables ? Amiga Value Pack (Your choice of 3) ?
1084S or Philips 883311 (Please state which) ? LC200 ? All
connecting cables ? Amiga Value Pack (Your choice of 3) ?
1084S or Philips 883311 (Please state which) ? All connecting
cables ONLY £439.99 ONLy£494.99 ONLy£539.99 ONLY £739 .99 Free
16 day hotel accommodation vouchers with every pack.
COMMODORE HARD DRIVES IA590 i 2 Meg ...£275 A590+ 1Mb £309 IA590 + 2Mb £330 1Mb and 2Mb Upgrades fitted FREE ESSENTIAL COMPUTER ACCESSORY PACK 1
* Competition Pro 5000 lOysbCk RRP £14.95
* High quality soSd perspex computer
dustcover RRP £9.95
* 20 3l 2‘ DS DD disks with
labels .....RRP £16.95
* 40 capacity lockable disk box . ..RRP £4.95
* i Z disk drive cleaner kit RRP £4.95 TOTAL RRP £52.75 PACK
quality powermouse RRP £34.95 ? High quality
mousepad ...RRP £8.95 ? High quality solid
perspex computer dust cover ....RRP £14.95 ?
Twin loystick mouse extension leads .RRP £9.95 TOTAL RRP £68.80
* Official 512K Ram upgrade for A500
* Complete with battery backed clock
* Enclosed in protective shielding invalidating warranty
* Official Commodore 1 year guarantee | RRP £99.99 SCOOP PRICE
Pack i AMIGA PERIPHERAL PACKS pack 2 iMegaboard Ram Expansion RRP £49.95 PC 880 3.5' disk drive .RRP £89.95 40 capacity lockable disk box RRP £9.95 Megaboard Ram Expansion .....RRP £49.95 l?f) 3 5* ns nn dkk ; With lahpk RRP £19 95 capacity lockable disk box RRP £9.95 UVUU disks Wlth labels " RRP U9'95 20 3.5’ DS DD disks with labels RRP £19.95
3. 5" disk drive cleaner kit ...RRP £9.95 a |T0TAL
RRP £79.85 PACK PRICE £39.95 TOTAL RRP £179.75 ...PACK PRICE
11. 5Mb A500 Ram expansion
card ..£79..00
Blitz with PC880
drive .£65.00
Turbo .£19.95
A500 anti-click
board ...£15.00
mouse ...£14.95
Slimline hard disk
40Mb ....£299.00
DOW Amiga 2000 internal drive
kit ..£46.95
A500 internal floppy
drive ...£46.95
DISK DRIVE STARTER KIT PC880 3.5’ High Quality Disk Drive
£89.99 (Features antt-click, on off, superslim design) Ten
3.5' DS DD disks with labels RRP £9.99 40 Capacity
lockable disk box ....RRP £9.99
3. 5' Disk drive cleaner kit RRP £9.99 TOTAL RRP
£119.96 VISA £59.
Starter Kit Price 99 PRICES .£149.95 £199.95 RRP OUR PRICE Music X VI. 1 £149.95 £69.95 .£239.95 Music X Junior £79.95 £39.95 .£289.95 Midi Interface (In-thrihout-out) with lead £29.95 £17.99 49 Railway St. Warren Place Hertford, Herts.
Tel: 0992 554469 TELESALES ORDER LINE (MON-FRI) C480 403222 (SAT) 0480 403304 LC24-200 Mono 24 Pin Dot Matrix, 200 67cps ...£239.95 LC24-200 Colour 24 Pin, 200 67 cps, 30K Buffer £289.95 PRINTER ACCESSORY PACK lOnly available when purchased Iwith a printer.
1* Parallel printer cable - RRP £14.95 ? 200 sheets listing paper - RRP £6.95 |* Quality tailored dust cover - RRP £12.95 TOTAL RRP £34.85 ESSENTIAL ACCESSORIES Disks Pack of 10 high quality 3.5' DS DD £4.99 Box of 10 branded TDK 3.5' DS DD.....£7.99 Box of 50 3.5‘ DS DD with labels £18.99 Box of 100 3.5’ DS DD with labels.....£35.99 Box of 250 3.5’ DS DD with labels.....£79.99
3. 5' disk drive cleaning kit .£3.99 Disk Bt xgs
3,5' 10 capacity Ryford box ..£1.49
3. 5' 40 capacity lockable box £4.50
13. 5' 80 capacity lockable box £5.95
13. 5' 80 capacity Van 3 (slim design) £7.95 Mouse High quality
mousepad ......£2.99 Mouse joystick
extension leads .....£5.99 AMIGA
* Uses latest 4 chip design
* Memory on off switch
* Option of battery backed clock
* Full 12 month guarantee
* New super low price £24.95 Clock version £29 .95 STAR PRINTERS
LC10 Mono 9 Pin Dot Matrix 144 34cps ......£149.95 LC200
Colour PVC quality covers for computer printer£5.99 High
quality solid Perspex dustcover ....£9.99 MICROSWITCH TOYSTICKS
The only joysticks worth buying, full 1 year guarantee!
QUICKJOY III SUPERCHARGER Two fire buttons, Autofire, Six micro-switches .....£8.99 QUICKSHOT TURBO Two fire buttons. Autofire, six micro-switches..£9.99 QUICKJOY VI JETFIGHTER Two fire buttons. Autofire with fast slow mode, 6 rn s .£12.99 COMPETITION PRO 5000 Two fire buttons, steel shaft Autofire, m s....£12.99 ZIPSTICK AUTOFIRE Two fire buttons, steel shaft. Autofire, m s....£13.99 STINGRAY AUTOFIRE Direct replacement for Konix Navigator £14.99 QUICKJOY V SUPERBOARD Sot fire buttons. Autofire.
Ten m s .....£16.99 QUICKJOY TOPSTAR - Highly recommended Two fire buttons. M slow motion, 6 m s, see through body ....£19.99 QUICKJOY MEGABOARD Four fire buttons. 8 m s, A f slow motion, stop watch, countdown £23.99 PACK PRICE £9.95 with printer stand £14.95 ?????????????
GOLD CLUB SERVICE I * 7 day money back guarantee if not completely satisfied | I * 30 day exchange for new policy should a fault occur I * 1 year guarantee giving FREE collection and delivery I service should a fault occur I * Exclusive gold card with personal membership number I entitling you to special offers I * All this for a nominal £10 per item over £100 I PLATINUM CARD SERVICE I
* All the benefits of the successful gold card service (above)
plus the following I -* Extended 2 year guarantee from date of
purchase. (Peace of mind for 2 yean) I -* Free use ot loan
machine if required should yours need to be repaired. (Mott1
you never need be without your expensive purchase) | -» Free
collection and delivery service for ihe full two years should a
fault occur. Just make one simple phone call and leave the rest
to us!)
I -» Exclusive platinum privilcdged customer card entitling you to special offers.
All of these benefits for the incredible price of just £39.95 per item purchased.
I .Y B In the unlikely case of shortages of identical model loan machines | a suitable alternative will he offered.
ESTABLISHED OVER 5 YEARS With a growing reputation for 'putting the customer first'. We intend to satisfy many more customers for years to come I * TECHNICAL SUPPORT ON-SITE ENGINEERS Employing over 20 specialist staff, we are equipped to deal with the majority of queries | * FULL TESTING PROCEDURE All computer hardware is tested prior to despatch, proving Dows commitment to customer care Prices correct at going to press but may change without notice. E&OE.
HOW TO ORDER BY PHONE Simply call our head office quoting your Access Visa number on Mon-Fri 0480 403222 Sat 0480 403304 By personally calling at our St Neots or Hertford Shop ST NEOTS 6 Priory Mall.
St Neots. Cambs Tel: 0480 403304 BY POST Make cheques, building society drafts or postal orders payable to: Dow Computers Please allow time for cheque clearance DELIVERY (UK Mainland, most areas) | Please add £6 courier delivery for orders over £100, add £2 p&p for orders under.
HERTFORD BLITf ERCHIPS amioaVd 471 506 J I NOW CALLED DtjA VU OFFICIAL DISTRIBUTOR (") for children for children I") for children (*) for children
• ) gome ") For children util for children gome gome aome for
children " for children ") gome ") game ") gome gome word
• ) quiz gome utils gome set ¦ HOW TO ORDER pa Wrire down the
numbers of the disks you require and W V send it with your
cheque, a postal order or your Access Viso card details to:
BUTTHCHIPS, "Cliff® House", Primrose Street, Keighley.
West Yorkshire BD21 ANN or you can phone our credit card HOTLINE with your order today (OS3S)667469 VAT registration No 181 2908 62 PLEASE ADD 50p| for P P to your totol order volue
U. K. orders PLEASE NOTE Disks marked (*) require I Meg of memory
12 Boofbench v2 0, intro creator 54 Utilities disk 4 by Red
Devil 227 T V Grophics. And fonts (2 disks) 228 Video
applications (2 disks) 251 Blitterchips virus killer disk 282
Darkstar utils disk 2 283 Darkstar utils disk 3 318 Dope the
intro maker 345 Extrovoganza, 26 utilities 377 Red Devils
utils disk 6, superbl 408 Audio utilities from the Warriors
435 ARP V1 3 with full documentation 445 Sydney & Friends, SID
and loads more Jazzbench, reploce your workbench DBW render,
ray tracing program 549 Home utils, Wordwright, Scale etc 573
The Clerk V3 0, Accounting program 613 Soundtrocker
Professional (Protrocker) 616 Dgopy, very good copier indeed
623 C-Lighf, roy tracing program very good 636 Razor 191 1
Tookhsk. Loods of utils 640 Mobed V1 0. O Movable Ob|ect
Editor 641 Speedbench. A foster loading W Bench 647-653
Volumes 1-7 clip art by Andy Hughes (may be purchosed
separately if required) 701 PD Spectacular 40 utils on this
disk 706-715 Ten disks of instruments for MED.
Soundtrocker etc ST-01 to ST-10. May be purchosed separately if required 735 Flexi Bose a more friendly data base 793 Red Sector demo maker VI 0 great! (*) 813 Stortrekker VI 2 Soundtrocker clone 819 NIAll V2 1 teoch your AMIGA English!
843 ICONMANIA. Mess about with icons, good 846 joy of Printing, 28 new Amiga fonts 868 Ut.lsd.sk 1. By C Palmer Vgood 877 NORTH C VI 3 please note 2 disk set 898 Audio Mogic VI 1, full of useful utils 945 Graphics utils, V Good run from W B 956 C-Manuol V2.0 Please note 4 disk set 993 Master Virus Killer V2.1, kills 12411 994 Obase, (data base) ond Spreod olso.
996 A-Gene, o Genealogy data base (*) 997 Sound Applications, ploaso noto 2 disks 1008 Graphics Management, V Good 2 disk set 1017Deskbench. Smarten up your workbench 1018 Bases, for use with deskbench 1019 Icons, all that a good deskbench needs 1027 Blitterchips fonts disk for the REDSECTOR demo maker 22 Fonts, size 32 by 32 ready for you to use, don't miss thisll 1060MED V3.1 lb, latest bug fixed versionll 1061 MessySlD. Read PC MS DOS the easy way 1062 Something for nothing, great set of graphic utils etc. V Good, note 2 disk Walker demo 1 from Star Wors (*) Walker demo 2 from Star Wars (•)
Luxor Teenoger. Roy troced onimotion (") I Puggs m Space, a cute and funny demo Education of Cool Cougar, very funny (") The very famous ¦Gymnast" demo (") The lotus cor chase from Agatron (•) Revenge Horror show, for psycho's only Stomp collector, on old but good demo Fillet the Fish, similar to Puggs demo Magician and Jogger Requires w bench (") Stealthy II Manoeuvres, great cartoon (*) Juggler II, the Juggler meets o lody (") Steves animations 1, has 8 cute anims Steves animations 2, has 6 cute anims Batman the Movie, funny and amusing (*) Porky Pig animation, funny cartoon (") Basketball
player, superb ray tracing (*) Steves animations 3, has 6 cute anims Steves animations 4, has 5 cute anims Steves animations 5, has 6 cute onims Franklin the Fly, hilarious and funny (") Iraq demo, rather comical animation Coyote Strikes bock, poor Roodrunner (*) Ami versus the Walker as reviewed (") Mars, smooth space fighter animation (*) Juggette and Juggefte the revenge (") Trackball onimotion by Dr Gandolf (") i Choos in mohon. Mandelbrot* 2 disks (*) i Ultra graphics anims, Ghostbusters (*) Anti-lemmmgs, superb onim from Eric- Shwartz needs. 2 Meg mem. 2 drives, (2 disks) 78 The Holy
Grail, a very good adventure 223 Morio Another adventure game (*) 317 Star Trek Please note, 2 disks 362 Collisto, Doleks, Puzz ond Pontoon 363 The Golden Fleece, o text odventure (*) 374 Colossus, onother odventure type game 418 Frantic Freddie the P.D. gome, good fun 44 I All New Psuedo Cop gome, a shoot em up 458 Cosfle of Doom, adventure with graphics 459 Buggy Commando, playable demo, good fun 460 Floschbier. A boulderdosh P.D. gome 477 Return to Earth. Space Combat adventure 485 Grov-Aftock. 17 distinct levels 51 I Tram Construction, moke your own frocks 551 Cluedo ond Monopoly. 2 greot
gomes 552 Eat Mm«. Has 80 screens to ploy of 553 Retaliotor and Pocmon, 2 great games 555 Drip, a painter type of gome, great fun 556 Super Off Rood Rocer. Ployoble preview 557 Silkworm 4. Playable shoot em up demo 558 Murder, on odventure playable preview 559 Bock to the Future, playable preview 562 Spoceblitz. 4 good games to play 644 Horror Zombies, ployoble gome preview 646 Tenms. Great gome of tennis (*) 665 Killing Gome Show, ployoble preview 666 Plotting, 5 level ployoble demo, brill 668 Cybercon III. Ployoble gome demo 672 James Pond and Parodroid ployoble demos 699 Yelp, o Pointer
type gome. Multi-levels 700 JAR ovoid the monsters, oddictive 746 Parodroid, ployoble preview, fast oction 749 Turrican, ployoble shoot em up demo (") 899 Wroifhed One, super fost quiz gome 900 Blizzard, fost scrolling shoot em up 902 Mayhem, avoid the traps, addictive 1012 Excolibur, great shoot em up (*) 1014 Chinese Checkers, similar to solitaire 1015 Megaboll, very good breakout game 1028 Rings of Zon, adventure type game (*) 1029 Seven Tiles, superb boll game, get it 1064 Ultimate Ride, ployoble preview Good 1066 Simpsons gome, simple shoot em up 1067 Star Trek, another simple shoot em up
1068 Twmtns. Superb Tetris variant 1069 Downhill Challenge, playable demo 1072 Bottle at the edge of time, shoot em up 2 I should be so lucky by Kylie (2 disks] 301 Dorkstar's music 9. 14 tunes (2 disks) 417 Electric Youth. Debbie Gibson (2 disks) 420 lumber|Ock song. Monty Python (2 disks) 478 Made in Heaven by Kylie (2 disks) 525 Flosh by Queen, superb sample (2 disks) 581 Dmob music 4. Good music (2 disks) 703 808 Remixes from the Beatmoster who else?
716 Bomb the Base, 8 fab tracks lo listen lo 718 Revolutions by Jean Michelle Jarre 722 Vocal attack the sequel, thumping music 723 Sounds of DOB II, 17 tracks of music (*) 767 The 900 Oxygen remix, collect it now (") 770 Arcane music, 1 1 trocks for you to play 794 In a Silent Way, Don't miss this diskl 796 Crusaders does Genesis, superb (") 798 Doin' the doo, B Boo (2 disks 2 drives) 799 Wonted-Dead or Alive (2 d-sks 2 drives) 847 The Wall by Pink Floyd, sample of hit 848 A kind of mogic. By Queen sampled (") 849 Do they know it's Christmas (2 disks) 856 The power of love, Huey lewis (2
disks) 871 Wmkers song, over 18yrs only (2 disks) 968 Followm you. By Modonno (2 disks) 969 Walk like on Egyptian by Bangles, sample 970 If only I could, Sidney Youngblood sample 977 Myshfy. Somple of INXS record 978 Give Me whot I wont. Sam Fox somple 980 Jarre live, eleven good frocks of music 1030 Vivaldi's Four Seasons more of Rob Baxters superb classical music (2 disks) 10791 love Technology by the Beotmaster 1080 Mean Mochine. Good music (2 disks) 1081 Groove is in the Heart, sample (") 1082 Wolk this way. Remix by N Henthorn 1084 The Golden Stars top twenty (2 disks) LARGE SELECTION OF
AVAILABLE TO OVER 1Syr OLDS 132 Drogons demo 1. Has lovely roster effects 22 Kefrens Mego demo 7. Good multi part 44 Trilogy mego demo. V Good (2 disks) 45 Kefrens mego demo 8. Superb (2 disks) 66 Predators demo, plus game (2 disks) 95 Dexion mego demo, many varied parts 121 Mentol Hangover bv Scoopex, v good 174 Ian & Micks mego demo. V ports to this 199 Red Sectors mega demo. Brill (2 disks) 201 R A F mega demo, superb (2 disks) 287 Golam Gotes Moga demo II. Worth getting 290 Red Sectors "Cebitt" greai vectors 321 Fractal flight onimotion. Unusual demo 365 Budbrain (over 18 yrs for this, 2
disks) 475 Dream Pock by Tom Soft, very good chsk 516 Purple, very large vector routines 539 Chromium, o greot new demo by Scoopex 547 Materealized, Cryptoburners superb demo I 594 Hit the Rood by Flash, (2 disks) 597 Cool Fndge. Superb Plasma ejects here 598 Fractal animation, super mandelbrots (") 599 Never where by Crionics. Interesting 614 Monty Pythons 'Nudge Nudge* (2 disks) 617 The Byte Busters Mega demo, good 654 Olympto, parallax scrolling of its best 655 Unreal gome demo, to show off your AMIGA IPD1 Colouring book IPD2 Arc Angels maths IPD4 “ IPD5 IPD6 IPD7 4 Way link IPD8 learn &
Play IPD9 Amos Assembler VI IPD10 Word Foctory LPD1 1 Go Getter game IPD12 Hypnotic lands IPD13 Jigmonia IPD14 Ploy it Safe IPD15 Angels Shapes IPD16 Reversi II IPD17 Dogfight II IPD18 Touchstones LPD 19 X-IT-50 LPD20 Wordy IPD21 Qurngo IPD22 1C 10 Fonts IPD23 ESP IPD24 Shining Way of Kung Fu (*) go Please note. IPD24 is o 2 aisk i Special price £5 50 IPD25 Tne Mission I") odventure IPD26C.Y AD ("j puzzle gome PLEASE NOTE LICENCE WARE IS £3.50 a disk, which includes a contribution to the programmer £3.50 A DISK set by AmosPD.
I 751 Colour Cycling, superb effects, get fl I 759 Amos Creator II demo. Ofhctol release 807 Evil Dead demo, for oil you Psycho s (") 982 Total Rebate, from the Steve Wright show 983 Totol Retrial, from the Steve Wright vKow 984 Total Restyle, from the Steve Wright show 985 Total Respray, from the Steve Wright show 986 Total Recount, from the Steve Wright show 1095 The Undertaker, somple of Monty Pylhon 1099 Substance by Quortex, super demo, good 1101 Enigmo from Phenomena, terrific demo 656 Pussy Innership, good graph** ond game 657 Goldfire mega demo, nice lipsl 750 Budbrom II o new disk
from Budbroi 20 Forgotten Reolms. Fantasy, devil etc 53 Noso pictures, Spoce Shuttle etc 1 1 1 Exodus Scrolly pics, this is different I 12 Spoce Bubbles, terrific fantasy pics 359 Agatron 6. Reviewed AMIGA Format Sept 472 Viz slideshow as seen in Amiga Format 474 Modonno slideshow, lots of pictures 480 Saucy Postcards, naughty but nice 484 Garfield slideshow, everybody* favourite 509 Watership Down, slides for the kiddies 589 Iron Maiden slides, for fans only 591 Robocop 2 slideshow, from Turbo Mart 635 Total Recall, sound and digitised pics 667 Future Visions, more fantasy pictures 674
Michael Jackson, eleven pics on this.
684 Biebel Strory, funny cartoon pictures.
739 Slideshow Spectacular, superb Hi-Res 757 Neighbours, digi pics from the TV show 758 Yabba Dabba Doo, greot cartoon pictures 766 Annie Jones, ten digi pictures of Annie 779 Twin Peaks, pictures from the TV show 780 Debbie Horry pics. 2 disks 2 drives (") Wendy ond lisa, pictures of the pop duo Now over 1,800 titles in stock, full details are on out catalogue disk foe only £1, ot sent free with your order Phone and collect service now available Orders are despatched the same day Now over 12 years of business experience behind us Vast stocks are held so no waiting and no delays We are open
10am-7pm, Monday-Friday and 9am-4pm Saturdays You can Fax your order to us on (053S) 667469 MINIMUM ORDER 3 DISKS BY CREDIT CARDS Nightmare on Elm St 2 disks, 2 drives (*) motive Madonna, 3 disks, 2 drives (") 894 Red Dwarf slideshow. 2 disks. 2 drives 895 Heavy Rock slideshow. Kiss Deff Leppard 904 Countoch fantasy slideshow 1 905 Countoch fantasy slideshow 2 987 Tribute to the Gulf, Patriotic this is!I 988 Bruce lee pictures, 3 disks, 2 drives (*) 991 Belinda Carlisle slideshow, great p.cs HI 036 Belinda Carlisle pics, yet more pics 1038 Cmdy Crowford pics. 2 disks, 2 dri 1040Pixelium. Super
hand drown pics (*.
1092 Kim Wilde sideshow, opprox 14 pictures 1093 Invisible World, very different, v good PRICES ARE PER DISK.
FBKD FISH DISKS OVERSEAS ORDERS 781 782 784 We now hove the complete library in stock from disk 1 to disk 500 T-BAG DISKS We stock from disk I to 54 saas?
Select any 3 titles valued at £7.99 or less and you pay only £20 Hostages 6 99 Impossible Mission II * 98 Indiana Jones* ZA McKrAen 12 99 James Pond 7 99 Jumpin Jackson 7 99 Keel Hie Thief 7.99 Last Ninja 2 899 Leather Goddesses ol Ptiobos 7 99 Legend ol D|el 6 99 LlneolRre 8 99 Lombard RAC Rally 6 99 Loom 12 99 Monty Pythons Rylng Circus 6 99 Zealand Story 6 99 699 699 8 99 799 599 7 99 32 99 14 99 1499 699 17 99 14 49
14. 49
14. 99
17. 49 17 49
17. 49 13 99 17 49 17 49 17 49 CPTV Nm in Stock
• nfy £569 rn Off «H CDTV Sefhnral GAME* 3D Construction Kit 32
99 30 Pool 799 Aflerbumer
6. 99 Anarchy Antheads 6 99 999 Atomic Robokld 699 Balance ol
Power 699 Barbarian (Pstece) 699 7 99 BstSemsstsr 6 99 Ikon*
Commando 6 99 ?Sitzkrieg (1 Mb) 1299 Cape 'n' Carnage 6 99 6
99 Captain Rn Cartier Command 499 999 Centrelold Squares 799
Nina Rabbit Ninja Spent The loHowhagemet titles are hmthd
otters at we rrme d going ro cress. Phase order early ro avoid
dsappdntrnentl We stock an the latest and currently avail able
titles which we otter at MM OFF ol recommended retail priceI
Wheds ol fire (compeabon) 12.99 Whitt Death (1Mb) 12.99 Wind
W»ker 7 99 Wlerd Dreams 7 99 Wiahbnnger 799 World
OassLeaderboard 699 World Cup Year 90 Compilation9 99 Xdion 6
99 Xenon II 7.99 $ Grnal Escape 6 99
7. 99 Zoifc III 7.99 SERIOUS VIOEO Aiolon lAdeo (Cel Animator)
14.99 Ddua Video III 59 99 Aegis Anmanc 59 99 Broadcast Tiber
2 174 99 AmgiVieor 8999 Scab 174 99 TVTed Prolesaon* 89 99 TV
Shoe 2 49 99 MdooMer 15 30 69 99 vigilante Mndcalors VAX
Voodoo Mghtmari Daria Wacky [ Warhead ACCOUNTS Home Accounts
27 99 Cashbook final Accounts 44 99 Person il Tax Planner 29
99 Personal finance Manager 21.99 Small Business Accnts Cash
59 99 Small Business Accnts Xtra 79 99 GRAPHIC* Deluxe Paint 3
54 99 (Yioton Palnl 6 99 Bxe Photolab 49.99 Things Birds 24.99
Real Things Humans 24 99 Real Things Horses 19 99 Profits 24
99 Plxmate 37.99 Butcher 27 99 The Art Department 49 99 The
Art Oerartment Pro. 134 99 Kara Anlm Rails 1 29.99 Kara Anlm
Fonts 2 29.99 Kara Anlm Fonts 3 29.99 Kara Fonts Headlines 1
49.99 Kara Fonts Headlines 2 44.99 Kara Fonts Sub Headlines 44
99 so Mooaiiira « rendbung Sculpt 3DXL 64 Scul|rt Animate 40
22999 Vista 42.99 Wsta Professional 69.99 Imagine 16999 CANON
Nmt User Qulrty £269 Indudinq Amiga Printar Drivar & Laadl Dislant Suns [AslrondmyT Deep Ay Ob|ects Skymap Expansion Risl letters first letters 6 Words Fun School II (2 6 Fun School II 6-ej Fun School II (Over 8s) Fun School III (Under 5s) Fun Schod III (5 7) Fun School III Over 7s) Game Sel and Match Gooty's Railway Henrietta's Book ol Spdls Hooray lor Henrletla (5-12) cdtv see] 109* OFF all CDTV software A590 20Mb Hard DRIVE 279 A590 20Mb H DRIVE.2Mb RAM 359!
Trumpcard 500 40Mb H Ortve 539 Trumpcard 2000 40Mb H Dnve 519 45Mb Hardcard A2000 A1500 349 90Mb Hardcard A2000 A1500 499 135Mb Hardcard A2000 A1500 575 173Mb Hardcard A2000 A1500 649 45Mb SCSI Hard Disk (Bare) 199 90Mb SCSI Hard Disk (Bare 369 135MB SCSI Hard Ol A (Bare) 449 173Mb SCSI Hard DIA (Bare) 499 Cumana 3,5" External Oflve 59 Zvdec 3.5 External Drive 55
5. 25" External DRIVE 99 C8M 3.5" Internal Floppy Drive 119 512k
Ram Expansion no dxk 25 512kRam Expansion.dock 29
1. 5 Mb Ram Expansion 89 A2000 1500 8Mb Ramcard 169 266kx4 RAM
chips per Mb 35 tMbxl DRAM chips per Mb 35 C8M 68030 68682
25Mht 899 Colour Sdubon(Vidi»RGBsplit) 159 Sharp JX100 A6 Col.
Scanner 625 Sharp JX300 A4 Col Scanner 2750 Gdden Image Hand
Scanner 175 Podscat Graphics Tadet 199 Zydec kAcroswrtched
Mouse 17 A590 Uwr ei Pacland Flanetfal Rjwcrpliy Predator Pro
Boring Simulator ftjb Trtvta Sir?
Road blasters Rull 'n' Ready Shufllepack Cate Shadow ol Ihe Beisl Silkworm Skale ol tie in Sporting Thangles 799 799 499 699 699 499 699 499 699 699 699 999 699 699 799 45Mb----S229 90Mb____JB389 135Mb----8479 173Mb----8529 Ml file** MeMe IHNni bnestilej A rebel pedbgalt!
FAST FIXED PRICE COMPUTER RffAIRS M6AS (EwMMg K*)b**ed, Dwt Mm *4 FstA*knj.*45 km* ST. (EaMbg KeyUaid ml DU DrU). *45 Cs i**« CM* (beMMj KdytodrV)------ JU5 AI prieai indude retard postage!
Junior Typist (5-10) 12 49 Nd Talk 17 99 Kid's Type 17 49 Lets SpeH at Home 14.49 Lets SpA at the Shops 14 49 Mickey's Runaway Zoo 17.49 Magic Maths (4-6) 16.49 Mams Mama (over 8) 16 49 Math Talk Fractions 17.99 Mavis Geacon Teaches Typing go 49 Mix 6 Match 17.49 ProtHuntslorWords 1799 Ptol Looks Words 17 99 ProtMAes Sentences 17 99 Prol Plays a New Game 17.99 Panatwie KX-P4420 lawr Printar only £849 HPPaintjat ealonr inkjet printer only £825 39 99 39 99 39 99 69 99 69 99 74 99 109 99 99 99 159 99 79 99 69 99 79 99 28 99 34 99 69 99 199 99 59 99 109 99 52 99 99 99 199 99 99 99 99 99 34 99 39
99 79 99 1799 34 99 74 99 159 99 99 99 799 699 499 699 599 699 699 799 12 99 699 4 99 499 799 699 999 4 99 12 99 789 12 99 799 799 14 49 1449 17 99
14. 49
14. 49 1499 14 49 14 49 319 379 379 469 688 649 1149 2099 2499
2999 Chase HQ II 9.99 Chuckle Egg 7.99 Chuckle Egg II 7 99
Classics 5 99 Colossus Chess X 7.99 Corporation & Mission
Disk 12.99 "osrmc Pirate 6.99 .Jatestorm 6.99 Defender ol the
Crown 7.99 Deluxe Strip Poker 7.99 Double Dragon 6.99 Double
Dragon II 7.99 Dragon Breed 6 99 lOimn Foie* 4.99 Dungeon
Quest 6.99 Dynasty Wars e 99 E-Mobon 499 Enchanter 7.99 Eswat
699 European Superleague Soccer 12 99 ixdon 4 99
• A-18 Interceptor 6 99 Falcon Missions Vd 1 7.99 Fantasy Woild
Dlznr 5 99 Fast Food Dlny 5 99 Fast Lane 4 99 Fernandei Must
Die 4.99 Ferrari Formula One 7.99 Full Contact 7.99 Gauntlet 2
6.99 irand Monster Slam 6.99 (rand National 8.99 Gremlins 2
7.99 Hard Drtyln’ II 9.99 Heroes (compilation) 9.99 Hitchhikers
Guide to the Galaxy 7 99 Hong Kong Phooey 6 99 Steve Daws
Snooker Super Scramble Simulator Sted Subbuteo Super Grand Prlx
Super Learxje Soccer Super OH Hoad Racer Swords ol Twilight
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles Tennis Cup Terrorpods The Deep The
Spy Who Loved Me Thunoerblade TNT (compilation) Treasure Island
Ditty Trivial Pursuit Turrtcan Turr1can2 Tusker
U. N.Squadron 512k RAM EXPANSIONS only £25 £29 vrtk Cuek!
WONOfNOCESSlNG Scnbde Piaonixn I0ndwords2 Interword Penpal Exdtanc*2 Protext42 Prdex!5 0 ProWnte 3 1 Word Perloct 4 1 Word Perlect Library Wordworti
* PHE*PtHEET Advantage DG Calc OATAIASES MM* Superbase Personal 2
Super base Prdeswonal 4 ¦ftORATB) (WP SS DI) The Works Ajhnum
Gdd Disk Office OIF Pagestitar2 0 BS&J* Pro Draw 2 Oudme tonts
Gdd Disk Fonts 1-4 Structured Ckpart Dekjxe Print II X-CAD
Professional Aegis Draw 2000 3D Professional 349 99 Real 30
Beginners 119.99 Real 30 Professlonal Turbo 299.99 PROGRAM HIM
AMOS 32 99 AMOS Compiler 20.49 Devpac 2 49.99 Lattice C 219.99
Hisort Basic 57 99 FksoN Base Extend 14.49 MUSIC Deluxe Muse
Const. Set 49 99 ttartet 3599 Mastersound sound sampler 29 99
Muse X Junior 74 99 Tiger CutnAAdi Interlace leads 79 99 Bars 6
Pipes Professonal 174 99 MISCELLANEOUS BAD DiA Opbmlser 34.99
Cross Dos 4 29 99 Dos 2 Dos 39.99 DiA Master 39 99 Facdl 24.99
G8 Route 34 99 Quarterback HI DIA Backup 49 99 Quarterback
Tools 59 99 i'N|Back HI Disk Backup 18.99 Answerback Junior 14
49 Answerback Senior 14.49 Arithmetic (Answrbxk tacts) 7.49 Ass
Football (Answrback facts) 7 41 Spelling (Answrback tacts) 7.41
Bener Maths (12-16) 16 49 Better Spelling (over 6) 16.49 Three
Bears 16.49 Donald's Alphabet 17.49 PunleBook Puide Book tl
fijrde Storybook Sesame Street Letters Sesame Street Numbers
isllbook ungs to do wlft Numbers Things lo do with Words
HARDWARE AMIGA* Amiga 500 Basic 0 Screen Gems 1Mbyte A500
Cartoon Classics A500 Class ol 90's Pack A1500 Including
Monitor A1500 No Monilor A2000 40Mb H DIA A3000 16Mhz 40Mb
A3000 25Mhr 40Mb A3000 25Mhz 100Mb AMI6AS 500* frHN B319
1500 2000* from 8649 JOOOt from 2099 Nashi Mouse 19 Turbo Mouse
12 Mouse Mai 4 50 Blank DIAs 20 ATARI Stl 520ST Discovery Pack
259 520STE Discovery Pack Extra 279 520STE with 2Mb RAM 369
520STE with 4Mb RAM 459 1040STE Family Currtcukim 369 » Si 512k
expansion lor 520STE 29 512k expansion lor 520STFM 49 1Mb
External Floppy Dnve 54 1Mb Internal Roppy Dnve 59 Zydec
Mkroswilcned Mouse 17 NakAa Mouse. Op Stealth game 24 Mouse Mat
4 50 Blank DIAs 20 MONITORS All monitors include leads Fh lllps
6633-11 239 Commodore 1084s 254 Commodore 1950 Mulbsync 499
PRINTERS All primers Include leads and AMIGA PRINTER DRIVERS
Slar LC200 Colour 219 Star LC24- 200 Mono 259 Slar LC24-200
Colour 299 QmenSwltt 9 Colour 199 Qbren Swltt 24 Colour 299
Canon Bubbtejet Portable 269 HP Paintiet Cdour Inkiet 625
Panasonic 4420 Laser 649 Panasonic 44201Mb Upgrade 199 You name
it... We do it... Just phone and we'll quote... We are faster
and cheaper!
PRICES QUOTED ARE SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY.. SOME OFFERS ARE LIMITED SO ORDER EARLY TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT Cheques PO Orders to 3? TOStfS, 11a Burgate Lane, Canterbury, Kent. CT1 2HH TELEPHONE HOTLINE 0227-764204 9.30am to 7.00pm (Answerphone outside normal hours) VISA, MASTERCARD and EUROCARD orders welcome Visa, Mastercard, Eurocard and PO Orders are despatched same day!
Please allow up to 4 working days for cheques to clear. Overseas orders add £2.00 postage.
SEASOFT COMPUTING The Business Centre, 80 Woodlands Avenue, Rustington, West Sussex BN16 3EY Tel: 0903 850378 LOAD CREST PD 1 - 9 DISKS £1.50 per disk 10 - 19 DISKS £1.25 per disk 20 . DISKS £1.00 per disk Post tree in U.K. SAE for tree printed list of lilies.
AMOS LICENCEWARE DISTRIBUTOR CRUSADERWARE £2 50 PER DISK CW05 Freekd Out CW06 Experiment CW08 Bacteria Cwl I Mi-Cro Con-Cept CW13 Crusaders Does Genesis CWU Boss O Motrc CW35 Extreme Reality CW36 Tuff Enuff C W44 Official Eurochort Jon 91 CW45 Official Eurochort Morch 91 CW46 Official Eurochort Moy 9 l CW47 Official Eurochort July 91 DEJAVU LICENCEWARE £3 50 PER DISK IPDI Colouring Book LPD2 Arc Angles Moths IPD8 Work And Ploy * LPD9 Amos Assembler IPDI 0 Word Foctory * LPDI7 Dogfight 2 * LPD2 l Qu ngo * LPD24 Shining woy of Kung Fu D777 Phenomena Enigma M733 D751 Bass Megademo II M724 725
D834 Darkness Megademo 2 S571 572 U883 884 Astrology M866 Alcatraz More Than Music D752 D993 More Stealthy Anlms(IMeg) U518 S870'871 Star Trek "Shore Leave" M821 822 S'S (1 Meg) 0833 G759 Spectrum Emulalor G861 Wizzys Quest D1357 Zarch Music Collection III Sllents Blues House Dr Who 'Ark In Space' S S (IMeg) Dexion Beyond Juslic (1Meg)
R. S.I. Demo Maker Astounding Sounds Freehand Do The Bartman
Remix (1 meg) Anli Lemmin' 2 Disk. 2 Meg (2 Disks £5 50) CY ‘
“ * IPD26 LPD29 IPD34 LPD37 YAP B g Top Fun * Invoice Printer
BL1 8LT ( Mail Order only) Tel (0204) 33367 A selection also
Sed distributors ol DEJAVU (formolly AMOS) and now E A portion of the price is passed c I on to the Authors.
QUALITY PUBLIC DOMAIN - ONLY £1.00 PER DISK Library disk 75p (inc P&P) with full details of collection - Send SAE for list of titles GAMES DEMOS UTILITIES 213 Seven Tiles * 370 S.'ent, Gobal Traih * 348 SID VI.3 63 64 Sfor Trek 255 Simpsons ¦ 051 Mailer Virus Killer V.2 098 Drip 37! Enigma Phenomeno * 105 C light 280 Seoionce * 259 Amy V Walker • 066 Comm, D sk 368 Jeiman 322 4 Blue, 8rotheri 350 Red Sector Demo Maker 141 Morble Slide 402 6 Pink Floyd The Wall - 045 MCAD 418 Air Warriors 391 2 Four Sea ion • 351 MEDV3 1 365 Space Poker 376 Invisible World * 345 Datobaie Wizard 215 172 Talking
Colouring Book Tram Const K t POWER DEMOS (2 meg required) 024 100 Text plus V2 0 U Fait 433 Balloonacy * 025 Zc CompTer A68K 139 Tennis * 375 Justify My lovo 335 Amy At fhe Movie, 026 C Monuol 440 (.Be w.zo'bi 067 North C VI 1 447 Shaae, 314 5 Anti lemming.
Also avoiloble • 060 Adventure Collection 312 Wolker Demo II 171 Stzzord 393 5 Buzzed T-BAG 1 to 43 427 NOTE
A. t Ace II
• 1 Meg required 396 8 toil In Space 441 Juggette Demo II &
various FRED FISH 99p Sagittarian PD 99p 99p per disk (or 59p
per disk il you supply a Btankl Add 50p PSP per order Overseas
orders please add £2 per order CATALOGUE disk 70p (including
tips on Buying video equipment, plus hand drawn portraits and
digitised pictures Overseas please add £1) For a membership lee
o' £5 you can Buy disks lor 80p each (40p i! You supply a
Blank) and have the same percentage discount on tutute prices
UTL36 Antlxfcer *•. I nglisri Bort-ymm, Messy DOS Noocx *00, O'
rts ocsegi Soecoum Emuatcv Bene- Soeecn -xve.es pro yociatOD O*
SO"'- WO-OS RES li-ows you to us* a as on T* aiooOi GAM IS A-
:-a* COOt'CX Star Tr * Tr-wj Uo opOy GRA12 Dr Who s **show i
a' 7 dodo's GRA13 t Who d i sed si *sho« 2 F * mgtr*4 most
recem dodo's GRA14 Star Tr*k Th* N*«T Of a-or O -Tsao sideshow
1 GRA15 Star T**» Th* N*tl Gen»f*!or d t S*0 s Oeshow 2 GRA17
Bakes Seven 'SU'd ve* d ised s-oeV«o».
Trom this final senes «*sod* GRA23 Doctor Who GaiM'eyan sdw’o* *'om th* Doctor s horn* planet UT131 Includes ST EMULATOR that runs loads of non crunched software reeds 2 dnvesi Poweroacke' v2 36 NosetracAer v2 0 Wus X4 4 F1SM337 The C Manual (1 *sk arcfwed o' 3 ( s*s unarchived ‘o' sngie drive users pease state 1 FISH344 ROM Kernel Reference Manual Companion FISH Disks 95. 110, 143. 161. 295. 328. 340 and 347 also in slock.
UTL26 2 dsksi Vdeo Aaxcatons Numerous programs for use *vth a Ge«ock UTL37 PC Emulator with CGA graphcs GRA25 'The Five Oodors'Digitized slideshow from the Dodor Who 20th anrwersary program GRA26 Dodor Who sideshow featuring the tour most recent Dodo's from various ecxsodes GRA27 Bakes Seven digitized sideshow from the final episode UTL25 ;2 disks) Tv Graphics Varous graphics screens and fonts for use with a genlock GENUINE SONY 3.5" BULK DISKS • GUARANTEED 100°. ERROR FREE 10 £4 99 50 £22 50 I00 £39 90 AIL INCLUDE [ABELS
3. 5" DISK STORAGE BOXES 40 £4 99 80 £6 25 100-E7 50 150 (POSSO)
- £l8 50 TOR COVE 10 - £0 99 MOUSE MAT - £2.99 AMIGA DUST
(0903) 850378 MANNED 6pm to 11pm MONDAY - SATURDAY (ANSWERING
SERVICE AT OTHER TIMES) Prices include postage and pocking (UK
MoilondJ on all orders over £10 00 Please odd 50p on orders
under £10 00 lor PD only • £ 1 00 for Accessories Blonk Disks
Overseas orders welcome Please telephone for details.
Technical Help: Phone or write with your problems about the Amiga - 50p per £ 1 Please address mall lo: Paul Brown (AF9), 104 Wood Street, London, E17 3M) Telephone: 081 509 9656, International .44 8 15 09 96 56 I Cheques. PO s.Eurocheques Bankers Drafts payable lo: P. A. Brown.
• = 1MB
(2) = No of disks ENQUIRIES TEL: 0424 712349 DEMOS D113) Silents
Scroller D115) Utopia Cartoon Slides D117) Bunsen Burner
D119) The Link Megademo D122) Ghost Pool D124) Scoopex Seven
Sins D126) Disney Slideshow D128) Sleeping Bag Demo D130)
System 5 Demo Dl 32) Alpha Flight Megademo 2 D134) Share And
Enjoy 46 D136) Thames TV Demo D138) Vision Megademo D140)
Fast Cars Slideshow D142) Mobed D145) Kefrens Wall Demo D147)
Beast 2 Preview D149) Treacl D151) Share and Enjoy 47 D153)
Simpsons Mini Mega
(XXX) D155) Glass World Animation D157) Congaman Animation D160)
Anarchy Scratch Pack 39 D162) Bugs Bunny Anim" D164)
Smurf+Cokeman Anims- D166) Juggette Animation UTILITIES
P02) A68K Assembler P04) North C U001) Jazzbench U004)
Visicalc Spreadsheet U006) Intro Maker U008) Sidney And
Friends U011) XLS Disk 1 U013) Clip An U015) The Magicians
Utilities U017) Steel Moon Utilities U019) CADV U021) Super
C Disk U024) Red Devil Utils 4 U026) Amibase V3.76 U031)
Bootbench U033) C-Light 1+2 U035) System Checker U037)
Tetra Copier U053) Text Plus Wordprocessor U056) Wordwright
Wordprocessor U058) Running Man Update U060) Mag Media Disk
Utilities U062) New Age Utilities U063) Pendle Europa Utils
U065) Fonts U067) ICPUG Printer Utilities U069) XLS Best Of
PD 3 GAMES G004) Breakout Construction Set G006) Star Trek
(2) G008) Drip ' G010) Quiz Master 2 G012) Popeye G014)
Tennis * G016) Flaschbier G018) Treasure Hunt G020) Wet
Beaver Games G022) Workbench Games And Hacks G024) PD Games
Compilation G026) Movie Games G028) Eatmine G030) Return To
Earth G032) Klondike G034) Trek Trivia G036) Pipeline G019)
Battleforce G021) Arcade Games G023) Star Trek The Next
G025) UGA Games G027) Hack G029) PDOM Games G031) BIP G033) Stoneage G035) Jeopardy G041) Frantic Freddy DISK CATALOGUE 50p CONTAINS DETAILS OF ALL OUR DISKS AND IS UPDATED FREELY WITH EVERY ORDER.
INCLUDES 2 FREE GAMES + A DEMO We also stock APDL, Amicus, T-Bag and Fred Fish Disks.
All orders dispatched within 24 hours.
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Please add 50p postage + packing to all orders.
Anlmotlo SUM U r tor MoviH»2j I nlmotlor dir l ‘’sen
- pl 17'flA vio 175 OCTOBER 1991 OK, so maybe the drawings that
T-Tk Draw produces are a bit simplistic, but it's quite a nice
progrom to actually use - you can scroll to the on-screen piece
of paper you want very quickly.
Technical drawing is an abstract, precise form of art You have to draw objects in engineering detail, showing cross-sections and odd elevations. Sure, you can use Deluxe Paint IV for this, but you're wasting about 95 per cent of the functions.
1-Tec Draw is a simple AMOS program for drawing straight lines, circles, distances and other technical details. It's not perfect (the menu options are very obscure until you play around for a while).
The cute feature is that the screens are drawn on an area twice as big as the screen horizontally and vertically. So if you use a scale of 1mm equals one pixel, you can draw something 640mm wide by 4(X)mm high without squinting at an interlace screen. Hopefully a better version will follow.
INSIDERS CLUB 17 BIT 1 166 Playing the stock market has always been a bit of a mystery to me. And I wasn't expecting much from this game. It's got lots of text screens, not much in the way of graphics and the computer tends to hammer you every lime, even on novice level.
The idea is very simple - you start with full ownership of one company and some money in the bank.
You have to speculate on the market, see what market forces affect a company, and make a calculated decision as to whether the price of the shares will go up or down.
Alternatively, you can get some inside information.
This always costs, but the results can be very lucrative: if you know that a company w ill be announcing a dividend soon, it's time to get some shares in that
- programs which customise lhe look and feel of a Workbench disk
- and similar foreign concepts. It won't tell you everything,
but if you're planning on getting a utility disk just to see
what they are. Then I w ould get this one.
T-TEC DRAW DEJA VU (AMOS PD) LPD35 i* • nchod wo!•«••• i* ii .«• t• Ho Alivilblv Mol l» Kii.il* Looking o bit long in the tooth now, AnimBridge was once the only program for standardising Anim files to the correct standard. It's just one useful progrom from the Conversion Park.
Got some ST. CBM64, PC or MAC graphics that you want to import into your Amiga? This disk could well help you. For a start, it's got the MessyDOS program up and running on it all the time, so it can easily read and write PC type disks.
There's extensive documentation for actually using all the programs. Options for file include: CBM64 Koala pictures. TIFs. GIFs. MACPAINT. PET ASCII.
24 bit to HAM-E (so you can take 24 bit raw images of red. Green and blue from whatever source and convert them to HAM-E. Even if you don't have HAM-E) and also a couple of IFF lo raw binary convertors. Oh yes.
And ST Degas and Neochrome pictures can also be translated to IFF format.
Just for laughs, the AnimBridge program has been put on here as well. This program will convert Anim files (animations that arc produced by various pieces of Amiga software) into the official AnimS standard - many programs put their own bits and pieces of information into Anim files, which can lead to problems when using the data with different programs. This disk is well worth getting if you have access to pictures which you want to import onto the Amiga. Thank Pod for putting it all together.
BUDDBASE DEJA VU (AMOS PD) LPD28 company. You get the dividend, up goes the share price and you can sell the shares the following week to gel capital for your next venture.
The Insider's Club is a light-hearted game of yuppie capitalism. It's quite funny to think you're doing well, only to see that the computer opponent has bought half the companies in sight and has £50 million in the bank. That's life... I'll beat it one day.
CONVERSION PACK AAAI© AIM UTS 1 1 A3 fllenome ANIMATION Frame Count _ Format MIMM Good heavens, a new database program that's actually worth mentioning! Buddbase has three things going for it. It works on 0.5 Mb Amigas and up. So there's no problems with memory (all data is stored on disk). It works with hard disks, so it can handle fairly large databases. Finally it's very easy to use.
Before firing up. So to speak, the program goes through some loading options. These appear one at a time on the screen, and you have two choices to each one - load new database use a database from disk, use floppy hard disks and so on. The only slightly fiddly bit is loading a database, but there's an option to view all the databases on a disk - very handy.
Using the program is simple. True, it takes a few seconds to read a record from disk, but there’s lots of scope for searching through a database and going to the right record. Well done John Brain - it's nothing special in itself but the presentation is spot on.
PD NEWS As mentioned last month, the Master Virus Killer V2.2 is now available, exclusively from Amiganuts United.
Sadly, the author Xavier LeClerq has got tired of all those people who have not paid their shareware contributions for former versions, and so the best all-round (and easy to use) virus killer is now Licenseware. It costs £5. And I definitely recommend it. It's the only program in its class capable of detecting 153 viruses (including the new Saddam Hussein virus which hides in disk-validator files).
On a different note, the AMOS PD library has undergone a name change. Sandra Sharkey is now accepting non-AMOS programs into the library. To avoid confusion ("Oy. This ain't written in AMOS!”) AMOS PD is know n now as Dcja Vu.
Finally. Senlac has got a licence to distribute the full version of 3 DM aster. The fast ray-tracing program I mentioned in Amiga Format 25. For £35. It saves you writing to the States, and although it's rather expensive for PD Update. I defy anyone to try and find a ray- tracer as good as this one for about the same price.
(Now cue a pile of letters).
CONTACT LIST: 17 BIT, PO Box 97, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, WF1 1XX, 0924 366982 AMIGANUTS, 169 Dale Valley Road, HoEybrook, Southampton, SOI 6QX, 0703 785680 DEJA VU (AMOS PD), 0962 495261 SENLAC, 0424 753070 VIRUS FREE PD, 23 BboroogH Rd, Moredon, Swindon Wilts SN2 215 1) Spectrum Emulator and Games 2) A64 Emulator 3) Air Ace II 4) Disk Master V3.2 5) Vector Editor V1.1 8) AMIGAlds T) Kefrens Utilities 8) Twtntrts 9) Megagalactlc Llamas
DELIVERY SERVICE ....and the keenest prices Ring us now! 0636-79097 we're programmed to help BYTE BACK z GUARANTEED RETURN OF POST DELIVERY ON ALL STOCK ITEMS ART AND DESIGN GAMES GAMES 3D Construction Kit ... Deluxe Paint (3) . Deluxe Paint (4) . Director (2) ..... Disney Animation Studio.. Fantavision .... Icon Paint ..174.99 ...19.99 ...39.99 ...99.99 ...23.99 ...23.99 ...19.99 ....54.99 ...54.99
(10) .
(50) .
(100) .
(500) .
4. 49 ....20.99 ...39.99 .169.99 ..329.99
(10) .
(50) .
(100) .
....8.99 ..42.99 ..79.99 Battle Squadron Colossus Chess X... Centrefold Squares.. Deluxe Strip Poker... ....9.99 ..12.99 ....4.99 ..15.99 ..12.99 ....2.99 ....4.99 ....7.99 ..12.99 ..15.99 ...8.99 ....9.99 Dragon Breed .16.99 Dragonstrike ...19.99 Dragons Lair II - Timewarp 24.99 Dungeon Master ....16.99 Elvira ....19.99 Exterminator ...16.99 Eye of the Beholder ......21.99 Feudal
Lords ..16.99 Frenetic 17.99 Flames of Freedom (Mid 2) .....21.99 Flight of the Intruder .....19.99 F15 Strike Eagle II .22.99 Geisha ..17.99 Gem X ..17.99 Genghis Khan (Mb) ......22.99 GODS ...16.99 Golden Axe 16.99 Gunboat .....20.99 Halls of
Montezuma .....17.99 Hard Drivin'2 ..16.99 International Athletics ...17.99 Jahangir Khan Squash .17.99 Kick Off 2 (Mb) ......15.99 Kings Bounty ..19.99 Lemmings ...17.99 Life and Death (Mb) .....15.99 Lotus Esprit Turbo .16.99 Merchant Colony ...19.99 MIG 29 .24.99 Mighty Bombjack ...16.99
Moonbase ..23.99 NAM 1965-1975 ....19.99 Naw Seals .16.99 M1 Tank Platoon ...19.99 PGA Tour Golf 18.99 Pool of Radiance ...19.99 Powermonger .18.99 Predator 2 ..17.99 Pro Tennis Tour 2 .16.99 Railroad Tycoon ....23.99 RBI Baseball ..19.99 Renegade Legion - Interceptor 22.99 Rick
Dangerous 2 ..16.99 Robin Smith’s Int. Cricket .17.99 Rorkes Drift 15.99 Revelation ..14.99 Sarakon 13.99 Secret of Monkey Island ...19.99 Action Stations ......21.99 Armalyte .....17.99 Armour-Geddon ....17.99 Atomino 17.99 Awesome (PLUS T-Shirl) .24.99 Back to the Future
3 .....16.99 Bards Tale III ..16.99
B. A.T ....19.99 Battle
Chess 2 17.99 Battle
Command ...16.99 Battle of
Britain ......19.99 Billiards
Simulator .19.99 Bill & Teds Excellent
Adv .17.99 Blade
Warrior .17.99
Cadaver 15.99 Cadaver
- The Payoff ...12.99
Captive .15.99
Cardinal of the Kremlin .17.99 Charge of
Light Brigade ...19.99
Car-vup 16.99
Champion of the Raj ....17.99 Chaos Strikes
Back (Mb) .16.99 Chaos in
Andromeda ...17.99 Chase HQ
2 ...16.99 Chessmaster
2100 19.99
Colditz ..19.99
Conquest of Camelot ...24.99
Cricket ..19.99
Crystals of Arborea ......17.99 Curse of the
Azure Bonds 19.99 Cybercon
III 17.99
Darkman .....17.99 Death
Knights of Krynn 19.99
Demoniak ...20.99
Deuteros .....21.99
Disk ......17.99 FREE
With any game from this column!
Pick from our PD ad opposite VIRTUAL WORLDS 19.99 Driller. Total Eclipse, Castle Master, The Crypt.
RAINBOW COLLECTION ..14.99 Rainbow Islands, Bubble Bobble, New Zealand Story.
TEST DRIVE 2 COLLECTION ..21.99 Test Drive 2, European Challenge.
California Challenge, Muscle Cars, Supercars.
PHANTASIE - BONUS EDITION.....19.99 Phantasie, Phantasie III and Questron II.
PREMIER COLLECTION ...18.99 Last Ninja, Flimbos Quest. Int. Karate +, Tusker.
TOP SHOTS ...6.99 Kick Off and Extra Time!
MONSTER PACK ...19.99 Shadow of the Beast, Infestation, Nitro.
LEISURESUIT LARRY TRIPLE 34.99 Leisuresuit Larry 1, 2. & 3.
WINNING TEAM .....21.99 Cyberball, Klax, Vindicators, Planet of Robot Monsters.
POWER UP ..21.99 Rainbow Islands, Altered Beast, Chase
H. Q.. Turrican, A.P.B. FISTS OF
FURY ......19.99 Double Dragon II,
Shinobi, Ninja Warriors, Dynamite Dux, MASTER
MIX ...16.99 Thunderblade,
Turbo Outrun, Crackdown, Super Wonderboy. Dynamite Dux, WHEELS
OF FIRE ..12.99 Hard Drivin’, Power
Drift, Turbo Outrun, Chase H.Q. SPORTING
GOLD ..19.99 Game Winter Edition,
Games Summer Edition, California Games.
HOLLYWOOD COLLECTION 19.99 Ghostbusters II. Robocop, Batman (Movie), Indiana Jones.
PLATINUM ...17.99 Ghouls and Ghosts, Strider, Black Tiger, Forgotten Worlds.
POWER PACK .16.99 Xenon II, TV Sports Football, Bloodwych, Lombard RAC Rally!
PREMIER COLLECTION III ......12.99 Archipelagos. Quadralien, Cybernoid 2, Battleships Shadow of the Beast 2 ...24.99 Shadow Dancer 17.99 Sim City + Populous! ......19.99 Speedball 2 ...16.99 Spirit of Excalibur (Mb) ...21.99 Stormball 17.99 Supercars 2 ..16.99 Super Monaco Grand Prix ..17.99 Supremacy ...19.99 Switchblade
II ...17.99
S. W.I.V ...16.99 Team
Suzuki .16.99
Toki ..17.99
Turrican 2 .....16.99
U. M.S. 2 ..19.99 Ultima
V ..22.99
Warlords .19.99 War
Zone 14.99 White
Sharks 17.99 Wings
(Mb) ...18.99 Wrath of the
Demon 19.99
Wreckers 17.99
Z-Out ......14.99 3D
Pool .....8.99 EXTRA
Expansion! ...29.99 FREE: 10 Public Domain
Pick any 10 from our PD section!
CORTEX 8Mb RAM Expansion (2Mb populated) FREE 2 x 2Mb Demos .249.99 LPD.01 Colouring Book; Fun for kids.
LPD.02 Arc Angel Maths; Educational.
LPD.03 Galleons; Battling Ships (Mb) LPD.04 Thingamajig; Jigsaw puzzles.
LPD.05 Jungle Bungle; Adventure (Mb) LPD.06 Pukadu; game. PLUS; Sprites 600, use in your own AMOS programs!
LPD.07 4-Way Lynx; Puzzle game (Mb) LPD.08 Work & Play; 3 Educational games for children. Very good! (Mb) LPD.09 AMOS Assembler; (needs AMOS) LPD.10 Word Factory; Educational childrens programs. (Mb preferred) LPD.11 Go-Getler; Original game (Mb) LPD.12 Hypnotic Lands; Puzzle game.
LPD.13 Jlgmania; Jigsaw fun (Mb) LPD.14 Play it Safe; Educational (Mb) LPD.15 A.A. Shapes; Fun for kids (Mb) LPD.16 Reversl 2; Classic game (Mb) LPD.17 Dogfight 2; Arcade game (Mb) LPD.18 Touchstones; Board game (Mb) LPD.19 X-IT-50; Original game (Mb) LPD.20 Wordy; Word Processor1 Good!
LPD.21 Ouingo; Trivia Quiz (Mb) LPD.22 LC10 Fonts; Plus Font design!
LPD.23 E.S.P.; Original Arcade game.
LPD.24 Shining Way of Kung Fu; with digitised graphics! (2 disks - Mb) LPD.25 Mission; Text adventure game.
LPD.26 C.Y.A.D.; Puzzle game (Mb) LPD.27 Flower Power; Great game1 (Mb) LPD.28 Buddbase 1; Simple database LPD.29 Big Top Fun; Educational (Mb) LPD.30 Shymer; Kids Adventure (Mb) LPD.31 CLI Printer Dump; Needs AMOS LPD.32 Hard Drive Menu System.. LPD.33 Creative Adventure Toolkit.
LPD.34 Invoice Printer; Utility LPD.35 T-Tecdraw; CAD package (Mb) LPD.36 Fracgen II; Fractal designer Joystick & Mouse Extension ..4.99 Quickshot III Python ...9.99 Quickjoy III Supercharger 11.99 Quickpy Jetfighter ....12.99 Quickjoy TOPSTAR ..19.99 Competition Pro Extra .....15.99 Competition Pro Mean Green 9.99 Sting Ray Handheld ..13.99 Zip Stick Professional ......15.99 AMOS - Games Creator... ..34.99
AMOS - 3D AMOS Llcenceware ..each 3.50 Dragons Breath ... ELITE . Galaxy Force Hero Quest ... James Pond .. Mouse Trap .. Netherworld .. Rick Dangerous ... Shadow of the Beast.. Speedball 2 ... Steve Davis Snooker.. X-OUT ...... DISKS 100% Guaranteed!
Dxe. St. Poker + Cent. Sqs 12.99 Bulk disks Plus Labels KAO or SONY JOYSTICKS ..9.99 ..9.99 ..7.99 ..7.99 SALE ? SALE ? SALE SONY Boxed Plus Labels Cashbook ....39.99 DG Calc .27.99 Home Accounts ......22.99 Interspread ..39.99 Mailshot Plus ...39.99 Personal Tax Planner ....27.99 System 3 .....39.99 Excellence ...84.99
Interword .....39.99 Kind Words ..34.99 Pen Pal ..63.99 Protext (5) ..119.99 Scribble Platinum ...42.99 Wordworth ...94.99 X-Cad Designer ..... .89.99 Podscat 12x12 Tablet .... Podscat Drivers .... ....179.99 ......22.99 Colourburst Tablet Pandaal Hand Scanner .... JX100 Scanner ..... Scanlab Software for
above.... .. 519.99
159. 99
579. 99 .69.99 VIDEO Audio Master
(3) .....54.99 Audio Engineer
Plus ....169.99
AMAS ....79.99
Deluxe Music Con. Set ..49.99 Dr. T Copyist
Apprentice ...69.99
Mastersound 29.99 Midi
Master (Hardware) .34.99 Music X(
1.1) ...99.99 Music X
Junior .49.99 Perfect
Sound ..49.99
Quartet ..34.99
Techno Sound .24.99 Deluxe
Video III ......59.99 Digiview GOLD
(4) 129.99 G2 Broadcast Videocentre
549.99 HBM Genlock .149.99
Home Titler ..29.99
MiniGen .....104.99 Atari
LYNX - Portable .....89.99 Nintendo GAMEBOY
+ Tetris ....69.99 Sega GAME GEAR -
Handheld .94.99 Sega MEGADRIVE plus FREE: Altered
Beast game ....134.99 RGB
Splitter 64.99 TV Show
(NEW) .....54.99 Video Titler 3D
(NEW 1.5) .79.99 Vidi Amiga
..119.99 Vidi Colour
Solution .....169.99 Image
3D . Photon
Paint ...
Pixmate .... Professional Draw
(2) Real Things - Birds 1 & 2.. Real Things -
Humans...... Real Things - Horses . Spectra
Colour The Art Department ...
Panasonic WV1410 Video Camera (including
lens) ...229.99 Daatascan Hand
Scanner 159.99 GAMES CONSOLES
32. 99
59. 99 ..PHONE
79. 99
79. 99
29. 99
Drive 64.99 Zydec Disk
Drive ....59.99 STAR LC10 Colour
Printer .....169.99 STAR LC200 Colour
PRICES UTILITIES AD.01 AD.02 AD.04 AD.13 AD. 18 AD .21 AD.22
AD.23 AD.24 AD.25 AD.29 AD.32 AD.36 AD.39 AD.40 AD.41 AD.44
AD.45 AD.46 AD.47 AD.48 AD.49 AD.50 AD.51 AD.52 AD.53 AD.54
AD.56 AD.57 AD.58 AD. 59 AD.60 AD.61 AE.02 Educational
graphics: Technical illustrations: Biology. Astronomy etc.
Some animated (eg. Pumping heart) Load into Deluxe Paint etc.
(Age 9+) AE.07 AS.01 AS.05 AS.06 AS. 12 AS.20 AS.22 AS.23
AS.24 AS .25 AS. 26 AS.27 AS.28 AS.29 OCTOBER 1991 AG.01 Star
Trek; Superb strategy game.
Digitised graphics! (2D-Mb-3 disks).
AG.02 Various; Gravwars, Jackland, Pacman, Othello, Empire, Hanoi... AG.03 Star Trek (Agatron); Strategy game - Tobias Richter. (2D-Mb-2 disks) *" AG.04 Monopoly; full version of the classic property trading game!
AG.05 Pacman 87; Multi level version of this addictive arcade classic.
AG.06 Various; Cosmoroids, Amoeba.
Blackjack, Backgammon, Yahtzee etc. AG.07 Board and Card games; Cluedo.
Othello, Klondike and Cribbage.
AG.09 Puzzle Maker; Jigsaw puzzles from IFF files. Plus Puzzle Pro.
AG. 10 Space Invaders; Arcade Classic version! Plus: Lander, Amoeba... AG.11 Tennis; excellent shareware sports simulation. (Mb) AG.14 Flascheiber; Boulderdash style game. Almost Commercial quality!
AG.15 Paranoid game; Arkanoid style, including a screen designer AG. 16 Castle of Doom; Adventure game with graphics - beginners level AG. 17 ST Bash; Space Invaders style shoot-em-up. Aliens are Atari Sts.
AG.18 Golden Fleece; Infocom quality adventure, Tron, Train, Star Fleet.. AG.22 Return to Earth; Elite style Space trading game, digitised sound AG.24 Drip; Arcade quality painter game, China Challenge, Frogger etc. AG.26 Zerg; Ultima style Role Play, World, Daleks, Callisto, Pontoon.. AG.27 Star Trek (USA); Strategy game.
Captain the Enterprise. (2D-Mb-2 disks) AG.28 Quattro; Tetris style, China Challenge, Breaker and Asteroids AG.29 Chess; Superb Multi Featured!
Tiles, Tetriz Two, Battleships etc. AG.30 Twintris; Superb Shape dropping Eame! MUCH better than original!!
Impsons; vertical scrolling shoot- em-up style game! (SEUCK) AG.32 Legotris; another Tetris style game, amusing digitised sound effects.
AG.34 Tile Game; AMOS games creator variation on the old 16 puzzle.
AG.35 Cave Runner; Commercial quality Boulderdash style game! Excellent!
AG.36 Wizzys Quest; Professional quality arcade puzzle game.
AG.37 Ring of Zon (vol. 1); Ultima sytle fantasy strategy game.. AG.38 Star Trek - Arcade game; SEUCK produced scrolling shoot-em-up.
AG.39 Wacko in Wonderland; Platform Ene with large graphics! Cute!
Tagalactlc Llamas; Classic Commodore 64 game by Jeff Minter!
AG.41 Wet Beaver; version of original tennis game with digitised sound (Mb) AG.42 Games galore; Star Trek Trivia, Pharoahs Curse, Monopoly, Mazeman, Roll On, Dad, Cosmo 2, Cat and Mouse.
AG.43 Gridrunner; Classic Jeff Minter shoot-em-up, Rebound; Arkanoid style, Invaders; Space Invaders version.
AG.44 Sorry; the board game, Flipper Missile, Blackjack, Video Poker etc. AG.45 Seven Tiles; Superb Speedball style game with digitised effects!
1 disk £1.25 10 disks + file box .£9.99 11 and over ..99p (2D = 2nd Drive required!
(Mb = 1 Megabyte required) We only pul Ihe best Public Domain disks in our catalogue If we can't praise it We don't list it!
GAMES Boris Vallejo 1; Professional quality graphics in interlaced HAM!
Exodus Real 3D show; 9 very impressive Ray traced pictures.
Swimsuits: Great pictures from the U.S. Sports Illustrated mag.
M. C. Escher; Animated slideshow of Eschars paradoxical
artwork... Slideshow Construction; Pictures scroll up down,
fade in out! Etc... Viz; Digitised pictures from the wonderful
Viz magazine.
Agatron Slideshow 10; Ray Traced pictures of Star Trek ships including shots from T. Richters impending video NASA; 14 Hi-Res digitised pics of Space Shuttle, Space Stations... Fraxion Slideshow; Fantasy pictures, expertly digitised in HAM Neighbours; Pictures from TV!
(Rude comments in speech bubbles) Tobias Richter Slideshow; Hi- Res pictures with a Sci-Fi theme.. Gorezone; Sick Horror pictures!
AE.01 Blackboard Maths. Concentration Colourpad, Cat 8 Mouse, etc (age 5+) Spellquiz, Wheel of Fortune, Tug 'o' Word. Maths Test. Etc. (Age 5+) AE.03 Fractals, Desktop Calculator, Function Plotter. Evolution (Age 11+) AE.04 Gravitywell, Weatherman, Gravsim, Airfoil... (Age 11+) AE.05 World data Bank: CIA world map, 3D Plot. Calendar Factory. (11+) AE.06 Talking Spelling Tutor. Speech Toy, German Language Test, Elements, Globe. Geotime AC.01 Deluxe Paint; lots of quality pictures in low. Medium 8 high res.
AC.02 Pagesetter Art; Animals, Food, Computers, Fantasy, Holidays... AC.04 IFF Alphabets; 30+ screens of character sets and surfaces... AC.05 Animals; Anatomy, Buildings... AC.06 Cartoons; People, Animals... AC.07 Holidays; Flags, Flowers etc. AC.08 Music; People, School etc. AC.09 Signs; Titles, Logos, Headings.
AC.10 Teddy Bears; ideal for present labels, greetings cards etc. AC.11 Nightclub; Vintage Cars, Bikes AC.12 Colour; Occasions, Transport, Signs, Electrical. Architecture.
SND.01 Soundtracker; Four versions of this favourite Music creation program.
SND.02 Soundtracker 4; alternative version + instruments disk (2 disks) SND.05 Soundtracker 8 Track; Superb!
Plus converter for 4 track files... STI.01 to STI.08 Digital Soundtracker samples! 8 disks packed with 100's of files! (Buy one or all 8 for £7.99) STS.01 02 Sampled effects! (2 disks) AG.46 Megaball; Brilliant Arkanoid style Same with Editor!
Iplomacy; War Strategy game AG.49 Eat Mine; Emerald Mine copy. 80 levels of brain straining action.
AG.50 Master of the Town; Shooting Gallery. Smash Windows, lamps etc. AG.51 Frantic Freddy; Platform game, good conversion of C64 favourite!
AG.52 Block It; Superb Puzzle game!
AG.53 Nakamoto; Great Platform game.
Colourpic; Digitised pictures produced with Colourpic and Superpic Real Time Video digitisers.
SOUNDTRACKER (2 disks) (Age 11+) Ed ¦ EDUCATIONAL SLIDESHOWS CLIP ART AU.01 Jazzbench; Workbench upgrade with many indispensable features!
AU.02 Uedit; Excellent file editor, a vast improvement on Ed!
AU.03 QL Emulator; plus 2 data disks packed with files. Superb! (3 disks) AU.10 Graphic Utilities; Fontfixer. IFF Convert, Palette Convert etc... AU.11 Starchart; Gives positions and movements of all major constellations AU.13 Visicalc; Superb full featured Spreadsheet with manual on disk.
AU.15 Dope Intro Maker; Create Demos with this user friendly package AU.17 D Copy; Excellent disk copier, similar to X Copy, Good Nibble mode!
AU.18 North C; Complete C Environment for the Amiga! Amazing value!
AU.19 SID; Workbench replacement with easy file handling, improved Dmouse window control and many more features.
AU.20 K.O. The Virus; Virus detectors and killers! Includes; Virus X 4.1 AU.21 Avoiding CLI; useful uitlities otherwise only obtainable using CLI.
AU.22 Text Plus; Word Processor (v2.2) Professional quality program!
AU.23 Word Wright; Word Processor.
Plus: Amiga Spell: Spell checker!
AU.24 Spectrum Emulator; Run some Spectrum games on your Amiga!
AU.26 Complete C Manual; packed with info on C programming. 11 chapters plus 70 executable examples!
(3 disks) AU.27 Amibase (v3.76); Professional quality, multi-featured database' AU.29 Mash Booter disk; 20+ utilities Boot Makers. Editors, Rippers.. AU.30 Mash Booter Disk 2; 25+ util's.
IFF convert, Icon Maker etc. AU.31 Ghostwriter; Popular, easy to use Intro and Demo Maker (Mb) AU.32 Label Designer; Design and print black 8 white or colour labels.
AU.34 Game Music Creator; Midi compatible music composition program AU.35 Quickbase; Easy to use Database Ideal for address book or similar!
AU.36 Rainbow Writer; Demo maker, Scrolly text, 3D stars, various fonts, font edit, load Soundtracker modules!
AU.37 mCAD; CAD package, superb value for money, professional features!
AU.38 Ultimate Icon Disk; Great icon creator, nice and easy to use!
AU.39 Red Devils Utilities 6; 30+ utilities SID. Power Packer... AU.40 Red Sector Demo Maker; Powerful program for creation of demos (Mb) AU.41 Mandelbrot Generator; Superb.
Written with AMOS language.
AU.42 Rippers Guide; Various music and graphic rippers. Very good AU.43 Master Virus Killer; Ultimate in Virus Killers, will detect over 124 different viruses 8 boot blocks!
AU.44 Immune; Use with above, will prevent disk contracting viruses!
AU.45 Slideshow Construction Kit; easy to use Slideshow creator.
AU.46 Home Utilities; Wordwright, Word Processor, Scaic: Spreadsheet.
Label Print: Label Printing utility.
AU.49 Ripped Fonts & Logos; Colourful character sets extracted from various demos, use in your own demos programs AU.50 Scene Generator; Fractal Scene Creator with great preview facility!
AF.01 Cosmopolitan; Rangers, Peignet, Avant Guard. Aldous, Celtic etc... AF.02 Fancy; Hollywood, Park Avenue, Broadway, Camelot, Courier, Ham... AF.03 Publishers; Helvetica. Akashi.
Andover, Bookman, Boxie.
Times... AF.04 Various; Unusual, Videofonts, Large 8 Small fonts... Utilities.
FONTS Walker 1; Digitised animation of Star Wars Imperial Walker (Mb) Walker 2; Digitised animation of Walker and helicopter! (Mb) Probe Sequence; Incoming video pictures from an interstellar probe landing on an alien planet! Amazing!
Walking Cat; Amazing Revolving digitised animation of walking cat!
Puggs in Space; Amusing cartoon of alien creature exploring Earth!
Busy Bee; Amazing Sculpt 3D animation of a large flying Bee! (Mb) Democreators. Create your own demo's with; Bootwriter, Bootmaker, Bootboy, Boot generator etc... Ship and Sphere; Ray Trace film of space ship and glass sphere. (Mb) NewTek Demo Reel 3; Incredible professional demo of NewTek product range features superb sampled sounds, digitised animations... (Mb- 2 disks) The Run; 3D film of Lotus chase through traffic with police car! (Mb) Predators Megademo; Brilliant demos including 2 games! (2 disks) Vision Megademo IV; Superb Digitised music and sound effects!
Kefrens Megademo VIII; 10 demos including; Kill the Beast (Shadow of the Beast meets Xenon 2)... (2 disks) Agatron animations; 3D film of USS Enterprise attacking USS Reliant.
Luxor Teenager; Variation on the classic with 2 anglepoise lamps!
RGB; Badgekiller competition winner! Produced with Director! (Mb) Laurel and Hardy; Digitised clips from various films! (2 disks) Star Trek, Dry Dock demo; The highly praised Ray Trace masterpiece!
Stealthy Manoevre II; Cartoon style Stealth Fighter animation.
Walker Demo; The incredible 2 Megabyte animation (2Mb - 2 disks) Amy V Walker; Amy the Squirrel chases AT-AT with Monkey Wrench! (Mb) Budbrain Productions; Quality animations including Movie! (2 disks) Budbrain Demo 2; Great sound, great graphics, another classic!
Fishtank demo; Animation of sea creatures miming in time to music!
Popeye meets Beach Boys; Very amusing singing combination.-. Iraq demo; Mini film involving Saddam Hussain and John Major!
Simpsons; Digitised: Do the Bartman plus great Bart slideshow!
Phenomena Megademo; Trip to Mars; Fly around 3D landscape, Plus: Ray-Trace Fractal demo, Light Sourced World animation etc. GET THIS! (Mb) Real Ghostbusters; Space Ace style cartoon animation (Mb) Applecus; Ray Traced apples replace beads on animated abacus!
(Mb) Plasmutex 91 by TFA; Super smooth animations! Truly amazing!
Magicia n; variation of Juggler, excellent Ray-Traced animation!
Plus: Jogger; Large ray-trace figure Franklin the Fly; Very amusing series of animations . (Mb) AH.01 Adventure Game Solutions; More than 100 including: Dungeor Master, Future Wars, Ultima 1 to 5, Sierra, Infocom, Bards Tale.
Zak MacKracken, Maniac Mansion, Rainbird...Every Adventure players dream!
(2 disks) To order any of the above disks simply quote the required disk numbers.
For a complete list of our PD software ask for a FREE catalogue!
BYTEBACK Cheque, postal orders or credit card facilities are available DEPT AF, 6 MUMBY CLOSE, NEWARK, NOTTS NG24 1JE VISTA DEMO 1 7 Bit, Disk 1 1 94 Its getting late on in the year now and the rest of the family is starting to hint about that time of great joy and bank overdrafts. You know what I mean, readers? I'm sure you do! And what's more, the last of the coppers in your high-interest account won't stretch to the price of a new spiffy computer product! So what do you do? You listen to PD man Maff Evans as he fills you in on the latest disks on the PD demo scene, that's what.
ALPHA OfVtEGA 1 7 Bit, Disk 1 206 178 OCTOBER 1991 A simple little ray-traced animation this, but cute none the less. Two spring-loaded. Zebedee-like creatures hop up and down on a chessboard horizon for your amusement It's amazing the things that keep people happy these days isn't it? Give these guys their own cartoon show!
CONGAMAN AND WINDMILL 1 7 Bit, Disk 1096 Two more ray-traced animations for your delight! The Windmill animation is pretty old and will probably already be in many of your collections. However, the really nifty anim is the Congaman clip. This features a rather cool-dude bongo player hammering out his Conga Rhythms, so gel on down... well perhaps if there was some music... THE BOINGS 1 7 Bit, Disk 1093 1 Mb required This demo is a nice variation on the fractal theme.
Instead of simply flinging lots of shapes and Mandelbrot sets at you. The animations combine the various ethics behind fractal mathematics into some nice animations. These range from normal filled vectors to a rather nice fractal-covered, ray-traced anim.
The end scene where no matter how many times you zoom into the letters you get even more letters, is particularly stunning - if a little mind w arping.
STAR TREK ANIMATION MBS, Disk D549 Another Tobias Richter disk! Just when you thought you'd seen the last of them! This is pretty much what you'd expect from the German pixel-master - lots of Star Trek ships drifting around in space with the camera zooming and panning after them. Technically excellent and very atmospheric, as always. How does he keep doing it?
TAXI DRIVER 1 7 Bit, Disk 11 10 All right, all right! I have to own up' This demo isn't technically that special, but it's Taxi Driver for Gawd s sake1 W hat better reason could you possibly want? The animation is pretty fierce-looking though, being taken from a rather gripping section of the classic film. If only it was a little longer... This demo is basically a front-end to a pinball game which may appear in the future. Produced using Real .11). the animation is a short clip featuring a large metallic title with two balls floating on a silvery liquid.
The Iook is very swish and polished, but it's one of those 'a little on the short side' demos. If someone stans producing decent-length animations with this style, it will be something to watch out for.
COLOUR CYCLE ANIMATIONS 1 7 Bit, Disk 1 1 73 Even though Deluxe Paint didn't have any 'anim- paiming' features, some pretty impressive effects can be accomplished simply using colour-cycling. One artist has put together this disk containing a series of cycling pictures to show off the effects which are possible. The subject matter ranges from raindrops through watches and machines to more surreal geometric shapes. This disk is a real inspiration to those who haven't upgraded to Dpaim III II you think that fractals are just for scientists and maths boffins, then you should have a look at
this slideshow. The disk contains various screens produced with the Vista package, a program which uses fractals to create realistic landscapes and horizon effects. If you're still not convinced that fractals can be interesting then you won't be!
MANIC RAVES 1 7 Bit, Disks 1 229 and 1 230 This demo is a pretty straightforward music disk. The tunes are loaded up in sequence and the music is accompanied by a rather pretty rotating cube which pulsates in time with the tracks The music itself ranges through various acid and rave artists, including Stakker s Humanoid' and D-Shake's 'Yaaaah!' Rave fans should definitely check it out!
REAL PINBALL ANIMATION 1 7 Bit, Disk 1 140 UTILITIES DISKS GAMES DISKS MUSIC DISKS P D DISK PRICES DEMOS & ANIMATIONS 1 - 9 disks = E1.25 each 10 or more = £1.00 each POSTAGE FREE if you liv« in Bie U.K. Europe add £2.50 to order Rest of World add £4 00 PLEASE NOTE: 2 disk sets are charged as 2 single disks. 3 disk 9ets as 3 single disks, etc. TELEPHONE ORDERS may be made using any Visa. Access or Mastercard on (0709) 829286 MINIMUM OROER £3.00 CATALOGUE DISK PRICE 50p with contents and comments on the disks in our library plus on-disk goodiesl ABBREVIATIONS USED
* = 1 meg needed
(X) = 18 and over only (please state age) Figures in brackets
refer to number of disks in set.
016 Space Ace Demo 085 Red Sector Megademo (2) 089 Gymnast Animation * 107 RAF Megademo (2) 157 Cool Cougar Animation * 161 Kylie Minogue Demo (2) 240 Puggs in Space Cartoon 280 Tree Frog Animation • 288 The AMOS Demo 399 NewTek Demo 3 (2) * 483 Elvira Demo 646 Predators Megademo (2) 744 Red Sector Cebit Demo 747 Popeye Meets Beachboys 773 Shark Animation • 826 Budbram Megadamo (X)(2) 853 Dragons Lair Demo * 854 Bread Home & Away Demo 865 Coma Demo 895 Trip To Mars 897 Scoopex Mental Hangover 906 Madonna Cartoon • 954 Teenage Turtles Demo 964 Operation Varkl 1001 Station at Khem “ (3) 1033 At
Ihe Movies Anim *¦ 1034 Stealthy 1 Animation • 1093 Dpaint3 Demo (2) * 1105 Crionics Neverwhere Demo 1110 Fractal Right 1188 Rllet The Rsh 1200 Ftaiders of Loat Ark Anim • 1229 Budbram 2 1235 KickboxBr Demo 1238 Evil Dead Demo (X) * 1246 LSD: Comix Disk 1 1256 Killing Game Show Demo 1271 Legend ot Billy The Kd * 1280 Horizon: Sleeping Bag 1287 Wrath ol the Demon Demo 052 Awesome Sounds 061 J M Jarre - Definitive 166 Vangelis * 187 Crusaders Audio X 407 CD Plsyer Demo* 409 Crusaders: Freakd Out!
497 Amiga Chart 5 552 Music Invasion 3 (2) 654 Poweriords Power Musix 2 713 Rash I - Queen (2) 724 Technotronic Remix 746 Crusaders Bacteria 824 Digital Concert V 866 Pan III Music Disk 914 Special Brothers Musk: 2 935 Madonna. Hanky Panky 941 Soundtracker Jukebox 969 100 C64 Gamas Tunas 970 The Comic Strip Remix 976 Scoopex: Beast Sonix 982 E 4 L: Get Upl 986 Amaze : Revolutions 993 PSA Music Demodisk 1 1026 Digital Concert VI 1107 Stop Right Nowl • 1243 Chip Music Festival 1248 LSD: Supreme Music 1 1284 Cave: Synthetic Power 1292 Crusaders Does Genesis 1630 Accession: Sun Wind 1685 Depeche
Mode Music Disk 1694 Art ol MED Music Drsk 1695 Seal: Crazy Ftemix * 1755 Amazing Tunes 2 (3) • 1763 Aamond Gallant Knight (3)* 1772 Taipan Music Disk (2) 1776 Crusaders: Sheet Music 1777 Beatmasters:Technology 1787 Magnetic Beats 2 1788 Magnetic Beats 3 051 Visicalc Spreadsheet 081 UeditWord Processor 110 Drsk Utilities 111 Grafix Utilities 1 118 Grafix Utilities 2 119 Amiga MCAD 180 Pagesetter Clip Art 210 Iconsl 259 Ultimate Bootblock Coll. (2) 343 Intromaker 348 TV Graphics (2) 348 APDC 25 Programming) 363 ShoWiz 2 0 354 PowerPacker 2 2a 410 Dparnt Cartoon Brushes 442 Dpaint Fonts Disks
(4) 456 Chet Solace Extravaganza 458 HAM Radio Special (5) 495 ClickDOS (CU Helper) 516 A68k Assembler C Compiler 536 Fted Devil Compacting Utils 546 Iconmanial 571 Jazzbench 580 Dope Intro Make- 591 Business Card Maker 596 Amateur Radio Dak 632 Messy DOS 633 Anaiyticalc 642 C Manual 643 SIDv1.06 661 Programming Drsk 662 Sound Applications (2) 684 Video Applications (2) 697 Graphics Management (2) 901 THE Comma Disk 902 QED Text Editor 1022 AMOS RAMOS Update 1.21 1023 Future Composer 1058 Zero Virus V3.0 1071 Noiseplayer V3.0 117 Monopoly 135 Classic Board Card Games 195 Electric Train Set 251
Blizzard 314 Breakout Construction Set 315 Return to Earth 496 Holy Grail Adventure * 648 Star Trek (USA) (2) • 680 Leern 4 Play (2) 727 Star Trek (FUchter) (2) 957 Pipeline 962 Dnpl 987 Snakeprt 991 Jeopard* 1004 Games Disk 9 1230 Dragon Cave 1245 (Tings of Zon * 1408 A59: Super Quiz 1411 A62: Arcadia 1510 Pick Up A Puzzle (2)* 1512 Picture It (!) * 1517 Al 10: Crossfire* 1520 A11S: Balloonacy 1528 A130: Wooden Ball* 1531 Simon Says Space Maths 1532 A137: Tile Thai* 1533 The Jar* 1539 Megaball* 1544 Seven Tiles 1558 Adventure Solutions (2) 1573 A142: Pair Crazy 1577 A146: Fruit Machine* 1579
A148: Demolition Mission * 1580 A149: Gob bit Pontoon • 1564 A153: Missile Command 1591 A160: Qjizmaster • 1608 A178: Mastermind Pair Up' 1610 A180: Dungeon Delvef (2) 1612 A182 Pixie Kingdom (2) 1614 A184: Towers of Hanoi 1668 Tomtespelet 1670 Wheel of Fortune 1690 Hints Disk One 1700 Terror Liner 2 (X) 1711 Mental Image Gamas One 1715 Frantic Freddie 1720 Cabaret Asteroids 1746 Word Games Volume 1 * 1747 Word Games Volume 2 * 1748 Startegy Gamas * 1749 Truckin' (2)(2 drives) * 1780 Arcade Game Cheats 1 1781 Serene II P D PACKS DEMOS & ANIMATIONS SLIDESHOWS UTILITIES DISKS ACCESSORIES 8
disks for £8 A great way tor new Amiga owners to check out what p d Is all about Each pack contains 8 disks and is just £8 par packl GAMES PACK 37 Titles on 8 disks including Asteroids. Tiles. Bally 2, Sys, Pool, YachtC, Invaders, H-Ball. Fruit Machine. Block Oft, Shoot Out Peter s Ctoest. And many morel DEMOS PACK Soma ol the moat popular demos in the library: Coma.
Wild Copper, Cebit 90, Elvira.
Mental Hangover, Rebels Megademo 2, Pain Is Just The Beginning, and Popeye Meets The Beachboys!
SOUNDTRACKER SPECIAL The great PD music maker, plus instruments, songs, modules, rippers and morel Make music or just have tunl HOME BUSINESS PACK A suite of programmaa tor those who want to dabble in the serious side: Nag, Bank'n.
Journal, Qbase, Spread, Wordwnght AmgaSpell, Inventory. MemoPad 4 morel 1400 A51: Weird Science 1453 More Aerotoons * 1474 System Violation Demo * 1477 Ecstasy Demos * 1507 A100: AMOS Demo 2 1516 A109: Weird Science 2 1518 Panthorus Megademo (2) • 1524 A124: Bob Maniacs * 1525 A125: Benson Demo 2 * 1529 Armageddon Demo * 1540 Amy vs Walker Anim • 1541 Batman Animation • 1542 Pogo Anim (1.5 meg) 1548 Jochen Hippel Sound Demo 1551 Too Much 30* 1552 Magician Anim V2 0 * 1553 Steve'sAnim Disk 1 1554 Steve'sAnim Disk 2 1555 Steve'sAnim Disk 3 1556 Steve'sAnim Disk 4 1557 Steve'sAnim Rnale Disk 1560
Phenomena Enigma Demo * 1586 A155: Panthorus Demo 2 1598 A168: Curos 4 Stauros (2) 1628 -Do The Bart Man' Demo * 1650 Crionics: Total Destruction * 1664 Silents: Blue House (2) * 1667 More Classy Animations 1692 Basketball Animation • 1701 Tron Animation (2) * 1703 Total Respray 1704 Total Ftecount 1705 Total Restyle 1706 Total Retrial 1707 Decay: Simpsons Demo * 1753 Life of Brian (2) 1774 Magnetic Fields Demos 90 * 1775 Total Confusion * 078 Valleio Fantasy An (2) 163 NASA Slideshow 167 Digrview Slideshow 171 Patrick Nagel Pictures 185 Eschar Slideshow 238 TV Sports Basketball 282 Forgotten
Realms 617 Neighbours Sideshow 725 Drggy Prggys Sideshow (2) 742 Madonna Sideshow 767 Cmem aware Sideshow 814 Viz Sideshow 831 Utopia Cartoon Sideshow 891 Creepshow 899 Madonna Sideshow 2 (2) * 942 Garfield Sideshow 968 Gorezone Slideshow (X) 1051 Total Recall Sideshow 1062 Golems Gate Sideshow 1073 Fraxion Fantasy Slideshow 1085 Comic Sideshow (X) 1103 Girts of Sports Illustrated 1210 Turtles Slideshow 1272 Nemesis: Prologue 1277 Fraxion: Dunne Viskme (2) • 1279 Forgotten Realms '90 1475 Nemesis: Chapter 1 (2) * 1480 The Age of Sack 1523 A121: Nik Williams Demo 1546 Skywalker Digishow 1 1547
Skywalker Digishow 2 1549 Dpaint Colour-Cycled Pics 1561 Demons Sideshow 3 * 1666 Mages Staff 1693 WWF Slideshow 1708 Invisible World Slideshow 1719 Yabba Dabba Cartoons 1781 Reflections Sideshow 1095 Catalogue Workshop (2) 1097 DTP Clip An (2) 1099 Video Graphics (4) 1117 Geneaology * 1198 Soundtracker V4.0 (!)
1222 Picture Formal Convertors 1225 Hardware Projects Mag 1228 ST Emulator 1234 Tetra-Copy 1253 Red Devil Utilities 5 1255 Opti Utilities 1 1265 Cryptic Utilities 17 1273 C-light 1274 Star Trekker 1.2 Music Prog 1286 Mandlebrot Generator 1 65 * 1294 Chaos 4 Fractal Programs 1360 DKB Trace (Fish 397) 1366 Fix Disk (Fish 403) 1383 Menu Writer (Fish 420) 1385 An of Virus Killing 1432 A83: AMOS Paint 1450 New SuperKrllers Drsk 1451 ElectroCAD 1452 AmiBase 1473 ARP 13 1534 MEDV3 0 1535 Master Virus Killer V2 0 1536 North CV1.3 (packed) 1537 North CV1 3 (unpacked)(2) 1543 Orantum Tool Disk 12 1545
SpectraPamt V3 0 1550 FlexiBase V2 0 1569 A138: Spanish Tutor 1587 A156: Rippers Disk 1606 A176: Database Master V2 O' 1629 ZX Spectrum Emulator 1663 Dynamite Cut 4 Paste Fonts 1778 Stolen Data Magazine *5
3. 5" BLANK DISKS 10 FOR £4.99 WITH DISK BOX £5 99 50 FOR £22.50
WITH DISK BOX £26 50 100 FOR £39.99 WITH DISK BOX £44 99 DISK
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99 Monitor Cover £5 99 Printer Cover £4 99 Mouse House £1 99
Drive Cleaning Kit £2 99 Printer Cable £6 99 Stereo Leads (2m)
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St. Ive*. Cornwall TR26 2JJ, England.
Join now. We promise you will not be disappointed PUBLIC DOMAIN Games 029 7 Titles util 067 Ultimate Virus Killer A'r"m 036 P* s,amP Games 031 Banietace 012 wore**** * lots 0J7 Games 032 Return to Earth m 079 Red Sector De-x. 030 “mer Games 033 Megabai. , deafer Arum 031 Upgrade Util 052 Pascal Compiler , 6 DlSks Send 70p for Catalogue Disk.
Fast Reliable Service £1.00 per disk 50p Post 4 Packing £2.50 Europe Amiga Mouse Dept (AF), 182a High Street, Margate, Kent.
Tel: 0843-228166 - Credit cards accepted with orders over £ 10 1400 catalogued disks Utilities, Soundtracker modules instruments art & design, games, demos etc etc. Free updated catalogue disk sent with orders Buy 10 PD disks and choose one free.
A small selection from our vast list: Amiga Mouse ANIMATIONS CENTRAL SCOTLAND'S PREMIER P.P. LIBRARY 180 GAMES FREE CATALOGUE FREE CATALOGUE FREE CATALOGUE G052 Megaball G064 Airace Sealance G063 Sierra Solutions G061 Tanx Rollerpede Amigaroids G060 Empire G058 Shapes G057 Truckin On (2) G056 Attic Attac G055 Battle Pong G054 Space Blitz G049 Mechforce 3 71 G047 Wet Beaver Tennis G045 Dragons Cave GOO7 Ten Game Compilation G009 Tennis GOO I Learn and Play (2) G003 Pipeline G010 Tram Construction Set G012 Pseudo Cop G014 Boardgames G020 Cardgames G027 Monopoly G021 Chess Compilation G024
Property Market Game G032 Return To Earth G034 Diplomacy G041 Cluedo Compilation UTILITIES U173 Desk Top Publisher (German Text) U174 Talking Colouring Book U172 Virus Encyclopedia U158 Spectra Paint 3.2 U159 Flexibase2.0 U160 D.Paint Carioon Brushes U164 RS I AddOn 1 U165 R S I Add On 2 U169 Vector Designer U167 PC Emulator 600 Business Letters Icon Magic Messy-Sid Quick-Bench Golf Scorer Ham-Lab Pnnter Drivers Personal Journal Personal Address Book Med 3.11 U168 U170 U171 U144 U145 U146 U148 U150 U151 U142 U141 U133 U132 U130 U127 U114 U115 U118 U002 U009 U019 U074 U078 U081 U079 U020 U023
U036 Jas Ultimate Virus Killers Slideshow Creator Jas Super Utilities Amiga Tools Disk 2 64 Atan Emulators Amiga Tools Disk 1 MOD to Executable Executable Modules (6) System Checker System M-Cad Ami-Base Business Utilities Education Pack (5) Clip-Art Collection (7) Midi Utilities Jazzbench Home Utilities Icons DEMOS MUSIC SLIDESHOWS.
D105 Star Trek Megademo (2) D102 Anti Lemming Demo (2") D101 Robocop Animation D100 The Magician D103 Propoganda (2) D104 Plasmutex D107 The Dating Game (2"’) D108 Seasmolytic D109 Alpha And Omega D110 Manic Raves (2) Dill Andromeda Decaying Paradise M058 D-Macon Mega Tunes (3) M059 Drums and Pipes M050 The Power Of Love (2) M045 Star Trek Sounds M035 Phenomena Music Dreams M034 Digital Debussey M025 Floyd • The Wall M013 Amigadeous M015 Blues Brothers (3) M016 Aliens (2) 5039 WWF Slideshow 5040 Invisible World Slides S038 Debbie Harry Slideshow S028 Dr Who S020 Hendnx Slideshow S011 Aliens
Slideshow AMOS PD Amos Bingo Forms Unlimited Bombs From Baghdad Fractal Workshop Multi-Pamt Amok A221 A052 A198 A215 A229 A231 At 32 A003 A004 A005 A036 At 46 Family History database Fonts Disk 1 Fonts Disk 2 Fonts Disk 3 Amos 1.3 Update Fruit Machine LPD1 Colouring Book LPD3 Thingamajig LPD5 Jungle Bungle LPD8 Work And Play LPD10 Word Factory LPD13 Jigmania LPD14 Play It Sate LPD20 Wordy LPD21 Qumgo LPD25 The Mission
• = 1 Meg. We also stock other Fletcher fonts Fish 1 - 520 T-Bag
1 - 54 Amos 1 - 240 Amos OCTOBER 1991 Litenteware 1-26
Pollysoft Litenteware 1 - 13 Prices 1-9......£1.25 10-19
..£1.00 20+......£0.89 Minimum order 2 disks.
We weUome international orders.
TEL: 0236 737901 The above represents only a small selection of our collection.
Please call tor new arrivals, or why not call into our showroom.
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GHOSTBUSTERS AND HUNGRY HORSE X-Press PD 182 OCTOBER 1991 Another futuristic 3D animation, this time showing a cruiser craft on its approach lo the landing bay on Mars. On its journey, the craft passes animated radar lowers and tlies between the city skyscrapers, while ground craft shuttle backwards and forwards across the surface. This will run OK on any machine, but those of you lucky enough to have hefty memory expansions will get the full clip to be impressed by!
TRACKBALL ANIMATION 1 7 Bit, Disk 999 INSPIRATION IS NONE 1 7 BH, Disk 1 1 88 This demo is yet another ray-traced sphere animation.
As the title suggests, there is little inspiration behind the clip, but it is pretty! And those colours. .. Ooh. They remind me of a summer's day!
INTROS COMPILATIONS 59 and 91 1 7 Bit, Disks 1060 and 1 1 80 These demo disks are usually pretty run-of-the-mill, looking v irtually identical to thousands of other demos.
These two however, feature a couple of pieces worth noting. Compilation 39 features a rather interesting piece containing images and data on all the planets in the solar system - just the thing for those science lessons! Compilation 61 is mostly dull stuff, but the Star Wars vectors in the demo are well worth a look.
MARS FLIGHT 1 7 Bit, Disk 1092 This is a fairly old anim. But it's quite impressive. The ray-traced clip features a ball running around a strange machine, including whizzing up a lift, descending a spiral ramp, being catapulted in the air and finally dripping out of a tap to begin its journey once more.
Surreal cartoons... don't you just love 'em?
Continuing the theme from the Real Pinball Animation, this disk contains some pretty groovy pictures that have been rendered with Real 3D. The subject matter ranges from normal objects such as fans and bike wheels to far more surreal scenes featuring textured spheres and strangely-coloured landscapes.
These pictures show- up the power of the Amiga's graphics when you get a decent system of creating pictures. With this kind of power anyone can be an artist!
(End of sales pitch).
ASTEROID ANIMATION 1 7 Bit, Disk 998 This is one of the PD Classics range, which features some of the best (and perhaps little known) animations from PD history. This disk contains a simple but rather smart animation of a Star Wars Rebel X-Wing fighter flying its way through an asteroid field. The movement is really smooth and the 3D is convincing - the animation even loops w ithout a single glitch. It just goes to show you that sometimes even the simplest of ideas can be quite effective.
The two animations on this disk arc your straightforward. TV-cartoon style jobs. The action is really frantic and the colours are v ery bright, it s just the kind of thing that a cartoon demo needs! 'lhe subject matter and actual scenes aren't too original, and they could do with being extended somewhat, but they are both fairly nicely done. Maybe in a few months we'll sec more innovative stuff from these guys to entertain us. We'll just have to wait and see... REAL 3D SLIDESHOW 1 7 Bit, Disk 1 192 ALIEN BLIPMOVIE 1 7 Bit, Disks 1023 and 1024 Requires two drives No flashy effects on this
demo, just straight digitised pictures telling the story of Ridley Scott's classic sci- ence-fiction thriller. The grabs, taken at key points during the plot, arc all clear and well digitised and make an interesting and atmospheric slideshow. If those 'Picture-Book of the Film' things can sell for a fiver, then a quid for pretty much the same thing on your Amiga is a real steal!
DRUMS AND PIPES 17 Bit, Disk 1231 CONTACT: X-PRESS PD: 12 Hathaway Court Chonton Road, Gillingham, Kent Telephone 0634 30638 MBS: 132 Gunville Road, Isle of Wight, P030 5LH.
Telephone 0983 529594 17 Bit Software: PO Bax 97, Wakefield WF1 1XX Telephone 0924 366982 This is basically a juke-box style demo featuring eight tunes by two fellows called Joe and Lune. Most of them are pretty weak (like the awful rendition of 'Enola Gay'), but two of the tracks. Saddam's Fun and Crosslock, are two of the most kicking, powerful PD dance tracks I've heard in quite some time. The disk is worth it just for these two tracks!
1) Virtual World 2) Phenomena Enigma 3) Sinking Demand 4) Sllents
Ice 5) Pure Metal Coders 6) Spasmolytic 7) The Simpsons 8)
Life's A Bitch 9) Inspiration Is Non
10) Plasmutex PD TOP TEN DEMOS VIRUS FREE P.D. roSOFT.(AF27),l
ART COLLECTION Nol Packed wilh Page Seller AST WORK 181!
Xcellent V013 PLAY & READ EDUCATIONAL: Black Board moths A
various olhec programs V017 VCThecokulatorspreodsheet There
is more that one progromonthisdrsk V020
RAYTRACERExceilentprogromio allow you logeneraleraylracing
images V02 3 APPOINT MENT CALENDAR: NAG ison electronic
appolnlmenlcalendar V024»ANKN Willallowyou to keep your bank
account in perfect bolancewilh ease V027 QU 1C KBASEAMailb05e
Management ulilily Keep a rocord of all your Inends
V028SP€lLCH£CKERCurren1gloSsary conloins9.000words
Moreconbeodded V02 » HOUSE HOLD UVENTORY P i r iv ides the
means of maintaining HH possessions V041DPAINT
ARTConalinsloadsofpKS lor lo mess around with also use with
DTP V044TVORAPH ICS* VIOEO GRAPH ICS Various Utilities for
Video Production (*) V0«5 RED SECTOR INC OEMOCREATOR This is
the best Demo creator Progrom disk V0*6 VIDEO PRODUCTION (2)
Bol h Packed wilh Various video S genlock utils V090 DCOPY *
TETRACOPY Another two diskcopierswilh excel lent improvmenls
V10»AMI»ASEV3.7*ThisislheMosl popular Amiga Database Very
good disk VI09 PRINT STUDIOExcellenl lor printing
piclureortext Printer users need this disk V131C-LIGHTThis is
the most well known roy trocmg prorom lo dole & is very
simple V132 (ST-131 PSYGNOSISKSTRUMENTS for use with ony
music progromlsomples!
V134 PAGESETTERCUP ARTV1 9&V2 0(2 Another collection of excellent dip an V147 JR-COMM: MODEM PROGRAM V154NEWPAGESETTERCUPARTI3) VT59 THE VIRUS KILLER COLLECTION II V144 THE C MANUAL These disks contain over 701 uiiy exec ulabie exam pie*. (3) V16t THERIPPEOMOOULESCOLLECnON The Disksare full with Music S Samples 110) VI79CLOUO A FRACTAL PROGRAMS Various fractal Generating utilities V191 MASTER VIRUS KILLER VirusChecker ondKlllerwithonExcellentSearchoplion V193 THEEMULATORSCovers Various (21 formats which includesCBM. IAM-PC & S Tl IBM & ST Programs requires two drives
V194MR*ACKUPHOAnexcellentHord disk backup program & utlsfor your HD’s V195 GRAPHIC INTERCHANGEOrange Between Alar i St PC Graphics to the Amiga V210 ARP(V1.3) WB1.3.2 Install this prog tospeed upyour Workbenchsoperations V213IST-? IIHOUSEMUSCINSTPUMfNTS Vol IITheSampleshaveRemixedbock V214STARTREKKER VERSION VI.3This is asoundtrocker like program, much better V213DISKMASTERV3.2Copysfilesfrom onediskloanolhet DISKSALVCorrecIs disk errors Diskrccomended for HD users V214 SPECTRUM EMULATOR VERSION 1.0 Includes Gamesindudingsomedossics V218 VIRUS MURDERER A ZERO VIRUS Kills&Protectsallofyourdisks
Virus killers V232 TRACT ALCREATOR VERSION VI.2 Another excellentGenerating Program V256 THE SILENTSPresent Someofthe best AMIGA musK HighleyRecomened Istl V259MEDv3 llbBrandnew&lndudes Med songs A a New Med Player (2 I V261TEXTPLUSVERSION3.0ThlsdiSkls not|UStanupdatebul.acomplellyNew Program Thisdiskcomehighly tec omened V262 NEW DISK COPIERS: Super Ouper.
Turbocopy.SamtycopyAPCopy AIINew V243DRAWMAP3DV3.2bGenerotellat Globes. Orbitol A Mercator Pictures of the Earth Reviewed m Amiga format No 26 V264 PD-So*tVOL8: VIRUS KILLERS. Big Irother. Berserker. Zero Virus A NoVirus V2 66 FLETCHER UT IS VOLT: CONVMACF Convert Mac fontstotheAMIGA POST Post Script Inter peter both Excellent Programs V267 FRACTALS V2.1froctal Generator that generotes mony variousdiffetent Styles V268 AMIGA ADVENTUE Write Your own Text odyenlures A swop with your friends V269 BUSSINESS PENNYWISE ACCOUNTS AcoshBookcontrolProgramfor the Amiga V270 PRINTER DRIVERSContainsover 80
Jrivers. Inc Canon BJ Citizen2 4 Swift Colour A Mono A A Printer Driver Generator prog V27TMEGAFONTPfiOGRAMP- .ro" ’0 creoteTexfonts SourceonfredfishV2 7121 V2 73 FRACTAL CONSTRUCTION SET used
o generate iteroted fractals. LikeSierpmski V274 DICE C SYSTEM
(2IDillonslntergrated :nviromen!sys!em.V2-06 15Compleleprog
V276DISKPRINTV2.7Prints labels lor 3 5 disks. Primarily for
small PDLibrarydisks V277FORTRAN-77VI 3cCompiler. Linker
Aruntimesupportlibrary fredfish470 V278ALANOELPANG Monde Brot
Plotter This is the latest updated version V2 79 CROSSWORD
CREATOR A program that creates c rossword puzzles Version 3.3
V280 BUDGET A programlohelpwith managing personal finances This
isVI. 302 V281MAND ANIM V1.2NewMandeBrol animation progrom
which is easy to use V284 MCAD PROGRAM The Ob|ec t Dr aw ¦ ng
Program for the Amiga leCAD progrom V285 EDUCATIONAL TYPING
TUTORA Simple tut Of which measures your speed
withexcellent!ffects.Verycomplexl3 V2 89 SMAN MAND ALBROT
Another new up-datedfractalgeneroting program
Postscnptinterpreter V292 CHEQUE BOOK ACCOUNT ANT V. 09
V293NCOMMTheonlycommunication pockogeyouwillneedif ModenProgrom
V294 ED'S MED MUSIC MODULES T neres voriousmusic modules for
usewith MED V295 C64 EMULATOR Helps toassi5tC64 users upgrading
lo the AMIGA Full 64 basic V298NORTHCVI.3f2|UnpackedVerson ,
V30I EYE OF THE BEHOLDER HINT BOOK IndudesMops. Strategy. Hints
A Solution V302MAVERICKCOPIER: The bestorrugo | copiertodate
Seeyourgomes progroms copyright notice belore using this
product V304 CHAOS STRIKES BACK HINT BOOK IndudesMops,
Strategy. Hints A Solution V306 A-GENE V3.12 S lastest version
of the familyTreeprogrom Geneaologyprogram V307VIOEO TAPE
DATABASE PROGRAM Catologueoll your video topes.for reference
V311JACKNICKIUSCOURSE DISKS Various Newcourses toe the Golf
Gome ISI V316 MEAN 18 COURSE DISKS Various (21
NewcoursesfortheExcellentMeanlBGotf V318 PRO SOUND TRACKER VI.
IB A SOUND TRACKER V2.6 The Easiest A best
versionsthese’sexcellent Music progroms V32IUEDITWP Another
excellent Word processor with loodsof extra features
V323ANALTICALC SPREAD SHEET (2) A t lost anew version that
works Excellent V325SOUNOTRACKERCONVERTIR Convertsmusic modules
mexecutobles V32»ATCOPY-ECopiesfrom one side ol your bridge
board to theother I Amiga ¦ 2 - PCI
V329MESSYSIOConverts Translers AMIGA Text files over on to IBM
Pc Disks. A bac k V330REO SECTOR INC EXTRA OISKS121 Includes
instructions. Extra Bobs A utilities V332 AMIGA PUNT PROGRAM-
-v racing prediction programlor the AMIGA 0982 MONOPOLY
Control BART 1328 WHEELOFFORTUNEOneofthe best Ou iz game s. As
the ser ies on Television 335 WIZZYS QUEST f xcellent Game 341
DOWN HILL SKIING ArcodeGome 367 BLACKJACKTheCosino Simulator
370 HACKUTEDungoonsADrogons 1374 TENNIS I xcellent
TenmsSimulator 1420 DTRISPIayed Tetris Well, This isthe best
versionto DatelWith 2 Player optionl 1454 MEGA BAUITHE BEST
ARKANOID GAME.BetterthatonyfullPtKeGamesI 1534 THE HOLY GRAIL
Text odventure simular in styleto the inlorgom gomes 1561
TRITWISThsis the best version of TetrisontheAMIGA with a 3 play
option 1563GREYSLAYERAverynxegame simularinstyletobarbarian
Hacknsloy 1580 NETHACKAIanlasygame in which yourgoal is to
retrieve theAmuletl2.2DI 1597 ROLLERPEDE Aspoceaged version ol
thee lassie centipede gome Excellent 1422
LOREOFCOFFQUESTWargame simular in concept tothegame RISK 1663
PROPERTY MARKETAstralegy game within the house market business
newTextodventuresimulortotheinfocom 1645 BATTU FORC E ROLE
PLAYING I ight in robot form within thisexcellenlgame 1695
NAPOLENIC WAR SIMULATOR Excellent program sent direct by
theouthor 1707IMPfRtUM i n ot her excellent strategy gome bosed
opon Roman time 1735 ASTERIODS THE ORIGINAL Another olddossic
Remember that Classic 1747 LLAMA TRONGAME 2001 By Jaff
MinferBriliant stuff A Excellent production 1749 SCRAMBLE
TheOngmol'Remember that olddossic well is now on the Amiga 1769
SKATE TRIBESkoteboardgome simutarmstyfetoskateordie Excellent
1795GAMESVoll:Skyfight.lom.Jockland. Bouncer. Bl ue Moon.
Welltrix&Kap-Othello 1796 GAMES Vol2: Drip. Bally. Amoeba.
Iron. Chess il. Tiles. Da leks.Yohzee&Slepz 1797 GAMES Vol3: Astenods. Gravity Wars.
Pmg Pong. 0rbit3D. MiniBlost&Gravotlack 17 98 GAM ES Vol4: Cor. EgyptionRun. Gome Cheats. Mr munk. Mutonts A Backgammon 1799 GAMES VolS: RollOn.. CatAmouse SYS. Cosmo. Mazemon.DAD A Phorooh 1800GAMES Vol6: lumpy. King. Raps.
Crobots Death Breokout.ATCATiny 100!PDGAMESVoll:Tanx.Rollerpede. AMIGAiasACavcRunnerlBoulderdoshl 1802 POGAMES Vol2: Girl Action Ispace mvoidersi. MissileComand. Invoidecs, Botty
U. MazegomeAThmkAheadboardgame 11816 SUPER TWINTRISThefmolversion
is here TotallypiayabieSoillevelscompete 1818 RAPHAELS
REVENGETheonlyPdbeol em up gome with on armed T eenage Turtle
1870PAT1ENCE SADOMINOSThelomouS card game, this is the best
Tutorial Rrogr am Disk A must AP0163 THE SAMPLE EDITOR VI .2
1242 RED DWARF HI RES PfCTURtS (2) Some pictures from aboard the Red Dwarl 1332SCHWARZENEGGER nthe Total Remi* &a Washing up Advert 134 3 THE ROBOCOP 2 SUDESHOW 1404 EMIGMA BY PHENOMENA This is O excellent mega demo withgreotgrophics 1441 THE PLASMUTEX1991 by The flame Arrows Madonna Music & some excellent graphical effects to run along side 1451 JARRE CONCERTS MUSIC Production by Jean M Jarre More|orremusic 1471 ACES OF THE SKY Agatron 35The latest animation of two planes I* I 1532 ALIENATION AURAL ECTACY 1547 JETSET OVERLOAD* TheMTVBroun European Music disk selection 1578 GLOBAL TRASH BY
SILENTS A Truly superbmteroctivedemo Oneofthebest 1584PAPADONTPREACHE xcellenl sampled Madonna music Excel lentdisk 1592 ITS ON YOU BYMC SAR This isthe best housemusK I2.2DI 1418 KGB MEGA DEMO This disk is totoly brilliant Breoly well presented Betier sections that Budbram II121 1625 INDIANA JONES 8i THE LAST CRUSADCTheH.-Res Slide show( 2) 1429 THE SIMPSONS Animation By Decay, Totalyexceilenidisk 'doubleonimshere 1669 MADONNA |2)Shes back with more excelleni ptcturescotour p luf es 1671 MAGICIAN ANIM VERSION-2 Anothr Excellent ray traced Ammton recommend 1698 REINCARNATION Of SGT(2) PEPPER
FreakycolourfulgrophKS Reviewed in AF26 1713 PLAGUE Of DOOM T he Ultimate Musk selectioncolleciiondisksl2l 1715 SINKING DEMAND VECTOR s a c od looking mega demo with colourful effects 1720MANIC RAVES BY EMDLESS PIRACY ExcellenthardhiTtingtrocks 12 disks!
1728 MYSTICAL TUNES BY VERICAlSuperb choice of music tracks for you lo lislern too 1729 NO TECH BY BASS: lOudmuSKOnd ommating effects very good disk indeed l736MADONNASIideshowllianother Madon na slide show pac ked on 3 disks 131 1740 DRUMS 8. PIPES Music collection high Quility sound not to be missed 1741 Klf MUSIC DISKSator presents this great musK disk production disk 1742 CRUSADERS EUROC HART JULY See what the best Mega demos ore, the best games, utilities!! Loads more 1746 ANARCHY INSPIRATION IS NONE lotesl & the best ever mega demo from one of the best Amiga demo groups IncAnim 1748
SILENTS MEGA DEMO CALLED ICE This is there latest mega demos & is totoly stunning.Tololy E xcellent ThanksSilents.
1762 TERMINATOR H SUDE SHOW There S some excellent pictures from the film (2) 1764 PURE METAL CODERS Another mega demo with more excellent effects & music 1767 GOLDF1RE ULTIMATE fX There ssome excellent demos lately & here sanother 1768 DARKNESS MEGA DEMO N Another well done mega demo disk Excellent disk 1812 ALIEN BLIP MOVIE (2)???
1843 MADONNA VOGUE MUSIC (41T he full modonnsmgleon computer disks 1854 WRESTLEMANIA VII (2) All the Stars of the WWF battle it out on computer disks 1856 MADONNA FOLLOWING YOU (2) She’s back with another new music disk 1858 UFE OF BRIAN SLIDESHOW The mod & woe ky group are back with more pictures 1859 MADONNA RESUCE ME MUSIC 1860MONTY PYTHONS TRAFHIC UGHTS 1865 ROBIN HOOD SUDE SHOW 1866 SEGA ADVERT REMIX Very funny sample of a remixed Sega advert 1867 THE Klf EXTERNAL STEREO REMIX One of the better housemusK disks Stereo 1878 MOST TRANQUIL IV T h e latest PCS musK production with vanousmusK
trocks 1879 LEMMING CURD Music collection by TheBeotmaster Some more house mustc ERICSCHWARTZ f423 Miss A’SelePogo Animation(1Mb!
098IStealtymanoeuvresll&Flyby (1Mb) 1034 At The Movies Animation (1Mb!
1085 Sw»s Army on Manoeuvres 11Mb!
15 8 2 Amy vs The Walker Animation I Imb) 1609 ThreemoreStealthyManoeuvresCI 1700 Anti lemmins Animation Requires 2Mb 12 Disks both unarcedl Reviewed Af26 1702 TheDatingGameAmmotionRequires 3Mb(2Disksbothunarced! ReviewedAF26 17 9 4VTol Contest feturesohekopterand the steoltyiet plane Helitrytokeepup (1Mb) 184 2 The Shuttlecock AmmanonllMbl lBSOlatemght&TheTerminolAmms I*) STARTREKSECTION 0186 TheOrigmol Animations !1 1029! Ho OSS E nter pnseAni mal ion 11 Mbl 1030 TheBirdofPieyAmmolionllMbl 1031TheFleelManeuverAnimationllMbl 10 3 2 The Wrailh of Khan Animotion I ImbI 1033 The Approaching star
I rekl Imbl 10 6 0 Star T rekThe Next GenerotionGome 1081 The Ulti mole StorIreKGomel2l 1107$ tor Treking Songl2.2DO) 125«StarTrekThe5hootmUpgome 13 49 Americon Star Irek latest with extra sound&graphlcs(lMbA2D.2disks!
1465 NCC Worker bee Star Trek Animation1 16 96TheStarTrektriyiaquiz game 1835StarTrekltMbl FREDFISHSELECTION All Fred fish disks require working know- ledgeofCll Some programs will not load from the workbench Please take note F334 WHAT1S A neat little utility which was reviewed m Amiga shopper VI 2a f344 RKMCOMPANION T fie Rom kernel reference manual Also most 300 Poges f347 CURSOR A 3 pass BASIC Compiler for BASIC programs This is version 1 0 F362 SMOVlEAsmooth scroBingd«sployer usefull for c reotmg video titles & slide shows F498FREECOPY sunlikemosycopiersinthoi t does not octuolly copy
disks itremovesthe protection Seecopynghtnokebeforeuse F499 MATLABAFortronpockoge developed by ArgorneNational laboratories Now updated F501 GENESISAumquetyflexibe&powerful progrom for generating & rendering froctals F507 LHC ON A progrom that wil convert A-c & ZoolormottedorchrvestolHArckxmot VI01 F508 HCC An am .go port of Sozobon ltd C compiler v2 0 Concompletefycompileitself F511 PCQASelfcompilingPoscolcompiler 11 has mony enhancements Blmprovments VI 2b F512 M2 PASCAL Asimplemodulo-2topascal tronsloier Congenerotespascolsourcecode F515CHECKBOOKACCOUNTANT SOCheck 183 OCTOBER 1991 book
recording, bokxmg & budgeting program F517 AEQUIPLOTaprogromthotrenOersmulti colour pKlures using on olgorithm effects RUSSIAN FONTS rongmg from 13pt to 31pOints F518 LISTERProgrom to drsploymlof motion obout files & vonous type of ore hides VI0 F 519 C HEC KFRAG o pr ogr om that reportson theextentof filefrogmentation m an directory OPTlMIZERthot works on floppy disks, hard disks ond Rom. Disks Runs at 1 block ot a time F520K BOARO=u' plonsforopubkdomor horrdware project to odd 2 parallel ports & 2 senpl portstoonom*goo300. IQOQor 20C VIDEO FONTS 4 £15.00 ORDERINGDETAILS THEPDOATABASESET
POLLYSOFTLICENCEWARE £3.00 ThttM'i 2 Disks contain wail over 3,500 AMIGA fCblk Domain ditkt.
Cmy£1.50 FREDFISH BOOKLET I Ever wonted a complete description ol I olllhefredfishdisksonPoper’Well.
I iheentire list is now ONIY available I from PD SOFT over 90 Poges revealing I I everylhingobouieveryprogrominthis | I rangeasdescnbedbyfredfish |Curr«ntlyUptoDiskF530| I This Includes Sorted Index Of Every nl0nly£2.50 LI - SPACE BLOB: Plotlorm Gome similar toMamc Miner L2-MRDIO Eallhe eorth. Munch ihecherries THIS DISK ISNOW512K 13-Q-BOIO Shoolblocksupwordsiotilliheshapesbefofeihescreentollsopon you PloyedTetriswhenirylhisvarioni 15 - SUBCULTURE R Typectonewhereyouhavetoshoo'downwavesolspoce ships flying lowordsyou All 5 Levels L7-DIZZYLIZZY(lMb| Aboulderdashdonewiihexirolorgegrophics
Collecfoll fhediomonds A ovoid lhe monsters Reviewed mCU Amiga LB - LIZZYS FUNTIME SHAPE. CLOCK PICTURE A KEYS. MONEY. SEASONS A MOUSE |2 DISKS) Both reviewed in Amiga formotlJune 19911 Educational Lit -TRON DIMENSION X (1MB) Brilliant lighlCydesGome. ONE OR TWO PLAYERS L12 - THE ULTIMATE GRABBER lOOtimesDetterthailheAmosSpriicgrabber progrom AmusltorAmosprogrommers L13-BOUNTY HUNTER 11Mb) TakeLuckyLukelhroughoGrophrcodventure.
Excelleni arcode shoot outs whereyoucontolltheGun then ndeyour horse A toke out the bod guys Shoot out sequences like Operation Thunder Boll 114-CLASSROOM MATHSEDUCTIONAl PROGRAMS: NewEduCOtion programs tromthecrealorsolllZZYSfUNTIME 1S2 Seefuturereviewslormoredetoils cwt - BASS O MATIC (2 DISKS): SomeexcellentCfusodersMusic A graphics CW2-TUFF ENUF MEGA DEMO ExcelleniproductronwiihvonousGreotscctions I Colour Pack 4lfFP4)Sixdisks pack withavoriedassortmentofcoloucc tonts mmanycolours.shopesA sizes for usewrlhDpainl programs I oranyVideoproducironulrlities This | latest has some totoly
outstanding tontsand lor only £)5fheygiveyou over 70fontstoplaywith Havefun PRICES ARE PER DISK ¦1-5Diikt2.50 6-10Disks2 25 llt-20Dixks2 00 21-«90istat.75| |s0-99 Disks 1.50 100.0iskl1.2S |N|. NUMBERSOf DISKS
sonKPTAfjm WYANT AVL $ OUT** ON «A.ES«X.$ S'2YD Plf Ast NclUOt
Ts« ‘OuOWVKzDt ’t .1- A-E*. PCS’ " _R Ay TlMf PMON* NUMNPif YOU
FORE uPC’Pf A*. 1*0195Pii Asf ADOI WUNIM l«0O».hl-«A'. *.A.
* *¦• •V.z'Ti'UA-* i V «A.V iPV ;a*S | ANOFROM9AM 8PMONSATUROAYS
x option lo Konccwate. Special Public domotn Packs Vll 09DE9S
* Brings your Amiga up to 1 Meg in seconds.
4 RELIABLE, fast, high quality chips on a robust through plated P.C.B. Do not confuse with cheaper, inferior products.
* Disable switch £29 ONLY .99 +£2 Postage OR WITH CLOCK CALENDAR
ONLY .99 +£2 Postage EVERYTHING you could possibly need for
your AMIGA Blank Disks We sell only the highest quality blank
media 100% certified and made in Japan. Each disk is guaranteed
for life.
Limited Stock Unbranded BULK PRICES
50. ......£19.99
100. ....£37.99 10 with box (40) ..£9.99
10 with box (80) £12.99 Add £2 postage
|H-r order 184 OCTOBER 1991 CUMANA DRIVES the BEST NAME in
Disk Drives Legendary Quality Great Styling Total
Compatibility Fully Guaranteed Outstanding Spec VR sWT. 99
Carriage & insurance £2.00 NOW Only £64 UK Version MEGADRIVE
+ Mickey Mouse + World Cup Italia 90 + Joypad + Japadaptor
£179.99 Carriage FREE YOUR ONE STOP AMIGA SHOP Software
Bargains (limited stock) TITLE RRP Our Price Kick Off 2 4939
10.99 Kick Off 2 (1 meg) 2439 10.99 Strider II 2939 9.99
Warhead 24:99 4.99 Spindizzy 2 24.99 4.99 Dragon Breed 24.99
4.99 James Pond 24.99 9.99 Super Off Road Racer 2439 9.99
Badlands 2439 6.99 Hawkeye 2439 2.99 Atomic Robokid 24.99
4.99 Xennon ll Bombuzal (dual pack) 29.99 9.99 Awesome + T
shirt 34.99 14.99 Paperboy 2439 7.99 New Zealand Story 24.99
6.99 Trivial Pursuit 2439 9.99 Predator 2 2539 6.99 Back to
the Future 2 24.99 4.99 Carthage (Psygnosis) 24.99 9.99
Nitro (Psygnosis) 24:99 9.99 Wheels of Fire 2939 9.99 Jet
(Sublogic) 3439 9.99 E-Swat 2439 6.99 Mail Order software is
by phone only due to Availability ?
Datastorm £19.95 ?
Dungeon Quest £24.95 ?
E-Motion £19.95 ?
Grand Monster Slam £19.95 ?
Kid Gloves £24.95 ?
Powerplay £19.95 ?
RVF Honda £24.95 ?
Shufflepuck Cafe £19.95 ?
Soccer £24.95 ?
Tower of Babel £24.95 AMIGAs from £329.99 inc 10 FREE Games TOTAL GAMES VALUE £224.50 ©Gap lcio "Best Buy" budget printer.
Only £169 .99 ©Gat? LC24 - 200 Only £279.99 ©Gap LC200 Only £199 .99 ©GaO3 LC24 ¦ 200 Only £329.99 PRINTERS All Printers Carriage FREE New Colour Printers £34 Order HOTLINE (0782)204639 Z 7 PfjRQiTi »)R(E«
S. . MAIL wmm ORDER Unit 7a Oldham St Hanley Stoke on Trent ¦rrm
11 Market Square Arcaoi, 27 Baldwin Street, 6 Mealhoube Brow,
The Courtyard Hanley, Stoke on Trent Manager: Andy (Off Little
Underbank), 50 Horsemarket St Manager: Adrian Tel: 0744 27941
Manager: Ray Tel: 0925 232047 Tel: 0782 268620 Tel: 061 480
2693 Manager: Adrian Open 6 days Open 6 Dayb Open 6 Days
BOLTON Shipoateb Shopping Centre Manager: Ian Tel: 0204 365851
Open 6 Days
- k 7*f 7*r i w k'0 7*rS S 7*c 7 .
£369 £399
* d] STAR PRINTERS LC20 LC24-200 LC24-200 £165 £259 COLOUR £214
Amiga 1MB CARTOON CLASSICS with:- The Simpsons, Captain Planet,
FI9und MIG-29 FULCRUM and PRO FLIGHT. Coming soon I more
analogue software like FIS Strike Eagle II from MICROPROSE and
NEW ZOOMER YOKE I ANALOGUE) 11" x II"- sprung return to centre yoke I joystick with trimmer controls and a digital mode for use in ordinary programs £59.95 Delta 3A Joystick (AnalogueI ..£16.95 Dcltabasc a Yoke Joystick (Analogue) ...£34.95 Della 3S Swiichcd Joystick (hand held) .£16.95 Ami-Cat Mouse Eliminator Joystick ......£34.95 FI9 Stealth
Fighter ..£24.95 Mig 29 Fulcrum .....£27.95 Pro Right Tornado Simulator ...£35.(X) Right Sim II (Sub Logic) ....£29.95 Scenery Disks (Western European. Hawaiian. Odessy etc) ......£16.95 External 3.5" Disk dnse (Through Port & Disable
Switch) .....£59.95 | Airwars PD Software, ruas Analogue joysticks ..£1.50 Delta 3A joysticks are available through your local dealer or can be purchased direct from us. All prices are fully inclusive.
VOLTMACE Unit 9. Bondor Business Centre, London Road Baldock. Herts. SG7 6HP. Telephone (0462) 894410 PRICES inc. CARRIAGE & VAT. NO EXTRAS SUPER SUMMER SAVERS New Amiga PD ONLY £1.25 PER DISK O' O' QC LU CO § o BULK BUYERS 2 FOR 1 DISK GUARANTEE DISKS & BOXES 2 FOR 1 DISK GUARANTEE SONY BRANDED 3.5" DS DD 10 3 5- DS DD .... £6 50 50 3.5* DS DD £32 00 100 3 5* DS DD £64 00 Add £3.65 P*P TDK BRANDED 3.5' 10 3 5* DS HD 20 3.5" DS HD.
50 3 5* DS HD DS HD £ 1 1 00 £2 1 50 t 50 00 Add £3 65 P*P
5. 25 DS HD 21 p EACH 50 5 25* DS DD 1 10 25 100 5 25* DS DD
£20011 500 5 25* DS DD
I. 98 0M 1000 5 25* DS DD £190 011 Add £3 65 P*P
5. 25 DISK BOXES SO Cap £5 10 100 Cap £5 90 50 3 5* DS DD £21 75
3. 5* DS DD ? 80 box £24 50 100 3 5* DS DD £33 00 100 3 5* DS DD
. 80 box £36 00 150 3 5* DS DD £49 00 150
3. 5* DS DD ? 80 box £52 50 200 3 5* DS DD £62 00 200 3 5* DS DD
? 2 X 80 boxes £66 00 400 3 5* DS DD £122 00 400 3 5* DS DD ?
4 X 80 boxes £136 00 500 3 5* DS DD £ 1 39 00 500
3. 5* DS DD ? 5 X 80 boxes £156 00 1000* Call tor latest prices
Prices include VAT P.P Prices include VAT P*P AMIGA PD A45?
The Simpsons Slideshow A44 l Simpson Demo by Dec Ay A4?5 Amos
Demo A411 Return to Earth Game A396 Vision Megademo 2 A3 7 3
Talking Colouring Book A367 Addams Family Demo A3S7 Yaba Daba
Demo A277 Vrson House A268 Fillet The Fish Demo
3. 5 DISK BOXES 40 Cap £4 10 80 Cap £4 50 60 Cap stackable £10 00
ISOCapPosso £1550 GENUINE SONY BULK 50 3 5* DS DD £22 00 100 3
5" DS DD ......£40 00 200 3 5" DS DD ..£78 00 500 3 5"
DS DD ......£162.00 Prices include VAT P«P AM 3 Amiga Tank |PD
game) A52I Tricky |PD game!
A520 Peiersquest (game) A519 Spacewars Igamc) A517 Downhill Skiing AS 16 Headgames |PD game) AS 15 Mental Image Games Disk A473 RAF Musk Tools A472 Popeyc Demo A453 Arcade Action Games Disk A245 Flashier (PD Game) A239 Porky Pig Demo A230 17 ftt Sonix A207 Drip (PD Game) A192 Miami Vice Demo A169 Jazzbcrxh A132 Rebels Mcgademo Al27 Robocop Demo Al 16 Uedit 2 3 Al 10 Amiga Charts 5
3. 5" DS HD 63p EACH 50 3 5* DS DD £30 00 100 3 5* DS DD £58 00
200 3 5* DS DD £ 1 14 00 500 3 5* DS DD £280 00 Please add £3
6S P*P
5. 25 DS DD 39p EACH 50 100 200 500 5 25* DS HD 5 25* DS HD 5 25*
DS HD 5 25* DS HD Add £3 65 P*P £1900 £37 00 £67 00 £165 00
STAR LC-200 PRINTER £205 AMIGA SPECIALS £299 £355 £650 £355
AMIGA ACCESSORIES IcumanaDnve £60 00 Star LC10 Ribbon £3 65
Primer Lead rmb + dock £30 00 Colour Ribbon £6 00 1000 labels
imb no clock £27 00 4-Play games adaptor £5 00 Port ext Lead
A590 hard drive £290 00 1000 Tractor Labels £ 10 00 Joystick
ext lead A590 Hard drrve ? 2Mb RAM £380 00 Mouse Mat JOYSTICKS
lOuicksnot Turbo I Cnectan 125* Zipsnck Jetfighter £4601 £460
I Class of me 90 s First Steps Amiga 1500 a 1084S monitor
Tenstar Games Pack A500 Cartoon Classic Pack Amiga 1500 Screen
Gems I Mb £8 00 £800 £5 00 £5 00 £2 75 £7 50 £7 50 £11 50|
£1250 £895 | £30 Telephone:- 0273 506269 0831 279084 Call or
send cheques postal orders to: BCS Ltd, 349 Ditchling Road,
Brighton East Sussex BN I 6JJ Add £3.65 P+P or £4.00 for 3 day
delivery or £10 P+P for next day delivery. Cheques will be
held for clearance. All orders subject to availability, E &
O TELESALES NO: (0923) 894111 Government and School Orders Welcome.
Next day delivery lor credit card orders placed before 4.00pm subject to availability Alternatively send cheque postal order to Micromail Ltd. Unit 9. Smug Oak Centre. Lye Lane. Bricketwood, St. Albans. AL2 3UG. Please allow 5 working days lor cheque clearance Subiect to availability, despatch is normally within 24 hours of receipt of cleared payment OELIVERY CHARGES: UK Mainland (not Highlands) Small consumables & Despatched by post please check software items charges when ordering Other Items except lasers Next day courier service. £10 per box Laser printers Next day courier service Cl 7.50
Offshore and Highlands Normal rate plus £20 * VAT per box In addition we offer lhe following express services Saturday deliveries Normal rate plus £10 ? VAT surcharge per box 7am 9am next day Normal rate plus £10 « VAT surcharge per box Am next day Normal rate plus £5 * VAT surcharge per box open 9-5.30 Monday - Saturday open 10-4 Sunday TEL. 0753 631101 FAX. As Above CHEQUES POSTAL ORDERS TO: COMPUTER MATES LTD.
£4 50 25 DISKS £8 75 £1075 50 DISKS £16 50 £21 00 100 DISKS £28 50 £40 00 DSDD WITH LABELS RED, YELLOW, ORANGE.
GREEN. WHITE ALL BLUE BOX PRODUCTS ARE COMPLETELY PACKAGED IN PRINTED CARDBOARD BOXES WITH LABELS. 100% GUARANTEED BLUE BOX PRODUCTS BAMBI-2DD 25 DSDD 31 2" IN 25 CAP STORAGE BOX 1 BOX £14.00 £13.00 £11.00 2+ 5+ BAMBI 2HD 25 DSHD 3’ 2" IN 25 CAP STORAGE BOX 1 BOX £21.00 £20.00 £18.50 2* 5+ MF-2DD 30' 30 DSDD 3’ 2" 1 BOX £14.00 £13.00 £11.00 2+ 5+ MF-2HD 30 s 30 DSHD 3’ 2" 1 BOX £21.00 2+ £20.00 5+ £18.50 MF-2DD 10 s 10 3' 2" DSDD 1 BOX £6.00 2+ ..£5.00 5+ £4.50 MF-2HD 10’s 10 3’ 2'' DSHD 1 BOX £8.50 2+ £8.00 5+ £7.00 M-2D 48 TPI 10’s 10 DSDD 5%” 1 BOX £4.25 2+
...£3.75 5+ £3.25 M-2HD 10 s 10 DSHD 5’ 4" 1 BOX 2+ £6.50 £6.00 £5.00 5+ ...... M-2DD96TP11 O's 10 DSDD 5%” 1 BOX £4.75 2+..... £4.25 5+ £3.75 DATA CARTRIDGES VERBATIM DATA LIFE DC2000 £17.80 DC300XLP £17.80 DC600A £19.60 DC6150 £21.50 STORAGE BOXES 31 2” 120 CAP 100 CAP 80 CAP 50 CAP 40 CAP 5’V 140 CAP 120 CAP 100 CAP 50 CAP £8.75 £8.25 £7 50 £6.50 £9.50 £7.90 £7 50 £6 50 £6 00 ALL ABOVE BOXES LOCKABLE + 2 KEYS £2 OFF BOXES WHEN ORDERING 100 DISKS OR MORE 10 CAP £1.50 10 CAP £1.50 5 CAP £115 5 CAP £1.00 1 CAP £0 50 Call SAM or PA T Now!
On 0753 631 1 01 SORRY! SORRY! SORRY!
£699 Hard Own' .£699 R Type .£699 Arkano*II ... £699 Hatfr HaeYs Gude to Galaxy £699 ftmTheGamlel ... £699 Balleta ...... £899 HongKcngPhoey 1698 S O I - ..£699 Barbenan H .... £699 Hnagaa ....£699 Shadow c ria Beast .....£699 Barium Cased Crusader £699 IK. ..£699 9iaminM4 .... £699 Beach VdWy_______________________ £699 riipotuMMssionII
.....£699 SiultePuctCate .£699 aood Money ...£699 Jamae Pond .£699 9iyChase £699 Cabal lAmga orfy) ...... £699 Kid Gloves---------------- £699 SoeedbM ...£699 CatkrwGamaa _...... £699 Ml ..£699 Sriy. ... £699 118a Palmers Road New Southgate LONDON N111SL 10 am • 6pm 6 days - 6 lines) Tel: 081-361 2733 (Faxline after 6pm) CamerCommand .. £899 Last ttqaH .£699 Super Hang Cn ..... £698 CeneeMd Squad £699 Lombard RAC Raiy £699
SorkriBlade .... £699 OoudKngdom ... £699 McheN Jadoon MocnwAar £699 Itunderwae £699 Cdtrado .... £699 New Zealand Stay _______£698 Tootin'_____________ £699 Cokesus Cheea.... £799 NorriS Soojri ...£699 TV Sforts Fooibal _______£899 CoarwialCaaa ------- £699 O*Rial-------------£699 V.glmte . £699 OazyCan_________ £699 Oceraaoi Wo* £699 Waierioo ______________ £899 Ccritoa..... £699 Pasamg 9k*..._. _ ..£899 Wings ol Fury ..... £699 Delender ol tie Cmm. £699 PhoKn Part IvmjeOrty) .. £799 mtat_______ £698
DdolrieEaili---------£699 Reran ---------------- £699 WCLeaderboeid--------£699 DnurtSrip P»ar £699 PradaRx..... £699 Xancri II___________ £698 CbutteDragcn______£698 Rambo ¦__________£699 Zortil_____________£699 Degon tarya----£698 Red Heal..... £699 ZortrM________________£899 Ftntaay Wortd Qgzy£499 ReaJuton 101 1699 Zori Ml £699 ST AMGA It A 12939 H'A £1998 £1698 £1698 129 99 £36 99 £1698 £1698 £1699 £1698 £2198 £6199 BA £1699 £19 99 £1999 £15 99 £1699 £1698 £1699 £15 99 £1599 £1599 £1599 H'A £2398 N A £1998 N A £3669 £1598 £1598 £1699 £1699 £15 98 £1599 £1699 £1698 £21 98 £2199 £16 99 £16
99 £16 99 £1699 £2299 £2299 £1599 £-599 £16 99 £-699 1U98 s-499 £1699 6-699 £1999 £-998 £14 98 11498 £1999 £-998 £1699 £'698 £1699 £1698 £16 99 £16.98 £14 99 £14 99 £19 99 £19 98 £16 98 £16 98 £1699 £1698 £1699 £1698 £1999 £1999 £16.98 £16 99 £1099 £1099 £10.98 £1099 £15 99 £1599 £1699 £1699 £15 99 £15 99 £1599 £15 99 £16 99 £16 99 £16 99 £16 98 £1698 £1698 £1498 614 98 £14 98 61498 £1698 £1698 TOP TITLES TOPTTTUS Madiay Bland__ Moday Sind II____ Akrdar____ Myaaca-- Mytr--------- Nam 19661975 __ Nan____ Navy Seda_____ NwerervJng Saxy II Ngnorei________ Naae Rama _______ ST AMGA £1698 11698
£1598 11598 £2698 12698 11598 11598 126 98 12698 £1598 11599 £1699 11699 12099 £2099 £1699 £1699 11598 £1599 11598 11599 £1699 11699 £15 99 £15 99 120 99 £2099 £1999 £1999 £1699 61699 £1598 11598 £1598 11598 £1598 11598 £1998 11999 11499 114 99 11599 £1599 119 98 £1998 £19 98 £1999 £2199 £2199 £1699 11699 £14 99 11498 £1599 115 98 11499 £1498 £1699 £1698 £1598 11598 £2098 12099 £1998 £1999 £2099 12098 £1698 11699 £2398 12398 £1798 11799 £1698 £1698 £1598 11598 £14 99 £14 98 £1698 £1698 £1698 £1698 £1498 £14 98 £1598 £1599 £1998 £1998 114 98 £1498 £1998 11998 £1998 £1999 £1499 11499 £1998 11998
£1998 11998 £1598 £1599 £1698 £1698 . 11698 11698 £1498 £1498 H698 £1698 N A £1698 £1698 £1699 11498 £1498 £2198 12198 K698 £1698 £1598 11588 £1698 £1698 £1698 £1698 13098 13099 H699 £1699 11599 11599 MddMaaan - MeUkknad________ Mdragd Rearstance TOP TITUS MaifMeg Ucgmde ¦ I MegCncAal 1 Ray 3D Soccer___ 30 Ccretucacm «- ao Socra Beam; - 666 Sub Acacs AlOTana Kmr_ Acton a»xs - AOS.--- Nears- Aian Dorm-- N;ne waves--- Amain; Sqdarmen ... Amce 30 -_.
Amos Compter Anoa The OaaKr --------- Ar-oxgeddcn ...... tTfl ___________________ Bad to tie Future 1 ..... Sadi CrieGdden Age Banda Kmg ol AntCtana Barbarian II Ipsygnoars) Bartfs Tale III ... BAT. ..- Saw Own BadaOieaal Bee* Command Barartav* i9C Rate Metier Barter rie Mowe Bersyri ftj Rsri Bland Tad sAOvervure Bliiard Simulalor II .. Bai, re w Sue Mai Bomber Bob Ban 9aser Bra BldRogan Cacmer Cadaver • tie cay oil .... Cadaver - te Last Supper Captive.. .______________ Cardnal ol tie Kramer Carve Up---------------- C*caGT4 Rally ____ CenUion ------ Chaos
S**e Bad __ Champcn or tie Rr . . .
OraseMO ------------- Chase MO 11------------- Oedo’i Re*enge------
• Cod TOP TITLES ST AIBGA oe Crielenge_________£1699 £1698 Our*
Rod------------£1699 £1699 CtudVeagerrAFT £1699 61698 e ra An
Combat____________£2098 £2099 Code Name Wheeled £2398 £2398
Cohort .._ ...£2098 £2098
COM ....£1998 61998 Cdoa______________£1498
£1499 Corpcraaoi ..... £1098 £1098 QmieWeve ..£1698
61698 Crueeltr a Corpse £1698 61698 Crystals of Arborea
_____£1698 £1699 CyberCon II--------£1698 £1699 Dartman
.....£1598 £1598 Das Bool----------£2198 £2199 Days of
Thieider _ £1598 61598 Demon* .£1998 £1998
Dorter* .... £1698 £1699 Double Dragon ¦-----£1698 61698
Dragon Wan________£1698 £1698 Dynamae Detugger. £1599 £1598
cod Talas Oueal____£1699 £1698
Elf .£1599 £1598 Bwa Ustrass ol
Dart.... £2198 £2198 Epic .£1498 614 98 Euro Supeneague
________£1498 £14.99 Eyed rie Beholder _____£1998 £1998 FMTomCa
£1898 £1898 FI 5 Side Eage II ......£2398 £2398 FI6Ccmbd
hid .....£1698 £16.98 F117A S»aHh Roller.... £2199 £2198
F19 Sseallri Rghler .£19.99 £19.99 F29 Reideicr
..£1499 £1499 Fale d AaanM lAdrTurel N A £1699
Fa» d Atanti (Arcade) N A £1699 Feudal Lords
£1699 £1699 Find Blow £1699 £16.99 Final
Conlid £1699 61699 Fina figd ......£1699 £1699
Rnd Fight ..£1698 £16 98 FmaJWhile
£998 £998 Fkgia X rie Intruder £2299 £22.98
Fora Ray ......£1598 £1598 Fulrra Basebal
......£1698 £1698 Grijnder II______________________£1698
61698 Gaena_________________________£1698 £1698 Gendis Khan
..£2198£2198 Gefiysturg ....£18
98 £1898 Gods______________________£1599 11598 Gdden
Asa________£1698 £1698 Gddan 9x* ..£1698 £1698
Gnham GoochCncka.... £2198 £2198 Grand
Prix ....£2398 £2398 Jahangir Khan* Squash
£1698 £1698 JnrmyWhWtWNrtnnd £1699 61698 Judge Dadd
..£1899 61899 Ka* 0811(1 Meg)----£1598 61598 K0 O III S
Meg) H'A £1399 Kicfc08MmingTadic*.. £9.98 £999 KangOoud
.....£1598 11598 Mng Game Show .... £1698 £1698 Kmgs Oueal V
......£2698 £2698 Knight* rie Sky________£2399 62398
lattMnjtlll -------£1698 61698 Leaure Sul Larry II _____£2599
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Ivflnni Name: _ Address: Postcode: Card No: .
Exp Date _ Tel: Please make cheques and P.O.'s payable lo Etgle Soltwtre. P*P is included in the UK. Orders under £5 please add 50p P&P per ilem. Europe: please add £3 per nem. Elsewhere add £4.00 per item.
If the title you want is not listed please phone forpnees. Catalogue now available • phone lor details or lick box. ?
Computer _ Date_ Title_ Price _ _ Price _ _ Price _ Price 16_______Mail_Order_only____ a«*ss£] _visa q _ chequejp p.O's?
I have an A500 w ith I Mb inter- nal RAM, Ihe A1011 floppy disk K jL~f f 1 drive and an Action Replay II.
Workbench Because needed more RAM i bought Ihe SupraRAM 500RX with 4Mb installed.
According lo Ihe review of Ihe SupraRAM: "11 even worked fine with Ihe Datel Action Replay II".
However, when I connect both Ihe cartridge couldn't freeze. Whenever I pressed Ihe button il gave a guru.
Another month's worth of the usual mountain of tips, troubles, puzzles and answers. Pat McDonald discovers and discusses... I think I have loo many add-ons for Ihe power supply lo cope with. So what do I do. Buy Ihe power supply for Ihe Supra or should 1 try a bigger one for my Amiga?
WOIITKR BRUGGEMAN, HOLLAND You could well be right. Il could be lhal the memory chips you have in your SupraRAM are a bit heavy on electricity, bul in any case you will need more power.
The easiest option would be lo be buy a bigger power supply (WTS 0582 491949 or Evesham Micros 0386 765500 in the UK), as filling a supply in Ihe memory expansion will probably mean sending il all ihe way back lo America.
COVERDISK 2D (again) After playing around with NoiseTracker on Ah'26's Coverdisk 1 decided to attempt to compose a song.
After a hard half-hour's work I saved it and went off. When I came back to it, it played the song but no sound came out. I checked all the silly things like the volume level, leads and so on - they were fine.
Also, when I try and save a song, it always saves onto the Coverdisk which is nearly full anyway. How do I save it onto a separate floppy disk? I've tried saving on a freshly formatted disk bul the computer just asks me for ST-01. Help.
One final point, my machine crashes a lot. And I cannot think why. It's just a standard A500 with no extra memory or any thing else flash.
STEFAN ALLERHANO, READING I regret to say I have no ideas concerning the lack of volume problem. When you try lo save or load a module to a different directory, do remember to change the path on the Disk Ops screen. Just click on it with ihe left mouse button (the mouse pointer goes purple) and type the name of the disk followed by a colon. For example. Empty:.
Amigas often crash because of a lack of memory. Every time some memory is used and then freed, it's not added back on to a lump of free memory: after a certain amount of usage, the memory is split up into lots of little pieces that have been used and then returned for future use.
The Amiga crashes because it can't find enough continuous free memory for what it needs. The only way to get around this is to turn your machine MONITOR WONDERS I’m silting here lapping away on my Amiga, looking al my £25 second-hand TV set. It's aboul lime I got something belter and handed on Ihe set to my nephew lo use with his Spectrum +3. After looking through lots of magazines and asking people's opinions I have come lo one conclusion: I'm more confused than when I started!
Monitors repaired if they're out of warranty? Can a local TV repairman cope?
7) What exactly is picture burn in? Is it a real problem or an
8) Could you please recommend a good monitor, based on these
factors: colour, all Amiga resolutions. Stereo sound with
detachable speakers and a headphone facility, large screen (17
inch or bigger).
How much would such a beast cost?
1) There is no established standard for graphics resolution.
Generally, a medium resolution monitor will cope with all
Amiga graphics modes except interlace (double horizontal
screen sizes). These will flicker, but little software uses
this mode: usually 3D rendering programs like Draw-iD.
2) Multisync monitors arc much better than non-multi- sync types
(clearer colours and crisper pixels). They will also display
rock steady interlace images if you have a flicker fixer
installed inside your computer and if il is correctly wired
up. You can use a multisync without a flicker fixer - bul
don't forget (hat interlace screens will flicker of course.
3) Only interlace modes flicker, unless you have a multisync and
a flicker fixer. This combination produces rock-steady
images in all graphics modes.
4) Yes. The Amiga has standard stereo phono sockets to wire up to
a HiFi. I have never seen a monitor with detachable speakers,
and also note that some stereo monitors in fact have only one
speaker. Much the same as some stereo Tvs have only one
51 Monitors larger than 12 inches can be bought, but they are specialist and extremely expensive, because monitor quality TV tubes are difficult and costly to manufacture in large sizes. They are also unpopular because they take up more space.
6) Multisyncs or better are tricky for local TV repairmen to
fix. But average monitors arc quite easy - they are simpler
than TV sets.
7) Picture bum-in occurs when an image is displayed for too long.
Typically, this takes a couple of days of continuous display.
The bright areas of the screen become unusable, because the
coating on the inside of the screen has been overused.
Note that some TV shops have machines to repair screens with bum in problems, although usually it's a 'kill or cure' method. It's not really a problem so long as you turn your monitor off when the computer is Continued on page 191 OCTOBER 1991 on or off occasionally. Extra memory actually helps to get around this problem. As it fragments more slowly.
Another point to bear in mind is that Amigas rarely crash out completely (Ihe screen, keyboard and mouse lock up. Or the screen display goes bananas). Usually you get a Guru meditation number, which for some reason sticks in people's minds more than the machine going totally dumb.
Of course, the guru is missing completely from Workbench 2 - all I can say is "hooray!".
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SECTIONHEAD displaying ihe same screen for long periods of lime (ray tracers take note).
8) I doubt if you would get much change out of £1.000, and that's
just for the monitor - you would need a flicker fixer loo.
Monitors are usually classed as video equipment rather than
computer peripherals. Video equipment is outrageously
overpriced and gets more expensive, while computer hardware
gets cheaper all the time (bearing inflation in mind).
There are. However, alternatives. The Philips CM883.' Commodore 1084 are two variants of the same basic monitor tube. They display non-interlace images very well, with much better clarity than a TV set. They also have a mono headphone socket, one speaker and cost about £230 or so.
You might think about buying a decent TV moni- tor. These cost about the same price, but have bigger, slightly more blurred screens - but they arc perfectly acceptable unless you're trying to "dot an i". They can receive TV pictures as well as having inputs for computer systems. Try and look for one which has a Scart connector, then get an Amiga to Scart cable and then of course you're there.
Keep an eye out for a complete feature on monitors in the next few months.
DEIWIO DON'T WORK I’ve got a problem with the demo of Deluxe Painl IV on ('overdisk 26. It always crashes when my A590 hard drive is plugged in. But it works fine without it. It's probably doing no good at all to my hard drive, as I have to unplug it and run Workbench from floppy to use the demo.
I’ve tried skipping the hard drive startup- sequence (which starts a number of multitasking utility programs) but it still crashes. Is there something I can do about this annoying problem or is it a simple case on incompatibility? The program itself is brilliant - as soon as I have the money I'll be upgrading from Dpaint II.
GREG KING. SOUTH DEVON Unfortunately the Deluxe Paint IV demo does not work with the A590. Strangely enough, it also doesn't work with Workbench 1.3.2. People who have the latter should really try and obtain a copy of Workbench 1.3 from a friend or a computer shop (the latter are generally very sympathetic to requests like this). Sony to all of those concerned.
The following fix is a reprint of a tip from AFI8. To cure some of the problems associated w ith the A590. 1 can't promise that it will let the Dpaint V demo work, but it's a good idea to carry out the operation anyway (fix courtesy of Electronic Arts Adrian Streeter). All clicks are with the left mouse button: 11 Make a copy of the Setup Install disk which came with the A590.
2) Switch everything off for at least 30 seconds before
3) Insert the Setup Install disk into the Amiga, and then turn
on. The computer (with the A590 attached) will start from the
4) When the disk icon appears, double click on it and again on
the HDToolBox program.
5) On the initial screen of HDToolBox click once on the Partition
Drive option.
6) At the Partitioning screen, click on the Advanced Options box.
Some additional boxes will appear.
7) Select the Add Update file system option.
8) Now click on the Update File System, press the Return key and
select OK.
9) Click on OK on all the screens until you get to the beginning
10) Select 'Save Changes to Drive'. Once the changes have been
saved onto your hard drive, you can then exit the program.
AUTOPILOT OVERRIDE I have just bought a VoRmace Delta 3A analogue joystick, to use with flight simulations like FIS Strike Eagle II. It works well except for one thing: if you move the joystick when the autopilot is on, the autopilot turns itself off.
I have to hold the joystick perfectly central, which is very difficult to do and defeats the point of having an autopilot. Is there any way of fixing some sort of disable switch on the joy stick to turn it off and solve the problem? I regret I haven't got any diagrams of the pinouts or what’s inside the joystick as I don't want to take it to bits until I'm sure something can be done about the problem.
P CHESHIRE. HERRINGTHORPE 1 had a similar problem a few years ago. And without resorting to a soldering iron, the easiest solution is to use a couple of elastic bands. Wrapped around the joystick. They force the slick to autocentre when you let go of it. Happy flying.
TALKIES PLEASE I have succeeded in creating a slideshow using the Slideshow Construction Set. It's a set of my ow n pictures created with Dpainl II. I was wondering if it's possible for me to include some music which plays at the same time as the pictures are displaying. I know it's possible, but I don't know anything about programming.
If I do. Would it be against the law or breaking "computer ethics" for me to take a soundtrack off one of the many Public Domain music demos that I own. Even if I credited the musician who composed the sound track.
The reason I ask is that some PD disks have copyright messages, the Radio Poland music disk being one example. Surely this is a lie or against the whole idea of PD.
I'm not going to call myself Harold the Berserker or something like that as I reckon that people who do that are usually called Dick Ramsbottom or something similar.
EDWARD GARROD, BISHOPS STORTFORI) I'm not too sure about the operation of the SCS. But so long as it multitasks (lets other programs run simultaneously) then there's a lot of PD music programs which you can write tunes on - like NoiscTrackcr on last month's disk. Then you need a player program to play the music as a background task while your pictures are displaying.
The only PD music program I am aware of which lets you compose tunes from sound samples and includes a separate player program is MED.
Unfortunately , most of the music used in PD demos is composed with NoiseTracker (or SoundTrackcr or ProTrackcr or...). However, there is another PD program called Module Processor (ModPro for short) which lets you load in sound modules from many different programs, and creates stand alone programs w hich play when you click on them.
As for PD programs being copyrighted: you are wrong. A Public Domain disk can be freely copied and given away, but if you start ripping music or graphics from copyrighted disks and pass them off as your own.
Expect some hassle.
OCTOBER 1991 BUSINESSMAN WRITES I am a practising accountant and in my office we use E 1 I M Amstrad equipment because we can get cheap, sophisticated and reliable software very easily.
In the near future, though, we plan to upgrade to a networking system. My son and my cousin are Amiga fanatics and have persuaded me that Amiga equipment would be superior to anything we could afford in the PC range, but the problem is the necessary software.
There are plenty of word processors and spreadsheets. And (hopefully) databases to integrate with them. However, there doesn't appear to be much of a choice regarding accounting packages and I have seen no mention of a payroll package at all.
Because we are in business and have to give our clients a speedy and reliable service, any software we use has to be very reliable, comprehensive and easy to learn. We are not computer experts!
Is it possible to run a professional office on available Amiga software, or am I simply barking up the wrong tree?
BRIAN JACKSON, BARNET Congratulations, in that one letter you just about summed up the entire "Amiga in business" concept.
Your son and cousin are quite correct when they say that ihe Amiga is a superior machine, but you're not interested in speed or performance - you just want a box to help run your office.
You arc also correct when you say business applications on the Amiga arc limited compared to the IBM PC. However, there is one outstanding piece of software that can be used to run a business -any business.
That product is Superbase Professional 4 from Precision (081-330 71661 reviewed AF23. It hides under the guise of a database, but in reality it's a programming language with lots of extras bolted on for serious business use. Unfortunately, it has only been available for a few months, and as it costs £350 few people are curious enough to see what it can do.
This situation will probably change over lime.
SuperPro 4 is capable of running a medium-sized company (several hundred employees) if used on a network
- yes. It's network compatible. But it will take time for
programmers to leant how to use it properly, to create the
applications for business use.
192 In ihe meantime, things look bleak on the Amiga business front. There are not enough Amiga programmers looking beyond the fancy graphics and sound - why should business software be boring? Why can't they rid themselves of the blitter fixation? Quite simply. Because not enough programmers see the potential of the Amiga in business.
OCTOBER 1991 So no. It's not really possible unless you're willing to Icam how to use SuperPro 4 or hire someone who docs. As Amiga system managers are about as common as hen's teeth. I see little prospect for the Amiga in business until Commodore slop selling Pcs and concentrate their attentions on getting programmers to write business software. Or some enterprising young whiz kids start w riting off their own bats.
TECHNICALLY SPEAKING I am thinking of buying an Action Replay II. Does it work as I really only want it to back-up my protected disks, because I hate it when an original game goes down. You may say this is piracy (Copyright I.aw 1988). But I think a genuine backup copy for my self is totally legitimate.
I mean, technically speaking you are not allowed to record television programs, radio or music to tape, but it's virtually impossible for the law lo be enforced on the majority of the population.
Pleuse could you also tell me if there are any courses for Ihe Amiga in any colleges or institutes for programming and AmigaDOS because I keep drawing a blank.
JOHN BARFIELD. NOTTINGHAM Unfortunately, as a back-up device the Action Replay II is not very good. The reason is that many games are split up into different sections on a disk. The cartridge can only save what is in the computer's memory to disk, so the other bits on the games disk are not saved.
However, either Synchro Express III (£35. Datel 07X2 744707) or Xcopy Professional (£39.99. Siren 061-724 7572) will serve your purpose. I've only encountered Synchro Express, but it's extremely good at making a back-up. However, you need an external disk drive to use either of them to best effect.
Making a back-up of your own software for yourself is not illegal. If a product is used to back-up computer software as part of a business then it is illegal. Your TV Radio analogy is incorrect - you are not making a back-up copy of a TV program you already ow n. you are recording live broadcasts, a totally different area entirely.
I am unaware of any educational establishment anywhere offering courses on how to use the Amiga.
However, as you live in a big city with a university adn polytechnic. I suggest you advertise locally for lessons.
Come to think of it. Students always need the cash - why don't they earn something for themselves and leach others rather than writing demos slagging off new owners as lamers?.
ARCADE OPENER I would like to enquire about your reply to John Smith in AF26 where you referred lo a 40MB RAM, 24-bit graphics Amiga with a 68040 processor. How is that possible? Would the Amiga be able to recognise it?
Secondly. I'm considering setting up an arcade shop, but when I found out the prices I found them extortionate. Would it be possible to set up an Amiga in a suitable cabinet? If so. Would I he able to use commercial games or would this be illegal?
ALAN DAY. CASTLE DOUGLAS Yes. It is possible. Power Compuling lent me a prototype 68D40 accelerator for the A2000 AI500.
Produced by RCS of Canada, it uses a beta test 68040 and can take up to 32 Mb of RAM - in addition to the maximum 9Mb of a standard Amiga.
24-bil cards like the Harlequin or VB200I have been available for some time. The 68040 chip is not yet in full production. Best two days I've ever had on a computer - before the 68040 overheated and died.
Believe it or not. There was a project to put an Amiga inside an arcade cabinet. About five games were available (sorry to be vague but it was a few years ago). No software houses were really interested, mainly because the best computer games are not really arcade games. Imagine spending £25 on a game which kills you after 30 seconds.
Having checked out local arcade machine prices, expect to pay between £50 and £10.000 for an arcade machine, depending on how- old it is and the condition.
However, some operators do rent machines, which is cheaper in the short term.
SCREEN SHRINK I got my A500 last Christmas and since then I noticed that my Amiga occasionally starts up with a smaller screen than normal (starts at the top and finishes about two thirds of the way down). You can't move the mouse pointer down to the bottom, or stretch a screen or a window down either. I cure the problem by flipping the power switch a couple of times and it works fine.
STUART WIGLEY. WINDSOR All that's happening is that your Amiga doesn’t recognise that it's PAL (European) rather than NTSC (American Japanese). NTSC systems have a smaller screen display. 200 pixels vertically rather than 256.
It's not a major problem, but rather than trying to wreck your power supply might I suggest you leave it off tor 30 seconds.
STUDENT WRITES After reading a few issues ot AF I'm convinced that the Amiga is better than Ihe Atari. However, before I splash out my hard-earned savings on an AI500 there's a couple of questions I'd like answered:
1) What is the difference between the AT Bridgeboard (£675) and
the AT ONCE (£199)?
2) Where can I get a 1Mb East RAM upgrade?
What exactly is it and how does it fit and work?
3) Do I need a controller card for a Itard-disk system?
Hope you can answer these questions, because I plan to be fairly competent with my system next year (using it mostly as a PC. But with the Amiga parts as well).
1) The AT Bridgeboard is a highly compatible AT PC emulator for
use w ith an A1500 or A2000. It uses a highly ingenious
program called Janus to get both computer systems working
simultaneously - you literally have a PC screen in a comer
of your Workbench screen, which you can shrink or expand at
will. You can also plug in AT peripherals to such an Amiga w
ith a Bridgeboard.
The ATOnce is a similar concept, but rather than being on a card for the AI500 A2000. It plugs into Ihe processor socket on any Amiga (you need an adaptor for anything other than an A500). The ATOnce multi- tasks with AmigaDOS. Meaning that you have a PC on a different screen behind Workbench.
Although the ATOnce is much cheaper than a Bridgeboard. It's not as PC compatible or fast. It also needs a porky, expanded Amiga to get the best out of it
- it uses standard Amiga memory, which means sharing it with
the PC. Although it's good, on an AI500.
I'd go for the Bridgeboard every lime.
2) FastRAM (memory ) expansions for the A1500 are available from
many different sources. All they do is add memory to the
machine, allowing more programs to multitask (run at the same
lime) and also memory intensive programs like HyperBook or
VistaPro to work at all. Look out for cards from ICD. Supra.
GVP and others. Many hard disk cards allow you to fit extra
memory onto them. Expect to pay around £230-£250 for just a
memory card with I Mb of memory fitted.
Usually you can expand up lo 8Mb on such cards.
3) Yes.
You deserve the best!
Now you can get the best... with PEN PAL!
A superb package, with immense power, to fulfil till your word processing requirements and... it includes a Database!
It's all so easy to use, you probably won’t need to refer to the extensive 250 page manual too often.
Whilst working, you can open up to four documents simultaneously (memory permitting), search and replace; cut, copy and paste; check your spelling with a 100.000+ word dictionary. You can import your favourite IFF HAM graphics, from programs such as Dpaint II or Clip An files in various sizes and colours. You can automatically flow text around graphics in any Workbench compatible font (there arc over 200 available styles), in different sizes and colours to suit your design... even as you type. All this from a word processor Ik M As you can sec, this is not just any ordinary word processor!
Full Page View with position, edit ;tnd creation of graphic objects. Mail Merge using the built in database and forms designer. Creation of templates for complex reports, into which the database can be merged.
Operating with 32 fields per record, and 32,(X)0 records per database with a fast sort of 1000 records in less than 5 seconds this is a real database.
Pen Pal requires an Amiga 500 15(X) 2(XX) or JOOO with a minimum of 1 megabyte of available memory.
Pen Pal When...you deserve the best!
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."...its handling of graphics is unsurpassed: Pen Pal is the only program I tested that will automatically wrap text around graphics..." Amiga World.. Jul. '90 ."..without beating around the bush Pen Pal is very special.." - "There is little to fault Pen Pal and it deserves to do well." T niiga I onnat...l)ec. 10 "...I am extremely pleased with your product especially Ihe Graphic Capabilities within the Word Processor. Having Ihe Database on the same disk has made PEN PAL the best program I have..." IJ.S.It., I’tnm lcad. I U IU) Please let me tell you how amazed I am al how EASY IT IS TO USE
PEN PAL. The manuals supplied arc very informative and very clear..." '..S.S.. Clifton. Oni. (,ll.t W A most excellent piece of software..." Kstrathclyde, SCOT!AM) r»w Mtn’i (Mid Warnin'!) Beit Friend Trade Distributors.
Precision Sottware dDHI Pen Pal is supplied into the UK through... Gordon Harwood Computers New Street Alfreton Derbyshire DES 7BP Telephone: 0773 836781 Facsimile: 0773 831040 Pen Pal Order Line f 0773 836781 Pen Pal is also available from gtxxl computer stores everywhere!
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Pita marttf wHpruwefiiexto' • • • ,Y Enhanced file selector with different sorting methods, bulk copy and erase.
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,Y Moil merge: nested repeat loops.
- Y New window bosed help focilities.
,Y Improved line drawing.
,Y Spelling checker finds repeated word and missing capital letters.
,Y Conversion lo ond from WordStor 5.5 and Microsoft RTF ,Y Full printed documentation of new features.
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Price: E85+VAT, upgrade from vl.l E30+VAT.
PRICES (including VAT and delivery) For Commodore Amiga, Atari ST or TT.
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MAIL ORDERS E3 (0702) 600557 FAX (0702)613747 Out of hours Answer Phone QI am interested in learning machine code for my A500 (not Basic or Cl. However. I do not know where lo start - what books or programs shoul I buy. I would be more than grateful for a signpost or two.
A A good place to start would be the Amiga Coder's Club (ACC). They release a monthly disk through Amiganuls (0703 785680) which has quite a few articles and hints, as well as enabling you to communicate w ith other people in the same boat.
You'll need a fairly good Amiga. An extra disk drive and 1Mb of RAM are the minimum requirements for this sort of work.
What you need to start writing machine code is an assembler program (for taking source files and producing machine code programs) and a good book. A suitable assembler would either be Dcvpac 2 from HiSoft or Argasm from Argonaut, although the Public Domain A68K or AMOS Assembler would be all right for starting off w ith. The book I'd recommend you getting first is Amiga Machine Language by Abacus. The best source for Abacus' books in the UK is Computer Bookshops (021-708 1188).
Be w arned that this is not the only book you could gel. Not by a long chalk. The official manuals are the ROM Kcmal Guide and the Hardware Guide. They are well worth getting, as is the Intuition guide if you w ant to write AmigaDOS (Workbench utility) type programs. These volumes are not so easy to track down, as they tend to be in demand.
If you want to get into writing computer games, may I suggest The Commercial Games Programmers Guide by David Gibbon. Although badly produced, thin and a bit general, it does list a number of pitfalls to avoid and preferred methods for programming. It also costs only £7.95 at present, although this will go up to £14.95 very shortly. You can get it from Software Developments (091-373 1536).
OCTOBER 1991 Qis there a piece of hardware that lets you link your Amiga to a HiKi system? I'm getting fed-up w ith the duff quality produced on my stereo.
Are there any good MC Hammer or KI.F demos in the Public Domain?
A Yes. They're called cables. The Amiga has two phone outputs - one left, one right to give stereo sound. Look for the connector on your HiFi marked AUX or INPUT - there should be two very similar phono sockets, although older models sometimes have DIN plugs.
This is a very good idea, as the small speakers in a TV or monitor do not do justice to the Amiga's sound.
Consult your local HiFi shop who should be able to supply you w ith a suitable cable once they know w hat connectors go at either end.
There is a very good MC Hammer music demo, basically a "Can't Touch This" remix. Did you know the bass riff on that single was also used in an Amiga game called Zoom three years ago? Goodness knows where it came from originally.
Ql've heard a lot about genlocks, hut I'm still not totally positive as to what they do.
Can you explain them in plain English? Also, what's this video toaster gadget my mate keeps rambling on about?
A There arc really two definitions of genlocks, but I'll stick lo genlocks on the Amiga. It's a piece of hardware that connects in between your computer and monitor (some of them will fit internally on the A1500 A2000 machines). They allow you to overlay the graphics from your computer over a video image.
Answerfile Questions of a general nature need very specific answers. Get your dose today from PAT McDONALD.
On a genlock are two connectors. You feed a video signal (from the Video Out connector on a video recorder or camera) into the box. You put a lead into the other connector and link it up to another video recorder.
Now. When you turn everything on. All graphics that appear on your Amiga can be put on top of Ihe video picture, and recorded on the second video recorder. The background video picture will show through areas of the computer that use palette number zero - the first colour of the Amiga.
Please note that genlocks vary tremendously in their performance (according to price) and some of them let you make colours other than zero transparent, but that's a rough idea of w hat they are.
As for the Video Toaster, that's an extremely good video expansion - in a nutshell it turns an AI500 A2000 into a small video workstation, capable of overlaying multiple video signals and real time effects (for instance spinning a picture off the screen into Ihe distance). Unfortunately, the manufacturers (Newtek Inc) poured so much money into the American version that it w ill probably be another year or so before a PAL (European) Video Toaster that's usable will be available. I am pleased to say that the NTSC version has gone down a storm, so the PAL version almost certainly will appear -
personally I'm eager to see it.
Qas a video professional. I have yet to find a ray-tracer program that’s fast enough to be usable in my business (I produce video logos and graphics for television advertising). Could you tell me whether there is a way to scan in objects in 3D to the machine without drawing it all by hand? I would he grateful for any help.
A There is no commercially available package to do this, but after some thought it's theoretically possible. It docs however involve quite a bit of extra hardware and specialist 3D programming (it's a bit like ray tracing but in reverse). For those who fancy a challenge. Here goes: You have a robotic arm linked to your Amiga through Ihe serial port and controlled by the computer
- nothing outrageously special about this really. In the arm's
hand you mount a black and w hite video camera, linked to the
Amiga via a digitizer. You need a fairly flexible arm. Because
the camera might have to look around odd corners or see under
Program the robot arm to move the camera around the object, and take a series of black and white images.
Supposing that the object is illuminated well and is sitting on a black background, the computer could work out w hat the object looks like in 3D from the shades of light and dark, if it knows the position and angle of the light source. Then it would write that information into a file suitable for a ray tracer.
Although this approach would be quite cheap, it would be slow and inaccurate. You would probably need to tidy up the 3D object in the computer afterwards with rav tracing software. However, it would certainly remove a lot of the leg work involved with ray tracers, as standard digitizers and flatbed scanners arc useless for 3D work.
A slightly different approach currently being used in Vinual Reality research is to put the object on a turntable and spin it slowly. A laser beam bounces off the object, and by measuring the return time the depth of all surfaces can be worked out and the overall shape calculated. Despite being more expensive, it's very accurate and takes less computer power, because the mathematics are less complicated.
Q Having used Workbench on an Amiga with a single floppy disk drive. I'm now looking for a second drive (I can't afford a hard disk). I have heard of a double floppy unit - where can I buy one from and is it any good?
A Tile product you arc talking about is Ihe Power Computing twin disk unit. It's actually the best sort of floppy expansion that you can buy. For one thing, it has its own power socket that goes straight into the wall (giving more power for other expansions).
Another advantage is that it’s cheaper than buy ing two external drives sepcrately. Housed in one box. It gives you more storage potential and less disk swaps.
The only slight downturn is that each floppy disk unit uses around 30K of memory, which is not a problem except on 5I2K machines. Apart from that proviso. I wholeheartedly recommend them, if only because of the enormous amount of stress you get when using just one floppy drive. The device costs £ 110. Pow er Computing 0234 843388.
Ql am often tempted to splash out on a printer, but am wary of the problems associated with them (you do seem to get lots of people asking for help with them). Why are they so tricky to deal with?
They're not really, considering just what is in even an average printer. Put simply, printers are really computers (honest guv). They've got microprocessors, their owo memory (both RAM and ROM) and like full blown computers are quite intricate devices.
Wiring two computers together to share both text and graphics is not an easy job. Printers arc custom designed to take information and print it out in a recognizable form, but the truth is that printers arc just as variable as computers - they really are all different.
While the simpler aspects of computers were worked out long ago (text and numbers) computer graphics have advanced faster than standards can be established. Unfortunately this leads to confusion and the dreaded incompatibility problems.
Now. In order to try and make the Amiga compatible with as many printers as possible, the driver system was invented. In principle it's simple enough - choose your printer (or a model that's comatible) from a list onscreen and all programs work with that printer.
Unfortunately, getting a printer driver that gets the most out of a particular model of printer is not easy.
Most printer drivers have a do-so-much-and-no-morc- attitude. Similarly, actually copying printer devices from one floppy disk to another is a task beyond many people at first, because for that sort of job you need to use Shell. Shell means using the keyboard to type commands. And most people hate keyboards.
A sad situation. I shall be exploring the possibility of putting some printer utilities on future Coverdisks.
To help solve some of the more common problems. But you're absolutely right - it's a minefield area for the unwary and very traumatic for the uninititatcd. Which is just not good enough for the Nineties.
Qon the spur of a moment I bought a modem second-hand (without a manual). Having never had one before I haven't a clue how to use it or how- to even plug it in to my Amiga. Help.
A Modems usually come in two basic varieties - Hayes compatible and manual (although there are a few other rare types). Hayes compatible modems are smart, in that they can dial numbers and automatically answer the telephone if you are running your own online service (bulletin board that other people dial with their modems).
The most obvious two things that you need are some software and a lead. The best, cheapest software is JRComm. A public Domain program that can do most things that comms freaks want. If the modem is Hayes compatible, this program can store a directory of phone numbers to dial - once set up correctly dialling a number is as easy as clicking on an icon.
The other item you will need is a modem cable.
These are fairly standardized and totally unlike any other kind of cable. Most computer shops will be able to supply a suitable cable - it plugs into the serial port on your Amiga and into the back of the modem.
If the modem is manual, then you will need another item - a telephone to dial the number! Typically, these plug into the back of the modem, while the modem plugs into the wall socket for the telephone. You dial the number manually, and once "logged on" (connected to a service) you put the phone down. The modem keeps the line open automatically.
A couple more points to bear in mind: when buying a modem, always check that it has a British Telecom Ql've had a hard drive for about two years now. And after constant usage I'm beginning to get the "Error Validating Disk" message. Do all hard drives have such a short life span? Do I need a new one?
A No. You don't need a new hard disk. Hard disks find bad sectors (bits of the disk that have become unusable) and repair them without you being aware of it. However, they store just where all these bad sectors are right at the front of the first disk.
The best solution is to first backup your hard drive totally, do a low level format (blank it completely) and also do a bad block remap. When you repartition the disk, do not use the first few tracks (typically track 1 or 2). Set the start track to about 10 or 20. To give the hard drive more room in which to store the locations of bad blocks. Then put all the information back onto the disk from your backup floppies.
Please note that this isn't true for all makes of hard disks (not hard drives -1 mean the units that actually store the data and spin around). Typically, the Quantum and Maxtor types are so very, very clever that they literally repair themselves as they arc going along. I'm not absolutely sure how long such a drive keeps going, but it seems to me that you would have few if any problems for the first five years or so of operation. Exactly how long a hard drive can store data for is a moot question. The magnetic coating of them is naturally susceptable to hard knocks, heat and stray magnetic
fields (although the metal case helps a little bit with the latter problemi.
Typically, anyone who uses a hard drive for some time finds that backups are necessary - you only make this mistake once, as losing 40MB (or more) of your work can be ultra depressing. I know, because the first time I used for a few weeks I didn't bother backing it up regularly - until a virus got in there and wrecked all my efforts.
Setting up a hard drive is bad enough, but losing programs and your work can be job threatening.
199 Those of you interested in hard drives, there usage and choosing will he happy to know that next month a special Testbench feature has been pencilled in. There has been a tremendous upsurge of interest in this peripheral area, and I'll be happy to explode some myths and set the record straight once and for all next month. Once that's out of the way perhaps we can feature some different subjects, but 1 know that a lot of you are interested.
OCTOBER 1991 approval sticker on it somewhere. Without that sticker it's illegal to plug Ihe phone into the wall. Most foreign modems do not have such a sticker, and many of them will not work at all.
Finally, some - very old - manual modems do not let you plug telephones into the back of them. You have to buy a double adaptor socket which lets you plug two telephone leads into one wall socket.
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I wish to bestow m heart-fell congratulations on the entire Amiga Formal team for an excellent twenty- sixth issue. Not only was its width increased (although if I had an AF binder I'm sure it wouldn't fit...), but the contents have been lovingly moulded into what I now recognise as the best computer magazine available in the shops. To make matters belter you have adopted a new typeface and a more suitable layout which gives lhe 'monthly wonder' a truly professional feel.
Before my computer decides to become a mad guru and meditate there's just one more thing I'd like to mention. It is actually possible to use the range manipulator and the animation control panel on your preview of Deluxe Paint l just press CTRL and the R key for the range manipulator or the ALT and P keys simultaneously for the anim control panel.
ANDREW W ILLIS. SANDWICH Well, thank yon very much indeed. We were very pleased with lhe results of the redesigned issue and it's nice to have someone praise exactly the things tee set oia to achieve. Sol only is Amiga Format the most successful home-computer magazine of its time, we think it now looks like it. We also like lo think it's a magazine that can hold its head up high with the best in pure magazine terms: a computer magazine you needn t be ashamed of reading on llte train, the computer equivalent of Cosmopolitan... errm... no! Hang on a minute!
Congratulations on the "new style' Amiga Format - I don't think! It doesn't fit in too well with the old-style binders, does it? I'm not surprised that you tried to sneak it in without telling us.
Please note that I am not being a "whingeing fem- mie" lAF 25 Letters - William Mobberley) trying to have a good moan - it's just that now my binder won't go on its shelf properly!
One more thing: I must give you a thought on the issue of women and computers. Computer games are.
Generally speaking, macho shool-em-ups. Car races, football games and the like. Since the Amiga, to most potential younger buyers, is known as a glorified games console, it is easy to see the appeal to a younger man. Perhaps as the Amiga's reputation as a serious machine grows, so the percentage of female readers will grow! Is that controversial enough?
SUSAN A HOLCATE. ISLINGTON Sincere apologies lo all Amiga Format readers who keep the magazine in a binder. BY did consider warning you that we were about lo change size, but we didn 1 honestly think it would help. Tile bizarre thing is. You see. That we all slopped keeping our copies of the magazine in binders about a year ago. When the magazine became too fat to fit 12 issues in one binder.
Anyway, we've now hastily created a new binder for the new size, and it’s on sale now in the foyer,,.
As for the other business, let’s hear a couple more views on the subject... CONDITIONED REFLEX You asked in y our August edition why you had so few women readers, here are my ideas. (At this point.
Louise lists the credits from Issue 25 of who put the issue together, leading her to this conclusion...) All male! With no women editing or writing for the magazine. There will be no articles from a woman's viewpoint, which is different from a man's.
Let us look at your game reviews. (Louise now lists the shamefully macho line-up of Issue 25's game reviews, a litany of shoot-em-ups. Combat games and male-dominated sports, plumbing the depths when we arrive at a game where a male hero rescues a female princess. Ulp!) Not many there aimed at your female readers! (She deduces, perfectly validly).
207 OCTOBER 1991 I think you will find that women and girls are more interested in strategy games and serious software.
If you want more women to read your magazine, pul more women on the staff. We do have a different view from men.
LOUISE MELLING, BARROW-IN-FURNESS Point taken. I feel have to quibble over the small matter of Pal Winstanley. Our main educational correspondent, happening to he a woman I not a small matter lo her I suppose) so we do have some female representation on our staff. As for your views on games. I certainly agree. Women do seem to enjoy more abstract games, such as puzzle games and things like Spindiz.zy. Lemmings or Rainbow Islands.
Incidentally, we're not actually terribly worried about having a low proportion of female readers. What worries us is that the Amiga Format readership accurately reflects the Amiga-owning community, and that there are far too few women owning and using computers in general, not just the Amiga.
As for the rest of your point about staffing on the magazine, it just happens to be that way. BY do. However. Spend a lot of lime in the company of women who are also keen on the odd spot of Amiga gaming, so we 're not totally out of touch.
EQUAL RIGHTS Although I've just bought an Amiga 5(X), I can't get on it! If I try to during the day. My children hassle me to let them have a go and as soon as my husband comes home, he gets on and plays long after I've gone to bed!
Nobody else has read ihe manual, so I have lo keep loading il and selling il up. Then I'm lefl lo read Amiga format while everyone else uses it The Iasi straw was when my friend came lo see me lodav. Had a cup of lea then caught sight of the lemmings disk and off she wenl. She was on ihe computer for about 4 hours!
I'll have to sneak down before anyone else wakes up: ihen I mighl gel lo use the computer lhal I bought!
PAT HAMILTON. WEST THURROCK Right in hr heart of the problem here. I reckon.
Schools report that from a eery earls age boys tend to dominate use of the computer if given half a chance, (iirls seem iptite willing lo let them do so, even though they are just as enthusiastic and just as capable when they get a go. I actually reckon it's down lo social conditioning from a very early age. That teaches girls not lo be overly aggressive in defending llteir chance to have a go and preserves the males' belief that technology is llieir domain. I recommend you make i uile clear that you want a go on the machine and don 'r cook them tea ever again.'
In the meantime. I'm declaring the next couple of letters a women-only zone to even up the balance.
NIGHTMARE ON RAMSEY STREET After watching ihe episode of Neighbours where Paul Robinson's Amiga gels infected with a virus, it didn't lake me long lo work out how thick Paul really is! He made il sound like a computer virus was a major disaster for his company. So. While those of us who know what a virus really is are screaming at Paul to gel a virus killer, there are some people who aren't familiar with viruses gelling wound up over something quite simple. I know it's only a TV programme, but some people take it seriously.
LAURA STAIRS. HENDON OCTOBER 1991 While I can't imagime anyone ever taking Neighbours seriously. I have to agree that there's no point getting wound up about viruses, follow the simple rules about switching off for 30 seconds before loading up a new piece of software, get a virus killer cheap from the I’l) and you're safe, just remember never to destroy the bootblack on a self-booting game!
POWER CUT While llicking through Amiga formal I came across an ad for Amiga Power. It had a picture of the May issue's front cover and it said that it contained X pages of tips for Rainbow Islands. I have the game myself and I'm stuck, but since it's August now. And I live in the middle of nowhere anyway. I can't gel hold of that issue!
Please, please, please, can somebody help?
BECKY SMITHSON. BERWICKSHIRE your best bet is to look at our subscriptions and back issues pages I Pages 194-5 of this very issue). Because Amiga Power is our little sister. I tlank you'll find that you will be able to get a copy from there llow's that'.'
FALLING APART Aaaaaggghhhhh! Once more, my Amiga formal has fallen apart! There I was. Reading the MegaTraveller review when - wham! Bang! - out comes Page 71.
Then Page III. Then Page... 16 pages later, il gels throw n against the wall! Could you use stronger glue?
K GATES. BOSTON frrm... this is an extremely rare case and I've only ever heard of three occurrences of il on Amiga Format before. Can il really have happened to you twiee in a row.' Well, il seems it could. In actual fact sve’ve had a number of calls since Issue 26 came out telling us that the issue falls apart, and sve've even had one in the office do it, although il should hardly ever happen.
If this mishap does ever befall anyone again just lake Ihe mag back to the shop you bought il from. They will give you 11 new one and return the duff one to the wholesalers, so the shopkeeper doesn 't lose a penny on the deal. Eventually the whole thing will gel back to the printers, because ii was them who didn't stick it together properly in the first place.
SHAREWARE HERO In response lit your request for nominations for shareware authors who really do care. I'd like to nominate Olaf Barthel (IK'lock I for helping me with a problem.
He sent me a copy on a Scotch disk with the comment "Thought this make of disk was very apt"... GRAHAMK M ROSS. At RSIIIRE Hmm. Vers nice of him Gets the thumbs-up from us.
CDTV OWNER SPEAKS I don't know if you remember me: I wrote in a lew weeks ago concerning my purchase of the CDTV and the dilemma it had caused. Now I can inform you of further developments. Sit back and relax.
(The story so far: Mark Smith buys his CDTV for £6(X). Gets it home only to discover that there are no titles included, just a piece of card so he can send off for them. Didn't I tell you? Result, one very expensive door-wedgc. Now read on...) Lemmings and Hutchinson Encyclopaedia Finally arrived and I realised what a powerful machine it was.
Lemmings was a fantastic game, so addictive. The Encyclopaedia was good. Too. With all those pictures and sounds. But then one day something happened: something terribly horrible happened. Let me explain.
I'm a tennis enthusiast, so I decided lo call up all the international players. Every thing went Fine until I arrived at Steffi Graf. I clicked on the pictures' icon to see a smiling, bald-headed man appear. Now I know that she is not exactly an international model, but crikey, she isn't that bad!
I've since found several more problems and there are probably hundreds of cock-ups that I don't know about. What has happened? Did a wretched b-u-g get onto the master CD? Was it my £600 CDTV? I think not. Or did the boys at Attica Cybernetics just rush the project out?
Read my lips. If companies think they can do software in a slapdash manner overnight then they've got another thing coming. Because Cds are uncopyable.
Will prices crash below the normal floppies or will software houses come up with even more excuses to line their pockets?
MARK SMITH. LIVERPOOL . For one. Know exactly what has happened. Imagine if you had to test a disc svith 600 Megabytes of data - thousands of pictures, pieces of text and sampled sounds. Imagine if. On top of all that, the disc had to be in a bundle lhal had gone on sale several weeks before, and everyone was yelling at you to gel it finished and off lo the duplicators. Would you do the job properly'.’ Probably not. Unless you ’ll bail the sense not to gel in lhal situation in the first place.
Frankly, this is exactly the sort of thing lhal the CDIV does not need. People who are not used lo the bugginess that we computer fans are so often fobbed
o ff with will not be able to forgive this kind of shoddy
workmanship. The CD IV will only sell if the disks are of
sufficient quality. This kind iff below-par performance from
the stuff lhal comes free with the machine is simply just not
good enough. If Commodore do not son it out PDQ, then all they
doing is signing the dentil warrant of the CDTV.
ON THE OTHER HAND... I bought my C'DTV lour days after its l’K release. It was the best £600 I have ever spent. I currently have six discs, including the Welcome disc. The others are Music Maker. Lemmings. Hutchinson's Encyclopaedia. Sim City. Advanced Military Systems and Battle Storm. I use all of these discs frequently and I am most pleased with the standard of the software.
The main point of my letter, though, is CDTV's audio quality . I would like lo point out that the CDTV is not 16 times oversampling, it s 16 limes X-bit over- sampling. And I think the quality is excellent. My uncle has a Sanyo set-up. £2.(XX)'s worth, and CDTV's audio output blow s its socks off!
I would like to say what a brilliant machine the CDTV really is. It is so easy to use! Well done. CBM!
MATTHEW TREASURE, SHERBORNE fair comment. Anyone else'.’ IT’S A COPY, RIGHT?
I read in your magazine that if a letter was controversial, the could receive a free T-shirt. Well, this lor Pic of the Month' on Issue 25 is an exact copy of one of my paintings!
I enjoy your magazine a great deal and always look forward to the next issue. Not many magazines in the States have cover disks, so it's fun to get British mags to see what's going on in other parts of the world.
However, seeing my work signed bv someone else was not a surprise I had expected.
It might he a good idea to remind your readers that if they are copying the work of another artist, they should at least mention his name. There seems to Ik an incorrect belief in the computer graphics world that an image done on a computer is 'not the same' as an actual painting. This is not the case. Copyright laws apply to the image itself, regardless of the form of storage or display.
It's not a problem for me: as a matter of fact I was rather Haltered (Mr McNally probably saw the image on the cover of Dragon magazine 166). But there are a lot of artists out there w ho would be very angry, and copyright infringement can be a serious problem.
ERIC M GOOCH, SOUTHFIELD, MICHIGAN Thanks very much for the letter, Eric, and an Amiga Format T-sliiri should have arrived by the lime you read this. I think the point you make is vers interesting and that your attitude lo the whole business is vers much the sensible one. I 'm sure very few artists would actually mind people producing Amiga art based on their pictures, but I'm equally convinced that they deserve lo be credited as the inspiration for the work.
Infacl. I believe the copyright situation is less clear than volt suggest. If a copy of an image is wholly orig- inteil Its the copier - in other words, drawn freehand from scratch - then I think I am right in saying il is not in breach of copyright. Hut. Just as you have quoted, the storage or transmission of an image by any means, including electronic, is covered by copyright law: so if the image were digitised, il would be illegal.
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clock ..£ 34.95 RAM Board as
above, with 512K FASTRAM installed £ 54.95 RAM Board as above,
with 1MB FASTRAM installed £ 69.95 NS The expansion board
requires RAM Board as above, with 1.5Mb FASTRAM installed....£
79.00 ustSsI Connects to your 512K RAM upgrade to give 1.5MB
With the MEGABOARD, you can further expand your A500's memory
to a total of 2Mb without disposing of your existing 512K
upgrade (must be 4 x RAM-chip type, or not exceeding 9cm in
? Very quiet ? Slimline design ? Suits any Amiga ? Cooling Vents ? Sleek, high quality metal casing' ? Quality Citizen Sony drive mechanisi ? On Off switch on rear of drive ? Full 880K Formatted Capacity ? Long reach connection cable A500 'MEGABOARD' AMIGA A500 SOLDERLESS RAM UPGRADES Cl ram clock UPGRADE A500 1.5MB RAM BOARD, MEGABOARD needs Kickstarl 1 3 to operate (Kickstan 1.3 upgrade available Irom us tor £29 95) Installation requires connection to the GARY chip Easy to follow instructions provided 512K RAM EXPANSION ALSO AVAILABLE WITHOUT CLOCK ONLY£24.99 including VAT & delivery ONLY
£28.99 including VAT and delivery
• AH3AIT30 ? 1VA 3CT1TDNI S3Dldd 77 V • SOJM||lliei|S3A3
CARTOON CLASSICS PACK Includes Amiga S00 wm 1MD RAM, plus IMS
vs THE SPACE MUTANTS beluxe Paint III.
A500 1MB CARTOON CLASSICS PACKAGE .£ 369 99 A500 Cartoon Classics PLUS 377 External Drive .....£ 419.99
500 with IMP RAM plus 1MD Dnve. TV modulator. Nxjht Breed .
The Beast 2 Back to the Future 2 Days ot Thunder' Deluxe Pant if A500 1MB SCREEN GEMS PACKAGE . £ 369.99 A500 Screen Gems Package PLUS 377 External Drive .. £ 419.99 AMIGA 500 CLASS OF THE 90 S PACK TvOM *5*X W ASO’ 5*2* aAV .ypj* TV kAa.«nr 9 s«a*e t?« 'C iU -os*mr I nort CLASS OF THE 90 * Package ...£ 499 00 Class ol the 90 s Pack plus 377 Drive .£ 549.00 AMIGA 1500 STARTER PACK A
- *n**sca-'W' 'WJH ‘ Wjrwr v; 8AM 2*3 .* D-m f omw »s Gr-oxi
Cotv' tt v Kri Sciwi r xot'i :*J» » a*n* ',* « $ r Or, rd
Wrrts Xyels k*«ii A1500 STARTER
PACKAGE £ 949 00 Commodore
A590 2CA*0 Hard Orrve £219 99 A590 1Mb RAM Upgrade A59C 512K
RAM Upgrade £ 29 95 A590 2MD RAM Upgrade t 0 kcl’ky i CABLE A
C 209 00 £ 159 99 C 209 00 C 249 00 C 2*9 00 C 64 95 Our compact Virua Protector ftta eaa*ty to the Port of the laat diak dnve in your Amiga ayalem protecting all internal end external dnvea from boot block vtruaea tncorpcratea a TRUEMOUSE ONLY £9.95
• Witch to enable or d aatMe the protection facility REPLACEMENT
A500 PSU jC C 249 99 £ 349 99 ONLY £39.95 INTERFACE
0ur»u9yC0rr&rt* aanai pon trc pn «3es in C*JT rdciiyt or tacn
X'“ to Pvtc«» Sjpeo compact desgr.
Delivery and cable CORO nn '"eluding VAT.
LC09.UU delivery & c.bW £ 239 00 Dgrta Wordworth Krtd Words 2 Proieit V5 Digita Home Accounts Oeiuxe Part 4 QUALITY SCANNING - AT THE RIGHT PRICE!
Representing outstanding value for money, this package combines fop quality scanning hardware with the distinctively powerful DAATASCAN PROFESSIONAL software.
Al a g "u n «00dp sca«" ng raaou on T» produce supe t QuaMy scans Has a V 105mm sca-nr-g
• rdtn varabW bngn asa control a d 100 200 300 *CO!? WO.W
Oaataacan Prof « *onel sea q nc 0 5-g softwa-eaewt sea--- m
eihe* '• an or «n up to 64 only £129.00 WE GUARANTEE that this
if the smoothest, most responsive and accurate replacement
mouse you can buy for the Amiga Excellent performance, amazing
low pnee!
O A -7 QC SATISFACTION 1 ( .50 GUARANTEED GOLDEN IMAGE OPTICAL MOUSE Am»ga ST compare - excellent trave accuracy assured NEW LOW PRICE’ £ 29.00 A590 OWNERS! Expand your hard dte* storage further with cue ot our add-on externally cased SCSI Hard Drrves with 25ms ajtoparmng NEC mechartsms and separate power suppfy Plugs into the soc*et provided on the rear o the A590 irwt External 40Mb SCSI Drive cased wrth PSU to directly add on to the Commodore A590 .. C 299.00 External 100Mb SCSI Drive cased with PSU £449 00 O-tsa-o-ng tc»Jr! Aa ~o-e - r* package *c xes a i00- 00cp *ca~wr r bcw
wicrs P-uS the a-a ngty »*»'J TOUCH-UP soft**-* package wh h c*v«s re scanner grpcty Scam * ncijdes vewng .-ccw A Dec«g*" ty *x_a» scats e«e*y Sea- ere- Lne-aft v g*»y
- a images ua to «00d0' Many mage riaxnr! & soeca: ejects m«M
* rom within Toucn-UO A investment to Des*»c P-b*e' ng *©rt YOU
similar level of quality, tunc bon and sophistication offered
by our new GENLOCK adapter, compatible to ail AMIGAs' SpecaJ
featu-es include me ability to record graph** & animations on
video recorders and overlay graph* and text onto video Capable
o' smooth and s!ade fadng and overlaying ejects with spec*'
T'Y-FI amplifiedjStereo INCREDIBLE VALUE’ |_Y £145.00 A590 ADD-ON HARD DRIVES ROCGEN GENLOCK Philips CM8833 Mk.ll including cable Your Am i p oduc s tne quatty h»-ti stereo sort- FnfOy quaWy *'•'•0 sound '•e-ortjctcr- 10 p* t £ w«h tNs imc s designed great new twn «««»•
• ystem' Features r ii ¦ ported «W*' Jtsg- w«h 3 »m« r iac»i iW
and rctwfss a bu«- i ampkfwr *«h adtusubie votone control Rtx*
trom PSU (scppkedi or from bananas mot nc*uded Spaa* '
Dim ns ons 246*93* 12Snvn IH*W*D) NEW! TOP VALUE 400dpi HANDY
SCANNER NEW COMMODORE C 0 T V Including Lemmings A Mutchlneons
Encyclopaedia Starter Compect Disks C 5 ViO-Am ge ,-oec package
«nc ViO-Chrome £ 1 VOKhrome Amiga ccxw frame generators kt bom
BAW meges C VCH-RGB cokxx frame generaton kt from a&W images t
EUR ViO€OP»LOT V320 Scprtatcated Voeo EdXtng System £s HCS
Powwrboard Ha-aware PC Emulator wtfti es own 1M6 of RAM
on-board 512* useable in Aivga mode £ 2 Klcketart 1 3 Upgrade
...... ..... £ Amiga S00 Dual Cover Offering ?ul
comu'C e. w«h aimcs any Am-ga audc Ogifiser package our Sound
S*-Cto »eato« e»ce«ert crculry. Ytod*ng proiessicna! ResuBs The
main AD ctove er gv*i a 3«g?6ng resotoon o» uo to SOKH; with a
last slew rate T«* ycrc ww are to stereo «roui plus an op*on to
ncxtoe * 2 .sac* gain s acneved wtn bm*-«n cortto knob Complete
with pub! domain d*k CortAwng Kind samplng IXWC-S JC «
Features a Genune UK verson 512K Co- - lOC-e Amga 500 computer
with t V0 Internal Dnve. TV Modulator.
Mo.se Fewer Suppy Keksart 13. Etc AMIGA 500 BASE PACKAGE ONLY £ 307.49 A500 PACK AS ABOVE, WITH 512K RAW CLOCK FITTED ONLY £ 333.99 A500 PACK WITH EXTERNAL 377 DRIVE ONLY C 357.49 A500 PACK WITH EXTERNAL 377 DRIVE AND 512K RAM CLOCK UPGRADE FITTED ONLY £ 383.99 N B Do*s NOTmcfade extra sot*are mchjOet wth other packages E*ce5er- nr* h r peftymance !rac«b*i pct*y x witp to any Ar-gx v Kan ST CW'aiw fmm th« mous 0' piVo pod Sccto smoor. «orr* and you toctkabiy wont wan: to usa a mout« agar alto utng tr« 'racial' TotaJ orw-handtd cevitroi Toe Qu**y contfructcn and c o “to rvcai Sfsgr' dekvemg
ha i vcx d jrd accuiary every trr* No dnver software needed' Deluxe Vdeo 3 CtM 95 Mu«X 1 t €65 00 AMOS C 37 50 HiSoft Latte C €199 00 GFA BASIC V3 € 39 95 GFA BASIC Ccmptto € 34 95 Devpac 2 15 € *4 95 Disney An. Mat on Studo €69 95 AMIGA 500 INTERNAL 3.5’ REPLACEMENT DRIVE Fi y compatible Kit includes tull fitting instructions E 41.99 AMIGA 500 COMPUTER BASE PACK ONLY £29.95 TRACKBALL ..MIGA SPECIAL DEALS Star LC 200 9-Pn Cotojf 4 fonts 100 45cps NEW* STAB LC20 fa»t t0G45cpa s*to *p i excei«nt v*iu Star LC 24-10 24-Pr * fonts t0ObOcps Star LC 24-200 24-Pr Skirts 200€7cps Star LC 24-200C 7
colour »tw d above Automatic Sheet Feeder to above prrters ipts state modef) SPECIAL OFFEB' STAB XB24-10 WITH COLOUB UPGRADE 4 AUTOMATIC CUT SHEET FEEDEB • While Stock* Last C 350 00 NEW* Star XB24-200 COLOUR 24-pr 90 cd po*er pnrtr t 309 99 BEST EVER SELLING 9-PIN PRINTER NOW AVAILABLE AT AN EXCEPTIONALLY LOW PRICEI Prov4j r»g u' *u'pa*s« 3 pap«' • ~g too* excellent NLQ lonta a*N3 a '*sp«ctab« p-mt spe«d o* taa 36 cps the phenomenally
* ucc«s*iui LciO r*pre*e'-:s temfc value at thia pnee INCLUDES
CONNECTION Professional 24-Pin Colour Printer!
- at a budget price!!
J H«ghry veraat w *tne» Quality [ pnrter J 200 cpa output r Aa7 MF d-aft 66 cp* r LO mode (5 t-ue I trort panel J G-aph » res 360 i tSCOp J Fara e' and Sen* interface* 'T-actor & S n e Sheet Feed as slandard J 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty Normal RRP: £ 746.35 inc.VAT | THESE FABULOUS GAMES: j I Tracksuit Manager 90 • Subbutoo. Astern • I j Block Alanche • Jungle Book • Treasure Trap •!
J DiskMan . Battle Sguadron • Oiet Riot • j Tank Battle • Nigel Mansell • Lost N Man High quality doubie-sdeo 3 5" floppy Onve ottenng the lull 880K formatted capacity per 3.5" disk Features a special LED display which accurately shows the current track being accessed during any disk Onve activity NEW LOW PRICEI Professional 24-Pin Colour Printer with full 12 Months On-Site Warranty Cover!
T - 200 cps 1 draft 50 cps m LQ mode ? 7 Colour output G'apNcs res 360
* teodp. J Huge 40k bufter J Tractor & Single Sheet Feed 3' i"
Track Display Drive STAR LC10 SPECIAL OFFER ONLY £269.00
delivery and cable J 12 MONTHS ON-SITE WARRANTY DM1 24C Normal
RRP: £ 389 95 inc.VAT Oirvetti JP-150 'nnjet •m c*ass qua»y -
eicepicna! «a ue Olivetti JP-3S0 inkjet e*ce *rt rvgh soe«
300dpt porter | PLUS A wordprocessor and spreadsheet j ONLY
£129.95 ONLY £269.00 £59 95 £99 95 PDIKITPDC Pficos Include
RnilVICnv delivery and cable Citizen PRODOT-24 COLOUR EVESHAM MICROS SPECIAL OFFER !
All STAB Prmteu include 12 months On-Site Moinlenonce
• AH3AH30 V 1VA SomONI SSDIHd 77V • S0J3IU UIEUS3A3I AmiAnza v
AMIGA 500 of Hampshire Best for service Canon BJ-10e 360dpi
Inkjet printer with cable & paper £233.83 (£199.00 +VAT) Star
149. 00 LC200
199. 00 LC24 10
188. 00 LC24 200
244. 40 LC24 200 Col
299. 00 % Panasonic KXP1180 £134.00 KXP1123 £185.00 KXP1124i
£252.63 prices inc. VAT cable & paper % prices inc. VAT
cable & paper Printer Dust Covers Most types in stock From
£4.70 inc VAT Amiga 1500 with Full software pack £649.00 inc
VAT Only €199.99 ex VAT (234.99 inc VAT) COMPLETE Deskjet
500 H P. 300dpi Inkjet printer 3 year warrantee £386.58
(£329.00 + VAT) Run professional MS-DOS software on your
Amiga 500 at _a price you can't resist_ SPEED - OUTSTANDING
"faster than many 286 AT's" (Amiga Format Oct 90)" amazing
screen update" - Amiga Shopper Jun 91. Now even faster with
the latest software upgrade.
COMPATIBILITY - EXCELLENT (All the software I tried ran perfectly - Computer Shopper Feb 91) STABILITY - 20 20 'faultless operation in PC mode from day one - very beginner friendly” - Amiga Shopper Jun 91 CONVENIENCE - A DODDLE (For a plain plug 'n' go pc emulator with no installation hassle there is no competition - Computer Shopper Feb 91) MEMORY - AMIGA IMB RAM + 512K RAM disk, PC 704 KB + min 192 KB ems DISK SUPPORT - Floppy 3.5, 5.25, H-D A590, (other hard drives now supported - phone for details) VIDEO SUPPORT - MGA - Hercules - GGA 16 col (dynamic) (EGA - VGA soon) ALL UPGRADES ARE
SOFTWARE BASED VALUE JUST SEE FOR YOURSELF INCLUDED WITH KCS BOARD WORTH MS-DOS 4.01, GW Basic. Shell £80.00 inc manuals (not GW Basic) Phoenix DOS help £55.00 1 MB on board memory plus clock £64.00 KCS PC Emulator £35.99 TOTAL £234.99 "So what's the point in having a 'wizzo processor il it's no taster" (Amiga Computing Jan 91) - and invalidates your guarantee Compatibility is excellent but no-one can guarantee every single program available, theretore it your purchase depends on a particular program.
Please ask us tirst or send in a copy ol the program. (With suitable S.A.E. it to be returned). Price subject to change without notice.
CBM 1084SD with cable £249.00 (£211.91 + VAT) Philips CM8833 Mk2 with cable £225.00 (£191.49 + VAT) Swift 24 2 year warrantee £245.00 inc vat Colour kit with printer £24.00 1Mb Cartoon Class £369.00 inc VAT Class of 90's £439.00 inc VAT Citizen Swift 9 with cable & paper £175.00 inc VAT Quantum 52M Disk +Controller for A1500 £329.00 inc VAT Citizen 120D+ with cables and paper £128.00 (£108.94 + VAT) Accessories Inc VAT Joystick'Mouse twin extension ..£4.70 3M Joystick Mouse 3M ext £3.75 A5C0 Printer lead ...£7.95 A500 to Scart lead .£9.95 Modulator Disk
Extension £10.95 23 Way Plug or Socket £3.45 A500 Dust Cover ...£4.70 Mouse Mat (thick soft type) £4.95 A501 Memory Upgrade Clock..£42.00 KCS Powerboard 740K & IBM £224.90 Mouse House .£2.95 GVP Series 2 with 52M HD £409.00 IM Internal 3.5" drive £57.50 A500 replacement PSU £39.00 Meg Ram no Clock £23.90 Cumana CAX354 External 1Mb Drive £56.95 inc VAT OCTOBER 1991 A590 20Mb Hard Disk £269.00 inc VAT DISKETTES SONY branded (100% certified error free) Inc VAT 10 3.5" DS DD 135 Ipi ......£7.50 50 3.5" DS DD 135 Ipi ....£32.30 100 3.5" DS DD 135
tpi ....£59.93 IK 3.5" DS DD 135 Ipi .£540.50 Naksha Mouse With house & mat £21.50 inc VAT DISKETTES SONY bulk (lifetime warranty) (100% certified error free) Inc VAT 10 3.5" DS DD 135 ipi .£5.95 50 3 5” DS DD 135 Ipi ......£19.80 100 3 5" DS DD 135 Ipi ......£37.95 250 3.5" DS DD 135 Ipi ......£84.89 1K 3.5 DS DD 135 tpi .....£339.58 50 x 3 5" Disk Box with lock £5.99 100 x 3.5" Disk Box with lock £7.50 Squick Mouse £13.90 inc VAT 1 2 Meg Ram + Clock £24.95 inc VAT Phone tor Amiga Software catalogue.
Many titles inc. Educational.
Phone tor our 40 page catalogue EDUCATIONAL AND GOVERNMENT ORDERS WELCOME All products have a 30 day money back & 12 month warranty Prices subject to variation without prior notification.
Established 6 years We are closed Saturday afternoons Free parking 2 minutes from M27 junction 11 Postage 94p (80p + VAT) Securicor £6 46 (£5.50 + VAT) Bitcon Devices Ltd.
88 BEWICK ROAD, GATESHEAD, TYNE & WEAR, NE8 1RS ENGLAND TEL: (091) 4901919 4901975 FAX: (091) 4901918 Amiga F Dept 40-42 West Street, Portchester, Hants.
P016 9UW Tel: 0705 325354 UjeSerue | Larger items delivered I by Securicor iUitnOSOFT 5 CORPORATION .
Super Cars. California Challenge WORLD CUP COMPILATION - ONLY £7.99 Tracksuit Manager, Kick Oft.
International Soccer PHANTASIE BONUS EDITION - ONLY £20.99 Phantasle 1, Phantasle 3.
Ouestron 2 SOCCER MANIA ONLY £9.99 Football Manager 2, Microprose Soccer. Gazzas Soccer. Football Manager World Cup Edition HOLLYWOOD COLLECTION - ONLY £20.99 Robocop. Ghostbusters 2. Indiana Jones 8 Last Crusade, Batman the Movie 3D Construction Kit . CQQ Aklf.nL. Ci.h €34 99 ooe Attack bub AI0 Tank K llsr BAT Bareechess Rune Command Balance ot Power 1990 €1? 99 €24 99 €20 99 € t T 99 €•’99 C20 99 Bards Tate 3 Blitzkrieg t Meg Bare Max C'7 99 £22 99 C* 7 99 Beige Player 2150 €20 99 1 Cawonva Cr-atenge T D u D«k) Champons ot Krynn Chaos Strikes Back r - ice m O
€8 99 C2C99 Cl4 99 C 1 ? OQ Chase HO 2 Chess Cnamokk- 2- ?S Colossus C-ess x L 1 Cl7 99 £2099 €1299 Deluxe Scrabble Dragons Lair ;* Meg** Dragons Lair 2 Dragon wars £1499 £26 99 C29 99 £1 7 99 Du-geon Mas'er. 1 Megi Eurooean C-atenge I'D ll) F 16 Compel Plot £1 7 99 £8 99 £*7 99 F29 Retaiator Ffcght Simulator ll G«den Axe Harpoon (t Meg: £‘ 7 99 £24 99 £'7 99 £20 99 ttustar indanapots 500 f Came F mm me Oesen it: 99 £t7 99 £1499 Jack NiChauS Courses voi t Jac* N«*U0US Int Courses £9 99 £9 99 Jack Nduaus unkmted Golt 11 Meg; Kick Ott 2 ;t Megl Kihng Cloud £29 99 £1799 f ’ 7 qq Knights ot
Crysladon lesuresul Larry 1 Lesuresut Larry 3 M Megi Lotus Turbo Challenge ut Tank Ptaioon X uu £23 99 £23 9S £26 99 C'.’9B £23 99 Uanac Mansions Metal Masters
• Adrvgrtt Resistance MkJwnte* MIG 29 FiAcrum £'7 99 C’99 £*7 99
£20 99 £24 99 Murder Muscle Cars iT 0 nDski
NARC ..... £i 7
99 £8 99 C20 99 £17 99
Nightshilt ..... Ooeration
Stealth Pang Pirates £17-99 ft 7 99 ft 99 £1 7 99 Player
Ma-ager PdeeQuest2it Mec.
Pools ot Rada-ce :* Megi Pcpu OuS Popucus Prom sed Lands P-nce ot Persia p-o Terns Tour 2 £1299 £24 99 £20 99 £¦799 £7 99 £'799 £1799 Rainbow island Red Storm Rising . £1799 £17.99 1 Rick Oangerous 2 .. Robocop .... 1 Robocop 2 ... Saint Dragon ..... Shadow ot the Beast 2 £17.99 £1799 £1799 .£17.99 C22 99 ShadowWamor Space Ace S'eve Caws Snooker Super Gars T 0 u Oiskj S-jpe* Monaco G P Supremacy swiv Team
Suzuki £1799 £27 99 £9 99 £8 99 £•799 £20 99 £•7 99 £•799 Team Yankee Test Drve ll Their Finest Hour Total fiecal Tumcan 2 TV Sports Basketball .. Ultima IV ...... Ultima 5 £20 99 C-799 £20 99 £1799 £1799 .£14.99 .....£17 99 £20 99 .£20 99 £14.99 £22 99 .£18.99 .£20.99 .£20 99 UMS 2 (i Meg) ZZZZZZZ Viz .... White Death 1 Meg .. Wings (1 Megl .... Woitpack (1
Meg) ... Wonderland .... Zoul ..... .£17.99 Kick Ott 2 ....£12.99 Lemmings ...£17.99 Lite and Death ...£17.99 Lords ol Chaos ..£14.99 Man Utd. Europe £17.99 Mega Traveller 1 £20.99
Mercs ...£17.99 Metal Mutant .....£17.99 PGA Tour Golt £17.99 Powermonger .£2099 PP. Hammer .....£17.99 Prehistonk ..£17.99 Proftight £29.99 Railroad Tycoon .£24.99
R. B.I. 2
Baseball £20.99
2 .....£17.99
Search tor the
King ..£19.99 Secret ot
Monkey Island (1 Meg) ...£17.99 Shadow Dancers
..£17.99 Sim City 4
Populous £19.99 Speedbali
2 .£17.99
Super Cars
2 ......£17.99
2 ....£17.99 Toki -
Goes Wild .£17.99
Tactics ....£6.99 1
Meg Cricket .. 4D
Driving . Advanced Destroyer
Sim .. Amos Compiler ..... Armour
Geddon .....
Atomino Bandit Kings ot
Ancient China .
Cadaver Levels ...... Cardinal ot the Kremlin Centurian . Chuck Rock .... Crystals ot Arborea Cybercon 3 ..... Demoniak . Duck Tales ...... European Superleague . Eye ot the Beholder . F15 Strike Eagle 2 . F19 Stealth Fighter Final Whistle ... Gem - X ... Genghis Khan .
G. OQ.S ...
Gunboat ... Hero Quest
(Gremlin) ..... Jahangir Khan's Squash £18.99 £1799
£17.99 £20.99 £17 99 £17.99 £22 99 £12.99 £17.99 . ..£17.99 .
£17 99 £17.99 . ..£17.99 £20 99 .£17 99 £17 99 £20.99 . £24.99
..£18.99 £8.99 £16.99 £22.99 £17 99 £17.99 £1799 £17.99 £17.99
£22.99 £17.99 £17.99 £17.99 £24.99 £17.99 £20.99 £17.99 £2499
£17.99 £17 99 £17 99 £17.99 £17.99 £17.99 £20.99 £20.99 £20.99
£17 99 £24.99 £17.99 £1799 £17.99 £20.99 £17.99 £20.99 £2299
£20 99 £17.99 £14.99 £20.99 £24.99 £17.99 £17.99 £17.99 £20.99
£20.99 £24.99 £24.99 £24.99 £20.99 £1799 £17.99 £17.99 £24.99
£17.99 £1799 40 Boxing ... Action Slallons (1
Meg) ... Adidas Golden Shoe ....
AH-73M Thunderhawk .
Alcatraz AMOS
3D ..
Amhem Battlechess
2 . Billy Ihe
Kid ... Birds ol
Prey .. Blade
Warrior . Champion ol Ihe
Rq .... Championship Athletics ....
Crlmewave ..- . Cruise tor a
Corpse ....
Darkman ... Das
Bool ... Death Knights ol
Krynn ...
Demonlak . Deuteros (The
Next Millenium)..... Double Double
Bill ......
Executioner ... Final
Fight . Flight ol Ihe
Intruder ... Gauntlet
3 .
Hunter . Jettighter
2 Knights ol
Legend Last Ninja
3 ...
Logical Midwinter
2 ... Moon
base .
Myth .... Navy
Seals ...
Sarakon .... Secret Weapons
ot the Luttwafla.. Shanghai 2 - Dragons Eye .... Silent
Service 2 .... Sim
Earth .. Spirit ot
Excalibur (1 Megl
Stormball ..
Swap ... Terminator
2 .. Wing Commander (1
Megl . Worlds At War ......
Work) Class Cricket .... POWER UP-£18.99
Turrican, X-Out. Rainbow Island.
Altered Beast. Chase HQ.
COMPUTER HITS II - ONLY £7.99 Tetris, Black Shadow. Golden Path, Joe Blade PLATINUM COLLECTION - ONLY £17.99 Ghouls N Ghosts. Strider, Forgotten Worlds. Black Tiger SUPREME CHALLENGE FLIGHT COMMAND - ONLY £12.99 Eliminator. Skychase Stnke Force Harrier.
Skytox II TRIAD 3 -ONLY £14.99 Rocket Ranger, Speedbali.
Blood Money WHEELS OF FIRE -ONLY £9.99 Chase HO. Turbo Outrun. Powerdritt, Hard Drivin' Please note that the majority ot the torthcommg attractions are not released at time ot going to press These will be despatched within 24 hours ol release subject to availability.
POWERPACK - ONLY £14.99 Xenon 2, Bloodwych, TV Sports Football.
Lombard Rally MIND GAMES - ONLY £14.99 Austerlitz. Waterloo.
Contlict In Europe ACCESSORIES ...£24,99 £6.99 £5.99 £7.99 ..£1399 £1799 £7.99 £4 99 £6.99 . £9.99 ... £7.99 £259 99 £2 99 ....£24.99 ....£49.99 ..£189.99 ....£14.99 £3.99 £4.99 ..£279.99 . £10.99 £12.99 £10 99 . £1999 .. £1999 £899 ...£10.99 £999 £219 99 £289 99 ..£249 99 £13.99 £1299 1 2 Meg Upgrade . Clock . 2M Joystick Mouse ext. Lead 40 Lockable Disk Box ...... 80 Lockable Disk Box ...... 94 Banx Stackable Box .... 150 Posso Stackable Box Amiga 4 Player Adaptor ...... Amiga 500 Oust
Cover ..... Box 10 Bulk Disks .... Box 10 Sony Branded Disks Cheetah 125 . Commodore 1084 Monitor .. Disk Cleaning Kit ...... Golden Image GI600 Mouse Golden Image Optical Mouse ..... Golden Image Scanner .... Maverick Game Controller ... Mouse House . Mouse Mat 6mm Philips CM8833 Monitor ... Pro
5000 .. Pro 5000 Clear Extra Quickjoy Jettighter .... Quiekjoy Mega Board ..... Quickioy Topstar Ouickshot Python ...... Quickshot Python Microswitch .. Roll 1000 labels 3.5’ . Star LC200 Colour Printer ...... Star LC24-200 Colour Printer Star LC24 200 Mono Printer ...... Stingray Hand Held Joystick Zlpstick ..... VIRTUAL REALITY VOLUME
1 - ONLY £24.99 Midwinter, Carrier Command, Int. Soccer Challenge. Starglider 2. Stunt Car Racer
• SPECIAL OFFERS • SPECIAL OFFERS • £7 99 £9 99 £4 99 £7 99 £4 99
£4 99 £4 99 £6 99 £9 99 £9 99 £7 99 £699 £4 99 £7 99 £1299 £7
99 £4 99 £6 99 £7 99 £7 99 £7 99 £799 £6 99 £6 99 £6 99 £9 99
Foots Errand . Fun Metal Pianete .....
Gauntlet ll ...... Gunship
...... Indy Jones the Adventure .
International 3D Tennis .... Iron Lord . James Pond ... Jumping Jackson .. Kid Gloves ...... Laser Squad . Leaderboard ... Little Putt ...... Loom ...... Lords of the Rising Sun Manic Miner .. . £7 99 £9 99 £7 99 £1299 £9 99 ...£7 99 £9 99 ...£7.99 ..£7 99 £7 99 ..£7 99 £6 99 £6 99 £9 99 £11 99 £7 99 £499 £9 99 ...£7 99 £7 99 £7 99 £4 99 £9 99 £7 99 £6 99 ....£7 99 . .£7.99 Shmobi Silent Service .
Sun City ...... Sorcery Plus . Speedbali .. Spy Vs Spy Spy Vs Spy II . Spy Vs Spy III Stunt Car Racer .... Super Gridrunner . Super Ott Rd Racer Superstar Ice Hockey Sword otSodan ... Tank Attack Tennis Cup . The Cycles . Time Machine ..... Treasure Island Dizzy Tumcan . Tusker ...... TV Sports Football Twin World Uninvited .. X-Out . Zak McKracken
... Zombi £7 99 £9 99 £14.99 £499 £7.99 £4 99 £4.99 £4.99 £9.99 £4.99 £9.99 £7 99 £7.99 £7.99 £7 99 £7 99 £7 99 £4 99 £9 99 £7 99 £9 99 £7.99 £9 99 £6 99 £9.99 £9 99 30 Pool .... Airborne Ranger Art ol Chess .... Atomic Robokid Baal .. Battle Squadron .. Boulderdash Const Kit..... Brian Clough's Football Captive ..... Castle Master Centrefold Squares
C. J's Elephant Antics Colorado .
Continental Circus .....
Corporation ....
Corruption ...... Cosmic
Pirate . Count Duckuia ... Daily
Double Horse Racing ..... Detender ot
the Crown Deluxe Stnp Poker Double Dragon ...
Drakken ... Fantasy World Dizzy Fast
Food F bali Manager II4 Exp Kit Maya
NtQhtK _ t Hunter . Nin»a Sp«ni
.... Ninja Wamor . North
And South ...... Persian Gulf Inferno . Pro Tennis
Tour . Puttys Saga Quest for
the Time Bird Rocket Ranger ...... Sherman
M4 . Turbosoft, Unit 6 & 7 Acacia Close,
Cherrycourt Way Industrial Estate, Stanbridge Road, Leighton
Buzzard, Beds. LU7 8QE Tel: (0525) 377974 Fax: (0525) 852278
Please charge my Access Visa
No: ...
Expiry date: ORDER FORM E. £& S3 Please supply me with the
following for
Computer ... Titles_
Price Please make cheques & PO payable to Turbosoft Customer
Number DATE: .. NAME: . ADDRESS: .
.Post Code.
TEL: AMIGA FORMAT OCT. '91 disk drive I can play about 70-80 per cent of my Amiga games, and I can use all the creative software which dtK's not need a key board, such as Deluxe 1'iiinl and Photon Paint. Ihe control pad lakes some getting used lo though, especially in mouse mode: il look me about twice as long, compared to using an Amiga. 10 produce something in Deluxe Paint.
If you are thinking of buying a CDTV it's worth £599 and if you can get an extra drive and Amiga software then all the better. I think CDTV is brilliant Tltc Amiga makes’ it so easy to produce effective images that it is good enough for anybody lo be able lo have a go: the only problem that most of us non-artists lack the inspiration to come up with the ideas, so copying from a book or magazine is an ideal way to gel started. It would be a shame to discourage that: so I would agree that by far the most sensible course is for the artists to be flattered by their imitators and for anyone who
does copy an image to give credit where it is due. To the guy who came up with the idea. Come on.
All you PD artists!
CDTV OK About two months ago I came home from a boring day at school only to rind that my CD player and my Amiga had been stolen. I was totally devastated. Two weeks ago I went into a computer store and asked for a demo of CDTV. My Dad said that I could buy il as a replacement for my Amiga and CD player, and back at home I waited eagerly for it to arrive, which it soon ditl after a couple of days.
I opened il. Set it up and looked through Ihe Welcome disc. There were few things of interest 011 it.
Next I loaded Hutchinson's Encyclopaedia, browsed through various subjects and then watched the autodcmo. The actual encyclopaedia is said to be the world's best single-volume encyclopaedia and costs about £20. The CDTV version has sound from the BBC archives and has many more pictures, and it's easy to access information using the index search.
The Lemmings disc has a demo of Planctsidc.
W hich is a Bight sim of the future. The graphics 011 the demo arc stunning and I have watched Ihe demo about 30 times and I'm still not bored of it.With an external PUNDAI.IK NAYAK. DARLINGTON That's excellent atul I'm very pleased la hear front a couple of people who are happy with their ClYIVs.
Please remember, we're not against the CDT ' here al Amiga Format. The only tiling lhal does occur to me is that you are computer-literate people who do not expect an awful lot more from the CIYIV than from the Amiga, whereas the market Commodore are aiming al is beyond the computer user.
All the great things you mention are really tit do with the software, which you will be able to use on your Amiga soon anyway when the CD-ROM drive goes on sale tsee News), the only other difference is that with the CD-ROM drive you'll be able lo play all of your Amiga games and use all of your Amiga software. Doesn't that make sense?
I've been a Commodore fan since my parents bought me a VIC-20 when I was eight-years-old: I'm now 20.
Since then I've moved through the C64 lo my trusty Amiga 5(H). Which I've had for over two years. I still have the VIC and the C64 and use them both.
214 ! WANTED! !
OCTOBER 1991 1 1 | Your honest opinion of AMIGA FORMAT j I ¦ To help us keep improving your favourite maga- ...... I() | | zine, please fill in and return this form each month 710 | I I | 1.How did you buy this issue? | | “I I subscribe 7. Out of ten. How useful did you find this month's |
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8. What do you like the most and then the least ’ “I Just
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I I 2. Kate AMIGA FORMA T in terms of value for money: I | "1
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. 6. Kate out of ten this and any other computer AMIGA FORMAT J magazines you read regularly : October Survey. Future Publishing.
• AMIGA FORMAT Id Freepost. Bath. Avon
BA I 2XF I I----------------------------------1 I first heard
about the CDTV early on last year. I thought about waiting for
the A690. But I just couldn't wait that long: I also wanted the
real thing. Ihe sleek, black unit I d been drooling over in Ihe
pictures. So I bought one. And I'm very' happy to say I have
not lixikcd back since.
I was lucky enough to get hold of a CDTV point- of-sale demonstration disc from a local dealer. This disc contains a demo of CDXL. Ihe CDTV animation process. CDXL runs at about 12-14 frames per second and animates HAM pictures which use a full NTSC screen. It's not quite Full Motion Video, but il is quite remarkable all the same.
Before I go. Here's something interesting for you to have a look at. I've enclosed some photographs of me show ing off my new tattoo. Yes. How's that for the ultimate in brand loyalty? Proof that I'm Ihe number one fan of both Commodore and the Amiga. I swear that its a real tattoo and not just a felt-pen drawing!
Anyway. I'll be at the Amiga Format World of Commodore Show in November, so I'll prove il lo you then! See ya!
ADAM WRIGHT, NORTHAMPTON Yes. Nr will indeed see you there: and I hope we II see lots of other Amiga Format readers at the show too.
Jlic whole team will be there the whole time, so you should be able to track us down either on the Amiga Formal stand or around the show somewhere and we look forward to seeing you. No doubt a good place to find us will be in the bar... ANOTHER CDTV FAN I've heard a lot of people complain about the hi-fi quality lor lack of it!) Of the CDTV CD player. Well, can someone tell me which other hi-fi music system in your local high street music store can display CD+Ci?
Not one. I think.
MARK SMITH. LIVERPOOL A vers good point. I've not actually seen CD+G discs myself, bul it an interesting idea.
Here there's a bomb in your office (only joking) anyway piracy rules If you want any games just drop me a call To... Bob. The great Manchion hall just outside The Palace London.
BOB Hey. It's that pathetic pirate with another rousing round of jolly japes and piratical wheezes! How exactly tloes one drop somebody a call! I 'm beginning lo tptite enjoy hearing from llob. Sad comment oil the educational system, though, isn ’t he !
BITMAPS’ NEW OFFICE I have a very weird question I'd like to gel an answer so are you sitting down? Recently while I was in the United States on vacation. I walked into a travel agency in Boston and what did I see? A little sign by a doorbell in the very same bulding and guess what was written on it? The Bitmap Brothers! Now. Am I to believe that, or what?
BJORN HAMMERSEN. DENMARK As far as know The Bitmap Brothers are alive and well and living (and working, incidentally) in London.
They ilid have plans to open a Bath office, though... I wonder wlial happened to lhal!
SHOWROOM open: Mon - Fri
9. 30 5.30 Saturday
9. 30 - 4.30 MAILORDER Consumables £1.50 Hardware £8.00 Fylccs
excluding VAT Ailapltx o
3. 5" Sony DSDD 10 25 50 100
4. 10 10.00 19.50 30.00
3. 5" DSDD RAINBOW Accessories 1 2 Meg expansion without
clock..26.95 1 2 Meg expansion with clock 29.95 External
disk drive 55.95 External disk drive
Cumana ...59.95 Mouse Mat
....2.45 Mouse Pocket 145 Amiga Atari
dust cover .3.95
3. 5 5.25 Cleaning Kit 195 Naksha Mouse
..22 95 Naksha Scanner
...149 95 Cheques PO's etc payable to
DataDisk, and send to. - DataDisk, 15 Wivelsfield Rd,
Brighton, BN2 8FP.
Pro-Write, Deluxe Paint II, Deluxe Print II, Info File, Music Mouse, I030, + Talking Turtle, Lets Spell At Home, BBC Emulator.
AMIGA 1500 1MB ...£642 Battlechess, Populous, Sim City, The Works, Their Finest Hour, Deluxe Paint III.
COMMODORE COLOUR MONITOR 1084S ...£245 Stereo sound, leads included.
GAMES PACKS AND STARTER PACKS AVAILABLE ON REQUEST colour graphics. NATIONAL CURRICULUM (Levels 1-4). 24 programs + a book and a manual. £24 Complete course taking beginners to GCSE. With real speech & graphic) calculus. £24 (Amiga. CPC. BBC).
C LCL courses are compatible with the
N. C. in so tar as it has been finalised) Send coupon and
chequeVPO's or phone orders or requests for free colour
poster catalogue to: LCL (DEPT AMI) THAMES HOUSE, 73 BLA.NDY
ROAD, HENLEY-ON-THAMES, OXON RG9 IQB (A T. 1 -5) 24 program
course teaching reading & spelling with a book and a manual
and voice tape £24.
PRIMARY MATHS COURSE | Complete course for ages 1 3-12 years with lull screen Reach the top LCL with ...... Self-Tuition Courses Disk Storage 3 5 50 Capacity ..... 4 95
3. 5 100 Capacity . .5.95 35
BanxBox .... .895 Joysticks Quickshot
Apache .695 Comp Pro 5000 1195 Quickshot Maverick
(Auto)..... 1295 Komx Navigator (Auto) ... 1295 Logic 3
Manta Ray (Auto) . 1495 Logic 3 Stingray (Auto) ..
15 95J 10 25 50 100 10 25 50 100
5. 95 19.95 95.00 44.95 6.00 19.50 94.00 44.00 All disks 100%
error free and are supplied with labels World leaders - Hons
graduate teacher authors - At all major shows - £5 off total
for 2, £ 10 off for 3 All prices include VAT. E&OE. PAR C3.50
Next Day £9 UK mainland only or ring 0491 579345 (24 hrs)
DATADISK I A-Level step-by-step course of 24 programs. Full
3. 5" DSDD Kao branded Complete course taking beginners to GCSE
in 24 programs on 59 topics * a book ana a manual. £24 (Amiga,
PCW. CPC, BBC) SPELLING, reading and oral. 24 programs and a book and a manual at £24 (Amiga, PCW, CPC. BBC).
MICRO ENGLISH I Complete course taking age 8 years to GCSE. Also for EFL. Now covers adventure game, 24 programs - a book and a manual.
£24 (Amiga & ST)
3. 5“ DSDD (2 for 1 guarantee) 10 25 50 100
3. 70 9.00 17.50 34.00 AMIGA A500 1 ACCESSORIES HARDWARE 512K Ram
. Clock ..£30
Joystick ....
£10 Amiga A500 Screen Gems * 1 Meg
Pack ....£309 10 Blank
disks in library box .....£8 Mouse
Mat .. £3 Amoa
Alan Mouse ....£29 Amiga A500 Screen
Gems Pack * free disks + 10 extra games pack £345
Amiga A500 1 Meg Class of 90 s (First
Steps) ...£369 1 Meg Ram .
Clock £99.00 AS0C Power
Supply Unit £34 00 Naksha Mouse plus Operation
Stealth £24 00 INTRODUCTORY OFFER Screen Filter (or your
monitors Protect those precious eyes El 5 (Woven nylon fibre,
flare reduction 90%, cuts uftra-violet reflection by 85%)
CARTOON CLASSIC PACK Amiga A500 including 1 Meg Ram + FREE 10
blank disks, mouse mat £309 (Software includes Lemmings, The
Simpsons v Space Mutant, Captain Planet, Deluxe Paint 3)
MONITORS Philips CM8833 MK II Colour Monitor .
FREE Lead £189 Star LCI0 Mono ... Star LC200 Coloui (9 pin) ...£ 1 $ 9 Star LC24 10 .£160 Slar LC24 200 (24 pin) £205 A1500 Base plus software £549.00 A1500 * Philips CM8833 Mk2 Slar LC24 200 Coloui . £245 Panasonic KXP1124i .....£214 PanasoncKXP 1123 .. £158 Panasonic KXP1624 ..... C329 Citizen
1200 .£120 Citizen Swift 24 . Colour Upgrade C239 Citizen Swilt 9 • Colour Upgrade £160 Canon BJ 10E InkJet _ ... £199 HP DeskJet 500 • Leads . £329 All above come complete with leads uoiour Monitor ...L ab.UU A1500 * Commodore 1084S Colour Monitor ...£735.00 AMIGA HARD DRIVES AMIGA ATARI DRIVES (PROTAR) 1 Meg 3i External (Dataplex) .£55.00 1 Meg 3.5" internal ......£49 1 now IWU wnrvs wtthj wnn a i year
replacement warranty 20Mb External ..... C235 00 30Mb External £295 00 50Mb External .... £365 00 60Mb External .... £460 00 1 Meg 3.5 external (Cumana) .....£60 1 Meg 5.25' external ..£90 80Mb E xtemal .. £499 00 100Mb External .... £539 00 160Mb External ....£799 00 All disks come complete with software
Admission £4 Stands From Only £60 Book either with )ohn Riding 0225 868100 n FAX 0225 868200 ALL FAIRS 10am till 4 pm AMPLE CAR PARKING AT ALL VENUES SI ! W ( WNl K BRUC I IVLRISS DATAPLEX COMPUTERS LTD.
129 Bath Road, 19 High Street, Slough, Old Town, Berkshire, Swindon, SL1 3UW Wilts Tel: 0753 535557 Tel: 0793 488448 ALL FORMATS COMPUTER FAIR NATIONAL MOTORCYCLE MUSEUM.
Eye of the Beholder.....£20.99 Chuck Rock £13.99 Golden Axe £17.99 Lemmings ..£17.99 3D Construction Kit......£39.00 Gods ...£17.99 Railroad Tycoon ....£25.99 Speedball II £20.99 Kick Off II ...£14.99 F-15 Strike Eagle II......£25.99 The Last Battle ......£17.99 Toki ......£17.99 Megatraveller I ......£20.99 F19 Stealth .£20.99 Prince of Persia .....£15.99 M1 Tank Platoon ...£20.99 Sim City Populous .£20.99 Pro
Tennis Tour II ..£17.99 Secret Monkey Island ..£17.99 PGA Tour Golf £17.99 Chess Champ 2175.....£18.99 Swiv ....£17.99 War Zone ...£14.99 Conflict Middle East.....£20.99 TOP 50 Metal Mutant ..£17.99 Aid Tank Killer £25.99 Mig 29 .£25.99 Hill Street Blues ....£14.99 Wonderland £20.99 Final Whistle ..£10.99 Cricket (1 Meg) .....£17.99 Centurion ...£17.99 Bards Tale III ..£17.99 W Champ Wrestling (1 Meg)
......£12.99 Jack Nicklaus Unltd £20.99 RBI II ...£20.99 Switchblade II .£17.99 Bill + Ted's Adventure ..£17.99 Armour Geddon ....£17.99 Proflight ......£29.99 Fists Of Fury ..£17.99 Lotus Esprit £17.99 Power Up ...£20.99 Power Pack £14.99 Rainbow Island .....£17.99 High Energy .£9.99 Inter Word ..£21.99 Inter Sound £21.99 Inter Spread ...£21.99 SPECIAL OFFER ANY 3 AMIGA GAMES ONLY £25.00!
686977 rax. O jzz NAME TOTAL ADDRESS .
PO Cheques payable lo: PROTON SOFTWARE.
New releases sent on day ol release.
Tudio oft ware The BEST choice for all your computer needs.
20 Oldfield Circus, Off Whitton Avenue West, Northolt, Middlesex.
Telephone 081 423 8773 Opening times: Mon-Sat 9.1 Sam - 5.00pm (orders and enquiries)
7. 00pm-8.30pm (orders only) OCTOBER 1991 THESE ARE JUST A FEW OF
(Scan) ......£75.00
Japanese adaptor fallows Jap games onto UK
machine) .....£10 00 Sega Arcade stick
Sega Joypad
Mickey Mouse £20 00
Eswat ....£25 00 Midnight
Resistance £36 00 Super Monaco
GP ......£34.00 Bonanza Bros £34 00 john
Maddens American Football £36 00 Strider £20 00 or . _ r,, nn
Super Airwoif £34 00 PGAGolf £37 00 Gynoug ...... £33 00
Sonic The Hedgehog £35 00 TOP 1 1 GAMES FOR MEGADRIVE Sega
Game Gear (comes with two free
games) ....£80 00 All Sega Game Gear
Games £22 00 NINTENDO Nintendo
Gameboy ..
£45.00 Lightboy (clip-on
light) ......£19.00
Hard Carrying Case (carries Gameboy & 4 game
carts) £ 14.00 TOP GAMEBOY
GAMES WWF Wrestling Mickey Mouse 2 Gremlins 2 Hunt for Red
October Super Mario Chase HO All American Gameboy
carts £24
00 All Japanese Gameboy
carts .£22
We are now taking orders for the SEGA CD-ROM machine at a cool price of £300 (Please note that ordering will take up to 3 weeks) SEND NO MONEY NOW - CALL FOR DETAILS ALSO Buy either a Megadrive or Famicom and you will be entered into our mad prize give-away Prize money of £500 smackers given away each month.
£ 1000 every six months (combination of the past 6 months) AND FINALLY FOR A CHRISTMAS CRACKER PAYOUT £5000 If you like being given money then buy one of these MEAN MACHINES STOP PRESS. STOP PRESS STOP PRESS STOP PRESS STOP PRESS Any consoles bought between now and September will be sold at half of the original price.
HOW TO ENTER COMPETITION All you have to do is buy your machine from Studio Software, your details will be entered automatically.
All winners will be notified after the competition Remember if you're not in you can't win.
Access and Visa welcome All cheques made payable to: STUDIO SOFTWARE COMPUTING All goods despatched within 3 working days ADVERTISER S INDEX 1 si Choice (IEEDS). .. 144-145 Digita International 32 1 6 Bit Centre ..... ......162 Dow Computers.... .170-171 Accolade ... IFC-3 Eogle Software 188 Active Distribution ... ......no Electronic Arts 6-7 Activision . 8, 48-49 Entertainments Int ..
63. 77 Ad Energy 190 ESC Education 205 Amiga
Mouse .. 180 ESP Software ...197
Anco ..... .74 Evesham Micros....
209-21 1 Anglio PD .. 168 Gold Disk .....
......16 ARK ..... 165
Greenwich .... ....206 Af nor 196
Harwoods ..... 52-55, 193 r ' 1 1 I W1
... Artworks ... ......156
Hobbvte ....118 AVA Developments
130 Home Based Business .200 Axe
Direct . 123 Interactive Tech Vision 200
BCS ..... 185 Intraset .. 165,
181 Bitcon 212 JRH .215 W 1 ' wi 1
.. Bits and Bvtes 205 Keyphase
....217 W'v W IW V T 1V V ...
Biitterchips . .....172 KG Leisure ....
167 Byteback 176-177 Kontax ..
....156 Cornell..... 205 Kosmos .
....200 Checkmate 130
Lazersoft ....157 Commodore ....
36-37 Lcl ... ....215 Commodore
Business 23 load Crest ... 174 Computer Shopper Show
.107 Marcam ... 204 Computermates . 187
Matrix ... 205 Connect International 201 Media
Direct . 126-129 Core Design 56 Merlin Express.....
......95 Cortex .. .....1 64
Microdeal .... ....108 Crozy Joes ......
179 Micromail ..... 186 Data Disk ..
......215 Microprose ... 66-67, 86
Dotagem ... 204 Mindscape ... 26, 105
Dataplex 215 Mirrorsoft 64, 96
Datel ..... 148-153 MJC Supplies
....154 Dial-a-Disk . 156 New Dimensions
....206 Diamond Computers 112-1 17 Newtek ..
11 Digicom 30-31 Ocean 12.
70-71, 102, OBC Swift Micro ...... 166 Terminal
Solution 185 Trilogic . .140141
Tronsoft 206 Turbo soft .. 213
Univ. Overnight Dist .132-133 US Gold ....42-43, 85, 93
Vally PD 168 Virgin ....58, 61 , 124, IBC Virgo
156 Voiceline .. ....90 Voltmace .. 185 Vortex .. ....83 We Serve ...... 212 Westex..... 217 Wizard 206 WTS Electronics .... 161, 201 Office Choice ...... .180 Sagittarian PD .... ......174 Original Media .... ...136 Scandiasoft . ......138 PAS .... 180 Sea soft ... ......174 PD Soft .... 183 Selec ...... 204 Philips ...... ......29 Sidewise . .....197 PLC..... ....200 SMD
200 Post Haste 173 Soft Exchange 190 Premier Mail Order..... 160 Soft logik .. .61 Protar ...... ......82 Software Superstore... ......184 Proton ..... .....216 SPD ......174 Psygnosis . .80, 91 Special Reserve .. ...14-15 Qualsoft .. .....161 Spectra Video ... 99 Renegade 20 Star Associates ... ......205 Richards Developments Rubysoft .. .....206 Strategic Plus ..... ......205 .....190 Studio Software
......216 Rutland .... 197 Surface UK . ......137 A M 1 G A F m M H c T SIMOOKAR D !
The exciting game for parents and kids, of TRIVIA, SKILL AND LUCK!
SNOOKARD is THE animated snooker board game for all the family.
Available for AMIGA - NOW (Requires 1 meg & mouse) Only £10 including post & packing (overseas add £1.50) EXCLUSIVELY FROM: KEYPHASE SERVICES LTD (AF3) 26 BLAKE HALL DRIVE VVICKFORD ESSEX SS11 8XJ Psst....Dad, now's your chance lo heat the kids on their machine - that's got to he worth a tenner!
Amiga MouseStick: The Ratings say it all!
THE ULTIMATE CONTROLLER For sophisticated simulation enthusiasts and those who want to get the most out of their Amiga, Advanced Gravis brings you the PERFECT controller. It feels like you are in the cockpit with programs like Proflight, F19, Mig29, Falcon, Indy 500 etc. A professional quality, easily programmable optical joystick complete with 16k processing unit and LCD screen offering 1200 line count resolution on any screen, working perfectly on all simulations and applications with sensible mouse or joystick routines. No other controller comes even close to the MouseStick for performance,
reliability, pleasure and ease of use.
SO TEST-FLY THE MOUSESTICK TODAY Get a grip on the new MouseStick and discover just why it's lightyears ahead of the mouse, trackball or traditional joystick. Unlike a mouse, the MouseStick doesn't clutter your desk and doesn't require constant cleaning. And unlike a trackball, you don't need the dexterity of a cardshark to drag an item.
The Gravis MouseStick is one of the most technologically advanced and durable input devices available.
But don't worry. You can handle it.
ST Format Ratings 90% OCTOBER 1991 Features 95% More modes than a kitchen blender Speed 96% More responsive than a joystick and more precise than a mouse Results 98% Flawless! No compatibility problems, no quirks, just total control.
The competition There's nothing comparable...... Full technical support and 1 year guarantee. S.A..E or telephone for full details Telephone (0272) 550900 FAX: (0272)411052 Unit lb Bee Hive Trading Estate Crews Hole Road, St. George, Bristol BS5 8AY H X m S m m;g Hi If « E 5 '
* » s = a pt " = o 5 s I 11 •? 1 i nni S’ rp * g. M 11 j Random
Sample A small snatch of history from August, which was when
this mag was created.
THE FINAL CURTAIN (5 Will the new digital compact cassettes win out, or will the other new less compact cassettes do the job? We really don't care: what Amiga Format wants to know is why, when Cds are outselling vinyl, we're still paying more for them. It's a swindle!
MOVIIS Terminator 2: Juilgement l a ha* lo he ihe movie of ihe year, and if you haven't veen H yet then you must be completely mad But if you have seen it, have you noticed the apparent hole in the plot that leaves u wide open for Terminator TELEVISION MTV (Music Television, to those of you who have never come across it') celebrated its 10th htnhday this month But do you Imm which major businesses put up the money for this supp« scdly rebellious and anarchistic youth channel?
SPOUT The football season has just started, but will the Super 1 capuc change it all next year'* By bi anr coincidence, the high court session that paved the way for the big teams' plans lasted exactly 90 minutes... Still, it could yet prove to be a game of two halves.
218 HISTORY New evidence suggests that America was not discovered by Chris Columbus sailing the ocean blue in 1492. But by a bloke from Bristol 20 years before But maybe the Vikings g»n there lirsl. Did you know that there was a Viking called Thordar Skullsplittcr? Honest! And that most of Ihcm were Christians?
NEWS We've just had a coup in Russia and a hit of a revolution loo. Funny, though, how nobody ever seems to say "Oh. Nostradamus predicted that" any more. 'Ihe art of prophecy ain’t whal it used lo be.
SCIENCE They've just discovered circles in the dust of the Tokyo underground that they believe may be created the same way crop circles arc: air vortices and odd clcctncal disturbances Anyone remember a Hon:on pn*gramme where a guy created a ball of lightning in a lob by crushing granite blocks? Sec you at Stonehenge to meet the aliens.. WIIO SAII) THAT? 5 The quote on the Contents page of Issue 25. ‘The greater the lie. The greater the chance it w ill he believed", is a touch of Adolf Hiller from hi» famous pulp fklion work Mein Kampf Why on earth was it there'’ Well, it's a very long story
HO MB THAT? 7 To get your chance to win a special Amiga Format T shirt as seen on the Mail Order pages: yes. You can buy them now!), simply identify the quotation on the Contents pages and tell us who said it and where. I-Jilncs on a postcard, please, lo Who Said That'.’ 6. Amiga Formal al our Bath address before October 10 and the first correct answer out of the metaphorical hat gets the T-shirt.
SPOT THE SHOT 4 Ihe game in question was Tangram. Correctly identified by Deborah Floyd who wins a special Amiga Format T-shirt. Congratulations' You could win a special Amiga Format T-shirt if you identify the game that this is a small portion of and send the answer on a postcard to Spot the Shot ft. Amiga Formal at our Bath address before Oclohcr 10. First correct answer out of the metaphorical hat gets the prize.
NEXT MONTH fhe hideously exciting Issue 2H of Amiga Format will feature a revealing glimpse into the wtirld of games programming Expect some extraordinary insights as we uncover the technicalities of how graphics for games are brought to the screen. To accompany this, on the disk will be a playable demo of Image Works' First Samurai, possibly the HHMI sophis- licalcd example ot the game programmer's art ever lo appear There will also be a playable demo of Domark'% MrC-29 Super FuU rum foe all you flight sim fans, plus the first m a new vencs of hardware buying guides and a comparison of
several alternative input devices.
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Please reserve copy copies of Amiga Formal: Amiga Format Issue 27. October 1991 - on sale September 12 Name ..... Address . To the Newsagent: Amiga Format is published and distributed by Future Publishing and is available trom your wholesaler. Send back these coupons tor entry in a free prize draw to: Kate Hodges, Future Publishing. 30 Monmouth Street. BATH BA1 2BW. Remember to include your shop, name and address.
Amiga Format always soils out. Wherever you live, you may already have been through the awtul experience of trekking round all the newsagents in town without being able to get your hands on a copy. We just can't keep up with demand: we are, after all, tar and away Britain's biggest-selling Amiga magazine.
And of course Issue 28 is likely to sell out even more quickly than the magazine normally does. It'll be carrying all the usual news and reviews plus the stunning First Samurai demo from Imageworks will be on the Coverdisk.. The best way to make sure you get your sticky mitts on this exciting issue is to cut out or photocopy the coupon on the right, fill it in, take it down to your newsagent and make sure he saves you a copy. Don't forget!
THERE'S ONE way you can be sure to get your copy of the magazine fresh off the presses every month and that s to get a subscription to Amiga Format tor the next year THINK ABOUT rT twelve issue* ot Amiga Format delivered straight to your door a tree special extra subscriber s bonus ot a game or some serious software plus the chance to buy special offers that only subscribers can have! You know it makes sense' Turn to Page 194 NOW!
The only snooker game to othicve a maximum 147 break.
View the table from any angle.
Rotate and zoom in on «-ybol • Use swerve or spin, but chalk that cue!
4 sUI levels • 1 or 2 player.
Practice, trick skat and demo modes • Every break off is unique.
Save games and highest breaks • Digitised applause and sound effects.
4«laim enlerlainmenl inc OCEAN SofTWAPE LIMITED ‘ 6 CENIRAL STREET MANCHESTER M2 SNS ELE PHONE 061 832 6633 FAX 061 834 0650 1 1 -8 ICS KH.M' 4S» S00 .* Afl *084
* )»” Kvaxi axnotSCS
* »N8' * 8* M'itsh 2 SCSI '.»x 4W, , B~« SCSI *vrON,' (174 M 3
SCSI (AX**-N * 7*o.SCV»v»0N,l (1K» SCSl »X-4- IW8
J4m,SCV»-xONL« (4IS99 SCS(*-9-*-. IS-X SCV»xO*U u»» 4 Credit
card orders taken, payment cashed only on despatch. Orders
under £5 add 75p P&P per item. For First Class add 75p P&P per
item UK only. EEC countries add £2.00 per item. Non EEC
countries add £3.00 per item. Express airmail £4.00 per item..
All Uems subject to availability. All prices subject to change
without notice.
E. & O. E. Please note: Mail Order companies may lake up to 28
days to deliver goods from receipt of order.
Please allow for cheque clearance

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